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The 7th Broadly Gemini Luxury Bus - Now with highchairs!

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AGnu Fri 11-Oct-13 19:21:03

Old thread here

Bibs at the ready, things are about to get very messy! grin

Lorelei353 Fri 11-Oct-13 19:55:47

Yay. New bus! High chairs are definitely next on our shopping list.
Sorry I've been quiet. Not much to report. DS mostly behaving himself. wink

peardrop2 Fri 11-Oct-13 20:13:34

I know where I've been going wrong! I haven't stocked up on weekend -Friday night- wine. My wine rack is empty!!

FrussoNeedsGin Fri 11-Oct-13 22:41:05

Well I'm out at a bar watching/listening to Nick Tatham. The baby was asleep last I heard.

FrussoNeedsGin Fri 11-Oct-13 23:54:48

Oh dear, 2 pts of cider and I'm rather tipsy. grin

pear how can you have no wine?

lorelei I'm glad ds is mostly behaving.

Hmm. The boy woke up whilst we were out. And refused his bottle of fm. good boy, he knows what's best bed and snuggle time with my boy now.

lovely shiny new bus.

currently expressing milk, typing one handed, and listening to what could probably be our last thunder storm of the year. <sniff, sniff> Not ready for winter to be this close already.

jealous about this going out, frus! hope you had a great time!

we are going on a massive road trip to 5 miles away from canada this weekend. eegahds so much to get ready. plus i have to make an appearance at a birth and baby fair that my preceptor midwife is advertising a table at tomorrow, make 2 more meals to take with us, pack everyone's clothes, and pack up the car all by this time tomorrow night. <deep breath>

Marking place on new bus, up already as dh has been in the shit baby hearing bedroom for the past two nights and has come to get me because he obviously can't cope and has managed to get kitten awake at 5:30ish rather then 6:30ish for a feed quite an achievement angryconfused

Lorelei353 Sat 12-Oct-13 16:20:01

So, is anyone's little one self-settling? Is this actually a thing that babies do at this stage or is it really something I should be 'training' him to do? At the moment DS is either fed to sleep or bounced/rocked to sleep. He would never just be put down and fall asleep. I don't think he seems ready for it. Should he be?

peardrop2 Sat 12-Oct-13 17:12:58

Lor ~ I think the answer is yes he should be self settling. However, I also think its baby dependant. For instance my baby has real problems with wind and teething so now isn't the time to start training. If your baby is fine health wise and you feel comfortable about it then I would personally start the training because the longer you leave it the harder it's going to be, surely?

peardrop2 Sat 12-Oct-13 17:15:02

Lor ~ forgot to add that I am so happy to hear that someone else is suffering with rocking sessions sorry it has to be you! Why do you feel he's not ready out of interest?

peardrop2 Sat 12-Oct-13 17:24:41

A question to those who're weaning...how many ice cubes are you now giving? I'm giving one ice cube per meal but baby pear is wafting it down and I sense this is not enough? It is strange how quickly his appetite is changing because 3 weeks ago I could barely get him to take one spoon let alone 1 ice cube. Is anyone else's babies adjusting to the food this fast?

Lor, I don't think there's a firm yes or no to that answer, like pear said I think a lot is baby dependant, kitten will self settle a lot but there's times I know she won't and likes a little feed, a lot of times she's 90% asleep by the time I've finished feeding her at night, I do try when I know she's due a nap to put her down and see how she goes, sometimes she goes straight to sleep, sometimes she winged/crys for a few mins then sleeps then sometimes the crying escalates then I will intervene and probably offer a feed
Pear I use aprox 2/3 ice cubes and stop when she looses interest, I keep feeding if she wants more, yes they suddenly go from not taking a mouthful to wolfing it down, kitten grabs the spoon off me and try's to do it quicker pulling it, she was uninterested for a week now she's on 3 aday because was moaning when we were all having lunch, if he wants more definatly give it to him, if you look at first size jars etc from 4 months there's quite abit in and I presume that's a portion size as they go up, she has had a full Ella's kitchen pouch before but mostly has about 2/3rds of it

peardrop2 Sat 12-Oct-13 18:44:23

Oh thanks kitty that's so helpful to know! I'll give him two cubes tomorrow and see how we get on. The next question will be...how many cubes does it take to make them sleep through the night?! wink

Lorelei353 Sat 12-Oct-13 20:06:27

When I say he doesn't seem ready I just mean that anytime you put him down, even sleepy, he wakes up totally and starts kicking and wanting attention. He just seems to be a long way off being able to fall asleep. He's sleeping well at night most nights (2 feeds having gone down around 8pm and up at 7.30am). His naps during the day are getting shorter though - about 30 mins now. He wakes up sleepy and wanting more, but if I leave him in his cot he'll just get more and more awake and then get agitated rather than go back to sleep.

I'm wondering if I should start putting him down at night almost asleep and see what happens but I don't think I can cope with the crying if he gets too tired. Quite a few times in the last two weeks we've put him down at 8-ish but over-tired and he's woken within the hour and cried the house down. I just wonder if it's something that'll come by itself.

FrussoNeedsGin Sat 12-Oct-13 22:17:46

The next question will be...how many cubes does it take to make them sleep through the night?! you mean they're meant to sleep through the night? Could someone cc my dds into that one please. grin

Ds varies between a mouthful and 4 cubes. Depending on the time of day and what it is.

I don't rock. But I still haven't got round to putting him down. and when I do he wakes up. <frustrated>

I'm making bunnies.

I wish there was a fast and hard rule about putting babies down, but after 3, I can honestly say it depends on the baby and their temperament. We are currently lucky right now about M being easy going and happy to take naps and sleep. I can see this current arrangement going down the toilet within the next month or so though.... Ds2 didn't sleep through the night until he was nearly 2 and insisted on at least 1 feed a night. With Ds1 we did a cry-it-out because it was what MIL told us was the thing to do she also told me to switch to formula in retrospect I totally regret it because it was so heartbreaking to listen to. Trying to deal with babies and sleep is fecking hard! It just is really fecking hard. If your little guys want to be rocked to sleep, just keep rocking those little people. They grow before your very eyes and these days will go by in the blink of the eye (I know you hear this from your parents, but as a peer, you can trust me wink)

Bunnies?? hmm

Lor, how about trying to put him to bed abit earlier then? When they are over tired they will without fail get over wraught very upset and scratch etc, the clocks are changing anyway in a few weeks so you will be putting him to bed an hour earlier anyway and you'll probably find he won't wake any earlier, I wouldn't have a problem with rocking unless it was taking hours in which case I might start cutting it down, by say 5 mins every few nights? I think consistency is the key though, they do like routine so they know what's comming so if you decide to do something I'd try and stick with it rather then changing it after a few days and trying something else ( just remember though the first few days whatever you do differently they won't like just because they are used to something else so if you stoped rocking and just held they would probably be the same as it's different from what they know )

Lorelei353 Sun 13-Oct-13 09:21:00

We did an earlier bath last night and ten a feed, cuddle and story and then another little feed to fall asleep. No tears and he stayed down until feed time.

I don't really have a problem with feeding or rocking. It doesn't take long. It's just that you hear do much about self settling that I wondered if I should be doing something about it.

It sounds like the little routine you've got works fine for you, cross the bridge if you need to not just because someone else does it differently, things do adapt as you go on and factors change such as maybe stopping bf etc, so it will adapt if it causes you no trouble I wouldn't be concerned

FrussoNeedsGin Sun 13-Oct-13 11:18:41

Ds has been left with my friend and a bottle of formula. I am bursting. I've just had to hold dd2 whilst the hospital gas masked her. I feel sick. pic on fb of what dd2 has done

Lorelei353 Sun 13-Oct-13 11:42:02

frus it's awful. I haven't been able to bring myself to comment on the pic because I can't look at it! Poor dd2. Hope you're both doing ok. brew

FrussoNeedsGin Sun 13-Oct-13 12:30:48

I was making cuddly bunnies out of some fabulous fleece.
Unfortunately dd2 wanted to do sewing this morning. Woke up to a scream.

FrussoNeedsGin Sun 13-Oct-13 12:41:28

It was quite gross lore dd1 nearly puked. Dd2 was very good. but it helps if you don't have normal pain receptors

I had to break my self-imposed facebook ban to see what happened. Heart in throat. Oh my life frus. Glad she's ok! How are you feeling after a trip to the A&E? Thinking of you. xx

Eek just looked, poor dd2 hmm hope she's feeling better, luckily I'm not sqwemish, you just can't leave them alone for a second can you

FrussoNeedsGin Sun 13-Oct-13 14:50:12

bring still waiting to be discharged from children's ward. I hate hospitals. Was not what I had in mind for a lazy Sunday.
kitty can't leave them for a second even when asleep. I was asleep. She wasn't meant to be up. Or awake. And my seeing machine was off and unplugged when I went to bed last night.

peardrop2 Sun 13-Oct-13 15:01:15

I don't know what's happened but it sounds awful Frus :-(

FrussoNeedsGin Sun 13-Oct-13 19:07:32

pear dd had a go on my sewing machine at 7am this morning. Except she sewed her finger not the material. I still feel sick. Bad parent award of the day goes to me.

On the plus side ds was an absolute dream for my friend. He's going to be feeding all night because he boy had 3oz I formula te entire time.

peardrop2 Sun 13-Oct-13 19:58:16

Omg! How old is dd? Is she ok?

peardrop2 Sun 13-Oct-13 20:55:10

Hmmm DH brought home an antelope highchair today. I'm confused. It looks really unstable and small?!

FrussoNeedsGin Sun 13-Oct-13 21:10:24

They're really not pear (unstable that is) and a lot of high chairs are bulkier than they actually need to be. And have a t

FrussoNeedsGin Sun 13-Oct-13 21:18:00

..ton of padding and high back and babies slip and bigger climb out of them.

Dd is 5, but has complex behavioural issues because of various SNs/Disabilities. her understanding of the world is the same as a 2.5yo

peardrop2 Sun 13-Oct-13 22:23:23

Poor mini Frus! I hope she's on the mend very very soon!

I guess it's trial and error with the h chairs and something you can only find out by using it?! Time will tell I guess! It looks really uncomfortable though!

FrussoNeedsGin Mon 14-Oct-13 09:21:02

Did mr pear get the padded insert for it?

peardrop2 Mon 14-Oct-13 10:17:26

No. Does it come with one? Annoying sad

FrussoNeedsGin Mon 14-Oct-13 17:24:34

The Stadig support cushion fits it. And presumably you have the tray too.

peardrop2 Mon 14-Oct-13 19:30:15

By the time you buy the cushion and the tray you may as well get a nicer highchair! Wishing I hadn't told Mr Pear about this now hmm

I've never used a padded insert pear, the whole price with tray should only be £16, so still loads cheeper then most others, frus is right they are really not unstable and the simplicity is why they are so good, you can carry them easier, clean them easier and when they are older take the tray off and put them to the table, dd is 2 and she can still fit in one, you can use a towel to tuck in while baby's are learning to sit but I still have a big padded one aswell and have tries kitten in but she did just slip down and if dd goes in she climbs out when I'm not looking ( yes with straps but she like Houdini) just try it, you honestly won't be disappointed in it
Hope dd2 is feeling ok today frus?

peardrop2 Tue 15-Oct-13 02:50:35

Suffering from very bad teething this week. Baby pear is waking at all hours and struggling to be put down during the day. I've just given him some Calpol. FX!!!

Hope it worked pear!
My god I think I just had the best night I've had in I can't even tell you how long! No caffeine (ie diet coke ) no beer ( not that I'm saying I have one every night but maybe these helped?! But went to bed at 9, woke at 12 to kitten murmering, checked incase she needed moving but no and went straight back to sleep then woke at 6 when dh left for work shock can't believe it! Yesterday she slept from 7-7:45 but I did have to go in twice to move her from head butting the top of the cot ( I honistly don't know how she gets so far in a grow bag?) but just pulled her down that was it but dd1 woke me twice aswell with crying first - no idea why didn't need to get up then crying at 5:30 ( needed her monster socks put back on that I'd taken off her as I thought shed get too hot!) anyway, had to share the joy, it may be another 6 months till it happens again grin

Oh and kitten still asleep, I'm watching cartoons with dd1

Just woken!! shock Who has swapped my baby?!?

peardrop2 Tue 15-Oct-13 12:00:28

Ahh kitty that is good news! Hopefully the start of a new positive pattern for kitten! grin

Mr Calpol didn't seem to make a difference but then that be said he did wake up in a better mood.

Out of interest how are others coping with daytime naps and going out? I think I'm doomed to stay indoors until baby pear drops a nap! Our 30 minute morning naps take place between 10-11 and then 12-1.

Pear if I know we are in for the morning I will put kitten in her bed, if not I put her in the car seat asleep or she falls asleep in it as il time the journey for when I know she's due one, I've never been strict with where dd1 had her day time naps either although unless we are out all day I usually am home for 2:30/3 when she has hers

peardrop2 Tue 15-Oct-13 18:19:40

Yes, I'm starting to see that timing car journeys with naps is key! My only problem is baby pear is a light sleeper so he would never be asleep when we put him in the car end he wakes up as soon as we take him out of the car so my only answer is doing 1hr journeys as he takes 15-20 minutes to drop off! It's so funny. Only a few weeks ago I could only do 15minute journeys because he hates it so much...now we have the opposite problem grin

By the way I think it is my DH's building skills that are making the high chair legs unstable wink I just tried it out again and it does seem quite easy to put baby in and out. He seemed happy apart from wanting to lean forward. But like you say ladies nothing a tray and towel won't fix! we haven't got the trays yet as IKEA messed DH about so they will arrive in the post sometime soon

peardrop2 Wed 16-Oct-13 14:46:57

I killed the thread blush

FrussoNeedsGin Wed 16-Oct-13 17:17:23


FrussoNeedsGin Wed 16-Oct-13 17:20:01

Sorry pear my phone keeps logging me out of MN.

Lorelei353 Wed 16-Oct-13 19:37:45

Sorry pear' I've been lurking but not posting.

DS has now mastered rolling back to front. So cute and funny. Will not stay on his back anymore.

Off to Ireland in the morning. Baby's first flight! I'm nervous but excited. Will fill you in on how it went when I get back.

FrussoNeedsGin Wed 16-Oct-13 22:51:58

Yay for baby lore. Rolling is so cute. except mid-nappy change
Hope the flight is stress free for you and ds lorelei

Busy ladies and babies whilst I've been away. Just got back from the BWCAW deep dark woods 1 mile away from Canada It was blissful having no tv, internet, or mobile service for 4 days. The kids actually did fantastic during the 6 hr car ride, they loved playing games, canoeing, hiking, and looking for bears and moose (alas we saw neither). I went a little out of my mind when it rained all day during the second day.... but otherwise we are already planning on going again next yr.

M got her 2nd round of jabs today sad She's doing better than last time though.

peardrop2 Thu 17-Oct-13 17:52:34

Hah hah why r you ladies apologising grin I'm not the boss of the thread! I'm pleased you have 'real' lives to be getting on with wink

Bring ~ your break away sounds lovely! I am picturing a blissful campfire, DH hunting for wood to burn, kids with marshmallows on sticks, big open lakes?? And ooooooh to have a break away from phones, TVs and MN even though I could just turn my phone off for a break

peardrop2 Thu 17-Oct-13 22:40:01

I am doing self settling sleep training with baby pear at the moment and it is just hell on earth hmm Having a good cry as I feel like a shit mum after listening to 30 minutes of constant crying sad

Oh no, no, no. I am not a tent kind of gal. I need to have a shower. wink The only roasted marshmallows were on the hob due to the rain my fear of bears visiting us at night , but you are correct on the big open lakes (10,000 of them to be exact wink) gunflint lake

C-I-O is really hard. Baby pear is still so young. I hope you and baby are able to find a compromise.

Just realised the link I posted was for bearskin lake which was where we stayed, but if you zoom out you can see all the lakes around us!

peardrop2 Fri 18-Oct-13 07:30:54

Wow that's a lot of lakes bring!

I don't have much choice regarding baby pear. Since teething he's become extra clingy and won't go in his bed during the day and needs 30 minute rocking sessions at night. He's started waking at all hours this week and we just can't survive anymore!! I've only had 2.5 hours sleep tonight. I actually feel like I'm going to throw up I'm so tired hmm

FrussoNeedsGin Fri 18-Oct-13 15:17:25

pear have you tried an amber necklace or anklet with his teething? They were discussing them at group this morning and I'm going to try one with the boy.

bring wow. Just wow.

Anyone else tried those spoons that screw onto to pouches? So mess free when out and about. Also been given some a lot of disposable bibs. I am one amazingly lazy momma. wink

We've bought an amber teething thing, not sure if it works but it can't do any harm right?
Pear I did controlled crying with kitten as it was getting to the point I couldn't function, if I fed her one a night for abit she went onto 2, if I tried not to give her another one shed wake every 45mins from that point, it was really tough! I'd say it took a week to get to now where for the last 6 nights she's slept 6:30/7- 7/8 , not a week of crying only 2/3 days but she'd wake and moan and grunt etc for about 4 days after the crying stopped now she's not been doing that bar me having to get up 1/2 times to pull her back down in the cot but that's all I do, I actually found it easier to not go in her room at all as if I did pick her up she's just try to get my boob, so I'd leave her to cry for abit, if it escalated I'd go in and just pat her bum and say its sleepy time sweetheart without picking her up, it is hard but if you actually time it you find it's not always very long and we are both so much happier now!
That said kitten wasn't as much a cryer as just bloody noisey, she is still a very much cuddly bear in the day, much prefers sling to pram and likes to sit on your knee constantly but I don't mind day time stuff aslong as she sleeps at night, I still feed her to sleep etc in the day which will be a rod for my own back I'm sure!

FrussoNeedsGin Sat 19-Oct-13 09:25:56

I disagree with the idea of not speaking to or making eye contact with the child/baby. My worse sleeper is the one that can't hear. I know she has other issues that affect her sleep now, but when she was little the most successful method was gradual withdrawal. CIO was horrific. and didn't work they need that comfort and reassurance.
Dd1 was pick up put down. And she would self settle (until she got night terrors as a toddler but that's expected).

I always fed to sleep for daytime naps too. Which only really lasts as long as that daytime feed. Once they self wean of that feed a quick cuddle an a bum pat is usually all that is needed.

FrussoNeedsGin Sat 19-Oct-13 13:59:27

Oh my goodness ds just fell asleep without my nipple in his mouth!
He had lunch (which he started asking for yesterday) then I offered him milk, he had a bit, them moaned because he didn't want milk. Then he just lay there on his back all spaced out with a fully belly and fell asleep.

peardrop2 Sat 19-Oct-13 15:55:50

Frus I do softly speak to baby pear. I stay with him patting his back to my heartbeat. He knows I'm next to him.

peardrop2 Sat 19-Oct-13 15:57:06

I would love to do the pick up pick down method but it doesn't work for us sadly ;-(

How is it going pear? Any success?
Has it lessened?
Can't believe we have to deal with the clocks aswell next wk!! It will be so hard trying to get them to sleep an hour later without meltdown! Then I know dd1 is going to be waking at 6:15 her built in alarm clock when itl be 5:15 officially confused

FrussoNeedsGin Sat 19-Oct-13 20:18:26

Oh pear I didn't mean you weren't. I was just musing out loud on something I read on a blog that was talking about HV advice, and sleeping etc. I am probably just guilty paranoid about attempting CIO with dd2.

Clocks going back might be a good thing. If it means I can go back to sleep after the boys 5.30 double feed. Because at the moment that is killing me.

Anyone know if it's normal for food to come out of their nose? Ds seems to do it if he doesn't like a taste. Should I be worried?

peardrop2 Sat 19-Oct-13 20:32:02

Frus ~ yes I know. I was just reassuring you that I wasn't a cruel mummy wink

Kitty ~ We've had to stop after a few days of no change because it's having a bad effect on his reflux. It seems to be making matters worse as he's working himself up so much so we've agreed to put it on hold and try again in a month when he's 6 months old. However, it's not all negative as he's gone back to waking every 3-4 hours for feeds instead of the crazy random hourly and 1/2 hourly wake ups we started having a couple of weeks ago!

Just knowing the tiny spot of child psychology that I do.... CIO is just tough on them when they're this young. At this point they don't know if you're coming back when you leave the room, just as they don't know if you've actually disappeared behind the blanket when you play peek-a-boo. It's a bit different when they reach 12 months and they have a far different mentality and understanding of the world.

I wouldn't be too worried frus. Sounds gross though hmm

Ugh we tried putting them to bed anit later last night to phase in the clock change and they've woken earlier then ever confused dd1 right on cue, kitten at 6:10! FFs! This is what happens with her, the later you put her to bed the earlier she rises plus I'm so f ing sick of having to rescue her from the top of the cot, 3 and 4 last night, what's the point in having a child that sleeps through if you can't because they won't f ing stay still!!! Arrrrrgh
Sorry rant over but tired and had a shit night which envolved a cancelation of the Chinese I was looking forward to and 2 hours trying to catch a mouse hmm

peardrop2 Sun 20-Oct-13 07:41:25

Kitty ~ I'll swap with you? I have a 1am feeder and 5:30am. Sounds ok until you factor in the 1.5 hour settling back to sleep session each time sad Tempted?

Awwwww I could never swap my koala even if he is a pickle blush

I know pear, I'm not really justified to moan, I guess it's just so frustrating that she actually sleeps but her self settling obviously involves moving around and then she hits her head or gets stuck and I know there's nothing I can do to rectify it, could I tie her to the bottom?
I was too spoilt with dd1 wasn't i hmm

peardrop2 Sun 20-Oct-13 08:26:23

Your two spoilt with both of them grin Can you not buy bumpers? We have Carla bumpers on his bars which stops him from hitting his head as he also likes to shuffle to the end. The individual Carla bumpers are much safer then the long strips!

We have a bumper at the end to stop it hurting her but she moves so far up it bends her head to the side if you can imagine and she can't seem to move down so starts to wake up/ moan, I've never known a more fidgety child, this is all in a bag, I don't know how she's so able and fast!

peardrop2 Sun 20-Oct-13 18:44:37

Ahh I see! I don't have a solution for bendy necks :-)

Jeeze, yeah, kitty the only thing I can think of is tying a string to one of her ankles, lol! Is she rolling on her own yet? Can you put her down on her back to sleep?

AGnu Sun 20-Oct-13 21:40:01

kitty I'd sew the bottom of the bag to the bottom of the sheet... wink

Too tired to talk now. I've been lurking but just insanely busy! Late nights all week 3am on Friday & 2am last night, no time to nap in the afternoons... All over now though! Got Calf's godmother & her 2 DC coming for lunch tomorrow to celebrate Calf's birthday & after that I'll have nothing to do so I'll be catching up on MN sleep then!

Bring she rolls both ways, I think that's part of the problem, she doesn't crawl she rolls her way up! Pulls legs under bum pushes with all her might till she's on her back but slighty up and diagonal to where she was then goes the other way in a zig zag up the cot!!
I fear if I sew the bag to the sheet she will just take it with her, it's a thick bag, do you think the novelty will wear off? I had to do it 3 times last night, should I leave her do you think?
Happy birthday to calf Agnu, your present looks amazing, well worth the hard work, I honistly think wow because I know I'd just not have it in me after all day with the two of them!

AGnu Tue 22-Oct-13 10:27:02

Ow, ow, OW! Runt dropped a feed yesterday & now I have a stubborn blocked duct! It's so sore but heat & massaging doesn't seem to be helping. Can't wait for him to be hungry again! I'll take some ibuprofen as soon as I can find it! I'm in paaaaiiiiin! <Wail>

FrussoNeedsGin Tue 22-Oct-13 14:03:10

Kitty why don't you tie the bag to the bottom of the cot? wink ds turns sideways across the cot and moans.

Actually he moans at anything any everything at the moment. I actually wish he'd take a dummy. He moans if he's too hot, too cold, lonely, touching me, not touching me, needs a feed, doesn't need a feed, just wants to head his voice, doesn't want to hear his voice, moan moan moan. And whilst he's moaning I'm not sleeping.

And that's before his daytime moaning.

Ouch Agnu find that ibru quick. Tried a cabbage leaf yet?

FrussoNeedsGin Tue 22-Oct-13 23:58:54

How Are you feeling now agnu

Look new festive smilies thlenvy

AGnu Wed 23-Oct-13 00:11:16

Still sore. I even spent ages hand expressing in a hot, deep bath to no avail. sad Still, no fever yet so the chances of me living through this are looking good! wink

It's quiet around here. Has anyone heard how Lib is doing recently? Keep meaning to msg her but my memory is terrible atm! blush

Yes, it has gone very quiet in the last few days. These kids are really keeping us busy!

M is now addicted to her dummy. She had one on our drive up North and now she won't go to sleep without it. Oops. May have created a monster over here. A bit nervous about how she will do with strict bottle feeds next tues and weds, but even more not looking forward to pumping and dumping all that medicine-tainted milk! sad

Yikes agnu OUCH. Have you tried raw grated potato poultices? Moist heat packs?

I've been thinking about lib a lot lately, hope you are well you wonderfully sweet lady!

Am I the thread killer? sad sad sad

AnyGnuFucker Thu 24-Oct-13 15:19:55

Yes, yes you are. wink

Runt's being difficult! He's decided that it's fun to clamp hard every minute or so during a feed or try & look around the room... Or clamp while looking around or just bite down hard & throw himself backwards quickly until he pings off. hmm We're not talking atm.

<sob> I was always afraid of being the thread killer!

Ew, yeah that sounds like M too, agnu (I like your new name! What brought on the change?). How are the nips? She's going through this insane drooling phase and trying to cram all 10 fingers in her mouth at one time or is just a ferocious beast with trying to chew and clamp down and rip apart her teething chew toy. Where did this kid come from? She's like a freaking puppy. Still no rolling action. She loves her jumparoo though! She's a little maniac in that thing.

Bring kitten has bit grasped the jumps too at all, she actually bounced herself out of her chair yesterday ( sturdy one with clips) and yet put her in the jumper and she stands just looking at things?! She's just like runt with the old nipple tug and wants them for her own amusement aka I'm tired I want to suck, I'm unhappy I want to suck and she developed a lovely habit of screaming / moaning the second I go out of sight!

FrussoNeedsGin Fri 25-Oct-13 09:23:06

Morning. I actually slept last night, and feeling slightly more human today. Ds dropped a feed or 3 somewhere between 1130 and 7am.
Baby group today
IKEA tomorrow

Wow frus you've got yourself an actual sleeper! HOw are you feeling these days with all this new found rest?

IKEA, eh? Whatcha planning on buying in that lovely addicting place?

Anyone dressing up the munchkins for Halloween?

I've got a minion, a lion and a strawberry. DH is dressing up as Mr. Gru... and I've got no idea.

AGnu Fri 25-Oct-13 23:30:33

I read that as "Mr Gnu"! grin

FrussoNeedsGin Fri 25-Oct-13 23:49:51

bring pretty much half the shop. grin ds' room needs finishing, and my storage system needs a few more bits added to it (it's the algot build why you need type as I hate wardrobes they smell funny ) high chair for ds, a little bed, bedding, storage boxes, toys, probably some random kitchen things too. you name it I plan on buying it. grin definately addictive; I love the minimalist space saving type furniture. my house is full of it ikea stuff

I only had one night of sleep, I expect it was a fluke and won't happen again. 7.5 hours seems a freakily long stretch. My children don't seem to do sleeping through before the age of 3.

bring I love that stateside children can dress up as pretty much anything for Halloween, its much more fun, it's quite depressing that they have to be scary costumes here. Dd1 wants to be a mummy for a party she is going to, but I might convince her to be a bat or spider or something so I can do fancy face painting on her again. Dd2 just doesn't get it. Although I could easily convince her to wear her superman costume. as then not be able to get her out of it for a week thlgrin do you go out trick or treating?

kitty I have one of those. I can't go to the toilet without ds whinging. And if I dare to put him down, or try to sneak off when he's asleep he wakes up and moans. Or if someone else holds him he moans until they hand him back. It's like he needs that milky smell right in front of his nose to sleep or be happy. He sits next to me, or on my lap, holding onto my top and grinning like the cat that's got the cream.

FrussoNeedsGin Fri 25-Oct-13 23:50:32

Me too agnu

Lol. I'm excited to see my cool DH in a nerdy turtleneck and a scarf (he's already a baldy). Yes, we're going trick or treating with some friends who have two adorable little girls. DS1 and her DD1 are in the same class and they've decided they are getting married grin. I had no idea they could only be scary things over there. DH just told me about this too. How odd!

M is getting all stranger danger on us too. She'll smile at people if I'm holding her but freak out if someone else is.

Did I ever mention that I love it when my DH snores? Really loud, snorty, gurggly, snoring? While laying on the couch? After making me watch Groundhog Day with him? Let me tell you, were are having a PAR-TAY over here right now hmm

FrussoNeedsGin Sat 26-Oct-13 07:12:35

Oh my goodness. My flukey boy did it again.

FrussoNeedsGin Sat 26-Oct-13 07:19:42

That sounds like a fab par-tay bring thlwink you need a dog that snores too. I'm going to record them both one evening. although the dog is by far the funniest as he always dreams

Ds1 and his girlfriend fiancé? sound so cute

Well done little boy frus!! Has he cracked it, I bet you done know what's going on
We are getting dressed up grin dd1 mike korowski ( spelt wrong- out of monsters inc) she bloody loves it, we have to put it on every day! Kitten a pumpkin and me a cat obviously!
We have a Halloween party today then bday party Sunday which is also fancy dress although pirates and princesses, the invite says princess dd1 so we are going as pirates wink to much gender sterotyping plus I know dd1 wants to be the same as her big cousin lol ( her one true love)
I read it as me gnu aswell lol grin

Lorelei353 Sun 27-Oct-13 09:28:39

Good morning. Clocks changing confused all the babies!

Sorry for being quiet this week. Sounds like there are lots of bouncing, rolling, shuffling, drooling, nipple clamping, gumming babies around just like mine thlgrin

Ireland was a great trip. DS slept through both flights. He was gone before we even took off and woke after we landed in both directions. Coming back through Dublin Airport was a bit of a nightmare for various reasons, and we'd a really bumpy flight back but we got here.

It was lovely to see my family and have my siblings meet DS and for me to meet my sister's new DS too. It felt so short though. It's hard living away sometimes. On the plus side my brother and (pregnant) sil were in London this weekend so we got to spend loads of time with them yesterday too.

DS has been well. He had a weird few nights when we first came back to London. He'd go down to sleep at usual time but wake up within an hour and cry the house down for up to 45 mins. Seems to have got over it now though and is back to regular sleep patterns - down around 7.30, feed around 1.30 and 5 and then up at 7.30.

Got his Halloween costume in ASDA yesterday - black babygro with skeleton bones on it and a little skull hat. Halloween is much bigger in Ireland than it is here - almost as big as the US. We also don't necessarily do the scary costume thing but it's all I could get for DS. We're going to an NCT big coffee morning on Thursday so he'll get to wear it out.

Fun kitty! I love Mike Wazowski (such a midwestern name! makes me laugh every time). Also awesome idea on the pirate costume. I would totally dress up M as a piratess too!

Oh frus I am loving the idea of having a facebook vid show off of my DH and your dog snoring I bet mine will win! And, om, wow, another night of sleep! Maybe this is the new trend?

That's great he did well on the flights Lor! So odd on the bedtime behavior though. That usually sounds like jet-lag behavior from my boys whenever we travelled, but glad to hear it's passed. Fun costume! FB pix please! (I'll post M in her strawberry too!)

God does anyone else feel like today has gone on forever!!
Pics on fb!

AGnu Sun 27-Oct-13 21:45:56

Yy... Today is the never-ending day. Which is good in a way... The world's going to end tonight anyway, if the weather forecast is to be believed! wink Frus you're the most southerly aren't you? Have you nailed everything to the floor, taped your windows, shut your curtains, stocked up on batteries, tins & non-cook food? Make sure you've got a torch by your bed... wink

I've slept for a large proportion of the afternoon thanks to a sudden migraine! sad I was absolutely fine at church this morning then DH dropped me & the boys home before going back to help tidy things up & by the time he got back I was on the verge of crying from the pain! He didn't help much though... He took Runt up to bed & decided to strip our beds for the wash while he was up there... By this time it was 1.45, Calf had been awake since 7ish & had an exciting morning & we were waiting for DH so we could have lunch together. Not a good moment to be doing other things... I think he got the point after I completely lost it & screamed at him... blush I hate my migraines. They make me incredibly short-tempered & I lose all concept of self-control & start shouting which doesn't help my head! This would be why I usually take myself straight off to bed but I couldn't do that because some genius had just stolen the sheets! angry I crashed on the sofa instead & left DH to fix a dodgy fence panel, just incase we get blown all the way to Oz tonight! wink

Oh no agnu So sorry to hear about the migraine. Ouch.

Hope you guys don't blow away over there. MIL told me about it this morning.

DH has taken over the TV this weekend. F'in sick of American football, football, baseball and hockey. URGH. [mad] Rant over.

How's your dd's finger doing frus? How was IKEA?

[mad] = angry

DS2 has been waking us up every single night/morning wailing outside our bedroom door for one reason or another for the past 4 days. It's worse than DD! He's also been coughing for over a week. Ugh, time for the doc me thinks. Ps. it's 3 am here after I've put him back in bed wailing b/c he fell out of bed and then started crying because he couldn't find a stuffed animal in his bed.

Lorelei353 Mon 28-Oct-13 10:23:18

How's the migraine agnu ?
Loving the Halloween Facebook pics. I'll post one on Thurs.

Last night DS went down at 7.30 after a feed, needed a cuddle and settle about a hour later and then woke himself up around 11.15 and cried. I was going to feed him but DH settled him instead and after about 15 mins he quietned down so I went back to bed. He didn't wake to feed until 5.15 after that! Downside is that DH slept with him on his chest on the couch until 2 to achieve that. However the interesting upshot is that DS clearly doesn't really need his 1.30 feed. confused

AGnu Mon 28-Oct-13 19:07:13

The migraine's better now, thanks!

DH will be getting a migraine when he gets in though. He rang at 5.30 to say he had another 20 mins of work to do & would let me know when he was leaving. I suddenly noticed the time at 6.40 & tried calling him... He didn't answer. I rang him 5 times in 10 minutes & was just starting to wonder who I could call, given that I don't know his new office's number when he finally picked up. If he'd not answered then he could conceivably have had the police turning up to check on him! angry I'm absolutely furious with him. It's one thing to be late but to not let me know & not answer his phone is just ridiculous! He didn't even have a good reason for not answering - he claimed it was the first time he'd heard it & that he'd just got carried away with some work he needed to get done. Pff. I'm tempted to not cook him any food! Poor Calf is going to be so hungry when I get him up from his loooong, late nap! Now I think about it, he's been asleep for 3.5 hours! What is it with the men in my life today?! hmm

I'd definatly leave dh to deal with calf Agnu punishment would he sleep after that? Dd1 would definatly sleep that long some days if I let her but I'd be worried she wouldn't sleep later, we've cut her down to an hour now
Lor could dh deal with ds for the next few days? I find it's easier if they can't smell the milk then you may find he won't wake for it?

Lorelei353 Tue 29-Oct-13 09:34:19

We didn't have to last night! I got up at 2.15 as DS was fussing. I tried settling which didn't work so fed him (needed sleep last night as popping into my work today) but then DS went through until 7! So he's definitely dropping a feed somewhere. If I getup and do one at 1.30/2 that's ok if he doesn't get up again.

FrussoNeedsGin Tue 29-Oct-13 10:19:02

Morning <yawn>

Storm was a bit of an anticlimax where I am. Although I think it hit worse of the other side of the island and inland on the mainland.

Ds seems to have been through his 2 nights of freakily good sleeping and is back to constantly attached to my nipple all night, and crying when it runs out and he wants the other side. I had a stuff and frozen arm this morning.

And I spent far too much in ikea. But I do have 2 of these adorable little fellows. And this and [[http://m.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/spr/39823978/ this] and this and pretty much everything else too. grin

Shopping sprees, I'm so envy
2 bunnies, frus??
We've had no storm at all anti climax
Lor that's great news, doesn't matter what feed it is if he drops one, like you say, anyone else joined us on the weening yet?

FrussoNeedsGin Tue 29-Oct-13 16:43:41

Yup 2 hares. They are different colours. I asked dd2 to choose one and she claimed them both.

Ha ha, that sounds exactly like my dd1 frus, everytime we go somewhere she also says "I just hold it" or " I want to take it home" this isn't just shops, peoples houses etc
Am I being mad or hormonal but is anyone else thinking they want another? I know it would be crazy crazy but I still think I'd quite like it, someone tell me no!
Can't quite get the idea out of my mind that the family is finished if you know what I mean

FrussoNeedsGin Tue 29-Oct-13 17:01:05

I got a few 6packsof these pouches in asda last week. Reduced to 64p per 10pack. I have the spoons too and I've made up some puréed stewed apple with strawberries, and banana, apple and strawberry purée. Nom nom nom.

And something is causing ds to get a allergic rash behind his ears. But not sure if it was the chocolate pudding or dairy. Or both. So I've cut them both out. And am monitoring what he has and whether it bring up the rash.

FrussoNeedsGin Tue 29-Oct-13 17:08:32

kitty I can't have another sad and it's terrible because ds is growing so fast. 3s a good number to have

Lorelei353 Tue 29-Oct-13 17:32:16

Not weaning yet. Going to wait the full six months because of my allergies - I've been advised to exclusively breastfeed into then to hopefully protect DS from developing anything similar.

Love the bunnies.

Definitely not even thinking about another yet! shock

Ha ha lor I was allready trying for kitten by this time ( or not preventing in any case), I was thwarted because of bf, I only conceived once I'd stoped completely, I know I didn't because if that as never had a period
I'd have to leave a bigger gap if we did have 3 as 3 under 3 would be slightly crazy lol
Hate thinking ill never be pregnant or have another baby though hmm even though 2 makes more sence

Lorelei353 Tue 29-Oct-13 19:51:05

I reckon we will have another but definitely not that quickly. I want to go back to work for a bit anyway but am taking a full year's maternity leave.

Speaking of work, I popped into my office today for a catch up with my manager and to show off DS. He behaved beautifully, chatting and smiling away. Totally charmed everyone. Am I a horrible person for being a little bit happy that the person from my team that's covering me isn't doing amazingly well? She's been great at aspects of it apparently but not people management/leadership. I feel a little relieved as I was worried I wouldn't be missed and she'd be totally brilliant.

Cute stuff frus!

I don't have little shoppers, per say, but my DSs love to raid people's refrigerators and cupboards. You would think we don't feed them at home.

That's amazing that you get to take a full year off of work! Of course you should be happy that you are the very best at your job and no one could do it better!

Urgh, currently on the pumping and dumping track. M is taking the bottle really well.... but the pump isn't quite as good as the hungry little mouth so no matter how often I'm expressing I'm still feeling full. At least the mouth isn't hurting and I'm not needing the heavy-duty drugs.

Glad you don't feel too bad bring, how long will you have to pump for? Are you ok to sleep through without doing it as m was wasn't she? I'd hate to get up for that!

I take back the heavy drugs. Loving the vicodin atm. Its like the throbbing just came up out of nowhere! Yeeeouch.

I pumped right before bed last night. M woke up at 5 for a feed so I warmed some expressed milk for her and since that completely woke me up, I came down and expressed again. I tried researching the drug they gave me for the procedure but there hasn't been any research done on it yet re breastmilk transfer, so I am going to keep feeding her expressed milk until tonight. I would assume that 36hrs should be long enough. Especially since I didn't feel groggy yesterday afterwards at all.... you think that's long enough?

FrussoNeedsGin Wed 30-Oct-13 16:42:27

I went here today. grin dd2 loved it. And ds was so so good and patient, despite being turfed out of his buggy as dd2 went into meltdown mode. Good job I knew it would probably happen and took a sling.

Looks fun frus! Was it busy?

FrussoNeedsGin Wed 30-Oct-13 17:05:18

Nah the train bit was dead quiet and only the steam train was running. But there were families milling about the park.
And dd2 couldn't understand why the swans wouldn't eat her offerings of mud. grin

Lol! Yummy, guys, come on, it's gooood for you! See, I love it when we go places and it's not crazy busy... so that would be up my ally.

I'm in a total twilight mood today. The light outside hasn't changed at. all. all day. Foggy and misty so my concept of time of day is just out the window, not to mention a weird medication fog and still in Pjs. Ugh, ready for bed again already. Excited to start feeding M normally again though!

FrussoNeedsGin Wed 30-Oct-13 21:44:46

Ooh creepy bring I don't know if I like foggy/misty days. We're sat in a cloud most of the winter. Even though the next town isn't. It's wierd. It could be Forks but for the lack of trees. and hot werewolves, and vampires <sigh> bet you can't tell at all where ds name came from grin

Halloween crept up on me and I haven't done dd1 a costume <Panic panic> Oops.

FrussoNeedsGin Wed 30-Oct-13 21:49:52

And ds has starting chomping on my nipple or pinching my boob to get my attention. Little monster, he's going to be a pain literally but to make me forgive him he's started with the mummummum babbling before the dadada babble. Oh yeah. <does a he loves me more than you dance> to DH who had the pleasure of 2 daddy's girls.

FrussoNeedsGin Wed 30-Oct-13 22:04:18

Oh and it is sooooo cold. I'm so going to put the heating on once it's November. And maybe dig out a blanket or to. My summer dovet just isn't cutting it any more. But my ikea dressing gown over to top is lovely, it's warm and heavy. So stays put all night, it's like a big squishy tight hug. Anyway you all need an ikea dressing gown.

bring how are the drugs? Do they make you feel space-y? I'm not sure that there are (m)any studies into effects of meds on bm transfer (or pregnancy) because isn't it classed as unethical to test on pregnant or Breastfeeding mamas? Or is that just in the EU?

Lorelei353 Thu 31-Oct-13 00:55:43

Not going to complain about DS tonight.

I just found out that my cousin's wife is going to have to deliver their baby by c section on Friday - she'll be 24+6 weeks. The baby isn't developing properly and they think it's best chance is now on the outside. They've been trying to have a baby for years and finally had ivf to conceive this little one. So, so hard for them. Please send them your thoughts, positive energy or prayers.

I am so lucky robe sitting here with DS in my arms.

Oh my goodness Lor. That is SO EARLY! Prayers for your family.

Well, I was sedated yesterday for the procedure and while many drugs haven't been tested "on" pregnant women or babies, they have been able to either detect certain amounts in breastmilk or they know enough about the properties of the drug and how it's processed in the body to know whether it would pass through the milk and affect the infant. You're right though, it is unethical to test pregnant mamas and new babies. The pain-killers I took today are fine to have while breastfeeding and I haven't been feeling too foggy while on them, I was just waiting for anything lingering from yesterday to completely pass through my system. I am again reminded how much easier it is to just pop a kid on the boob than to have to make up a bottle! I think M got a little too used to huge quantities of milk being able to just pour down her throat so she was getting a little frustrated with having to wait for the letdowns and started biting. which resulted in some head/boob smashing

You have been good! We've had our heating on for a few weeks already. thlhmm Hahahaha, a Twilight fan, hmm frus? <shh, me too!>

Oh lor, we are lucky arnt we, it's so scary to have a baby at that gestation but they do marvelous things now, my god daughter was born at 24wks 15years ago and there's not a hot wrong with her now, very hard on the parents though to have to look after your baby in scabu and not take them home hmm prayers for them x
Bring sounds like you've done the right thing I'd say it would have passed through your system now, maybe it's an age thing as kitten has been pincer ing my nipples, don't know how but it's like a sharp pinch and really hurts?! Not all the time but never had it before the last few weeks, she only has one bottle aday but as she sleeps through now she's even stoped crawling and just rolls into her side shhh don't jinx
I only do 3, the first is plenty full but I can tell she's unhappy with how little there seems to be the other 2 times hmm

AGnu Thu 31-Oct-13 13:38:48

My friend was one of the first 24 weekers to survive in the hospital where she was born. She's 25 now & completely fine! Modern medicine has come a long way in recent years too. Will be praying for all of you! <Hugs>

My head hurts. "It's not time to play the piano right now, Calf..." "AAAAAAAAHHHH" "Can I have the palette knife back just for a moment, please?" "AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH" "Please don't hit my face." "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH" "Stop screaming." "Screaming. grin Hahaha... Screaming. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH" <Sigh> It's ok to put duct tape over a 2yo's mouth right?! I feel like shutting him out in the garden crying! sad I've shut him in his room for an early nap. It might be more for his own safety before I lose it with him... blush

It's just a phase. Only a phase. He'll stop soon. He's just a child. A child going through a phase. Just a phase... <Rocks gently in the corner>

FrussoNeedsGin Thu 31-Oct-13 14:01:30

agnu dd2 never got out of that phase. I'm still rocking in the corner.
We've had a toothpaste in carpet incident scabby hall carpet anyway and a talcum powder everywhere including in ds' socks incident so far this week.

Lorelei353 Thu 31-Oct-13 14:33:58

Oh dear. The rocking in a corner phase is all ahead with me. Stay strong!

Thanks for the kind words. As you say it's amazing what they can do now and in this case the baby's chances are better out. It's going to be such a hard time for them though. I can't imagine having such a Teeny baby and not being able to hold it. It'll be worth it if they can support the little one and it can grow. They're in Australia and fortunately my other cousin also lives there so he's flying over to their City to support his brother.

Awh, agnu it's just a phase. I promise it'll be better soon I still go rock in the corner sometimes though too

Glad your family has support. It's going to be a long and bumpy road with a micropreemie. Really hope the little one pulls through. They are so so tiny it's truly amazing. The youngest baby that I've seen was born at 30 weeks and he was a little fighter!

Urgh, day 2 since the op and yuckola my mouth just tastes gross all the time. I hate this! Dh has been helpful and very caring but now he's got work tonight so I have to take the littles trick-or-treating on my own tonight plus I've got them on my own tomorrow night as well so that he can go see My Bloody Valentine (I opted out, not feeling like damaging my eardrums). Really wish I could have a girl's night at my house with wine and movies instead of having to be home alone for the 3rd time this week.

FrussoNeedsGin Thu 31-Oct-13 21:34:18

It is just a phase. grin question is, are you ready for the next phase?
Ds has gone to sleep. Woo hoo, oops, shhh. Don't wake the grumbly baby.

AGnu Thu 31-Oct-13 21:53:51

<Whispers> What's the next phase? [scared]

Bring I love the way you talk! "Yuckola" grin We could have a virtual girls night... If we stayed up ridiculously late & all got the same film we could MN all night to keep you company! wine cake

FrussoNeedsGin Thu 31-Oct-13 23:54:31

I'm not sure agnu grin dd2 hasn't left that phase yet, (and probably won't for another year or 2) have you been through "why" or "no" yet?

Oh and did I mention my boobs are having a rest. Yup you heard me, ds is not attached to my boob. He has a dummy in his mouth and that dummy isn't me wink, he took it last night for a couple of hours for that first stretch, and he appears to be doing the same tonight.
Ah too late he's spat it out, <whispers> but he's still asleep, which is more than what he does to me.

Waaawhoo! Frus that's awesome that he's taking a dummy! I've been afraid to admit that M is loving hers now b/c I know others haven't been too keen, but glad she's not the only one.

Haha, yeah you'd all have to stay up ridiculously late, or I'd have to watch a movie in the middle of the day while it's late for you ladies. then I could drink in the middle of the day

Yeah, those phases, I tell ya. You celebrate b/c you get through one and then they throw another curve ball at you. IT NEVER ENDS. Muwahaha!

<Le sigh> I'm pooped out. Took the kids trick-or-treating on my own with some friends tonight and put them to bed on my own and DH still isn't home yet. I'm starving and I don't know what to eat because I can't eat my favorite foods b/c they're too hard and crumbly (I just want a damn piece of PIZZA). I might have to settle for eggs again. This diet sucks.

Oh bring you'll be a little rake!
we are in the " I want it" and crying if I get told no stage ( mostly related to food) despite my best intentions dd1 LOVES cakes, chocolate, biscuits, chips, pretty much anything bad for her! She is a good eater full stop with most good but what she wants is the above! I keep worrying she's going to be chubby, the hv said she was on the 93rd percentile last time hmm
Bring don't worry about the dummy, no I'm not keen -- not with babies, it's because a lot of people then have them in their toddlers mouths perminantly-- on them but kitten is a massive thumb sucker now, it's never out of her mouth and that's even worse! I can't throw it away!

Strikeout fail

Lol! I would love to be eating cakes right now wink. I think the gross holes in my mouth are finally healing (TMI, sorry).... I indulged on some eggs and sausage and toast for brekkie, ya!

I was hoping she would find her thumb instead of preferring a pacifier as Ds1 kept his dummy until he was nearly 3 and DS2 was a thumb-sucker but gave it up on his own once his teacher told him that it was for babies. Maybe I'll just have to wean her off it earlier than we did with DS1?

Off to deal with more student/midwife politics. Oh the joy. but at least I get to hand the kidlets off to a daycare lady today !!

FrussoNeedsGin Fri 01-Nov-13 19:42:46

Chinese tonight. DH treat. I'd say mm yum normally, but last time they put toouch msg in it and I don't react well to it in large quantities. Fx they dont tonight.

Ooh, that sounds good Frus! I normally stay away from it too b/c of the msg as well (headaches and feeling hungover isn't really all that worth a small amt of chinese food!). Hope it's good to you tonight!

Starving again.... <off to scrounge up something tooth-hole friendly> hmm

FrussoNeedsGin Fri 01-Nov-13 22:38:10

I get the hungover/headaches/vomiting/migraines if I have too much.
Unfortunately I can't have dry-roasted peanuts, or flavoured crisps because of the msg levels. And I love dry-roasted peanuts. I crave them every so often. I haven't had any in about 6 years
I had crispy Mongolian lamb with pancakes and hoi sin sauce. And steered clear of the special fried rice and crispy chilli beef, one of which was the killer last time.

That sounds absolutely delish! Crispy anything sounds super good.

Trying to stay awake long enough to watch Bill Maher, but he's not on for another hour and I'm so exhausted....zzzzz.... falling asleep.... and it's only 8pm! <lame>

FrussoNeedsGin Sat 02-Nov-13 14:03:11

The boy seems to be in that grumbly in between stage with everything. I call it the can't quite stage. grin He wants to sit but can't quite do it, wants to feed himself, but can't do it fast enough, wants to play with toys but can't quite hold them.

peardrop2 Sat 02-Nov-13 15:33:08


How is everyone? Glad to hear your op went well bring and your on the road to recovering!

Lor glad you had a good time away! How's your SIL doing? [hugs]

Kitty ~ I have to admit that I've started to miss being pregnant. Not quite ready for no2 but after a discussion with DH the other day I realised we both have different ideas on age gaps hmm Hoping he will change his mind in a few months! Like you I haven't had AF return so I'd probably have to stop bf first. Saying that I managed to fall pregnant without AF the first time as she never returned after coming off the pill. Perhaps that's not the same?!

Frus ~ the mini train outing looks adorable!

Agnu ~ I hope your DS has got over the phase?

I think that's everyone!

Nothing much to report here other then baby pear is rolling back to front whenever he has the opportunity and sleeping is sadly a thing of the past hmm Wind is keeping him up at night and it is driving me crazy!!! sad

peardrop2 Sat 02-Nov-13 15:37:15

Whilst I think of it. What time is everyone bathing and putting to bed nowadays? I've started a 5pm bath and a 7:30 sleep routine. Baby pear doesn't stay down for more than 30 minutes but DH and I are taking in turns to settle him back down as we feel he's now too old to be downstairs with us even if he's awake after 8pm. I'm hoping he gets the message soon!!

peardrop2 Sat 02-Nov-13 15:38:03

Still no sign of Lib?

Lorelei353 Sat 02-Nov-13 16:18:39

I was thinking of Lib too. Hope you're okay wherever you are!

So, my cousin's little one held on inside for an extra day and was delivered by c section this afternoon (in Australian time). Little one cried which is great so it's lungs seem to have developed well. Obviously very early days but breathing is good so far and little boy (it's a boy!) seems strong. Everyone is relieved and happy so far. My uncle flew over from Dublin on Thursday so he's there now too. Everything is as good as it can be for a 25 week, 500g baby.

Lorelei353 Sat 02-Nov-13 16:20:26

Oh on terms of bed etc. we do bath at 6.45 and DS is asleep by 7.30/7.45. He usually gets up at some point before we go to bed at 10.30 - sometimes for a 10 min cuddle/settle, sometimes more food and sometimes to cry the place down for 45 mins.

FrussoNeedsGin Sat 02-Nov-13 17:43:25

Oh lor fx he's a strong little fighter.

lib is posting some cute little pics on fb.

Bedtime routine. <looks around shiftily> um, ds usually stays down with us until I go to bed. He's a Klingon Koala. also we don't have a monitor, that and I don't trust dd2 alone with him, and she doesn't sleep

Ahhh pear, good to see you, I too was just about to write that I miss you and lib and hoped you were both ok smile
Lib lib lib < shouts around empty thread>
We take kitten up at 6 for a bath nappy free time extra and she's normally having her bottle around 6:45/7 asleep as soon as it's finished
I think you are right not to bring him down pear ( disclaimer, that's what I'd do anyway) best to signify it's not play time now and you "should" be asleep.... Fx he does get the msg and his wind improves!
Does he still sleep on his tum now he can roll? Kitten sleeps on her side now I think its so she can suck her thumb

FrussoNeedsGin Sat 02-Nov-13 18:07:28

Sorry ladies I have to moan. I am sick sick sick of DH doing sod all. He thinks if he holds ds for 5 minutes or until he starts whinging then that's okay he's done his bit.
Or he sticks something in the microwave for the dds for tea. And that's okay. And he swans off out on his day off saying "I'll only be 2 hours" and comes back 4 hours later.
It's then end of half term and he has done nothing to help. He hasn't even walked the dog. And I'm sick of it. I'm sick d shouting because the dds won't do as they're told, and the house is a mess, any nobody else tidies up. Aaahhhhhhhhhhh
It's times like this that I wish I could just swan off to the pub.

FrussoNeedsGin Sat 02-Nov-13 18:12:54

<sulks> if anyone needs me I'm in a hot hot bath not in.

Feel for you Frus. <3 I often wonder what kind of state my house and children would end up in if I actually left like DH does.

M usually goes to bed at around 7. She turns into a serious, grumbly, pissed off little madam and then I feed her and put her to bed. It used to be a big production with DS1, and it's just gone down hill in terms of structure as we continue to have children. you're tired? ok, you can just clean your teeth tomorrow

peardrop2 Sat 02-Nov-13 19:32:09

Frus. Have you ever actually walked out and gone to the pub? I wonder what your DH would do he hee grin it's hard. I hope the moan helped let it out!

Kitty ~ thanks. Agree with you that baby pear needs to learn. It's bad enough that he can't self settle. It does mean I'm only getting 30 minutes to myself every night because he only stays down from 7-7:30 and then it's up down up down. He will next stay down properly at 10:30-11pm when I'm very ready for bed!

Pear- I remember doing that all night with dd1 only hers went on till anything between 10 ( lucky and 3am ( want to kill myself) when it clicked we never looked back but man those months were hard
Frus- I think we can all empathise, I would love to just walk out and go to the pub, I'm not sure what dh would do but I'd shock him, I hope you get abit of peace in your bath mine are always ruined

FrussoNeedsGin Sat 02-Nov-13 20:28:28

It used to be a big production with DS1, and it's just gone down hill in terms of structure as we continue to have children. you're tired? ok, you can just clean your teeth tomorrow. so true bring grin

Peace? In the bathroom (which has no lock as dd2 can't be trusted) hahahaha. I ran the bath, sat on the loo and had dd1 trying to get in loo is close enough to the door to just about hold the door shut, but it was a bit heres Johnny or zombie invaders trying to reach in the door to ask me what I wanted for tea. <sobs> I just wanted a bath. Alone.
Was lovely and hot. And I have to admit I lay there with my ears under the water and ignored ds whinging downstairs, helped by knowing I'd just fed him <rocks in corner> he doesn't nap well when the dds are off school. because they wake him up all the time. And I got shout today. Which he hates

I've not actually just upped and gone to the pub. It's only round the corner. I'd worry about ds. But if I took him with me then that would be pointless. I might do it next time.

peardrop2 Sat 02-Nov-13 20:42:37

Kitty ~ sadly 10:30 is not the last of it he then wakes up at 11:30, 12:30, 1:30 for a feed and then 5am. It's really tough sad

peardrop2 Sat 02-Nov-13 20:43:04

Hence why I've been very quiet lately!

peardrop2 Sat 02-Nov-13 20:50:20

Everybody told me it's tough looking after a baby but nobody mentions what it does to your marriage! Hopefully makes you stronger long term but wow is it testing!!

Frus ~ I am very envy of your hot bath. Even though it's an interrupted one. I can't do anything at night anymore due to constantly having to settle baby pear back to sleep. I miss hot baths, reading books, watching TV, talking on the phone and even going to the loo grin It's all worth it though right?

peardrop2 Sat 02-Nov-13 20:53:29

Kitty ~ will it click soon? Please say yes :-)

peardrop2 Sat 02-Nov-13 21:33:29

Bring ~ I forgot to say...nothing wrong with using a dummy! Baby pear won't take a dummy still however if he's teething really badly then he will and it's a great help to get him off to sleep when he does so I can totally understand my mums use pacifiers to help soothe!

Has anyone introduced pushed one that you like a soft cuddly toy to your lo? Baby pear mummy has befriended a monkey. Both the monkey and baby pear have big hamster cheeks so it's just too cute for words!!

FrussoNeedsGin Sat 02-Nov-13 23:48:30

grin at pears monkey. Ds has a few rabbits and monkeys, but his ultimate favourite is dd2s scabby simba. It's scabby and her ultimate it goes everywhere favourite. Even the dog's chewed on it. (Is been repeatedly hot washed). I must buy a new non scabby identical one for ds. grin
pear I can recommend a strop followed by hiding in the bathroom.
I know how you feel. Ds' attempts at taking a dummy seemed to have lasted a total of 2.5hours. Clearly went the same way as his attempts at sleeping through. (That would be out the window wink )
I don't get it. I've had 2 that I've had to wrestle away from their dummies. And now I have one who won't even consider one. He's nearly 6 months, what's the chance of him taking one now?

Oh god. I just got the image of little fingers coming in from under the door. That is the ultimate bath-wrecker. Sorry Frusso. Hopefully you can have a peaceful hot bath round #2 soon.

It gets better Pear. Promise! Does he take naps during the day at all? I'm sure you're getting all sorts of unsolicited advice about how to help him... so please ignore at will have you tested him for food allergies? I have been hearing so much discussion in my birthy-community about food allergies and reflux. Yes, we gave ds1 a stuffed animal and the manky thing is still being dragged around to this day (5 years later). He also insists on having his baby blanket with him as well. I'm curious to see what M decides to attach herself to!

peardrop2 Sun 03-Nov-13 02:51:48

Bring ~ I'm all ears to any advice! It's interesting to hear what others say. Most know nothing about reflux so just go 'oh that's a shame' and then walk away or tilt their heads to one side in pity for me grin I did try and get him tested for allergies 3x but the machine kept breaking at the testing place and is now permanatly broken which I find very suspicious! Other dieticians I've asked for advice from Allergy UK say you can't test a child so young. His reflux is getting better as I have halfed the amount of medicine we give him so no doubt age is on our side. But his wind is just such a struggle. He winds wonderfully in the day with complete ease but at night he fights it and I end up taking 1 hour to settle him after a feed which is tough. I know though...it will get better... One day wink

peardrop2 Sun 03-Nov-13 02:54:14

Forgot to say he does take naps at 10:30, 1:30, 3:30 and if he's really tired 5:30. They only last 30-45 minutes long and sadly they're only on me as he refuses to go in his bed during the day but will go down from 7pm when it's really dark. I have blackout curtains in our bedroom but they don't fool him hmm

Pear age will be on your side! How is his feeding now ( food in the day?) when he wakes at night do you always bf him or will he settle without milk? I only ask as we used to have the endless battle of feed/ scream/ wind/ feed/ scream..... And it goes on, not feeding actually helps a windy baby as your adding fuel to it, the 2 things I thought that helped were colief and abit of gripe water, also with kitten when she started waking more and more in the night but I was confident she was getting enough food but then started to not be hungry for waking I stoped feeding her, I called it sleep training but essentially it was me not feeding and trying to settle her, I did try not to pick her up aswell and just patted her bum and soothed but you could do anything but try not to feed, the first night she woke up every hour but it did get better each night and only lasted 3
as bring said, feel free to ignore, nothing worse when your thinking ahhhh I've already tried that!!
Love the thought of two little monkeys ahhh I'm abit dubious about pushing the teddy now as dd1 has hers that we did and now the manky thing goes everywhere, yes we did buy another as we saw her love grow but the next one isn't the real one and she will not consider it, hers is "real" bubby and the other is "soft" bubby which she now gives to kitten ( who does like it actually) half the time I love it because it is soo cute but when you see how dirty the rag now is after many washes.....and god forbid the times we've lost it!
grin As frus's fingers trying to claw in, I can just imagine lol

peardrop2 Sun 03-Nov-13 10:03:55

Kitty ~ he wakes for food twice. Around 2am and then 5ish. I call him my bluebird because when I pick him up he keeps his eyes firmly shut, tilts his head back and opens his mouth in the triangle shape. He's done this since the very beginning. It's very cute and makes me being awake a little easier. He's a big tall boy (now 18lbs), takes after his dad (6ft5) so I feel that bf is just not enough for him in the day. I now give him 3x ice cubes break, lunch and tea. I normally give apple & porridge for breakfast, root veg or butter squash for lunch and pear & porridge for tea. Anyway, if he wakes up outside the 2 slots I normally pick him up, give him a cuddle and put him down again. So I try and do your way as much as possible. I am getting better at working him out a bit more. The reflux has made that side tricky for me but now that I have that a bit more under control I'm beginning to be better at reading his signals. I tried the pat bum shhh technique but it made him cry too much and began to aggravate his reflux so I don't do that anymore. However, I now don't play music to send him to sleep. I make sssshhhhh noises which he responds very well too. I'm hoping this will help when we're ready to try that ssshhh pat method again. It's all a massive learning curve isn't it :-)

How's weaning or breastfeeding going for everyone else? I tried giving pear Papaya yesterday and he was not impressed! I'm not surprised as I don't even like it. It's expensive and smells like feet smile I don't feel like I've been experimenting enough with vegetables. However, pear has been so constipated I'm trying to focus on foods that will digest easily and upping his water intake instead.

That's so funny to hear about the manky toys! I've really set myself up as I wouldn't even know where to find another monkey as it was a gift. I'm not looking forward to carrying around a dirty monkey...perhaps it's a good thing he's brown grin

peardrop2 Sun 03-Nov-13 10:15:54

Hahah just looked up the label on the monkey and found him mummyrated.co.uk/2012/soft-toys-by-air-puppy-review/

Ha ha pear, yes everyone thinks dd1 is cute with her bunny but it started out a £20 kaloo bunny and now looks like an old blue smelly rag
Wow pear is a big boy! He's only a lb off the forward facing car seat, kitten was only 12.5 last time I weighed her, she must be a lb more now, kitten got abit constipated too so I try to give her water with it and prunes lol

FrussoNeedsGin Sun 03-Nov-13 15:29:35

It's funny pear because they might randomly change their favourite toy. Or pick one that you can't replace. And by the time you realise you need to replace it you can't find one anywhere.

peardrop2 Sun 03-Nov-13 16:48:27

Hmmm I now have visions of monkey being tossed aside and giraffe taking his place. I really have no I idea where the giraffe came from!

Kitty ~ I may have over exaggerated smile he was 17.8 two weeks ago so I'm guessing he's now 18. Big though huh...feels too big to still be rocked!!

Our maxi cosi from birth car seat goes up to 29lbs so we've still got a fair amount of use to get out of it. BPear only goes in his car seat in the pram attachment like yours kitty so I'm in no rush to change it but we're thinking about buying one in the new year. His legs will outgrow it soon. We will see how he looks in the forward facing pram too. All these things make them look very grown up hmm really need to get over the idea that he can't stay a baby forever

That's when you have another pear wink

peardrop2 Sun 03-Nov-13 21:18:12

Hahhah. It won't be the same though will it. It must feel different second time round.

Oh dear. Baby pear is struggling to settle tonight and is refusing to go down. DH is mad because he's missing TV time. Sigh hmm

DS1 has this and the fur is all matted, he's kinda brown all over, and the little eyes have sharp corners while all the fur is smooshed down around the eyes from all the rubbing that DS has done. He's affectionately called "Kitty" (haha, sorry Kitty). We tried buying a second one to put into rotation but he saw through the plan and he still only wants the original. DS2 has adopted Kitty #2 so he can be like big brother.

They are never too big to be rocked! I still love rocking my boys. They are very cuddly even if they are all lanky limbs and sharp elbows

I know it's controversial, but muscle testing for allergies is a good way to check out little ones. Incredibly minimal and non-invasive. Usually a herbalist, chinese medicine provider, chiropractor, or naturopath will be trained in how to do it. I keep thinking of what I would do for a gassy tummy and I take fennel tea to help it pass. It's something you could give him after meals. (Cooled of course). Easy to find in the spices section, just let it steep for 15 mins, cool it and add it to his sippy cup. Or like Kitty mentioned, gripe water works too!

AGnu Sun 03-Nov-13 23:51:10

Calf has this monkey as his special toy. Unfortunately he was ill while staying with my parents this weekend so his stuff was rapidly packed up to bring him home early & Mwnci got left behind! sad Poor ill boy has been asking for him ever since! I told him that Granny was sad that Calf had had to come home early so Mwnci stayed to cheer her up. hmm blush Apparently I'm now the kind of parent who makes up silly stories & lies to their child! He's making do with Charly Bear for now but does keep mentioning Mwnci.

Runt has a giraffe called Gnu which he likes to chew... Not sure I can really class it as his favourite - it's the only one we've given him!

I'm in a perpetually bad mood. I've been grumpy for about 2 weeks. Initially I thought it was depression coming back again but then I got my first semi-normal AF so thought it was perhaps PMDD because I felt normal again after a few days. Now I'm back to being grumpy & just wanting everyone to leave me alone. sad I'm clinging to the idea that it's just hormones & it'll settle down but I've got a horrible feeling I'm heading for ADs again! <Sigh>

I want cuddly ones to rock. Calf has never been cuddly & Runt seems to be following suit. I'd love one who just wanted to sit with me! Calf is more interested in impersonating a firework, even when he's ill! Fireworks are not cuddly!

Oh man, agnu I know the feeling of leaving a stuffed friend behind! Little white stories are totally fine IMO! If white lie=sanity, then it's a-ok.

I wonder what's going on with the bad moods? sad Sorry to hear you're having a hard time right now. I suffer from PMDD when I'm cycling as well and it's really difficult. It's gotten pretty bad in the past, so I'm dreading the pattern starting again. So far, no AF, I've had a few times when I thought it would be starting up again, but then it just never comes. Hopefully it holds off being regular for you for a while!

Agnu hmm hope he gets reunited with his monkey soon
I can't offer any wisdom with depression of any kind , I am very lucky to have never been there and don't want to try and offer useless silly advice but I can offer thanks brew
Ds may still become cuddly, my dd1 would never sit still for a second but now if she is watching something with me she will sit on my knee and cuddle and tells me to put kitten down so she can jump on, same when we are doing a jigsaw or drawing, she's gradually got more interested in calm activities thankgod
Bring, our plan was the bunny rotation too lol they are not fooled easily though are they ha ha I like the idea of kitty and his brother grin

Urgh, not snow AGAIN. We've only been snow-free for 5 months, this isn't fair! Plus it's threatening to ruin our bonfire night party! I'm ready to move to Bermuda.

peardrop2 Tue 05-Nov-13 09:29:24

Agnu. Sorry to hear you're down. I hope you're getting some support around you and if not maybe it is time to ask? It's so easy to plod along and not ask. I often do that sad Think it's my mummy pride! I love your Jelly Cat monkey. Cute smile

Bring...snow?! Already! We only have rain and wet leaves to contend with over here. I bet your community is more friendly and less guarded to make up for the extreme cold weather grin

Ha. Must be why they call it "Minnesota Nice"? Which then also results in everyone being very passive aggressive with each other.

Yep, had to cancel our bonfire night party. We are expecting the "wintery mix" to arrive this afternoon and drop off between 1-3 inches of snow, slush, and sludge. I'M NOT READY FOR THIS AGAIN. <crying and sobbing temper tantrum on the floor with legs and arms flailing around and me going around in a giant circle on my side>

In other completely unrelated news to anything that this thread is supposed to be about, I got a dreaded dry socket and had to have it packed this morning at the dentist's office. I was so good and followed all the directions! Why did I end up being the 2% that this happens to? <another temper tantrum on the floor, this time with fist pounding and drool>


What's the dreaded dry socket bring?? It doesn't sound good hmm
It's taken me 2 +hours to get the kids ready to go out to the supermarket and they've both fallen asleep on the way here confused I tried to get dd1 to have a nap early then it's just been a cycle pottys, nappys, milk, tidying.......

Dr. Google can tell you. wink

Oh jeeze. I hate when they fall asleep in the car! They are monsters b/c you had to wake them up but it's mother suicide to leave them in the car. Sorry kitty sad

Yes that shoping trip was....... Interesting
I'm reminded why not to go with two small children, the highlight leaving kitten with a till girl as I had a full trolley of shopping and dd1 needed a wee

LOL! Kitty, I may have had a stranger stand with a ds one or two times so we could go pee....!

Oh my life, I can't get over the cuteness of M finding her feet and growling at them. She makes me want to have 6 more babies, but only if they're all girls. I'm actually afraid to have another baby because it will most likely be a boy. bad mum playing favourites

peardrop2 Wed 06-Nov-13 03:03:10

Totally fed up. Another night of being up due to painful wind. Today I stupidly indulged in egg mayo and I think that's the evil culprit hmm No amount of leg cycling, tummy massage or rocking seems to be helping tonight. Sigh sad Zzzzzzzzzxx

Oh man pear Hugs and lots of brew for you. I so want to just have the magic answer to give you so you and your little guy are feeling better! Do you think it was the eggs? Is that something you could cut from your diet? Perhaps dairy?

I know you're already trying to follow an elimination diet.... (I think they are evil and so hard. I've been there and done it with #2 so I'm not suggesting you start one!). I think the basic elimination diet is to cut pretty much everything and then slowly start introducing things one-by-one to see what triggers the symptoms.... But I just find one thing that I thought could have caused the symptoms and cut it from the diet and try it again in a week. A diary of foods and/or symptoms can also be helpful.... I'm sorry you guys had a rough night. sad

FrussoNeedsGin Wed 06-Nov-13 23:05:52

Evening all.
pear I have no idea what to suggest. sad just a query, what are you drinking?

Anyone like cute little rag dolls? I got this one for ds because it made him laugh. grin i think it's the hair I got him a pirate one too. But I think I might get a set for dd2 to play with for Christmas. They are just the right size for little hands. And totally adorable

bring ds has found his feet too. He likes to hold them and put them in his mouth and giggle as I try to change his nappy also something that he finds hilarious but then he finds everything funny and randomly giggles over nothing.

And eyeing up little old ladies on the bus today too, aided by me us having a lazy day so he had a hand knitted (not by me) cardi over a sleepsuit. Old ladies seem to love the hand knits. But you've got such a short space of time with boys and hand knits, you've got loads longer with girls.

<sigh> he sounds really happy and giggly, which I guess he is when he isn't grissling, which is whenever I disconnect my nipple from his mouth put him down, or he's hungry or tired which is most of the day, and all of the evening.

bring how's the tooth, or should I say lack of tooth today? Could it have been your hormones that caused the dry socket? Do you have to keep getting the packing changed too? sad

It actually feels pretty good when it's packed. I have to get it taken out/replaced tomorrow. It could definitely be from hormones dr google says so or just b/c it's a tooth that was there for a long time. Doc wasn't too worried, so I guess I can't be either. I hope the damn thing heals...

Pear: I read THIS and it immediately made me think of little pear There's someone else out there with a rough sleeper! I know it doesn't really help but it's nice to know others are out there.

peardrop2 Thu 07-Nov-13 10:49:33

Oh wow. Bring!! That lady has it much worse shock I don't have repeated nights of waking every hour. I couldn't even produce enough milk to nurse every hour! Yes, it was definitely the eggs. I totally forgot and I just indulged because I've missed them so much and his reflux had been getting better. Dumb dumb me smile I'm still avoiding things. Still can't eat garlic, onions, fresh tomatoes (tomato on pizza is OK), eggs, large quantities of milk, butter, red wine, fizzy drinks, ham, curry, chilli and too much chocolate wink

Frus ~ I drink water and squash. White wine at the weekend wink The rag doll is adorable. Love it. Such a good price too smile

So, we've now done a few nights must be at least a week where we've not brought him downstairs after 7pm. He's still waking up at 7:45 and 9:30 but hey ho. Yesterday it dawned on me that because of this he's dropped the 10:30 feed which is probably why he's waking at 1:30?! So I gave him his first ever dream feed at 11:20 last night and he slept until 3 when he woke up in pain. DH rocked him back to sleep and he woke up at 4am for food. Then went back down until 8. Hallelujah! So I'm feeling more human today! FX we can continue with dream feed. On another note the reason why the dream feed was so late was because I fell asleep in the bath for nearly 2 hours! DH said I could run a bath whilst he was rocking. Then I fell straight asleep in bath. DH woke me up at 11:10. I've never slept in a bath before in my life. What was DH thinking letting me sleep? He just said oh I thought that's what you wanted. I didn't even get time to wash as it was stone cold when I woke. These DH's are so helpful wink

LOL oh my goodness! Wouldn't he have noticed that you were gone for 2 hrs? And he hadn't heard the bath being re-filled or drained...? I can't stop shaking my head and laughing over here... Glad the dream feed worked for you! Horray for feeling like a human again! Damn eggs. So good but so bad for some babies.

I love the ragdoll Frus! Yeah, boy clothes just aren't the same. I think we managed to keep DSs in cute sweaters and the like until they were about 2? or started rubbing dirt into everything and becoming obsessed with LFC like their papa

Last night was a bit hellish. I don't know about you, but I can only remember having a fever 1 or 2 times in my adult life and last night just bumped that # up. Little boys shits keep coughing in my face and it finally caught up with me. I was having delusions about cloth nappies and kept waking every 30 mins hmm Then when it finally broke I was in a freaking flood of sweat. URGH. The sickness needs to leave our house! Now I'm coughing all over and praying M doesn't catch it. I get scared when tiny, tiny people have fevers and coughs.

peardrop2 Thu 07-Nov-13 15:57:29

Bring...that's the scary thing! DH knew I had fallen asleep but thought that he shouldn't disturb me shock Honestly, since having a baby his brain has turned to mush!! He used to be so switched on grin Sorry you're poorly hmm I hope you can take medicine for it whilst bf? Last thing you needed on top of what you've been through with the dentist sad I can highly recommend the vaporiser plug in for coughs. It really helps keep the chest clear in the night wish I had used one before baby arrived!

Ahhh he probably thought he was being kind pear, atleast you survived lol you must have been very tired!
Bring I'd hate kitten to get a cold aswel, luckily dd1 is quite robust and touches wood we havnt had illness for along time, girls clothes are cute but I have to tell you girls can be I've heard are worse about dictating what they want, my dd1 is only 2 but I have a daily fight with her about not wearing her monsters inc tshirt or tigger p j's every single bloody day!!! She loves boys clothes and picked out 2 pairs of boys trainers when we went to get her measured last week hmm it was me staring longingly at the lelli Kelli's and patent shoes

peardrop2 Thu 07-Nov-13 17:55:54

Yes Kitty he tries his best! Ahh aww to patent shoes smile

But little girls can actually look really cute in boy's clothes. I'll enjoy the very girly attire I can current get M to wear and not think about when she wants wear her older bro's dumptruck shirt.

I will look into that pear bad mum should have gotten it for the boys when they were this poorly

I may or may not have taken one of my remaining narcotics last night hmm but it worked like a dream, presto! no more headache and I was out like a light

Bring don't feel bad for drugs, man we've stayed off them for long enough and from what I read what you have is pretty painful!
I do like some boys stuff, we bought her a superman jumper in blue as we thought shed look cool and the pink ones are very naff but pj's all day every day! No not a good luck hmm and we have a beautiful wardrobe too I now shop through my girls

< groan > I have a fever of 102, again. <puts head on table> it's totally pneumonia like what ds2 had a week ago. FML (and I almost never use that word). Yay for another doc visit. Thanks for letting me vent. I think dh is getting sick of me being needy and sick.

peardrop2 Fri 08-Nov-13 10:17:48

Oh no hmm thanksbrewwine

peardrop2 Fri 08-Nov-13 10:19:12

Can I just say that this week I've got my act together and my bottle of weekend wine is sitting in the kitchen ready and waiting! grin

AGnu Fri 08-Nov-13 11:42:53

Oh bring! sad Look after yourself! <Hugs>

Just checking in to say I'm still alive... I think! I'm getting the same bug as the DCs & Runt is wanting to use me as a dummy for 3 hours straight every afternoon. I feel like he's sucking the life out of me! I have no energy to do anything. I couldn't even cook pasta for dinner last night because Runt was attached to me & screamed if I put him down. I just want a couple of hours by myself! This whole parenting lark really isn't easy for an introvert! Melodramatic self pity party is this way...

Hugs and sympathy for all you sickly bugs this evening, poorly children are hard but if your not well aswell... Ugh big sympathys! Agnu don't know how you do it without a tv
Pear I'm going to join you winkwine

peardrop2 Fri 08-Nov-13 21:41:11

Kitty ~ it was sooooo good :-)

OK so baby pear is now on Lactolose 2x a day. The constipation might be the reason why he's waking in pain a lot hmm

Lorelei353 Sat 09-Nov-13 18:37:46

Lots of nasty bugs. Hope everyone feels better soon brew

SOoooo much better tonight than last night and infinitely better than the night before that. Thank the 21st century for antibiotics. It was pneumonia and the fever was outrageous. Still coughing like an old smoker but thank f*ck the fever is gone.

Poor baby pear. Hopefully his little tummy starts to feel better!

How ya holding up agnu? Oh my life. Being touched-out by a sick kid is a bit torturous after a while. Hopefully your house is healing!

Just in case you haven't see it, This is 40 is like, quite honestly THE funniest movie that I've seen in my adult life. I can't stop laughing. Wine out the nose really hurts, in case you were wondering.

Lorelei353 Sun 10-Nov-13 20:40:05

Pneumonia is so miserable. I had it just 7 years ago and I was flattened by it. I was off work for a month, and at its worst I couldn't make it to the en suite bathroom to pee and back again to bed without coughing so much I'd be sick. I couldn't lie down flat for about a week and couldn't lie on my right side for about 3 weeks. Misery. I was left so weak and breathless for a few weeks after the infection cleared.

Hope you're nowhere near as bad as that but get well soon. cake

AGnu Sun 10-Nov-13 22:00:40

Wow - pneumonia sounds horrific! Hope you heal quickly bring!

I'm doing much better now. Runt has decided that afternoons are for sleeping solidly now rather than feeding! The last 2 days he's slept for 6 hours & gone about 7.5 hours between feeds! No idea what's going on with him right now! Oh well, I shall enjoy the peace while it lasts! grin This new routine does seem to involve him waking me up at 5, pretending he's thinking about settling again & changing his mind every 5 minutes until I eventually give up & feed him at 6 so it's not all perfect!

His attitude to food is v different to his big brother. By 17 weeks Calf was obsessively staring at us whenever we were eating & took to being spoon-fed right from the first mouthful. Runt, on the other hand, is 20 ish? weeks & spits any food straight out & gets cross if I try to feed him more than 2 spoonfuls! He does seem to quite like one sippy cup though. He nearly drowned himself trying to suckle from a tommee tippee basic beaker but we've got another one with a valve in that he enjoys guzzling water from. Absolutely won't have any food though... Unless it's homemade tomato sauce. That went down quite well. "Quite well" in this case means he had about 3 tiny mouthfuls before shouting to be breastfed. hmm

Oh no lor that's awful! That is the true definition of SICK. Thank you (ps, the cake looks heavenly. I just really want some cake right now....). My voice is starting to do something funky now too. Been coughing all day. I feel like that gross, sick, coughy kid from the daycare hmm.

Haha, I like 20ish weeks. I have absolutely NO clue how many weeks M is now. Oops. Lost count. She hasn't had anything solid yet. She's very interested in what we're doing and she watches the fork move from the plate and up to our mouths, but she hasn't reached out for food yet and she's nowhere near sitting up on her own. We decided that she can start having solids when she can sit on her own in a high-chair. With the food allergies in both of our families, it's not worth risking it with her. Especially since she's already showing signs of eczema on her legs sad

Bring my dd1 had horrible excema all over almost from birth, way before weaning, she seems to have grown out of it now at 2 and we havnt had to apply any cream or anything for probably a year, the biggest thing that made a difference to her was switching to organic milk ( this was cows milk) I read a thing about children being 70% less likely to have it if they drank organic and it worked! I know it won't affect m now but good to keep in mind!
Kitten is loving food at the minute, practically had to pull her back 5 times from trying to launch herself to get dd1's Cheerios!!!

She's just munching on a piece of toast and is in heaven lol
Agnu she still loves the boob though aswell and it took her much longer to get to grips with eating then dd1

FrussoNeedsGin Mon 11-Nov-13 10:45:38

Hello all <waves> ds is loving food. He's grabbing for everything and shouting if it doesn't get in his mouth quick enough. grin
Will go catch up on what I've missed now.

FrussoNeedsGin Mon 11-Nov-13 11:38:56

Ds is about 27weeks. Almost 6 months already. Where on earth does the time go?
I hope you're feeling a bit better bring how's the tooth?

peardrop2 Mon 11-Nov-13 12:34:09

Frus ~ I know, where has time gone? Baby pear is over the 5 month mark now. I must say though I was very naive to think that by 6 months we would have a set routine blush I'm trying to stick to some sort of daily plan but then teething, hunger, wind or constipation gets in the way. Mission impossible grin

FrussoNeedsGin Mon 11-Nov-13 12:47:52

I'm still waiting for my dd1 to get into a routine. wink ok so she had one but lost it a bit like everything else including her parents evening letter and her marbles wink

Ds' routine involves a lot of food. milk at 7am, poo explosion between 8.30 and 9.30. Breakfast. Milk. Whinge. Nap. Milk. Play. Short nap Whinge for lunch at about 12-1, then milk, play for a bit, milk, nap, demands milk at 3pm, (school run) gets milk at 3.30. Play, dinner at 5ish, milk milk little nap, milk (sometimes bath) milk, bedtime between 7-9, then milk sleep milk sleep milk sleep until morning.

That's a routine right?

Thanks Kitty smile There is an awesome farm down the road from us that is the only 100% grassfed certified organic creamery in our state and their milk is out of this world. It is so freaking expensive but at least we know exactly what we are getting. It's also cream-top <drool> I also agree with organics and food allergies (ie, eczema)!

The "tooth" (or lack thereof) is finally healing! Thanks for asking Frusso. thanks better be, I ran out of the good drugs

Oh my goodness! So baby Frus is, what?, 6 weeks older than M? I've just been going on the date of the month instead of weeks... She'll be 5 months in a week.

Oh yeah, that is most definitely a routine. Milk + whatever + milk= routine.

Lorelei353 Mon 11-Nov-13 17:46:19

5 months today! No real daytime routine and steadfast refusal to fall asleep unaided. Am choosing to say 'Meh' about it.

6 months in a week so little frus is literally less then a week shock
That's by the longer date of month aswell
Kitten spends all day looking for new things to throw herself around or out of interspaced by milk and food abit of vomiting for good measure and a lot of smiles smile

FrussoNeedsGin Tue 12-Nov-13 07:48:52

sad yup kitty less than half a week. I'm going by the date of the month too, I lost count of the weeks at about 8, and now have to use a calendar to figure weeks out. And he's so frustrated, he seems to want to be up and doing stuff, but as a typical man he expects to just be able to do it. He's developed this funny attempt at crawling, (bearing in mind I've had a funny kneel-drag-leg-not quite a bum shuffler, and a commando crawler) I now have a exagerated like a child learning to swim with arm bands on front crawl swimming style crawler. Oddly though he's got no inclination to sit by himself.

Any one else's DC do the kicking/pushing thing when they're feeding? I'm really hoping someone else's does this and it's not a sign of something else that I don't want to be seeing

peardrop2 Tue 12-Nov-13 10:20:25

Frus, b pear can wave his legs around if he's not tired. He has a quiet sleepy feed or a more energetic feed in the daytime. Occasionally he will mess about by rolling away, smiling at me and then roll back on...he thinks it's a game.

AGnu Tue 12-Nov-13 11:51:26

Runt seems to think that boob-in-mouth = time to dance. He flails around while clamping to make sure he doesn't pop off. hmm I spend pretty much every feed trying to figure out how to pin down his increasingly large/strong octopus limbs while also keeping his head at the right angle & trying failing to stop Calf destroying the house!

Both DC seem to be a bit confused about day/night. Calf is in our room while we sort out carpet in his & has now decided that it's not time to sleep until at least 11. Runt thinks he needs to feed more between 8pm & 8am than he does during the day - in the last 24 hours he fed at 10.30am, 5pm, 8.30pm, 3.30am & 7.10am. Calf woke at 8.45. Both of them sleep for 3-4 hours in the afternoon. I've always followed their natural patterns but I might have to start waking them earlier in the hope that they'll sleep better at night. I feel absolutely wrecked today. The virus they've had is finally hitting me. I need more sleep than most at the best of times. I cease to function if I don't get lots of sleep when I'm ill! My nose is tickly. My throat is tickly. My ears are tickly... Are we allowed Beechams while bf-ing? I'm seriously considering drinking my own ebm if not! Gross! I'd try anything to avoid getting sick!

Oh dear, another sick mama. Sorry angu. Most medications for colds and flus are ok to take, just keep an eye on things that are for "decongestion" as they could increase the chance of your milk supply going down. Yikes. I hope the littles figure out the day/night thing. That's so hard to deal with when you just want some goddamn sleep.

M kicks against my legs when she's excited and trying to feed and nearly takes my nipple with her. I'm also convinced she's a cat in a baby's body because she's always scratching at me. It hurts! My chest is covered in baby scratches hmm

LOL Fus I love the creative ways that the little mites figure out how to move. Just as long as they're getting somewhere! I think M is got it built into her that she's just going to take her time with things. She was 8 days past her "due date" and now she's just in no hurry to start rolling. I'm fine with that. Longer time I have to not worry about her getting into things...

FrussoNeedsGin Tue 12-Nov-13 15:39:19

Yes ds does the roll away roll back whilst still clamping on. But the kicking thing is against my leg or the arm or the chair.

Frus kitten does that to, really strongly! And pulls my boob so far out I'm sure it will come off shock
Agnu I started waking dd1 up after her nap in the afternoon, I always have as I'm sure she'd have 3+ hours so I used to let her have 2.5 or 2 but she started waking earlier and earlier so we've cut it down to an hour or less If she wakes herself or it was just in the car, she's now sleeping from 7/7:30- 7ish most of the time, she loved her afternoon nap but she was starting to wake up at 5:30 and I just can't deal with that as much as I liked abit if time in the afternoon

AGnu Wed 13-Nov-13 00:27:11

Calf is still confused re: day/night. It's only been the last few nights. I guess it's because he's in our room. Perhaps he slept well the first few nights because he was ill. I'm sooo glad he's feeling better! hmm

On a more positive note... Just as DH & I were getting ready for bed Calf said what I think is his first 6 word sentence: "Daddy is putting the trousers off." grin That's one for the scrapbook! wink

Haha that is definitely the first sentence that you will remember for a long, long time.

One of my favorite things that DS1 has ever said is "Okay, dad, now I'm going to jump over your penis".

peardrop2 Wed 13-Nov-13 10:02:27

Oh my blush These monkeys say anything don't they!

Interesting debate going on at the moment RE breastfeeding vouchers. Just wondering what you ladies think? Do you think an incentive will get more mums breastfeeding? I feel a bit annoyed about it all. Why should other mums get money when we didn't? I have heard and read about so many ladies giving up so early this year and putting their LO on formula without even going to see a lactation consultant for FREE. Especially those in areas who apparently get 'extra free help' yet they still give up early! Kind of annoys me to hear that when they have no2 they might get money out it it just because they couldn't really be bothered with it the first time or they felt formula was right for their LO. Rant over blush

peardrop2 Wed 13-Nov-13 10:12:18

I should probably add... Obviously those ladies who physically can't produce milk for various reasons are excluded from my rant!

AGnu Wed 13-Nov-13 12:56:49

I've changed both DCs nappies today... Do I get £10? Y'know, since they're paying us to be parents now... Calf is eating his lunch now. That's worth at least £5 surely! I think I'm going to start sending these people a weekly itemised bill of all the basic things I do for the DC.

peardrop2 Wed 13-Nov-13 13:52:23

lol Agnu. Don't forget to mention bath time wink

peardrop2 Wed 13-Nov-13 13:54:25

I wonder what all the ladies who sadly can't even physically have kids let alone the opportunity to bf have to say about it coming out of their tax money...bet they're livid angry

peardrop2 Wed 13-Nov-13 13:55:09

Sorry ladies. The subject has really ruffled my feathers. I'll be quiet now and sit back down grin

While I don't think it's quite the right track to give families the incentive to continue bf'ing... I can see why they think it would be a good idea. Just think of how much money they are saving the NHS (and therefore tax-payers) in the long run? There are a plethora of studies done that show that bf'd babies are healthier, have less risks of chronic disease through their lifetime, and have lower chances of developing obesity disorders {not to mention the health of the mothers with reducing their risks of developing different types of cancer later in life}. That's like thousands and thousands of pounds that can be saved by just making sure these babies are being bf'd for as long as possible and aren't having to be seen in clinics for illnesses.... plus just healthier people in general! I wish our government would do something like this! Hospitals are practically shoving formula down patient's throats as they are trying to leave the hospital, there are far and few between support resources for new mothers who may be on the fence about breastfeeding and don't really know where to look, and insurance companies here rarely even cover the costs to see a lactation counselor. From their stand-point it's better to just pretend like formula doesn't cause problems in infants because they are getting so much money from the illnesses and life-long problems. Healthcare over here is outrageous and it's something that could keep me ranting for far longer than any of you would care to read.... I can't begin to say how much I miss the NHS.

Im not sure it's encouraging people to carry on bf bring, I think if you start trying without incentive you have thought about what's best for baby etc, I think it would possibly be an incentive for those not willing to try it at the beginning especially young mums but I also think it would be manipulated and they would lie to get the vouchers..... I think I would be abit pissed I didn't mind!
The best encouragement for people would be for it to be seen more frequently in magazines etc by celebs and what not, we see them smoking and running etc but no bf pics, that would hit the large number of teens to see it from an early age as "acceptable" especially lovely Kate Middleton, they have no problem showing a stray nipple or boobs so why never a bf pic?

FrussoNeedsGin Thu 14-Nov-13 08:43:01

So the incentive that you save £260 in the first 6 months isn't good enough now?
I snuggled a iddy bitty 8wk old yesterday. Who's mum could bf (despite fb her other 5 including a set of twins) lost too much weight in first week. He opened his mouth to cry, and the most glaringly obvious tongue tie. I'm so angry for her. All these incentives to Breastfed could be money better spent in training midwives and health visitors to spot tongue tie so those that want to feed can.
Rant over
Except for the question of how will they prove the baby is breast fed?

FrussoNeedsGin Thu 14-Nov-13 09:26:20

And I have a little boy that's on the move. Can't sit but he can certainly get about. He crawls to his toys and then moans because he wants to sit and play with them. But every time I prop him sitting up he launches himself into a face-plant. Poor boy.
A couple of times last night I had to turn him around as his feet were where his head should be. Completely threw me when I reached out to hungry moaning boy to slide him towards me and found a leg rather than a head.

Yay to calf he's coming along fantastically.

kitty I'm glad kitten does the kicky thing too.

agnu dd2 has a very wobbly tooth, do I get £5 when it falls out? Oh and I got all 3 dressed this morning that's £15 at least. wink

peardrop2 Thu 14-Nov-13 23:23:14

Frus ~ really? Your LO is crawling already? Wow that's impressive. Baby pear is still only rolling TG! Not sure I'm ready for crawling or bum shuffles yet!

FrussoNeedsGin Fri 15-Nov-13 00:40:18

I think we're month older than babypear. I think 6ths is about about average to start trying to move pear it's more of a commando/ launch/ swim/ flail legs about/ ooh I'm moving kind of crawl rather than a hands and knees crawl that they master when they're bigger. He's not going to be a bum shuffler. He has to sit to do that; which he appears to have no intention of attempting anytime soon.

The HV today said it was a lot to do with where in the family they are, and being 3rd he's in competition with siblings that move and are noisy, so he's kinda just finding his place in the pecking order. loudest and quickest wins in the frussohold, and he's certainly trying for the position of loudest

Ooh and I saw a gorgeous 3-4mth old today who was about the same weight/size as ds.

Yes pear kitten is similar to baby frus but it's not the kind of moving you'd imagine its a kind of ill throw myself around and kick my legs as hard as I can and somehow I'm sure ill move!
Dd1 didn't even roll til she was 8.5 months then she was about 11 when she crawled but had started to walk just before her first birthday so she went really slow then super fast between each development
the longer they can't move the better IMO I love the sitting playing stage! With movement comes all your thing breaking!!!!

P.s do we think lib has left us for good? hmm

Perhaps. Perhaps she will return. I just hope she's happy and doing well!

FrussoNeedsGin Sat 16-Nov-13 09:16:55

Morning all <waves sleepily>

Lorelei353 Sat 16-Nov-13 12:05:08

Morning (somewhat premier than frus )

Great night last night. Little man went down at 7.30, fussed at 8.00 and 10.00 as usual but we settled him without picking him up and then he just got up at 2.15 to feed and woke at 7. No between feed fussing! Woo hoo. That's after a few really unsettled nights however.

We've been ssshh-patting to settle at night, the last three nights. Amazingly it works like a dream! Settles right down even if totally wide-eyed awake!

I hope lib comes back to say hi but mostly hope she's just happy and more settled.

Lorelei353 Sat 16-Nov-13 12:45:07

Premier? I typed perkier - at least I thought I did (damn you autocorrect)

That's great news lor grin I always found it easier to settle without picking up as I think once your holding them and can smell your milk your doomed!
Went to a baby group yesterday and only me out of a group if around 10 were bf, made me very sad, there they all were with there dr brown bottles like a little group, all younger then kitten aswell hmm

Oh and non of their babies were sleeping through..... Ha ha ha cue me laughing to self

peardrop2 Sat 16-Nov-13 19:00:51

Kitty I know how you feel. I'm constantly surrounded by Dr brown bottles hmm What is really bugging me though is the ones who only bf at home and bring a bottle to baby clubs and when they're out and about. This makes me feel super conscious about myself when I'm bf in front of them blush also secretly proud that I'm not that selfish or vain to have to whip the bottle out when in public

You should feel proud pear, you have given baby pear the absolute best start! I actually feel good breast feeding I front of them, I want them to see how good/ easy it is and I get to feel smug

AGnu Sat 16-Nov-13 19:15:56

Runt sometimes has a bottle while we're out for numerous reasons - he has one bottle a day anyway because I find he feeds better from me & I get less sore & that feed frequently coincides with the time we're often out, putting a bottle down is faster & easier than carefully de-latching & reassembling myself when I have to chase after Calf, I help run a toddler group & my role is admin so I'm constantly having to fill in the register or deal with new people's details & need to be able to have a hand free - that's a bit tricky when you're trying to breastfeed a very wriggly baby who was already more than 1/3 of your height when he was born!

peardrop2 Sat 16-Nov-13 20:47:47

Agnu ~ just so you know...I'm talking about mums who don't bf in public because they feel it's not normal or fashionable hmm Your reason for using a bottle in a public scenario sounds sensible smile Obviously if girls in my NCT group only bf at home it's going to be make me feel on edge when I'm in their presence I know that is silly and as kitty says I should embrace my ability to feed in all circumstances

peardrop2 Sat 16-Nov-13 20:51:32

Kitty ~ from now on I'm going embrace public bf like you grin that one glass of wine has gone to my head already

Agnu kitten has a bottle too like you know although hers is the last one at night so no one sees, I guess I still feel abit guilty that she even has it ( as it's formula and not bm) even though dd1 had the same bottle hers was exclusively bm until after 6 months, I had the time back then to express, I feel like I've let kitten down in a sense although don't get me wrong, I know we all do our best that we can and non of it makes us bad mums. I think I like to think I'm glad I do it to show others that it is exceptable, that it's totally natural and that bottle feeding isn't just the norm ( bear in mind most of these ladies are first timers with no other children and this is a baby only one on one group with just mums in a children's centre) pear definatly yes to proud and out.
Embrace the wine!grin
P.s I don't really not want other peoples babies not to sleep, just sick of the stero type that only formula fed ones do, it's nice to be able to say " go the boobs" wink
P.p.s I'm friggin starving, decided I need to loose this extra baby stone and trying the 5/2, man 500 calories does not go a long way

Lorelei353 Sun 17-Nov-13 14:13:59

My NCT group are almost all still bf, although some give a bottle at night and most have started on some solids. I see a lot of bf mums at the baby groups I go to.

So, DS has a tooth. Sharp little thing although I can't feel it when he's feeding (yet).

At my first group with dd1 most did aswel lor, don't know why the change is this time but my area is definatly not a pro bf Non of my close friends did it and I know they'd all be really self conscious, I was first time but now it doesn't even cross my mind
Lor I think you have the first tooth!! Woo woo

Lorelei353 Sun 17-Nov-13 21:29:52

By the way kitty I can't believe you're dieting! The 5/2 one sounds so hard. I need so many calories to keep up breastfeeding, plus looks after DS.

It wasn't horrendous, I had 2 weetabix for breckie, that's around 200 cal, then count on us meal chicken chow mein 295 cal from m&s, it's more the cups of tea and things you might miss, really it's water or diet drinks as otherwise you'd have no calories for food and it is hard but you get to think I can eat what I want tomorrow, I think that's why it's sucsessfull for a lot of people, I've had a slap up Sunday lunch today grin
It might be a coincidence but I did think my boobs wernt as full this morning but we shall see, kitten only has 4 milk feeds aday and one of those is a bottle so I don't have to make loads anymore

FrussoNeedsGin Mon 18-Nov-13 10:44:18

A tooth! a tooth! Yay for baby lore grin ds doesn't have any yet. He has the buds at the bottom, but they're not cutting yet.
I only go to Breastfeeding groups. So everyone I know (bar 2) are bf. I'm a discrete whop-em-out kinda gal. unfortunately ds isn't at the discrete age, he's at the look around with a nipple still in his mouth age Ds has formula on occasion but I won't give it to him someone else has to.

peardrop2 Tue 19-Nov-13 12:56:35

Too early to start talking about Christmas presents? I was thinking about buying b pear the vtech walker. Not that useful now but something to grow into and they seem popular with the babies. It's hard not a spoil a cute 6 month old koala though I want to buy everything!

peardrop2 Tue 19-Nov-13 12:57:56

Yay baby lore! First tooth! No sign of anything here. Still teething madly though!

FrussoNeedsGin Tue 19-Nov-13 17:53:24

I've got ds a fisher price sit to stand play station thingy. Can get at least a years use out of something like that pear
Also remember a lot of baby/children's toys will go into the sales after christmas (thinking put away for birthday or late christmas present) wink
Obviously you need a cute outfit or 2 to wear on Christmas day.
A bit boring but his own cutlery set?

Lorelei353 Tue 19-Nov-13 19:52:24

Don't know what we're getting DS yet but going to have fun looking. I love Christmas so am going to get him a stocking and special sleep suit and clothes to wear etc.

By the way I never updated on my cousin's preemie. They delivered a little boy by c section at 25 weeks (two weeks ago). He came out crying and mostly breathing on his own. He's doing really well and has put on 40% of his body weight already. He's mostly being fed from a milk bank as I think she's struggling to get her milk supply up but he's getting breast milk which is wonderful. They've been allowed to do nappy changes and she goes in to give him skin to skin cuddles too. So happy he's doing well.

peardrop2 Tue 19-Nov-13 20:05:12

Frus ~ the Fisher Price table sounds like a sensible purchase that he will enjoy. I still don't have a play mat as I've been using blankets. Kind of feel like a play mat wouldn't last very long!

Lor ~ pleased to hear their LO is doing well :-) I hope he will be home for Christmas? Horray for milk banks hey! It must be hard to try bf when you've not got a baby to help the milk supply. Those pumps are never the same at helping the milk supply well I found it that way anyway

Got to admit kitten won't be getting much bar a new outfit but didn't get dd1 anything for her first either, they get so much from grand parents and uncles and aunties etc until they know what it means I try not to go mad, plus we have a jumperoo and walker etc the one thing I have got is a bunny each for them made out of my favourite outfits by a clever lady on fb page called memories are made, they are lovely and really reasonable and I've had their names and dob put on them smile
That's a great update lor, so glad to hear he's doing well

peardrop2 Tue 19-Nov-13 22:23:32

Kitty ~ I admire that. I also love the personalised bunny idea. Very cute smile I'm not going crazy but I have got a small stocking with little things like cars, a ball, a book and a highchair toy. Most of it I've collected in the sales so I haven't really spent much. I think I'll just stick to the stocking and not buy any big presents. I'll leave that to family members smile

Excellent news on the wee one Lor! He was ready to be here. So glad he's thriving and doing well. So awesome that he's getting bm as well!

Still have a flippin cough and am on round #2 of antibiotics which are doing jack-shit. (excuse my french, I'm fed up with being sick.) We also have visitors (ie, a mum, dad and 8 children) visiting us from Saudi Arabia for the week and it's all a bit mad at my house. Not very conducive for getting better.

In the baby toy department: we saved the jumparoo and M loves it. We also have a play table from when DSs were younger and will pull it out when she's sitting on her own or standing up. She still is happy to not bust out any rolling anytime soon and is perfectly happy to lay under her baby gym and bat at the animals. She must be taking her time with the milestones just like she took her time in coming out! I may have to practice some patience as this one gets older.... hmm

peardrop2 Sat 23-Nov-13 13:39:54

Somebody needs to remove the chocolate biscuit box from my hands!! I buy them for my mummy play dates and then nobody eats them bar me blush If I don't buy them I have nothing to offer but if I buy them I get fat. It's a problem grin

peardrop2 Sat 23-Nov-13 14:12:13

I feel sick :-( Maybe I should start offering fruit?!!

Who turns down chocolate biscuits???biscuit

peardrop2 Mon 25-Nov-13 17:32:29

So....can you take ibrupofen when breast feeding? I have really bad wisdom tooth pain hmm

Where is everyone hiding?

Yes to ibuprofen!

I have no idea. It's been verrrrry dead lately.

Anyone already have Christmas presents purchased?

I was wondering where you'd all gone, if resorted to taking a peek at AIBU lol
We have bought a few things, not really anything for kitten poor thing and only a few for dd1 but no doubt they'll still get masses, I'm trying to get my hands on an xbox 1 for dh, I didn't get him anything for his bday and just a game and some tops last Xmas I'd really like to spoil him as I know he won't expect it as I always go on about what a waste of money they are etc trouble is they are now sold out hmm apparently sainsburys is getting 4 in today but no idea of what time, snuck out this morning and the bloody delivery hasn't arrived, it's going to be one of those.....,

Oh and appalling night last night! No idea what was up with kitten but she screamed and screamed for hours! We've not had an interrupted night sleep from her for months now so very out of character and dd1 final back molars have come through, it's 3/4 out and she's woken the last two night needing medi saying there's something in her mouth and it hurts poor little mite hmm

Ohhh sad poor little lady. Those molars are killer. I always felt so bad when the boys would be grumpy and whiney and since all the teeth I could see were already in, I'd just be completely oblivious to the fact that their teeth were still growing in. {bad mum confession}.

We are heading out for some pre-Thanksgiving shopping today. Most people start the day after Thanksgiving (Black Friday) so we are just proud of ourselves for going 2 days before hand grin Hockey skates and pads for the boys this year from Santa.

Om, M still hasn't rolled..... hmm

peardrop2 Tue 26-Nov-13 17:49:07

Aww I like the idea of hockey skates and pads from Santa smile Not me for me of coarse as that would be way toooo energetic and insane right now grin I have to admit that I might have got a couple more toys for baby pear since I last wrote about presents blush Scout the leapfrog dog is just so damn cute! Does it count it it's in the sale? I really don't think he will get much present wise though and he absolutely loves toys so I can say hand on heart it won't be a waste at all as he's never been a sitting twiddling thumb baby. Always has to have something to play with! ok maybe scout is more for us then him

As for shopping for nephews and nieces. I'm waiting for ToysRUs December sale to start so that I can buy for nephews and nieces.

peardrop2 Tue 26-Nov-13 17:52:14

Kitty, totally sympathise with teething issues. Baby pear has been teething since 3 months and 3 months on and still nothing! I read that 7 months is the average time to see the first tooth appear?!

How does teeth and bfeeding work? Will I survive? grin I can't believe I'm still going. I always thought I would want to stop at 6 months.

Must admit I don't know pear, stoped with dd1 before she got any ( just) but want to go longer with kitten, maybe lor can answer for us? Although bring and frus will have experience too
We only don't buy a lot pear because I had my first after dsis had here's so I inherited alot of toys! Plus I love car boot sales in the summer so we have a lot , think I'm going to add a swim fin to dd1 though

peardrop2 Tue 26-Nov-13 20:04:32

Yes kitty that makes sense. There's a big age gap between baby pear and nephews and nieces. I guess they gave all their toys away hmm I do get a few random things but it's always in pretty poor condition as they have a lot of kids wink I've been told they've kept books which is great as I love books and they're not the cheapest things once you get a collection going!

Lorelei353 Tue 26-Nov-13 22:14:02

Teeth. Hmm. They're sharp. DS has been pulling on my nipple a bit when tired or distracted recently which was fine until there was a tooth but now, ouch! He's really scraped/bitten me a few times. I've had to get quite vigilant about taking him off when he starts messing about and haven't been bitten in two days now, thank goodness.

FrussoNeedsGin Tue 26-Nov-13 22:19:42

Hello all <waves> been a bit manic in the frussohold, couple of hospital trips planned routine reviews and unplanned face planted a trampoline, teeth, birthdays, lack of sleep, and I have a green elbow, and green puffy ankle, and Luckily my fat lip has gone down. Fell over a stairgate I was reaching over, that wasn't fully closed, and had to take evasive action to avoid landing on ds who was on the otherside in his walker. Not even entirely sure how I sustained the injuries I have, except the fat lip, that was from biting my own lip it's all fun and games. grin

bring does m sit or crawl? They can often neglect one stage in trying to reach others. Dd1 only rolled once. She had no interest in it whatsoever.

kitty step away from aibu, it's a downhill slope into bridge dwellers, goats a other weirdness yoni/Brian from hull etc over there.

And dd2 is teething. Well has a hugely wobbly tooth at front that she won't wobble or let me poke. And her rear molars have half come up. I didn't think she had any more to come up, but aparantly so. unless they're wisdoms? They're definately perminant and not milk. Very wierd

pear Breastfeeding and teeth isn't any different to no teeth. Top teeth aren't a problem. I had a couple of issues with dd2 and a sore spot at the base of my nipple, but she had a horrendous latch. Always did, the stubborn little madam But if they are latched on properly you can't feel their teeth. They use their tongue to manipulate the milk flow, and can't do that with their teeth touching you. Their tongue goes between you and their bottom teeth.
If they do bite, push them into your breast, same as when they clamp down with their gums. Remembering their learning cause and effect at about this age, so and "fun" reaction (like screaming or jumping or attention) tempts them to try it again. Dd1 only bit me once in 18mths of bfeeding.
I've found they're better calmer and less clampy feeders once their teeth are through as they don't have sore gums to contend with.

And talking of teeth ds has a tooth. It's finally cut through the gum. So his bottom gum has the big bud where his other is trying to cut, and the little dip where his tooth is. It's been so close for days and he's had little red cheeks too.

Who was asking about the amber necklaces?
I'm still undecided. He's not been moaning about his teeth, but then that may or may not be the amber. He doesn't seem any worse than dd2 was. But better than dd1 was. - really unhelpful review. grin

FrussoNeedsGin Tue 26-Nov-13 22:22:41

lore lanolin is your friend.

Ooh not looking forward to that confused
How old is he now lor? Have you started any weaning?
How is pear getting on with food now? Kittens definatly a big fan of hand held, she loves eating like her mum oh I've lost 4lb though woo hoo

Lorelei353 Tue 26-Nov-13 22:43:22

Oh yeah. I've been revisiting the Lanisoh. I'd tubes lying around from the early days and have been using it again. Hopefully I've taught him to stop doing it though.

DS is 5 1/2 months now. Not started weaning yet - been advised to wait for full six months because of my serious food allergies.

Frus missed your post, must have appeared as I was writing mine, teeth there should be two molars on each side, if it's another it is indeed her wisdom teeth, I have an amber necklace, kitten wasn't wearing it the bad night but did last night and no problems! coincidence?
You fall sounds very nasty, I'm having trouble picturing what you were doing though lol

FrussoNeedsGin Wed 27-Nov-13 09:25:12

Aha it's her 1st molar kitty I've been getting confused with molars and premolars. Her mouth doesn't look big enough.

My fall wasn't as bad as it sounds. I bruise easily though. Imagine a long oblong shaped room, split in the middle (width ways) by a cupboard and a wide (1.5metre) stairgate. ---mm <- with the - being the gate and the mm the cupboard. Gate opens both ways with the catch on the cupboard. I lean over the gate to give ds (who's in his walker) some cake to hold, I'm doing the "if I stand on one foot I can reach further" position, catch isn't quite down properly, so my leaning on the the causes it to swing open. And I just kind of splatter in the direction of ds. Ending up on the other side of the gate to which I started. I think I went round the gate rather than over it.
Now the bruise is on the inside of my left ankle. It makes no sense. How would I get a bruise there?
And the silliness of it all is this
1) dd1 was by ds so I could have got her to give ds the cake.
2) I knew the gate wasn't properly shut to start with, I could have just opened it.
3) I am clumsy anyway, so was an accident waiting to happen.
4) I trip over or walk into this gate on a daily basis, I really ought to know its there by now. It's been there 8months!

I second frus's statement about less chewing when the teeth start coming in. They just like to use the new teeth and test them out a lot so you have to be diligent about paying attention when they are done "feeding" vs just "sucking" b/c that's when you get bit! I nursed ds2 until he was 1 month shy of 2. He had nearly all of his baby teeth and biting was rarely an issue unless I just let him hang out there and then I would get bit. Giving a gentle reminder about not biting by smothering gently pushing the nose into your boob will start a cause-and-effect so they know it's not the thing to do. We have the amber necklace for M and had one for ds2 as well. Teething for ds1 was a bit hellish so I don't know if it was being a new mum, his dramatic personality, or no amber necklace...? M wears hers all the time except for doctor's visits

We are also waiting until a full 6 months b/c of food allergies lor We're just going to skip any dairy or grains (rice cereal, biscuits, rusks, etc) and stick to fruit/veg until she's much older or until one of my boys gives her something just to be on the safe side.

Holy ouch frus!! Ice and arnica, lady!

peardrop2 Wed 27-Nov-13 17:31:48

Where can I get a amber anklet from! I need one nowwwww!!!! 3 months...I can't handle much more!! Happy to join the experiment list :-)

Frus your injuries sound painful thanks

Kitty ~ woohoo for the weight loss. I'm very envy with envy!! smile

peardrop2 Wed 27-Nov-13 17:33:52

Oh and weaning is going very well over here. We've tried most vegetables and fruit now. I've just started him on tea as well as lunch. I will be giving him protein soon but still taking it very slow as I feel he has a sensitive digestive system that I need to be sensitive with!

I can picture it now frus lol
I forget you guys arnt all quite on the six month mark yet as kitten was over a week ago so keep thinking we were all quite close, I think kitten takes after me, I never had any food intolerances or bad skin, gut problems, rarely ill, dd1 is more like her dad, he has excema she had it from about 12wks old well before I introduced food and was exclusively bf so know it wasn't down to diet etc although she has been a lot better since about 15months, she is atleast robust like me and is never really ill runs and touches wood we've only had one day in her 2 years where all she's wanted to do is lie and cuddle because she's not well ( both dh and I concure was one of our favourite days lol)

peardrop2 Wed 27-Nov-13 18:44:05

Kitty ~ we're 6 months like you. Ikea highchair is fab btw. Thanks for telling me to stick with it. Have you introduced chicken and fish yet?

Ah you see pear, told you you'd love it! Don't know why but the tots seem to sit in them much better then the big bulky padded things and so much easier to clean! They are small enough for little bums and yet still seem to fit toddlers, everyone I know ended up a convert!
Yes we tried chicken for the first time on Sunday, it went down well! Still trying to give majority veg and fruit at the moment though it was because I was making dd1s fav which is chicken one pot so thought I'd blend a few for her and dh gave her it, at the moment though I havnt actually found a food she doesn't like lol she's opened her mouth and munched everything grin

FrussoNeedsGin Wed 27-Nov-13 22:53:40

pear we have an ikea highchair too. And yes kitty they do sit better in them. Ds sits in his, but put him in a normal plasticky padded highchair and he's slumped all over the shop.
My foot is green grin had a bath earlier and it brought it all out. Doesn't hurt unless I touch it bring and only the odd twinge when I walk. So nothing more than a strain at most.
Ds hasn't had fish yet pear unless you count a fishfinger? I think that might have looked at a fish hmm.

Ds is definately a frusso, he will pretty much attempt to eat anything you put in front of him. whether it's edible or not he's having little bits of what we have unless we have junk food, and then he has a fruit purée
ooh and he likes marmite! Finally I have a DC that likes marmite. DH and dds can't stand it. Weirdos.
Ooh and runny egg yolk. And baked beans. And strawberries and banana purée. Which is easier to feed him now that he can finger feed himself other bits and doesn't want to grab the spoon all the time. It got a bit messy for a while. grin

Ok. You have me sold on the Ikea highchair!

And...in other news, M decided that today was a good day to roll over! (and I accidentally caught the first one on my phone whilst recording her!) grin

Tonight is one of those nights where I ponder on why the hell I got married. hmm

Lorelei353 Thu 28-Nov-13 04:58:32

Yay for M but boo for your DH bring

Oh no bring hmm he's not gone back on his word has he? Or is it just a typical we all feel why did we marry them?
Yeay for m, bet you were chuffed to capture it! Personally I prefer it when they can't roll, atleast I know where they will be when I go out the room and back lol I can still remember dd1 rolling of her cot top changer into the cot below and the sound as I'd just turned around to get an outfit from the draw, thank god there was a matress there!!

FrussoNeedsGin Thu 28-Nov-13 08:32:51

Yay for m bring
Definately better when they can't escape kitty ds appears to have mastered the art of moving/escaping. And rolling during a bappy change just isn't funny anymore.

Lorelei353 Thu 28-Nov-13 10:55:23

Two teeth!

frus that's some bruise you have!

FrussoNeedsGin Thu 28-Nov-13 13:36:07

It is rather colourful isn't it. grin

bappy change, what's that? I'm sure I meant to type nappy.

FrussoNeedsGin Thu 28-Nov-13 13:38:16

Two teeth! Wow mini lore!

Can't we stop them growing up? I dont want to go back to work.

Lorelei353 Thu 28-Nov-13 15:23:19

I know. Stay a baby ds!

Not going back to work until May but it's fast approaching, especially since I don't have a nursery sorted sad

B'jesus that looks like it hurt Frusso!

TWO teeth? Oh my goodness, stop growing little babies. They're just so cute with their little toothy grins though, aren't they? I'm going to miss the gummy smiles when those toofers pop in sad.

Just the typical "why did I get married?" thoughts. Nothing too extreme. More like "why did I agree that living with a guy little boy would be a good idea for the rest of my life?" "why can't guys little boys just help clean the f'ing kitchen?" "why can't guys little boys find their own shit and instead I have to act like I'm their mother who has to physically go and get the damn thing out of the cupboard even though it's directly in front of their face?" You know, those kind of "why did I get married?" type thoughts. grin. Seriously, ya'll, men would not survive without us. They would all perish from not being able to find/heat/save/serve their own food and they would be naked from not being able to do laundry/find their underwear/buy new clothes that don't look like shit. Okay. Rant over.

FrussoNeedsGin Thu 28-Nov-13 16:31:53

Ah those thoughts bring I'm having them at the moment too. Moans because I picked up his clothes from where he dumped them on the bedroom floor and put them in the wash bin. And I'm in the wrong becaus I didn't check his pockets for money. What kind of little boys are they? I'm not his mother! I have enough children.

Frusso Fri 29-Nov-13 23:07:47

Where'd every

Frusso Fri 29-Nov-13 23:08:30

...one gone? Did I kill the thread again? sad

peardrop2 Sat 30-Nov-13 09:47:06

Help! Anyone got any advice for me sad I'm still giving a 11pm dream feed and baby pear wakes at 3am for feed. I need to get rid of the 11pm feed and go to bed early. He's becoming impossible to wind and often I'm falling asleep before he ends the feed which is the cause for failing to wind sad We had another night of endless wake ups due to painful trapped wind and I'm exhausted! Happy to wake up once to feed but staying up for dream feed is proving to be too much!

peardrop2 Sat 30-Nov-13 09:56:13

Thank you bring I have just had ibroprofen to try and help wisdom tooth pain. Feeling very sorry for myself today grin

AGnu Sat 30-Nov-13 10:19:44

pear what happens if you don't dream-feed? Could you try just going to bed early & letting him wake you up?

In defense of some men... DH got Calf up & breakfasted, brought me tea & bread in bed, brought up the phone when my mum rang, stripped Calf's bed & is currently downstairs putting the washing in the machine. I always knew he was a good-un but I didn't know quite how good until I found MN! He's not quite perfect though... We're currently all sleeping in the same room because we're going to get a carpet in Calf's room. Before that can happen we need to move the radiator & will be getting a plumber friend round to help but DH is supposed to be getting it to the point where he can just come & do the cutting/welding. DH has pulled up the plywood but now seems more interested in replacing dodgy floorboards than actually getting the plumber in! Calf has discovered that he can pull the awful wallpaper off our wall. It was yuck beforehand, it looks terrible now but I don't think we could remove it to redecorate without pulling off the old plaster & we can't afford to replaster atm so we're stuck with it! <Sigh.>

AGnu Sat 30-Nov-13 10:29:49

He wants you all to know he's also emptied the dishwasher... hmm

peardrop2 Sat 30-Nov-13 14:17:30

Agnu has your DH hijacked your MN account? wink

If I don't dream feed he wakes up at 1:30 for food and then 4:30. Problem is he's quite difficult to get back to sleep at 4:30.

LOL! Well thank science he can empty the dishwasher. wink Mine has his moments... it's just easier to complain when everything is driving me mad!

Ohhhh, urgh.... M woke up every 2 hrs last night I'm so flipping tired. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Teeth or hunger bring?
Love her video, how clever is she, kitten hasn't started to do anything like that but she loves dd1 who makes her laugh by doing anything, it's so sweet!
I'm currently being and loving a mum of just a baby! Watching Harry potter, eating peanut butter toast and putting the tree up, I love it! My darling dh has taken dd1 to a christening and we felt it wasn't worth trying to take babs as it's 1 1/2 hours away and she's not a good traveler
Poor dd1 will probably sleep the entire journey as not sure what time she went to sleep, for the first time in her life we didn't put her to bed as if we go out it's always after she's asleep so she got upset then we were told she wasn't asleep when she got checked on at 8:30 but lying quietly then shouted us up when she heard us come home at 11:30 little love
Pear could you just not feed him at 1:30? I'd go to bed early, let him wake and try to drag out that feed, til his usual time was it 3ish, yes you will probably be awake for those 2 hours but if you've gone to bed early that should compensate and after 2/3 nights he shouldn't wake for it until the later time, he won't really be hungry now as he's on solids itl be more habit

Lorelei353 Sun 01-Dec-13 13:56:09

First food! Mashed, roast sweet potato mixed with breast milk. We jumped the gun on the six months by 10 days as he seemed so ready for it. He ate the whole portion, taking the spoon from us and putting it in his own mouth. Seemed to love it. I feel so proud and happy! grin (first time mum).

Ahhh lor so cute, that's what it's about isn't it, following your instinct and his leed, sweet potatoe is a great staple aswell, love things like baby corns and things that they can knor on! With those teeth he will be chomping through everything in no time

Hunger Kitty She was an eating machine yesterday (which in result made me starving all day). I think she's hitting another growth spurt as she slept last night and is taking an epic nap today. I'm exhausted too! She'll be 6 months in about 2 weeks. Contemplating on jumping the gun as well and starting to introduce foods. But then again... it's so easy to just keep breastfeeding.... decisions, decisions. (she chewed on a green bean yesterday, does that count?)

Hooray Lor! Excellent news. Also means he was ready to eat since he loved it so much. Well done mama!

Lucky lady getting the house to yourself with the wee one. wink

Lorelei353 Sun 01-Dec-13 19:47:47

Suddenly realised tonight that today marked the first time that ds had any food/nutrition that wasn't from me. Made me feel a little sad but I am so happy and proud that I managed what I set out to do - I'd hoped to exclusively bf for six months. I'm so pleased I managed it.

You've done so well lor! And they have to eat at some point and if you cooked it it effectively came from you?! Lol
I've not ebf kitten like I'd have liked but I do plan on doing it for longer this time and I've learnt from no1 that you just do your best, that's all you can
Bring to me 2 weeks wouldn't make any difference it's not like she's suddenly going to make a big change but maybe gage it how she is the next few nights? Bf is easier but if she's going to wake up all night then is that not making your overall day a lot harder? That's how I'd gage it.
Must admit my life has become much more pleasurable for the last few months getting good sleep!
And yes the day was very lovely, not sure when I'll ever get a day to myself though dreams about that day sigh

You watch lor how quick they start to demand your food! Kittenmakes a grab every time I eat and shouts at us if she's not getting any lol

Lorelei353 Sun 01-Dec-13 20:20:15

Ha ha kitty he's a bit like that anyway! We're going to feed him every other day this week as we're away next weekend visiting the in-laws and can't be doing with the pfaff of feeding solids. After that we're back in London for Christmas and new year so can feed him properly from then on.

bring might be worth a try especially of you think she's ready.

peardrop2 Sun 01-Dec-13 20:23:07

Kitty, he's now waking at 10:30 out of habit hmm why did I start the dream feed?!?!

Must admit I was never a fan of the dream feed idea but like I said to lor pear we do what we think is best at the time, no point beating yourself up, it must work for a lot of people or they wouldn't still do it
If it was me ( and this is me, I know it's not for everyone) but I'd take the tough love approach, it obviously does him more harm then good at night because of wind/ reflux aslong as he's getting plenty in the day I would just do cold turkeyno feeds, yes you will have a few nights of very little sleep but that's all it would be, honestly I did it with kitten and I do t mean leaving her on her own to scream all night I just mean if I'd go in pat her on the bum and shush her then leave again ( I didn't pick her up only because I think it winds her up more when she can smell it) and it lasted 3 days then I had a few nights where I had to just move her and for the last month plus I've had to do nothing at all, she goes down at 7 and wakes between 6-7:30 and I think I've had one bad night in all that te where she cried a week back that it, she just doesn't wake at all now, feel free to ignore I appreciate it's not for everyone

peardrop2 Sun 01-Dec-13 21:49:28

Kitty ~ I'm very interested to hear your approach. So you pat their bum and stay with them until they fall asleep? Last time I tried that baby pear screamed with big tears for 34 minutes before falling asleep. It was horrible for both of us hmm

Lorelei353 Sun 01-Dec-13 22:07:46

God pear I couldn't do that. Can't cope with the total sad-face, big tears crying.

Frusso Sun 01-Dec-13 23:27:33

It should get shorter each time you do it pear
I say should because I've never tried it on a Neuro-typical child.
I'm not sure how many feeds ds has a night. But happy co-sleeping for a while yet. I'll cross the self settling to sleep bridge later. when we're absolutely sure he doesn't have any issues I'm in full blown last baby mode. So he'll probably still be sleeping with me til he's 4. wink

Ds is on and off with food. He likes eating but varies between eating loads and eating hardly anything dependant I think on how his teeth feel. We're on textured meals now, rather than totally blitzed, and the odd finger foods thrown in. He likes toast and other pickupable food for breakfast/lunch, (or he makes a grab for whatever I have) but likes to be fed his tea. he's such a boy, gets lazy in the evening, and shouts that I'm not getting it into his mouth quick enough.

Pear, I don't/ didn't stay with her, kitten always has gone down on her on either asleep or awake straight after her bottle but when she started to wake around 4 months I was happy just giving her one feed and she'd go back to sleep but then it went to two, then it was getting earlier and she wouldn't want her breakfast milk, she start stiring and I wouldn't go in until it was crying and I just go in and say shush pat her bum lightly and say its sleepy time sweetie and then walk out again, the crying usually escalates when they realise they will not get what they want so is wait a few minutes and repeat, it could easily take 34mins or longer but like frus says it should get shorter each time and steriotypically it doesn't take longer then 3 days to achieve but it's not for everyone no as it's never easy to hear them cry, the sucsess is though that kitten never wakes or crys so if she does like the other night I know there is something wrong but that's one night in I don't know how long, what I'm saying though In Your case is food is also the triger for his upset and discomfort anyway , just in another way so it's cruel to be kind if you know what I mean. I was lucky I never had to do it with dd1 and although it was hard I promise they don't hold it against you! I get greeted everyday with big big smiles every morning.

The thing is you have to be committed though, or you've gone through a sad night for both of you for no reason and you feel bad that you a) did it to you both and b) I'd didn't achieve anything
It would/will be hard if you do it so you have to be prepared for it
For me she's a happier baby all round for better sleep and I'm a better mum as I'm on my own a lot as dh works long hours and shifts and while I was getting no sleep I then had to function all day with a toddler aswel for which you need a lot of patience, I didn't want to be narky and cranky because I had no sleep all the time

peardrop2 Mon 02-Dec-13 10:25:34

Kitty ~ thanks for your encouragement. We will be moving baby pear into his room in a few weeks either before or after Christmas and I thought it would then be a good moment to try the technique again. I found when I did ssshhh pat and stayed with him it made it worse which I can understand because he's probably thinking why isn't she picking me up she's right there! Last time I had to abandon it because of his reflux but now he is off all meds and will soon be eating protein so I can be confident that he's getting enough milk and nutrition. I'm also interested in the pick up put down method but then isn't picking him up just saying cry and I'll come and pick you up?! To me it sounds like a step down from rocking which I don't want but maybe I've got the wrong end of the stick?!

peardrop2 Mon 02-Dec-13 10:32:01

It's moments like now when he won't let me put him down and I think it's unfair on both of us. Most importantly his sleep gets disturbed when I try and put him down and I'm pulling my hair out because I can't get anything done. Kitty I'm so tired from getting up 4 x in the night...I've just got to bite the bullet haven't I!

You don't have to do anything pear plenty find co sleeping or the odd bottle etc fine but if it's effecting your time and quality I.e you resent them ( not in a horrible way but you know what I mean) your tired and unhappy because of it and it's getting you down I would but I like to feel in control.
Either way for most unless the child sleeps through at an early age I think its unlikely they will just start ( or from my experience with friends) usually it goes on till they are 2 or the mum does something, I think the pick up method is what I did but without the picking up as I found it upset her more, it's essentially to reassure them you are there still so they don't feel abandoned!
My dh went on his Xmas do on sat though and his work collegue still gave 2 bottles a night to his 18 month old, they didn't even give it to her just put it in her mouth in the cot shock
The hv actually told my dsis to do control crying at about 8/9 months as she was weened as was do heavy 99percentile lol and still wanted to be bf all night, she hadn't liked to until then but being told to made her feel like she could, it only took her 2 nights and that was it

All I have to say on the matter is; follow your instincts pear.

Lol about boys frus! There are just such huge differences even at such young ages. I'm learning about girls. M can put on quite the show if she doesn't get what she wants!

Frusso Mon 02-Dec-13 23:13:29

Aaaahhhh just typed a huge long post and then lost it. sad

pear pick up put down works of you know they're not hungry. You wear DH t-shirt/dressing gown/or similar pick up when they're crying, then put down when they're calm and almost asleep but still awake enough to know where they're falling asleep. It takes longer to "work" than CC. We did it with dd1, but she was never in the same room as me. (Bar the 1st week, because I woke at every whimper)

It's so odd bring my dds would play with anything, but ds goes for balls and cars.
Ooh and he has claimed a cuddly polar bear as his squishy. I shall call him Squishy and he shall be mine and he shall be my Squishy.

Finding childcare is a nightmare. I think I may end up getting a nanny. Expensive but works out not much more cost wise when you consider 3 children in 3+ settings.

Frusso Mon 02-Dec-13 23:15:51

Ooh and ds has figured out he has knees and can raise himself up so is on hands and knees. Then he just rocks backwards and forwards because he can't figure of what to do next. But this technique does get him up the bump from his cot to my bed. [escape artist in the making smiley]

Haha yep! Sounds like the typical boy toys. Wow, he's just getting so advanced! Can't believe we already have a crawler on the bus! Nannies are awesome. So nice to be able to come home to everyone being there and being taken care of in their own environment. Definitely worth the expense. <off to start searching for a nanny...>

It's a big day when the wee ones move into their own rooms. It feels so liberating! Maybe baby pear will sleep better because of the lack of distractions and sounds that are going on in your shared room? DS2 was a lot like that and was a really light sleeper as a baby. He slept so much better after we moved him into his own room at about 6 months. He also slept really well with a white noise machine.

peardrop2 Tue 03-Dec-13 15:47:15

Yep, would agree that baby pear will sleep better when we move him into his cot. I didn't do the dream feed last night and he woke at 12 for food and slept until 5 for his next lot of food
but then we couldn't get him back to sleep so he was up by 6:30 hmm

Frus ~ I had a question for you and now I've forgotten!

Making butternut squash risotto for myself tonight :-)

peardrop2 Tue 03-Dec-13 15:54:33

Frus ~ with the pick up put down method...you never let them cry do you because you pick them up when they cry? Do you just stand there with them in your arms until they stop crying and then put them down again? I can imagine baby pear going nuts if I put him down wide awake so when do you put them down again? Would I have to rock him to sleep and then put him down as he's drifting off (rather then fully asleep)?

Do you all think I should move baby pear into his room and continue rocking and then introduce sleep training of some kind or should I move him and introduce sleep training all in one go? Hard to know whether I should introduce one thing at a time or rip off the plaster all at once! Someone just tell me to get on with it and stop dithering wink

Lorelei353 Tue 03-Dec-13 16:36:48

pear I found this website really useful when I was looking into shush pat and pick up/put down methods:


peardrop2 Tue 03-Dec-13 20:06:34

Lor ~ thank you. I'll take a look at it now wine

It's recommended to put them down when they are still drowsy and are on their way to falling asleep instead of putting them to bed fully asleep (as this can lead to them waking up and being confused why you're no longer there and they are alone).

So... now M is rolling and getting herself stuck on her tummy with no idea on how to roll herself back over. It's just a frustration for her all day and me having to go and flip her back over She also had a teeny tiny bit of banana a few nights ago and hasn't pooed in like 3 days but is giving me all sorts of constipated grumbly noises. sad

hmm Banana is abit of a cloggy food anyway, I remember dsis thought it would help when Dneice had constipation and was giving it to her everyday with avacardo poor thing, a tiny bit shouldn't make a lot of difference though? They do sometimes go through bunged up stages don't they, don't feel bad
How did you teach her to do the big girl thing bring? I'm still in awe of it lol

Yeah, it's weird. It's clogs some people up and gives others the runs! Stupid bananas....

I have no idea how she picked it up! I used to put her arms up and say it, then she put her arms up on her own and I started laughing and saying it.... and now she just does it! my cute little trainable puppy DH used to be able to get her to do it like in the vid and now she just tries to headbutt him when he says it to her {like STFU dad, I ain't doing it anymore!}

Really stalling on the babyfood over here. She's feeding like it's going out of style so I know she definitely needs to start getting some substance to fill her belly, but I'm so dreading the cleaning up food all the time phase!

Ummmmm I must admit I'm not looking forward to the stage where they start chucking it and knocking the bowl out of your handshmm my house at the mo looks like a bomb site after 5 mins anyway with dd1 and she's more messy an eater then dd2 at the min so doesn't really make a difference lol dd1 has now started an obsession with cleaning, using all my wipes and saying I just clean it, I just making it nice, I think I must spend a lot of time doing it for her to have picked it up lol

Haha. See, that's why I'm going to just keep having children. Pretty soon I can just have a little army of cleaners blitzing my house <wait, that doesn't actually happen, does it?>

<sob> it snowed here in Minnesnowta. It's going to be a long winter. (hopefully it goes faster when I'm not pregnant and shoveling snow!)

I feel like my marriage is going down the toilet.

Lorelei353 Thu 05-Dec-13 13:02:08

Oh dear bring You okay?

Just constant fighting for the past week. I don't know what's wrong with us sad

peardrop2 Thu 05-Dec-13 13:53:57

Bring ~ it's pre Christmas stress xx

Lorelei353 Thu 05-Dec-13 14:48:47

We've gone through phases like that since ds was born, and we never fought before. Every once in a while we have to acknowledge that we're being rubbish towards each other and reel it back in. It's so hard.

I'm sure it's a passing stress phase bring

peardrop2 Thu 05-Dec-13 22:39:38

How many of you have been able to go on a date with your DH since your LO arrived? I've got to put my hand up...I did think that we would have one night alone after 3 months. How wrong was I blush Another good reason for sleep training! It's much harder to make time for each other then I realised!

peardrop2 Thu 05-Dec-13 22:40:44

Sorry what I mean is...I've got to put my hand up for thinking that I would have at least 2 date nights in the first 6 months me naive...never!

Thanks gals. We had a chance to talk through it today. It's just been really stressful and having a puking child waking us up at 11pm and then 4am (and not going back to bed after that) with me having to do the brunt of the clean-up did not bring out the best in us me .

But... 3 good things happened today that I would love to share with you all. 1, I got to go to an antenatal apt as a student midwife this morning. Slowly getting back into this calling of mine. First time mama planning a homebirth. Oh to be a first-timer again... 2, M ate some avocado this morning and some egg yolk this afternoon. This kid was actually really hungry! She gobbled it up. 3, My friend had a baby girl today and it's so cute and she's over on that side of the pond with you lovely ladies and I so want to just go give her a hug and meet this sweet little one. Pix on fb will have to do I guess!

Always, always appreciate the place to come and digress to you all!

Sorry pear got carried away and forgot to mention...

I hope you and your DH are able to get out together soon. Maybe even for a lunch date while baby pear is taking a nap?

Lorelei353 Fri 06-Dec-13 09:11:44

Glad to hear things are back on track bring and all your lovely, good news!

AGnu Fri 06-Dec-13 09:42:25

Sorry I've been a bit quiet recently - not really felt much like chatting. My depression is well & truly back. I've got a GP appt this afternoon to talk about it & DH is coming too to make sure I do! I'd definitely try to get out of it if he didn't! blush I don't wanna. <Stamps feet> I don't want to have a problem. I don't want to admit I have a problem. I don't want to do anything about it. What I do want to do is go live in a log cabin in the middle of the woods all by myself where it never rains, is always a comfortable temperature, food magically appears whenever I'm hungry & no-one wants me to do anything. That's realistic, right? wink <Sigh>

Lorelei353 Fri 06-Dec-13 19:52:55

Sorry to hear that AGnu Sounds like you've been struggling by yourself for a while. Glad your dh is supporting you in seeking help though even if you don't wanna.

We're all here for you agnu! I hope the GP apt goes well and that you are able to find resources that will help you during this time. I have been in your shoes (many times, I'm afraid) and I do know how isolating and scary depression can be. Maybe we should move to Bora Bora and have a hut on the beach? wink

brew and hugs for you.

Ahhhh my girls, you poor lovelies!
Bring nothing like sickness to get everyone down, when your tired and stressed it always brings out your worst sides no matter how super human you are, I'm glad you were able to talk it through and I'm sure you guys will, you've got through 2 young boys and a newborn! shock Weaker couples wouldn't have made it!
Agnu glad your feeling able to go to the gp kicking and screaming it's good that you can identify that you feel like it's there so you yourself know you don't feel quite right, it takes great courage to do that because we all want to feel like we are in control and super mum but looking after two littleones is bloody hard and "you" ( as in all us mums) just get put aside, how we feel, what wed like to do etc in favour of caring for everyone else I'd love to join you in that magic house, I doubt any of us would be depressed there!!
Pear, any chance of a grand parent babysitting for a day or evening? It's hard when you know you have to get up early or whatever but once you've dragged yourself up and out and forced on abit of makeup etc it does feel worth it, can't say its a regular occur acne for us but we've had one or two meals in the evening and it's lovely to eat in peace and talk about nothing but the kids you've left behind lol wink

Oh I like the idea of somewhere hot! I've got my bags ready grin

AGnu Sat 07-Dec-13 01:27:53

bring do you have any plans to come over this way? I vote we all meet at a mutually convenient airport & fly off to a private island to get drunk sip cocktails while lounging around on a sunny beach! The minute I win the lottery I'm kidnapping you all! wink wine <Adds first ever lottery ticket to shopping list>

I was just thinking earlier that it would be pretty cool for all of us to get together next time I come that way. Spring 2015 is our next projected trip (gotta take advantage of M getting to sit on my lap before she reaches the age of 2!). But, yes to the French Polynesian islands. It's only a few thousand to rent a hut over the beautiful bluegreen lagoon

AGnu Sat 07-Dec-13 10:59:48

Does DH's family live near where fb tells me you went to uni? Calf's godfather works at that uni so we could definitely get over there to visit you! Having said that, I'd probably be the most centrally located for a group meet up, or we could find somewhere right in the middle of the country where we'd all have to travel roughly equal distances! It'd be so weird fun to all meet up!

I've just taken my first new tablet - sertraline/zoloft. I feel weird but I have no idea if it's an actual reaction or just a result of reading the ridiculously long list of potential side effects! hmm GP was lovely, even at 6pm on a Friday when she was running 40 mins late! She gave Calf a tongue-depresser which I found highly amusing given that I'd gone to solve my depression! She drew a face on it so Calf was v happy with his "smiley stick"!

Yes, well, my MIL lives near the Uni so we stay over there for about half the time we are visiting and the other half of the time we're in Lincolnshire. I'm all for traveling though! I adore train journeys (as we don't really have public transport here). It would be so fun and weird to meet up! We've got a full year to plan it... wink

I love with GPs take the 2 seconds to notice the wee ones and give them something to play with. It just shows their character (in my opinion). I hope the tablets help you. It is just a short-term to see how you feel?

AGnu Sat 07-Dec-13 16:35:05

Yes, she's given me a month's worth to see how I respond & I have to either go back in & see her or just have a phone consultation to get more drugs if they're working perfectly. Last time I was on ADs I had them for about 9 months I think so hopefully I won't be on them for too long, just enough to pull me out of my blah-ness! smile I've been feeling weird today. No idea if it's the pills or my blocked ears or an annoying combination of the 2 but I've been feeling sick, dizzy, out of sync & nearly had a panic attack in Tesco. I slept for 2 hours instead of having lunch & now just feel a bit spacey - kinda like being car-sick or the feeling I get the day after having a migraine. Not pleasant but hopefully it'll settle down. I've decided I'll make myself take them for a week, unless I get any major reactions, & see if the side effects start to get less. I'm not safe to drive at the moment - at least when I felt miserable I could get around! Early days yet though. We'll see...

AGnuMasqueradingAsAReindeer Sat 07-Dec-13 19:03:39

I've gone all Christmassy! <Twirls> fgrin

AGnuMasqueradingAsAReindeer Sat 07-Dec-13 23:54:26

I've killed the thread haven't I?! fsad

In case anyone who owns an Ikea highchair is still reading, according to this thread, you can put the seat (minus legs) & tray in the dishwasher! If we had space I'd be really tempted to get one for each of our boys!

No, you haven't killed the thread smile

I'm planning on getting one of the Ikea ones, so that's awesome to hear! I've also read somewhere that you can just put in the shower and hose it down too.

I'm unfortunately still awake (1 am here) after taking the boys to a monster truck rally. We had to walk a half-mile in 2 degree F weather to get to the stadium from where we parked and DH and nearly killed each other due to the ridiculous conditions. He was the one who bought the tix and then looked at me when we got there and said "why didn't you tell me these kinds of people would be here!??" (for the record, it's hicksville combined with a bunch of 50 year old men who still think they are 5 and start cheering when a monster truck jumps over some dirt hills... I kid you not. It's like a freakin counter-culture... but I digress) and the stadium was at maximum capacity so it was just a nightmare trying to get out and back to our car and the car out of the garage. I can foresee tomorrow being a bit touchy and everyone in need of naps in our house....

Ok. So I killed the thread <sob>


Lorelei353 Mon 09-Dec-13 15:29:19

I'm here! Was away at the weekend and having manic day. Will post later.

Lol still here, just busy having the daughter from hell the past few days!
Loving the ikea hygiene tip though, it gets better and better grin

Oh I completely understand having a child from hell. I'm ready to tie up DS1. seriously

Bring dd1 spent litterally almost all of yesterday in her room! Just so fed up with her tantrums and whining and stubbornness it took me 1 and a half hours to try and get her dressed yesterday and it was to go and take her to play at a place she loves with her favourite person in the world, in the end I told her that was it we wernt going but it messed up my day and really pissed me off but she needs to learn

Lorelei353 Mon 09-Dec-13 20:17:11

Oh dear. Naughty children.

My DS did his naughtiness about 8-10 days ago,when he bit me with his new and very sharp little gnashers. Unfortunately it's not healing. It's a bit like an ulcer and is so painful to feed. GP thinks it might have an infection but has done a swab to check. I've been dreading feeding on that side.
When I spoke to my GP she recommended using nipple shields as an interim measure to let my nipple heal so have trid that twice today. It definitely helps the pain but seems to take DS a lot longer to feed. I'm slightly concerned that he won't drain that breast well so will express from time to time too. Doc also gave me an antibiotic cream to use.

peardrop2 Mon 09-Dec-13 20:39:46

Thank you for the dishwasher tip! Had a friend over yesterday who failed to warn me that her kids were sick. Her little boy coughed and sneezed all over DS ikea high chair so it went straight in the dishwasher last night :-)

peardrop2 Mon 09-Dec-13 20:41:28

Lor ~ that sounds really painful. Hope it heals soon!

Bring ~ the truck event sounds exhausting! Have you even recovered?

Kitty ~ I am not looking forward to the testing tantrums hmm

Frusso Mon 09-Dec-13 20:47:20

Hello <waves pathetically> been dropping like flies in the frussohold. Dd2, then dd1, then DH, oh and when they're all better. I get it. No fair. Feel icky and sore and achy and dehydrated and have a ds who thinks it's funny to hum and blow raspberries when he's meant to be drinking his milk. Must keep feeding because I don't want him to get it. It hurts.
Think I need to curl back up in my dovet cave and go back to sleep.

Can I come to your island? Mines cold and windy and not very green.

Frusso Mon 09-Dec-13 20:49:28

Oh pear I hate it when people still think it's okay to take their DC on play dates when they're sick.

ooh OUCH lor !!! The shield does impede on proper drainage so keep doing what you're doing. Breast compressions while he's feeding on the affected side can help drain it more efficiently too. Speedy healing for your booby!

Urrrgh frusso you poor thing! I hope DH is at least giving you time off so you can recover!! Sending no-puking vibes your way. brew (think of it as a giant mug of electrolyte drink for that dehydration!)

No, still haven't recovered from the damn truck thing. The boys are now obsessed and are still little maniacs from the sugary cotton candy the little boy next to us was giving them no sharing please! They so rarely have sugar that when they do, they are maniacs for days. and i want to tie them up and put them in their beds

I second Frus, sick playdate kids should stay home! Some parents.... hmm

Omg lor ouch that makes me go all skwirmy, I hope you heel quickly
Get well vibes to you too frus, nothing worse then being poorly and over Xmas is the pits
Can't believe someone brought sick kids to your home pearshock if shed have warned you first and you said you didn't mind that's be one thing but just to bring them is so naughty! Poorly babies are the worst as you can't explain to them why they feel bad and they can't tell you they do hmm
Well kitten is just stiring, oh and there's dd1 door opening, can you believe they've both slept till now, that's officially a first!!!

Frusso Tue 10-Dec-13 20:50:50

agnu ((Hugs)) for you my sweet. it's okay I'm feeling okay now
lorelei hope you're less sore.
bring did you know there's the same amount of sugar in candy floss as about 3 boiled sweets. don't have access to an industrial candyfloss machine (presuming candyfloss = cotton candy)
I find the slump after the sugar high worse to handle. Grumpy children. Bleugh.
Anyone else found their Christmas tree is not safe from cheeky monkeys?

AGnuMasqueradingAsAReindeer Tue 10-Dec-13 22:45:47

We've not even bothered with a tree this year... or any other decorations come to think of it! The only things we'd get away with would have to be attached to the ceiling to keep them away from Calf!

I've stopped taking my pills already! blush My ears & sinuses are bugging me & I just can't tell what issues are due to this viruses & what's a side effect of the pills. I'm weirdly feeling ok at the moment though, depression-wise at least! I'll start taking them again once I'm physically feeling healthier - I just can't handle the side effects on top of being ill!

I want candy floss now! fgrin

Frussohoho Tue 10-Dec-13 23:49:08

Worthers original make nice candy floss. But cola cubes are epic! -just don't try the chilli candyfloss. #just saying grin

Funnily enough we've had no trouble at all with our tree or the presents below!! Don't know why but dd1 was just told once they wernt for her and I explained that Xmas is all about giving a present to people you love and that these were there's and on Xmas day they will buy her one and that's been it, she left well alone

The chocolate callender on the other hand wasn't so lucky.....

Urgh, sugar is the enemy! I keep trying to feed the boys breakfasts like eggs and toast and oatmeal and DH goes out and buys the super sugary stuff and gives it to them... which in result just turns into a fight over what they get to eat every morning. I didn't know there was that much sugar in candy floss/cotton candy. If it were up to me the kids would get like a 1/4 of the boiled sweet... evil mother

You'd think that after 6 months M wouldn't be that exciting to the boys, but I still feel like I need to hang her from the ceiling. hmm

Anyone getting baby fever again yet? wink

Frusso Thu 12-Dec-13 14:40:22

Baby fever <insert manic laughing> got to have sex first definately no baby fever here. I'm still besotted with ds. Plus 3 is plenty for me.
bring I always thought there was more sugar in cotton candy. I was surprised at how little you needed.
Childcare sorted. Now maybe I should attempt to get ds on more solids. Pah, who am I kidding, I'm in denial. He'd be happy with the solids.

Frusso Thu 12-Dec-13 22:28:54

You can have my dd2s bring despite buying sugary cereals for me I hasten to add and it being there, my dds will go for toast/banana/yoghurt option every time. but they don't like milk

Frus my dd1 doesn't like milk either! Well unless it's in her bottle which she shouldn't have! she asks for Cheerios or flakes everyday without milk, she's even been known to ask for wheetabix without it although I draw the line there!!
I never stop having baby fever bring wink

Frusso Thu 12-Dec-13 23:27:00

kitty my grandma used to give us wheatabix with butter and jam on. Cerials do occasionally have yoghurt on in the frussohold.

Lorelei353 Fri 13-Dec-13 09:50:49

Baby fever? No! Dear god no, not yet. shock

So, nipple is slowly healing. It's not agony to put the cream on anymore so that's an improvement. GP says results came back clear but she still thinks there may have been some kind of infection there. That's gone now I think but the wound/ulcer is still there. Trying to keep using the shield but DS has figured out if he bites it then he can pull it off. hmm It doesn't hurt as much to feed but I can feel the more he does feed without the shield that the soreness gets worse. Not sure what to do really. Trying to get him to use the shield until he gets bored then finishing feeds on the good side and expressing the bad side with occasional no-shield feeds thrown in. Not sure if it'll bugger up my supply a bit though.

Oh lor hmm what a dilemma, can't believe the little monkey has figured out how to pull it off! Can you not just take him off and keep putting it back until he gets the message? I really don't think it could heel well without it as everytime he pulls and it's wet it will make it sore again, or just use a pump for that side for a few days to give it abit of time?
How many feeds does he have and is it always both sides?
Has he started eating more now?
Has he atleast learned biting is a no no?? X

Lorelei353 Fri 13-Dec-13 10:35:10

If I keep taking him off and putting him back on he gets agitated and more bitey -sore even through the shield.

He still feeds a lot - every two hours or so during the day and then 2 feeds during the night. He only takes one side per feed - always did - but if he's tailing every feed from one side what will that do to that side's supply? We only introduce solids last week so he's not taking much. One portion of food a day at lunchtime.

He's not biting generally. I think he only did it when the teeth were coming in and annoying him. I'm also vigilant about watching for signs.

He never really took a bottle but we've started giving him water in a sippy cup with no valve and he seems to like it. Maybe I could do some feeds of expressed breast milk from a cup?

It sounds like expressed feeds by what ever means might be the way forward, it shouldn't affect your supply if it's only a few days and you pump at similar times he would feed or even if you did half as many but took all of it out as it would be quite full if not used for longer then if you pumped it all out it would still be telling your body it was needed?
Bring would be the best for advice as obviously she couldn't feed for a few days, the important thing I'd think is to get it well as that will allow you to do it long term and even if you supply went abit squeif for a few days, it would increase again if he was using it like normal, you don't want it to get really nasty

Wow, ouch to the ouch Lor Yeah, you could definitely start introducing expressed milk through the sippy cup. If he's only taking one side at a time, you could express on the "un-occupied" side while he's feeding on the other to keep your supply up. The pump generally doesn't do an as good of a job at removing milk as a baby does, but if it's for a few days to let that last bit of healing happen it might be worth it. I am able to express more milk if she is feeding on one side while I pump vs pumping alone. I think the let-down is more effective that way. You could also use a heating pad or flannel or something like that on the side you'll be pumping on to get the milk flowing and therefore hopefully empty the breast, which in turn won't mess with your supply. You could also start out feeding on the affected side, take him off when it starts to get sore and express the rest out while he nurses on the unaffected side. Sorry, I hope that's not all too confusing....

Haha, I had to throw something out there to get the conversation going a little bit! I don't have baby fever by any means (especially after last night, which I'll gladly spill about in a minute) but I am still not completely convinced that M is our last. Just not for a while...

Yeah, so M was a total madam last night and refused to sleep in her own cot. She slept with me and oh how I wish that I could be one of those mothers who sleeps better with her baby than without Fuss (jealous). I was awake most of the night. Zzzzz. Also, DH thought it would be a good idea to give M some white pasta sauce on a spoon to lick yesterday and now the poor girl's got a horrible rash (it's gotta be the only culprit as that's the only food she had yesterday!).

peardrop2 Fri 13-Dec-13 15:56:37

Hmm where did my post go?!

peardrop2 Fri 13-Dec-13 17:52:58

Lor ~ I hope it heals really quickly for you now that the worst is over with. I've only ever experienced blisters so I can sympathise but what you're experiencing must be a lot worse hmm If I had enough milk to express I know baby pear would take milk from a sippee cup. Really annoying that my milk supply is limited but at least it don't have to worry about leaking!

What else did I write in my disappearing post? Oh yeah. We've just got over baby pears second cold. That was fun! Yeah...a big thank you to the mums idiots who keep bringing their LOs to baby groups with coughs and snotty noses! My friend is also a crazy loon for bringing sick kids to my house. Agree on that grin

So, we've been away for the week. Our first family holiday in England woohoo :-) Baby pear was majorly buzzed up though from the moment we arrived. I think he was bouncing off my excitement as he refused to sleep most evenings so we didn't get any alone time shock We took his bed so it wasn't that. It could have just been the new environment. Anyway, an odd thing happened last night. He was still up at 10pm last night (buzzed up like we had given him sugar) so I was soooo tired I lay him in his cot and said its sleepy time now. He then proceeded to play with the bars and tried to roll over on his front. When he got stuck I helped him go on his front and said that's enough it's sleepy time now. I did shhh pat for about 5 minutes and he fell asleep with no crying what so ever! It was like a Christmas miracle!!! I doubt it will ever happen again so I just had to share grin

Oh and I have baby fever! Even though I'm no way ready!! I think I'm just worried that DH is going to make me wait a long time as I think he finds parenting v tiring. He says he needs a holiday to get over his holiday grin God knows why he thought it would be a holiday in the first place! Holidays to us just mean a change in scenery...nothing more!!

Well done on the shh pat pear, maybe he will do it again?! Fx!
I agree holidays do end up more tireing then relaxing and me mad women that I am am going away for 10 days at the start on jan, I've no idea how that's going to pan out!
Btw the hyper thing might be a tired sign, dd1 goes absolutely manic ( think running around naked twirling round and round and screaming) when really tired, it's like rather then the obvious go quiet and sit she does the opposite but just like you'd describe a sugar rush!
I had allready started trying for next dc this time with dd1, if it wasn't the fact if would be mental to have 3 under 4 at home I'd almost be tempted again lol

peardrop2 Fri 13-Dec-13 21:34:36

No, he cried when I tried shh pat at 7pm tonight hmm However, he only woke up at 9:20 for food (because he hardly ate today) so I think you're right, it is likely that he's been over tired. Especially as he fell asleep at 5:30pm at his milk feed which I've not known him to do before. Bless. We will have a quiet washing day tomorrow!

Kitty ~ going anywhere nice for your holiday? change of scenery but actually more tiring then staying at home vacation wink

Frusso Fri 13-Dec-13 21:47:20

Yes pear, I'll second kitty with the hyper/sugar rush behaviour being a sign of tiredness. My dd2 bounces off the walls often quite literally just before she drops. It's like a last ditch attempt to keep herself awake.

Frusso Fri 13-Dec-13 23:16:39

Yes pear, I'll second kitty with the hyper/sugar rush behaviour being a sign of tiredness. My dd2 bounces off the walls often quite literally just before she drops. It's like a last ditch attempt to keep herself awake.

Frusso Fri 13-Dec-13 23:40:27

Okay. So I appear to have posted the same thing twice, but 2 hours apart. grin pure skill that.
bring I couldn't sleep in the same room as dd1. But I think sleeping better with ds, is more that he doesn't like to be alone. So if he was in his own room I wouldn't get any sleep. between him and dd2 I may as well not sleep
Saying that he's only been waking maybe 2 times a night for feeds. Which is a huuuuuge improvement on his 2 hourly mummy-I'm-starving-feed-me-now.

He had some eggy bread for supper. Nom nom nom. This boy clearly has my taste buds. grin

Ooh and he tried to follow his sisters up the stairs earlier. He really wants to play with/like them. I put him on the floor and he speed swam/crawled to the stairs and spent ages trying to pull himself up. He managed to wobbly stand holding it for about 5 seconds before he splattered on his bum, conveniently to the side closest the wall, so he just sat there and grinned back at me like a loon. Possibly in shock that he hadn't actually fallen over, since he seems to want to be up and moving but still can't sit unaided.

Bless him frus, so funny! Kitten loves dd1 and want to play with her but still has only got the tummy lie with arms straight out the sides bob resulting in not going anywhere!
We have her in a sitting chair in the bath now though and she loves that she can join in with her playing and making her laugh, we were all in stitches last night at them

Thunderpantsarego Sat 14-Dec-13 08:58:06

Ello ello ello, remember me?

kitty has given me instruction to pop in and say hello after lol told me to pop onto another thread - how obedient am I?!

Thundercats here obv and it's lovely to see you all enjoying your babies, even though all the things you're talking about are like another language to me.

I think last time I said hi, I had had a 10 week scan and was still feeling a bit anxious? Well I'm now totally delighted and amazed to have reached 26 weeks and feeling bubs wiggle (despite anterior placenta) is the loveliest thing ever.

Sending you all flowers and I've brought some Christmassy tangerines too if anyone would like one <plonks box onto table>

Lorelei353 Sat 14-Dec-13 09:26:48

thunder ! 26 weeks already. How fun. And feeling little wriggles too. grin

<grabs tangerine gratefully>

Frusso Sat 14-Dec-13 09:54:55

Hey thunder um who are you again? wink yay to bubba wiggles! It's so exciting when you feel them and it become a bit more real and less abstract. How are you feeling? Have you bought loads of bits yet?

hides tangerines from dd2 she's on a food ban of all things orange

peardrop2 Sat 14-Dec-13 12:34:04

Hello Thunder! How exciting! Take our advice and SLEEP lots NOW!! Go to bed alllllll weekend because you can wink

peardrop2 Sat 14-Dec-13 12:48:36

I'm wondering if we're any closer to seeing teeth. Baby pear has gone completely off solids this week. Chicken casserole was sort of tolerated but his usual porridge and apple this morning was thrown into the air whilst I tried to coach him to open his mouth sad

peardrop2 Sat 14-Dec-13 12:49:56

He's either teething badly or no longer likes puréed food. Is that possible because I wouldn't say we've had a particularly bad week with teething?

Frusso Sat 14-Dec-13 13:22:03

We have a tooth and a nub pear, ds did go of his food for a bit whilst it cut. Ds seems to have gone away from purées and more of a fan of finger foods.

Kitten has a fish finger yesterday! Not really the type of food I'm used to giving but dd1 was adamant and was trying to eat them frozen and I just have into ease for both, she was surposed to have had tea at nursery but as soon as I picked her up she had a star biscuit shed made ( once it was given to her there would be no getting it back!) then she came and brought me her plate and I was like what's this for? She said fishfingers! Lol she had 2 with veg ate all then a full big pear, and wanted more I don't know what they give them there but it can't be much!

I don't think think thunder should rest, she needs to practice, I volunteer mine grin

Frusso Sat 14-Dec-13 16:38:58

I'm so coming for baby cuddles with baby thunder. What does one call baby thunder? It's it a thunderbolt or a rumble?
Ds is having fish fingers tomorrow kitty

AGnuMasqueradingAsAReindeer Sat 14-Dec-13 18:06:11

Hi Thunder! What's your official due date? So exciting that you're feeling movements now - that's a really lovely phase... until they start to kick you at 3am & wake you up! Did you find out what you're having? Started thinking about names yet? It's all so exciting! grin I must point out though that, except for pear, I know roughly where everyone lives & I'm definitely the closest therefore I should get first dibs on babysitting for you to 'practice'! wink Will you be putting photos of Baby Rumble I like Rumble best Frus on facebook? I noticed a distinct lack of pregnancy updates... We neeeeed to know about every squirm to stave off our baby fever for a bit longer!

No raging fever here though... Although I do occasionally see a tiny baby & feel the need to point it out to DH with an "awww" to which I get a hmm followed by "No." & a gentle hand guiding me away! I'm getting rather attached to the idea of having another one in 4ish years time... but only if it's a girl, otherwise I'd need to have another one to keep him company. I can envisage a girl being the baby of the family, adored & protected by her big brothers, but if we had a boy I'd worry about doing the same as my parents did with me & my 6 years younger sister. We were grouped as 'the girls' & treated pretty much the same which left me maturing much more slowly than my peers & her a lot faster! I think I'm overthinking this waaaay too much for something I'm not planning on having to do anything about for at least 3 years!
I'm insanely paranoid about getting pregnant now though but I've never used & am scared of I don't think I can use hormonal contraception until I'm done breastfeeding so I guess we'll just have to rely on condoms for now! If I do end up pregnant & it's a girl then DH will be off for a more... permanent... solution! He doesn't know this yet though! wink

It looks like we might not have a choice about how we do weaning. I've spent the last 2 months trying to convince Runt that he likes purees but so far all I've managed any success with is yoghurt or homemade pizza sauce! hmm I tried him with a corn-cake last night & he devoured it! I had to hold it for him of course lazy boy but he quite happily sat there chomping at it until it was reduced to just a few soggy crumbs on my hand, the bib, the bumbo, the table...! He growled when I tried to take it away! I guess we're doing BLW now! I'm absolutely not doing it the same way as my friend who sits there gently rubbing her baby's back while she gags & then gives her more of the same & watches her gag on that too! She seemed to think it was a good learning experience for her... confused

Thunderpantsarego Sat 14-Dec-13 19:52:18

hello hello lovelies!

Really nice to have such a warm welcome. So to answer your questions, my due date is 20th March, no we didn't find out the sex but its almost certain it'll be a boy and pear if you were in a position to make the most of sleep whilst pregnant, you had an easier pregnancy than me! I'm not a great sleeper anyway so am very used to being awake a lot of the night like Thursday when I was awake from 2.30am niccceeeeee

And I'm not sure I have a lot of spare time for baby practice I'm afraid, in the past 3 months I've sold a house, got married, working full time, had honeymoon, gone through migraine/vomiting phases and now buying another house.... its keeping me knackered busy

I'll put a pic up on the secret group page if all is well with Rumble (or should it be wileykit?) but I'm not one for general announcements on facebook - I think i am just very sensitive about that sort of thing, particularly after finding other people's announcements so painful after mmc.

You've got married thunder and we've not seen the pictures shock for shame young lady!!!
Can't believe you've done all that whilst pregnant you crazy lady
Agnu dh will get the snip, he'd do it now but I'm adamant he won't get it til he's atleast 40 and I feel the same as you about hormone things while bf, my mum keeps reminding me about not getting pregnant though, atleast once a week and how she got pregnant bf, I'm like ok mum!
Maybe I can join you in 3 years Agnu if I havnt regained sence

Thunderpantsarego Sat 14-Dec-13 20:43:04

kitty I haven't seen the pictures either!
Could maybe put one that my mum took up on the FB group though....

Yes please!! X

peardrop2 Sat 14-Dec-13 22:18:04

I didn't sleep well whilst pregnant but now in hindsight that to me would now be a lot a lot of sleep! Hindsight is a wonderful thing though smile Thunder FX you have a sleeping baby! There are lots out there unless the mums are lying

peardrop2 Sat 14-Dec-13 22:40:16

Gave baby pear a slice of pear to munch on before spoon feeding porridge at tea and he seemed happier and more content. Can't believe you're on fish fingers already!! How are we so behind blush

Frusso Sat 14-Dec-13 23:20:51

pear fish fingers are easy. Cooked in oven, cooled, then Chop in half and hand to baby who devours most of it whilst making a huge mess, which is then cleaned up by scavenging labdog who gets let in by older siblings, and much to the amusement of baby, who holds hands out to be licked "clean" grin
Once they've got past the everything making them gag, and controlling it when the need to, and they figure out they can chew, and they manage to get the food from hand to mouth, then they pretty much devour whatever you put in front of them.
Dd2 used to eat cocktail sausages before she had teeth. They don't need teeth they just need the chewing action.

I'm not sure you are "behind" pear I didn't do the baby porridge stage. I just did purée then finger foods. I think I skipped the mashed/textured stage.
I think I'm kinda babyled, even though I do feed him bits like macaroni cheese, but ds is very clear on when he's had enough. The not opening his mouth gives it away. wink and he gets really shouty if he wants more, and really cross if he drops it all and I'm not quick enough to give him the next bit.

agnu you friend sounds confused as to the difference between babyled and choking.

I always think baby lead weaning isn't a trendy newfangled idea, but more a fancy "modern" name for the not so fancy traditional "put some food in front of the baby and let the feed themself" that's been around for ever. And the purées and babyfoods are the fad, that people are beginning to see that the old ways worked well for centuries.

Awww! Welcome, welcome thunder! We are all living vicariously through your sweet baby kicks now. I miss them!

You've been a chatty bunch! It took me a bit to catch up with everything. Don't have much time right now due to my elder kids trying to kill each other and DH being clueless about helping with dinner.... I'll post again later!!

Frusso Sat 14-Dec-13 23:50:37

Why, when I knew the bacon probably could have done with a bit longer in the pan did I eat it anyway? I feel this colour - - -> envy I really should know better.
I think it was the bacon anyway. hmm It might have been the turkey. Although I'm sure that was overcooked. confused
Unless I have that stinking Norovirus again. but I don't hurt enough for that. Oh please let it be the bacon.

<yawn> off to bed. Night all.

Frusso Sat 14-Dec-13 23:53:46

<waves at bring> make them clean a glass door or window (one on each side) great for argument curing.

Lol, undercooked bacon, frusso? eww.

We're trying babyled... She was gung-ho about the finger foods last week and this week she just smears the avocado/sweet potato/steamed apple/chicken all over the tray. You're not behind pear babies are all different. B'jesus agnu that's definitely not BLW... confused

That's a good idea frus I think I might start sending them both outside of the door into the 2 feet of snow and 15 degrees that feels warm after dealing with below zero

Pear you do similar to me, kitten loves both spoon fed and doing it herself, I sometimes worry I'm giving her too much as I think shed happily eat all day as always stops crying if I give her a bread stick to munch or if I'm feeding her god forbid it runs out, she squeels and gets really cross,she eats textured really well and she is really good with bread sticks but did gag on a fish finger and has with a rice cracker as she put the whole thing in her mouth, should I not be giving it to her then? She didn't choke just coughed and out it came but I thought that that did happen and I don't give her finger foods unless I supervise, am I the bad choke mum??
She hasn't actually refused one food or one spoonful for that matter lol

peardrop2 Sun 15-Dec-13 08:03:32

I don't really understand the whole gagging thing. Being a first time mummy I'm quite nervous about the whole choking thing and would probably sit patting like Agnu's friend blush

Frusso Sun 15-Dec-13 08:08:58

That would certainly cool them off bring grin Although I was thinking internal doors/windows. 2ft of snow. Wowsers. All we've had is rain. sad could you fedex some snow to me for Christmas?

Frusso Sun 15-Dec-13 08:30:47

pear I don't do up the straps in the highchair, so if ds does choke I can hoik him out quicker. (To pat his back whilst holding horizontal) I think the first time is scary.
What about a baby first aid course? Any of those locally?

I don't do straps either and usually you can pop your finger in and scoop out if Theresa big price of something, I've never panicked as I though that itwas part of them Learning what to do and she's never put off it but you've got me thinking I shouldn't now? Should they not ever choke/gag? I mean obviously they shouldn't but should you not let them try if it does happen?

Lorelei353 Sun 15-Dec-13 09:20:51

We skipped purées and went straight to textured/mash as first foods. We also decided before we started that we'd do some finger foods almost from the start too. That said we're nervous about it. We start out great, giving chip-sized pieces of steamed carrot or broccoli but when he grabs them and tries to shove them in his mouth we panic a bit and end up breaking it up into small little pieces. As first timers it's hard not to stress about choking.

That said DH reminded me of what the health visitor told me at the weaning class - that it's natural for them to gag. If they haven't totally got the hang of swallowing they'll store the food at the back of their tongue and then gag it up again. Doesn't make me feel better when it looks like he's choking though.

That's what I thought lor and that's what kitten does if she's got abit carried away but she's straight back on it again after!grin

peardrop2 Sun 15-Dec-13 09:55:37

It's embarrassing to admit that I've done 2 first aid courses. One whilst pregnant and one with baby rocking at the back of the classroom. I can't remember much from either of them. Bad isn't it hmm

peardrop2 Sun 15-Dec-13 09:57:31

I've downloaded the Red Cross app though which is brilliant. I should make time to look at it once each week and maybe some info might sink in! All I know is if he's chocking to put him across your back and hit between the shoulder blades...I think.

peardrop2 Sun 15-Dec-13 09:58:04

Oh and don't try and scoop the object out

peardrop2 Sun 15-Dec-13 09:59:14

Lol I mean across your legs. Across your back...how silly. See I can't even type anymore! Or speak English!!

AGnuMasqueradingAsAReindeer Sun 15-Dec-13 11:27:13

Parenting is... Being very excited about skiving off church & have a morning entirely to yourself with no plans & spending it staring at the clock feeling lost & lonely!

Yes, it's natural for them to gag... But it doesn't look like a particularly pleasant experience! I prefer to go for a gentler approach to eating personally. I'm really funny about textures though & quite often gag on food myself so that's probably influencing my opinions on this. Runt has only properly gagged/choked once - when we oh-so-cleverly fed him mashed potato while reclining in his bouncer! blush DH who was supposed to be feeding him stood there flapping, I flew across the room, whisked him out & lay him across my arm, face down, & patted thumped his back until it came out. Turns out my time working in a hospital lab was useful for something - mandatory first aid course, including a few mentions of paediatric stuff! I feed Runt now... wink

Thunderpantsarego Sun 15-Dec-13 12:20:08

pear I take note and will savour every sleep moment!

Right ladies, not much more for me to add here seeing as currently I only have the dog, DH and myself to feed, and we're all fairly proficient mostly with this.

I'll say hi occasionally on FB then.

Byeeeeeeee x

I think the gagging is normal. I remember reading somewhere that it's because their gag reflex is at the front of the mouth whereas ours is in the back, so it's normal for them to have that reaction... but it's also a good sign that they are able to move the food around in their mouths. The only food that scares the pants off me is uncooked apples. Both of the boys have actually choked on them and I freaked out big time when DH gave a piece to M. I'll not be living through that experience again! Lol, no kitty you are not the bad choke mum. I would totally do the same thing.

Geeze, not bad at all pear! I wish Dh would invest an hour of his day to do something like that....

Keep in touch thunder! You're welcome on this bus anywhere, anytime wink

Yep, no prob frusso You can have ALL of it!

Frusso Sun 15-Dec-13 17:09:10

Thanks bring I'll expect a soggy parcel in the post. wink

Aaahhhh!!! <pulls hair out> how much attitude can one 8yo have?! [exasperated emoticon] somebody is going to have either a lump of coal or some reindeer poo on Christmas Day. depending on which is easiest to source

AGnuMasqueradingAsAReindeer Sun 15-Dec-13 17:46:54

The zoo near me has reindeer for Christmas Frus. I'm sure I could obtain some... Keep an eye out for a smelly, soggy parcel! wink

Frusso Sun 15-Dec-13 18:07:53

Thanks agnu

peardrop2 Sun 15-Dec-13 20:19:39

Oh no bring DH only came to the first session. He was working the second time round.

Have had a nightmare afternoon. Baby pear has hardly napped and we had to take him out to see friends. Got stuck in 2 traffic accidents which meant it took 1.5hrs to get home. He screamed the last hour non-stop hmm He's now sleeping on me after he calmed down and it's nearly 8:30pm. Completely messed up bedtime. I'm sure some of you second/third time mummies know all about this mistake! Do you ever learn?

Oh yes pear, you'll never make that mistake again lol
Well all our trips out are planned around getting the kids home for a certain time, if not we stay over or do the bedtime before we leave put in Jim jams and into the car seat but it's pretty rare
hmm For you, I hate the car seat screams, they haunt me

peardrop2 Sun 15-Dec-13 22:14:46

Omg the car seat screams are just the worst aren't they!! I tell friends who don't have kids and they look at me like I'm off my rocker. They don't get it at all. Think you have to have kids to understand the car seat scream! Baby pear woke up at 9 and I managed to dress him and rock him to sleep by 9:30 so it's better then I expected however he missed his carb tea so I'm expecting more wake ups than normal tonight hmm

peardrop2 Mon 16-Dec-13 07:47:31

Typical. Could not get back to sleep after feeding baby at 5:30. Wastes 2 hours trying hmm

Ugh I had such a crap night! It's surposed to be babies that are hard work! Kitten slept 7-7 not a peep, tiger on the other hand dd1 who has been renamed as I feel bad she's not got a nn and she's clearly the boss woke me up 7 times!!!shock She came up with all sorts of excuses, I wanted to kill myself but her more! Everytime it took me ages to sleep again too pear, you have my sympathy

M is mumsnetting with me this morning. The boys have been sent out in the snow and I'm enjoying a cuppa in the peace and quiet that is soon to end

Car seat screaming is heart-shattering. M prefers to do it in traffic and in the dark. sad

Oh man kitty The older kids are even worse than the babies! It drives me mental when they come into our room (slamming the door wide open in the process) turn on our lights (waking up DH and I and the baby) and declare that they need a drink of water. 7 times? Is she getting a nap today at least? Or maybe deprive her of the nap and make her go to bed early wink

Frusso we have some dog-poo snow from the shitty neighbor's dog that I can include free of charge in your fed-ex package of snow grin

Frusso Mon 16-Dec-13 17:59:10

bring I think I'll pass on the dog poo thanks. Plenty of that in my garden from my own mutt.

Hmm non sleeping older children... How about a little monster that falls asleep at school, gets sent home sick, then commences to jump in puddles. Oh and 4am is wake up call time. Mum mum mum mum <no answer> dad dad dad dad dad <no answer> mummmmmmmeeeeeeey! <puts all lights on and rattles stairgate. And why? Because she needs the toilet, that she's more than capable of doing by herself. But by this stage she's wide awake and demanding iPa' iPa'

Frusso Mon 16-Dec-13 18:00:09

She also likes to trial it out at 12, 1, 2, 3, 5 and 6.

Ugh frus I couldn't cope!
I either hear crying, I want bubby or wakes wakey mummy then repeated with daddy like you lol
Bring she had a two hour nap today, she needed it! I think it's a mixture of comming down with a cold and overtired as she's better with a 40 min nap aday and the last two shed had none

Aww, poor little lamb tigress hopefully she's back on form soon kitty

Yikes frus Is that every night?

Agnu how are you feeling? You decided to stop the meds, are you thinking of trying another dosage or just off them all together and trying something else? Just asking b/c I'm starting to have more bad days than good. Definitely starting to feel really down and just mentally beating myself up over stupid shit. I think I might need to start seeing the counselor again.

AGnuMasqueradingAsAReindeer Mon 16-Dec-13 22:51:00

I'm doing ok thanks bring! I'm off the meds for the time being until I feel physically healthy again. I had a weird problem with my ears where there was fluid in the tubes which was draining down my throat constantly but never quite cleared. My ears seem to be nearly better now but several times a day I get a feeling like there's something stuck in my throat & I can see it's swollen up at the back! I think the ear thing might have damaged my throat so I'm waiting for that to resolve before I inflict more unpleasantness on myself! I've not been feeling too down just recently though so that's something at least! Did you find counselling helped before? Definitely worth at least touching base with them if you're starting to struggle. Hopefully it's just a blip & you'll be feeling yourself again soon! <Hugs>

Frusso Tue 17-Dec-13 07:11:20

Every night bring? No, that's a good night. Some nights she doesn't sleep at all despite meds.

peardrop2 Tue 17-Dec-13 12:02:34

shock Frus! How do you survive. I'm struggling on 4 hours and it's really showing. Have caught another cold/cough and have a tired twitching eye I can't get rid of confused

peardrop2 Tue 17-Dec-13 17:02:55

So I sent DH to the supermarket to buy cod to make fish pie for us and baby pear. I'm meant to be resting BUT apparently it's too much of a challenge so he's called me on the house phone to say he can't find any. I really should know by now that I need to send him out with option B & C! That and unplug the phone wink

Oh my life pear that's so man-typical. It's like they are completely unable to think for themselves and need constant directions. Infuriating.

shock Frus !

Frusso Tue 17-Dec-13 18:09:39

pear you cope because there's no other option. After about 4 years you resign yourself to it. But then dd1 didn't sleep through until dd2 was born. So it's more like 8years. Because despite people like health care professionals and social services agreeing that you need respite. There never is any respite.
Except when they're at school. And then their teacher sends them home because they have a cold.feeling very ranty about that. In the past 3 hours she's coughed once. 1 time. Just one cough. Because she plays them and she has them wrapped around her little finger. Because if there's one thing she's good at its manipulation.
She does it to everyone who's ever worked with her. She comes in all sweetness, does something cute like says their name or does what they want, or cuddles them, then once she's lulled them into a false sense of security she wraps them round her finger and by that stage it's too late for them: she could get away with murder and they'd still love her. And no-one believes us when we say she's playing them. Grrr.
Okay rant over.

Anyways. Chosen a nursery and childminder for ds when I go back to work. I really don't want to leave him <stomps feet> need to buy a double electric breast pump too.

Frusso Tue 17-Dec-13 18:12:34

On the plus side she's not petrified of the Hoover like ds is.

Your amazing frus, I don't know how you do it! or how you persuaded dh to have another shock
The cold thing would piss me off FFs a little cough, you'd be off all the time!
Pear my dh phones me everytime he goes to the supermarket with a list, every bloody time without fail!!

Frusso Tue 17-Dec-13 22:17:30

Definately notamazing. Or even close for that matter. I very tired. And caffeine is my best friend.
You do learn to become very blasé over it all. And your perception of what is and isn't normal gets bit skewed. Pens go high up, and you automatically case a joint (new place) for weapons of mass destruction or ways of escape. wierd stuff that you wouldn't even think about normally becomes regular and normal. And normal stuff is surreal. My perspective of things has changed. Baby groups with ds are hard, because I look at little walking talking toddlers and it's so surreal when they talk, or do as their told without a huge song and dance (and that's me doing the song and dance, often quite literally). I like to do SM groups in the holidays because it's great to be able to talk about what she's done with people whose dcs are similar. and they understand why talcum powder is hidden and doors are kept double locked, and you have a wall planner to cross off when the advent calendar has been opened, and you have to explain daily that crossing off am extra day does not mean you can open tomorrow's door. and it's normal rather than extreme.

Ds is easy and very good comparison. And mine all mine <cackles>

peardrop2 Tue 17-Dec-13 22:43:33

Well done for choosing childcare. One burden off your shoulder now Frus!

Just wondering. Has anyone lost a friend so called friend since having a baby? I've lost my bf hmm Miss her loads but since baby pear has arrived she's slipping further and further away as she isn't interested in visiting and visiting her is hard impossible for me because she lives 1.5hours away in the car. She doesn't get breastfeeding and has recently said "if baby Pear can't except bottles yet it's best we wait to meet up when he isn't so reliant on you" Made me feel hmmshockangrysad I love breastfeeding but now have started to feel that friends can't except that I want to continue because it 'ties' me down hmm Their expressed feelings just make me want to lock myself in my house and keep baby Pear safe and happy!

Oh pear sad and angry Hugs for you. Yes, I've been in your shoes and have drifted away from several good friends since having children. Either I've gotten a better view of how they view the world (and it's nothing similar to how I now feel) or our parenting philosophies are drastically different and it's just hard to keep hanging out with them. Your friend definitely does not know what the F she's talking about. Why isn't she coming to see you since she's not "tied down"? Shouldn't she be supportive of this incredibly short duration of your life where you'll be feeding a sweet tiny child? It's only another 6 months before baby pear will be eating most of his meals and milk will become the supplement. But then again... it doesn't sound like she would understand a simple fact like that. <sorry, getting snarky on your behalf> I promise, you will meet many other like-minded mamas through your mothering journey.

Hooray Frus great news on the childcare front! (I'm trying to figure out what the F am I going to do when I am on-call for 4 births coming up in April....)

You ARE amazing frus and you are so strong. And praise Jesus for caffeine. grin

Pear I've not lost bf but don't see them as much a real friend will stick with you regardless though although mine in a similar situation had a baby at the same time and lives in London so just meeting up isn't an option easily accomplished but she recently came and stayed with me, but our dd have just met and they are 2 shock we had to conduct our friendship Over the phone but I have met other friends when having tiger and one is now a best friend and is kittens god mum, it is hard but friendships do change and adapt as we meet different stages in life. It is hard but some of my friends have struggled with the bf bit and why I wouldn't go away for a few days with them and non of them bf but it wasn't just that, they may be happy leaving their babies but I wasn't! I'm happy for a night out etc but just not into leaving them for a whole wkend.
Agree with bring though if she's no ties it's rediculous she hasn't come to you and is instead making you feel guilty over what is very short lived, she's not showing herself in a good light when you need support at this new journey your on, could you tell her how she's upset you abit or you feel your drifting apart and that upsets you, can you help her visit you for example?

Frusso Wed 18-Dec-13 07:51:11

Unfortunately yes pear I lost 2 friends because I had children and they didn't. The one friend I didn't loose had children a few years before me.
I think they're wrong. Breastfeeding doesn't tie you down. Children in general tie you down however they are fed. Because you don't do things on a whim anymore because there's another tiny person to consider.
You're want to lock yourself in your house and keep baby pear safe and happy is natural. Your first instinct is to protect him and ensure his survival. It's really surprising how deep that goes.

peardrop2 Wed 18-Dec-13 09:35:46

Thanks for your supporting words thanks I didn't realise this problem was so common. I guess I thought I had a really strong friendship with her so I didn't see it coming at all. I have thought about calling her and asking her outright but I am scared because I am feeling very hormonal (not helped by being poorly) and I don't want to make things worse. Perhaps I should give it a couple of weeks calling time and then call her in the new year. She had a house party last weekend that I couldn't make and she's upset about that too. She didn't give me much notice and even if I had been able to go It still would have been a really tough journey for baby pear as on the same day he had a car meltdown anyway. I think I'm about to loose my other good friend too as she said when I was on maternity that she would struggle with envy if I became a SAHM. I've got good friends haven't I blush

Ahh pear it must be hard if your one of the first having kids, I think yes wait a few weeks into the new year and call explaining how much she means to you but that with a tiny baby it is just impossible to lead the same kind of lifestyle, frus is right its kids in general that alter everything not how you feed them!
Maybe try to accept that until she has children she will never understand but that when she does if you've kept communication open she will probably contact you realising exactly what it's like, we lost a friend completely for a few years because she had two only one year apart and it was all she could do to get through each day I think, now she's back to joining us and understands my position saying no to things, it's great to meet other mums in the same situation as you though for the short or long term to meet up at kiddy things and moan about too smile

It is super common stepping into the parenting realm. I'm sorry you're going through this, especially when you're feeling poorly and it sounds like baby pear isn't sleeping all too well (which is when you need your friends the most!). Isn't is weird to look back at our old pre-children lives and realize how bloody selfish we were? Oh to have had that knowledge of how fucking great I had it before I had children.... hmm They will come around eventually. <more hugs>

Do you have any mum friends? I hate suggesting mum and baby groups or heading to the playground or something because I used to bristle when someone would suggest that to me <introvert> but I do have to admit that I've met some sweet people that way now that the boys are older.

Frusso Wed 18-Dec-13 13:05:58

Right I've ordered a medela swing maxi (double) breast milk pump. I will be queen of expressing. And even if ds refuses to take it, I will feel better that my supply won't drop on the days that I work.
There's a tiny part of my brain that thinks attaching it to my bra and expressing on the way to and from work would be a good idea. hmm but how visable that would be in reality is questionable. But would be ideal if it works as that is when ds would be feeding.
Also need a mini fridge for work and to speak to work about having somewhere to express. Now that's not going to be an embarrassing conversation to have with a male health and safety officer.

Go for the car expressing frus! I know lots of mamas that I've helped with births who express during their commute. You can find an adapter for the car charger and you could make some sort of apron or a hooter hider to keep yourself covered. There is THIS too (although it reminds me of the Fembots from Austin Powers for some reason.... hmm )

Lorelei353 Wed 18-Dec-13 17:34:26

frus I think you're amazing.

pear sorry to hear you're having a tough time with your friend. I can sympathise a bit. It's hard feeling so left out of my friendship group. Most are in serious relationships but of the bunch of girls I used to go out with none are married yet, let alone have kids! I've been drifting away a bit since I met DH five 1/2 years ago, as I'm just not as up for being out very weekend on the piss anymore. Now that I have dc it's just not an option at the moment.

My best friend who I know from Uni back in Ireland, turned 40 last week and so did her DP. They had a massive weekend away party in a big house and it just feels wrong that I wasn't there, but I couldn't even go for one night since I'm bf-zing. All of our friends were there and I missed it. Don't get me wrong I wouldn't swap DS for anything but it's a hard adjustment. My best friend doesn't want kids and barely tolerates them. She can never remember the names of her nieces and nephews. I don't know how sympathetic she'll be to my changing circumstances going forwards.

Frusso Wed 18-Dec-13 21:50:04

bring the fembots look would be hilarious whilst stuck in 2laned morning tragic jam. Think I might have to cover the look with the hooter hider - plus I know a shop near me that sell them.
Ouchy oversupply. I have one deflated and one pammy. It would be comical if it didn't hurt. I think ds double fed from that side last night, he was on a bit of a feeding frenzy last night, and consequently I've been leaking all day. and forgot to wear breast pads when I went out this morning. Oopsy. Dark colours and lots of layers are my friend. So much easier than summer leakage.
Pump should arrive tomorrow if post gets here before I have to go out.
4 children fast asleep. (Yes I have gained another one) Snooze time. Night.

peardrop2 Wed 18-Dec-13 22:25:20

Frus ~ I have the single electric pump and it is really good. I've got nothing to compare it to but I would highly recommend it as I've never had any problems with it. I can't imagine pumping while driving! Are you joking? Not sure blush The pump is useless to me now as I only have enough to feed baby pear and nothing more. I'm wondering whether I could pump anything off at night when he drops the night feed. He's been waking up for the dream feed but he hardly takes anything. I hope it gives me an opportunity to pump as it would be good to stock up for a few days worth in case I need to go out. Might also be the answer for leaving pear so I can go out with DH or see my friend so called friend

Talking about friends. Everything you've all said makes total sense. I have cheered myself up by wrapping baby pears Christmas presents grin I am a lot happier now! Especially as I sat back looking at his stocking and thinking we as in me and all of you are so blessed to have bouncing happy babies. Nothing else really matters does it smile

Frusso Thu 19-Dec-13 10:10:52

pear I'm not sure if I'm joking.

Frusso Thu 19-Dec-13 13:31:05

Pump arrived. It actually states in the instructions not to pump whilst driving. hmm

peardrop2 Thu 19-Dec-13 14:30:43

Pumping whilst driving would be a Christmas miracle grin ahh imagine how annoyed you would feel if a full bottle tipped over when doing a EM break!

Bring ~ I have made some mummy friends but it's hard work and no way the same as my friendships before DS arrived. Getting to know someone over screams, nappy changes and feeds is a new challenge to me! I imagine it gets easier with practise wink Some mums I meet actually ask my name which is nice. I think it really shows a good character when someone asks your name and not just your dc name!

Kitty ~ the other friend I was talking about has a 2.5 year old. I think just the sheer idea of me not having to return to work when she currently works annoys her. I don't judge people by what they do. I think everyone has the right to choose to SAH if they're fortunate enough to be in the position or if they have to work they work (or want a career). Surely you just do the right thing for you and your family. Jealousy is horrible when it effects friendship hmm

peardrop2 Thu 19-Dec-13 14:35:44

Just to clarify I haven't actually decided whether I'll be a SAHM yet! If it happens it will be short-term.

It is absolutely hard work trying to connect a deeper level when you've got a young one. I so 100% remember being in a foreign country with no friends when DS1 was born and feeling so lost because of the feeling of superficial connections with people and really missing my actual-knows-everything-about-me friends from back home. I can whole-heartedly say that I've been in your shoes and it is hard. I hope your DH has been someone that you can lean on and lend a listening ear (even though he probably can't sympathise that much as guys are friends as soon as they look at each other hmm ). It gets frustrating when you just want to have a conversation with someone and it feels like you both have your heads on swivels and never manage to get through a full sentence.... just wait until they start moving. Then any sense of conversation goes out the window as you're constantly chasing after them!

Yikes pear that sounds really hard to deal with having a friend who is jealous of your current position. Besides, isn't maternity leave just now coming to an end for you all?

Frusso Thu 19-Dec-13 17:37:08

Nooo bring shhh <shoves head in sand> maternity leave is not ending <concretes over sand>

peardrop2 Thu 19-Dec-13 17:56:21

Superficial connections is a very good way of describing it bring smile

Still a few months left for those taking a year off. Frus do you need to go back sooner? hmm

AGnuMasqueradingAsAReindeer Thu 19-Dec-13 18:04:19

I'm planning on being a SAHM... Well, technically I'm planning to be a teacher with a very small class! grin

Not for me yet bring! I'm off til April smile
Can't believe a friend would tell you it would piss her off if you become a sahm shock yes I'm envious when people are in a position to be able to do it but I just think lucky them!!! It does not effect her family what you do, I'd love to be at home until the children go to school but with my job it's an impossibility as there are so few job vacancies it could be 10 years before one came up where I could travel to and I also have to keep my "eye" In as we call it so that I'm still registered and I do love my job too, most people have to make a sacrifice somewhere

Frusso Thu 19-Dec-13 19:02:24

I get til feb. 9 months. And I ticked the Bo that means I have to go back for at least 3 months or pay back my mat pay. And I can't afford to do that. And I can't afford not to work either. Too many bills to pay