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March 2013 - still too sleep deprived to think of a funky title

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StormyBrid Sun 21-Jul-13 08:36:47

Old thread here.

We seemed to be running out of space (again) so I made us a new thread.

Plonkysaurus Sun 21-Jul-13 08:49:05

D'oh Stormy beat me to it. Good work Stormy.

vjhist85 Sun 21-Jul-13 08:50:06

Excellent work stormy (and excellent title!)

StormyBrid Sun 21-Jul-13 09:12:47

Why thank you.

Right, this snit ridden child looks knackered. I'm going to attempt nap time. Really miss the swaddle pod...

StormyBrid Sun 21-Jul-13 09:13:15

And what is with my phone thinking snot isn't a word?

Plonkysaurus Sun 21-Jul-13 09:21:27

I feel a bit snitty myself today.

Hope she conks out long enough for you to get a decent nap.

StormyBrid Sun 21-Jul-13 09:54:03

Oh, she never does that. Takes me a good hour or two to fall asleep unfortunately. Only took about ten minutes of constant dummy returns though. She keeps sleepily pawing at her mouth and knocking the dummy out, then howling because she hasn't got it. In the end I just gently held her arm down for a couple of minutes and off she went.

Why the snittiness, plonko, what's up?

StormyBrid Sun 21-Jul-13 12:10:36

Have just managed to get hold of one of these for twenty quid. DD loves it! Very much hoping it will keep her entertained while I collapse in a snotty heap.

SoYo Sun 21-Jul-13 17:21:35

Afternoon ladies, I've done nothing but eat cake all weekend and I'm officially made of blubber. Nice.

I sat madam in a friends bumbo yesterday and she loved it but I think it's one of those things they won't be in for long at all so prob not worth the cost, has anyone got one?

vjhist85 Sun 21-Jul-13 17:37:43

We've got a bumbo soyo, dd loves it, and because she's skinny I think it'll last her a couple of months, we figure we'll have it for the next one! We got the tray as well, it's really handy for sitting her on the kitchen worktop whilst I'm getting on with stuff, and we put her in it at mealtimes so she can join in with us in prep for weaning. Thinking it might delay buying a highchair for the first couple of months.

We've had a lovely day, first time DH has joined us swimming this morning, then friends round for a BBQ this afternoon. Now having some quiet time inside in front of cbeebies as we've all got a bit hot and bothered. My tiny tiddler has twice managed bottles of 8flozzes today (well-7floz, but turns into 8 when made up) little piglet. Am I supposed to just give her the biggest bottles she'll take, or will I get in trouble with the hv if she goes up a percentile?!?

Ah, found you.... I tuned in to the other thread and thought you'd all done a runner, but no, here you all are talking about friend's bumbos confused. I had to google ladies, my mind was boggling. Am I the only one thinking those things could be confusing come potty training time? I mean, I'm a big adult person and I think they look similar. When you're a foot high, and new to the world.... pretty much identical grin

Baking hot here again today, which was a surprise. I know English weather is changeable, but the overnight turn around was frankly ridiculous. I believe I heard rumours of 34 degrees tomorrow, in which case I am staying inside with my feet in a bucket. If you think that sounds odd, try it. You will need cold water as well as a bucket, just in case that wasn't clear.

Hope all the tiddlers have been good and are settling themselves down for a good nights sleep. I've money on the worselet sleeping for a good 12 hours tonight, given her total naps since 7am have amounted to 55 mins. I blame daddy... and the discovery that feet are chewable. Rolling is yesterday's news... today it's all about toe sucking. Fergie would be proud.

Oh I hear wails. Some one has just remembered they need to sleep.

LaLaLeni Sun 21-Jul-13 21:20:54

Bumbo here too, although still gets a bit fraught after a while because he can't move his legs... Starts flopping over after a while too. Already have to prise his stocky little legs out though shock

I too hope my boobs will shrink considerably after BFing stops - I just guess at sizing but I've got several GG bras I can barely squeeze into now. Where are people getting bigger bras than that, that don't look like they're made for elderly ladies in the fifties?

StormyBrid Mon 22-Jul-13 03:22:06

My cousin left a bumbo at my dad's and he's tried DD in it. Sort of works, he says, but then she starts sliding sideways. So maybe not quite big enough yet.

Forty five minutes since she woke up, and she's still not asleep. I really miss the swaddle pod. As she's falling asleep, the right hand comes up, slowly paws at the mouth, dummy falls out, she starts crying because it's gone. Holding the arm down gently for a few minutes works, but only if my presence doesn't distract her. Can I duct tape her sleeves to the sheet?

SoYo Mon 22-Jul-13 03:57:56

We have sleep, actual sleep of a proper length without the bedtime from hell. It might only be tonight very likely in fact as I'm on my own with her for the next 4 nights again but it has happened which means there's a glimmer of hope! She went down at about 9 without much fuss at all and woke up about 10mins ago. It's probably a good job she did too as I'd woken up a few times in the last hour with sore boobs as they're not used to going this long. Now I just need to get her back to sleep again and we're away!

Stormy I think duct tape in that situation sounds perfectly reasonable!

StormyBrid Mon 22-Jul-13 07:36:05

Go mini*Yo*! Did you get her back to sleep alright? And does she know she's not supposed to make up for a good night's sleep with a hell day today?

It was four am before peace returned here. By which point I was wide awake, so had the usual trouble getting back to sleep myself. I think once she's over this cold I may have to look into ways of eliminating that middle of the night feed. I'm sure it's largely habit, and I know she's capable of drinking enough during the day to make up for it.

Of course, the most annoying part is I wasn't even on duty, she just woke up before the man's alarm went off. He can still sleep through her crying, it's baffling.

Eigmum Mon 22-Jul-13 07:46:41

I found you. I had a broken nights sleep but mainly because two lads had managed to open the boot of our BMW at 1.58 am then heard me at the upstairs window so rang our ( stupidly loud doorbell as I was on my way down to tell them off! This is the second time I have stopped someone trying to steal our car ( the other was on Christmas Eve coming back at 4pm from the crib service with my little one) I saw a bloke who looked much younger than DH get into the drivers seat. I tapped on the window and said, what are you doing? He said pi@s off its my car. I said " I think you'll find its my car" with which he got out, looked at me, my enormous bum and 4 year old, said sorry marm ( when did I get old to be addressed marm!) and walked off. The police came, my mother, mother in law, husband a d dad were inside. My mothers main concern " did they take the turkey" as we'd left it in the cold car!" Police told me off for confronting criminals but to be honest I just wondered what he was doing in my car! Anyway .... Other ran off. Baby slept through all that but woke at 5 am demanding food so may have to go back to feeding at 11 pm although not sure boobs will like that!

Eigmum Mon 22-Jul-13 07:47:44

Bump not bum, although that may have been big too I couldn't see it!

Eigmum Mon 22-Jul-13 07:52:36

soyo hurrary for sleep! We have a bumbo. Ds sat in it for about a week. plonko unless you are having more don't bother. But dd is smaller so using it a bit. We also have full rolls now and then she pushes up on her hands. Lovely ballet arch! I am thinking about a bit of baby rice and pear in a week or so. Maybe 21 weeks.... And definitely thinking about a sippy cup for water. Even if just to play with for a few weeks!

Eigmum Mon 22-Jul-13 07:53:45

Dd is quite long though, in 6 to 9 month sleep suits and vests but still in 3 to 6 month dresses and trousers!

Plonkysaurus Mon 22-Jul-13 08:50:19

Awesome SoYo! Did you manage to sleep or were you just staring at her waiting for the inevitable? It took me ages to 'learn' how to sleep again!

Bloody hell Eig, hope you're ok. It's horrible to find people trying to take your stuff. Maybe exchange the Beamer for a fiat panda ;) and yes my enormoboy is probably far too chunky for a bumbo. All his 6-9 month clothes hang off his waistline so at least I can console myself that he's not a right fatty, but yesterday I did find myself buying vests in 9-12 months.

Let us know how you get on with early solids. I'm trying to hold off weaning for as long as possible but I can't see milk satisfying him for another 7 weeks!

Vj I often wonder about flozzes. If I use 8 scoops of powder and 8 flozzes of water is that an 8 floz bottle? Combine it makes 9 floz. But well done to babby Vj on appetite.

Stormy so pleased to hear that your dd is having enough for you to think she's ready to drop a feed. I bet you thought you'd never get there. Hope the snittiness goes away soon. Could you swaddle with a light sheet? Or do you want her to get used to having her arms free? Ds has been inasleeping bag since 4 weeks and still pulls his dummy out. Great fun hmm.

So Mrs Cambridge is in labour. I'm so jealous! I'm betting she gives birth to a boyar tea time and calls him George. Not that I'm a royalist, not in the slightest. I just can't imagine labour going any other way!

Plonkysaurus Mon 22-Jul-13 08:52:01

Oh and Eig I've got a doidy cup that I let him poke himself in the eye play with. Hopefully when I out water in it he'll adapt nicely. Or tip it all over himself.

Anypants Mon 22-Jul-13 09:35:33

Ah yes, the Royal Baby. Anyone else hoping it's the opposite sex from their DC so that they can get married? Princess Pants has her expectations set quite high. Nope? Just me then blush

LaLaLeni Mon 22-Jul-13 10:01:03

I quite fancy the idea of my DS being in the first gay royal marriage!

Anypants Mon 22-Jul-13 10:26:23

Controversial leni. You never know though. The world will be a different place in 30 years' time.hmm

Plonkysaurus Mon 22-Jul-13 10:30:41

Nah he definitely wouldn't be the first.

StormyBrid Mon 22-Jul-13 10:52:12

plonko it's mainly that it doesn't feel right swaddling her when she can roll around. And we'd have to make the switch sooner or later. Hopefully soon she'll either figure it out or find her thumb.

We've been wondering about the flozzes too, as all our five ounce bottles clearly have six ounces in. Which sort of means she's having one more ounce than I'm recording per feed. Which makes me worry less, and anything that makes me worry less about this child's eating is a good thing.

Talk to us about weaning, Eig. What are the rules? So far all DD has had is a taste of any liquidy foods we're eating, as she can't choke on them. Just getting her used to the idea of flavours really. She's fascinated by people eating, and I have a blender and am getting impatient!

Absolutely not Any! I wouldn't want mini-worse to go through the media frenzy that bugs Kate's life. I'd rather she was a happy nobody than a papped princess. There is something really quite liberating about being able to walk down the street without 50 photographers tripping over your ankles, and 12 different bloggers logging your bad hair day on the internet.

Oh god Eig, nightmare. I hope you aren't too shaken up. I hate hate hate the miserable minority who think that anyone who has worked hard to have something nice is a fair target. Really pi55es me off.

VJ I'd just give her what she is hungry for, as she's a dainty little thing and doesn't look the type to guzzle until she is sick. This hot weather is really messing up the worselet's appetite. She'll have anything from 3flozzes to 9, but randomly, which means a lot of faffing about with bottles or throwing out of milk. Oh how easy those bf-ing days now seem with the benefit of rose tinted glasses wink

Bl**dy hot today. The kitchen is thankfully fairly cool, and I'm not venturing out now until it cools. DD was so hot and sweaty after a short walk this morning I had to strip her down to her nappy and fan her with a magazine. I felt a right t*t but she perked up enough to have a good old laugh at mummy acting like a prat.... again.

Oh joy, the dog has just barked and woken the worselet. Thanks for that hmm

Go Mrs Cambridge!!!! I feel kind of sorry for her. Having the world's media speculating on your level of dilation is an intrusion too far really.

vjhist85 Mon 22-Jul-13 14:17:57

I'd much rather dd married the son of prince harry, if she's going to marry any royal! Just somebody rich enough to pay for his MIL's life of leisure would do though...

Talking of life of leisure, tiddler's got it pretty good today. She's nappy only in her bouncy chair with a fan on swing going past her (which makes her squeal and giggle with delight every time it goes past), sucking the ear of a bunny, chatting to all her cbeebies friends. Bad mummy here, but we've been out all morning, and with the weather due to break tomorrow we've decided an afternoon of chilling out indoors is fine with it being 34 deg outside!

somethingbeginningwith Mon 22-Jul-13 14:41:28

It's been much cooler here today and yesterday. DS even had jeans on earlier. Jeans!

So excited for the royal baby. I've already had a word with queenie, she's putting DS's name on a list of potential suitors.

Well, we roll here now. We roll and roll and it's very exciting. Although he gets very grumpy on his front after a while. Front to back is obviously more difficult than back to front.

I'm glad babies are sleeping better now, it does wonders to get those couple extra hours, doesn't it?

Plonkysaurus Mon 22-Jul-13 16:18:42

Sadly I think if ds married into the royals I'd be the embarrassing mother in law who has a few too many and tells everyone she's not particularly fond of the monarchy.

Worse I agree with you re the media coverage. It was bad enough with the texts we were getting just from family, I can't imagine the stress of a media circus.

SoYo Mon 22-Jul-13 19:34:51

Something it's been much cooler up here too but it seems to be warming up this evening just in time for bedtime. DH is on nights so its just me and these pesky girls again this week, which is when both DD & the PuppyMonster both seem to kick off.

Is it wrong that I'm quite excited about the royal arrival, I've been flicking onto the news all day. There just seems something special about this baby being brought up in the spotlight that will be the same age as our wee ones, I certainly wouldn't swap places though. It can't be much fun for a bubba being expected to look & behave impeccably at all times.

SoYo Mon 22-Jul-13 21:08:26

It's a boy!

somethingbeginningwith Mon 22-Jul-13 21:39:16

Sweepstake for names...? wink

somethingbeginningwith Mon 22-Jul-13 21:40:47

soto it got much warmer here for the evening too. We went for a walk and I was literally pushing the buggy through the mug. Currently in the midst of an absolutely cracking thunder storm though. It's so nice to sit in the conservatory and just listen.

somethingbeginningwith Mon 22-Jul-13 21:41:17

Soyo not soto hmm

Plonkysaurus Mon 22-Jul-13 21:44:58

I'm sticking with George - my other two predictions were right grin

Something we've got lightning but no rain yet. I reckon we could be seeing the same storm!

vjhist85 Mon 22-Jul-13 21:50:26

I reckon James...

Well given they are trying to be the new modern monarchy I think they should go for a non-traditional name. They won't, obviously, but it would be funny if they did. His Majesty Tyson Jack Tyrone has a certain ring don't you think?

Gorgeous day today - lovely and fresh after a really quite impressive thunder storm. There is still the odd rumble, which is a pain, as dog1 has an inconvenient habit is legging it and running across 3 counties at the smallest grumble from the sky, so most of my day will be spent monitoring his whereabouts.

Wish me luck for today, I've booked a personal training session for both mini-worse and I. The plan is she will sit in her pram and observe. The reality will probably be she will scream in her pram until removed and allowed to join in.

Hope you all had good nights, good sleeps, and are waking to clear air and cool breezes.

StormyBrid Tue 23-Jul-13 07:56:48

I don't know what's got into DD. Went to bed with no fuss at seven pm. By two she'd still not woken, so the man poured five flozzes down her sleeping throat. I heard her cough at six, but otherwise not a peep until seven fifteen. She slept for twelve hours! I wish I had too...

Anypants Tue 23-Jul-13 08:15:35

I'm with you stormy. Babypants slept right through but I was woken from 3 with the loudest claps of thunder i've ever heard. I think I was so worried about her waking up that I slept very lightly and almost had a heart attack a few times. There's no air movement so I was also sticky and uncomfortable as it's still about 27 degrees. Gah.

Plonkysaurus Tue 23-Jul-13 08:55:17

I've just been looking at baby weaning videos on YouTube. Anyone tempted to try baby led weaning should check this out. I'm convinced!

StormyBrid Tue 23-Jul-13 08:59:19

It's much cooler here, rained in the night, and apparently there was thunder too. Maybe that helped? I'm just praying to my heathen gods that it wasn't a one off!

somethingbeginningwith Tue 23-Jul-13 09:20:41

Oh there was definitely thunder here. Woke me up at about 5am!

So, you know all this talk about how we shouldn't let babies sleep on their tummies when we're not in the room to keep an eye on them? What's the story when they start rolling in their cots? Do we leave them to it? Turn them back over? Continuously check them? DS is not so hot at going from front to back but back to front is no problem. Am I overthinking?

Anypants Tue 23-Jul-13 09:40:40

something - yesterday morning, I found DD face down, thumb in, legs through the bars of the cot. She looked perfectly happy and I know she's only stuck when she starts screaming. You could try rolled up towels either side, held under the sheet, if you want to try and prevent rolling?

somethingbeginningwith Tue 23-Jul-13 09:45:10

any I've walked into scenes like that before too. Cot gymnastics are fun, aren't they? It's not that I want to prevent rolling, I think it's brilliant, it's just the whole face down deep sleep thing. I suppose it's needless worrying really! smile

vjhist85 Tue 23-Jul-13 09:49:20

Dd also had her best ever night here- quick grumble at 4.30, then slept til 6.20! Fed her at 10.45 last night so we're getting closer to the longed for 8hrs... It's left me so energetic this morning that I've cleaned the kitchen and bathroom already. And I also can't believe she slept through the ridiculous storm at 3am.

Sadly down here in the SE the storm has made little difference to the mugginess, and I was so excited at the prospect of that lovely fresh post-storm feeling today!

LaLaLeni Tue 23-Jul-13 09:53:35

I think it's ok if they can easily roll both ways, but as with dummies it's probably fine even if they can't as long as you start them off on their back. DS's head has a huge bump on one side from sleeping on his back and slightly to one side, so the new rolling skills couldn't hurt to even him out!

OH came home yesterday eve after being away all weekend and did the night shift after I cooked dinner, and washed up. Now he's apparently tired from being woken in the night and won't get out of bed. Welcome to my world love, what do you think I did when I hadn't slept?!

Plonkysaurus Tue 23-Jul-13 09:59:50

Something I think it's probably fine, it's inevitable anyway.
Not something we've had to contend with so far as babysaurus has deigned to roll over just once so far. He does roll on to side in his sleep but I've told him that doesn't count. Mister clearly hasn't read the development books.

Another one who's been up since five. I sense am afternoon nap coming on.

We're also looking round a nursery on Friday. Eep!

Anypants Tue 23-Jul-13 13:36:32

leni - Hah! Had a brilliant one myself yesterday. DH is in the garden sunbathing when I get home. I feed DD, change her, sort the kitchen out then she won't go down for a nap. So, DH comes inside and I hand her to him so I can go and get the washing in before starting dinner. DH asks 'oh, are you going out to sunbathe?' with a look that said 'selfish cow'. Hah!

ecofreckle Tue 23-Jul-13 17:45:20

Hello everyone. Sorry to have missed so many goings on. Been lurking a bit since getting back from our camp (And trying to figure out if I do indeed know any shady characters Stormy but the best I could come up with is my Dad who might once have bought some bunting that fell off the back of a lorry. I'm afraid I'm about as square as they come!).

We have a roller too now. But only from back to front. Had a few very disrupted nights because of this. Found DD on her front and facing the opposite end of the cot at 3am when her grunts of effort woke me. Something you ask if it's safe for them to be on their fronts. I was wondering too and I found that the Foundation for the Study of Infant Deaths says this:
^Babies who sleep on their backs are safer and healthier.

Should your baby vomit they are not more likely to choke if on their back.

If you find your baby has rolled onto their tummy, turn them onto their back again and tuck them in, but don't feel you have to get up all night to check.

Babies will at some point learn to roll onto their front. When the baby can roll from back to front and back again, on their own, then leave them to find their own position.

At the start of any sleep time, put them on their back.^

So I guess I'll keep popping her back onto her back when I find her like that but will not keep an all night vigil. I have today popped the rolled up bath towels either side of her to see if that makes a difference. I'd prefer her to practice the gymnastics in the daytime outside of the cot.

It is officially too darn hot. We timed our walk today in the hope that it might coincide with the forecast rain but no such luck. We did however get accosted by a pretty forthright 70 ish year old lady. She held up her hand and stopped us on our walk to say this: "you really should have her facing towards you. With her facing the world she's ripe for a clout round the head from someone's shopping bag and she'll never learn to talk because she can't see you. I hate to see this". Oh ok, you crazy old lady, I'll go and buy a new collapsible buggy that fits in my Fiesta's boot that faces me with some of the spare cash we have hanging around. It really is true that as soon as you are a mother you are fair game for this sort of unsolicited 'advice'. Pah.

We had a spring clean at the weekend not because we had the whole of our NCT group over yesterday so we're feeling on top ish of things. But it took all weekend. That's not really how I want the three of us to spend what family time we have. I guess therefore (in the sad absence of a cleaner) I must get better at doing the housework around the baby when DH is at work. Just doing the washing and some cooking on top of baby care seems to be enough to fill my days but of course I am finding time to MN so I could in theory have just cleaned the fridge out. What are your secrets to maintaining slick homes ladies?

Plonky I loved that BLW video :-) If only I could eat chicken off the bone with some much finesse. I have the BLW theory book but I think I need the one that actually suggests a programme and recipes/food suggestions. Is that the Annabelle Karmel one? You've probably mentioned this before.

worse Good luck! And, how was it? DD scream so bail you out? How are those tummy muscles doing? I went to gym on Saturday. It was pretty unfun. But air conditioned and therefore a way of exercising without expiring in a heap. Even walking on the hot days has been too much for us.

My DH posted a photo of me on facebook last night saying My beautiful wife is out for a well deserved dancing session this evening. I love her very much . Bleaurghhhh.... Very out of character for him. I think it might have been to do with a passing comment I made about how romantic a friend's DH was in his effusive praise of her. So I have cancelled out any compliment that may have been hiding. I can imagine that if I shared this on the relationships board they'd suggest DH was a guilty philanderer :-)

Right, in a strange take of musical beds we do not currently have a spare bed in our spare room so I am off to fashion a temporary nest to see me through until weekend when next bed arrives. I need somewhere to escape to for mini power naps at present what with all of the gymnastics.

Hope you have all enjoyed the muggy-royal-baby-tasticness of today.

vjhist85 Tue 23-Jul-13 19:30:05

Oh dear. Royal baby pictures (and the clear euphoria/exhaustion/nervousness on their faces) has made me totally broody.

Anypants Tue 23-Jul-13 19:57:32

I know vj - I welled up with nostalgia, remembering how awesome it was to show DD off. They looked so happy but they'll never know how hard it is to do it like us peasants. wink

SoYo Tue 23-Jul-13 20:05:13

Broody? Madness! I feel like I'm only just learning how to keep my head above water!

My wonderful friend has come round to stay tonight and keep me company as DH is on nights. She's brought with her a 3 course meal, PJs and face masks...it's a girls sleepover!!! What are the chances of getting madam to bed to enjoy this? I'm thinking slim!

Eco, the cheek of that woman, it's amazing what seem people think is ok to say when you've got a baby. I'm sick of people telling me I'll spoil DD when I cuddle her when she's moany. It takes all of my inner zen power not to tell them to bugger off!

Madam's doing an odd roll both ways now but hasn't done it overnight yet, I think the sleeping bag is currently stopping her, but she was on her side last night for the first time.

Plonkysaurus Tue 23-Jul-13 20:58:14

Oh Eco I would have been very tempted to tell hero do one (I have a friend who does this, complete with proper swearing) but in reality I probably would have made a pithy excuse and hurried on with my 'busy' day. Fwiw I too get flack for putting my 'tiny' baby in a forward facing maclaren. Sometimes I wonder if he'd be any happier in £700 monstrosity, but then I remember how practical what I have is! Stupid old cah, bet she's got loads of friends hmm.

I think my weaning plan is to be as blw as possible, and just not worry about it too much. I've not read any books on it, just a few websites and watched some youTube clips. We'll probably start in a few weeks with fruit and veg seeing as he grabbed a blueberry off me earlier.

Ohh so broody. I kept looking at that baby's head thinking how lovely and soft it looks. I bet it smells good too. Bit perturbed by wills' comment that they'd not spent much time with him so far. I thought Kate might've been tempted to launch into a tirade about how she's been up all night nursing Prince Caspian while he got a solid 8 hours. Alas, she has rather more dignity than me us mere mortals.

SoYo you officially have the best friend!

vjhist85 Tue 23-Jul-13 21:35:28

Plonko- when he said that I assumed he meant 'we only met him yesterday' in a cutesy new dad kinda way - I'm sticking with my theory as yours makes me sad for the tiny thing. I felt a bit sad that he was surrounded by all that noise and general scariness at a day old.

Did anyone else spot that he wasn't strapped into his car seat properly? Naughty royals wink

Ok, I'm officially knackered. It's the heat I tell you, and possibly the return of the builders to my life. Just go away already. I do not care if the back corner of the kitchen is not finished... truly I don't. DH unfortunately does. Hey ho, this too will pass etc etc

Will catch up with all your posts, but just wanted to add my 'awww isn't he cute' to the royalist support list. I'm broody too plonky, horribly so. No idea why, as I have the cutest baby on the planet already... it's just, well awww....

Eigmum Tue 23-Jul-13 22:50:58

I know - I had a couple of tears at the sight of them on the steps of the Lindo wing. all going rather well here. I am touching wood as i say this but missy is self settling and not sick and taking a bottle without fuss before her bath .... as I result I am looking much better and have started selling my maternity stuff and new baby stuff that I havent been able to give away on ebay!! Yeah for getting stuff done!

Eigmum Tue 23-Jul-13 22:55:09

vj - plonky funny I heard will's comment and thought - oh, was the baby ok at first, maybe he needed oxygen etc and that was why the birth announcement was delayed? (can you spot the mother on here with the baby who is always ill!!) Also could have just meant such a short time so far ie only a day like vj thought!

SoYo Tue 23-Jul-13 23:35:48

It was lovely to watch them looking so excited & nervous & exhausted all rolled into one. Bless them. It makes you realise how big ours are getting already!

Well mine is up after only 3hrs. I marched her around the house for a while trying to settle without feeding but she started sucking on my neck/chest/arm & I eventually accepted that she wasn't going anywhere without a full tummy. I can never understand how some nights she can go 7hrs & some 2 but is always hungry. They're a big bag of contradictions these babies!

vjhist85 Tue 23-Jul-13 23:40:57

I'm so cross with DH I could scream! Casually mentioned that myself and my friend might go away for 2 nights in September to visit another friend who has moved away. Basically got told I'm not allowed (not in so many words, but he certainly wasn't very impressed with the idea despite the fact he's away ALL THE TIME) then at 10 "I've got to get up early so I'm going to bed'. Oh really? Because I was planning on having a big old lie in, so don't you worry, I'll tidy up after dinner/sort the bottles out/stay up to do the dream feed. There is no bloody joint parenting here at all, believe it or not I think he's worse than when I was bfing, when he would at least take her off me when I'd fed her so I could sleep/shower/eat. When she wakes up in the morning, he brings her to me. I think he thinks this is his job done. He NEVER remembers that she's likely to need a nappy change first thing after 12hrs in the same one, I ALWAYS feed her, every single bloody feed. This morning when he kindly plonked her in my arms he had the gall to sigh in an irritated manner when I dared to ask him to go and warm up a bottle and bring it to me. He has to ask EVERY time how long the bottles need zapping for, and he says things like 'did you notice I wiped down the dining table?' YES!!! Did YOU notice I did every single other household task whilst also keeping an entire human being alive? But thank you so much for doing that 20 second job, what on earth would I do without you?!?

Wow. This has made me very shouty. Sorry for all the capital letters. I'm feeling very capital-letter-y today.

Bet Kate won't have any of these problems. Cow.

StormyBrid Wed 24-Jul-13 08:01:09

vj when he says he's going to bed, you say, "Really? Does that mean the Bottle Fairy's going to be visiting then?" And when he looks confused you point out that they haven't been done, and ask who's going to do them if not him. And when he says, "You'll do them," you ask why. Why it's your job, and why he's just swanning off assuming you'll pick up the slack when he doesn't extend you the same courtesy.

As for the first nappy in the morning, for that I'd catch him at a quiet moment and just say, "By the way, when you get the baby up in the morning could you do the nappy please?" Hard to say no to a direct request like that without sounding like a knobhead.

Alternatively you could just thump him round the earhole and tell him you're going away in September and he'd just better get used to it. Although if your genders were reversed and you tried that I'd be horrified, so maybe not.

So that sleeping through thing was clearly a one off. Two feeds last night and then she woke up at six. Which shouldn't bother me, as I've been awake since half past two, but I feel like a very grumpy corpse nonetheless.

Forgive me not joining in the talk about Prince Caspian (good name for him, by the way, plonko). I just can't muster up much excitement. Maybe it's the sleep deprivation, or maybe it's just that it's just a baby, and mine's ours are far cuter. I hope the kid doesn't inherit Ol' Jug-Ears's defining features though, that would be unfortunate.

Oh vj sympathy. DH's have no clue. I'm also monumentally pi55ed with mine. He's not bad at baby stuff, but completely unhelpful at everything else. If I have a tether I'm thinking today I'm pretty much at the end of it. Reasons to thump DH today:
1. He arranged for people to turn up at 7.30am to do some work in the garden, but did not tell me. Result generally chaos as I tried to catch two dogs, get the gates open, deal with a very wakey and cross worselet, and give instructions when I had no clue as to what those instructions might be.
2. He forgot to tell me he's got a work dinner tonight so will get home just late enough to miss any of the evening baby stuff, and will then snore all night because he'll have had a drink.
3. He 'guessed' rather than measured the chemicals for the pool which has messed up my nethers again. BV for those who aren't eating and might want to know. B*st*rd

So, can I be SHOUTY with you please grin?

SoYo you are officially super woman. I feel I have a v easy ride in comparison.

Eco what a rude old bat. I might have told her she was a rude old bat. Alternatively I might have expressed great interest in what she was telling me, and promised to go away and immediately buy a buggy to her exact specification. It would depend on my mood. Either way I'd actually do nothing. People are a pain. Fact.

As for the stomach muscles - in a word, bad. I was forced to spend the most boring 45 mins of my life doing pilates to 'work' on them. I f**king hate pilates.... I am neither zen nor Gwyneth Paltrow, and my idea of fun is a 10km run. The worselet didn't even have the good grace to have a minor melt down and rescue me. Oh no, she slept right through, which is so unusual I'd almost suspect her of feigning it just to wind me up. I appreciate that nice Mr trainer man knows his stuff, and stuff says that if I don't do small muscle movements to try and get my split stomach back in line I could well end up with it bulging out and a pot belly. Given the shape of the rest of me a pot belly would look frankly weird so I'm keen to avoid. HUGE sigh.

OK I have 40 mins to waste before the next wave of people turn up to annoy me do some work, so a morning walk in the cool is out. MEGA sulk.

OK people, cheer me up. Funny stories anyone? Anyone's mini done anything particularly cute? I bet they have.

LaLaLeni Wed 24-Jul-13 08:26:59

Eco - the old cow with the lovely advice who accosted you - how do people think that babies will learn to talk from staring at a face for an hour in a buggy? DS spends maximum an hour a day in his and as we're walking alone and I'm not saying anything because he falls asleep the minute we move, I fail to see how the other 8 hours a day when he stares at me and I am talking to him will be cancelled out by him facing outward!

Did Wills call Kate 'poppet' or did I imagine that? It was when they moved to the other side and after Wills took him . It did make me emotional too - just because it reminded me of that overwhelming feeling of being sent out into the world with DS. She was patting him so nervously, poor little man thrust without a choice into papp madness! I think Wills meant as he was only a day old they hadn't had a chance to figure out what names suit yet.

I too am strangely broody - especially now DS needs his big bed and I'm thinking whether I should sell the co-sleeper....

Btw my libido is dead and gone. My belly is a sad bag of skin that isn't pinging back. Anyone else? A friend who had her baby three weeks ago posted a photo of her bare midriff in her size 6 jeans on FB and I almost spat out my lunch confused

Leni your libido will come back when you stop breast feeding. Tis nature's way I think. Ironic really, the bigger our boobs the more likely we are to punch our DH's if they go near them grin

Plonkysaurus Wed 24-Jul-13 09:32:00

Ugh Vj I'd go batshit if that we're dp. Shout away, you're definitely entitled to. I think blokes are hardwired to think that making small gestures is cause for celebration because theyre genuinely blind to all the maintaining that mothers do. DP didnt come to bed til five am at the weekend because he went out on the piss (and couldnt lay down for room spinning) then had the audacity to moan that he didnt get enough sleep. he didnt notice that i did the nighttime and the early morning with ds like i always do, nor that ive not had a lie in since FEBRUARY. Honestly i think they dont intend to be inconsiderate but they genuinely dont understand how lonely and draining motherhood is. thank god its also the most rewarding, positive thing ive ever done or you wouldnt see me for dust.

You shout away too Worse, not least of all for unintentionally hurting your nethers. Does it hurt him too? Just thinking of revenge strategies.

Hmm tummy muscles. I think your regular swimming and lifting an increasingly heavy cherub will help. I know Pilates are really effective but they do make me a bit stabby.

I behaved like a withering hysterical woman this morning. I came downstairs with ds at 7 to find slug trails all over the lounge, a half eaten slug and a very unimpressed cat. I may have yelped somewhat, and decided that enoughs enough and we need to move. I don't want my pfb learnt to crawl on a sluggy ooze ridden carpet. I suspect IABU but I don't care.

On the other hand ds was ridiculously cute this morning and stroked the cat for the first time ever. He's also been trying to go 'ooh ohh' like a monkey (because we constantly do this at him). He can form the ooh mouth shape but ends up sticking his tongue out and blowing a raspberry.

ecofreckle Wed 24-Jul-13 09:36:20

worse i'm currently sat in a lovely frock with the top pulled down and the medela pumping away. after a night of getting my boobs mixed up the left one is monumental in stature and therefore doing the 'sprinkler in a park' thing of multiple jets. that's a pretty funny sight. and, last night, after just putting on a black lace bra rather than the frankly couldn't-be-less-attractive grey cotton ones from m & s, dd gave me a rare but lovely snuggly cuddle with her face planted on my chest. she was of course very sick, all over the bra and a huge pile of curdled milk in my cleavage. grim. but a tiny bit funny. we're off to meet old colleagues today so dutifully dd is wearing one of the outfits they bought. it's a navy frock with matchy matchy socks and frilly pants. she should look uber cutesy but she actually looks like she's wearing some sort of football strip. that's the best i can do in terms of raising a tiny smile and distracting you from dh and your nethers.
vj put your foot down about september! bloody hell. i'm guessing you didn't decide on your own to have your lo before you got pregnant and that it was a joint decision. ergo you share the baby. do what stormy said. except maybe the thump. we could all have a quiet word with him if you like. the wrath of this nest of vipers might encourage him in the right direction.
eig you sound ike you're on a productive roll. you go girl!
and leni libido. what is that? (and worse i might be starting to see why dh thought 6 months was a good time to stop rather than my aspirational 12 months....)

SoYo Wed 24-Jul-13 10:55:53

Libido is completely absent in this house, we still haven't DTD shock! We have discussed how we would both like to at some point again but have never quite figure out the logistics with her being in our room! I'm sure it'll get back to normal at some point.

DH agreed with you that I am indeed superwoman this morning. Mini-Yo was up at 11, 12.30, 3, 5 & 6.30 then at 7.10 I had to how wake my friend up as she'd overslept & that was up for the day so when he got home from work at 9 we were all dressed, present & correct, kitchen was clean & I was pegging the first wash of the day out. This is very unusual I can assure you, we're normally still in bed at that point!

At the moment in eating breakfast in peace while madam chats to her favourite characters on BabyTV...send some bad mummy points this way.

Plonkysaurus Wed 24-Jul-13 12:37:23

Very jealous of your babyTV. We're stuck with cbeebies but babysaurus seems to be quite keen on Charlie and Lola.

I've just got home from carrying DS on my back for the first time. What follows is a list of tips I wish someone had given me.

1. Do not go far. I got nearly a mile away before I realised he was heavy (like nearly 9kg heavy) and I'd have to come home at some point.
2. Don't do it on a hot day!
3. Expect a huge patch of dribble on your back.
4. Babies play with anything they can get their hands on, including the shoulder straps.
5. Everyone will stare at the slightly overweight girl with the really cumbersome backpack as she goes red in the face trying to huff and puff herself up the hill.
6. Don't turn around in a doorway. Baby head, doorframe...

You've put me to shame SoYo, I'd best go peg the washing out while DS is asleep.

Anypants Wed 24-Jul-13 15:08:14

plonko fnar for the baby backpack tips - I just snorted coffee grin

Thanks guys, you always make me laugh. Eco loved the football strip. DD has a similarly unflattering gift. A boden-mini (or is it mini-boden?) special with matching pants. It makes her look like a small bald Edwardian. The look might possibly be improved by ringlets, but that isn't an option right now.

Plonky, a back pack you say. I'm listening. I don't like what the front carrier does to the worselet's hips. She seems happy enough but I'm thinking won't thank me for the bandy legged look when she is older.

As for revenge tactics, put it this way any damage south of the border so to speak isn't going to work in his favour. I think he'll be measuring those chemicals very carefully from now on grin

Speaking of which, better a bit tardy than a bit soon SoYo. I went for the latter, and boy did that hurt. A lot. At least you won't have that memory to erase.

VJ I'm with the others - September is on, and he can just well, frankly cope. The last time I looked coping was a strategy equally available to both sexes.

Funny old day today as the tiddler is all off schedule and is currently asleep. I have no idea when to wake her or what feeds to give her. I am also flying solo until 11pm. I'm wondering whether handing the husband an off schedule possibly confused and definitely screamy small person when he gets in would be sufficient to make up for the hassle he's caused me so far today?

Warning: First world problem. Where the h*ll are ocado? They have my dinner. I have a sleeping baby. This is possibly my only chance to eat for the rest of the day.

somethingbeginningwith Wed 24-Jul-13 18:30:57

Plonky you were correct! A royal baby George!

Rainbowbabyhope Wed 24-Jul-13 19:17:39

plonky love the baby led weaning link. Today I gave DD a crust to hold while I ate my lunch thinking she would just play with it like with her toys - instead she shoved it in her mouth and ate quite a bit of it with such amazing enthusiasm it gave me a surprise! Wasn't expecting that at just over 4 and half months so now think we will be starting to wean slowly a little earlier than planned. Was thinking of baby led weaning with a bit of spoon feeding for stuff that I would eat with spoon like yoghurt and soup etc. However my DM is horrified at the concept of giving baby whole bits of food and keep sending me warning texts about babies gagging and suffocating. I know to go with my instinct but it's very hard not to have that support and know I will get constant disapproval when we eat with them which is most weeks. Anyone else facing this problem?

SoYo Wed 24-Jul-13 19:43:29

Yep, I am too Rainbow. I'm planning on skipping the whole baby rice/porridge/other things mixed with milk bit and going straight for BLW with probably a few purees thrown in too. I'm not one for going down one path too wholeheartedly, like to mix it up a bit! I was trying to explain all this to my parents and that BLW is perfectly acceptable but my DM just did not get it. She kept asking why in the world I wouldn't want to introduce texture and taste gradually, mentioned choking a few times and said I couldn't possibly just give her what we were having....I might have to send her the link! I'm sure they'll get their heads round it once we start and they can see that it's ok. I can't quite believe we've got babies that are nearly old enough for this, the time is flying. I only I could persuade her to sleep at night then it would be so lovely!

Plonkysaurus Wed 24-Jul-13 20:46:18

Something yes I've been very Derren Broen about this birth, it's all a bit woo. My DS is now going to grow up telling everyone he's a prince. It's an excellent name, they have exquisite taste.

Worse I use a Connecta carrier, it's soft structured so holds baby really close to you, folds up really tiny and keeps babys legs in the m position. He seems to love it, settles down in it quite quickly. I can't rave enough about them! What are you using?

I asked my mum about weaning expecting her to recoil in horror at the idea of blw. It turns out she did it with my sister in 1982! She also did purées and moshed up adult food but just followed her instinct. When I asked about choking she said take baby out of highchair, lay them on you lap facing down and smack their back. Seems my mum did a lot of parenting by instinct, and SoYo and Rainbow you're right about the support necessary to follow your gut. But you have support on here ladies, it sounds like a lot of us are keen on blw!

plonky you star, I like the look of the connecta. I'm currently using a tomy carrier, which was perfect when the tiddler was tiny. Now she's bigger and wants to face forward it's a bit rubbish. Her legs are forced out and sideways, which doesn't look right to me.

I had the HV here today, and guess what, she's all for blw as well! Excellent stuff. I wasn't looking forward to freezing purées in ice cube trays. If life is too short to stuff a mushroom, it is definitely too short to faff about with ice cube trays.

At the risk of jinxing my evening someone has just drunk all her milk and gone to sleep. What is more she has stayed asleep! Wow... didn't I do well grin

SoYo Wed 24-Jul-13 22:09:59

You did do well Worse, fingers crossed it continues.

Madam went down at 8, at 8.20 a doorbell rang on the TV and the dog went berserk and woke her up God only knows where she's learnt about doorbells as we don't have one, 8.45 she woke up again but a quick cuddle and bounce and she was back down. I've just got into bed and now she's stirring. Fingers crossed she's just getting comfy as that's what I'd like to do!

StormyBrid Thu 25-Jul-13 05:07:08

Hmm, it's been all silent on here for seven hours. Does that mean everyone's getting lots of lovely sleep? Everyone except me, of course. Have I mentioned I hate insomnia? Gave up after the half past four feed.

We have finally made the switch to 3-6 clothes. And they're not ridiculously baggy. Where did this enormous baby come from, and what happened to my tiny scrunchy one? So we are planning a mission into town today to buy new baby clothes. As the buggy's a bit enormous for the bus, I shall be being brave and using the mei tai. Which DD seems to like, but we've never been very far in it, so this could be interesting.

vjhist85 Thu 25-Jul-13 06:49:23

You'll get there with the nights stormy- I'm guessing mini-storm won't take bigger bottles during the day? We started only offering 3oz bottles at night, the plan being that she wouldn't fill up at night and not during the day. Worked brilliantly and last night was officially our first night of sleeping all the way through! No dummy returns, only just got up - although dream feed wasn't til midnight as I was out last night.

SoYo you are not the only one still yet to dtd- and I haven't been bfing for 3 weeks so don't even have that as an excuse. Poor DH, think his hopes got up first when we moved her into her own room, then when I stopped bfing. I told him the other day that whilst I'm still not up for it, thinking about sex no longer makes me feel sick so we're clearly getting closer...not sure that made him feel better tbh...!

Rainbowbabyhope Thu 25-Jul-13 07:10:35

Stormy we go everywhere in our sling - it's so liberating! We never use the pram anymore as I just can't be bothered with it and DD doesn't really like it. We go out for full days nearly every day in our mei tai and it works so well. I just make sure to give DD some time out of the sling now and again but otherwise she is happy looking around from it and charming everyone we meet with her baby sounds! Tbh not sure why we bothered getting a pram in the first place as don't think we will get any use out of it. We are moving into the countryside soon into a village with no pavements so pram will definitely be impractical there!

StormyBrid Thu 25-Jul-13 08:25:38

The pram definitely has its uses - can't fit much shopping in the sling! Only worry with the mei tai is she's never been in it more than half an hour, and if she gets tired she's rubbish at sleeping on people and may go into meltdown.

I just gave her a bit of my toast. She had fun making a mess of it. grin

LaLaLeni Thu 25-Jul-13 09:45:34

Worse I use a Manduca which can be used on my front, hip or back and is super comfy and easy to put on. Babies facing out isn't recommended because then all their weight is taken on their groin shock once head control is good then they can go on your back.

You can get pouch slings where baby can sit like on a kangaroo with legs folded up facing out, but they're not brilliant for going outside and walking far.

I had a Connecta too but DS hated being put in it and I found the straps were super difficult to put on and then cut into my neck. Shame though as they do fold up really small!

Plonkysaurus Thu 25-Jul-13 11:03:35

Vj I think it took me awhile post bfing to get my sex drive back. I'm sure that's no coincidence either, it must be natures way of ensuring you don't make more babies than you can feed.

Stormy let us know how you get on. Yesterday was the longest I'd carried DS so I doubt I could manage a shopping trip. Would love the freedom of no buggy, though they'd have to figure out a way of attaching a shopping basket to my Connecta first.

Oh and I'm kind of with you on the sleep. DS was disturbed when we came to bed even though we were being quiet as church mice. And he wanted to play at 3am, so naturally dp and I had a domestic. I think he had too much nap time yesterday. Anyway I'm shattered.

Needless to say I've spent the morning moving the cotbed into his room and I don't feel at all sad about it.

StormyBrid Thu 25-Jul-13 11:59:34

I would let you know how the shopping trip goes, except we've cancelled it. Bumped into my brother's girlfriend this morning and she said she'd get us more vests and sleepsuits, as they'll all get passed on to her anyway.

I've been productive mummy today. Had the kitchen spotless by eight am - getting up at half four has its uses. And I had a bath with DD in the bouncy chair, which she found exciting for some reason. Speaking of baths, she's just about outgrown the baby bath, but can't sit unaided in the sink yet. Suggestions?

SoYo Thu 25-Jul-13 16:00:28

Stormy we've never used the baby bath as madam hated it. We just put a few inches of water in the bottom of the big bath, lie her flat on her back in it and let her splash about. She loves it!

I've restarted using my carriers, both the stretchy cloth sling and the baby bjorn but I obviously hadn't realised how heavy madam has become. I'm not sure I could have done more than an hour in either. Luckily she likes her pram!

Plonk I think I'll be moving madam in the next couple of weeks too. Part of me thinks I'm getting up too soon with her when she starts making noise and some of the time I need to wait and see if she settles. I've been trying this out over the last week and it sometimes works but I think it'd be easier if she was in her own room. Plus now that she's rolling I'd rather she was on a proper mattress and not the travel cot one.

We've been for lunch in York today with a friend and then went for a coffee at a national trust hall where we were told children under 6 aren't allowed, but only after we'd ordered, and that they'd make an exception this once as madam seemed so well behaved. Normally I'd have told them where to go and left but as my friend had brought me there I didn't, cue much hilarity as my cherubic baby turned into miss farty pants! Ha

StormyBrid Thu 25-Jul-13 16:36:39

Hmm, big bath could be possible, but I was hoping to delay the permanent backache it will involve. Will keep pondering. Are you near York then, SoYo? I lose track, but I didn't think anyone was remotely near me.

ecofreckle Thu 25-Jul-13 17:13:11

Hi stormy we got given this strange device for the big bath. It's for when they're too big for the baby bath but not yet sitting. here is one: seat thing
It's another piece of plastic crap with a lifespan of a few weeks of course but may help. We have also done the same as soyo with her flat on her back. Loves splashing and thumping legs and arms down onto bath.
soyo and plonky we finally moved DD into her own room last weekend for the same reasons: waking her upon turning in ourselves and also being hyper vigilant on the night time noises. She's now remaining asleep when we head to bed, although just as I put our lights out I creep over and open both of our doors for overnight so I can hear her rather than her through the monitor iyswim. The first evening we walked into our bedroom at night and PUT THE BEDSIDE LIGHTS ON and had a READ and a CHAT was stupidly exciting!
Well done mini vj ! Do you feel brilliant today as a result? I remember the 3 good old days 5 weeks ago when DD slept through. Maybe as you are hitting it a bit later on than our 12 weeks you will manage to sustain it. Keep us posted with how it goes tonight.
vj and soyo I'm afraid I'm in your no sex club. I'm planning on feeding for a good while longer if nature lets me so fear this may be a bit of a long haul if I have to wait for that helpful hormonal kick up the bum. The one major hurdle in my mind is that my boobs feel totally unsexual now; certainly not like they're anything to do with DH. And I still wear breast pads at night because with DD's total lack of any night time pattern the boobs are havoc. You ladies that were back in the saddle whilst still BF are you chilled with your new-style boob timeshare and did you find it OK? Or maybe that's too personal a question....unsure of MN etiquette.
soyo I'm surprised at the NT with no under 6's policy. Worse and I seem to be keeping them in business at present but maybe we should consider a boycott until they get a consistently good baby policy!
We're just back from a sweaty walk around a nature reserve in the Broads. DD was forward facing in Baby Bjorn but I do feel she's getting a bit heavy for it; the straps dig in a bit. We have been given a kari me sling - anyone had any good experiences with one?
Been thinking of naming ceremonies. We're both atheist (with me verging on some pagan/mother earth spirituality) and so a Christening would not be appropriate. We were thinking yurt/bunting/cider for a small number of people but it's the ceremony that I have a visual block on. Anyone else planning on doing anything?
And worse did you get your dinner? Or do you need meals on wheels?

vjhist85 Thu 25-Jul-13 17:31:02

I know an anecdote does not a rule make, but a friend of mine has a 23wo ebf baby. She was despairing-baby was feeding every 3 hrs day and night, so 3 feeds per night. Eventually she put her in her own room (up til then she'd been in a cot in their room) the very first night she went from 10pm dream feed to having to be woken at 7.45am. They had obviously been waking each other up, and she'd just been sticking her on the boob assuming it was hunger. Now they don't disturb each other, she has slept through 3 nights in a row...

Eco- re: boobs. Whilst I can imagine my sex-drive returning one day, I don't think I'll EVER like the idea of DH going near the boobs after 4 months of bfing. And I would have beaten him off with a stick if he'd tried when they were all milky and leaky and solid. No siree.

Today I'm thoroughly exhausted and i don't really Know why. I'm still hoping for a bigger gap between dream feed and first feed of the morning, might move dream feed forward and see what happens...

Phew, finally, 5 minutes to myself. Yay!!! Miss madam has been a right little whatsit today with the milk refusing. If she was any older I'd be wondering if she'd over heard the HV announce her new weight (15lb 5 shock) and was watching her calories. As it is I can only assume she's being a madam. An hour and a half to get 3flozzes down her.... every feed. I am a broken woman I tell you and DH is doing the evening feed as soon as he gets home grin

Eco yes, dinner arrived, and with enough time to ping in the microwave and shovel down before herself awoke. What a result. It was disgusting mind, as are most ping style meals, but it was at least hot.

As for the personal question, DH sorted that one all by himself. He didn't really go near. He was either scared of being doused, or like me had started to look on them as a functional feeding tool. Not sure which as I didn't like to ask. It's situation normal now, so rest assured the awkwardness wears off.

SoYo the NT cafe dissed mini-yo shock. What???? Isn't their entire clientele parents (and old people)/ I'd have asked them to check with head office, loudly. I bet it's just one (childless) cafe manager being an ar5e.

Thanks for the sling advice Leni, sounds like I'll have to do a bit of reading up to find one that works. No hurry though as both the tiddler and I find the carrier too hot in this weather, and prefer the pram. On that note, how do you keep the sun off when using a sling? I find a hat doesn't work, and feel a prat carrying an unbrella/parasol/shade thingie.

Stormy another one here who just uses the big bath. I fill it full enough for her to basically swim, and she absolutely loves it. That's where we're off to now actually - bath time!

StormyBrid Thu 25-Jul-13 18:27:05

worse have you considered giving up on a feed after less time? I ask because it sounds like you've probably not got all that long between the end of one feed and the start of the next - perhaps she's not getting enough time to work up an appetite? Also you don't want her thinking darting about is the way to go with feeds. Maybe give up after half an hour, and do the next feed as scheduled, and she may get on with it a bit more?

We're both getting an evening off bathtime tonight. Brother's girlfriend is getting some practice in. Makes a nice change, not being soggy by half past six.

Just saw something on the news about the full moon causing crap sleep. Not in this house - the full moon the other day was the first time in ten weeks she's slept through!

Rainbowbabyhope Thu 25-Jul-13 18:33:26

stormy answer to sling plus shopping is a rucksack and plus you have your arms free like a normal person rather than glued to buggy so I have been known to carry a few bags. Mind you I have been carrying DD everyday since birth for 3-4 hours a day min (we love long walks) so I just don't feel the weight. I love baby wearing - in fact it's my favourite thing about having a little one. The few times she has been in her buggy I missed the constant kisses and the little face looking up at me chattering about what she can see. I think we will be carrying well into toddlerhood and probably sell buggy. I do however stick to carriers that support hip to knee so baby bjorn is no go for us.

eco DH totally not bothered by breastfeeding when it comes to my breasts - in fact he says he is so full of admiration and pride to see us feed that they are even more special!! I on the otherhand do find DH attention in that area a bit odd - not surprising given that I see a little mini head guzzling away at them multiple times a day! Think it will be a while after stopping before they become mine again which I am fine with.

Can't imagine moving DD into her own room atm - I love co-sleeping and the fact that I don't need to really wake up for feeds. I would be so much more tired going backwards and forwards between two rooms having to wake myself up. Having said that in our new home we will be setting up a montessori style nursery with a floor bed where we intend to start settling DD in the evenings when she gets more mobile with the intention of bringing her to bed with us each night after first feed. Probably start doing this at 6-8 months so I guess that will be a partial move to own room.

pudtat Thu 25-Jul-13 19:27:51

Hello fellow Marchers. Sorry have been radio silent for a bit, been lurking but have been really busy and somehow felt like I wanted to be in the moment with DS rather than posting about it when I had a quiet minute here and there...

Sleeping going well here. Regularly getting through to gone 5 and even gone 6 occasionally from dream feed at 10pm. Very nearly there! Feeding went a bit funny in the heat (he didn't want to!) but has improved over last few days as a little cooler. Weigh in today saw us hit 6kg exactly and regain the 9th centile line (we got referred to hospital when we hit 2nd). He's a long drink of water though!

Managed to get some lovely bargains in a local shop a few days ago, posh organic kids clothing brands for tiny money... Brill!

Baby monitor packed up this morning. Thankfully I got it via John Lewis and they have a new one winging its way as we speak so will be with us tomorrow. In the meantime I-thingy to I-thingy it is! Amazing how panicked I was about not having my evening - he's good as gold really but I do like to be able to keep an eye on him in order to relax downstairs.

Still in with me in the spare room at the mo, and likely to stay there until I stop bfing I think. Sadly I will need to start the wind down in about a month as I return to work end sept. Would like to see if my supply will cope with just doing a morning and evening feed, but with all the probs I've had I am trying not to hold out much hope!

As you can prob guess from the above, given dh and I rarely even share a room at the mo, dtd not really been on the agenda. I have my coil fitted next week, so we shall see. Not been relevant so far iykwim.

Have been very good about going to my fitness classes and have even followed Worse's lead and got signed up with a personal trainer! Will be doing 2x 30min sessions a week with her at the gym in addition to at least one class. The jelly belly will be beaten!

Tried to be a yummy mummy today, as took my mum out for lunch. Managed to dress up a bit in new maxi dress which kind of hides the lumps, had a shower only yesterday afternoon, took the buggy but forgot to put in contacts instead of specs so didn't have the big sunnies hmm #fail. wink

Glad to hear baby Yo getting the hang of sleeping and super mummy Yo managing admirably when not! Snort at various outfits which haven't hit the cute button as expected (we wore baby's first political t shirt today with environmental messages all over it smile) and virtual clip upside the head for any dh's who have been less than supportive. Had to laugh at mine tonight, during bath time he suddenly asked if I could manage if he popped downstairs for a wee. I managed not to point out that I had been on my own entirely for 4 days and nights last week and therefore could probably cope for 2 mins!

pudtat Thu 25-Jul-13 19:32:39

Oh, and another one for pram rather than sling in this weather - he gets way too hot and sweaty in the Moby and so do I! He's in the carrycot bit so plenty of wriggle room, a great uv shade (we have the uppababy vista and its been a godsend with the weather) and fly nets so lovely shady walks in the park by the river don't come with side effects!

You're absolutely right Stormy, I wouldn't normally persist with the milk, but it's hot, she's sweated buckets and on the amount she actually wanted she'd have ended up very dehydrated. On a normal day I'd probably give her half an hour, a ten minute break, offer it again, and take it away if refused. It's a catch 22 isn't it - hot weather kills the appetite, but increases liquid requirements. I suspect the problem might be solved now post a rather difficult nappy.

Rainbow what carrier do you have? When it cools down I'd like to get dd out of the buggy, as I mistakenly bought one the size of a small tank. It's great off road, but getting it into let alone round a shop is quite a trial.

Ah, catch up properly another time.... duty calls in the form of a loud squeal

SoYo Thu 25-Jul-13 21:18:03

Stormy I'm in Leeds so not too far, you're in Hull aren't you?

Pud it's good to have you back! Amazing sleeping going on there and yay on the weight gain. Nice try on the yummy mummy plans but no yummy would be without the massive shades....fail! I have also failed in this today, I've just opened the door to my neighbour and not realised I still had most of a boob out without a baby attached. Nothing yummy about that!

I'm also a bit unsure about the boob thing, they do seem to have stopped being anything to do with sex and only to do with nourishing baby....not sure what I'd do if DH tried for a cheeky fondle, luckily due to exhaustion of both of us and room sharing we're avoiding that hurdle!

Rainbow it sounds like you've got it all planned and sorted, it does sound like an idyllic parenting experience in your house, a bit different from my give it a bash and hope for the best style! I can't get the hang of full nights of co-sleeping, we just wake each other up all the time so both get less sleep. I do love our couple of hours of snuggly sleep that we do in the morning though, it's definitely something I'll miss from these baby days.

When I was driving earlier I had a realisation that I've really started enjoying being Mini-Yo's Mummy, we may have a lack of sleep, bugger all routine and no time for myself but she's a little ball of monsterely delight! I'm not sure when I started enjoying it so much but I'm bloody glad I have!

ecofreckle Thu 25-Jul-13 21:37:39

I just googled 'why are baby bjorns bad?' and am now batting myself over the head for being such a terrible mother for the last 4 months. Somewhere in the baby fog I must've missed researching slings. I also just googled how to put on the Wilkinet sling contraption we've been given and will be trying it tomorrow. <slopes off to the sofa to be sad about damaging my pfb's hips and spine and delaying her speech, what with my forward facing buggy, when all I want for her is what's best> Bad week for the guilt this week :-(

vjhist85 Thu 25-Jul-13 22:16:14

Please nobody elaborate on why baby bjorns are bad. We don't spend hours and hours in it but when we do I love it so I'm happily ignorant especially considering how much bloody money it cost me

SoYo Thu 25-Jul-13 22:31:54

Eco I'm a bad mummy too! We don't use our baby bjorn much now but did as a newborn, not a great purchase, probably should have done more research there too! We do have a mummy facing pram but half the time I realise I'm just thinking or enjoying the silence that comes with sleep rather than talking out loud so not sure I'm helping much there either! There's always going to be something to feel guilty about but that just shows we're trying our best and we care!

SoYo Thu 25-Jul-13 22:34:21

Don't worry VJ, I did look it up after it was mentioned but its not enough to stop me using it when the need arises or make me buy something new!

Rainbowbabyhope Thu 25-Jul-13 22:44:28

soyo we are far from being sorted here! Wish that were the case! We co-sleep using a bedside cot mostly (fashioned from a cheap ikea cot) as I too find proper co-sleeping difficult as I like freedom to move in my sleep! We don't face same level of sleep issues as you but it has been a very long time since I got more than a 2-3 hour stretch at night and even those feel heavenly atm! Feel like a perpetual growth sput here!

Apologies for making anyone feel bad about baby bjorn choice - because we knew we wanted to baby wear we did loads of research (plus I am a lawyer so don't make any decisions without extensive research anyway!). I think it's not an issue if it's not prolonged use anyway. We use the sling so much that having good leg support really makes a difference.

worse we have been using moby wrap until recently when it got way too hot to use and I was finding it to not be supportive enough for an increasingly wriggly DD. We are now trying a simple mai tai which is brilliant. Also considering getting something like a beco Gemini for other relatives to wear (so can easily buckle up) and for nanny when she starts later this year but not quite brave enough to make the investment. We have a sling library here where you can try and hire sling with is brilliant and would recommend seeing if there is one near you.

ecofreckle Thu 25-Jul-13 23:30:19

rainbow you didn't make me feel bad! I made myself feel bad! Mothers seem to be good at that. It's given me kick up bum I needed to explore the other two we've been given. Long overdue. But, like soyo and vj, I'll stick with super simple bjorn for quick jobs. But not climbing mountains.

SoYo Fri 26-Jul-13 00:36:22

Madam has stopped me getting too excited by last nights sleepy antics. Full on mega wake here, I thought I'd try and settle without feeding and the tantrum was impressive. She's now attached to the boob and gulping away with an angry look in her eyes!

Plonkysaurus Fri 26-Jul-13 07:20:18

SoYo at least she woke for a reason, not just play! Aw your post about being excited to be mini-Yo's mummy made me a bit gooey. I thought the initial rush of love was enough but I had another one earlier this week. The strength of the feeling is something I could never have foreseen. I just loooove him.

The only reason we don't have a Bjorn is because I wanted something prettier blush i also plan to use it a lot in the winter as rain + hills + buggy = soggy mummy. I can't remember who asked about bad weather and carriers, but most soft structured ones come with built in or detachable hoods, and you can get weather proof covers.

The first night in his own room was heavenly! He went down at 7, cried at midnight (leg stuck in cot bars), then I brought him into our bed at 5.30 when he stirred. We got up for the day at 7. If I were still breast feeding we'd have done the same as you Rainbow.

Right best get sorted, off to view a nursery then we're swimming with grandma!

Well wonders will never cease. Madam slept through despite being more than a full feed down yesterday, so that's me happy. To be fair she's looking a tad chunky imo, so dehydration issues aside it probably did her some good. She's definitely not starved!

Rainbow your input has been really useful - having read all the various reviews I think the beco gemini would work for me, so thanks for the recommendation. I'm all for simple and effective, and much as I like the idea of a stretchy wrap n tie option, the reality is I'd end up in a big sweaty knot and the worselet would end up in the pram.

SoYo I know I shouldn't laugh, but the angry looking feeding did elicit a small snort. The tiddler used to do that when I first tried to introduce bottles. It was a look that said 'do that again and I'll really kick off'. I kind of miss it grin. Good luck with getting her back on track with the nights though, it must be exhausting. If I had any tips I'd share them, but unfortunately I don't, I've just been lucky.

Pud I reckon I should be charging commission from your PT lady, what with my advertising and all grin. Seriously though, it's worth it as they that are trained so have a better idea of what we need to do to get back to normal. I'm guessing I'll feel grateful in the long run, but sometimes mid-session, whilst doing let another cat pose I get an irrational urge to punch mine.

Eco your naming ceremony plans sound lovely. I'm not sure what we'll do, although DH is vaguely thinking about a christening, more for his family than ourselves. We're not church goers, but our parents are, and it might be a nice gesture. Hmmm, tough one.

StormyBrid Fri 26-Jul-13 09:02:58

So very jealous of the babies who are sleeping! Last night I got four hours in total. Doing my zombie impersonation again today. Am thinking I may copy Eig and try some pureed food from 21 weeks - if it stops her waking up hungry that would be amazing. We're still not consistently getting enough milk down her to cut out a feed entirely, but of course getting milk in the night means she hasn't the need to up her daytime intake.

So, what do we need for feeding slop? Some sort of chair, bowls with suction things so she can't throw them at the cats, spoons... Anything else?

KFFOREVER Fri 26-Jul-13 11:12:59

stormy my ds still wakes up too. Im getting about 4/5hrs sleep at night. After i feed him i cannot get back to sleep and just when i dose off he wakes up. Ive been giving him baby cereals unfortunately it hasnt made any difference. He actually drinks more at night than during the day.

We have moved ds into his own room. Its just too hot for 3 of us to sleep in one room and he has outgrown his crib. He rolls around now and i wake up to find him on his stomach and crying. He hasnt mastered the skill of rolling back yet.

Its been a long time since ive been on here but i just cant seem to catch up. Looking after ds, housework, dinner etc. Not looking forward to starting back work. Im sure it will be ten times worse.

Got to go ds has woken up. He now has 1hr-2hrs nap in the mornings. Much better than the half hour naps.

StormyBrid Fri 26-Jul-13 11:20:42

Noooo, don't tell me food doesn't help! I may have to cry. Nice to know I'm not the only one who sleeps even worse than their baby though.

Hmm. How does milk fit in with proper food? We're still on three hourly bottles, proper food's going to affect that, isn't it? Suddenly realising I know nothing about weaning. And can't ask the hv or there'll be a lecture.

vjhist85 Fri 26-Jul-13 13:45:51

Lovely day here, night 4 in a row of no night feed (if it helps stormy, I reduced night time bottles by about an ounce a week, this meant I wasn't starving her but she ate more in the day. It took about 3 weeks, although we still always make up a 3floz bottle for the middle of the night just in case) I'm afraid I've heard from lots of people that purees don't help them sleep, so perhaps work on the milk thing first? Have you tried stretching out the gap between feeds, maybe by 15 minutes at a time so she takes more at each sitting? Sorry if I'm teaching you to suck eggs, I know you've been at this ff lark for substantially longer than me!

Just got home from visiting worse and the worselet in their beautiful home. Some very cute interactions between the small people whilst lying on a rug in the garden smile I'll happily admit that seeing them holding hands (however accidental!) brought a tiny lump to my throat...

StormyBrid Fri 26-Jul-13 14:56:56

We've been talking about ways to deal with the night feeds. The man's been doing dummy returns rather than milk if she wakes at ten - trying to push that feed forward to midnight. We need to try the same for the silly o'clock feed too, but he worries I'll wake up if she insists on milk, and we've both had colds, so we've been taking the path of least resistance really. Think we'll try reducing the size of the second night feed to start with. And I shall check my ridiculously anal very handy milk diary, because I suspect she doesn't normally clear that one anyway.

Mmm, Friday. I love Friday's. DD has gone to my dad's, I'm in the garden with a friend, and the man's just gone out for a couple of bottles of wine. grin

StormyBrid Fri 26-Jul-13 14:58:13

Argh! Stupid phone! I can use apostrophes perfectly, honestly.

KFFOREVER Fri 26-Jul-13 17:54:48

stormy this weaning lark is another challenge for us. ive mainly given puree at breakfast. i gave it to him in the evening to see if he sleeps through but nope.

I use his formula to make the breakfast then i give him some milk and a few spoonfuls of the baby porridge. Beaware its messy. At the end of breakfast me and him are covered especially when he does a big sneeze whilst feeding. Ive also pureed banana and he liked that. to be honest i think he likes the spoon against his gums

vj congrats on the sleeping through. Ive tried reducing milk feeds at night but he screams blue murder if he isnt full. Im sure he will grow out of it at aged 5.

Anypants Fri 26-Jul-13 19:01:33

Haven't started the weaning here yet but am thinking about it after DD dropped below the 9th centile line yesterday sad Asked the HV if it was a sign she's not getting enough on just milk and she was really helpful - 'maybe', she said. Thanks. Been putting it off as she's been so settled at night and I fear change will muck that up hmm

Took Babypants out on our boat today for the first time and she loved it! Not quite a cruise round Monte Carlo but the sun was ouy, it was calm and she was looking all around witg her fascinated face on. Relieved as it was a regular thing to go away on the boat for the weekend before she came along so it would be lovely to do it with her. Plus, it may be the closest thing to a holiday we get this year...

Anypants Fri 26-Jul-13 19:02:56

out and with
Stupid phone.

SoYo Fri 26-Jul-13 20:01:08

Worse it was a very amusing angry feed!

Any a day on the boat sounds good, if it wasn't for my dreadful travel sickness I'd be so jealous. I love the water and really wish I could get on with boats!

I've spent all afternoon making puddings here for a party we're going to tomorrow while DH watched madam, a bit of alone time for me and the KitchenAid was very therapeutic! Not quite sure how they'll turn out as I generally take recipes as a suggestion only but fingers crossed!

StormyBrid Fri 26-Jul-13 20:26:30

There was me thinking motherhood was a great equaliser, and then it turns out one of us casually happens to have a boat. Lack of social status just hit me in the face. I don't think I'm getting a holiday until Mum accepts the inevitable and goes into a home, then me and my dad can split the cost of a holiday cottage near my sister's.

KFFOREVER Fri 26-Jul-13 20:51:25

A boat shock.

Ah stormy but motherhood is a great equaliser as it doesn't matter whether you are a princess or a pauper, you still have to go through the pain, pleasure and often sheer terror of raising a small demanding dependant person. So what if someone has a boat, they're still one of the crew. Pun intended wink

VJ I must confess my heart squeezed a bit at the hand holding... it was beyond cute. The bit where the worselet poked her guest in the eye and then stole her dummy... less so.

Speaking of pleasure and pain her smallestship has just provided both in equal measure. The mother of all nappy explosions all over the bouncy chair, and an evening in the garden listening to her snore. Baby snores are the funniest thing ever, DH and I were pi55ing ourselves. I didn't know babies could snore.... but apparently they can. I blame her dad as she certainly didn't get it from me.

SoYo I have that approach to recipes as well. The results are variable. I'm sure yours vary on the side of delicious though. Have fun said through gritted teeth as no one has invited me to a party grin

Over and out. I have an evening of snoring ahead of me, so have much to do in the line of finding ear plugs.

Anypants Fri 26-Jul-13 22:41:02

Ah yes, well, when I say boat, it's not one of those big flashy white things that you see in CSI Miami - it's a bit old and clunky and we bought it years ago when we were footloose and fancy free. It's DH's refuge when he has some spare time - 'just going to do some work on the boat'. I think I suggested selling it as it wasn't very practical with DD and he looked like i'd just suggested cutting his fingers off. hmm

LaLaLeni Fri 26-Jul-13 22:54:46

I've just got DS to boob feed twice!! After a huge gap of no boobies AT ALL shock I'm amazed. Will try again for the night feeds tonight... After the first one I squeezed my nipple to see if he'd emptied it and milk shot across the room - I never ever had that before.

DS put his hand on our 2 yr old neighbour's thigh today - it was very cute but she obviously didn't appreciate the gesture!

Our secondhand Jumperoo arrived today and I was quite shocked that the seller hadn't bothered to clean it at all. There were dirty marks all over as if it'd been in a shed or something. Not amused as she said she'd put the plastic bits in the dishwasher (?). So rude.

OH still pissing me off big time. But we're moving soon so keeping my focus on packing (actually saw an ad for those vacuum bags for clothes etc and bought the offer, most unlike me) and chucking out/freecycling stuff.

Should I get rid of DS's old clothes and the baby bath and co-sleeper?

Eigmum Fri 26-Jul-13 23:00:51

stormy I know this probably isn't baby led weaning (isn't) but this is what I did with my son and he is a happy healthy 3 year old. If your milk feeds are say 7, 11, 1,4 and 7 now .... Then introduce a bit if baby rice (just a couple if baby spoons ( the tommee tippe heat sensitive plastic ones) are great. Best time is just before 11am feed as gives you time to see any reaction, all new foods should be introduce mid morning or at lunch. You are then aiming for 7am milk, 11.30 solids and water, 12-1milk (moving to 2pm when baby having lunch, 5pm tea, 6.30pm bottle. I tried a bit if baby rice today, she wasn't really ready. My son had lost his tongue out reflex when I started weaning him at 18 weeks and was easy, she still has it so I am going to wait a week before trying again.

Eigmum Fri 26-Jul-13 23:02:44

And you don't really need anything. Feed them in bouncy chair and get a tommee tipper beaker for water and some heat sensitive spoons. These are great because they are soft and you can see when the food too hot as they turn yellow.

Eigmum Fri 26-Jul-13 23:04:18

Also on giving them what you eat. I think it's hard for them to digest wheat especially before 6 months so if you start early it's baby rice and fruits ( apple and pear) and vegetables ( carrot and butternut squash) are a good start.

Eigmum Fri 26-Jul-13 23:05:51

Finally while baby rice has little nutritional value it's made with there milk so gets more milk in them and tastes familiar and helps then learn how to swallow and deal with food when it has a familiar taste hence why it's a popular first food.

Eigmum Sat 27-Jul-13 09:14:43

leni I have signed up for a table at the mum2mum market in Wimbledon in mid September to take all my baby stuff to sell as I'm ow I am not having another and all my friends have there own stuff or we've lent stuff around already.... Just don't get a decent price on eBay and lots of post hassle!

SoYo Sat 27-Jul-13 09:53:37

Thanks for the weaning tips Eig, it's a whole new world again for the small people!

Something miraculous happened last night....madam went to bed at 8 and other than a few snouty stirrings where she self settled she didn't wake up until 4.15!!! It's a bloody miracle! I feel good today even though she then woke up at 5.30 & 7 and I also woke at 1.30 and 3 wondering why she wasn't awake!! I'm sure we'll be back to normal tonight but its definite progress, she's never done near that before without milk.

My baking yesterday has not gone to plan, I just went to cut the brownies and they're basically still liquid....not good as they were my backup pudding in case the other two didn't work!

StormyBrid Sat 27-Jul-13 12:05:50

I like the way normally the fact we're all from different parts of the socioeconomic wossname doesn't really register. A boat was just a bit too much of a mental stretch! I can't even picture one; the only two options in my mental library are "bloody great ferry that's basically a very slow-moving hotel" and "tiny rickety wooden rowing boat".

worse the snoring was one of the many factors in putting DD in her own room at six weeks. It does make me laugh on those rare occasions I get to hear it.

Leni whether to keep stuff or get rid depends on two things: are you likely to have another baby; and have you got the storage space? If the answer to the first is yes but the second is no, try and find a friend with a garage. But otherwise, why keep stuff you're not going to need again?

Lots of helpful info there, Eig. Thanks. We still have the same tongue thrust reflex to a degree, but I've noticed with the calpol during this cold that she's less likely to shove things out of her mouth than she was just a week ago. So we're getting there, and will see where she's at when the booster chair thingy arrives. I'm amazed though, when I opened the laptop just now the NHS weaning page was open. The man has, for the first time ever, actually taken it upon himself to research something baby related! He also got up at 6.50 with DD, has been to the shops, done the washing up, tidied the living room, and made me a cup of tea. Considering I didn't actually ask if it was okay for me to get ratted yesterday and have a stinking hangover this morning, this is even more amazing. He is a good one. grin

I would say "Go, miniYo!" but the last time I did that we crossposted, with you bemoaning the fact that she'd woken up screaming or similar. So I'll think it but not say it, to be on the safe side!

Stormy I love the fact we're a box of all-sorts. It's just refreshing not to be judged for where you live, what you have, who your friends are, how much you earn.... all that sh*t. There isn't one person on here I don't like, and that's probably because we are all just being ourselves and not worrying about making a good impression.

I started life on a Belfast council estate and ended up in the 'big house'. I genuinely get on with anyone regardless of who they are. My DH is the same. Small town Essex boy done good. Sometimes in RL people are friendly to me until they find out where I live. Sucks huh.

Don't have a boat though grin.

The thing about life is be happy with who you are and the rest is easy.

Aaaaaand OFF the soap box grin

Eigmum Sat 27-Jul-13 14:25:35

How funny worse, my parents are both from Belfast! See it's funny isn't it, I hate boats, wouldn't see me dead on one. Too many dodgy sailings into larne in a huge ferry!

Plonkysaurus Sat 27-Jul-13 14:38:49

Ooh its been a rather busy weekend here. Sadly no boats (I'm having te same mental block picturing 'just a boat' too!) but dinner al fresco happened.

loved the nursery so thats one hurdle overcome. i then joined forces with my mum and took ds swimming, Great fun, and we stayed over at my parents last night. We've just given ds a few spoonfuls of puréed banana. He was a bit resistant at first but he ended up opening his mouth and swallowing. Pulled some very funny faces though!

Leni I thought you weren't intending to have another - have you changed your mind, or do you just want to hold onto a few precious things? All the stuff we no longer need, want to keep but don't have space for is slowly making its way I to the attic at mums. I've a strong suspicion our stuff is going to get reused more than once.

Oh the socioeconomic wossname. I think the anonymity offered by places like MN is fantastic. My background is incredibly boring, very MC, as is DP's. but my dad grew up in real poverty (think ending up in a Children's home for awhile because they were good Catholics who, quite literally, didn't have a pot to piss in), but he also Done Good, despite leaving school at 14. I admire him so much for striving to send both his kids to university even though he'll never understand what exactly we did there. I have been called posh and a pikey in the same sentence!

Thankfully I can just come on here and say 'Ooof, those postnatal piles are a bit stingy, no? Incidentally I've not showered in a week'. Now that's a great leveller smile

KFFOREVER Sat 27-Jul-13 14:56:13

Very impreased with the boat but as someone said earlier no matter what our background we all still have to contend poo explosions and sleep fighting babies.

Me and dh come from typical wc background. Although from what dh has described he grew up in poverty. Our ds is lucky that he has the things we never had but materials are not everything.

Finally ds is having an afternoon nap although i was about to leave the house. Im to scared to wake him so it looks like we will have to go out later.

I have an empty crib in my room. A part of me is angry with dh that he hasnt dismantled it im useless at diy and another part of me is sad to see it go.

StormyBrid Sat 27-Jul-13 15:12:04

I get confused with class. Dad and grandparents teachers, we had a big enough house in a nice enough area, but on the other hand money was always tight and we didn't do holidays except camping. As for us, we're presumably the underclass at the moment as neither of us are working, but then we both have degrees... Too many factors to consider!

Small world Eig, although I do say where ever you are in the world you are never far from someone from Belfast. The Irish love to emigrate!

Funny old day today as the worselet is doing a lot of sleeping. Normally she fights the urge to the point where we all break and go for a walk, but today, every couple of hours, bam, she's out like a light in her basket. Given she is otherwise ok in herself so not obviously unwell, I'm blaming it on the weather, which is alternately baking hot and humid, and dark and thundery. I've lost count of the number of times I've been out to shut the dogs in before paranoid dog takes it on himself to do a runner for fear of being eaten by the loud growly monster in the sky. It's like there is someone up there with a switch watching me. Dogs in, sun comes out. Dogs out, thunder. Tis ever so slightly pi55ing me off.

Leni keep the clothes grin. You never know.... Vac pack them into a tiny bundle and shove them under the bed or something.

Socioeconomic wossname is officially my favourite phrase for the day. I am going to see how many times I can fit it into a sentence before DH thumps me. It could be quite a few.... he often doesn't listen.... which is fair... I talk a lot.

Plonky mashed banana! Well done babysaurus. I offered that the other day, but the tiddler wasn't impressed. Today I cooked a carrot, but she promptly fell asleep. I still have said carrot languishing sadly in the fridge, and am wondering if it might be a little 1970's to resurrect it. My mum did that - if you did not eat your lunch you got it for dinner. Scarred me for life it did wink

Stormy Your DH did well. Gold star. If he ever annoys you can I borrow him?

Anypants Sat 27-Jul-13 16:52:24

Well, if having a boat nudges me up the socioeconomic wossname, I can sleep soundly in my Primark onesie. grin

SoYo Sat 27-Jul-13 18:14:55

Eig & Wors my Mum's from Belfast too! I have many memories of that bloody ferry and none of them are good!

Eigmum Sat 27-Jul-13 20:58:17

Yeah soyo! I just laughed out loud as I hated that bloody ferry too! any here here for the onesie, haven't got one yet but have a secret fantasy to try one!

SoYo Sat 27-Jul-13 22:01:09

Oooh Any I've got 2 onesies but they're both from M&S (were fab when preggers). Does this mean I'm well classier than you?!!!

ecofreckle Sat 27-Jul-13 22:41:51

Hello. Finally there is rain for us &#61514; Just had great fun and games pushing each other out into it. Much fresher now.
We’ve all come to my sister/Dad’s house for the weekend. My BIL has just given me a bread making lesson and my parmesan rolls are currently in the oven. We have all been down to the church to see Mum; it would have been her birthday on Monday. We lay the blanket out on the grass and DD had a lovely bimble around.
DD seems to be in a phase of sleeping through til 3.30/4.00, feeding and then liking to be awake/alert/playing/gymnasticsing til we give in and get up with her as soon as clock display begins with a 6. After a wash and getting dressed she promptly places out and wants a super early nap. Wouldn’t it be easier DD if you just had it all in one nice long chunk?
I like that we’re a mixed bag of mothers; both over this thread and in our own backgrounds (i.e. we might have parents with very different backgrounds or a life now that’s very different to parents for e.g.). That sort of suggests that there’s no point putting anyone in a pigeonhole. RL’s too complex for that. I’m the first of my family to go to university, Dad drove lorries, I read (past tense….pre-baby) the Observer, I shop at Aldi and Sainsburys, I like ‘Don’t tell the bride’ on BBC3, I like French films, I didn’t have a TV until DH moved in with me, my sister lives in this crazy something-off-the-telly house. A mixed bag :-)
worse we’ve been a bit like you with the naps today. Maybe it’s the weather as you say. We had family over to sister’s today and DD spent most of the time ignoring her adoring public, flat out in cot.
leni clothes wise we have labelled everything with a Sharpie pen and distributed it to our numerous pregnant friends. That way it’s out of the way. For now. We think we’re leaving it at just one child. I am an old lady so going for another might be tricky. But never say never!
Great banana work plonky. You and eig with her top tips are making me think I really ought to think about something other than milk –and the odd morsel of my lunch which falls on her head—going past her lips. One of the NCT ladies was saying that she’s started her LO off with some 4 grain mix that you make up with milk….it had quinoa in it. These babies are going to have such sophisticated palates.
soyo like stormy I don’t want to jinx anything. But… :-)
Oh….my buns are ready. Better go and get these babies out and check them out. Late night treat with some melting butter :-)

Anypants Sat 27-Jul-13 23:06:04

I have no doubt you are soyo, innit.

StormyBrid Sun 28-Jul-13 05:14:39

Insert the usual complaining about insomnia here. On the plus side, DD held out until one before needing milk. But then she woke herself up farting at five and is resisting resettling. Had I not only just got back to sleep after waking for no reason at two, this would not be a problem. Does anyone fancy coming round and hitting me over the head with a mallet?

Anypants Sun 28-Jul-13 06:28:32

Why yes stormy - i'll come round once i've finished smacking my head against a wall. Three times i've been up tonight - despite DD going off to sleep marvellously at 7.30, for some reason she was making all sorts of noises that kept me awake. I was also woken to the noise of stuff falling off windowsill where th blind was being moved by the wind. DD is now awake too early but refused to go back to sleep until 7.30 so I am feeding her now. She's developes a rather horrific high pitched squeal that she emits when even slightly.unhappy. Been using it for a few days now and I find it especially irritating when she needs a nap but is quite upset at the prospect. Really hits a nerve as it's the sort of pitch only dogs should be able to hear.... envy

LaLaLeni Sun 28-Jul-13 06:35:19

Hmm yes, insomnia doesn't care if you are MC or WC that's for sure. My two hours reserved for sleep when OH comes home is slowly compressing down to an hour because I can't sleep. Did fall asleep with DS with my head in the jungle gym on the floor yesterday though, holding hands, aren't we cute!

I think the wossname thing is more a mindset than money or status related - my DM's dad was a Cornish MC accountant who went to prison when she was little and she was left sleeping top to toe in a single bed with her granny, along with a spell in foster care where she was physically abused. Her DM was a wren working at Bletchley Park but I never found out why she didn't live with her. DF's mum was married to General Dyer's (Indian massacre) son in India but ran off with DF's DF who was there fighting with the Gurkhas. Both DPs didn't go to uni but DM was a headteacher and definitely as MC as they come. Weirdly after my DPs got married, DFs dad and DMs mum met and ran off together eventually getting married too. My family is not at all straightforward!

OH is sort of MC, we both went to uni but his parents are very WC. His DF thinks a red pepper is exotic and won't touch one. No idea how he turned out so different. That sounds like I'm saying WC people don't know about food which I'm not, it's just an amusing fact about him! We're in that bracket of having enough but not enough to live in a big house in London.

The baby clothes thing... Well we said just one, but part of me wants to 'just see' if we can have another one naturally wink. Probably too late now and OH is adamant not. Isn't that a funny word - why are people 'Adam Ant'? Is that where his name came from? Ok I'm tired and my brain's misbehaving now....

StormyBrid Sun 28-Jul-13 06:42:26

She is still awake.

My grandma wouldn't eat pasta or rice. According to her, they're "foreign muck".

Plonkysaurus Sun 28-Jul-13 07:54:21

Ohh if we're going back to grandparents...My dads mum was a total floozy, ran orf with an old fellow with a title when she was just sixteen and they had a baby. He died (he was rilly old) and she was a single mum with a toddler, but inherited a fortune. She quickly found another man - grandad - and he quickly pissed the fortune up the wall by investing in the circus so that my very white working class uncle bears the middle name 'Rafique', the name of grandpas shifty circus contact. Subsequently they did many moonlight flits from the taxman and various landlords. Needless to say my dad learnt how to cream off the top from a very early age and became a self made man.

I think we'll be going back for a second without any shadow of a doubt(dp actually wants a third, i may suggest he does the whole pregnancy bit if so). It'd be nice if we owned a house and were married by then I suppose.

Eco we mainly gave the banana just to see what'd happen blush but we're well aware that the floodgates are open now. We've accidentally started weaning. How were the rolls? The rain is glorious isn't it? So lovely after all this humidity. Sounds like you had a nice afternoon at the church. There's just something about babies innocently lolloping about on the grass..

Any the onesie is only an effective get out if you wear it to pop to the shops!

somethingbeginningwith Sun 28-Jul-13 09:07:00

Gosh, my family is boring! No circuses or Gurkhas here. Both sets of DPs are MC and according to the British class calculator, OH and I are "established middle class" as there are supposedly now 7 classes. It's all too complicated for me.

plonky glad the banana was a somewhat success, we gave DS some yesterday too. It seemed to satisfy him. That's it now, let the weaning begin shock

any I think my onesie is from Asda, not sure if that's better, worse or on par with Primark!

We're also going to almost certainly have another but not for a good few years, we've said 5 minimum, so I'm loathe to throw anything away, just in case... I've given a few things to SIL in the vague hope that when she's done with them, I might be able to get them back. She's due next week, is it alright for me to be secretly smug about the fact that I know what she has in store for her during those first few weeks? And also, seeing as how I was 13 days over, to maybe kinda sort of want her to not be on time? grin

Well, I had a dream about all of you last night. We all went to a seminar on...well, babies really, and what to do with them; feeding, changing nappies, etc, but none of us knew who anyone was and we weren't allowed to say! Also, the seminar was in DS's room. What do you suppose was going through my head...? Maybe my subconscious is trying to tell me I'm doing it all wrong and need guidance. Nappies do go over the head right? And it's ok to put coke in the bottle? It IS diet coke after all! wink

StormyBrid Sun 28-Jul-13 09:24:06

If we're going even further back, one set if great grandparents met at missionary school - for him it was that or spend his life down t'pit. But if we're going claim to fame, without outing myself, my second cousin twice removed was very high up in the anti apartheid movement.

DD eventually went back to sleep at half seven. Squeaked at eight fifteen then, wonder of wonders, put herself back to sleep until nine. I still feel like a corpse.

You lot are brilliant!!! I love the idea of a floozy granny with a titled lover I want one, and a political great would be a pretty cool addition to any family tree. My lot are dead boring, unless you count the dubious claim to fame of a few of the great uncles having worked on the Titanic. Probably not something to boast about that.

Eig and SoYo what if we were related shock!!! You'd be forgiven for disowning me if we were wink

Something the whole class thing is way beyond me too. I don't think it really exists any more to be honest, as people only seem to care about money. One thing money can't buy is class.

As for dreaming about us all..... that's hilarious. I hope we behaved ourselves and didn't talk at the back of the class.

Boring tedious hour ahead of me now. Apparently we have a solar panel person coming round to discuss the environmental benefits of sticking a huge great panel on the roof. Two minds about this.... I'm all for green energy but it takes more fossil fuel to make a panel than it will recoup over its life time hmm

pudtat Sun 28-Jul-13 10:17:08

Ooh, better buying European panels than Chinese on that score, they are made in a more energy efficient way even though they're a bit pricier. We went for German. And the last few weeks have been great!

Must dash, will update later but basically my day off has become my day on...

christilass Sun 28-Jul-13 10:37:43

Hi all :-)

Well mini farmer is 5 months old today goodness time is flying !!
Mini farmer has been eating mashed fruit and veg for the last 2 weeks and he loves it , he shoves the spoon into his mouth himself and smiles :-) it seems he enjoys food as much his parents .
been in his big cot for 3 weeks now ahh he looks so tiny in it , he rolls over and gets stuck and screams till i rescue him .
Also he sticks his legs or arm through the cot sides HV suggested puting a cot bumper on the Outside of cot which does seem to help .
life onthe farms has been very busy as per , its been
hay time , Farmer has been working his huge sized
soxs of working from 4ish am until midnight ish.
ive had some lovely rides on my lovely wee horse ahh she's just a kind genuine animal , asbo girl on the other hand is a little terror she certainly lives up to the shetland status !!
Well mini farmer and i are still in bed he's still sleeping this has been a regular occurrence for the last few weeks the latest we have slept to is 11.15 so I'm expecting him to wake shortly .
i off course is making the most of this extra sleep time as i suspect it shall change at somepoint !
Hope all you lovely ladies and babies are well .
keep up the great work we are All doing fantastic

Anypants Sun 28-Jul-13 10:38:47

stormy - yes, I think Georgeatasda is pretty much on par with Primarni.
And shock to the 'minimum of 5'. I'm happy with just the one and have a big loft to store all DD's stuff in case I change my mind.
No interesting 'who do you think you are' family history here sad I too want to floozy granny grin

somethingbeginningwith Sun 28-Jul-13 10:53:31

Oops! I mean minimum of 5 years til the next one, not 5 babies! Nonono! grin

KFFOREVER Sun 28-Jul-13 11:09:12

Whoop whoop ds slept from 9 - 5am. --of course i was awake though. To get some extra kip i slept on the sofa so dh dealt with the little man.

No interesting family history here

We would probably want another baby so i will be keeping my baby stuff but not sure where we will keep it all as there is very little storage space.

christilassim shock at the lay ins. Come on tell us your secret. smile

Im off to do some cleaning snoozing whilst little man is asleep.

StormyBrid Sun 28-Jul-13 11:21:58

Five babies sounds scary! Although so long as it wasn't quintuplets I expect one would manage somehow. I'm still working on the assumption that we're probably only having the one - up to the man really. We'd struggle to find space for more than two though. Unless his mother dies, of course (as she's the only opportunity we're likely to have to actually buy a house and thus have more than two bedrooms).

DD just mauled some banana then spat it out. So still not quite ready, but I think she's enjoying flavour, texture, and copying me.

SoYo Sun 28-Jul-13 13:21:17

I do love you lot, what a funny mix I'm sure we are in RL, it just goes to show what happens when all perceptions of money, status, appearance etc are removed. Lovely. Isn't it great that in general chat you can mention solar panels and there's someone who knows the best type, I think between us we probably know everything there is to know except how to get a baby to reliably sleep

We're all suddenly full of cold here so we're having a family sofa day with te curtains closed watching a film. Mini-Yo has just enjoyed some naked wriggling time & now I'm feeding her lying down on the sofa & she's falling asleep hugging my boob like its a teddy, very cute.

I'm still holding out a bit on weaning here. She was 5m yesterday but I'd like her to be sat a bit straighter etc to make it as easy as possible plus I need to get some plastic sheets & things before we start painting walls, floor and everything in between with avocado chunks and carrot mush!

Plonkysaurus Sun 28-Jul-13 16:32:15

Stormy you'll be glad she spat her narna out. The nappy today was not pleasant. DP is currently feeding him some baby porridge, so I look forward to what tomorrow's nappy may bring hmm. We'll start blw once he's able to eat a wider range of foods I think, so off to invest in the dreaded ice cube trays and a hand blender.

Hmm five kids. I think my problem with having more than one is that I just would not have the mental capacity to cope, to give them all the attention they require to flourish into functioning adults. My BFF is the eldest of five and her mums an orrible cah (though I'm sure this was the case before she created her brood). Thankfully Something is much nicer than bff's nasty mother, and shed look lovely with a massive brood grin

Christi sounds like you're getting along brilliantly. Busy days eh? Enjoy those lie ins while you can.

SoYo hope it's been a calm afternoon. Feel well soon!

Sadly I never met my floozy granny as she enjoyed one too many G&Ts, but her legend is alive and well. We finally had another roll over this afternoon so I'm expecting the cot gymnastics to start in earnest now.

somethingbeginningwith Sun 28-Jul-13 18:12:58

Aw thanks plonky but I'm quite happy with my one at the moment. I think I'd go crazy with 5!

DS had a banana and blueberry smoothie type concoction this morning. Tomorrow's nappy should be good fun...

Christie wow, lie ins, I can't even remember what they are! Make sure you enjoy them for all of us smile I'm sure they're well earned after your busy busy days! Unlike mine, my friend treated me to afternoon tea today. And now I'm lazing on the sofa with DS. Well, it is a Sunday after all...

StormyBrid Sun 28-Jul-13 18:13:47

Actually we did have a scary nappy today. It looked Luke proper poo, in a big twisty coil. I was upstairs failing to sleep at the time, but I'm assured it was revolting.

Thanks for the tip Pud, the panels we are looking at are German made, and the spiel very convincing, but I'm still in two minds. £££££s expensive, and although are house isn't listed, it is period and 'interesting' so planning may be an issue.

Wow, all the weaning that is going on is making me feel v behind. I did approach the worselet with some carrot today though, which was a start, but also a finish, as her reaction told me she is 100% not ready. That said, despite rejecting the carrot she was showing an undue level of interest in my icecream so perhaps it's just the healthy option she's adverse to like her dad

On the issue of whether to extend the brood to more than one worselet, I'd love to, and the sooner the better. However, given extreme age and general knackeredness nature may not amenable to the idea, in which case I will be happy and grateful for my lot. For someone who spent decades convinced a baby would be the worst thing ever to happen to them I have come a long way!!!

Feel better SoYo, colds suck sad

Comedy news for the day, tiddlers love stubble. Fact. If any of you have DHs who go for the weekend fuzz face look, see what happens when small baby hands touch it. Mini-worse cracks up. She thinks it is the funniest thing ever and she is never going near my legs

vjhist85 Sun 28-Jul-13 20:40:21

Don't worry worse, we're not even trying weaning until 6 months so still 6 weeks to go for us! Also re: solar panels, I have nothing useful to add other than the fact my parents got some 2 years ago, and haven't yet stopped going on about how pleased they are with them.

DH and I were having the 'when shall we have the next one' chat today (he was very well-behaved and didn't point out it was unlikely if I don't rediscover some libido). It took 2 years to conceive dd due to severe PCOS on my part, and we were one cycle away from starting clomid when I got pregnant, so the sooner the better, but financially we need to make sure I've been back at work long enough to be entitled to maternity pay again! We want 3- would have more if we had a bigger house and an unlimited money pot! I'm one of 3 on my mum's side and 4 on my dad's, and although sometimes annoying when I was younger I LOVE being part of a big family now and can't wait for the noisy mealtimes and organises chaos of my childhood! Everyone talking over each other, banter, teasing, stealing food off each others plates (all of this still happens now we're all grown up, just with added booze!)

pudtat Sun 28-Jul-13 22:47:05

Gaah! I do get cross when posts get eaten!

Not up to weaning here yet, LO can't sit up well enough yet and still has too much of a pokey-outy reflex if today's efforts to get a pic of him with the comedy pacifier my friend bought him as a gift are an indicator (he doesn't have a dummy). I may try and add it to my profile somewhen...

Mind you dh is very excited about it, so as soon as he's ready sure he'll be getting us underway. Will have to look at high chairs, but think bumbo will have to do for now.

Still no full rolls here, but he keeps flipping himself on his side. Won't be too long now!

Personal training session today was good, hard but in a good way. grin my abs are in there somewhere as they can be made to pull!

pudtat Sun 28-Jul-13 22:50:27

Ooh, and re panels I believe that if they are going on a roof with an angle over a certain number, rather than on a wall, then even in a conservation area you don't need planning if not listed (unless installing megawattage of course!)

We had ours done about 18 months ago and they have been great. Recent weather has seen me running washing machine and dishwasher on top of usual stuff (2 fridges, freezer etc) and still have the meter going backwards. smile

Sounds promising Pud, I'd just assumed we'd need planning based on the fact one of the neighbours currently has an application in. Just goes to show, always research, never assume.

Well done on the training - it feels great to get back to normal doesn't it? I was up at 5am again for a swim, which is my time off and link with the pre-mummy me. I love being a mum, it's the best thing ever, but at the same time it is nice to remember I'm also me.

A bit of a windy night last night in the cot, so I've been up and down (and up and down) all night on settling duty. You've got to feel sorry for the worselet as it can't be pleasant, but there were times when I couldn't help but think 'can you not just fart and have done with it' grin

I think the mummy me needs to step up now, as I hear conversational coos through the intercom. This usually mean someone has pee-ed the bed and requires assistance. (Anyone else having this problem? the previously infallible pampers night time nappies just aren't cutting it anymore)

Plonkysaurus Mon 29-Jul-13 07:46:33

Worse aldi nappies. Babysaurus has one go on at 6.30 pm, an d it stays on until 7 am at least!

Eigmum Mon 29-Jul-13 07:48:45

worse what pampers are you using? We found that as soon as rolling began we needed the active fit ones at night and day and then no more leaks!!

somethingbeginningwith Mon 29-Jul-13 08:17:30

I second the Aldi nappies. Tried them for the first time this weekend and not a single leak, they also feel really soft!

vjhist85 Mon 29-Jul-13 09:43:30

We're still using pampers baby dry for nights at the moment. I've got some booster inserts for the reuseables that are supposed to be fab, I'll try them out soon (putting it off because I'm nervous they'll be rubbish and we'll have to go back to waking in the night!) I wish we had an aldi near us, I love lidl but I've heard aldi is even better!!

Day 1 of operation get in shape has started with jillian and her 30 day shred. I can now barely move, and have discovered my pelvic floor is not yet fully recovered and doesn't appreciate jumping jacks...

pudtat Mon 29-Jul-13 09:47:51

Vj, I use a bamboo booster with a lollipop pop n gro overnight and they go from 6.30 to his 5.30 feed ok. Sometimes all the cot gymnastics will result in a but of a leak, but less than with the pampers actually.

vjhist85 Mon 29-Jul-13 09:58:19

That's good to know pud- we use bambino mio so I've got some mioboost which have brilliant reviews, I just struggle to imagine how they can hold all that wee!!

Plonkysaurus Mon 29-Jul-13 13:02:28

Ooh Vj just how bad is the shred? I'm considering doing that, or couch to 5k if I can find the time.

Ds is so grumpy today with his tooth. He's calpolled up but still. I think we might have to go on a very long walk. Also, work have overpaid me by nearly £700. Oh how I wish I could keep it envy. I mean its their mistake, right?

StormyBrid Mon 29-Jul-13 13:18:32

More handy advice from Eig there, although it's not just leaks causing a damp bed here. The bottom corner of the sleeping bag smells milky. I can only assume she shoved it so far into her mouth she threw up. Anyway, fortuitously we are nearly out of babydry but just got a 204 pack of active fit. Will start using those at night.

Plonkysaurus Mon 29-Jul-13 15:40:23

Shut the front door, Vj I've just done the shred. I didn't need rubber pants but I've sweated my own body weight. Off for a cigarette now to get some fresh air and cool down. I hope it chucks it down while I'm out there.

Shouldn't have scaled the mini mountain with the buggy earlier.

somethingbeginningwith Mon 29-Jul-13 15:51:24

Oh no! We're teething again. DS has been so grumpy all day but until we were on our way back from a looong walk, I didn't put 2 and 2 together. Surely 2 teeth is enough for now? I've bonjela'd and felt a little something poking out of the front at the top. Calpol tonight!

What's this 30 day shred? Sounds brutal, I may have to look into it...

Plonkysaurus Mon 29-Jul-13 16:01:38

Oh dear something more already?! Wow.

This is the shred watch it if you dare grin

ecofreckle Mon 29-Jul-13 16:32:35

Oh plonky that’s frustrating. You’d spend it and then they’ll ask for it back. It’d be so nice to view it as a perk for all the extra hours you’ve done over the years ;-)

All your weaning chat makes me think I should get up in the loft to get down the highchair. I do, like you said pud, think she’ll end up face first in the carrots though as she flops forward like that in her bumbo. I am resolving to put away the magazines and start reading the BLW book that SIL gave me. On that topic worse carrot mush can be kept for 24 hours in fridge (just as long as it isn’t the classic culinary combo of carrot avec breast milk) I read it in a book last night.

vj sounds like you’d fit right in with my dad’s family. He’s one of 15 (same parents, no twins) so it must have been a right bun fight around their table. I believe they had sittings…..

How’s the cold soyo? Bothersome I’d imagine. It does ramp up the snores in a cute way though eh? And I love the boob hug too. So sweet. And I am not one to get gooey over things like that. Hormones are powerful drugs.

Stormy your sleep sounds really crappy. Do you ever have patches where you get back to sleep after feeds better? I have found that lying down to feed and not engaging with any technology has helped me get back to sleep afterwards, although that might be coincidental. Lying awake when your baby is peacefully sleeping is uber frustrating. Sleepy vibes your way.

something how was the blueberry nappy? Blue?

kff great work on the sleep. These babies are growing up now as they graduate into ‘I can sleep school’.

Remember the comedy caper I had with a 3 week old that saw me stranded in the cold city with a new born, no coat, no house/car keys and an awol husband? Well, we had another similar session yesterday. I was travelling back from Dad/sister’s on my own with DD. Timed to miss Sunday holiday switch-over traffic and to get back in time for ‘normal’ bedtime. Had a tyre blow out. Pretty scary. Never had that happen before. Bang, then a weird feeling car that you feel you have to stop asap. A bolt had torn into the tyre. I stopped and rang RAC, it was so hot in stationary car I stepped outside to make call but road noise forced me back in. Too hot to remain there with a baby but RAC were pretty unfussed by that and told me it’d be 90 mins. I called my DH who by coincidence was also on the road not too far away. DD meanwhile did a massive poo that got everywhere when I opened the nappy….changing her on the floor. It was all over both of us when mechanic rang to update me about whereabouts. DH came and the plan was to switch cars so I could drive on with baby. But no. RAC said it must be ME with car when they turned up. Ok, I thought, send DD back with Daddy. But Daddy randomly had a mattress in the back of his car. That’s ok, put her in the front. But no. Airbag that couldn’t be disabled. Ok I thought, let’s transfer mattress to my car. So, with DH looking after baby I (in my too short, flared dress on the side of a busy, very windy road) unloaded everything from my car over to his (case, bags, fan, basket of nappies, nappy pail, stroller…..). We don’t travel too lightly when we go away for a weekend! There were a lot of bags &#61514; But that’s ok I thought because we can switch the loads with a bit of effort and get DD on her way. But no. The mattress didn’t fit in my car. 2 inches too little space. Gggrrr….. re-packed cars and coped with tearful, overtired, bored baby for remainder of 2 hour journey in thick traffic once my car was fixed.

I like an adventure me.

And plonky I just saw you are hardcore. The shred sounds terrifying. You go girl!

SoYo Mon 29-Jul-13 17:12:18

Jeez Eco, what a nightmare! Glad you're all ok though!

The cold is annoying but hopefully on its way out. I've got this awful tickly cough that appears at inconvenient moments, mostly when I've just got dd to sleep!

I'm going to have a peek at the shred stuff but I'm scared, buggy bootcamp nearly killed me this morning so goodness knows what that would do! It's not like I'm helping myself though, I noticed earlier we were out of biscuits so have made some shortbread. I predict the whole batch will do gone by the end of the day. I have no willpower!

The worselet self settled... for the first time ever in the entire history of her small life!!!!! I'm so excited I just had to get that out there, before reading everyone else's news. If I wasn't such a decrepit old bird I'd be doing cartwheels. I am 100% sure that I will never ever be able to recreate this momentous moment, but just in case I have made notes. To avoid boring you all senseless the potted version is put her in the (previously written off as useless and now resurrected) babasling so that she doesn't sleep on the walk, and take a shower when we get back. The combination of being awake for a long time outside, and the soothing hum of the shower pump have a magic soporific effect. Yay grin

OMG Eco, just read your post. Nightmare with a capital N. That's the sort of day you couldn't make up (and wouldn't want to). Glad you're ok.

I may possibly have eaten the leftover carrot blush but thanks for the tip

Eig thanks for the nappy advice, I'll try the active version. No Aldi nearby Plonky, more's the pity. People keep recommending it for various things and I'm beginning to feel left out.

VJ I can just see you with a big brood... and your family sound like a lot of fun. On the PCOS front, I had it, and didn't get on with the stuff they prescribed so followed the advice of a specialist endocrinologist who suggested following a diet suitable for a type 2 diabetic, and keeping fit. I've done that for the past 10 years and have no cysts now... not one. It might just be coincidence but it is worth bearing in mind. That said, I know several couples who had a baby very easily after struggling to have their first due to PCOS. Pregnancy it seems can sort it out.

Loathe as I am to do so I am now going to wake the self settled worselet as it is bath time. Bedtimes are so much easier when I stay on schedule.

Anypants Mon 29-Jul-13 18:09:19

Reeeeealllllly high pitched squealing. All day. That is all.


Anypants Mon 29-Jul-13 18:10:54

Oh and my phone's b*ggered so I can't get on t'internet on it. Having to go old school on the laptop so can't post when feeding. Aaaargh - bad day.

vjhist85 Mon 29-Jul-13 18:13:08

That's interesting re: PCOS wors, like I said we'd been trying for a while but actually conceived not long after I started a low GI diet and a selection of vitamins and minerals that made me rattle I read about in a 'how to cope with PCOS' book. I'm a bit cynical about these things and put it down to coincidence but maybe I should find it all and start again in preparation.

The shred was pretty grim but it's over as quick as it starts, and dd enjoyed watching, she thought it was hilarious. I'm a little concerned about the state of my pelvic floor though. Needs some serious work. And yes plonky, rubber pants for the jumping jacks may be necessary next time...

somethingbeginningwith Mon 29-Jul-13 20:20:35

plonk that links just takes me to the 6 month old eating chicken...now, that kinda shred I can do! wink it's probably my phone so I'll have a look when I'm on the computer!

eco what a nightmare of a day! Glass or 2 of wine for you tonight, I think? The blueberry nappy wasn't quite blue, not far off though. It's only going to get more interesting, isn't it? grin

Oh no any sad. Here's hoping Anybaby will be so tired now that you'll get a good night.

As far as I'm aware the low GI diet thing has more than a little science behind it VJ, and makes a lot of sense when you consider that metformin (a diabetes drug for stabilising blood sugar) is routinely prescribed for PCOS sufferers. PCOS is often related to insulin resistance.... but you probably know all this stuff already. In my case although metformin was reducing the cysts, it was also making me really ill, so decided to go DIY and manage blood sugar levels through diet and exercise.

Plonky I got the chicken too. That was scary enough. If the worselet is guzzling like that in less than 2 months, I'd better start stocking the freezer.

I need to google shred now don't I? It's going to bug me otherwise!

Plonkysaurus Mon 29-Jul-13 21:32:25

Bugger. Clearly I haven't copied and pasted anything since the chicken guzzler.

Ahem. let's try the link again After Vj posted I googled the shred and saw some pretty impressive images. I hate going to the gym and will use almost much any excuse not to exercise, but as Vj says, this ones over before you know it. But my thighs are already getting stiff.

Any we had a fortnight of just the highest pitched squealing all day all the time like it never ends because that'd provide a nice calm house and the babysaurus is not interested in that. Listen, he'll scream to prove it. It drove me up the goddamn wall if you can't tell. But it does end.

Pud you're the one who's hardcore! That sounds like a day from hell. Glad you're home safe now.

Plonkysaurus Mon 29-Jul-13 21:33:15

Oh ffs. I cannot make YouTube links work anymore.

Anypants Mon 29-Jul-13 22:59:23

Geeeeez - thank all the gods that i'm back on my phone after throwing it at the wall a few times and a reset. Had to download all my apps again but am back in the game. wine

Epic day eco - who's going to play you in the film?

pudtat Tue 30-Jul-13 03:14:41

Ha Plonky, think you meant Eco who had one rather more exciting than mine! I just sat at home and watched ridiculous rain storms and tried to persuade myself that it made me feel better about the epic amounts of money we have spent on the house recently to keep weather on the outside. I also sorted out the dumping zones in the hall, and worked through the last of the boxes if crap treasure passed over as 'my stuff' from my parents' recent move. Did include the incredibly cute smocked dress my sister made for me when I was 4 which I cannot bear to part with and may yet make DS wear when he's big enough cos I kept it for my kid and he's likely to be an only grin

Can't believe I'm up feeding, but then sort of can. 19 week old DS has been getting hungrier and sleepier the last few days... Seem to remember 19 weeks was interesting for several of you lot. Sure teeth are shifting too, but none actually cutting yet. Poor boy.

Am ridiculously excited awaiting delivery of new sling. Have gone for boba 3G after a play with several from one of my groups. Now want it to arrive so I can try DS in it!

Real nappy update for anyone interested... So pleased we did this! It's a doddle! Now I only have the ones I want they are easy to use, very quick drying (overnight even when not stupidly hot when a couple of hours will do it on the line!) and now I am also in the swing of washable wipe - just have a bowl of water to hand on changing table, and they're so much better for poo! - it feels like I keep forgetting stuff on the shopping list I spend so much less money time in the baby aisle. Am actually using them full time, no problem, had intended to stick to sposies overnight but just no need. And life is so much nicer without a constantly ovflowing bin. Totally converted! Of the 2 types I have, I use the lollipop pop n gro overnight. It fits DS well, I'd a well priced nappy and has booster options. Can see aplix (Velcro) might get tired over time ESP as dh always fogets to use the laundry tabs. The bumgenius freetimes I have are snap fasteners and I think may last better though are more expensive. Very easy and quick though harder to boost in future and I haven't dared try one overnight yet. Love them for daytime though. Both are excellent at containing poo. Either will leak when forced into the bumbo grin. Washing is a load every 2-3 days. Just dump entire mesh bag into machine. No touching required. Just great for me!

vjhist85 Tue 30-Jul-13 09:53:46

Pud you are exactly the person I need to talk to. Have been considering going fully reuseable, with the wipes- did you buy them or make your own? Bought ones seem really expensive for what they are. What are they made of? How many do you get through? Do you change dc in the bathroom so you can flush the liner straight away? I'm struggling because I'm full of good intentions but inherently lazy so it needs to be easy!

pudtat Tue 30-Jul-13 12:22:21

I bought them, well they came as part of the pack I bought plus some extra to top up. I have 30 and that's plenty. One does a wee, 2 a normal poo and even total poonami hasn't required more than 3 grin. I have a mix of 10 terry towelling and 20 bamboo. The latter are bigger and prettier colours and very slightly softer but don't think there's much in it.

I change on his chest of drawers in the nursery. I open the nappy bucket and put dirty nappy on the lid. Wipes go straight in bucket. Once new nappy on, take lid through to bathroom to flush liner and wash hands. Return lid. Works for me. smile

No extra washing as you're doing the nappies anyway. I dry them on one of those knicker driers which fold out to have 10 or so pegs. Also so the boosters on this. Dry overnight. Then I keep them in a pretty basket on the changing table.

I had fleece ones in the trial bucket and didn't get on with those as they just moved poo around rather than wiping it off. No probs with these though.

Ooh... Postmans just delivered the sling...

ecofreckle Tue 30-Jul-13 12:25:56

hello vj, pud will doubtless have some pearls for you but just thought i'd share what we do.
I bought mini muslins from mothercare we use the coloured ones for bum and white for face/chin/everywhere else. we bought a mini bucket and a couple of draw string mesh bags (lakeland?). we line the bucket with that, pop about 4 inches of cold water in the bottom with few drops of lavender and tea tree essential oil and then chuck the dirty mini muslins in there. at nappy wash time we take bucket to machine, tie string and pop in machine (rinsing bucket ready for next time). this way the little tiny muslins all get washed but you don't have to pick them out from your nappies. to dry them we hang the bag in the sun and do not faff with folding them each time. for mega poop we also have some mini baby flannels from poundland that we shove in with the mini muslins. this works for us, but use water wipes when out and about.
sorry for lack of caps - am on laptop and pumping as have been away from dd all morning with my boss working and boobs are like boulders.

ecofreckle Tue 30-Jul-13 12:27:42

ah...cross post with pud .... see i told she'd have wise words vj :-)

pudtat Tue 30-Jul-13 12:55:46

Ooh those little Muslins look great Eco!

vjhist85 Tue 30-Jul-13 13:59:54

Thank you both. Just found a load of fleece in my sewing box so cut that up to see how that works (sounds a bit hit or miss with fleece pud, guess its the type of fleece but some people say it works well and some say it just smears poo!) and if that doesn't work I'm going to try those mini muslins. Like the sound of your system as well eco, esp drying them all in the bag, don't really fancy hanging them all out separately! At the moment we don't have enough covers to use them all the time, which means I can't wash often enough unless I do tiny washes, which defies the point! God I love mumsnet, nobody in RL uses them so I've been making it up as I go along!

Anypants Wed 31-Jul-13 07:22:55

Well, we had a fun night. DD wouldn't go to sleep at 7.30 and took an hour of cuddling/dentinox/shushing before she accepted it was bedtime. Then I got a lovely whimpering over the monitor - found she turned and got her head wedged against the bars of the cot. Sorted her out and backed away carefully. Only checked clock on way back to bed - it was only 1am. Then she cried again half an hour later, so had to resettle her. Basically, I haven't slept properly as I was listening out for the next squeal. DH snored and slept soundly throughout so obviously felt like smacking him. angry

Plonkysaurus Wed 31-Jul-13 08:53:47

Teething is so. much. fun.

We had a similar night, Any. Ds ended up in our bed at 4.30, was wide awake with his big starey eyes and wanting to chat. He'd not eaten much during the day (about 28 flozzes, small for him) so I fed him and guzzled 7 flozzes in about five minutes.

The whole time DP was moaning 'oh ill be tired at work now' etc. So I finally brought up something that's been bugging me and he didnt notice. Basically we cannot have ds sleeping in our room anymore because he wakes too easily. We stayed at my parents last weekend and ds was of course in our room. At 1 he was wide awake and I knew that cosleeping was a possible solution but the bed was too small for the three of us. Instead of him taking one for the team and going down to the sofa I ended up on it, with ds snoring softly. At 4 am I was nearly in tears and ds and I got in my mums bed (dad sleeps elsewhere thank goodness) and my mum got up with ds at 7.

We're staying at PILs this weekend and I'm worried. Basically I'm expecting no sleep. My DARLING PARTNER fails to see the problem.

SoYo Wed 31-Jul-13 08:56:29

Any we've had a couple of rough ones too & I'm a bit beyond tired so have spent the last 48hrs screaming & swearing at DH that he does the bare minimum, never offers to help & it's no bloody wonder only I can settle her now as only I care for her blush. I now feel fairly guilty.

We had a couple of really good nights at the weekend & I think a little part of me thought we'd cracked it which has made these last 2 so much worse. Last night she went down at 8, woke at 8.40 then 45m screaming before back down, then she woke at 11 & we tried for 90mins to settle her but she just wailed until I fed her, then up every 2-3hrs. I think I might have crossed over into zombie land.

Anypants Wed 31-Jul-13 09:13:10

Don't feel guilty soyo - the DHs don't do much at this stage as the novelty has worn off and they're waiting for the interesting stuff before getting involved again. I had to literally hold my DH's hand, after about two months of begging him to give DD her bath he did it the other night but I had to run the bath, undress her and then redress her when he'd finished. Might as well not have bothered. I keep randomly asking 'oh, are you doing anything right now?' and then nipping out without DD for some 'me time' - albeit a dash round Tesco or returning some library books, but u don't give him the chance to say no!
plonky - you have every right to be angry if your DH doesn't even notice there's an issue that he could help with. Mine notices and chooses to ignore it/leave me to it. I don't know which is worse...hmm

StormyBrid Wed 31-Jul-13 11:36:18

plonko if I were you I'd tell him you're not going to the PILs. When he asks why, tell him because you'll get no sleep. Or if you're on close enough terms, ring his mother and say you'd love to come and stay but the sleeping arrangements need looking at first.

There must be something in the air at the moment, because it's been meltdown here for a couple of days too. On my part, not DD's. Came closer than ever before to actually having an argument with the man (because he said I was having a hissy fit when I'd been crying all morning). If the hv could see me she'd be going on about post natal depression, and admittedly my brain does feel a bit wonky in a chemical imbalance sort of way, but it's mainly just sheer bloody exhaustion. I cannot cope with three hours' sleep a night.

We tried reducing the size of the second night feed. This prompted a third night feed. But twice this week the first feed's been unusually late, between one and two am, and then she's held out until after six. This morning was surprisingly good - fed at 1.15, woke at 6.15 and looked like there was no chance she was going back to sleep, but I fed her and changed her and went for a fag then did a dummy return, and she went back to sleep until 8.30, whereupon she squeaked once then amused herself quietly until I got her up at nine. Nights like that I can handle.

Remember when the heatwave started and we were all fretting about sleeping bags being too hot, and spending small fortunes on muslin sleeping bags? I could have been so smug if I'd actually checked the contents of DD's bottom drawer then - I just found a cotton sleeping bag in there. It's been there since May, and I had no idea.

Excuse lack of name checking, my memory and this phone app are still having issues.

ecofreckle Wed 31-Jul-13 12:11:41

Hey stormy <smiles and holds up a lighter to your fag and then grabs your DD for a few hours whilst ushering you upstairs>. No one would be able to thrive on 3 hours sleep. One night of that is hard, let alone several consecutive ones. But remember you are coping. With all of the feeds, nappy changes, baths, dressing you are doing you are coping, and coping brilliantly with a hard situation. These little boggers change their tunes so rapidly that this time next week you might have a sleeper on your hands. At which point might it be good to try some of those there herbal pills to help you sleep? If we were near Hull we'd all be knocking on your door offering to help and lending you an ear. We can still do that virtually of course but I have no pearls of wisdom on the help front but you can vent on here and we'll listen and respond. Keep going!

ecofreckle Wed 31-Jul-13 12:14:42

and plonky so PIL have an en-suite room at all? If so could travel cot go in the bathroom? Just a thought. It's def a situation that needs sharing by your OH.
There must be something in the air with OHs at present. I was a vile bag to mine this morning just as he left for London and an interview blush but he had done something a bit dense with dd

Plonkysaurus Wed 31-Jul-13 12:36:54

Stormy if I were you I'd be tempted chuck full tubs of formula directly at his head. Nothing worse than being given the impression that you need to get a grip when you're bloody exhausted and mentally knackered to boot. As Eco says, if any of us were nearby we'd be whisking your dd away and making you go for a lie down in a big comfy bed with fresh sheets.

Well I feel like the worst mother on the face of the planet. Just had a visit from the hv. Apparently I shouldn't be weaning him and his bottles are too big. She did remark that he was alert and happy though, but clearly that's nothing to do with me because I'm getting it all wrong. She seemed alarmed that he cries when he poos (always has) but had no real advice. I don't think I'll be subscribing to the hv's word any longer, it's too much.

I have texted MIL to explain the sleeping dilemma and she said she's going to have a think. We can't get out of going (not that I'd want to, I actually like dp's family) as its sil's birthday. The only ensuite is pil's bedroom, and there's going to be possibly 11 people staying in a 4 bed house.

somethingbeginningwith Wed 31-Jul-13 13:20:49

plonk what??! That's ridiculous!! Does he finish his bottles? Does he eat the smushed up food you give him? He's a healthy, happy, thriving baby boy and if the hv can't see that then she needs to reevaluate her career. DS cries when he's pooed here too. And frankly, I don't blame them! You know your DS better than anyone and you're doing everything right for the both of you.

Those of you with pain-in-the-neck OHs, I offer you a bottle glass of wine. Usually OH here is exactly the same but recently it's like a switch has flipped. He washed...and sterilised...the bottles the other night!!! And has just text me to say I should take a rest while DS is sleeping and not worry about tidying up til he's home. Very VERY strange behaviour.

It's been a frantic morning here. We're moving house at the end of August so this one has got viewings nearly every day until they get new tenants. It's very hard to pack your life into boxes as well as try to maintain a clean home for viewers! And on the packing note, I boxed DS's clothes up yesterday. When did this lump of a baby eat my newborn? I can't believe he ever fit into some of them and he must be crazy if he thinks I'm going to let him get big enough to fit into gasp 9-12...theyre huge!!!

Just checking in to say hi and distribute hugs to anyone having a bit of a time of it. I'm having one of those days where if I have a minute, someone or something appears to use it up. On the upside the builders have gone, I'd like to say forever, but apparently only until September. Still, that's a whole month off smile

Hello again, I'm back, and now vaguely fretting, as the tiddler is not herself, but that can wait as it really does sound like some of you are having a real time of it.

Good for you Plonky in texting MIL direct. My life improved immeasurably once I cut out the man factor and started emailing my SIL about family stuff rather than relying on the unreliable DH to organise. Put it this way his level of communication once resulted in MIL bringing any number of things for lunch, except bread. What I'd actually said was the only thing I needed was bread. No idea how he managed that, as MIL is a sensible reliable type who isn't prone to radical misinterpretation.

As for the HV ignore, ignore, ignore. If ds wasn't ready to wean he'd be doing a worselet and turning his nose up. If he didn't need big bottles he wouldn't be drinking them. Babies don't have eating disorders, they know how to self regulate. I'm assuming the stupid woman learnt everything she knows from an A5 sized pamphlet and doesn't live in the real world.

As for unhelpful OHs, granted they should know better, but if they don't I guess all anyone can do is talk about things. I'm as guilty as anyone of expecting my DH to pick up on subtle clues, but the reality is he doesn't. He doesn't read faces. It took a stranger to point out to him that the worselet has dimples. Hugs to all though, and vent on here, because being sleep deprived, and run ragged is tough, and we've all been there, and will go there again.

Good luck with the move something, and I'm with you on the clothes. I remember when the newborn sleepsuits were so big I had to roll the sleeves back. Sob.

Right, off to check on the tiddler now. She's just not right - struggling to clear more than 5floz at any feed (and has been for a few days), and she has now been asleep for 3 hours with just a 20 min vaguely awake period for some food. Very unsettling.

Plonkysaurus Wed 31-Jul-13 17:08:30

Wise words, Worse. Yes I've taken to going direct to the source. It's much more effective. I learnt to do that when it became apparent to me that FIL makes everyone march to the beat of his own drum, and will switch from everyone calmly sitting round reading the paper, to suddenly telling everyone to get ready because we're going out for lunch (whether we like it or not!). FIL and BIL have high functioning asd, and DP has grown up with this so he's very easy going. Me, not so much. MIL can be trusted to give a heads up.

Appantly FIL is panicking because there's going to be 25 people for lunch on Saturday, and he'd been promised a low key day. Ha! On the other hand ds gets to meet is five great aunts and a second cousin even younger than he is.

I feel much better now, having had a fag, a crazy shred workout, three poached eggs, and a spoonful of Nutella. Stupid fucking health visitor. I had a good cry when she left. I've a long way to go on that thick skin. Although I did finally get my book start pack.

Worse does she have a temp? Can you rouse her? If not then Id be tempt to leave her to sleep. She could be having a growth spurt, teething, or simply just feeling more tired than usual. Ds has been like this the last few days, very sleepy and not very hungry. I'm sure its nothing but keeping a close eye.

KFFOREVER Wed 31-Jul-13 17:46:09

Big hugs to everyone having a shitty day dealing with shitty people. You are all fab parents ignore hv, OHs etc.

Just a quick post. Im having a shitty day. DS moaning even though ive gone through the checklist. I even gave him calpol just in case it was teething and he spat it right back out. I think ds is the only baby in the world who hates calpol. He also wants continous play getting bored quickly and fighting daytime naps.

No temperature plonky, but she's chewing anything and everything now, so I think it may be her teeth. Interesting to hear the babysaurus is going through the same. Perhaps it's just a phase they forgot to tell us about.

Poached eggs and nutella? Yum. Assuming they weren't together.... in which case I'd be asking if there was anything you needed to tell us grin

pudtat Wed 31-Jul-13 20:19:09

Worse, food intake up the pictures here as well and sleeping for England. Chomping on anything and everything so sure it's teeth shifting here.

SoYo Wed 31-Jul-13 21:06:22

Madam did that a week or so ago along with masses of dribble and a bit of nappy rash so I'm sure it was the shifting of teeth. Poor pets.

I've ended up having a lovely day today ending up with the man dishing up my fave dinner ham, egg and chips with branston pickle blush by way of apology. We have already failed bedtime once but she'd had a nap in the car too late so I'm not surprised, fingers crossed for success this time. DH is off tomorrow so I'm expecting lots of help and looking for lots of excuses to just pop out for a bit!

vjhist85 Wed 31-Jul-13 23:01:44

If I don't say this here I'm going to end up shouting it at the top of my voice at DH and waking up the baby.

I am rapidly reaching the end of my tether with DH. No amount of cajoling, begging, nagging, ignoring, asking politely, praising positive behaviour (I'm seriously pulling out my best teacher moves) will get him off his arse. Ok, so at the moment he's getting up at 5 for work. But I'm fairly sure that doesn't negate his current attitude.

My days go roughly like this: up at 6 to crying baby. Change what is usually a shitty nappy and recently, often shitty sheets. Go downstairs to heat bottle. Come up and feed baby. All before my first wee let alone cuppa. Get baby dressed. Get myself showered (door open, either with baby watching from bouncy chair or desperately listening out for cries) and dressed. Put a load of washing on. Try to get a cuppa and breakfast. Various other crap throughout the day, housework, trips out, all the usual baby stuff. Might get 30 mins at lunch if she deigns to sleep. 6.30, DH gets home, gives her a bath. this should be my 10 min break but invariably there are shouts of 'can you bring me a towel/cotton wool/nappy) hands her back to me to dress, feed and settle. When she's down I'm straight down, cook dinner, eat dinner, make bottles, and at 9pm sit down in the hope he might clear dinner stuff. At 10 I give up on this and do it myself, at 11 I feed dd, get to bed at 11.30ish.

This is dh's day:
Up at 5. Breakfast and cuppa (alone, no rushing), 5.30 leave for job where I seem to do sweet fa. 6.30 home, give dd bath, SUPERDAD, I deserve a soak myself! 7.30 get out, dinner is ready. Eat dinner. Occasionally remember to thank dw for dinner, usually have to be reminded. 9pm- fall asleep on sofa. 10pm get grumpy when dw wakes me up telling me to go to bed. Rinse and repeat.

I know all the advice, but I can't do any of it. Talk to him: he sulks like a teenager. Shout at him: see above. Ask him nicely: he forgets. Refuse to do it: it just won't get done (I wish I could just leave things but I'd get fed up with mess before him...) today I said 'i think you shoukd do dinner sometimes' and he said 'easy, we just won't eat'.

He sounds misogynistic, but he's not. He doesn't think all those things are women's jobs, he just doesn't understand why they should be anyone's jobs.

Have you noticed our OH moans always happen at a similar time? I wonder if they're cyclical or we just all get cross on each others behalfs and that's what means our own OHs get it in the neck? (Or maybe they're on dadsnet saying 'that's it, I'm on strike, I changed a whole nappy by myself today and didn't even get a thank you for being such an amazing guy'

pudtat Thu 01-Aug-13 05:16:05

Oh Vj. As usual I guess more than anything you want a safe place to vent, and this is certainly it so have that first brew from me.

I do know what you mean, with the exception that my dh is working really hard at s very stressful job ATM. However, he still gets up later than I used to pre-pg to do load of chores - in winter get the Rayburn going, put dishwasher on, start load of laundry etc. he gets a cup of tea and walks out the door. We do bath time together because its so cute I won't want to miss it (actually, he's usually been cute all day?) and then one of us will cook. I will often say you do bath, I'll start tea, or I'll do bath and you start tea.

Re the lack of preparedness, start dinner and if he shouts for towels etc just say sorry, you're up to your elbows in raw mince, flour, can't leave the hob right now. Or just pop out for a walk for 10 mins. We have to work out popping LO somewhere safe while we get stuff if this happens in the day, he can too. Stop him taking the easy way out.

Re dinner, a conversation about this being an area where he could really help would be good. You both have to eat so ask if he will cook x nights per week (tues, wed, thurs for eg) and explain that you won't be. if he is serious about not eating, perhaps you could buy a few quiches and salads etc and grab one of those during afternoon nap. Then when he asks what's for dinner say nothing, you're not hungry as already ate and he'd said he wasn't bothered about dinner x nights per week. It's not passive aggressive if you have explained that you won't be doing it beforehand, just following through. It's all very well him not seeing why anyone should do it, but if someone doesn't it won't get done and its not fair for that someone to always be you.

And i would just leave him on the sofa. grin

pudtat Thu 01-Aug-13 05:20:22

Oh, and clearing should be done by the person who didn't cook, so tell him he clears if you cook, and you do it when he does (thinking positive here you see) and resist the temptation to complain that he's used every pan in the house because he will do boy cooking

Oh VJ sad, you have my sympathy. I had 13 years of that cr*p from my DH, and it drove me half demented. He's done a complete turn around now, so there is hope, although I wouldn't recommend the route we took to get there! One thing that would help is if he fed and settled DD whilst you cooked dinner (or vice versa). It's what we do on the evenings DH is home early enough, and it massively reduces the hassle factor of the evening for both of us.

As an aside if you need a break any time, I'm happy to help, and I'm really quite responsible grin

Bit of early start today, as not surprisingly after yesterday's poor effort on the milk front the tiddler got herself up at 4am for a spot of breakfast. Unfortunately this required the assistance of a responsible adult, but fortunately DH stepped up to the plate and let me have a lie in. Said lie in didn't last long though as despite a manful effort he couldn't get her settled, so I had the pacing thing to do... and now she's asleep and I'm knackered! I have also paced a long way so that's my exercise done for the day already. I am feeling a small amount of guilt that I let DH take the pain on this one as he has a mega presentation to do today, but he insisted as I'm wiped out by a recurring IUI. Not fun. I wish it would just sod right off to the other side of where ever and not come back. <Pouts>. <Stamps foot>.

Time to get the furry children (oh ok, the dogs) up and out now, and then think about a second breakfast for the smallest one. I'm not up for a repeat of last night's performance, so I plan to be really tedious and enthusiastic about food consumption, in the vague hope she might take the hint and actually eat some.

vjhist85 Thu 01-Aug-13 07:25:50

Thanks pud and wors (and the offergrin). As is often the case, things seem better in the morning. It just drives me mad that no amount of telling him how I'm feeling makes a blind bit of difference. Its not even like I'm exhausted or struggling, I'm getting a 6hr stretch most nights now, I know I CAN do it, just not sure why I SHOULD! Sorry you're feeling rough wors, well done mr wors for doing the early shift! Same offer straight back your way, if there's something that ocado, boots.com and DH between them can't manage smile

Tiddler has a new habit of waking between 6&6.30, but not being hungry. In fact she usually goes straight back to sleep when I change her and bring her in with me, I haven't yet tested how long she'd go before being hungry, I usually wake her and feed her at 8ish. I'm wondering if this is a sign that I could start reducing, and eventually eliminating the 11pm feed. Anyone else on just 4 feeds a day? Not sure how it would work as at the moment she's managing between 30 and 36 flozzes a day, don't think I could fit that into 4 bottles, she certainly wouldn't take a 9floz bottle.

And now I'm starting to think I might be massively overfeeding her. Yikes. Never ending worry this parenting lark!

Plonkysaurus Thu 01-Aug-13 08:33:31

Vj sorry to hear your dh is doing the chocolate teapot routine. I know you've tried cajoling etc but the one approach I found success with is 'oh you're at work 10 hours a day. Don't you miss DS? How about you bathe, dress and feed him while I cook dinner. Then you can put him to bed and get that bond with him?' Every now and then we swap (ie he goes to the chippy while I do bedtime) because there are days when cooking dinner can send me from happy relaxed mum to crazed bitch.

I'm probably preaching to the choir, I apologise if so. Perhaps he doesn't realise how serious you are when you say it's always you doing everything. When really at the end of my tether I threatened to leave. And I meant it. Dp has been much more helpful since. Still has several daft moments a day mind.

This night waking has thrown me all off. He's gone from sleeping through the last ten weeks to fussing around 1, and refusing to go back to sleep with a big smile on his face. He drank 7 flozzes at 2.30 this morning, slept until 6 then got in our bed til 7.30 when I finally have in and for up with him. That bitch hv yesterday has completely thrown me off. Should I offer smaller bottles more often? Or 8 flozzes 5 times a day? I can't believe I'm second guessing something that worked so well for us. Bloody centile lines. Done more harm than good, making me think I've a fat, overfed baby when I know he's got a big appetite!

Worse I've a friend who refers to his cats as the furry children.

Got the best news last night. My best buddy from school is expecting and she's only gone and told me before telling her parents! Makes me smile that at nearly 28 y.o she's still scared of them (they're lovely!)

StormyBrid Thu 01-Aug-13 08:53:08

I'm with plonko on this one, vj - if nothing else is working then threaten to leave. You're basically single parenting and skivvying for him at the same time, and it's not on.

DD's night went like this:
asleep at 7pm
fed at 12.15
fed at 4.30
was wide awake when I got her up at 8

My night went like this:
bed at 9.30
asleep by 11
woke up at 3.30

This in no way constitutes enough sleep.

Plonkysaurus Thu 01-Aug-13 09:03:31

Anyone who can have dd today stormy so you can rest?

StormyBrid Thu 01-Aug-13 09:30:37

Brother's girlfriend is off work and will happily come over and play with her while I vegetate, but unfortunately I still won't be able to sleep.

In cuter news, I put a new photo on my profile...

Plonkysaurus Thu 01-Aug-13 10:04:33

Oh stormy she's such a cutie, lots of character in her happy little face!

DS has remembered how to blow raspberries. Very cute but he even does it when he's crying.

Anypants Thu 01-Aug-13 10:14:17

Oh stormy - I too am having sleep issues. DD takes a while to get off but she stayed asleep until 6.30am. I, however, did not. Went to bed at 11 (after all the usual chores which DH doesn't feel the need to do) but didn't go to sleep for ages, constantly thinking DD would wake up any minute. Got b*gger all sleep all night as I just kept waking up for no reason. Ok, I thought. DD will have her 'never fail' nap at 9am and I can sneak in a bit more shut eye. She has decided that today's the day not to sleep in the morning. I tried from 8.30 until now and she started off sleepy but chatty so I left her but she got more irate. DH is home today and tried to help but I can't sleep through the crying. Now i've got the hump.

StormyBrid Thu 01-Aug-13 10:16:23

She is adorably cute when she's been posed properly. grin

Right, plonko, my first decree in my new role of Boss of the World (I wish) is: stop fretting about milk! You're offering him, what, forty flozzes a day? It's at the high end of the normal intake range perhaps, but it's normal. If he were leaving a flozz from each bottle then you could offer smaller ones, but he's clearing them usually, isn't he? If you really want to put your mind at ease, get him weighed weekly for a while. Then you can see if he's growing normally and is just big, or if he's gaining at an alarming rate. And if he is, then you can pat yourself on the back for producing the impossible - a baby who can end up obese just on milk. He's fine, honestly. Health visitors are just put on this earth to try us.

StormyBrid Thu 01-Aug-13 10:19:59

Any I think the heat doesn't help. I've had a lot more trouble sleeping since summer remembered it exists. Weather this morning said 29 degrees here. I'm going to melt. Roll on autumn!

Oh, and re cats, when talking to cats or baby we refer to them as sisters.

SoYo Thu 01-Aug-13 10:31:43

Yep the dog is big sister in this house too and what a bad big sister she is! She managed to scratch DDs leg yesterday because I was carrying DD and her favourite ball so pup jumped up to get the ball but got DD. Bad Mummy! Nothing that sudocrem didn't fix though!

VJ I think everyone's right, if he won't talk about it sensibly then just saying this is what I'll be doing, this is what I expect you to do and you know full well it's reasonable is probably the way forward. My DH knows he's getting away without doing stuff most of the time and when it's later out for him how little he does in comparison (I wrote it down in the end) he did step it up for a while at least

On the plus side I've booked a haircut for today while DH is off, the first for a year! On the minis side, sitting under a dryer in 28 degree heat doesn't sound much fun!

ecofreckle Thu 01-Aug-13 23:28:14

It is too bloody hot. That is all.

pudtat Fri 02-Aug-13 01:33:04

Why does he sleep through til 4 or 5 all the time except when I have a kit day when he's awake ooh now for instance.

And yes, it's too hot.

It was too bloody hot here too.... so I slept on the sofa in the 'room that never warms up' aka our living room/lounge/whatever the MN acceptable word is and had the best night's sleep ever. Result! The man slept upstairs to watch the worselet and judging from the lack of sound through the intercom also had the best night's sleep ever. Perhaps that is the solution to everything - me on the sofa. Then again, perhaps not.

Was all set to come on here yesterday and have a moan, about milk refusing babies, stupid weather, IUIs and the general crapness of life, when DH rang to say he'd be late home from London as there was a person under the train. Put's it all into perspective really. So sad, a beautiful sunny day and someone just gave up on life sad

Plonkysaurus Fri 02-Aug-13 07:21:24

Worse kind of keeps your eyes on the prize eh?

It was too hot last night. Thankfully ds's room is the coldest room in Derbyshire. And I was so knackered I was asleep soon after ten. It was a good night.

Stormy how are you feeling today?

StormyBrid Fri 02-Aug-13 07:51:16

Moderately well rested, by my current standards. Knocked myself out with a naughty smoke at half ten, slept through the midnight feed, woke at the 3am and was actually able to get back to sleep! DD woke at 6.10, squeaked, and went back to sleep (or at least was silent for an hour and a half). She seems to be figuring out this finger sucking for comfort business.

LaLaLeni Fri 02-Aug-13 08:11:10

Hello All,

Sorry for radio silence - DS is up at least ten times in the night lately and waking up at 5am.... I'm so tired confused

We finally completed on the flat and got the keys, after a dramatic morning where Nationwide had scheduled system maintenance and so didn't transfer our mortgage on time. Ridiculous. Anyway, we move on the 10th so trying to pack, although I feel like so far we've made more mess!

I can't believe people still have hv's?! Ds eats 5 bottles a day of 7/8 ounces, and he licked my ice lolly the other day, bad mummy. I found him sucking a wetwipe yesterday, mad child.

Anyway, might be quiet until the move is done, won't have internet for the first 9 days there - how will I cope!

Anypants Fri 02-Aug-13 08:11:53

Despite the tropical conditions, we all had a great night here. DD went down without a hoo-ha at 7.30 and stayed put until 7.30 this morning! Definitely down to her being very tired after no morning nap. I too slept well as DH retrieved the other fan from the garage (DD has one in her room). It's a bit cooler but really 'sticky' here today. Nothing like having a sweaty baby stuck to your boob confused

SoYo Fri 02-Aug-13 09:29:31

Good night here too, down with no problem at 7.50, awake at 8.30 but quick burp & cuddle & back down. Awake at 9.15 but shush/pat & bak down, awake at 1 but ignored & back down & didn't feed until 3.15! Then back down until 7 & then into bed with me where she's still snoozing! If only every night was like this!

I need to make sure we have a nice day today, in laws coming tomorrow which always makes for a stressful weekend. I think I'm going to set up a tally for how many times she'll tell me this baby needs 'real' food.

SoYo Fri 02-Aug-13 09:30:32

Oh yes, completely forgot, congratulations on the completion Leni & good luck with the move!

Anypants Fri 02-Aug-13 10:32:52

That's a great result soyo - Just keep up with the not feeding every time she wakes and she'll get the idea.
And also congrat to leni - fun times!

StormyBrid Fri 02-Aug-13 11:00:26

Go miniYo! Also, milk is totally real food when you're a baby. And even if it weren't, what's the point in giving food to a baby who isn't ready for it? We're still just on the odd piece of toast here, but it doesn't actually get eaten, just played with. Hand to mouth co ordination is definitely improving though - when I went to get her after the last, she was lying on her side, dummy in hand, pulling it out of her mouth and putting it in again.

We have the health visitor here to weigh later. She's a student, cos the usual one's away for a while. Very tempted to mention the toast and see how she deals with it. grin

Twenty one weeks today, Eig - is it smushy pear time in your house? And where on earth did the last five months go?

Plonkysaurus Fri 02-Aug-13 11:16:20

Woohoo for better nights!

And congratulations on your flat Leni. You're in for a busy week eh? But at least when you sit down with that first cuppa, surrounded by boxes in your new flat, with your gorgeous baby screaming nearby, you'll have the satisfaction of knowing its all yours!

Stormy enjoy your five month check. I got given a shitload of rubbish including a laminated sheet describing the main food groups and how to eat a balanced diet. I know they have to talk to people from all walks of life, including those who may have no clue that its not ok to feed Big Macs to a newborn but I hated every second of her visit. Most of the stuff she came with is already in the bin. If you're lucky though you may get a tube of baby toothpaste.

In a moment of weakness yesterday I had a slice of toast and Nutella. Cue DS grabbing a crust and smearing Nutella all over his chops. Bad mummy! He just sucked it though so I still win. That hv is never coming to my house again!

Plonkysaurus Fri 02-Aug-13 11:17:32

Oh and not just the last five months, but the last year! Thinking that this time a year ago I was just ten weeks pregnant is a bit of a mindfeck to be honest.

StormyBrid Fri 02-Aug-13 11:34:24

Already got baby toothpaste - perks of having a dental nurse for a sister. Don't have a baby toothbrush though. Or any baby teeth to brush.

Re feeding babies big macs, I have a horrible feeling my neighbour (due her third in January) will do this. She's got a five year old and a two year old and they have takeaway pizza every night. Obviously we're not meant to judge one another's parenting choices, but in this case I can't stop myself.

ecofreckle Fri 02-Aug-13 12:57:00

any soyo and stormy good nights? If you can pull that off in this heat things must be going very well. Good work babies and mummies.
DD slept through Tues and Weds night. In fact I got in bed at 11 on Tues night and didn't get out of bed until 7 on Wednesday which made me want to swing from the rafters. That's not happened since 2012 what with the pregnancy middle of night wee thing. HOWEVER, last night was an out of bed not that I was counting but 9 times type of night. Bit like you Leni. No fun eh? Are you renting out your supernaturally cool room worse? If so, please start tenant checks on me.
Our local sure start centre is running a summer hols 'baby mouth/dental care' session. What's to learn I wonder?
Currently packing car for a camp weekend. This time with DH also, and meeting 2 other couples with 5 month old babies. Only going an hour up the road to Holt so if it's a disaster we can come home. It's been bucketing down all morning which is bliss. But it can stop soon.
Wishing you all happy weekends...because in our rather strange world it's started already right?

Happy hols eco. You're welcome to my sofa any time, but it would mean you'd have to live with me grin. A frightening prospect...

Congrats on the flat Leni, brilliant news. Hope the move goes smoothly and ds sleeps better in his new pad.

Good luck for the weekend SoYo. You're MIL sounds like a tedious house guest. I'd say ignore ignore ignore, but that might be difficult, so my only advice is it might be best to refrain from punching her. If you manage that you can give yourself a big pat on the back for coping so well.

All's well here, other than the fact I am beyond pi55ed off with the s*dding NHS. I know they delivered the worselet safe and sound, for which I am eternally grateful, but given I'd really like a worselet2, I just wish they would do something other than faff about the pain I'm in. I think it's PID myself, which causes infertility if left untreated, and they are just leaving it. I've had it for months now. I think it would be fair to say I'm a pretty mellow person, not given to wild emotional outbursts, but frankly, today, I could kill someone.

SoYo Fri 02-Aug-13 17:59:15

Wors you need swabs and a pelvic ultrasound. Keep pestering the GP or if they're being useless it might be worth a visit to A&E in the hope they'll get gynae to see you who will then book you a clinic appointment. Is it the GPs you're having trouble with? Have you asked to see a different one?

Thanks SoYo, I made a fuss, and DH made a fuss also, so I now have a referral and some more abx. I suspect DH's fuss was the more effective, as whereas I ask for stuff he just sort of tells iykwim. It's a bit rubbish that it takes a major middle class strop to get anywhere.

MY GP is lovely btw, just a bit, well, slow about stuff.

So, I'm officially in a good mood again, and not about to kill anyone grin

SoYo Fri 02-Aug-13 20:05:47

Excellent. Glad you're sorted. DH is home from work, has all next week off & says he wants some quality time with his girls, fingers crossed the sunny mood lasts for us all as it might be a lovely family week.

Dinners ready to go in the oven and I'm just attempting bedtime although I suspect madam might throw a wobbler through the night tonight so we don't get complacent after last night, happy to be proven wrong though!

Enjoy the camping Eco, has anyone else got any good weekend plans?

StormyBrid Sat 03-Aug-13 07:09:19

I just had something vaguely resembling a good night's sleep! Bed at half ten, asleep by eleven, woke at twelve fifteen when the baby did but could hear the man heading upstairs with milk, went straight back to sleep without even opening my eyes! Woke at half six for a wee and she woke up while I was on the loo. Three flozzes drunk and a big poo cleared up, and we are both now back in bed. Fingers crossed she goes back to sleep!

How does one switch from three hourly to four hourly bottles, just randomly make her wait one day? Yesterday at my dad's he fed her an hour later than she wad due, and she drank the whole bottle in record time and wanted more. It's the first time in ages she's had a full bottle for him. But I'm worried that, with only four daytime bottles, it'll only take her pissing about with one and her intake for the day will end up lower than I'm comfortable with. Anyone have any words of wisdom?

SoYo Sat 03-Aug-13 10:55:36

Stormy I have absolutely no words of wisdom on lengthening feeds (madam had one every 2-3hrs overnight despite many efforts to settle without) but I do have congratulations on the good night!!

Eigmum Sat 03-Aug-13 11:12:02

Stormy, my words for wisdom are you still needs 5 feeds but have four I. The daytime and one at 11pm (or so) until solids established then drop 11pm.

All is good here we are christening dd tomorrow and having a party, she asnt been I'll for weeks but had a sniff ths morning so pay frame tha this isn't another illness!! Surely we've had enough!

Eigmum Sat 03-Aug-13 11:13:01

And that I will one day be able to write in sentences that make sense!

pudtat Sat 03-Aug-13 11:29:35

EBW has a plan for this Stormy. On phone ATM and off out then but will try to look up and report back later if noone else has answered by then.

The boy just did it by himself a few weeks back, feeding on demand and went from 8 feeds per 24 hrs to 6. I kept feeling guilty that I'd 'missed' him being hungry and trying to feed him and that just caused screaming. So I stopped. We have new rhythm and he's still gaining so guess all ok.

Was v proud of him last night. Went out to friends for first time past his bedtime. Bonus nap and feed had him lovely while he was cooed over, then bedtime story and Ewan and he went out without a whimper in his carrycot. Everyone very impressed (including me!)

StormyBrid Sat 03-Aug-13 11:53:11

Will check EBW after this smoke, cheers pud. Incidentally, my phone wanted to correct that to PhD.

Sending lots of healthy immune system boosting thoughts your way, Eig. When I say we need to switch from five feeds to four, I mean during the day - at the moment it's five day feeds and usually two night feeds. Ideally I'd like to drop a night feed and a day feed. But not both at once is probably best... I dunno.

I mentioned toast to the hv yesterday and didn't get lectured! And she said we don't need to wait until exactly six months, we need to pay attention to the baby and start when she's ready. Going to test the tongue thrust with some baby rice after lunch. Exciting!

Oh, and it turns out I slept right through the 12.15 and woke at the 3am, which the man failed to write down. He says she was doing press ups in her cot and only drank two ounces, so guessing she didn't wake from hunger then, but just rolled too far and couldn't roll back.

LaLaLeni Sat 03-Aug-13 13:39:31

We've been on 5 feeds for a while, sometimes only half of one or two of though, but DS is past 16lbs now - double his birth weight was back at 14lb! So i'm still just feeding on demand and he's just working it out himself. He has some of a feed in the night when he's had a good solid four in the day, but it can vary massively as to when he has them, something I wish we could regulate a bit better.

Seems much cooler today here - hopefully everyone else is enjoying a brief respite from the sticky heat.

It was pretty weird when we got our keys and took one of DS's rockers to the new flat, he was howling in the kitchen and it sounded all echoey! Like a scary film a little bit confused

Currently in that packing limbo where I've packed boxes and then realised they're too heavy for me to move myself, so getting trapped in corners and generally getting surrounded by mess.

We're on 5 feeds too - dd just dropped the night feeds herself, which I suspect had a lot to do with the fact she was really hungry in the day so ate enough to keep her going. It certainly wasn't down to excellent parenting on my part. I.Had.No.Clue. Still don't.

Speaking of having no clue - major break through here today. We (by which I mean DH) solved the milk refusal problem. Wrong size teat on the bottle. Yes, really, it was that easy. Swapped up a size and da-da - a full 7 flozzes down the hatch in 20 minutes. 20 minutes!!! I could have cried. I've been battling (ok, I exaggerate, persevering) for an hour to get 4 or 5 down her all week. I think she was sucking so hard she was giving herself wind, before giving it up as a waste of time. That's another bad mother point on the card.

Big news for the day - the tiddler had her first taste of proper food. Avocado hmm, which sounds terribly yuppie. I'm sure I wasn't weaned on avocado. Puréed swede probably, if I know my mother. Anyway, she seemed to quite like it in a dubious way, until DH shovelled in too much of the stuff, and choked her. Her enthusiasm waned rather rapidly after that. Tomorrow I'm thinking baby rice. I know, I know, tasteless pap, wouldn't feed my baby what I wouldn't eat myself, blah blah blah.... I've read the weaning posts elsewhere on here.... however, heartless mare that I am I'm giving it a go as I figure even DH couldn't choke her on slush.

LaLaLeni Sat 03-Aug-13 21:26:03

Worse which size teats are you now on? We're on size 2 but maybe we need to switch up too...

As far as not giving your baby what you wouldn't eat yourself, that's total crap! Their palates are completely different from an adult. Ignore!

LaLaLeni Sat 03-Aug-13 21:27:57

Forgot to say - OH gave the boy an unsterilised bottle earlier - will he explode?!

We were only on 1 Leni shock. It hadn't even occurred to me to change them terrible mother. If you've been on 2 a while and ds is monkeying about over his food, he's probably ready to move up again.

As for an unsterilised bottle, at a guess I'd say exploding is unlikely. If he'd filled it with milk, carted it round in a bag for half a day, and then fed it to ds, yes, you might have a problem. Otherwise so long as it was clean I think it'll be fine. Put it this way the tiddler spends half the day chewing the strap on her pram. Said strap has never been washed, let alone sterilised, and she has as yet suffered no ill effects. She also eats her bib, muslins, my clothes, her toys, anything she can get her hands on in fact. None of those are sterile.

LaLaLeni Sat 03-Aug-13 22:19:19

That's true. I do wonder sometimes how much it does even matter, and when do they become able to eat from normally washed stuff?

Anypants Sat 03-Aug-13 22:34:39

6 months leni - bottles and teats should always be sterilised but everything else can just be washed in soapy water. DD was chewing on the toys in her paddling pool today. The pool in which she was sat naked. shock
I think I mentioned to the hv once that there was such a thing as 'too clean' and she looked at me like she was going to call social services the minute I was out of earshot.

SoYo Sat 03-Aug-13 23:06:32

Yep I'm a big believer in too clean and the hygeine hypothesis. We sterilise bottles (or did when we were still managing to use them) and the sippy cup but nothing else. To be fair, madam greets the dog every morning by holding out her hands to be licked and those hands usually go straight to her mouth blush and the pup usually gets at least one sneaky face lick a day, plus whatever germs lurch in our carpets and out on the grass when she's having a good wriggle, so that does seem to negate any sterilising benefit we have! Perhaps I should start bathing the dog in Milton!!!

vjhist85 Sun 04-Aug-13 00:11:10

Evening all, hope you're all snoozing well already. Nice couple of days here. DH has finally got it into his head this week at least that parenthood is pretty damn tough. So far since my moan I've been thanked for being a great mum, bought flowers, bought wine, cooked dinner (of a fashion) and told I'm appreciated. Which is nice.

Stormy Re: night feeds, cutting down the size of them really slowly worked for us. When we first settled into ff, she was having 5-6 feeds a day, the last one being at 10.30ish. She was then waking at 3ish for a full bottle. However, her first and second feeds of the day were then rubbish, sometimes only 2oz each at 7 and 11am. So we started making 5 normal bottles, then a 6th bottle for the middle of the night. We made this one an oz smaller every 4 or 5 days. Lo and behold she increased her 7am feed by an oz ish at the same rate. The lowest we got to was a 3oz bottle, which she then dropped. Took about 3 weeks. We still do the 11pm feed, although again she's getting less and less hungry first thing so we've dropped the 11pm bottle to 6floz to see if that makes a difference, and will probably try the same thing.

As for 4 hrly feeds, at what stage of hunger do you feed her? I was initially going for those very first hunger signs, and she wasn't managing much. Then i started waiting for a cry. Not a meltdown, just the first cry that she couldn't be distracted out of. She would then drink more, and go longer before the next feed. Started at 3 hrs, then 3.5, finally 4. Pretty consistent now, although I will admit to being a bit of a fan of a routine now I'm ff. bottles offered as close to 7, 11, 3, 7, 11 as possible. Obviously if she's hungry earlier I don't leave her starving, but whilst I loved the carefree, 'stick her on the boob at every opportunity' nature of bfing, ff just felt like it needed a routine to me.

Plonky, I meant to ask the other day re: health visitor. Did the measure DS' length as well? Because weight without length means nothing in terms of being overweight (which is pretty impossible with a 5 month old anyway!) if it's any consolation, by far the chubbiest baby I know is ebf, and they say ebf babies can't be overfed. Proof that they come in all shapes and sizes.

Wors, sorry you're suffering, well done both you and DH for pushing your gp. Hope things are resolved soon otherwise maybe you should visit soyo and she could diagnose you in her living room while mini-yo and the worselet play

Weaning. Well, because I plan to go completely 'baby led' (a phrase I hate, by the way, isn't it just feeding your baby!?) and totally mush free because I'm a skinflint and hugely lazy, we were going to wait til 6 months as per advice. However, in the last couple of days I've given her a couple of things to play with whilst I've been eating to get her used to it. She wasn't hugely impressed with the green bean out of my salad yesterday, but she went what can only be described as COMPLETELY MENTAL over a slice of apple today. It was too hard for her to gum any bits off, but she sucked all the juice out of it like a thing possessed. So it looks like we've started weaning, albeit very slowly.

Re: not feeding your baby things you wouldn't eat yourself... Formula totally grosses me out. Can't even lick it off my wrist when testing the temp. Which makes me feel a bit guilty to be honest, but hey, such is life. I tell myself it's no different to my friend giving her son marmite on toast when she thinks marmite is basically the devil's shit.

Anyway. Ridiculously long post. Especially considering I could have been asleep half an hour ago...

LaLaLeni Sun 04-Aug-13 09:51:08

Vj glad to hear he's improving. I've had similar issues, even thought about leaving! God knows why they're so useless. I hate to generalise but this is such a common thing...

Ok ladies - tips on rolling please - DS can roll on to his face and then spends ten minutes making horrific straining noises (plus gargling, which is his latest favourite) until i help him, but then he just does it again straight away. Should I leave him to figure out how to roll back? He does seem to eat his hand whilst trying rather than using it to aid him!

StormyBrid Sun 04-Aug-13 11:36:18

Leave him to it unless he gets distressed, Leni. He'll figure out how to roll back the other way eventually, given the opportunity. DD first demonstrated rolls both ways a couple of weeks ago but doesn't do them often. She does like to sleep on her side though, and has mastered getting onto her tummy in her sleeping bag, but can't go the other way in it yet. Three times last night she started shouting and when I went in she was doing press ups.

vj hunger cries? What are they? We've been feeding by the clock for a very long time, because DD doesn't hitch for food unless she's ravenous. Just one more thing for me to feel guilty about - she obviously learned during her five days on the boon that crying for food is pointless. Although thinking about it, she cries when in pain and she can be a bit shouty when tired, but otherwise she doesn't really cry at all.

I did the night shift last night. Feeds at 12.15 and 3.30, only three flozzes each time then she rolled right over away from the bottle so had obviously had enough. Woke at 7 and I went back to bed after waking the man. Five and a half flozzes at breakfast, and five at eleven (probably would've been more if the man had timed the baby rice better). We'll persist with four hourly and see how it goes, and just hope it doesn't lead to increased night feeds!

StormyBrid Sun 04-Aug-13 11:37:23

Stupid phone, bitch and boob are totally legit words that don't need correcting!

SoYo Sun 04-Aug-13 12:49:28

We saw every hour of the clock last night....zzzzz

On the plus side the in laws are being very reasonable and no unwanted advice yet!

Madam pinched a bit of cucumber off my plate last night and went to town on it so I think we'll be starting the weaning fairly soon, just can't decide whether to do that or the big room move first!

SoYo Sun 04-Aug-13 12:51:31

Ah yes Leni, the rolling. Madam can sometimes roll back but she needs to have rolled into the perfect position to do it, if she gets stuck and whingy on her tummy I leave her for a bit, then manoeuvre her into a writer position for rolling and if she still doesn't manage I give her my finger to grab onto and help her over.

Eigmum Sun 04-Aug-13 22:59:12

Ooh! The party was fab! I'll try and post a photo!

StormyBrid Mon 05-Aug-13 06:56:11

Morning all. Everyone had good nights? It's been raining all night here, and aside from a four flozz feed at one in the morning, DD slept through. grin Only downside, her milk intake yesterday was a bit low, as she had five bottles in total rather than seven.

Morning all. Yup, a good night here Stormy. So good in fact her littlestship is of the opinion it still is night and has yet to get herself up. The bigger bottle teats are a lifesaver, as she's back on her normal routine and a lot happier in herself (as am I).

5 daytime feeds is what you are aiming for, so if she is dropping the night ones gently encourage her to take bigger bottles in the day and you'll probably find she starts sleeping through. The worselet can be a bit funny about this at times, and what works for us is to give her a 10 minute commercial break to play on the mat half way through. She seems to forget she is full and finish up after that.

No rain here at the moment, and it looks like it might be a lovely sunny day but not too hot day. It feels a little autumnal though, dark earlier, cold and clear first thing... It is used drive me mad when DH declared autumn was upon us in the middle of the summer, but I kind of get where he is coming from now. It's age I tell you. I've caught him up on the old gimmer stakes. grin

Speaking of which someone guessed my age at 32 yesterday. They are my very best friend ever now. They are obviously also half blind and an accomplished liar, but I still luffs them.

Glad the party was fun Eig. Yes please to pics I am nosey

The rolling thing is a fraught business isn't it? The tiddler's official favourite at rest position is now on her stomach. Unfortunately her massive head makes this a rather tiring resting pose so she falls on her face after a few minutes, and wails. Rolling onto her back is obviously not the solution, as she doesn't want to be on her back. So she wails more and I stick her in her chair

VJ glad DH has stepped up. I think they sometimes don't see the amount of work a baby is. Mine was a bit rubbish until the time when I was so sleep deprived, dehydrated and starved (back in the early days when DD was ebf, but would not be set down so I never got to nap or eat) that I passed out. He woke up to the reality pretty sharpish.

Latest weaning news, the worselet does not like banana. She really doesn't. You should have seen her face. Horror and disgust doesn't even begin to describe it. Baby rice on the other hand was met with bland neutrality. Not bothered sums it up.

Plonkysaurus Mon 05-Aug-13 08:37:26

Ooh lots to catch up on, i've not been on here since Friday.

Worse I was amazed at the difference teat flow rate makes. If it makes you feel any better I've had to have it pointed out to me twice before I've moved up a size. Hope worselet is more compliant now. Avocado eh? That's it, she's practically a yuppie already wink.

We're attempting to move to a four hourly schedule today. If he cries earlier obviously ill just follow his lead and not push anything, but his appetite's become somewhat unpredictable now he's able to stay awake (without grumping) for more than 2 hours at a time. We've been on five bottles for a long time (3 months I think) so this means dropping down to four, but as he's been having about 28 flozzes a day lately I don't envisage this being a problem.

Stormy she does look like a happy little thing. DS doesn't cry much either, unless he's teething or overtired.

Vj she did measure his length too, but I think she got the wrong measurement. I dunno, the whole thing pissed me off. She made me seriously doubt my competence as a parent with her pithy 'well you can't accuse him of failing to thrive' remark. She took no notice of the fact that he's a very happy and well loved little boy who, up until he started teething, asked for a lot of food. I'm glad the penny has finally dropped for your DH - it might be more of a team effort now.

We've had a busy weekend, went to the PILs house in the Welsh borders for SILs 20th birthday. FIL made an excellent speech, which started as praise for his danger but quickly turned into talking about his gorgeous grandson. DPs five mad aunties met ds for the first time and he charmed the pants off them all. Although I got very little sleep (as anticipated) and found it quite overwhelming while DP was playing video games with his brother and taking very little initiative with changing feeding and getting ds to nap, so I ended up having a little cry on mil's shoulder. A swarm of aunties surrounded me and told me I was doing a fantastic job.
His cousin was also there for a short while with his wife and their three month old. Tiny baby with a tiny cry, totally lovely but none of us were able to get anywhere near. I'd never seen anyone so clearly on the edge of PND, it was very sad. She wouldn't accept any help while she forced 2 cartons of aptamil into a 12lb baby. Thank god there's a midwife in the family who has vowed to have a gentle chat with her.

Nice to be home and calm again, even if I did have to change a poonami sleeping bag at 5.30am.

LaLaLeni Mon 05-Aug-13 09:34:54

Just one night feed split in half after a day of refusing food yesterday here, but Sir still doesn't want breakfast! I tried to implement the 7,11,3,7,11 yesterday but the 7am wasn't happening so it was all messed up from the off. Help! He seems fine and chatty/screamy as ever so obviously not poorly, just snacking all day rather than having normal feeds. I've tried waiting until he's really hungry but even then after a few flozzes he's doing yuck face and chewing the teat instead of drinking.

He does get distressed as soon as his face touches the floor with the rolling thing, he can prop himself up really well once arms are positioned, but he seems to hate it!

LaLaLeni Mon 05-Aug-13 09:47:37

Oh and for any fellow alt nineties teens - Manda Rin from Bis had her little boy Denny ten weeks early this morning, weighing just 2lbs 13... He's well so far. She has MS so not sure if that was the reason hmm

StormyBrid Mon 05-Aug-13 10:22:18

I remember Bis, Leni! Very bouncy, weren't they? I dimly remember dancing around our bedroom to them with my sister, back when she was solely in charge of my musical education. Less than three pounds sounds shockingly tiny though. Hope he does alright.

We managed a six ouncer for breakfast! She started losing interest and chewing the teat after four, so I put her on the changing mat, reheated the milk, and pinned her flaily arms down, and she drank the rest happily. So maybe try reheating, Leni?

As for the faceplanting babies... We got DD a squeaky giraffe rattle thing the other week. She loves chewing it and rattling it, but has yet to figure out the squeak. So the man put in right in front of her when she was on her tummy. She got tired, faceplanted the giraffe, squeak! Even had the foresight to film it.

worse tell the worselet to send any unwanted banana this way, it goes down very well with DD. And forgive me but I must be nosy and ask how old you are now. Does anyone else have a bad habit of assuming people are the same gender, age, ethnicity, and so on as themselves unless proven otherwise? This means I tend to vaguely assume you're all in your late twenties.

Oh, and just wait until the worselet figures out how to roll onto her tummy in her sleep. We're up and down the stairs like yoyos in the evenings these days, and she's getting plenty of exercise doing press ups while calling for help.

Still loving the rain - ten more minutes and she'll have been napping for an hour and a half. Going for a sneaky smoke now while I have the chance!

ecofreckle Mon 05-Aug-13 10:59:49

Hello ladies.
In my mind stormy I am late twenties. In reality I am 37. But my DH is 28 so that keeps me young smile
It’s great to hear of all of your weaning and 4 hour schedule feeding success. We’ve only just started reading the weaning book and we’re going to get DD in her high chair to join us for breakfast and lunch every day if we can manage it just so she can see us. Generally at present breakfast and lunch are grabbed during nap times so she’s only really seen me snacking on cake so not perhaps the best role model thus far. We’re going to get one of those mesh bag suck on fruit things to start with I think. Anyone had fun with those. They hold it like a lolly.
Are any ebf babies on 4 hour feeds through day at all? We're still at 2.5 to 3 hours and no ideas if that's terrible or not. I think your HV plonky might accuse me of rather overfeeding my little blimp. Oh, and any ebf babies sleeping through now? If so when did your boobs settle down to not producing milk overnight or do you always wake wanting to prod your LO awake to suck and ease the discomfort? DD has only slept through 4 times and then not consecutively so my boobs err on side of caution and produce gallons overnight.
Rolling wise we seem to be where several of you guys are at. Can roll back to front with ease, happy to spend a few minutes there, then face plants and wails, I encourage her to roll back herself which has never worked so I give in and flip her, she rolls straight back onto her front ad infinitum. The demands for flipping in night are becoming less frequent now though and she seems fairly happy to sleep on her side and sometimes on her tummy too.
All your sterilising chat made me think…if you are now ‘only sterilising bottles’ what else did you guys used to sterilise? Dummies perhaps? Can you stop sterilising them at 6 months? It just got me to thinking I’m being a sloven of a mother because all we ever sterilise is bottle, pump bits that get milky and dummy.
Back last night from a camping weekend with three babies: 2 x 6 month olds and DD who is 4 mo. It was sunny and relaxed; babies asleep whilst still light so plenty of time for sitting around camp fire and nattering. The gentlemenfolk consumed some rather potent ales which meant DH wasn’t much help at night but DD did really well. I swear the exposure to loads of sunlight during the day helps makes them sleep really well. Life on the campsite is pretty feral, despite two showers. Within minutes of showering you are covered in filth, especially when dealing with a baby too. So, on the journey home I was very much looking forward to a lovely long soak in the bath. At 6pm DH decided to take the waste pipe off of the bath to unclog it from the massive postpartum hair moult that seems to be occurring and lo and behold he couldn’t get it back on again. So this morning he has had to go to the gym for a pre-work shower and I am faced with the sink. Strip washes. What a faff. DD is so used to accompanying me to shower/bath that she thought the whole strip wash palaver most entertaining. I’m off to meet NCT ladies soon and hope they don’t notive my hair that’s not been washed since Friday for a while. I have attempted a plaited fringe affair off to the side in an attempt to look like Kate Moss at a festival but fear I have missed the mark a little…..

LaLaLeni Mon 05-Aug-13 11:09:57

Eco that's all we sterilise too. What else is there? Hope I'm not being very stupid...

Is reheating feeds allowed?! Within what time scale? I probably break the 2 hour time limit a lot lately confused

StormyBrid Mon 05-Aug-13 11:26:19

We sterilise dummies when we remember. Helps with clearing thrush.

Feeds shouldn't go back in the fridge to reheat later; if the bottle's been in the mouth you've got the possibility of bacteria in the bottle. Bit of a bigger when they decide they don't want a full feed!

StormyBrid Mon 05-Aug-13 11:27:03

A bugger! Why is my phone so opposed to colourful language?

Stormy I'm (ahem) <mutters> forty.... but remember I only look 32 grin. In my mind I am about 15 and so rightly should have no responsibilities, and be allowed to sulk.

Rolling on face at night.... Nooooooo.... I am not looking forward to that. We already do the blanket dance. I put them on. She kicks them off. Cries. I put them on again. And repeat. I know a sleeping bag is the answer but knowing that and actually doing something about it are two different matters.

I reheat milk too. No one has died. Only with an hour though.

Never heard of Bis, what with being old and all, but I hope little Denny does well.

Eco A toy boy shock Good for you!! wink where did you find him

SoYo Mon 05-Aug-13 16:15:11

Eco we're still EBF and feeding every 2.5-3hrs. We've gone 4h a couple of times but that's all. We're nowhere near sleeping through though, my boobs are ready to explode on the few times she's only woken once overnight so goodness knows what would happen with all night. Luckily (ha) she's awake every hour or two at the moment so boob explosion isn't a problem.

Plonkysaurus Mon 05-Aug-13 17:14:39

So far today we've managed to feed every four hours, with bits of baby porridge and purée in between. His tongue thrust has completely gone and hes sitting unaided for short bursts, so I'm prepared to press on with weaning now. Where has my floppy newborn gone?!

We sterilise dummies, bottles, some rattles and weaning bowls/spoons. I too am a believer in not over cleaning, but dp has always bordered on being obsessive compulsive about hygiene. He's the type to open doors with the back his hand, and approves of my dads very OCD flannels-and-laundry-bin instead of hand towels system.
Incidentally dp's family all have allergies hmm

I'm 27 in a couple of weeks <ducks to avoid assorted missiles from a very youthful looking Worse>. Dp will be 28 in September..

Anypants Mon 05-Aug-13 19:35:04

Still ebfing here too and because DD sleeps from 7.30 to 7.30 <looks away sheepishly blush > if I didn't feed her every 3 hours, she wouldn't get enough. I'm happy with that though as it's five feeds and that coincides with three meals and two snacks - ready for 'real' food.
I'm 33 at the last count but I feel 53 with my post pregnancy body.

SoYo Mon 05-Aug-13 19:58:59

How do you feel about a baby swap Any? DD is practically perfect in many other ways!

27 you say plonky. Would it be unfair of me to derive a modicum of amusement from the fact that you will be hitting the big 4-0 just as ds reaches his teens. Your poor DH gringringrin!!!!!!

That is the one upside of having hit 40 already. Nothing left to fear. It's fine, honest although tweezers will become your best friend

No proper food eaten here today, as tiddler was on a schedule understood by no one other than herself. This according to DH is because she is a baby. He could be onto something there.

As for me I'm supposed to be changing the bed linen whilst DH is doing the evening shift. As you can see I have got distracted. It doesn't take much. I probably ought to un-distract myself and focus.

Plonkysaurus Mon 05-Aug-13 20:48:30

On the other hand, Worse, I won't be dealing with a teenager in my fifties grin. I seem to spend my entire life distracted these days.

Giving up smoking lasted 12 hours. Ds had a screamy late afternoon. I'm so rubbish at willpower.

LaLaLeni Mon 05-Aug-13 21:01:57

I'm 33 too, Any. And my body is ruined!! It feels very odd, it being so squishy and with all the extra rolls hanging off shockI'm a recovered anorexic so I still struggle looking in the mirror at normal size, let alone 'overweight' (according to the bmi charts). I still get tempted to resort to my old assured weight loss methods sometimes, but it's been a long road to recovery and there's no way I'm going back now. My heart condition is a lasting reminder of why not to revisit that chapter of my life hmm

I did an interview with LBC today about the riots and the scandal of the so-called 'compensation fund' that wasn't actually paid out to anyone. Still makes me really angry. I did loads of press after it happened but I had to stop in the end because I was getting flashbacks and thinking about it all the time wasn't helping. Hoping this interview may help raise awareness of the general plight of victims, as I'm pretty sure the public think we all got help as Camo promised.

Trying to figure out the logistics of the various stages of moving house - if only we could just do it all on the day... But my piano has to go separately, meaning they need me to be there to let them in at either end, and then we have to come back to remove all picture hooks (so pointless - they're perfectly well put up!) and put the furniture back in the exact places it was for check in. Then AGAIN for checking out, where they go through the inventory with us. Gah! With DS in tow and OH working nights until Sept it's a right PITA to have to traverse London by tube.

DS still saving up all his eating fir just before bed and during the night, the times we wrote down over the past few days show he has absolutely zero routine now! He used to be clockwork, no idea what's gone wrong shock

ecofreckle Mon 05-Aug-13 21:26:45

worse i have just changed the beds too. It is the first time I've not ironed the bed linen. I am officially a sloven. Bet you found time didn't you? You do need to get onto one of those there online stores and buy a sleeping bag. They revolutionise sleeping. And as for the toy boy, yes, I did well there. It's a long and pretty embarrassing story....
any and soyo thanks for the reassurance about the 3 hourly feeds. It all goes to pot in the late afternoon for us because if she sleeps more than I might expect then she ends up feeding at 3. Then you have the dilemma: try and go for a crazy 4+ hours until bedtime feed and risk a big meltdown or squeeze in 'extra' feed at 5. I always go for the latter which might be why I have a 98th centile bundle of lovliness And, any well done on those marathon sleeps!! Soyo and I are delighted for you and just a tiny bit jealous . Have your boobs acclimatised now?
leni good luck with the logistical challenges. Time to get some action from that sling eh?
plonky incense and those plastic fags you suck nicotine out of is what helped me give up smoking. Gave up on my 30th birthday and never a puff since but I still fancy it 7 years on. Wine became the new vice. There's never a good time for giving up is there maybe leave it til you're 30 And, know that I'm looking to you for pearls of wisdom about BLW so do keep us posted with your experiences.
Wishing you all well for the night ahead. We had a jolly good storm at bedtime so it's freshened up. Fresh summer rain air, a bath (now the bloody bath is fixed) and fresh sheets await.

Anypants Mon 05-Aug-13 21:33:24

leni - massive un-MN hug for getting through such a big thing in your life. No comparison really but as a Weight Watcher, I struggled watching myself get 'big' again throughout my pregnancy and practically didn't look in a mirror for the last two months, only to do my make up. I didn't even have any pictures taken as I felt sooooo fat. blush i've got 2 stone to lose and it's tough but I keep reminding myself that I did it once and I can do it again. I will be glad to get DD on solids as I think i'll be very aware of what she's eating and that should help me eat more of the right things.

Thanks for the offer soyo - i'll get my DD to give yours a call so she can let her in on the secret to a good night's sleep. Otherwise I think they are more or less the same baby hmm

pudtat Mon 05-Aug-13 21:49:07

Still bf here with a bit of formula top up (in the region of 300-350ml per day). 5 daytime feeds and a dream feed. Have had one overnight feed too but he's slept through the last two nights so that's been it.

I am paranoid he's not getting enough as he is very quick on the boob now, but think he's doing ok. Will be weighing him this week (doing so fortnightly) so will see then.

No full rolls yet this end, he flips onto either side with gay abandon, but then appears to see the floor approaching and change his mind. And hasn't worked out front to back - far too busy sucking his fist when unhappy on his tummy to do anything about it!

I've ordered a high chair, though it may take a while to arrive. Am going to hold off on weaning for a bit yet I think, and probably start beginning of next month when he'll be 5.5months (assuming tongue thrust gone by then). But thought it'd be good to get him in it, watching me eat and poss give him a sippy cup to play with also.

We will also have to think about the big move into his room. I want it done before I hand over to dh and go back to work end of next month. As he's started sleeping through (????) then hope that next couple of weeks may provide an opportunity. It would be lovely to get back to my own bed and abandon the spare room!

Oh, and I'm 34. Thats why mission get my figure back is such a military operation Dh has ten years or so on me, and is the reason we tried when we did, he didn't want to be a really old dad (we both have older fathers ourselves).

Plonkysaurus Mon 05-Aug-13 21:59:03

Leni slow and steady wins the race with weight loss. You'll get back to a healthy body image - and I'd wager that you look better than you think you do. As much as I joke about my 'baby shelf' extra tyre, I absolutely detest it. Being a bit overweight takes me back to feeling fourteen and going through phases of starvation and bingeing. I can't claim to have an eating disorder in my past but what you've posted really resonates. I did a bit of crash dieting a few months ago and it's shifted the majority of it, but days of stomach cramps and feeling like I was about to collapse - and some stern words from my mother - have made me slow down and slightly increase exercise. My target is feeling good by Christmas. I simply refuse to get on scales or measure my waist, it's disgusting. I have no doubt that these feelings are why I'm so angry with my hv for her ill considered remarks.

You must be so proud of your turnaround in the last two years. Made homeless by a bunch of thieving twunts and now moving into your very own home with your lovely baby. Sod the routine, you've already achieved a great deal.

Phew I think I need a lie down after all that emoting.

Anypants Mon 05-Aug-13 21:59:31

pud - my DH is also elderly at 47. Mentally, though, he's 12. Sometimes it's like having two children... wink

SoYo Mon 05-Aug-13 22:23:53

Wow Leni, you're a hell of a survivor aren't you? grin

I'm 29 but as DH is a few years older (and looks it toowink) it saves me from worrying about the big birthdays.

As for weight loss, it's never been my thing bit I could do with a bit of toning up, pregnancy has just left me nicely flabby with that wonderful empty pouch stomach and this has driven me to doing bootcamp in the pissing rain! I think if I really put my mind to it and did dieting too I could get a proper figure back but I can't stand the idea of making myself feel guilty for eating like a pig when I fancy it! I'm a glutton!

Plonko I'm kind of hoping that by 50 I'll be well on my way to the wearing purple and not caring stage of life, so if the worselet wants shave her head and smoke dope on the back lawn my plan is to embarrass her like totally yeah by insisting on joining in.

Leni you're amazing. Tell yourself that every single day because it is true.

Eco Iron sheets? Of course <whistles and looks around.... innocently>

As for body image, mine is sh*te. I've always been built like a whippet. I've spent most of my adult life on one form of build up regime or another, and amazed the entire neighbourhood by actually falling pregnant in the first place. I amazed myself tbh. I loved being pregnant, loved the curves, loved the bump, loved feeling feminine, and was sad when it all went. So I think that goes to show, big, small, fat, thin, we're all of us a bit insecure and none of us should be. It's pretty amazing what these imperfect bodies of ours can do isn't it? There are entire people out there that we made!

As for DH's mine isn't the oldest. Yay!!! 42 last time I looked and post his mid-life crisis thank god. He ticked all the boxes on that too, which makes the prospect of the worselet's teenage years seem a breeze in comparison.

Eco long and pretty embarrassing stories are my absolute favourite thing. grin ???????

vjhist85 Mon 05-Aug-13 23:32:38

Well, we have made it 300 bloody noisy screamy miles to Wales, where tiddler and I are joining DF and DStepM for a lovely peaceful break. Except my stinky giant of a 19yo brother is here with 2 of his equally stinky mates. They are making noise and keeping me (not dd!) awake.

I wish I had some pearls of wisdom as to how dd got onto a 7,11,3,7,11 routine. It's not set in stone, but fairly consistent. Unfortunately I can't really give any advice because, much like our bedtime routine which she insisted on from about week 3, dd decided for herself to be lovely and predictable and well behaved, I had no impact!

BBQ yesterday, with hilarious results. Our adventure into blw has now resulted in dd sucking the life out of some bread, chewing a cucumber, licking a bit of red pepper, and gnawing into a whole bloody corn on the cob! The state of her face after this was a sight to behold. Fairly sure nothing but a bit of bread-juice has gone down yet, but that's not really the point at the moment.

I'm 28, DH is 35. But at the moment, I feel OLD. I want to accidentally get drunk in a pavement bar/cafe whilst smoking a million cigarettes (something I've still avoided, a year fag free now, and it still gets no easier)

Body image. Interesting one. I'm officially 'very obese', and feel it. But it wasn't always so. I was a size 12 til I was about 20, but grew up thinking I was hugely fat (I was curvy and well developed compared to my skinny friends). Clearly my image of myself was completely wonky then. And I think instead of this causing me to starve myself, instead my brain said 'well you're a fat cow, so you might as well just eat more.' I hate the way I look now at nearly 17st, and with dd bound to be getting more active soon I'm determined that a) I can keep up with her, b) I don't teach her that fat=ok, and c) she doesn't get picked on for being a fat mum. So I'm doing something about it.

Eigmum Tue 06-Aug-13 05:04:12

Hi all, I am 37 and dh is 43 but this week I feel about 80!

I am pretty much ebf, I try a botte a day and she takes about 2 to 3 ounces, sometimes less under duress. I am thinking about giving up the bottle entirely as its the only time of day she cries. We have ended up in a 7.15ish, 9.30, 11.45, 1, 3, 5 and 7 feeds and then madam sleeps all night, I wake up around now with boulders. I hate feeding in public so I am now pretty limited about going out. I have a real love hate relationship with breastfeeding. Part of me is relieved she is growing and seems to be doing really well. The other part of me hates how tired it makes me feel. Not just a bit tired but downright exhausted. There is just no time for anything else which makes me sad for her brother etc.

I just got my period from no where yesterday and god it's a lot. Since its been well over a year since my last one and the birth and week after is a blur I feel pretty crap!

The dilemma here is do I just wait on the botte til I have to go back to work (1oct) or face the crying early. She seems to be feeding more and more frequently in the day as she gets bigger. Keep trying food but no real success yet with that either.... But don't think we can squeeze in any more feeds! My plan is to be able to drop the 9.30 one one she has some breakfast and swap the 1pm one for lunch and 5 pm one for dinner .... If only madam would comply!

StormyBrid Tue 06-Aug-13 07:09:12

So is there even one of us with no body issues? I was always the fat one, lost four stone (and got down to overweight by BMI) but really struggling to get back to healthy eating. The fact I can't persuade the man to eat proper meals instead of biscuits is not helping. Was hoping to be back to conception weight by Christmas but that's two stone away and looking unlikely.

We managed 7,11,3,7 yesterday. Then 11.45 and 4 with 3.5 flozzes each. I should get her up but suspect she won't eat much, so may wait a bit then go 8,1130,3,1830. Yesterday was reasonable intake but only because of two night feeds. Really hope she'll start increasing these daytime feeds soon.

StormyBrid Tue 06-Aug-13 07:23:44

Also, what is this "ironing sheets" business? I could probably do with an explanation of changing sheets too

And glad to hear the man isn't the oldest at 42, though it sounds like we have the biggest age gap - fourteen years. Kind of wish it hadn't taken him six years to make a move, because it makes me a little sad that I never really knew him young. Also if he hadn't waited so long DD would probably be either dc2 or dc3!

Plonkysaurus Tue 06-Aug-13 08:23:20

I concur, ironing sheets? Doesn't that cut into wine time?

LaLaLeni Tue 06-Aug-13 09:16:40

Ok stop everything - I'm reading 'ironing'. I don't iron shirts, let alone sheets?! I like my clothes to look like my skin - wrinkly!

I'm only a stone and a half from pre-pg weight but on my frame that looks more. I was blessed with a pea head which makes my body look bigger (or so I tell myself). We all need to remember that all we're meant to be doing right now is getting by, and as soon as these sprogs turn into toddling ones the fat will be falling off wink. I'm quite surprised at my general happiness throughout all this baby having actually, considering I have such a chequered history of beating myself up (I have arms and legs covered in scars from severe depression in my early twenties, which led me to have my tattoos to stop random people shouting abuse at me in the street!). I drink far too much booze and take lots of painkillers for my back when I could just try to manage the pain with the bare minimum, but I think part of that is me having an after-pg-and-bfing blowout! I do wonder if my liver is just a shrivelled prune...

My OH is a toy boy at 29, I've dragged him into the world of grown ups but he is definitely 12 mentally. Funny how despite the huge age ranges of our DH's they all exhibit the same odd behaviour shock and are there any DHs here in their thirties or have we all gone either side?

DS has just woken up and seen that I've replaced OH, so he's now grinning and thrashing his arms and legs wildly in celebration, it'll be time for shouting practise in a mo, my favourite thing grin

Rainbowbabyhope Tue 06-Aug-13 10:26:37

Hi all! My DH and I are both 28 so pretty young still but we both were quite ambitious and pushed though university degrees and into our careers without pausing so we are very established in work etc for our ages. DH also seem comparatively adult compared to some of the things I read here although has his own foibles such as expecting me to have a sixth sense about where he leaves his stuff and also being quite happy to survive off cheese sandwiches and biscuits (* stormy* just bought DH the book "My Daddy Cooks" and his love of being a daddy seems to be winning him over to actually preparing meals!). I will be eternally grateful that we decided to have babies so young as with the death of DD1 I don't think I could have handled a ticking body clock on top. We are still the first of our peers to have children and that makes us a bit odd (as does running away from the pressures of working in the City so early!).

As for body issues - the less said the better! Totally understand where you are coming from leni. Not keen on my saggy belly but worse is all the stretch marks as my girls (especially DD2) stretched me beyond recognition! My poor skin looks torn up on my belly and breasts and thighs. am at a loss as to what to do about it or whether I should just accept it gracefully and be grateful for it (as my DH keeps telling me!). Could do with shedding a bit too but at the moment sugar is what keeps me going and when I tried going sugar free for a couple of days I turned into a very grizzly bear!

We recently moved house and DD started sleeping better (with just one night feed at 2-3am after going to be at 7 but last couple of days have seen a new growth spurt so feeding every 1-1.5 hours which is just exhausting! Can't wait for that to be over. On the weaning front we have decided to start tasting and playing with food but nothing more serious. DD is in love with gnawing on cucumber and apple sticks though and gets agitated when she has nothing in her hand to munch on when we are eating together. Just going to build up slowly and see if we can avoid purees but difficult to tell if that will work as at the moment DD tends to gag on any bits that do make it in!

somethingbeginningwith Tue 06-Aug-13 11:06:39

Seems that I'm so far the youngest at 25 (although considering how many I went to school with had children in teens, it doesn't seem too young!) and OH is 27 next month. I too was the first of my close friends, which does wonders for presents for DS! They all go to fancy places like Mamas and Papas and Ted Baker (yes, he has Ted Baker socks wink). I seem to have set off a little trend though as now 3 of my friends are all due before Christmas smile

As for body issues...don't. Although I'm in pre-preg clothes completely, I can't stand to look at myself. DS clearly likes stripes as my stomach is covered and the overhang from the section (which I'm told rarely goes) is awful. I was never skinny skinny and used to think I could do with losing weight, but what I'd give for my body to be like that again. And I know, it's all because of the most precious thing in the world but we can all still be grumpy about it! I plan on reminding DS what he did to my body when he's older. That, and the fact that he made me miss mother's day this year wink

On a lighter note, we now have full rolling here, although he does sometimes forget. And he's trying lots of mushed up food which all goes down very well. Will be getting him weighed tomorrow to see how chunky he really is.

somethingbeginningwith Tue 06-Aug-13 18:16:09

This just happened:
All 3 of us had a nap, DS woke up so of course we both did. I went to prepare a bottle and ring DF. Came into OH and DS with bib and bottle and asked OH to feed him, to which he replied - "in a minute, I've just woken up...". Right. Then he says "my head's full at the moment, I'd like it if you helped out more with sorting out moving house" so I said "I do help out as much as poss, but I also have DS to look after all day and night."He replies with *"it's not that hard."*angry

Anypants Tue 06-Aug-13 18:55:48

Oh something. Sounds like mine when I ask him to do anything to do with DD - 'give me a minute' doesn't cut it when the screams are getting louder. I just stopped asking. And as for the 'help out more' - pffffft. Not helpful when you think you're doing all you can and they seem to want more. Take a deep breath and tell him to look after DS while you pack, as it's impossible to do both at the same time. Alternatively, find your biggest box and ask DH to get in it while you tape it shut and chuck it down the stairs.... grin

pudtat Tue 06-Aug-13 19:03:10

If its not that hard then he won't haves problem giving him his bottle after just waking up or with a head full of stuff will he? smile < smiling sweetly emoticon

Plonkysaurus Tue 06-Aug-13 19:22:03

Oh dear Something, does he need a clout upside the head? I'm very tempted to get our DPs together to babysit so we can go for a boozy lunch!

I'm supposed to be taking a friend out tomorrow for lunch. I'm fetching her, driving us a fair distance and paying - it's a pre wedding treat as she cba with a hen do. this is the girl who dumped her fiance a few months back. Turns out its back on hmm and the weddings in 11 days. I'm a fricking bridesmaid. Anyway, she's now not responding to any messages or answering her phone. Oh how I do love being left in the lurch!

Plonkysaurus Tue 06-Aug-13 19:29:41

Oh dear Something, does he need a clout upside the head? I'm very tempted to get our DPs together to babysit so we can go for a boozy lunch!

I'm supposed to be taking a friend out tomorrow for lunch. I'm fetching her, driving us a fair distance and paying - it's a pre wedding treat as she cba with a hen do. this is the girl who dumped her fiance a few months back. Turns out its back on hmm and the weddings in 11 days. I'm a fricking bridesmaid. Anyway, she's now not responding to any messages or answering her phone. Oh how I do love being left in the lurch!

somethingbeginningwith Tue 06-Aug-13 20:11:39

Thank you all. As annoying as it is, it's actually relieving to know that we're all going through the same thing, isn't it? Although it'd be much better if the 'same thing' was bubble baths, manicures, massages and wine drinking! wink

We went for a walk to talk about things which helped us both, he explained why he gets so stressed and said he realises he could do more to help out with DS. I told him that while I understand that he works and works hard, his shift ends, mine doesn't! Then we came home to a HUGE poo-splosion in the bath, we had to laugh! Now he's making me dinner - breaded camembert smile although, plonk I'm definitely up for a boozy lunch. Think we can convince them? wink

LaLaLeni Tue 06-Aug-13 20:45:41

Something I know how you feel. I worked stupidly long hours up to being 7 months pg and never got any help from my OH. He thought that his work was harder obviously. Something in society still permits this behaviour from men for some reason - surely as they're so desperate to be the provider, they should be tough enough to work long hours and not bloody moan?!

There is NO EXCUSE. I've never ever used the 'I've just woken up' thing, but OH tries it every day, to avoid talking, feeding, nappies, anything. Even if I've slept less than him. What was his reason for 'getting so stressed'?

LaLaLeni Tue 06-Aug-13 20:47:56

P.s. I'm currently thinking about how to get a nanny and literally dying inside. I just don't want to leave DS with a stranger. I wish work would let me go back part time, because I'll never get this time back confused

Big hug Leni, try not to feel bad. Ds will be fine, and it'll be great for his social development to be around other people. My Dsis had to put her dd into nursery 5 days a week from 10 months, and DNeice has thrived. She's a wonderful outgoing bubbly little thing, not a bit shy, with loads of confidence, and an amazing bond with her mum. I know you'll miss him, but he'll be fine, and when you walk in the door in the evening his little face will light up because you are his mum.

I read your earlier posts, and just wanted to say you are an amazing tough lady and ought to be very proud of yourself. It takes guts to overcome internal demons, real proper guts.

As for the rubbish DHs... From what I have seen men take a very long time to grow up, but most do, eventually. Mine has only just got there. Fatherhood is a big help on that front, as is a supportive MIL as no man is ever too old to take a proper ear bashing from his mum.

ecofreckle Tue 06-Aug-13 23:25:16

Well done something for talking it through rather than letting it fester. Sometimes those chats are hard to start. But worth it.
Eig life sounds tough again your end and that bf sounds hard on you. No wonder you are tired. Do you think she takes less at each sitting as it is so regular or are you Just producing loads? Is she very tearful if you try and push her past those times? Sending good wishes your way with it all.
Before you all start thinking I'm some sort of fifties housewife super woman may I say I don't iron the sheets. Only the duvet cover and pillow cases. But now you've underwritten my recent behaviour as normal I can start using past tense....I once ironed duvet covers. NOt any more ;-)
And worse, the story is thus: I started new job with long commute. I started listening to radio. I texted into the breakfast show when in the awful traffic. I entered a competition to win some gig tickets. I won and dj called me to tell me. I was star struck. I received tickets in post with hand written note. I went to gig. I texted show to say thank you And that I'd had a nice time. Dj found me on Facebook as I'd liked his show. Dj sent me a text from his own phone. WE started text and Facebook communication. That went on for couple of months daily. to point where I was on a date and keen to get home to read the latest message from dj I was feeling brave and at a loose end one early summer evening and

ecofreckle Tue 06-Aug-13 23:30:15

Ha ha...crappy phone. I shall now finish:
I texted him to invite him to My house for dinner. He was game. He landed on my door step shortly afterwards. I saw him for first time and thought 'handsome and very young' and then invited him right on in wink blush
Worse I hope that entertains you if you have a night feed tonight x

Eigmum Wed 07-Aug-13 02:22:23

Eco, that's sweet! worse you could be on to something with the age thing. Seems like my dh is the oldest and he definitely gets it that this baby business is hard work.

eco I had a go at stretching the feeds today and it helped. I am up now because the 3 year old had a nightmare, dd is sleeping soundly! Normally dh deals with 3 year old in night but he's travelling in the states with work so just me.

leni , worse is right. Think of it this way, babies spell love T I M E. but quality time really matters. Have a nanny part time if you can and get her ( or him) to cook for ds, sort his clothes and look after him so that you can have as much quality time with him as possible when you aren't working. You'll always be mum but as worse says its great for there confidence to have others care for them and play with them, that's why they say it takes a village to raise a child .....

somethingbeginningwith Wed 07-Aug-13 06:38:17

leni he's very sensitive and let's everything get on top of him. I've known that about him for years so with his job (which is quite a high stress job - not that I fully understand what he does), the house buying, me going away in a couple of weeks, etc, he struggles to deal with it all and doesn't tell me til it gets too much. I'm very laid back about things and I think that pees him off too, as he's fretting while I say "it'll be alright". Also, with regards to the nanny, he or she won't be a stranger for long and it'll be nice for your LO to spend that time learning and having fun with someone who will hopefully mean a lot to him, and just think about how excited he'll be to see you when you come back from work smile

eco very cute story! It's similar to how DSis and DBil got together. She had a date with a radio presenter but fell for the guy who answered the phones instead. He's now a radio presenter! wink

somethingbeginningwith Wed 07-Aug-13 06:47:23

Gah, phone posted before I'd finished. I was going to say, mine and OH's getting together story is less romantic...we met on a field back when it was cool to frequent fields and get drunk with friends on a Friday when I was 16, on the Saturday he had a little house party just so that I'd go and asked me to be his girlfriend, by the Monday we'd said "I love you". Moving fast seems to have worked though, 8 years on!

Plonkysaurus Wed 07-Aug-13 07:37:06

Eco I love that story! Thank heavens your dj crush didn't turn out to be some awful Alan partridge type wink

Something your dp sounds very sweet, and like he works hard to provide for the three of you. Good on you for talking it through, a problem shared is a problem halved an all that - if only he'd learn some tact, no matter how sleepy that gorgeous boy of yours needs feeding!

Hmm our getting together story is so geeky and so boring. We met doing the same masters degree and pussy footed around the subject for A YEAR. I even went stay with him in his parents house for three days when he was dog sitting while they were away - and nothing happened. I had to tell my housemate to back off flirting with him because I found it so upsetting. We got drunk a lot together, in an attempt to shed any shyness, and I would stay in his bed with him off my face and still nothing happened. Then one night I went over, we watched The Fellowship of the Ring and nothing happened. But ten minutes into The Two Towers and we couldn't keep our hands off each other.

Leni I went to a childminder full time from three months. I loved it, my mum got a career she never thought possible, and I was really ready for school when I started aged three. It really worked for us as a family and I wouldn't feel bad at all about it. As worse said, children flourish in these situations. Research has disproven claims that working mums are damaging their kids by hiring nannies etc, so as Eig suggests I'd see it as a chance to really get some quality family time. Imagine coming home to a fridge full of food, a happy DS and a tidy house. Perfick!

Aw Eco that's proper romantic, and not even slightly embarrassing. Definitely one for the grand kids. And Something young love! Makes an old mare like me feel all misty eyed.

My story is far less romantic. I'd just started a new job in the City, and being a bit green behind the ears often volunteered to do the tea round. The guy opposite was a bit of a laugh and banned me from making tea for the 'ar%e of a consultant' as he never made one for anyone else. So of course I did, just to wind him up. The 'ar%e of a consultant' was so impressed by my tea making skills he spent the next two years sending me really funny emails, helping me with career decisions, hanging out, and generally being the best mate ever. Then one day he invited me to his bosses wedding, and the rest is history. When he reverts to ar%ism I have to remind myself that once upon a time he cared enough to spend two years pursuing me, so he's not all bad.

Eig I have no wisdom on when's the best time to switch from breast to bottle before returning to work, but my limited experienced suggests that getting dd really comfortable with a bottle before it becomes the only option might be best. We bought a lot of bottles before we found a type dd was comfortable with, and are now at the stage where she will drink from any of them. I still avoid TT though, as the milk flow is too fast and she's a bag of wind after 2 sucks.

Had a proper PT session yesterday, as Mr Nice Personal Trainer man as finally decided I will not disintegrate in a heap if presented with anything other than pilates. I never thought I'd hear myself say this, but it is soooo nice to ache!

StormyBrid Wed 07-Aug-13 08:21:39

I shall regale you all with our getting together saga when I'm on the laptop. For now I need breakfast, and I need this baby to drink more milk! Four flozzes is not an adequate breakfast.

Plonkysaurus Wed 07-Aug-13 08:24:07

DS has just eaten my plum! I took a few bites first then passed it to him. He sucked the living daylights out of it grin

StormyBrid Wed 07-Aug-13 08:54:01

DD just sucked the plum jam off my toast. Looked a bit put out when it was all gone and she was left with nothing but a handful of toast. Last night she decided plain pasta is boring, but dipped into tomato sauce is awesome. Half her face was orange afterwards. grin

Plonkysaurus Wed 07-Aug-13 09:18:59

Haha I love weaning. We've ditched the bowls and spoons because he hates them, but he loves grabbing anything and everything and giving it a good gumming. As he appears to have three teeth coming through I think some food provide relief. Off out for lunch later so ill be sure to give him something.

Eigmum Wed 07-Aug-13 09:19:06

Thanks worse I think I am going to give it a break for a week or so and then try again as at the moment she sees the bottle and cries uncontrollably and other than when the bottle is produced she is all smiles and a great sleeper and self settler so maybe I need to look at how I can either get her on a bottle or combine some kind if breast and bottle feeding when I go back to work? We'll see. It will work out in the end. I had a tennis lesson with a group if other misfit adults on the council courts in Wimbledon last night. Was great to get out and run about and generally try and hit the ball! Never mentioned I had a baby so got a proper workout am a bit a achy this am but loved it!

Anypants Wed 07-Aug-13 09:21:16

So plums are the order of the day, yes? I cooked up some bramley apples from the tree in our garden yesterday and gave DD a taste from my finger. She pulled a face but then nearly ripped my finger off trying to get more. It's time to start then..... hmm

StormyBrid Wed 07-Aug-13 09:48:58

Hmm, apples... been meaning to buy some as the first of the brambles in the front garden are ready. Apple and bramble crumble's okay for a five month old, right?

So, the saga of the man. Years ago, my brother's house was a bit of a drug den party house, and I met an awful lot of people round there while totally off my tits. I have no memory of meeting him at my brother's house, but he remembers, and says he thought I was beautiful even then (dodgy bastard, I was probably about seventeen and he'd've been thirty one). The man had a girlfriend, who's about the most vicious and manipulative hag you can possibly imagine, and she was cheating on him with my brother's housemate while my brother was going out with her sister. (Hull gets a bit incestuous at times.)

Anyway, early 2006, I was nearly twenty one and a bit of a mess mentally, and was out playing pool with my brother at Riley's, and I actually remember seeing the man in there. And not meeting his eye, on the grounds that anyone who'd willingly go out with such a massive psycho bitch should probably be avoided. Although I later found out he'd just broken up with her then, and me not meeting his eye made him think he had no chance.

Fast forward a few more years. You know that thing where you're drunk and grumpy and on facebook and you think "These people aren't my friends, bugger the lot of them" and have a massive cull? The man got caught up in a cull, and then I re-added him. I have no idea why, or what was going through my head. It's mystifying. But it was enough for him to actually comment on one of my photos saying I'm beautiful (he's clearly mental). Took me a few weeks to get round to replying (because I was convinced it was some sort of huge joke or attempt to get at me - still a bit mentally wobbly then, clearly). We spent three days (well, nights) talking on facebook while I assessed his written English abilities. He can punctuate, he uses capital letters in the appropriate places, he corrects himself if he makes a typo, he can use the subjunctive, and most importantly, he can spell "definitely". That's good enough for me, so I invited him round and he's not really left since. We're about two weeks away from our second anniversary now.

Plonkysaurus Wed 07-Aug-13 10:10:34

Aww Stormy. I wouldn't procreate with anyone who thought 'definately' was correct either wink.

I think almost any things fair game, weaning wise. I mean to say the crumble sounds yummy and if she's already eating toast I wouldn't worry about a dessert like that. Maybe lay off the custard though. My plan is to wait til 26 weeks for meat and dairy but he's already proven to me he can digest crumpets and fruit. Weaning nappies <boak>

StormyBrid Wed 07-Aug-13 10:15:48

Oh, it's not what you'd call eating toast, plonko. Just gumming it to death and then dropping it. But she has fun, and she'll start swallowing bits when she's ready to. Meat would be wasted on her at the moment though.

I have actually turned down a second date with someone because they couldn't spell definitely before. What can I say? I'm a pedant.

LaLaLeni Wed 07-Aug-13 12:44:21

I read that protein's out until 12 months?! So no dairy/meat?

This is quite a good guide on the recommended age for introducing different foods:


StormyBrid Wed 07-Aug-13 15:37:56

NHS leaflet I got said chicken or mashed fish are good after they've started with soft fruit and veg, so can't imagine one would have to wait until one for that. Anyway, isn't the idea of BLW that they eat what we do (minus the salt)?

We've just set up a fishtank in DD's room. Hoping the watery sound will help her sleep, and she does find fish fascinating.

StormyBrid Wed 07-Aug-13 17:11:25

If DD is howling after her jabs, and looks me right in the eye while wailing "mummy", am I allowed to count it as her first word even though it was very very probably just coincidence?

somethingbeginningwith Wed 07-Aug-13 18:09:36

Absolutely stormy you can definitely claim that as a first word. I have a great video of DS saying "hello there" and that is exactly what he said, it wasn't just baby noises that sound like it in the slightest.

SoYo Wed 07-Aug-13 19:56:10

I've just put madam to bed in her own room and its making me feel ridiculously panicky! Last time she kept getting trapped and tangled in the bars so I've put a rolled up towel under the sheet on each side which will hopefully help. I'm sure it's the right time because we've started disturbing her overnight but I just have this awful paranoia of something terrible happening overnight and me not realising. Anyone else had this?

Plonkysaurus Wed 07-Aug-13 20:06:05

She'll be fine, SoYo. I was a bit panicky the first night we put DS in his own room but we've a baby monitor and stupidly thin walls. Enjoy talking in bed again, and getting (hopefully) better quality sleep.

Dammit no proper rolling or words here. I swear he said yes to a direct question last week, but dp assures me I am batshit insane.

Interesting link Worse. At the moment we're keeping the UK plum trade in business, but I think we'll play with broccoli soon.

Vj no idea if you're about at the minute, but how are you getting on with the shred?

ecofreckle Wed 07-Aug-13 20:22:16

soyo I was exactly the same. We have had the tightly rolled bath towels under sheets either side since we switched her 3 weeks Ish ago. Maybe leave the doors open between your room for extra reassurance? I think it takes a while to settle with the new arrangement. I guess we might feel a bit funny about it until they're 6mo? But, DD has been totally fine since the switch and is getting used to it nicely. Many less wakings than the first week we switched, and although she can roll, she mostly now chooses her back. Sounds like you've done the right thing.

SoYo Wed 07-Aug-13 20:29:18

I take it all back. Lasted 20mins. She rolled onto her front and woke herself up and now I can't get her down again at all. Ie tried feeding, singing, rocking, leaving for a few mins but nothing.

I'm just so fucking tired and so fucking sick of it and there's nothing I can do to make it better. She goes batshit crazy if anyone other than me tried to settle her so DH can't even help. I just want to sob. I have no idea what to do. I hate this.

ecofreckle Wed 07-Aug-13 21:18:48

time for a brew - get your dh to do that for you.
If the baby is going crazy anyway maybe it's time to send DH in there to enable you time to get out and have a breather of fresh air/chat to a friend on phone/have a drink. You'll be doing yourself a big favour if you give yourself a break.
Try some white noise maybe? Pop the fan on even if it's facing away from her just to give a bit of soothy noise?
These guys are open til 10pm cry sis so they might be worth a chat.
I'm sorry you're having a crappy time Soyo. You are 4+ months in and doing a bloody marvellous job. We're all in awe.

Anypants Wed 07-Aug-13 21:19:31

soyo - take a deep breath. Tuck her in as tight as you can with a sheet. Give her something to cuddle/chew on. Give her some Dentinox. Play some lullaby music. Then try shushing with your hand on her chest until she settles down. Keep telling her it's bedtime, time to go to sleep. If she howls, pick her up and cuddle until she calms down then repeat. Try and stay calm whilst you do it. Be prepared to stay with your hand on her for a while. Hope this helps thanks

SoYo Wed 07-Aug-13 21:42:45

Thank you all, I hope you know you've repeatedly saved my sanity over the last 6m. DH took over and she screamed at him for 15min while I calmed down. I then walked her round for a while while she calmed down, put her down and kept a hand on her and sang to her while she went to sleep. I think she's tire herself out screaming which makes me feel so terrible. Hopefully I'll do better tomorrow. I need to find my zen calm again! I had it a couple of weeks ago but it's all gone again. Maybe wine will help? I'm sure chocolate will!

Plonkysaurus Wed 07-Aug-13 22:05:55

So pleased to hear your dh stepped in to help. I know it feels shit hearing them cry when you're trying your best but sometimes that's just how it is. She's warm, safe, fed and loved, and when you've done everything you possibly can its important to remember yourself. I suppose what I'm attempting to say through the rambling is that you're not leaving her to cry it out, but maybe she needs to settle in her own time. You're trying your best, and doing incredibly well.

How about chocolate, wine and a nice bath? All at once?

pudtat Wed 07-Aug-13 22:19:04

Sorry I missed this Soyo, but glad you've got somewhere now. I often sit with DS while he whinges and occasionally howls before going to sleep. I won't leave him to cry it out but as Plonky says, when you know they are fed, changed, warm and sleepy (!) then just being with him while he settles seems to help. He looks at me and eventually turns away and goes to sleep. He knows now that while I will sometimes stroke his cheek, once he's in bed, then that's it. It can be hard to listen to them cry, but it doesn't often happen for long now.

Mind you, screamy day yesterday and Velcro baby. Got wonder week email in my inbox - connected grin?

No rolls yet here Plonky, flips to either side and plays there, but then flips back rather than finishing the job. Doing sterling efforts at sitting though, doesn't need support as such, just a guiding hand.

somethingbeginningwith Wed 07-Aug-13 23:01:41

I'm glad you had some help soyo and fx for an easier night ahead for you. You're really quite the inspiration, so I agree with the wine, chocolate and bubble bath, sit back and know that you are supermum!

So, SIL is in labour, I don't know about any of you but I really don't envy her right now!

SoYo Thu 08-Aug-13 03:33:28

First wake up! That's the longest sleep for ages. Thanks all, you're all fab <hands out bowls of white choc & raspberry baked cheesecake with large glass of wine>.

Pud Mini-Yo loves rolling but is cack at sitting up, she just tries to straighten her legs and throws herself back, isn't it funny how they all do things in a different order.

Something I know exactly what you mean, I still see pregnant women & think 'you poor sod, you've got no idea what you're in for those first few weeks'. I see this as a good indicator that the next one is never going to happen a long way off.

Plonkysaurus Thu 08-Aug-13 07:02:20

Aww but Something she'll soon be cuddling a snuffly wee newborn. What I don't envy is how she's going to feel in about five days.

Pud we have the same, he can sit unaided for a few moments and can roll onto his side but has no interest going any further.

Ds grumped at 4.30 am, so I went to put him in our bed. The moment he saw me he started laughing. I've decided to see this as a Cute Thing and not take it personally.

StormyBrid Thu 08-Aug-13 08:53:24

Hugs to SoYo, and be proud of yourself, lass - you're doing an incredibly hard thing and coping brilliantly.

Fishtank clearly worked too well. DD fed at 12.45 and 5.20. Still asleep now. I'm only awake because the cat just jumped onto my head. How on earth do I fit four feeds in today? Even with only 3.5 hours in between it'll have to be late to bed. What to do?

Plonkysaurus Thu 08-Aug-13 10:20:05

Fish tank sounds awesome. I'd follow her lead with feeds for a few days and see if she's happy to develop a new routine. DS pretty much forced me to do this earlier in the week and he's so much easier now. I'd just see it as this : you managed to get on top of her feeds, now you've nailed sleep too, so work around the sleep as she clearly wants it.

Has anyone else with a teething baby found that their appetite has just dropped? DS has gone from clearing five 8floz bottles a day to just four, and doesn't wake during the night for milk. Sometimes he just chews the teat and pulls his disgusted face if any milk makes it onto his tongue. He's 19lbs!! How is he getting enough milk?!

I've just mowed the garden and I feel terrible. Evicted three frogs and a million tiny butterflies, a d chopped a slug in half. I didn't want to do it but the neighbours keep getting cats bum faces whenever they look at my dilapidated hovel.

StormyBrid Thu 08-Aug-13 11:11:01

Dunno if it's teeth but we've got reduced appetite here. My personal theory is she's noticed we're giving less feeds, is very happy about this, and is drinking even less because those silly big people must have finally got the message about milk being poison. She keeps wanting to stop after three ounces. Daft child!

As for gardens, I've an unemployed mate who does ours for beer money. Very useful!

Any news something? I'm so jealous, I'd love another. Won't be having one any time soon though after today's depressing trip to the gynae. I'm booked in for an exploratory op under general next week to find out wtf is going on in there, and oh, as a bonus the PCOS I spent years clearing out of my system through eating a positively obsessive low GI diet is back. Badly. No great surprise really with the chaotic food intake I get these days, but depressing none the less.

SoYo I'm wishing a long settled night your way. You have definitely earned it. I'm wishing everyone else that too, but you get first dibs.

Stormy and Plonky yes, appetite is up the swanny here too. The tiddler has a new and tedious way of eating. She will down 3floz, burp, fart, grizzle, and then point blank refuse to eat anything else for about 15mins. After a play, roll and general arse about she will be up for another go. It usually takes about 3 goes and 2 breaks to clear a feed. Huge sigh.

Well done on the mowing Plonky. How do you fit that round ds? Serious question.... I'm getting nothing done, and any tips gratefully received.

Final thing - I need some advice. I have upset a friend. I have no idea how I have upset this friend, but as she is lovely, has always been there for me, and I owe her big time for many things how do I fix it? I am being blanked. DH is being blanked. My texts are being blanked. I am too damn scared to go round there (but I know I have to). What should I do? Bake a cake and grovel? I'm rubbish at this stuff. I have a male brain.

pudtat Thu 08-Aug-13 21:01:52

Fx for a good night Soyo.

Plonky, appetite all over the place here too. As is his boob feeding - often rejecting a side completely but then taking a top up bottle hmm. I keep telling myself that as I will have to start winding down from the end of this month (I return to work 26th sept) then perhaps it's for the best if he's doing it for me, but I had hoped we had a couple more weeks...

Worse, hugs for the pcos and op and stuff. That all sounds pretty grim. Glad they've obviously started taking things seriously after your nagging last week but sorry it's not better sounding news. Hopefully they can work out what's going on and get you back on track ASAP though. And if you've beaten the pcos before, then you can again - and your body knows what to do now. Fx all goes smoothy. thanks

As for your friend, tricky one... Another male brain here but your plan for cake and upfront asking sounds good. You really have no idea what it's about? Could she have other stuff that's nothing to do with you that's got her distracted? Hope you can sort it out though. thanks

SoYo Thu 08-Aug-13 21:03:48

Oh no Wors, crappy that you need an op but guessing what it is its over in 10mins and you should feel fine if a bit grotty after. It would be good to find out what's happening and get sorted! As for the PCOS, your hormones will still be everywhere so give it another 6m and then see where you are. Don't write anything off, my DM was 42 when she had me (ancient then) and she's awesome ad still only looks about 55 plus she's thinner and fitter than me

Thanks for the sleepy vibes, she went down ok this evening but we'll see where it goes from here.

Any idea what your friend might be annoyed about? If you can figure that out it might be easier to fix!

Plonkysaurus Thu 08-Aug-13 21:08:51

Ooh ooh I know Something's news grin. I had a lovely visit with her and gorgeous DS today. Despite something's boy giving mine one to one tuition, DS still hasn't rolled.

Worse I'm sorry to hear you're having a tough time. Is it back to the low GI diet then? Hope the surgery goes ok and you get the results you're hoping for. Wrt the friend, how would a well considered gift go down? Perhaps something relating to an in joke that only she'd understand, or hand picked flowers? I'm something of a social hippo though (fat and clumsy) so probably best to wait for advice from someone with a heart more emotional intelligence!

Oh and the gardening was pure luck. DS fell asleep in his pushchair at 9.30. We got home ten mins later and I left him on the front in it and just got on with the lawn with the proviso that I'd stop the moment he woke. I brought him in when I'd finished and managed to Hoover, clean the kitchen and blitz two bathrooms. I then had to wake him at 11.20 for a bottle! As I say, pure luck.

Sonething's DS totally ended up holding hands with my boy today. I think we both swooned and got very broody.

vjhist85 Thu 08-Aug-13 21:12:33

Hello all, the signal here in Wales is so bad I can't reply to much! Things I remember: SoYo- I know it probably doesn't make things any easier, but I am also in awe at your staying power. Last night tiddler was up and inexplicably crying for an hour at 4am. This has never happened before and I found it really difficult, so my respect for those with bad sleepers is wven higher. Plonky: I'm not shredding at the mo as I have serious concerns about its effect on my pelvic floor, last time I basically felt like I'd just given birth all over again. Have prescribed myself 2 weeks of strengthening before I try again. Worse- you poor thing, let me know if there's anything I can do, I'm around all week. Keeping everything crossed for a simple outcome. And oh how shitty re: PCOS. Could you find a way to get back to the low GI somehow (even if it meant spending a lot of money?) with your friend, I'm guessing you've tried "what have I done?". Otherwise, yes, bake something yummy, write a note, buy beautiful flowers. Knock on door (with dd, she's irresistible!). If she answers, use dd as a cute buffer and just say 'I miss you, I've obviously done something, I'm sorry, tell me what it is so I can fix it' if she doesn't answer, leave cake, flowers, (not dd) and note to same effect. If she's truly lovely then I'm guessing she's not a sulker and there has obviously been a misunderstanding which needs sorting (because you're also lovely so doubt you've ACTUALLY done anything) alternatively, has your DH asked hers? Men are simple beings, perhaps they can get to the crux more quickly. Finally, and this is a low blow, tell her about your op, and say that whilst she's clearly pissed off with you, you'd really appreciate it if she could pop in on DH and dd to check they're ok whilst you're under the knife. Last resort though possibly...

vjhist85 Thu 08-Aug-13 21:17:10

That last one sounds really manipulative on second reading, but I'd still be tempted to give it a go.

Plonky- I still get teary when dd accidentally holds hands with other babies, wors and I were similarly emotional a couple of weeks back!

SoYo Thu 08-Aug-13 21:28:24

VJ in terms of the pelvic floor just do five to ten mins a day. They're tricky at first if you're not used to them. Everyone tells you it's like stopping peeing, which it is and that gives you the right pulling up feeling but you also need to pull up at the back from your bum at the same time so that it works the muscles all the way around the pelvic floor. I generally tell people to do them in runs of five with a break between and alternating between 5 fast and then five when you hold for longer, working up to 10secs. The one good thing about working in gynae is that we're all like Hitler about our pelvic floors! Exercises make a huge difference too so don't worry, it will get better!

somethingbeginningwith Thu 08-Aug-13 22:23:06

wors she had a beautiful DD at 12:17pm, at home water birth. She's got such a lot of dark hair and is generally a lovely, sleepy, tiny newborn. DS looked ginormous next to her as he shouted and kicked and rolled around. I did get very broody! Also, have no advice on your PCOS, DSis suffers quite badly with hers but if you cracked it with your diet before, I'm sure that in time you'll crack it again. 4-5 months after giving birth is definitely bound to play havoc with hormones! And hope your op goes well!

I don't have any words of wisdom that haven't already been said regarding your friend. The best thing is probably to go round to see her because then you can discuss it face to face. It might even be something unrelated to you and may need a friend to go round anyway?

plonk and I had a lovely day with the DSs who were very adorable together. Even managing to have a very short nap together as well as gum some pasta and same time poonamis! Very in sync babies!

Thanks everyone, you are the best. Thanks for the heads up SoYo, the consultant was a bit old school - very little explanation other than 'we're going in'. I'll do the low GI thing again I guess, which given I don't have a sweet tooth is no great hardship, it's just more the hassle factor. The tiddler (though gorgeous) does like to time her post meal time I need a nap screamy moments for the 5 minutes I get to eat. So I eat cr*p. I will have a chat with her and explain the situation. I'm sure she will understand hmm

As for my friend, well I can't think of anything specific, but I have to be frank been a bit immersed in worselet world for the past 5 months and rather neglectful of everything else. I probably should have asked how her kids are doing in their new jobs, remembered their birthdays, asked how she is doing more often... all that stuff. I've been in short a rather rubbish friend. I take some flowers and a card round tomorrow, with the worselet (good tip there VJ) and say sorry. No one is going to slam a door in a baby's face now are they?! If I am really lucky she may be out all day, in which case I can always leave the flowers and run away grin.

Plonky baby hand holding is beyond cute. I bet we'll look back on such times with misty eyed emotion, when they are 3 and punching each other in the head grin

And did I read that right - you mowed the lawn, and blitzed the house? Al in one go? At once? Without a poonami, whingy wail, or poked self in the eye so am going to SCREAM situation to deal with? shock. Wow. That must have been good whiskey you put in his bottle first thing wink

As for the shred thing - I took a look, what with being into all things fitness, and my take on it is approach with extreme caution. It isn't something to launch into as a first form of exercise post natal. The exercises are very high impact on the knees, extreme on the core, and the core ones use the lumber region of the spine. We're still at the stage where joints are a bit looser than normal, so less able to withstand impact, our cores are shot, and our backs are recovering from the stress of a pregnancy bump, and baby lifting. If you have any stomach muscle separation at all, crunches can be damaging. Put your hand on your stomach when doing an exercise. If you feel even a tiny hint of them peaking in the middle - stop.

And there ends the lecture.... repeated almost verbatim from that given to me by Mr nice personal trainer man who is very tedious about not letting me injure myself.

Right, I think it is bed time. I have a sleeping baby, so should be making the most of it not ar5ing about on the internet grin

Fab news something smile. The tiddler had lots of dark hair too. She has none now, and currently gunning for blond, but I will always have a particular weakness for dark haired newborn baby girls.

<wanders off to look at photos of a wrinkled little worselet aged 1 minute>

pudtat Thu 08-Aug-13 22:56:54

DS had lots of dark hair but now sports a dark blonde crop. Lovely news Something (but nope, still not broody).

Worse, if she has kids I'm sure she'll understand why you've been rather absorbed, ESP with the other issues as well. Hope air can be cleared.

LaLaLeni Thu 08-Aug-13 23:11:49

No appetite here either. Only four feeds today, done in halves always with leftovers confusedwe have, however, duly put on our 2 oz this week though and DS now weighs in at 16lbs 6 at 10 weeks, which from the charts seems ok still. He also happily eats the first half but then gets that disgusted face if I try with the rest.

Sitting in the lounge today wondering what the strange noise was - turned out all the parcel tape on our moving boxes IS PEELING OFF!!! I'm so done with packing now, there are so many 'last bits' we can't pack until Saturday. We'll have no furniture at all until Tuesday either!

DS is now saying what sounds like 'mummy' all the time, along with this horrific intentional gargling noise and much laughter when tickled. I just wish he'd cuddle me nicely without squiggling or slapping me round the face a bit more... His blond hair's coming back, but some of the hairs he had at birth (and I mean literally three) are still there and about 3 inches long now - they look ridiculous!

Hope everyone gets a good sleep tonight, we're not doing that much either shock

pudtat Fri 09-Aug-13 05:29:07

16.6 lb blimey. We hit 13lb 10.6 yesterday and we are climbing up the centiles...

High chair arrived yesterday, so once I've got it put together I can start getting him used to sitting in it. grin

pudtat Fri 09-Aug-13 05:31:09

We'll be 21 weeks tomorrow... Where is the time going?

StormyBrid Fri 09-Aug-13 07:08:46

Joining you in the slender baby corner pud, we weighed a week ago and she was 14lbs 4.5oz at 21 weeks. The rate she's going she might just manage to double her birth weight by six months.

Had to turn her over at ten to seven, went for a quick smoke before I get her up for breakfast, and it's all gone quiet. Has she gone back to sleep? Might sneak up there with a bottle and see if she'll eat then sleep. I could do with a bit more kip before we go scatter my grandparents' ashes later today. Pretty sure Dad said it's somewhere in the Lakes we're going, so with a bit of luck I can get a good six hours' kip in the car.

LaLaLeni Fri 09-Aug-13 08:01:53

Stormy I hope the weather holds for you today.

Pud funny isn't it - weren't we due the same day? DS is a solid little unit, he's not fat, very tall and all muscle! No idea where he's getting it from, yet another thing to add to my list of paranoias that maybe he isn't ours.... shock

I've been mapping his weight against the centiles and it's started going almost vertical. I think he's going to be a handful once he's mobile.

Accidentally gave him some of a 5 hour old bottle in the night in my tired haze - seems ok so hopefully no damage done. I was in the middle of a dream where we'd gone on holiday and he'd got lost, my phone was suddenly really complicated and I couldn't use it, and I'd forgotten to bring any food for him. Insecure much?!

StormyBrid Fri 09-Aug-13 09:14:24

Don't fret about the old bottle, Leni, it's a pretty small risk of an upset tummy, so doing it regularly is a bad idea but a one off will likely be fine.

Plonkysaurus Fri 09-Aug-13 09:58:34

Pud I got more excited about the highchair than any other bit of baby tat. He sits in it nicely already (like yours, my DS loves to sit up, surveying his kingdom) and joins me when I have lunch.

Leni he'll be fine. I'm sure we've all done it once, it just makes you more diligent in the future. Moving is so stressful even without kids, you have a perfectly adequate excuse.

Stormy I hope today goes ok for you and you get that extra sleep. Your lo loves her mornings nap eh?

Worse I know what you mean. I'd been doing planks and crunches with a semi-daily 10km on the exercise bike before I started doing the shred. If my core strength was on its arse I wouldn't go anywhere near. My abs feel pretty good, nicely toned but just hiding under the babby pooch. Have you sussed what's bugging your friend yet? I'd be tempted to be forthright about it. Take the cake and the baby and be lovely, but ask her to just come out with it.

I'm off to enrol DS at nursery today <sob> I feel like I'm practically sending him off to uni.

Just a quick one to say thanks all for giving me the push to face the music. I went to see my friend armed with a big bouquet and cute baby. Turns out it was a text. I worded something badly and it was misinterpreted. Women are complicated beings aren't they, I'm glad I'm not a bloke. I wish she'd just told me I was an ar5e, then it wouldn't have taken me two weeks of not noticing before I worked it out. Any way, we're friends again, and I feel much better, as she has gone above and beyond for me so many times I would never knowing do anything to upset her.

Phew. Not using text again. Ever!!!

SoYo Fri 09-Aug-13 15:24:02

Oh no Wors, glad it's sorted now. It's so hard with texts & emails isn't it? When you can't hear something being said it can often be taken in many ways, this was often a source of upset with me & DH in the early days. Well done for stepping up & going to see her, I'm rubbish at things like that sometimes.

LaLaLeni Fri 09-Aug-13 18:12:35

Worse - I hate the whole misinterpretation of the typed word thing! Glad you made up grin

Said goodbye to my two lovely neighbour mummy friends and their DCs this morning. Finally realised I'm moving across London to a strange area...

I'm about to cook everything in the freezer in a 'curry' to avoid having to chuck it away. Fx we're in fit shape for the madness tomorrow and not poisoned!

Sold the bumbo chair on ebay and the bloody buyer hasn't paid. Someone else bought the boba wrap and then said they didn't want it. Don't people know the rules?!

SoYo Fri 09-Aug-13 20:58:42

Oh no Leni, poor eBay etiquette indeed! I've just bought a second hand maclaren for when we're taking a full car load of stuff and the dog too, it's great but new ones are so bloody expensive. Is there a local mums group online in your area? We've got a few and they've all got classified sections where it might be easier and more reliable to sell on plus saves the hassle of posting big things. Good luck with the move tomorrow.

It's DH's birthday today & we've had a really lovely day. Now all we need is to persuade this baby to sleep tonight and it'll be perfect if unlikely

Hope everyone's having a Good Friday night!

ecofreckle Fri 09-Aug-13 21:16:32

Evening all. And happy Friday.
plonky you inspired me. House is clean. worse I can report that we managed it only because a) it was raining so I didn’t feel I was missing anything more fun b) I didn’t want to waste another weekend day when DH is here doing dull shit like cleaning c) DD did three 45 min naps d) DD joined me on a large blanket for the bathrooms being cleaned and the dusting in each room and then into the chair whilst I hovered and e) my house is small. DH has gone to a leaving do so I sit on the sofa with DD asleep and no chores coming to mind. I feel most peculiar.
soyo I followed your horrid evening on here and was so pleased that DH got involved and that you had an ace night. How has she been since? Your advice about pelvic floor exercises was useful. I thought I’d been good at the exercises and the first gynae physio I saw said I was doing them right (she had her finger ...errr... in the right place to know) but the second said I was doing it all wrong because I couldn’t maintain breathing into my lower belly in and out throughout. She says I need to retrain my body to do it. I am beyond perplexed at what she even means. It’s like patting your tummy and rubbing your head!
worse good work with your friend. When I read your quandary I was going to say pretty much what VJ (is Wales fun by the way vj? Hope so!) said but was on the crap phone. It’s really hard to face situations like that so it’s nice that you managed it and that the air has been cleared. Sorry about your ongoing medical stuff. When is the date of your exploration? (Let's call it that. It sounds exciting and a bit glamorous that way. )
leni Good Luck. With the freezer concoction and the move! Exciting times. Don’t forget to pack the baby grin
pud what high chair did you go for? I am regretting the Stokke thing at present because it’s young baby addition doesn’t seem wildly practical for a baby who is going to smear it in crap three times a day who is weaning.
stormy are the fish in one of those tanks that are illuminated and have bubbles? I can’t think of anything more soothing and brilliant for babies to stare at. Lucky baby.
Purchased a doidy cup today. Anyone’s LO actually taking anything from them yet? Also got a space blanket. After going to crazy baby sensory class on Thursday it is the most fascinating thing ever and keeps her occupied for ages and ages.
One of my two bridesmaids (I say that to indicate that she’s a close friend) has lost her mucus plug smile She is 39 + some and has a favourable cervix. All those words seem like ancient history but I am so excited for her. I was anxious about my birth and it wasn’t a sneeze affair but there is part of me that is envious. But I’m not broody if that makes any sense.
hours ago so I read the whole thread Just clicked absentmindedly on the thread ‘advertised’ on the MN home page about how soon after birth people resume sex. Oh. My. God. Less than a week?! Not just the odd person, lots. I felt like a disgusting, crusty, car crash for weeks and weeks and could not sit down without wincing. soyo as a nethers expert please can you tell me whether some women have radically different births and are in fact physically fit for shenanigans after only a few days. I am clearly shaken having read their stories! I’m off to find some wine.

SoYo Fri 09-Aug-13 22:41:21

Eco, results have been mixed on the sleeping front, last night she was up 4 times but spaced well so I got a bit of kip between.

In terms of resuming relations you are indeed right, some women seem to sail through the whole thing as if nothing has happened and are back at it in no time when I was a student I walked in on a couple at it on the postnatal ward shock. I however felt like the world was going to fall out of my arse for quite some time and since then the screaming madam that refuses to nap during the day, is regularly attached to me and was in our room at night until a few days ago has rather dampened the mood. We've got the rest of our lives though, no great rush! I think the variation of normal is absolutely huge and as long as your happy with it, it doesn't matter a jot about other people.

We too have the Tripp Trapp and it is a bit of an arse to clean but madam seems to like it and has claimed a place at the head of the table, plus I think it'll come into its own as she gets older. We're also working on the doidy cup but much more ends up down her front that down her throat, wether its water or milk.

We've decided to take BLW quite literally here so today madam has had cucumber, strawberry, bresaola (DH), croissant, breadstick and a bit of halibut. Most of it came straight back out but she pulled some cracking faces first!

pudtat Fri 09-Aug-13 22:58:53

It's the ikea antilop - panicked at the money you could spend on great huge things with reviews that said you couldn't clean them... Figured we can always upgrade!

StormyBrid Fri 09-Aug-13 23:39:27

Good God, that was a long drive. So, the Lake District. It's a bit vertical, isn't it?

Glad everyone's doing well with friends and freezers and so forth. I managed to miss DD's first taste of banana mashed with formula. She swallowed ten spoonfuls! I am expecting interesting poos tomorrow. Hopefully not interesting pops, as my phone just suggested. And on that note, I must go fall over (rather later than intended, thanks to an uncle being three sodding hours late).

vjhist85 Sat 10-Aug-13 08:17:23

Back from Wales, lovely time had but I now know for definite that 300 miles is too far to drive on my own with a baby who doesn't like being awake in the car. In case anyone was unsure.
We've just ordered a £20 high chair from Mothercare (mhyr or something similar?) we were going to get the ikea one but don't live near ikea! I decided that something made of one piece of plastic would be easier to clean (although I loved the tripp trapp when we tried it in kiddicare...)

Thanks for the pelvic floor advice soyo. I'm sure mine is silly weak, that was probably part of the cause of spd, along with hypermobility.

Worse re: shredding, you're right, it is quite high impact but I've been doing yoga since 6 weeks pp, and my instructor has confirmed that I have no separation anymore. But I wasn't expecting a return to the 'everything's going to fall out' feeling so I'm giving it a few weeks before trying again on that basis.

Catching up on the how I met DH story. Very dull. His friend was dating my friend. We all met in a pub. I thought he was seriously weird as he was wearing shorts in November. Neither of us were single. 3 years of seeing each other occasionally, our mutual friend told us to get on with it as we kept asking about each other. I went travelling, I was in Sydney when he looked me up on Facebook. I got back from travelling, and basically moved in a week later. Our best friends married each other and we were best man and maid of honour, and vice versa. All a bit cute really, they now live 7 doors down!

SoYo Sat 10-Aug-13 11:11:59

I'm not sure I've ever been this tired. Every 1hr45 overnight with nothing but a feed settling her each time. I really hope this is some form of growth spurt rather than her new pattern! I need sleep!!!

pudtat Sat 10-Aug-13 12:48:38

We don't live near ikea either but you can get them via amazongrin

Thinking sleepy thoughts for you Soyo!

Off shopping now - ooh the excitement of weekly meal planning.

Rainbowbabyhope Sat 10-Aug-13 13:57:23

SoYo my DD has been exactly the same at night for the last 4 nights with constant feeding and last night finally spaced feeds out again a bit so I am convinced it was a growth spurt (DD didn't read manual that says next one is at 6 months!).

I was pretty much unharmed by birth as had a very gentle and easy time of it so physically totally up to relations a week after but in reality hardly had time to eat dinner let alone anything more exciting!

vj DD loathes being in the car unless it's naptime so generally always try time it - 300 miles alone must have been so hard!

soyo how does your DD handle bits of food that make it into her mouth? DD is fine sucking juice out of stuff but gags and coughs up on any pieces no matter how small. Makes me reluctant to give her anything that she can break off atm.

SoYo Sat 10-Aug-13 14:49:49

Rainbow according to the wonder weeks book they can start being affected by the next growth/intellectual development from 23-26wks so right on time!

Madam is doing pretty well actually and I'm giving her bigger chunks as its the smaller ones she seems to gag on. Gagging is an important part of them learning to handle food in their mouth and swallow though so although scary I just watch and stay close and she clears it herself and has never choked (although that does worry me). She's just had broccoli, carrots, breadsticks and banana for lunch with moderate success!

StormyBrid Sat 10-Aug-13 15:06:06

Sounds like miniYo is getting the hang of eating!

We've just been to my dad's for lunch, and I tried this banana and formula mashed up thing. Went down a treat. The recipe, for anyone interested, is as follows: mash up a bit of a banana with a fork; add half an ounce of formula from the last bottle the baby turned its nose up at; mix it up and offer it on a spoon. Blatantly does not count as baby led weaning, but if you don't try and shove the spoon in until they open their mouth, they're retaining some control. Have just bought an apricot to try her on tomorrow. Still no poo, and I am still dreading it.

Word of advice from my dad: do not feed the baby oranges. It makes their wee bright orange and their poo explosive and revolting. I shall be sure to remember this.

Not sure I'd have been up for shenanigans a week after giving birth. Only had a tiny tear, but it felt weird having this raised line on my perineum, so we waited until that had disappeared.

SoYo Sat 10-Aug-13 19:03:17

A word of warning Stormy, bananas leave little brown stringy bits in the nappy that look like worms.....we were a bit concerned until Dr Google helped us out!!!

pudtat Sat 10-Aug-13 20:01:46

Rainbow I am reading the blw book at the mo which explains that for safety reasons the gag reflex is further forward in babies and moves back over time to prevent choking. So gagging is to be expected. They reckon it can be at 7-9 months before a blw baby really starts to eat in any quantity as up to this point much gets pushed out rather than swallowed. However all the time they are learning how to chew and move food in their mouths which are valuable skills.

Plonkysaurus Sat 10-Aug-13 20:57:49

I'm absolutely loving weaning. Ds is becoming quite adventurous and has been gumming the hell out of sourdough bread all day at my mums. He's also had more banana and plum, as well as some vair posh avocado. I agree Pud, it's not really eating at this stage but all good practice. We're mixing spoon feeding with just handing him a random assortment of chip shaped bits, and he seems happy enough.

My sister has given me knitting needles for my birthday. I'm reasonably crafty but absolutely stumped. But she gave me wool too so I really ought to have a good go. Bugger.

SoYo I hope you have a better night tonight. You deserve one!

SoYo Sat 10-Aug-13 21:37:08

Ah thanks Plonky. She went down beautifully but then had a complete breakdown 10mins later, was lovely & settled anytime I picked her up but went ballistic when I put her down or DH took her. I've just spent 1hr picking up & putting down but she's eventually asleep again. We'll see what the night brings. Sometimes it just feels so overwhelming that only I can settle her at the moment and I've had another cry tonight but I just keep chanting to myself it's just a phase. DH is being lovely but there's no point him battling her screaming for an hour when she settles quicker and easier with me.

We've just had a discussion about what this would be like with a toddler too, I'm pretty sure DD will be an only one for a good long while!!!

What's everyone's best time of day with their babies and why? I love the morning, she's all big funny grins and giggles and likes to grab our faces and have a good feel as if to familiarise herself again. To be fair lunchtime is pretty hilarious now too, if only to see the faces she pulls at new tastes! I need to remember these things when there's a long night ahead!

StormyBrid Sat 10-Aug-13 22:27:55

Twenty silent minutes after feeding her and saying "go back to sleep" at half six in the morning, that's my favourite time, because it usually means I get a lie in until nine! Hard to pick a best awake time though, as she's a pretty easygoing baby.

Not so easygoing tonight though - woke up positively howling at half nine. Wouldn't settle, offered her milk and she downed five ounces, then we had half an hour of dummy returns and gutwrenching wails every time it fell out. She's getting a lot better at putting it back in when she's awake, but it does give her trouble when she's half asleep.

Anypants Sat 10-Aug-13 22:30:24

Ah yes - mornings are best for us too. She gives me a big grin and a nice cuddle first thing and sets me up for the day.

I have a question - we're four days in to the weaning and I can only get her to have about three tiny spoons of puree before she loses interest. She had a go on a couple of tiny chunks of my banana (as she was lickking her lips while I was eating it) but really doesn't seem to be that into food. Am I doing it wrong or is that all they're supposed to have to begin with? Annabel Karmel suggests an ice cube or two at a sitting but it's nowhere near hmm How much did your LOs have in the first few days?

pudtat Sat 10-Aug-13 23:09:53

Still not even trying weaning here, though doing all the reading. As I said on my previous post, the blw book says that they may well swallow virtually nothing for several weeks so I really wouldn't worry. They aren't needing to take any nourishment from it yet as that's all coming from milk still so it really doesn't matter. You're just starting them on the journey of taste and texture etc. (even with purees).

StormyBrid Sun 11-Aug-13 08:27:43

NHS leaflet says a few pieces or spoons of food once a day at first. No one's expecting them to sit down for a three course dinner yet! I'm looking forward to seeing what DD makes of Christmas dinner though.

Banana poo was solid. I just had to spend ten minutes scrubbing it off bum cheeks with wet wipes.

ecofreckle Sun 11-Aug-13 08:46:02

Our favourite times are when she wakes from naps (very smiley and happy to have a cuddle) and pre bath in the evening when we both play with her for half an hour together.
DD is probably having her sunny stretch according to wonder weeks and is sleeping well and eating every 3 hours during day. This model baby is probably cursed now I have said that and it will all go up the spout now.
Did I mention we went to the summer baby mouth care session at our local children’s entre in the week? Ah ha ha ha…. We came out knowing that a) we should only give fizzy drinks like coke with meals and b) toothbrushes need replacing after a while. So there you have it.
We headed to a car boot sale near a naice town yesterday and git some lovely books from a teacher who was retiring and a grobag the next size up. Very pleased with self at the bargains. We went onto a NT property next for a picnic and a walk through the estate which was pleasant. DD fairly unhappy lying down out and about now though because she wants to be seeing what’s going on and she ends up doing a stomach crunch move the whole way round which can’t be good for her I’d guess. Also took the close baby carrier and instructions so all three of us could have a relaxed try by the lake. It was monumentally unsuccessful. No idea how people get on with these on their own, we couldn’t even manage with three of us!
Soyo how about last night? I’m hoping that after the every 1.75 hours you got a better stretch. Like you and several others we’ve decided on blw too, but have a while to wait yet. I did give pear in one of these though: lolly thing that looks disturbingly like a sex toy and it was lovely to see her know what to do with it. We’re going to get on the doidy this week as dh has a week off.
pud funny that you have the ikea antilop…when I faced the reality of weaning and actually did some research that’s the one I liked. The blw sites recommend it. The stokke thing was a hand-me-down from sister and I’m very grateful; I’ll just have to accept a bit of faffy cleaning for a while.
stormy I saw Brydon/Coogan in the Lakes last night and it made me yearn for it a bit. How is it? And how did LO cope with the epic journey in the end?
vj how lovely to live close to your double best friends. Having a baby can be isolating so it’s double nice for you to have them so close.
any did you get stringy banana poos? I have all of this to look forward to.

vjhist85 Sun 11-Aug-13 09:26:05

Re: solid food poos, I am reliably informed that a cotton wool/baby lotion combo is more effective than wipes. We've also decided to go for full on blw, although we're not even really on every day yet, just if there's something on my plate I think she might enjoy. Hilarious banana incident the other day, I think once she'd got it in her mouth she thought it was a dummy, so stopped holding it with her hand and just looked around in a surprised manner with it sticking out of her mouth. Then she tried to swallow a bit, gagged, and promptly spewed up half her milk as well...

Wedding yesterday, dd was very well behaved for the majority, although decided the only time to scream was during the groom's speech. And she was clearly exhausted by the ordeal, as she slept til 7 this morning, then came in with us and slept til 9!

The wedding also saw the return of the dreaded period. Excellent timing. I'm sure I should be looking on this positively (4 weeks out of bfing, good I guess considering the PCOS) but I'd been happy to forget how bloody miserable it makes me!

Enjoy your Sundays everyone. We're having a lazy one here. A welcome relief from ridiculous busy-ness over the last week.

StormyBrid Sun 11-Aug-13 09:39:13

She coped beautifully, eco, as I left her at home! Glad I did, too, since we didn't make it back until 11pm. It just seemed like it would be a pointless long journey for her, and it's not like she ever met either of her greatgrandparents - one died in 2010, and the other had totally lost the plot so there didn't seem much point introducing them.

As for how the Lakes are, I dunno really, we weren't there for sightseeing. I'm told the one lake we drove past was Derwent Water, and we scattered the ashes in a stream a few miles up the road from... Rosthwaite? Something like that, anyway. Very pretty place, if a bit rugged and vertical for my liking. And it was nice to see fields of sheep separated by walls for a change, rather than crop fields separated by hedges.

vj I will give cotton wool and baby lotion a try, mainly because I've had a bottle of baby lotion for the past year and haven't found a use for it yet. If you're a pregnant smoker they send someone round to harass you with a carbon monoxide detector on a regular basis, but they also bribe you with Johnson's baby products. We still have the shampoo too; DD has so little hair we'll probably still be on the same bottle when she's a year old.

Period turned up here yesterday too - two days late and ten minutes after I'd peed on a stick. Timing!

I sort of feel like I should be defending my decision to feed my baby with a spoon. But it does say spoons are okay in the NHS leaflet! And if I hold the spoon near her face, she grabs my hand, opens her mouth, and guides the spoon in, which still sounds pretty baby-led to me.

Anypants Sun 11-Aug-13 10:06:18

eco - yes, the banana poo had little black squiggly bits in it but wasn't too bad. She currently stores it up for a couple of days so I expect some pretty entertaining displays. I wonder if she'll go more often with the solids?
stormy - you don't need to defend the spoon feeding. I think it's the best way to start to give a taste and then when DD is used to trying new things (and turns 6 months in a couple of weeks) I shall plonk some finger food in front if her. She does the same thing with the grabbing of the spoon so I think it would be fine to let her have control. Fun times! grin

Eigmum Sun 11-Aug-13 10:41:38

Yep, baby rice made with formula a no no here! However avocado and pear seemed more of a hit.

Oh wow, so much to catch up on. Fun isn't it, this weaning lark. Yesterday was the first time I have ever seen the tiddler get so excited about food, milk or otherwise. Full on stretching hands out to grab, with accompanying squeaks of frustration. Transpires she like peach and pear purée from a pouch. She doesn't like it quite enough to swallow it, but the taste is obviously way up there. Having tasted it myself I can see her point. Much nicer than formula.

Stormy nothing wrong with a spoon in my book. I wait for dd to grab it and open her mouth too. Seems to work.

My favourite time of day.... ah, there are many. First thing, when she wakes up, coos and then greets me with the biggest grin ever and a full on body wriggle. Late evening before her final bottle when she falls asleep on me for a nap. When she giggles (aren't baby giggles just gorgeous). To many to list really - babies are so much fun.

Thursday's my exploration date Eco. Never thought I'd be looking forward to a general quite so much, but I'm counting the minutes. Really uncomfortable now, constant nagging pain and miserable side effects from the cysts. Hope your's have cleared up VJ. Pregnancy can settle things down, and a period is a good sign. Fingers crossed for you.

Having lots of fun on the low GI front. So far have cracked a tooth on a stone in some pumpernickel bread, and chipped another on some grit in the oatbran. Bl**dy wholefoods. Sometimes I think wholefood is a synonym rubbish quality control and outrageous pricing. On the upside I have a really good excuse again for declining cake. I cannot develop a liking for it, and find forcing it down to be polite beyond tedious.

Glad the shred's going well Plonky, you sound scary fit! Two words VJ. Pelvic floor wink. Sorry couldn't resist. Bet you're doing them now though grin

Plonkysaurus Sun 11-Aug-13 14:54:33

Ds's favourite time of day is morning. We all get up and have breakfast together around 7.30, and it's lovely. He has such big gummy smiles for his daddy. Makes my heart melt!

Worse the low GI diet sounds intriguing. Is the overall aim to cut out processed, sugary foods? I hope your teeth survive and all goes well for you on Thursday. Fx they get you some answers. As for my fitness...it's not as great as youd imagine but im rather bloody minded. I'm determined to be a size ten by Christmas, and I'm certain ill get there. Sadly I could eat my cake and yours grin. My sweet tooth knows no bounds! I have to buy double deckers and galaxy caramel for dp as then there's no danger of me going near. I love a bit of cheese though.

Stormy DS is slowly coming round to spoons. We use them for things I can't figure out to blw with. If dp had his way we'd be 100% spoon feeding - each to his own and all that.

We had the mother of all solid food poos today. And for the first time there was no grunting or crying. I now vow to keep lotion in the change box. Works a treat.

Right, off to clean again. Bloody visitors. oh just dropping round, are you? No, IT'S FINE

Eigmum Sun 11-Aug-13 16:55:57

so I have uploaded a new picture of DD in her christening gown, which was also the one I wore and my mother wore - sweet!

Stormy - we are spoon here - its a matter of what works for you and baby I think! as a mother of a toddler having one that can use a spoon is uber useful when you have two kids! Baby rice is a definite no no though - hates the stuff but all other foods are being entertained .... I have spent a good part of the afternoon googling horror stories on babies who wont take the bottle when mummy goes back to work. I keep telling myself she will be 7 months old so by then will be on some sort of food and I might as well keep going while she is gaining weight and happy etc and switch nearer the time or at least feed her first thing etc. For those of you who have been around since the beginning you will know I have been trying to move on for ages - if we meet the 6 month NHS target it will be pure willpower on the part of DD and I suppose I can be reassured she knows how to get what she wants but if this is what she is like at 5 months god help me when she is 15!!!

Any of the other breastfeeders going to move on at 6 months or are you all in it for the long haul??

ecofreckle Sun 11-Aug-13 18:42:33

in haste as it is bathtime but eig ahhhhh!!! Gorgeous photo and gorgeous girl smile

pudtat Sun 11-Aug-13 18:48:13

Eig I return to work end of next month so will need to begin weaning him off day feeds in a couple of weeks. I'm not prepared to pump so he will be moving to formula for those. I will try to retain morning and evening feeds although not sure if I will be able to manage night feeds and work. Hope he will broadly be sleeping through by then - he did it again last night.

Mind you, trying not to assume my supply will hold out on such reduced feeding - with all the issues I've had I'm assuming not and then if it does that's a bonus. My aim was to do 6 months, for a while there it didn't look like I'd make that, so to be planning my retreat feels like a win.

pudtat Sun 11-Aug-13 19:09:52

And now out of the app where I can't see photos... Awwww! So sweet Eig!

Makes me want to consider a christening for DS but we won't do that. Quite fancy a naming ceremony and a party though...

ecofreckle Sun 11-Aug-13 19:16:43

eig Dh is currently drying the screamer so I'm back. BF wise DD was a bottle refuser for 3 months. She cracked on holiday when we were all chilled and Daddy was persistent. I had hoped that I'd be able to BF for the first 6 weeks and we managed to get through that and we even managed to get through to 3 months (when things settled down and feeding stopped hurting). Since then it has, for us, been a breeze and every day extra we manage I am surprised and happy. Not sure what my aim is anymore but I did read a thread on the WHO suggested 2 years last night and didn't pull a areyoucrazyface so we carry on day to day, as, in theory I don't return to work until she is 12mo (even though we're already eating lentils). Sorry that's not much help and stop that googling of horror stories! That girl looks like she'll take that bottle in her own good time and that'll probably we the week before you go back!

Plonkysaurus Sun 11-Aug-13 19:18:00

Oh Eig she's lovely!

I mention ask eco, how's your friend getting on? My friend sent me her scan photo, made me even more insanely broody.

Stormy did you just casually mention that you poas?!

Eigmum Sun 11-Aug-13 19:20:35

Pundat sounds like we go back roughly the same time, I'll be officially re joining the workforce on 1 October ahhh! I know it's going to be hard, last time was awful and now I have two little darlings to leave and one that doesn't take a bottle yet but I tell myself it's not for ever. I go back til Christmas full time (so my maternity leave will be paid) and then we will see....

Eigmum Sun 11-Aug-13 19:27:53

I am sure you guys are right and given the size of her I doubt she'll refuse food for too long!! Still, I love to worry! what does Poas mean?

Eigmum Sun 11-Aug-13 19:30:04

Googled it. Funny, little ones asleep so off to get some dinner before the white queen!!

SoYo Sun 11-Aug-13 19:34:38

Eig she's lovely, I really need to pull my finger out & organise a christening here too!

My BF plan of attack is to wean her onto a cup by 9m but goodness knows if I'll manage to stop BFing then. I just can't imagine a cup feed getting her to sleep at night. I guess we'll just have to persevere & play it by ear. All a bit of a shock really as I never wanted to do beyond the 6m & thought there was a good chance I'd stop earlier. These babies really do know their own minds, don't they! I think you're right Eig, we're going to have some troublesome teens on our hands.

We've had a day of snoozing on the sofa, watching films & playing on the living room floor here. Very relaxing bit probably too many naps, oops. We also took her for a spin in her new well new to us maclaren buggy which was a hit & will be so much easier when the car's full or at the grandparents. It's amazing the things you get excited about now, how life has changed!

StormyBrid Sun 11-Aug-13 19:53:31

I did, plonko, because generally I'm very regular. Had a spare test in the bathroom so figured I'd set my mind at ease.

Will check out the latest photo when I'm on the laptop. There'll be no christening here though, we're militant atheists in this house.

ecofreckle Sun 11-Aug-13 20:06:22

plonky friend promised to ring over weekend and that only reason she wouldn't would be if she was in labour. Despite cradling phone all weekend I've heard nothing so guess it's all going on. SHe's tiny. Had a back to back whopper last time who got infection and was very sick so she suffered traumatic thoughts. AFter much consideration she didn't opt for ecs this time so really hope it all goes well for her! Thanks for asking

pudtat Mon 12-Aug-13 15:20:55

Gosh it's quiet in here...

Any news yet Eco?

StormyBrid Mon 12-Aug-13 17:32:35

Not quiet here, madam's been in a very shouty mood all day. She's been a bit off all weekend. It's either teeth or an impending wonder week. Roll on bedtime!

LaLaLeni Mon 12-Aug-13 18:14:48

Hello ladies - far too shattered to read through everything I've missed, suffice it to say that I've skimmed and got the gist!

We're all moved in, I'm sitting on an office chair surrounded by chaos - boxes of things that have mo furniture to live in yet, and a dishwasher we don't know how to fit. The dryer seems to heat up the inside of the cupboard door, making a chemically burning smell which is somewhat worrying!

We had a lovely walk all the way over to the Royal Observatory, through the park around the Cutty Sark and through Greenwich town centre yesterday, culminating in a pint sitting on the grass of Shooters' Hill. I absolutely love it here grin

The sofa arrives tomorrow thankfully and then our bedroom furniture on Weds, so a solid day of assembling flat pack ahead confused

DS is in his big cot, but has woken wanting food at least three times every night so far. It's surely too early for the next developmental leap? He's only 19 weeks! Last night he was absolutely howling, but then woke up at about 4am having done a massive sick that required changing all bedding and wiping it out of his eyes shock. He's done 3 poos today too and the last one was sort of oily...

StormyBrid Mon 12-Aug-13 18:34:10

Glad you're settling in alright, Leni. Possibly ds is a bit unsettled due to the new environment? As for the poo, have you been feeding him anything? I'd lost track and hadn't realised he was only nineteen weeks.

We just had a good poke at DD's gums. Looks like the bottom left may be planning an appearance!

Any other babies discovered their bits yet? I think we need some bath toys - haven't got any yet so she's making do with her labia...

pudtat Mon 12-Aug-13 19:25:35

Think 19 weeks is a wonder week...

SoYo Mon 12-Aug-13 19:59:43

Last night was officially the night from hell & I turned into a crazy, angry horrible wife and mother. We were both up with her for 4hrs & I was just so tired. At least DH understood & was just there. I just hope it's better tonight or at least I can think of some better solutions & keep my head if not. I was even embarrassed to post on here this morning because all I seem to be doing at the moment is talking about bad nights. Hopefully I'll have some better chat soon.

On the plus side, I've got ham, egg & chips with branston pickle to look forward to if I can persuade this bubba to sleep.

pudtat Mon 12-Aug-13 22:02:39

Oh Soyo. Hugs and sleepy vibes heading your way - hope the ham egg and chips were good (one of my faves that).

LaLaLeni Tue 13-Aug-13 05:59:33

Sorry to hear that Soyo hmm, broken / lack of sleep is almost akin to illness in how physically and mentally shit it makes you feel. We're all here to listen so never be embarrassed!

No food here yet Stormy, feels a bit too early I think. DS seems in good spirits generally and goes off to sleep nicely in his big bed but then wants three full feeds in the night and of the absolutely 'I'm starving to death here!' howling variety. During the day I'm trying to force him to eat and he's not bothered... Pud maybe you're right about a wonder week, although I still don't know what they are shock

Registered with a new gp yesterday and was told that we have to go to baby clinic to get his second rotavirus dose, and get weighed etc too by HVs, which I feel mildly annoyed about because I'm sure they'll want to know why he hasn't been weighed officially since week 2 confused. I'm pretty sure they do that because there was mostly social housing here before they started bulldozing it to build the development we live in (we're still surrounded by some of the most horrifically run down housing I've ever seen which is either boarded up or still has the last stragglers moving out). I'm of the private-appt-with-the-nurse-with-no-HV-please ilk of mother, so I'm not relishing the idea of going to a drop in to share germs with a load of other babies. I know that's horribly MC of me, but I'm very anti anyone interfering! Also worried that it's the kind of thing that gets flagged up to SS if a baby's not been seeing HVs every five minutes...

Morning all!

Hope last night was a bit better SoYo. It must be exhausting ... sad

Congrats on the move Leni. Exciting times!!! I wonder if ds is just adjusting to everything being different. I have no idea really, but dd has days when she's an inexplicable creature and I have no clue. Others she is lovely and easy. All a bit random at this age.

How's your friend Eco? I popped in to see a neighbour's 2 week old at the weekend. Was the worselet ever that small? Surely she can't have been! Sooooo tiny, and wrinkled, and dependent. Time flies doesn't it. I can't even imagine her at that size, but of course she was. I think new mum was struggling a bit with it all, as she was wanting to now why noone tells you the first 2 weeks are hell. Didn't know what to say really as from my experience it gets a whole lot worse before it gets better as the first two weeks are (relatively speaking) quite a sleepy period. So I just made sympathetic noises and said nothing. Which was a cop out.

Weird day yesterday as the tiddler got herself up 2 hours early, downed a bottle in 10 minutes (unheard of), then slept in her moses basket for 2 hours (doubly unheard of), meaning I actually got some housework done. Eco you'd be proud of me.... I actually ironed sheets ok pillow cases and duvet covers! I haven't ironed sheets for as long as I can remember, but with what felt like half a day free time I was hit by a sudden wave of stepford wife like enthusiasm for an ordered house it won't last

Other than that am officially knackered. Yesterday I didn't leave the house/garden. Roll on Thurs, I just want to feel like me again.

Plonkysaurus Tue 13-Aug-13 07:55:30

Leni glad your move has gone well. I think wrt to HVs, I agree with you. The Babysaurus is piling it on and growing steadily lengthways, so why would I take him to a germ infested clinic? (Same reason we'll hopefully never have to endure soft play) Last time we were there a potty training toddler wet herself on the scales. I always feel like I'm wasting their time when there's prem babies, those with failure to thrive etc. you won't get ss banging your door down, it's your choice to drop in at the clinic.

Worse woohoo for housework. I spent naptime yesterday making a card for my friend who's getting married this weekend. I love nap time but it does rather turn me into Kirstie Allsopp. I know I did a lot of crying and moaninge at the time but I think I've already forgotten how hard the early days are. It's all such a haze now, I'd have probably just made lots of sympathetic noises too.

SoYo oh you poor love. You've had a hell of a time of it with the lack of sleep, you're completely allowed to go nuts on here - no one will judge you. You're doing incredibly well, go easy on yourself.

Did anyone see horizon last night? I highly doubt I'm managing the recommended 10000 steps a day. It's really made me think I ought to get out more and keep active. Bastard telly.

SoYo Tue 13-Aug-13 11:01:09

Glad you're all moved Leni, just a bit of unpacking then you'll be fully settled in!

No chance of getting this devil-baby to bed last night. 3hrs of feeds, songs, shush/pat, walk in pram, 1hr PUPD and I gave in, kicked DH out into the spare room and co-slept. Best sleep I've had in a week! Needs must! I did feel much calmer last night though so that's a positive, I just keep telling myself it can't last forever!

Wors I was thinking of you in the middle of the night, I really hope Thursday provides some answers and some improvement.

As for HVs they are completely useless around here too. I'm not so worried about the sharing of germs (mini-yo gets regular doggy licks when were not looking and very little gets sterilised here so can't be too fussy) but I don't see the need to weigh in and get made up useless advice when it's obvious my baby is thriving. Glad I'm not the only one!

Plonkysaurus Tue 13-Aug-13 11:25:29

Oh dear SoYo, looks like you've got a mummy's girl there grin. My mum had a similar experience (I didn't sleep properly until I was two), and she's adamant that you get what you can cope with. I think I pushed her to her limit more than once though. Remember, it all passes.

And enjoy those chips!

I decided to sack off the hv halfway through her last visit. She'd done the whole 'he's a greedy boy' gambit because he brings up dribbles of milk throughout the day and has gone from 50th to 91st centime for weight, and in the next breath told me to feed on demand (which I had been doing). She then told me off for weaning, eyed up the highchair and said he was too small for it (bollocks), asked about rolling (still not doing it, told her he was though mins) and said he should be babbling lots of 'mama dada baba' type words. I just glazed over and agreed with everything she said, I'm sure she would have put my normal happy baby on a pathway had I told the truth. She won't be coming in my house again!

ecofreckle Tue 13-Aug-13 13:49:17

Pud, worse, plonky….still no news which is maddening. But probably more maddening for my dearest friend. I am keeping out of the way but may give in and call her mum later.

We have sucked on pear and strawberry here. In those mesh lolly bag things as DD not yet 5 months and still a bit floppy. We can’t figure out how to adjust the seat in our stoke tripp crapp either so she’s a bit encumbered by the rail being in the wrong place!

Naps here have changed too these last few days. They are preceded by 10-15 minutes of babbling and only last for 40 mins. It’s all change in the baby world isn’t it?

We’re still weighing every 4 to 4 weeks here but I quite like going to the clinic probably why we both have colds right now but figure that’s all helping the immune system as a bit of an alternative diversion for the day. I also like to see the other babies especially the newborns even though I am still NOT broody; if I say it enough times I’ll believe it

soyo My very wise Mum used to say ‘a little bit of what you fancy does you no harm’ and whilst probably not directly applicable to the co-sleeping I think the general sentiment is: co-sleep = sleepy Mummy and sleepy baby = happy faces. No problem. Maybe have a spell of that to recharge your batteries and then try again with some more tactics further down the line? As we all observe, you deserve the ‘best mother’ for stoically getting on with it all. And, never be embarrassed to share otherwise we’ll all start moderating our moans and that won’t be any fun!

My moan is that I have injured my shoulder and neck (in the bloody gym on Sunday). As I lay in bed at 0530 this morning still not having slept I was bargaining with myself in that delirious way you do. I would rather have gone through labour again that have this constant pain so proximate to my head. I can’t lay down in any way that doesn’t aggravate it. It’s pretty shitty. The osteopath yesterday hasn’t helped and the crap the GP gave me didn’t touch it. Been to doc again today and they admit to having given me inappropriate drugs and have given me oral diclofenac now so hopefully as soon as DH home from pharmacy I can pop a pill and this fog will lift a little. DH is off work this week and we were supposed to be having all sorts of exciting adventures as a threesome <sad pouting emoticon>

plonky skimmed past that horizon programme because the bit I saw was talking about monitoring social isolation through an app i.e. looking at how often people check their phones and that being an indication of insecurity and other ‘bad stuff’. I was checking my phone at the time and thought I’d switch over.

worse did the sheets feel extra specially delicious when you slipped into them? I love the bath and into new sheets feeling. DH doesn’t get that. No man in my life ever has.

leni happy housewarming! Exciting times. Greenwich is where I saw the dressage during Olympics last year whilst fighting horrid morning sickness I think and very nice it was too. Enjoy!

soyo and pud can we get together for ham, egg and chips soon please? <salivating and imagining how my fantasy components would be cooked>


LaLaLeni Tue 13-Aug-13 16:39:08

I object to being forced to go to the baby clinic for vaccinations - why can't I just book in with the nurse?!

I have a moan... My sofa wouldn't fit through the foyer confused so still nothing to sit on until a medium one comes on Saturday. I'm more than a little peed off.

StormyBrid Tue 13-Aug-13 18:17:55

Reckon I made ten thousand steps today. Went to parents', took Mum to the shops in the wheelchair, came home to find the nap schedule had gone to hell, so went out for a couple of laps round the park with the baby. Now fairly certain my feet are going to fall off and my spine's disintegrating.

In baby development news, we now have sitting up straight with no hands on the floor! No babbling though. She says "ehhh" a lot though. Got to start somewhere, I suppose.

Plonkysaurus Tue 13-Aug-13 18:32:33

Ooh Leni a foyer? Posh. Funny how its done differently in different places, we go to the nurse for vaccines. Are you going to a new gp now? You may find it changes.

Stormy sounds like your dogs are barking. We have achieved full sit up on the same day. He was lounging on me, pretty much horizontal, I got my phone out and hey presto, he sat himself up and reached for it. He's not really babbling, but says something that sounds like 'muuuuuuum' whenever he wants a good moan.

Nap time has been thoroughly shunned today so I'm completely knackered. The effort of being a baby entertainment centre is too great sometimes, and I think I'm going to have an evening if spag bol and a hot bath.

Oh and it turns out apple and pear purée is a big hit. Two ice cubes worth down the hatch, none spat back out. And this from a baby who wouldn't entertain a spoon only a week ago.

Eigmum Tue 13-Aug-13 18:59:02

Plonko. Apple and pear with a bit of baby rice is now a big hot here too! Getting the hang of it now!

StormyBrid Tue 13-Aug-13 19:12:46

Er. I don't have dogs...?

So how does this pureed ice cube thing work? I'm put off pureeing at the moment, because there'd be more mush stuck to the blender than would make it into a tummy.

I'm interpreting foyer to mean porch, ie the space between the inner and outer front doors. And they're definitely not posh, cos I've got one.

StormyBrid Tue 13-Aug-13 19:32:53

PS plonko I uploaded a photo of the amazing hippy coat, check it out.

SoYo Tue 13-Aug-13 20:04:44

And it's bedtime again....try come around quickly don't they?!

Stormy that coat is amazing and your DD is mega cute!

Leni, gutted about the sofa. In our old place it once took me 3 attempts to get a fridge that fitted through the kitchen door, despite measuring each time blush

Eco I think you might be right, if we have bedtime fail again tonight I'm going strait for another night of cosleeping, much less stressful for all involved until this spurt that better be what this is is over.

I did have a nice day today though, yummy lunch and shopping with my lovely friend, plus two bargainous pairs of shoes and my guilty pleasure of a pair of Primark jeans!

I really fancy some biscuits, anyone got anything nice?

Plonkysaurus Tue 13-Aug-13 20:13:33

Oops there I go saying things my dad says and presuming everyone knows what they mean (whilst outing myself as a hideous midlander). Dogs barking = achey feet. I would say your cats are miaowing but it doesn't have the same ring (despite being far cuter).

The jacket is awesome! She's a little stunner. As for purées and ice cube trays... I simmer a fruit/veg in a small amount of water (so I don't have to drain it off), and once fairly mushy I just stick the hand blender in and wazz it up. Leave it to cool for a few mins, pour into an ice cube tray and freeze. Pop the cubes out and bag em up with a label on so I know when they were made.

SoYo ooh I may have to treat myself to some primark jeans. It's been awhile, and I've a birthday coming up. I've been meaning to check out their baby range.
Totally agree with eco on the cosleeping. Do whatever gets you some rest. I can't offer a biscuit but I do have homemade flapjacks grin

Anypants Tue 13-Aug-13 20:14:36

I got some double choc maryland cookies today <hands them round>

DD's attempting to sit up in a head up, legs up (with ankles crossed and pointy toes) kind of way. Or she's been to a pilates class behind my back.

soyo - I admire your spirit and urge you to keep up with what allows you to get a good stretch of sleep as the only way to tackle the sleep 'training' is with a clear, well slept head. I found shouting 'why won't you f*cking sleep' at DD didn't make anyone feel better, let alone get them to sleep. Muuuuch better if you can calmly put up with the wingeing by saying 'shhhhhhhhh' a lot.

leni congrats on the move and embrace the sofaless space.

Eigmum Tue 13-Aug-13 20:28:49

So, stormy you get an ice cube tray and a few apples and pears. You peel and steam the apples and pears then blend a big lot, then dollop into the ice cube trays. Take one or two out for every feeding, defrost. If you are doing apple or apple and pear it's fine on its one. Pear is a bit runny on its own and if you want to thinker it up a bit make up a bit of baby rice and mix in. I have realised as I type this you may have been being sarcastic but 5 months of no sleep means I can't detect that so have written up anyway!! Fingers crossed we all have good nights. Thursday we all go to see my great aunt and great granny in Belfast so dd gets first plane ride ( omg! ) scared!!

Eigmum Tue 13-Aug-13 20:29:51

Typing on the iPhone and too many mistakes to correct but you get the gist!!

ecofreckle Tue 13-Aug-13 21:10:31

Soyo I have banana and cardomen cake that I'll share. ONe of the lovely nct ladies dropped it on my doorstep when she heard of the neck injury and resulting gloom.
Dh collected a Phil and Teds buggy today. We got it for forty five pounds on gumtree ready for our USA road trip. <looks to eig for advice about babies on planes>
In bath drinking cherry cola at present. rock and roll.

vjhist85 Tue 13-Aug-13 21:23:47

Soyo, I was about to come on here and suggest cosleeping. Even though dd is pretty good it's still my go-to if I want a guaranteed couple of hours. Others have said it but I'll repeat, you will win the sleep battle eventually, but you'll find it so much easier when sufficiently rested.

I ambitiously tried dropping the dream feed for the last couple of nights, because she really doesn't seem hungry in the morning and doesn't finish a bottle til the 3pm one. Last time she did this it was a sign she was about to drop 3am feed. Experiment failed, first night 3am, second night bloody 1am!

If nappies are anything to go by, very small amounts of food are actually being swallowed now. We had about 5 banana squiggles last night.

DH is away this week. Is it a terrible terrible thing to say I'm enjoying it? Things stay where I left them, the house is presentable, and me and dd just get on with things in a nice routiney sort of way without some oaf messing it all up! I'm sure I'll be desperate for him to come back by the end of the week, but the peace and quiet is lovely smile

SoYo Tue 13-Aug-13 21:35:45

Bedtime attempt number 2. Madam decided she wanted to scream just as DH served my dinner so she came down & watched some masterchef & pointless but is eye rubbing again. I think it's just a trick!!!

Eco tell us more about a USA road trip. Sounds great!

I'll have some of all sweet offerings thanks, washed down with a can of Eco's cherry coke.

SoYo Wed 14-Aug-13 04:47:08

We had another fail, another trip downstairs, lots of screams but get her down in the cot at 10.30, she woke up again at just gone 11 and had another big feed and went down again, woke up at 12.15 for some moaning but took herself back to sleep and did the same again a few times overnight but is just up for another feed now so that's a definite improvement. She's been back in our room tonight for ease of access for me and DH is in the spare room again for ease of co sleeping if necessary. Parents are staying tonight so he'll be back with us but I think we'll plan to do the same as tonight for the next week or so or until things settle a bit again. These babies hey!

pudtat Wed 14-Aug-13 04:53:48

Hi Soyo. We've been creeping backwards for the first feed (hence here I am). Tried ignoring him from 4:30 on basis it was just grumbles but got more insistent and making a good fist of a feed now so guess he was hungry. Shame, felt like we nearly had it cracked! However, glad you've found a way to cope - think that really is the most important thing. As others have said this wont last forever, even if it feels like it does!

Plonkysaurus Wed 14-Aug-13 08:57:13

Where in the states are you going Eco? We did a few awesome road trips when I was little, Vancouver to San Diego was pretty awesome. Until we hit desert <