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The October Baby Bus

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arabella36 Thu 20-Jan-11 07:12:10

Will anyone join a new baby bus with me?

I just got a BFP this morning so its very early days for me, but I'm so excited I thought what the hell, I'll head straight for the pregnancy thread anyway grin

If all goes according to plan this will be DC2 and due on 2nd October. Ive enjoyed being on the October TTC bus so I thought it would be fun to continue over here.

Penelope1980 Thu 20-Jan-11 08:36:05

I am the same - maybe! Am waiting to see what happens though - got a BPP on a home test, but a negative one at the doctors so she sent me for a blood test, results tomorrow. I feel a little weird about it, especially as the dr says it's just as likely to be a missed miscarriage. I'd be 4 weeks along as well. So, trying not to get my hopes up too much.

arabella36 Thu 20-Jan-11 09:27:12

Oh I hope it turns out to be OK for you Penelope[fingers crossed] Best of luck!

muffins Thu 20-Jan-11 10:10:08

Arabella I thought you were kidding about a premature October bus ha ha ha.

Oh well I'll join with my faintest ever line on a pregnancy test EVER!!

This will be number 2 for me as well. Have a 3 year old DS. This one will be due on 4th October

Waves to Penelope

arabella36 Thu 20-Jan-11 10:32:04

Ha ha muffins, for anyone with a modicum of sense they would have been kidding!! But given how loopy I went with the whole testing thing you're probably not excessively surprisedgrin

In real life I'm actually quite sensible - really!

newmummy2lucas Thu 20-Jan-11 10:59:25

Hello all!
Can I join too! Got bfp last night only a faint line as af not due til sun but I just knew I was! Only a faint line but def a line!
Have 1 ds who was 1 on 9th Jan and due date is 1st Oct soo excited but hope it sticks as is soo early!

arabella36 Thu 20-Jan-11 13:19:47

Hello to newmummysmile
Congratulations - I think most of us are in the same boat with the early testing. My baby is around the same age as yours.
Fingers crossed for all of us

soundofherwings Thu 20-Jan-11 16:27:58

Hi arabella and everyone- just joined you off the conception October bus- my stupidly faint line turned into a definite BFP this morning!

Oooh muffins, we'll have the same due date.

Penelope1980 Thu 20-Jan-11 19:22:17


My first line was so faint I thought it was my imagination!

It's weird, I was in a spin in the days leading up to my period being due and in a spin about whether a super faint line is a line or not (my second test was much clearer). But now I'm waiting the results of the blood test and having been told there is a good chance it's a missed miscarraige I feel much more ready to cope with either outcome.

Of course, I'd love to carry to term though - this is my first preganancy and I've been TTC since last August.

Have you told anyone? I've just told DH and my Mum.

arabella36 Thu 20-Jan-11 19:47:14

Hi soundofherwings! Lovely to see familiar faces round here.

Penelope, I've not told anyone except DH, and I won't for a good while just in case anything goes wrong. I have received a lecture from DH on the perils of early testing and chemical pregnancy etc. It is a sobering thought but there's no point in over thinking it.

I'm sure it'll be difficult for you to wait until tomorrow to hear your news. I'd guess you'd like to know either way. Obviously I'm hoping it is good news for you tomorrow. Lots of luck.

newmummy2lucas Thu 20-Jan-11 20:48:44

Good luck tomorrow Penelope hope its good news.
Have only told DH too ...arabella he says the same things as yours. Would be a nice age gap don't you think?
Roll on sun then we will know for sure hopefully!
Hi and congratulations sound

arabella36 Thu 20-Jan-11 21:21:35

Hi new mummy, I think the age gap will be good, especially when they're a little older and can be friends. I read a few threads on this age gap before TTC and by all accounts it's worth it later but can be hard for the first few months!

I'm glad I'm not the only one with a too-sensible DHgrin

muffins Thu 20-Jan-11 21:46:40


obviously I've told dp, and I told two friends this evening but where I work in the nhs in a reasonably small dept we're all pretty matter of fact about medical stuff and there isn't much we keep secret. You should hear the conversations we have some days grin

I've had quite a few cramps today almost managed to convince myself it could be ectopic what a loon I am.

It's exciting that all our babies will be due at the same time isn't it

Ninunina Thu 20-Jan-11 21:51:09

Hi arabella, can I join too? I'm also joining after the world's faintest line this morning (it could possibly be my imagination), but I'm thinking that since I'v been nauseous for 2 days in a row, it must be a BFP! It will be my DC1 if tomorrows test confirms it grin
Good luck tomorrow Penelope!

Penelope1980 Fri 21-Jan-11 05:00:39

Thanks for all your kind words! Sadly and frustratingly though the dr was unable to get the results to me and now they have closed for the weekend (I am Downunder) so have to wait until the weekend is over. So, we shall see. It's so hard not to start planning things in my mind though for either outcome.

Sounds like your DH's are all like mine, I had to convince him that I could tell my mum smile I am glad I did though, as she's great to talk to about such things.

I hope everyone has a good few days, and roll on knowing for sure for all of us!

Memsahib Fri 21-Jan-11 07:11:09

Morning ladies - may I join the bus? New to the whole Mumsnet thing. After being told it would be 'tricky' to conceive naturally....found out yesterday evening I am about 5 weeks pregnant. Still a bit stunned to be honest!

Seeing GP on Wednesday to confirm (even tho the test thing was flashing 3 weeks since conception)

Gulp. Jackpot first time.

arabella36 Fri 21-Jan-11 07:59:48

Hello and welcome to ninu and memsahibsmile That was so lucky after being told you were likely to have problems - you must be chuffed to bits!

Penelope - Oh dear, that's a pain in the ass that you'll not find out til Monday. You're going to have to have lots to do to pass the time!

arabella36 Fri 21-Jan-11 08:01:02

Do either of you have any babies already or will these be PFBswink?

Memsahib Fri 21-Jan-11 09:22:11

Hi Arabella36. First one - at 40.... mind you I only got married in October...a lively few months to say the least!
And what is PFBs???

Not building my hopes up too high as several friends who are younger and fitter than me have miscarried before 12 weeks...and given my history etc.

Both DH and I are a bit shell shocked, but utterly chuffed. Does make you wonder about the so called 'experts' we'd be warned that we would probably need IVF and they were intending to start us on Clomid next month!
Really glad to hear about all of your symptoms and fears, realise I am not the only one!

Memsahib Fri 21-Jan-11 09:25:44

just found PFB.. yes precious first born.

DH parents are Indian (and he's an only child) so the bunting will be out once we tell them at the weekend.

Or is that way too premature?

arabella36 Fri 21-Jan-11 13:22:43

Hi Memsahib, I think that doctors advise you to be cautious about who you tell in the first couple of months as it's the riskiest period and if, God forbid anything went wrong you wouldn't want to have to tell loads of people! But You know your relationship with the parents/inlaws best and maybe you'd rather they knew whatever happens.

It's so exciting that it's hard not to tell, and you're further along than the rest of ussmile.

It's reassuring to see how many people on mums net are in their early forties and having a couple of children with no problems. I'm in my mid thirties so not far behind yougrin

Having this thread is great for me because I need to tell someone about it!!!

arabella36 Fri 21-Jan-11 13:34:42

What symptoms do you all have? My appetite is bigger, and I've been going to bed sooo early.

Muffins, have you been doing more tests?

arabella36 Fri 21-Jan-11 14:53:11

What symptoms do you all have? My appetite is bigger, and I've been going to bed sooo early.

Muffins, have you been doing more tests?

newmummy2lucas Fri 21-Jan-11 14:56:45

It is sooo hard not to say anything! Tiredness is my main symptom so far...its more difficult this time running round after an active toddler . I keep thinking I am more hungry too although that's prob in my head Hehe!!

Memsahib Fri 21-Jan-11 17:52:55

evening ladies. typing this from bed and KNACKERED!
Arabella, agree with you totally at how lovely it is to hear so many positive post 40 babies there are. Sometimes I wonder if its just scaremongering.
We've only told v close family, although my boss guessed given how green I am at the moment. Still if you're going to feel gruesome for a couple of months, this is a good reason!

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