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July 2013 - Part 1. Remember your pelvic floor exercises!

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Time to start the post-natal thread.


dinkystinky Mon 05-Aug-13 15:33:34

<clench to mark my place>

VinegarDrinker Mon 05-Aug-13 15:40:01

Doing my PFEs.

Can someone link to or c&p the birth list, maybe?

dinkystinky Mon 05-Aug-13 15:55:06

Its woefully out of date vinegar as each time I even think about updating it j turns into screaming Velcro boy...

esme80 Mon 05-Aug-13 16:14:31

Marking my place, cant believe we are on post-natal!

Doing my pelvic floors whilst bfeeding and typing on phone.... Newborn multi tasking. Will try to post more as opposed to lurk on this thread! 9 days into life with DC3 and ridiculously tired.

MightBeMad Mon 05-Aug-13 16:20:06

Hello all and congratulations wombat on the arrival of baby wombat!

Doing my pfes here and also the core muscle exercises where you draw your belly button in towards your spine - do they have a fancy name? - not sure but am hoping they may eventually shrink my pot belly, which is currently all hanging out as there's absolutely no muscle tone left behind by my monster baby grin

Dd has been to the doctor today and it looks like the croup is on it's way out and he thinks it's now unlikely that ds will get it - phew!

10 day check in the morning and I'm a little bit nervous about the weigh-in. Am hoping all this feeding is doing the trick and he's now gaining weight. I've noticed our latch and his efficiency at draining the boob has improved in the last 24 hrs but I'm hoping that doesn't mean that it's been too ineffective until now (I'm a bit worried still by the mw's lecture at the 5 day check about ds' 5.8% weightloss - despite it being a totally normal amount to lose as far as I can tell!). Any of the rest of you had a c5-6% loss at 5 days and managed to regain birthweight by the 10 day check?

Runswithsquirrels Mon 05-Aug-13 16:43:06

Trying to do PFs even though I really can't feel much down there!

BB01 Mon 05-Aug-13 16:45:14

Making spot!

Abzs Mon 05-Aug-13 16:55:34

Might be - 8% loss I think k and he was gaining by 10 days though not quite back at birth weight. Started growing rapidly after that.

elliejjtiny Mon 05-Aug-13 17:17:14

marking place. Will try and be a more prolific poster on this thread

dinkystinky Mon 05-Aug-13 17:22:04

Might be - j lost around 6 percent at day 5 and had put double that back on by day 10

ClenchingPanda Mon 05-Aug-13 17:44:58

Just clenching marking my place.

Am I really on a postnatal thread? Is this amazingly awesome baby who looks nothing like me actually mine? <pinches self> grin

VinegarDrinker Mon 05-Aug-13 17:48:27

Loving the NC panda!

MrsMillions Mon 05-Aug-13 17:53:46

Yep I love the name change too Panda.

Post-natal thread - wow.

I do my PFEs in the shower in more newborn multitasking, getting better every day. Not heard about those tummy ones, will have to try.

SundaySunshine Mon 05-Aug-13 18:01:10

Hurrah for the arrival of baby wombat, congratulations, and nicely timed just as the last thread was coming to an end smile

Thanks for the shiny new postnatal thread Totally, ooh postnatal get us!

Mightbe, L lost over 10% and hadn't quite got it back by 10 days but by day 14 he was back up to birthweight and doing really nicely. Round our way they only start to worry if babes loose 12%+ so try not to be too concerned by 5/6%

Thanks for the PFE reminder, I've been very bad at doing these, must try harder...

shelley72 Mon 05-Aug-13 18:14:10

Might be mad F lost 9% and we were on verge of being re admitted to hospital but by discharge from midwife was 6lb 4 so well over birth weight smile. They get more efficient at feeding and draining the breast so try not to worry too much.

Must remember PF. MW told me if her aunt that whose womb fell out whilst she was doing her shopping. Prob untrue but scares me into remembering once a week

shelley72 Mon 05-Aug-13 18:18:01

Forgot to say, congratulations wombat!

Mrsd77 Mon 05-Aug-13 18:51:16

Hi all. Happy to be joining you all for some post natal chats!

L lost 7% and was on the up again by day 7. Weighed by hv today and still gaining but 8oz short of (really quite heavy!) birthweight. She's being seen again next week to check she's still going in the right direction.

HV was nice so had a bit of a chat. Feeling better today. DH helped me have almost a full nights sleep and its been chilled here today. FX it continues!

esme80 Mon 05-Aug-13 19:24:21

Congrats wombat!

Mightbe A lost 8%, started gaining, then lost another bitat 10 day checkup. They just weighed her frequently, every 2-3 days or so. She was back at birth weight this saturday, at 22 days, and was discharged from midwives. There was never talk of toping up or anying. Though because she was so big (11 lbs) they said her weight had sort of restabilised a little lower, at 98th centile now. At birth she was off the charts!

CitizenOscar Mon 05-Aug-13 20:02:50

Marking place <and clench>

Can't find time to post - juggling 2 boys - but it's nice to hear how everyone's doing.

Feels like I've done 4 weeks of non-stop breastfeeding! Can't wait til it settles down a bit. Still feels very draining right now. Have moments where all I can do is blurt out "hungry" or "tired" at poor DH and hope some food or rest is forthcoming!

Grannyapple Mon 05-Aug-13 20:29:54

Marking place...

Re weight issues...A gained 110gms on day 5 (yesterday)...but I'm trying to up my supply & reduce the formula feeding slowly, so will see what get weight is at day 10 at hospital..

Has our first venture out today...nothing exciting...just a quick trip to waitrose for some essentials & then to collect DS from nursery. But glad we made it out...was getting cabin fever. Am still not brave enough to bf in public yet (have only been able to master the rugby position for feeding), but have ordered some Aden & anaisyskibs as feeding covers for now...

Tired & pumping at the mo...think I'll be heading to bed shortly..

Beginningofthejourney Mon 05-Aug-13 22:03:27

Quick hi before bed, sleep well (as well as you can with a newborn) everyone

Persuasion Mon 05-Aug-13 22:11:43

Marking my place but off to bed now as F has just fallen asleep after feeding. Must type more often!

MummyKanny Mon 05-Aug-13 22:31:39

Marking my place too. Congratulations to all the recent arrivals.

Am pumping and doing my pelvic floor exercises while DH gets baby to sleep. Stomach muscles are non existent - I have to hold my belly when I sneeze! shock

Today was my first day alone with baby after 3 weeks. I managed to get myself dressed and out for a walk so feel like it was a success. Although the heavens decided to open the second I left so got pretty drenched. Lesson learned - whilst the rain cover for baby is important, suitable waterproofing for me is still necessary!

Still trying to get to grips with breastfeeding so am expressing full time. It's so time consuming even with a hospital grade pump.

Hope everyone has a good night with their little new borns. So exciting to have graduated to the post natal club!

Silver15 Mon 05-Aug-13 23:37:46

Marking my place and clenching.

Congratulations wombat.

Thanks Panda and Dinky for advice re: tear care and thanks all for the congratulations.

TomDaleysTrunks Tue 06-Aug-13 01:21:06

Morning all. Just checking in - thanks for the PFE reminder. Day 5 today, engorgement slightly better. Latch still not brilliant but working on it. It's better in the day when feeding on the sofa, not so good at night.
Anyone else constantly starving? Have to bring a cereal bar to bed with me!

Dd had lost 5% of birthweight at day 3. Being weighed again weds (day 6), here's hoping for a positive result.

Any tips for keeping the newborns awake for short times in the day? DD is nocturnal at the moment. Dreading next week already when DH is at work and I'm home with 2 DD!

Cheeseandbread Tue 06-Aug-13 05:14:04

Marking spot.

Sorry I've been a bit of a lurker rather than a poster lately. My sleep deprived brain couldn't cope.

Congratulations to those who have just had their babies- baby brain can't remember who.

Dinky sorry baby J has been up a lot in the night. It sounds like the cranial osteopath might have solutions though.

MrsD glad you've felt able to talk to the HV. Hope your feeling a bit more positive.

I also feel like I've been feeding non-stop for 4 weeks. I feel like sometimes I have good days and sometimes bad and there doesn't really seem to be a reason for it. J had been going through a phase of crying uncontrollably in the evenings- DH settled her last night while I went to sleep as not even my boob was comforting her in the end. Would a dummy help do you think?

Feeling a little stressed at the mo as along with coping with a newborn I'm trying to organise best friends hen this weekend. The other friend I'm organising it with has two small DS and is pregnant... So we are a fairly hopeless pair. She lives in London and I live 2hrs away on the south coast- she wants us to meet in London for cash and carry shopping but I'm not sure I can face a trip with J in the car for that long... I've only done short trips on my own. I might tell her I could do food shopping near me (we were also supposed to meet and do this jointly) and then we pool out resources (she also has her DH to help her ad he is a teacher and on hols where as I am on my own). Do you think that's reasonable?

Sorry for self indulgent post...

BB01 Tue 06-Aug-13 05:28:16

Definitely reasonable cheese! Sounds unnecessary to me to travel that far to go food shopping when you could just do what you suggested

BB01 Tue 06-Aug-13 05:29:15

Tom I am hungry all night! Usually have big bowl if cereal at one of the night feeds, sometimes more snacks at another one

Cheeseandbread Tue 06-Aug-13 05:41:22

Thanks BB01. I like your snacking options. I have been eating my fair share if cake lately.... Not in the middle of the night though smile

TomDaleysTrunks Tue 06-Aug-13 05:55:42

cheese that sounds reasonable to me too. Just split the shop. Hope hen weekend goes well.

BB01 glad I'm not the only one who likes their nocturnal snacks!

TomDaleysTrunks Tue 06-Aug-13 05:57:28

Oh and god the cake eating has reached epic proportions! DH wouldn't let me buy any more at the supermarket yesterdayhmm. I did manage to sneak in a box if Viennese Whirls though!

Cheeseandbread Tue 06-Aug-13 06:46:36

Tom I think cake eating is essential for successful breast feeding and make sure there is a constant supply! Thanks for reassurance too. I've just sent my friend a long email explaining how I feel about driving up to London and suggesting splitting the shopping. Hopefully she'll be ok about it.

Cheeseandbread Tue 06-Aug-13 06:48:59

Tom I wasn't sure what Viennese Whirls were so googled them- I want some too now!!

MrsRoss26 Tue 06-Aug-13 06:56:27

marking place, and remembering to clench

Has anyone else's appetite just disappeared? I'm bfeeding, but eating so much less than even pre-pg. My supply seems to be satisfying C so hopefully it's not an issue. Also hoping it will contribute to some decent weightloss grin

Congrats all on our graduation to post-natal! I can't quite believe we made it!

MightBeMad Tue 06-Aug-13 07:03:50

Mea Ross - no! Sadly that's not something I'm experiencing, but then it never takes much to tempt me to cake or chocolate grin

MightBeMad Tue 06-Aug-13 07:08:30

Ps I'm also hoping for bf weightloss. I've given myself until DS regains his birthweight to eat what I like and convalesce, and then the healthy eating plan starts, followed, when pelvic floor recovery allows, by the walk myself fit again plan!!!

dinkystinky Tue 06-Aug-13 07:41:48

Morning all. MrsRoss - my appetite appears to have gone - am forcing myself to eat but its a bit of a slog. I think its because J is such a sleepless wonder - IME sleep deprivation tends to take you one of two ways, either you eat loads to compensate or you dont want to eat at all.

Cheese - definitely split the shopping.

Persuasion Tue 06-Aug-13 07:52:54

It doesn't look like f is going to let me go back to sleep so I've finally had time to catch up.

Congratulations to wombat, I hope your first few days are going ok?

Cheese that plan sounds totally reasonable to me.

I think my appetite is more or less the same as before. I'm thirsty all the time though, am getting through litres of water a day.

I've had a bad night. I still haven't recovered from our weekend growth spurt, Sunday night was ok but last night she was feeding every 1-2 hours but awake crying between so I got very little sleep. I think I'd been having it relatively easy before this but the sleep deprivation is a killer. And I hate it when she is obviously miserable but nothing I do seems to make it better.

Shockingundercrackers Tue 06-Aug-13 08:40:36

Just marking. Congratulations everyone on getting all these gorgeous babies safely into the world. Sounds like they're all feeding well, gaining weight (my mw said they look for a loss of no more than 10% of birthweight, and to gain that back by two weeks so all those losses and gains sound perfect to me!).

Well done on the pelvic floor exercises and for getting out of the house. Hurray for the July mums!

Beginningofthejourney Tue 06-Aug-13 09:47:30

cheese could you do an online shop to get it delivered to wherever hen weekend is? Save all that lugging shopping in and out? I helped plan two hen weekends while pregnant not sure my brain would function now! Hope you have fun smile

MightBeMad Tue 06-Aug-13 11:04:21

Quick update: DS is back to within 2oz of his birthweight grin we have one more mw appointment on Friday to check he's back beyond that marker before we're discharged from the mws but all is looking good! Phew!

McKTastic Tue 06-Aug-13 11:20:53

Hello all grin - Postnatal!!!!

Offspring out for a walk with DGPs so am off to supermarket whoohoo! Shelley I hope the MW was lying about her Auntie - I've got the fear after reading that now!!

I think (rather ashamedly) I'll always be more of a reader/lurker than a prolific poster but just wanted to say I'm still here & enjoying the journey with you all!

Yay for good news at the weigh-in, MightBe!

Loving the name change, Panda

Sorry you had a bad night, Persuasion

I'm another one with the BF munchies, Tom. Mostly munching through bagels and other carbs. Kidding myself that 7 blush bagels in one day is better than a couple of muffins.

HV visiting this afternoon. Looking forward to seeing how much the boob monster has gained.

I have good ten day weigh in news too, Caspian is an ounce over his birthweight so now 7lb 4 and we are discharged from the midwives. He even slept for 4.5 hours last night so I don't feel utterly drained today smile

I'm eating nuts and cake mostly and conning myself that I am eating no more than the extra 500 cals a day that bfeeding apparently uses up! And I'm sure that because I'm making my own cakes that is using up extra calories too.

ClenchingPanda Tue 06-Aug-13 14:57:21

I'm definitely not one for starvation in the face of sleep deprivation! The only thing from stopping me eating all the time is having to hold a surgically attached baby - need to get a sling!

My MW specifically instructed me to up my carb intake, so Totally your bagel-fest sounds spot on, and Waves baking your own cakes definitely uses up more calories which need replacing even if using a food processor .

Junior Panda has turned a bit grizzly overnight so I'm desparate for a nap... if only he would stop feeding!

Thinkingofmyfabfour Tue 06-Aug-13 16:10:09

Marking place
Holiday home has no wifi shock so struggling to get on mn at all. Not great when m is having her 3 hour overnight marathons...

MrsRoss26 Tue 06-Aug-13 16:20:39

Those with grizzly/heavy eaters, have you been able to master feeding lying down? We haven't managed it yet, but it sounds like a good substitute for actual napping?

We do all seem to be doing (largely) well. Problem this end is that I was just discharged from mw care sad I didn't want to lose her! Hoorah for fab midwives, and their cheery disposition smile C was weighed this afternoon, and has gained a whopping 4oz over her birth weight, so this weekend's cluster feeding did the job.

MrsRoss26 Tue 06-Aug-13 16:21:46

thinking 3 hour feeds? Yikes! Is lo latched the whole time?

BB01 Tue 06-Aug-13 17:00:34

I have struggled to get DD latched on for feeding lying down on side but can do it on my back (sometimes sit up a bit to latch on)

BB01 Tue 06-Aug-13 17:01:05

And yes to cake and biscuits too! [biscuit

lancslass83 Tue 06-Aug-13 17:15:35

Excited to be in the postnatal section, still can't believe we made it.
Congrats to all those with new babies this last week. Definitely trying to remember pfes here thanks for the reminder.
Still being fed by my wonderful mother, god knows what I'm gonna do when she leaves on Sunday. A seems to be getting the hang of sleeping at night which is great although still terrified every day that this night will be a bad one and dreading the 3 week growth spurt which I'm sure must be nearly on us. Trying to enjoy her in the meantime, still haven't quite got my head around this massive change in lifestyle but every so often I get a glimpse of what she might be like in the future and think it'll all be worthwhile.
cheese def not unreasonable to avoid trip to London.

Mrsd77 Tue 06-Aug-13 17:16:16

Day 12 here and L has gained 1.5 oz overnight. Unbelievable considering the volumes of poo that were flying about yesterday evening!

Midwife asked if she can keep seeing us for a bit longer. I'm so relieved. She's been wonderful!

Re appetite, I've lost mine. I cannot think if a time when I have EVER said that before!!

PhieEl06 Tue 06-Aug-13 18:14:34

Woohoo for postnatal, clenching to mark my place.
Thank you to all on the antenatal thread for advice on frantic latch, things got awful last night & I actually just walked out & left her crying on the bed next to DP, he was horrified at me, but I explained that I just couldn't cope with the attempts anymore & touch wood, this afternoon she's made an amazing improvement & is back to latching perfectly first time.
Great to be in the postnatal section finally! Will try my hardest to keep up!

dinkystinky Tue 06-Aug-13 21:59:14

Persuasion - hope you and F have a better night tonight. Having had over 2 week as of rubbish nights I know how hard it can be - tery and get to bed, and to sleep, early if poss.

Hurray for good weigh ins Might be, Waves and Mrsd.

Phie - glad things are settling down, sometimes its good to remove yourself for a few minutes to let yourself take a breath and calm down.

Thinking - hope you're having a lovely holiday despite lack of WiFi and 3 hour feeds.

Loving the nc too Panda! Hope F calms down and sleeps well tonight.

J has slept most of today - as usual. Decided to make the most of his daytime snoozathon and took ds1 and 2 to see Monsters University which was fun - don't think j even clocked his first cinema trip was happening! Having now been awake for the obligatory 4 hours he seems - fix - to be drifting off to sleep in his cot. Must go to sleep now before the hourly wake up calls kick in...

Persuasion Tue 06-Aug-13 22:14:37

Thanks for sympathy dinky and totally. I'm feeling a bit better after a half hour nap this afternoon. Am just trying to rock her to sleep and hope tonight is better. Fingers crossed for you too dinky, I hope j switches back to uk time soon.

All these weight gains sound good to me. F only lost 4% and had put it back on by day 10, and put more on by day 12 so we don't get weighed again until the 6 week health visitor appointment.

Phie I think sometimes a break is more important. And if you're calmer baby will be calmer and will latch better. SoUnds like things have improved a little now too.

Thinking have a good holiday.

Phie - sometimes you do just have to leave them somewhere safe and walk away for a moment. If you stay you'll just get more stressed and frustrated and that's no good for either of you.

I've survived the PIL visit - they leave early tomorrow morning. It wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it would be.

HV came this afternoon for 6 week check (N was 5 weeks yesterday, I can't believe it!) She now weighs 8lb 6 1/2oz. (She was 5lb 8oz at birth.) She seems so chunky now, I can't believe so many of you gave birth to babies who were bigger than she is now!

VinegarDrinker Tue 06-Aug-13 23:01:52

We had HV today too, B is now 10lb 13 oz, so 3lb more than she was at birth! 5 weeks today. She is still really chilled out and content, SO much easier than DS was. Having said that she's been feeding absolutely non stop today and a bit unsettled - is there a growth spurt around 5weeks?

FX for a good night for everyone

Persuasion Wed 07-Aug-13 03:14:19

Vinegar I read that there's a growth sorry around six weeks so maybe B is just working herself up to it?

Totally- glad the pil visit went well. Even when these things are ok is still always a relief to me that it's over!

Persuasion Wed 07-Aug-13 05:42:54

A growth sorry? I meant a growth spurt. I really shouldn't Trust predictive text! blush

MightBeMad Wed 07-Aug-13 07:16:34

Well done to all these babies gaining weight! And to their mummies too!

Hope you all had a good night. Dinky, I hope j gave you more then an hour between feeds?

We were enjoying a lovely sleep here post 5am feed until an nappy eruption woke us at 6:30am (but didn't wake DS - only us getting him up to change him did that!).

TomDaleysTrunks Wed 07-Aug-13 08:08:48

Could it be the dreaded 6 week growth spurt vinegar? Hope things settle.
Another night of on and off boob. <yawn>

Jealous of those losing their appetite. Yesterday I was famished. I had cereal and fruit for breakfast, 2 pieces of toast at 10am, half a kit Kat at 12, left over stirfry for lunch, choc cake at 3, pesto pasta salad for dinner then fruit and dairy milk. Plus a cereal bar at 4am. I'm not sure where I'm putting all this food.

Quick question. How often are the BF babies pooing? H seems to go about 10 times a day. Doesn't bother her or me but I don't remember DD going that often.

dinkystinky Wed 07-Aug-13 08:43:02

J goes two or three days with only traces of poo and then does an almighty poonami Tom - ds1 was like that too. Ds2 was more like your dd - a poo every couple of hours.

Vinegar - sounds like an early growth spurt to me,

Abzs Wed 07-Aug-13 08:44:55

There's s six week growth spurt? Eek...

Tom - lots of looking going on. Single handed ly producing a landfill mountain. Might need to investigate washable nappies, but we don't have a drier so I'm not sure if that's feasible for winter here. Winter starting at the end of October as the sun doesn't rise high enough to reach my washing line from then till march.

Cheeseandbread Wed 07-Aug-13 08:47:21

Thanks for reassurance re London trip. My friend has been understanding and is doing that shop with her Mum. Then we are doing the other one together- not in London. She is making decorations while her DH looks after the kids- I provide support on the phone while J is attached to my boob smile

Tom J is pooing lots too- I think it might have gone down slightly this week but still 8 ish... I'm super hungry too and always need snacks!

Phie the last couple of nights I have left J with DH at his insistence as she has been working herself up to inconsolable crying. I know that she is clean and well fed and has had lots of cuddles- it upsets me to see her upset. DH takes over and she tires herself out in the end and goes to sleep which gives me a chance to do the same feel a bit like I'm deserting DH every evening lately. This is normally between 7-9pm ish. Don't feel bad for walking away. As long as they are safe they will be fine.

I did my first bit of expressing on Monday (only managed 2fl oz in between J fussing). DH fed it to J yesterday and she took the bottle woohoo! I then gave her more boob. She slept for nearly 6hrs in one stint 9.20pm-3am. She then went down for 2 and a half hours before her next feed and is asleep on my chest now. Do you think this might be because she had more milk in the evening?

I've managed to express 4fl oz this morning so fingers crossed for tonight! If this works I'll happily express every morning.

Cheeseandbread Wed 07-Aug-13 08:50:41

Dinky I hope your J has calmed down a bit and you got some sleep last night.

dinkystinky Wed 07-Aug-13 09:11:14

Glad pil visit is over and went better than feared Totally. Must be lovely to have dd1 and dh back home. Dd2 has stacked on the weight beautifully - she's just a tiny bit smaller than j when he was born.

Might be - thanks, last night was better as no screaming and j had a couple of 2 hour sleeps. Was my first dairy free day yesterday so wondering if that was the cause or js tummy was feeling better anyway. Also i had a glass of fizz before bed which at least made things feel tolerable. j is 1 month old today - time seems to be flying by!!

Persuasion - hope you had a better night too.

Vinegar - wow, B is growing fast! Not weighed J since 10 day discharge as have to prebook appt with hvs here, which is a total faff - have a appt booked for next week so guess will see how he's doing then.

MrsMillions Wed 07-Aug-13 09:11:39

Ooh Cheese I like the sound of your expressing experience! I expressed a bit on Mon too but DH wasn't feeling too good yesterday so A hasn't had it yet. Have got some more this morning too. Would love a 9:30-3 stint!

Cheeseandbread Wed 07-Aug-13 09:38:29

MrsMillions I know! I had to check the clock.

DH didn't feel like it on Monday either- I suggested it too late in the evening and he wanted me awake to help. I hope you get the same results as me. Let us know how it goes!

Persuasion Wed 07-Aug-13 10:50:20

Dinky I'm glad you had a slightly better night. We had a good night too, bathed her before bed and I wonder if that helps. Managed 2-3 hour gaps between feeds which is pretty good.

Cheese 6 house is amazing. I've been expressing occasionally when I can be bothered sterilising the pump and freezing. We were waiting until about 5 weeks to give it to prevent risk of jeopardising the latch. I usually get more in the mornings too. Do you express is the day and refrigerate it to give in the evening?

I can't remember who was asking about baby spluttering on the breast at the end of the antenatal thread? F also does this and I think it's because of fast let down, it's worse for me on the left (which also seems more full). This morning I fed lying down which helps, but she popped off at one point and it sprayed up her nose blush Honestly is like a tap! I also had to change the bedsheets yesterday because I managed to soak them. I'm not sure what else can be done about it though.

Great weigh-in news, Vinegar

Tom, I think normal is anything between 10 times a day to once every 10 days. DD2 seems to be more in the 10 times a day camp, unfortunately. My appetite is getting crazy. I'm eating normal meals and then a bagel or cereal bar or a few biscuits with every feed!

Cheese - my mission for the day which I reserve the right to put off again is to sort out my breast pump and bottles so I can start expressing. I hope I'm as successful as you.

dinky - glad you had a slightly better night. Hope it's the start of more to come.

Persuasion - I've found an evening of cluster feeding, followed by a late bath gives us the best chance of a 'long' sleep.

I've started N on infacol and it seems to be making a difference. I tried dentinox first, but giving 2.5ml from a syringe was torture. Another mum in tesco said it was much better, but I couldn't get it into N. Infacol is only 0.5ml and I just slide the dropper down next to my nipple at the start of a feed. Easy. Seems to be helping with winding and there's been much less of the unsettled rooting again after feeds etc. which I'm sure was due to wind.

cheekbyjowl Wed 07-Aug-13 12:01:35

hello. also lost appetite I think due to sleep also amount of time lying on the sofa feeding joseph with food out of reach. got back to pre preg weight by start of week3 but theres a lot more wobble in my jeans. always thirsty though!

dinky glad you got some.sleep. maybe the fIzz helped. im definitely enjoying the odd small glass. I can't believe j slept through an entire film. wow. glad you got to spend some fun time with your other two boys

cheese glad you could spare,yourself a big drive . hope hen goes well

had disaster of day yesterday. we had to drive back to old flat (1hr.30) to do some chores, get carpet cleaned etc. by 3.30 we were done so we whipped round to the letting agent to drop the keys off. I jumped out of the car whilst my dh turned the car around with baby.asleep in car seat. what we didn't know is we had turned into a crime scene! in the 3 mins it took to drop the keys they had cordoned off the road with me one side of police tape and dad and child the other. and it was a cul de sac! police officer wouldnt let me through and said it would be a couple of hrs. he can't have had children wink found sympathetic detective who let husband and son out but he said we had to leave the car till maybe midnight as the forensic team needed to arrive. but of course we now didn't live in the area so had one newborn, 3 nappies and thankfully a pram. I felt awful. baby was crying and there was nothing we could do apart from wait for 5hrs. today ive told my husband were staying put all day and not subjecting the little man to any more ikea.queues, homebase shops, bf on wet carpets etc hes getting instant boob access and cuddles all day long. it was a horrible incident and of course so so much worse for chap involved so our inconvenience is not comparable but boy did we choose the wrong road to turn car into. gang crime is so horrible angry hope all our kids stay well away.

cheekbyjowl Wed 07-Aug-13 12:04:12

cheese how many weeks is your little one now? also admiring your expressing success

Grannyapple Wed 07-Aug-13 13:01:40

cheese I too am impressed with your expressing...I am only just managing almost 2oz per session at the mo (& I'm
Most pressed with that...nevere even got close to that last time with DS). Only day 8 here tho... I'm using a medela swing...are you using a double pump?

I need to go get more bottles for pumping into actually, if I want to get away from formula me thinks!

Grannyapple Wed 07-Aug-13 13:33:53

cheek...what an ordeal!!

dinkystinky Wed 07-Aug-13 16:19:04

Bloody hell Cheek - what an ordeal. Hope a chilled day at home today makes you all feel better. Does giving up the flat mean you're now in your new house? If so, congrats. Double congrats on being back to pre-preg weight - it always takes me the best part of a year to get there!

Cheese - hurrah for a big fat sleep - fab news! J just slept for nearly 4 hours in his buggy - not expecting it to ever happen again but reassuring to see he's capable of it!

Persuasion - glad you had a good night too. We do evening tummy tubs with J - not sure it makes much of a difference but he seems to like them at least.

Cheeseandbread Wed 07-Aug-13 16:38:26

Cheek poor you! You couldn't make it up could you?!

Persuasion it was my fist try at express feeding so not sure of the pattern. My left boob also seems to produce more milk and choke J... Which can be scary. I also gave J a bath last night- not sure if I mentioned that- this also might have helped with the sleeping.

Granny J is 5 weeks today and I used an Avent manual pump.

Weighed J with the HV today and proudly told her of my sleep success and she promptly told me that was slightly too long to let her sleep... Can't win. J is putting on weight and looks healthy and I only usually get 2/3hrs at a time so I'm not going to worry- and I won't be setting alarms to wake up- I think J will let me know when she is hungry!

dinkystinky Wed 07-Aug-13 18:01:15

The proud outies list:

SuperShiv - DS, Oliver, aka the little fighter, born 13.04.13, 1 lb
Emblosion - DS, Oisin Michael, born 27.5.13, 6 lb 1 oz
Beginningofthejourney - DS, Theodore, born 28.05.13, 6 lb 11 oz
Elliejitny - DS, Ezekiel, born 3.6.13, 7 lb 2 oz
Paolocee/Donna - DDs, Leila Poppy and Caitlin Liv
Princessllama - DS, Humphrey, born 11.06.13, 7lb 4oz
Devilforasideboard - DS, Will
Schrosawmargerydaw - DS, born 21.6.13, Caspar Neil Ruaridh, 4 lb 8 oz
BB01 - DD Rosie, born 22.06.13, 4 lb 9 oz
Differentnow - DD Posy, born 22.06.13 8lb 4oz
OhGood - DS, Thomas
NotprincessKate - Amy Rose, born 26.6.13, 8 lb 14 oz
Shelley72 - DD2, Florence, born 27.6.13
Twinklestarstwinklestars - DS, Max, born 27.6.13, 5lbs 3 oz
Gingerpanther27 - DS, Callum, born 27.6.13, 8 lb 4 oz
McKTastic - DS, Murray, born 29.6.13
Bigbelly4 - DD2, Constance Rose, born 30.6.13, 7 lb 4 oz
Chinainthegarden - DD, Clara Elizabeth, born 30.6.13, 7 lb 7 oz
TotallyEggFlipped - DD2, Naomi, born 1.7.13, 5 lb 8 oz
Vinegardrinker - DD, Bethan, born 2.7.13 (bang on her due date!), 7 lb 13 oz
Abz - DS, Joseph Robert, born 2.7.13, 8 lb 4 oz
Wifey6 - DS, Kyle, born 2.7.13
Cheeseandbread- DD, Juno Olivia, born 3.7.13, 7lb 2 oz
Tryitonforsize - DS, Gray Everett, born 5.7.13, 8 lb 6 oz
MarieKL - DS, Alexander, born 5.7.13, 8 lb 2 oz
MysteryMeg - DD, Edith, born 6.7.13, 8 lb 4.5oz
Pinkballetshoes - DD, Rachel Amelia, born 6.7.13
SundaySunshine - DS, Luca, born 6.7.13
CitizenOscar - DS2 (name to follow), born 7.7.13
Calmisthemantra - DS, Abraham John Anthony, born 7.7.13, 8 lb 5 oz
Dinkystinky - DS3, Jackson Rivan, born 7.7.13, 8 lb 7 oz
Marmitemad - DD2, Evelyn Grace, born 7.7.13, 7 lb 2 oz
Silverbirdie - DD, Edith Alice, born 8.7.13, 9 lb 1 oz
MrsMillions - DD, Abigail, born 8.7.13, 7 lb 1 oz
RunswithSquirrels - DD, Eden Rose, born 10.7.13, 9 lb 3 oz
BadmissM - Caspian Albert Sebastian Alexander, born 10.7.13, 7lbs or so (3.4kg)
Quinnandthem - DD, Sophia Isabella, born 10.7.13, 7 lb 14 oz
Tashtastic - DD, Georgia born 10.7.13
? - DD, Lara Erin Ivory, 7 lbs 13 oz
Esme80 - DD, Abigail Marie, born 12.7.13, 11 lb 2 oz
Cheekbyjowl - DS, Joseph, born 12.7.13, 7 lb 13 oz
Andrea75 - DS, Joshua Timothy, born 14.7.13
Minipenguinmaker - DD, Maya Grace, born 14.7.13, 8 lb 14 oz
Persuasion - DD, Felicity, born 14.7.3, 6 lb 12 oz
GeorgieWilson - DS, Oliver George, born 14.7.13, 8 lb
Thinkingof4 - DD, Morven, born 15.7.13, 9 lb 5 oz
EvelynJ - DD, Florence Heather Rose, born 15.7.13, 8 lb 12 oz
MummyKanny - DD, Alice, born 15.7.13, 6 lb 6 oz
OrangeBubbles - DS, born 15.7.13
Hai1988 - DD, Madison Alice, born 17.7.13, 9 lb 1 oz
lancslass - DD, Annabelle Grace, born 18.7.13, 6.lbs 14oz
Reikimummy - DD, born 20.7.13, 6 lb 11 oz
Slouchingpanda - DS, Feliz , born 21.7.13, 9 lbs 6 oz
MrsD77 - DD, Libby Hope Daisy, born 24.7.13
Cantreachmytoes - DD, born 24.7.13 (on due date!)
iclaudius - DS (no 7!), born 24.7.13, 8 lb 6 oz
PhieEl06 - DD, Macy June, born 25.7.13 (born in her caul!), 7 lb 6 oz
Shockingundercrackers - DS2, born 25.7.13, 8 lb 1 oz
Photographerlady - DD,Matilda Sofia, born 25.7.13, 8 lb 15 oz
Pocopearl - DS, born 25.7.13, 8 lb 11 oz (after epic induction)
MrsRoss26 - DD, Charlotte Sophia, born 25.7.13, 7 lb 4 oz
Icingthecake - DD, born 26.7.13, 8 lb 10 oz
Mightbemad - DS, born 27.7.13, 9lb 8 oz
MrsWilderMac -DD, Amelie Grace, born 27.5.13, 6 lb 15 oz
Wavesandsmiles - DS, born 27.7.13, 7 lb 3 oz
Twirliedobbit - DS, Oscar Edward, born 27.7.13, 6 lb 14 oz
Sashabella0 - DD, Alice, born 28.7.13, 7 lb 14 oz
Guavasforbreakfast - DS, Sebastian Charles, born 29.7.13, 7 lb 8 oz
GrannyApple - DD, Amelia Catherine, born 30.7.13, 6 lb 14 oz
Amadablam - DD, Elspeth Anna, born 31.7.13, 7 lb 4 oz
LizinCornwall - DD, Emma Eloise, born 1.8.13
TomDaleysTrunks - DD, Harriet Eleri, born 2.8.13, 8 lb 11 oz
Silver15 - DS, Jotham, born 4.8.13, 9lbs (or thereabouts)
Sugarkane - DD, Freya Amelia, born 4.8.13, 10 lbs
Waitingforwombat - DD, born 5.8.13, 7lb 8 oz

Thinks thats every one from the antenatal thread and FB who updated on their births. Cant remember who Lara's mum is on here so if she pops on and would like her name added in, please let me know. Any other former posters who are now lurkers wanting adding in please let me know.

So, awards time.

We all know who wins BFMB (Big Fat Monster Baby) award - Esme and her lovely not so little lady (closely followed by Sugarkane and her not so little lady as runner up), and who wins most impatient to arrive baby (Supershiv and the delightful Oliver). We have 4 All England future champions - my J, Citizen's ds2, Calm's Abraham and Marmitemad's Evelyn. We have two prompt due date ladies who get the award for timeliness - Vinegar's Bethan and Phie's Macy. We have one lucky lady in her caul - Phie's Macy - and a seventh son who is bound to be a future sorceror (or a father of one)- Iclaudius' ds no 7! Award for last baby on the thread goes to Waitingforwombat's DD - she certainly kept you waiting but was worth the wait. Amazingly no one got a special coin for having a birth on the same date as the royal baby - but as all our babies are royalty to us, who cares?

VinegarDrinker Wed 07-Aug-13 18:35:43

Thanks dinky! Fab list.

Can I enter B for speediest entrance award? Established labour 18 minutes. That must put her in the running for a podium place?

dinkystinky Wed 07-Aug-13 18:51:42

Definitely Vinegar! Though think there were some other v fast established labours too - Totally I think and one other induction that took all 0f 25 mins (cant remember who) so a couple of runners up out there too.

I thinkOhGood, Citizen and I are also in the running for fastest arrivals following arrival at birth centre/hospital too.

Beginningofthejourney Wed 07-Aug-13 19:29:37

Oliver is a whopping 5lbs 8 now according to Shivs update on the other thread, he seems to be getting there slowly, having some time off his c-pap but has has some nasty desats so keeping Shiv on her toes. Fingers crossed he will be back at their local hospital soon!

cheekbyjowl Wed 07-Aug-13 20:28:49

yes dinky were in a house. horray. it's fun having stairs and a bath tub. grin

we were signed off by midwives on day 10. have registered joseph at nearest drs but they don't.want to see him for 2 more months. so no hv visits or clinics planned. is that normal? everyone else seems to be getting their los weighed.

hope juno and jackson sleep plenty tonight!

dinkystinky Wed 07-Aug-13 21:21:49

Fingers (and in Jacksons case eyes) crossed for Oliver to get back on the road to their local hospital - and to stop giving Shiv and MrShiv grey hairs!!

Correction on earlier awards - Cantreachmytoes was the other due date baby, not Phies (blaming sleep deprivation for my mistake there).

Hurrah for your house Cheek. I found out when we moved with ds1 we had to register the move seperately with hvs (only found out q years and a half later when I had ds2 and was told off by them) so worth finding out local HV details and giving them a call to say you've moved to the area - they are the ones who do all the weighing. That said, I didn't bother getting ds2 weighed more than 6 times and suspect will be even more rubbish with j as dont really rate the hvs around here (loved the hvs where I lived when we had ds1 - saw them on a weekly basis with him!)

dinkystinky Wed 07-Aug-13 21:24:27

PS you need your 6 week check up for you and Josephb with gp and to give Joseph jabs at 2 months if he's well - normally sorted via your gp so worth checking re booking both the above in with them now you're all registered.

IcingTheCake Wed 07-Aug-13 22:50:37

Oops only just caught up blush my bad! Congratulations everybody! We're on the other side now grin
Day 12 here and feeling soooo much more settled already, i cannot believe how down i felt last week! Switching to ff was probably the best decision i could've made! Slightly dreading my OH going back to work on Saturday though! shock Luckily my parents will be around at the weekend if i need them smile
Alice is back up and past her birth weight now smile a little chunk on the 75th centile at 9lb exactly! But my lovely chunk smile

Keep clenching ladies!

cheek - what a nightmare!

Anyone in the south west (or anywhere if you want to travel) want to join us for a mini meet-up on the 27th, probably somewhere near Exeter?

Persuasion Thu 08-Aug-13 02:07:21

Cheek that sounds awful. Glad you're all home safe and sound.

Dinky Thanks for doing the list, I don't know how you find time!

Thanks for the update Beginning. I'm glad Oliver is doing well. I try to lurk on the other thread and keep up to date but haven't managed lately.

I'm glad you're feeling better icing. Sounds like ff was the right decision fire you which is all that matters. Those hormones do play havoc in the first week.

MightBeMad Thu 08-Aug-13 02:45:39

Eek cheek! That does not sound fun!

Icing so glad you're feeling so much better. Good luck flying solo!

Re sleeping, we are currently setting alarms here to wake DS but I discussed it with the mw at the 10 day check and she was happy that when he's back to his birthweight we can stop doing that and let him sleep as long as he wants overnight as long as he's fed well during the day. It seems, as with all things baby/ related, advice differs on this issue too!

cheekbyjowl Thu 08-Aug-13 03:13:21

that mw sounds sensible but its def confusing to hear so much differing advice. I'm setting an alarm still in fear I won't wake up...but I've not needed it once, these newborns definitely let us know when they want something smile

I met a lady yesterday whose child slept through the night from 7 weeks. she should give us all hope that that day will soon come (I also met a pc whose 5yr old still hasnt but I'm trying to block that one out wink )

has anyone won the first smile yet? I can't wait for that day. I'm finding that j is starting to focus on dhs face but never looks higher than my cleavage when I hold him, typical male grin always thinking of boobs and where his tucker comes from

Cheeseandbread Thu 08-Aug-13 03:33:00

Well done Dinky thanks for the list.

Not such a good night here... Back to my 2 and a half hour stints. J rejected the bottle twice from DH... He got annoyed wondering why we were giving it to her with boob on tap... She got annoyed and I got annoyed... I also stayed up until 10 waiting for DH to attempt the second try of the bottle but she was too asleep to take it- we then put her down and she slept for another 2 and a half hrs- so I missed out on a 4 and a half hr stretch! Plus DH was annoyed with me- not a fun night. She is asleep on my chest now as she doesn't want to settle... And I wasted my expressed milk as it now has to be thrown... And my boobs feel full ish even after feeding probably because this time yesterday I was expressing and I only have one bottle to express into at the moment and it's got my old milk in it!!!

Sorry for the moan...

Cheek someone else up too!
Both my sils' babies were sleeping through by about 7 weeks and so was one of my fab friends. Have a feeling that if humphrey didnt wake himself up with his farts ( honestly) or his reflux he might be sleeping through. He varies from 3 hrs btwn feeds to very rare 6 hrs 50.( done twice)
Finally an award we migt be in running for- h smiled in hospital week 2 and the nurses said was real and not just wind
Think he has finally gone into deep sleep and safe to put him doen again

evelynj Thu 08-Aug-13 04:03:10

Hi all

Just caught up on thread during pretty rare nightime feed.

Cheek-that is awful & what a trauma for you-everything slighty bad is multiplied tenfold with a newborn.

Congrats wombat on the last instalment & good to hear how all the little ones are doing. Also reassuring that others have similar woes about venturing out-we're planning a trip to town today as dh off-excited & nervous-will have to take at least one cushion for bf attempt!

At 17 days now F has gone a few times from 11.30-7am without waking. Mw said this was too much but on several occasions I woke her after 5 hours & she wasn't interested in feeding & ended up taking 2hrs+ to get her to start & latch on anyway so now I'm letting her do it her way, any other is too stressful-not expecting a routine as yet but she generally cluster feeds in evening & sleeps well tho last night she was sleepy all eve & didn't feed much.

Also we still seem to have trouble latching on, it's totally hit & miss, looking forward to getting to bf support next week.

Dinky-thanks for the cranial osteopath rec-worked wonders for us with colic.

Latest trauma here is oral thrush & I'm sure the nystatin prescribed is not agreeing with baby at all so stopped using it & not sure if it will clear with just the infant probiotic I've ordered. It's hard to know what to do with medicine when your instincts tell you the opposite of the Hvs etc.

Well hope everyone is having chilled nights, fx or getting some more sleep now smile

Ooh evelyn you've hit the jackpot with the sleep. Fantastic, cant pretend im not jealous.
Dont envy you thrush we had that with ds1. Nightmare to get rid of, ihad it too. I was advised to boil all stuff that came into contact with bmilk- ie sheets, pjs, bra, muslins, babygros- had me demented and as far as i can remember only finally cleared when i stopped feeding. I never thought much of nystatin, stained all ds2's clothes and sheets. I think probiotics is great idea to tackle it esp if you get good make like biocare.

Cheek cant believe your bad luck- what are the chances of that. ' of all the goddamn cul de sacs in all the towns in all the world'

evelyn envy at your sleeping!

We're planning a trip to the zoo today grin

I think I need to prepare for a poonami - N hasn't produced anything more than a tiny shmear of poop in her nappy for 24 hours and she's been a several times a day girl up to now.......

shelley72 Thu 08-Aug-13 07:07:13

Just catching up, v envious of your full nights sleep Evelyn envy. F does seem to sleep a lot at least compared to my other two who still refuse sleep even now so shouldn't complain, but she likes to sleep on me. Can't get her in Moses at all, and I don't do letting them cry. Has anyone heard of those sleepyhead beats? Was wondering what they were like?

Well done to all of you expressing so much. I found pumping difficult when I was working, and could/can never be bothered when I'm at home. Another cautionary tale for today - I'm sure you know this but don't rely on BF for contraception (esp if you're expressing) as someone I met once at a baby group was pregnant by their six week check. We were all shock that she even had the energy!

Right need to get going, we are having a trip to the coastsmile

MightBeMad Thu 08-Aug-13 08:38:08

Evelyn wow what great sleep! I can only hope that we get something like that when we stop setting an alarm!

Argh - name memory fail again! To the poster who mentioned not being able to get baby to settle in their basket: one trick I'm case you have't tried it - when they come off the boob all sleepy, keep still, don't move or burp them, just cuddle them and wait. They may stir a bit but usually relax again and after about 30min you will notice their breathing gets a lot quieter and more gentle as they drop into deep sleep. Once in deep sleep you can carefully transfer them into the moses basket. Hope that works for you! Once they are used to going down in deep sleep you can gradually put them down in lighter sleep and then sleepy but awake, but waiting for deep sleep is the first step.

PhieEl06 Thu 08-Aug-13 10:04:41

Morning ladies, well we've had a few hellish days here, M doesn't want to settle at night now & yesterday had constant screaming with an hour & a half sleeping in car break from 4pm when the midwife woke her up to weigh her till she finally settled at midnight. Felt at the end of my tether yesterday but after a goodish nights sleep I feel much better, she only woke once at 4.30 had a feed & went straight back down before waking at 8.30 she had a big feed & we've come downstairs where's she's asleep again! In the light of a new day I feel a lot better but I'm struggling to cope with the nights & dreading this afternoon, she's two weeks today & I have thought about starting to introduce a bit of a routine but is it too soon?

Ladies pumping - I am so impressed! I had a go yesterday with my pump & managed just over 1oz which is now sitting in the bottle in the back of the fridge but probably going to dump it. I don't want to use bottles just yet & I want to give pumping another go today to see if I can get more.

I can't remember much else, sorry but I do hope everyone else is well! Whilst M is settled I'm going to try to hang the washing out, have a shower, pump more & paint my nails. Wow that's ambitious!

Beginningofthejourney Thu 08-Aug-13 10:05:17

evelyn very jealous of you nights especially after our worse night ever! Theo seemed very tired and kept nodding off but then woke crying (sad cry not I don't want to be in basket cry) ended up giving him some paracetamol in case he had pain, eventually fell asleep at gone 1! Then fed at 3 and 6. Think an afternoon nap will be in order today!
Glad everyone is starting to venture out, I find most people don't even notice when I feed theo when we are out.

notprincesskate Thu 08-Aug-13 10:59:57

I've found you! Can't believe you're on page 4 already. Congratulations to the latest editions, since my last visit.

Had my 6 week check yesterday, GP said she was happy for me to start jogging despite SPD still hanging around, her words were "nothing is going to fall out"! Hmmmm still might visit the oesteopath first as it's still sore and popping when turning in bed, after initial disappearance of symptoms.
Sorry for lack of personals, I've just caught up with the thread and all has gone in one side of brain and out the other.
Am in awe of those not eating, had my first day of WW yesterday and failed, just seemed so hungry and don't even have bf to blame so it was just greed blush, also those out and about, esp with older children, we took both girls to the zoo at the beginning of the week, I hated it, DD1 kept trying to escape, A had a screaming fit, some rude women pushed in front of us getting on the tram ride, and so we had to wait again- not a biggy but was for DD1 at 2.5 who was then v upset, so at next turn we got a bit bolshy- not like us, and my mum who was with us then got yelled at by some women as she went to help her small child off the train, about mum "grabbing her child", cue almost tears from me and decision to head home, and NEVER to visit anywhere in the school holidays again, I can be a bit firery, but usually avoid confrontation, but I find a lot of people seem to be very aggressive and confrontational, and tbh I just can't deal with it.
Hey ho don't suppose I can really stay at home for the rest of my life, maybe I should just toughen up a little.

ClenchingPanda Thu 08-Aug-13 11:07:15

Impressive work on the Outies list, Dinky - thanks!

Felix missed out on a silver coin by 82 mins no frigging way I was hanging on for that through! . His daddy is happy that he was born on the same day an Englishman won the Tour de France though I had to veto Christopher as a name.

Sounds like lots of our babies are getting a little more demanding. F had a perfect day yesterday but grizzled for hours last night and wouldn't settle at all. I ended up sacrificing my nipples for a bit if peace and quiet in the end.

Icing great to read your post and hear that you are feeling more positive.

Sorry not more personal - I have to feed a baby who can't possibly be hungry again... can he?

My brother is coming today and I can't wait to show him his new nephew! grin <proud>

evelynj Thu 08-Aug-13 11:32:13

Disclaimer:think I have jinxed the good sleeping by mentioning it-she's pretty much been up since 3 with just a couple of half hour stints of sleep-Shelley-my F also likes to sleep on me & not be put down. The bad side of sleeping well at night is that she doesn't much sleep in the day & basically feeds/comfort sucks all day & I can't get anything done. I got the close caboo & love it but not used much yet-may try it now.

Not princess-That sounds so traumatic. Im rubbish at being out as find it so stressful & our hormones are still giving us the run around so my rational has gone right out the window. Wanted to for my mother the other day when I said I was off home with baby & she said, well
You could stay here but maybe you want to get some odds & ends done'. As if!

Am I the only mother that doesn't manage to get anything done? Last few nights dh has given her 3oz of formula at bedtime so I can get washed & mine & DS outfits & snacks ready for next day!

We're venturing to town today as my parents have taken DS to seaside & dh is off work. I really need to build my confidence with getting out & at least attempt bf somewhere in public (with an expressed bottle on standby which I'm sure will be used). I'm still quite panicky about it tho-can't believe all the brave out & about stuff some of you have been up to!)

An going to try exchanging some outfits in boots without gift receipt-my childless friend bought some lovely but impractical 0-3 outfits that I wouldn't even attempt to put on.

Can't remember who asked about a dummy but we've started using one occasionally-took a few brands to find one she'd take but eventually she's given the mam ones the thumbs up! Any extra tricks I can get up my sleeve, I'm happy!

Shockingundercrackers Thu 08-Aug-13 13:54:56

I'm on my phone so can't scroll back to find out who I'm talking to (shock) but yy to having a baby I can't put down... It's insane. Ds2 literally feeds for hours and hours. I've worked on my latch and he's drinking loads so I know he can't be hungry (gained 5 oz over birthweight in 15 days as well as pooing and weeing LOADs). He's using me as a massive size 16 dummy in other words. Tis murder on the nipples isn't it? My boobs literally cower at the end of each 5 minute nap. I'm glad it's not just me.

In other news I've finally been discharged from the midwives which is great. 16 days in and still bleeding but they've checked me out and everything seems okay. One of my stitches fell out last night (I had a 2nd degree tear) so that feels like progress.

I also chucked out all the maternity gear and I'm back in my old jeans (albeit with an enormous muffin top and matching belly that was never there before!). I gained 20lbs breast feeding ds1 (and never lost it) so am ignoring the cake-a-day rule I implemented with him. Trying to eat fruit instead... So far so good.

MightBeMad Thu 08-Aug-13 16:05:19

I'm in awe of those back in pre-pg clothes already! Day 13 here and my perineum could not contemplate being in denim (stretchy jersey all the way here!) not to mention the 12lbs still to lose...blush

dinkystinky Thu 08-Aug-13 16:30:36

Afternoon all. More awards I see - first smile award to princess llamas H and first sleep through award to Evelyn's F.

Cheese, Evelyn - remember that the good things too (like big fat sleeps) are just phases too. The good thing is your little ones have shown they can do them! Don't let unsettled days and nights dishearten you too much.

More to say but J calling for service so back later.

Shockingundercrackers Thu 08-Aug-13 16:49:07

Ah don't be too envious mightbe I did this with ds1... Lost all the weight in two weeks but got cocky and gained BF weight instead. All those days and nights on the sofa with little treats to keep me going did for the smugness! I'm still overweight now because I never shifted it.

Well done you sleep throughers! With ds1 I used to set am alarm to wake him for feeds. Can't imagine what I was thinking really... No way would I do that now (unless I had a tiny or poorly baby of course). Come on DS2, make your mummy proud... 5 hours tonight please. You can do it!

dinkystinky Thu 08-Aug-13 17:05:09

OK J latched on for the long haul so am back.

Re pre-preg clothes - am back in some of my fat clothes but since going dairy free seem to be losing weight quickly over the past couple of days so hopefully will fit in more fat clothes soon.

Good luck to all those with outings to the zoo and beach. Npk - sorry you had a horrible first trip - the next one is bound to be much better. Make sure your pelvic floor is up to the job before starting running - personally I'd hold off on running till at least 4 months post natal but power walking pushing a buggy (or double buggy in your case) can be an awesome work out till then.

Went to a mum and baby group today - there was a baby there a week older than j who won't sleep during the day at allbut does 7/8 hour sleeps at night. He was a bfmb too! Ds1 used to cluster feed all evening then do an 8 hour sleep from 6 weeks onwards - somehow I don't see J following in his footsteps!!

dinkystinky Thu 08-Aug-13 17:06:20

PS j did a 4 hour sleep last night - am still in shock!!

Shockingundercrackers Thu 08-Aug-13 18:44:39

Well done J... The 4 hour sleep is the holy grail for me. I think I read somewhere that's the typical adult sleep cycle so I always think 4 hours and ill be fine. Ds2 has managed it a couple of times and I felt totally different afterwards. Almost normal. Sadly we regressed to 3 hour kipping from there...

Still I'm staying positive and tonight he's going to nail it I'm sure.

SundaySunshine Thu 08-Aug-13 18:50:49

Congrats on your 4hr sleep Dinky, did it make you feel more tired tho? I find the more sleep I get a the mo the more drained I feel the next day; how is that fair?! Thanks for the great list update too. L might also be in the running for an early smile award was definately smiling by week two but I think he was doing it even earlier but noone believed me.

Lordy cheek what a nightmare, what on earth did you do for 5hrs? I'm glad someone had the sense to let DH and babe out, I would have been frantic.

Well done to all the great weight gains (for the babies). I'm like you Dinky, had DD weighed almost weekly (as it was a good excuse to get out the house) this time round I just can't be bothered with the faff, and I'm too busy at moment keeping DD entertained in school hols at moment.

Re night feeds I find if I cluster feed in evening L tends just to wake twice (at 12ish and 4ish) which seems to be working well although the rest of ghe family dont get dinner hmm but if I don't fill him up in evenings he can wake every hour, which is not fun at all.

I went to a funeral yesterday and the theatre today and clever L managed to sleep/feed all the way through without any fuss, clever little man. Though he did disgrace himself by covering me from head to foot in sick ten mins before I had to leave for funeral: I was at my mums so didn't have anything to change into, so I had to rinse everything in the sink then dry with the iron and an hair drier. So I spent the day in damp smelly clothes. And this morning he managed to wee in his own face, nice!

dinkystinky Thu 08-Aug-13 19:54:40

J slept for 4 hours - I stayed awake for the first hour and a half waiting for the usual hourly wake up call so am in usual death warmed up mode grin Fortunately my brown skin hides my deathly grey palor and bags under my eyes quite well wink

Sunday - hope dh is pulling his weight now. Sorry to hear you had to go to a funeral - and L barfed all over you. Quick thinking re the outfit rinse. I think I would have just had to borrow something off my mum to wear! Kudos on theatre trip with L and ROFL at his athletic wee - surely weeing in ones own face should be in the babylimpics?!.

J has his first open air theatre trip next Saturday - I reckon if I sling him he'll sleep through it... Think am going to take him to parent and babies film screening on Monday as ds1 and ds2 are off at separate playdates

Sunday - glad L tried to make up for his pre-funeral performance by behaving during the service and at the theatre.

dinky - Fingers crossed J is learning to sleep at night and you'll get even more sleep tonight.

Abzs Thu 08-Aug-13 21:49:15

I'm currently stuck sitting on my bed with a sleeping J leaning on me. I daren't move he's so peaceful finally. MIL has just brought me some toast in lieu of dinner. Will have to wake him soon if I'm to have any sleep tonight, and, frankly, I can smell a smell that I really hope isn't leaking on my bedding...

Had a nice afternoon out at a local national trust cafe. I ate Brie for the first time since October. We also did our first (second and third) public feeds.

evelynj Thu 08-Aug-13 22:16:36

Yay, we did our first public feeding too-I had to take a cushion out tho but it was good. The weirdest thing is this morn I was again researching latch & position etc & read to anchor one of baby's arms under boob to minimise flailing & rugby hold for opening mouth wider-tried it & basically NO pain since. It's incredible-is it possible that we've had a lightbulb moment somehow? Milk has been dribbling out of her mouth, she seems satisfied & has been a little sick so I think it's right but just cant believe it's possible for it to be this easy! Or that some mums only know feeding like this.

I Agree the 4 hour stretch to feel human again. I'm off to bed now as tired, which makes me more emotional, fx for 3-4 hours smile

I took a couple of baby clothes presents back to boots & m&s & changed them no problem without receipt. Managed to get lots more things in clearance for 1-3 years-was delighted!

Hope everyone has good nights smile

Runswithsquirrels Fri 09-Aug-13 03:29:52

Breast feeding in public - tick. I had a friend with me for support and a Jojomamanbebe breastfeeding cardigan that drapes and buttons. Lost my BF cherry in the comfort of my local Starbucks but then had to BF for forty minutes in a restaurant whilst eating. The waiting staff just let me get on with if but the chefs seemed rather intrigued and kept looking out of the kitchen window but thanks to my cardigan I was all covered up -and slightly warm-

Persuasion Fri 09-Aug-13 05:59:52

I've fed out a few times now but had mainly had dh with me. I started in Costa and also pret with careful table selection. My first one alone was last week in the park under a tree with no one around so quite relaxed (apart from the associated poonami!) But I fit caught yesterday in matalan and she was starving. It was to far too go home with her crying and there was no code etc so I just fed standing leaving on the wall in the shade outside the shop. It was surprisingly ok, although I felt quite exposed to begin with as far as I could tell no one noticed!

evelynj Fri 09-Aug-13 09:20:02

Good work ladies-it's scary mostly for the latch on-I think a lightweight cardigan is a good idea for feeding as my t shirt when pulled up exposes my back & all sorts.

Going for another go today I think but feel like I'll be carrying a little cushion for a long time!

Have good days all smile

dinkystinky Fri 09-Aug-13 09:51:16

Congrats to all those popping their public bf cherries - the more you do it, the easier it becomes, I promise. And the need for cushions will pass Evelyn. I found rugby ball hold good in the early days as encourages them to open their mouths properly - not good if you have a windy baby and fast let down though, so its a case of trial and error to see what works for you. Best position for J is biological nurturing but only if at home as have to expose my entire front for it. Otherwise cross hold (but leaning back with legs crossed for support for angle) works well for us when out and about. Have also found if bf lying down but have him elevated on my arm and so more turned into me it reduces the windiness. Hope the thrush is passing.

Last night was better -J had a fat 4 hour sleep 8 -12 then awake every 2 hours, which is liveable with. And managed to swaddle him and get him to sleep in his buggy now which is great so can MN and do chores.

dinkystinky Fri 09-Aug-13 10:32:43

PS if you have a belly band from pregnancy Evelyn and don't want to expose your belly when bf out and about, just pop it on under your top

lancslass83 Fri 09-Aug-13 12:48:09

In awe of those managing to get more than 3hour sleeps in, thought we were doing quite well with 10pm, 230am and 7am, unfortunately having thought that was here to stay last night we did 10, 1,4, 6 and 7which is not a habit I want to get into.
Big sympathies to all those with sucky babies stuck to them all evening, hope that means you do get slightly longer at night to sleep. We struggled to get A to settle in her Moses basket initially but found that a few days of "spaced soothing", never actually letting her cry for more than about a minute ( couldn't bear the 5,that they say is ok), has meant that now she settles in it very easily. Know it's not for everyone but definitely did for us.

Re breastfeeding out I managed at a village cricket match last weekend which was great but got caught out at health visitor yesterday, was in totally inappropriate clothes and had rubbish boots breast pads in which meant I managed to feed but exposing more flesh than I was totally comfortable with and ended up with massive leak all over rest of clothes on non feeding side - note to self - stick to lansinoh pads and buy more appropriate tops!

dinkystinky Fri 09-Aug-13 13:45:23

Hope tonight is better Lancslass. Totally agree - cheap breastpads are a false economy! Lansinoh and Johnsons breastpads are good.

ClenchingPanda Fri 09-Aug-13 14:22:40

Might need lots of support over the next few days... my brother and his GF have just left, and DH has gone to Glasgow this afternoon for a weekend of work. I wept as they left and am suddenly feeling very alone - they've only been gone for 15 mins. I've got a few things planned to keep us busy, but it's still terrifying!

Sleeping seems to be going ok here - touch wood - although I have often caved in to co-sleeping rather than use the haunted moses basket.

Good work to all thise braving breastfeeding out and about. Agree that the latching is the scariest bit of BF in public... I have taken the view that most of the time people barely notice what I'm up to. I have a giant swaddling muslin that I draped around us and it covers a lot. I do need to get a few more suitable tops though...

I'm sure you'll be ok, Clenching. DH will be home soon. Hopefully with lots of things to keep you busy you'll bart notice he's gone. I think you probably deserve some chocolate or cake though.

Yesterday evening N fed non-stop from 5-9:30, so I thought we might get a bit more sleep, but she still woke at 12-ish, 3-ish & 6-ish, which us actually slightly worse. I really hope she's not going to get like her non-sleeping big sister who was regularly feeding 5-6 times a night until she was around 1.

Abzs Fri 09-Aug-13 15:47:50

Break it down into chunks Clenching. My dh is offshore until Thursday. Mil is here til tomorrow, then I just have to do Sunday and Monday as I've arranged the HV and Dr for Tues and Wed. Two days seems more manageable.

ClenchingPanda Fri 09-Aug-13 16:21:29

Funny you should say that, Totally but there's a chocolate and caramel torte in progress (just had to pause to feed a yelling baby - felt like a terrible mother leaving him to cry whilst I separated my eggs). Absz, good luck to you. I'm breaking down the time in my head. We're off to a barbecue this evening (first solo car trip... eek!), and have a couple of things for Sunday so it's really only tomorrow. And the nights sad.

I am in awe of anyone who parents single-handedly, or indeed all whose OHs are at work all the time. I am super-lucky as DH is freelance do is around at home a lot of the time and is very hands on. Just that when he is away it can be for long stretches currently in denial about his 2 weeks in New Zealand at the end of August .

evelynj Fri 09-Aug-13 17:45:09

Thanks for those tips dinky-will try some different positions when out. Day 2 today in another coffee shop & another success!

I'm also worried about dh going back ft on Mon but convincing myself that as F will be4 weeks on Mon, there's just 2 weeks to get through until the magic 6 week mark?! Having said that, yest & today dh has been on hols but hasn't been nearly as useful as I'd hoped, keep having to nag him to do really obvious house chores whilst I'm stuck in my nursing chair & he's playing some stupid game on his phone. Its getting me really frustrated!

Also, any advice on handling older siblings? It took my 3.5 yo about 1,5hours to put his socks on today-not sure if some of it is attention seeking as he can do it but again I'm getting really annoyed with him as he needs to do it himself, then feel bad that he's suddenly deprived of being the sole focus of attention ov us both, grrr!

Agree clenching about single parents-they superhuman!

Ugh, have just fed Florence & coated my nipple in the probiotic powder as stated on pot but it's sort of coagulated round the bit she hasn't taken-think it may be easier tobput in a bottle-need to go wash my boob!

dinkystinky Fri 09-Aug-13 18:26:13

Evelyn - my top tip for older siblings is ensure you get some quality you and them only time, especially if they are little. Hand F off to dh for a couple of hours and go to park, do painting or baking - whatever he loves most. Big him up as a brilliant big brother and how much F thinks he is the coolest thing ever. Make things like getting dressed a race - my 4 year old loves racing against me in the mornings. This phase will pass - remember he's still really small (even though he seems massive compared to F).

Beginningofthejourney Fri 09-Aug-13 18:35:32

Theo rolled over today from his tummy to his back...my baby is getting big already!
Thought I'd share a bf story as it made me laugh...I saw my cousin and his 5 yr old son (A) this week, while A was busy chatting away I latched Theo on with my top up just above his face not really thinking to much about but then A started stroking Theo's head then he noticed his ear was moving so he investigated further and realised theo was sucking something so lifted my top slightly to see what was going on, he found this very funny so I explained that's how babies eat, A said 'what from your belly button?' I was too busy laugh to say otherwise, then theo popped off and A looked shocked and said 'you've got an outie!' grin
Btw I'm a single mum, it's not that bad at the moment at least I don't have to get annoyed at OH not pulling his weight! I do have good supportive family and a generally good bay tho!

MightBeMad Fri 09-Aug-13 19:05:14

Beginning love that story! I had a similar experience while bfing dc1 once. When the child's mum appeared and apologised for letting her bother me I had to warn her that she might be facing some interesting questions when they got home!

dinkystinky Fri 09-Aug-13 19:59:34

Go Theo! Love the bf story too.

Clenching - you'll be fine, just make sure you get out and about to get some adult interaction during the day. Abzs - your mil sounds like abit of a star. Hope you manage to get dinner tonight.

Story made me smile, Beginning.

DD1 loves to investigate as I'm BF. She keeps asking to see the milk & thinks my breast pads are hilarious. I think I'd better keep the pump out of her sight or she'll probably try to use it herself!

dinkystinky Fri 09-Aug-13 21:07:02

Ah bless dd Totally.

Ds2 had taken, whenever J starts grizzling, to yelling at the top of his voice "Mummy, Jackson needs breastmilk"!"

cheekbyjowl Fri 09-Aug-13 21:11:14

chocolate and caramel torte panda? you know that husband swap you offered...how about a wife Time share? I haven't even made a cup of tea since having j

also dreading end of paternity leave lets pray we all get lots of.company and lovely social gatherings next week.

VinegarDrinker Fri 09-Aug-13 22:11:48

We've been having all sorts of chats about "milk from nipples" here, too. Do rabbits make milk? Do zebras make milk? Do caterpillars have nipples? What animal's milk is mozzarella made from? Can you drink cat milk? He always tells me "Mummy, Bessan needs her milk" and gets "Bessan's pillow" to bring over to me (my BFing pillow).

And when I BF DD at nursery they all flock over to look. I think it's really sweet grin

Re. clothes for BFing, I mostly do the two tops trick (one up, one down) to avoid flashing my muffin top and back fat, but I do also have some bargainous h&m maternity t shirts that are also BFing tops. They were pretty cheap and are really practical.

MightBeMad Fri 09-Aug-13 22:44:05

I like the h tops too. And I got some others in the jojo sale which are useful.

End of paternity leave looming here too, on Tuesday, though I won't have both do for the full day until Friday. Eek!

Abzs Fri 09-Aug-13 22:56:18

Dinky - you're right, she is. Having a rotten evening with constant feed/Grizzle/poo/feed/Grizzle/comfort suck/scream ad infinitum. She took him from me at 9, after nearly 3 hours when I was starting to crack, and did the pacing up and down for me so I could get a cup of tea and sit down. She's even managed to get CatB to accept her presence.

On the other hand, I didn't need to know that dh behaved like this for months, then was the archetypal terrible two...

TomDaleysTrunks Sat 10-Aug-13 02:04:44

Yep DHs pat leave ends on Monday. He's back to work with a vengeance doing 5 out of 8 days on call! It's going to be a bit of a baptism of fire though I've enlisted the inlaws. They aren't amazing but at least they will help with DD1.
Sleep wise not great but not horrendous either. Cluster feed 6-midnight then 2-3 more feeds overnight.
I also do the pull one top up and another top down trick. Managed a few public BF, had to do it walking around at Playgroup today running after DD1. Seemed ok.
Hope everyone else is getting bits and pieces of sleep.

All a bit of a blur these early few weeks - have been lurking but not posting as I don't seem to have time to sit at the laptop!

My little boy (who I named Caspian Nicholas John but forgot to say here), is 2 weeks old today. We are getting out and about, and I'm managing to feed in public okay, but yesterday was hard work as we went to a local fete, and so I found myself in the corner of the tea and cake tent, whilst my older DCs went a bit crazy for the 30p a go lucky dip stall! Sleep is okish, some nights are better than others, and I'm super conscious of the noise of Caspian crying and worrying it might disturb DCs or my lodgers. I shouldn't worry as the lodgers moved in knowing I was pregnant etc, but it still niggles.

DD (7) decided to sketch me breastfeeding yesterday evening - was quite sweet really. I am very relieved that both she and DS (9) have taken so well to their baby brother. DS relishes the role of big brother, and was beaming yesterday as I left him holding the baby whilst I went for a wee, and when I got back he was being complimented on his big brother skills smile

Makes things easier as I am a single parent (stbxh left when I was about 4 months pregnant), so the more help they can be, the better. Just wish they could make a decent cup of tea! Must confess I am starting to get really really lonely, and finding things are getting to me a bit. It's just the relentlessness of meeting Caspian's needs, and knowing that there is no one else to do a nappy change, or get me a cuppa, or get me some dinner (although DD makes a mean slice of toast), or even give me a hug and say I'm doing ok!

I need to put together a bit of a breastfeeding wardrobe, at the moment I am mainly in vest tops and skirts, usually with a loose cardigan, but I only have a couple, so may need to invest in some more, as I can't think what else might work in terms of practicality.... The feeding itself is going ok, although it is still sore on my right, and a bit ouchy at the initial latch.

My biggest surprise has been that despite getting all prepared for safe co-sleeping, Caspian has decided that he doesn't like it, and prefers his Moses basket! I've taken to swaddling him in a thin sheet at night time, to try to help him settle better and quicker between the feeds.

I have just three major (sort of) mishaps so far:
Trying out the cloth nappies, and I musn't have fastened it tight enough and yellow poo went running everywhere, all over the bed and DD who was playing with him
Breast pad somehow moving itself within my bra, such that the sticky bit stuck itself to my nipple (OW!)
Waking myself up with a bad dream and managing to flail my arm as doing so, sending my glass of water flying, all over the Moses basket, drenching C, the bedding, and completely waking him up.

dinkystinky Sat 10-Aug-13 10:50:11

Proud outies list (corrected with the mystery mum's name included)

The proud outies list:

SuperShiv - DS, Oliver, aka the little fighter, born 13.04.13, 1 lb
Emblosion - DS, Oisin Michael, born 27.5.13, 6 lb 1 oz
Beginningofthejourney - DS, Theodore, born 28.05.13, 6 lb 11 oz
Elliejitny - DS, Ezekiel, born 3.6.13, 7 lb 2 oz
Paolocee/Donna - DDs, Leila Poppy and Caitlin Liv
Princessllama - DS, Humphrey, born 11.06.13, 7lb 4oz
Devilforasideboard - DS, Will
Schrosawmargerydaw - DS, Caspar Neil Ruaridh, born 21.6.13, 4 lb 8 oz
BB01 - DD Rosie, born 22.06.13, 4 lb 9 oz
Differentnow - DD Posy, born 22.06.13 8lb 4oz
OhGood - DS, Thomas
NotprincessKate - DD, Amy Rose, born 26.6.13, 8 lb 14 oz
Shelley72 - DD2, Florence, born 27.6.13
Twinklestarstwinklestars - DS, Max, born 27.6.13, 5lbs 3 oz
Gingerpanther27 - DS, Callum, born 27.6.13, 8 lb 4 oz
McKTastic - DS, Murray, born 29.6.13
Bigbelly4 - DD2, Constance Rose, born 30.6.13, 7 lb 4 oz
Chinainthegarden - DD, Clara Elizabeth, born 30.6.13, 7 lb 7 oz
TotallyEggFlipped - DD2, Naomi, born 1.7.13, 5 lb 8 oz
Vinegardrinker - DD, Bethan, born 2.7.13 (bang on her due date!), 7 lb 13 oz
Abz - DS, Joseph Robert, born 2.7.13, 8 lb 4 oz
Wifey6 - DS, Kyle, born 2.7.13
Cheeseandbread- DD, Juno Olivia, born 3.7.13, 7lb 2 oz
Tryitonforsize - DS, Gray Everett, born 5.7.13, 8 lb 6 oz
MarieKL - DS, Alexander, born 5.7.13, 8 lb 2 oz
MysteryMeg - DD, Edith, born 6.7.13, 8 lb 4.5oz
Pinkballetshoes - DD, Rachel Amelia, born 6.7.13
SundaySunshine - DS, Luca, born 6.7.13
CitizenOscar - DS2 (name to follow), born 7.7.13
Calmisthemantra - DS, Abraham John Anthony, born 7.7.13, 8 lb 5 oz
Dinkystinky - DS3, Jackson Rivan, born 7.7.13, 8 lb 7 oz
Marmitemad - DD2, Evelyn Grace, born 7.7.13, 7 lb 2 oz
Silverbirdie - DD, Edith Alice, born 8.7.13, 9 lb 1 oz
MrsMillions - DD, Abigail, born 8.7.13, 7 lb 1 oz
RunswithSquirrels - DD, Eden Rose, born 10.7.13, 9 lb 3 oz
BadmissM - DS, Caspian Albert Sebastian Alexander, born 10.7.13, 7lbs or so (3.4kg)
Quinnandthem - DD, Sophia Isabella, born 10.7.13, 7 lb 14 oz
Tashtastic - DD, Georgia born 10.7.13
CutandStick - DD, Lara Erin Ivory, 7 lbs 13 oz
Esme80 - DD, Abigail Marie, born 12.7.13, 11 lb 2 oz
Cheekbyjowl - DS, Joseph, born 12.7.13, 7 lb 13 oz
Andrea75 - DS, Joshua Timothy, born 14.7.13
Minipenguinmaker - DD, Maya Grace, born 14.7.13, 8 lb 14 oz
Persuasion - DD, Felicity, born 14.7.3, 6 lb 12 oz
GeorgieWilson - DS, Oliver George, born 14.7.13, 8 lb
Thinkingof4 - DD, Morven, born 15.7.13, 9 lb 5 oz
EvelynJ - DD, Florence Heather Rose, born 15.7.13, 8 lb 12 oz
MummyKanny - DD, Alice, born 15.7.13, 6 lb 6 oz
OrangeBubbles - DS, born 15.7.13
Hai1988 - DD, Madison Alice, born 17.7.13, 9 lb 1 oz
lancslass - DD, Annabelle Grace, born 18.7.13, 6.lbs 14oz
Reikimummy - DD, born 20.7.13, 6 lb 11 oz
Slouchingpanda - DS, Felix , born 21.7.13, 9 lbs 6 oz
MrsD77 - DD, Libby Hope Daisy, born 24.7.13
Cantreachmytoes - DD, born 24.7.13 (on due date!)
iclaudius - DS (no 7!), born 24.7.13, 8 lb 6 oz
PhieEl06 - DD, Macy June, born 25.7.13 (born in her caul!), 7 lb 6 oz
Shockingundercrackers - DS2, born 25.7.13, 8 lb 1 oz
Photographerlady - DD, Matilda Sofia, born 25.7.13, 8 lb 15 oz
Pocopearl - DS, Logan, born 26.7.13, 8 lb 11 oz (after epic induction)
MrsRoss26 - DD, Charlotte Sophia, born 25.7.13, 7 lb 4 oz
Icingthecake - DD, Alice, born 26.7.13, 8 lb 10 oz
Mightbemad - DS, born 27.7.13, 9lb 8 oz
MrsWilderMac -DD, Amelie Grace, born 27.5.13, 6 lb 15 oz
Wavesandsmiles - DS, Caspian Nicholas John, born 27.7.13, 7 lb 3 oz
Twirliedobbit - DS, Oscar Edward, born 27.7.13, 6 lb 14 oz
Sashabella0 - DD, Alice, born 28.7.13, 7 lb 14 oz
Guavasforbreakfast - DS, Sebastian Charles, born 29.7.13, 7 lb 8 oz
GrannyApple - DD, Amelia Catherine, born 30.7.13, 6 lb 14 oz
Amadablam - DD, Elspeth Anna, born 31.7.13, 7 lb 4 oz
LizinCornwall - DD, Emma Eloise, born 1.8.13
TomDaleysTrunks - DD, Harriet Eleri, born 2.8.13, 8 lb 11 oz
Silver15 - DS, Jotham, born 4.8.13, 9lbs (or thereabouts)
Sugarkane - DD, Freya Amelia, born 4.8.13, 10 lbs
Waitingforwombat - DD, born 5.8.13, 7lb 8 oz

What a lot of fabulous names we've chosen for our DSs and DDs. Final tally - 33 boys and 43 girls!

dinkystinky Sat 10-Aug-13 10:58:21

Abzs - maybe MIL was trying to reassure you that a grizzly baby can turn into a lovely person like your DH? Or that she lived through it and you will too? In any event, my MIL (who I love lots) tells me stuff like that too - I find the policy of smile politely and let it pass over my head works well grin as its well intentioned.

Waves, Beginning - you're both doing brilliantly well. So pleased your DS and DD are being so supportive Waves - nights will get easier I promise. J has gone from amazing hourly waking nocturnal boy to having 4 hour sleeps last night (day time sleeps are now out the window but hey, would much rather sleep at night anyway). C is still really little and finding his place in the world. V envious of you having a baby who likes his own space though - took me an hour to persuade J to go to sleep in his carry cot this morning!

Re pat leave and dealing solo with baby (for those first timers) - its not too bad honestly. Just get out and get some fresh air if its getting too much for you and baby - and try and get some adult interaction if possible. If you're struggling, dont be afraid to ask for help - from family, friends or anyone else.

cheekbyjowl Sat 10-Aug-13 11:27:03

love all the breastfeeding and kids stories grin

waves sending virtual hugs to you and beginning I think single mums are amazing. hope you can get some family and friends near you too

lanclass those pads are.awful. are the sticky bits meant to go on the bra or boob? either way they don't stick and mine fall out in embarrassing places and my boobs are like niagara falls.

we had a horror of a child yesterday who fed every hr from 1:30am till 9pm! I suspect hell be twice his size soon and I'll be half of mine.he slept well last night but he makes the most frightful noises my dh.and I couldn't join him in the land of nod. he grunts, wheezes, does the backstroke, yelps (the worst sound) snorts. google tells me this is the norm but does anyone else know how to ease /stop it.were on the infacol and winding him after every feed.

waitingforwombat Sat 10-Aug-13 13:22:57

So wombat is a magnificent 6 days old now, feels like she has been here for ever! Finally managed to log onto computer rather than on phone, so able to update rather than just lurk.

Everyone's predictions of combination of wedding on Saturday and induction on Sunday being far too tempting for baby to wait for were completely correct. Had fantastic time at wedding (including nice glass of pimms and some bouncing on a bouncy castle to help things along, much to the HORROR of most of the other guests!). BH turned regular, approx. 7mins apart during the speeches in the afternoon. Drove home, and contractions hit hard at around 8pm, coming every 2-3 minutes. Into hospital at 1am, slow to progress, waters broken at 5am with thick meconium. Ended up with continuous monitoring, drip, antibiotics, epidural, consultant threatening section due to slightly worrying CTG. Scary bradycardias followed, so to theatre as 10cm, but head still very high. Consultant prepping for section, registrar agreed to trial of forceps and with the "encouragement" of potential section wombat delivered after 3 pushes/pulls!

Unfortunately left me with quite a fantabulously long vaginal tear and a very bruised/potentially cracked coccyx but she is so so so worth it. Head of dark hair (both me and DH very bald and fair as children) and very beautiful. Completely besotted, but still very sore to sit down!!! Care in hospital was second to none. Obviously birth didn't go even remotely to plan, but I don't feel that I missed out on my "birth experience" because everyone was so kind and caring.

Survived PIL visit (remember they wanted to camp?!!) In the end all worked out quite well. Ended up with 2 night hospital stay and so they came on day 2 but MW helpfully draconian on visiting hours. Also came to visit on Thursday, but thankfully DH put his foot down and they didn't stay. They were super helpful doing lots of cleaning etc, but didn't leave till gone 8pm, and I was exhausted and a bit tearful by the end. Feel terribly guilty as they have been so kind, but just wanted some time to rest and enjoy the three of us.

Also had some really helpful input from breastfeeding advisor (phoned at 10am, she was here helping with a feed at 11.30!) and that seems to have helped with latch and so wombat can now go longer between feeds as clearly getting more milk. Had amazing night of feeding at 10, 3 and 7 last night, but then a very hungry morning! DH managed to get her to settle and so also had a very luxurious one hour nap this morning, and feeling much more human.

Mega post.....must go and actually care for my baby now!


esme80 Sat 10-Aug-13 15:17:26

Hi all!
I still havent gotten it in my head that this is a post-natal thread. Still start catching up and half expecting more babies to have been born!
Re bf clothes I took vinegars advice and do two tops. Makes me feel quite well covered not worried about everyone seeing my stomach. Or back fat...
A slept 12.30-5.30 last night, and then 6-8.30! Best night we have had, feel like a new person! Or just human I guess. Woke up with hugely full breasts though. She is super fusst and windy in the evenings, but does settle between 11-12 mostly so not too bad.

Great to read your birth story, wombat.

waves - you're amazing! DH is going away for work for a week, so I'm decamping to my rents with the girls because I can't handle the two of them on my own yet. Daytimes are manageable, but it all goes tits up in the evenings and bedtime with DD1. If it was just me & the baby I'd be fine, but the added toddler is defeating me!

I can't complain really, but I will grin. N is gradually reducing her time between feeds both by day and by night. Not bad really, but a depressing trend. Fingers crossed its only temporary.

Mrsd77 Sat 10-Aug-13 19:45:22

I think you all sound like you are doing amazingly well! It's tricky managing a change in any family but massive respect to those going it alone. I'd be a shambles without DH.

Pat leave finishes tomorrow and I have two weeks with him at work before a weeks proper leave where hopefully we can give DS a good week of days out before he starts school. Won't be alone though as DM will be with us for much of it when DS not in nursery. Like you Totally I can hack them individually, but I struggle with both kids together still.

On the hormonal front, I'm feeling much better. Only normal levels of mummy tearfulness, like when DS' school trousers arrived!!!

We are also starting the infacol today as the wind is extraordinary. My daughters intestines are not dainty or ladylike!!!!

dinkystinky Sat 10-Aug-13 21:41:14

Cheek - J is super noisy like your little man. Ds1 was too - so much so that we moved him to his own room at 4 weeks as I wasn't sleeping at all after a difficult birth. Ds2 was quiet, but super windy. Nothing that can be done to stop the noise - other than wind and make sure they are comfy - they become quieter over time. We have a fan on in our room which helps cover the low grade grunting - I can mostly sleep through it but DH can't so he's still switching between our room and spare room to make sure he can still function on work days. Been there done that re the hourly feeds for a prolonged period - probably a growth spurt in your case - tonight should be a better night with any luck.

Wombat - nice to see you on and thanks for sharing your birth story. Baby wombat sounds beautiful. Top tip for bad tear - arnica, vitamin e supplements, keep clean and dry (blot with pads rather than wiping), salt and lavender baths to clean the stitches, perineal chill pads can help relieve the area and valley cushions (you can hire them) to sit on (takes pressure out the area when you sit down). Feeding lying down is good if your coccyx is up to it - means you don't have pressure on your lower area while feeding lots on the early days. Hope you recover soon x

dinkystinky Sat 10-Aug-13 21:46:03

We took the boys over to the discover centre in Stratford today - j slept most of the train journey there, had a feed there, then slept for nearly 5 hours while we went around the centre, went to Westfield to go school shoe shopping (joy of joys) and some free kids activities and through the boys dinner. He then proceeded to do two poonamis in a row at the restaurant and on the train home! Fortunately the nappies just about managed to contain them till we could change him!!

dinky - I initially misread your advice to wombat for soothing tears as chili pads shock

Ouch at the thought of chilli pads!!!

C is a ridiculously noisy baby too, sounds like he needs oiling a lot of the time. What with that and pig like snorts, I'm surprised the neighbours are able to sleep.

dinkystinky Sat 10-Aug-13 22:48:57

Yowsers, chilli pads down there.... Doesn't bear thinking about even without a tear!!

Quinandthem Sat 10-Aug-13 23:25:38

Hi everyone. Sorry for not posting but I've been keeping up with you all during the night feeds.

Glad we've all made it to the other side safe and sound.

Sophia aka suckling pig - due to her constant feeding and the noises she makes - is doing well. She's now 4 1/2wks old and I can't believe how fast it's gone.

Now it's cooler we've been swaddling her at night and its really improved her sleeping. Mainly as she was waking herself up with her startle reflex and she has a 30 min wake up ritual that includes lots of arm wiggling.

She also makes lots of noises in her sleep and especially in her wake up ritual - I used to wake up at her first noise and end up staring at her waiting for her to wake up. For the last 2 nights I have put one ear plug in the ear not on the pillow and that has helped me sleep as you can still hear her but its not as loud.

Anyway. H

Quinandthem Sat 10-Aug-13 23:27:02

Hit wrong button - posting on phone with one finger whilst bf.

Hope we all have a good night. Sleep tight babies

ClenchingPanda Sat 10-Aug-13 23:39:53

Congratulations, Wombat - great to heat you sounding so positive after a tricky-sounding time. Hope that you are on the mend... Dinky has the tears advice all wrapped up, but I'd give the chilli pads a miss wink.

Re. noisy babies, Junior Panda makes noises which can only be described as 'agricultural'. Sniffing, snorting, rooting around... and don't get me started on the noises from the bottom end. How one tiny baby can make so much racket is beyond me.

Cheek I'll happily live in and bake for you if you look after the babies!

We now have a sling, which I think is going to revolutionise my life. I went for the Caboo in the end, and it seems to work well - had a wander out to the supermarket, and back in it whilst I prepared my dinner. JP fell asleep both times, and I have full use of both arms - win-win if you ask me grin

Nexus6 Sat 10-Aug-13 23:43:48

I wasn't on the antenatal club thread but I'd like to get involved now!

Can believe dd is going to be 5 weeks on Wednesday. Really wanting to meet other mums now, looking to join clubs. I was about to start a yoga class this week as I felt fine (recovered from birth within the first week really) but we were in a car crash 2 days ago and I broke two ribs and have lots of bruising.

Nexus6 Sat 10-Aug-13 23:46:49

Also- I want to get one if those pfe weighted things after a weesneeze happened whilst out today. Sneezing wearing and in pain from ribs (yay). Are those weight things worth it? I'm finding it hard to feel whether I'm clenching ATM.

Quinandthem Sun 11-Aug-13 04:14:00

Poor you nexus - hope all in the car are ok and the car gets repaired quickly.

We also have the caboo sling. Sophia falls asleep in it everytime. We went to a sling library to help us use it properly and they gave us some good suggestions whilst she is newborn. My husband has managed to get her into it himself but I've only done it with help.

SundaySunshine Sun 11-Aug-13 04:30:45

Welcome Nexus smile glad you're doing ok, but sorry to hear about the car crash, was babe in car with you? Must have been super scary hmm. Not sure on the PFE thingy but I'm sure someone will be along soon that knows.

Wombat and beginning, much respect to you to going it alone. My DH is next to useless but at least it's someone to talk to even if most of the time it's nagging him to get off his backside

Clenching, I just bought a caboo too. Feels really comfy, and easy to use but L doesn't seem to like it much at mo hmm I think I popped him in when he was expecting to be fed so I hoping he'll take to it next time.

SundaySunshine Sun 11-Aug-13 04:36:20

L also has a repertoire of strange noises, squeaky door, chicken and cat purr are his favourites grin

Hi Nexus6! Welcome! Ouch re: ribs. I hope you & the car are fixed soon. I have the same problem re: PFE - I don't have a clue if I'm doing/trying to do the right thing.

Nexus6 Sun 11-Aug-13 07:59:15

Dd was in the car too, she was fine only cried because she was woken! Poor little thing.

Yeah odd feeling doing pfe, I used to be fairly strong down there as I used to ride horses a lot. I stopped doing kegals before birth because it would have damaged me more. I just did perinal massage and didn't need any stitches- got away with a 'graze' as they like to call it!

Yeah thinking of getting those egg things feel like I need something there to 'grip' now compared to before!

Nexus6 Sun 11-Aug-13 08:01:43

Dd was in the car too, she was fine only cried because she was woken! Poor little thing.

Yeah odd feeling doing pfe, I used to be fairly strong down there as I used to ride horses a lot. I stopped doing kegals before birth because it would have damaged me more. I just did perinal massage and didn't need any stitches- got away with a 'graze' as they like to call it!

Yeah thinking of getting those egg things feel like I need something there to 'grip' now compared to before!

cheekbyjowl Sun 11-Aug-13 08:46:54

welcome nexus. sorry to hear about your crash and your ribs but glad your little one is.ok. mustve been frightening. I've just joined a local sure start centre in the hope of meeting other mums.

welcome back quinn

good to know I'm not the only one thats brought home a warthog instead of a sleeping prince. hope its a phase for the sake of all our sleep

managed to express 5oz last night so my dh did the 1am to.4 feed and I did 4 onwards. felt so good to sleep but a one off as he's back to work. on the plus side we're starting a new church this morning and having the xpressed bottle is a great relief as I'm not sure what set up they have for feeding and he still prefers feeding lying down sad hopefully he will keep taking the boob too when we get.back home

Beginningofthejourney Sun 11-Aug-13 09:48:28

Another noisy baby here, he has a right carry on before waking properly!
Had a bit of a scary moment last night, Theo was just falling back to sleep after a feed and suddenly started crying which quickly escalated to screaming, tongue thrusting out (different shape to his I'm hungry tongue) and hot and sweaty, nothing I did made any difference, it seemed like he was in pain but it suddenly stopped and his breathing changed, had tracheal tugging and nasal flaring (signs of respiratory distress) and look a bit pale, told myself that it was because he got himself in such a state but I it was going through my mind that I'd have to got downstairs to let paramedics in to the block while doing CPR!!! Don't know if it was reflux, needing to poo or something else but I've asked him not to do it again! Sorry for 'me' post but needed to share!

Beginningofthejourney Sun 11-Aug-13 09:49:19

Sound like poo is in progress as I type so hopefully that will help!

Beginning that sounds terrifying! Glad he recovered quickly.

Nexus I managed to escape with just a 'graze' too, but didn't even notice it. I was so uncomfortable 'down there' whilst pregnant that I felt amazingly better from immediately after I gave birth! I never would have believed it was possible to feel so comfortable so quickly. I took me weeks to feel even vaguely normal after DD1.

dinkystinky Sun 11-Aug-13 11:34:05

Morning all - and welcome Nexus6. Sorry to hear about the accident - must have been terrifying! Hope you recover swiftly and otherwise things are going well with DD.

Cheek - hope all goes well at new church today and glad you got a good sleep in. Am sure with the new church and the sure start centre you'll make new friends in your area in no time at all.

Beginning - god,that sounds super scary. Hope Theo is ok and doesnt do it again!

We've decided J's noises are like Charlie from those Charlie says ads of our youth grin DS2 has appointed himself J's stylist - he comes upstairs to chose J's clothes for the day each morning. Its super cute though does result in wierd outfits for J - today he's wearing a christmas pudding hat, blue dungarees, wooly socks and a care bears t shirt! DH and the boys are off to go watch Stomp this afternoon and I think J and I will go for a chill in the park...

cheekbyjowl Sun 11-Aug-13 12:53:19

what could be better than a christmas pudding hat in august? I think gok wan can rest easy for now smile but that is.very sweet

we survived. they had a creche and told me to leave him with them... felt highly peculiar leaving him with people I didn't know ...in fact leaving him at all...but I returned in an hr and he'd been winded and put back to sleep. amazing!

Poor theo. hope its just a one off scary moment. maybe he swallowed too fast?

dinky - Glad I'm not the only one who's DH makes unusual wardrobe choices if left to their own devices. Love the Christmas pudding hat in August! DD1 is similar - insisted on wearing her thick padded pumpkin outfit and a pink tiara during the July heat wave (fortunately we didn't need to go out).

Glad it went well, cheek. You'll have met loads of new people in no time. Babies are very handy like that.

Nexus6 Sun 11-Aug-13 14:13:39

oh crap * Beginning* that sounds terrifying! sounds like you are super in tune with your little one though smile

totally Ah yes, I agree.. I had morning sickness the whole way through my pregnancy (even puked whilst in labour ffs!) so feel a zillion times better as soon as DD1 was out!.

dinky haha oh dear.. that does sound pretty cool though, setting kids up to be the cool arty kids imo ;)

Yeah, I'm looking into joining groups etc, cheek I have posted a thread here to see if any MN ladies are around my area too.

beginning that sounds so scary, but also like you handled it really calmly. Hoping it doesn't happen again.

I managed to perform a recital today, with Caspian in a slug as I played. He slept beautifully throughout smile. Had to feed him sat down by a footpath walking back though!

I'm another feeling so much better physically for having had my baby. Full term hyperemesis was awful, although already back in normal clothes. Being able to eat and drink is amazing. And the water birth is mostly to thank i think for the fact I had no tears or even grazes so i don't feel remotely like my baby actually emerged from me!

I'm now chilling out with a cup of tea as I'm pretty tired after performing . Super pleased that I had considerably more sleep last night!

waves - glad Caspian behaved so well for your recital, but the thought of him in a slug made me grin

Autocorrect fail!

He was happy in a sling though smile

Abzs Sun 11-Aug-13 19:38:11

It would appear Noisy Baby Syndrome is spreading.

Either that, or someone has swapped my child for a broken coffee percolator...

dinkystinky Sun 11-Aug-13 21:57:18

Glad the recital went well Waves and Caspian was suitably chilled during it.

We discovered - accidentally - a great way to keep j entertained this afternoon - shadow puppet making on the end piece of our white island surface in the kitchen. Kept him entertained for 30 minutes and ds1 and 2 were entertained too by joining in. :-)

MrsRoss26 Mon 12-Aug-13 02:01:37

dinky shadow puppets sounds like a lot of fun! 30mins entertainment for all your los seems like a major achievement to a first timer like me too!

Is anyone else up? C is awake(ish) and seems permanently attached to my boobs tonight. I'm not that tired, but selfishly desperate for sleep ..

Quinandthem Mon 12-Aug-13 02:34:19

Morning mrs Ross.

Sophia usually wakes at 3am in the night but she managed to have a 4hr sleep this afternoon whilst we had friends over so I couldn't take advantage and have a sleep myself so ended up going to bed early.

Going to start expressing for an evening feed so dh can feed her whilst I sleep or go out. Sophia is 4 1/2wks, any recommendations on how to get her to take the bottle? We have the tommy tippee ones.

Hope the night feeds aren't too bad for eceryone.

Nexus6 Mon 12-Aug-13 02:37:22

Haha hey mrsross I'm here, I know that feeling dd1 was on bf only until I couldn't deal with having to feed her every 45 mins-1hr. I mix feed now. She was born 6.7lb and never lost weight but actually put on 100g in her first five days- basically this one is HUNGRY.

cheek that's amazing! We found a video dd likes on YouTube, dh didn't replay quick enough though and all hell broke loose!

Lucky I have a fairly chilled baby then! (I'm going to have a really terrible toddler phase maybe? Haha)

Nexus6 Mon 12-Aug-13 02:45:49

Quin strangely our dd preferred the bottle coming from me to begin with and if she's over tired now. I think maybe cause she thinks mum=food regardless of the type of means. I would start her when she's calm and comfortable.try her when she either first stirs for food or when she's just awake and content. Get the milk in the teat (ie tip it up so there's milk there ready) and get it into mouth.. They play with it a little, may even fuss then they seem to realise its food and they just go with it.

If she's completely offended by it don't be put off, Elka (our dd) didn't like it at first but than realised it was fine. Take it away if it causes real upset and then start again later

Mrsd77 Mon 12-Aug-13 02:47:50

Morning Ladies! L is up an hour earlier than usual but was settled in her basket by 9.30 so can't grumble. Hoping she now goes through til 5.30-6ish so DH can have his turn before DS wakes up. That is the routine we agreed on before she was born so it would be great if we could achieve it so soon. Ha, who am I kidding?!

Still expressing four times a day here but amount is gradually lessening. L is getting perhaps 150ml staggered over the course of the day. I always said I would give her what I could after the sheer stress of DS but I do feel guilty that I don't have enough for her. Logically she's doing really well but the horrible part if my brain thinks I've failed her. Will keep going as long as I can and focus on just enjoying her as she is defo our last baby.

No DH tomorrow but being picked up by a friend snd being taken for afternoon tea whilst DM does the library run with DS. Should be lovely.

L snoring here one side snd DH snoring the other so will attempt to go back off myself. Hope babies feed efficiently for everyone this evening x

Nexus6 Mon 12-Aug-13 02:56:50

I swear, my brain is out to hurt me too! Constantly giving negativity. I know the feeling Mrsd. It may help to get into affirmations (basically stating positive things, it's been proven to work) you may be able to find some to listen to or make some up yourself. Look for 'breast feeding affirmations' I found these help- I got really upset with breast feeding and these helped me stay positive and calm whilst feeding her.

SundaySunshine Mon 12-Aug-13 04:07:19

Ach, I've had a day of it today. Took DD to a party which was a forty min drive away, as soon as we got there she threw up all over herself and the car, we're talking massive chunderphoon, so I had to turn round and come straight back, with her crying all the way. Took two hours to clean the car! Then Luca had a massive poonami attack which went so far up his back it got in his hair! He then weed over DH feet! That surely is just too much bodily fluid for one day?

SundaySunshine Mon 12-Aug-13 04:15:03

Begining sorry to hear Theo had a scary turn, sounds like you handled it very well though. I have a good tip (can't remember who told me now) that if babe is finding it hard to catch breath then gently blow in their face, as it makes them inhale. I had to do it with DD a lot who would would cry so much she stop taking air in.
Well done Theo for rolling over I'm very impressed smile

SundaySunshine Mon 12-Aug-13 04:16:14

Sorry for typos , one handed sleepy 4am typing is to blame!

VinegarDrinker Mon 12-Aug-13 04:55:50

Argh, bloody insomnia! Thought I'd seen the back of this since giving birth. B woke at 3.30, was fed and back asleep by 4, but can I get back to sleep? No. And DS will be up in an hour or so. Argh.

Sorry to just moan, will catch up with the rest of the thread now!

Persuasion Mon 12-Aug-13 05:23:43

Im just about managing to keep up with reading but finding regular updates beyond me still! Had a good weekend with a four hour sleep each night followed by two hour blocks but we seem to have reverted to every two hours again. F has just finished feeding so I'm hoping she'll go back to sleep now and I'll try to catch up properly later...

dinkystinky Mon 12-Aug-13 06:59:05

Hmm - two crappy nights in a row again here. Maybe giving up dairy wasn't the miracle cure. Had to hold J to sleep again so rather suspect he's suffering from something or about to come down with something. Ho hum.

Sorry to years you're still suffering from insomnia Vinegar - hope you got some Shuteye before the kids woke up.

Mrsd - no need to feel guilt - you are doing what works for your family and that is the important thing.

esme80 Mon 12-Aug-13 09:07:40

dinky can I ask, what was the bfing position that was good for a fast letdown? Its been mentioned several times but my bain isnt working... Sorry you had a bad night, hope J can settle better tonight.

dinkystinky Mon 12-Aug-13 09:49:08

Biological nurturing position Esme - if you look on kellymom and drjacknewman sites there is info on it. Basically baby upright on you (I have j at a slant as he's long) and you leaning back

MightBeMad Mon 12-Aug-13 10:08:36

Dinky, do you not find it hard to get a good latch leaning back or do you lean forward a bit to latch? I've tried it a few times but find gravity flattens my boobs and we end up with a shallow (and painful) latch.

Thinkingofmyfabfour Mon 12-Aug-13 11:06:08

Struggling to find time to post but enjoying hearing how everyone is getting on. My boys are also very interested in what goes on when I'm feeding m. Ds3 asked me for 'milk from your boob' yesterday and they frequently lift my top when she's feeding so they can see. Not so great when we are in a cafe like yesterday when ds2 kept exposing me to the world!!
M still mostly v unsettled overnight so not getting much sleep. She did a poonami at 6.30 this morning so I ended up bathing her in sink, I was v bleary eyed but she loved it!

Last full week of school holidays here so I'm trying to do as much as possible this week as boys are definitely starting to get a bit bored now

Sorry no personals on phone again

MightBeMad Mon 12-Aug-13 14:51:25

Thing must be the day for poonamis - I'm not sure my cream carpet is ever going to be the same colour again despite liberal application of vanish blush

dinkystinky Mon 12-Aug-13 15:40:17

I sit straight up to latch him on then lean back (helps with positioning as he's quite long) Might be. If you have a beanbag try sitting on it, latching on,then slouching back when baby is on.

Begining- sounds like maybe theo had a bit of reflux, what you described sounds like what we've had with humphrey a few times- seems def to be more likely when straining to poo

Beginningofthejourney Mon 12-Aug-13 19:31:32

Theo does suffer from reflux, he's on ranitidine and domperidone but think he has grown out of the dose, need to get gp appointment to discuss it.
How annoying to have insomnia vinegar !
Lol at ur DC outfit choice dinky
Can't remember what else I was gonna comment on confused

I hope today was better (cleaner!) than yesterday, Sunday!

N seems to be regressing with each day - the gap between feeds seems to be gradually reducing. Last night was particularly bad because DD1 woke up between feeds too and then was up for the day at 5:30! Hoping for a better night tonight.

dinkystinky Mon 12-Aug-13 21:37:18

Ugh - wishing you and anyone else with nocturnal kids a better night Totally and Thinking. J now asleep so ask going to crash too.

Shiv has posted a recent update on her nicu thread - sounds like she's having some more worrying times with O.

Nexus6 Mon 12-Aug-13 22:28:46

Im such a night owl, it does my head in- Although I have now cleaned the house pretty much all whilst DH snores away. Luckily he is an early bird so does the morning shift. luckily Elka sleeps at night, although she likes being awake between 3 til 5 on and off, which kills me...

I really should at least try to get to sleep, but my mind is just so full of energy at this time (then I just crash!)

Elka can only settle to bed with me now, my mum came over to babysit the other night (we were supposed to go out for a meal but instead got a take away and went to sleep for a few hours, far more refreshing!) sadly Elka freaked out that mum wasnt there to bed her down, so had to go down stairs to calm her. Even DH cant get her to her night sleep. Anyone else have this issue?

Persuasion Tue 13-Aug-13 02:29:27

Hi nexus. I haven't rid getting anyone else to put her down, but F will fall asleep on dh given any opportunity. I have noticed in the day she is definitely getting more specific about wanting me, and seems to cries sometimes because she wants me, even if someone else is cuddling her.

Totally that's very frustrating. I'm sure it's just another phase though. How old is N now?

I am also in awe of those of you doing this alone, you seem to be doing a great job, I think I'd be a wreck. Although I guess we all cope with what we have to cope with?

Seems last night was a one off and F just had a for and a half hour sleep so I got a good for hours in. It's amazing what a difference it makes getting just one for hour block of sleep. I'm hoping this will last! We've just moved her into 0-3 clothing. It feels like a milestone and I had a snuffle at her no longer fitting in tiny baby and newborn stuff.

Beginningofthejourney Tue 13-Aug-13 09:43:15

Persuassion I did the same at the weekend after trying to wedge Theo into a 1st size babygrow! Sad isn't it. I sway between being excited at the next milestone and sad that time is going too quickly!
Netus I think Theo is starting to get a bit funny with other people sometimes. Yesterday he wouldn't settle with my mum (think he was over tired though) so she held him and I stroked his face. I'm worried because its just the two of us at home it would be easy for him to become clingy which I don't think it would be good for him, especially when the dreaded time for going back to work comes! Secretly like it when he needs me though blush

Beginningofthejourney Tue 13-Aug-13 09:44:55

Obviously meant to be Nexus not Netus!

Thinkingofmyfabfour Tue 13-Aug-13 09:46:24

Morning all, feeling a bit more in the land of the living today as M managed a 5 hour stretch last night!! From about 11-4am shock. I think it helped that she pooped lots during the day yesterday. Even if it's just a one off it still gives me hope! Bugger she just puked all over me and couch, got to go

Nexus6 Tue 13-Aug-13 16:21:38

haha oh dear!

We've just come back from a lunch with the inlaws. Elka wont stop crying.. I have changed her formula milk to HIPP instead of Aptimil (I combo feed) would this make her cry more?

also, talking of poonami, we had four wet farts of the apoocalypse! luckily nappy just about held out.

dinkystinky Tue 13-Aug-13 17:40:38

Yay for big sleep but boo for big vom Thinking.

Totally - N is 6 weeks isn't she? I suspect its the 6 week growth spurt messing things up.

Nexus - changing formula can give them tummy ache while they get used to it - hopefully will pass soon. Out of interest, why did you switch?

Another bad night with j and difficult day of battling him to sleep today - he really fights sleep every step of the way. As am hugely restricting my diet by cutting out dairy and restricting wheat and gluten I was hoping things would be better by now, but safely not. Ho hum.

dinkystinky Tue 13-Aug-13 17:41:04

Safely not, meant to be sadly not...

Nexus6 Tue 13-Aug-13 18:48:44

Also forgot to say: beginning it is nice in some ways, makes you feel
Loved smile

Tbh, I don't really have a reason to change, I keep reading how they are all the same etc and that it shouldn't upset their tummies to change... I changed to hipp as we try to buy as much organic as we can anyway so.. Seemed logical to go with it. Bloody hate the packet though. I thought she'd be ok because she still gets a lot of breast milk. I guess she hasn't been crying more necessarily but she's just been awake for most off the day.

I changed to a combo diet because she feeds so much, I wasnt enjoying bf (yeah, you know sometimes you have to be selfish) I now love bfing she gets 5-6 drinks per day and around 4-5 bottles a day (seriously, this baby is a monster- she's growing so fast).

Abzs Tue 13-Aug-13 19:16:51

Six weeks today and hungry and cranky.

Hv here today. J has now crossed the 10lb mark, though has dropped on the percentile scale - now just below 50 instead of bang on. We're adding to the collection of non-problematic problems - an umbilical hernia, infantile acne and a slight tongue tie. Shall have to see what the gp says at his check up tomorrow.

In other news, the shirt dresses I ordered from people tree on Sunday arrived this morning. They are pretty and lovely and yet practical for feeding. I shall wear them and think pretty thoughts, while smelling vaguely of sick and watching the rain...

Abzs Tue 13-Aug-13 19:30:34

Shouldn't have mentioned the sick. He's just spewed down the front of one, down his own arm, over two muslins and a blanket.

dinkystinky Tue 13-Aug-13 20:23:21

Abzs - I suspect j has an umbilical hernia too and poss silent reflux issues going on. May well explain the crapness at sleeping! Glad you got some lovely dresses to brighten your day.

Yay for more sleep, Thinking! Hope you get a repeat performance tonight.

dinky - yes, N is 6 weeks, but the sleep reduction has been going on for a could of weeks now and she probably has some of DH's lateness genes, meaning she'll have a 6-week spurt at about 8-weeks

Abzs - I've almost stopped noticing the vague milky vomit smell. My mum pointed it out to me today blush.

Abzs Wed 14-Aug-13 02:33:19

A new event for the Olympiad - the stealth wee, or "Why is your hair wet?"

Persuasion Wed 14-Aug-13 02:47:20

Oh abzs, that presumably is limited to male contestants! We do have occasional stealth vomit but is usually pretty low volume...

Abzs Wed 14-Aug-13 03:41:50

I think females can compete, just using the puddle rather than fountain strategy. This means they also get a pass into the "That top was clean on" event.

cheekbyjowl Wed 14-Aug-13 04:11:00

J just punctured my nipple with his.latch and I couldn't stop it from spraying ..It was mid feed so everytime he went back for more it squirted.him in the eye!confused grin

dinkystinky Wed 14-Aug-13 06:48:00

Like the new event Abzs!

Back to hourly night time feeds in the dinky household - ho hum.

Mrsd77 Wed 14-Aug-13 09:02:11

Morning! Sorry J is still doing his hourly shifts Dinky. I think you're a legend for staying so together. You must be exhausted!

L saved up a days worth of poo yesterday and let me have it at 3am. It was a case of me standing by the changing table as she grunted and got rid if it all! They are so small. Where does it all come from?!

I think I need to make some decisions re expressing. I'm only getting about 100ml a day now and that is taking me about two hours over four slots. Now DH is back at work I'm finding it really difficult to calmly fit into the day.

DS at nursery today so think L and I will have our first solo girly walk down to the shops. Quite excited!!

VinegarDrinker Wed 14-Aug-13 09:21:12

Sympathies to those whose babies are keeping them up all night.

I think we definitely had the 6 week GS a bit early, thankfully it seems to have passed. B is back to cluster feeding in the evening but then going a decent stretch overnight (last night we went to bed at 10.45 and she didn't wake til 4.45...!). She does then take a while to go back to sleep (we had a little disagreement about whether 5.30am was time to get up, gargle, grunt and coo loudly) but I really can't complain. I think DS was 15 months before he was sleeping 6 hours in a row.

6 week check with the GP today. DH is here to have DS so I am rather looking forward to a leisurely walk and sit just with DD, whenever I just have her to look after it feels like luxury!

Thinkingofmyfabfour Wed 14-Aug-13 09:49:49

abzs M has also been v spotty and I do wonder if she has sl Tongue tie as her latch is still not great. Hope GP appt goes ok

Aargh big vomit again!

Thinkingofmyfabfour Wed 14-Aug-13 09:54:30

Anyway hope those with little sleep are taking it easy during the day. Sadly M was back to normal wakings last night needing to poo etc. Subsequent poonami this morning so maybe she'll be more settled today

vinegar sounds like dd doing really well, enjoy your time with her today.

dinky could it be 6 week gs keeping J up all night? Sorry can't remember how many weeks he is now.

I'm off to get M weighed then going to work to show off my beautiful baby smile

Dinky- if you think it is silent reflux, he may be feeding for comfort sometimes rather than hunger, refluxy babies suck for comfort alot. Gps often get confused because presentation for classic reflux is failure to thrive but with silent reflux often they are gaining weight more rapidly than average because they are feeding so much for pain. Unfortunately the constant feeding makes things worse as the stomach is always bulging and spewing milk back up oesophagus. After 3 silent refluxers i could talk for hours on my specialist topic so i' here if you want any advice
Also, some silent refluxers are even intolerant to breast milk even when wheat and dairy excluded( v rare, but mine do fall into this category)
Sorry everyone else for lack of conversation, struggling with 1 fingeredtyping and sleep dep

PhieEl06 Wed 14-Aug-13 11:44:46

Morning ladies just about, hope we're all well! I'm awful at keeping up & posting, I have skim read, but now have a waking baby!
Breast feeding in public - I know it was subject a while ago but managed my first & only public feed in Nando's last week, I was petrified & tbh still scared about doing it but possibly because I only have one feeding top & nothing to really cover up with, must buy more clothes!! At least I had my sister & mum with me for moral support.
Oh dear crying baby wanting feed now she's woken up from slumber, will be back soon!

MrsRoss26 Wed 14-Aug-13 11:50:28

Wow, we have los sleeping through already? Hats off to you ladies managing that! And massive sympathies to dinky with hourly feeds sad C is going through her 2-3wk growth spurt and feeding for an hour to 1.5hrs every 2hrs, so now I know not to feel too sorry for myself. wine probably needed for the up-all-nighters!

Have many little ones started smiling, cooing and gurgling yet? C has been trying to smile for the past few days - do we have long to wait for full on grins?

MrsRoss26 Wed 14-Aug-13 11:53:19

Phie we've managed 3 public feeds (all in different Costas!) and each time I've employed a muslin as a cover-up. I'm worried each time about exposing myself, and have rubbish feeding tops (must also find better vests when I next go shopping) but the muslin works well for being able to keep an eye on C as well as being a good sized cover.

PhieEl06 Wed 14-Aug-13 11:59:48

Latched on nicely!
Persuasion we often have stealth vomit here, the other day M managed to reach my shoulder in a lovely ark from my lap, cue crying as she was still hungry as she'd managed to sick up whole feed!
Cheek forceful let down? I have similar & sometimes it's too much for M so she pulls off & gets a face full of squirting milk & everything else in close proximity gets soaked.

M had awful colic last week, we started on the Infacol & have seen a massive improvement but it seems to have made her constipated, hmm bit of a more acceptable trade-off, she is still doing at least 4 poos daily but seems to really struggle to push them out.

Sorry for lack of personals, I hope everyone else is well!

Not having much luck getting N to nap now that she's more awake. Getting overtired and it's hard to break the cycle. It means she's nodding off on the boob/being held much more than I'd like. It took months 2 12 years and counting to get DD1 to settle herself to sleep.

PhieEl06 Wed 14-Aug-13 12:07:08

MrsRoss I used a muslin as it was all I had to hand but found it difficult to be discrete with a pink bunny rabbit printed muslin draped over my shoulder. I also find that I get a lot of dirty looks from people of a similar age to me, at 19 people don't expect you to breastfeed. hmm

PhieEl06 Wed 14-Aug-13 12:10:59

Keep cross posting oops! Totally M is like that, she used to settle well on her own but over the last week she has to be held until she's in a deep sleep, if I try to put her down before she's awake & won't settle at all, then have to pick her up & try to settle her again.

MrsRoss26 Wed 14-Aug-13 13:05:04

Ah, Phie that's got to be really hard to deal with on top of everything else, well done for persevering. I have been told by experienced bfers that a dual vest system is good, though given how hot I/we get that will also be challenging!

Fast letdown sounds hilarious grin I hope washing machines keep up with all this fun!

dinkystinky Wed 14-Aug-13 14:14:04

Thanks princessllama - I'm hoping against hope that I'm wrong and its something else going on with j but there is something not right here - after not sleeping last night it took me 2 and a half hours to get j to sleep in his cot this morning (and he slept for 2 hours then woke wailing) and I've just spent an hour of him falling asleep on me and waking as soon as I put him down. To top everything off I have HV appt with our useless hvs now to look forward to which will be fun, fun, fun.

Thinkingofmyfabfour Wed 14-Aug-13 14:29:17

dinky my ds3 had silent reflux, lots of discomfort during and mostly after feeds, hated lying flat, fed loads and gained weight v well. GP referred us and it was agreed silent reflux, ranitidine settled things pretty well. Might be worth looking into?

shelley72 Wed 14-Aug-13 14:31:16

Afternoon. what's with these babies?! Another washing machine here that's been on all day! F has turned into Velcro baby. I literally cannot put her down without her screaming blue murder. Not in the Moses, the bouncy chair, swing, floor - nothing. She likes the sling (close carrier) but I can't wear it all the time. Any other suggestions?

Had our 6 week check and she's doing fine. Didn't weigh her but she's just about grown out of her early baby clothes and now into newborn. She's getting much more alert and grumpy these past few days but on the whole she is a dream. Not at all like the others. We have taken to properly co sleeping (hope I'm doing it safely, can't remember how tiny dd1 was when we started) and she feeds every three hours or so overnight so that's bearable. Definitely planning a bigger bed! Having few issues with dd1 though, bedtime getting unsettled and she wants me all the time again. also keeps talking about me being in hospital and that I'm home now. She has speech delay so you can't always tell what's going on in her mind, but she's obviously been worried about it all.

And as for me, GP announced that I have pnd sad. Have said that I would get to September and re assess how I'm feeling then, before I decide on treatment. As I can't tell how much is down to the birth, and how much is just due to adjusting to looking after three children with the summer hols on top. I don't feel physically back to normal yet either, and I'm unhappy that I don't look or feel like my old self. I'm sure I will be ok. Just not sure how to get there at the moment.

Love reading all your stories of being out and about with your babies. had a disastrous attempt at shopping the other day. F screamed so much in pram that I ended up carrying her about in my arms. Got stopped by practically every older woman to chat and didn't get a thing done!

shelley72 Wed 14-Aug-13 14:35:05

Dinky dd1 also had silent reflux, hated being flat, fed a lot which soothed her but made her worse. Might be worth looking into? She is also dairy intolerant though so things did improve when I cut out dairy, which you've already tried -though I think it can take a month for it to leave your milk? check that though, may have mis-remembered! Am hoping that F isn't going to have same issue as she's not overly keen on being flat either...

Quinandthem Wed 14-Aug-13 14:59:02

Hi ladies.

On top of a 5wk baby seemingly constantly attached to my boob my period has already started.

Mother nature seems a bit unfair

Quin! Already?! That's just not fair!

N still hasn't slept today. Going to take her out for a drive to collect DD1 from nursery, so hopefully she'll sleep in the car and not just wail the whole way there and back.

shelley - DD1 has become v unsettled & clingy too. Keeps saying "I want you, Mummy" when I'm right next to her, or asking for cuddles during dinner. She's had a fairly unsettled few weeks though, not just due to the arrival of a little sister.
I had a horrible trip to sainsburys when DD1 was tiny. Got half way round before she started crying and would only stop whilst I was holding her. Not much good for pushing a big trolley. Managed to get all the shopping but had to put her back in the seat at the checkout. Quick as a flash 2 employees came over - one loaded my shopping and the other packed while I comforted DD1. They even brought my shopping to the car and loaded it up!

Phie - ignore the dirty looks. Just tell yourself they're jealous of your gorgeous baby/expanded norks/milky vomit top wink

cheekbyjowl Wed 14-Aug-13 16:47:09

shelley can you call in your parents to give you a helping hand, or just have an hr to yourself when your dh comes home. I remember you found finding childcare nearby tricky when you were preparing to give birth but Im worried both you, dinky and you other super mums with more than one child will tire yourselves out, esp when babies arent sleeping

was the hv any help at all dinky?

I've been worried about reflux too as share many of same issues but now thinking maybe itsjust the norm. j won't go on back (I've broken all the rules and let him co sleep on his side),.gets atrocious wind, screams part way through a feed, has curdled sick, dry gulps etc I'm not sure if its reflux, over supply or just being 4 weeks old. no idea about weight gain as he was last weighed at 10 days old..doesnt look gaunt or anything thou

phie well done for feeding out and about. ignore those who stare. they prob are just fascinated by the baby, nothing to.do with age. I can't do it yet . my mil was just in fits watching me try to feed under a blanket but I really feel uncomfortable...which is daft as.its so natural

shelley72 Wed 14-Aug-13 16:59:07

Ah thanks cheek but we only have my mum, who actually helps when she can but she still works pretty much full time. She does phone at least once a day to check up on me and she is aware now of what the doctor said. She's not that well herself so I don't like to worry her too much. She does love having the children though so may see if she had plans for the weekend.
And I may have three children but super mum I am not!

dinkystinky Wed 14-Aug-13 17:27:49

Thanks Shelley and Thinking - I mentioned silent reflux to HV whose useful response was keep him upright and tummy time - all of which I'm doing. I have my 6 week check next Friday so will speak to gp about it then. All the feeding has at least done something - at 5 and a half weeks he's 11 lbs 6.

Totally - J is being a sleep refusnik today - just had hour walk with him which would normally send him off into a big fat nap but yes awake and grizzling already. Here's hoping for lots of sleep tonight for everyone! Those supermarket staff sound like angels in disguise.

Shelley - big hugs. I hope you start to feel abit better when school is back in September and life settles into a routine and dd1 feels more secure.

Quinn - definitely not fair that AF has arrived!

Phie - ignore those dirty looks. Its your body, your baby and your choice x

Beginningofthejourney Wed 14-Aug-13 18:11:56

Phie just smile at them and say I know she's (sure you have a girl?!) beautiful isn't she!
Shelley glad you spoke to your GP, I just about get sorted each day with one baby must be exhausting with 3 children. Theo has Velcro baby days I just go with it and put him in the sling!
Quinn that's really rubbish!
Those of you with reflux babies I've noticed Theo seems a bit more settled and slept better during the day since I took him out of his pram into pushchair with his slightly sat up.
We has a good night last night woke at 4 then 7am, dozed back off after that feed too although we also co-slept with theo on his side!
Excited that we are going for our 1st swim tomorrow. Theo loves baths so hoping he enjoys swimming, and taking my mum to help with the 'land' bitsmile

N hasn't slept all day apart from very briefly in the car. Lots of crying. She's so overtired. I have a feeling I'm in for a difficult evening. I don't really believe my mum's theory that she'll just crash out and sleep even better for not napping.

I've been ravenous and craving carbs all day. Had breakfast and lunch twice.

dinky I hope your GP is more helpful than the HV. Great going on the weight gain.

Glad you had a better night, Beginning. Have fun swimming tomorrow. I always find the 'land' side tricky when they're small. Great that you've got some help. When we do venture to the pool I'll definitely be dragging my mum along.

Beginningofthejourney Wed 14-Aug-13 21:10:32

Theo just crashed out on my shoulder after crying on and off for the past 90 mins, really sad cry, very refluxy and sick twice. Tried tummy massage etc but could clearly see the pain coming in waves! Definitely need to go back to gp tomorrow! Fingers crossed its gone now he's been sick!

Nexus6 Wed 14-Aug-13 21:19:05

Seems like this non sleeping/needing to be picked up is catching! Elka hardly sleeps in the day now, just wants to watch everyone and everything. She gets snatches of sleep (whilst I did some washing up, one handed holding her) but I think I need a carrier... Broken ribs and holding a newborn is not fun.

shelley you poor thing, how things get better soon. You sound amazing at coping with the kids though, I couldn't have any more!

Phie, maybe the other 19 year olds are curious? I get v embarrassed and curious looks from people that age- alot of them have probably not seen anyone bf up close, when you get older all your friends around you have done it and you get used to seeing it. I remember being curious and trying not to stare. when i was feeding out in public it made me feel vulnerable and it made me think people were giving me looks. Now i am bottle feeding i feel like people are judging me too- cant win can you! Fwiw i think you are doing amazingly if you dont have friends your own age doing the same. They'll all be coming to you for advice when they have babies

Also, hello nexus, welcome

So my night wasn't as bad as I expected! I boobed N into a milky coma and transferred her to the cot. First attempt didn't work, but second time round was a success. She woke again at 12, 3:30 and 6:30. Unfortunately DD1 woke very upset at 12 and has been in my bed since then. I'd forgotten how much she wriggles in her sleep, at one point her feet were on the pillow. She was wide awake from 3:30-4:30, trying to convince me to play with her teddy bear.

Off to visit friends today. Hoping N will sleep in the car & DD1 wont turn into a monster without her nap (or will sleep on the way home).

I hope there's more sleep and less crying for everyone today.

dinkystinky Thu 15-Aug-13 09:37:39

Good luck with your trip Totally. Slightly better night last night too - 3 and a half hour sleep followed by waking every hour and a half. Got to take those silver linings where you find them!

Currently sat is hospital with J asleep on me waiting for ds2 to go for a minor op. Hes taking it all in his stride so far..

lancslass83 Thu 15-Aug-13 10:21:13

Good luck to ds2 dinky, hope all is ok with the op

lancslass83 Thu 15-Aug-13 11:01:58

Sympathies to all those with reflux issues and Velcro babies, a sling sounds like the best way to manage to get something other than feed done. we seem to be gradually getting into a bit of a routine here which is good for my sanity. Weeks of desperately trying to wake A up when she clearly would rather have been asleep means that she is now doing the bulk of her sleeping at night and just having a few naps in the day. Means I'm still having to plan when we go out to avoid too much car sleeping but was definitely the right option for us. Still up a couple of times in the night but at least she settles ok after she's fed.

beginning swimming sounds great, can they start anytime or are we supposed to wait to six weeks or for jabs, cant remember what I've been told.

phie agree with princess that its easy to be paranoid about what people are thinking about you but generally it's not nearly as bad as what you imagine. You're fully entitled to breast or bottle feed while out and about and the more you do it the easier it'll get.

shelley sending big hugs, hope things start getting easier and you feel better soon

Making a trip to London today on the train, mildly terrified but only way I'll get to see any of my working friends for a while is if I make the effort so hoping it will go ok.

Nexus6 Thu 15-Aug-13 11:26:11

I feel paranoid giving a bottle in public too princess, its so stupid but I feel like I'm being judged!

The main thing I feel odd about bfing in public is that because I went to a massive school I know many many people (there were 340 in each year and 3,000 in the whole school) so I often bump into people who are 'acquaintances' so it feels sort of awkward anyway without a breast hanging out!.

Also not looking forward to bumping into exboyfriends hahaha

Beginningofthejourney Thu 15-Aug-13 11:45:45

lancs apparently you don't need to wait for the 1st vaccinations now to go swimming, however Theo has had his.
Just back from gp had meds increased so hopefully will get back on top of reflux. After having the whole waiting room looking at me as I walked in carrying Theo before someone asked how old he is, his name etc then talking about us/babies I've decided people are generally being nice and just can't help looking at my gorgeous boy rather than judging smile

Thinkingofmyfabfour Thu 15-Aug-13 14:23:57

phie good on you, just ignore the stares.

Quinn how annoying!!

dinky hope ds2's op goes ok and j behaves

Shelley it's good you have spoken to GP and dm hopefully end of school holidays will help

totally hope journey is ok

A friend was visiting me yesterday and got stuck in traffic due to (fatal) car accident, her baby screamed for ages and I felt so bad for her. Dh was stuck in same jam (coming the opposite way and it took him 3.5 hours to get home instead of 30min. Very sad when a life is lost like that though.

Hv yesterday, m now 10 13 and still on 91st centile but when I spoke to her re poor latch / windy she checked for tongue tie and she thinks there is a bit, and is referring us. She also checked upper lip and noticed it is attached very low down to gum line and wonders if this is also part if the problem. Not heard of this before, has anyone else come across this??
Another unsettled night here, roll on weekend so I can catch up on some sleep!

Grannyapple Thu 15-Aug-13 16:06:58

thinking I've heard of an upper lip tie recently...only because lactation consultant mentioned it when I had A's tongue tie snipped 2 wks ago..

She says it can be corrected via laser but I think only privately &' its not very pleasant apparently.

Someone on the fb group posted a good article about this very thing & how it can affect latching etc...can't remember posters nickname tho...but here is the link to the article.

dinkystinky Thu 15-Aug-13 17:05:20

Thanks Lanclass and Thinking - ds2 was v brave and charmed the nurses and drs and j was well behaved. Home now and he seems OK.

Beginning - hope the increased meds work quickly and prevent further bouts of pain. Hope you had fun swimming. We started ds1 and ds2 swimming when v young (ds2 was 2 months) and they both love swimming nowadays. Hoping to get j in to swim classes in september - just waiting for the 6 week check to check out his umbilical cord first.

Beginningofthejourney Thu 15-Aug-13 17:43:38

Swimming was great, Theo cried initially because it was cold but chilled out and seemed to enjoy it, manage about 25 mins before he started getting too cold. Mum had lots of smiles and chat when she was getting him dry. Hoping to find something more regularly in September smile
thinking I've not heard of it but it sounds like that would make it difficult for bubba to latch properly.

dinkystinky Thu 15-Aug-13 18:50:57

I've heard of lip tie before Thinking - the treatment is more involved than for tongue tie but may be worth considering if its a severe one.

Glad DS2's Op went well, dinky

lancslass - hope you enjoyed your trip to London. I think maybe we should get one of those routine things........eventually.

I hope the increased dose sorts out Theo's reflux, Beginning

We had a great day and DD1 was great, despite missing out on her nap and getting pretty tired by the afternoon. She fell asleep for the last 25 minutes of the journey home, but was great when I woke her up to meet my rents & brother for dinner out. N also slept in the car & in the sling at the park, so is very well rested. Just trying to get her off to sleep in her cot now.

Hope everyone has better nights tonight.

dinkystinky Thu 15-Aug-13 21:37:28

Glad you had a good day Totally - hope its followed by a good night.

J has made up for the sleep deprivation by giving me a couple of proper big open mouthed smiles today. So so worth it.

Nexus6 Fri 16-Aug-13 04:57:50

I can't believe it- I've slept loads! Elka was asleep from 11 til 3 yesterday afternoon, dh and I thought we were going to have a rough night because she slept so much in the day. She went to bed roughly around 9 then woke at 12 then woke at 4.30! Surly this is just a lucky one off?

She wasn't sleeping much in the day before, just constantly feeding.. I guess all that food needed growing time?!

Quinandthem Fri 16-Aug-13 05:21:16

Glad you've had a good night nexus.

We're having a bad few days - the book did warn us that week six wasnt pretty

Although our biggest issue is trapped wind in her gut. She is bf and rarely swallows air whilst feeding, but does chew her hands a lot. I think most of the wind is from my diet as I have also been very windy at the moment.

But she is obviously uncomfortable and not sleeping well as a result.

Any advice on how to help shift it? She rarely brings any up when winded (unles I know she swallowed a gulp), we windmill her legs - esp in the evening, are doing warm baths and baby massage.


ClenchingPanda Fri 16-Aug-13 06:12:09

Hello! Just catching up on pages of thread - it's amazing how the days fly by and I keep meaning to update but never quite manage.

Dinky glad all went well with DS2 yesterday. Amazing that all your mini-Dinkies have been the same weight at this stage!

Quin there is chat upthread about excluding particular foods to try to help. Not something I have much experience of, but am sure someone more knowledgeable will be along soon.

Nexus v jealous of your sleep - Junior Panda is finally sleeping so I really should do the same!

JP was weighed yesterday. 3.5 weeks and 5kg so growing happily on the 91st centile shock. I bathed him in the bathroom sink the other day, but can't see him fitting in ito for much longer!

Otherwise he has been quite crotchety and only seems to settle after hours of sucking at the expense of my poor nipples . He has a snotty nose and what looks like an eye infection which I'm sure isn't helping. So, lots of velcro-baby action and not much quality sleep for me.

One question - night sweats... are these normal after giving birth? How long do they last? Please say the end is in sight! Also (sorry, two questions!) are swollen glands in the armpit to be expected? I'm exclusively BFing. Am saving these for the GP at my 6 week check, but it's a little way off as yet.

Impressed at anyone attempting routine and venturing into the big wide world... Right. Going to try getting a few hours rest. Sorry this is so enormous!

ClenchingPanda Fri 16-Aug-13 06:13:34

PS. Not much mention of pelvic floors so CLENCH, people, CLENCH! wink

dinkystinky Fri 16-Aug-13 07:13:27

Clenchingpanda - night sweats normal - normally pass by 6 weeks. Swollen glands in armpit could be engorgement - try the old cabbage leaves on them to see if they go down.

Quin - ds2 had trapped wind - it was awful. We did all you did too - and i drank camomole tea by the bucketload. Cranial osteo helped a lot though. Make sure she gets lots of tummy time during the day too.

Nexus - glad you had a good night.

VinegarDrinker Fri 16-Aug-13 07:44:23

Night sweats can be normal but in conjunction with glands up I'd want to exclude mastitis. Any pain/redness/lumpiness Panda?

B did her first stint of inconsolable screaming last night. Didn't want to feed, didn't want to be held, couldn't get any wind up. Only lasted for half an hour but it reminded me of just how bloody tough it is - colic, wind, whatever "causes" it, I can't believe we coped with months of evenings like that with DS1, much sympathy to any of you with screamers. She eventually settled sucking DH's knuckle and then settled to feed, so who knows what was up...

Anyway she then redeemed herself with her longest sleep yet - 10.30-4.45, quick feed and she's still asleep now. shock

Right, loads to do as we are off on holiday for 2 weeks (to Wales) tomorrow, so much to pack! (not so much for B as for the toddler - B is happy with just boobs!)

shelley72 Fri 16-Aug-13 07:55:16

Morning all, glad that some of you managed to get a bit of sleep at last and seem to be getting on with things v well indeed. Dinky I hope your ds2 is now on the mend. Can't imagine the worry for you, and with a newborn too.

Had a visit from HV yesterday, F is now a whopping 9lb. So at least I'm getting the feeding right even if I'm being a crap mum in all other respects. We had chat about my PND but I just felt a lot worse for it. I'm trying to keep it all together but I do feel rather inadequate after what was said. Probably just the PND clouding my view though. I'm not overkeen on medication and I'm not really sure how counselling would help. Maybe the circumstances of the birth affected me more than I thought.finding mumsnet really helpful though. Fat easier to type on here than talk in RL.

Clenching panda have you tried a squirt of milk for the eye? Can work wonders apparently!

VinegarDrinker Fri 16-Aug-13 08:15:38

I saw another thread that I think is yours, shelley? Huge hugs to you, please don't feel like you are a crap mum, that really is the PND talking. Keep chatting to MN, I agree it's much easier to be honest on here. When do your schools go back? Do you have many plans for the older ones, can you ship them off for some playdates?

Btw to those stressing about too much daytime sleep meaning not enough at night, that's really not our experience. I let B sleep whenever and wherever she wants - sometimes can be most of the day asleep in the sling, sometimes much more awake, but from week one she has always had good nights. I honestly think it's just down to temperament.

VinegarDrinker Fri 16-Aug-13 08:17:15

Btw shelley I really do think it's worth strongly considering trying the medication. Is there any particular reason you'd rather avoid it?

cheekbyjowl Fri 16-Aug-13 08:42:57

quin for wind whats working for us is waiting for a natural break in the feed to stop and hold j upright with his head above my shoulder.and his stomach flat.against my chest, wait for the big burp then put him back on..it is helping however I wish babies would let go before they start squirming with wind, my boobs look like mont blanc smile

clenching check to see if your boobs feel hot, have a hard patch or red and streaky. I had a bad fever with mastitis and the above.

how are your boys this morning dinky

mrs I meant to respond to your post before...my dh got the first smile two days ago, I was outraged (I'm so competive) grin ! I spent the whole of the next day singing to J, clapping, dancing..nothing. he's showing more affection towards our stairs and stripy sofa (the former he also saved his first giggle for)envy but I got a grin this morning. grin no coos, just a good sea lion impersonation. how about you?

shelley72 Fri 16-Aug-13 08:44:24

Oh I don't know vinegar, I'm just not keen on taking medicines in general. Would always rather try everything else before I take anything. Probably because there are members in my family have to take loads of tablets for various things and I don't want to end up like that really! I also really want to see if I can snap out of it on my own, though if course if it's down to a chemical imbalance that could be tricky.

Think I've been inside too much with my thoughts. Once I'm back into running about with not a minute to myself I may be ok...

cheekbyjowl Fri 16-Aug-13 08:50:25

why what did she say shelley? pnd plus over tiredness is prob exasperating your feelings but youre not being a bad mum and the weight gain is excellent.

cheekbyjowl Fri 16-Aug-13 08:55:31

enjoy your Holiday vinegar hope the weather cheers up for you

lanclass how.was your.trip to london, is lancs your location? if so thats a big journey.

sorry about the split post its.the only way I can remember whats been said

ClenchingPanda Fri 16-Aug-13 09:13:31

Thanks Vinegar and Dinky. Breasts are otherwise fine - no mastitis (autocorrect prefers martinis to mastitis... and so do I!). And I'm they're not hard, overly lumpy or uncomfy, and F feeds like a pig in a trough dream so I guess the glands aren't anything to lose sleep over. Chance would be a fine thing wink...

Shelley, the eye is looking loads better this morning - hurrah! We have been washing with breast milk, leading to milk shooting everywhere and much hilarity! I didn't realise it came out with such force!

Shelley, please do keep talking and posting here if it's a useful outlet for you. Sounds like your feeding is going brilliantly and I'm sure you aren't a crap mum - it isn't easy and it's okay not to be enjoying it 100% of the time or to admit you find it hard. Please do give a thought to counselling, especially as the birth experience wasn't great for you, and taking through everything with a trained person may help you in processing it, and how the birth is linked to how you feel now. Also as Vinegar says, meds are worth considering - they aren't generally used long-term and can really make a difference.

Mrsd77 Fri 16-Aug-13 09:45:32

Shelley sorry you feel so down. You really aren't a crap mum. You had a tough time in the lead up to the birth and do a great job with very little help. Like other posts say, could you consider counselling especially as you think you have too much time with your thoughts? I had always dismissed it but decided to go last year and it did wonders.

dinkystinky Fri 16-Aug-13 10:59:04

Shelley - big hugs here. You're not a crap mum. Being a mum is bloody hard work - its tiring, relentless and never ending. And that's with just one. With 3 its 3 times as hard - believe me I know. My sister has battled with depression (still is) - the meds were the first step to her feeling better, as she got more like herself (and less lost in the dark) she stepped off the meds to counsellor based therapy and from there to managing the depression through a holistic lifestyle. If the help is there, and you're still not feeling like yourself in September, please do consider the meds - they really arent a forever thing. Glad F is growing nicely, especially after how tough you found things at the start - you're doing a great job clearly.

Vinegar - good to hear even angel placid babies get the screams. Hope she's got it well and truly out her system now and you have a fab holiday in Wales.

Cheek - thanks for asking about the boys. DS2 being remarkably resilient thanks. J being rather chilled on the whole today too - though now hear him calling...

dinkystinky Fri 16-Aug-13 11:00:34

Also cheek - DS2 reserved his first smiles and giggles for our radiator, sofa, book cases etc. DH and I used to say he was clearly a baby interior decorator in training laughing at our decor. J seems rather taken with our window treatments and wall art grin

shelley72 Fri 16-Aug-13 11:01:00

thanks mrsd. without prying, how did you find it helpful? what did they do exactly? i cant see how it would help in my case - whats happened with the birth has happened and i just need to get on IYSWIM? Compared to lots my birth was v easy!

Mrsd77 Fri 16-Aug-13 13:30:14

Shelley I had just had the molar pregnancy and had had some real issues with friends I would normally confide in. I found it really liberating to rant to someone who had no emotional attachment to me at all. She was kind but professional and "called me" on a lot of what I was feeling. She also gave me a lot of material to read which helped me to understand how my mind was working. I would go back to her in a heart beat!!

Panda when JP won't fit in the bathroom sink, there's always the kitchen sink - DD1 had baths in the kitchen sink at my parents house when their bathroom was out of action when she was almost 2. grin
Worth getting checked out re: swollen glands as Vinegar says. My first thought was to exclude infection. I had mastitis weaning DD1 and had fever, sweats and feeling yuck well in advance of any boob signs.

Vinegar - glad the screaming was short-lived and B continues to be totally chilled. envy at the great sleep!
Have a fab holiday.

Shelley - you are not a crap mum. Depression makes you remember all the negative things and forget all the positives so you get an altered idea of reality. eg if you drove somewhere through 10 sets of traffic lights and 5 were red and 5 were green when you got to them, a 'normal' person thinks of it as a neutral journey, but if you're depressed you remember all the lights being against you. You need to find a way of recognising all of the positives in your day (write them down - it helps!)
Post on MN if it helps. It can be easier to express yourself online than talking face to face.
Whatever you do, don't blame yourself. PND is due to hormones & is so common (but undiagnosed) that it's probably more 'normal' to be depressed than not.

Nexus6 Fri 16-Aug-13 15:23:35

I would try and stay clear of pills too shelley you just get addicted to them, they dont really solve anything. You can get NHS counselling- I have had counselling before and used CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) which has been proven to really help depression and anxiety. There are online free courses which may help in the mean time (if you feel too busy etc to go to a councillor now)

Oh quin thats rubbish, poor thing hope you find a cure soon...I found stopping feeding mid way (much to DD's annoyance) to wind helped too. Just an idea.. maybe a dummy would stop as much air getting swallowed? (in comparison to a fist?)

Shockingundercrackers Fri 16-Aug-13 17:08:57

I keep writing one handed posts on my phone but they get deleted... Gah.

Clenching is it you with the swollen armpit gland? (Can't scroll back, sorry) I have one too. Have massaged it to no avail and went to see the gp who has referred me on to the breast service. Bit scary because I've never had to think about anything like that before. I guess you can't be too careful. I am seeing them on Monday so will let you know what they say .

Shelley you are not a bad mum. Pnd is totally normal. I had it with DS1 - I honestly used to consider suicide every day and thought he'd be better off without me. I can't imagine feeling like that now so it did pass... Eventually. I was very beaten up by his birth and quite traumatised which didn't help. I never talked to anyone about it ( no one to talk to, I lived overseas) and was never diagnosed. It just went on its own and it's only now I realise how bad I felt. Its crap but you will feel like yourself ahain soon, with treatment or without. Have a unmumsnetty hug x

Thinkingofmyfabfour Fri 16-Aug-13 18:30:01

Not had time to catch up properly but thank you granny for the link re upper lip tie, very useful to me!!

Abzs Fri 16-Aug-13 19:18:21

Had a trip out to thinking's neck of the woods today. Dropped dh off at a friend's to go to a stag do, then went for ice cream. Tablet ice cream and bramble ice cream. Wandered along the front a bit in the sun. Wondered if dh is right, and we should move there.

dinkystinky Fri 16-Aug-13 19:26:22

Those ice creams sound lovely Abzs. I miss ice cream. Thank goodness its cooled down about so I'm not craving it too badly.

Spoke with a sleep and behaviour consultant today - she thinks that j has silent reflux from what I described too. Now to persuade the go for a referral to a gastroenterologist!

dinkystinky Fri 16-Aug-13 19:26:43

Go should be GP!

ClenchingPanda Fri 16-Aug-13 20:30:34

Shocking, yes - 'tis me with the armpit woes. Hope that yours is okay and that it's just a post-pregnancy/BF thing. Do let us know how Monday is for you - perhaps I should see my GP sooner if it doesn't go. I'm so terrible at going to the docs!

Totally, it may well be the kitchen sink soon, although JP has taken a liking to a dunking under the shower with his daddy!

Dinky, good luck with your GP. Sounds like you are having an utterly exhausting time with the constant feeding so I really hope you succeed in trying to get help. Here's hoping for a better night for you.

Nexus6 Fri 16-Aug-13 20:38:11

Well, I got too cocky and ate spicy food. why, why, why!? tears all day..

I can only get her to sleep in the day if she's in a pram now, very annoying..well, at least I'll lose that weight.

shocking- PND sounds awful, you're amazing for getting through it and v.brave to have another. I think mumsnet has really helped me stay on track, getting the bad thoughts out there for other mums to rationalise them for me! I think being a mum can be terribly lonely.

VinegarDrinker Fri 16-Aug-13 21:29:06

Evening all. Just back from a work-related meeting on the other side of London. B behaved impeccably, just sat on my lap coo-ing and smiling. I'm knackered though, and still lots to do this evening before our leaving for holiday at 7.45am...

fx for good nights for you all

dinkystinky Fri 16-Aug-13 21:33:10

Ladies - try the cabbage leaves on the armpit bumps. If milk related, they should go down. Clenching - the constant feeding I can just about live with - its the knowledge he is definitely in discomfort that makes it hard to take.

Shocking (and others) - thanks for being so frank about your experiences with depression. A surprisingly high percentage of people will suffer depression at some point in their life but there still seems to be a bit of a taboo about it. Being open and frank about experiences is the best way to break that taboo so thank you.

Nexus - wow dd must be ultra sensitive to spices. Hope she calms down soon.

Thinkingofmyfabfour Fri 16-Aug-13 21:59:55

abzs it's great here, you should! Don't know how you missed the heavy rain though!

shelley keep talking, posting, whatever helps. Re antidepressants, think of it in terms of your brain is low in 'happy' chemicals, a bit like someone with hypothyroidism is low in thyroid hormones. Medication can top up the levels of what is missing, until you can make enough yourself. Most modern ones are not addictive and your GP would only want you on them for about 6 months ( but you would hopefully feel better in a few weeks)
It might help you enjoy these first precious months with your baby, so try to keep an open mind about it. Hopefully you won't need anything other than time though flowers

Abz you should move so you can eat tablet ice cream with thinking.
Dinky- big pants! Silent reflux is a bit of a bummer. I know what you mean about the pain thing, hard to bare, but, made me fight like a tiger for dd when i realisedwhatwas going on. We had a struggle to get the right trt for her but things have moved on a bit. Generally when you get the meds right the symptoms go. We had to to a private consultant with dd as the emergancy referral to paed gastro was a 1 month wait and she was screaming 24 hrs a day. Pm me if you want his details
Shelley, im sorry you're feeling so bad. I have been struggling too, i am hoping is just because i have had to stop feeding humphrey because of severe milk intol and my hormones are going crazy plus hate having to stop.
The sun is shining and my mum has dd and ds1 til tomorrow morning and dh is bringing me breakfast in bed so feeling more cheeful

lancslass83 Sat 17-Aug-13 10:17:20

shelley, lots of great advice already but adding more hugs, you're doing a great job, keep talking on here if you find it helps.

clenching I'm with you on the night sweats, think they're getting a bit better, 4weeks now, but definitely still there. Armpit swelling annoyingly common and painful, same advice as for engorgement usually helps as just swollen breast tissue but keep an eye out for the old mastitis.

cheek, London trip went well thanks, exhausting but only one minor meltdown in car after train on way home - she was silent the whole bit of the journey in a packed commuter train which I was very grateful for. Fortunately the lancs bit is my roots, currently more an Oxfordshire lass so only 45 mins on train to London.

First night away today staying with the inlaws, quite looking forward to a change of scenery for a couple of days even if the activities are the same...

dinkystinky Sat 17-Aug-13 21:05:11

Thanks Princess llama - have had J added to my private health insurance through work so will go down the private route if need be. Will see how I get on with gp on Friday.

Lanclass - glad your trip went well. Good luck at the in laws.

Busy day here - took boys to see Dinosaur Zoo at Regents Park open air theatre this morning (true to form J slept through the whole thing) which was excellent (anyone with a dino obsessed child should check it out!) And then had uni flatmates and partners over this afternoon (so 9 people including kids) for late lunch/reunion as one of them was back in the UK from new Zealand for the first time in 5 years - was meant to be a picnic in the park but the British weather put an end to that idea! We're off to Lollibop tomorrow so rather hoping the rain passes tonight.

dinkystinky Sat 17-Aug-13 21:10:46

Princess - also hugs to you. As you said, stopping bf makes your hormones go crazy so its no wonder you're feeling blue - but hopefully will all pass over soon and logically you know you made the decision to atop for the right reasons for your family. Hope you had lots of quality time with dh and h and enjoyed your breakfast in bed x

ClenchingPanda Sat 17-Aug-13 22:14:26

I am completely exhausted after a lovely day. We went to a lovely restaurant with DH's brother and his wife for a family lunch. Junior Panda slept the whole way through so I got to eat a meal with both knife and fork, not holding or breastfeeding the boy for the first time in ages. Plus, the food was to die for and I can report little difficulty in demolishing a dessert entitled 'Chocolate Nemesis' - turns all that wide-a-bake training was worth it cake grin.

Other discovery of the day: Boots breast pads really are shit, aren't they?

Right - off to sleep. Bliss even if it is short-lived .

Nexus6 Sun 18-Aug-13 05:34:52

That sounds amazing panda the very thought of chocolate makes my milk come in :s haha.

DH is a musician and has got a gig in Russia so I'm staying at my parent's. LO was so excited about sleeping in a new place it took a while to settle but we got there in the end.

Also, a question for you guys AIBU- I give a couple of ff a day and I had to pop out quick and my mum was looking after baby, when I came back (20mins later) I saw that my brothers MENTAL gf was feeding baby. Now AIBU but I really don't want 'just anyone' to feed dd? I think feeding is an important bonding time and should only be kept for the 'lucky few'. I have got dd feeding so well on me and the bottle that I'm also worried this lack of consideration for who feeds her will give nipple confusion (basically what are your thoughts on this, I'm pretty pissed off that someone else who I haven't 'authorised' to feed her was feeding her so with my mum and brothers gf)

This woman keeps trying to overtake dd when I'm round (both brothers live with parents..STILL). She has got two kids but she's Lowry them home with her mum in Thailand! She has TERRIBLE English even though she's lived her for three years and I really don't want dd language affected (too harsh?) she's also constantly mentally bullying my brother.

I needed to get that out of my system- it had been eating me up all night!

Persuasion Sun 18-Aug-13 06:54:05

Sorry I've been absent! I'm managing to read but fitting in posting too and to be beyond me and I can only remember a few personals...

shelley you've done well to manage to talk about the depression here and in rl. It may pass by itself but if it doesn't seem to be lifting keep an open mind about medications, they may really help, they're not addictive although it's s common misunderstanding. I'd also really advise you to try the counselling, depending on the type it might be just a place to vent or it might be based on cbt which helps you identify the negative thoughts that the depression causes and then start to change them. I hope things improve for you soon and it sounds like you're doing really well considering the birth etc (sorry for the essay, pet topic!)

nexus I would also be annoyed about someone feeding F without permission, I think it is an important time for bonding, particularly if you're mixed feeding, as you said. I've found this to be an unexpected benefit of breastfeeding in that I can take her back at any time if I want to by suggesting she's hungry! I wouldn't worry about the accent, I understand that heating a wider variety of voices or accents and languages can be beneficial. I can see why is getting to you though if it feels like she's trying to take over.

dinky I hope you get the reflux sorted soon, it's horrible when they seem to be in pain. And you really deserve a bit more sleep!

We had some friends to visit yesterday which was lovely, think F has made them broody though grin and had a really nice pub lunch. I also went to a baby group at the children's centre this week and met load of new people who were all chatty and seem nice so think I'll be going there regularly for some adult conversation. This is particularly good since the nct cancelled my postnatal course, which is a bit annoying, though the refund has paid for baby swimming starting in a few weeks.

F is five weeks today and we're going to try her with a bottle of expressed milk for the first time. Is anyone else trying this, and how have you got on with it?

Worst night so far last night. N woke at least hourly and we couldn't settle her at all. I think it was wind. Eventually DH put her to sleep on her belly this morning & she's had a good long sleep.
This morning DD1 has a temperature & is miserable. She's asleep curled up on my lap now. Going to have to try & move her if N wakes for a feed though...,

Persuasion - DH gave N a bottle of expressed milk yesterday. It was only enough for half a feed, but she guzzled it no problems. (DD1 was a disaster with a bottle and responded as if we were trying to torture her.) So now I'm optimistic that one day DH & I might be able to go out for the nice dinner we had planned before N arrived.

Bollocks. N has a temp too.

MrsMillions Sun 18-Aug-13 15:40:06

Just checking in, haven't kept on top of the thread very well as have had a busy week out and about. I feel like we achieve more when going out as the "deadline" of when we've arranged to meet people forces us to get moving, but it does mean we don't get much done at home. Still A slept through the football with DH yesterday which allowed me to crack on with my paperwork-sorting "project", and switch/fix our gas and electricity with big saving vs our latest bill.

A is 6 weeks tomorrow and I started expressing at 4 weeks. I'd like her to have a bottle a day with DH but we're probably only achieving every other day so far. When she's properly hungry she does well but other times she plays up a bit and my lovely expressed milk goes everywhere except her mouth. Seeing my parents, sister and BIL next weekend and may see if one of them can do a feed - as mentioned up thread will facilitate babysitting.

The nights have really settled down this past week, and she's getting more efficient at them. Afternoons/evenings have been feeding frenzies most days which can get a bit tiring for me. We have however started getting proper smiles the last few days grin which makes it all worthwhile.

dinkystinky Sun 18-Aug-13 22:02:51

Evening all. Been out at Lollibop all day which has resulted in 3 knackered little boys (though The youngest is refusing to sleep currently - busy pooing by the sounds of it after 2 poonamis while out today- his two big bros are out for the count!) and 2 exhausted parents too!! Ds1 and 2 loved it and j was actually awake for large parts of it too.

Totally - hope N and Dd1 are feeling better now and you have a much better night. We are off on holiday on Friday and am toying with the idea of taking expressing kit and bottle to see if j will accept it - ds1 and 2 were bottle refuseniks. I was the same as you MrsMillions - hated seeing my hard expressed milk go to waste!

Nexus - I don't think language/accent makes any difference at this age - it will when they are older and learning to talk but only if its the primary caretaker. I would be unhappy about someone I personally didn't like feeding my child too - does your mum know how you feel about this? If not, just say to avoid confusion should be you, gran or oh feeding by bottle only.

Panda - hope you got a good sleep. V envious of that choc pudding!

Mrsd77 Sun 18-Aug-13 22:40:55

We've been a quieter thread this weekend folks!

Dinky nice you had such a lovely day with your boys. Totally sorry to hear your girls are unwell. Hope their temperatures have passed.

Pleased to say we've had a lovely weekend. L went to her first birthday party yesterday (sort of!) and we had a lovely afternoon tea. Roast today (first in a while - late pregnancy and a new born not conducive to culinary effort here!) and a chance to get all the baby boy stuff out and sorted given that our future is now very pink. I'm pleased to have got L's nursery sorted and looks less like a junk room with a cot in it! Now got lots of ebaying to do!

I've decided I'm now fit enough to drive and all ok with insurance etc. Midwife signing us off on Wednesday too at 28 days. Gone so fast! Oh and DS finishes nursery this week too.

Thankfully, for now, I'm feeling much brighter and in control. Breast milk slowly dwindled so now solely on formula. I've had stern words with myself to make myself ok with that.

dinkystinky Sun 18-Aug-13 22:50:38

Sounds like a lovely weekend Mrsd! Don't beat yourself up about moving to formula full time - it is what it is and you did mixed feeding for a while as you wanted to, which is the important thing.

Persuasion Mon 19-Aug-13 03:42:07

totally I hope both dds are better soon. I guess the temp explains the difficult night. Last night.

Mrsd don't beat yourself up about it. You did well to manage some mixed feeding and now you're doing what's best for the two of you.

Thanks for the comments on expressing. We gave her a bottle in the afternoon of defrosted milk I had expressed previously. She took it really well although she was quite inefficient at first. We follows it with a breastfed which she also managed. I found it really is giving a bottle, it's so tempting to give one more often because it's so easy, and breastfeeding is still hard work for us because of my fast let down. I'm going to keep it to one or twice a week just to keep her open to the idea of a bottle if I can.

Nexus6 Mon 19-Aug-13 05:46:48

worse 24 hours ever! DH was away, I was on my own for the day.. I picked up a bug (really, really, bad..'both ends') I had to get my mum to come home from work to look after LO because poor thing was screaming when I was being sick.

DH came back around 5ish and hadnt had any sleep (really grouchy), he's looking after LO all night. Im really worried about BFing I think my supply has stopped because Im not leaking?

I feed elka at the start of this sickness (1pm-2pm sunday) hopefully she's got a bumper amount of protection from it.. DH keeps making me stay away but I read if I bf her she will have protection

Nexus6 Mon 19-Aug-13 05:47:31

also, being sick postpartum- no stomach muscles and two broken ribs? yeah..really fun.

dinkystinky Mon 19-Aug-13 06:35:57

Nexus - try to keep up your fluids if you can. Dehydration will reduce your supply. Bfing will give Elka some protection but you need to be scrupulous about cleaning your hands thoroughly before holding her, not kissing her, not having her near you when you are being sick. Really hope it was a 24 hour bug and you feel v better soon.

Persuasion - the more your little one feeds, and the bigger she gets, shell get better at coping with your fast let down. Am glad the first bottle experience went well for you.

Pants, Nexus. What a nightmare. I hope you're feeling better and you haven't passed it on.

Sounds like you had a great weekend, dinky. I hope J slept as well as his big brothers.

Both girls still getting temperatures over night, but responding to paracetamol/ibuprofen. Better night than the one before. Up with each of them twice. DD1 has been up since 5 though, so we're going to head to my parents for the day so I can get some help from my dad if needed. (my mum's away).

Persuasion Mon 19-Aug-13 07:11:00

How sell nexus. Godly it'll be over soon for you. Apparently stress can stop your milk letting down so it doesn't necessarily mean your milk has gone altogether. If you do try to feed try to make sure you are as relaxed and hydrated as possible (and all dinky's advice sounds good)

Dinky that's what I keep telling myself about the let down. It is getting easier and I'm desperate to keep going. How did J sleep, any improvement?

I've had a great night, she went for hours between feeds, twice. Sleep is underrated, I feel very much perkier than I remembered was possible!

Persuasion Mon 19-Aug-13 08:10:26

I should really read posts through blush I have no idea what 'how sell' was supposed to be, something sympathetic! Godly=hopefully.

And cross posted with totally. Glad you had a better night and have some support.

Nexus6 Mon 19-Aug-13 10:53:11

It was less than 24 hours luckily- my whole family have got it, super rubbish. I've been bfing this morning, she didn't feed off me in the night and I've dettol'ed the bathroom. Such a bloody nusance!

Thanks for the info and the support- ill stay calm and bf her as much as I can. Hope dh doesn't get it too!

MrsRoss26 Mon 19-Aug-13 12:12:42

This place has gone so quiet! Glad the bug was only 24hr nexus, and I hope the temperatures go quickly for you totally.

We had a better night. C's going through an endless feeding phase where she's on and off the boob for 1.5hrs at a time, but last night we got some decent sleep chunks which has refreshed us all smile

I hope everyone's days are filled with naps and smiles smile

dinkystinky Mon 19-Aug-13 15:39:44

DS1 and DS2 had to battle with my fast let down too Persuasion - I bf DS1 till 18 months and DS2 till 26 months old (morning and night only when I returned to work) and they didnt blink an eye at the let down after 4 months old.

Glad you've recovered from the bug Nexus - sorry the rest of the family are down with it though. Hope the girls are fully recovered now Totally.

Last night J finally succumbed to sleep just before 10, woke at 2 and then 4 then just before 6 so a good night. Though did an explosive poo across mat clothes and DH when DH was changing him this morning which was less good!

Silver15 Mon 19-Aug-13 19:08:14

Hello ladies!
I haven't been on here for a while. Just been catching up.
Shelley hope you feel better soon.
Nexus glad you are well.

I'm struggling with the bf milk supply and currently mixed feeding. I have upped my fluid intake and hopefully that will resolve soon. I was so desperate last week and visited holland and Barrett in search for supplements that can help but found none.

Beginningofthejourney Mon 19-Aug-13 19:45:32

Hi just wanted to say to those who have been having problems with milk supply that stress really does affect supply. When theo was in scbu and stopped breathing I was expressing and that day I barely got any milk! I know it's a bit of an extreme example but really showed me what a difference it can make!

N seems much better this afternoon. She's much less clingy than yesterday and normal temperature. DD1 still getting a temp when she's not fully drugged up, up to 39C & pretty cranky (as you'd expect), but eating well & in good form when her temperature is down. So hopefully N is over it at least.

Glad you're over the bug, Nexus.

I've no advice to add for those who are struggling with supply.

dinkystinky Mon 19-Aug-13 21:02:29

Check out the Dr jack Newman website and kellymom Silver - some great advice on increasing supply on there. Fennel tea and cardamom tea good for supply too.

J is 6 weeks old and has spent today feeding, choking, chundering and mostly screaming. Ho hum. Did do his footprints with ds2 at arts cafe today(J mostly screamed through that too).

Beginningofthejourney Mon 19-Aug-13 21:54:22

Dinky Theo has screamed every evening for the past week it's very stressful and horrid listening to them cry when there is nothing you can do (although I still blame the reflux!) isn't it! I've decamped to my mums for a few days as I've found it hard to juggle cooking and eating while holding Theo, not had screaming this eve so hoping its just been a short phase.

dinkystinky Mon 19-Aug-13 22:34:41

Utmost sympathies Beginning. J basically screamed all easy today - including screaming himself to sleep on me twice (and then screaming himself awake too). I feel sorry for ds2 who just wants to play with me (no nanny at present as she's on holiday and ds1 can entertain himself) but can't play as trying to pacify j, do house stuff and sort out stuff for our holiday on Friday. Evenings aren't too bad here as j has usually screamed himself to sleep on me by half eight.

Silver15 Mon 19-Aug-13 23:50:32

Thanks for the advice re: milk supply.

J screams when he is hungry and can't get any milk from the breast. It's very frustrating and on many occasions I've come close to crying but have managed to compose myself. It makes me feel inadequate.

Beginning hope the screaming stays away.

Dinky, I have managed to keep DS2 engaged by involving him in the baby care activities such as passing me a nappy or singing for J. Though this only works when J is relatively settled as his screams just upset Ds2.

Totally glad to hear that N is feeling better.

shelley72 Tue 20-Aug-13 08:26:50

Checking in so the thread doesn't disappear. Sorry to hear about the unsettled screaming babies.no advice really just sympathy - ds was like this for four long months. Was awful that we couldn't do anything to calm him. He's still over emotional now!

Second the advice given about milk supply. along with lots of StS, feeding on demand, fenugreek, drinking and resting lots I'm not really sure what else you can do without medicine! I've also read that dark chocolate is good smile. Feeding F seems to be going ok as far as weight gain goes, but she feeds so little (compared to big sister) that I still worry.

Hope you have a good holiday dinky and hope those with poorly older dcs are doing well now.

Checked N's temperature this morning and it was 38.5, so we're waiting for a call back from the GP. She doesn't seem to have any other symptoms though and is feeding well etc.
DD1 still has a temperature too, so I don't think I can send her to nursery tomorrow. sad I like nursery days almost as much as she does because it's the only one-on-one time I get with N and my only chance to get things done.

Beginningofthejourney Tue 20-Aug-13 09:26:40

Hope gp gets back to you quickly totally
I didn't have a screamy Theo last night I had a smiley chatty boy, unfortunately it was 3am! Good job he is cute! smile

lancslass83 Tue 20-Aug-13 09:51:36

My angel child seems to have morphed into a grouch, not sure what to blame, 3 week growth spurt well and truly gone and way too early for 6 week one. Think perhaps she's just getting more awake and I haven't managed to work out how much stimulation she can cope with yet. When she's crying its not hunger or tiredness and she doesn't really seem to be in pain, just fussing, am hoping its just another phase that will pass.

Saw the nurse practitioner & got N checked out. Probably just a virus like I suspected, but glad I got someone else to look at her.

Beginning - DD1 did that 3am thing the other day. I kept telling her to go back to sleep (she was in my bed after a bad dream & feeling unwell), but half of me was happy to see her so happy and playful. It's hard to mind too much when they're smiling back at you, even when you are completely knackered.

lancs - it will pass. She might just be overtired. We had a day like that when N suddenly transitioned from being sleepy all day to being wide awake.

dinkystinky Tue 20-Aug-13 22:15:04

Glad you got N checked out Totally and hope the virus passes soon for both your girls - and you and DH avoid it too.

Lancslass - remind yourself, its all just a phase! Your littleone will be back to smiley and cooing soon.

Shelley - glad F's feeding is going well. Maybe she's just a more efficient feeder than her big sister. J feeds more than DS2 did, less than DS1 - but they were all exactly the same weight at 5 and a bit weeks according to their red books.

Thanks Silver - DS2 loves J and distracts him during nappy changes, tells me what to dress him in, "reads" to him and plays with him (including trying to get him to stop crying) but he also wants quality mummy only time playing too which I just cant give him as much right now as trying to cram everything into the few hours a day I dont have J in my arms. However, keep reminding myself this too is just a stage which will pass... eventually.

BB01 Wed 21-Aug-13 06:00:52

Sorry no personals...sounds like a few of us having some stressful times at the mo. DD is getting a bit better at the feeding but wants to comfort feed constantly in the eve and even if I let her she still comes off and cries. It's pretty much either continuous crying all eve but then she'll sleep quite well over night or encourage her to sleep but then the nights are much worse! We're still finding bedsharing the way to go at night. More sleep all round. Also been getting more and more smiles in response to things (not just randomly at blank wall etc). Makes all the tricky bits not matter v much!

Quinandthem Wed 21-Aug-13 10:11:01

Hope you had a better night than us...

Sophia is 6wks today and I think we've had our worst night yet!
Bless her she was suffering from trapped wind in her gut even though we thought we'd massaged it out of her in the evening ( lots of farts and a nice soft belly), she then slept in her swaddle pod for 2hrs (or when I woke up she was already squirming away so don't know how long she slept). I rubbed her stomach and she did a poo and I thought we would finally all get some sleep but no - she woke 45 mins later and continued on/off for the rest of the night.

Have picked up gripe water and started that last night but think the gas was already in gut so didn't help. Spoke to hv this morning and she said about using infolcol as well - tried giving her this before but struggled getting it into her. But going to have to be really strict with it for all our sakes.

Abzs Wed 21-Aug-13 13:43:22

Not a great night here either. J soaked his bed twice, and was quite fussy about his feeding. It got really humid then poured with rain, which came through the bay window roof into the living room.

Dh is home for a fortnight after being offshore and is driving me nuts. Anyone else's never seem to see what needs done and have to be asked/told? He good at making the dinner, but even then all my sleep deprived brain can see is the mess in the kitchen...

We're going Edinburgh for the weekend and the idea is stressing me out a bit.

Must go, just heard a large squelch...

SundaySunshine Wed 21-Aug-13 15:06:04

Sorry to hear some of you are still having difficult nights, I really sympathise, my DD was terrible at sleeping day and night so I know how hard it can be, she still has stages of insomnia and she's just turned 4! Thank The Lord Luca is the complete opposite, I got five hours then three hours last night and <whispers> feel almost human today.

Re bf, Nexsus you mentioned that your milk supply maybe dwindling because you weren't leaking any more - your body can work out how much milk you use and modifies its supply accordingly, so it may not be a dwindling supply, just a more efficient production.

Abzs, it's well documented how 'useful' my husband is, I find it so frustrating how the most obvious things are clearly too difficult for him, but then maybe I'm being too hard, maybe it just is more difficult for men??? Hope you enjoy your holiday in Edinburg.

Dinky, hope you enjoy your holiday too.

I've just got back from house sitting for a friend, it was a lovely break (she has a lovely house) we did lots of touristy things and saw lots of family too which was great.

Looks like the hot weather has returned, yay! Went for a very long walk in the woods yesterday and going to beach tomorrow , just trying to make the most of the summer holidays before DD starts school full time (yikes how did that happen, she's growing up so fast!)

Hope everyone else is doing ok smile

SundaySunshine Wed 21-Aug-13 15:09:22

Oh and I forgot to share my latest poonami event; L had such an enormous eruption it went all the way up his back into his hair!!! Thank goodness I was at home and could plop the little turd monster straight in the bath grin

Quinandthem Wed 21-Aug-13 16:43:39

Into his hair - wow. We've had a few where it was easier to bath her in the sink afterwards

Nexus6 Wed 21-Aug-13 17:28:41

Abzs, I completely agree.. Maybe females have an extra sense? (common sense?)

Seems like it's a nationwide poonami thing, we have had it here too!

dinkystinky Wed 21-Aug-13 19:31:59

Hello all - J slept, wait for it, a 6 hour stint last night - still in shock - and my 3 boys and I had a lovely day on the south bank today which was so much fun, so life feels good right now. Decided to sling J all day so he fed, slept or peered around rather happily all day - will probably pay for it tonight.

Impressed at the epic poonamis!

Abzs - what a pain re the leak - hope the rain now disappears. Enjoy your break - bet it will be fun when you get there .

Glad you had a lovely break Sunday. Ds2 starts at school full time this term too and I am totally in denial about it.

Quin - hope the infacol does the trick

Nexus6 Wed 21-Aug-13 20:52:41

6 hours!? Did you wake up half way because you weren't used to it? I did that when Elka went for five hours!

dinkystinky Wed 21-Aug-13 21:00:19

I woke up every two hours as that's normally how often he wakes up

Silver15 Wed 21-Aug-13 23:30:17

Wow 6 hour sounds really good. Glad you had a nice day Dinky.

I'm very tired today as I had visitors. Will try and sleep as J is already in his cot sleeping.

Wow, dinky! 6 hours is fantastic. I hope he's sleeping as well tonight.

Abzs I hope you have a great holiday.

N has just slept for 5 hours. I think she's trying to make amends for last night, which was a disaster with almost constant feeding until about 1am, then a maximum 2 hour stretch of sleep for the rest of the night.

dinkystinky Thu 22-Aug-13 09:12:41

Sadly normal service was resumed by J last night - awake most the night. Ho hum.

VinegarDrinker Thu 22-Aug-13 09:17:17

Sorry to hear about more wakeful babies.

We're on holiday in lovely west Wales, but I think B thinks we've travelled down under, because she's gone nocturnal hmm

DS's imagination is running away with him as usual overnight, too. This morning at 4.30 he was calling for us because apparently there was a White Tit on his head. Is that even a real bird?! hmm

We do have both grandmas here though to take turns cuddling so I can get a break. And having a really nice chilled time, mostly just on the beach.

Beginningofthejourney Thu 22-Aug-13 09:17:29

Theo slept in his own bed all night! Only taken 12 weeks, lets hope it's not a one off smile

Been lurking, but not much posting as Caspian is a super cuddly and fairly hungry baby. Feeding is okish, but he has a tongue tie which they do not treat over here (I'm in the channel islands), so contemplating arranging a private consultation in the UK to deal with it as it is pretty painful for me!

Have also just had to call the health visitors as for the 4th day in a row he has rolled himself onto his tummy.... First couple of times was on his play mat, (he is also 360 turning around during tummy time), and now he has been doing it in his moses basket and in the carry cot when downstairs in the pram. I thought it was a fluke the first few times (3 times the first day, then at least twice a day since), but maybe not? I've been told not to swaddle him as it is too warm and his arms should be free, and just to tuck him in even tighter, and put him on his back every time I catch him having rolled over in his sleep confused. Just a bit concerned about risk of cot death. Does anyone have any advice or experience or general good ideas in respect of this?

dinkystinky Thu 22-Aug-13 20:17:18

Hope you have a better night tonight Totally and that B realises she's still in the UK Vinegar!

Waves - C sounds very strong! Can he roll himself back to his back from his tummy? If he can, I'd be more relaxed. If he can't, then I don't think swaddling would help as he'd most probably break out of it - you could get one of those breathing monitor pads maybe to put your mind at rest as it sounds like the flipping over is here to stay.

Silver15 Fri 23-Aug-13 04:08:43

Hello all.

I'm up as J always wakes up at around this time to feed.

Just wanted to share with those whose babies are nocturnal. I normally wake up J at 7pm and keep him awake until 9-11pm. At 9 I give him a bath. I use mum&me sleep tight bath form which is made of lavender and chamomile. J seems to like it as it smells good and finds it calming. I try to keep him in the bath for as long as possible, changing positions and allowing him to play in the water. This is followed by a massage in sunflower oil and then a feed. By the time the routine is done J is calm, relaxed and ready for bed. Sometimes I even just place him in his cotbed when still awake and he just nods off. He normally sleeps for 5-6 hours before he wakes up for a feed and nappy change. I did this with my first 2 and started the routine with J on day 3 and I've found it very helpful so I thought I should share it in case someone wanted to try it.

VinegarDrinker Fri 23-Aug-13 05:13:19

Hooray, B is back on UK time and slept 10.30-4.50! Much more "normal" oft her. Still can't quite believe I've produced a child who seems to like her sleep (well aware there's plenty of time for it to go to pot!). Also even more convinced that it's down to temperament - we have nothing resembling a routine at all, and we don't try and keep her asleep in the day (couldn't if we wanted tbh!). Yesterday she napped for most of the day (5 hours asleep on the beach, with 2 feeds) but obviously was still tired tonight! She also is nearly always rocked/fed to sleep, sleeps on us or in the sling etc etc. Basically all the things you are "supposed" not to do!.

Anyway, just my 2p worth and a slightly different view to some others, as someone who has had a confirmed non sleeper, and one who seems on the verge of spontaneously sttn at 7 weeks shock

Appreciate "this too will pass" isn't that useful when you are utterly wrecked with sleep deprivation, but looking back I was always convinced on some level that DS's lack of sleep was due to something we had done/were doing (which I think is totally natural, whether things are going well or badly), and it made a stressful time even worse.

VinegarDrinker Fri 23-Aug-13 05:14:01

*awake in the day, not asleep!

Andrea75 Fri 23-Aug-13 09:42:15

have managed to keep up lurking and reading but not managing to post anything...often i am just in the same boat with bad night etc etc . have mil and fil staying Thursday to sun and they've taken dd and ds out for morning. J didn't sleep much last night. Am desperate to get him asleep now so I can get a bit of a nap...haven't had a daytime nap for a couple of weeks...come on baby...zzz
On positive note he's put on 2 lb since birth and is Mr Average on the 50th centile :-) and he is smiling but not at cameras yet!!!
ok hoping this time he's dropped off into a nice deep sleep and mil and fil dont come back early with kids!
Sorry for no personals am too tired to be coherent and remember.

Andrea75 Fri 23-Aug-13 09:49:50

oh and no routine here yet. mil said her dd slept thru at 6 weeks come(J is six weeks on Sunday). And her two boys slept thru by 10-12 weeks. Mine have always taken longer can't remember exact times now in sleepy haze. Despite trying to create different night/day patterns with light and dark and bathtime etc mine have taken longer to get into regular routine. All were/is ebf and I think that means they don't tend to sleep for such long stretches am I right!!??
I do think there are so many factors inc comic, wind amount of stimulation each day, milk supply etc etc its d difficult and I try and just go with flow sometimes thru gritted teeth! hope you all have s good days

Andrea75 Fri 23-Aug-13 09:51:42

lol colic not comic!!!!!

cheekbyjowl Fri 23-Aug-13 10:09:04

silver can I swap places with your little one? I want thatt routine myself. vinegar maybe your ds2 was having a breastfeeding dream smile

there seems to be no rhyme or reason to our sleep patterns. he's been up since 5 but.asleep now we're on the bus to town. he had a grouchy night and then as soon as he saw his daddy gave the biggest smile. the tally is about 10 to dad, 20 to the staircase 10 to other inanimate shapes, 1 me. I feel quite jealous

has anyone here done milk donation? I'm contemplating it. might be worth enduring a chest like the taj mahal if it could help babies in sc.

cheek I've considered milk donation, but never got as far as properly looking into it. I'd be interested to hear if anyone has done it before.

We have absolutely no routine at all here. It hasn't been helped by illness and DH being away and then altering the only minuscule step I'd taken towards starting a routine. Every day seems to be unique at the moment. Naps are a bit of a disaster, unless we happen to be out in the car. Really need to get N napping in something other than the car sea or sling. DD1 didn't sleep through until 13 months, hoping to get N sleeping better than her big sister.

Thinkingofmyfabfour Fri 23-Aug-13 14:22:45

Hi all, not posted for ages, been so busy! Ds1 was back to school this week and ds2 back to nursery in mornings so been trying to get some sort of routine going. Have managed to get there in plenty of time each day so far, and I think it will help me to get into routine generally.
M very variable in sleep pattern. She's done a 5 hour stretch a few times but if needing to poo she's normally up all night. She spent most of last night in her Moses basket instead of cosleeping as she just can't feed lying down.
Still waiting for hospital appt re Tongue and lip tie but she's being a bit less sick and easier to burp so not a massive problem.
She did a poonami at the toddlers group I go to yesterday but luckily ds3 didn't cause too much trouble while I was changing her!

Sorry for lack of personals on phone, but have a good holiday dinky
Oh and abzs I know exactly what you mean re men not seeing the mess!!

cheekbyjowl Fri 23-Aug-13 16:28:44

a question...
do you think you can betray a newborns trust? many of us have velcro babies, only sleep on mum etc...I've just been doing battle with jo who woke from sleep and screamed when I transferred him to the moses basket or bed.

finally managed to slide him off me but heres the reason for the question... if I go out of the room now (he's sleeping in a safe place) to tidy up etc and he wakes ...will he remember? or do you think they are not that advanced yet?

I don't know if I'm being cruel by putting him down somewhere else when he's too tired to notice, or too soft when I allow him to sleep on me for as long as he likes?

cheekbyjowl Fri 23-Aug-13 16:56:31

ps I realise this is a big question but you all seem so level headed I'm.interested to.know what you are doing/thinking rather than asking mn_wide

Beginningofthejourney Fri 23-Aug-13 18:37:47

We have no routine at all, try to have bath, massage, jimjams, feed and bed each eve, have varying degrees of success and getting Theo into bed, often spend most of the early evening cuddling then putting him back down before giving up and cuddling until I go to bed!
cheek I think babies cry when they wake in a different place to where they fell asleep, which is why health visitors say you should put them down awake. I don't think they remember very much from the 1st year (I can't remember much before I was 3 or 4) I figure they won't remember being put down and you'll remember all the lovely cuddles so enjoy them smile

BrieMonster Fri 23-Aug-13 19:54:39

Can I join? Was on the wrong antenatal thread all along and nice as they are it makes more sense for me to follow the happenings here I think. (And you get prizes on this thread!!) Mine was born 11 July, 5lb 9 and a little brother for DS1 who's two.

Off to give him a bath now as I'm sure they'd arrest me if they knew how few he'd had since birth...

dinkystinky Fri 23-Aug-13 20:55:22

Welcome BrieMonster - hope all good with you and ds2.

Cheek - I don't think they remember in the long run. J is the same - will sleep on me (or anyone else) v happily but wakes when put down. I have taken to swaddling and putting him down drowsy occasionally and sometimes he drifts off - its pot luck though.

Re routine - not much of a routine here either. I tend to feed and change him after he wakes from a nap and try to put him down for a nap when I see him yawning (though he does fight sleep so varying degrees of success) - sometimes he's awake for 30 minutes, sometimes hours before sleeping. In the evenings he has a quick bath and lots of cluster feeding before going down sometime between 8 and 9.

Nexus6 Fri 23-Aug-13 20:56:02

Glad I'm not the only one getting the fewest smiles cheek our one loves the curtains and the cat more than me! Oh well... sad

waves I saw this mould thing in John Lewis that kept babies in a correct sleeping position maybe something like that? I know my mum used to roll up towels and prop my brothers and I on our side (when it used to be recommended) Maybe something like that could help? Good luck anyway.

Elka keeps adding the odd high pitched scream, and I mean scream to her crying the last couple of days.. It's really frreaking me out I feel like I've hurt her or she's in pain. Is this normal? It really disturbs me. Dh seems to be unfazed by it which almost makes it worse for me because he's so calm about her when she cries. I swear men just don't have that 'painful reaction trigger' when babies cry like a woman has.

nexus I shall investigate the mould thing for sure. Happy for him to flip onto his tummy when we are both awake but anxious about the sleeping obviously. He showed off his rolling skills in public today at an open air film we went to. Hoping the extra fresh air bodes for a good nights sleep!

We have no discernible routine here either, I just try to keep things darker and quieter in the evenings. C is 4 weeks tomorrow so it will be a while yet before we know what's what. Means I am getting vastly more confident at bfding in public at least as he gets hungry at such erratic intervals!

Mrsd77 Fri 23-Aug-13 22:08:17

Hi Brie, I am an import from the August thread too. DD was born on July 24th so I absconded!

We have the tentative beginnings of something resembling a routine here in that L is eating at similar times each day. We've slotted her into DS bedtime routine so she is bathed and changed for bed by about 7.30 and seems to be settled by about 10 (though she's having the occasional squawk as I type!)

Re leaving them in another room etc, I don't think they remember. Also, as normality starts to set in, they are going to have to be left to snooze whilst we get on with other (boring) housy things. This week I have been on my own with both kids much more and I've found it hard that one of them always seems to be waiting for me to finish with the other before I can sort them out. Aargh! This has led to me starting to feel a bit low and overwhelmed again so need to be having a good talk to myself over the next few days.

Happy hols to everyone away. We are day tripping next week. That should test my organisational skills!!!

Quinandthem Fri 23-Aug-13 22:46:21

I'm currently feeding or rocking (on shoulder) Sophia to sleep unless she's in the car.

I don't understand the books that say out them down for a nap when sleepy. What does that mean in practice? Do you stay with them whilst they decide what to do (sleep or wake up) or do you pat/sush them to sleep?

Hoping for a good nights sleep everyone

Abzs Sat 24-Aug-13 04:28:40

We don't have a deliberate routine yet, but he has settled on a pattern of feeding that he sticks to fairly closely.

Do need to start having more baths though, he seems to attract fluff like a magnet. Always has sock fluff on his toes, even when wearing a foot less baby grow confused

Have walked miles round edinburgh today. Bought a bike trailer, slightly premature, but the last one in the company and a cosmetic return so for cheap. It looks big, even compared to our cargo trailer.

Cheeseandbread Sat 24-Aug-13 07:36:07

I've been slack and only reading rather than posting lately... I've got my best friends wedding today and over the past couple of weeks have been juggling bridesmaid duties and looking after J.

Welcome Brie

Really interesting reading about all your routines. We fonts have one yet but I like the idea of bath and massage in the evening so might start with that. At the moment I only bath J once/twice a week. I was concerned about drying her skin out but if you massage after I suppose that problem is solved.

I too have been getting more smiles at me rather than the wall lately- makes my heart melt!

Since hitting the 6 week point J had also gone from pooing several times a day to every 2 days. I was worried at first but she seems fine.

I was thinking I know babies develop at their own rate but I would be interested to know how old all your babies are when they do certain things as I have no point of reference as J is my first. Like when we were expecting we put how many weeks we were maybe we could out how old our babies are in weeks at the end of our posts?


Persuasion Sat 24-Aug-13 09:14:47

F doesn't have much of a routine either. We have a routine we do at night of bath, clean clothes, feed, snuggle with DH (while I get ready for bed) then sometimes she goes to sleep and we put her down in the cot, and other times she doesn't and I take her in the spare room and cuddle/feed etc until she sleeps.

In teems of putting them down once asleep, I think if you then didn't go to them when they woke and cried that in the long term could be damaging but as long as you then reassure them etc it's ok. And one offs of anything are unlikely to cause any problems especially at this age (obviously with exceptions of extremes). That's my take on it anyway.

We've been getting smiles since about three weeks, and they're now often at me which is lovely! This week she started making an oooh noise after I made it and then grinning.


VinegarDrinker Sat 24-Aug-13 09:43:59

Abz - not necessarily premature, B has been out for a few short trips in the trailer already. We've borrowed a Weber baby seat with head support which fits into the trailer. From Sept I'll be doing the nursery run with them both in the trailer. Appreciate it's less nerve wracking second time round, though!

Thinkingofmyfabfour Sat 24-Aug-13 14:29:01

abzs I had to check back to make sure your dh was back onshore after hearing about that crash that night. My DH knows one of the people that died sad

No routine to speak of here, but I'm not even trying to get routine tbh. I'm just going to go with the flow for now as she changes so quickly at the moment

Been attempting to declutter the toys today and have convinced the boys to chuck out quite a lot of stuff including lots of trains which are doubles or damaged . The mess just drives dh and me crazy, and with 4 kids you accumulate a lot of stuff!!

Silver15 Sat 24-Aug-13 14:55:44

Hello all,

I have a question for you ladies. I still get intermittent swelling of legs and hands. I wonder if anyone knows what I can do to stop them. Tomorrow I will be 3 weeks postpartum. It feels like this time round I'm experiencing slow recovery compared to my previous births.


Nexus6 Sat 24-Aug-13 16:18:12

I think getting your body moving, going out for gentle walls is one of the best things for water retention. I found my wees (sorry for over share!) went on for ages after giving birth. I assume this is my body sorting out water retention etc. I can't remember what herbal remedy is good for water retention.. I would be wary of them too if you are bfing. This actually leads me on to my next question! I have loads of small but bloody annoying varicus vains in my legs ATM which seem to be getting worse. I know horse chestnut is supposed to be really good but bit worried about taking it if bfing (it's not exclusive but still) by any chance does anyone have any info or experience? I'm getting mixed messages on the web.

Also going back to silver, I hear things don't go back as quick second time round...sad


dinkystinky Sat 24-Aug-13 20:10:39

Silver - massage wrists and ankles/feet as this will help flush out water retention. Magnesium will help too - coconut water is a good source or try mag phos supplements. And gentle exercise is good as well. Hopefully you'll feel more like your old self soon.

Nexus - no idea re varicose veins and honeopathy I'm afraid. Best to get yourself to a qualified homeopath to find out what's safe to take while bring. If you have a meals yard pharmacy near you, they're normally pretty good in the advice.

Welcome, Brie

We're still only at the 'thinking about a routine' stage. I haven't really deciphered much of a pattern emerging for anything, but considering the number of times we've been up and down to stay with my rents whilst DH has been away or the girls have been sick, I'm sure N doesn't have a clue whether she's coming or going!

Abzs Sat 24-Aug-13 23:26:33

We haven't heard that we know anyone thinking Hope your dh is okay.dh flies with chc, but doesn't work with anyone from total.

MrsRoss26 Sun 25-Aug-13 01:56:56

Is there no insomniac club any more? I doubt I'm the only one up! Hallo brie smile

C did seem to be settling into some form of a routine, then hit either another growth spurt or the heat got to her, but feeding has gone mad again the past couple of nights. My previously every-3hrs baby turned to every-hour baby angry I'm trying to not offer food each time she wakes tonight so she doesn't rely on snacking in future.

I hope you're all getting more sleep tonight. News of 9hr sleeps on fb are making me very envy


BrieMonster Sun 25-Aug-13 02:31:01

Thanks and hi all. I'm up too mrsross!

No routine here yet either. And tonight was my first night with the two boys alone. DP usually gives a bottle late evening to give me a break from BF and oh how I missed that tonight... No through-sleeping baby here. Just a rather adorable windy awake one.


We're awake again. Getting so tired during the night feeds. It's a real struggle to stay awake.

Mrsd77 Sun 25-Aug-13 03:55:27

Awake here too! L just having a grumble and a wriggle post feed. I'm giving it a few minutes before I close my eyes in case it all leads to a nappy situation!

Also awake... C has had a ridiculously unsettled afternoon and evening and night. I think he probably wants a bit more of a feed now he had a clean nappy on then maybe, hopefully I will get a couple of hours sleep. I am so tired!

I also hope other wide awake babies are asleep soon smile

4 + 1

Cheeseandbread Sun 25-Aug-13 04:54:37

Another one awake...

J behaved very well at the wedding. I did not like being separated from her during the service and there was a particularly hairy moment during the photos when she needed feeding..,but all in all she was fab! By the end of the evening u had milk/dribble marks on both sided of my bridesmaid dress but it was a good day!

Very tired now though...

7+ 4

MrsRoss26 Sun 25-Aug-13 05:34:46

cheese better than booze stains? grin

Awake again for a feed. We got 3 hours in between though, so I would be counting my blessings, were it not accompanied by copious, unfathomable screaming sad poor things don't know what's wrong sometimes, do they?

Silver15 Sun 25-Aug-13 06:33:40

Thanks Nexus and Dinky for the advice.

Welcome Brie.

J is sleeping but I feel too tired to sleep.

Silver15 Sun 25-Aug-13 06:35:58


Posted the above message last night but for some reason it didn't go thru and it's just been posted.

Silver15 Sun 25-Aug-13 06:42:25

Hope all those in the awake club managed to get some sleep.

Cheese, glad you had a lovely day.

Awful mother emoticon needed. C wouldn't settle at all and I was sitting with him over my shoulder and nodded off for what was less than a minute during which time he wriggled or I let him go and now he has a graze on his head from the edge of the stool. It is right by the soft spot so I'm taking him to hospital which may be OTT but it looks awful. He is fine, have just fed him and now he is wide awake (still) and happy as anything but I think it is right to at least get it seen?

Beginningofthejourney Sun 25-Aug-13 09:34:05

We are usually awake at least twice in the night I just can't wake myself enough to read anything. Sure Theo was going at least 4 hours sometimes but doesn't seem to do that very often at the mo!
waves hope C is ok, I've almost dropped theo several times by nodding off while feeding/winding!

Thinkingofmyfabfour Sun 25-Aug-13 09:39:41

waves (hugs)
Don't feel bad, I'm sure we have all drifted off holding baby at some point, I certainly have. I'm sure it will all be fine at hospital. Better to get him checked out now or you would just worry about it all day

abzs thanks, he's ok but it is a real worry now. I think they need to ground the fleet, however difficult that is re transport.

I'm just waiting for the 6 week growth spurt which must be coming soon. M did well last night, slept from 11 till 3.30. Then I couldn't get her to sleep and after an hour of trying she yawned so I put her down in Moses basket awake expecting her to cry...I woke at 7am when she woke up shock
I honestly don't remember ever putting a baby down awake at this age and it actually working!

Nexus6 Sun 25-Aug-13 11:46:13

Oh waves, hope you and LO ok, its good you're going to get him checked out, even just to gve you full peace of mind. In the first week I was so tired I was half asleep, I had to move something (cant even remember what I was doing now) and I stupidly put elka just on the couch whilst I did it, 2 seconds later she rolled off and although I grabbed her the shock for both of us made her scream. Lack of sleep can do crazy things/let things happen, dont beat yourself up about it. You are the best mum ever smile

we had the biggest poo ever this morning, front, back, sides it was bloody everywhere. Elka was pleased she was getting an extra bath! bloody thing.. I need to get the washing done ho hum.


C is absolutely fine. The doctor was lovely, he was properly checked over and I have calpol to give him just in case but only a tiny dose. Still feeling horribly guilty but reassured that he is very much ok. I was told to drink some strong tea to deal with the shock smile

On with packing now, me and all three DCs are off to the mainland tomorrow for a week. Hoping C copes well with the flight, and that the bigger two are super helpful. Fingers crossed!

BrieMonster Sun 25-Aug-13 16:51:53

Have fun waves and I hope it feels somewhat like a holiday... You absolutely deserve it!

dinkystinky Sun 25-Aug-13 17:53:57

Glad C is OK Waves - as Thinking said, we have all dozed off with babies at some point. Have a lovely holiday.

Took J for his first swim today - he was pretty brave but exhausted by it ( cried in changing room for as couple of minutes then out like a light)!

Glad to hear C is ok, waves. I hope the flight goes well and you enjoy your trip

Good to hear the wedding was a success, Cheese.

I often wake up in a panic, wondering what I've done with N, to discover she's fast asleep in her crib. Occasionally I've fallen asleep sitting up in the bed feeding her, but luckily haven't dropped her yet. It could happen so easily though.

There's not been much napping going on here today, so I'm bracing myself for a traumatic evening. DD1 didn't nap today either, which invariably leads to tears at bedtime....

I hope the swimming leads to a good nights sleep, dinky

dinkystinky Sun 25-Aug-13 21:27:46

Missed your post Cheese - glad the wedding went well. Enjoy kicking back and relaxing now with j.

cheekbyjowl Sun 25-Aug-13 22:33:10


Hope you're all having a good bank holiday. We've tried to make our first foray into DIY which has been a total disaster. We are only painting a wall but we were impatient and now it's so blistered - we could probably charge people to climb it. smile I think we need to realise that home improvements is not our forte

Nexus you asked earlier about a high pitched cry. When J cries like that we think it's either wind or sometimes frustration - though the latter might be a guess Prob different for every child, but giving him a good burp fixes it for us - he either clears his belly or falls asleep on my shoulder

Silver they will go down. Think drinking counter-intuitively helps water retention (i.e water/lemonade - rather than hitting the bottle!) movement and elevation

Good idea about adding the child's age - definitely puts posts into context

Cheese glad the wedding went well!

Waves glad C is ok. If it's any consolation my parents said when i was little they were so happy to have a child they walked along the pier swinging me in the moses basket in glee and i flipped right out the back of it. And like totally i often wake in the night clinging on to a bundled bit of duvet and think oh no i'm smothering the baby- then realise i've actually put him back in the moses basket with no recollection of it at all.

dinky. swimming sounds great. how does it work? Do you just hold them while they splash or can you get special buoyancy things? Hope he has a better night. Where abouts are you for your holiday?


Swimming sounds great dinky. I remember how much my older 2 enjoyed it as babies. We just used to hold the babies in the water and do a bit of floating them on their backs, circle songs and a bit of front swimming.

We are all packed here and my alarm is set for 4.45am though doubtless C will have me up round then anyway. Off to Bristol for a night, then Brighton, then London so lots of travelling ahead. It will be lovely for DD and DS1 to have a bit of a trip before school starts, and most excitingly means that we can all see my sister and introduce her to her newest nephew.

cheekbyjowl Sun 25-Aug-13 23:35:26

have a safe trip waves enjoy your time with your sister

dinkystinky Mon 26-Aug-13 08:49:15

Can you claim its a lunar lasndscaspe themed feature wall Cheek? V annoying when diy goes awry!
We are in the Cotswolds in a water park (lots of lakes around us) which has a pool and spa on site. Dh has hired a bike with a little kids bike connected on the back for ds2 and we brought ds1s bike so they have been cycling lots and I have been pushing j in the pram in a different location to get him to go to sleep (had a good night death only 2 feeds and 1 chunder last night but it has just taken dh 40 minutes to shush him to sleep). Swimming was fun - I do what we did with ds1 and 2 to start with - a bit of cuddling him in the water while sprinkling water on his face, a bit of swooshing him around on his front band back in the water - only stayed in 15 mins as the water was a bit cold. Will start proper swim classes in late September hopefully once the older boys are east school.

Sounds like you are going to have a busy trip Waves - hope all goes smoothly.

SundaySunshine Mon 26-Aug-13 11:38:37

Waves , glad Everything was all fine (i droped L when he was about 2wks he landed on his face!) have a fab holiday, sounds like you've got lots planned.

Dinky your holiday sounds great too.

Cheese glad wedding went well, sounds like you had a great day.

We went to country fair yesterday had great time, kids were happily exhausted by the end of the day. L slept from 9 to 4.30 !!! Then didn't wake again till 7.30! grin
Bad news is that torrential rain came in the flu and flooded our boiler, so we've had no hot water over the bank holiday sad


cheekbyjowl Mon 26-Aug-13 17:44:38

Sorry for the really daft question but which way round to you wear breast pads -sticky bit on boob or bra? I've tried both ways with different brands and i'm still sporting crop circles.

dinkystinky Mon 26-Aug-13 19:34:20

Wow - awesome sleeping by L there Sunday! Bugger about the rain knocking out your hot water though - hope you can get it fixed soon.

Cheek - sticky bits on bra for sure!

cheekbyjowl Tue 27-Aug-13 04:12:09

up,with jo,and reading the june post natal thread to keep me awake... it gets easier smile

N has got into a cycle of waking every 2 hours for a comfort feed and it's killing me! It started when she was sick and she just hasn't settled back into her old routine of only 2 feeds a night. If I get up to her she forces her way around to position herself to feed. DH is a bit useless trying to settle her TBH. He gives up really easily and tries to put her back in her crib before she's settled. He's just too impatient. He tried the other night but just kept waking me to feed her. It was before 11pm, so not even late! He has no stamina!
I think I'm going to tell him I'll be sleeping in the spare room at the weekend and I'm not to be disturbed unless its been 4 hours since the last feed.

ClenchingPanda Tue 27-Aug-13 07:07:39

Hello! Yet again I've been reading but not posting so just catching up. Welcome new arrivals Nexus and Briemonster.

Waves Glad that C is okay, but if it makes you feel any better I managed to burn Junior Panda's leg on a baking tray that I had recently taken out of the oven. He was fine (sleeping sounds within about 10 mins of it happening) and it has now healed without a mark, but I was completely horrified at myself and definitely learned a lesson in not mixing babies and ovens.

I'm impressed at all those off on adventures with their new arrivals. It feels like quite an epic adventure for me to get into town to go shopping, let alone go off for a holiday!

Dinky, swimming sounds fun. JP loves the bath, so will definitely be taking him along to the pool at some point.

Cheek, I love the idea of you reading the June PN thread for a vision of the future!

Sunday, hope that you have got your boiler sorted. Not a good time for any sort of domestic appliance failure. I have actual palpitations at the thought of our washing machine conking out.

Interesting to read other people's night experiences. JP seems to be gradually settling into a bit of a pattern, which I appreciate enormously. Generally he wakes at least twice in the night, at around 3am and 5am, for feeds, but we like others we have ended up co-sleeping a lot of the time. However, we went to sleep at midnight last night, he slept in his crib all nice and has only just woken for a feed at around 6am - it feels amazing to have had such a run of unbroken sleep for the first time since before I went into labour. However, such a run without feeding has left me with a new problem - boobs like rocks!!

My DH has been in New Zealand for the past week, so have had my mum down to visit/act as home help. She's been amazing but went home yesterday, so have been battling it alone since. Dad is coming tomorrow (and although he's likely to be significantly less help with the baby, he has volunteered to feed me and clean the house, which is not to be sniffed at).

Well JP seems to have gone back to sleep so I will try to do the same.

5 weeks here.

ClenchingPanda Tue 27-Aug-13 07:11:43

Cross posted with Totally - sorry to hear you're having such a round time. My DH is also a little useless at trying to settle the boy-child. He'll try for about 5 mins and then proclaim that the baby must be hungry despite the fact that I know he isn't as he's only just fed and hand him over to me. Some things are easier with him on the other side of the world... wink

ClenchingPanda Tue 27-Aug-13 07:12:05

Round? Rough

Nexus6 Tue 27-Aug-13 12:31:41

funny you should say that panda (Re:rock boobs) I had that the other day, I felt like a cow really wanting to be milked! (ew?!)

Well, we've gone a step backwards in terms of night time feeding- Elka was staying in moses basket all night only feeding 3/2 before. Now she does the usual falling asleep between 8/9-12/1 in basket but if I put her back in after that she'll wake every hour so I just sleep with her next to me with a boob hanging out for her to feed on in her sleep. I was worried I or DH would roll on her but we seem to keep away (although I wake up aching as I need to sleep on my front to be really comfortable)

cheek I think you're right, it just scares me when she screams like that, I feel like I'm a bad mum sad

We had the six week check today, everything good etc, poor LO has eczema. I also had eczema at her age, hopefully she wont get it as bad as I did. This bloody weather isnt helping!

Ugh totally I understand, my DH just doesnt seem to be able to read LO as well as me.. sometimes he just lets her cry "because there's nothing you can do to settle her" ffs!! I cant stand her being 'left to cry' she's too tiny for that!

MEN! etc etc grin


Nexus6 Tue 27-Aug-13 12:34:24

OH! I also totally heard Elka say Hello. SHE BLOODY SPOKE. This really was the happiest day of my life.

(she totally just made oohs and woos that nearly sounded like hello, but because it's my baby she;s awesome and it sounded like hello)

(she's clearly very advanced! hahaha wink )

Thinkingofmyfabfour Tue 27-Aug-13 13:24:41

Ha ha nexus that's so funny because I had a dream about M last night when she said 'hi mummy' then got up and walked away!! Just remembered that now!

Another one here with a fairly useless dh when it comes to settling baby. She does usually settle quickly if outside though so he'll just walk her round garden to give me a break. Ach he's not bad really!!

M slept from 10 till 3.30 again last night, fed and burped and back in her own bed in less than an hour, so I'm also feeling practically superhuman today having had so much sleep! Took ds3 and M to softplay after ds1&2 drop offs and because M slept we stayed for ages and then went back to pick up ds2 before coming home. I'm hoping spending lots of time with ds3 will improve his behaviour as he's in the midst of terrible twos at the moment.

Sorry to those not getting much sleep at the moment but it will improve.

Re breast pads I actually use washable ones and they are great, would recommend them!!

Thinkingofmyfabfour Tue 27-Aug-13 13:25:16

Oh forgot to say m is now 6+1

dinkystinky Tue 27-Aug-13 19:13:02

Totally - thats what j was like. It WILL pass but its bloody knackering till it does. Wishing you and Nexus a more sleepful night tonight.

Thinking - which washable ones do you use? I've tried them 4 times now at night but they get soaked through when my let down happens. Lansinoh seem the only ones that can soak up the milk leaks.

So we've been using the ranitidine for 4 days now and dh says he thinks he can see an improvement in j - a bit more settled, less clingy etc. I say its too early to tell - we were on holidays with the grand parents so have 3 extra sets of hands eager to cuddle him into submission. He was great today on a long woodland walk and an afternoon swim though.

BB01 Wed 28-Aug-13 09:20:58

Also keen for reusable breast pad recommendations!

Had a v v smiley baby this morn which made up for only getting about four hours' sleep, if that, after an evening of screams!

Thinkingofmyfabfour Wed 28-Aug-13 11:14:31

I think these are the ones I have. I bought them years ago hence why I'm struggling to remember. I also bought some from nappy lady website which were too big for me and tended to wrinkle. These ones are quite small and stay in place well. I should say though that I don't leak too much generally so not sure how well they would cope with bigger volumes of milk.

Abzs Wed 28-Aug-13 17:03:54

First immunisations today. I don't like the pain cry. He's sleeping now, but fed fretfully for an hour after getting home.

CatB has let a live mouse go in the living room and is being spectacularly rubbish at recapturing it. Playing with it is one thing, looking blankly at it as it runs away is quite another.

8+1 (How?)

Abzs Wed 28-Aug-13 17:04:58

Oh, nearly forgot. Woes come in threes. Dh failed to put the bin out. Let's hope the weather doesn't get hot again...

cheekbyjowl Wed 28-Aug-13 18:06:18

oh dear abz. I'm dreading the jabs I know I'll apologise all the way to the drs..but having read ahead on the june forum wink I hear it results in a day of grogginess then full forgiveness

going through the 6 week growth spurt here and 4th outfit change. cleopatra bathed in milk right? perhaps I'll get softer skin grin

StillNoFuckingEyeDeer Wed 28-Aug-13 21:13:02

I've decided to try out a new name. Previously TotallyEggFlipped.

Abzs - I hope he settles and has a good night. We have vaccinations next week - I'm not looking forward to it!

Still not really getting the hang of the whole falling asleep/napping thing. N only seems to sleep after feeding & being cuddled or in the car. No idea how babies are meant to work. confused


dinkystinky Wed 28-Aug-13 21:43:09

Nice new outfit SNFED.

Abzs - hope J settles OK for you tonight. Ds1 and ds2 were irate as all hell about their 2,3 and 4 month jabs - am going to have to invest in industrial quantities of dairy free choc for J's first jabs in a couple of weeks time (if not going dairy free Ben + Jerry's is the perfect mummy panacea for post jab hell!) as his temperament is eerily similar to his brothers.

Thinking - thanks for the breast pad link. Have tried those but sadly my flow seems to soak those through.

Nexus - ds1 and ds2 keep claiming J has said his first word. I have to keep explaining wah is not a real word!

Went to a cool castle today with the grand parents - ds1 and 2 had great fun doing crafts, getting faces painted, running around like loons in the grounds and playing in fab adventure playground and j had much fun being fed in various different locations :-)

BB01 Wed 28-Aug-13 22:13:21

Thanks Thinking! Will take a look.

Nexus6 Wed 28-Aug-13 22:34:32

dinky- haha amazing, thats awesome they sound so excited!. I keep breaming that she's actually spoke, which confuses/freaks me out in the middle of the night when I go to feed her half asleep, then realising how mental that thought actually is!. Oh the joys of not knowing reality from dreams.

Cheek- I was thinking about all the milk in the bath and getting everywhere how it would make my skin awesome, cleopatra did it with cows milk? well, I've got taylor made stuff (!) haha.

Abzs- Im getting DH to go in there for the jab, cant deal with that cry! poor things! worth it but I remember the scream from the vit k jab, freaked me out. Lots of cuddles and kisses.

Do they get a little flu-y after the jabs? I know I felt a bit odd after my whooping cough jab.. mainly an achey arm..but still calpol at the ready.


Abzs Wed 28-Aug-13 23:05:15

He is very sleepy. I'm not sure if that isn't more worrying than being grumpy. Hence I'm not asleep.

Dh caught the mouse, by hitting it over head with the colander he was trying to trap it under. CatB had given up and gone to be sick on two different window ledges

I have been convinced/coerced to go to Oban in the camper van this weekend. Dh is doing a triathlon, not sure what there is to do with a baby in Oban. Not sure how on earth to feed and change a baby in our camper van. Or where he's going to sleep.

MightBeMad Thu 29-Aug-13 05:12:32

Hello all! Haven't managed to catch up properly yet but hope those on/going on hols have a lovely time. Must book a holiday!! smile

Naps/daytime sleeping and feeding all over the place here. I figure he's still little and it will come in time (I hope!). He did nap long enough for me to get my hair coloured while he napped in the buggy beside me today so that was a result (though he woke for a feed just before the colour needed washing off so I had to undo my gown and feed him in the salon blush


StillNoFuckingEyeDeer Thu 29-Aug-13 07:15:08

Ok. I need to figure out how to work the baby. Boobing and cuddling to sleep just isn't practical with a 2 1/2y old around. I never got it figured out with the first one and it was torture for all of us.
So - how do you get your baby to sleep?

Grannyapple Thu 29-Aug-13 10:20:42

still I just cuddle A, or put her in Moses basket as she's just drifting off...tho that only really works at night when I can quickly turn the light off. A sometimes gets swaddled for a feed & she'll drift off so easily after that...

Grannyapple Thu 29-Aug-13 10:36:55

Hi ladies...anyone know if I can take A to a farm/petting farm type of place? Want to take N at the w/e but wasn't sure about taking A has she hasn't had jabs yet?

Not that she'll be that close/touching anything there mind, but was curious....

cheekbyjowl Thu 29-Aug-13 12:46:54

replying In stages....stillno I liked your old moniker. sounds twee but a lullaby works for us. think he thinks that sleeping through it is better than listening to it smile

cheekbyjowl Thu 29-Aug-13 12:55:06

Good work on the mouse hunt abz. how is oban stocked for b&bs

StillNoFuckingEyeDeer Thu 29-Aug-13 13:20:30

cheek I'm sure N would sleep to avoid listening to me singing too! grin. I'll give it a go.

Mrsd77 Fri 30-Aug-13 05:19:02

Stillno your new name made me chuckle, as did you not being able to "work" the baby!

DS was really hard as a baby and we found "The Baby Whisperer" really helped. As with all of these books, there is a lot of picking and choosing, but I liked the section about understanding the different cries and acting accordingly. This time, I'm much more confident now I think I've picked up on L's "settling herself" noises and will give her a few minutes before I go and pick her up. She also likes to suck for comfort in the daytime, so we offer her a dummy when that happens. She sucks for about a minute and then spits it out and goes to sleep. Know you are bf though so may not want to try that one.

I by no means think I've got it all sussed and will probably regret sharing but most nights L is sleeping for a good 7 hour stretch. * Backs away hiding head and waiting for it all to come crashing down *

Having a lovely holiday week here. Lots of day trips. DS having a great time with DH. Wish I could be more involved in the active stuff but I must admit the hour I got in the sun with my kindle yesterday was amazing!!

SundaySunshine Fri 30-Aug-13 07:02:00

SNFED sorry to say, it might just be the luck of the draw with these babies! DD was a crier couldn't do anything with her but L just sorts himself out. He'll do a little yawn to kindly tell me his tired so I'll then take away any distractions, toys, big sister etc, make sure his comfortable , and he just goes to sleep! We were in a pub the other day so difficult to find a calm place to I held him on my shoulder quite tightly and hummed a rather tuneless rendition of a White Stripes song with gentle sways and he was asleep in about 5mins. Dummies also work for me if I'm not able to pick him up, and also the sling (close caboo) is fantastic for sending him to sleep even if he's not tired. Good luck, I know how draining it can be.

Granny, I've taken L to a petting farm already without jabs. I didn't personally touch anything, including cages, pens, doors etc and I took some sanitizer fell which I used before touching L. Really glad I went as DD had a great time on her birthday.

SundaySunshine Fri 30-Aug-13 07:05:05

*fell should be gell

SundaySunshine Fri 30-Aug-13 07:12:52

Mightbe* jealous of your time at the salon, I really need to dye my hair, I look like a mad old witch at the moment!

Mrs* 7 hour stretches wow! That is impressive. Glad you're having a good holiday.

Abs* glad you caught mouse, I couldn't have slept with one in the house <only because DH would have been frantic, he's terrified of them!>


VinegarDrinker Fri 30-Aug-13 07:14:19

SNFED I agree it's largely down to temperament <helpful> B is super chilled compared to her big brother but still can count on one hand the number of times she's fallen asleep by herself. She usually needs cuddling/patting/walking/sling/buggy, although unlike DS this usually takes no more than 5 minutes so it's generally possible to shove him in front of the TV distract him for long enough to get her off.

We do get out & about a lot though so tbf she has a lot of her naps in the sling/buggy. I say just do whatever you need to.

Worst night since B was born here, she's got a streaming cold and took hours to settle, then spent all night in with us as she woke every time I tried to put her down. I'm really hoping it's just her cold!

We"re still on holiday with the GPs (mostly having a really great time) so hopefully can palm DS off on them and get a nap at some point.

Last day of my 20s today!

VinegarDrinker Fri 30-Aug-13 07:15:06

Forgot to say B is 8 weeks (+ 3 days)

SundaySunshine Fri 30-Aug-13 07:24:24

Ah happy birthday for tomorrow Vinegar smile cake wine are you doing anything special?

Talking of wine, what's the general advise/opinion on drinking and bf at the mo? I've been abstaining but I've got a lovely bottle red that's been opened and I really want to polish it off -not necessarily in one go-

MightBeMad Fri 30-Aug-13 07:51:24

Happy birthday vinegar!

Sunday - yep, my roots were looking awful so salon was a (very lovely) necessity!

Mrsd77 Fri 30-Aug-13 08:25:25

Happy Birthday for tomorrow Vinegar

Sunday I was told that a glass of wine was completely ok whilst bf. Enjoy your lovely red!

Forgot to say 5+2

cheekbyjowl Fri 30-Aug-13 08:33:35

Sunday there will be naysayers but I've read you can drink just not get drunk. a glass will be fine but no more than you would have before driving. we toasted js arrival the day after he was born and I've enjoyed wine with some meals. medically I've read it can affect letdown but nowhere outside of mumsnet have I read to totally abstain

SundaySunshine Fri 30-Aug-13 08:36:49

Ah Fab! Do you think granola or Coco Pops go best with Rioja grin

Shockingundercrackers Fri 30-Aug-13 08:37:37

Morning all... Keep trying to post but getting distracted. Can't scroll back to remember who it was who can't work their baby but rest assured I can't work mine either and he's my second.

Worst day yesterday, couldn't settle him at all... Kept trying to take him out in the pram but that just made him scream more and just to compound my shame after just 4 hours sleep (broken into 3 chunks) I cracked myself and burst into tears. I may or may not have also shouted
"Fuck off with your drilling!" At some particularly loud builders...

Dh had to come home from work early to rescue me (ds2 went straight to sleep for him of course. But then he had been pretty much awake for 12 hours straight by then).

Gah. Massive fail. confused

Shockingundercrackers Fri 30-Aug-13 08:46:38

Should add that I did of course have a glass of wine last night and I am ebf. One small drink occasionally does no harm I'm sure.

Enjoy your birthday!


StillNoFuckingEyeDeer Fri 30-Aug-13 12:18:24

Definitely ok to have the odd glass (or two) of wine whilst BF. If you have a 'big night' you need to express & dump. It tempting to give a boozy feed to get them to sleep, but a hungover baby would be a nightmare!!

Happy birthday for tomorrow, vinegar! cake wine It's my best friend's birthday tomorrow too.

Thinkingofmyfabfour Fri 30-Aug-13 12:27:46

I had a bad day yesterday too! Must have been something in the air making them all cranky!

Decided to go to soft play for lunch with some friends, had all except ds1 with me, so I knew it could be tricky . Anyway as I made my way to a table some women agressively and in her loudest voice said to me that I had bumped a wee child (about 1 year old) on the head with the carseat. Said child was standing looking completely unfazed, not upset or crying. I didn't feel any bump but apologised profusely at which point she said ' you need to be more careful' in a really sneering way. Totally uncalled for, especially as I'm pretty certain I didn't even touch the child or she would have at least said 'ow'/ 'sore' etc!!
I was fuming she was just so damn rude!! Kicking myself for not then using the classic munsnet line 'did you mean to be so rude?'

Anyway whole place was heaving with mums and kids including some bigger girls who for some reason kept pulling ds3 about which he wasn't happy about (he's 2, they would have been 4 or 5)
Too noisy, too stressful, too much!! M did sleep the whole time and the boys played well but I think I'll stick to quieter times from now on

Happy birthday for tomorrow vinegar

abzs glad the mouse was caught -yuk!

Sunday def ok to have a glass of wine- enjoy!

BB01 Fri 30-Aug-13 15:18:36

Definitely not tee total here. Usually only have half glass or one at the most which means I can have it more often without the guilt smile smile I know some people totally abstain but I haven't heard any evidence as to why you'd have to. Had slightly better night last night and an evening with almost no inconsolable crying. Yay! Hope everyone else is ok and getting more sleep. Sorry am so crap at personals nowadays! Am never at proper computer any more.

VinegarDrinker Fri 30-Aug-13 17:34:03

Yy to wine!

And thanks for the advance birthday wishes, hopefully the weather will be good to me and we can chill on the beach all day and have a BBQ down there.

dinkystinky Fri 30-Aug-13 21:17:01

Happy birthday for tomorrow Vinegar - hope you have a lovely day and B gives you a lie in as a special birthday treat.

Shocking - J was a sleep refusenik yesterday during the day (and the evening before) - awake for hours on end grizzling away before succumbing to a power nap of 20 minutes or so and repeat cycle. However last night he slept for 7 hours - 8 till 3! - as he was so knackered. He's been sleeping loads today (after making his displeasure known and in between poonamis) as have driven back from holiday, done loads of driving errands around London on the way back, and slinged him this afternoon to take his brothers to the pool in our local park, so doubt the record will be repeated.

Abzs - glad that mouse was caught somehow in the end. Your cat sounds comical!

Thinking - what a rude woman! It would have upset me too.

dinkystinky Fri 30-Aug-13 21:19:08

Re wine - am a big advocate of a little of what you fancy so have a small glass of wine or cider or a weak g+t a couple of times a week with food in other evening when j has been wrestled down to the land of nod. As ds2 pointed out, its a bloody good thing wine is dairy free!!

emsiepoops Fri 30-Aug-13 23:26:59

Can I join? smile cake

I'm a first time mummy to my beautiful girly born 8th July!

SundaySunshine Sat 31-Aug-13 02:56:57

Hi emsiepops, pull up a chair and join us for a natter smile

Thinking, in the words of Miranda: Rude! Soft play places are a nightmare aren't they; as you say too loud, too busy, too hot, too much. But kids love them (generally, when not being manhandled by bigger kids, or weed on from above - seriously seen it happen!)

Dinky, glad you had lovely holiday. Relieved to see J is sleeping a bit better now, are you feeling a bit more human? Lol at you DS2, he sounds such a character grin

Well I've got DDs birthday party tomorrow (her actual birthday was mid August but I was too unorganised to book a place in time) I'm dreading it! It's the first one I've done so fingers crossed it goes ok.

L is lovely as ever, he's really smiley and starting to laugh grin it's so cute grin.
Oh quick question, did you have to book a 6 wk GP checkup or where you given one automatically ? Sounds a silly question but I'm a bit confused. I tried to make one at 6 wks, was told they do it at 8 wks here, then tried to book in for jabs next week but still wouldn't give me appointment saying they'd contact me. Well it's 8 wks tomorrow and nothing! Will phone them on Monday I guess.

Hope everyone else is doing ok

7+ 6

SundaySunshine Sat 31-Aug-13 02:59:24

Apologies for rubbish one handed sleepy typing!

BrieMonster Sat 31-Aug-13 03:18:56

Where are you sundaysunshine? in my part (presumably all of) Scotland you make your own triple appt with the GP but they send you out a letter for 8 week jags which I got at 7 weeks. But maybe is does vary by practice?


Quinandthem Sat 31-Aug-13 04:53:00

Hello emsiepoops - is there a clue in your name?

We had to register Sophia with the gp first and then we could book in the 6wk checks and the 8wk jabs.

We're still struggling with wind trapped in her guts which is causing her to wake in the night as she is uncomfortable trying to fart them out.

massage during the day is helping but she's waking after sleeping 2-3 hrs and then I'm giving her the boob to get her back to sleep. Don't want to get her into a bad routine of short sleeps & feeding though...

Had a nice day meeting my friends with babies, it's great to see how they're all growing. Sophia is really making lots of noises now and has conversations with you.

Hope everyone is asleep instead of reading this...


MrsRoss26 Sat 31-Aug-13 05:01:58

Is anyone awake?

Hello emsie smile

MrsRoss26 Sat 31-Aug-13 05:09:13

Oops, should have refreshed before posting. Morning quin. Trapped wind sounds a real pain for you both sad we're on short night sleeps and feeds too, and tonight it's driving me mad. Poor babies need a manual!

ClenchingPanda Sat 31-Aug-13 06:21:25

Yep, wide awake here. Hope you are ok MrsRoss. The boy is just settling to sleep after a 90 minute bodily fluids extravaganza. No blood involved, thankfully but pretty much everything else...

Re: alcohol, I am not abstaining and am enjoying a well earned G&T / glass of wine / beer every few days. Dinky, I love your DS2's comment! And Sunday which cereal did work best with Rioja!?

Happy birthday to Vinegar! Wishing you wine cake but above all, [sleep]!

Right-o. The boy is asleep so I am off for a bit more kip. DH back from New Zealand today - excited to have him home (jetlag and all)!

evelynj Sat 31-Aug-13 07:17:30

Hi all, hope everyone well-been catching upon most recent posts while Fis wriggling about in my arms-think she's constipated sad

Sounds lik some of you are making some great progress!

All is good here though we've just given up breastfeeding. F stopped feeding & was screaming when I tried her on the boob so I got a lactation consultant out who said she had posterior Tongue tie & seemed To be struggling to stay on, (latch was always bad). Only place to get it clipped is privately, 4.5 hours drive away & overnight stay, which is too much stress & expense to justify. Anyway,it's been very emotional a I really didnt want to I've up but after 2 weeks of pumping realised that wasn't really working for us either-poor DS didn't get a look in. the last 2 weeks I've been grieving a lot about it but starting to feel less bad now my milk is drying up.

There's not much silver lining to bottle feeding though-she's waking more at night than she was & she's gone from 50th percentile to 90th in 2 weeks?! Think the hv will have a fit but really don't know what I'm supposed to do -there's no info really to be found on formula feeding other yen on the side of the box which is like 5 feeds of 5 oz a day.

Has anyone any advice? I can't let her go hungry or cry for ages-have been trying to distract her when possible but think it must be awful to go from feeding on demand to being put on a schedule of 5-6 feeds a day.

No routine going here although I have an evening jobs list that I work through which helps me feel a bit more in control. It's this-

Evening feed to add probiotic to
Sterilise bottles, dummies, milk dispensers & fill
Ensure feeds prepped & Muslins, change of clothes, nappies & cream supplies ok in bedroom
Maintenance to changing station in living room
Empty changing bag & get it ready for tomorrow with refills
Sort breakfast for DS (he's 3 so I have decanter cereal mixes into 2 tupperware boxes so he can reach it in morn along with his bowl & spoon)
Fill DS large drink carton with cordial & leave in fridge door
Decide & prep lunch & tea for next day
Leave out DS clothes & mine

It helps me a lot just to have the necessities written down & know that DS can sort himself when we do have a bad morning!

Really looking forward to a routine of sorts starting-been getting out to my parents most days & enjoying it so can't wait for mums & tots groups to start as DS starting nursery school.

Christmas shopping started here also while doing night feeds-it's ver dangerous!

emsiepoops Sat 31-Aug-13 07:41:13

Hello everyone!

Nope no clue sorry! Only a clue to my own name wink

My little girl is called Daisy and is nearly 8 weeks old grin

I was sorting washing out last night and the clothes that had dried on the clothes horse have only been drying a couple of days (maybe a week blush) and don't fit her anymore ohhh. And I wasn't stroking a newborn outfit in Tesco's yesterday either..

SundaySunshine Sat 31-Aug-13 08:24:41

Evelyn, sorry to hear you had a hard time with bf. please don't beat yourself up about it though, you've made a sensible decision which works best for you and F and your DH. Oh my, you sound super organised! I'm very impressed. My evening routine consists of me bathing and putting DD to bed, feeding/settling L then me collapsing in a heap on my bed! And Christmas shopping!!!! smile

SundaySunshine Sat 31-Aug-13 08:28:47

Oh and I meant to say, I don't know much about ff but would a dummy in between feeds work?

woody17 Sat 31-Aug-13 09:11:34

Hello - I was wondering if I could join this thread? I had a ds at the start of July. I used to be a regular on here when I was ttc and during my first two pregnancies and was on the ante-natal threads but both of these ended in mc. It sounds stupid but when I got pg for the third time, I was too worried about tempting fate again to post on MN. Luckily, it was third time lucky for me and after a bit of a stressful pg with quite a bit of bleeding in the first 14 weeks, ds was born. He's been an ok sleeper from the start but over the last two nights, he has been waking up from 3am ish onwards. Not really sure what I can do to try and change this!

Mrsd77 Sat 31-Aug-13 09:51:19

Hi Evelyn sorry to hear bf didn't work for you. The guilt is awful isn't it?!

L is ff and by no means eats the volume the packet says she should. She still feeds like a bf baby. I feed on demand every 2-3 hours and offer about 3oz. She does have a larger bottle after her bath though.

Hope that helps.

Thinkingofmyfabfour Sat 31-Aug-13 11:05:22

Evelyn that sounds really hard, it's a shame nhs in your area couldn't clip Tongue tie. I've got appt with consultant on Monday re Ms Tongue and upper lip tie, so I'm hoping something will be done and her latch will improve. Seems crazy that there is not nhs cover for Tongue tie nationwide
Dummy does sound like a good idea. Also may be worth looking at breast/bottle feeding forum on here. I hope things settle quickly for you thanks

Welcome woody and emsie nice to have some new folks on here. woody I know what you mean about feeling superstitious about posting before baby born. We are going to be building house extension but I couldn't start process till dd was born. We had appt with bank manager and architect round to start drawing plans within the first week of her arriving!

All this talk of booze is making me thirsty... I really fancy some magners cider with loads of ice- may have to send dh out to buy me some as there is nothing in the house

M has been giving us some lovely smiles the last few days, it just melts my heart smile


evelynj Sat 31-Aug-13 11:52:21

Thanks guys and welcome & congrats woody. Sorry to hear of your losses-I had a mc last year & didn't talk much about this pg in RL as I was so sure it wouldn't work out so well, (lots of agog fb friends when
I posted baby pic!)

Mrsd-that's good to know, Florence is taking about 5oz every 3 hours mostly, but she's not sick or anything so I dont really think Theres a problem but think we'll get in trouble (last week she was EBF tho she put on a full lb in the week). Dummy works occasionally but I think she's just greedy, (I'm pretty greedy myself so can't blame her). Will check feeding forum

Agree the smiles are amazing smile). Am I the only one who is really broody for another baby already? Think I'm too old tho-turned 36 last week but would love a third child albeit without the pregnancy.

Really feel the need to get my little family outside to do things before winter forces us to stay in but my dh is lazy & a home bird. Going to try to herd them to the park at least today so Off on my mission.

Sorry for errors-iPad autocorrect is totally rubbish!


Persuasion Sat 31-Aug-13 12:29:18

Happy birthday vinegar smile

Evelyn I'm also feeling broody already, I must be mad!

F has started sleeping more at night so I only have one or two short wake ups in the night which is when I used to post. In the day I can't seem to find time.

I agree smiles are lovely. F is also cooing a lot which is adorable. Makes the grumpy days totally worthwhile.

Ah she's awake, better go.


Mrsd77 Sat 31-Aug-13 15:32:09

Evelyn, why do you think you'll get into trouble? Situation was similar with DS and he stacked the weight on quite quickly. My HV said he was just trying to find his growth line and not to worry. Four years on and he has never deviated from it!

evelynj Sat 31-Aug-13 17:58:43

Phew, thanks MrsD, I just expected them to tell me we'd been feeding her too much, (think I'm just a bit scared of Hvs even though the ones
I've had this time have been lovely so far).

Mad as it sounds I quite like the night feeds, or at least the 15-20 mins that I keep F upright by lying on me after. The complete quiet is so lovely & only time all is peaceful for me!

Also, just in the last week she's started to enjoy (or not kick up a fuss), going in her bouncer chair, so. It's nice to inject some play time. Still not bothered as much about playmat & havent attempted tummy time yet...

Dh has agreed to Christmas at home, yay-first ever and am so excited. Off to organise & shop so December is all about the fun ;)


dinkystinky Sat 31-Aug-13 18:15:26

Evening all - hope all doing well and enjoying the sunshine. We have had a fun (not) morning of DH trying (and failing) to get the new school run car taxed with road tax (which runs out tomorrow) as he hadnt got it insured (only bought it yesterday) - and then trying and failing to get our nanny insured on it (as he didnt want to let anyone know he had done a speed awareness course instead of taking points on his licence and even though I told him 2 weeks ago our nanny had a european licence he didnt look into it to check if it would be an issue with insurers - turns out it is, idiot) so he finally just insured him and me on it and our nanny is going to have to get a UK licence. He then cocked up J's sleep patterns totally by dragging us out to a park just as J finally went off to sleep. Result - one totally overtired J who is in meltdown now and in his bath a whole hour earlier than normal and one very fucked off Dinky who is now going to have to do the school runs every morning and afternoon for the forseeable future (after not much sleep at night, while our nanny sits around on her arse doing nothing) in the new car! DH is so not in my good books today.

Evelyn - please dont feel guilty re stopping bfing. I totally believe that as long as you and your little one are happy and healthy that is all that matters. And it sounds like your little one and is thriving. Am another one that is v impressed at your organisation in the evening.

Sunday - we have to register baby first with GP then book 6 week check. The surgery kindly cancelled my 6 week check the day before it was due and so I'm having it on Wednesday when J is 8 weeks. They also insist on booking in your jabs when they book in the 6 week check for some reason.

Welcome Woody and Emsiepoops.

Silver15 Sat 31-Aug-13 21:08:52

Welcome Woody and es

Happybirthday Vinegar

Another one here who is broody. I started feeling so in the last month of pg. felt it will be nice to have four. However I keep reminding myself to hold on till 2015 as I need to finish off my masters and some other work related further training.

Question to those who have had stitches before when did you resume normal service when it comes to sex?

Silver15 Sat 31-Aug-13 21:14:21

Dinky sorry you are having a rubbish time. I'm dreading the school runs too.

Sunday I had all 3 appts sent to me by GP.

Nexus6 Sat 31-Aug-13 21:20:24

Bloody hell you guys being broody! Ill be honest I hated being pregnant, constantly sick (I even puked giving birth!) The birth was great but sod putting my body through those months again!

Have any of you got your periods yet? I keep thinking mine is about to start but then nothing..

Silver- I didn't have stitches but still haven't had penetrative sex yet, tbh I felt a little scared of being touched down there at first. I think I could have penetration now but I still get odd pains (I think it's the muscles sorting themselves out? anyone else get this?) but only if it was with caution!


Grannyapple Sat 31-Aug-13 21:27:53

Cricket dinky no wonder you're hacked off!!

Welcome new posters smile

I'm thinking of switching to full formula feeding soon...finding it so time consuming & feeling really sorry for poor DS as all he sees is me with A stuck to the boob or me stuck to the pump...plus he drops a day at nursery next week so will have him at home an extra day/wk til I go back to work. I'm feeling really pleased that I've done way better with it than i expected, & quite like the closeness of it...although A's tongue tie was sorted really early, she is constantly on/off I think because of the upper lip tie so only lasts 5 mins on boob really...& then still hungry so requires a top up.

Had a frantic A tonight from 5-8 tonight (3rd night un a row) -she's currently lying on the sofa next to us & keeps waking herself up...will see how tonight goes but I'm betting it ain't gonna be good, esp as its my turn for the night feeds hmm..

Grannyapple Sat 31-Aug-13 21:32:31


I had the same 2nd degree tears both times...I think I was about 8 wks (after 1st period post birth) when we dtd again...my hormones went crazy & I practically jumped DH one morning before he left for work.

Not sure when we'll manage it this time with 2 in tow...

4 + 4

MrsRoss26 Sat 31-Aug-13 23:38:41

dinky that's crap, do you know how long it'll take to sort the UK licence? Will she have to take a fresh test over here? Fingers crossed she's competent, and passes with flying colours, and quickly!

silver we have yet to dtd; the emotional side of me wants to, but no physical inclination yet. I had stitches, so there is a little anxiety about that, but also worried about how I look & feel downstairs. Can't be helped I suppose!

nexus my period arrived today sad damnit!

5+3 here, and hoping for a longer sleep tonight!

evelynj Sat 31-Aug-13 23:59:38

Thanks dinky & sorry to hear of your dh trouble. Mine is useless, I just do everything admin related as I know he'd cock it u & I'd get extra annoyed.

Granny- Although I wish I was still bf, I do have more time to spend with DS now that I'm not & that was yet another thing I was feeling guilty about. Pumping sucks too!

Also not dtd yet but no stitches or anything-it just feels like an eternity since we did & too knackered to be bothered. Must make effort sometime soon though....

Shockingundercrackers Sun 01-Sep-13 02:52:39

Anyone else awake? I've had two hours sleep again and ds2 clamped to a burning nipple of flame. Again.

After nearly six weeks of this I'm going batty. Considering chucking in bf totally just to get a nights sleep...

Shockingundercrackers Sun 01-Sep-13 02:54:37

Dtd? HahahahahhahhaaAa...

That's what got me into this mess. Never again!