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spasm in inner thigh - Braxton Hicks?!

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booreeve Sat 17-Jul-10 15:51:34


I'm 34+1 with DC2, and over the last few days I've been getting these weird spasmy -pulled muscle type pains in my upper inner thigh (sometimes left, sometimes right) at sort of random times. Don't remember these from last time....could they be Braxton Hicks or is it pelvis related?

Dumbledoresgirl Sat 17-Jul-10 15:52:39

Sounds a lot more like SPD to me.

booreeve Sat 17-Jul-10 15:58:29

Thanks for response.....have had SPD type front of pelvis pains but nothing in the thigh area so you could be right....

SpiderWilliam Sat 17-Jul-10 16:42:23

I had SPD, but at the v end of my last pregnancy 40+ weeks I had shooting pains down my left thigh which felt completely different. My guess at the time was that it was DS's head pressing on a nerve. A few weeks ago I had a consultant appointment about my current pregnancy and he went through my notes and said that DS had been in a position where his head was in the side of my pelvis. After the appointment It occurred to me that this would make sense of the shooting pains. Given that you are getting these pains in both thighs maybe your baby is moving from side to side abit?

Disclaimer: I'm not medically trained so this is all conjecture. smile

Dumbledoresgirl Sat 17-Jul-10 16:53:33

Good point re baby possibly pressing on a nerve and causing the pain. I only thought of SPD as when I had it (still do have it 7 years after birth shock) it often occurred/s in my thighs.

SpiderWilliam Sat 17-Jul-10 17:00:24

Thanks Dumbledoresgirl smile. I have this vivid memory of being 41 1/2 weeks and trying really hard not to double over as I had these shooting pains whilst walking past a secondary school just as the kids were leaving at the end of the day. blush

booreeve Sat 17-Jul-10 17:28:50

Breech baby - so doubt it's the baby's position!

Jacksmybaby Sat 17-Jul-10 18:02:32

Trapped nerve? I often get these on the insides of my thighs.

Rafwife Sat 17-Jul-10 19:00:43

Sounds quite like a trapped nerve,this can happen with a breech baby, could possibly be SPD speak to the mw.

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