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Dec 11: Not tonight dear, I've got a haddock.

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PerilousStiletto Wed 07-Aug-13 12:46:36

I liked this one. smile

Figgygal Wed 07-Aug-13 12:51:31

Ooh good choice i missed that one!!

QueenofClean Wed 07-Aug-13 13:39:38

grin Marks place!

QueenofClean Wed 07-Aug-13 13:39:50

Should say plaice hehe

mopsytop Wed 07-Aug-13 13:52:50

Next time Octo!

Xiaoxiong Wed 07-Aug-13 15:30:22

So many good thread names...we'll get round to them all eventually grin

I don't have any gorgeous newborn pictures like gary and kat but I've posted a picture of my 31 week belly on my profile taken at midnight last night for my MIL.

Looking at it I can kind of see why they tested me for gestational diabetes and why everyone keeps telling me I'm about to pop, I certainly hope not

Aethelfleda Wed 07-Aug-13 17:50:10

Are you sure there's just the one in there, xiao?

<ducks to avoid a flying sardine>

(you look exceedingly trim otherwise! I am guessing the camera angle maximises bump?)

GaryBuseysTeeth Wed 07-Aug-13 18:46:04

I loled at fred title! grin

I've put a few pics of DS2 on here, that's a mighty fine bump you've got there Xiao!
Going off to read previous fredend but congrats to Kat flowers

Aethelfleda Wed 07-Aug-13 18:55:44

Ooh yes, very well done Kat!

flowers flowers brew

Xiaoxiong Wed 07-Aug-13 19:08:16

aethel haha bloody ha grin <follows sardine with conger eel> I guess I just grow really really big babies confused

gary are the pics on your profile? In which case you need to make it public so we can see and get all broody.

GaryBuseysTeeth Wed 07-Aug-13 19:59:19

Pics are public now, cheers Xiao, I knew I forgot to do something!

Right, last fred;
The last decent Dr was Chris Ecclestone, Scottish overacting shouty man & the young kooky one were both rubbish. <runs away>

Mopsy, glad Italy was amazing! Hope Minimopsy has been treated to massive hugs since you've returned & she had a massive grin for you when she first saw you.

Xiao, thanks for the website link, lovely gift ideas! I want the wagon/sled (for the DS's obv.)

Seven, we have a nappy escape artist too, I think it was Aethel (apologies if it wasn't & credit where it's due) who suggested on the last fred that putting them on backwards stops them stripping!
Hurrah for your new Macbook!

Northen, hope you're feeling back to normal today & <pompoms> for the For Sale sign!

Good luck with the weight loss Mopsy!

Kat, I know our DS's have the same name; my girls names of choice were Cordelia, Selina (discounted because of DS's name), Elizabeth & Natalia...Octo has lovely names for her DC too, stole one of them blush so maybe you could steal her DD's name! <mwhaha>

I gained 40lbs with DS2, lovely thing is 15lbs has gone already (hurrah for water retention & pushing baby out)...feeling terribly flabby & unfit atm & itching to exercise again asap.

Aethelfleda Wed 07-Aug-13 21:20:11

Ah, xiao, you luffs me really. And your existing DC is beautiful, so clearly you are growing another charmer in there. Charm takes up space!

Lovely names gary! and how's it going over your end peril? we are in holiday packing mode, the MIL awaits!

<distributes large decaf lattes to all along with sausage sarnies and buttered mushroom baguettes for the veggies>

Faffin Wed 07-Aug-13 21:23:53

You chose my fred name smile

Impressive bump xiao. It's very neatly all bump though, you're looking good!

Gary would love to see your pics, but it won't let me click on you still

Just back from lovely afternoon tea in London with my Mum and sister. Ate so much I now have a bump to rival xiao's

<crawls in from late meeting>

<marks plaice>

GBT still can't get at your pics; if I can't have another baby for a few years I can at least moon over and want to steal look at yours! Wail!

And that goes for you too Kat; massive congratulations by the way! wink grin

Xiaoxiong Wed 07-Aug-13 21:58:27

In case kat needs more inspiration our girls' name shortlist was: Morwenna, Karenza, Sennen, Seren, Isolde.

Gary I can't click on your name either - you have to make your profile public as well as the pictures (top right, click "my mumsnet" then "my profile", then all the way at the bottom select "yes - make my profile visible").

You guys are all very sweet re bump - makes me feel better that I have already grown out of a couple of maternity tops that lasted me till 40 weeks with DS shock

aethel isn't a conger eel in the face a sign of firm friendship? wink When are you back from MIL?

mopsy encouraging pompoms for weightloss, missed that at the end of the last thread.

faffin what'd you eat? (I love vicariously eating more through others - greedy, moi?)

I can't work out how to add photos to my profile on my phone but will get the laptop out tomorrow.

She's called Imogen Juno and is still perfect although much more aggressive in her latch and has already cracked a nipple

Xiaoxiong Wed 07-Aug-13 22:11:33

I literally caught my breath at that kat, what an amazing name!! I worry our chosen name for DS2 is too boring but it's the only one DH and I can agree on at the moment.

<lobs over the lansinoh>

Aw, thanks. My lansinoh is out of date!

I have added photos although they appear to be upside down...

Figgygal Wed 07-Aug-13 22:29:49

Beautiful name!! I so jealous i want another baby so am off to sulk like a grumpy teen grin

1 of my coworkers announced her pg today too was very happy for her obviously

PerilousStiletto Wed 07-Aug-13 22:30:35

Mr Ecclestone - the only really true Rahhhh-worthy Doctor ever. I quite agree gary. smile
And absolutely yes, a quite excellent fred title, faffin. I would say the "Best Fred" but if I mistyped/lost an s, I'd be in terrible bother. wink ha ha! One can larf.
Xiao i am envious of the babies, and even very, very envious of your beautifully, lovely bump.
I'm definitely not pg. After 5 days of AF lightness... well, welcome home Texas. Nuff said. (If you didn't catch the earlier reference, forget it, TMI, and not v important.)
The upside of that (if there is one) is I'm orf to Copenhagen again tomorrow, and off to Tivoli to be wined and dined at Nimb whilst watching a rock concert Danish style. smile So at least I can have a drink, and have been promised champagne by the most charming supplier who is doing the entertaining (am v lucky - even if it is not Hop's supplier!). Home saturday morning to be whisked away by the BOi and Dh to el caravan (oh the glamour!) until Tuesday night. A mini holiday. A luxury wedding weekend in Italy it is not (a la mopsy), but a static on a lake in North Lincs will do me for now. smile

PerilousStiletto Wed 07-Aug-13 22:32:22

aw figgy... Time to work on your DH again? (--like literally!--)

SevenReasonsToSmile Wed 07-Aug-13 22:32:54

Congrats kat lovely name. Still can't get onto your profile.

xiao your bump is very neat -- though enormous--. Are you willing to share your possible name for DS2?

We have MIL round tomorrow, should be fun...

SevenReasonsToSmile Wed 07-Aug-13 22:40:25

Sorry about AF peril. I don't agree with Christopher Eccleston though, too shouty and macho. I'm done judging doctors though, according to fb I'm shallow even if it wasn't meant to be taken seriously

queen how's the caking going? I have a business name, and a logo , and I'm setting up a website. I need to do some serious decorating practice before I'm officially in business though so it'll be a while as yet.

Figgygal Wed 07-Aug-13 22:45:46

No baby luck here peril money situation still crap have just shelled out £300 for failed mot and repairs still need 2 new tyres and on top of all the money woes dh health issues continues with new dr suggesting appears arthritis and SLE lupus shock I think we both preferred it when we thought it was gout......further tests to follow.

Champagne sounds nice though I'm going to Swindon tomorrow with work.....not really comparable is it grin

Aethelfleda Thu 08-Aug-13 08:33:25

Aargh, had about four wakeups last night with combo of the incredible escaping DS and a bed change for DD2. Who needs sleep?

<furtles for the extra-strength coffee ad a pair of matchsticks>

QueenofClean Thu 08-Aug-13 08:34:55

Kat what a lovely name smile

Xiao your bump isn't too big all nice and neat.

All these lovely babies are making me broody.

My girls are driving me insane at night...feel like a yoyo sad

Seven, cakes are going well thank you..will be making some more cuppys today, chocolate & mint and going to try apple & cinnamon too.

Re decoration YouTube are great and the local cake supply shop run workshops. I'm going to one on 21st August to learn the art of vintage cupcake decoration. Have my business cards on there way to me and have been asked to attend a friends craft fair in Nov so all good thanks.

QueenofClean Thu 08-Aug-13 08:55:02

Aethel sleep is clearly not for us...sad

mopsytop Thu 08-Aug-13 08:56:09

Minimopsy woke at 4.45 but-total miracle-fell asleep again at 5.20 and slept until nearly half seven! woohoo! have been getting up at 5.45 for weeks!

Aethelfleda Thu 08-Aug-13 11:50:30

Ooh congrats mopsy for the "lie-in"!

<passes a can of relentless to queenie>

It's ok when I'm not working and don't have too much scheduled. I'm more hmm about when I return to work though, I absolutely must be on the ball when working, and so I will make compromises in my own quality of life to ensure I can be fully fit (eg if nights are bad go to bed v early at the expense of leisure time for me/time with DH)

I think I may trawl the web for some advice re DD2, I'm fairly sure this is simple bedwetting and not illness, and she's still not yet six so it's considered "normal" but I really don't want her going back into night nappies at this stage (she's agreed to pull-up Dri-nights for our holiday, but she's refused night nappies since she was aged two....we're both tired of 3am sheet changes and the sleep disturbance can't be helping her either....

mopsytop Thu 08-Aug-13 14:09:33

Oh dear aethel. Hope you find a solution. I've just been and had my bloods done. Been soooo exhausted for past six weeks or so. Like way more than normal interrupted sleep/running around after toddler exhaustion. So I thought I'd just get checked. Is probably nothing. Hope not. But would like not to feel like a zombie again!

BJR Thu 08-Aug-13 15:36:20

I'm joining the no sleep crew with aethel and Queenie! DS is having a couple of off days, I'm going to blame teething as I don't have a clue what's up. He's been waking all through the night screaming, takes ages to settle then repeat after about 20 mins of sleep. Not eaten anything today or yesterday, just wants milk. He's usually so chilled out so its been a shock to the system.

He had his last day in baby room at nursery this week. From next week he will be in wobbler room grin

Hope you manage to find some ideas to help with DD2 Aethel, must be very tiring for her if its disturbing her sleep alot.

Hope you're feeling better soon Mopsy, btw your weekend away sounded amazing!

QueenofClean Thu 08-Aug-13 18:20:06

Feel better soon Mopsy.

<chucks cake at Aethel in thanks for the Relentless>

Hope you find a solution for DD2 Aethel.

Hoping the girls go to bed and sleep well tonight, although I will have a couple of hrs child free tomorrow to make cupcakes sleep!

Figgygal Thu 08-Aug-13 19:03:28

You know when you eating your lunch in the car on the way home at 5pm youve had a busy day!!

Ds has a girlfriend at CMs shes 5 months younger than him the little strumpet grin they walk around holding hands apparently. We have a new word today .......tractor they've been to local adventure farms twice this week so hes picked it up.

Another evening dh free he is off to a committee meeting for his bird watching group (yes I mean of the feathered variety) so tonight in gonna watch sharknado with a glass of wine grin

QueenofClean Thu 08-Aug-13 19:42:41

Figgy....sharknado?? How sweet that Figgyboy has a girlfriend smile

QueenofClean Thu 08-Aug-13 19:43:56

Darcie is staying at Nanny's tonight and Sky is already in bed, so am hoping I may actually get some sleep tonight.

GaryBuseysTeeth Thu 08-Aug-13 20:37:57

will post proper when not covered in ds2 but my profile should be clicky now,,think mn had a wobble last night.

Faffin Thu 08-Aug-13 20:53:10

A beautiful name for a beautiful girl kat

xiao we had this afternoon tea We went for the honey one, which was lovely, although we were a bit honeyed out by the end of it and would probably go for the other one if we went again.

I hope the bloods come back OK mopsy, and that you're feeling much better soon. I had a spell like that last year. Bloods all came back fine and I eventually started feeling more human again!

Wishing everyone a better night tonight

Faffin Thu 08-Aug-13 20:54:20

Ah, Gary the pics were worth the wait, he's gorgeous grin

Thank you GBT and Kat, they are of course beautiful, and the wonderful hair! Imogen is a beautiful name; my friend had already got it for her daughter but I also like Isobel.

Sympathies aethel, that sounds trying, and I know exactly what you mean about the work/sleep/quality of life/being on the ball thing. It's grim, but the sleep must come first to ensure that there are no foul ups at work as they just can't happen. So has DD2 just started up again for some as-yet-unidentified reason? I'm sure you'll have ruled out UTI, etc. Hope it sorts.

Hope you get the results through soon mopsy and it's 'just' tiredness and/or something easy like needing iron tablets. Really sorry to hear about your DH too figgy; they're all auto-immune inflammatory thingys in the same 'family' of ailments, including gout. What treatment is your DH currently on? There are lots of things out there that can be used to suppress it, but fingers crossed he gets a formal diagnosis and treatment soon. So sorry, I know how tough those illness are sad

Your first trip sounds utterly glam as ever Peril, enjoy the champers!

How're you getting on BRJ? I take it DS is still in the same nursery, so you got the problems with the nappies, etc sorted? You're certainly sounding more cheerful so I hope that's the case smile

Ah, Friday tomorrow, deep, deep joy.............

ifyourehoppyandyouknowit Thu 08-Aug-13 21:23:41

On phone, must do proper catch up tomorrow. Loving all the new babies, and the lovely bump! Imogen is a beautiful name.

Peril, am also dying of period <high five> for annoying uteri.

Having babies messes with your nogin. Re reading a book atm (jilly Cooper, polo. Stop judging me!!) And a small child is all adorable and then dies and I'm totally choking up reading it. I used to be cynical and hard as nails. Now I am reduced to a snivelling wreck at the John Lewis Christmas ads. I'm getting old.

<high five> back to Hop, ditto on the weeping at children/sad things/adverts. The awful thing is I used to take the piss out of my Mum for this, and remember doing so, and I'm now the saaaaaaaaame!

also secret Jilly Cooper fan for holidays, high quality trash grin

Figgygal Thu 08-Aug-13 22:02:23

I have just finished work for the week that is not cool!! I never did get round to sharknado.

Aethelfleda Thu 08-Aug-13 22:03:45

Hiya.... We know what set dD2 off northern, she'd been fully dry for six months and then we needed to move house. It started the day the for-sale sign went up outside our house sad six months in and she's better, but we still have 30-40% wet beds and that's with a lift/wakeup to wee at 10.30pm. She has some weeks where she's dry for three pr four days in a row, but never dry for the whole week. Days are fine, she just doesn't wake up. I googled the NICE guidelines and they say the best thing after simple checking re fluids/constipation is a bed alarm, so when we get back from hols I'll look into getting one of those. We were just hoping to wait it out and not medicalise it (her wee is fine, I've had that checked more than once) but I think it's making her tired now and that's not fair.

On a family sleepover: dDs upstairs with cousins, DS has settled nicely in his travel cot tonight and we're watching dubious 1980s horror with my DBro (evil dead 3:army of darkness. It's hysterically awful!)

<sleepy dust for all the babies>

SevenReasonsToSmile Fri 09-Aug-13 09:13:04

aethel no advice but hope you get it resolved soon.

queen hope you had a better night, and the cupcakes go well not jealous at all that you have time to make cakes.

I'm thinking about looking into a holiday not that we could likely afford it, our last one was 6 years ago pre-children. Possibly Edinburgh as DS wants to see the pandas at Edinburgh zoo. figgy if we venture that far what else is worth seeing up there? We'll probably take DS up to Kinguissie to see Ruthven barracks as its the home of DHs ancestors, but that's still only 2 days worth of stuff.

QueenofClean Fri 09-Aug-13 09:31:21

Thanks Seven had a great nights sleep as Darcie stayed at Nanny's which meant Sky slept the whole night.

I have time to make cuppys when the girls are at school & nursery or when one is at nursery and the other is playing nicely...it's harder when I have Sky clinging onto my legs.

How does apple & cinnamon cuppys sound?

mopsytop Fri 09-Aug-13 09:36:22

Are cuppys something different to cupcakes? If they are cupcakes, apple and cinnamon sounds yum!

SevenReasonsToSmile Fri 09-Aug-13 09:44:03

Amazing, as long as they have brown sugar

SevenReasonsToSmile Fri 09-Aug-13 09:44:16

on top

QueenofClean Fri 09-Aug-13 12:41:35

Mopsy, cuppys are cupcakes.

Seven - Brown sugar on top??!

SevenReasonsToSmile Fri 09-Aug-13 17:18:35

DH has a charity place in next years marathon, he found out today. I guess the holiday plans will have to wait until I've seen what the cost if hotel rooms and train tickets will be.

SevenReasonsToSmile Fri 09-Aug-13 17:19:05

London marathon again, if you hadn't assumed

QueenofClean Fri 09-Aug-13 18:21:29

Well Done to DH. We will add a donation again smile

Pls see and like www.facebook.com/GemsCakes1355for today's creations.

Figgygal Fri 09-Aug-13 22:15:08

Exhausting afternoon of Gromit spotting and huge lunch in UKs biggest restaurant has rendered me wibbly grin now have photo upon photo of DS looking the other way next to exotically designed gromits which shall in some way become a 60th bday present for my mum.

Must sleep now grin

SevenReasonsToSmile Sat 10-Aug-13 16:49:55

Hope you're all having a good weekend.

I'm going out with my best friend tonight while DH wrangles all 3 DCs, she thinks her DH is cheating on her, she's left and moved back into her parents. They've only been married 2 years sad

Figgygal Sat 10-Aug-13 19:08:19

Must admit not done much today apart from taking DS to see pigs at the local farm shop, didn't get up until 9 he didn't get up until 9.30 shock however that means he's not slept all day and has managed to pee on floor twice during nappy changes, thrown a wee filled nappy off my face, got his head trapped in his toy box when it landed on him and then he ruined his aqua doodle by drawing on it with a felt tip pen which he pulled out of the bottom of his toy box where I didn't know he could reach them. He's being really hard to have listen to you any stern no or stop is responded to with a laugh dh tells me I need to talk louder but that would involve screaming at him am not doing that.

Silver linings play book tonight once he's asleep. Antenatal mums catch up tomorrow

Faffin Sat 10-Aug-13 20:23:22

Had a nice day today, spent the afternoon at a local canal festival. DS didn't nap at all today, despite putting him down twice in his cot and driving the long way when we went out. He coped absolutely fine on no sleep. I'm really hoping it's a one-off, I love his daytime nap!

Oooh yes faffin, DS's midday nap meant that my friend and I got a good hour and a half uninterrupted catch up over lunch out. Just a sarnie and chips, but fun!

Then took DS to the Awesome Playground, where we spent about 1.5 hours belting around. DP has been in Essex most of the day at a friend's BBQ, so DS and I have had a day together- it's been lovely smile. He was nicely tired out, so scrambled eggs on toast for dinner and then bed. He had his olives for starters though- the only veg he'll eat raw at all little middle class ponce wink

He finished the evening off by whizzing himself round in circles on the spot in the living room til he fell over, with us both laughing.

Pretty perfect day.

mopsytop Sat 10-Aug-13 21:42:33

Aww sounds lovely Northern . Minimopsy does the spinning around in circles too and laughs her head off. Is sooooo cute!

We went to the beach yesterday with a friend and her baby (3 weeks younger than mine). Minimopsy adored paddling in the sea and kept trying to go deeper. We also played in the sand, went to the paddling pool and went to playground and they had a ball the pair of them. Was lovely to see. Mr. Mopsy was having some time off and went away yesterday morning until this evening and he had a lovely time too, then we had sashimi, sushi and a bottle of champagne (that I was given to celebrate my PhD) for dinner. So so far it has been a lovely weekend! Hope you are all having fun!

OctopusWrangler Sat 10-Aug-13 23:18:26

<falls into fred>

Hola! We have been a plague house again, didn't want to infect the fred. Lost 3lb. Woo for pyrogut >_<

So. Who's on coffee duty? <hopeful>

<loads up the Dec '11 coffee pot with freshly-ground Booths coffee>

<hands over to octo>

Sounds grim, do you know which of you was patient 0, or is it just one of those all-consuming bundles of pyrogut fun? Sympathies though, I was there on Monday and wanted to diiiiiiiiie.

Glad you're having a well-deserved celebration DrMopsy and the beach sounds great. We really should take DS, we live near some cracking beaches, but this summer has just been taken up with work and sodding house sale stuff.

mopsytop Sun 11-Aug-13 10:52:02

Yeah it is SO time consuming. Kitchen all done but had ceiling in sitting room plastered on Wednesday, now need to paint it, paint the walls, sand and paint the skirting board and then do the sane in hall, stairs, landing, bathroom, bedrooms. urrrgggghh. Feels daunting but can't really get house on market til then sad

SevenReasonsToSmile Sun 11-Aug-13 11:42:50

I feel awful, I'm too old for this drinking malarkey.

OctopusWrangler Sun 11-Aug-13 12:30:48

Squidge and Boo brought a bug in from a local park. The water splash section was closed a week ago due to contamination. It's been through us all but I was seriously run down so got a nasty dose. Joy!

<hangs onto giant mug of brew>

EasyMark Sun 11-Aug-13 13:01:40

Same here as Octo sad

Hope is paicent x, she has green slime coming out her nose and she cant bf and breath at the same time so its hard getting her to sleep and there is lots of crying. Dh has been off work sick for a week and now MIL has it too. I think im about to get it too. Air is fine but hyper as I couldnt take him to park or anything so hes bounci.g off the walls now.

In good news we are off on holiday next Monday yay.

Congrats to new babies and fab names xx

Aethelfleda Sun 11-Aug-13 20:09:03

<grabs a brew in passing and lobs packet of chocolate chip cookies onto the tea tray>

Having a great holiday. DS paddled in the sea and ate icecream with extreme enthusiasm.

<pours a small selection of gin and tonic>

Xiaoxiong Sun 11-Aug-13 21:27:17

All this talk of beaches and paddling is making me excited for Tuesday when we drive down to stay with Lovely MIL who thoughtfully lives in Cornwall within 15 min of a large number of perfect sandy beaches. I will unfortunately take my work with me but should be able to snatch a few mornings and afternoons in the sunshine with DH and DS. Can't wait!

Xiaoxiong Sun 11-Aug-13 21:28:36

Oh man just saw the posts from Octo and Easy - so sorry you guys and broods are under the weather, get well soon flowers

ifyourehoppyandyouknowit Mon 12-Aug-13 09:47:22

<paint red 'x' on easy and octo's doors>

Have fun in cornwall xiao and glad you're enjoying your hols aethel

Sounds like a fab weekend DrMopsy! Incidentally I think that needs to be your new username.

That does sound like a lovely day northern

We have had a DIY filled weekend. On sat I spray painted some massive doors in the kitchen. Even with a mask I got high as a kite and had to go and lie down in the garden for a while. We took a trip to ikea, which all went swimmingly until DS had an ubermeltdown and I had to carry him out. He continued to howl in the lift and the doors would shut and some horrid man muttered that it was because 'that shit keeps pressing the fucking buttons', looking at DS. Took many deep breaths and decided not to shout at him that the reason DS was screaming was because I wouldn't let him press the buttons and please don't swear in front of my child you fucking asshole And breathe.

Sunday was more DIY, finishing off putting the last couple of handles on the cupboards and putting up the last of the recycling bins on the walls. All that is left is to put up a shelf (which is actually a nightmare as the corner it needs to fit in is really awkward. We may wait until the next time my daddy visits!) and the kitchen is done!

This morning DS is teething and would like the whole world to know. He was asking for 'caaahpohl' and 'medciiiin' this morning. He cheered up once he had had some, and aside from a monumental meltdown because I had the nerve to break his banana into pieces before giving it to him (I know, right?! How evil am i?!), he's been quite snuggly and adorable. Obsessed with giving big slobbery kisses and spinning in circles singing 'wound and wound and wound and wound' Boring errands to run later, but he's napping now so am drinking coffee and trying not to think about doing work. Will do it tonight.

QueenofClean Mon 12-Aug-13 10:17:41

Sending get well vibes to Octo & Easy.

Aethel hope your enjoying you holibobs.

Northern sounds like you've been busy.

In sept we are buying Darcie a new bed...more storage underneath and decorating too. Hoping to do it when she is at school so a little surprise for her.

SevenReasonsToSmile Mon 12-Aug-13 10:31:13

Sounds like a busy weekend hop. Well done for not reacting to horrible sweary man, not sure I'd have been able to not say anything!

queen didn't you decorate her room not long ago? I want to do DS bedroom in a London theme once the kitchen is finished, he obsessed with the place. He's already excited about the marathon in April as he's coming with us this time, we're staying at Premier Inn right next to the London eye.

Get well soon vibes to those who require them.

Do periods after babies go back to how they were before? I had a regular 34 day cycle between DS and DD1, then again between the DDs. It's now been 36 days and no sign of it, I don't even feel pre-menstrual. DD2 is 15 weeks, DH will go spare if I'm pregnant again confused

mopsytop Mon 12-Aug-13 11:44:32

34 day cycle seven? I am majorly jealous. I have a 23-24 day cycle and my period lasts a week and us super heavy sad

QueenofClean Mon 12-Aug-13 15:19:14

Seven we did decorate Darcie's room not long ago but this time we are getting rid of the double bed and putting a single cabin bed with storage draws underneath.

That is one long cycle seven, like most here mine was short then a vicious period. Hence why I've been on the injection, followed by implant and now the take-it-all-the-time pill that lots of you got pregnant on....but not had a proper period in about a decade grin Tbh, I'd be dead impressed if you were pregnant with two children and 15 week old baby wink But hope you're not for you!

So hop, you've been chasing the dragon DIY'ing, eh? That's what the kids call it now? Sorry about the meltdown and horrible man, you must've fumed...and you did really well not to give him a mouthful. And pleased to see your child is continuing the MN Classic of cutted up pear with his own 'banana' twist!

How're you feeling today Easy and Octo? All sounds grim, especially the cholera-esque water poisoning confused; how did that even happen? Hope they carry out an investigation.

Rolling on here, sending off mortgage application and all the legal paperwork to the solicitors. The survey is being done on ours on the 20th...so I reckon they'll pull out about mid-September. Happy days!

ifyourehoppyandyouknowit Mon 12-Aug-13 20:37:01

I'm going to kill my husband. Probably. You'll all testify that it wasn't my fault, right? He's putting DS to bed, except DS will not go to sleep. Fine, whatever, I take over. Sometimes he just wants to stay up and play with daddy, but mummy is boring so he'll go to sleep. Takes me five minutes to calm him down that daddy has left the room. Just as we're having a cuddle and he's closing his eyes, DH comes upstairs and starts banging around getting stuff from our bedroom. Seriously?! DS starts crying again. Finally get him calm and he's sucking on his fingers then asking for 'meciiin'. Right, give him a dose of calpol because he is teething and his gums look like teeth are about to erupt. He starts to drift off in my arms. DH then starts banging around in the kitchen directly below DS's bedroom doing god knows what because I have already cleaned the kitchen after dinner. THEN he starts faffing round with the boiler and the pipes are banging and creaking and THEN he decided he needs to go out. And he's incapable of opening and closing the front door quietly. DS is just lying there wide awake. FFS. Finally get him down. If DH wakes him up when he comes in I will murderise him.

QueenofClean Mon 12-Aug-13 21:25:47

Sympathies Hop...my DH made lots,of noise when he came in and went out earlier when I was trying to settle Sky. He had a few choice words given to him via txt!

Northern, all sounds promising.

I hope all plague filled houses are feeling better this evening.

BJR Mon 12-Aug-13 22:13:33

Haddocks for noisy DHs! And tentative fingers crossed that house stuff keeps going well for you northern. And yes nursery does seem to be a bit better thanks for asking. DS finally started to nap there after the first 6 months so now loves it, so the other niggly bits don't seem as important.

Was talking to a close friend today, she and her DH have been TTC for about 18 months and she has just had to have surgery after an ectopic pregnancy sad Wish there was something I could do to help although I know being there when she needs it is all I can do right now, still wish there was more I can do though.

OctopusWrangler Tue 13-Aug-13 00:21:36

We're plagueless! Apparently there is testing and cleaning going on at the park.

Tomorrow is the ill fated trip, for those who are on facebook. Been a long journey but all go now.

Right - off to rinse my hair. Pink pink pink!

QueenofClean Tue 13-Aug-13 11:16:07

Well I have a sodding summer cold...so not impressed at all.

Am figuring out other flavour cupcakes at mo...I tested Cinnamon & apple filled ones and they went down okay. Am going to try carrot cake & coffee & walnut ones. Got a good recipe for Christmas cake and I need to try and make a pound cake as I think that will be best for carving into a shape for a birthday cake order I have. It's a cake in shape of a glo worm!

QueenofClean Tue 13-Aug-13 11:16:07

Well I have a sodding summer cold...so not impressed at all.

Am figuring out other flavour cupcakes at mo...I tested Cinnamon & apple filled ones and they went down okay. Am going to try carrot cake & coffee & walnut ones. Got a good recipe for Christmas cake and I need to try and make a pound cake as I think that will be best for carving into a shape for a birthday cake order I have. It's a cake in shape of a glo worm!

SevenReasonsToSmile Tue 13-Aug-13 11:58:20

queen Madeira is also meant to be good for carving and decorating, I've never made a pound cake, let us know how it turns out. I'm working on my website, I was playing around last night with photos of my friends wedding cake I made.

BJR sorry to hear about your friend, that sounds really shit, hope they get some luck soon.

Where is peril?

octo I'm intrigued to know if they find anything.

Still no AF here, but I done a test and it was negative so no idea what's going on.

QueenofClean Tue 13-Aug-13 12:32:13

Seven...it was a few months before my cycle kicked back into gear. Maybe try poas again in a week or so's time if AF doesn't show her face.

Let me know how your website is coming along smile I'll try Madeira too.

Feeling as ruff as a badgers arse right now and I just want to sleep.

EasyMark Tue 13-Aug-13 15:56:42

Afternoon everyone xx

Queen the glo worm cake sounds fab pls post pics when its done.

AF wise I still havent had mine after having Hope, I had one light af last June then nothing! Im still bf so not too concern yet.

We all have a viral infection here, it feels like tonciltuos but with out the white spots! so fever and swollen throut.

Peril has just posted on fb and im very [enyv] of where she is

Figgygal Tue 13-Aug-13 18:39:34

Gosh so much illness going around. It hasn't reached the Figgy household yet thankfully although I have been for a smear test today why is it I have given birth and yet the threat of one of those is still enough to make me quite confused

Had to pick DS up from CM and he threw a massive wobbly screamed refused to get in the car ran away she had to put him in the car he screamed all the way home he tantrumed on the driveway and I managed to get in the garden and he battered the fence to get back out only a fig roll would calm him down. I think that is the worst tantrum we have had to date....... I know there are worse to come

ifyourehoppyandyouknowit Tue 13-Aug-13 19:16:53

<hands figgy a large gin> equally shitty tantrums here tonight. He pinched me so hard he made my arm bleed.

Faffin Tue 13-Aug-13 19:51:26

Tantrums all afternoon here too. I think they must be in cahoots again!

QueenofClean Tue 13-Aug-13 20:26:17

No tantrums here but getting a lot of NO! And lots of laughing if she is told off hmm

Girls are in bed, DH working downstairs so I've had a shower and I 'm in bed watching Skyfall.

We had quite a bad one trying to get DS in the house too; he wanted to climb back in the car confused and then I half dragged him/lifted him down the road, with him occasionally slipping out of my grasp and crawling or going off in the wrong direction.
I made him walk- DP wanted to pick him up but I wouldn't pander.

<hands plaster to Hop> Can I have gin too?

Delighted to hear the octo household is plague free, but boo to the fact that it's gone to the Queenie and Easy ones.

Glad things have perked up at the nursery BJR, that must be such a weight off your mind.

One of my colleagues has been admitted to hospital with heart problems, and it's just been frantic at work, as ever. I'm sure the two things are related, the stress has not done any of us any good....

mopsytop Tue 13-Aug-13 21:16:09

Sorry to hear about poorly households and tantrumy littles. Minimopsy has a touch of croup. Mega clingy and a bit quiet but it is very mild so far. Fingers crossed it doesn't get worse.

Just prepped two walls of sitting room for painting (sanding walls and skirting board and filling holes from various nails and spraying mould cleaner then sugar soaping and cleaning). Two walls has taken well over an hour. Ugh. Is going to take forever at this rate sad Can't be added with other two walls. Will do tomorrow. Also managed to nick my finger and get blood everywhere. Such a small cut you practically can't see it, yet it was pouring with blood. Sigh. Not a fan of DIY! But will be worth it when it us done. I fancy a G&T SO MUCH. No T though so will have to go without!

mopsytop Wed 14-Aug-13 14:44:40

Oh dear. Had to go get Minimopsy from nursery. Croup a bit worse. I had it lots as a kid so known that it sounds worse than it is. But she is fairly miserable poor little bean.

Oh poor thing mopsy, it's grim isn't it. Hopefully it'll be a short bout, but it still sounds upsetting (and Dickensian!) and is rotten for all concerned.

Fingers crossed you get your tonic soon!

I think we're going to have to spend a bit this weekend on clothes...DS is well into 2-3 sizes (his 18-24 month dungarees won't do up round his tum confused) and so we need to get a few more. His bath toys need replacing and both DP and I need work clothes. Urk.

mopsytop Wed 14-Aug-13 21:09:04

Who knew babies could snore so loudly!

Figgygal Wed 14-Aug-13 21:40:13

Mopsy DS can snore like a train hope she feeling better!!

DS finally took his milk in a sippy cup he just picked up off side and drank it no screaming thrashing or wailing grin hope it wasn't a one off now feel bad for not having tried again sooner

Aethelfleda Wed 14-Aug-13 22:31:12

Oh dear mopsy, if minim is unhappy overnight, calpol, steamy bathroom and prob worth a trip to GP tomorrow to see if they think a one-off dexamethasone dose is worth doing? (it's very good for croup if the kiddies are noisy breathing and can stop it getting worse). hope she's not too bad and that you don't have to ring anyone overnight...

Had a great break away, DDs up far too late but loved all the time with their cousins. Pirate crazy golf happened today in the drizzle.... Gotta love UK holiday breaks....

Good work on the sippy cup figgy, we've ditched the bottles and now use wilcos' patio range lidded cup-and-straws and standard drinkie bottles.

<hands northern a large G&T>

Aethelfleda Wed 14-Aug-13 22:34:27

<and a small one for mopsy!>

Xiaoxiong Thu 15-Aug-13 09:15:52

Yay it's my birthday today and when DH brought in DS for a morning cuddle, DS sang me the happy birthday song gringrin (he sings it to himself on a daily basis, I assume so he doesn't miss his own birthday by accident.)

We went to the beach yesterday - DS absolutely loved it and we saw a seal in the waves only about 30 feet away!! DS was going nuts and pointing but I thought it was a Labrador and kept saying "yes yes, it's a nice doggy swimming" until DH pointed out that Labradors tend not to dive quite so much and aren't 6 feet long! blush

QueenofClean Thu 15-Aug-13 09:22:17

Happy Birthday Xiao grin

ifyourehoppyandyouknowit Thu 15-Aug-13 09:28:16

Loving the DogSeal Xiao

Poor mini mopsy! Hope she is better soon.

It's not a British Holiday if it doesn't rain, surely? Aethal

Had a bad night on Tuesday where I stayed up unti 2 finishing off some work (never doing that again!) and DS woke at 10 and would not go back in his bed. He was hysterical. It's almost like he had had a bad dream and was scared? He went to be with DH and then when I went up I took over. He slept fine as long as someone was next to him. This has happened a couple of times now, and DH is grumbling about not making a habit of him sleeping with us. I'm of the opinion that DS is probably going through a phase and just needs reassurance, and he'll get past it, it's not every night and I don't really mind sleeping with him in the spare room occasionally he snores less than DH plus being woken up by a grinning face an inch from yours, singing 'Bah Black Sheepy' is very cute. Have got husband's family up this weekend, and then my family up next weekend. DS is going to love having all his cousins to play with, but it's going to be bedlam!

OH! DH tried to put DS in a 'time out' because he pinched him really hard. Except he was in the middle of a nappy change so DH put him in his cot. Naked. And then was like shock and then angry when DS wee'd in the bed. <facepalm>

mopsytop Thu 15-Aug-13 09:47:57

Happy birthday xiao! Hope you've a lovely day. Had to keep Minimopsy home from nursery. Very interrupted night. Poor bean. She is still wheezy and coughing but I think is taking a turn for the better.

Figgygal Thu 15-Aug-13 15:02:05

Happy birthday Xiao

DS has met peppa pig at softplay today the CM has sent me a pic of him looking terrified which is hilarious considering he is obsessed with that walking pile of sausages!! He knows all of his animal noises except for pigs he just stares at us blankly when you ask him what a pig says.

Milk in sippy cup again this morning ....think might have finally broken him!!

QueenofClean Thu 15-Aug-13 19:51:20

Xiao hope you've had a fab birthday.

I have had a good day..I have had an enquiry for a giant cupcake to go to Suffolk grin looked into delivery and sending a test cake next week and if all good will go ahead with the actual cake - GO ME grin

Gah... I do our books, and they were out- spent a hilarious 40 minutes cross referencing the books with the on-line banking, and of course it's DP just losing the odd receipt here and there...
Which in less than a couple of months adds up to c.£175 and totally throws everything out.

Not that he's trying to hide anything, he's just a bit crap: it's pet food supplies, not flowers I've not received.

Happy birthday xiao!

Welcome back aethel!

Get well soon MiniM!

Hi all,

Just popping in to offer cake all round. And particularly to the birthday girl xiao

Sorry for those with poorly babies (though guess they are toddlers now)

Everything going well here. Am past the ouchy bf settling in bit, dd will have her 10 day check tomorrow and hopefully be discharged from the mw.

Ds is beIng very cute and grabbing her by the head and doing lots of patting and kissing of his new sister.

DH & I were snickering like children when he called from work earlier to check on us and asked if "the kids" had been good. Neither of us can believe we are now responsible for two little people. Mentally we are still teens ourself!

Off to try to sleep for a bit.

cake wine cake grin

Aethelfleda Fri 16-Aug-13 08:08:36

<waves a slightly tattered sandcastle flag>

glad you actually got on your trip octo!

boo to work stress northern...

ooh queenie, sounds like your baking is well in demand!

<brews monster pot of coffee in prep for the unpack-fest>

Aethelfleda Fri 16-Aug-13 08:10:32

Ooh and well done kat, sounds as if things are going well. It's weird changing from one to two but mostly lovely!


PerilousStiletto Fri 16-Aug-13 09:07:11

ah! just typed a long post on the phone and it just disappeared...!
So here we go again:
Oh I can't. but please be aware that I name-checked most of you, and wrote about Olives (NC), illness (a few of you!), DIY, Ikea-man,...
Happy B'Day for yesterday Xiao! (My BOi sings it all the time too.)
Seven - search on ebay for "London wall mural" 40 quid to cover a wall is pretty good value, and should look amazing. I bought a Brooklyn Bridge mural on sale for 25quid to test out in the utility room but haven't got around to hanging it yet. If it looks fab, I may consider using one in a "real" room. Also search for big ben clock sticker - 15quid - I have one in my kitchen and that really is fab.
I am mega busy at the minute, I was in Copenhagen again last week, then was picked up and we went strauight to ma n pa's caravan for 3 nights, we visited The Deep in Hull and the Yorkshire Sculpture Park - the YSP was a fab, fab place to visit.
Now I'm catching up with work, but I'm in geneva all next week and have so much to do to prepare for that (and that's really important! Exec annual mtg - need to shine to ensure they understand my value! safeguard job etc etc), but so much to do anyway, and there'll be soooooo much when I get back... Have been feeling the stress of it all just recently. But I haven't murdered DH, and we seem to be getting on ok. Still don't want to shag him (shock ), but, as our Relate counsellor keeps saying "babysteps". She really doesn't like DH, it's quite obvious.
We are very bad people, btw. Coz of the extreme busy-ness, and everything that's going on (just excuses) we didn't catch up with DH's niece, and his other niece's kid's birthdays - both in the last 2 weeks. (15yrs and 4yrs). We are very bad and completely very firmly in the doghouse with that family (the 2 nieces are sisters). We'll make it up to them, it just feels a bit shit now. Todays news, tomorrow's chip paper... Hey ho!

Figgygal Fri 16-Aug-13 12:28:18

Boy going free to good home .......EVERYTHING is a battle today he's disgraced himself at supermarket, at pool before and after swim, ran in front of a car, is screaming or moaning about something constantly. Not a good mum today want to just leave him somewhere grin

And it's so bloody humid too not helping with the angry

mopsytop Fri 16-Aug-13 14:36:15

Oh dear figgy sad I feel your pain. Minimopsy spent about 5 hours yesterday having awful tantrums. Was extremely difficult as she was ill but I still wanted to run away blush

GP prescribed inhaler so hopefully will help with the wheeziness.

Xiaoxiong Fri 16-Aug-13 14:51:53

Thanks for all birthday wishes! It was a lovely day smile Can't namecheck as on my phone at the hospital but boooo to all kids having tantrums - we're having them here too, mainly because I cannot pick DS up any longer and he gets absolutely furious that I can't carry him or get down on the floor with him. He's also got a terrible cough so last night was very broken.

I've spent the morning being monitored here in a very nice hospital in Cornwall because when I got out of bed this morning there was a very distinct tearing/ripping sensation at the bottom right of my bump and walking, especially up stairs, is now incredibly painful. The consultant said it could well be a torn muscle but more likely is that all the internal scar tissue with the EMCS scar and the appendectomy grew together to some extent and of course because scar tissue doesn't stretch like muscles and skin, there's been some tearing of the internal scar adhesion. She also pressed on my pubic bone to see how bad the SPD is and I actually screamed (quietly) blush But nothing they can do for either except give me codeine to take when it's really bad and advise as much rest as possible. She said "some people get so bad they have to be on crutches!" and I was like, yup that's me, where are my crutches?? But apparently my home hospital has to give them to me so she's told me to get referred to the physio asap.

Hope the weekend brings rest, relaxation and smiles all round to all the babies smile

mopsytop Fri 16-Aug-13 14:53:16

Bloody hell xiao, sounds awful. Massive sympathies

Aethelfleda Fri 16-Aug-13 15:39:55

Yeep xiao that's grotty. Can you ring your GP and explain as they may be able to kickstart the physio reffl without you physically seeing them to quicken things up a little? Glad baby OK though! (((hug)))

I must be crazy, am contemplating taking the three round Aldi for supplies. This calls for a fortifying pre-slog cuppa tea....

mopsytop Fri 16-Aug-13 15:49:08

Golly Oi, I would think fortifying slug of gin more apt. Although then you couldn't drive. Dammit. I think you'd better buy an emergency supply of yummy white chocolate with hazelnuts and rice krispies as a reward. Nom.

mopsytop Fri 16-Aug-13 15:49:39

Not Oi, aethel. Doh!

mopsytop Fri 16-Aug-13 15:51:02

Lucky Aldi is so far from us. I'd be the size of a house if I'd regular access to the hazelnut/rice krispie white chocolate.

mopsytop Fri 16-Aug-13 19:13:25

Oh and I lost 2lb this week. So all guns blazing for equal or more next week... !

SevenReasonsToSmile Fri 16-Aug-13 19:59:50

Well done mopsy! Hope minim is better soon.

Happy belated birthday xiao, sorry you're suffering so much.

aethel hope you survived Aldi. I'm not an Aldi fan, ours is laid out odd I can't find anything. I do like their equivalent of Baileys though!

queen sounds like you're doing really well with your cakes, I can't wait to get started when I have more time.

DD1 also has awful tantrums, and DD2s near constant screaming isn't much better tbh.

Well, that's another one to add to the basket of grim/painful/embarrassing pregnancy experiences Xiao, I think we've covered most of them on this thread (though who got pregnancy vertigo, that really was top trumps...?) How awful; can well imagine the period of horror and fear, followed by 'just' severe pain. I'm sure your DH will be as fabulous as ever though.

And sympathies to you figgy, sounds beyond trying. Do you have a baby cage playpen at home, great to plonk them in with a dummy and go into another room with a large drink for half an hour for a few minutes?

Sounds like you're massively busy again Oi, though nothing will be as glamorous as the week in the weird German hotel in the middle of nowhere with the cassette player.... And glad it seems to be evening out with DH. Any more thoughts on no.2 (child that is wink!)

Housemovers... we're getting surveyed on Tuesday. It would appear that the people we're buying from still haven't found anywhere. So, obvious delays... but not much we can do. Any thoughts?

Ooh, cross post seven! Has DD2's colic not settled down yet? You poor things-thought you'd turned a corner the other week.

And glad you're feeding OK and all's going well, oh Mum-of-two Kat!

PerilousStiletto Fri 16-Aug-13 20:11:52

2lb is fantastic Mopsy. Well done! Remember what that tramp ms moss says, Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels! the dirty tramp she has evidently never sipped a martini rosso! Or nibbled on a bit of cheese.
What does she know about food, in between the fags and the coke, she ...<lets the rant drown in martini>
...And breathe.

mopsytop Fri 16-Aug-13 20:18:19

Ha OK I am currently quaffing a jolly nice glass of red shock

mopsytop Fri 16-Aug-13 20:18:49

Oi not OK Gah! bloody autocorrect

PerilousStiletto Fri 16-Aug-13 20:20:57

Northern, strongly advise them to go into rented accommodation as if you lose your sale, they lose theirs... And if they are in rented, it's a powerful position to be in when they do find their dream property.
Xiao - sorry to hear about your discomfort and pain. It sounds awful. I hope that you get a physio appt soon.
In fact, just find a good one in the meantime and pay. It'll be worth it. I only had quite mild pain in my hips with Boi, but the physio stopped it completely for a few weeks. All she did, actually was supporting/holding my ankle and top of foot - whilst I was lying down - she tugged my foot 20 x. (I'm not pulling your leg!) wink

PerilousStiletto Fri 16-Aug-13 20:27:43

Hurrah for Friday night boozingtons!
and Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday,...
Hmmmm ...no.2... If I get enough alcohol in me tonight... We might stand a chance! shock

Aethelfleda Fri 16-Aug-13 20:27:47

Think It's gin-o'clock, ladies!

<passes around William Chase Crisp Gin with ice/slice/tonic>

Aldi was survived with the aid of bribery by Mini Milk. The checkout lady was v nice about me ripping Open the packet at the till to quell the wriggling infant who kept insisting "LOL-LOL-LOL-LOL" at extreme volume. The DDs were bought off with provision of squash and promise of an icelolly once back in the car... And seven, I try VAIRY har not to buy much of their yummy chocolate (the 70% and 85% dark stuff by Moser Roth is to die for). If you do get there at any point I recommend:

1) the Mamia brand nappies. Under a fiver for 40 size fives (and more if you get smaller sizes). They are bombproof and what we use as backup when not in reuseables.
2) the olive-and-tomato fresh foccacia breads. Yum.
3) fresh "special" lemon olives. Ditto.
4) smoked salmon. Sadly gone up in price but still only £2.99 for 200g (half the price of other shops)
5)salami and cut meat in general. Great value and v high quality (99p for smoked parma ham, £1.49 for milano salami...) they have an increasing rang of veggie stuff too and do a fairly large free range whole chicken for £4.99.

<stops trying to sound like an Aldi advert>

PerilousStiletto Fri 16-Aug-13 20:31:35

Kat - glad you're getting past that first bf discomfort. (Oh Lordy! The pain of those first 2 weeks! I remember it well, sat up in bed at night, crying, and Dh feeling totally helpless. hmm)
Aw! Well done! I am still v envious, of course. smile

We'd love them to go into rented Peril, and seeing as they've lost out on their dream house it would make sense just to go to the new town and get near the family before trying to find somewhere...
So, quaff that martini and go forward and bonk!

<takes gin from aethel>


I'm now onto my second grin

Must check out our new local Aldi, not been yet see, your advertising is working!

PerilousStiletto Fri 16-Aug-13 21:05:16

Aldi does sound rather good, doesn't it?!
I use baby bel bribery in Tesco. It used to be cheese twists (shock!!!) but baby bel are probably a bit more healthy!

QueenofClean Fri 16-Aug-13 21:12:10

We use Aldi a lot and highly recommend Mamia nappies.

Figgy I sympathise with you about tantruming toddlers. Sky is going through a climbing and NO phase :/

Peril enjoy your alcoholic beverages and bonking sessions wink

Kat hope your okay?

Seven - I'm happy to give you tips once you get going smile

I've had 2 more birthday cake orders today. 1 for 5th Sept and needs to be in style of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse! Which will be fun smile

Weekend at the hotel we got married in - child free - as on Sunday it's our 1st wedding anniversary. Surprised we made it and haven't killed one another yet!

Have a good weekend ladies.

mopsytop Fri 16-Aug-13 21:22:25

Minimopsy leaks through size 5 Mamia nappies at night, alas. But great during day and their wipes are great value too.

GaryBuseysTeeth Fri 16-Aug-13 21:53:41

Huzzah for weightloss mopsy!
I've lost 15lbs so far, another 15 to go...think I might have to start working out soon. It feels weird that DS2 is only 2wks old, I'm chomping at the bit to work out again (but won't until after 8wk check)...with DS1 I still felt like a zombie at this point!

Belated happy birthday Xiao, sorry you've been having a tough time today (and sympathies on the SPD), hope the rest of the pg somehow manages to be enjoyable.

We had our first evening (an early one, as you can tell!) away from both boys today, t'was lovely.

Early Happy Anniversary Queenie!! Did you get DH something cotton?

Northen, no idea how much it will help but <pull your finger out & get buying vibes> to the sellers of your new house. How long are you willing to wait around whilst they faff?

Hope everyone has a decent, plague free weekend!
Start of the football season tomorrow grin

SevenReasonsToSmile Fri 16-Aug-13 23:10:23

I would say I don't like gin but the truth is I last tried it when I was 13 blush and understandably I hated it. I like vodka though anyway.

Thanks queen. I'm concentrating on my website (yes it's live eek! but needs tweaking and more pics) at the moment as its one thing I do have time for, I can do it after a glass of wine at 11pm unlike decorating cakes. I bake bloody good cakes, just need lots of decorating practice.

northern don't get me wrong the CMPA formula has hoped immensely, she's just a miserable baby. Now it's just screaming rather than can't-cope-pull-my-hair-out screaming.

I think it's safe to say that peril will always be oi!

SevenReasonsToSmile Fri 16-Aug-13 23:11:45

helped, not hoped

QueenofClean Sat 17-Aug-13 02:42:16

Seven your website looks fab grin beautiful cakes. Decoration is a work in progress for me too. Going on a decoration course weds evening for vintage style decoration which should be fun.

QueenofClean Sat 17-Aug-13 02:43:11

Gary...thanks. It's paper & he's got tickets to see The Lion King in London over his birthday weekend in September.

PerilousStiletto Sat 17-Aug-13 07:38:32

Ssssh! We dtd. A few large glasses of red did the trick. Ssssh! grin
Gary - good to know you're feeling great. envy Are you going back to work after 10 weeks? (Is that what you said?) wow! What Childcare do you have? I'm thinking that (for me) it might be cheaper to get an au pair with 2... Hmmm... Ah, I'll worry about that when I'm pg!
Although I like Peril. I am Oi. I think I need to resurrect the Missus. grin
Nice site beginnings Seven.
Happy anniversary for tomorrow Queenie.

Ha! 'Twas obviously the bonking fairy dust I sprinkled and not the wine Oi grin

Can't believe that we've got two pro cake bakers on the thread now, it's a good job this is on-line or we'd all be huuuuuuuuuge trying bits out. Have a lovely anniversary Queenie, we had a great time for ours in our fave hotel, kid-free.

I'm glad there's been improvement with the new formula seven, and hope she settles a bit more. You sound like you're coping well, but it can't be easy.

My son is playing football in the kitchen...that is a sentence I never thought I'd write, but he seems to have been studying 'Outnumbered' in the womb for tips hmm. We did have 25 mins of story reading curled up on the sofa though, so a deranged active bookworm I can live with!

mopsytop Sat 17-Aug-13 08:01:55

OMG sorry Peril. I didn't even realise I was calling you Oi. Even though I corrected it and everything. Oops.

PerilousStiletto Sat 17-Aug-13 08:59:22

Don't be daft. I am, and always will be Oi. grin

QueenofClean Sat 17-Aug-13 09:49:00

Thanks Oi smile

Northern I need to test out deliveries across the country so I might need to invest in you lovely ladies being testers wink

SevenReasonsToSmile Sat 17-Aug-13 11:25:11

Thanks, the gold-ribboned cake is my wedding cake, the blue one is the wedding cake I made for my friend.

queen did you say you had to send a cake to Suffolk? Feel free to send a sample over here to me to see if it makes it grin

QueenofClean Sat 17-Aug-13 11:56:39

Seven: I do have send a giant cupcake to Suffolk from Hampshire. Am doing a test to the customer next week...however, I may need testers for further afield etc. So inbox me your address and I'll send you a sample smile

GaryBuseysTeeth Sat 17-Aug-13 12:19:07

Paper! Doh, cotton is 2nd....I can't remember what we did for our first anniversary. Sounds lovely Queenie, have you had a root around home to see what he's got you?
Good luck on the cake sending to Suffolk!

No work for me OiPeril, we couldn't afford the childcare for 1 kid & two ft shift workers, It must be Kat? DH was back at work two days after DS2 was born & he felt ok (then again he didn't just push a baby out of his foof).
Hurrah for shagging!

Seven, website is looking lovely so far.

Talking of cakes, Great British Bakeoff is back soon & I'm stupidly excited about it, I love Mary Berry.

QueenofClean Sat 17-Aug-13 13:23:54

Thanks Gary. DH got me a really thoughtful present. A photo frame with a picture of us in our wedding ceremony in the middle on the left hand side the lyrics to our first dance song Starship Nothing's gonna stop us now and on the other side of the picture the sheet music to the song. So thoughtful it brought me to tears. Now my present which is tickets to the lion king looks pitiful hmm

mopsytop Sat 17-Aug-13 13:28:35

Me too Gary! Love love love Great British Bakeoff. There's also a new series of Who Do You Think You Are, which I also love. Woohoo!

Just got a dress for wedding next week, in Red Herring in Debenhams of all places. I would normally never even think of looking there but just happened to walk past this dress. Only £38. Bargain!

Figgygal Sat 17-Aug-13 16:07:33

Qoc your gift is great too so don't fret!!

Took ds to softplay this morning and Just been Gromit spotting with DS we both managed to hit our heads on one and impressively I came home without having bought either of us anything ........all those shops and nothing!! Even got out of the Disney shop purchase free grin

I now have an aching jealousy of anyone with a baby or 2 kids really really irrational envy need another talk with dh. Was meant to be at Bristol zoo today but the weather put an end to that......maybe next weekend. Nice takeaway and wine tonight, Wine is always a good conversation starter.

QueenofClean Sat 17-Aug-13 16:47:02

Well I feel a little sorry for the bride & groom getting married at the hotel today it is absolutely chucking it down with rain.

Bringing back loads of happy memories tho & so happy we got married on hottest day of year 2012 grin

Aethelfleda Sat 17-Aug-13 18:15:01

Right, taxi booked for 5.30am (wibble!): I'll prob drop off thread for a bit as data roaming in Canada is £££! See you all soon!

<locks up windows and channels inner calm travelling gurus xiao and oi....>

mopsytop Sat 17-Aug-13 18:30:23

Woohoo enjoy aethel!

Figgygal Sat 17-Aug-13 19:03:40

Aethel I hadn't noticed u r off to Canada enjoy yourself!!!

PerilousStiletto Sat 17-Aug-13 21:00:54

Oh have a fab time in canada, Aethel!
Hope you're enjoying your weekend Queenie. Today's weather has just been horrendous. So sorry for today's bride n groom. Ah the great British summertime! We were lucky. We got married on 19th nov and expected the worst. Instead we had wonderful wintry sunshine! Glorious!
Dh is out in Blackpool tonight with his mates. He hasn't been out in ages, and needed a blow out, and to catch up with his friends. Just a shame it had to be Blackpool! He wasnt looking forward to it at all.
So I'm on my own some, going to bathe n false tan and get stuff ready for geneva next week (mon - fri hmm). I also will have to do diddikicks alone tomorrow morning. Dh was gutted about missing that!

SevenReasonsToSmile Sat 17-Aug-13 21:07:25

aethel you kept that quiet, have a fab time!

Oh figgy ((hugs)) that's really shit. You mentioned DH was happy to try once he had a job and his health problems sorted, is there no way you'd be able to manage another one sooner?

queen we got married in March and it was bloody freezing. I even got told off by the photographer for looking cold, and I was wearing DHs suit jacket in between photos.

QueenofClean Sun 18-Aug-13 10:59:19

Aethel have a fab time in Canada.

Oi I hope Diddykicks was fun this morning.

Seven - The bride & groom had several photos taken in the hotel as they have some lovely areas.

We had a swim in the spa yesterday afternoon ate a lovely dinner which was compliments of the hotel - Scallops & Curried Lentils to start & Blade of Beef with Parsley Mash, mushrooms and crispy bacon for main. We only paid for our room & drinks whilst we were there and got breakfast free too grin

Home now to enjoy a few hours peace without the girls before chaos resumes again. We are off to Paulton's Park tomorrow which should be fun.

Hope your all having a fab weekend. Whilst I've been at the hotel I've had 2 more cake orders come in grin

mopsytop Sun 18-Aug-13 14:38:35

Hope y'all are having a good weekend. I painted coat no. 2 of sitting room ceiling while Mr. Mopsy made gumbo (yumyumyumyum). It is exhausting using that roller on a pole. Thought I'd never finish. Only one coat more, then we can do walls. I seriously hate DIY! Drinking a glass of red wine while minim naps. Very irresponsible I'm sure but I earned it!

Xiaoxiong Sun 18-Aug-13 22:52:17

((figgy)) I'm so sorry you are feeling that way and I hope the takeaway and wine helped get the conversation started with DH. You may want to skip the last para of this post, I've kept it all down the bottom in case you want to avoid.

aethel have a wonderful time! I wish I was a travel guru with loads of great tips, but I think just because I travel so much I have all the timings down to a fine art and I know where everything is in the terminals - I'm sure oi can relate smile

mopsy sounds like you are on a roll with the DIY arf arf Like you and gary I also love GBBO - I think all competitive shows should make the judges do the same challenges, it keeps them honest.

queen that meal sounds delish and awesome news on the cake orders!

oi is diddykicks a sports thing for kids? I can't imagine DS doing anything at all organised or following instructions so am always fascinated to hear about these kinds of things. Though it sounds like your DS is well on his way to footballing glory northern

Thanks for all your good wishes. I've become an invalid overnight since the whole ripping/spraining of the bump on Thursday. I can barely walk and cannot lift anything, let alone a 13.5kg DS who turns into a red-faced ball of screaming fury when I can't pick him up or even lift him up onto my knee. We went to the beach today (wonderful!) and just walking from the car to where DH and MIL set me up in a folding chair felt like a marathon.

Since then I've been getting incredible episodes of Braxton Hicks, terrible backache, etc. to the extent that it's making me nauseous and sick, even with co-drydamol. Every kick the baby makes seems to be straight into the back of my pubic bone and feels like my whole pelvis is breaking apart. I cannot another 7 weeks of this sad I can't even start on the effect this has had on DH - I mentioned before he is still carrying a lot of anxiety from DS's birth and my subsequent illness, and this recent episode has not helped. He is fabulous to me and everyone around him as you predicted northern, but as the problems mount this is increasingly this is at the expense of his own well-being sad He needs more support starting when we get home on Wednesday from MIL's. I love him so very dearly that it kills me to cause him so much distress and anxiety.

PerilousStiletto Mon 19-Aug-13 08:31:02

Xiao - sorry to hear that things are so rough. It sounds pretty awful. Hope your DH finds that strength to make him realise that to look after you and DS the best he can, he has to look after himself too. Hope your pains become easier.
Figgy, get jiggy! stuff whatever is "right" or "for the best". wink But then, good things come to those who wait. You'll get your baby soon enough. Whether its in 9 months or 19 months. Stay positive.
My baby spontaneously counted to three all by himself this morning! Standing his skittle/soldiers up. V v proud. grin
And now v v sad as GP have just taken him away to let me get packed and ready for my trip. 4 nights away this time. hmmOh well. Onwards!

mopsytop Mon 19-Aug-13 09:11:02

Sorry to hear that xiao. You poor things. Sounds like a nightmare.

Figgy, hope you can work out a baby plan. I'm dying to get on with baby two and so is Mr. Mopsy but with this new job starting I can't really sad We can't really have it all. It is a big fat myth.

Figgygal Mon 19-Aug-13 09:36:43

Xiao much sympathies hope you feeling better that sounds horrible!!

Dh basically has told me he feels like shit and a failure we r going to be broke in months, his health issues are permanent and of course if he does have lupus he has to have the kind that'll kill him in the next 10 years. Now none of this is necessarily true but depression is common in lupus sufferers and having read this is the case he seems to have embraced it with gusto and is now even more miserable and negative than ever hmm Im not a very patient person I don't think I'm made out for being in a relationship with someone who is depressed and doesn't have a positive thing to say about anything. Needless to say the subject of dc2 remains all encompassing to me and an annoyance to him. Maybe it's the MC in may, maybe it's the fact that AF arrived today but am not feeling very rational about it all ATM. Mopsy u r so right we can't just have it all dh and I have had almost 10 years of living together during which they have been wonderfully stress free and happy this year has been an epic pile of poo and is markedly worse by all the greatness that's come before it. hmm

On positive note yay Ali DS did it over the weekend too and he's finally playing with his puzzles rather than just throwing them everywhere that was our weekend achievement

SevenReasonsToSmile Mon 19-Aug-13 12:06:51

figgy I hadn't heard of lupus before, sounds awful, when will DH find out whether he has it or not? I guess it depends on the test outcome but do you think he's likely to budge at all on the baby issue? I guess when it comes down to it it's up to you to decide how important another baby is to you, and what you'd be prepared to sacrifice.

xiao that sounds awful, I agree DH needs to realise he needs to look after himself so he can look after you. In the meantime can you afford extra help with cleaning, ironing etc so there's less for you to worry about?

queen sounds like you're doing great with the cake orders coming in!

I'm pretty certain I've had another early miscarriage (I'm really sorry oi and figgy). AF arrived 4 days late, abnormally heavy and I've now been bleeding for 6 days. I don't know how I feel tbh, we didn't want another baby and certainly weren't trying, but I would never have had an abortion, I don't judge others and no religious reasons but its just not for me. Now of course I'm probably just hormonally dwelling on what could have been, whilst DH now wants to get a vasectomy (we'd already agreed for him to have one) done as soon as possible. I'm being daft, I know DH doesn't want another baby, and neither did I, there are too many reasons not to have another, but I'm 27, things could be a lot different in 10 years and I'd still be young enough to have another. Ho hum.

SevenReasonsToSmile Mon 19-Aug-13 12:08:52

Anyway, my friend is coming round soon, the one who's certain he DH was cheating, they're still separated. I guess my problems aren't that bad.

PerilousStiletto Mon 19-Aug-13 13:12:12

Ah figgy, that does sound crappy. When will he find out about the lupus? Negativity is awful. My DH has really put in an effort to be positive. It's going quite well.
Maybe your DH could do with some counselling?
Seven - sorry about the potential mc. Maybe just wait a bit longer before deciding about the vasectomy!

Aethelfleda Mon 19-Aug-13 17:46:20

sneaky login from abroad as DS is napping and DDs off with the GPs to a local toyshop! Journey went pretty well though my body clock is a froot loop (local crazy cereal)....

Oh no xiao, really sorry to hear things are so awful. Many hugs from a distance - when I am back I can offer sympathy in person and supplies/chat if that would help?

sympathy too to you seven, potential MCs are no fun especially when they come with uncertainty/feelings about the bigger picture. Have you guys thought about a reversible combo like Mirena-coil-plus-condoms or an implant? if you do go for permanent but don't want DH to have a vasectomy, there is a new less invasive version of female sterilisation called Essure (kinda puts little corks in your tubes! it's non reversible but can be done as a day thing) It's non NHS but google it for an idea...

And figgy, that's rough with DH and the uncertainty again. I think we need someone to invent that star trek zapper thingy that just puts out a scanning beam and then says EXACTLY what's going on. If your GP ends up being unable to sort out what the cause of his issues are, has he had a rheumatology appointment? If they aren't sure either then the next step is to ask for an appointment with a specialist Lupus clinic (there is an excellent one at St Thomas's in London, can't remember where you guys are though). They are expert at the is-it-or-isn't-it type cases, do be aware that diagnosis of lupus (also called SLE) is really not black and white, there's a whole spectrum of variants... really hope you guys get both some clarity and improved control of his symptoms very soon xx

my, the house is quiet!

<makes a round of exciting Tassimo coffee stuff for the thread, as lovely FIL has a Tassimo machine and a coffee habit>

Aethelfleda Mon 19-Aug-13 17:48:13

oh and oi, did I see sneaked in there a little message that things are going OK with DH at the moment? have some <pompoms>! good luck with the trip....

<makes more coffee. octo has one with extra expresso.>

SevenReasonsToSmile Mon 19-Aug-13 18:01:49

Thanks aethel and oiperil. He's happy to have the vasectomy, he said he thinks its fair after years of me being on the pill and going through pregnancy and childbirth 3 times. Just depends on what I want I suppose.

We have a Tassimo, I love it.

I can really understand your reluctance seven; I think if it were you going for a non-reversible form of contraception your Doc wouldn't recommend it as you're so young. If you don't mind being on the contraception and/or are happy to try some of the longer-lasting stuff, I'd be tempted to stick with that. Anecdotally I've noticed loads of people who say 'enough'! and then when the youngest starts schools suddenly want more babies.

<waves maple leaves at aethel>
Canada, you lucky thing! Everyone I know who's been wants to emigrate they love it so much.

((hugs)) to figgy and xiao, sheeesh sad
Hopefully with a diagnosis your DH can be signposted to some counselling figgy, it sounds like he really needs it, that and/or A-Ds. It sounds like you're totally decided on no.2, so perhaps wait until DH has got a diagnosis and treatment and then start in earnest? And remind him how he felt when you did find out you were pregnant....

I think you need to call in every favour from every friend Xiao, as it sounds like you're going to be in bed for a while...sounds agonising and miserable. I would get yourself and DH to the Doctor's pronto; I hope your DH can speak to work too, to ensure they understand (although I guess he's not teaching much giving the holidays). The last thing that anyone wants is your poor DH running himself into the ground mentally or physically.
Is there any CBT, etc, that he can access quickly- through work or union, or just paying? Or would he not consider it? And you need to stop guilty for 'making' him feel bad too....

Tried calling the estate agents for the one we're purchasing again, promised an update, again, not heard anything, again...and the survey's being done on ours tomorrow.
Arse...but minor compared to what some of you are going through.

Figgygal Tue 20-Aug-13 06:06:43

Snotty teething clingy grump monster here who decided 5.15 was enough sleep today..... He's gonna be savage by 8am. Dh in a mood as DS won't settle with him but I've been home with him for 4 days so im not surprised.

Thanks for the words yesterday ladies it's hard as can't talk to anyone in real life ATM as he doesn't want people to know about lupus until full diagnosis. I'm still hoping its not that

We're glad to be of (any tiny amount of) help figgy.

In a grump here, am waiting to let the surveyor in (DP pointed out to me 'why couldn't they get the key from the EA', and now I think of it I've no idea why, the surveyor just booked it with me and I didn't think) and can't work. Oh yes, I brought my lap top home to do some work whilst I waited, but in a true <facepalm> moment I left my sodding swipe card at work which means my laptop can't be used.
So am doing housework instead and fretting about the amount of work I could be doing, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh!

ifyourehoppyandyouknowit Tue 20-Aug-13 10:14:43

Oh figgy I'm so sorry, the desire for another baby can just be so painful. I hope your DH can get some support, if it is lupus then hopefully he can be put in touch with some organisations that can help.

Hope all is well with the housemove northern and the survey goes OK.

Xiao try and remember that you aren't responsible for your DH's feelings, and I third (or fourth) the idea of him seeing someone to tlak through his fears/anxiety about the birth. Sorry you are having such a rough time of it, I hope the next few weeks fly by and you're not in too much pain.

Having seen your pictures I'm envy about your work trip peril (though probably not about the actual work!) Glad things are a bit better between you and DH.

Seven I'd probably look at a longer term contraceptive (mirena, implant, injection?) rather than the Big V just because it is so permanent and I've got a couple of online friends who have had their husbands go through it, then gone for a reversal later on, and the success rates for a reversal aren't all that great. It's something DH and I have spoken about and he's keen but I'm just not, so lots of sympathies.

We had inlaws and BIL, SIL and their 8 month old DD visiting at the weekend. DS was so good with his cousin, sitting with her nicely and giving her toys, stroking her head and giving kisses and cuddles. Got a bit over excited a couple of times and accidentally hit her with a box, but generally very gentle and lovely. Made me really wistful of the idea of him with a sibling. DH days no, and I know his reasons why are all very sensible, I'm just sad and broody. I guess at the end of the days his feelings are as valid as mine, I'm just not sure what we can do about it really. This week my lovely big sis is visiting with all five of her brood. My oldest nephew is 14! 14!!! I swear he was just a baby a couple of years ago, where is the time going?! Her youngest is a year older than DS and she's so excited to be visiting him, and is bringing her lamby and her ponies and dinosaur to show him. It'll be mad, but good fun. I've got a truck load of work to plough through this week, and only doing two and half days, so I should get on!

QueenofClean Tue 20-Aug-13 10:59:20

Oi glad to see things are improving between you & DH. Hope your trip isn't to bad...although by looking at the pics on FB, I wouldn't complain lol.

Seven...I thoroughly recommend a copper coil...I had one in between the girls and it's brilliant. You can always have it removed if you both want another DC. No funny side effects like I had with hormonal contraception.

If we decide we don't want anymore children...I'm going into be sterilised/have a total Hysterectomy...I know I can have one as already asked...my medical conditions help me a lot in that respect as I suffer extremely bad back ache when AF visits and cramps and heavy bleeding.

Figgy..Hopefully your DH gets the support he needs and you also get support too. I understand your frustration at wanting another DC but hopefully once he has a diagnosis & support in place the rest will follow along.

Northern..hope your enjoying your housework smile my house was hovered, polished, cleaned the kitchen bin & changed the sheets on our bed and washing in machine by 7:30am and cupcakes made by 9am.

Waiting for a friend to pop round for a cuppa and then will nip to shop and get the bits for posting these cuppys tomorrow.

"Enjoy"? Que? What is this 'enjoy' word, in relation to housework confused? Must have me confused with someone else....

I had the day booked off on Thursday- we've got DS's big hearing test at the hospital in the morning, to see if there are problems following all the exploding ear stuff last winter, so thought I'd just have it all off (as it were!). Will probably just have to work in the afternoon now I've lost this morning, sigh.

Sounds like you're having a lovely family time hop, on both sides- must be lovely to have a big clan like that where you all get on.

QueenofClean Tue 20-Aug-13 20:30:48

What is there not to enjoy about a nice clean household? grin

Watching Great British Bake Off in peace smile

mopsytop Tue 20-Aug-13 20:45:16

We are still mid DIY mess, dirt, dust, general chaos. UGH. But I did just take down half the masking tape and clean half the floor prior to painting skirting so nearly there. A couple of walls need another coat so leaving that half of the room. To clean only 1/3 of the floor space in our small sitting room, I used FOUR buckets of hot soapy water. Filthy much.

Figgy, hope your husband gets diagnosis soon and hope you can reconcile the baby thing.

Xiao hope you have lots of support. Sounds awful for all of you sad

Northern hope work calms down. Sounds mental. I'm with you on housework. Ugh. I like the end result. Just don't like getting there.

PerilousStiletto Tue 20-Aug-13 22:08:50

There's a jacuzzi outside my room, on my patio. I turn it off because its noisy. But after 20 mins its noisy again and bubbling away. It's 23:05, but its almost as if its saying, "come on, you haven't even tried me out yet".
This is the most beautiful hotel room I have ever stayed in. The weather is glorious! What a waste! Full days of meetings, straight thru to evening entertainment. No one to share the room with. Such a shame!!

OctopusWrangler Tue 20-Aug-13 23:58:19

Sorry I'm a bit absent. I deal badly with the summer.

<distributes enchilada>

ifyourehoppyandyouknowit Wed 21-Aug-13 09:09:22

Sadly everyone lives so far away that we don't get to see them as often as I would like.

Nightime last night was not fun. Put DS down, all fine, goes to sleep, wakes up half an hour later and is hysterical. Will not be parted from me. Ended up taking him into the spare bed and going to bed myself at half 8. Tried to read for a while but he kept sleepily pointing at the book and saying 'No book! Back. Night night mummy!' He slept horizontally across the bed and kept headbutting me. Blurgh. Woke up at ten to six and I unceremoniously dumped him in bed with DH. He promptly rolled out of the bed at great speed (managed to land on his feet like some kind of Russian gymnast).

Anywho, big sis arriving tomorrow. Must do shopping tonight, think she might need a glass of wine (or 3) after bringing all five kids on the train, on her own. It's a 5 hour journey!

Peril you'll have to get in the hot tub at least once!

Octo sorry you're having a rough time of it this summer.

Queen if you love it so much, could you come and clean my house?!

Figgygal Wed 21-Aug-13 13:03:16

Woops this morning DS came out of his bed and straight into a massive inconsolable melt down which lasted what felt like forever....he wouldnt drink his milk and i thought he was refusing his new cup after having been fine all week it wasnt until we were making his breakfast and noticed his milk was off.......bad mummy!!! Am surprised he knew as he never put it near enough him to smell it but he did somehow.

Definitely getting some canines coming through his nose is streaming and he loving his calpol.

He also has decided to now walk everywhere with his teddy in 1 hand and his Rex soft toy (dinosaur from toy story) in his other it is so funny as everytime he wants to pick something up you see him processing the need to put down one teddy...........but which one?? He usually scoops up whatever he wants in his arms and walks around with it all clamped to his chest squashed between his teddies. I know it is habit forming and i should discourage it but he is so cute.

mopsytop Wed 21-Aug-13 13:48:01

Very cute figgy. Minimopsy drags her 'baby' around everywhere. It is a soft bodied doll. She refuses to keep its clothes on and it is filthy. I just sponged it this morning (after many years when I wouldn't let her take it to nursery) and it is drying on the line but it doesn't look.properly clean. It says only to wash the surface as I think it's filled with polystyrene beads or similar but I might try it in a hand wash cycle as parts of it are black! I suppose it will make her immune system nice and hardy...

mopsytop Wed 21-Aug-13 13:48:21

tears not years!

That is very cute figgy smile

DS is just attached to his blue ball here. Got me up at 3, and for the rest of the night it was like you hop, until half 5ish. Joy. And definitely get your sis some wine and a medal, that sounds like the Voyage of the Damned! I've got to take DS to hospital, which requires two bus journeys and I'm not looking forward to that...

Good to see you Octo, sorry the summer is not your best time- not long to go now though.

SevenReasonsToSmile Wed 21-Aug-13 20:26:08

Hope you're doing ok octo, you know where we are if you need to vent.

northern hope the hearing test goes ok.

hop definitely get her wine, that sounds like the journey from hell!

Interesting day here. We went to the local crappy zoo. DD1 was overtired and miserable, and DD2 was hot, bothered and screamed most of the time we were there, even putting her in the wrap didn't work. She's now asleep, cider in the fridge and Chinese has been ordered smile. And we've decided against the vasectomy, no plans for any more babies in the near future, but I can't say I definitely wouldn't ever want just one more. I'll look into a copper coil I think as we both hate using condoms and I'm wary of hormonal contraception after side effects of the pill. queen are there any downsides to it?

PerilousStiletto Wed 21-Aug-13 21:49:03

Have just heard that Boi is in hospital with croup. I'm stuck here. He's ok. In The best place... I should be with him. Need to get a flight back tomorrow. Poor baby.confused

mopsytop Wed 21-Aug-13 22:24:38

Oh dear Oi I hope he is OK. How stressful for you. Hopefully after some steroids at the hospital he will be OK again. Hope you're OK.

PerilousStiletto Wed 21-Aug-13 22:45:07

They gave him steroids and if he'd responded, apparently, they'd have let him go home. But he didn't, so they're keeping him in. DH is with him.
It's not serious serious... So I think I'll get the flight back at 1650. Just a day earlier. There is a flight back, with a change at 6:50am. But my presentation is at 9. If I had done my bit earlier, I 'd be in it. If it was serious, I'd be on it. But I can't be over- dramatic. Even though I just desperately want to be back home with him. It's shit.
Ugh! hmm

SevenReasonsToSmile Wed 21-Aug-13 23:05:43

Oh oi ((hugs)) that's rubbish, poor BOi. Croup is horrible, hope he's better soon and you're coping ok.

QueenofClean Wed 21-Aug-13 23:43:19

Oi I hope BOi improves overnight and is home in morning..poor boy..croup is a horrible thing to have.

Seven I didn't find any downsides to the copper coil or suited me fine smile

Octo - you know where we are if you need to rant.

I went to a cupcake vintage style decoration course tonight and got some great tips & a list as long as my arm for bits to buy smile

Aethelfleda Thu 22-Aug-13 02:03:21

<waves from the Wifi as on DH's phone>

Oh no oi ((((big hug))) hope Boi is better and you get home soon. Rubbish for all but at least he's being treated well and DH is there.

seven the only downer with copper coils is heavy periods but like queenie said, lots of people hae them without problems.

<makes more kwaffee>

BJR Thu 22-Aug-13 08:58:01

Hugs to Oi and Boi hope he's better soon

ifyourehoppyandyouknowit Thu 22-Aug-13 09:46:56

Lots of love to Boi, hope he's OK.

Poor BOi, and how upsetting for you Oi. We saw similar on a 24 hours in A&E last night (from a couple of weeks ago). You're doing the right thing; he's in hospital, being cared for, and has family with him- you can do your bit and get straight off to his bedside. Crappy, crappy timing.
Let us know how you get on.

Had the hearing test; we don't get the results until October when DS sees the consultant, but just guessing from watching his reactions and the tests they did his hearing seemed to be pretty naff on the left hand side. Obviously not an expert, and I'm sure it'll just be glue ear.
The two women who were doing it were very complimentary about DS though, both his curls and his behaviour he was knackered so was sitting still miraculously after tearing up the living room from from about 4am grin

Xiaoxiong Thu 22-Aug-13 12:09:34

Oi I really hope Boi feels better soon - that's so shit that it happened while you're away. I think about the possibility of DS getting ill every time I go away on a business trip but it just has to be done. And I wouldn't go away unless he was in the care of someone I trusted in an emergency anyway. Big hugs, hope you nail the presentation and then wing your way home with all due haste.

No no aethel, you're in Canada so you should be pouring double-doubles for all grin (I assume you have a Timmies near you, mmm donuts...) Would love to meet up when you're back but it will probably have to a lot more sedentary than our previous get-togethers as walking up and down stairs veeeery slowly is about as much as I can handle right now.

seven have been reading your and DH's thoughts about vasectomy etc with interest - DH is absolutely SET on a vasectomy as he says he doesn't ever want to have more than two children. His parents had him and his sister and then 11 years later his younger brother and though of course he loves his brother I sometimes have a feeling that in his eyes that was the cause of many problems and the beginning of the end for his parents' marriage. So he is absolutely determined. And tbh given the problems with this pregnancy, I'm not opposed either...

northern hope all went well on the buses and at the hospital yesterday.

octo thinking of you. Not much summer left now. I'm counting the days till autumn too.

Thanks so so much for all the well-wishes, it really kept me going the last few days reading all your messages. Co-drydamol plus the most amazing pregnancy massage in Cornwall plus twice daily SPD exercises with DH's help meant that I was able to at least walk again yesterday, a little bit. We went to Brownsea Island in Poole Harbour on the way back and I rode around on the golf cart with all the old folks smile We got back late last night and I have an appointment to see my consultant tonight - I had to go private but it's money well spent I think, otherwise I would have to wait till Sept. 9th and I think that's just too late if I want to make sure I have a c-section booked earlier rather than later as advised by the consultant in Cornwall.

DH was going to meet up with someone for a chat tonight but we managed to get the consultant's appointment for 6.30pm so that will have to be postponed till the weekend I think.

Figgygal Thu 22-Aug-13 12:57:22

Crikey Oi that is scary hope you manage to get home soon!!

DS was difficult again this morning full on tantruming for seemingly no reason, DH does not do well with irrational DS and have had to tell him off this morning for being too aggressive in handling him when he is refusing to comply. He thinks i pander to him just because i want to get his clothes on without a massive hysterical screaming fit and so take a bit more time with it while he thinks we should just force him into them and tell him who is boss. Of course his way makes him upset, then he comes to me for comfort which DH takes as a sign that i am a soft touch.

Xiaoxiong Thu 22-Aug-13 16:21:16

Figgy that is me and DH but reversed - DH has so much more patience than I do whereas I have a lower tolerance for DS's tantrums and back arching/flailing/kicking when trying to dress him or change his nappy. One thing this pregnancy immobility is showing me is that I really need to learn new ways to get DS to comply because I can no longer pick him up and/or get down on the floor to pin him down - it's really frustrating but it's my fault for relying too much on just being able to manhandle him in the past. So I've had to ask DH to show me how he does it and he is much slower and more gentle than me, but it works.

Figgygal Thu 22-Aug-13 19:53:30

Poor DS is super teething he wouldn't eat dinner, his drool is all over the lounge floor, he wouldn't take his milk and he even took his teddies and waited to be put in bed hmm

How are you feeling xiao?

Hope boi is ok??

Xiaoxiong Thu 22-Aug-13 20:51:13

Aww poor old DS figgy - hope he feels better soon. Sounds like he knows what he needs intuitively if he's asking to be put to bed even without dinner and milk! Can you see or feel any new ones popped through yet?

Well we just got back from seeing the obstetrician and I'm really glad we went - she did a full scan, checked every bit of my womb and abdominal wall to make sure there was no rupture along with the scar tissue tearing, and also measured the baby who is currently estimated, at 33 weeks, to be 2.9kg/6lbs7oz - according to the projections that means he could be over 5kg at term shock Abdominal circumference and femur lengths also on the 95% line.

I wouldn't put too much store in it except for the fact that she's the same consultant who measured DS around 33 weeks last time and estimated his weight, and was bang on.

Anyway she said doing a section at 40 weeks is too late in her opinion and she will probably pencil me in for 38 weeks (week commencing 23rd September). Had I waited until 36 weeks to see her rather than going private she said the theatres would have been booked up and it would have been too late.

Nothing more they can do about the pain except give me more painkillers and advise SPD exercises, rest, no lifting etc so it looks like I will be a semi-invalid until then, but that's only 4 and a bit weeks away - the end is in sight!!!

And then I am never, never, positively ever doing this again, EVER. If I start having broody feelings, just slap me round the face a couple of times and remind me that around 34 weeks it starts going pear-shaped (or in my case, enormously giant pumpkin shaped).

SevenReasonsToSmile Thu 22-Aug-13 21:23:48

xiao your consultant sounds great, and I'm glad you don't have too much longer to go. You sound like you're managing well, given the circumstances. Do you know what you're having? I'm sure you've probably already said but I have awful baby brain!

figgy poor DS, hope he's more cheerful tomorrow. Sometimes I admit defeat and have to pin DD1 down to get her nappy on, but I hate doing it and will normally try to avoid a full-on meltdown at all costs.

Hope BOi is out of hospital and on the mend.

queen decorating class sounds like fun, can I ask how much it was? I'm pretty much a beginner at decorating, other than sugar pasting wedding cakes. I've got a couple of books to try to teach myself, but I've found somewhere that does classes in sugar paste, royal icing and sugar flowers for £80 each so I'll consider it as a back up option if I'm struggling.

OctopusWrangler Thu 22-Aug-13 21:39:04

Chucking out some feel good thoughts and hugs. Hope Boi is mending and Xiao is restingsmile

Ordered some cheesy skull and rose palazzo pants to cheer myself up a little. Small things.

PerilousStiletto Thu 22-Aug-13 22:39:25

Hi everyone, thanks for your good wishes. Boi is fine.
They let him out of hospital just after midnight - although I didn't find out until later this morning... He's still really raspy and sounds like he smokes 40 a day. Still, he enjoyed meeting the nurses. smile
I'm home and have the day off tomorrow with him. I'll try the steam room cure in the bathroom tomorrow, and hope we can do some good.
Northern - why can't they tell you the results directly?
Hope he's fine.
Xiao - exciting times and cs planning!
I can't catch up more. Sorry. I need my bed.
Love and hugs and happy non-teething toddler (no) tantrum times to you all! X

GaryBuseysTeeth Thu 22-Aug-13 23:07:39

Perilous, glad everything is ok with Boi, hope you have a lovely day together tomorrow.

Octo, pants sound awesome (had to google palazzo!), I'm partial to the skull/rose print meself!

Xiao, hurrah for everything being ok & woohoo about potential due date week!
I'm broody

Athel, hope you're having a lovely time envy

Figgy, sorry your year has been so shitty so far, and hope teething stops asap.

seven, sorry to hear about your suspected mc.

So sweet to read what everyone's DC is attached to! DS1 has an obsession with a wire cake cooling rack, spends his day stomping on it/running cars up & down it...and walking around with it over his face confused

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend flowers

OctopusWrangler Thu 22-Aug-13 23:36:22

Octoboy has a mug thing going on. All mugs are his. He shouts at you until you finish your drink and surrender the goods. Regardless of location. I have had several scuffles with him in coffee shops when trying to get him to relinquish his bounty.

QueenofClean Fri 23-Aug-13 08:58:14

Oi... Good to see BOi is home and hope he has a speedy recovery.

Xiao - your consultant sounds fab.

Waves to Octo.

Seven - my class was £40 and brilliant. All other workshops are £40 for 3+hr sessions.

My parcel arrived all smashed up in Suffolk yesterday the delivery driver didn't even hold it upright as stated clearly on the box! So making a claim for a refund.

So will be sticking to local and surrounding areas.

mopsytop Fri 23-Aug-13 18:10:36

Glad your consultant is so sensible xiao.

Glad bOi on the mend OiPeril.

Bummer about the cakes being squashed Queen

Gary minim was loving squishing the wire cake rack up against her face too! And standing on it. She drags her doll ('baby') all over.

We went to London today. Minim had a great run around festival hall downstairs, then we met several of my friends who I hadn't seen since she was a bump and went for a lovely lunch in Wahaca Southbank. Was ace and minim was fab!

Figgygal Fri 23-Aug-13 18:43:38

DS still not eating really today he's living on melon, grimace fraud (thought I'd bring back that classic), few spoons of beans and strangely salt and vinegar Pom bears!! He's ok as long as the calpol is working but his bum looking a bit pink and his shirts sodden. With the 4th pre 6am wake up this week glad my night out fell through tonight as that's not cool when hungover.

In between the drooling and feeling sorry for self he has swam happily and been more Gromit spotting do not all bad grin

ifyourehoppyandyouknowit Fri 23-Aug-13 20:26:47

Have you tried anbesol? I put some in my mouth and it made my whole tongue numb. Is a miracle worker on Caspar when he's teething. That and those tubes of fromage fraise, but frozen.

SevenReasonsToSmile Fri 23-Aug-13 23:32:08

Anbesol rocks, I swear by it as the only thing teething remedy thatactually works.

queen sorry the cake didn't make it.

Aethelfleda Sat 24-Aug-13 02:25:32

<wanders in and deposits an enormous box of Timbits (mini doughnut bite thingys)>

Evening... We use 5ml of neurofen syrup for the teething grumps over here. (Am on dH's phone, he has **autocorrect. It wanted me to say neurogenic but I def mean neurofen!!!)

We went to a really cool pioneer re-enactment village today, it was fab (went from 1820s log cabins to 1920s farmsteads) and the DDs totally loved it. I have so much respect for the labd settlers coping with minus-twenty winters in a log cabin... (don't go into the thorny displacing-natives stuff though, it is v complicated)....Came away with a wooden puzzle for DS, a Swanee whistle for DD2 and a wooden catapault for DD1!

Hope Boi is down to ten-a-day wheezing tonight and glad you're OK queenie even if the cake wasn't!

<throws sleepy dust at any teething babies>

Xiaoxiong Sat 24-Aug-13 14:52:29

queen shame about the cake - how hard is it to follow basic instructions, idiot courier. I hope you get that full refund. At least you found out now rather than when you were doing a big order for someone.

aethel mmm mini donuts <dribble> Can you bring me back a litre of maple syrup, I'll pay you handsomely grin

hop and seven I had to read your posts a couple of times thinking "Anbesol?? Why on earth would you put piles cream in your child's mouth??" and then I googled and realised that's Anusol blush

mopsy how far are you from London? Just thinking now aethel and I live relatively close to each other it would be fun if anyone else within striking distance wanted to have a meetup at some point before Christmas.

queen or any other non-slatterns on here, I have a cleaning question - we have a light coloured laminate floor in the kitchen, we sweep it about 100 times a day thanks to DS's eating habits and also it's the route to the garden so we get lots of mud. Mopping it is a headache and a half with the bucket and the flash and the mop and then changing the water because it's dirty and then we can't go in the kitchen and the garden while it dries and then BOOM it gets dirty about 2 seconds again <exasperated sigh> so we let it slide blush I've heard tell of steam mops that you just push a button and push it around, as easy as a broom...is this true? Does it really get the floor clean? Should we buy one?

We've taken the bottom off DS's cot today to see if he gets out and runs around. If it goes well then next stop, toddler bed!

DH meeting with his chaplain friend who is also a trained psychotherapist at 3pm to talk about the anxiety and the nightmares. I really really hope it helps, or at least gives him an idea of where to go next for help. He woke up this morning exhausted after yet another broken night and said "I just wish I could have one night - one night - where I could have just a proper sleep and don't have to live through it all again and again" sad

To keep me honest I'm going to put my list here to get done while DH is still at home - next week is the last week before term starts, where did the summer go!!
- hire a mothers' help to start asap (since I can't carry DS up the stairs or lift him to change his nappy, DH is doing all that)
- buy or hire a set of newborn cloth nappies (if anyone's selling, give me a shout!)
- pack hospital bag
- buy toddler bed, mattress, chest of drawers for baby clothes
- get co-sleeping cot from shed and wash it down

I have this massive nesting tidying urge and it's driving me crazy that I can't do what needs doing because I can't bend or lift. I'm really hoping I can hire some insanely clean and tidy person as a mothers' help who will like nothing more than decluttering and tidying for with me.

CheungFun Sat 24-Aug-13 17:27:42

Hello all, been AWOL again!

I passed my driving test yesterday, so happy! Nervous at the thought of driving on my own on Tuesday, got to drop DH off at the train station, then drop DS off at nursery, and lastly get myself to work! I'm going to drive us to Tesco tomorrow and on Monday we will do a test run of the route!

We've spent a fortune today, bought DS a winter coat, shoes (somehow his feet have grown to size 6.5!!), and Wellies. I just need to get him a rain suit and then we are ready for winter!

Off to catch up on the thread again!

PerilousStiletto Sat 24-Aug-13 21:24:54

Ended up back at hospital with a v lethargic Boi. Turns out he has croup, tonsillitis, a chest infection and an ear infection now. We have been discharged with steroids, antibiotics and a throat spray. hmm
Poor lamb!
Xiao - I have a full set of bamboozle stretchies -newborn and normal size. Never used most of them.blush I spent over £200, and tried them a couple of times.blush

Xiaoxiong Sat 24-Aug-13 22:09:58

Oh dear peril poor old Boi and poor you - do you feel like they've got to the bottom of it now, or that they're fobbing you off by just treating individual symptoms? I hope he can sleep tonight and rest and recharge.

On the nappies front, are you thinking about selling your bamboozle stretchies? No pressure if you want to hang onto them for a potential DC2... And no blushes necessary!! If DS hadn't had a nanny looking after him in our own home, he would have been in disposables long ago.

Cheung massive congrats on the driving test! grin Now you'll need to drive lots and lots and you'll be massively confident.

Faffin Sat 24-Aug-13 22:19:03

Congrats cheung! You'll be so used to driving in no time at all, and will wonder how you ever coped without a car

PerOil I'm so sorry to hear that BOi's been suffering. I really hope he's on the mend soon

Xiao it sounds like you and yours have really been going through it again too. I hope today's session was helpful for DH and that you can hire the help you need.

seven I went for a copper coil in Jan, and so far it's been fine for me. As others have said, hormones were starting to mess me up, and whilst we're pretty certain we don't want any more we thought we'd wait 5 years or so before going the vasectomy route just to be on the safe side! My dad had the snip when with my mum, then went through the pain of a reversal with his second wife. It didn't work, and they ended up having to do IVF.

On phone and can't remember who else I wanted to name check, sorry! Sending out general happy and healthy vibes to all.

DS appears to have decided daytime naps are no longer for him (other than at nursery when of course he happily complies). He is coping with this far better than me! DD was at least 6 months older than this when she dropped her nap. Is anyone else facing long days where you get nothing done around the house extra time to spend with their little one?

OctopusWrangler Sat 24-Aug-13 23:15:15

Sending mendy vibes to Boi, 48 hours on steroids and he'll be tearing through the fridge at a rate if knots hopefullysmile

Xiao I have nappies (2nd hand from a friend) only tried twice with DS and don't honestly think we'll even try this time round.

I think it is these I have 6 waterproof liners - 3 are lollipop ones size small, 3 are a different make (onelife) size XS. There are 10 of the shaped velcro nappies and also 10 flat nappies with 3 snappi fasteners. There is also a nappy bin, a mesh wash bag, a partial roll of flushable liners and half a tub of sanitiser.

I was going to try to donate them to my local nappy library, but it would be appear that they are looking for someone new to take over so they are just sat here. If you want them PM me your address and I'll try to get them posted this week.

Peril hope Boi is better soon xx

DS has been whingy all day, with a couple of tantrums which I still don't really know what he wanted. I may have had a little sob myself during one of them. Oh, then I finally got him down for a nap and SIL and DN turned up to visit baby so still didn't get a break sad

Oh well, DH is off for two days now so at least I can doze with DD between feeds.

Hope everyone else has more exciting Bank Hol plans that that blush

Sure there were many other things to name check but I'm going to bed!

mopsytop Sun 25-Aug-13 12:27:59

xiao we actually were visiting MIL who lives down south but we live ooop north. Would have loved to meet up otherwise. I'd like to know about steam cleaners too as have exact same problem with my laminate floor. Hope your husband gets some useful advice to help him with his stress and anxiety.

OiPeril so sorry to hear about poor wee bOi.

aethel are you a fan of timbits? people kept telling me about them before I went to Canada and I just didn't really Luke them ... Too dry or something. Maybe I'm a weirdo!

We had a fab time at wedding yesterday. Going on a date tonight too. Yay!

Xiaoxiong Sun 25-Aug-13 13:30:39

Thanks faffin and mopsy - DH came back from his coffee sounding a bit more upbeat and with a name of a counsellor to talk to. I just hope he actually rings them up and gets an appointment next week because once term starts it's full on 24/6 and then collapse on sundays.

oi I hope Boi's feeling better this morning.

kat ooh thanks for the offer! Will see if Oi wants to offload hers first as she mentioned it first but if she'd rather sell on ebay or cloth bum mums then I will definitely take them off your hands.

So far DS is doing well with a three sided cot - I thought he'd be out straight away and running after me while doing his 30 second heartbreaking "mamaaaa" wail before passing out snoring but he hasn't! I don't think he's quite realised he can get out of bed without us helping him...we'll see.

Off to RHS Wisley to meet friends this afternoon, looking forward to it. Apparently there aren't loads of stairs everywhere and it's pretty flat so I should be alright with the ever-necessary co-drydamol and heavily elasticated support garments to hold me together and leaning on the pushchair. DH calls it my zimmer frame hmm

I've had a few responses to my mother's help position but all from qualified nannies. I wonder if they're actually the right people - really what I need is someone to be me for the next couple of months - to get the newborn stuff down from the loft, sort it and wash it, be proactive and declutter and tidy the house, clear out the fridge, make a meal and leave it on the hob, basically do all the things I should be doing if I was fit and able to lift and carry. In my opinion that's a no-quals required, NMW job...not for a professional nanny needing £12 an hour full-time.

Why oh why was I born in the 21st century - surely by now we were supposed to be able to clone ourselves.

Poor Boi! What a dreadful combination Oi, if an adult had all of those illnesses they would be confined and on the peeled grapes for a week. Hope he's on the mend soon and it's not too exhausting for you and DH.

I'm drinking an 'oh gosh' tonight, ver' nice rum cocktail dontchaknow.... grin

Had an interesting time at my Dad's...my little brother sadly decided to greet me with a practical joke pen, one that gave you and electric shock when you touched it hmm. I hate that sort of thing, and unbeknownst to him, it is now an ex-pen... But in true English fashion we went for a walk through the forest in the rain; it was me and DP, DS, my brother and sister (15 and 10) and their step-cousin (also 15).

It basically looked like DP and I had been really busy for the past 20 odd years!

Hope your DS is a bit better too figgy, and that you're getting a bit more sleep. Having now seen an article about them being vandalised, I now know what you mean when you're on about Gromit-spotting!

Sounds like you're having an awesome time aethel, anything else exciting planned?

Well done cheung, and I hope it all goes smoothly...it's the other people on the road that are the real problem confused

And so, so glad to hear that your DH has taken the first step in speaking to someone Xiao. I wouldn't normally do it or recommend it, but encourage/nag/force him to make that call. I have been in exactly that situation with another family member- also related to pregnancy/birth issues- and it's so important for everyone's sake that he does it. And can't believe you'll be a Mum of two so soon, it's like we're all stuck on fast forward at the mo.

Off to a farm tomorrow- we're going to have a proper family day out, I can't wait smile

Figgygal Sun 25-Aug-13 21:23:03

Well today DS has survived on a smoothie, a babybel, some melon, jelly and a few spoons of salmon, mash and beans hmm this is day 4 of no milk and he recoils from food like it's toxic. He's happy enough in himself as long as he's nurofened up but definitely drinking less water/juice too. This is the first time hes ever not eaten EVER!!! Usually he's scrounging off your plate but he is not interested I swear he feels lighter already how long do I let this go on? He's eating a third of what he usually does refusing breakfast including soft things like porridge and weetabix won't touch bread so not had lunch for days don't want him getting Ill.

We went to zoo today his fave things were chasing pigeons and the ball in the lion enclosure blush glad we spent £30 taking him grin they have dino exhibits at the moment and they have a full sized animatronic T Rex DS was scared witless by it when it moved its head and roared leaped in the air screamed and cried then clung to me like a limpet until we got away from it. Poor thing .........me and dh thought it was hilarious .....evil or what.

Aethelfleda Mon 26-Aug-13 03:24:31

Hiya! <waves> mopsy, Timbits are rather nice in that they are little manageable mini-bits of donut and so serve to counteract the excesses of North American snackage (admittedly not when you buy a box of twenty blush )

xiao I have procured you a litre of maple syrup, we may be putting it in its own suitcase to get around the silly baggage allowance (we are allowed five suitcases in the baggage hold of 23 kilos, but not two of 24 kilos...how nuts is that...)
I'm now worried about what exactly a woman in your condition is planning to DO with a litre of maple syrup...
<procures mind-bleach>

Grim on the teething front figgy but have a look in his mouth and if you can see teeth coming just plug on with ibuprofen/teething whatever and pile in whatever snacks he will take. We had about ten days of DS subsisting on nibbles of banana and copious lollies as everything else got thrown...

Today we took the DDs to the coolest bookstore ever, it has a second floor that we've never yet reached as the ground floor is so fab... It's a wooden-shelved rabbit warren of floor-to-ceiling books, all about 3-8 dollars apart from the rarest/oldest ones and it just has absolutely everything, arranged by genre. The girls loved it and settled on four books each, DS got some sci-fi and I got two Canadian pioneer history books and a crime novel about a ten-year-old amateur poisoner of pies... Apart from shooing the DDs gently away from the vintage erotica section (not there, girls, those are Kissing books" I said, which amused the shopkeeper no end: she was a Princess Bride fan who got the reference, which explains what sort of a bookshop it is) it was all most straightforward. I love having DCs who share our love of books and geekery.....

PerilousStiletto Mon 26-Aug-13 07:34:22

Xiao - take up Kat's very lovely offer. It sounds like she's got it all organised. It could take me a week to find the bag that lurks somewhere in the garage/Lucy Tilley room. We have all the bamboozle nappies, and then a few other kinds (singles) that I bought to try. I really should get around to sorting them out and selling them.
The Boi is much better. Steroids are good aren't they? After being a lifeless zombie all day, he completely became himself again. But due to it being evening when they were administered, it was 11pm before he stopped running around and dancing. grin
He was much better yesterday. He sounds less like he's on 40 a day. He still has a hacking cough sometimes, and he's really clingy and very easily upset. But most of the time he's charging around and back to his usual self. However, he now hates medicine. I am bribing him with chocolate buttons. It's not working. He goes into full on meltdown - and that's not helping his sore throat. Last night we put the antibiotics in his milk. Anyone got any other ideas?
We have had family staying with us since Friday. Whilst I love having people around, and even though i said: help yourselves/make yourselves at home, it's still been work, work, work. All with a clingy Boi wrapped around my legs.
Hey ho! They'll be gone this evening.
...and then I'll be back at work.
Really need a holiday. Really need to get Boi a passport!!!!

BeeMyBaby Mon 26-Aug-13 08:22:06

peril if you can go back to the doctor and request a new script for non sugar free antibiotics it will help, and don't try to get it at boots as they only do the sugar free kind. Alternatively you can add a couple of spoons of sugar to the antibiotics and shake vigorously (as recommended to us by the boots pharmacist) but if possible try to go with the first option as it makes it so so much easier. I still don't know why they make sugar free medicine, I really don't see what parent would prefer to watch their child gag until they vomit to a little bit of sugar.

EasyMark Mon 26-Aug-13 11:02:06

Oh no that terrible Oi, hope Boi gets well soon. Icecream helps with sore throut and soup, jelly and warm/cold milk and lots of hugs and cuddles xx

I have droped off thread a bit so off to catch up and place marking.

Xiaoxiong Mon 26-Aug-13 12:49:56

OiPeril can you hide the antibiotics in smoothies, mashed banana, yoghurt mixed with some baby cereal, half-melted ice cream or diluted juice? That's how we got stuff into DS when we were building him back up again after his rotavirus and immune system nightmare in January. How frustrating to have to look after guests as well as Boi and they didn't just muck in - really hope they step up to give you a hand today.

aethel this thread is like Christmas and you are awesome. I'm planning to drink it by the pint, isn't that what everyone does?? That bookstore sounds amazing. I bet your guys will like this when it's published - Knopf are bringing it out book one later this year: worldofwollstonecraft.com and www.kickstarter.com/projects/airshipambassador/wollstonecraft

Ok kat you're on - I'll take all the nappies and accessories off your hands, I can't remember if you live anywhere near me (SL4)? Or very happy to pay for postage and/or do anything else to help?

Xiaoxiong Mon 26-Aug-13 12:53:45

northern enjoy the farm today and love the image of you all bravely soldiering on in the rain with stiff upper lips grin

figgy I actually laughed out loud at your DS leaping into the air at the T-rex - my DS has done that too and I find it so hilarious when he gets startled! Especially of the hairdryer or any hand drier in a public toilet bad mama

Yup, Xiao, the only way it could've been more British is if we'd gone back to a caravan to eat slightly damp egg n cress sandwiches... grin

We had fun at the farm/history place today, spent four hours there and it will definitely bear repeat visiting. Only downsides were the amount of wasps <shudders> and the fact that DS had dropped off as we arrived, and then the action of spraying him with sun cream woke him. It was ridiculous, we'd gotten him out of the car, into a pushchair and off with no problem, and then a little spray on his leg woke him! So he was a bit grumpy. But the history element of the place was great, the animals were fabulous, and so were all the play things- DS finished by going off on a bouncy castle and loved it- he let the world know when we dragged him off....

So glad the Boi is better- steroids are truly wonderful things, they have worked miracles for both me and my Mum. You must be knackered though now Oi, what a few days.

And I'm sure DS will be fine figgy, it is just really weird when they go off their food. When the bloody things pop through you'll probably just find he has a week of scoffing to balance things out, so I'd stock up now!

OctopusWrangler Tue 27-Aug-13 00:03:29

All hail the steroids! So glad they're doing their thingsmile I once ate my parents out of house and home after a course of iv steroids. It was Christmas. Serious munchies!

SevenReasonsToSmile Tue 27-Aug-13 10:05:35

cheung congrats on the driving test.

peril hope BOi has perked up a bit now.

faffin good to know you've had a coil with no problems, I'll definitely look into it.

aethel that book store sounds amazing, I'm very envy

xiao try Lakeland for a steam mop, I drool over them every time the Lakeland catalogue arrives.

Having never enjoyed exercise in my life I've decided I need to do something about my weight and overall health. I'm back on myfitnesspal, and I've lost 1.5lbs since Sunday. I also started doing couch to 5k last night, I actually enjoyed it and not aching as bad as I expected. Next run tomorrow, looking forward to it. I've started a C25K thread in exercise, there's 12 of us doing it starting this week so far.

mopsytop Tue 27-Aug-13 12:52:32

cheung sorry I also meant to say congrats on the driving test. That's fab. You're dead right to jump straight in and get driving. I did mine eleven years ago now and rarely drove during that time. Now I've to do a commute of an hour's drive each way and I'm still nervous about it!

Xiaoxiong Tue 27-Aug-13 15:12:58

<waves> at Easy - hope Hope & Air are doing well!

seven great that you're actually looking forward to running, that's a good sign that you'll stick with it if you enjoy it! And to see concrete progress is so great. I'll def be joining you soon - can't wait to get my body back and move again after these weeks of being an invalid, it's so frustrating.

northern that farm place sounds great, where's it near? DS has never been on a bouncy castle before but I bet he'd love it too - he's always bouncing on our bed!

Just got back from my 34 week midwife appointment and I'm measuring as 40 weeks confused But amazingly - I won't see a midwife again this pregnancy!! Consultant at 36 weeks (9 Sept), and then ELCS two weeks later. And that's it, fingers crossed!!

Well our mother's help came in this morning - we are so so so lucky to be able to afford this, so while DH took DS to the park and the library and I worked, she unpacked and cleared out the cardboard boxes in our bedroom that have been there since we moved in blush, did a load of nappies, mopped the kitchen floor (so I will definitely get a steam mop now!) and changed all our beds. Can't believe how quickly that fell into place!!

mopsytop Tue 27-Aug-13 15:54:29

Very pleased your mother's help is working out xiao. That's one less thing to stress about. Hopefully it will help Mr. Xiao to be a bit less anxious also.

If you do get steam cleaner please post on here about efficacy etc. as I'm sort of thinking about it too. It takes way too long to dry when I mop...

PerilousStiletto Tue 27-Aug-13 17:53:15

Did I congratulate you Cheung? Well hearty congratulations!! Enjoy the freedom!
Xiao - am envious! A colleague in Germany gets teenagers to spend time with the kids to give her time to get stuff done, and to give the parents some time together. You have a much better idea, - the help does the work so you can do other work and enjoy your kids. Maybe I just need to list my jobs and get an odd-jobber to just give me a price, and give my stuff to an e-bayer to get on with selling for me.
I've put on a ton of weight. My tummy is huge. Couch to 5k? Or give up wine and convenience food? I'm not sure which is easier, but the 5k thing does not inspire me.
Abstinence it is then! And maybe some evening lunges... Urghgh!

It's near Maidstone Xiao, and they've actually picked up buildings from across Kent and reconstructed them on an old, historic farm. The massive old pigs were great, and I can't wait until DS is a little bigger and can go on a donkey ride. DP was a little PFB about DS going on the bouncy castle, but just had to stand back as DS launched himself on it! PM me if you want more info smile

How are figgyboy and BOi today?

I can't believe how many people are drooling over steam mops, how middle aged are we all?! One of my oldest friends was commenting on this, how sex drugs and rocknroll has become cardigans, mortgages and spotting grey hairs.... grin

I'm bloody shattered today, I did not sleep at all last night. Combo of having a drink late- just a beer in front of the footie, but it was an 8pm kick off- and I tend to have disturbed sleep on Sunday (in this case BH Monday) nights if I've got underlying stress stuff bloody house and work. Will munch the curry and head off to bed.

EasyMark Tue 27-Aug-13 21:00:46

congrats on passing driving test cheung grin

Sorry about the cake Queenie

Octo Im with you on hoping holidays end soon.

Hope Boi is feeling better xx

Glad the mothers helper is working out xiao

Not much to update on here, all is well. Im sewing name tags into school clothed and woundering where the last 5 years have gone grin
Air starts full time school on Monday, Dh is doing loads of overtime, InLaws have paid for us all to go to Disneyland paris in May so we need to get passports. Dh has said as I will have a passport I should get my L plates and learn to drive next uear im putting it off

EasyMark Tue 27-Aug-13 21:14:51

Im looking forward to spending more one on one time with Hope when Air is at school. I have been putting off stuff like potty training, putting her in her own bed and the whole teaching her to do things on her own. She is just allowed to run wild and she is so reserved its hard for me to conect with her so im going to make a big effort to get to understand her better and give her lots of oppertunities to do new things and see what she likes grin

She copies Air too much and she likes scooby doo and playing ironman or chasing Air with a toy dino when roaring and likes playing crazy pushchair raceing with her dolls! Also she likes going down the slide backwards and walking bearfooted thru the grass. The thing that gets me is she will sit and look at a book on her own and point at the pictures,strange child lol

Air still not doing his SALT homework and still not counting above 14 and is not listening to us all the time now. Im hoping he will do better in school than at home.

EasyMark Tue 27-Aug-13 21:17:38

Sorry ignore me just general rambling

PerilousStiletto Wed 28-Aug-13 08:28:20

Boi is much better, thanks. He's still a bit gruff, and clingy/moody, but he's certainly on the mend.
He was bitten again at the cm's yesterday. (I took the morning off to make sure he was ok, then took him to the cm for the afternoon.) The bite didn't break the skin this time.
Easy - well, the pil's are good for something then? Disney, eh?! Very nice! And driving lessons too? Go for it!
I have made an appt to get a fast track passport for the Boi. So I've asked my mum to take him to a photo booth today. Ha ha ha!
Hopefully we'll get away somewhere in September.
Relate tonight... Yawn.

Faffin Wed 28-Aug-13 09:26:31

PerOil I took both mine to snappy to get their passport photos, worked well, and far easier than trying to get them to sit still in a photo booth smile. Pleased to hear BOi is on the mend, sorry about the biting though shock

Faffin Wed 28-Aug-13 09:26:49

or even snappy snaps!

SevenReasonsToSmile Wed 28-Aug-13 11:37:36

peril glad he's on the mend, sorry to hear about the bite. How relate going?

xiao your mothers help sounds brilliant, I could really do with another me around to do the jobs I don't have time for!

easy hope looking at books on her own is great. DS was the same, he was starting to read at 4 and now at 5 he can read almost as well as I can!

Running again tonight, can't believe I'm looking forward to it. I've even inspired my mum, she's coming with me smile

Figgygal Wed 28-Aug-13 12:20:51

DS a bit better he ate some toast this morning which is the first bread product he has had for days but he was holding his ear a couple of times so we wondering if it an ear infection he is going to Dr tonight with DH.

I took DS for his passport photos at weekend not because i expect to travel anywhere interesting anytime soon but because he is a chunk dont want to take him to scotland the week before his bday when we still dont pay for him and them think i am swinging the lead and he is over 2. Need to actually fill in the forms now.

DH is having some sort of breakdown he woke me up at 4.30 shaking and crying, he wishes we had never had ds so i could just leave him and not be with such a disappointment, he wants to go to sleep and never wake up.. I cant say anything without him taking it as a dig and i am really worried but his dr is away until next week which is when he will be getting his diagnosis re: Lupus. He also full of guilt that he is holding up the DC2 thing and basically sees himself as a failure of a man, a husband and a father......it is hard sad. He needs to sort himself out as i dont want to lose sympathy/respect for him and think these things too but dont have any solutions on the health or job front either.

We are sliding into debt as his work is bad, it is stressing him out, he cant stand the isolation of being in the house at the moment but doesnt have energy or funds to get out. Part of me wants to just tell him to pack in his work and look after DS for a bit and then look for a job but he is convinced he wont get one. Thank christ for my promotion a few months back or we would be royally fucked am on the verge of asking my parents for a bail out but am too proud............my brother lives in a house they bought him and swans about managing a pub they also bought him to the tune of a £100k so maybe i should just put my hand out too but i know that would mortify DH.

Christ that was a miserable post but cant talk to anyone in RL about it.

EasyMark Wed 28-Aug-13 13:19:31

Sounds like a breakdown figgy, he needs to see gp asap and maybe see about antidepressents. Can he look for a job now as well as working? Is he well enough to care for son on his own? ((((hugs)))))

I took kids to a play group this morning, then the libaray and then the park. Hope walked all the way and is now fast asleep and Air is moaning he is bored now, we have just got back and had toast for lunch! Can he go to school yet?

Xiaoxiong Wed 28-Aug-13 14:37:36

Oh poor Mr Figgy...do you think that his anxieties about the outcome of the lupus diagnosis may be distorting his view of other aspects of his life? ie. he feels like he can't take control of his job or his health until he knows for sure one way or the other whether he's living with lupus or not. So because he can't do anything to improve those aspects at the moment since he doesn't have enough info, he feels like he will never be able to do anything.

Do you mind if I ask Mr Xiao - he may have some thoughts from his recent chats with his therapist/chaplain friend and has been reading and thinking about men's roles in a family, anxiety, cultural stereotyping of masculine roles etc. He and a couple of friends started a once-a-month "man group" where they discuss exactly these kinds of things and he's found it really enlightening about the expectations men place upon themselves and where those expectations come from.

I think you should definitely call your parents too. I'd always rather my DS be in debt to me than to the bank and to feel able to call me in similar circumstances. You are both working, facing serious illness and doing a great job raising a wonderful grandchild - you just need a helping hand to tide you over. (((hugs))) to you and DH and DS.

PerilousStiletto Wed 28-Aug-13 15:02:06

Oh figgy, that sounds bad. It certainly sounds like your DH is desperate for help/counselling. Can you get him to go and see a dr now, whilst waiting for his results?
Ask your parents for help.
You need to keep your neck above the water. You need a float to take the pressure off at this moment. You need to keep yourself well - to supprt those around you. There's no shame in it. You have my absolute sympathies. It's really shitty being the (only) responsible one.

mopsytop Wed 28-Aug-13 19:10:57

Oh dear figgy sad
I would say defs ask your parents for help. You can always return it later.
Can your husband get some counselling or anything as OiPeril suggested? Sounds rough. Hope you're OK.

SevenReasonsToSmile Wed 28-Aug-13 21:43:16

figgy I posted earlier but the gremlins ate it, probably a good thing as it wasn't as good as what others have said. Don't be a hero though, ask for help if you need it, I'm sure your parents would rather help than see you struggling.

BJR Thu 29-Aug-13 08:20:06

Oh figgy sounds like you and DH are dealing with an awful lot at the moment. I can only second the good advice you've had to see if you can get DH to GP to see about counselling, and also to talk to someone in RL if you can so you get some support too.

Just joined a 30 day squat and crunch thread and a 100 day defrumping thread on style and beauty. Seriously need to be a glamorous mummy not a frumpy mummy.

DP is in a sulk this morning (funny grump not bad grump) apparently he tried to wake me up at 2am as he couldn't sleep and wanted to DTD, he didn't even manage to wake me up. He pouted this morning and declared that normal people have sex at least 3 times a day then stomped off to work while I laughed at him grin

ifyourehoppyandyouknowit Thu 29-Aug-13 08:52:46

Oh no Figgy I think your DH really needs to speak to a professional about how he is feeling. Hope it's not an ear infection for figgyboy.

BJR where is this defrumping thread? <looks at own awful outfit and scraped back hair> Good luck on the squats!

Peril hope bOi is feeling all better soon, and sorry about the biting. Sadly the only biting incident we've had involved DS doing the biting (though that seems to have stopped and now he just kisses everyone).

Easy glad to hear you're all doing well, hope Air does better at school.

xiao your mothers help sounds fab, not long to go now! My steam cleaner is broken and I'm so sad.

Yeay for running seven keep it up!

DS was just a little mentalist yesterday, nursery said he had been into everything and been even cheekier than usual (in a cute way, not a devil spawn way) and then he just would. not. sleep last night. Ended up in the spare bed with DH because I do it every other time it happens so DH is grumpy and tired this morning. We had a mad weekend with my DSIS and her brood, DS loved having all the older kids here though, and was even inspired to use the potty after seeing his cousin do it. Still a very long way from toilet training though. He's had another language explosion in the past few days and I've lost count of what he says now, he just chatters non stop. He's also covered in bruises after a rough and tumble weekend, and has a lovely scrape on his chin and elbow after we went for a walk in the woods on Monday and he tripped over a stone and landed face first. As usual. I Was worried about his eyesight but then he found a tiny dead ladybird in the really overgrown grass in the garden, and he tries to chase ants so maybe he's just too eager and his feet can't keep up?

CheungFun Thu 29-Aug-13 08:55:18

Oh no that sounds hard Figgy I second everyone's advice of ask your parents for help and then it's one less thing to think about and then you can get some help for your DH. Hope things get better soon.

On the exercise front now I can drive, I'm going to join the gym. It's only £22 a month and I've circled some exercise classes in the evenings and weekends to try. I'm fed up, still 2 stone heavier than I was when DS was conceived and I'm still wearing maternity trousers to work! Time for some action and commitment! I'd be happy to lose 1 stone really not desperate to lose all of the weight, but some!!

Figgygal Thu 29-Aug-13 09:17:52

Thanks ladies DH took DS to Dr last night he has inflamed tonsils and throat so we have meds for him and have to take him back next week if he still not eating....he looks so trim he has lost his tummy altogether. Dh took him shopping after the appt and lots of old ladies were cooing over him he is still inexplicably blonde with his big blue eyes so he is a nana magnet.

DH doesn’t see the point in seeing the locum dr this week as they wont be able to magic up a job or money for him and that is his biggest issue. He had a good chat with one of his friends yesterday afternoon (this is the friend who last year had temporary psychosis due to a medication reaction– needless to say it was pretty bad) and that seems to have given him some perspective and helped and he has promised to go on Monday when his Dr is back from leave to talk to them about the depression symptoms and whether they are going to diagnose him fully. If i can i will go with him to make sure he is as open as possible. My mum is visiting for a week next week so will have a chat with her ......I know the money is there if i want it but am not one to ask for it and dh is very proud so might just hold off a bit longer. On top of all that think might have to have the skunk put down she has been savaging DH for months as her thyroid is packing in and she is frantic for food, she has been on steroids for a few months and has put a bit of weight back on but she is biting his feet and now jumping up his legs to savage him the vet says we need to give it more time but if she was a dog and attacking people we wouldn’t be allowed to keep her regardless if we wanted to or not. She is ok with me and DS but i went to put him down this morning i think she thought i was putting down some raisins for her as she launched at DS foot and i think she nipped him. I have said that if she starts being aggressive with ds she is gone DH will be devastated if we have to do this as she is his baby but he is under siege at the moment everytime he goes to make a cup of coffee and it is not helping things either.

I need these weight loss defrumping threads i have put on 2lbs in the last few months which isn’t a lot but i would say i now need to lose 10lbs and even DH said last night he could see i have put on some podge (i was in a mood all night after that) am back on the adios today and back to Zumba next week. I think 7-10lbs is the worst as I cant feel as motivated to lose it as i would be if it had been a couple of stone.

BJR your DP is an arse if he thinks it is reasonable to be in a hump with you because you wouldn’t wake up to pleasure him in the middle of the night. 3 times a day ........pah!!!

BJR Thu 29-Aug-13 12:21:46

Glad DH has talked to a friend figgy and agreed to see the GP, sorry to hear about problems with the skunk too. And your right my DP does say very arse like things, I find it best to just laugh at him when he's like thatgrin

I see you found the defrumping thread hop, now all we have to is stick to it until Christmas!

LadyGoodman Thu 29-Aug-13 12:45:39

Figgy here i have changed my name i figured it has been over 2 years and needed a change!!

I've eaten lunch and still hungry ........it is going to be a long afternoon!!

Xiaoxiong Thu 29-Aug-13 13:20:05

Um wow BJR, your DP is seriously deluded if he thinks that normal people have sex three times a day, especially with babies/toddlers. Let's just say there's a reason I'm very certain about when DS2 was conceived...because I could count the possible days on not that many fingers. I'm glad it was a funny grump and you could laugh at him at least.

I can't wait to join you all cheung and figgy and bjr on the exercising/defrumping front - so so tired of being enormous and lumbering, as soon as I get the all clear to exercise I really want to move a lot more than I have in the past.

Hop love the chattering language explosion, is he saying hilarious things? grin

Figgy I hope he does go to the docs and that you can go with him - he's right that they can't conjure up money or a job for him, but what they can do is help get him out of the mindset that he'll never find another, better job. I also think you should definitely talk to your mum - it's always the ones who don't ask that need it, and the ones that don't really need it always seem to be asking!! (I love my brother but jeez, he's got no kids, his salary is tax-free and he works in private equity and yet somehow my dad is like, "I'm just buying a plane ticket for your brother to go on holiday"...)

Mr Xiao and I were talking last night about the huge pressure that most men place on themselves to be a sole breadwinner/earner/supporter, even when that's totally unrealistic because of illness and because the vast majority of full-time jobs these days are not enough to support a family on one salary. And yet, there's still a feeling of failure as a man and a father if you're not able to be the "provider" - in the same way that many women feel a failure if they're not able to be sole caregiver to their children, even if they're not personally suited to that role, don't enjoy it, or need to go to work for the family finances (or even just to keep their own sanity). There's then the double whammy of many men finding it very difficult to talk to others about it because it's seen as an admission of failure. I remember my DH saying despairingly that he felt so weak having to talk to someone about his anxiety because "everyone else seems to be able to manage how they're feeling" even though intellectually of course he knows that that's not true. I'm glad that talking to his friend seemed to help him gain some perspective, just taking that first step to talk to someone seems to be a huge step for many people. I'm really sorry about your skunk though sad

Also I think Figgyboy's had a word with DS who has eaten absolutely nothing but a couple of grapes today and even refused most of his bottle of milk. He did wake up with a fever of 38.2 and very weepy saying "teeth hurting" - after some calpol he perked up a bit, but still no food at all today yet. He even refused his favourite of smoked salmon, scrambled eggs and tomatoes at lunchtime sad

QueenofClean Thu 29-Aug-13 13:34:39

Will catch up later...been crazy week

ifyourehoppyandyouknowit Thu 29-Aug-13 13:35:40

He can't say fork very well. It sounds a bit rude. Last night he wanted to get out of his cot and was running through all his words that could possibly communicate this; out, up, cuddle, down, open, floor. You could see his little brain whirring away trying to work out which word would work. Most thing are 'my fork' 'my cat' 'my brush'. More mini sentences as well 'mummy sweep' while I'm doing the floors. He also thinks the song goes 'hump-eh-ty trumpty' and if you fart he giggles and says 'twump!' If he wants you to sing he say 'bah black sheepy' though it doesn't always mean that that is the song he wants - he interrupts with 'no mummy' until you get the right song. He's figured out the cat's name as well now, rather than just 'NO CAT!' Oh, and he's given up saying beep beep when people are in his way and now just points and says 'move!'

BJR yep, got my list all written down!

Xiaoxiong Thu 29-Aug-13 13:38:04

Just got the date of my section - Friday September 27th, yay!! I guess that means hospital bag packing asap.

All the newborn clothes are washed and drying in the sun, our mother's help raised an eyebrow at all the tiny stained vests and threw every last thing into a hot wash blush

Rather annoyed here atm...the bloody vendors have withdrawn from the sale two days before the survey was due to take place angry sad. I don't know if it's because they're fixated on this place they can't afford, but apparently their plan is to extend the ground floor of the current place so they can sell it for more money to enable them to buy bigger/better in the town they're moving to.
Absolutely nuts, and of course leaves us in a crap position.


Can't believe that's come round so quickly Xiao, just a month to go. Guess you're not a Mary Poppins/Queenie of the washing machine then...wink
So glad to hear your DH is talking to people about it all. I wonder if he'll find the CS a cathartic experience; one where you're in control, pain free and done in an hour, compared to last time?

Your DS is really coming along with his words Hop. I love the giggling and 'twump'!

I'm so sorry to hear about your DH and your skunk LadyG, you're managing to sound relatively upbeat given all the crap that's going on. Hope your DH does make it to the Doc's on Monday: depression/breakdowns like that can spiral suddenly and horribly, and the sooner he's getting treatment the better. If he does get a diagnosis of lupus, there will also be a support group that he can tap into- as depression is one the symptoms I'd hope that either the doctor or the national org. could point him in the right direction for counselling.
And sorry to hear that figgyboy is still not well- sounds like he's been hanging out with BOi, poor things. And I know what you mean about the nana-magnet though, DS gets coo'd over with being slightly chubby, blue eyed and with blond curls- the ultimate!

Xiaoxiong Thu 29-Aug-13 22:18:14

DS fever is shooting up to around 38.5c like clockwork every couple of hours as the neurofen/calpol wears off so just trying to keep an eye on him and keep him cool. Bloody teeth! Thank god I'm still breastfeeding otherwise he would have had almost no fluids at all today. Even the all-powerful ice lolly was refused confused Will try again tomorrow.

Hop as cute as I could have hoped grin Love the imperious "move"!

Oh nooooo northern, what an absolute drag!! Do you have a backup option?

It's weird, the stains are sort of yellowy blotches around the neck even though DS wasn't a sicky baby really. But I guess when DS was a newborn we lived in a flat with no outside drying area, and it was December (remember? grin) so no sunshine to speak of. I used to put a couple of really stained things on the kitchen windowsill to try and catch the sun but most things just dried indoors, and I was too PFB to use any bleach or stain remover or anything on his clothes. (How the mighty have fallen...)

DH was very pleased to have a c-section date so he can let his head of department know which days he'll be off, and which rugby matches he'll need to get cover for. I think the timing is good too, it means he'll have 2 weeks' leave, go back and teach for 4 days and then it's half term so another week at home with us. He's out for a drink and chat with the same therapist/chaplain colleague tonight which should be another step on the way to feeling better about everything.

Interestingly it seems that both my mother and MIL are planning to come stay that weekend after the baby is born! We'll see how that works out...

PerilousStiletto Thu 29-Aug-13 22:35:18

Apologies - I need to read back to catch up, but before I do, that little minx Emmy has bitten the Boi again. 3rd time in 2 weeks. She got sent home, and they are going to separate her more.
There was no altercation. It just happened and the Boi didn't cry or anything. But he has a ring of teeth marks on his wrist.
I'm not so concerned. He's fine. I just need to ensure that the cm is being properly vigilant. confused

PerilousStiletto Fri 30-Aug-13 08:20:29

Congratulations on the CS date Xiao. Really exciting! It sounds like your DH is doing better too.We need to introduce MrFiggy to his chaplain friend.
Poor MrFiggy, even the skunk is having a go at him. sad It is a shame about having to put the skunk down. sadsad I hope that MrFiggy can accept it. I think he is going to have to get counselling or something. There are a lot of big things going on in his life, and it must seem impossible to carry that burden and think about them. He has to get help to deal with each thing separately, and not lump them all together. Maybe an action plan is needed?
DH and I are not getting any better. It seems we have periods of calm where we can get along OK, - we are just like friends sharing a house. there's no intimacy. (Unless really alot of martini is partaken of, there could be some Northern-induced rumpus pumpus... But that's once a month and very rare - ha ha! Not 3x a day BJR!)
But most of the time, I just spend my time swearing under my breath, and wanting him to just leave and let us get on with it.
In the latest Relate session, we spoke about spending quality time together. At the moment, we come home, play with BOi, put Boi to bed, cook dinner, turn TV on/play with phones, go to bed. there's not a lot of interaction. So to make the interaction happen, I'm going to plan it in a calendar. Thursday - play a board game, Friday decorate the utility, Saturday...etc. there will be good things, the odd date etc, and there will be practical things. At least this way, if i do kick him out it doesn't work out, the utility will be decorated and the house will be in good shape. wink
Northern - so sorry to hear about your stupid vendors... they will never recoup the expense of major works. But you already know that - shame they can't see it! (My little house was valued at 120k when the economy was at its height. I then spent 35k extending and making it fabulous. I enjoyed fabulous for 2 years and then sold it for 100k). But it must mean that this was not the house for you. Something better is just around the corner. (Or, let them spend their money, go into rented until the work is done, and then make them a new very cheeky offer.)

Aethelfleda Fri 30-Aug-13 11:21:53

Urk. Just landed home, Canada was great (GPs treated us to a two night break at a FAB waterpark hotel near Niagra, they had an amazing interactive roleplaying activity called Magiquest. The DDs absolutely loved it). Unfortunately now my body clock is five hours out and so my brain is fried as it thinks it's 6am....
Apologies to anyone I don't namecheck. Have read the thread and offer good luck vibes to figgy for your DH getting some answers, and a <stinky sardine> for the letterbox of northern's vendors. Perhaps it's worth asking the estate agent to point out to them the unlikelyhood of extensions raising the price over their cost, it's in the EA's interest for the sale to go through! As peril said, if it's not meant to be there will be another, keep on Rightmoving.....

<makes hot Lava Java and hands around pot in a vague attempt to stay awake>

LadyGoodman Fri 30-Aug-13 20:43:50

Northern how has the house situation been today?

Dh has applied for some jobs today ds and i went out gromitting had a very successful day though it was hard going up some of the largest hills in bristol sin the heat straight after swimming class.

Taking ds on a train into bristol tomorrow for last gromitting session as he is obsessed with choochoos atm. We have 49 of the 80 will get a few more tomorrow and then i am done grin i think that is enough and the others are further afield and i am not going excessively out of the way for them. Am putting the pictures into a mega collage for my mums 60th bday present so it will have been worth it grin

House situation still grim, and no back up plan xiao other than find somewhere very, very quickly! Thanks for the sardine aethel; it was interesting to hear an EA sound so monumentally pissed off not as insanely-fakely chirpy as normal, and she did say that their plan wouldn't work....which is massively clear to everyone but the morons vendors. The EAs have tried everything to get them to shift, but to no avail.
The real sod is that I am in fact working on two Saturdays and up North for another in September, so not actually sure when we'll find somewhere confused!

How's DS today Xiao, has the fever at least gone? And get your DH to take those four days as leave and have a lovely three weeks' extended babymoon.

And welcome back aethel and co! Hope the next week of waking up at 3am and cleaning, then collapsing in your dinner at 7pm isn't too trying grin

Rightmove furtling here I come....

CheungFun Sat 31-Aug-13 08:36:36

Morning everyone, I'm having my supposed lie in this morning although I can't get back to sleep!

I've been driving every day since Tuesday and I'm definitely feeling happier driving DH's car. I've had a couple of people overtake me on countryside type roads where I'm driving dead on the speed limit, I suppose if they overtake me and can't see the road ahead I've just got to be ready to brake in case they crash into an oncoming vehicle!

DS is finally starting to copy words, he tried to say 'dirty' yesterday and he's been saying 'uh oh' very clearly!

On the house selling front I think I was quite naive and thought our flat would sell as fast as our neighbours (1 week), but I guess that was a case of right person right time looking! We've had over 20 viewings now and two offers which we've turned down. I don't think there's anything wrong except for the lack of parking, but there's nothing I can do about that! I've been so busy with everything else that I haven't had time to think about it all much anyway which is good!

Great news on getting your date Xiao less than a month to go now! Hope you're getting a bit of relaxation time in!

Northern that is rubbish! Hope things will work out. House selling/buying is poo and I won't be doing it again until I'm 60!

Aethal sounds like you had a great holiday! DH and I went to Canada a few years ago and loved it! We spent quite a long time just staring at Niagra Falls, it's an amazing sight!

LadyG hope things improve for your family soon! Glad you're getting out and about gromitting though, nice to have something fun to do!

PerilousStiletto Sat 31-Aug-13 10:00:48

A holiday has been booked! We're off to Turkey for a week. We picked a lovely hotel, all inc, and we go on 12th sept! Now the panic starts to lose a stone in 12 days and find complementary swimwear.
We intend to teach Ali to swim, so I need to research the best floaty things. grin
DH and I fell out before we booked it. The booking lightened the situation, but I'm daydreaming about just the Boi n me going. (Must not think in this manner!)

PerilousStiletto Sat 31-Aug-13 10:12:44

Looking at some very snazzy floatation jackets. They have removable floats, and the boi's arms and legs will be free to move. Look perfick!

LadyGoodman Sat 31-Aug-13 15:39:07

Yay peril I love turkey in fact had their national beer (efes) today in a whetherspoons whilst on our train adventure. Dh and I actually met in turkey am so jealous where r u going resort wise?

DS loved the choo choo it started off badly though as train at local station was so full they wouldn't let us on so drove to next much bigger station and went from there. So glad I don't use trains a lot far too many lifts required to platforms and how big are the gaps between trains and platforms shockended up having lunch before coming back. Another 9 gromits today DS charming all the people at them with his lack of understanding queuing systems. that's us done as they are taken away next weekend when we off to brixham with my mum for a holiday park adventure blush hope this weather holds its lovely today

BJR Sat 31-Aug-13 16:18:20

Sorry to hear about house problems northern, fingers crossed they suddenly come to their senses.

Oi turkey sounds lovely. I know what you mean about daydreaming though, I often find myself planning things I can do with DS if I split from DP blush Feel briefly guilty for thinking like that then go back to thinking it would be simpler without him. He is incredibly irritating at the moment.

EasyMark Sat 31-Aug-13 17:37:29

Oi did the travle person have any concerns about you going to Turkey? Its next to Seira (sp?) thats about to get attacked by the US?

Hope it will be fine and you all have a lovly time. Im sure Boi will love going on a plane and going swimming.

PerilousStiletto Sat 31-Aug-13 19:30:03

Congratulations on the grommiting!
We're off to the Hilton Dalaman, don't cya know? It looks tres glamourous.
I did think, would it be ok being next to Syria. And, well, as long as they don't bring out the nukes, we'll be oblivious. (In fact, if they did get the nukes out, we'd be even more oblivious.)
It might add more interest having a few aircraft carriers in the bay. smile
(I'm being blasé, but the whole situation is bloody awful. Just not getting into politics here.)
Ditto BJR. Di-tto!

PerilousStiletto Sat 31-Aug-13 19:31:35

[[http://m.hilton.com/mt/www3.hilton.com/en/hotels/turkey/hilton-dalaman-sarigerme-resort-and-spa-DLMHRHI/index.html here] grin

EasyMark Sat 31-Aug-13 20:08:38

As long as you and your family stay safe and have a good holiday thats all that matters wine

OctopusWrangler Sat 31-Aug-13 20:40:53

Swift check in. I'm reading but not posting much. Coffee and side orders of frozen fish as needed...

Aethelfleda Sat 31-Aug-13 20:42:29

Well, I've had an interesting day in the chinese sense. Kids, never put up picture hooks when you are jetlagged and tired. If you must, then do NOT accidentally bang the nail into electrical cables hidden in the wall. Fortunately I only got a relatively minor shock (and got myself checked over at A&E who were lovely about my numptitude) but even so, ugh. Just relieved it wasn't worse really.

DS's speech is coming along nicely now. His favourite is still "lol-lol-lol" but that's due to a continuing lolly obsession. And he loves animal noises and any excuse to make them. We're getting lots of ya and no type answers and new words are being copied. His body clock is still well and truly Canadian though, and sleep last night was distinctly fragmented.....it will get better.

Hi BJR, sorry you're still needing a haddock supply for your DP... cheung hang in there with the house, the right buyer will (hopefully) come along soon... Or you may get a surprise second viewing from a previous buyer, that's how we sold ours in the end.... peril turkey sounds interesting, I suppose you have to balance the likelyhood of any risk and see what you're happy with. At least it will be good weather!

<brews a big pot of tea and hands out maple sugar cream cookies>

mopsytop Sat 31-Aug-13 22:31:49

Jesus aethel Poor you! Glad you're OK!

PerilousStiletto Sat 31-Aug-13 22:46:00

That must be so easy to do. I mean, how can you tell? (Before 240 bolts run thru you?!?!)
Glad you're ok! X

Aethelfleda Sat 31-Aug-13 23:11:02

Well peril, if you're NOT tired stupid, the way to tell is 1) check there are no sockets/switches straight above/below/to the sides in any direction (wires usually run straight up/down/horizontally by convention) and we have a checky-hidden-wire thingy from the DIY shop (looks like a mini iron, beeps when you sweep it over the wall). Unfortunately I was so tired I forgot to check it first, and was just unlucky. There is already a nail above where I was putting mine but it's a centimeter over so I was lulled into just not thinking about it.
I now have a sore/achy hand and forearm but am grateful that's all.

<passes octo an extra large coffee mug. Hope Octoboy is waking a bit less often nowadays...>

Can't believe it's September tomorrow! The summer has flown and I need to get my childcare sorted asap so can start to look for work. Joy!

OctopusWrangler Sat 31-Aug-13 23:51:27

<whispers> He started sleeping mostly through about six weeks ago! </whispers>

Hope the arm mends soon. And I'm awfully glad it was a minor ding!

mopsytop Sun 01-Sep-13 06:44:55

Ugh. Up most of the night. Think minim had wind. Wrecked. How did I do this every night when she was tiny?!

mopsytop Sun 01-Sep-13 14:08:03

My new job starts tomorrow and I'm bricking it. Also v nervous about the drive. I'm sure I'll get used to it but still makes me nervy...

Aethelfleda Sun 01-Sep-13 14:36:28

Good luck mopsy, you'll be fine, hope tonight is better for you with MiniM...

Today is tidy-up-and-try-to-get-school-prep-started chez Aethel. My entire house needs sorting

Ooh, good luck mopsy, you'll do brilliantly I'm sure. It's always wibbly being the new kid however old you get, but it will soon be the new normal.

Will catch up with all the fun and electrocution confused later!

LadyGoodman Sun 01-Sep-13 17:18:21

Ooh good luck mopsy you'll smash it I'm sure!!

PerilousStiletto Sun 01-Sep-13 17:41:04

You'll be brilliant Mopsy! Good luck!

QueenofClean Sun 01-Sep-13 17:58:19

Good Luck for tomorrow Mopsy.

Aethel hopefully your okay....next time remember the wall finder thingy!

Peril...Hope things are getting back on track with DH.

Back to school in 3 days. All school uniform has been washed and so we are all ready for weds.

Darcie has been having major Aspie ishoos this last 2 weeks....freaking out about everything sad has been very hard couple of weeks.

My cakes are doing well smile got another order for 24 birthday cupcakes this week...rainbow style.

Sky in bed already and has been for an hour...Darcie been at Nanny's since midday so I can have a break from her sad so all peaceful till she's home Chez Queen.

QueenofClean Sun 01-Sep-13 17:59:15

ps loved the great football score today...Go Liverpool grin think if they keep playing like that then that could be BPL Champ contenders this season.

PerilousStiletto Sun 01-Sep-13 19:50:18

I declare it a successful weekend at Ashworth Towers.
Friday: holiday booked. grin DH not murdered.
Saturday: garden tidied (tent taken down, paddling pool deflated and cleaned,chairs put away, raspberries picked (and eaten immediately from the plant by Boi), flowers dead-headed, lettuce sown n thrown, leeks thinned out, parsnips thinned out, playing, swings, slide, climbing... The boi whinged to be qllowed to climb the step ladders. i eventually let him. and he rewarded me by counting the steps up - to 8 - all by himself! Then X factor! gringringrin DH not murdered.
Sunday: veggie beds deslugged, new hose attached, scootering, kitchen cleaned (3 bastard times! After bfast, after lunch, after dinner), roast dinner and mini magnums, grin, X factor soon! DH not murdered yet.
(He's ironing. I kid you not. He is ironing and has asked what I'd like ironing. It's a fecking miracle! shock)

PerilousStiletto Sun 01-Sep-13 19:51:58

Oh and a carrot was picked! And it was rather impressive. And so was eaten with the roast dinner. We'll leave the others for a few more weeks though. grin

OctopusWrangler Sun 01-Sep-13 21:19:11

You deserve a medal shaped glass of wine there!

PerilousStiletto Sun 01-Sep-13 21:25:32

Make it a mahoosive medal! Cheers!!

PerilousStiletto Sun 01-Sep-13 21:26:23

Nice cats, nice wrap, gorgeous Ted, btw. smile

Xiaoxiong Sun 01-Sep-13 22:21:55

Sounds like a fab weekend Oiperil! We had a good one too - my aunt/business partner came to stay for business meetings on Friday that went absolutely brilliantly (DH drove me to the door of the meeting, I held myself together for 2 hours and then collapsed into the car and was chauffeured home!). Yesterday we had some people over who I had never met but DH and I both immediately clicked with. So great to make new friends.

I slept all afternoon today while DH had a friend over for a play date. Now lying in state in the living room pootling about on facebook selling groups, DH practicing his banjo and drinking my breastfeeding tea (I told him it was Ayurvedic calming tea). Maybe now on top of everything else he can even take over breastfeeding DS wink

We had a fun internet enabled family moment on a three-way video Skype call tonight - my aunt and her son in Nairobi (also 20mo, she adopted him at 2 months), my parents in Washington DC and us here in Eton - DH playing the mandolin, my dad playing the guitar and all of us singing together to the two boys who loved it!

Aethelfleda Mon 02-Sep-13 17:40:22

Hope it went ok mopsy...

Had a severe fit of nostalgia today... Took the DCs on a daytrip to Hampton Court palace, and while stuffing them with iced water, scones, cream and jam (obligatory role of a mother) in the cafe, I saw a group of very obvious first-time-mothers having a meetup with their small babies. The babies all looked about eight-ten weeks old, and my first thought was wow, that was me eight years ago... And then I confess, dear reader, I ogled the eight of them and decided which was the mum with the colicky baby (jiggling them constantly) which was the high career mum back to work already (babe in one hand, blackberry in the other, latte on table), which was the stress bunny, which was the most knackered due to too many night feeds... There's a novel in there somewhere ..... bet lots of people have done that one

<passes around big mugs of tea and a coffee for octo>

mopsytop Mon 02-Sep-13 18:19:17

Thanks. Went OK. Driving down motorway in rush hour v nerve wracking but I got there and back OK. Ugh. Can't wait until I'm used to it and not totally freaked out every time! Soooo much to do before lectures start eeek. Bit overwhelmed and scared.

mopsytop Mon 02-Sep-13 18:20:03

PS xiao and aethel, your days sound lovely.
OK your weekend sounded great too
Congrats on the carrot wink

OctopusWrangler Mon 02-Sep-13 19:34:37


My cats are batshit insane a little bit oddgrin

The carrier is technically a 'legacy' one. The artist who is responsible for the print has a familiar name wink

My big spawns go back to school tomorrow! <does the party dance>

Yay Octo, hurrah for schools grin Hope you're feeling a bit brighter as Autumn's rolled on, and that you have something nice planned for yourself over the coming months.

Do you think it was the electric shock that's made you go all nostalgic aethel? wink But oggling is fine, creating the narrative in your head is fun: some people/groups are so easy to read it would be a shame not to! How's the jetlag going, are you coping OK? Have any of the DC reacted particularly badly?

And well done on not being squidged over the motorway your first day at work and getting there by car mopsy. Having to do both your first lot of driving and starting a new job is a lot to cope with- but you should have a massive sense of achievement each day smile

No houses to be found yet...on the up side, DP is applying for a promotion at work, so will be helping him with the application over the next week. A colleague has brought in loads of books for DS that hers have finished with, and another colleague brought me a thank-you bottle of wine back from his hols, so it makes up for another knackering day!

Aethelfleda Mon 02-Sep-13 22:39:20

Nrrrg, DD2 is still sat up perkily chatting. Guess she's not adjusted yet... Both DDs have to be prised out of bed, not ideal when school starts on Thursday! DS keeps trying his afternoon nap at 4 pm... I'm lousy at mornings anyway, ho hum.

Sending house-finding vibes the way of northern. and buying-offer vibes to cheung! rather depressingly our old area has seen a huge rise in house-for-sale prices, we went on the market a year ago next week shock and our inmediate old roads are up by thirty-fourty thousand envy. ny mate who has a period house on the market is asking a hundred grand more than we were (but it's a river road dahling, so would be worth fifty grand plus just for that alone) the money is just silly really, guess that's the London thing. But we really like our new place, so it's immaterial in a way what happens to other people's houses , as long as we we are healthy and can afford all the bills arg I need a job!

<makes a big round of decaf. Really not sleepy. Darn you, ridiculous body clock! In my twenties I did a lot of night shifts and was never lagged this long!>

PerilousStiletto Tue 03-Sep-13 11:55:05

Mopsy - soon you'll be arriving at work and wondering how the hell you got there. wink (In an autopilot sense).

Xiaoxiong Tue 03-Sep-13 12:02:18

aethel hope you got some sleep in the end! I think jet lag definitely gets worse as you get older, no idea why though. I've noticed it coming back from Asia, I never used to get jet lag at all but now, ugh - even from the States I'm up at 4am.

northern good luck vibes for DP for the promotion - hopefully he'll get it and that will be the start of a run of good luck with the house as well.

octo great to see you doing the party dance - from your posts it sounds like the summer's been tough and I hope you can relax a little bit when school starts.

mopsy pompoms for the start of term! This is the worst time, it all gets better from here. DH always runs around like a chicken with his head cut off before classes start overwhelmed by how much he has to do - but in fact it gets so much better once the routine starts smile

Gosh I have discovered facebook selling groups and have got DS his entire fall/winter 2-3yr wardrobe for a total of about £28!! All gorgeous stuff, organic cotton from Frugi, a couple of tops from mini boden. Also got some little wool and fleece soakers, bamboo nappy boosters, three Frugi breastfeeding tops, a 2-3yr John Lewis duffle coat and I think we're good to go! Just a couple of last minute bits for the newborn and some arnica tablets, and the hospital bag will be done too.

Yesterday DH and I also flexed the debit card and ordered some stuff from Ikea - in order to try and distract DS when wants to read a particular book and throws every other book on the floor searching for the one he wants, I saw an idea for toddler bookshelves made out of picture ledges: http://www.apartmenttherapy.com/diy-book-displayreader-project-105770 So those are arriving on Monday along with a proper pillow and duvet for him to use in his toddler bed which should arrive today!

Who was it wondering where our little babies went? I was packing newborn vests into the hospital bag last night and I refuse to believe DS was ever that small shock

Xiaoxiong Tue 03-Sep-13 12:02:49
LadyGoodman Tue 03-Sep-13 16:43:54

Sat on train at paddington another day in london done grin

I have seen an amazing dinosaur skeleton print Hatley coat for DS but it's £30!!!! I can't.......can I?

PerilousStiletto Tue 03-Sep-13 18:07:32

Err yes! For our pfb's.wink

Faffin Tue 03-Sep-13 19:51:07

Go for it! Coats get loads of wear, and feature in lots of photos so you want him to look his best wink

QueenofClean Tue 03-Sep-13 20:46:30

Evening all.

Those who are buying/selling houses hope it's going smoothly.

Oi..how are things with you & DH?

Mopsy hope things are going well at work? You'll get used to the drive in no time. smile

Figgy, hope your DH gets the diagnosis & support he needs to move forward. Sorry about your poor skunk.

Well things have been stressful at home with Darcie sad it's the end of the hols and she needs to go back to school for structure...roll on 8:45am. Filling out her claim for DLA is bringing it all to heart about how much we struggle for her to be happy and not struggle and have to many meltdowns in one day. I know sometimes she can't help it but it is very stressful & tiring.

Sky for past 2 nights has slept thru the night with no wakings.

Also question ladies how do you get an almost 2yr old off a bottle at bedtime for settling to bed? The only reason is she's more clued up to things now..with Darcie she was off a bottle by 12 months. Sky is a different kettle of fish and know she will be harder.

QueenofClean Tue 03-Sep-13 20:49:13

Also scheduled an appt with my GP at end of month for referral for sterilisation/hysterectomy...no more babies for us...2 is enough I don't think I could cope with another one mentally as well as physically...especially as Darcie's tantrums are getting harder to deal with.

mopsytop Tue 03-Sep-13 21:50:38

Sorry to hear about tough times with Darcie, Queen. Hopefully the routine of school will help.

I weaned minim at 15 months from bedtime bottle by offering milk in a cup and just enduring two weeks of tantrums. Initially she screeched for about an hour, then realised no bottle was forthcoming, gave in and took cup. Then it reduced to 45 minutes of tantrum. Then it became alternate nights, where one night she'd take the cup no bother, the next night she'd have a screeching fit. After two weeks she just forgot bottle and we had no more issues.

She was a lot smaller though. We recently ditched soother and did so by throwing it into the bin in her presence and saying 'bye bye soother', 'soother all gone'. So she understood that it was gone. She had an absolute meltdown for about an hour and kept opening the bin and crying, then at bedtime she screeched for two hours. Like proper screeching ... very stressful. The next morning she kept opening bin and crying. That night at bedtime she cried for maybe twenty minutes. That was it! So maybe you CD try throwing the bottle in the bin? If she understands throwing stuff away it should work. But she will kick off. But it is worth a try. I couldn't believe how easy it was ditching the soother. I thought it would take one to two weeks minimum. That's only my experience though. I'm sure the other ladies on here will have more advice!

Aethelfleda Tue 03-Sep-13 23:36:51

DS started playing with his bottle teat rather than drinking it straight, so I got some lidded cups with straws from Wilkinsons's summer patio range, and gave DS drinks in those in the day with milk in, got him used to the straw, and then one evening gave him the cup instead of the bottle but cuddled him the same as normal on the sofa while he drank it. The bottles just vanished. He didn't seem to mind as long as the white stuff kept coming...

<channels sleepy dust to babies and mummies. DS is pretty good now but the DDs are STILL not settling til past ten pm. Nrgh.>

BJR Wed 04-Sep-13 06:45:46

DS also still has bedtime milk in a bottle too Queen. He will drink everything bar milk from anything and will drink a few mouth fulls of milk from a normal mug, I think if I persevered he would give up the bottle. I think its the nutramigan that's made me not push it though, I feel like he needs the milk to make up for other foods he can't have. I probably need to stop worrying and just do it!

GaryBuseysTeeth Wed 04-Sep-13 07:31:37

Queenie, sorry to hear things witth dd1 are bad atm. Hope things are easier from today. Good luck with the dla form, it's a bastard to fill in!
How are you feeling about sterilisation? If I remember corrrctly you were ttc#3 for a little while and then wanted to resume ttc next year?
No idea about bedtime bottle but hope it goes smoothly.

Figgy, so sorry to hear about skunk. Hope the ball starts rolling for Mr.Fig asap.

Hatley make some gorgeous things, go go for it! The good thing about having a younger ds also is Ican justify expensive kids stuff to myself!

mopsy, the bin idea sounds great for soother dumping!

Sening good house vibes to those who are buying & selling.

StilettOi, long may the not mudering dh continue! Hope all is getting better between you.

Annoyingly Ds1 has started waking at 5 instead of 7, but we'll forgive him, he's realised ds2 is here to stay!

LadyGoodman Wed 04-Sep-13 13:06:29

QOC i have found that DS would throw epic wobblies over his milk it was made quite clear milk should only be in a bottle so when i tried it again with a sippy cup about 3 weeks ago i didnt have much hope so when he just picked it up and drank it i was shocked. Have you tried to just leave it on side and see what she does? Of course for the last 2 weeks he has refused milk altogether so looks like we are done with bottles and milk now......makes me feel very sad as he isnt a baby anymore. Also since dropping the milk and after his non eating last week he has lost his tummy and looks like a little man. Big decision there about stopping at 2 Dc's too, i thought you wanted another at some point?

Skunk is going to vet next week if still no better and DS now has a consultant appointment in December to discuss his arthritis, Dr done further blood tests last night but still thinking it is SLE Lupus.

My mum arrives tonight so home early after my 12 hour day in London yesterday, make bed, tidy then get to airport to collect her, have to leave her with DS and DH tomorrow to visit the PILs whilst i go to minehead and taunton for meetings (How come Peril gets Copenhagen and i get minehead??). DS will be asleep when she gets here so it will be lovely to see his face when he sees her in the morning......assuming i havent gone by then he has been sleeping to between 7.30 and 8.30 this week.

Xiaoxiong Wed 04-Sep-13 17:41:14

We tried to ditch the bottle a few months ago - it was not a success, DS didn't scream about it but he also didn't drink almost any milk at all and then woke up crying for it around 2am so we went back to bottles. We really need to try again, these ideas are great.

He has started patting my breast while breastfeeding and then unlatching, saying "just like a bottle!" in a satisfied tone, and the latching on again...don't know what that's all about!!

Aethelfleda Wed 04-Sep-13 17:56:23


xiao...... don't worry when DS tells you your b-milk is just like a bottle. Worry when he tells you it's "reminiscent of a fine Bordeaux. Chateau St Emillion '67, perhaps?"....


Last day of the holidays, and I pulled up our finished Mange Tout plants today. Autumn is a-coming in!

<makes a round of coffee with new birthday stovetop expresso maker. Old one was a one-cup mini. This one is a six-cup monster. I thank you, Mr TK Maxx...>

QueenofClean Wed 04-Sep-13 19:31:34

Thanks for the removing the bottle tips - I will def be giving these a go...only reason she is still on one is because of her Nutramigen.

Re sterilisation, we did try for no3 mainly because DH wanted another one..but over the last few months my health has not been great and my joints are really playing up, Also because Darcie is quite tempremental at the moment I honestly don't think I could mentally or physically cope with another DC. My doctor agreed when I was pregnant with Sky I should stop at 2. So 25th Sept I have an appt to get a referral which my Doc had agreed to do before.

Blitzed the top half of my house today..just need to wipe the surfaces of the bathroom and that's all done smile love a good and clean tidy house. Will mop the kitchen floor before I go to bed too.

Made a birthday cake for a friends little boy today and think it looks great, but after standing for 3 hrs decorating it and then standing whilst blitzing the upstairs my back is hurting loads sad oh well once i've finished the autumn clean housework I can put my cankles up and relax in front of Masterchef smile

QueenofClean Wed 04-Sep-13 20:43:50

I have blitzed the house today. Autumn clean is done - hoovered, polished and chucked stuff that hasn't been used in 3 months. Bleached the bathroom & kitchen & bleached the kitchen floor. Also tidied everywhere and all toys except Sky's books are now in the conservatory so I have my living room back grin

Darcie been a right cow bag for bed, cleaning helps me relax...I finished blitzing the house at 20:35pm and I done it without murdering Darcie think of the mess grin

SevenReasonsToSmile Thu 05-Sep-13 18:29:25

Sorry I fell off the thread.

We had MIL round today, she had still been saying BIL didn't have a date for crown court. She phoned later this afternoon saying there was a message on her answer phone when she got home, and he's in court tomorrow. I thought it sounded fishy for him to find out at such short notice, plus I done jury duty at the same court a few years ago and all cases started on Mondays. Anyway, I googled and found a site showing crown court lists for today and tomorrow. His name is on tomorrow's list, it says committal for sentence. I'm guessing that means the trial has taken place already and he'll be sentenced tomorrow? So basically she only told us because he'll likely be in prison tomorrow angry

Will try to catch up later.

OctopusWrangler Thu 05-Sep-13 19:34:28

[http://www.hse.gov.uk/enforce/enforcementguide/court/crown-sentence.htm link]]

Yes, you were right to be suspicious seven, and his name by committal for sentencing proves it. Given we don't know precisely what he's been convicted of, or the details of the case, it may not mean prison (tho likely). But he's definitely guilty- although you knew that already. Not someone who'll ever be let near your DCs again then.
I do feel for your DH and his family though- this sort of thing has a massive impact on innocent families of people convicted, especially given what it is.

So, so sorry sad

Glad you've had such a blitz and it's made you feel good Queen; we just need a chemist to come and splice us all with your clean genes!

LadyFiggy, did they not confirm your DH's diagnosis? I thought he'd hear for definite this week, but are they saying they still don't know? That's not good news, staying in limbo won't help either of you.

DP's job application goes in tomorrow, and the house hunt continues...sigh.

Aethelfleda Thu 05-Sep-13 22:56:42

Aargh, my possible childcare has fallen through. Off to comb the surestart centre, school, interweb and local nurseries until a solution falls out. Aargh.

<grits teeth and reminds self we CHOSE this sabbatical>

SevenReasonsToSmile Thu 05-Sep-13 23:02:23

I just lost a massive catch up post <sob> sad

mopsy hold the new job is going well.

aethel hope everyone's body clocks have returned to normal now.

octo thanks for the link, hope its easier for you now the schools have gone back.

LadyG hole you bought the cost! Sorry DH still has no diagnosis, and hope your mum is able to offer some support.

queen sorry things have been tough with Darcie. Hope you're doing ok, DLA forms are awful. There isn't much worse you can do as a mother than fill in a 55 page form listing in detail everything wrong with your child, plus all the things they find difficult and ways they need more help than other childrensad

peril glad you haven't murdered DH. I'd been meaning to ask how your first year of veggies was going. We're now getting a second crop of French beans, everything else is done except in the greenhouse. We have winter cabbage and bok choi seedlings in the greenhouse, just waiting for the cabbage whites to bugger off before they can go outside.

northern thanks for that, we're quite worried tbh. DH is working Saturday, they have papers in the pub , one of them is the local one that BILs name will inevitably be in on Saturday if he gets a custodial sentence.

SevenReasonsToSmile Thu 05-Sep-13 23:08:39

And now for me. I managed a week and a half of running, now I've truly messed my knees up by being too big for running, so I'm powerwalking until I've lost enough weight to try again. DH is trying to cut his hours down at work, he's doing 50 hour weeks which is just far too much, I suggested by doing a 4 day week he'll then be doing a normal amount of weekly hours, need to wait to see what the bosses decide though. They initially suggested cutting him down to 16 hours and seeing if we'd be better off on benefits hmm. And DD1 has just started putting 2 words together, so far we've had Daddy shops, baby bottle and (mc)Donald's chips blush

PerilousStiletto Fri 06-Sep-13 08:30:49

hee hee! to Donald's chips!
Sorry about the BIL saga. The words "Committal for sentencing" makes it all very real, doesn't it? I hope that your DH and family don't get a hard time about it. I would hope that as you have kids, it might make people more sympathetic - ie "they couldn't have known, they have little ones".
Our first year of veggy-ing has gone quite well. We alwaqys said that this year was just a practice year as we didn';t have a clue what we were doing and have had no time to really put into it, but:
- You should see our incredible big sweetcorn plants! they are going to be amazing.
- carrots are doing very well
- parsnips - we will be inundated with them! brilliant!
- leeks - looking great - again, thousands of 'em coming through.
- the lettuce crop was bountiful and lovely, but we've cleared that out now.
Coriander - we never harvested it and it just went wild, so we've cut it right back - not sure if it'll come back.
Onions - might be OK, we've only got a few though.
Spinach - grew well - but was always a magnet for bugs/slugs so it didn't look appealing
Sprouts - never happened.
cabbages - we had loads, and we still have loads, but we didn't cover them up and most of them look like lace. he will have a bounteous crop of butterflies.... A couple of them look good and tight, so we may get one or two (out of the hundreds!)
At the other side of the garden we have raspberries and we've just had LOADS this year. Ali eats them straight of the plant if he gets to them first. He loves them.
So, we've learnt a lot this year! next year will be better and more organised. But I'm surprised how well everything seems to be going with very very little input! - Most things we just planted outside, from seed, no protection, and some watering. smile

PerilousStiletto Fri 06-Sep-13 08:48:27

We've been having the "another child" discussion. this time, it's not about our marriage. This time it's about schools. We are quite well-served for primary schools, but secondary schools are rubbish around here. there are two that are very good - one is private (£11k a year), and the other is CofE and you only get in if you have had high, certified attendance at church - you and the child.
Well, I'll get up early on Sundays devotedly for footy training, or other interests, but I'm not kneeling before any golden icon asking for forgiveness... (I know, I'm doomed to rot in hell...)
We're probably paying about 7k a year for childcare now, so private wouldn't be that much more difficult at a stretch. But I can't see us ever being able to afford to put two kids through private school.
I thought, we could go to a state primary, and use the time to save up as much as possible for secondary. But a friend has advised that it's better to invest in the primary - because that's when they get the passion for learning that will see them through whatever comes next. I can see that... (But I also think that it's up to us to encourage and build the passion for learning.)
Another thing to consider is that, in 10 years time, the other schools may have massively improved, or there may be a better new school...
It's a quandary. I never thought I'd consider sending a child to public school. I did ok without it (i went to a good state primary and then a bloody awful comprehensive). But things have changed since I was little.
My dad outright told me that I shouldn't even think of having another. BOi is brilliant and I'm too old. !! (I think he's scared that he couldn't possibly love another as much as he loves BOi.)
Anyway, the Boi and I are going to visit the nursery affiliated to the public school this afternoon. It's only slightly more expensive than the CM. If it's great, then at least we are in the community to get to know the school to help make that decision in a few years.
Whatever happens, we're going to spend some money getting the house done before Christmas (which will reduce the astronomical heating bills this winter!), and then we're going to start saving - for any eventuality. After Turkey, next week, any future holidays will be at ma n Pa's caravan. smile

Xiaoxiong Fri 06-Sep-13 13:13:48

Peril as you know you can't get much more rah-rah public school than us considering where DH teaches and we've had the public/state primary discussion many times as we are surrounded by some of the best prep schools in the country. However having talked to many of our neighbours with older kids I don't think that I would actually agree with your friend about it being more important to spend your money in the primary years - the consensus among most of our teacher friends with kids is that parental influence is much more important in the early years and can make up for basically any but a seriously awful primary experience.

However, as you get to secondary and especially the exam years the ability of a parent to influence a child's love of learning reduces and the school and especially the child's peers matter a lot more (ie. getting into a school where doing well academically is not seen as lame/swotty/nerdy).

This is not perfectly correlated with public vs state - I went to a private school where I was ostracised socially for doing maths and science as a girl (luckily transferred to a brilliant school for 6th form), while a friend of mine who did engineering at Cambridge went to a comprehensive which was incredibly encouraging of her doing science/maths/engineering. Also the previous school DH taught at was private and it was utter crap - I would never ever have sent my son there - demoralised teachers, aggressive bullying students and an atmosphere very unconducive to learning.

I certainly see here at our school that teachers help the boys massively with exams, are extremely proactive about appeals and remarks when exam results come in, and are right on top of university entrance requirements. That's what your money buys you at secondary level - not so much perfect A*s across the board, as that's up to the pupil as well, but fantastic advice about what universities are looking for and which will be most appropriate to the boy's talents and temperament.

The final thing to consider is facilities - most private schools invest heavily in sports/music/drama facilities and tend to do the "extras" to a much much higher standard than many state schools are able to afford, sadly. At the younger years it doesn't really matter if your kid has access to top-notch facilities at school as they are less likely to be specialising to a serious degree. However as kids get older and show a serious aptitude for something it's the private schools that have the facilities to develop that within the structure of the school without forcing you to take your kid out to clubs/training/camps that may interfere with academics. For example, at the boys' BBQ for the start of the half last night at the boarding house where DH is deputy housemaster, I was sitting with two boys who are going to GB trials for rowing, a boy who plays the clarinet to professional standards, and a boy who has just published a paper in an academic medical journal related to stuff he was working on over the summer with one of the science teachers here at the school. All this is possible together with staying in school because the school has the Olympic rowing lake together with a coach who represented GB at the Athens Olympics, the clarinet teacher that comes in plays in the London Symphony Orchestra, and the science teacher is a PhD from Imperial College London and helped the boy get a summer placement at his old lab.

So yeah, if you got to the end of that tome, good for you...we spend a lot of time talking about this stuff. FWIW we're going to start DS at the state primary across the street and just stay really engaged and on top of it, and move him if we feel it's not the right environment.

Xiaoxiong Fri 06-Sep-13 14:32:53

I just showed DH my post above and he added that there is a wealth of research showing a hormone-related dip in concentration and academic performance between the ages of 13 and 15 for boys - a bit earlier for girls - so if there are limited resources (both time and financial) concentrate them in those years - that's where parental engagement and extra attention at school can make a big difference.

PerilousStiletto Fri 06-Sep-13 15:21:21

Oh thank you! This is indeed heartening to hear. - it gives us 10 years to save up! grin

jigglebum Fri 06-Sep-13 18:29:02

peril - I teach in the same sector as xiao s DH (though not quite so an impressive a school!) and would always say if you are going to pay for some education then pay for secondary. There are some fab state primary schools around and kids tend to go off the boil more from 12+, but do research your schools well. Private schools are very different from one another and different children suit different schools. I aim to be working at a school that F and DS can go to when the time comes, as we could never afford it otherwise - average day fees are now over £14,000 a year and boarding over £24,000 - and I have taught 4 children of the same family in a school at one time; imagine having that kind of money.

Faffin Fri 06-Sep-13 19:56:39

All very interesting and useful, thanks Xiao and jiggle. We had thought that it was more important to pay at secondary level, if at all, so it's good to hear you agree. We will be having to decide on primary school for DD soon and are perfectly happy with the little village school for that. She should get in since as we live here, but it's C of E and we don't do church. I have been assured by other mums that this won't be a problem! It will be nice for her to have friends in the village and to walk around the corner to school, and we'll help with learning at home too.

I'd always said I would never pay for my kids to go to school, and if we lived where DH grew up I'd be quite happy for the DC's to go to the state secondary, but the ones near here are awful. If that's still the case in 8 years we'll look into private schools. DH reckons he can't think of a better thing to spend his wages on!

I meant to say a while back how impressed I am with BOi's counting skills. DS is so funny with his. Initially everything was two. He'd walk up stairs going: two, two, two. Then we had the same thing but with one. Now we've moved on to: one, three, four, five, six. Two has completely disappeared grin

hinkyhonk Fri 06-Sep-13 20:16:42

Still no words here.

Feeling pretty disheartened and disillusioned with everything at the moment. Am in a well paid job but after child care and travel we only just break even and on dec ill have to pay to go to work. I can't believe it has come to this but I might have to give up work. But I'm a shit shouty mum and our nanny does a better job of getting the boys to behave than me. Am crap at work and at home. It's all a bit shit really.

Off for a glass of wine sure that will help. Sorry for the pity party feeling rather glum

QueenofClean Fri 06-Sep-13 20:37:46

Darcie is in a brilliant state primary and best of all it's the best mainstream school in the area that helps with ASD children. I had a meeting with Darcie's new class teacher and put her ipa in place. We can't afford private but there are some pretty good state secondary's here. Sky will be going the same schooling route Darcie has so far, which is nursery, preschool, infants & juniors all on one ground.

So thankful I mowed the lawn yesterday as it rained loads today.

Sky can count to twenty now grin and vocabulary is getting larger all the time and she babbles on loads.

<touch wood> Sky has slept thru the night for the last 4 nights...I think she knows winter is coming and her body clock is adjusting wink

My Mickey Mouse clubhouse cake was brilliant and the birthday boy loved it.

Question: what recipes do you all use for Christmas fruit cake?

SevenReasonsToSmile Fri 06-Sep-13 20:38:02

Oh hinky you're not a shit mum. I'm a rubbish shouty mum tbh, but I love being at home with the DCs more than anything, and I just muddle through trying my best.

BIL got a 3 year suspended sentence. I should be happy that there's less chance anyone will find out, but I'm a bit narked that he didn't get what he deserved tbh. Apparently they took into account that he lives with his elderly (78yo) mum who he looks after, it's completely the other way around, she still treats him like a child, has his tea ready on the table when he gets home, makes his bed, tidies his room and makes his packed lunch.

After DH complained about working too many hours and having his hours changed for daft reasons at short notices, he got a text today from his boss, he now has to change his shift on Tuesday because his boss would rather play golf than work, which now puts him up to 53 hours this week. So fed up, I don't think it's fair on the DCs that when he's here he's always asleep or grumpy because his work is having such a shit effect on our family life.

Maybe we should start a Friday night moan, anyone else want to join in? grin

mopsytop Fri 06-Sep-13 20:42:04

hinkyhonk sorry to be dense but are you a recent member or a name change? I'm awful with name changes I'm afraid sad blush Hope wine helps anyway. If you don't want to be stay at home mum would you consider working for free or paying a bit to work for a while? Could you afford it? Cos kids won't be this small forever and childcare will get less in a few years.

I don't even know where minim will go to primary cos we are going to move (although STILL not finished decorating and house therefore not on market Gah!). It is sort of hard to find out where is good and bad without knowing parents in the relevant areas. I'd defs agree on waiting until secondary to pay though. Not that I'll be able to afford it I imagine. I think the state secondary schools around here are grand though. Hopefully they still will be in ten years time! It seems a fairly good spot at the moment anyway.

I'm totally knackered after first week and still only written 1.5 lectures sad I'll be lecturing in two hour blocks two times a week as well as six hours of seminars every second week and some extra lectures some weeks. So need to get faster at writing them sad Ugh stress. Big hit of stress this week with the driving as well. Only went twice but hadn't driven it on my own before so was nervewracking. Very. I'm so tired. Might go get a glass of wine myself actually!

seven really sorry to hear about sentencing and MIL head in sand. Stress. I'm sure your husband won't get grief. Surely people will realise it is nowt to do with him. How horrid for you all though sad

Peril well impressed with your gardening skills! Nom.

xiao your boy (s?) will get amazing education. I think all the extra curricular activities amazing. It's such a shame for state school pupils not to get those opportunities. I was at a state school and all my music lessons were private. I'd never have had the chance to learn the violin at school. I just had parents who were able to afford to give me that privilege.

Right. Wine then early bed. Then shopping for a new rain coat for minim. She's grown so much! Lashing today and she had no coat. She has got on brilliantly at nursery all week and been very happy there every day. Thank God cos I've been feeling horribly guilty about leaving her there fulltime. Right. Shut up mopsy and get your wine!wine wine wine wine wine

mopsytop Fri 06-Sep-13 20:44:33

Sorry seven cross post. Yeah is good ppl won't know but shit like you say that he's not getting his come uppance.

mopsytop Fri 06-Sep-13 20:45:59

Bloody hell Queen Minimopsy can't count at all, not even 1, 2. Is that bad at 20 months? is that behind? Didn't even occur to me. She is chatting loads but is gobbledegook apart from maybe 30-40 words. That normal?

PerilousStiletto Fri 06-Sep-13 21:49:18

(Hinkyhonk - you're a name change - but I can't decipher who you are... Anyway, there are no crap mums on this thread. I'm certain of it.
Sorry you're feeling crappy. I hope the wine gave you a kick up the bum to realise that you really are rather brilliant, and can actually take on anything that this silly world throws at you. ...after all, it is a silly old world. Deep breath, big glug, wine, carry on!
Chin up, chin chin! wine
Friends are due to arrive from Dundee any minute. We'll be drinking wine into the early hours, and then the Boi will be up before 7. I could probably sleep now!
But the wine is nice. smile

mopsytop Fri 06-Sep-13 22:20:53

Yeah wine is yumyum Peril . Bottle shared with Mr. Mopsy now empty though and baba up early so guess better hit the sack!

Yes we are all good mums! No beating ourselves up!

hinkyhonk Fri 06-Sep-13 22:30:42

Sorry hawthers here been a bit AWOL since April when my child care went tits up and then we moved. Just struggling with it all at the moment. Apologies for the self indulgent rant

OctopusWrangler Fri 06-Sep-13 22:34:02

<dusts off the pompoms>

We're all damned awesome, so there!

We survived the first week back. Boo is tired but happier. I had a good chat with his new teacher and she's already put in place a couple of coping strategies that were mooted last year but never acted on. He now has a visual timetable and a timer so he knows where he is, and if they're given a timescale for completing things it isn't abstract and he can deal better. The autism team have been in touch and they're rocking up to school in a few weeks to do some obs and to chat with him, me and some of the staff. I hope this is the start of getting him some help coping with his moods and social issues. He needs break, as do the rest of us.

Squidge has, rather on topic for the thread right now, just had her notification for senior school admissions. We have no choice but to choose state. I just hope we make the right choice. We're going to go to open events, have a look at what the syllabuses are like and what their extra curricular programmes are like. I'm not too concerned with league tables and exam results. She's a bright child, and we're encouraging and she can work hard. We have seven weeks to decide. There are three big comprehensives within a walk or ten minute bus ride. A big faith school and an all girls school. Just over the boundary there is another large comp. Of these the faith is discounted as we don't meet the criteria, and one of the two close comps is one that I'd prefer to avoid. That still leaves a lot of choice. No doubt I'll wibble on here a fair bit. You'll be bored but well versed in it all come March! grin

PerilousStiletto Fri 06-Sep-13 22:40:25

We are all damned awesome. And a tinsy winsy bit pissed. Friends not here yet.
(...they need to learn to drive like me!)

OctopusWrangler Fri 06-Sep-13 22:55:18

And music: Squidge parps in a noisy brass manner. She loves it. Provision is through the local authority. Schools can choose to buy in music and can either pass the cost on to parents, subsidise completely or mix it up. I pay £105 annually. For that she gets 20 minutes a week lesson in school, the opportunity to join and perform with multiple bands (she currently rocks out with the training brads and wind bands) as well as the loan of the instrument for as long as she chooses to play. Bloody good value. I don't have a lot of spare cash, so I pay in installments, but I'd never say no, it's important to her and to me too. School have a steel band that she's going to hopefully join this year too.

Despite all this awesome, the damn child still likes a Wand Erection song sad

Boo is impatient as he has to wait until y4 to start lessons.

SevenReasonsToSmile Fri 06-Sep-13 22:55:29

octo I'd choose the all-girls if it doesn't seem worse than the others, unless you'd rather Boo goes to the same one later (sorry I can't remember how far apart their ages are). Are you hoping to get a statement for Boo? Glad he's happier, and you sound like you're doing better too smile

mopsy DD1 is a chatterbox, I've got no idea how many words she has, probably 100? No sign of counting though. I'm hoping it has nothing to do with intelligence, she's not that bright though, she manages to walk into walls or doorframes at last once a day because she doesn't look where she's going, good job she's cute grin

I meant to say the other night I was out walking with mum, we took a short cut through a field and saw a cougar/puma/whatever you want to call it. I know I sound crazy, it was about 60m away and sitting in long grass so couldn't see clearly, but golden brown, rounded cat shaped head, size about half way between a domestic cat and a lion. There's been other sightings around here before, glad I wasn't alone though and I won't be going back round said country road again!

OctopusWrangler Fri 06-Sep-13 22:58:52

The all girls is a good school. Most of her peers will go to either BigComp or there. One thing putting me off though is the uniform. They just changed to shirts, ties and blazers. The ties are clip on ones?! The hell! wink

Aethelfleda Sat 07-Sep-13 00:04:24

All-girls is generally (I understand) good for results but see if it suits her as some can get a bit bitchy...
I love the idea of musicality stuff, am hoping to persuade the school to let DD1 get some state-music lessons this year: the old head discontinued private music lessons but the council say they can reinstate them if the school agrees and there's demand. I reckon she's a trumpet player personality (and DD2 is a euph player through and through). Brass is fab cos it's so very versatile....

vent away hinky, you're doing a lot better than you think. I too will be trying to break even over the next few months, so sympathy on the high-costs aspect of work as a parent...

Mopsy, chatter and babble is normal. Counting to twenty is not remotely standard at this age. No proper words other than mum, dada and more is allowable, you may notice repeated babble words,and then they will come in lumps. My (very clever) mate who has a Maths degree from Oxford and a phD in computing, didn't say a word until he was almost four. He then started in complete (long) sentences.

<pours generous nightcaps for the thread>

SevenReasonsToSmile Sat 07-Sep-13 09:08:52

Fucking sick bastard. It's in the paper, 1026 images, levels 1-5 plus videos, I feel sick and shaky. They seized 2 computers, she said they didn't take anything. Paper says he's not allowed interned access, DH said he was in the pub last night online on his phone, I've told him to phone the police and tell them. Oh God.

mopsytop Sat 07-Sep-13 09:50:22

Jesus seven. That's awful. I hope you guys don't get any grief over it sad

CheungFun Sat 07-Sep-13 16:11:17

That does sound bad Seven. I think the best thing is to try to keep away from bil and mil if she can't admit that he is guilty as it's just not worth the hassle sad

Glad I'm not the only one getting nervous about driving Mopsy! I'm sure it's a case of keep driving and we will lose the nerves, but I hate the feeling of dread at the pit of my stomach! Still, I'd rather be driving than squeezing onto the school bus with DS in the mornings!

Hinky I'm pretty awful at remembering who does what etc., but would there be any possibility of condensing your hours into a 4 day week and then saving 1 days childcare, or maybe working from home?

I think personally I would rather DS wasn't at nursery for such long days, but if I'm not working 9-5.30 I'm earning less and the nursery just charges a full day whether I pick him up at 3.30 or 6.00. Once DS is at school I'd like to change my hours to Mon-Fri 9-2.30, but we'll see nearer the time!

Speaking of school, there's no way private school is an option. We have some good schools around us, but the closest secondary school has a dreadful reputation! I like to think that those who are going to do well will no matter what. I think as long as we give DS plenty of encouragement and he has the self belief he will do fine wherever he goes. I do get why private school is chosen by some parents though, and if we had the money, we probably would send him to private school.

Oh Christ seven, having Level 5 images is not good, I won't go there. Although weirdly the amount is actually relatively small, often it runs into the tens of thousands. Given that his sentence is suspended, he has to 'behave' for those three years. From the sounds of it (although it may have just been the football scores or something) he's possibly broken the terms of it already by going on the internet- not sure if he has to do something actually illegal or just forbidden for it to be a breach.
How grim for you and DH- how does he feel about it all, given that you obviously don't want to see his brother (and potentially his mother) even again...? I would report it btw, but can understand if your DH feels wobbly.
Shit. Definitely wine time

You have my sympathy too hinky about the costs of childcare/stress of work, as well as an affectionate slap around the chops as you are NOT a crap Mum. There's no worse feeling than only being able to give about 43% to each 'role' in your life and knowing you could do better, if only... But you are doing a good job, promise.

Still jealous of all you musical sorts on the thread- if DS manages to sing without Human Rights legislation being invoked he'll have done better than his parents grin.
On schools, I don't know what we'll do. I'm a big believer in comprehensive education (and even turned down both grammar and a full scholarship to private as a kid confused) but we're in a grammar county. And, to make it even more fun, the local school was- literally, and I mean that in its proper sense- the worst school in the country about three years ago. One child got 5 A*-C sad
I just want to get back up North to somewhere like Manchester!

Fairly shattered today- had to be in work all day, leaving the house at 7am, to facilitate training- and had some awkward customers (one stalked off!). Off to do a second viewing on a house on Monday, it's come down in price to being on the edge of affordable...but hasn't been updated since, oooh, 1983...

Aethelfleda Sat 07-Sep-13 22:25:58

<pours [vino] for all on thread and an extra large glass for seven>

Small rant ahoy, grab yer rubber ring...
I think good comprehensive education is an ideal. In practice many people cite they are "doing their best for their children" as justification to pull them out of state education and either pay for a better school, move to a more privileged cachement, or develop a faith connection or spend £ on tutoring to get them into a selective environment. This steepens the incline for the comprehensive/community system, by removing a good proportion of the more motivated parents/children. Of course children will often be perceived to do better at a school with better funding, less SEN pupils, smaller class sizes, more exam-motivated staff and parents, better extracurricular opportunities. From a societal mixing point of view, keeping education truly accessible for all in mixed community schools would probably be better for society as a whole. But that's not the way the world works. It does annoy me though, when parents pre-judge a school by how much it costs to go there or how upmarket the other parents are (or what the ofsted people say). Our old school got a slating from Ofsted a few years ago (rather unfairly as it was a nice little school) and there were several parents who immediately pulled their kids out as they "wanted a naicer school for little Veronica". No matter that little V was perfectly happy there, and with the reduction in pupils from the parents that jumped ship, we ended up with a rather enviable 20-22 kids in a class, and next time got an ofsted 2 "good"!
Rant over!.....

Aethel, you've met my Dad then?! wink Little bro has been whisked out of his local primary to go to a private school to get him through his 11+. It made me laugh when my Dad was going on about the unacceptable schools round him that 'only' had a 70% A*-C pass rate and they couldn't possibly consider the kids going there.... I gently reminded him that in our slightly less refined (cough) area, the aforementioned school had a 2% pass rate, ie that one child!!

Oh, and am up at this ungodly hour as DS wailed at half 4, DP went to get him as it's my lie-in day, but am so stressed with work/house that I've just stayed awake.... nothing compared to what seven's going through, just an immensely annoying situation.

mopsytop Sun 08-Sep-13 07:56:26

Oh dear Northern sad that's so annoying, when you're. wrecked but can't sleep.

Aethelfleda Sun 08-Sep-13 09:30:37

Oh no northern, much sympathy for the stress/sleep situation, really not what you need. I was in a similar house related situation last year if you remember, and as I sit typing this I'm munching my porridge in my sun-filled kitchen and it seems a long time ago. There was a radio 4 programme on yesterday I am turning into my parents which had an interview with Martha Lane Fox. The interviewer said "life is full of adversity, bad things happen to everyone, it's how you handle the bad stuff that makes each of us different". I hereby hand you a <golden tribble> and some <pompoms> for coping with ongoing rubbish beyond-your-control work stress.... The house thing will rumble on and then suddenly a great new house will come on and it will all happen.

And just to add to last night that while I aspire to good inclusive education for all, I am in no way criticising directly anyone on thread who chooses to educate privately/publically. We live in a free market and some parents have more money/choices than others, I totally get that some of you feel more comfortable with the private system generally. I look at the costs (especially for three) and just wonder how super-fabby the benefits really are... Hubby has a perfectly OK income but our money has gone into house expansion rather than school fees. I'm happy with that decision so far. (admittedly the DDs seemed to be v happy with their first days back and it's heaven having!them in the same school...) oh and there's a nursery so in a year and a half DS can join in!

QueenofClean Sun 08-Sep-13 10:12:24

Just a quick one - I've come down with a bloody sickness bug sad why do they always start in middle of night?! Sorry for tmi had it from both ends sad stopped vomiting now but still have diarrhoea and stomach cramps. So far no one else has it so fx it stays away from them.

mopsytop Sun 08-Sep-13 12:24:52

Oh dear poor you Queen sad

We just bought a tin of Danish butter cookies from Aldi. Anyone remember them from when we were kids? Talk about a proustian rush... must be twenty five years since I tasted one!

Aethelfleda Sun 08-Sep-13 12:54:58

Ooh the ones with crystallised sugar on the top?? Lush!!


mopsytop Sun 08-Sep-13 13:02:52

Yeah I know aethel. Now... how not to eat the entire tin...

SevenOnwardsAndUpwards Sun 08-Sep-13 13:16:34

Thanks all. DH is seeing MIL later and telling her my rules, basically the DCs will never set foot in her house, and she can come here to see them providing we get a full apology, an explanation on why she thought it acceptable to keep this from me plus her to stop defending him and accept what he is. Failure to do any of these things will convince me she sees paedophillia as acceptable and will stop her ever having contact with my DCs. I know we were really lucky but its not a huge amount of comfort that he never done anything to my DCs, these are still images of someone else's real children being raped and worse, it's heartbreaking and I'm having real trouble not thinking about just how awful it is sad

queen hope you're feeling better soon. Is it bad enough for you to have not done your housework though? grin

Xiaoxiong Sun 08-Sep-13 13:26:23

seven really really awful situation your BIL has put the whole family in sad Your poor DH, how is he doing?

Agree with everything you say aethel about schools - I think the aspiration of everyone having the best available education from one's local state school is to be aimed for and I think everyone should start in their local state school and then move if it's in the child's interest to do so. And what's "in the child's interest" is so subjective sometimes...even two parents can disagree totally on that and it's their own child. I agree with cheung that so much is down to parents and a kid who is going to do well and has parental focus and support is likely to manage that in the vast majority of circumstances.

northern any chance of a nap today? Hope the viewing tomorrow goes well, maybe the lack of updating means they'll entertain lower offers.

Ooh mopsy were they the ones in the blue tin? We used to get those as a special imported treat all the way out in Asia, I think I'm getting a very Proustian mouth-water just thinking about it smile Feel bad talking about food when queen has a bad stomach though, sorry queen and hope you feel better soon - but DH bought me sea salt fudge from the fudge shop next door and it's gorgeous.

We're sick of all of DS's books so time for some new ones and a vicious cull. I never want to see Maisy, Elmer, and especially Thomas the bloody tank engine ever again. I just hate the kind of "know your place" message each story has, all about how the most you can aspire to be is to be "really useful" at whatever you're designated by the Fat Controller to do or terrible things will happen. The one about Mavis particularly gets me riled (gets ideas above station, has to be rescued by Toby). Flora is bad too (follows orders blindly until she runs out of coal, has to be rescued by Thomas). Gahhh.

We're on day 3 of toddler bed. Evenings are much better than naps so far in terms of staying in bed and falling asleep. Yesterday I came up about 20 minutes after the blowing raspberries and singing had stopped, and found DS had dumped all the cloth nappies out on the floor and was curled up asleep in the armchair cuddling the plug (!!??) of his lamp that he had pulled out of the wall! Weird child.

Baby has dropped so now I can get a full hand between my ribs and the baby's bum (or head, can't tell which) but that has made the SPD worse. We were going to go back to Wisley this afternoon but we'll see if I can manage it as last time we went I galloped all over and majorly regretted it the next day. Consultant appointment tomorrow and booking in for c-section - hurrah!

mopsytop Sun 08-Sep-13 13:41:36

Different tin but exact same biccies xiao nom nom nom

omg sea salt fudge YUM

QueenofClean Sun 08-Sep-13 15:02:41

Mopsy...I love those biscuits. Not a clue on how not to eat the tin!

Seven...I can't imagine how your all feeling now and I hope your MIL respects your decisions and understands why.

Also....I've done no housework today except bleach the bathroom every time I've been in there!

Feeling a bit better this afternoon had a nap which helped.

SevenOnwardsAndUpwards Sun 08-Sep-13 15:37:05

I have no MIL, it didn't go well. She is still insisting his innocence, apparently he only accidentally downloaded one video, the reported made everything else uphmm. She won't apologise because she doesn't think she's done anything wrong angry angry angry

QueenofClean Sun 08-Sep-13 16:13:48

Oh no. How does DH feel?

mopsytop Sun 08-Sep-13 19:21:07

Oh dear seven. That is awful. How much proof does she need? Talk about sticking your head in the sand. It's unfortunate it has come to this but you're dead right. It is hard though for you and your husband. So awful for everyone who has nothing to do with it sad

OctopusWrangler Sun 08-Sep-13 19:52:17

Oh seven. What a bitch sad <hug>

Xiaoxiong Sun 08-Sep-13 20:26:59

Ugh how awful seven sad when you st "I have no MIL" was that a typo or do you mean you're going to have to cut MIL off as well because you can't trust her to not have BIL around your kids?

Evening of cooking today as two of DH's colleagues and a distinguished external speaker from Chatham House are coming for lunch tomorrow. They would usually lunch in the MCR but I wanted to meet the speaker so invited them over to ours instead, completely forgetting I had my 36 week consultant appt in the morning. So tonight I need to make Spanish tortilla, roast some golden and candy stripe beets, and make apple& blackberry crumble and tomorrow just reheat tortilla and crumble, make salad of beets and burrata and pine nuts, and make a green salad. Really hope DS goes down for his nap while they are here tomorrow, or it will not be very relaxing for anyone...

Xiaoxiong Sun 08-Sep-13 21:08:26

Cooking ambitions scaled back when faced with reality - I spilled boiling oil on my foot, broke an egg over the counter instead of the bowl and nearly cut my finger off when slicing onions! Think I am def too beat to do any dessert - they can just eat the blackberries and plums for dessert instead of me making them into a crumble and probably chopping off a finger in the process

SevenOnwardsAndUpwards Sun 08-Sep-13 21:09:25

No typo, I'm done with her. I was happy to cut contact when we discovered the truth from yesterday's paper. My conditions of her seeing DCs if I got an apology and an explanation were a compromise with DH. Even if she chooses not to believe he did this, the police clearly believe he's a paedophile, shouldn't I have known the risk and had the right to decide if I wanted him to have contact with my DCs? I'm sad it's come to this but this was her choice, by choosing him over us she's forsaken the right to see DCs as far as I'm concerned. If she doesn't think he's a risk to them and is happy to lie to us about every detail of his case then how can I possibly trust her with the safety of my children?

There's more of a back story, DH was physically abused by his dad growing up, I can't see how any mother could not notice abuse happening to her own child under her roof. She's proved today that DH is inferior to BIL, and that she's happy to bury her head in the sand and ignore things she doesn't want to believe. DH is gutted but not surprised that she chose believing BIL over seeing her GC, she's always made it clear where her loyalties lie.

Sorry it's all been about me, this is taking up so much of my headspace I can't think of much else, plus it helps to get it out tbh.

Hope lunch goes ok xiao.

mopsytop Sun 08-Sep-13 21:31:41

seven, to be frank it sounds like you're all better off without her. Well done you for staying strong. It is so shite for you all sad You're totally right to come on here to talk. I hope it helps a weeny bit at least. What a horrid stressful time for you.

xiao really sorry but you made me chuckle! You are dead right to scale it back. Fresh fruit is a delish dessert anyway! It sounds yum.

Up at 6 tomo to drive to work. This is my new normal I guess. Ugh. Dread in pit of stomach (as you put it so well cheung!) about the driving. Yuck. Plus I need to get WAY faster at writing lectures. Lovely week end. Wish it wasn't over! Hope you all have a good week!

Faffin Sun 08-Sep-13 21:39:36

(((*seven*))) no need to apologise. Use us to vent as much as you like, it's what we're here for

No offence taken about schools aethel, I completely agree with what you're saying. I always thought that since I'd been to a crap school (around 30% getting 5 a-c's) and done fine, then I wouldn't consider private education. My old school is an example of one we'd have to choose from, and it's got even worse since I left in terms of results and facilities. The newer part of the school got burnt down and rather than rebuild it they sold the land including most of the sports facilities. That part now has new flats built on it and all that's left is the old part of the school, now 20 years older and even more crumbling, plus a small field. Unless things improve over the next 8 years, since we're in a position to afford it, we will look onto private. As long as DD doesn't have strong objections to it of course. My parents asked me at the end of middle school (I grew up in a new town) if I wanted to take the 11 plus and get bussed to a grammar school in a different town, and that was the last thing I wanted to do. I always took great satisfaction in the fact I did better in my GCSE's than my next door neighbour who did go to the grammar school grin

<hugs pompoms and tribbles kindly awarded by aethel>
I did get to go back to sleep between 7 and 9; we've had a lovely day, did the country walk out to the pub, and just had a nice chat with both MiL and Mum, and DP has served up bangers and mash...
Thank all for the kind wishes, I hope to report something positive about house or work shortly confused wink

I'm going to put an offer in on the house I'm going to see tomorrow, it has come down in price so is just affordable, and we both like it. Please Bob they accept it and we can get the ball rolling- we'd have a year of total penury tightened purse strings, but then with my increments, DS getting his free hours (and fingers crossed DP getting his promotion) it'd be OK.

Exciting night tonight- the Police have been called to a disturbance across the way, and we're watching Star Trek grin

Try not to keel over with all that food prep Xiao; it all sounds amazing but don't knacker yourself. Good luck for the appointment tomorrow, and can't believe it's all so soon! How's your DH been feeling about it, have things improved for him?

Really hope you're feeling better Queenie, that sounds like food poisoning/virus hell. Keep hydrated, rest up (as much as possible!) and maybe start on the dry toast tomorrow...?

And don't know what to say seven sad You're absolutely right to lay down the law- normally I'd be suggesting flexibility, but this is something where you give no quarter. You must feel awful, and your DH must be so torn.
The only mitigation there is for your MiL is that we have to think how we'd feel if our son were convicted of this- believe me, I see it a lot, people just not accepting that their child has done this awful thing. There are no excuses, and you are doing absolutely the right thing, it's just terrible for you all.

Let's hope next week is better for everyone....

Oooh, bit of a cross post there (I'd been trying since half 6...)

Glad you scaled it back Xiao, fingertip crumble may have been a bit too avant garde... grin

Vent away seven, it's what we're here for- barring it actually being one's own DH, you're having to deal with every person's nightmare scenario. The fact you haven't murdered the lot of them speaks volumes for your strength of character. Your poor DH though, being treated like that.

You're only a week or two into the new normal mopsy and you're doing great- you will get quicker at writing the lectures, you will get more confident with the car, I promise!

Xiaoxiong Sun 08-Sep-13 22:15:49

seven absolutely talk all you want, you'll always find handholding here from us. I think you and your DH have made absolutely the right decision given her levels of denial. I don't think I could ever trust her to be around my kids for fear that she would try to use them to "prove" that BIL wasn't a danger because it sounds like she would be desperate to clear his name. I'm really not one to see a paedo behind every bush but I think I would be considering moving house as well - don't you live quite near your MIL and BIL? And I assume DH and BIL have the same surname? I just keep thinking of that poor old paediatrician whose house was attacked.

Your poor poor DH though. I'm amazed he can bear to see her at all if she never did anything to protect him from FIL sad and now to have this heaped on top.

mopsy hope the driving goes well tomorrow. Do you ever do the method you're always taught to take exams and not run out of time? Spend no more than x minutes on a question then you must move on even if you're not done... DH does this for lesson planning and marking - he decides in advance a reasonable time for planning one lesson (he teaches a lecture course as well). Then he sets the kitchen timer and when time's up, it's up - he then just has to wing it if it's not perfectly detailed. He said that initially it was terrifying to know that he "hadn't finished" but in fact over time he has realised he has always prepared enough in the given time to give a good lecture, even though the preparation wasn't always perfect, and it forces him to stop just doing that extra bit of research or reading or agonising about the order the points are presented, or even watching 100 youtube clips to find that perfect video to catch their attention.

Aethelfleda Sun 08-Sep-13 23:04:57

(((((((hug))))))) seven, this is such a grotty situation for you all. DH and the kids are quite rightly your priority, and I suppose all you can do now is to support DH and if he wants to try to discuss again with her in the future then that's up to him (though I doubt she will change her mind, sadly). Did DH get on with BIL before all this came out, as he lives fairly locally, doesn't he. Did he have much contact with you guys?

Aethelfleda Sun 08-Sep-13 23:13:15

Ooh, and I am pleased to report a little foray back into DIY, after the live-current-picture-hook incident. We now have shiny new repainted skirting boards in our top side room. Hurrah. Now to get some white paint so I can neutralise the walls (previous owners helpfully painted around their furniture in a cheerful colour rather than move it to decorate, so when they took it with them they left wardrobe-shaped areas with no coloured paint on the walls. Classy look.)

SevenOnwardsAndUpwards Sun 08-Sep-13 23:17:44

DH got on ok with BIL but they were never close, thank goodness. They live literally just round the corner, his name and road were in the paper, we have same surname and live on the same road. He had no contact with the DCs, but that's only because he's not naturally good with children (doesnt seem to know how to speak to them etc) so has little interest in them (hollow fucking laugh)

QueenofClean Mon 09-Sep-13 06:57:36

Feeling much better today especially after a good night sleep. I think I had food poisioning...not sure what from tho...but toast for breakfast this morning.

Seven sorry it ended up like that but as others have said maybe for the best anyway.

Mopsy hope your drive up work is easier this morning.

Xiao....scaling back sounds good, whatever you cook I'm sure will be lovely anyway.

mopsytop Mon 09-Sep-13 08:09:27

No but I totally.should use that method xiao. might try today!

PerilousStiletto Mon 09-Sep-13 16:35:51

Seven - you are right to be absolutely furious with your MIL. And absolutely right to cut that contact. I can't imagine the turmoil you must all be feeling as you come to terms with this. Thank goodness that BIL did not have any real contact with your DCs - whilst his crimes may have been downloading material, it doesn't bear thinking about how you would be feeling if he'd been a more engaged uncle. The questions it would raise, ugh.
You put the protection of your kids first, and forget anyone else's feelings.
Your poor DH. It's his mum - who just keeps on failing him. He must be heartbroken. It must be so tough. Maybe he'd be better if he walked away too.
On the same road, with the same last name. Not a great situation to be in. Have you thought about moving house? New area - away from family and hurt? A completely fresh start.
You have my absolute sympathies. ((((((hugs))))))
I took the day off today. I had no childcare this morning as the GPs had a medical appointment. So we played, we drew some pictures, and did the usual jigsaws. He has a pack of 4 jigsaws for 3+yrs, a 8pc, 12pc, 18pc, 24 pc - he does them all without batting an eyelid.
(proud mum!)
He's been a little bugger that last few days. tantrum after tantrum. no discernible reason. I hope whatever it is that's bugging him clears up before Thursday, otherwise our flight to Turkey could be horrendous!
I've spent the afternoon having a bath, putting on false tan (HA!), and sewing clothes for the holiday (takingup trousers, dresses, etc - it's no fun being a short arse.). Now I'm ironing, watching the hailstones. sun. rain. wind. sun. rain...
And just received a text from DH. He's returned the final papers today for the exchange of contracts on his house, and has been told that the sale has fallen though. the buyer's sale has fallen through. Not good.
This holiday was a bit of a celebration really. We spent a bit more... I thought, if we pick the perfect resort, we can just enjoy it and relax, and concentrate on us. I know it's false, being on holiday, not real life, but I thought if we could be false and enjoy each other, then maybe some of that would rub off and continue when we got home.
Anyway, no sale, but still a lovely holiday to come. smile
It's our 3rd wedding anniversary in November. We've booked tickets to TEDx Salford.grin

PerilousStiletto Mon 09-Sep-13 16:37:50

Oh, I tried to make a list of all the words the BOI knows. I've got about 150. there are probably a few that I haven't thought about. But I'll keep it, and date it.

It's lovely seeing how all the DCs are progressing at the moment, its fascinating. DS is just progressing onto three-word sentences (though the pronunciation's not fab), mainly 'where's ball gone' when we try and fail to hide the damn thing from him
He went off in his new age 2-3 clobber to nursery today, as he's graduated from the baby unit to the toddler room, the precursor to nursery at 2...where's my baby gooooooooooooooooooooooone!

Oh, and it looks like we've secured another house smile. It's one we both liked, and has come down £20k since I've been tracking it, taking it to just within our range. It really is a forever house in terms of space and size, and we'd just about agreed terms but that was at about 4.45pm, so just need to hear back tomorrow and we're off again!
Hope to be joining you in DIY escapades (without the electrocution confused) in the not too distant aethel....

Glad you're feeling a bit better QoC, sometimes the truly violent episodes are the ones over most quickly, and so you start feeling better.

And I hope you have a wonderful, relaxing time Peril, just unwind and enjoy, you do deserve it.

Off Oooop North tomorrow for time with the family on my week off smile

mopsytop Mon 09-Sep-13 20:07:32

Oooh nice one on house northern!

Yeah Minimopsy said her first three word sentence today. Mr. Mopsy asked her where mama is when I'd just pulled up outside and she was at the window and she said 'in the car'. She had a couple of two word sentences e.g. 'mama stairs' (for mama is downstairs)r 'bye bye dada' (when she wants me to put her to bed or read her story wink ) so this is a new improvement! She had several new words this weekend too: 'door', 'coat', 'star'.

Ugh I am tired. The commute is about one hour ten if I time it right (which I did today... left home at 6.20 am and work at 6 pm). It is busy but mainly free flowing it seems at those times although there were one or two queues on the way. Will have to go a few more times to really suss it out though. Still nervous about it though and the bloody sat nav falls off every single time. So irritating.

Right better go finish washing up!
Enjoy your time loop north Northern and Turkey Peril (but you're not leaving til Thursday right?)

mopsytop Mon 09-Sep-13 20:10:07

Argh posted too soon. Hope you are feeling better Queen.

Hope you guys are getting on OK seven

Are you feeling any better about stuff today hinky?

How was lunch xiao?

aethel have you started the job hunt yet?

Sorry if I've missed people out. I am really tired. Driving is knackering anyway I'm sure but I think even more so when you are unused to it.

Aethelfleda Mon 09-Sep-13 22:10:21

<pompoms> for northern's house... And agiant blob of <blutak> for mopsy's satnav!! Hope the commute seems easier soon.

We have decided to try a local smallish nursery for DS... It's not ideal in that it's a few miles away from the school but would be in the area I plan to seek work so would make dropoffs easier. We visited and DS loved the toys and room, they seemed calm and friendly, I think it could work. Gulp.
Have been updating my CV, the nailbiting thing will be actually getting regular work to offset the childcare. I won't say much more onthread but feel free to PM me if you're curious!

<makes a nice pot of tea for all>

Aethelfleda Mon 09-Sep-13 22:12:00

Ps I have a ton of paint. Paint R Us. Brilliant white in spades and some Buttercream for the kitchen and bathroom.
Painty painty paint paint.....

Xiaoxiong Mon 09-Sep-13 22:30:52

whoa congrats northern, fingers crossed for tomorrow and hope it's all plain sailing from here!

queen glad you're feeling better! Made me laugh when you said you did no cleaning at all the other day except bleaching the loo multiple times grin

peril shame about DH's house but hopefully like northern something else will come up quickly and you'll be able to jet off to Turkey with that off your minds.

mopsy good luck for the drive tomorrow!

Lunch went really well in the end thank god, though DS woke up from his nap while we were having coffee (or perhaps never actually properly fell asleep). Following genteel laughter at an erudite joke about geological formations and financing of fracking operations, we suddenly hear this THUMPA THUMPA hahahahheheeeeeheheheheeee THUMP THUMP as DS escaped from his room and rushed around upstairs, copying our laughter about 2 minutes later after we all finished laughing. DH went up and caught DS red-handed dragging his lamp (again!), a pair of rather nice headphones and the box of clean nappies into the bathroom confused

He's got great language skills, but he cannot do a jigsaw, struggles to put stacking rings on a spindle, and still shows no signs of any ability whatsoever to feed himself with a spoon or a fork!! He just tips it straight down his front, over his shoulder or onto the floor.

DS's new favourite phrases are:
"how eeeenteresting" (with the singsong cadences of a rather raddled victorian grand dame looking at you through a lorgnette"
"geddout of it!" (while dipping into something forbidden)
"don't squish it, eat it" (usually chanted multiple times while squishing and not eating something)
"don't eat the bean" (while trying to bite uncooked beans through the packet)
"I - AM - DA BESST!" (while bouncing on the couch, our bed, his bed...)

But my favourite was this morning, going into the kitchen:
Me: "DS is it a sunny day?"
DS: "no, cloudy day"
Me: "in fact it's actually a rainy day" (said half to myself)
DS: (points triumphantly at the rain) "exACTly as I THOUGHT!"

Everything is either "on holiday" when he knows he isn't allowed to do something right then, or hopeful requests to do something "afterwards?" eg. ("play with the train set?" "no it's bathtime, come on" "trainset afterwards?") He knows loads and loads of songs with their words and verses - all the nursery rhymes, but also random ones like Singing in the rain, Froggy went a courting, 'Tis a gift to be simple, and spirituals like I'll fly away and As I went down in the river to pray.

Xiaoxiong Mon 09-Sep-13 22:35:05

aethel paint is good, we like paint - paint will not land you in A&E. Long live paint. And really hope the nursery works out too.

By the way everyone aethel actually brought me a WHOLE LITRE of maple syrup back from Canada. We had pancakes yesterday and it was the stuff of dreams, I tell you! As DS would say, "SHE - ISS - DA BESSST!" (while bouncing)

Xiaoxiong Mon 09-Sep-13 22:50:43

PS anyone heard from kat recently? Hope you're ok out there.

And hinky too, have been thinking about you since you posted the other day.

mopsytop Tue 10-Sep-13 07:19:36

wow xiao, that is very advanced. They do say they develop either motor or vocal skills first although minim is developing both at a very average rate! I guess by the time they go to school they will have all more or less averaged out. But maybe baby xiao will be a linguist grin

SevenOnwardsAndUpwards Tue 10-Sep-13 09:22:34

DD1 is probably average on vocal skills, loads of words but only just starting to put 2 together. She's always been forward with physical skills, she's constantly running and bouncing around and rarely stops. She's only now starting to do simple wooden puzzles, and has no interest in books other than a book of 100 first words which we read about 20 times a day and is being slowly destroyed.

We booked a holiday last night, North Somerset for a week in November. We've had 3 holidays since we've been together, and that'll be 10 years in January, plus 2 of those holidays were awful. It'll be cold but still good to get away, feel like we desperately need something to look forward to.

kat put a very cute picture on fb the other day.

So glad you've found another house northern!

Xiaoxiong Tue 10-Sep-13 09:55:47

seven great news about the holiday booking - is it somewhere you can all be cosy and snug? Like a cottage with a wood fire or something. I bet that will be absolutely lovely.

mopsy I'm convinced he'll be the kid handing in the note to skip PE lessons so he can sit on the sidelines and read a book grin Like mother like son!! I forgot to ask, what course is it you're lecturing this year? Is it first year undergrads? Remembering with guilt falling asleep in lectures in my first year - I was just so tired but I must have really demoralised my lecturers blush

hinkyhonk Tue 10-Sep-13 10:06:14

thanks for those thinking of me. am here lurking and feeling a bit better - still struggling with the balance of it all but letting it wash over me rather than wind me up.

horrifically a fairly close relative has been given a very short time to live which has put things into perspective.

will pop off again before i bring the thread down even more but will be back and more positive soon.

p.s. seven thinking of you lots and hoping that you are doing ok. fwiw i think you are doing totally the right thing (saw your other thread as well)

mopsytop Tue 10-Sep-13 10:20:07

xiao did they not check to see you were OK? Or were they huge lectures?

SevenOnwardsAndUpwards Tue 10-Sep-13 10:25:34

Thanks hinky you were obviously hoping nobody else was having the same problems as me! Glad you're feeling better, when I'm struggling I remind myself I don't need to be the perfect mum, good enough will do. Sorry to hear about your relative sad

xiao there's a log burner, looks nice and cosy. Can't wait, feel like we really need to just get away from here and everything that's been going on.

DH has someone hand-crafting us a nice wooden door sign with our names on, it'll be better than my felt-tip scrawling of BIL does not live here!

Xiaoxiong Tue 10-Sep-13 11:05:34

Big (((hug))) for you hinky, I'm really sorry to hear about your relative. Please never feel like you're bringing the thread down - speaking for myself, this place has been an absolute lifeline when things have been tough so please post whenever, whatever, negative as you like. Virtual brew and cake will be here for you whenever you need them.

mopsy I think when 90% of the lecture is hung over asleep then they just assume if you're still breathing you're fine wink

SevenOnwardsAndUpwards Tue 10-Sep-13 12:14:42

hinky yes do post whenever you need to. You can't possibly bring the thread down as much as I have lately, but having somewhere safe to talk about it before it was public knowledge when i couldn't talk about it to anyone in rl really has helped to keep me sane.

Hope no one falls asleep in your lectures mopsy!

AnAirOfHope Tue 10-Sep-13 13:58:15

Seven if I was you I think I would just change our surname. If you are happy living there, dont want to move and are happy MIL and BIL will not contact you or the kids, changing your surname should help stop anyone harrassing you. It might help DH form his own new id from his family. (((((hugs)))))

AnAirOfHope Tue 10-Sep-13 14:11:43

Xiao your cooking always sounds sooooo good, can you recommend me any cook books pls? Im looking for two new (to us) main meals for winter as im feed up of cooking the same thing all the time!

Sorry you are feeling ill Queenie but please dont get seterilised yet. You are only 30 years old you still have 15 years left for things to change and want another child. There is the implant that lasts for five years or the copper coil. I would not make a big dession when not 100% well. Also its easier for a man to get the snip than for a women as the operation is more intrusive for a women. Even if you wanted to reverse it you could still end up with fertility issues from it.

Xiaoxiong Tue 10-Sep-13 14:49:12

Aww Air you're sweet! I do use a couple of cookbooks regularly which I will list below but if you have an iphone, the "how to cook everything" app is really useful and I use it all the time. Don't know if it comes in an android version though. I can also highly recommend the [[ In terms of cookbooks, my desert island general family cookbooks are:

Nigel Slater - Appetite (the best for British basics, this by itself is worth its weight in gold. it will give you the standard master recipe for eg. sausage and mash, and then at the end of the recipe it will give 4 or 5 variations which you can try if you want something with more of a twist or a slightly different flavouring.)

Nigel Slater - Real Fast Food (this one's great for super quick "recipes", as well as meals that barely warrant a recipe because they have 2 or 3 ingredients but are still really great ideas, eg. 30 things to dollop on top of a piece of grilled fish and make it look like you've made an effort, 10 things to put on top of a jacket potato etc. No pictures, just really useful ideas of things to make and/or assemble when you need dinner on the table, fast.)

Cynthia Lair - Feeding the whole family (this one's American but the measurements are easily converted. It's really good for whole foods, grains, beans, super healthy stuff and has lots of suggestions for allergies, gluten free, vegan etc. Also has a page of healthy lunchbox ideas for kids.)

I don't like watching Nigel Slater cooking on TV, he makes me cringe - but his books are much much better than Jamie Oliver, Nigella Lawson or even Delia Smith because he wasn't a chef before, he was just a food writer so he writes like someone who cooks for himself from home. His recipes tend to have very short basic ingredient lists, unlike JO whose "basic" beef stew recipe in How to Cook calls for dried porcini, whole cinnamon sticks and a sprinkling of gremolata before serving confused

mopsytop Tue 10-Sep-13 16:20:07

Air if you don't want to buy a book I also find Felicity Cloake's recipes on the Guardian really good. Online (although American so you have to convert the measurements) The Pioneer Woman is fab and she has a great blog too. Books wise, I agree with xiao that Nigel Slater is great. I also like Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall's books and I loooove the Leon books for fairly simple but yummy yummy healthy and hearty dishes.

Aethelfleda Tue 10-Sep-13 17:30:24

Okay, I really like cooking. I've done a fair amount of it in my time with only the odd disaster here and there. But what on earth is "gremolata"??!!
My cookbook collection consists of "good housekeeping basic cookery", Leith's cookery bible, Indian Delights and the Encyclopedia of Indian Cookery, "Bread " and a write-it-yerself journal. Oh, and "how to cook on Babylon 5" <geekblush> beyond that I just Google what I want to cook with....

mopsytop Tue 10-Sep-13 20:02:03

Isn't gremolata a sort of herby topping? I know it has parsley in it. Not sure what else. I've never made it. Tonight improvised a pasta bake with leftover sun-dried tomatoes, bacon, little bit of cream and the end of a parmesan wedge. It was quite delicious if I say so myself! I might have a biccie from the tin if Danish butter cookies now. Nom. Oh BTW I've lost 4lbs so far (in 3 weeks). Slowly getting there...

PerilousStiletto Tue 10-Sep-13 20:17:12

Great news about the holiday 7! You certainly need it! The log burner sounds ideal. smile
Northern - congrats on finding a new house. Great news.
Xiao - ask anyone from MLMS Salford class of 95 for their class memory. I can imagine a fair few would cite the tale of when I fell asleep in class and woke up rather loudly.shock Hee hee hee!
Hinky - sorry about the relative. And as xiao said, pls come on here to vent or have a good moan. It's what we're here for.
Half a day left at work before I start my hols! Haircut tomorrow afternoon in preparation. Hurrah!

Xiaoxiong Tue 10-Sep-13 21:22:17

Gremolata is a kind of condiment of minced garlic, lemon zest and flat leaf parsley. Don't get me wrong, it is absolutely wonderful sprinkled over a beef stew but to include it as part of the recipe in a cookbook called "how to cook" which purports to be one that teaches you the basics is taking the piss a bit IMO! Can absolutely endorse the pioneer woman blog as well. Made the bacon mushroom pasta from there the other day, absolutely delicious and ready in the time it takes to boil the pasta.

Had a funny turn earlier and went to hospital - luckily all was well but I still feel quite sick and ill so am in bed and will take tomorrow off. Wonder if that's why my brain has been all over the place and I nearly chopped my fingers off cooking the other night.

mopsytop Tue 10-Sep-13 21:30:08

Oh no xiao! Hope you feel better soon...

QueenofClean Tue 10-Sep-13 22:04:25

Air...i'm going for all out sterilisation because it would help me medically so other reasons why, long thought out decision but is the right one and DH agrees smile

SevenOnwardsAndUpwards Tue 10-Sep-13 23:18:38

Hope you're feeling a bit better now xiao.

I didn't realise until today that all of my cookbooks are bread and cake themed blush. Jamie's new series looks good though so may buy the book or pop it on my Christmas list. The bbcgoodfood website is good and the source of my secret recipe for the worlds best scones. Their magazines are good too, they have a good mix of posh occasion food and easy midweek meals, we used to subscribe and probably will do again once we're in the new kitchen, current one is too horrible and uninspiring to make me want to spend time in there. I'm a believer that the best recipes are the ones where you just throw things together, or discover new things that work because you don't have the right ingredients. Yesterday's brownie was amazing, I didn't have golden syrup so used treacle, surprised how well it worked.

The MIL saga continues. Apparently next week I'm getting an apology, I guess we'll have to wait and see how much I think she means it. DH made the mistake of telling her me and the DCs will always come before her, so I'm wondering if she's only apologising because she knows its me calling the shots and I'm a lot less likely to back down than DH. She clearly hasn't learnt her lesson though because SIL still doesn't know. I'm torn between thinking she deserves to be told before she finds out from the village gossip and knowing its not my place to tell her confused.

I strongly urge everyone to sign up for the MN product test panel or whatever it's called. I put my name down to test a freesat+ box, and found out earlier that I've been selected. I have to leave feedback on a thread twice then we get to keep it, it's worth £226!

My DStepM and DF swear by Good Housekeeping (c. approx 1972 edition!) for recipes, and I have a very well-thumbed Delia (again one from the late 70s/early 80s) for the basics. Agreed about the BBC site too. One other thing I do is that whenever I find a recipe, anywhere- including made up- and have tried it once to see if it works, I add it to my own book. I've then got my own recipe book of family favourites!

Am up at this hour owing to the stress- the second house fell through. EA called yesterday to say that the sellers were in fact going with the other offer from the first time buyer/person who has nothing to sell. To make it even worse, I turned down an invite to go and view another property on Monday as I was going between home and EAs getting this house sorted, AND I'm now up North for the rest of the week and working the following Saturday.

Yay for relaxing holidays confused sob!

Sorry to hear about the funny turn Xiao, have they any idea what it is? I know pregnancy can bring a whole world of oddness, but especially given your physical problems at the mo I hope they're keeping a close eye on you. Mind you, it's only a couple of weeks to go isn't it?

Awful to hear about your relative hinky; it happened with my Grandfather before I was born, family were told out of the blue he had a couple of months to live owing to cancer, and he lasted three weeks. Come on here anytime to talk (hug)

seven, I wouldn't normally be so vicious, but whatever your MiL is giving you is not an apology. An attempt to regain control/ensure she sees the GCs/trying to keep family on board and quiet, but not an apology. Saying sorry should come from the heart, and be based on an understanding of what a person has done and why it's wrong- that's not what your MiL is doing. As you rightly say, the fact that your SiL doesn't know is very telling- and FWIW, I would tell her. Some things like this need to be known and override the usual nicities of who has a right to tell, etc.

Xiaoxiong Wed 11-Sep-13 09:22:19

Oh no northern what a bummer sad Fingers crossed another one comes up quickly again and you can view when you get back.

At the hospital they thought the funny turn was a migraine, but they didn't seem too sure and as I've never had one in my life both DH and I (and aethel who was a lifeline by text) were dubious. I think it's more likely that I'm getting bouts of low blood pressure, but when I get it checked out it's usually after a spell of sitting in the car/GP waiting room/lying on my back in triage and by the time they test my BP it's gone back to normal. They do always comment on how it's on the low end but I think everyone's so focused on looking out for high BP that low is seen as good and nothing to worry about.

DH looked at the symptoms listed here and I've got every single one of them, so I think it's pretty certain to be low BP rather than a migraine. Especially the confusion!! How often have I complained on here recently about my brain turning to mush? Anyway I'm staying in bed or on the couch today and doing nothing more strenuous than watching GBBO on iplayer.

mopsytop Wed 11-Sep-13 14:45:21

Oh dear Northern sad what a pain

Aethelfleda Wed 11-Sep-13 19:14:28

<haddocks> for inconsiderate house vendors!

I booked in DS for three mornings a week at the nursery starting in a few weeks. Looked at a second nursery for a yardstick and am happy I've made the right choice as the one we'll use is far smaller and seems more friendly and flexible. Slight leaving-my-child guilt but that's quite usual (and I know it will pass)....

<coffee and Danish pastries all round>

Xiaoxiong Wed 11-Sep-13 22:33:33

Bleurgh and now I suddenly have calf cramps to go along with my constellation of symptoms...pregnancy may not be an illness but it's no joke. Counting down the days to 27th Sept...

aethel small, friendly and flexible sounds like the ideal three qualities in a nursery! Now fingers crossed for a friendly and flexible job to go with.

OctopusWrangler Wed 11-Sep-13 23:24:36

Today Boo was off colour so we did dull domestics. I bought curtain rail and a4 folders today. I gave up on finding a coat. Going to buy a tape measure and see if I can squeeze into the regatta one I have bookmarked. I'm fed up of being wet and grumpy all through the damp season! I need boots too as I suspect I chucked my walking boots last year.

Seven I would tell your sister in law. You were enraged you'd been kept in the dark, I imagine she will feel the same.

Aethel happy hunting, the nursery sounds lovely.

Xiao I hope you enjoyed the bake off, I caught up earlier, and we finished masterchef this week too. I'm not used to being so up to date!

And now the house next door to the one we've just lost is up for sale! At 10k more with a smaller kitchen! <sobs more>
I'll add it to the list I'm viewing week Thursday. Work don't yet know I'm taking that afternoon off, but it's a necessity.

Had a lovely day out in town with Mum yesterday; we're staying local today and going to the market, shame it's piddling it down... DS and DP up today, and I shall see them tomorrow smile

Glad the nursery worked out aethel- I do think it's one of these things where you walk in somewhere and just 'know' if it'll suit your child, and delighted to hear you're sorted. And as you say, time to roll out the MN mantra, this too shall pass....

Are calf cramps down to low potassium Xiao- time for a banana or 17 confused? So sorry you're suffering with this, only two weeks to go! How is your DH feeling atm?

mopsytop Thu 12-Sep-13 08:48:33

Sorry for me post but having a bout of feeling low. This happens to me fairly frequently since I had minim. I just keep on plodding. But it is hard sometimes. I should be really grateful I got a good job in my field but I just feel scared and stressed about the temporary nature and worried research isn't for me. I know that's totally irrational and I need to just do the job to see if I like it and it's prob just fear/stress talking. But yeah these bouts of feeling low are not much fun. I struggle a bit sometimes. But so does everyone and lots of you on here have way more serious worries and stresses than me so I feel guilty for even feeling this way. Ugh. Life is weird.

Aethelfleda Thu 12-Sep-13 09:52:56

((((((hug))))) mopsy, it's so hard to have the uncertainty in acadaemia. When DH was trying to get his original post-doc I had the is-this-really-for-him wibbles, you just have to give it time and be aware that it's OK to feel stressed, a new job is a big time of change. Try to find something small you can do each day for a ten-minute oasis, whether it's an extra bedtime snuggle with minim, tending a plant, reading, dping your nails... And keep posting of course for virtual flowers....

got to channel the queenie today,serious housework needed. One barrier is whenever DS sleeps I'm meant to be doing work prep stuff! And my DIY wall is only a quarter white and then I got interrupted. Shall I call it Shabby Chic?!?!

Xiaoxiong Thu 12-Sep-13 10:30:12

Northern I don't know - I'm actually in the waiting room at the GP's right now, so I will certainly ask about potassium as well. We're lucky enough to have our GP surgery about 10 steps from the back door and you can almost always get an appointment on the day, so when I still had cramps this morning I rang up and got an appointment. So we'll see!

DH is feeling really nervous and stressed. When we went to the hospital day before yesterday he looked grey with worry (he is generally of the blonde hair blue eyed rosy cheeked persuasion so when his face goes grey and drawn it's awfully obvious sad) I think he's counting down the days till my mother gets here - probably the only time he has really looked forward to having her around for an extended period - but it will be someone who can take responsibility for me if he can't for whatever reason. And then his mother arrives two weeks today for 4 days which will help him a lot as well, just the security of having your mum there for advice and she's an NHS professional as well so knows the system.

mopsy another hug from me. It's not at all irrational, you've just started a new job, you're making a big jump from one mode of operation to another, you're being judged on skills that you're having to learn as you go. I think academic lecturing is the only job in the world that you're just somehow expected to be able to do well without training on the basis that you've had loads of experience being lectured at and some experience doing some teaching that may not even be directly relevant. And on top of that, you're expected to stay on a research treadmill! It's a hard, scary task and I take my hat off to you for getting such a great position. I would just also say that don't forget there are always other options if you decide that you like the teaching and your subject but just don't want to be within a tertiary academic environment. This isn't it, forever and ever, if you don't want it to be. Make sure you get your 10 minute oasis on dr. aethel's orders grin

PerilousStiletto Thu 12-Sep-13 10:41:34

Love and hugs and good luck vibes to you all. Have a great week.
I'm signing off now. I'm going to find out how to turn off all roamy stuff so I won't look at email, or Facebook, or even Mn. I am officially ON HOLIDAY!

Faffin Thu 12-Sep-13 11:26:28

Have a great holiday peril

Xiao I hope the GP can help you, you're really going through it again aren't you? If it is low potassium then coconut water is also good, and great for hydration and for people like me who can't stand bananas

aethel I think definitely call it shabby chic, you just don't have time to do everything. I'm jealous DS still has naps so that you can get something done, the daytime nap has sadly departed from this household sad

mopsy come here and post any time you like. As ever, good advice from aethel and Xiao. I can just offer virtual tea and sympathy

Some kind of devil appears to have inhabited DS since yesterday afternoon. Today is going to be a long day. Hoping to emerge this evening still sane and without too many war wounds

Xiaoxiong Thu 12-Sep-13 12:14:13

Sigh, is there anything that can't be explained away as "normal in pregnancy"? GP was very nice but basically told me nothing she can do, only 2 weeks left so just put my feet up and rest, and keep an eye on the calf pain in case it's a blood clot (er...how would I know?)

I need to tackle DH on rewriting our wills with DS2 on the way but I really really don't want to increase his anxiety by making him think I'm planning ahead for something to happen to me!! Wonder if I should just rewrite them both, then just present it to him for his quick signature to be witnessed by the au pair without having to really think about it too much. They're just simple mirror wills anyway...

faffin hope he careens around like a mad thing and then collapses with exhaustion and you can have a rest - any chance you can take him outside for a good run somewhere? Or a stamp in the puddles? Not that I buy into the whole "kids are like dogs and need to run off their energy" theory, but sometimes it doe seem to be appropriate...

mopsytop Thu 12-Sep-13 12:53:26

Oh dear xiao. you're really being put through it in this pregnancy sad

Thanks for all your kind words everyone. I keep wanting to cry but I'm writing a lecture instead. Hmm it will prob be a v dull lecture!

Xiaoxiong Thu 12-Sep-13 18:19:25

And now admitted to the antenatal ward overnight, Jesus H Christ on a bike sad they're worried about the continuous headaches that won't go away even with cocodamol so a night in on oramorph to see what happens.

mopsytop Thu 12-Sep-13 18:20:49

Oh dear xiao, hope it is all OK. What a pain. And extra stress for Mr. Xiao too sad

mopsytop Thu 12-Sep-13 20:59:54

Hope hospital is going OK xiao and that you've a good book or sth good on TV. Such a pain being stuck there, and woken up for OBS etc. Hope Mr. Xiao can bring you some acceptable food too! Hospital foodconfused

Aethelfleda Thu 12-Sep-13 21:10:25

My word xiao, you don't dp things by halves, do you!'!!! Manly hugs for MrXiao and hope things settle down soon (or you get it all over and done with asap!) either way tale care and keep us all posted
<gingerly hands over a mug of decaf with a handful of posh chocolates and a Hobnob>

Hey mopsy. your lecture will be FINE. You need to recognise that feeling negative will make you hypercritical, so you are being unfairly hard on yourself.

<passes around an enormous basket of brandy snaps with whipped cream for dunking. Roll on Xmas brandy snaps in the shops>

mopsytop Thu 12-Sep-13 21:12:31

For aethel on gremolata... this just came up on my freely:


mopsytop Thu 12-Sep-13 21:12:56

feedly even

mopsytop Thu 12-Sep-13 21:13:23

and sorry can't remember how to do a link properly blush

Aethelfleda Thu 12-Sep-13 21:27:24

Thanks Mopsy.... Chopped raw Garlic, parsley and lemon zest then.... Why does that need its own name, it just sounds like poncey seasoning to me.

Jamie Oliver would be spinning in his "gremolata" if he saw today's offering to DH: tonight's dinner was leftover tortilla wrap (the DDs had wraps yesterday and two were left in the packet) containing fried pork-and-leek butcher's sausages, heinz burger sauce, chopped lettuce and grated home-grown courgette. Side dish was curry flavour Super Noodles. I hope at some point tonight Jamie will call to arrange delivery of an enormous flatscreen telly....
(it was yummy BTW)......

mopsytop Thu 12-Sep-13 21:30:01

Excellent use of leftovers aethel! I'd the end of a jar of pesto with pasta and a smidgin of cheese. Bit lacking in veg but had homemade lentil and kale soup for lunch so I think I'm OK.

SevenOnwardsAndUpwards Thu 12-Sep-13 22:00:37

aethel you didn't strike me as the Super Noodles type.

xiao sounds like you're really going through it, I guess at least you're far gone enough that if everything was going wrong they could get baby out now without any problems, though I'm sure it wouldn't come to that. FWIW I suffered horrible nightly calf cramps with DD1. Plenty of calf stretches before bedtime really helped smile

The more local weekly paper comes out tomorrow, Saturdays was a paper for the entire region, we're waiting to find out whether BIL has made the front page or not. MIL is adamant its not newsworthy enough to even be in there. I've been feeling sick with worry all day when I think about it, so I'm drinking wine and starting to knit a coat for DD1 to take my mind off it.

I need to apply for a grant for a low-resistance trike for DS. He tried one on the advice of his Physio a few weeks ago, it was such an amazing moment, he's never been able to ride a proper bike or trike, he just gone on and off he went! The quote came today and its £2000 shock and obviously therefore not funded by the NHS.

mopsytop Fri 13-Sep-13 12:41:22

What was the outcome seven? Is it prominent? This so sucks for you and your family.

Aethelfleda Fri 13-Sep-13 13:30:23

<fortifying extra-large cuppa tea for seven and all others on thread who needs them>

hommmmm.... (that's me channelling queenie again). I WIlL have a house that's marginally less chaotic before I get back to work and it all goes to hell in a handbasket

Hope you're feeling a bit less stressed today northern and mopsy. I'm not mentioning xiao as don't want to jinx the cunning leg-it-home plan!

Now how much can I get done before DS wakes up or the school run needs doing? ....

SevenOnwardsAndUpwards Fri 13-Sep-13 13:39:21

Only page 18, story very similar to the last one, DH bought it on the way to work so I haven't read it yet.

Hope it's going well aethel, mine is looking pretty awful ATM.

SevenOnwardsAndUpwards Fri 13-Sep-13 13:43:09

Perhaps queen can give us some cleaning motivation, or just tell us off for not doing it. I wish cleaning calmed me but it just doesn't. I'm jealous that in times of stress she turns to cleaning, whereas I turn to wine, cake and chocolate, which probably explains why she's skinny and I'm not grin

mopsytop Fri 13-Sep-13 14:03:22

Ha seven you got it in one! I'm the exact same as you!

Aethelfleda Fri 13-Sep-13 14:22:35

Ok seven well at least page 18 is not huge-double-page-leader territory. Well, I have a tidy(ish) swept kitchen, hall and front room, DS's room and have hoovered the landing and DS's room. Don't look in the lounge, it's covered in toys!!...need to decide between denting the clean-washing mountain and setting up my new printer you know I'm going to choose the printer

More tea!!

Aethelfleda Sat 14-Sep-13 11:17:01

<looks around>


<puts down large tray of strong coffee and builders' tea>

<fetches pile of croissants and Danish pastries>

mopsytop Sat 14-Sep-13 11:27:22

Hi all. xiao how are things)

God aethel I'd looove a Danish right now...

SevenOnwardsAndUpwards Sat 14-Sep-13 14:18:20

<holds out mug>

No news here.

All quiet on the Western front here up North. DS trod on a bee and got stung on his foot yesterday; we've fed the ducks (they nearly took his hand off, kind of horror movie style) and will be off to the park later.

Hope you're doing OK Xiao, oramorph is no fun...

And a hug for mopsy

QueenofClean Sat 14-Sep-13 17:59:17

Nothing really to report except we had a date night last night both girls slept out. Darcie at my parents. Sky at the IL's. We went to see Rush and was brilliant film followed by Nandos for dinner.

I have over the last couple of days been going thru all the baby stuff & clothes. So anyone with new squidge DD's I have clothes from 0-3 upto 12-18 mths for sale cheaply. Will upload to FB for pics wink I also have my moss green Moby wrap for sale, nursing pillow, fetal HB checker & gel, Minnie Mouse cot bed duvet set. Just to begin with - that is only touching the top of everything!

DH on a stag so early night for me and my girls tonight.

mopsytop Sat 14-Sep-13 19:10:49

Mr.Mopsy made a bakewell tart but instead of the jam layer he used a layer of pistachio paste (that I used last week to make pistachio macarons). OMG it is amazing! Can't wait for dessert (just had a sneaky taste this afternoon)

Xiaoxiong Sat 14-Sep-13 21:32:44

Hello all, slept all day pretty much and just back to land of the living. Will post more but everyone who can must turn on radio 3 right now - the world's most sublimely beautiful quintet is about to start, from wagner's Meistersinger von neurenberg. It makes me weep every time. DH is on house duty tonight and we have a pact that we will both listen to it together even though we are apart.

Xiaoxiong Sat 14-Sep-13 22:23:54

Ok - whinge mememe post alert!

summary of last 3 days - when we left off on Thurs I had just been to GP...
Me: I have had a headache for 3 days, pain in my calves, light headed, feel sick. Def not a migraine. Low blood pressure? Low potassium?
GP: all normal in pregnancy, go home and grit your teeth for 2 more weeks.
<2 hours later>
GP: just ran it past maternity unit, they are v concerned, go straight there
Maternity unit: headaches bad, keep in overnight and see if oramorph helps.

Then followed night in antenatal, slept like a sedated log with the oramorph, headaches were back in morning, blood pressure sub-90, had a CT scan with baby bump wrapped up in lead blankets. Scan clear, headaches continued. Some bright spark registrar thinks it may be the codeine I'm on for SPD causing headaches so no more codeine. Senior house officer thinks it's the size of the baby pressing on veins and nerves and large blood volume. my own consultant thinks just normal pg aches and pains hmm They wanted to keep me in another night to give me paracetamol and observe me. I said I can do that at home and observe myself, in my own bed without lights going on all hours. So I discharge myself and now have an A4 sized bright angry red disclaimer pasted into my notes saying I refused treatment and left contrary to advice!

I did ask, first half joking and then dead serious, if I only have 2 weeks to go and baby already supposedly 8lbs+, if I could just have c-section now, but no chance.

Anyway I think I'm on bed rest now whether I like it or not. With only paracetamol the edge is off the headache for about 2 hours after i take it, then i have to wait to take it again. But without codeine the SPD is genuinely unbearable when walking.

Oh well - I wonder if I could teach myself to knit in 2 weeks to keep me occupied as they said to keep away from screens if at all possible to see if headache improves confusedsad

mopsytop Sat 14-Sep-13 22:39:45

oh no xiao, you poor thing sad

I know from my own pregnancy that paracetamol just doesn't cut it for bad headaches. You might remember I had migraines 4-6 days a week for months and it was a nightmare. I just had to wait them out. So massive massive sympathies from me. I hope you can get through the next cpl of weeks okay. Lots of DVDs! I have tons of romcom crap. If that's your thing I can post a load to you?

mopsytop Sat 14-Sep-13 22:51:06

Oh doh just saw the screens comment at the end, sorry! Knitting is a good plan instead!

mopsytop Sat 14-Sep-13 22:51:48

Or maybe listen to the whole ring cycle! that'll take up two days anyway...

mopsytop Sat 14-Sep-13 22:53:14

PS xiao we had music from one of the preludes to the Meistersinger at our wedding. Fab.

SevenOnwardsAndUpwards Sun 15-Sep-13 09:47:23

Sorry xiao no advice but I'm thinking of you, hope the next couple of weeks go quickly. When is your mum coming over?

CheungFun Sun 15-Sep-13 10:18:05

Hi everyone,

We have viewing no. 10000000 at 11am today! Wish us luck! I'm getting a bit disheartened with it all, I hate cleaning!

What a nightmare Xiao I hope they get to the bottom of it and you feel better soon!

I've joined the gym so trying to go 3 times a week, but it's been 2 times a week for the last 2 weeks! Still it's better than nothing!

We took DS swimming yesterday, he seems much more confident in the water now smile

QueenofClean Sun 15-Sep-13 11:12:12

Xiao thinking of you. Hopefully your bundle of joy will be here sooner rather than later.

Hope house viewings go smoothly.

Currently sat watching Darcie in her swimming lesson.