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December 2012: the little monsters continue to surprise us.

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MaMaPo Thu 25-Jul-13 21:16:48

I for one have a very surprising baby.

Thanks for the new thread grin

Checking in. Thanks for the thread Mama.

Barbeasty Thu 25-Jul-13 21:32:18

So do I! He crawled under DD's seat and tried to get her feet this morning.

We had a 3hr power cut at work this morning. Just as I was about to give up and come home it came back on.

WLmum Thu 25-Jul-13 21:34:26

Thanks mama
beasty bananas in shoes grin so gross!
I get the what are eating? Too - I often lie and say raisins!

T is after everything too - I'm trying to be brave in giving her more finger food but she's still such a choker/puker.

Had to take all 3 into town for some bits today and there was a fire alarm and evacuation from the shopping centre. We had to wait ages as we were on the ground floor with no exits and escalator had been stopped and eventually lifts were too. A security man took us out the emergency exit through the bowels if the shopping centre where we had to wait to be escorted up and out one at a time in a tiny lift. Poor dd1 is so sensitive she got really scared that we were going to burn so cried which set dd2 off. It was super! Particularly as on the way in to the centre dd1 had read a Macmillan cancer ad so we'd had a long conversation about cancer! Cheery outing!

PurplePidjin Thu 25-Jul-13 22:09:41


FriendofDorothy Thu 25-Jul-13 22:18:22

Another thread already? Blimey!

WLmum Thu 25-Jul-13 22:34:58

Thanks pidj was all fine by the time we got home. We'd been to the library and got some fab books and a new story cd so they were happy.

itsMYNutella Thu 25-Jul-13 23:10:10

Mama thanks for the new thread!

WL that sounds like a rather colourful outing!confusedwine

Great thread title! We were doing something in the living room and I had some washing to hang out. I looked in on DS as I passed the bedroom and he was awake, swinging his legs around in the air and rubbing his head.
I took the washing out (to DP on the balcony) and told him DS was awake. Went back to check on DS and he was asleep... So he can self settle / soothe whatever.... Cheeky little monkey!

ISpyPlumPie Thu 25-Jul-13 23:35:06

Checking in - cheers for the new thread.

I long ago gave up being able to eat undisturbed. DS1 will instantly say "what can I smell?" hmm if I try to surreptitiously eat a biscuit and N has now started literally throwing himself towards any morsel of food being consumed by anyone.

IsThatTrue Fri 26-Jul-13 00:23:10

Thanks for the new thread mama

1st wake up, but I'm do tired, I hope he's good!

Wowzwr *WL$, that's a day and a half!

I'm on first wake up too, was expecting an early one as DS passed out halfway through bedtime! Please let him go back down without a fight as in exhausted

utopian99 Fri 26-Jul-13 02:33:45

First wakeup for us too - that's 5 hours! Cooler weather and his own room are a winning combination (not in a Charlie sheen way) it seems.

Dramatic day WL and thanks for the thread mama.

We have a wedding to go to today and the bride has eschewed a hen do as not her thing, so I want to give the money I earmarked for it to her for some other jolly for her and dh-to-be but when I offered outright she said not to worry. Should I try itas an extra wedding present? Or is that wrong as we've got them a proper one already?

2blessed Fri 26-Jul-13 05:56:52

Thanks for the thread mama

R is crawling now and his favourite place is under the tb!

Good sleeps for lo's and mums I hope...

I woke at 5:38 hmm then dd came in thirty seconds later. Ds was already awake but is happy to chat in his cot for a while, dd on the other hand....

I just got dd's nursery invoice and it's over £300 sad it's on a pro rata basis based on term time but she's going 9-3 one day a week for five weeks of the holidays so we have to pay extra. It's such a lot of money!

Wibu to return ds's Sophie la giraffe because I don't like her squeak?! It's rubbish compared to dd's one and is really hard to squeak....eg her neck doesn't squeak in fact she only squeaks at all if you're holding it in the right place and do it quite quickly...

2blessed Fri 26-Jul-13 08:17:51

Not looking forward to nursery fees spotty, they're so expensive...

Sophie's squeak. If you're not happy with the product and its function then you're within your rights to take it back. I would ask if its a problem for ds... R's sophie only squeaks in certain places, I didn't know any different... grin

MaMaPo Fri 26-Jul-13 08:19:18

Spotty, my Sophie came from France (ooh la la! from a friend there) and the rubber is harder than the Sophies my friends have. It squeaks less easily too. Personally, I prefer my one, and C doesn't seem to mind!

But if you don't like it, return it.

OK night here - she slept 7pm-4.30am as has been her pattern for a while now. At least this time she slept again until 6. I'd love it if she dropped that last, late feed, and just fed at 6 when she woke up.

She's a violent little thing! Stuck her finger up her dad's nose this morning, tried to rip off my eyebrows, and is really into smacking her hands - against toys, herself, us... Vicious!

I know I'm just being fussy wink I don't like change grin

Mama ds is violent too. He likes to grab the top of my cheeks the bags under my eyes

Only one week of pain maternity leave left. Still haven't handed in my notice, thinking of going in on my boss' birthday so I know he won't be there...

Really good night here. Slept 8-1, 1:30-8, it was awesome!

I think we've got another tooth coming, there's a river of slobber running down J's face!

Stacks Fri 26-Jul-13 10:33:21

Hi everyone. It's been ages since I posted last, or indeed had time to read MN at all. T is still sleeping terribly, just turned 7m yesterday - so I took the plunge and moved him out of our room (and bed) and into his own room and cot. I read "the no cry sleep solution" and an hoping to put some of the ideas into practice. Last night we had 11 wake ups... Best sleep was 2.5hrs from 9-11:30. Luckily I went to bed at 9 too.
I'm really trying to focus on daytime naps, so am sitting here holding him after feeding to sleep. This is a step backwards from cuddle to sleep then transfer to cot, however he's been asleep for over an hour now, instead of the 10-40mins he does in the cot.

Beasty - hope work is going better now. Did you get a desk and some work to do sorted out?

WL - that sounds like an eventful trip! Not very safe to keep you waiting if its a fire alarm though. How would you have got out on your own if it really was a fire?

Nutella - glad to hear DS can self settle. How's his sleeping been generally?

ISpy - t is particularly interested in my drinks just now. He does however seem to recognise an Oreo cookie on sight and insist on sharing!

Hope LOs resettled well after the wake ups last night. I'm lucky that T almost always settles with just a quick cuddle, usually 30 secs up to a couple of minutes. It's just so darn frequent!

Utopian - I'd probably keep the money if she sounded sincere about it. When I got married I was very aware of how much we were costing other people - I didn't want to be a burden on them financially, so cut a lot of things out. I wouldn't have accepted the money either. Depends on your relationship though.

2blessed - woo for crawling! (?) We still have no signs of it here, but the few mums I know locally who's babies have started crawling say its a nightmare! I'm still looking forward to it though.

Spotty - I dread childcare fees! I've oy seen one Sophie in real life, and she squeezed easily. If you're not happy, take it back and try for an exchange? I need to look into handing in my notice, there's no way I'm ever returning to my old job. Just kept it for security reasons really. When they stop paying maternity pay there's no point keeping the job longer really, DH isn't in danger of losing his job thankfully.

Mama - T has started hair pulling. It seems to be with intent too, when he's tired but won't give in to sleep. I'm trying to teach the word gentle, as he always reaches out to babies and animals. I think it's working, a bit.

Willyou - grats on the good sleep. I hope teeth don't mess it up for you.

halestone Fri 26-Jul-13 11:35:43

Thanks for the thread Mamagrin

Utopian FX for you flat. Also i'd be inclined to keep the money and maybe go out for a meal with the newly weds in a couple of weeks.

WL that sounds like an interesting dat out.

Stacks i'm sorry your night time sleeps are so disturbed and i have my FX that it gets better for you soon.

We also have a violent baby who loves hair pulling, nose pulling and slapping. Oh and if shes in her walker she likes running at you with speed right into my anklesconfused

MaMaPo Fri 26-Jul-13 13:29:41

Stacks, welcome back. Sorry to hear sleep has been such an issue. It sounds like you're going the right way about things. I hope it sorts itself out with you. Sounds like you could make a little progress with his nighttime sleep associations and really reap the benefits. I also agree with doing anything to sort daytime naps - C shows me really clearly that she isn't as restful at night when she's napped poorly.

Speaking of poor naps, she woke early from hers this morning and was beside herself with tiredness. Luckily she went down easily for her second nap, but it was pretty early in the scheme of things so I wonder if I'll have a little banshee on my hands.

Just had a Facetime chat with one of my friends in Australia whose boy is 11 months old. He's been a terrible sleeper since about 4 months old, waking loads during the night, and has just started sleeping through. Good little boy! He's also started talking - said 'Mum!' when she came to pick him up from his grandmother's, and now says 'Byebye!' too. Aw, I can't wait for the talking stage.

Weeks one back Stacks sorry you're having such a hard time. I hope the NCSS works for you.

I think Hales' idea's a really good one Utopian, save the money and treat your friends to a lovely meal so they can tell you all about their honeymoon and make you massively envious.

Ha just reread my 1am post! I don't type so well when I'm half asleep grin

Just found ds drinking squash out of dd's straw cup which was on the floor shockblushgrin

PurplePidjin Fri 26-Jul-13 19:01:25

We have crawling and pulling up...

Yay pidj! No pulling up for us but ds manages to get everywhere in his own funny crawl he's eight months today!

IsThatTrue Fri 26-Jul-13 19:33:37

Yay pidj we have pulling up onto knees, he then sticks one foot out to the side, but has a puzzled 'what the hell do I do next?!' Look on his face. He can go up and down steps though, despite only commando crawling. I think he may well bypass real crawling. hmm

8months spotty crikey I've only just got used to saying 7, but DS will be 8 on the 8th!

FriendofDorothy Fri 26-Jul-13 21:27:59

Buggering bollocks. My buggy is dead beyond repair. It was a Phil & Ted's Vibe and I loved it.

What do I get now then?

Do you want a full travel system or moving onto a buggy FoD? If the latter I've heard good things about the Graco Evo Mini or everyone on mn seems to love the baby jogger city mini. I'm trying to decide whether to buy one (or another full pram) at the minute as my 2nd hand Quinny buzz is on it's last legs.

WLmum Fri 26-Jul-13 21:47:36

Good luck stacks, hope the no cry works for you. I read it with dd2 and it made a lot of sense but I was too impatient! Really feel for you.
mama T is a beast too - particularly likes to pull hair at the temples where it really hurts! She has actually pulled handfuls out from poor dd1 and dd2 - bless them they didn't get cross with her or push her. If I leave both boobs uncovered when I'm feeding her she grabs the 'spare' nip and digs her nails in or pulls it about.
utopian fx for flat. Agree that taking couple out would be nicer than giving them cash. You could send them flowers, chocs and champagne the day they get back from honeymoon to cushion the blow!

I took the girls out to rhs wisley gardens today - dd1 insisted on going dressed up as 118! It was hilarious, mustache and all!

grin dd1 WL. that's splendid

utopian - I'd second the champers and chocs to return to, lovely idea, and really nice of you to want to do something extra.

we have pulling up here too, I'm beginning to feel like a climbing frame.

Argh I think I'm pissing off a really kind mnetter who offered free nappies. I said yes if I could send in a courier she kindly said yes and weighed then etc. I thought Hermes would take in shipping label but no, so I've had to ask her to print labels only she doesn't have a printer so now I'm trying to see if I can post the labels and change collection date blush if she doesn't tell me to bugger off because I'm being a pita I will have to send flowers

DS is still up, still full if beans and having a good old chat to me as I'm willing him to sleep

Haha at 118 WL

Hopefully you'll get it sorted and she'll be understanding Spotty.

I'm about to rant. I am irrationally annoyed. DP has swapped me as DS still hasn't come down. I've found that in 2 days he has drunk 7 pints of milk. WTF? That's just pure gluttony. Now I'll be expected to go out and get more. Fuck that! Told you it was irrational but he's already in my bad books as during the first attempt at bedtime he watched telly instead of washing up, pegging out or making bottles. He went to great pains to tell me that he had tidied the living room though. There were 4 soft toys to put away, so unless he took 15 mins per toy he was knobbing about. angry

WLmum Fri 26-Jul-13 22:56:33

That's a lot of milk! Make him get more, and chocolate for you!

Well if you consider he's been at work for 25 hours over the last 2 days it probably averages a pint an hour that he's been here and conscious. It's really annoyed me for some reason!

Okay I've calmed down asked him, he took 3 pints to work. I still shan't be buying the next lot but he hasn't gone mental and started drinking gallons of milk.

FriendofDorothy Sat 27-Jul-13 00:29:21

Bugger. Baby was asleep post feed. Then I smelt the vile nappy. Now he is wide awake!

WL your dd is hilarious!

WillYou I get irrationally annoyed with dp too, he finds it endearing I'm sure wink that's more milk than we go through in a week!

Dd woke ds up at 5:15 because she ran in saying she needed a wee, can't moan at her about that!

utopian99 Sat 27-Jul-13 06:35:44

WL I love the 118 outfit! Irrationality looking forward to making fancy dress stuff for dcs (once my sewing machine comes out of storage...)

Friends live at the other end of the country so supper out might not happen for six months if I'm there in person but like the idea so although have put the money in a card have written to explain it is for an 'anti-hen', I.e. lovely night on the tiles for them when they get back ffrom honeymoon, and apologising for it being cash. Hope she'll be happy about it - I like giving people stuff but don't want to ccause awkwardness.

Oh yes, and our offer's been accepted! I won't believe it till we exchange though, the way London is...

Oh fingers crossed utopian smile

WLmum Sat 27-Jul-13 07:31:47

Well thank the stars for cooler weather! Black out blind is back up, T slept 8-5, quick feed and back to sleep til 6.45 (similar last night I think!). We're going up to London this aft for a massive picnic in the park for my brothers 40th - been super sunny for weeks but today rain is forecast!

Great news on the flat utopian

Will put the 118 pics on fb.

WLmum Sat 27-Jul-13 07:32:46

spotty the day dd1 was big enough to take herself to the loo in the night was such a joy to me!

Oh no WL there's a lot of heavy rain forecast have you got a wet weather plan?!

She's such a tiddler even with her stall she can't get up there!

WLmum Sat 27-Jul-13 09:13:41

Man alive a baby bowl of porrige goes a long way when its dropped! caught it on the microwave door and sent it flying!

Bless her! Get her to go on the potty? That's what my friend does as her dd is 4 but is really diddly.

Plan is to all squash into his flat if necessary.

T is very tired but everytime I put her down she just screams. Have resorted to boob before bed.

emilyeggs Sat 27-Jul-13 11:34:06

Hola ladies, thanks for the shiny new thread. I've been amusing myself over in MN classics.....crying with laughter at the " your minge" thread!

My mums cat just walked over ds's back grin

Ha I've read that a few times Emily grin

I think I just reached the end of my tether last night. DS went to bed at 11:35 after two solid hours of sobbing and was back up for the day at 5:45. I was also fed up of it being my job to think of everything house/baby related. It obviously got through as DP pegged out the washing before DS and I got up from our nap this morning.

DS just ate a whole bowl of risotto, completely normal not mashed of anything (I know it's not exactly as hard to eat as a steak but it did have bacon and peas in it!).

Barbeasty Sat 27-Jul-13 18:36:34

That's good Spotty.

We've got 2 nieces arriving any second, for a sleepover with DD. She's been desperate for one, and I thought it would give MIL a break (they've been staying with her all week).

DD is bouncing off the walls (literally), and looking forward to their "good night beast". I love that mistake so much I don't want to correct her to say midnight feast!

I suspect it won't be Anthony keeping us awake tonight....

IsThatTrue Sat 27-Jul-13 18:57:19

Well done DS spotty

Well last night was one of our best recently. He woke at 11 and 4, then 7.30 morning wake up. I was out pretty much all morning 7-8 for a run 9-11 nail appointment, then went to pick up a jumperoo for DS. So DH had DS. He did great, got him down for his morning nap and he slept for 90 mins! smile unfortunately all this has made my boobs malfunction (even though DH only have him 4oz of formula at nap time I was there for all other feeds) and I've leaked through double breast pads and 3 different tops! I hope they calm down a bit. I hate having to change all the time. My washing pile is big enough!

Wow you're brave Barbeasty!

Having a nightmare trying to find curtains for what will be dd and ds's room. Made to measure are quoting me £230....

IsThat I hate it when that happens!

WLmum Sat 27-Jul-13 20:58:58

A good day out in London, bit of a do on clapham common before heading back to my bri's flat to escape the rain. All 3 girls were super well behaved and loved the train and tube - I had T in the sling for the tube and DH carried the stroller. She hardly slept and I'm just feeding her to bed now, she must be so exhausted. Was a bit worried about my mum holding hands to cross roads etc as she was quite pissed at one point!

spotty amazing eating!
willyou I've been having the same moan for 6+ years - post moan he gets a bit better but quickly back to status quo.
beasty you are brave!

2blessed Sat 27-Jul-13 21:38:01

Hope the sleepover is going well beasty

Sounds like you had a good time WL

Great news about the flat utopian

Well my DS is not only crawling he's also pulling himself up to standing since yesterday. We're currently in his room with Ewan on and lights off whilst he plays/stands in his cot. He's fighting his sleep and I'm knackered...

2blessed Sat 27-Jul-13 21:41:11

Think he's gone, fx. <off to get a bowl of ice cream and read MN classics>

FriendofDorothy Sat 27-Jul-13 22:41:28

Ahhh my eyes have been crossing looking at buggies online. Finally we have made a decision and ordered one tho!

halestone Sat 27-Jul-13 23:06:33

Beasty hope your all enjoying your sleepover grin

WL hope your all enjoying your holiday and the weather improves

2blessed what a clever little boy grin

Spotty F is really coming on with his weaning grin

FoD what Pram did you get? Hope you like it.

We are having trouble with sleeping here. H is refusing to nap of a day we manage to get a 30 minute nap in but really have to try everything to get it. Followed by a really grumpy H come bed time and again trying everything to get her to sleep and then she is constantly waking and moving around in her cot. There has been lots of tears both hers and mine. And to top it off my dads health is slowly going downhill again and i can see him struggling but refusing to tell me as he doesn't want to upset me.

IsThatTrue Sun 28-Jul-13 04:42:28

Oh hales that's tough. I sorted ds's naps by sticking religiously to only letting him have 2 hrs awake. So he wakes at 7.15, he's back down for a nap at 9.15. Miraculously he's gone from 30 min naps to 1 1/2- 2hrs! I used to let him get tired but it just wasn't working. I'm sorry to hear about your dad too. Have you tried talking to him about it?

Well so far tonight has been the bestest!! He went down at 7.30 and woke at 4.20!! Almost 9 hrs! I feel pretty amazing tbh. It's the most sleep I've had in 1 go in about 14months!

FriendofDorothy Sun 28-Jul-13 07:31:38

We bought one of these. I hope that it will be as good as the reviews say.

Barbeasty Sun 28-Jul-13 07:56:49

After DD was given a 15 minute warning of be quiet or you'll have to sleep with Daddy, they were all asleep by 10. DD was awake and shouting by 5.30!

Today could be a long day.

A on the other hand, woke at 11 something and 5 ish. A really good night.

Hales, maybe try just putting her in her cot in a dark room every couple of hours. No pressure to sleep, but a bit of down/quiet time. And take the pressure off yourself too.

WL glad you had a good day I can't wait to take dd to London.

2blessed wow he will be walking by ten months!

Hales we do the same as IsThat down after two hours, sometimes it might be less, especially recently as he's moving a lot more etc, but never more if I want him to go down nicely.

FoD they're meant to be really good I hope it comes quickly!

Barbeasty glad the girls didn't keep you up all night but I bet dd will be tired this afternoon! Does she still nap?

We were up before 5:30 too ds woke but I settled him, then dd came in and we got her back to bed but ds heard her so wanted to get up then dd heard ds and got up hmm its actually quite funny now looking back but it wasn't at the time! Anyway it's only 8 and we've done a load of washing, cleaned the kitchen, had bacon sandwiches, ds is napping and dd and I have both had a bath smile

WLmum Sun 28-Jul-13 08:57:59

Sorry to hear that hales. Talk to your dad - if you can see what's going on you are upset anyway sad

Barbeasty Sun 28-Jul-13 09:17:47

Hahaha Spotty No! She's well and truely dropped naps unless she's ill, or sometimes at nursery.

But, and I hope this doesn't curse it, she is pretty good at asking to go to bed in the evening when she's tired.

We've already had tears that the cousins can't stay forever!

It's a sad time when they drop their nap!

We've just lowered ds's cot and it's made me sad that he's growing up and I can't reach down and kiss his squidgy cheek once he's put his thumb in <sob>

WLmum Sun 28-Jul-13 13:54:04

I hear the growing up - T looked so grown up in the stroller yesterday.
She's babbling loads now though which makes me smile no end. Rather funnily the other night I said to dd1 that I was going to put T to bed and she made a sound like 'oh no'! She also did a massive burp on my boob - cue much laughter from dd1

Oh I love babbling! Ds hasn't really started babbling yet, we've had the odd 'da, ba and even ma' but that's it. He keeps moving towards the sofa and looking as though he wants to pull himself up but has no idea how. Love the burp on the boob!

MaMaPo Sun 28-Jul-13 20:52:33

Quick hello to all - haven't had time to read as just got home from weekend away. Just started bedtime at 8pm - 2 hours later than normal - and surprisingly C wasn't a banshee. In fact. she fed for about 25 minutes then started shaking her head back and forth and refusing to feed (often she'll feed for 40-50 minutes). Finally I gave up and put her to bed, and she immediately rubbed her face back and forth on her comforter - so perhaps this is her new way of saying 'stop feeding me, I'm tired!'

Lots of squalling due to teeth today. In addition to the top two looking bulbous, she has white batches next to both her bottom teeth. Could be a long night.

Will be back with less mememe and more to say about youyouyou!

Ds's got a temp of 38 sad

Hello all, am reading but not up to full posting. Had a lovely day at the seaside followed by a stomach bug not a vomity one for both DS and I. After his 6th nappy change he's understandably less than keen to go back to sleep sad Hope everyone's fast asleep.

38.5 even

utopian99 Mon 29-Jul-13 02:22:14

After a week or so getting used to ds sleeping in 4 hour stints, tonight he's been awake every 2.5 hours. We are trying Andrea grace gentle sleep solutions and it's making me think we need more of a bedtime to routine to break his habit of feeding to sleep.

Can I ask who here still feeds to sleep and if we're the only ones not doing bath/ book before bed?

We don't do a book and bath isn't every night but we do have a routine. Ds doesn't feed to sleep but nothing I've done he's just awake at the end grin usually drowsy though

2blessed Mon 29-Jul-13 03:34:38

We do bath, bottle/boob bed every night. Only do a book at the mo if he's still awake after the feed.

How is ds spotty? Temp still high?

Ds is in our bed already! Tried to put him in his own once he had fallen back asleep (dp brought him in to me about an hour ago) but he just stood up and started babbling. He's now at the boob having an occasional suckle...

It's come down but still not normal he's just crying again now. Managed an hours sleep

MaMaPo Mon 29-Jul-13 05:02:15

Spotty, that's grim. Is it teeth? A bug?

Utopian, we have baths every 3-4 days, and no book most of the time. C feeds to sleep about half the time, otherwise she's still awake at the end of the feed. In that case she gets 2 pages of a book, her lullaby, and put to bed.

I think it's too high for teeth?

Seriously bloody ikea why text me at 5:45 in the morning telling me my delivery date?? angry I'm already awake but that's not the point!

utopian99 Mon 29-Jul-13 05:51:21

Okay, not always bath then.. maybe I just need to stop him falling asleep on the boob and put him in his cot feeling snoozy rather than fast asleep then..

halestone Mon 29-Jul-13 06:04:20

Spotty i hope DS's temperature is coming down and that hes ok.

Willyou i hope you and DS are feeling better.

Mama i hope C's teeth pop through soon and that your night was ok.
Utopian we bath every night at 7:30pm followed by a bottle it normally doesn't settle her though. But she starts getting really narky about 7:20 and only calms down once in the bath.

2blessed we also had H in our bed early last night. She woke up crying but cuddling was the only thing that settled her.

I'm taking H to see the GP today as i'm convinced she has something wrong with her ear she keeps shaking her head and rubbing her right ear. FX i get an emergency appointment.

I've also decided that this week i am going to tackle her naps and try and get her to sleep after shes been awake every 2 hours following advice from you lovely lot.grin I feel abit more positive now i have a plan.

Hales it's law that they have to give you a same day appointment for a baby under 1 hope she's ok smile

IsThatTrue Mon 29-Jul-13 07:14:53

Well DS woke at 1 and 4. So not too bad a night.

We still feed to sleep here. For naps I put DS down with his light show until he starts crying, then I go in and feed to sleep. It takes a couple of minutes. For bedtime, DS has dinner at 4.30, a bath after as he's such a mucky bugger at around 5 (he has to have a bath every day because of the eczema), he then plays etc until 6.45 and then I feed him to sleep, I'm out of there by just after 7 normally. I used to juggle him until 7.15/7.30 after stories with the others, but it's just too late for him and he gets grumpy.

WLmum Mon 29-Jul-13 08:35:36

We always feed to sleep at bedtime, no routine, bath or book! She gets a bath about 3-4 days and she just tries to eat all books!
isthat I've always been told not to bath dds every day due to ezcema!?

Hope all the poorly babes (and mamas) are feeling better

WLmum Mon 29-Jul-13 08:38:44

Oh and we're off camping today and after a year and a half absence, af has decided to come too. Super.

IsThatTrue Mon 29-Jul-13 09:08:51

WL the bath helps get rid of irritants off their skin, he has organic sunflower oil in there which helps retain the moisture in his skin. (Apparantly better than olive oil as olive oil can strip some of their natural oils). And then aloe Vera gel straight after. His eczema has almost gone, but I'll keep with it to try and stave off flare ups.

WLmum Mon 29-Jul-13 09:11:57

That's fab that its working. Tbh I think there's a lot of conflicting advice and you just have to try to find what works best for you.

MaMaPo Mon 29-Jul-13 09:16:38

WL, I also went from daily baths to every 2-3 days on the advice of the doctor due to eczema! TBH I think the biggest help has been keeping her slathered in Aveeno - it suits her. She only gets tiny bits of eczema on her tummy and chest, and if they flare up I use a bit of steroid cream.

Have fun camping, by the way!

Utopian, if feeding to sleep is working for you then maybe that's OK? When we were sleep training C (to fall asleep on her own) I made sure I didn't feed her to sleep for a couple of weeks - we would feed, then bath, or feed and then change her nappy etc to wake her up to go to bed. Now she's quite good at self-settling I don't bother with this, and only half the time will she feed to sleep anyway. She now also tells me sometimes she's had enough of me, and seems to want to be put down to sleep. I guess if you wanted to try you could gently rouse her before putting her in her cot, by singing to her or reading a book. Something nice and gentle.

Hales, I hope H's ear is ok and you get it seen to today.

IsThatTrue Mon 29-Jul-13 09:24:53

WL I think you're right, and as eczema has such a wide variety of causes and is really a very individual thing I think it is mostly working out what to do for the best. My doctor didn't say anything about baths, as we only had an emergency appointment they just wrote a prescription and sent us on our way. But when after 5 days of using the emollients religiously it had got worse I started searching the Internet and found the national eczema society (I think it was called that) and then had a brain save with the aloe Vera and googled that to find lots of people had had success. DS has an appointment with the skin specialist at our docs on the 15th aug. so I'm going to see if I can get his stuff on prescription. Especially the suncream as the only one he doesn't react to is aloe Vera and its £11 for 200ml! Eeek. It's all trial and error though, I'm hoping they'll just prescribe what we're using instead of trying to find a 'real medicine' that will work.

Oh no WL! I hope you have fun camping anyway.

I'm so tired, ds is so grumpy. It turns out our local pct don't endorse the minor ailments scheme so I've just spent all my money in boots hmm

lazzaroo Mon 29-Jul-13 10:31:16

Hi! I know I'm a bit late to the party but can I join you? My dd2 s almost 7 months & I have a 3.5 yr old dd1.

So relieved to read that I'm not the only one still being woken several times a night! She's a happy little bunny in the day (we do the 2-2.5 hour wake period thing too!) but still wakes in the night & seems to think 5am is a reasonable time to start the day.

Actually waiting to take her to dr this morning. Took her fri as she had temp of 39.5. Dr suspected ear/throat infection. Temp finally settled down yesterday but today she as a rash. She's really out of sorts & currently sleeping on me as every time I tried to put her down she woke....and screamed!

Welcome lazz 5am is common wake up time in this house too hmm

Hmm sounds like a viral rash? Hopefully that means it's on the way out. Temps over 39 always scare me hope you get everything sorted.

I've just found cereal in dd's pyjama drawer hmm

lazzaroo Mon 29-Jul-13 10:47:32

Thanks spotty. I'm sure (hope!) it is nothing to worry about & am probably wasting their time but I'll get it checked to be sure. Her temp was high for 2 days! And she is miserable!!

So many things that you guys have been posting about ring true in this house too! It's easy to forget when you're pacing the floor at 3am that hundreds of others are doing the same!

itsMYNutella Mon 29-Jul-13 11:10:02

I must have a really lazy baby... I think his natural wakeup time is around 7am but I often find if he has had a particularly bad night or went to bed much later than normal he will sleep until 8 or 8:30... but then when he sleeps late that does seem to bugger up napping confused

Ah well "this too shall pass". Or as my mother says "don't worry, it's just a phase" and then she adds, a little too gleefully for my liking, "once he's done with this phase there will be another phase".

Utopian I think was asking, we also feed to sleep. Although last night we fed to sleep, he woke up about 20 minutes after I put him down and then we had crying and whinging trying to settle him again until we gave up. He self settled about 10 minutes later - although I think we had tired him out because he wasn't crying then, just a bit whingey.

I think we are going to have a little vampire... His canine teeth on the bottom have little white bumps on the gum today!

Oh and he slept through last night until 5:45 ish! I woke about 5:30 with really painful boobs and was actually trying to express some out and I was so happy when he woke up grin poor boy must have been full to the brim when I put him down again.

SeymoreButts Mon 29-Jul-13 11:27:19

Hi all, sorry for the very intermittent posting. I don't get on MN anywhere near as much as I would like now. Pesky children and their constant demands!

I see I'm not the only one still getting very broken nights. A really good night for DS involves 4 hour stretches! The only things settles him is boob/bottle.

Anyone got any advice about what to do for the best with my poorly baby? He hasn't been sick but 7 watery poos since 2am. I have a thread in children's health. Not sure whether to stop his food or carry on as normal? Do I need to ring the docs or HV or ride it out alone?

itsMYNutella Mon 29-Jul-13 11:46:07

Willyou I would keep up fluids & food because he will need the energy, but really gentle foods that will also help his tummy: rice, bananas. But I'm sure other mummies will have better advice. I would also take him to the Dr/HV if you can. Hope he settles down and feels better soon!

I forgot to say in my last post, I got engaged on Saturday smile

WLmum Mon 29-Jul-13 12:47:04

How could you forget that nutella!! Big congrats to you and the lucky man.

willyou I would keep offering food and drink and let him have whatever he wants. Just make sure he is taking fluids. Dioralyte is really good.

lazzaroo Mon 29-Jul-13 12:53:15

Home after half hour wait & then dr calling a colleague for second opinion, they decided it's roseola. A viral infection, which will hopefully now subside. Feel terrible now though as it's infectious & we went visiting friends yesterday and they've got new little baby sad. From what I've read she's not infectious once symptoms appear so hope we don't make him poorly.

Lots of poorly little ones about at the moment. willyou, I'd probably phone someone fr advice, but as you can already tell, I'm a bit of a worrier!

IsThatTrue Mon 29-Jul-13 13:18:51

Congratulations nutella

DS won't nap because the kids are home! Urgh this will be a long 6 weeks!

He's also started to pull up in his cot, oh the joys!

Oops wrote big reply and DS deleted it!

Congratulations Nutella.

Glad you've got an answer Lazzaroo, hopefully you were past the contagious period.

I'm erring on the side of over cautious mother and it turned out I was actually being under cautious! Rang the docs for a telephone consultation and they insisted I take him down at 3 as they don't like to leave a baby that small without seeing them. Apparently the rule of thumb is 6 or more dirty/abnormal nappies in 12h for an under 1yo should be checked out. I've just changed 9 in 11 hours so we're well in there.

Hope the docs were helpful for you Hales.

I can't believe all these babies pulling themselves up, it's the one thing J hasn't been trying to do yet thank Christ.

J is the same as your baby Nutella a generally late riser. I get the odd 6am but he can usually be persuaded back to bed until 7-8 9:30. I don't mind the night time wake ups when he lets me have a lie in.

Waiting for a buggy to be delivered, was supposed to come on Saturday but Hermes have lost it hmm. Tesco were fantastic though, didn't even query it, just sent me a new one on next day delivery.

More teeth on the way here. I hope that's not what's causing some of the poo! I will look neurotic! confused

Good job you went lazza! Hope dd feels better soon.

Congratulations nutella! thanks

Aww poor J WillYou. Sounds like your doctor is good anyway.

Ds's temp is still spiking once the meds wear off. He's so sad. I'm as sure as I can be that it's not teeth. His wee smells really strong but he had had his nappy on a while and has refused water today (eating solids and normal boob though)

MaMaPo Mon 29-Jul-13 14:16:05

First off - congrats nutella! What do you mean by forgetting such glorious news!

Hmm, some unwell babies around! Welcome lazzaroo, I hope your little one feels better soon. willyou, fingers crossed its nothing serious.

Eating rather a delicious sandwich in a lovely park while C naps. Things are good.

Been to visit a friend who's just had her second miscarriage in four months. Awful news. I don't know what to say, especially as bouncing healthy C is sitting right there. sad they will be the most magnificent parents.

halestone Mon 29-Jul-13 15:32:35

thankswineCongratulations Nutella winethanks

Welcome Lazzothanks fx that your LO gets over Rosella soon.

WL hope you have a great holiday and that AF doesn't spoil it.

Willyou, i hope Jamie is feeling better soon.

Mama sorry to hear about your friend.

Seymore i hope the sleep improves for you soon.

Spotty i hope DS's teeth come through soon and that his temperature goes back to normal.

We got in with the Dr at 9:30 he looked in both ears and throat and said they were clear, that he thought it was a teething symptom. I also remembered whilst i was there to mention that her belly comes up into a triangle when she sits up. He had a feel and said that her stomach muscles have a hole in but just to keep an eye on it as it isn't bothering her and to take her back in 4 weeks so he can double check it. I'm a bad mum as shes had it since birth and i kept forgetting to tell him, but in all fairness i did tell the HV at her 1st visit and she told me she couldn't see what i meant.

Oh Hales I've never heard of that?

I really don't think it's teeth. Even with Neurofen his temps not going below 37.5 (he's usually 36.6).

congratulations nutella wine

hales i had that happen to me during pregnancy - stomach muscles split so my tummy popped out in a triangle when i tried to sit up. i think they said there are two muscles there but they're usually close together and that it could be rectfied easily (when not pg) with exercise. not sure how this might be of help to wee H but thought it might be helpful to say it's not an unheard of thing smile

spotty have you talked to anyone who might know what's up with ds? there's no harm in going to the GP just in case while they're still so little, especially if the temp's been high a while and not budging

Nah he's ok he's only had it since last night and he's perked up now smileif it went over 39 I would

lazzaroo Mon 29-Jul-13 18:28:51

Thank you for all the lovely welcomes. Baby lazza has just crashed out on me. She was shattered as hasn't been able to sleep properly today. I wouldn't be surprised f she had another tooth soon (she has had 2 for about 2 months!). Of course, her being in bed this early could mean an unthinkable get up time tomorrow.

She did manage a bit more tea tonight, pasta & garlic bread...one of her favourites smile

Hope you all have good nights!

PurplePidjin Mon 29-Jul-13 18:47:09

Welcome aboard lazza I've found an earlier bedtime improves things actually hmm

Congratulations Nutella thanks

We started night weaning last night. Lots of wake ups, but generally positive so far. Hopefully tonight will show some improvement!

lazzaroo Mon 29-Jul-13 19:16:13

pidgin hope so! Interested to hear how night weaning goes. I talked to h/v about it last week. She said just stop feeding her at night & get DH to do all wake ups! Sounds good in theory but flawed in several areas.....she is currently going through a phase where only I will do at night & DH works away from home 2-3 days a week.

Anyway, I think baby lazza was listening to our cunning plan because she's been ill since then wink. DH leaves tomorrow evening till Fri so I won't be in fit state to tackle sleep issues till he's home anyway.

Lazza I used to pay ds's bum when he woke up (tummy sleeper) and get him back to sleep that way. If the moaning turned to crying I knew he was hungry. Sometimes it took twenty minutes for him to go back to sleep but he slept through shortly after. When I started doing it I only did it if he woke before it had been four hours.

halestone Mon 29-Jul-13 19:46:59

Prunella apparently its quite common in pregnancy. I'm not worried about it tbh as shes had it since birth and it doesn't seem to bother her, but then she doesn't know any difference so might just live with it. Hopefully it'll go as she gets older.

We've had the 9th tooth pop through during her 2nd nap today. I've been putting her down 2 hours after she wakes and shes sleeping for ages. I'm not sure if its tooth related or because i've been putting her in my darkened room in my bed.

Aaaand that's another 3 poos since bedtime. Someone want to swap babies with me tonight?

PurplePidjin Mon 29-Jul-13 20:54:29

lazza he settles fine for me. R was actually born in November (original edd 2/12, revised to 30/11 then he turned up early!) so I'm on that thread too, and apparently it takes 4 days to get results.

Settling him without getting him out of the cot is phase 2 if i need it!

Right, calpol syringe clean, dentinox on standby, sippy cup prepped and dummy to hand! Here goes!

2blessed Mon 29-Jul-13 23:17:58

Hope your DS is feeling better Willyou and no more poos overnight.

Welcome lazza, hope DD feels better and perks up

Congratulations nutella, very exciting news grin

9 teeth hales! Wow! My DS has 3. Hope DD manages to get some sleep.

Good luck pidj

We're trying to get R to bed earlier but its tough. Tonight he bathed at 8 and was in bed by 8.30 and then woke up at 9.15. He had about 10 mins on the boob and then went back to sleep and so far....

Ds' up for a feed, not like him but he's quite warm still. I actually miss the snuggly night feeds a bit blush it's the only time I don't get smacked in the face/scratched/pinched grin

IsThatTrue Tue 30-Jul-13 05:18:59

Well we were up 1 and 5. Not a bad night at all. 1am was a quick 10 minutes. He's still feeding now but my boobs needed the relief tbh!

I hope all the poorly babies are feeling better. I hate it when they're ill, poor wee mites must be so confused!

Ds has been awful since he woke up. Dp took him downstairs an hour ago. I can hear him crying now but he probably wants his ready brek...dp doesn't think of these things wink

Meh! Up til 2, slept til 3:30, back out til 4:30 and then shushed til 5:30 and then up for the day at 7:15. I am not in a good way. He's also still going lots and I didn't ask the doctor when I should go back/start to worry.

Barbeasty Tue 30-Jul-13 07:53:08

Congratulations nutella

We would have had a fairly good night, if I hadn't been woken at around 3 by a thud and blood curdling wail. Anthony fell out of bed, poor boy.

He was fine after a cuddle and a feed (and moving all his limbs) but I hurt my eye (occasionally opening my eyes too quickly when I wake up makes me tear a small patch off the surface of the eye or something) so I was awake for a good hour before getting back to sleep.

Serves me right for discussing with DH how we hadn't dropped him anywhere yet.

Glad I'm off again today though.

Oh no WillYou we've been up since four. Ds finally went back to sleep two minutes after dd woke up hmm

If he gets worse today then I would go to the dr again but if he stays the same I would wait it out. If he's still going lots tomorrow morning I would go back or at least get a phone consultation?

Oh dear Barbeasty, good job they bounce at this age! You've done well to go this long, J's dove fallen off everything in the house.

Thanks Spotty, I'll do that then. He's definitely a bit better, food was going through him in 6 hours and now it's up to 10 hours. Still had to change 6 nappies last night though. Ugh to the crap nights sleep too, when I woke at 7:15 I groaned as I knew there was no way he'd go back down at that time!

utopian99 Tue 30-Jul-13 08:52:46

Congratulations nutella! Exciting!

Hope night weaning goes/webt well pidj

Welcome lazza

Sorry tohear about AF WL, I had a load of PMS symptoms last month but no actual bleeding happily, so wonder if it's gearing up.

We had one wake up/10 minute feed at 3.30 last night, a brief cuddle settle at 4.30 and then yelps followed byself settling at 5.30, without much strategy. Am hoping this gets me off thehook on training and will justkeep on as we are.

emilyeggs Tue 30-Jul-13 09:09:09

Yay! Congratulations Nutella! thanks At first I thought I was going to scroll back to find you had announced you were pregnant! Lol

Sold my crib on eBay sad it's being picked up today, must not cry, must not cry. Must be happy for excited expectant mum! Sob sad

halestone Tue 30-Jul-13 12:27:45

Willyou i hope J is feeling better and that you manage to get some sleep today.

Beasty hope A is ok and that your eye is ok now. I bet that gave you both a fright.

H has started dancing whenever she hears music, its dead cute to watchgrin

itsMYNutella Tue 30-Jul-13 13:46:42

Thanks for all the congratulations! DS is still driving me potty with his refusal to nap angry confused so I'm surprised DP hasn't asked for the ring back grin

eggs DP would like to work on it but I'm only just starting to enjoy longer sleeps! DS has been doing 7-8 hour stretches at night which has been amazing!

right better go. I fed DS to sleep, put him down and he woke up. Tried comforting him but I am all out of patience and he just wants to wriggle and crawl around his bed hmm so I've left him in there for a bit. He is having a little whinge but mostly he is busy playing with his toes/blanket/mouth/ the cot bars etc etc etc...

PurplePidjin Tue 30-Jul-13 14:33:47

One loooooong wake at 1:15-2:30 but i think his teeth are bothering him. I feel like shit, it gets better right? Right?!

MaMaPo Tue 30-Jul-13 15:12:05

Apparently so, Pidj! At the grand old age of 35 I let my mother sleep through the night. (She is 17,000km away which also helps.) But seriously - it will get better!

This teething lark is a big pain. C is flinging herself around furiously today and has been biting me, pulling hair etc. Luckily it didn't affect her sleep last night (she went 7-5, then back down until 6.15am) but I am not so confident about tonight. She has napped a lot as well - is that good or bad?

Oh emily - that's sad!

Willyou, glad things are improving slightly.

Am being lazy today. Sat inside drinking tea and eating cake. Fatso.

Some people swear by good naps=good night Mama. I think it's all random!

Aw Emily, youre doing much better than i would be sad

I'm sure it'll get better Pidj >crosses fingers, toes, legs, arms<

I'm playing bare bum roulette right now. J's red raw, cries when I change it. He's crawling around bare arse to the world with sudocrem everywhere. In looking at my long pile cream rug and cringing! shock

lazzaroo Tue 30-Jul-13 18:51:45

Evening all. For what it's worth I can find no correlation between naps & night times (or anything else for that matter!). All pretty random in this house!

What is depressing though is how history is repeating itself....I decided to google 'early wake ups & nap routines' as everything is based on the apparently common ( non-existent!?) 7-7 sleepers. Anyway, the results included a mumsnet chat thread. So I thought, let's see what words of wisdom they have....turns out I was the original poster 3 years ago!! Asking exact same questions about dd1! I did write though that she had just started sleeping through & it was dated August, so it gives me hope it might just happen any day now! There is hope pidg!

Hope your carpet survived willyou

MaMaPo Tue 30-Jul-13 19:50:42

Lazza, I just read some threads on that issue and am interested by the idea that if the first nap is too early and too long, early mornings will persist. I find it hard to keep C up beyond 8-8.30am, which I feel is very early, but she'll sleep for up to 2 hours. Consensus seems to be that I should slowly push that nap to 9.30-10am, and limit it to 45mins or even 30mins. Then the afternoon nap can be 1.5-2 hours. It seems bonkers that now that she's finally napping I should be waking her up!? I'd love her to sleep until 7am though - 5am and 6am is just a little early.

Who thinks I should try this?

itsMYNutella Tue 30-Jul-13 19:57:31

What time does she normally sleep from and until Mama?

Lazza I can believe that was rather frustrating! But in the wisdom of mums net I'm sticking with "this too shall pass".

Pidj repeat above motto.... it has to get better, we all (used to) sleep through the night.... so it must get better... right?

DS managed 1 decent nap today sad confused he has gone down for bed ok but I know it will take him a bit to drop into proper deep sleep so I'm sort of hovering around our bedroom door in case he starts to squeak. I find if I dash in and shush him he goes off back to sleep quite well... today at least wink

lazzaroo Tue 30-Jul-13 20:09:46

mama I know that's the theory but I never managed it with dd1 and so don't hold out much hope this time round! At least dd2 does sleep longer for naps, as dd1 had reflux and never napped longer than 30-40 mins. I'm just rubbish at making them stay up when I know they're tired (& grumpy!) especially as it usually makes her grumpy for rest of the day! I'm also VERY bad at waking a sleeping baby! But I have heard success stories with it so maybe worth a try!

You're right nutella, I tied myself in knots trying to 'sort' dd1's sleeping. Best thing I did was just accept she's an early riser....still is! If dd2 started sleeping through it'd be much easier to cope with.

Just waved off DH, away till Fri....by which time I will be a sleep-deprived wreck!

Pfft don't bother mama. Dd slept 7-7 from 14 weeks. An hours nap in the morning and two at lunch. She now wakes between 5:30 and 6:00. Everything changes once they're in a bed hmm

If I kept ds awake until nine when he'd been up since five it would be traumatic for all involved grin

MaMaPo Tue 30-Jul-13 20:19:21

Nutella, she starts bedtime routine at 6pm and is usually asleep by 6.45pm. She has started sleeping until 4.30-5am, when she wakes for a feed, and it's hit and miss whether she'll go down again. If she does, it's until 6.10 on the dot!

I just feel that if she could add another 45 minutes she'd be sorted, and that would be a good 12 hours. Still, it's only recently that she's dropped her late night and early morning feeds and started sleeping (almost) through, so maybe I won't rock the boat too much just yet. Added to that is that we're often out and about in the afternoon and I doubt she'd often be able to get a 2 hour nap in - so waking her from her morning nap (which is invariably in her cot, where she sleeps best) is probably not a great idea.

Whatever. In less than 2 months we're going to be taking her on a roadtrip where she won't be in much of a routine, so it'll all go out the window. And then it'll go out the window again when we add in the jetlag of being back in Australia!

halestone Tue 30-Jul-13 20:25:34

Mama if i was you i would try it if you are unhappy with what C is currently doing with her naps/sleep. But if its not bothering you i would leave it until you were bothered IYSWIM

Pidj like others have said this too will pass. Those teeth are pesky buggers. We were lucky with the first couple but these last 2 teeth have been completely different and have caused alot of bother.

Mama could you try to move bedtime or even naptime back by 10 minutes per day to see if it makes any difference?

Rug survived, but J's bottom is now agony. He flinches if you go near it and is hysterical if you touch it. I could actually cry for him. I think tomorrow we'll decamp to the conservatory (laminate floor) and he can be bare bummed and poo wherever he wants. I cannot bear to see him in such pain. Any suggestions will be gratefully leapt upon like a rabid dog. He's still going too. It's such a terrible shame.

A curse upon these nasty bugs and nasty teeth upsetting our babies and driving us up the wall.

Poor J sad some good ideas here

Buggering blocked duct. Dp wants me to stop bf because of them. I probably should, ds doesn't seem to care at all, doesn't seem to get any comfort from it...I just really wanted to go until a year.

itsMYNutella Tue 30-Jul-13 22:10:59

mama DS brought his bedtime forward to 7pm and we have accidentally pushed it back to 7:30/8 in the last couple of days confused who knows what makes a difference, he wakes at the same time if he goes off well at 7 or moans and fights till 9.

willyou I've said it before and people probably think I'm crackers but honestly chamomile tea is the business!
It was amazing when DS had a very sore bum (when we went to grandmas he had the runs for a few days sad guess it was the change of water... Even though he was only getting boob). I used it for washing his bum with cotton wool and put it in his bath as well. He also had lots of bare bum time. I think if you can leave the nappy off that is the best.

I made up a large jug of tea with several chamomile tea bags in and left them to stew. Hope he feels better, poor love. X

MaMaPo Tue 30-Jul-13 22:41:49

Oh, poor j! I think loads of nappy off time, maybe without anything on at all, including cream! Clean, dry bum, and let the fresh air work its magic. But I am No expert. Best of luck.

Thanks all. I'm willing to try anything Nutella so I shall chamomile it up to the max. The plan is to take up the rug, strip him off and let him poo wherever whenever and I'll just bleach the floor.

ISpyPlumPie Tue 30-Jul-13 23:24:04

Right, yet another attempt at catching up (must try to mnet more frequently!)

Congratulations Nutella.

Welcome Lazza.

Really hope J is better soon Willyou, sounds horrible for him. I've always found metanium works well for nappy rash, but it hasn't been too severe.

In terms of naps/bedtime routines. We're pretty lucky in the morning as N tends to sleep until 7 wish his big brother would also lie in that long though. He then has his first nap at about 9.30, lasting around 30 mins. The rest of the day is a little more random depending on what else we are doing but he generally has a good hour in the afternoon at some point, and sometimes has a third nap later on especially if we are out in the car. At bedtime, we do bath, book and boob as we are almost always still feeding to sleep. I was managing to combine this with reading DS1 his story, so that they would both be asleep at the same time. This has been scuppered recently though, because as soon as N goes in DS1's room he sees the big boy toys and starts to get giddy again. He then crawls over to pull himself up on the toy garage or kitchen, and have a good nosy round for something inevitably unsuitable for him. We've therefore switched things round a bit and DH takes N downstairs to try and settle him. Sometimes this works, but more often than not I end up feeding him to sleep after DS1 is sorted. The slightly later bedtime doesn't seem to have affected wake up time or napping for the rest of the day though.

lazzaroo Wed 31-Jul-13 02:09:18

Right, I don't know what bt I need to do something about these night wakings. I am shattered. She's been awake for over an hour, 3rd wake of the night. Will snooze on me if I pace around with her but keeps waking. She's too heavy for me to walk around forever but I know she's tired. Have just left her in her cot for a bit. She's not crying, just shouting. Hope it doesn't wake dd1. The thought that I'll no doubt have to go through this all again in a couple of hours is a killer. Then survive the day & repeat tomorrow night, and again etc etc.

MaMaPo Wed 31-Jul-13 03:02:28

Second wake and feed here. Bloody teeth.

utopian99 Wed 31-Jul-13 04:39:39

Have those of you with older babies dropped the cot base? O isn't able to pull to standing yet but I 'm getting nervous. He was squeaking sporadically and probably would have settled on his own just now but when I went in was hanging on to the bars looking like he was contemplating it..

Utopian ds started doing that so we lowered it at the weekend.

Lazza poor you it must be especially hard with dh away. Does she self settle at all at nap time? I found that once ds did that it made a huge difference to night time

MaMaPo Wed 31-Jul-13 07:23:47

Utopian, we haven't dropped the base - no need at the moment.

Lazzaroo, agree with spotty about self-settling and how that improves nights. (Not that you know it around here last night. So tired!)

Our night was odd ds woke at ten and I fed him (first night feed in four weeks bar when he had a temp) I'm not sure if he was hungry but he took a full feed and cleared the blockage so that was fine. Then I woke at 3 to dd coming into bed with us and ds having a moan. No idea who woke who or if something woke both of them confused anyway dp put dd back to bed and I just left ds and they both slept until 6:30

lazzaroo Wed 31-Jul-13 07:37:21

Thanks all. She doesn't self settle at all. Sometimes feeds to sleep but is mainly rocked by me. She settles really easily for naps and first thing at night though. Then it all goes wrong. Wakings and sometimes for a very long time. She eventually went back to sleep at 2.30am but woke again at 3.30....and 4.30....ad 4.50! slept on me then till 5.50. Looking keen to go back sleep now!! It's alright for some! wink

Am hoping things will improve again now she seems to be feeling better & have her appetite back.

We haven't dropped cot base but then we only qualify for this thread by two days so we're not too mobile yet (& she sleeps in a gro bag which helps at night!)

PurplePidjin Wed 31-Jul-13 07:50:39

Not yet, Utopian, he's pulling up and attempting to cruise but hasn't tried in the cot yet!

7:15-5:30 with just the one 30 minute battle wake up grin

I sit in the rocking chair with him, i also can't walk him for long!

We've dropped our cot base weeks ago, J started crawling around his bed on all fours which meant that his head was in line with the top of the bars. It felt like a short nose dive from there to the floor so we dropped it.

Good night here, one bum change at 12:30 and we coslept in the spare bed after that. Then we've just woken up at 7:30, with 2 watery poos in the space of 5 minutes sad I was hoping he was finished.

Lazarro I have no advice, J self settles when he wants to and then decides against it some nights and we're up for hours. It must be really hard if he falls asleep easily at bedtime/naptime as no one wants to start controlled crying etc at 2am!

Off to feed the monkey (and me I'm starving).

Oops she sorry Lazzaroo

lazzaroo Wed 31-Jul-13 08:16:22

Oh yeah, I'd forgotten about the 2 nappy changes at 4am! smile

The thing is it never seems so bad in the day! So I convince myself it'll be a better night....then when it's not I say 'we've got to do something about this''! I think I am in denial about heading down sleep training route. We did it with dd1. It was awful (well, the first night was). But within 3 days she was self settling & sleeping better. I remember we reached a point of exhaustion and both being ill but I think she was a bit older.

Anyway, we're off out for the day. Dd2 is back asleep so I better get get organised. Hope you all have a good day smile

Have a lovely day Lazzaroo.

MiL's visit has been cancelled as Jamie is still ill. Now surely she can see that a baby covered in poo while she takes him for a walk is not ideal not to mention the chance of her catching it. But no that would rely on her being reasonable, she is sulking now and barely talking to me when I rang her to let her know he's still ill! The silent treatment may work on her two sons but I'm made of sterner stuff! wink

Ofgs WillYou. Tell her she can come and clean up the poo if she wants something to do.

Well I usually put ds down after two hours but I wanted to sort the washing first this morning. Two hours and ten minutes after he woke he was hysterically crying he was so tired!

Ooh but that does at least mean your routine is working Spotty.

I know, I'm stir crazy and would love to go out even if it was only to asda but I'm being considerate and keeping him away from other people so that they don't catch it.

IsThatTrue Wed 31-Jul-13 09:56:44

willyou your mil is officially batshitcrazy! Who wants to be round poorly kids? They're horrible (not j specifically just in general) whiny pooey things!

I'm battling with DS as he wants to play with the lights in my work computer and I won't let him. hmm he can pretty much get away with anything else but not touching my computer when I'm working, do what does he want to do?

Oh and he tried to pull himself up on ds1s stool earlier, and it fell on top of him! He screamed a lot, there was blood in his mouth but I'm not sure where from exactly, and he sobbed through a bf. he was much better after breakfast though. This boy needs to learn he's not invincible!

Did he break his lip tie IsThat? Dd hasn't broken hers yet but when falls and smacks her mouth it seems to bleed from there

IsThatTrue Wed 31-Jul-13 10:27:21

No I did check, although he has 4/5 lip ties along the top lip, 1 at the front and a couple each side further back, so he may have broken one of the ones further back but he wouldn't let me look. (DH thought this completely normal when I showed him, so it's his odd genes causing it, he's got 3 apparantly) shock

I didn't know you could have more than one shock

IsThatTrue Wed 31-Jul-13 10:54:23

Neither did I! Hence me showing DH and saying how odd it was and DH ran his tongue round his own mouth and shrugged saying he had 3! Lol

itsMYNutella Wed 31-Jul-13 11:24:31

isthat read your post and searched around my own mouth. I can feel two one at the front and one at a side. I know I was breast fed though so I guess they are lose lip ties??

IsThatTrue Wed 31-Jul-13 11:26:29

nutella DS is bf and he has 4/5 he doesn't flange (is that the word) the top lip but he feeds and we've never had a latch problem or pain, so I've never been too worried about it.

Ds has one. Lip ties shouldn't effect feeding I don't think but I did read it makes it harder once they have top teeth confused

Ds was only awake for ninety minutes before he needed to go back to bed. He's so sweet he just lays on the floor and puts his thumb in smile

halestone Wed 31-Jul-13 17:27:05

Ah it seems nap refusal is back, i knew it was teeth that made napping easier yesterday and the day before.

Utopian H was born on the 7th i need to lower her cot but havn't just yet. Its on my list to do this week.

IsThatTrue Wed 31-Jul-13 18:49:46

Ds1 woke ds2 from both his naps today angry that boy is not in my good books at all! So ds2 is grumpy. Although he's been great with a friend who visited and DH. Just grumpy with me! hmm

lazzaroo Wed 31-Jul-13 19:04:37

Evening all. Back from lovely day out but all shattered now! Just feeding dd2 then will settle her. Then sort dd1...she fell asleep in carn way home at 4.30pm so will probably buggercabout tonight & be more awake than me! at least she has pre-school tomorrow so besides the grocery shop (which I hate!) I intend to do very little!

Dd2 has had rubbish naps today so we'll see what difference, if any, that makes. And no proper tea, just weetabix before milk.

Hope everyone gets a good night smile

Oh IsThat I feel your pain!

DS was crying and I just wanted to finish off a job application so left him a couple of minutes, went up and found he's rolled onto his back and got his arm through the bar so was stuck blush bad mummy!

Maryland2013 Wed 31-Jul-13 19:15:57

We lowered our cot ages ago I used to panic when he was raising himself up

Maryland2013 Wed 31-Jul-13 19:18:08


Raise himself up on his front so down it went!

Is everyone's LO's less interested in their milk now there's up to 3 meals a day on offer?! Ds only has 3 bottles now and it's hard work trying to get him to have milk other than first thing or bedtime. We're still feeding to sleep too..

Maryland dd was ff and I think by this age she was just having the two bottles and by the time she was one she wasn't having any...she HATED drinking her milk from day one but loved food. DS is less interested too but still wants feeding every 3-4 hours

Maryland2013 Wed 31-Jul-13 19:22:16

Isthat "batshitcrazy" is hilarious. I'll use that one.

Willyou are you still in the doghouse?! Do you care? I hope J is feeling better?

Maryland2013 Wed 31-Jul-13 19:24:39

Thanks spotty.. Reassuring.
I'm desperately trying to make sure he has the 600ml (500?) that he's still supposed to have. Something else to worry about!! He loves his food like your dd. I guess I shouldn't be surprised its much more interesting than milk!!

MaMaPo Wed 31-Jul-13 20:13:08

I have the opposite problem. We're still on 2 meals a day and even then one is usually very small. C just could barely care less.

J's the same Maryland, loves food, hates milk. But this week he's having loads, must be thirsty from all the pooing!

I've not rung her again, I'm not a glutton for punishment. Think I'll tell her he's better tomorrow (he pretty much is already) so she can come and I can go and do the food shop. I quite enjoy doing it saddo but hate putting it away!

Maryland2013 Wed 31-Jul-13 20:58:46

Glad he is better willyou. No doubt mil will suggest she could have taken him after all??!

So interesting mama how these babies are all so different! Does C have puréed food or finger food? We try to do both but I'm petrified about potential choking.. Ds loves his purées but is also good with rice cakes and biscottis and fruit. He just chucks veg on the floor!

DS loves skips and quavers blush I don't purée anything now <lazy> just cut it up small.

Yep DD was weaned at 17 weeks, she was losing weight because she never drank her milk but thrived on solids.

halestone Wed 31-Jul-13 21:07:58

H is the same as C Mama its really hard getting her to eat anything other than cucumber. She has just eaten 12 raspberries straight after each other though. We do a mixture of pureeds and sticks of food

I've got my smear tomorrow hmm

Glad to hear J is better Willyou.grin

PurplePidjin Wed 31-Jul-13 21:11:07

R likes Pombears blush


Tut tut Pidj wink

itsMYNutella Wed 31-Jul-13 21:33:13

shock pidj outraged ;)
DS loves dried cranberries with bits of cake stuck to them hmm

I haven't started giving him breakfast yet <lazy> but if when I become an organised domestic goddess I will of course be making him beautiful meals...

Willyou glad to hear J is better! It's horrible when they are poorly.

I have a possible new plan, in the fight against napping... I might just not bother putting DS down to nap in the morning... or is that too radical?
We are picking up a playpen tomorrow so I can put him somewhere safe when I want to do something drastically selfish that requires both hands. ie cooking dinner.

Is or has anyone else's LO ended up with sore patches on their feet/toes from pushing themselves around so vigorously on the floor? DS is constantly on the move and can commando crawl rather fast now (hence the neeeeed for a playpen), lots of people are still telling me that when they start moving more they nap better hmm.

Maryland2013 Wed 31-Jul-13 21:33:20

Ha Pidj, ds loved Oreo!!!

FriendofDorothy Wed 31-Jul-13 21:46:04

Gah. The Little Mister is driving me nuts tonight! He is still awake and I have just dumped him, still grumbling in his cot.

In other news, I love our new buggy smile

Oh for one night that doesn't involve a large black stinky poo! Dream big fandango!

MaMaPo Thu 01-Aug-13 02:44:29

Maryland, I offer both purée and finger food. Mos finger foods get examined closely, squished between the fingers and thrown on the floor. Lots of the time they never approach the mouth. She is better with purée but has a low tolerance.

I have found that she adores plums though. Strains for them, cries if I take it away. Hilarious watching her chomp into a whole plum, she's vicious!

Gave her a baby biscuit yesterday, I think he quite enjoyed it.

Feeding at the moment - woke up to a tremendous cry. She'd got her foot stuck between the bars, and ha managed to roll onto her tummy. After rolling once about 5 months ago, she's stated doing it again.

utopian99 Thu 01-Aug-13 03:15:14

Fx will you!

O is in sleeping bags so no feet catching at night but he managed it during a daytime nap despite the cot bumper.. hmm

First wakeup since 9pm! (Will prob now be up every hour following...)

Third wake up here. 3 lovely nappies! They are now normal again, just plentiful. Hoping this is a step in the right direction or I'm moving out before tomorrow night!

MaMaPo Thu 01-Aug-13 05:47:53

Utopian, c is also

MaMaPo Thu 01-Aug-13 05:49:01

Oops - also in a sleeping bag and still managed to get herself stuck!

After the night I've had, 5am is too early. Feeding now, fx she goes back down for a little bit.

IsThatTrue Thu 01-Aug-13 06:14:15

nutella DS have himself blisters on his feet from his commando crawl. He also has a pretty good row of bruises down each of his forearms from where he bashes them against the floor during his crawling too hmm I'm trying not to worry. You could put cream on overnight for any particularly sore bits. (I used lanisoh when DS burnt his hand on our hot wood floor, and for the carpet burn he go on his foot, just in case he managed to suck any off I thought at least lanisoh was safe for him to ingest).

Brilliant night here! smile 7-11, 11-6 grin I really needed a good night so I'm thanking DS a lot!

Today I have to run around like a blue arsed fly because a can thundered down a road that's in the middle of resurfacing and kicked a stone up that hit our windscreen. So we now have a crack. And on mon I'm doing a 5hr journey alone with 3 kids so I really need it sitting before then! The only appointment they had was today. I also have about 18 hrs work to do before mon. A whole house to clean before Sunday when mil comes to entertain ds2 so I can pack. And DH leaves for India for. 2 weeks tomorrow morning sad at least me and the kids are heading to my mums for most of the time!

lazzaroo Thu 01-Aug-13 06:43:11

Another terrible night here. Have been awake since 4 as baby lazza took ages to go back to sleep and then would only sleep on me & would wake the minute I sat down sad

Good to hear your weaning tales. Said to DH the other day I feel like I'm not making a very good job of it this time! She does enjoy eating though. Haven't found anytng she won't eat yet! Still bf though so not sure how it's effecting her milk intake. On that note, am off to get her weetabix sorted.

utopian99 Thu 01-Aug-13 06:59:43

Oh no mama, back to me worrying then!

willyou glad baby willyou is on the mend, fx your mil stops being such a roaring idiot soon too..

Trying to find more breakfast ideas for O - how do you give weetabix? With milk and leave to pick up? Turns out gnocchi go down well here (not for breakfast I hasten to.add, not that O would care)

Crumble it up in milk utopian. Ds just has readybrek.

Ds slept 6:45-6am so that's good, actually I think he woke at 5:30 but I ignored him until dp's alarm went off.

Sorry for bad nights, glad J is on the men's WillYou.

Off to meet up with SCBU babies for lunch today (and their mums!). Will try to get a picture of all of them together. Ds weighed a good 2lb more than S who was the same gestation and born on the same day grin

lazzaroo Thu 01-Aug-13 11:51:33

utopian Yep, mix weetabix with whole milk (I warm it up). I spoon feed her this, but she often grabs the spoon and helps guide it to her mouth. I often have 2 spoons handy, one for me & one with a little pre-loaded for her. Or I let her have a little bit of toast to keep herself occupied. Other ideas....eggy bread or scrambled eggs (if you aren't avoiding eggs - seems to be mixed advice on this), mashed banana on toast, ready brek (with or without fruit puree), fruit, yoghurt.

Good to hear there are some sleepy babies around..,gives me hope!

Hope you have nice lunch spotty

another sleep breakthrough (after the odd nap exceeding 30 minutes) we have had three nights in a row of 'sleeping through' - at first just exceeding the 5 hour mark but last night he slept 11.30 - 6.30. first time in 8 months. now I just have to remember how to sleep through!

also shirking breakfast here - he's such a reluctant eater at lunch and dinner that I don't bother blush .

Ds's got the most horrendous sounding cough! I will get the dr to listen tomorrow as we've got his review appointment for his testicle...

lazzaroo Thu 01-Aug-13 19:06:21

Conducting experiment tonight...gave DD tea early, about 4.30. She ate more as not too tired & is now having mammoth, albeit sleepy, feed as not too full up from tea. Hoping it helps tonight.....oh bugger, she was asleep on mu. Cue dd1 barging in with a princess doll emergency....better start pacing sad

Ds has his dinner at 4/4:30 smile. These pesky older siblings, it's so frustrating!

ISpyPlumPie Thu 01-Aug-13 20:39:22

N is eight months today and weighs 22lb 11oz, so is just 4oz shy of tripling his birth weight. No wonder I get sore arms carrying him round!

shock ISpy! That's a whole newborn more than ds! He's obviously thriving smile

Wow ISpy, is he a chunky monkey or just solid? They'll all start tailing off now won't they now that they're moving?

J seems to have piled weight on this week despite the illness. He has eaten and drunk nonstop all week. I'm itching to have him weighed but don't want him to poo on the scales.

MiL came and I was actually waiting at the end of the drive with DS! I handed him over and went to the supermarket. I took ages and went to both asda and aldi. It was amazing to be out of the house!

Barbeasty Thu 01-Aug-13 21:00:27

Ditto Spotty. I had A weighed on Tuesday, and at 15 lb 6 he hasn't doubled his birth weight yet!

IsThatTrue Thu 01-Aug-13 22:10:05

Wow ispy great weight!

Weighing DS on our scales he's about 18lb. I doubt I'll get him weighed officially again tbh.

DS is feeding to sleep, he woke just after I left for a run. Had a bottle, and screamed until DH walked him round the garden. Then I came home. He was awake for an hour and now in trying to get him down. He's quite viciously pulling at his ears though so I wonder if its his teeth (or lack thereof) that are bothering him.

lazzaroo Thu 01-Aug-13 22:41:59

Well, my cunning plan failed. Woke at 10.10. Fed her. Still awake. Rocked her back to sleep (17lb 2oz here, 7 months.....my arms ache constantly!). Just woken again. It's going to be another long night sad

lazzaroo Thu 01-Aug-13 22:55:32

isthat hope all quiet again now. Baby lazza has been pulling her ears too. She actually makes them bleed! Teeth are such a nightmare. I wish another one would appear, would make me feel better about these nights! She's asleep again...for now! Night all.

IsThatTrue Thu 01-Aug-13 23:00:45

Night lazza we're up again. I think it was us coming to bed that disturbed him, and he's got this habit when he stirs he sits up, and then is almost fully awake. If he didn't automatically sit up he may self settle I think I must be kidding myself

Both dc are still asleep but I got woken up by next door's bloody alarm angry then some heavy rain. Just lying in bad waiting for ds.

Lazza it sounds like you've got it really tough sad

Dp has used the left over roast chicken, which was meant for our dinner, in his sandwiches hmm

lazzaroo Fri 02-Aug-13 07:59:45

Nice lie in spotty . Thanks, but it's not too bad! Bless her, she's great in the day. Happy & contended. Just doesn't need as much sleep as me it seems! At least DH back later tonight so I can have a lie in tomorrow. She woke loads again last night, and fed every time. I think she's reverse cycling as she's so easily distracted in the day. Going to try feeding her up today!

It's so hard to feed in the day at the moment I'm finding. Every noise and ds turns around pulling my nipple with him!

PurplePidjin Fri 02-Aug-13 08:25:39

R was 16lb 9 at 8 months a couple of weeks ago.

7-4-5:30 here. Better but not brilliant sad

MaMaPo Fri 02-Aug-13 09:05:32

7-4.30-6.50 here. I can manage that! Husband got home at 1 and still wasn't in bed at 4.30 - he was drunk and fell asleep on the couch!

Some good news re Roark for him, potentially. We have out fingers crossed.

No idea what c weighs, but I'll get her weighed next week (or today if I can be bothered). She is a big girl though!

MaMaPo Fri 02-Aug-13 09:06:33

Who the hell is Roark? I meant work!

Lovely thunderstorm going on here. They're so rare in London. I love them.

SeymoreButts Fri 02-Aug-13 09:30:16

Hi all! DS is 8 months tomorrow and weighed in at 24lb 3oz last week, I am really struggling to lift him out of the cot and bath now.

He has a nasty virus and has been so unhappy for the last 2 nights. He's covered in a viral rash and very hot, calpol and nurofen alternated every 4 hours are getting him down to 38 degrees. To make matters worse we were supposed to be out for our 10 year anniversary tonight but have obviously had to cancel.

lazza I haven't tried eggs yet because we've been introducing cows milk slowly (and he's been fine, yippee). Did you offer scrambled eggs the first time?

Snap spotty gone are the days of feeding anywhere, it's quiet/darkened rooms only at the moment!

MaMa I love a good storm. We had a fantastic one here a few days ago. When it was directly overhead the thunder was unbelievable, I've never heard anything like, I thought the house had been hit!

pidj I hope the sleep continues to improve.

Anyone still using dummies? I think I need to bite the bullet and get rid. He can't settle to sleep during the day without a dummy unless he's being wheeled round in the pushchair. It's starting to creep in during the night now too, I'm wondering if it could be part of the reason he rarely sleeps for more than 4 hours at night.

Ooh the reverse cycling is a killer lazza and spotty, that's the only good thing about this bug, it's reset J's body clock. I now feed him in a dark room at 9:30am and 2pm whereas before he wouldn't have a single bottle until after 4.

J got up at 11pm for a bottle and wouldn't go back to bed until 1:30am hmm But DP swapped a late for an early and got up with J at 7:30 the little bugger hasn't slept that late for me all week. I didn't even hear them go and woke up 10 mins ago.

The rain is spectacular here and DP even got the beach towels in off the line before they were soaked. He is definitely in my good books!

Seymore it does sound like a possibility re the dummy. Poor ds I hope he gets better soon. I tried ds with scrambled egg he was not impressed but neither dd or I like egg so not surprising.

halestone Fri 02-Aug-13 11:10:10

H was 25.1lb 7.5 months she'll be getting weighed again soon.

I took my nan to the airport this morning so she could go to Portugal and my sister has gone to Benidorm. I'm not jealous at all if i lie to myself i may believe it

IsThatTrue Fri 02-Aug-13 12:44:45

We are nap refusing! I just had to leave him in bed crying so I could eat lunch. He's suckling now but he's not happy about it. He needs to sleep he's only had 20 minutes since 7am and he had a late night last night and was up for an hour at. 5am!

DH has left for India. 2weeks sad thankfully I only have this weekend (alone with ds2 as big ones are at their dads) and then go to my mum and dads for 10 days, and leave the big ones there for another week while I come home to be here when DH gets back.

Oh we're snoozing, I wish I could just let him sleep with my nipple in his mouth but I've really gotta go get some work cleared before we go away.

Oh that sounds hard IsThat, at least you'll mostly have your mum and dad to help out. Are they the sort to baby you a bit? smile

J's not overly keen on egg Spotty, he'll eat it he'll eat anything but not with the same gusto as usual.

J has been asleep for 2.5 hours now. I will pay for this later!

DD's just eaten half of my bronzing pearls...

halestone Fri 02-Aug-13 15:44:08

Isthat i hope DS sleeps so that you can get stuff done.

Spotty that will be an interesting Poo later for you wink

Luckily she generally deals with her own poos wink I'm so cross though she knows not to touch them let alone eat them fgs!

lazzaroo Fri 02-Aug-13 16:10:25

Baby lazza napped for 2.5 hours this morning! Why didn't she do that yesterday when dd1 was at pre-school!? And she as had 1.5 hrs this afternoon.

Seymour we don't use a dummy. She refused them! I did do scrambled egg first. Just made sure ut was well cooked and in big enough lumps to grab and shove in her mouth. Have also done egg Mayo sandwiches.

Isthat glad to hear you've got some help lined up. It's hard work on your own. DH on his way home now smile

Oh I had ds's drs appointment earlier. Dr will refer us. Apparently the dr comes up from Southampton for this particular clinic so I can imagine it's only run once a month

IsThatTrue Fri 02-Aug-13 18:06:37

willyou they don't baby me but they are great about doing everything for the big ones so I'll only have to worry about ds2 really.

Just me and DS2 now. He's bathed and ready for bed already! blush he won't let me do any work/housework though so that'll have to wait until he's in bed!

MaMaPo Fri 02-Aug-13 18:52:34

Spotty, is that for the raised temperature?

Nice napping, babylazza!

So C ate well tonight! I mixed some sweet potato and cheese into the chicken stew I made and which she has turned her nose up at every time I have offered it. And she actually ate it! Opened her mouth! Reached for it! As you can tell this is very rare. I even went and made more, and she had a bit of that too. Then polished off a very large plum and a yoghurt.

Perhaps related to that, she then fed for only 15 minutes (usually at least 30), kept whining and pulling off and then bit my nipple for the first time! She looked a bit confused and then grinned at me when I loudly said 'no!'

Anyway, I've put her down and I think she's gone to sleep. But I do wonder if she'd be able to sleep through without all her milk? I suppose solids are harder/take longer to digest and might see her through?

Having people over for dinner tonight. Cooking a Chinese feast - 5 dishes!

No, MaMa it's for his testicle grin

Poor DS does a little cry after each cough sad if he wakes up I think I will give him some medicine

ISpyPlumPie Fri 02-Aug-13 19:18:13

Sorry didn't get the chance to come back on last night. N is a solid little chap but definitely quite chubby too. He has the chunkiest little thighs grin. He is starting to level off a bit - he had been gaining a pound a month, but put on just under that in five weeks this time. Not sure how many more times I'll take him to be weighed. I do find it reassuring, but there's never been any issue with his weight and it can be a bit of a faff to go. Might try and fit one more in before I'm back at work though.

Seymore - happy anniversary. Sorry DS is poorly though. Hope he's better soon.

Isthat - have fun at your parents'.

Spotty - hope the appointment went well.

Willyou/Lazza - will keep fx that nightime =sleeptime tonight for both of you.

Maryland2013 Fri 02-Aug-13 19:19:12

Mama I worried ds wouldn't sleep when we took away his dream feed but it was never a problem. Good to hear C enjoying some food. Sweet potato is a massive hit in our house- with carrots, apples, cheese, tomato, butternut squash, lentils. Dh says if I mixed sweet potato and the contents of the dyson ds would still eat it grin

IsThatTrue Fri 02-Aug-13 19:44:16

DS is being a pickle. He went down wonderfully at 7, was awake within 5mins, fed for 30 mins and went down okish at 7.30, again awake within 5. Now he's suckling (not feeding though) and playing with his hair. I wonder if its the temperature, I think it really makes his eczema play up. Poor love!

I hope other babies go down well (and stay down) tonight.

I could do with a good nights sleep. Me and DS are off early in the morning to do our first park run together (my second park run). When I did my one alone it took 33.48mins for the 5k run. I wonder how long it will take with him, especially as its a different course (flat rather than woods so I can take the buggy)

PurplePidjin Sat 03-Aug-13 07:40:51

7:15-4:45 then 5:15-6 grin

IsThat, R twiddles his hair and it wakes him up. I hold his hand, he grabs my thumb, and that sends him off. I might try popping a toy there instead once things settle down smile

Argh ds will not stop going for dd's toys. Apparently they're more fun than his own hmm

Good sleep pidj!

Barbeasty Sat 03-Aug-13 07:59:52

Of course they're better spotty They're smaller, dangerous to chew and they get a reaction! It is making DD marginally tidier though....

I've got a rotten cold, and DH is working so I've got the DC on my own all day.

Not particularly good sleep again, although I was worse than A!

Stacks Sat 03-Aug-13 09:03:06

Hi again. I've been AWOL for a whole so you all dropped off my threads list. Just struggling with DS and sleep, still. A good night he wakes every 2 hours and goes back down quickly. A bad night can be every hour with 4-5 attempts to put him back in his cot. We've had more bad nights than good recently, and I've really struggled with my temper as a result.

Daytime naps seem to be coming along better, occasionally 2 hours, usually 45 or 90 minutes. We're doing the trick of putting him down 2 hours after waking up too, though it doesn't seem to work well between his morning and lunch nap and we usually end up with a screaming fit before going down after waiting another hour or so.

Still, DS is in his own room and his own bed all night long now. I've been sleeping in the nursery too, but might try going back to our bed tonight. If it disturbs DH too much I'll move back through, but we really need to spend some time together as I've barely seen him in 7 months!

Weaning is going quite well here. We're 90% BLW so DS rarely gets anything from a spoon. He likes the Ella's kitchen fruit smoothie pouches though - merrily sucks them straight out the packet with no help. However his first try of a savoury one was not a success - it looked like he had a slug on his tongue! Massive shudder and poked out his tongue with the stuff still on. Very funny smile
For breakfast DS self feeds dry Cheerios and Shreddies. He'll occasionally take some porridge or weetabix from a spoon but prefers not to. Also toast, potato scones, and crumpets as finger food. We had some success with porridge fingers early on, but I've not tried him on them recently.

Anyone else finding their LOs are seeming more hungry? DS has been demanding food a lot overnight, though isn't so bad when DH settles him. I've lost loads of weight recently though, and wondering if its DS feeding more. 2kg in 2 weeks...

What can I remember from the read back?
Nutella congratulations!
WillYou I hope DS is all recovered now? How's him sore bum?
Spotty how is DS and his cough?
Lazza I hope the time without your DH isn't too hard. I'm with you on the bad sleeping, but can offer no solutions. I'm reading and trying to implement The No Cry Sleep Solution book, seems quite good so far, and I think has helped a bit. It's a very quick read, maybe try getting it from your local library, or I got it for £3 from eBay.
Seymour good luck with the dummy weaning if you decide to go ahead with it. We never used one as DS refused. Also, happy anniversary.
Beasty sorry to hear about your cold. I hope you feel better soon. Tv day for the DCs?
Pidg I'm glad sleep is improving for you.
IsThat I hope your night improved and DS finally stayed asleep? Good luck with your park run, you're far fitter than I!

I can't get any cleaning done with dd moaning and ds following me everywhere!

Stacks sorry things haven't greatly improved for you sad ds's cough is ok at the moment but I'm sure it'll get worse again tonight.

Dp and I are going out to dinner tonight! First time in years shock I haven't told him either he thinks he's mowing the lawn tonight smile

IsThatTrue Sat 03-Aug-13 11:47:36

stacks sorry to hear of poor sleep, it's awful isn't it when you just need some shut eye.

Well after our rather shaky start last night DS slept 8-3, 4-7 he was sleepy feeding between 3-4 and I tried to transfer 4times before I was successful. I didn't bring him into my bed though as now the cots moved he could fall out. even though it was really really really tempting

We managed the parkrun, slower than normal but I've decided I don't like running with the buggy on grass as it bashes poor DS around too much. Thankfully next time I parkrun my DH will be home so I'll be able to leave them in bed. DS did get rewarded for being such a good boy and sleeping for the whole run with some raspberry flapjack at the end. He loved it!

lazzaroo Sat 03-Aug-13 12:56:46

Usual shenanigans here last night. Settled easily just before 7 but lost track on how many wake ups. Including an hour at 3.30! up for the day at 5.40 but only slept for 40mins....how an two days be so different!! tried getting her to sleep again 2 hours after she woke but she wouldn't have it. Only went back to sleep half an hour ago, so if she doesn't gave nice long sleep now she'll be grumpy!

No what you mean stacks, she does seem very hungry. Has eaten like a pig today! But still seems to need to feed at night....or wants to....that's what I need to decide. Thanks for book suggestion smile

Hope your day going ok barbeasty

lazzaroo Sat 03-Aug-13 12:59:17

Oh, and stacks maybe your lo is heading towards the 2,3,4 nap routine? I,e. 2 hours after first wake up, 3 hours after first nap, then 4 hours to bed?

Sorry about all the shit nights. I was with you. We only had 1 wakeup, but it was at 3:00 and lasted until 5:15. It was utterly soul destroying, he wasn't hungry, he did poo eventually but that wasn't what woke him, he just wanted to play. When it became apparent I did not want to play he screamed the bloody house down.

DP is getting on my nerves too. He keeps saying everyone at work's babies always slept through for 12 hours. Why doesn't J? X, Y and Z said just put whiskey in his last bottle and he'll sleep. My reply is always all baby's are different, your workmates are fucking liars remembering it wrong or left them to CIO all night and if they gave their baby whiskey to make them sleep they're arseholes (workmates are recent parents so should know better).

MaMaPo Sat 03-Aug-13 14:31:42

Willyou, what a stupid thing for your husband to say. I'd be tempted to reply, 'I don't know why can't sleep 12 hours. Why can't you run a marathon?' NB this only works if he doesn't run marathons.

The stupid thing is Mama, that other than this week when he's been poorly, he had started to wake himself at 11pm for a bottle and then sleep until 7:30/8am. That's awesome sleep! I'd much rather that than him sleep 12 hours 6-6 as I don't do early mornings.

There's also no way that everyone at his work had babies who slept through every night. They've just forgotten all the wakeful nights and remember the good times. I may introduce DP to the sleep boards so he can see how good we have it!

Dp hasn't been home long I've managed to get him to have a bath and I'm secretly doing my make up. We're leaving in 50 minutes and I need to make sure both dc are in bed before then! Might have to tell dp soon...

Barbeasty Sat 03-Aug-13 18:19:04

One of DH's colleagues is the same. As is SIL. But luckily DH ignores it.

Today was ok. Trip to the farmer's market got a bit soggy. But DD found the lost library book which I've been searching for for the last 2.5 weeks! I managed to return it before it was due on Monday.

This afternoon we went to the toy shop to buy a few nieces & nephews birthday presents for next month, and got both DC something.

So all good. Then I went for a wee and asked DD to keep A away from her fiddly little playmobil bits. Instead she went and squirted one spray of bathroom cleaner on her face/ tongue angry Lots of rinsing later and she's fine, but I'm waiting for DH to get home then I need a drink!

Luckily all A managed was to get himself stuck under a coffee table.

I've just heard that someone I barely know has called their baby tyddyn. How does one pronounce this?!

Goodness Barbeasty. Glad dd is ok!

FriendofDorothy Sat 03-Aug-13 19:17:21

I was bathing my 7 1/2 month old tonight and noticed that his right nipple looks red and it feels like there is a lump underneath it. Has anyone else had this? He is perfectly well otherwise, no temperature or anything else to be concerned about.

I will take him to the GP on Monday but just wondered if it is very unusual.

Barbeasty Sat 03-Aug-13 19:40:36

If it's welsh then I'd guess something like tuthun, but I don't really know. Can you google or ask on the baby names board.

DD is apologetic! But she's since bitten her tongue twice and banged her knee jumping onto.her bed.

Deciding what Indian to order. Maybe chilli will shift this cold.

Stacks Sat 03-Aug-13 19:48:36

Spotty are they welsh? "dd" is pronounced as a sort of "th". So tie-then or ti-then maybe. Hope you have a great dinner out and get to keep it secret as long as possible smile

Never heard of that FoD, sorry.

Beasty, sounds like a great day... Except for the bathroom cleaner incident. What did she think she was doing? I remember trying to eat apple shampoo as a kid, but in my defense it did smell lovely and tasty. hmm

Willyou, men can be annoying. They'll do things their mate told them works, but not what you say.. Sigh.

Ha sorry Barbeasty but your DD sounds hilarious (obviously not when trying to poison herself). Have a big fat Indian like I just did to smoke that cold out.

Exactly Stacks. hmm

No help here FoD, maybe pop over to children's health?

Have a lovely dinner spotty, report back what you have!

Barbeasty Sat 03-Aug-13 20:07:30

FoD- there isn't a spot or insect bite right by it that sort of melds in and looks like part of the nipple? I don't particularly know of what it could be.

Barbeasty Sat 03-Aug-13 20:10:40

Big cross post!

She is funny, mostly.

She never went for anything dangerous when she was younger, so I think we've relaxed too far. Probably a good thing, with A on the move now! Just need to find a lockable bathroom cabinet big enough.

I can recommend ecover though, as relatively safe....

No idea FoD sorry.

When I was 3 I drank nail varnish removed.

Hmm I tried google but didn't get anywhere I think it's a place name in Wales?

We went to Jamie's Italian. It was ok nothing special. Saw someone getting arrested on the way back.

Oh also dp said he never, ever wants another baby sad

FriendofDorothy Sat 03-Aug-13 23:01:05

I phoned the on-call GP. He reckoned it is quite common and is a hormonal thing.

Said that if I was still worried about it by Monday to take him to our own GP.

Spotty forever is a long time. He may change his mind, you may change yours, you just don't know.

Glad you got some reassurance FoD, hope he's put your mind at rest until you can see your GP.

My gorgeous boy is laughing in his sleep, I hope he stays asleep on transfer though I need sleep myself.

So cute WillYou!

FoD I did wonder that but wasn't sure if I was making it up!

I'm so tired I can't cope with going to bed after 10 blush and I think ds woke at 5 ish. Dd came in at 5:45 so we've been up since then zzzzz (feel free to ignore me or throw stuff at me if you've been up in the night).

Barbeasty Sun 04-Aug-13 07:54:41

Spotty sorry your evening wasn't quite what you hoped for. And I'm with you on the early nights. Lots of waking up, briefly, but a lie in until 6!

DD was so cute this morning, talking about a daddy long legs. "mummy, I call the spider long legs "skinny legs"".

It was a nice evening there were a few silences though blush I think once (if) I get working again I will have more to talk about confused

I have to hand my notice in next week I can't put it off any longer. I'm really scared!

WLmum Sun 04-Aug-13 08:34:02

Hello all, we're back from camping! It was lots of fun but exhausting! Ts sleep was terrible - short naps and lots of night wakings with extensive boobing! I'm sure we'll get back on track quickly enough with a push.

Sorry to hear of all the poorly babies and yay/boo to sleeping deoend

MaMaPo Sun 04-Aug-13 08:40:58

Glad you got to have a dinner out spotty. Must be a nice change.

My husband ordered about 12 cookbooks from amazon which arrived last week (they're about half the price compared with in Australia) so we had lots of inspiration and a nice meal at home. Yesterday I took c on her first bike ride - daringly, I wore her on my front in the ergo. My bike is very upright so she was comfy. Not sure I'd do it again but I felt reassured as there were no cars - lots of London streets were blocked off for cycling.

Last night v broken here - there was a noisy party on the rooftop of an adjacent building. The noise wasn't too bad, but some dickhead from our block of flats woke me and C twice by screaming at the other party to keep it down! So angry about that.

Welcome back WL hopefully t will sleep better now she's home.

That would have really annoyed me mama!

WLmum Sun 04-Aug-13 09:38:42

Darn fat fingers!

Depending which side you're on!

spotty sorry you and dp are not on the same page re future babies, I hope it all works out. I was lucky that dh and i both quite wanted a third. Im sure dh would have been a bit less keen if we already had one of each flavour though! Good luck handing in your notice - I've always found leaving as scary as starting! Big wuss that I am. I'm going back 2 weeks tomorrow sad. Seriously wondering about trying to save a bit so that I can quit and go temping as it might be a way in and they might be more inclined to accept p/t as they pay by the hour. Hmm we'll see - I need to get everyone used to me being back at work first - DH is crapping it!

Eek two weeks! What are your hours like? The thing is I know dp is right we just can't afford a third not if we want to do nice things and go on holiday etc.

WLmum Sun 04-Aug-13 10:38:24

I only do 18 hours a week over 3 days and its not stressful or difficult but I'm quite bored and see nowhere to go - its the kind of job where most people have been in the same position for years and years. I would like a bit more challenge but also really need to start bringing in more money.

I'm supposed to be getting stuff done this morning while DH has dd1&2 at swimming lessons but T decided on a short nap and is now having a lovely boob feed.

The 3rd baby decision is tough - I look at friends who only have 2 and they're starting to get more freedom etc and their lives are becoming easier but I just wasn't quite ready to close the door. Of course I love having the 3 now and dd1&2 love T so much it's wonderful.

utopian99 Sun 04-Aug-13 11:50:41

We have always been planning on three and have had mixed messages from both sides saying it's fun/not that much harder than two and then that it's way harder.. for now I'm just hoping we manage to conceive again. No reason why not and ds was a quick conception but dh was an only, whose parents would have had more but couldn't, and he really really doesn't want ds to be too. Also I know a few people who had dc1 easily and had to have ivf for the next so am irrationally angsty about it..

Well we were up all bloody night! Slept 2-4, 5-8 at which point I woke DP handed him over and got back in bed. He's exhausted now but won't sleep. This stomach bug has a lot to answer for!

There was an all night BBQ complete with shit karaoke going on here. they were across the road, 6 doors up and in another street and we still couldnt hear the telly! had to shut every window for the first time in months.

Welcome back, 2 weeks WL? confused Rubbish, I bet it'll be hard work coordinating drop offs/pickups. Who'll be having T?

I need to go and discuss my return to work but my mum and dad have buggered off in holiday AGAIN so I have no babysitter.

I'm still ridonkulously broody! After J was born I wanted a lot more, but I think for now I'll have a second and see how I cope curses self and will end up with triplets

Sorry you had a bad night WillYou.

WL have you ever been to Alice Holt forest?

When I hold ds's hands he walks but he lifts his legs as high as he possibly can. It's hilarious.

WLmum Sun 04-Aug-13 14:12:04

I think part of us having 3 is that we struggled to conceive (and then a couple of mcs) and felt so bloody grateful to have kids that I kinda couldn't get enough.
utopian I think it all depends on the personalities going on within the family. Obviously it is more work but I have days when it's no bother at all and other days that are tough, but I think that would be the case with 1,2,3 or 4 dc tbh!
willyou poor you and J, hope it goes away very soon.
spotty we haven't but I always hear great things about it. Must put it on the to do list!

WLmum Sun 04-Aug-13 14:13:36

spotty I'm imagining baby goose-stepping style! grin. It sounds most amusing - fb a vid?

WLmum Sun 04-Aug-13 14:18:59

Yep co-ordinating picks and drop offs is going to be a bit of a mare for the next year - all childcare is spread between us, DH works 4 long days at dm and pil help out. There'll be dd1 to and from school, dd2 to and from pre-school in a diff place 3 days and T toting along. Next year dd1&2 will hopefully be in the same school so that will make life easier. Luckily dm is uber helpful and flexible.

I will try and get a video! Dp has the week off after bank holiday to decorate the bedrooms I was thinking we could go there on one of the days. It's somewhere I think needs two adults grin

WLmum Sun 04-Aug-13 19:48:53

Ts crawling is progressing fast and now she can get up to all sorts of mischief like licking the marker pen face off dd1s balloon - see fb photo! Such a rascal - we took the bumbo camping but it was useless as she can now get out of it. Didn't have this trouble with dd1&2 who sat on their podges til 11 months!

IsThatTrue Sun 04-Aug-13 19:54:19

Our night wasn't too bad, slept 7.30-1 1.30-5 5.30-7 . And today we sprouted a tooth! smile I knew he'd wait until DH was in India! Lol. There's one more India trip planned and its the beginning of nov, I'm willing to place a bet DS will start walking if the biggest hasn't managed it before

Mil was round today helping to look after DS while I got some packing done for our holiday. She was great but she does fuss a lot. Poor DS wasn't allowed to crawl off on his own, or pull himself up, or eat his rice cakes (he shoves them in whole) she just fussed so much. So I let him take himself out onto the patio and find inappropriate things once she'd left, you could see the relief on his little face! Lol

IsThatTrue Sun 04-Aug-13 19:56:17

WL DS has been able to get out the bumbo for about a month, I cried when he first did it. I wanted a nice static baby for a while! Lol DS has been doing a lot more real crawling over the last few days but his commando is so much quicker he usually reverts to that! grin

Barbeasty Sun 04-Aug-13 19:58:01

We had a pretty good day, and have got A a vtech walker, because he loves standing and trying to walk.

Then about 5 mins from home DD was sick, so that's the car seat cover off for washing.

Then later my foot slipped out from under me on the stairs (luckily I was just carrying washing, not a child). My bottom is definitely bruised, one wrist hurts, and I'm not sure about my lower back (could be the bruised bottom!)

So a fairly eventful weekend.

Here's to a quiet week ahead....

Utopian my theory, from watching others- especially SIL's 6 children, is that they can entertain each other once you have 2 or more. So, whilst it can be hard balancing the attention needs of 2 (especially when baby feeds) you get time to do stuff.

I'm clinging to my theory!

And it took 6 months to conceive A, vs 1st month with DD.

halestone Sun 04-Aug-13 20:41:20

Beasty i hope your ok that sounds quite painfulthanks

Spotty glad you had a nice night out last night i hope it wasn't ruined with the thought of no more children. Me and DP are on the same page at the moment and neither of us want any more. If it changes i suppose we'll cross that bridge when we come to it. He's adamant that 2 are enough for him but and i know this sounds bad i've only got H biologically and as much as i love my DSD shes not mine. I haven't taught her things or played a roll in her childhood so i may want another. Plus DSD is 8 years older than H so i may want a sibling she can play with. Like i said though i will cross that bridge when it comes to it.

WL glad you had a nice holiday that picture is great grin

Willyou fingers crossed the bug completely leaves J system soon and he gets back to his normal routine.

FoD H also had those lumps in her nipple when she was born and when she was BF the HV said it was hormonal but i completely agree with you, you should get it checked out.

Seymore Happy 10th Anniversary for yesterday i hope you and DP did manage to get to do something together.thankswinethanks

Stacks and Lazza sorry things aren't improving on the sleep front.thanks

Isthat my nan sounds like your MiL great with H but really overprotective and won't let her do much.

Mama i would love to be able to cook like you or your DP. My home cooking is very traditional hearty meals.

Had a busy weekend arranging H's christening this weekend and also looking after dad his breathing is abit crap. I'm hoping it improves though as he is meant to be going to my sisters on wed for a week. Which will be mine and DP's first time alone with H.

utopian99 Sun 04-Aug-13 20:56:07

Seymore happy 10th anniversary! Sorry I missed that...

Hales hope your dad improves.

WL brilliant photo!

Ha nice photo WL, she looks chuffed with herself.

Happy anniversary Seymour

When's the christening Hales? Or was it today? Are you looking forward to a bit of alone time with the two of them?

We've had a great day, DS has been so funny playing with his new toys. He's also started gurning. I think he's rubbing his teeth against something but he looks like this when he does it! Been freaking us out all day. He's in his sleeping bag now, hoping that's why he's been waking. Please don't let me have to suffer another 2 hour wake up tonight!

Did you sort out your car problem IsThat?

Oh I remember the gurning! I also am dreading the inevitable teeth grinding once there's top and bottom and every time a new one comes!

IsThatTrue Sun 04-Aug-13 21:23:53

willyou is that the windscreen or the car seats? Lol so many problems! The windscreen got sorted by the autoglass man on thurs. car seat problem I'm still not happy with but I've decided what I'm doing at least lol.

I didn't see your windscreen problem, I meant your seat problem. Glad you worked something out.

I really don't like the gurning, makes him look really confused

WLmum Sun 04-Aug-13 21:42:12

Haha willyou
hales I hope your dad improves, and that enjoy some alone time with h and dp

IsThatTrue Sun 04-Aug-13 22:03:18

willyou I'm going to put dd in the centre on the integral booster. I haven't bothered to check the sensor for the airbag tbh as I'm running around like a blue arsed fly already. At least she'll be able to entertain ds2 if he wakes up!

Hi all, found you again but doubt ill manage to catch up on all I missed. Hope everyone is doing well. Things have been all over the place here- hence losing you all.
We now have 2 teeth through and 2 more coming I think. No crawling yet.
Will try and stay up to date smile

P.s quit my job this week grin

That's true, I rarely drive anywhere atm. DS hates the car seat and just wails. I drive it once a week to the supermarket and I don't take DS with me. I'm storing up trouble for when he's older though!

IsThatTrue Sun 04-Aug-13 22:18:05

I'm quite lucky that DS doesn't mind the car seat unless he's well rested as he gets fidgety then. Usually he just sleeps until we stop (or wakes after 2hrs ish whichever comes first. I have got an emergency carton of formula and bottle in case he starts and wants feeding as I can get dd to do that and we won't have to stop.

First wake up hmm

WLmum Sun 04-Aug-13 23:19:05

Hey honey nice to have you back.
Does that mean you can now have the full time wonderful job of being Dash's mummy? grin

WLmum Sun 04-Aug-13 23:19:43

Where are you off to isthat

IsThatTrue Sun 04-Aug-13 23:34:37

We're off to visit my parents in Skegness smile (well pretty close to Skegness anyway) me and ds2 are there for 10 days, ds1 and dd are staying on for another week or so. It involves a lot of stuff hmm

halestone Sun 04-Aug-13 23:36:49

Welcome back Honey grin

Willyou the Christening isn't till the end of September but trying to find a venue big enough for a party afterwards was hard as everywhere was booked.

WL i can't wait for time alone with DPgrin he's going to throw a sickie which he never does and then me H DSD and him are going to Chester Zoo and DSD is staying over at mine for the 1st time.

To stop H crying in the car we have some toys that she can play with and there left in the car permanently so that she knows its car time. Touch wood she seems to like the car.

We went to Chester zoo recently Hales, it was ace. Sure you'll all have a fantastic time.

Welcome back honey, sorry you've been having a tough time.

First wake up here but I've not been to sleep yet, up worrying about work. I've had a job offer but can't accept it as I'd have to pay back all my mat pay. It looks like my employer may be going down the pan but I can't jump ship. Really frustrating and don't want to get into a situation where I have no job at all confused well I do but that won't pay the bills

Welcome back honey hope things improve for you.

Ds is fine in the car luckily as we can't do anything without driving.

I'm having in my notice today, wish me luck!

IsThatTrue Mon 05-Aug-13 06:53:22

Good luck spotty

Well our night wasn't great. I'm just hoping now that our funday is still on to wear the kids out before we go. Weather was supposed to be awful bit looks ok until this afternoon now.

WLmum Mon 05-Aug-13 07:17:40

Good luck spotty
willyou that's Hobson's choice isn't it. How long do you have to go back for? Any chance the potential employer will have a position in the future? Work choices suck! I only got statutory plus a little bit so would only be a little bit to pay back, although I'll get a returners bonus after 6 months. In reality, unless something amazing happens ill wait the 6 months before going all out for a new job.

Rubbish night here, up 11.30, 1.30, 3.30 and up for the day at 5.30. I'm clinging to the fact it's because I'm gentle sleep training again.

isthat I guess at least older dcs can be a bit responsible for their own stuff? Have a fun day and nice time with your parents.

Morning all, have a lovely day IsThat.

Good luck spotty.

WL there are usually a few jobs about at any one time but I ideally want one working from home. I've been offered 2 in the last month that would be perfect and there's only so many employers. I got a fantastic maternity package (which is why they've now changed it) so id have to pay back a fortune. Not too bad, only have to go back for 3 months, which they've also increased to 9 months for the future. I could not hack 9 months!

Argh I'm really nervous! I'm going straight to work after I've taken dd to nursery.

Thanks for the welcome back smile
Good luck spotty
Yup - I'm going to be a full time mummy for a bit smile

halestone Mon 05-Aug-13 09:02:36

Good luck spotty.

Could you not tell the other employers that you can only start on a certain date Willyou and explain why?

Isthat i hope you have a lovely day grin

WL we're gentle sleep training here as well and i'm hoping it works again, the hot weather definitely disrupted her sleep and also her weaning.

H's voice sounds a little strained/hoarse this morning but shes still smiling and happy and gabbing away so i don't think its affecting her. It just sounds weird.

FriendofDorothy Mon 05-Aug-13 09:22:12

I took him to the GP this morning and he said that it is perfectly normal and is what they call a breast bud. Nothing to worry about unless it starts to look really inflamed and red or changes in any other way. Apparently lots of boys get them and it will most likely come back when he hits puberty.

WLmum Mon 05-Aug-13 09:22:31

willyou it sounds as though if you bare to wait a little bit it could all work out. What sort of work do you do?

Lovely honey - enjoy his loveliness

hales aw bless her.

spotty deep breath, do it, sigh of relief!

It's a bit too far away for that yet Hales, I'd only be able to start in march! Just need to hope there are still jobs available then.

I will wait it out WL, my friend who I share an office with is getting shit on from a great height at the minute (they downgraded our maternity and sick pay packages in response to her multiple miscarriages sad) so she's quitting and she keeps telling me how awful it is which makes me panic!

Glad everything's okay FoD

halestone Mon 05-Aug-13 09:57:23

Glad everything was ok with the little mister FoD.

FX it all sorts itself out Willyou.

WLmum Mon 05-Aug-13 11:23:49

What a cute term fod
That is awful willyou but don't forget her experience is/will be different from yours. Things are rarely as bad as we fear, try to remain neutral! It's hard I know.

Crazy morning. Dd home from nursery with slapped cheek pretty sure ds has it (if you remember I said he had a temp then cough) same as dd he's a few days behind so waiting for the rash.

Handing in notice went fine my boss said 'good for you, not good for me but good for you' hmm

I nearly hit a buzzard or something on the way home they're massive up close.

And I've got a job interview.

FoD glad all is ok.

WillYou at least you know it should all work out. Three months will go quickly.

halestone Mon 05-Aug-13 13:42:27

Has anyone seen those dolls in ikea they have a chinese one and apparently a few others? Well my neighbour brought H the chinese one 2 weeks ago and its gone everywhere with her since, she loves it. Well they've brought her another one today shes over the moon i'll put a pic on fb in a minute but i'll give you an advanced warning i think their scary.

I love all ikea toys hales!

Ds just had a massive screaming session just as I started to feed him and there was blood in his mouth and on my nipple. Quite sure it wasn't me but now he's finally calmed down we can't see anything in his mouth confused

lazzaroo Mon 05-Aug-13 18:31:18

Baby lazza has been throwing herself about like a loon today! So desperate to get moving. She's shuffling about & loves being up on her feet trying to take little steps smile

She was up at 5 and has had 3 40min naps so who knows what tonight will bring! Have tried the past couple of nights not to feed at every wake. Ok when DH here but he leaves again tomorrow.

spotty hope your ds ok & feeding nicely now, and that he & DD are feeling better soon.

PurplePidjin Mon 05-Aug-13 19:24:00

R has all four front teeth cutting. I can see the lines on his gums.

He's now night weaned but waking for teething gel and cuddles hmm

jackandjilly Mon 05-Aug-13 19:46:13

Hello all, please can I join in? I was initially on the antenatal thread but found it hard to keep up! My ds was born on December 7th although he was due in November, I also have a dd just turned 4. He has recently started sleeping through (dd is a different story smile) and we have 4 teeth but no movement just yet. He is such a happy baby I have really enjoyed having him although it can be hard sometimes with two!

I have lurked occasionally and found this thread an enormous help, especially in the early days when up many times at night, so thank you and I hope you don't mind me joining in this lategrin

WLmum Mon 05-Aug-13 20:07:45

Welcome aboard jack - I only got dd1 to sleep through the night by bribing her with chocolate in the morning if she'd stayed in her own bed all night. I guess she was about 3.5.

spotty well done! In the resignation and the interview - that's fab.
Could ds have caught his tongue or gum on a sharp bit of tooth? That must have been scary.
Slap cheek is usually minor but stay away from anyone in the early stages of pg.

T has been bullying me today - while I blew a raspberry on her freshly bathed belly she grabbed my hair and kicked me in the face! I also caught her just about to put a £2 coin in her mouth! It must have been in one of dd1s purses in the toy box. She's such a monkey I really can't take my eye off her.

Welcome jack smile

Thanks WL, I'm pretty sure we haven't been near anyone pregnant that I know of. Both DC still seem fine you wouldn't know there was anything wrong with them, I wouldn't if DD's nursery hadn't sent her home!

DS hasn't got any teeth so definitely not that grin

jackandjilly Mon 05-Aug-13 20:50:07

Thanks for the welcome ladies, sorry to hear ds has slapped cheek spotty, my dd had this and I initially thought it was sunburnshock

We have tried all sorts WL bribery included, she is a nightmare! I'm hoping school will sort it out come September.

Ds was left alone for two minutes today and managed to get hold of dd's sweets. Found him sucking furiously on a strawberry lace! grin

halestone Mon 05-Aug-13 21:58:46

Oh Spotty i missed the slap cheek, i hope it goes soon for them both.

Welcome Jackthanks my DD was born on the 7th also but was due in November envy of the sleeping through.

Pidj what made you night wean now? H can go between 6-8 hours between feeds of a night but wakes up in between and usually ends up in my bed

halestone Mon 05-Aug-13 22:00:44

Was also meant to say good save on the £2 coin WL its weird how they have to taste absolutely everything at the moment. H is also abit of a bully recently and if i or DP have the audacity to shout owww she criesconfused

Barbeasty Mon 05-Aug-13 22:14:58

We have a tooth!

It's only the very tip but I felt it when we were in the dentist's waiting room. Hopefully more aren't far behind.

Barbeasty Mon 05-Aug-13 22:22:49

Hales not just at the moment. If I had a pound for every time I have to tell 3yr old DD I'll confiscate whatever's in her mouth, I wouldn't have had to go back to work!

halestone Mon 05-Aug-13 22:27:15

Beasty yay to the tooth and what a great place to find it haha. grin And oops i thought it was a phase they were going through must remember to hide all little objects

WLmum Mon 05-Aug-13 23:32:58

My big 2 were pretty good about not putting stuff in their mouths when they got a little older, although at 6 dd1 now is almost always sucking on a necklace or chewing a collar. Drives me potty.

Oh dear jack fx for school then!

Weird then spotty

PurplePidjin Tue 06-Aug-13 04:23:10

hales just that he's eating loads during the day and barely sucking at night, just a minute or two to get back to sleep.

Of course i had to go and time it for when he's cutting all four front teeth hmm

Barbeasty dd also puts everything in her mouth still it drives me mad! Yay on the tooth!

Ds has been awake for over 45 minutes but I've not got him up its too early! He's just laying in his cot sucking his thumb/having a wriggle.

Just found a smear of blood on ds's eyebrow confused maybe it is my boob?!

jackandjilly Tue 06-Aug-13 06:18:46

Is it fresh blood spotty? Are your boobs painful? Sorry I don't have any idea what it could be!

Yes fresh wiped straight off. Not sore and no blood comes out when I hand express a bit. It's very odd.

Barbeasty Tue 06-Aug-13 09:30:33

He hasn't wiped it there from himself? Scratched himself or cut himself on a tooth?

The thing with chewing is that I remember swallowing a Lego helmet when I was 7, and I still chew pens!

But after another bad night there had better be a 2nd tooth there when I get home from work!

Nope he doesn't have any teeth smile no scratches either. I'm very confused!

I'm trying to prepare for this interview, or was, it's impossible with both dc here. Dd is being particularly charming today hmm

halestone Tue 06-Aug-13 10:24:08

How long did it take Pidj.

Beasty i'm a chewer (is that even a word?) as well i pretty much chew whatever is in my hands all the time.

Good luck for your interview Spotty thanks

H learnt to sit up by herself (with no help) from hard surfaces this weekend, shes been doing it on our mattress for a couple of weeks. But its making changing her nappy a nightmare. She use to roll away but now she just sits up i'm going to have to try and get even quicker changing her.

Argh ds won't sleep and dd is being a pita I don't want to be with them at all today angry sad

Barbeasty Tue 06-Aug-13 11:40:10

Oh Spotty. When's your interview? Can you arrange with DP for some time to yourself this evening to prepare? At least that would take some stress of today and might make them easier to deal with.

I'm trying to convince DH that we should go to Peppa Pig world next week, when we're staying in Bournemouth, because I think DD is in that sweet spot of tall enough for rides, short enough to get in free. He has never been to a theme park and is playing hard to convince. And now I've thrown in the option of half price tickets for lego land.... I think he hates me!

Dd loved peppa pig world and was free smile take a picnic the food is rubbish!

Yes I will have tonight, after seven but I know I will be too tired to concentrate blush

lazzaroo Tue 06-Aug-13 12:34:31

Agreed....did Peppa pig last year & DD loved it. Food is rubbish! And be prepared to queue!

Anyone else finding they have created an eating machine?! Dd2 appears ravenous recently. She's had her lunch (chicken casserole), followed by bowl full of raspberries. She's now mugging me for my satsuma smile

She had weetabix for breakfast then bf before nap. Then had 50 ml of formula (cup practice!) when she woke an hour later. Munched through 3 baby rice cakes while I made it round Tesco's, then bf when we got home at 10ish. No doubt she'll have another bf before she naps again in a bit. I feel like I'm feeding her all the time!

Anyone sticking to a routine? I think bf on demand is what's making me struggle with cup weaning.

Lazza have you tried a straw cup? Ds loves his and drinks more than from a cup.

We do two hour rule on napping and he feeds four times a day, more if he wants it but that's not often. I realised I was feeding him two hourly out of habit and if I left him he didn't ask for it until 3/4 hours after last feed.

lazzaroo Tue 06-Aug-13 12:56:46

Thanks spotty. we do 2 hour rule too, but sometimes longer. The fact she insists on getting up at 5 am buggers it all up slightly! Haven't tried straw cup, but might give it a go. She's got much better recently with basic sippy cup. After spending a fortune on a million bottles only for her to refuse them all (just like her sister!), we tried to find one and stick to it. Have got 4 weeks till I have to leave her for at work.

I have no idea how any times she breastfeeds. Thinking about it, it's probably about 5 actually. I think I was hoping she might have dropped one by now!

Ds was awake at five too and our day is going horribly wrong in terms of naps etc. 6am I can't handle but 5 is too early! I only discovered he liked the straw when I found him drinking dd's juice hmm apparently bf babies prefer them. He's currently sliding rather quickly towards a plug..

lazzaroo Tue 06-Aug-13 13:16:37

I feel your pain! Baby lazza just gone down for third ap of the day, if it's another 40minuter she'll be grumpy & I'll have to try & squeeze in another before bed.....she and I could really do with a good long sleep now! I'm lucky dd1 is at pre-school today.

I just know that when see gets fully mobile she's going to be a nightmare. It's my punishment for being so lucky with dd1....she never put anything in own mouth...ever! The first time she did, she was about 10months & it was a stray quaver she found on the floor!

Hope your day improves.

PurplePidjin Tue 06-Aug-13 15:40:23

Hales, we started Monday and saw major improvements by Friday but teething has taken over...

WLmum Tue 06-Aug-13 16:15:31

Tried T in a back carry with with ring sling today as I think the hip carry is going to hurt my back soon. It was ok but not particularly comfy for me and I wasn't sure about her leg position. Any other ring slingers tried it?

halestone Tue 06-Aug-13 16:22:31

I think we'll get into abit more of a routine before trying night weaning but i think it may not be successful yet as shes barely eating at meal times

PurplePidjin Tue 06-Aug-13 16:46:25

Not in a ring sling, WL, but R loves a ruck in my size 5 ellaroo. I've also just won a size 6 Oscha on the dips for a quid grin

Wait till you're completely sure she gets enough in the day, Hales smile

jackandjilly Tue 06-Aug-13 17:36:56

Just got home from a lovely day at the beach. Good old fashioned sand castle building and a picnic lunch. Ds tried to eat the sand a few timesgrin

I've now got two tired children but its not long until bedtime!

Ds has just fallen asleep on me confused he's been grumpy for ages but I'm only letting him have five minutes as it'll be bed time soon!

lazzaroo Tue 06-Aug-13 18:13:21

spotty baby lazza fell asleep when we went to pick up dd1, she had 30 mins at 4.30. Am hoping it might help tonight...so she's not too overtired....wishful thinking?!

She's just had tea...a slice of soft cheese on toast, a few quavers (don't judge...she was looking so longingly at dd1's packet!) and a whole ellas kitchen fruit pouch for pudding. She seems to have found her appetite all of a sudden!

Ds loves skips and quavers smile

IsThatTrue Tue 06-Aug-13 18:53:44

DS has been unhappy today. I don't know if its tiredness from the horrible journey last night or the fact we've had a pretty busy day, or his teeth hurting. But he's been pretty miserable. Just feeding him to sleep now and fx he doesn't wake when the dcs come up to bed (we're all in 1 room at mums)

WLmum Tue 06-Aug-13 20:31:40

Nice pidge. I love the ring sling and having her on my hip but I'm reluctantly thinking that at 20+lbs its just not viable for much longer.

hales I think you have to do it when you're ready. I wouldn't necessarily say wait until she's eating more in the day - it could be that she doesn't bother to eat much in the day time when there's lots of interesting stuff to distract her because she knows she can fill up during the night. Therefore you could find that limiting her night feeds leads to better daytime eating. You know your baby best and what you're happy with.

On the way home from work last night DP bought himself two packets of biscuits and a packet of Haribo but nothing for me!! That's out of order, yes? angry He said I had some of my own biscuits, true but I ate them all today there was only a few left...

Barbeasty Tue 06-Aug-13 22:00:52

I've seen people carry older children on their back in a ring sling, but don't have one to try. But my didymos arrived yesterday and I'm slowly getting to grips with back carries in that (one on DD, much harder playing with A teddy this evening!)

FriendofDorothy Tue 06-Aug-13 22:12:23

I only carry The Little Mister in a hip or front carry with a ring sling. Need his legs to be a bit longer before he is really comfy though I think.

PurplePidjin Tue 06-Aug-13 22:19:04

Afaik, ring slings are better for older dc because they like to walk a bit then up for a bit. I'm think about one for when R is older, but for now i use a Robin's hip carry with the woven. I wouldn't want to hip carry for more than 15 minutes or so but can do hours in a ruck or fwcc because the weight is evenly spread. Can you get to a meet or book a session with a consultant?

FriendofDorothy Tue 06-Aug-13 22:26:10

If we're doing long distance I use the Connecta. Love it!

Mumtochops12 Tue 06-Aug-13 22:45:25

Hi everyone, hoping to join in, mum to Charlie who was born in December 12. Can I throw a question out to all the mummy's.... I now have Charlie in a routine for bedtime which seems to be working quite nicely, tea, playtime, bath then a roll around in his room til milk and bedtime at 7pm. I am usually quite a sociable person and especially before having Charlie my partner and I would go round to friends houses for takeaways and a few drinks etc, nothing too wild. After having Charlie most of the socialising we have done has either been at our house or in the day time, so as to keep Charlie in his routine. Am I being selfish as I seem to be turning down invitations to friends' houses because of Charlie's routines, yet still expect friends with babies to come round to our house on Friday/Saturday evenings etc. Is it going to do any harm to keep Charlie up for a couple I hours longer every now and again, or is this going to get him in bad habits??

WLmum Tue 06-Aug-13 22:53:47

Thanks ladies, interesting. Agree about the longer legs although T is ridiculously tall already! I don't tend to use it for long distances, more for when I'm doing things with big 2 like at the playground or baking cookies and jam tarts - spotty I suggest you and dd whip up a batch and then tell him he's got his own biscuits! I do sometimes carry her for longer if we're out for the day and she's complaining about being in the pushchair. I think she'd like to face forward now but I like being able to see her.

WLmum Tue 06-Aug-13 22:59:50

Hello mum. I was like you with dd1, a bit less with dd2 and now dd3 just has to fit in! I guess I'd say if friends are happy to come to you then it's fine but it will also be fine to keep him up a bit sometimes if you're out - IMO it won't adversely affect his routine as he 'll still have his normal cues at home. Give it a try and if you find it too stressful then wait a bit before trying again. Could you alternate nights out with dp or get a sitter? It is hard to balance a social life with dc!

Mumtochops12 Tue 06-Aug-13 23:15:44

Hi WL, thanks for the advice. Def going to try keeping him up slightly longer if I go round to friends houses, other children are there too so would like to take him rather than get a sitter etc. thanks x

halestone Wed 07-Aug-13 00:27:31

Welcome Mum, thanks i'm like you 1st DD and use to see my friends alot but not so much anymore. I have one friend who always makes an effort to see me so i'll go out of my way for her but have found alot of friends have stopped calling and don't visit despite me always visiting them pre DD. interestingly the ones who have stopped are the ones who have children themselves With them i have stopped making an effort. I think that your DS won't be affected if you take him out with you. Could you take his pram or something like that so he could sleep in that if he gets tired.

Spotty hide his biscuits and sweets and tell him he must of eaten them wink then eat them while hes out.

utopian99 Wed 07-Aug-13 02:55:45

Hello mum!

We just haul ds along with us wherever but take a sling and if I know it'll be loud the headphones. That way when it gets to bedtime (which for him is about 8pm normally) I can feed him, 'phone him, and he stays happily asleep on me..

Pidj nice work on the oscha - which one? how do the dips work? Am still practicing back carries but slow going as front is easy and he seems happy. He can go on my back in the connecta but it's not as pretty as the wraps

IsThatTrue Wed 07-Aug-13 03:47:58

Ds went down really nicely at 7 and woke at 3.15! shock I think that's the longest ever! And I managed to get the big dcs to bed and then me to bed, without waking him. I'm very pleased I came to bed at 9.15! 6hrs non stop sleep smile

SeymoreButts Wed 07-Aug-13 04:34:21

Mum how does he transfer once he's asleep? Could you take a travel cot (or pushchair) and put him to bed in his pyjamas in that and then transfer him to the car seat when you decide it's time to go home? Or like you say just keep him up if he's happy.

Wow IsThat that's brilliant! Long may it continue!

DS has had a gastric virus that stopped him sleeping/eating/drinking, gave him a temp around 39 degrees and ended up with a hospital admission for IV fluids and analgesics after lots of vomiting. He's still not really eating (apple puree only) or sleeping well at night and won't take a bottle. But he's definitely improving, I just need some sleep! The one good thing to come out of it is he has completely weaned himself off the dummy. He just spits it out now. He actually settles much better for naps, he just cuddles his comforter and drifts off. grin

lazzaroo Wed 07-Aug-13 05:43:01

Morning all & welcome mum

Don't wish to jinx things but for the last 2 nights, baby lazza has slept from 7 to 2am smile. She has fed & then gone back down till 5ish. Still an early start but better. It might be the couple of nights we had not feeding her that's helped & also explained her increased appetite in the day. God, I hope it lasts!

lazzaroo Wed 07-Aug-13 05:44:30

seymore that sounds horrible, hope ds is on the mend now. It's scary when they're so poorly.