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Pregnant at 48 years old-Are there any other older mums-to-be out there?

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belle453 Sun 14-Nov-10 16:45:50

I am 6 weeks pregnant and 48 years old. I am extremely scared and worried about the massive implications of this. This will be my first child after suffering a miscarraige at 40 and never conceiving since. I am certainly not delighted. If the baby does go to full term and is healthy which is the main concern obviously I am then going to have to deal with the age thing. The few friends of mine who have children are all in their 20s and I have a step-daughter of 28. Help I want my life back already!!!

pvhc47C Wed 18-Mar-15 16:39:57

I was so worried when I was pregnant. I was happy and did not see myself as Mum. I HATE CHANGE. Please keep your baby. From the first moment I held my Son I knew I would die for him. I hardly noticed the changes because they were all for the better. A human needed me and I became less selfish. My life had been all about me now it was is he happy, is he well, he will love this or that and in turn life was great. He is nearly 21 now and I would have loved another but sadly I left it too late after my divorce to remarry. Children are Gods greatest gift and give you a reason to get up or go on in a crisis. You may get Grandkids too. Good luck. My mate is 46 and pregnant age is a number, you can get pregnant so nature says you are not too old.

happimummi15 Tue 06-Jan-15 08:32:15

Hi ladies, good luck to all of you older mums. I understand how so many of you feel. I had my son at 21 and then was unable to have any more for 24 years. Then last year at 45 I gave birth to my daughter and I can't describe what a blessing this has been to me and my husband. Pregnancy was straight forward until the final month when carrying excess amniotic fluid, so had c section but this can happen any age. My little girl is adored by all and we have both done parenting before so feel like we have the added bonus of hindsight this time. I find the night feeds easier than I did at 21, am more settled and far more mature. Its just wonderful.
I got pregnant the first month of trying with my own eggs and used the Dr Lee method for older ladies, applying natural progesterone cream which can be googled and the cream purchased easily online. I had some endometriosis as well before so used serrapeptase, did lots of walking and healthy eating and avoided oestrogens and plastics.
We are going for sweetheart number two later in the year, I will be 46/47 this time and have no reservations whatsoever. We live longer now and being older you have so much to offer. Me and hubby are just committed to healthy living and regular exercise to make sure we are there for the little ones.

Tapperpl Mon 24-Nov-14 12:32:05

Just googled pregnant at 48 and this came up. I'm 47 and since July have been going through IUIS with CHLOMID and this is my last round as they state it causes ovarian cancer so this is my fourth and last round before I start shots with iui or shots with IVF. I seem to have more immature insides for my age I'm told. Making follicles on my own but we added CHLOMID to try and amplify it. I'm praying for this miracle to work and ill know by weeks end. This is all out of pocket for me as my insurance does not cover infertility. And shots will be a fortune as well as IVF. I have to say I'm like forever 15. I did look at the age thing. But im a full blown saggitarius and I suffer from Peter Pan syndrome. Lol Never wanting to grow up. Yes I know I am like a two yr old. My mom had me at 16 and I'm attached to her hip and I say geez I'm a like a baby and need my mom all the time. My kid wouldn't have that when they would be my age. That saddens me that I let my life and time slip away like an idiot. So many regrets I have. I say there are no guarantees. My mom lost her mom at 16 and her dad at 26. Ya know? Not everyone lives forever. So here I am at the fertility center where yes I look younger than most 30 yr olds in there and the DRS. Say oh you have a 2% chance of having a baby with your own eggs and I should get an egg donor. But I wanted to try IUIS anyway. Did one natural and now 4 on CHLOMID. Next stop as I said are shots and maybe with IVF which the one dr asks me do you want to do IVF and try with your eggs prob not viable? The other dr says to me I have follicles and have more than the 30 something yr olds in there. I have had fsh levels from 10 to 16 fluctuating up or down each cycle. The other dr says what I can't believe is at 47 how do you have these follicles. Another gloom and doom dr. Ugh. I have one who supports me there but the others just feel egg donor is best. SOOOOO with that said. Any of you in your forties and late forties who are preggo are lucky!!! WISH IT WERE ME!! wish me luck. I'm praying it works out for me as the guilt I live with now even for my parents and sick dad who always would say "what are you going to wait til I'm dead?" He is 72 but never woke up the same from a kidney transplant. My mom is 64 and my guilt Is tremendous!!! Also it's just us and one brother and he just hit married and I know if his wife ends up having any kids I know I'll have major issues with it and will be devastated. I'm so sad right now cannot even tell you. To the original belle lady who said 48 and pregnant. I hope she had her baby. I hope all went well. I see that was from 2010. Anyway keep me in your prayers all!!

Joules1968 Mon 27-Oct-14 12:31:38

Hi Guys

I have just joined this sight as I found out that I'm pregnant and I am about six weeks. First one, and I am 46yrs and will be 47yrs when due. It was a shock and I am still coming to terms with this. I understand that there can be a lot of complications due to my age and I would like to hear from anyone who has been in the same predicament and hopefully some advice.
Thank you

Mexicantortilla Wed 30-Jul-14 04:41:59

Hi, I'm 45 and expecting my DC4, I have 2 teenagers and a 4 yo, all DD's. I had DD3 4weeks after my 41st birthday and I worried about how old I was looking back it really wasn't an issue and I coped every bit as well as with my earlier pregnancies, I love her to bits and couldn't and wouldn't imagine life without her, I'm not sure how I feel about this pregnancy but I'm sure I'll get through it! I don't look or feel my age and will probably knock a few years off if anyone asks me grin
Congratulations and I'll hold your hand thanks

pinkbubsy3 Tue 29-Jul-14 09:53:57

i am pregnant and 48 its my 6Th child all the others were from my husband ,this child will have a different dad ,and he is an alcoholic ,not sure if i should keep !! hate the termination idea,all my children are hard working and wonderfull

lucy101 Wed 29-Jan-14 06:57:21

Hi there, 7 months pregnant and creeping towards 45! Actually very common indeed where I am in London so no one blinks an eye. I have lots of older mum friends. Women have always had babies into their 40's, the peak of births to older mums was in 1946 if I remember correctly. Best of luck!

Loulou1968 Wed 29-Jan-14 01:19:05

I was quite shocked to be pregnant at 43, but am now 45 and have a beautiful healthy daughter. She brings me joy every day. She is my 4th child, my eldest being 22, and just made me a grandparent lol, makes me feel younger being an older mum

Xenadog Thu 26-Sep-13 20:08:50

My mum had me at 44 - it can be done! I wish you well x

eggcup Thu 26-Sep-13 20:05:52

Someone told me about a woman who's written about having babies in their 40's. Her name is Claudia Spahr and I think the book is called Right Time Baby. Basically alot more positive than the kinds of messages that come at us older mums from GPs, society in general...
Congratulations Belle, wishing you all the best xx

Isabeller Mon 12-Aug-13 13:16:47

Xena you will find yourself doing fun things you never thought of before! There is masses to look forward to, like getting a whole new dimension. smile

Xenadog Mon 12-Aug-13 08:21:01

I turned 40 a couple of months ago and I am due to give birth in December. This is baby number 1 (and only!) and also totally unplanned. It is only now at 22 weeks when I am starting to come around to the idea that I will be a parent and things will be OK.

I have really mourned the loss of what I thought my life would be - just before finding I was PG I moved in with my partner, and was planning on moving jobs and just wanted time to do fun things like holidays, socialising etc. I've spent my life pleasing myself and doing whatever I want to when I want.

Now however I can see that my new life will be incredibly different to "the plan" but this doesn't mean it's all terrible.

OP, the only advice I can give is that pregnancy is for 9 months for a reason - it gives you time to adjust and work through the worries. I was horrified when I got my BFP and every week I have a meltdown and cry about what I am losing but now there is something in me which is feeling positive now and I love feeling the baby movement inside.

Just wanted you to know someone else has felt/is feeling the same as yourself - give yourself time lovely to adjust. xxx

Isabeller Mon 12-Aug-13 06:32:59

I will be 49 when my baby is born in January 2014 (IVF DE).

I had my first catty comments on Saturday 'no one will believe you are the baby's Mum' from my adult DD's friend's mother but DP's friends couldn't be more thrilled and supportive and both our families are too. Adult DD is also 'officially' expecting now after her 12 week scan!

How are you 2havefath? Good to read your common sense comment snowqu33n.

Meringue33 Mon 12-Aug-13 05:54:09

Congrats. I have a friend who is 48 and has just had her first (IVF). Baby is lovely happy & healthy.

snowqu33n Mon 12-Aug-13 04:45:26

Hey, not sure if OP is still around, but there seem to be others in their forties expecting. FWIW, I am 44 expecting baby at Christmas. Happy and all seems well at the moment. Congratulations to the other mums-to-be, stay positive you have so much to offer your babies. People have been having babies in their 40s for hundreds of years.

nensey Mon 12-Aug-13 02:58:59

as also i am in my forties please advise.

nensey Mon 12-Aug-13 02:49:25

Hello i want to follow up on your pregnancy.

2havefaith Tue 04-Jun-13 01:31:54

I think I know what you are experiencing. I just recently discovered that I am pregnant. I am also 48. I am in my 7th week. First time pregnant. I honestly thought I was too old to get pregnant. Some of the same fears go through my head, but then I believe that this little baby is a miracle. If this baby is meant to be here then he/she will be here. The whole dr. experience has been a bit overwhelming and somewhat traumatizing. The challenge for me has been to trust what I know to be true. You are not alone.

bobby39 Tue 23-Apr-13 17:35:49

I have just had my first baby at 47. I was very depressed, distressed and terrified to tell people. I was also worried sick about whether she would be healthy.
I now have a beautiful happy healthy baby daughter and everybody is overjoyed for me even people that work in the local supermarket. My midwife said that there are lot's of women in there forties having babies now. Her father was extremely angry when I told him I was pregnant he now adores her. Try to enjoy this time and it isn't that big a deal as you think it is.xx

bobby39 Tue 23-Apr-13 17:32:50

I have just had my first baby at 47. I was very depressed, distressed and terrified to tell people. I was also worried sick about whether she would be healthy.
I now have a beautiful happy healthy baby daughter and everybody is overjoyed for me even people that work in the local supermarket. My midwife said that there are lot's of women in there forties having babies now. Her father was extremely angry when I told him I was pregnant he now adores her. Try to enjoy this time and it isn't that big a deal as you think it is.xx

lovette Mon 22-Nov-10 00:15:24

I just want to offer encouragement for you. I am so happy for you. I pray you will truly enjoy this pregnancy and that all will go well for you!!! If you feel sad or down about this, know that there is somewhere supporting and praying for you and the new baby

1derful Thu 18-Nov-10 23:15:36

Congratulations. I have just had my first baby at 46 after 2 mcs. I am so happy with my gorgeous girl and I may even try for another! Good luck.

tea4tw0 Wed 17-Nov-10 21:14:04

I'm 5 weeks pregnant - this will be my first - i had a mc earlier this year - all being well i will be 42 when the baby arrives - and yes i'm scared too. I have no idea what to expect or what each twinge etc means - Am glad to have found mumsnet it's a real comfort zone )

gotmunchies Wed 17-Nov-10 19:27:28

Thanks Loo. Let's keep it bumped! And congrats to all the 'older' mums...I'm going to start to say 'wiser' mums. wink

lilly13 Wed 17-Nov-10 11:00:36

congratulations!! unfortunately, i do not have any advice. just wanted to wish you a very good pregnancy and healthy baby! you are very brave and should be very proud of yourself!

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