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Still brooking no argument for sleep, glorious sleep!

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Stacks Tue 18-Jun-13 19:45:11

This will be the thread where all brooking babies learn to self settle and sleep through the night (the real version, not that 5hr at a time thing).

TheLittleFriend Tue 18-Jun-13 19:49:09

Stacks you beat me to it, I'd just started a new thread too!

If this is the one where they sleep through though, I'm staying put!!

Stacks Tue 18-Jun-13 19:56:17

Oops, I wondered if anyone else would be starting a thread. It's been so quiet recently I thought it'd be unlikely though.

I definitely need a sleep through. Even if it was just once. T was up lots last night, he's always particularly bad in the 'morning' up every hour or less from 2:30 onwards last night, but slept for 2 hours 10-12 and 12-2 (which is depressingly good here sad ). I just wish T would learn some consistency. He settled himself back to sleep on Sunday night (waking in 45m cycles) three times from 8pm, but last night screamed and complained till he was fed for similar wake ups. Every time I think something is improving sad

Still, he's sitting up well and the like. Focus on the good!

TheLittleFriend Tue 18-Jun-13 19:56:52

Lovely to hear how well T is getting on with sitting Stacks. It sounds like you've got the right approach for weaning, just let him play if he's not willing to eat yet. He will soon.

Green I survived my night on my own thanks, but J's sleep still not great. I hope moving him to his own room will help too, but we won't be doing it for a few weeks yet, after we get back from our holiday

How is everyone else? It's very quiet in hear at the moment!

musicalmrs Tue 18-Jun-13 20:11:58

<Marks place>

Thanks for the new thread Stacks!

Sorry to hear about the sleeping woes Stacks and Little. I'm afraid I have no real advice... but it's completely rubbish sad

Have had a fun few days with a lurgy filled Isabelle. She got a sickness bug on Thurs night, and has managed to pass it around to many members of our family! She was ill this morning but hasn't been sick since, so crossing fingers.. bored of being stuck at home.

GreenOlives Tue 18-Jun-13 21:28:02

Well done on the new thread stacks! T sounds like he's doing great with the sitting! And on the weaning front it won't be long before a lot more goes in and you find more fun stuff in his nappies! My T's ear infection is all cleared up thanks for asking and his nappies are back to chicken korma usual! !

Sorry to hear J's sleep is not improving little. Are you waiting until the recommended 6 months before moving him to his own room? Or is it because he's sharing with you on hols so you don't want to confuse things? I only ask because T being in his own room really has made a fantastic difference to how well he sleeps.

musical Oh no, poor Iz! (And everyone she shared her germs with!) Sounds like she's over the worst now thankfully so you'll be able to end your solitary confinement very soon!

T has his 2nd lot of jabs tomorrow - they are 4 weeks late as we were on hols last time so he still has another lot after this. DH is on lates so he can come with me in the morning so I'm not the baddie!! grin

Thanks for the new thread, Stacks, and hurrah that it's the one where the babies sleep! Great re T's sitting skills! E can't do it yet without me sitting behind him to catch him. He's pretty good at wriggling around on the floor tho! He is weaning now and loving it. Have you tried T with banana? That's usually a favourite with babies.

Olives, that's fab news re T's sleep! Sadly moving E to his own room did not have the same result!

Little, I hope J sleeps better soon and that you have a brill hol. When are you off?

I went to work today to agree when I would go back, eek! Not til end of Sept tho. In phone, so will just brook for you all and try to pop back tomorrow smile

Ooh hello, I haven't really moved into the post grads thread yet, been so busy in my new baby blissful bubblesmilesmile I have started a thread here if anyone can help, I will pop back later to catch up and update.

<marks place>


Hi all. Extremely exciting that this is the thread for sleeping!!

14 months old and I'd kill for 5 hours sleep in a row... But anyway, best not go there, as I'm confident its not imminent smile

Go T with the sitting! The SLT at work who specializes in reflux told me spoon refusal, as S did from 7.5 months, is a typical reflux sign. He did blw pretty much. Now he's dairy, soya and egg free plus on domperidone and ranitidine, he sometimes takes a spoon!! Just keep offering. Fortified breakfast cereals are good. S likes ready brek with shed loads of golden syrup and oatimilk and koko coconut milk are both fortified to the same calcium as cows milk. Or use expressed of course. Or alpro soya 1+ is the same calcium and calories as cows milk (the others are much lower calories)

Erm, forgotten the rest. I'm a horrible tired and shouty mummy atm, really upset how I've not done so well this week. New resolutions again...

Stacks Wed 19-Jun-13 22:48:33

Well, this is our 3rd wake up since T fell asleep at 8:20. First feed though, which is much better than normal. Last two wakes I just laid really still and he fell back asleep with just a bit of fuss. This one was proper screaming though, surely he can't be hungry?

I like the coconut milk, but really didn't like Alpro soya. Yuk yuk yuk. I did wonder if I could give it to T. Maybe I'll try making him some cereal, though I'm not sure how he'd feed it to himself - just fistfuls of it everywhere? He'll put a spoon in his own mouth (though its 50/50 which end) but seems to realise when you've put something on it and uses his had to get it off, or just uses the other end smile

TheLittleFriend Thu 20-Jun-13 20:37:07

Green, part of the reason for not moving him is due to us sharing with him in holiday so wanting to get that out of the way, and partly just wanting to keep him near til close to six months. We've decided we'll definitely move him after hols now though, so he'll be 5 months. If I'm going to be up several times feeding him, I don't want to also have to resettle him because we've woken him going to bed.

Stacks, a friend if mine did ble with her boys, her tip for breakfast cereal was to put enough milk on a weetabix to soften it, but so it keeps its shape. Then you can cut it in to bite size pieces. Still messy, but less than with sloppy handfuls!

Boo, how is K today?

Well J can now roll front to back and back to front. He's practising every time I lay him down. Shame he also practices at 2am!

K is feeling much better, feeding better now too smile

GreenOlives Fri 21-Jun-13 13:54:12

Glad K is feeling better boo smile

That makes sense little. Well done J on the rolling! although not at 2am

stacks Sloppy food and hands make me shudder! I'm not very good with mess, hope T gets to grips with a spoon soon so there's slightly less mess for you! I didn't do blw with Max, am planning to do a mixture of purees and blw with T. He's so used to taking meds via a syringe in his mouth that I'm hoping a spoon won't feel too foreign in his mouth iyswim?! Crap nights sleep last night, mixture of both boys so brooking for better tonight!

Hiya, well it's all happening over here smile sitting, weaning and rolling ignoring the sleeping

K is still on the mend here, she didn't feed properly for 2 days so has been glued to a boob all afternoon, but that's ok (for now) as I thought all prospects of continuing bfing were well and truly over the other day.

Apart from that she seems to be doing what a 7 week old does smilesmile

Aw boo, that's fab news!

TheLittleFriend Sat 22-Jun-13 08:47:20

Sat in out of hours gp with Jude waiting to be seen. He's been screaming with a fever since 4pm yesterday. sad

GreenOlives Sat 22-Jun-13 08:48:26

Oh no! Poor Jude sad xx

Oh Little hope you get seen soon sad poor J x

Stacks Sat 22-Jun-13 10:16:15

Poor J Little I hoe you get seen quickly. They should prioritise littlies right? Really hope whatever is wrong can be treated quickly so you can all get some rest.

Glad K is going better Boo. Has she stopped the catchup feeding yet?

Green I read more about BLW and told DH - who's now decided its the only way to go. I didn't realise a lot of the idea behind baby feeding themselves is to avoid parental pressure to eat - no "one more spoonful" or aeroplanes to trick baby into eating more than they want. So we're giving some purée but just slopped on his high chair tray... It's incredibly messy but T seems to enjoy it and will suck his hands after smooshing everything on the tray. I just have to put a wash on after dinner and get him straight into the bath! I'll maybe upload a couple of pics to Facebook smile
Oh, and the syringe feeding didn't seem to help T take a spoon - but hope it helps for you!

Hi Gen, Pet, Musical, Rubber, Pomme and Dream. Hope all is good with you?

TheLittleFriend Sat 22-Jun-13 14:07:49

Thanks all, sounds like its a similar virus to the one K had Boo, as he's struggling to feed as well. Gp ruled out any ear/ throat/ chest infections though. Every now and then he is vomiting lots of mucus, which is gross, but seems to help him feed. Looks like we're in for a crap weekend!

Little that does sound similar but K didn't bring up any mucous sad the Dr couldn't find anything wrong either. Hope J feels better soon.

GreenOlives Sat 22-Jun-13 20:03:25

Glad it's nothing serious little and I hope J is much better soon. T also has a horrible cold and is not feeding as much so the Brookers babies all seem to be suffering sad We have been getting green snot in milky vomit too <boak> And last night he decided to take a leaf out of J's book and practice trying to roll onto his front at 4am shock angry He can't manage it yet but spent a good hour trying!!

GreenOlives Sat 22-Jun-13 20:05:01

stacks Would love to see the messy photos! grin The thought of it makes the slight ocd side of me shudder! smile

ScrambledSmegs Sat 22-Jun-13 20:17:22

Yay, a new thread!

little so glad J 'just' has a virus. Must have been scary though.

Sorry, on phone so terrible catch up from me. Am envy at the little ones rolling. E2 still hasn't rolled independently, although she's been sitting for a month now. I'm not worried, I guess it's just not her thing. She is ridiculously chubby, maybe she finds it difficult? Who knows.

Anyway, summary - sunny personality, healthy (no pox despite brief scare, yay!) self-feeding like a pro, strong sitting and assisted standing/pulling up, 3 tiny teeth that she likes to test on my nipples at 4am. Can't roll, won't sleep. <sigh>

TheLittleFriend Sun 23-Jun-13 20:03:45

Who needs to roll when you can sit though Smegs. Another non-sleeping baby though, it seems to be a theme amongst the Brookers babys atm <yawn>

Stacks love the blw pics on fb. He's such a cutie.

Jude is still not well at all. He's been so sad today, it's so horrible to see. And it makes life so much tougher. Dp and I have been snapping at each other all wknd as we're both so sleep deprived. He is just so bloody pessimistic sometimes, always moaning about how hard work the kids can be, rather than the good stuff. Fx tomorrow will be a better day. We're flying to Majorca fri am, so really need J better for then!

Sorry to hear about more none sleeping babies, I now have a non pooing one sad when will the effects of the virus leave her alone?

So how to get K to poo? Answers on a postcard!

TheLittleFriend Sun 23-Jun-13 20:22:13

Boo we really struggled to get J to poo in the early days. Tummy massage helped a bit, as did gripe water to relax his tummy. Hope she's ok soon x

Thanks Little, she was fine (4-5 a day) till this bloody virus. I will try massage and get the gripe water tomorrow.

Stacks Sun 23-Jun-13 22:55:40

Boo T went through a stage of no poo, nothing to do with a virus (that I know of). He was a 3/4 times a day boy, then no poo for a week, followed by about 10 in 24 hrs. Then went to every other day etc etc. They were all normal poo too, nothing hard or discoloured. He still goes through phases of no poo now.
There seemed to be a bit of a correlation with me drinking fruit juice, orange or apple juice, and him pooing lots. It was also recommended by my HV as something to try. Though it wasn't conclusive, it sometimes seemed foolproof.

Is she uncomfortable? T never seemed fussed with not pooing so I didn't worry. No straining or crying. So I'd say as long as K doesn't seem distressed I'd just wait for the poosplosion. It's normal for breastfed babies to go anywhere up to a week without poo.

Aah thanks Stacks, that is helpful so possibly a coincidence that she has done it now but it is normal. I have massaged her belly tonight and she has produced some very smelly wind. I will up my fruit juice and see if it helps too. I have also read on Dr Google that moving her legs like she is riding a bike could help so I will give that a go when she wakes up. Sorry I keep witteling about her, I'm not normally such a worrier blush

Aw. Little, I hope J is better soon. My DH can be v similar. He has unreasonable expectations. wanting DD to be quiet and let him watch sport on tv etc!

Boo, hope K is back to normal soon.If she is straining to go, you could try wiping her bum with damp cotton wool. We had to do this for DD a few times. if you're really keen you can use your finger up there!

POO smilesmile thought I would share that with you grin thanks again for your advice thanks

Little how is J doing? Better I hope.

Everyone else ok?

Is it odd to be pleased that somebody I've never met has done a poo? grin

PetWoman Mon 24-Jun-13 22:23:55


That is all.

[Shock] how Pet you must tell me, I wanna do balls!

Rubber only slightly odd grin I can further update that poonami did indeed strike the boo house this evening, K is very pleased with herself now grin

Well good night and Brooking for sleep.

ScrambledSmegs Mon 24-Jun-13 22:50:38

Ah. Wimbledon.


ScrambledSmegs Mon 24-Jun-13 22:57:58

Of course, some of you will be able to see this


What I need more of, and am definitely not getting.

<looks askance at DD2>

Off to bed now. Too late again - I need my evenings to feel human though. Sob...

Brooking for lots of sleep for all with babies! And that all babies get well soon. We've had very low level runny poos for a week now. Grim.

This may be displacement for other things in my life currently but I am hopping mad with mil. They came down here whilst we were away to help with the garden. While she was here she decided to wash a load of stuff for us (she knows I would think this was overstepping, we've spoken to her about it before) and in the process ruined abbie's special purple wool blanket from when she was a newborn. AND never said anything, just left it out for us to fine. DH being wet about it. After all the shit they've said to us out in Italy and all the stress they've put us through she then did that!!! GRRRRR.

Delighted to be back in the uk though!

Stacks Wed 26-Jun-13 13:55:50

We've had a couple of reasonable nights here. I've been putting T in his cot for his first sleep of the night, and last night he stayed there for 2 hours. I've found a weird way to get him to settle too - put my hand over his face confused I think maybe its because he's used to sleeping against my breast or side during the night, so likes something warm right over his face.
After his 2 hours in the cot (8:30-10:15) he then only woke me up once between 10:15 and 5!! No matter which way you cut it that's our best sleep in months weeks.

Weaning is also going better these last couple of days. T has taken some food from a spoon, and actually ate a whole half strawberry today, rather than sucking it to death and throwing the mush away. smile

Oh Pomme how infuriating! There's nothing worse than someone accidentally doing something bad while doing something they know is wrong. Fair enough it was an accident, but if she'd have just not stepped over the line in the first place! I'm angry just thinking about it.
You might be able to rescue the blanket a bit? Sometimes if wool shrinks you can soak it with some hair conditioner for a while then reshape it. It relaxes all the fibres or something. Might be worth a try, though I think I'd find it hard to disassociate even a fully restored blanket from the angry memory of mil ruining it sad

Boo How's K doing? All recovered from her virus? Glad poo happened, I hope it wasn't too much smile We have had a few leaking nappy issues after T doesn't go for a while.

Little how is J? All recovered for your holiday I hope? Sorry to hear you and DH have been snapping through tiredness, the holiday should be a nice break for you.

Waves to everyone else, brooking for sleep all round.

Stacks lovely to hear you have had some better nights, K is doing really well. Poonami did strike eventually.

She had her first set of jabs yesterday, they have added in an oral medicine now too, it is a vaccine for rotavirus. A good idea in theory but they gave an 8 week old a nasty tasting juice hmm I ended up wearing quite a bit of it, and it was really sticky!!

Little brooking that J recovered and you can have a lovely holiday. DH and I have been snapping at each other a bit, I think it is a combination of poor communication and tired/stress and him being an idiot

Brooking for sleepy babies

PetWoman Wed 26-Jun-13 20:39:54

Yy to snapping at DH - we had a better night's sleep earlier this week and were so much nicer to each other the next day! Usually I'm too tired to talk to him though I can MN and he's in a bad mood anyway. sad I'm sure if when DS starts sleeping better we'll get on better too.

Boo glad K is well - has she been ok post-jabs? You can do the ball thing by looking at the list of emoticons at the bottom of the page. I couldn't resist it when I saw it. smile

Stacks yay for a better night's sleep and some proper eating! Hopefully it's onwards and upwards from here!

Pomme sad and angry about the blanket. How long are you in the UK? How are the girls adjusting?

Smegs I hope you get some better nights soon. Wish I had some useful words of wisdom but sleep is rubbish here too. I suspect I need to wean DS completely in order to achieve better sleep but I'm not ready to give up bfing yet, and he certainly isn't! grin.

Those of you who went on bfing beyond 12 months, when did you decide to stop and how did you do it?

It doesn't show on the mobile site sad

K has been a bit grumpy post jabs but not too bad.

Absolutely not talking to DH now, he put my favourite one of K's sleeping bags in the wash with a red coat sad tis ruined sad have soaked it, treated with vanish, re washed with colour catch and more vanish but it is stained sad well, I'm talking to him really just sulking at the same time.

Not a good washing day for the brookers eh Pomme.

TheLittleFriend Thu 27-Jun-13 12:01:05

Hi all, just a quick one from me as I'm in packing chaos. We're off to Majorca tomorrow, so I'll see you all in a week. J is on antibiotics for an ear infection as of yesterday, which explains his grumpiness and worse than normal sleep.

Brooking for happy, good sleepers at home and abroad! smile

Munxx Thu 27-Jun-13 15:26:15

Afternoon, well DS's antics meant I saw every hour last night. Yawn!

And the little only has started biting me with his one (very large) tooth.

brew anyone?

brew yes please Munxx. The recent virus and jabs has taken my lovely little self settle for a nap, lovely happy bedtime girl and swapped her for a demon who will not sleep unless my boob is in her mouth sad

I am sore, split and bleeding, even tried her with a dummy but nothing works. Last night was the worst sleep I had, she was feeding (well. Latched on and screamed every time I took her off) from 10 till 1 sad any advice??

Munxx Thu 27-Jun-13 15:40:57

Aw boo that's horrible poor you!

Ok... To sort out your poor nipples right now I recommend lansinoh and breast shells. Stick K in her bouncer and get two nice hot flannels and give your poor boobs a nice massage with them. Leave them to air as much as you can (if possible). Apply breast milk and lansinoh and pop on the shells rather than pads as they have air vents to allow healing.

DS is a dummy refuser too. Is her latch OK? Do you have a local bfing support group? I am basically a human dummy too. Would you consider co sleeping?

I was at a training last night and got home just before 10. DD was in bed asleep which was amazing without boob. To make up for it she fed 6 times during the night...

Thanks Munxx, I am halfway there, I have lansonoh but no shells, I do have nip shields for feeding, she doesn't really like them yet but we're persevering. Her latch has always been short, if I get boob right in for an exaggerated latch she gags and retches, she would (I think) prefer to nipple feed shock I do usually end up winning and get my self a decent latch but she will shift her head about mid feed to shorten in.

We do have a bfing support group, I have been in touch with them while she has been poorly and struggling to feed, I will to call them again if tonight is just as bad.

Crikey, didn't realise how much I felt sorry for myself, I will be happy when I don't look like biscuitbiscuit <-------that any more.

Rubber 6 times shock Poor you. Have a brew with us.

GreenOlives Thu 27-Jun-13 18:41:35

Ouchy to sore nipples! Hope the brooking babies are less voracious with their feeding tonight! T has been fully on formula for the last few days so my boobs are a little sore but not too bad as we reduced the breast feeding really slowly. He seems very happy with his bottles which has helped ease my guilt somewhat! He has only been feeding once a night for the last few weeks but DS1 is still having really disturbed sleep and nightmares so we are up several times a night with him!
Have a fab holiday little! Hopefully J will be perking up nicely by now on the antibiotics. smile

Stacks Thu 27-Jun-13 19:45:09

Just a quick post from me while DH has T in the bath. Does anyone else here have experience of allergies when weaning? T has come up in a rash after eating bread and unknown 'butter' and now a reaction to tuna mayo (the egg maybe?). It's "just" a red lumpy rash round his mouth/face (and wherever he smears it to, so his eye too today) the rash goes down after about 30m or so. What should I do? Take him to the doctor?

Munxx Thu 27-Jun-13 19:59:30

Dd has a milk allergy which did manifest in lumpy acne type rashes as well as reflux/bowel problems/screaming. So yes possible. The gp will ask for a food diary so you could start one now to take? Maybe phone Hv tomorrow.

Sorry, no experience of allergies, just wanted to say brooking you get to the bottom of it and I would call the gp too. The food diary is a brilliant idea.

Yes, Dt2 gets worse exzema with dairy, uncomfortable, windy, whiney and frequently wakes at night. Sounds very much like food allergy/ intolerance, especially as
he has reflux doesn't he?
<voice of bitter experience after months of being in denial for one, over a year for the other, that I have TWO babies with food intolerances>

Dietician told me 1/3 of cows milk protein intolerant babies are soya intolerant and 1/2 (I think it was half...can check) are egg intolerant. Hence who my S is still dairy, soya and egg free <sob>
Luckily b ok with soya, not so sure about egg though has been ok with dairy free cake which contains some.

Sorry for my absence Brookers. I'm shattered. Not finding time to post. Had a horrendous day at work, felt truly intimidated and bullied by my new manager & spent the rest of the day/evening in tears

Munxx Thu 27-Jun-13 21:40:55

Oh Dream that's rough. Sorry you've had a crappy day.

I forgot you had CMPI issues too. DD is OK with soya now but even the tiniest bit of dairy sends her doolally.

ScrambledSmegs Thu 27-Jun-13 21:45:25

Yes, I'd go to the doctor. Egg allergies are surprisingly common in young children - a friend's DD had one but she grew out of it by the age of 5.

By the way, it really is worth baking your own bread for the little ones. One of the things that shocked me about bread was the list of ingredients in the shop bought stuff, and how much salt there is in it. if i make my own I can reduce the salt content to levels I feel happy with. It doesn't cost much either - I can buy 1.5kg of strong white flour from Sainsburys for 80p (the bread is fine from this), or decent organic stuff from amazon in bulk. I use a Paul Hollywood recipe (the old goat) and reduce the salt by half. Makes a great loaf.

So, turns out that I really need to give water with food for E2 or she gets constipated. Not pleasant. Even when she gets loads of fluids she seems to struggle a bit, the high chair is her favourite place to 'go' which always makes mealtimes very looooong. My god, the effort that she has to put into having a poo these days is hilarious, I've been considering taking her to Wimbledon to see if she's louder than Sharapova!

We're off to the British Museum tomorrow, E1 looks like she's over the pox but is still a little under par, so we're taking it easy. I'd hated every minute of this, i've not been able to really look after her as I'd like thanks to E2 demanding so much of me. My poor PFB sad

Well, 4 days ago Dt1 had one teaspoon of dairy and part of a malted milk biscuit. Today he had a malted milk biscuit (as per dairy challenge) . Diarrhoea and vomiting. Again. Really?! Assuming its the dairy, but will i really continue to find out? Ate pizza myself too as, ahem, part of the challenge and Dt2 accidentlly had a minestrone soup which contained cheese, and was v miserable so assuming his intolerance continues. Rargh!!!

ScrambledSmegs Thu 27-Jun-13 21:48:33

X-post Dream. That sounds awful sad. Have a big (((((hug))))) from me, oh and some wine and [choc].

<does 'piss off' dance at dreams manager>

Oh Dream how awful for you, is there a top manager/hr department you can refer to? So sorry to hear about that.

Had a massive face/palm moment earlier. Popped off to Sainsburys to see if they had any shells (waste of time) but spotted the infacol while I was there. I realised K has Colic. She has had some infacol before her last couple of feeds and has been a bit calmer already smile off to get some colief tomorrow, I remember that working wonders with toddly boo.

Brooking for lots of sleep for all.

Oh smegs, that's hard. Know what you mean about not looking after how you'd choose sad . Incidentally, straining is Dt2's dairy intolerance. Dietician said he'd count straining and struggling to pass motions as a dairy challenge fail (along with his other symptoms too of course)

boo if colief helps, that's because it breaks down lactose <dairy intolerant obsessive speaking> . After speaking to specialist SLT and dietician, I'm not sure i believe in 'colic' any more, as in unexplained crying. I think there'll be a reason tries to break the broken record food intolerance drivel I'm spouting tonight

Ooh X posted with you all.

<joins Smegs in a 'piss off boss' dance>

Sorry to hear the allergy issues are affecting move of you sad

I also know what you mean about the guilt Smegs I remember before K, if toddly was poorly it was wall to wall hugs and mummy time, all different for him now sad

Really Dream? Hadn't realised that's what it does. I will keep a close watch on how this goes for her! Thank you and I don't think your obsessive at all smile

Munxx Thu 27-Jun-13 22:15:32

Boo if you we having a nightmare getting shells I am more than happy to send mine? They are the Phillips Avent ones (have two different types in the pack, one for collecting milk and one for protecting your nipples).

dream it's a nightmare with allergies. DD has had a reaction this week I am wracking my brains as to what she has had. The nappies are something else.

smegs I am in total awe of your home made bread. I am lucky if I remember to buy bread and milk!!!

Remind me why the small age gap thing is good again.....;)

Munxx Thu 27-Jun-13 22:16:36

And I totally get what you mean smegs sometimes I am irrationally angry with DS because I feel DD doesn't get my best due to him being so very demanding.

Oh it's ok Munxx, it is small town living that's the issue, I'm off to a bigger town so I'm sure I will be able to get some. I might let you know if I'm struggling though.

ScrambledSmegs Thu 27-Jun-13 23:50:45

Yeah, it sounds like I'm a domestic goddess, right? grin. Whereas what I actually do is make up some dough at night and bung it in the fridge, covered, till the morning. Quick knock back, shape and prove for an hour or until I remember and we're good to bake. Really, takes me about 5 minutes. There's very little work involved.

I didn't know that about dairy intolerance making them strain. The thing is, we've not had any signs of intolerances so far, she's never been colicky, so I do wonder if it's just that she ate so much in solids, so quickly. She's loving all the new foods. And I probably haven't been drinking much water recently, I've been neglecting myself a little. I have a stye that won't go, I'm so run down sad so depressing.

Dream you have got me thinking, I will keep a close eye on her diet and see if dairy is causing her issues. I know bananas certainly bung her up something chronic! You've got a very good point about 'colic' - it probably is a whole raft of different issues blanketed under that catch-all term.

boo I hope the soreness abates soon. It's so horrible when their latch is bad. E2 has taken to chewing me recently, that's been fun hmm

Munxx - er, because we get the toddler years over quicker? I'll probably turn to wine by the time I'm 40 though, and I'm saying that as practically a tee-totaller. I love them to bits, wouldn't be without them, am thankful for them every daybut it's so damn hard.

The paeds dietician and my paediatrician friend both told me intolerance usually produces diarrhoea, but can also cause constipation. The term "colic" kept both my babies screaming for hours a day undiagnosed for months. B's only symptoms of dairy intolerance are irritability, reflux, poor sleep, wind, straining to pass motions. He never went days without pooing, but might have gone bright red and been straining 3-4 times before managing to pass a small, hard motion. Mild exzema. He never had weight gain issues either. S is different, he is getting repeated episodes of d&v, reflux which is now quite heavily medicated (b has no medication, is fine with dairy free diet alone) ?? poor weight gain. Only tracking it every 3 months as that's what the dietician recommended but certainly v slow compared to b. B put on 250g in 6 weeks, s put on 80g in the same time. no skin issues. So it presents so differently. I don't think every baby out there will have food intolerances, clearly, but it wasn't on my radar at all. And even though b was refluxy, and we knew that, it still took us til 11 months to have s diagnosed!!! He has his paeds appt Monday, thank goodness smile

Could well be sheer volume and guts getting used to IT smegs, let's hope so as exclusion diets are a PITA And still sounding like a domestic goddess to me for getting round to it at all! Was fishfingers and chips all round at ours last night...

Stacks Sat 29-Jun-13 09:53:33

T is asleep.

In his cot.

In the daytime.


gringrin Stacks that's brilliant!!

Quick, stacks, come round here and sort S out!! Well done you

Stacks Sat 29-Jun-13 23:05:57

We only got 40 mins out of him in his cot as the builders started up next door. Still, I now know its possible. I also got 2 hours tonight of T in our bed while I was downstairs knitting. It's the first real evening I've had in months smile

It's not as easy to put T down for a nap as it is to hold him, but I think 10-20 mins isn't as bad as some. We're getting less crying now each time, though I'm still pretty much sneaking away once he falls asleep rather than a real "self settle".

Just need to work on the overnight feeds. We were 2 hourly last night. Hoping for a 4hr stretch again sometime [dreams happily]. Right, T is asleep in bed with me so I should take this chance to sleep too. Catch up more tomorrow.

ScrambledSmegs Sat 29-Jun-13 23:20:30

What is this 'self-settle' of which you speak? The boob-monster here laughs in the face of self-settling. Or rather, she screams till she's puce...

Stacks Sun 30-Jun-13 08:56:43

I've paid for my good evenings with awful nights. I'm going to try go dairy and egg free in my diet, as well as T's, and see if that helps.

Last night we had full on intense screaming from T just a minute or two after waking. Usually he'll wake and wriggle around to wake me before making a small noise and escalating till I feed (if he's hungry) or he falls back asleep. He wasn't hungry as I'd only fed him and hour or so before hand. He settled back to sleep on the breast but is like to know what woke him like that. The whole night then was bad sleep, 2 hours was the longest stretch, mostly it was less, and I fell asleep feeding most times because he wouldn't break the latch and sleep. Awful night sad

I just want to know what's up with my baby. Sometimes I'm certain he's in pain from reflux, other times I just wonder if its bad behaviour and we need to sleep train. My certainty either way is short lived and I just live in a cloud of doubt sad

So, this is it. Dairy and egg free for at least the next couple of weeks after brownies and ice cream for lunch. If things improve I'll try a day of exposure and see if it effects him and gives me a definitive answer. Also off to dr about his reactions to food so far and see if we can get allergy testing done.

Dream what were you advised about allergies? Ie nuts - should I try him on them, or avoid other allergens till he's tested?

Smegs self settling is a myth. T seems to give in mostly from exhaustion. I have to keep my hand over his face till he falls asleep, usually a hand behind his back too to keep him on his side and make him feel close and cuddled.

Sorry to not catch up more. I'll try and get on the laptop for a while today. DH has organised for a friend to come over and play games, least I can get is a bit of time guilt free on the laptop right?

Oh Stacks you poor thing that sounds awful sad I have no experience of allergies in children or changing my diet to help but I really hope something works and you get some answers soon and T settles better for you.

On other news, if you would like to pop over to the grads thread, there is a new post grad grin

Munxx Sun 30-Jun-13 09:32:54

stacks sad my DD was like this . I completely sympathise and if I can help I will. Getting everything diagnosed was a challenge but once sorted it got so so much better so quickly.

Some good news here, DS has started to do short bursts of sleep himself the last two nights between an hour to an hour and a half. This is huge for me as I usually have a to sit holding him 7-10pm before I go to bed (we co sleep). So I really feel like I am getting a bot of an evening. DH works away during the week so it's really great as otherwise I am a bit stuck if indeed a wee/drink.

smegs I agree, self settling?! I have to stealth retreat..........

Coffee anyone?!

smegs - you are taking me back. I had a new theory and plan of action every day! Kept me sane if nothing else smile

Omeprazole really helped with the screaming (so it was silent reflux) but did not help with the sleeping. At 6 months she could sit unaided and we weaned at 22 weeks and reflux got loads better and I stopped the medication around then. Sleeping didnt get better until I ditched the breastfeeding just before 9 months...

DD1 was a happy chucker but slept through from 14 weeks and was happy and unclingy. Totally different experience!

Withalittlesparkle Mon 01-Jul-13 04:55:49

Morning ladies

Yay for me finally being a postgrad!!!

Just thought I'd mark my place, sure I'm going to need plenty of advice!!!

Stacks Mon 01-Jul-13 09:57:02

Woo! Welcome Sparks, and congratulations. How are you feeling? I should go read back on t'other thread for news. We're here for advice and support whenever you need it.

stacks there is no 'test' for intolerance, its just done by exclusion. You need to cut out all dairy, soya and egg for 4 weeks. Dietician told me 2 weeks not long enough. Then challenge with the same amount, eg half a petit filous (or that sized yoghurt). An intolerance reaction can be anything fro 4 hrs to 3 days post exposure, so you do the same after 3 days if he's ok. Do that 3 times, so 9 days total iykwim. Then go to a full petit filous. Wait 3 days and repeat cycle. If he reacts to dairy, then wait til he's ok, then challenge with soya in same way. How old is T? You sound exactly like me in what you think and how he is. Exactly like S. I'm sure now, we've seen paeds and dietetics, they're in agreement. ranitidine was already maximum. Paeds today whacked up his domperidone dose to maximum. They said no point doing low doses for reflux as it needs to go to stop texture aversions, feeding issues, pain and to improve sleep. How old is T now? (Sorry, I forget).

Anyway, I have phone and mn ishoos so I'll post before I lose this, just been on the fb page for another look at lovely twinks and for sleep help. I'm broken. S is un-sleep-trainable.

Welcome sparks! Congratulations again.

I thought this new thread was the one where the babies sleep? Still not great here either. Think I was up 6 times, but one of those was for DD. I did manage to settle him once without feeding though! Will try to post later, hate typing on phone.

GreenOlives Mon 01-Jul-13 18:51:43

Big welcome to sparks! smile
Wish I could help on the sleep front dream it is a tough one. Really hope the new doses of meds make a difference.
stacks It's so hard to know what's wrong isn't it? I still don't really "know" what each of T's crys mean so I just try and work through the list of what they could be! And then I worry once I've exhausted that list that his reflux may be causing pain! It's so hard! Before you know it though they'll be able to tell us and start milking it like DS 1 grin
T has gone to pot at nights (4 month sleep regression??) He spends hours practising rolling over in his cot (and grinning!) Daytime naps are even shorter too (20 mins maybe? ?) <sigh> DS1 still night waking too and today I had my 2 year old nephew all day as well - I'm like a zombie now!

Stacks Mon 01-Jul-13 19:38:36

My doctor was useless about allergies. Said to keep eating milk and eggs, to feed them to DS, and to wait until our scheduled reflux appointment at the end of the month and ask their advice. Also that dietician appointments are like gold dust, and cmpi is a "fashionable diagnosis" just now (in a tone implying she thinks its boo locks (hehe, iPhone won't swear) she also said "breastmilk has lactose in" so me cutting out dairy wouldn't help.

I'm thinking its not advice I should follow? I'm particularly worried at the suggestion I keep giving DS milk and eggs. I'm scared to try exposing him again, though DH thinks as she's a doctor she knows what she's talking about so we should do it.

Olives the 4 month sleep regression is a killer and still going strong at 6 months. Just remember, this too shall pass. T is actually quite a happy baby mostly, so I do wonder how bad his reflux can be, and whether dairy in my milk is causing him problems. It's just the audible gulping and occasional acid smelling sick that makes me think he's still suffering. That and the lack of sleep. He woke last night with real pain type crying, and was obviously trying to get back to sleep but couldn't. I feed him so much from around 3/4am onwards, I think this is his bad time for reflux.

Gen congrats on settling without feeding! I hope he gets the hang of it and starts settling easier soon. Wishing you good sleep tonight.

Dream thanks for the info. Shame it's so different from what the dr suggested. I think a dietician may give better advice, but sounds like it could be months before I see one. I think I'm going to go ahead with a food diary for me and DS, and cut out milk and eggs. He seemed ok after eating some soy yoghurt, so I'm hoping that's not an issue. DH really wants to try and expose him again I think. Get a definitive reaction to the specific foods, rather than to unknown margarine/butter and mayo. Could be eggs/milk, could be E numbers or whatever.

Bath time nearly over. I'll post later and checkout Facebook.

GreenOlives Mon 01-Jul-13 19:56:59

Cross posts with gen, we need to brook harder for this elusive sleep! smile smile
I think I should add that T doesn't just grin when rolling in the night, he also protests loudly when he gets wedged at the side of the cot!! angry

GreenOlives Mon 01-Jul-13 20:21:53

Cross posts with stacks now too! Sorry doc was no help - fashionable diagnosis indeed! hmm
Also meant to say that DHs grandma has been ill over the last 2 weeks and it turns out her breast cancer of 5 years ago has now spread to bones, lungs and kidney sad She's usually such a lovely vibrant young looking 78 year old and seemingly overnight she has become a terminally ill very old looking woman sad DS1 adores her and she's asked to see him so we're taking him in to hospital to see her on Weds. I'm so worried about it though as I'm not sure it will help his current anxieties and nightmares to see his great grandma looking so poorly but equally I don't want him not to see her before the worst happens iyswim? Any advice?

stacks my dh is a GP. It's not their specialist area, I think a GP's job, having to answer queries about every single health problem under the sun must be a blimmin nightmare. If you keep randomly giving dairy you will not know. I will photocopy my dietician leaflet if you like and post? At least you'll know it not total twaddle hopefully . if you give the 4 weeks off then challenge, you know for sure. S perfectly happy when up and about in the day, lies flat no issues. Reflux often worse at night. Allergies and intolerances are increasingly common. Hence why studies like the EAT study are looking at weaning at 3 months as previously to tackle this, potentially. My dietician said if b can tolerate small amounts give them to him, so he has the odd chocolate button etc.

Sorry, got to dash, back later

Stacks Tue 02-Jul-13 17:25:23

Dream I know GPs have it hard with so many different areas of medicine to cover, I always try and give them the respect they're due. Unfortunately I sometimes feel quite let down by their advice. Like this time... from what I understand of allergies a first reaction can be mild, a second one deadly. It feels like overreacting to worry, but it's possible T could have a bad reaction to his next exposure to egg, right?
The Dr was honest with me and said she didn't know much about it, and so didn't want to give advice. Then went ahead and gave me what I think could be bad or even dangerous advice. hmm

I got a book out of the library on allergies, and looked at the Allergy UK website. They both say not to self diagnose allergies (which is essentially what I've done) but also to be careful about re-exposure until he's been tested. So I'm going to go ahead with the exclusion diet for me and T until I see the peads consultant at the end of the month. A month without dairy shouldn't cause issues for T and his diet. I think... I just wish I felt better informed.

I feel like I'm being dramatic. Maybe the Dr is right and I'm just being all pfb.

Stacks Tue 02-Jul-13 18:22:51

I hate posting on my phone, but it makes me a bad Brooker!

Olives no advice about children visiting sick relatives. Sorry. I don't have any experience with kids that age, or being a kid that age in that position. Really sorry to hear your GMIL is so ill. I hate cancer obvious much? it's just so devastating for all concerned. I hope your DH and family are ok. T sounds very cute in his nighttime antics, even if it is upsetting his sleep. My T still isn't mobile at all, though I'm kind of looking forward to it.

Gen have you had any success settling without feeding? I hope sleep is better now. I'm still having some success with putting T in his cot, it's all just happened spontaneously recently. I don't think there's much I could have done to rush it. I'm sure it'll come together for you soon.

Dream T is 6.5m now. He's on max dose of ranitidine and domperidone, we've been kind of offered omeprazole to try, though no prescription yet. Peads wants me to try the new weight adjusted doses for 2 weeks before changing to omeprazole. He's doing quite well with reflux through the day, but overnight is really bad from about 2am onwards. I'm managing to feed then settle him from about 8-11/12 but then he wakes up more distressed, I can hear him gulping, and his breath smells acidic. Feeding him then seems like temporary relief, and he keeps waking for more milk every hour or so.

How are you doing Sparks? Enjoying baby snuggles?

Pomme glad to hear sleeping can improve smile do you think omeprazole is better than ranitidine? T is weaning but not eating much. BLW seems very slow compared to PLW and puréed food. Still, T seems happy feeding himself.

Munxx hope the sleeping in the evenings is still improving? The last 3 nights have been my first evenings in 6 months. It's been really nice, if a little surreal. I've been handling the evenings differently though - I was going to bed by 7pm with the laptop and films/tv with DH bringing me drinks/snacks.

Boo has the soreness gone? Did you manage to find shells?

Smegs I've been trying to make bread regularly too. I might manage it now I'm getting some time in the evenings. How is DD doing now? Enjoying weaning still?

This will be short as I'm on phone putting e to bed.

Stacks, no joy yet, last night he was up several times again, but seems to have a cold, so prob needed comfort or milk. I did settle him once in the evening without feeding andmay try tonight again. Hope T keeps improving.

Olives, my grandad died recently and DD seemed quite upset about it. it was her first experience of death and she has asked loads of questions. I'm trying to be matter. of fact and honest with her as FIL is still ill of course, so I'm gently preparing her for that. I just wanted to warn you that it might upset him, but then death is a part of life and kids are very accepting of simple explanations. I hope you and DHs family are ok.

Stacks Tue 02-Jul-13 19:53:26

Dream I think this suggests I shouldn't do an elimination diet, and wait for an appointment with a dietician:

"NICE CG116 recommends the use of trial elimination of the suspected allergen for children and young people with suspected non-IgE-mediated food allergy. The risk of conversion to IgE-mediated allergy on reintroduction of cow’s milk in some children with FPIES demonstrates the importance of the NICE CG116 recommendation for primary and community healthcare professionals to seek advice from a dietitian with appropriate competencies when commencing an elimination diet. The evidence from Katz et al. (2011) also suggests that conducting allergy tests for IgE-mediated allergy after long-term food exclusion in non-IgE-mediated reactions, to minimise the risk of subsequent IgE-mediated reactions, may be a consideration for future guidance reviews."

So I think I'm going to stay dairy reduced, but not free. I'm still not comfortable giving ds milk and eggs directly though. I'll wait to talk to peads before I try him again. Maybe I could take some with us and give it in front of her, then she could see the rash herself (and deal with any dangerous consequences).

musicalmrs Wed 03-Jul-13 12:59:42

Olives, sorry to hear about DH's grandma - I hope you're all doing ok. I'm afraid I have no advice though sad

Stacks, I read all about T's reaction and then forgot to post, sorry. Was it around the mouth? (brain gone to mush, can't remember, sorry!). If so, could it be some kind of fruit? Iz gets a temporary red rashy reaction around her mouth when she eats certain types of fruit - apples and strawberries are two culprits. DH gets irritated by those too.. possibly something like pectin in them? Apparently it's very common for babies to have that kind of reaction. Some parents would then cut out the offending fruit completely. With my family history of lactose intolerance and knowledge of how much worse it can get if you do cut it out entirely, I've still given her bits of offending fruits, just in smaller portions, with lots of other things and with lots of water. Sorry if this is an avenue you've already investigated but just thought I'd mention it!

Sorry not to name check everyone else- on phone and can't read back. In the middle of a completely mad week, but will hopefully be around more when it's over...

Stacks Wed 03-Jul-13 14:04:18

Hi musical hope you're well? How's things? Brooking you're having a good "mad" week and not a trying one.

T did get the reaction round the mouth, yes. Red itchy lumps. It was specifically from the bread and butter, and tuna mayo sandwich - only foods given at the meal. He's been eating bread happily for weeks, and had the same tuna the day before with no reaction. He's had strawberries and is fine with them.

I'm wavering yet again on my dairy decisions. Could be due to the particularly bad night we just had. sad

musicalmrs Wed 03-Jul-13 19:34:32

I'm good thanks Stacks. A good mad week (apart from the cold!). My choir sung with a famous boy band yesterday (have so outed myself on here now!) and I have a big interview tomorrow that I currently should be swatting up for...

Eek, doesn't sound good re T's rash. Have you been keeping a food diary for him - food he's been having and any reactions of any sort? If nothing else it might help you with your decisions, and be good ammo for the gp/dietician? You might already be doing it mind, and I've just forgotten... sorry blush

stacks, we did complete exclusion for months with b and v v v minimal now. S has just seen paeds, to exclude dairy. You re challenge every 2-3 months. The vast majority are fine with dairy by 3, almost all by age 5. That's what the dietician told me for B. He did say if he can tolerate small amounts then give it, but he is the milder reaction. He gets eczema with dairy but no immediate reaction. My friend who is a Dr herself had a dd with egg, banana and mango allergies. She took her to a&e once as her mouth and lips and tongue started swelling. She said as soon as they were through the doors, she started improving mind, as they do smile She was referred and saw an immunologist. He said not to exclude from her own diet just her dd's, which would def not have worked for me as mine weren't on solids at all and were reacting. I wouldn't worry too much. One month will do nothing at all to T but may make things clearer about what is going on. He will get all calcium needed through your milk. If you do go dairy free yourself you need to take calcium and vit d supplement yourself,

Rubbish, he's awake, sorry gotta dash

ScrambledSmegs Fri 05-Jul-13 13:45:00

Interesting about the rashes. E2 gets a rash around the mouth with strawberries - at least she used to, she rejects them now. She loves kiwis though and doesn't react to them, which is weird because I thought there was a link between the two? Or am I thinking of something else, like pineapple? She also gets a rash with tomatoes but I think that's a) because of the acid and b) because she likes to mash them into her face to get maximum enjoyment confused

She doesn't have any immediate kind of reaction to dairy though. I wonder if it's worth doing a proper elimination test thing?

Anyone else feel like giving up bfing, even though it's going well? I just need some sleep <sob> last night I got about 3 hours, all broken up into little chunks, and I'm barely functioning today. Admittedly part of that was the neighbours car alarm going off repeatedly between 2am and 4am and them not bothering to check on it knobbers At least if I ff (and she took a bottle!) I could get the occasional good nights sleep.

A gets a rash too. Bad when teething but does seem to link to certain foods. Her italian nursery are sure its cheese, but she doesnt get it after her morning or nighttime bottle of cows milk.

Dummies rule still in our house. How will I get dd1 to give hers up?!

I am also crazy tired for no apparent reason. Less hormonal and less self hatred going on though which is good.

Brooking for maximum sleep!!

Stacks Fri 05-Jul-13 15:08:07

Dream thanks. I've talked it over with DH and we're going dairy free till our dr appointment. I take bf vitamins with everything added, so I should be fine. How's the sleep training going? Have things improved at all?

Smegs glad bf is going well, but yes, sometimes I consider giving it up too, or at least mix feeding. Tiredness is a killer. Last night I finally broke, handed DH a screaming T and went upstairs and cried under the duvet. I've had so little sleep for the last 6 months and last night was just too much. Maybe it's a new recipe for success though, as he slept 1-6 then! First time in months he's done 5 hours. I didn't sleep quite as well, as he was in our bed and kept thrashing about. Still, 5 hours!

Pomme why does patenting cone with hormones, self hatred and lack of sleep? It's like the triad of doom. Glad you're doing a bit better on 2/3.

Smegs, I think about giving up BFing, well actually about mixed feeding. I have to because I'm going to work some days next month and back full time in September. It's also hard work feeding a wriggly, nosy boy, plus I would love to get more sleep and let DH deal with wakings sometimes. However, I just haven't got round to it. I was planning to use a beaker, rather than a bottle and have been making up formula every now and again. I use it instead of EBM to mix with baby rice etc as I found expressing hard to fit into the day, plus I thought I'd get him used to the taste of formula, but I just haven't been tough enough to resist BFing. I really need to do it and part of me wants to, but part of me doesn't as he's my last baby and it seems like a big deal to phase it out.

Does anyone have any input re this? Is it possible to continue to BFeed, but just feed him morning and night (and in the day when I am around)? Does he have to have formula? And if I do this, will I get exploding bosoms at work? I still leak every day and feel that full/engorged feeling most days, but maybe that wouldn't happen if I wasn't around him. What do you think?

Stacks, it can't do any harm to exclude for now, and may shed some light on the situation. Hope it works for you and hooray re last night's sleep! I feel a bit like that too, still up at least 2-3 times every night, usually more like 3-4 and it gets so tiring! I keep hoping things will improve now he is eating so well. I think he just wakes out of habit, but he does feed each time and I don't want to deny him if he's really hungry, plus it's easy to just feed him back to sleep rather than try rocking etc and find that he doesn't settle. Vicious circle!

Pomme have you tried the whole 'Father Christmas needs your dummy back to give to a baby and in return you will get a small present for being a big girl' thing? Really hope you are feeling well and glad to hear the hormones are settling.

Dream, how is the sleep training going? Any joy?

Musical that sounds mega exciting! I am a teenager at heart!

Olives, how are things and have you visited DH's grandma? Hope you are all OK.

DH's dad seems a bit better. He has got out of the depression at least and physically is coping better with the treatment. He is awaiting results of a CT scan to see if the tumour has shrunk and we all hope it has. The treatment he's having won't cure him, we know that, but it would be wonderful to get some more time together.

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend planned, enjoying the sunshine.

Ahem. By my silence on the subject I thought you may all have realised sleep training has failed blush . Well, at !5 months I have finally managed to drop the 9pm feed and 11pm feed but still several feeds and co sleeping from midnight. I know i need a big push to continue the night weaning, but it hasn't affected the evening/ before midnight wakings at all, so I'm having a break and enjoying one or two less feeds a night...

generic I feed b morning, evening, once in the night if he wakes, and if I'm there in the day, once in the morning before his nap. Works for him. Sadly, s still insists on loads of milk... I'd quite like to have a plan for stopping now though. I've got to 15 months, which is what I did for dd, so what i was aiming for. I do also wonder if total night weaning would help the night wakings... Glad your dh's dad is doing a bit better. I hope you do get some extra time with him.

So, dream, given that you still feed quite a lot, how do you find it when you're at work? Do you have to express in the day? Well done re the evening feeds. Hope this does lead to an improvement in sleep for you all soon smile

I don't express in the day, no time or suitable place, but some days its fine, others I get really sore, engorged boobs and sometimes blocked ducts...

ScrambledSmegs Sat 06-Jul-13 08:56:57

I got some sleeeeep I got some sleeeeeep


Back later, phone keyboard acting up. But woo-hoo!

TheLittleFriend Sat 06-Jul-13 09:25:58

Hi all, I'm back from Majorca, having had a more relaxing holiday than I expected. Both dc were a pleasure to travel with smile. In fact, J slept better there than here, just waking at 12 and 3 for milk then up at 6ish. I was hoping it would continue when we got home, so I was not impressed with 9pm feed, 11pm waking, then feeding on and off from 1-5am last night [sigh]. So what is it, does he hate his cot, prefers Spanish air, doesn't like me sleeping??? Answers on a postcard please.

Really pleased to here smegs and dream have had a bit more sleep though.
Re the mixed feeding, J has had a bottle of formula as his last milk before bed since he was six weeks. It worked well when we did it with dd, so was hoping for the same (a bit more sleep and a break for me) this time. In the last week though, we've actually gone back to just breast feeding, as he was screaming blue murder every night after his bottle. He is definitely calmer on boob milk. It makes me wonder why though? Could the formula aggravate his reflux more?
I certainly never f

TheLittleFriend Sat 06-Jul-13 09:27:57

Posted too soon

I never found adding a bottle interfered with bf at all.

I hope sparks is enjoying time with the lovely twinks.

Hi to everyone else x

Wow, so pleased there has been some sleep had, well done those little ones smile

Little your holiday sounds lovely, the pics look great too.

Can't remember who asked, but my nips are all back to normal now, I didn't end up finding shells but a combination of shields, lashings of lansinoh and being incredibly careful about her latch and they have recovered, bfing is now back to being a pleasure again. She also seems to be recovered from all her ills finally smilesmile

Smegs, woo hoo! What's the secret?!

Little, so glad you had a fab hol and managed to relax.

Boo, that's great news re k's feeding.

Oh and dream, that sounds rubbish re the blocked ducts. I had a surprise night of only one feed after the 11pm one, so have had a sore, lumpy lefty today. Decent sleep tho apart from DD up three times and DH unable to get up due to heavy sleep induced by beer

GreenOlives Mon 08-Jul-13 09:40:19

Great news re more sleep for the Brookers! smile Long may it continue! T went down at 7 last night and didn't wake for a feed until 4am! And for the first time in a very long time DS1 didn't wake AT ALL! I however have AF visiting, after a brief visit 5 weeks after I had T she had stayed away but she's back and is making up for the missing visits!! angry angry I am literally flooding after 2 hours despite tampons and night towels <sigh> Fingers crossed its a one off because I've never had a period this heavy! shock Not much else happening here, T still very pleased with his rolling skills and can cover some distance now shock And we've started a few tasters of rice/veg puree on advice of the consultant who we saw a couple of weeks ago.
Hope everyone's enjoying the sun! And little has the sun helped J to resume his Majorcan sleep pattern?! So glad you had a nice time smile

TheLittleFriend Mon 08-Jul-13 11:51:41

Green that af sounds awful, hope its a one off as your body adjusts. J has been trying a bit of baby rice the past two days too, and seems to really enjoy it. Sleep still not great. Now he just rolls on to his front and cries til we come and turn him back over several times a night. Luckily he takes a dummy, or I'd end up feeding him ever time I think.

Gen hope your good night wasn't a one off?

ScrambledSmegs Mon 08-Jul-13 12:16:31

I don't know Gen, I wish I did. Saturday night was horrific, we had friends over for a bbq and DD2 decided to refuse to sleep. DH and I ate in shifts, our poor friends only got to see us together at 10:30 and they had to leave at 11! But then she slept through till 7am.

Last night was ok, she slept in just a nappy and seemed quite comfy. She woke briefly at 3am when the temperature dipped and I put her in a 0.5 tog grobag (effectively a sheet). Then we co-slept till 7am again. She's having a nice long nap now. About to go and wake her up! Maybe we've turned a corner? FX.

My new nephew has been diagnosed with reflux, poor baby. He's not been putting much weight on and is a very bad sleeper, as well as throwing up massively after feeds. I did wonder but didn't like to give an armchair diagnosis to my DB and SIL. I'm going to try to put them in touch with my neighbours who also had a refluxy baby. No matter how much I sympathise with them I think there's nothing like actually having gone through it, and my friends may be able to give them some tips.

Also, I have a GP friend who swears by ranitidine (sp?) for reflux. He says that it can be taken alongside infant gaviscon, and in his opinion is absolutely the bees-knees for reflux. What do you say, brookers? SIL only managed to get a gaviscon prescription for DNephew, I don't know whether to mention this other stuff to her or not.

GreenOlives Mon 08-Jul-13 13:02:43

little Have you got the head end raised on J's cot? We have found that T finds it harder to roll onto his front when the head is raised and we also lay him nearer to the side he prefers to roll onto which means he mostly can't roll right over. He often falls asleep on his side whilst desparately trying to roll right over so we just pop him back onto his back once he's fast asleep! smile
smegs I noticed a massive improvement once T started on gaviscon - it is a faff to give but well worth the effort. I'm not really sure whether adding the Ranitidine made much more improvement but he's on both and he's reflux is very well controlled. I would guess if it's bad enough to cause poor weight gain then just gaviscon is probably not enough? Have they been referred to paeds?

GreenOlives Mon 08-Jul-13 13:03:52

Oh and this may jinx things but T is asleep in his cot in the day AND I put him in awake!! <faints> shock

ScrambledSmegs Mon 08-Jul-13 13:26:17

Thanks Olives. I know, it does sound liek pretty bad reflux to me but I'm no expert. He's a very little baby in comparison with my two hulking DDs, a full kilo less at birth than DD2 and they were both nearly 42 week-ers shock. He needs to put on some weight pronto, really.

I don't think they've been referred to paeds. I don't want to scare them, but I also want my DN to get the best possible treatment. It's a fine line isn't it?

Yay for cot sleeps! And awake? <faints> That's unheard of in this house!

DD2 is going into her big sisters room tonight. Fx for us please, brookers!

PS Olives I'm doing a special <go away AF> dance just for you. How awful, I hope you feel better soon thanks

TheLittleFriend Mon 08-Jul-13 14:14:10

Smegs we've found ranitidine works well to control J's reflux too, though it seems gp's will always try just gaviscon first. Good luck for tonight smile

Green J seems to only want to settle on his side now, but tips on to his front and wakes when he stirs in the night. His cot is raised at one end. I think time is the only thing that sorts out this sleeping lark [sigh]

GreenOlives Mon 08-Jul-13 18:48:31

Thanks for the dancing smegs wink
I think some GPs don't like to prescribe Ranitidine for little ones so maybe they should ask for a referral so they get an expert opinion on it. I'm fairly certain that's protocol anyway if there's significant weight gain issues.

little It may well just be a time thing! Maybe he'll be rolling back on his own soon, or comfortably sleeping on his front. I know DS1 became a tummy sleeper as soon as he was able to roll onto his front and he still sleeps on his tummy now. It used to terrify me when he was a baby and I used to creep into his room several times a night to roll him back onto his back! grin I eventually gave up when I realised it was a fruitless exercise as he would roll straight back again within a few mins! grin
Well T only slept for 45 mins in his cot earlier but it is a small victory in the day time nap saga! grin grin

Loopyaboutmy2boys Mon 08-Jul-13 20:48:18

Hi all. Sorry not name checking but re reflux, DS 1 has losec omeprazole and domperidone and they are amazing in my opinion. Has been on them for 18 months, and only now are we starting to wean him on a lower dose of domperidone without him vomiting loads more. It took me filming him being sick before anyone would take it seriously, and I showed the hv and she said to show a GP and then we got referred to see a paediatrician. Even now though the GP doesn't believe in reflux and the paediatrician said there is no proven treatment, but having had DS 2 since who does not have reflux, I can see just how bad ds1 has it. Even now, one gag and that is fully tummy emptying job, whereas ds2 can gag 3-4 times and still compose himself.

Re sleep, both of mine sleep on their tummies, and as soon as they could roll over, they slept better.

So, now for some help please! DS 2 was born tongue tied, lip tied and with a very high palate. He has never had a sucking instinct, he could never be pacified with a knuckle, finger, dummy etc. He has never latched onto a bottle and has no interest in trying to drink from any water cup that we have tried (solid plastic spouts, silicone ones of varying styles). He feeds from me, but his latch has never been perfect and he has gone from having no teeth to cutting one tooth a couple of weeks ago, to cutting 2 more in the last few days. I am dreading feeding him for much longer unless his technique improves. I fed ds1 till 14-15 months so have no phobia of teeth, just of ds2! Additionally I am getting married next month smile and was hoping to be able to give him 2 bottles that day so that I could get drunk for the first time since feb 2010. I also would like to stop feeding him by Nov so that we can start trying for dc3 in Jan and also so that possibly we can have a child free honeymoon in nov. However at the moment I feel like I am going to be feeding him forever and don't know what to do! We recently tried a mimi jumi bottle on someone's recommendation but that didn't work either. Anyone got any ideas?

Loopyaboutmy2boys Mon 08-Jul-13 20:48:59

(There is also the issue that if I am ever going to work again/ send ds2 to nursery, he needs to be able to take a bottle!)

Loopyaboutmy2boys Mon 08-Jul-13 20:50:17

Oh and he had tongue tie snipped at 8 days...

Really quick smegs but gaviscon did nothing for mine bar increase constipation. Ranitidine + domperidone = the dogs testicles. Paeds told me unlike almost everything else they do where you start at lowest dose and inch up as needed, reflux they recommend starting at the highest dose and allowing it to ease down as baby grows to stop pain, feeding issues etc.

ScrambledSmegs Mon 08-Jul-13 23:04:47

Thanks so much for the advice and telling me your own stories, everyone. I'm seeing DB and DSIL later this week, hopefully it's all a bit better now but I have to say that I was surprised that he was only given gaviscon if his weight is such a concern.

I guess all I really want to do is support them. DSIL really wants to bf for as long as possible and I can see how much it's upsetting her that he's so sick sad I don't want to tell them how to parent their own child though, so it really is a tricky one for me.

smegs - although obviously hard they say bf for reflux is better than formula as it is more digestable etc. I was told that even if A didnt have dairy issues a bm from a woman with a no or low dairy diet was the gentlest thing on a baby's tummy.

God, it is so hard having an unhappy reflux baby.

Loopy - sounds bonkers but have you tried a bottle again recently? When A went past 6 months I stopped trying bottles (she'd refused them all!) and tried beakers. After trying every beaker on the market I got her to try a mam dummy at nine months ish and out of desparation tried a mam bottle. She took it!

Wow! Just fed DS and put him in his cot awake and I think he has gone to sleep all by himself! So hot in his room, poor thing.

loopy, I'd probably just go for a beaker too, though difficult if he's not interested. A free flow obvs if he's got a poor suck. Maybe once he learns tipping it = result he'd use it...?!

Yet another 5:20 start here. 2 weeks of not feeding before midnight has made officially no difference to sleep. Still waking 4-6 times before 11:30, and I'm mostly giving in and feeding then and then co sleeping as i just can't get him to sleep. At all. So now its actually worse as i could have gone to bed at 9 before and had an hour sleep before next waking whereas now I'm up and down, jigging, cuddling and settling til I give in and feed at 11:30, then about 4 feeds til 'morning' aka 5:20 every fecking morning. I'm broken. So fed up.

So, glad everyone else is seeing improvements at least!

Oh dream, it sounds so tough. Brooking mega hard that things improve very soon.

Well my jubilation was short-lived as I managed to wake him on my way out of the room. Damn you, creaky floorboards!

Loopy, I was meaning to suggest a beaker too. in theory that's what I'm doing with DS, but I really must get on with it.

Exciting re olives and little's babies weaning!

Withalittlesparkle Wed 10-Jul-13 08:22:58

Hi ladies sorry I'm not being a very active Brooker but just trying to survive the early days!!!

I was just wondering about bleeding? Things had seemed to die down a lot but now I'm periodically getting fresh red blood, maybe 1-2 tablespoons every 4 hours, more noticeable when I've been lying down!

I went to triage and they were pretty dismissive, took a swab, said it was a potential infection and sent me on my way armed with some antibiotics!

I know to expect bleeding but the red stuff really scares me, I spoke to a midwife on Monday and she said it sounded normal, or that I could be having a really early period!

Just want the bleeding to stop!'

GreenOlives Wed 10-Jul-13 09:42:53

sparks that bleeding sounds fairly normal to me. I had fairly heavy bleeding for 2-3 weeks then it slowed down but in total I had 5-6 weeks of bleeding after both boys. It was sporadic in terms of flow - definitely heavier if I was doing a lot up on my feet. My midwife said it was a good reminder to take it easier! smile
dream I have no idea how you function - I wish so much that I had some ideas to help but I don't! Just sending you a big supportive hug instead smile
gen Bloody floorboards!! grin
DS1 has slept through for 3 nights in a row!! This is a major breakthrough! The only change is that he had had a fan on in his room because of the heat so it would seem that white noise is the key! The test will be when the weather cools and the fan goes off - we may be downloading white noise apps I think! DS2 had an awful night on Mon but otherwise he's doing great at night, generally only waking to feed once and I'm not totally convinced he even needs that as he's not that hungry when he wakes up in the morning so at some stage soon I need to try and settle him without giving him a bottle - eek! Think I will wait until DH is not on early shifts so he can share the load too! smile
Hope you're enjoying the uk pomme Right I've forgotten what else I wanted to say and I must dash as it's Jolly Tots this morning!

TheLittleFriend Wed 10-Jul-13 11:39:54

Dream, I wish there was an answer to your sleep problems. I have a lot if respect for how well you cope. You may not feel like you do some days, but the smiling faces of your happy, healthy children show you're doing a great job smile

Sparks, I often found the bleeding would come and go depending on what I was doing. It lasted 6 weeks this time around. How is twinks?

Green, great sleep news from you! Well done both your boys.

Gen, it's still progress, even if the floorboards woke him!

I had J weighed today and he's put on less than 6oz in 6 weeks, so we're cracking on with the weaning and he'll be having purée as well as baby rice now. He's wolfing it down so far, which is great smile

Withalittlesparkle Wed 10-Jul-13 14:14:20

Thanks ladies

My midwife called to 'check up on me' so I managed to have chat with her about it as well and she thinks it sounds normal, so Im going to try my very best not to worry too much. I figured the worry stopped after getting pregnant, but you worry through the pregnancy and then it carries on post pregnancy.

twinks is perfect (except a real night owl)

Loopyaboutmy2boys Wed 10-Jul-13 19:30:56

Re beakers etc, yes we have tried all manner of those. He won't try to use anything, beaker or bottle. The only way I can get water into him is a free flow one with a silicone spout, the slightest touch on the spout and it releases water, so he doesn't have to suck, I just ram it in his mouth for a couple of seconds to release some water then remove it (he never makes any attempt to suck and never tries to put it in his mouth, even though I leave it on his tray after each meal.

Dream so sorry your life has not got easier. Surely they must start sleeping for you soon?!

Munxx Wed 10-Jul-13 19:45:07

I'm being a rubbish brooker again. Sorry.

My dd had silent reflux and was on ranitidine and also gaviscon liquid which is much better IMO than the powders. She was also on carobel as she brought up every feed due to her allergies.

My bleeding with dd lasted 8 weeks on and off but only 2 with ds so it can be so variable sparks as long as you are not passing clots bigger than a 50p try not to worry.

So pleased to hear some are sleeping through! dream I'm so sorry you are having a rough time. I co sleep with ds from about 11 every night. We have had some progress in that he will settle with a feed for an afternoon nap and for a little while at bedtime but its slow progress and he is not really a great sleeper at all. And feeds most of the night.

Am on phone so please forgive the omissions.

TheLittleFriend Thu 11-Jul-13 20:46:44

I'm starting to think there is something to be said for the 'wonder weeks' theory. (here for those who are not aware if it).
According to the app, J has been in a 'leap' for the past few weeks, and he really has been showing the typical challenging leap behaviour. But as of today, when the leap apparently ended, he is back to bring my sunny, chilled out boy!

jaggythistle Thu 11-Jul-13 22:07:36

<waves sheepishly>

Sorry to have failed to post for so long. blush

Away to try and catch up. . .

Munxx Fri 12-Jul-13 13:56:58

Yes little I still see this with DD. she is 30 months now and has definitely just had a developmental leap!

I bled for 67 weeks after DD, and 5ish after the boys, despite CS though it was lighter. I would try not to worry sparks . Night owl, hmm, yes, I've had 3 of those! One remaining sad

Which brings me to the current state of play. 4:20am. 4 fucking 20 is not the morning . Not when you've been up and down all evening and then up 12-12:30, 3, and 3:30. i am failing to function to the degree I nearly spontaneously quit my job on Thursday as I felt so overwhelmed, which I know is down to tiredness. I have helpfully again been told to leave him to cry. I did just manage to smile and say "oh, the problem is he's a vomiter" rather than my first thought, which was to poke her eyes out with something sharp... hmm

Sorry, off to my night owl, again...

Will try and post later, just to say I was also bleeding in fits and starts for 6-7 weeks after dd and 5-6 after boys, despite cs (though it was lighter) .

4:20am today for S. <quivers at thought of this becoming regular >
It is now so bad I'm contemplating quitting my job as I feel I just can't do it properly though it is a rest compared to at home . Wish me luck for if I can find the energy to continue the night weaning...

Stacks Fri 12-Jul-13 22:20:21

Oh Dream, your boys (and dd?) put you through so much. I really hope a corner is turned soon, it can't go on like this. I was going to complain about my bad nights, but they're nothing compared to yours really. I have no idea how you're managing, I'm exhausted and its only been 6 months, I don't have to work, or look after 3 children...

Things have improved and gone downhill too. We're now able to get consistent naps in his cot during the day, this morning we even got 90 full minutes! He goes down ok for the start of the evening too, though still wakes a few times. Average good night would be 90 mins, 30 mins, 10 mins x lots till I give in and feed/cosleep. DH has been doing those first few wake ups while I sleep - so around 8-11. It's only been this week, but it's really helped me get through the tough days he's been throwing my way.

Munxx and Little tell us about these development leaps. We need some focus on LOs growing and learning and being awesome. T has been improving with his BLW every day. It's been fascinating watching him eat, there's a lot of mess involved but, eg, today I watched him carefully get a Cheerio (usually too small to eat) with his left hand in a fist, get it to his mouth, then use the fingers of his right hand to poke it out of his fist into his mouth grin <- proud mummy.

Jaggy <waves> how's things?

Loopy we use an ikea beaker. They seem popular with the babies round this way. Do you have an Ikea near you? Not sure if their design is anything spectacular though, and is probably similar to something you've already tried. Could be worth a go though, they're cheap and nice enough.

Sparks I didn't bleed much, I guess because I had a CS. The bleeding did however stop completely a couple of times, then come back. Sometimes as much as a week or two after it stopped. I thought it was my period each time, but nothing ever materialised.

Olives did the sleeping continue? I hope so!

Gen did you manage the cot again? Without the floorboard waking the next time? It's annoying when that sort of thing happens. Took me 20 mins to get T to sleep yesterday, then he sneezed just as I was creeping away. Totally woke him up sad

Smegs how are you? How is DSIL and DN? I hope the gaviscon has worked, or they've been given something which does help. We've just been given omeprazole as I'm not sure the ranitidine is working. However it tastes awful and T often spits some out so I'm never sure the dose he's getting. If DN gets ranitidine it's worth asking the pharmacy if they have the child version - it exists, but most chemist suppliers seem not to carry it. There's variations in adult versions too, the one we have now is way worse than the last batch (different chemist).

Got to go sleep. T has been up twice already so I didn't bother going to bed. Sometimes it seems worse to sleep. Getting woken up from sleep or near sleep makes me so grumpy. At least if I don't bother going to bed I'm merely exhausted, instead of exhausted and furious.

Loopyaboutmy2boys Sat 13-Jul-13 19:51:54

Just a quickie. Stacks how are you giving the omeprazole? My ds1 has that, and we crush the tablet and mix it into some organix fruit purée, and he takes it no problems at all.

I so wish he didn't still have reflux, he is approaching 33 months and today we nipped to a shop after he had been swimming, gave him his packed lunch to munch on whilst at the shop, and just one bit went down wrong and that was it, he threw up all over himself and the pushchair, so we had to buy him a new outfit and attempt to clean him up....thankfully we had the roof box on the car so the sicked on pushchair went into there.

Loopyaboutmy2boys Sat 13-Jul-13 19:53:00

(And I mean threw up as in emptied his entire stomach contents....dream sadly will know exactly what I mean...)

Stacks Sun 14-Jul-13 11:17:15

I gave him the first dose crushed in water with a syringe. He hated it though. So this morning I have him it in some apple sauce, which went in better. It was a bit concentrated though, so still tasted bad. He refused the spoon for the next couple of unsullied mouthfuls. I'll try tomorrow not doing the whole dose in one spoonful.

Gtg, we're at the PIL today.

GreenOlives Sun 14-Jul-13 21:44:11

Hello ladies. Hope you and babes are all ok. I'm whittling about T, he has been out of sorts for a couple of days which I'd put down to the hot weather but today he spiked a temp of 39.2 sad It comes down with medicine but soon starts creeping up again and he is clingy and miserable sad No obvious illness though and he's still taking a decent amount of milk. Think we'll ring GP tomorrow as he's a bit young to take the wait and see approach. I hate my baby being poorly!

Oh Olives I hope to hear that T feels better soon sad

How are all the other brooking babies doing in this heat? K is not bad, bit grumpy and feeding loads though.

TheLittleFriend Mon 15-Jul-13 09:09:56

How's T today Green? I can't bear it when either if mine are poorly sad

Dream, I hope the 4.20 start was a one off?

Olives how is T today? Brooking he is feeling better.
How are the brooking little ones doing in the heat, hoping that there is improved sleep for all!

Munxx Mon 15-Jul-13 20:55:52

Hope all brooking babies doing OK. Wee munx is sleeping in a vest and teeny munx has the fan on. The white noise effect is a bit of a bonus!

GreenOlives Mon 15-Jul-13 21:21:23

T is still poorly sad Gp thinks it's his throat. He's given me a prescription for amoxicillin but said to wait for 48 hrs before cashing it as it's probably viral sad The poor little mite is so restless and miserable and despite giving alternate doses of ibuprofen and paracetamol at max doses his temp isn't going below 38 and creeps up over 39 when next dose is about due. He did smile once today when Max came home from school, he adores his big brother smile We've moved his cot back into our room tonight so we can keep a close eye on him. We've already had to settle him several times since he went down at 7 so I think it's going to be another long night confused

Oh poor T, and poor you Olives I hope he feels better soon.

K is not at all happy with the heat tonight sad

Oh no, poor T. Brooking he settles tonight and is better soon.

Oh no olives! Ill, little and in this heat, really worrying.
I'd only wait max 24 before cracking that anti-bi (but then I dont like orders smile )

I second Pomme if he is no better today crack into the anti b's now, it's too hot to have a poorly baby. Hope he is feeling better soon. X

Munxx Tue 16-Jul-13 20:19:00

Hope he's doing OK. Poor toot. DD really really suffering with the heat.

GreenOlives Wed 17-Jul-13 05:29:52

Great minds think alike - got the antibiotics yesterday afternoon as he'd stopped taking fluids bar tiny sips, think his throat is really hurting as his cry sounds really hoarse sad 2 doses in and he's taken a 5oz bottle then another 4oz during the night, just wish I'd picked them up even earlier. DH and I are doing shifts downstairs with him as it's cooler cos he's still running a high temp. We are all so knackered! Hope you ladies and babies managed some sleep.

Oh Olives hope they help, and hope you manage to get some rest too.

Stacks Wed 17-Jul-13 10:18:29

Oh Olives, really hope T is better soon. Poor wee soul!

Sorry to hear the brooking babies are suffering in the heat. T doesn't seem too bad, but we are in Scotland after all. Our room was only 25 degrees last night hmm.

T had his best night in ages last night, apart from waking a million times between 8 and 11, he then slept 11:30-3:30, woke and resettle himself playing with daddies chest hair at 4:30 and woke me again at 6:30! That is an absolutely amazing night for T, so I'm really happy today smile He also took his medicine like a big boy this morning, I didn't crush the tablet, just put it in some apple sauce and he seems to have swallowed it. At least, I didn't see it come out and I was watching very closely.

We're just off to swimming lesson now. I've kept T up from his morning nap to get him sleeping the hour on he bus there. Last 2 weeks he's been really grumpy as we've got to swimming just at nap time.

How's T olives? Hard when they've got a really high temp. Dd was never like it but my boys have had repeated bouts of temps hitting 39.9!!!! (One of which was a chest infection and double ear infection for Dt1 and i didn't think he was very ill despite temp as the others had had it snd it passed, hit the doctor's for his reflux and was told it was the least of my worries, he's really poorly. BAD mummy...) . Anyway, he was miles better within 24 hrs of abx, hope T is.

Morning is anywhere from 4:20- 6 ish here. Yawn. So frustrating, the others are more like 7am. Still, now worked out Dt1 is soya intolerant, and dairy intolerant. Egg challenge next. Bugger all he can eat now :-(

Oh, but guess what? Not helped his sleeping ONE IOTA. ffs.

ScrambledSmegs Wed 17-Jul-13 22:37:46

Today was awful. If you saw FB, we had a trip to a&e. For constipation. Seriously, I felt like such a tit, but I honestly thought she was going to do herself an injury. The screaming, the straining - oh there was so much more but I don't really want to say as it was kind of grim. I don't understand as I've been giving her loads of fluids in the heat, extra bfs and water. The doctor said I was clearly doing everything right (massage, cycling legs, mainly veg & fruit diet, lots of fluids). Well if that's the case then WHY is she constipated? I'm still really worried.


We have movicol now so fx that helps. She's not enamoured of the taste though, and fruit juice isn't disguising it. I have to dilute it in water, can't hide it in food etc. The pharmacist was hmm at my asking how long I had to get it in her before it went 'off' but I know my dd.

Sorry to hear that T has been unwell, Olives. I hope he's on the mend soon. Sounds like the antibiotics have done their job - pah! to viral.

Dreams his sleep will improve. It must do. I hold onto this thought with desperation but it CAN'T last forever.

GreenOlives Thu 18-Jul-13 08:58:02

Pah to viral indeed!! I'm really cheesed off that he ended up REALLY poorly as I dutifully waited for his "virus" to run it's course when actually he needed the abx! I was so close to a hospital dash on Tues as he had barely drunk anything, we'd had no wet nappy for 8 hrs and he was so lethargic - thank god for abx is all I can say! smegs Movicol is FAB, DS1 had it during his "holding in poo rather than pooing on the toilet phase" grin It takes a few days to kick in but then it just makes lovely soft poos (not runny!) No clue on how to get her to take it though, DS was older so just had it in his morning and evening cup of milk and never seemed to notice it. With regard to why E is constipated, don't be worrying - her bowel is still very immature, she's not been on solids that long and the weather is unusually hot - it's bound to upset things.
dream Do you think the heat is adding to the sleep issues? <clutching at straws> Perhaps when it cools down a bit the effects of the elimination diet might be more obvious? I do hope so anyway!
I was feeling smug that we'd had 7 nights of DS1 NOT waking last week but this week has been a total disaster - he's been shouting out several times a night so between him and T being poorly we are broken!!
stacks yay for good night!
Waves to everyone else smile

TheLittleFriend Thu 18-Jul-13 19:45:50

Hi all

Sorry to hear of poorly little ones.
Smegs, ds is constipated too, I think it's due to the weather and his tummy getting used to solids. How us E2 now?

Hope T's sleep is still improving stacks?

Dd's got her preschool leaving party tomorrow, I feel quite emotional that this phase of her life is over and from September she'll be wearing a school uniform!

Munxx Thu 18-Jul-13 20:59:34

DS up for the day at 2.45am. I am exhausted.

I am sorry for poorly Mini brookers.

ScrambledSmegs Fri 19-Jul-13 00:01:00

We've had a few movements today, Little. The last one was a bit softer looking and didn't make her scream half as much. Thank goodness. She seems a bit happier. I feel wrung out. We're off to Center Parcs this weekend, where I expect to totally lose any sanity I have left.

Loads of DD1's friends are going to school this autumn too. I can't believe it, they look so little sad. She's taller than most of them too! E1 and her bestie are going to absolutely tower over the rest of their friends now grin As a shortarse I am of course inordinately pleased to have a tall child!

Olives I knew T was ill, but no idea how bad he was. You poor woman - 2 of them sick is terrible. thanks (((((hugs))))) <-- feck it, you deserve it.

Munxx that is too much shock Is he ill/teething? I hope you're getting some rest now.

Why oh why oh why did I do it???? K fell asleep at 6 after her feed, I was so smug! I was going to go back to bed sad so because I'm a great mummy I checked on C and he had got up in the night and pulled his duvet on, he was sweating so much, so I took it off sad stupid mummy stupid stupid thing to do. So good morning, C and I are having breakfast while K is asleep. Yep I woke him up sadsad

How are the poorly brooking little ones doing today? I hope there has been some movement and recovery for them! 

Oh no boo!

My little larks are 6am risers currently. Longing for the shutters on the Italian house!

Everything has been quite hard recently here. As some of you know from fb I had an abortion a few weeks ago and Ive been really up and down. Also getting obsessed with being able to feel that we could have a third should we chose to in the future. Then MIL has been her normal, irritating self but massively ramped up to totally undoable. Now my mum appears to be having a mental breakdown and has made up this weird scenario where dh is cheating on me.

Seriously, family who'd have it?!

Dh is being lovely though and work is all good. Nanny is fine but I remain convinced nursery (a good one obv) is better for my little ones.

What does everyone else use for childcare???

I think it is important to be able to have the choice of another child in the future Pomme but after what you've been through dealing with mil and your mother must be quite a strain. Has your mum got/getting any help? Sounds like she should see someone. I can't help on the childcare front, I'm a sahm. Toddly does go to pre school though, it's lovely.

I didn't really miss out on anything except the chance of a rare extra sleep today, just a silly thing to do! Everyone knows you let a sleeping babe, well toddly boo, lie!

TheLittleFriend Mon 22-Jul-13 15:17:13

Pomme, sounds like lots to deal with, with your mum, mil and emotions all over the place. Are you still glad to be in the uk at least? Can't help with childcare advice as I'm also a sahm.

Oh, an old time brooker who left a while back has popped in to the ttc thread...

Very glad to be back in the UK!

We're sorted in term time for childcare but school holidays are already scaring me..

aubers???? surely not??? biscuits???? <off to find ttc thread>

it was imps for anyone wondering smile

ScrambledSmegs Tue 23-Jul-13 13:41:44

Imps? Any acrobatics?! grin

Last night DD2 slept through shock shock shock I could barely wake her for dream feed, couple of sucks then she folded her lips grin. After a few nights of very little sleep for me I can't tell you how welcome it was! I still feel rubbish, but slightly more human rubbish.

Where are you living these days, pomme? I doubt you're near us, but thanks to DD1's nursery I really think it's worth checking out Community nurseries over private/Montessori ones. It's great, the staff are lovely and really love the ethos of it. They often get involved in new Early Years studies too. Dd1 has really benefited.

(PS I now love Center Parcs. It's amazing. Despite no sleep!)

Hello all, I'm off staying with my mum for a week for a break though some of it is easier I'd underestimated the impact of two babies on the rampage in an un baby proofed house...

pomme of course you could have a third child at any point you choose. Your decision was to not have another small age gap with big projects underway, a foreign adventure mid way through and not being mentally prepared. I don't for one minute imagine it was easy. I struggle every day with mine, though granted, much of it is either due to S's non sleeping ways, or two same age babies, but it is hard. I do wonder how different things would be if we'd had the boys a couple of years apart. You made a choice that was right for you and your family right now, you don't need to feel guilty.

smegs, sounds like you're having a fabulous break, and a sleep through?! Wow. Now, that's what I'd call a holiday, go dd2!!!

Oh, and re childcare. We have a nanny. For me and my children I'm very glad they don't have to go to nursery. I strongly feel littlies need as much 1:1 as possible <hollow laugh> and don't need to be a little fish in a Big pond in a nursery early. Dd will go to preschool when she's 3, maybe 2 mornings a week, maybe do 3 if she wants to and enjoys it. Hopefully the boys will do the same. Mine are all quite clingy, very mummy ish, dd abd B both sensitive little creatures abd wouldn't do so well, though S would probably be fine, he's emotionally more robust. So it wouldn't suit them.

Go smegs dd2!! Awesome news! You're the second person that's said that to me about community nurseries recently. DD1 is, outside the summer, doing lots and lots of pre school as her childcare and I love dd2's Italian nursery. Problem is from easter next year until September and then post that every school holiday!

Un baby proofed houses are TERRIBLE dream <hollow laugh at Italian rented town house with its massive stone staircases and 9m drop from the top floor landing. Bleurgh. Make the most of the break though. Try and get some sleep? How is your work going?

Today I told my dad about the abortion, he was shocked and sad. We agreed we couldnt tell my mum (gone mental). I felt awful, struggled not to cry in the office. Then at 16.45 closed a massive price deal and was utterly elated. remembered what my career means to me. Remembered the detailed questioning I have done around mums of three and being able to work properly. Literally hour to hour rollercoaster still...

Funny isnt it dream how you KNOW what suits your child somehow? Even from a tiny age. Ive always only wavered about nursery when other people have looked shocked at my choice (both mine have done 1-2 days a week from 7 months). Now we're trying a nanny I know I was right! Just doesnt make school holidays easier smile

Absolutely pomme! grin . I really struggle with three, as someone is always ill, I'm constantly knackered, there will be 3 lots of extra curricular activities, clubs, friendship groups to pander too keep up with.

When you say community nursery, what exactly do you mean?! I go into lots of different nurseries, private, council funded, attached to schools, and there are huge differences but not sure what they are?! <dim emoticon>

Had an apology from my manager at work- not for the shouting and aggressive nature he approached me with, but because the sodding meeting I missed due to not reading the email, poor time management etc wasn't my fault- somehow I wasn't on the mailing list. Felt smug and sad, as he clearly thinks his tone and manner were appropriate...

How odd!

That post missed out my moan about our italian house and the stone staircases and 10m drop from the upstairs landing!

Even mn is tired of my whining blush

ScrambledSmegs Tue 23-Jul-13 23:03:49

Dream, I think it means that on some level they're run and funded by the local authority, although in practice ours seems completely autonomous. I'm not privy to behind the scenes stuff though I have seen the accounts at the AGM. They seem to do a lot of Early Years stuff, and they also have recently participated in some early learning studies with a UK university (not purposely vague, just tired and forgetful!).

One thing is that ours expects a certain level of parental involvement. I provide occasional cover for the monthly staff meetings and DH helps with the garden/DIY when he has time. There's a whole load of other stuff too. I don't know how much other nurseries expect you to do - ours is massively weighted towards professional parents and as such seems to be able to command a great deal of involvement, possibly due to guilt grin

Your manager is a wanker, btw. I'm sending him envy envy <-- evils for you.

Stone staircase, pomme? Sounds vair nice. Toddler natural selection...

Oh it didnt miss it out. Now I am going mental.

Natural toddler selection - love it! Along the lines of dh's open ended 'No point worrying about it - they'll only do it once.' Well yes, precisely.

Yes, all funded by local authority, think maybe connected with Sure Start type things? Not sure. My friend is using one and she loves it, says its an amazing facility.

Other nurseries expect you to contribute to their bi annual cake stands/sports day/fete things with cake, raffle prizes and your presence in my experience smile

LifeIsSoDifferent Wed 24-Jul-13 10:13:06

Can I join? My DD is 9m and has only ever slept through once! I'm lucky if she gets me up 3-4 times, last night was 7 confused.

TheLittleFriend Wed 24-Jul-13 19:15:25

Of course you can join Life, welcome. I've got a 3yr old dd who sleeps beautifully and a 5 month old ds who doesn't! Lots of the brookers babies seem to be non-sleepers, so please do share any tips you've picked up on the better nights!

Munxx Wed 24-Jul-13 19:54:30

Tips always welcome! I have a 2.5 yr old DD who is an amazing sleeper and the less said about 10.5 mo DS the better.......

Hey life! <offers coffee>.

I have a 3.4yr old and a 17 mnth old (both dds). Both are nowadays pretty good bar their love of early starts! Dd2 was awful, awful, awful though until about 9 months.

ScrambledSmegs Thu 25-Jul-13 10:27:32

Hi Life. Welcome! We're all a bit hit and miss with posting these days, turns out lack of sleep and young children really does mess with your brain - who knew grin

My DD2 (7mo) seems to have turned a corner recently, however my DD1 has decided to have a sleep regression at the grand old age of 3.4 and is waking the baby up too. So DH and I are both exhausted as we each deal with a child.

On the positive side, the constipation issue seems to have cleared and she's eating more than ever! Also, she CAN roll, she's just uber-lazy it seems. SHe does love standing, has started to pull herself up against furniture and I have a horrible feeling that she's going to go straight to walking. She's so strong and big, you see.

How are all the poorly little ones? What is it recently that has meant all our babies have caught lurgies?

LifeIsSoDifferent Thu 25-Jul-13 19:04:53

Thanks for the welcome smile no tips though I'm afraid. My DD has never been a good sleeper. She's only ever slept through once and that was because she cried all day confused. She use to settle quite well but now with this bloody heat and teething she doesn't. If she wakes up 3 times a night then it's a good night but lately it's hit 7 times a few nights confused

How do you all do with more then 1 DC? shock

Stacks Fri 26-Jul-13 10:55:54

Hi all. Been a long time since I've had time to read or post. T (7m now) is still sleeping terribly. He was up 11 times last night sad
I'm trying to focus on daytime naps, with the idea 'sleep begets sleep'. To that end I've been sat uncomfortably in a chair since 9:10 being a human dummy to T. It feels like a step backwards from cuddling him to sleep without feeding, then putting him in his cot. However we're at nearly 2 hours now, instead of waking every 10-20 minutes, and sleeping a maximum of 40 minutes. I really hope this pays off tonight, my arm and bum are totally numb!

Welcome Life as you can see, no sleep here either. T used to sleep 4+4 from newborn to about 6 weeks, with sleep steadily getting worse since then. I blamed it on all sorts, including an early 4 month sleep regression, which still hasn't ended! I think "4 month sleep regression" has a double meaning they don't make clear - it his at 4 months for 4 months at least. Sigh.

Hello lovely brookers, it's been such a long time since I managed to get on here. So long in fact that I missed maybe and solars having their long awaited bfps on the conception/ ante natal freds and I feel totally out of the loop.
We are all good here, dd is just starting to walk this week. She's doing the delightful step step step stagger sideways and fall on something. And she loves climbing. DS was not really a climber so I'm hoping she gives up on it soon. You can't put her in a high chair and turn around without strapping her in (its the antelop one) as if you do she'll be stood up in it when you turn back to her. I have to say if it was a choice between climbing and sleeping, I'll stick with her sleeping. stacks how has T been this evening?
How is everyone? Are any original brookers back on the conception freds yet? I know a few were considering it last time I was on here. Any exciting gossip? I am going to try to post on a regular basis if at all possible, I've missed you lot!

Hi all, I've been rubbish too! I read most days, but hate posting on my phone and can't always think of anything interesting to say! Must stop eavesdropping and join in more!

Ninja, that's so exciting re DD walking! The climbing thing terrifies me! DD never did that and I'm worried DS will, eek.

Stacks, how have the last few nights been? I am a believer in the 'sleep begets sleep' thing. Hope it helped you. FWIW I still feed DS to sleep every time. He can self settle occasionally as I sometimes hear him over the monitor, but I've never successfully put him down awake for him to fall asleep by himself. Keep thinking I should.

Welcome, Life. I've got a nearly 4 year old DD and 7 mo DS, neither of whom sleep though the night! DD used to be brilliant, but for the last three months or so has started being unsettled at night, yawn.

Smegs, sounds like DD2 is going great guns with the sleeping and moving, gives me hope! DS is pretty good rolling and scooting around on his back now and lately keeps rolling on his front and trying to propel himself forwards, but just gets frustrated! He's only just 7 mo today and DD was about 9 mo before she crawled, so I think it will be a while yet.

Little, how is DS now and how's the weaning going? Olives, what about you, weaning going well? And how is your DH's grandma (hope I've got that right)?

Pomme, hope you continue to feel better. I'm sure it's normal to feel a bit confused given what you've been through.

My news... Well, we've moved DS into DD's room as DD kept saying she was lonely in the night! It's helped in that she is much better at going to bed (no longer shouting for things as soon as I leave the room) and she generally sleeps better in the night. She still gets up early, despite the Gro clock, but we are persevering with the sticker chart and seeing some progress. The night before last she slept all night and didn't get up until the clock said it was morning. That's not happened for months! Sadly, last night was not as good, but hey ho! DS seems happy sharing a room and generally just wakes once for a feed after his dream feed around 11 and then is up for the day between 6 and 7. Loads better than a few weeks ago, when we had an awful regression of getting up 10 times a night. Hopefully he will sleep through soon! I am working a few days next month and back properly in sept, so brooking for more sleep soon!

generic I can't believe ds I'd 7 months already shock and you and little are both weaning. time really does fly!
pomme I'm not surprised you are a bit all over the place. it's a big thing to go through.
hello life. I have a 5 yr old ds and s 1 yr old dd. I generally don't get involved in the sleep convos as both mine are pretty good most of the time. they both have/ had their moments though.
it's dps birthday today and we're going to have a big fat fillet steak for lunch. nom nom.
am on phone so can't scroll back, will try to get back on later.

Munxx Sun 28-Jul-13 12:45:17

Ninja you're going to think I am following you! I have a little time so I am just going round saying hello to all the brookers.

I too am guilty of reading but not posting.

Hope the non sleepers sleep better soon!

For those who breastfed, what sort of pattern did you have at 10/11 months? DS still a bit of a boob monster. Not really too fussed and not looking to reduce feedings - very much of the opinion that he can have as and when he wants. But curious as to what others have experienced. Many thanks!

grin at munxx. I feel I need to make up for lost time by posting on all 3.
I didn't manage to bf for long so can't help I'm afraid

Munxx, I'll be interested in this as I'm still BFing DS and hope to continue without doing any mixed feeding.

Ninja, I know! 7 months, it's gone so fast!

TheLittleFriend Sun 28-Jul-13 20:28:26

Hi all

Stacks, how's T getting on in his room? We'll be moving J soon [gulp]

Good to see you Ninja, how exciting that M is getting mobile now. Pleased to hear yours are good sleepers at least!

Gen, does ds disturb dd when he wakes for a feed? I have considered mine sharing a room when they're a bit older so I can keep the box room for laundry

Weaning still going well here, J is loving everything he's been offered. I've gone dairy-free though as he is really struggling with his milk feeds. The reflux seems worse than ever unfortunately. I'm only a week in to it though, so too early to know if it'll help yet.

As for sleep, he's still not great, but is being consistent at the moment at least! Bed at 6.30ish, feed at 12ish and 3ish, then his internal alarm clock seems to be set for exactly 5am when he is then up for the day. He seemed a bit off colour today, so I hope it's no worse than that tonight!

GreenOlives Sun 28-Jul-13 20:58:17

Hello all, I too confess to being an avid reader but a crap poster! blush
Nice to see you ninja and so good to hear about good sleepers! smile I think DS2 will be a climber and I'm dreading it! DS1 gets enough injuries and he's Mr Cautious just super clumsy
stacks Did the good naps help at night?
pomme Glad you're enjoying being in the UK, things are bound to be up and down for a while with your emotions but it will settle eventually and it was the right decision for you and your family now.
gen Your DD and my DS1 should share!! They sound very similar at the mo! He wakes far more than T and it's driving us mad!! I have a doctors appt next Monday to discuss whether there's anything else we can do. Genuine nightmares are only about 3 times a week, the rest of the time he just shouts out for random reasons! After always being a good sleeper although early riser it's a real PITA that it's all gone to pot now! Thanks for asking about DHs grandma, she moved to a hospice on Friday and it's so much nicer there. We took both the boys to see her today which she loved! smile They are trying to sort her house so she can get home asap which she really wants. How is your DHs dad doing?
little How are you finding the diary free? It's not easy or I certainly didn't find it easy! Has J got any appts coming up regarding the reflux? Wondering if they can change/adjust his meds?
boo Loving the FB pics of K enjoying F1 grin
And dream How are you doing? <whispers> any breakthrough with the non-sleeping boy?
smegs how are E2's bowels now?
Waves at scream, scarlet and everyone else I've forgotten blush (am on phone so that's my excuse!) Welcome to life too smile
Well as mentioned above DS1 is not sleeping well! DS2 is doing ok, goes down at 6.30-7 ish then wakes usually only once during the night for a feed, then generally up for the day at 6.30 daytime naps are a whole other story though He has got over his febrile/throat thing after the abx but has been left with the most awful thick green snot and a hacking cough! Tis making him more unsettled at night but he's still drinking loads of milk. Weaning has stopped though as being ill has completely put him off sad He just cries if you try to give him anything solid! Even sticks of cucumber which he was loving gumming before! Still I'm not too worried as he's only 5 months so plenty of time yet, we only really started as the consultant recommended it so we'll try again in a couple of weeks when the snot has gone!

GreenOlives Sun 28-Jul-13 21:00:32

Why o why does strike out sometimes fail when your on your phone? It's annoying! angry

GreenOlives Sun 28-Jul-13 21:01:03

you're not your! smile

GreenOlives Sun 28-Jul-13 21:09:59

Special wave for munxx grin Knew I'd missed someone blush
And just read back properly to see that E2's bowels are back on track smegs It's a bit of a coincidence that you me and gen are having sleep issues with our big children - I'm certain that some of DS1's problem is that he feels a bit unsettled now he doesn't have our sole attention iyswim? Do you and gen think that may be an issue with yours?

Little, no, I don't think DS has ever woken DD, except for when he wakes in the morning. I reckon you should try yours in the same room! Well done on the exclusion diet, sounds v tough.

Olives, I wondered the same re DD's sleep. but I think it only started in May. But I know she was a bit jealous of DS, especially when he slept in our room. Glad your DH's grandma is in a nice hospice. FIL is not good at the moment, but everyone's trying to stay positive.

GreenOlives Mon 29-Jul-13 06:34:46

gen DS1's sleep problems didn't start until T was 3ish months old. I wondered whether the initial excitement of having a sibling had worn off by then and was replaced with feeling a bit jealous? Who knows?
<whispers> T has just slept thru the night!! I've heard a few rustlings but haven't had to get up to him at all!! grin grin M has shouted out several times during the night though! angry Oh well, one out of twos not bad wink

morning all.
sounds like it could be a bit of jealousy type stuff creeping in if it's happening to several of you. ds gets periods of unsettled sleep when lots of change happens. hope it calms down soon for all of you.
dd burst into tears and clung like a koala to me for the first time ever at nursery drop off today. she's been super clingy to both me and dp over the weekend too. poor sausage. she's got a really snotty cold so maybe it's that?
me and ds are off to a local farm park type thing to meet a friend in a bit.
have lovely days everyone.

Stacks Mon 29-Jul-13 10:38:21

Since moving T to his own room we've had one night with a couple of 3hr stretches. Most of the night is still hourly, generally with 2-3 resettles each time. He'll go down easily for 5-10 minutes then wake up over and over. I'm finding it really hard to get to sleep between wakes too, as I'm either angry or just anticipating the next wake up.

I should make the effort to catch up with everyone but I just don't have the energy. It's all very me, me, me but I'm depressed, angry, tired and increasingly scared I'm seriously ill. I think the ill thing is just paranoia, but I'm paranoid about being paranoid! I've lost a bunch of weight, am tired all the time, nauseous most of the time, random bouts of diarrhoea and a kind of feeling like there's a lump in my stomach. Lots of this can be explained by breastfeeding and poor sleep, which I try to keep reminding myself. I made a dr appointment for Thursday though, unfortunately it's with the unsympathetic dr I don't really like.
DH and I are having problems, but not talking about it. I refused to cuddle him last night, said I don't feel like he cares about me, and walked off crying. He turned his YouTube video back on and carried on with the washing up! He's just bloody useless. When I called him through after 20 minutes of crying on my own, his reason was that he didn't think I'd want to talk to him, and was giving me time. AIBU to be upset about this? He keeps implying I'm being unreasonable about everything, in that if I ask him "do you think I'm being unreasonable?" His response is always silence, followed by "I don't know" which just means he doesn't have the guts to say yes! Sorry, I'll go back to my pit now.

Munxx Mon 29-Jul-13 11:20:56

stacks having a baby is a real test for the strongest of relationships, and the lack of sleep doesn't help. I am constantly snapping at Poor DH.

Is there any way that someone can take T for a few hours so you and new can go off and have lunch or a drink somewhere and have a proper chat? It's hard trying to talk while dealing with a crying baby/ breastfeeding/ laundry etc.

I also hope your appointment goes well and that its just as you said, changes due to feeding and tiredness.

For what it's worth, I lost a heap of weight around the 6-7 month mark as DS suddenly increased his feeds again. He never really got over the 4 month sleep regression either, he is getting a bit better now at 11 months. We co sleep but he is spending longer and longer stretches of time on his own bit of the bed without the need for cuddles.

Sending you a massive hug, you'll be OK.

Right, I'm giving up posting about sleeping on the thread as every time I do, we have a terrible night! Last night, DS was up about every hour, but luckily DD slept through it all and DH was here to get up with them both so I could have another hour or so this morning. Just been reading the Rough Guide to Babies, which says that by 6 months babies don't 'need' feeding in the night (ha!), so I will try again at night weaning. I've felt for a while that he isn't waking for food, more for comfort, but who knows if witholding food will actually convince him to sleep! Small victory today though, in that he woke when I put him down for the night, so I slipped the dummy in and he actually took it! Not tried a dummy for several weeks as he never seemed to like it, but it must have fooled him tonight. May try that in the night rather than feeding and will report back.

Stacks, I'm sorry you are finding it so hard. I understand your health worries. It must be really worrying with your history and I think you're doing the right thing to get checked out. Surely the GP can't be unsympathetic with those symptoms and your past history. I agree BFing can make you feel tired, run down and a bit ill at times. I have felt better since I've been supplementing with multivitamins (I think I was low on iron, had a transfusion after birth and oral iron, but never got re-tested) and vitamin D, which is the 'magic' vitamin of the moment. Like Munxx says, having a baby puts a tremendous strain on any relationship and it's so hard to communicate. I certainly have times of quiet resentment, mainly about having to 'do' everything, eg night feeds, comforting, all the general day to day planning and organising, cleaning, shopping, cooking etc. We had a brief chat about it the other day and DH says he is happy to do things, but I have to tell him exactly what and when. Grr. What I want is a bit of proactivity 'Oh it's 7pm, I could start tidying up and getting DD ready for bed so Gen doesn't have to do all of this after putting DS to bed'. Anyway, much sympathy here, and don't feel bad about talking to us, we are here to try and help.

Ninja, sympathies about DD's clinginess, it's so upsetting when they just want you, isn't it.

Olives, that is great news re T last night!

Clarella Tue 30-Jul-13 09:29:14

stacks big hugs.

ask for a thyroid test honey, and a referral to the perinatal mh team.

hand holding through virtual ether thanks thanks

Clarella Tue 30-Jul-13 09:33:37

sorry not to introduce myself to the Fred, I have a nearly 8 mo old who only sleeps for 1 to 2 hours, bf. we seem to have hit a new regression, and stacks, very similar to what you describe.

I moved cot to own room and do bedtime there and then in with me. I've realised I've had some pnd and a dodgy thyroid too which doesn't help. facing work in 5 weeks sad

Clarella Tue 30-Jul-13 09:44:08

apologies done this all wrong..... may I join?!

Loopyaboutmy2boys Tue 30-Jul-13 09:48:10

Stacks, with your history it's no wonder you feel paranoid if there are changes to your body. I hope all is ok.

Munx. My DS 2 is 11 months next week and his routine is as follows - wakes around 6.30am. Pretty soon after waking he has a weetabix with blue milk and an organix fruit purée pot. He will usually then last until he has his dinner at 11.30. Dinner is quickly followed by a breast feed and a sleep, which is sometimes 30 mins, often an hour and sometimes 2 hours. He then has another breast feed sometime between 3 and 4pm, and tea is around 4.30-4.45pm. He then has his third and final breast feed at 6.30pm ish and then I aim to have him in his cot by 6.50-7pm so I can then put ds1 to bed. He won't pick any food up, at all, so no snacks yet.

Re sleep, my two are good and we don't get woken at night, although they both wake by 6-6.30am.

More later, ds2 crying...

Welcome clarella

You lot are scaring me with your tales of sleep under one. Im trying to block dd2s first 9 months out of my mind. We are currently thinking about ttc a dc3 early next year...(!!)

dd1 is the problem on here, up in the night truning on lights, howling like a banshee and crying for toys she says she's 'lost' (more often than not holding them). yawn.

My mum is possibly getting less bonkers, dh has sent a very stern email to the PILS and we may be getting somewhere with my dad and work. Fingers crossed things start to look up. We have decided to get a lot more selfish with everyone in our lives though.

Sometimes unsympathetic doctors are the best stacks. hope you get some good advice/help.

generic - thats brave on the sharing a room! the dds share a room in Italy. Its a big room and I have put them as far away as they can be and we still get them waking each other up. I don't like it!

I'm here! Just eavesdropping like olives et al

No. More. Sleep. Deep, deep sigh...

Will try and post properly later.

ScrambledSmegs Tue 30-Jul-13 14:36:51

Sleep? Wossat?

Stacks my love, lack of sleep and the early days with a baby (I count everything under 1 year as early days) are really tough on relationships. He sounds like my DH, in that he's retreating to his own world, not realising that actually he's doing harm to your relationship at the same time. Mine didn't realise that giving me space (as he saw it) was actually the worst thing he could do, and it came across as really PA. In fact I suspect he was actually being PA - he denied it- because we were both so tired and grouchy.

2nd time around we try to make time for each other, talk more and generally try and remember that we're in this together. I ask him how his day has been, he does the same for me. However with your health history I'm not surprised you're worried. I hope it's just a consequence of the 7/8 month feeding frenzy that DD2 has just had as well, but I know that you need to have your mind set at rest by a decent doctor. If the unsympathetic one is rubbish, can you request a second appointment?

Welcome clarella. This is a substantially slower thread than the Brookers TTCers and Grads, I hope you can forgive us for that! Do stick around, lovely to have a new face.

<waves> at Dream, Munx, Loopy and pomme. I've missed loads, sorry!

GreenOlives Tue 30-Jul-13 19:23:24

Not got much time but just wanted to send a massive hug your way stacks Fwiw I have become far more worried about illness etc since having DS1 - I think having children makes you worry about your own mortality as you want to be there to protect them forever! I also started to irrationally worry about something happening to DH too, it gradually got better but has reappeared again since having T but to a lesser extent. So with your history as well I think it's completely understandable! It is completely overwhelming and knackering having a baby and part of the reason I stopped breast feeding early was for my own mental health - I needed a break so I could be a nicer mummy to DS1 as I was a tired hormonal mess! Your DH sounds like he's not really helping much at the mo, I would sit down and explain what he needs to do to help you - I always find that my DH needs explicit instructions on what I need him to do to help but then he's happy to do it, works for us and I would say we split the childcare 50/50 when he's off work (although from a straw poll of my friends I think I'm fairly lucky with him!) I do think that men sometimes feel very useless as they can't feed and end up sleeping elsewhere if co-sleeping is happening - is that a factor with your DH do you think? We had talked about it before T arrived and had decided that I would express for one feed and that if we did co-sleep it would be as a family not baby replacing hubby. I'm rambling now - sorry, just know that things WILL get better/easier.

Welcome, Clarella!

Pomme, I am excited for you re TTC next year and pleased that things sound much better for you, DH, PILs and your mum. When do you go back to Italy? I was very worried about them sharing a room, but so far, it has been better than when they were apart. At least I only have to stumble to one room in the night!

Dream! Arghh! I do hope things improve very soon <shakes fist>

Smelts! 7-8 month feeding frenzy you say? Well, only today I speculated that DS might be going through a growth spurt as he seems to be properly BFing at night and more during the day, as well as wolfing down his solids. Well that gives me hope it is only a temporary state of affairs! I'm going to make him some rice pudding tomorrow to fill him up!

Olives, you are so lovely and full of good advice.

How are you today, Stacks? Hope you've had a better day and night.

Well last night's attempt to not feed was a disaster. Both DCs were up together, so I couldn't do the dummy insertion and patting etc as it was disturbing DD, so I took him into my room and fed him. He woke 4 times I think and fed properly each time and today I have that frayed, tired feeling I associate with newborn feeding during growth spurts. Maybe tonight will be better!

GreenOlives Tue 30-Jul-13 21:40:01

And big welcome Clarella I am brooking no argument that all our children will be sleeping through the night very soon or at least before they reach their teens grin
Pomme So you're another brooker whose eldest child is causing night time problems! It's a recurring theme! Have these kids of ours not read Gina Ford/Supernanny. My DS1 is very keen on reading at the mo, perhaps I can persuade him to read one of them and conform wink
Gen Fingers crossed for last night not being repeated!

Well last night T didn't wake until 5am and didn't seem hungry so I settled him with his dummy. He slept on and off until 6.30 although I didn't and didn't start complaining for his bottle until 7 so I'm fairly certain he doesn't really NEED to feed in the night - it does just help him settle quicker. So the plan is to persevere with the settling without feeding although we are continuing to make up a bottle just in case he decides he's suddenly starving at 3am one morning! So if it wasn't for DS1 shouting and messing about the last 2 nights we would have had fairly decent sleep <wonders when being awake from 5am became a decent sleep> grin
Right, off to bed for me now because I'm knackered!

Yargh, still no time to post. S seems to be egg intolerant as well as dairy and soya sad

Maybe tomorrow Brookers!

ScrambledSmegs Tue 30-Jul-13 23:07:28

DD2 has a massive lump on the side of her head, by her eyebrow. She hasn't bumped her head recently, to my knowledge. I am going to take her to the GP tomorrow, and if the flipping shitty triage system at the surgery means that yet again they refuse to see my baby on the day I swear I will walk in there and refuse to leave till they see me. Panicking? Me? Yeah, loads.

<slightly overwrought>

Smegs. how did you get on?

ScrambledSmegs Wed 31-Jul-13 14:29:55

Hi Gen OK, actually. Got an appointment for 10:30, GP was only running half an hour late hmm It's probably a dermoid cyst, generally nothing to worry about although unusual in babies. We have a referral to paeds to verify this, and maybe scan her because sometimes they're a bit weird - containing bone/teeth etc due to stem cells that have ended up in the wrong place and started growing. Also they sometimes extend both ways, and despite being benign it's not great to have them in the skull.

I've been looking back through her photos since she was born and I think I can see the lump for at least a couple of months. I'm shocked that I didn't spot it before now, and to be honest I'm beating myself up about it somewhat sad

hinkyhonk Wed 31-Jul-13 14:54:32

<slinks in after a nc>

not sure you'll remember me but had the first brooking baby despite not being on the conception thread but saw you guys on active convos and thought i'd pop in and saw smegs query

DS1 had what they thought was a dermoid cyst between his eyes which actually turned out to be a haemangioma (strawberry birthmark) which grew until he was one ish and then started receding and now at nearly 4 you can hardly see it. it was rather prominent but we got it scanned and a second opinion from the maxilofacial consultants (dead specialised and impressive head doctors) who confirmed what it was. they were a little scalpel happy and wanted to operate at one point but once we had a correct diagnosis of what it is (which we only got once we saw the maxfac consultant) then we declined and waited to see what happened and it has in fact resolved on its own.

Just wanted to say that its not necessarily something dramatic and his grew over a period of several months (sorry can't remember how old e is?) and peaked at about 1. can send pictures before and after if it would help?

anyway hello to all and sundry. we're back in sleep regression from DS2 at 19m with taking an hour to go to sleep in the evening and up in the night and up bloody early and then DS1 is also varialbly up during the night.

other news is that we've moved out to the sticks to an amazing house and we're thinking about ttc dc3 next year, just need to convince dh that it really is a great idea....

I think I have worked out who you are hinky!

V exciting about ttc no 3. I am both petrified and excited at the thought (and slightly saddened by timing in life in general given recent events).

Glad house move went well, boo to the sleep!

Eek, Smegs, sounds a bit scary, but hopefully nothing too serious. Don't beat yourself up about not spotting it sooner, just congratulate yourself on spotting it and getting it seen to.

Hinky, I know who you are! Congratulations on the house move and how exciting re TTC again! I think there will be a few brookers in the new year. Not me though, oh no.

I am so knackered and grumpy today. I need a better sleep tonight, please DS. He's so cute though! I keep shouting at DD today, bad mother. Must. Try. Harder.

hinkyhonk Wed 31-Jul-13 16:49:29

this is why i love the brookers - you are all so godamn normal. i shouted at the dses last week due to stress and tiredness then threw a knift and hit a plate and broke it then cried. both boys came over and gave me a hug - made me feel much better and really shit at the same time blush

ScrambledSmegs Wed 31-Jul-13 17:00:47

Ooh, hinky, thank you very much for that post! Very helpful. I've copied your post to my DH, and have made a note of 'maxilofacial consultants' in case of unnecessary confuddling from paeds. However, unlike pomme I have not yet worked out who you are. I would blame tiredness/baby brain except in RL I am notoriously shit at names. To the extent that I met my former boss of 10 years once in a social situation and drew a complete blank!

Congratulations on the house move, and wine at ttc no.3. Brave woman!

Oh gen I'm a shouty mum too at the moment. DD1 has started copying me blush My DM took her out yesterday and DD1 apparently told her off - 'No Nana, I asked for the yellow spade. Don't make me ask you again!'.

Im always a shouty mum I think blush.

Haha about telling your mum off scrambled. Its so embarassing when kids parrot you back to you. Yesterday I asked dd1 to do something and she said 'Yes your majesty' calm as you like!

TheLittleFriend Wed 31-Jul-13 19:07:43

I am a shouty mum at the moment too. Well, I swing between that and being really soppy and affectionate as I feel guilty!

Hinky , I know who you are, how are your ds's?

Smegs, hope you feel like you're well informed and confident that dd2 is fine now?

Olives, jealous of T's sleep!

Nightmare week so far here. Ds is ill, a viral throat thing. He just wants to be carried, but dp has hurt his back do it has to be me. His reflux is awful, probably exacerbated by sore throat. Ranitidine has been put but he's screaming harder with each feed. Breastfeeding is soul destroying at the moment sad

GreenOlives Wed 31-Jul-13 19:09:55

My name is greenolives and I am also a grumpy, shouty mum sad I was vile to DS1 earlier (although he was actually being quite naughty but it didn't justify me screeching like a fishwife!)
I am like smegs and am absolutely shite with names as well as having a crap memory so please could you PM me hinky and tell me who you are?! House in the sticks sounds great and exciting times ahead if you're planning DC3! smile
I am firmly with gen in the 'no more kids for me' camp! Just got back from my pre coil consultation and booked to have it fitted in 2 weeks! smile

GreenOlives Wed 31-Jul-13 19:21:19

Cross posts little Sorry to hear about J being poorly sad I completely get where you're coming from when breastfeeding feels so tough because they're so uncomfortable sad You are doing amazingly well to keep going and restricting your diet too, I really hope things improve soon.
Oh and smegs I meant to say that I'm glad that the lump appears to be fairly harmless but I would second hinky suggestion of a Max Fac opinion - they are great, we get them to come up to A&E to do tricky facial sutures etc and they are AMAZING! If she did need it removing she would be referred to them anyway.
DS1 woke T up at 1.15 last night and after an hour of trying to settle him I gave him 3oz milk which immediately sent him to sleep! DS1 continued to call out until gone 3.30 so I spent over 2 hours last night in and out to both of them! angry Then DHs alarm went off at 5 and I couldn't get back to sleep - grrr That is my reason for being a shouty mum today!

Munxx Wed 31-Jul-13 20:47:07

Another shouty Mum signing in sad

Hope little brookers are better soon. Also no more mini munxes here!

PleAe forgive short post. Am exhausted. DD had dairy by accident so shoes a nightmare at the moment and DS is teething. I don't know why I even bother doing up my bra clips.

hinkyhonk Wed 31-Jul-13 21:01:32

Am hawthers (totally ruining the point of nc)

smegs we nicknamed DS1 lump dermot due to the incorrect diagnosis and it stuck. Evil parents

ScrambledSmegs Wed 31-Jul-13 23:16:53

grin at dermot. Love it!

Hawthers! Goodness, blast from the past! Lovely to 'see' you again and catch up.

hinkyhonk Thu 01-Aug-13 06:17:01

About the copying DS1 has used bloody in the correct context and tone far too often recently last one he said that he was bloody bored and before that his bloody drum wouldn't work properly....

GreenOlives Thu 01-Aug-13 08:36:49

Ahhh! Hello again hinky Sorry for being a thicko! Love the use of bloody - nicely in context too! wink

PetWoman Thu 01-Aug-13 14:23:34

Greetings, Brookers! I've been rubbish at posting, sorry! But lovely to see some old faces around, as it were. Anyone heard from Scarlet or Too recently? <waves to everyone, new and old, lurkers and posters>

DS is 16 months and still bfing all night. Yawn. We night-weaned him successfully at 10 months, and he slept much better, but after chicken pox at 13 months his sleep went to pot again. I'm just not sure if I need to wean him completely now, or whether I can still bf him am and pm, just not all night! Also not sure I can face all the sobbing and sleepless nights that night weaning again will entail.

In better news, my mum and aunt came to help with childcare while our childminder was away, and managed to successfully settle DS in his cot for naps and at bedtime, and I have managed to replicate this myself a few times. Woo hoo! So bedtime is currently easier and DH and I are getting an hour or so together in the evening before DS's first wake-up.

Stacks your post really resonated with me. DH and I are arguing a lot too - I blame tiredness and the lack of quality time together. <hugs> for you. I hope your health concerns prove to be nothing to worry about, and you get through this bad patch with DH. And that T (and all the other bad brooking babies) get the hang of sleep soon!

morning all. I'm in need of sweet treats this morning. I've resisted biscuits thus far but I don't think that will last!
hinky lovely to see you! how's life outside the big smoke?
smegs I hope dd is ok.
can't remember what else I came on to say.
we're off to Anglesey then the lake district tomorrow, so looking forward to the break!

ScrambledSmegs Fri 02-Aug-13 21:39:58

Got a referral from paeds but it's a longish way off - not till the end of the month. It is, however, at GOSH so I'm hoping the care will be top notch!

DH of course has gone off on one, saying that we need to go private asap. I know how he feels, he's worried (as I am) but I think we can be reasonably sure that it's not anything terrible. And we need a name to be referred to as well - well I don't know anyone!

ScrambledSmegs Fri 02-Aug-13 21:42:54

Oops. Hi Ninja. Have a lovely break!

Petwoman that sounds tiring. Have you had a look at the No-Cry Sleep Solution? I have a friend who swears by it for night-weaning older bf babies. Hope you get some more sleep soon.

Smegs - many paeds don't do private. When I tried the private app was after the NHS one. Gosh should be the best!

GreenOlives Sat 03-Aug-13 08:08:49

GOSH will definitely be the best, I'm sure it will be fine to wait until the end of the month but you could always investigate private options (like pomme says though, not many paeds do private work so it may well not be quicker)

GreenOlives Sat 03-Aug-13 08:20:08

And I would actually be a bit concerned about a paed who was doing private work as making lots of money from sick children just doesn't seem right iyswim? In fact I can only really get my head around private medicine when it's about surgery I.e getting your knee/hip etc done a bit quicker if you can afford it. As I've mentioned several times I really disliked the chap I saw privately for my NK cell testing - it was all about the money for him and it was all a bit distasteful but the only way I could get the tests! Anyhow, I digress, if the GP had thought it was anything sinister then he/she would have done an immediate emergency referral and you would have gone in that day. As it is the appt will soon come round and if you think it's actually been there a while already it probably won't have grown much by then either. I know it's impossible not to worry, but I'm sure it will be fine <hugs>

TheLittleFriend Sat 03-Aug-13 09:05:34

Hi all

Smegs my 3 yr old dn has been an outpatient at GOSH since she was 2weeks old, her parents say the care she has received is outstanding and all the staff are wonderful. I hope the end of the month comes quickly for you.

Ninja, enjoy your holiday. We're off to the inlaws holiday home on Monday for the week, I cannot wait.

Stacks, how's it going with T in his own room? And have you seen your gp yet?

J is over his throat virus and is being lovely and smiley now which is great. Unfortunately he is still distressed when feeding. I'll be 2 weeks dairy free tomorrow, but no idea if its working. I'm feeding him by sitting him upright facing me, which seems to help him a bit, but is quite awkward. Feeding him is just so stressful now! At least he loves solids still.

Stacks Sat 03-Aug-13 20:49:38

Hi all. I nearly replied the other day, then DS woke up. Still, I'm here now.

Sleep isn't really getting much better, but my DH has been wonderful the last couple of nights. He did 8-12 on Thursday night and all night last night (so I only had to get up to feed at 2 and 6:30!). Somehow I almost feel tired for the extra sleep, but I think it has done me good. The PILs have been round too to help out, mostly so my DH can prepare for an interview and I can tidy up, still the extra hands have been very useful. They took DS out for a while too, in the car, to another place, without DH or I. I think I was more phased by this than T who didn't seem to notice us not being there. To be fair though he did sleep most of the time he was out.
I went to the dr too, he didn't say anything but ordered lots of blood tests. So I'm to go back next week when results are in to see if they show anything. I guess there's nothing he could have done at the first appointment really except take my concerns seriously, which he did.

Smegs sorry to hear your worrying about dd, but I'm sure all will be ok. I only know gosh is awesome from its reputation, so I'll defer to others here. I'm sure the month will go by quickly though, they certainly fly by here.

Ninja I hope you enjoy your holiday. We've got one not at all planned for the end of the month. We just need to get DH to book the time off, figure out what we're doing when, tell my sister (who we're staying with) and inform friends we're planning to visit. So, it's all sorted really. hmm

Little glad little j seems to be over his sore throat. Sorry it's still causing issues feeding though. Hope it all settles down soon.

Pet I hope things improve with your DH soon. I can't imagine having to deal with this for 16 months, 7 is long enough! I'm not worried about our relationship ending or anything dramatic, it's just so hard not really seeing each other. Sending hugs right back at you. Also to you dream, if you're lurking.

smegs I don't think end of the month is too long, for knowing its GOSH too. It feels like soooo long though, think we waited 8 weeks for s paeds appointment and it felt like forever. Good luck

stacks we are 16 months into no sleep now. Well, he is just starting to sleep 3 hour blocks (!!!) And we even had one of our first peaceful evenings since he was born the day before yesterday though a horrible waking with choking and refluxing, then vomiting and hugely upset baby last night . Finding it tough relationship wise here. Marginally better now we finally know its more a medical cause of not sleeping. The evenings and general settledness have been loads better on dairy, soya and egg free diet plus max dose meds. He's still got v mucousy, loose stools though, so I'm wondering about other intolerances groan . Glad your GP took you seriously and i really hope its this torturous sleep deprivation business rather than anything serious.

Anyway. Up 10, 12, 2 (both boys) 3 (DD) and about 3 feeds from s from 4-5:35 aka morning so I'm off for brew

I am lurking and reading, just mostly not finding time to post. Sorry

<waves and brooks all round>

ScrambledSmegs Mon 05-Aug-13 21:58:42

Looks like we may have swung an earlier appointment somehow (cancellation). Don't hold your collective breaths though, this is the NHS we're talking about...

GreenOlives Fri 09-Aug-13 08:07:34

That's great about earlier appt smegs
Just checking in to say hi really. T is being brilliant at night, self settles before 7pm and is sleeping through until between 6-7am! shock I keep waiting for it to go wrong but it's been over 2 weeks now so it's looking promising! M is still being a complete PITA at night though - a good night is 2 wake ups and a bad night is 6+ wake ups! It's driving DH and I mad! So I'm still in the sleep deprived gang - it's just my 5 year old who's the cause! How are all the other older siblings sleeping these days? I am currently bidding on a cd clock radio on ebay so we can try playing white noise in his room which he can switch on himself if he wakes in the night - I'm getting desparate! He's definitely having less bad dreams so it's purely behavioural now sad

Hey olives <waves>. That's tough! DD1 doing ok, acting up at bed time and up at 6am every morning but over the last week not up in the small hours. She has pretty much every toy she owns in bed with her currently though!

Im still feeling sleepy though as have had Italian work colleagues over this week so have been doing meetings all day, entertaining in the evening, staggering to bed at midnight-ish and up with dd1 at 6am. YAWN.

My cycle seems to have gone back to normal now post the termination which is good news. Feeling quite peaceful about that now. In a few months I'll be able to make the ttc no 3 decision properly I think.

My mum and my MIL still being PITAs though!

How are you feeling smegs? Did you get an earlier app?

Hope you're ok dream!

So glad to hear you're feeling peaceful pomme . Will look forward to hearing whether you do ttc #3.

I'm feeling so tired and pretty low. I'm proud I bf my dts but now feeling trapped by it through both the resistance to stopping from both (never an issue with dd) and their food intolerances. The thought of the enormous battle night weaning will be makes me feel weepy. Also S STILL has diarrhoea. Food diary going to have to start. I am crap at eliminating things 100%, and not letting him have eg a smartie, mouthful of cake, so will have to crack down and write everything down because it needs to stop- has to be impacting sleep?!

Anyway, enough wallowing. When's your new appt smegs?

olives, what a total pita. I assume you've tried reward charts? I don't have any bright ideas. And anyway, you'd be crackers to take sleep advice from me!

Stacks Sun 11-Aug-13 15:29:47

Hello again. I lost you all as I e just not had the energy to check MN. DS is sleeping on me just now, I really should have put him down to sleep but didn't want to even consider starting that battle. For some reason the past couple of nights he's only managed short stretches in his cot before waking. He'll then settle quickly while being held but cry as soon as he's almost down in his cot. Must have tried the transfer 20 times last night between 3 and 5:30, finally got him settled for him to wake 10 minutes later. Just so fed up! He's still got a bit of a cold though, and seems a bit constipated. I'm really, desperately trying to feel sorry for him and caring rather than resentful and angry. It's not going great though.

Led me to look up this though, which is worth a laugh. go to sleep

Stacks Sun 11-Aug-13 15:41:11

This is the better link

I wish I could offer advice or a way to take a break dream. You're still a super mum and an inspiration to me. After all, you're coping with 3, work, and 9 more months of sleep he'll than me. {hugs}

smegs hope the new appointment isn't too far away.

olives hugs for you too. Jealous of your baby sleep, less so of the 5yo. Fingers crossed its a phase that'll pass very soon.

stacks I was bought that book by a friend grin
6 broken hours of sleep last night and I'm a new woman! Shame I was horribly grumpy with DH this am regardless ...

One day they will sleep. I'm guessing around age 3 for S. So long as its a bit better than this, I can live with that. I didn't sleep through the night, up 2-3 times EVERY night til I went to school, so I'm prepared to live with that. If its just twice often enough....

Unless some great drugs are offered (for him ;) )

TheLittleFriend Sun 11-Aug-13 20:04:50

Wow Olives, sounds like T needs to teach all the other brooking babies (and M) how to do it! I'm lucky that dd sleeps well through the night, though she messes is around a bit at bedtime. I couldn't cope with her being up at night too, seeing as J's sleep is awful at the moment.

Stacks I hope T's sleep improves when his cold goes. I think it can really affect them.

Pomme glad to hear you're feeling peaceful now smile

Despite no sleep, we've had a lovely week down in Poole. Lots of sunshine for playing on the beach. J is almost commando crawling now, which is funny to watch, and is very good at rolling wherever he wants to go. I'm going to have to make sure dd puts all the small toys away now!

GreenOlives Sat 17-Aug-13 08:36:51

Hello <echoes> Is there anybody there? <echoes>
Just checking in to say hi to all. Thankfully I've seen most of you on FB so I know that you're all knackered ok smile
Nothing new here, T being a model baby at night, M being a complete PITA at night (4 wake ups last night!) <yawn>

I'm still here!

Olives, that is rubbish re M. R is still up at least once a night, but usually only for the loo, then goes back to bed. She is a pain at bedtime though, there is always the coming out of the room / me reasoning with her/ coming out of the room / me shouting (in a whisper so as not to wake E) routine every night. Can't wait til she grows out of this testing the boundaries. Probably in 15 years or so.

E is sleeping longer thanks to the cc the other night. The last three nights he has slept from 7pm until somewhere between 3 and 5am! Last night I was a bit lazy and fed him at 3 instead of doing cc to get him back to sleep. I couldn't face the crying! I can't complain though, it has worked very well so far.

How is everyone else?

TheLittleFriend Mon 19-Aug-13 16:33:22

Hi all

Gen, sounds like the cc had been effective for you, hope you're feeling refreshed with a bit more sleep.

We have realised J is almost certainly cmpi after trying to move him on to formula caused hours of screaming in pain for him. He has been referred urgently to a pediatrician, just waiting for appointment.
Sleep still appalling too. Feeds every 2-3 hours through the night then up for the day 5.30ish.

GreenOlives Mon 19-Aug-13 20:45:41

Oh no little thats rubbish, poor J and poor you! sad Are you going to try one of the prescription formulas after you've had your paed appt or are you going to carry on breast feeding? Sorry that sleep is so crap still.
gen Great news that the cc has had such a brilliant effect so quickly, long may it continue! smile
We've had a bit of an incident here tonight, M threw one of his wooden trains which hit T. He was very tearful and sorry and it was an accident so that was that but then DH came into the kitchen to talk to me and suddenly they were both crying in the playroom! M had thrown another train which hit T in the face, he has a tiny cut on his forehead and a little bruise by his eye sad M was hysterical and mortified that T had blood on his face and obviously very worried about our reaction! I THINK it was purely him being an overexcited 5 year old rather than anything deliberate but I'm not 100% sure confused I was still really cross that he hadn't listened after the first time though. And now I'm worried about leaving them together when I go to loo etc etc WWYD?

Oh Little, that sucks. I hope that now you have a diagnosis, things will start to improve.

Olives, that sounds upsetting, but probably perfectly normal 5 year old behaviour! I can't leave DD and DS together. DD gets over-excited and squeezes DS a little bit too hard. Every day I find myself telling her off as she puts her hands round his neck and strangles him (why?!), she also rubs his head really hard. It's like she can't control herself!

I am so happy the cc seems to have worked. Last night, both DCs slept all night. I can't remember the last time I didn't have to get up in the night for one of them. Amazing! Hopefully it will continue as I'm back at work soon. DS is mobile now; he can shuffle on his bottom and crawl backwards. He can only crawl forwards a little bit, but I don't think it will be long as he is doing all the things I remember DD doing just before she crawled. It has made things more challenging as I can't leave him anywhere now, but it's a lot more fun as well!

How are the rest of the brookers?

ScrambledSmegs Tue 20-Aug-13 16:24:34

Little, sorry to hear about the cmpi, the sleep sounds like a killer too. Are you going to cut dairy out of your own diet while you're still bfing?

Olives, I know this is a terrible thing to say, but thank goodness I'm not the only one with a mildly psychotic older child! Ok, I know they're not, but it does feel like they're doing it to get a reaction, any reaction. They're only little and I think they don't really 'get' empathy till they're quite a lot older. E1 treats E2 like a doll sometimes shock Luckily E2 is very chilled out and solidly built, I think a more delicate/sensitive child would be traumatised by now.

Sleeeeeep - I am a terrible mother sad It has been SHIT these past 2 weeks. She's been sleeping a maximum of about 30 minutes in the daytime, on me. She's also not been going to sleep till 10/11 at night. That's the one thing ive been able to rely on before, having my evenings to myself. Then up through the night from about 1-2am. We thought it could be a growth spurt or the cyst causing her discomfort. I resigned myself to the bad nights and whingey days and carried on bad-temperedly.

Then yesterday afternoon I noticed she was a bit red around her bum. Thought it looked more like thrush than nappy rash. Dug out an unopened tube of clotrimazole and some sudocrem, whacked it on her and would you believe it, she slept! Down at bedtime, woke for one feed in the night. She also had a lovely 40 minute nap this morning, and a 2 hour one after lunch.

I can't believe she must have had thrush for two weeks and I didn't notice sad. Poor baby. Where's the 'crap mother' emoticon?

musicalmrs Tue 20-Aug-13 19:38:51

Little, sorry to hear about the cmpi diagnosis. You get used to it though, honest!

Gen, so glad to hear CC has worked so well for you! Did you manage to sleep all night while they did?!

musicalmrs Tue 20-Aug-13 19:41:56

Oops, hadn't finished! Olives, sounds like usual behaviour to me - sounds like it was very spur of the moment, and that he regretted it as soon as he realised the consequences! Parenting two must be so much more of a challenge than just the one..

Smegs, we've all done similarly. Wondered why I was so ratty and sleep deteriorating... looked a couple of days later and a molar has come through blush She'd have probably felt a thousand times better had I realised and dosed her up...

jaggythistle Fri 23-Aug-13 21:18:49

S'up brookers?

Another crappy check in from me. blush

Still bit much sleep here. sad

Feeling a bit frazzled.

Away to try and catch up as usual. . .grin

jaggythistle Fri 23-Aug-13 21:19:12

Not much FFS.

TheLittleFriend Sat 24-Aug-13 18:57:42

Crappy start to bank holiday here.
Still no pediatrician appointment for J despite 'urgent' referral and me ringing to chase three times yesterday.
Another blocked duct for me.
Had to take cat to ooh vet, which cost £250. Poor thing has torn inner eyelid and is booked in for surgery tues am. It costs £2000. The insurance only covers £1000.

Sorry to be such a moaner, but I'm peed off today!!

GreenOlives Wed 28-Aug-13 21:12:16

Oh Little thats pants!! sad I hope your puss is doing ok. I can't believe that J's appt hasn't come through yet either!! M was referred to paeds by the GP last Thursday and we had the Choose and Book paperwork in the post 24 hours later! We then headed straight on our hols so I've only just got round to sorting WiFi tonight to go online and book and the appt is only 2 weeks away (would have been sooner if it hadn't have been for DHs shifts) I would kick up a real stink if it's not sorted by now. We are in the beautiful Lake District but things are far from relaxed with M's poor sleep and resulting foul temper! Things all came to a head last week which is why we have a paeds referral - just hope they can help!

Nice to see you Jaggy, sorry sleep is elusive in your house still!

How's everyone else?

GreenOlives Wed 28-Aug-13 21:18:50

Oh and T was 6 months on Monday shock He's such a little cutie now, and he's loving BLW I'm not but I do love him sitting at the table with us looking all proud of himself although I have to resist the temptation to clean him/the floor up after every mouthful! grin

Stacks Fri 30-Aug-13 20:37:15

Quick post to find you all again, then I'll go read back.

TheLittleFriend Sat 31-Aug-13 20:50:11

Olives sorry to hear M's behaviour is still making all your lives tough. I hope you can get some good help and advice from the paeds. Sounds like your area has a good referral system. J's has finally come through, but it's not til 25th sept. So much for urgent hmm.
Six months is a lovely age isn't it, J is such a cutie now too. Though he's been in a bad mood all day today!

How is everyone else?

Stacks, saw on fb you were doing sleep training with T, any success?

ScrambledSmegs Sat 31-Aug-13 22:06:38

We've seen the surgical consultant. He doesn't recommend removing the cyst till she's at least a year old. So we're booking in for next March/April. Thank fook for that grin

He was very nice, really great with E2 and put us at ease, answered all our questions without patronising us. But I still wanted to punch his lights out when he talked about incisions!

Sleep training, you say? Must wander over to FB and see how you're getting on. Can't see that day coming for us soon, sadly - she cries herself into such a state sad

Stacks Sat 31-Aug-13 22:16:50

Hey Little how are you? The six month stage is super cute, though somehow it seems like ages ago already. T is 'only' 8 months, but it all goes by so quickly. I think in going to have to start taking more videos of T just being T, they change before you realise it.
On that note I downloaded a great app a while back for iPhone called Day One. It's a journalling app basically, but you can use your iPhone pictures in the entries, and it all backs up to the cloud or Dropbox. I've been writing to T most days, like a diary of memories for him. Good days, bad days, cute things etc. It's nice even now to look back at last month and see what's changed.

Sleep training has worked scarily well. He spent all last night in his bed with no interaction from me, though still woke 6/7 times through the night. He settled each time with no crying. Overall he's cried way less since we've 'left' him to cry! 15 mins to sleep last night, 2 minutes tonight. I think he must have been really close to self settling anyway, we've just given him a gentle nudge. He's been asleep without a peep for 3 hours tonight so far - DH and I have spent the evening watching a movie together. It's been nice having some time for ourselves.

Hope everyone else is well. I've mostly been reading Facebook recently, but hoping to start keeping in touch on here too now.

Stacks Sat 31-Aug-13 22:19:59

Glad the meeting went well smegs must be a weight off your mind to just put it to one side for a while?

I think I've been tremendously lucky with T and the sleep training. It could have all been so much worse. Even now though I have moments of guilt - does he cry so little because he feels abandoned and alone and like no one cares anyway? sad

PetWoman Tue 03-Sep-13 19:49:09

Just a quick hello to all. <hands out sparkly matchsticks to those whose eyes require propping open>

Stacks well done re the sleep training! Did you do CC? I'm sure T isn't crying because he now knows how to go to sleep by himself, certainly not because he feels there's no point.

Back at work (new school - big headache trying to get my head around new place, people, systems, topics etc, but my department seem lovely) and envy of people whose LOs have successfully sleep trained. I wanted to try CC in the holidays but DH didn't feel ready for that step (maybe cos he isn't the one feeding DS back to sleep throughout the night hmm ) and I wasn't confident that it would work without hours of distress for all concerned, so we still have rubbish sleep here. Sigh.

Stacks Tue 03-Sep-13 20:28:19

Hi Pet we did do CC. It was much easier than I thought it would be, but I think T was probably quite close to making the transition himself, or at least in a place where he was willing to learn (disclaimer: I don't think babies that cry longer are not ready, very baby is different!).

The first night he took only 15 minutes to settle himself, I went in twice (after 2 minutes and 4 minutes), he'd stopped crying by 10 minutes and was asleep within 15. Overall there was much less crying than a normal bedtime with a number of failed transfers to cot. He then woke around his usual 6 times, but settled back to sleep with just mild grumbling and no need for me to go in to him. This was also the first time he'd ever not fed at night - best previous was 3 feeds.

Second day was a bit more crying, 3rd day more, last night was less than 1 minute of crying, and tonight was just 2 minutes. It is very hard to hear them cry, even for a short time. I think because you're doing it 'on purpose'. T has seemed much happier through the day with his extra sleep though (last night was 7:30pm - 5am!), so I'm feeling happy with our decision to sleep train.

Btw, my DH didn't like the idea really, but I showed him a couple of articles and discussed it with him to get him on board. If it doesn't work for you one night, you can always just stop and go back to feeding to sleep for a couple more weeks. My DH (who, granted hasn't had to listen to the CC) now wishes we'd have done this weeks ago. He has a happy baby and a happy wife.

Articles linked by Brookers on Facebook -

study showing no positive or negative long term effects from CC

A look at the science behind the opinions

I thought there was one other too, but I can't seem to find it.

I'm not saying you should do CC, you have to be totally certain it's what you want to do before you start. If you're not, you'll wobble and feel terrible about the whole thing. I found the articles above useful in making my decision though. That and the abysmal sleep!

I hope you settle into the new school quickly. It must be so hard working alongside awful sleep, I can't imagine it.

Loopyaboutmy2boys Sun 08-Sep-13 20:19:56

Hey all, not posted for a while as been hectic in RL. I am now Mrs Loopy and my Dad has been v ill so spare time has been almost non existent what with wedding stuff, visiting him and dealing with 2 ds's. ds2 was 1 this week, can't believe how fast the last year has gone by! Will soon be planning on dc3, thinking that an oct 14 baby would be lovely, as ds1 is nov birth and ds2 is sept birth, but no guarantee plans will work, periods are yet to return and anyhowwe were lucky both times to conceive in first month so fully expecting that as i am that bit older it may not happen as quick! Not PC to say so but I would dearly love to add a girl to our family but not sure how likely that is or if there is really any proven method to influence this or whether they are just old wives tales! Hope everyone else is ok out there!

GreenOlives Tue 10-Sep-13 22:01:32

Congratulations on your wedding loopy! thanks
And hello to all! smile

Loopyaboutmy2boys Wed 11-Sep-13 06:50:55

Ok, after some thoughts or experiences from you all.

So, we haven't exactly had an active sex life since ds2 was born (no reason other than both so knackered and DH has long days at work inc a 2 hour+ commute to get to work) but we DTD on Friday night. DS2 was 1 the day before, no AF's since he was born. With ds1 I had to cut him down to one feed per 24 hours to restart AF to conceive ds2. Ds2 still feeding 3 times per day so I assumed that there was no chance I could fall pregnant yet. But on Monday I noticed a pinky tinge on toilet paper and cervical mucus is significantly drier than it has been lately. Now worrying that we have been stupid, as we were not planning to start trying until January, as aside from Oct being an ideal birthday for us and for being one of the oldest in the school year, it works financially as would mean my maternity leave for third would end just as our second gets his free nursery hours and just as our eldest starts school, which would keep nursery fees to an affordable amount. Am I worrying for no reason or does anyone think it could be I ovulated on Sunday or Monday and therefore could be pregnant? I really didn't think I would have to be thinking about AF returning for at least a couple more months...now can't stop thinking about it all (With both ds's we conceived first month of trying so I guess as a couple we are rather fertile....)

GreenOlives Wed 11-Sep-13 16:48:23

Statistically it is highly unlikely so I wouldn't worry too much - just make sure you use contraception from now on just in case! smile
Obviously there is the possibility of pregnancy but I'll brook for it not to be this time! Now that's a first!! smile

TheLittleFriend Wed 11-Sep-13 19:47:34

Hi all, wow it's quiet in here at the moment.

Good to see Pet & Loopy again smile

Stacks, how's the sleep training going, still good I hope?

Smegs, good that you don't have to worry about the op for a while yet. I think unders 1s aren't usually operated on unless its essential.

Sorry for my lack of posting, but even I am getting bored of hearing myself moaning! We have finally got J's appointment for the 25th sept. He has now had a bad reaction to the two times he has been given bread, so now have to discuss wheat/gluten intolerance with the pediatrician too, which in finding more depressing than the dairy. He is however, the most gorgeous, cuddly, delicious boy ever and I wouldn't change him for anything ;) smile

Hi everyone,

little my friend thought her DD might be dairy intolerant aged 2.8, as she just never had solid poos, so they couldn't really start potty training etc etc etc. She tried cuttign out dairy, which she said was awful. That didnt affect her DD, so then she tried cutting out wheat. 48 hours later, solid poos for the first time EVER for her DD. She said it was way easier than dairy free, loads of cafes have gluten free cakes, she just bought gluten free pasta and bread and then her DD could eat everything as normal. No dairy and no soya and no egg= absolutely nothign creamy/ cheesy/ cakey for DT1 here, so I'd much prefer wheat intolerant. However, not on top of dairy intolerant too mind... I feel robbed having a multiple intolerances BF baby. Why the heck did I struggle so much to ebf both for this?!

loopy, we did not have big struggles ttc our 3. I had one early mc at 5 weeks before I got pg with my DD. I then waited a little while, but got pg within a couple of months. Then I had to cut down feeding to re-start af, then was pg with the dts within 3 months. I have not had a period since I had the dts and they are 17 months now. I have also not used any contraception. Well, I tried the progesterone only pill but horomonal contraception makes me a total mentalist. I feel really low and weepy am snappy and irrational, so I stopped that after 3 months to see if my mood imrpved and it did. A few times I have wondered if I'm pregnant, but no. I'm going to agree, and say you could be in teh 6% or whatever it is of women who fall pregnant without having a period, but I think it's unlikely. Soon, I will have to either convince dh into a 4th baby, (or 4th and 5th?!) or just decide re:contraception. I'm basically being a real wuss about having a coil. I hate anything like smears, and dreading the actual insertion, plus i thought VE's in labour were excruciating. It is only 3-4 mopnths earlier than you were hoping for, would it be a total disaster or would things just be really impossibly tight for those first few months of #3's life?

I don't post much as all I do is complain about lack of sleep ... Must be more interesting things happening for all of the other Brookers, it's dull hearing me go on about teh Amazing Non Sleeping Baby. <sigh>

Stacks Thu 12-Sep-13 17:09:00

Hi all. You keep dropping off my threads list and I'm bad at looking you all up after. Still, we're getting sleep now, so I've no excuse smile

T has had a terrible cold the last week, he's just getting better now, though I'm still suffering. He's currently lost his voice though, which is cute nice and quiet a real shame. Last night he was back to sleeping through, so luckily it's not thrown him off too much.

I don't ever really have much to say. My life is pretty boring really, just home all day with T. When we do go it, which is actually quite often, it's not to anything exciting. I do wonder sometimes if this is it for the next few years? Nothing to talk about with my (childless) friends ever?

So sorry to hear about struggles with intolerances. T seems to have a problem with eggs, but handles dairy fine now. He's still on reflux meds, but I'm wondering about trying to stop them and see if they're still doing anything.

Loopy congratulations on your wedding! So sorry to hear about your dad though, is he better now?

Hello to everyone else. <waves>

Loopyaboutmy2boys Fri 13-Sep-13 20:41:55

Thanks Green and Dream, I keep trying to think that the odds of ovulating after all this time without having an AF and then it fertilising and having a long enough luteal phase for implantation from just one random DTD are tiny odds, but I've had cramping today, which at 7 days from DTD would be the right sort of timing for implantation...guess it could just be an impending AF, but I don't remember getting pains on my one and only AF after having ds1. Anyone get that?

Dream, 4 months would make a big difference, as amongst other things my industry only ever advertises full time jobs and I was intending to stop being self emp and land a full time job then have next child with hope of then returning part time, and money will be really really bad if I am pregnant right now, as I sold my clients, I get a lump sum jan 15, but no other income for me until then unless I go back and try to start from scratch, but it will cost about £2k in fees to go back with no guarantee of any income in return plus would mean dragging both boys on a 100 mile journey and back again each month for a compulsory meeting and packing overnight stuff for us all each time on my own, plus cost of the diesel, or get a full time job. If pregnant now then I cant see how i could get maternity allowance (have paid nic stamp but not actually gone back so not done any work or earned anything since Jan 13) and I can't see me being offered a job whilst pregnant....and still the issue of a BF ds2 who has never managed to latch to a bottle (born tongue tied, lip tied and with a high palate) so was thinking that in 2 months he might finally start taking milk from something other than me, could get a job and start before ttc started...

Stacks Sat 14-Sep-13 09:18:41

Loopy I had a couple of days of cramping before my AF, which decided to come back yesterday. I didn't even think of AF when I had the cramping, too long since I've felt period pain I guess! I never used to get it pre-AF, it's always been a mid bleed symptom before.

I'm feeling quite grumpy with this AF, keep getting short tempered with T and DH. Also and upset stomach which I'm really not liking. I wonder if there's anything I can take to help, anyone know?

Stacks Wed 18-Sep-13 16:19:15

So I think we've pretty much decided to start TTC #2! All the Facebook comments were really useful, and DH and I have sat down and talked it through. We're going to try from now till Christmas, if nothing by then we'll take a break and try again next summer. One Christmas baby is enough. I feel really nervous, but also excited. I think it's the right decision for us.

How's everyone else getting on? It's been a really wuiet thread recently.

TheLittleFriend Wed 18-Sep-13 21:12:46

Stacks that is so exciting! I presume you're getting lots more sleep now, if you're ready for another?! Despite J only being 7 months and a terrible sleeper, I still feel broody when I see newborns shock No way will we be trying any time soon, but I'm pretty sure I'll want a dc3 at some point.

Loopyaboutmy2boys Thu 19-Sep-13 06:52:50

Good luck stacks, I have 22 months between my 2 and it was bloody hard work, still is! But they have such a great bond already. Ds1's favourite thing at the moment is holding ds2's hands and helping him walk up and down the lounge as he can't walk unaided at the moment, so cute.

Still no AF here, will be 2 weeks tomorrow since we DTD, and still convinced in my mind that I could be pregnant. Sticking my head in the sand at the moment as can't see how we would cope and would mean ds2 only being 20 months ishwhen dc3 arrives rather than the 25 months we were intending and DH doesn't know yet my worries. (25 months heaps easier to communicate with than 20 months) Assuming I ovulated on the following Monday, am I right in thinking a FRER would work tomorrow?

Crikey, I had completely lost this thread, you haven't been that chatty of late. So how is everyone? Stacks how exciting you are ttc again, I have 3 lovely children now and I keep trying to tell myself and that's us all done wink

Loopy are you ttc again too? I think a frer should work tommorow good luck!

Well I thought I would find you all again, it's nearly weaning time in the boo house and I've never done this while BFing (actually both boys were well on the way to being weaned by now) and have decided to BLW along side some mush and puree. We're 5 weeks away and I don't want my baby girl to grow up I feel a bit un prepared wink

hinkyhonk Wed 25-Sep-13 14:10:52

thought id drop back in here too. f is not speaking and not seeming inclined to start trying, i mean why bother when you have a mum who anticipates everything you do...

we are finally getting somw sleep after moving house which is a relief and ds1 seems to be settling into school ok which brings us to the next issue - do we go for no. 3 or not?

i'm pretty sure that i definitely do want another baby. when i imagine our future i see us as a family of three always but we're just getting onto a good track with the boys getting on better, us coping with two, i've lost the baby weight and everything running smoothly so what on earth am i thinking about no. 3 for?!

we have said that we won't make a decision until 2014 and we wouldn't start to ttc until march due to our history and a bonkers comment from a consultant that has stuck with me.

dh is not so keen as we've not had great luck so far with either of our boys health wise although all is fine now. some rude people think that we are mad to try for another given the things that have gone wrong for us in teh past but both those seem to be down to bad luck rather than linked.

sorry i guess i just wanted to get some thoughts down somewhere and i find it a bit difficult to discuss with rl people.

TheLittleFriend Wed 25-Sep-13 19:17:07

Hurray, people are here posting! Lets get the thread going again!

Loopy, did you try a frer?

Boo, I wouldn't worry about being unprepared if its 5 wks away. That is a long time in the life of a baby, and there's not loads you can do before you start anyway smile

Hunky, glad to hear you've settled in to your new home. I think its common to feel you are upsetting the apple cart when you start ttc, as generally you wait til older children are at an 'easier' age. I know I am going to want a third dc at fine point, just hope ds has learnt to sleep by then!

We finally had ds's paediatrician appt today. His ranitidine has been upped and I have been given nutramigen formula so I can wean him off bfing. He will be having a skin prick test to check for allergy, though the dr is pretty sure it is just an intolerance.

How is everyone else? Green, Gen, Dino, are you all out there???

TheLittleFriend Wed 25-Sep-13 19:17:54

Err, I meant hinky, not hunky blush

hinkyhonk Wed 25-Sep-13 19:59:05

I am totally hunky I'll have you know <preens>

GreenOlives Wed 25-Sep-13 21:28:11

Waves to all. I'm still here little! Great news about paed appt finally! Hopefully J will improve nicely with the new formula and increased ranitidine and <whispers> it may help with sleep too! smile
Not posting much as my smart phone met with a watery grave so I can only catch up on the laptop at the mo. All is ok here, M is still waking lots at night and T is still sleeping like a baby (apart from this week - teething I think but no teeth yet!)
I'm off to Majorca on Friday for a 3 night hen do shock Very excited and a little nervous about leaving the boys but DH will do fine I'm sure! grin
All I can think of is sleep though but I'm fairly sure that will be in short supply this weekend - at least for a different reason than normal wink

TheLittleFriend Thu 26-Sep-13 06:39:06

Have you had M's paed appt yet Green?

Loopyaboutmy2boys Thu 26-Sep-13 09:07:20

I am fairly certain that I was pregnant but lost it this week. Not trying to sound melodramatic or anything, just that I know my body. I never ever cramp unless its ovulation/implantation or stretching pains. I have never had period pains and I never have heavy periods. I had cramping that I thought was ovulation (which by the fact i have been bleeding must be true) and then cramping which would have been bang on for implantation. I then had a fall late last week, leant over a stair gate and it gave way and I crashed forward flat to the floor and was very shaken, which I guess may have caused the loss. I decided i wouldnt test until the Monday but then i had really bad pains Sunday night and started pink spotting (my periods never spot they just start with very deep red blood) and then had really bad cramps from Monday and the bleeding got extremely heavy, I was having to change tampons after an hour, and had to use a hot water bottle to try to ease the cramping. Still bleeding now but the pain seems to be easing. In a way something good has come of this, as DH is now fully committed to the idea of ttc from January for dc3, he was a bit uncertain until this all happened. So lesson learned, we will be very careful between now and January. The age gap will be much better, as if we were to have dc3 born oct 14 ds1 would be 4 the next month and ds2 would be 25months, which makes it easier for me to cope with 3 (DH is out of the house from 7.15-after the boys have gone to bed so I am basically a single mom in the week with no family at all nearby)

Oh Loopy sadthanks

GreenOlives Thu 26-Sep-13 09:48:15

little Yes we have had M's paed appt. All is well physically so it's probably a combination of his age, new sibling and an element of the trauma when we had to hold him down for the sutures on holiday. The doctor said to just keep reassuring him and sleep in his room for as long as he needs us to! We have bought him a bunk bed so now when he wakes in the night one of us goes in and sleeps on the bottom bunk. It's definitely helping as most nights he goes back to sleep quite quickly once he knows there's someone with him - it's just occasionally that we have 2 hours of him being wide awake and whispering to us! We are also giving him a magnesium supplement which does seem to have helped with him going back off to sleep again quickly after the wake ups.
loopy Sorry to hear that but good to have DH keen on ttc in the new year.

TheLittleFriend Thu 26-Sep-13 13:30:54

Really sorry to hear that loopy, hope you're ok.

Green, the bunk beds sound like a brilliant idea. And good to know there is nothing physically wrong. Hope he grows out if the behaviour soon x

Loopyaboutmy2boys Thu 26-Sep-13 20:01:00

Seriously all I'm fine about it. It wasn't like we were trying, or have gone through any fertility issues or delays like a lot of brookers, we were very lucky to fall pregnant with our boys first month of trying both times so i have no doubt we will have a dc3 in the future. If this one had made it then it would have been loved no matter what, but things happen for a reason and it might sound daft but waiting just those few months till January to try now means dc3 won't cripple us financially as i can secure maternity rights by then and I'm less likely to go crazy as that would have meant 3 children 3 and under. Plus with my issues with spd and sacroiliac joints that ongoing physio hasn't fixed, the more independent dc2 is when I am heavily pregnant the better! Especially as he already weighs 2 stone at 12 months! If it wasn't for my age I would never have children this close in age anyhow but it is what it is.

Hello everyone.

I'm glad you're ok loopy . I'm another who's been very lucky. I had one early loss before I got pg with dd, at 5 weeks, but then have been blessed with 3 healthy children from 2 pregnancies so I am lucky indeed. I still think of the early loss though, but I'm glad you're not absolutely devastated about it.

olives glad to hear the bunk beds help. I'm so soft if I thought it was trauma from being held for stitches and changes in his life I'd be in there til he begged me to leave him alone blush . I think if it is that you going in will solve it the fastest though as that's the ultimate in reassurance surely?!

Night 7 of night weaning here. S is now almost 18 months. He weighs 10.3kg (clothed) He does not need 3-4 night feeds!!! He has made some improvements but is still a very. Long. Way from sleeping through <sigh>. Oh, and he's not in his cot even for this, he's still co sleeping....

PetWoman Sun 29-Sep-13 20:08:14

Loving Hunky Hinky! It doesn't sound like there's any reason to anticipate similar problems with another baby - how rude of someone to insinuate that there might be! Btw re talking, does DS1 interpret F for you? A friend's sons did that and apparently they never heard their second son talk if the first was there to do it for him! Glad all is more settled after the move. Roll on March and TTC number 3!

Stacks exciting about TTC number 2! What's T up to these days? Hope he's still sleeping well.

Loopy sad if you did lose a pregnancy, but at least you can now stick to your plan and hopefully conceive at a better time for your family. Was this your first AF since DS2? Could that be why it was different? <clutches at straws> DS1 sounds so cute helping DS2 to walk!

Little any improvements with DS's sleep since the medication was changed?

Green hope you had a great time in Majorca!

Dream what method are you using to night wean? How is S responding? No vomming, I hope. Is B sleeping through now?

All fine here. Loving my new job - the school and department are so much better and nicer than the last place. Though I'm meant to be marking now - oops. DS is still co-sleeping and night feeding but we seem to be mostly getting enough sleep so I'm not stressing about it any more. And occasionally he has good nights when he only feeds a couple of times, which makes me think he may will cut down eventually. Right?! He is talking, but not properly: 'bu' for bus, 'eesh' for fish and so on. And still only 6 teeth (and a fang cutting through) at 18 months! I am too busy to worry though. He mostly seems a happy, bright boy so I figure these things will develop in their own time. smile

Stacks Mon 30-Sep-13 13:28:04

Hello everyone! Fully intending on posting more often and keeping up with the thread from now on.

T has started crawling, but doesn't seem to want his independence. If I put him down among his toys and walk away, he just crawls over to me, climbs up me and insists I walk him back over to his toys, where he'll stand holding my hand and bend over to play with his toys while standing! His crawl is super cute though, and he walks with his walker and had such an adorable bum waddle grin
We're getting 10-11 hours a night consistently, though he can slip into bad habits quite easily. He goes down at 7 and up at between 5 and 6, however his waking tends to get earlier and earlier over a week or so till it hits 3/4am and we have to do a bit of CC again. Next night he'll sleep til 6 or 7 again. This morning he did 7-5, played happily in his cot while I desperately tried to be asleep, then fed him and put him back down at 6 and we overslept till 8! DH had to rush around to get to work on time.
He's been really sleepy the last couple of days, with 2 hour morning naps and being tired again an hour or so after waking. Unfortunately he'll only sleep in my arms during the day again. I tried CC and gave up after an hour or more of non stop screaming, unfortunately he was overtired then, so it was 3 hours of screaming before I got him sleeping. sad I'm hoping it's just another phase that'll pass soon. He feeds to sleep but wakes up on transfer and just screams, yet at night I can put him down awake and leave and he won't cry at all hmm.

He's whinging and rubbing his eyes again, so time for another nap I think. Will try to catch up again today and comment on other people's news.

TheLittleFriend Mon 30-Sep-13 18:54:24

Stacks, really glad to hear you're getting 10-11 hrs a night now. We 're starting cc tomorrow as J is waking every 1-2 hrs and we are miserable. Will try to check in again later

Hello all,

Good luck little, hope it helps.

We decided together we will never be able to do cc, either from a vomming point of view and waking B (dd doesn't wake but he almost always does) or emotional one for us. We did sleep train, night 10 tonight. DH took him away for 3 nights. My mum has a static caravan 10 min from us which she bought after I had the dts. It meant we could definitely succeed at night weaning this time. Which we have. However, it has not improved his sleep much. He did one amazing night, of 7:30-5, but every other night he wakes between 11-1am, and then frequently from then til the morning. Can't resettle him in his cot, so still co sleeping. It has helped his appetite in the day, which will hopefully help build up his iron stores. Not managed to get the iron meds down yet, he voms them up!

Anyway, glad you're getting some sleep stacks and hope you're in that camp soon little. Wonderful about the new job pet As for me, I know s will never be a good sleeper, but hope we will continue gently persuading him into his cot, and I'll live with the wakings- no choice really!

Stacks Mon 07-Oct-13 11:39:13

I'm fed up with T today. I know I shouldn't complain as he sleeps so well at night now. Daytime naps re a constant source of frustration though. Why will tired babies not sleep?

You all fell off my threads shock

How is everyone? Me and K are trying to get rid of thrush at the mo, it's a stubborn bloody bacteria!! Getting her ready for moving into her bot bed too, she'll be sharing with C smile We're also gearing up for the big wean grin she is starting to look more ready, watching us eat and pretend chewing with us too smile can't believe she's getting so big!

What's news with all you?

Hello! It's a bit quiet in here lately and I haven't been finding much time to post.

Boo, so exciting re weaning! I felt really anxious both times with mine, but in actual fact they took to it really well. DS loves feeding himself and eats loads. Hope the thrush clears up soon.

Little how is the cc going?

Dream well done on the night weaning. Brooking that better sleep follows.

Stacks, great that T sleeps so well at night now! Brooking his day time naps improve. We have the opposite problem. He sleeps well for naps, but still wakes at night and I usually end up feeding. I'm now thinking he sleeps better in the travel cot, so may move the normal cot out and use the travel cot all the time. He likes snuggling up against the side of it.

Pet I'm glad your new job is giong well smile

Loopy sorry to hear re your loss, but wishing you the best of brooking for January.

Olives glad M is well and hope the sleep problems improve very soon.

Hinky I don't know your background re health problems, but am brooking you have plain sailing with DC3 if and when you decide to try.

All good here. DS now over 9 months, crawling, pulling to stand (well trying to) and babbling away. Lots of fun!

GreenOlives Sun 13-Oct-13 22:04:41

marking place, will try and post properly soon! smile

Stacks Fri 18-Oct-13 09:48:01

Time to get back on the thread. It's a real shame it's so quiet these days, but it's hard to find time to post with LOs.

T is doing well, naps are still a bit of an issue, but not too bad really. He's stopped sleeping through the night though sad Just this week, waking 3-5 times a night got no apparent reason. Hoping whatever it is will pass by next week.

As you've probably seen somewhere already, I got a real BFP yesterday, so we're expecting DC 2. Due date should be end of June, but we'll see at the first scan, as I'm not really sure when I ovulated. Tiny bit scared/nervous, trying to keep that in check alongside excitement.

How's everyone else?

It is very quiet over here isn't it, you nearly dropped off my threads again shock

K has started weaning (much to my horror) I actually feel very proud that I did the 6 months (give or take a week) EBF, and she has taken to food so well, she loves it smile So far her faves are mini sweetcorn, chicken and banana. Broccoli didn't go down so well--but the organix banana biscuits got very well gummed indeed-- and she has been having a bit of puree along side her BLW stuff. She is also looking at everything we're eating with hope on her face grin so far she has only been having food in the evening, from tomorrow she will be having breakfast too.

Stacks I meant to ask, how old is T now? SO pleased for you getting your BFP smilesmile

Evening everyone else, how are you all doing?

Stacks Fri 18-Oct-13 18:52:06

Boo sounds like you're getting on great with the weaning. I've always found breakfast to be the 'worst' meal for T, as he has milk when he wakes up, so is never that hungry. We wait an hour or so, but he still doesn't eat much. Lunch is almost always enjoyed though, and he tends to eat a lot more.

T is 10 months next week, it's gone so fast! He's also become quite adorable the last few days, even if he's not sleeping as well. He's started building his tower with his stacking cups, if you give them to him in the right order and the right way up. smile He's also started showing his temper a bit, but it's still pretty cute just now.

GreenOlives Fri 18-Oct-13 20:26:15

Right, the Shiraz is poured and the chicken shish is about to arrive so no time for a post BUT I promise to post properly over the weekend - we can't let this thread die!! smile

10 months already, wow, it really goes so fast! I have a sneaky master plan for breakfast as K also likes a BF when she wakes up, so I will get the teen out the door, do the school run with C and after 9 when it is all quiet in Boo towers she can have her porridge/fruit then another BF I do realise this will never work in practice thlwink

Olives I will take a wine if there's one going thlgrin

Stacks Sat 19-Oct-13 09:35:26

How did breakfast go Boo?

T is refusing all food and water the past couple of days. I'm giving him as much breastmilk as he wants, but not really sure it's sufficient. His sleeping has turned awful too, he was awake basically every hour last night, though he didn't need me to resettle him at all really, it's making him do tired and grumpy during the day. Me to really. I fed him at 3, 5 and 7, but he woke me up at 11, 12:30, 1, 1:30 and 2:15. He just dirt of lays there and whimpers for 5 minutes or do before going back to sleep. Not even crying really. Then in the morning he throws himself around in tiredness, occasionally collapsing on me for a cuddle out of exhaustion. I can't get him to feed back to sleep though sad

I've no real idea what to do. I'm wondering if it's because I took him off his reflux meds, so we're going to try starting those again today.

Olives how was the wine and chicken shish? We had takeout last night after T went to bed, DH just wanted chip shop though. Bit boring really, but lovely not to cook.

Booooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Sat 19-Oct-13 09:43:25

Putting him back on the meds sounds like a good idea, to be honest as I was reading it I thought it sounded like a poorly tummy sad Hope he feels better soon! Brooking he improves so you can get some sleep!

Breakfast was a success, we like porridge thlgrin a few spoons of porridge and a nice BF was a hit smilesmile the poo that went up to the back of her neck, not so much of a hit though thlblush

thlenvy of all the yummy take aways.

GreenOlives Sun 20-Oct-13 20:30:09

Now I know I said I'd post properly but it's going to be fairly short as I am cream crackered! smile
stacks any difference with T after a couple of days back on the meds? We stopped T's gaviscon a few weeks ago and his ranitidine 10 days ago - so far so good - he has been a bit grisly but I think that's due to the arrival of his first 2 teeth over the last fortnight! And any more piar action?? Has it sunk in yet that dc2 is growing away inside you? grin
Glad to hear K is enjoying her food boo, porridge is my favourite breakfast too! grin
gen hows fil doing? I hope you are all bearing up ok. Are you back at work yet?
little how did the cc go? And how is J doing on the reflux/intolerance front?
All is ticking along in the Olives household. T is very cute, he has a stubborn but loving little personality developing and is changing and growing so quickly! Some days he eats like a horse and other days he is all about the milk still! He's definitely not a fan of breakfast so any suggestions gratefully received? We have tried porridge, weetabix, mini shredded wheat, shreddies, cheerios and toast but he doesn't seem interested in any of them! Fortunately he's quite adventurous at other meals! grin
Well I managed a longer post than I thought! Sorry for not name checking everyone but sending a cheery brooking wave to all grin
Oh and my Friday kebab and wine were heavenly! grin

Stacks Tue 22-Oct-13 08:29:17

Morning all. T seems better these last couple of nights, hard to know what's done it though. He was really hot and sweaty and night, so we turned off his heater, also gave him his meds back, and it was 4 days later - which with a baby is just as likely to have been the cure! Still, we're keeping him on the meds for now, and have a review appointment at the hospital this week anyway.

Olives T has never been a fab of breakfast really. You could try fresh fruit, or maybe eggs? Also flavoured porridge, I mix in fruit purée.

We are so quiet these days!

Stacks, glad T's sleep is getting better again and you got sorted with some medication. Hope you can keep that pesky nausea under control! I was reading the other thread while putting E to bed and read with interest your thoughts about T's birthday. We obviously have a similar issue with E's birthday on 28 Dec and I'm considering a summer celebration for him too. Seems a bit weird though when it's not his real birthday. My birthday is in January and it always feels a bit too close to Christmas, nobody wants to go out as they're all skint/on diets/not drinking. Hmm.

Olives, I'm sad to say FIL died about 10 days ago. It's very sad, but things are starting to go back to normal and we're trying to look for the positives. I am back at work and just about getting into the old routine again. Re your breakfast dilemma, E has Ready Brek with fruit puree or mashed banana and loves it. He wasn't too keen on Weetabix, which I thought was a shame as it's so easy! Mind you, RB is hardly a chore!

Booooo, I'm glad K is weaning so well! She's a good girl, that 'un!

Well E is now pulling up to stand and can do several steps if you hold his hands. We are not ready for this! How can he be at this stage already!!! He also has four lower teeth, one top tooth now and three more very nearly through. That, with his full head of hair and standing up abilities means he will look like a toddler before long - aaaargh!!!

GreenOlives Wed 23-Oct-13 21:33:44

I'm sorry to hear about fil gen, it's so sad but I'm glad you are managing to think positively, are you going to be fund raising for pancreatic cancer? I love the pic of dd with her grandpa on FB, just gorgeous smile How is it being back at work?
Thanks for the breakfast suggestions stacks and gen - I've tried mixing fruit into the cereal but he's still not keen. I tried normal porridge rather than Ready Brek this morning as he likes texture to his food and he did actually eat more than usual (although I suspect that may have been because Max was messing about which distracted him!) grin

Thanks Olives! Yes, I want to. Some of the family are doing running and stuff, but I don't think I could do that! Not sure what I'll do though. It is OK being back at work, I do enjoy it. But I miss my DCs! Re breakfast, would he eat pieces of banana? E likes to feed himself and it's messy, but I always think banana is a good one as it's filling and nutritious (but horribly messy on his clothes and hands!)

Stacks Sat 26-Oct-13 15:03:07

Went to see the consultant yesterday for DS. He's ok but needs to put on more weight - only put on 300g in 3 months. They gave us high calorie fortified formula milk for him. I'm trying not to worry too much, but he's dropped from the 75th percentile at birth to the 10th now. He was also on the 90th percentile for height at birth, and just 25th now. I just can't make him eat sad

NoisyNoraBackAgain Sat 26-Oct-13 16:58:57

NC here - was Pet but fancied a change.

Stacks congratulations on the BFP! How exciting! My SIL has just announced her pregnancy and I'm a little bit jealous of you both now... wink

Sorry to hear about T's weight. Has he been refusing food for a while or just recently? You could try adding lots of butter / cream to his food?

Dream when your DH took S away for 3 nights of night weaning, how was it? Did DH get much sleep and did S understand that you weren't there, do you think? How is his sleep now? Any further improvement?

<waves to everyone else>

No time now but will try to post again soon.

Hello all,

Glad to hear of things going well. Wow, almost walking generic can't believe he is so big now!

stacks, does sound like he still needs the meds. Did the consultant think he should still be on them? You could always add in a dream feed too. Have to say, Seb is eating better since night weaning, taken about a month to see an improvement, so maybe it'll help him too.

Night weaning and indeed stopping bf has made sod all difference to sleep here, though he is a bit easier to settle. Still wakes just as often though. Sigh. He is ok when away from the house with DH. Wakes, occasionally cries in DH arms for up to 90 min, but generally a quick settle. Unfortunately in our house, if he knows I'm there, he will not accept DH, at all. I have to have him to stop him waking the others. Mission Self Settle has failed. Gah. Now what?

Stacks Thu 31-Oct-13 09:38:39

Morning. We put T back on the meds and he seemed to get a bit better. Still not sure if it was just coincidence though. The consultant said to phase it out more slowly if we want to try again, so miss one dose in 4, then 3, then every other day etc. We're on holiday just now visiting my dad, and he's refused to take his last two doses. Hopefully we'll get one down him today and not miss again for a while.

Being on holiday this week has been good for feeding T too. DH has been home and we've been trying new foods and strategies to get him eating. He's been doing loads better, but it basically means most of the day is now focused on making him eat. He seems to get bored of eating quite quickly, so his meals take an hour or so to finish, while he has regular play breaks. Food is going in though, I just hope it sticks to his little bones!

I've been down in London mostly to meet my no-longer-little nephew. He's 8 months, and this is the first time I've met him and his mum. You might remember me posting back in the day about my brother moving out and leaving them. Well, they're doing well without him, though are still good friends with each other and my family. It's been good meeting him, but I've really noticed lots of differences in their development. DN can't sit unaided, seems to have very little core strength or coordination. He also never cries or really makes any sound. I guess because his mum is deaf he's learnt crying doesn't work? I'm a little worried, but just need to remember children all develop at different rates.

It was a little surreal though, within an hour of meeting them we'd been left to babysit DN while they went out shopping for a couple of hours... I've still basically never left DS with anyone!

I've rambled on for ages and not checked in with anyone. I'll go back and read now.

Stacks Thu 31-Oct-13 09:58:59

Gen sorry to hear about FIL. It sounds like DS is really coming along. T still doesn't have any teeth, DH is impatient for him to get some, but as I'm still bf I don't mind too much smile For money raising have you hought about doing one of those 'night in' parties? You basically do a dinner party and drinks, but your friends donate what they would have spent if they'd all gone out to a restaurant. I think it's mostly talked about for raising money for breast cancer, but no reason you couldn't do it for pancreatic cancer instead. You could have some leaflets to raise awareness too.

I'm now officially making the decision that DS will have a summer half birthday celebration! Even if it's just some of our friends and family that will honor it, I think it'll be better for T to have that day all to himself, rather than sharing his birthday with that pesky Father Christmas! I just really hope dc2 isn't born on the 25th June! Ideally he/she will wait till July smile

Dream I really hoped the night weaning plan would help he sleep. Well, I hoped it'd be a bit of a miracle cure really. Are you managing a bit more sleep at least?

Nora good to see you again. How are things going? You considering another DC at any point? T's been refusing food for ages, or just not showing any interest in it. He'll happily go all day without food or bf, it's like he doesn't really feel hunger. I've noticed though that now he's eating a little more this week, he's willing to eat more. Maybe he's only just realised food makes the hunger go?

GreenOlives Tue 05-Nov-13 14:25:36

Afternoon all!
T went for his first nursery trial today, just 2 hours, and he loved it whilst I cried like a baby at leaving him! He has another 2 hours tom then full day on Thursday! sad I'm just so glad he was fine, allays my guilt somewhat! Although I'm not sure why I feel guilty - I'm going back to work so we can pay the mortgage and bills and not for any other reason! Well I suppose a little part of me is looking forward to not being mummy for a few hours and I do enjoy my job, I just wish we could afford for me to do less hours!!
How is everyone else? It's still very quiet in here. x

hinkyhonk Tue 05-Nov-13 14:36:41

not doing too badly over here. had a horrible session doing cc with f not long ago which has worked really well but ds1 not really sleeping well despite being exhausted from starting school. think he is just a really anxious child but its difficult to constantly reassure him that its not going to rain which he seems to get really wound up about but when it actually rains he is not that bothered - go figure.

gen sorry to hear about your FIL. my mum's best friend has just died of pancreatic cancer - it seems to move so quickly its frightening. my cousin who also has terminal cancer had a much worse prognosis but is still hanging on in chemo so think really the drs have no idea how much time anyone has really. bit depressing all round. sorry

Stacks Thu 07-Nov-13 10:03:35

We're such a quiet bunch these days, I remember when I could barely keep up with this thread. No idea how to liven things up though.

T slept 6:30-7:30 last night, with a 1 minute resettle at 3 and a 10 min feed at 4:30. Such a far cry from our nights just a few short months ago! Just trying to get him down for a nap now.

Glad nursery trial went well Olives, how are things now?

Hinky children's anxieties are so hard to figure out and deal with. They make no sense but are so important. No advice really, just hope ds1 gets past it soon. Glad the CC worked with F, it's what finally made the difference with T. He's so much happier now after decent sleep.

TheLittleFriend Fri 08-Nov-13 20:02:58

Hi everyone

I fell off the thread a while back, so hope you are all well??

J is a better sleeper after doing cc, though I'm still doing a night feed. He's still dairy intolerant and I think gluten intolerant too. I've stopped bfing so he's on nutramigen formula now, which smells vile but he guzzles fine.
He had a skin prick test today to check his symptoms aren't from an allergy, but everything tested was negative. Apart from all that, he is absolutely wonderfully scrummy grin

Dd is also great, but testing us with her teenager-like attitude. I just don't know how to deal with her sometimes confused

Stacks Wed 20-Nov-13 20:28:00

Hello all. We've become chronically quiet on here!

I'm doing awful at mn these days, just too tired. Wanted to come check in with you all though. Also, DS is walking smile

Loopyaboutmy2boys Fri 22-Nov-13 14:57:25

Hey stacks, I know what you mean, I am so busy with my 2 ds's that I just don't get as much time as I used to to go online. Ds2 started nursery yesterday though so I will now have a bit more time, although he will only be going 10 hours a week, and I need to reinvent our lives so a lot of time will be going into that. We want to move house, just about given up on selling my house so now starting to investigate the prospects of renting a house elsewhere close to my family and getting a job to pay for it with DH commuting....however there is no such thing as part time work in this industry and I can't bear the idea of working full time and being away from my boys. But I need to do something ASAP as ideally we'd like to ttc number 3 in January, so need to be in work asap and then I am hoping I could negotiate part time hours when that mat leave ends.... So makes sense to work in new area as if we have number 3 when we hope, it will coincide with when we need to start applying for school for ds1, so really need to get a job in that area before dc3 is born as ds1 would then be starting school just as that mat leave ends....so a big complicated mess in my head as to how to get where we want to end up. 2 possible jobs so far, and trying to talk myself into the idea of full time work and not seeing my boys. Anyone got any tips? Since having Ds1 although i had income coming in throughout due to the way our industry works, I only id very much part time self employed work from nov 11 to July 12 then have been on extended mat leave ever since! Kind of got used to not actually working and being at home....

Stacks Tue 26-Nov-13 17:26:10

Wow, lots of plans Loopy, and how exciting about TTC #3! We're hoping to move next year, but as yet we've not really done much more than pick an area we want to move to (and a secondary school for DS, even though he's not even 1 yet!). We want to make the next area we move to be the place our kids fully grow up, if not a forever home. Realistically I think we'll move a couple more times, but stay local to the area where DS and bump go to school.

No advice for helping you leave your boys to go back to work. I handed in my notice not long ago, so am now officially a sahm. Hoping to stay home till both DC start school, or at least school + full time nursery. What industry are you thinking of moving into? I'm hoping to go into some kind of learning support in education. Perhaps in a special needs school. Still quite a long way off for me though, so don't need to think of any concrete plans yet.

Hope everyone else is well?

Stacks Tue 26-Nov-13 18:04:09

hales sorry to hear you're having such a tough time. I really hope the dr can help you. DS is really hard work too, he just will not play on his own. If I try and even sit in a chair in the same room as him while he plays then he'll stand at my knee and scream at me, if that doesn't work he starts bashing his head into my legs and biting my clothes. If I just get down to his level he's a bit better, but it's so uncomfortable being on the floor with him all day, and so restrictive! I expected parenting to be a full time job, but not this full time! Work usually involves at least a lunch break and a couple of coffee breaks. People at baby groups are surprised when I say he won't play on his own, and basically all end up asking some form of "have you tried just letting him play on his own". It's like they can't comprehend it sad

Our saviour is getting out, whether it's baby groups, shopping or just out for a walk. DS loves to watch other people, so even though I still have to sit and play with him, he's not as focused on the playing, so I can sneak in a couple of minutes of thinking my own thoughts. I can't imagine coping if we had to stay home all the time. I don't like noise or social situations, but it's more that I don't really know how to participate, even with friends I've had for years. Loud sounds make me cringe and jump, but it really is just a dislike, so I can handle it fine.
DH has never had DS for more than 2 hours, and never at all without me also being in the house and helping him with stuff - choosing what to feed him and when, watching him when DH wants to use the loo etc. I had a chat with him last weekend and have told him he needs to learn to deal with DS himself. I think next weekend I'll hide in the bedroom for a couple of hours, the next weekend I'll send him out somewhere. I think he's terrified of being out with DS on his own.

Not sure any of that is helpful to read, I just started waffling - sorry!

Stacks Tue 26-Nov-13 18:05:17

Wow, no idea how I ended up posting that on this thread! It was meant for another thread. Oops.

GreenOlives Wed 27-Nov-13 13:47:03

Marking place as you fell off my TIO! Can't post now as I'm in dire need of a sneaky nap whilst T is asleep! Hope everyone is ok smile

RubberBaubles Mon 09-Dec-13 16:12:42

You fell of my TIO too fblush

DD has just done a wee in her potty, that is 1 wee and 1 poo so far fsmile

GreenOlives Tue 10-Dec-13 13:44:47

Good work Rubber's DD! grin

Stacks Wed 18-Dec-13 08:29:43

Has this thread died now do you think? Are we all on the fb group? I wonder if the new brooking mums will come join us here or stay on the antenatal thread?

News here is that T has a tooth finally, just short of a year old. He's also sleeping really well, I get 12-13 hrs a night, and at least two 1 hr naps a day. He had a 2:40 nap the other day, after a 90m morning nap! Perhaps he's just making up for the months of awful sleep he gave us.

GreenOlives Wed 18-Dec-13 09:43:09

That's fabulous news stacks! Long may the great sleeping continue! I think this thread has probably died a death - I think it's because so many of us are 2nd or 3rd time mums so don't have quite so much need for support/advice and when we do need it it's easy to post on FB, and our babies are getting big too! However with the recent new arrivals they may revive the thread! smile

I agree, I try and read, but don't have time to post. My queries are also pretty specific, and sleep is still horrendous here. Depressingly so. But as i don't think there's really an answer for us I'm stuck. No one wants to hear my endless sleep deprived moaning grin

I hope the new mums revive it. Or we all make it onto the fb group- much quicker and easier in lots of ways.

musicalmrs Sun 22-Dec-13 20:51:13

Hi all! I try to read, but also struggle to find time to post everywhere. I like the FB group, but feel a bit guilty posting about some things there when there are still TTC brookers around (although there seem to be fewer on there now..).

No news here really. Given up BF accidentally, hoping it'll have a positive effect on my cycles. Been TTC half heartedly for maybe 6ish weeks, but still no AF, so no clue what's going on yet. However, I'm currently turning into a massive spot so I suspect that AF will finally put in an appearance around Christmas..

DD is lovely, very talkative, occasionally doing the odd thing in a potty when she feels like it but no clear pattern, loves drawing, and enjoys clambering into bed with us half way through the night.

Stacks Wed 25-Dec-13 11:41:03

Merry Christmas everyone, and happy birthday to T - 1 today! How did that go so fast?

musicalmrs Wed 25-Dec-13 13:18:24

Merry Christmas! Happy birthday to T too - had forgotten he's a Christmas baby. How're you feeling Stacks?

GreenOlives Wed 25-Dec-13 21:03:36

Happy birthday T! And hope everyone had a fabulous christmas day grin

jaggythistle Sun 05-Jan-14 12:27:38

Oh! you're still here. Must be my longest brooking gap ever blush

Just procrastinating at work and looked up a few old posts.

Happy New Year brookers smile

(PS DS2 still sleeps crap at 20 months - you should see my brown eye circles. It's lucky he's cute)

jaggythistle Tue 14-Jan-14 13:12:53

Oh well, brooking that you're all ok! smile

Loopyaboutmy2boys Tue 14-Jan-14 22:24:31

I'm still around jaggy, sorry about non sleeping ds2! I'm the only one in our house who doesn't sleep...

Hi all, we're not very chatty over here, I will be linking this for our newest post natal brookers see if we can't revive the post natal chat a bit smile

musicalmrs Sun 26-Jan-14 12:55:47

Hi Boo! How're you and your fabulous family? smile

Everything is all good in Boo towers thanks, teen boo has his college interview on the 3rd, we're waiting to see if C got into our first and only choice school and K is just a dream!

How are you Musical and everyone else?

keepitgoing Sun 26-Jan-14 15:12:14

hello!!!!! I'll wait for the clueless newbies as I wander round in a sling as she won't nap in the cot in the day... feel like I spend half the day making her nap. sling, jiggling, pram... smile

Stacks Sun 26-Jan-14 16:59:20

Hello again everyone. We've been very quiet here too, DS is amazing though. I always thought the baby stage was the best, but if I'm honest I didn't bind that well to T as a baby. He was cute and adorable and I'd watch him sleep and be scared he wasn't breathing and need to poke him every now and then... but I'm not sure I'd have been any different if it had been someone else's baby I was looking after. There was no magic bond people talk about.
Anyway, he's a year old now, and I think "I love my boy!" at least 20 times a day. Even when he's being naughty sometimes, with his cheeky grin as he pulls all the washing off the radiators smile

I guess I'm saying it's ok if you don't enjoy the first bit. I've always loved babies (since I was in primary school). Having one was very different than I imagined though. Even then, it was an amazing experience, and one I'm soon to be repeating smile

I hope all the new mums and babies come over to revive this thread. Look forward to seeing you smile

SweetieTime Sun 26-Jan-14 20:59:29

I found you all. SO pleased we have a thread for all our questions.

Stacks we felt like we were looking after someone elses pet for the first few weeks we had the twins then reality sets in that there is no going back

I am slowly getting used to been up close and personal to baby bodily fluids. I currently have pee stained trackie bottoms curtesy of F and baby sick on my shoulder from his sister.

I think AF is back here too, I have felt rough as anything all day and have a cracking headache. My lochia had more or less finished but overnight has become very heavy and bright red so I am thinking it must be AF. I am 6 weeks post delivery tomorrow and not BF so it could well be.

musicalmrs Sun 26-Jan-14 22:17:27

College and schools Boo?! How scary is that, and how grown up your family are smile

All is good here thanks. DD doing well, lots of words, very bossy ("Come! Come now!" is her current favourite command.. along with "Come now. Shops. Sweeties. Yum!" - her dad's fault!).

Keep, I remember the jiggling days well! DD would only sleep in a sling for a very long time.

Stacks, I know what you mean - think I'm the same! I loved snuggly baby DD, but I'm really enjoying seeing her blossom into a proper person now she's a toddler smile She manages to amaze me and make me love her all over again each day. Hope I'm lucky enough to be able to do it all over again some day.

musicalmrs Sun 26-Jan-14 22:21:27

AF back already Sweetie?! That seems so unfair.

Ah yes, baby bodily fluids. A rite of passage smile Though my DH has thus far avoided getting baby/toddler sick on him at all and DD is 20 months. I feel this is somewhat unfair..

keepitgoing Mon 27-Jan-14 07:34:36

did she just grow out of it musical?

sometimes in the night she's so noisy, kicking her little legs and groaning. it can't be proper sleep poor little thing.

stacks that's lovely. I'm falling more in love with her all the time, as she becomes more interactive with Goos and smiles smile

sweetie how are the twins? and do you had a sight appointment set up yet?

<wanders in wearing pjs and dressing gown. craddling a crying baby>
sweetie sorry you've got af with you! she could have at least given you a longer break.

Ooh.I nice to see the recent grads here smile

I can't believe AF is bothering you so soon Sweetie sad

<leaves out comfy cushions and hand made matchsticks for propping open weary eyes>

SweetieTime Mon 27-Jan-14 16:45:47

I have been very brave today and been to the local childrens centre. It was Jelly Babies session so everything geared towards babies. We made little casts of the twins hands and next week we get to paint them. E loved the sensory room staring at the black & white images they had on the lower walls. F slept through most of it but that made it easier for me. All this entertainment for £1 - bargain so we will be going back next week.

Trix for us not BF I think we get an earlier visit than the others. I am not sure what to do about contraception but am going to have to get something sorted even after the journey I have had to get here.

keep I went to see an eye specialist last week but he didn't know what are causing my problems which was disappointing. I have some more tests this week and see him again next Monday. I have told him I am willing to go anywhere to get this sorted. I think he is going to consult with his colleagues to see if they have seen this before. In the meantime I just stress about it. I am going back to GP tomorrow to discuss my anxiety and hopefully get some talking therapy as I really don't want to go onto long term anti depressant meds.

Musical at what age did DD start to talk? I cannot wait to hear mine speak - I know I am rushing things. Also no-one tells you how noisy babies are, OMG mine never shut up making noises even when they are asleep.

N can be noisey when he is stirring but that can be for an hour or more before he's properly awake. by then I've been awake the whole time waiting for him to start screaming.
well today was ment to be our first full day alone together. he cried all day and so did I. for the life of me I could not settle the child sad . he finally feel asleep at half past 3 at around the same time as mum arrived to save me. I hadn't got dressed, and still all I've done is change into joggers. he's been asleep since and mum sat with him while I went to bed for a bit. I was ment to be meeting the nct girls at 3pm but by then I really wasn't in the mood to go and obviously I was no wear near ready. I feel bad that I didn't go because the venue was choosen to suit me.
sweetie I think that's sensible as you never know what may happen. I will have to sort some thing out when the time comes too although I am dreading it. I have tried various pills and the injection before and none of them have agreed with me. I can get awful pmt as well I used to take mood stabilisers for it. jelly babies sounds amazing! I can't believe you manage to get the 3 of you out and about, with your poor eyes as well, where as I have barely brushed my teeth today.

keepitgoing Mon 27-Jan-14 19:42:41

oh trix lovely sweeties twins are 6 weeks. it does get easier. I have cried alongside s before when I couldn't figure it out and was knackered. don't worry about dressing or housework. just getting through the day you've done well. xxx

keepitgoing Mon 27-Jan-14 19:44:57

BTW taking him put in the pram is a surefire way to make him sleep. doesn't matter just put a coat over your PJs.

if he's fed, winded, clean nappy he'll just be tired. but in fact at the start I would assume hunger.

I should have taken him out. dh suggested that. next time I will just throw on a big coat and push him round the block.

keepitgoing Mon 27-Jan-14 20:49:34

you also feel better for fresh air. just take it a day at a time. the early days are hard work.

first night I got s off to sleep and went downstairs with dh tonight grin

musicalmrs Mon 27-Jan-14 21:34:07

Trix, it gets easier. I too would recommend going out - I made sure I went out every day as it made me feel sane. That, and a shower and getting dressed in the morning (shower with DD in a bouncy chair or cot with mobile if DH wasn't around). If I did those two things I stayed sane and happy! Wish I could be a pyjamas all day person. Also, have you got a sling? DD was hideous to settle, but the sling always worked - and left me hands free to drink tea/eat biscuits etc!

Keep, yes and no. She's always been shocking at napping. She's dropped them now, but I used to have to sling her or bounce her on my knee to get her down (or buggy in the last couple of months, but didn't work to start with!). I'm sure your DD won't be as fussy as mine though.

Sweetie, she's been saying bits and bobs for the last 6 months or so, but is currently going through a bit of a language explosion, with several new words a day. Sorry to hear about the sight problems and especially the anxiety. Make sure you fight for what you want - it's all too easy for them to give anti depressants to people who don't necessarily want them.

keepitgoing Tue 28-Jan-14 08:04:10

how old is she now musical?

keepitgoing Tue 28-Jan-14 08:05:29

good luck for today trix and hope your night was OK. is your mum around today? even a trip yo the post office is good for sanity. how are you physically after the birth?

SweetieTime Tue 28-Jan-14 08:39:05

Trix I agree it really helps to go for a walk. I try to get a shower before twins wake up. I know they are safe in their cot if they are grumbling. it makes you feel more human. Give it a go and see how you get on.

Keep well done for getting s to settle on her own.

horrendous night here. think e may have reflux as she has started sicking up her feeds. she had to be fully charged twice yesterday. she was also sick all over our bed when I was swaddling her to put her down to sleep. so we had to change the duvet before we could go to bed. then she was really unsettled all night. I am shattered now & poor dh must be the same at work.

keepitgoing Tue 28-Jan-14 09:25:57

sweetie s sometimes sicks if she's a bit coldy or unwell in any way. it doesn't take much to make a baby vom... hope it's not reflux! try holding her upright for 20 mins x

am showered and dressed! hmmm think I have a poo to sort out back later

Yours or N's grin wink

grin boo
my friend from nct came round for a bit. N spent most of the time whinging and crying. he had a short nap long enough for me to make tea and drink half of it. he's taken just over an hour over his bottle not had as much as usual but has sicked a bit up and fallen asleep. can't believe the time already. I'm starving haven't managed to eat yet today. was planning on pushing him round the block but I'm not sure now.

Stacks Tue 28-Jan-14 15:08:37

I remember those early days well, I'm dreading doing it over again with an 18mo too! I used to try and get up and showered before DH left for work - even if I then went back to bed fully clothed! I also found wearing a dressing gown all day was great. I could hold T in the standard position in one arm, but forge dressing gown belt up under him, with him half tucked it (does that make any sense?) took some of the weight off my arm and made me feel he was held safer, so I could stretch out a hand to hold toast still while I buttered it smile
I also basically didn't get out at all for the first 3 weeks, and after that I just made a point of walking to the shops for chocolate before DH got home, so I could say we'd been out.

keepitgoing Tue 28-Jan-14 15:18:05

trix go out if you can even just for chocolate. it'll feel like an achievement. I don't know about ff as bf but maybe give smaller more frequent bottles. I think his stomach is size of ping pong ball.

I know what you mean re days going by...

I got dh to make me a sarnie before he went. you must eat! how old is he? x

keepitgoing Tue 28-Jan-14 16:40:29

so we are on four naps a day. the first on me is easy. the second usually an hour in the pram while I listen to a women's hour podcast. the third usually out somewhere. the fourth, like now, is hardest but I have started putting her in the sling. a whole back I tried to get her in the cot but she won't settle herself and if I put her down asleep she doesn't last long and ends up exhausted. so for now I'm going with it.

in the last 3 weeks, so since 8 weeks, she will happily spend 30 mins looking at her cot mobile or in baby gym. makes a massive difference to me. so hang in there. I am finding bit much easier.

nights - bed at 8ish (self settling usually) and wake ups at present 12.30, 3.30, 6.30. though we have had a few 5/6 hour stretches. so it's not brilliant for her age but could be worse, and as she goes off again quite fast I'm not too worried for now, just a bit envy of the better sleeping babies. but she is so gorgeous, engaging and happy in the day grin

so basically, it does get easier. babies are more easily entertained, sleep and feed better. and you become more confident and less shattered

trix pm me your number if you want to chat x

I made it out for a walk, just around the block and we probably weren't gone for much more than 10min but still we went out smile
although he will sleep for 5hours or a little more sometimes he seems to have gone back to 4hours. originally I was setting an alarm every 4 hours in the night sometimes he'd have began crying for his bottle but not always, I'd get him up anyway. so that's another change as I now leave him till he cries as well as the ready made and powdered probably being a different temperature and using different bottles. I chop and change depending on what's easier for me at the time blush . so I need to stick to one thing at a time to figure put what's up setting him. so first I'm trying the ready made formula tipped into his tommy tippy bottles. I only realized earlier though that some times that can be quite cold. as they say ready to drink I've just given them as they are so depending on where I've kept them and how cold the house is I guess they vary in temperature.

I think I may have to try setting my self an alarm for around 7 when I know N will be sleeping so I can get showered dressed and hopefully have breakfast. I considered stacks idea but dh leaves at 5.30. I was thinking of getting ready at 6ish this morning when N had gone to sleep after his feed and going back to bed myself but I changed my mind. I think he will want feeding at 9ish in the morning so I will make an effort to at least have a shower before then.

keepitgoing Tue 28-Jan-14 20:23:44

try putting him in the shower room in bouncy chair? he'll prob like the noise.

keepitgoing Tue 28-Jan-14 20:25:29

and well done for getting out! grin baby steps.

Bouncy chair saved me many times smile well done leaving the house with him. Little bit at a time, your confidence will soon be there.

Keep sounds like you and S are getting along really well smilesmile

SweetieTime Tue 28-Jan-14 20:35:43

Trix Well done for getting out. Just take things a step at a time. I set an alarm to get up and ready before the twins wake too. Sometimes I manage to have breakfast and sometime even get some bottles sterilised other times not.
We don't wake twins in the night to feed either but we do in the day to keep them in a bit of a routine for feeds. We give them the milk at different temperatures too. Sometimes straight from the bottle and sometimes warmed up from the fridge. We have also started to introduce powder milk in the day too. They have whatever we give them, obviously greedy monkeys.

Keep I am not sure when to introduce a more structured nap routine. Currently they just sleep when they need to usually after feeds and when we are travelling either in car or in pram. When did you start with S?
Also when did you start putting her upstairs in the evening? Twins are in their travel cot in the living room with us until we all go to bed about 10ish. We start to feed them at 9.30 then all go to bed.

We currently feed at 9.30am, 13.30, 17.30, 21.30, 1.30 & 5.30 so nap sure when to fit naps in around these feeds. It varies how much they have at each feed, usually between 100ml & 140ml

Trix feel free to ask away, I am no expert but I can tell you what I do. It is all about getting more confident and doing when is right for you and N.

keepitgoing Wed 29-Jan-14 08:33:14

sweetie we don't have a routine. basically she can only be awake 75-90 mins without getting grumpy, so I have to make her nap. times of naps and lengths vary hugely, it just works out usually as four a day. it's only in about the last 10 days I've been putting her down upstairs. previously dh kept her down with him while I slept, till the next feed.

in the day I just feed whenever, though loosely doing baby whisperer sleep eat play. you sound like you have a great routine, I think bf is harder in that way

keepitgoing Wed 29-Jan-14 09:23:30

basically it's usually 1 hour nap, 10 mins feed, 1 hour ish play. repeat repeat repeat smile I don't know how I'd fit that around 4 hour daytime feeds, unless they sleep longer. I've read by 5m they might be OK awake for 2 hours.

N slept for 5hours last night grin I woke him to feed as dh was worried because although he slept for 5 hours it had taken a little while to settle him so it had been longer than that since he'd last been fed. I am up and dressed again. I have been giving him ready made milk but in the tommy tippy bottles and he's been much better. I think I will continue doing that until tomorrow when I will give him one powdered formula and see what happens.
its wet and horrible here so I doubt we will go out. but we do need to pop to mothercare when dh gets home so we will have left the house at least.

keepitgoing Wed 29-Jan-14 14:56:22

well done trix grin can I ask who told you to wake him? does he ask for bottles in the day? so long as he is getting the recommended amount in 24 hours why not leave him to sleep? (and you!)

dh wanted me too, but it stems from being told at antenatal not to leave them longer than 4 hours, I was worried about not waking and was told to set an alarm if I was worried but that I wouldnt need to. so to begin with that's what I did usually N would have woken though. then more recently he wouldn't be so I would snooze till he was more awake. I spoke to the health visitor who said to let him sleep so I have been. in the day he pretty clock work wanting his feed every four hours. he'll have anywhere between 3 and 5oz. I think he's still having 6 feeds a day. today I need him to feed twice more to make it 6. its been approx 3.30am, 7.30am, 11.30am and 3.30pm. he's just had nearly 5oz so I think he may go a bit longer and not wake at 7.30pm when his next feed would be due. but am I right in thinking that 5 feeds is ok because of the amount he's having? isn't 4/5oz a lot for a 3wk old?

keepitgoing Wed 29-Jan-14 17:47:43

it sounds like a lot but sweetie will know more as I'm bf. I think it's only when they are v little and sleepy that you need wake them.

I'm going yo try a dream feed tonight

keepitgoing Wed 29-Jan-14 17:55:49

oh trix today my friend gives her 8wo 6oz about every 4 hours, with a 6 hour overnight stretch. I'm quite jealous as her dh does night feeds at the weekend. mine can't. argh I want a full nights sleep!!

what's a dream feed?
N is a rather greedy baby but I guess thats a good thing.

keepitgoing Wed 29-Jan-14 19:42:19

when you put them to bed at say 8, then lift and feed then in their sleep when you go to bed to get them further through the night

it's good he likes his food, though it is possible apparently to overfeed a ff baby so I'd follow some guidelines.

its so confusing because on our first mw visit after we came home she told us not to give him more than x amount. we followed that but he still seemed to be hungry. so the next time we saw a mw we asked again and was told to let him have as much as he wants so each one seems to have a different opinion. but I've found that with everything so far. no two mws or hv give the same advice.

keepitgoing Thu 30-Jan-14 01:59:25

that is definitely true. nightmare. I know it's hard but you need to go with your instinct. if you think it's cos he's hungry feed him. if you think he just wants to suck all day don't, and could try a dummy.

SweetieTime Thu 30-Jan-14 19:29:04

Trix I follow the guidelines on the carton. The twins currently have 140ml (5 fluid oz) sometimes they finish it and sometimes they don't. I was told if they regularly finish that amount to move up to the next fluid oz. But if they have seemed hungry we have given them more (an additional 20ml) and that seems to sort them out. I would say do what you think is best and what N needs.

I have taken E for her hips scanning today. This was because she was breach and apparently all breach babies should have this done. Anyway they said she wasn't developed enough to take the proper measurements so we have to go back in 6 weeks.
HV coming tomorrow to weigh the twins so I will report back how much they are now weighing. I think they will be over 8lbs as they are so much bigger and heavier.
I have to go for more vision tests at the hospital tomorrow too, I have to be there at 8.30am. So we will need to set off at 7.30am, I am dreading it already. Please Brook for an easy night for us.

sweetie my mum said exactly the same. he most often drinks 4oz which is why I started making 5oz bottles incase he wanted more its not often he drinks that much though. the carton says 4oz for a 2wk week old but I think its based on weight too and I'm pretty sure N doesn't weigh as much as an average 2wk old. I think it says 7lb something. he's 3 and a half weeks and was 6lb 3oz at last weigh in but that was over a week ago.
N is going to be bathed this evening, wish us luck! my dad brought us a new aqua scale bath and stand so this will be its first use. I had just got a cheap baby bath that we were putting in the big bath bit it was so awkward, if you saw my bathroom you would understand! the only issue we now have to get round is filling and emptying as we will have to do it in the bedroom. my bathroom is so small.
my fanjo is playing up again after having an infection where I'd been stitched it had seemed better for a day or two sad . I'm lying in a milk, lavender and tea tree oil bath to soothe it.
good luck for tomorrow sweetie. hope they have some answers for you and your eyes get sorted soon. gosh that's an early start don't think I would make it!

SweetieTime Thu 30-Jan-14 20:41:24

Trix we have just bathed twins in the bathroom sink. We have a normal baby bath that we use in front of the fire but it is a real pain filling and emptying it. They were fine in the bathroom sink while they are still so small. We also used "products" for the first time. Good luck with bathing N, I am sure it will be fine. F has only just stopped screaming his head off every time we stripped him off.

Hope the fanjo gets better soon too. Poor you.

keepitgoing Thu 30-Jan-14 20:47:50

we just put the baby bath in the bath. she's just about too big now though so we'll have to use the real bath soon

gosh sweetie that's an early start. I really hope they can help your vision. and brooking the twins are fatties. s put on a lb in a week at one point. shock

trix bath time is lovely for them. like being back in the womb smile I think it's S's favourite time of day, I then give her a massage. she is so pampered grin unlike me

so, baby in bed at 7.30, downstairs with dh and a glass of wine grin grin

SweetieTime Thu 30-Jan-14 20:50:09

Keep enjoy your wine

keepitgoing Fri 31-Jan-14 07:22:42

sweetie are you having to take the twins with you to the hospital, or can you leave them with someone?

trix how did bathtime go? when are you next getting him weighed?

he seemed to like bath time, he screamed getting undressed (wee'd on our bed) screamed when we took him out to get dressed. the only time he was quiet was in the tub! it was do much easier with the new posh bath too, I love it.
im planning on taking him to be weighed on Tuesday.
hope you enjoyed your evening keep

keepitgoing Fri 31-Jan-14 09:31:20

trix we found she didn't cry if we undressed and dressed her in the bathroom. our bedroom was just a bit cold, it could be that.

SweetieTime Fri 31-Jan-14 20:06:15

Weigh in went well, both DTs had good gains. F was 3.79kg (8lb 5oz) and E was 3.62kg (8lb) so HV was really pleased. F had gained 400g in 2 weeks and E 300g.
F has had the second dip in the bathroom sink in as many days after a rather runny poo escaped from his nappy down his legs and up his back. Lovely!!!

Keep my DM came to mind the twins while I was at hospital. I have to go back to see the consultant on Monday for the results.

keepitgoing Sun 02-Feb-14 10:18:19

sweetie great news on the weight gain grin brooking for something easily fixable to show up tomorrow

we are seeing friends today. I love showing her off grin grin

keepitgoing Mon 03-Feb-14 09:06:42

trix how are you getting on?

and where's bumpie?

we're doing well. I know I have a good baby compared to some I am very lucky bet I get an evil toddler but he does keep having these episodes where he takes ages with his bottle and/or won't settle for an hour and a half after he's finished it. just when I think I've figured out what's upsetting him at feeding time he goes and proves me wrong. so I have decided that he just likes to be awkward some times. the thing I havent tried is infacol incase the trouble is wind but dh is reluctant to give it as he really doesn't think N is suffering with trapped wind. I'm willing to try since it won't do any harm especially at bed time when dh Is asleep and I'm getting frustrated because I want to sleep too but I can't settle N.
how was everyones weekend?
yes where is bumpie hmm

SweetieTime Mon 03-Feb-14 21:00:37

Trix I would give the infacol a go, as you say it cannot hurt. Is N arching his back and pulling his legs up to his chest? these are usually signs of trapped wind. I bought some infacol too but haven't used it as both mine are very windy children. I know other people who have sworn by gripe water, but this cannot be used until 8 weeks old I think. Also Keep had a bad experience with projectile vomit following S having a dose.
How are you getting on with the feeding now?

We went to childrens centre again today and collected our little hand casts, they have come out so well I am going to frame them for the nursery wall.

musicalmrs Mon 03-Feb-14 23:03:04

Trix have you tried bicycle legs with N? I found it worked wonderfully with DD when she was little - she suffered badly with trapped wind too. I didn't want to give her infacol, and managed to avoid it through regular bicycle leg sessions (DH would often wake up to me singing her a "Trundly legs" song in bed while I cycled them!).

Bumpiemalumpie Tue 04-Feb-14 15:43:50

aha, I have found you!!!!

help, 10days old today and almost back up to his birth weight after loosing 11% which for an already diddy 6.4lbs was massive!!

keepitgoing Tue 04-Feb-14 18:55:55

well done on his weight gain bumpie. we lost 10% here and I got super stressed. I had to express and syringe top up due to jaundice. was such a relief once weight started to go on

keepitgoing Tue 04-Feb-14 19:07:33

how are you finding bf? still painful? you getting much sleep? family nearby/staying?

sweetie that sounds lovely. when do you hear about your eyes?

trix I hate it when people ask if she's a good baby. wtf does that mean?? I just go through the list of what the prob could be till I find it. I'm lucky I almost always can, I know some have inexplicable crying.

I've tried infacol as for a few days she was being kept up by wind. I don't know if it really helped but can't hurt. I try and be v good about burping her at night now too. that sounds tough having it take ages to settle him. as they get older I think they mostly stop pooing at night so no need for nappy changes, which helps.

Bumpiemalumpie Tue 04-Feb-14 21:08:04

Hi, I am loving breastfeeding. I apparently have 'good equipment' according to the midwife!!! hilarious but he loves it! it smarts a bit when he latches but after that I just leave him to get on with it!!

It is exhausting this nb phase though, my parents are a couple of hours away but have visited a couple of times and mum is coming at half term for a few days. the star has been my sister. She came at day 4 and as she trained as a midwife was amazing. We have sisterly issues sometimes but she was a star, only here 24 hours but left us feeling confident and relaxed! I am trying to get her to move in!!!

Very scared about dh going back to work on monday. I think I may just hide under the duvet until he comes back!!!

another toughish morning here. my bestie was ment to be coming over this morning but luckily for me she's having a disaster herself. I say luckily not because I didnt want to see her but because I've only just got N settled and am working on getting myself washed and dressed. I'm back on antibiotics as my infection hasnt gone sad its tough because they have advised me to have 2 baths a day in milk/lavender and teatree oil. so really I need a shower too as I can't have shower gel etc on the area so can't really wash in the bath. I'm finding it hard to get the time to wash and eat. eating I wasn't so bothered about but i have to now with the tablets. I thought I was clever this morning setting an alarm for 8.30 giving myself an hour before his feed to get ready, he had other ideas and woke up screaming minutes before. he has only recently stopped and gone to sleep. it took me until 7am to get him fed and settled after his 5.30 feed, I should have got up then sad .
sweetie how long do e and f take over their feeds? n can take over an hour to drink his milk.
I know no one has a rountine yet but what are you all doing? I hate leaving him to cry too much but I have to at least eat. me washing in the morning is way down on my prioritys, if I have to wait until the evening so be it. I can't really take him in the bathroom with me there's no space. its a shower over the bath so could get splashed with hot water and he would be right next to the radiator where he could over heat or burn himself. nothing seems to calm him much. his bouncy chair only works for a short time, he is a bit too little for it anyway so I have to watch him so he doesn't slip out especially because the head hugger but isn't attached. its just the fabric that sort of grips to its self a bit, you know the kind that attracts loads of fluff and dust. toys and books don't really work either neither does his play mat he can be interested for a couple of min and then just scream. he will eventually sleep if I hold him and rock him or if I take him for a walk. his next feed is due at 1pm but I think there's a chance he will go longer now because he spent all morning screaming. Im trying to make sure I get as much sleep as poss with out napping during the day although I'm thinking now I may just have to get ready after his early morning feed even if that is 6am ish.

Bumpiemalumpie Wed 05-Feb-14 12:42:49

Oh trix its sounding tough. We had an awful night, DH was so tired after all the winding he slept through Z's 6:00 feed!! We have no routine but I am keeping track so hoping to see a little pattern.

How does everyone manage once their DPs have gone back to work? My guilt factor is off the scale!!

oh bumpie I'm not gunna lie. it was horrible the first day. both me and N cried most of the day. I didn't get dressed eventually he went to sleep at 3.30pm and my mum came and sat with him while I went back to bed for a bit. was ment to go out and didn't. but that was the worst now its not so bad. im slowly learning and getting more used to it. don't get me wrong though sometimes my mum still comes and sits with him while I get washed and have some food then she usually gets us out of the house. N is 4wks old and I still have taken him further than a walk round the block by myself. not even gone to the corner shop!
I must admit that I sometimes give dh evils when he's fast asleep and I'm struggling to stay awake whilst feeding N.
but I'm sure you will do much better than me! I was dreading dh going back to work but actually I was ok. it wasn't as bad as I thought (after the first day I think N was testing me!)
if all else fails shove z in the pram the ladies here all told me that was the best thing to do and they were right. grin

keepitgoing Wed 05-Feb-14 14:18:18

bumpie mymum came for a few days when dh went back to work

trix how about smaller more frequent bottles, that sounds a long time for a feed maybe he's not wanting that much? s fed v often at that age

keepitgoing Wed 05-Feb-14 14:26:28

trix I often don't wash grin grin promise it gets easier as they can watch mobile etc for a while. for now just muddle through. why do you think he's crying, wind?

keepitgoing Wed 05-Feb-14 14:29:48

bumpie in the early days bf takes a lot of time! get easy food for lunch. make sure you eat and drink enough. don't aim for anything above feeding and changing him.

who asked about routine? at 12 weeks we have a bedtime one but days are flexible, which is how o like it though.

dh is convinced its not wind but I'm not so sure. he doesnt want me to give N infacol or anything. but its alright for dh because its not him who has to deal with a screaming baby.
I'm trying out the bicycle legs but its hard because he doesn't stop screaming and kicking his legs about.

keepitgoing Wed 05-Feb-14 15:05:43

try lying him along your forearm with hand pressing into tummy, head in crook of elbow. just walk round jiggling. what does he think it is? I agree, it's not him dealing with n. is it all day or specific times? after feeds? I'd try the infacol if he has no other suggestions...

keepitgoing Wed 05-Feb-14 15:06:42

does he vomit up feeds or seem in pain after feeds, esp if you lie him flat?

sweetie do you still think e might have reflux?

he voms some times but not everytime. I think more often than not he seems in pain.

keepitgoing Wed 05-Feb-14 15:24:33

Google reflux or silent reflux. poor little man. if you think it's that the gp can give medication and you also keep them upright after feeds

had a quick look, it does seem like reflux. in the past hour he has sipped down 2oz and seems to have fallen asleep now. I tried winding him more often taking the bottle away whenever he'd stoped for a while or was just sucking but not drinking. he screamed everytime I took it away. I'm sure he wasn't this bad when I fed him every 4hours even if it ment I woke him sad

keepitgoing Wed 05-Feb-14 15:48:45

how long has it been since he ate last?

make an appointment to see the gp tomorrow, they give babies quick appointments

musicalmrs Wed 05-Feb-14 15:56:49

Trix, do you have a sling? DD was terribly refluxy and it was the only thing that kept her (and me!) happy. After feeds I often kept her in it while doing things around the house or going for a walk - it made it a lot better. Also, elevating the head end of the cot/moses basket helps - so they're laying at an angle rather than flat if you see what I mean. Books under the mattress works well!

Bumpie, glad to hear you're doing well with the bf! Re your first day without DH, my best advice would be to be prepared! Make sure you have all your remotes, drinks and snacks to hand grin If you can prepare a sandwich the night before that's excellent, so you can just grab it at lunchtime... if you can get DH to make it for you that's even better!

Hope you and S are well keep?

Sorry for reading and writing and running (and sorry if I've repeated advice that's already been said!) - DD is watching Spider in the Bath on the other half of the screen so I have very limited MN time!

keep he fed at approx 9.30am took until nearly mid day to be fed and settled. he slept until about 2.30 he has only just maybe 20min ago settled to sleep. he's only been having an average of 3oz per feed yesterday and today sometimes more some times less. sad
musical haven't got a sling, didnt really think we needed it. now I am reconsidering.
oh he's crying again

keepitgoing Wed 05-Feb-14 17:55:13

when did he last get weighed? is he putting on weight OK? how much total is he taking per 24 hours vs what he should be? poor you. do see the gp. I saw my friend this morning who's dd has reflux. medicine has made a big difference

SweetieTime Wed 05-Feb-14 20:03:02

Trix DTs drink their bottles very quickly, only about 15 mins for 5oz. In fact we have to slow E down as if she drinks too quick she sicks most of it back up. I had thought it was reflux but think it was more greed, it only has happened a few times and not at all since we make her have more breaks for winding. I would have a word with the HV or even GP about getting N something as it doesn't sound right.

Bumpie my Mum came around when DH went back to work too. I think being prepared is the best advice, get everything ready the night before. I would try to get snacks, drinks, lunch etc ready in advance also have your shower/bath in the evening when DH can watch Z.

We have quite a good feeding routine (every 4 hours) and DH helps out when he is here and in the night. But we don't have naps sorted yet but I aren't worried as DTs sleep well at night between feeds. Long may this continue.

Bumpiemalumpie Thu 06-Feb-14 05:46:55

Mmmm, looks like I need to bed down for the day on monday! mum live two hours away and everyone I know in this town is either heavily pg or has a nb!!!

ah, we will get by!

you will be ok bumpie, you'll amaze your self.
I'm in the bath incase I don't get a chance later, hopefully I will get back to sleep for a bit after though.
N had a walk in the pram at 9pm he then slept till 11.30pm. dh reckons I'm not always shoving the bottle in far enough so tried that and some infacol. he's fed and settled much better on his last two feeds. he's still sicking some not loads but more than I would assume possetting is.
I think I will phone the hv first thing and if they are useless take him to the doc.

dh also thinks I make him too comfortable when feedinghmm so not sure if it the diff feeding technique or the infacol that's helped.

Loopyaboutmy2boys Thu 06-Feb-14 14:15:05

Trix, hope you don't mind me saying but your DH seems to have a lot of opinions, is at home all the time with N too? If not then I personally would listen to your gut and do what you think is right and what seems to help N and if you have any concerns, speak to a hv. My ds1 had and still has reflux (now 3) so I can always answer any questions, but IME most parents who think they have a reflux baby just aren't winding them enough or hard enough. A very good friend of mine I discovered wasn't even winding her child as she was worried about hurting the baby. If N has wind, maybe give him 1/3rd the bottle, then wind, give another 1/3 and wind, then the final third and wind. Some babies can cope with a whole bottle before needing to be winded, but my ds1 definitely couldn't cope with that much pressure in his stomach. Also would not lie down in the day for a sleep as was in pain, and used to scream a lot at night. Infacol didn't help. Best thing was gripe water mixed in with some cooled boiled water, but I think they need to be 1 month old before they can have it.

keepitgoing Thu 06-Feb-14 15:43:13

sweetie are they more awake in the day now? are you enjoying playing with them? it's lovely once they start smiling.

we are well thanks musical, getting the hang of things slowly... she is very gorgeous, chatty and sunny personality smile

loopy not at all! he is not here all day. at times he's given N back to me when he's been struggling with him. although more recently N has been better with dh than me probably because because he knows im stressed, babies can tell can't they.
the health visitor said its not reflux because its not every feed and hes not so bad at night. so on second thought I think you are right. I do try and wind N regularily through out his feed but he doesn't always make it easy he screams and pushes his feet off my legs so I can't sit him in the right position very easily. sometimes I end up giving up and assuming he doesn't need a burp and that he's screaming purely because he's hungry and I've taken the bottle away. but is it actually because he's uncomfortable with wind? he does burp and sometimes without me even having to help him but perhaps its not enough. I find sitting him on my knee and leaning him forward patting his back better than putting him over my shoulder (when he stops wriggling and screaming anyway) bicycle legs is a struggle too.

Bumpiemalumpie Thu 06-Feb-14 17:22:59

trix. have you tried this www.youtube.com/watch?v=SeWWobEAJKc ?? I find Z loves it. I will post the link on fb too.

Z doesn't wind very easily either!! xx

keepitgoing Thu 06-Feb-14 17:30:59

with bf there are positions that get less wind. maybe the same for a bottle? glad it's not reflux x

Bumpiemalumpie Thu 06-Feb-14 18:45:24

keep, what positions are better??

keepitgoing Thu 06-Feb-14 18:58:20

they sit upright astride your leg facing you front on. 'the koala'. or you recline and they lie on your front, legs down. but I don't like that one as I feel my boob smothers her smile

thanks bumpie I will have a look when im on a computer.
keep I did wonder if there was a different way I could hold him or something im going to look into it.
the hv suggested I make a diary of his feeds and how he's been after them. so I'm going to do that and take him to clinic on Monday and see what they think.

Loopyaboutmy2boys Thu 06-Feb-14 20:08:44

The straighter you can get their body, the easier the exit route for the wind. Try holding him with your arm across his chest/under his armpit that is furthest away from you, and sort of stretch him upwards so he is bolt upright and pat hard with your other arm, starting at the bottom of his back and working upwards fast and firm

Bumpiemalumpie Fri 07-Feb-14 12:01:23

Well my little porker is over his birth weight now! after all the worry of him loosing 11% in the first 3 days!! He loves the milk!!!

How is everyone today? x

keepitgoing Sat 08-Feb-14 11:16:26

well done bumpie and minibump! now you can relax on the feeding front.
I'm going swimming today, leaving s with dh in the cafe... she feeds every 2 hours or so in the day so it's rather restrictive! smile

Bumpiemalumpie Sat 08-Feb-14 13:25:13

oh I would love to go swimming or even just out of the house!! We have been cluster feeding every hour or so since 11 last night!!!! aaaarrrgg, the two week spurt you all talked about is bang on time!

keepitgoing Sat 08-Feb-14 17:25:40

knackering isn't it? enjoy the sofa snuggles grin

Bumpiemalumpie Sat 08-Feb-14 18:08:28

How is it I have ended up with a Moses basket, bouncer, baby bean bag and sheep skin but a baby who only sleeps in my bed or on me??!!!!!!!!!

At least we have had a bit of a nap today in between frequent and long feeds!

keepitgoing Sat 08-Feb-14 18:33:23

grin grin
we put the sheepskin in the basket. I think it's much softer to sleep on that the horrid mattresses. and you can move it around so she gets used to sleeping on it

Bumpiemalumpie Sun 09-Feb-14 12:02:45

Such a great idea! currently testing it out!!

SweetieTime Sun 09-Feb-14 12:18:47

I bathed both twins on my own this morning. It is usually a 2 man job but I know I have to go it alone sometime. I am going to have to up the bathing frequency as they are only bathed about once a week at the momentblush blush
They are now asleep in the cot in the nursery for the first time. I had popped them in there while I went in the shower and they have nodded off so I am leaving them. They usually sleep in a travel cot in the front room or our room at night.

Bumpiemalumpie Sun 09-Feb-14 12:34:56

Yeay, good morning sweety. Do they like the bath?? Z is getting a little better at it. I don't bath him more than every 4 days though, I don't want to ruin his soft skin. I just use olive oil in the water and no soap/wash at the moment!

SweetieTime Sun 09-Feb-14 13:18:01

bumpie they both like it in the water but cry scream when I take them out to dry them. F used to really hate it but he isn't so bad now. I think it was getting naked that he didn't like as he was the same when I changed his nappy. I have started to use baby products in the bath water now & a spot of baby shampoo on their hair. I needed to wash F hair after a very dirty nappy & vest ended up with poo in his hair sad blush They haven't had any reaction to anything yet. My hv told me to do a spot test on their foot 24 hours before using anything new.

keepitgoing Sun 09-Feb-14 18:16:11

grin at poo in hair grin I think the key after bath is to keep them warm enough

keepitgoing Sun 09-Feb-14 18:18:07

we do bath every day. use oilatum for dry skin, recommended by the gp. and cradle cap shampoo not that it's working

trix how are things?

bumpie is dh back at work tomorrow? good luck. just getting through the day is task enough.

Bumpiemalumpie Sun 09-Feb-14 21:00:02

lol, poo in hair! how the hell?!!

Yes, DH is back tomorrow, I am trying not to cry already! It will be fine, it will be fine...

SweetieTime Sun 09-Feb-14 22:03:38

bumpie it will be fine. we have all been there and survived. just take everything that happens as a victory.

poo in hair was on dh watch. f had a bit of a poonami going on so poo up his back was all over his vest. dh tried to take the vest over his head rather than down his body. so poo from the vest ended up in poor f hair, he didn't seem to mind bless him grin

SweetieTime Mon 10-Feb-14 18:42:49

bumpie how have you got on?

we made mobiles at the children centre today. f was very taken with the signing with actions at the end of the group. I was a bit rubbish as I didn't know the actions. so much to learn as a new parent.

Bumpiemalumpie Mon 10-Feb-14 19:13:36


We survived!! I even managed to have a showered because the HV was coming ate lunch, did two loads of washing, strip the beds and make a chilli!! Lo fed a lot but also slept a lot!! oh and I napped!!

I feel empowered but wonder if today was a honeymoon!

bumpie I knew you'd be fine? how the feck did you get that lot done?!
for some reason this weekend (still feels like wkend to me as dh was off today) I have been exhausted! have no idea why as dh has done a lot of the feeds so I could rest.
we took N to be weighed he's now 7lb 9! he's been demanding larger feeds more often the last day or so but the health visitor seemed to think it was ok, I didn't think he should be able to manage 6oz yet but he usually does!
sometimes I wish id persisted with the bfing but at the same time its nice to share the feeding duties.
I've got a time table from the children's center, I may give the baby sensory class ago next week. I've made some plans this week so hopefully we will actually make it out when we are supposed to and see other people (and babies) for once. I get nervous around even my friends though with him incase I'm doing something wrong, im sure I'm doing lots of things a bit 'wrong' but I worry that others will see I've still got a bit of confidence building to do.

keepitgoing Tue 11-Feb-14 09:02:51

sweetie did you mean singing or signing? your baby group sounds fab

well done for yesterday bumpie

trix I found it harder once she was out of the newborn sleep all day phase, but where it still all feels v new, like where you are. I'm glad you have some things lined up. please don't worry about other people. we all parent in different ways. if he's crying most people would just be sympathetic I'd think. well done on the brilliant weight gain. and stop worrying about bf. he's healthy that's all that matters. and at 3 months she's stopped taking expressed milk as refusing the bottle, so I can't ever be away more than about 2hrs in the day, and noone can do the nights, so there are definite benefits to ff!! smile

second set of jabs today sad sweetie have you had yours yet? also getting weighed for the first time in a month <I'm so relaxed --yeah right-->