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December 2012: Everyone loves nap time.

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halestone Sat 26-Apr-14 12:36:19

Started a new thread for us before we run out of room.

halestone Sat 26-Apr-14 12:41:54

I hope everyone slept well last night. My mum had H overnight so i finally got round to cutting her baby clothes up in to patches so i can make a patch work quilt. It was bitter sweet, i can't believe how tiny she once was and the clothes smelt lovely. But at least i'm making something from them that she'll always have.

Spotty, the woodlouse story made me giggle.

WL, i can't wait till H is old enough to take to shows.

PurplePidjin Sat 26-Apr-14 12:47:16


MaMaPo Sat 26-Apr-14 12:53:39

Thanks for the new thread hales. That sounds like a lovely idea for a quilt.

Partly lovely, partly horrid day here. A glorious autumn morning so we went down to the local farm cafe for breakfast and then to the farmer's market, but C was whinging and rubbing her eyes by 10.30. She napped for 2.5 hours and then was a complete stinker for the rest of the afternoon. Crying, tantruming, head butting me, getting into mischief... both my husband and I were at our wits' end. Of course, for some reason my husband also decided that this was the perfect time to make quince paste hmm so I got loads of this behaviour. Boy was everyone ready for bedtime. We had had grand plans to cook dinner but ended up with takeaway. Oh well.

I think I might have done a bit of accidental smug parenting yesterday. blush We had lunch with a friend and her friend, who have a 20 month and 22 month old respectively. At one stage my friend's husband said something about doing something in the early evening (can't remember context), and I said, 'Oh, C would be asleep by then.' He looked at me incredulously and asked about her sleep, and looked ready to fall over when I said she's in bed by 7pm and gets up usually around 7am, sometimes even 7.30am. Their little boy is often up until 8.30-9pm and often gets up before 6.30am. Plus they still have loads of night wakings - the night before they hosted lunch for us all, he'd been up for 4 hours with their son. I feel pretty dreadful!

Shopping day tomorrow! I have to buy a fancy dress for a wedding. Wish me luck.

Stacks Sat 26-Apr-14 12:59:21

Afternoon all. How is everyone today? I'm currently pigging out on fresh made salsa. I love it, you just can't buy the right stuff here in the shops. When I lived in California for a while I used to eat loads, it was so cheap from the supermarket and amazing. Didn't realise how much I'd missed it.

DH is just putting DS down for his nap, really hope we get a nice long one today, I'm tired and could do with a bit of a break.

Hales I gave all DS baby clothes away in a swap for some girls clothes. Should have everything I need for baby up to about 18m now! Nearly all his clothes were hand me downs from my sister, or eBay buys anyways so didn't feel that special to me. I love the idea of a patchwork blanket though, it's such lovely soft material and really cute patterns. You'll have to put a pic up when it's done.

halestone Sat 26-Apr-14 13:16:02

Mama, FX tomorrow is an easier day, and i wouldn't feel about saying about C's sleep. I wouldn't of found it smug if you said it to me, its only smug if you rub it in like some of my friends on fb whose babies have slept through since birth

Stacks i didn't realise you were having a baby girl this time. I can't wait till you give birthgrin and let us know her name and weight. I hope DS sleeps well for you in this nap. And i will put a picture up but it will be a while before its done, also this is the 1st attempt at ever making a quilt so it might be abit of a mess.

Maryland2013 Sat 26-Apr-14 13:52:56

Hales look up Imootome on Facebook- she makes gorgeous little rabbits with old babygrows smile

A quilt sounds lovely. I'm the less creative person ever so would never try something like that. Good luck!

Good luck for your dress shopping Mama. Accidental smugness is fine! It's wierd, DS sleeps better and longer the earlier he goes to sleep. If we go past 7:30 and he's not asleep we're screwed for another hour and then he will definitely get up pre 6am. Urgh.

Barbeasty Sat 26-Apr-14 13:55:03

And after all that fuss, A only woke once.

He's happily wandering around now, scribbling on anything he can- paper, books, table.... glad I gave him the crayon where the lead had broken out!!

Thanks for the new thread Hales

Thanks hales smile

I'm super grumpy today. I did the food shopping this morning and now dp has gone to football.

WL which day are you going? so I can stalk you

Beasty ds loves drawing too smile

Mama that doesn't sound smug at all ds sleeps 6:30-7:30 most of the time, I know how quickly it can change though!

Stacks very envy that you'll soon have a snuggly newborn. I've gone back to being super broody and sad that it'll never happen. We've got Mexican for dinner tonight: tortilla chips topped with mince (in a slice mix like old El Paso but home made), salsa, guacamole and cheese. Yum!

Thanks for the thread Hales.

DS has sprained his ankle this morning. Did it falling down a kerb on the way into soft play so that was £5.50 wasted as he couldn't weight bear. Seems much better now though.

I've been viewing a couple of houses this morning. I liked one but can't do anything until my dad gets back off holiday. Imagine the earache I'd get if I bought a house before showing it to my dad (a builder) and anything was wrong with it. Not worth the hassle!

MrsNutella Sat 26-Apr-14 19:33:37

hales thanks for the thread! And I'm very impressed at your quilt making! It's the kind of thing I'd love to have a go at... But I'd worry too much that it would turn out rubbish and so I never get around to bothering.

mama sleep is a touchy issue but I don't think you were terribly smug. After all if someone asks how well/bad your small child sleeps it's their own fault wink. I totally agree with Maryland too, you have to get the sleep just right at the right time - it's a strange business, baby/toddler sleep!

I've just eaten waaaay to much Ben and Jerry's ice cream. I overdid things today and my leg are really swollen - which I hate with a passion - and so I needed comfort food. But I know it won't help.... Can someone please run me a nice bath? smile

You can jump in mine Nutella,but it might be a bit of a squish as already in it! wink

WLmum Sat 26-Apr-14 20:41:00

Thanks hales, love the idea of a quilt and wish I could have made one but I've given away all the clothes and I'd never have the time.
spotty we're going tues 1st July at 4.30, row H seats 1-4! You coming? Be great to say hello.
I think I need to start getting T to bed before the other 2. I tried to let them watch cbeebies on I player on the iPad the other day and it said this content is not yet compatible with iPads - grr. Then dd1&2 can sit on my bed while I put T down - I'm not comfortable with them being 2 stories downstairs on their own.

MrsNutella Sat 26-Apr-14 20:56:02

Thanks willyou after DS woke - I think it's canines confused I decided to run myself one. I feel enormous already so I probably would only fit in someone DS's size in a normal domestic bath.... especially since I finished the Ben and Jerry's tub confused

I hated baths when pregnant even though I love them normally. I like them scalding hot which you obv can't do and I hated how boobs and bump stuck out of the water getting colder and colder!

MrsNutella Sat 26-Apr-14 22:11:36

I really can't do water that's too hot. I like a lukewarm bath. I have a couple of packets of "bath" things to use so I'm trying to use them as an excuse to make time to relax.
we didn't have a bath in our old flat and in my last pregnancy it the one thing I really craved - albeit occasionally. Funny isn't it smile. I'm also hoping this one might be a water birth. I love swimming and being in water. But sitting still isn't something I do well... Unless I have a good book or the TV grin

halestone Sat 26-Apr-14 23:09:52

Willyou i hope J's ankle is ok soon.

Nutella if you put some blu tack over the drain at the top of the bath and get in, you can fill it till it nearly covers your bump.

I know the quilt will probably turn out abit naff as its my first attempt. But hopefully one day she'll love it.

MaMaPo Sun 27-Apr-14 02:27:46

I had my first bath in ages yesterday. Lovely! I also didn't bath much when pregnant - I was all booked in to go for a Hammam (hot hot bath steam and scrub) in Istanbul but skipped it as my period was late - and it turned out I was pregnant so that was a good call! (Still bitter I missed the Hammam though...)

Serves me right for sleep smugness - c was awake from 6 today.

Willyou - ouch! Hope the ankle is ok.

halestone Sun 27-Apr-14 09:15:05

7 wake ups, that is all i'm saying about last nightsad

MaMaPo Sun 27-Apr-14 09:54:33

Oh hales! brew and tomorrow's another day.

WLmum Sun 27-Apr-14 10:48:42

Sadly T tends to only sleep 8-6.30 and has been waking quite a bit - combo of teeth and yet more snot but think it might be moving onto habit so going to try to crack it tonight.

WLmum Sun 27-Apr-14 10:49:33

7 hales! Poor you.

Oh Hales, not cool H! Can someone have her for a bit to let you nap?

DS has gone swimming with his dad, meh! He's being twatty. If I'm nice to him he looks at me in a sort of amused, look at this puppydog following me around look. When in reality I'm just doing it to make things as easy as possible for DS. Me being a dick is in no-one's best interests.

I also have a dodgy tummy and I have to work today. Woe is me!

WLmum Sun 27-Apr-14 13:37:19

willyou just take his twatty behaviour as proof that you're better off without him.
So proud of dd1 - she's finally cracked riding her bike without stabilisers and is absolutely loving it.
I've just had a crappy run - I know its because I had a large glass of wine last night. My body tells me I should be tea total but my mind just doesn't agree!

MrsNutella Sun 27-Apr-14 18:50:05

Willyou I agree with WL- at least seeing him acting like a knob and thinking he is being a knob will sort of help you. IYKWIM smile my ex was so similar; I would ache to have my best friend back and then when we met to sort something out he would be a total dick.
Hope DS has a good night for you!

hales I'm sure she'll love the quilt. Something made with that much love could never be naff! Throwing sleepy dust your way too!

Poor DS, he had a big lump on one eyebrow and a bit of a swollen lip - from two separate incidents - which have almost disappeared when he fell over and cut his top lip today confused it was horrible seeing blood in his mouth. I got him to suck some cold wet kitchen towel so I could see how bad it was (thank goodness not very) and then I gave him some chocolate which helped him forget allllll about it.

But I discovered today that if you say "DS where is your nose?" He will touch his nosegrin he also does Mummy's nose, Papa's nose, monkey's nose and baby's nose (his doll). He especially does the last two to show you he isn't tired and will not be going to sleep!
And if you ask "DS where's your tummy?" He rubs his tummy, it's so cute!!

So cute Nutella ds does nose too and sometimes tummy, eyes, ears and mouth (he's a good month older I think?). He still doesn't say a word though just loads of babbling hmm

WL no I don't think so. Tuesdays my early at work and a 4:30 would be too late to get ds to bed for 6:30 (his choice not mine!)

Hales I hope you're in for a better night.

WillYou what a twat angry he's obviously just trying to make himself feel better by trying to belittle you.

WLmum Sun 27-Apr-14 19:04:15

Poor ds nutella, cute actions - try teaching him the action song heads, shoulders, knees and toes.
I'm just attempting to put T to bed early so DH and I can go out to a stand up comedy thing with some friends. Please co-operate T! She's such a monkey - I caught her today with a plastic bag pulled down over her head and face. It was left out with the wet waterproofs on top after today's puddle jumping. She's so much more trouble than dd1&2 were!

WLmum Sun 27-Apr-14 19:05:27

spotty there are some 10.30 and 1.30 performances but we can't do those as dd1 will be at school.

Yes I saw those. I think dd would love it I might suggest mil take her wink

Another night, another 2 teeth and another couple of punches in the eye (mine not his, don't call the nspcc). J was going wild about 9:30 - that high pitched shriek of pain and confusion.

He now seems to be asleep in his cot by some miracle. He was placed in there 5 mins ago and called a naughty boy after I started seeing spots when he whacked me for the 5th time. Bloody babies and bloody teeth!

WLmum Sun 27-Apr-14 23:20:12

Ouch for you and J willyou.
Just back from fun stand up night and got DH on the case trying to swap his shifts so I can go on a girly weekend in June (with friend from tonight + 3/4 others) - excited!

WLmum Sun 27-Apr-14 23:21:24

I've got such a sore boob. T can't have fed so much last night/today. I was going to say no to feeds tonight but for my own sake I'm going to say yes!

Ow WL, hope she's sorted it for you now.

DS is back up but I think a 5 hour stint isn't too bad given how bad his teeth are. Calpol given and cold milk given. Hopefully the tear will soothe his gums.

utopian99 Mon 28-Apr-14 09:29:47

Ds also does the 'where's your tummy' game - he lifts up his shirt and looks at it in shock and/or happiness! then points at mummy's increasing podge

MaMaPo Mon 28-Apr-14 12:05:57

We finally have a walker! Surely the last of the December babies. Yesterday C walked clear around the room, and at nursery today the workers were all very excited about it. She finally seems to get it, and is more willing to get on her feet and trundle around. She is pretty happy about herself.

Willyou, you've been beaten up! These babies get so violent at times. C is especially good at head butting me in the lip and nose. I hope the teething abates and those little buggers get through the gums quickly. I hate the canines.

WL and Nutella, yes C loves 'Head shoulders knees and toes'. As soon as she sees the book we have with that song, she slaps her hands on her head. She loves identifying body parts. Latest one is fingers, when you ask where her fingers are she sticks out her index fingers and points them at each other!

Ds knows where his tickly toes are too grin

Yay C! I love seeing ds walk he swings one of his arms, he's finally stopped walking with both hands in the air like he's in the thriller video hmm

MaMaPo Mon 28-Apr-14 12:43:23

Spotty, C has tickle toes too! Whenever I ask where her tickle toes are, she actually starts tickling them. Oh, she's so adorable I could eat her up.

Thriller video - grin

PurplePidjin Mon 28-Apr-14 12:52:31

Yay MaMa grin

R knows head/hair, nose and if you ask where his mouth is he wibbles his lips with his finger grin he can also give you the correct coloured cup if he's in the mood however when asked where the Mouse was in his That's Not My book, he wibbled his lips hmm

R gets short shrift when he hits/bites etc. I've never tolerated it, can't afford to when he might do it to the cat and get a nasty scratch. I'd rather he learned from me telling him off then explaining than from her claws.

It's taken a visit to the ILs for me to realise quite how far he's come with his language - stuff I assumed was babbling, or that only I could interpret because I spend so much time with him, is clear words to them as well - Oh Dear, Keys, Door, Banana, Yes, No and More being the main ones shock

Stacks Mon 28-Apr-14 17:20:35

DS is good with body parts and all sorts. He knows where his eyes, nose (he loves pointing at noses, it's his greeting to most children, who are almost all very confused), cheeks, hair, mouth, teeth, ears, tummy, toes, fingers. He also loves pointing things out in books, and can do sheep, cow, pig, ladybird, snake, beetle, monkey, spider, clock, book, train, moon, stars... We've played that game for a long time though. I think it's amazing what they can learn at this age.

Ack, burnt the dinner! Back later.

Stacks Mon 28-Apr-14 18:19:54

Yay for walking mama, good luck getting C to stop now! T is far too fast for me now.

Willyou I hope you get a better night tonight. Teething is terrible. I've still got so much to come with DS, he's only got 6 still.

WL hope your breast is feeling better today. I think my milk probably dried up with the pregnancy, that or DS wasn't taking much, but I was very lucky to stop feeding without really noticing. There's milk there now, but I think that's maybe colostrum for the baby now.

Pidg it'll be interesting to see if the IL can understand DS at all. I think it's unlikely as so many of his 'words' bear little resemblance to the things he's saying. Aeroplane is 'aa-umm', owl is 'woo', scissors is something I can't even try and spell, it's sort of lots of s's and c's.

utopian99 Mon 28-Apr-14 18:45:52

O just screamed and ran away from the hoover in genuine tears of terror. It took ages to calm.him down. sad I felt awful. And like a total slattern - is my hoovering THAT rare?!

WLmum Mon 28-Apr-14 19:07:38

Yay mama have fun with C exploring on foot - it makes things like trips out much more fun and exhausting
utopian I have the opposite problem - T is obsessed with my Hoover.
T was up 3/4 times in the night and fed each time but didn't clear my boob until I fed her upside down in our bed! Tonight begins the no more night feeds though.

Barbeasty Mon 28-Apr-14 20:44:22

Utopian I have video footage of DH hoovering. A is trying to climb onto it and getting in the way. DD is standing on the back of the sofa crying and screams when DH puts the nozzle near her.

Although 6 months later she asks to hoover. Still goes mad if the hand dryer goes off in toilets though.

My other confession, under duress, is that a few months ago DD caught sight of the ironing board, leaning against the wall in its corner of the utility wall behind the mountain of used carrier bags. "Mummy, what's this?"

Once a year I iron the table cloth and napkins for Christmas. I intend to invest in iron-free shirts for DD's school uniform.

Argh I stood on one of dd's small wooden pepper pots from her kitchen and I'm in so much pain! It was half an hour ago and it's still throbbing!

On the way home today dd said 'mummy I do love you but I love daddy more' hmm

MaMaPo Mon 28-Apr-14 22:15:44

Utopian grin

WLmum Mon 28-Apr-14 22:46:06

spotty we regularly have a run down of the favourites list. It's usually arbitrary or based on who's told who off most recently. I'm pretty secure in the knowledge that even if I'm not named as no 1, when the chops are down it's me they want. It's lovely, but can be stressful like this morning when all 3 were crying because they didn't want me to go work and DH to do the school runs! It's hard for DH too.

WLmum Mon 28-Apr-14 22:46:41

Haha - chips not chops!

WLmum Mon 28-Apr-14 23:56:43

Just done round 1 with T. After 50 mins of serious upset I caved and fed her for a few mins, after which she settled immediately. This could be a long week.

Barbeasty Tue 29-Apr-14 08:10:25

DD told me she wished DH and I were dead. She didn't really understand what she was saying, just wanted to be exactly like Elsa from Frozen. She's still cross I've told her I can't give her a magic hand for her birthday, and I didn't even go for the compromise of a magic wand. The usual insult is that whoever has annoyed her is not being invited to her birthday party.

A woke at about 11.30 and 4am. Then he was so tired when I got him up at 6.30am that he tried to roll over and go to sleep on the change mat. Had a nice sleepy cuddle before I left.

WLmum Tue 29-Apr-14 12:35:46

Sleeping on the change mat sounds cute beasty.
T slept til 5 and I fed her straight away as I know it's not worth the fight at that time. She went back til 6.30 and woke up chatting which is very rare.
I've ridden my bike to work today and it's tipping it down. Hope it eases up before I head for home!

WLmum Tue 29-Apr-14 12:46:52
Stacks Tue 29-Apr-14 18:30:27

Listening to DH change DS's nappy...

"My god man, that's a lot of poo!"
"No, don't clench your butt cheeks!"
"What have you been eating? <wretching sounds>"

I'm not going through. I'm in pain with spd and can barely sit on the sofa. There's no way I'm climbing down onto the floor to help. I've changed every other nappy today.

WL I hope it stopped raining for you. We've had a nice day here today, but it's been raining since the weekend.

I might be getting a new iPhone. Not sure if anyone else here got the iPhone 5 when it first came out, but there's a batch with faulty power buttons, and I'm pretty darn certain mine is one. That means I'll get a power button that works, and a new battery and shiny, scratch free phone smile

WLmum Tue 29-Apr-14 19:22:10

Fx stacks! Sorry about the spd though.

MrsNutella Tue 29-Apr-14 19:39:52

Stacks sorry about the spd, that sucks! But you must be getting so close now? When are you due?
I changed an interesting nappy this afternoon. I totally forgot that DH fed DS blueberries this morning. When I opened the nappy I was a bit shock then I remembered the blueberries.

DS was awful today. I do not think he is ready for one nap a day confused. But we do have another body part I noticed he has learnt "DS where is your willy?" grin I showed DH when DS was having a bath smile

I'm very proud. Sorry, smug proud moment. I haven't taught him these body parts specifically but he likes to poke us in the nose and tummy a fair bit and when we change his nappy or he has a bath he looks down and plays with his willy and makes little excited noises like "oh it's still there" so I guess he has picked the words up that way.
"DS there is a baby in mummy's tummy, be gentle"
"No DS don't poke me in the nose thank you "
"Yes DS that's your willy, yes it's still there"

Stacks Tue 29-Apr-14 19:55:11

I started teaching DS things because I was amazed that a little girl at a playgroup could point to the eyes etc in a book. She was quite a bit older than T and I was just a bit "wow". That was when DS was about 9m, but it stuck in my head and as soon as I realised he'd learnt 'nose' (same as you nutella DS loves to try and stick his finger up our noses) I tried other bits. Started with the face, and he learnt them in just a couple of minutes.
He loves reading books with us, I think because it's undivided attention. He's not very good at sitting still for the actual words to be read though, so all our books are used like picture books. It didn't take long before I was asking him to point out things I usually do. He's got a really impressive memory. His current fascination is bugs, particularly ladybirds and ants, as he sees them in the garden and gets very excited.
I was particularly amazed when reading a book with a bat in it (Monkey Puzzle) - he insists on turning the book upside down on that page, as the bat is hanging from a branch at the top of the page - upside down smile

Stacks Tue 29-Apr-14 19:58:55

Oh, I'm due end of June. The spd kind of isn't that bad, I can sleep ok (apart from waking up at about 5am for no reason!), I just have real problems with my left hip feeling like it's constantly trying to escape from its socket!

WLmum Tue 29-Apr-14 20:04:49

stacks that's cute turning the bat right way up.
Nothing wrong with being proud of the wee man nutella. This is such a great age.

Barbeasty Tue 29-Apr-14 21:25:32

June is a nice month for a baby. Certainly for maternity leave anyway!

A will get a book and then turn away, or sit.on my knee to look at it. No body part knowledge here, except maybe feet- when I take his socks or shoes off I sniff and wince and say stinky boy feet. Then he holds the other out so I can do the same. Always get a smile.

Finally got the formal offer through for my new job, 3 weeks later! Slightly less than I wanted, but I think I can find the money. Long term it's better than where I am now. DH panicked when I told him what the childcare bill will rise to, but he's comforted that I'll give him the money in his months!

WLmum Tue 29-Apr-14 22:23:54

At last beasty. Stinky feet is one of Ts fave nappy change games and she says a passable 'pwar', and sniffs her own feet when I say 'you sniff'

utopian99 Wed 30-Apr-14 06:33:06

I think we have words I've not been counting as such. We have there, that (with the th sound, not dere and dat,) up, down. I do worry compared to reading about others on the thread though. His understanding is so good, but his language is nowhere near. I suppose he's one of the youngest though...

Also he has definitely started sleeping through 7.30-6, but now I wake up at least once a night to pee! Argh!

Sorry about the spd stacks and good luck with the weaning wl..

halestone Wed 30-Apr-14 09:06:27

Utopian i wouldn't worry at all, he is where he needs and wants to be for himself. One of our DC maybe a great talker, another may have a great walker or another may have a great sleeper. By the time their all in nursery they will all be the same.

H's sleeping has been awful recently the last 2 nights i have lost count of her wake ups. The poor things breathing has worsened once again as well.

Stacks do cool or warm compresses help your SPD? or could you get a physio referral?

Beasty yay for your official terms coming through.thanks

<waves to everyone> I found the new thread!

F woke last night at 4am cackling like a mad thing! He was laughing his head off, I assume he was dreaming. A bit freaky though, waking up to disembodied laughter over the monitor...

If anyone was thinking about buying a cozy coupe (like I was) they're reduced to £34.99 in Smyths toystore! There's 20% off little tikes.

WLmum Wed 30-Apr-14 19:48:06

Hello coffee bet he was planning to freak you out!
hales poor you and poor H. Has she got an inhaler?
utopian don't worry at all - Ts speech is behind where dd1&2 were at this age but her gross physical skills are much better. It all comes out in the end.
Sleep much better here - T woke at 2.45 last night and after just 10 mins of coaxing was back down. Up again at 5 for a feed and wake happy at 6.40. Happy me!

Utopian ds doesn't say a single word grin he just points and moans at me hmm

WLmum Wed 30-Apr-14 20:06:47

I was about to say the earlier bedtime was going well too but tonight - as I'm waiting to go out - she's being a monkey pants and keeps escaping from her sleeping bag and crying out.

Oh no WL! Dp keeps saying ds should go into the cot bed, I've no idea why as dd was two before we converted the cot. I don't think I'm ready for the endless escaping.

PurplePidjin Wed 30-Apr-14 20:44:05

I tried taking the side off the cot for R. Complete fucking nightmare. Don't do it unless you have to!

Barbeasty Wed 30-Apr-14 20:45:25

DD never tried to get out of her cot bed when we converted it. There's no way A is having the bars removed any time soon. Poor DD would be under constant attack, and the bookshelf would be permanently emptied onto the floor!

I've always said it's best to keep them in until they can get out grin dp keeps saying 'but we took the sides off for dd not long after she started walking' yes because she didn't walk until 22mo and I was pregnant with ds!

utopian99 Thu 01-May-14 08:56:44

O would be out in seconds and shouting at the stair gate. We're going with spotty's idea of wait till he's trying to climb! Plus I figure there's no point lowering while he's still using sleeping bags?

Just in case anyone fancies some more nappies, the natural baby shower (Google for website as my phone is playing silly buggers with links) are doing 40% off at the moment..

There's r&rs on zulily if anyone wants one/knows someone who does

PurplePidjin Thu 01-May-14 12:27:36

Spotty just fyi R was outgrowing his standard size r+r by 10 months and we upgraded to a toddler ABC at 14 which is much more supportive especially as we tend to use it for longer stuff now he's walking nearly a mile at a time. The one we had (not the special offer one, someone at sling meet had a zulilly one and said it was smaller up the back?) was 13.5" knee to knee.

It's Real Nappy Week personally I think anything that absorbs wee is a real nappy but hey ho this week if anyone fancies trying them out, loads of bargains to be had wink

I've got an r&r and dd is still in the weight limit for the toddler one at almost four grin think they'll be teenagers before they need the preschool one hmm

PurplePidjin Thu 01-May-14 12:40:11

Yeah, R was well within the weight limit for the standard size, but his legs weren't k2k even though he's not even 50th centile for height! TBH I think one uses them for less time as the kids get older so it's less of an issue - R tends to walk to wherever we're going then I pop him up to come home and I can't see his stamina decreasing over time iyswim wink I just thought it was worth mentioning as afaik the Zulilly ones are Standard size so wouldn't necessarily fit our babies - although they're perfect for the pregnant folks wondering how to manage a squish and a toddler grin

halestone Thu 01-May-14 23:09:32

H is no where near getting her cot sides taken off either. I can't even imagine the mayhem she could cause.

I have had a lovely day at the local park and duck pond, just me DP and the gruesome twosome as we now call the girls. My Dsis has had her 1st work night out so i managed to get both girls asleep in their beds so i'm feeling quite proud of myselfgrin

halestone Fri 02-May-14 01:55:08

i got proud of myself too soon H has woke up 4 times since my last post and has been screaming for her bottle since 1am. I am refusing to give it her as she is it was her 3rd wake up in a hour and a half for it.

WLmum Fri 02-May-14 11:39:59

hales that's rough! Hope she settled and slept late for you. Touch wood we seem to be moving in the right direction at night.
I have lost the birthday cards I bought for dd1&2 and for dd2s friend who's party is this arvo. I spent an hour last night looking for them. Where can they be?! Dd2 just chose a hideous replacement card for dd1 (7 tomorrow).

utopian99 Fri 02-May-14 11:47:47

Oh no wl - when flat things disappear in this house they're normally found under the carpet, courtesy of the O postal service...

it's dh's birthday tomorrow and the baby sitter booked for the evening has cancelled because of a car accidenta week ago. Totally not her fault and bad luck, but I feel disappointed for dh. Have rearranged meal out for Wednesday when my mother can babysit.

MaMaPo Fri 02-May-14 12:46:02

Just checking in and saying hi to everyone.

I caught up with an old university friend today. Haven't seen him for 3 years (due to being in the UK). C and I went for a coffee with him. He told me he and his wife have been trying for 18 months for a family. He just looked so sad.

We are all very lucky people.

And with that - good night!

MrsNutella Fri 02-May-14 12:59:52

hales sorry your nights still sound rough is there a pattern starting to emerge that you can follow? I hope H gives you some proper rest soon!

wl I usually forget altogether that I bought something and then I buy a new card and come across the original card months later hmm

utopian O post does sound cute though!

Oh, I know it's probably too late now but I did come across something that I thought was a brilliant idea... Hold on I'll look for the link...

MrsNutella Fri 02-May-14 14:25:20

Here is the link. It's a great idea for an alternative to Mother's Day cards

MrsNutella Fri 02-May-14 15:37:16

And I realise Mother's day has been and gone in the UK but I'm going to try and get DH to do it for birthdays as well. I like the idea of having all those lovely memories in one tidy place

WLmum Fri 02-May-14 18:39:04

Too true mama

Barbeasty Fri 02-May-14 20:53:23

That's lovely Nutella. Mine would be full of scribbles. Today A has scribbled in felt tip.on 2 tables and a toy drum. That's at our house, he spent the day at MIL's!

Job accepted, now I just have to wait for a release date. And buy some smart clothes- this is an office job so I need to replace the jeans of the last 8 years!

Feeling very slightly guilty about my Dad's fiancé. She's just had the diagnoses of myeloma. After seeing Dad through intensive cancer treatment. Their wedding is still on track though.

WLmum Fri 02-May-14 22:54:14

beasty being ill doesn't necessarily mean that a person is/was nice!

Barbeasty Sat 03-May-14 07:49:04

Thing is she is nice, just ummm let's say very out of touch with children! She was babysitting her grand daughter who was maybe 2 or 3 months old, and seemed to think that holding her out in front and telling her not to cry would stop it. With just the 4 adults, or away from their house it isn't to much of a problem.

But I do feel bad for Dad. After watching mum die suddenly (he was widowed 16 years ago) he's facing the possibility of wife 2 dying, and seeing her through treatment with his consultant from his terminal (but very long prognosis) cancer.

WLmum Sat 03-May-14 08:00:44

Oh dear beasty tough for everyone then - you included. flowers

MrsNutella Sat 03-May-14 10:52:23

Beasty oh, that does sound hard! Poor you and your dad.

DS has gone back to two naps a day. I'm going to keep it that way until he seems to fight the morning nap. Most mornings he falls asleep quite easily. Dropping the morning nap just caused too much misery (for him and therefore me!wink).

I made a giant chocolate birthday cake. Took it with me to playgroup yesterday and I was only just able to save DH a slice! So I can make myself some mega choc cookies can't I? You know, so I have some "cake" on the day smile

Think I'm going to have to start hiding the bananas. Ds would eat them all day if he could and when he's having dinner he spends most of his time pointing at them and shouting at me hmm

WLmum Sat 03-May-14 20:04:36

spotty when dd1 was little we had to refer to them as long yellows as the mere mention of them would be enough for her to refuse all else. She won't eat them now. Just got back from pizza express for dd1s birthday tea. T fell asleep in the car on the way home so I'm really hoping that doesn't fuck up bedtime. She seems ok so far. She took a liking to her little cousins bottle of formula today - might get one for DH to give her when I'm away for 2 nights next month.

WLmum Sat 03-May-14 20:05:05

Be snugglier and more boob like than a bedtime cup.

PurplePidjin Sat 03-May-14 20:32:01

We have to refer to Curved Yellow Fruits in this house, too. And they occasionally get relegated to the larder along with the crayons and stickers to avoid dinner-time interruptions hmm

WLmum Sat 03-May-14 21:14:40

Nope, not ok. An hour of shouting and crying when normally we have none. A lot of shushing, head stroking and now another round of boob and fx she's down. I've got to go to sodding tesco now now to get a pressie and card for a party dd1 is going to tom am - I had completely forgotten about the pressie and card. Then wine!

utopian99 Sat 03-May-14 21:32:09

Oh poor you (and T) wl! Definitely wine when you get back. I'm.still sick enough not to miss it but remember with ds I reeeaaally did by the time I hit 9 months. don't care to know what that says about me

O isn't fussed about bananas but obsessive about grapes. He can make himself look like a tiny pink hamster with so many in his mouth he then can't actually chew them. hmm

WLmum Sat 03-May-14 21:53:29

Haha - just barbies and booze in my basket!

Barbeasty Sat 03-May-14 22:04:57

Last week i bought a bunch of bananas on Monday morning. By the time we left the house on Tuesday every banana had been eaten by DD & A. The trouble now is that DD can help herself.

A tried to escape from a pub garden this afternoon. DD chased after him and tripped. She really badly grazed one side of her face- nose, cheek, forehead. And then the poor girl asked me to catch her as she went head first down a slide, and she caught her nose on my knee. Now DH has me worried about scaring.

And he took 2 hours to put up a gazebo this evening. I'm not sure it should involve a limp hammer.....

grin Beasty! Our gazebo is pop up luckily. Dd is the same with bananas. I have a big pink bowl in the cupboard that she can always help herself to. Atm it has dried banana, dried mango, raisins and yoghurt covered raspberries in it.

WL how annoying. I always wish I was one of those super organised people with a 'present drawer' but it's never going to happen!

Dp will be re tiling our bathroom today so I will have to keep the dc away hmm our lawn is a jungle so not sure what I'm going to do with them!

Barbeasty Sun 04-May-14 07:42:24

If re tiling a bathroom is like erecting a gazebo, I'd suggest being out!

We just got a really cheap one, because I'm not sure how effective it will be in the only place it fits. But I'm fed up people deciding it's too hot &sunny to eat in the conservatory (set up as the dining room) and heading straight for the sitting room. Which means they turn the TV on. So I thought a gazebo would mean I can force them outside.

That's a food idea. We got ours from halfords I think it was great last year before ds was mobile... Dp is a builder so hopefully the tiling won't be too stressful!

I'm just making bacon in part baked rolls mmmm

MaMaPo Sun 04-May-14 11:31:46

Nutella, that's a great idea for a Mother's Day book! Nice timing too - it's our mother's day here (in Aus) next Sunday, so I told my husband about it. Hopefully he will get organised and he and C can make a good entry in a new book.

Ouch, barbeasty! I'm sure nothing will scar. When I think about how much I hurt myself as a kid, and I only have one big scar on my knee...

A busy day here. My mum stayed two nights last week, then my brother and his two kids stayed last night. Then my sister and her THREE kids came for morning tea... C has been surrounded by my family. Tomorrow my mum and dad are off to NZ to see my grandfather - he's 94 next month. I think we will try to get over to see him this year too. Not sure how much longer he'll be around, and he's such a lovely old chap.

Have any of the little ones got their canine teeth yet? C is teething and I think the first is about to pop through (on the top) - she is quite grumpy a lot of the time, so I'm hoping it'll pass. Although she was as happy as anything at bath time because we were singing Monty Python songs to her...

PurplePidjin Sun 04-May-14 11:56:57

MaMa R has a full set and has done for a month or so now. Hopefully his nappy rash will clear up now, although I've got him in full time fitteds and wool for a few days as well as Fucibet from the Dr. His sleep has started improving again though <phew>

halestone Sun 04-May-14 13:49:59

Mama H has them as well and was miserable when they came through. Luckily it didn't last long.

Beasty is the gazebo up now?

Spotty, i hope you have a lovely day.

We've been the walk in centre again due to H's breathing and they have finally prescribed her an Inhaler. FX it makes an improvement.

Barbeasty Sun 04-May-14 15:34:28

The gazebo finally went up yesterday. We had lunch there and it worked really well.

A's canines are coming through. But they're like his top front teeth and have pretty much broken through the front of the gum and are slowly depending. And MIL spotted his recent molars on Friday and put a finger in to feel- he's quick at biting!!

Hales hope the inhaler helps.

WLmum Sun 04-May-14 19:19:36

Poor H hales. I hope the inhaler helps. I've had a pal here this arvo playing with the kids then she's staying for wine time! Tomorrow we're going on a family bike ride and picnic - T on my bike, dd2 on the tag along behind DH (maiden voyage) and dd1 on her bike. Really hope everyone is good and enjoys it. Today has been a bit of a trial as they've all been tired after an exciting and long day yesterday.

halestone Mon 05-May-14 06:54:55

is anyone awake for some advice?

H's breathing doesn't seem right still i've given her, her inhaler but its nit really helped. She is tossing and turning like shes really struggling to get comfy. She seems really agitated. I don't know what to do. Part of me is thinking take her to hospital and another part of me is thinking thats a huge over reaction. Also i'm scared she'll be completely normal by the time i get there.

Hales if you're worried take her in, they would rather see her than not honestly.

WLmum Mon 05-May-14 07:12:54

I agree with spotty. I've always been told by drs if you're worried bring them in. Poor H.

MaMaPo Mon 05-May-14 07:15:20

Definitely not an overreaction, hales. Do what you think is best. Poor girl...

ddas Mon 05-May-14 07:35:58

I'd much rather be able to reassure a worried parent quickly than have a sick child that should have come in earlier. Yes she may be fine but if you're really worried that's enough reason to go in.

ddas Mon 05-May-14 07:37:09

Plus at this time a&e/ooh will be fairly empty so you'll be seen very quickly

Maryland2013 Mon 05-May-14 08:09:33

I would go too Hales. I've taken DS to OOH before numerous times with breathing. I've also taken videos of his wheezing and coughing in case he doesn't do it at the docs and they think I'm a bit mad

Take her to a&e hales. When we took F in because his breathing was laboured (the inhaler made f all difference) they said we did the right thing. And even though we thought he seemed alright ince we got there, they could tell he wasn't iykwim?

Fx she's better soon

ddas Mon 05-May-14 08:47:35

No video's good!!! Especially for things like when parents think seizures are occurring but obviously might not happen in the short time you see them

WLmum Mon 05-May-14 10:26:54

I was just in the shower and T came in, pointed at my boob and shouted milk!

halestone Mon 05-May-14 11:00:23

Thank You everyone, i took her in shortly after i put that message as she was really agitated. The dr was brilliant and said we did the right thing. She has a viral wheeze and has another throat/ear infection, which wasn't there yesterday. We have to carry on with her inhaler but when they saw the inhaler we had been given they weren't happy as apparently it was an easy breath one and doesn't work well with a spacer. They also showed us exactly what to do and gave us brilliant advice and told us always to go straight to A+E if the inhaler doesn't relieve her symptoms.

Thank you all thanks i love our little mumsnet group.

MaMaPo Mon 05-May-14 11:43:47

Oh Hales, I'm so glad you got some good care and advice. Well done to you for not being too reluctant to get H seen to. It sounds like the doctors were really helpful.

Any advice for me? C has stopped napping at nursery. Just plain refuses. I don't know if it's a phase that she'll grow out of, but she needs a nap! Today when I picked her up at 5pm she had been awake since 7am and had a meltdown as I tried to get her into the car. She wasn't too bad for the rest of the evening but was out like a light at 6.30.

The staff at her nursery are good at trying different times and with different levels of intervention. It's quite frustrating (especially as she can nap for up to 3 hours when she's at home). Do I just stop worrying and hope she starts napping again? She used to sleep quite well there.

WLmum Mon 05-May-14 12:25:23

hales I'm so glad you got nice drs and a better inhaler. I hope she feels better soon. I have been thinking about you all morning.
mama it sounds like there's nothing you can do so you might just have to find a way to live with it and hope it's just a phase!

Stacks Mon 05-May-14 14:54:15

Hope H is feeling bettrt today hales, glad you got some good doctors

Hales glad the drs were nice smile we found the a&e drs lovely when we went recently with ds.

Mama I think it's a phase. It's so fun at nursery she doesn't want to miss out. That's not to say she will ever get passed it though!

halestone Mon 05-May-14 15:32:47

Mama i also think it could be just a phase would she go to bed earlier to compensate for losing the nap? Or could you take her for a walk in the pram when shes at home that usually makes H fall asleep if all else fails.

Maryland2013 Mon 05-May-14 18:04:02

Good news Hales- definitely the right thing to do smile how is H now?
What was the different inhaler they gave you?
Does anyone know (ddas?) if there us a preventative inhaler for kids or just the blue one?

Mama you've probably tried these things already.. But when DS wasn't sleeping at nursery we sent in a sleeping bag and made sure they always put him down for his nap in a cot (rather than on a mat or in a pushchair like some of the kids)
He also has his nap after lunch- he doesn't sleep unless he has a full tummy ;)

WLmum Mon 05-May-14 19:31:47

maryland dd2 has had the brown preventative inhaler for about 6 months now (since she was 3.5).

We had a lovely afternoon biking - T loved being on my bike waving to people, dogs and horses, and dd1 on her bike and dd2 in the trailer behind DH whenever we came alongside each other. We had a picnic tea and climbed trees too. It nearly started in disaster though as DH hadn't attached the bike carrier properly and about 10 mins into the car journey both our bikes fell off the back. We were so lucky that the car behind wasn't closer and had plenty of time to swerve.

WLmum Mon 05-May-14 19:32:56

T was so cute tipping her head back to grin at me (seat goes on my cross bar) and have a quick kiss.

utopian99 Mon 05-May-14 20:26:41

Very cute wl! (And a bit scary with the car.)

Also glad all is better with H hales.

mama O's sleep varies wildly depending on how exciting his environment is. I would hope once she gets more used to the new environment she picks up a nap again? If I really need O to sleep I tend to give him a bottle of milk, rather than cup, which I think soothes him.

We've had a lovely weekend doing family things. Dh's birthday was on Saturday so I took the day off and have only done two hours work in the morning yesterday and today. It's been so nice having family time, and to make the most of the three of us before the New Small arrives.

Also, somehow at this afternoon's nappy change I found two laurel leaves and a handful of earth in there. He's been wearing a vest and trousers - how is that even possible?!

ddas Mon 05-May-14 20:45:54

Haha they are little Houdini's!!

Yep like wlmum says brown one is the preventive one as is a steroid.

Glad dd is better hales.

We've also had a lovely wkend- makes such difference when the sun comes out and you can spend all day in the garden. The dc are playing more and more together which is so nice to see. Dd is also really coming on in her speech suddenly.

ddas Mon 05-May-14 20:49:06

We do have a nice postnatal group don't we- can't believe it's still going quite strong. Think most fizzle out. Maybe we should try to arrange a meet up one day- to make it easier maybe 2- a north and south one but think actually most of us are south? Know spotty and wlmum you guys are close to me.

Hi all, glad to hear of all the nice weekends. Hope H is doing much better Hales.

Hopefully it's a phase Mama. DS is starting to lengthen his nursery naps now he's used to being there.

I went to a spa for my mum's birthday on Saturday, it was amazing!

I'm sad tonight, I filled in my CTC form and started packing for the move. I'll be moving mid June and have to move in with mum and dad as still trying to sort a mortgage on my own. I miss being a family and spending bank holidays doing fun stuff. I miss being happy and carefree and loved. In just so bloody sad. I cannot imagine leaving this house, we were so happy here.

WLmum Mon 05-May-14 23:02:36

So sorry willyou. It must be pretty shitty. A friend irl is going through a similar thing atm. At least I can visit her and take pastries and flowers - have to send you virtual ones. She knows, as I'm sure you do, that it's short term pain for long term gain but doesn't always make it any easier.
I was talking to a friend last night about how one of the reasons I need to get back into proper work is to ensure that I would be ok financially if something ever did happen.

On another note - anyone remember the massive spider DH let loose in the car? He made an appearance tonight!! And DH failed to catch him so he is still at large in the feckin car. Shudder.
ddas def let's try again for a meet up.

MaMaPo Tue 06-May-14 03:49:54

Willyou, that sounds unimaginably tough.

Ddas, I'd love a meetup! Sadly, I'm quite far south sad

Thanks for nursery nap tips! She has a sleeping bag and lovey, she gets put down in a cot etc but no dice. She started there in Jan and napped for a while, but stopped about 3-4 weeks ago. Occasionally she will nap there but it's less and less frequent. She just has a severe case of FOMO - fear of missing out. She hates to think anyone is awake without her. Pesky baby!

Barbeasty Tue 06-May-14 06:07:00

WillYou I know it's tough on weekends like this, but don't forget why you're doing this. And make the most of your parents while you're staying with them.

Hales glade H is being sorted.

DD had a brown inhaler for a bit when she was about 18 months. Went with the spacer but was a pain to give her!

MamaPo do they put them all down for a nap together? At the DC's nursery they have to lie down for quiet time even if they don't sleep- so most do drop off.

Ddas funnily enough I looked back at DD's postnatal thread this weekend. The last posts were around when A was born, and there have only been a few hundred posts since it started in 2011. I think it fizzled out when they turned 2.

We put the DC to bed last night and a short while later there was a huge commotion and screaming. DH and I both thought that DD had been helping A to climb from his cot or something. But actually she was on her potty and a big spider crawled across the floor in front of her. She'd jumped into bed! Both needed calming down!

WLmum Tue 06-May-14 14:28:37

Poor dd beasty. Oh no, that's just reminded me that I've to get in the car to collect dd1 shortly - the spider infested car!

WLmum Tue 06-May-14 21:24:03

T had a silly short nap this morning so ended up with a lateish one too and then wouldn't go to bed. After over an hours battle she was sick - don't think I'll, think just crying and snot (most of the time I was trying to settle her she was crawling about lively as anything). So she's been down having stories and now we're trying again. She bloody better sleep through after all these shenanigans!

WLmum Tue 06-May-14 21:25:22

T had a silly short nap this morning so ended up with a lateish one too and then wouldn't go to bed. After over an hours battle she was sick - don't think I'll, think just crying and snot (most of the time I was trying to settle her she was crawling about lively as anything). So she's been down having stories and now we're trying again. She bloody better sleep through after all these shenanigans!

WLmum Tue 06-May-14 23:01:01

Looks rather like I'm talking to myself!

I'm here WL. Hope she's still asleep for you.

My poor timeshare baby is at XP's tonight. I miss him (DS not so much the other one today). I got my mortgage in principle today and have put in an offer on a house. Hoping it all goes through okay. Bit scary

halestone Tue 06-May-14 23:44:02

WL bless her, i have my FX for you that T sleeps through. H has vomited all over me today requiring me showering and a full change of clothes/underwear.

Willyou i hope your ok.

Beasty poor DD i find spiders ok as long as their not moving near me.

halestone Tue 06-May-14 23:45:03

WL bless her, i have my FX for you that T sleeps through. H has vomited all over me today requiring me showering and a full change of clothes/underwear.

Willyou i hope your ok.

Beasty poor DD i find spiders ok as long as their not moving near me.

halestone Tue 06-May-14 23:52:09

WL bless her, i have my FX for you that T sleeps through. H has vomited all over me today requiring me showering and a full change of clothes/underwear.

Willyou i hope your ok.

Beasty poor DD i find spiders ok as long as their not moving near me.

I'm sorry i'm struggling to keep up at the moment due to lack of sleep and work. I hope our group doesn't fizzle out. It feels like your all a group of friends now.

halestone Tue 06-May-14 23:53:09

WL bless her, i have my FX for you that T sleeps through. H has vomited all over me today requiring me showering and a full change of clothes/underwear.

Willyou i hope your ok.

Beasty poor DD i find spiders ok as long as their not moving near me.

I'm sorry i'm struggling to keep up at the moment due to lack of sleep and work. I hope our group doesn't fizzle out. It feels like your all a group of friends now.

halestone Tue 06-May-14 23:54:10

WL bless her, i have my FX for you that T sleeps through. H has vomited all over me today requiring me showering and a full change of clothes/underwear.

Willyou i hope your ok.

Beasty poor DD i find spiders ok as long as their not moving near me.

I'm sorry i'm struggling to keep up at the moment due to lack of sleep and work. I hope our group doesn't fizzle out. It feels like your all a group of friends now.

halestone Tue 06-May-14 23:54:49

WL bless her, i have my FX for you that T sleeps through. H has vomited all over me today requiring me showering and a full change of clothes/underwear.

Willyou i hope your ok.

Beasty poor DD i find spiders ok as long as their not moving near me.

I'm sorry i'm struggling to keep up at the moment due to lack of sleep and work. I hope our group doesn't fizzle out. It feels like your all a group of friends now.

halestone Tue 06-May-14 23:55:21

WL bless her, i have my FX for you that T sleeps through. H has vomited all over me today requiring me showering and a full change of clothes/underwear.

Willyou i hope your ok.

Beasty poor DD i find spiders ok as long as their not moving near me.

I'm sorry i'm struggling to keep up at the moment due to lack of sleep and work. I hope our group doesn't fizzle out. It feels like your all a group of friends now.

halestone Tue 06-May-14 23:56:10

WL bless her, i have my FX for you that T sleeps through. H has vomited all over me today requiring me showering and a full change of clothes/underwear.

Willyou i hope your ok.

Beasty poor DD i find spiders ok as long as their not moving near me.

I'm sorry i'm struggling to keep up at the moment due to lack of sleep and work. I hope our group doesn't fizzle out. It feels like your all a group of friends now.

halestone Tue 06-May-14 23:56:41

WL bless her, i have my FX for you that T sleeps through. H has vomited all over me today requiring me showering and a full change of clothes/underwear.

Willyou i hope your ok.

Beasty poor DD i find spiders ok as long as their not moving near me.

I'm sorry i'm struggling to keep up at the moment due to lack of sleep and work. I hope our group doesn't fizzle out. It feels like your all a group of friends now.

halestone Tue 06-May-14 23:57:40

WL bless her, i have my FX for you that T sleeps through. H has vomited all over me today requiring me showering and a full change of clothes/underwear.

Willyou i hope your ok.

Beasty poor DD i find spiders ok as long as their not moving near me.

I'm sorry i'm struggling to keep up at the moment due to lack of sleep and work. I hope our group doesn't fizzle out. It feels like your all a group of friends now.

halestone Tue 06-May-14 23:58:11

WL bless her, i have my FX for you that T sleeps through. H has vomited all over me today requiring me showering and a full change of clothes/underwear.

Willyou i hope your ok.

Beasty poor DD i find spiders ok as long as their not moving near me.

I'm sorry i'm struggling to keep up at the moment due to lack of sleep and work. I hope our group doesn't fizzle out. It feels like your all a group of friends now.

halestone Tue 06-May-14 23:59:12

WL bless her, i have my FX for you that T sleeps through. H has vomited all over me today requiring me showering and a full change of clothes/underwear.

Willyou i hope your ok.

Beasty poor DD i find spiders ok as long as their not moving near me.

I'm sorry i'm struggling to keep up at the moment due to lack of sleep and work. I hope our group doesn't fizzle out. It feels like your all a group of friends now.

halestone Wed 07-May-14 00:00:12

WL bless her, i have my FX for you that T sleeps through. H has vomited all over me today requiring me showering and a full change of clothes/underwear.

Willyou i hope your ok.

Beasty poor DD i find spiders ok as long as their not moving near me.

I'm sorry i'm struggling to keep up at the moment due to lack of sleep and work. I hope our group doesn't fizzle out. It feels like your all a group of friends now.

halestone Wed 07-May-14 00:00:42

WL bless her, i have my FX for you that T sleeps through. H has vomited all over me today requiring me showering and a full change of clothes/underwear.

Willyou i hope your ok.

Beasty poor DD i find spiders ok as long as their not moving near me.

I'm sorry i'm struggling to keep up at the moment due to lack of sleep and work. I hope our group doesn't fizzle out. It feels like your all a group of friends now.

halestone Wed 07-May-14 00:01:11

WL bless her, i have my FX for you that T sleeps through. H has vomited all over me today requiring me showering and a full change of clothes/underwear.

Willyou i hope your ok.

Beasty poor DD i find spiders ok as long as their not moving near me.

I'm sorry i'm struggling to keep up at the moment due to lack of sleep and work. I hope our group doesn't fizzle out. It feels like your all a group of friends now.

halestone Wed 07-May-14 00:02:11

WL bless her, i have my FX for you that T sleeps through. H has vomited all over me today requiring me showering and a full change of clothes/underwear.

Willyou i hope your ok.

Beasty poor DD i find spiders ok as long as their not moving near me.

I'm sorry i'm struggling to keep up at the moment due to lack of sleep and work. I hope our group doesn't fizzle out. It feels like your all a group of friends now.

halestone Wed 07-May-14 00:02:41

WL bless her, i have my FX for you that T sleeps through. H has vomited all over me today requiring me showering and a full change of clothes/underwear.

Willyou i hope your ok.

Beasty poor DD i find spiders ok as long as their not moving near me.

I'm sorry i'm struggling to keep up at the moment due to lack of sleep and work. I hope our group doesn't fizzle out. It feels like your all a group of friends now.

halestone Wed 07-May-14 00:03:42

WL bless her, i have my FX for you that T sleeps through. H has vomited all over me today requiring me showering and a full change of clothes/underwear.

Willyou i hope your ok.

Beasty poor DD i find spiders ok as long as their not moving near me.

I'm sorry i'm struggling to keep up at the moment due to lack of sleep and work. I hope our group doesn't fizzle out. It feels like your all a group of friends now.

halestone Wed 07-May-14 00:04:12

WL bless her, i have my FX for you that T sleeps through. H has vomited all over me today requiring me showering and a full change of clothes/underwear.

Willyou i hope your ok.

Beasty poor DD i find spiders ok as long as their not moving near me.

I'm sorry i'm struggling to keep up at the moment due to lack of sleep and work. I hope our group doesn't fizzle out. It feels like your all a group of friends now.

halestone Wed 07-May-14 00:05:14

WL bless her, i have my FX for you that T sleeps through. H has vomited all over me today requiring me showering and a full change of clothes/underwear.

Willyou i hope your ok.

Beasty poor DD i find spiders ok as long as their not moving near me.

I'm sorry i'm struggling to keep up at the moment due to lack of sleep and work. I hope our group doesn't fizzle out. It feels like your all a group of friends now.

halestone Wed 07-May-14 00:05:50

WL bless her, i have my FX for you that T sleeps through. H has vomited all over me today requiring me showering and a full change of clothes/underwear.

Willyou i hope your ok.

Beasty poor DD i find spiders ok as long as their not moving near me.

I'm sorry i'm struggling to keep up at the moment due to lack of sleep and work. I hope our group doesn't fizzle out. It feels like your all a group of friends now.

halestone Wed 07-May-14 00:06:50

WL bless her, i have my FX for you that T sleeps through. H has vomited all over me today requiring me showering and a full change of clothes/underwear.

Willyou i hope your ok.

Beasty poor DD i find spiders ok as long as their not moving near me.

I'm sorry i'm struggling to keep up at the moment due to lack of sleep and work. I hope our group doesn't fizzle out. It feels like your all a group of friends now.

halestone Wed 07-May-14 00:07:20

WL bless her, i have my FX for you that T sleeps through. H has vomited all over me today requiring me showering and a full change of clothes/underwear.

Willyou i hope your ok.

Beasty poor DD i find spiders ok as long as their not moving near me.

I'm sorry i'm struggling to keep up at the moment due to lack of sleep and work. I hope our group doesn't fizzle out. It feels like your all a group of friends now.

halestone Wed 07-May-14 00:08:21

WL bless her, i have my FX for you that T sleeps through. H has vomited all over me today requiring me showering and a full change of clothes/underwear.

Willyou i hope your ok.

Beasty poor DD i find spiders ok as long as their not moving near me.

I'm sorry i'm struggling to keep up at the moment due to lack of sleep and work. I hope our group doesn't fizzle out. It feels like your all a group of friends now.

halestone Wed 07-May-14 00:08:57

WL bless her, i have my FX for you that T sleeps through. H has vomited all over me today requiring me showering and a full change of clothes/underwear.

Willyou i hope your ok.

Beasty poor DD i find spiders ok as long as their not moving near me.

I'm sorry i'm struggling to keep up at the moment due to lack of sleep and work. I hope our group doesn't fizzle out. It feels like your all a group of friends now.

halestone Wed 07-May-14 00:09:57

WL bless her, i have my FX for you that T sleeps through. H has vomited all over me today requiring me showering and a full change of clothes/underwear.

Willyou i hope your ok.

Beasty poor DD i find spiders ok as long as their not moving near me.

I'm sorry i'm struggling to keep up at the moment due to lack of sleep and work. I hope our group doesn't fizzle out. It feels like your all a group of friends now.

halestone Wed 07-May-14 00:10:22

WL bless her, i have my FX for you that T sleeps through. H has vomited all over me today requiring me showering and a full change of clothes/underwear.

Willyou i hope your ok.

Beasty poor DD i find spiders ok as long as their not moving near me.

I'm sorry i'm struggling to keep up at the moment due to lack of sleep and work. I hope our group doesn't fizzle out. It feels like your all a group of friends now.

halestone Wed 07-May-14 00:11:23

WL bless her, i have my FX for you that T sleeps through. H has vomited all over me today requiring me showering and a full change of clothes/underwear.

Willyou i hope your ok.

Beasty poor DD i find spiders ok as long as their not moving near me.

I'm sorry i'm struggling to keep up at the moment due to lack of sleep and work. I hope our group doesn't fizzle out. It feels like your all a group of friends now.

halestone Wed 07-May-14 00:11:55

WL bless her, i have my FX for you that T sleeps through. H has vomited all over me today requiring me showering and a full change of clothes/underwear.

Willyou i hope your ok.

Beasty poor DD i find spiders ok as long as their not moving near me.

I'm sorry i'm struggling to keep up at the moment due to lack of sleep and work. I hope our group doesn't fizzle out. It feels like your all a group of friends now.

halestone Wed 07-May-14 00:12:56

WL bless her, i have my FX for you that T sleeps through. H has vomited all over me today requiring me showering and a full change of clothes/underwear.

Willyou i hope your ok.

Beasty poor DD i find spiders ok as long as their not moving near me.

I'm sorry i'm struggling to keep up at the moment due to lack of sleep and work. I hope our group doesn't fizzle out. It feels like your all a group of friends now.

halestone Wed 07-May-14 00:13:56

WL bless her, i have my FX for you that T sleeps through. H has vomited all over me today requiring me showering and a full change of clothes/underwear.

Willyou i hope your ok.

Beasty poor DD i find spiders ok as long as their not moving near me.

I'm sorry i'm struggling to keep up at the moment due to lack of sleep and work. I hope our group doesn't fizzle out. It feels like your all a group of friends now.

halestone Wed 07-May-14 00:14:57

WL bless her, i have my FX for you that T sleeps through. H has vomited all over me today requiring me showering and a full change of clothes/underwear.

Willyou i hope your ok.

Beasty poor DD i find spiders ok as long as their not moving near me.

I'm sorry i'm struggling to keep up at the moment due to lack of sleep and work. I hope our group doesn't fizzle out. It feels like your all a group of friends now.

halestone Wed 07-May-14 00:15:28

WL bless her, i have my FX for you that T sleeps through. H has vomited all over me today requiring me showering and a full change of clothes/underwear.

Willyou i hope your ok.

Beasty poor DD i find spiders ok as long as their not moving near me.

I'm sorry i'm struggling to keep up at the moment due to lack of sleep and work. I hope our group doesn't fizzle out. It feels like your all a group of friends now.

halestone Wed 07-May-14 00:15:58

WL bless her, i have my FX for you that T sleeps through. H has vomited all over me today requiring me showering and a full change of clothes/underwear.

Willyou i hope your ok.

Beasty poor DD i find spiders ok as long as their not moving near me.

I'm sorry i'm struggling to keep up at the moment due to lack of sleep and work. I hope our group doesn't fizzle out. It feels like your all a group of friends now.

halestone Wed 07-May-14 00:16:59

WL bless her, i have my FX for you that T sleeps through. H has vomited all over me today requiring me showering and a full change of clothes/underwear.

Willyou i hope your ok.

Beasty poor DD i find spiders ok as long as their not moving near me.

I'm sorry i'm struggling to keep up at the moment due to lack of sleep and work. I hope our group doesn't fizzle out. It feels like your all a group of friends now.

halestone Wed 07-May-14 00:17:29

WL bless her, i have my FX for you that T sleeps through. H has vomited all over me today requiring me showering and a full change of clothes/underwear.

Willyou i hope your ok.

Beasty poor DD i find spiders ok as long as their not moving near me.

I'm sorry i'm struggling to keep up at the moment due to lack of sleep and work. I hope our group doesn't fizzle out. It feels like your all a group of friends now.

MaMaPo Wed 07-May-14 04:05:00

Wow, we've nearly run out of space on this thread! The site is so buggy today.

So, of course, yesterday C slept fine at nursery! They had to persist with her for a bit but she napped for 90 minutes. She was such a happy, non-tantrumy baby in the evening, it was so delightful!

Went shopping to buy some warmer clothes for her today - I am SO sick of hearts, flowers, pink, purple, and dire prints like 'Princess!' and 'Pretty like my mummy!' VOMIT.

Waves and greetings to everyone on the thread. Here's to a happy Wednesday for you all. Willyou, good luck on the house offer!

MaMaPo Wed 07-May-14 04:06:56

Wow, we've nearly run out of space on this thread! The site is so buggy today.

So, of course, yesterday C slept fine at nursery! They had to persist with her for a bit but she napped for 90 minutes. She was such a happy, non-tantrumy baby in the evening, it was so delightful!

Went shopping to buy some warmer clothes for her today - I am SO sick of hearts, flowers, pink, purple, and dire prints like 'Princess!' and 'Pretty like my mummy!' VOMIT.

Waves and greetings to everyone on the thread. Here's to a happy Wednesday for you all. Willyou, good luck on the house offer!

ddas Wed 07-May-14 06:08:43

Wow do we think we may have gremlin on the thread with the doubled posts?

willyou good luck with the house! But If you do end up having to stay with your parents for a bit may not be the end of the world as may take some of the pressure off you and give you some time to find the right house, get finances in order etc plus some help with j. But fingers crossed you'll be moving straight into your new house! Amazed how quickly you're getting on top of everything with all that's happened.

Dd been up since 4am- wide awake. I on the other hang am exhausted and desperate to go to sleep.

Barbeasty Wed 07-May-14 07:38:59

Now I see why the site seemed to be down this morning!

Yay WillYou. Fingers crossed it all goes well.

I'd happily have lent you A last night. 1.45am I managed to get to sleep. He wouldn't take medicine for his teeth, wanted 2 mammoth feeds between 10 and midnight, was screaming so much we had to move DD into the spare room, then he wouldn't settle because her bed was empty. I ended up in there until he was asleep, but couldn't sleep in there. So i adjusted my alarm for 5.30am!! I'm slightly tired this morning...

MamaPo of course she slept. It's just to keep you second guessing.

Hopefully you can find some pretty non-sickly clothes Mama. My mum is driving my sister mental with this. She's having a girl and has decorated her nursery in jungle animals. My mum keeps going on and on about princesses and pink and why would she use jungle animals? I'm the least princessy person going and I can't remember us being that into them.

Wow Hales, don't worry about not keeping up - you've just posted enough to last the month! grin

Oh poor you Beasty, are you working today?

I'm WFH today and didn't need to be up until 8:30. Been awake for ages!

ddas Wed 07-May-14 07:57:18

Wow do we think we may have gremlin on the thread with the doubled posts?

willyou good luck with the house! But If you do end up having to stay with your parents for a bit may not be the end of the world as may take some of the pressure off you and give you some time to find the right house, get finances in order etc plus some help with j. But fingers crossed you'll be moving straight into your new house! Amazed how quickly you're getting on top of everything with all that's happened.

Dd been up since 4am- wide awake. I on the other hang am exhausted and desperate to go to sleep.

I'm not a fan of pink either- amazingly hard to find neutral coloured shoes in dd's size!

Barbeasty Wed 07-May-14 10:36:17

I'm no fan of pink. But DD is about as pink, sparkly and princessy as it comes! I'm an engineer ffs.

Yes. I'm main-lining tea at the desk. But could be worse.Trying very hard to ignore the charity snacks behind me- made easier by having tasted the flapjack before!

Roll on home time. At least I'm just making sure stuff is up to date and preparing a hand over for the end of June.

Ds isn't very well and we are out of calpol even though I asked dp to get some angry he's all snotty and has a temp.

Dd will only wear dresses hmm quite difficult sometimes!

halestone Wed 07-May-14 10:49:12

wow apparently i posted alot last night shock

Beasty i hope you get some sleep tonight.

H has woken up by vomiting across the room again. I have never dealt with as much vomit as these last few days.

Willyou i hope you find your dream house.

Matalan do not overly fussy girls clothes, thats where i get most of H's stuff now.

FX this only posts once so i don't fill an entire feed.

halestone Wed 07-May-14 11:57:15

Spotty i hope DS is better soon. thanks

PurplePidjin Wed 07-May-14 12:32:31


This looks really easy and has lots of steps because it talks you through everything smile

Stacks Wed 07-May-14 12:52:44

Afternoon all. I tried reading back, but the thread was so slow to load I couldn't get past hales's gremlin posts.

Hope DS is better soon Spotty, can you get out to get some calpol today?

I've been buying girls clothes second hand for bump (I already have a few things up to 18m!), and picking and choosing from things which come up and aren't too girly. I'm another one that's not a huge fan of pink. I don't mind it, and think there are some lovely pink things out there. I just don't agree with dressing a girl in nothing else!

hales really hope DD is better soon. Do you know what's up with her? Whatever it is it certainly doesn't sound pleasant for either of you.

Willyou I'll add my good luck to others, though I've missed your original post somewhere. It's so important to have a place to live sorted out, you can't feel settled in anything else till you know where you're going to be.

beasty sending sleepy dust your way for tonight.

T keeps waking up early, then spending the day tired. Not really sure if there's anything I can do to break the cycle. I just keep praying for a day of decent nap and a later morning. Anything on the clock starting with 5 is just inhuman (sorry for those of you that have to get up at those times for work!).
He's had a cough for the last 3 weeks, so finally have in and took him to the dr. As you can probably guess, they just said its viral and could take up to 6 weeks to clear. Luckily he doesn't seem too bothered by it on the whole. It's not waking him at night or making him seem ill. Just makes me look like an awful parent when he's coughing away at playgroup.

ddas Wed 07-May-14 12:53:08

beasty guess once they get older we'll have no say in what they wear lol!! Hope you get through the day without falling asleep- thought I was tired till I read about your night!! Fingers crossed both our dc will have tired themselves out and sleep tonight smile

wlmum maybe we should try a wisley meet up?

Well if dp had told me he hasn't got any (even though I asked him to and he went to tesco last night) I would have got some this morning when I took dd to nursery but I'm not driving twenty minutes just for calpol. And now it's chucking it down with rain we will all get soaked if I get some when picking dd up. angry

Ddas I'm up for that smile

Ds just won't sleep....

Stacks Wed 07-May-14 14:55:31

DS just moved me out the way - so he could better see the spider under my leg!!!!! I managed to stay calm and collected and say "oh look, a spider" while moving faster than I thought I could move!

It's now safe in a glass where DS is giggling at its predicament. Much like when I put the cat in the cat box. smile

Barbeasty Wed 07-May-14 15:05:48

Spotty please start forgetting stuff for him. Or make him go out for it this evening.

For neutral shoes (or at least not pink shoes) try independent shoe shops. There are some amazing brands out there. DD had a lovely pair of purple boots with a sparkly train on them- a nice mix of girly and trains. Now it's bright pink sandals (only ones which fitted according to her hmm ) flowery canvas shoes and camouflage wellies because she didn't realise they were in the boy section of Sainsbury's!

And as for us getting a say.... We'll demand tights go under shorts in mid winter, but get little say otherwise. From before 2yrs she would get changed if she didn't like what we dressed her in. And A was handing me things from his drawer to put him in the other day, putting back the things he disagreed with. Oh joy!

halestone Wed 07-May-14 15:17:59

hahaha Stacks that has made me giggle. grin

WLmum Wed 07-May-14 19:39:02

Poor hales and H. She seems to be having a bad run atm poor mite.
ddas I was going to suggest wisley!
mama when dd1 was little I tried to go as neural as possible and sometimes dressed her in boys clothes just for a change from girly stuff. From really early she was another who chose her own clothes and would strip off if we put her in something else.
I was not impressed with the very grown up 'caviar' nail polish she got in a party bag on Sunday.

ddas Wed 07-May-14 22:37:02

wlmum great minds and all that smile
I wouldn't be happy with nail polish either. Makes me think though at what age I'd feel happy for dd to do certain things ie nail polish, make up, ear piercing- all the things I'm sure she'll ask for. Girls are a bit of a mind field!! Feel more at ease with ds but I'm sure with him I'll be worrying about spending wkends in a&e after he's hurt himself playing rugby or something. Although dh did coach a girls rugby team at uni so maybe it'll be dd instead smile
Ds is pretty relaxed about what he wears and will wear whatever i put out although is currently obsessed with some awful Spider-Man trainers dh got him.
will you did your offer get accepted?

WLmum Wed 07-May-14 22:57:15

willyou I meant to say you don't hang about do you?! Good for you for showing you mean business but do be sure it's the right thing and not a rush decision. Hope your mum and dad are supportive.

WLmum Wed 07-May-14 23:01:20

ddas dd1 has asked about getting her ears pierced, I've said when she's 12! I guess that might come down a bit but I hate little girls dressed as adults (and boys for that matter). She has occaisionally had her nails painted by me in a fairly neutral colour, and had a smidge of eye shadow for the school disco. I'm quite a square mum!

Offer accepted! It's not me who doesn't hang about WL - until 2 weeks ago I was under the impression that we were having a trial separation and XP and I would look for separate rentals for a while. Next thing u know he's found a house and will be buying it and is being a twat (subsequently his house fell through).

The thought of living with mum n dad for an extended period of time with their (well meaning) interference in how to raise DS made me step up the house search! It's going shockingly fast now though!

Hope everyone has a good night. Sleep tight all

halestone Thu 08-May-14 04:46:18

17 times H has woken so far tonight 17 bastard times. I am so so tired.

halestone Thu 08-May-14 04:52:04

Sorry for all the me me me posts recently.

Willyou yay to getting the offer accepted.thanks

WL how old is DD1? I haven't really thought about nail varnish and make up yet for H. But that maybe because i only ever wear nail varnish on my toes and make up on special occasions. I was kind of hoping H would be like me and not really be bothered by it.

Beasty H isn't bothered what she wears although she would be much happier wearing nothing. She absolutely loves being naked or just wearing a nappy.

Congratulations WillYou!

Dd gets nail varnish on her toes but not by me hmm that's my little sister! I was allowed my ears pierced at ten but had to have them done at the drs.

Ds wears whatever I put on him and is also obsessed with shoes and dd's toy handbags...

Oh and hales I hope h has given you a few hours sleep sad

utopian99 Thu 08-May-14 06:31:17

Hugs and coffee for you hales!

I only do nail varnish on toes and makeup for special occasions too, but remember going through about a year at 14 of wearing it everyday to school. Think my mum just put up with it but then I was a teenager bu then...

Oh I've only recently stopped wearing make up every day. I wouldn't dream of going to work without it though, I look awful!

utopian99 Thu 08-May-14 06:35:45

Oh and congratulations on the house willyou! Sorry for the situation but well done on dealing with it so well.

Maryland2013 Thu 08-May-14 06:57:06

Willyou I have a LOT of respect for you smile
I hope your friends are telling you how well you are doing.

DSD had her ears pierced at 2. And again at 5/6/7/8 cos they kept going manky and then healed up. Her mum said she could do it at 3 cos "all the kids at nursery had theirs done". Jeez...
It's hard with girls I think. She's now nearly 14 and has to have a full face of make up just for Tesco- despite our protests. She also has her hair bleached so every few weeks horrendous roots. I've tried to tell her how wrecked her hair will get!!

I used to let her have lip gloss when playing dress up.. Then when older I let her wear lip gloss to parties / weddings etc
Girls just want to grow up much faster than we would like them to! I also hate high heels on little girls- broken ankle waiting to happen!!

Stacks Thu 08-May-14 07:24:01

Oh hale what an awful night you must have had. I hope H let you get a bit of sleep? Is there any way you can get a break today for a nap?

WillYou congrats on the house offer being accepted. I'm not sure I could live long term with my parents either. My dad is lovely, but his house is totally unsuitable for any child. My mum is, well, hard work.

Barbeasty Thu 08-May-14 07:58:42

Hales I hope you're both fast asleep now.

WillYou well done. Hope it all goes smoothly.

DD is desperate to wear make up (and has been known to steal my lip stick!), have her ears pierced (I've told her when she's 13), and to "paint her hair red" which I've said 16.... I don't know where she gets it from. I only wear make up incredibly rarely and don't dye my hair.

MrsNutella Thu 08-May-14 08:08:53

willyou well done you and your own house! That's awesome! I hope you feel at home there with DS.

hales poor you and H. Has she got any teeth left to arrive? Sorry she has been sick. You really are having a time of it, wish I could offer to take her for a few hours so you could rest a bit. Hope your family and DP are helpful.

I remember not being that bothered about girly stuff as a kid/teenager. But then I lived in the middle of nowhere with three brothers so I think I played with boys more anyway.
Now I hate going out without a little bit of mascara. I'm blonde blonde blonde and feel so pale without a bit of make up (and tired) I bought some powder foundation stuff for my wedding and I love it! So my makeup routine is slowly increasing. confused Although if I'm slobbing around the house or just going to the supermarket I don't bother.
My mum let me have my ears pierced for my 13 birthday, and that was at the dr's.

I had a lovely birthday on Monday. DH is making birthdays good again smile I'm so glad I have DH. He is sooo lovely. He's away at the moment (just for two nights) and I really miss him. Although so far DS is being good as gold.

MaMaPo Thu 08-May-14 10:04:21

Well done willyou, and poor you Hales! What a rough time you've both been having, in very different ways.

My husband is watching Eurovision entries online and laughing like a loon. We love Eurovision, even as far away from Europe as we are, and have a party most years. Latvia's entry is a particular shocker this year.

Happy birthday Nutella!

We're doing the 5:2 way of eating at the moment and today is a fast day - I've not had much to eat today and so sitting here smelling the broccoli roasting in the oven (to be made into soup) is nearly making me drool. So hungry!

Mama I'm making this for dinner. Less than 400cals. NFD for me will be fasting tomorrow. Trying to do 16:8 today. Got half a stone to lose before my holiday hmm my hands stink of garlic yuck.

The weather is horrible today I don't think I can be bothered to do anything but have a hospital appt later. Ds is still pretty grumpy and clingy

halestone Thu 08-May-14 10:12:50

our night stayed pretty rubbish. DP is at his house as he was in work last night. He is off tonight though and i'm in work. H is sat on my lap now as she has vomited and is very irritable. Luckily my neice is still in bed so just me and H are downstairs.

Nutella, i hope DS is good the whole time your H is away.

Spotty how is DS today?

I was thinking last night, and i think i had my ears pierced around 4-5 as i can remember having them done but know i was young. I had them done in a German Supermarket though. I didn't even realise that the Drs peirced ears.

I don't think they do anymore hales. A German supermarket?! shockgrin

Ds is ok thanks still clingy and snotty and hot. Goes through phases though!

Barbeasty Thu 08-May-14 12:20:40

I had mine done in a hairdresser's when I was about 14. My mum took me, so my younger brothers had to come too. The only way they agreed was because mum told them there'd be loads of blood. They were really disappointed and nearly tried to go home after the first ear!

PurplePidjin Thu 08-May-14 12:28:59

I was 15 and went to the proper jewellers that my mum's friend worked in. The second set was at a dodgy local jeweller, and I had problems with one so let it heal then had it re-done at a specialist tattoo/piercing shop when I got to uni.

IMO it's a teenage thing, kids should be running around playing and earrings (and jewellery in general) can get in the way of that. Next doors' little girls have had theirs done since tiny (cultural) and don't seem to notice but I'd have thought it created more work for the parents at a time when there's so much to do anyway!

Maryland2013 Thu 08-May-14 14:11:23

I was 12. My mum let me get ear rings for my birthday at the hairdressers down the road. God it hurt. And all the mingu crusty mess I don't know why you would inflict that on a small child!

Thanks everyone.

I don't have my ears pierced. My sister was forever trying to get me to help her persuade my mum when we were little but I never wanted them done.

Having your eats pierced is really painful! I've had mine done three times plus one at the top, my nose, my belly button and my tongue. I don't have my nose or belly button one anymore but would like my nose redone. Dp won't let me though grin

Ears not eats hmm

Maryland2013 Thu 08-May-14 16:30:08

I only had my belly button done because my ex boyfriend when i was 19 said i couldnt!! The stupid things you do when you're younger..!!

Dd would only eat her veg and bean chilli if I whizzed it up into a soup hmm so I did and she ate it all...ds ate all of his too but normally. She's really funny about 'crunch bits' like onion in spag bol etc. I'm hoping it's just a phase...

WLmum Thu 08-May-14 19:31:41

Had mine pierced when I was 5! I thought I was the bizz but hate seeing littles with earrings now. I wonder how many people know that western ear piercing came drom slavery?! Dd1 was 7 on Saturday (think it was hales asked) and the grown up nail varnish was in her besties 7th bday party bag. Kids should be kids IMHO. Her bestie is very nice but always dressed really fashionably - don't think I've ever seen her in the same clothes twice! Whereas mine wear whatever hand me downs we've been given.
willyou that's so disrespectful. You're well shot of xp, and I agree re parents. My mum is generally ace and always well meaning but can be a bit interfering and if she doesn't agree with something you do she never lets you forget it! I'd struggle to live with her again.
nutella you're so cute! Restores my faith. Bless you and DH.
hales how are you and H doing today?

MrsNutella Thu 08-May-14 19:59:14

WL I am a total romantic when it comes to DH. He really is the best. If I could I'd bottle his awesomeness and send it to all the women who have crappy partners and tell them "look, this really does exist, it's amazing! You are too amazing to settle for less than this". That's how fantastic I think he is. smile And I do tell him.

spotty I always hear my dad's voice when I think of nose piercings confused "doesn't snot dribble out of the hole when you have a cold?" It was his way of saying he doesn't find it very attractive... he is an arse.
My brother has had pretty much everything pierced. Another reason I'll just stick to ears. Honestly it's amazing/bizarre/slightly stomach churning what can be sort of pierced...

mama Eurovision is a slightly bigger deal here (it isn't half as amusing without the acidic humour of any British presenter taking the piss). The girl that won it for Germany a few years ago is horribly nice and boring. Her second song in the charts was "taken by a stranger" I kept saying to DH that I wished some stranger would blimmin take her away especially for her awfully bad English pronunciation

hales a supermarket? Really? Where?! I'm fascinated!! I could imagine it in a big department store... Perhaps things have become more boring since you left wink

WLmum Thu 08-May-14 21:22:16

Anyone watching the adoption programme? Heartbreaking.
Just to keep me on my toes, T has gone from going to bed like a dream to loads of crying a few mins after I've left the room. Looks like we're back to a bit of sleep training. I ended up singing her to sleep tonight and last night but I'm hoping that she settles down soon.

ddas Thu 08-May-14 21:29:10

Brilliant news on house willyou.

I had my ears pierced when I was born in the hospital- was the norm for all girls in the European country where we were. Still is from what I can see but in the uk there's a total different association.

WLmum Thu 08-May-14 21:38:36

I would really like to foster at some point in the future. Wouldn't do it til my girls are much older though.

Mwahahaha! It's too delicious for words, XP has just dropped DS off. He's had yet another fight with MiL over her "interfering". when she did it to me I was to just ignore it as she meant well, now it's his bedtimes she's upsetting by forcing chocolate biscuits down DS' throat at 8pm he's pissed off wink DS is quite sensitive to chocolate and is then super hyper for hours! She waits until he goes to the toilet and then rams them in!

MrsNutella Fri 09-May-14 08:58:11

Willyou ha ha! Stupid MIL and poor DS. But I hope it helps you smile

Barbeasty Fri 09-May-14 09:12:13

Life can be sweet WillYou and some times the little things are the best!

A only woke once in the night, then woke up at 5. But I left DH to deal with that so I could eat breakfast and not be late for work.

Hope the ill babies are feeling better today.

PurplePidjin Fri 09-May-14 12:23:29

WillYou grin

WLmum Fri 09-May-14 12:47:35

Ah that lovely karma willyou! Mil sounds like a nutter!

halestone Fri 09-May-14 13:01:13

Willyou, thats brilliant.

Beasty yay to A's sleep.

Nutella i'll find out from my mum whereabouts it was for you.

H hasn't vomited so far today yaygrin

WL i hope T's sleep routine gets better for you soon.

Maryland2013 Fri 09-May-14 13:04:36

Definite karma Willyou... But why does the silly MIL do that?!

Hales was it a bug? Glad H is feeling better smile

halestone Fri 09-May-14 13:28:48

Maryland, the hospital said it was a chest and throat and ear infection. I have my FX shes on the mend now.

Good news Hales

She does it as she's a fucking nutter control freak about food. When we moved in together XP lost 7 stone, going from 21.5 to 14.5 (which is about right as he's very broad and 6' 2"). She sent bags and bags full of shite around as I was obviously starving him. She serves his Christmas dinner on a serving platter. Incidently she doesn't eat, probably has 1 small meal a day. She's still overweight though as she drinks A LOT of wine.

DS is asleep after a trip to the Trafford Centre. He was lovely and charmed the pants off the waiter in TGIs. He even brought him a flake smile. Need to decide whether to wake him. May have to go to park or he'll never sleep later! Cheeky pic:

Maryland2013 Fri 09-May-14 18:11:10

Aww cute Willyou! Are you up north as well then? smile

I'm in wigan Maryland, where are you?

WLmum Fri 09-May-14 19:30:37

Bless him willyou
Good news hales - hope she has. Nice healthy summer.
I popped into waitrose on the way home from the school run - I hate going there with the kids as it's so un-child friendly and we always get tutted at by miserable old bags etc. (not to mention the £ but it's on the way home and DH hadn't got the special bday breakfast for dd2 tomorrow that if asked him to get) today T managed to ram a toothbrush so far down her throat while I was retrieving an eye lash from dd2s eyeball that she puked everywhere. Lovely. Never without incident!

WLmum Fri 09-May-14 19:32:48

Arse I forgot to buy wine. Joint bday party tom - I'm going to need it!

Maryland2013 Fri 09-May-14 19:38:29

Willyou I'm in Stockport.

Hales is Wigan way too? Or have I imagined that?!

Hales is Scotland? Although my geography anywhere north of London is pretty shady... blushgrin

PurplePidjin Fri 09-May-14 20:14:51

WL I'm on the wine now - just had a friend's ds for a couple of hours because they were stuck for childcare across a shift change. 15 minutes of histrionics before I shoved his bottle in his mouth which he drained while watching ITNG then I gave him some tea defrosted some broccoli and cauliflower cheese because fruit puree is not tea for a 15mo imo and he wasn't that interested in what had been provided despite hoovering up the breadsticks and changed an exceptionally soggy nappy he was here for under 2 hours, no wonder he's got nappy rash

I'm having wine and chocolate cake for my tea!

Maryland2013 Fri 09-May-14 20:19:09

Wine and chocolate cake tea sounds very appealing Pidj! Why does the LO have fruit purée for his tea?!
Did he eat the broc/cauliflower cheese?!

Bloody hell fruit purée at 15mo. DS would eat his own leg with hunger.

Hales is near me yes, your geography is worse than you thought Spotty.

The wine is cooling in my fridge.

DS is kicking lumps out of his cot and laughing but he's not crying so he can stay there!

DS' cousin who he spent all of Wednesday cuddling, licking and wrestling with has chicken pox. I go to Hong Kong in 7 days. What's the reckoning that the two things coincide to make me feel extra guilty?

grin I was sure hales was Scottish. Will have to change the accent when I read her posts....grin

grin She'll be northern with a slight scouse twang I think (she is in my head anyway)!

Barbeasty Fri 09-May-14 20:55:41

WillYou don't feel guilty. He can stay at MIL's- didn't you know chocolate cures every illness?

A's chewing the cot to pieces. And he was stroppy tonight. Big dramatic shakes of the head if I tried to hand him his water, and he flung the cup out of the cot.

DH is working tomorrow, so I'm taking MIL to spend the M&S vouchers we got for her birthday/ mothers day. Also planning to see if the dresses that are reduced on the John Lewis site are also reduced in real life, or at least what size I need to order, ready for my new job. I was going to get DD something to wear for Dad's wedding too, but his DF is in hospital. She's had her kidneys flushed and is on dialysis and they've started chemo, so not with it really. The honeymoon is cancelled, but they aren't deciding about the wedding until next week. I don't want to curse things and buy DD anything. Do you think I can get away with getting her to try things on and buying it later?

I got A out of the bath tonight and stood there and did a wee on the bath mat. Then he gave such a raucous laugh that DD joined in. It was full belly laughing, but almost a dirty laugh iyswim. So proud of himself....

PurplePidjin Fri 09-May-14 20:57:08

That's just what they sent - their decision, but he seemed hungry so I gave him something with a bit of protein alongside the carbs in the breadsticks smile He'd already drained an 8oz bottle (possibly ebm, we met through bf group, but not sure) and if he'd stayed I'd warmed some cows milk for him.

PurplePidjin Fri 09-May-14 21:04:09

It's hard to know what's right when it's someone else's child confused

DS is fascinated with wee coming out of his willy. He loves a stand up wee in the bath. I told my mum off for telling J off for having a nice play with his bits at nappy change time. He only gets access for about 5 minutes a day so I tend to let him have a good rummage!

I don't think ds has seen himself wee. He laughs when he farts though and looks around to see if anyone else noticed hmm

Barbeasty Fri 09-May-14 21:33:17

Thankfully he's only done a stand - up wee in the bath on his own, not with DD in there. I really can't see that going well....

WLmum Fri 09-May-14 22:46:39

Shopping delivery taken, balloons blown, presents wrapped, party bags done. Think I'm ready for dd2 to be big 4! She's so excited, bless her. She's been counting down all week (since dd1s bday last sat).
T laughs when she farts and pees whenever she's nappy free! Today was all over the change table where she was standing looking out the window and I wasn't quick enough with the fresh nappy. She's such a gorgeous monkey bum.

WLmum Fri 09-May-14 22:48:34

T has peed in the bath with dd1&2 several times - amazingly they have bought it when I've taken the plug out for a few seconds and swooshed the offending wee down the plug hole. All gone. Promise.

halestone Sat 10-May-14 00:53:26

hahahaha Willyou i'm loving your northern with slight scouse twang description grin I do indeed have a scouse accent sounds like a false one even though both my parents are from Liverpool, that slips into a Wigan accent when i'm around my Wigan friends. Maryland i'm from Skelmersdale which is between Wigan and Ormskirk.

H always wee's in the bath. I have a video of her weeing in the one in Centre Parcs and also weeing besides her paddling pool. Obviously it wasn't my intention to get her weeing. I also have a video of her farting in the bath when she was newborn.

halestone Sat 10-May-14 00:57:30

WL i forgot to say that i hope Dd2 has a great birthday thanks q

MaMaPo Sat 10-May-14 04:40:18

LOL at all the weeing and farting babies! My husband taught C to make a shock face when she farts and now she does it if he farts.

She is a nightmare at nappy changes at the moment. Will not keep still. I can't be alone in either having to wrestle her or give her my phone so she can watch videos of herself can I?

We went down to the big fresh market this morning and there was a big load of tourists from (I think) China. Blue eyed curly blond-headed C was a big hit!

Barbeasty how much later would you need to buy the dress? I think trying on now and buying later would be fine. What a stressful time for your dad.

WL good luck for the party! Have plenty of wine to hand.

New food discovery for C the other night - scallops! She was up later than usual while were having dinner with the inlaws, and while she didn't want any of our chinese dumpling soup, she ate about 8 scallops, one after the other. Expensive tastes, this child!

Willyou, you're off to HK? Nice! Is that for work? (Remind me what you do?) I love HK, imagine all the food. I hope the chicken pox stays away...

WL happy birthday to dd2! Dd is four next month scary!

Mama when we went to NZ there were Japanese tourists taking photos of us as a family as my step mum and sister are blonde. We're in their photo album somewhere!

I'm going to stay with my sister this weekend in Kent. Dp is out got his brothers birthday so I thought I'd do something too

Happy birthday WL's DD2. Hope the party goes okay.

Sorry to hear about your dad's fiancé .*Beasty*.

Yep off to HK a week today for work Mama. I'll be gone 5 days shock I'm a medical writer. We're delivering training for a pharma company. Looking forward to the business class flight and Wednesday I have a completely free day!

envy WillYou how did you get into that?

I did a PhD (biochemistry) then a postdoc in the lab. But if you want to stay in the lab (which is so much fun and I loved it) you need to get your own grant money and become a professor, which I didn't want.

So I did a writing test for an agency and started as a trainee writer. They threw me in at the deep end (to say the least) as we were understaffed and I swam so they promoted me after 6 months. It's alright most of the time but the clients can be very demanding as they're under a lot of pressure themselves and are used to getting their own way wink

Morning everyone, we've had a treat this morning - F slept in til 8am! nothing to do with him only napping for 20 minutes yesterday

It look like a rainy weekend here in Essex, what to do...

halestone Sat 10-May-14 11:58:02

Mama we also have a nightmare at nappy changing she is often up and running before i can get a new nappy on her.

Beasty i hope you find something for you both to wear.

Spotty have a nice time at your sisters.

Willyou i have my FX that DS doesn't get chicken pox whilst your away. Although if he does it may make EXDP realise how much you have to do all the time.

Maryland2013 Sat 10-May-14 12:02:00

Willyou what do you write? Do you wrote up research/ final reports/ papers?
I would LOVE a business class flight anywhere!!!

Beasty I'm a massive fan of buying stuff then returning it.. You will be so mad if you find something you like then can't get the size or it sells out. Sorry to hear about your dad's fiancée.

Happy birthday to little WL smile

PurplePidjin Sat 10-May-14 12:54:42

R slept in till nearly 10 shock so I walked him to Lidl to get him tired out for a nap (usually 11:15-11:30 but no way was that going to happen today!)

I just route mapped it - 0.5 miles there, 0.6 miles back shock AND he walked round the shop!

I popped him down at 12 when we got home and he chatted himself to sleep around 12:30 so I'm also very relieved that our routine isn't too fucked grin

Yes to all of those Maryland also congress materials, videos, posters, slide sets, training manuals etc.

I feel bloody cheated - took DS to soft play for 3.5hours. He's just woken up after 40 mins nap. WTF?

Is it possible that dd has asthma? I know nothing about it but my sister mentioned it as a possibility. Symptoms:

Cough on and off (ie might not appear for a couple of days at a time) since October
Twice almost hospitalised for severe chest infection
Cough worst first thing or if she's been running around

We've just been for a wall probably a mile each way. By the time we were on our way back she was out of breath so much she had to be carried and since we've been back she has not stopped coughing to the point of almost being sick.

She's got a temp so infection definitely back making it the third one in less than six months. Obviously off to the drs Monday (if I can get an appt before work hmm) but it would be nice to be forearmed with information!

Maryland2013 Sat 10-May-14 17:19:36

How the hell did you survive soft play for 3 hours Willyou? I work in mental health research- that's why I was interested smile

I have no idea about asthma Spotty, you could repost in children's health.

I quite like softplay Maryland. I'm that dickhead mum stuck halfway down the slide or completely buried in the ball pool! I've been twice in two days now and once to the park. They've just got boundless energy at this age don't they? It normally exhausts DS and he has a huge nap so it's worth it. He's knackered now and is sat down watching Ben and Holly. I'm counting down to bath time and wine and Eurovision time.

Me being a dickhead mum in softplay earlier. Apparently my friend took photos!

In that case willyou, I'm also a dickhead mum-I love getting into soft play with DS!

WLmum Sat 10-May-14 19:02:14

Get stuck in willyou!
spotty sounds quite likely. They may tell you it's a viral wheeze as they are reluctant to diagnose asthma in the under 5s but treatment is largely the same. Constant non-productive cough is quite a good indicator.
We survived the party. Low light of the day was T making herself sick on a piece of apple, right into the new book I was looking at with dd2! T has hardly eaten or napped today, think it's probably teeth. Just putting her to bed now.

Barbeasty Sat 10-May-14 20:56:48

I'm hoping not to get too stuck in at soft play tomorrow. DD has a party to go to and that particular soft play is like potholing to get to the higher levels (about 2-3 stories high!)

The wedding is off now, so glad I didn't get a dress and the one I wanted to try wasn't in store and isn't available online above age 3 now anyway! and I couldn't find anything to fit me that I could afford. My soonish to be step mother now has pneumonia and they've had to sedate her to treat it properly, for up to 6 days. Horrible, but really feel for dad because it must bring all the feelings from his cancer treatment, and mum's death.

We got the DVD today from DD's dance show. Really, really good. And I got a very sweet video of her watching it and trying to copy the dancing. A was watching it in his highchair, and there was leg kicking and arm waving along to the music.

WLmum Sat 10-May-14 21:12:08

Oh beasty, that's rubbish news. Sending all good wishes yours, hers, your dad's etc way.

Oh Beasty, I hope the treatment goes well. Big kisses to you all.

Yur DD is sweet. I love the dancing at the minute, any music and DS is off.

PurplePidjin Sat 10-May-14 22:19:44

Beasty brewwinecake

WillYou I know which friend you mean, awesome pics wink

MiniDet was on good form at first Pidj, had a right cob on grin. He likes me though so I'm okay. The series of photos makes it funnier as you can see me roll along them through the photos.

PurplePidjin Sat 10-May-14 22:34:07

He's a pickle that one!

utopian99 Sat 10-May-14 22:54:01

beasty I am so sorry to hear about your almost step mother..

spotty hoping dd's breathing issues get properly addressed by the doctor soon. Also wl happy birthday to dd2. smile

DS is feeling possessive - if I give dh a hug while we're giving him his bath (ds that is..) he pushes me away and gives dh a big theatrical hug instead! He then gave me one as a consolation prize, but obviously I am not allowed to hug dh. How cheeky.

WLmum Sun 11-May-14 09:22:09

utopian dd1 was very much like that and used to wiggle in between us. Now it's a game and she still does it with much laughter.
mama T is also a nightmare at nappy changes - at the moment singing wind the bobbin up helps as likes to do the actions but I know it's only a temporary reprieve. Lots of changes are done with her standing on her change table looking at next doors fish or dog or them if they happen to be out there.

Today DS has a vomiting bug. Need I say more? He's supposed to be with XP but I've not sent him just in case we both then get the bug and we need to tag team parent.

My duvet is ruined, I washed my bedding yesterday and it's in a bin bag waiting to go back in. My fresh towel is covered in sick and I'd dressed DS in his best clothes to go out and they're also in a stinking pile in the bin bag. Siiiiiiigh!

The worst bit is that's he's full of beans. Just running around the house shouting and laughing with occasional vomit breaks. hmm

WLmum Sun 11-May-14 13:15:04

Oh dear willyou.
I've got a cold and feel like crap - T was up every 2 hours last night I just fed her every time as it's the quickest way for me to get back to bed and she ate virtually nothing yesterday. Bet she'll expect the same tonight! I braved a walk in the woods this morning. The girls all had a fab time and T kept pointing at things and babbling away. So cute.
My friend just had a baby girl this morning -must have been the bouncy castle at the party yesterday. she's got 3 girls too now. Ahhh.

Oh no WillYou hope you don't get it.

I'm home now, got home in an hour and ten minutes grin I was worried about the motorway with both dc on my own incase we got stuck and they got upset but it was all fine.

Not nice willyou sad F has had it once, it came on in the middle if night - sick all over him, his bed and bedding, so bad he needed a bath at 1:30 in the morning. Then, once he was clean and dressed, he was sick again, all down his front and my cleavage! It was hideous. I hope your DS is better soon.

We've had a chilled out Sunday, and I'm really proud of F for eating falafals for tea, and a kiwi. he has taken to refusing all fresh fruit and veg which has really been getting me down, he just wants to eat carbs all the time!

He still can't keep bloody water down! We've been to the OOH who said just give him water and dime small amount should stay down. Mum n dad have gone out next door too so daughters are having a rave just bassy music really.

I'm done in and still have to do the bins, the sicky washing n the washing up. Good job I booked tomorrow off to do fun stuff eh?

WLmum Sun 11-May-14 21:18:14

Yum coffee
Yuk willyou! Poor you and ds. Are you giving him water by the syringe? That way you can have an accurate idea of how much has gone in. Dioralyte is good stuff.

Nothing's staying down, syringe no good. Been to OOH and they said to let him gulp down as much as he wants. Their reasoning is that if he takes in 100ml then he will probably keep 20ml down, which is better than nothing.

He's asleep now, he drank ~100ml and projectile vomited ~1L (not really but it looked like loads). My washer has been running non-stop.

I have diarolyte but last time I tried it he hated it. Currently miltoning all his cups just in case.

WLmum Sun 11-May-14 22:12:21

Poor little sausage. Poor you too, it's exhausting looking after an ill child and cleaning up endless vomit. Hope it passes quickly.

MrsNutella Sun 11-May-14 22:13:29

coffee DS can be a bit of a carb fiend. I figure since he is probably growing lots and is always moving he needs the fuel. He does love a bowl of berries though too.

willyou could they not give him an anti sickness injection?! That was the thing the dr in the states recommended for DS and it was a total godsend! Poor ds. I question the logic of giving him loads of water that he is bound to chuck up confused will he eat biscuits or anything? Hope you have a better night!

Night all.

halestone Sun 11-May-14 22:27:03

Willyou i hope hes getting some relief from vomiting at the moment. Also i hope your ok and that you get some rest.

WL i hope your cold is over quickly.

Spotty, i love the pic on facebook.

H still doesn't each much of anything.

He's been asleep 2 hours now, the lovely little dude is well away. His breath smells like death though grin

I think the advice over here Nutella is that if it's a bug it needs to come out. Which I think is probably true, it may just delay the inevitable.

He can't eat anything, he would, but he's thrown up everything right down to all the bile and after that was gone he dry heaved. It's truly awful when they're ill. I think the water thing is because he's not kept anything at all down in 13h now and hasn't weed for 11. Got to stave off dehydration.

Hope you all get a good night, off to sleep for me in case it's an eventful one!

Will it ever stop? Two more vomits. He's desperate for a drink now.

MrsNutella Mon 12-May-14 05:43:58

Willyou poor little mite. I hope you've started to see some improvement.
I didn't go for the jab myself when I was ill with the same (kind of wished I had the next time I was hugging the toilet). I think the advice here would also be to "let it out" confused it's the watching them suffer bit I just couldn't do.

utopian99 Mon 12-May-14 07:04:47

Poor little thing willyou, really hope that there's an improvement today.

After the copious vomiting at 2am he woke at 4:30 and kept a drink down! Then he woke every hour or so for another drink and has now had 2 cups of water! He has a v high temperature now though, which he didn't have earlier. He threw up the calpol but I think that was because he was crying too much.

Barbeasty Mon 12-May-14 08:27:07

WillYou fx that's the end of the vomiting.

At the party yesterday I found out that chicken pox has been going around nursery, and I can't decide whether it would be good for A to get it now or not.

We've not got much planned today, so I need to drag a trip to the library and bath time out to fill as much of the day as I can.

DS is devouring a slice of toast and making yummy yummy om om om noises. Even if he throws it up at least he's had the pleasure of eating it!

Glad he's feeling better WillYou.

I've got an appt for 10 this morning for dd (I love my drs surgery!).

Ds is being awful atm serious separation anxiety sad

WLmum Mon 12-May-14 09:26:09

So glad willyou

Well there goes the toast! Day in bed for us me thinks! He's much worse than yesterday. Yesterday he was sick but was okay in himself. Today he's burning up, floppy and lethargic and very upset. He can keep water down but nothing else.

Oh no! Sounds awful WillYou sad

Dd has antibiotics and two inhalers

Maryland2013 Mon 12-May-14 14:54:00

Poor baby Willyou.. Are you going back to Docs do you think? Our friends told us the whole family x4 had a gastro bug all week. Didn't tell us until AFTER we spent the afternoon at their house- aargh!!

Spotty did you get blue and brown? How is DD at having the inhaler?

Sleep training commenced at the weekend as we have always put DS down asleep after his bottle. Last couple of weeks it's been taking an hour + so I decided he has to go in his cot awake now. It's going ok though. It's our fault for not doing it months ago DS just needs to learn to self settle. Oh how I wish I had done it when he was much much younger but hey you learn by mistakes!! I'd be so much wiser with another baby now!!!

halestone Mon 12-May-14 15:18:51

Willyou i hope your both ok. Go back to the drs if your worried at all especially if you think he's becoming dehydrated.

Spotty have the Drs said that its asthma?

Maryland i still havn't braved sleep training. I lie in the cot next to her and get out when shes asleep. Touch wood its only about 10-15 minutes now.

Beasty, i hope A doesn't get them yet unless you want him to get them now.

I did sleep training about 3 months ago Maryland. It went much better than earlier attempts when he was younger, he just got it.

He's drinking water and I've been to get some rocket lollies. If he's no better tomorrow then I'll go back to the doctors.

Hope the inhalers work and DD's cough gets sorted.

How's H Hales?

utopian99 Mon 12-May-14 19:00:25

I think it's better waiting till they're older maryland, a tiny baby will just be confused and scared. We haven't done sleep training on O (apart from one disastrous week when we decided we couldn't do that to him ever again,) and he sorted himself out about 6 weeks ago on his own. It will come!

Two rocket lollies has worked wonders. He can open his eyes and is attempting to smile. It's made me realise quite how poorly he was earlier. They go downhill so quickly when they're little.

WLmum Mon 12-May-14 19:21:12

maryland I agree with others - it has to be done when you and they are ready. Ime doing it once doesn't meant once and for all. With all of mine I've had to do it again at different stages after something has upset the balance.
willyou I hope he's enjoying the lollies.
Such a nice surprise, I came home from work to fed, washed and happy babies!

That sounds better WillYou smile

Yes a blue and a brown. She didn't say it was asthma. She's good at taking it just gets a big confused with what's breathing in and what's breathing out hmmgrin

Barbeasty Mon 12-May-14 20:51:16

Spotty would suck and blow be easier to understand? And has she got a spacer? I find it much easier to use one.

DD was amazingly good today. I heard rustling in the kitchen earlier and wondered what she was up to. She'd taken the clean washing out of the machine and pegged it out on a clothes horse. She was really proud. She also tidied her room of Anthony's mess and the sitting room.

A on the other hand had to be put in the cot when he decided to bite me. He came at me, laughing to himself and bit my leg twice. He was still biting as I carried him up. It was like putting a lobster to bed!! Not much of a punishment- he went straight to sleep for 2 hours...

Oh beasty how cheeky! Yes she has a spacer. She understands the in and out as we've exaggerated the noises I think she will get it completely after a couple more blows. The dr said to use the ventolin four times a day but the pharmacist said as needed up to four times a day?

Barbeasty Mon 12-May-14 21:51:22

I know when I had pneumonia the label said up to 4 times a day, but the Dr said as and when and as much as I felt I needed. Maybe see if she feels she wants it 4 times a day? Although I'd expect before bed and either before or after any physical exertion is when she'd need it, so not evenly spaced like the antibiotics.

And hopefully she won't need it as much as the brown one builds up its effect.

Maybe check with a Dr at work what they think, or phone your practice to confirm?

A got his comeuppance eventually- after I put them to bed DD put classic FM on rather loudly and subjected him to a "dance class".

Barbeasty Tue 13-May-14 08:33:33

The dance class must have exhausted him. For the first time in the 17 months since he was born, A slept through the night!!

So why, oh why, did DD have to come and tell us she couldn't sleep at 04.11?!

But he slept through. And I had to wake him up just before 6.30 too.

I'm shattered though, I didn't get back to sleep after DD woke us up.

Oh no Beasty, the pitfalls of having 2 little ones. Hope the day isn't too hard for you.

DS woke up at 2:30 for toast and then slept until 9. He's now ramming down toast and watching Dora. He's much better but still too weak to stand. Have made him a little couch bed and prescribed shitloads of kids tv.

This was one tummy bug too many for my tumble dryer though. He's given up the ghost! sad

utopian99 Tue 13-May-14 11:37:00

Love the dance class beasty! We have all this to come..

DS woke up at 5.30am and DH went to see to him. When I woke up at 7am I found them curled up in each others arms on the spare bed in the nursery. Feeling a bit loved up this morning.

PurplePidjin Tue 13-May-14 11:51:06

Where did my teeny squish go? 85cm and 91st centile for height shockshockshock That's nearly 4" in 3 months!

MrsNutella Tue 13-May-14 13:52:34

willyou yay! So glad that DS is better. Pity about the tumble dryer though confused

beasty DS sometimes likes to give me a nibble. Fortunately he also comes running over and throws himself at me going "ahhhhh". I love those cuddles sooo much!

utopian that does sound so sweet. Bless them.

pidj blimey! What are you feeding him? smile it's funny how they grow though. My friends little dd and DS have 4 days between them. They are almost the same height (she is a teeny bit bigger) but she has a good three kilos on DS. She looks very solid when they stand next to each other. We also get them to kiss often, because it's so cute smile

I had to get up silly early for a second diabetes test this morning. I was fairly sure that the nurse at my dr managed to bridge the result by letting me have a glass of water after the juice drink they give you. Anyway, got the all clear (hurrah). But it has made today feel soooo long! Roll on DH coming home, and bedtime!

Ds just vommed everywhere hmm

WLmum Tue 13-May-14 19:18:51

Yay beasty!! Am so incredibly [jealous] though. We are very much one step forwards and one step back. Up 3 times last night. Am v tired cumulatively and feeling a bit down. Doesn't help that I spent my lunch hour at the dentist and am now £175 poorer. I want to retrain as a flipping dentist.
willyou so glad ds is better - cuddles, tv and whatever he fancies sounds like a good plan to me. Too weak to stand sounds awful though.
spotty fx it was a one vom wonder!

Maryland2013 Tue 13-May-14 19:20:14

Willyou how is DS today now? Somehow he has passed his bug to Spottys LO?!

ddas Tue 13-May-14 20:50:35

spotty www.sign.ac.uk/pdf/pat101_children.pdf

Hope that helps.

Hope with ds it was a once off vomit and that willyou ds is continuing to get better. Not sure how considering ds is nearly 3 but we've manage to avoid a true vomiting bug so far with both of them. Not a fan of vomit as involves even more washing than normal and the smell seems to linger eugg.

beasty I think sometimes mine tag team for who's going to wake mummy up tonight. Normally dd but on the odd night she sleeps in longer ds wakes up.

He's at XP's but apparently MiL stuffed him full of fruit and he has spewed everywhere again hmm. I told you she had fucking food issues. She always has to know best. XP knows how pissed off I am.

If he's not 100% better tomorrow then we're off to the doctors. My friend is a paeds nurse and she told me off for not taking him into A&E yesterday. I think it could have been very serious had I not discovered the rehydration power of the rocket lolly!

I'm still up working, the pressure is truely on for next weeks meeting.

Thanks ddas. Dd hasn't coughed once since starting the inhalers!

Ds was fine after he was sick. He serves him right for stealing dd's big cup of squash and drinking the whole thing.

WillYou she is ridiculous angry is exdp going to hurry up and move out? My friends dd stayed with her stbxh (also at his mums) and they told her she had chicken pox. When my friend got her back she realised they were flea bites everywhere!

Maryland2013 Wed 14-May-14 06:35:08

Glad it was a one off vomit Spotty! And great news re inhalers smile

Willyou if stupid mil keeps doing things like this, can you tell xdp that DS CANT sleep over??

Flea bites. Urgh.

Glad the greedy monkey is okay Spotty.

I think she was just completely clueless on this one, as in she had no idea what to feed a sick child. She must have thought fruit is healthy, I'll give him that and obviously it's just too sugary and acidic. He'll have been starving and will have kept coming back for more and she must have kept giving it to him. I meant to tell her to give him mash or plain waffles but completely forgot. Hopefully he'll be okay when she drops him off and I can start building him up. XP is desperate to be out if there but there are very few houses for sale atm.

And double urgh to goes bites. That's horrid!

I've just received a letter from the school dd's going to. They've got a breakfast morning for the parents and children on a Tuesday when I work and then four settling in sessions for the children 10:45-1 when I work. What on earth do they expect working parents to do? I'm really upset and feel like I'm completely letting dd down sad

Could your stepmum take her Spotty? Maybe you could book a holiday for one and someone take get to the others?

Hopefully my step mum can but I wanted to do it myself sad all my annual leave is booked up already as my parents have been on holiday for three weeks (they're my childcare) and then were on holiday and honeymoon so it's gone

Barbeasty Wed 14-May-14 12:29:03

Would anyone swap a shift with you for the breakfast one, then ask your stepmother to do the rest?

She won't be the only one being taken in by someone else- I bet there are a few childminders dropping children off, or even preschool/ nurseries doing it if a few children attend one.

We're still waiting to hear anything from DD's school, and I'm pretty sure they do something in June. Not much notice really.

I don't think anyone will swap the Tuesday as I start at 6:45 (not a popular shift wink) hopefully dp can go to that one. It's really stressed me out but I think I'm so worried about her starting school anyway this is just adding to that worry. It also looks as though they don't have a breakfast club or after school club so that's going to be difficult too! I think the stress is too much and I should quit work wink or be a dinner lady grin I'd be good at that!

utopian99 Wed 14-May-14 18:59:20

Feeling for you spotty, although we have years to go before all this.

O has gone off proper food for the last 24 hours but has happily eaten two pouches in a row, but only from a spoon. Thinking it might be the advent of canines as they has also been ferocious hand chewing. ..

utopian99 Wed 14-May-14 19:07:41

Hmm. Scrap that. Massive spew everywhere.

Oh no what is it with sicky toddlers atm?!

WLmum Wed 14-May-14 19:39:12

spotty it's so hard to juggle everything isn't it. Being a dinner lady is actually not a bad idea - they are crying out for them and its a good route to teaching assistant which can be a route to proper teaching (if that interests you). I know someone who started as a dinner lady and now manages the pre-school.
Poor buba T has had another bloody nose. She tripped in the garden while playing hide and seek with DH and landed straight on her face on the patio. It's totally scuppered bedtime too as once the blood and howling stopped she got a big second wind. She should be exhausted as DH took her swimming this aft too.
utopian hope its a one off vom.

Teaching is my worst nightmare shock

Poor T!

Barbeasty Wed 14-May-14 20:15:27

It must be the day for getting the school letters, ours was waiting when I got home.

The parents' information evening is the day that should have been Dad's wedding, then we get such delights as a 10 minute session one day and 20 minutes the next week. We all go in for lunch one day and then DH will have to cover the day when she does a half day.

We just need to work out what I can cover and what DH will have to cover- we'll need to save something for all the half days I think she'll have in September.

Boo to all the sicky babies. Hope they're all better soon.

Beasty dd has to go half days until October half term when it will be 're-evaluated'. Even if I had any AL that would be a quarter being used up on dd's settling in sessions. All the other schools round here to a parents evening so not sure why this one does a weekday morning angry

Barbeasty Wed 14-May-14 21:47:32

They do lots of half days in September too. Definitely full days by half term though. Until the current reaction class the odd days once a week we're in the first few weeks of September, so it is better than it was!

We might be doing a mixture of half days, working from home, the after school club I think will have them for the half day they aren't in class (for a fee!). So we'll get there but it's hard to plan.

Dp said I should just stop working if it's stressing me out that much. Then we'd be really poor! It's not what I want but I am feeling ridiculously stressed by it. Half days for seven weeks?! I also don't want her going from pillar to post. I'm her mum I (or dp) should be there to pick her up from school sad

WLmum Wed 14-May-14 22:39:35

Maybe not then spotty! It's such a hard choice isn't it. Dd1 started full days straight away - at the time I thought it was harsh but now I see how much easier it was! I'm not sure what dd2s school will do.
Are our babies noses still too squishy to get broken? Poor T has whacked hers so hard 3 or 4 times.

J was crying

Oops so I popped in to check on him. He'd done explosive watery diarrhoea out if his nappy, vest and sleepsuit and it was running off him. He's now on my bed on a towel as unfortunately I had to wash the mattress protector after the vomming and it's not back on yet confused

I know when I started school I did half days until after Christmas as my birthday is in July and they thought I was too young. But in those days not as many mums worked.

After speaking to dd's physio I think I'm going to get ds referred to a speech therapist. The wait is so long I'd rather get him in the system and not need the appt than be waiting months when he really needs it.

WillYou hopefully the diarrhoea was the last of the bug coming out!

Morning everyone. So many sickly babies sad F is one too today, full of a cold and dribble everywhere. More teeth I suspect..

I have a date for my sterilisation op, in seven weeks time. I feel a bit weird about it; it's one of the biggest decisions I've ever had to make. Feeling thoughtful.

halestone Thu 15-May-14 10:22:08

That sounds like a good plan Spotty.

Willyou i hope the diarrhoea is a one off J is having a horrible time this week.

WL poor T i hope her nose is ok.

Beasty i hope A has managed to sleep through again.

Nutella yay to not having Diabetes.

Utopian i hope DS's vomiting was a one off.

Our days are getting easier with H's breathing the inhaler is making a difference. However the nights are staying awful, shes coughs, she wakes up she needs a drink. Repeat about 10 times a night and everyone is shattered.

halestone Thu 15-May-14 10:23:49

Coffee yay to getting the date for your op.

Does anyone else buy/sell stuff on Facebook groups? I use them a lot for getting rid of Fs old baby stuff, but am getting sick of people not turning up. Someone should have been here an hour ago. Grrr...

Maryland2013 Thu 15-May-14 10:46:14

Hales I feel your pain.. DS coughed ALL NIGHT. I am exhausted..

Willyou I hope your DS is a bit better today- poor kid has had some bad luck this week sad

So many ill babies where have all these nasty illnesses come from?!

Barbeasty Thu 15-May-14 10:50:15

WLmum we were told A's fingers were too underdeveloped to break, so hopefully the nose is too!

WillYou maybe it's the after effects of force fed fruit! Do watch out for dehydration still, even without vomiting.

Hales can she manage a sippy cup herself? We leave one in A's cot (and with DD) so he can help himself in the night when he doesn't fling it out in a strop at being put to bed

Lots to think about Coffee but good luck.

Spotty are there child minders that pick up from the school? Or give up work and start an after school club!!

It's so much harder at school age than nursery age! I know of someone who only became a SAHM when her oldest started school.

Barbeasty Thu 15-May-14 10:52:49

And yes, A has made it 2 out of 3 nights sleeping through!

And this time DD didn't wake up either, until (I think) she fell out of bed at about 5.30! But she wet the bed again. Don't know if she's going down with something, or so used to being woken up in the night she isn't used to waking up herself if she needs a wee.

halestone Thu 15-May-14 11:22:40

We do leave her cup in the cot, the problem is she goes through 3-4 cups a night and the coughing wakes her to the point shes wide eyed. I love fridays when she stays at my mums or nans so that i can go to work and sleep aftergrin

MrsNutella Thu 15-May-14 13:45:07

beasty great news about the sleeping through!

hales how much water does h drink? Is she so thirsty or do you think it's sort of a comfort/habit thing?

Beasty there is one but we can't afford it really plus I don't think it's fair for dd to start a new school where she doesn't know anyone and have to go home with someone she doesn't know.

We don't leave that near the school either dd has to her a bus.

halestone Thu 15-May-14 15:46:22

Nutella she drinks between 26 and 35oz of milk a night but i don't think its a comfort thing. I think its the cough irritating her throat. I think i may have to go back the Drs as the wake ups are really affecting everyone and her cough sounds horrible as though shes going to vomit everytime.

WLmum Thu 15-May-14 18:51:53

Poor H hales
What is it with all the vomit? T coughed herself sick in the night requiring clean pjs, sleeping bag, sheet and mattress cover - guess it was the whole feed then! In the morning she had either sneezed out loads of dried blood or brought up what she'd swallowed. Poor buba.
One magpie is unlucky - how about one dead one right in front of the house! I stopped in after playgroup to get dd2s scooter before collecting her from preschool and there was a bloody dead magpie right in front of the little shed thing - I had to move it right away to get the scooter. There's now a dead magpie in my wheelie bin!

ddas Thu 15-May-14 22:24:14

will you was a bit worried when read that he hadn't passed urine for 11 hours but thought phew when then simultaneous read he'd got better. Hope things have all settled down- they sometimes become a bit sensitive to dairy post d&v so may explain the explosion.

utopian how cute is that pic of your ds on fb.

spotty ds is going to pre-school next yr half days all year but we are so lucky that between me being part time, dm and dmil we're just managing to cover it. School holidays are going to going to be a serious juggling act though!!

hales wow that's a lot of milk! If she's got such a bad nocturnal cough see your gp again as she may need something more than just the inhalers.

ddas Thu 15-May-14 22:24:51

wlmum that's really freaky!!

WLmum Thu 15-May-14 22:53:50

It was really freaky - it had obviously not been there long and must have just fallen out of the sky - it wasn't mangled and didn't even have any flies on it etc despite being a hot day.

WLmum Thu 15-May-14 22:57:55

Woo-hoo DH just settled T for the first time EVER! He's getting in some practice for when I'm away for 2 nights in a couple of weeks. He he hee.

halestone Thu 15-May-14 23:27:35

Maybe a dead magpie brings good luck then WL woohoo to DH settling Tgrin

Barbeasty Fri 16-May-14 07:49:38

A woke up twice last night, and again needing medicine (horrid cold and teething). So of course, now I've had 2 nights of good sleep, I feel worse than ever!

The DC have had to go to nursery for the morning because MIL has caught the horrid cold, and the fact I've had to use my blue inhaler for the last few days says that I'm getting it too.

WLmum I think your DH needs to ensure he doesn't loose his touch and settle every night until you come back!

MrsNutella Fri 16-May-14 08:34:47

hales that is a lot of milk. DS has one bottle at bedtime which is 200ml 7oz (ish) I think. He drinks most of it. Through the day he just has water unless I share my juice with him at breakfast and then my (of course) cold cups of fruit tea during the day

Stacks Fri 16-May-14 13:13:42

Hello again. I'm a terrible member of this thread, I just like lurking and seeing how everyone is getting on. I'm awful at posting though, as I feel I have very little to say.

Today for example, has been a 'bad' day for us, but it's soo much better than everyone else's on here I feel I shouldn't complain!

Sorry all the school stuff is causing such stress. I'm not really looking forward to when I have to deal with all that. Hopefully I can stay a sahm till then, but we'll have to see really. Sounds like it might not be a great time to start back at work though.

Also feeling for all the poorly babies and tired mums. There does seem to be an awful spate of illnesses just now. Hopefully we'll all have a healthy happy summer.

DH settled T for the first time at the start of the month, since then I've had him doing it every other day smile I think it's good to have it seem 'normal', so should be done often to keep the routine of it. Also, it's lovely having a bit of time, even if I'm just tidying toys etc. I can properly switch off as I know the day is done.

Ds is completely refusing to take his crocs off. Ever. hmm

Wow hales she must cost you a fortune in milk! Ds has one cup in the morning and that's it.

He's looking more and more like a young boy every day so grown up!

Think we're going to go on one of the gruffalo trails this weekend as the weathers so lovely smile

Maryland2013 Fri 16-May-14 16:14:25

Is it more for older kids the gruffalo trail Spotty? DS does like the book smile

Hales wow H drinks LOADS!! Is it hunger do you think? I know you've said she doesn't eat much in the day. Did your hv have any advice or anything to cut milk down and try to increase food? We're also on milk AM and bedtime and water the rest of the time although stupid DH gave him lime and soda the other night and he went wild

Maryland ds steals dd's squash fruit shoot all the time hmm

It's more older but I know ds will love it too. It's just big wooden carvings of the characters in the forest I think.

Barbeasty Fri 16-May-14 17:05:32

I call fruit shoot toddler crack. A goes wild for it

We got DD the next stage car seat this afternoon, so A moved up into her old seat (besafe izi). They were both so pleased and excited- A was giggling as I put him in.

I had to put him in his cot for a minute though. He was biting DD's leg. As I carried him up he was trying to bite my shoulder. When I went to get him I asked if he was sorry for biting. He smiled and opened his mouth wide!

PurplePidjin Fri 16-May-14 18:45:02

Beasty I put R on the floor away from me for stuff like that. A few seconds later, I ask him if he's ready for a cuddle to say sorry. He has bemused a couple of children at playgroups now when they've bumped into each other by accident because he turns round to try and cuddle them afterwards!

Barbeasty Fri 16-May-14 18:54:47

I tried moving him the other day when it was my leg he was going for. He came back for more. So in the cot it is. I'd just put him in their room, like we do with DD, but I couldn't deal with the mess that would ensue.

WLmum Fri 16-May-14 19:07:10

hales T definitely started to eat more in the day when I reduced the night feeds. She still has quite a bit of milk though.
Dd2 pointed and laughed and said look at that lady mummy today - she was a dwarf. Mortified. I said you know that people come in all shapes and sizes and each is perfect for them. I do say this kind of stuff to them quite often but u guess it didn't have much meaning.
Today is the 3rd anniversary of one of dhs best friends killing himself. Movie and a cuddle tonight I think. Ts middle name is after him. So so sad.
Looks like a scorcher this weekend, I've got a massive to do list - if I get half done I'll be pleased.

WLmum Sat 17-May-14 06:18:11

5.15 start to the day. Boo.

utopian99 Sat 17-May-14 06:38:37

Ooh, not good. We're off to build a shed today at our flat. We might even get to move in on the 30th!

I've got to go food shopping this morning whilst dp's at work. I find it really stressful going on my own with both dc!

Barbeasty Sat 17-May-14 07:20:45

DH is working, so I have to take DD to her ballet lesson and stop A causing to much disruption while we wait. Then to the market. And a trip out this afternoon to collect DH's birthday present.

A slept through again, so seems to be every other night. DD didn't again.

WLmum Sat 17-May-14 07:29:26

I usually feed them on the way round but even that only works for a bit. I am now reluctantly embracing the on-line shop.

We're poor so have to go to lidl and they don't do double trolleys so only ds can sit in it. It wasn't too bad though only in there half an hour and cost £50 for a weeks worth of food including nappies.

WL you 5:2 don't you? I had to throw together a dinner for me last night as we hardly had any food. It was 229 calories.

I steamed mangetout (green and purple) sliced courgette and sliced carrot then stir fried it with ginger in 2tbsp of soy sauce and 2tbsp sweet chilli dipping sauce then served with a tin of tuna and spring onion. Was so nice!

WLmum Sat 17-May-14 11:10:10

That's impressive! I would totally go to lidl etc if there was one close by.

WLmum Sat 17-May-14 11:13:30

Sounds delicious! I don't eat meat or fish so would swap out the tuna but otherwise yum!
Have had a couple of weeks months off 5:2 and really need to get back on it. I do a veg stir fry with grilled tofu with ginger, garlic, chilli and soy which is great - you get much more food than you'd think.

Stacks Sat 17-May-14 11:16:46

Lidl is great for lots of stuff, bizarrely good for some things. Unfortunately ours doesn't sell things like risotto rice so I have to shop at tesco for a few things too. Lidl love to tempt me with the weird and wonderful stuff they stock each week, from tea pots to garden ornaments. As they only stock it for a week you have to impulse buy too! They're meant to have great sticker books in for kids just now, with those plastic reusable stickers - unfortunately ours doesn't seem to have them though sad

I've just sent DH to Iceland with DS. It's another good cheap place to shop, particularly for brand names. They consistently have ribena, weetabix, Cheerios and ambrosia rice pudding/custard cheaper than anywhere else.

Stacks that and fresh salsa are the two things I couldn't get otherwise I got all I needed. I generally cook everything from scratch so I think that makes it a bit easier. They have risotto rice when it's Italian week. I don't look at the stuff in the middle aisle and try to keep dd away hmm the only annoying thing is it takes me forty minutes to get there!

Stacks Sat 17-May-14 12:08:11

Ours is 2 minutes walk, and unfortunately the place I tend to take DS when I can't think of anything else to do with him and he's grumpy. I buy a lot of fruit bread and chocolate raisins and the occasional chocolate muffin... Really need a new place to go, but with the spd driving or walking any distance is really sore.

I've just eaten one and a half cheesy rolls. They're so good!

halestone Sat 17-May-14 15:23:10

She drinks alot of water in the day as well as milk at dinner but she barely eats so i don't feel to bad about the milk. I genuinely think of a night its just because her throat is sore from coughing. I will be taking her to the GP this week though to try and get something sorted for it.

I love Aldi as well and think their beans and chocolate are nicer than all the rest.

I have spent today putting up a child hammock, new bbq stand and garden table and chairs together summer is finally here.grin Unfortunately i'm in work in a hot chippy soonsad

Am on an airbus to Hong Kong! Speak to you all soon and enjoy the sunshine grin

Maryland2013 Sat 17-May-14 19:13:51

Enjoy your trip Willyou smile

WLmum Sat 17-May-14 19:28:55

Had a good day - made a good start on the list and had a lovely family bike ride and picnic tea. T just loves being on my bike and couldn't wait to climb aboard when she saw her seat! We saw a game of polo and tons of deer.
Ts speech is coming on now but she misses lots of the first letters so we get -s-ock -b-ike etc. she's ok with mummy, more, daddy and others. I love it!
Just trying to get her to bed asap as I'm babysitting g for a friend tonight and said of be there in about 15 mins - she lives 10 mins walk away.
Hope everyone else had nice days in the sun.

I kid you not, F is currently running round and round his cot flatly refusing sleep. He's been really demanding today and I just want him to sleep so I can have total silence. Feel like my head is going to explode.

PurplePidjin Sat 17-May-14 20:24:03

R had to do bedtime minus Ewan tonight, the Harp leg has finally given up the ghost sad

Dd's asleep on the sofa despite two illegal naps. She's had a temp for a few days I'm guessing it was her vaccination. Ds went down nicely he was really tired though.

WL they play the polo gold cup not far from me.

WillYou have a lovely time!

WLmum Sat 17-May-14 20:37:40

Oh dear coffee I do hope he crashes soon. My charges are fast asleep so I'm just enjoying a glass of wine in a nice tidy house!

WLmum Sat 17-May-14 20:39:38

Not quite sure what T is trying to say but the last 2 times we've seen the polo horses she has shouted gay at the top of her voice! I promise I'm not raising a homophobe!

halestone Sat 17-May-14 22:27:50

haha WL maybe she knows something about the horses.

Have a great time Willyou.

Coffee i hope F has conked out now.

My boss has told me that shes only going to ring me if its busy tomorrow and i doubt it will be so it looks like i get a night off grin I can't wait we can have a lovely family bbq.

WLmum Sun 18-May-14 00:32:19

Hope you have a lovely day hales and that the sunshine works its magic on H's cough.

Barbeasty Sun 18-May-14 07:06:31

Neigh WL?

We had a barbecue last night when the DC were in bed. But I'm hoping the weather is ok for one next Sunday on DH's birthday.

We're going to have to do some car seat swapping today. Not too bad first thing, DH has to take my car to church so that he can fill the tank as a way of paying me back for his seat, but he wants to drive his car to swimming this afternoon. The DC refuse to go back in their old seats which are in his car. So we'll have to swap and then swap back so I can drive the DC to pick up his seat tomorrow.

But DD asked to go and sit in the car yesterday because her seat is so comfortable, so pleased about that.

Just having breakfast on my own outside. Just the sounds of bees, birds, and I think the running water must be a neighbour's water feature. Lovely.

Hello everyone. I made it, I have no idea what time it is there but it's currently 3:30. I slept but I'm flagging and I'm hungry despite an enormous breakfast 3 hours ago. Must push through.

Maybe it's horsey WL or neigh like Beasty says. J does the opposite - he just says the first syllable so we have du(ck) sounding awfully like do(g).

Hope he let you enjoy your evening eventually coffee.

I hope the weather is still nice for you. It's 30 deg, 90% humidity and pissing down here. It's like being in a sauna.

halestone Sun 18-May-14 13:45:05

Willyou, i hope you get over your jetlag soon.

I have had a proud mum moment todaygrin For weeks H has been saying wee after shes had a wee in her nappy and we've been sitting her ok the loo. Well today she said wee whilst she had no nappy on and i sat her on the toilet and she actually wee'd grin grin grin

halestone Sun 18-May-14 14:27:57

My work mate has rang in sick so now i have to go in work tonight for the whole shift. I'm fuming she knew what i'd arranged.

Ds got out of my friends garden shockblush it seems he can open gates. Luckily he was only on the pavement.

I'm burnt blush and suitably embarrassed about it.

PurplePidjin Sun 18-May-14 16:43:44

hales she was probably jealous sad

r worked out our baby gate weeks ago, cue mad dash to mothercare, and can do the park one too grin

Hales that's rubbish. It's going to be hotter tomorrow though. I'm working angry

What a cow Hales. Hope it was (is?) an easy shift with everyone having a bbq.

J is an escapologist too, he undoes doors on his tiptoes (including the chain on the front door), my Nan's gate is a doddle and he repeatedly backs against those spring-loaded park gates until he's free. The look of triumph on his face is hilarious as he legs it.

Jet lagged here. 3.5h sleep and wide awake.

Hi everyone, hope you've all been enjoying the sunshine. F is still ill, inhaler and antibiotics seem to make a little difference. He's so unhappy whilst I'll sad

WLmum Sun 18-May-14 19:33:59

hales yay to the wee but boo to the work.
willyou jet lag sucks.
I'm working too tom, riding my bike in at 8 will be lovely, leaving at 2 so I guess that's going to be a hot ride!
Having been swimming and playing in the park in the sun really made me want to take the kids abroad to a villa with a pool. We've loosely talked about getting one with lots of family to share the cost and childcare etc but flights for 5 won't be cheap. Maybe 2016 if I get a decent job. Til then it's camping!

Barbeasty Sun 18-May-14 19:55:59

Coffee I can't remember how long it's been, but maybe go back and ask for a different antibiotic or reassessment of the inhaler.

Hales definitely not fair, and don't forget it if she wants time off etc...

DH was watching DD swimming, with A on his lap interacting with a 6 month old girl. The girl's dad was worried that A wouldn't cope with her grabbing at him. Then A bit DH's thigh as hard as he could. It's becoming a bit of a problem. Not helped by the exercise where I had to manipulate his arms to do front crawl and call it big tiger arms. He opened his mouth wide and did a sort of growl.

I left DH supervising while I moved the car seats, and there was sudden crying. DH said "don't worry, he just fell down 1 step. Although...... that toy came from the bath- I think he went right up and down until the last step. Clever boy". Not clever daddy!

Guildfordmum2 Sun 18-May-14 21:07:14

Well done mini hales!

wlmum chose somewhere accessible through the euro tunnel then you only have to pay for the car regardless of how many if you are within it.

Stacks Mon 19-May-14 13:47:17

Well done H hales! I hope you had an easy shift at least.

Coffee hope things improve soon. I second going back to dr and seeing if there's anything more they can try.

WL I'd love to go away somewhere nice and warm. Our awful trip to visit family in February has put me off though. T didn't sleep for the week and I was exhausted. It probably wouldn't happen again, but I live in fear sad
My mum has bought a wreck of a house in France, to retire into, with a seperate holiday cottage type place on the grounds. I think that'll be most of our summer holidays in a few years. Loads of grounds to run around in, a steam, fields, and plans for a small holding with a few farm animals smile I think it'll take a good few years to become a reality though - just now the cottages have 4 walls and a roof each (just), so a wee bit of work to do yet.

Beasty T went through a phase of biting a while back, it's incredibly sore! Unfortunately he found the help f pain funny too, so would keep doing it. We had to just put him away from us when he did it, it didn't seem effective at all at he time, but he did stop after a while. Hope A stops soon.

WillYou hope the jet lag passes soon. Hope you don't find it too hard to adjust and get some work done.

T can get out our gate too, we now have a chain round it which he can't undo. Takes him about 20 seconds to escape otherwise! He's not had much practice with any other gates, but he picks things up far too fast so I'm not sure I'd trust him with much less than a padlock!

MrsNutella Mon 19-May-14 14:30:23

hales what a mean colleague. I hope they really were ill (makes me think of nanny McPhee).
I was just wondering if all the milk could be exacerbating H's cough... Dairy generally makes you produce more mucous so I tend to avoid it if I get a bit snotty/heavy cold.
Impressed at the wee smile! DS started fighting the morning toilet routine so we stopped. We haven't gone back to it yet.

I love watching him pick up new words. I've started asking him "did you do a big doo doo" because I love watching him trying to say "doo doo"grin

stacks DS is also a very visual physical learner if you show him something he finds interesting he will work really hard to copy it. It's great for songs and actions; but you have to be careful sometimes what he sees! I really hope he doesn't figure out the baby gates.

halestone Mon 19-May-14 15:04:35

I feel abit bad as she wasn't sick but had told the boss her husband had fell off a ladder and hurt his back and was being assessed in hospital. The shift wasn't actually that bad.

H woke up saying nick nicks this morning which is what we call her nappy so i took her nappy off. Then she said wee so i took her the toilet and she wee'd again i'm feeling so proud of her grin

Stacks and Nutella i also have a visual learner she copies everything but hasn't tried the stair gate yet as she prefers just throwing things over it. Also i hope your both feeling ok in this hot weather.

Beasty i have no suggestions about the biting H still bites and headbutts when shes having a temper tantrum. We've tried all sorts now we just move her away and ignore her which usually ends up in her crying.

I'm so jealous of holiday talk i don't think we'll be going abroad till i'm back in work full time. Although we have just started saving so that we can take H and hopefulky DSD to Disneyland Florida when H is 5.

My mum and dad have offered to take me n j away this year. They'll do whatever we want. Their offers gave ranged from a cruise of the Med to a holiday in this country. My choice. We're very lucky!

Wow Hales, that's some clever weeing grin

MrsNutella Mon 19-May-14 19:10:52

willyou that sounds fab and no less than what you deserve. Hope you're doing well.

hales that's fantastic! (And nick nicks sounds really cute).

DS is refusing to go to sleep!!!! Arghhhhhhangry he is so tired but of course sleep is not an option. He will stand in his bed screaming and crying and shouting "mama", "papa" and then he'll grab one of his toys and start giggling at it. I've given him calpol. I've checked his pants. I've cuddled him I've done everything I can think of. I think the biggest mistake I've made was going in to comfort him in the first place. When he is this tired I know nothing works.

WLmum Mon 19-May-14 19:16:13

stacks that sounds awesome - can we come?!
guildford I don't know how long the dds could cope in the car, and they would so love to go on a plane. hales we haven't been abroad for 5 years. Dd1 would really love to go to Disneyland Paris - she wants to see the Eiffel Tower! If I get a decent job and £ gets easier maybe we'll start saving.
That's amazing potty training - well done H!
willyou very lucky indeed but I figure you deserve a break!

WLmum Mon 19-May-14 19:17:47

Oh dear nutella we had similar yesterday. I'm really hoping for an easy bedtime tonight (now!). Hope he settles soon.

Oh no Nutella hope he's gone now. Sometimes going in is just the final nail isn't it and you earn yourself 2 more hours of screeching.

Of course you could always send all wide awake babies to me as I'm up at 2am again with bastarding jet lag. I have a training meeting to run tomorrow. I had 3 hours sleep last night. This cannot be happening!

We're off on holiday in three weeks I can't wait. Will be the last time abroad for a while with dd starting school.

Hales I first went to Disney world aged five but I was a bit small for some of the best rides. Still really enjoyed it though. We're going to save up too as dp has never been and I haven't been for years.

Dd got stung by a wasp today at nursery! I felt bad I wasn't there for her sad I think she's going to have to go full time straight away at school as we just can't pick her up at one everyday.

MrsNutella Mon 19-May-14 20:22:03

willyou that is exactly it. I normally have to leave him to a bit of shouting and moaning at bedtime but mostly he is asleep in 5-15 minutes and the shouting is only for about 1 minute followed by a bit of noise, fussing, playing with toys and he is off.

wl fx for you and bedtime!!
I'm sure DS's top canines are about to pop out. I saw them today and thought they were through but they're not quite. So I'm hoping it's that and shortly they'll be out, he'll be over it and we can continue with bedtime as it should be smile

MrsNutella Mon 19-May-14 20:23:28

spotty ouch! Poor DD! I was out with my friend last summer and her little DS (he was just 2 at the time) got stung on the nose by a wasp sad hope DD is ok.

I asked dd if she was brave and she no grin I said I didn't blame her as I would have cried too

halestone Tue 20-May-14 07:13:06

Spotty, Poor DD i hope she is ok today.

Nutella i hope DS finally went to sleep for you and i love your facebook video of him.

Willyou, i hope your not too tired today and that you can get some sleep later.

WL was last night easier putting T down?

My dad took me and my sisters out for a meal last night, whilst my mum babysat the girls. It was so lovely to be able to eat a nice meal without any little people help.grin

Maryland2013 Tue 20-May-14 12:07:29

A hot meal Hales... Ooh i would love one!!

WLmum Tue 20-May-14 19:27:22

Poor dd spotty. Dd1 went full time straight away and I really worried about it but she was absolutely fine.
hales that's so nice.
willyou hope the meeting went well and the jet lag is easing off.
Cooler here today - hoorah!

halestone Tue 20-May-14 20:21:25

WL we've had Thunder storms last night and todaygrin

It was cooler today but still sticky.

We had a fire drill at work. It was the middle of the day so no appts apart from the midwife. The poor pregnant lady in the waiting room looked really worried...not as worried as the mw doing a sweep shockgrin

I'm lying in bed listening to the thunder and lightening. It's the loudest thing I ever heard. It's directly overhead. It's been going for about quarter of an hour it's around 3:30am.

Meeting went great. We were all so ill from lack of sleep that after a raspberry mojito we collapsed into bed at 9:45. Just woke up after 5.5 hours so I've already had around 3hpurs more than yesterday. Even my boss who said he used to have to do 30 long haul trips per year said he's never experienced any jetlag like it. We were shells of people grin

Barbeasty Tue 20-May-14 20:48:20

How's your DD's sting today Spotty?

Hales We're hoping to go out for a meal this weekend, because it's DH's birthday on Sunday. But it's looking more and more likely that he'll have to work.

DD got the DC dinner last night. They had marmite on bread and chocolate spread on bread. Nutella you'd be proud- DH caught her dipping the knife in the jar and licking it off. She stopped running around like a mad thing around 8!

DH and I have more or less decided that we're going to have to change A's nursery. It's going to be so close picking DD up from after school club, then driving to collect him from nursery. The after school club also run as a preschool from age 2, so I think from January A will have to go there. Planning to look around properly next week.

WLmum Wed 21-May-14 12:12:03

T has a yukky cough and keeps making herself sick with it - twice today so far - once in the car between dropping dd1 off at school and dd2 at pre-school and just now while we were getting changed after swimming. Just giving her a boob top up then she'll fall asleep in the car. I might get a peaceful lunch and a few jobs done! I could get used to bit working weds!

MrsNutella Wed 21-May-14 12:27:07

Beasty that is the best way to eat Nutella I'm sure smile

DS did not poo much yesterday... He is rectifying that today. Accompanied by a lot of farting which he finds quite amusing. hmm
Ds woke up at about 3:45 crying and shouting. After calpol and some cuddles he went back to sleep around 4:10 so nothing to complain about really. I went back to sleep sometime after 5:15. I'm sooo tired! And it's hot and I'm pregnant and it's all poo!!

WLmum Wed 21-May-14 13:34:57

When's your due date nutella?

MrsNutella Wed 21-May-14 14:57:03

Wl I'm due on 30th July, I hit 30 weeks today. It's all a little bit scary!! I know two ladies with the same due date. It's rather odd! smile

She's fine thanks beasty there wasn't even a mark!

We've had a busy day and I really cba to do dinner. We've got risotto which both dc love so at least it'll all get eaten.

WL sounds horrible I hope it's short lived.

PurplePidjin Wed 21-May-14 18:41:14


WLmum Wed 21-May-14 19:40:55

nutella 3 ladies from my ante natal gang with dd1 were in hospital at the same time having their dc2s.

I did indeed get a peaceful (and delicious salad with home made croutons) lunch and a few jobs done. Dds all been good, all right with the world over here.

halestone Wed 21-May-14 21:24:04

Beasty i hope you and DP get to go out for a meal.

Nutella, is it possible to make some time for you to relax? I hope your ok i can't imagine being pregnant and having a toddler hats off to you.

WL, how is T now?

Spotty i can never be bothered cooking.

Me and DP went to view a house tonight and now both have our FX we get it. Its PERFECT in every way the rent is slightly higher than we wanted to pay but for what we would be getting we're willing to pay.

WLmum Wed 21-May-14 21:28:43

Fx for you hales. T is 17 months now, and today she was just lovely (to be fair she mostly is) - she loved swimming and has new words coming every day. Today she had been saying 'stuck' a lot, especially when her little toe was poking out while I was repeatedly trying to get her sandals on! She also got the mug my mum tends to use out of the cupboard today and said 'manma'.

MrsNutella Thu 22-May-14 18:18:20

hales that's sweet of you thanks smile. DH does a good job of letting me slob relax on the sofa in the evenings. My mum has also offered to come for a visit. Nice in theory but it does seem to make DS a bit stressed and clingy hmm

DS is reeeeaaaaally tired tonight. He has had a cry and a whinge since I put him to bed. Right now it sounds like he is almost settling. I think he's a bit hot and his top canines are very very nearly there. Poor chap.
It was too hot for me today so we did nothing much until late this afternoon when I let DS loose in his mini paddling pool in the garden smile I love having a garden!

It's been stormy here today Nutella envy less than three weeks until our holiday though!

Poor dd fell over again today re opening a cut on her leg for the third time and ruining her my favourite flowery leggings. I feel so sad for her sad

utopian99 Thu 22-May-14 18:43:40

It is glorious Nutella. We have a shared garden now (although lots of littles around, who O and I will miss) but o the 30th we'll finally move in to our flat with it's own garden! will it actually have all the decoration finished though, who knows??

Poor dd spotty..

WLmum Thu 22-May-14 19:41:42

spotty poor dd my dd2 is a it like that - somehow it's always her that gets hit - tonight she caught her shoulder on the stair gate and had barely recovered when DH was changing the battery in the smoke alarm and it fell off the ceiling and hit her on the head!
After bedtimes I'm off to vote and have a quick run. I need to make sure my vote is cast against nasty ukip.

Stacks Fri 23-May-14 06:56:13

Morning all. Don't get much time to read or post now, as DS is desperate for my phone/iPad/laptop. Trying to keep up and in the loop though.
5 weeks till I'm due, and 6.5 weeks till I'll definately have her (section/induction date). It's all getting a bit real now, though at the same time I still don't have hospital bag packed or much stuff here. Dad is coming to visit next week and bringing the crib and clothes and things, so I guess after that we should be pretty sorted. Really looking forward to having him here to help with DS. DH seems to have forgotten making babies is hard work - he said the other day that I'm only allowed to complain about being more tired that him when he has more lay ins than me. hmm

DS is at least being good recently, though woke at 5 this morning. He went back to sleep quick, but I couldn't. So, a long day today.

Hope you get the new flat hales.

Of course it'll all be decorated and lovely utopian.

Hi everyone, I'm home! Landed at Heathrow at 5am yesterday. Went to bed at 8:30pm. Just lying in bed with a sleeping DS, he's so scrummy I could eat him.

He was a bloody nightmare in the night though, he repeatedly threw himself off the bed headfirst and he's making up for lost time last week and is ravenously hungry. He had 3 meals plus snacks at nursery, ate everything in sight last night (fruit pouch, goodies carrot crisps, biscuit, satsuma, nectarine, mini potato waffles and some of my chips) and then had 2 pints of milk in the night shock I don't dare say no though as he didn't eat for about a week.

Poor DD Spotty she's really in the wars.

Hope DD is feeling better WL.

Fx your house goes through Hales, very exciting. And I'm glad yours is nearly finished Utopian, that seems like it's taken forever.

Poor you Stacks, it's bloody hard being that pregnant without a toddler to look after. I can't imagine how tired you must be.

Is the new nursery a nice one Beasty? It must be hard moving him if he's happy there but easier than if he was a bit older. Hopefully he'll get into that school too so he can keep the same friends throughout now.

Oh and I forgot - I was changing DS' nappy last night and he picked up the wipes, got one out and wiped his own bum confused I'm not sure how I feel about that. Seems very grown up!

Barbeasty Fri 23-May-14 08:36:24

A likes to wipe his own nose.

We need to look at the nursery again when the school children aren't there. It has a good ofsted, but I don't know much about it. But yes, he'd probably know a few people who would go up to the school with him (and he's as certain of getting a place as we could be).

DD has a UTI. She didn't like the Dr, she said he looked like a stupid wizard. And the medicine is a horrid liquorice flavour one.

Good luck with the house Hales.

MrsNutella Fri 23-May-14 09:19:24

Stacks tell your DH that because of how unbalanced you are hormonally right now he should be very very nice to you! -otherwise he needs a big smack. I hope he was joking about the being tired thing.

hales so excited for you and DP! Fx for you.

willyou when DS eats like crazy I let him. I guess he knows what he needs. My mum is amazed at how much he can eat. We're sure he has hollow legs grin

WLmum Fri 23-May-14 09:55:45

grin crazy wizard doctor!
T is poorly sad she's been coming down with something for a few days and yesterday and today was super clingy and miserable. She's been asleep in her pushchair already for nearly an hour. I'm sure she'll wake when we head for the library rhyme time - I'd skip it but dd2 really wants to go and it's all we've got planned today other me trying to tame the beast that is my house.

PurplePidjin Fri 23-May-14 12:30:38

R eats like a horse, I really don't know where he put it. He grew 4" - 10cm - between 15 and 18 month checks shock

WLmum Fri 23-May-14 19:09:47

That's some growing pidj! willyou I guess he's just making up for lost time. T is not a massive water but today has outdone herself and eaten virtually nothing. Tbf she's obv been feeling crappy and has demanded a lot of boob. No house taming done and I'm exhausted. Homemade curry for tea then bed bed bed!
How's the jet lag willyou?

I am jetlag free! I think I had it all going out, never really adjusted so an fine now I'm home.

I think j has chickenpox. Hid cousin had it 10 days ago and he's got a mild raised rash all over. I hope not but I suppose now is as good a time as any.

You'll know in about twelve hours WillYou. You can get some good stuff for it now.

Dp has pissed me off ever since he got home. He didn't do the washing up from last night so I had to do it when I got in from work (he was at work too but I left before him and he should have done it last night yet the sink was full of dirty dishes I'm cold water angry), he didn't post the letter I left on top of all his work stuff (he knew what the letter was) which will delay us getting £50 and when I asked for help with the meal planning which I do every bloody week he gave three crap suggestions then got in a strop when I asked for more angryangryangry

So anyway I've come to bed. Sorry for mememe blush

FriendofDorothy Fri 23-May-14 21:57:17

I keep losing this thread at the moment!

Hello everyone.

WLmum Fri 23-May-14 21:59:15

Yay willyou! As you say, if he has he has and he'll get it sooner or later. It's late in the year for it though.
spotty I feel your pain, DH never contributes to meals in any way. I've given up as it always leads to a massive row.

WLmum Fri 23-May-14 22:00:13

fod!! Hello! Weird I was only thinking about you this evening and wondering how you were getting on!

CustardOmlet Fri 23-May-14 22:07:47

Yay, found you all! I'll no doubt get lost very quickly again. Getting increasingly broody now, bloody hormones!

WLmum Fri 23-May-14 22:14:09

Ahh little Ezekiel born in his sac - how amazing!
custard are you Jo? I'm a bear of little (tired!) brain and I can never remember which rl name goes with which mn name!

utopian99 Sat 24-May-14 04:05:24

5 weeks stacks! Eek and yay.. I am in full pg paranoia now, will worry about this one being okay for the next 26 weeks, but you'renearly there. envy

hales fx for the house (and crossing all else too.)

I always find jet lag way worse travelling East than West willyou, don't know why. Seems to me like it's taken forever too - only 3 months on site but another 3 months battling with the cockface challenging freeholders has rather pushed things. Dh is ecstatic to be almost in!

Hi custard and FoD welcome back.

WL - custard is eggs and the other is WeeJo!

Good solid 9 hours sleep last night! I'm loving the reverse jetlag this way!

FriendofDorothy Sat 24-May-14 08:49:59

So, who is pregnant on this thread now? I am 27 weeks pregnant.

MrsNutella Sat 24-May-14 11:14:15

fod hello! I've been on the antenatal thread a couple of times but can't keep up and it's sort of cosy here smile
I think stacks is next up - no pressure stacks! And the little one that just arrived.... I can't remember the MN NN confused it's on the Facebook group. I'm 30 weeks. I'm not sure who else there is.

We're in Munich visiting DP's middle brother. We came down by train which was good but I'm so tired & I slept really badly. I thought BIL lived close to our hotel, so agreed to breakfast at his today - I was starving when we got there! Plus I seem to be having (what I hope are) braxton hicks contractions if I try and walk any distance at all hmm it started to get really uncomfortable. I'm now chilling in our hotel room which feels like such a waste because Munich is sooooo cool and I wish we had more time to shop explore.
This baby is so mean to me!
And DS spent an hour-ish shouting at us this morning. These canines are no fun at all!

Nutella I had horrendous Braxton hicks from 16 weeks with ds. Any time I walked or tried to cook dinner etc I'd get them every two minutes. Mw was always really shocked when I went on the monitor.

halestone Sat 24-May-14 14:40:04

I've really struggled getting on Mumsnet recently sad

Willyou how is J does he have chicken pox?

WL is T feeling any better?

Welcome back FoD and Custard smile

Nutella, those Braxton Hicks sound horrendous.

Utopian i am so excited for you to move in. It will be good for all your hard work to pay off.

Stacks i hope your feeling ok. Not long left now and hopefully your SPD will clear up instantly.

We have paid the letting agency fees and deposit on the house we now just have to wait for all their checks to come back and hopefully we'll have a house. I am so excited but terrified something will go wrong. We where lucky that my friend who works in the letting agency gave us 1st dibs as every couple who viewed the house wanted it.

Ooh good news Hales, well sometimes it's who you know!

No chicken pox here. J is stupidly hungry again. Cannot fill him at all.

CustardOmlet Sat 24-May-14 16:11:25

Sorry to confuse you WL my DH found me so changed my name (pointless act as I left myself logged on on the screen!)

I had shocking BHs, if I ate too much or needed to pee was the worse. I think that's how I managed to sleep through labour, I was used to the pain!

I'm planning another alcohol fuelled/goats cheese sponsored December before number two, plus best friend is getting married in April and don't want swollen ankles!

How exciting hales!

WillYou glad it's not pox. There's never a good time for it really but it would be nice for you to know it's over and done with.

Dd's just had a meltdown because dp is going out. It makes me annoyed with him, even though I know it's not his fault, as I feel bad for her! He's dropping me back an Indian first though wink

WLmum Sat 24-May-14 19:36:11

Congrats fod!
Super news hales. Fx for you that you'll soon be having a glass of bubbly in your new home - you too utopoan
Well jel of the sleep willyou T was up 4 times last night. Not feeling to rotten though which was good, just a bit hungry I expect. And once when she was shouting 'uck' as she had her legs stuck in the cot bars!
spotty my dds never care when DH goes out but cry and make me feel awful when I do - even going to work.

We have it the other way WL, DS sobs his eyes out when XP leaves but just toddles over for a kiss and waves bye bye when I say I'm going. I know it's cos he knows I'm coming back. wink

Yeah I'm surprised he's not got pox as his cousin was with him (and they were hugging, kissing, licking each other) the whole day the day before his spots came out - the most contagious time. We'll see anyway.

Tonight I have sorted my wardrobes ready for the move. All my heels are now in clear plastic boxes and I have 6 bin bags for the charity shop and 4 for the bin!

PurplePidjin Sun 25-May-14 11:46:39

Appalling night again, 3 wake ups at 12:45, 1:45 and 2:45 sad

His language is coming on apace so I'm assuming growth spurt. Yesterday:

Me: It's hot in the car isn't it. Shall I open some windows, R?
R <pointing> Nu Noo

So I opened the sun roof grin

utopian99 Sun 25-May-14 12:40:29

We still have almost no words and it's starting to really bother me. Identifiable words are: there, that, no, dada and that's basically it. He uses loads of signs, including abstract ideas like please and thank you and can identify things when we use the words, including stuff we haven't taught him but he's just heard being used, so I don't think he's thick. Physically he's fine too - was helping his father undo nuts and bolts with an alun key this morning - so why are there so few words? Should I ask a specialist? I saw spotty was wondering too...

Utopian he says more than ds! They like them to have half a dozen words by 18 months so it sounds like he's fine. Does he do animal sounds? (I'm just repeating what dd's physio said) and does he have his own words for things? (I think the signing counts as this really)

utopian99 Sun 25-May-14 12:55:30

Not noticed any own words - we thought dadum for milk but now seems to have been replaced by the sign. The only animal sound is moo but for literally every animal going; duck, horse, dog..

Do you have drop in speech therapy near you? They do round here (when I'm at work!). I wouldn't worry just yet, I'm not worried it's just the SALT waiting list is years...hmm I do think if he's signing he probably doesn't feel the need to talk just yet and as pidj said it's more about understanding at this age ie if you ask him to get his shoes will he?

WLmum Sun 25-May-14 13:25:35

Feeling your pain pidj - crap night here too but she's still rotten with cold. I'm sure I'll have to a bit of a push in a few days to get back to one waking.
utopian I second everything spotty says. There's a massive variation in levels of speech until about age 4. It's also somewhat hereditary - were you and DH early/late talkers? Ime often the ones who make a slower start catch up by making leaps and bounds rather than the steady drip of the earlier ones. I know its hard but do try not to worry.

Dp refused to speak until he was four shock and my dad didn't speak until 2.5. I was an early talker like dd.

halestone Sun 25-May-14 17:04:49

Utopian, if your really worried can you talk to your HV? They maybe able to put your mind at ease. I think he will start soon he's just a man of few words at the moment. No doubt when he starts you'll be begging him to stop haha.

H has been mega whingy the last few days and very violent i suspect we may finally see her last molars come through very soon.

PurplePidjin Sun 25-May-14 17:23:44

They won't even refer to SALT unless there's still absolutely nothing at 2.5/3 ish iirc. Don't forget, R is a mid-November baby and has a good month at least on most here!

If they can hear ok, and follow instructions at least some of the time then there's absolutely nothing to worry about, it's all well within the range of "normal".

It's also worth remembering that boys are generally slower than girls at speech development, even at this age.

F has a couple of words, but he also died the odd sign and seems to understand a few well used sayings like "shall we go downstairs now?" (He runs to the stairgate at waits).

hales, how many teeth has your little one got?!

pidj, hope tonight is better for you, that sounded awful.

willyou you sound very organised. I love having massive clear ours, it's very satisfying!

I've handled dd being a pita so badly this afternoon she's ended up going to bed without any dinner. She wouldn't eat anything, stole my phone and threw it on the floor, threw two pieces of road from the toy garage at Ds, hit dp, pushed and hit ds repeatedly, screamed when she didn't get her own way and has just been pretty horrible in general sad

Just noticed all my typos... Please ignore blush

WLmum Sun 25-May-14 19:37:27

Oh dear spotty. Sometimes bed is the only option.
We're on day 3 of T obviously feeling shit - rotten cold and loads of tooth action. She's eaten virtually nothing again and just wanted to hang off the boob or cried desperately if I've put her down. I got cross with DH as it should be easier with him here and I should be able to get bits done (like cleaning our minging bathroom) but it's not. I just end up cleaning up after him too and always have to get involved with the kids - for example writing thank you letters - dd2 can cop words if you write them in clear print on a clean page (not dhs scrawl with other words nearby) and giving dd1 a novelty biro instead of a pencil so it's barely legible and I make her do it again. I'm so frustrated with him. He doesn't realise how emotionally (and physically) exhausting dealing with a crying clinging toddler day and night is.

WL I'm impressed with dd2's writing. Dd can hardly write her name, she's good at numbers and counting though smile I'd be annoyed too, can you get him to clean the bathroom?

Dd was asleep in about thirty seconds but I really could have handled it better.

halestone Sun 25-May-14 19:51:42

Coffee, i think these are her last 4 molars but i maybe wrong. I am pretty sure no other teeth can fit in there.

WL i like Spotty's suggestion of asking your DH to clean the bathroom if he's not helping properly with the girls.

Spotty sometimes they know how to push all the right buttons so that you can't function. Tomorrow is a new day i always think.

MrsNutella Sun 25-May-14 20:08:53

wl DH can be like that. He was away for two long days the other week and actually it was fine, because I could do what I wanted exactly how and when. It got a bit wearing having to always shut DS in with me upstairs (because DH hasn't managed to order a third stairgate yet. And I've figured out that actually neither is installed properly anyway because he was too lazy to drill the holes needed in the wall hmm).
We have spent the weekend in Munich and DS has been a star but I had to explain to DH that since we would be on the train at lunchtime we needed to think about lunch for DS. It was as if I'd started speaking in code honestly angry
"it will be lunch time, he needs lunch. For lunch he eats food. We need to buy some food for him"

In the end DS was fantastic (we missed the morning nap, I kept him awake until almost 12:00 and filled him with snacks) and I managed to get him to sleep for two hours in his buggy in the train. smile

utopian I really really wouldn't worry. It sounds like his motor skills are very advanced. If DS finds any kind of small tool or thing he likes to throw it on the ground because it makes a good noise (if it's metal on the hard floors he thinks it is hilarious) or he tries to eat it.

Maryland2013 Sun 25-May-14 20:53:56

Spotty bed with no tea is not unreasonable with that behaviour!!

DS says dadda mamma hiya and just this week is saying "ah" for ta and ma for more usually for cake
He signs for milk but understand signs for food, plane (we live on the flight path), all gone, bird, cat, dinner (food), thank you, please, hello and all the ones from the baby sensory say hello song smile

He definitely understands things like dot on your bottom, bring me xx, do you want to get out of your chair etc so I think he's doing ok.

He hold things up and makes this same sound which must be "what is this called" as he brings lots of things to me to ask.

Canines making an appearance here sad

Maryland2013 Sun 25-May-14 20:54:54

Sit on your bottom not dot!!!

She did eat a slice of garlic bread and a piece of roast chicken. I think she tried the couscous. This is the most difficult age so far that's for sure.

Sorry for those having bad nights. Ds might not talk but at least he sleeps...

Maryland2013 Sun 25-May-14 21:17:24

Is DD around 3 1/2 Spotty?

Ooh I'm approaching the end of my tether tonight. DS is refusing to go to fucking sleep and is just screaming and trying to make himself sick in his cot. When I get him out and try to get him to sleep in my bed he laughs and punches me repeatedly in the face.

Deep calming breaths, deep calming breaths. He'll be knackered tomorrow now too.

She's 4 in three weeks!

WillYou what a nightmare angry can you go back to the beginning 2 mins settle 4 mins settle etc

I think DS may be a mumsnetter grin as soon as I wrote that he have in and went to sleep.

I'm so tired I just want to go to bed but I have a massive ironing pile to tackle sad

WLmum Sun 25-May-14 21:29:02

spotty hindsight is a wonderful thing. I often think I could have handled things better but all you can is try for next time. Honestly I don't think it does any harm for them to see they've pushed you too far once in a while.
Yes I should have sent him to clean the bathroom but there's clean and there's man clean! He's the most untidy person on the planet so asking him to tidy (which was also what I wanted to do) is pointless. And sad though it is, escaping to do chores is actually a bit of a break for me!
Dd2s writing is sometimes legible, sometimes not but she's really keen to try. Dd1 never was never really interested in pens, not even colouring and really struggled with handwriting.
nutella that sounds familiar! We are on no 3 though so you think he'd be better at it!

WLmum Sun 25-May-14 21:32:22

spotty 3 was def the hardest age!
willyou do half an hour if the essentials and leave everything else. V jealous of your clear out skills - I'm a massive hoarder and never seem to have the time/space to clear stuff.

I'm moving in 3 weeks WL and my new house won't be ready in time so I gave to live with mum and dad. Decluttering was essential!

I did read dd a story before bed so wasn't completely mean!

Dd woke at six and ds is still asleep, but he didn't go to bed until 7 as dd went before him.

Lots of cleaning and tidying today, boring but thankful of the extra day off to allow it all to get done!

halestone Mon 26-May-14 09:41:48

Willyou, good luck getting ready for your move.

I am still having trouble using the App. MNHQ better hurry up and sort it out.

I keep praying the nights will get easier and last night it did we were only up 8 times.

My app was being crap but it's ok now.

Hales poor you sad

PurplePidjin Mon 26-May-14 17:14:46

I'm still not able to log in on the app sad

R is asleep already shock Having only woken once last night, with that wake being 5:45am so not exactly a night waking, he played for a bit then I had to wake him just before 9! He refused to nap in the buggy for my mum (I was meant to be at a work thing that got cancelled so she had him any way grin) he was screamingly over tired and begging me to put him to bed. So I did. And it's not even wine o'clock!

WLmum Mon 26-May-14 20:25:15

We've had a lovely day out in Brighton today and just when T seemed much brighter we got home in time for her to throw up everywhere. I think it was just because she'd been crying and is very phlegmy but poor little thing. She's had calpol and is calmly falling asleep on the boob now. She was quite cheery today but still only ate a few mouthfuls - even of cake!
hales poor you - that's a lot of wake ups! I thought my night was rough with 4 from T and 2 from dd2 (nightmare). T was not unhappy in the night just hungry I think after days of not eating. More of the same tonight I guess. Poor lamb.

Barbeasty Mon 26-May-14 21:01:03

Sending sleepy dust to all those non-sleeping toddlers (but keeping a handful for myself!)

A has really started climbing this weekend. First he went over the back of the sofa, trying to reach the patio doors to escape. About 10 minutes later he climbed up onto the sofa again and was bouncing on it, beaming away. But not facing the back and holding on. He was facing forwards and went jump, jump, jump, bang.

Then he decided to copy DD'S way of escaping the sitting room. If the gate is closed she will drag a table to it and climb over. I got to A this morning as he had his first leg over the top of the gate!!

We went to a family fun day at a local stables this morning. A had his first pony ride. And stroked a guineapig. Then we went to a birthday party. A nice but exhausting day.

halestone Tue 27-May-14 10:43:39

Beasty did A enjoy the pony ride?

WL, i hope T is feeling better soon.

Unfortunately for us 8 wake ups is a good night. I was abit upset last night as i've explained to everyone that having the heating on makes H's cough worse. Last night my sister put the heating on to dry clothes so consequently H was up loads and even managed to cough till she was sick! She ended up in my bed as its under a window and the window wide open. That stopped the coughing.

Pidj i still havn't gotten access through the app.

Beasty that sounds like a lovely day out! I have a climber too, F swarms all over the furniture and gets upstairs like a rat up a drainpipe!

I'm quite worried about F's eating. He is a carb junkie and would happily live on toast, pasta and savoury biscuits. It's really hard to get him to eat fruit or veg, I purée fruit to stir into porridge but he almost always refuses veg.

Any suggestions? He had minestrone soup for lunch today so there were some veggies in there, but more pasta too...

And what's the app you're all having trouble with?

Barbeasty Tue 27-May-14 12:54:03

Will he eat things like pasta sauces? You can hide loads of veg in that. And in stews or casseroles. Will he eat stuff on savoury biscuits? There's a nice courgette dip recipe in the river cottage baby food book, which would probably work with all sorts of veg. How about pureed into a sauce on a pizza?

It was a good day, and A didn't cry so it can't have been to bad for him!!

Stacks Tue 27-May-14 14:30:55

I have a couple of savoury muffin recipies you could try cofee. DS loves the cheese and spinach muffins, there's also a carrot based one and a couple others I've not tried. Recipies are in the Baby Led Weaning Cookbook so can't post here for copyright etc I can pm them to you if you like.

DS has suddenly started spitting out all his food. He acts really hungry before dinner, demanding to go in his high chair and crying while waiting for dinner to cool down. But after the first mouthful or two he just chews for a while then spits it all out. Even foods he usually eats well. We can get more food into him if we let him out to run around and feed him on the go - he comes to us asking for more, so I don't think we're forcing in more than he is hungry for.

Just a phase? Teeth? Something anyone else had experienced? He's also playing with different eatingn techniques these days - from sticking his face in the plate to using the wrong end of the spoon/fork - so maybe it's some kind of experimentation?

Hales my brother had serious asthma as a baby, and we were advised to put tubs of water on all the heaters etc to keep the room moist but warm. Could that work with H?

Hope the early night didn't backfire Pidg. DS is awful when tired, but I'd worry about putting him to bed too early incase it becomes a nap and pushes bedtime further away.

halestone Tue 27-May-14 14:59:54

Coffee my HV told me not to worry too much about what they eat whilst they are young as eventually they will get it and eat allsorts. She suggested that i mixed food H does like with food she doesn't like. And give them to her in one go. H's problem is that she likes all food but won't eat much of anything. A few mouthfuls and shes done.

Its the mumsnet app we're having trouble with.

Stacks H started doing that when she got a sore throat. She's still doing it now though so i'm not sure if thats any help to you.

My app is working fine confused

Ds will eat most veg but has decided he doesn't like peas. He manages to spit them out of each mouthful. I wouldn't worry too much though. Ds won't eat any salad stuff either.

I've found the perfect hotel for our wedding night. I've been searching for months smile

Maryland2013 Tue 27-May-14 17:23:35

Yay Spotty smile

Hales we put bowls of boiling water in DSs room for his cough and the steam really seems to help. Also damp towels on radiators, Vicks on feet work. We also leave his door open as fresh air definitely helps. Has anyone suggested to you that the milk might exacerbate her cough Hales? Maybe just coincidence that she drinks lots of milk then cough lots. Ddas might know?

DS is terrible with fruit and certainly won't eat veg on it's own. However I'm not concerned as he eats some fruit like banana and melon eats everything at nursery APPARENTLY, dried fruit, purée on his breakfast, fruit pouches and hidden veg in cottage pie/ fish pie/ risotto. There's a good Annabel Karmel hidden veg sauce. They don't have to be munching broccoli stalks to be getting veg don't worry ;)
DS even ate veg soup today when out for lunch smile

Ds just bit my bloody toe shockangrysad

Ouch spotty!

mary - yes ! at nursery F eats everything that's offered! little sod

Thanks for your reassurance everyone, we'll just keep trying I suppose. I was thinking if making a butternut squash mash to try instead of potato.