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May 2013 thread our new and not so new arrivals

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Hi ladies

Just thought we could all really do with this. Rather selfish a its mostly for the thousand odd questions I have and things I'd like to share/ vent that no one else would understand.

We've all been together so long I even talk about you all to DP smile

10storeylovesong Fri 24-May-13 08:02:18

Haha, I do too. He knows every new arrival. I still have a thousand questions and have no idea what I'm doing too.

Quick summary... We've been home 6 weeks now although Seb's corrected age is only 2 weeks. It's hard, as I keep comparing him to other 15 week old babies and he's so far behind. He's now 6lb 14 oz so has more than tripled his birth weight!

So far as routines etc go, no chance! He reuses to be put down at all, making for very hard work. He was feeding quite well, taking about 100-110mls at a time (formula fed now after I completely dried up, despite expressing constantly and being on meds) but after his op went completely off his food, crying every time a bottle went near his mouth which was very distressing to see. He's getting slightly better now and has been taking between 60-90mls at each feed.

Sleep wise, he had been sleeping in something called a poddle pod in our bed, but again went off that after op and I spent every night sitting up with him on my chest until dh went to work at 630 when he dropped him off at mil's for me to get a few hours kip. Such hard work. However, last night he settled in his pod again - and I developed insomnia!!

We're also battling through a cold at the moment and he sounds like a little piggy with his snotty nose!

I hope everyone's doing well with their little ones and can't wait to catch up x

Zorra Fri 24-May-13 08:02:29

Well done Beaut, looking forward to continuing the conversation! X

We are only on day 5 here. Feels like longer as Ive always stayed in hospital for a bit and this time we were home the same day.

10 have you already tried everything to get him to try an take more formula? Tips include blowing gently on them, stroking feet, taking off a layer of clothing. For the first few days Teddy would only take an oz. Now I feed him, wind him, feed him, wind him, change his nappy, feed him and wind him. He now takes 3oz most feeds although last night was only taking an oz.

What bottles is he on as they can make a huge difference. I'm using Tommee Tippee. My friend highly recommended MAM. With my first I tried 3 different bottles and the last one made it seem like I had a new baby smile

Beaut, our babies are the same already on 3oz most feeds, my midwife was really shocked coz she never lost any birth weight. not surprised the amount she eats. Glad I chose to bottle feeds again or I think she would prob be on me all the time.

We had our 1st bad night last night. She was so unsettled and kept crying in her sleep so we ended up on the sofa at 3am. Luckily I got to go back to bed for a few hours as DH is here or I would of been a zombie today. Glad we have this now coz I have so many questions to I seem to have forgotten everything in 2 years. And also people to chat to in the middle of the night.

roastpotatoes Fri 24-May-13 09:42:47

Beaut, thanks for starting this off - its nice to have somewhere to share the many complexities of a new baby! We got off to a great start for the first ten days, with a baby that got the hang of bf and seemed fairly content. But the last few days have been really tough. Alice hasn't regained her birth weight- in fact she's stayed at 10% below so they think I don't have enough milk supply. I've feeding as much as I can and expressing lots but its so depressing because I sit there for an hour and only get 20ml off. She had been doing really irregular pops, about every 5 days, which again she's not taking enough in. But yesterday she did 5 poos! So maybe we're turning a corner...? Fingers crossed.

(17 days)

10storeylovesong Fri 24-May-13 10:34:08

Beaut - he was feeding well until the op and then I think it was a combination of pain and being full of a cold that stopped him. He was literally screaming when bottle when near his mouth, thrashing about and arching his back. He was on Tommee Tippee bottles and on recommendation from hospital we switched him to Asda's own and he's been much better. Had 3oz last 2 feeds without battling so fingers crossed!

Roast - sounds like it could be picking up. Well done for persevering - cant be easy. You probably already have, but have you tried Fenugreek? Didn't work for me but I've heard very good things about it.

Inneed Yes our babies seem spookily similar.

10 Hopefully he's turning another corner then and things improve. He has done so well being so early and then in for an op. Hope things continue to go well for him I'm sure they will. He has battled it all. How are you ? You never really say. You are amazing and really hope if I ever go through such tough times I can have just an ounce of your courage smile

Roast My best advice is to not stress yourself. My midwife always used to say stress affects the supply. I have to say that whenever I chilled out before a feed had a bath or something that I fed better.

Been to the docs this morning as have an infection.

aberjen Fri 24-May-13 15:02:55

Hi all!

beaut thanks for starting this thread.

roast fingers crossed 5 poos is a good sign! Btw, I know we live in the same city. I accidentally ended up at one of the breastfeeding clinics today (midwife kind of sprung it on me!) and the specialists there were fantastic - cant remember if you said you'd been already? I'm struggling with positions but they gave me some pointers so that I can have one hand free - means I don't feel quite so incapacitated for each feed, which was getting me down. Basically, they've shown me ideal lounging in front of the tv positions and I'll have a hand free to change channels...!

Was also really good to have first solo outing. Think I've been relying on/deferring to DP too much and today gave me a bit of a confidence boost. smile

beaut and InNeed DD at 11 days would happily guzzle 3 oz ebm from a bottle and midwife was amazed so sounds like your little ones are doing brilliantly!

As this is my 2nd baby you would think I would not be so paranoid this time about stuff.

Called my midwife this morning (who luckily is my friend to) and said there something wrong with her belly button. It didnt smell pleasant and looks sore and inflamed. She said I'll come have a look and swab for you. Turns out that's how they fall off. Looks like it's hanging on 2 pieces of black thread. Felt like such an idiot for calling here out.

Did anyone else have a tear that didn't get stitched so left to heal on it's own?? Just curious to see how long it took for people to heal. Mine still has fresh blood everyday after a week.

Inneed I tore with ds2. It took a few weeks to heal. I never had any pain and was just advised to keep it clean so had lots of salt baths.

Can't believe Ive ended up with an infection. I really am in pain. When I had baby midwife did say she didn't think all of the membranes had come out. I'm on two antibiotics so hope it goes quickly.

Thanks Beaut, and an infection doesn't sound good. Hope it goes quickly.

10storeylovesong Fri 24-May-13 15:55:01

beaut thanks for the kind words. I'm ok. I just keep thinking that it could have been much worse, and I have my gorgeous little fighter for inspiration! You would get through it... You don't have a choice! Plus, I have the most amazing support network around me. Anthony, my dh, is having baby all weekend so I can go out all day with my friends for posh cocktails (and recover Sunday!), and I'm back in the gym to try and boost my endorphins and get rid of some of the weight.

Everyone has their own challenges when they have a baby I've learnt...

10storeylovesong Fri 24-May-13 15:55:46

Btw, hope the infection clears up soon.

Hello everyone. Thanks for starting a new postnatal group Beaut - hope you're infection clears up soon.

Roast, DS only took expressed BM so I had nearly two years of pumping which meant I became obsessed with my milk supply. The most effective thing for me was something called 'More Milk plus' by Motherlove. You can get it from Express Yourself Mums (I think they sell it on Amazon). It worked very quickly for me, but I'd suggest getting the capsules rather than the liquid because it tastes disgusting.

We're at home now, Evie's fast asleep and I'm trying to unpack all the stuff I took to the hospital with me. She's a bit yellow still, even after having light treatment in hospital, but she's feeding well and gaining weight so they think the jaundice will go of its own accord. InNeed, her umbilus makes me feel sick every time I have to clean it, I'm dreading when it comes off.

I can't believe she's only 3 days old, it seems as if she's been here for ever.

Mamma glad your home now and hopefully had a decent cup of tea!

10 I bet you cant wait for your evening out. I'm hoping to have a couple of glasses of wine coz the in laws are here. I'll prob have 1 and fall asleep.

10storeylovesong Fri 24-May-13 17:59:44

mamma they probably mentioned to you but there's something called breastmilk jaundice which just goes on its own. Seb had it in SCBU and they weren't concerned.

Anyone else with an iPhone. Can you recommend a good photo app or two. I'm taking ally pics on my phone

Ally=all my

SevenReasonsToSmile Fri 24-May-13 18:44:16

Hi all.

roast odd question but what colour is her poo? Apparently yellow is a good indication that they're getting what they need.

10 did you buy a wrap? DD1 was a nightmare baby and wouldn't be put down, it really helped calm her by being in the wrap and saved my sanity allowing me to get jobs done! I also think you're really brave, I struggled seeing Beatrice in SCBU and all she needed was extra oxygen in the incubator and a glucose drip for the first 14 hours.

Beatrice is now 3.5 weeks old and weighed 6lb 3oz on weds, little piglet gained 13oz in 8 days!

Seven Shes teeny. Teddy had his weigh in today and is 7lb 1 oz can't believe he only lost 2 oz. Well I can hes a lil piglet grin

10storeylovesong Fri 24-May-13 20:09:44

I found a BNWT Moby on eBay for £14. Was my first day of using it today, and love it! Managed to get some jobs done and he just slept through it. Dh is currently sat wearing it watching TV!

Wow, 13oz in 8 days is impressive!

DXBMermaid Fri 24-May-13 22:30:17

Haven't had my baby yet, but marking my spot.

Good to read all your experiences. Very happy hear that your babies are doing well despite some feeding issues.

Getting so impatient!

rachywhite83 Sat 25-May-13 08:42:36

colic ! help needed for our sanity !

Snap Rachy We were up all night. I'm using INFACOL and obviously not working. Teddy is on Cow and Gate so first thing I'm going to do is try a different formula. Going to try Cow and Gate comfort. If no joy next thing ill try us different bottles. I'm using Tommee Tippee so next step is the new Tommee Tippee anti colic. That's all you can do. You will eventually find a solution.

If you are breast feeding then try gripe water. It's working well for 10.

Gripe water is definitely the best thing for colic.

Anyone else finding their babies are settling really well in the day when it is noisy and then at night having a restless sleep. Had to put Kate in bed with me last night so she would settle soundly.

rachywhite83 Sat 25-May-13 09:43:15

I have just changed to the tomee tipee bottles and he is a bit better with them. Got some gripe water but you cant give it to them till they are 4 weeks old. Going to try infocol today.


Zorra Sat 25-May-13 10:01:17

Hello ladies! Lovely to have this group - one of my mum friends from first time round rang me yesterday and I realised how much I miss having a group of friends in a similar position.

DD still has no name, but she's doing ok. Really struggling with feeding though which is a bit of a shock because DS had very few problems (with feeding, everything else was a mess lol). DD had one really good feed when she was born, then was getting bits through feeding often but she was only licking/getting drips of the breast. Day 3 I spent expressing and feeding her from a syringe so she was at least hydrated, but nowhere nearer latching. Cue misery from all sides. MWs came round and weighed her, and she has lost 10% - if she loses 12% then she has to be admitted to the nearest hospital which is 40 minutes away sad

Went to then MLU near here last night and they got her to latch (after lots of squeezing and manhandling) - managed to get her to feed every 2-3 hours since then, but just a bit at a time and she is always sick unless you time the end of the feed then putting her over the shoulder and upright perfectly. She seems ok to me, cheeks fattening and getting her colour in, plus sleeping/pooing/weeing/alert. But she is very sleepy and I'm finding it all a bit of a struggle, especially with the idea that I might have to take her to a hospital far away when DS needs me too. Boo sad

Sorry it's so long, just wanted to get it off my chest (so to speak grin)

Infacol usually always works for me. I'm struggling as he only seems to be unable to get wind up at night. He sleeps all flippin day in fact Ive just woken him for a feed.

My head is pounding I'm popping pain killers like crazy. Me and DP were grumpy with each other last night as Teddy just so won't sleep sad

Zorra Sat 25-May-13 10:15:16

Sorry to hear that Beaut, it's so hard to do it all and feel ill at the same time sad Hope your infection is clearing up and you feel better soon.

rachywhite83 Sat 25-May-13 10:22:39

oh zorra and beaut I'm sorry to hear your having a rough time. isn't it a good thing that we can support each other through this x

wrigglerchick Sat 25-May-13 10:33:57

Zorra, I've had similar feeding problems with James. He had two feeds after being born then just could not get him to latch again so he was just getting drops of milk and I hand expressed a bit. After a day or so we worried he wasn't getting enough so the hospital midwife showed us how to cup feed and we gave him some formula. I kept trying with breast but couldn't get him to latch and nor could anyone else even with boob grabbing and head shoving from experts! When we got home I started expressing with a pump (they didnt want me to use a pump in hospital for some reason) and have carried on doing that since. It turns out James is tongue tied so we're still cup feeding the expressed milk plus the odd formula meal - hopefully once we get the tongue tie fixed he will be able to latch!
The expressing, feeding, sterilising cycle is exhausting!!

On the plus side, James had only lost 2oz when weighed yesterday so the cup feeding is obviously not doing any harm!

10storeylovesong Sat 25-May-13 15:48:35

Sorry to hear of everyone's issues. It's horrible when they're not feeding, and every feed time becomes a battle.

Re the tongue tie, we were told it would just be a snip and it would bother him. He was quite clearly in pain afterwards and it's only a week later that he'll take a bottle again. Obviously I'm glad we did it for the long term benefits but it was har going for a while. All the drs etc told us it shouldn't bother him but I've spoken to a few mums since whose babies were bothered by it.

SevenReasonsToSmile Sat 25-May-13 17:54:50

Sorry to hear that some are struggling. I find dentinox better than infacol tbh, and easier if you're FFing as you can add it to their bottle, DS and DD1 always spat out infacol!

beaut if its constant and nothing seems to work do speak to your HV. I still feel guilty that DD1 was 5 weeks old before we worked out she was lactose intolerant and that the near-constant screaming when she wasn't bring held was because she was in pain, I'd thought she was just a miserable difficult baby sad

Bad day today. Teddy has terrible colic and constipation. He has been unsettled all day. He hasn't slept for more than an hour at a time. His cry is so painful and there's nothing I can do. Earlier colic was so bad he was breathing really rapidly then he started wretching. I sat him up quickly and he burped so I'm hoping it was all just wind.

On top of that he has a sticky eye and every time I clean it its sticky within minutes. Feel such a useless mummy today sad

rachywhite83 Sat 25-May-13 21:30:04

Big hugs beaut x I know that you are doing a great job and that you are doing all you can for your gorgeous boy x

Wirrawoo Sat 25-May-13 21:58:23

Hey ladies great to have this thread here for all those questions I seem to have 24/7. beaut so sorry to hear about your infection you poor thing, and after such a lovely birth experience. Oops was going to write more but Jamie needs a nappy change! Will post again in a bit...

wrigglerchick Sat 25-May-13 22:06:07

Beaut, sounds like our same day arrivals are having all the same things! James has had a sticky eye which we've been cleaning for the last couple of days and it's started to look better today fingers crossed.He also may be a bit constipated as we've had no poo for over 2 days now.... He's on a mix of BM and formula so hopefully not too blocked up. I'm going to eat some apricots now and hope they get into my milk a bit to help move things along!
Hope teddy feels better soon and you have a decent night with him x

Beaut, you should never think that. Babies are hard work and no matter if it's 1st or last baby your gonna worry about every little thing. Hope your ok tho.

TerracottaPie Sat 25-May-13 22:23:03

Marking my place for this thread. Keep trying to update our antenatal one and do my birth story but never seem to have time! And now it's half term...so no chance! I will very much try though.

All going well here so far. DD1 is besotted and very overwhelmed with her emotions for her new baby sister. Said baby sister sleeps and eats and poos in response grin And my other 2 are loud and lovely still with much hugs and kisses (from DD2 mainly) and fascination (from DS mainly) for the new one.

Pretty much one week old exactly right now smile

roastpotatoes Sat 25-May-13 22:33:49

Just wanted to say that Alice had sticky eye as well. It looked pretty gross for a few days, but we kept cleaning it with cotton wool and water and it cleared up within a few days.

Alice is going to be weighed again tomorrow- we have everything crossed for a bit of weight gain, even just a tiny bit as long as it is in the right direction. It is getting a bit concerning otherwise as she'll be three weeks on Tuesday.

Wishing you all a peaceful night and some restorative sleep!

Sparklyboots Sat 25-May-13 22:55:56

OO sorry to hear about feeding issues, I was a woman obsessed with time/ position/ latch/ hind and fore milk with DS.

Those with constipation issues, try our super pooing move; if bubs is straining and uncomfortable, put the soles of their feet together and gently bring them up to touch the nose. The legs will look like frogs' legs and resistance usually means a fart or a poo is there. Did this 15 times, 3 times a day with a more constipated DS. With DD, sometimes if she's straining, just gentle frogs' legs and rocking can produce a poo.

We are doing great, but we've had both the HV and the GP telling us to wean DS (2.5). As I did explain, he was weaned and now is having a regression - another involuntary wean at this time would be asking too much of him, I think, he's just finding it all really tough right now. I found it really cheeky, actually, they wouldn't be telling me off if I'd said he'd regressed with potty training, they'd be making supportive noises. Am particularly fucked off with the GP - we'd gone for thrush meds for DD, as I'd thought her tongue looked pretty thick with it (though it could have been milk - I wasn't sure as I'm fine and she's feeding well). The MW said check with the Dr - who didn't even look in her mouth to confirm diagnosis, prescribed only enough for DD and I and not DS, took a phone call during the consultation on her mobile phone, and basically talked shit about bfing, saying that because I'm blonde, I'm not going to be able to supply enough vit D, so she probably didn't prescribe for DS because she didn't support my decision to bf him. Apart from anything else, being fair means you are more sensitive to the sun so less likely to be vit D deficient in low level sun. Plus, we could just supplement - to my mind she should be supporting what my decision is and advising me how to protect the three of us from any possible deficiency rather than refusing meds and telling me off. Less than two weeks since I gave birth. Think I need to contact PALS...

SevenReasonsToSmile Sat 25-May-13 23:23:53

sparkly that's pretty poor of your GP, what does it have to do with them if you're still BFing him?!

beaut what formula are you using, and is it powder or ready made? If you're using powder using the ready made stuff for a couple of days can help. My HV said last time SMA seems to cause constipation more than other brands, incidentally DD1 and DS both had constipation when we started using powdered rather than ready made (SMA), DD2 didn't (cow & gate).

Good luck with the weigh in roast.

Ladies I don't know what I would do without this thread. I read the messages from Rachys onwards at 11pm after Teddy had just cried in agony for an hour. You all made me cry with your supportive words in a good way.

Following Sparklys advice I got him to finally fill his nappy. He cried through it understandably but was visibly improved afterwards. We managed to wind him at last and since 11pm he has slept just waking for his bottle on cue every three hours for his feed. I'm so happy and hope he continues to feel better today.

Seven we were using cow and gate now using cow and gate comfort. We started him on that yesterday morning so hopefully after a better night its working. smile

Sorry for the me me me post. Hope everyone else is doing well.

Just a quick question for those that suffered puffy feet/legs after birth how long did it take to go down. Mine are still really bad and a lil painful after a week

Chottie Sun 26-May-13 06:15:11

wrigglerchick DGS is now 10 days old and we think he has posterior TT, he has had difficulty latching, plus lots of other signs too. DD is now expressing regularly to allow her poor nipples to heal. GS is doing well, he is having C&G top up occasionally. Ann Dobson is visiting tomorrow - I will post again afterwards with an update. DD is staying with me at present and the expressing, sterilising routine is exhausting. I am so glad I am around to do all the washing, cooking, looking after GS whilst DD has baths etc.

beauticianNM DD had really puffy feet too at the end of pregnancy. It took about 6 days for them to go down. Her feet are now back to normal (10 days after delivery) and I am going to give her a pedicure today. DD can wear all her pre pregnancy shoes again now too. I hope your feet get better soon.

wrigglerchick Sun 26-May-13 09:35:11

Chottie, reassuring to know we're not the only ones expressing and topping up with formula. Hope your dd is doing ok! We are also seeing Ann Dobson in the next few days - she's obviously highly recommended smile so hopefully we can get back to successful bf-ing before long...

Zorra Sun 26-May-13 10:31:40

Glad things are settling down Beaut and hope its the start of things easing up and you getting to enjoy the early days a bit more. It's so tough when it feels never ending and like nothing you can do works. It does always pass though (or at least turn into a new challenge!)

Very happy here today: DD still fighting the feeding a bit but something we are doing is working and she has regained more than half her 10% loss and put on 4oz since Friday grin Main thing is that I can stop panicking about having to admit her to hospital and focus on improving the feeding.

Boodstress Sun 26-May-13 11:59:58

Marking my place - couldn't find it for ages. Be prepared for a million 'do you find that...' Type comments

Boodstress Sun 26-May-13 12:19:53

By the way, terrible constipation here (Alice not me) in the transition from Breast to bottle was solved by constantly offering cool boiled water - worked VERY well. Changing to Aptimal constipation has now stopped it happening. My little munch with the shallowest latch in history (thus admittencevto hospital as BF couldnt shift jaundice) also wasn't getting on with bottles or teats specifically so I've moved to number 2 for night feeds and she is now waking at 12 , 3am & 6/7 ... From not settling at night at all. We are 4 weeks on and she is finally putting on weight albeit still on 9th centile. There is light at the end of the new born tunnel.

roastpotatoes Sun 26-May-13 14:00:47

Still no weight gain so we are on to serious formula top ups. Very disappointed :-(

Boodstress Sun 26-May-13 15:09:21

Been there Roast, I know how it feels but once they start putting on weight you will be pleased you had the option.

Chottie Sun 26-May-13 17:08:24

roast please don't beat yourself up << mum hug >>

mwncigirl Mon 27-May-13 01:30:37

Ok, so, how do we get them to sleep?? grin

10storeylovesong Mon 27-May-13 08:19:47

I'm so sorry to hear of those struggling feeding. I think we put so much pressure on ourselves to breastfeed that its hard to accept if it doesn't work. I felt terrible when I change to formula, especially as even now Seb will turn his head away from the bottle and try and suck through my top! However, something's working and he's putting on weight well and has just polished off nearly 5oz.

For those with constipation, I read something online when we were struggling that I thought sounds crazy... But works a charm! It's based on what cats do with their kittens, and they lick the kittens bumhole to encourage them to go. I used a damp cloth and gently massage it - just a few minutes later he went. Works every time! It's worth a try if they're struggling.

And the sleep thing... Last night we got from 8-3 (with a quick dream feed at 10), then 3.30-7. Feel like a whole new woman!

10storeylovesong Mon 27-May-13 08:37:16

inneedofsomesleep I've just seen your post. Seb was doing exactly that, sleeping during day and waking at night. In last couple of days he's just switched and is pretty much wide awake all day and sleeping at night. He did it pretty much on his own, with us just following the basic advice (chatting during day, having background noise, quiet at night, not talking during feeds or nappy changes).

beaut how's the infection?

tasmaniandevilchaser Mon 27-May-13 11:33:06

Hello! Found you!!!

NoForkNKnife Mon 27-May-13 11:36:14

I've found you! So glad you're here to 10. It makes more sense (although at but weird) for us to be here. We know you ladies so well now and hopefully our preemies will be meeting their milestones alon with the May clan.

Who was it that was struggling to get their newborn to latch since birth? With my last DD we had the same issue. A different midwife came round one of the later visits and suggested using a nipple shield. She said to try it for the first part of the feed and then take it off for last 5 mins and keep increasing the time without it. It worked straightaway and te following day we stopped using it.

Alice is another slow gainer (41 w and 11 weeks old). Last weigh in (last Tuesday) was 4lbs 5oz. And that was only a 2oz gain (60g) in a week. She's following a line way below the 0.4th percentile. She looks massive to me as she's doubled her birth weight!
We are doing expressing and an oz of formula every feed. Usually about 2oz (sometimes a bit more). She will latch on to the boob and normally spends an hour on it in the evening straight after a feed! But I'm not sure she's getting much as she wants a bottle straight after. I'm guessing she's so small still that her latch is a bit shallow.

I really feel for some of you and the sleeping. I have no word of advice (both DDs have been pretty good) but that it is a phase (usually!). Don't forget to ask friends and family to cook a meal to bring over and if your DH is around in the evening (mine isn't) then leave the baby with him and go to bed for a bit.

Alice is another one who is constipated. It's been 7 days since she last went. The nurses only seem concerned if her tummy is hard-it never is. Past couple of days I can tell she's uncomfortable. I've tried the cotton bud up the bottom, the stomach massage and leg thing, but none work. I even tried stopping the formula for a bit (she was going every feed in hospital and only started formula on discharge) but it hasn't worked. I'll let you know if I find something that does!

wrigglerchick Mon 27-May-13 13:52:39

Well we're just for home from a trip to a&e on the advice of the midwife as James has been poo free for 4 days now. Thankfully they can't find anything wrong and don't seem too concerned so we're back home and waiting - I'm sure when it does come it will be truly explosive!
A&e wasn't quite what we had in mind for our first outing so I think we'll count tomorrow's trip to mil's house as the first! I have to say it was nice to have a bit of fresh air after a week indoors but it took forever to get out the door with packing bags for both of us in case we had to stay in!

nofork it was us having latching problems since birth but we now know its due to tongue tie. Hopefully when that is fixed we can get things going... The bf advisor didn't think nipple shields would help us in this case but good to know they can sort the problem out if we still struggle later smile

10 Its amazing what a nearly full nights sleep can do. Think the sleep thing will just sort itself in time. Our house is very noisy in the daytime with our 2 year old.

Vaseline rubbed on bottom is good for constipation.

Hope everyone has had a good bank holiday. We went to a biggest BBQ yesterday and both our daughters where so well behaved.. They are making up for it today tho, little monkeys overtired in our house today.

Ellypoo Mon 27-May-13 15:57:03

Have just typed a massive post and then lost it!

Hope you are all doing ok, will read back and get up to date shortly.

tasmaniandevilchaser Mon 27-May-13 16:25:27

Wriggler dd pooed every 10 days, apparently it's normal, absolute poonami when it does come! Always when you're out! But best to get it checked out.

We were in GP ooh, then A+E last night DS's cord stump was v stinky and bleeding. They think it's all fine, but it wasn't much fun, thinking of all those horrible germs in there.....yuk

Anyone else finding that they have become their baby's bed? DD has not taken to her moses basket or carrycot. She was happy enough in the hospital crib and seems OK in the vibrating rocker. She keeps falling asleep mid feed and waking two minutes after she's put down.

DS is very keen on his little sister and wants to hold 'it' all the time. He keeps calling her by the name of a friend's baby though and we have to keep correcting him!

Boodstress Mon 27-May-13 18:24:35

Alice had a very shallow latch and was content with a few mouthfuls and would just chew on the edge of my nipples for ages no matter how many times I adjusted her. I fed two children beautifully so it's a shock & I am feeling very guilty having switched to formula but having used the nipple shields & expressing my supply dried up completely. Nipple shields were also quite a faff as she would let the milk collect in the shield & then knock the collected milk over her face.

Re anal massage for constipation - this following a lot of cool boiled water worked a dream.

Boodstress Mon 27-May-13 18:25:35

mama that stage has almost passed for us and someone's suggestion of putting one of my tops in there really helped.

tasmaniandevilchaser Mon 27-May-13 19:00:11

Mamma yes that's us to a tee, DD was never fobbed off with anything but hopefully DS will be more easy going! Will try rubbing his blanket on me but not hopeful,.

Hi all

Sorry to those of you struggling with breast feeding. Have you tried any of the support line numbers. I was given a list after birth and my friend who breast feeds found them great as age was having to top up a lot with bottles.

Finally feeling a little better here. I'm knackered as even though Teddy slept every 3 hours last night just waking for feeds I still can't sleep. Infection is improving but I'm really worried my back is now going to cause lots of problems.

Rhienne Mon 27-May-13 19:44:10

Hi everyone! DS is 11 days old today and, fingers crossed as hard as I can, the worst of this one's BF problems are over... (really REALLY hope I don't regret typing that).

(Had an absolute nightmare getting started with DS1- mastitis at one week old, took 3 rounds of AB to clear, in serious pain for weeks...)

I had a few bad days last week, with blocked ducts and fever, and was seriously peeved to discover that the great consultant I saw last time is leaving her clinic, as they've closed the BF centre and are focusing on plain pediatrics, and she can't take any new clients. ARGHHH!. But I've been to another clinic and think I've got the blocks to shift, so hopefully, hopefully, we will be running smooth very soon. I'm using nipple shields every feed at the moment, which I'd really like to stop as it's giving DS some serious bad habits - but it's just too painful without at the moment.

As with DS1 - the problems are all mine. The baby's gaining weight like mad, was 400gms over birth weight when we weighed him on day 8. Which is so very reassuring - would much rather the issues were mine than worry about him.

So sorry to hear about your infection Beaut - really hope it clears up soon. It is soooo hard to deal with newborn parent exhaustion when you add serious pain to the mix! Was very happy that the BF consultant I saw this morning (contrary to the doctor I saw in A&E yesterday) recommended that I keep taking my painkillers for a couple more days, to really let my body settle and deal with things, without having to deal with pain as well.

DS1 is very unsettled at the moment, cries at things he would have just shaken off before. And bedtime is a nightmare. Have no idea how I will cope the first time I have to deal with evening feeds and getting him into bed and to sleep. I think I'll just ban DH from leaving the house between 18:30 and 22:00 for the foreseeable future.

Zorra Mon 27-May-13 19:48:07

Is anyone else miserable? Can't stop crying today (and being shouty and horrible, poor DS sad). No idea if its hormones or my situation but just feeling like I am in all the wrong places with my life and no idea how to get out. Obviously I'm not hoping you are all feeling terrible but just clutching at straws thinking it might be hormones...

Rhienne Mon 27-May-13 19:58:16

Well Zorra, add up how much sleep you've had in the last week - and cut yourself some slack! I admire anyone who can take care of a newborn and another child, in awe am I! I have no idea how I'd cope without my DH. You are brilliant and I'm sure that you can give DS some cuddles tomorrow. We are all exhausted and deaing with hormone changes - it's not just you! I get really weepy at times - and I can't find anything to pin it on - just everything, from exhaustion to pain to hormones to fear to the feeling I'm missing out on precious experiences by being so tired and weepy.

tasmaniandevilchaser Mon 27-May-13 20:04:20

Zorra, I'm very weepy you're not alone. I went to DD's ballet show on sat and as the lights came up I burst into tears before they really even started dancing- the mere sight of 3 yr olds in tap shoes had me blubbing! Today I screamed at DH because of some bed sheets blush I've declined lovely invites to BBQ and paddling pool parties as I'm just not really up to socialising. Normally I'd be there like a shot. And you've a lot more on your plate. Any news on your DH?

rachywhite83 Mon 27-May-13 20:08:09

I am crying constantly. So is DH. We are having unbelievable problems with family at the moment. Can't believe how selfish some people are. I'm so glad I have support from my wonderful husband and my family if not im sure I where I would be x

Zorra I was really tearful on Saturday, it was definitely my hormones and tiredness. You're not in all the wrong places in your life, you have an amazing job that really makes a difference to people's lives, you have two fantastic children and a family that support you and love you. How can that be the wrong place? ((((hugs))))

tasmaniandevilchaser Mon 27-May-13 20:11:18

Beaut hope you get rid if the infection v soon and anyone else, sorry have lost track

tasmaniandevilchaser Mon 27-May-13 20:19:07

I keep dreaming about having lots of new born babies, I think I might be thinking of all the babies from this thread!! This am I woke up, with DS on my chest - and started screaming where's the other one?!?!?!? I was throwing pillows and duvet around, DH was really freaked out, saying Zac is here, I kept shouting where's the other one?!?!? I was convinced there was another baby in the bedblush lord knows one is hard work , I don't need another one!!!

Zorra Mon 27-May-13 20:20:30

Thanks, good to feel a bit less woeful, or a bit less lonely in woefulness! Going to go to bed and hope for a reasonable night and a better tomorrow. Hoping the same for you all as well x

Rhienne Mon 27-May-13 20:30:02

Lol Devilchaser! With DS1 I kept waking up DH and saying "you have to put DS back in his cot! I've finished feeding him and I don't want to roll on him!" Except DS was fast asleep in his cot... Again and again I did it!

Zorra, I'm very emotional. Yesterday I was really tired and kept crying all morning. Bless my DH said to me have you got that post natal depression, my reply was I had a baby 9 days ago, he said ah yeah I should give you a bit of time to get depressed 1st. Made me laugh so at least I stopped crying for a bit.
Also been telling DD1 off today coz she is very tired after our day out yesterday, felt so bad I laid in bed with her while she went to sleep. It's so hard with 2 but will be glad when DD1 starts nursery in 2 weeks.

We got signed off today. Kate hasnt put any weight on since day 5 (day 10 today) so that's me over worried again coz she has been very sick on her bottles. She didn't loose anything after birth and put on 2lb.

Sparklyboots Mon 27-May-13 23:11:21

I've been a bit weepy too - mostly non-specific emotionality but if I find anything - anything - to fuel it, I tend towards catastrophising. Which I do at the best of times. My trick is to remember that I'm in the middle of a hormonal crash, and that is explanation enough - I needn't feed my anxieties with thinking up or brooding on all the things that are a bit worrying at the moment as doing so will just solidify them, somehow. Easier said than done when it comes to DS, who I'm just really worried about, poor chap. He's really not having much fun with the adjustment...

Also struggling with family Rachy, mine are being such tossers at the moment, from out-and-out bullying to just being full of toxic shit, it's all a bit disappointing, really. Nothing quite like it to focus the mind on how to manage my own parenting relationships. Everyday, I go to bed thinking how I'm going to do a bit better with DS tomorrow, and most days, I am a bit better with DS. We had had some really awful moment, with me shouting at him - I've never been a shouty parent, and am hoping that this two week blip will be erased by reverting to normal service, ASAP.

God, I'm really waffling aren't I? Hoping for some more clarity when we nail sleeping etc... Though had a lovely conversation with an ex-colleague today, really, gloriously academic and so far removed from the logisitics and challenges of childcare, it was almost like going on a tiny holiday.

Well, anyway, good luck with the poos, everyone - DS didn't go for four days in the first weeks last time and it was such a major event that I had to text about 10 people when he finally went. This one is a poo machine, though. She's also gaining like she's on protein shakes and kettle bells, which is lovely for us especially after DS - he and I took fully eight weeks to nail the bfing thing. I remember reading that you should feed til your baby rolls off the breast, contented, themselves and that honestly took eight weeks to achieve last time - up until then, he and I would struggle through a feed and they'd end when I gave up because he was crying too much. He was born on the 75th and dropped to the 0.4th by six weeks and I was a wreck with worry. After all the pressure to bfeed, I was being pressured to ff, and getting loads of conflicting advice re dummies/ block feeding, etc. When we hit the 0.4th, I came onto MN bf boards, and everyone had yet more conflicting advice. And I'd sort of had it, with all the advice, and thought, why the fuck am I letting this get to me? And why the fuck am I listening to anyone except DS - he tells me what he wants, and I should listen to him and fuck everything else. It was a real turning point. The next time he was weighed, at his 6mo check, he was on the 91st centile, the HV kept saying, 'are you sure it's just breast milk???!' So for those of you struggling, it can all change very soon; DS and I just needed to work each other out. For me that meant recognising that he was very easily overstimulated and wouldn't latch overtired so we really focused on being careful about when we changed a nappy, didn't do anything 'new' when he was tired, tried not to do too much eyecontact during a sleepy nappy change or feed (it could really wind him up).

This one is so so so different, she's been a breeze so far. Mind you, my friend had a very chilled baby for about three weeks and now has a toddler who has been absolutely in overdrive since then...

bext Tue 28-May-13 05:23:38

Morning everyone, can I join your thread?

I was on the April groups but my DS was due April 30th and then went 16 days late so I'm so far behind all the April ladies now. I think I officially qualify as May lady now!
DS was born on the 16th at 7lb9 and we were signed off by the midwife today as he's back up to 8lb2.

I've had a bit of a read back through the thread. Hang on in there for all of you struggling with BF - the consultant I saw made it clear it's a learned skill that takes 6-8 weeks to crack so go easy on yourself if you're struggling.

I'm currently lying here with a wide awake hiccuping boy - we don't seem to have mastered the night feeds yet. If I let him do a sleepy feed (not waking him properly, no nappy change) he doesn't then sleep for very long as he doesn't feed much, and he seems to take a few goes to get off to sleep, needing to come back to latch on for a couple of final mouthfuls. If I wake him fully and do a nappy change and make sure he's awake to feed, then he gets overstimulated and won't go back off to sleep for ages. Anyone else experiencing anything similar and what have you decided to do?

Chottie Tue 28-May-13 07:40:07

Just an update regarding PTT and Ann Dobson as I know there was someone else seeing her this week. I'm sorry I don't remember your name at the moment {}. AD came yesterday evening, she was here for about 2 hours and checked his palate and tongue thoroughly. She confirmed he was TT and snipped the tie. It has made a difference to his feeding, she also recommended cranial manipulation because of long 2.5 days labour with forceps. So DD is going to arrange that this week. AD has a very reassuring, matter of fact approach and manner. DD is alternately BF and FF feeding and hopes to be EBF in a couple of weeks.

I am so sorry to hear that some of you have family issues. It must be so hard when you are recovering from giving birth, getting used to be a mum and also looking after a FB too. I know it is easy to say, but try not to let all this 'stuff' get to you, their issues are theirs alone. Just enjoy getting to know your NB and try to let it wash over you.

I'm loving being a GM, I look at GS and my heart melts. I hope today goes well for everyone <<< un MN hug >>>

Hi all

Welcome Bext have no advice about waking at night I'm afraid. I have opposite. Teddy is fast asleep even through nappy change. I'm sure someone will come along with some advice though. What's your baby called, weight etc. We have a stats thread you can add yourself to and a fb group. I'm rubbish at linking. But for the fb group ill in box you.

Things are going better here now. Teddys colic went as quickly as it came on. Last night he slept for a four and a half hour stretch then his usual wake every three hours. He definitely doesn't have constipation but I'm worried we may have to switch formula again as we now have the opposite his stools are really wet. Ill wait a bit I think and see if it improves.

Rachy,Zorra and Sparkly I'm another who is teary. Also family issues. DP and i are great in fact Teddy has made us better. MIL however not so good. Apparently I need to use gripe water, Teddys too cold all the time and every time he's awake and wants dummy I must offer a bottle. Grrrrr

Sorry a few have asked about my infection. It seems to be better so hopefully the anti bs are attacking it. I still don't feel quite right down there but I'm not sure why blushI have a feeling I'm going to suffer back problems its still really sore on day 9 post birth.

Hows everyone feeling about their post birth body. I'm so depressed I don't see how this flab/excess skin will ever go back. Ds1 keeps upsetting me he can't help it (autistic) but it hurts none the less. He keeps saying mummy your pregnant again when I say no he says well you have a massive tummy you need to go on wii fit. When I type it sounds so silly me getting upset over it. The first time I laughed but its constant now.

Artichook Tue 28-May-13 08:24:36

Hello All

I don't think I've posted since giving birth two weeks ago today. I've posted lots on the FB group and read this thread and our AN thread but never seem to have time to properly post here.

We are doing well. I'm sorry to read of so many BFing woes, so far I've been blessed with a great feeder and despite initially uncomfortable engorgement we have had no problems EBF and DS never even lost an ounce after birth. I strughled with DD2 though so can very much sympathise.

We have had more difficulty with sleeping as DS will only sleep in my bed and not the cot or Moses basket. I'm ok with that at the mo as I feed him lying down and so hardly wake myself and he usually (but not always) manages three hours between feeds which is ok. Evenings are a challenge as he cluster feeds and fights sleep but last night I got both our girls and DS all asleep by 8pm and DH and I had an evening to ourselves and had no idea what to do!

Sorry to those with family troubles. We've had some problems with MiL HATING DS's name and being very passive aggressive about it. It has upset me a lot and taken all joy out of the name for me which I think is very cruel of her. I am also slightly sad that DH won't talk to her about it as he never challenges his parents. I think my hormones make it all seem worse. That and the fact that I miss my own parents so badly at the moment. They'd have lived all their grand children and been such a great help but they never got the chance to meet them. Life seems very unfair at times. Again the hormones make the grief seem worse.

Zorra, I just wanted to say that you are totally justified in feeling down but as somebody already said you are AMAZING. You have an inspirational career, you seem to bear your 'D'P's outrageous behaviour with fortitude, you have a lovely DS and now DD. Remember that you have moved continents recently (enough on its own to stress one out), had a baby (ditto) and had to put up with a disappearing partner (ditto). Go easy on yourself and speak to your GP if you think you may need some help.

Right, got to go as the DDs are rocking DS rather too enthusiastically.

Arti another one here who's MIL hates babies name. She said I'm sorry you cannot call your child that he will be Ted to me or TJ I cannot call him Teddy its awful. We knew we had picked a marmite name but no reason to be nasty. She apparently said she hated it in front of the ds's when we called from hospital. We should put Edward or Theo on his birth certificate as well according to her. Well no because that's not his f**k**g name.

Sorry rant over smile

SevenReasonsToSmile Tue 28-May-13 10:08:33

Sorry to hear so many people are having feeding troubles. And no guilt please to anyone who has already switched to FFing, as long as baby is gaining weight and you're both happy it's really all that matters. I gave myself such a hard time after DD1 I decided not to try this time, for me its not worth the stress having 'failed' twice already.

Can't believe how rude some of your MILs are over names, I'd have probably completely lost it.

DD2 is a very easy baby and sleeps a lot, though I think I deserve it after the nightmare baby that was DD1!

beaut I know it must be particularly hard for you to accept your body post-birth but remember its still very early days. You'll be able to enjoy plenty of walks in the sunshine once your older 2 are back at school.

Can't believe DD2 is 4 weeks old today!

NoForkNKnife Tue 28-May-13 10:23:02

Arti I don't understand your mil problem. If the name I have in my head is correct, I just don't see what her issue is. It's a lovely name. confused.

Alice has been discharged from the neonatal nurses care! She has put on 6oz this week and is now 4lbs 11. Her biggest gain yet. We also had poo 'plosion yesterday so I'm happy (as I'm sure she is too) today.
The nurse keeps satin I should try drinking orange/mango/prune juice to help her constipation. Is that right? I didn't think it'd make a difference.

Beaut poor you with your sons comments. A lovely autistic lad at school told my colleague who had just returned off ML that she shouldn't wear the trousers she had on because they made her bum look fat. I was rather chuffed when he told me I had lost all the baby weight!
I'm hating seeing myself in pics atm. I have actually lost all but 6lbs of the pregnancy weight, but I have in reality another 40lbs to go. Why does it go on so bloody easily and not come off?!

My supply is also dwindling after nearly 12 weeks sad. In going to express like mad today and set reminders on my phone.

Those of you with family problems-that's awful. This should be a happy time for family too. My poor DMIL is very ill and has been in hospital for past two weeks. Out now, but not good. This has been really difficult on DH and we aren't getting on well at all. Things were less strained yesterday so in hoping for a reprieve! We should all be able to just enjoy our babies. They are little for such a short time. Unfortunately life happens.

Right. I'd better get changed!

shelly81 Tue 28-May-13 11:22:25

Birth story alert: started to get regular contractions around 5am yesterday morn got up at 5.30 took 2 paracetomol by around 8.30 they were about 4 mins apart so decided get a bath to try ease the pain a little thinking I still had ages to go ... Got out of bath at around 9.20ish and contractions were coming constant Dp foned hospital who said come straight in .. Got to hospital at 10 after having some very strong contractions in the car got out of car & could feel babys head descending rather rapidly got rush into triage got on bed at 10.08 waters broke baby born 10.11 midwifes face was a picture lol xx

wrigglerchick Tue 28-May-13 12:21:54

Wow shelly that was a bit of a close call - nearly a car park baby! Congratulations smile

I'm delighted to announce that James finally did a poo this morning after 5 days! Thanks to whoever it was who menioned Vaseline on the bum - I tried that last night and it may have been just what he needed. Someone mentioned Vaseline was great for stopping meconium from sticking to the skin ages ago so we tried that in hospital when he arrived and had about 8 poos in the first night (lucky dh got to deal with them as I was stuck in bed with a catheter!) so I'm now convinced by the power of Vaseline!

MissLurkalot Tue 28-May-13 20:13:44

Hi everyone, it's good to find you all on here.
I gave birth to Jacob last Wednesday.. On his due date, 22 May.
He's our 4th and final one!
My other children slept the first week of their lives, but not Jacob!
He's been settled on and off during the day, but very unsettled at night. I nearly took him back to hospital on the first night, as there was nothing I could do with him to settle him... Was it my colostrum not coming in? Was he colicky? I just had no idea, and I felt awful. The longest night ever, thinking, 'what have we done!'
The second night was a tiny bit better, he fed loads and slept tiny bits, and finally went off at 4am, so I managed to get a few hours of sleep in the morning.
The third night was pretty much the same,,, the day my milk started to come in.
The fourth night was awful, he finally went off at 6am and I'd had no sleep at all. The midwife said it was most likely due to him suddenly having loads of milk and just not knowing what to do with it, like a 'milk fest!'
Then last night was much better. He was happy to lie next to me on our bed (OH sleeping downstairs) and I fed him on and off, but we both slept in between nicely... So, fingers crossed, he's settled now and tonight will be another night like that.
I don't mind being woken up and feeding him... I mind not getting any sleep!
Thank god it's the half term, so we haven't got to get the girls to school!
Their back on Monday and so's OH to work, so we need to get Jacob settled by then.
Wriggler, glad the Vaseline worked...
Artichook, I lost both my parents when young, so I understand how you feel.. (((( ))))
Regarding any family members being arseholes... People will never change.. Even during the magical/wonderful time when a new baby comes into the family, they will still continue tone arseholes. Expect the minimum, anything else you get is a bonus!

TerracottaPie Tue 28-May-13 20:54:45

Finally checked in and did my birth story on the antenatal thread. Although thinking about it maybe it should have been here? I dunno grin it went on though. I had verbal diarrhoea through my fingers I think!

Everything going well here really. DD3 had a few latching issues to start with but the MW sorted me out and I just have to make sure she goes on right every time is all. Milk came in the fastest I've ever had it do so that helped as well. She's a bugger to wind at times though. Either holds onto it or brings up a load of milk at the same time.

She is a complete poo machine. We've had soooo many poo up the back episodes now I've lost count!

6 day weigh in and she'd only lost 3% which was great. Although it's fair to say she had a fair amount on her to not worry about it very much! Think she dropped from 10lb 2oz to 9lb 13oz grin

Night times are hard work but that's ok. DP just takes over things in the day between me feeding and tells me to go and snooze if I need to. Had a couple of nights where she went 5 hours between the 11pm ish feed and the next one. But we were back to 2 hourly last night so I won't get my hopes up!

Got HV first visit on Thursday. Can't remember if it's just a paperwork filling visit or whether she brings her scales as well. Not that DD3 will be that impressed at having to get naked grin

Terra I just read your birth story and I can't believe the cow gave birth on the same day.

Artichook Tue 28-May-13 22:14:38

Poor DS has an infected umbilical stump :-(. I'm going to worry all night because we had it swabbed by the GP last Friday because it looked bad but as we heard nothing we thought he must be fine. Then this eve I left my mobile upstairs and the GPcalled three times all really late (up to 9pm) and left a message saying if DS seems at all ill to take him to hospital tonight and otherwise to come in first thing in the morn to see her. He seems ok ezcept a facial rash which i suppose is unrelated but I bet I don't sleep.

CheerfulYank Wed 29-May-13 07:11:53

Just popping in to mark my place! I'm going to collapse with exhaustion in a minute so will catch up later. smile

Margaret Rose was born on May 27th. smile We are so in love!


CheerfulYank Wed 29-May-13 07:16:54

<pops back up to tell Beautician that Teddy is a lovely name>

Boodstress Wed 29-May-13 09:36:53

Art how is DS this morning? I worried about DDs for a while as it seemed to be weeping but cleared up fine. How stressful to get that message from the doc.

10storeylovesong Wed 29-May-13 11:31:38

Sorry to hear so many of you are going through a hard time... As if it's not hard enough.

Teddy is a lovely name! (As is Jacob... Was on our list but a friend had 'bagsied' it years ago!)

Great news about Alice being discharged from neo-natal care. Sounds like she's really taking off now. You must be made up!

Arti, I hope DS is ok. I'm sure it's nothing, but sounds like your GP has panicked you. Let us know how he gets on.

I had a bit of a mini breakdown yesterday! Seb's been sleeping well, only waking for feeds, but I've developed insomnia. It's not good lying awake when I know there's only a few hours between feeds anyway. Yesterday, he was up at 5.30 and I dropped DH off at work at 6.30 as our second car blew up on motorway when he was coming to Alder Hey to visit a couple of weeks ago.

I decided yesterday to scrap the car so rang around for quotes and had some guy say he would come and pick it up that morning. Cue me running round frantically looking for the log book, emptying DH's shit hole of a car (think 4 bin bags full!) while the baby cries and the dog mithers for a walk in the rain. He turned up at 12.50 and I had to leave at 13.00 to take Seb for his second lot of immunisations, then rush straight from there to pick up DH before doing a full shop as nothing in the cupboards. By the time I finally got home at 17.00 I was at breaking point, just crying and snapping at everyone.

Poor DH just had to take the baby and send me off for a bath!

shelly81 Wed 29-May-13 11:32:45

Ladies ... Any advice on settling a mucousy baby ?? Because she arrived so quickly she didn't clear it herself so now its all on her chest making her sicky and a nightmare to settle :-( although who would settle with that poor dd xx

10storeylovesong Wed 29-May-13 11:42:22

I don't know if its the same, but Seb's had sniffles since hospital (with two bad colds in between) and we've used a combination of saline spray (recommended by dr) to loosen it followed by an aspirator to pull out the loosened snot, snuffle babe on chest from 3 months and I bought a humidifier for bedroom with essential oil in it.

NoForkNKnife Wed 29-May-13 15:10:16

10 that sounds like a particularly horrendous day. And your DH sounds like mine with the mess and clutter in car. We've swapped ate so I have the nicer one with the kids, and I wanted to get my sunglasses out of mine at the weekend. He wouldn't let me go in it because he knew I'd go mental. He was right. The smell was horrendous. Why do they do it?!!

Arti have you heard anything else? Is DS on antibiotics?
Shelly a neonatal nurse said she used to cover their nose with her mouth and suck the snot out shock. I think she meant her own DD though. Apparently it's a cultural thing. But the mucousy thing will pass. On the maternity ward the doctors and midwives just kept telling the new mums that it'll pass soon hopefully with a good sneeze.

Ha! Just had our kitchen floor laid. The kitchen was started the week I had Alice nearly 12 weeks ago and has been on hold for last two months. It feels so good to get it down. Nearly finished!

Anyone else been conned annoyed by the baby clothes sizes. We are up to 'Tiny Baby' now. I have a selection from all the supermarkets, mothercare etc. I put an outfit on from tesco yesterday and despite saying 'up to 7lbs' it is too small! She isnt even 5lb! Yet the mothercare same size is massive. So frustrating. And a bloody waste. Grrrrr.

NoForkNKnife Wed 29-May-13 15:11:55

Ate-=car blush.

Arti hope you got reassurance at the GPs this morning. Teddys umbilical clamp came off in 3 days with the first two it took almost 2 weeks. Teddys umbilical stump is very weepy and swollen. The midwife doesn't seem concerned and said just keep cleaning it with cooled boiled water.

Terra and Misslurk how are you finding it with four. It's probably my hormones but I thought I was done. I really could have just one more though. I would have to convince DP first smile

We are waiting for the midwife as due to be signed off today and then it will be health visitor.

Teddy has a rash all over his face. Typical as Ive just ordered a decent camera due to be delivered today and he has some professional pics being done tomorrow

Nofork funny you should say about sleep suit sizing. All of ours are from Next. We got first size which are up to 7lbs 8oz. He was 7lb 3oz at birth and they swamp him. We are also having to use pampers micro nappies on him as size 1 leak as so huge

Boodstress Wed 29-May-13 16:30:26

Shelly Alice was the same as section babies don't get a chance to clear it down the birth canal. I have had the head of the Moses basket raised since birth which helps but now she has a cold so using saline drops and plunger thingy - although hate it. I'm going to sit in the bathroom with hot shower running and door closed before bed to decongest - used to work with my DSs.

Boodstress Wed 29-May-13 16:37:10

With you on big nappies and clothes. At 5 weeks we are only just into 0-3 and the nappies all leak.

I've just been into the doc and got the all clear to drive ... YIPEE .. So thrilled . It's been a complete nightmare pulling in favours for school runs etc.

Beaut that's so sweet! Go for it! You might shock yourself and have a girl. No more here. I got sterilised during the c-section shock

Bood what brand of nappies are you using? For all my boys pampers work well but all my friends with girls don't get on with pampers. They all use huggies with the exception of one who uses Aldis own. It makes sense boys and girls need different nappies as boys tend to leak at the front and girls up the back.

Boodstress Wed 29-May-13 16:46:39

I usually use pampers, Huggins always leak overnight for me and did with other two kids. I've heard good things re Aldi own brand. I stick to pampers but 'new baby' is too massive so leaking out the side. I don't think I've used the smaller size so ill try those.

The smaller size are supposed to only be suitable for a 6 lb baby. They fit Teddy great.

Artichook Wed 29-May-13 16:53:09

Thanks for asking about DS's belly button. He has antibiotic ointment, we are hoping to avoid oral antibiotics but the GP will look again tomorrow and I have to keep a close eye on him. They asked if he was lethargic, how on earth can you tell with a sleepy newborn???

Beaut, DS has a facial rash too. The doctor called it baby acne which makes it sound horrible!

Boodstress Wed 29-May-13 17:12:11

Ill try the smaller Huggies smaller as well Beaut - makes sense that certain nappies suits girls better.

Boodstress Wed 29-May-13 17:13:01

Excuse mistakes. Boy am I exhausted!!

Artichook Wed 29-May-13 17:17:53

I thought they recently stopped selling Huggies in the UK. Can you still get them? I have to say I used Psmpers for my girls without problem but with DS they are leaking lots.

MissLurkalot Wed 29-May-13 18:08:58

Jacob was quite mucusy, as his labour was quick in the end. I found that keeping him upright helped.. On me mostly or propped up slightly on our bed.
Now he's more settled at 1 week old, he's happier on his side when he sleeps. Next to me in the bed... He goes every 3 hrs during the night.

Having 4 kids... All depends on the age gap of your kids and how supportive/hands on your OH is.
Mine are 8yrs, 4yrs (both at school) 2 yrs (nursery 2 days a week) and now 1 week old.

My OH works from home twice a week, so if he can, he'll take the girls to school or toddler to nursery. He does the older girls bedtime and I do the boys now, then we swap over. We're very lucky his work hours fit nicely with our family life, and that he is so involved.

I love they we've rounded up the numbers.. Two girls two boys. I'm amazed at how gentle my 2 yr old is with the baby.. He's just held him and kissed him and soothed him! Captured it on the video camera (plus additional background of me crying at how lush they are together!)

TerracottaPie Wed 29-May-13 18:22:32

InNeed it still makes me chuckle about the cow. I was absolutely convinced she would pop the same day but still can't quite believe she did. It was a boy though (which is good for my Dad) so not a full match. But at least it won't be given the same name as the baby this time!

Beaut so far having 4 is going ok. My older girls are annoying each other as its half term and DS is going a little stir crazy as we've not been out much (but he's doing fairly well with the changes he's had to his life). Otherwise it's not too bad grin But DP is still off work so I shall reserve full judgement on how having 4 DC really is at a later date!

I feel 'done' now. Which I didn't after DS. I remember being on the labour ward and DP and I looking at each other and saying shall we do this again. So if you're feeling like that a bit as well then maybe 4 is your number too grin

It does mean though that for the first time since I was in my early twenties contraception choices really, really matter!!

We're using any nappy brand we come across. Despite DD3s weight she doesn't have the chunkiest thighs so size 1 are fitting well no matter which kind.

We use Tesco nappies, Kate is all skinny and long so they fit really well. We use them for our DD1 to who is little on the chunkier side bless her.

We are on our max children here at just 2. It took us a long time to decide to have a 2nd. DH is scared I'm gonna change my mind. Thankfully he is booked in! Just in case

The mucous problem both my DD have had the same problem coz the pushing was so quick. I know it sounds strange but the doctor told me to tilt her upside down slightly and pat back like your winding. Worked for both of them.

Boodstress Wed 29-May-13 19:59:28

misslurk I think my DD is also happier on her side & I'm sure will eventually be a tummy sleeper but the side sleeping would def help with the congestion. Are you comfortable with side sleeping given the whole back to sleep thing. The health visitor made some negative noises but I take limited notice of that.

Has anyone else's baby got really dry skin? DD's skin is peeling, like she's had sun burn. I don't know whether it's because she was overdue or the light therapy for jaundice. Also, have you all been prescribed vitamins K and D? We have to give her a dose of vit K once a week until she's 3 months and vit D every day. What does the vit K do?

Beaut we're using Pampers and Tesco size 1 at the moment. Both seem to be containing everything. DD's doing about 10 poos a day at the moment so they're certainly being put through their paces. We'll probably switch to the Moltex when we run out of Tesco ones. Nappies over here are unbelievably expensive so we always stock up when we're back in the UK

MissLurkalot DD's happier on her side too. She's using me as a bed at night and sleeping on her side or her front.

We made an offer on a house today, still waiting to hear from the seller whether it's been accepted. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

wrigglerchick Wed 29-May-13 20:42:41

mamma we have dry skin here too - the midwife told us to give James a massage with olive oil and that seems to be working quite well! He's not a huge fan, but he hates being undressed...

Mamma, DD has really peeling skin they say its from being overdue, DD1 had the same to coz she was 11 days late. The vitamin k is the injection they have at birth. (can't remember what it's for, want to say to do with blood clotting) but they only have it once. Fingers crossed for you house offer.

Should of written, midwife told me to put olive oil in her bath to help with the pealing skin.

Boodstress Wed 29-May-13 21:26:27

For dry skin I massage olive oil directly on the skin & the scalp. You can use a baby emollient in the bath alternatively.

rachywhite83 Wed 29-May-13 23:04:30

I need help. Nathanael won't settle. when we put him down he sleeps for about 5 minutes till his dummy falls out. That then wakes him and he screams and screams and screams. he will then only fall asleep on your chest. Neither of us are sleeping and we are getting really tetchy with each other and him. I'm at my wits end with it all. We have tried cocooning him in his moses basket but that made him worse. His nappy is dry and he has been fed and winded. I just don't know what to do anymore sad sad sad sad sad sad sad sad

MissLurkalot Wed 29-May-13 23:12:55

Rachy, how old is he,

10storeylovesong Wed 29-May-13 23:32:23

Rachy - I feel your pain. Seb was the same. He's getting slightly better but I'm currently sat up watching TV because he's refusing to be put down. The only thing he will sleep in is this www.poddlepod.com/

Boodstress Thu 30-May-13 00:19:17

Rachy we have had this problem for 3 weeks and I am done in. aluce wont settle in her basket abd cries up to an hour after a feed. I've just ticked about 10 boxes in a questionnaire for reflux. The fact that she was only happy upright is a big one. Wet burps & frequent hiccup ping were also signs we had missed. Not sure if any of that strikes a cord?!

10storeylovesong Thu 30-May-13 05:11:47

I have serious insomnia. Managed just under 2 hours sleep tonight. And about 3 last night. Feel like I'm either going to throw up or pass out!

Zorra Thu 30-May-13 08:36:41

Sorry to hear that 10 and all the non-sleepers. It is just a phase (though it might last for a while) x

NoForkNKnife Thu 30-May-13 10:42:20

All the non-sleepers-is there anyone to take baby for a good stint the next day? Do you feel you could sleep if given the opportunity the following day 10? Like Zorra said, it's a phase. You have my sympathies though.

I'm Finding the whole corrected age and actual age thin really frustrating and difficult. A is 12 weeks tomorrow but only 1.5 weeks corrected. And despite this being DD2, I can't remember what they should be like at either of those ages! A is awake a lot more now. She has spells of hours where she is awake and alert. She spent some time on the floor with her sister yesterday and was watching her and her toys. Where does that fit in developmentally? She will also lift and move her head around (and managed to move from the bottom of the crib to the very top!). This feels like it maybe ahead of her corrected age? But not her actual? But she's lifted her head lots in hospital too....maybe I'm just being a little PSB! But I used to quite like reading the weekly developmental milestones and watching DD1 meeting them. Now I don't know where to start!

Last question. What is the size of the smallest baby on here that is successfully bf? A will seem to latch and spend a good hour but not seem satisfied. But I'm getting really fed up of all the expressing and my supply is sufferring. I want to switch over to bf as soon as I can, but don't feel she's big enough. Do you think it's probably a bit late? And that despite latching she'll always prefer the ease of the bottle? I bf DD1 up to 6 months and wanted to do the same for DD2 (but 6 months corrected). That's a lot more expressing!

10storeylovesong Thu 30-May-13 11:34:15

Yeah, Seb was dropped off with my mil at 630 this morning so I could get a few hours, but this just makes me feel guilty. I feel like I can't win at the minute.

I know what you mean about the actual and corrected age. He's our first so we have noone to compare him to, but I find it difficult when see other babies the same age as him at baby clinic etc. He will hold his head up completely on his own now and if you put him on your chest face down he will push up so his chest is off mine so he can look around, especially if I'm sat near a window. He's smiling now, but at random times, not in context. When I put him in his bouncy chair he crosses his eyes to focus in on the dangly toys and put a hand out to try and hit them. I get so so proud of every tiny acheivement, but then get sad when I realise how far behind he actually is. He's 16 weeks now, 3 corrected.

Sparklyboots Thu 30-May-13 11:40:31

Arg just wrote and lost epic post. These are the headlines:

Rachy your baby might be due a growth spurt. If he won't settle after a feed, it's ALWAYS worth offering more.

IL and parent troubles - you'd be forgiven for thinking that when you were in your 30s with children of your own, they'd recognise you were an adult and afford your decision s the same basic respect that they manage for the other adults they know. But you'd be wrong.

I have mastitis, but refused hospitalization because my two yr old, who has been very fragile after the baby was born, couldn't come. Fortunately, both he and I turned a corner yesterday; he has cheered up and my temperature is out of the danger zone - it had been almost 40 at one point. But my boob really hurts.

Artichook Thu 30-May-13 12:16:29

Oh Sparkly I am sorry to hear about the mastitis. I had it repeatedly with DD2 and it is a horrid, horrid thing. Make sure that the ABs you are on really clear the infection. I spoke to La Leche League and really you need a strong two week course. I kept being given one week courses and I would think I was better but the infection must have kept alive and it came back time and time again. It might also be worth getting the latch checked as bad latch can lead to blocked ducts.

10 the insomnia sounds horrid. You have been through so much over the psat 3 months so it is is not surprising that you are stressed and it is affecting you. Do you feel at all down? If you do then do consider talking to your GP or HV as they can offer real help.

NoKnife and 10 I have no experience of premature babies but it sounds like your LOs are progressing brilliantly. I would not consider them behind if they track their corrected age for milestones, surely that is normal.

Rachy and Bood and other sleepless people, so sorry to hear about the non-settling LOs. "This too shall pass" does sound like an unhelpful cliche but it is so true.

How many of your have babies that can self settle to sleep already? I am actually very lucky that DS sleeps well but he needs to be fed or rocked to sleep and then gently laid in the cot. If I lie him straight in his cot, or on me, or in the pram he will not get himself off to sleep. I actually love feeding and rocking him to sleep at the moment but I am vaguely concerned about building bad habits. I cannot remember what my other two were like at this stage.

NoForkNKnife Thu 30-May-13 12:49:10

sparkly that sounds horrendous. I really hope the AB have kicked in for you and you've got some relief.

arti you're right. But the thing is, it seems that theyre reaching milestones somewhere I between the two ages so it's difficult to know where they are iyswim. 10 Seb sounds like he's a little ahead of Alice. She certainly hasn't reached out for anything (and I think DD1 was MUCH older before she did that) and I can't wait for a smile. I feel like she's nearly there. But you see, that's a six week milestone, so he's ahead of his corrected age.
And you have nothing to feel guilty of by getting some sleep.
flowers. I'm a witch and incapable of coping without a decent sleep, especially over a prolonged period of days.
Arti A is self soothing here apart from occasional rocking. She pretty much refuses dummy. I think the spell in the NNU helped. But if I'm honest, DD1 was the same. I won't ever post that again as I know how sole destroying it is to read if youre struggling with sleep

Sparklyboots Thu 30-May-13 12:50:11

Re corrected age: your baby would have been considered full-term from 37 weeks. So the 40 week 'correction' doesn't match? Unless that's accounted for?

Re switching to fully bfing: it's my understanding that your boobs will only supply what's demanded, so at some point you're going to have to do 48 hours in bed with her until she's got her order in. On the bf boards the are some qualified lactation consultants who patrol so post there? They'll be well informed re what signs mean she's 'ready'. It's worth remembering that all bf babies go through these slightly fussy feedathons when a growth spurt happens and the fussiness and long/ unsatisfactory feeds are part of establishing a higher supply.

Boodstress Thu 30-May-13 15:24:49

I put DD down for all daytime naps swaddled up and she drifts off to sleep. In between sleep a d feeding she is miserable and crying. At night she never settles unless upright on me. I've raised the mattress 45 degrees as per reflux tips cause she is showing a lot of the signs. I can't sleep with her on me and at five weeks I know she is past that 'just born' stage and the transition will just get harder. I feed her at night, wind and swaddle her, after 15 mins or so she starts crying and it becomes a wail. My OH found me roaring crying at the side of the bed for the second night in a row, I have bl

Boodstress Thu 30-May-13 15:30:42

Continued... I have had half term with 2 DSs to contend with and I can't deal with the lack of sleep or seeing her so unsettled. I just want to enjoy her. Sorry for rant, I just feel like 2 children's worth of experience accounts for F all & on top of all that my breast feeding has been a disaster and the FF is probably what is making her so unhappy. sad

Boodstress Thu 30-May-13 15:31:46

Some of it has chopped off. Basically she only settled at night if upright on me.

rachywhite83 Thu 30-May-13 15:38:25

bood - Nathanael is the same. Can't offer any pearls of wisdom but your not on your own x

NoForkNKnife Thu 30-May-13 16:06:35

sparkly it makes sense about the 37 weeks at full term. But they count corrected age from 40 weeks. DD1 was born at 38 weeks and she wasn't two weeks behind (but then not a week ahead either !).
I may just post on the bf board. Although she's having an 'off' feeding day anyway.

Anyone's baby have the most revolting smelling farts? I mean really nasty. And lots of them. She's always been windy but the smell is new. She's only pooing once a week too, but her last BM was Monday.

bood I know you've probably said already, but are you mixed feeding or solely ff? Have you tried moving her ff feed to earlier in the day if it's night she seems more uncomfortable. Or, trying a different formula? I appreciate I'm probably saying stuff you've already tried.

I really feel for all the sleep strugglers flowers.

Boodstress Thu 30-May-13 16:16:45

nofork I'm now exclusively FF as she had a terrible latch and I couldn't hack the cut nipples etc so expressed and used nipple shields & my supply went from too much with my sons to drying up completely with my DD.

She had dreadful constipation once we went exclusively FF so I changed to constipation aptimal which has sorted that problem. She has seemed unsettled digestion wise from the beginning.

Boodstress Thu 30-May-13 16:19:40

By the way nofork foul smelling wind was one of the ways I knew she was constipated plus the red faced pushing but she only went 3 days without. Even on BF my DSs went daily so I expected the floodgates to open with FF..

Bood What does your dd sleep in Moses basket or cot? Also does she take a dummy. I managed to settle Teddy for sleep with a dummy. I had to try three different brands first though. Also his Moses basket has a rocking stand which has proven very useful.

What is this aptamil constipation you speak of ?

Teddy was constipated so I gave him cow and gate comfort. He had regular loose bowel movements for 8 days but for the past 48 hrs we have had no bm. He is very red and really smells when he passes wind. I'm not sure whether to change formula again

10storeylovesong Thu 30-May-13 16:58:06

sparkly they count corrected age from due date, not the 37 week stage.

Boodstress Thu 30-May-13 16:59:34

its Aptimal Colic & constipation - the white one, its tricky to find but she now has 1-2 movements a day after struggling. now i am worried i should try the reflux one but that can cause constipation as can baby gavsicon. you have to go up to the faster teat as its thicker. my son was exclusively breast fed for 6 month but he had reflux though not bad.

i am very reliant on the dummy as i think it is settling her tummy. I am very glad my nips aren't doing that job. She is in a moses basket.

i am horrible to live with right now so i hope things improve.

Sparklyboots Thu 30-May-13 17:21:44

Bood I'm just reading my downloaded copy of The Wonder Weeks - can't link on my kindle - it basically warns you about the age related cognitive development stages your baby goes through up til age 63 weeks, which are classically accompanied by 'clingyness, crankiness, and crying'. The first starts at 5 weeks, so there's probably not much you can do about her temper but iirc she will become interested in pattern and geometric shapes so you can put some high contrast patterns in her line of sight and it will facilitate the development. It won't make her more intelligent or less fussy but it will be nice for her. Other advice is to just keep responding to intensified needs, they will pass and it isn't habit forming.

Really recommend the book, saved my sanity last time with DS thinking I was doing it all wrong. Lent it to a mate - a Dr- who was similarly clueless and similarly relieved when she read it. Might just check I've recalled the specifics of this one- but it def starts at 5 wks.

I haven't started yet but I will be trying the book by she who shall not be named on mumsnet. It worked for ds1 I started her routines from week 6

Boodstress Thu 30-May-13 17:43:30

sparkly thanks a mil, I'll check it out. I followed a mixture of intution and some popular baby manuals with last two and had one text book son and one who evetually surcomed and is a champion sleeper and all round bright and happy little man now. i guess im so thrown cause i assumed i would always be able to make it better with experience which is not the case. She is getting more unsettled though which is classic reflux as well but interesting that there is a development milestone at 5 weeks!

Sparklyboots Thu 30-May-13 17:54:17

Okay, just checked band the 5 wks thing is actually related to sorting out all sensory inputs, so it depends on your baby's personality what they'll enjoy most - extra massage, music, movement, bright colours etc.... They recommend experimenting and paying particular attention to the fact that the baby can now get overstimulated. I recall now DS loved pattern and shape but when he was tired even eye contact could really upset him. Cue lots of 'helpful' comments about autism (he isn't but so fucking what if he was) from perennially supportive family and MiL...

Boodstress Thu 30-May-13 19:00:54

She seemed to be 'ok' with rocking round the kitchen to 'why does it always rain me' on random selection whilst my other hand dished up bolognese, sterilised bottles and cleaned hob... Lol how's that for over stimulation - no choice sometimes !
On a serious note, as a baby she seems super sensitive & probably gets over stimulated more easily... My mum would kill me for over analysing which she claims she never did on any of us 9!!

Sparklyboots Thu 30-May-13 19:02:39

9?! Kudos. Still, she didn't have your babies, did she?

Boodstress Thu 30-May-13 19:10:02

This is very true. If one thing the last 5 weeks has taught me its how very individual these little people are.

Thanks for the advice about the olive oil Wriggler & InNeedof, I'll try that this evening.

I'm another one with a baby who'll only sleep on me. Although, she seems to sleep better in her moses basket when DH puts her down rather than when I do.

Still waiting to hear about the house. We had to up our offer today. Should find out tomorrow whether we've secured it. We're about 99% sure we've got it. Getting very excited as we've been looking for absolutely ages and I can't wait to move out of this flat.

Sorry for tmi but Teddy had an explosive poo just now. After 2 days its a relief for him and us grin. Daddy gave him a tummy massage so I think it was that

Hope everyone had a good day today and all these babies are behaving themselves.

Had such a bad day today, been really emotional due to lack of sleep. Kate woke me at 4 and then for a feed at 5, put her down at 6 and DD1 thinks its time to get up. Thankfully she was actually really well behaved today. Been struggling with my hormones to and taking it all out on DH. He doesnt really understand the hormones and that sometimes i just want to cry. We ended up having a massive row and I spent the whole time in the car to go shopping crying. He is back to work Monday but I'm looking forward to getting back into a normal routine with DD1, I struggle when everything is all over the place. I have been bleeding alot today which doesnt seem right so need ti keep an eye on it, kate has been crying and uncomfortable this evening which isnt like her either. To top it off we keep having power cuts in our village this evening so I have been trying to sterilise bottles and get them ready for tonight. I have sent DH to the pub for a few hours so I can have some peace.

Sorry about the long boring message I don't really have many people to speak to these things about in RL don't like to burden them with my problems and my family worry to much about me as it is so to hear I'm struggling they would worry more.
Feel a bit better already :-)

In the day when I settle Kate she normally settles herself, at night tho I normally change her near the end of her feed and swaddle her and she normally falls asleep from the milk or I rock her to sleep and then put her straight in the basket. I can't feed her in bed tho coz I always fall asleep while I'm feeding her DH keeps waking me up when I do it coz I still have the bottle in my hand and me and Kate have dropped off.

10storeylovesong Fri 31-May-13 06:29:54

inneedofsomesleep sorry to hear about your bad day. Sleep deprivation and hormones can send the most stable of us doolally! I hope you managed to get some sleep last night and feel a bit better today.

NeedSomeSun142 Fri 31-May-13 08:01:02

teeny bit jealous reading about all your babies, mine was due 22nd May, so looks like ill be in the June thread now lol congratulations everyone grin

Arti sorry to hear about your mastitis. Really hope it clears soon. Teddy goes to sleep after a feed as well. He even sleeps through his nappy change after his feed.

I keep getting bad headaches anyone else? I've had one now for two weeks. Midwives say its dehydration. I'm guzzling water so not convinced. I know it could be tiredness or maybe the strong double dose of antibiotics I'm on.

We had Teddys photos done yesterday. I can't wait to see them. I will add some to the fb page when they are ready.

Inneed Sorry you had a rubbish day. If Kate isn't sleeping at night have you tried keeping her awake in the day. We don't let Teddy sleep so much in day and its worked well got us. He is content I'm day with eyes open just kicking around. If he's really sleepy but we feel he's had to much sleep and won't sleep at night we let him have a kick about nappy free.

We have a baby with a cold here he has caught it from ds2. Any tips on what I can buy/ do. He has a runny nose and cough

10 hope you got some sleep last night to. Hormones and no sleep is not good. I have a full day planned and a long walk this morning should help. That's if it doesn't rain.

Anyone whose little one has reflux problems how did you know it was that?? Kate is really sick with her bottles not all of them tho. I have to change her clothes 4/5 times a day coz she keeps being sick. Out HV round here isn't the best and they are so busy so don't get time to see everyone.

Boodstress Fri 31-May-13 09:06:23

inneedofsleep I am waiting for official diagnosis but my DD spits up significantly after most feeds, sometimes up to an hour after. Be ones very upset 15 mins after a feed & squeals in pain, she has hiccups throughout the day and wet burps (brings up cheesy milk with burps) she is not sleeping properly and mostly is in obvious discomfort... She was a c-section and very mucousy to begin with. All those things point towards reflux.

Boodstress Fri 31-May-13 09:09:38

beaut we had a cold here from the full on face snogs the boys were giving the baby.. Whilst they had sniffles!! Saline drops, raised mattress, plug ins. If there is a lot of congestion you can use those plunger/ extractor things. I also sit in the shower room with shower on hot to create lots of steam, before bed to decongest.

Boodstress Fri 31-May-13 09:11:59

Oh and she is very hard to burp * inneedof*

Bood thank you ill try all of that. Ds2 had reflux just as you describe and with him it turned out to be a milk allergy. We were prescribed Soya milk for him the SMA one.He outgrew it and was on cows milk at the age of one. Like you I had problems breastfeeeding him and I put it all down to his sensitive tummy. What are your dds stools like just asking as ds weren't runny they were quite hard always stuck to his bottom and a khaki colour rather than the usual canary yellow/ green you get with a ff baby.

Not sure if that helps you any.

Another question. Is anyone using the Tommee Tippee perfect prep? I'm not sure whether to treat myself.

Not sure how others are making up ff. I have ignored midwifes advice and make them up how I was told to for the boys 7 and 8 years ago. Which is make 6 up let them cool and then refrigerate.

rachywhite83 Fri 31-May-13 11:39:51

beautician - I make up the bottles with the boiling water. I leave the bottles on the side and put the formula in little pots for adding later on. Seems to work for us x

Bood that sounds like us, hard to burp, will bring up alot of the milk even a while after feeding. Thank you for that means I can look at tips to help with it.

Beaut I put the water in the bottles and leave on the side and just add formula when using them before heating up.

10storeylovesong Fri 31-May-13 12:40:02

We're making two up in advance and refrigerating then microwaving when needed.

Moby wrap... Best baby buy ever!

wrigglerchick Fri 31-May-13 13:29:41

beaut this may be a silly question, but what do you do to keep teddy awake in the day? James is sleeping a lot and things like tickling his feet don't seem to do much. I'm just wondering what your tricks are?!

Mostly not letting him be too hot. We bath him in the morning about 10 after his feed. Then we leave him to kick about for a while naked but with the room warmed up. Also when I feed him in the day I take his feet and legs out of the babygro and at night keep him covered up

Boodstress Fri 31-May-13 13:55:09

I couldn't keep Alice awake if she wanted to sleep - she just roars crying. Beaut stools normal now on the constipation FF. as you describe before. Re feed I am so pleased others are preparing the bottles like that. The MW put the fear of god into me about it 'oh it's all changed, you must make them up individually) it is so much more straightforward to prepare in Advance. I also never heated a bottle for any baby so they only ever knew room temp - worth it when you're out and about.

TerracottaPie Fri 31-May-13 17:16:25

So far with the odd exception we've been really lucky at nights. DD3 will have a feed and go straight back to sleep in the basket. Daytimes she tends to be awake a lot more. Doesn't always sleep well in the basket but will still go in it at times. 10 my wrap is ace too!

DS didn't like his basket much though I remember.

I'm a panic in the night, where is the baby type thing so I've never been able to co sleep with any of mine. I can't even feed lying down right now as I'm falling asleep so heavily after feeds that I think I would during as well. And then I'd wake up in a panic again!

I'm having a feel like shite day today. Half term is killing me. There's too much going on to try and nap well. On top of that I've got a blocked duct. Gutted about it. Been in the shower trying to clear it but then felt dizzy and had to get out. I'm hoping it's a positional thing and caused by DD3's hand on the nights when I've been so tired I've not moved it out the way enough. Hoping against hope that this doesn't become a recurrent thing like with DS.

On the positive we had the HV come yesterday and DD3 has regained her birth weight. Back up to 10lb 2oz :D Had her length measured too and that's on the 98th centile too. She still doesn't seem that big to me though! Think it's just comparing her to toddler DS who suddenly seems so big and not quite my baby anymore (I'm a little bit sad about that).

Re changes to bottles making up. From what I can work out the changes say you can make some up in advance (but ideally one at a time) but as long as they have been made up with slightly-cooled-from-boiling-but-still-hot water (to kill off any harmful bugs) then chilled quickly and put in the fridge. That's a lot different from how I did it when I'd stopped bfeeding after going back to work with my elder two 9 and 7 years ago.

NoForkNKnife Fri 31-May-13 19:20:11

Yeah, I think I've read the same as * Terra*. The water has to be above 70 when adding the powder as its not sterile. this wasn't advice 4 years ago with DD1 and she's fine
It say on the carton of the prescribed preemie formula to leave the water to cool for half an hour in kettle before adding the powder. But there is no way that'd be above 70! Plus it is hard enough to get it to dissolve in just boiled water let alone cooled.
10 have I asked alread. What formula is Seb on? Nutriprem 2 is really giving A wind and very stinky at that. Apparently there is an alternative (I feel like I've had this conversation with you already. Sorry I I have!)

Sorry to all that have had a bad couple of days. Half term I nearly over and the sun is shining. I'm having wine tonight. Who will join me grin. the positives of expressing instead of bf

NoFork I was looking forward to wine tonight but I have had migraine all afternoon so once DD1 is in bed I'll be following. Just hope the sun is out tomorrow so I can do it then.

After being puked on far to many times today (considering wearing a rain coat for feeds I'm having to change 3 times a day, the washing mountain is massive) I'm gonna try a different formula. DH has got SMA and cow and gate so hoping that one of these will stop the sick.

2 more days and the kids are all back to school hang on in there everyone. We are back to parent and toddler groups for a week until DD turns 2 on the 10th and it's of to nursery for her. 2 whole afternoons to myself I can't wait.

10storeylovesong Fri 31-May-13 20:17:31

He was on Aptamil comfort on advice of mw, but I didn't feel it agreed with him so switched to Aptamil 1 and he's much better with that.

SevenReasonsToSmile Fri 31-May-13 20:40:13

Water must be above 70 when the powder is added, there's no bacteria in the bottle to worry about if its been sterilised, its bacteria in the powder you're killing. If you want to make individual bottles you can use half hot water, then add powder then top up with cool boiled water, but making in advance is just so much easier.

beaut I swore I only wanted 3 but we're not ruling out number 4 just yet.

I had Beatrice weighed yesterday, she's put on 14.5oz in a week!!! Not getting anything done though as she's wanted to feed pretty much constantly the last couple of days.

MissLurkalot Sat 01-Jun-13 10:27:12

Inneedofsomesleep... Amen to that! Kids back to school on Monday, husband back to work (he's amazingly kept the kids entertained all week!) I think he's going to have a huge skip in his step on Monday! Lol!
It'll just be me, baby Jacob and his two year old brother.. Toddler groups Monday and Wednesday... Looking forward to seeing everyone there. But the chance to sleep when both the boys sleep in the afternoon with nobody else in the house to wake me.. Yay!

Terra I can't wait for half term to be over either. I just can't get a good routine going. I'm not looking forward to walking to school and back twice a day. Well I don't mind if its warm not so fun if its raining.

Seven I was adamant I would stop at 3 but I could really see is with just one more. It would have to be thought about though due to money. At the moment wouldn't have room for them all either bit we are hoping to extend this house. Also I would leave a few years age gap.

How long has everyone's milk taken to dry up. Day 13 here no pain at all but my boobs are still leaking. I don't remember it taking this long before

shelly81 Sat 01-Jun-13 10:56:41

Ladies that are breastfeeding .. How the hell do you do it discreetly with massive knockers ... And advice wud be great xx

NoForkNKnife Sat 01-Jun-13 11:03:15

shelly have you got some really stretchy vest tops? I would double up and pull one up and then the other down (so one either side of boob). This time I've bought a bf cover. I got a cheap one off eBay an I have to say its rather beautiful fabric. It just means I don't have to worry about what I wear. But you can certainly do without. I think you just have to accept you will flash someone at some point and just be confident about it! In a just 'don't care' mentality.

I can't wait for half term to finish either. So DH can clear off. Anyone else sick I the sight of them? He goes from being really helpful to a needy naughty child in seconds and I'm sick of the bickering. I wouldn't mind, but he's not even sleep deprived!

tasmaniandevilchaser Sat 01-Jun-13 11:38:15

Shelly, I wear stretchy vest top and then floaty top over it so vest top pulls down but also covers tummy and floaty top covers everything else. I also feed looking in the mirror so I feel confident. But as nofork says not caring is helpful. Round my way bf is v normal which helps as well.

Artichook Sat 01-Jun-13 12:48:08

JoJoMaman has some fab breast feeding vests which hold your tummy in so you look all slim. I wear them under a tshirt then unclip the vest top on the side I'm feeding and lift up the tshirt. I flash v little that way but usually have a pashmina type scarf with me in case I'm somewhere I feel v self conscious.

I just visited a friend whose baby is 3 days old. It made my little A look big!

I'm dreading he end if half term because I will have three school runs a day: 9am, noon (for DD2 pick-up) and 3.30pm (for DD1). Each time it's a 15 minute walk one way. Then on Tues, Weds and Thurs DD1 also has after school clubs I have to drop her to and pick her from. Between those walks and cooking I can't see any break plus how on earth will I get DS in a good nap routine or get him used to his cot??? He will live in his pram or in the sling. DH keeps pointing out its only for half a term as DD2 starts proper school in Sept but that's easy for him to say.

tasmaniandevilchaser Sat 01-Jun-13 14:20:11

Arti I've heard babies don't really remember routines as such til they're about 3 mths so I'm hoping I've got 3 mths to do whatever keeps me sane, then worry about a routine. dD would only nap in the buggy and she gave up naps at 18 mths and was down to 1 nap at 9 mths so i've resolved to not think about naps this time round. It drove me crazy trying to organise it, it was more stressful than her not sleeping. But with 3 school runs a day you will certainly be busy! Roll on sept!

MissLurkalot Sat 01-Jun-13 17:17:19

Shelley, I have mahoosive knockers!
I'm wearing my usual underwired bra, I just cannot get on with non wired bras or nursing bras.
I'm wearing mock wrap over dresses/tunics with leggings or denim skirt and tank tops with cardigans..
I lift my boob up basically... It's working fine... When I'm out and about, admittedly, not been out much yet, but I pop a muslin over my bulging boob.
I wear a stretchy Lycra bed bra at night. But I just can't bear my boobs in non wired bras.
I've worn underwired bras all throughout the pregnancy and throughout the other 3 pregnancies and nursing period.

MissLurkalot Sat 01-Jun-13 17:23:24

Arti, I used to do the 9am, 12pm and 3 pm school runs when dc3 was ickle. He slept brilliantly in the buggy in those early days. It was sooooooo restricting though, but it was manageable, especially if we stayed nearer home and school. It was a pain when we nipped out to town or to see people.
My dc3 (now 2yrs 3mnths) is starting Rising 2's Preschool from September, so I'll be going back to 9am/12pm/3pm school runs again. But he is doing two days at nursery, so I won't be doing it 5 times a week, just 3 times.
We've reduced week time after school activities to twice a week, Tuesday and Friday. And swimming is Saturday morning now.

MissLurkalot Sat 01-Jun-13 17:27:17

Arti, forgot to say, baby can sleep in the buggy in the morning maybe.. And then come straight home from preschool and sort lunch out for your older daughter, then feed baby, and pop them in the cot for the afternoon.
You'll just need to be stricter routine wise for the afternoon.. Maybe see people and do stuff out of the house in the morning, then stay at home for the afternoon.
Get a slow cooker and pop dinner on in the morning...I do packed lunches the night before, and make them for all the kids.so, lunch is fairly quick at home.

Also can't wait for husband to be back at work now. Need to get back into our routine and it's difficult with him being home. He has been so good getting up with DD1 tho so I can get a bit of rest.

krankykitty Sat 01-Jun-13 19:38:35


Could I join in please? Have a 10 day old first baby and haven't a clue sad

MissLurkalot Sat 01-Jun-13 19:56:48

Hi Kranky.. Welcome. Even though this is no 4 baby for me, I can honestly say that I don't have a clue sometimes!
They're all so different!
My baby is 10 days too.... How are you getting on?

Zorra Sat 01-Jun-13 19:58:03

Uh feeling horrid today <me me me rant alert>

Don't know if its flu, exhaustion or mastitis on the way but got and. A hey all over, woeful!

Kranky I am on ds3 and he feels like my first again as I have a 7 year age gap. Come on here with any questions or just to vent that's what it's for smile

Zorra Sorry you are having a bad day.Hopefully tomorrow will be better. If it helps any I'm having a bad day now too.

Had such a lovely day at next door neighbours BBQ. However,DP had 10 bottles of cider/beer and he always gets a lil irritating when drunk. When we got in I moaned at him for being a bit funny and he said I spoiled his day. He asked what he had done wrong and I couldn't answer it was just little comments that annoyed me when there but I can't actually remember. Now I question whether I over reacted. He has huffed off to bed and I'm sat downstairs crying. Once again ill be doing all the night feeds and Ive had to have the baby all day. Obviously I don't mind that and I'm not interested in drinking at all at the moment but DP moans that I don't give him a look in with the baby. He always says this when he's had a couple of drinks and then when I say ok take Teddy DP stands there with his cider in hand and says no your alright.

Grr it's probably just me and my stupid hormones sad

Artichook Sun 02-Jun-13 07:54:11

Oh gosh, DD2 has D&V, I'm terrified we will all get it and DS is so tiny. I also suffer neon emetophobia (fear of vomiting) so this is really hard. How on earth do you clean a house of suck with a baby who wants holding all the time???

10storeylovesong Sun 02-Jun-13 08:46:41

Oh no Arti, that sounds awful, especially with your phobia. I got a wrap on the advice of some others on here and it really has saved my sanity with a baby who won't be put down. That won't help you today though I would imagine - is there anybody near by who could look after the baby for a while?

shelly81 Sun 02-Jun-13 11:09:18

Aww beaut sending hugs & hope your feeling better today ... If its any consolation DP went out friday to wet the babys head ... Well he must of frikin drowned her because he rolled in at 2.30 am while I was feeding her then stayed in bed till 3pm yesterday n spent the rest of the day tellin me how tired n rough he felt ... He promtly got a shut the f*#k up because I can not be responsible for my actions xxx

krankykitty Sun 02-Jun-13 11:26:46

Thanks MissLurkalot and BeauticiannotMagician

It's been really really hard, I still feel very teary and low which isn't helping matters. I just don't know what baby needs when she cries. And it seems like she is really sleepy all through the day and then in the evening time wakes up and just won't settle. I had bad PGP from early in the pregnancy and I actually think the last couple of days were harder than the months of no sleep and severe pain sad

shelly81 Sun 02-Jun-13 12:02:26

Kranky I'm on dc 3 and after an 11yr gap feel completely out of my depth its the first time I've BF and I'm constantly wonderin if I'm doing it right etc my dd is also very settled during the day and a lil monkey all nite ... Hopefully it'll start getting better soon xx

SevenReasonsToSmile Sun 02-Jun-13 12:04:18

arti my other two had it when we came out of hospital so I know how worrying it is. Just try to keep her away from the baby as much as possible, and if you're BFing he should get some immunity from it anyway.

beaut sorry DP isn't stepping up. FWIW it works both ways, DH wants to be involved and does half the night feeds, then gets arsey and moans like anything about how tired he is and how he can't cope working on so little sleep. Most frustrating thing is he does it because he wants to be involved, I'd rather be more sleep deprived than have him constantly moaning and being grumpy.

Hi kranky the first couple of weeks are the hardest. DD1 is only 18 months but they're all different, sometimes I still don't know what she wants.

We're going backwards here, a few days ago she was taking up to 140ml and going up to 4 hours between feeds, the last couple of days she's only been taking around 80ml then wanting another feed after 2 hours. With 2 other DCs I'm getting nothing done and really stressed about not getting the housework done <bangs head against wall>

MissLurkalot Sun 02-Jun-13 12:25:10

Kranky, sounds very similar to my baby. I nearly took him back to the hospital the first night as he was beside himself and there was nothing I could do to settle him. Horrific night! The second night he was less beside himself, but still didn't settle well. Then, my milk came in and he just had a milk fest alllllllll night! And I was thinking, fuck, what have we done!!
Then, my milk settled down, he settled own and he began to sleep for aboutish 3 hrs between feeds. Then maybe a shitter night again with him finally settling to sleep at 5am! Then, he's been mostly ok for the past couple of nights. However, I've had god bloody awful headaches.. Would go to bed with one and wake up with it! Lasted a few days. Then, I've got a Uterus infection, so am on strong antibiotics for that. And then yesterday, I'm feeling a real sagging/swollen feeling inside my lady bits, and midwife looked and said its not a prolapse (phew!) but my pelvic floor is really weak! So, I've been clenching my bits on and off! Lol!
I suffered with Pnd with no1 baby, went on Prozac and it was brilliant.. It just set me right again.. Like the hormones just tipped the scales for me, and the Prozac just popped it back up again.
I felt mildly postnatal with the no2 and no3 baby, but I knew what the signs were and just cut myself some slack really, and I managed to ride it out.
It can feel relly lonely sometimes in these early days.. You're not alone... We're all feeling it too.

Baby wise.. Are you breast feeding or bottle feeding?
Day 7-10 is the first growth spurt and they'll be feeding like crazy!
My baby goes spark out around 6.30pm ish, and I'll stay downstairs with him and OH watching tv and chilling. Then we head upstairs at 11pmish and he'll feed like crazy and might or might not settle afterwards for another sleep. No one night is the same really.
Last night was great as I went up with him at 7pm, watching tv in bed and I slept from 9pm to 12pm whilst he slept. Quick feed at 12pmish then every 3hrs.. So I was lucky last night.
You will need to sleep during the day when baby sleeps... Not always possible for me with endless visitors and 3 kids at home for half term hold.
I wish I slept more in the early days during the day, but hey.

FrustratedSycamoresRocks Sun 02-Jun-13 12:33:46

Hello ladies. <waves> so this is where you are all hiding out. grin ds was 16 days early knew he would be early he's 18days now and I'm still loved up with him, despite have thrush in my boob. Oochy.

arti do you have a sling?

shelly I bought some cheap vest tops and cut boob holes, and wear a looser top over the top, so belly and most of boob is still covered. I think noforknknife is right in that you need to develop a "don't care" mentality.

shelly81 Sun 02-Jun-13 16:53:27

Thanx ladies xxx

DXBMermaid Sun 02-Jun-13 19:31:31

Already posted on FB, but thought I should post here as well. (Not sure where, so posted in both ante and post natal thread)

Birth story (possible TMI)

So on Tuesday at about 12.30 I felt some of my waters starting to go. Called DH who decided to come home rather then wait. Posted about the colour and was told it could possible meconium. Phoned the hospital and got told the same, so they said to come in. As I got off the couch DH came in and the rest of my waters broke.

Went into hospital and got hooked up to synctocin drip at around 15.00 due to being strep B positive and there being meconium in my waters.

They insisted on continuous monotoring of the baby's heartbeat which was a real pain as they couldn't get it to stick and it took a while before they could do an internal one.

Managed with help of my Tens and natal hyponotherapy. Was feeling the contractions quite strongly in my legs. I can't remember at what time, but eventually I started on the gas and air and at some point I was given iv paracetamol to help with the pain in my thighs and that helped for a while, as did getting DH to massage them.

I was still only 4cm after an hour of very strong contractions and was offered an epidural. They tried and couldn't get it in, something about the needle not being long enough. About another hour later someone else tried and he too couldn't get it in. After that it all becomes hazy, according to DH I started pushing at around 09.00. It hurt a lot and I was rather vocal. Eventually Alexandra was born at 12.33 after a vaccuum delivery. Towards the end I was so tired and I thought I couldn't do it, but hearing the Dr say, just a couple more tries and if that doesn't work we'll have to do a section, made me somehow rally and get the power to push her out. (I am convinced that if I had had the epidural I wouldn't have been able to get her out, as I was already finding it hard enough to feel where to push)

DH was fantastic and stayed by my side. He saw things that he probably shouldn't have, but I couldn't have done it without him!

Suffered a small 2nd degree tear, but am already in much less pain so don't think it will hurt for too long.

Anyway, it was all worth it! She is the most beautiful baby in the world (but I might be a tad biased ;) )

Thanks Shelly DP and I haven't spoken all day sad

Seven DP is on his paternity leave. He goes back to work tomorrow. I will be doing all the night feeds when he goes back to work as he does such long hours.So last night was my last opportunity for a nights sleep and instead I had him snoring his head of next to me.

DXB Wow you did so well. You must be so proud of yourself.

Kranky Have you tried swaddling your baby at night to help with sleep. It worked really well with my first two

Kranky are you formula or breast feeding. What working so far with me is to feed Teddy 3oz in the day and 4oz bottles at night. So at 11 he has 4oz and sleeps until 2.I give him another 4oz and he wakes at 5 and then 8.

Teddy cries the most when cold so the first thing I do when he cries is give him a dummy and put another blanket on. If he continues crying ill push him back and forth in pram as that's where he sleeps in day. If he still cries I check his nappy as he hates being even slightly wet. Babies cry for different things but its usually hunger, being cold,constipation or needing a nappy change. You just have to figure out which it is. Sometimes of course they just have a bit of a cry for no apparent reason. If your baby cries for long periods, goes very red, the cry sounds different painful almost and they draw their legs up to tummy its likely colic so try infacol, dentinox or gripe water. Again different products work better for different babies.

MrsDonaldDraper Sun 02-Jun-13 20:10:21


Do you mind if I join you? Dd is 4 weeks on Tuesday and I just feel like I'm muddling through. I was ebfing, but she didn't put any weight on for about 5 days so am now giving formula, and expressing a feed as well. She has only just made her birth weight :-(

She actually isn't too bad at night - she will wake, feed, then sleep, but I'm struggling during te day as she will only take half a feed, won't sleep and doesn't like being put down, or being in the sling, sii run round like. Whirlwind when she does eventually sleep!

I Also need to than you all for your constipation tips (for the baby!). I tried a couple yesterday and got things moving!

DXBMermaid Mon 03-Jun-13 04:48:02

Goodmorning, just finished reading through all the previous posts. We had an absolute poonami here since yesterday... Really nasty wet green/yellow gunk. Quite wet too. Smelly!

Went to see peads yesterday for check-up as they were worried about jaundice and blisters on head from vacuum. Anyway, they barely looked at those things, but are worried about her dropping weight. I can see their point as she went from 3.6 at birth to 3.4 leaving hospital to 3.2 yesterday, but had real trouble getting her to feed long enough, especially at night! Am getting much better at waking her and my milk only really came in on Friday. I really don't like the way they scare you! I was told to top up at every feed with 30ml, but am not doing that if the feed was a good one. Will only do it if it wasn't a proper one as am reluctant to use the syringe. Need to come back on Wednesday so fingers crossed she will have gained some weight by then!

roastpotatoes Mon 03-Jun-13 05:10:51

Welcome mrsdonald, my DD was born on the same day as yours. At our midwife appt yesterday, she was finally back up to her birth weight but it's been a long time coming. We have also had to move to mixed bf and formula because she just didn't seem to be getting enough with just bf.

Dh is back to work full time tomorrow so I am doing the night feeds from now on. He has been really good at helping with nappy changing etc up until now, but it doesn't seem very fair to expect him to keep doing that when he has a long day at work.

I'm trying a new strategy tonight, instead of feeding her my bed, I've got up and come through to the other room (will be the nursery when she moves out of our room). when I was feeding in bed, it didn't work so well because we would both doze and she would never end up getting a good feed. This seems to be working a bit better. Does make me wonder if we should be sleeping her in her own rom sooner than six months. What are other people's thoughts on this?

I am just getting to the stage where I am wondering about trying to establish some kind of routine. I read gina before Alice was born, but I think it is probably a bit too rigid for me. I quite like being able to leave the house! I found another one on amazon called The Baby Book. Does anyone have experience of this? Or any other recommendations? Is anyone doing a bedtimeroutine yet? She has just been staying up with us until we go to bed, and tends to quite awake in the evenings. I kind of think this is no bad thing because perhaps she is more ready for sleep during the night. But not sure when people typically start move of a 7pm bedtime?

So much to figure out! At almost four weeks, she is definitely starting to get a bit more interactive. No smiles yet but definitely taking more if an interest in things etc. it's amazing how quickly they change!

Hope you're all having a good night, ladies...

SevenReasonsToSmile Mon 03-Jun-13 08:03:49

roast do what works best for you. We moved DD1 into her own room at six weeks so she could go in the cot, she kept flinging her arms out and hitting the crib sides and waking herself up. We started bedtime routines around 6-8 weeks here with the other 2, it was around the time us having the TV on started to disturb them so we assumed it was the right time.

NoForkNKnife Mon 03-Jun-13 08:22:45

Hi Kranky and MrsD

DXB they are so good at scaring you about the weight. Itll all work out in the end. Bf babies lose a lot more, and actually, your LO has only lost a bit more than 10%. So not entirely out I the ordinary. Now your milks come in, it'll fall into place. And as they get bigger, they feed better too.

Roast personally I wouldn't worry too much about routines yet. The only routine is nappy, feed sleep on repeat! There is plenty of time for that. I think it's quite a modern phenomenon of getting babies into routines. They kind of just happen anyway when baby is ready to stick to one.
Last baby went into own room when she outgrew the Moses basket about 3-4 months. But this time I feel more nervous. It's a combination of more research out there about styling in parents room and also the fact she is a preemie/tiny. I Deliberatly bought a crib this time so she'll stay in with us longer (if she stays on the growth curve she's on now it'll last a year!). My initial thoughts were 6 months corrected age. But I might get fed up before then! We used to put DD1 up to bed about 7 ish when she got to about 3 months and then dream feed her at 10-11. Worked brilliantly. But again, I'm more anxious this time about her sleeping on her own.

Weigh in day today! Wish us luck for this afternoon. Putting her on our own scales says she hasn't gained anything this week shock. So now I'm worried sick. I just want to hit 5 lbs but looks like its going to take even longer.
On a positive. I think I had a smile yesterday! Tried to do it again to show DH and he grimaced instead. But I'm sticking to 'it was a smile!'.

Boodstress Mon 03-Jun-13 10:41:03

roast I think if your a routine person you'll be more comfortable with a routine. Life is all about routine and baby's always respond well to some sort of routine. I think 6-8 wks is when we started with the other two but that was bedtime routine. My BF babies never fed on demand & were three - four hourly quite quickly so you automatically have a routine. I thinks there is nothing quite like your intuition but there is lots of good advice and suggested approaches out there. The Easy routine from the baby whisperer is what I do so I don't under or over feed when she is crying for something else... 'Eat -Activity-Sleep-You time. At five weeks activity is a nappy change or looking at patterns on the cushion. Nothing is set in stone but these things help so why not.

Rhienne Mon 03-Jun-13 11:48:53

Hi everyone. DS is 18 days old today. He's doing fabulously. The pediatric nurse came for our home visit on Tuesday and didn't believe the weight the hospital gave him 8 days before - as he'd gained almost 700 gms since then. Whatever other challenges we have, I do seem to be able to make milk!

I ended up visiting A&E Sunday (a week ago) because I felt so bad, and after mastitis with DS1 I really wanted to head it off at the pass, if that's what it was. They took some tests, and it took them a week to get back to me and say "yes, there is something there, you need to take ABs". A week for goodness sake!! GRRRR. So started a course yesterday, and really hoping that's going to help with the blocks I've been battling. Will be so nice when BF settles into the paraphernaelia free option it's supposed to be, without the need for nipple shields and pumps and washing and sterilising etc etc etc.

We're going with on demand feeding here, although I am waking him for feeds if it's too long since he last ate (partly for him, partly to relieve my boobs). We did the same for DS1, and it worked for us then. If it's not long since a decent feed, we'll check other things before offering milk, but I am getting pretty good at recognising which are the hunfer cries.

DS2 now has a dummy, which settles him. Especially helpful when he's had a long feed but wants a suckle to settle, and I don't want to faff with nipple shields and lansinoh for a 2 minute comfort suck.

Those whose babies wake themselves by flinging out their arms, have you tried a swaddle or wrapping them so they can't throw out their arms? It has helped both my two in the very early stages.

Rhienne Hope the antibiotics kick in soon for you. I had a uterine infection and felt a little better on day two of my antibiotics.

Roast like Bood Ive always started more of a routine at about 6 weeks.

Well first day of me with all three today and I just about survived. The school run about did me in though half hour walk there and half hour back. I don't think I can keep that up four times a day. So I caved and applied to the school around the corner from us. I feel bad as ds1 would have been to 4 different primary schools sad. But the school run will take over my life and we don't plan on moving again

10storeylovesong Tue 04-Jun-13 08:23:48

knife how did weigh in go?

beaut how are things with dp?

roast I've been wondering the same about routine as I hate having none. We have a loose one re feed times etc but nothing about bed time. He won't sleep upstairs on his own, and was happy downstairs with us until the last couple of nights where he's been disturbed by the noise of the TV and has wanted to watch it. He's only 3 weeks corrected so not sure what to do for the best with him.

Weigh in this morning...

10storeylovesong Tue 04-Jun-13 10:25:08

7lb 12oz this morning!

MissLurkalot Tue 04-Jun-13 10:33:02

Beaut, 30 mins sounds hellish, not just for you but for all DC's. I would apply for the local school too.
My oldest DD changed schools nearly 2 years ago for pretty much the same situation.... It was the best thing we've ever done.. Not just for her, but for the rest of the family.
It's only 5 mins walk away... Bloody marvellous!
We did the in year application during the middle if term, and put ASAP as the start date for her. She started 2 July bless her, but if we 'd waited until start of September, although more cleaner, there were 8 other families wanting the place, and we wouldn't have got her in.

roastpotatoes Tue 04-Jun-13 10:37:04

Thanks for your responses re routine. I think I would eventually like to try and establish some kind of predictable pattern, but may wait a couple more weeks. I am starting to find the night times really hard. Now DH is back at work, I've been feeling like I should do all the night time stuff but it's really difficult. I'm usually ok with the first feed but by 4am today I was feeling awful, really nauseous and tearful. Ended up waking DH to get some help. It just takes so long.. It's about an hour and a half to bf, top up with formula, burp and settle her again. And then only an hour or so before she's ready to do it all again! When does this get easier?!

Good luck with the weigh in 10!

beaut that sounds sensible re moving schools. Four hours of walking every day sounds a bit much!

rhienne that's awful that they took so long to get you onto ABs. I hope they start working soon.

Boodstress Tue 04-Jun-13 11:40:20

roast my night times are the same and now she has arose stool after every feed so light on change & takes an age to get her to settle. I've done all night time feeds as my husband looked after the other 2 DCs before he went back to work & now he's back at work I would never ask him. I'm starting to buckle though & have cried the last few evenings. It does pass, it's just hard when you're in the depths of it. Grab sleep when they do is the best advice (if other DC are in school)

Boodstress Tue 04-Jun-13 11:41:07

loose stool! Phone keypad grrh

NoForkNKnife Tue 04-Jun-13 12:04:20

roast with dd1 I bf at night for only about 4 weeks. She too used to be on the breast for hours at night. In the end, I have her formula as a dream feed at 10-11, then expressed and have her that in a bottle at about 3am when she woke. She would down it in 20 minutes. Bliss. I never had any issues with supply overnight. I still don't express overnight now. I dd when she was on the NNU and I had my least amount at that time (but apparently I'm unusual).

A is 4lbs 14.5. So nearly there! Last night I was exhausted (after spending all day designing and making my DHs website) so I left him to do the last feed and I went to bed. A pooed everywhere. It was on her face when he bought her up and he reckoned he'd cleaned it up! He said he's never seen so much. He was catching it in his hands and it just kept coming. I'm scared she's lost weight for the pard appt tomorrow shock!
Dd1 keeps waking in night an coming into our bed. She's clever enough now to not bother waking us as she knows she'll get sent back. At 5am this morning I woke to find he asleep clinging onto me.

This weather is gorgeous. Going to get out into the garden while it lasts!

Artichook Tue 04-Jun-13 12:17:35

Great weight gain 10! Congrats. I'm getting DS weighed this pm but as he hardly fits in newborn sizes anymore I am assuming he will have put on lots.

Does anyone else's baby have lots of facial spots? DS does and I wish they'd go as he currently has a face that only a mother could love! Any tips for getting rid of them?

Sorry school run is two hours in total a day not four. I didn't make it very clear. I have put on my application to start ASAP

Boodstress Tue 04-Jun-13 13:10:59

Spotty baby here art :-( it's been suggested to me that the reflux & spots may signal a milk protein intolerance. This can be got from breast feeding too if you drink milk & milk products. It wouldn't bloody surprise me if it was that.

babygeek Tue 04-Jun-13 15:27:40

This is my first post on post-natal thread smile only taken me 10 days.

Bubs is nearly back to her birth weight at 10 day weigh-in today. Good that all the BF has been worth it but it is exhausting! She likes to feed for 1 hour+ sometimes and the feeds start to merge into one another. Hopefully this is just for a growth spurt then feeds will become shorter. I have started watching The Fall on iplayer during BF but I really want to be out in the sun! hmm

Any recommendations on sun cream suitable for newborns? We will keep her out of direct sun but midwife said they can be burnt even in shade.

I hope everyone is getting to enjoy at least a little bit of the sunshine. X

10storeylovesong Tue 04-Jun-13 15:41:54

We've spent a lovely day on the beach with our nephew. Seb went into his wrap and had sunblock on and a sun hat, then we sat in the shade with a tent blocking the sun while the lads played cricket and football. Heaven!

rachywhite83 Tue 04-Jun-13 15:43:29

I have a spotty baby too :-( Any tips would be appreciated

We had our 1st day home alone today. Was less stressful than when DH is here. I even had time to do some cleaning which I havent done much of on his 2 weeks off. Also been for a long walk and a toddler group. So nice coz I get to play with DD1 while someone holds the baby.
Just need to sort dinner and then DH can do baths tonight.

I'm another that does all night feeds. Starting to get a bit much now tho I'm exhausted. Last night I think I had about 3 hours in total sleep. Were still having trouble feeding. So off to the health visitor tomorrow hoping she will be able to offer some advice. Annoys me tho coz you get so much help if your breast feeding but if your bottle feeding they don't seem to offer any help/care.

At least the sun is shining so we can get out of the house. grin

Sorry I posted too soon. The only time Ive been able to get on here all day. T is full of cold and had me awake since 3 this morning. He hasn't slept all day other than when I was out on school run and I'm exhausted.

10 DP is working away at the moment. We are speaking but I'm sti not happy. Probably because I'm tired now as well

I've got T some suncream the pharmacist recommended banana boat baby factor 50

Boodstress Tue 04-Jun-13 16:36:14

Personally I wouldn't put any cream on before 6 months but I have a cover on the carry cot pram and a muslin square shielding the hole part. If she's in the baby borjn then I have a sun hat and long sleeves/ legs.

For the spots I just keep cleaning with pads & cool boiled water. It's coming from the inside so not a lot you can do sad

SevenReasonsToSmile Tue 04-Jun-13 17:59:21

I thought advice was to keep them out of direct sun until 6 months. We use a parasol or sun shade for the pram but easier said than done with the wrap.

Sorry people are struggling with tiredness, but it makes me feel a bit better knowing I'm not alone. It makes everything worse too, me and Dh are arguing a lot as we're both so tired, not helped by DD1 being a non-stop 18 month old. I know everyone says sleep when they do, with looking after the other two and doing housework I don't even sit down when she sleeps. DH does one of the night feeds every other night, though he doesn't do housework without bring nagged then getting grumpy about having to help so I guess we're even.

ButteryJam Tue 04-Jun-13 18:13:17

Marking my place - will post when I get some time! smile

ButteryJam Tue 04-Jun-13 18:31:06

Hi everyone and congrats! smile hope you are all getting some sleep and rest and enjoying the cuddles!

My baby is 2 weeks old now and has been a journey, with feeding problems, infections etc etc buy we seem to be over the worst of it.

I had a question about constipation - what do you folks do to help relieve it. My little one really struggles to poo and I'm wondering whether a massage of some kind would help?

Also my little one is 6 pound. How soon do you think she'll start fitting in new born size clothes (currently in tiny size).

I'm also struggling to find a decent tiny size hat for her - looking for like a knitted comfy one or a cotton one that looks neat and fits well. Any ideas?

NoForkNKnife Tue 04-Jun-13 18:52:06

Suncream-we had a fab one last year for DD1 that wa also recommended for babies. I can't find it, but it was marketed as being a 'once a day' apply. We were very sceptical an MIL bought it, but it's brilliant. DD1 didn't burn at all despite being in the sun in 40degree heat.
Not that I would put baby in the sun.

10 sounds bliss. Do you live close to a beach? I've always wanted to live near the sea.

We are having smiles! Just noticed on fb that some o you are too. It's so wonderful.

Welcome bunny and buttery. smile.

DXBMermaid Tue 04-Jun-13 19:16:27

DD's umbilical cord stump fell off this evening. Quite soon I think considering she is only 6 days.

Just had the loveliest snuggle and cuddle session. She is so sweet and soft and cuddly!

DH had to go into the office today. It was actually nice just being home alone with the baby for a bit, but am glad he'll still be off till the 17th. Really enjoy seeing him with DD and he did nappy change nr 2 today. Let's see if we can increase that a little wink

Last night and this evening I've had awful stomach cramps and needed to go to the toilet several times, together with having discomfort from my uterus contracting. Any idea how long before that might stop?

10storeylovesong Tue 04-Jun-13 19:21:28

buttery my lo is 7lb 12 now and just fitting in new born stuff from some places. Tesco is quite small, mothercare is big, asda and next about right..

We live about 40 mins away from Formby beach, it's lovely on days like this!

Boodstress Tue 04-Jun-13 19:41:35

butteryjam cool boiled water between feeds did the job for us (excuse pun)! For extreme circumstances we massaged the anus with a damp cotton pad.. V effective though abit urrrghh.

LittleSpade Tue 04-Jun-13 19:53:41

dxb try drinking peppermint yes whilst or straight after eating every meal to relieve your stomach cramps. Perhaps not quite the same but it wad recommended to me after my c-section to relieve the wind/air that got inside me during the operation and the uterus contraction pain. Worked a treat.

LittleSpade Tue 04-Jun-13 19:54:27

Sorry they was supposed to say peppermint tea!

Think I need to take a trip to doctors tomorrow for T. He is so full of cold he's really hot and can't sleep as he can't breathe. Do you think gp will be able to do anything? I'm getting really worried now

Artichook Tue 04-Jun-13 20:31:47

Beaut - do you have an ear thermometer? If he has a high fever I'd get him checked at this age. I hope you have an ok night.

Bood - interesting about protein intolerance and spots. DD1 had cows milk protein allergy it came apparent when she got hives the moment i furst introduced formula. I had to eliminate all dairy from my diet and keep BFing. She was a spotty newborn too so maybe that was a sign.

Boodstress Tue 04-Jun-13 20:45:45

You poor thing Beaut, it's so hard to listen to the snuffles. Did you take his temp? I keep thinking A has a temp and then it's normal. I also put some snuffle babe on his blanket (it's from 6 months) and on the side of the bottle that goes nearest to his nose. It helped with the feeds x

Boodstress Tue 04-Jun-13 20:46:16

On her blanket

SevenReasonsToSmile Tue 04-Jun-13 23:21:40

nofork I live a mile away from Southwold, we used to live at he other end of the road from the beach.

buttery they're all different. DD2 is a long baby, she was 7lb 2oz last week and is already outgrowing newborn clothes in the length.

beaut poor mite, hope you get a good night. It's so worrying when they're poorly, not sure what the GP could do though, but obviously definitely get him checked out if he has a raised temp.

ButteryJam Wed 05-Jun-13 05:16:28

Seven, 10storey and bood, thank you! smile

I've developed thrush on my nipple so expressing from one breast which is so time consuming! Anyone else expressing?

MissLurkalot Wed 05-Jun-13 07:28:25

My 2 week old is mega snuffily. Had a rougher night with him last night. My other three kids were never as snuffily as this. I'm wondering what it is now, wondering if its more than a cold.. Hay fever?

ButteryJam Wed 05-Jun-13 08:23:12

MissLurk, sorry to hear you had a rough time! My baby had been sneezy too but I have no idea why ...

I was reading about burping in a breastfeeding book, and it mentioned that baby should be burped for 10 minutes. That feels like a very long time?!! shock

NoForkNKnife Wed 05-Jun-13 08:50:44

buttery does it not mean burp until baby burps-wait as long as 10mins?

Definitely something in the air with these sneezes and sniffles. A has been sneezing too. Since she's been home, every single one I us has had a different virus and thankfully she hasn't caught it. It's 2month field calpol. I had to ring the NNU when she went for her jabs do they could calculate how much calpol I could give her if needed. Good job I did because it was 1.2ml! Next set of jabs next week.

Off to the hospital today. 2 appts with her. Going to be a llllooooonng day. And the sun isn't out!

On a positive note. Bf seems to have finally started 'clicking'. She has been having bf 2-3 times a day now and is taking a lot more and more efficiently iyswim. I can't wait to stop the expressing. Was it buttery asking? I've been expressing for 12 weeks and I've had enough. Is there a reason your expressing?

NoForkNKnife Wed 05-Jun-13 08:51:38

Sorry about typos. 3 hours sleep last night. And no chance for a nap today sad.

NoForkNKnife Wed 05-Jun-13 08:54:06

Sorry. I keep remembering things. Anyone had a period? I'm on my second. But they are stupendously heavy. Last night I went through a super plus tampon in an hour. And I mean really went through it. Blood all over chair and cushions, trousers soaked through. In an hour shock. Last one was the same. Is this normal? Don't remember this last time. I feel ok, but very fed up.

Artichook Wed 05-Jun-13 10:29:51

Fork I think its quite unusual to have had a period if your are BFing. I never got mine until I introduced solids with my last two, so around 6 months. I do remember them being super heavy though, sadly that continued like that for about a year.

Ellypoo Wed 05-Jun-13 10:37:00

Hi all, hope you are all getting on ok. Dh has taken A put for a drive so I can have some sleep but flipping JWs knocked at door and got me up - not happy hmm

Well I was bf'ing and expressing until about 6.5 wks but A had a really sore bum that just wasn't getting better (tried 3 diff creams, ABs, plenty of nappy free time etc) so was recommended to switch to formula so she does fewer poos. It worked and her bum is better now, I'm sad to not be feeding her myself anymore but she seems to be doing better and that's the important thing.

A also suffers with trapped wind - we are using gripe water at the moment, and am going to try giving her some cool boiled water today too. On the whole though, she is doing really well and putting on weight. She is 8 wks today and weighed 8lb 11oz last wk when I got her weighed, finally fitting her newborn clothes properly!!!
She also gets those little spots on her face, shoulders & chest but they come & go, esp after she's had a wash or bath.

As far as I go, we were in hospital for 9 days post birth, during which time I had a secondary pph and was borderline to need a transfusion, thankfully was still in hospital though because it was really scary. Passed a huge clot after I got home too - never seen anything like it!!! Feel fine now though, starting to build up walking again now the weather is nice!

Don't seem to get much time though, which is why I haven't posted til now, sorry. A doesn't like to be put down during the day so she spends a lot of time on me or in the sling which is lovely but it does make it hard to get anything done!!! Including daytime naps to catch up on sleep unfortunately confused

As breathing is also very snuffly but it doesn't prevent her from sleeping particularly - bought one of those nasal aspirators for if her nose gets too blocked.

10storeylovesong Wed 05-Jun-13 10:55:09

With the sniffles, we bought a humidifier which worked wonders for us, but been told you can get the same effects with bowls of water or wet laundry on the radiator for a cheaper effect. I just didn't want to put the radiator on in this weather! Also the calpol saline spray really seems to break it up, then the nasal aspirator pulls it out. Disgusting but effective!

ButteryJam Wed 05-Jun-13 12:08:03

Feeling stressed today as realising that my milk supply from breast affected with thrush has decreased by half! Really want to avoid formula. Anyone going through the same or been through the same?

ButteryJam Wed 05-Jun-13 12:11:28

Anyone tried honey water for baby's constipation?

10storeylovesong Wed 05-Jun-13 12:24:34

If honey water is what it sounds like (honey in water?) I didn't think you were supposed to give honey to babies under 12 months due to the risk of botulism? I might be wrong though.

NoForkNKnife Wed 05-Jun-13 12:52:09

No honey before 12 months-unless that changed.

Buttery-my supply fluctuates a lot on any given day. Don't panic yet. I think you still have to express on the infected side and then throw it away. I've never had it, but it was advice to a woman when in the hospital.

A needs another scan on her sacral dimple. She has a really deep on at the top of her buttocks. In the unit, I was told by the consultant he could just about see the base but today another consultant wasn't so sure. sad.
A's weight is also still a concern. In fact I've got to go back in a bit for an appt with the dietician. I'm a bit worried they're goin to say change to formula. I know it's not something I should be worrying about as such, I just wanted to do the same with her that I did DD1. Feeling a bit down about it all. She feeds really well and takes 60-90ml every feed. How much are the bottle feeders having? She's only 4lbs 14.

Oh. And constipation. The consultant says that cooled boiled water and a drop of OJ are not really going to help. They won't hurt either.

Te thing that works for us is oiling a cottonbud and placing it near her anus. Slowly inserting just the tip slightly (at this point she normally farts the most disgusting stench). It's a lot less invasive than the old thermometer that used to put inserted. Usually, later that day she goes. But I only do it once a week when she's getting upset and uncomfortable.

seven envy of your location!

10storeylovesong Wed 05-Jun-13 13:31:47

Poor A. I don't know what a sacral dimple is - do they seem concerned or is it just one of the preemie things that they can sort out at a later date? Seb's taking between 90-120 mls at 7lb 12 so sounds like she's feeding really well. Did they give you the fortifier to add to expressed milk?

Rant alert... We're doing our house up to try and sell in next 6-12 months and decided to decorate our shabby bedroom and treat ourselves to new wardrobes. They've been a disaster from day 1. We hired a van to bring them home and my dad crashed it so its now going through insurance (they initially took £860 excess but I managed to get that back!). They been in our hall so we can't get the pram in for weeks, we spent all weekend and Monday decorating and building them and we've just gone to move them into place and because I'm not strong enough to lift them and we had to shove them - we snapped the bottom support off and now it's bowed in the middle with glass sliding doors all uneven. We can't move it any further forward or back in case we snap the back support so they're just stuck in the middle of the room.

Dh and I had a huge row, during which he told me to "stop fucking looking at me with those big eyes" (I was bullied when younger by lads calling me frog eyes and he knows this), telling me I "piss him off big style" and saying he was going picking up the baby from his mums and he didn't want me to come with him as he doesn't like the way I speak to his mum. This really upset me as I get on with his mum, take her shopping and to hospital appointments and I can't think of any time I spoke to her badly and he couldn't give any examples. Think he deliberately wanted to hurt me.

He's flounced out with the dog and has just text me "sorry" but he's really hurt me and I think it'll take more than that.

It's been such a shitty year and I was thinking that things might start to look up, but it doesn't seem so.

Sorry for the rant

Boodstress Wed 05-Jun-13 14:58:29

You poor thing 10story. That's horrible. The people closest to us know just how best to hurt us. You're all probably sleep deprived and on the edge of your nerves (that wardrobe situation would send me off my rocker ) but no one should be spoken to like that. A lot of crawling required .

No fork, Kate is 7lb 11 and she takes 3/4 ounces every 3 hours in the day and sometimes longer at night. I hope A is ok, it's horrible when they have tests done and all the uncertainty. My family has it alot with my niece she is in and out of hospital.

10, hope your ok. What a nightmare just for a wardrobe. When your tired it does make you argue more. But being nasty isn't nice, serious grovelling needed. Let him get the baby and make sure you relax.

Constipation we sleds used to put brown sugar in cool boiled water or Vaseline on their bottom.

Its only been 19 days but I had my 1st daytime nap today. Was needed tho coz I've not been sleeping at night due to night feeds taking so long. We have been weighed today 4 1/2 ounces in a week. 7lb 11 now. I'm gonna have to change formula again nothing is agreeing with Kate tummy poor baby has such bad trapped wind. Hopefully this time it works.

How long is it taking to feed your babies?? It took an hour earlier to take 3 ounces. By the time you finish one feed it's nearly time to start again.

NoForkNKnife Wed 05-Jun-13 16:01:42

10 that sounds awful. But we're the same atm. The dreadful things DH has said to me over the past few months I would never tell anyone in RL. But you're right-they now exactly what to say to hurt us. The past couple of days we've actually got on much better. I'm hoping I can blame
the stress of the situation of being on the NNU etc.
Have some flowers. And that excess is enough to make anyone stressed! So glad you got that back. Is it worth asking a proper handyman type person to come and sort the wardrobes. I know it'll cost but at least it'll be sorted and take the stress away.

A sacral dimple (I have t checked spelling!) can be an indicator of spina bifida. When it was noticed on discharge day I nearly had a mini breakdown (inwardly) as I knew what it could be. The consultant came to look (3 long hours later) and said he could see the end-which means its not attached to the spine so it ok. I actually have one myself in the same spot and mine is fine.
Bu I had a niggle still. It's really deep. When I asked today the consultant (different one) was unsure if she could see the end so has referred her for a scan. Now she did say that because it's low down it shouldn't be a problem even if it is atched to her spine. And I also had read this before.

So why aren't I reassured sad.

Appt with dietician this afternoon shows A's weight to be slipping further from the 0.4th centile. A real blow. So she wants to change her forumula to a higher calorie one. She wants me to continue bf which is positive. She also said she's actually drinking a lot for her size. She's having more than 250mls per kg. considering on the unit they were tube feeding most babies on 180mls per kg (and she was an exception on 200mls/kg) she is having a lot! So why isn't she gaining well? I didn't ask this. Now I'm kicking myself. Next appt in 4 weeks.

All in all, not a great day. I know things could be so much worse.

Thank you all with the support yesterday. T actually slept fine in the end and his temp was ok. Thanks for the snuffle babe tip Bood especially on the bottle its really helped. I bought a nasal aspirator and spray today so hopefully T will be well soon.

Re: periods I haven't stopped bleeding from birth yet so 17 days so far but its very light.

InNeed which formula are you using. T was on cow and gate 1 but now on cow and gate comfort and getting on well with it. It takes him about half hour to take a bottle he has between 3 and 4 oz. Last weigh in he was 7lb 9oz but pretty sure when he's weighed on Friday that will have gone up.

NoFork not sure if its the same thing but T has a dimple up above his bottom.

10 Sorry about you DH I'm sure its just the stress of everything you've been through. We always take things out on those closest to us. He still shouldn't be speaking to you like that though.

DP is going to a do on Saturday and I know for a fact there is a woman going who he used to and maybe does still fancy. I'm so upset about it. Not sure if hormones. We have had problems in the past with him having sent messages to other women telling them how pretty they are. I trust he hasn't cheated and I'm pretty sure its just an ego boost. It still gets to me though sad

TigerSwallowTail Wed 05-Jun-13 17:15:24

Hi everyone, I can finally join you all over here now. It's great to hear how you are all doing.

Beaut we were on aptimal and then changed to SMA. HV said it will make her more constipated so change to Aptimal colic and constipation. DH has gone to get it for me now. The only way I can get her to settle is on my chest so I have had to dig out the carrier. Hormones are crazy arnt they. DH is going on a stag on saturday, bless him he has said he will go for the daytime and come home for the night. Feel bad asking him to leave early. I'm just worried about being on my own for so long. I better get used to it really he is away for a week in July with work. (navy wife) so got to expect lots of time away

NoForkNKnife Wed 05-Jun-13 17:53:12

inneed it can take an hour for a feed. It can also take less than 20mins!

beaut that'd upset me a bit too. With the extra hormones it'll only exasperate the issue.

Hi tiger. There can't be many if any left on the post natal thread can there?

Ellypoo Wed 05-Jun-13 17:54:44

We are using cow & gate 1 formula but A has really bad trapped wind so I've just been to get her some cow & gate comfort to see if that helps. Friends have found the Hipp organic to be really good for their refluxy babies.

10 we have had some huge arguments since getting out of nnu, think all the normal stresses of having a new baby combined with the fact that S was so early and everything that went with that is bound to put the 2 of you under a lot of pressure, and often people do take it out on those closest - I hope that he will be super dooper nice to you to make up for being so nasty.

Ellypoo Wed 05-Jun-13 17:56:24

Nofork I hope the scan reassures you xx

Ellypoo Wed 05-Jun-13 17:59:14

Oh and A will take 90 - 120 ml roughly every 4 hrs, although I do give her closer to 150ml at night in a bid to get her to sleep longer! Feeds generally take between 30-60 min because I break off to wind her or to wake her part way through.

Zorra Wed 05-Jun-13 18:07:26

Sorry everyone who's having a tricky time, hoping everything settles soon x

ButteryJam Wed 05-Jun-13 19:53:36

Thanks everyone and sorry to all those having a hard time, I've also had a row with DP sad

Boiled water sounds like a good idea. How much should I give baby and when?

NoForkNKnife Wed 05-Jun-13 22:21:16

Buttery-are you bf? Giving boiled water isn't necessary or recommended if you are. If you do give boiled water I'd make sure it want close to a feed and not give much. It's a bit easier when they're a bit older. When theyre this young it's hard to give anything really.
How constipated is your LO? When was the last time they went? The consultant today wasn't too worried about A only going once every 7 days and I've heard of longer.

SevenReasonsToSmile Wed 05-Jun-13 22:59:57

Not pooing really isn't a big issue if it doesn't seem to be bothering them. If you give water I'd only start on around an oz and see how you get on with it.

B will take 4-5oz of formula, sometimes up to 4 hours apart, then sometimes she'll only go 2 hours. She's a piglet though, she'd gained almost a whole pound in a week when she was last weighed a week ago.

10 what a horrible stressful situation, much grovelling required. Being sleep deprived definitely makes everything harder though, it makes DH grumpy and it makes me take things the wrong way and be upset by things that wouldn't normally bother me.

buttery blame sleep deprivation, we had a row a couple of days ago at 4.30am when DH got woken up by me feeding B.

nofork hope you get some reassurance from the scan smile

Boodstress Thu 06-Jun-13 02:07:48

BTW For FF babies water absolutely works to encourage them to poo and certain thicker feeds even suggest you do so regularly between feeds to keep babies regular.

TigerSwallowTail Thu 06-Jun-13 02:20:35

I think there's still one or two left fork, dd was only born on Monday and there were still some left waiting. Has anyone any tips on keeping her awake during feeds? I'm bottle feeding but she falls asleep halfway through a feed every time, or will fall asleep when I stop to burp her and won't finish the bottle off.

DXBMermaid Thu 06-Jun-13 03:27:20

Can I join the 'had a fight with DH' club? Quite a bit of bickering here, mostly about him wanting to be fed angry upsets me as he is a grown man who is quite capable of making his own sandwich and he is supposed to be helping me! Makes me sad too as we're wasting energy and time on stupid things instead of enjoying our time together as a family... Not quite sure if I know how to be a good wife and a good mother at the same time. At the moment all A's needs trump everything and I feel that mine trump his too. AIBU or is he? Also it's not that he is distrinterested in A, but he leaves virtually all of the taking care of her to me. I had so hoped he would take her from me after a feed without me having to ask, or forhim to change her nappy without being asked. Anyway rant over today is a new day so let's see what it will bring.

joanna0211marie Thu 06-Jun-13 04:05:25

Marking my spot to write about my lovely new daughter and our birth story, too tired right now! X

Bunnychan Thu 06-Jun-13 07:14:34

Just coming over to say hi, now that I can finally join x

Sisi8 Thu 06-Jun-13 08:20:13

I am still ante natal :-( 41 weeks today, can 't wait to join you here soon. Had a sweep on tues and another tomorrow so fingers crossed. Lovely to hear all your birth stories and good or not so good they have all helped me get a better understanding of what's in store. Hope you all have a good day.

ButteryJam Thu 06-Jun-13 08:49:52

Been off painkillers for 24 hours now - which is a big achievement for me, after 2 weeks of 1g paracetamol every six hours. Anyone else took paracetamol post birth for that long?

A question regarding expressing milk: If I express more regularly, will that increase milk supply?

Artichook Thu 06-Jun-13 09:13:36

Welcome to the new post natal ladies and good luck to Sisi for what may be our last arrival.

Also nice to hear from you Ellypoo.

I cannot believe how crappy some of the DPs and DHs on this thread are behaving. In my book a woman with a newborn should not be expected to do ANYTHING to look after other grown adults and anyone who does expect her to is well put of order. As for rude comments and flouncing out I'd be fuming. I know the men are going through transitions too but they haven't just gone through a massive physical trauma, a huge hormone surge and they are rarely the ones that are sleep deprived. Moreover their lives carry on with some continuity with work etc while the mothers have very little continuity. I am extremely blessed that my DH recognises all of this but I really feel for those going through rough relationship times.

Re constipation, if your baby is EBF then it is fine for them to go several days between poos. Often their bodies just absorb most of the BM so there is v little to poo out. They don't need water or anything. DS has three poo days and some no poo days, my DD1 was also EBF and often went eight days between poos but the Drs were relaxed.

Artichook Thu 06-Jun-13 09:15:32

Buttery - do you want to increase supply? If so expressing might help but putting the baby to the breast more regularly is the best approach.

NoForkNKnife Thu 06-Jun-13 09:18:16

Buttery-when you say express more, do you mean more often? Then yes smile. I express until no more milk comes out. For me, that's now only 10mins. But it took a lot longer in the beginning.

A has turned into a milk monster. Please let this be a growth spurt! Shame it didn't happen a few days before yesterday's appts.

DXB you certainly NBU! But men seem to need to be asked to do things. It doesn't seem to enter their heads.

roastpotatoes Thu 06-Jun-13 10:00:56

Woohoo great to see some new joiners!

I'm so sorry to hear of all the arguments - it is tough when sleep deprivation makes everyone irritable. But hang on in there, it's just a phase. The other evening when DH got home from work, the LO happened to be settled, so we sat at the table and had a beer and a chat. It was so nice, felt like ages since we'd had a proper chat. Made me resolve to try and do that more often. It only needs twenty mins but makes everything so much easier.

All going ok here. Still relying on quite a lot of formula top ups and still hopeful that I will be able to up my supply. I've been drinking mama tea, and loads of water to stay hydrated. Am going to try pumping more, but find it hard to find the time. Any other tips gladly received.

A is now four weeks and sleep is slowly improving. She went from 11pm until 3am and then 4.30 until 7am last night. I can survive on that.

Spent the day at my MILs yesterday. Before I had a baby, the idea if spending a whole day there without DH would have worried be but I had such a nice day. It was so relaxing having meals put in front of my and having other people wanting to cuddle the baby. Definitely going to do that again!

beaut just saw on FB that you're having a tough day. Hope you are OK. Cut yourself some slack and don't feel guilty

MissLurkalot Thu 06-Jun-13 10:22:32

Is it ok for me to join the Facebook page? Can someone give me the group name? Is that ok?

I'm sorry OH's are being hard work! It's the last thing you need when you've got a new baby to deal with.
I had a better night last night, despite J being so bloody snuffily, poor lamb. Thanks for the recommendations about the nasal spray and aspirator, they really work.
I hope everyone has a good day.

CluelessNewbie1 Thu 06-Jun-13 18:13:27

Hi everyone. Can I join you over here? Pippa Violet was born at home on the 4th June. x

NoForkNKnife Thu 06-Jun-13 18:58:47

Congratulations, Clueless.

I've got my self into a state. My DM has been nagging me to talk to the drs about A having outstretched hands a lot. She will grasp your finger, but it's quite loose.
I didn't think much of it. They noticed it on the unit and didn't say anything, more of a 'awwww, look'.
But I've just googled it and it's called hypotonia. It can just be down to prematurity but it can also be a sign I cerebal palsy (also more likely in preemies). I'm now worried sick, especially because of what happened at birth with the whole cord clamping fiasco. I've got to wait 8 weeks to see the consultant again.

Why the hell did I google sad?

ButteryJam Thu 06-Jun-13 19:00:57

Welcome Cluelessnewbie! smile

Having an awful day today sad my infected/thrush affected breast is only producing 20ml per express and it is getting more and more painful. Finally had to give in and give baby formula. Have no idea what to do now. Whether to continue expressing from there, and feeding from the other breast, or whether to decide on going for pure FF. I've just had an awful few days, and too much pressure on myself to produce milk.

I also don't know if baby is colicky or was just hungry. She makes straining noises and movements, and I'm wondering whether I should offer her infacol? Health visitor said its normal for babies to cry when pooing sad, there's no need to give anything but I think baby needs something! Anyone else used infacol?

Also, any suggestions on which formula milk to give? Gave baby some actimel, but need to go out and get some more. She isn't constipated but strains and cries a lot when pooing. DP thinks its because of hunger, I think it's because she is struggling with pooing.

ButteryJam Thu 06-Jun-13 19:02:14

Roast potatoes, which formula milk do you use for topups?

Rhienne Thu 06-Jun-13 19:04:25

To those asking about spots: DS1 had them, DS2 now has them. Our pediatric nurse says it's hormones - they get them as teenagers (years) and as teenagers (days) smile.

I really wouldn't jump to any conclusions about intolerances if they are the only symptoms!

They should vanish on their own in a week or two.

ButteryJam Thu 06-Jun-13 19:08:44

Sorry not actimel, aptamil

Ellypoo Thu 06-Jun-13 19:56:49

Buttery I use cow & gate - tried her on the comfort milk last night/today but she doesn't seem to like it so have gone back to the normal one. I used the SMA ready made one to try at 1st but she was sick more with it than with breast milk and is hardly sick at all with cow & gate.

Used infacol for a while (need to let it build up before its really effective) but currently using gripe water sometimes.

Boodstress Thu 06-Jun-13 20:13:15

Expressing will inceease supply albeit not as efficiently as BFing.
Just had a killer day. Went to my 6 week check with DD & was sent to hospital for an ultra sound as I've had a very sore lumpy area on on side of my stomach - like someone left a bit of old rope in there in surgery. My doctor did not laugh at this possibility but said we need to find out just what it is. I was so under prepared as I only had an hour and was collecting DS and shopping when she called with the appointment. I had cartons of formula that she isn't taking, no bibs, no wipes and a very bored 3 year old kicking off when she did. Eventually saw gyne who said we can't fit you in til 2.30 tomrw but did temp, urine etc. she felt my tummy & then got boss man who put me on condine plus for pain (welcome back constipation)!and said that although it appears superficial they need to scan with the internal ultrasound tomrw. Yuk and stress. DH will take pm off work so I can go alone. Thankfully eldest was on play date til 6 (getting face burnt cause I didn't pack hat blush. I'm so sore and can't even lift the car seat. It may well be scar tissue but you just don't know and how long will I hurt. DD on baby gaviscon now so hoping it makes a difference. Moan moan - sorry! I dyed my roots before getting the boys to school this morning so I was ready for bed by 8am.. It's all so overwhelming.

Bunnychan Thu 06-Jun-13 20:35:07

My lo has been ever so sickly since we had to over feed her to get her weight up. All my lovely baby grows are staining from my milk; what can I use on them? X

Boodstress Thu 06-Jun-13 20:43:12

There is a green bar of old fashions red fairy washing soap which takes out everything including hardcore explosive poo stains. Shop around for it - I got it in a hardware shop here.

Boodstress Thu 06-Jun-13 20:46:38

fashioned sorry using my phone and I'm all thumbs as usual

Boodstress Thu 06-Jun-13 20:48:03

Ahhh and it's a green bar .. See above why I'm so all over the place

Boodstress Thu 06-Jun-13 20:48:56

Ahhh and it's a green bar .. See above why I'm so all over the place

Artichook Thu 06-Jun-13 21:11:30

Aw Fork step away from Google. You poor thing. I'm sure it's nothing especially if they noticed it on the unit and weren't concerned. If you are really worried can you look at getting your appt moved forward?

Bunny - we use Nappysan, it's great.

Buttery - some people feed exclusively using one breast only, it's definitely possible if you want to try. You'd be able to re establish supply in boob two once the thrush is sorted.

DXBMermaid Fri 07-Jun-13 02:35:49

I had such a fussy baby last night between 22.00 and 00.00 lots of feeding, lots of straining to poo, not wanting to be put down. Then at around midnight she filled her nappy and I could feel her entire body relax. She then slept till 04.30! Woke up to feed and is now lying next to me being awake, but am hoping for another snooze. Think those 4.5 hours is the longest stretch of sleep I've had in weeks!

10storeylovesong Fri 07-Jun-13 07:41:43

So much going on...

NoFork - I'd also second stepping away from google but I know how hard it is as I was on it constantly in nnu (and a lot since then). You really sound like you're going through it at the moment. Is there any chance of bringing your apt forward? 8 weeks seems a long time to leave you dangling. I don't know if it would work for you, but when I spotted S's hernia I brought it to HV attention who rang consultant direct and got me in that afternoon. Fingers crossed for the growth spurt as well!

bood how stressful, especially if unexpected. Good luck today x

buttery what are your baby's poos like? If they're quite loose then it's not constipation. I spoke to HV about it as I thought S was constipated and she said that unless they're like little rabbit pobbles then it's just the immaturity of their bowels making it look like they have to strain, and only going every few days is normal. It's uncomfortable to watch and a few times I was nearly in tears willing the poor little mite on as he strained, but it is normal and it does get better. Now I only know he's gone by the terrible stench wafting up... And sometimes the little smile he does afterwards!

I had a really bad afternoon when I posted on Wed, but things have much improved since. Dh came home with lots of apologies and a bottle of champagne, saying that though its been a bad year in many ways he wanted to celebrate that he had S and I as that was all he needed. We had a long chat, and talked through all the stresses we have been 'coping' with since Jan (the horrendous pregnancy, being told our baby wouldn't make it at 21 weeks, being admitted at 24 weeks, the surprise labour at 27 weeks and afterwards being told it was touch and go due to blood loss, not knowing whether we can have another, 9 weeks in nnu followed by emergency admission and op in Alder Hey). We've coped as we've not had time to think about it, and not actually dealt with any of it. I feel much better now we've talked about it all and got it out in the open.

And dad fixed the wardrobe...

I went out for coffee yesterday with a girl I went to primary school with and two of her friends who have just had babies and was so nice to chat and hear other people's problems and issues, and also see the fun I can expect as theirs were 5-6 months. Was lovely.

TigerSwallowTail Fri 07-Jun-13 07:43:53

nofork if it is reassuring in any way, my ds has hypotonia. He doesn't have cerebral palsy and just needs to do special exercises shown to us by an occupational therapist, otherwise he's fine and it doesn't affect him too much.

Nofork try not to google. I'm sure everything will be fine. Any problems would/will be picked up swiftly I'm sure. Sending you hugs.

10 Glad you are feeling happier and sorted things out with your DH.

MIL came over yesterday. Aarghh usually I get on great with her but she is really doing my head in. Every time T cries she tells me to feed him, she went mad as I kept older two off school and she said I shouldn't be drunk in charge of a baby (I had two small glasses of rose and DP was home and completely sober). On Saturday I have the pleasure of going to the park with her and all 3 children as DP is working. I'm dreading it. I don't want to feel bullied all day plus with all the walking this week, walking around a park does not appeal to me.

Rant over

10storeylovesong Fri 07-Jun-13 08:12:26

She sounds a nightmare! Can dp have a word? Tell her to back off a bit?

Bunnychan Fri 07-Jun-13 09:21:30

beaut my MIL visited everyday for the first four days. She sat on the sofa whilst DP ran around bringing her cups of tea and did nothing to help; except stay for at least 2 hours each visit and give DP bad advice. Luckily, she lives far away and has gone home now. I know how you feel.

NoForkNKnife Fri 07-Jun-13 09:29:17

Thank you all!

Feel much better. After posting she spent the evening grasping things and sucking her hands. blush. But she definitely followed the same patterns of the video I watched online, do I'll be asking next appt. Tiger thank you. Just what I wanted to hear smile.

10 sounds like a lovely evening has cleared the air (and with the wardrobe fixed too!). I think it's very easy to forget how much stress and the emotions you go through. One of the worst times for me was the week in hospital before hand. I could tell how concerned the drs were. I had the top consultants coming to talk to me etc and I couldn't get over the enormous anxiety until she was born alive. I know that sounds over dramatic. Then every little blip on the NNU sends you into a spin too.
Beaut I wouldn't be standing for that! And she was in your house at the time too? I think you need to think of some passive aggressive lines to snap back at her so you're ready. She needs to know. I've had quite a few small glasses of wine in the past 3 months!

Boodstress Fri 07-Jun-13 09:45:01

beaut I put distance between my MIL and I post birth if I can because her annoying comments plus my emotional tired hormonal self mean it usually ends uncomfortably. I read a really funny thing on FB once for MILs saying something like ' I'd take advice from you if I thought you did a perfect job with your son' lol!!
10 just shows how important communication is, I wrote this long post on here after getting back from hospital and then collapsed in front of the tv, my DH was asking how I was and I was going to just keep it brief cause I knew he was worried & tired but in the end I read what I wrote here and he had no idea it had been so stressful. We had a good chat. No substitute for a good old chat ...& a bottle of champers!!

I'm going to try and think of one liners to answer MIL back in preparation for tomorrow. If she says anything whilst out I will most definitely be getting DP to have a word.

T had his weigh in today. At 19 days old he is 8lb 4oz so has put on a lb since birth.

purrpurr Fri 07-Jun-13 17:07:58

Is there any room for one more? I popped in on the ante natal thread right at the very last minute (think it was the day before I was induced). I've been struggling a little bit since I had my DD.

Boodstress Fri 07-Jun-13 17:29:28

Of course purrpurr . Welcome aboard. Is DD your first? How was the birth? There is bucket loads of advice & understanding on here.

purrpurr Fri 07-Jun-13 19:18:00

Thanks for the welcome smile DD is my first yes, and I think only. I went in to be induced because I went two weeks overdue. As I was already contracting on arrival, they went straight to breaking my waters, then the Syntocinon drip. The induction went... wrong. After 4 hours of the kind of dark, vicious, inescapable artificial pain that only the NHS can provide, I ended up with an emergency c section and major PPH that was very nearly missed. I still can't really think about it properly because I have remembered every single bit of it like a film reel. I was never about the 'birth experience', I didn't have a birth plan, I only ever wanted my DD to come out healthy, and I got that, but I still feel like I paid for that, somehow.

My DD came out pink and perfect at 8lb 4oz. She dropped to 7lb 8oz and is now, at nearly 3 weeks, up to 8lb 9oz. She's deliciously chubby and pink with a little rosebud mouth and lovely blue eyes.

tasmaniandevilchaser Fri 07-Jun-13 19:29:05

Hey purr! I was wondering how you were doing? I was hoping no news was good news, really sorry to hear that induction went so wrong. Are you saying you had the drip with NO epidural?!? Good lord. That is wrong. I had the drip WITH epidural with dd and that was ferocious. Be very kind to yourself and take it very easy. Sounds like your dd is doing really well with that weight gain, well done!

Boodstress Fri 07-Jun-13 20:52:23

Sounds so like my first purrpurr. I know exactly what you mean about it being like a film reel. Talking about it - later on- really helps I found. She sounds perfect though and that .. Is what it's all about. X

TigerSwallowTail Sat 08-Jun-13 08:56:50

I had the drip without an epidural on Monday purr and the pain was utterly terrifying, the anaesthetist came in and offered me an epidural (there was no time as I pushed out dd about 15 minutes after being offered one!) and she said that she's never had anyone that's been on the drip that hasn't needed an ep. 4 hours is impressive, I was only on the drip for about 30 minutes before dd came, I definitely couldn't handle 4 hours of it.

cuppateaandagingersnap Sat 08-Jun-13 13:42:24

Hi all, just finally got round to posting here! Have been trying to read to the end of the thread for the last week but wee Thomas always seems to know when I'm sitting down with a cup of tea and my iPad! Don't think I've finished a cup of tea since he was born!
Hugs to everyone who's finding things challenging at the moment.
Thomas is now 2weeks, I'm doing my best to EBF, I have been doing occasional formula top ups especially in the early days when he was clearly still hungry after emptying both boobs. Trying to express as well so DH can do some feeds and he keeps up his bottle skills for later but finding the time to express is hard! I've been surprised at how I can function (more or less) on about 3 hours sleep a night and the (very) occasional nap.
I've just got all the thank you cards I ordered and the thought of writing them all is leaving me cold!

Bunnychan Sat 08-Jun-13 16:45:02

Help ladies, I'm so confused about Breastfeeding!
LO lost too much weight so was put on a plan of feeding 20-30 minutes 8 times a day. She put plenty back on after two days but was constantly sick. Now I'm trying to do 8 feeds but she only wants to be on for 10-15 minutes and I'm struggling- I'm having to wake her/ force to feed. My breasts are sore and she spits half of it back up. I'm seeing a breast feeding support on tues but I'm worried about her. She's wetting plenty of nappies but hasn't pooed today. How much/ how long do u feed for? X

Bunnychan Sat 08-Jun-13 16:57:22

Forgot to put, my milk literally pours out x

Boodstress Sat 08-Jun-13 17:33:23

My boys did a full feed in 10 mins and nothing could have enticed them to stay on longer. If I managed it they would just bring it back up shortly after. FF full time with DD but my guess would be more feeds of shorter length but that's hard if you're sore . My two both got to the hind milk in minutes so were putting on weight steadily.

Artichook Sat 08-Jun-13 17:51:47

Bunny, my DC1 took 40 minutes to empty one side and liked to hang out on the breast, she would have stayed there all day! DC2 would empty a side in 7 mins and refuse to suck for a moment more. DC3 takes about 15-20 minutes per side and always falls asleep so can't be made to suck more. So basically they are all different. BF babies often go several days without poos its nothing to worry about. If your LO put weight back on and is alert with wet nappies I'd relax about the feeding regime.

FrustratedSycamoresRocks Sat 08-Jun-13 21:23:02

bunny when you say it pours out, am I right in thinking you have full breasts, they never feel empty, refil quickly, leak forcefully, squirt milk across the room when dd pulls off ? If it is, I would hazard a guess that you have oversupply and forceful letdown, (2 different things, but usually occur together).

My dd1 used to feed in less than 10minutes. And only ever took one side. (Oversupply and forceful letdown)
Dd2 fed for about 45minutes, took both sides. (No o/s or f/l)
Ds1 feeds pretty much continuously on and off all day. Gorges himself and is sick after every feed. (O/s and f/l again)

Dd1 only pooed once a week until weaning started.

The best thing (ime) to combat the sickness that Ive found is to keep offering the same side (during the same feed,) so ds gets enough of the hindmilk. And regular burping.

Bunnychan Sat 08-Jun-13 21:36:06

frustrated that sounds about right. It doesn't squirt but tend to run everywhere, my breasts are constantly full and I can express til the cows come home. When i feed from one side, i get through a breast pad on the other during the feed. She always coughs/splutters milk back up after feeds. I feel like I'm drowning her x

FrustratedSycamoresRocks Sat 08-Jun-13 21:50:34

You could try expressing the initial "umph" off before you feed her?
Other thing that might help is positioning. Keeping dd above the nipple. So gravity helps her and she doesnt choke ao much. (And if they are gulping to try and keep up with the milk they take in more air so will be more windy and sicky)

Lying on your back with her on top, feeding lying down with her next to you, leaning back when feeding.

It also gets easier when they get bigger and can feed in more of a sitting position as you can get them higher than the breast easier then.

TerracottaPie Sat 08-Jun-13 22:07:24

What frustrated said ^^

I've always had a forceful letdown and probably oversupply too. I've had the choking, coughing, gulping it down babies alongside the leaky, squirty boobs with all of mine.

Definitely regular winding through the feed. Some other things that have helped me in the past are lying down to feed - as then any excess can easily get dribbled out the side of her mouth rather than gulped down - and feeding in a more upright position.

Kellymom is a great website for all breastfeeding worries. (I've linked straight to the oversupply page)

Also, bfing, no matter how many times you've done it has its challenges. I'm on DC4 now, I've bf them all and I still don't have it right with one!

hopefully you'll get some good help on Tuesday

Bunnychan Sat 08-Jun-13 22:19:22

Thanks ladies! I'm going to try leaning back when feeding on my next feed. I've gone and googled it and definately seems like I have both problems. Will it settle down or will it always be this way? X

shelly81 Sat 08-Jun-13 22:28:03

Ladies is anyone struggling to get there babies to feed for long in this heat ?? My LO just wants to sleep & wake up for a 10 min feed then back to sleep .... The heat has really wiped her out xx

TigerSwallowTail Sun 09-Jun-13 00:03:04

Yes shelly I'm having problems keeping this little one awake for her feeds. What I've found that works is not changing her before her bottle, then when she falls asleep halfway through taking a bottle I'll then change her which wakes her up enough to finish off her milk.

purrpurr Sun 09-Jun-13 00:39:59

Tas I kept meaning to come back and update on the Overdue thread that we were on, but finding time to do anything is really rather tricky! How did things work out for you? I need to go find the antenatal thread and see if you posted there - could do with another hour in the day smile

Bood I had no idea it could be that bad - I can't ever see myself going through it again, particularly as they've warned me that I'm pretty much guaranteed to have a major PPH in subsequent deliveries sad It's good to hear that you can move past it, to a certain extent, in order to go on to have more children. Right now that seems impossible :/

Tiger I did forget to mention that after 2 hours, I asked for pain relief - I went for diamorphine (sp?) which seemed to take away the bleak wraparound effect of the pain so I was at least in the room and able to talk to my husband and the midwife between contractions. By the time it all got a bit scary and they said I'd have to have a c section I was secretly so relieved that it was soon going to be over. I remember gibbering madly to the midwife/my husband/everyone in the room about the pain, which had become something like thick black smoke everywhere, and almost being obsessed by the fact that when the diamorphine had kicked in, it's like it hunted down the pain and gave it a postcode so I could actually deal with it. I do wonder, if they could provide a relatively accurate simulation of the pain you experience on the drip, to men, to non-pregnant women, to politicians... To human rights activists... Whether we would still be so bloody keen to use the drip to induce, without automatically offering significant pain relief as part of the drip itself.

Well the last few days have been tiring, I've got a horrible dry cough which is keeping me up and unfortunately wakes my DD up too. I try to nip out into the hall to cough but that does get in the way of trying to sleep! There have been lovely moments with DD though - I bathed her for the 4th time today, I've been giving her a wash on the change mat because being undressed, and wet, for any fraction of time, reduces her to chin-quivering sobs (which breaks my heart) but today I filled her bath deep enough for her long body to be able to float in, and she was super spaced out baby, really chilled, just staring up at me and gently kicking her legs underwater. Me and my DH were peering down at her little face and making (no doubt very nauseating) 'awww hello' type cooing noises, and she was peering back up at us like we were the most interesting thing she had ever seen. Sooo sweet!

Oh and we had our first poo explosion today - when I was changing her, she did a fair few farts and suddenly a river of mustard poo wooshed up the changing mat, off the edge and up my trouser leg! And the SMELL! Dear oh dear. Nuclear baby!!

Bunnychan Sun 09-Jun-13 08:40:43

purr we had that last night, got through about 3 nappies as everytime I put the clean one, she went off again. It's always when DP is asleep too! Lol x

lollypopsicle Sun 09-Jun-13 11:51:29

Hello everyone. Finally had DD 11 days overdue on 3rd June. Can't believe that was almost a week ago! Not had the chance to check in here until now. Having said this, I have been keeping up with the thread and finding lots of the advice useful. grin

Just marking my place, really. Will add my birth story when I get a chance.

10storeylovesong Sun 09-Jun-13 12:13:04

Another one with lots of poo explosions last night (the baby!). After being a little star all day he had me up all night whimpering and grunting with his stomach and would only sleep on me. He clearly had bellyache, it was a shame. Wonder if the heat had something to do with it??

FrustratedSycamoresRocks Sun 09-Jun-13 13:58:33

Haha 10 I (ds) had poo explosions this morning. <rolls eyes> I had to put my pjs, dressing gown, and my bed sheets in for wash this morning. grin that's what I get for being cocky about his wee fountain missing me.

Boodstress Sun 09-Jun-13 14:44:34

Congrats lolly .. Welcome to the other side

purrpurr Sun 09-Jun-13 15:12:09

Can I ask how people do happy changing? We're using cotton wool and water, but that means I don't want to put a clean nappy under dd as soon as the dirty one is removed, as the new one will get poo or wee water in it from the process of cleaning her, so we put a couple of sheets of kitchen roll under her - also works well for soaking up the inevitable nappy-free wees and poo shoots she does. Her little bum does seen a bit red though. I give her time to air dry, try to be gentle wiping her down and use sudocrem. Am I missing anything?

purrpurr Sun 09-Jun-13 15:12:28

Happy changing! Ha.

Bunnychan Sun 09-Jun-13 15:30:29

Lol! Happy changing! I wish! She hates it! I'm yet to master this and usually end up covered in wee or worse x

purrpurr Sun 09-Jun-13 15:42:52

Aww Bunny! I know what you mean, I feel like I could do with 3 hands for nappy changing, sometimes it's like trying to put a nappy on a sprinkler. And why does she always seem to dip her heel in her pooey nappy before I managed to whip it away? Ew!

TigerSwallowTail Sun 09-Jun-13 16:25:19

What is happy changing?

FrustratedSycamoresRocks Sun 09-Jun-13 17:22:58

tiger it's when you grin madly whilst wiping poo off your trousers and wee off your face grin whilst dropping the dirty nappy, loosing the clean one, and sitting on the open pack of wipes (or on the wet cotton wool). Not forgetting to chant the mantra "happy changing happy changing" grin

Bunnychan Sun 09-Jun-13 18:09:33

I love the whole 'changing time is a wonderful time to bond with your baby. Play with her, tickle her belly and talk to her'. I read that when I was pregnant now it's a case of whip a new nappy on before she starts weeing or worse again. This is combined with DP & I getting stressed as she kicks her legs and wails like a banshee whilst we change her lol x

purrpurr Sun 09-Jun-13 18:51:11

Frustrated Brilliant! Just laughed so hard I sounded a bit like Jimmy Carr. Absolutely brilliant.

scooby26 Sun 09-Jun-13 18:53:01

Advice pls- I was banned from BF by consultant last time due to DS weight issues. This time in theory seems to be working - ie DS putting on weight, sleeping etc. however we had latch issues initially that caused sire nipples. I sought advice and that is much improved - wk 2 was painless and nipples virtually healed.unfirtunately they are agony again! Both are bright pink and feel raw. I rang gp out of hours and was simply told 'BF' hurts! I think it's prob thrush due to the cracks. I'm happy in theory to BF but I'm fed up that these issues seem constant- ie get over one thing for another to happen! And with no medical support it'll just get worse! Anyone else similar?

FrustratedSycamoresRocks Sun 09-Jun-13 20:00:15

Oh scooby doctors with that sort of attitude make my blood boil. Breastfeeding isn't meant to hurt.

Does your ds have a white tongue? If it is thrush ds will need drops for his tongue an you will need tablets. (The external cream does not work if it is in your milk ducts) with the right treatment thrush can be treated in a week.

I fed dd1 for 18mths with no pain. I won't say no issues, but I had no pain. (I had oversupply and forceful letdown- but that's something you either have or dont have from the start)
Breastfeeding can be lovely. Do you have a breastfeeding support group near you?

We had loads of poop nappies to. My tiny girl smells disgusting. Prob is the heat thinking about it.

Ellypoo Sun 09-Jun-13 22:13:07

A had a really sore bum, and had poo'd every time we changed her - in the end, she had ABs, changed the nappies, switched to formula and started using bepanthen - def helped. Also plenty nappy free time. Currently suffering with constipation (only been since yesterday morning but know she's struggling) - hopefully only the heat, but have been giving her cool boiled water to try to help too. She has been v v grumpy, especially in the mornings but hopefully will pass!

Ellypoo Sun 09-Jun-13 22:14:46

Very stinky trumps too!!! I nearly gagged when I cleaned up her poo explosion a couple of days ago (which resulted in me having to throw away some shorts & a vest!!)!

scooby26 Mon 10-Jun-13 00:30:36

Frustrated- no DS oesnt have it - yet.! But I gather best to treat both from outset. My midwife said BF hurts nd nipples have to toughen when I had the initial latch issues! Great help !

I have been to BFcounsellor twice at drop in but there's no help at weekend and I'm away for the week from tomorrow, I do rate her but can't do much without seeing her and she can't prescribe.

I'm happy to BF but not if its gonna hurt forever- that would be stupid! I also seem to missing out a lot with DS1- if I FF there would be a routine and DH could help to enable me to spend more time with DS1.cant believe I'm contemplating it as on paper I'd rather BF!

purrpurr Mon 10-Jun-13 04:55:04

Ugh. One hour of sleep so far tonight. If its not my coughing keeping me up, it's poor DD and what I think is wind, or reflux. Sleeps really well on my chest, but not so well on her back. Really wanted to get out of the house today too, but so tired just standing up makes everything all wooshy. Really really hoping that DD doesn't have colic, she doesn't cry round the clock, I think it's constipation? Anyone else having sleep troubles?

tasmaniandevilchaser Mon 10-Jun-13 05:53:35

Yes purr, no sleep here either. DS will only sleep on me unless he's in a deep sleep and I just can't stay awak that long, so I keep jolting awake and finding DS asleep on me or on the bed. Got the bed set up for co sleeping but still worried I'll smother him