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Jan 2013 Part 4: More noises, movements and more sleep?! Hmmmm

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happyhow Tue 28-May-13 17:58:19

New thread!

I leave B during the night until he's making persistent noise - I don't usually wake up til then anyway! He's always wide awake; he's never done the dream feed thing. I tickle under his neck or blow gently on his face to keep him awake...

He's still in with us but will be going in his own room once his blackout blind arrives and we've given it a good Hoover. Probably in the next week or so.

B is still mostly in 0-3 clothes shock. I've started putting him in 3-6 vests but his other things mostly look far too big on him still (he's 19weeks). Sainsburys stuff is bigger though, as is Asda.

Hubby has taken B out for a long walk so that I can get some of this marking done. Bailey seemed to think that 3 15min naps today was acceptable so he's been doing my head in and I've gotten absolutely nothing done. He's just point blank refused to sleep today.

Angielka Tue 28-May-13 18:14:01

Molly is in 6-9 month clothes now hmm and so many of DD1's things got worn once or even not at all before she grew out of them! Just as well most of her stuff is second hand from her big sister. Most of her new stuff was gifted and I've done my best to get her in presents before he grows too big, but it's a struggle.

Naps are improving but we're still struggling at night. Molly will be in our room until she sleeps better as she won't get her own room but will be sharing with big sis shock.

Jabs on Friday-them this chunk will get weighed. I hope she's still on the chart confused.

Angielka Tue 28-May-13 18:14:23

Oh and thanks for the new thread happy grin

Pascha Tue 28-May-13 18:15:39


<finds new thread>


1. I leave Dan a little but catch him before full blown crying as DS1 is too easy to wake at the moment.

2. Not in his own room yet, only because i'm still waiting for SILs cot to arrive and the travel cot is too wide. I think Bernie's way is good, thats what I did with DS1 - put him in his own room for the evening, dreamfeed in bed and keep him with me the rest of the night, til it was obvious he slept better in his cot than the crib. DS1 grew out of the crib by 4 months. D is 5 months now and grown out of the crib and in the travel cot.

3. I never wake him more than necessary to latch on and he feeds, winds and goes back down within about 15 minutes usually. On the odd occasion I've had to change a pooey nappy he's taken much longer to go back to sleep.

The 6-9m stuff is out of the loft and he's wearing some of it because he's too long in the legs for 3-6m things. Its all a mixture at the moment though.

just found new thread after accidentally posting 1000th message on old one blush

dd refusing to sleep anywhere but on me today, if I try to transfer her to the cot she wakes up and screams. I just tried some dentinox on her dummy and it is keeping her quiet so guessing teeth are the root of today's problems.

Lostbobbles Tue 28-May-13 19:31:37

Thanks for new thread Happy grin

Birdies -

Yes I leave her to cry as sometimes she will go back to sleep and if I go to her she is very hard to settle without feeding.
I'm evil I know but she just wants to use me as a dummy god I miss real dummy

Yes she is in own room, she makes more noise than DH and we need to sleep in the little time she actually allows. Luckily DD1 would sleep through a pneumatic drill going off in her eyehole so is not woken with our all too frequent trips across the landing.

She usually takes a good feed when she wakes in the night, but if she's using me as a dummy I try to put her back in the cot.

Lolli, we weaned DD1 early on our paeds advice, due to reflux and found it did help.

Took DD1 to a show today and DD2 stayed with grandma. Of course she was as good as gold and slept and drank her bottle without making a fuss. won't bloody drink it for DH to give me a break in the night though the madam

glorious Tue 28-May-13 20:40:18

Glad I haven't got the only chunk then!

Thanks for the new thread happy .

bunty sorry about the teething. Ellen's got a little spike through now but still troubled so I think there's at least another coming.

Angielka Tue 28-May-13 20:42:01

Oh. My. God. I don't want to jinx this, but after something someone said to me at baby massage today, I tried putting Molly down in her cot with a (worn) t-shirt of mine. She is still asleep after two hours, and lately the evenings have been really unsettled - she's only been sleeping on DH or me and waking after ten/fifteen minutes in her cot. I'm intrigued about how it will affect the night, but thought it might be useful to some other non-sleeping household too. I'm going to dream feed so that'll probably bugger it up, but worth a go!!

CreepyCrawly Tue 28-May-13 21:33:09

Fingers crossed for you angie!

Thanks for the new thread happy

Eeek i lost you all! Thanks happy for new thread!

angie have heard something similar and when Ivy was about 4 weeks we were given a 'snuggly' for her which i slept with for a few nights so it smelt like milk me so it would hopefully comfort her. Tbh not certain itcmade a difference but she still has it at night.

Ivy is 5 months on sat. Bit scared to get the little chunk weighed as she is huge! Still have some of dd1 6-9 month stuff. The tops especially arw getting a bit tight at 3-6 months but as someone else said she will.be in a mix if sizes for now.

Dh has just announced his mate wants to go out of town for a birthday weekend this weekend hmm would have been annoyed anyway but he only has tonight off this week so am basically on my own wirmth 4 dcs at half term! At least normally i get a bit of a break when the okder dc at school! Sometimes he seems like he thinks i'm just hanging out drinking tea all day. He always acts surprised with what needs doing when i'm (for examplw) in hospital with severe morning sickness and he has to do everything. Then he seems to forget again!!! Arrrrgggh!

Sorry for spelling cock ups...and ranty post! Just a bit annoyed angry

Birdies Wed 29-May-13 07:25:47

She was wide awake and shouting at 550am. And before that i fed her every couple of hours which is a slight improvement. Am really fed up of it, she used to sleep so well smile

Birdies Wed 29-May-13 07:29:17

I'm going to try to get her used to a bottle - how long does it take? She just pushes it out with her tongue. Maybe I could use a cup to get some formula in before bed, or is that a bad idea?

<desperate face>

lollipoppi Wed 29-May-13 08:15:07

Found you!!

Hope you all had better nights?
Birdies id give it a go, no harm in trying!

DS1 is at nursery today so nipping into town before the rain arrives!

Meringue33 Wed 29-May-13 08:42:32

Too grumpy today to even contribute. Had nearly three hours of unbroken sleep, achieved only by booting DP out to spare room and co sleeping. Five hours total. DP: "Well that was a good night wasn't it?"

Angielka Wed 29-May-13 10:33:59

Apple when is DH going to look after the 4DCs so you get a weekend away? Or stay in on an evening off work so you can have a couple of hours to yourself? It's only fair...

birdies good luck with the bottle. As lolli says, no harm in trying and it might work!

Thanks creepy. It wasn't the miracle cure I was after, but Molly spent the first part and the last part of the night in her own cot, asleep, which is a definite improvement. The blurry bit between about 2am and 4am she was in with us, but like I say, one step at a time...

Meringue hang in there. It's shit, but it can only get better (same question as to apple - when do you get your time off?)

My parents are here and have just gone out taking both girls with them to the market. Bliss. I'm due a nap... grin

Lostbobbles Wed 29-May-13 11:15:43

We had feeds every 3 hours and ignored her rest of the night hmm

Birdies what bottle are you using? DD2 will drink from the nuk bottle with the latex teat (not at night thoughhmm)

Apples - DH's mostly live on a different planet called f'ing selfish land just say he can't go as you may have a weekend away booked in a mental institution wink
Been swimming with DD2, DD2 was so excited to watch. Just popped into the farm to the soft play area, it's mental not one of my finest ideas

CreepyCrawly Wed 29-May-13 11:26:10

Definitely agree that DH/Ps live in their own selfish universe.

Sorry to hear there are still rubbish nights, but pleased to hear some of you are having improvements. Nancy is still doing a poo in the middle of the night, she's fast asleep when she does it but then wakes up when I change her. I feel too guilty to pretend I don't know. She's still not having a feed though so every cloud and all that.

Tugstonia Wed 29-May-13 13:40:49

Found you! Thanks for the new thread happy.

Sorry to those having crap nights. Lots of brew to you all. DD is still waking and feeding every 3 hours, day and night. Just don't know how to get her to sleep for longer, bottles don't seem to make any difference to her. She's still very snotty and coughy so that doesn't help.

Sigh and yawn.

Birdies Wed 29-May-13 13:44:11

lost I may try that. I've got Philips Avent bottles. Do you know what teat she should use - she's 5 months now so would a newborn one be best still?

Thanks smile

Birdies Wed 29-May-13 13:47:33

PS In case it helps anyone, I did read that around weeks 22-22 is when exclusively bf and room sharing babies tend to wake more in the night, the reason being they like the quiet feed times - and start to take more milk in that during the day.

So, the solution? Apparently to refuse to feed them between 3 and 7am by sitting up and rocking/jiggling them. And to do this until they start feeding more in the day. Hmm, that would go down well. And could do with actually having some sleep behind me before sitting up for 4 hours every night!!

Birdies Wed 29-May-13 13:49:43

PPS I do have good day sleepers though - have started to jiggle X back to sleep at lunchtime after she wakes after 30-40 mins from her nap and then she sleeps for much longer. It does work if anyone else is thinking of trying it.

So, both my little ladies are asleep, and i am watching a recording of Escape to the Country (still in my pjs!).

happyhow Wed 29-May-13 14:16:13

Hubby is away to holland again for work so just me and B til late Fri night. Mother in law is going to take B for an hour or so for the next two nights so that I can have peace to do some of my marking.

We have the tommee tippee bottles for when we use them. Never had any problems.

I'm up twice a night now instead of once. Just had a lovely nap with B on the sofa!

Tbf to dh he wouldn't mind if i wanted to go away over night etc but as i'm a bit of a homebody he knows its unlikely to happen. And he does generally do dinner when he gets up. I just don't think he realises how relentkess it can be!

Ivy off colour today. Didn't sleep so welllast night and is a bit miserabke now. Not sure if its anther tooth or shes coming down with something. She hasn't slept properly all day so she is also tired and cranky sad

birdiesi don't think i could do that! Hopefully last night was a blip [fingers crossed emoticon]

another bad night then dd cried all morning and refused to nap. I end up feeling impatient and cross with her for crying even though it is obviously not her fault, I feel like 5 months in I am already failing at this whole motherhood thing sad

she will now only nap on me or out in the buggy. I couldn't face the whole day sat on the sofa so had to leave her crying for a bit while I got up and dressed. as soon as we got out she went to sleep then I had to spend the next two hours wandering around town.

dp is being good, he got up early with dd so I could have a bit of sleep before he left for work.

Meringue33 Wed 29-May-13 19:01:53

Bugsy I feel your pain. At NCT group today there were two very good babies who sleep in their cots when tired, and often just fall asleep on mum or playmat, no tears, jiggling or anything! Meanwhile I was there with gorgeous little nap refuser who was just hyper and cranky all day. He would probably have napped if I'd gone for a longer walk on way there but I was just too damn tired to circle the park for half an hour in the rain!

Angie/Apples I had a revelation today. Never mind dads being able to share mat leave. What's needed is an equal amount of pat leave ie both parents off for a year. Tho not sure if it would backfire as we might end up just getting on each others nerves!

Birdies this LO only snacks when out so I have to make sure we're in a good chunk of the day to feed him up. Also I'm still crap at getting him into a good position/ latch when not in the comfort of home with a million pillows.

Please let the sleep regression end soon. Pretty pretty please!

Meringue thats the thing though..dh has a week off next week (note he booked the week after half term as holiday) and i know he will.be getting under my feet and on my nerves! Would just like more of a balance sometimes..i think its because he always works weekends.

My first 2"babies were the kind that just drifted off on the babygym or whereever they were. Dd1 didn't get the chance as we were ALWAYS on a school run. Ivy rarely does that sadly sad

Mrsbugsy just remember they do grow out of this stage and you sound like you are doing a great job flowers

happyhow Wed 29-May-13 23:39:30

I woke a sleeping baby and have lived to tell the tale... Mother in law brought B back and he'd fallen asleep. Didn't wake up for his bedtime feed so left him while I did some more marking. If it hadn't been for the fact that he was in the pram and had normal clothes on, I'd have left him. Managed to get him changed and in sleeping bag in record time without him properly waking up and somehow managed to get a pretty good feed in him so I'm hoping I'll get to sleep for a few hours...

Found you!

Update on us - Cameron has her third ear infection in a month, I have to lack for our centreparcs getaway tomorrow and get fanjo waxed and I am 30 in TWO DAYS.

all go at Bunty towers ;)

thanks all thanks. dd used to be such a good sleeper, hopefully this is just a phase

envy of centreparcs. we are hopefully going camping in a few weeks, if it stops raining

Tugstonia Thu 30-May-13 07:12:07

Morning all, happy well done for not waking him and hope you got some good sleep.

Poor Cameron bunty, really hope she gets over this infection once and for all. Have a fab time at centre parcs and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

DD went a record 4 3/4 hours between feeds last night! She did however wake up for good at 6am. But i'm hoping this is progress!

Meringue hope you had a better night. I also wonder how the hell other babies just fall asleep on their own, wherever they are.

Tugstonia Thu 30-May-13 07:12:43

bugsy guessing oyu didn't have such a good night judging by the time of your post... fingers crossed this phase will be over soon smile

Birdies Thu 30-May-13 09:27:07

bunty happy birthday! how dare you be only 30 envy

Had a better night - fed only twice then up at 630am. Was up another time though but I went for the jiggle to sleep option and it worked! Also, I think the daylight is waking her early. I have hope anyway!

happyhow Thu 30-May-13 09:34:05

I tested the theory of B waking in the night out of habit and not need. He's been waking at around 4.30am every morning. I decided to ignore him last night unless he got grumpy and he fell asleep and I didn't hear him again until about half 6. Will do it again tonight!

Got him to sleep on me just now. Transferred him to cot and he's now chatting away... Going to a neighbours for coffee this morning so hoping he won't be grumpy now that he hasn't really napped.

theboutiquemummy Thu 30-May-13 09:37:23

Found you x Happy I might try that one glad it worked

theboutiquemummy Thu 30-May-13 09:37:47

Is anyone weaning yet ?

Pascha Thu 30-May-13 09:47:56

One wake up at 2.45am! Then not a whimper til DS1 climbed in next to me muttering 'booboo! booboo' at 5.50am smile

I wanna go to centre Parcs envy

Iwanna be 30 again too envyenvy

Louise85 Thu 30-May-13 09:53:51

Sorry to everyone still having bad nights - what is with these babies - do they not know that us ladies need sleep...Dd was up at 5:45 and refused to go back to sleep hmm...Ds is a better sleeper than her at the moment - u just sort one kid out and the next gives you hassles confused

We move house tomorrow - am stressed out of my mind, was up far too late packing, am feeling s**t, the house is not just messy but filthy and its all just driving me insane and I just want to climb into bed for a few days and for this bad nightmare to be over sad ... At the moment I'm hiding on mn when I should be cleaning/packing or to-do list longer than my arm blush

Sorry for the moan blush

CreepyCrawly Thu 30-May-13 10:10:14

I wanna go to Centre Parcs too envy Actually considering stamping my feet.

I still have 7 years and a couple of months until I'm 30 though wink

Have a lovely time and a lovely birthday bunty. I hope Cameron's ear infection pisses off soon.

Meringue33 Thu 30-May-13 10:19:41

Happy birthday Bunty!

Hope the move goes well Louise. We moved a year ago when I was soo tired and sick about ten weeks pg. Stressful but nice once settled in. What's the new place like?

Another broken night here but bearable due to co sleeping. Don't want to get in the habit of this tho, I miss cuddling DP too much sad

Thanks all! I think we should all be jealous of creepy, though. can't remember what 22 feels like envy

Madam finally napping. She's ren resisting for an hour. Fingers crossed its a big 'un. I need a shower and to crack on and pack. hmm

Good luck with the move, louise!

Pascha Thu 30-May-13 10:40:03

can't remember what 32 feels like envy

Pascha Thu 30-May-13 10:50:11

Louise stop pissing about on here and get packing! Good luck for the move. Same goes for you Bunty. I hope Camerons ear gets better for good this time.

Happy I tried it with D but he just got louder and louder til I fed him so he was obviously actually hungry rather than just awake.

Birdies Glad X had a better night. Heres hoping she's more settled from now on.

Lora1982 Thu 30-May-13 11:04:44

Yawn. I really need to figure out time management so I can get out the house by 12!!

On the sleeping front hes good goes from half ten til half six, and sometimes at half six he just wants a dummy and gel go back sleepies. I thinks hes too young (20wks) to go in his room im too lazy to get up at half six and the food front I dont want to do that til he can sit properly hes been having tastes off my fingers though my mum got me this net type dummy thing that food goes In and they can munch without choking I think nuby make one and they are also doing a half price thinv til tonight I think so itl only be about £1

no not brilliant although she did drop back off till 7.30am which is good because I hate the really early mornings more than the middle of the night wake ups. touch wood she has been in a better mood this morning and actually took a nap in her cot

happy birthday bunty

pascha it's been a while since I saw the right side of 30 too...

brew and sympathy to louise

not weaning yet but I think we're going to try blw, so have been including dd in mealtimes, letting her sit on my knee and watch me eat, so she starts to get the idea.

Lostbobbles Thu 30-May-13 13:05:54

Happy Birthday Bunty, hope you a great time and C's ear get better quickly x

envy I want to go on holiday ideally without children

Oh and I am 21 because my 4yr old said so! grin

Lostbobbles Thu 30-May-13 13:09:36

Creepy envysleeping baby envy young!!! if you dare to add that you are a size 6 I will not be your friend wink

Lostbobbles Thu 30-May-13 13:12:22

Oh and Louise - happy packing not at all envy of that hmm

Birdies Thu 30-May-13 13:39:38

Haha lost I thought that - how dare she have a sleeping baby AND be so young!! creepy please tell us you're the same clothes size as your age?!!!

mrsbugsy I'm the same about early mornings - I'd much rather be up a few times in the night but then not have to get up so early.

Good luck with the move louise

Angielka Thu 30-May-13 14:20:21

Good luck for the move louise! Happy birthday Bunty! [cosies up to creepy hoping the youth and sleepy dust brushes off - our babies are the same age so it will, right?]

When I turned 30 DD1 was 6 weeks old so I hope you get to celebrate more than I did Bunty wink. A couple of weeks later my mum was diagnosed with leukaemia BUT the reason I'm telling you is that my parents are staying at the moment and on Saturday it will be 2 years since her successful stem cell transplant so we're going for a slap-up meal to celebrate. I'm looking forward to it even more than the drink out DH and I have been promised tomorrow evening while the parents babysit grin.

Last night was the worst yet but I'm wondering if we've hit yet another sodding growth spurt because I'm making enough milk for a dairy and my boobs have started leaking, which they haven't done for weeks. When does this bit end???

Birdies Thu 30-May-13 14:45:34

Aw that's great angiel, hope you all have a lovely time.

It's my brothers wedding this weekend and my DDs have the most beautiful dresses to wear, I'm looking forward to showing off my babies! Although I may end up showing off more than I planned to as I've realised I can't access my boobs without revealing my enormous greying beige support pants grin

Meringue33 Thu 30-May-13 16:15:02

Same here Angie and he's starving!

happyhow Thu 30-May-13 16:32:47

Happy Birthday Bunty!

I've still got 2.5yrs til I'm 30. Not as long as creepy though...

Just had a lovely nap on the sofa. Couldn't get B to settle in his cot. Eventually got him to settle on me and I've obviously drifted off too. Oh well! Unfortunately the washing and marking is still where I left it.hmm

happyhow Thu 30-May-13 16:57:06

Also, good luck with the move Louise!

For all those people that are loving the new Cadburys creations chocolate, it's very cheap in the co-op... The big bars are £1.32 at the mo! grin

glorious Thu 30-May-13 17:02:56

Happy birthday bunty! I'm 30 in July and not looking forward to it at all, so any tips appreciated! Still, I always wanted a baby by 30 and I managed that at least!

Good luck with the move Louise and hope you have a great time at the wedding birdies.

Lovely that you're spending some time with your mum angie.

We've just booked flights for a holiday in Japan in September/October. I'm now thinking we are totally mad but quite excited too!

CreepyCrawly Thu 30-May-13 17:55:36

Sorry ladies, I'm a size 14 8

Hope you've managed some packing louise. I'd love to move house, don't fancy the packing though.

angie have a lovely weekend

CreepyCrawly Thu 30-May-13 18:24:29

Also very envy of all these holidays. We haven't been away since May last year. How many envys have been used on this thread already?!

I'm wishing Nancy hasn't found her feet. They're always in her hands, no exaggerating. Makes nappy changes/feeding/putting her in her crib tricky. She's akways just had a good suck on her big toe hmm

Meringue33 Thu 30-May-13 18:32:57

Cute, Creepy, baby yoga!

Pascha Thu 30-May-13 18:33:48

Aww. I love watching Dan holding his feet. He wobbles round and round just like a weeble grin

I put him in the highchair for the first time today, just to see how he fits and it swamped him. I'm not starting feeding for another month-6 weeks but he will need to grow quite a lot for me to put him in it for meals.

The cot has arrived this afternoon so thats next to my bed now and the travel cot is away. Much better.

We're off to Kiddicare at Lakeside tomorrow to look at pushchairs again Going to trade in the double for a small single and get DS1 walking a bit more.

Except, someone on the pushchairs board linked this for me and I fell in love blush so we may come away empty handed and preorder this instead.

Lostbobbles Thu 30-May-13 19:32:05

Had 3rd Jabs today, screamed her head off. Very clingy since but no temp as yet so fingers crossed.

Angie, hope you have a great time with your parents. Sad about your mum but fantastic that she has been in remission for two years.

Birdies- enjoy the wedding. I love little girls in pretty dresses bet they will look beautiful. still sniggering at thought of support pants and baby on boob

Pascha - enjoy pushchair shopping and kiddicare, i've been banned by DH from going to the Enfield one sad.

Right got to get kids into bed check out Pascha pushchair link

lollipoppi Thu 30-May-13 19:37:57

Happy birthday bunty! Enjoy your stay at centre parcs its going to be nice weather I've heard!

Creepy envy of your size 8, 18 weeks after having a baby! I'm still sporting the mummy tummy look hmm

I'm 8months off the big 30!

Happy packing for holidays and house moves !!

CreepyCrawly Thu 30-May-13 21:25:28

Oh lolli I'm not really a size 8. I wish! I don't think I've ever been an 8, I'm all boobs and hips. And now belly too!

I want a new pushchair too. The travel system I've got, the stroller part won't seem to stay up if there's any weight put on it which is rubbish. It's flimsy too so don't think it'd last anyway. I like the Obaby Zezu.

Also any recommendations for a baby monitors? If Nancy is asleep in another room (which is hardly ever but that'll change when the cot goes up at the weekend) I check her often. Are video monitors worth it?

Lostbobbles Thu 30-May-13 21:50:18

Creepy - I love having a video monitor, i never have the sound on at night as i can hear little miss lungs perfectly well but it's fab for seeing what's going on. Obviously for you not much will be going on apart from sleep envy We have a motorola one which you can move the camera from the control unit.

I want a baby jogger pushchair but don't really need one can't decide between the BJCM or BJCMGT

newbie6 Thu 30-May-13 22:25:28

Creepy, we have the angel monitor with sound and moment, I like it as it reassures me! You can buy it with the video function also. X

happyhow Thu 30-May-13 22:30:15

We got the angelcare monitor. Haven't used the movement pad yet as he's not in his cot yet but liked it because he sleeps so soundly that it's not obvious if he's actually breathing without really looking! Never thought I'd be paranoid about that - I'm so laid back about most things.

B still asleep after being at the grandparents again this evening. Will be an 11 o'clock wake, change and feed again. Hopefully it goes as smoothly as last night...

Birdies Fri 31-May-13 08:41:13

I love how we're all saying our age and size when we could actually make it up and no one would ever know. So, I'm actually a size 6, 5 ft 10 and 18. Hee hee. Wonder if we'll ever actually know what we all look like?!

Anyways, X slept for 6 hours in a row!! Hooray! Downside is that I couldn't go back to sleep, so ironically I'm just as bloody tired! But I'm so pleased we're maybe getting back to the days of better sleep.

lost how is your babba today?

creepy we also have a video monitor (summer infant) which I love.

glorious Fri 31-May-13 08:46:52

Yay for 6 hours birdies . Always the way that you then can't sleep though isn't it.

We tried putting Ellen to bed much earlier. She's been going down at 9 but started to seem tired earlier so did bedtime routine at 645 and she slept 7-10, 1030-130 and then it all went wrong with hourly wakings until enormous poo resulting in bath at 630 sad If only she'd been in one of our bomb proof reusables.

CreepyCrawly Fri 31-May-13 08:47:41

Thanks all. The amount of times I get up to check her, I think a video monitor would be worth it. I really laughed at little miss lungs lost

Hope you had a good night happy, and everyone else!

Well done X! It's typical though isn't birdies, hope you can have a relaxing day.

Nancy has gone back to sleep now, so I'm sitting on the bed reading my book. Going to attempt a 3 mile walk today, that's today's goal apparently according to me pedometer. The dog is thrilled!

CreepyCrawly Fri 31-May-13 08:48:22

Oh no glorious sad

Birdies Fri 31-May-13 08:55:38

A quick question - how long do your babies sleep in the night (inc feeds) before they're wide awake? X seems to only do just over 10 hours in total but I was expecting more like 12?!

Birdies Fri 31-May-13 08:57:30

Ps aw glorious, how shit (excuse the pun!). Hourly wakings are hard enough, let alone having to be awake enough to do a bath that early

Angielka Fri 31-May-13 10:16:56

creepy we have a video monitor and it's a bit obsessive but I love it grin

birdies dreaming of six hours - well done you. It's so weird, from 7pm until 7am now Molly is basically asleep, but after a decent period until 10ish and apart from after 4am, wakes up crying (eyes closed) and needs either bf or rocking every 90 mins or so or she cries herself awake. It's so bloody tiring.

pascha that looks brilliant. I'm not after a new pram, but if I were...

We've had 3rd jabs this morning and Molly's gone to sleep for now, so we'll see what comes next but I'm bloody fed up of this phase now. Please end. Please.

Angielka Fri 31-May-13 10:18:26

Oh, and Molly was weighed this morning. 8kg. 8! That's 17.6lbs. That's enormous... hmm

glorious Fri 31-May-13 11:10:54

Thanks creepy and birdies , it wasn't a great start to the day that's for sure. Also got all over my dressing gown when I picked her up, yuck!

Good work on the weight angielka ! And sad brew

Pascha Fri 31-May-13 12:37:15

Sitting here on the floor with D at my feet, teasing him with my tuna sandwich grin He's drooling and following my hand from plate to mouth and back again, watching me chew, watching me swallow. Huge grin on his face. I love this stage, like showing a trailer from some juicy new programme thats not on for a few weeks...

Lora1982 Fri 31-May-13 12:45:47

Hahaaa juicy trailor grin 'heres what you cant quite have' dexter was trying to help himself to my rice concoction last night.meant to be off out in a bit... if he gets off my boob.

Pascha Fri 31-May-13 13:04:43

Same her Lora. Topping up before I put him in the car. The sun is out at last!

Lostbobbles Fri 31-May-13 13:52:13

Birdies - We had a good night too, 7.15-1, then 1.15 -7 grin. Hoping its not just the injections! She seems ok in herself today but her little legs are a bit swollen hmm

Angie well done on your little chunk, I'm impressed. Not on sleep front though hmm. Could she be waking due to hunger?

Re weaning, I have given a couple of little tastes and she has loved them but going to hold off a while yet. Need to dig out the weaning books as brain needs a little refresher. or some actual working cells

Pascha - pushchair looks fab grin
I've been out shopping and had another little perusal at the bj in JL, although they didn't have the gt and that's the one I really want to have a play with.

Enjoy the sun smile

Pascha Fri 31-May-13 15:18:24

Shall I play with it for you tomorrow grin? That one on my shortlist too, along with the Nuna Pepp.

Pascha Fri 31-May-13 15:20:00

Daniel is on my lap feeding but about every 3 seconds he stops, looks up and giggles at me. There's not much milk going in, thats for sure grin

Meringue33 Fri 31-May-13 15:44:43

Mad night here. Up at 3.30am. Not hungry. Not grumpy. Just wide awake and wanting to play. Would not go back to sleep til 6am. I couldn't get back to sleep at all, head fried.

Lovely day though, went to chiropractor (who adores him) then park for lunch with friend.

Birdies agree, think his "night time" is about nine hours.

Lostbobbles Fri 31-May-13 16:18:30

Pascha - yes let me know if you think the suspension is worth the extra weight as want it for holiday use as well grin. Also on one of my Facebook groups (nw London) someone is selling a nuna pepp. If you want link let me know

Pascha Fri 31-May-13 16:24:32

Oh yes please Lost. And I will give you a good comparison on the Babyjoggers as we had one before.

happyhow Fri 31-May-13 22:00:56

Well last night didn't go quite as smoothly. He wasn't grumpy or anything, just took longer to get him to sleep once I'd disturbed him. He still woke at 4am and was definitely hungry so the theory of waking out of habit is out the window... Got him settled and in bed a little earlier this evening so waiting to see what happens now...

Had a lovely day today. Met up with a girl who was in hospital with me before I had B - you would honestly think we'd been friends for years. Spent over 4hrs having coffee and walking around town and going to make it a weekly thing now!

Hubby gets back during the night - yippee!! grin

Lora1982 Sat 01-Jun-13 00:29:11

Whats with the not falling sleep til 12 rubbish hes pulling?! On a plus hes started giggling at random things th dog does instead of staring at him which is a bit cute.

Payday and ive had to stop myself buying him clothes cos he doesnt wear them all. So help me I need to shop I NEED to spend what do I buy the boy who has everything? ! (was looking at something called adam the adder or something like that)

Meringue33 Sat 01-Jun-13 00:32:17

LO has been sleeping soundly for 2.5 hrs
I on the other hand cannot sleep
Been up for nearly 24 hours
DP is still at work sad

Meringue33 Sat 01-Jun-13 01:23:18

DP has come home
LO has woken up smile

awake here too. dd wide awake and screaming.

Meringue33 Sat 01-Jun-13 02:50:51

LO calm enough now to feed smile

had any sleep yet meringue?

just had a couple of hours, now dd is eating again

Meringue33 Sat 01-Jun-13 04:31:35

Ffs, he slept for an hour. Now feeding again. It's mad Bugsy isn't it. Well he is five months next week so will no longer have the four month sleep regression excuse hmm

glorious Sat 01-Jun-13 06:35:15

Oh meringue and bugsy what a horrible night. Hope it improved.

Funny about the dog lora

Marginally better night here, only a short phase of hourly wakings and she then did 3-540. And all in her crib which is a distinct improvement.

I need to write a job application this weekend. Snooze might be necessary first as I'm knackered after the week we've had.

lollipoppi Sat 01-Jun-13 08:07:18

Lost and pascha I love your buggy obsession grin

Happy that's lovely! So nice when you make a new friend and get on instantly

Meringue and mrsB sorry for your crappy night, are DP/DH home today so you can get done rest?

Another sunny day here, off to take ds1 on a steam train this morning then a 2yo birthday party later

happyhow Sat 01-Jun-13 08:14:02

Two and a quarter hours I've been trying to feed this bloody child! Didn't get up during the night when I heard him so think he's being difficult in protest...

Pascha Sat 01-Jun-13 09:17:27

grin Its one I've converted DH to lolli. I think its because its gadgety. He has no interest whatsoever in baby bedding/clothes/immunisations/boring stuff that doesn't move.

urggh, what a horrible night. dd would not sleep and I was reduced to tears at one point blush. dp took over in the morning so I've just had a few hours and feel a bit better.

this morning she has a snotty nose i think she must be going down with something and I haveva sore throat so I think I am too.

meringue hope you got some sleep in the end?

dp just told me she has been sleeping from 6.30 till ten on her baby gym confused . tempted to put her to sleep on it tonight wink

Berniebennett Sat 01-Jun-13 10:30:05

O has just spent about 20 mins giggling like mad at me bouncing a tennis ball??? Honestly I don't think I'm bothering with any more toys he's happier with this ball and a crisp packet, lol!

Sorry for all those with non sleeping babies, I feel for u!!!

We seem to have come out of this 4 month wonder week thing now, he's happy to spend time alone now instead of wanting constant attention and LOVES his jumperoo! And is now sleeping from 7.30 - 7 (occasionally a little cry pop his dummy in then fine) so hoping that gives hope to those who are in the WW stage at the mo!!!

Angielka Sat 01-Jun-13 11:32:04

I think Molly is waking for hunger lost yes, but not every time. Sometimes she seems to wake and be unable to get abck to sleep, although she's tired and her eyes are closed.

bernie you are giving me hope that this won't last forever - thank you! Sometimes I feel like the baby's just broken and our life is destined to be free of a decent chunk of sleep. But then she smiles at me, or giggles and grabs her feet, or rolls over and I remember she's a beautiful little monster thing who is just developing and turning into a real person.

Sorry about your rubbish nights bugsy and meringue - we also had a bad one, but that seems to be standard now... although we did get to leave her from 8-10.30pm and go out for dinner (yay!) and now we're off for our celebration lunch.

lora what did you buy?

happy your friend story is lovely. It's great when two people just click.

Molly has been asleep for 2 hours in her carry cot (she's a chunk but the pram is a joolz and the carry cot is big.) Think we might have to put the carry cot in her cot tonight and see if we can trick her into sleeping longer stretches that way.

Jeez, sorry for the essay...

happyhow Sat 01-Jun-13 12:31:14

We've tried some baby rice this morning. Seemed to go down quite well and all over the face, up the nose, in the hair...

Pascha Sat 01-Jun-13 13:27:15

Sitting here at kiddicare in a nursing chair feeding dan. It's so comfy I could stay here all day.

Lostbobbles Sat 01-Jun-13 15:20:39

Happy Saturday all

I'm kid free in the hairdressers grin still very jealous of Pascha in kiddicare I know I'm a freak

I have a hen do tonight but I'm so tired I'm not really feeling it but sure once there it will be good.

I just find getting ready and leaving the house SO stressful. DH really is hopeless, all morning i have been out with DD's and he decides to get in the shower 10 mins before i have to leave angryangry. Think I will be divorced going out tonight!

Sorry to those having awful nights we had ok one. I put her out of routine by going out to dinner so she didn't go to bed until 9ish then went until 1, 1.15-5.30 and took her in with me and she snoozed/fed until 8ish when DD1 woke us up.

Happy - good news on baby rice.

Meringue33 Sat 01-Jun-13 16:40:27

Thanks guys

Had v little sleep, just had a little cry cause friends cancelled an upcoming event and started feeling sorry for myself

Those of you who've had bad sleepers since day 1 I don't know how you've coped! We had ten bad weeks but then ten pretty ok weeks, I got used to it and now feeling just awful since its gone again!

Doesn't help that DP has been working late all week and is studying so I've had the baby almost all weekend too the last couple weekends and this one too. Weather is lovely I feel like everyone else is out on family days and I'm stuck on my own! I can't even have a go at him as he is upset and miserable about it already, and seems to have developed some sort of mystery stress related rash sad

CreepyCrawly Sat 01-Jun-13 17:36:59

Oh meringue I hope you feel better soon. I feel the same in that it looks like everyone else is out having fun and I'm stuck at home. I don't really have many friends here, and those that I do have don't have babies so spend the weekends getting drunk with their boyfriends. Hugs for you x

Also a girl from DHs second job is texting him a bit more often than I'd like. And he's texting her back. I trust him 100% it he doesn't see why I have a problem with it. I personally don't think it's appropriate to text a married man.

I'm preparing myself to be joining the wide awake club tonight, we're trying the cot for the first time.

Meringue33 Sat 01-Jun-13 19:05:22

Thanks Creepy! Oh no not appropriate at all angry.

I had a bit of a go anyway, not in a horrible way tho. Felt better afterwards for having got it off my chest.

CreepyCrawly Sat 01-Jun-13 20:55:47

Always helps doesnt it? Glad you're feeling better.

The cot hasn't been too bad (yet). For a baby who's refused to sleep almost anywhere but her crib, she's fast asleep after being in there 10 minutes. She looks so tiny!

Hope everyone's had a lovely day smile

lollipoppi Sat 01-Jun-13 22:51:03

Lost hope your enjoying the hen do!!

Meringue hope your feeling better? It's horrible to feel like that, I'm sorry, hoping for a better night for you

Creepy, it is inappropriate, have you spoke to him about it?

Just had a little emotional moment when checking in on DD, she looks so gorgeous and so precious making her little squeaking noises, I really feel like my days are taken up with running round after ds1 and housework ect that I'm not getting to appreciate DD and how much she is growing and changing hmm

Meringue33 Sun 02-Jun-13 02:24:03

Aw Lolli, bless they are so beautiful!

Up again. It's as if he just isn't switching off the eat-activity-sleep cycle now at night so wants to be doing activities all the time. He isn't in a bad mood unless we try to put him down and turn lights off. Happy to walk around the house being entertained hmm

CreepyCrawly Sun 02-Jun-13 07:04:27

Yep I've told him, he says I'm being silly, she's just a friend and that I wouldn't mind if it was a man. Like I say, I trust him 100%, I just don't think it's on.

Lolli You can be looking at them plenty in the day, and then little moments like that you just get overwhelmed don't you? It's lovely smile

Meringue I hope you managed some sleep.

Birdies Sun 02-Jun-13 08:07:16

We had a lovely day at the wedding, though it was unbelievably hard work at times with two, needing to fit naps, feeds, nappy changes in. We didn't stay for the evening bit as both girls were almost as tired as us by then lol!

Am very short of sleep again, averaging about 4 a night (in bits) the last two nights. DD1 was up twice last night and 4 feeds for DD1. I think the wedding and things has disrupted them a bit. Oh well, the sun is still shining grin

creepy I agree that's not on. As you trust him of course nothing would happen but it's more the principle, maybe he could reply to her a bit less often?

merignue hope you're feeling better.

lolli I love the squeaking noises too!

Pascha Sun 02-Jun-13 09:49:37

D has decided squealing himself to sleep is the way to go. It makes for a noisy bedtime thats for sure. He's sleeping nicely in the cot now and we finally went and got a dangly mobile and musical thingy for him which he is entranced by.

Meringue I feel your pain, D was exactly like that from about 12 weeks to about 19 weeks. It was hell but we seem to be coming out the other end now at 20 weeks (21 weeks? I can't remember anymore shock) he's starting to go some nights with just a dreamfeed at 11ish and one wake up between then and about 6.30am.

Glad the wedding went well Birdies

We had a very productive day shopping yesterday. Have decided to preorder the Micralite Twofold having played with the Superlite at the store. Oh dear! I guess the BJC Select is going on ebay to pay for it now...

Off swimming now. have a great day everyone smile

Meringue33 Sun 02-Jun-13 11:36:47

Thanks guys

After so many failed PUPDs, I gently lay down on bed with baby still cradled in my arms... Then let him sleep beside me with head nestled in the crook of my arm... After some time gently eased out my arm so I could go to sleep too. He woke once after that and had to cuddle really close into my chest in what is probably not a safe co sleeping position. Velcro baby!!!

Birdies sounds like you had a fab time at the wedding! Lovely weather for it. Ours is this time next year so really hoping it is similar then! Hope everyone has a lovely Sunday smile

pascha Ivy makes whingy noises when she settles to sleep have ti keep listening as sometimes it turns into real crying.

creepy that is inappropriate. I would be annoyed too.

Well dh went away and not bacj til tomorrow. My house looks like a bomb went off and i am truly shattered. Have no idea how single mums do it! Dh just doesn't realise how relentless this is. I start early and finish late!

Ivy us either having a growth spurt or getting another tooth (or both) shes up 3x a night now and no longer sleeps for her usual 5-8 hours between feeds (actually she hasn't gone longer than 4 hours in days) sad Think.she i needs a jumperoo so i can put her down and get things done!

Tried her on one of tge swings at the park today she seemed a bit underwhelmed though! smile

Hope everyone having a good day and has sleepung babies tonight! grin

Angielka Mon 03-Jun-13 08:00:30

Oh creepy if there's one thing you don't need when dealing with a baby and all the accompanying joys and challenges, it's some niggling annoyance with DH... hope he agrees to fewer text replies. That would really bug me too.

meringue I have also given up on many occasions and allowed Molly to be velcro baby in my bed. She is 20 weeks at the end of the week so for the love of God this phase might be nearly over. Right? Right? pascha am taking comfort from D's progression.

birdies glasd you had fun at the wedding, despite the work involved!

We had a great weekend with my parents. Went out twice, once alone and once with both girls - they were stars. It all feels so worth it when you get to have the lovely family moments - the sleepless nights and crying all fades into the background grin

Hope everyone has a great start to the week

Lostbobbles Mon 03-Jun-13 10:20:28

Morning all

Hope you all enjoyed the weekend

Busy one here, hen night turned out to be good fun actually, nice to be child free and enjoyed a few cocktails and the girls as always were very entertaining.

Very tired yesterday though not that I know what not being tired actually feels like and had to drag myself to DD1 drama and then to BBQ but lovely day for it.

Birdies - glad you managed to enjoy the wedding, albeit with its challenging moments hope no one saw your Knicks wink

Angie - good to hear you had fab time with the folks and kiddies behaved grin

Apples, hope the nights return for you quickly and well done you for surviving half term with 4. (Now its the dreaded summer to await)

Creepy - not good news on texting front, I agree with the others, having a new baby is emotional enough, without having this getting you down. It's a difficult as obviously you don't want him to think you don't trust him but I would just tell him again it's making you unhappy and ask him to put shoe on other foot and how he would feel if you were receiving numerous texts from a man! (That is not a joint friend or who he was well acquainted with). Do you know anything about the girl? i.e is she married/ boyfriend/ kids etc? Anyway big hug, I went through something very similar with my DH when DD1 was a baby so I understand a little how you must be feeling x

CreepyCrawly Mon 03-Jun-13 10:46:50

Pleased I'm not the only one that thinks its out of order. She's the same age as me, and had a boyfriend until recently. I've actually worked with her a few times too, DH works 2 days a week for the company I work full time for. A few weeks ago I looked at his phone, and he'd accidently deleted the entire conversation with her. I asked him to stop texting her, then I saw he was 'snapchatting' with her (some new app game thingy). He's working with her this morning and she's changed his facebook status to something oh so funny. That all sounds terrible doesn't it? Oh, and she gave him a lift home from work last week. He cycles to town on his days off from there and has a cup of tea there. And he's wondering why it makes me feel shit?! Sorry for the long rant sad

Nice to hear of your lovely weekends. Glad the weddings and hen nights were fun.

Lostbobbles Mon 03-Jun-13 11:22:30

Creepy - was that correct 'she's changed his status'? If so why does she have access to his account ? I would tell him straight that you don't like it, it's making you feel uneasy and ultimately it could get so much worse. So your being honest, not bottling up your emotions and he should have a little think about what is most important to him. thanks

octanegirl Mon 03-Jun-13 11:27:35

Poor Creepy I had a similar thing with my ex husband a few years ago. It is totally inappropriate and you need to tell him in no uncertain terms that it has to stop. It's nothing to do with whether or not you think he might cheat, it's to do with boundaries and a sense of decorum. Married men shouldn't be texting female colleagues/friends on any kind of regular basis, end of.

On another note, my sister is getting married at the weekend and has morphed from control freak to out and out bridezilla. Not only is she insisting on matching stud earrings for the (10) bridesmaids, but a schedule has been emailed out covering 48 hrs and detailed down to the minute. It is 6 pages long....
I have to have my hair done at 7.45 am on Sat. Never mind what time I have to feed LO!!!

CreepyCrawly Mon 03-Jun-13 11:30:09

He left his phone on the side, his facebook is always logged in. I told him I don't think anyone has a right to just pick up his phone and go through it. Even I don't! He's just sent me some reassuring messages but I've told him I'm still not happy. It feels like someone else is trying to get in his pants, and he's not discouraging it.

Sorry for the thread hijack!

Hope everyone's having a good day so far, I've just had two sneaky ginger biscuits!

CreepyCrawly Mon 03-Jun-13 11:38:13

That's what I've told him octane, I trust him but its just not right. He's just not getting it though.

Good luck with the wedding! I imagine my sister will be the same when she gets married. She was bad enough for my wedding! I hope you all have a lovely day

happyhow Mon 03-Jun-13 12:10:13

Creepy, I had an issue with my hubby before we were married and he just hadn't realised. I'd seen that he was texting her but he told me he'd been texting someone else (which he had been at the same time). I knew she wanted in his pants because she'd told me when she was drunk! It was all innocent though.

Currently waiting on furniture arriving - should've been here between 7am-12pm. Not even had a phone call or anything to say they would be late. Also got to wait on an electrician coming who's a bit of a tube and will probs do something wrong...

I want to go out in the beautiful sunshine...

Angielka Mon 03-Jun-13 13:45:45

Changing his fb status shock creepy that is way over familiar behaviour... I'm not surprised so many of us can identify with this kind of situation. After a life-changing event like having a baby, grown men end up acting like boys feeling a bit left out and aren't quite quick enough to discourage others sniffing around and piling on the attention as they might have been before. You've got to be clear that he is showing disrespect for you by going along with it, however innocent he thinks it is. flowers

Angielka Mon 03-Jun-13 13:47:08

wondering what the fb status was changed to

CreepyCrawly Mon 03-Jun-13 14:11:22

It's a bloody shit thing to do isn't it. She changed it to the very funny and very original 'I'm gay'. Oh how I laughed.

I hope you're not waiting in too long happy

Creepy she sounds delightful! hmm

Happy hope everything gets sorted

Took dcs to school this morning then ran around like a loon trying to put the house back together, I love them.but the mess is something else! Also some ants have turned up so madly cleaning to prevent anymore getting in, not helped by the trail of cheerios i found when i got up!!

Ivy slept better last night and i'm pretty sure i can see another tooth now so maybe that was the problem. She is fighting naps today but i think thats because she realises she doesn't have to compete for attention and is enjoying it grin

Hope everyones enjoying the sun

glorious Mon 03-Jun-13 14:36:38

Sorry about all the stress creepy , and do keep talking to us if it helps, imho this thread is for whatever support we need smile

Good luck with bridezilla octane !

I'm just finalising a job application for a promotion when I go back to work, eek!

There's a lady whose back garden I can see from my bedroom (at the front not that it makes much odds) who I've seen has a baby about ellen's age. How weird would it be to pop a note through her door and see if she wants a coffee? I'm guessing quite weird so don't spare my feelings!

CreepyCrawly Mon 03-Jun-13 15:01:16

We get ants sometimes too apple, horrible things. Glad Ivy slept better for you. Does she have a proper tooth now?

glorious, I'd love it if someone posted a note through my door! Why don't you give her a knock and say you've seen her walking or something and you were wondering if her LO wanted a friend. Don't say you've seen her in her garden from your bedroom window wink

glorious Mon 03-Jun-13 16:03:22

Yes I think you're right on the window/garden thing creepy, I was wondering whether it'd sound better to say I'd seen her walking down the street? I'm a terrible liar though! Bit scared of knocking on the door in case she thinks I'm mad and it's really embarrassing, but I guess it's only a few minutes at worst.

glorious i think that would be lovely. I'm pretty shy and would have loved if someone had done that especially when ds1 was little. Is easier now as you meet loads at school gate and my next door neighbour has 2 little ones. Go for it smile

creepy she has 1 tooth thats fully through and the one next to it is coming through now. Both at the bottom front.

Ivy is currently going round in circles on the playmat eating a muslin! Very cute smile Dp back and has a long list of things to do tee hee!

Angielka Mon 03-Jun-13 16:10:41

he hee, she won't think you're a nutter glorious she'll probably jump at the chance of someone to go for walks with who lives so close. The worst that could happen is she says no! And maybe you'll click and have a handy coffee mate nearby. Give it a go!

Tugstonia Mon 03-Jun-13 18:49:48

Hope everyone's doing well and enjoying the sunshine. I am lovely and pink after spending too much time outside without suncream.

DD slept a record 5 hours in a row last night! Then woke for a feed and slept 4 hours. Amazing! Really, really hoping this is a sign of things to come. She has however hardly slept at all today so we'll see.

Creepy that is v out of order of that silly cow woman to be texting your DH. She sounds very immature. I would be annoyed too. Hope he takes your feelings on board and stops replying.

Glorious go for it!

Apples hope your DH gives you a break after his weekend away. And hope the ants have gone! The perils of summer smile

happyhow Mon 03-Jun-13 20:39:50

Furniture didn't come and sparky didn't turn up angry

lollipoppi Mon 03-Jun-13 22:15:00

Glorious I think you should go for it! I would love it if a neighbour with a baby knocked on my door! Unfortunately live on a very quiet road full of nosey old bids lovely elderly couples

Tugs hoping for the same for you tonight!

Happy I'm guessing your not very "happy"! I hate when that happens. Bastards.

Had a lovely day in the sunshine today on the park with ds1 DD and niece and nephew, although Darcie has refused her bottle all day she has had around 15oz, just about to do a dream feed

Mum and dad are taking DD and DS1 to the seaside tomorrow so I will be a bit lost, suppose I could do the vat return considering its already overdue hmm

glorious Tue 04-Jun-13 04:22:47

Well that's pretty unanimous then. Thanks for the thoughts, I'll let you all know how I get on.

What a pain happy . lolli make sure you do something fun too.

I got the job application in and sleep seems to be improving slowly. Really pleased for you on that front tugs.

lollipoppi Tue 04-Jun-13 07:47:00

Went in to check on DD this morning and she has managed to do a 180 and is upside down shock

Birdies Tue 04-Jun-13 08:46:21

happy it's so annoying when that happens.

creepy there must be something you can do to get rid of this annoying girl - maybe she needs to think that you and DH find her very 'funny' i.e. as though you and DH laugh at her behind her back. I know the mature thing is to ignore her, but not sure I could if it was me!!

We seem to be finally out of the wonder week whatsit! Slept 5 hours in a row last night and down to 2 feeds. Though I do have a noisy fan on all night now and the room is darker, so I'm sure that's helped to disturb her less.

I've been trying not to stress about milestones and things but when I read how physical everyone else's baby on here seems to be I'm starting to worry a bit. X is very smiley and very interested in toys and pulling them towards her, but she doesn't roll (did that one sort of half roll I mentioned ages ago but nothing since), doesn't grab her feet and her head is till wobbly so she just stands in the jumperoo rather than jumps. Can anyone reassure me, or do you think she's falling behind? She's now 5 months so is one of the older babies.

DD just slept from 7.30 to 8.30am, with two wake ups for food at 1 and 5. This feels like a miracle. Please please don't let it be a blip (prays to god of baby sleep)

Birdies Tue 04-Jun-13 08:49:43

'Still' wobbly I mean. She does have a big head though smile

birdies i went to a baby group yesterday where all of the babies were 4 - 6 months and really noticed how different the babies were wrt their development. For example dd could roll but not sit, whereas others could sit but not roll. I think they all do things at different paces and i bet there are things X is doing that the others aren't. That said, if you are worried then speak to your HV.

Pascha Tue 04-Jun-13 08:57:20

Birdies DS1 didn't roll or move all that much at all til 5.5 months, was sitting by himself at 6.5 months, cruising at 9.5 months and walking at 11 months. Today he's jumping off the top of the slide in the garden grin

Its all normal, honestly.

By the way, after the baby group yesterday a lot of the mums decided to go to the pub afterwards, we all sat in the beer garden and i drank a g and t. Do you think it was the gin that made dd sleep? If so i will have to drink one every afternoon.

Birdies Tue 04-Jun-13 09:01:10

Thanks smile

Have thought of something else though - she doesn't coo. She does little squeals and shrieks (in a cute way I mean) and kind of makes lots of 'effort' noises when she wants something (the sort of noise I would make trying to lift a heavy weight!). And she's blowing raspberries. But no 'oohs' or 'ahs'.

happyhow Tue 04-Jun-13 09:08:34

Bailey is 20 weeks and isn't rolling yet although I don't think he's far from it. He sits if supported but can't right himself if he falls. He giggles and smiles a lot though and has just started 'singing' over the weekend. Raspberries have made a reappearance over the last week too.

I wouldn't worry too much. She'll get there in the end. X

Pascha Tue 04-Jun-13 09:18:09

Ah now, Dan isn't blowing raspberries at all, he does the squeals and shrieks and lots of giggling but no oohs or aahs.

You are your own worst enemy sometimes Birdies wink. Just to set your mind at rest:

rolling over


making sounds

See? Babycentre has its uses after all smile

Now, auntie Pascha is telling you to go and order a Micralite Twofold - chop-chop..

Angielka Tue 04-Jun-13 09:52:38

Great links Pascha and Birdies after a night like mine I'd exchange the 5 hours sleep for any number of coos and rolls wink. No, like everyone is saying, they all do things in their own time.

You have no idea how much I am clinging on to all your words when you say your little bundles have come out of this wonder week phase. M is 20 weeks on Friday (right creepy? wink) and I am totally expecting her to sort her shit out and start sleeping again by then or my head might fall off my body.

bugsy great news on the sleep! I might have to break open the gin tonight

happyhow Tue 04-Jun-13 11:32:18

B wasn't too bad during the wonder weeks thingy and he's 20.5 weeks now and feeding more during the night...

lollipoppi Tue 04-Jun-13 11:37:36

Birdies you will spend the next 18 40 years worrying about your LO so I've been told!

Ds1 was a late talker which worried me, but then I thought, well it's not like he is NEVER going to talk, and now I can't shut the little monkey up!

They just do it in their own time

Agree it must have been the g&t, you MUST have one every afternoon grin

Angielka Tue 04-Jun-13 11:53:41

la la la [fingers in ears] happy I'm not listening...

Birdies Tue 04-Jun-13 11:55:23

Thanks everyone grin. pascha I'm loving those links, I'm going to only read babycenter milestones from now on!

Ooh I fancy a g&t. Or maybe a nice glass of rosé. Mmmm

angiel I found the wonder week thing to be out by maybe a week or two, but that may be cos of my due date being inaccurate. Either way, they do come out of it, it's great! But obv just check there's nothing else that could be disturbing her too and making it worse, like you moving about in the night in your sleep, or the light through the curtains. As I think those things may have affected X's sleep quite a bit.

happyhow Tue 04-Jun-13 12:25:53

I think the light thing could be part of our problem. It's practically daylight all the time with us now. He'll be going into his own room soon though with a blackout blind.

Furniture is coming on thurs now - they hadn't actually booked in our delivery despite me having the info.

Angielka Tue 04-Jun-13 13:35:22

Yeah, we've been experimenting with all sorts - blackout blinds been on for a week or so, sleeping bag/blankets, music/no music/ewan the sheep who doesn't bloody work singing/silence... I'm so tired of being tired. Managed two quick naps today though so maybe I'll have the energy to deal with both DDs tomorrow.

Gla your furniture will show up in the end happy

Lostbobbles Tue 04-Jun-13 13:57:23

Angie, we have recently had a few good by dd standard nights. Going from 7 to between 11-1 and then back down until between 6/7ish. Last night not so good 7-11-3 and 6.30. But she started front to back rolling yesterday so hoping it was linked.

Birdies I agree with everyone else 5 months is far too young to start worrying about can's and cant's. Just enjoy, I don't want mine to grow up , but I do want her to bloody well sleep grin

happyhow Tue 04-Jun-13 15:22:59

OMG!!! Bailey had a two hour nap over lunch!!! shockshockshock

Meringue33 Tue 04-Jun-13 16:31:33

Best night ever here. LO slept 7.30-9, 11-5.30, 7.30-10!!! I woke at ten and could not believe it, finally felt rested. smile

glorious Tue 04-Jun-13 18:41:37

Loving the sleeping babies (Ellen are you listening?). To be fair she does seem to be improving, we haven't had hourly wakings for a few days... Wish she'd start doing a long stretch of 6 hours again, it makes such a difference.

I went to the sling library today and borrowed a woven wrap. Sooo comfy and not quite as baffling as I feared, though I waa clearly the dunce of the class grin

Pascha Tue 04-Jun-13 19:55:10

I've always been a bit afraid of wraps. I have 3 soft structured carriers with the clips, wrapping and tying properly looks so hard but it's probably not is it?

Daniel only fed at 11pm and 3.15am last night. It's definitely getting better.

I'm missing ds1s nursery induction evening tonight as on my own with them. As i sit here at the top of the stairs rapid-returning him to bed i sincerely hope I'm not missing anything vital. At least Dan is fast asleep already.

Great news meringue, maybe your lo and mine are on the same wavelength. Perhaps they are posting each other tips on a site called babysnet.

sadly dd hates slings with a passion, i have tried every kind going at the sling library and she screams her head off in all of them.

Lostbobbles Tue 04-Jun-13 20:46:22

I've got a Kari Me and a Baby Bjorn, the kari me is so easy to tie and very comfy, however DD2 not keen, although not tried front facing yet. She likes front facing on the baby bjorn but i find it very uncomfortable so I don't use it that much. mainly just on my little costco run as she can't sit in the trolley yet really want a vitamix belnder

Pascha Tue 04-Jun-13 20:46:39

Babysnet: AIBU? My mummy went downstairs to eat a sandwich, so I woke up and cried til she came back and now I'm feeding. I get to eat but mummy has to wait doesn't she?

Arses! Just lost my post sad

Pascha ivy did that yesteday. She finally fell asleep in the bouncer so i thought i'd make lunch which i nearly didn't eat due to the screaming! We need to remind them: if mummy doesn't eat then eventually they won't eat smile

Also i doubt you will miss much. IME most information will be passed on and lots of parents miss them (i have managed to avoid 2 of these with no lasting damage). Is it for a privaye nursery or one atrached to a school? I forgot how old your ds1 is blush

glorious Tue 04-Jun-13 21:22:42

Pascha it's really not as bad as I expected, and I'm awful at practical/spatial stuff. I even managed a back carry with DH ready to catch DD (but he wasn't required so I'd try it again). Probably worthy of a post on babysnet.

Shame about your sling hater bugsy . I had a pram hater instead for months but she seems to have got over that. There's always something!

Meringue33 Tue 04-Jun-13 21:35:31

Totally Bugsy I can't believe how often I find babies on here are doing the same stuff on the same day, it's uncanny

<3 Babysnet. We also had a sandwich moment today! DP was working from home so I made him hold LO for five mins while I stuffed my face... He wasn't impressed as had been "concentrating"...

I've a Beko Gemini soft structured carrier on loan from the library at the moment, think its my favourite yet, it's really comfy for him and me. Also have a ring sling out but can't get the hang of it, seems to always get tangled. I found a wrap easier. He does like the hip carry though as can see so much. Would love to try a back carry Glorious but far too scared!

Pascha Tue 04-Jun-13 22:21:11

Oh good, glad I'm missing nothing much. Its a preschool, he's 3 in September. My friend Emma will let me know the ins and outs at playgroup tomorrow.

I have a Connecta, a Beco Butterfly II and a Manduca (for DH because its black). They all have their uses.

octanegirl Wed 05-Jun-13 06:02:45

Ahhhh I've been awake since 5. He woke up crying so I fed him, he promptly went straight back to sleep and I'm just lying here! Having fed him at 2.30 also. Why oh why isn't he sleeping till 7 like he used to? sad
He looks so cute in his cot next to the bed in his spotty grobag though.
In headline news: he's learnt how to roll on to his side. Hold the front page!

Lostbobbles Wed 05-Jun-13 06:40:25

Scrap good nights post, last night was horrific.

octanegirl Wed 05-Jun-13 11:25:34

Pampers are rubbish. Leaking poo all the time and endless changes of clothes. He's bang in the middle of the current size (3+). Any other recommendations...?

glorious Wed 05-Jun-13 11:53:01

Glad I'm not the only one with a sling habit (I have a manduca and a stretchy too blush ). In my defence the woven is for our holiday in September when she'll be too big for the stretchy and we want a carrier each as it's not practical to take a pushchair (trip round Japan).

meringue it really wasn't that bad, the hardest bit is getting them there. You Tube videos are great for tips. I'm practising scooting her round my hip under my arm as it's easiest for me.

Octane is the vest too tight? That always causes us problems. We mainly use cloth which is infinitely more reliable but found Aldi nappies good for disposables. Hooray for the rolling though!

octanegirl Wed 05-Jun-13 12:10:59

glorious no the vests are nice and loose. Argh! I'll try another brand....
Or cloth - but is it true they get nappy rash easily with cloth?

glorious Wed 05-Jun-13 12:20:00

Not in our experience octane , she's only had nappy rash in disposables but it might depend on the baby. There was a study which apparently showed no difference but I can't find the original so no idea if it was well designed (mentioned here www.goreal.org.uk/guide/index/view/id/4

DD does get some chafing round the edge if we do them up too tightly though, and we usually use a disposable overnight because I don't like the idea of her being wet all night (or changing her if I can avoid it smile ).

lollipoppi Wed 05-Jun-13 12:32:21

Lost sorry you had a bad night brew

Octane I use asda little angels and had no probs, or you could try the double nappy trick that seems to work

I've not tried a sling, and never heard of a sling library, must google!

Pascha Wed 05-Jun-13 12:42:42

I'm currently using Pampers babydry for daytime and Naty for nights. We found DS1 also did best on Naty, virtually eliminated the leaking overnight.

sling libraries

Mine is defunct, unfortunately.

lollipoppi Wed 05-Jun-13 14:52:12

Wow there is 2 near me! I can't believe I've never heard of it before! Thanks for the link!

I have a 3rd child today, DP had an injection in his wrist this morning ..... And passed out pussy
Which reminded me why it's us women that give birth grin

Angielka Wed 05-Jun-13 18:33:06

Ooh, I love the kari me and DH prefers the baby bjorn, so we get one each grin. Although M is such a chunk that I have to do it up really tight or she slips down after a bit.

Exhausting day with both DDs. We did loads - making biscuits, market, playground, garden, naps [thank God emoticon] and now I feel like there is nothing left in me. Bedtime soon...

Tugstonia Wed 05-Jun-13 19:24:06

I second Asda Little Angels nappies, they're the best we've tried so far.

Oh dear lost hope you had a better night tonight.

Meringue fantastic that you feel rested, it makes such a difference doesn't it.

My dd hasn't replicated the wondrous sleep of the other night but is doing better with 4 hour stretches now. I'm trying to get her into bed earlier too and that seems to be helping.

grin at your babysnet AIBU Pascha!

I feel like drinking wine but alas I have none. <Sigh>

Lora1982 Wed 05-Jun-13 23:44:12

Not been on for days. Dexters turned into a part time pain. Refusing boob on occasion wantinv to be picked up three minutes after having food. Im starting to lose the will to live. Im currently surviving on the 'tomorrow's a new day' theory. Got the teething powder and gel im not too certain its teeth though. It annoys me if I give him more than two bottles cos im scared itd mess up the supply system ive got going on in there esp after all the effort and faff of manky boob gate.

I was considering slings today too but I think id look a right melon and plus none of the models are in coats or anything so ive no real clue what itd look like. No libraries I know of near me, mum gave me a carrier but its a nasty gingham do you think dylon would work on it?

To top it off im mums netting on the loo and my feet have gone numb so I know when I get up ive got pins and needles to deal with ffs and its always worse in your feet cos you have to stand on them <sob face>

Lora1982 Thu 06-Jun-13 08:36:20

And my tooth hurts.

Lostbobbles Thu 06-Jun-13 08:59:45

Hey Lora, wondered where you had got too! Sorry to hear you are having a bit of a shitter time of it at mo.
When he's boob refusing have you tried switching sides or you could express the feeds you are formula feeding for. (bloody faff I know but helps with supply)

We had better night only one wake up at 1 then back until 6.20am. I gave her some porridge yesterday and she wolfed it down, no tongue sticking out here the greedy pig little madam shock

Off to get her weighed this morning, expecting the wrath of hv as I'm sure she has jumped up a few percentiles.

happyhow Thu 06-Jun-13 11:18:04

That's crap, Lora. Keep your chin up!

Anyone just watched This Morning? Had 2 sisters on saying how they breast feed each others children and have fed friends babies too... I'm totally pro breast feeding if that's your choice but it's just wrong feeding other people's babies! It's actually making me feel ill the more I think about it. I'd be horrified if anyone else wanted to feed B that way. I totally agree with donating surplus milk to specialist centres though for preemie babies or those with gut issues and whose mothers can't express or produce milk for whatever reason. I don't usually get riled up by things like this but it's really got me going this time!

Meringue33 Thu 06-Jun-13 13:47:31

Aw Lora we were missing you hope things are ok.

I'm feeling a bit more cheerful with this weather and LO getting a big thumbs up from the paediatrician yesterday.

Happy I was holding a friends baby while she went to loo and it started crying, I had a mad urge to feed it! (I didnt!) But yes I think the other way round I'd feel annoyed too.

I have friends who are a lesbian couple and they had babies at the same time (same donor) but they didn't "swap" cause they said they thought it would feel wrong.

welcome back lora. lots of the babies seem to be going through annoying challenging phases at the moment.

dd had a good night last night, fed at 1am, dummy needed replacing at 5 then up for the day at 6.30. unfortunately the fucking cat woke us up at 5.30 too.

happy did you know in the past rich women employed wet nurses, whose job it was to breastfeed their babies for them.

CreepyCrawly Thu 06-Jun-13 16:08:42

Totally agree with you happy, it makes me feel a bit ick.

Anyone else absolutely hate this heat? And are your babies wearing vests still? The bedroom didn't drop below 21 degrees last night, even with the window open so I'm considering ditching the vest tonight. Or maybe just a vest and trousers? Winter was much easier!

creepy I love the warm weather! we live by the coast and there is a nice breeze here today, and our bedroom faces north and still feels quite cool. dd is sleeping in a sleeping bag with a vest underneath; in the daytime she wears leggings and a tshirt (no vest) or a dress without tights. she wears a sunhat whenever we are outside.

CreepyCrawly Thu 06-Jun-13 17:07:19

We're on the coast too, but have no breeze today sad thanks for the vest info, I don't want her to get too hot. Glad you had a good night!

I think I'd enjoy this weather a bit more if I had some decent clothes. I'm uncomfortable with my arms out now because they have bloody stretch marks on them sad

Too many sad faces! I hope everyone's had a nice day'

Angielka Thu 06-Jun-13 17:20:14

I am the worst mummy sad

We came in from the garden and DD1 had been in the paddling pool, so I was getting out some clothes for her. I put Molly on the changing mat so I could do up the back of DD1's dress, then heard a thud, swiftly followed by outraged crying. Molly fell off her changing mat! sad sad sad.

I felt so sick. She stopped crying, fed and then forgot all about it, but I still feel so guilty.

happyhow Thu 06-Jun-13 17:26:57

I did Bugsy. I don't know why it's annoyed me so much! I think I just find breast feeding such a personal thing and the thought of someone else doing it with B is just horrible. He's MY baby! smile

We're on the coast too. I have B still wearing vests all the time. At night, he has a babygro too and is in his sleeping bag with a blanket over the top. His own room is much warmer than ours though so when he goes in there, there will be no blanket and maybe less layers. During the day, he usually has vest, t-shirt and jeans/trousers. He seems happy.

Meringue33 Thu 06-Jun-13 18:22:06

LO is in a long sleeved vest but nothing else (I put trousers on him if we're going somewhere that would warrant it), and long sleeved vest with sleeping bag at night. I always get cold arms if bare unless we're in Spain or something so I assume he's the same.

Jealous of all your beaches!!

Just curious, is everyone now putting your baby upstairs to sleep at 7pm? I think everyone in my NCT group is, I'm feeling a bit foolish cause we still have him snoozing on sofa with us in the evenings.

glorious Thu 06-Jun-13 18:24:04

Oh angielka you poor thing. I'm sure everyone does it sooner or later, you're not a bad mum at all. I'm sure she's forgotten all about it . Have a brew or wine .

Sorry things are tough lora.

Nights here Ellen's in a nightie open at the bottom and a 1 tog bag. Days a vest and dress or sleepsuit.

angielka I'm sure that will happen to me soon, I keep forgetting she can roll, and turning my back to get a clean muslin or something.

meringue dd now has naps in our bedroom, however we live in a tiny flat and the bedroom is next to the living room, and both doors are open. I wouldn't feel happy with her being upstairs if we lived in a house.

Angielka Thu 06-Jun-13 19:15:29

Thanks glorious maybe now is the time for a g&t!

Feel so stupid. I've told myself not to do it enough times - like you bugsy I always think, it'll just take a moment. But that's all it takes for them to roll... let my stupidity be a lesson to you all shock

Molly was just in a dress today - it was hot! She is in a sleepsuit but no vest and sleeping bag tonight. There has been an extra layer until today though; the weather just seems to have realised it's summer.

Lora belated welcome back - caught up in my own drama. Sorry to hear of another baby driving parents up the wall having a challenging phase.

Meringue we have started putting Molly upstairs at 7, or thereabouts. She tends to wake for another feed before we go to bed, and then ends up in our bed a couple of hours later for the rest of the night We have a camera baby monitor so I feel safe enough. She's probably safer there than with me anyway. At least she can't fall out of a cot

creepy I'd enjoy this weather more with better clothes too. I realised today that I have a seriously limited wardrobe thanks to the belly refusing to reduce. A couple of floaty tops are going to have to get me through this summer I think.

Time for that wine.

Tugstonia Thu 06-Jun-13 19:45:46

angie enjoy your G&T & don't give yourself a hard time, I'm sure it happens a lot.

Dd is grumpy today, refusing naps & generally whiney. Gearing myself up for a long night!

Also trying to pack for holiday with the PIL tomorrow. Semi-dreading it but figure at least the weather's nice & apparently there's a pub over the road from the cottage. Been going through my summer clothes & getting v depressed because I can't fit into any of it. Really REALLY need to stop eating so much.

Hi all

Welcome back Lora hope things are improving for you x

Angie after 4 dcs there isn't room here for the varioys scary things i've done to them and all have survived thus far! smile i think every mum has done this so you are basically a normal.mum!

Creepy i never know what to do with myself in hot weather! Though i am quite slim i never have any nice ckothes and have very pale/freckly skin so burn to a crisp quite easily! Did find some nice tops in New Look today though.

Don't really know what to put on the baby either as is cold in mornings here at mo but then hot by school pick up. Put her to bed in a cute shortie romper and no vest tonight but worried her arms might get cold as usually put long sleeved vest under (i find if her legs are free she sleeps better). She also has her sleeping bag and a blanket.

Whoever asked qbout bedtime Ivy gets put in her cot between 6.45-7 and last night slept til 4.30!! shock
New personal best! Long may it continue smile

New tooth is nearly through. Its bothering her a bit and she keeps shoving things in her mouth and growling (and bit me this morning - little bugger)

lollipoppi Thu 06-Jun-13 20:27:34

Angie don't beat yourself up about it, it happens, and she was fine, go and have that g&t smile

Tugs hope you have a lovely holiday!!

Apples good news on the sleep front and how are you still slim after 4dcs

Dd has gone to bed in vest, pants and sleeping bag with no cover, but may cover her over at dream feed. Today she just wore a short sleeved top and leggings
We went for an epic walk as she has been a grump today, refusing to take any milk at all since 10am shock she has had a total of 10oz today.

She is 19wks and weighs 14lb 2oz how does that compare with your LOs?

glorious Thu 06-Jun-13 20:44:05

Yes happy holidays tugs .

Bedtime is around now here and I go to bed now too as I'm too tired to stay up.

Ellen's 18 weeks and weighed 15lb 5 at 16.

Meringue33 Thu 06-Jun-13 20:54:37

20 weeks 14lb8

Meringue33 Thu 06-Jun-13 20:55:47

Angie sorry about the changing table, was it high? We've got in the habit of co-sleeping/napping too, I just know that one day soon he's going to roll off the bed when I'm not looking

CreepyCrawly Thu 06-Jun-13 21:12:02

Thanks for all the vest info. It was much easier in January, just wrap them up!

Angie, don't beat yourself up too much. I'm sure ages fine. It's bound to happen/has happened to all of us smile

Have a lovely holiday tugs

Bedtime is usually just before 9 here, but she went down at quarter past 8 tonight. It's only now I'm starting to stay up after she's gone to bed, after the video monitor arrived. We're in a bungalow too and the bedroom is right next to the living room.

Nancy was 13lb 10oz at 18 weeks.

lollipoppi Thu 06-Jun-13 21:42:28

Thanks ladies, I'm such a worrier! DS1 was just so simple to feed, full bottle. Done. DD is the complete opposite!

I'm also in a bungalow so DD sleeps in her own room for naps and bed, and bedtime is 7 x

Sadly Ivy is refusing to sleep properly during the day so she just gets crankier as the day goes on. Since she moved out of the carrycot naps have been all over the place. sad Took her to my hometown yesterday so she did at least sleep on the M1! smile

Haven't had Ivy weighed since she was 16"weeks and she was 15lb9. She is 22 weeks now so i think a trip to clinic is needed next week! Bit scared as she is huge!

In.other news she tried some banana today and seemed to enjoy it andcis now trying to use the cup properly! Growinf up too fast

Lostbobbles Thu 06-Jun-13 22:38:51

Happy : what is with 'This Morning' this week, yesterday i was about to dunk my hobnob and they start harping on about placenta eating and today I got put off my mini tunnocks caramel biscuits with swapsies BF.

DD2 goes to bed in her own room at 7/7.30 and i can usully be found trapsing in and out throughtout the night

Had her weighed today she is chunking up nicely 21weeks 15lb 16oz

Ange, sorry to hear about your little mishap, hope both of you are ok. They are getting so quick you forget, i went to make a cup of tea today, left DD2 on the playmat and found her with her legs wedged under the tv unit, which is a good metre away! shock

Lostbobbles Thu 06-Jun-13 22:39:47


happyhow Thu 06-Jun-13 23:23:37

Haha lost! Clearly we have chosen the wrong week to watch This Morning when our having our cup of tea!!

Bailey usually gets fed at 8pm give or take and he's in his bed within an hour. Lately, he's only been sleeping til 12-12.30 and then til 4-4.30 and then up at around 6.30. He used to do 8pm-4am. Looking forward to the day when he finally decides he'll sleep for longer again...

Bailey was 14lb 14oz at 16 weeks and he's 21 weeks tomorrow. I'll maybe take him to the clinic next week and see how he's doing.

Angie, hope you got a drink or chocolate or both to steady your nerves. If she seems fine, she's probs forgotten about it now. I'm bad for leaving B but I know rolling isn't far away...

I've still got B just on plain baby rice but I've only been doing it a 5 days and I missed two of them! He ate a lot more today though and less got spat out. smile Ordered some Annabel Karmel books so just waiting on them arriving.

Lora1982 Fri 07-Jun-13 00:43:11

So after a mainly mardy day he perked up at 7 and was laughing at his own fake coughs... so I left him to it for fear that the sound of my voice would set him off again!

We weighed him on the bathroom scales and he was 16 and a half lb at 20wks. Chubster. He still not rolling at 21wks. He was upgraded from the pram carrycot thingy today to the pushchair bit (obviously) he seems to like it but yet to successfully nap in it. Was looking at shades today was going to get a buggy buddy one but apparently its crap. Mum gave us one called a lionheart or something or other its like a pop up that goes over the whole chair.... looks ridiculous with the chair facing me but think I'll stick with it cos we only get two weeks of summer anyway.

I got a sense of hope reading that im not the only one being slowly driven round the bend... so thanks for suffering everyone it helps me feel better grin must remember he doesn't cry cos he hates me its cos hes an impatient git not happy with something.

Had a well deserved bulmers as a congrats for surviving today. Tomorrows a new day!!!! Essay over

Meringue33 Fri 07-Jun-13 06:39:12

Well done Lora!

Yes I think LO often cries from boredom and frustration. I can't wait for him to be able to sit up as I think he'll then sit and play with toys independently for much longer. To be fair to them, it must be annoying not to be able to do that!

Angielka Fri 07-Jun-13 07:16:04

Thanks ladies. Molly is fine - slept longer and with fewer wakeups than before, so either that's mild concussion or the start of the end of this horrible phase...

M is 20 weeks, and we had her weighed last week - 8kg, which google tells me is 17.6 lbs. She's a chunk (just as well, the layer of fat probably softened the fall...)

Lora, we've got a [[http://www.snoozeshade.com/] snoozeshade] which we haven't used much with Molly, but was quite useful with DD1.

Angielka Fri 07-Jun-13 07:16:33

link fail: snoozeshade

Pascha Fri 07-Jun-13 08:46:39

That snoozeshade looks like a great idea. D has also just upgraded from carrycot to pushchair seat and the hood, although enormous, doesn't stop the glare and he won't quite settle in it yet unless he's knackered. I will wait til the new buggy arrives and see if I can get one to fit.

Daniel is 22 weeks tomorrow, no idea what he weighs now. He can sit unaided for about a second then falls over, has done a couple of rolls but mainly just gets on his side and stays there.

Just eating breakfast watching him get some real air in his jumperoo. DS1 is putting his lawnmower round the kitchen so all good at the moment.

glorious Fri 07-Jun-13 09:21:02

I reckon it's the beginning of the end of this horrible phase angielka . Ellen managed a 5.5 hour stretch then another 2.5 then another 1, which is almost back to her best smile

Her highchair arrived this morning and I put it together, she looked ever so pleased when I popped her in it. We won't be starting solids until August (born 31st January and allergies in the family so waiting even if she can sit up, grab food and get to mouth etc), but she's started insisting on sitting at the table while we eat and I want my hands back.

Hi all! Center parcs was amazing, and we've had brilliant weather. Nearly home to the inlaws now, and it's gorgeous up in sunny Scotland as well - yay! Going to get some washing on then collect my boy, who came up with my parents.

Looking forward to another sunny week. Cameron is in her fifth wonder week, back to shitty sleep. Argh!

Hope everyone is well and enjoying the sun!

Arrrgh! Why does she go 9'hours between feeds one night then get me upbevery 3 hours the next?!? Thats just mean sad

Bunty envy of centre parcs but glad you enjoyed yourself! Would love to.take dcs away but we'd need to start saving now for next summer!

Re sunshades my pushchair is useless at keeping sun off Ivy and parasols are a nuisance on it so dp getting an extra hood cover off ebay as until now i cover useless hood with blankets and then have to chase them in the wind... Am sure thats why Ivy won't sleep properly in there <i miss the carrycot>

Am jealous you all have sensible sized babies! Ivy is at least 20lb sumo baby smile

Angielka Fri 07-Jun-13 15:29:16

You need a snoozeshade Apple smile Molly went out in the pushchair rather than carrycot this morning for the first time and when she started getting sleepy I leaned her back, put it on and she went to sleep until I got home and instead of leaving well alone had to take it off to look at sleeping beauty which promptly woke her up and had me madly pushing her back and forth until she went back to sleep

Bunty glad you had good hols but sad about shitty sleep I thought it was all ok now until another sleep regression at 8 months argh!

dd is 23 weeks (18 adjusted). No idea what she weighs as haven't been to the clinic for ages but she is smallish for her adjusted age.

I moved her into the upright pushchair a few weeks ago, then moved her back again as she sleeps better in the pram. I just drape a muslin over the front to keep the sun off her, attached with a couple of clothes pegs very stylish, me

Touch wood, dd is coming out of the grumpy non-sleeping phase. We've had three good nights in a row, last night she had feeds at 11pm, 4am then 7.30am, and didn't wake up apart from that. She is so much better tempered in the day as well. I've discovered that I should ignore all of the advice saying not to let babies nap after 5pm, dd is a baby who needs her sleep, or else she becomes a screaming mess and doesn't sleep properly at night.

newbie6 Fri 07-Jun-13 17:39:29

Hi everyone,

Sounds like we are all experiencing similar issues! My LO is 21 weeks today, cannot believe it! He got weighed last week and was 15lb 7oz. On a VERY exciting note though, he has started sleeping through from 6.45pm till 6am and sometimes 7am, I think the penny has finally dropped smile to be fair, he has always slept well but was still waking between 2 and 3 so maybe it's a fluke but that has been the last 3 nights!

Bizarrely though, he has hardly eaten today? He is fine, checked temperature etc, peeing and pooing so not sure whether he's just not that hungry? If he is still not taking his usual amount in the next day or so I will call the HV but hoping the fact he is still taking something that he will be ok, plus he had a ridiculous amount yesterday so maybe he is still full!


Meringue33 Fri 07-Jun-13 21:29:01

Well this LO is either thirsty due to heat or on another growth spurt... On boob non stop since lunchtime, kept emptying both sides... Now downing a bottle like its going out of style...

happyhow Fri 07-Jun-13 22:21:39

B is just not for settling tonight... Put him down at 8pm (an hour earlier than usual) and he woke at 9pm. Been awake since and rocking/feeding aren't getting us very far. He doesn't want to play but doesn't want to go down either. I'm wondering if teeth are beginning to become an issue but he's having no issues with feeding. Also, we've had a millions little poos all afternoon/evening - bug?

Lora1982 Fri 07-Jun-13 22:44:01

I agree bugsy about the nap after five. I managed to get him asleep in this chair, which conveniently can lye flat, im thanking the sun hat he had over his eyes for making him think it was night so had a sleep.

Im not sure on this sleep shade I like the idea that he can see me.. doesnt it get hot in there? I might follow bugsy with the muslin and peg look... got plenty of them :-D

My cousin had her baby last week and now as im quite clearly an expert these days grin I sent her a mother-must-have thermos mug with the baby outfit. I think I will direct her here aswell to make sure she finds the same help we did in knowing our darling cherubs were behaving correctly and they made us all worry over nothing, especially poo.

In proud mum news I gave him a bit of banana in the net sucky thing I mentioned a while ago and he got the hang of it straight away he absolutly loved it. plus it kept him quiet for ten mins

Another shit night here! sad

Meringue33 Sat 08-Jun-13 03:54:05

Grumpy. Go back to sleep baby! Stupid birds, shut up!

Lostbobbles Sat 08-Jun-13 07:42:26

Shit night here as well, sick note baby ill again with cold and cough, just goes round in bloody circles. Ended up taking her in with me, I was too exhausted to settle her every 20min hmmhmmhmm

Angielka Sat 08-Jun-13 08:54:30

Sorry about all the shitty nights. I think [fingers crossed] we might be on the up. 8-7.30 with 3 wake ups. Beats the hourly wake ups we have been experiencing until recently. Only thing is, Molly has discovered rolling back to front, and now clearly prefers to sleep on her tummy, head to the side and thumb in mouth. I know it's SIDS guidelines for babies to sleep on their backs, but she moves herself... anyone else's doing this? After the really crap sleeping we've been having, I'm tempted to let her do whatever it takes to get some extra hours, but should I be more worried?

newbie congrats on the sleeping... I know what you mean about the feeding though. Molly is so easily distractable and feeds are way shorter than they used to be. I think they just go through phases of being hungrier and then too busy to bother with food!

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend in store. We've got a friend's baby's first birthday party this afternoon - what an opportunity to get the girls in pretty summer dressed, and bbq planned for tomorrow.

Lora1982 Sat 08-Jun-13 09:33:38

We have a tooth. Clearly the reason he was a nightmare the other day so im glad I smothered his mouth with that powder poor soul. Should have known really cos he only cries if hes hungry or when he was hurt (by the nurse not me!!)

lollipoppi Sat 08-Jun-13 09:56:30

Sorry about the shitty nights hmm

Angie DD does this too, the first few nights I turned her back onto her back but she just kept doing it so I just leave her to it now

Lora congrats on the tooth! I'm sure DD has one coming through but I can't feel anything yet

Nice sunny weekend ahead! DP has been at work since 2.30am and he is stuck at the shop all day today hmm so were going to the park and then seeing the rents this afternoon

glorious Sat 08-Jun-13 10:02:28

angielka I think I've read that it's ok to leave them provided they can roll both ways, but can't remember where. I think you should do what you're personally comfortable with (if you know what that is!).

Birdies Sat 08-Jun-13 10:28:00

Hi everyone, we're back to 3 feeds a night here. I've chucked the routine out of the window!

Question for those of you whose baby's have a tooth - does breastfeeding start to hurt?

I'm exciting news, having been worried re lack of rolling, we now have lots of half rolls, very nearly all the way over.

angiel once they roll its fine for them to sleep on their front. Otherwise you'd spend half the night moving her back.

angel dd does this too, although she is still in her small crib so she only makes it to her side and spends the night there with her face pressed against the bars hmm

sorry, my phone autocorrects angiel to angel

we didn't have such a good night last night (although not too bad by the last few weeks' standard). I think it is teeth moving around again as she has been pulling away from the boob (with my nipple still in her mouth - ouch) and calpol stopped her crying this morning.

Lora1982 Sat 08-Jun-13 16:23:22

Well the holidays over af is back the bitch. So what was it a whole 14 months or 5 months.

Lora1982 Sat 08-Jun-13 21:00:48

I spotted this on my need to shop travels... one for the sleep rollers if you dont want them rollingwww.dresswild.co.uk/Safe_Anti_Roll_Pillow_or_Mini_Mat_Baby_Sleeping_Sleep_Positioner_Bedding_Toddler/p672558_4573454.aspx

Lora1982 Sat 08-Jun-13 21:01:10
newbie6 Sat 08-Jun-13 21:21:29

lora clever idea! Hope those that are having problems with 'rollers', see your link! My wee one is 21 weeks and still not showing much sign of rolling!


Lora1982 Sat 08-Jun-13 22:43:15

It reminds me of a draft excluder for under doors :-D

octanegirl Sun 09-Jun-13 13:41:34

Lora what sucky net thing?
It was my sisters wedding yesterday (fun) but my horse died this morning (was kicked and broke a leg) which was not fun. Luckily lots of guests were staying so they looked after LO while I dealt with vet and had a hole dug for her. Off to buy a tree to plant on the grave now. It's terribly sad as I'd had her for 20 years...

Lostbobbles Sun 09-Jun-13 15:36:26

Octane, sorry to hear about your horse how awful, poor old girl rip xx
hmm. Congrats to your sister and hope her schedule ran to plan wink. The net thing is a fresh food feeder by munchkin and I think nuby do a version now.

I'm have a little lie down with DD2, DD1 is with mil. We have had a weekend full of kids parties.

sorry about your horse octane

glorious Sun 09-Jun-13 20:10:54

Oh Octane that's really sad, I'm sorry sad

newbie6 Sun 09-Jun-13 22:15:07

Hi octane , so sorry to hear about your horse. Same thing happened to my horse 3 years ago and I still miss him every day. I hope your lovely lady was put to sleep quickly and didn't suffer too long. X

Oh octane i'm sorry. I hope you're ok x

Ivy up more at night again! I've had to resettle her twice already since 7. Refused to feed her though as don't think she needed it! Her new tooth is obviouslt bothering her i really can't wait til it finally breaks through! Shes been asleep since i put teething gel on. I feel a long night coming on sad

Lora1982 Mon 10-Jun-13 08:39:20

Im sorry octane sad thats so sad.

CreepyCrawly Mon 10-Jun-13 08:44:01

Sorry about your horse octane sad

lollipoppi Mon 10-Jun-13 09:00:32

Sorry octane hope your ok thanks

Apple how did the rest of your night go? Is that her 2nd tooth coming through

DS1 is full of a cough and cold so were having a lazy day today

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend

Angielka Mon 10-Jun-13 09:03:43

Oh octane how horrible. Hope you are looking after yourself.

Night wasn't too bad up every 4.5 hours. Lolli yes her 2nd tooth her first was hard work too. Am sure its because shes got them early as my others started teething early but didn't actually get teeth till 6+ months. None of them seemed as bothered by teeth!

octanegirl Mon 10-Jun-13 10:33:56

As with everything LO put a huge smile on my face once more today - he rolled over for the first time, from front to back - TWICE!

Thank you for your messages about my mare, made me feel better. xx

happyhow Mon 10-Jun-13 12:07:23

Glad you've had something really positive today Octane and sorry about your horse. Xx

I remember what sleep is!! After struggling to go down and being settled 3 times last night, B did 10-4.30 and 5.20-7.50!!! A. MAZ. ING!!!! I had to ask hubby to make sure he was still breathing this morning as we were so surprised by his long lie!

Had THE most chilled out and relaxing day yesterday. Went for a long walk around the grounds/forest of a local castle then went to Yo Sushi for dinner and finished it off with a drink in the pub at the end of the road! I think it was just nice spending some proper family time together without thinking about meeting other people or stuff we needed to do. We both just totally switched off.

Hope everyone else has had a good weekend. The sun is back here so I'm going to make the most of it!

Ffs washing machine gone wonky...noooooo! Have so far extracted £1.62 from filter and tried different settings but i still have sopping wet washing and a huge pile waiting to go in!

<wanders off to try again muttering about laundrettes>

Lora1982 Mon 10-Jun-13 14:03:25

Ugh I had that the other day apples... I only got 45p though. Luckily my brother had a spare knocking about in his shed!

Im tempted to go sort through his 6+ clothes to see what I 'need' to buy.

Anyone elses youngster seem to be getting bored of their gym? He'll only stay on it for about ten mins

Pascha Mon 10-Jun-13 15:45:43

Dan has for some time been more interested in lying on his tummy on DS1's car mat and watching him play/eating the cars. DS1 is less than impressed and the most common phrase in this house at the moment is "Stop squashing your brother!"


Sorry to hear about your horse Octane. Hope your sister had an otherwise good wedding.

I can't stand the sucky net things. Just you wait till you have to get banana out and then you'll see what a bastard they are to keep looking clean and respectable.

My contribution to the links is the tinydiner Makes it so much easier when you're out and about and in full weaning/food throwing mode.

Birdies Mon 10-Jun-13 19:55:44

Sorry about your horse octabne, hope you're ok.

lora yes X seems to get bored after about 10 minutes.

We've gone backwards on the sleep front, I'm starting to think its something I'm doing, or not doing. All the mums I meet seem to have babies who sleep through.

Birdies Mon 10-Jun-13 19:58:59

Ps had anyone successfully weaned baby off swaddle? And how did you do it?

lora Ivy still enjoys hers but only now she can grab the toys and almost chew on them! Generally though shes more keen to get moving so prefers to go round in circles. Or be on her tummy like paschas little one! smile

pascha reminds me of my ds's when they were little althougg my ds1 was less restrained and ds2 had to.go to a&e after a car was bounced off his 8 week old head

birdies i don't think many mums tell the full truth in rl. None of mine ever slept through regularly till after 6-7 months bur i still.consider them all good sleepers as i only hqve to get up to feed then straighr back down again. Its normal for them to still be up at night as they are still so little. E

Posted too soon!

Meant to add her 2nd tooth seems to have broken through today! I can feel its sharp edge now and she seems a little happier. Shes also discovered row row your boat and loves it toothy grin

Lostbobbles Mon 10-Jun-13 22:19:33

Birdies - I still have a shocker in the sleep department hmm

Yay on 2nd tooth apples, has the first grown up much yet? Lois's is taking forever to cut through I have been able to feel/see a deep ridge and a little sharp bit just under the gum for weeks now.

Lois still likes the gym, but now she rolls as soon as you put her down and has still forgotten how to roll from front to back, so ends up moaning after a while. New favourite toy is Sophie the giraffe hand me down from DD1 (Pascha it was a gift honest!)

lost the first is fully through. She likes to smile at people and show it off smile wierd though as it makes me feel like she is growing up too fast and i really want to hold on to her baby days!

Meringue33 Tue 11-Jun-13 05:43:26

Sorry about your horse Octane sad

Sorry about the sleep Birdies. It's still all over the place here, he is five months now so it can't be the four month sleep regression any more! Think he is def teething but it is exhausting!

He is also fed up with gym and I can't wait til he can roll, sit up properly and play. I think frustration is making him cranky.

Louise85 Tue 11-Jun-13 08:44:43

Hi all, we back online after our housemove, although still have boxes everywhere. I've had a small scroll up but no time to check too far back!! Sorry about your horse Octane - so sad sad

We went to the beach yesterday and I got so sunburnt - covered the kids in factor 50 and forgot me hmm .... Ds is also frustrated with his gym and I also can't wait for him to sit, roll etc - he's also cranky and my arms can't carry him and throw him up and down etc for too long. Sleeping side he's not too bad - usually 7 till 7, but I am up a few times from 4:30 putting dummy back in - think its coz of the light so have ordered new blackout blinds (really hope they arrive today).

Haven't had a washing machine since we moved last Friday - we have a washing pile that's getting close to Everest and have run out of almost everything - this country doesn't have a simple laundraumat that you put money in and do your own wahing hmm ... new one is arriving tomorrow ( but I have big doubts that DH can install it )

Lora1982 Tue 11-Jun-13 09:03:47

Forgot I have one of those sophie giraffes too. Mjust got it out to tease the dog with the squeak dexters impressed with its legs... the rubbers making a squeak against his tooth.

happyhow Tue 11-Jun-13 10:46:06

I've just spent the last hour or so making carrot, parsnip, apple and pear purées so hopefully B likes them...

Glad the house move went well Louise!

lollipoppi Tue 11-Jun-13 11:02:50

Left my phone in the bathroom schoolboy error and DS1 threw it down the toilet that's the 2nd iPhone in 3 months that's fallen victim to the toilet, it's currently sat in a tub of rice to try and dry it out, I'm not getting my hopes up though it was submerged for quite some time before ds1 came and told me!

Ds1 and dd are both full of a cold and been up all night with them both, they are both being very clingy today, ds1 has very bad asthma so praying it stays off his chest!

Lora1982 Tue 11-Jun-13 12:43:10

Happy the only ice cube tray I have is a smirnoff vodka branded one... is it morally wrong to do his dinz in that?

Meringue33 Tue 11-Jun-13 18:16:17

You so should Lora that would be hilarious!

Welcome back Louise, where have you moved to?

Anyone else back to 3-4 poos a day? Think this must be teething, v annoying.

Very sleep dep. Debating whether to go to my group tonight - good for the old mental health to have a bit of a moan - or just go to bed at 8pm!

Lostbobbles Tue 11-Jun-13 20:00:47

Apples, bet little toothy grin is super cute grin

Lolli, oops on phone hmm. I actually did the same not that long ago but it was actually my fault muppet Hope your dc's get well quickly and DS1 asthma does not worsen poor bubs.

Louise- glad house move has gone well. Unpacking is hell on earth though.

Horrendous again last night, think I saw every hour. I even resorted to trying the dummy at 4am but it only helped for an hour so no miracle. She doesn't wake up screaming just prolonged moaning that progresses into full blown cry after 20mins or so, she just doesn't seem to have the ability to settle herself. I'm losing the will to live and running out of ideas. Looks like Dr Weissbluth is going to have to make a reappearance in our house soon hmm

happyhow Tue 11-Jun-13 20:20:17

Lora, that's brilliant! I think you should do it but maybe not add the vodka...

B's been having a bit of a sleepy day. It's been quite nice actually. Is that bad?!

3-4 poos is a normal day for us... 2 first thing, normally within an hour of each other and another in the afternoon. He's been quite sicky the last few days though. I was in the firing line for a full frontal projectile vomit at lunchtime...

lollipoppi Tue 11-Jun-13 23:00:44

Urgh, what a day! Ds1 went down hill rapidly after lunch and was blue lighted to a&e, he has been admitted, he has had 6 nebulisers and is on constant oxygen, his oxygen levels are not picking up.

Meringue33 Wed 12-Jun-13 04:43:50

Oh no Lolli how is he now?

Lostbobbles Wed 12-Jun-13 06:52:11

Gosh lolli, how awful for all of you especially your little DS. How is he doing? Big get well wishes x

happyhow Wed 12-Jun-13 07:32:08

At least he's in the right place getting treatment. Hopefully he makes an improvement quickly. Xx

glorious Wed 12-Jun-13 09:37:37

Oh lolli how scary. I hope he improves quickly. Is the hospital far from home?

Lolli hope your ds1 is doing better now, thinking of you x

glorious Wed 12-Jun-13 11:48:50

<<flagrant cross promotion>>

I remember from the antenatal thread that there were quite a few of us in South East London. We seem to have lost a fair few since then but if there's still anyone other than me left then feel free to join the Hither Green / Ladywell local group which I'm just setting up if it's close enough to you.


<<finished now! >>

Angielka Wed 12-Jun-13 12:03:16

Oh lolli how scary. Hope he's improving.

glorious even though I'm in Brussels, I've joined your local group in case there's a meet up when I'm over visiting the rents.

Just watched Molly on the baby monitor wake up, look round, stick her thumb back in her mouth and go back to sleep. It's been weeks since she did that. Nighttimes are a mix of slightly better (last night 8-11, 11.15-4 4.15-7.15) and terrible (night before up pretty much every hour) although I'm blaming teeth rather than sleep regression now grin. We've also had an increase in poos so supports my teeth theory, as does the jamming fist in mouth all the time, tearing poor Sophie the giraffe to shreds and pulling at her ear loads. One just visible, but nothing through yet.

Am bored! Waiting for repairman looking at mountains of washing! Annoying as the only way tp catch up now will be a trip to the laundrette to use the driers sad

On another note i think Ivy may have a squint. Pointed it out to mil yesterday and she could see it too. Baby clinic on monday so will show hv when sumo baby Ivy is weighed.

Sigh theres always something to worry about

lollipoppi Wed 12-Jun-13 14:23:45

Thanks everyone, he didn't have a good night, his oxygen levels didn't stay up so he had to have the oxygen all night and nebulisers too, he is back on his inhalers today but he has got to stay in tonight as well to keep an eye on his stats.
Me and dp have just swapped so I'm home with dd while I have a quick shower and then get back to the hosp, mil is having dd over to stay tonight fingers crossed we get discharged tomorrow xx

happyhow Wed 12-Jun-13 15:17:34

Glad he's on the men's Lolli. Xx

happyhow Wed 12-Jun-13 15:17:45


glorious Wed 12-Jun-13 16:28:11

Brilliant angielka , our first member grin

Sounds horrible lolli but glad things are improving.

I popped a note through the door of the lady I've seen over the road with a baby this afternoon. Looks like the house is for sale unfortunately but at least it means if she thinks I'm nuts she won't have to fret for long!

Meringue33 Wed 12-Jun-13 16:48:32

Hope he gets well soon Lolli sounds really stressful x

How exciting Glorious, you must update us!

Went to NCT today. Not one baby still ebf. I guess it just gets too tempting. I am going to try to ebf with no.2 if we have no.2. That's if no.2 is a better latcher than this one! His latest trick is to try to push off me so nipple falls out. Also grabs handfuls of boob and pulls them out of mouth. So he really is dangling uncomfortably on end of nipple hmm.

octanegirl Wed 12-Jun-13 17:12:08

Ouch Meringue! How old is yours?

Lollipopi that's great that he's improving. How awful for you all.

I wish this weather would sod off. Daily Mail says it's here till August as Jet Stream in the wrong place. I hope they are wrong.....

Hmm well..that was mortifying! Repairman finalluly turned up looked at machine...turned it on..looked some more. Then announced i had 'unbalanced' it with a 'woolly pully' and that was why it wouldn't spin. So it worked perfectly now blush i had tried a new load etc so i'm a bit hmm. he was nice about it tho probably because i answered the door with a baby covered in poo after poo explosion. I clearly needed my washing machine

Lolli glad hes improving but sorry you had to go through this. My dsis had awful asthma and our gp used to always come round with nebuliser until we ended up with 1 at the house full time.

Meringue33 Wed 12-Jun-13 21:30:28

He is five mo Octane

Sorry to laugh Apples! Sounds like the sort of thing that would happen to me blush

glorious Wed 12-Jun-13 22:12:55

I had no idea it was possible to unbalance a washing machine. I've learnt so much on mumsnet! smile At least it's working now apples .

glorious Wed 12-Jun-13 22:19:15

Oh and octane me too, I've been looking forward to this summer since I got pregnant!

It's probably not surprising that none of your nct group's babies are still ebf meringue as only 1% are to 6 months. www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-20406743 My DD is a bit younger as she was the very end of January but I think she's the only one in my group too and they are mostly December babies.

Lostbobbles Wed 12-Jun-13 22:30:13

I told myself not to do it and I didn't listen!!! My name is lost bobbles and I am addicted to candy crush blush and I'm shit at itangry

Neither did I Glorious! Something to do with the drum spinning and too much weight in a sopping wet "woolly"?! hmm he did suggest both me and my overworked washing machine might need a holiday

Oh well at least i'll know in future.

Octane i need the bloody sun! Although i prefer the rain <wierd>

Meringue it was funny!

Oh no lost dp is constantly on that. Drives me mad!

lollipoppi Wed 12-Jun-13 23:17:59

Hi all, ds1 is doing much better! No oxygen or nebs so far tonight which is great, I'm sure we will be discharged tomorrow!! happy dance

I miss DD sad dance I've seen her lots today and went and fed and put her to bed at MILS which was nice but just not the same.
I'm livid too as MIL has got a dummy out!! she knows Dd doesn't have a dummy, she never has and I've reminded her of it tonight.

Lost I'm in candy crush rehab since my phone went down the toilet!

Lostbobbles Thu 13-Jun-13 03:40:36

Good to hear DS on the mend Lolli, wishing you all a happy home reunion tomorrow. Why did your mil get the dummy out if you don't give it?

Lolli your situ does help put things into perspective but I'm still losing the will to live. I've been up three times already and have ended up feeding to sleep as she just will not settle and I have no resilience to try for long periods hmm.

Lora1982 Thu 13-Jun-13 09:46:37

No rolling.

Birdies Thu 13-Jun-13 10:49:18

lolli how scary, but glad he is doing better now.

Back to 2 feeds a night here but early waking. DH off work for a bit though so I get a bit if a lie-in. Still a zombie though.

lora only side rolls here, when she feels like it. I met up with a friend though recently and her baby of the same age (5.5 months) not rolling yet either.

We're off on hols for a week this weekend, only a uk holiday but still should be nice, hopefully!

I always seem to find something to worry about though - X only has 3 noises - a squeal, a chuckle and (mainly) like a straining noise. She does the straining noise loudly, when pooing, bored, hungry, tired. Always the same. Is that normal?

lollipoppi Thu 13-Jun-13 12:18:30

Home sweet home!! So happy! He is much better, the community nurses will come and see him for the next 3 days to check his stats but all good otherwise!

Lost, mil thinks she "needs" one!? Nothing against dummies at all but why give her one if she doesn't have one? Anyhoooooo!

Birdies hope you have a lovely holiday and the weathers nice for you

Lora1982 Thu 13-Jun-13 15:52:35

I get the straining noise from dexter too although its obvious when its a poo strain compared to the tired groany strainy noise. Hes a proper moaner today :-( after he gave me false hope during our 'good morning' song. Does everyone else sing daft songs and rhymes? I was semi shocked the other day when a girl I half know said she had never sung nursery rhymes or anything to her two year old. Hope its not just me making a fool of myself singing...

Birdies Thu 13-Jun-13 16:42:23

Poonami has arrived. And straining sounds not quite as frequent! Oh no, spoke to soon, noises started up again!

lolli glad you're home.

lora oh yes - I have a tonne of daft songs. And I rarely call her by her real name! But may try soon as they're meant to start recognising their name now...she will think she's called Chuckles!

Lora1982 Thu 13-Jun-13 16:45:46

Chuckles grin well dexter is clearly called beautinz or chubz. We were saying his name to him and he'd smirk and turn to look but I think only cos he thought we were being daft again not that he knew his name

octanegirl Thu 13-Jun-13 17:44:06

I get the groaning/straining noises too, usually when bored. Other than that he kind of grunts and oohs/ahhs, peppered with the odd squeal. No consonants despite what babycentre says! No chuckling either....

He hasn't rolled since the two times he did it on Monday when I parked him face down on the carpet.
He gets onto his side in his cot and hangs on to the bars as if he's on a heeled over sailing boat. Then falls asleep like that.

Meringue33 Thu 13-Jun-13 18:10:58

Lolli so happy to hear that! Such good news.

Glorious it seems like 90% of women on MN though!

Birdies/Lost I'm in the zombie gang with you. Sucks. Hoping it will pass before I alienate everyone around me with grumpiness!

Is it the frustrated noise you're talking about? I think that is his "Grrr" noise when he wants to do something he can't yet. Octane just today he started saying "dadadada" - typical!

Has stopped trying to roll but still regularly tries to jump up from lying on his back towards mobile or something above. His tummy time is v impressive now!

Lora I can't remember any nursery rhymes! Just sing pop songs to him, current favourite is "A Hard Rain's Gonna Fall" but with made up happy lyrics smile.

Lostbobbles Thu 13-Jun-13 20:53:06

I sing and talk so much waffle shit it's ridiculous --obviously in between playing candy crush--wink

Need to pay more attention to DD2's chat, not really sure what sounds she is making blush

DH back tomorrow grin I have a busy weekend ahead mums night tomorrow, followed by wedding reception sat night. wine. Also need to book Father's Day dinner and sort cardsconfused

Birdies hope you have a lovely holiday envy

Ivy is constantly making noises. Loads of coos chuckles and random noises even when feeding! Can't remember who asked but my ds1 was so quiet and talked quite late which worried me so much i bought ds2 our current parent facing pushchair he has plenty to say now but hes a quiet personality iyswim. I have sung rhymes well Take That songs and wittered total rubbish at them all for years.

Frankly am.slightly shocked at the idea of not teaching them nursery rhymes!

Lolli glad to hear you're home. Must be such a relief x

Lost enjoy your weekend. We will be making cards on sat and have got dp a few bits for them to give him.

Ivy is currently desperate to get moving! And quite frustrated that wr keep stopping her from bottom shuffling off our laps! Clearly gonna be trouble this one lol grin

Birdies Thu 13-Jun-13 22:13:27

Thanks everyone smile Will be busy packing tomorrow so I will catch up with you all in a week!

apples yeah it's kind of sad to think of a baby not being sung to. I tend to make up the songs though, or at least change the words to something daft!

It sounds like lots of babies do the grunting noise then. No vowels or consonants here though, certainly no dadadas.

Anyone else use alot of baby talk too? I've practically got a whole different language when I talk to her!

Birdies Thu 13-Jun-13 22:15:16

Ps lost that sounds like a nice weekend, have fun!

Lora1982 Thu 13-Jun-13 23:44:25

A lot of the baby chat I use is words with inz stuck on the end... aww babinz what a beautinz etc.

Anyone else got a baby sock addiction?

On the nursery rhyme front I told her to get a cd and learn some songs! All the best ones are made up anyway cos they help keep us sane. There was an advert for edl energy a while back, I used to sing along to that for him "he walked into my life...and now he's taken over" grin

Have fun this weekend then lost! What have you done for fathers day? I got a card with peas on (he hates peas) which says ha-pea 1st farters day because im obviously still 6 and find it amusing also soaked the labels off beer bottles and made him a personalised beer bottle

Meringue33 Fri 14-Jun-13 00:45:24

What nursery rhymes do you sing Apples?

glorious Fri 14-Jun-13 08:23:25

True meringue, or at least you come across more people who do on here than in person.

Lots of songs here. We're both music graduates so she gets some random classical stuff and her evening lullaby in harmony, plus all sorts of silly things I make up about putting on her socks or whatever. I need to revise the actual nursery rhymes blush.

I also go for baby talk, I even find myself talking to the dishwasher / other random appliances / plants in it. Not good. I mostly call her Ellen or Els or I'm trying out Nell. I'd rather she wasn't Ellie so perhaps calling her something else would help, or perhaps we're doomed grin

Well, dd has (touch wood) been much better in the nights recently - one or two wakeups - but has been getting up earlier and earlier, today was 5.30am shock. She does go to bed really early, 6.30 or 7pm. I would like it to be later but she is always so grumpy and tired by that time.

I sing to her all of the time, usually nursery rhymes I have changed to have her name in them, or songs I make up to the tune of other songs.

I hardly ever call her by her name, just lots of silly nicknames.

Pascha Fri 14-Jun-13 08:43:48

Yo. Been a busy few days.

Daniel is generally Dan the Man or Danny. DS1 calls him dannydannydannydannydannydannydannydannydannydannydannydanny... until I gag him. hmm

We do row row row your boat, pat-a-cake, wind the (sodding) bobbin up, Postman Pat theme tune and Roary the racing car theme tune (because thats what goes round and round in this house). Also whatever is in the charts.

Plans all changed for today as MIL is poorly so I have both boys and we have to miss DS1's swimming class. Think we will take a picnic and go to the local country farm park as we have a year family pass so its free.

meringue we sing lots of row row the boat (didn't realise it had so many verses) twinkle twinkle, peter rabbit, and we all do theres a worm at the bottom of the garden! Ds2 sings 'shine' to her i do.not have a Take That obsession oh no

We also genrally call her Ivy boo hmm

Late for school again this morning cos i locked us in then couldn't find my keys but this time head was at door with the admin lady who takez the names of latecomers so a bit blush ds2 kept saying 'good morning' while i muttered about 4 dcs and feeding the baby! (ds2 well known as v outgoing and bloody nuts confident)

Birdies have fun.

Mrsbugsy Ivy used to sleep well and self settle but now wakes up yelling at random points in the night. Annoying as i leave her to settle after her last feed so i know she can stilk do it!

Pascha for years all i ever watched was roary and thomas. Even now i read your post and automatically sang roary! Have fun today.

Meringue33 Fri 14-Jun-13 13:35:17

So by coincidence have just learned Wind the Bobbin and Peter Rabbit at baby sign class this morning. Sure we didn't have those ones when I was little!

LO enjoyed it, slept on the way then was gobsmacked to wake up in the middle of it all!

In other news, have been sat here feeding LO for 90 mins now in an attempt to create positive sleep association and get him to nap in cot! Every time he comes off I try to put him down, he won't settle, I start again! God this is hard work. If I'd just pushed him round the park as usual we'd be back by now, he'd be parked in hall and I could be getting on with tonight's dinner.

On the plus side, he's had so much milk now perhaps he will sleep well tonight.

Lora1982 Fri 14-Jun-13 14:05:08

Wind the bobbin and theres a frog song... both banned in my house. He can like row row your boat or lump it

Louise85 Fri 14-Jun-13 14:54:20

Lolli - so scary but glad u home.

Moved to Northern Ireland - would much rather it be back in South Africa with my family though!!! Although I have just booked a nearly 2 month holiday there in November till January - last time I will ever (most likely) be able to have such a long holiday before I have to start work again...

Dd fell over and hit her head on the side of the coffee table this morning, so we went off to a&e to get her head glued back together - not too much blood fortunately.

Ds has been a nightmare on the sleep side - up every 20 minutes from 3:30am for the f*****ng dummy again....might seriously chuck it soon - but i do love it at times (like when dd hit her head and ds was tired and crying)...he did roll over for the first time yesterday so maybe thats why sleep is out the window...or its the 4 month sleep regression thing - he's 20 weeks...any advice????

Tugstonia Fri 14-Jun-13 14:56:20

Hi all, back from hols this morning. Apart from the shitty weather it was a lovely week - log cabin in the woods with log fire etc. PIL didn't annoy me too much at all and was actually quite nice to spend some time with them, shock horror! DD's sleeping has gone to shit again though. Before we went away she was doing a 6 hour stretch but she's back to 2-3 hourly wakings now hmm. She seems to have grown loads in the last couple of weeks and is now too big for her Moses basket and her Babybay so will have to get the cot set up this weekend. Not happy about her going in the other room though so reckon I'll sleep on the floor in her room - joy. She's also grown out of her 3-6 mth clothes and she's only 4.5 months! Chubber.

We sing lots of songs too, learnt them all at rhyme time! Wind the Bobbin, Dingle Dangle Scarecrow, Five Little Spacemen, etc.

Lolli hope your ds is better now, that sounds mega stressful flowers.

Hormonalhell Fri 14-Jun-13 16:10:55

On the name thing we call Charlie 'Chaz' bit funny when his dad is called Dave....rabbit rabbit rabbit rabbit grin

glad you had fun * tugs*

took dd to a singing baby group this morning (aimed at toddlers but went with a friend who has a 18 month old). dd was awake and happy in the car, then had boob then slept through the group, then awake again for the car ride home hmm

Meringue33 Fri 14-Jun-13 16:48:48

Typical Bugsy! I was so relieved LO woke up this morning, thought I was going to do the whole class sans baby and be the only person without one on my knee!

Didn't want to wake him myself tho as had had a mad morning. Sorry about the sleep regression Louise, ours hasn't settled down yet. Up from 12-2 last night then up again at 5, had just resettled him when smoke alarm went off hmm.

NI is lovely - my OH is from there smile Beaches are lovely and quiet, tho I guess quite different to SA!!

Bunny222 Fri 14-Jun-13 23:16:56

Hi all
Havent posted for a while. Been following the thread and its been helping to keep me sane.

Am still not well, getting a lot of trouble with my tummy with pains etc. Have been to see a gastric specialist who has told me that this can sometimes kick off 3/4 months after pregnancy if ud has something there all along. The upshot is I am getting so tired out from it and trying to plan being out with LO is getting stressful never knowing if im going to need the loo ASAP :-( :-( has anyone else experienced this?
At least LO is doing great, 19weeks now and rolling back to front. Very strong at tummy time and actually pushed forward the other day - surely too early for crawling?? He is a monster size and into 6-9clothes now. The shoes ive got for his christening are 9-12 months... Such big feet!

Am feeling a bit let down by DH too, as he knows im notwell, but has seemed v happy to let me do the lions share with LO, esp at night. Which was fine when he was sleeping thru but not now he is back to waking at 3am, then 5.30/6... Etc.

Sorry for big moany post!

Lolli hope your doing ok after little one was poorly.

Meringue33 Sat 15-Jun-13 00:56:38

Sorry to hear that Bunny. Do you have a diagnosis?

I have IBS which went away in pregnancy but flared up again there for a while after picking up a tummy bug. It's made worse by stress and sleep dep but seems to have settled down a bit now. I've been taking iron tablets, being really careful with trigger foods and applying some techniques I'd learned before thro CBT. There is a brilliant book I swear by called Breaking the Bonds of IBS by Barbara Bolen.

lollipoppi Sat 15-Jun-13 11:48:05

Hi all, ds1 is much better now thank you

Louise how's your DDs head poor love
Tugs glad you had a nice holiday and it wasn't too bad with the PILS!

Sorry to hear that bunny, sounds awful, have the doctors said what it may be?

We sing lots of songs here too, DS1 loves nursery rhymes so DD doesnt really have a choice but to listen!
Lots of lovely new noises and so cute when she coos at her toys

DD nn is Darcie Chops

Hello everyone! Just been catching up, lots happening!

Dd is rolling front to back, back to (almost) front, and has started trying to crawl. Minx. Definitely getting to the wont find her where I left her stage. She's also sitting up! 24 weeks today - where has that time gone?

It is disgusting weather in not sunny Scotland today, which is a shame as its the childrens gala day.

Touch wood, we're coming out of no sleep city. She has been awful for the last two weeks but she has been napping for an hour now, so fingers crossed!

Normal service to be resumed come Monday when I'm back home ;)

happyhow Sat 15-Jun-13 23:15:31

Still no rolling with us and certainly nowhere near crawling!

We have a multitude of nicknames... B, Mr B, Bails, Bailey Boo, Boo Bear, Sweetpea... He's also likely to think that 'let go' is a nickname owing to the number of times I have to ask him to let go of my hair or earrings each day. smile

Had a nice couple of walks today and met a couple of friends for dinner tonight which was great.

Not sure what we're doing for Father's Day tomo but I'm going to a Jack and Jill sale (like NCT sales) in the morning to see if I can get a jumperoo for B. Bailey got Daddy some Lego so they will both be happy playing with that while I'm out!! grin

Had a lovelyn

happyhow Sat 15-Jun-13 23:16:10

Don't know what I was trying to write as that last sentence...

Lora1982 Sat 15-Jun-13 23:40:43

Ugh its take up to bed time and someone me forgot id taken the sheet off and mattress cover. Matress cover is soaking so his bed tonight consists of two bits of foam with a sheet over... hoping he doesnt move in his sleep.

Hes sitting a bit... til he moves his head. We had a front to back roll/fall and the squealings started. He discovered it while he tried to compete with the hoover. Had a semi amusing moment the other day he locked his legs rigid standing up in a crying fit I was being too slow at getting my boob out and he stopped crying instantly as if to say "ooh what am I doing? Am I standing up" then the novelty wore off and tears fake recommenced

glorious Sun 16-Jun-13 20:19:07

I'm a bit late to the party here but I have something important to say.

Mmmmm cookie nut crunch! grin

we've been camping this weekend. dd slept really well, not sure if it was the fresh air or what, but I am considering going camping every weekend for the rest of the summer grin

I've given dd some bits of food to try too; bits of picnic so bread, houmous, etc. She just gummed everything and spat it out.

glad she is better lolli

sorry you haven't been well bunny

sorry Lilli, he not she

aargh lolli not Lilli, bloody autocorrect

Angielka Mon 17-Jun-13 08:04:38

Haven't posted for a while but been lurking... busy times. We're going to Poland for a week in a couple of days - getting both girls christened there next weekend (DH is Polish).

Sleep still mainly rubbish but we've had some nights better than others. We're always singing. Molly responds to music so well - it'll stop her mid-scream on occasion wink which I'm taking as a good sign. DD1 takes after DH for music - very enthusiastic but tone deaf not so tuneful.

If you're poorly, feel better, if your tired, get some sleep. Everyone have a lovely start to the week!

Angielka Mon 17-Jun-13 08:27:14

Oh, and if we prop Molly against a cushion sitting, then she sits forward with a big grin on her face, until she topples...

Lora1982 Mon 17-Jun-13 10:08:36

I recommened those emergency foil blankets. Dexter played with one at a group and loved it so I got one. Apparently pound shops sell two for a quid but I bought my ONE on ebay for 99p :-(

Meringue33 Mon 17-Jun-13 11:18:50

Best night in ages. 10pm-8am with only two wake-ups and relatively quick to resettle. Feeling almost human again. First stretch of sleep was in his own cot in own room... Could this be the beginning of normality??

Tugstonia Mon 17-Jun-13 11:43:08

Mrsbugsy that's great your dd slept so well, I reckon the fresh air definitely helps.

Meringue fantastic news! Long may it continue smile

We had a record sleep as well last night - 6.30pm to 11pm and 11.15pm to 5am - not quite through the night but getting there. DD just had her last lot of jabs and screamed and screamed but is now fast asleep...

Angie have a great time in Poland!

CreepyCrawly Mon 17-Jun-13 12:45:03

Yay for sleeping babies, boo for illnesses.

Very envy of the holidays though.

I stayed at my mums Saturday night because we had a meal in a hotel nearby. I was dreading it because Nancy had refused to sleep in the travel cot during the day, and she wasn't used to being out late in the evenings. But she was great, slept her usual 10 hours, and then back down for another 2.

It's our second wedding anniversary today so we're off out for lunch this afternoon.

Hope Monday is being kind to you all!

Angielka Mon 17-Jun-13 20:10:51

meringue if it is the beginning of normality, please share your secret. Pulling my hair out here.

Thanks tugs I will do my best to have a great time, if I first manage to pack for four for a week... I'll need a holiday just to get over that!

Happy anniversary creepy! We are having the meal after the girls' christening next Sunday in the hotel we had our wedding reception in almost four years ago. LOVE anniversaries! Get all sentimental...

Lostbobbles Mon 17-Jun-13 21:43:00

Hello ladies

I'm exhausted to much partying on top of being up in the night is not a good combo but was a fun weekend.

Good to hear of longer sleeps for some, I'm still up a couple of times most nights but she settles fairly quickly.

Exciting news ....... Ordered new pram grin

Angie, hope you have a nice week in Poland.

Bunny, sorry to hear about your illness have you been tested for crohn's and colitis? Wish you well. thanks

DD2 is really trying to sit up atm, more practice needed though wink

Lostbobbles Mon 17-Jun-13 21:45:40

Oh forgot, went to weaning talk it was free so thought i'd pop along omgg, the blw mums are hardcore mafioso!! My god if anyone had pulled out a plum pouch, I think it would of been war shock

Lostbobbles Mon 17-Jun-13 22:46:49

Happy Anniversary Creepy winethanks

glorious Tue 18-Jun-13 02:41:03

Happy anniversary creepy and have fun on your travels angielka . Your family must be very spread out.

envy of the sleeping babies. Why isn't mine?!

Meringue33 Tue 18-Jun-13 08:02:23

Happy holidays and anniversaries!!

Not sure there is any secret Angie think it was just luck or (fingers crossed) he's finally grown out of the sleep regression. Last night he slept in his cot in own room from 10-1.30am which is an absolute record. Mummy & daddy had some childfree time to cuddle!

Wasn't as good all night tho as he was up again at 3.30 and didn't want to resettle so took him into our bed. Think that will have to end tho as he rolled for the first time yesterday! And did it again with gro bag on this morning.

Angielka Tue 18-Jun-13 08:44:41

meringue Molly is 5 months today [sob]. I expect miracles!

lost am hoping to join blw mafia grin any tips?

octanegirl Tue 18-Jun-13 09:53:01

Haha I hear you Lost on the BLW Mafia - they do come across as obsessive zealots at times!
I'm going to do what I think is a common sense approach. If it is stuff I would eat with my fingers, then he can too. If its something I'd eat with a spoon, then I'll give it to him with a spoon.
I bought "Weaning Made Easy" by Rana Conway as it touches on both methods and advocates a sensible middle ground.

happyhow Tue 18-Jun-13 10:31:05

I have a friend who is part of both the BLW Mafia and a nipple nazi so I just don't really talk to her about it because I'll get it all shoved down my throat... I'm going to do as I feel is best. I'm happy doing purées and B seems to be getting the hang of it. He's decided he likes pear now after not liking it 3 days ago. smile

Trying to organise going to The Highland Show on Fri as well as meeting my brothers for dinner and then my godmother and mum for lunch on Sat. So much to fit in and it's all mounting up cost wise...

lollipoppi Tue 18-Jun-13 11:54:22

Happy the BLW mafia and nipple nazis comment made me laugh so much I woke up DD

DD is still full of a cold and very grumpy, and after going from taking almost no milk at all she is guzzling like I've never seen before!
She is enjoying new tastes although does definatly does not like sweet potatoes at.all!

No sitting up over here, I don't think she is even close so may have to wait a while for that one! But she loves tummy time now

Happy holidays and happy anniversaries!!

Still got no Fecking phone its driving me nuts, i took it to an apple store yesterday expecting they could Get my pictures off but no, which means that pretty much all of Darcies pictures are lost forever, im so sad

Lostbobbles Tue 18-Jun-13 13:55:51

Lolli, did you have your phone backed up on I-cloud? Might be some pics saved there.

Angie - tips on blw, good splash mat and before going on any forum I would advise reading/revising the book to within an inch of your life! otherwise you seem to get eaten alive!shock --just not with a spoon--wink I am reading the book again at the moment but even though I totally get the concept, I'm with Octane, Conway suits me better. Plus the way in which Rapley has written the book seems to annoy me.

happyhow Tue 18-Jun-13 14:24:35

My child is a simpleton. He keeps trying to eat baby wipes.

Happy anniversary creepy and have fun on hol, angielka

We started blw at the weekend - not much choice as she grabbed my bloody scone and tucked in! So far I've tried banana, pear, breadsticks, toast and yogurt. All except the fruit have been successes.

She's Currently shouting in her cot. She's shattered, and won't nap - today has been a demanding day! Although cant complain - she had a big nap this morning.

Oh god I am SO TIRED. properly watching what I'm eating now after my birthday fortnight weekend. Have put on half a stone and slowly creeping up toward what I was at 6 months pregnant - nipping in the bud!

My arse is sore from my first time back at kettlebells.

Hi all

happy fwiw all my babies have tried to eat babywipes! Ivy got through a few a whike ago until ds1 realised he had left the open packet in easy reach of her grubby mits smile

lolli my phone went funny last week and i was so panicked i might lose Ivy pics i'm now slowly getting them printed off. I feel for you as my comouter crashed years ago and we lost all unprinted pics of ds2 as a baby and now have no pics of him from 10 -14 months so missing first xmas/ birthday and ds1 too. Makes me sad sad

Ivy is pretty well sitting now bet prefers to be on her feet never bloody happy and practically throws a tantrum wheb put down on her gym. She wants to get going so badly and is frstrated.

Finally enjoying solids. She loves banana and yoghurt o far. Need to make loads of purees to freeze but dp has taken the plug off blender fool oh well we'll get there eventually! grin

Lora1982 Tue 18-Jun-13 23:40:23

Ooh am I being a mean mum? Ive only given him banana and babywipes and tastes of stuff on my fingers. Hes five n a bit months.

Lolled at the blw mafia... I know one. I think id be scared he'd choke tbh. I was going to wait until july when I go to a weaning talk also free before I attempt it properly but now I dont know!

I need good vibes and courage sending my way, dentist tomorrow for a tooth out... think I may crap myself and cry at the poor man.

glorious Wed 19-Jun-13 10:18:18

Well if you're mean lora I'm super mean because we'll be waiting until 6 months regardless of any signs of readiness due to lots of allergies in the family. So that means 31st July at the earliest for this one smile.

I've learnt to carry Ellen in a woven wrap on my back. So liberating! I can do anything!

glorious Wed 19-Jun-13 10:19:19

Just spotted about the tooth, you can do it but much sympathy and wine

Lostbobbles Wed 19-Jun-13 10:29:11

Good luck Lora, ask for a blast of gas grin

Good luck lora. You will be fine x

Also you're not mean! You do whats right for you and your ds. Ds1 was started about 18 weeks and it was hard as he wasn't really ready. Ivy is only now (last few days) actually taking spoon and not spitting it all out. She is 24 weeks.

Ivy pulls to be stood up now and was doing it earlier and chuckling away as if being on her feet was the funniest thing! So cute smile

Sleep improving (at night anyway) only up once last night at 2.

Hope everyone enjoying the sun x

Lora1982 Wed 19-Jun-13 21:08:34

I'm in absolute agony. I think its worse than expelling a child (or is this the start of forgetting how painful that really was) ive had four cocodamols the strong ones not pissy over the counter ones and my face kills. I feel so weak that im considering sleeping downstairs with dexter cos im scared of carrying him on the stairs.

Oh no lora poor you sad have you got any help for tonight so you can recover? Sending flowers and brew (would send wine but prob not a good idea with strong pain kilers!) Hope you feel better soon.

Lora1982 Thu 20-Jun-13 01:42:10

Dp stayed up a bit later than usual to get dexters pjs on but he has work so went bed at half 8. Ive just woke up with a splitting headache. My dentist phobia is clearly justified the evil people.

lollipoppi Thu 20-Jun-13 08:36:31

Ouch lora hope your ok? Any help on hand today for you?

Anyone else's little cherub becoming a nightmare to dress!! If I'm putting darcies vest in she wants to eat her hands, if I'm putting her tights on she wants to eat her feet, if I'm putting her nappy on she wants to roll over!! It's actually quite funny the little wriggle monkey!

Lora1982 Thu 20-Jun-13 09:37:22

I feel much better today thanks!! Its so true the old 'tomorrows a new day'

Dexters becoming a nightmare to dress too but only cos he moans. Wonder weeks or bounty one of the two said he would start getting moany when changing because he doesnt want to have his space messed with. Rude. Think it was wonder weeks.

Going to dye this baby carrier today so im not embaressed to use it... hope it goes to plan ive never tried to dye anything before.

Got to go have a smear today, not looking forward to that! She'll be the first to have a poke around there in a good while :-/

Pascha Thu 20-Jun-13 15:29:02


There am I, at Pizza Hut this lunchtime with mum, DS1 and Daniel, eating my salad happily when he casually reached over to my plate, snaffled a breadstick and promptly shoved it in his gob shock! He ate the lot with a big fat grin on his face and burst into tears when it was finished.

I guess, at 23 weeks and 5 days, we have officially started weaning and it is most definitely baby-led...

Pascha Thu 20-Jun-13 15:37:14

What colour is the baby carrier, Lora? And what colour are you dyeing it to?

Lora1982 Thu 20-Jun-13 16:20:14

Navy and white tiny gingham, dying it navy to be safe (wanted red so the navy bits would go purple but knowing my skills it'd go wrong)

Lora1982 Thu 20-Jun-13 16:22:02

Also snigger at the breadstick. Hes clearly had enough of you eating with him at the table and not sharing grin

Pascha Thu 20-Jun-13 16:43:00

grin. Whats wrong with navy and white gingham?

octanegirl Thu 20-Jun-13 16:58:33

I like navy and white gingham too!

Love the breadstick story. I've lost track of the weeks. He turned 5 months on Weds so he's...22..?

He's sitting up now! It's very cute. After 15 secs or so he either topples sideways or flings himself backwards in a sudden and rather dramatic fashion.

Pascha Thu 20-Jun-13 17:02:12

Yeah I had to find a calendar and count the weeks too.

Dan doesn't like trying to stand really. He prefers falling over slowly sitting.

Meringue33 Thu 20-Jun-13 17:06:46

Sorry about your toothache, Lora

Well done Dan! shock

So DP bought a high chair yesterday and we gave LO some mashed up carrots and potatoes! It was so lovely to all sit round the table and for us to have our hands free to eat our own meals. He really enjoyed it. Funnily enough he didn't like the spoon but was quite happy to shovel it in with his hands - does that count as BLW??

Question for Bf'ers - anyone noticed any changes recently? LO used to only take one boob and rarely empty it (at least since the days of being little and madly cluster feeding). The last week or so he has been taking two and emptying often. This morning he emptied both then wanted more - I had to distract him for 20 mins til I had time to refill.

It's a bit disconcerting - not sure if (a) he is extra hungry (b) he's become more efficient (c) my supply has dipped??

Lora1982 Thu 20-Jun-13 17:10:32

Patterns arent really my thing :-D plus it reminds me of school uniforms and if im the one wearing it I dont want it to stick out like a sore thumb. Now if it was paisley...and turquoise.....

Lora1982 Thu 20-Jun-13 17:13:49

Meringue I noticed hes changed out he feeds too. He will have more in the morning by taking both sides, I dont really know how to tell if its empty though... wheres happy when you need her she knows about these things :-D

happyhow Thu 20-Jun-13 19:00:24

Hehe! I love your confidence in me Lora!

Meringue, could be a mixture of things. Could be a bit of a growth spurt so he's hungrier. Also, being hungry after a normal milk feed is a sign of being ready for solids - they're just not being kept full by the milk and it's not providing enough energy anymore on its own. Try giving solids a couple of times a day and see if that helps. This is just coming from extensive reading up about weaning!

B's feeds haven't changed too much yet although we are occasionally getting short ones where my boob has been drained really quickly. He's starting to take more solids now though so I'm expecting changes to start appearing soon (although there's been no poo today and I'm used to having 3-4!shock)

Meringue33 Thu 20-Jun-13 19:55:42

Cool thanks both! Will crack on then!!

We gave him a banana for dinner tonight, he really didn't like it, his face was a picture! Funny as bananas are my favourite food smile

Lostbobbles Thu 20-Jun-13 20:33:26

Meringue, Lois grabbed my banana yesterday whilst I was not paying attention playing on phone. The look on her face was a picture, definitely not a lover.

Had to take new pram back today, idiots sent the wrong colour. I did put it together and have a sneaky play around the house. Although in hindsight it was a silly thing to do as my responsible head doesn't appear often is concerned about how it will fair when loaded with change / shopping bags, looks like it may tip easily. Pascha help.....

DD1's ballet recital tomorrow, i'm off to learn the art of using the hair doughnut confused ....

glorious Thu 20-Jun-13 20:47:48

Go Dan! And exciting about the sitting octane. Ellen's desperate to sit but not quite there yet.

So I had a text from the lady over the road with the baby in response to my note. She clearly doesn't think I'm nuts because she's coming round next week grin. I'm hosting an open house for the local NCT and it looks like there will be about 5 people coming, including someone from the next street. Seems babies are thick on the ground here!

Pascha Thu 20-Jun-13 20:57:37

What is it Lost?

Excellent way to make friends Glorious. Wish you lived near me.

Lostbobbles Thu 20-Jun-13 21:26:05

Pascha, The GT the basket is small so will have to hang bag off the handle (have seen loads mums do it standard cm) but seems like it may tip easily. Any experience with your cm?

Lostbobbles Thu 20-Jun-13 21:26:45

Sorry forgot to say ''go Dan with the bread stick' grin

Pascha Thu 20-Jun-13 21:40:18

Hmm. My bjcm never tipped but that's nit to say it never could. They always say not to hang stuff off the handlebars but we all do don't we? I guess the beat thing to do is test it with what you would expect to hang there. I always got quite a bit in the basket. It's deeper than many others.

Lostbobbles Thu 20-Jun-13 21:41:05

Glorious - I'm impressed with your get together organising grin

Lostbobbles Thu 20-Jun-13 21:47:19

Thanks Pascha, I do still love it, just need to re-order black one. Have you seen the baby zen yoyo such a fab little lightweight.

Lostbobbles Thu 20-Jun-13 21:54:20

Last part of sentence disappeared .... Babyzen wouldn't last five minutes though..

Meringue33 Thu 20-Jun-13 22:05:24

Brilliant Glorious! We went to baby sign last week and it turns out one of the mums lives on my street! And has the same pram! It's not that long a street but I'd never noticed her before.

Pascha Thu 20-Jun-13 22:16:25

I did consider the yoyo. Discounted it because it seemed not sturdy enough for anything I would need. It looks like a Bee, but not as good, IYSWIM. Have you had a nose on www.bestbuggy.co.uk/ Its addictive I tell you...

Yay, dan! C stole my scone last week, and so we were also thrust into blw. Today she's had toast, scrambled egg, breadsticks and a rusk. We only properly started Monday. Gannet.

Poo has went down in frequency here too, which is nice. Used to 3+ a day and only had 1 or 2 the last few days. Unfortunately we have lost the baby poo smell, so she must be actually ingesting some food. She certainly is better at this eating lark than her brother - definitely her mothers daughter!

DS fell at nursery today and caught the side of his eye. It is horribly swollen, black, and he looks like a battered baby sad honestly dreading taking him anywhere as I'm sure people will think he's beaten!

Converted the cot to the big size tonight. It's been a rapid progression. She grew out of the hammock at center parcs, and then out of the little cot in days since we've been home. Weird seeing it set up big like this. Last time it was, DS was in it and it was October last year.

glorious Fri 21-Jun-13 05:19:29

Thanks all, let's hope they're nice! smile

Poor DS bunty

pascha we're thinking of getting a running pushchair, does your expertise/interest extend that far? Struggling with the lack of physical stockists that we can find.

Pascha Fri 21-Jun-13 09:10:44

Babyjogger summit XC/X3

BOB Ironman

BOB Revolution

The Summit generally wins. I think you'll have to order it online though.

Go on the Pushchair boards here on MN. There is always someone with a bit of specialist knowledge for this type of thing.

Have put a pic of him on my profile. Wee scone

urgh, dd decided not to sleep last night. she woke at 11, then 1, then 3, then refused to go back to sleep. no idea what was the matter; gave her boob, a dry nappy and calpol to no avail.

I'm having buggy dilemmas too. I have been using a pliko pramette in pram mode (it was given to me as a hand me down so I didn't really choose it). dd is getting too big for it and is definitely ready to sit up, but I don't want her facing away from me me so I don't want to switch it to pushchair mode. I've seen other mums with buggies where an older baby can sit up up but still face their mum. does anyone have one like this that they can recommend? or will she soon get bored of looking at me and want to face forwards anyway?

Bunty your poor ds sad

well done glorious

we have also sort of started weaning. dd mostly picks things up off my plate, smears it around her face and hair, then throws it on the floor. yesterday she had some strawberry and mashed it up with her hands, then seemed to like sucking the juice off her fingers.

Lora1982 Fri 21-Jun-13 11:18:44

Bugsy my pushchair bit can go on either way round. But I wouldnt recommended it because the strap between the legs was so short we've had to change it so it sits in the right length. I know there are others which can face both ways though.

The eye :O poor soul I bet that made him cry a lot sad

glorious Fri 21-Jun-13 12:24:43

Thanks pascha , that's the kind of thing. It's just frustrating not to be able to see them in the flesh.

Lots of options for parent facing so it's worth thinking about how much you walk vs. drive vs. get public transport and therefore how important weight/width/handling is.

I've just heard I've got an interview for a promotion at work. Eeeeek! So hard to get my brain in gear. And do I want a promotion?! Still, not going back until February...

lollipoppi Fri 21-Jun-13 16:20:11

I've got a nap refuser today!!

On the weaning/BLW front, I've only tried soft puréed stuff so far, mostly fruits, I'm shit scared to give her anything solid!
When you say breadstick do you just give it whole? I feel lost on this whole weaning front!

lollipoppi Fri 21-Jun-13 16:20:44

Congrats on the interview glorious!

happyhow Fri 21-Jun-13 18:02:09

Good Luck for the interview, Glorious!

Been an exciting day here. B's jumperoo arrived and its safe to say he likes it and I got my shiny new car!! No more clambering in and out the back of the car to put B in and having very little boot space once the pram wheels are in. Will have to go for a proper drive somewhere tomorrow so that I can play with it properly! grin

Pascha Fri 21-Jun-13 18:21:52

envy What did you get?

Good luck for the interview Glorious.


happyhow Fri 21-Jun-13 19:22:48

A 5 door Golf SE. Was a shame to say goodbye to my faithful feesty but it's just SO shiny, and comfy and fast and it has new car smell and lots of cool things that it does!

Lora1982 Fri 21-Jun-13 19:49:19

Ive got a nap refuser too lolli. Badden. My carrier turned out great, might go on a scarecrow hunt yes its as crazy as it sounds tomorrow if my mouth stops aching.

Good luck for your interview glorious, im not liking the thought of going back yet, im looking at starting up buying and selling see if I really have to go back.

Jealous of the new car. That is all. smile

Lora1982 Fri 21-Jun-13 19:52:30

Im also scared of him choking. .. its unlikely if hes sitting up right? Else the poor sod will grow up on squashed food :-D

glorious Fri 21-Jun-13 20:54:45

Thanks all, I'm nervous already. Still, even turning up will be a success, I'm just going to redefine my goals!

Good luck glorious

happy am v envy of new car! Still using fiesta hopefully soon we can get something more appropriate soon.

pascha Dan sounds so cute smile Ivy watches every mouthful and tries to help with the spoon but even when offered finger-type food doesn't seem bothered eats everything else though inc her cousins bib with cousin still attached

bugsy my friends has an icandy cherry (i think). Faces both ways but isn't too huge. Mine does too (hauck infinity) but is enormous and not terribly practical in small spaces. Prefer to have parent facing though and we walk most places due to tiny car

We are off to a party tomorrow. Sounds good but suffer social anxiety and i tend to avoid such things! Agreed to go more for dcs as i want them to enjoy these things but am not looking forward to it! Just trying to keep calm and remember my cbt...

Re choking babies i always worry about this but they have all ended up eating solids fine. Not actually sure how it happens though just realise one day that they can..

Ivy enjoyed some apple today!

icandy looks great apple. we also walk everywhere, get the bus if it rains, and only drive if we're going out of town. bit £££ though. I will look out for one on eBay.

I am sitting bfing at 4.30am, in bed, with a purry cat trying to nudge dd out of the way so I can stroke her.

allchik Sat 22-Jun-13 08:32:47

Hi everyone! Haven't been on this thread for months....'bumped' into pascha in another thread and remembered how fab the antenatal thread was....how long ago does that seem!
So Eleni is 5 and a half months now and a right little cutie...she's a fab sleeper (like her dad) and normally goes 12 hours which is lush although every now and again she likes to surprise me with a 5am wake up!
Was a bit worried that she's not rolling but over that now lol, she can kinda sit for a few seconds but is still quite flat when on her tummy....she just starts licking the mat lol....licking is her favourite thing in the world!
We have just started weaning, funniest thing ever, she's very good and eats well....seems to like savoury as much as sweet, I do give her the odd petit filous type yoghurt but not too many as I worry that she will get a sweet tooth?
Going back to school for the last 2 days before the hol so I get paid in the hols....will be fab to have a proper wage again, although I am dreading it too sad luckily I have negotiated going bk 4 days so will have Wednesdays off hurrah, hoping that will make it easier...have also got a lovely childminder who hubby knows personally so feeling quite good about it....bloody lucky as nursery we had originally booked (and paid a deposit with) have done one...we turned up to tell them about Wednesdays and it was all boarded up! Hadn't even phoned us! Bye bye 100 quid!
Hope you are all well....am going to have a good read through to get up to speed xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Kelly and Eleni xxxxxx

Yuk, dd just did a six day poo in her door bouncer and it leaked out of her nappy, through her clothes and covered the bouncer. Hope it washes out!

on a positive note dp is home and he got to clear it up.

welcome back allchik. That's awful about the nursery. DD is rolling but nowhere near sitting, they all do things differently.

CreepyCrawly Sat 22-Jun-13 13:38:45

Welcome back allchik.

No sitting here, and only half rolls. But so much babbling! She doesn't shush! And constantly blowing raspberries and now some throat gargling too.

apple, love the 'cousin still attached bit'.

I want a rear facing option pushchair too. The stroller part of my travel system doesn't sit up which is a bit stupid. I like the look of the Bugaboo Bee.

Good luck glorious. I'm due back at work in September but building up the courage to see my boss and ask for an extra 3 months unpaid.

Love breadstick gate pascha, Dan is a cutie as is your DS1.

bunty ouch at your DS' eye. He's adorable too.

glorious Sat 22-Jun-13 14:21:31

Thanks apples and * creepy *.

creepy will that take you up to a year? Because if so they can't refuse, though obviously it'd be better if they were relaxed about it smile

Welcome back allchick. Some of us will be envy at the sleeping...

CreepyCrawly Sat 22-Jun-13 14:31:27

Yeah it will glorious, thank you that's good to know. They're pretty laid back anyway so I can't see it bring a problem.

glorious Sat 22-Jun-13 15:22:08

That's good then creepy. You just have to give 8 weeks notice: https://www.gov.uk/maternity-pay-leave/leave smile

Some employers are more generous - if I wanted to go back early it's only 28 days notice. But I don't grin

CreepyCrawly Sat 22-Jun-13 21:27:42

Thanks for the link glorious. I was sure 9 months would be plenty, I'm nowhere near ready yet.

I've just won a Bugaboo Bee on eBay, and now I'm looking at customised liners and hoods for it. I'm so excited! grin

glorious Sun 23-Jun-13 01:12:18

It's so hard to know how you'll feel before they arrive isn't it. Hopefully it'll be painless.

How exciting about the Bee! What colour are you thinking?

I feel like the worst mother in the world. C woke at 3 for her feed, settled quickly and easily afterwards, but the moment I put her in her cot, the eyes pinged open and she started howling.

This happened another 3 times over 90 mins before I snapped and told her to shut the fuck up and walked out the room.

I'm awful. DS doesn't want me either. All he wants is daddy, who managed to get her sleeping in 20 mins, whilst DS whined at me that he wanted daddy cuddles.

I'm so fucking useless. I can't believe I swore at my baby.

glorious Sun 23-Jun-13 08:40:01

Oh bunty I'm so sorry you had such a tough night. You are not a bad mum at all, you did what you needed to do and walked off rather than let her see too much of your frustration. I'm not proud of it but I've done something very similar in a dreadful sleep deprived haze. I felt terrible too but really it's not that bad, no harm done and you will hopefully find some more energy. brew for you.

CreepyCrawly Sun 23-Jun-13 09:10:21

You're not a bad mum bunty. I'm sure we've all gotten to the end of our tether at one point or another. Like glorious said, it's better that you walked away. That makes you a good mum. And I'm sure DS doesn't mean anything by it. I hope you have a relaxed day x

I've seen a skull and crossbones hood and liner that I'm so tempted by. Or navy and white polka dot. I'd have a different one for every day if I could!

Pascha Sun 23-Jun-13 09:29:27

[Bunty] last monday D just would not settle the whole evening, one or other of us was up there every 90 minutes and it carried on once we went to bed. I'm sorry to say that at 1.15am I flipped, refused to deal with him anymore and spent the night on the sofa with just my dressing gown for company. DH dealt with him and when I crept up at 4am they were both asleep on the bed. I didn't have the heart to try sidling into bed so I sloped off back to the sofa instead.

We've all been there.

glorious Sun 23-Jun-13 10:11:07

Skull and cross bones! grin But polka dots might be a bit less marmite I guess (and very nice too).

Pascha Sun 23-Jun-13 10:34:21

envy at the Bee. Its no good for us in deepest rural Kent but if I lived in town I would consider one.

Its a pyjama day for us today. We went to Brands Hatch to watch the Mini Festival as DH was racing. He stayed overnight at the track as he's racing again this afternoon but we're not going today, I might stretch to the park for an hour and Tesco for some dinner but no more than that.

I slept star-shaped in the bed last night grin

Pascha Sun 23-Jun-13 10:34:59

went to brands hatch yesterday...

CreepyCrawly Sun 23-Jun-13 11:38:17

Big fans of anything skull/spooky related so seriously thinking about it. My mum will hate it! But the navy and white is prettier. It's so hard!

Pyjama day sounds lovely pascha, enjoy! We're going to a friends for dinner this afternoon.

Nancy has struck up a wonderful friendship with the dog the last couple of weeks. She's aways looking and smiling at him, and as soon as he moves she holds her hand out for him. I'm pleased he's so gentle, it's going to be lovely seeing them play together when she's bigger. I'm a bit envy thoug because its such hard work to get her to laugh, and all the bloody dog has to do is walk across the room.

Thanks everyone. This is why I love this thread - everyone is so lovely and supportive. Had 2 hour nap with cheeky and feeling more human. thanks

Meringue33 Sun 23-Jun-13 17:04:15

Ah Bunty we've all been there I'm sure, sleep deprivation does terrible things to my temper sad

Barely slept a wink last night as LO keeps rolling onto his tummy in his sleep and at one point was just face down on the mattress without making a sound. It's really freaking me out and not sure I'll be able to sleep tonight either sad

happyhow Sun 23-Jun-13 17:35:01

Bunty, I've said that to B several times so I must be a really shit mother! I was calling him a little shit/bugger all afternoon on Friday... In fact, he's just been called that for spewing all over my leg and the carpet... smile

Allchik, I'm doing the same as you! Back to work tomo for the last 4 days of term so that I get back on full pay for the holidays. Got my mum up for the week to look after him while I'm in as his nursery place doesn't start til the new term.

bunty don't worry we've all done it and you left so you did the right thing so you're clearly a good mummy!

creepy that sounds so cute! Am also envy at the Bee.

pascha pj day here too. We went out to a party last night. Dcs ate wau too many sweets and ran around like mad things till i had to take them all home at 9.15 after Ivy totally melted down due to lack of sleep! Usually in cot asleep by 7! Everyone tired and out of sorts today so all in bed already! Dp got a lift back later and didn't feel so good today like i care! He let me go home with 3 hyper dcs and a screaming baby

It was good to go out though and for once my anxiety was not an.issue smile

In other news Ivy is tryimg to bum-shuffle off laps tp get to her teddy and chomp on him! I think she is starting to get her top teeth now shock !

Lora1982 Sun 23-Jun-13 22:49:20

Im half tempted to find out about extending my ml a bit. I dont think ill be ready at 9 months. I think I'll only be going back for two days though but right now I dont want to. Does anyone know the rules?

Pascha Mon 24-Jun-13 09:39:08

Hey Allchik glad you found us again!

I'm watching Daniel lop-sidedly trying to ho