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Anyone taken Flucloxacillin during pregnancy?

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BusyBeeMommy Tue 08-Feb-11 16:07:07

My GP asked me continue Flucloxacillin for the third week for very persistent nail cuticle infection. I know it is supposed to be safe, I am still a bit worried.. has anyone had Flucloxacillin for multiple dosages?

WhiteTrash Tue 08-Feb-11 16:27:29

Ive just had a course of this for a UTI and Im 6 months pregnant, that particular anti-b is pregnant lady friendly.

supadupapoopascoopa Tue 08-Feb-11 16:29:35

i was given it to cure mastitus whilst breastfeeding on more than one occasion. i'm sure it is fine

sneakapeak Tue 08-Feb-11 19:50:40

Im sure thats what they pumped into me for group B strep during labour. It was given in huge doeses through an IV drip so don't worry. My DD is very healthy.

sneakapeak Tue 08-Feb-11 19:50:55


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