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Colostrum Harvesting?

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LDNlady Sun 03-Apr-11 23:09:11

So, as a first timer this was something I'd never heard of so please bear with me if this all sounds a bit naive.

Why is it done? How do you do it? When should you start doing it? How do you store it and for how long? Can anyone give me anymore info? TIA. x

RobynLou Sun 03-Apr-11 23:10:32

unless there was a major problem I can't see why you'd do this - just feed the baby and it gets all the colostrum it needs surely?

LDNlady Sun 03-Apr-11 23:11:54

Well, that's why I'm asking? I didn't know if it's something that is just done or if there's a reason!

ascouser Sun 03-Apr-11 23:15:09

I've heard that it's done with diabetic mums (to be)

RobynLou Sun 03-Apr-11 23:15:19

I just had a quick google and it seems some women with GD are recommended to do this...

can't find much else, there's this - www.thenewbornbaby.com/colostrum-when-should-i-start-expressing-colostrum-prenatally---/

RobynLou Sun 03-Apr-11 23:17:04

and this sarah-stewart.blogspot.com/2008/09/colostrum-harvesting-and-banking.html

seems like if you're not diabetic it's not something to worry about.

LDNlady Sun 03-Apr-11 23:20:45

Ah right, okay. Thank you. I wasn't sure if it was maybe done by some women who were worried that they wouldn't be able to BF or for other reasons. Thanks again.

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