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What are your most random triggers for feeling morning sickness/nausous?

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Today as I stopped at a traffic light, I glanced over at the house I was next to and saw that their windows were frosted glass. And it made me feel really sick. I have no idea why.

Other triggers:

cat food (not surprising)

the smell of my car (bit of a problem this one)

the mention of mayonnaise (especially as 'mayo') (just typing that wasn't fun)

I think I'm going mad.

excitedmummy2be Mon 13-Sep-10 17:52:46

Cleaning my teeth!

Every morning and evening I lost my breakfast and dinner. Lasted til 16 weeks.I didnt feel sick before or after I cleaned my teeth...just at the point the toothbrush entered my mouth, i threw up..alot!! Im now 33 weeks and very pleased to see the back of that!

mum2oneloudbaby Mon 13-Sep-10 17:59:58

the cleaning products aisle in our local Tesco. Oh and the fish counter.

Made for some interesting shopping trips.

Now 33 weeks cleaning aisle is no longer a problem but the fish counter is still an issue.

oh yes, the fish counter. agree

the cupboard of cleaning products under our sink. have to hold my breath to get a dishwasher tablet out.

MammaDavies Mon 13-Sep-10 18:11:38

Having to catch the early bus for work and having to go past the big vacume street cleaner things, just the noise of them made me throw up. hmm

The frigde isle in Adsa and having the blowers on warm in the car, the smell of the hot or cold air just made me retch...but I could of made an olympic sport of how fast I could waddle run out of Asda at first retch grin

36 weeks today and havent had to do the waddle/run in a little while

Oh and the mayo thing, completely understand, altough it was fine for me to eat it if I mixed it with Ketchup! confused

changing DS's nappies, but that one is quite obvious!

Kity Mon 13-Sep-10 18:28:26

my hubby would make his packed lunch for work and cut his bread rolls over the sink, and the wet crumbs in the sink literally made me sick! very very random. Even now Im not pregnant anymore that still stirs up a sicky feeling!

Pregnancy is weird!

Applemuncher Mon 13-Sep-10 18:29:33

Even the thought of soup!! Bleugh!!!
Brushing my teeth
Any healthy food (unfortunate one that!)

moonminmama Mon 13-Sep-10 18:31:21

The smell of my brand new carpets which are in every room of my brand new house double sad

mathanxiety Mon 13-Sep-10 18:33:49

Meat counter, fish counter, preparing any raw meat or fish, opening the fridge, cleaning my teeth made me gag every time, cleaning up after dinner (scraping plates), chilly autumn mornings, exhaust from certain kinds of Ford cars.

Even though I haven't been pg for 9 years, I still feel nauseous every autumn as 4 of my DCs were born in the early summer and morning sickness was kicking into high gear in late August and throughout September into October 4 times.

mathanxiety - can you still identify ford cars from the smell of their exhaust? that's impressive. I'm trying to think of how it could be useful!

mathanxiety Mon 13-Sep-10 19:08:44

Only when I'm pregnant smile and [boak]. The ones I could identify were Mustangs (in the US), and I could tell if there was one within a quarter mile (and gag).

that is bizarre

podmumlet Mon 13-Sep-10 19:17:42

cigarette smoke would make me green - coming out the tube or train station (or sometimes outside building entrances) would make me green and vomitty..

mum2oneloudbaby Mon 13-Sep-10 19:19:33

don't worry moonminmama it will soon wear off once dc are introduced to them! grin

BreastmilkDoesAFabLatte Mon 13-Sep-10 19:20:04

I could smell the man over the road having a fry up. Honestly...

daisystone Mon 13-Sep-10 19:22:27

Everything. Absolutely everything.

To be more specific,
- Tesco Lemon bodywash
- Green vegetables
- The smell of the lobby and stairs at my workplace
- The ladies loos at my workplace - they smelled of weird air freshener. Gag.
- Cat food
- Anything greasy
- My moisturiser and shampoo
- Bread (weird as bread is one of my favourite food stuffs)
- Chanel No5
- Johnsons babywash

The list goes on.....

PaigeTurner Mon 13-Sep-10 19:25:20

I couldn't switch the big light on in the bedroom for 18 weeks, made me feel sick.

I'm 24 weeks now and running water still makes me retch. I only wash my hair once a week now as generally need to get out of the shower ASAP.

daisystone Mon 13-Sep-10 19:28:24

I couldn't stroke or lift my cat up either. Made me feel sick confused

I walked past some bloke and smelled something unpleasant but familiar and it took me a while to work out he smelled of wee! I wasn't even that close to him.

daisystone Mon 13-Sep-10 20:00:32

Which reminds me that I had to hold my nose when I did a wee as the smell was too much for me to bear. Nearly threw up at the smell of my own wee blush

I don't know how I made it through the first trimester...

yep, between the terrible wind and then the horrendous reaction to my own terrible wind, it's a wonder I can be in the same room as myself.

A song on radio 2 made me feel nauseous this morning. No idea why.

BabyRoosMum Mon 13-Sep-10 21:10:06

My contribution:
Smelly boy in my office-smells of cooking (just general food, as if he dries his clothes in the kitchen whilst cooking chips/fish fingers/chicken nuggets) and this still knocks me sick!
The smell of DP's (reasonably expensive) aftershave...it lingers for ages...
I second the mayo one...
Tuna out of a tin
Sweet Chilli Sauce

I'm sorry to chuckle at the mis-fortune of others but for some reason these posts have had me in tears of laughter. must be the hormnones...hope everybody feels better now

PaulineCampbellJones Mon 13-Sep-10 21:23:19

Apart from absobloodylutely everything as had HG for the full 42 weeks...
I could smell unwashed hair a mile off. Bit of a problem in work meetings!
There was a Morrissons advert on TV, barbecue stuff for a fiver. Even if I changed channel I would still have to run for it.
But my main nemesis was butter. I normally love the stuff but could even smell it on other peoples sandwiches. Couldn't look at it or thunk about it, never mind eat it.
Oh and seeing U2 gave me a spell in Dublin maternity hospital. I know Bono makes most people sick but that's ridiculous!

1Catherine1 Mon 13-Sep-10 21:57:13

Water... when my ms was the worst its been (about week 9 - 10) drinking water actually made me throw up. Although... before pregnancy I had been sick on water before which is unusual since nothing else (before pregnancy) made me sick. Another thing to turn my stomach is my fridge. It has a faint smell of something despite being cleaned out last week and I have to hold my breath before opening the door and getting what I want out quickly.

I have the not so unexpected ones like cat litter which has to be completely changed every 2 days or I'm sick the moment I walk through the door and anything containing garlic. Shame since I LOVE garlic, or I did.

daisystone Mon 13-Sep-10 22:17:35

I used to run through the kitchen holding my nose.

Once I smelled DH cooking something downstairs and I told him I hated him and that I never wanted to see him again. Such was the ferociousness of my nausea.

nameymcnamechange Mon 13-Sep-10 22:20:31

Just the thought of coffee, tea or wine.

The smell of my washing up liquid (I have never been able to use the same brand since).

Being in a supermarket. Any aisle in any supermarket.

BabyGiraffes Mon 13-Sep-10 22:26:58

People! My sense of smell turned hyper sensitive in both pregnancies and I had to keep my distance or face the consequences... Luckily did not apply to dh smile

Not pg any more, but with DS1 it was purple. As in the colour.confused

I've been meaning to start a thread on it actually.

I'm over it now, but I'm still a littlewary.

DH thinks I wsa making it up.angry

Oh, and Sainsbos own brand non-bio. Still can't stand it. Blurgh.

The smell of our accountant at work confused.

Also water, in fact all drinks except Beck's alcohol free beer (very confused)

Kiwiinkits Mon 13-Sep-10 23:53:54

The smell of the fridge when I opened it seemed to bring on the nausea
Even LOOKING at a tin of tuna made me ill
The cleaning product that is used in the foyer of our apartment building

The taste or even the thought of hot soup. Ditto chicken. Couldn't handle the thought of eating any cooked meat during first trimester. Blerk!

janski31 Tue 14-Sep-10 14:53:52

The bathroom cabinet and looking at tins of baked beans in tesco!!!

caramellokoalalover Tue 14-Sep-10 16:11:07

As well as quite a few of the others people have mentioned:

Pancetta or bacon frying with pesto
The smell of a new loo roll out of the plastic

Bizarrely I am loving the smell of fresh paint though...even though I know I shouldn't be inhaling paint fumes, and that electrical burning type smell you get from building sites confused

HeadingHome Tue 14-Sep-10 16:23:56

I tell my husband that cleaning makes me sick.

Bonners Tue 14-Sep-10 17:12:34

Any hot drinks made me sick. I couldn't drink tea or even have soup.

I also cannot bear the smell of Lancome Hypnose Senses perfume. It was a christmas gift and i got pregnant on 27 December. I'm due tomorrow and still haven't been able to wear it. The bottle is full and I am just going to have to give it away!

butter! in last pg but not this one. agree with poster who said butter, definitely. Could smell it at the slightest provocation.

comewhinewithme Tue 14-Sep-10 17:25:00

Mine were odd:

Opening the fridge door - everytime I opened it I puked.

The smell of cardboard,looroll and paper.

Having a poo used to set me off too blush.

Pregnancy is so bloody glamorous.

mousebacon Tue 14-Sep-10 20:32:33

The cupboard at work with the coffee/tea in it, the smell of the hairdrier, going to bed - it seems as though as soon as I lay my head down the nausea kicks in again. Am 8 and a bit weeks and it's tricky to keep this a secret!

lucielooo Wed 15-Sep-10 17:24:44

Water! Food fine, but water on an empty stomach makes me sick

And reading Which is so depressing!

LoulouCapone Wed 15-Sep-10 19:43:30

queeferSutherland my trigger with ds was green. Our corporate logo at work is green so I had to have the preset logo on my pc desktop changed. There were lots of hmm faces at that.

This time it's anything. I can't even do an online shop because thinking about any food makes me retch. I can't go in my kitchen without being sick and my whole house smells funny.

There's a house near me with a kingfisher stained glass window - I have to avoid driving past it at all costs.

I'm 8 wks, and I've been like this for 5 wks now. With dd it went at 16wks and was nowhere near as bad, but with ds it stayed til he was born. So I'm thoroughly depressed by that thought.

erm pretty much anything, but especially anything healthy. Tonights dinner consisted of Haribo Moam sweet - at least they were fruit flavoured???

weliveonpastaandtoast Thu 16-Sep-10 16:33:49

Any food that wasn't cake/biscuit/chocolate.
Barbecues - especially the smell of those instant chemically ones. First trimester with both kids was in July/August, we live on top floor, had to keep windows shut even on boiling days.

Also we live in Orthodox Jewish area and on certain days of the week EVERY HOUSE fries fish. Some days the entire neighbourhood seemed to be frying fish, or having barbecues...

kiwiinlondon Fri 17-Sep-10 10:30:49

with my ds I was really sick until 17 weeks - and then (as if by magic) it just went away one day. thank bl00dy whoever did that!

I couldn't keep anything down - particularly not water - which made things tricky when I got v dehydrated. awkward...

I used to have to walk past a curry house that would start their cookers up in the morning. for 4 months in the middle of winter I would walk a long windy route to the tube to avoid the nasty smells first thing in the morning. it still makes me want to retch thinking about it.....

splash73 Fri 17-Sep-10 14:57:46

Opening the fridge, convenience food (particularly when heated up in the microwave), frying onions, green vegies, and toast all made me want to run for the hills in the first twelve weeks.

This is a bit embarrassing, but I had to put away all our pale yellow plates and bowls and use a different set of crockery, as the yellow ones made me feel sick!! So weird!

Also, all the way through this pregnancy I have had to hold my breath when walking past fast food shops and places like Subway. Even walking up our street yesterday I gagged when I could smell food cooking coming from someone's house.

Brushing teeth was hard in the first twelve weeks too...

Lottie (35 + 1)

JillyCoopersJoyousOtter Fri 17-Sep-10 16:31:58

Any coats that were made of Nylon like material, or shiny scratchy material. Id catch sight of one, on a jogger or something, and imagine how it would feel, all shiny etc, and be sick. I cant really describe the feeling I got looking at shiny coats.

Also the smell of men. My nose went into hyperdrive and all men had a distinctive 'man' odour about them. Could smell one from 100yards. Bleugh.

CoraBear Fri 17-Sep-10 21:31:06

Water, icepops, chinese food or the smell of chinese restaurants in my neighbourhood, the dishwasher when it has dirty dishes in it-really really awful insta vom trigger. The dishwasher with clean dishes in it, I can't bear the hot chemical smell. The hoover, it's the hot air smell and the smell of the bin.

Oh and the smell of alcohol, I can tell the brand of beer from my Dp's breath, it's horrendous.

thelunar66 Fri 17-Sep-10 21:34:15

It is 18 years ago, but the smell of my cast iron frying pan heating up was truely vile. I can still remember it to this day <<shudder>>

And 18 years down the line I am only just starting to face coffee again sad

fairybubbles Sat 18-Sep-10 01:00:40

butter/margarine both make me sick. I dont butter any bread or toast now and I cant even look at either without feeling sick.

I also hate fast food smells like the ones you get from burger vans in the park or at fun days, i actually have to walk past with my jumper over my nose and try not to breathe in!

Opening the fridge and smelling any kind of meat also does it.

Have reached the 14 week mark and these are the things that still seem to trigger my nausea and sickness.

Oh and I nearly forgot I now hate the smell of coffee but on the otherhand i love the smell of petrol at the fuel station!

msbossy Sat 18-Sep-10 06:29:13

With DD1 it was imperial leather handwash. I'd had a bug and washed my hands so often the smell became synonymous with puking. Still can't abide it.

This time:
Water on an empty stomach
Hot drinks
Smell of new carpet (can't admit this to DH as I pestered about getting it for so long)
Dettol (unfortunate when potty grainy DD1)

msbossy Sat 18-Sep-10 06:30:33

Oops - training!
Does anyone else sneeze when nauseous?

BikeRunSki Sat 18-Sep-10 07:17:10


IndigoMonstA Sun 19-Sep-10 21:33:59

I had bad MS all the way through, but was worst for first 20 weeks - particular triggers were caffeine and car fumes.

Ironically anything Ginger made me vomit!!! got v. annoyed at everyone recommending Ginger for MS

bluedogfan Mon 20-Sep-10 11:46:03

It's nice to know I'm not the only one! With DD1 my MS nightmares were the smells of:

shampoo & shower gel
the leather chair in our lounge
the wardrobes in our bedroom
toothpaste & anything minty
my hairbrush, hair & sometimes even my skin!
liquid hand soap - especially the one at work
washing up liquid
cigarette smoke
the whole house during & after we'd cooked a sunday roast
the aftershave used by one of my colleagues
anything sweet smelling (especially vanilla)
and most weirdly...the colour green!!!

With pregnancy no. 2 it's been a bit different and not as bad. It's mainly been these smells:

my husband's bodyspray
the bedroom wardrobes
the hand soap at work

oddly I'm perfectly fine with cat food & my daughter's very smelly nappies!

jwiggles Mon 20-Sep-10 13:15:07

This thread is great..

Mine were and sometimes still are:

Blackcurrant Lemsip (my husband has a cold and drinks these all the time)
Sweet chilli sauce
Bacon frying
Cigarette smoke
The fish and chip shop over the road that seem to have their fryers on permanently
The 'go-compare' advert on tv

PJen Mon 20-Sep-10 13:30:36

1- take your vitamins and Iron tablet in the middle of food. After or before makes me throw up.

2- I am 29 wks and I still don't get hungry but nauseaus when hungry... each small healthy meals more often and don't let yourself get hungry.

lol at feeling nauseous at the Go Compare advert - not necessarily a sign of pregnancy I would have thought?!

LadyShoey Thu 04-Apr-13 07:36:38

Our car air freshener, and any soap/shower gel that's coloured blue with a 'male' scent. My brain seems to interpret it as burnt sausages. It's terrible!

However I LOVE the smell of fresh basil! smile

aberjen Thu 04-Apr-13 08:04:55

My colleague's perfume. We share an office and I debated whether to 'fess up to her before 12 weeks and ask if she would mind not wearing it for a while, but managed to hold out in the end.

Also, the PowerPoint template my client uses - weird sicky green colours! That one might be psychosomatic though - was working with if a LOT in 1st trimester when feeling ick in general and it can still make me feel a bit queasy now even though ms has long since passed....

AuntieBrenda Thu 04-Apr-13 08:27:33

I was watching Gavin Henson on the 'I'm hard I can survive the North Pole ' show and I randomly threw up. Must've been his weird orange head.

fatandlumpy Thu 04-Apr-13 08:57:38

I didn't quite have HG (thankgoodness!) but my ms was pretty bad and had the weirdest of triggers. It got bad at week 8 and lasted until week 16/7!

Still water (yes.... I know! - I still have to drink fizzy)
Orange juice
Tea (actually tea still makes me gag)
Roast Chicken/Turkey, Goose (well - any bird I think) (smell, taste, the look of it - put it this way - my Christmas was sh*t).
Boyf's breath when he'd been drinking wine sad
A certain brand of cocoa butter anti-stretch mark cream (still makes me go boik)
That freebie sachet of stretchmark cream in the Bounty pack (^boik^)
A certain brand of facial moisturiser
Certain brands of body soap (trail and error ladies... trail and error)
Prawns (... little pieces of utter vileness)

AuntieBrenda Thu 04-Apr-13 09:48:45

The other one I had was my cheekily horrible yr 11 class calling out 'Vicks' because I'd gagged when one of them used it once and the word would set me off after that. The little shits wink

willoughboobs Thu 04-Apr-13 10:13:06

the smell of stale grease confused
Stale smoke
Stale fried onions smell
Washing powder ( currently trying fairy as iv tried bold, daz and surf and they all make me heave)
Fairy washing up liquid
Sure roll on
Lady million perfume

From my last pregnancy when I was extremely ill with sickness and had to stay in bed for the first three months, so all I had to do was watch tv, so I watched escape to the country everyday and now it makes me heave just thinking about the program confused

Lj8893 Thu 04-Apr-13 20:40:48

I've been fairly lucky with ms, I have had constant nausea and about twice a day I would retch but no actual vomiting.

Other than the usual hunger pains (no warning that I was perhaps getting hungry, it would just be like bam stomach rumbling, and nausea bubbling up making me retch.)

Any type of transport journey, weather it is car, bus or train made me very nauseous! I don't know if it was the movement or the smell, I think it was a bit of both!

Fakebook Thu 04-Apr-13 22:55:19

I have quite a strange list. Never had ms with my first two so this is all new to me.

Fried food
Smell of toast
The kitchen
The bathroom
The smell of washed clothes
The heater in my car
(Now for the weird ones): AIBU makes me feel sick. I can't read posts in there anymore, they make me feel ill. The relationships board, ditto. I think it's because I read them a lot when I was ill a few weeks ago and now I associate threads on there with illness and ms. Weird.

clattypatty Fri 05-Apr-13 03:25:15

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

clattypatty Fri 05-Apr-13 03:25:46

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

lollypopsicle Fri 05-Apr-13 07:44:15

That awful Philadelphia advert where they smear the stuff on raw chicken confused makes me want to vom just thinking of it.

I will projectile a cup of tea unless I eat something with it: then it's fine!?!

With DD1, the feel, smell or sound of popcorn would make me feel ill, which was odd as I loved it before.

Now with DC2, Nigella Lawson. blush

GingerPCatt Fri 05-Apr-13 08:02:45

The smell of raw chicken. I still feel a bit shock when I cook something with chicken in it and DS is nearly 2.
Also I'd get sick if my feet got to hot. I wore sandles most of the winter since my feet felt warm in shoes.

BB01 Fri 05-Apr-13 12:45:30

Love this thread!!

The kitchen
Toilets (using one or thought of someone else doing a no 2 in one)
Having a shower!
Leaning over
Moving full stop on the worst days
Public transport
Being a passenger in a car
Getting too hot
Getting too cold
Getting too full
Getting too hungry
Loud noises

FoofFighter Fri 05-Apr-13 13:04:59

Playing Candy Crush always set my nausea off blush

BraveLilBear Fri 05-Apr-13 16:02:14

What an awesome thread revival grin

For me...
- smell of fridge (even though it's new and clean - something in there is evil - even now I have to open, grab and shut really fast)
- Smell of nandos sauce
- Those Glade sense and spray air fresheners that make you feel like you're being pounded by a bunch of fake flowers
- Nandos sauce on bread (a fave of OH - I asked him to stop because it would make me feel so ill, so he started waving the open sauce bottle near me 'for fun' angry )
- Rimblocks (got useful for a bit as they would push a lingering nausea into a vomit on occasion)
- Thought of Nandos (used to be my fave as well)
- walking too fast on a cold morning used to make me gag
- another vote for still water
- raw onions being chopped, fried and anything with garlic
- smell of meat being cooked - would frequently start cooking something and have to get OH to finish

I think the weirdest of all though is I can no longer play on the XBox/PS3, especially Call of Duty. Even now at 24 weeks I can't go near it. And Top Gear. It was on a lot when I was most ill. Think the association makes me feel queasy...

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