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December 2012 Babies Half a year already and still kind of sane.

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halestone Sat 01-Jun-13 21:02:21

New thread

halestone Sat 01-Jun-13 21:12:37

Isthat and WL i will probably be joining your up all night club. Narky baby is in full form i hope this chest infection goes soon. She vomited all over herself and DP, i know i shouldn't smile but it was all over DP meaning they both needed a change of clothes

halestone Sat 01-Jun-13 21:16:41

Oh and shes tried to latch on and bf a few times today. Is that normal?

Ski, I think its probably saliva and that your DS is getting ready for teething.

PurplePidjin Sat 01-Jun-13 21:17:18


I shouldn't be mean about my mum, she took R for a 2 hour walk yesterday so i could soak in the bath (post viral ache) and played with him today (and got him down for a nap!) letting me have 2 hours kip on the sofa. So, worth the occasional bit of "Did you know, you should have done x thing y way?"

PS my stock answer to that is "Feel free to correct it any time" latest have been the way i hung the blackout curtains in the nursery and the fact my 7yo cheapie ex display dining chairs are falling apart hmm

emilyeggs Sat 01-Jun-13 21:38:17

Grrrr! Quick unrelated rant alert!!! (Sorry if you're reading this again) dsd is doing her usual "I don't want to go to bed" thing. She has started crying so DH has said she can stay up......if I point out this only teaches her crying works it will cause trouble!!!! Sooo frustrating!!!!


WLmum Sat 01-Jun-13 22:12:33

Well done hales we're on 2nd wake up already. My back is sore from laying with her last night so expect to spend most of the night sitting up in bed with 4 pillows! For some resin dd1 couldn't sleep so I was reading to her til 9.30 - I got a whole 30 mins off!!
eggs of course you're right, tricky situation though. Good luck with that one!

Stacks Sat 01-Jun-13 22:13:54

Just checking in. Time for me to sleep now, though I'm sure DS will wake just as I settle. Hope good nights are had by all and premonitions prove false! We'll all wake up after a full night of sleep to healthy babies who have recovered from jet lag and sprouted teeth!

And DS just woke up...

FriendofDorothy Sat 01-Jun-13 22:18:02

Just checking in otherwise I will lose it!

WLmum Sat 01-Jun-13 22:20:51

I've given T calpol and now have very sticky boobs. It's horrid.

emilyeggs Sat 01-Jun-13 22:30:52

Yes WL very tricky sad I hope you have a good night and get some rest fx. Pidge it sounds like a slightly un even trade off but worth It if you let it go in one ear and out the other grin

Dsd spent the rest of the evening on the sofa under a blanket cuddles up to DH talking in a meak voice while he fussed over her. Dss on kindle helping me choose sofas grin

Helllllllloooooo laydees! I may be drunk but its okay as I'm child-free for the evening! I'll regret this tomorrow smile

ddas Sat 01-Jun-13 22:36:04

I wonder what our ds&dd will say about us when we have grandchildren! Hopefully not everything will have changed by then!

We've had a rough couple of days- ds been unwell & quite a handful plus refusing to sleep anywhere but on top of myslef or dh (he's nearly 2 and big for his age so not much sleep for us!) but luckily it's as if dd knows we are tired and has been a real angel. Just keeping my fingers crossed she doesn't catch the germs!

And ds has just woken up again so looks like it's going to be another long night!

utopian99 Sat 01-Jun-13 22:37:58

Ha willyou!
wl I sympathise on the calpol boobs..

emilyeggs Sat 01-Jun-13 22:38:35

Good for you willyou.....I'm having a glass myself as DH is on duty now grinwine

emilyeggs Sat 01-Jun-13 22:39:36

sad Ddas

SkiBunnnnny Sat 01-Jun-13 22:43:33

Not started full on weaning yet stacks but he's had a few bits and pieces. It happened this morning even though he hasn't had any real food today or yesterday.

It freaks me out every time it happens though!

halestone Sat 01-Jun-13 22:59:41

Eggs i hope that you had a nice night, even though DSD wouldn't sleep. I think you maybe right though.

WL hope T is ok and that you get chance to wipe calpol boobs.

Willyouenvy have a brilliant night.

Ddas, hope DS is ok, and that he gets better soon and that you also get some rest.

FriendofDorothy Sat 01-Jun-13 23:13:42

I am lying in bed and listening to DH humming 'When you wish upon a star' to DS. Sweet.

Oh don't FoD, I'm in bed now and really miss J sad you'll make me shed a soppy tear

Secondsop Sun 02-Jun-13 01:51:33

Checking in. Hello all. Z is fast asleep, I just got woken up by the bloody cat hunting my feet through the duvet. I have no idea what possesses him to decide that my feet moving under the duvet is a small animal for him to pounce on. He doesn't even hunt real animals!

MaMaPo Sun 02-Jun-13 02:02:47

Morning all. Busy thread!

Only second wake up with C, but this is her playtime one so I'm in the living room waiting for her to get tired enough to go back to bed. She is trying to fool me with yawning and rubbing her eyes but I know if I were to try to get her back to bed it would be futile. So quiet playing for at least another half n hour it is.

She had two meals yesterday! Apple for breakfast and sweet potato for dinner. Need to keep on making more stuff. She likes finger food but rarely gets any in her mouth , but is like a gannet with purées.

WLmum Sun 02-Jun-13 02:09:47

Nice work willyou!
Oh dear ddas there's so much yuk about just now and it's so hard trying to care for everyone. Fx ds is feeling better soon. Touch wood big dds are finally on the other side of horrid colds that seem to have been dragging on for ages.
T did actually go back in her cot after her last feed/calpol so fx she will go back soon. Gave her nurofen half way through so only one sticky boob!

WLmum Sun 02-Jun-13 02:14:35

Very wise mama hope she's properly tired soon and back in routine soon.
Interesting about finger food/purée - will be starting in approx 2 weeks. I've got loads of tiny weaning pots that I bought from mothercare/jojo maman? That I used to make a batch of stuff, freeze in pots then turn out into a freezer bag so I could reuse the pots for something else. Can build up a nice stock with a nice variety to ease the cooking/pureeing burden.

WLmum Sun 02-Jun-13 02:15:52

The pots where the lids have little catches are the best as they don't spring open in the freezer.

PurplePidjin Sun 02-Jun-13 03:15:19

I've got Boots ones of those, but they're too small already! I recycle old butter tubs etc with just a dollop in the bottom.

First wake up, hurrah, just wish I'd put the light out when he went down at 8 instead of assuming he'd be up by now and reading till 10:30...

I got a pack of Avent pots they're a really good size and good for fruit etc for dd too. Still have some baby dan ones left from dd too, they've got a rubber bit in the base so you can push the food out.

Ds has been unsettled tonight. He fed (/nd wake up hmm) at 1 but then woke at 2 and dp got him back to sleep with bum patting but he woke again just now and wasn't settling so I've fed him again. Fingers crossed he might do three hours now.

WLmum Sun 02-Jun-13 03:45:14

We're up again :-( 4th time.

IsThatTrue Sun 02-Jun-13 04:03:12

He threw up everywhere last night. Then was a lot happier. But once we came to bed he screamed and screamed, I've never felt so useless in all my life. I was sobbing my heart out with him and it took ~30 mins to calm him by furiously rocking and ssshhing in his ear. He had momentarily fell asleep with the dummy (that he's refused for 3/4 months) but woke up screaming a few mins later when we first came upstairs, but wouldn't go anywhere near a boob. sad thankfully he just had his first proper wake up and fed really nicely, but I'm going to have to express off the other side because its so full it's hurting.

I hope other babies are behaving better than my poor boy!

WLmum Sun 02-Jun-13 04:16:40

And we're standing rocking looking at the morning through the spare room window.

halestone Sun 02-Jun-13 04:38:35

2nd wake up but at half 2 she went back to sleep with just me shushing from my bed.

Isthat i hope you and DS are ok. H isn't teething, she has got a bad chest. She's wheezing so we will be in the house till it clears up.

Mama, yay hopefully your nights will get easier now and you'll get abit more rest.

We've got pots from B&M ha they were really cheap, but i always forget to freeze stuff too lazy She always just ends up having what we're having for breakfast/dinner/tea. Yesterday she really reduced her milk intake as well she only had 20oz in the whole day. I'm not sure if thats because shes got a cold or because shes weaning.

MaMaPo Sun 02-Jun-13 05:01:36

Fuck me. I've been up since 1am. I hate my life.

WLmum Sun 02-Jun-13 05:04:48

Feeling your pain mama. Fx this phase passes quickly for us both. Just trying to get T back down to sleep.

I've had thirty minutes sleep since one. He's now screaming.

I've had thirty minutes sleep since one. He's now screaming.

I've had thirty minutes sleep since one. He's now screaming.

Ffs shitty app

WLmum Sun 02-Jun-13 05:22:32

I enjoyed it being in triplicate spotty - kind of like how pre children you might repeat such words in disbelief!
Right, she's asleep on me smelling delightfully of snot and vomit. Bets are on for what happens when I put her in her cot...

WLmum Sun 02-Jun-13 05:32:12

Of course she screamed. Took her back and she was almost instantly asleep in my arms - managed to put her down on her back - weird for an ardent tummy sleeper. Fx she stays that way for a few hours.

PurplePidjin Sun 02-Jun-13 05:44:02

2nd wake here, first was at 3 <hurrah> normally dp would get him up for breakfast at this through sheer frustration after a disturbed night leaving me to get some actual rest sofx he goes back down!

Barbeasty Sun 02-Jun-13 06:43:04

Morning all, shame the thread got so busy overnight!

I just left DD with A for a second, to make sure he didn't roll out of my bed. I came back to shouts about how he definitely couldn't roll out- she'd put one of his little teddies between him & the edge of the bed!

Had a successful day on eBay yesterday. A swing for DD (will bid later on a baby seat for it) for £10 and a galt baby nest for A. They have one at nursery, and it's fantastic for babies who can't quite sit unaided or for very long on their own.

Also got the river cottage baby & toddler cook book, which looks fab. They suggested using silicon mini muffin tins to freeze puree, but I've used the silicon cake pop "tin" I was given for Christmas.

emilyeggs Sun 02-Jun-13 06:56:34

Morning ladies, sorry you've had bad nights, hope you get some cat naps in today brewlooks lovely outside hear grin

Barbeasty we've got one of those nests ds loves it and we take it outside.

Weather's looking good until Saturday when it's meant to rain here. Think we'll be staying in and picnicking in the garden today.

IsThatTrue Sun 02-Jun-13 08:32:22

He's still asleep shock he is moving but I didn't think he'd still be asleep!

Fx we have a tooth or at least the bastard thing stops hurting my little baby

FriendofDorothy Sun 02-Jun-13 09:29:59

I have a baby near too. Very useful to put baby in when I need a shower!

FriendofDorothy Sun 02-Jun-13 09:40:32

A baby nest I mean!

ISpyPlumPie Sun 02-Jun-13 09:47:32

Cheers for the new thread Hales.

Hope all poorly babies are feeling better soon.

Ds just slept for an hour and twenty minutes so I did too. Feel a bit better, or I would if I wasn't annoyed that I've now missed half the morning.

WLmum Sun 02-Jun-13 11:31:28

Ah yes, the sleep versus time debate.

Morning all, my throat hurts today from throwing up wine. I can officially no longer handle my drink! I drank low alcohol wine all night and still felt horrific. Least I'm not hungover this morning though grin

DS did not sleep for MiL, he only did 1-5! She ignored all instructions a lug feeding him on a dark bedroom and putting him down at 7:30. She bathed him a 6:30, in the living room, fed him at 6:45 and then put him in bed wide awake with the curtains open. She has no one but herself to blame wink

Sorry to hear about your poor DS Isthat I hope his tooth cuts soon. And sorry t is poorly too WL.

Barbeasty Sun 02-Jun-13 12:17:47

Well so far today A has refused porridge (the 2nd batch- the first ended up as a mess of oats and milk on the microwave floor!) and roast dinner. Not sure what to give him to refuse tonight. Maybe the rice pudding which is currently in the oven.

Apparently at church this morning DH tool DD out to the Sunday school and left A with MIL. During the gospel he did a really long and loud dirty nappy. People were looking and sniggering.

Swimming lessons later. Fingers crossed DD behaves.

It's frustrating when they refuse food isn't it Barbeasty?

IsThat I hope that tooth pops through!

WL I just bought a ring sling shock I hope I like it confused

WLmum Sun 02-Jun-13 13:39:31

Yay for the sling spotty - post a fb pic.

Have to wait for delivery!

IsThatTrue Sun 02-Jun-13 15:34:04

No tooth as of yet. DS is much happier today. We got a 90min nap out of him this morning by taking him out for a walk. And I've just got him off in his buggy in the living room. He's feeding better today and had some scrambled egg and toast for brekkie, and baby porridge with apple purée for lunch, then sucked some bagel and philly to death! Lol

Oh sling advice, I need to move on from a stretchy soon don't I? What shall I get?

PurplePidjin Sun 02-Jun-13 18:00:52

R went to church this morning, wowed all the little old ladies (Great Grandma's friends) and and we've booked his christening for when my aunt is here from the states smile he was very good, gurgled in the amens and only a tiny grot in the Lord's Prayer. He enjoyed the singing most i think.

IsThat, find a sling meet and have a play and some proper advice. Not all slings suit all mums/babies!

MaMaPo Sun 02-Jun-13 18:12:59

Isthat - glad you have a happier baby.

WL and Spotty - how are you two after dreadful nights?

I'm feeling a bit wretched. Had a 90 min nap with C this afternoon but it barely makes a dent. On top of all this, had some terrible news about the health of my father in law, so all in all a day to forget. I have everything crossed that tonight is the night the jet lag starts to lift. I've had about one decent sleep in the last month, and I can start to feel it settling in my bones. Awful.

IsThatTrue Sun 02-Jun-13 18:27:26

There aren't any sling meets locally and I don't have a car during the week and I work 9-3 mon-fri so it really restricts where I can get to sad

Looking online a lot of stretchies say birth-35lb so I should have a while yet. Might need to learn some new ties.

Sorry to hear about your Fil mama sad I feel fine, but knackered. I'm always tired though as the genetic disease I have causes extreme fatigue so I don't really know anything else.

I'm just getting ds to sleep then I will have a bath, a sit down with dp for an hour then I will be in bed.

Just thinking about Father's Day too which is smack bang in the middle of mine and dd's birthday so easy to forget grin dp gets to spend it at the zoo though so maybe I could say that's his present wink

Poor you mama, I hope you can slowly start to catch some sleep back this week. Sorry to hear about your FiL.

grin At your DS pooing away merrily in church Beasty, how funny. And I love a good old lady fuss Pidj, makes you very smug that you produced such a gorgeous baby.

Glad DS is a little better Isthat, that's quite a little feast. all food refused here today but he's only 24w so we're not trying in earnest yet.

J has the summer cold that's going round, constant sneezing and runny nose the poor little thing sad

The dreaded GMiL got a little comeuppance last night. She tried the same shit on MiL (her daughter) as she does to me. Now when it happens to me MiL sits and says nothing. When it was her being criticised it pissed her off and she threw her out of her house! grinI shall be taking a harder line from now on <stern face>

Oh do tell us more WillYou!

Haha Spotty she was saying ooh he's not tired, you'll never get him to sleep, there's no sleep in him. You shouldn't do that, you need to do x, y and z. I'd better stay and help you because you'll never manage it alone! And MiL said no you're annoying me now, I have had 2 kids and managed fine. Go home you're getting on my nerves shock

Oh to be a fly on the wall grin

grin Good for your mil! Mine are fine really but my step mum annoys me because any time ds moans/cries she always says 'aww are you hungry? Are you? Oh you want milky blah blah blah' over and over despite me repeating 'he's really tired, he needs to go to sleep, no it's nap time' argh!

IsThatTrue Sun 02-Jun-13 20:14:08

willyou sounds like your invitation to get tough smile enjoy it.

mama sorry to hear of bad sleep and your FIL. I hope your LO sleeps better tonight.

Well fx, DS is asleep, down at 7.15, up for a feed at 7.35 and then back down. He's shouted once but settled back down without me going up.

I hope others have a good evening/night tonight.

WLmum Sun 02-Jun-13 20:15:04

How funny willyou!
mama fx. I'm ok at the moment but know that the wall is not far away. T has seemed a little happier today so fx. Will be going to bed asap but she's taking a little to settle - was doing some major bouncing around on the boob but think we're almost there.

After learning about Noah's ark at school dd1 had taken things a bit literally and told me they did biblical stroke at swimming today! She meant breast stroke!

I shall smile

J went down no problem and I was just transferring him to his cot after his bottle when 2 massive dogs started going mad outside. So back to square one now!

IsThatTrue Sun 02-Jun-13 20:29:54

Oh no willyou I got really stressed at my nans when I took DS up because the veg man and van (village in Yorkshire) turned up at 9pm and let everyone know he was there by leaning on the horn for 30 seconds! angry woke DS up after an hour of getting him to sleep. Why people animals aren't more considerate I don't know!

Bloody dogs, entitled bastards grin

Ds's awake for the second time since he went down at seven (when the ice cream van inconveniently turned up hmm) so tonight isn't looking good for us sad

Barbeasty Sun 02-Jun-13 21:24:23

Oh no for woken babies. A is asleep on my lap- I think I need to spend this week getting him down in his cot earlier!

Does anyone know if mothercare have the same offers in store as online? My dad is taking us children's clothes shopping tomorrow (he gave them both "grandpa vouchers" for Christmas) and if they do I'll revise my choice of venue!

WLmum Sun 02-Jun-13 21:55:29

Meant to say spotty you must be pretty hardcore to cope with all the rubbish sleep and an underlying condition. Surely if we explain nicely our children will be reasonable?!! Actually I was just thinking about when I might push the cessation of night boob for settling (not yet I hasten to add) after an early call tonight. Tbf she is poorly but it just set me thinking.

ISpyPlumPie Sun 02-Jun-13 22:33:36

Mama - sorry to hear about your FIL. Another one with fx that you get some well-earned sleep tonight.

Willyou - grin.

Isthat - I'm moving on from a stretchy sling atm. Although even enormobaby N is still well under the maximum weight, it went from being super comfy to really quite tricky rather quickly. I think it was maybe a combo of long baby/short mummy meaning he was either under my chin or if I wore it lower his weight seemed to pull it down so much he didn't feel safe in it anymore. Anyway, have borrowed a Storchenwiege woven and despite a bit of an uncertain start, I love it. He feels much more secure when worn in the correct place now (can bend down to kiss his head again) and the weight feels more evenly distributed so better for my back. I'm definitely going to invest in one, just need to choose which design.

I think Pidge is right though, and it is far better to have a play with a few different types as every baby and mum is different (I really liked the look of a ring sling, but N object in the strongest possible terms). This site offers online hire - hire fee is deducted from the purchase price if you decide to buy, and donated to SANDS if you don't. I know it's not really a subsitute for having someone demo them with you, but sounds as if it would be tricky for you to get to a library or meet right now.

Okay ladies, lets talk snot grin DS is snoring his head off and sounds like he's struggling to breathe through his nose because of all the snot. Is there anything I can do? I have elevated the head of his cot. I have a feeling neither of us is going to get much sleep tonight.

halestone Sun 02-Jun-13 23:19:04

Sorry to hear about FiL Mamathanks and FX you get a better sleep tonight.

WL i giggled away at biblical stroke grin

Willyou i would have loved to see your GMiL face as well.

We have had a weird day the 6th tooth popped through but she also has a chest infection so when shes not been sleeping shes been fidgety or screaming or angry or pulling my hair! I feel like crying hmm

halestone Sun 02-Jun-13 23:21:15

Willyou have you got baby snuffles (like vicks) to put on his clothes? Also if you put a bowl of steaming water either under his cot or by a radiator in my head i have just done a keith lemon voice so it can loosen up any mucous. Hope J is better soon thanks

WLmum Sun 02-Jun-13 23:23:56

Poor baby willyou. Olbas oil is good. M

Coincidence that dhs snoring woke me up just at tabs was waking?! Grrrr

WLmum Sun 02-Jun-13 23:50:25

And now I can't get her back down. Double grrr.

WLmum Mon 03-Jun-13 00:26:34

Apparently walking round the house and rocking at windows is rrequired before a boob back to sleep (ha) is acceptable. I really extremely hope she lets me put her down soon as I really extremely need the loo.

IsThatTrue Mon 03-Jun-13 00:43:35

hales wow poor baby with a chest infection. I hope she's better soon.

WL I have to admit I have bf on the loo on a couple of occasions since birth. Always middle of the night feeds where putting him down mid feed would have ensured the whole house being woken abruptly by screaming. blush it's not easy to pull ones under crackers down/up whilst feeding, but it is possible! grin

1st wake up since 7.30ish. Not bad at all. I hope some other babies are sleeping better too.

WLmum Mon 03-Jun-13 03:10:10

Oh hales I missed that h was poorly. Hope she's felts better soon.

Every two hours. This is actually ridiculous.

Thanks Hales and WL I was snuffle-less but olbas oil has sorted both our noses out. Now if there's a solution for the awful sore throat itchy ear combo we'll both be alright.

This is first wake up other than 2 before 9:30 so can't complain. I did check on him a few times though while he's ill.

Fx H feels better too soon Hales. It's the change in weather, gets me every time.

WLmum Mon 03-Jun-13 05:19:07

willyou I found ibuprofen took the edge off but gargling with salt water was quite helpful.

This is the fourth night where I have been up literally all night. An hours settling for half an hours sleep and repeat. I am officially at the end and don't know how I'll function today. Luckily big 2 had sleepovers with mil and dm last night so when Tabs naps I'll certainly try but it feels like a water pistol to put out a fire.

2blessed Mon 03-Jun-13 06:18:25

Blinking phone!!

Sorry to hear about poorly lo's. When does this sleep regression stage end? I'm constantly knackered with the wake ups in the night.

Ds' cold seems to be back, spent a good hour yesterday twirling snot out of his nose which had him giggling uncontrollably... grin

FriendofDorothy Mon 03-Jun-13 06:31:11

I felt awful last night. Really headachy and off colour. I went to bed at 8.30 and slept until my DH came to bed at 12.30 when he bought the babe in for a feed. He then put him back to bed and the baby has just woken for another feed. Good going I reckon. Not sure whether I feel better yet or not.

Oh wl sad as well as her cold do you think it could be the heat? Ds hates his summer gro bag so I have to put him in the winter one and he's been hard to settle too, not as hard as T, but unusual for him.

MaMaPo Mon 03-Jun-13 07:08:04

Oh WL - can you palm the big kids off again tonight?

Last night: down by 6.30, df at 10.30, feed at 3 and then up at 6.45. Very manageable. Now we just need to work on her actually being asleep after 3am. Yawn.

IsThatTrue Mon 03-Jun-13 07:55:51

WL that sounds like hard work. Def try and get a nap in.

Well we did 7.30-12.45, 1-3.45, 4-6, 6.15-7.40. So quite a good night really. He also woke and played for 15mins while I dozed on and off which is nice. I can hear the telly downstairs though so at least one of the big kids has been up since before DH left for work at 7.15.

WLmum Mon 03-Jun-13 08:48:02

I'm sure it's her cold as she's never been like this before. Will just have to ride it out for a bit longer I guess.

utopian99 Mon 03-Jun-13 08:51:54

We did 3am and 6 15, but the 3am was epic. Interestingly I was dying to pee by then and put him down semi snoozy and he'd sent himself to sleep by the time I got back!

Sorry to those with poorly babies and/or teeth, hope jet lag is tailing off mama?

Good to hear about gmil being sorted out by your mil willyou

Not sure who was asking about wraps (*isthat*?) O is 18lb but have moved on to a woven wrap as the stretchy didn't feel right anymore and he was too low and it's pretty. Also have a baba sling which only gets used for short hops as it's not even weight distribution for my weird spine, and have just bought (finally!) a solarweave connecta for our holiday to turkey in three weeks. assuming they stop revolting by then
Agree with pidj if you're not sure though, try a sling library so you can have a play with your lo to see what suits you both..

halestone Mon 03-Jun-13 10:16:33

WL i hope T's cold gets better soon and that you get some rest. Would your DM and MiL be able to help out again? FX that tonight is the night she sleeps through for you. Would it help putting T to sleep in her pram so that she isn't flat on her back it might make it easier for her to breath. Obviously i know thats not a long term solution but a one off couldn't hurt much especially if it means you get some sleep.

FoD i hope your feeling better.

I put a pillow under the head of j's mattress last night to help him breathe. You could maybe try that WL?

WLmum Mon 03-Jun-13 10:43:12

The head end of her cot is already on three blocks! Has been since birth really due to her reflux.

My back is really sore too.

I know it's not anyone's fault but I'm feeling really pissed off - particularly with DH when I watch him sleeping. I think today might be mental break down day.

halestone Mon 03-Jun-13 12:15:33

WL i'm sorry you've hit the wall i'm sending you some internet hugs thanks

WLmum Mon 03-Jun-13 12:35:22

Thanks hales I had a good moan over the phone to one of my besties so feel a bit better.

sad WL at least the weather's nice <helpful>

Ds is being a bit grouchy today and has been a tiny bit sick a couple of times which isn't like him

WL could you invest in a sharp stick to poke DH with so that he can't sleep when you're not?

When I say to dp 'I was up loads last night' he always huffily replies, 'yeah I know' hmm as if!

halestone Mon 03-Jun-13 13:21:06

I played DP at his own game on thursday as i know he's a light sleeper so i know he's pretending to be asleep when H wakes up. So i pretended to stay asleep each time she woke it killed me but DP tried nudging me each time and when that didn't work he got up and dealt with her. At one point he struggled with her nappy so he shook me so i huffed and puffed like he does. I know i'm a bad person when we woke on sunday i complained how little i slept and he wasn't happy haha.

High five Hales! We have a system where when he's on lates I do the 4/5am feed and then DP gets up with J when he's up for the day, usually between 6 and 7. It's bliss smile

I have to say with dd dp did do one feed every night and as she it fed 10&2 he used to do the 2am one! I think he's finding it quite hard this time as ds only tends to settle for me hmm

Hales I'm impressed! Did he realise what you were doing?!

WLmum Mon 03-Jun-13 14:04:03

Loving your work hales!
Actually spotty it is helpful that the weathers nice as T really enjoys being in the garden whereas she's bored indoors. Will take her for a walk down to the charity shop for her sleep in a bit - have to get rid of stuff when dd1 isn't looking!

WLmum Mon 03-Jun-13 14:06:32

And a little bit of sun seems to be lifting the cradle cap off nicely! She was scratching at it this morning for the first time - spotty I think you mentioned ds doing it a while back?

Yes, I did, he was making it bleed! But it's clearing up too? DS is asleep for the third time today, I think he's under the weather, been grumpy and has a runny nose.

OK I am officially a student gain shock which means I get a discount at Nandos grin

halestone Mon 03-Jun-13 14:12:50

No he didn't notice so i'll be doing it again grin

WLmum Mon 03-Jun-13 14:17:27

grin hales
Oh spotty whatcha doin? I might be a bit jealous!

Oh nothing exciting! I'm doing a Diploma in Business Administration, I thought it was about time I got what I could do put onto paper! I'm more excited about the discounts....

halestone Mon 03-Jun-13 14:27:28

Good Luck Spotty but you won't need it you will do great.grin

SkiBunnnnny Mon 03-Jun-13 14:29:08

Good going hales! I have also been playing DH at his own game. Last night we were round at a friends because it was her birthday. When DS started getting grumpy around his bedtime I gave DH two options: I feed him now before you go home or I come home with you to feed and put him to bed before I come back. Of course he chose me putting him to bed but they live just up the road so I was only gone about half an hour then went back and had a great time. I still did the night feeds and got up with him at 5.30 when he decided that was a good time to start the day so it didn't really affect DH at all apart from not being the one who got to stay which I think he was expecting to.

Ooh Spotty I milked student discount until I was 25 when I did my phd then my sister started her nursing so I've only been without it for 2 years.

Glad you're having a nice sunny day with T WL.

J just slept for 2hours baby sensory knackers him out! I've hoovered, mopped, pegged out aNd worked out how to use the steamer that's been in out cupboard for 6 years grin Carrots and parsnips all round! Can I freeze sticks or would I have to purée them?

Good for you Ski, there's got to be some give and take.

WLmum Mon 03-Jun-13 14:34:00

Good work ski
willyou you should be able to freeze sticks - think frozen supermarket veggies but I've never tried it. Prob best to drop in iced water straight from the steamer. Let us know!

I'm on it WL!

SkiBunnnnny Mon 03-Jun-13 15:34:30

Fantastic news spotty, I'm sure it will be well worth it.

I hop you get some good sleep soon WL, I know it can be soul destroying when you're tired ALL the time.

I was wondering the same thing about freezing veggies and asked DH (who's a chef) he looked at me like him stupid and said "of course you can." Although he might have been starting to get annoyed after a thousand questions about steaming and boiling etc.

MaMaPo Mon 03-Jun-13 16:32:51

Congrats Spotty! Discounts are great but I am so over the student days.

Just realised I forgot to renew my professional registration and of course now I need to re-apply for registration. I wouldn't bother as I won't be practising in the UK but it'll help my application for Australian registration. God, registering in general is a pain in the arse!

Baby asleep for 3rd nap today - all 45 minuters, I think. Need to wake her up if she doesn't awake in the next 10-15, so she can have her dinner and be tired enough for bed. I think this is the time of day when the sleepy part of her jetlag kicks in - by the end of her feed around 6.30pm she is absolutely knocked out.

Not sure if jetlag is really improving. She woke and snuffled and wriggled at 1am, so I got myself ready to get her up nd take her into the other room to play quietly, but by the time I went to get her up she was asleep. After her 3am feed I left her to 'sing' herself to sleep but after singing for 45 minutes she was still awake so I rocked her... only for her to wake on transfer. My mum suggested considering sleep training but the problem is she just isn't sleepy at that time yet. If we still have lots of trouble with her sleep once the jetlag has fucked off I will be considering doing something about her sleep. What, I have no idea!

WLmum Mon 03-Jun-13 16:50:04

T seems to be feeling a bit better today so we better have a decent night. I'm sure it's unfounded but I'm a bit worried that this spell could result in bad habits! If it doesn't start to improve we might have to consider sleep training too mama. Last time I threatened her she got better so fx!
ski I was interested to read that DH can put ds down after you've fed him - I still feed to sleep which of course is not great for night wakings. Did he just do it or did you work at it?

halestone Mon 03-Jun-13 19:15:45

I am really struggling today nothing i do is right. I know its because shes ill but she just keeps crying and hitting me or crying to be picked up so i pick her up and she fights me till i put her down, then the whole cycle starts again hmm Her breathing sounds terrible but i know a dr would do absolutely nothing for her as i'm keeping on top of Calpol and shes not got a temperature. She just sounds really bad IYSWIMhmm i feel like an awful mother who can't do anything to help hmm

SkiBunnnnny Mon 03-Jun-13 19:26:52

Aw, hales that sounds tough sad of course you are helping just by being there and giving lots of cuddles even if it feels like she's fighting you off.

WL he will only go down for daytime naps by feeding to sleep but he will often put himself to sleep at bedtime provided he is in the right mood - sleepy enough but not too grumpy. It is still quicker for me to just feed him to sleep though which is why I just did that instead of leaving DH to it.

IsThatTrue Mon 03-Jun-13 19:32:30

hales it's awful when they don't know what they want as then we have no ducking chance. Big hugs to you!

Well DS loves mash potato, and brocoli florets. Although he much prefers feeding himself to being spoon fed. He just doesn't open his mouth for spoon feeding. But his self-feeding skills are hit and miss and frustrate him a lot confused

Today he has mostly been practising sitting, which he's ok at and starting to self correct so that's cool. And getting up into hands and knees and rocking, which is not so cool! Where's my baby gone?!

SkiBunnnnny Mon 03-Jun-13 19:33:26

Oh and to answer you're question, he pretty much just did it. It was gradual though, I would put him down at almost asleep then awake but v sleepy etc.
Night time wakings are always fed back to sleep.

WLmum Mon 03-Jun-13 19:35:28

Poor baby hales. Try sitting in the bathroom with her with the shower running on hot - the steam should help. If she's sounding awful and you're worried I would go to the dr even if just to be sent away. Is she coughing?

WLmum Mon 03-Jun-13 19:37:49

I think part of Ts upset is teeth - although there's no sign of any, this afternoon she got grizzley and one cheek popped up bright red! Once dds are all settled I'm heading straight to bed. Got hospital apt for dd2s ezcema tomorrow.

Dp's off work tomorrow but going out at 2:30 and won't be back until midnight sad my first night putting both to bed on my own! Think I will put ds down first then dd....

The weather is looking lovely for as far as they forecast smile

IsThatTrue Mon 03-Jun-13 20:13:22

spotty you'll be fine putting both to bed, you're superwoman!

Well DH has just gone out to play squash. Leaving the kitchen in a state. While I was cooking all 3 dcs dinner, then sitting with them feeding ds2 I asked if he could load the dishwasher before he went out. That was 2 hrs ago, and he just walked out the door without doing it. Argh, sorry it's really petty but he had a dog the other day at plates being left on the side and I should load the dishwasher as I go along. To which I pointed out that for the last week I've been working 8/9 hr days with 3 children in the house. Usually with ds2 superglued to me, and tbh I couldn't give a flying fig unless we were expecting visitors. And today I specifically ask him to do it! <humpf>

I think I'm going to finish feeding DS to sleep, finish work (45 mins or so) then get myself a shower and an early night.

WLmum Mon 03-Jun-13 20:26:32

You'll be fine spotty - it's never as bad we think! I do dd2, then feed dd3 while dd1 does her reading. If she falls asleep she goes next, if not I tuck dd1 in then put dd3 back on the boob until she submits!

When dd2 was little I had to put dd1 down first otherwise she would keep popping in and asking me things and waking dd2 up. You'll be fine but good luck nonetheless.

Ds is easy to get to sleep so I'm going to feed him on my bed (as I always do) and let dd sit next to me watching ceebeebies blushgrin then once he's down I will take her to bed. She's at the stage of a million excuses not to stay in bed at the moment but hopefully she will be good for me! Dp's going to play football surprise surprise against ex professionals sonewhere in london (villa park? Who knows). Right bed for me, sending you all good sleep vibes!

WLmum Mon 03-Jun-13 21:10:01

I'm off to bed too. Even mil feels sorry for me (she's normally a bit 'poor DH')

In bed too feeling sorry for myself. Good nights all round fx. Night all

halestone Mon 03-Jun-13 23:19:44

WL i could kiss you it helped her calm down gringrin So much so we filled the bath and jumped in together and she played happily with her toys. Shes a determined little ewok though she keeps trying to stand and has realised that she can do it by pushing her arms on the side of the bath and her feet firmly on the base.

Ski i forgot to say before i liked your style with DP at the partygrin

Can i ask everyone do you let your babies cry? I keep getting told to let her cry but i can't seem to do it. I don't mean crying to sleep i mean if their playing and start crying do u sooth them straightaway?

halestone Mon 03-Jun-13 23:20:11

Oh and FX for better sleeps all round grin

SkiBunnnnny Mon 03-Jun-13 23:44:37

If its just a bit of a whimper-cry and I'm in the middle of something I'll finish what I'm doing before picking him up and I usually try talking to him first to see if that's enough but if he's properly crying I go to him straight away.

WLmum Tue 04-Jun-13 00:00:06

That's great news hales.
I always soothe straight away and only key her cry if I really have no alternative. I don't leave big 2 to cry if they are sad or hurt themselves (tantrums are another matter!). I don't believe it 'spoils' them.

Secondsop Tue 04-Jun-13 00:10:14

I soothe Z straight away as he's not that much of a cry-y baby so if he cries it's because there's something I need to fix eg he needs to be held or he's done a poo or (as in the other day) he's bumped his head on the cot bars while I'm in the shower.

He wouldn't settle to sleep this evening and I was watching him in the monitor wriggling around and suddenly I saw something blueish coming in and out of the frame near his head! I tore upstairs to find that he'd managed to grab his Ewan the sheep that was at his feet and was waving it above his head, trying for dear life to get it into his mouth.

I went into work today for a keep-in-touch day. A colleague is recently back after her mat leave and she said that it was so hard to leave her baby and that she (colleague not baby) cried all weekend. Those of you that are back at work, how are you finding things?

I only leave ds to cry if I have to, I had to yesterday afternoon because he just wanted picking up but I was trying to chop a bloody sweet potato grin in fact it's usually only when I'm doing dinner or getting ready to go somewhere in the morning (nursery or doctors etc) sometimes he just has to wait.

Well he first woke at ten so I fed him then he woke again at 11:45 and I was a bit annoyed so refused to feed him and just patted his bum for a bit until he finally settled and he's just woken up again so five hours without a feed....

IsThatTrue Tue 04-Jun-13 05:27:27

Wow good sleeping spotty our 6th wake up at 4.45 hmm, the first was at 10.30. He's still awake atm though. I think it's teeth, he's got really rosey cheeks and he's grizzly! <yawn>

He woke again at 4 but I patted him back to sleep and he's just woken again. I think I've just been too quick to feed him when he wakes as it seems like the easiest thing to do...

I soothe if it's a cry and finish what i'm doing then soothe for s whinge.

Good sleeping here, he went down at 8:30 then up at... Wait for it... 4! DP got up as I feel so poorly and then j's just woken at 7:30 shock He must feel the same as me as he keeps making the same snuffly and throat clearing noises.

Stacks Tue 04-Jun-13 08:29:33

We didn't have a great night as usual. I did get a long (for us) stretch of sleep between 12:15 and 3:30, but I noticed he was wet through at 4:20, so we had to get up and changed and he didn't settle again till after 5:30, then was disturbed till 7:30 when we got up. So I've pretty much been up since 4:30 sad
DH is home with man flu, so I've got a little bit of help today, though all of it with little whimpering noises from DH. I'm not great at sympathy, though I'm trying to learn how to fake it.

I soothe T pretty much straight away for cries and complaints. Though mostly because his squeals are so ear piercing I can't stand to leave him. I do always tell him off though "no shouting, you talk to mummy, not shout". One day it'll make sense to him and hopefully he'll learn.

I'm usually in the middle of dinner with ds screaming and dd shouting 'muuuuummmm Felix is cryyyyyiiiiinnngggg' hmm

Just had to wake ds from his nap as I've got a doctors appointment I hate waking him!

Barbeasty Tue 04-Jun-13 09:37:54

I think last night would have been a good night, with just one wake for food, if I hadn't woken so often!

Left both DC with MIL, as a practice for next week, and I'm off to meet my nct group later and eat cake. I'll be the spare hands so everyone gets to have tea & cake & a wee!

Seconds I think if you mentally prepare yourself it doesn't have to be so bad. Keeping in touch days help, because it's amazing how out of place I felt last time after a year away. And I think most important is to be happy with your childcare. If you're confident DC's well looked after it's ok. That said I really hated work when I went back before. Might just. Be my work though, because I still hated it when I started this maternity leave!

It feels bizarre that I have no qualms about leaving the DC this week, but I'm not too enthusiastic about going to work next week.

WLmum Tue 04-Jun-13 09:56:45

Tabs spends lots of dinner prep times in the sling! She did a bit better last night, lots of wakes and some wandering round the house but then slept 3-7. She's still quite snotty but really hope that's a sign of getting back to normal. If it goes on much longer I will take her to dr to out illness then I'm afraid it will be no more mrs nice mummy. I don't want to but cannot live on just a few hours of broken sleep a night. I'm starting to get resentful (all aimed at poor DH - not T, she's too cute!) which is not good for anyone. Taking them all for a walk in the woods and play in the park soon.

FriendofDorothy Tue 04-Jun-13 11:02:02

I have just driven to a nearby beach kiosk to get the boy to sleep. I am now drinking coffee and reading my kindle. Bliss!

halestone Tue 04-Jun-13 12:03:25

I'm made up you have all said you pick up when crying i'm getting alot of lectures about leaving her when she cries. But i just can't do it she's not a whingy baby normally so i think if she cries she wants me. But i cannot get that through to some people.

WLmum Tue 04-Jun-13 13:10:38

My view is that they are still little yet. They are largely immobile and inarticulate so crying is the only way they can communicate. They don't cry for fun! Like all of us they will sometimes whinge about something that's not really a problem and then we as grown ups sometimes have to make a judgement call.
Unfortunately as a parent you will always receive advice you don't want!

So dp has taken the day off as he's leaving in just over an hour but he's moaning he's knackered after having to pop to tesco with dd then play with her a bit hmm

WLmum Tue 04-Jun-13 13:23:41

Not so knackered he can't play football though. Bet you're too knackered to do things you would enjoy all the time (like I am).

Yep or even normal things like having a bath! Ds has fallen asleep feeding so I'm just lying on the sofa with him and his blanket-lovely smile

Ah lovely sleepy cuddles Spotty, watch out for unseen face punches/fingers up your nose.

Hales repeat after me: smile and nod, smile and nod. and if that fails tell them to mind their own fucking business I get this a lot esp from MiL. but on Saturday she saw its not as easy as feed every 4 hours and stick them in bed at 7!

Enjoy your mini break FoD

MaMaPo Tue 04-Jun-13 13:51:57

Hello all.

Hales, C doesn't cry much, and when she does in the daytime it's either because she's hurt herself (hits herself in the face with toys sometimes) or she's tired (lots of that lately). The former, I comfort her but don't always have to pick her up, the latter I always pick her up as it escalates otherwise. Agree with 'smile and nod'!

Another awful night here. ISthat i have sympathy! She woke up at 2.30am, had a feed, and then was up playing for an hour. I tried putting her to sleep about 3 times but she woke up on transfer to the cot every time - obviously not sleepy enough to stay asleep. So I finally got back to sleep at about 5.30am. Bloody exhausting. I am OVER JET LAG.

Our shop arrived today so I've made some butternut squash (supposed to have lentils in but we didn't have any), and some leek and celeriac. That was so delicious I had to stop myself from just eating it. Forgot to buy fruit on my shop so will need to get something - she loves apple, so I might try to branch out. The amount she has improved with her eating just since we got back from Aus is amazing.

Ds cries all the bloody time so actually I think I leave him to cry more than I first thought because he will not be put down sometimes so if I want to do anything for dd he just has to lump it. It's more a shouty cry really. Annoying me today blush

WLmum Tue 04-Jun-13 16:21:53

Bet you love us saying ours don't cry that much spotty! Fx the ring sling helps him be close to you while you do stuff with dd. my dd1 seemed to be harder work than most others I knew but she was a v easy toddler. She's very sensitive which I guess was part of needing me lots when she was little but helped with toddler behaviours I think as she responded well to lots of communication. Fx that's the pay off for you too spotty.

It's been a funny old day. Jamie's super overtired so very cranky. Also a colleague has just rung to give me a heads up that work have changed our maternity and sick pay policies so we're entitled to pretty much bugger all now (they've done it in response to her having a miscarriage so she's understandably upset, bastards)! I don't think it applies to me now as I'm fairly sure they can't do that confused but it'll put a different spin on whether we can have another in a year or so. It's given me the churny stomach of worry! I was offered another job last week too and turned it down sad

IsThatTrue Tue 04-Jun-13 16:32:38

We have learnt to blow raspberries! And he can do it in reply to you closing them. I'm having a great time with it grin I'm such a child I've also found that when hanging washing the best place to put DS is the trampoline (with safety net) as he loves it, it keeps him contained and there's no risk of eating grass! Lol

I try to pick him up when he cries but its not always that simple with work and the other kids. I do know the difference between an angry frustrated cry and an upset/hurt cry though the latter gets my attention much much quicker than the former surprisingly!

SkiBunnnnny Tue 04-Jun-13 16:37:23

DS didn't decide to wake up for the day until 8am this morning grin I never thought I would consider 8am I lie in!

He is 6 months old today! Spent yesterday steaming and pureeing so more structured weaning begins today.

DH got a bit over excited yesterday and kept trying to give him different things when he didn't seem interested in the sweet potato. Had to stop myself from being controlling mummy but I could tell he just wasn't hungry/interested.

Yay for raspberries IsThat!

WL I don't mind dd never cried so I probably deserve it wink

WillYou I can't see it effecting you but honestly you'd be surprised how little you can manage on. Dp and I struggled when we were both full time with no dc but after dd I went back two days a week and we've been fine smile

Ds just did his first full back to front roll with no arm left under his tummy grin

Now he won't stop doing it!!

IsThatTrue Tue 04-Jun-13 17:48:05

Haha spotty showing off his new skill! smile

I'm trying to spin DS out until 6.30 then ill be trying to do an early bedtime as I'm going back to exercise tonight, eek. I haven't run anywhere in well over a year, it's a scary thought! DS however normally has a feed at 5 which he's kinda missed and if I feed him now he'll fall asleep. confused

I got my ring sling! A v v quick play makes me think it's the one for us! Going to practice with one off dd's dolls grin both children bathed, just about to put ds down then will put dd to bed.

WLmum Tue 04-Jun-13 19:53:15

Hoorah! Mine came to the rescue again tonight as at 5 pm I remembered dd1 has rainbows at 5.30 (forgot as she had an inset day from school) - DH had gone out in the car with the pram in the boot and rainbows is a 15 minute walk. T enjoyed the walk and I was pretty comfortable and had a hand each for dd1&2 for crossing roads.
Hope bedtime went well.

Yes thanks, they've both been in bed for an hour and I haven't hear a peep! I'm thinking I should probably join them soon!

ddas Tue 04-Jun-13 20:33:34

Glad bedtime went well.dh tries to get home just in time to give ds his bath around 7 but it doesn't always happen and def notice when I have to put both to bed! Only way I can bath dd every night as it's before dh gets home is to give ds the I pad as keeps him out of mischief where I can see him blush! To be fair though that's normally the only time of day he gets it and means he looks forward to her having a bath rather than being jealous that she's getting all my attention!
Dh off on a business trip all next week and know by the end of it really going to be knackered as although i sometimes wish he's do more to help the small stuff he does makes a difference!
Hoping to get a ring sling I've seen on eBay tomorrow- any cons re buying second hand?
Remember someone asking about naps past 4pm? Dd doesn't want one each day now but when she does it falls around 5pm and still ready for bed by 7.30ish. Even the days she has it later doesn't affect her bedtime although they are never longer than half hour when she sleeps later for some reason. Would thought since later she'd sleep for longer as more tired but doesn't seem to happen like that.

Just get the seller to make sure the fabric is in good condition no holes or wearing.

I often give dd a bath before her tea if I know dp's going to be late home. Ds is happy on the changing mat and then he gets dunked just before bed, they need a bath every night atm due to sun cream.

ddas Tue 04-Jun-13 21:16:05

Know the sensible thing given dd keeps waking up non stop at the moment from 3am onwards (dh keeps saying it's because we need to move her to her own room sad ) wouls be to go to bed but I feel that now I've finally got the dc to bed, cleaned up & prepared for tomorrow I just want to sit & relax for a bit in front on tv rather than go to bed!

WLmum Tue 04-Jun-13 21:16:21

I actually often find it easier to put my 3 to bed on my own. One chief and all that. I also like the sense of completeness of 1,2,3!
Mine are smelly babies and don't bath everyday as they have ezcema - tbh not sure that I'd bath them every day anyway although I suspect T will be getting a more frequent dunking as we embark on weaning. She's not 6 months til 18th but she's getting cross that everyone has something so tomorrow at dinner I'm going to give her a finger of banana. It's such a shame that I hate bananas so much!

ddas Tue 04-Jun-13 21:16:40

Wouls = would

WLmum Tue 04-Jun-13 21:18:44

I know that feeling ddas and actually I think it's an important of being a person in your own right rather than just a slave to dcs! Some downtime without them is good, even if only half an hour. We're on our first wake already.

ddas Tue 04-Jun-13 21:21:06

Ds loves his bath and on days we've tried to skip it he will ask for it non stop. However Weaning is the reason for the now daily bathing of dd as it gets everywhere!!!- ears, hair (although it's more scalp since there's not much hair yet!) post carrots she managed to get it stuck all in her eyebrows and looked like a red head.

ddas Tue 04-Jun-13 21:26:47

Have any of you ventured to bath your dc together yet? Looking forward to when I can but as dd is so tiny think it'll be a while yet as ds goes a bit mad in the bath so not sure I'll be able to ensure her safety lol! Plus at the moment as soon as I say we're going to give dd a bath he asks for the I pad- god that's going to be a hard habit to break!

WLmum Tue 04-Jun-13 22:00:13

Dd3 goes in first and dd1&2 run about or 'help' me bath her then she has a nudey kick on the change mat on the floor while the big 2 go in. In due course 2&3 will go in together and grown up dd1 will get her own shower/bath time. I started putting 2 in with 1 about 7ish months - have got a bath chair with suckers on the bottom which ensures they stay sat up but allows 'proper' bath.

Barbeasty Tue 04-Jun-13 22:01:22

I sometimes put A in the bath at the end of DD's bath. I do it quickly and A comes straight out if DD starts getting silly. It doesn't happen often. It's very hit & miss whether DD will have a bath.

A's first full day at nursery tomorrow.

I'm so crap at the min. Sorry. Trying to keep up blush

WLmum Tue 04-Jun-13 22:43:43

You ok honey?
Good luck beasty and baby beasty.

We're on second wake up already. When will this hourly nightmare end?

halestone Tue 04-Jun-13 23:02:43

Good luck Beasty i'm sure A will love it and have the biggest smile ever when you get home.

WLthanks it will get better hopefully soon for you.

Honey hope your ok.

Secondsop Wed 05-Jun-13 00:10:37

honey hope you're ok.

I can't remember who up thread replied about going back to work; im really lucky in my childcare set up as DH works from home so has some flexibility plus my mum lives 5 minutes drive away. I think this is why I don't feel too worried about going back as it's one huge thing for me not to be worried about.

willyou sorry to hear of the churny stomach of worry. I don't see how they could change your current maternity leave provision but I do see how it makes it harder for the future. How awful for your poor colleague.

Re bathing, I haven't tried bathing with Z yet (I should really try having a bath "under" his over-bath baby bath with him too) BUT we have all 3 of us used a corner spa bath together when we were in Australia! It was AWESOME. I want spa baths everywhere I go now. We have also showered with him, ie one person hands him into the other in the shower and then takes him back after a few minutes.

WLmum Wed 05-Jun-13 00:21:00

This is ridiculous. Will make drs apt tomorrow and then that's it. She's not even down long enough for me to fall asleep.

WL sorry you're having another crap night sad

Second wake up here so 3.5 hours then 3.5 hours which is great.

Dp has only just got in shock he has to be up for work in four hours he said the coach driver went through central London so it took them four hours to get there and they nearly didn't get to play hmm we live 90 mins from centra London...

Good luck Barbeasty I'm sure it'll be fine smile

FriendofDorothy Wed 05-Jun-13 05:19:17

Argh. We had a bad night. Waking every 1 1/2 hours on average. He had a horrid cold though which is making him really snuffly. Poor little thing sad Tired Mummy though.

Apparently 5:20 in the morning is an acceptable time to come and sort out the neighbours plant hire hmm with a truck with really squeaky brakes in a really quiet village. I can hear his bloody footsteps. Ds is stirring been another 3.5 hours so I'm really pleased.

Sorry you've had a bad night FoD sad

MaMaPo Wed 05-Jun-13 05:27:19

WL, it sounds like you're doing the right thing with the GP. This sounds weird, but hopefully there's something small and insignificant going on, which is easily treated, and might then lead to an improvement.

FoD, sorry you're also having a tough night.

I think the jetlag is slowly improving. She woke at 230am for a feed but then went back to sleep !!! Needed a bit of dummy replugging but didn't wake until 5am. Now, a 5am start to the day is not desirable, but it's the first time she's slept between 3-5am for ages so I think it's a good sign. Hopefully the 5am will get later and later...

Barbeasty Wed 05-Jun-13 08:11:37

Oh Spotty, that's not on. Aren't there rules about that sort if thing?

Although I forgot to shut my bedroom window this morning and suddenly heard A from downstairs at about 6.50am, so probably have some unhappy neighbours.

I'm sure A will be fine, but I only finished expressing the milk for him to refuse today about 20 minutes before they left and then A wouldn't feed properly. Maybe it will make him take his bottle!

I've had a missed call and an email from my boss. He wants me to go for an interview on Monday for another job. Same level as I'm on, but nicer boss. So childcare to sort (I start back on Tuesday!) and job spec etc to find & read. Not sure if it's an invitation to interview, or a turn up to the interview and you've got the job situation.

Have you seen the new advice for pregnant women about avoiding chemicals? You shouldn't wash, get in a car, cook.... Glad I'm beyond that point!

And good luck with the GP WL.

halestone Wed 05-Jun-13 08:25:36

Good luck with the GP WL.

Hope you have a nice 1st day back beasty.

Spotty i also thought there were rules about that i thought you couldn't start work in a residential area before 7am.

WL and FoD do not read any more of this post!

Last night H fell asleep and was in her cot at 11pm and she woke at 8am. 9 hours sleep yay and she is in my bed drinking her bottle and falling back asleepgringringringrin

WLmum Wed 05-Jun-13 08:47:21

Glad to hear some are getting some sleep (said through gritted teeth!!).
Yes, I'm sure there are rules about starting work in a residential area, I think it's 7am.
Good luck beasty sounds like they value you so hope you can work out a situation that works well for you.

I've got an apt with the paed gp at 1.50. Will buy a blackout blind for her room today and assuming the gp doesn't find anything operation no more night boobs will begin. Last night was nuts again and she's up so often she's not taking a feed and then going into a proper sleep. I felt really cross with her last night which is not a good thing.

halestone Wed 05-Jun-13 11:10:54

I hope they figure something out WL thanks

Hope you get some answers at the GP WL.

The veg sticks froze and defrosted really well. I steamed them, transferred straight to tiny Tupperware, which I floated in a bowl of cold water before transferring to the freezer. I took them out 2 hours before I needed them. They were a little softer than before freezing but still fine for him to hold.

Good luck WL.

They weren't working they were just picking it up from our neighbour who seems to own this digger hmm

Just watched dd doing ballet so sweet smile couple of teething problems with ring sling main one being ds started on my hip but ended up on my front after an hour confused

SkiBunnnnny Wed 05-Jun-13 15:15:07

Yay for good sleeps hales and spotty!

Glad jet lag seems to be abating mama.

Sorry for a bad night FoD.

Hope you get some answers at the docs WL.

SkiBunnnnny Wed 05-Jun-13 15:16:29

Who's made these new guidelines for pregnant women spotty? Sounds bizarre!

Got my dad and my brother arriving today, they haven't met DS yet so that's exciting!

WLmum Wed 05-Jun-13 15:51:51

Ah lovely ski. Enjoy showing him off.

Dr checked ears and throat, no infection so I'm battening down the hatches for tonight. Cot and blow up bed are in Ts room, black out blind is up, nerves of steel steeling...think I'll do a dream feed if she stays asleep for long enough then refuse to feed again for a few hours. I will get her up and cuddle, rock etc but I have to break the snack/nap cycle and get back to the feed/sleep (or even just sleep)!

Good luck WL that's what I've started doing I suppose for anything less than three hours, I don't pick ds up though just pat him, I know if he doesn't go back to sleep or gets more fraught its because he is hungry

Ds hasn't eaten anything today apart from a tiny bit of mango blush we didn't have time for breakfast, were out all morning and he's been asleep the past hour, when he wakes up he will need boob not food confused

SkiBunnnnny Wed 05-Jun-13 16:19:14

I don't think it's really a big deal, spotty, main source of nutrition is still breast milk. At the moment I think it's more about getting him into good habits so I don't think one day will make much of a difference.

Good luck for tonight WL. Will probably be hard to start but worth it in the end.

WLmum Wed 05-Jun-13 16:35:35

I will try patting her to start with but think she'll probably get a bit distressed. Tbh I've not really tried as I tend to pick up and feed as soon as she whinges as I don't want to wake the bigs who are on the other side of a thin partition wall, hence the move to her own room.

WLmum Wed 05-Jun-13 16:39:36

With T having been up all night on the boobs they are now on overdrive and she's not even making a dent! Need to express.

Managed to feed ds half a pouch and a yoghurt whilst making a risotto. Don't feel so bad now!

WLmum Wed 05-Jun-13 18:09:11

First bite of real food! Mainly enjoyed squishing the banana but some went in. Big dds were so excited!

halestone Wed 05-Jun-13 18:35:32

Yay to weaning WL, i'm glad that T is physically ok. Good luck tonight.

Spotty i never worry about H refusing meals as she still has her milk.

halestone Wed 05-Jun-13 18:36:37

Also i don't know how you feel about it WL but could u try giving a bottle of cool boiled water seeing if that settles her? Sorry if its a stupid idea.

Hales he wasn't refusing I just hadn't had time to give him anything!

IABU I know I am but I am pissed off! DP has just put DS to bed for the first time in 3 weeks. He's not changed his nappy so it's been on since 3:30, put him to bed in the short sleeved romper he's had on all day so his arms will be cold and only managed to give him 2 oz of formula before J fell asleep. This means he's going to be up all night and he'll wee through all his clothes and the only dry sleeping bag I have for him. I'd have been better doing it myself.

He's annoying me in general, I'm sure he thinks I sit on my arse all day. When I come down from putting J to bed most nights then I have to start washing and making bottles and then the cheeky fecker asks if I'm brewing up. He works 12 hour shifts but obviously that leaves me with the baby for 12 hours too.

I'm buggering off to Zumba and leaving him to deal with it all.

WillYou YANBU who puts a baby to bed without changing their clothes and nappy?! I'd be fuming and I'd wake ds up, change him and hand him back to dp.

WLmum Wed 05-Jun-13 19:42:50

I did wonder about that myself hales. Think ill see how it goes.

J's woken himself up. DP has gone to change him and feed him. He said he fell asleep feeding him and that's why, but obviously nappy change eat al is down before last bottle anyway. I'm willing to bet he's up all night as the routine has been changed and muggins here will have to deal with it.

WLmum Wed 05-Jun-13 20:01:14

Yanbu. As spotty says, surely changing his nappy is the bare minimum common sense? (Although i wouldnt put it past my dh who once forgot to give dd1 lunch when she was weaning) I would be pissed off too. I'd be too fuming to give him J back and would tell him to do the grotty jobs like bottle washing PROPERLY!

SkiBunnnnny Wed 05-Jun-13 20:01:16

Arg! That's so annoying WillYou! Hopefully he'll know better for next time. Maybe he thinks if he does it wrong you won't ask him to do it again so make sure you not let him get away with that!

SkiBunnnnny Wed 05-Jun-13 20:58:58

Actually, that just reminded me of the first (and only) time DH ever gave DS a bath by himself. He had got him dry and was putting him in some pjs when I walked into the room "oh," I said "do we not feel like wearing a nappy tonight?"
"Oh yeah...!" DH said "oops"
Was pretty funny.

Well he's still up, has had 4 screaming fits and DPs majorly pissed off wink I've taken over now. It is 25 degrees in our room. What would you all let him sleep in. He's in a long sleeved vest and a 1.5 tog grobag and feels okay.

Ds has woken twice already hmm not for a feed though not sure what's up with him....

That sounds fine to me WillYou smile

Is it maybe too hot in your room too Spotty?

FriendofDorothy Wed 05-Jun-13 21:37:47

Oh, I go back to work in 3 weeks and I am just not ready to go back in any way.

I popped into the office this morning and my return to work seems to have just crept up on me. I feel especially resentful that my inlaws are visiting again next week and that means that I will have to spend time with them when I just want to spend it with The Little Mister and The Mister.

I feel stupidly hormonal and horribly dramatic today sad

WLmum Wed 05-Jun-13 21:39:17

And so to bed on the lilo! So far she's been peaceful but we'll see!

WLmum Wed 05-Jun-13 21:41:49

It's 25 in our room and T is in a short sleeved vest and 1 tog bag.
fod you can get signed off if you're really not ready. Could you ask the I laws to delay their visit?

FriendofDorothy Wed 05-Jun-13 21:43:18

I definitely can't get signed off because I am not ready to go back. Unfortunately it doesn't work like that over here.

Wish I could delay the visit but my BIL is coming over too and he lives in the States. The annoying thing is that we saw the inlaws only 3 weeks in Jersey, but they are insisting on coming over again. angry

You are not being overly dramatic at all FoD, it's a massive thing going back to work.

I think WRT your ILs boundaries are your friend. Are they saying with you? If not agree to meet them on x, y and z occasion and try to head off them just dropping in whenever they feel like it. Especially so you get your evenings/mornings as a family.

Good luck WL you stay strong smile

FriendofDorothy Wed 05-Jun-13 21:54:59

My BIL is staying with us my parents-in-law are staying at my parents house.

The expectation will be that they spend every waking minute with us. I have pretty much said that The Little Mister and I will be sticking to our normal routine for the week. It hasn't gone down well.

I just want to cry sad

Tough luck to then FoD, if the choice is pleasing them or pleasing yourself it's no contest. If I were you I'd have lots of "appointments" booked in - doctors, baby clinic, NCT meet up, baby class and then just bugger off with the little mr for a bit

WLmum Wed 05-Jun-13 22:20:17

Ooh that's good thinking willyou
Where are you fod?
I'm just trying a dream feed to hopefully stave off a wake up. This is the longest she's gone since bedtime in a week I think.

halestone Wed 05-Jun-13 22:20:27

Willyou i've bern putting H to bed in a sleepsuit and no vest and just putting her covers over her. Hopefully your DP will understand now J isn't happy.

FoD i think Willyou's plan sounds like a good one grin

Hope F will sleep well 4 you tonight Spotty.

Hope your sleeping WL and that you get a really good sleep

halestone Wed 05-Jun-13 22:21:18

X post WL FX the dream feed works.

WLmum Wed 05-Jun-13 22:31:01

Well she had some but who knows how much?! She's gently snoring back in cot now so fx.

He has apologised profusely Hales grin he very much gets that he has done wrong! I told him he can do bedtime tomorrow and I'll talk him through what to do. He said he just forgot cos he's been on lates for the last week.

FriendofDorothy Wed 05-Jun-13 22:54:19

I am in Guernsey.

WLmum Thu 06-Jun-13 01:02:24

First wake up so am feeding as its nearly 3 hours since dream feed. Perhaps she knew I meant business! We'll see what the rest of the night brings.

WLmum Thu 06-Jun-13 02:14:43

Hmm, 20 mins feed then down, up 5 mins later. Initial patting didn't help so picked up to wind (if she's got wind and I leave her she's sick). Nope. After 40 mins of trying her in her cot and then holding/rocking/patting I put her back on the boob where she drank lots and fell asleep. Not sure about progress but hiding out in here us def helping me to observe calmly rather than desperately trying to get her to sleep. Speaking of which...

Sounds like you're having a better night WL smile

Ds first woke at 11:45 which is great. Just woke at 2:15 hmm and after fifteen minutes of bum patting, although he wasn't getting much louder, he still wasn't asleep so I'm feeding him and he seems to be drinking quite a bit...

He's just so fidgety I put him at the bottom of the cot but when I next wake up he's at the top and he's got his bum in the air rolling from side to side!

Maybe they're all thirsty because of the heat?

Well ladies this is why we stick to the routine. So far J went down at 10:10, up at 11:10-11:45 and now 3:00. I know That's Good for some but rubbish for us. He's had 28 oz of milk since bedtime. I don't think he was hungry, I think it was just habit. But maybe he was? Babies are complicated!

Hmm bottle drained so who knows?

Now up for a feed, just over three hours so that's fine. I don't think breastfed babies get thirsty like ff babies? (Probably because they feed so often!) Ds likes to be warm he hates his summer gro bag so is still in his winter one confused but then I always sleep under the duvet even when it's really hot.

I hope dp feels suitably ashamed WillYou wink

Oh no it's only 2.5 hours. Rubbish.

Bugger forgot to anti bac bumbo after mango (only used baby wipe) so have come down to a trail of ants...

IsThatTrue Thu 06-Jun-13 06:48:04

We are teething and it's disturbing his sleep. He's been up at least every 2 hours for the last 2 nights. I can tell the poor little mite isn't right though. Very grizzly on waking but not even opening his eyes. sad I wish these teeth would make an appearance already!

Yesterday he crawled forwards, although he was too busy throwing a massive frustrated paddy about not being able to go forwards that he didn't realise he did it. I was holding out fit a few more weeks peace but tbh he's pretty good at getting around its just not always quite in the direction he wants to go. Must must bany proof he got hold of a ruler from the kids 'felt pen box' yesterday!

Whoever mentioned bathing with bigger ones, DS has since birth, but my big ones are 8+6. I think I didn't put the others on together until ds1 was 6mo. Speaking of baths DS2 has started to really splash again and with a big grin on his face! He outgrew the summer bath seat so I just took the pillow part off and give him a couple of inches of water with the pillow under his head. Yesterday he worked out he could roll over onto his front (which is fine as there really is hardly any water) and started pulling the plug in and out of the plug hole, very funny to watch. I've never really bathed any of the dcs daily but ds2 sometimes it's easier to bath him once or even twice a day than to try and wipe off the masses of mushed food he's spread liberally around his person.

Sorry for epic post, this is what you get when you become embroiled in the 'things you'd never admit to in RL as you'd look like a nob' thread for 2 days!

MaMaPo Thu 06-Jun-13 08:30:00

Hello all -

sad for teething babies, sounds like progress WL and eyeroll at people who don't put fresh nappies on babies for bedtime.

Our night here was better again - rejoice! I was shattered so was in bed by 9, my husband did df at 10.30 (she still steadfastly refuses bottle when awake, but is AOK when asleep - weird baby) and she was up at 2.45am for a feed. She was wide awake after which made me despair, but I put her in her cot and she sang herself to sleep! Then up for the day just after 6am. Not too bad.

She is still swaddled but by 2.45am this morning she had managed to force her entire right arm out the neckhole of the swaddle! Once I am certain she is over her jetlag then operation SwaddleWean begins. Uh oh.

I'm so bloody tired, fed up of shitty sleep <grumpy>

WLmum Thu 06-Jun-13 09:03:55

Well she was up again at 3.15 but I was tired and had no resolve so after a cursory pat I fed her but she was quick and settled quick, same again at 5.15 and up at 6.30. Maybe I won't need to get hardcore on her? Will see what happens tonight - hopefully another move in the right direction.

So we were up again at 4:30, 5:30 and then into my bed at 5:50 where he slept on and off until shrieking me awake at 8:30. This regression is kicking the 4 month one's arse!

We've been awake since 5, well ds fell asleep on my chest until 6. I just managed to get him to take 3oz of ebm from a bottle though....he's now having boob hmm

utopian99 Thu 06-Jun-13 10:46:01

Is a regression around now normal? We were up every 1.5hours last night. I an blaming lack of sleep entirely on my having eaten a pain au chocolat, pain au raisin, and entire pack of bourbons this morning.. blush

PurplePidjin Thu 06-Jun-13 11:58:09

Mine started at 5 months and is still going strong, utopian

WLmum Thu 06-Jun-13 11:59:31

Nice work utopian!

IsThatTrue Thu 06-Jun-13 13:42:12

We have movement of the forwards variety shock he's not crawling properly but he's doing a good line in dragging himself along the wooden floor by his hands and pushing with his feet/knees! shock why so early?! I want a nice still baby for a few more months!

utopian99 Thu 06-Jun-13 15:40:41

Good to know it's not just me.. on the sleep, not the pig-out that is..

On the plus side he had a wild time in his paddling pool (being held) this afternoon.

utopian99 Thu 06-Jun-13 15:42:20

Nice one baby isthat too!

halestone Thu 06-Jun-13 16:33:29

Aww i bet thats dead cute Isthat.

Yay i'm glad last night was better for you WL

Utopian you've made me hungry wink

Mama i'm glad that the sleeping is getting better.

MaMaPo Thu 06-Jun-13 18:41:40

Hales, I am most impressed by your sleep! It wasn't that long ago that you were up every hour or so, right?

Lovely picnic today with some other mums and babies. C got to wear shorts for the first time! She was so well behaved and napped in her pram, but was properly exhausted by bathtime. She wouldn't eat any dinner, just grizzled and blew raspberries at me. Hmm.

We had a busy day-went for a pub lunch with two people we were in SCBU with (I knew them before we had babies though, weird huh?) one of the little boys was born on the same day as ds and was one day out on gestation too.

I keep thinking about winding down the breastfeeding in the day and then changing my mind... It's getting really tiring and he he doesn't feed properly when we're out just fusses and cries hmm but then I don't want to risk having to stop altogether.....but if I get a job it will be easier to leave him confused

Hope everyone had a lovely day. IsThat you'll need to buy a cage wink

Our room's 27 degrees confused

WLmum Thu 06-Jun-13 19:51:39

spotty you've just reminded me I meant to buy a 0.5 tog sleeping bag today and I forgot. We're at 25 here so she's ok in her 1 tog and short sleeved vest. I won't get a chance tom as we've got a friend coming first thing, then dd2s gym class then friends after school! Might go sat but I'll have to take all 3 as DH will be working.
I'm going to camp out in Ts room again tonight and see how she is before I decide whether to pursue sleep training, move her back in with us or trot across the hall. Don't really fancy any option much!

WLmum Thu 06-Jun-13 19:53:26

spotty T is a really rubbish feeder in the day now. Does he take a bottle? Could you try just one bottle in the day to get used to it but then still have a good supply if you decide to keep bfing?

I managed to get him to take 3oz today smile so yes I might do that, gives me more options then doesn't it? It's awful when we are out, once my letdown has slowed he's off and it means I end up flashing at everyone!

IsThatTrue Thu 06-Jun-13 20:03:15

grin @ cage, I need to sell the rocking crib so I can bring the travel cot down so I have a safe place to dump him if needed.

DS doesn't feed great if we're out and about, my bf peer worker said it was just the age as they are so easily distracted and that it does pass, they start to be able to seperate off from the distractions when they're feeding. But obviously if you want to make the transition then I'm sure it could work. Do you have any success expressing? Do you think you could express enough for the day feeds so your supply stays up but it's easier to feed out and about?

MaMaPo Thu 06-Jun-13 20:04:05

27 degrees! Spotty, remind me where you are? That's crazy indoor temperature. It's nothing like that outside, is it?

I can only express if I skip a feed one side and I don't think it helps with my duct issues! I think I will go with the one bottle a day idea - should I do it at the same time or vary it?

Mama I'm Sussex/Surrey border was about 22 degrees here today. I've had the windows open and curtains shut all day but the sun shines in all day and we've got massive windows with wooden frames etc so I can't keep it cool hmm

halestone Thu 06-Jun-13 20:25:36

Mama she started to get it about a month and half ago before that she did at 2 hour sleep if i was lucky and then napped for 15 minutes a few time a day she usually got 5 hours sleep in a 24 hour period. But since we changed her milk to the reflux special stuff its made such a huge difference. Last night she went to bed at 11pm (which seems to be her bedtime) woke up at 5:30 had a bottle and changed her nappy, then she went back to sleep till 9:30am.

Spotty my HV said that as long as you BF through the night it keeps your supply something to do with hormones. Not sure how true it is.

ISpyPlumPie Thu 06-Jun-13 20:47:24

Hi everyone,

Just popping in to say I've not forgotten about you all smile but my phone keeps chucking me out of the mobile site. I've made it to the laptop so I'm going to post something in Site Stuff, but in all probability it will be my now-getting-on-a-bit phone (contract not due up until October though).

FX I get it sorted and manage to catch up properly soon.

Barbeasty Thu 06-Jun-13 20:56:08

WLmum do you have a Waitrose nearby? Then you could order one from John Lewis and have it delivered there free to collect on Saturday.

A took a full 5oz bottle at nursery this afternoon. Clever boy! He's been ok both days, which is a relief.

Not so impressed with DD, who had an accident on the floor at nursery and got her friend to clear it up!

WLmum Thu 06-Jun-13 22:24:44

beasty she's a manager in the making! I guess it's true that they won't starve themselves and we sweat it more than them. Good idea re JL - have a waitrose at the end of the road!
spotty I flash people a lot too as I end up chasing her round with my nip!
I'm just about to get into bed (well onto my lilo!) and do a dream feed. I think if she settles back to the 1/2 quick ish feeds with quick ish settling I'll just bring her back into our room for a bit and revisit it if necessary after weaning etc. I still don't like the idea of her on her own, or of me walking about at night!

utopian99 Fri 07-Jun-13 02:19:54

Trying to leave to settle himself more often, boobed to sleep about 8pm, quick snack feed 9.45pm and this is first proper feed since then, hurrah. A few snuffle episodes (not really awake, no shouting/crying) we chose to ignore which he sorted on his own, it means dh wakes up too though, but hopefully we'll get used to leaving him and it'll keep improving?

wl sounds like you have a better night too

spotty i'd heard that night feeds are what affect your supply/hormones the most too, hence why it's difficult to conceive while still feeding at night. Have any of you managed this? Just wondering our chances if we start trying in August and he's still up twice between 10pm and 6am..

Note to self: if you fall asleep with a fan on, don't wake up at 2 and turn it off! J is not settling now, yawn.

10:30 feed and now 4:35 shock he did need settling at 12:30 but didn't come out his cot

IsThatTrue Fri 07-Jun-13 06:33:21

Teething >yawn<

WLmum Fri 07-Jun-13 07:48:14

I've been told that night feeding is best for supply - cruel cruel Mother Nature!
I had a better night - dream feed at 10.45, up for feed at 2 but quite quick to feed and settle, wake at 3 but settled quickly with a pat, feed at 4 but again quite quick to feed and settle, up at 6.45.
Another step in the right direction and I can live with this for a bit so she and I are moving back in with DH. He quite wants her to stay in her own room but I want minimal disturbance for night wakings. He actually quite wants to do sleep training and stop the night feeds but I only want to push it if I'm desperate. He's fed of not getting any! He's just going to have to get used to an audience (albeit a sleeping one!)

WLmum Fri 07-Jun-13 07:48:53

Hello ispy!

I think Jamie gas earned himself a one way ticket to his own room! After I turned the fan off he was up knobbing about until 4, then up at 5:25. Complete killer night.

WLmum Fri 07-Jun-13 09:35:00

Naughty baby fandango !

He is indeed WL. Now I've put him down for a nap and he's stolen his Ewan and is slowly gumming him to death. If he wasn't so funny I'd go crazy!

I know I'm hogging the thread but I'm gonna crack up today! J is fucking wailing nonstop. He's had a poo so that's not it. He's refused bottles, porridge and fruit purée. He's knackered but won't nap. I think it's a sod the diet day. My fat arse can wait, my sanity cannot!

Okay I've calmed down grin About 30 seconds after the last post I forced a bottle on him and he promptly fell asleep. I had a swim tots class planned and need dinner first. There's also bottles to be made and washing to peg out but literally the second I put him down he starts to wail. So for now I'm watching how I met your mother, mums netting and eating skittles wink

WLmum Fri 07-Jun-13 13:11:51

Clearly the only plan of action available willyou. Hope he cheers up soon.

halestone Fri 07-Jun-13 13:17:11

Could it be teeth Willyou? Hope J is ok. And that you get sometime to yourself its horrible when the babies are like that because its just so relentless.

WL bet your made up that sleep is going bettergrin

I took H to the GP this morning as she is still very chesty. I don't really want her on antibiotics but she just seemed to be getting worse not better. Turns out shes got bronchitis hmm they've given us antibiotics and told us if she gets worse to get her seen straight away. Poor little mite

Poor H Hales hope she picks up soon.

I've since had wotsits and a penguin! I don't think it's teeth I think he's j

halestone Fri 07-Jun-13 13:41:28

Haha that made me laugh Willyou grin.

Oops just hot and grumpy!

Plus I just got a letter from work confirming that the maternity thing is worse than I thought. The pay won't affect me this time but they're now saying unless I go back for 9 months (instead of the 3 that it was before) then I'll have to repay all mat pay other than SMP. Surely they can't do this? I've started a thread in employment to ask.

halestone Fri 07-Jun-13 13:52:11

I'm not sure Willyou, but i didn't think they were allowed to change the terms without consulting you first.

MaMaPo Fri 07-Jun-13 13:54:13

Willyou, sorry you're having a crap day but your description of J 'knobbing about until 4am' made me laugh!

OK night for me - no dreamfeed as my husband was out, so I left her to sleep. She was down at 6.45pm, woke at 12.15am for a feed and then again at 4.15am. That would be AOK but she stayed up for an hour. Woke again at about 7.15 but needed the dummy about an hour before that. I'm hoping the restless mornings are the tail end of jetlag - she's never needed dummying like this before.

My husband was out for a fair few drinks last night and was pretty hungover - so much so that he managed to put C's nappy on backwards this morning. Quite the feat, with the tabs in the back and everything. I was a bit confused when I was taking it off again.

Does anyone buy the Just4bums nappies from Kiddicare? A friend recommended them yesterday at they're 60% off at the moment - 164 nappies for £20. Not bad! I hope they're decent.

Weigh in this morning - at 26 weeks C is 19lb/6.8kg. Sticking firmly to the 91st percentile. Little lump.

IsThatTrue Fri 07-Jun-13 14:05:10

Well last night I got a sum total of 4hrs broken sleep >yawn< and today he's feeding every 45mins and has slept 2x20 mins total. I think he's trying to break me!

WLmum Fri 07-Jun-13 14:36:52

Oh is that - ouch!
hales poor little H, hope she feels better soon.
willyou I really don't think they can change the terms of your mat leave whilst you're on leave. Double check your contract and maternity paperwork. For a definitive legal answer phone acas.

Skittles IsThat? grin

I have stripped j to his nappy and bathed him in the washing up bowl and now we're going to walk and walk. I think it's a bit of separation anxiety too, he wants to be on me at all times but also able to get around freely. It's driving me batty.

Thanks WL I will. I am seriously pissed off

IsThatTrue Fri 07-Jun-13 14:58:38

Yes please willyou I have already eaten a whole bar if dark chocolate I hope J is giving you a bit of a break. We're having a 45 min (and counting) nap! smile lovely. Wish I could get my head down and not work

I've walked until he slept and then a couple of extra laps when he woke up twice as soon as I stopped I have no idea what's wrong but he's properly on one today! He's learned how to get his arms out of his obviously too loose pram harness and was trying to climb out using his parasol as a frame. Someone needs to tell these babies that they're only 5 months old!

Argh I feel completely brain dead and I need to finish the first module of this diploma in ten days. I swear having a baby makes you lose brain cells!

Ds just had 3oz of formula so I'm feeling less worried about him taking a bottle now.

Sorry you're having a tough day WillYou.

Take away tonight!

Barbeasty Fri 07-Jun-13 18:17:40

I got back from shopping this morning and both DC were asleep in their car seats. So made a cup of tea and sat in the car with that and a biscuit. I was there for an hour.

WillYou, that doesn't sound right at all. Were you planning on going back or is there a risk you wouldn't make it through 9 months?

I think my boss hasn't let HR know I'm going back next week, so that will be fun to sort out when I'm there. At least I have 4 weeks until I'm hopefully paid.

Hope baby Hales makes a speedy recovery now you have the antibiotics. Good luck giving them....

FriendofDorothy Fri 07-Jun-13 18:42:20

No wonder my boobs are lumpy. The Little Mister has fed for less than 40 minutes so far today?

IsThatTrue Fri 07-Jun-13 18:44:50

Oh FoD! Have you been out and about? DS hardly feeds at all when out anymore and makes up for it overnight

Oh Hales I hope h recovers quickly.

FoD ds might feed every two hours but it's never more than 5/10 minutes, we've been out all day and he's hardly fed at all I've been really engorged hmm

FriendofDorothy Fri 07-Jun-13 20:52:21

I think his solid food has increased and he has a horrid cold so I suspect those two things have reduced his milk feeds. I guess he might make up for it tonight though!

I was always planning on going back Beasty and was planning on getting pregnant again before moving jobs so 9 months really won't be a problem wink But it's the underhand way that they're trying to pull a fast one. According to the ladies over in employment issues this is not legal. I accepted the money under 3 month notice period so they can't change it to a 9 month one after the fact. All they've done is make me think I won't go back there after the next baby as the extra money I'd get is only ~£2000. Not worth working for arseholes for another 9 months for that amount IMO.

Ps he's still up and still being a PITA, but DP's on duty for the moment and I've got a San Miguel grin

Barbeasty Fri 07-Jun-13 21:15:27

Yes, agree it's shitty WillYou. I'd be tempted to go back just pregnant, so you know you can do 9 months (would your next maternity leave count towards the 9 months? That would be fun) and quit at the last possible moment so that they have to pay the statutory pay 2nd time around.

A is still awake & feeding. Waiting for DH to come home with the Chinese.

Not if I quit just before it Barbeasty but I could hack 9 months knowing I was screwing them over right back.

IsThatTrue Fri 07-Jun-13 22:07:32

Still getting DS to sleep as I was out for a run at bedtime and he doesn't go to sleep on the bottle like he does a boob. But he filled himself up so then wasn't hungry enough to feed to sleep. After some vigorous rocking and loud shushing he's just gone off, but he's still on me. I'll try and move him soon

Oh and FoD our feeds are never more than 5 minutes anymore except when feeding to sleep at bedtime. Although if you're feeling lumpy he probably hasn't eaten as much as normal. Fx he doesn't have you up loads overnight!

First night in his own room <wibble> not sure if it's permanent but it's too hot at the minute with all 3 of us in our room.

halestone Fri 07-Jun-13 23:24:55

Good luck Willyou, its 6 months since Heidi was born today and i know i should move her into her own room but she wakes if i leave the room now so i can't do it yet.

H's chest sounds awful, DP is at his looking after his other daughter. Dads in bed not well so i'm sat here worrying wondering if i should stay at home or take her the hospital but feel like i'm being abit pfb Shes taken her antibiotics well though think she likes the banana taste.

IsThatTrue Sat 08-Jun-13 01:50:50

DS is 6 mo today and stating in my room until he sleeps through. I cba to get up in the night!

FriendofDorothy Sat 08-Jun-13 04:34:11

Wow. The Little Mister has been asleep for over 5 hours. I haven't fed off my right boob since 6.30pm and I currently look like Jordan. It's rock hard and painful - wake soon baby!

FriendofDorothy Sat 08-Jun-13 05:04:54

Ahhhhh bliss!

DS woke at 11:40 but I couldn't be arsed getting him a bottle as he'd only had one 2 h before. Picked him up straight back to sleep til now. But I still feel like eyes r welded shut.

Happy 1/2 birthdays mini Hales and Isthat smile

Ds woke at 10:30 then 3:30. It appears he now thinks it's time to get up hmm

IsThatTrue Sat 08-Jun-13 07:29:32

Well DS woke at 2 and just now, which would be great of he hasn't stayed awake between 2-4!! So tired.

Yay for sleep FoD but yeah it only takes a few hours to have comedy boobs!

WLmum Sat 08-Jun-13 08:25:19

There must have been something in the air - my little toad had feeds at 12 and 2 and then playtime at 4.15-5.15. I had to take her out as she was chatting and shrieking so loudly. She then slept til 8. Naughty babies!

Ds was well awake at 5:30 did a massive poo and was up for the day being sooo loud! I find it quite sweet but dp doesn't grin

IsThatTrue Sat 08-Jun-13 08:37:10

DS had a massive feed and is back asleep on my chest smile love the snuggly baby less so at 2am grin

Now, how do I convince DH to wake up and bring me breakfast in bed?!

There's 2 ways IsThat:

1. Get angry! I've been up all night rar rar rar

2. Get pathetic! Poor me, so tired etc

What do you think will get the best results?

WLmum Sat 08-Jun-13 08:48:43

How's h this morning hales. If you're worried take her back to dr/hospital and sod being pfb.

IsThatTrue Sat 08-Jun-13 09:53:23

Pfft neither I got up and made porridge for us both. hmm

MaMaPo Sat 08-Jun-13 10:30:16

I agree Hales - if you're worried get her seen.

Anyone else in growth spurt? C is having one meal, sometimes two, and feeding well every 3-4 hours. Yesterday it was more like 2 hourly and she'd empty both sides every time. She hasn't had both sides at a single feed in months. She'd also start to complain, making me think she'd not had enough milk on one side. Should I be concerned about my supply? Probably not, as she's stimulating it a lot! Still feels like quite a different situation.

Off to a wedding today. C will come to the cerpny, then I'm taking her to a friend's for bath and bedtime then will go back to the reception. Hope it all works ok. Last time we went to a wedding she had a bit of a meltdown during the drinks afterward - I think it was too noisy for her, poor poppet.

halestone Sat 08-Jun-13 11:00:20

Not long after i posted last night she vomited everywhere and her chest sounded much better. She managed to settle to sleep and when we've got up she sounds a little better grin shes hopefully just about to have a nap.

halestone Sat 08-Jun-13 11:01:15

Isthat sorry about the bad sleep.

And sorry about everyones early wake ups.

Good news hales smile

I was just stood next to Francis from made in Chelsea in boots grin

No growth spurt here <touch wood> but I've realised I've been feeding him every two hours regardless because I'm so used to it so I'm going to wait for him to demand in today....we're just on two hours and no crying yet!

IsThatTrue Sat 08-Jun-13 13:27:15

Glad she's sounding better hales

mama DS is eating approximately every 45 minutes hmm so I'm assuming growth spurt!

He made it three hours!

Ok slight AIBU here....

It's my birthday in a week and a couple of weeks ago I said to dp 'so what surprises have you got for me?' He replied with nothing because I know he's rubbish at surprises and they cost money blah blah blah. In over six years that we've been together I've never even had a surprise birthday present (bar little bits like a cd or something not that I'm ungrateful!). He said he couldn't think of anything anyway and I said he had a few weeks to decide...

Fast forward to last night he says do I want to go out on my birthday, I half shrugged and said not really (annoyed because I WANT A SURPRISE!) so he offers to cook, I smile (he never cooks) then he asks what I would like him to cook, anything at all. I said can you not make any decisions yourself?! He looked really upset sad

I know I sound like a bit of a princess but I'm honestly not. He knows I hate birthdays they were never a big deal when I was growing up and I don't even remember ever having a cake or birthday meal it was a card in the morning with £20 and then just like a normal day.

I don't want to be spoiled but how about he just says on the day come on I'm taking you all out for lunch, children included. Or don't cook tonight I'm sorting it. Argh I'm being pathetic aren't I?!

Change of subject in town I park right at the bottom of the car park where it's always empty so I can open the door wide enough to get ds in and out in his car seat, why does some nob always park right next to me?!

Humph grin

Sorry that was long blush

WLmum Sat 08-Jun-13 14:04:07

spotty I have said similar to DH. He's slowly getting the message that if something becomes his responsibity he is to do all necessary fact findi g and decision making instead of referring to me at every turn. It's taken years of training though!

SkiBunnnnny Sat 08-Jun-13 14:54:06

Happy half birthdays to your LOs hales and isthat.

Hope the chest infection is getting better hales.

Spotty maybe he's worried that he'll plan something and you won't like it. Why don't you give him a few suggestions of things you would enjoy then let him pick one and plan it? That way it's still kind of a surprise.
(Ps Made in Chelsea is my guilty pleasure grin)

Thing is ski if I ask him to either take me to lunch or cook for me he will say 'where so you want to go? What do you want me to cook? What about the dc etc etc'.

Dd is being a terror today hmm

SkiBunnnnny Sat 08-Jun-13 16:19:48

Can you be very specific?

Lunch at A
Lunch at B
Dinner at C
Home cooked D or
Home cooked E

Pick one.

Then maybe next time he will remember and be able to pick a different option without you having to spell it out.

SkiBunnnnny Sat 08-Jun-13 16:23:48

DS has been sleeping really well the past couple of nights. Unfortunately he still thinks 5.30am is getting up time. You can't really blame him though seeing as a) it is light outside and b) that's the time DH gets up if he's going to work.
He was so wriggly last night, kept ending up sideways in the crib. Twice I turned him back the right way without him even waking up!

PurplePidjin Sat 08-Jun-13 17:13:19

Spotty brief a friend or your mum to help him pick something you'd like. Delegate grin

R gets up at 5, his room is east facing. I used to have a vw camper but swapped it with my dad for his Punto (my daily driver was a 1970 beetle) last year. Anyhow, the camper is still at my folks' house so I've nicked the thermo mats from it and stuck them over R's bedroom windows. Here's hoping! I'm ok it's poor dp who takes him down for breakfast every day at sparrow fart so i can lie in

Hmm I will speak to him later and tell him what I want to do I suppose....

Ds had 4oz from a bottle earlier and ate loads of dinner!

WLmum Sat 08-Jun-13 21:06:31

In my crazy world of small children, I have today explained the hijab whilst supermarket shopping with all 3 dds in tow, and dd2 had a scotch egg ( or balls as she calls them) for pudding!
Not sure how much baby led weaning we'll do in reality - T did really well with her first try at spoon fed baby rice and booby juice but doesn't seem that impressed with 'solids'

WLmum Sat 08-Jun-13 21:07:41

I totally understand spotty having to think about it/suggest it puts a dampner on it doesn't it.

Stacks Sat 08-Jun-13 21:54:49

So far tonight I have fed DS to sleep at 7:40, 8:40, 9:20 and 9:40. He's not hungry, why does he keep waking? Why won't he settle himself? Her can do it, he just refuses to 98% of the time. I end up getting really angry with him on nights like this sad

Spotty, my DH is the same, but about everything.. I told him to come up with a bath/bed routine with DS. To so whatever he felt comfortable doing that worked for him.. So I got "when should I bath him? How hot? With what bath products? How much? How long should he stay in? What should he play with? Where should I dress him? Which towel should I use? What should I do after? Should I do it every day? What pjs should he wear?" And after I answered all these questions, or prompted him to answer them himself... "Will you stand and watch me do it please?"

Hes a really intelligent guy who manages his own time, and other people at work. I don't think I over correct him at home, and often find myself saying "just do it your way, it doesn't matter what I normally do". So why doesn't he have the confidence to decide stuff for himself? Do you think confidence is the issue with your DH? Maybe assure him that you'll be happy with whatever he decides to do for you for your birthday, because he did it for you, and that's what counts.

IsThatTrue Sat 08-Jun-13 22:04:07

stacks could it be teeth? My DS keeps being woken and I can tell its pain as he grumbles around my nipple.

WLmum Sat 08-Jun-13 22:07:12

I'm afraid with my DH it's laziness he's happy to be spoon fed as then he doesn't have to think about stuff. He puts in lots of hours at work and does anything I ask so not lazy like that but a lazy thinker iuswim. It's caused many rows over the years and I'm sure will cause a few more yet.

If you work out why Stacks let me know. Last month J self settled every night. Tonight I fed/rocked him to sleep 6 times and he just kept waking up and wailing as soon as I put him down.

DP has worked 12 hour shifts all week, plus 8.5 today. We had to go to his DMs for tea as it's the delightful GMiL's birthday. So he's got drunk and gone to bed at 9:30. Awesome, guess I'm making the bottles. I'll be taking the lie in tomorrow though!

GMiL was on top form, how she doesn't get the message is beyond me. I bit her head off every time she made yet another comment about feeding. Apparently I need to get him on solids immediately and should switch him to toddler milk now he's 5.5 months. In other news she drank a full bottle of white wine and fell off her chair shock Jamie was not handed over to her.

SkiBunnnnny Sat 08-Jun-13 22:43:51

shock WillYou! GMIL strikes again. What exactly is toddler milk? Is that like follow on milk?

grin Sorry WillYou I know it's tiring for you but I love your stories!

Dp just keeps repeating 'but you know I'm rubbish at these things what can I do?' Blah blah blah then runs through all the things we can't do because we can't afford it!

Yeah ski she said I should move him onto stage 2 milk she's a dick I told DP that I would introduce her to jack Johnson and Tom o'leary <obscure anchorman reference>

Spotty I agree with whoever said give him a a list of suggestions and tell him to surprise you on the day. I know it's not quite the same but it seems like the beat you're going to get. I'm not a fan of surprises control freak though so it may be different for me.

ddas Sat 08-Jun-13 23:15:30

willyou all I can say is wow!!

spotty my birthday is coming up and I've asked dh that I want my present to be an afternoon away from the kids just us out for a meal in London. Icing on the cake would be if it's sunny and we could sit out in a terrace. Feel guilty saying that what I want is time away from the kids but it's been so long since we had just us time to do something that we would have done on an ordinary weekend before having kids and moving out of the m25!

Anyone see the Sma advert whilst watching bgt? All so true from the oh no you've done a poo just as we're all ready and about to go out the door to the last bit of her on the sofa feeding whilst looking shattered!

10:30,2,6 not too bad. He might go back down now....

I've got a friend who lives in another country. She's just come back to have her baby, due in three weeks but is flying back in six weeks. Is this a bit mad? What if she's two weeks over and has a CS? Obviously I won't say anything to her and hope she has a lovely sneeze birth on her due date! How long goes a new baby passport take? I wouldn't have wanted a 12 hour flight with a 1/2/3 week old...

IsThatTrue Sun 09-Jun-13 06:13:54

We had 11, 2, 5.30 and he's asleep again, I'm eating porridge ready for my run at 7 hmm

spotty I think you can get a passport in a day but it costs ££££ and you have to go to London. Obv you have to have a birth certificate. Tbh at that small I'd have been fine, I'd find it harder now DS is more of a pita alert!

I think the baby will be easy I'm more thinking about her, I couldn't sit down for two weeks after having dd shockgrin

Ds has gone back to sleep but I obviously can't hmm good for you going running!

IsThatTrue Sun 09-Jun-13 06:36:31

Hmm I remember being uncomfy after dd but not too bad. Fx that everything goes smoothly for your friend and she can get back home

That's Sod's law spotty, and the running yes, I got harassed into a running club but tbh it's great. And as I can't diet (reduces my supply) I can exercise at least to try and get rid of some of this baby weight!

We have a swimming party later. Ds2s first time in a pool! I can't wait, he's going to love it!

ddas Sun 09-Jun-13 06:39:09

Isthattrue in awe of you going running after a sleepless night! We've only had a couple of wake ups and all I fancy is a cup of tea & sofa/bed. Not sure i could summon the energy for a run at the moment! Dd up for the day but amazingly ds still in bed so sofa it is for a snuggle.

spotty I think that's a bit mad! But is it her first? She may just not now quite what a bombshell having a baby can be. I had a traumatic birth with ds and couldn't sit for well over a month. Physically & mentally was a totally mess- def couldn't have handled a long flight. But with dd which was an elective section think could have maybe 2 weeks later. Had bad baby blues again but was more prepared for it and physically stronger. That's the problem with birth it's so unpredictable!! but is there a reason she's so keen to get back quickly? Ie is all her support network over there & she's just come back as safer to have baby here? Maybe if someone was going to fly with her to help her it would make a difference.

IsThat a pool party sounds like fun!

Ddas same here, forceps/episiotomy etc we were shell shocked for weeks! Also a friend of mine just went 17 days overdue shock

Her family are all here but her partners are in the Caribbean (jealous? Me? Never!) she said we can stay whenever we like but the flights are so expensive!

ddas Sun 09-Jun-13 06:47:15

& like you said what if she has a section she would be able to lift much & seats if she's in economy may get quite uncomfortable! Also increased risk of blood clots post partum esp with sections so she'll have to do lots of moving around. Think some airlines may have limits on earliest a baby can travel for safety of them & mother. Plus has she thought although fingers crossed all is well with baby that sometimes it's not & she could end up having to be in hospital longer. Even common things like weight loss, jaundice etc wil delay her. 10 days post delivery we were back in hospital with dd for jaundice & weight loss. Also some things with babies don't become apparent for a couple of weeks so that would also make me cautious about flying.
Wow sorry for the length of that!!

Yep! I know some people breeze through those first few weeks I just keep remembering how awful I felt. Ds is still asleep, typical!

WLmum Sun 09-Jun-13 08:10:41

Admiringly jealous of the run isthat. I'd love to do some proper exercise but just too knackered.
willyou gmil keeps us entertained even if she's a nightmare for you!
spotty that's exactly the way I would have behaved pre dd1 - also nightmare birth etc. I would gently try to get her to think about contingencies for if she can't fly for any of the reasons above but fx it all goes to plan for her.

We had another terrible night with a dream feed at 10.30 then wakes at 11,12.45,2,3.30 and up at 6 something.
I'm afraid she's got tonight to redeem herself or its back to tough love plan. I really don't want to but this just can't go on.

IsThatTrue Sun 09-Jun-13 08:25:01

WL was she in her own room still last night or back in with you and DH? Could it be she prefers the quiet in her own room? Because she was better in there wasn't she?!

Run went well, only doing 30 mins atm 5min warm up 4min run,1min walk x 4 then 5 min cool down. But that up from 2 run and 1 walk last tues. so by next weekend I'm hoping to be up to 6 and 1 and be going for 45 mins. It's actually giving me more energy tbh, it helps running with others though as you have the extra motivation of somebody waiting for you.

Sorry I'm not keep

Sorry bad mumsnetter - I'm not keeping up at the min. But need to ask some advice. I'm probably overreacting and should just be enjoying this but D has been sleeping A LOT the past week - a 2 hour nap in the afternoon plus at least 2 other half-1 and a half hour naps. He's also been sleeping more at night- last night he went from 7-10.30 then 10.45-5.30 which is totally unheard of for him. I should prob just enjoy the sleep but it is very unlike him. Probably totally unrelated he's also stated shuddering a lot -he's normally happy when it happens but I'm worrying.

ddas Sun 09-Jun-13 12:06:29

Dash is a bit older than the rest of the babies so probably more established on solids so may be why his sleep is improving. With ds found the initial weaning made his sleep go all over the place but once established for a while on 3 meals his sleep got a lot better. With the shuddering if you're worried about it I'd take a video of it next time he does it to show to your gp- especially with the fact that he was prem I'm sure they'd be more than happy to see you even if it is just to reassure.

I'd definitely go and get it checked out Honey. Ddas' idea of videoing it is really good.

MaMaPo Sun 09-Jun-13 15:08:01

Just a thought honey - a friend of mine recently mentioned that her daughter started shuddering when weeing. Could it be that? I second the video thing; you could also have some nappy off time and see whether it is to do with passing urine.

Also - enjoy the sleep!

Thanks all. Gonna call gp tomorrow and get it checked out.

My little brother always used to shudder when he weed it was more like a shiver though? Not sure. I wouldn't be worried about the sleep though grin

I've got so much to do but ds has been asleep on me for two hours shock

SkiBunnnnny Sun 09-Jun-13 16:04:43

Have fun at the pool IsThat!

Honey my DS shudders sometimes. I freaked out when he did it in hospital when he was first born. The nurse said not to worry about it but if it happens a lot it can be a sign of low blood sugar.

Is anyone doing BLW? I've tried DS on some finger food and some purées. He seems v unimpressed by the purées but I can't stop myself from panicking every time a chunk of food breaks off in his mouth, even if it is fairly soft. Maybe my nerves just aren't cut out for it and I should try again once he's got a bit more to grips with eating.

FriendofDorothy Sun 09-Jun-13 16:15:22

We have been mainly doing purees and giving The Little Mister some finger food when we are eating. I am just about getting over my fear that he is going to choke himself!

I have found the Organix biscuits or rice cakes quite good to distract him with. He seems to suck on them until they fall apart but he doesn't gag on them at all.

WLmum Sun 09-Jun-13 16:31:21

Shuddering/shivering when/after weeing is really common in los, I was told its due to drop in temp when the nice warm wee is gone!
Interesting isthat she was a bit better in her own room (with me on the floor!) but still not great. I think she was up tons when she was poorly she's got a bit mixed up and doesn't seem to drink much in the day so makes up for it at night. I think I need to give her a nudge in the right direction so think ill go with a dream feed then refuse to feed for 3 hours etc. starts tomorrow night back in room with me on the floor.

halestone Sun 09-Jun-13 16:35:31

Honey i liked Ddas idea of videoing it hopefully your GP will be able to reassure you tomorrow.

Isthat, i'm also jealous of your run i feel i have no energy at the minute, so it sounds like a good idea to me grin

Ski we did a mixture of purees and finger foods but are having much more success with actual food now. She loves eating fruit especially biting the peach and eating it and red grapes. She loves toast of a morning and again bites pieces off. But H does have teeth and also i have always just put my finger in her mouth and flipped the food out if i think its too big of a piece shes got or if she starts to cough. My nan goes sick at some of the stuff i feed her telling me shes too young but as long as H likes it i won't be stopping the way i'm doing it.

Stacks Sun 09-Jun-13 16:36:55

Ski we're sort of doing BLW kind of. In that I'm giving him things to play with/eat at dinner time. He's had cucumber, tomato, carrot, bread and broccoli. All as large chunks fed to himself. He manages to get small bits off to chew, but hasn't swallowed anything yet. He generally just spits things out, but occasionally will get something too far back in his mouth and gag. The gag reflux kicks in before he swallows, so there's been no choking at all. Though its worrying to have him gag I've never been concerned for his breathing etc and T stays calm throughout.

We did have an allergic reaction today though. I gave him some bread which had butter on (while out) I scraped off as much of the butter as I could before giving it to him. However he came up all red and lumpy round his mouth. Luckily it was minor and went down quick.

halestone Sun 09-Jun-13 16:44:34

Stacks is he allergic to all diary food do you think?

SkiBunnnnny Sun 09-Jun-13 17:35:39

Yeah, I do flip it out of his mouth if I think it's too big but I don't know if I should be letting him try to chew on it. He is definitely just gagging not choking and seems happy but I can't stop myself from worrying. It's probably not worth it if he picks up on me stressing.

halestone Sun 09-Jun-13 17:39:30

Can i ask a personal question to those of you who have already had children? When your periods returned last time were they regular or did they take a while to settle into a routine?

Mine were pretty regular I think even when I had the coil in

ddas Sun 09-Jun-13 20:25:26

Post ds they had only just come back & were all over the place when amazingly still got pregnant with dd so it can vary so much from one person to another.

halestone Sun 09-Jun-13 20:45:06

I just thought i'd check i was starting to worry slightly but my monthly friend has joined me tonight confused after i had wrote that post.

WLmum Sun 09-Jun-13 22:03:09

Pretty regular I think but lighter and less painful.

I think we're going to leave the blw for a bit after a gagging and vomiting banana finger episode. She's loving the spoon food so far and has eaten far more than I was expecting.

I'm wondering if part of the nights issue is a messed up feeding body clock - she won't feed much in the mornings and so has most of her milk intake between about 2pm and 3am. Be good if I could shift this to between 7am and 8pm! Since I can't make her feed, I think I'll have to make her hungry during the night by refusing to feed for 3 hours initially and so then hopefully she'll take more at other times.

halestone Sun 09-Jun-13 22:49:59

Could be feeding WL and i think that sounds like a good plan. Might be hard going for a few nights but ultimately worth it. Could you ask your mum and MiL to help with your older 2 so that you can catch up on any sleep so hopefully the next few nights will be abit easier on you.

2blessed Sun 09-Jun-13 23:31:09

Been really rubbish at keeping up with you all. Tricky time with DP at the moment, we're just not getting on and seem to have differing opinions on absolutely everything. Time will tell...
DS is still my absolute joy. First tooth has come through without too much pain (I think) but lots of dribble. No weighs 17lbs at 22 weeks. He also moved into his cot and bedroom this week. First night was awful but he seems to have settled now.

Loved the GMIL story!

IsThatTrue Mon 10-Jun-13 05:20:18

Oh 2blessed a new baby is such a strain fx for you.

We BLW mainly now as DS won't let me spoon feed him. I'm pretty relaxed with lumps/gagging though. We've only had one gagging incident where he's. brought anything back up.

Every 2 hrs overnight he's like a little alarm clock!

halestone Mon 10-Jun-13 06:28:49

2blessed i hope it works out for you, could you and DP go for a night out just you two? It might help, me and DP have had to do that a few times when the arguing has got bad it seems to help.

Isthat i hope DS starts sleeping longer for you soon.

2blessed we were the same after dd it did get better for us.

Rubbish night here sad I'm definitely going to have to go against guidelines and get a cot bumped as he keeps waking up headbutting the headboard even when I put him down right at the bottom hmm

WLmum Mon 10-Jun-13 08:42:07

2blessed agree with the advice to take a bit of time out for just you and dp.
Typically crap night again here, I officially can't do it anymore and will be starting controlled crying (gentler with cuddles rather than hardcore left to it) tonight. Are we still on for meeting tomorrow Woking ish gang? Maybe you can guess how old I am by counting the rings under my eyes !

MaMaPo Mon 10-Jun-13 09:55:36

Right - day one of sleep training in the MaPo household! Little C went cold turkey for her nap this morning - no dummy, no swaddle, no rocking. She went down at 8am, played until 8.20, then started crying. I did a bit of pu/pd and reassurance, then got her up at 8.50 when that didn't work. 10 minutes of quiet playing, nappy change, back into sleeping bag, and back to bed. We had 15 minutes of crying off and on, with reassurance in the cot, until she fell asleep at 9.15 and is still asleep now.

Does this sound like your plan, WL? It is tough but not as bad as it could be. Horrible to see the tears though. But I know she can do this and I know she'll benefit from being about to do it. A friend of mine has a 2 and 4 year old and did this technique at 5-6 months with great success with hers, and so I take a lot of inspiration from her.

Anyway - I'll probably be on here wittering about it for ages. Please be patient while I vent!

2blessed, that does sound tough. Can you agree on big picture issues, like 'We both want the best for our son' 'We want to have a strong relationship' and take solace in that common ground? I know the devil is in the details but I can find it helpful to realise that ultimately my husband and I are on the same page - we're just having trouble getting on the same line. Good luck.

2blessed Mon 10-Jun-13 10:31:36

Thanks all!
You're absolutely right mama the devil is in the detail. Dp has older dcs and has always been very hands on and often believes that what he did as a parent 16 years ago is automatically how we should raise our ds. Little things like 'feet to foot' and sleeping bags - advice/products that may not have been around then he rubbishes. Its not all bad but very difficult at times. The whole issue around his dsis having ds for a wkd is in there too, as his dcs had done this by ds' age but he is not fighting me on this . My position remains that its way too early and ultimately ds has different parents to his dcs.

Good luck with the sleep training mama

spotty I've just ordered a breathable bumper from john lewis. Will put a link when I get back onto laptop.

WLmum Mon 10-Jun-13 11:04:26

Yes mama that's going to be my sort of approach, only I'm only doing nights! Lets hold hands.