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First pregnancy at 45?!!

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StunnedinSW Thu 07-Apr-11 18:39:49

Whaaat??? Really didn't expect this. Am so nervous about my odds...any reassurance from other, later first timers welcome!

Have just booked a private dating scan...bit of a panic purchase but I can't wait another 4 weeks. Plus I'm not feeling sick at all, missing wine but not sick.
Sigh. PANIC. Sigh.

d0gFace Thu 07-Apr-11 18:45:47


undermilkwood Thu 07-Apr-11 19:37:16

Congratulations. Think positive. Both my grandparents had children in their mid 40s and both kids turned out to be highly intelligent etc! There's no reason to worrry. We make too much of age in the west. In the eastern traditions so long as you still have a cycle, you are still perfectly capable of bearing children

Good luck and hugs!

skandi1 Thu 07-Apr-11 19:40:15

congrats! Can't comment too much about your odds. All I will say is that I am late 30s (well alright almost 40) and pregnant with no 2 (had no 1 20 months ago). My results were fine and I think you will have a good chance too.

Also can I redirect you to the Guardian website to read Louisa Dillners column from between 2009 and 2011. She is the former GP and Guardian columnist who fell pregnant again at 48. Mind you she wasn't a first timer (it was her 5th). However the weekly pieces are a moving read and reassuring that you're still as nervous 5th time around as you are 1st time.

Do have a close friend who had her first at 42 and second at 44. Both were just fine. She opted to have the CVS procedure (at 11 weeks) to rule out any issues rather than wait for nucal and bloods and then potentially an amnio later on.

Hope it all goes really well for you.

BetchaByGolly Thu 07-Apr-11 19:40:36

Wow, many congrats!

Lots of positive anecdotal evidence for you grin

I have three friends who all had perfectly healthy first pregnancies/babies in their forties.

My grandmother had her (albeit twelfth!) child at 48 and my aunty had her fourth at 47 - both fine.

StunnedinSW Thu 07-Apr-11 20:36:06

Thanks so much! Will definately read the column in the Guardian. Have my first antenatal at 10 weeks so I guess that's the time to determine next steps with the serious scans.

Really, thanks so much. Havent told a soul yet so nice to be able to hear advice.


dillydaydream32 Thu 07-Apr-11 20:36:36

I am 38 and pregnant with my first too! Congratulations and good luck. Stay positive!

JulesJules Thu 07-Apr-11 20:47:08


When I had my dds, I was 41, and 3 months off 44. I had CVS both times. It is easy to panic about your odds and the statistics (I did), but I would say try and remember that it is more likely that everything will be OK.

I had two fine, perfectly normal straightforward pgs.

Good luck. Now put your feet up!

Indaba Thu 07-Apr-11 20:47:15

mate was 42 at her first child
she is having a great time
my last one was at 40
have a good one

bessie26 Thu 07-Apr-11 22:05:09

Congratulations! grin

1derful Thu 07-Apr-11 22:09:26

And breathe! Congratulations - I've just had my first (!) gorgeous healthy baby at 46. Yes there are risks but any pregnancy has risks so try not to worry. I've never been as happy as I am now...sob

yellowkiwi Thu 07-Apr-11 22:12:59

One of my neighbours had her first at 46 or 47. I think it was also unexpected. Their daughter is lovely and I don't think either parent has stopped smiling since she was born.

pinksunset Fri 08-Apr-11 06:10:10

A good friend of mine had her first at 43, absolutely no problems atall! Congratulations!

bonkers20 Fri 08-Apr-11 06:18:04

Congrats! The odds are still firmly in your favour. Try not to worry about scan and test results unless you find yourself in a position where you do have to make decisions. It's out of your hands for the moment.
Are you in good shape physically? I had my DS at 39 and the fact I am in very good physical shape removed loads of the possible problems having a baby "late in life" can bring.

jdr3 Fri 27-May-11 18:12:05

Just wanted to add a bit of delayed response to StunnedinSW comments. I am also 45 and first pregnancy and after reading your comments feel a little bit less of a isolated case!! Well a little bit that's 3 of us I have heard of!
Did you decide to go for hospital or birthing centre?

MelodyMeringue Fri 27-May-11 18:24:01

Hurrah! Good for you!

I am 40 and struggling to conceive number 1. When I hear news like this it gives me hope.

Very best of luck. I am sure you will be fine and are probably a lot healthier than some of the teenagers I see these days.

jasmine51 Fri 27-May-11 18:35:50

Congrats. I'm 43 and 37 wks with my first. So excited and have absolutely no regrets (well, so far anyway) for leaving it this 'late'.
Make the most of all the extra monitoring you will be offered, dont get freaked out by naysayers giving you horror stories or consultants constantly saying 'due to your age...'oh and dont take it personally if you see 'geriatric primagravida' written on your maternity notes!!!
Good luck, you'll have a ball. x

Congrats ... in my family we have babies either before we hit 20 or after 40. My aunt was 43, grandmother 42 and I am 40 with my first.

Its amazing. Enjoy!

hellymelly Fri 27-May-11 22:28:21

Congratulations.I had both mine in my 40's, dd2 when I was 43.My friend's mum was 46 when she was born. When I asked my (central London)consultant if I should be worried because of my age,he waved a habd and said "oh I've got lots of ladies much older than you, you will be fine".and I was. Two c-sections but not age related !

Everexpanding Fri 27-May-11 22:37:55

congratulations, my sister had her first at 45, no problems straightforward pregnancy, gorgeous child. Good luck

firstsupermum Fri 27-May-11 23:56:26

congratulation, very happy for you, good luck smile

lilypuff Thu 19-Jul-12 23:52:50

I am 45 and have been trying to get pregnant for 2 years. Any advice anyone?? Nothing wrong that they can see... I'm beginning to lose hope. L

hellymelly Fri 20-Jul-12 00:00:47

lily- only the obvious, have sex frequently and particularly in the run-up to ovulation. Have accupuncture. Eat well and rest. There is a book- "inconceivable" about the author getting pregnant in her 40's. Might have some helpful things in it for you. Good luck!

Funnywonder Fri 20-Jul-12 00:49:45

Ok, not my first, but am pregnant at 45 with no 2. I had my first at 41 and feel like the luckiest woman alive to be 32 weeks pregnant after an ectopic (just the one tube left) and 2 miscarriages. No-one at the hospital has batted an eyelid at my age and, because everything has been straightforward so far, no extra scans or appointments, which is strangely reassuring, as I feel I'm being treated like any other (younger) pregnant woman.

Huge congratulations. Being an older mother is wonderful beyond words.

randomimposter Fri 20-Jul-12 07:09:04

Had DS at 40, and am now 29 weeks with another boy, and I was 44 in Feb.

I did have 5 miscarriages in between though, so won't pretend its all plain sailing.

Best of luck and stay positive x

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