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The October Baby Bus

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arabella36 Thu 20-Jan-11 07:12:10

Will anyone join a new baby bus with me?

I just got a BFP this morning so its very early days for me, but I'm so excited I thought what the hell, I'll head straight for the pregnancy thread anyway grin

If all goes according to plan this will be DC2 and due on 2nd October. Ive enjoyed being on the October TTC bus so I thought it would be fun to continue over here.

Penelope1980 Thu 20-Jan-11 08:36:05

I am the same - maybe! Am waiting to see what happens though - got a BPP on a home test, but a negative one at the doctors so she sent me for a blood test, results tomorrow. I feel a little weird about it, especially as the dr says it's just as likely to be a missed miscarriage. I'd be 4 weeks along as well. So, trying not to get my hopes up too much.

arabella36 Thu 20-Jan-11 09:27:12

Oh I hope it turns out to be OK for you Penelope[fingers crossed] Best of luck!

muffins Thu 20-Jan-11 10:10:08

Arabella I thought you were kidding about a premature October bus ha ha ha.

Oh well I'll join with my faintest ever line on a pregnancy test EVER!!

This will be number 2 for me as well. Have a 3 year old DS. This one will be due on 4th October

Waves to Penelope

arabella36 Thu 20-Jan-11 10:32:04

Ha ha muffins, for anyone with a modicum of sense they would have been kidding!! But given how loopy I went with the whole testing thing you're probably not excessively surprisedgrin

In real life I'm actually quite sensible - really!

newmummy2lucas Thu 20-Jan-11 10:59:25

Hello all!
Can I join too! Got bfp last night only a faint line as af not due til sun but I just knew I was! Only a faint line but def a line!
Have 1 ds who was 1 on 9th Jan and due date is 1st Oct soo excited but hope it sticks as is soo early!

arabella36 Thu 20-Jan-11 13:19:47

Hello to newmummysmile
Congratulations - I think most of us are in the same boat with the early testing. My baby is around the same age as yours.
Fingers crossed for all of us

Hi arabella and everyone- just joined you off the conception October bus- my stupidly faint line turned into a definite BFP this morning!

Oooh muffins, we'll have the same due date.

Penelope1980 Thu 20-Jan-11 19:22:17


My first line was so faint I thought it was my imagination!

It's weird, I was in a spin in the days leading up to my period being due and in a spin about whether a super faint line is a line or not (my second test was much clearer). But now I'm waiting the results of the blood test and having been told there is a good chance it's a missed miscarraige I feel much more ready to cope with either outcome.

Of course, I'd love to carry to term though - this is my first preganancy and I've been TTC since last August.

Have you told anyone? I've just told DH and my Mum.

arabella36 Thu 20-Jan-11 19:47:14

Hi soundofherwings! Lovely to see familiar faces round here.

Penelope, I've not told anyone except DH, and I won't for a good while just in case anything goes wrong. I have received a lecture from DH on the perils of early testing and chemical pregnancy etc. It is a sobering thought but there's no point in over thinking it.

I'm sure it'll be difficult for you to wait until tomorrow to hear your news. I'd guess you'd like to know either way. Obviously I'm hoping it is good news for you tomorrow. Lots of luck.

newmummy2lucas Thu 20-Jan-11 20:48:44

Good luck tomorrow Penelope hope its good news.
Have only told DH too ...arabella he says the same things as yours. Would be a nice age gap don't you think?
Roll on sun then we will know for sure hopefully!
Hi and congratulations sound

arabella36 Thu 20-Jan-11 21:21:35

Hi new mummy, I think the age gap will be good, especially when they're a little older and can be friends. I read a few threads on this age gap before TTC and by all accounts it's worth it later but can be hard for the first few months!

I'm glad I'm not the only one with a too-sensible DHgrin

muffins Thu 20-Jan-11 21:46:40


obviously I've told dp, and I told two friends this evening but where I work in the nhs in a reasonably small dept we're all pretty matter of fact about medical stuff and there isn't much we keep secret. You should hear the conversations we have some days grin

I've had quite a few cramps today almost managed to convince myself it could be ectopic what a loon I am.

It's exciting that all our babies will be due at the same time isn't it

Ninunina Thu 20-Jan-11 21:51:09

Hi arabella, can I join too? I'm also joining after the world's faintest line this morning (it could possibly be my imagination), but I'm thinking that since I'v been nauseous for 2 days in a row, it must be a BFP! It will be my DC1 if tomorrows test confirms it grin
Good luck tomorrow Penelope!

Penelope1980 Fri 21-Jan-11 05:00:39

Thanks for all your kind words! Sadly and frustratingly though the dr was unable to get the results to me and now they have closed for the weekend (I am Downunder) so have to wait until the weekend is over. So, we shall see. It's so hard not to start planning things in my mind though for either outcome.

Sounds like your DH's are all like mine, I had to convince him that I could tell my mum smile I am glad I did though, as she's great to talk to about such things.

I hope everyone has a good few days, and roll on knowing for sure for all of us!

Memsahib Fri 21-Jan-11 07:11:09

Morning ladies - may I join the bus? New to the whole Mumsnet thing. After being told it would be 'tricky' to conceive naturally....found out yesterday evening I am about 5 weeks pregnant. Still a bit stunned to be honest!

Seeing GP on Wednesday to confirm (even tho the test thing was flashing 3 weeks since conception)

Gulp. Jackpot first time.

arabella36 Fri 21-Jan-11 07:59:48

Hello and welcome to ninu and memsahibsmile That was so lucky after being told you were likely to have problems - you must be chuffed to bits!

Penelope - Oh dear, that's a pain in the ass that you'll not find out til Monday. You're going to have to have lots to do to pass the time!

arabella36 Fri 21-Jan-11 08:01:02

Do either of you have any babies already or will these be PFBswink?

Memsahib Fri 21-Jan-11 09:22:11

Hi Arabella36. First one - at 40.... mind you I only got married in October...a lively few months to say the least!
And what is PFBs???

Not building my hopes up too high as several friends who are younger and fitter than me have miscarried before 12 weeks...and given my history etc.

Both DH and I are a bit shell shocked, but utterly chuffed. Does make you wonder about the so called 'experts' we'd be warned that we would probably need IVF and they were intending to start us on Clomid next month!
Really glad to hear about all of your symptoms and fears, realise I am not the only one!

Memsahib Fri 21-Jan-11 09:25:44

just found PFB.. yes precious first born.

DH parents are Indian (and he's an only child) so the bunting will be out once we tell them at the weekend.

Or is that way too premature?

arabella36 Fri 21-Jan-11 13:22:43

Hi Memsahib, I think that doctors advise you to be cautious about who you tell in the first couple of months as it's the riskiest period and if, God forbid anything went wrong you wouldn't want to have to tell loads of people! But You know your relationship with the parents/inlaws best and maybe you'd rather they knew whatever happens.

It's so exciting that it's hard not to tell, and you're further along than the rest of ussmile.

It's reassuring to see how many people on mums net are in their early forties and having a couple of children with no problems. I'm in my mid thirties so not far behind yougrin

Having this thread is great for me because I need to tell someone about it!!!

arabella36 Fri 21-Jan-11 13:34:42

What symptoms do you all have? My appetite is bigger, and I've been going to bed sooo early.

Muffins, have you been doing more tests?

arabella36 Fri 21-Jan-11 14:53:11

What symptoms do you all have? My appetite is bigger, and I've been going to bed sooo early.

Muffins, have you been doing more tests?

newmummy2lucas Fri 21-Jan-11 14:56:45

It is sooo hard not to say anything! Tiredness is my main symptom so far...its more difficult this time running round after an active toddler . I keep thinking I am more hungry too although that's prob in my head Hehe!!

Memsahib Fri 21-Jan-11 17:52:55

evening ladies. typing this from bed and KNACKERED!
Arabella, agree with you totally at how lovely it is to hear so many positive post 40 babies there are. Sometimes I wonder if its just scaremongering.
We've only told v close family, although my boss guessed given how green I am at the moment. Still if you're going to feel gruesome for a couple of months, this is a good reason!

arabella36 Fri 21-Jan-11 20:10:43

I am also posting this from my bed! I just went to bed at the same time as the baby. Yaaawwwwnnn

Will also have to stop DC from bouncing on my tummy!

Ninunina Fri 21-Jan-11 21:14:13

Got another super super faint line today, so still not 100% sure if I'm actually pregnant or not. What symptoms do you guys have? I'm still feeling nauseous (3rd day in a row now).

arabella36 Sat 22-Jan-11 07:35:15

Hi ninu, I think when you test early the lines are often faint. Mine have been too. They probably get less faint as the days pass

My lines are slowly getting less faint so it's starting to feel real now.

Plus the fact thet I've been horribly nauseous and exhausted for a week now- I was sick in the kitchen sink yesterday morning, one whiff of a banana and I was gone!

Ninunina Sat 22-Jan-11 10:37:20

Getting a bit more confident, line was faint, but definitely a line! Woo hoo! smile
I'm thinking the estimated due date is probably 2nd Oct (but I'm quite irregular so its hard to say).

Mumtopiglet Sat 22-Jan-11 11:25:29

Hi everyone, I have done 5 tests since Thursday (went a bit mad) and have had two negatives and three positives. The one I did this morning had a much clearer line - the others were very faint.

I would be due around 4th October so very early days but would love to hop on the bus! Have just told my husband and best friend. We already have one son who is 5 in May. So excited! Good luck to everybody.

Ninunina Sat 22-Jan-11 11:58:02

Congratulations Mumtopiglet! I've just told DH for now (and hinted something to my mum). I think I'll tell her properly on her birthday on Wednesday. I think I might have to tell my best friend tonight, since we have a party, and she'll no doubt guess something's up when I don't drink anything and won't sneak out for our usual cheeky cigarette. How's everyone dealing with this? I think I'll tell everyone that I'm doing a January detox.

BackwardsInHighHeels Sat 22-Jan-11 12:24:24

Hello Ladies,

Mind if I join you?

I've just had my first ever BFP this morning. Digital (so no peering at lines and wondering - saw my sister go through that and couldn't bear going through that myself).

I know it's super early days (my period was due yesterday) but I've got tender boobs and was feeling very crampy yesterday (which only usually arrives after auntie flo, not before) so I had an inkling that something was different but it's still not quite sunk in yet.

I'm 34, got married in November and only started trying after I got married, so this is pretty unexpected.

My husband and I are super excited and have told his parents and my mum and sister. We know that there's a high risk of miscarriage (my mum had 7 around my sister and I) but we both felt that it would be weird to not tell them and then only tell them if it went wrong. We want to share our happiness and have the support there if it goes wrong.

For now though, I'm choosing to be a bit excited.


muffins Sat 22-Jan-11 17:37:55

Glad it's not just me with faint lines then, I've convinced myself this is a chemical pregnancy and have bought a digital for tomorrow morning to put me out of my misery. Dp says if I am pregnant then we'll have spent more on tests than we will on the blooming baby grin

welcome to the new ladies and hi to everyone else. I will be back to post properly after the torture of tomorrow mornings testing! Xx

Memsahib Sat 22-Jan-11 17:48:35

good luck muffins - I used a digital one and it was spot on in terms of how long since conception etc

arabella36 Sat 22-Jan-11 19:16:17

Hello and congratulations to mumtopiglet and backwardsinhighheelssmile

muffins when was your AF due? I found that the digital was the last one to go positive compared to FR and the clear blue plus sign one. Only telling you that so you don't think it's really significant if it wasn't positive yet tomorrow!

newmummy2lucas Sat 22-Jan-11 19:44:12

Congrats to everyone! Penelope how is your weekend going? Hope its not sending you too crazy!!! Roll on Mon. Did another test today and got a proper line after about 10th sec so guess it really is happening! So excited.

Keep over analysing every little stomach cramp though... thought I would be more relaxed this time.
Good luck tomorrow muffins looking forward to hearing

muffins Sat 22-Jan-11 20:23:01

Thanks for the good wishes guys

because I am a POWs addict I couldn't wait til morning and did a fr this evening one that isn't meant for use until af due and it came positive straight away not at all faint. Wonder if the couple of asda ones I have used aren't so good perhaps?
arabella I'm almost ashamed to say af isn't even due til Tuesday blush ........and we thought u were neurotic grin when did you get positive on the digital?
Muffins x

muffins Sat 22-Jan-11 20:24:26

poas obviously not prisoners of war grin

arabella36 Sat 22-Jan-11 20:49:16

Hi muffins, yes hide your head in shame!!!grin

I got my positive on digital yesterday am (day before AF due). Although I think that because I ovulated later this month it's likely I was going to have a longer cycle than usual. Anyway it was 10 or 11 DPO when I used that test, that may be more useful info.

I'll feel more confident when another week has passed I thinkhmm

Had to decline dinner/drinks invite for tonite, was a little awkward as neither of us could think of a reason off the cuff. But I don't want to tell anyone just yet and I knew they'd guess when I didn't have a drink!

I'm now lounging in bed again with books and iPad. I really suspected I was pregnant 3 days post ovulation as I remembered the tiredness from first pregnancy! But then I wondered if it was me being suggestible because we'd just started TTC, it was amazing how much time I spent pondering "am I pregnant?" in the last 2 weeks! Wish I could drink lots of caffeine for this tirednessgrin

muffins Sat 22-Jan-11 21:01:14

Ok I just did the digital too.....it says I'm pregnant grin

newmummy2lucas Sat 22-Jan-11 21:03:48

Yay muffins great news! Digital one gave me a negative until after af was due last time.

Arabella enjoy your reading

arabella36 Sat 22-Jan-11 21:08:51

Woohoo for muffins!!!

arabella36 Sat 22-Jan-11 21:09:32

Thanks new mummysmile

CrawlingInMySkin Sat 22-Jan-11 22:11:22

Hi ladies can I tentativly join this thread. I had a surprise BFP this morning, (I am bf, irregualar periods and diaphram). We have discussed and we wanted another so are treating as a happy surprise, however I am a little shocked and I cant seem to get my head around it I cant tell anyone so though coming on here might help it to sink in.

The problem is I am unsure of dates, I tested last week and a very feint (under bright light if stared at hard) line appeared but dissapeared, this morning I got BPF, so can I temporary join this thread until I get my dates please I dont feel very far gone as I am not feeling as ill as I do after 6 weeks grin So probably early Oct or late september.

Mumtopiglet Sun 23-Jan-11 08:44:09

Thanks for the congrats, same to you all! I still haven't got used to it as expected it to take longer this time with being a few years older. Husband very pleased with himself!! (and excited generally, more so than last time as we weren't really ready). Will feel more confident as the days go on and I have an early scan next Monday which will be reassuring.

On the tests, the one that went positive first was a Boots early testing one. The digital said not pregnant which was depressing but does seems morning testing works better. I remember from first time the line was so faint I called the helpline. They just say if there is any dye mark in the box at all you are pg. No more peering at white sticks. Have a good Sunday!

iloveblue Sun 23-Jan-11 14:43:50

Can i join you please, very cautiously....

This will be technically DC4 for us ,have DS1 (aged 6) and DS2 (aged 4).

We lost DC3 at 20 weeks gestation in October. sad

Af due on Tuesday but I POAS on Friday as I had been feeling nauseous for 2 days - and got very faint BFP. Have sinced POAS 4 more times blush and have had one BFN and 3 faint BFP's - why is it so addictive?

I am pretty scared at the moment - bearing in mind what happened last time, we are still waiting to hear back from Consultant regarding tests and post mortem results (have now been waiting 13 weeks angry - but am taking one day at a time.

Approx EDD should be 5th Oct.

Looking forward to getting to know all you x

iloveblue Sun 23-Jan-11 15:29:35

all of you that should say blush

arabella36 Sun 23-Jan-11 20:47:20

Hello and welcome to crawlingsmile

iloveblue, very sorry to hear what happened. That's just awful. You must have been through a horrendous, unthinkable time and I'm wishing you much good luck for this pregnancy.

Alex1984 Sun 23-Jan-11 20:56:20


So I ahd a positive test on Tuesday. My first ever!!! I have no idea how pregnant I am as I only had my implant out on 27th December. DH and I are over joyed but extremely overwhelmed. Am so scared that something bad is going to happen - am completely obsessed with every cramp, moment that i dont feel sick, etc.

Congratulations to you all.

Ninunina Sun 23-Jan-11 21:12:54

Congratulations Alex, I'm quite reassured that all of us seem to be scared and over analysing every feeling we get. I wanted to tell my mum today, but couldn't do it just yet. I want to be a little more sure that things are going ok.

Memsahib Sun 23-Jan-11 22:17:46

Congratulations to the new ladies it must be the evening for over analysis...for the first time in 2 weeks I am not feeling dizzy and sick...so have spent the last hour convinced something has gone pear shaped. For those of us on this thread who've done this before - can I just ask how do you stop the worries? I know I am being irrational (then think, but am I??)

CrawlingInMySkin Sun 23-Jan-11 22:41:07

Thanks for welcoming me, I too started panicking today as I took ibuprofen before I knew, my DP calmed me down, and this will be my third, I also had a smear this month so have panicked over that, I am having very little symtoms but I am paranoid I am going to miscarry as well so I guess it shows I am happy about my surprise grin.

The worry IME does not go away I am afraid, it just changes smile My only symtom ATM is my DD has suddenly turned into a crocodile so hoping my boobs wont be sore for long oh and tired very tired.

Memsahib Sun 23-Jan-11 22:58:49

Thanks crawlinginmyskin, at least I know I am not mad

Penelope1980 Mon 24-Jan-11 08:06:17

Hello again everyone, especially the new ones waves Sorry about lack of responses, but went away for the weekend.

I will find out about my blood test tomorrow (Tuesday my time as is a bank holiday here) and yes, started to go crazy with waiting. When I found out I had to wait I did not one, but TWO, tests (hides head in shame) and both of them did not work! So, I still am none the wiser, but the cramps are gone and haven't had any bleeding so am slowly getting hopes up.

THB I am so glad to have this thread, it's hard having something so big in your life that you can't really talk to anyone in RL about. smile

Oh and this one, all going well, will be my first

Molybdenum Mon 24-Jan-11 18:15:18

Hello all - I started a thread over on Ante-natal Clubs and Arabella very kindly came over and invited me to join you here.

Nice to 'meet' others in the same boat. I got the faintest of faint positives a week ago and have been testing obsessively ever since! I can tell you that the Amazon 50-sticks-for-£7 are pretty crap, First Response being much more sensitive.

This was our second cycle TTC, and I was pretty confident it was going work as I ovulated at 8.15pm on my way home from work, pounced on DH as I flew in the door and had the sperm in the right place by 10! Would have been seriously pissed off if I then had not been up-duffed.

No real symptoms yet, apart from waking up with a burning starving hungry feeling each morning. My mum had nine months of solid hyperemesis with me so I have my fingers crossed that will not be my fate.

CrawlingInMySkin Mon 24-Jan-11 18:42:15

Hi I phoned up the MW today and as I am uncertain of dates have a appointment for Monday, however I was also informed that I will need to go in for a flu jab, but I have very little time to decide as they are pushing for me to have it now so thought I would let you know so you can take longer to look it up and decide for yourself I felt it was kind of sprung on me.

Tamashii Mon 24-Jan-11 19:36:56

Hello ladies...
Can I also tentatively join you?
I've been lurking about the ante natal clubs thread to see if an October thread would appear but I accidentally found one here!

arabella I was on the October bus with you earlier. Got a faint BFP at 12DPO that I actually thought was evap line then stronger one at 13 and 14DPO but they are still faint.

I am knicker checking all the time too because my last BFP started to fade daily at this stage and it was all over after a few weeks sadly so I kinda didn't get all over excited when I saw the proper lines over the last few days.

I also have only told DH (and all of you on here) because I am terrified this isn't going to work out. I am trying to think positive but I am a bit numb just now - anyone know what I mean?

Anyways, congrats to everyone here and I hope we'll all be on this bus all the way to our due dates with healthy, happy pregnancies.

Oh, I meant to add I also have a DS age 2 so this will be our DC2. I'm so nervous already and it's not even BFP on a digital yet! Eeeep!

Tamashii Mon 24-Jan-11 19:43:45

Meant to ask - is anyone else getting lower back pain on one side? I didn't even know I was PG with DS1 at this stage so I'm not sure what you are supposed to be feeling this early.

I do remember fainting briefly on the train to work and no one noticed because we were all crammed together so tightly standing, they probs thought I had just lost my balance and fell against them so I was just propped up for a minute! I also remember being sure I had food poisoning or a virus at first and then when I got BFP I was like "Oooooooooh! I get it now!"

arabella36 Mon 24-Jan-11 20:17:54

crawling, don't worry about the ibuprofen, it's likely that it has to be more regular use than just a one-off for it to cause problems. You can always tell your midwife about it for some nice "official" reassurance!

Penelope - I'm glad things are sounding positive now. Hope all is well tomorrow.

Molly - hello and welcomesmile

tamashii - I got one-sided back pain a couple of days ago too. Sorry about your early mc:-(
Re this pregnancy - all the info says that the vast majority of people that happens to go on to have healthy pregnancies. I'm sure you'll feel more confident once a wee bit of time passes. Have to admit, I can't wait for a couple of weeks to pass so I can feel more sure of things.

Ninunina Mon 24-Jan-11 20:53:45

Tamashii I haven't had any back pain, but I do have an occasional grumbling pain (similar to AF pains), and had a couple of sharp twinges today which scared me a little.
Has anyone had their first doctors appointment yet? I've booked mine in for Friday morning. Anyone know what to expect?

daimbardiva Mon 24-Jan-11 21:11:53

Hello all, and congratulations! I found out yesterday I am pregnant (woo hoo!) with my second baby - due on 1st Oct. Slightly apprehensive as I miscarried at 7 weeks in November, but so thankful to have conceived again so quickly, and feeling quite positive so see how we go....

Penelope1980 Tue 25-Jan-11 05:08:09

Tamashii I haven't had any back pain, but haven't really had any symtoms except pain in my lower stomach.

My good news is that by blood test came back positive, so am still pregnant! My dr wants me to have a couple more tests to make sure I remain so, but am feeling much happier about it all. I think 50% excited and 50% nervous that something will go wrong ...

So to answer your q Ninunina when I went to the dr the test she gave me came back negative, hence the blood tests. It seems like a very drawn out process, I asked what I should do in the meantime and she said "take folic acid and relax".

daimbardiva sorry about your MC in Nov.

CrawlingInMySkin Tue 25-Jan-11 08:29:57

Thanks Arabella I know it is probably nothing to worry over but that wont stop me blush however I feel better today I did a digital test Sunday and it said 1-2 weeks I did another this morning and it said 2-3 weeks so my hormones must be increasing which is a good sign yes? although I know they are not that accurate.

Tamashii Tue 25-Jan-11 09:25:13

Ninunina I'm in Scotland so I don't know if GP's here are different but my GP appt with DS (would be about 3 yrs ago) went kind of like this:
T: I think I'm PG..
GP: Did you do HPT?
T: Yes, it was positive. Very positive!
GP: Well, congratulations then! Erm... was it planned? shock
T: Yes!!!
GP: Ok and have you been taking folic acid?
T: Yes
GP: When was ur last period
T: (gave him rough estimate of date)
GP: (got dating chart out to work out due date)
T: So... what now?
GP: I will refer you to the midwife unit and they will get back in touch with you. They deal with all maternity health care so you are unlikely to see me again during your pregnancy

AND that was it. No bloods, no further testing just "wait for your booking in appt".

It seems to be different depending on your GP, the area you live in and whether you've been TTC with clomid or something like that. Was that at all helpful? blush

Tamashii Tue 25-Jan-11 09:30:01

CrawlingInMySkin Glad your tests are getting stronger. All this early testing... It's expensive isn't it!!!

I tested again this morning. I think I am now 15 or 16 DPO and the line is darker than yesterday but still not as dark as the control line... Does it take long to get as dark as the control line? I guess it's down to exactly when implantation actually occurred and I think that wasn't too long ago for me since I may have mistaken implantation bleeding (which was minute spotting) for onset of AF which was only a week ago...

It's so hard not to obsess

CrawlingInMySkin Tue 25-Jan-11 09:35:59

Tamishii On this one even though digital says 2-3 weeks my test line is still not as strong as my control line, I think the main thing is for hormones to increase but different women have different hormone levels so that is why increasing is what is important (at least that is what they told me on DS suspected ectopic) which yours are so that is good. Oh god yes buying tests is awful expensive.

muffins Tue 25-Jan-11 09:56:58

Hello ladies,

Welcome to all the new pregnant passengers

I've been a bit quiet these last few days as I have been driving myself silly with worry. AAm 4 weeks pregnant today (AF would have been due today but obviously hasn't arrived) On Sunday afternoon had a tiny bit of light brown discharge and another teaspoonful yesterday lunchtime which was more light pink. Hoping it was just implantation. Still have a few af type cramps but I've had these since last weekend and had them in last pregnancy so don't think they mean anything.

No discharge yet today, well only some clear stuff, sorry if tmi! So just really hoping that all is ok, I'm feeling very stressed even though I know that this is very common in early pregnancy.

Thinking of buying another clearblue digi to see if it now says 2-3 but not sure how I will feel if it still says 1-2.

Boobs feeling more sore today so guess that can only be a good sign!

I've booked a docs appt aswell. Mine is on Sat so will be 4+4 hopefully.

Hope everyone else is doing ok

A nervous muffins xx

arabella36 Tue 25-Jan-11 10:07:47

Don't do it muffins!!!!

You'll drive yourself insane with the digital as at this stage it could easily be expected to still be 1-2weeks, and then you will catastrophize. Give it another weeksmile

newmummy2lucas Tue 25-Jan-11 10:09:10

Morning to all and congratulations to all the newcomers

Tamashii you are so right its really hard not to obsess over every little twinge I am exactly the same as had some quite bad twinge this morning but they seem to have passed hopefully. DH said I was exactly the same last time eek!
Muffins pls try not to worry could def be implant bleeding.

arabella36 Tue 25-Jan-11 10:17:34

I read on mums net that the amazon cheapie tests were at least as sensitive as FR etc. Well, they're NOT! It took ages fir the line to get darker. In fact today is the first day I've had a decent line with them (15DPO). The branded tests had good lines before AF due to arrive.


Rant over.

arabella36 Tue 25-Jan-11 10:18:21

For, not fir!

Molybdenum Tue 25-Jan-11 10:30:34

Arabella I agree with you entirely! My Amazon cheapies are only registering proper positives now, at 21DPO, when First Response was positive at 12DPO. Anyone reading this, do not bother with cheapies.

I've got a doctor's appointment for Thursday, when I'll be five weeks. Have already been practising my spiel as to why I will not be having the flu vaccination.

arabella36 Tue 25-Jan-11 10:33:11

Oh, why are you choosing not to have the vaccine Molly? I don't think I will as the flu season has peaked I think.

Did have it last year when pg with dc1, but that was a different time of year

daimbardiva Tue 25-Jan-11 10:47:55

Tamashi had exactly same experience with my GP first time round (also in Scotland) so will be going striahgt to midwife this time.

muffins fingers crossed for you.

I've found First Response tests to be v reliable. Also Boots own.

arabella36 Tue 25-Jan-11 10:50:12

I second daimbar's FR recommendation

Molybdenum Tue 25-Jan-11 10:58:17

I have several reasons:

1) It contains thimerosol; mercury crosses the placenta.

2) I had H1N1 last year, and whilst I know the current vaccination contains other strains of influenza, it has never been the norm to vaccinate otherwise healthy pregnant women against influenza, so why start now?

3) H1N1 is most threatening to pregnancies in the second and third trimesters. By the time I am second trimester it will be well and truly spring, certainly past the early winter influenza peak time.

4) H1N1 is most likely to negatively affect pregnant women who are obese and/or have very low serum vitamin D3 levels. I weigh 49kg and had my D3 level tested as part of my pre-conception tests - after supplementing for the past few months it was found to be in the optimal range.

5) When I was at university we med students were always taught that pregnant women were not to receive any vaccinations (outside of exceptional circumstances.)

I am sure there are some women for whom the vaccination would pose more of a benefit than a threat; I do not consider myself one of them.

Good luck to everyone else with the decision ahead.

CrawlingInMySkin Tue 25-Jan-11 11:02:33

Ok just because I am interested in this will we not be at risk of catching flu in October when we are in our third trimester?

CrawlingInMySkin Tue 25-Jan-11 11:05:12

Also molybdenum I thought only one of 10 vaccines contained mercury? can you not ask for one of the others that is not fluviren, I am disputing your decision only asking for advice on making my own.

CrawlingInMySkin Tue 25-Jan-11 11:06:12

Sorry I meant I am not disputing your decision blush

arabella36 Tue 25-Jan-11 11:06:59

Thanks for that post Moly, i had already decided against it because of the two points you made in number (3). It's reassuring to hear a reasoned argument from someone else who's made the same decision.

Were there any other reasons for having your D3 checked? What are the risks with low D3? It's not a test you often hear people mentioning.

Tamashii Tue 25-Jan-11 11:07:08

Oh man... I am worried about the flu vaccine too and am completely undecided on what I will do as we are being offered it too.

I will be watching your comments on this one closely...

My initial thoughts were "I'm getting it!" then I started thinking about all the stuff from last year about potential side effects/issues when PG women had that full H1N1 vaccine... We don't need anything else to worry about really do we?

Anyway, at the moment I am thinking I will get it as I am worried about being due in October and DS will start nursery in September so I will be exposed to everything that's going...

Sigh. Why can't swine flu just bugger right off!

CrawlingInMySkin Tue 25-Jan-11 11:11:59

I also found this webchat with David Salisbury which may help you make a decision.

Tamashii Tue 25-Jan-11 12:57:30

Thanks for that link CrawlingInMySkin
I know quite a few people in RL who are in health care and they are either totally for or totally against the vaccine. There doesn't seem to be anyone in between. Each of them have equally scary theories on what might happen if you do/don't get vaccinated which is totally unhelpful.

I am still confused but I haven't been to see GP yet so haven't been offered the vaccine as yet. I bet I burst into tears when I get asked if I want it or not because I am soooooo worried about it AND full of hormones.

Tamashii Tue 25-Jan-11 13:01:33

Oh, a couple of other things... I bought a cheap First Response test off t'internet and it arrived earlier. It's a very, very definite BFP so I feel a bit better now. There is another one in the box that I will have to give to DH to keep away from me for at least a few days so I don't give in a pee on that one too!

On the symptoms front, I don't have a sore back any more but quite bad (TMI ALERT) CM and massive boulder like knockers... Anyone else?

Sorry for bombarding the bus with comments today but I'm "doing housework" today so easily distracted by Mumsnet... My mind is racing too. Annoying.

Hope you're all feeling good

arabella36 Tue 25-Jan-11 15:42:08

Hi Tamashii, I had the swine flu vaccine last winter during pregnancy and it was absolutely fine. I'm not going to have it this time but just because of the time of year being different.

Oh, and I have lots of CM too.

Is anyone else very emotional? I'm finding this to be one of the most prominent features so far blush

Ninunina Tue 25-Jan-11 20:06:03

OMG Tamashii I know what you mean about the enourmous knockers. Mine seem to have grown since this morning. Went to work with my coat buttoning up nicely, but when I put it on to go home, I could barely do up the buttons!!!

I'm yet to decide about the swine flu jab. I tend to avoid taking unecessary vacines. I'm leaning towards not taking it at the moment.

Molybdenum Tue 25-Jan-11 20:50:52

Looking forward to the increase in norkage! So far they appear to be the same size, but my nipples feel like they've taken on the shape and, erm, 'presence' of radio dials.
Also having some low uterine twingeing.

On the plus side, my skin looks amazing

arabella36 Tue 25-Jan-11 21:02:23


I've bloody well got 2 pregnancy spots on my chin. Grrrrr

daimbardiva Tue 25-Jan-11 21:06:41

arabella - I am sooooo emotional. It's driving me mad acutally as I think I'm in danger of "outing" myself, as I'm not normally so outwardly emotional!!

A quite lovely part of it though, is that I'm absolutely full of love for my DH and DS though. I always am of course, but it means I'm taking time to really appreciate and enjoy them, which is lovely

I wish my norks would start growing!

arabella36 Tue 25-Jan-11 21:41:15

I feel the same as you daimbar - as in I really hope I don't cry if I have a stressful day in work or something. Would be completely unlike me. And people could guess. So many things make me feel either very happy or almost tearful. Even ads on the radio. Quite bizarregrin

No big norks here either sadly. Definitely fuller since quite soon after ovulation, but not even the most generous observer would call them bigsmile

iloveblue Tue 25-Jan-11 22:43:04

Hi Girls
Glad your test results came back positive penelope
Thanks for the info on the flu jab molybdenum

I've already had the flu jab - in November, as I have asthma, could it still be a problem do you know?

Well, AF due today and I've had period-type cramps on and off all day - completley normal at this stage and I had the same with previous pregnancies, but doesn't stop you worrying does it?

I got a stronger line (which came up much quicker) on a cheapy HPT this afternoon, so that cheered me up smile

Penelope1980 Wed 26-Jan-11 06:48:44

Arabella I feel your pain about pregnancy spots, as have one in the middle of my forehead like a third eye. I don't think my boobs are bigger, but have started to feel a little ill every now and then

BackwardsInHighHeels Wed 26-Jan-11 07:52:55


That pretty much sums up the conversation I had with my GP last night when I went to see him. Asked about my family history of miscarriage and if there was anything I could do and he just said to talk to the midwife when I see her.

He couldn't even give me any idea of when that would be, just that he'd write this week hmm


Fingers very much crossed for you. I did a second non-digital test on Monday and am tempted to do more, but think that might be a one-way ticket to crazytown.

CrawlingInMySkin Wed 26-Jan-11 07:53:26

Well I have made a decision re flu jab as this flu season is virtually over I am not having it, but I will have it in September, that way the baby is developed, and if we catch it after the baby is born the baby will have some immunity to it, also has they will have new stocks in it will be easier to guarantee the mercury free one.

Re boobs mine are bigger but as soon as DD spots them she sucks them dry grin but I have been crying and hormonal too. I have to go to the doctor today because I feinted last night (I feinted a lot on my first pg and had to have transfusions) so I am going to get a blood test done.

snowpeas Wed 26-Jan-11 10:18:32

Hi everyone, can I join you all on the bus?

Didn't think I'd ever get to come on the pregnancy board again but got a very strong BFP this morning and now my head is spinning! smile

I'm 36 and I already have two boys aged 10 and 5, DS1 took 5 long years of heartache to conceive and DS2 took nearly 3 years but this time it took 1 month!! shock

DH has always wanted 3 children but I have always been reluctant as I didn't feel I could go through all heartache of a BFN every month but before Christmas we decided to try and just see what happened.

I've spent the last month telling myself that nothing was going to happen and now it has I'm super excited and completely terrified too.

Anyway congrats to everyone else and look forward to chatting with you all in the months ahead

sunface Wed 26-Jan-11 10:20:09

Hello all, mind if i join in? albeit very tentatively?? i just got a BFP this week and it's a bit of a surprise how quickly it happened. I have 2 DC already aged 8 and 3. had a MC last year at 7weeks, so i'm hoping this bean will be healthy xx

CrawlingInMySkin Wed 26-Jan-11 10:26:52

Welcome to sunface and snowpeas and congratulations on your bfp smile

Tamashii Wed 26-Jan-11 10:28:58

Good luck at the dr's CrawlingInMySkin I hope all goes well for you.

I'm glad to hear the emotions running high are normal even at this stage because I found myself crying at the news a lot yesterday (before my Dad came home thankfully!!!) and basically any baby related adverts.

I heard that a stuffy nose/sinuses is early PG related but I am pretty sure now that a raw, sore throat and coughing are not so I am loaded with the cold with a FULL bottle of Beechams All in One in the cupboard taunting me cos I can't take it. I am dosing up on the extra bottle of baby paracetomol from the GP that DS refused to take as it tastes vile but it seems to be doing something for me. Not much though!

I think I will give the flu shot a miss too if you can just get it at the start of next flu season in September - not entirely decided yet though... Damned if you do damned if you don't really...

arabella I appear to be with you on the spotty teenage skin front. My dry face has suddenly turned into an oil slick!

Used the last of my cheapie HPT's this morning and the line is slightly darker again but still not same as control. The FRER was MUCH more sensitive IMHO and I kind of wish I hadn't done the one this morning.

Digital tests - I've also been told they don't give a result until HCG is a lot lot higher than the early HPT's test for. Not entirely sure though.

Tamashii Wed 26-Jan-11 10:36:20

Hi snowpeas & sunface and congrats on your BFP's.

I know sunface It's horrible not being able to just get totally over excited about it. I had very early MC last time I got BFP too so I have been knicker checking and testing every day since I got the early, faint BFP. DH is really excited but I am still a little bit numb about it all and just trying to hold out for a couple of weeks to see how things go.

Congratulations again

CrawlingInMySkin Wed 26-Jan-11 10:42:35

Tamashii the digital ones say 4 days early and were as sensitive as the normal clearbue ones if you really want to take one but I think maybe you should accept you are pg grin.

Tamashii Wed 26-Jan-11 11:12:40


CrawlingInMySkin Wed 26-Jan-11 11:22:27

Last post then off out, if you are really worried Tamashii you could always pay for a private scan at 8 weeks. I dont think they cost that much.

snowpeas Wed 26-Jan-11 11:26:08

Hi crawlinginmyskin hope everything is ok at the dr's.

First thing I noticed was my boobs started bursting out of my bra, I was the same with both of my boys too.

Tamashii I have woken up with a really stuffy nose every morning this week but it has gone my mid morning, never heard of it been a pregnancy sign but I think you might be right. I've also been really emotional, daft little things keep setting me off.

sunface I'm really having to stop myself getting over excited, it happened really fast for us and I so wasn't expecting it, it has sent my head into a spin and I think I'm abit scared of Jinxing things.

dribbleface Wed 26-Jan-11 11:33:33

Hi all can i join.

Got fainest of faint lines on Sunday and Monday and a very definate one on Tuesday. AF due Friday coming.

This will be (fingers crossed) DC2, DS1 is 2.7yrs. We stared trying in the new year and I fell pregnant straight away (did with DS1 so don't know why i am shocked!)

At work at moment, feeling sick and trying not to retch infront of my colleague (retched till about 26 weeks last time sad)

I'm curious how this pregnancy will be different to my last? People say you show earlier which is not good news as i was showing at about 9 weeks last time hmm but i was super skinny then, whereas now i think it will just blend in with the fat!

sunface Wed 26-Jan-11 12:14:45

yup, very tentative posting to be honest. just can't help but think things will go like last time - oh how positive am i?!! snowpeas i'm the same, can't quite let it sink in yet, keep wanting to re-test just to check i didn't imagine it.
tamashii yup, constantly going to the loo (even though at work) to knicker check too. it's going to be a long 2 months.

I too have had a stuffy nose for most of January! Kept putting it down to the cold!

snowpeas Wed 26-Jan-11 12:19:35

Hi dribbleface & congratulations smile

My first 2 pregnancies were very similar in the symptoms I had, I was really tired and my boobs expanded at an alarming rate shock but I showed later with number 2, with DS1 I was showing by about 12 weeks but with DS2 I wasn't showing until about 18 weeks when my bump just seemed to become huge overnight.

I didn't have any sickness with either of my boys but this time I am feeling quite sick on a morning and smells seem really strong which is something I didn't notice until much later with my first 2, DH peeled an orange this morning and to me it just smelt vile! Funnily enough I craved oranges with DS1.

snowpeas Wed 26-Jan-11 12:28:58

sunface I am resisting the urge to retest just to make sure and I only got by BFP 5 hours ago, it just seems so surreal.

It's only natural to be tentative, after all the problems I had with DS1 & DS2 I can't believe that it was straight forward this time, I'm trying to keep positive and will send some positive vibes your way.

I think I might just crack and tell my best friend though, I know she can keep a secret and she lives 300 miles away so not likely to bump into my mum in town grin

sunface Wed 26-Jan-11 15:26:26

aw snowpeas, i totally know where you're coming from. I had one clear blue test left over so tested again at lunchtime, still BFP! Good vibes sent your way too!! its also good to hear that you will have a bit of an age gap between DC3 and your other children, as we'll be the same, DC2 will be 4 if this pregnancy goes well...am i deluded in thinking that this is a good thing because the older two will be able to help out

newmummy2lucas Wed 26-Jan-11 15:41:12

Good afternoon all!
Crawling I hope everything goes ok at docs for you.
Snow peas my emotions have gone crazy today just been to a bday party with ds and a balloon popped in his face and could feel myself about to cry. Have just had a blub now for no reason at all!

Hi and congratulations dribbleface sorry you feel sick already I think am starting to show a little already if that is poss?? Tummy is def rounder.

Has anybody told anyone else yet?

Hils74 Wed 26-Jan-11 18:22:34

Hello ladies! Can I join please?

Got a BFP this morning, cb digital says 1-2 weeks, as AF was 29th Dec that makes me 4 weeks?!

Felt bloated, tired and hungry for weeks but that's the only syptoms I've had so far. Tummy definately feels rounder, can't quite breathe in all the way!!

Got an app with the nurse tomorrow am to confirm.

I was soooo excited this morning I rang my mum straight aways with DH knowing, she was so happy and it was great to have someone to talk to before I went to work grinning like a loon!


Hils74 Wed 26-Jan-11 18:23:23

*without DH knowing...

25babalou Wed 26-Jan-11 19:11:05

hello ladies, can I join? I got my BFP 2daysmile

my main symptoms have been crazy sore boobs, nausea and loss of appetite (which is not like me in the slightest!)

to add to the many positives about 40+ mums, well I'm 25 and have a DD age 4, but I'm the eldest of 5, my youngest 2 brothers are 8 and 2 yrs old. My mam was 45 when she has the youngest. she was absolutely fine during her pregnancy.

here's to a happy 9 months xx

dribbleface Wed 26-Jan-11 19:52:50

newmummy2lucas and hils74 - yep my tummy is harder low down and rounder. Was the same with DS.

Hils74 - i popped round to see my mum at lunch today, couldn't not tell her.

About to stuff a pizza, no doubt will feel sick after but its worth it. tend to feel most sick in the late evening, think thats how its started with DS but to be honest was sick from week 4 with Ds so this time is a little better already!

dribbleface Wed 26-Jan-11 19:53:24

congratualtions 25bablou!

CrawlingInMySkin Wed 26-Jan-11 19:58:03

Ah thanks for all the well wishes smile all went great thanks. I am fairly certain it is low iron as I suffer that when not pg so I am not too worried just hoped it wouldn't rear up till a bit later on but never mind.

Welcome and congrats to all the new ladies.

Penelope1980 Wed 26-Jan-11 20:23:44

waves at new ladies. Nothing much else to add to the discussion, just wanting to let you all know am still lurking

Tamashii Wed 26-Jan-11 20:32:54

Welcome all newly pregnant ladies! Congratulations all round.

Glad ur ok CrawlingInMySkin

arabella36 Wed 26-Jan-11 20:34:28

Welcome to all the new ladiessmile

It looks as though everyone is getting pregnant this month!

I also have the stuffy nose of pregnancy. I got it before I even knew I was pregnant. In my first pregnancy the stuffy nose was so annoying at night time. In the end I had to take otorvine spray to be able to sleep. Don't think I'll mind about that though so long as everything keeps going well with the pregnancy. Keep feeling worried about it this time, I think because of DH pointing out the high rate of chemical pregnancy. Trying not to think about it too much!!

arabella36 Wed 26-Jan-11 20:36:02

Was pleased for you getting the right result earlier Penelope - phew!!

shufflebum Wed 26-Jan-11 20:58:20

Hi everyone,
Another to join the bus please! By my calculations I'm due on the 1st October, need to ring GP tomorrow and get the ball rolling.
This is DC2 for us, DS is currently resisting sleep so I'm in omg what have we done frame of mind but am sure that'll change!

Penelope1980 Wed 26-Jan-11 22:20:03

Thanks arabella. The tiredness has really hit me now, it's hard being so tired at work but I don't want to tell anyone.

I have been asked by workmates why am not drinking caffeine (I have gone off it and used to be a real addict, hence them noticing) so implied it's a new year's resolution. Feel bad for telling a fib, but wasn't going to tell the truth! Has anyone else had to tell little lies about how they're feeling? Being my first I've never been in this situation before so don't have any good excuses down pat.

Snakeears Thu 27-Jan-11 07:43:51

Hi there -

can I join in please?! I got a positive this morning after convincing myslef there was no hope. this is my first and I'm sooo excited (and a bit scared)

eek now to give up caffeine (or at least cut down) - that will be hard.

snowpeas Thu 27-Jan-11 08:35:47

hello & congratulations to all the new ladies.

sunface the five year age gap really worked for us with DS1 & DS2, DS1 loved to help out and they are really close now (although I think the fact that DS2 brought some sonic the hedgehog figures with him for DS1 really helped the bonding process!)

Not so sure DS1 will be so keen this time round, he'll be nearly 11 by the time this one arrives and he's starting to reach the stage where everything is 'boring' unless it involves the wii, pokemon or yu-gi-oh but he's such a great big brother to DS2 I really hope he's the same this time.

The tiredness has really hit me, I was in bed really early last night but I just can't keep my eyes open, not looking forward to the walk to school this morning and it's only 10mins at most.

My resolve to not telling anyone didn't last long, told my best friend last night but she has been sworn to secrecy, was nice to tell someone and has made it a bit more real.

off to tackle the walk the school now, at least it's not raining smile

sunface Thu 27-Jan-11 09:28:33

i'm very very tired too, not sure if it's due to having 2 DC already or the pregnancy, but finding it a struggle most days not to nod off at work! Hey snakears i remember you from the Conception forum!!! Congratulations!!!! i'm finding it veryyyy hard to go withough caffeine too. snowpeas my eldest will turn 9 a month or so after this one due (all going well of course) and my youngest will be 4, so kind of in the same boat as you! think i'm worried more about space in the house, we only have 3 beds, a small car etc etc, the list goes on.... Oh and i also work 4 full days a week, bit worried about money and how we'll cope....

dribbleface Thu 27-Jan-11 09:46:58

I'm having the opposite problem and just cannot sleep at all!

Sunface - i'm also worried about money etc but it all sorts itself out in the end.

Congratulations sankeears - I'm having to tell fibs too, our work Xmas party is on Sat (got rescheduled due to heavy snow before Xmas). Didn't go last year as husband has accident, drove year before because DS was poorly and i wanted to be able to get home, and was pregnantv the year before! So much talk about me letting my hair down this year!

sunface Thu 27-Jan-11 09:54:15

yup the folk noticing i'm not drinking will be hard for me too. i'm saying i'm trying not to as i've had too much over xmas (kinda true). the other one i used to use was i'm on antibiotics, until some kind friend told me that you can still drink on antibiotics, its only the really strong ones that say you can't have alchohol.... or maybe just say you're feeling a bit ropey and just don't want to drink? x

snowpeas Thu 27-Jan-11 12:17:46

snakears I am really missing my caffeine too.

sunface yours will be very similar ages to mine, I'm just waiting for all the comments when we start telling people, with DS2 all people used to say is things like 'ooo that's a big age gap, how will you manage again with a new baby' and this time I'm sure we'll get plenty of 'you'll be hoping for a girl' comments, think I'll just tell them that actually I think a puppy might be nice this time grin

The money/space/car is a worry for us too, because DS2 was supposed to our last I gave away or sold nearly all the baby things, just have the pram and crib in the loft, so will have to start from scratch.
DH has been looking at cars but I think we will have to manage with what we have for now.

sunface Thu 27-Jan-11 12:33:02

hi snowpeas yup i'm fully expecting all those comments too, and for us it'll also be "you'll be hoping for a boy then" as we have 2 girls! Like the puppy answer though, i might use that one myself!!! Yup money is the main worry for us and the very tight for space issue.. hey ho. we've said we won't worry about any of that for now, just take the next few weeks as they come, just incase another MC is on the cards....

CrawlingInMySkin Thu 27-Jan-11 12:58:35

Sunface Snowpeas This is my surprise 3rd. I will also find this one financially hard. My children are DS age5 and DD age 18months so I will need a double buggy. I am also going to have to change rooms round. I have the biggest room so I will move to the smaller one which I can fit a double in but I will need to have new fitted wardrobes.

I am worried as ever since I had DD people have been saying one of each you will be stopping at two then which makes me angry.

Tamashii Thu 27-Jan-11 13:56:31

People can be so offhand with their comments. It's like we are programmed with "things to say when..." like you say "You'll be wanting a girl this time..." and everything else you have mentioned.

I will be getting "Well, you won't be emigrating now will you???" since we've been putting off emigrating until the "financial climate" (hate that expression) changes for the better. Couldn't put off trying for DC2 though as we're getting older - which I am SURE will get some bitchy comments from DH's side. They all had kids in their teens-20's and I'm past 35 now so I'm the odd one out.

I'm really worried about how we will afford everything as we are stretched to the limit just now but it's one of those things you forget about while TTC as you're SO obsessed with getting BFP... Now I realise we gave away most of our baby things as we were meant to sell up and emigrate when DS was born but things (as always) didn't work out like that and we are still here. I don't even think we have the cot now!!!

Yikes.... And breathe

CrawlingInMySkin Thu 27-Jan-11 14:17:15

Tamashii, I used DS stuff for DD so most wont go through a third so I think I am starting from scratch too. I am sure we will be okay and find the money somehow it is not like we have another choice. sad that your family will be bitchy we dont speak with our inlaws.

sunface Thu 27-Jan-11 14:46:48

Aw crawlinginmyskin was it a total surprise then no3?! the comments will come thick and fast if this pg is a success - "was it planned", "is it a boy", "how will you manage?" "what about your other 2 children?" etc etc etc, can hear it all now and most of it coming from my sister in law......

Molybdenum Thu 27-Jan-11 15:05:26

Hi everyone, hope all doing well.
I just phoned home (Australia) to wish my brother a happy 30th brithday, and it was so hard not to tell him he's going to be an uncle! I have told my mum and my sister, but my brothers have such big mouths, and I would hate to have to phone up later and tell them to 'untell' everyone they had blabbed to. I have been telling my girlfriends though - it's so much fun! They all shriek or cry.

Went to the chiropractor this morning, as I want to to work with someone throughout my pregnancy to ensure optimal foetal positioning. She specialises in pregnancy and pelvic health. I'll be seeing her once a week to start with, and she gave me some exercises and recommended one of those sports ball things to sit on rather than leaning back cross-legged on the sofa.

Starting to feel a bit tired today (am 5 weeks exactly). But fingers crossed no nausea, which is what I am so fearful of!

ALovelyBunchOfCoconuts Thu 27-Jan-11 15:12:01

Hi all, can I join you?

I started testing Saturday. Have done 15 of the internet cheapy tests across the 5 days and suffice to say they are all positive.

Have bought a more expensive test today and will test tomorrow morning just to be sure then i'll get a doctor appointment.

We have been TTC for a year and I am 23, have PCOS and a bi-cornuate uterus and am awaiting an appointment to discuss fertility treatment grin

I have also had 1mc and 1mmc and a DD who is 2.9 years.

Am in complete denial and terrified my hormone levels are not normal enough to sustain the pregnancy due to the PCOS.

My LMP was 6th December but I didn't ovulate until 12th January. I have no particular usual cycle length. It's not unusual for me to go 6 months between periods so the doctor will have me as 8 weeks when I'm only 2 weeks.

FluffyDonkey Thu 27-Jan-11 15:57:33

I'm pregnant!!!

Sorry, just had to tell someone. grin

DH knows but we haven't told anyone else yet - only found out this morning. Not sure when we'll tell our family.

Am excited but also a bit fearful in case I have a miscarriage. This is DC1 and first month TTC so I'm a bit afraid that it's too good to be true IYSWIM?

Not sure what to do now really. Am assuming I'm 4 weeks (last AF 27th Dec) so I think I'm due 2nd or 3rd October (at least according to 2 internet calendars).

Not sure if I need to see the Dr yet though - isn't it a bit early? DH and I said this morning we'd do another home test in 10 days time and I'd go to the Dr when I hit 2 months (ie. in 4 weeks time). Is that silly?

I know what I can and can't eat and I've stopped all my medication before TTC. I'm taking pregnancy vitamins...is there anything else I need to think of?

Molybdenum Thu 27-Jan-11 16:24:13

Congratulations FluffyDonkey! Wow, you sound so excited

I've just been to the GP. She gave me a folder of info on screening tests, didn't push me when I said I didn't want the flu vaccination, and told me to book in directly with the local midwives. So I've just filled in my midwife booking form, and the very first question was, 'Where do you want to have your baby?' with a choice of home or either of the two local maternity hospitals. I can't believe we are expected to choose before being able to speak to the midwives, find out anything about the local facilities, go for any tours, or even see how our pregnancy progresses. I guess it's not irrerversible.
Anyway, I circled home, which is what I've always wanted. Very, very excited

sunface Thu 27-Jan-11 16:29:16

congrats fluffydonkey!! think i remember you from the testing on 24th Jan thread?! i'm about the same dates as you as last AF was 25th Dec... i'm guessing we make a Drs appointment soonish to make sure we get our 12wk scan on time? Different in different regions though... congratulations again!!!

CrawlingInMySkin Thu 27-Jan-11 16:33:23

Welcome and congrats to newbies grin Sunface it was a surprise, bf and diaphram but we wanted a third just next year so we have skipped the heartache of TTC and are very happy but a bit shocked grin

FluffyDonkey Thu 27-Jan-11 16:42:20

Yay sunface - I remember your BFP!!!

Thing is, I live in France...so have no idea what I'm meant to do or who I should see (they don't really have clinics and separate out each different doctor - so for example I go to my GP (who works alone, no nurse or anything) or I got to my gyneco or I go to my headache specialist etc.).

So I'm not sure if I should see my GP or my gyneco....

Can't ask friends who have had babies because we don't want people to know yet!!!

Guess I'm going to be googling in French...

Yay I'm so excited!

Mumtopiglet Thu 27-Jan-11 18:54:39

Hi and congrats to all the new people! I've generally been feeling normal but today got terrible indigestion. Think it was a combination of too tight skirt (not good look) and big, big sandwich! It lasted all afternoon and was really painful. I've read it is a symptom. Other than that I have metallic taste, am knackered and feeling a bit sick. Last time round I didn't have one symptom apart from huuuugge bump! I have an early scan on Monday, am nervous but excited.

BlueFergie Thu 27-Jan-11 19:15:42

Hi everyone,

Can I join (very tentativly)? We have been ttc #3 (DD is 4 and DS is 2)since I came off the pill in Oct. Cycles have been very irregular and a on day 33 of the current one. I tested yesterday and got a very faint line. So faint I didn't even notice tbh only DH pointed it out to me. I had to keep checking it was there and weirdly it got stronger as the day went on?
I have no symptons really but then I didn't with the previous 2. On my other 2 I got pregnant straight away so it has been a bit strange waiting for this one.
Anyway I will test again in the morning. DH refuses to believe it because line was so faint so hopefully this one will dispel all doubts.
Congrats to all the rest of you

Hils74 Thu 27-Jan-11 19:22:27

Welcome newbies!

Saw the nurse this morning, she did another test and it was BFP! She said to do another test at 5 weeks (next week), then book an app to see my GP at 6 weeks.

Still in shock really, been trying for 4 months after 20 years on the pill so wasn't really expecting to be PG so soon!

Going to have to tell my in-laws this weekend as we are round there for dinner and they will know as soon as I say I'm not drinking grin

Hils74 Thu 27-Jan-11 19:36:48

Last AF was 29th Dec so according to the due date calc on here I'm due about 4th Oct.

DH has gone out with his mates tonight, I've had to swear him to secrecy in case he gets drunk and tells them all!

Ninunina Thu 27-Jan-11 19:39:36

Hi Ladies,
I have a vitamins question. I've been reading a few books and doing a bit of research on the net, and there seems to be a bit of contradiction about whether to take Vitamin D suppliments or not. The books I read say no...because it might be toxic, whilst some websites say the only 2 suppliments you need to take are Folic Acid & Vit D!!!! I bought some pregnancy vitamins, and they contain Vit D- so I've stopped taking them until I know more.

Anyone know the answer to this?

Ninunina Thu 27-Jan-11 19:43:14

Penelope1980 I find the best excuse for not having more than 1 cappuccino and not drinking is saying I'm doing weightwatchers. People don't seem to be questioning it at all. We're lucky its Janauary and many people are still trying to be healthy. grin

CrawlingInMySkin Thu 27-Jan-11 20:07:19

Welcome and congrats to all the newcomers grin.

BlueFergie hope the line is dark enough to convince your Dh in the morning.

MumToPiglet hope your scan goes well on Monday smile

arabella36 Thu 27-Jan-11 20:18:57

I'm still getting mild cramps in AF area even though I'm 4weeks and 5 days. Are you others at the same stage finding this?confused (LMP was Christmas Day)

dribbleface Thu 27-Jan-11 20:28:15

arabella - my cramps have eased of the last day or so, but with DS i had them until about 5 1/2 weeks i think. LMP was boxing day so a day behind you.

Molybdenum Thu 27-Jan-11 20:28:15

Ninunina: In my professional opinion every pregnant woman should take a minimum of 2000IU vitamin D3 daily throughout pregnancy, particularly if pregnant over winter (as we all are!). You should actually have your D3 levels checked as part of your pre-conception blood tests. I always do with my patients (but I don't work on the NHS). You can easily buy D3 supplements in health food shops. there is no risk of toxicity until you start taking extremely high levels (100,000IU+).
I take 5000IU per day, along with an excellent prenatal multivitamin, 400mg magnesium, 30mg zinc and plenty of EPA/DHA.

Molybdenum Thu 27-Jan-11 20:29:28

Arabella I'm also having some uterine twingeing. I keep thinking it's something sinister, so it's so reassuring to know others are experiencing the same thing.

arabella36 Thu 27-Jan-11 20:32:19

Thanks for the reassurance molly and dribbleface

CrawlingInMySkin Thu 27-Jan-11 20:40:14

arabella I had them on DC1 and DC2 but not on this one I assume my womb has stretched enough by now (or it didn't shrink after dc2 grin)

Ninunina Thu 27-Jan-11 20:46:07

Thanks for responding Molybdenum, I will start taking my pregnancy vitamins again in that case.

anotherattempt Thu 27-Jan-11 21:04:27

Hello everyone

Please can I join too! I am (hopefully) due on 3 October. Have done 5 home tests and had my first blood test which I'm told looks good and having a second on Saturday. I have a 5 year old daughter and have had a miscarriage and ectopic pregnancy in September where I lost my tube.

Feel so excited but so worried too

arabella36 Thu 27-Jan-11 21:12:11

Ha ha-ing at your stretched womb comment crawlinggrin

arabella36 Thu 27-Jan-11 21:14:24

Hello and welcome anotherattempt, sorry to hear what happened with your previous pregnancy. Lots of luck for a healthy one this time thoughsmile

newmummy2lucas Thu 27-Jan-11 22:19:47

Hi to everyone and everyone new! It's getting busy now how exciting nothing much to add today still having a couple of twinges here and there and went to the docs today who just got me to book an appt with the midwife at 8 weeks ....feels so far away!
Congratulations anotherattempt and sorry for your previous loss hopefully all will go well for you

iloveblue Thu 27-Jan-11 22:20:34

Hello all
Welcome and congratulations to all newbies

I've also had some Af type cramps - had them with all 3 of previous pregnancies, very common around time your AF would have been due apparently.

I'm seeing GP tomorrow - I'm a bit worried as we still havn't heard from consultant with results from October (we lost our baby at 20 weeks) so hoping the GP might have some of the test results or might be able to chase them up.
Still doesn't feel real at the moment - but I'm sure it will when the sickness kicks in.

I've just cried my eyes out watching Glee blush - is anyone else feeling very emotional?

Molybdenum Thu 27-Jan-11 22:52:14

iloveblue I'm so sorry to hear of your recent loss. You're so brave; here's hoping for a wonderful pregnancy for you.

Penelope1980 Fri 28-Jan-11 06:27:56

arabella36 my stomach was really sore, it still is sometimes but has gone away over the last couple of days. Am feeling better after reading that others have had the same! Was worried.

Ninunina my dr also prescribed be iodine. I don't know anyone else that has happened to though so maybe she just things I don't get enough salt!

Penelope1980 Fri 28-Jan-11 06:29:01

Oh and is anyone else morning-sick yet? I don't have it yet and was wondering when it is supposed to kick in. I am just tired and thirsty at this point!

Snakeears Fri 28-Jan-11 06:35:01

I'm so sorry to hear about your losses iloveblue and another attempt - wishing you both a very healthy and happy pregnancy.

I'm really sorry to ask a stupid question but has anyone else felt really anxious? I don't really feel stressed about pregnancy specifically or work or anything but I keep feeling a bit nervy and waking up early - anyone else had this. I'm not really an anxious sort of a person. I'm just a bit anxious about being anxious now and feeling ridiculous!

Penelope1980 Fri 28-Jan-11 06:49:57

I'm not quite as anxious as you Snakeears but do kind of get what you mean, as I am feeling much more worried about whether I'll carry to term or not than I thought I would be. I am also feeling some strange different emotions about other stuff too.

Snakeears Fri 28-Jan-11 07:07:58

Thanks Penelope - I just started looking on amaon for relaxation CDs then decided it was a bit of a waste of money but it might be time to crack out the old Enya CDs! x

Tamashii Fri 28-Jan-11 07:54:23

Wow - it's going to be a busy month in October 2011!!! Congrats on all the new BFP's here.

My symptoms have gone for now - I get a dull heavy feeling low down now and again but it passes and my boobs are still tender and pretty full feeling but that's it for now. I hope that's normal at this early stage.

I've still to make appt with GP so he can refer me on to the MW team. Not sure how I am going to handle the antenatal apts tho as I will have to take DS (age 2) with me since I have no one who could look after him while I go to appts. Do you think this will be ok? DS hates the doctors for obvious reasons so I am concerned he might freak out when the MW comes near me...

Maybe I am jumping the gun a bit thinking that far ahead as the MW team here don't usually see you until 10 weeks or so and then the "12 week" scan is usually 14 weeks here.

I just seem to come on here, read the latest posts and then brain dump! Sorry - seems to be keeping me semi sane though.

Thanks to arabella for starting this thread!!!

Penelope1980 Fri 28-Jan-11 08:10:46

Have you tried something like yoga Snakeears? Not for everyone, but it helps some people, esp with the breathing. I don't usually get stressed but have recently, I think that's more about being tired though and stressed about not getting enough sleep.

Heh I keep doing the brain dump too Tamashii, it's reassuring to know you aren't morning sick yet either. It's not like I'm looking forward to that as such, but I think I'll relax a little more into pregnancy when/if it starts.

CrawlingInMySkin Fri 28-Jan-11 08:11:12

IloveBlue and AnotherAttempt sorry to hear of yout losses, I really hope this pg goes smoothly.

Welcome and congrats to newcomers we are getting full smile I have been naughty blush I was in all day yesturday and board (SAHM) so Ipicked up the baby name book I keep telling myself to wait till the scan but I keep getting excited. I got the MW Monday so excited about that.

Also my wonderful DP got up with DD today because she was up at 4 angry.

snowpeas Fri 28-Jan-11 08:40:37

Wow, so many October babies already and hi arabella feel abit rude not to have said hello to you properly when you started the thread.

I had really bad cramps with DS1 so much so that I thought there was no way I could be pregnant and for the first time in 5 years of ttc I didn't test that month, then I had what I thought was AF (but much lighter), it was only when I went to the dr's a couple of weeks later for something completely unrelated and I mentioned I was feeling rundown and really tired and the dr asked if I could be pregnant that the penny dropped.

crawlinginmyskin what a great surprise and great to see there are a few of us on DC3, I know most of my family will be surprised and presume this one was an 'accident' but I'll be putting them straight!

sunface I've got my answer for all the 'was it planned and 'wanting a girl' ready, someone posted on here a while ago about how to respond to questions like that (think it was in chat) and someone suggested replying 'that's a personnal question and came across quite rude, did you mean to say that?, although I'll probably chicken out and just fume silently angry

The tiredness really hit me yesterday, I just couldn't keep my eyes open all day but then at bedtime I couldn't sleep and ended up just thinking about things which wasn't a great idea because little problems seem so huge in the early hours when your on your own, managed to convince myself the box room is far too small to be a nursery and that there's no way I'll be able to juggle 3 children etc etc, lovely DH has done a fab job of putting things in perspective though so will banish those thoughts now.

Anyway, off to do the school run now, hope everyone has a great day smile

wagon Fri 28-Jan-11 09:48:31

Hello arabella36 and all the other October mummies.

I have an 8YO dd and a 6YO ds and after a horrid divorce I find myself 3 years into a new relationship and 4 weeks pregnant!
We are very excited and due on October 1st so I'd like to join the October bus too if I may.

AuroraLeigh Fri 28-Jan-11 10:17:16

Hello everyone, and congrats! I have just (like, about ten minutes ago) had a BFP, can't quite believe it but v cautious as had a miscarriage last year. I don't 'feel' pregnant in the way I did last time, though (and had convinced myself I wasn't, so positive came as a bit of a surprise!) But then, obviously it wasn't meant to be last time, so I guess that's no indicator.
Anyway. Nice to join the October bus!

shufflebum Fri 28-Jan-11 10:27:06

Wow, there are so many of us now! Not sure I'm going to be able to keep up.
I filled in my booking form this morning so I get on the list to see the midwife. Managed to put my estimated due date down wrong, got all excited because it was 1/1/11 then realised it was actually 1/10/11 hmm

No symptoms yet apart from a bit of twinging and I'm moody as hell, poor DS is wondering what has happened to his normally chilled mum.
Thanks for the reminder about the pregnancy vitamins further up the thread. I've been taking folic acid but not vit D so will get some tomorrow hopefully.
Right time to go to work now, hopefully check in tonight <zzzzz>

FluffyDonkey Fri 28-Jan-11 10:45:37

Heya newbies.

To reply to PPs about symptoms :
Yes - occassional cramps

Yes - tearful - in fact today is the first day and I keep welling up at stupid things. Usually my client annoys the hell out of me. Today I just want to cry blush I keep having to leave the office to calm down

No - not particularly more anxious than usual. But I'm a fairly anxious person anyway so that might be why.

No - no morning sickness yet. Which I'm glad about. When my mum was pregnant with me she literally couldn't get out of bed and couldn't even keep water down. I don't want people at work to know I'm pregnant for as long as possible and being sick everyday will definately give the game away!

Yes - sleeping very badly. I usually sleep badly but I don't usually wake up at 4am wide awake but tired but unable to get back to sleep.

That's it really. Still a bit unsure about my next step. Will probably go to a doctor next week. Vaguely remember a friend saying her tests basically took all day - tests in the morning then results in the afternoon and discussion with a doctor. That would be very inconvenient for work and in the line of work I'm in it's very hard to take a day off with little notice.

Just realised I'm really not happy today sad . I'm sure I'll cheer up once it's the weekend

FluffyDonkey Fri 28-Jan-11 10:54:11

<realises she's been rude and waves to "oldies" too>

<hands round homemade cookies>

<regrets that she can no longer eat uncooked cake or cookie mixture blush >

snowpeas Fri 28-Jan-11 12:06:24

Hi Fluff shufflebum wagon and Aurora

wagon I've got 2DC already aged 10 and nearly 5 so quite similar ages to yours, I'm very excited too but have to keep reminding myself that I'm not supposed to be telling anyone yet.

Aurora sorry to hear about your mc, this time I'm feeling quite different to when I had my boys, can't explain quite why it's different it just is!

shufflebum I know what you mean with the dates, Ds1 was due on Christams Day and Ds2 was due on Valentines day, I quite liked the idea of them arriving on special days but both of them were early so niether did.

fluffy I've been quite anxious too and today in particular, daft thing this morning was when we were walking to school we saw a lady walking her dog and we see her all the time, never had any reason to be anxious about this dog, it is perfectly behaved but today it sniffed DS2 and I didn't want it to!
Totally irrational but I couldn't help it, I think it must be the 'tigress' instinct coming out.

Anyway must go and do some work smile

FluffyDonkey Fri 28-Jan-11 14:43:57

Update : still close to tears plus I've found something else to worry about!

Been googling away in French and the basic advice is to see the gynecologue (sp in English?!) ASAP and also "register" with the hospital/clinic where you want to give birth ASAP. I have NO idea about any clinics or hospitals here. I'm quite worried now. I have no idea what I'm supposed to do.

Plus my usual gynecologue (for my annual check up) is lovely but her office is 45 mins away from where I live because I moved flats. When it was once a year it was fine but I need a new one! So I've just chosen one off the internet who is 5 minutes walk from my flat.

I now have an appointment Monday. I'm so scared that my test was wrong and that I'm not in fact pregnant. Isn't that stupid? blush

Am off to the overseas site to see if i can find an MNetter who has given birth in Paris....

FluffyDonkey Fri 28-Jan-11 14:50:53

gynecologue = gynecologist in English blush

I'll blame my pregnancy brain for that one!!!

ALovelyBunchOfCoconuts Fri 28-Jan-11 15:56:15

Hi fluffydonkey. Yes in England they advise you see your doctor as soon as you can after getting a BFP. They will then refer you to the hospital of your choice and give you the numbers and contact details for your local midwife service. They will also give you folic acid if you haven't already started to take it.

My doctor's appointment is on Wednesday after calling for advice regarding my bi-cornuate uterus and PCOS. I may need extra monitoring.

I did my proper test this morning and my positive came up after ten seconds shock

Definitely duffed-up grin

ALovelyBunchOfCoconuts Fri 28-Jan-11 16:23:27

But I've just read through properly and you are in France so please ignore me. blush

No sickness yet for me (with DD I was puking up all day every day)

Very crampy, so tired, headaches and a stuffy nose.

Paranoid I have started to bleed so knicker checking too often!

arabella36 Fri 28-Jan-11 19:15:15

Hello everyone, both new and oldsmile

Did a repeat digital test this evening 1 week after the first, and its gone up to 2-3 weeks. This has made me feel a bit more positive as I've been wondering so much about chemical pregnancy! Still not completely reassured thoughgrin

That was a nervous grin!!

Snakeears Fri 28-Jan-11 20:12:50

Really stupid and been asked a million times before but is a 12 week scan 12 weeks after you conceive or 12 weeks after the day you had your last period (so usually only 10 weeks) Pregnancy and maths - not my strong points!

BlueFergie Fri 28-Jan-11 20:14:31

Hi again everyone. Well I did another test this morning and a very clear BFP this time. Enough to even convince DH. Reckon I am about 5 weeks with an EDD of 3rd October.
Not in UK but over here you don't get seen by doctor until 13 weeks. Will have to book in with the OB that deliver DS so will do that next week and then hopefully just cook this little bun for the next 8 weeks until I get to see it on a scan!
I am really nervous this time around. With two great kids already I sort of wonder am I pushing my luck going for a third? No symptons really excpet tiredness and a big horrible spot!
Congrats again to everyone else.

dugsinthestow Fri 28-Jan-11 20:47:19

Hi Arabella, can I join the bus please? I found out today that I'm 2-3 weeks pregnant so again, really early!!

It is my PFB and I've been bursting into happy tears all morning for good and scarey reasons!! DP is a Policeman so has gone off to work so I'm jumping up and down in the house at random moments blush

Penelope1980 Fri 28-Jan-11 21:29:33

ALovelyBunchOfCoconuts I am doing the same re paranoid about bleeding and knicker checks!

Ninunina Fri 28-Jan-11 22:23:46

I've been doing paranoid knicker checks all day today as well. Do you think we'll be less paranoid once we hit 12 weeks?

Went to the doc today and was hoping she'd at least confirm the pregnancy, but she only checked my blood pressure. She dated the pregnancy by last missed period, meaning that I'd be a week further along than my calculations. I'm half hoping she's right if it means I've gained another week (but I know my cycle, so its highly unlikely).

FluffyDonkey Sat 29-Jan-11 09:10:33

Snakeears - I've been wondering the same thing myself!!! Am I 3 weeks pregnant (since conception) or 5 weeks pregnant (since last AF)???

I think I'm 5 weeks (well, technically 4+5 - if I've managed to understand that right)

According to internet calendars I'm due 2nd Oct which is 40 weeks after my last AF, not after conception....

Am feeling knackered today - slept really badly : was asleep by 9pm and wide awake at 5am, still awake at 6am, went back to sleep for 30mins then wide awake again.

My body feels sooooo tired.

FluffyDonkey Sat 29-Jan-11 09:12:24

PS - managed to hold off the tears last night until I got home. DH came home to find me in floods of tears. He was really worried until I explained it was the hormones. Then he just laughed angry

However he later asked me if I had miscarried shock he thought maybe I'd been crying about that and had been too afraid to tell him...

Bought another couple of tests this morning and will test again tomorrow morning just to put our minds at ease

CrawlingInMySkin Sat 29-Jan-11 09:53:55

Waves to newbies and oldies.

The fear in my pg changed I am afraid to say ladies. I prayed to get to 12 weeks when misscarrage drops. Then I prayed to get to 20 weeks when they can do things to stop you misscarrying, then I wanted to get to 28 weeeks so my baby could be born with a good chance of survival. Then it was 36 weeks E.T.C It just seems to go on and on grin at least for me it did.

Hils74 Sat 29-Jan-11 11:21:36

Morning all, well had my first night out since finding out I'm pg. Obviously wasn't drinking so made an excuse about being too lazy to get a taxi or wait for the bus and so was driving... No-one batted an eyelid, maybe the next 2 months are going to be easier than I thought!!

Anyone, who already has DC's, got any ideas on how to hide not drinking?!

Hi everyone,

Everything is dated from the first day of your last period, so if you conceived 3 weeks age you're now 5 weeks ish. And the 40 weeks is 40 weeks from your last period too. If it ends up being wrong it's sorted out at your dating scan and your due date is adjusted.

I've been feeling good this week, full of energy and my boobs seem to have doubled in size. But the tiredness has started too- I'm full of beans all day, then at about 9pm can't keep my eyes open. Very strange.

Mumtopiglet Sat 29-Jan-11 14:47:29

Hi hope everyone is feeling good. I found out I was pg just before my 30th bday last time! We'd been planning a small party in a bar but switched it to our house so I wouldn't have to explain why I wasn't accepting drinks all night! It was easy at home as I wandered about with an iced elderflower or something equally exciting in a wine glass and no-one noticed a thing. I noticed how boring people are when drunk though!! Until I was 3 months I just had something that looked like a spritzer and turned drinks down. Not sure what the rules are on drinking now (5 years on) but then the advice was 2 units a week max, so I usually treated myself to one glass of wine when out.

arabella36 Sat 29-Jan-11 15:32:43

Gosh its going to be hard to keep up now our bus is so busy! Hello to dusinthe snowpeas fluffy wagon aurora shuffle coconuts piglet and crawlingsmile

I agree with crawling that the worries of pregnancy change with each stage of pregnancy. Although I've been more pessimistic this time for some reason.

Am 5 weeks today and as well as the usual mild dull crampy feeling a bit like v v mild period pains, I had the same feeling in my sides this morning for a while. Has anyone else had this?

I haven't had any spotting at all or implantation bleeding or even coloured discharge, is this normal?

arabella36 Sat 29-Jan-11 15:37:31

Hils I think the best way to hide being teetotal is to accept an alcoholic drink initially so as not to draw anyone's attention to your not drinking, and then just have one or 2 sips, or get your DP to swap his emptyish glass for your full one. Or if your DP gets your drink for you he can get one that looks like alcohol but isn't.

Once you start with not-drinking excuses then after the first or second time people will guess! You know, driving/antibiotics etc etc.

CrawlingInMySkin Sat 29-Jan-11 15:49:07

I always drank vodka (no hangover grin) and lemonade so when out I just drank lemonade instead and no asked any questions I am afraid they just assumed it was a vodka and lemonade.

Arabella I have not had any spotting, implantation bleeding or coloured discharge on any of mine so IME that is fine smile

Hils74 Sat 29-Jan-11 18:32:02

I'll have to find a wine substitute, vodka, lime & lemonade will be easy to replace!

I've had mild cramps and a bit of spotting but nothing like I was expecting

dugsinthestow Sat 29-Jan-11 20:37:13

Hi arabelle, I've been getting the same mild period pains so have decided to stay in tonight - a very easy way of getting around the non-drinking!!

wagon Sat 29-Jan-11 23:25:49

Hils74 Last time I was pregnant I used to get ginger ale in a champagne glass - my mates would notice if I wasn't drinking.

snowpeas We do have kids the same age. I'm dying to tell them. They will be thrilled. My daughter asks me daily if I'll have another baby.

I'm off to bed. I've felt uncomfortable all day and shattered. Kids are loving my new tired self and making the most of it by asking for everything under the sun knowing I won't say; "No".
We sent out for pizza tonight. I never do that. They stuffed their faces while I snoozed on the sofa.

arabella36 Sun 30-Jan-11 07:25:32

I've been feeling bright and breezy since 630 this morning. I think this must be the upside of feeling tired in the evenings and going to bed at 8 oclockgrin AND of course the upside of having no wine on a Saturday night!

Ninunina Sun 30-Jan-11 10:10:28

I've woken up NOT feeling very bright and breezy. The pregnancy tiredness thing suddenly hit me yesterday, and boy did it hit me. I can't get over how tired I feel.

ALovelyBunchOfCoconuts Sun 30-Jan-11 10:19:47

My tiredness hit me three days ago and I couldn't keep my eyes open but yesterday and today I feel fine. I don't feel sick anymore just have a headache. The cramps have gone too. I'm convinced this is going wrong.

arabella36 Sun 30-Jan-11 10:23:57

coconuts, lots of people are glowing and full of energy during pregnancy (I hate them!). Also, you can have good and bad days with tiredness so don't worry.

Ninu - you must try to go to bed really early, it seems to work.

BuffyFairy Sun 30-Jan-11 13:51:01

Hi, please can i join this baby bus? I got my BFP yesterday, a week after AF was due and the calculator on here gives 2nd Oct as a due date. It will be our 1st DC. Very excited and a little bit scared

Muffins I hope everything is ok. I'm convinced your 'testing on the 24th' thread brought me luck.

Is anyone else unmarried? I told my Mum the good news today and she went a bit mental because we're not. I've been with my DP for 4 1/2 years, living together for 3, got the practice babies! (our 2 very precious cats), we're both 30 and were very much trying for our much wanted baby. It's upset me quite a bit tbh.

Hils74 Sun 30-Jan-11 14:00:10

I'm unmarried too, been with DP 7 years, living together for 6, also got a cat!!

My parents are ok with it as none of my cousins are married either, neither is my sis and she's just had her first DS.

I think having a child together is more of a commitment than marriage, IMO...

ALovelyBunchOfCoconuts Sun 30-Jan-11 15:46:28

Buffy, Dh and I weren't married when we had our DD. We got married just after she turned two. I agree with Hils. A child is a bigger commitment

BuffyFairy Sun 30-Jan-11 17:06:17


Thanks for the replies Hils and Cocunuts. You're right, having a child is a much bigger commitment than marriage. It really annoyed me that they assume he's not committed just because he hasn't proposed.

They've been laying so much pressure on that he even took them out for dinner before xmas and told them that he was committed and we would get married one day but on our own terms not theirs.

So today my Mum tells me that she's very concerned because I'm with a man who won't commit to me and I can't expect her to be happy. My Dad wasn't much better, his comment was I hope you're boyfriend does right by you. Excuse me but have I time travelled back to the last century!

Sorry for the rant. I guess the only thing that matters is that we're happy.

Penelope1980 Sun 30-Jan-11 19:23:33

agreed that having a child together is a bigger commitment than getting married! I have a DH but my sister doesn't (although has one DD) and hate seeing the pressure she's under. It's not the 1950s ffs.

How are you all today? I am good although have felt hungover for the last three days. I've read you're supposed to be really hungry but am the opposite, don't really feel like eating. Am tired too, not sure how it will be going to work Monday and being unable to have afternoon nap!

arabella36 Sun 30-Jan-11 19:55:17

Hi Penelope, I remember in my first pregnancy I described the first trimester in exactly that way - like having a hangover. AND not only that, but the food which warded off pregnancy sickness was the sort of junk which you might eat with a hangover - salty fatty stuff which I rarely want when not pregnant. The interesting thing was that I didn't put on too much weight, just the average amount, and It came off v quickly afterward without me thinking about it. As a result , I now think that your body knows what it's doing with these cravings and I must have needed the calories or something which was in that food. Mmm, I have rambled on!

buffyfairy those sort of situations with your parents are difficult. I have had a similar disagreement in the past with mine before I was married and had a baby. it was to do with sharing a house with my exbf. It was tense for a good while, and I didn't back down, but what makes it awkward is you know they only have your best interests at heart! That generation can have different moral/social/religious beliefs and I think that can be at the route of these problems. I hope that this all resolves itself soon so you don't have to worry about it. Its stressful being at odds with your parents! Best of luck.

Penelope1980 Mon 31-Jan-11 05:24:42

Thanks arabella36 for making me feel less guilty about my current ice-lolly and crisps happit smile

Penelope1980 Mon 31-Jan-11 05:25:10

Ooooops, I mean habbit. Am thinking upside down!

sunface Mon 31-Jan-11 09:10:36

Hi all, i too had my first night out of not drinking on Saturday. Took the car though as we had our 2 other DC with us. Said i had a bad cold too,which isn't too far off the truth! I too am worried about pushing my luck with 2 healthy DC already and am now really worried about age gaps between my other DC. My eldest child will be 9 when this one is born (if a successful pregnancy of course!!!! We are all so paranoid aren't we?!!!) xx

CrawlingInMySkin Mon 31-Jan-11 09:14:41

ugggg morning sickness has started sad I am going to see the MW today maybe see how we will find out my dates. Hope everyone else is doing well smile

Tamashii Mon 31-Jan-11 09:35:14

Morning everyone. Hope you all had a good weekend.

On the being married front - my older aunties and my Dad are quite religious and old fashioned so they are all a bit hmm but hide it quite well since only a couple of my cousins are married and they don't have DCs yet. The rest of us are brazen hussies who are "living in sin" and having babies out of wedlock. A few years ago this would have been gossip central but for some reason they seem to have mellowed a bit. I think it's because most of us who are having babies just now are in our mid to late 30's so they may have given up on us now ;)

A different issue I have found is that there was a woman at DP's work who took an interest in him and would ask to see photos of our DS and basically flirt with him while looking at his photos of DS on his phone (I know because he told me when things got out of hand with her). Anyway, she likes to paint and she ended up painting his portrait!!! (Stalker much!!!) and gave it to him as a present. He says he thought by talking about having a "Mrs" (me) and a DS she might get the message that he is with me - I told him he shouldn't have left any room for misunderstanding but anyway... He asked her supervisor to try and remind her he was not interested and he has a family he is happy with. The supervisor seemed to be up to date with her romantic notions towards my DP and told him "She said you can't be that serious about ur OH ifyou haven't married her yet so she sees you as fair game"!!!!!!!! shock

Sorry - that was a bit of a ramble but I seem to be remembering all the horrible and annoying things that have happened in my relationship now I am PG with DC2 and I have moments of "WHAT AM I DOOOOOIIIIIIIIIIIIINGGGG!?!?!?!" so maybe that along with the earlier topic of being married has dredged that one up....

Phew - sorry! Didn't realise all that was in there! Oh, and the girl at his work left not long after that (she was a temp) so phew all round.

DP and I (Sorry - I think I keep calling him DH on here confused ) are actually engaged but have been engaged for years. We have never been able to afford to get married and haven't desperately wanted to. He would like to get married but the family politics and cost of a wedding have put us off. I know we could do the registry office but I'm not bothered enough at the moment. Sometimes I think we've left it too late to get married.

Anyway, sorry for the huge ramble!

Symptoms today have progressed to even bigger boobs and blue veins, heartburn (forgot about getting it early 1st time too) and that hangover feeling you are all talking about. I've also started making too much drool (yuk) and feeling sick but it's really mild just now. Not as tired either but I am sure that will suddenly hit me this afternoon again.

snowpeas Mon 31-Jan-11 09:48:00

Morning all, the tiredness has hit me for six this weekend, not helped by the fact my Mum is in hospital for a hip replacement this week and when I went to see her yesterday the lifts weren't working and she was on the 7th floor.

I now totally accept that walking up seven flights of stairs was a very bed idea but as noone else knows I'm pregnant I had no excuse not to. I then worried that I had somehow harmed the baby and sobbed my heart out last night.

Buffyfairy I had exactly the same problem with my family, I come from a strict catholic family (although I haven't been to church since I was 18) and my Mum was horrified when DH & I (then DP) moved in together, she even lied to people, telling them we were 'just' flatmates, her favourite line was that without being married there was no 'commitment'. We did get married but in our own time and because we wanted to.
I think Arabella is right that it's a generational thing, but you have to live your life not them so do what's right for you.

I actually need to take my own advice as I'm quite nervous about telling my Mum about this baby because I know she's going to have plenty to say about my age, the age gap etc!!!

sunface Mon 31-Jan-11 09:58:13

yup similar symptoms for me. Boobs aching and huge!!! Well, if they could possibly get any bigger than they are normally!!! Also, strange blue veins appearing too...

DP and i not married either, but thankfully not any family pressure to do so.

Wondering, had anyone else been to the doctors yet to let them know?

Tamashii Mon 31-Jan-11 10:22:50

Not been to the GP yet sunface because he just basically took my blood pressure, worked out the due date and said to wait for a letter from the Midwife for booking in appt. I am in Scotland though and in our area it's a team of Midwives from the hospital who deal with all antenatal care and you don't usually hear from them until booking in appt at around 8 weeks I think. My 12 week scan with DS was actually at 14 weeks too.

Think I will phone GP later today to get an appt this week though just to get the ball rolling. I still seem to be in a state of disbelief over it all though since it has taken just over a year to get a BFP that has stuck for this long and I am just generally a bit scared. I am also worried because I know I will be offered the Swine Flu jab and I don't really want to have it but I am terrified about what might potentially happen if I don't...

snowpeas Mon 31-Jan-11 10:29:42

Hi sunface I haven't been to the doctor's yet, might give them a ring later to see if I need to see anyone, with DS2 the Dr's did their own pregnancy test and I had to see the Doctor at 6 weeks but have changed Dr's since then so not sure if I'll have to do the same this time.

The age gap is worrying me too, I just keep thinking that 10 years is huge and I too worry that we have two healthy boys and maybe we are pushing our luck going for number 3. I just keep trying to think 'it'll be fine, it'll be ok'

sunface Mon 31-Jan-11 11:33:15

thanks ladies. yeah i've just made an appointment to see the DR tomorrow and get the ball rolling - although, little negative me - can't help but think i'm tempting fate and that something will go wrong again... Tamashii i'm in scotland too and was going to tall my antenatal unit direct, but figure it'll be the usual referral from the doctors that will get things moving.

Yup snowpeas, the age gap is a huge issue for my DP for some reason, but i know lots of people with a 10 yr gap between youngest and oldest so i'm sure it can't cause too much difficulty?

Feel quite odd this morning, bit of lower back pain and a little constant pain in my tummy....

Roseflower Mon 31-Jan-11 11:38:41

Hi I would like to join the October bus!

DH and I started TTC 'properly' only at the start of January. Thought it would takes ages as I have PCOS.

Was surprised last week to be feeling awful- exhausted, cramps, very bad back ache, weird taste in mouth, cramping, very sore boobs, feeling sick and worst of all crying at anything and everything!(The dead give away was crying at screensaver of a kitten)

So did a ridiculous amount of tests but all came out negative. But I was frustarted as I knew they were wrong. DH told me not to do anymore tests but I had an overwhelming urge to do one last Thursday morning and to my shock finally came out postive of 1-2 weeks. Did one more to confirm and made doctors appoitment.

Very happy but nervous about it all going wrong, the birth and coping with 2 dc's!

sunface Mon 31-Jan-11 11:40:39

hi roseflower and congratulations!!!! i am expecting my third too, there are a few of us on this bus. How old are your other 2?

Roseflower Mon 31-Jan-11 12:07:10

Hi Sunface thank you! Opps I meant coping with 2 dc's once the other one comes along (hopefully all happy & healthy). I only currently have 1 dc who is already 4 1/2 so there will be quite some age gap.

Just wondering how we will all cope with a new addition!

wagon Mon 31-Jan-11 12:51:47

Hi sunface and roseflower. Mine is my third too. My other two are 6 and 8.
I was worried about the huge age gap until it dawned on me that I'll have two baby assistants!

sunface Mon 31-Jan-11 12:54:59

heehee sorry roseflower, probably me reading it wrong! We'll have a 4.5 yr age gap between this bean and my DC2 and a 9 year age gap between baby and my eldest - which i#m a bit worried about...... My 2 get on really well with a 4.5 yr gap so i'm sure you'll be fine! if anything, it's a bit easier as your little one will be toilet trained already, out of a buggy etc etc...

FluffyDonkey Mon 31-Jan-11 13:25:52

snowpeas- I wouldn't worry about going up 7 flights of stairs. I live on the 6th floor and there is no lift so I'm going to be climbing 6 flights daily even when 9 months pregnant confused - at least I hope I'll be able to!!

Our friend lives on the 4th floor no lift and she managed it fine and still does with a gorgeous 3 month old DD

Saw the gynacologist today - she smiled at how enthusiastic I was! Going for blood tests tomorrow morning and.....I've just booked my first scan for March 21st!!!!

She said to book asap as places are limited.

I also have to book the hospital/clinic asap - ie. as soon as I've done my blood tests tomorrow. It's amazing how much in advance you have to book these things! (disclaimer so I don't worry anyone - I live in Paris, things are probably different in the UK!)

Tamashii Mon 31-Jan-11 13:44:05

Congratulations Roseflower !!! Ahhhh I know what you mean about crying at everything - you made me laugh out loud at the "kitten screensaver" comment. Oh dear. It's such a giveaway isn't it

sunface My best friend recently had DC2 and her DS is 5. She loves it. He is just settled in school and he loves being the big brother. She says she likes the age gap since he can entertain himself more when she needs time with LO, he sleeps through the night so she doesn't have to worry about that and helps her by getting wipes/nappies and bringing them over if there's an unexpected messy situation. She's happy too that she doesn't have to worry about him still needing a buggy if they're out and about when she's got a pram to push. So, there seem to be plenty of pro's having that age gap.

FluffyDonkey I feel sorry for you having to book everything separately yourself over there in Paris. I guess you maybe get more in depth care??? I don't know but it actually makes me realise how I tend to take the NHS for granted sometimes. When we were in Australia and DS got sick, we had to find a GP who was under Medicare and then it still cost quite a bit to get him seen and then you pay extra on top of that for any treatment before you can claim it back on health insurance. No NHS 24 telephone line or anything like that.

snowpeas Mon 31-Jan-11 14:25:53

Thanks fluffy you've made me feel much better, I know I'm just worrying myself silly but it's nice to have someone to give a little bit of reassurance. smile

FluffyDonkey Mon 31-Jan-11 14:54:14

I think worrying and motherhood goes hand in hand. grin

sunface Mon 31-Jan-11 16:16:22

Thanks Tamashii, i wonder if we'll get to a point where we can all start enjoying our pregnancies and not worry over everything!!!

CrawlingInMySkin Mon 31-Jan-11 17:08:43

Right well I went for my MW appointment. I should have a scan in 2-4 weeks. There were two MWS one was lovely the other kept asking me if I was sure I didnt have any other children hiding and wasn't I young to be to on my 3rd angry

sunface Mon 31-Jan-11 21:02:35

Wow crawlinginmyskin that seems really quick!!! FAntastic though, if you get the ball rolling and get to see the little bean! iv'e been busy reading up on nuchal fold scans (not available in my area apparently) and amnios (i'm over 35) And apparently the nuchal fold has to take place between 11-13weeks, and in my area we only get the very first scan at 12wks..... Tempted to push them for a nucal fold given i had a MC last year and really would rather not have an amnio... Need to get doctors advice on this and see what's what x

CrawlingInMySkin Mon 31-Jan-11 21:11:29

I was surprised but she said they need to be sure of my dates for my 16 week bloods. Sorry about the misscarriage sad I would def push for the nucal fold is there any risk with that?

BuffyFairy Tue 01-Feb-11 00:14:04

Thanks to everyone reassuring me that living in sin doesn't mean no commitment! I'm hoping my mother will calm down once she sees the scan photos. His parents are over the moon as are we and that's all that matters right now.

Wow, Tamashii that woman sounds like a bunny boiler. What a weirdo

Is anyone else still wondering around in a daze?!

Hope you get the nuchal fold scan sunface, surely they can't put you in any risk after your MC last year (am sorry to hear about that).

Penelope1980 Tue 01-Feb-11 05:25:05

sunface I know what you mean about wondering when you start worrying. I am worrying less, but am still worried about MC although I have no reason to be apart from the fact I know it happens and is a statistical probability.

It's so interesting to see how they do things in different countries. I'm in NZ, and have had three blood tests after seeing the GP. The last positive one came through this morning, so have booked in to see a midwife one week from today. 60% excited and 40% nervous!

Tamashii your post reminds me how mad the idea of women crunching on taken men makes me!

Penelope1980 Tue 01-Feb-11 05:26:27

I'd never heard of a nuchal fold scan before now, I think some googling is in order ... smile

sunface Tue 01-Feb-11 10:16:54

Thanks guys, yup, that's why I''m very anxious and feel like i'm in limbo at the moment, can't relax until i'm past the 8 week point. Think i've got about 2 weeks to go... Definately going to push for a nuchal fold scan (penelope1980 as far as i know, it's like a normal ultra sound but they take different measurements - oh the joys of being over 35!!)

snowpeas Tue 01-Feb-11 10:18:07

Feel really emotional this morning, don't know what has set me off as I was ok until about an hour ago and now I feel like crying my heart out. Don't you just love the hormones grin

sunface Tue 01-Feb-11 10:22:40

aw snowpeas you ok? i remember being like that with my first - cried over the most ridiculous things. not quite at that stage yet. I've been more worried this morning as seem to have lost my sore boob symptom. They are still very sensitive but no where near as painful as they were... eughh must stop this fretting!!!!

snowpeas Tue 01-Feb-11 10:29:24

sunface I have the joy of being over 35 too and we have the added bonus of a potential genetic condition on DH's side and weighing up the having the tests against the risk of the tests.

They didn't offer the Nuchal scan in our area when I had the boys but I think I'd have it if it was offered this time.

snowpeas Tue 01-Feb-11 10:40:23

Yeh I'm ok thanks sunface It's strange because my symptoms this time are totally different to with the boys, I never went through an emotional stage with either of them. Probably didn't help that I watched one born every minute last night.

With DS1 I had no symptoms at all and didn't actually notice I was pregnant till I was about 7 weeks, with DS2 it was just feeling tired and sensitive boobs but this time I seem to be going through every symptom there is.

I was abit worried that my boobs seemed to have lost their soreness yesterday but today it's back so try not to worry too much (I know that is far easier said than done) like fluffy said worrying is part of motherhood it's just the things you worry about that change

Hils74 Tue 01-Feb-11 10:50:54

Hi, 5 weeks tomorrow and starting to worry about mc now that the excitement has worn off... Also been knicker checking like mad, had spotting, brown (TMI) but is it right I need to look for red?

Boobs aren't sore, but have noticed a lot more blue veins!! Not pretty!

Am over 35 too so not sure if I'll be under mw care or 50/50 with my gp, got an app at 6 weeks.

ALovelyBunchOfCoconuts Tue 01-Feb-11 10:58:21

hils We are the same. I am 5 weeks tomorrow I think. I am the same as you, being very paranoid. I don't think brown stuff is too worrying. Heavy and red is.

snowpeas Tue 01-Feb-11 11:01:33

Hi Hils I had brown spotting with DS1 at about 5 weeks and again at 16 weeks, I rang the Dr's and they said to let them know if it changed to red but it didn't and all was fine. Might be worth giving your G.P a ring just to check though as Ds1 ia 10 now and advice might have changed since then.

sunface Tue 01-Feb-11 11:11:06

oh snowpeas i'm sorry, and i've got a cheek to be worried, i'll shut up now! They don't offer the nuchal scan here either, but i'm going to push for it (all going well) as i think the amnio is too invasive x

sunface Tue 01-Feb-11 11:22:36

is it wrong to be wishing the next 3weeks away - i'm just desparate to get beyond that 8 week point and think i'm only about 6 weeks at the end of this week.. still seems sooo early.....

snowpeas Tue 01-Feb-11 11:31:03

Sunface oh I didn't mean for you to feel bad, please continue to worry away as much as you like, I think that's why I like this thread because you let it all out and there's people in the same position who can sympathise and empathise.

I'm just in abit of a dark place today sad

We turned down the amnio with the boys for exactly that reason, the invasiveness (is that spelt right!) outweighed the benefits for us and even if the results were positive we would have continued anyway, the treatment and prognosis is very good now anyway. (forgive me for not saying what it is but if anyone knows me in real life it would probably 'out' me). I think we would probably do the same this time but being older is making it a more difficult decision.

onoffon Tue 01-Feb-11 11:46:29

Hi all, have finally read through all 10 pages so feel I should definately join now!

Got my BFP yesterday - after TTC#1 for over a year. Got home yesterday after a weekend away to find a letter from fertility consultant to say DH's sperm analysis came back slightly abnormal and he would need to do another one in 3 months. Then, as I was trying to think of how to break the news to him, I realised AF was 2 days late so thought I'd better test grin

All very scary at the moment. Have sore boobs and stomach cramps and, like others, I keep waking up really early and not being able to sleep.

Hope everyone else is feeling good today.

CrawlingInMySkin Tue 01-Feb-11 11:56:36

Onoffon congratulations! and much nicer news to break to DH. Hope all goes well for you.

snowpeas Tue 01-Feb-11 12:01:26

Congratulations onoffon what lovely news for you and your DH smile

sunface Tue 01-Feb-11 12:10:29

oh snowpeas big hugs from me. your hormones will be all over the place at the moment, so you're definately allowed 'off' days! Yup, i'm going to push for a nuchal scan, think you should do the same. Although you may well find that you're now entitled to it in your region - here's hoping. When are you going to go the drs or do you go straight to the midwife?

emmazed Tue 01-Feb-11 12:28:32

hello everyone

I think/hope i am pregnant and due 4th Oct. like lots of others, i am feeling really anxious. this will hopefully be my 1st and praying everything is normal.

not many symptoms yet apart from an ache in my lower belly for the past few days. my breasts were sore over the weekend, but not so much anymore....

made an appoint with my GP for Thurs - hoping she will put some of my concerns to rest

onoffon Tue 01-Feb-11 13:16:39

Congratulations emmazed

Tried to make a GP appointment earlier but couldn't get one for two weeks hmm.

But, was just having a look at the maternity page on my local hospitals website, and it says that you can self-refer. Just have to complete their form, fax it back to them, and then they'll contact me to make an appointment with a midwife smile

Ooh its all so exciting!

arabella36 Tue 01-Feb-11 13:16:47

Congratulations emmazedsmile

I've been reading all the posts about worrying over mc etc. I'm still the same. Have been checking clearblue digitals to make sure the HCG level is going up, even though everyone says its a bad ideablush

sunface Tue 01-Feb-11 13:26:11

congrats emmazed and onoffon! i've just been trying on trousers (much needed for work) and i can't get into a 12!!!! what's that all about?!!!! i'm only, almost, 6wks! figure H&M must have decreased their sizes?... also, does anyone else still have white CM??

ALovelyBunchOfCoconuts Tue 01-Feb-11 14:09:14

Sunface, all my clothes feel tighter too hmm I sat and cried yesterday because my button on my only pair of jeans wouldn't meet and everything else was in the wash!

I also have plenty of white CM. I waas going to come here and ask but seems I am normal!

Still have an ache low down in my belly. Today it feels different to the other days? Much stronger so I'm a little concerned about that.

sunface Tue 01-Feb-11 14:13:38

phew thanks lovely bunch. guess it is my 3rd and i'm older and no where near as slim as i was with my other 2...... that's also a relief about the CM! Not too sure why it's still there though or if it means anything? Sure the pain in your tummy might just be the bean settling in?

ALovelyBunchOfCoconuts Tue 01-Feb-11 14:17:40

I've had the pain for a good week or two now. Just a dull ache low down. But today it is stronger and only there if I walk or stand.

Anyone else scared to sneeze!? grin

onoffon Tue 01-Feb-11 14:21:49

Apparently the stomach pains are your uterus expanding (which is also why your jeans stop fitting!)

Don't have the white CM though, only clear hmm

I do have incredibly dry lips at the moment, am having to constantly use lip balm which I never normally have to.

Do you think we should start a stats list over on the 'antenatal clubs' board? Then we can keep track of who has hopped on the bus and when everyone's due?

sunface Tue 01-Feb-11 14:26:29

heehee lovelybunch, i have been blocked up and sniffly for the whole of january and had a really really sore tummy when i sneezed yesterday - totally panicked of course!!! And now paranoid to fully sneeze again! Good idea onoffon about the antenatal thread, no idea how to go about it though! and (again!) totally paranoid that it's too early, but that's just me - just ignore me!

ALovelyBunchOfCoconuts Tue 01-Feb-11 14:28:30

I'm also a little bit nervous to... ahem... poo. And to have sex. Grr I'm so silly!

Tamashii Tue 01-Feb-11 14:38:07

Lovelybunch I know what u mean. i'm avoiding sex for now since i had early mc last June n i'm not chancing it this early. luckily DH is of the same mind... for now! Prob wouldn't make any difference but i'm erring on the side of caution. No surprise there then! ha ha

sunface Tue 01-Feb-11 14:41:42

teehee you're not alone lovelybunch!

talking2walls Tue 01-Feb-11 14:43:23

Just out of interest, sunface, re the blocked up nose. apparently the messaging from brain to uterus to expand the lining also get sent accidentally to the nasal lining causing this symptom. Had this with all three PG's so far!

ALovelyBunchOfCoconuts Tue 01-Feb-11 14:44:46

It's not the sex that worries me, it's the sperm going in and swishing around in there.

They say sperm has a chemical which can induce labour so what if it induces early labour ie. a mc?

Please tell me to shut up if I'm talking shit grin

sunface Tue 01-Feb-11 14:53:47

ah thanks 'talkingtowalls' i did wonder! i 'm driving my DP nuts at night as i can only breath through my mouth! lovelybunch after 2 successful pregnancies and no abstaining from sex, all was well and no early labours at all - don't panic!! D'you Tamashii, i am tempted to avoid sex for the moment too, due to my early MC last year - you didn't hear that lovelybunch!!! all will be fine with you and its not sex that brings on a potential MC!

ALovelyBunchOfCoconuts Tue 01-Feb-11 15:25:06

I have had 2 mcs though sunface and have a bicornuate uterus so I may abstain till after first scan if I get that far.

I think I need to be safe in the knowledge that if things do go wrong then nothing I did would have made a difference. Even though I know nothing I do will make a difference I know I will blame myself IYSWIM.

Crazy, moi? Never! grin

sunface Tue 01-Feb-11 15:33:42

oh i'm so sorry lovelybunch, i didn't realise
You're doing the right thing then, whatever makes you less anxious and worried. no wonder you are worried. Here's hoping all goes well for you this time. xx

i've made a Drs appointment for next monday so we'll see what happens then in terms of scans etc....

ALovelyBunchOfCoconuts Tue 01-Feb-11 15:36:16

My appointment is tomorrow. <<nervous>>

That's ok sunface. They were a long time ago but still makes me nervous. Have been trying to conceive this one for a year and got a PCOS diagnosis in November after five years of problems so this is a long awaited baby.

I am trying to be calm and if it goes wrong it wasn't meant to be

Good luck for Monday.

sunface Tue 01-Feb-11 15:42:51

oh good luck tomorrow lady, i'll keep everything crossed x

FluffyDonkey Tue 01-Feb-11 15:42:52

So blood tests are done. Am now stupidly worried that they'll say I'm not pregnant sad . Results available tomorrow evening.

Have registered with the hospital too - at least, I've pre-registered and am waiting for confirmation.

DH was confused last night when I said all that I'd been doing and that once we have the results there is nothing to do until March 21st! He doesn't want to wait that long grin

I thought the 2ww would be the worst. Now am thinking of changing that to be the 2mw (2 month wait) between getting a BFP and doing the scan...

I'm sure once that is done I'll find something else to be impatient about!

FluffyDonkey Tue 01-Feb-11 15:44:14

So we're all once again waiting and waiting and waiting....

FluffyDonkey Tue 01-Feb-11 15:44:44

<hands out choccy biscuits>

ALovelyBunchOfCoconuts Tue 01-Feb-11 15:47:41

Cheers fluffy Got anything with no choccy on!?

I'm considering asking for a scan when I go tomorrow. Would it be too early?

I have no idea how pregnant I actually am. So if anyone can shed some light it will be greatly appreciated.

LMP - 6th December
+ OPK - 11th/12th January
+ HPT - 25th January.

I have PCOS so very irregular cycles.

FluffyDonkey Tue 01-Feb-11 15:50:06

No chocolate?


<cuts a bit of victoria sponge and hands it out>

No idea about scans being too early or not. I was just told to book it on March 21st and did so (good little girl emoticon)

BTW last period for me = 27 dec

Can't help with how pregnant you are though!

ALovelyBunchOfCoconuts Tue 01-Feb-11 15:52:12

Dammit. The doc will have me at 8 weeks going by LMP but it is exactly three weeks from ovualtion tomorrow. So perhaps I just stick 2 weeks onto that and make it 5 weeks confused

And no, chocolate makes me feel sick at the minute. Bleurgh!

FluffyDonkey Tue 01-Feb-11 15:56:03

Lucky you envy

I currently have no symptoms and have never felt sick once. Am "only" 5 weeks but it would be reassuring grin

<prepares to change her tune if and when morning sickness does eventually turn up>

According to my pregnancy book blush the international norms measure your pregnancy based on the first day of your last period. Then they calculate your due day. However when you have a scan they can measure stuff blush - not sure what - and adjust due date.

In theory I'm a clear cut case. Period 5 weeks ago, ovulated 2 weeks after period, however gyne just said I'm due "first week in October"

CrawlingInMySkin Tue 01-Feb-11 16:01:44

Lovelybunch this due date calulator works on ovulation date as well as LMP. in your shoes I would work it out at 2 weels before you ovulated IME scans are not as accurate both mine have been 2 weeks out.

onoffon Tue 01-Feb-11 16:30:04

fluffydonkey I completely agree about the waiting!

So pleased when this month's 2ww had a good result, but waiting two months shock - and trying not to get too excited - its impossible smile

Am really tempted to pay for an early scan. Have never been very good at being patient and am terrible for spending money if it gets things done quicker. blush

onoffon Tue 01-Feb-11 16:35:02

I have started a stats thread over on antenatal - please add yourselves (I feel the need to be organised!) grin

stats here

Molybdenum Tue 01-Feb-11 17:19:20

Gosh all this talk about abstaining from sex - I have to say that since I conceived sex has never even crossed my mind once! No interest whatsoever. Luckily I am married to the least libidinous man on earth, who has to prodded up the stairs to the bedroom if I ever want any.

Interesting to read the talk about parents being concerned over non-married state. We phoned DH's parents to tell them the good news and they were quite shocked. Even though they'd not long ago been to stay with us to help us buy a car which would fit car seats, me making lots of comments about wanting babies soon etc. etc. Nevermind the fact we've been married for more than three years - they are concerned because we don't own a house! Honestly, they are so boring and conventional they make me roll my eyes. We're very happy in our rented place, both earn money, have a good deposit ready and waiting for a more friendly first-time-buyer market - and they are concerned about our lack of stability. Grr.

Sorry, rant over. DH told me off last night for being a bit grumpy and dictatorial. Must be the hormones. Anyone else?

I'm super grumpy too- seems to come and go but yesterday I was snapping DH's head off for everything, then was so tired I dropped my dinner all over the floor and burst into tears! He came in to find me sobbing and covered in pasta. Obviously pregnancy hormones are making me sligtly crazy.

onoffon Tue 01-Feb-11 17:49:49

Molybdenum I said to DH we should tell his parents when we see then at the weekend. He's really worried because he thinks they'll be shocked - even though he's just turned 30, we've been together for 7 years (married for 3), own our own home, are financially solvent, and I'm about to move my job to be more based from home hmm

Siru Tue 01-Feb-11 19:11:01

Hi all and congrats for all of you! I found out on Friday, I started testing 3 days before I was due... :D

I had an early MC last August with my first baby and we've been trying ever since. These five months have felt sooooo long but we managed on our honeymoon. Haha!

Now I can only hope that this one sticks. Ah yes, I'm 38 in March so not too much time to spare anymore.

LDNmummy Tue 01-Feb-11 19:41:47

Hey everyone!

Relatively new to MN, have only been a contributer for a couple of weeks and its been keeping me from insanity while stuck at home with morning sickness.

Found out last Friday, concieved first try so super thrilled but anxious as this will be my first. Tested 5 days before that and the line was so faint my DP wouldn't believe it till he saw the next one. I think he didn't want me to get my hopes up.

Now I'm just hoping everything stays on course and we get a healthy little girl. DP comes from a family of men so I think he wants a little girly to dote on and I don't mind.

I'm 24 BTW and my symptoms are the usual, nausea, sore boobs (especially in the cold) and super emotional, I keep crying at everything or getting really angry at my DP, poor guy.

Have told DP's mum as we really want her to be a part of this even if something goes wrong.

Congrats to all and best wishes!!

BuffyFairy Tue 01-Feb-11 23:22:00

Congrats Siru and LDNmummy!

LovelyBunch I ovulated on the 10th Jan and my doc gave me a due date of the 3rd Oct so i'd think you're probably a couple of days after. He even lied about my LMP on the antenatal booking in form so they didn't give me a too early date! I have irregular periods too but had been monitoring everything down to SWI being in the diary.

Fluffy thanks for the choc biscuits. Glad you have no symptoms as well as me, I was beginning to worry on that front, everyone else seems to have sore boobs at the least.

When is morning sickness meant to start?

onoffon Wed 02-Feb-11 07:18:54

Time for me to say goodbye sad

Had terrible stomach cramps last night and some bleeding, re-tested this morning and got two negatives (Inc a digital). So looks like it was a chemical pregnancy.

Looks like it's back to TTC for me. Really hope it doesn't take another year.

Good luck everyone, wishing you safe and healthy pregnancies.

Penelope1980 Wed 02-Feb-11 07:26:25

onoffon I am so sorry to hear that

Penelope1980 Wed 02-Feb-11 07:29:37

BuffyFairy I don't have sore boobs either! Every now and them I give them a few prods to see if they're sore, but if they are it's just from the prodding.

I am grumpy though, and feeling a little sicker each day. Not vomiting, but not quite right. I hope the grumpy bit passes though, got unreasonably mad at a woman talking loudly near me in a cafe for no reason as my bad temper is not rational.

arabella36 Wed 02-Feb-11 07:43:16

Sorry onoffon and Wishing you good luck for next month

In other news, I like Penelope am getting more nauseous. Hoping it's only going to be average sickness! HG would be hellish

CrawlingInMySkin Wed 02-Feb-11 08:02:57

Sorry ONoffon wishing you the best of luck for next month sad

FluffyDonkey Wed 02-Feb-11 08:24:12

So sorry onoffon sad that's really crap.

BuffyFairy (great name!) - yup I don't have sore boobs either despite prodding them every so often blush . Get my blood test results this evening - I'm really hoping they say I'm pregnant so I can put my mind to rest about lack of symptoms!

My mum said to me last night that it's very early to have symptoms. She had crippling morning sickness with me blush but not until week 6 or 7 (yay! something to look forward to!)

Hils74 Wed 02-Feb-11 08:31:14

Sorry onoffon, good luck next month

I haven't had any further symptoms, but still seem to have some irregular bleeding, more than just spotting, so got an app with the gp this afternoon. Fx its my fibroid or nothing too serious, but I can't help but panic. DP wanted to stay home and stop me worrying too much but his boss is an arse so he's had to go in

Did another test this morning, just to make sure, and the cb digi still says 1-2 weeks, surely it should have moved on by now?

Penelope1980 Wed 02-Feb-11 09:11:01

Hils74 I hope it's nothing too serious!

FluffyDonkey hope the blood test is positve as well.

As someone said yesterday, the waiting is one of the hardest parts of this early pregnancy gig! [eats choccy bikkies and victoria sponge passed around yesterday even if they are now 12 hours old]

CrawlingInMySkin Wed 02-Feb-11 11:19:13

I am finding it hard to keep from DS age 5 he randomly attacks, nagging for me to have another baby because he likes being a big brother and playing with his sister. I had 30 minutes of him trying to talk me into having another last night smile but I am going to keep it from him till 5 months if possible at least 12 weeks.

The poor woman in Tescos the other day was also subjected to this when he spotted she had twins. He said 'That is not fair you have two babies and I only have one but I keep asking my mummy for another baby' luckily she thought it was funny grin

sunface Wed 02-Feb-11 11:31:54

it's going to be hard not telling people isn't it? i'm wishing the next 2 months away .. does anyone know, re the 12wk scan, if they scan you 12wks from your last AF? I can't remember from my other times....

Tamashii Wed 02-Feb-11 11:43:10

So sorry onoffon take care of yourself (hugs)

Good luck this arvo Hils hope it's nothing. Fx for you.

Hi sunface I think it's 12 weeks from date of last AF same as they date your PG but we never seem to get our 12 week scans on time here due to shortage of sonographers in our local council area. Seems an age away doesn't it?

snowpeas Wed 02-Feb-11 12:11:05

Morning all

Well our secret is out, DH confessesd to accidently telling the whole staff room at work, apparantly they were talking about cars and without thinking he just said that we could do with changing our car to make it easier to get the baby seat in! He says he realised as soon as he said it and he thought he had got away with it until about a minute later when his collegue asked 'what baby seat?'

To be honest I'm not surprised as he is useless at keeping secrets, (I always know what I'm getting for Christmas) and I don't really mind. We have decided to tell my parents tonight confused

SazzyM Wed 02-Feb-11 12:50:50

Hello Hello - First time poster, hope it's ok just to dive in here?! I went to the doc this morning to confirm 1st pregnancy.

Am about 5 weeks and beyond excited about the whole thing and more than a little nervy.

Pretty surprised to be preggers after a horrific mynomectamy (or somesuch spelling) in Aug last year to remove a ginormous fibroid. Thought my womb would be all rubbish after the monster got scrapped out - but yay, it works!!

sunface Wed 02-Feb-11 12:53:47

congratulatoins Sazzy and welcome on board!

snowpeas woops to your DH letting the cat out of the bag! don't think i'll have that problem with mine as he's still in a daze i think and a bit like me, in limbo until the next few weeks are out of the way and all seems ok... Good luck with telling your parents, sure they'll be delighted with prospect of another grandchild?

ALovelyBunchOfCoconuts Wed 02-Feb-11 13:30:18

Hi all, have been to my GP. She has referred me to my hospital of choice and I have laft a message for the MW for my booking in appointment. The GP thinks I am between 7 and 11 weeks as she must go by the LMP date hmmconfused

onoff sorry to hear about your news. Good luck for your next cycle xx

sunface Wed 02-Feb-11 13:45:44

ooooo how exciting lovelybunch!!! do you mind be being really nosey and asking when your last AF was???? oh the joys of mumsnet and being able ask anything!!!

jagjac Wed 02-Feb-11 13:56:00

hello evryone i've been reading your thread since i had a positive result last tuesday, and due to previous mc,s i am scared, but i've taken alot of reasurrance from your thread and was wondering if i could join, im 5 wks and due in 3rd october,

ALovelyBunchOfCoconuts Wed 02-Feb-11 14:08:06

jagjac - same as e and i have had 2 mcs.

sunface - 6th dec for 13 days

sunface Wed 02-Feb-11 14:14:27

thanks lovely, goodness, you are so far ahead of me!!! my last day was 25th dec for about 2 days....

ALovelyBunchOfCoconuts Wed 02-Feb-11 14:19:00

But I didn't ovulate until 12th Jan due to the PCOS. So technically my last period should have been, based on a 28 day cycle, around the first week of Jan. The GP said it was impossible to date a PCOS pregnancy due to the irregularities hence the four week window of 7 - 11 weeks. Looks like an early scan for me at some point soon.

sunface Wed 02-Feb-11 14:39:31

that's great if you can get an earlier scan and put your mind at rest x

OptomisticBiscuit Wed 02-Feb-11 17:00:17

I'd like to jump on the bus please - I tested postive on Monday after 10 months trying to concieve our first baby. DH cried when I told him (happy tears I think!) but I'm just hoping, hoping it will stick and can't get too excited yet.

I've been charting and can see I ovulated on the 17th and the software gives me a due date of the 11th Oct and makes me 2 weeks, but after lurking on this thread I visited the NHS due date calculator which tells me I am actually 4 weeks pregnant, which sounds a lot nicer than 2 so I'll stick with that!

I'm grumpy, crampy, worried, thirsty and hot - I've been sitting here without a jumper on all day, this is unheard of for me. Oh, and sore boobs - and sore armpits too.

It's lovely to be in such nice company while I worry away the next few months with everything crossed!

FluffyDonkey Wed 02-Feb-11 17:14:57

Well I have the blood test results... I am pregnant grin

However I have been stupidly googling the hormone level (3000 if that means anything to anyone?) and it seems I am more like 4 weeks pregnant (since last period) rather than 5 weeks which is the actual time since last period!!!

So of course I am now worried that pregnancy isn't advancing correctly blush

Somebody slap me! grin

FluffyDonkey Wed 02-Feb-11 17:23:20

ok just googled hcg again and discovered that the levels really can't be used as guidelines to date pregnancies so panic over!

am so silly

SazzyM Wed 02-Feb-11 17:34:21

Optomistic - I'm mega thirsty too! It's weird and annoying - especially as I now need to pee constantly. And the boobs...blimey.

How are you guys coping with really demanding jobs? I thought the anxiety and stress these last few weeks had been work related due to the long hours and pressure I'm under....and now I realise it's actually the hormones...but I want to make sure I don't do anything damaging by stressing out at work.

The doc wasn't terribly helpful about whether I tell my boss or not. I kind of feel i want to tell him to take some pressure off me a bit and let me get my hours back to normal....but it's just so early to be telling people!

FluffyDonkey Wed 02-Feb-11 17:53:50

SazzyM - I know what you mean. But I've decided not to tell my boss until the 12 week scan. I work stupid hours (think 9am - 9pm in a stressful office environement) but am trying to cut it down and get less stressed about stuff.

To be honest I don't think telling my boss would change the pressure I'm under. I'm a consultant so the pressure doesn't only come from my boss but lots of external things like our project planning and my client. I don't want to annonce it to everyone so am not telling anyone IYSWIM.

Linda40 Wed 02-Feb-11 18:22:03

Can I jump on the bus? Had a definate positive two days ago, Im 4 weeks with baby 3. EDD is 9th October. Had MC at 3 months last January so at the minute Im keeping everything crossed

Hils74 Wed 02-Feb-11 18:25:53

Hi ladies, welcome newbies

I've had bad news, its highly likely I'm having a mc so I'm going to jump off the bus

Bleed has got worse this afternoon, old blood has turned red, and there is clotting, gp says there's not a lot to do but rest and wait for nature to take its course so been signed off work til Monday

I hope you all have happy and healthy pregnancies x

ChebbsBoo Wed 02-Feb-11 18:41:50

I got my BFP on Tuesaday!! Due 9th October. Really excited but i am finding it difficult. I sadly had a m/c last November and so scared it will happen again! Anyone been through it or have any advice?

ChebbsBoo Wed 02-Feb-11 18:47:40

Hils74 - Sorry to hear your news. It is the most horrible time and i hope you keep strong! Thinking of you and anyone else in your situation x

CrawlingInMySkin Wed 02-Feb-11 18:49:10

Hils74 I am so sorry sad

Penelope1980 Wed 02-Feb-11 19:25:35

Hils74 so sorry as well, take care of yourself

Ninunina Wed 02-Feb-11 20:03:01

Hils74 I'm so sorry.

I just don't understand why mc are so common in a world where medicine is so advanced, but you never know, bleeding is common in pregnancy, so you might be lucky.

Tamashii Wed 02-Feb-11 20:18:13

So sorry Hils

arabella36 Wed 02-Feb-11 21:15:19

HILS very sorry.

Take care and rest for now. There's still a chance it's just bleeding, I know it can happen and the pregnancy remain healthy.

ALovelyBunchOfCoconuts Wed 02-Feb-11 21:26:02

Sorry hils be kind to yourself xx

sunface Wed 02-Feb-11 21:38:28

Oh Hils i am so sorry, big hugs your way, take care xx

OptomisticBiscuit Thu 03-Feb-11 10:09:19

Hils74 I'm so sorry to hear your sad news. Take good care of yourself

emmazed Thu 03-Feb-11 12:18:47

Hils so sorry. i hope all goes ok

I meet with my GP this morning. she was not hugely helpful, however she did tell me not to take vitamin D & calcium supplements (which i have been taking for the past week). she said if you have a normal diet it should be fine, and there are potential problems with taking it. just thought i would mention it.

still feeling nervous about everything, but like everyone says, until the 12 week scan there is little to do but wait.

telling our parents this weekend and v excited to have someone else to talk to about it all

BuffyFairy Thu 03-Feb-11 13:17:32

Hils I am so sorry to hear that. Thinking of you and wishing you all the best.

Sazzy I'm in a demanding job too, long hours, lots of deadlines, stress and too much to do. So far I'm ok, will see how tired I get in later months, fx I get that far.

Yay fluffy. Was the blood test done as part of 1st midwife appointment or did you ask to check? MN name is my 2 nicknames - makes me feel young!

The pregnacare mutlivits have a small amount of vit D in them. IMO I think it's good to get the vit D supplement while it's winter but only at RDA and most multivits have that without taking an additional one. My MIL has MS and studies have linked that to not enough vit D in early life so i'm taking the risk.

On the vitamin thing - is pregnacare the best brand?

I've heard that too much calcium is bad. I have lactose intolerance and am a bit worried about getting enough though. I do know that you need magnesium with calcium supplements to absorb it properly.

snowpeas Thu 03-Feb-11 14:32:14

Really sorry to hear your news Hils

We told my Mum & Dad last night, we went to Asda and bought a little sleepsuit and then told them we had a present for them and gave my mum the bag, the look on her face was a picture and they are really pleased but surprised.

Have made an appointment to see the Doctor on Monday, when I rang the the receptionist asked if I wanted to go and see the midwife this afternoon but I had something else to do today so couldn't go, sort of wish I could have gone though.

Molybdenum Thu 03-Feb-11 15:14:05

BuffyFairy: the UK RDI for vitamin D3 is recognised as being too low. I recommend 2000IU+ for pregnant women, and I myself take 5000IU per day. There is no risk of harm whatsoever at these doses.
Too much calcium can and does cause harm. You should not supplement with more than 1000-1200mg per day. Your best dietary sources of calcium are dark green veg, seeds, nuts and small fish with bones.

The best pregnancy supplement you can find is an American one: New Chapter Perfect Prenatal

traybake Thu 03-Feb-11 15:28:46

Hi everyone ,I am jumping on the October bus if you don't mind.Found put pg Monday and EDD 11th October.This is my third,big age gaps 10,6 and this one.Very scared and trying to get my head around it .But I am hoping that I am not the only on that feels that way ,especially when you have been tcc for ages and my last 2 babies were fertility babies.This one is natural and i'm 38

sunface Thu 03-Feb-11 15:43:14

congratulatoins traybake and welcome!!!!! this is my 3rd too and i'm due 2nd Oct ish. i have big age gaps too, 8yrs and 3yr old at the moment, worried about everything as had a MC at almost this time last year....

Theres another thread on pregnancy for ladies having their 3rd babies incase you are interested in that too!

Geekymom Thu 03-Feb-11 16:00:23

Hi everyone... this is my first post on Mumsnet. I got my BFP yesterday smile (Feb 2nd) so if all goes well I'll be joining the October Bus. This will be PFB (I'm just learning all the acroynms) and I've been TTC for a year. DH and I are both totally thrilled, though quite nervous about everything going ok... We haven't told anyone yet.

We had a weekend away planned for the start of March - to the Ice Hotel in Sweden. confused Now I'm not sure if we should go. Does anyone know - is it safe to fly in the first 12 weeks? And could cold temperatures be a problem? I'll ask my doctor at the next appointment but wondered if anyone here had some advice. Thanks everyone.

snowpeas Thu 03-Feb-11 16:01:20

Hi Traybake I'm on #3 too with a big age gap, my boys are 10 and 5.

This one was a bit of a surprise as we ttc'd for ages with our first 2 and trying for #3 was a big decision but this time it took us 1 month, can't quite get my head around it smile

BuffyFairy Thu 03-Feb-11 16:12:00

Hi Traybake and Geekymom - congratulations!

Thanks Molybdenum. I've spent ages googling and didn't find that one - it does look good and natural which I love. I'd been trying to find one that wasn't a one a day. Thanks for the advice on vit D and calcium too. If I can pick your brains do you have an idea of how many 'servings' of those would get me up to a good calcium amount? Also how much folic acid is too much? Any advice much appreciated!

Do you follow an optimal nutrition diet?

Molybdenum Thu 03-Feb-11 16:30:19

BuffyFairy I'm a naturopathic doctor specialising in perinatal nutrition! So feel free to pick away
You need about 7 servings of calcium-rich food a day. Some examples of 'servings':
1 cup of broccoli/kale/any green leaves except spinach
1/3 cup of almonds
1 cup of legumes
2 tablespoons of tahini
1/2 cup of tofu
5 large dates

These will each provide roughly the same amount of calcium.

Maternal nutrition during pregnancy is excruciatingly important. We are finding more and more evidence that what you eat while pregnant will affect for your child for its entire life. So do think carefully about everything you put into your mouth. For example, a high glycaemic response diet could be setting your unborn daughter up for PCOS as an adult.

Do ask any questions. However, I can only look at this thread infrequently as work is just insanely busy at the moment. I've started to feel a little nauseous the last few days (am six weeks today) so dread to think how I'm going to hide it from my patients and students over the coming weeks.

Penelope1980 Thu 03-Feb-11 19:26:28

Geekymom I'd be very surprised if flying was a problem. I fly all the time for work so will def be flying at least a few times in the first trimester.

Penelope1980 Thu 03-Feb-11 19:27:22

Molybdenum so what do you think are the worst things we could eat that we are "allowed" to eat without listeria risk?

NotACompleterFinis Thu 03-Feb-11 19:48:28

Please may I hop on the bus - due date September 27th - but I'm anticipating the due date to move into October once dating scan is done.

Tamashii Thu 03-Feb-11 19:58:17

Evening everyone. Hi to all the new BFP's and congratulations
Had GP appt today. Same as last time - did "guess the due date", offered folic acid and took blood pressure then basically I have to wait for MW to get in touch. I'm apparently 6 weeks PG and EDD 1 october now but I was overdue last time so it's doubtful I'll be that early all going well. It's so hard not to get too over excited about everything. I am trying just to get to the 12 week scan and then I might allow myself to get officially excited if I make it that far FX and everything.

How are the symptoms going? My boobs are still sore but not as bad, I am nauseous but not sick and am bloated like a big balloon by 4pm. I'm also getting extremely tired now. Oh, and I have some dull aches really low down which sometimes turn out to be gas blush always reminds me of that scene in The Simpsons "Is it gas Marge??? Is it gas???" a la Homer... Anyone know what I am talking about? Anyway....

Hope you're all ok and managing the 6/7/8WW or whatever it is to the 12 week scans...

monkeybubbles Thu 03-Feb-11 20:07:05

may i please join the october bus?

just got my BFP today!!!!!

NotACompleterFinis Thu 03-Feb-11 20:11:37

Congratulations monkey
Hi tama - nauseous, bloated,gas, tired, sore boobs - check!

Quick post - kids don't know I'm pg yet and they keep wanting to go on facebook. Pretending I'm doing Tesco order!

Ninunina Thu 03-Feb-11 21:33:00

Emmased my doctor told me the same thing about Vit D. She said unless I've had vitamin deficiencies before, the only suppliment I should take is Folic Acid. I've been told the complete opposite by my friend who is a nutritionist- she says I should be taking all sorts of suppliments (including lots of Fish oils- which again I've read I need to limit).
I'm so confused, I've decided to take folic acid every day, eat a healthy varied diet with lots of greens, fish twice a week (with oily fish once a week) and take a pregnancy vitamin with Vit D3 every couple of days just to top me up in case I'm deficient in it.
Molybdenum do you know if you can take too much Folic Acid?

Molybdenum Thu 03-Feb-11 22:40:50

No you can't take too much folic acid - not at the dosage you find in over-the-counter products, anyway.
The vitamin D thing is very interesting: I do find that most NHS doctors know absolutely fuck all about it. We assume that about 85% of the British population is frankly deficient, and almost 100% are either deficient or have insufficient levels. There is no way you can can harm yourself taking doses of up to 2000IU, which is the dose I prescribe for all my pregnant patients.

Molybdenum Thu 03-Feb-11 22:41:54

What I should add is that you can and will harm your baby if your levels are very low during pregnancy.

Penelope1980 Fri 04-Feb-11 07:10:46

I don't know about you lot, but am starting to feel seriously ill. Ug. Am getting more excited too though as it all feels more "real"

Tamashii Fri 04-Feb-11 07:53:57

Yup Penelope I am starting to feel pretty yuk. I have that feeling you get when you've overdone the rich food or drink the night before but I've not got to do the eating and drinking all the good stuff part! It is reassuring in a way though to actually have some "proper" symptoms now... FX it doesn't get to the head in the toilet all day, every day stage too quickly tho...

I have only just hit the tiredness wall where it's almost impossible not to fall asleep.

Penelope1980 Fri 04-Feb-11 08:38:21

Tamashii Good way of describing it - the feeling that you've overdone it without having the rich food part! I am having strange cravings as well - tinned fruit is my fave thing today. Mmmm.

Are any of you doing much exercise? I am still doing pump classes as did them before, but already have had to lift much lighter weights as have less energy.

CrawlingInMySkin Fri 04-Feb-11 08:46:10

I do a hours walk on the school run each day which is up a very steep hill and I have to push the pram.

I have been throwing up badly sad anyone else? Also been feeling bloated.

CrawlingInMySkin Fri 04-Feb-11 08:55:51

Anyone want to add thier name to the stats here

ALovelyBunchOfCoconuts Fri 04-Feb-11 09:22:19

penelope Yes I'm feeling very ill. It's a bit like a bad hangover when you feel so rough, thirsty and tired and you know eating will make you feel better but the thought of it makes your stomach turn. And to add to that I have a really sore throat and a cough coming. DD has a cough too so I really hope we don't get ill.

Anyone still crampy? I am very bloated crawling when I am at home I am literally sitting with my trousers undone as they just won't do up. when I go out I'm having to suck it in and hope for the best but it is becoming increasingly more difficult to suck it in.

I had two unexpected visitors yesterday and a friend coming over today, all of whom have no idea I am pregnant, so I have been doing the silly things off the soaps that they do, like covering it with a towel over my arm grin

Tamashii Fri 04-Feb-11 09:53:40

Aaah coconuts that made me laugh! Things they do in the soaps-excellent. I'm doing that too. Can't really explain the gain in cup size tho! No one seems to hav noticed but i think everythings SO obvious. Talking so openly about it on here is making me a bit loose tongued in RL tho... Nearly slipped up couple of times but stopped n 'erm'd my way out of it. They weren't really listening anyway luckily! I keep having to stop myself putting my hand down my waistband when i sit on any couch Al Bundy style.

Tamashii Fri 04-Feb-11 09:57:39

Oh and I keep feeling like i grimace when i smell anything my PG brain doesn't like n automatically put my hand on my stomach cos i feel instantly sick. Happens all the time too. I'm feeling sorry for my little DS cos i've no energy in the mornings n he wants to drag me all over the place in his full on energy state.

snowpeas Fri 04-Feb-11 10:11:51

Yep I'm very bloated too crawling and have been feeling sick on an evening, couldn't eat anything last night not even a Cherry Bakewell DH bought for me and I love Cherry Bakewells.

coconuts I have adopted the trousers undone position, my jeans are straining and I've dug out a couple of summer skirts that have elasticated waists but can't really wear those out as it's blowing a gale here.

Penelope I have been craving cold drinks, doesn't matter what as long as it's Ice cold which is not something I would normally do I usually have hot drinks. I had strong cravings with my first two from an early stage though, with DS1 it was gravy until about 20 weeks, had to be thick and meaty, bisto would not do! Then it was oranges. With DS2 it was Branston pickle and that lasted all the way through.

iloveblue Fri 04-Feb-11 10:13:30

I've just added my name to stats - thanks crawling

Welcome and congratulations to all the newbies.

I'm still not feeling sick yet - just ridiculously tired and have had a sore lower back for the last few days.

iloveblue Fri 04-Feb-11 10:14:27

Forgot to say sunface - I would be interested in the thread for mums of third babies. Do you have a link? Thanks

NotACompleterFinis Fri 04-Feb-11 10:26:07

www.mumsnet.com/Talk/pregnancy/1122187-for-anyone- expecting-baby-3

Link for Baby#3

I too am having third though not posted anything on there yet. Reality not sunk in yet - don't think it will until I can start telling people!

familyofthree Fri 04-Feb-11 11:13:04

may i please join the october bus?

just got my BFP on wednesday

NotACompleterFinis Fri 04-Feb-11 11:24:20

What is BFP? I'm rubbish at understanding all these letters!

SazzyM Fri 04-Feb-11 12:08:45

Hiya all, feeling a little better today, not so sicky. Boobs are huge and I'm starving...but then bored about half way through the meal. Really can't believe that the symptoms happen so darn soon - i'm only about 5 and a half weeks for goodness sake!

Planning on telling my mum on sunday, she's just broken her wrist and could probably do with cheering up, I'm hoping the whole not being married thing won't be too much of an issue! My boyf was pretty shocked at the news - and I think i sort of ruined the plans he had for a proposal, but if he will take 4.5 yrs to pop the question, what does he expect!!
He is currently freaking out about the sleep deprivation and money, but getting excited about teaching the little one to swim! What are other people's partners like?

OptomisticBiscuit Fri 04-Feb-11 12:47:53

I'm bloated too, I snuck scissors into the toilet at work and furtivley snipped through the elastic part of the waistband of my tights yesterday, sweet relief! They were digging in so badly and no matter where I positioned them they were uncomfy.

I've got more energy today, and boobs less sore, but fell asleep infront of the TV at 9.30 last night - just could not keep my eyes open.

SazzyM Fri 04-Feb-11 14:53:13

I literally love the idea of snipping open tights!

arabella36 Fri 04-Feb-11 16:03:41

I sympathise with you other bloated people who are having waistband trouble. I recently bought 2 pairs of skinny jeans (high waisted) and am wearing them often as I know they'll not fit for long! Its too early to have gained weight but the bloating makes me feel about a stone heavier!

Am not looking forward to weekend socializing as (a) people will guess when I'm the only one not drinking and I don't want them to know in case of mc (am only 6 weeks tomorrow) and (b) I want to go to bed at 7 o'clock every night to read books/ipad and get lots of sleep.

Anyone else going to bed at a ridiculously early hour since pregnant?

hello and welcome to all the new BFPs wine You may as well have a virtual glass of wine as that's all you'll be getting for a while grin

Anyone heard from muffins lately?

FluffyDonkey Fri 04-Feb-11 16:25:37

Hey everyone
Arabella - I was wondering where you'd gone!

Still no morning sickness just feeling starving and strangely empty.

Also very emotional. Last night I sobbed my heart out blush and poor DH didn't know what to do! I know I cried because of hormones but I also have reason to cry (IMO) - what set me off was my awful client who is unbearable and who I have to work with for at least another 3 months if not 6.

However what really made me sob was blush the fact that I don't have any friends to hide my pregnancy from blush. My 4 real friends don't live in the same town (or even country for a couple) so we don't meet up often. I'm seeing my 2 best friends in March but by then I'll tell them. My family all live abroad (well the UK, technically I'm the one abroad) so the only people I'm hiding my pregnancy from are my colleagues.

And to be quite honest I don't think they'd care that much about my pregnancy!

I have quite a few mates who would care about my pregnancy, but I know them from karate and we don't meet up outside training and as I've stopped going to training sessions....

Basically I was feeling very sorry for myself and sobbed for a good hour! blush

Sazzy- DH is utterly thrilled I'm pregnant. We've been longlisting names and the other night he announced to me he wanted to start a ritual : he would kiss my stomach every day between now and the birth!