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DECEMBER 2012: The start of crawling and the end of maternity leave

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halestone Thu 27-Jun-13 20:32:04

New thread

FriendofDorothy Thu 27-Jun-13 20:35:38

We go through threads so fast!

halestone Thu 27-Jun-13 20:36:54

I thought i better start a new thread before night fall, we've gone backwards with weaning, as all week its been a real struggle to get her to eat more than a couple of mouthfuls. Luckily shes still eating melon and mango, and still taking her drink. I'm expecting another really bad night tonight, but you never know she may FX surprise me.

Stacks aww i hope T isn't allergic to eggs. Bless him but i'm glad sleep is finally getting better for you

Stacks Thu 27-Jun-13 21:04:24

Marking place.

We've been doing some gentle sleep training here. I think it's working (though I don't think it's responsible for the longer sleeps, so could just be a coincidence). For the first sleep of the night I'm feeding T in bed with me then moving him into his cot to sleep. I've done it for a few days now (3 or 4 I think) and things seem to be improving. It started out with 30 mins of crying before sleep, now we're down to less than 10 (and much less frantic crying). Basically I put him down, leave him cry for about 30 secs, pick him up and soothe, then say "night night T" and put him down and repeat if necessary. It works ok except he'll only fall asleep if my hand is covering his face confused I then have to carefully extract it without waking him. If he wakes I can sometimes just settle him back by putting my hand there.
It's not translated into better sleep for me yet, as he's only managing about 8-10 in his cot and I'm awake in bed watching the laptop for that time. I think tonight I might challenge his 6th sense for me being in the room and go downstairs for this sleep! The chance at an evening alone with DH, the first in 6 months...

Hales - I'm trying to not expect T to eat anything so I don't get disappointed. He sucks and chews at lots of things, but still doesn't really swallow anything. I guess that's good wrt his possible allergies. I really wanted him to eat loads and sleep more though. sad I hope your dd starts eating again soon and sleeps well for you tonight.

I have no experience of allergies Stacks but there's a good mn allergy board where you could get some advice

We're definitely getting better with lumps, I've been mixing some fork mashed fusilli in with his pasta sauce and only half gets spat out now as opposed to all grin

WLmum Thu 27-Jun-13 21:36:53

Thanks for new thread hales!

MaMaPo Thu 27-Jun-13 21:46:17

Thanks Hales!

Solids have taken a backseat today - C too miserable with teething to eat. Barely took any milk either, except for bedtime, so I expect to be up a fair few times during the night.

Where do the top teeth come through? If I feel the very front of C's gum (directly behind the lip) i can feel two big lumps. This afternoon I noticed that the gum ridge is a bit deformed on one side, with something white maybe lurking there. Is the gum ridge where I would expect the point of the top tooth to come through the gum? Or is it further towards the front of the mouth? I am crossing my fingers that the tooth is just ready to come through meaning we may have a decent night sleep at some stage.

Lovely day out in central London with friends. I am really going to miss them when I move back to Aus. Less than 3 months - eep!

itsMYNutella Thu 27-Jun-13 22:54:11

Stacks his bottom gum has become all lumpy in the last week or so. He also has a tendency to be more grumpy in the afternoon and will still be happy as long as you keep him entertained and distracted alllll the time <tired> but we give him the herbal remedy thing at bedtime and I'm going to put the not too bad sleeping down to that!

halestone Thu 27-Jun-13 22:57:49

Mama H's top middle left and the tooth on the left of that came first.

Tonight is going to be a bad night, still no sleep from Hhmm

PurplePidjin Thu 27-Jun-13 23:37:23

Heinz pasta stars are awesome if you cba to mash pasta like me! I cook a tbsp and mix with whatever sauce we're having, or pureed cauliflower/broccoli/spinach/whatever plus 1oz cheese if our meal isn't suitable.

My update is on the last fred, sorry!

halestone Fri 28-Jun-13 01:46:37

Wow Pidj thats alot of new stuff he's learntgrin

Me and DP just had to put H in her pram and walk her around our area just to get her to calm down confused shes asleep now FX it lasts but her nose is dead bunged uphmm

PurplePidjin Fri 28-Jun-13 02:52:24

And he just slept a 4 hours atretch! We've been hour and a halfly for a few days, huge relief!

Stacks you could rub a tiny bit of mayo/egg on his wrist and see if it comes up?

Hales I really wouldn't fret about the food it can be really disheartening when they suddenly stop but it's so common when teething.

WL he does love his food. After making everything from scratch with dd I've been pretty lazy this time using pouches for one meal a day. Must plan meals he can have (last night I made honey and mustard chicken pasta so obv he can't have that).

Pidj he's doing really well! Nice to know what we have to come in the next month!

Well ds was down at 7 quick settle (2/3 mins) at 1 and again at 4. Zero feeds so far but I can't get back to sleep!! I'm starving and dreaming of pâté on toast...

Wonder how Seymore is getting on

First feed! shockgrin

MaMaPo Fri 28-Jun-13 05:30:37

Nice work spotty! And yes, Seymore has been gone for ages!

Second feed here, much better than last night. Being proactive with the ibuprofen has helped, I think.

Pidj - go little R! And yay for more rest for you.

WLmum Fri 28-Jun-13 08:34:02

Wow spotty that's great! T was up at 11.30 and didn't seem like she would settle so fed her, quick settle at 4, wide awake at 5 so I fed her and kept settling til she fell asleep at 6. DH got up with the big 2 so I got up with T at 7.30.

I've seen a job I'm going to apply for too - don't expect I'll hear back as I'm sure there will be a million applicants but its worth a shot.

WLmum Fri 28-Jun-13 08:35:59

On my phone so can't check back to old thread but sounds like all good with you pidj!

WL maybe we should start our own business doing ummm something that requires no hard work and pays really well wink DS went back down until 6:30 so that was good...

One of dd's friend's has worms, we were at their house on wednesday so ensuring all hands are scrubbed and crossing my fingers!

WLmum Fri 28-Jun-13 08:38:19

stacks I think egg allergy is quite common - the flu jab is normally suspended in an egg derivitive and there is an egg free alternative, plus we went to see dd2s pre school yesterday and they are nut and egg free. I would ask the gp for a referral.

WLmum Fri 28-Jun-13 08:41:31

Yuk the dreaded worms - was just talking about them at playgroup yesterday. Both my big 2 have had them. Nail brushes at the ready! Apparently the medicine comes in liquid now as well as tablets so easier to get in them but not suitable for under 2s. Fx you left them behind!

Barbeasty Fri 28-Jun-13 08:51:33

Stacks was the mayonnaise definitely dairy free? I know it shouldn't be an ingredient but a surprising number of mayonnaises include dairy in their ingredients. Wasn't there the same reaction to dairy before?

Otherwise egg can be common. But children cab grow out of allergies. I remember SIL arguing with NHS direct about whether blue and purple were the same thing when describing lips after one of her girls reacted to egg. They can eat it fine now.

I got lots done yesterday. Downstairs is nearly presentable for Saturday, so long as DD doesn't make much mess today (hollow laugh!)

Am I allowed a small rant? We invited 4 of DD's friends from nursery to her party tomorrow. Not one replied! I had one mum's number so I managed to chase and we know her twins are coming. But I have to cater and do party bags with no idea of numbers (siblings also invited and assume at age 3 parents will stay). It might just be a fancy play date!

WLmum Fri 28-Jun-13 09:19:43

Where do I apply spotty?

Easier to list when he was sleeping than not sleeping last night. He slept 9:30-12, 12-2, and 5:30-7:15. But DP only got in from work at 11:30 so I didn't go to bed til after 12 o'clock feed. Note the 3.5h of playing in the middle there. I am grumpy angry

WLmum Fri 28-Jun-13 09:57:58

I wanted to be a nappy lady but they didn't have any vacancies in my area - you could do that pidj

beasty I'm always surprised when people don't respond - so very rude. Hope the party goes well.

Oh no WillYou! Hope you have a relaxing day.

Barbeasty that's so rude! I'm dreading parties will definitely try to persuade dd that there's better things to do!

WL head office is in a coffee shop with lots of cake wink

Ds has been asleep for two hours so far....

Four bean, lentil and beef chilli plus a yoghurt for lunch! He slept 2.5 hours in the end....

WLmum Fri 28-Jun-13 13:56:59

Shit fuck of course the insurers won't cover it and of course they've taken a friggin whole week to tell us that. Water company say our bill is currently 5x normal. Shit fuck.

Oh WL I'm so sorry that's completely and utterly shit. I honestly don't know what to suggest. Can you appeal the decision in any way?

WLmum Fri 28-Jun-13 16:06:25

Thanks spotty, only if after we've had the pipe exposed there's evidence of a specific reason for the leak.
Better hope I get that job! (Chances are good, afterall only about 8 million people will apply)

FriendofDorothy Fri 28-Jun-13 17:52:43

Does anyone have a teething necklace? I want one specifically that is safe for The Little Mister to chew on if he needs to!

halestone Fri 28-Jun-13 17:58:18

WL hope it all works out soon and also that you do get the job.

FoD i havn't got one but theres a page on fb called roca buy baby i know they sell them its the only place i've seen them. But i havn't really looked tbh.

H slept for 6 hours after her midnight walk in the pram grin Today she is super clingy and cries if i leave the room. Which is cute but hard work when i need a wee haha.

WLmum Fri 28-Jun-13 18:11:19

Wow hales midnight pram walk! I remember taking dd2 out at about 4am when she just wouldn't settle and we were staying at my mums - I was a bit scared! Glad you got a decent stretch though.

Hmm I thought all amber teething necklaces were 'safe'?

Hales glad you got some sleep.

WL these things always have a way of working themselves out.

Chinese tonight smile and then tomorrow morning I'm going to attempt to make chocolate chip cookies as my sister and bil are coming round and I haven't seen them since Easter as they live in bath. I'm excited grin

I would be scared too as I'm scared of the dark blush and it's all woods and no street lights/main roads round here

halestone Fri 28-Jun-13 18:14:18

Willyou hope you get some sleep today thanks

Beasty i think thats quite rude if them not to reply as well. Hopefully they'll all show up though.

halestone Fri 28-Jun-13 19:07:36

Willyou hope you get some sleep today thanks

Beasty i think thats quite rude if them not to reply as well. Hopefully they'll all show up though.

halestone Fri 28-Jun-13 19:09:18

Sorry for the double post i havn't got a clue what happened there.

I'm hoping the midnight walk was a one off and that she settles easier tonight.

Oh WL what complete and utter shit. I hope that your pipes are faulty not a euphemism

I have not had any sleep, but feeling okay. When our for a two big fat frankie and bennys breakfast. Then to my mums where I stayed all day and let her make me tea. I also went to asda and left J at my mums as they've reduced all the baby clothes. I'd forgotten how easy supermarkets are when you don't have a baby with you!

J's tea was a very small amount of chicken, leeks and rice followed by a whole yoghurt, a strawberry and half a portion of strawberry and pear porridge. However, he's had hardly any milk. Here's hoping the greedy boy sleeps!

IsThatTrue Fri 28-Jun-13 19:52:53

I've missed a few days so thanks for the thread hales

Sorry the insurers are being arses WL

I went to see a friends 10 day old baby today! envy when did mine get so big? He's so quick at getting around now ill plonk him in the living room and go to the kitchen to make toast and my the time I've sliced the bread he's at my heels! He can also sit himself up from being on hands and knees although still wobbles occasionally when sitting.

I'm going to a friends for takeaway and wine now! First time since pregnancy, hmm anyone placing bets on how I'll feel for my 7am run tomo? Xx

Well aren't I a knob? I just spent 40 mins getting J off to sleep, go in the other room and there's his grobag. I'll have to pop him in it at first wake up and hope it doesn't rouse him too much.

WLmum Fri 28-Jun-13 21:03:56

willyou bet you'd be able to get it on him in his sleep - I regularly take dd2s pjs off, apply ezcema cream and replace pjs while she's asleep!

I've got another blocked duct but it's not painful this time. Ds didn't clear it at the last feed. I'm going to bed anyway I know I'm asking for trouble but I'm tired and really don't want to be wasting valuable sleeping time massaging and bloody pumping!

Stacks Fri 28-Jun-13 21:23:50

FoD my mil bought me a really ugly breastfeeding necklace for my birthday. I just got myself one from etsy too from monkey mama necklaces. That's a batch of 'seconds' up for sale just now at 40% off so around £7.50. There's lots on places like etsy/not on the highstreet/folksy and even amazon. All sorts of price ranges and styles/materials.

Sorry the insurance doesn't seem to cover the water damage WL.

Spotty sounds like DS is doing really well with weaning and sleeping now. I'm totally slightly jealous, but you deserve it.

I kind of feel like everyone is doing much better with their babies and weaning. DS still doesn't really eat much. I think I'm going to go back to square one with him tomorrow - try porridge made with water for breakfast, then sweet potato mash, lumps and sticks for lunch and dinner. Do that for a couple of days. I've ordered the BLW book from amazon which might arrive tomorrow, hoping it'll tell me the 'right' way to do all this stuff. I'm just going by guesswork and hearsay just now, plus following you all. It's all made so much harder with allergies sad

Think I'll have to WL, he wakes every night at 9pm for a feed. Guess which night he decides to skip!

Maybe just do a brief massage/warm compress Spotty, you know how horrendous they feel when they turn nasty.

DP's stuck at work again, yesterday he did 11-11:30, today he went in at 11:30 and thinks he'll be another hour. Fed up of lonely evenings.

How long have you been doing it stacks? I started very slowly and J did 2 full weeks of spitting everything out, it's only this week (week 4) it's completely clicked and only today when he's eaten very much. Going back to basics sounds good if you're worried about the allergies. They all get there in the end though and this will all be forgotten.

Definitely try not to worry about the weaning (easier said than done I get so stressed when ds won't eat something!). This time round I'm much more 'cross that bridge when we come to it' I know ten month old babies who hardly eat, some just aren't that fussed to start with smile

MaMaPo Fri 28-Jun-13 21:45:59

Mememe time. Having a rubbish day - C grumpy, not eating, me feeling guilty and stressed and bored. Would quite a few days of pre-baby life. And that makes me feel guilty again.

Sincerely hope everyone else is having a better night than me.

WLmum Fri 28-Jun-13 22:17:03

Sorry to hear that willyou and mama. My DH is still at work for another hour or so tonight too.
mama don't feel guilty, you wouldn't want to do any other job 24/7 so it's not unreasonable to want a break here and there. I'm already thinking about my Monday night swim!

I've been doing a bit of work on a cover letter for the job I'm applying for. It would be amazing but I really mustn't get my hopes up as its a total long shot.

Just feeding T - unusually early wake up but she was a little early to bed. She seemed quite upset so I didn't bother trying to settle her and am hoping that this feed will see her through til morning!!

WLmum Fri 28-Jun-13 22:17:55

Sils baby was due today but so far no sign.

Stacks Fri 28-Jun-13 22:19:17

Aww mama, that's a shame you're feeling guilty (and stressed and bored). It's ok to wish for life pre baby I think and it's understandable. I certainly do sometimes, it doesn't mean I love T any less, it's just really hard work being a mum! I hate that on the few occasions I do see my old friends who've almost completely abandoned me since DS I have nothing to say to them. Our lives are so far apart now. This intense stage of parenting doesn't last long. Soon we'll be able to have a few guilt free days with in laws/friends baby sitting while we revisit our old lives. This too shall pass, this too shall pass.

Thanks for the advice not to stress. I think part of the problem is that I was soo relaxed about it all - I didn't read up on BLW or how to do it, I just gave T a carrot stick off my plate because he was 6m, then some tomato, some bread etc etc. I'm sure I should have done it all in a more structured way.
I went along to a weaning workshop earlier in the week run by the local HV team. The HV confidently told me I should only be offering T mush at this age - the same food as me (BLW?! hmm), but carefully mashed beyond recognition and spoon fed. When I said I give him lumps to feed himself she just said "oh, or that" then carried on talking about mash. So, all beyond useless really. She also had no idea about allergies or reflux.

FriendofDorothy Fri 28-Jun-13 23:02:22

I spoon feed The Little Mister some foods - mainly organic pouches cos I am a lazy cow and then I offer him finger food whenever I can.

He seems to be doing ok although he eats more some days than others. Don't stress about it, just see how you go.

ISpyPlumPie Fri 28-Jun-13 23:13:11

Marking my place on the new thread, after pretty much falling off the old one completely - will try to get to the laptop on a daily basis this time!

Beasty - hope your DD has a lovely party. I agree that it is so rude/frustrating for people not to respond. I always try to accept all the invites DS1 gets, and if we really can't make it for whatever reason I let the parents know straight away. We've only done family parties so far, but am thinking about taking the plunge and doing something a bit more for his 4th in November.

WL - shit news about the pipes. Really hope you manage to get something sorted. Good luck with the job application, and to you too Spotty.

Mama - totally normal way to feel I reckon, and standard issue to feel (completely unnecessary) guilt about it too. Be kind to yourself.

Stacks - I've gone about weaning in a completely ad hoc way this time. Seems to be 'working' whatever that means, but in reality they'll probably all go through stages of eating loads/wanting to try new things and stages of refusing food and seemingly surviving off thin air. They will all get there in the end. It doesn't help though when HVs give such confused advice either though. Sorry I don't have any experience with allergies but would second the suggestion to check out the allergies board.

Hales - hope H and your dad are ok.

We're doing ok. Had a home visit from DS1's new pre-school today. Was quite apprehensive about it, but they were lovely and really showed an interest in him (even when he started relaying the plot details of Mr Men books to them grin) I feel quite excited about him starting there in September now.

N's latest trick is pulling himself up on the sofa and trying to shuffle along. I feel cruising may be imminent.....

halestone Fri 28-Jun-13 23:52:26

When will my baby return? Shes so whingy and clingy. And her sleep is crap again. I'm really considering taking her out in the pram to calm her but don't want her getting use to ithmm

Mama i hope your ok. I think your feelings are completely natural. if not i'm screwed because i feel the same sometimes

Stacks i have taken an ad hoc approach to weaning as well sometimes i'm lucky and H wants to try it sometimes she doesn't. She doesn't have a set pattern to eating though.

Ispy wow, N is doing really well grin

Willyou and WL hope your DP's are home now. And that their working patterns settle down soon.

Fucking teeth, J's bright red screaming the house down and crying his eyes out. Calpol and anbesol administered waiting for them to kick in.

Hope H settles soon Hales, silly babies keep changing the rules don't they? grin

halestone Sat 29-Jun-13 01:06:52

Yep Willyou always changing them. You think you've cracked and BAM they change them again hmm hope J's teeth stop hurting him soon. Still no sleep here despite me knowing shes exhausted. Shes currently slapping my boobs as hard as she can (and tbf its quite hard considering shes only just coming upto 7 months) so that she can keep herself awake for longerhmm

I'm up feeding ds because I now have a blocked duct each side but he's not hungry enough to clear them still. Why do I keep fucking getting them? There's nothing wrong with his latch angrysad

MaMaPo Sat 29-Jun-13 05:30:07

Wow, very sorry to hear of blocked ducts and unhappy babies. Spotty, you do seem to have the most awful luck with ducts. Could any lactation consultants shed light on why?

First feed here since 10.30pm, astonishing. Crossing everything we're not up for the day, she gets so beside herself with tiredness. Just another 90 mins, little C!

We only have private ones round here and I can't afford it. People at the bf group are nice enough but no more knowledgeable than us on here!

utopian99 Sat 29-Jun-13 07:00:11

Just marking place on the new Fred until I go back and catch up.

Holiday was great, wedding fabulous, and O coped so well with the heat wave shock they were having when we arrived! He went swimming with us twice a day to keep cool, which helped, and was lovely for dh to share with. Turns out he'll kick like a champion if there's something he wants like the Spider-Man ball we found, or dh...

Also lots more food going in, though less than many of you. Seems melon, bread and cooked peppers are winners. Doesn't seem like it was only 6 months ago that he joined us though!

Off to read up and reply properly now...

WLmum Sat 29-Jun-13 07:15:44

stacks I thought that's how blw was supposed to be - offer a variety of things and let them eat/not eat whatever they like. I decided it wasn't for us so am pureeing which is going well.
spotty your poor boobs! Would it help to make him wait a bit longer between feeds so sucks harder and longer? Or would that make it worse? Sorry.
ispy looks like you're going to have an early walker!

Utopian glad you had a good time very envy

Stacks agree with WL

Tbh he's not that interested in boob at the moment I don't think. He goes 4 hours in the day sometimes!

I've started a thread in the feeding section anyway...

utopian99 Sat 29-Jun-13 07:25:50

Wl so sorry to hear about pipes, fx they do find a problem..

Spotty ditto sorry about ducts, hope they clear soon

Stacks we're blw but recently I've been wondering about slightly mashing stuff but then letting him guide my hand with the spoon. He has a little plastic one he likes waving about but his ability to suck off it/coordinate is still a way off. He has two bottom teeth now, one more through than the other, so does a good job biting bits off things but swallowing is also a hit and miss affair. Trouble is he nipped me the other day so VERY keen to accelerate weaning.

Pick great advancements going on! Can't believe ds is 7.5 months, they're growing up so fast...

Dh has taken him for a play as he's been wide awake since 6.30 so I'm off back to bed.

IsThatTrue Sat 29-Jun-13 08:07:21

We are swallowing toast this morning grin

Sorry to hear of more blocked ducts spotty it doesn't sound good.

We had an alright night sleep as ds2 was up with DH from 10-12 as I was out, he was awake and happy so not too bad tbh. I fed him then and he slept until 6. that'll be the 3 glasses of wine for you

PurplePidjin Sat 29-Jun-13 08:17:18

Mama, i want my personal space back. I long to be able to move freely, drinking eating and using the loo on my own schedule. It is somewhat like being in prison, but we get smiles and giggles!

WRT weaning, i gave R some sweet potato from our dinner to try and he swiftly realised that food = full tummy! No way was i blw this one! He's getting the hang of finger food now, but i always planned to do a mix. After all, he needs to know what to do with cutlery as well as how to stuff food in his gob!

Morning all. i want to go back to bed, i want an unbroken nights sleep, not had one for about 11 months what with the pregnancy weeing. I'm being greedy as we had 2 3.5h stretches last night, but now he'll go 10 hours without milk in the day then eat all night. Sob.

Stacks Sat 29-Jun-13 08:34:59

Well t obviously swallowed some stuff last night as evidenced by the lumps in his nappy this morning hmm. I guess what confuses me about BLW is if you're meant to start with the 'one veg at a time for x days' or just give them all sorts from the first day. My worry is getting him to like foods, and knowing he likes them. How many times are they meant to try something before they can decide if they like it?

I cooked loads of sweet potato last night, so I've kept some sticks, lumps and mash in the fridge. Going to give them again tonight and maybe tomorrow too. We're getting a freezer delivered today so I can start freezing little meals for T (and us). smile

Does anyone have the BLW cookbook? And/or the river cottage one? Are they worth it?

Spotty could your bra be causing the blocked ducts? Pressure in the wrong places? Are you getting blockages after wearing a particular bra/style? Just an idea, trying to think outside the feeding/latch box.

I get a bath this morning, on my own grin going to go enjoy it now.

PurplePidjin Sat 29-Jun-13 08:45:29

My situation was compounded by R being ready before 6 months. Afaik, it's one at a time before 6, all in after!

I read they have to try something a ridiculous amount of times before deciding if they like it or not.

Def not bra, one of the blocks is right at the top where my bra doesn't even cover.

I'm making double chocolate chip cookies. They have four and a half bars of chocolate in them shock

Stacks Sat 29-Jun-13 10:19:07

T is asleep. In his cot. In the daytime. grin I forgot to give him his medicine this morning though bad mummy.

Didn't have a great night last night, though on the bright side he did sleep in his cot from 8-11 with 3 resettles.

halestone Sat 29-Jun-13 10:35:27

Spotty have you looked on Kellymom they had loads of bf advice when i looked. I hope your duct clears soon.

Willyou i hope you get an unbroken night of sleep soon. Could it be worth asking someone to have him overnight soon. I know that might be a rubbish suggestion if your not ready for that yet. My mum use to come and stay over till i was comfortable enough to let H stay with her. Which was silly really as she raised me and my 2 sisters with no problems.

Utopian glad you all had a lovely holiday together.

FoD hows your 1st week back at work been?

Beasty i hope your DD has a lovely birthday party today and that A enjoys seeing all the other children playinggrin

Isthat hope you had a nice night last night and that your not to fragile today grin

halestone Sat 29-Jun-13 10:40:45

I forgot to say Stacks if H tries something she doesn't like or refuses to try i give her it again a week later. The finger foods she seems to prefer are the types that are easily mashable in her mouth. So melon, peach, aspargus (boiled well) although she does much on toast. As she has a few teeth carrots are also a big hit. She also adores Peas and could eat just them as a meal ha. She likes peas mash and gravy. Also couscousgrin

Yep looked there and lll. It seems to be aimed more at people with younger babies though 'stay in bed and nurse frequently' yeah, right!

Barbeasty Sat 29-Jun-13 12:13:44

Both books are good. BLW has a fair bit of the theory.

RC one has some lovely recepies and suggestions on how to make dishes age appropriate.

It's my 30th next Saturday Hales so j is being shipped to my mum and dads and DP and I are off out to get pissed smile

I asked dp if he would settle ds tonight when he wakes (unless he's hungry of course) and he said yes grin well actually he ignored me and when I asked again huffed a bit and said 'well you know I will won't I?' hmm Oh well I will take what I can get!

halestone Sat 29-Jun-13 14:10:49

Spotty take it DP has been off for 2 weeks and did 2 nights of wake ups n let me sleep in once. You know because it was his holidays and he deserves a breakconfused

Well I am feeling a bit bad as tomorrow is dp's only day off and he's got a football game in the afternoon against ex pros so won't want to be tired...but then I haven't had a night off ds's whole life and as he seems to be capable of settling without a feed until 4am sometimes this could be my first chance!

halestone Sat 29-Jun-13 14:33:40

Don't feel guilty about it, i tried explaining to DP that i don't get a break he said i didn't work as hard as him. Oh i can't wait to see the struggle he has when i go back to work haha.

WLmum Sat 29-Jun-13 19:45:46

We've had an odd day here, T has had 3 10 min catnaps all day and hardly eaten a thing. I've offered extra boob (and its been roasting here this aft) but she's not been bothered. She's been happy enough all day. Just trying to get her down to bed so I can go to my mums to shower and get the nappies washed - the leak is so bad now we've got the water off completely. Turned it on to shower this morning but there's not enough pressure to get water upstairs.
I'm feeling v fed up.
It's our wedding anniversary tomorrow and this morning DH told me he'd forgotten - code for I haven't even got you a card. He's such a dozy sod - he's had opportunity to sort it today and is doing the tesco shop when I get back from my mums. No need to tell me then was there?!

Was she having any water WL? Fx she doesn't feel the need to make up for it overnight...the weather is going to be lovely tomorrow so I hope you can enjoy your anniversary.

Ds was awake when I put him down tonight an hour ago and I haven't heard a peep. He's living solids still and cries between mouthfuls because I don't do it quick enough hmm less interested in feeds though hardly feeds for ten minutes at a time.

29 degrees in our room tonight! Going to do a dreamfeed tonight as I expressed 5oz this morning trying to get rid of the blockages.

PurplePidjin Sat 29-Jun-13 20:12:19

Hales angry what a twat!

Spotty, R's feeds decreased in length when he got into solids. Still as blinking frequent though hmm

Ds was feeding every two hours but last Thursday the HV suggested offering a snack and water after two hours and I realised I'd been feeding him more out of habit than anything blush he likes attention etc and I think as soon as I heard a slight moan I just assumed he was hungry! I'm going to get him weighed in a week though as he feels really light (I'm probably worrying over nothing) he's so tiny compared to other babies.

Hales dd was ff and would feed 10ish and 2ish in the early days. Dp would always do one feed 2am I hope your dp made up for it in other ways!

Barbeasty Sat 29-Jun-13 20:39:04

Well only the twins came, but it was a lovely afternoon.

We'll be eating leftovers for days like the jelly and ice cream I just had

Poor A has a horrible cold and keeps getting very gunky eyes. He's very grumpy and doesn't like being left. I just want a better night than last night. I think I'll take some cooled boiled water & cotton wool to bed and see if it's his eyes that bothered him.

PurplePidjin Sat 29-Jun-13 20:52:22

Spotty, I'd rather bf during the day, make sure he's getting plenty still hmm not sure water and a rice cake is a good substitute tbh! R is also tiny, although he jumped from 0.4 to 9th centile between 6 and 7 months. It's overnight, i wish he'd go back to his 8-9 hour stretches!

Beasty, if you're bfing you can use the milk smile

itsMYNutella Sat 29-Jun-13 20:58:43

Spotty I know it doesn't need to be said buy I'm sure your DS is perfectly healthy! And DS is the same. He loves attention, it is gorgeous though when he smiles and giggles when we play with him...

Hales your DP definitely needs to spend a lot more time not sleeping looking after H. Although I hope she goes back to better sleeps for you.

beasty well at least you had a nice afternoon. I would also be really annoyed to be left hanging and unsure by people not RSVPing!

DS has been a bit of a pita this week, he should get a whinging medal for his efforts! I just wish that a tooth would make an appearance. Poor little man.
Tonight it took him over an hour to go to sleep. He just chatted away to himself in bed and kept hitting the bars of his cage bed with his dummy until he ended up throwing it overboard. He did this several times and I went in to shush him and give him back his dummy. Now it's somewhere on the floor, but he is finally asleep! Perhaps I need to take away the dummy... Although he does love it in the car and in the pram... hmm

FriendofDorothy Sat 29-Jun-13 21:00:36

hales my first week back at work was ok, thanks for asking.

It definitely helps that I live so near to my office so I can pop home at lunchtime and I have a pretty flexible team who are happy to let me work my hours to suit.

I even enjoyed thinking about something other than baby stuff!

I missed The Little Mister like mad though!

Well I haven't actually been offering snacks really as we go:

6:30am bf
7:30 breakfast
10/10:30 bf
11:30/12 lunch
1/2ish bf
4 bf or dinner depending on if previous bf was at 1 or 2
5 dinner if not had
6 bf
6:40 bf to sleep

He has a nap after breakfast, lunch and before dinner, it's really helped him settle into a routine and he's going a lot longer over night (for now anyway!) and his naps are longer.

I probably won't offer snacks until he's after a year, not as a regular thing, as I don't think he needs it? Will be good if I go back to work though.

WhatJeff Sat 29-Jun-13 21:56:57


I'm a late comer but can I join the thread please? Dinky Dot (DD) was born just before Christmas. She's no.4 and a happy content pudding.

Stacks-With DS I got a LOT of experience with allergies and weaning, could I help with anything?

spotty-I am too known to follow a 'if it squeaks feed it' approach at times! DD is below the bottom line on the chart for length but above the 9th for weight and heading up! Purely on breast milk so far, weaning hasn't yet really got anywhere.

DD is just getting the head control for weaning, possibly reclined in a highchair, but as she's sleeping ok I'm not too worried about rushing her. She's gumming food happily and interested but still got the tongue thrust thing going. Obviously she's a little slower developmently but this morning she did her first mini-push-up on her front so I was rather proud.

I'm back work 2 days per week, jealous friendsofdorothy about your flexibility!

Welcome Jeff smile what date was she born? Ds was due 27th dec but came 26th November so is a bit behind his actual age... No 4 means you must be an expert wink

WhatJeff Sat 29-Jun-13 22:09:15

22nd Dec, poor thing!

No. Jack of all trades, Master of feck all here. Sorry!

Ah well, we will take what we can get! wink

Ds just had the whole 5oz ebm in his sleep. Fx for a good night!

WhatJeff Sat 29-Jun-13 22:12:49

Can I ask what your DS is up to for a 'bit behind'? The others were fast developers so it's hard to judge where DD is on the scale of average ( they crawled around 6 months, self- fed some foods etc.)

DD can sit if held, but melts forward sometimes, first (few seconds) lift of her head when prone today. No hope of getting items in her (open!) gob...
Very alert and with it though, usually so I'd say. Already real discrimination between people, fear of separation and just this general knowingness about her!

WhatJeff Sat 29-Jun-13 22:14:09

Oh you're good expressing! I hate it so, I got her finally to take the odd bottle this month and it's formula.

It's bad as I express so well, but I loathe it so so much...

WLmum Sat 29-Jun-13 22:17:03

Hello jeff
spotty I agree with pidj about the snacks.
T has water with each meal and loves it - she's getting quite good at the sippy cup - grabbed it and drank from it yesterday! I did think when we were out that I wished I'd thought about taking a sippy out with us but didn't. I offered her extra boob in case she was thirsty but she didn't want it.
Job application sent in tonight.
My mum made us a cake for our anniversary - bless her, more jelly for the belly!
beasty glad party went well, I love a bit of jelly and ice cream! Agree with pidj about bm in the eye - when T had manky eyes I used to squirt boob juice in them when out and about rather than trying to keep water sterile etc. amazing how it dissolves gunk.

halestone Sat 29-Jun-13 22:45:29

Welcome Jeff grin

FoD yay i'm glad you enjoyed your 1st week back.

I don't offer snacks but if i'm eating she usually launches herself to have a lick/bite.

DP did take me for a meal and the cinema this week to make up for not going last week. So i suppose i'll let him off. We're going to watch DSD morris dancing tomorrow. Where i'll get a load of when will you let H start dancing? And won't be able to give my truthful answer of i'd rather plait snot. confused

Jeff I was only expressing because I had a blocked duct in each boob I don't usually bother!

He was a bit later smiling, not near sitting up unaided just on the later side of average for things.

Well the dream feed obviously didn't make much difference as he's up feeding now. Never mind not too bad I suppose. I had to wake dp to try and settle him though hmm

2blessed Sun 30-Jun-13 04:52:49

Welcome jeff smile

Had a busy couple of days with ds' first trip out of london to go to my friends dd's party. He was so good and sociable.

Happy anniversary WL

MaMaPo Sun 30-Jun-13 06:12:19

Morning all. Welcome to jeff.

So, why is my baby wide awake from 5am? I am so tired! I think she's not getting enough naps, is overtired by bedtime but then can't get more than 9 hours asleep. Not enough!


We met our NCT group for a picnic yesterday - lovely weather and a lot of fun. It was so nice to see all the dads, and very interesting to compare all the babies. This one has 9 teeth but can't sit well; that one has no teeth and is almost walking; this one babbles but the others don't etc.

I dreamt that Charlotte started crawling though - not tentative and shuffling, just picked her bottom up and crawled right across the floor! And in my dream she then pulled herself up and started walkng. No thanks, I'd prefer she wait!

Ds slept again until 7 after that 4:30 feed so can't complain. Lovely weather here today, meant to be really warm smile

I'm so pissed off with my sister. She's always pleading poverty, couldn't even afford to send dd or I a birthday card, yet has just bought her dd a new sandpit. I don't care about a card for me but to make one for dd and pop it in the post would have cost about 50p ffs

Barbeasty Sun 30-Jun-13 08:41:12

Two lie ins until 6.30am. And only a few wakings in the night. Mostly at 10 and 11ish.

Welcome Jeff.

I've got a couple of hours peace now, while DH takes the DC to church. Debating whether to have another cup of tea or get up and get on with lunch. I think tea and birthday cake are calling!

MaMaPo Sun 30-Jun-13 09:18:34

Good baby went down for a 2 hour nap at 6.45am- and so did I. She's gone 4.5 hours between feeds, though. shock

DP took the baby at

Oops, I tried to say:

Hi Jeff

Happy anniversary WL

DP took the baby down at 6:30 and I've just woken up shock, better go and take over! I spent the time dreaming my mum had died thpugh so not the most pleasant.

Hope everyone has lovely Sundays, off to my sister's for a BBQ in a bit.

WLmum Sun 30-Jun-13 15:05:45

Lovely lie in willyou - I thought I did we'll to get until 8! But awful dream sad

IsThatTrue Sun 30-Jun-13 19:47:37

Well we've had a lovely sunny day but is it just DS refusing to sleep in this heat? He's hardly slept at all!

I got the baby bath out on the patio for him to splash around in which he loved and it cooled him down for a bit. And in going to attempt to put him to bed in just a vest no sleeping bag, as its so hot!

I'm burnt after spending a couple of hours teaching the kids to ride without stabilisers. DS1 (6) had great success, dd (8) ended up sobbing and pissing me off as she refused to try properly and kept shrieking about the bike leaning/going too fast/bees in the air near her hmm thankfully ds2 spent most of the day in the shade of a tree with nanny so no sunburn for him smile

FriendofDorothy Sun 30-Jun-13 20:13:01

I have had a super grumpy little boy all day. He wasquite wakeful over night and then today he has been refusing most solids, chewing his hands and fiddling with his ear so I am assuming he is teething.

Unfortunately my DH is on a nightshift tonight so I have to cope on my own and I have to work tomorrow. I hope he sleeps ok.

The huge success though is that I decided not to feed him to sleep so we put him down, let him cry a bit, popped back in and patted him and told him to go back to sleep and I just looked in and he is curled up with his soft toy monkey. Result!

Stacks Sun 30-Jun-13 20:30:58

Been quiet on here today. We've not had great weather up here in Scotland, so no heat problems for us. Just wet washing after rain sad

I've had a bad couple of nights with T. Wondering if its dairy related again. I'm going to have to do a proper exclusion diet to rule my dairy/egg laced bm out as the source of all this misery. Not looking forward to it at all though, such a limited diet sad no chocolate, no cheese, mayo, butter. Doesn't sound like much in a way, but it's an ingredient in a million tasty things. Still, it won't be forever, and if it gives me a happy baby who sleeps through the night it'll all be worth it and I'll be happy indeed.

Glad some of you got to stay in bed this morning. First thing I did this morning was get angry at DH and T. T fed almost constantly from 3:30-7:30 this morning. DH woke up at 7:30, looked at the time then pulled the covers up and went back to sleep. I think I'll do the same thing tomorrow morning at 3:30! angry T isn't my problem if he's not hungry right?

Tbh my mood didn't get any better all day long. Not helped by T only having short naps. They were in his cot though, without too much fuss to get him down. However when he wakes up after a short nap (say 20 mins instead of his usual hour) he doesn't seem tired enough to go back to sleep, but wakes up grumpy and is tired again shortly after. Does anyone else have this issue? Can they be got back to sleep?

IsThat it's a shame your DD didn't take to stabiliser-free bike riding, but well done DS. We've not had weather hot enough for baby bath/pool for DS at all, and I doubt we will. It sounds like great fun though. T loves his bath.

Sorry about the bad dream WillYou, hope you had a good BBQ though, and feel tested after your bonus sleep.

Mama glad you got an extra sleep this morning, apparently a late night/early morning wake up can be normal around 6 months. Hopefully she grows out of it soon. T only ever goes that long during the day without a feed. I always end up feeding him as soon as he wakes up in the morning, hoping to convince him he's still sleepy ;)

Barbeasty I hope you started the day with some tea, cake and a sit down (in the sun?). You deserve a bit of weekend too.

Spotty, glad you had a (mostly) good sleep, though sorry about your sister annoying you. I guess she figured you and your DD wouldn't mind not getting a card, blaming no money isn't really a good excuse though, as you say it's not expensive to send a card. My sister is pissed off at my mum for the same reason (no card for her or DN, or even a Facebook post). I must say I don't really care about cards, though I would care if I was given a bollocks reason rather than the truth.

Welcome Jeff.
Happy anniversary WL.

Hope everyone else had a good day. T is stirring so I'm going to run and try and resettle him, then do something with my evening. Going to have an early night tonight after the bad sleep of the last couple of days.

WhatJeff Sun 30-Jun-13 22:12:45

Thanks for all the hellos.

DD today proved that although she hasn't mastered solids ice-cream is worth a special effort and she hoovered it quite efficently off my cone when I wasn't looking!

Stacks if you go dairy free I recommend 'Oatley' milk, especially the chocolate one. Hate to say this must if it is dairy it's likely soya would be a culprit too.

WLmum Sun 30-Jun-13 22:53:20

isthat T hasn't slept much at all in the day over the last 2 days and it is pretty hot here. She seems happy enough and at least ate a bit today. She wouldn't eat the brekkie DH made her with cows milk instead of boob juice.
We've had masses of stress trying to teach dd1 (6) to ride her bike - it's SO frustrating! Bless her she's not very physically confident and she's 95./. If the way there but just can't relax and go for it.

Had a lovely day, picnic in the park after dd1s swimming lesson where we watched some very impressive marching (and formation dancing!) bands practicing for a big competition - it was amazing! hales I love watching a spot of Morris dancing too!
Tonight DH and I had a take away pizza and watched a DVD he bought me for Xmas by way of a date in the lounge!

WLmum Sun 30-Jun-13 22:54:31

stacks can you push for allergy testing?

halestone Sun 30-Jun-13 23:48:41

Stacks could you go to the GP and explain about the allergies and hopefully they'll test for them. I had to be really insistent about getting the lactose intolerance test done and told them my HV said that it needed doing.

Happy Anniversary WL, we didn't end up watching DSD morris dancing as she goes with MiL who told us to get there for 11:30 and then rang us at 9:45 to tell us that DSD was dancing at 10:15. So there was no way of getting H ready in that time. Tbh i was abit gutted although i don't like it, it would of been nice to see DSD dancing. Hopefully they'll have another competition close to home soon.

Isthat i'm glad DS enjoyed learning to ride his bike grin hopefully DD will enjoy it next time.

I know most of us seem to have grumpy babies who are refusing to sleep properly. Do you think its a developmental thing or a heat thing? Although it hasn't been sunny here today it was warm but with a few showers.

Ds needed settling at 11 and again now. He's not hungry just starts this annoying whine when I move away from him which turns into a cry after a little while. Not sure what I can do other than stand here patting his bum confused

2blessed Mon 01-Jul-13 04:16:57

What's best to do on a gorgeous day? Go ikea of course! First time there with dp. Cue arguments galore... And we need to make another trip there in a few weeks.
Ds has been a delight this weekend. First trip out of london for my friends dd party on saturday and ds did really well being passed around.

Ds back to sleep after a lengthy feed.

hales I think the heat got ds grumpy yesterday afternoon and maybe another tooth coming through.. Do you give H water to drink?

SeymoreButts Mon 01-Jul-13 04:26:04

<stumbles in bleary eyed>

Hello ladies! I've missed you lot! I'm totally out of the loop now but I've been checking all the lovely FB pictures regularly. I'll post now and catch up on this thread after.

Quick update: DH is being an arse of the highest order and I'm basically running the house and looking after 3 DCs on my own. That's a whole other post though! DS is 7 months on Wednesday and generally waking every 2-3 hours at night, although there were 2 nights last week where he did 6 hour stretches. I just need him to do it once more to claim "3 time's a habit". We've had plenty of nights recently where he's been waking every hour, although he's had a few colds and a nasty cough for a long time so that's not helping. He's still on the 97th centile for weight and height and on account of being on the large side he's not even sitting unaided yet, let alone rolling or crawling! He has started saying "da da da" though, little traitor!

SeymoreButts Mon 01-Jul-13 05:00:25

When it was 45 degrees here DS was 6 weeks old and didn't sleep ALL day! You have my sympathies. For the last few weeks DS has been napping for 20 mins at the most in the day, anyone else having this?

stacks you also have my sympathies. I've been dairy free since the start of the year, it's not fun. I've heard oatley is good too, we don't have it here. I reintroduced soy into my diet though and he's been fine with it. DD was also allergic to cows milk, they wouldn't do a patch test while she was baby though. It was diagnosed after she had a really bad reaction to formula. She was given pepti milk on prescription until she grew out of it around 2 years old. Here I have to buy DS's hydrolysed milk over the counter, it's the same price as normal formula though (£20 a tin, I kid you not) he's mostly breastfed though.

2blessed yay Ikea! It's usually empty on a lovely day. Sorry about the arguments though.

Happy anniversary WL!

isthat sounds like a successful day! We still need to get DD (7.5) riding her bike without stabilisers. She sounds exactly like your DD though, she gets so worked up!

barb I hope A is feeling better soon.

FOD I'm glad your first week back went well! I'd love a bit of grown up time!

Welcome jeff how old are your other DCs?

Woo hoo welcome back Seymore! Sounds like ds is improving on the sleep front. Sorry your dh is being an arse. Do I remember rightly that you'll be coming back to the uk somewhen?

I fed ds at 3 and he slept until 6 when dd kindly came in being very loud hmm

Think I've got two blocked ducts in one boob, is that possible? Had done good advice in the feeding topic though so fingers crossed... Last baby massage course today I've really enjoyed it smile

halestone Mon 01-Jul-13 06:58:35

Welcome back Seymour, sorry DP is being an arse. H naps about 2 maybe 3 times a day and that can be anywhere from half an hour to an
hour. I can't remember who but i'm sure someone else said their baby only napped for 20 minute stretches. Also i have a very chunky baby like you except shes off the charts for weight now and wearing 12-18 month clothes but 9-12 month sleepsuits.

2blessed i offer water quite alot shes still a grump at the moment. I just wasn't sure if they were all grumpy at this stage or if it was because of heat. Sorry you had a crap day in Ikea but yay to the good time in London grin

Oh no Spotty i hope your blocked ducts clear soon. You've been really unlucky getting them so often but you've done really well to carry on breastfeeding the whole timethanks

H went to sleep at 11:45 last night yay at least it wasn't 1am like it's been the last week or so. We're getting her 6 month photos done today i'm so excited. I love seeing the result hopefully she'll smile for a change.

Clarella Mon 01-Jul-13 07:02:01

Checking in. G wakes hourly too tired to read threads sorry but want to keep up!

halestone Mon 01-Jul-13 07:13:05

Oh Clarella i hope it gets easier for you soonhmm and that he lets you get some sleepthanksbrew

SeymoreButts Mon 01-Jul-13 07:32:05

Thanks spotty yes hopefully we will be back within 18 months, but it all depends on DH's employer. We really need to wait for them to transfer us back because the flights and shipping are very pricey. Sorry to hear about the blocked ducts, is it just lumpiness or is mastitis setting in now too?

Hales we're on 9-12 month sleepsuits now too, stupidly I put them in the dryer and they are a bit too small now. I never learn!

Clarella You must be shattered. Does G wake hourly all night?

Just the lumps, not had mastitis yet luckily!

Barbeasty Mon 01-Jul-13 08:36:02

By midnight A had woken 5 times. At 2am I gave him neurofen (that was the medicine in my room and I wasn't traipsing to the kitchen at that time!)

That gave us a 2hr stretch, but that's as good as it got!

He really isn't well. I'll dose him again later, but I think calpol seems to work better probably because we have the full sugar version

The breast milk certainly cleans the eyes well. But he hates anything touching his eyes or nose, and wriggles far too much for any sort of squirting. So I've taken a bit that I expressed and I'm using it with cotton wool like I would water.

Now I just need him to let me put him down before I wet myself and so I can shower and get us all up.

WLmum Mon 01-Jul-13 08:43:05

Goodness there's some pesky babies at the moment! T is not too bad comparatively, she tends to wake 11ish and 3ish for feeds - we seems to have taken a step backwards with the self settling/settling without a feed and last night it took me an hour to settle her after a feed. When the hot spell is over I think I'm going to get harsh and stop all night feeds - even an early night feed at 1 or 2 means she's not hungry enough for a proper first thing feed. She messes about then, has a later feed and then won't eat any breakfast. I go back to work in 6 weeks and need to get mornings a bit slicker.
Builder is coming soon to take up the floor/drive and hopefully repair the water pipe - we might have water soon!
Oh he's here and In my pjs, very obviously not wearing a bra!

When I feed ds at 3/4 he seems starving WL but like tabs he then isn't particularly hungry in the morning. Not sure if I'd be better doing a dream feed then gradually withholding feeds until he can get to six (would be eight hours from dream feed which he regularly does fine).

shock I think my ex just walked into the cafe I'm in....you know that first proper serious boyfriend (not the one you think you love at 15 but the one you really love at 18) I may have hidden behind ds and my iced coffee blush)

WLmum Mon 01-Jul-13 10:02:11

Haha spotty!
Think the dream feed and no more will be my approach too. It's cooler today so might start tonight but when it's hot I'd hate her to be thirsty or crying getting even hotter.

SeymoreButts Mon 01-Jul-13 10:05:30

You should have said hello! how long did you date for??

I saw the GP last week and she was horrified that I'm still doing so many night feeds, she said he shouldn't have any! Even when he was completely knocked out from jabs he still woke up once starving!

barb poor you and poor A. I hope you can get a shower.

Umm nearly two years...I told him it was over the day before I went on a date with now dp grin

Stacks Mon 01-Jul-13 10:26:05

I did about a million feeds last night. T started the night really well though, in his own cot from 8-12 with 3 wake ups and no feeds in that time. I might try and go longer tonight before feeding and bringing into our bed.

Sorry others had bad nights too, maybe it's just something in the air? Spotty hope the blocked ducts/lumps go soon, you really do have terrible luck with them.

I'm still on talking terms with my exH, it's a bit awkward as his life went to shit once I left - depression, alcohol, redundancy and mid life crisis. Oops.

MaMaPo Mon 01-Jul-13 11:46:34

There is definitely something in the air Stacks - my baby's infected with it too! I echo the others with getting as much help as possible re allergies.

Spotty - ha! I had along Facebook chat with my ex of 6 years about having kids - he has a (de facto) 7 year old stepdaughter and loves it. I think he'd like to have a baby too but not sure if his partner is up for another child. She's just finished all her medical training! I don't see much of him when we both live in the same city, but I'm still very close friends with his sister so I hear his news. I still really like him a lot - maybe I'll see more of him when I move back.

Yay Seymore, you're here! I'm with you and WL and others - feeding when I probably don't need to in the night. Last night C woke for an hour at midnight (I think she woke when my husband came to bed) and another hour at 4am - and then up for the day at 5.30am! Terrible night really. I have been experimenting with no dreamfeed but she's so inconsistent. 10 days ago she went almost 8 hours without waking me overnight. I think she's still teething but I don't know what to do. If she were in a separate room I'd find it much easier to withhold nighttime feeds, but I will often get up and feed her in the hope it'll put her back to sleep! A bad habit of mine, maybe.

Anyway, if anyone figures out how to get a baby to sleep until at least 6am let me know! I am remembering with fondness 6.45am wakeups. We've had far to many 5am starts here.

I have a lovebite on my arm. shock C was really unhappy and crying, and latched onto my upper arm. She's never done that before. I thought I'd let her just suck for a little bit, thinking she'd unlatch when she realised that there ain't no milk, but she ramped up the pressure and kept going so I had to lever her off. She's a lot more 'sucky' since teething, but no longer gets a dummy - so I guess that's me!

SeymoreButts Mon 01-Jul-13 12:02:14

MaMa bless little C latching onto your arm! Once or twice in the dark DS has latched onto the skin next to my nipple, it's so painful! DS definitely sleeps much better in the other room, I've got no idea why though. I'm not sure if we DH snoring disturb him or maybe I'm too quick off the mark when he starts to wake up. confused

MaMaPo Mon 01-Jul-13 12:53:09

Seymore, I bet both is true of us - my husband does snore, and makes so much noise just turning over, plus I react too quickly when she wakes. Although I have been trying to wait - this morning I let her babble for 45 mins before thinking 'I am over this!' and feeding her! It must be difficult for her too to hear us snoring/breathing/rustling and wondering when we're going to come and play with her.

I'm really tired today for some reason and I went to bed at 8 blush was up lots though... Ds has only had two 20 minute sleeps today it's a nightmare he will only have good sleeps in his cot so no chance today what with baby massage and nursery runs

WLmum Mon 01-Jul-13 18:33:24

Yay we have water!

Clarella Mon 01-Jul-13 18:52:07

hi all smile

its varied but been. between 45 min and 3 hours for 4 months now, usually every 1 or 2. reflux for a while now just habit I think. grin I'm cosleeping to cope but starting to think it might be continuing it (too easy to quickly suckle!) so moving to own room with bed guard and a plan b back up in with us. I'm going to.lurk for a while of that's ok smile

nice to read how babes are doing and hugs to those mamas in need of them thanks brew

MaMaPo Mon 01-Jul-13 19:27:37

Good luck with that Clarella. If you and your DP are on the same page then you can do it!

Making mapo tofu for dinner - my namesake! Delicious. No idea where my husband is though...

Eek ten inch hornet in our bathroom shock <slight exaggeration>

IsThatTrue Mon 01-Jul-13 20:33:26

Hi all I'm finding it really hard to keep up atm. DS2 was a pleasure at the school sports day today, he even managed to crawl up on his knees a little bit. But mostly he commandoed round and made himself filthy. His teeth are really hurting him bastard things he still has none. But he spent most of the afternoon/evening crawling round shouting. Then at bedtime he clawed at his face and managed to cut/bruise just under his eye! sad poor boy.

I'm off for a bath and bed in a bit I think, I'm knackered!

WhatJeff Mon 01-Jul-13 20:40:26

MaMaPo I woke up this morning with a huge blister on my breast where dd had missed!!! (How did I not wake?)

dd-6.5months, ds 3, ds 14, dd 16

I am lucky with this one, she sleeps well. About 8pm-5am then 5am-7am. I remember the pain with ds though he sleep no more than an hour until he was one. I thought I'd die. I'd take assemblies at work and forget things such as the rest of the Lords Prayer when I was halfway through or who was doing it....

seymour I feel your pain re dh,mine is the laziest. He can't comprehend his lack of contribution, the type that wants a medal for lifting his own socks, let alone the kid's. Dd can't sit either, but she's 2nd centile so I'd like to know her excuse! Her siblins crawled at this age.

ISpyPlumPie Mon 01-Jul-13 22:08:58

I'm still feeding lots at night, don't really keep tabs on the times as find it a bit easier to cope with that way but I have a strong sense that we are a long way off sleeping through.

N celebrated turning 7 months today by cutting his 7th tooth.

IsThatTrue Mon 01-Jul-13 22:26:50

ispy 7 teeth?! We don't have 1!

jeff my older 2 didn't crawl until 9mo ds2 is commando crawling already (started just after 6mo)

WLmum Mon 01-Jul-13 22:45:18

No teeth here either, but big 2 didn't get any til nearly a year so expecting the same this time.
Big 2 didn't crawl til about 11 months but Tabs got up onto her hands and knees today - them promptly fell over sideways!
Little monkey pooed on my arm today! Just after I joked about it with dd1 - she of course found it hilarious!

So we have water but the insurance co won't pay, I broke my fave vase, chipped the kitchen worktop and had my goggles nicked. And of course got pooed on. Not such a great day.

halestone Mon 01-Jul-13 23:53:18

WL at least tomorrow can't be worse than today.

Ispy has N cross teethed or have they all come through in the correct order?

H had an eventful day we went to get her photo's done where she spent most the time crying or looking away from the camera. We wanted a few shots of her naked with her back to the camera playing with her bears. Of course she wee'd all over me when i picked her up and not a small wee, it was one of those really long warm wees yuk!

halestone Mon 01-Jul-13 23:55:09

Oh and i hope we all have sleeping babies tonight although i'm still waiting for H to go to sleep

MaMaPo Tue 02-Jul-13 00:02:40

Thanks hales. Unfortunately we're onto our 2nd wake already so I'm steeling myself for a looooong night. I keep hoping nights will get better but this is worse again. At least the trend has to reverse at some stage. Have just suggested to my husband that he sleep on the couch, so at least someone in the house will get some sleep.

She is properly feeding. Greedy monster.

WL, yay for water but a hearty boo to everything else.


MaMaPo Tue 02-Jul-13 00:04:04

Oops - meant to congratulate ISpy on impressive teething. No wonder you're up a lot at night. This is C's first real bout of teething and it is playing merry hell with her sleep.

<flings sleepy dust at everyone including C>

I'm sorry to go on I'm in do much pain. Ds hasn't even stirred yet but I'm in agony I don't know if I should wake him or go and express sad

MaMaPo Tue 02-Jul-13 01:51:50

Oh spotty. I know it was a while
Ago but in that case id dreamfeed. Hopefully then he wouldn't need resettling. Hope the pain has abated, you poor thing.

Wow - we've progressed from 2 hour wakings to 1h45. Not the progress I'd like.

I can't get a let down and my nipple is bleeding. Dp running me a bath

MaMaPo Tue 02-Jul-13 03:19:57

Oh no, spotty. You're having a terrible night. I hope the bath does the trick.

This baby won't settle. Just wide awake. I'm so tired.

I'm trying to wean off the night feeds by just offering water but think I may give in and feed him. It's been just under 5 h since the last feed so not too bad. I'm not cut out to be this strict. Would you all feed him while it's been so long? Wibble!

Bloody hell, I should have just given in in the first place. Now he's worked himself up and we're both wide awake! I suck!

I was sick in the end and have hardly slept since. Not sure how I'm going to cope with both dc today.

halestone Tue 02-Jul-13 07:05:25

Oh no spotty, sorry your feeling ill, thanksthanks could it be mastitis? Have you booked a GP appointment as bleeding painful nipples need checking out. Could DP take a family day so that he doesn't have to go to work today. I think your allowed 15 days before your child is a certain age.

Willyou, i always give H warm water formula of a day and cold water formula of a night. She seems to naturally be dropping off the night formula herself, she wakes up once in the night for food (well she did before she got this cold).

Mama sorry you had a bad night, hopefully it got better for you.

Definitely mastitis. Dp is taking the morning off. He's so busy at work I feel really bad sad

Barbeasty Tue 02-Jul-13 07:24:23

Oh Spotty fingers crossed it clears up quickly.

A decided that midnight to 3am was play time. He was rolling around so much that I had to put him in hid cot, as I couldn't contain him in my bed! So I was quite up and down through the night to get him briefly as he cried and then put him back when I couldn't take anymore.

He shocked himself by rolling onto a musical toy attached to the side of the cot.

His eyes weren't too bad though, so hopefully a day of intensive cleaning with breast milk has cleared them.

But I'm now at work on about 3 hours sleep, spread across 7 hours. I think it might be a shortish day.... Still no work. Or desk. Today I am using a meeting room to work from.

Can you have a cheeky snooze under the table Barbeasty?!

MaMaPo Tue 02-Jul-13 08:10:39

Spotty, hope you can get to see someone about the mastitis, you poor thing.

Rubbish night here but at least she slept 4.15-6. I had visions of her waking at 5. She's feeding now and will be back in bed in a minute - as will I. So far this morning I've poured boiling water on the cordless kettle stand instead of just putting the kettle on it, then stuck my finger in a mug of hot tea. Thank god I don't have a car, I wouldn't be safe to drive. barbeasty good luck at work today, I'm impressed you made it. I am so rubbish when it comes to sleep deprivation.

WLmum Tue 02-Jul-13 09:17:52

spotty you poor thing that sounds horrendous. Why the bleeding nipple?
mama and beasty sorry about the sleep regression.
We didn't do too badly but I'm going to push ahead with operation no more night boob. I did a dream feed about 10.45 then she woke at 12.30 and wouldn't settle with a pat but a cuddle and rock did it. Again at 4 but ended up giving her a quick feed from the slow boob at 4.30 and she slept til 6.30! Def not about the milk as she can't have had much. Going to try this again tonight. Need to work on dd2 too who has started waking most nights

I think the stubborn milk blister I've had for weeks and weeks finally went?

Glad your night was better smile ds did 1:30 and woke at 5 but stayed in cot until 5:30 because I was too scared to feed him blush

Sorry you've had a bad night mama

WLmum Tue 02-Jul-13 10:01:48

Ouch spotty. You've had such bad luck, you've done so amazingly well to keep going. Hats off to you!

WLmum Tue 02-Jul-13 10:52:07

Most of the time T will only feed from the left boob now! I'm going to end up with enormous melon and one witches tit!

SeymoreButts Tue 02-Jul-13 11:01:34

Wow Ispy 7 teeth! No sign of any here.

WL today has to be better than yesterday! I hope no more night boob goes well tonight. Let us know how it goes, I really should do the same.

beasty I hope you're not too knackered and manage to get through today without drifting off! Fingers crossed for a much better night tonight.

MaMa I've done a few things like that recently. Like putting hand soap on my toothbrush, and the spreadable butter in the freezer. hmm I hope you've had a reasonable nap this morning.

spotty has the milk blister gone? So hopefully the blocked duct will clear up? I've had that twice and the lumps drain out straight away, soo satisfying! grin Feed as much as you can on that side now to keep the milk moving and clear the infection. I hope you feel better pronto.

The rubbish daytime naps continue here. DS is at his happiest first thing in the morning and then is miserable from mid morning onwards because he won't sleep for more than 20 minutes! I'm seriously considering getting him some construction style ear guards.

Sorry almost everyone had a shit night.

I hope you get to see a doctor Spotty that sounds horrid.

I can't believe what toothy babies everyone has. Another gummy one here smile

Hope today's better than yesterday WL

Well thanks to all the people in RL who told me to stop the night feeds as it's just habit, I am having a horrific day.

At 4:15 I gave DS a bottle of water, it didn't work. he went stratospheric at 4:30am and I gave him 3oz of milk which shut him up but he was so wide awake we didn't go back down til 6am, poor DP was up for work at 5:15. DS has since refused all milk and is a screaming, hungry, overtired mess. I've managed to get 1/2 a weekabix in him and am currently force feeding him a bottle which has zonked him out. I may turn to drink before this day is out! wink

MaMaPo Tue 02-Jul-13 12:18:25

Oh willyou, I was about to break out the vodka so I'll pour some for you too.

C slept briefly and poorly this morning but seems OK. I, on the other hand, feel quite low. I was going to meet up with friends today (and have an adult conversation!!!!) but am too tired to deal with 2 hours on public transport. So it's a day on my own in this bloody flat yet again.

Any relief Spotty?

WLmum Tue 02-Jul-13 12:55:20

Oh dear mama and willyou. I'm sure liquor must be the answer!
We've just been for a nice walk with the mummy who was in the hospital bed next to me when I had Tabs (she had a Tabitha too!)

halestone Tue 02-Jul-13 12:57:12

Spotty i hope you managed to see a Dr when i was prescribed antibiotics it really helped me get over my mastitis quickly. The flu symptoms are so unpleasant especially when you've got DS to look after. You have done amazingly well to continue BF throughout all the blocked ducts and now mastitis.

Beasty, Mama and Willyou i hope you all manage some sleep today.

My back is in agony, i don't know if any of you suffered back ache through your pregnancies but it feels just like that. hmm

halestone Tue 02-Jul-13 12:59:05

WL thats so nice grin i'm still friends with a lad who was in the hospital bed next to me on the day i was born. Weirdly both of our dads were in the army together and we lived in Germany at the same time from the age of 3 grin

WLmum Tue 02-Jul-13 13:01:32

And tabs managed to choke and vomit on a rusk today. That's it. No more finger food (ever)!

WLmum Tue 02-Jul-13 13:03:00

That's lovely hales. It would be nice if they stayed friends but honestly we're from very different worlds so not that likely.

Cheers Mama wine

I get it Hales and I also can't stand up the same way I used to from lying down. It's as if the muscles aren't recovered yet.

That's lovely WL all the ladies on the ward with me were a bit hmm or lived miles from me. I've persevered with the finger food and I can tell now when he's choking as when he's getting it up himself! He's really taken to some things -mans would eat rice cakes and cucumber sticks all day long!

Oops I meant wine

Stacks Tue 02-Jul-13 16:49:01

I'm struggling to entertain DS this afternoon. We've only been home since 2, and he slept 2:15-3. He's just been a rat bag since then. Won't play with his toys, won't sit on his playmat. I've even tried baby tv.. He just keeps trying to cling onto me or throw himself back.
What can you do to entertain a small person in the house on your own? It's a horrible rainy day so I don't feel eager to go for a walk. DH is home late too (though not as bad as you guys, just after 6 instead of after 5).

Nursery rhymes, lie on the floor with them in your chest and do silly breathing to jiggle them (DP does a good line in this), pretend to eat them. Not long now, I've got a rat bag too. I feel your pain.

MaMaPo Tue 02-Jul-13 17:31:11

Early bedtime Stacks? Sounds like you might need to just wander round the house looking at things and singing songs.

C has been OK today, though tired now, and I have everything crossed that tonight is better than last night. My husband won't be home until 8 or so, then the grocery shop is being delivered, and then I will probably be in bed. So boring.

IsThatTrue Tue 02-Jul-13 19:05:06

I've had a clingy baby today. Complete fury if I dared to put him down. His teeth lumps are so huge and hard though so I can understand the grumpiness. I just wish it hasn't been on the day DH had the car and I had dentist as it involved 4 miles of walking and I stupidly forgot to take the sling as well as the buggy. So I had to listen to him screech or walk holding him and pushing the buggy, neither was a great option tbh.

WL sorry to hear of tabs gagging. I know it's scary but it's a learning curve they need to get through. DH panics ever time (as do dd and ds1) but I've worked on my poker face.

DS has worked out the best way to get picked up is to plonk yourself on the adults feet and shout until they oblige! grin it's so funny seeing him determinedly crawling towards you, as you know exactly what's coming smile

I'm just feeding him to sleep before running club, fx he stays in bed as DH had a hard day at work and I'm not sure Velcro baby is his idea of a peaceful evening or mine for that matter

Barbeasty Tue 02-Jul-13 19:37:58

I walked through the front door to a screaming baby sad who has whinged ever since.

He's frantically chewing anything he can, so I think teeth are involved. So many lumps and bumps to choose from though. Maybe we could have them all in one go! (Wishful thinking!)

I just need a slightly better night. Otherwise I'll be packing a lunchbox of chocolate...

Hope all the other grumpy babies give you a break and a good night.

I've just ordered an organised mum calendar, after we established DH had meant he had to work every Saturday until the end of July, not June. This is after he'd arranged to meet up with a few of my colleagues this Saturday (and was planning to ask his mum to babysit), and he's doing the cooking at his mum's big, annual family barbecue in a couple of weeks. He's useless!

WLmum Tue 02-Jul-13 19:53:42

I hear you beasty my mantra is 'is it on the calendar'?!

WLmum Tue 02-Jul-13 19:56:25

stacks tabs loves being eaten, looking in the mirror, flying and playing with anything that's not a toy. At the sensory room there was a basket of jam jar lids which she loved. They made a great noise and were good to hold and chew.

MaMaPo Tue 02-Jul-13 20:01:42

Wow, I could have written lots of these posts. Ditto 'is it on the calendar'. During making some plans my husband said 'Oh no, I'm in Copenhagen that weekend.' !!! Guess my response. C also has such lumps in her upper gum and she drools like a fiend. No wonder she's feeding from me so much, she'd be dehydrated otherwise.

This is awful, but it's kinda nice to know I'm not alone with a cranky teething baby. Barbeasty and Isthat, hope your little ones calmed down.

WL, C loves being eaten too! Especially her hands and her neck. So funny to watch her giggle.

Barbeasty Tue 02-Jul-13 20:13:10

No calming yet. We've cracked out the calpol and the broken sky remote (since he's determined to chew one and DD broke one "cleaning" it in my glass of water).

I'm about to eat dinner, which could be interesting!

Stacks Tue 02-Jul-13 21:02:39

Has anyone heard of the "minor ailments scheme"? I went to the pharmacy he other day and they offered to sign T up for it. It's free, and means if he gets a cough or cold or similar they'll give me calpol (or whatever over the counter drug he needs) for free. Didn't cost anything to sign him up.

ISpyPlumPie Tue 02-Jul-13 22:45:56

Spotty - hope you are feeling better thanks.

Hales - N's teeth have come through in quite a random order. He got the front bottom two first, which I expected but then he had a lovely pair of fangs at the top for a bit until the top front ones caught up. His latest the second one along on the bottom right (excuse complete lack of official dental terms).

WL - DS1 went through a long stage of only feeding from the right boob. I was worried about hideous unevenness, however so far it seems to be ok. Am ignoring the possibility that pregnancy and bf again have covered up the true situation and may make N feed only from the left whether he likes it or not just in case

Mama, Beasty and Willyou - hope you all manage to catch up on some sleep tonight.

Stacks - the minor ailment scheme is fab. I get all the boys' eczema stuff from it as well as calpol, nasal drops etc.

N had his first trip to the cinema today. The special baby screening was Despicable Me 2, which I thought DS1 would love so we had a little day out. He was so good - just babbled a bit, then fed and snoozed. Caused less stress than DS1 anyway who almost blew my cover for trying to economise on cinema snacks by repeatedly and loudly saying "can I have my packed lunch now mummy?" blush.

WLmum Tue 02-Jul-13 22:48:46

Not heard of that stacks but it sounds brill. I'd sign up. Could it be a Scottish thing? My local pharmacist is brill so would have thought he'd mention it if it was available.

WLmum Tue 02-Jul-13 22:53:13

Oh ispy you've got the scheme too - I'm going to ask! Cinema can't begrudge a small boy his packed lunch surely?! Bless him. Dd1 and her friend recently exposed us mummies who were trying to pretend they were under 5 so free on the train with an 'I'm 6'! Oh yes dear, so you are. Both kids are very tall too blush

WLmum Tue 02-Jul-13 22:54:50

My left boob is considerably bigger than the right anyway - was quite noticeable during pg. dd2 always favoured the left too.

halestone Tue 02-Jul-13 23:11:54

We have that scheme as well but adults can also sign up i regularly get my thrush pessary on it i think its called a health passport here though.

Ispy H has 7 teeth also with 8-9 on the way down. They also came through in a odd order when i checked it was called cross teething which is apparently really hard for them, but touch wood up until these 2 teeth we havn't had any bother.

Spotty hope your feeling abit better.

littleginger Tue 02-Jul-13 23:14:07

Hello all. Im a bit of a lurker on this thread but just because i dont visit the site frequently enough to have much input - its nothing sinister honest grin

Just wanted to say that its good to see how everyone else is doing cos it can feel like its just you sometimes! Sorry to those suffering terrible nights lack of sleep is horrendous sad

I had never heard of minor ailment scheme but this explains it. See bottom of link! http://www.nhs.uk/Livewell/Pharmacy/Pages/Commonconditions.aspx

I had a go of the search thing but it didnt work. Will just ask next time im in pharmacy and hope they treat something useful to me grin

littleginger Tue 02-Jul-13 23:15:24
halestone Wed 03-Jul-13 00:04:36

Oh littleginger thanks for link. I only joined mumsnet for this group i've said it a thousand times but its saved my sanity to see other people going through the same thing at roughly the same time.

halestone Wed 03-Jul-13 01:08:25

No sleep here yet, i've resorted to stripping her clothes off and leaving just her nappy on hmm

MaMaPo Wed 03-Jul-13 01:26:56

Oh hales, I hope that works!

Welcome littleginger! How old is your little one? are you having a dreadful time teething too?

Long feed here now, but a lot of it is comfort sucking. I'm desperate that she sleep now instead of partying for 2 hours so I won't unlatch until its clear she's dozing (and even then it'll probably still be party time).

Will also have to look into that scheme. Thanks for the heads up.

MaMaPo Wed 03-Jul-13 03:22:15

2.5 hours sleep so far tonight and I hear birdsong. I feel pretty bad right now. I hope everyone else is fast asleep.

2blessed Wed 03-Jul-13 03:24:42

Just put R back to bed after his 2nd wake up! His sleep is so random at the moment, 1 night he sleeps through then the next 2 he won't.
Thankfully his cold has gone so we're off fo swimming later.
Hoping everyone is in the land of the zzz's.

Fuckity fuck. Why is it the night I need to feed, feed, feed ds and I have both been asleep since before 7pm and he's still asleep now. I don't want to go and express as I know he will be up soon and it's better to feed him. Tbh it's not too painful but the tiny blood blister/crack I have is making me dread it...

2blessed Wed 03-Jul-13 06:10:26

spotty Have some chocolate before, during and after expressing...?
Glad its not too painful anymore.

Really sad that I think I'm going to have to start reducing bf R. After 1 bite 4 weeks ago, I've had 4 bites in the past 2 days. I've tried pulling him off with a firm NO. I think he bites when he's not that hungry.

We went to our local nct baby and toddlers group on monday. If I'm honest I found it a bit cliquey and not very welcoming so not sure if we'll go back. There was a free sing and sign taster workshop though which was fab, definitely signing up to start that in september.

Barbeasty Wed 03-Jul-13 07:42:17

Sleep was marginally better, we got a couple of 2 hour stretches!

Got a bit of a peek in A's mouth while he was screaming, and he's got white lumps where hid molars will be. No wonder he's grumpy!

Spotty if the crack makes feeding painful, can you try a nipple shield until it heals? They really helped when DD destroyed me (looked like she had taken a huge bite out of each nipple).

ISpyPlumPie Wed 03-Jul-13 10:19:23

2blessed - you have my sympathy. I had a really bad time with DS1 biting, and would have stopped bf but for the fact he absolutely refused to drink from anything other than me so had to keep going. After a couple of weeks of absolute hell, it did just stop. Not sure if he just got that bit further on with teething or he learnt how to latch with teeth or what, but it seemed to go as quickly as it came. N hasn't been as bad - he does bite, but hasn't caused any actual damage. He definitely only does it when he's not that interested in feeding and is just messing about. Sorry that this isn't much help and I wish I had some more useful tips. I just wanted to you to know you're not alone and that there is hope it will sort itself out.

SeymoreButts Wed 03-Jul-13 10:23:51

MaMa sad I hope you've managed to nap? It's soul destroying watching the hours tick by until the sun comes up. Have a massive coffee and a big slice of cake.

How did it go spotty? Are you feeling better?

2blessed DS went through a biting stage a few months ago, not sure what caused it but it stopped as quickly as it started. confused

Ooh molars beasty my older 2 always slept really badly before they got molars. I hope your sleep continues to get better.

DS has been really grumpy all day, I hope he's not getting ill again, he's still got a terrible cough from last time.

Stacks Wed 03-Jul-13 10:47:42

I'm tired of having a tired baby that won't sleep! He had me up hourly last night. Started in his cot which was good, slept 8-9 and 9-10:30 with very quick settles back to sleep with a quick cuddle and no feeding. However 10:30-1 he just wouldn't settle for more than a couple of minutes. Of get him to sleep, hold him a minute, transfer to cot, he'd sleep for 1-10 mins then wake crying. Over and over and over. Have up and brought him to bed where he continued to wake hourly. Got up at 7 this morning, nap at 9-9:30, exhausted and complaining by 10.
He does this every day pretty much. I try and keep him sleep longer at naps but he just doesn't go back down. He's basically overtired 24/7 sad No teeth to blame, just the old reflux.

Sorry others had bad nights. No advice on biting, T does it a bit but he's got no teeth yet. I just have to have a day or do of telling him off then he stops for a while. It does tend to be when he's finished feeding but not asleep, I wonder if he's trying to stop the annoying milk coming from his 'dummy'.

Not too bad thanks Seymore just feeling bruised and sick. I can't eat anything which isn't helping. Ds just slept for two hours forty though!

Good night for us thank goodness. J slept 9:30-4:30, then 5:00-8:00 shock. we went to the trafford centre to get my birthday present (a watch) last night and J screamed in rage the whole way home.

MaMaPo Wed 03-Jul-13 12:29:50

C has just gone down for her nap (fingers crossed, I mean - the shouting has stopped) and she's had a grand total of 3.5 hours sleep since midnight. Completely ridiculous. I went to my local bfing group this morning which is a nice bunch of people. It's the first conversation I've had with someone apart from my husband since Sunday. This week has been horribly isolating.

Stacks, good god, that's an awful night. Is there any revision of reflux meds that you could ask for? That doesn't sound sustainable for you.

Spotty, I hope things are feeling better bit by bit. I know it was horribly inconvenient for you but I am jealous of your sleep (you too, willyou). We could swap babies for a bit? C would feed all day and night at the moment if you let her.

Mamapo I will swap you a nights sleep for feeling this ill for an hour! I'm sure he won't do it again.

I appear to have no milk anyway. He's fussy both sides and not satisfied after feeds sad I feel really sick and I need to sort their tea out...

Stacks Wed 03-Jul-13 16:47:03

Spotty hope you feel better soon. I hope you managed to eat something, and that DS naps well today giving you a bit of a break.

Mama it's hard when you end up feeling isolated. Lots of our baby groups have ended for the summer beak, so I'm a bit trapped too. Can you arrange some things in advance for the next few days/week? Any idea what's causing such bad sleep for you? It's awful when the birds start up before you've slept. Luckily there's not many birds by us or I'd have shot them this morning.

Willyou Happy Birthday. Sorry I missed it, found it really hard to keep up with the thread recently. Glad you had a good night.

Seymour fingers crossed there's no illness coming. Grumpy baby here too. I managed to get him to be quiet for about 20 minutes... by feeding him Oreo cookies. Oops, bad mummy. He did actually eat it though, rather than suck it and throw away.

Beasty wow, molars! We still just have gummy smiles here.

Hales did your night improve?

Ginger welcome.

ISpy I'd live to go see despicable me 2. I wonder if its on in our baby cinema, and if I still qualify with T.

Stacks Wed 03-Jul-13 16:49:49

Spotty can you call LLL or someone for some bf advice? You should still have milk, though I think it can taste salty if you have mastitis infection, so they don't like it as much. I wish I could help, I have no experience though. {hugs}

I know I don't understand it even the good side seems to be lacking he's really fussy and doing about 20 sucks before he swallows. I'm not too worried about re establishing my supply more worried about poor ds being hungry and keeping me up all night

ISpyPlumPie Wed 03-Jul-13 18:24:12

Stacks - if you've got an Odeon near you see if they do "newbie" screenings. They are aimed at parents with babies, so the volume is quieter than usual and it doesn't get quite as dark. No-one stresses if the babies start crying, need to be fed or taken out etc. Only took DS1 as it was a film I knew he'd love. There were lots of people with just babies there too.

WLmum Wed 03-Jul-13 20:16:58

Welcome ginger
spotty hope ds sleeps that well again - amazing! And that you feel better soon. Drink lots and eat lots of honey - supposedly it sweetens your milk!
We've been to visit a friend today who helpfully lives miles away - round the m25. T was v good and slept all the way there but only about half an hour on the way back before she screamed. I had to pull off and feed her although she wasn't really hungry. Luckily my mum was with me so she sat in the back and desperately pulled things from our bags for T to play with. While we were at friends though T had her first sighting of a cat - it was hilarious - she didn't know whether to be scared or excited and then we had forward movement to reach it. I really think she'll be crawling soon. Got some baby proofing to do!

I can't eat anything sad I feel so ill and ds won't settle I think he's hungry

FriendofDorothy Wed 03-Jul-13 20:22:32

Spotty it sounds like you really need to get some antibiotics.

I've got some FoD

Maryland2013 Wed 03-Jul-13 20:58:48

Evening all,
I've lurked for a while mainly due to negativity from others on a pregnancy board.. But your conversations paint you as a lovely bunch of mums and I've found the threads helpful so I'm hoping I might be able to contribute too..

DS was born Dec 19th. Doing really well and a happy little chap!

Are most of you based down south? Anyone around the Manchester area?

FriendofDorothy Wed 03-Jul-13 21:23:21

Oh good Spotty - I must have missed that smile

Hi Maryland and welcome.

Barbeasty Wed 03-Jul-13 21:32:32

Stacks we're still gummy, but so much looking as though it's on the way. I could see the top front teeth moving down, barely covered by gum months ago.

We had a call from nursery today, because A wasn't happy, but he slept all afternoon and has been ok since we got home. Fingers crossed for a much better night.

WLmum Wed 03-Jul-13 21:46:40

Welcome maryland, sorry to hear about negativity - leave them and come hang out with us! I'm south but I think some are up your way.

spotty I know it must be hideous but you must keep your fluid (and calorie) intake up if possible. Chocolate milk? Ribena? Anything at all you think you could stomach?

Maryland2013 Wed 03-Jul-13 21:46:48

Teething is just a nightmare isn't it? We have 2 bottom teeth but constant drooling and eating EVERYTHING and screeching if there's nothing to chew. We use the teetha powders which seem to work, DS loves them!!
Someone told me a good way to check in their mouths is to turn them upside down (!)

Welcome Maryland smile

WL I've just managed half a yoghurt and half a packet of French fries (took me half an hour to eat them blush)

Had to give ds a bottle as he was screaming and screaming from hunger sad

halestone Wed 03-Jul-13 21:56:54

Happy Birthday Willyouthankswine

Spotty i really hope your feeling better soon and that the antibiotics kick in soon.

Welcome Maryland, i'm from the northwest inbetween Liverpool and Manchester. Theres a few of us from up here. We don't do negativity here grin

Stacks H eventually went to sleep at 2:30 this morning but then slept well. We decided to move her cot around today though so that she can't see us, hopefully it might work. She has vomited a few times today though. I hope you get a better sleep tonight.

Mama i also hope you get a better sleep tonight.

halestone Wed 03-Jul-13 22:00:16

We use to use the teetha powders maryland then i went to boots and their own brand teething powders are made by the same company and were cheaper. I rub in directly into H's gums and pray she doesn't bite me at the same time haha.

WLmum Wed 03-Jul-13 22:14:54

Well done spotty. Don't worry about giving him a bottle, best he gets fed so you can rest a bit while you get well.

ISpyPlumPie Wed 03-Jul-13 22:29:54

Spotty - another one sending you hugs and hoping that the ABs kick in soon. Really don't stress about the bottle, just do whatever you need to do to get you both through this.

Welcome Maryland. I'm in Wigan so not far from you either.

Welcome to all the other newbies too. I'm not the best contributor to the thread atm due to the mobile site not working on my phone anymore, but do try to pop on of an evening if I can.

PurplePidjin Wed 03-Jul-13 22:43:38

Welcome aboard ginger and maryland

<<hug>> Spotty. Nowt wrong with a fed baby, no matter the delivery!

I had work tonight. Came home to a baby asleep in his cot and dp watching the apprentice. Very proud mummy!

Bollocks did long msg n lost it!

Spotty a bottle to get you all a food nights rest and recovery sounds like a good plan to me

I'm in wigan too Maryland

hales and stacks it's on Saturday. Three days til the big three oh!

Mammoth napping by j today. 2h45m I then dropped him off at my mums n went out for a huge Thai set meal with an old work colleague. Gave myself dreadful stomach ache wind.

Fingers crossed for good nights all round grin

SeymoreButts Thu 04-Jul-13 00:32:53

DS is ill again! Hardly any sleep last night because his nose was so blocked. Baby vicks does nothing and you can't get karvol here. Are those nasal aspirators any good? Roll on summer!

Is everyone doing daytime naps in a darkened room now? He's still managing 30 minutes at the most, I'm clutching at straws really!

pidj That's brilliant, well done dp!

Welcome Maryland! I'm in Sydney. I used to love those teething sachets, I've not found anything similar here though.

willyou How are you going to celebrate??

Spotty Have a brew I hope the antibiotics kick in soon. When I had bacterial mastitis my supply dropped for a few days afterwards and DS was fussy. My supply built up again quite quickly though and I was back to demand feeding. DS has a bottle of formula before bed and for the dream feed every day now, just because I want DH to be able to feed him if I go to bed at 6pm

Oh I really don't mind him having a bottle it was just the fact that id been feeding him for an hour and he was still starving.

If we are home ds has all naps in his cot now. I just plonk him in and he might have a small moan but generally goes straight off

Maryland2013 Thu 04-Jul-13 05:37:59

Thanks for all the welcomes! grin

Poor Spotty I hope you feel better soon- you seem to have really bad luck..

We have an aspirator. Actually we have 2-one like a bulb the other with long thin tubes. The tube one is best. Often you need to use a saline spray first but it gets so much gunk out its great.

Finally cot napping here- if we're in. It's random though sometimes an hour sometimes 2 1/2..

emilyeggs Thu 04-Jul-13 06:44:34

I found you all again grin lest see if I can keep up this time ha ha!

emilyeggs Thu 04-Jul-13 06:49:22

Just looking back trying to catch up (hopeful) and seen spotty not been well. Hope you are on the mend spotty x

Thanks emily smile

Seymore I haven't tried an aspiration but I second the saline spray.

Sorry just trying to catch up on all the posts I've read but not taken in blush

Pidj it just have been nice to get home and just flop and spend some time with dh

We still have no signs of teeth or teething! I do remember molars being particularly horrendous though. We used teetha and ambesol liquid

IsThatTrue Thu 04-Jul-13 07:15:51

I won't manage to catch up. Horrible teething baby is still here with no teeth sad this has to get better soon. I'm exhausted!

Sorry to hear others are going through the same!

emilyeggs Thu 04-Jul-13 07:17:35

I see we have some teethers! I used bonjela, seemed to work but as H's 2 bottom teeth came through quickly I'm not sure if it was just over too quick for him to cause a real fuss....saying that, I too have see massive bumps on the front of his top gums, my sis said its his two front teeth coming down confused

Emily be warned their front two teeth look really massive when they first come through grin

emilyeggs Thu 04-Jul-13 07:33:22

Ha ha! Thanks spotty grin. I wonder how he hasn't hurt his top gums with his bottom two teeth? They are soooo sharp! grin

Barbeasty Thu 04-Jul-13 07:51:41

A better night here. Only 3 wakings before 4am, then unsettled until I got up at 5. I'm still very tired though, and A looked a bit tired and spaced out when I left for work.

I need to decide what to do on Saturday. I'm meant to be meeting some colleagues for a drink (we all shared a technical mentor), but DH is working so I'd have to take both DC, drive almost 40 miles each way, and can't really even drink or anything. It's at 12, so right across lunchtime and I can't really justify shelling out for all of us. I think I'd rather go to a much nearer town and spend DD's birthday money.

Spotty fingers crossed you turn a corner today and start to feel better.

A was crawling backwards yesterday. So funny to watch how confused he was getting!

WLmum Thu 04-Jul-13 08:39:52

Goodness beasty you're doing well back at work with all those wake ups.
We had a reasonable night - dream feed at 10.30 then wake at 3 but settled with a cuddle after a little protest. But pride comes before a fall and wake again at 4 with lots of up and down and protesting so she ended up getting 2 very short feeds on the slow boob before going back down at 4.30. Up at 6.

Barbeasty Thu 04-Jul-13 08:44:31

I'm sort of used to it. I was back for a year before DD slept through. And by then I was pregnant, so soon into not sleeping through myself!

I'll just push on through and have a small lie in at the weekend (which just means any time after 5!). And look forwards to a year or two's time...

MaMaPo Thu 04-Jul-13 09:13:02

Oh barbeasty, it sounds grim when you put it like that.

Welcoome maryland and welcome back emily! We have lost so many people from the antenatal threads...

Spotty, fx today's the today everything kicks in and you feel better.

A better night here - she slept OK 7-10.30, but wouldn't take much at that feed and wouldn't settle. DIdn't want to be held... we let her cry and she slept until 4.30am. I think teething has finished for now (with no teeth through) as drooling and chewing have pretty much stopped. Hopefully it means we can resume our sleeping routines and get some better nights.

Boo seymore for ill baby. C naps in a darkened room - everything the same as for nighttime. She only ever used to do 45 mins but suddenly clicked and now can sleep longer. She's been asleep an hour now, and sometimes will do 1.5 or even 2.

emilyeggs Thu 04-Jul-13 09:41:33

I must say, I'm quite lucky with H really. He's been sleeping through the night for a while now, and the last couple of nights I've dropped the 10pm feed (reduced it at first) and he still sleeps through. On the flip side though, he's really demanding in the day, wants constant attention, not really one to just play with his toys for half hour while I get things done.(nothing gets done).

Someone mentioned feeling isolated, sorry cant remember who, but I know how you feel. I'm going to try and get to a baby group (I keep missing them) a) for H to interact with other babies and b) so I don't loose what marbles I have left confused

MaMaPo Thu 04-Jul-13 09:51:15

Hey Emily - that was me. I do have some local groups I go to but was so exhausted this week I couldn't face them.

And thanks for the perspective - you have a lovely little boy who sleeps wonderfully but is demanding during the day. I have a lovely little girl who sleeps dreadfully (at the moment) but will entertain herself for ages during the day. Swings and roundabouts!

Stacks Thu 04-Jul-13 10:09:06

T will sleep in his cot during the day now, though not for long. I started putting him into his cot at night on Monday, and on Tuesday tried his cot for daytime. Yesterday he even went for a nap without feeding till sleepy first.

Before Monday he'd not been in his cot for months. He'd always wake on transfer or a couple of minutes after and it just wasn't worth the lack of sleep persevering. I hadn't even tried the cot for weeks before this week.
I don't know if he's just grown up a bit, or if I'd left it long enough that there were no bad associations with the cot - but it worked well straight away with no crying.

However, he doesn't sleep long at a time, an hour maximum really. Day or night. Thing is, during the night he wakes and cries, I pick him up for maybe 30 seconds and he's asleep in my arms, a minute more and I can put him back and he'll keep sleeping. If I don't pick him up he'll scream and wake himself up and take much longer to settle. Any ideas how to "fix" this? Otherwise I'm going to him every 45 mins and just give up in the night because I'm so darn tired.

Another bad night last night. And right now I'm listening to him scream. I fed him and put him down asleep and he woke up after a couple of minutes. As above really, I've got him back to sleep with cuddles twice. Screaming doesn't seem to work at all.

Spotty are you feeling any better today? Have you managed to eat?

45mins of crying plus no sleep last night and I'm too frazzled and pissed off to remember what else I read. I'll catch up better later.

Stacks have you tried patting/shushing rather than picking him up? Holding his hand at the same time? Does he have any other comforter? Could you introduce one? Does he do the same with dh? Ummm I think my next step (and last resort) would be cc in the daytime at naps but it's hard and it's easier said than done and not for everyone.

I managed a little bit of readybrek but now I'm starting to feel hungry again and not sure what to have need to get something quick before I feel ill again....I'm feeling ok currently just hoping it doesn't go downhill again at lunchtime like yesterday

WLmum Thu 04-Jul-13 11:13:43

Oh stacks sorry to hear the sleep situation is so awful. I'm afraid my answer would be cc too. I guess he needs to learn to self settle -I feel your pain as dd1 was just as frequent at waking. I did cc with her and after 3 nights she slept 7 til 7 every night!! I did 'true' cc where I left for increasing amounts of time but you could stay and pat to offer reassurance if you'd rather. Steel yourself, it will be tough but if you see it through it will work.

emilyeggs Thu 04-Jul-13 11:47:51

Think this may have come up before but my frazzled brain can't remember, when is it ok to give normal water ..ie not cooled boiled?

6 months they can drink tap water

emilyeggs Thu 04-Jul-13 11:58:20

Thanks smile

These antibiotics have given me awful diarrhoea blush

I've got an interview for that job on Tuesday...doubt I will get it but never mind...

Stacks Thu 04-Jul-13 12:29:08

I feel really ashamed. T is exhausted but someone has replaced his mummy with a monster. I just can't keep my temper today. I've not shouted at him or in danger of hurting him, but I am seething beneath the surface. I'm sure he can feel it too, he's being so clingy and just crying or whimpering constantly. He won't even sit and play on his mat with me, I'm really really trying.
He slept from 10:10-10:30, and I've just got him down for another nap. I can see how tired he is, and its proven by just 5 minutes of quiet cuddles in the nursery before falling asleep - no feed required. If he's so tired why won't he sleep?
I tried sleeping while he slept earlier to improve my mood, but I need more than 20 minutes to get to sleep, so I think it just made things worse. I've raised the head of his cot this morning, in case it's reflux. Hopefully not having fed him will help with that too.

DH hasn't settled him to sleep since he was tiny. We were going to introduce daddy as a nighttime settler over the weekend, though I think I'll bring that forward to tonight or tomorrow. I'll sleep from 8-12 with earplugs and DH can settle.

What can one do with a baby in the rain? I have no friends so no one to call to come over or meet up with. There's no baby groups on either.

Spotty I guess it's early for lunch, but did you find yourself some food to keep the nausea at bay?

WL I don't like the idea of cc if there's any chance T is suffering pain from the reflux. He's been so unsettled at night recently I wonder if there's not something else going on. This morning he spent an hour tossing and turning from one side to the other. He'd settle for a few seconds with some deep breathing, then whine a little before turning over and trying to sleep again. Even feeding him only got him to sleep for 10 minutes or so before turning again.

Welcome Maryland and welcome back Emily. My T doesn't like being left to his own devices either, just doesn't seem interested in toys. However I manage to get a few things done sometimes, when the stars align by putting him in his highchair so he can watch me.

Mama glad your night wasn't too awful. Did she go back to sleep after the 4:30 wake up?

Beasty I am in awe of you handling lack of sleep. I obviously can't... Hope you get a nice long lie in at the weekend, though not so long it throws you off for the week (my DH does this and never learns).

IsThat hope you get teeth and/or sleep soon.

Seymour sorry to hear LO is poorly. Sending get well soon vibes your way.

I want to be positive about stuff. T is sleeping in his cot. I have had time to myself in the evenings. These are Good Things.

emilyeggs Thu 04-Jul-13 12:46:47

Stacks, don't feel ashamed. We all have bad days, I've also felt tile I don't even want H near me sometimes. The clinging and pulling can drive you mad, let alone with no sleep sad. Are you bf or ff? If you are ff I've seen some that are anti reflux. Hopefully once weaning is underway maybe it will calm down. Once you can rule out reflux then you may feel better about cc. I don't really have much advice as I'm new to all this and still figuring it out myself. I'm sure someone will come along with some better advice xx brewbrew

Barbeasty Thu 04-Jul-13 13:13:00

Stacks don't forget that I'm out of the house at 6.30 four days a week, and don't have to deal with grumpy, clingy children until between 4 and 6pm. Makes the tiredness much easier to handle. Ask me again on Saturday or Monday when I've had them by myself all day!

Does he sleep in the pushchair or car? Maybe a nice long walk to give him a sleep would improve his mood for this afternoon, and fresh air can only help.

If you think it's reflux related can the gp or hv help do you think?

Otherwise, have you tried calpol? If he's struggling with teething pain, or going down with something it might make the difference and at least let him sleep a bit.

It's so difficult. It does get easier though, once they can talk and tell you at least a bit of what's troubling them.

Stacks Thu 04-Jul-13 14:05:40

Thanks. We've had a better time since he woke up. I'll put some pics on Facebook of us cooking smile I would usually walk with him, but the weather is awful today.

I'm still breastfeeding him, so the only "anti reflux" I can do is go dairy/egg and soya free for 6 weeks. I'm trying that now but only on day 3.
As for reflux meds, he's on the max dose. There's a new one I can try, but the dr wanted us to stay on these for another week to see if they work. I think I'll just ask for the new ones on Monday (meant to wait till Weds).

halestone Thu 04-Jul-13 14:15:20

Stacks don't feel at all ashamed, you are sleep deprived. Sleep deprivation use to be a form of torture. I think we all feel like that somedays that the anger is just bubbling under the surface, and we're getting more sleep than you so of course it will be harder for you. I remember someone saying on one of our old threads lie the baby on the floor and walk out the room and close the door just get your breath back before going back to deal with the baby. Babies can't fall off the floor. And we're all here for you if you need us.

Welcome back Emilygrin

Spotty i hope your Diarrhoea clears up soon. Also think positively about the job.

Seymore i hope DS is feeling better soon thanks

Well turning the cot around, didn't make much difference, all it did was make H scream as soon as she woke up. H went to sleep at 2:30 this morning woke at 2:45 back to sleep at 3. DP woke at 3:30 having a asthma attack and of course his inhalers ran out took us till just after 4 to calm his breathing but his breathing and coughing woke H who was up till 4:30. Back in her cot till 6:30 when she woke for a feed. Then luckily she did a 4 hour stretch.

WLmum Thu 04-Jul-13 14:52:18

stacks you have to be ok with the idea of cc to get through it so don't do anything you don't want to do. We've had the head of Ts cot raised a lot since she was tiny due to the reflux, although she's often to be found sideways at the bottom now!

spotty that's awesome news about the interview. Fx!

No milk in my boobs no milk in the cupboard....dp's going to have to go and get some

MaMaPo Thu 04-Jul-13 19:24:05

Oh no Spotty - this is a tough week for you. This sounds like it has been a tough week for all of us.

I think teething has stopped here - or at least I did until 10 minutes before bedtime, when drooling kicked in again and C started wailing. At least she fed and went down OK. We shall see how she sleeps tonight.

Lovely day for us - spent most of it in the park with a friend and her 9 month old. C slept 1h45 this morning and then 2h in the park - and I had to wake her up! I hope this bodes well.

Oh Stacks, poor thing. I have been a very unhappy mum this week but thankfully it passes. You're doing absolutely fine. Any chance you can get some time to yourself this weekend?

Heatwave starting tomorrow should cheer is all up!

MaMaPo Thu 04-Jul-13 19:28:50

As I'm Australian am I allowed to call it a "heatwave"? grin

Umm no just a spring day for you grin

emilyeggs Thu 04-Jul-13 19:52:18

Yay to heat wave spotty smile. I was just looking back on our threads where we get our 12wk scans......seems so long ago now. My LO is six months tomorrow!!!!

WLmum Thu 04-Jul-13 19:53:45

I've just ordered a 0.5 tog sleeping bag for T. I'm a bit grumpy and don't really like the heat! Sunshine obv is fab but rushing about in the heat is a bit crap.

spotty do you really think its gone? Could it just be fussing due to a different taste? Anything if you express?

stacks I am joining you on the no patience sofa. Bedtime almost finished thank god. Then to start on the million jobs.

Barbeasty Thu 04-Jul-13 19:53:54

Oh Spotty, but are you feeling a bit better? Hope you're ok by the interview.

I'm glad we still have no teeth here, but he can stop biting at every pause in a feed any time he wants!

WLmum Thu 04-Jul-13 19:54:08

At least I can do them in peace!

He's fussy both sides can hardly express any. I'm sure I will be able to get it back up once I'm better. Hopefully the doctor will change my antibiotics tomorrow so I will feel better. Just off to try and clear this blocked duct sad

In theory I like the heat but we have no shade in our garden no umbrella etc so it's a bit tough.... I might do something with a sheet and clothes horse grin

WLmum Thu 04-Jul-13 20:17:01

stacks just had a thought - T loves a wobble rather than a pat - patting in the cot seems to annoy her and is tricky when she rolls on her side but a wobble seems to work better.

WLmum Thu 04-Jul-13 20:18:31

spotty cheap ish pop up gazebos are great for shade and shelter from sudden rain. I'd invest but we don't have anywhere to store one.

We always think of getting things but then it starts to rain again grin

I've lost 10lb in the last three days...

emilyeggs Thu 04-Jul-13 22:24:54

Hears wishing everyone a good night fx. It's H first night in cloth so see how it goes grin

WLmum Thu 04-Jul-13 22:32:45

Today I am fed up with living in a mess. Every time I start to make some headway something happens (like a massive leak) that puts us back almost to square one.

All the food I batch cook and freeze for T seems to be white or orange!

grin WL I've made an orange, a red and two whites so far! I've bought casserole beef so will be making a brown this week. Hopefully once the leak's sorted you can get back to some level of order. But cut yourself some slack, you have 3 healthy happy girls anything else is a bonus. I refer you to the motto "everybody fed, nobody dead". It's not forever, 20 years from now you'll be longing for a messy house smile.

I suspect you're very dehydrated Spotty keep those fluids up as much a possible.

Someone asked what I'm doing for birthday - Friday to the zoo with j and DP, them a meal with parents, sister and them, Saturday nostalgic pissup with whoever is free out of me and DP's friends. Sunday lunch at Ma and pa's.

I've forgotten everything else everyone said! Back in a mo when have reread the thread.

Poor you Stacks. T will remember you as the fantastic mum you are and will have no memory of one momentary loss of patience. Go easy on yourself, you've given up chocolate for goodness sake, i'd be a woman in the edge.

Good news about your interview Spotty, I'll be back on the day with another telling off confidence boost.

Good luck with the nappies Emily and your mini egg smile

Made salmon mush today, it was not a hit! there's loads more in the freezer so hopefully he grows to like it. Is it wrong that i ate it? it was new potatoes, salmon and broccoli mashed together, it was delicious. I booked a holiday yesterday, September, Majorca, 10 days AI in a very family friendly hotel. I actually cannot wait.

Good luck to teethers, fussers, Klingon babies and everyone else out there. Night night.

halestone Thu 04-Jul-13 23:30:32

Oooo envy of your holiday Willyou.

Spotty i hope your supply comes back. I'm envy of your weight loss but not how you lost it.

WL don't be stressed out about housework and the house looking a mess because of the leak. Like Willyou said you have 3 amazing girls and one day you'll miss the mess.

I did a shift in the chippy i use to work in tonight. This is going to sound bad but it was nice talking to adults that aren't related to me and as it was only 4 hours i didn't get chance to miss H. They asked me 2 work saturday night as well so i'm doing it. I'm going to cover holidays and sickness from now on.

That's nice Hales. Bet it's good to get out and have a bit of grown up time. I used to work making chips at Haigh country park. Apart from the stench of chip fat in my hair grin I really enjoyed chatting to customers and being busy and most people were friendly.

WLmum Fri 05-Jul-13 06:39:59

Not bad at all hales - we all love our babies but time away can be golden!
I'm not usually one to stress too much about housework but its the having all the stuff piled in the middle of the room/in front of the sofa while the screed dries before we San put the floor back that's getting to me. Won't be long I know. We only bought this house about 18 months ago and dumped everything wherever as you do and have never quite finished finding proper homes for things.
We had a good night - dream feed at 10.30, wobble settle at 2.30 then feed at 5.30 and up at 6. Aim for tonight is to get to bed before 11 then I might actually get a really decent stretch of sleep!
willyou your bday celebrations sound fab - enjoy!

Happy birthday WillYou smile very jealous of your holiday!

Hales I worked in a chemist when I was at college and I loved it!

If I got this job I'm not sure I could take it anyway as I'm struggling with childcare sad

Ds woke once at 3:30 this morning and once at 4:30 yesterday so not bad considering everything.

Barbeasty Fri 05-Jul-13 08:04:00

Spotty cross the childcare bridge when you reach it.If nothing else it's practice, a confidence boost and you'll know exactly what childcare you can get for the next job opportunity.

We had another slightly better night. And had the first 3 hours in the cot, which is a first.

But A woke at about 4.55 and started crying straight away. In my befuddled state I reached for my phone to turn the alarm of, and was very confused to see a blank screen. Of course, you can't swipe the screen of a baby and stop the noise!

I'm actually starting a handover for my job today. Yay.

Enjoy the sun!

MaMaPo Fri 05-Jul-13 08:23:40

Hales, I'm looking forward to going back to work too.

Spotty, good luck with interview. They're always good practice, regardless of outcome. I hope you're feeling better, I can't believe how much weight you've lost. I hope the GP is keeping a close eye on you.

Yay for better nights. C wasn't too bad - woke at 12 and 4.30 for feeds, which is a significant improvement on the rest of the week. No midnight party time! But she was quite unsettled, crying out a lot in her sleep. She has started being very active in the cot, and by this morning she had done a 180 and was upside down. She often gets herself 'wedged' crossways, so when she kicks her feet she smacks her head into the bars of the cot. Silly munchkin. She was also rolling onto her side a lot last night - I wonder if she was unsettled because she's about to make some changes in physical ability? No evidence for that, just a gut feeling.

A beautiful day here but no idea what I'm doing. Might take C for a weigh-in - she's 7 months old today.

Morning all. J woke for a bottle at 11:00 last night and then again at 2:00. I thought I can't do this every 3 hours so let him have a whinge/kick for 10 mins and he went back off. DP's off so we all woke up at 8:20! shock I cannot remember the lady time I had this good a night smile Off to the zoo, eek.

emilyeggs Fri 05-Jul-13 08:31:03

Morning all, H is six months today yay! (Or sob). First night in cloth was a success grin

Staks, sorry to hear about the leaksad I sometime feel when I look around all I can see is new mess! I spend my days picking stuff up and as soon as I've tidied there is another little pile of mess angry.
WillYou I'm jealous of your holiday, we had to cancel ours as we are trying to buy a house.

Just looked in my bank acc and I'm £16 overdrawn sad I never go overdrawn and hate being skint. Going back to work is just not worth it with the cost of child care but I've always made my own money and hate having to ask

WL if it makes you feel any better I've just found a fermented banana on my table complete with mould and juice blush

WLmum Fri 05-Jul-13 08:59:38

Oh dear eggs. Could you set a small standing order to your own personal account so there's a little there for you. The finance part is so hard, I used to be the higher earner but now it's another story.

WLmum Fri 05-Jul-13 09:00:18

Thanks spotty that does indeed make me feel better!

I think if you're a stay at home mum it's nice to have a set amount each month into your account, especially if you're trying to save, then you know you have that for outings and bits and bobs you might need to buy

emilyeggs Fri 05-Jul-13 09:23:33

I already have a set amount each week, going to have to review it as its enough for food shopping, a few of my own bills but nothing left for me really. DH already gave me an extra £100 cash this week just to have in my purse but some how I only have £20 left! I haven't even bought anything (except wine at my sisters lol).

halestone Fri 05-Jul-13 09:49:38

Happy 6 month birthday Hthanks.

Emily and Spotty i'm worried about going back to work as we can't get childcare for my shift, but if i swopped to the day shift, it wouldn't be worth it due to childcare costs. But i also have this really weird thing were i don't mix my money with DP's as i'm scared that if we ever split up i would be fucked financially. (I had that happen after my last relationship). Its really been worrying me alot.

Mama it was really good to be out for once doing something on my own. If a position came up there permanently it would solve alot of my problems job wise. I'm glad C had a better night. I think mums instincts count for alot so i've got my FX that C crawls for you.

Willyou i hope you DP and J have a lovely day at the zoo today.

Hales are you entitled to tax credits or anything? They can help with childcare costs.

Emily it's hard to adjust but you'll soon be amazed how far you can make money go.

I have milk! and another blocked duct on the good side but we won't worry about that I'm feeling much better too smile

halestone Fri 05-Jul-13 10:00:03

I am but i didn't know i could get childcare help. Thanks Spotty i'll look into it. And yay to having milk but having a blocked duct is crap, i hope it unblocks soon.

Yep we get them based on last years wages now we have two children and when dd's childcare went up our tax credits did too so you might be able to sort something, as long as they're ofsted registered, so it can be a childminder or a nursery smile

WLmum Fri 05-Jul-13 10:15:33

Yay for milk!
hales DH and I both have our own accounts that our wages go into and then we both pay set amounts into a joint current and joint savings accounts. We need joint stuff but both like to have control over the rest (haha) of our monies.

That's what we do. The percentage we both pay in is similar so dp pays in a lot more than me grin

God I hate car insurance! They still haven' sorted out our claim so have us as 'at fault' on the renewal which means, even though we have our no claims protected, they up our premium angry

WLmum Fri 05-Jul-13 12:25:45

I hate insurance full stop spotty! It's all a big fat swizz.

emilyeggs Fri 05-Jul-13 12:33:42

Right, I'm off to go and sort a Stair gate out. We live in a Maisonettes so its stairs down to the front door.

Crap to hear that about insurance Spotty hmm

Stacks Fri 05-Jul-13 13:09:36

Afternoon all. Well, last night was the straw that broke the camels back. I went to bed just after DS at 8:15, just got to sleep when he woke me at 9, back down quickly, but then just as I was falling asleep again he woke at 9:30. This time he wouldn't settle back down, I jiggled till he dropped off, put him down then 3 minutes later he was awake. I put up with it till 10 then picked him up, went downstairs and dumped him on DP with a "here, he's your problem now" then stormed off upstairs and cried under the duvet. sad
I didn't get any extra sleep, as I was listening to DH with him. We learnt that DH can get him to sleep and knock his head on the bannister on the way upstairs, then trip over the door but he still wouldn't go in his cot. He came to bed with DH at 11 and fed to sleep, then woke at 1 and 6 (!!!!) for feeds. I woke up much more often with him thrashing around, but he slept.
I'm tired and have a headache, but also a plan. Tonight DH will have him and I'll sleep in the spare room till 12. Hopefully 4 hours of sleep!

Thanks for kind words yesterday. I just reached the end of my tether I think. Luckily today is swimming so we're out of the house and DS sleeps on the bus well after. I'm currently in subway with a sleeping baby smile

Will catch up more later. Going to eat while I can.

WLmum Fri 05-Jul-13 15:43:44

Goodness me stacks. Poor you. I do hope you manage to get some sleep - I tend to be the same as you though and listen so find it hard to switch off. A glass of wine might help you on your way!

WLmum Fri 05-Jul-13 16:00:39

Tabs cried today when I wouldn't share my biscuit with her!

Oh you big meany WL!

Stacks poor you I hope you manage to get a nice chunk of sleep tonight

halestone Fri 05-Jul-13 17:23:29

Stacks i also hope you get a good sleep in that time.

Haha WL i hope you said in a Joey off Friends voice 'Mummy doesn't share food' especially if its chocolate, biscuits or cake

Oh I've got a breastfeeding necklace now and it seems to be doing its job ds loves it smile although once he's finished his feed he tries to eat it!

WLmum Fri 05-Jul-13 18:37:19

hales I didn't but I will from now on!

MaMaPo Fri 05-Jul-13 19:58:24

Evening all. Stacks I hope you're fast asleep. My husband's out tonight and I am tempted to go to bed soon to get a chunk of sleep while C is settled. When he's home I want to stay up and spend time with him! Stupid husband. grin

How sad am I - I enjoyed the lunch I had at a friend's house so much I made it all over again for dinner. Halloumi and hoummus on a wrap. I have eaten so much goddamn halloumi today. MMMMmmmmmm.

A pretty good day here. C got weighed - at 7m she's almost 20lb. We then sat in a friend's garden and sunbathed. I took C's travelcot, which is a tent contraption, and she managed to fall asleep in it. Result! Only slept for about 30mins which is a shame but it was pretty hot out there. I need to get her used to it as we're away a fair bit in August and then travelling for about a month in Sept/Oct on the way home, so she has to get used to it.

I admire all of you who keep your finances independent of your partners. My husband and I pool everything. It's how our parents did it so we have followed suit and it seems right to me. He earns 2-3 times what I do so I hope it doesn't come back to bite me.

PurplePidjin Fri 05-Jul-13 19:58:47

So tired


MaMaPo Fri 05-Jul-13 19:58:58

Also - about to open some Green&Blacks white chocolate raspberry ice cream. Thank god for breastfeeding.

MaMaPo Fri 05-Jul-13 19:59:14

Oh Pidj, what's going on?

Stacks Fri 05-Jul-13 20:08:01

I'm off to bed now! I'm kind of excited hmm parent baton handed over to DH. Just hope I sleep through his wake ups for the first bit of the night.

Sweet dreams stacks!

Sounds like a lovely day mamapo smile

I forgot how much I love Wimbledon!

PurplePidjin Fri 05-Jul-13 20:43:04

Grumpy snotty teething baby

halestone Fri 05-Jul-13 21:04:28

Sweet dreams Stacks grin

Oh Pidj FX those nasty teeth come through soon.

Spotty i've watched more wimbledon than ever before this week. As whilst i was pregnant i decided that no matter what the sex of the baby i wanted to get bump tennis and golf lessons when they were old enough.

All my diet stuff arrived today so last naughty night tonight and i'm starting tomorrow.

Mama i love halloumi cheese. It also sounds like you've had a lovely day grin

Hales Fil bought dd her first proper tennis racket for her birthday complete with a pink tennis racket!

IsThatTrue Fri 05-Jul-13 21:09:16

Snap pidj! And choking on saliva overload sad

PurplePidjin Fri 05-Jul-13 21:35:52

Guess what we were doing while discussing names last year...


PurplePidjin Fri 05-Jul-13 21:52:13

R is actually named for MIL's dad. But the tennis prompted the discussion, which reminded dp of his grandfather's name* wink

*grandfather in Jamaica who he never met

IsThatTrue Fri 05-Jul-13 22:00:28

Weighed myself tonight and have so far lost 8lb in just over a week. Just by not eating the fuckton of sugary shite I was eating every day, drinking more so I don't confuse thirst with hunger and snack, and 3x30 min runs a week! shock

Now only 3stone left to go hmm

Good luck with your diet hales

halestone Fri 05-Jul-13 22:10:02

Wow Isthat, thats amazing. I'm doing that herbalife diet. See how it goes, i'll be sooo grumpy without sugar.

Awww spotty thats so sweet grin

Pidj it took me a second to realise what you meant then i'm having a thick day

WLmum Fri 05-Jul-13 22:30:07

Wow isthat! I've put on a couple of pounds since weaning and better sleep began. Tried to hula hoop in the other direction tonight but I can't do it! Will keep trying as I don't want to end up all lopsided.
Had lunch at a friends today, knew there was a paddling pool for dd2 to play in with her pal so took her sun suit. As soon as we arrived she fell in fully clothed! Luckily she wasn't bothered and did the school pick up on her sun suit as it was drier than her clothes!
Hot weather means leaving Ts window open so black out blind doesn't work properly and door open so light from downstairs hall light (so bigs can see their way to the loo) will come in. Hmm wonder how tonight will go then!

littleginger Fri 05-Jul-13 23:53:13

Oh wow i really cant keep up with this thread! Dd appears to be teething a bit! I say a bit because i dont think its causing her too much pain and no bumps yet but the slobbering and chewing have been here some time. Im a bit worried about when the screaming will start but also i will miss my little gummy bear once the teeth arrive grin

I dont have half the problems you all face through the night but dd wakes up quite frequently. Shes very easy to settle but just the constant broken sleep takes its toll sometimes. Especially as i cant shake off my old night owl habits!

Dd was a late roller and can still only go back to front...she hates it on her front. The past week dd has been having parties in the night which wouldnt be so bad if she didnt have a little roll mid party. Its like groundhog day turning her back over and over again.

This post is very me me me sorry! Theres a lot i would like to say but then i read a new post and oops its gone.

Very sorry for stacks though your poor boobs! sad

halestone Sat 06-Jul-13 00:16:04

Ginger, would she get upset if you left her on her side or front of a night after shes rolled? H seems to have naturally started sleeping on her side, i've just left her too it. But i wouldn't of left her if he got upset by it ISWIM.

IsThatTrue Sat 06-Jul-13 02:13:32

Most of my weight was put on after he was born blush but in back in the swing of things now. Although it looks like we've got a long road ahead with 3 stone still to go (and that's just to get to the top end of 'normal')

Too hot tonight, bleurgh!

I'm too hot too. Cannot get back to sleep after DS got up at 2. He's been back down for 40 mins now.

MaMaPo Sat 06-Jul-13 03:57:27

Snap, hales - this is C's second night of sleeping on her side. She's also just slept for 9 hours, longest stretch ever! She has been a bit unsettled, crying out a bit but doesn't need anything. I'm up and down like a yoyo though so not as rested as I could be. Fx after this feed she sleeps late.

2blessed Sat 06-Jul-13 04:33:10

Belated birthday wishes.

R been sleeping for nearly an hour after a quick feed and cuddle and now I can't sleep. Expressed a bottle but also had to deal with the noise of some drunk.and disorderly lads outside and aftermath with police and ambulance. noisier because.windows are open. Get back to bed and dp is snoring super loud. Aaaaagh.
Hope lo's are managing to sleep in this heat.

utopian99 Sat 06-Jul-13 05:33:20

ginger ds sleeps on his front and has done ever since he came out of the hammock he had when he was little as he started rolling at 3/4 months and was just furiousevery time I pput him on his back to sleep.

2blessed sorry about you horrible youf outside. If it helps, O has just been woken by the neighbours chicken celebrating having laid its daily egg rather too enthusiastically hmm so we are up for a quick feed

iathat congratulations on the epic weight loss andspotty hope yours is back under control after what sounded like a pretty grim few days. I got gastro a week before our wedding three years ago (almost to the day, had our anniversary on the third!) and sort of have been aiming for that target weight ever since. Hopefully only 3lbs off it now though - hurrah for bf!

We've decided to start ttc again in October. Is it silly that while excited for the potential new lo and for ds having a sibling I'm also worried O is so lovely (in our eyes) that the next won't be 'as good'? I'm being a berk aren't I?

Hope everyone is getting a bit of sleep despite the heat..

Ds slept through until 5:30 and lay chatting for a bit in feeding him now although my milk seems to be in short supply again sad

halestone Sat 06-Jul-13 06:53:43

Isthat when i gave birth i was the thinest i've ever been, even at the end of my pregnancy i was 1 stone lighter than my usual weight. I had lost 23lbs in all when i weighed myself a week after i gave birth. I need to ideally lose 2-3 stone nowhmm

2blessed selfish people outsideangry even though i would of been so nosy i would have watched the whole thing

Utopian, i'm sure baby utopian number 2 will be as lovely as O. But i understand where your coming from its hard imagine having another baby who is so perfect H PFB much haha

Wow spotty is that a good sleep for F?

Happy 30th Willyou i hope i've remembered the right day. Did J enjoy the zoo yesterday?

Bad night here, but i'm going to blame the heat. I'm currently stood by her cot, hoping she goes back to sleep but apparently all the birds are fighting outside angry

Yes Hales good night. He usually wakes anywhen from 3:30ish.

Utopian when I had ds I was worried I would feel bad for dd but in actual fact I found myself resenting dd a little bit for taking my time away from ds blush only in the first couple of weeks, I think that's where nursery became a lifesaver for us all. Ds and dd love each other so much, dd always draws him pictures at nursery and ds always has the biggest smiles for her it's so lovely smile

2blessed Sat 06-Jul-13 08:06:18

Great sleep spotty

Every morning utopian? That would drive me up the wall.

I did have a trip to each window for best view quick peak hales.

Another feed and now he's back to sleep. Busy weekend ahead. Picnic with 6 of my good friends and all the dcs in battersea park today and then a charity cricket match tomorrow. Need to get ds a proper sun hat, any suggestions? Tried my local huge sainsburys but they have nothing above 3-6mths.

littleginger Sat 06-Jul-13 08:22:28

hales utopian DD hates being on stomach and cries Ehile headbutting the floor/mattress wherever she is. Whilst i am trying to move my arse out of bed she sometimes goes silent which also frightens the life out of me. She always kicks off again before i get there though grin

Im in denial of weight gain by wearing leggings everyday. I know its there though as there is a distinct wobble and flap when i try to move quicker than my usual snail's pace blush ill keep an eye on isthat's weightloss as my kick up the bum!

That sounds lovely spotty! I can just imagine that i would feel the same about Dd if i had another dc. I find dd so demanding of my time i literally dont know how people have another so soon it just looks so difficult.

Thanks Hales. He had a great time, in and out of the pram, ate a bit of grass grin daddy hit him in the forehead with the pram shock. It was a lovely day though.

I totally know what you mean Utopian, J's such a happy smiley boy that I don't know if I could get so lucky twice. When. I got pregnant I was convinced I'd have a girl and I was a bit worried I'd be rubbish at looking after a boy. Now I'm confused at the thought of a girl as I wouldn't know what to expect. Contrary Mary me!

Off to eat birthday cake for breakfast sorry dieters

2blessed we got ds's from h&m it's got little ties on it super cute smile

Oh it is hard work having more than one but the positives outweigh the negatives IMO dd's always on hand to get me the baby wipes when she's not having a strop grin

2blessed Sat 06-Jul-13 08:44:13

Great sleep spotty

Every morning utopian? That would drive me up the wall.

I did have a trip to each window for best view quick peak hales.

Another feed and now he's back to sleep. Busy weekend ahead. Picnic with 6 of my good friends and all the dcs in battersea park today and then a charity cricket match tomorrow. Need to get ds a proper sun hat, any suggestions? Tried my local huge sainsburys but they have nothing above 3-6mths.

PurplePidjin Sat 06-Jul-13 08:46:54

Happy birthday thanks

H+M have lovely hats - R has a straw trilby for in the sling, it makes him look like a cricket umpire grin

We're off the the Forest today for a picnic <snap> my friend's dd is 2 shock

MaMaPo Sat 06-Jul-13 09:27:39

And we're off to Covent Garden to watch the Wallabies beat the Lions in the rugby (well, fingers crossed!). Last weekend c got frightened by everyone cheering in the pub so I had to take her out and miss the match. Boo!

Then I'm sure we'll stay out and enjoy the weather.

Anyone else's little ones starting to show signs of separation anxiety? I left C with my friend yesterday for 5mins and when I came back her lip was out and she'd had a good cry. Most unlike her.

Stacks Sat 06-Jul-13 10:52:17

Not a great night, but I enjoyed my little sleep. DH managed to hold the fort till 10:30, so I got about 2 hours. DS was handed to me then with "I think it's teeth". Fed him to sleep, then again at 12:30, 2:30, 4:30 refused to feed him at 5:30 until I gave in at 6:15.. He then 'fed' constantly till I kicked him out of bed with DH at 8.
I'll try the same again tonight, see if DH can manage for a little longer before handing over. DS needs to get used to be settled by him really. He sounds distraught - until you take him out of the bedroom, at which point he stops crying instantly to see what's going on. Manipulation do you think? DH walks him round the living room to get him to sleep.

Happy birthday WillYou, hope you have a good day. I envy your cake, dairy and egg free means no cakes sad I stood longingly outside a bakers yesterday looking at all the cakes trying to find one that wouldn't have eggs or butter in. I failed.

We're off out in the sunshine today too. There's a nearly new sale on, then we're going to go see about buying DH a bike. Hopefully lunch in the park with a perfectly behaved DS too. Fingers crossed.

hello, been away for an age though I've tried to catch up from time to time, mind if I come back?
Claude turned 7 months on Thursday and ramped up the teething or at least I assume that's what's going on. he's running a temp, snotting continually, pulling ears, scratching head, drooling, head butting if he can't get his gums around something to chew, and now he's been asleep on me all morning. he wouldn't sleep anywhere else last night so I'm loathe to try to put him down as he clearly needs the comfort but I'm missing this gorgeous day.
no sign of teeth though!
hope you're all out enjoying the day especially willyou - happy 30ththanks

halestone Sat 06-Jul-13 13:02:49

Welcome back Prunella, the head shaking is what H does when she teething she also sleeps alot in the day they come through.

Mama unlucky the wallabies wink

2blessed Matalan does nice summer hats as well grin

Well 1st part of the diet went so wrong i vomited it back up and i couldn't go anywhere as i was sat on the couch with H, so i ended up vomiting across the floor. H found it hilarious i felt like crying especially when i had to clean it up. Oh well needs must hmm

WLmum Sat 06-Jul-13 13:45:09

Oh hales that does not sound nice! Was it just the 'food' being horrible?

emilyeggs Sat 06-Jul-13 13:58:23

Just thought I'd stick my hear round to see if stacks got a better night? I see it was not that much better sad, back to the garden now. Catch up later.

halestone Sat 06-Jul-13 14:12:17

WL i apparently used the wrong amount of scoops i'm hoping the next one will be better grin

emilyeggs Sat 06-Jul-13 14:23:10

Oh hale! That's one way to loose weight wink hope your ok

halestone Sat 06-Jul-13 14:50:18

Ewwww nope its vile this better be worth it shock

FriendofDorothy Sat 06-Jul-13 14:59:48

I don't think that any diet that relies on shakes is a) worth it or b) very healthy?

PurplePidjin Sat 06-Jul-13 15:05:39

Stacks this is my MIL's recipe for sweet potato pudding - it comes out squidgy like a cross between carrot cake and bread pud. And no egg or milk smile

1.5lb raw sweet potato
1 cup flour
3/4 cup sugar
1/2 cup dessicated coconut
1/4 pint coconut milk
1 tsp each ginger, nutmeg, cinnamon, vanilla

Soak dessicated coconut in coconut milk. Peel and grate sweet potato. Mix all ingredients well. Pour into a greased square tin. Bake at 160* for about an hour.

halestone Sat 06-Jul-13 15:52:52

FoD i would normally agree with you but this one comes with vitamins separate and diet plans to follow. Tbh i just want to lose the weight quickly and then eat properly without pigging out like i did last time. Its a just a month of kick up the bum really.

FriendofDorothy Sat 06-Jul-13 16:06:09

Fair enough. I just know I could never do an extreme diet like that. My milk would dry up for a start!

emilyeggs Sat 06-Jul-13 16:16:46

Anyone know the difference between baby pasta and normal pasta? Is it just a gimmick?

Stacks Sat 06-Jul-13 16:28:58

Hales, I hope it goes well for you. Be careful though. I think I'm going to end up losing weight just by cutting out dairy and eggs. There's so much you can't have, and it forces you to look at what you're eating. I crave cake, and will be trying Pidg's recipe with lashings of custard, oh wait...

Stacks Sat 06-Jul-13 16:29:38

Emily - HV told me its just a gimmick. Check salt content maybe though.

Barbeasty Sat 06-Jul-13 16:30:46

Stacks glad you got a bit of sleep, and fx your DH does better tonight.

DH is working today so I've had both DC. We made a tent in the garden with clothes horses and bedding that needed to dry, which went down a storm and kept A nicely out of the sun. And DD is singing to herself whilst slowly emptying a washing up bowl using her toy tea set.

But I wonder whether I've suddenly got hayfever, or whether A had conjunctivitis after all and I'm getting that.

One eye feels swollen and dry (although it isn't) and as if there's something in it. Worst thing is it's gone a bit blurry.

Might have a barbecue once DH is back.

I think it's just small Emily so you don't have to cut up normal pasta, which if you've tried it is a pain in the arse!

Stacks glad you got a little sleep.

Barbeasty that sounds like fun smile I'm on my own with both dc tomorrow so with probably get the paddling pool out, it's only a tiny one. Barbie can go in too grin

Hales poor you, hope the diet works for you.

We went into town this morning and bought a pop up gazebo it's 3mx3m grin I'm very excited we will be able to stay out all day now. Then this afternoon we went to a local fête, really big one, but it was too hot so we've come home and have got a kind of Greek/tapas/picnic for tea in a bit.

Emily it's definitely just a marketing ploy.

Welcome back Pru

Sorry if I've missed anyone this weather makes me tired!

Stacks Sat 06-Jul-13 17:15:43

I wondered about macaroni instead of baby pasta. Though with BLW I've been giving T normal pasta, he can hold it better.

utopian99 Sat 06-Jul-13 17:24:46

You could try soup pasta? They're pretty tiny...

Your mil's recipe sounds awesome pidj - will try it next week. Am on a mission to make dh like sweet potato.

We've spent the whole sunny day packing the house up. Ugh. Ds has had a wild time playing with his grandmother though, so is now happily zonked.

PurplePidjin Sat 06-Jul-13 17:50:38

Heinz baby pasta stars are fab, proper tiny. AK etc are just soup pasta, even R the food pro rejects them!

Custard is basically cornflour and saffron...

emilyeggs Sat 06-Jul-13 17:54:28

Thanks, maybe I'll just chop some spaghetti.
Yay to gazebo spotty, much needed in this weather.

I put ds down wide awake and left him smiling. Was convinced we were in for a nightmare bedtime as it's so hot and he was so awake but checked him a few minutes later and he was asleep phew! Dd on the other hand might be a different matter...

IsThatTrue Sat 06-Jul-13 21:10:18

DS was horrible for bedtime but he's asleep now. Sorting his bedroom out tomo as he's getting disturbed by us going to bed at night now. I really don't want him to, but he's got a beautiful nursery once I've sorted all the too small clothes, too big clothes, bulk bought baby wipes nappies etc, sold all the big equipment he's grown out of and I think he'll be happier in there, I just find it hard to let him grow up! DH thinks I'm mental grin

I've managed to sell the gliding crib though so that's a start its one less thing in my living room. And found a baby walker in the loft that I'd forgotten we were given. So I'm going to sell the activity centre as he gets pretty stressed in there now he can commando crawl. Oh and he's crawled properly a couple of times but then He gets excited, loses concentration and forgets to move his arms, so he face plants into the floor. Poor mite I don't laugh and tell him the floor was there before he was lol

I hope everybody's had a lovely sunny day.

Happy birthday willyou

utopian99 Sat 06-Jul-13 21:26:17

Ooh I forgot, happy birthday willyou, sorry! Hope it was a lovely one!

halestone Sat 06-Jul-13 22:33:02

I've just finished in the chippy i missed H tonight but i think thats because loads of people came in with babies.

FoD knowing me i'll give up soon and go in search of chocolate hahawink

Emily we just give normal pasta but i always over cook it like i do my rice as i can't stand aldente pasta. Its quite easy to cut up and H loves it.

Barbeasty that tent sounds like an amazing idea, i've just borrowed my nans gazebo so we can sit outside this week. I'm going shopping 1st thing in the morning for shoes for H though (hopefully ones she can't kick off) so that she can run around with the older kids in our square.

Utopian good luck with the packing.

How often is everyone applying suncream to their babies? I'm not sure if i'm overdoing H's. But she is ginger and i'm terrified of her burning. I don't let her actually sit in the sun though shes out in it at most 10-20 minutes throughout the day.

FriendofDorothy Sat 06-Jul-13 22:39:58

I put sunscreen on The Little Mister every day - certainly his face anyway. He is very very fair and has already caught the sun once! Also, I figure that by putting it on daily he will get used to it.

FriendofDorothy Sat 06-Jul-13 22:40:45

Bedtime has been a nightmare here, and it seems that almost everyone on my Facebook newsfeed has wide awake babies tonight. Wonder if it is the heat.

WLmum Sat 06-Jul-13 22:53:02

This weather is ridiculous! I'm not really a hot weather person - I'm the odd bod who likes rain! Sunshine good, sweaty babies bad - thank goodness the 0.5 tog sleeping bag arrived today.
utopian not a berk at all, I think it's normal. I worried that I wouldn't feel the same about dd2, particularly as I was having an elc but there was the same rush of love and pride. My big 2 are very different so I guess it's fair to say sometimes I do love them differently but I feel more for all of them than I ever thought possible.
Poor dd1 has impetigo (I strongly suspect - will get confirmation and treatment from an actual dr on Monday) and is distraught that I won't let her go to her school summer fayre tomorrow. So I've just finished devising and hiding treasure hunt clues around the house. We're also going to make cakes and have yet more paddling pool fun.
Dm thinks I'm over reacting and should let her go swimming and to the fayre. I think I'm being a responsible parent keeping a contagious skin infection to ourselves!
T has got definite food opinions. If she doesn't like something she closes her mouth and shakes her head! If she does its beak open - buttery jacket potato from my plate is a yes then!
She's properly mastered the walker now and tried to follow her sisters upstairs today. She totally goes for what she wants.
isthat I felt the same about moving T to her own room but am v pleased we did now. Our bedroom is a more relaxing space and I don't have to slide into my wardrobe any more.

WLmum Sat 06-Jul-13 23:10:08

hales - shoes? Run around?! I'm a bit of a sun screen dodger tbh. Keep tabs out of direct sun all the time, and big 2 run around in sun suits and all 3 have sun hats. Obv if they are going to be exposed and in danger of burning I would apply it - I send dd1 to school with the 8 hour stuff on but it's terrible for dd2s ezcema and there's a real problem with lack of vitamin d since we all got so obsessed. I try not to reach for it as a default.

mama not so much seperation anxiety but today she was in the kitchen happily with dm but then caught sight of me outside and cried and wouldn't settle til I came and gave her a cuddle. Another mummy's girl in the making!

halestone Sat 06-Jul-13 23:34:00

Haha WL i just meant in her walker. She loves going out and seeing the other kids playing. Where i live theres a big concrete square where most the kids off the estate play and all of the neighbours know each othergrin. The shoes are so hopefully she won't scrape her feet on the concrete if i get shoes which she can keep on.

We also have the sun hat but tbh she really doesn't get much sun 10-20 minutes thats things like walking from the car to the shop etc. Or from the car to the house but stopping to say hi to the kids playing out. If we are outside we sit in the shade. I'm terrified of her getting burnt at all though as shes really really ginger. I've never burnt in the sun and don't wear suncream often but my skin isn't fair so i'm not sure really what to do about H.

halestone Sat 06-Jul-13 23:36:12

FoD we also have a wide awake baby whose total nap time today is about 45 minutes. So i thought she'd go to sleep earlier than she has been doing since she had that cold, but no such luck. Its looking like a 1-2o'clock job again.

SeymoreButts Sat 06-Jul-13 23:48:19

I've missed loads again! DS seems a bit better now but has been really grumpy.

Do any of you have desk fans? Put them on in baby's room all night if necessary, just make sure they're not pointed directly at where they're sleeping.

pidj I will be trying that, I'm always looking for dairy free recipes!

beasty how's your eye? Feeling like there's something in it is usually the first sign of conjunctivitis.

Spotty Are you feeling better now? How's the blocked duct?

stacks I'm trying to do a mix of BLW and spoon feeding. How does T get on with normal pasta? Does he bite bits off?

hales DS was born in the height of summer here and I only put sun block on him if he was going to be in direct sun. He never was though, he still flaps around with eyes scrunched up if the winter sun lands on his face! I used blankets pegged to his pram and just religiously kept him in the shade.

mama we are getting separation anxiety too but only when he's tired.

Utopian ALL DS will eat at the moment is sweet potato! Anything vaguely savoury is flat out refused.

WL poor DD. I had impetigo when I was at infant school and I can remember it so clearly because a girl in my class was mean to me about it. sad I hope it clears up very soon. I hope they enjoy the treasure hunt and cakes!

isthat I need to get on and sell the cradle, you've inspired me. I was really anxious putting DS into his own room but he sleeps much better in there. Once or twice I've heard him cry out and go straight back to sleep! shock

Formula feeders: after a 210ml bottle, how long should it be until they're hungry again? DS has a 210ml dream feed, and is always up having a big feed 3 hours later. confused

DH went to the Lions last night, DS was in his kit and I was instructed to put him to bed in it! I drew the line at taking him out in it though!

SeymoreButts Sat 06-Jul-13 23:51:39

argh, sorry for the monster post! blush

halestone Sun 07-Jul-13 01:10:43

I keep the sunshade over her pram and completely cover all exposed skin with a muslin. I'm confused now though as i thought they were suppose to wear sun cream. Maybe i'll just keep her under the gazebo in the shade tomorrow grin. I definitely don't want her sitting in all day though.

halestone Sun 07-Jul-13 01:39:11

Woohoo we have a sleeping baby grin

Seymour DS has 210ml bottles all the time now. He could get through 7 before weaning so every 3ish hours. Now it's every 4h in day, 4-5 at night. Usually 2 in 2h in the evening. Sounds normal to me.

J's v blonde so I so sunhat, pram shade, UV umbrella and factor 50. He hates the heat and gets so nowty when hot! Hope my mum n dad are okay with him.

Thanks for birthday wishes, had a good night. I am a drunky drunkard who has drunk 8 cocktails and will regret it tomorrow! But I saw 30 out in style! grin

WLmum Sun 07-Jul-13 03:38:22

Ah hales I see! I always found that this type
We're the only ones that stayed on - sorry, can't do proper link on my phone.

Thanks seymour, kids can be so mean.

Well I've just been covered in a massive puke! Poor T - I got up for the loo and checked on her en route and she started choking having semi brought something up so I flipped her onto her belly then picked her up and she was really upset. She made some awful deep belching noises and kept really crying so I took her downstairs. She had a bit of a feed but was still acting like she was going to be sick and eventually out it came! Luckily mostly on me and her, bit on the sofa but that's got a removable cover. It was really mucusy and she was immediately a lot happier so I guess she'd been laying on her back with snot dribbling down her throat. Poor baby. She's just having a feed and seems ready to go back to sleep.

WLmum Sun 07-Jul-13 03:39:16

willyou I hope the hangover gods are kind!

IsThatTrue Sun 07-Jul-13 03:56:12

1st wake up since 8pm shock

Sending others sleepy vibes.

utopian99 Sun 07-Jul-13 04:27:55

We have super wriggling baby. Think it's the heat but he keeps rolling over into the side of his travel cot and almost flipping it, thus waking both of us up. Dh is also all sniffy/stuffed up because of house moving dust so snoring like a train, but I mostly feel sorry for him as he clearly feels vile. No sleep for me though!

halestone Sun 07-Jul-13 04:46:34

Seymore i forgot your formula question when replying h has 210mls and she can go anywhere from 3-6 hours between bottles although if its closer to 3 hours i only make a 150ml bottle.

Willyou i also hope you don't get a hangover and that you have a nice sleep while J's with his parents.

WL poor Tabsthanks, FX it was a one off. I'm off to look at that website so i know what style of shoe you mean. Thank you for telling megrin

Isthat, yay for a good sleepgrin

Utopian, i hope Mr Utopian feels better tomorrow.

Wow lots to catch up on!

I sunscreen if we're going to be specifically sitting outside rather than walking about. I try to keep ds in the shade but he moved about and I do it twice a day. When it's just warm I don't bother it's going to reach 30 here today though.

WL poor dd(s)! Hope they're both feeling better soon.

Well ds slept 7-6:15. I do wonder if it's a result of the ff he's having at night. By bedtime I have zero milk although I still feed him first he always managed about 5oz of formula after.

WillYou I hope the heads ok!

WLmum Sun 07-Jul-13 08:16:14

Wow spotty!
T seems absolutely fine this morning, I however am shattered. DH worked all day til after their beds last night and same again today.

WLmum Sun 07-Jul-13 08:20:32

Ooh exciting - sil is in labour!

Dp's working all day today too WL. Ah yay lovely new baby!

IsThatTrue Sun 07-Jul-13 11:32:04

Just moved ds's cot into his nursery, using the very tired boy to do a practise run, so low light, just sounds from open window and a nice feed in the ikea poang chair, with my feet up on the toy box. his room fucking tiny It's really nice actually and my back is more supported than when I feed in bed. This does also mean the end to co sleeping though as now the cots not next to the bed I have no way to make it safe. sad

How's the head willyou

Yay for sleeping but boo to reduced milk spotty

And a great big yay to new tiny babies WL I hope SIL has an easy time of it. My kids are still waiting for their brother to be born (their dad and SMs baby) as she started having regular pains after a sweep LAST friday shock no baby that I know of yet though.

halestone Sun 07-Jul-13 11:53:31

Yay to good sleep Spotty. And thats what i do apply it but try and keep her in the shade.

WL how exciting, i can't believe how quick its gone since we all gave birth.

Isthat good luck with the nursery although i'm sure you won't need it.

No hangover! Wahoo!

My DM and DF are knackered! Jamie chose last night to cut his first tooth, up til 3:30 apparently.

Good luck with the room Isthat.

WLmum Sun 07-Jul-13 15:29:52

Sil has been at the pushing stage for 3 hours. We're all feeling worried.

It'll be OK WL I know a few people who've pushed for a long time smile the fact that they've let her push for so long shows baby must be doing fine

halestone Sun 07-Jul-13 16:09:55

FX your niece or nephew is here now WL.

Awww Willyou yay to 1st tooth and no hangover grin

WLmum Sun 07-Jul-13 16:10:34

Thanks spotty

Barbeasty Sun 07-Jul-13 16:41:30

WL with DD I pushed for 6hrs, before forceps, sand someone from my NCT class this time was pushing for more than 3. Hopefully the baby's here by now.

As for since Friday isthat ...

I got a tiny, tiny (think about 1mm) eyelash from my eye this morning. Fx that's what the problem was.

We've called in at a pub on the way back from swimming lessons, it's lovely in the shade with a breeze.

itsMYNutella Sun 07-Jul-13 16:50:53

Hello ladies, how are you all getting on? We are enjoying bit of weaning here. He will suck on lost things I offer him but the little breadsticks I got are great at keeping him entertained for a bit.

Your advice for sleeping when I asked was fantastic, thank you! He has improved. But the last week or so he absolutely refuses to nap hmm. He has always been a nap resistor but now even if I leave him for 20 minutes (babbling away to his dummy for most of it), then I normally crack and go to him because he has started crying. Then the next time I leave he really screams. Today after almost 50 minutes of trying to get him to sleep we picked him up.
I think this is driving me nuts in a completely different way to the broken nights. It's the crying I can't do. confused
Anyone else having so many issues with napping? He has (on very good days) managed 4 x 30 minutes but now we are down to 2 x 30 minutes (occasionally 45 ish mins) but it seems he has a new 2 nap limit hmm

itsMYNutella Sun 07-Jul-13 16:51:28

And sorry not to name check more but I really haven't had time to be on MN for a while confused

nutella - C will only nap more than 30minutes if I walk him in his pram or take him for a drive. on a couple of occasions if he's fallen asleep on me he'll root around for a feed when he's coming around, if I let him have it he'll sleep and sleep but I end up feeling like a human dummy. sorry I'm not much help, do share if you find a miracle solution.

WL - I pushed for almost 4 hours, all was well but I think being in the pool made things slow down, as soon as I got out it was all over pretty quickly. hope SIL is enjoying her LO by now though.

Ds completely refused boob tonight. Just wanted the bottle sad

itsMYNutella Sun 07-Jul-13 19:09:29

WL I hope SIL & LO are well. I honestly don't know how long I was pushing. I was soooo tired I just did what I was told.

Prunella <waves> hello! DS is a rather accurate 30 minute sleeper. I've even seen him in the buggy fast asleep, I look at the time and think that magic thought "ooohhh maybe he'll sleep more than half an hour" and TA-DA his eyes will open.

My mum very helpfully agreed with the "this too shall pass" and "all babies are different" wisdoms and added "it's just a phase... And when he finishes this phase there will be another one" confusedconfusedconfusedwhat's worse is, she's only bloody right.

It's 29 degrees in our room...

halestone Sun 07-Jul-13 19:27:32

Nutella, its not much help but we're the same as prunella. 20-30 minute naps but she'll do longer if we're out in the car or shes in her pram.

halestone Sun 07-Jul-13 19:28:07

Spotty is the heat thats stop F wanting a BF tonight?

Nope not the heat it's because I have such a low supply especially this time of night

halestone Sun 07-Jul-13 19:43:48

I can't remember but didn't someone say there was a herbal tablet that helped increase supply? Sorry if you've already thought of that.

Yeah I can't take it because I'm diabetic. He is still feeding through the day and I can sometimes get his to have a half decent feed from the worst side. I think the fact that it's hot and he's not been great at feeding anyway, due to his age and being so nosy, really isn't helping!

halestone Sun 07-Jul-13 19:51:31

I hope it sorts itself out soon for you, i think you've done really well breastfeeding with all the problems you've had with it.

IsThatTrue Sun 07-Jul-13 20:22:45

Oh spotty that's shite fx your supply ups soon, sit and pump every hour in the evening? Rubbish but might just imitate cluster feeding.

Well phase 1 of nursery has started. He went down perfectly nicely. I've put a desk fan on in his room (pointed away from his cot) and left the door slightly ajar. Lets see how the middle of the night goes confused

MaMaPo Sun 07-Jul-13 20:50:58

Nutella, C has started dropping her 3rd nap of the day - more often than not she won't have it. Her morning and midday naps are good and have lengthened from the usually dependable 45min to about 1.5-2 hours. All done without any input from me. This is in the cot though - in the pram it's much more hit and miss.

I guess I mean to say that your LO may be naturally dropping naps at this stage. Not sure what you can do to lengthen the existing ones though.

just had a v frustrating conversation with MIL. She thinks everything is about her. Usually I manage her well but tonight I just want to yell at her. She decided she wants to know the exact date we will be arriving back in Aus but my husband and I haven't planned it exactly yet. She won't just let it be!

Maryland2013 Sun 07-Jul-13 21:08:10

Seymore we're very lucky DS will go 10 hrs after his last bottle although its often a struggle to get him to drink it!

willyou glad you enjoyed your birthday , I love cocktails but just can't face them with 5am start the next day!

wl I did 5 hours of pushing (!) hope all is ok with your sil

nutella DS only used to do 30-45 mins max for a nap but someone talked to me about sleep stages, and that at 45 mins they either fall into the next stage or wake up. They usually wake up if things are not as they were when falling asleep- ie being fed/rocked/patted etc So I've tried really hard with the self settling and there must be something in it as he sleeps much longer if self settles..

Any tips on cooling rooms down ? It's a ridiculous 27degrees tonight and he just won't go to sleep!!!

utopian99 Sun 07-Jul-13 21:54:43

wl good luck to your sil; any news yet? (Cause I'm sure we're high up the list. grin)

spotty eating anything oat based helps your supply-il I have granola and yoghurt for breakfast which is yummy and hopefully diabetes friendly?

No tips for dramatic room cooling*Mary land*, but if you can open a window in the room and another you can get good cross ventilation going. Also a large shallow bowl of water will help create evaporative cooling to an extent?

WLmum Sun 07-Jul-13 22:08:37

8lb baby boy delivered by c section this afternoon.

My word you all pushed for an extraordinary amount of time! The little dude had his chin up instead of down, no luck movi g him so cs it was. It's in the bloody genes I say - dd1 was the same but I didn't get a cs I got ventouse, forceps, 3rd degree tear, epesiotomy and a life time of continence problems! (Hence other 2 were cs).

Ts room was 29 but I've taken down the blackout blind and opened the curtains to let the air in and got it down to 27.
She was hard to settle tonight as she was a bit sick after her feed and it really upset her again. I think it must be a bit refluxy. I didn't want to boob her and fill her up even more so cuddled and rocked.

DH has been at work the entire weekend, came in to eat and went to the pub. Thanks for that. Harumph.

halestone Sun 07-Jul-13 22:28:22

Congratulations Aunty WLthanks

I keep my bedroom windows open all day, and all the doors as well Mary, it seems to keep our house cool.

ISpyPlumPie Sun 07-Jul-13 22:53:10

Congrats on your nephew WL.

Willyou - belated happy 30th. Sounds like you had a great night.

Spotty - hope your supply increases soon.

Isthat - sounds like the move to the nursery is going well. All the best for the rest of the night.

Mama - you have my sympathy with the fussing MIL. Although, to be fair mine does seem to have improved a little of late have probably just jinxed it now

I must admit to being a bit of a suncream obsessive. At the moment, both DSs are coated each morning as part of their getting ready routine. I think it's because I am ridiculously pale and pretty much need Factor 50+ myself in this weather. They are both fair as well,so am paranoid about them getting burnt. I also try with sunhats - DS1 loves his, but unfortunately N has become a complete hat refuser. As soon as it's on he just pulls it off again. The only time he will wear the thing is if he's asleep.

itsMYNutella Sun 07-Jul-13 22:57:55

Congratulations WL! Best wishes to their new little family.

Thanks ladies, glad to know I'm not the only one with nap problems. It just doesn't seem right for him to only sleep for an hour through the day... If his naps start to lengthen out that would be awesome.... I'll have to find out how to barter with the nap gods....<goes off to brew magic potions>

WLmum Sun 07-Jul-13 23:09:37

Although staying up late to do the dream feed is killing me, nothing beats that sleepy little face on my shoulder. I could kiss it for hours !

SeymoreButts Sun 07-Jul-13 23:34:20

Just a quick post as I'm on the shockingly bad MN app! We've had terrible naps for while now, around 20mins three times a day. The last few days have been much better though. I've been religious about putting DS back to bed between 90mins and 2 hours after he first wakes up (around 6am) and he's settling faster and sleeping for longer. That seems to make all the other naps better too. I think I was just letting him get overtired. I've also started making the room darker and give him a comforter which he likes to stroke. Of course when the school run starts up again the whole thing will be out the window. sad

IsThatTrue Mon 08-Jul-13 02:14:08

Well DS was up 10 and now (2) but I wasn't asleep at 10 and 1 'night feed' wouldn't be too bad. Especially with the weather like this. I'm waking up thirsty so why shouldn't he?

I can't believe it's mon already! 7 months today. Where does all the time go?

PurplePidjin Mon 08-Jul-13 02:21:05

Congratulations aunty WL thanks

6.5 hours gringringrin

Congrats to your SiL WL

After no sleep at my mum and dads last night, J has slept 7-4! Now if I'd gone to bed at a reasonable hour that'd be great wink not sure if he'll go back down now though.

Ds slept through again. He woke at four but I just left him to it and he went back to sleep after a little chat.
I'm going to get him weighed today confused

WL yay for new baby! I only pushed for an hour with dd before they got the forceps out and ds was out in less than twenty minutes generally they don't let people go over two hours round here.

Wrt naps I put ds down two hours after he wakes and he sleeps up to 2.5 hours then I will put him down after another two hours and he will do up to 2. He's only started doing it recently though.

Maryland2013 Mon 08-Jul-13 07:29:29

Same here Spotty 2 hours awake then down for a nap. Some days you could actually set your watch by it!

Off to buy a travel cot today so DS can sleep at the back of the house where it's not so hot at night. Crazy last night even with supposedly amazing dyson fan and window open..

IsThatTrue Mon 08-Jul-13 07:37:43

Well DS woke at 5.20, which recently has been when he'd either play because its light or go back to sleep in bed with me if I let him use me as a dummy. He went back down really well in his own room. He's just starting to stir now. A roaring success I think. I did have a hankering for a video baby monitor last night but I think it's make me more neurotic not less lol.

IsThatTrue Mon 08-Jul-13 07:46:52

maryland ds's room was 27 for most the night. I left him in cotton pyjamas with no sleeping bag, that seemed to be ok for him thankfully.

Sounds like a good night IsThat smile will have to think about moving ds soon but it means us swapping rooms and I don't want to!

emilyeggs Mon 08-Jul-13 08:32:43

Congrats WL, wonderful news thanks
And yay to a good night Spotty grin

H just threw up his entire bottle if milk on the carpet! He seems fine now, wondering if I should give him more or just move on to breakfast hmm

2blessed Mon 08-Jul-13 09:02:47

Congratulations to your sil aunty WL
spotty I echo the suggestion about pumping at a regular time. I also swear by oats.

Our flat was up to 29 degrees at 9pm last night!

Ds slept in a vest with a cotton cellular blanket, which was kicked off. Must sort out a summer sleeping bag. He woke up twice as usual and is feeding to sleep on me now.

WLmum Mon 08-Jul-13 09:27:55

T woke at 2 ish and I fed her straight away - as someone else said I thought she might be thirsty in this crazy heat, then again at 5.30. Not surprised as I'd had to move her blackout blind to let the air in. I fed her and put the blind back but no good so sent DH down with her!

There's a van with a decontamination unit attached visiting next door! Not sure that I want to know!

WLmum Mon 08-Jul-13 09:47:27

Googled it - it's an asbestos removal company. Nosy neighbour alert!

WRT naps, all those with good nappers, when you say 'put down' do you mean that literally? can they self settle if put in their cot? it's just I can't get C to nap without feeding, walking or driving and I'm thinking there must be better ways.???

FriendofDorothy Mon 08-Jul-13 10:26:39

I have been putting The Little Mister to sleep in a nappy ond babygro. Then I have been putting a cellular blanket over him before I go to bed.

It was about 24 degrees in his room last night. I was using a vest and sleeping bag but then he ends up in our bed and it all seems a bit warm.

ISpyPlumPie Mon 08-Jul-13 10:29:20

Prunella - we're still very much at the napping only during/after feeding, driving or walking stage too! He does at least seem to be developing a sort of pattern - snooze about 90 mins after getting up, another after lunch and sometimes a third at about 4.00ish especially if it is a nursery pick-up day for DS1. I think he might gradually be dropping his third nap in favour of a longer post-lunch snooze though. Will be very handy if I can persuade him to stay in his cot throughout.

Maryland2013 Mon 08-Jul-13 10:34:53

isthat we have a video monitor and its great. I first I watched it constantly like the TV but after a few days that passed! It's really good to watch and wait before springing in to every noise and movement and often he goes back to sleep.

prunella if he is tired DS is getting better at self settling although he does have a dummy for naps yet doesn't need it at night (!). He likes those comforter things but almost suffocates himself trying to rub it round his face- something else to worry about!

DS had just nappy and 1 tog bag last night and he slept ok I was just worried about him over heating...

Yep I put down. I used to pat ds's bum until he fell asleep but in the end resorted to a bit of controlled crying (2 minutes then settle and repeat) although he more moaned really and only cried if he rolled and ended up on his back which I obviously quickly sorted

Maryland ds slept in the same. Without the grobag he gets cold in the early hours. I figure he'd let me know if he was too hot.

MaMaPo Mon 08-Jul-13 10:48:35

Prunella, C self-settles in the cot now. She used to have dummy and swaddle and never fell asleep without lots of help. We had to wean swaddle, decided to take away dummy too and did some sleep training. If you want all the details I can PM you. It was tough for a little while but now she falls asleep pretty easily. Longer naps coincided with sleep training - not sure if training cause longer naps or just coincidence. This morning I put her to bed at 8am, she chatted to herself for about 15 minutes then fell asleep. She's still asleep now - a very long nap.

For all those concerned about sleeping clothes/bags etc, I was getting worried about whether she was cool enough/warm enough in lots of different temperatures and could see myself buying lots of different tog bags - instead I bought one merino sleeping bag. It is apparently for use between 16-27º, with either vest+babygro, vest only, nappy only etc underneath depending on temperature. It was 25 in our room, so went to bed in nappy+short sleeve vest+sleeping bag and seemed fine. The merino wool helps babies/anyone regulate their own body temperature, in comparison to other sleeping bags with synthetic fibres which makes it easier to overheat. It was expensive but we'll use the same one all year round, plus it's enormous so she'd still fit into it as a 2 year old, I reckon!

Maryland2013 Mon 08-Jul-13 10:53:58

Ps any travel cot recommendations/suggestions?

It's really annoying me how people (usually my mum or step mum) keep saying things about ds being my last and me not having anymore. No, we probably won't because we can't afford it but it's none of their business and who are they to say we're not having anymore?! WL did you get that after your dd2?

I'm off to get ds weighed in a bit he's been asleep since 10:30 despite sleeping the 40 minute nursery run this morning...

PurplePidjin Mon 08-Jul-13 12:32:31

R sleeps where he falls - on me after boob, in the sling, in the car - but sometimes has a big afternoon one in his cot if we're home. He likes his after lunch milk in there anyway as he gets overstimulated and needs the dark and quiet.

He's in cashmere longies over a bamboo fitted, cotton tee shirt and cotton sheet sleeping bag at the moment which is working as he's dropped a night feed shock

SeymoreButts Mon 08-Jul-13 12:57:20

I had that spotty but now I've got 3 DCs people keep asking me if I'm going to have more! shock

mama did you sleep train when you got rid of the dummy? DS is really dependant on the dummy to settle in the day. He's starting to need it in the early evening now too so I'm thinking I should stop using it.

I'm having the opposite problem WRT to nighttime clothes. There's no central heating or insulation in our house so the temp at night is about 10 degrees. DS sleeps in a vest, 2 sleepsuits, mittens, a 2.5 tog grobag and a blanket grin

IsThatTrue Mon 08-Jul-13 13:44:45

seymore we had all that when the boiler wasn't working over the winter. Thankfully our ll has installed a new one now only after ours was condemned for leaking carbon monoxide I was always told a baby will cry if they are too cold but are more likely just to sleep if they are too hit, so I always err on the side of caution.

We still feed/push to sleep in buggy. They are small for such a short space of time I'm loath to give up feeding to sleep tbh. I'm pretty sure he won't still be doing it at 18 grin (must be getting laid back in my old age, I would never have felt this about dd or ds1)

We feed/push/drive to sleep too. That's what I'm working on Isthat, it's not forever and if and when it stops working I'll figure something else out.

I've just done 2 hours ironing in this heat. I may spontaneously combust. This is me --> angry (without the grumpy face).

MaMaPo Mon 08-Jul-13 14:25:48

Seymore, we changed everything at once - no dummy no swaddle no rocking - she adjusted remarkably quickly.

Isthat and willyou - I love feeding to sleep! But her feeds got shorter, so she wouldn't fall asleep, and started fighting the swaddle and being rocked, so it was time for a change.

SeymoreButts Mon 08-Jul-13 14:29:19

isthat we've begged our ll to get a gas main in the house so we can have heating but no joy! When it first turned colder DS was only in 2 layers and cried a lot at night, I've gradually been adding more until he seemed more settled. It's all v strange to me though because the older DCs were babies in the UK and I would never dream of putting them in that many layers at night!

willyou sounds like you deserve a nice rest now!

emilyeggs Mon 08-Jul-13 14:33:21

Ladies with iPhones/iPads who need a monitor, I got an app, it's brill. I can watch the live feed on my phone with my pad in his room. It's only £2.49 and well worth it. You can also hear lo or play music into the room. I will put screen shot of the app on our FB wall so you can see the icon if anyone interested x

At 32 (shock) weeks ds is 15lb15oz smile

emilyeggs Mon 08-Jul-13 18:42:29

Thriving grin

WLmum Mon 08-Jul-13 20:14:53

Snap seymour - people keep asking me if we're having any more - not on your nelly! I love them all dearly but bloody hell it's hard work and at the moment feels a bit like an endurance marathon! Some people assumed we were done after dd2 but some did think we would go for a third for a boy (not the case at all) and when I was pg I got a lot of 'hoping for a boy?' Comments. Not at all, just hoping for a healthy baby.

We seem to have gone backwards with weaning and are really only getting 2 meals a day in. Don't know if its the heat or just timing - she won't eat if she's tired and I'm still offering boob several times a day. Trying not to stress as she's not even 7 months yet. We have discovered that mash potato tastes much better from mummy's plate and fork then our own bowl and spoon.

Snap WL mummy's baked potato = yummy, Jamie's baked potato = not even to be sniffed at!

I cannot get Jamie to go into his room/cot tonight. He was asleep in there for 20 mins in a vest and grobag, but it's 26 deg and he woke up angry, thirsty and bright red. I fed him, stripped to vest and returned him asleep (x3) but each time he woke up furious. He's now asleep on my bed and I'll just try again later. For now I'm going to try to get his room a bit cooler. Hope he'll go in later as it's too hot for 3 in a double bed tonight.

It's 29 in our room again and there's just no breeze at all it's awful

IsThatTrue Mon 08-Jul-13 21:26:43

Ds's room is 26, the desk fan is on and small window is open. He's just wearing a baby grow. If he's hot later I'll put him in a vest but he sleeps much better with long sleeves

WL I think the age gap makes a difference to thoughts on future children. I was sure I wasn't having anymore after ds1. But as I married a childless man I wanted to have his child. I insisted the whole time I was pregnant that ds2 was my last (remembering how much i hated the baby/toddler stage with the others). But as the others are 8 and 6 and at school full time and can be helpful when home sometimes , I wouldn't mind a 4th, but not until ds2 is at full time school.

halestone Mon 08-Jul-13 23:23:53

A old school friend of mine has just put on fb that shes pregnant with her 6th child. Its weird seeing the amount of people telling her shes nuts. I think its upto her and her DP to chose what feels right for them so if thats 6 thats great but if they want more then its upto them. I personally hope she just has an easy pregnancy.

Spotty i think if their upsetting you asking, you should just reply 'oh no we want another 1, actually we're trying now, what sexual position would you recommend that would get me pregnant quicker? As we'll try that later' that may stop them asking wink

WLmum Mon 08-Jul-13 23:29:08

I think that's true isthat. I always really liked the idea of 4 - 2 close together then a big gap then 2 more close together but as I didn't get started til I was 31 and didn't manage small gaps I guess it wasn't to be. I loved being pg and having babies but I worry about giving each of them enough time and attention.

Pesky Tabs woke up right after I left for my swim - as I pulled up I could see my mum holding her through the lounge window! Just as well she's so cute!

WLmum Mon 08-Jul-13 23:30:05

grin hales!

MaMaPo Tue 09-Jul-13 00:32:27

First wake up already. I'm not sure shr was hungry - maybe thirsty -, but she'd got herself jammed in a funny position in her cot - and wasn't going to go back to sleep easily.

I can't imagine 6 kids. But your friend should do as she likes, Hales

halestone Tue 09-Jul-13 00:45:47

I can't imagine it either but then again i can't imagine 2 either haha. I was just abit sad at the your nuts comments.

Finally managed to get her in her cot, so hopefully i'll get a couple of hours now grin

Wow quiet night hopefully lots of sleep going on....

I've got the dentist this morning then that interview this afternoon. She said 'informal interview' so I'm going with a maxi skirt. It's going to be 27 degrees again and I don't want to be sweltering... Will be leaving ds with someone other than dp for the first time...

Hales I like that grin I'm quite a private person, especially with my family, it's none of their bloody business as much as they would like to think it is! Good luck to your friend smile

WLmum Tue 09-Jul-13 06:28:23

Best of luck spotty!

Barbeasty Tue 09-Jul-13 06:31:29

Good luck Spotty. With both!

2blessed Tue 09-Jul-13 06:37:04

Good luck spotty
grin hales

2nd wake up here. R took ages to go to sleep last night, hoping he's down for another hour now.

emilyeggs Tue 09-Jul-13 06:49:14

Good luck spotty, fx! Good night hear. H was fine yesterday after the mammoth spew incident. In bed at 7 then woke at 5:30 this morn! Think he was hungry as he's done 7oz without taking a breath and gone back to bed. He didn't eat a lot for dinner, too hot maybe but lots of water.

My friend also on FB told everyone she was having twins, she's 6 months along now and her dd is 9 months....she got told she was crazy to

emilyeggs Tue 09-Jul-13 06:53:29

Spotty, I haven't had a day without H since he was born (apart from when DH took him out for 4 hrs so I could sleep when I was iIl). Have your interview and take a slow walk home (past some shops maybewink)

I have only left ds with dp for a max of three hours! It's a forty minute drive away so no time for looking round the shops unfortunately.... Also I love the warm but it's going to be really hot and I don't want to melt wink

Maryland2013 Tue 09-Jul-13 07:26:21

Good luck Spotty!

Emily- 3 babies under 1?! Your friend is going to be very stressed busy

emilyeggs Tue 09-Jul-13 07:53:36

I would say she is grin

halestone Tue 09-Jul-13 08:21:15

Good Luck Spotty, sending some positive thoughts your way.

Emily awww twinsgrin i hope her DP isn't as useless as mine haha.

MaMaPo Tue 09-Jul-13 09:01:14

Best of luck Spotty - with both things! Busy day.

Feel industrious - finally got around to starting planning our US roadtrip. Are we mad to be driving around the US with a 10 month old? So far the trip is 2.5 weeks and will probably end up being a month.

What's the longest you can drive with a baby do you think? I know to break up a longer drive into sections of around 2-3 hours. But could we drive 6 hours in a day with such a young baby?

Hmm mama as a one off maybe but I wouldn't want to do it frequently. I'd be happy doing two lots of two hours in a day. Could you do some of the driving in the evening? Say after 7pm?

MaMaPo Tue 09-Jul-13 09:12:46

Maybe. We'll be doing a day of driving every 3-4 days, so definitely not every day. Most driving days will be 2x2 hours, but there might be 1-2 longer ones in there.

Mama We did a roadtrip around NZ when C was 3 months, we found he was usually fine for hours on end but was best to start off early morning and afternoons were the most difficult. Stop for a feed and a play every few hours. I think the most we did in a day was 5 hours though.

Good luck spotty

hales saw your video - H can really move!

Mama that sounds fine to me. I'm just thinking ds has two two hour naps on a good day so if your dd sleeps in the car it would work well smile

MaMaPo Tue 09-Jul-13 09:46:37

Prunella - I've sent you a PM. Also - NZ roadtrip, nice! I love NZ, can't wait to go back.

Finally got dd some summer sandals £30 later.... sad

halestone Tue 09-Jul-13 11:12:17

Mama i think you will be fine especially if C likes the car.envy Of your trip i would love to do that my sister lived in America for a year when she was at uni and loves it over there.

Prunella, thank you she is very quick in it. We were out the front in it the other day and there were some little kids sat on blankets with Teddies sewn into the top of the blanket. H went over to have a look at the little girls and one of the girls picked up her blanket H grabbed it and ran haha. She was quite upset when we took the blanket off hersmile

The dentist said he's very pleased with dd's teeth smile she sat in the chair and opened her mouth for him. And I don't have to go back for six months!!

hmm I'm starting to feel nervous....wish I still smoked grin

Barbeasty Tue 09-Jul-13 13:07:51

Spotty how do you get DD to let the dentist look? I've got to go with DD next month and last time she wouldn't open her mouth at all, just clung to me and cried.

People have asked if we're having more DC, and are ammused by my emphatic no. Last time I knew I wanted another and just said thar DH didn't want to because he was so traumatised.

I've got a Dr appointment for this afternoon with my eye. They've been really dry for days now, and my vision in the worse eye is blurry. It's as though I haven't got my glasses on, even though I have. Of course, now I've booked the appointment my eyes are suddenly watering. Sadly I'm seeing the useless Dr who, when I was getting SPD, told me it's just something women must bear for the sake of having children. I font hold out much hope of anything useful!

Oh Barbeasty hopefully it's something simple he will be able to sort...

I'm afraid it's nothing I've done dd was just very excited about the dentist. I think due to a mixture of watching the peppa pig episode and me telling her I'm going to the dentist whilst she's at nursery so she felt she was missing out on something. Dd's quite timid so if a dr/dentist/nurse asks her to do something she does tend to do it

Barbeasty Tue 09-Jul-13 13:29:40

Well she's seen that episode a few times, so fingers crossed. She is even more timid so clings and tries to hide behind my legs.... I might see if she can "show A what he'll have to do when he's older". Or bribery.

It's silly. She's really, really good at the Dr, just hates the dentist.

WLmum Tue 09-Jul-13 14:41:33

The first time I took dd1 to the dentist I bribed her with chocolate buttons (shhh don't tell the dentist! That and that I said its ok to suck your thumb).

How was the interview spotty?

WLmum Tue 09-Jul-13 15:18:30

DH has been h

WLmum Tue 09-Jul-13 15:18:45

Oops! DH has been h

WLmum Tue 09-Jul-13 15:20:33

3rd time lucky?

DH has been home today so I hoovered the house -emptied the drum before I started and its now full again - slatternly? Me?

Bathrooms next - I may not come out alive!

It went well thanks but you never can tell can you?!

IsThatTrue Tue 09-Jul-13 16:53:41

Had a last minute day at Guildford lido today, DS was lovely and got in free as he's under3 and he ever slept in the buggy while I had a lovely swim smile better than a boring day of work.

Running club tonight, lets hope he's not the same as last week, screaming for 2 hours while I'm out!

Was it busy IsThat?

Barbeasty Tue 09-Jul-13 17:08:47

Allergic conjunctivitis, so I have eye drops. Fingers crossed they work. The Dr has decided that since I have asthma I must have hay fever.

I got home and there wasn't anyone here. But MIL and the DC turned up 20 minutes later. She didn't mention anything about A's milk though, and everything I'd left is untouched in the fridge. So I don't know quite what he's had to drink all day.

IsThatTrue Tue 09-Jul-13 17:16:01

It was busy spotty but not rammed, I've never been before so don't know what it's normally like. I think it didn't feel so busy as not everyone is swimming at the same time iykwim. We were there at 10.20 and got a bench by the baby pool (they're doing all the building work behind so no access to the Grass there). Then went up onto the grass part shade part sunshine around 12 for a picnic and the kids ran around (not DS obv, he slept and I had a swim). There was a queue as we were leaving though at 2.

I've got a really itchy patch on my boob and nipple, no pain, could it still be thrush? I'm wary after the antibiotics

emilyeggs Tue 09-Jul-13 18:38:59

Anyone given their LO scrambled eggs yet? Is it ok? (Obv no salt) wink

Fine after six months as long as well cooked ie no runny yolks smile

emilyeggs Tue 09-Jul-13 18:43:34

Isthat that sounds like a lovely day

Barb, hope your eyes gets sorted

Fx for sports and job

I'm off to do another BBQ now....4th one 5 days, smile fish tonight grin

emilyeggs Tue 09-Jul-13 18:46:15

*spotty and jobconfused

emilyeggs Tue 09-Jul-13 18:52:28

Thanks again spotty smile

MaMaPo Tue 09-Jul-13 18:57:04

Wow, C pinched and scratched the crap out of me during that feed. She wouldn't stay still and didn't take as much as she would. She also didn't get anywhere near falling asleep, which she almost always does at this time of night. I've put her to bed anyway but don't hold out hope of an easy bedtime.

I'm going to have some good bruises tomorrow.

PurplePidjin Tue 09-Jul-13 19:00:23

Fx, Spotty!

R luuuuuurves scrambled egg, eats a whole one plus toast for lunch! As long as no history of allergy and 6+ months i think it's ok? (no allergies in this household so I'm not completely sure)

Will fb a pic of tonight's dinner hmm

Ds drank the 4oz of formula so I got him some more and he vommed everywhere. Had to put him back
In the bath and change me and the bedding. He's never ever been sick before apart from dribbly bits.

He went down wide awake blowing raspberries, I've just got out the bath and he's fast asleep smile

IsThatTrue Tue 09-Jul-13 19:13:48

Poor DS spotty

Ds2 loves scrambled and hard boiled egg. Although the latter can be more slippery for self feeding! Lol

I have running club at 7.30, DH decided to 'pop' to his mums on the way home, is now stuck in traffic, so I've had to get dd and ds1 to bed, then feed ds2 to sleep I haven't braved transfer yet and then I'll just have to wait until he turns up. I may have to drive there if he's really late. Urgh, hate wasting petrol!

2blessed Tue 09-Jul-13 19:32:09

Whats going on with these lo's? Ds has vomited 3 times today. First time he has vomited apart from bringing up a bit of milk in the early days. Maybe a bit pfb of me but I managed to get him an appointment with the nurse practitioner. She gave him a check over and he's got a wee bag to collect a sample. I'm not panicked butdefinitely concerned. Only breastmilk and water overnight.

Hope everyone's enjoying the sunshine.

WLmum Tue 09-Jul-13 19:51:30

Even the dds are commenting how clean and tidy the house is! Dm is coming to play with T and mil is having dd2 tom am so round 2 of house attack!

T has always been a puker but did some horrible foody ones over the last couple of days - the heat maybe? I also think if the weaning is a bit much for them on some days they are inclined to be sick. T ate much better today.

spotty its v easy for babies to over feed with a bottle - it stimulates a suck reflex because of the shape/length/angle of the teat so keeps them feeding after they're full. It may have just been a milk overload.

isthat hope you don't get too hot running! I'm going to sweat like crazy doing a bit of hula hooping in a bit.

WLmum Tue 09-Jul-13 19:53:50

isthat I'd forgotten all about Guildford lido! Many happy days spent there as a teen. Will def try to take the fam there over summer hols. There's a really nice play park and little lake in stoke park next door too -free parking in the college on weekends and holidays.

Hi all, glad the interview went okay Spotty and Fx the doctor has it right beasty and you get some relief.

After not being able to get J to bed yesterday he ended up sleeping in my bed 8-11, then I transferred him asleep and he woke up at 7:30 shock

It's now 27 in his room again so no idea what I'll do with him.

I feel your pain with the pinching Mama. DS has just pinched a tiny little sliver of skin in the back of my knee while I fed him. It was the closest I've ever come to losing my shit. It absolutely killed!

What is a lido? We don't have one near here and I always wondered after seeing one on an episode of The Bill

Ps Jamie is blowing raspberries on my leg now. It's not looking good for an early bedtime. grin

It's an outdoor pool smile

WLmum Tue 09-Jul-13 20:59:01

Viscous little buggers aren't they - I was holding T up above my head earlier and blowing raspberries on her tummy when she grabbed my ear. She was really pulling for ages but as I was holding her aloft I couldn't disentangle myself.

Great sleep willyou - jealous!

DH has gone to see dn - ahh

Aw WL a lovely snuggly baby. But ours are more fun now!

I'm still doing bedtime, it's not going well despite him being exhausted. About to give up and take him down with me. He's got until DP gets in whenever that may be.

And 2 seconds after that message he gave in. Wahoo!

IsThatTrue Tue 09-Jul-13 22:27:58

Ds has been a shit for DH while I was out. I'm currently trying to feed him to sleep even though he had 4oz of formula half hour ago. he needed the boobies though hmm Run was good. I have graduated and now have an 8 week plan in place. smile feeling very positive. I started losing weight from our session on food as fuel, which was 3 weeks ago. Since then I have gone from 14stone 1lb to 13stone 6lb shock first target is a stone in the 6 weeks!