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March 2013 - 6 months down, 210 to go!

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StormyBrid Mon 16-Sep-13 10:26:50

Old thread.

Keep on rambling, ladies, we have a whole new thread to fill!

Plonkysaurus Mon 16-Sep-13 11:01:55

SoYo you've filled my head with encouragement and silly ideas!

Wing and Worse I also loooooove six months. He's so much fun now, and much easier now he can eat proper food and sit up unaided for more than .2 seconds.

Stormy my work days will be insane but ill be at home for four days a week. I promise to jibber jabber away at those times. I love this thread, I certainly won't abandon it.

Hmm parenting. I'm not doing what I'd envisaged either. I'd imagined breast feeding, baby wearing, blw and cloth nappies. I'd go to baby groups and do postnatal yoga. There wouldn't be a puree in sight. I reality I love cooking for the baby and getting a hearty meal into him (sausage casserole last night), cloth nappies were too much hard work, I have two pushchairs and haven't yet managed to hold a yoga pose without falling over.

Ladies, I have discovered the key to being productive. My house was disgusting this morning, kitchen bin bursting, work top flowing over with recycling, dirty dishes, unhoovered lounge... I was sat in my pjs sorting out swapping our Internet provider and opening a savings account for ds, he was covered in jam. Then I got a text from my mother to say she was near Birmingham and would pop in on her way home. In 45 minutes. I've never moved so fast. All jobs done and baby napping by 9.45 thankyouverymuch!

SoYo Mon 16-Sep-13 11:21:19

In terms of parenting I'm pretty much the opposite of what I imagined. I thought as did everyone around me that I'd be into a full routine, bottle feeding fairly quickly, none of this earth mother shit. Instead I find myself completely bottle free, no routine, co sleeping, sling wearing and soft as butter. Who knew?

KFFOREVER Mon 16-Sep-13 11:26:54

plonky i have visions disturbances of my mum calling to say shes coming over but my place is a mess. Whilst ds is sleeping i should be doing chores but im having coffee and mnetting.

stormy im here with you full time until feb anyway. Really dreading going back full time. i wouldnt drop a feed just yet. My approach is just going by what the baby needsbt that is my approach. Maybe its her teething thats putting her off eating solids for now. See how she is in a few days.

Im a bit sad we have finally put our crib away. Even though ds has been in his cot for 2months i kept the crib up just in case. My room seems so empty and echoey its horrible. We put the bouncer and rocker away too. On a positive not am loving this stage. Its soo funny to see him do new things. Ds is now imitating us putting his tongue out. Apart from ds fighting sleep and wanting to be at home in the evenings he is a happy baby.

StormyBrid Mon 16-Sep-13 11:35:58

Argh! The day was all going so well, until she decided to refuse her milk and then pee all over me! I now have that song about not liking Mondays in my head. 99 hours until I get my weekly break...

Plonkysaurus Mon 16-Sep-13 11:55:18

KF it was my worst nightmare come to life. On the other hand, doing all that cleaning and de-jamming the baby did make me feel a bit supermum.

Oh dear Stormy too early for wine?

Oh excellent, new thread and new news.... much to catch up on.

I'll be back later.... it is chaos here. Two men are outside knocking down part of my house with sledge hammers... in a hail storm.... and I am paying for this privilege. Two words. Utter. Madness.

SoYo Mon 16-Sep-13 13:53:03

I've just had a fail for the whole family. We set out for our usual dog walk, madam usually nods off at the end and then has a nice nap back at the house.

Set out, just arrived at the park when the heavens opened. Pooch was ridiculously excited at her usual prospect of playing ball but I'd forgotten the rain cover and was inappropriately dressed. Managed 2 mins before I was soaked, the girl was starting to get a wet face and so had to drag a very unhappy dog home. Now I have 2 unhappy girls. Bad mummy.

StormyBrid Mon 16-Sep-13 14:52:46

96 hours until wine time!

Day got better. We had lunch. I put the booster chair on the kitchen table, sat next to her, and gave her bits of my food. She was actually interested! And also high enough up that she wasn't distracted by passing cats. Then we went to the shops, came home, played, put her down for a nap, screaming tantrum began. I suspect it may be tooth related, as some teething gel seems to have helped. Although I shouldn't have written that until after the nap because I've probably jinxed it.

Also been looking at turf for our front garden. To have delivered from reputable looking websites, it's about eighty quid, for eight square metres. Alternatively we can get it for twelve pounds fifty and collect ourselves from a place a mile away, which just happens to have an appallingly badly spelled website.

Plonky you've just reminded me, I need to get this place sparkling for the landlord inspection next week. I would complain at having them twice a year but it's the kick up the arse I need to actually keep the place clean. Note to self: get some beers in; make list of stuff to clean; wait for unemployed friend to turn up.

Plonkysaurus Mon 16-Sep-13 18:04:13

I think stormy and worse need to meet up for a drink grin

SoYo that sucks, did you attempt it again or leave for tomorrow? I got stuck in the mud at the park. The buggy started sinking with every uphill step, I felt like that horse in Neverending Story.

I have a weaning question. Ds eats incredibly well. He's onto rather lumpy purées and will eat anything you put on his highchair. Due to his appetite for solids his day now looks like this:

7.30 am 7oz bottle
8.30-9 am yoghurt with fruit/ toast with jam/ banana
9.30-11 ish nap
12ish lunch (usually leftovers from dinner)
1.30-2 pm 7oz bottle
5 dinner, tonight this was cheese and tomato pasta
6.45pm 7oz bottle.

I'm worried is is not enough milk. What do you all think? He would gum his way through a brick wall if I let him, but I'm wondering whether its worth offering 4x6 flozzes around his meals? We both seem to thrive on routine... What's everyone else doing to balance solids/milk? I know some will shout blw but I don't think I could cope with doing that more than bits here and there.

vjhist85 Mon 16-Sep-13 18:25:06

Plonky, mainly place-marking for later, but also wanted to say that's now exactly what we're doing and if he's eating well (which he is!) I'm assured 21oz is plenty. Only problem I'm encountering is getting enough water into her, but have countered that (and the resulting constipation) with fruit purees.

SoYo Mon 16-Sep-13 18:30:58

Plonky I'm still BF so I'm sure it's different because I've no clue how much madam gets but we roughly do.

8.30 feed
9.30 breakfast
10.30 feed
11-12 nap (in this range rather than fr this long)
12.30 lunch
2 feed
4 feed
5.30 dinner
6.30 feed
8.30 bed

Either the 2 or 4 feed is dropped if there's an afternoon nap or she doesn't whinge for it when we're out and about and all these timings change on a daily basis but the spacing is roughly the same. As you can see our days mostly revolve around food!

StormyBrid Mon 16-Sep-13 20:01:14

Definitely easier if you're breastfeeding, SoYo - she could be having masses of milk or hardly any, but she'll be having as much as she needs, and because you can't see it you don't have to fret about it.

Plonky it only took six months, but my baby is finally outdrinking yours! Excuse me while I go and do a happy dance. It's a hollow victory though. Sounds like he's doing grand as he is. After all, the idea is more food goes in and less milk is needed. He's obviously read the weaning book! Given your timings I'm not sure where you'd fit an extra bottle in. It looks like he's only going a few hours between food/milk, so it's not like you're starving him. If he's happy and growing well (and not waking up demanding milk at four in the morning) I'd say stick with things as they are now. I've just noticed you only mention one nap though. Does he only have the one in the morning?

I'd list how our days go, but they're not so regular yet. Usually get up between seven and eight (nine if she's woken up hungry before seven and been fed and told to go back to sleep). Milk on waking, then at 11, 3, and bedtime, or thereabouts, but slightly fluctuating times based on when she gets up. We don't have regular food mealtimes yet though. It's more a case of "Is she awake? Is it sufficiently long until the next bottle? Can I be bothered to make such a mess?"

However, I've decided Eating At The Table is now a thing that we will do. The man is not impressed. He likes to eat his tea sitting in front of the telly. He can keep doing so for now, but as soon as he gets paid I'm going to buy another chair and then he can eat at the table too. So for lunch today, DD tried bread with tuna mayo, a bit of cheese, and a bit of apple. She definitely likes bread. For tea she tried a bit of potato, a bit of pork, and some broccoli. Whoever said babies like broccoli was not kidding.

Plonkysaurus Mon 16-Sep-13 20:27:10

Phew! He's been grumbling at four the last few nights, but dummy return and a tummy rub usually sends him off again. If he was hungry he'd cry properly so I'm satisfied on that front. Wrt gaining weight, well I'm sure he is but he's not been weighed for two months. Feels bloody heavy though, I'm guesstimating around 22lbs.

You can keep happy dancing Stormy, his bottles have been dwindling for about a month now. He seems thoroughly bored of milk, and deigns to imbibe but six flozzes as a source of comfort alone. Today I half expected him to tell me that milk is for 'pussays' before going back to Smashing Shit Up. We eat every meal at the table though, really seems to make a difference.

KF meant to say, I don't blame you for being wary of returning to work. My old workmates partner is a sw and she frequently threw up through anxiety and nerves. I hope it's not so bad for you, you guys do an amazing job despite so many obstacles.

On a lighter note I may have accidentally watched What to Expect when you're expecting. The shame.

I'm so broody.

SoYo Mon 16-Sep-13 20:59:34

Broody! You're crazy Plonk!

It sounds like DS is doing brilliantly though, he's obviously getting enough of something & one little comfort wake overnight is fab although I'm sure you'd rather it wasn't there

Stormy we used to eat all meals in front of the TV too and it's a tough habit to break! I now eat breakfast and lunch at the table with DD and at the weekend we all have dinner together too. During the week DH is late so we have dinner at 8ish in front of the TV once madam is down. We've just finished a yummy chicken in red wine casserole with mash & a large glass of red. Good times! I'll purée some for madam tomorrow and see if she approves too!

ecofreckle Mon 16-Sep-13 21:31:45

Hello! <waves meekly and apologies for being a lurker of late>. Here's the thing... I read your messages at least five times a day when I feed but during her express 7 minute feeds there's never time to respond. I missed replying for a couple of days last week because I worked three days which nearly killed me. So, after those couple days awol, it felt like a massive homework assignment to name check and respond to forty messages and That feeling has worsened day by day! But I miss you guys and thought I'd just get back in the saddle and start afresh!
I'm at my dad's presently. Off to Wales and then bristol and then back to Norfolk Wed. Bit epic but ecobaby and I are visiting the most recent newborn. Good practice because in two weeks we embark on our USA trip which is truly epic.
Ecobaby is, perhaps, coming out of A five (five! Imagine that worse!) Week wonder week. Hell. But there's been lots of factors in play. She had the weird low body temp illness and then 14 days of poo every hour to two hours with resulting nappy rash. Then there is the recently emerged tooth too so who knows which was responsible for the unsettled period.
We stopped food on doc suggestion but are starting again Thursday, so no weaning wisdom from us.
Mum's best friend came to visit us this afternoon and she made me my favourite chocolate cake so I'm off for a wafer thin slice to distract me from terrible tv. Dad and I sit and watch an hour of tv together companionably when I stay, trouble is it's always his choice which has in the past included benidorm, Jeremy Kyle and last of the summer wine. Today our treat is called baggage battles. A new low. I need that cake.
Sending big hellos to you all.
It's nice to be back.
I'd send you a kiss but I have a snot fest of A cold.

Ah Plonky... the amazing power of the impromptu visitor. I know it well... although I am far more scared of the alarm man than my mother. He goes upstairs, in all rooms and opens cupboards, My mother, if watched carefully, can be confined grin

Stormy you're stuck with me for the foreseeable. Or at least until I become tied up in the float of my multi million pound kitchen table enterprise. That'll be the foreseeable then.

As for the turf, £10/sqm for grass??!!! shock They're having a laugh. Tell them it's turf not astroturf you're after, or better still go down the road to them guys wot can't spell. I'm always suspicious of posh garden centres myself. They remind me of Oxfam shops post Mary Portas. The stuff is the same, it's just better displayed, nicely labelled and 15 times the price.

As for weaning, what with me being an expert and all (having read the back of the packet) - moving from 5 to 3 feeds is the aim for 7-12 months, which suggests early eaters are probably ok to do so earlier. Being fortified, formula is a major source of vitamins and iron, so supplement drops are recommended for ebf from 6 months, and for ff babies taking less than a certain amount of milk. There ends the scope of my reading.

No meals in front of the TV here, as well we don't really watch it. I'd like to claim this is because we are great intellectuals, but more honestly it's simply because there is nothing on I want to watch confused. I'm sure this will change when the worselet catches on to the joys of cbeebies.

Plonk be careful what you wish for... as apparently some of us lucky people retain certain hormones after the birth which make us constantly broody for up to a year! Or so I read in a magazine, so it must be true. You and me... reckon we got a double dose, but given Ms Consultant has stuck me on the pill to calm down my recalcitrant ovaries it does pretty much look like the effort is going to have to come from your corner.

Would you believe it has taken me the entire evening to write this! Every single time I have sat down someone small and cute has objected.

ecofreckle Mon 16-Sep-13 22:32:20

Worse thanks for supplement knowledge. I had no idea. I'll grab some drops.
And, stormy, you Have me day and night through til end Feb all being well. As soon as this silly burst of work is over I'm telling them to sling their hook. FOr me, work with no child care in place is a recipe for unhappiness. And, I meant to say earlier, thanks for new thead. Like the name!

vjhist85 Mon 16-Sep-13 23:55:27

Right. A spare 5 minutes when I probably should be sleeping so I'll try to catch up.

What kind of mum did I hope to be? Well some of it has gone as I hoped. We're 80-90% cloth nappies, which is better than my own low expectations of myself. We are in a routine (I LURRRVE routines), and although it has taken 6 months and changes periodically, it means I feel in control, which I always knew would be important to me. I have 'got out there' quite impressively and have lots of nice little groups of babies that we hang out with. My lovely little girl is calm and easy. That's how I imagined motherhood to be. However, I really thought if be bfing still by now (and still, 3 months in, can't dwell on the fact that I'm not without wanting to have a little cry). I thought I would be desperate to be a SAHM, but I'm not (you'll lose me Mon, wed and thur from November 18th). I never believed in dummies and am now a slave to ours. I waxed lyrical about blw, but now do 50% purees because dd has, after 6 months, found her appetite and gets VERY cross at lunch time if the food doesn't enter her stomach at FULL SPEED. I honestly thought if be thin by now (I expected a combination of bfing and walking for miles every day to get my baby to sleep to work wonders. Turns out I had a breast refusing good sleeper so I'm still fat!)

To elaborate on what I said to plonky earlier. We now do:
7am - 7oz
8am - breakfast (porridge, banana, etc)
12ish lunch - she's starving and eats huge amounts of purees, homemade or jars depending on what I've got
2.30 - offer 7oz but often not all taken
5 - tea. She feeds herself, pasta, sandwiches, fishcakes, leftovers etc
7- 7oz bottle (usually has the lot)

I'm a little worried about poo consistency, but we're getting there.

Mumpreneurs- I have my business all set up in my head. Even have start up costs, projections, a possible franchise (all in my head of course!) smile just no money. So no doubt in 3 years someone else will have realised the gap in our very middle class yuppie yummy mummy market around here, and I'll still be stuck in a classroom with horrible teenagers.

I went to work again today. Then my dad came over, and we ate very hot curry and drank beer and wine and limoncello. So now I really need to go to sleep. Night all!

vjhist85 Mon 16-Sep-13 23:57:43

Oh and yes, still broody. I spent a lot of my drive to work today working out when having the next one doesn't mean going into mortgage arrears. I reckon we have 15 months before we can try for the next!

pudtat Tue 17-Sep-13 07:27:53

Truly counting down to work here, as I go back end next week. Final kit day yesterday.

Think the boys ( dh and DS) had a slightly tricky day managing timings - as we know fitting weaning in is hard! - and consequently DS was a bit grumpy I gather . However they will have to find their own rhythm together. I can guide but there's no point being too prescriptive.

Checking out further child care options on thurs.

Thanks for new thread stormy!

WingDefence Tue 17-Sep-13 08:12:32

I wondered where you'd all gone! I thought I'd killed the last thread! confused

StormyBrid Tue 17-Sep-13 10:41:13

Plonky I guess 4am is a common baby-grumbling time, because we have the same thing here. Never needs a feed, just needs flipping over and giving her dummy back. Wish she'd just sleep through though!

Your casserole sounds lovely, SoYo. Hmm, wine-based meals for babies... I do an excellent duck in red wine gravy. Might have to wait for a few more teeth though.

eco don't worry about namechecks, we're all rubbish at them to varying degrees. I blame the phones, it's impossible to remember everything even when you do have time to post. TV with your dad sounds about as fun as TV with my mum, who has yet to realise that actually, the rest of us can't bloody stand endless property programmes and quiz shows. Drives my dad demented, but he doesn't feel he can complain too much because the more of her cerebellum she loses, the less empathy she's got, and these days it just doesn't occur to her that she's driving him insane.

worse I think it was the delivery charges that made the turf so insane. Even from the cheap place it would've been an extra twenty quid for delivery. Bugger that! As for our TV, it's mostly endless Top Gear interspersed with Star Trek. Both of which are firmly in the "educational" category, so far as I'm concerned. If she can't tell the difference between a Vulcan and a Romulan by the time she's three I shall be very disappointed.

Fun day ahead today - we're off to the doctor's. DD about the persistent oral thrush, which still keeps reappearing whenever I stop treating it, and me for those pre-coil swabs that had to be put off due to abattoir crotch last week. And I'm intending to weep and beg until the doctor gives me something to help me sleep. Last night it took four hours to get to sleep, and then I woke up two hours later.

Speaking of lack of sleep, someone's having a nap fail. Best dash.

SoYo Tue 17-Sep-13 11:55:04

Stormy I should watch TV with your Mum, I love quizzes and property shows. Throw in some masterchef and crap American dramas and comedies and I'm set!

As for wine in baby food, I figure it sounds bad on the surface but all the alcohol is burned off so it can't be all bad!

Eco Stormy's right, there's no way anyone can keep up enough to comment on everything and remember why everyone's doing. Just pop in tell us what you're up to when you can!

We managed our walk today with all appropriate rain protection. Madam's napping while I sneak a quick cuppa and then we're off to a friends for lunch and to meet her 17 week old.

KFFOREVER Tue 17-Sep-13 12:20:38

stormy and soyo i love property shows too. Location x3 being my fave. Im also known for watching trashy addictive tv like kardashians. They really annoys me but i still watch them. I love American comedy like friends and will and grace too.

My mum is making an appearance today which is good because i caught up on the housework and fairy cakes are baking as we speak. She caught me on a good day.

Same old news here ds fighting naps blah blah blah... I leave him in his cot he whinges but soon wears himself out.

StormyBrid Tue 17-Sep-13 12:35:33

Nap-fighting going on here too. And possibly also hiccups, from the sound of it. She's knackered, poor child, having only managed a twenty minute nap before we had to head to the doctor's, but will she sleep? Will she heck.

Doctor totally stumped by recurring oral thrush. So we're being referred to a paediatrician. On the plus side, I have a prescription for some sleeping tablets, same ones my brother's on and he reckons they're great, so fingers crossed for tonight!

Plonkysaurus Tue 17-Sep-13 12:36:30

SoYo wine in the baby food is a-ok. It all burns off and I fully support giving the baby proper grub. Naw 17 weeks, so young!

Vj It's taken three different kinds of cup but we've finally got DS to start drinking water. The soft spouted one was the winner. I was really fretting over the contents of his nappy too and started giving him fruity compotes with yoghurt. Yesterday I made apple mango and blueberry and I've eaten most of it he seems to like it. I've also been offering 'wet' meals like pasta with lots of sauce. And he's just wolfed down chicken and veg risotto.

Stormy hope your sleep improves. That really sucks.

We're off out for a walk in the rain before I lose the plot.

vjhist85 Tue 17-Sep-13 13:05:56

Urrgggh. Remind me never to call dd 'a good sleeper' again. 3 screamy wake ups between 1 and 2am. The type where you've just got back into bed and got comfy. Gave up at 2 and brought her in with us. She then kicked and grisled from 5-6.30 when I eventually gave up and we got up. She's of course mega grumpy today, not least because today I'm trying to stretch the gaps between naps in order to cut out the late afternoon nap.

I REALLY want to try leaving her to it when she wakes up, but I'm just not sure I've got the guts.

Today, I will be mostly eating biscuits.

somethingbeginningwith Tue 17-Sep-13 14:19:34

stormy fx the tablets help and also that the paediatrician can help the thrush problem!

Oh man, I've totally forgot what everyone else has said due to being on the damn phone! Gah. DS is going to the Dr once we register with a new one since moving house as he has pretty bad dry, red skin on his face and tummy. The last Dr said it was eczema and told us to use coconut oil but it's still there so I'll see if another can prescribe something else. I'm not too worried as it is only eczema which is fine, it just looks all blotchy. Poor thing.

plonk we too are off for a walk. To Tesco. To get Lemsip and Halls and all manner of cold fighting products. Ah the high life. That's also why I've been a lurker for the past few days, I've been too grumpy because of this ridiculous cold. And since OH has it too, we're both milking it for all it's worth wink

SoYo Tue 17-Sep-13 18:27:06

Stormy I hope the thrush gets sorted!

Something madam here has eczema too and is often red and blotchy, she's got steroid cream for it that helps so I'm guessing you'll get the same from your GP. They can be a bit funny about it but all the GPs I know slap it on their own children for everything so as long as its used sparingly I'm sure it's fine.

Miss Madam just had her first curry, a mix of my veg paneer and Daddy's chicken balti puréed and mixed with a load of yoghurt. It was a bit hit! Especially with some naan to dip into it! Fingers crossed we don't see the result in her nappy overnight!

StormyBrid Tue 17-Sep-13 19:02:34

SoYo I can't help but think the impending nappy is going to look pretty similar to how it did on the plate. Do keep us updated!

Fartypants approves of sausages! This is progress, and in a suitably carnivorous direction.

StormyBrid Wed 18-Sep-13 07:44:58

I slept! Only took half an hour to fall asleep, woke up three times and went straight back to sleep after each. Yay for sleeping pills!

Plonkysaurus Wed 18-Sep-13 08:19:17

Stormy you must feel like a new woman! So pleased for you, there's nothing like a good nights sleep. Did DD wake you or was it natural end of sleep cycle stuff?

Well I am having a wonderful time. Last night getting into bed I stepped on my Kindle and broke the screen. I tried to read a book from the Complete George Orwell and kept dropping it on my face cos it's so damn heavy. I left DS's bottles cooling in the sink and forgot to put them in the fridge, so I had to perform my full repertoire of baby distraction techniques IMMEDIATELY upon waking while a new bottle cooled. I then spilt the fresh boiling hot bottle all over myself (thankfully no burns) and nearly fell over the cat, who might have just learned not to stand right behind me at all times. Open the post and OH LOOK! Not one but FOUR Npower bills, two saying we're in credit to the tune of 1200, two asking for money.

Seriously, who let me become a responsible adult? I want to move back in with my mum so she can take care of all this crap and feed me and give me cuddles.

KFFOREVER Wed 18-Sep-13 08:36:02

Well done stormy.

Oh dear plonky do you want to start the day again. I usually wake in the morning to find powdered milk scattered all over the floor like snow.

4am i wake up and ds is playing in his cot and talking to himself. I made him milk and he fell back to sleep until 6am. I left him in his cot until 7.

Hes due for a nap and yes you guessed it his fighting his nap again. For baby number 2 im in line for a baby that doesnt fight sleep.

StormyBrid Wed 18-Sep-13 09:58:49

11pm, woke up when the man was feeding her and she was squeaking. 2am woke up because he'd forgotten to turn the thermostat down, and the heating came on - radiators upstairs clank a lot. 5.50am had to flip the baby. Up for the day at 7am. Felt quite groggy for an hour, but fine now.

We've had a fair bit of nap resistance this past week, so I'm experimenting with keeping her up for two and a half hours rather than two. Hopefully it'll work alright and won't bugger up the schedule too much.

LaLaLeni Wed 18-Sep-13 10:58:20

Right, found you!

Urgh, far too much to read... I've skimmed the first 20 ish.

I can't get DS to drink water either and his poo this morning was a sort of solid flat lump confused. Are we supposed to give them any other sort of liquid? He's only wanting about 4oz bottles, but having two after midnight still (just can't get him to have them in the bloody day time). He's also on 3 meals a day, loves fruit purees best. I put banana in his cleava mama feeder, which turned grey in minutes and just got smeared over the carpet after being chewed!

In other news, my GP has thrown a bit of a spanner in the works after nothing came of my bloods - she thinks I might have MS. As much as I know this isn't a final diagnosis by any means and I'll have to wait until the neurologist referral comes through, something definitely isn't right and it's actually affecting my ability to look after DS now hmm

OH has actually been much nicer to me since my gp visit which is a plus, but at the moment I can't even undo buttons on a sleepsuit so going back to work in 4 weeks seems crazy!

If I'm quiet it's just because I'm lurking and typing isn't my friend atm.

Anyway, we have a sliver of tooth finally here, and boy are they sharp?!

SoYo Wed 18-Sep-13 15:17:31

Oh Leni, hopefully you'll get to see a neurologist quickly who can start investigating & at least you'll know one way or another. It doesn't sound like you'll be back at work in 4 weeks, you need to be taking it easy not adding more stress. I'm glad DP has stepped up a bit!

LaLaLeni Wed 18-Sep-13 16:10:22

Thanks Soyo, a diagnosis would probably make me feel better actually!

Luckily my boss has a disability and I work in the accessibility team at my company, so I'm confident that I can discuss this with him without judgement as health issues are well catered for. I am slightly worried about going to meet him with DS on Friday alone, just because I don't trust my body to behave and it looks outwardly as if I'm drunk shock. I tend to use the buggy more like a zimmer frame...

somethingbeginningwith Wed 18-Sep-13 18:09:01

Thanks soyo for the advice re eczema. After researching googling I've seen that steroid cream is what's next so I'll push for some. We were told not to use sudocrem but tried it last night and it seems to be helping!

leni I hope you get some answers soon and at least your work will be understanding, but I agree, probably best to take time instead of going back in 4 weeks. It sounds like you're struggling too much to go back just yet!

As of last night, Mr has turned into a snotty mess of a boy. He woke up about 3 times just wanting cuddles and has been very dopey all day watching OH on GTA, but that'd send anyone dopey. So, that's 3 of us. At least we've all got it at the same time! And a revelation: rusks are a slobbery hit!

Oh god Leni, that is a worrying possibility. I hope you get a proper diagnosis and treatment soon. Does the fact you are a full time carer for a small baby give you a leg up the waiting list? Is it worth asking? Thinking of you.

I'm another who's being a bit more of a lurker than a poster at the moment.... all is slightly mad here at present. Builder related chaos mainly, with it's knock on effect on my free time, or lack there of hmm.

ecofreckle Wed 18-Sep-13 21:03:45

Gosh, as a collective we have a lot on our plates don't we.
Leni I just hope you start to feel more yourself soon. IT must be hard looking after a baby. You deserve some good luck very soon.
Worse how is napping with The builder noise? What are you Having done? Or is that nosey?
Something have you Got a nasal aspirator? Great fun, as I think I've mentioned before.
Kff how many weeks is your lo? Might it be the dreaded wonder week still? Baby may emerge on other side a brilliant sleeper. Here's hoping.
Soyo we start weaning tomorrow. Very late to the party. Your curry sounds fun. Sounds like You blw all the way? Can I ask how you approached the first week? Did you start with puree to test swallow skills? WE had planned on dahl recipe from blw book tomorrow night but on reflection that feels a bit in at the deep end.
Plonk tomorrow is another day! Things can only get better. I had comedy of errors on Monday morning. It must be the week for it.
As for us, we purchased something ridiculous. About four months ago one of our nct group showed us their jumperoo. I duly said to dh 'what an enormous piece of plastic tat, we're never having anything like that'. What was it you were saying about the sorts of parents we are compared to the sort We thought we would be!
We can't see the telly anymore.

ecofreckle Wed 18-Sep-13 21:14:09

Oh, how could I forget what led me to be lying in the bath comatose:
Today Eco baby (you will appreciate the irony of this name when you read this story) and I awoke in Wales. after a play and breakfast with a pre schooler and a toddler we headed to bristol to meet a four week old and then went onto Reading to see a friend's girl who'd just started school. BEfore again hitting M4 and M25 and M11 at rush hour to get back to Norfolk for seven pm.
Insane. Don't ever be tempted by this sort of nuts road trip. Thank heavens the ridiculous jumperoo was in situ to gain me Brownie points. I feel like I have gained some of those there bad mummy points today.

SoYo Wed 18-Sep-13 21:21:27

Eco good move giving in. The jumperoo is a hideous monstrosity but it's worth it's weight in gold, it's like a third parent in our house!

We originally started out with BLW then about 3 weeks in we added purees to the mix and now it's a bit of everything and anything. We started with vegetable (lightly steamed) and fruit sticks and bread products but within a few days we were giving her a bit of anything we had, we only started like that because she was under 6m so I felt we should start slowly. She didn't have anything on a spoon for ages. She's now having quite a bit of purée too, meals are often a bit of our dinner puréed which we load onto spoons and she feeds herself and a bit of our dinner in its pure form for her to mush in her hands and face and hair and clothes and play with and chew. Just go for it! She won't eat it if she doesn't want to and there'll be a lot of playing at first anyway!

I'm having a glass of red wine the size of a small vat and I can feel it. Mmmmm.

ecofreckle Wed 18-Sep-13 21:24:04

And finally, yay for sleep stormy! It'll take a while to catch up but bet it already feels bloody great

WingDefence Wed 18-Sep-13 22:26:14

Oh my goodness leni I do hope they find out what's wrong soon. Must be awful for you having lost he ability to do simple things like that for your DS sad

DD also has dry blotchy skin, mostly under her neck and the top of her chest but also sometimes around her chin which I had just put down to drooling all the time. I've been using Vaseline but I'll keep an eye on it.

eco I finally started weaning DD today as I was getting totally freaked out by the way she was just STARING at our food and our mouths the past few days especially. I was putting it off because I was being lazy!

Going for the mix of finger food and spoon feeding, she had baby rice at lunchtime, and because I've been so disorganised she was just in the bumbo on the kitchen floor. I started off with very runny baby rice but that was a bit nothing really so kept adding more until it went extremely thick and she was having a hard time eating it, bless her! I stopped after that grin

Then this evening she had some mashed potato. As lumpy as I normally make it (!) with a knob of unsalted butter and a splash of whole milk. She sat up happily in the highchair for it and I stupidly put it in a little bowl but the first thing she did was to grab it and try to stuff it in her mouth! I took the bowl away grin She really enjoyed it and was just slurping and sucking it off her fingers when there wasn't much left!

It was lovely just having her in the highchair up at the table with us and not down low in her bouncer or sitting in the bumbo. I forgot to put a bib on her though and must've chucked all the great plastic ones we used with DS so I'd better get some pretty quickly.

Hope we all have a good night's sleep tonight. With or without medicinal aid!

StormyBrid Thu 19-Sep-13 07:27:29

I'm going to have to google these jumparoos, aren't I?

Not a bad night's sleep here. Squeaks at 4.10 and 5.45, and from 6.30 she was just chattering and farting to herself in her cot until I got her up at seven. So I still haven't managed eight unbroken hours, but it's better than only managing three.

I fear food may be causing some baby digestive issues. She's farting like a champion, struggling to poo at times, and woke up from a nap howling yesterday, which was solved with an enormous burp.

Those with babies who are eating well already, do they have teeth yet? Am vaguely wondering if there's a correlation. Also, is anyone bathing the baby in the sink, and if so how do you stop them sliding around? Our baby bath (which she's just about outgrown) is going over the road for my brother's baby in, crikey, four and a half weeks. Where did the time go? Anyway, I'm a little apprehensive about the move to the sink.

Morning all

As I write the tiddler is rolling about in her play pen beside me, loudly discussing the merits of hands over feet. How long I have to write largely depends on how much she can find to say on the subject, before getting bored. Probably not long then!

Eco you are insane brave. That's a lot of driving! All good practice for the Trans-atlantic trip though. Speaking of which I was reminded the other week about our scheduled Chicago trip. Transpires that one has been canned as it coincided with a deal deadline, and fee earning trumps internal conferences. Can't say as I'm sorry to be honest. A holiday to the states might be a lot of fun. Trailing along as the loyal wife. Less so.

And the building work - well fortunately nothing really major, but pretty disruptive none the less. DH in his wisdom has decided that rather than a rather useful dog yard and outbuilding, what we actually need is a conservatory hmm. I'm not convinced I could ever need a conservatory, but it will be nice to have and will open up a stunning view of the garden from the back of the house. The current view of kennel and ramsackle barny thing lacks a certain je ne sais quoi. It doesn't really affect naps, what with the worselet being completely nap resistant any way, but it does increase the amount of time I have to spend doing dog walking as rather than being loose all day the poor mutts are penned. They are really quite pi55ed off.

Ah so much more to say and so little time.... having exhausted the scope of the various baby entertainment options available (no jumperoo.... perhaps that is where I am going wrong) someone is now cross.

Waves to everyone... especially those having rough nights.

StormyBrid Thu 19-Sep-13 08:41:32

worse for baby entertainment, may I suggest furry cushions? I've been making a U shape of cushions round DD when she's sitting on the floor, and she absolutely loves to cuddle them, squeal, then throw herself forward. Also a big hit at the moment is the soft plastic basket I just got to keep her toys in downstairs. If it's within reach, she likes to pull it over and investigate the contents.

She's been trying to pull herself up to a standing position, with the aid of the sofa, or sometimes my leg. They're going to he walking before we know it, aren't they?

SoYo Thu 19-Sep-13 09:05:22

Stormy we have no teeth here and I'm hoping that will remain the case for a while yet. I, not looking forward to being bitten with teeth as its already agony when she does it with just gums.

As for baths, the sink doesn't work for us as she just slides around and under hmm and we've never used a baby bath. It's in the big bath for Mini-Yo. We just put a couple of inches in and lie her down in it. Now she's sitting she loves it as she gets to sit up and have a good splash and play with her ducks before lying down to get washed.

Madam was up 3 times but is now fast asleep beside me. I think she's going to be like me and her Daddy, much prefer late nights and a lie in to the alternative. Oh well!

KFFOREVER Thu 19-Sep-13 12:59:07

Lots to catch up on and soooo little time.

leni i hope you get a diagnosis soon. Im glad your OH is being a bit more helpful. Re other fluids. I give ds water as well as juice for babies. You should find it in the baby aisle next to the baby food. He has taken to it well.

eco we are 28 weeks tomorrow. I had to check that ive totally lost count. For us every week is a wonder week where fighting naps are concerned. I can see myself on supernanny in a couple of years time.

That reminds me anyone see that awful 3 day nanny show last night? Giving a 3 yr old a big knife to chop veg and allowing them to wee against a tree. Wtf!

stormy we dont use the sink. i usually have the sink piled with dishes. I got this seat from kiddicare for about £9 i think. I just put it in the big bath.

Not a bad night night. Ds slept from 8.30pm until 3.30am. This is a big improvement. Although after his feed he was in a light sleep and i could hear him wailing. I went and hes was a sleep. My only explanation is that he must have been dreaming if there is such a thing for babies.

Plonkysaurus Thu 19-Sep-13 17:13:11

Wow Kf, that's a 7 hour stretch. Hopefully it'll just get better as he gets bigger.

Stormy proper food caused some digestive issues here too. It's settled down now but we had mega farts for a week or so - poss

Plonkysaurus Thu 19-Sep-13 17:17:25

<throws phone at wall>


Possibly just gut maturing. Hopefully.

Leni the tingling you've been experiencing did make me think ms. I hope you get a diagnosis soon. Take care of yourself.

Worse ooh a conservatory!! Perfect for collecting kamikaze owls grin gin?

Eco you nutter. That is all.

Something how's The Plague?

Had such a busy day here, definitely got my 10000 steps in today. Got a new pair of glasses and DS won baby of the year for falling asleep in the buggy with no dummy, no rocking, no nose stroking and no crying. I suppose I'd better wake him for tea actually. I can cope with late naps.

ecofreckle Thu 19-Sep-13 20:03:30

Plonky do you find the lovely new glasses get pulled off? That happens here if I get too close to her face.
Worse the doggies may lose a yard but they gain a sun trap in which to bask. They'll love it. Eventually.
Wing so we're on the same weaning timetable. Do keep me posted with what you try and how it goes.
Soyo thanks for reassurance re weaning. Sounds like You guys are well into it.
Kff i didn't see the programme but teaching children to use tools and outdoor wee sounds like what will be happening with Eco baby! We're a bit earthy here!
Stormy we are still squeezing Eco baby into baby bath as she's a bit unstable at sitting up just yet. We have silly taps which mean sink is a no go and back ache for The foreseeable is ours. And, although we have teeth we don't have good eating yet....
Today was weaning day. Oh. MY. God. It's fecking messy! You lot deal with that mess three times a day? I need to make more time in my life. And get a coverall bib for her. And me. Stupidly was wearing a white top. The menu was dahl and pitta. Dahl very popular, pitta less so because of the gagging. We seem to have bypassed any sensible weaning starting point. BUt cold feet re blw have led me to prepare some sweet potato puree for tomorrow lunch.
Tonight we start the multiple lists for The USA trip. Argh.

Plonkysaurus Thu 19-Sep-13 20:41:39

Eco, baby hasn't been introduced to the glasses yet. They're for mumsnetting reading. I'm sure they'll get a good going over though, what with them being new, shiny and mine.

Hmm weaning. We only do blw once a day, and only if there's time. Otherwise I've embraced purées because I only need to stick a bib on him and wipe his face and hands when he's done. Blw requires big bib, splash mat and a better sense of humour than I'm prepared to muster on a regular basis. Let us know how the sweet potato goes!

How long is your flight? We found that ds was generally too distracted to drink, though I think bfing will really work in your favour on a long haul trip. Whatever you do, make sure your carry on is organised! That's really the best tip I can offer. Oh and changing a nappy at thirty thousand feet is good for character building...

StormyBrid Thu 19-Sep-13 21:18:08

Glasses get pulled off all the time here. Today was worse though. Today she managed to grab my stretched earlobe. Couldn't get her to let go. Was having to weave my head around following the movements of her arm, while yelping and totally failing to persuade her to let go. Ouch is the word.

Arghhh I have sooo much to write, but never a window. Seriously, it's mad. I blame jury service. Once upon a time I could guarantee myself a nice little slot of MN-ing in the microscopic window between DH leaving for work and the worselet getting up. Now though she's up before he leaves, what with judges not getting out of bed before about 10am, or something hmm. So despite the fact I have far too much to say, I will have to settle for the biggest news in my life which is......

..... the worselet self-settled!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! gringringrin

As in put in cot wide awake and left to kick about. Granted she was tired, what with having been subjected to baby and toddler group today (that's a story in itself), but still... wow! It's the little things wink

somethingbeginningwith Thu 19-Sep-13 22:53:52

Waheyyyyyy Worselet! It is a triumph and you should be excited! That's what our goal this week has been - baby in cot when showing sleepy signs. It's been hit and miss because I think I'm seeing signs when there aren't any but when it works...bliss! Obviously then it's clean up time of all the mess from meal times but still.

We do blw for breakfast, then mush for lunch and a bit of blw/mush depending on what we have for dinner. If it's pasta like tonight then I put a bit on his tray but if it's something like stew or casserole, we spoon feed. I end up just leaving the splash mat down and embracing the splattered outfit look all day!

plonk the plague is reaching its end. Hooray! At least all 3 of us have got it out of the way at the same time and to be honest, despite all the snot and excessive coughing, it's been really nice having OH off work.

stormy we have a bath chair from Kiddicare too. It's been brilliant but DS is now learning how to squirm out of it so that's good fun. They're fairly cheap though and it's been really useful.

Also, I can't remember who mentioned it but, this jumperoo thingymajig. I want!

vjhist85 Thu 19-Sep-13 22:54:23

Seriously. My phone/mumsnet hate me. Why is it always my longest posts that get swallowed into the ether?

Let's see what I can remember.

Since moving to 3 meals and 3 bottles, we are also having massive digestive issues. My friend told me you can blend prunes. She calls it rocket fuel. At 6pm it resulted in a poo that was, I kid you not, LAYERED. Identifiable meals. Identifiable foodstuffs. It reminded me of one of those bottles with layers of coloured sand you get on Hastings pier.

Go worselet with self-settling! Must be sonething in the water round here- we decided today that we're going to just leave her to it. She did a whingey cry for about 15 minutes at bedtime then dropped off. Nervous about the middle of the night when she will be expecting a dummy return, but I'm hoping just a few nights of letting her get on with it will do the job.

Keep those flying/holiday tips coming everyone, we're off in a couple of weeks.

Stormy we are decidedly gummy but getting on pretty well with food. Like plonko, I've kind of abandoned the idea of blw for every single meal. We usually do porridge for breakfast, purée for lunch, then blw for tea. Partly because she's starving at lunch and blw doesn't satisfy quickly enough, and partly because whilst blw is awesome fun and she loves it, it takes an hour to have tea, and if I did that 3 times a day I would literally never get out of the house. I'm struggling as it is to be honest!

We now have a sitting, rolling, constant giggler. I can't believe this is the tiny little 6lb dot we brought home 28 weeks ago. Isn't it funny how you feel it's going too fast whilst at the same time being really impatient for the next exciting discovery or development? Can't remember who was saying it, but I totally agree, 6 months is awesome. Still immobile enough to leave for a minute or two, but totally able to entertain herself for a while, and just plain hilarious!

ecofreckle Thu 19-Sep-13 23:00:16

Thanks for travel tips Plonky. When you start to think about the detail it's mind boggling. I think you said you can buy ella from boots after security and carry that on? Don't fancy the 'sterilized food for infants' that the airline provides.
Stormy your story made me pull a cat's bum face in sympathy. Ouch.
Worselet! Go you. This is the start of many Great things. Was that for bed time sleep or nap? Four times and it's a habit with babies so by next week you'll have it. Did I miss jury service chat? Who is on? Dh? I'd love to do it but never have.
Lists sent me into spasms of doubt. I really would rather be going to margate right now. <ungrateful cow>
Bed to self tonight as dh in spare room as he's on radio early on Friday mornings and I don't appreciate the early wake up. I'll still wake though as having a baby has turned me into a responsive waking machine. BEtter get some kip in whilst I can.
Wishing you all long sleeps.

StormyBrid Fri 20-Sep-13 07:55:39

Good job worselet! How had she been getting to sleep until now?

Reasonable night here. The man stayed up late to watch a film and so didn't do the late feed until 1am, at which point I vaguely woke up. Baby talking to herself from six till seven but now appears to have gone back to sleep. Will have to get her up shortly though.

We're being more blw than a week ago, mainly because I get less stressed by it. She's not that into spoons, unless they have yoghurt on, at which point she's quite happy for us to take turns. Gave her pasta last night, in the suction bowl on her tray. First time we've used the bowl. It took her quite a while to realise she could just stick her hands in and get stuck in. Not much actually eaten, but fun was had.

Seven more hours, then aside from early morning dummy return I am off duty until Sunday!

Plonkysaurus Fri 20-Sep-13 09:34:23

Worse fantastic news, lets hope she keeps it up.

Vj is that a sedimentary formation poo? Wow. Hope the clear out makes her a bit happier.

Stormy your post makes me so pleased I no longer have stretched ears! Well, my left lobe is 4mm so it hardly counts, and I wear a solid wooden plug. It fools everyone, including ds apparently. He has become rather smitten with the double conch however. So it's only a matter of time. The nose stud is also subject to a daily inspection.

Eco there'll be a boots airside of whichever terminal you're flying from. We ordered a couple of pouches from there to fetch once wed come through security.Tbh the sterile infant meals may well be an Ella's kitchen kind of deal. With us flying I wanted to make sure ds was happy to take a spoon from me, which is what led us to given him purées in the first place. It seems that once he worked out he got more food, faster, he was more than happy to be spoonfed. Oh and the best thing? When flying with an infant you always have priority. Which means no queuing through security or at boarding. Do not check your pushchair in favour of a sling. We had a 30 minute delay and I was so grateful to Mr Phil and Mr Ted for saving my back and giving us somewhere to stash our carry on. I would totally fly with ds again - at this immobile stage all they need is a cuddle, one or two small toys and a bit of food. Your arms will ache. If there's a nice granny type lady sat beside you and she wants to hold the baby say yes. If the flights undersold try to wrangle three seats together, even if one seat just has dds carry on on it. Phew, I think that's my entire wisdom on the subject.

We're back on four bottles a day. It means he actually drinks milk again and I don't have to worry about it. He's also suddenly decided waters not for wimps after all. Right, I'm off to my mums for the night with ds to get fed and pampered. DP is getting drunk with his buddies. Win win win.

KFFOREVER Fri 20-Sep-13 09:47:11

Well done worselet for self selttling.

At 3am ds woke. Dh heard and asked if he was hungry. I mumbled maybe and he dealt with ds. Hooray i got extra sleep. Every minute counts with sleep.

We have gone backwards with weaning. Yesterday ds had only 2 bottles of 5ozs and no solids. He didnt even launch into our dinner plates last night. Im putting it down to teething. He prefers to munch on other things. This morning is the same. He refused his porridge.

We had digestive issues as well but realised ds new routine is doing a poo every other day but fills up the nappy alot more.

vj i understand the mixed feelings. Its sad putting away the small clothes but totally exciting when they do something new. Our latest is copying dh in sticking out his tongue. Anyone else think how cute it is when they scratch their head?

StormyBrid Fri 20-Sep-13 09:47:41

Plonky mine's a 14mm flesh tunnel. Grabbed with fingers and thumb, the tips of all digits inside the hole, couldn't get at them to prise them off. Nose rings and lip ring also get a lot of attention, but she's yet to notice mummy has a metal bar through her tongue.

Five hours until wine time!

KFFOREVER Fri 20-Sep-13 09:54:39

Oh i forgot to ask. How have you found going out in the evenings with LOs? Ds just wants to be at home.

We are struggling. Many times when visiting friends and family ive had to dump everything in the changing bag and go off home to settle ds. He will not sleep and if he does its from pure exhaustion and for half hour max. We were invited to friends for dinner but i just saidi will come for coffee instead as he will not last through dinner without fussing.

Morning all... and what a beautiful morning it is too! Love catching up with everyone's news. 6 months is definitely awesome VJ, and so funny. Yesterday I was walking along with the tiddler in the sling having a rather animated (for which read taking the pi55 out off) conversation with a friend about baby and toddler group when I heard a funny little noise. It was only the worselet, head on one side, chewing her thumb, peering at me out of the corner of her eye and snorting with laughter. Mummy being funny is funny, which in itself is rather funny. Babies really get humour don't they!

Weaning here is finally going great guns. Or at least it is happening. Call me Stepford actually, as this week I have rather excelled myself on the perfect mum front. Home made purées, attendance at baby clinic and I showed myself at a baby group. It's been frightening. I don't recognise myself. It won't last.

Well the weaning will, as now she is actually interested I am enjoying it. This blw thing... I know I said I'd do it, but in the real world, not a chance. I haven't the stomach for the constant choking, and I'd much rather do the whole lump thing in manageable incremental steps so shoot me The upside of such dedication to the cause is the cupboards are full of ingredients I haven't bothered with in years. Millet anyone? Kicks rice and cous cous into touch, in style.

As for baby and toddler group - ladies, I have a bone to pick. I was assured such things were a fun place to hang out with friendly mums! So not a place where feral toddlers are let loose to poke, prod and generally man handle small babies, whilst their not so friendly mums ignore them (and me) hmm. Honestly the worselet could have been forgiven for staging a full on screamy meltdown. As it was she settled for shell shocked, and staged a 2 hour nap when we got home.

Eco good luck with the packing!!! I'm actually laughing at the thought of stage managing a road trip with a partially weaned baby. Have you thought of labelling the food stains, for ironic effect? It'll make the lack of clean clothes after the first day far less stressful grin

Jury service is DH. He's loving it! Apparently it's going to last for weeks, but according to the judge that should be fine for everyone's work commitments... as they can do their jobs outside court hours, before 10am and after 4pm. Really???? Is that a fact hmm

Stormy don't you dare mention furry cushions within ear shot of the worselet. Given her reaction to furry bits on slippers I'm thinking a whole cushion worth would be like heaven. I'm going to have to get some aren't I? grin And on the sleeping front - usually we pace. A lot! This is probably why my back has just gone!

Eco so, if one were to go one the radio, theoretically like, what would -the man's top tips for not making a tit of one's self be??? Cos apparently woman's hour want my opinion on something. They lurk. On here. Scary..... grin

SoYo Fri 20-Sep-13 11:49:14

KFF going out in the evenings is getting much harder here too. The extra entertainment of other people can get her through to about 8.30 but after that its an early exit pre-meltdown!

Wors massive congratulations on te self settling! That's amazing! I keep trying it but the lip comes out and the wailing starts. Oh well, all in good time!

Last night was amazing! She went down at 7.30 but woke twice in first hour but was settled fairly easily. I went to bed at 10.30 but just read until she woke up so fed her at 11, she had a feed at 3 and then woke up at 7.30 but just played in her cot until 8! I feel fab!

I'm off out on a walk with a friend, her baby and our dogs as the forecast promised nice day but its looking very grey. Hmmm.

Have a lovely day everyone! smile

vjhist85 Fri 20-Sep-13 11:56:24

Worse woman's hour lurk?!? waves shyly then runs away and hides. That's pretty impressive that they want to speak to you, you must let us all know the day!

I'd forgotten people lurk. Which is silly considering I was one of them not so long ago.

Re: baby groups. What can I say? The one I go to is great and has a separate room for pre-toddlers. Sorry your experience wasn't quite as good.

Well. Last night's 'let her self settle' attempt went well at bedtime, and at 12.15 when she whinged for 15 minutes then dropped off again. 2.30 was another matter. We lay in bed listening to her get louder and louder til 2.50, when I caved in a snotty mess. And then of course she took ages to settle instead of our usual 30 seconds. Then again at 4, then 6, when I brought her in with us in a huge fit of guilt and we snuggled til 7.30. I am exhausted. Think we're going to half persevere, give her a chance to self settle but when we leave whinging behind and hit full on crying we'll go to her. Seriously need this hit on the head though, 2 months til I go back to work, I can't have her waking hourly even if it is just for dummy returns. (Still no sign of her figuring it out herself stormy, I am hugely jealous of you on that front!)

vjhist85 Fri 20-Sep-13 12:00:05

Oh and KF, going out in the evenings we go through the whole bedtime routine, then instead of putting her in her cot she goes straight in the car seat. We've got a snooze shade for the buggy that keeps it dark in there, and she usually sleeps through most stuff. Haven't tried it for a while though. It doesn't work as well if we're not at home for the bedtime routine, and when we go to people's houses they know to have a travel cot ready for her so she can just be transferred straight in!

StormyBrid Fri 20-Sep-13 12:30:01

Evenings out? What are they? The man's an antisocial old bugger and always happy to stay in on baby duty if I want to go out, but we've never taken her out in the evening. Don't want to risk mucking up such good sleep!

Six months is good - very interactive, giggles properly, and can entertain herself indefinitely when she's pulled the contents of her toybox onto her knee.

Firstly - realise I have been hugely bad at name checking recently. This is not because I is a cah. Honest. It's more RL has a habit of interrupting, so by the time I actually finish a post, the thread has moved so far I'm three days behind the game and have missed virtually everyone out. But today DH is home, and I have cunningly managed to completely wreck my back (the worselet is 17.8lb.... little fatty... she has broken me... hmm), so I can properly wave, and say hi smile whilst he does all the work

KFF Ah, evenings out, hmmmm, well, unless MIL is here we don't even attempt it, and when she is we don't need to worry. There is something about MIL that sends the tiddler off into a very long and happy sleep. Soft bosom and nice smell perhaps? I realise that isn't much help to anyone, as MIL is not available on loan. She's mine and I'm keeping her!

SoYo The self settling only works hen she is soooo tired fighting it is just too big an effort. the rest of the time she gives me 2 minutes, before a speculative coo/full on bellow. Work in progress you could say. Sounds like mini-yo is getting this sleep lark thing. Finally! Yay.... I think it would be fair to say you've more than earned it.

Stormy your piercings scare me. For a such small person dd can yank my hair with some force. The thought of her anywhere near a stretched ear lobe. Owwwwww.... shock

VJ Monday is the big day, so fingers crossed. If nothing else it's a day out and a chance to meet some radio slebs <shameless radio geek>

Right, it's mush time! having personally mushed some carrot and sweet potato I will be interested to see how it goes down. Given it has dyed both me and the blender orange, it had better be good.

SoYo Fri 20-Sep-13 17:42:55

Miss Madam has had 6 dirty nappies today and has descended into a blubbering misery who is baking hot and currently napping on my chest between screams. Poor wee pet. At least we'll be tackling tonight on the back of a good nights sleep. DH is working long days over the weekend though so looks like it'll just be me and a poorly bubs.

I am also shit at name checking today because I'm on the phone.

Wors fingers crossed for success with dinner and another night of self settling.

Stormy ouch on the ear. Madam has taken to grabbing skin on my neck or chest plus some eye gouging. It's delightful! When I squeal with the pain though she thinks its hilarious. I'm worried I've produced a little bully!

ecofreckle Fri 20-Sep-13 19:32:57

Worse I asked dh and he says: Is she live in the studio or somewhere else? If in studio top tip is to look out for the cues. The presenter will probably be making it clear if they expect a long or short answer, for example. Also, don't speak too fast, take a breath. Maybe also smile whilst you're talking, you're happy to be there and you want people to hear it. Without knowing more, that's probably my lot for now xxx

Hello everyone else. Am just putting Eco baby to bed and have people here for dinner so more later. Happy Friday!

WingDefence Fri 20-Sep-13 22:09:58

So much to catch up on smile Well done worslet on self settling and wow vj! did you photograph that poo? grin

eco, I started with baby rice! then she had the mash. Yesterday she had two fingers of toast and butter at breakfast time and shoved them in her face so hard you'd have thought we hadn't fed her for weeks!!! Last night she had some of DH's home made potato wedges (done in olive oil and a bit of garlic I think), again these were shoved in.

This morning she had toast and butter again, for lunch we were at a church lunch so she had some (very) cheesy mash, fed to her from a teaspoon on DH's lap with a tea towel tied round her neck! My DMum also gave her a teaspoon of custard until I told her off grin

Tonight she had some broccoli and some bread. I actually called her a little pit at one point because she really was shoving it in as if there was no more food in the house. She then had some yoghurt on a spoon from me but was more interested in getting the spoon herself and shoving it into her mouth feeding herself.

We went to look around a childminder this morning who has been recommended to us by three separate people. She was absolutely lovely although her house was a bit of a mess but I would feel happy leaving DD with her. We're going to look at another childminder on Wednesday who has also been recommended to us but she's further away in another village whereas the lady today is in my DPs' town which would also help.

So much to think about...

WingDefence Fri 20-Sep-13 22:14:36

Haaaaaaaang on. Did someone worse say that Woman's Hour lurk on here??! Ooooh. Good job they didn't lurk on the Just Shagging thread I was on blush

Yes, please let us know when you may be on, or at least the topic is being broadcast. eco I have brain melt tonight. Did I miss that your OH is in radio or summat?

WingDefence Fri 20-Sep-13 22:16:12

And I called DD a 'little pig' not a 'little pit'. Oops.

<stops posting rubbish now>

vjhist85 Fri 20-Sep-13 22:32:56

Oh gawd...no-one told me how horrid "baby's first cold" is. Especially when said baby likes a dummy A LOT and doesn't understand why she can't breathe and suck at the same time like she's used to. Luckily I noticed some very early snuffles this afternoon, and so mr-v was dispatched to buy sainsbury's best baby cold remedies. In true non-laid back style we are throwing everything at her and hoping something sticks. We have a bowl of hot water with inhalent in her room, I have saline-sprayed, snot-sucked, vapour-rubbed, calpoled, and she is now vaguely sleeping in a very restless fashion. Long night ahead I think.

KFFOREVER Fri 20-Sep-13 23:00:24

vj are you saying mini vj has not had a cold since she was born? Well done for lasting that long. Ours was about 2 weeks old and nothing but a nasal spray worked due to him being newborn. Its horrible. Hope shes ok tonight.

Ok im missing something. Who/what is womans hour?

We went to friends this evening and had to leg it leave early when ds got restless. I just have to deal with having to stick to 7pm curfews. sad perhaps i turn it into a positive by saying ds is used to his routine.

Ah the other names are on previous page so cant name check. Goodnight everyone. Hope you all get lots of unbroken sleep.

vjhist85 Fri 20-Sep-13 23:31:42

Yep first cold at 6 months. Which I know is really lucky. It's also totally gross. God knows how you coped at 2 weeks, her sad little cries are making me want to cry at 6 months, at 2 weeks I sobbed when she had painful trapped wind for 30 minutes!

LaLaLeni Fri 20-Sep-13 23:35:13

No cold here yet either!

And going on radio is weird, because you're just on the phone, even though you know you're also on the radio shock

LaLaLeni Fri 20-Sep-13 23:41:44

Oh and 14mm ears here too but so far DS just pulls the plugs out by smushing his face against my head.

DS has never been left with anyone else, and even only 3 hours with just OH... Oh dear.

Eco the studio will be fun! It's a fun experience - much funner than by phone grin

christilass Fri 20-Sep-13 23:42:59

Hi all ,

Mini Farmer has his 1st cold he is happy in himself eating and drinking well , wee soul wakes in the morning and his nose is all blocked with boogies , which i then clean out ... mm lovely . not been to any of our baby groups or swimming this week , I've missed the female company and chatter , instead I've been subjected to chat from my husband and workers about cows calvesin such n such a field , the ewes ie how many have been served today blah blah
Asked hubby to check the horses tonight for me while he was checking the stock etc .... i said how are the horses what are they doing .. to which he replyed ...Welll. the big horse is having a glass of wine with her curry and the wee horse is eating pizza while playing the playstation whilst trying to sneak her boyfriend in through the back field !! ..... just a typica lFriday night in the horse field hen ! Haha well i asked for that didn't i hehe ! :-)

myself and Daddy Farmer also have the cold well manflu realy :-)

Jumperoo!!! We bought one 7 weeks ago and its fabby Mini Farmer just loves it , makes me dizzy watching him .!
Seen one of you had posted re baby keeping putting legs and arms through cot .....Mini.farmer was also doing this ..... i bought a Cot safe Wrap from TK max for £12 ... no more legs and arm being stuck :-)

Mini Farmer does a great impression of Laurel and Hardy when he scratches his head it hilarious .

our Christmas poultry ( busts into rendition of ... its beginning to look a lot like Christmas ) ie 800 turkeys and 300 chickens are growing rapidly ....Bootiful :-) mini Farmer just loves them he gets all excited and pulls himself almost out the pram when i sit him outside the barn will I'm tending them .

i don't know about any of you ladies but i still look at this beautiful baby in awe and still can't believe we created him makes me all teary .

Hope all you ladies and beautiful babies are doing well
remember we are all doing a fantastic job :-)

Ps much enjoyed my trip back home to Scotland but brr it was cold ... was glad to get back to tropical Wales !

created him and he's ours makes me all teary :-)

christilass Fri 20-Sep-13 23:44:53

Lalaleni .... the longest I've been apart from mini farmer since he was born is 30 mins !!!

Anypants Sat 21-Sep-13 08:34:02

Hello all <waves enthusiastically>

Been away at Center Parcs since Monday with no phone signal shock so spent last night catching up. Missed you guys blush

Leni - I hope it's not MS but at least once yoy know what it is, you can deal with it. It's the 'not knowing' that gets you.

Woman's Hour? Never listened but would make an exception.

Weaning wise I decided to go up to three meals a day on Monday and dropped a feed so I could squeeze it all in, so now on four feeds. Seems to work well as she's now awake for two hours at a time.

First cold, you say? Yup. Got one here. I have a snot monster trying to feed and breathe at the same time now. Was up at 1am last night to administer calpol and nasosal as DH had been trying for an hour to comfort her without success. We propped the head of the cot up which seemed to help. I blame swimming every day with other dirty babies and getting a bit chilly on the walk from the pool to the changing room. This is the first full blown cold as we only had sniffles when she was smaller - DD looked all helpless last night sad

Multilayered nappies? We've had some funny ones since I gave her prunes (whole - she loves gumming them) as I think she's getting a bit bunged up.

Don't feel like i've had a holiday now...

SoYo Sat 21-Sep-13 09:23:03

Any I'm off to center Parcs on Monday! No signal you say, disaster! Which one were you at?

Madam had a poo explosion through all layers at 3am along with a raging temperature so had to be stripped down, washed, calpol'd and then fed and cuddled but only managed to calm her down and get her back to sleep in bed with me at 5! Poor wee pet. It's the first overnight change I've done since she was a few weeks and I'd forgotten how crappy it is.

DH is working all weekend so we've got shopping, sorting and packing to mostly do today, as long as the wee woman doesn't get any more poorly episodes. She seems ok this morning, if a bit hot.

KFFOREVER Sat 21-Sep-13 10:43:25

Good morning all.

Just a quick post to saybhi before i disappear for the day. Dh's uncle is coming from abroad so i better sort the place before he comes.

Hope all the snotty babies get better soon. Its horrible seeing them uncomfortable.

So far ive been without ds for about 5hrs. I went for a kit day. Was supposed to do a full day but couldnt be away from him so i did half a day. He was fine with my mum though. I came home to find mum had taken him out to show off to her friends.

It seems like most of you have been away on holiday or will be going soon. We havent planned anything. Due to dh's work and us being totally knackered we havent even been out for a meal together. My worst nightmare is happening the baby has completely changed our relationship. Will we ever have couple time.

christilass i love your posts. Its seems like you have an amazing life on the farm and i cant believe how much you achieve with a baby. I think i need to move to the countryside. Clearly London is slowly killing me.

Anypants Sat 21-Sep-13 10:54:09

We went to Elveden Forest soyo as it's the closest to us. There is wifi and a phone signal in the main areas of thw village but bugger all in the cabin, which was actually bliss as no one phones me anyway but DH's phone normallt never stops ringing. It was lovely to have his full attention for a few days grin

We also had a middle of the night change but I was holding her and it wasn't an all-layer disaster. I remember them though... confused

StormyBrid Sat 21-Sep-13 12:09:55

KF you'll get your adult time together back eventually, I promise. One day ds will sleep all night, and be big enough to have sleepovers at other people's houses. Just have to do the best you can to keep things ticking over while you wait.

We've got new people in two houses down our terrace, and for the past few days I've been hearing a tiny baby crying when I'm outside. One of 'em must've sprogged! Makes me realise how much mine has grown, her cries down sound anything like that any more. And it's strange how the feel of a street can change so fast. Start of last year, it was ever so quiet down here. Thirteen houses: three mad cat ladies (of which I was one); some quiet couples; a few Poles. Now it's babies everywhere: Number 12 moved late last year as the house was damp and she was due in February; I had a baby in March; Number 7 is due next month; Number 8 is due in January; Number 12 are trying to conceive; and now a new baby too.

Loving today so far. It's my day off, and I have a lawn!

SoYo Sat 21-Sep-13 12:15:38

KFF don't worry I'm in exactly the same boat. I've left her for 1.5hrs to have my hair cut and nip to a restaurant down the road with 2 friends, DH and I haven't been out together without madam at all, the most we've done without her is watch a couple of episodes of 24 while she's asleep in fact! I was really worried about it for ages but when we were talking the other day we realised that this 6m has flown by and so will the next, it won't be long before we got out on our own, leave the babies and they won't need us in the same way. Our time will come and I bet we'll miss these times then although maybe not when DH and I are out for a 2 bottles of wine steak dinner in a fancy French child free restaurant

Christi life on the farm sounds good but it's a shame mini-farmer has a cold! Hope all the fresh air clears it up soon! I too look at madam with amazement sometimes, it's such a lovely age at the moment, although less so at 3am when you're both covered in poo!

Any I'm off to the Sherwood Forest one with my parents, DH is working 13hr shifts all week so I'll only get to speak to him very quickly in the evenings, oh well. I'll also need to be able to ring some friends for respite when my lovely Mum is driving me insane!

pudtat Sat 21-Sep-13 18:42:28

Sorry for a selfish self pitying post. I have been lurking and would love to name check etc but just had to share with someone how hmm I feel right now as it seems DS is weaning himself off the boob. I had been dropping a feed a week for the last fortnight ahead of my return to work this week. All going well, perhaps too well as getting him to bf morning and evening has become more and more of a struggle, culminating in today managing 2 mins on one side this morning and that's it. I had hoped to be able to keep up these feeds for quite a bit longer, but he has other ideas it seems. As several of you have said, not what I expected - I thoughtbf would be easy but that I'd be dying to stop at six months and get my body back. Turns out it was a nightmare slog I wasn't sure I'd make at all and yet now he seems to have decided its over I am just so hmm.

SoYo Sat 21-Sep-13 18:56:00

Oh Pud, I'm sorry. I feel the same about it so would be hmm too. I know it feels like something is being lost but there's still so many lovely cuddles and there still won't be anyone like Mummy! I hope you're ok. Go and have a good cuddle and post-bath sniff of baby head and look forward to the next exciting bit of mummydom!

Plonkysaurus Sat 21-Sep-13 19:18:03

SoYo I grew up in the village next to that Centre Parcs. Signal is shocking!

Christi miniFarmer sounds like a happy little soul. Your posts are lovely.

Stormy a garden! How was the wine? Oh the newborn cry. It makes my ovaries burst. Ds just shouts these days.

Worse have never listened to Women's Hour, what do they want you on for? Impressed that they lurk here, but I think they should have the good grace to introduce themselves. Hmph!

Lovely day out here with mum and sister. We went to a food and drink festival at Clumber Park. Ds was cooed over by every old lady we saw. He ate roughly a third of my chorizo and chicken paella, then finished with a churro and a bit of (free sample) cheese. I now have some yummy looking local 8% perry that I intend to make a serious dent in.

Plonkysaurus Sat 21-Sep-13 19:22:07

Oh Pud it took me ages to post so I missed yours. Sorry you're being pretty much forced to stop but at least it's kind of ds's decision. Don't be hard on yourself, you can have wine now.

vjhist85 Sat 21-Sep-13 19:53:09

Just a quick one to say pud- I know how you feel dd did the same at 4 months. It turns out some of us (and some babies) just aren't designed to mix feed, 6 months is amazing - I know that doesn't help though, when I stopped with dd I didn't feel particularly guilty, I knew she'd got the best of it, I just felt sad, and still do if I think about it, but at that point I try to remind myself about something nice about not bfing (nice bras and wine?)

Maybe, even if DS isn't getting any actual nutrition from it, you could keep a 2 minute bedtime feed for comfort and cuddles, even if you have to give a bottle first?

ecofreckle Sat 21-Sep-13 20:30:38

Hello pud and what all these wise women have said already. I'm sorry you're feeling blue. Have you chatted about it with dp and do you Have any of Plonk's perry handy? Hoping you're not on your own right now.
Plonky, I Love those early Autumn bountiful foodie fairs. Your ds has quite the sophisticated palate! Our family do our pre Christmas get together at the Sherwood center parc. Don't suppose with living so close you ever went growing up? Soyo have a fun time. Give a little wave to the pine chalets. I think miniyo will love it.
Kff soyo spoke a lot of sense with regard to our infants being in a short phase of the rest of their lives. I suppose to those of us without family around the corner for baby sitting we'll have to get creative with at home dates. That sounds Yuck, what I mean is planning special meals, a film, a bottle of wine over holiday planning, a takeaway and a snog etc.
STormy I'm guessing you have had lush weather today then for your day off? Did you play any of that game whose name I forget? MAybe you don't 'play' it either. Forgive ignorance and educate me!
ANy we were both breathing Norfolk air. NEarly. Your center parc might just be in Suffolk. I forget where you are based. PErhaps you are my nearest neighbour.
Christi thirty mins? Through choice? HAt's off to your patience and devotion to mini farmer if so. Or maybe it's because farm life is super busy.

SoYo Sat 21-Sep-13 20:47:41

Plonky I grew up 20mins down the road. Picnics and bike rides in Clumber Park were a very regular Sunday activity. It's a small world!

Eco we used to go to that Center Parcs every Feb, it was very convenient living so close as I could sneak friends in and out when I was a teenager!

Madam has had a few less dirty nappies this afternoon and been a bit more smiley but once again had a nap on my chest, an extra feed and some calpol and nurofen for a raging temp. I'm hoping we can avoid another full change overnight or a night of co-sleeping but we'll see, whatever she needs when she's ill will be done! I've got everything crossed for her being better by Monday morning otherwise I'll have to keep her away from all other babies so no swimming at CP.

ecofreckle Sat 21-Sep-13 20:50:16

Gah. Just had to ping off MN to reply to dh's text asking where the bloody polenta is. Am in bath.
Back to my musings.
Vj how is the cold? Sounds messy. I'm not looking forward to all of the bugs as they get older. <stating bleeding obvious>
Wing I always wonder what the just shagging thread is. Can you tell me. Am dense. And yes, dh now manages a small ish radio station but remains on air one show a week. That's how we met! I used To be just a listener.and now I am somewhat more that that. Thanks for sharing weaning info. HElpful! We've done sweet potato smeared on rice cake, dahl, porridge, apple, dried apricot in a mesh bag so far. It's all a bit free and easy right now. Not noticed different poo so perhaps not much going down. BUt it's only day three.
WOrse have the builders kidnapped you? Have the dogs taken you hostage? Has the Worselet thrown yellow mush at the walls? HAs Dh taken you for romantic spin in silly car? Are you doing women's hour homework? [Wink] Tell us if you pre recorded and In studio. Dh will share more ideas.
Today we had friends staying with their two year old. We all had a yurt related business meeting with two external people and the small people behaved impeccably for nearly two hours. Very pleased with that.
I Have now closed down for The day and will do nothing else useful. Am having second sodding period. So much for them staying away. I will shortly be presented with dinner so after dash.
Oh, in confessional style, I drank champagne when Dd had gone to bed last night and she did an uncharacteristic screamy fit at half ten which dh had to deal with. With water. No boobs. No milk for emergency. I felt bad. But I've fessed up now so am once again clear of conscience.

ecofreckle Sat 21-Sep-13 20:51:47

I sound like a knob. I don't drink champagne as my tipple of choice. Friend who was staying just landed job of her dreams. Don't judge vipers!

Plonkysaurus Sat 21-Sep-13 21:08:18

I hope it was good champagne Eco. I luuuurve champagne. The perrys not all it was cracked up to be but it's my only option, so I suppose I'll just soldier on grin

SoYo I certainly did sneak into CP as a child. amazing that they let anyone in if theyre on a bike, no questions asked! it certainly is a small world, and i believe you're also only a year older than me. Any chance you were my neighbour?

We've also never had a cold or bug here. I'm expecting the first one to be a doozy.

Plonkysaurus Sat 21-Sep-13 21:10:27

Ladies, we've made it to most active.

<downs perry>


SoYo Sat 21-Sep-13 21:29:08

Nah Plonky, I'm from just outside Arnold and I think you're further North than me!

Eco I'm not a great Champagne fan but if it was my tipple of choice I'd be stocking up on those mini bottles. We're having such a small amount of alcohol these days that it may as well be good stuff!

vjhist85 Sat 21-Sep-13 21:31:58

The cold is grim. But I am trying to teach dd my stoicism and not dh's pathetic nature...he's currently hiding from a spider so after a shocking night when I went all soft and spent hours rocking her because that's the only way she could sleep, then kicked DH out and had her in with me, today we have been out and about trekking round a local national trust place. Turns out that she's alright with being ridiculously snotty most of the time, but she DOES NOT LIKE HAVING HER NOSE WIPED. And tells me as much in a very shouty manner. To be honest I'm glad she's got it now as we're going away in 10 days time so should be over it by then. And what with dh's appendicitis and now this I'm going to REALLY need that holiday. (He might need it too I guess)

Eco- champagne? Did someone say champagne? Tonight, I am drinking a bottle of white from lidl that cost less than £4. I am jealous. I'm sure I read somewhere that you had to drink a lot before it went through to baby, might have been being hopeful though...

Tonight is a night that I really want to smoke. They still hit me every now and then. Life was so much FUN when I had money, and smoked, and spent a lot of time drinking wine in bars with friends. Sometimes I even miss hangovers, just for the lolling and the macdonalds.

pudtat Sat 21-Sep-13 21:51:46

Thank you ladies. Have said to dh but don't think he really gets it. Not sure i do tbh!

Worse am v impressed at woman's hour and will try to catch it!

No colds here yet. Occasionally snotty and sneezy but only for a few hours and usually with teething.

Christi - half an hour! Blimey! I don't feel like I've left DS much but my kit days are 11 hrs.

Have been looking at childcare options, doing visits etc. it's so hard! Makes my brain hurt. confused

somethingbeginningwith Sat 21-Sep-13 21:54:55

soyo I used to work at that Center Parcs! And OH's parents live in Arnold. It's a small world indeed smile And plonk we're considering going to that food fair tomorrow, I take it that it's worth going to for a foodie like me? wink and I'm not surprised we're on most active, you've all been very busy on here today!

I've been avoiding the house as OH and his stepbro have been doing jobs in the garden and I was in danger of becoming teabitch so I hid at DM's house!

vj horrid horrid colds! DS has been struggling too. I wish they knew to blow when we put tissues there instead of getting frustrated. It's on its way out of the house now for us though so I'm anticipating less 'I'm feeling sorry for myself' cuddles!

eco we have 2 bottles of champers in from when we moved house and I'm going to say probably about 10-15 bottles of wine. Ooh...now I'm thinking about it...

Evening all.... so much going on, and I'm so much not part of it! S'not fair. S'not!!!!!! Or perhaps I shouldn't mention snot... what with the colds and everything.

Eco please thank the hunky DJ your DH for the top tips. I'll try and remember them. As far as I am aware I will be in studio, live confused. I'm not scared... oh no. That shaking thing my boots are doing... Earth tremor. Must be.

As for where I've been, well anyone one of your suggestions sounds infinitely more fun than the truth. Which is here. But flat out! Life ladies. It's interrupting me! Any one else have that problem? Sucks doesn't it wink

Is it just me, or could it be said that name checking is a nice to have but not an essential? Outside of when it's an obvious response that is. I kind of love the newsy posts, where someone has had time to talk about themselves. So no need to apologise to me if you miss me out, cos I'm dead nosy about you... and me, well me I know about and I'm quite boring anyway

Ah, I'm going to have to leave you lovely lot again, because life has just gone and been an old misery guts and summoned me back. Oh ok, is normal speak the worselet is up. Catch up soon. Don't have too much fun without me. I don't want any more talk of champagne. Ok!

Before I go though - 6 month growth spurt? Is there such a thing? The worslet is eating so much I'm fearing for the suspension on her pram confused

christilass Sat 21-Sep-13 22:16:47

Yip mini farmer and i have only been apart once since he was born and it was only for 30 Mins. My choice.
i can't get enough of his wee smiley face

i am considering letting him go to nursery for one aftenoon per week to give him a change of scene, oh jings my nerves will be shattered :-/

Plonkysaurus Sat 21-Sep-13 22:34:04

SoYo aye I'm further north but moved to Sherwood as a teen.

Something the fair is ok, but rather small. Don't buy the perry! If the weathers good though its a nice diversion for a couple of hours. Plus you can have a nice long walk all around.

I'm pretty sure there's a six month spurt Worse. If not then babysaurus is just well greedy. He drained all of his bottles today and also had porridge, a fig biscuit, paella, churros (well one, is that a churro?), cheese, bread and chicken curry. He's ravenous just lately.

Yy to not always name checking. It isn't easy, we're all busy and posting against the clock. I love that were all polite enough to try though, it's very British.

DS starts nursery in about a month. Cacking it.

WingDefence Sat 21-Sep-13 22:42:26

Evening all ladies smile

We went out for a posh lunch today for my parents' 45th wedding anniversary (blimey!) and we gave Faith some of my peas, which I mushed up with the back of a spoon, plus DS's mushy peas from his fish n chips, plus a bread roll oh and some of DS's cheese soufflé starter! I couldn't believe it! She was DESPERATE to eat the peas which DS hates grin

She had a worse night last night sleep-wise but I know that with big development changes that can happen although it bloomin didn't ever with DS

eco the Just Shagging thread is a conception thread for MNers who don't want to faff about with ovulation testing kits, temperature taking etc. The method consisted of shagging lots grin and it works pretty well!

I love champagne too but haven't had it for ages. I remember one morning last year DS talking to his uncle, who asked him what he'd had for breakfast and DS replied "champagne"! No idea where that came from but BIL thinks I'm all posh anyway coming from down south so it went down well in his mind!

And I'm crap at name checking too but I do try to cover a few of the subjects mentioned in previous posts blush I think the longest I've left DD is at the wedding two weeks ago where I didn't see her from 4:30pm till we got home at 11pm (but she would have been asleep from 7ish) and last Saturday when I went to Old Trafford to see the match. DH looked after her and DS near the ground as I took my DMum so that would have been 3 hours from before the match to afterwards.

I do hope we have a better night tonight... and you all have good nights too.

WingDefence Sat 21-Sep-13 22:43:23

Damn, mentioned DD's name in my post. Ignore please wink

Plonkysaurus Sat 21-Sep-13 22:48:22

SoYo aye I'm further north but moved to Sherwood as a teen.

Something the fair is ok, but rather small. Don't buy the perry! If the weathers good though its a nice diversion for a couple of hours. Plus you can have a nice long walk all around.

I'm pretty sure there's a six month spurt Worse. If not then babysaurus is just well greedy. He drained all of his bottles today and also had porridge, a fig biscuit, paella, churros (well one, is that a churro?), cheese, bread and chicken curry. He's ravenous just lately.

Yy to not always name checking. It isn't easy, we're all busy and posting against the clock. I love that were all polite enough to try though, it's very British.

DS starts nursery in about a month. Cacking it.

KFFOREVER Sat 21-Sep-13 22:50:53

Gosh ladies you chat alot. Will catch up properly tomorrow but just wanted to say thanks for putting things in perspective. soyo you are right these baby stages go by too quickly. My friend is always out with friends or her husband without her 8mth ds. At 6wks she went to a concert. I thought i was missing something but actually im not. Everyday with our LOs is precious. One day they will be 16 and never want to be with us.

Our big news is ds properly crawled! He crawled to get mobile. Amazing.

ecofreckle Sat 21-Sep-13 23:01:56

But wing it's so pretty! But will now erase it from my memory as requested. Thanks for shag clarification. Sounds very sensible.
Crawling properly Kff?! I really need to baby proof my life soon don't i? What a milestone.
And worse, I agree re slavishly name checking. It's just nice to answer specific questions when answers sought and check in with people having a rough ride. Let's shun the British thing and freestyle!
Am in spare room now (not just shagging here) as dh giving my tired period self a break from being on call. He's going to deliver beautiful hungry baby to my bed and spirit her away after she has had her fill. BEst take advantage and sleep. Night all!

SoYo Sun 22-Sep-13 10:45:26

Morning all,

In the spirit of previous posts I'm going to shun name checks and just talk about me!

DD is poorly sad her temperature is 38.5 after nurofen and she's a wee misery, but she's feeding fine, no rash, plenty of wet nappies etc so we're just going to try and ride it out. Poor wee thing. I've enlisted the help of the grandparents to come and give me a hand as there's no chance I can pack, walk the dog, sort the bomb site house out and look after her as much as I need to today. I think as long as she's no worse I'll still go to center Parcs as I'll have the parents there to help and lots of therapeutic fresh air, even if I can't do any swimming or anything else with her. I feel really guilty asking them to come up and help as they're 1.5hrs away but it really would be a help today. Hmmm. Can't decide whether to ring and tell them not to bother.

Hope all the other babies are getting better. Colds are horrible, DD also thinks nose wiping is the worst thing ever so I'm hoping we can avoid another one for awhile!

Have a good Sunday everyone.

ecofreckle Sun 22-Sep-13 10:59:17

Oh soyo poor miniyo and poor you. I htink getting ready for the holiday with all the packing and stuff is a very stressful part so don't cancel the parents. They wouldn't come if they weren't happy to and they will enjoy being able to be of help to you. I think it's the right call with still going to CP too. If you are going to have a poorly baby why not do it somewhere lovely, where you have help at hand and where you have no other jobs to distract you. Have a great time and hope the temperature comes down soon.
We are going to NCT party on allotment soon. 9 couples + babies + beer + BBQ = fun we hope. The morning has been spent preparing for USA trip. Trying to figure out the correct combination of bags so we can max out on what to take. Currently trying to squeeze the back carrier into a suitcase. And, trying to figure out how to get to a shop to buy a car seat once we have picked up our motorhome. Logistics! And, Wing, we did toast for first time, it keeps them busy for gosh darn ages doesn't it! Nearly as good as the jumperoo.

Anypants Sun 22-Sep-13 11:22:33

Ah yes - the nose wiping. DD sneezed this morning, sending an avalanche of green snot down to her tip lip. Had to stip her wiping it on her sleeve but I went near her with a tissue and it's like I was burning her face off shock C'mon - you sneeze it, I wipe it.

Anypants Sun 22-Sep-13 11:24:03

I've lost the use of 'o', apparently, or become a bit posh...

Any I love it! Faaaabbulous image of you Dahhhling, with your tip lip and everything wink

Wing I was on a just shagging thread. For about five minutes before my life imploded.... requiring me to reinvent myself as someone else. That's what's so cool about MN, you can hide if you have to, and then reincarnate yourself as a beautiful butterfly elsewhere. Or in my case ugly moth.

Big hugs to all sick babies and parents. Not fun. I'm not looking forward to the first cold, but judging from the amount of snot on display at the baby/toddler group I'm thinking we probably haven't all that long to wait.

30 mins Christi! Really? How'd you swing that? Longest for me was a whole day for the d&c op thingie, and I really missed her. Would you consider me a sad sap if I confessed that my parting thought as I got out of the car was that if they fked up the anaesthetic that might be the last time I kissed the worselet. It really bothered me.... I was very relieved to come round completely alive, and see a very happy little baby looking for all the world like she hadn't missed me at all.

Plonky I'm on the Andrew Marshall piece, because he has some fairly unusual views on family life. He also has no children hmm. I wonder if his views would change is he did. I used to have views on parenting. Before I was one. Now I just cope. It's far easier grin

Now I really must go and relieve DH who has been on baby duty all day. Well all day except feeding time at the zoo that is. The mess scares him. Going the mush route is excellent fun. Especially if you get it all over your hands and then wipe your eyes. Or so dd tells me.

christilass Sun 22-Sep-13 14:36:03

Worse ... that does no make you a sad sap !

Well daddy farmer has taken Mini Farmer with him while he checks some cows ..... so here is the 2nd time I've been apart from mini Farmer !!!!
i don't know if i should go for a sleep or muck out stables .
I'm feeling realy tired with this cold .
Or perhaps the last 6 months is now catching up with me .. ie doing all the baby care .

StormyBrid Sun 22-Sep-13 15:01:41

Hmm, sleep or clearing up yet more poo. Tough decision, christi. grin

No snot here, thankfully. First cold we got out of the way ages ago. And we don't do baby groups as yet so no germs to pick up there.

These nappies just get scarier and scarier. The last one was solid and brown, and contained a hair. We shall have to start calling her trichotillomania baby.

Not much else to report. Very much enjoyed my day off yesterday, and spent it sitting in my underwear playing Warcraft. I miss being able to do that every day.

Have located the tiny baby. It was outside the house on the corner when we went out earlier. It's so tiny and scrunchy! I want one...

christilass Sun 22-Sep-13 15:12:56

Stormybird ..... have been mucking out horses for 35 years ..... cleaned lots of bottoms during my 20 years of nursing.... and now baby bottom cleaning .......safe to say Poo has played a huge part in my life :-)

Plonkysaurus Sun 22-Sep-13 21:05:04

Well we're having a thoroughly fun family day in the Plonky house.

DP has contracted the plague and his asthma has kicked off. He has no inhaler. Ds is teething/growth spurting. DP will not go near ds lest he passes on the plague, so I'm in Cinderella Nightingale mode trying to keep two grumpy buggers happy.

I'm off for a fag.

StormyBrid Sun 22-Sep-13 21:32:20

Good plan, Plonky - a good thick layer of tar in the lungs should stop the Plague from infecting you too. grin

Plonkysaurus Sun 22-Sep-13 21:36:40

That's my plan Stormy

He has decided that carpets cause asthma. I doubt I can fix this one.

SoYo Sun 22-Sep-13 21:41:43

Shit day Plonky, hope it all improves soon!

My parents came to save the day, but unfortunately Miss Madam decided that only Mummy is allowed to touch her when she's poorly, so I had a poorly baby, two slightly miffed grandparents and no chance of doing any of my jobs. Excellent!

Off to bed in the hope a very happy baby wakes up in the morning and gives me plenty of time to pack!

Plonkysaurus Sun 22-Sep-13 22:33:30

Oh dear SoYo, crossing fingers and toes that she's better tomorrow.

They're both asleep. I'm slightly shocked. Dp won't let me sleep in the spare room because he's worried about his breathing. I am going to get no sleep. He's rasping so loud it's like lying next to a train track. That underpasses a motorway.

WingDefence Mon 23-Sep-13 06:46:07

Did you get any sleep plonky?

Well we had a rougher night than normal. DD woke at 3:30 and I left her as long as poss before getting up, as usual. She'd dove the worst poo ever. Start of weaning pops I guess, thick and lumpy but still bfing coloured. She was distraught as I changed her (and her sleepsuit as it was damp). First time in months she's needed a nappy change in the night.

She even refused the boob, she was that upset, so I took her downstairs for a change of scenery and when she caught sight of herself over my shoulder in the mirror she calmed down. Still battled the boob a bit but then took it and was happy.

I couldn't get back to sleep for an hour though as I have a tickly cough and then DD woke at 6;15 and I'm feeding her (again after some boob refusal hmm}.

Hope everyone else had good nights?

somethingbeginningwith Mon 23-Sep-13 07:18:43

Hope you managed to get some sleep plonk and that the plague doesn't affect you or DS!

wing sorry to hear you had a bad night and that she's fighting the boob. Does she in the day too? Maybe it's just in her sleepy state?

We went out for dinner with OH's family for his bday at half 5 yesterday and silly mummy here forgot that food doesn't come straight away upon ordering and I had no pouches or tubs so had quite a grumpy DS. Until I found a hidden banana in my bag! We live and learn. Then he had chicken wings, potato, ribs, tomato and whatever else fell off other people's plates for him. Couldn't get in quick enough. Then after going to bed at the late time of 9pm, he woke up at 20 to 7. I had a shower, came out, dried off...and he's gone back to sleep. Ahh, a rare moment of calm...

somethingbeginningwith Mon 23-Sep-13 07:19:47

Guess who just woke up? When will I learn to keep my mouth shut about the baby sleeping? They know!!

Plonkysaurus Mon 23-Sep-13 07:22:42

Wing surprisingly got plenty of sleep. Dp woke around 3 and couldn't get back to sleep so went downstairs. DS woke at 4 and needed a cuddle so I put him in with me. He's still asleep now, so I think he's definitely having a growth spurt. Again. He's already giant sized, wearing some 12-18 months clothes and getting mistaken for a toddler.

Sounds like your dd was a bit taken aback by her nighttime nappy. We've had similar here since weaning - par for the course? Also, he's now pooing three times a day! Clearly not constipated, and they don't look like he's got the runs. Normal?

Plonkysaurus Mon 23-Sep-13 07:24:12

Something dare I imagine that he gave you a big toothy grin and all was forgiven?

SoYo Mon 23-Sep-13 08:21:45

Wing we had a crappy night too, the worst I can remember in fact. Every hour until 2 when I brought her in with me, she ha a high temp again so I had to strip her down, then she woke up every 30mins & the only way to stop her constant sad moaning was to have a comfort boob in her mouth. I am now exhausted with a very sore back!

Plonky that's what we had in terms of nappies here too before the bug took hold, I think that's normal for early weaning.

DD is watching Peppa Pig. I now need to pack, not snooze. confused

StormyBrid Mon 23-Sep-13 09:20:09

Bit of a rubbish night here, but not compared to the rest of you. Flip and dummy at 4am, then she woke just before 6. Gave dummy, didn't go back to sleep. Fed, didn't sleep. Changed nappy, didn't sleep. I left her to it. We both slept again from half seven until just now. Feeling corpselike but must sort breakfast. Urgh.

KFFOREVER Mon 23-Sep-13 09:58:49

Sympathys to those who have ill babies, ill themselves and ill partners. Not forgetting those who have had rubbish nights. I think ive covered all of us. I have to confess that i have been too tired to name check and this has put me off posting especially in the early days.

We had a good night on saturday night. 8.30ish until 5am. Of course that was just a one off and on the night daddy was on duty. Typical. Last night we had 10.30pm until 3.30am. So we are getting there.

Anypants Mon 23-Sep-13 11:01:29

We too had a funny night as DD woke up randomly at 2.20, crying her socks off. Changed her (in the dark - gah) but it wasn't that. Didn't give her any calpol last night as she seemed a bit better but I have learnt my lesson... confused

Plonkysaurus Mon 23-Sep-13 16:24:41

Yep KF looks like you got us all.

Well it looks like I am officially going back to work in a month. I had a wobble this morning after recalculating my tax credits but a quick phone all assured me that they'll pay 70% of the nursery fees. I really have no excuse do I! Ah well, it's only three days a week so with holidays factored in its like having 7 and a half months a year off.

The Plague is gradually retreating from the house, but I'm not yet tempted to scrub the cross off the front door. At least I've got my BFF staying tomorrow night, and plan on diving head first into a bottle of red. (Ooh just thought of another bonus for working, I still get discount on booze!)

ecofreckle Mon 23-Sep-13 16:31:01

Oh, we're not alone then in monumentally yuck nights? Sorry to hear that everyone else who had one. We had a lot of crying and a lot of wakefulness which has resulted in a grumpy chops today. Did any of you find in the first days/weeks of weaning that you got babies with sore tummies overnight with wind? Eco-baby seemed to be pulling up her knees with the overnight crying and there were some impressive noises.
Another weaning related question; how long did it take your LO to take water? She's not crazy in the cup sipping skills yet but it's early days I guess.
Plonky how are the invalids? And, Soyo, did you get packed? Hoping by now that you are set up in your cosy cabin.
Today the sun is out and we went to a beautiful orchard in the middle of North Norfolk to harvest apples and play in the grass with a few other Mums and babies. All very wholesome and calm. There's something about sunny days in the early autumn. Delicious.
Wing we've added to our repertoire now. We have done rice cakes with banana mush, melon fingers, blackberry puree with yoghurt, trout, cheesy mash. NOt had a poo for a few days (eco-baby of course) so I am waiting cautiously.
Don't know about any of you but whenever we come back from an excursion (even if only a day one) the detritus of crap left in the hall once the car is unpacked takes some sorting and putting away. Better get on with that and remove the squealing baby from the cot where I had hopefully popped her

Anypants Mon 23-Sep-13 18:48:25

worse <knows real identity but not going to say> I thought you were superb today - may I have your autograph? I think you should apply to debate with that woman off of The Apprentice (Katie Hopkins?) and beat her down to china town. You had nothing to worry about <firm slap on the back>

eco I too have to wait a few days for poos as I have always done with the bfing but the first few times she went, having consumed quite a lot of food, the pior thing screamed and mostly 'performed' whilst I was changing her. I think she found the freedom of no nappy easier to let it all out and (sorry if you're eating, anyone) out came 3 days' worth of food in one long, er, snake. The relief on her face was evident. She finds it a little easier now as I make sure she has plenty of water with her food and prunes every couple of days. confused

Anypants Mon 23-Sep-13 18:49:53

Again with the I and o confusion. That's 'poor'.

SoYo Mon 23-Sep-13 19:18:52

Oh crap did I miss it? Is it on iPlayer Worse?

somethingbeginningwith Mon 23-Sep-13 19:26:40

plonk there was no toothy grin as he went back to sleep...again. I didn't say anything for fear of jinxing it grin

worse I too missed it. Hope we can catch up!!

We're on the opposite side of the poo scale; we have about 5 a day! Proper adult ones too. It's quite scary really.

On the subject of leaving LOs for periods of time - I've gone a week without him. That was, and will be, the longest. It was hard but he's also had an overnight stay with his gma and he often goes to spend a couple of hours with various grandparents and aunties smile I like that we can do that though, with us all living close to one another, it's nice for him I think.

Any Thank you!!!! I had an absolute ball. I would love to debate with anyone about anything... it's such fun. Autographs though [sucks teeth], a tenner? For the ink like wink

SoYo Yup, it's on i-player [shameless link], after the Harriet Harman piece

Serious constipation issues here as well I'm afraid, despite water, prunes, and the odd prayer. I have a small grunting person sitting in her poo bouncy chair next to me, and I'm not moving her until she moves something first.

Wish me luck ladies, for a pair of hyperactive maverick septuagenarians, aka my parents, have just turned up for a few days. If anyone has a bit of valium stashed away, feel free to chuck it my way.

vjhist85 Mon 23-Sep-13 20:21:55

For ease and so you don't have to listen to Harriet harman worse is approx 17 minutes in grin

I would LOVE to hear you beating that Katie Hopkins cow. She talks even more nonsense than the 'children just pass through a marriage' guy!

Tiddler's cold has turned into a nasty chesty cough. Poor little thing. Not much sleep happening in this house at the moment, hence the brevity of my post. Although sounds like we've had it easy compared to soyo- hope you've made it to center parcs!

I now also have the grim cold, and am repeating the mantra "at least it's not while we're away. At least it's not while we're away."

WingDefence Mon 23-Sep-13 20:30:36

Ooh <runs off to check iplayer!>

eco, DD had plain baby rice with cows milk (I actually think it tastes okay!), warmed and pretty thick, and ate the lot. She slept at lunchtime so missed out and for tea she had cous cous and a lump of chicken (cut up v small) and carrot from our tea last night, wolfed it all down and then had some cheese & tom pizza and half a banana roughly mashed. She's a human dustbin, this one grin

Re: water, DD has DS's old tommee tippee sippy cup thing but in treen. I think every mum I have ever known has one off this cups and they fab. DD took to it almost immediately and was definitely having a good drink tonight with her tea (not tons, but it was going in).

Any I bet watching that poo was fascinating! I had a great poo conversation with another mum at a baby group today grin

Right, off to iplayer...

WingDefence Mon 23-Sep-13 20:44:24

Listening now, worse I am super impressed! YY to the explanation of demonstrating a Gold Standard relationship. Love the Venn diagram example too.

If it had been me, I wouldn't have been able to stop myself from saying 'but you don't have children!!!' wink

So did they find you on MN then?

He was such a dick. You were amazing thanks

Anypants Mon 23-Sep-13 22:04:30

wing i'm ashamed to say I was cheering her on while she did it blush Twas remarkable what could be identified in layers - prune skins, carrot etc. Gave her pasta twists with a little bolognese so will be interested to see how that turns out...! confused

WingDefence Mon 23-Sep-13 22:13:17

Oh yes Any - I found broccoli and pea skins in DD's the other day!

Morning all. Boy am I excited, because no one else is up yet so I have the house to myself. Yay!! Ok, that technically that isn't quite correct as DH left at 6am, but although up he isn't here, so I still have the house to myself. This would obviously be an ideal opportunity to catch up on washing and stuff.... but, well, you know..... wink

Hope everyone had better nights last night, and small sick people are on the mend. That goes for large sick people too. Leni any more news? Has that referral come through yet? VJ DH able to breathe in without wincing yet? Hope so.

So, we're talking poo are we. Well, the poo chair worked it's magic, thankfully, so you will be pleased to know the tiddler isn't still sitting in it. Rock solid lump that took a beetroot face and some rather unladylike grunting to evacuate. Poor little mite. Poor little me too, as now that's out I'm suspecting a poonami of great proportions is on its way. The things we talk about huh!!!!

Wing yes, they found me on another board. I am a board tart. I post anywhere and everywhere as the mood takes me half the time on stuff I have no idea about. Passes the time wink. It's funny, but what you plan to say and what you do say... totally different. I had all sorts of intelligent comment in my brain, until my mouth opened.

Interesting day lined up here - builders, plus parents, plus baby, plus dogs, plus nervous breakdown (?). It'll be fine <she says> <wibble>.

KFFOREVER Tue 24-Sep-13 08:50:58

Good morning all.

worse which radio station was it?

Its funny i would never have thought this time last year i would talk about poo on mn and to my rl friends. Oh how babies change you.

We go one step forwards and two steps back with out bedtime sleep/feeds. 8:30ish sleep. 10:30pm feed. 4:30am feed and 6:30am wake time. Im not sure where that 10:30 feed came from.

I wasted an hour of my life watching the chicken shop show on c4 last night. What a waste of an hour. i could have been on mn.

pudtat Tue 24-Sep-13 09:24:07

Morning all.

Worse, I have now caught up on I player - very impressive. Well argued without being aggressive, sounded intelligent to me!

Off for further nursery visit this morning then lunch with my sisters. Saw this nursery a couple of months back on an open day, and couldn't actually imagine leaving him there. However, couldn't really imagine leaving him anywhere tbh. Now he's a bit bigger, hoping that element will have passed and want to see them operating normally with children. Financially this one is a clear winner and location is good, so would like to like it iykwim?

Hope snot fairy is passing for you all you sick people. And poo fairy visits are not too cataclysmic!

WingDefence Tue 24-Sep-13 14:15:16

Afternoon all. worse you sounded vair clever to me, innit grin

Well I'm sitting outside the library waiting for DD to wake up so we can go into bounce & rhyme at 2:30. I'll leave her a bit longer but she's bound to wake up soon...

We had a worse night last night, not helped methinks by DH going in before I would have done and picking her up straight away. He does get results quickly doing it that way ie she does settle quite fast but now I want to try not picking her up and maybe even controlled crying

It's a gorgeous warm day up here today. Hope it's lovely where you all are.

StormyBrid Tue 24-Sep-13 15:50:36

Week three of solo daytime parenting. Please tell me it gets easier. She hasn't stopped whining all day.

pudtat Tue 24-Sep-13 16:00:37

You get used to it therefore it feels easier... Reassured now? grin

StormyBrid Tue 24-Sep-13 16:34:23

Get used to the Hellish teething demon? Not likely. Where did I put my ear plugs...?

WingDefence Tue 24-Sep-13 16:48:32

Stormy when I'm flying solo, the only thing that keeps me sane is to plan to be out a lot. Eg seeing friends, going to baby groups (and probably more than usual), any other free/cheap sessions in libraries or children centres, shopping around town, going for a walk.

Yes it's knackering but then DD sleeps in the car or buggy more and tends to grumble less. And if she does grumble I'm out somewhere so it never seems to matter as much.

I appreciate that's not for 3 weeks at a time though - the max I've had to do in a row is three days sad

ecofreckle Tue 24-Sep-13 18:29:02

And breathe.....
Has anyone tried the EBW's Pick up put down method of sleep training (or similar)? How did you do it and what was your experience like?
I'm very nearly crying broken!

StormyBrid Tue 24-Sep-13 18:31:21

We've not needed to try it, eco. Which I'm thankful for, because to me it looks like a good way of pissing baby off! But my total lack of experience means I'm not really qualified to comment.

ecofreckle Tue 24-Sep-13 18:52:08

My thoughts exactly Stormy. That would really get on my wick too. I really want to understand the logic!

SoYo Tue 24-Sep-13 21:23:00

Eco I tried it & lasted about 2 hrs of constant picking up & putting down before I had a complete breakdown & co- slept!

I can't get madam to sleep here at all so we're co- sleeping but it's knackering my back. Not fun but necessary at the moment & I'll tackle the consequences once we're home.

Hope it's more settled tonight Stormy & everyone else with bad nights.

Night all. smile

WingDefence Tue 24-Sep-13 23:04:57

What's EBW? Something-baby-whisperer?

DH and I spoke earlier about whether to start controlled crying with DD but I think we're going to wait until she's properly on three meals and also off the boob and onto just formula, which will be by the time I start work in about a month (ARGH going too quickly!). And then who knows, DD might be sleeping through again by then... Ha! hmm

Eco I have a theory, and that theory is that all the sleep training methods either work, or they don't, based on your baby. The pick up/put down thing works here if the tiddler has woken due to a bubble of wind and it comes up when I lift her. If she is hungry, or just not tired it doesn't.

Here we pace, which apparently is wrong, but it works, and what is more is allowing us to move towards a self settle. The worselet is now at the point where she will send herself to sleep provided I wait until she gives her sleep cues (rubbing eyes and tugging ears), put her in her gro-bag and then pace to the point where she snuggles into me. It's cut the whole bedtime routine down to about 10 minutes.

On the water front, I have to trick her. I give her a bottle of water before every feed, and several times during proper meals. She'll drink quite a bit before she realises it isn't milk. Poor child is destined to grow up hating me isn't she. Mean mummy grin

Stormy it may not seem like it now, but you will get to the point where you actually find it easier without DH messing up your routine. The tiddler and I have a nice little thing going. We have lots of fun, nappies are changed on cue, meals arrive when expected and the pram/sling appear the second nutter baby is starting to put in an appearance. DH is a top dad but he doesn't read the signs hence we have a lot more upset.

KFF it was radio4... and thanks everyone for all your lovely comments, which have swollen my head to the size of a small planet. Good job I have my dad here to remind me I am a mere child, so should largely be seen and not heard... and preferably not seen grin

And the worselet progress report - another tooth they're sharp aren't they (I'm not offering her my finger to chew on again), and she's now super mobile having discovered the power of the multi-roll. Put her at one end of the carpet by herself and she can cover a good 20ft in about 3 seconds to get to where she wants to be. It's scary. The days of popping into another room for a second are definitely over.

StormyBrid Wed 25-Sep-13 07:21:40

The E stands for Evil, Wing.

worse the man's excellent at reading baby cues at the moment. Four months out of work meant he spent as much time with her as I did. It's a shame to lose that. Glad we had that time though, else I suspect he'd have had some trouble bonding. At least he's not under my feet leaving a trail of biscuit crumbs everywhere, I suppose.

I think I'm finding it harder this week because she's being so very shouty. I'm assuming teeth, as calgel helps. At least last night was okay - she half woke for her dummy at 3.15 then not a peep until 7. At which point I fed her, told her to go back to sleep, and came outside for a fag. Really need her to sleep until 9, because a two nap day just doesn't work otherwise.

StormyBrid Wed 25-Sep-13 07:23:46

Oh, and agreed about sleep training methods being dependent on the baby. We did cc at six weeks, and it worked a treat because she just needed the opportunity to figure out how to fall asleep by herself.

WingDefence Wed 25-Sep-13 08:34:31

Agree too about training being dependent on the baby. I had an acquaintance call me last week having a meltdown (I'd only met her briefly twice through a friend! As she had noone else to speak to and I counselled her for an hour. One of the problems was she was reading those darn books and trying to force her child know a routine that it clearly (to an outsider) wasn't going to fit. Envelope why half the mums who use, Gina Ford, love it and half detest it - it depends on the baby. DS got himself into a routine fairly early on that fitted very much with BW and DD is another story!

Talking of which, we dropped the 'dream feed' last night an DD slept tons better!! I got out of bed twice in the night but sat back down on it and waited and she self settled and ten didn't need a feed till 5:30! shock
Bet it's just a one off though, to lull us into a false sense of security... wink grin

Hope you've all had good nights x

SoYo Wed 25-Sep-13 09:25:37

Madam decided last night she would only sleep if she had a boob in her mouth to occasionally suck for comfort. Hmmm. This resulted in multiple occasions of me saying no, her screaming crying and clawing at me for a while and eventually me giving in. Today she is smiley and lovely and I am broken. I'm tempted to drive home and collect her travel cot as the one her is just too narrow and she freaks out every time she touches the sides so its just not worth it. Tonight I'm taking her for a swim just before bed. She will sleep! hmm

I'm wondering whether we will resort to sleep training at some point and when or of, as I keep telling myself, it'll just sort itself out eventually!

Have a good day everyone.

StormyBrid Wed 25-Sep-13 09:38:54

It will sort eventually, SoYo, but eventually could be years away! If you do try some form of sleep training though, remember steely determination is the way forward. Whatever you try needs to be consistent. But again, I'm no expert.

KFFOREVER Wed 25-Sep-13 10:59:21

Morning all.
After 2hrs of whinging ds is finally down for his morning nap. Last night he woke up every 2hrs. I think its his teeth. Poor boy.

Re sleep training. Hmm. Im waiting for ds to sleep through himself. He has got himself into his own routine for feedings, naps and self settling. So im hopeful he will sleep through. I may think differently when im closer to starting work though. I cant be waking up every 2hrs when im working. Ive told dh we will sharing night waking. We will do night duty every other day. He wasnt happy about that but thats life.

worse i missed the link in your previous post. Will have a listen a little later. You are our local celeb now.

SoYo Wed 25-Sep-13 15:15:36

I think we'll be doing the same KFF. Stormy that's exactly why I'm not doing sleep training, I haven't got the determination or heart to see it through as much as I'm sure this madam would need so it'd just be stressing us both needlessly if I gave up halfway through. I'm sure you think I'm bonkers for not doing it but I've coped thus far and hopefully we can just continue and one day magically get it! I'm ever optimistic!

StormyBrid Wed 25-Sep-13 16:53:14

Nothing bonkers about parenting the way you want to, SoYo. How you've coped so far is beyond me though! I suppose the next thing to look forward to is mobility - once she's zooming around all over the place, she might knacker herself out enough to just go to sleep and stay asleep. Or she might not, but there's no harm in hoping!

KFFOREVER Wed 25-Sep-13 17:48:08

Aggghhh teething is at its worst today. 2 bottles since 3am and only 1hr nap since 6am. Im assuming its teething. Solids have been refused too. Ive tried ibroprufen (sp?) teething granules and teething rings.hes chewing on a remote control as we speak. I cant wait for dh to come home.

pudtat Wed 25-Sep-13 18:44:40

So. The end of an era. I have just put the boy to bed (after a slightly hellish day of inexplicable grumps, nap and bottle refusal) and here endeth my maternity leave. Does this make me the first to go back (apart from Rainbow who I know was back at her home office within hours days weeks smile)? Wonder how Eig is doing as she was due back next week at one point... If you're lurking Eig hope all going well.

I feel a bit odd. Have spent the last few days revisiting the work wardrobe and culling it to the (rather small and somewhat eclectic) bits that fit me currently. Have packed my handbag (removed all stuff from changing bag hmm) and have a bit of a back to school vibe. I have filled out the nursery registration forms today and will post tomorrow so I can apply for childcare vouchers at work. He will start in the new year when dh returns to work pt.

confused << feeling little bit wobbly emoticon.

KFFOREVER Wed 25-Sep-13 19:41:12

Awww pud im feeling all emotional for you. I hope your first day goes well for you.

Plonkysaurus Wed 25-Sep-13 20:18:28

Pud hope it goes ok for you. Are you full or part time?

I go back a month today. We've had he nursery place for a couple of months, and I had a serious wobble earlier this week about using it. But then we sat down and did a bit of maths... Our plan is for me to work until baby no.2, at which point I'll likely stay at home for a couple of years.

Wing like Stormy we found early success with cc. If I had to do it again I would. Consistency is key I think. Ds is a happy little boy so I'm sure my selfishness has only caused some very deep seated mental health problems (for anyone who recalls the hooha I caused in April).... Seriously though, it worked. He sleeps, we sleep, he wakes up smiling.

Stormy four months? Wow. Lovely you had such a long time together. I'd have killed my DP if he were getting under my feet for such a long time. But then he's another who fails to notice cues and wonders why the baby has started to scream. To pass the time we go for long walks nearly every day, we play, giggle a lot and I pop him in his walker/on the playmat if I need to get anything done. I have a list of regulars to visit. Like Wing says, the grumbling baby isn't so worrisome when you're not at home.

I think I've finally started to succumb to the plague. This may mean postponing our dirty weekend. Bugger.

pudtat Wed 25-Sep-13 20:51:56

Full time. Dh goes pt when he returns in jan.

SoYo Wed 25-Sep-13 21:31:14

Thinking of you Pud, going back will be rubbish but once you're in the swing if the new routine you'll be grand. Good luck!

ecofreckle Wed 25-Sep-13 23:06:25

Did you get some respite Kff?
Pud, you are trail blazing. Really hope that after tomorrow is out of the way it all starts to feel less weird. Lovely that your childcare is dh though. One thing less to worry about.
Soyo miniyo is loving the upgraded center parcs beds then? Is the poo situation any better? We recently had fourteen days of poo every two ish hours but she kept feeding and wetting nappies. Hoping yours is shorter.
Stormy has it got any easier now it's day three (?)?
Wing hoping you get a second night of Great self settling and that a habit is emerging.
Plonky I guess your dirty weekend would be a bit too dirty if there was too much mucus flying around. Hope you fight it off quickly.
Thanks everyone for your opinions on sleep training. Last night sucked. Having previously been a good sleeper these last two months have been horrid. She's screaming a lot overnight. Not even a feed helps. One of the multiple wake ups was 2.25 hours of screaming last night. I've posted in sleep to see what other POV are out there. Feel free to bump! No one's biting yet. We changed our bedtime routine for first time to include a feed in light, sleep bag on then story to ensure awake to cot and that bit worked. Let's see what lies ahead.
Hope you guys all have good ones.

Morning all!

Good luck Pud. I hope you enjoy getting back to your career, and with DH at home until Jan, the transition will be an easy one for ds.

Eco sounds rough. Teething? Or maybe a wonder week? The worselet had a weird period recently where she wouldn't eat in the day, woke hungry at night, and generally had a bit of a stroppy moo on. That was followed by a week where she ate so much she now looks like a sumo wrestler and I am tentatively wondering whether I should ration her rations confused. That's a joke btw grin Hope last night went better.

Stormy like Plonky I'd have found 4 months of DH under heel a tad trying. He's lovely, helpful, all of that, but I'd get nothing done and no MN-ing. The worslet would have loved it though. When he is here the pair of them spend most of the day doing the flying baby trick round the house with him making aeroplane noises. I have never seen a baby laugh so much. I get a nervous tic worrying about him dropping her, but then again I figure she's weeviled her way up above the cars in his affections, and given the slightest dint on one of those would send him demented, dropping her on her head is would seem unlikely.

Plonky hope the plague lifts soon. It has descended here sad. I've woken with a stonking sore throat, to balance out my wrecked back, so had probably head out to buy one of those baby snot sucker things today. If I'm ill, dd's will be too.

KFF no advice, just sympathy. We're mid teething too, and it's so sad. I really feel for her. Meal times have degenerated into a spoon biting opportunity, and she really bites on it, until her face goes red and her eyes tear up. It's breaking me.

Have good days all.

SoYo Thu 26-Sep-13 10:09:35

Eco the nappies have been pretty much back to normal for the last couple of days, 2-3 a day, but she's still not back to normal. Much grumpier & more clingy & a viral rash on her chest & back. I'm desperate to see the back of it!

Wors I hope you feel better soon!

ecofreckle Thu 26-Sep-13 15:09:00

PUD PUD PUD - tell us: how was the world of work and how was DH when you got home (I realise you're not home yet as you are a proper working gal but in case I don't get back later).
Soyo, that's goo dnews about nappies. Babies are do dynamic; that rash could be here one minute and gone the next. Hoping for steady improvement your end.
Worse what's with all these germs everywhere? It's still (I'm optimistic) summer for goodness sake. How has today been with feeling out of sorts? And, yes, there are teeth. But I think what with one thing and another she's got out of her habits and is a bit all over the place. We are trying EBW pick up put down and , though trying, we did have a better night last night and things seem to be heading in the right direction. Next time we yurt, or visit family, I'd really like to meet up with you Weald ladies....VJ and Worse brace yourselves for a pre-Christmas visit if you're up for it! And plonky, I'm trying to persuade DH to spend money we don't have so we can return to peaks first half of next year when I hope to be able to do the same with you and, is it, something?
OK, pots to wash and babies (actually just the one) to weigh.

pudtat Thu 26-Sep-13 21:14:12

Knackered. All ok, sort of like I was never away. Got to put the boy to bed when I got home. He was v tired but had lovely snugly cuddles. I'm just wondering if I can make it to his dream feed.

WingDefence Thu 26-Sep-13 21:43:54

Too much to name check apart from pud how'd it go? 5.5 weeks till I go back (well a bit earlier but I'm taking a week's annual leave for half term) sad

I can't believe it, it's gone so quickly. With DS I was climbing the walls by 8 months and really ready to go back after 9 months but this time I've loved spending time with both DCs and DD'll only be 7 months so she's earlier. Still, we've found that lovely childminder who has been recommended by even more people this week so I'm as happy as I can be on that front.

My line manager's job has just been advertised with a closing date of the week after next. I'm completely torn as to whether to go for it, mainly because I'd be interviews by internal directors (inc my own) and I am so nervous about coming across as completely stupid, combined with the fact I've (obviously) been in maternity leave for over half a year. Also, there would be more travel and time spent in London and Europe too away from my DCs (if they let me even do it working from home) and on top of that I'd be line managing my current colleagues!

On the positives, I know I could do the job, I would like to do the job, it pays far more than I currently earn and DH would be probably able to work PT from home so would be there for the DCs. hmm

Sorry, that turned into a big brain-dump! Sleep-wise, we stuck with no dream feed last night but she did wake and I fed her at 3:45 and went through till 6. Still better I think as at least I don't have to stay up for that last feed now.

I went to a weaning session today at the children's centre and the lady gave some rather dodgy advice I think. I'm happy with DD's progress though.

No teeth here yet. I must look in DS's red book and see if I wrote in when he first sprouted.

Sorry if I have forgotten anything else that is going on. cake

WingDefence Thu 26-Sep-13 21:45:36

Cross-post pud. I remember feeling knackered for weeks after going back after DS. It's the extra mental exertion as well as any commuting.


ecofreckle Thu 26-Sep-13 23:20:31

Great that you're back in the swing pud.
Wing sounds like a real dilemma. Lots to weigh up. I was offered a 'big' job in my team a couple of months ago and I had a gut reaction. Did you? Maybe there lies your answer. ON the subject of weaning I also saw health visitor today and she'd recently done a dissertation on blw. Some recent research suggests that having pre loaded spoons alongside finger food is the way to go nutrition wise. Or combine with spoon feeding.
We just did more PUPD and this time had 9 PUPD over eight minutes. Sleeping again now. Thursdays are our funny night though as dh in another room and up at stupid o'clock so my hopes aren't high.
How are you getting on everyone else? End of a long week stormy? Bed early worse? Raring to go for that dirty weekend Plonky? Been to Aqua Sana soyo? More teeth Kff? Waves to everyone else.

KFFOREVER Thu 26-Sep-13 23:59:14

Despite a horrid day yesterday we had a lovely day today. Ds was in a much better mood and has now mastered the crawling skill. He follows me everywhere.

pud glad you survived your first day. Just keep counting down til the weekend.

God knows why im still up. Actually 2 reasons. 1- i had half hour nap this afternoon.2- my left side aches and ive googled myself scared.

Hope you all had good bedtimes.

vjhist85 Fri 27-Sep-13 08:47:26

It appears that first cold+wonder week 26 is a recipe for losing both the plot, and this thread! Found you again, just marking my place for a catch up later!

Plonkysaurus Fri 27-Sep-13 08:53:49

Glad to hear its all gravy Pud

Wing I think eco's right. What's your gut instinct?

KF step away from dr google. Dp was convinced he had emphysema last week. Just asthma. Perhaps paracetamol and a nice bath?

Eco I think a mixed approach to weaning is sensible. After a day or two of trying pure blw I had a hungrier baby, on more milk than before and I was a stressed mum. Mixing the methods means he still gets a feel for food and all that fine motor development stuff but he gets fed. And I don't cry.

And yes, if you want to meet up I'm up for it. If something and her toddler are free ill press gang her grin should be easier to get right into the peaks now were not on bottles exclusively.

Dirty weekend postponed for a fortnight. I appear to be smuggling golfballs in my sinuses.

KFFOREVER Fri 27-Sep-13 13:24:03

plonky you was right i should have ditched dr google. Turns out i just pulled a muscle. Dr said if i had been having a heart attack for a few days i would have known about.

As for weaning i have no advice to give. For about 2 weeks ds has been off his foods. I have no routine whatsoever with this little man. I just want these teeth to come out.

Glad it's going well Pud.

Wing my tuppeny worth 1. Realistically how likely are you to get the promotion? How would it affect your job, your confidence, and your relationship with your colleagues if you didn't get it? Don't answer that btw, we don't need to know! 2. How much travel is 'travel'? Don't underestimate the effect on the rest of the family if you are away every week for several days at a time. It is very hard on the partner left at home as although travelling might not be all that much fun, it certainly looks like it when you are the one keeping the home fires burning. Can you sense a little resentment here wink

Only thing to add, if you want it, you GO!!!!!

KFF what Plonky said. She is very wise. I'm wondering if she has a quick fix for a knackered back? It's pi55ing me off. Every time I sneeze my back seizes up... so I do the strangled yelp thing, and dd laughs hmm. She'll not be laughing next week when she's caught his bug off me and is feeling sorry for herself. That said, neither will I.

Eco you're booked in!!! Be good to properly meet you even if it does completely ruin the image I have made up for you grin

Weaning wise, after an encouraging few days the worselet has downed spoons and gone on strike. I have been steaming and puréeing like a good un, but of late the only one eating purée is me (carrot and pea is my favourite). Baby porridge is considered acceptable, and toast is apparently ok for licking (but not eating). I'm assuming that she'll work it out at some point before she leave home.

I've gone and got myself her a cushitush though, to help with finger foods. The stupid sodding high chair that we have is pants. Just pants. But because it was a gift I am stuck with it. It's huge, the tray is so high dd can't even see over it, let along reach things on it, once the tray is slotted in there is no way you could get her out in a hurry if she choked, and what is more it seems to be specifically designed to seriously injure small fingers and legs. I hate it. Aaaaaannnnddd breathe.

This might just improve my mood though www.cushitush.co.uk/

Not much else on the agenda other than we are going baby swimming on sunday. Yay!!!! Can't wait.

KFFOREVER Fri 27-Sep-13 15:34:28

I just remembered how i injured myself. Few days ago ds kicked me in the chest whilst changing him. It really hurt and shamefully he made me cry. I just remembered as he was doing the same after his bath. I need to drink some of this aptimal stuff to get strength and energy like our babies have. worse maybe worselet has injured you. These babies are out to get us. only joking

leni where are you? Hope you are ok? Do I have to walk the streets of Greenwich shouting where's leni?

wing sorry forgot to add my bit about the job thing. Do you think this opportunity or an even better one would come up again in the future? If not go for it, if yes enjoy spending that extra time with your young family and maybe consider it when they are a bit older. Ultimately its up to you. Maybe you should apply for it and take it from there. See how you feel once you have applied and been interviewed. Good luck.

Sorry for drip feeding posts and being annoying today. i blame the sleep deprivation. I cant think.

KFF the worselet did injure me. The runt. Did an about twist as I bent to set her down and left my back in pieces. She has some way to go to catch up with dog1 though. He broke my wrist so badly it needed pinned. Dog2 merely bit me. None of them understand the hand that feeds you concept.

[Disclaimer: dog2 is not dangerous. He had a panic attack about 2 huge great labs bearing down on him at high speed and lashed out. We now avoid labs at all cost.]

I hope you heal up soon KFF, and learn to dodge the kicks wink

StormyBrid Fri 27-Sep-13 18:58:07

MiniStormy seems more interested in injuring herself than me. She's very good at throwing herself forward or backward and finding the one tiny bit of unpadded floor available with her head. She did this at my dad's today, and said "Mummy" after crying. I'm calling it accidental though, like when she cried "Mummy!" after her last injection, because she's still a bit young for proper speaking.

Also, she has totally abandoned all attempts at crawling, and is trying to pull herself up on the furniture instead. Closest she's managed so far is rocking up on both knees, then getting one foot flat on the floor. She didn't know what to do next, so opted for falling over.

Also, teeth. Argh. Must buy shares in calpol.

somethingbeginningwith Fri 27-Sep-13 21:21:03

eco it is me near the peaks, yes! And I'm definitely up for a get together. How exciting smile

stormy we've also discovered the art of pulling ourselves up. Stopped quickly when the hands slipped so he faceplanted the walker instead, and that resulted in a very unhappy, wobbly pout.

kf footballer in the making? wink hope it feels better soon though!

I've had a little monster today. All smiles and fun when other people are around but the second we get home, it was non stop whining. So, I just went out lots. He saw 8 family members today, that ought to sort him out!

WingDefence Fri 27-Sep-13 22:05:29

I want to meet up too <whines> grin

Well I read and digested all your points, thank you. I also spoke to my current line manager earlier and asked him straight out what he thought of my chances. Doesn't look promising as we've just got a new chief exec who has decided to prioritise areas in which I have far less experience and this job is being aligned with those priorities. Apparently, if my LM had left 12-18 months ago I'd have been a front runner with my current and past experience but now it's likely to go to a colleague (who is also going to apply) as she's got the portfolio in the area being focused upon. if that makes any sense to you lot who don't know my job

I'm a bit disappointed but I know there really isn't any point in busting a gut and having sleepless nights over applying - what he said makes sense.

And my gut feeling? Relief actually. If we still lived in London I'd have jumped it, even if I had the same 'portfolio' issues as I do now because the travelling wouldn't have been as much of an issue (ie just the European stuff to worry about) and it would take me into areas I fancy moving into and not see myself doing otherwise.

My main problem now is I really want a new challenge. I do enjoy my current position and the life it allows me to lead - working from home but with regular travel to London and doing some really influential stuff - but I saw through a massive project before I went off on mat leave and I can't see anything like that on the horizon in this position and I need some professional stimulation. I think I'll talk to my Director about this and see what he can give me work-wise over the next year and also perhaps start actively look for another job hmm

Right I'm so sorry for completely hijacking the thread. Normal service shall resume!

I also wondered where leni and eig have been recently. Hope they are lurking and okay.

KF glad it's not too serious!

Weaning-wise DD is doing brilliantly. She's pretty much eating what we do at tea time so had cottage pie tonight, just cut up into smaller pieces but not pureed or blended, last night was lamb hotpot, the night before my chicken curry. All homemade so it's making us eat better too. Breakfast she's having toast & butter or baby rice (because it's like ready brek in my eyes and I need to get through the box somehow!) and lunch I am being lazier and she's having a stage two Ella's pouch so far or today she had toast & pâté followed by some puréed fruit.

She's very constipated though - although her pooing face is extremely cute - I know it's common when introducing solids but I'm not sure what to do about it. She is producing a few small squidgy poos throughout the day but I'm she's not happy about it. Have any of you used prune juice with your DCs and if so, how much did you use?

Hope I've not cross posted too much with anyone as I've been writing this mammoth post blush

Anypants Fri 27-Sep-13 22:49:34

wing - if you do blw, I give DD a couple of whole prunes every few days plus she's accepting more water with each meal, and that seems to do the trick. We still get the odd shart but a good clearout normally follows. She was upset a few times because it's a whole new sensation but once she got the hang of it, it's no big deal. She still grimaces when she goes now which helps, as the liquid explosion pfffffffffttttt has gone for good but was fairly loud and I would change her right away. Now it's just a little grunt, I have missed it and got her crying in pain with the ensuing nappy rash sad

I have a question - I am going on a coach trip with DD and I don't know what to give her for food. We are on 3 meals (plus feeds) and she's going to have to miss breakfast as we have to catch the coach at 8am. Won't be home until 8pm. Thinking Organix carrot sticks or little sandwiches and yoghurt for lunch but what do I do for dinner? Any ideas? confused

ecofreckle Fri 27-Sep-13 23:08:54

Rice cake, stick of cheese, cucumber sticks, dried apricot? Fairly un messy I'd think.

StormyBrid Sat 28-Sep-13 02:38:08

Any smorgasbord of bits and pieces you know she'll eat.

More to post later, but for now am too drunk and too fretting about family stresses.

WingDefence Sat 28-Sep-13 07:28:46

That's a god idea Any. I'm not BLW eg the baby rice and pouches tend to be spoon fed but she's having a lot of finger foods too so prunes would work I think. I'm guessing cut in glad for safety.

As for the coach trip I think the suggestions so far are good or what are you planning to have - can she have some of that (or are you planning on eating when you get home)?

stormy, hope you don't feel too hungover this morning and the family stresses seem better in the cold light of day.

Anypants Sat 28-Sep-13 07:55:12

stormy, wing, eco - thanks for your help. I'll take lots of non messy finger food and then presume we'll stop for lunch somwhere so she could have something a bit more substantial then. Am now worried about getting out of the house on time - have to leave at 7.30, which means i'll have to get up about 6am to get us ready shock I'm knackered now as DD threw her teddy out of the cot and needed a retrieval and cuddle at 4am. And DH has Manflu a cold so is feeling pretty sorry for himself and is incapable of doing anything useful. And doesn't want to get too near to DD just in case - if I had a cold, would he take over and look after DD for me. Er, no. Hence, no sympathy smile

pudtat Sat 28-Sep-13 17:10:52

DS has a cold. First one hmm - amazed we've got this far really. Not too bad but snot monster and not able to sleep or play laying down which is rather unsatisfactory. Crap night probably normal for Soyo which took me back months! Hope he improves tonight as working after several of these won't be funny.

Horrid feeling this helpless. Hope all other poorly babies on the mend.

Leni - how are you?

Weaning out the window with this cold, it's all I can do to get milk in him. It's blooming hard fitting it in, I do struggle to know how to do that though now it's dh problem as he still seems to need three naps a day.hopefully it will work itself out..

Aw Pud hope ds feels better soon. Another coldy baby here, but we're right at the start of it so just sneezes. Could be worse. DH came in covered on yew berries earlier but didn't realise until he had spread them liberally around the entire house. If the worselet had eaten one of those we'd have more than a snivel to worry about. This parenting thing - fraught isn't it.

As for weaning, a sneaky browse of the weaning threads has revealed to me that dropping milk feeds before about 9 months isn't particularly common, and most babies are a bit random about whether or not they can be bothered with the whole food thing until about 12 months when they suddenly go nuts about it. Given the number of early grub monsters on this thread I found it reassuring to know the worselet isn't backward that.

Wing good for you making a decision, and I hope you find that challenge. Half my friends job hopped after maternity leave. It's pretty common.

On the gut front, adding cooked prunes to fruit puree and water before every feed did the trick here. Spectacularly so.

No climbing on the furniture yet, but much effort is being invested into balancing on hands (head) and feet. The ratio of effort to success is still a bit poor though, and I can't see it getting much better any time soon.

Hope everyone is out and about having a fun weekend.

StormyBrid Sat 28-Sep-13 21:18:46

Family stresses are, alas, ongoing. We're about at the point where my mother needs to go into a care home. She's going to hate it, Dad feels horrifically guilty, all a bit depressing really.

I managed to cope with the Shirebrook Posse while horrendously hungover. Go me! But I may have gained some bad mummy points today. We have added quavers to the (very short) list of things DD will eat.

We went for lunch at the usual place round the corner. Their coleslaw is amazing, but results in absolutely criminal farts. In DD it went one step further - we had a geology nappy. One to remember if we can't get hold of any prunes next time she's having trouble pooing.

pudtat Sun 29-Sep-13 16:59:53

Stormy that's hard. My dad is currently finally in the process of getting a dementia diagnosis, although he's suffered brain damage caused by heart failure, diabetes and stroke for some years so it's more of the same iykwim. Hard though, so big hugs. How's your dad? Guilt is a difficult emotion for the partner , well it is for my mum anyway.

Lovely day today , boy feeling bit better so pub lunch with friends and their children then a walk. Nap time now methinks...

stormy, pud that's hard, life can be very cruel. I'm so sorry.

Not much doing here, what with the worselet and I being snotty wrecks. We did manage an outing today though, to buy toys. One can never have enough toys apparently.... or toy shops. The sheer excitement of Toys R Us sent the tiddler into a long and happy sleep. Now all she needs to do is work out how to play with the array of plastic tat we bought her without clonking herself over the head. Hard plastic and babies are such an ill advised mix.

KFFOREVER Mon 30-Sep-13 07:54:24

Good morning all.

stormy pud life can be cruel. sad this usually affects the family especially the partner more than the person going through this sometimes as they dont really kbow whats happening.

Not much to report here. Same as usual. Fighting naps, night wakings, no teeth and a nosy baby who wants to be everywhere and touch everything.

Actually i want to do a aibu on here. too scared to go on aibu board. Dh works 50+ hours over 6 days. Aibu to ask him to wake up for night feeds wakings on a saturday night so i can get unbroken sleep? I feel guilty for insisting on this but i just long for a good nights sleep. He doesnt object to it but he doesnt hear the baby wake. I have to wake him up and sometimes by the time i do this i cant get back to sleep.

Plonkysaurus Mon 30-Sep-13 08:29:10

Stormy and Pud that's shit! I'm sorry sad last time we saw dp's nan she was suggesting that DP get it on with his sister, as they're both so good looking. It's hard to see what that sort of thing does to a person.

KF no YANBU. It doesn't sound like a very fair balance, and I think when you work those kind of hours you can be in danger of elevating the job above all else and missing out. Crap sleep is part of being a parent. He has a young baby, his colleagues will expect a certain amount of knackered ness, surely? Having said that, they were the hours I worked until falling pg, and if someone suggested I get up at 4am I'd probably tell them where to go. It's a tough one, but once a week with the proviso that he'd get a lie in is not unreasonable.

A weekend full of minor events here. Illnesses recovered I ventured to sainsburys with ds, and my usually placid baby had a screamy fit the entire way round. So I'm embracing online shopping. Grrr. Ds avoided the plague, and suffered a single running nostril for an entire thirty minutes. Clearly my two weeks of breast feeding has paid off grin
And I dinked my car on my neighbours pride and joy yesterday. Thankfully she's taken it well, but it's safe to say it made my sunny Sunday a bit more stressful than I'd have liked. But I do have some new ink to look forward to.

StormyBrid Mon 30-Sep-13 09:49:23

KF doesn't sound unreasonable to me. We've always had the same trouble, with me waking whenever the baby does and having trouble getting back to sleep, and it just seemed easier for me to do the night feeds since I was awake anyway. But the man's always done the late night feed (usually between eleven and midnight) which gives me chance to go to bed early and get a decent bit of kip. Since he's been back at work and so out of the house fifty hours a week, we're still doing the same thing, but on weekends we take it in turns to have the day off. I still wake up when DD does at the crack of dawn on Saturday mornings, but as soon as it gets to 7am, the man takes over and I go back to bed (with a fan on for white noise to block out the baby noises that would otherwise keep me awake).

So, I'd say go for it, and get him to do the night feeds one weekend night, and then let him have a bit of a lie in the next day to catch up. And if you're really struggling with getting back to sleep, if you don't object to tablets I'd recommend amytriptyline. A low dose of that every night is working wonders for me. I still get woken up in the night, but I can get straight back to sleep afterwards rather than lying awake for two or three hours.

worse does the worselet seem to enjoy hitting herself in the face repeatedly? DD does this, and it's baffling. Doesn't seem to hurt her though. They're strange creatures, babies.

Big hugs to you too, pud. Horrible, isn't it? My mum's still in the early stages of dementia, but it's alongside a neurological condition that means her balance and motor control are shot to hell. She really needs constant care, because it's no longer safe for her to do something so simple as getting herself a glass of water. Her father had the same thing, but her mother was able to keep him at home until he died, which as you can imagine makes my dad feel even worse. Different circumstances though - my grandmother was a trained nurse with no other commitments, whereas my dad's not in the best of health himself and also has his own business to run, without which they'd be buggered financially. For months now he's been saying he's utterly exhausted and close to cracking up, so for his sake something needs to change.

Anyway, I really need to distract myself and think about something more cheerful. Anyone's babies done anything hilariously ridiculous recently?

Plonkysaurus Mon 30-Sep-13 14:08:19

Hmm how about a joke Stormy?

Knock knock.

StormyBrid Mon 30-Sep-13 15:06:46

Who's there?

Plonkysaurus Mon 30-Sep-13 15:22:20


StormyBrid Mon 30-Sep-13 17:49:11

Hatch who?

Plonkysaurus Mon 30-Sep-13 18:13:55

Bless you.

<falls about laughing>

SoYo Mon 30-Sep-13 18:17:21

I laughed out loud Plonky. smile

I think it's been a few days since I posted. Busy weekend driving all over the country with a stinking cold and a baby that wanted to see every hour of the clock.

Sorry to hear about those struggling with dementia issues, it's a terribly cruel disease.

Madam is no longer over her febrile illness than she's caught my cold, lovely. It seems we're deemed to never sleep again!

Does anyone know where Leni and Eig have gone? Hope they're ok!

ecofreckle Mon 30-Sep-13 20:25:14

For various reasons you all need hugs. Sorry that you are struggling with family issues, illness or both. Sending lots of love and light your way. Hope you had a good break soyo. Great joke plonky! It even raised a smile on my face. I know I've had some baby adventures already but being in a taxi at half seven in morning with baby and all our bags with whatever we'll need for life on the road for three weeks and a massive long haul flight is making me tiny bit stressed (sorry for lack of punctuation stormy!).
I'm going to miss you guys hugely whilst I'm away. I Love hearing your news and will catch up when I am on WiFi in starbucks can.
Did you want me to send a postcard along the way?
Night all, next stop Vegas!
bloody nutter

pudtat Mon 30-Sep-13 21:10:15

Good luck Eco and have fun!

WingDefence Mon 30-Sep-13 21:13:37

I laughed too! grin

eco enjoy Vegas, baby!

Stormy & pud I'm sorry to hear about your parents' illnesses. Illness hits all families in different ways but dementia is a nasty one sad

We're all doing fine here at the moment. DD still has random nightly wakings but I'm hoping that once she's on ff (which has to be before I'm back at work so in about a month) and a more regular times that'll help. I'm actually glad we've dropped the dream feed as it apparently made not a blind bit of difference to her sleep patterns! Annoyingly she is going slightly longer and I do think 'if she did this after a dream feed she'd be sleeping through the night' but the evidence shows otherwise...

Good night to all smile

Anypants Mon 30-Sep-13 22:03:02

eco have a great roadtrip - jealous of the fun but not the amount of stuff you must be taking with you shock

My thoughts are with those of you with health issues of every kind - we have to do what's best for those we love.

Poorly DD here - thought she was over her cold from last week but she was not her usual sunny self today and suddenly got very hot. Took her temp - 38.3c, so took her off to the docs this evening. Just a bug, she said, keep an eye on her. Apparently, one shouldn't try and get a fever down as it's the body's way of fighting viruses. Calpol administered and patient currently sleeping soundly. Let's hope she's better tomorrow confused

SoYo Mon 30-Sep-13 22:19:09

Have an amazing time Eco, I'm very jealous! If you find yourself on the roulette tables my money's on 22!

Any it sounds like our bug of last week. High temps do help white cells fight infection to a point but they also make you feel shitty and as mini people can't understand why they feel crap, and very high temps can do rubbishy things, I'm very much in the cool baths and calpol camp for them!

vjhist85 Mon 30-Sep-13 22:47:58

Phew. Have caught up I think! Eco have a great time, sounds amazing. Oh and yes you must come and meet mini-v (and me!) next time you're down this way.

So, I think we may be over the worst of the lurgy and wonder week. After a week of returned night feeds/hours rocking/co-sleeping, the last couple of nights have gone back to normal-ish, although dd is still mega snotty. She is also sporting a revolting cough-opinions, she seems fine in herself but this cough is really hacking and gross, and I can hear/feel it all on her chest. I'm sure she's fine, but should I be worried?

We're off to greece at stupid o'clock on Wednesday. I'm currently at that horrible stage of inertia, where you know you've got a ridiculous amount to do, but you just CAN'T do it. Which doesn't bode well. Looking forward to it, I need a break, what with DH out of action for the last month, ww and plague, I'm about ready to drop, and an old back problem has reared its ugly head.

Weaning going great guns here, although I'm running out of ideas a bit. Illness aside, 3 meals and 3 bottles is pretty sustainable and I no longer feel like every second is spent preparing/feeding/cleaning up after meals just every other second

Right. Need to get cleaning. Wish I didn't have this obsession with cleaning the house before I go away, that's where the stress comes in, forget the packing!

Wishing you all lovely evenings

SoYo Mon 30-Sep-13 23:35:03

Grrr....my very tired baby went down beautifully at 8. Unfortunately she's now been up 4 times since then.

I'm so sick of singing Old Macdonald but its all that bloody works. Shit shit shit shit shit.

ecofreckle Tue 01-Oct-13 06:54:56

Vj I know! My list for next half hour til taxi comes comprises of house primping chores. But it will be nice to come home to. Have a great break.
Soyo. Try adding a dolphin to the farm. Dh does for his own amusement. Hope your night got better.

StormyBrid Tue 01-Oct-13 08:10:28

Did anyone else read that "shit shit shit shit shit" to the tune of Old MacDonald, or was it just me?

Surprisingly good night here. I got eight straight hours' kip! Can't remember the last time that happened. Fartypants didn't so much as squeak until 6am, whereupon I ignored her and went back to sleep until she started crying at half past seven. We have a second tooth through now, which I suspect had been waking her up.

KFFOREVER Tue 01-Oct-13 08:24:29

eco have a lovely trip. This is usually the one time the house will stay clean and tidy so enjoy the moment coming back to pristine home.

Thanks for the advice ladies. I just needed a little reassurance that i wasnt being a right cow.dh usually does have a bit of a lie on sunday mornings if hes up in the night.

stormy i will think about the sleeping tablets. Same thig happened last night. 2.30am night feed then couldnt sleep until 4.30am but thats when ds woke again. Very impressed with mini stormy for a good night. She needs to have words with minikf.

soyo im all twinkled out. Thank god that twinkle bloody twinkle stage has stopped. I ended up recording my voice on my phone and playing it on a loop. Ds was confused but it worked.

SoYo Tue 01-Oct-13 08:36:36

KFF that's genius. Today I will be recording my nursery rhymes!

Madam woke up 8 times between 8 & 3 then came into my bed & cried every time a nipple was put of range of her mouth. DH is on nights. I've got a meeting with he big boss today about going back part time. Hmmm.

Eco have an amazing time!

Plonkysaurus Tue 01-Oct-13 15:50:19

Go Stormy! That's an incredible feat. My friend swears by amitryptilene (however its spelt). Sounds like baby stormys doing grand an all.

SoYo oh bless you. I hope the meeting goes ok.

Eco have a lovely time, you'll love it I'm sure. And yes, I read your string of expletives to the tube of old mac d.

We've not embraced nursery rhymes in this house. The closest we get is the radio, or a bit of deftones at a push.
My relaxing week has turned into mayhem, with things planned for every single day. This includes a friend staying tomorrow night, a shopping trip on Friday and a weekend with the PILs. Particularly fantastic timing as MIL already considers me a bad influence on her precious fully grown up and completely stifled daughter, and I'm getting an evil tattoo tomorrow.


Just as a straw poll (ish), and because this has been bothering me since the holiday, how we'll does everyone get on with their MILs (those that have them)? I fear I might've overstepped the mark and she's suddenly gone quiet on me I promise I don't relish the newfound silence at all

StormyBrid Tue 01-Oct-13 15:56:05

Me and the man aren't married but his mother is still MIL in my book. We get along pretty well. I've already told her she can text and invite herself whenever she likes, rather than waiting for theman to extend an invitation. And I said to her the other week, "I'm so glad you agree with me about not dressing DD inpink sparkles." She immediately replied, "Oh, I don't agree, not in the slightest, but I respect your decision." Can't complain at that! So what's gone on with your MIL, Plonky?

Anypants Tue 01-Oct-13 16:11:58

The MIL? Don't get me started. We get along but only because I have the patience and tolerance of a saint. She's 85 but thinks she's 21. She keeps telling me to give DD rusks and a dummy, she calls her 'the baby' instead of her name, she gets the hump if she hasn't seen us for a week, she has a nasty little jack russell that despises DD and wants to chew on her and I think her house smells fug

Anypants Tue 01-Oct-13 16:15:41

<retrieves phone from small person> smells funny and she looks like she'll drop her every time I give her DD for a cuddle.

Apart from that, we get along fine wink

Plonkysaurus Tue 01-Oct-13 16:29:09

Haha Any.

Stormy your MIL sounds pretty sound. We're not married either but for all intents and purposes she's the MIL. Baby + engagement ring = life partners IMO.

Wellllll... She worships at the altar of her children, to put it mildly. Don't get me wrong, she brought them up well, but I'm pretty shocked by how much she indulges them. If we're visiting dp won't even get himself a drink - there's no need, she's forever fawning over him. She wouldn't let her kids work alongside uni studies, but is tight with handouts for no good reason. This is particularly irksome because I worked and saved throughout uni so that dp and I could live together immediately, despite being unemployed. She still seems to wish he'd come home for a bit first hmm. Also. SIL wants a tattoo - but won't because mil disapproves. Proof of my powers of corruption... She also considers that as she's Christian, and takes her faith very seriously, that we atheists only think the way we do because we 'aren't aware' of the 'truth'. I don't know where to begin with that one.

Anyway, on the holiday she would not leave me alone when I was looking after DS. I'm a benign neglect kind of parent so I felt constantly watched over. A few times I let her take over but she was kind of stepping on my toes, and repeatedly called DS 'little man' <puke>. I snapped at her once. Nothing personal, just to say that DS is our responsibility, not hers, and I wasn't comfortable relinquishing control. Too far?

Plonkysaurus Tue 01-Oct-13 16:46:57

To add, it's quite clear she wants more time with DS. They live two hours away so I continually offer to meet her for lunch halfway. Apparently she doesn't know the road so refuses to drive it, but fully accepts its a bit much for me to do in one day on my own with DS.

I actually can't please the woman.

Anypants Tue 01-Oct-13 19:27:37

Oh plonky - it doesn't matter what you do, it'll never be right. The relationship between the MIL and DIL is a funny one as i'm pretty sure my Mum doesn't care if she speaks to my DH from one week to the next.

SoYo Tue 01-Oct-13 20:16:31

Yep, my relationship with MIL is strained at best. She's a control freak that can't accept that her DS can survive without her interference help. She once told me she thought it would be best if we didn't have a baby as we both care too much about our jobs so aren't the type, she also told me DH is secretly controlling me without me realising anyone that knows us would piss themselves at that one and she's a classic passive aggressive. Nothing we do will ever be good enough because we don't live around the corner and request her input in all areas of our lives. Lets just say I'm very glad they live a good distance away!

WingDefence Wed 02-Oct-13 07:39:15

Blimey you lot have some great MIL AIBU threads in that lot!

I never got to meet my MIL as she passed away enforce DH and I started seeing each other. I'm always conscious I my DPs relationship with DH though and she doesn't get on at all with my SIL (but then neither do I and that's a whole other thread).

DD slept till 5:30 without a murmur! smile

WingDefence Wed 02-Oct-13 07:39:49


KFFOREVER Wed 02-Oct-13 08:24:25

Ah im not going to repeat what my mil is like, i complained all the time whilst she was here in the summer. In summary shes lazy, money grabbing and treats dh like s***. Im lucky she lives abroad. I think some mils see dils a threat and maybe they are jealous another woman is in their life. Thats my opinion though. I wonder what kind of mil i will be one day. Dh thinks my mum can be interfering and treats my db as a pfb. Hes right but i let it go over my head because ive grown up with it and hes still relatively new to it all.

We had 10pm, 2am, 3.30 and 5am wake ups. I couldnt sleep past 2am. Yawn.

StormyBrid Wed 02-Oct-13 08:27:22

I think the mains difference with my MIL is that the man didn't speak to her for twenty years. Because of me, she got her son back, and got a granddaughter too. Also his previous long term partner was a total psycho and she may be worried I'll turn out to be one too!

pudtat Wed 02-Oct-13 08:40:36

My mil is lovely. She's late 80s and lives on the other side of the country sadly, so it's hard to see her as frequently as we'd like.

SoYo Wed 02-Oct-13 09:30:19

I am completely broken. I never thought DDs sleep would get worse, I was waiting for it to get better. 8 wakes from 8-1 then I brought her into bed because I was alone, shattered & starting to struggle & get upset. I'm not sure I can keep doing this.

SoYo Wed 02-Oct-13 09:31:00

Sorry, that was a selfish whingy post. Just need to pull myself together & get some caffeine into me.

ecofreckle Wed 02-Oct-13 10:05:41

Send some coffee to Vegas soyo! The last day or so has broken me and it's a one off for us really. You'll keep going and dd will, suddenly probably, get the hang of sleeping. Be gentle to yourself today.
Arrived in Vegas here. Dd awake. We both broken. Dh cuddling. Matchstick eyes! For anyone travelling long haul I Have advice. Make your hand luggage packing easier: don't pack mp3 player, tablet with film books, magazines, sudoko book or eye mask. YOu will not need them. At any point in your journey!

pudtat Wed 02-Oct-13 10:11:54

Oh Soyo, that sounds so hard. It's not selfish whinging when you're having a really tricky time, esp when you're all on your own and can't get a break. Big hugs, and brew.

And I'm sorry if I missed it but hope your meeting went well too.

SoYo you're amazing, just remember that. You have a wonderful happy little balanced baby, because despite all the stress she puts you through you are always there for her with love and cuddles. A mum in a million.

Eco, you mad mare grin. Mad but inspirational! I am so jealous. DH has a nervous turn if I suggest I might like to jump on the train and take the tiddler up to London for the day. I may have to mention that some people manage to fly long haul, and do road trips. I may not mention the bit about it breaking you though wink. Have a ball, and live it up for the rest of us.

MILs, ah well I have a lovely one. That's not all good though, as in a way she is too lovely. Her family walk all over her which makes me a bit mad on her behalf. It also makes me a bit mad on all us married ins behalf, as her kids have gone out into the world with a view that they are very much the centre of the universe and others were put in it to wait on them. Any deviation from this pathway is seen as extreme insubordination. If there is one thing I will do it is teach the worselet that although sweet, she's not a princess and being helpful and hard working is an essential part of family life.

Not much else to report what with snot and teeth holding us back. DH is still jurying, which I can report is an utter waste of time. The court cancels more than it sits, and everyone is getting more than a little pi55ed off. I hope I don't get called up any time soon.

Big hugs to all sick babies, and a wave to VJ before she sets off on her hols.

StormyBrid Wed 02-Oct-13 18:50:12

Hope you're feeling a bit better with caffeine in you, SoYo. I know it seems impossible, especially in the small hours, but you can do it. You're an inspiration to us all.

Am adding to the list of Things DD Does Not Like (as evidenced by wobbly lip followed by crying meltdown):
David Cameron;
Twinkle twinkle;
Waybuloo, but only when one of them is playing the flute.
Strange creatures, these babies!

WingDefence Wed 02-Oct-13 22:20:17

David Cameron I also Do Not Like so I'm with your DD! (Sorry, must keep politics out of post natal thread... blush)

SoYo if DD cries tonight - this may be controversial - check she's okay and then leave her. At least for 10 mins. If you're on your own and she's waking that much you just need to sleep. Although I know it's bloody hard to sleep when you're just waiting for DD to wake up again (as my DD did after I settled her at 5:30 - she was awake at 5:55 for a feed. I knew it wouldn't last long).

Remind me if your OH is around at the moment? If not, can you get anyone else to come and stay for the night? You need a break and if he is at home he really needs to help else the sleep deprivation is going to get worse for you and that will make everything seem a million times worse. But I may be talking way out of line so ignore me if so sad

DD must be going through a growth spurt too as she is devouring food and I have to keep thinking of extra we can give her when she's still demanding mor at meal times. Half a roughly mashed banana usually does the trick. She had a big portion of my sausage & spinach pasta bake tonight and we don't bother to purée anything, it's just in tiny small pieces, as small as you can cut with a blunt plastic weaning spoon! But she is having half finger foods and half spoon fed at nearly every meal so I'm glad we've skipped 'stage one' and nearly 'stage two' (ie small lumps).

Good sleep for all tonight...

Rainbowbabyhope Thu 03-Oct-13 05:22:45

soyo I am broken too - sleep deprivation is just awful here also. DD sleeps beautifully in the evenings then it all goes downhill from 9pm onwards. Don't really know what to do to fix it! DD is still up after 3 and a half hours of fussing tonight and DH has just taken over but unfortunately I am too wired at the hopeless situation to get any proper rest and I can still hear her moaning. Might as well go back and help him!

Plonkysaurus Thu 03-Oct-13 08:33:01

Interesting on all MIL related feedback. Sadly I think it's likely that our formerly chummy relationship has turned a corner into something more cordial.

SoYo I think you're a brilliant mummy. You've got so much patience, and anyone who can survive 7 months of crap sleep is a hero. One bad night here and I'm useless. Maybe wing has a point though? I know it's controversial but we did it and it worked. He still wakes periodically for comfort but on the whole goes through. She may well grow out if it but that could mean a lot more patience and broken sleep on your part.

Wing when I last saw something she was breaking up banana in her fingers and just popping it in her (very hungry) ds's mouth. I was amazed! And it works. DS ate an ole narna yesterday after rejecting his milk. Shortly followed by a whole Ella's pouch. He seems to only want milk at morning and night really!

I feel absolutely bushed today. Needless to say I didn't get my tattoo yesterday (Grumpy Plonky) but I did get caught in the torrential rain in Nottingham on foot aaaaall morning. Will try again next week!

StormyBrid Thu 03-Oct-13 08:33:44

Hard to know what to suggest to make these babies sleep better. Could be worth asking on the sleep board, but I suspect there are only two options: ride it out and go mad in the process; or some form of sleep training. That doesn't have to mean controlled crying though. Rainbow, you say she's been awake for over three hours, has DH been in there with her throughout?

We weighed DD last night, using the traditional method of standing on the scales with and without the baby. She's up to eighteen pounds, which is cool. And the man is eight stone lighter than me with clothes on. Less cool. sad

WingDefence Thu 03-Oct-13 08:41:11

V v quick as I need to get DS to school. I wasn't suggested controlled crying as such (I would do but I know SoYo said upthread she didn't want to), it was more the advice you see given to new mums when a baby has colic and won't stop crying. If you are at your wits end and it's upsetting you, check the baby is okay and just leave them for a bit while you try to collect your thoughts. I think in the day time they'd say go outside for a while but that's not as easy at night.

Must dash. Going to try baby signing today. Did it with DS and he loved it.

StormyBrid Thu 03-Oct-13 08:58:04

I know you weren't suggesting cc, Wing, don't worry. Was also just remembering SoYo's not down with that idea.

Plonkysaurus Thu 03-Oct-13 09:31:10

Ah me in my sleep deprived state. Apologies.

StormyBrid Thu 03-Oct-13 10:48:17

Someone else who has a March baby but doesn't hang out here has just posted in the sleep section. Someone's posted a link that may be useful, here. Will ignore the poster saying "Just leave them to it, I left all my babies and they slept through" because that's totally unhelpful. One person mentions accidentally overstimulating at night though, which could be worth looking at - Rainbow, that's why I wondered whether you or your DH had been in with DD for all those long hours of fussing. It could be that she's getting the idea that when she goes to bed it's just for a nap, and then it's playtime again.

Plonky a whole banana? Bloody hell. DD mauls one small bite then gives up.

Plonkysaurus Thu 03-Oct-13 11:24:25

Yep, Stormy, a whole banana. He often rejects spoons but is quite happy for me to pop bits of banana in his mouth.

Overstimulation is so difficult. Until 4 months DS was great at self settling, then we had to a bit more jiggling and soothing noises. Now he will not be jiggled or soothed in any way, and does archy back and lots of shouting. We have to leave him to it because he gets more distressed if we don't. This does mean more dummy returns but it's the only way.

Considering writing a book in the style of AIBU. It'd be called Letters to My MIL. Just need a good pseudonym.

SoYo Thu 03-Oct-13 11:58:43

Morning all, thanks for the suggestions. Don't worry if they're not things I'm not down with, I'm not easily offended smile.

I've decided that after I give her the bedtime feed then DH has got to go in to her until midnight (he's off nights again now) and then I'll go after. I'm hoping that once she realises she doesn't get milky mummy every time she whinges she'll give it up a bit. Last night he was in every hour then I fed her at midnight, 3.45 and then brought her into me at 5 so massive improvement for me and more sleep for her. I usually leave her for a few minutes before going in anyway as she sometimes used to settle herself.

The dog is walked, the baby is napping and I'm about to hit the coffee and biscuits before we give the local soft play centre a bash.

Have a good day all.

Rainbowbabyhope Thu 03-Oct-13 13:27:06

stormy we co-sleep after about midnight with DD in bedside cot so we are always there with her at night. When DD has restless sleep or wakes to play we ignore her till she cries. However she has this awful moany sound that wakes us up which comes over monitor too so having her in separate room would not help. I'm sure this is just a (very long) phase!

Rainbowbabyhope Thu 03-Oct-13 14:09:16

stormy just read that article - the suggestion that I might be "reluctant to let go of those nighttime moments" certainly gave me a good chuckle - obviously sabotaging myself for those precious moments of sleep deprivation!

KFFOREVER Thu 03-Oct-13 17:11:15

Hi all.

My post got eaten up this morning which annoyed me but im back.

soyo you are amazing. I have no idea what to suggest. Im sure you have discussed this before but is she taking the dummy? If not do you think that may help her to settle. Maybe its teething trouble thats keeping her awake. Meh what do i know we are not amy better. I was woken every 2hrs last night and today im a zombie and v emotional because im dreading nights now.

rainbow sorry to hear you are having night troubles too. Lets hope this phase is over.

stormy im with your dd on david cameron. You wanted funny things our lo's do. Ds is a washing machineholic. Thats my new baby sitter. He will happy crawl over and lay there watching it go round and round. Another one is when eating food he sneezes and food shoots everywhere. What does your dd do?

eco how is vegas? Any winnings yet?

Where is eig and leni? Hope you are both ok.

Im on page 11 on phone and cant go back to look at other posts. Sorry.

KFFOREVER Thu 03-Oct-13 17:12:10

rainbow that was supposed to read lets hope that phase is over soon.

WingDefence Thu 03-Oct-13 22:28:19

Sorry to hear there's a lot of non-sleeping going on here. Last night I am SO going to jinx things, putting this! DD actually stirred and self-settled a few times but otherwise went through till 7am shock I doubt it'll become the new reality though... grin

Baby signing was fun today. I did it with DS as it was the one activity I was happy to pay for and I'll always remember when he first signed 'tree' to me, as well as all the other signs he learnt. He was a very early speaker too but I'm not sure DD will be the same as she doesn't seem to have the sounds that DS did at this age. We shall see. It means my Thursday routine is going to get a bit complicated and I'll be driving all over the county for the groups I want to take DD to (and continue to go to once I'm back at work) but I think it'll be worth it.

I've been invited out with some mums tomorrow night - one of whom I know really well (a MNer) and her friends, most of whom I've only met once or not at all. Really looking forward to it, even though I've got to drive there because we live in the middle of nowhere so no drinking for me.

Ooh I forgot what I really wanted to ask you lot - nipple sensitivity! grin Probably more for the bfers but also for those who did bf and then stopped. I have been wearing breast pads for the past six months and then didn't put any in my bra this morning and I've been very - ahem - conscious of my nipples all day blush Happily, I didn't leak out of the other boob when feeding DD on one, which is basically the reason I've been continuing to wear the pads this long, so that's good. And I've also been wearing a bra with pads overnight this whole time and I'm going to try sleeping sans brassiere tonight, if I can ignore my nipples...

Anyway, has anyone else found increased sensitivity?

Fingers crossed for some better nights tonight. I have no advice other than if you find a routine that works, move heaven and earth to stick with it. Here that's bed no earlier than 9.30pm-10pm. Last night she was knackered so DH settled her at 8pm. Big mistake. Huge. She was up at 11pm ready to party, and then having started the night off kilter decided to stick with the programme and wake about 10 times between midnight and 5am. After that she slept like a log until 8.30am hmm. Tonight bed was 10pm, and if she wakes I will cry.

Stormy David Cameron you say? You do realise what dd's teenage rebellion will be don't you? Conversion to a card carrying Tory grin. I personally have no political views on-line, but I did many moons ago (ok school) know his wife. She was one of those intrinsically nice people that it is impossible to dislike. She is also naturally blond.

The tiddler has just woken and had to be resettled 4 times since I started writing this. I'm not crying yet, but I am expecting a long night. sad.

Plonkysaurus Fri 04-Oct-13 08:20:03

Worse by your logic we're going to raise a guitar-hating, ukip voting, beard-shaving, possibly vegan pleasure dodger. DP will not be happy if ds rebels against rawk music, the first music he ever heard was sabbath while we were still in the delivery suite grin

And you know Sam Cam! I'm about as much of a Tory as Stormy, but she seems nice and rather harmless. The most famous person I know was a poster girl for right guard antiperspirant about 4 years ago. Must try harder.

One of my friends had a second baby last week. Me, broody? Never.

StormyBrid Fri 04-Oct-13 08:28:39

We had an awesome night last night. Dummy return at about half past ten, she didn't wake for the dream feed, squeaked at half five but sorted herself out, and when I got her up at half seven, she was half asleep on her tummy and still had her dummy. First time in months I haven't had to go in at least once.

Ah, teenage rebellion! Unfortunately DD can't rebel by becoming a Tory because her dad is sort of one. If I had known this from the start I may have thought twice, but fortunately he's changing a lot of his views thanks to welfare reform. If she's going to successfully rebel against both of us, she's going to have to be politically apathetic. If she really wants to wind us up she'll go for believing in homeopathy and lizard people.

The funniest thing DD does at the moment is her stereotypical Red Indian impersonation. You know the sort of whooping war cries they do in old films? When she's chuntering after her bath, the man jiggles her torso and it sounds exactly like that. Has me (and her) in stitches every time.

StormyBrid Fri 04-Oct-13 08:32:11

Oh Jesus, Plonky, I didn't even think of veganism. Nope, it's not happening. I refuse to have a meat refuser in the house!

First music DD ever heard was Pink Floyd. We didn't know what to do with her that first night, and didn't have a night light so couldn't see her at all, so we put the laptop on, typed Pink Floyd into spotify, and just let it play all night.

And as for second babies... I may be broody but I definitely want a break, where I get decent sleep for a long period, before thinking about another. My cousin, whose son is one later this month, just announced she's expecting another in April. Madness!

KFFOREVER Fri 04-Oct-13 08:37:34

Good morning all

We had an ok night. Dh couldnt sleep so he did the 1.30am and 6am feed. Not that i slept though.oppss. 7.30am and ds was still asleep. I got worried when i couldnt hear his usual mumbling and found he was sleeping. He slept until 7.45am which has been the longest lay in we have ever had.

Im not even thinking about teenage rebellion just in case he reads my mind. Teenage years make me quiver with fear.

I dont know anyone famous. How boring am i.

Hope soyo and rainbow had a better night.

KFFOREVER Fri 04-Oct-13 08:39:33

Oh as for second babies, that will definitely break me. I need to wait for ds and i to sleep better.

When the worselet doesn't sleep she does it in style. Up every half an hour (or more often) all night. Right now she is looking pleased as punch with herself and I am mainlining peanut butter straight from the jar. Another night like this and I may die!

Catch up later, when I recover....

Plonkysaurus Fri 04-Oct-13 09:35:04

Worse - peanut butter on crumpets have saved me from becoming murderous. Straight from the jar is also good.

I still want my two and half ish year gap between kids. Why prolong years of pooey nappies and crap sleep? I'm not fussed about the closeness formed by being close in age as me and dp each have a good few years between us and our siblings. I just want my baby making done during my twenties I suppose.

Though my friends birth was slightly horrific. The baby got stuck after the head came out. Big shoulders <shudders>

StormyBrid Fri 04-Oct-13 10:13:58

There's definitely something to be said for not prolonging the nappy stage! As we're unlikely to have more than two it's nice to think we could spend only five years or so doing nappies. Too close in age can backfire though. My brother was only fifteen months old when I was born, and it took about twenty years for him to forgive me for stealing his mummy's lap.

KFFOREVER Fri 04-Oct-13 10:31:48

worse peanut butter from the jar sounds yummy along with some yummy chocolate.

plonky i forgot about my 3yr gap between ds and dc2.you make sense. I definitely want to have dc2 by the time im 30. However i will probably then be a stay at home for about 3yrs. My friend just found out shes pregnant. Her youngest is 7yrs. Shes shocked. I couldnt imagine going back to nappy changes and night feeds after soo many years.

Ds is awake i can hear him talk to himself. He now says babababa. Dh is happy. He thinks ds is calling for him.

Plonkysaurus Fri 04-Oct-13 10:44:53

KF my plan is the same really. Though my ideal gap may become closer together as we lose any assistance with childcare once Dp gets his next pay rise. By then I might losing out by going to work so the SAHM role will get foisted upon me at some point. May as well have dc2 then!! I'm adamant I only want two though.

Maybe DS will resent it a la Brother Stormy but I'm

Plonkysaurus Fri 04-Oct-13 10:45:18

Expecting him to resent me at some stage grin

SoYo Fri 04-Oct-13 10:51:44

Worse I think the snack you're looking for is a spoon of half peanut butter, half Nutella. It's sanity-saving stuff. wink

If we were to have another, which is by no means certain, I'd quite like to have then when DD is starting school. Prolonging the nappy stages I know but It would give me long enough back at work to try and do my exams before another break and would mean I'd have had plenty of time with just DD before it got even harder still!

Well, contrary to my expectations I am still alive, and largely still awake. The worselet is of course asleep hmm. Votes for loudly yelling in her ear at 30 minute intervals for the next 8 hours???!!!

With nutella you say SoYo? Is that good? Nutella on its own doesn't do it for me, but perhaps diluted down? Crumpets are a dirty secret of mine Plonko. I eat them straight from the freezer with a thick layer of unsalted butter blush. DH has never seen me do this and he never will

Ah don't you all start talking babies on me or I will cluck. It's that newborn head smell. Irresistible. For all you youngsters out there, don't underestimate the last minute shout from the ovaries. Lots of people I know 'finished' their families and then had a surprise 10 years later. Or put another way according to my GP the vast majority of unplanned pregnancies she sees are middle class women in their 40s. It is rather easy to get so caught up in the message that post 35 the ovaries shrivel up and die, that you cease to worry. Take it from me, they don't.

StormyBrid Fri 04-Oct-13 11:59:27

There better not be any babyshaped surprises for me at forty. Mainly because the man will be fifty four by then, which is a bit old to be dealing with broken sleep and so on. One more then he can have the snip, then my ovaries can clamour all they like to no avail.

somethingbeginningwith Fri 04-Oct-13 19:55:54

My DM had my DSis when she was 22 and then I rocked up when she was 37. I was somewhat of a 'ahem' surprise. Although I have a fantastic relationship with DSis, I won't be waiting that long to have another. I'm also thinking school age, so about a 4 or 5 year gap I think for us.

It's been all go at chez-Something. We're having a new carpet in the living room as the previous owners were arseholes the kind to never hoover, or clean, and thought that a carpet was the best place for their dog to repeatedly urinate, so we decided to completely redecorate too. The walls weren't straight, thousands of holes, etc, so it's been a big job. But! The carpet is being put in tomorrow so we should have our room back. Poor DS has been forced to play with all his toys in a small corner of the dining room.

I hope tonight is a better night for all the broken sleepers out there, and if not, there's always the wine, right?

Eigmum Sat 05-Oct-13 07:48:52

Hello all, just caught up! Big hugs to those with non sleeping babies.

All ok here, back to work has been ok, little one still not drinking much milk in the day so I am feeding morning and night , giving porridge with follow on milk mid morning and I woke her mid week nights for a dream feed at 11. Didnt bother last night as know I will be here to feed her today. Pumping at work hilarious! Must be busy has haven't caught up with downtown yet.

Eigmum Sat 05-Oct-13 07:53:46

We have a 3.5 year gap here, seems to be ok. My big dilemma is what school for ds. The mental exhaustion of work is also tough. I am exhausted today.

Plonkysaurus Sat 05-Oct-13 08:56:47

Something was your redecorating begun by you just peeling paper off your walls at midnight? grin sounds like you've been busy!

Eig good to see you! Expressing at work sounds interesting.hopefully it won't take too long for you to get into a routine and have it all working like clockwork.

Worse I've been meaning to ask, how's the low GI diet going? Very true what you say about the 'surprise! You thought you couldn't conceive' baby. My mum was always secretly wishing for that to happen haha. And my dad and his younger brother are both proof that it does. But no, I don't fancy a teenager and a newborn in the same house.

Went out for an indulgent shopping and lanch trip yesterday. DS was a joy, decided to say mama and dada all day (unintentionally, of course. As far as he's concerned he may well be saying zoology or eggs) and then kind of crawl/shuffled backwards.

Supposed to be staying with the MIL tonight. I'm dreading it.

Best go rescue my handbag, he's trying to eat the strap.

She slept!!! The worselet slept!!! Words cannot not convey the sheer joy that 9 hours unbroken shut eye can bring. The solution to all our woes came in a form of a small nondescript looking bottle from the chemist. Lactulose. For those suffering the sleep depriving effects of babies with really bad constipation lactulose is your answer. It's safe, just softens, but be warned, the resultant nappy will require a full change, bath, and changing station deep clean.

Eig I have no idea how you manage to pump at work. It must take hours of plotting and planning to fit that round your diary. The only person I know who managed it was a librarian, in an office that frankly did not need a librarian. To say she had time on her hands would be an understatement.

Plonky Low GI - piece of cake. Well perhaps not! It's fine though, enjoyable even... and is a bit of incentive to break out of the boredom bracket food wise. Buckwheat pasta for example is a revelation. It has a taste. Some might say it is an acquired taste, but at least it is different.

Right, I need to go and help. DH has had the tiddler all morning and I'm missing her.

SoYo Sat 05-Oct-13 11:24:51

Eig it's good to hear from you, glad you're surviving the working/feeding/sleeping/playing combination, I hope it starts getting easier soon.

Sorry for short post but today is about surviving so I'm off to make coffee. Have a good weekend everyone.

Anypants Sat 05-Oct-13 13:13:51

Chin up soyo - you can get through it brew brew brew

ecofreckle Sat 05-Oct-13 19:31:17

Howdy folks.
Just caught up with your news. Second children? Yikes.my ideal would be five years so one is starting school but that'd mean baby at 42 so we are seriously considering being thankful for our one.
Wing am still in pads here too and have only gone braless overnight once. Like you say, It's the leakage from other one whilst feeding. It's a bit inconsistent but enough to keep me wearing them. But I Have bamboo washable ones and it's ok. It's the overnight bra I want to ditch. Nipples not sensitive here. Good jobs as Eco baby likes to do what we call spaghetti nipple here.
It's the day of the wedding, currently It's eight am here. We're in Joshua tree having had a fun drive down route 66. It's beautiful in the desert. Eco baby is doing well now having recovered from her jet lag. She gets masses of attention from friendly Americans we meet. Sleeping well to the hum

ecofreckle Sat 05-Oct-13 21:24:14

It's now one and I broke off that message as Eco baby did a mega nap and We went in hot tub overlooking mountains. I think I was saying she likes the noise of the air con. It's very hot here and our wedding in an hour rs outdoors. Eco baby is only child present so am hopeful we can pass her around a little.
Now we've settled into life here I'm delighted we came but for first 48 hours I swore never again. The flight and jet lag for us were hard. But short lived! Certainly doable. But we have another two weeks so who knows what hell could lie around corner. Time will tell.
BEtter go and get my frock on and sort my desert hair. Happy weekend everyone.

WingDefence Sat 05-Oct-13 22:05:23

Oh my goodness I am so jealous eco. I went on a Route 66 coach trip when I was 21 LA>Chicago with a group of strangers and it was an amazing trip.

No leakage still here BUT my first period post-birth started in earnest yesterday and I am so hormonal and in pain. And because I've got a coil in, I can't wear tampons until after my check-up and I've run out of normal Always so am actually having to wear damn maternity pads sad I have been very depressed today about everything; stopping BFing, returning to work, basically returning to my life pre-DD IFKWIM. Sob sad

On DC2 theme, I love the 4 1/4 years gap between DS and DD. Having both in nappies would have been awful IMO! I've got friends who have had them less than 2yrs apart and they seem to me to have struggled far more than we have but there are pros and cons to every age gap.

I'm currently working on DH to bring him round to perhaps having a third(!) but we wind have to have a smaller gap this time if we do go ahead because it wouldn't be fair on DS if he were 9 when the next one was born -and I really would have issues going back to a newborn stage after another 4 years!

Eig, good to hear from you.

worse, yay for sleeping!

And whoever suggested lactulose, thanks. DD was so constipated yesterday she puked every time she was trying to poo as she was straining so hard, poor little thing. Far runnier today so I'm not sure what changed overnight!

Hello to everyone else smile I went out on a mums' night out last night where I only really knew two of them. I felt incredibly frumpy and kept noticing myself doing annoying things like laughing too hard at someone's joke, saying stupid things etc. I've never been self-conscious socially so it was very weird. Probably a combination of hormones and just getting back into the swing of socialising again, especially with new people. I berated myself the whole way home though. Grr.

Anyway, I have just eaten half a chocolate orange and am now watching HIGNFY from last night. I need a laugh. Night all.

WingDefence Sat 05-Oct-13 22:06:53

Oh and nipples back to normal today. I feel a lot freer even though I'm still in nursing bras grin

ecofreckle Sun 06-Oct-13 06:35:14

wing I know the feeling you describe exactly. when it happens it is so awkward and bad for your self esteem. and I do the same on the journey home, going over and over conversations etc. thing is, no one else except us notices anything odd! maybe we need to get out more.
on the subject of poo, three days after first food eco baby's poo has been an adult consistency nugget a few times a day. surely they do not go from breast milk goo poo to hard stuff overnight? am thinking she might be constipated? gave her pureed prune this morning just in case.
so, the wedding was lovely. spectacular setting among the beautiful cacti and mountains, gorgeous just pregnant bride, amazing food, sweet vows. I left dh there and came back to motorhome with dd. he is staying out for the night as he doesn't see his LA Friend much these days. ecobaby did well but was too tired for supper by the time I offered it and flaked out in pram instead. tell me, how is it that at home we creep upstairs to bed and she wakes but tonight she took a three hour nap right next to live band?!
she is asleep in her cot now so I will snuggle down in our home on wheels too. I can't work out what time it is with you as am so tired....half six in morning on a sunday maybe....I hope you are all fast asleep with cosy days ahead of you. the heat has made me nostalgic for the autumn!

Eco What a wonderful experience to tell DD about when she is older. My parents upped sticks and emigrated for a year with 2 under 2, and I still ruffle my feathers with pride a bit when I think of it. My mum managed to cope in a flat without stairs, with 2 tiddlers, despite not having a word of the language when she arrived.

I can see an equally proud teen eco-baby rolling her eyes and telling her friends 'yeah, like they're mad. Carted me across america in a van, and left my pram by a live band while they partied. For real'.

On the poo front, lumps are not good. Prunes, lots of water, and go easy on the banana.

Wing I can identify. I'm uber confident 80% of the time, but 20 I regress back to childhood shyness and shrink delicately in a corner. Wallflowers have nothing on me. I like being the age I am though, as it's something that definitely diminishes the older you get. It's not all grey hair and saggy knees you know.

On the third front a) you're mad, and b) a 9 year gap is fine. SIL is 8 years younger than DH. She idolises him, and as a teenager he regarded her as an adorable little pet. They are still really close.

Today we are supposed to be going to christening, but given DH is still in bed with man flu I suspect this won't happen. I am not gutted. The poor baby is the outcome of his colleague's affair with his secretary. I went to the man's wedding, and the christenings of his two children with his wife. I like his wife, and have no reason to like the secretary. Lives may be complicated but the attitude of so many men to their families is disgusting angry

Anypants Sun 06-Oct-13 10:47:53

Glad you're having a good time eco and worse enjoy the christening - remember to smile grin and drink some free booze...

I am having a terrible start to the day - awake at 6.45, screaming through breakfast, only a half hour nap so didn't get to nap myself, DH got up at 10. Am v. angry at him as I am tired and he never offers to do anything for DD. He's got three days off from his new job where he had to start at 4.30 every morning last week. I do alright when he's not here. It's just that when he is here he may as well not be. I finally managed to get him to give DD a bath yesterday after days of asking and then I had to redo her nappy as he'd left it hanging off her. If I wasn't still bfing i'd have kicked him out of bed this morning to go and sort her out. He said 'did she have you up early this morning?' just now but no offer of 'anything I can do?'. I've half a mund to just go out and tell him he's got to give her lunch but a) he doesn't fully get the blw, b) I haven't prepared lunch yet and c) she'd end up with porridge as 'she loves it'. I need to spell it out for him, don't i? The sh*tbag. angry

<end of rant>

Anypants Sun 06-Oct-13 10:49:13

*half a mind.

StormyBrid Sun 06-Oct-13 13:10:32

Very early start here today - the man's alarm went off at half past five. Why he feels the need to get up so early just to watch the Grand Prix I have no idea. Particularly as the replay is just about to start now. Still, it meant I got to sleep in until half past eight.

Ah, the solid poos! Here we have nothing for two days, then a day of straining that eventually produces a tiny solid lump. Within half an hour a huge and soggy explosion takes place. I suppose the solid stuff blocks things up a bit, but when it clears everything else just falls out. Have had to go up a nappy size too, as size 3 was involving poo up to the shoulderblades. When the baby is sitting on the floor, the poo can't go down. Up is the only available direction, and by god does it go up.

Am having a major attack of the broodiness. Doesn't help that newest niece is due two weeks tomorrow, and my cousin's just announced another one too. How do I persuade the man that we need to have another one? He keeps saying "We should focus all our attention on this one." I keep thinking "Yes, but if I turn out to have the same disease as my mother has, I do not want DD to have to deal with it alone."

Any wish I had some advice for you. I could tell you how I got the man to step up and take responsibility with parenting, but I think men are like babies, in a way - no two are the same, and what works with one doesn't work with another. But yes, you will have to sit him down and spell things out very clearly, as it sounds like he's not going to suddenly realise what needs doing all by himself.

I really wish I didn't have morals and so could just engineer a contraceptive "accident"...

Anypants Sun 06-Oct-13 15:20:18

Well, what can I say? I threw a paddy as DD just refused to have a nap so u took her for a walk. Got back and told DH that I was having a bad day and could he help? He says 'ok - what can I do?' so I get him to give her lunch (i still had to make it but he sat and watched her). I should have sat down but alas I managed to sort out the washing and tidy up a bit. I may be pushing it but I might see if I can get him to do the bath again tonight.... shock

StormyBrid Sun 06-Oct-13 16:17:40

Don't ask him, Any, tell him. Tell him you're going to have a sit down while he does the bath because you're knackered. And don't jump up to fetch and carry for him, let him bugger it up all by himself because that way he'll learn.

In other news, my persuasive powers know no bounds. Terms of baby number two: I have to get down to under thirteen stone; and I have to source a pizza and some weed for this evening. Let the healthy eating campaign begin!

StormyBrid Mon 07-Oct-13 07:38:50

So, silence all night. That means all the babies slept, right?

Anypants Mon 07-Oct-13 08:01:21

Fraid so. Dosed up DD with calpol as she was sneezing and snotty last night. Told DH to do the bath as she was screaming at me and, lo and behold, he did it! I think he has realised that he could help me a bit more. Wonder how long it'll last...? hmm

StormyBrid Mon 07-Oct-13 08:21:20

How long it lasts probably depends on whether he can make the mental leap from "helping you" to "parenting". We had calpol induced sleep until twenty to seven, after an eleven o'clock waking up screaming incident. Added to the chewing and the dribbling, I suspect the top teeth are on the way.

Anypants Mon 07-Oct-13 10:15:38

You're right stormy - I think i'll chance my arm and see if he does the bath again tonight... Softly softly catchy monkey. Trouble is, he's back at work tomorrow, starting at 5am, so he won't want to do anything when he gets in. Ah well, we'll see... hmm

StormyBrid Mon 07-Oct-13 10:21:55

The man never wants to do much when he gets in either - he's out the house at half seven and not home until six. Still does bath and bed five nights a week - it's daddy/daughter bonding time.

Plonkysaurus Mon 07-Oct-13 15:20:09

Glad to hear he's doing more Any. I think Stormys bang on with making the leap from helping to parenting.

eco it sounds like you're having a gay old time. That must have been a long flight, you (and your arms) have my sympathy.

We went to the PILs on Saturday and it was far better than anticipated. I was a snotty mess so persuaded dp to get up with DS on Sunday morning, and MIL behaved herself. Then we met my family for a nice meal just outside Macclesfield. Didn't get any time to ourselves but we've got our dirty weekend away coming up. And in just over two weeks I'm back at work so really trying to make the most of this time.

Had a sinking realisation that for a couple of days next month I'm going to be solo parenting and working! Dp is off to Dubai with work, so somehow I've got to persuade my boss to let me finish early to fetch DS. Everyone I know is abroad at once! Nail-biting fully underway.

Oh and still no teeth here. The canine I spotted weeks ago settled back down. But he has learnt to say dada.

LaLaLeni Mon 07-Oct-13 19:34:14

Hello all!

Sorry I've been awol - a busy time meant getting so behind on the thread that it got a bit intimidating... So I've not read through hmm apologies. A lot happened and I thought it would be better to just draw a line and join in afresh!

Here's a potted rundown of my news:

We've just got back from a weekend visiting family (my 'holiday' before going back to work). It caused an almighty screaming row where we both said regrettable things but it cleared the air. Mil's dog is to blame shock

DS has 2 teeth plus an enormous scary black teething blister. Still not sleeping through but loving new people now and finally turned 6 months. I actually want to chew his face I love him so much grin

I've been writing songs again and it's going better than ever. I cut my arse-length hair off. I bought new work clothes that don't look awful.

Still waiting for my neurology appointment, meanwhile symptoms are fluctuating and OH is being more understanding.

Hope everyone's doing well - anyone back at work yet?

Plonkysaurus Mon 07-Oct-13 20:49:53

Hi Leni, certainly sounds like you've been busy. I hope you've turned a corner with your dh. A good row can be a positive thing, those rare moments when you're not bothered about being tactful or polite so you can just be honest!

Six monthsers are bloody gorgeous eh?

Hi Leni good to see you back. Plonky's right, issues are better aired than not, so hopefully things will pick up at home. New look, new wardrobe and new sounds.... go you!!! smile

I'm loving this stage too. Dd has such a great sense of humour and has reached the point where she can anticipate if something will be funny. Hours of fun. If I say 'boop' to her in a certain way she laughs. I always pull a face beforehand, so if I pull the face then hold my breath, she holds her breath, snorts a bit with stiffled laughter, before cracking up when I 'boop' at her. The game can be continued to the point where we both crack up if I so much as look at her out of the corner of my eye. Now obviously I need to get out more, but in the meantime I can honestly say it is like having a very small best friend around the place.

On a more mundane note how is everyone dealing with weaning digestive problems? I'm up at least every 2 hours every night now because the tiddler is waking with stomach cramps. She settles down when I cuddle her, but I can feel the trapped wind in her intestine. I'm knackered, she's knackered, and tempting though it may be the solution is not to feed her only milk for the next 18 years, so any ideas gratefully received.

StormyBrid Tue 08-Oct-13 08:10:54

worse we've had a couple of occasions of waking up screaming with stomach cramps (although it's rare, thankfully). A cuddle while the calpol kicks in generally does the trick. Although I can understand you might not want to go down the calpol route if it's every night.

Hello, Leni, good to see you back!

If DD sees me looking at her tummy and grinning she bursts out laughing, anticipating the raspberry. grin

I weighed myself this morning. 47lbs to shift before we can try for baby number two. That's totally doable.

Plonkysaurus Tue 08-Oct-13 08:34:30

Stormy I have a friend who's particularly adept at baby making. She puts us lot in the shade. Anyway, she swears by losing the weight between pregnancies for a number of reasons, not least because it boosts fertility. I have about 20 lbs to go before I'm skinny again and I'm hoping a lot will fall off once I'm back at work and on my feet all day. I found the 'Avoid the Quiche' thread on weightloss chat, there's some really inspiring stuff there.

We've had a bit more nighttime grumbling with weaning but it seems to have dropped off again. Whenever he seems grumpier I tend to resort to blw and try not to have an anxiety attack at the mess. I've no idea if it actually helps, though if he's feeding himself he never eats as much as with purées.

And yeah the sense of humours lovely. DS finds it hilarious when I make the bed if he's still in it, it's like an enormous game of peekaboo.

KFFOREVER Tue 08-Oct-13 09:54:04

Morning all.

Welcome back leni. Yay to ds having teeth.

stormy good luck on losing weight before baby number 2. I have lots to lose too. I actually lost weight when i was pregnant but put it all back on when my appetite came back after the birth. If only i didnt have a sweet tooth.

worse we still have some digestive issues. I can hear the wind in his stomach but he doesnt seem to be distressed by it. This may raise a few eyebrows on mn but we gave ds cooled boiled anaseed. It worked a treat with wind. He used to cry so much in pain but started to feel much better when he started farting away.

We took ds to a wedding on sunday. BIG mistake. He cried most of the time and was very miserable. He just hates to be in crowded places especially in the evening.
so just when i thought we got over the whinging stage when ds started to crawl we have started again. Ds is now trying to pull himself up to stand by holding onto furniture. He gets stuck cue whinging. So now when i put ds for a nap he is more interested in standing up in his cot.

StormyBrid Tue 08-Oct-13 11:34:32

KF getting stuck and whinging is preferable to DD's current version of trying to stand up, which involves getting up onto her knees, not knowing what to do next, getting distracted by the cats, and falling flat on her face.

I was actually quite pleased with my weight this morning, because it's stayed pretty static (within its usual half a stone range) these past six months. Considering these past six months have involved rather a lot of biscuits and far too many sandwiches, I shouldn't have to make too many drastic changes to start shifting a bit. And 47lbs would seem a lot scarier if I hadn't managed to lose 59lbs last year. Note to self: don't regain it all with baby number two!

As for inspiration, Plonky, I find the thought that I'm doing this for baby number two is pretty good for keeping me on the straight and narrow. Yes, I would love to polish off the packet of chocolate caramel digestives the man left next to the TV. But I want another baby more.

I must admit I've really slowed down with offering DD solids, because a) she's not particularly interested still and b) the constipation isn't fun. Must crack on with it though, she needs to be eating well enough to handle Christmas dinner!

StormyBrid Wed 09-Oct-13 07:49:09

It's very quiet. Where is everyone?

I think we have accidentally started the process of night weaning. We were both knackered last night, so went to bed early, with me intending to get up and feed her when she woke up. Except she didn't wake up, except for whimpering a bit in her sleep at half past four. Woke up at half past six, I ignored her on the grounds that we don't get up before seven, and she fell asleep again at five to. And now she's awake again, so I best dash!

Plonkysaurus Wed 09-Oct-13 08:44:42

Does that mean sleeping through without a dream feed? Awesome! Might have the additional bonus of making her more interested in solids during the day.

So then, theoretically, will you start ttc when you've lost a satisfactory amount of weight? That's amazing thinspiration!! I'm vain and just fancy wearing my nice clothes again. I can't believe I used to complain about feeling chubby when I had a 28" waist. That'll learn me.

I'm having a very busy week so far. The weekend was nonstop, and I might've slightly deaded Something yesterday by taking her to soft play then making her walk up the mountain back to my house. Very cute to see the babies together though, even if mine does slightly shout at hers and make him cry blush.

Right I'd best get motoring if I want to let a madman scribble on my back for an hour and a half.

StormyBrid Wed 09-Oct-13 09:01:32

Ooo, can we have a photo when it's done, Plonky? Must get cracking with the design for my next tattoo, since the man's employed so we can actually afford more now.

The plan is to try for number two when I've got down to below 13 stone, yes. It's been a very very long time since I saw a 12 on the scales, so I'm quite looking forward to it! Doing well so far, have been eating very healthily all week, and done 10km on the exercise bike every day (good thing the man does bathtime or I wouldn't get the chance). And hopefully when number two's on the way I'll be able to get better advice about managing diet during pregnancy - with DD I asked every health professional I saw and they all said "Just eat when you're hungry." Given my issues with overeating, this was Not A Good Idea.

I don't know about solids, but not having anything for twelve hours meant DD attacked her breakfast milk with unusual gusto. It was nice to have a baby with an appetite for once.

KFFOREVER Wed 09-Oct-13 09:25:27

stormy and plonky you are brave letting someone scribble on you. It always seems to look so sore after.

Ds got weighed yesterday. HV said developmentlly babies should be able to sleep for 10-12hrs without a feed and babies waking up now has become a habit. She advised to dilute the milk to wean him off it. So 5 scoops of aptamil for 6oz bottle then 3 nights later 4 scoops and so on until its just water. I was going to follow ds lead in him stopping night feeds but hes not waking up hungry. He will have breakfast at lunchtime so am finding it very difficult to fit in 3 meals and fruits. So last we tried the 5 scoops. He woke up more but not sure if its related to the milk. We shall see if this works.

StormyBrid Wed 09-Oct-13 09:50:44

We'd been talking about reducing the size of the dream feed, but as she managed perfectly well without it last night I think we'll just go cold turkey and see how it works.

Tattoos are sore after, but during, they're surprisingly fun. Hurt like buggery, but you get lots of adrenaline and other fun chemicals sloshing around your brain. It's actually sort of addictive.

God you lot make me feel old grin. Tattoos???? I once many years ago turned up at a Ball with a very tiny, very discrete [fake] rose tattoo on my arm, and it caused quite a stir. Had it been real I swear some grande dame or other would have faked a swoon. Now everyone who's anyone has several, and me being no one has none. A situation I am happy with. Plonky Photos!!! I'm expecting something gorgeous, or at the very least awesome enough to be worth an hour and a half confused of pain you crazy person

Stormy If she's dropping the dream feed herself go with it. I haven't done any night feeds since 10 weeks here, and madam is a hefty 18lbs so not starved.

Good for you on the health kick front, 10km is impressive. Reminds me I must dust off my running shoes. I'm missing the exercise kick. Just requires some form of childcare for an hour, which is unfortunately not something I can see happening any time soon? Can't wait until she is big enough to join me!

Rainbowbabyhope Wed 09-Oct-13 13:49:32

Not sure I buy into the babies not needing night feeds at this age - DD feeds every two - three hours day and night with equal gusto at every feed plus has three large meals blw style everyday too. We tried reducing feeds at night for about a week and it made her incredibly unhappy in the day and she actually lost her appetite in the daytime too! These babies are complicated creatures!

stormy tattoos sound like a painful way to get a great adrenalin rush! Mind you I found that with childbirth - never felt so high in my life during labour and afterwards with all that amazing oxytocin!

Rainbowbabyhope Wed 09-Oct-13 13:54:37

I should add that if DD chooses to stop feeding properly at night I would be over the moon and would certainly not discourage it! worse I miss regular exercise too. I used to swim every day, run and do spinning few times a week. I miss it so much! Trying to find time to do couch to 5k to get back into it but hard to find the time to do it regularly.

Plonkysaurus Wed 09-Oct-13 13:59:11

Right ladies, MN profile photos aren't really working for me this afternoon, so I've put them on my Flickr. linky. It was by far the most comfortable session I've had so far, and even though I feel shortchanged (he charged me for 90 mins, it only took 45, he kept the rest) he did a fantastic job. Oh and I totally breathed through it grin

I can't wait to see the look on MILs face.

Worse I've given up exercising in exchange for going on mega long walks with ds. I just can't do it all - running a house, cooking for us all, food shopping, entertaining ds and exercising...no. It's not happening. But I can walk with him to entertain us both.

Speaking of, were off out now actually. I've come home to a screamy bored baby. Fun!

StormyBrid Wed 09-Oct-13 15:12:03

Running, worse? Good luck with it you crazy lady. The thing I particularly like about the exercise bike is you get to do it sitting down. Have you got a buggy that lends itself to jogging?

Also, an hour and a half of tattooing is probably something relatively small or simple. My brother's most recent one, he had four full afternoon sessions before it was finished.

I felt pretty high during childbirth too, but I think that was to do with the drugs they gave me. grin As for night feeds at this age, it's more that as a general rule babies can theoretically cope overnight without a feed, whereas when they're tiny their stomachs hold so little they need topping up more often. If there's one thing being here has taught me though, it's that babies don't follow the rulebook!

Very nice tattoo, Plonky! I feel I should point out though, you've just linked us all to your full name and date of birth. Anyone feel like playing some Identity Theft?

Plonkysaurus Wed 09-Oct-13 15:15:54

It did cross my mind, but it was either that or my facebook profile. If I suddenly get phone calls offering moneys into my bank account from a Nigerian prince, ill send the filth to your door then Stormy grin

StormyBrid Wed 09-Oct-13 15:19:20

<puts facebook stalker hat on>

Is that you with the photo taken in a posh looking garden with the red buggy?

SoYo Wed 09-Oct-13 15:25:05

It does look lovely Plonky but I think you and Stormy are bonkers (in a lovely way) to do something so painful for pleasure!

Wors I'm like you, in fact I haven't even got my ears pierced! I can think of many better ways to get an adrenaline rush.

Stormy well done on the exercise, there's no way I could cycle 10km and I can't run at all but I do love a good swim and used to love doing classes at the gym, I think it'll be a long time before I get the chance to do anything like that again though!

I'm sure my madam does eat enough during the day to not need feeding overnight but since she's in the habit of it she obviously thinks she's hungry and I haven't the heart or the will at the moment to work too hard on breaking that habit. I'm just ever hopeful it'll improve on its own!!! I know I'm deluded but it helps me to get through the day

I'm off to tackle Aldi, wish me luck!

StormyBrid Wed 09-Oct-13 15:30:59

Hello, SoYo, how are you getting on? Did I spot you saying something about having the flu on another thread? If so, I hope you're over the worst of it - Aldi with the flu sounds a bit hellish.

And you're not deluded, she will sleep better eventually! It's just how long "eventually" actually is that we're best off not dwelling on.

I was 21 before I got my ears pierced. Started my piercing career by jumping in at the deep end - tongue the day before my fifteenth birthday. My dad went ballistic, which was half the reason I did it. grin

Plonkysaurus Wed 09-Oct-13 15:56:16

Bollocks. Right you are then Stormy, I've deleted my scan pictures.

I was wondering if you'd had any improvement yet SoYo. I can only guess at how it feels, wanting to change the nighttime feeds but being too knackered to go about it!

I've been asked just about every irritating question about tattoos/piercings from 'why?' and 'are you crazy' to 'don't you care how you'll look when you're 80?' My answers now are yes, I might just be crazy. I have them because I want them, and I'll look fookin amazing when I'm 80. A beige gran coat is just not me. By the time I turned 18 my parents stopped saying anything about my appearance, it just wasn't worth it. I've taken most of my piercings out now so I could get a decent job but I think people should, on the whole, be a bit more relaxed about such things and not place such importance on appearance.

Oh and after childbirth a tattoo is like shelling peas. And there was no gas and air.

StormyBrid Wed 09-Oct-13 16:30:57

Have you managed to set your facebook up so people can't add you, Plonky? Or am I just being dim and totally failing to find the right button?

SoYo Wed 09-Oct-13 16:33:37

Stormy on the flu front I'm a million times better, I just feel like I've got a bad cold. On Monday I had to bum shuffle down the stairs and change madam on the floor because I couldn't get her up to the changing table and then had to ring the man home from work to take over as I wasn't able.

As for the sleeping its no better but I'm trying not to dwell on it for a few days at least, otherwise it just feels overwhelming and takes over all the good bits.

I got to Aldi, realised I didn't have £1 for the trolley as I'd just brought my cards, they didn't have any baskets and I didn't have a pushchair so I gave up and went to the Waitrose across the road, much more civilised!

Plonkysaurus Wed 09-Oct-13 16:43:16

It was set up for just friends of friends but have amended it.

Sounds pretty sucky SoYo. cake and brew?

I'm being lazy mummy tonight. Ds will be have beans for tea.

StormyBrid Wed 09-Oct-13 17:02:14

Beans! I dream of feeding DD beans. When will she learn to chew?!

There's an Aldi half a mile away from me, and a Lidl too. Never go to either of them, because for the life of me I can't fathom how to handle buggy and trolley at the same time. Is there some obvious answer I'm missing?

I will take my facebook stalker hat off in a moment, but first: is that miniSomething with all the teeth? Some serious cuteness going on there! Almost enough to make one think twins might be kind of cool.

Also, argh! That damn penis dunking thread has broken mumsnet!

Plonkysaurus Wed 09-Oct-13 21:15:08

The beans were met with a lukewarm reception. I even stirred cheese in but ds gave up surprisingly easily. Happy to have fruit instead. Grr.

Shopping wise...well I've given up. Ds is too big for those reclined plastic seats atop the trolley, so last time I went I tried him in the big boy seat. he squawked for a bit, then wriggled, flopped to the side (to really make me a candidate for mother of the year) and began to scream. I did my best to keep him happy but it was pointless. So for now it's a big shop online and quick whizz round for a midweek top up using the buggy.

And yep, that's babySomething on my Facebook. It was so cute, they were both playing independently but with the same toy. And boy does he have some gnashers!

KFFOREVER Wed 09-Oct-13 21:19:14

Oh my penis beaker is nationwide. Will catch up tomorrow mumsnet is playing up.