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September 2012 - They're on the move

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Hello everyone. Hope you all find us safe.
Welcome to any newcomers too.

DD just tried to brush her hair with a hairbrush. Very clever!

ThedementedPenguin Mon 29-Apr-13 12:10:38

Oh signing in. I really need to catch up on the old thread.

Glad a new one has been set up smile

shoeprincess2 Mon 29-Apr-13 15:09:58

Well hello ladies! It has been a long time since I posted- returned to work on 9th April and it was fine. Oliver has settled in nursery really well- he is such a lovely, happy little boy. Textbook daytime baby. However, he is still waking up at night. He has only slept through twice since birth and that was last week. It is absolutely exhausting. I feel like a zombie most of the time. Plus DS 2.8 is having full blown tantrums at the moment. His behaviour is awful. He is so affectionate, but also incredibly bossy. It is really wearing. I keep saying to DP that it will pass, but I may have completely lost the plot by that point! Hope you ladies are all ok xx

leelteloo Mon 29-Apr-13 16:10:26

Hmmm on the move; not here lol, he's still got to master sitting blush

Not moving here either - although DDmwill stay sat when you sit her up and she really is trying to crawl, but hasn't worked out she needs to lift her tummy/bum up so isn't getting very far!

Very clever WhereAreMyShoes - this morning K tried to brush her hair with a shredded wheat. Yuck. She has started clapping when you pick her up from a nap which is very cute though - and I got a perfect 'Mama' today! (At 5 am. Still, not bad!)

Hi shoeprincess, good to see you back.
It must be really hard to be back at work and up in the night still. DD is still waking 3 or 4 times for comfort feeding so I'll soon be in the exhausted zone again.
I can't even try to get out of bed before 6am so getting up and ready for work is going to be tough.
Earlier nights for me!

My DS is the same age as yours and we're having the tantrums at the moment. The -if I don't like what I hear/see/smell etc then I'll flop on the floor in a big heap and wail whilst you try to find out what is wrong- tantrums.
One of his new ones is whenever I tell him off he tries to divert my attention by whining asking for a cuddle. We all know he doesn't want one!

I bet they'll all be moving pretty fast by the time we finish this thread!

Nightmare I was eating my dinner when I saw your post and snorted on my pizza!
Well done for getting a Mama. DS took fucking forever ages to say anything and even then his first words were the numbers 1-10 hmm

I've actually had a rubbish few days with the kids.
DP and I are both apprehensive about returning to work as he really didn't think he was up to looking after with of them. But his application into the army is on a go slow due to the fitness (he's got nearly ten years on the younger boys joining) so we don't really have much choice.

I think the sooner I get back next week the better.

Just to show my scatter brain, I went along to my gp earlier for an appointment for surgery on my head. All psyched up, slightly nervous but glad the day had finally come.
It's tomorrow.
I wondered why my phone reminder hadn't gone off.

ThedementedPenguin Tue 30-Apr-13 00:02:23

Hello shoeprincess good to hear from you again. I'm glad Oliver settled into nursery for you. I'd imagine it makes it slightly easier if they are settled, less to worry about.

Herbie is still up 2-3 times a night angry and has only slept through twice. I'm exhausted at the minute and could really do with a full nights sleep.

Herbie is sitting up so well but is not on the move yet, well except in his walker. When he is in it he wrecks everything, pulls whatever is on the table onto the floor. No talking here although claps his hands all day long and sometimes when I'm putting him back into bed after a feed in the night. It's cute but at that time I'm too tired.

I can't quite figure out his food and bottles. It was going so well then bam one day he refused everything, think it was teething.
So today went like this
1.31am - 5oz
5.30am -4oz
9am -very small amount of porridge
9.30am -4oz
1pm- a very small lunch
1.30pm -6oz
5.15pm -a jar of food, and some pudding
6.30pm -5oz
8pm- 5oz.

ThedementedPenguin Tue 30-Apr-13 00:10:18

Sorry posted too soon, although that was a huge post

whereare I hope your appointment goes okay tomorrow.

I hope the tantrums pass soon for you both, I'm sure it's an awful stage. I've only seen my cousins doing it and I am not looking forward to that stage, although he has quite the tantrums at the minute. So frustrating.

I'm going to make a doctors app tomorrow as I've been bleeding on and off since Jan and I'm getting really sick of it. When I think it's over it comes back with a vengeance (sp?) a few days later. I'm hoping it will be something simple like the pill causing it but I was on this pill for ages before Herbie and I never bleed like this. Hopefully will get some answers tomorrow.

leelteloo Tue 30-Apr-13 04:35:16

So again this morning ds woke up 15 mins earlier than the night before: if he goes on at this rate he'll be waking up 15 mins after I put him down.
This morning I thought he had settled in his cot, I put his dummy back and did a bit of shh pat and he went quiet shock. Yes I thought: 5 mins later he started to cry and I didn't pick him up and he just went mental. I have never heard him cry like that and then he wouldn't stop. Even when I took him in bed. Dh got up and had a go at soothing him but he was getting worse. Ended up having to put In The bloody Night Garden on at 3.35. And now I have just had to give him his morning milk. I feel I'm not going the right way about this at all and have visions of being up all night with him for years to come like with dd. It must be me; I am too soft, just cave in.
I have decided that when he is 8 months we are going to try cc or cry it out or some version. He can't be hungry really, he eats like a horse all day long and is still having all his milk. I think I pick him up quick because I worry he will wake up dh and dd. I feel so stressed and worried when he cries at night so I do anything to make him stop. That has got to change. I think I would be much tougher if I was alone with him.
Anyway, he is in bed with me, full of milk and looking jolly sleepy so I'll try get some sleep.
Hope gp goes well TDP.

Thanks Penguin, I'll be sorry from myself later after I've had my head chopped about a bit shock
Herbie's food sounds about right to me. I don't know about milk but I'm sure you're doing fine. DD refused all food yesterday and was in a right old mood all day but after I gave up and put some banana on her tray she ate it all. She's so fickle!

Leelteloo I know how you feel about night times.
I ended up doing some kind of cc with DS and he sleeps alright but DP was on nights so it was just me and I could get on with it.
Now, I get really tetchy letting her cry because I have DP here and I really don't want to upset DS sleeping either.
But something's got to give, so it's me. I feed her to sleep and let her sleep in my bed if I can't get her in her cot without waking her up.
It won't be forever. <said whilst rubbing eyes and taming scarecrow hair/face>

Hopefully we'll come out unscathed and in a few year's time we'll think nothing of lying in till 10am after a full night sleep. envy

ThedementedPenguin Tue 30-Apr-13 20:34:25

How did the appointment go today whereare?

I actually went to doctors (have put it off since Jan) anyways I have to go back tomorrow for another smear, swabs and an internal. Woo sad not looking forward to it but I suppose it will hopefully put my mind at ease if I get something sorted.

Doctor said she would normally put it down to the pill but due to abnormal cells and biopsy she wants to get sure and wants to check cervix and all. Then when results come back ill maybe have to change pill.

I hope it's something small and easy to sort. I'm completely dreading tomorrow. So glad I had Herbie today so I could go back alone tomorrow. Also means I can shave my legs before I go down haha

Oh Penguin, it's horrible not knowing what's going on with your own body isn't it?
But, it is quite possibly the pill, even though you were OK with with it before.
I have polycystic ovaries and never had a natural period after the first one I had when I was 14. Only ever had them while on the pill or other hormones.
Then 9 months after having DS I started having regular periods and got pregnant again with DD. Pregnancy can do funny things to you even after birth.

Thanks for asking. It went well, I had a cyst removed from my scalp, on the top of my head. So now have a sore, baldy bit.
there's a klaxon thread in chat if you're into details grin grin grin

Forgetfulmog Tue 30-Apr-13 20:59:47

Hi ladies,

I was wondering if I could join? My due date was oct last year, but had to be induced early so she was born in sep smile

She's ebf & still feeding every 2-3 hrs day & night so I hear you all on the sleep deprivation although thankfully I'm not working!

Welcome Forgetful, hope you're well.
Night two of trying to get DD to sleep in her cot and she's just woken up sc-reaming because she wasn't in my bed. I decided I'd just come to bed so left her there for a second to get undressed and she went doolally. Gawd know what the neighbours must think!

Now happily feeding and sleepy again. angry
She will sleep in her cot. One day.

ThedementedPenguin Tue 30-Apr-13 21:41:40

Hi forgetful have you started weaning? How's it going?

I read the other thread whereare sounds like it went well although please do not bang your head again. It all sounds very painful.

Does your Dd move around a lot? I couldn't sleep with Herbie in bed every night, he always pulls my hair and head butts me. Thank god he is in his own bed.

I'm hoping it is the pill, but because it didn't happen before I've made things way worse in my head. So I've just to get tomorrow over me and then hopefully ill get a new contraception. How many pills is there?

There are loads of different pills out there. I remember years ago I was given a few different combined pills as I was getting sore hip and knee joints and apparently different brands can give different side effects.
Are you on a minipill? I know it's quite common to have lots of bleeding with that. It's the same kind of drug to the mirena (not copper) coil and the implant, so beware if they try to persuade you onto either of those.
My local NHS staff really push the mirena coil. It must be cheap!

I'm considering the copper coil. But worried about the insertion. I've had all sorts of painful things lately so get a bit uptight about inviting more pain.

DD just woke and won't go back to sleep in her cot so back in bed with me. I'm such a soft touch.
She doesn't really move all that much in bed. I put a pillow behind her back to stop her rolling off the bed and lie her on her side facing me and she just goes to sleep feeding. But in her cot, as soon as she wakes she rolls around and gets stuck sideways. And gets seriously arsey.
If only she'd take a dummy.
But then I love our cuddles in bed. She's so warm and snuggly. Doesn't really help with an attitude like that, does it?! grin

ThedementedPenguin Tue 30-Apr-13 23:42:41

Em I'm on cerazette. Had no problems with it before. I was actually very shocked when I found out I was pregnant as I hadn't had a period in months before hand. So after Herbie I couldn't decide what to have or start so I just started taking what I had. Went to docs in Jan and got more. Had no bleeding until start of Jan, which made me think it was more to do with abnormal cells and all.

I don't want a coil, I have had enough fading about with my fanjo I'm not asking for any more. ESP after tomorrow. Was reading up on them tonight. So I'm not sure what to so tomorrow. Should I ask for a new pill.

I was on the combined pill before this one for about 6/7 months but I ended up with really bad headaches and migraines, double vision and I collapsed a few times so doctor took me off and I was fine after that so I'm a bit unsure about taking another one. Was bad enough without a baby but imagine if it happened again and Herbie was on this own for a while. Too scary.

Herbie awake, fed and away to bed again. Just which he wouldn't get up. But I can almost set my watch by him every night.

You could ask for a different minipill. At least if you don't get on with it you can stop taking it. Unlike the long term things.

If worst came to the worst, you could just stop all pills and have a rest from them.
See what they say and if you're not happy could you go to a family planning clinic? I've found they're very understanding. After all, preventing pregnancies is one of their main priorities.

I know how you feel about all the poking around. You just want to be left alone.
After recovering from birth, which takes me longer mentally to recover than physically, you just don't want any more inspections.
I hope it's not too bad for you. Can you maybe treat yourself after? Take Herbie out for a coffee and cake? Or a can of coke in the park? It was so lovely and sunny here yesterday, hopefully you get some too.

Forgetfulmog Wed 01-May-13 08:35:39

Hi all, yes we have started weaning - started off with purées but dd decided a few weeks ago to refuse spoon feeding (unless its yoghurt!) & so now were doing BLW. She loves watercress for some reason, strange child! I've been giving her porridge fingers for breakfast, which she loves, bit & pieces for lunch & a bit of whatever we're having (minus salt) for tea. She did have reflux & I had to give up dairy, but thankfully that's sorted itself out now so I can drink tea again, yay!

Forgetfulmog Wed 01-May-13 08:40:19

Wherearemyshoes - watching your posts with interest as my dd has been sleeping with me for the past 4 months - she was originally sleeping on me, but thankfully she will now sleep snuggled next to me. We've bought a cot for her & need to start putting her in her own room, but things are a bit difficult atm - DH needs his sleep & I need him to be available to help (he's doing a degree atm & has assignments due), but once his UNI year is finished (in a couple of weeks) we're going to start trying to put her in her own room. Then maybe DH & I can actually spend some time together! At the moment, we only see each other at tea time & when we give dd her bath (& fleetingly at bed time!).

Forgetfulmog Wed 01-May-13 08:41:48

Re contraception - have you thought of Implanon? It's the only contraceptive I ever got on with. It's similar to the mini pill, but less hormoney.

ThedementedPenguin Wed 01-May-13 10:14:04

I can't go to a family planning clinic as they are a drive away, not far no I have no car atm. So I'll see how doctors go before I maybe go down that route. I'm just not sure whether I should be asking for a new contraception today or whether I should leave it or a while.

I'm going down by myself, I don't think Herbie will be settled during, and he didn't fall asleep yesterday so ill go alone. Although I might go to shop to try and get an outfit for Sunday as its my cousins baptism, and I have nothing to wear.

It's all crop tops everywhere ATM and there's no way I can ever support one of them again. Need to lose the mummy tummy haha

Yes the weather has been lovely here, it's so good to see the sunshine as I'm so sick of rain and crap dull weather. I've been trying to spend a lot more time outside with Herbie as he loves being out there.

I think I'll try blw now, we had Chinese last night and Herbie ate a noodle he loved it. So I'm going to try and give him more to play with and eat as he is now interested in food. Although I need to get my head around it all and get some more stuff in the house.

Forgetful I take its the implant, I'm not to fussed on it. There's been a few people in my family that has been on it and they either bleed a lot or got very angry. So I'm too afraid to try it.

Forgetfulmog Wed 01-May-13 10:20:07

Fair enough penguin, for me it was the only contraceptive that didn't give me massive mood swings & I also lost weight whilst on it smile. The bleeding thing is true though, I did have 2 periods a month in the last year or using it, but the first 6 months I was entirely period free!

ThedementedPenguin Wed 01-May-13 10:21:52

I'll talk to my doctor today about it. Although its a longer lasting one and I think I might try or another baby later in the year, if I was to get it, it can be removed easily. I'll talk to her.

Ladies, can I ask for your happy thoughts for the next few days please - off to stay with PIL until Monday. FIL hasn't spoken to me since our wedding day and last week MIL accused me of lying when I told her DD's first word was 'Mum'... going to be an interesting few days!

Oh god Nightmare. Sounds like it's going to fun! sad
Could you actually tell them to actually fuck off? I'm not one for confrontation usually but arsey inlaws is really something we shouldn't have to put up with.
I suppose you're expected to smile and nod so in that case I shall send you my most patient and kind vibes. keep the knives out of reach

Tell them DD's next words were 'grandad's a dickhead' shock grin

Forgetfulmog Thu 02-May-13 08:28:11

Garrr the dreaded inlaws! Good luck nightmare, keep your chin up.

It's only for the weekend. Repeat as necessary!

Take lots of wine to see you through

Thanks! I like the 'dd's next words' idea! I'm practicing MN classic did you mean to be so rude for FIL. I've a bit more time for MIL as she's poorly and it seems to be affecting her personality a bit so feel sorry for her (MS).

Lots and lots of wine. That's the trick.

ThedementedPenguin Thu 02-May-13 09:42:04

Nightmare hope your weekend goes okay.

Just give him a death stare and tell him to eff off if you have to. I'm just so grateful I get on with Dps family. Have had a few run ins but everything is okay now.

My Dps brother has just broke both his elbows so we've been pretty much helping him do lots. They didn't put him in a cast though just two slings and told not to move his elbows. Must be crazy painful.

I think I just lost my last post after DD pressed the back button on my phone.
Anyway, it was mostly waffle.
But wanted to say Penguin I hope your appointment went OK and you're feeling alright.

DD still ending up in my bed as I want sleep more than and extra few inches of bed grin

She's not too keen on veg purees at the mo and prefers to eat whole veg but likes jarred puddings hmm

Oh a shiny new thread with lots to catch up on. Haven't been on in a little while as I've been moving house. Finally done and dusted. Just a lot of painting, cleaning and unpacking still to do.

Good to have you back shoeprincess . Glad Oliver settled well for you at nursery, that's half the battle. I'm also going through a tantrummy, cheeky stage with ds but he is 5.5yo! Really pushing boundaries at the minute and my patience along with it. I honestly don't know how you are doing the night-times along with getting up for work. You must be constantly wrecked.

Hope your appointment went ok penguin . I've been on cerazette twice and bled the whole way through taking it both times. Why I switched to the microgynon this time. I'm still waiting on my colposcopy apt ffs. Rang the secretary at the hospital the other day as it's been over two months now. She said it should be this month. Good thing I'm not worrying over it, although I'm dreading having it done.

Good luck for your dp getting through wherearemyshoes . I have a lot of family that have been in/are in it. I don't know how creepy it sounds to say straight after that statement that I find nothing sexier than an army bloke grin Hope you're recovering from your op.

Oh nightmare that sounds awful. Hope you get through the weekend unscathed! Good on your dd's mama. My ds was like wherearemyshoes and took forever to say anything (still sees a SLT) and his first word was car!!

Welcome forgetfulmog

I did cc with dd leetleloo. First night 40 mins (bloody awful listening to her), second night ten minutes. Every now and again we have a ten minute squealing session but on the whole she goes straight down. Now if I could crack her taking naps during the day that would be great. She fights it like nobodies business and we've got in the habit of taking her out in the pram or car to sleep as otherwise she's a nightmare from mid-afternoon through sheer tiredness.

I have to say I think we are getting through the night-time wakenings. It really helps that she is now in her own room as before I lifted her straight into my bed as I can't listen to her crying at 4am in my room. I'd stopped feeding her milk through the night a couple of weeks ago as there was absolutely no need for her to have it as she guzzles loads during the day. Last night she did wake up at 4.30am but just babbled and gurned a little while then went back to sleep until half 6.

Food wise she still isn't overly fussed to the same extent I was used to ds but getting there and cracks up when she sees me eating something as she wants share. Nearly on the move here. She can work out moving one leg forward crawling but then tries to stand up with the other leg. Can see her pulling up very soon.

She spent last weekend visiting ex's family and was spoilt rotten being carried about. She was a nightmare for the first three days home, wanting up all the time. I'm dreading ex having her every other weekend as I know it'll be the same thing every time she comes back. Added to that and I can't leave a room without her working herself into a state (and with stuff everywhere from moving I can't bring her into some rooms with me) so must be a bit of separation anxiety. Needless to say she has been very trying and tiring.

Spoke too soon... and we have crawling. Good lord I'm in for it now!

shoeprincess2 Sat 04-May-13 11:36:35

Hi ladies! Thanks for your kind words welcoming me back. Oliver has slept 2 nights on the bounce, so I am quite pleased (and refreshed). Still feel like I have 8 months of sleep to catch up on, but feel like things are moving in the right direction!

Nightmare- hope you got through your stay with the outlaws. Wine should have eased the pain, but a few choice swear words always help!

Penguin- hope your appointment went ok. I am not on the pill, as it has never agreed with me, and I hated having to keep having my BP checked (white coat syndrome). So, can't add anything about which is the best to use.

Shoes- make sure you recuperate well from your op.

Ballroom- your colposcopy will be fine. Just a strong smell of vinegar, but no more uncomfortable than a smear. I had one over a decade ok and was fine (and I was more of a wuss then, than I am now!)

Welcome forgetfulmog and any other newbies that may be lurking... Can't believe that we are nearing their first birthdays. Also, Thomas turns 3 6 days after Oliver, so tempted to do a joint birthday party, but also think that Oliver should have one all to himself (like Thomas did). Difficult to decide...

Ol is almost crawling- lifts his bum up and tries to pull himself along. He has 4 teeth now, so teething has stopped for the time being. He is forming a lot more sounds and babbles quite a lot.

Hope you all have a lovely Bank Holiday weekend. Makes no difference to me, as I don't work Mondays anyway smile xx

Well it was going ok, managing FIL -even persuaded him to hold DD fr the first time - and not letting MIL's repeated jokes about kidnap and how I can go back to work now as she'll have DD. then yesterday BIL and SIL were invited round, they all sat up till 3 am drinking and now I have to try to entertain DD in the worlds smallest, untidiest box room as BIL and SIL asleep on living room sofas, argh. Home tomorrow thank god.

Ooh crawling, BAllroom, bet you're doing a hurried check of everything on ground level for baby proofed ness!

Forgetfulmog Sun 05-May-13 09:18:28

Good luck with the crawling ballroom! Thought dd was going to start a couple of weeks ago but she appears to have mastered rolling around instead so think she may miss the crawling stage altogether.

Hang in there nightmare! Are you going home today or tomorrow?

Forgetfulmog Sun 05-May-13 09:19:01

Sorry x post, just saw its tomorrow you're going home!

Nightmare here have some thanks brew wine you need it for putting up with them. I hope when you get home you get a chance to put your head back and breathe.

I've had a major clear out of the kids' clothes and a friend is coming round to get them in a bit. Because that's me making notions of not having any more children. And I need some space in my house.

DD is moving a lot now. She's mastered crawling forwards and is pulling herself up on to her knees. She loves standing too but can't stand holding on to something, she needs to be held. She's just eaten half of my pasta with cheese. Or half of it is hiding up her sleeves.

cjbk1 Sun 05-May-13 19:51:41

hope you're all having a lovely bank holiday weekend? Ava's very mobile and enjoying her swing outside and holds her arms up to be picked up now.we had a nice grandparent based day today smile
baby food containing pasta seems to give her a terrible bottom though, we avoided it but she had some accidentally today shock anyone else find this?
take care x

Forgetfulmog Sun 05-May-13 20:22:35

Cjb - are you giving tomato sauce with the pasta? Haven't heard of pasta itself causing problems but the acidity in the tomato might be too much.

Yep the stairgate went straight on Nightmare . I have never seen such a personality change in a baby so quickly now she can get about. She has been in foul form the last wee while and today all smiles, chasing after me with the hover, shouting away to try and make herself heard over the noise of it. Just goes to show you how bored and frustrated she must have been. You'll need a break away yourself after your weekend. At least you can console yourself it's almost over. Do you visit the ILs regularly?

How is Ava with other products containing gluten or wheat cjbk ? Does she get a sore tummy or anything with it? I know, like forgetfulmog said, ds always reacted to tomatoes so certain pasta sauces would effect him as a baby. He still breaks out round his face where the juice has touched for a little while after. He loves tomatoes too. Strange now you've said that forgetful dd had a bit of a red bum today and yesterday she had tomato and pasta sauce for the first time. Never linked it as a possibility in my head.

Red bums here linked to acidic fruits - k

Sorry - kiwi, strawberry, pineapple. Always makes a while to make the connection though.

Ballroom - no, as they're 6 hours away we're not here often. Been two years since I was here last. Today was ok after the shaky start until FiL got drunk and started the 'after sun is more important than sun lotion' fight. This after I got sunburnt wearing factor 50 and DD is fair like me. Argh! Still had a nice day showing DD the sea for the first time and letting her eat a fair bit of sand!

leelteloo Mon 06-May-13 07:30:35

Gorgeous gorgeous weather!! gringringringringringrin
Happy bank holiday all

cjbk1 Mon 06-May-13 15:15:29

to all that asked; pastas mainly been in baby jars so far, because I can never make it soft enough like I can with other foods... so it's been with and without tomato...I made some lovely spinach and plum food (not together lol) but she's just having very bland today....take care x

Forgetfulmog Mon 06-May-13 15:33:23

Beautiful isn't it leetle! smile

I'm very jealous of all the lovely sunshine. One drawback to living in N.Ireland and having all the lovely green fields and no hose pipes bans is the lack of sunshine. Was really heavy and cloudy all weekend with spots of rain until about 4pm today when the sun started to peep through.

I didn't think you were meant to give kiwi until 9 months nightmare ? I know my mum suddenly turned allergic and remember a report coming out that they don't know why kiwi is suddenly causing allergies in people recently. Funny ds also can't eat pineapple. Gives him in his words 'stingy lips and throat'. Only the fresh stuff mind, tinned doesn't seem to bother him.
Oh things like the after-sun remark would really annoy me. I don't think I'd be able to hold my patience as it's one thing I hate seeing is kids sunburnt through negligence. Ds is olive toned like me but even he had the factor 50 slapped on as a baby. Only the past couple of years he can go out with no sunscreen for some periods of time depending on the time of the day, strength of the sun. Dd is fair skinned like her dad (who burns in 20/30 mins no problems on a not-so sunny day) so I will have to be very careful with her.

ThedementedPenguin Mon 06-May-13 22:00:42

Oh my I lost this thread. Hope everyone is good and enjoying the lovely weather.

Ill catch up properly if I get a chance tomorrow. Early night for me as I have my niece tomorrow and every mon-fri for the next 12 weeks. It will be an eye opener for me smile

Oh you have your sister's wee one too penguin ? There's not much between your two either. Good luck with that, you're braver than me grin

Hm, I just heard not before 6 months for kiwi.. I'd better double check!

Home now. No relaxing here as DH is away with work tomorrow night do mad dash to unpack and get the washing on - finally sat down with wine before bed!

Good luck Penguin - hope it's all ok! I've been volunteered to look after my two nephews on Friday... from 7 am to 9 pm - with DD. Nephews are 2 & 4, I'm dreading it a tiny bit!

It was my first day back at work today and it was fine.
The kids were good for DP and DD even drank a little milk from a bottle. shock

Bad point: I have a blister on my toe from the 1 mile walk each way. Stupid weird feet hmm

Ballroom and Penguin, I hope the sunshine is finding its way over to you.

Once DD is asleep I'm finishing the bottle of wine I've been trying to drink all weekend wine

Nightmare, hopefully tonight you can have some quiet. You deserve a medal!

Moominlandmidwinter Tue 07-May-13 20:00:58

Hello all, have just been catching up on the new thread.

Wherearemyshoes, glad that your first day back went ok. I'm a bit in denial about returning to work. I've got just under 6 weeks to go.

Lola's Christening was lovely. We had a slight hiccup with the reception venue double-booking, but it all worked out ok in the end.

Lola is very nearly crawling, but I'm not convinced that she'll ever crawl in the traditional way. She does a sort of 'caterpillar'- she gets on all fours, brings her legs forward, dives forward and collapses, and repeats. She's getting quite efficient at moving about, and is getting in to everything!

DH is off to Berlin on a stag weekend on Friday, so I will have the 4 DDs to myself. He asked me what I'm going to do with myself during the 3 days he's away- I replied that I can think of plenty to keep me busy! I am going for a spa day in London next week with my best friend, as between us we have 9 dcs, so felt we could do with some pampering. The only problem is, since we booked 2 months ago, Lola has decided to no longer drink milk from a bottle. I will be away from her for 10 hours, so I'm worried about her not taking any milk. I also need to start weaning her off the boob for my return to work. I'll be working full time, and don't really want to be expressing at work.

Ballroom and Penguin, I'm going to be over in your neck of the woods in a couple of weeks, as Lola and I are flying over to see DSis for the weekend. Hope NI gets some sunshine then!

ThedementedPenguin Tue 07-May-13 21:14:49

I've had a great day in the sun. My shoulders are burnt. It was so warm so I took the 2 dc down to the mall (big green area on my town) and we played with a football with my two sisters. It was a great day.

Ballroom I've had loads of great days where I am. Although today was the hottest. We had a week in a while ago and it was great.

I'm gutted that its meant to rain here tomorrow. Could do with a few more hot days.

Hope the blisters heal up whereare

Spa day sounds great, would be so nice to go out myself and relax. I hope the weather stays dry for you Moomin this weekend.

Still need to catch up.

Yippee saw some sunshine today!! Ahh you see you're further inland than me penguin. You lot always get the sun when us lot round the coast don't. Sure I never saw any snow this year either.

Wee boys of two and four are brilliant fun nightmare. Three was the tricky age with ds. Good luck with the babysitting.

Glad you had a good day back at work whereare. Is it strange being back or did you feel like you'd never been away?

Does Lola take any milk from a bottle from anyone else moomin when you aren't there? Seems to be a common problem I've heard from the bf mums in the baby classes that they have trouble weaning from boob to bottle. A spa day sounds like bliss. Lucky duck!

Well never mind finishing off your bottle of wine whereare , I think I've drank everyone's quota on here the last week. Bethany has turned into a complete nightmare re/ settling to sleep. I don't know if it's a strange house, bit of teething/separation anxiety or the fact that her dad let it slip about about singing her to sleep so he's prob rocking her too.
She's never been about to self-soothe during the day but has always been great at night. Now it's screaming until she's choking. I've tried cc and gradual retreat business but I give up too early and cuddle her to sleep then. Soon as I lift the wee madam too she settles down and she's asleep in five minutes. The words 'rod' and 'back' spring to mind. I did cc at the start months ago and it worked (but she was a baby then in my eyes and not a little person she is now so it was easier)but don't see the point in starting when her dad's taking her this weekend. Dunno what to do. Feel so sorry for her when she crying like that. Think I'm getting soft in my old age.

Oh good about your first day, wherearemyshoes, and I'm very jealous I a spa day Moomin!

Ballroom we're having trouble with Kerenza's sleep after our break, where she seemed to go down ok and then wake up panicking on the half hour and now she's doing it at home too, I've tried leaving her to self settle but can't stomach leaving her to cry, I'm too soft I think! It was bad enough when she kicked off on the m'way yesterday and wouldn't be comforted. Argh. Just a phase I'm telling myself.

Ahh you see I'm the same nightmare. Cant listen to the crying now and makes me feel a bit sick tbh. I think when they're younger, for me, I can do the likes of cc because they aren't little people, they're babies in my head but now she is a bit more grown up I feel so terrible just listening to her cry.

Ds would have slept through a bomb. We used to have parties in the house and he wouldn't have peeped. Still sleeps very heavily (thank goodness) - wee woman screams bloody blue murder and he's snoring away.

Isn't it awful how just two/three days away can make such a difference with them?

Forgetfulmog Wed 08-May-13 09:03:05

Really random question coming up - if any if you bf, do you also have bad dreams (kinda like nightmares?). I've been having a lot of then recently & wasn't sure if it was to do with hormones???

Forgetful, I don't get bad dreams now, but I did when DD was first born. Ones where I woke because I could feel the house falling down from underneath my bed. Was really distressing. Only hormone related thing I'm getting at the mo is very strained nerves and moodiness. But I think that's mainly down to constant broken sleep and a very trying toddler.

I've had a shit day. The kids have been stressing and crying, neither have slept today and I'm back to work again tomorrow.
Hopefully my long weekends will be a bit less stressful.

I definitely put my head in the sand about going back to work Moomin. I left it till I had two weeks of SMP left before arranging returning to work. But then I didn't spend the months leading up to it worrying about it I suppose.

Forgetfulmog Wed 08-May-13 19:38:40

Good luck for work tomorrow shoes,I hope you get some sleep tonight. smile

Yeah I've had a few dreams where I lose dd or can see her but can't get to her & I put that down to anxiety. Fun times eh?!

leelteloo Thu 09-May-13 16:44:29

I'm not getting enough sleep to have dreams right now wink. Ds cutting top incisors and dd up to her usual 'wake5 times a nite' tricks. Double yawn and thank goodness I didn't crash driving to London today; the whole 3 hours I was fighting to keep my eyes open.

Gaw blimey Leelteloo, that sounds hairy!
I hardly drive nowadays (as I've got nowhere to go and live a mile from work and town) but I remember the days of driving so tired you wonder how you made it in one piece.
And I avoid London at all costs. I'm far too much of a pushover to get through the traffic!

DD doesn't have any teeth still. But sympathies for you. I love sleep, I would pay good money to have a full night of silence and comfy pillows.
I never appreciated sleep before I became a parent. envy

Moominlandmidwinter Fri 10-May-13 09:34:04

Well, that's DH off to Berlin until Monday sad. I've made a bit of an error actually, as I've booked my smear test for Monday, forgetting that he wouldn't be back in time to look after Lola. I had psyched myself up for having on Tuesday this week, but the surgery rang on the morning, and said that the nurse had phoned in sick.

Ballroom, Lola won't take milk from anyone else, either. However, I've bought some different bottles, and managed to have a bit of success yesterday- she drank 3oz of formula, and then fell asleep. It may not sound like much, but it's definitely progress! Will try again this morning, and then again this afternoon.

Leetleloo, there is no way that I could drive to London. I'm a scaredy-cat when it comes to driving. DH normally does the majority of it. I'm freaking out at the moment, because DD2 has an ice-skating party in Coventry on Sunday, and although it's only 10 miles away, I'm worried about navigating the horrible ring-road. I feel silly working myself up about it! Have even considered taking the 4DDs on the bus, but I know that is just daft.

Forgetfulmog, I haven't really had any nightmares (well, apart from dreaming about exH last last!), but I do have some very vivid dreams. I've also been feeling a bit 'odd' recently, can't really put my finger on it, but I put it down to shifts in hormones due to bfeeding.

Wherearemyshoes, hope work is going ok, and you are feeling a bit better! I feel very stressed some days, I dread to think what I'll be feeling like when I'm trying to fit 37 hours per week of work in!

Hope everyone has a great weekend. smile

ThedementedPenguin Sun 12-May-13 22:00:57

Okay I've caught up but there's no way for me to respond to all. So I shall just say I'm hoping everyone is doing good and all babies are great. :D

forgetful I've been having strange dreams recently although I don't bf so don't know why I'm having them. I woke up the other night singing the bloody alphablocks song. Couldn't get the bloodly thing out of my mind haha

I've started a thread on sleeping issues with my niece. I'm due to have her this week and could do with some advice ASAP. I'll link to it and if anyone can help that would be great.


Hope that works.

leelteloo I hope you've managed to get some sleep.

moomin any chance Lola would sit quietly throughout it? How has the bottle feeding going?

Oh all this talk of driving makes me miss my car more. It broke 3 weeks ago on Thursday, I've picked it up twice and both times I've barely made it home then left it up again. It's cost me over £100 so far, and not getting it back for at least a week!! I'm getting used to walking but I'm so unfit it kills me as I live on a hill. Just want it back. Although dps mum said she will price how much it is to add me to her insurance.

Herbie is very nearly crawling, he can get from sitting into crawling position but then just bounces back and forth. Hopefully be on the move soon.

Forgetfulmog Mon 13-May-13 08:32:43

Penguin - dd has just started doing this too, just bouncing back & forth & crying because she can't move anywhere! It must be so frustrating being a baby!

cjbk1 Mon 13-May-13 21:08:07

hello again all, so; Ava completely weaned herself off the boob, her tummy/bottom wasn't better on fri so a stool sample was sent, off no results yet but two normal nappies since but we've been here before and this is still on the very simple foods I'm going to wait for any results before we build back up to what she was eating, work are still messing me about; even the dentist doesn't know when there are tutorials (ie no nurse needed) or not and she takes loads of holidays and we're missing the money so won't have our own holidays Dd1's had a recent serious problem at school not behaviour
which is upsetting and I think ds is reacting to this and not being very 'nice' at times....ooh here's baby now woken herself up, take care all x

ThedementedPenguin Tue 14-May-13 10:29:17

Hope everything is okay cjbk1 and that it all gets sorted out in school for your dd.

I am exhausted today had about 3 hours sleep last night. I have both Herbie and my niece at night this week and it was tough last night. Went for walk this morning so both are asleep atm. Just counting down the hours until 7 when Ellie's dad comes and takes her for the night. Sounds awful but I'm already desperate for a break.

So great things happening here, my Dp is now a df. We got engaged last night, have a temperory ring until my engagement ring gets resized. It's so pretty and I'm annoyed I have to wait until next Sat at the latest but will hopefully be ready by this sat. Now got to start the planning.

Hope everyone is good. smile

Forgetfulmog Tue 14-May-13 11:22:02

Oh wow! Congratulations penguin! Do you have a date set? Hope you get some sleep soon! Dd is feeding every hr at night so I sympathise smile

Congratulations Penguin! grin

ThedementedPenguin Tue 14-May-13 15:08:15

Nope no date set yet. Haven't even told anyone yet. I don't want to tell anyone until I get my ring but my df (strange) keeps saying do you see Rachel's ring. It bugs me as I want my proper ring.

Macaroons Tue 14-May-13 15:17:06

Hello all. It's been a while since I last posted. Hope you are all well, and your babies too! There's lots to read up on and I haven't got that far yet, but I did see that penguin got engaged! Congrats!!!

We flew with baby mac last month to visit grandparents and great grandma. I have to say he did behave better than expected on the flights! We got back yesterday. Hope he copes well with the jetlag (he coped better than myself and DH on the way out!)

Maternity leave will soon be over, have emailed the nursery and the first choice location won't have any space till January !shock There's some availability at the second choice location but its a little further away from where we live. (20 min walk vs 12 min walk) Guess we don't have much choice!!

How are you all doing?

leelteloo Tue 14-May-13 20:23:41

Congrats TDP!! Wonderful news. grin

Congratulations Penguin! Sounds like you're going to love the planning!
I am so unorganised with things like that, we got engaged 4 1/2 years ago and that's as far as we got. shock

Cjbk1, sounds like it's all ups and downs in your house at the moment. I hope things settle down soon. thanks

Good to see you back Macaroons. I hope going back to work goes smoothly. I have a 25 min walk into town for work and it's the best part of my day grin. Lovely morning air and earphones. My little bit of calm.

3oz is a good start Moomin. dd sometimes only takes 3oz herself.

Poor Ava cjbk hope they something sorted for her soon.

Wow congratulations penguin

Where did you fly to Macaroons? I've to take the two los by myself on the flight in a couple of months. Dreading it!

ThedementedPenguin Wed 15-May-13 21:29:02

Thanks everyone. It's so strange and I am finally getting round to telling everyone. I might do the dreaded thing and announce it on fb so I can tell everyone at once without the hassle haha

I can't wait for the planning but it is going to take ages. As we have zero money ATM so will take ages saving up. Plus I'd like another baby before we get married. So maybe 3 years time. Of course we haven't discussed this yet but I'm sure he will be on board.

Hello Macaroons it's great to have you back smile hope baby mac is coping with his jet lag. Hopefully baby mac will settle into nursery no problems for you. Would you move him come Jan or just leave him be?

Heading any where nice ballroom?

We are doing great here. Herbie is coping great with me having Ellie this week although she does scare him a bit. She is very jealous and you can't leave her for a second at all. Gets very frustrating.

Oh and she has major nappy rash, her whole butt is bright red and quite a bit is bleeding, I've put it down to teething and being using metanium (sp?) anything else I can do to ease it a bit?

Spain for a month penguin . I lived in Spain for a while pre-dc and the parents have a place still over there so like to head over at least once a year and remind myself of the weather I left grin

Dd has also had a bit of bleeding and I've just been using bepanthen letting a lot of air at it. I remember ds getting some awesome stuff when he left NICU but can't remember what it was. Could you maybe get your sis to ring her surgery to get something?

She's also been teething really badly. I've basically been up from 3am this morning. Thought it was the cold at first with the runny nose, cough, temp but it's definitely her teeth. Screaming for the last day.

My latest news is she has started pulling herself up on her feet to standing?? At 7.5mo, twelve days after she started crawling? I can't believe it, especially after the lacksidazical ds

leelteloo Fri 17-May-13 06:43:39

So so so bloody annoying!!! Posted long post and this stupid bloody ap lost it. I even thought of copying it before I clicked post but because it hasn't done it for a while thought mn had fixed the bug! No they haven't confused
Can't be bothered to type it again so just wish you all a nice weekend!!

Moominlandmidwinter Fri 17-May-13 12:30:44

Hi everyone!

Penguin- huge congratulations smile, how lovely! Hope that you get your proper ring soon.

Ballroom- 7.5 months! Wow! I think that Lola is still a way off pulling herself up yet, although DD3 was doing this at that age. She was walking at 10.5 months, so be prepared....

My smear test with Lola in tow was fine. I could take the pushchair in, as it was a ground floor room, and she just sat in it and waited. I could her, "Ma ma ma ma!" over and over again through the curtain. She's still not doing great with formula, either in a bottle, sippy cup, or doidy cup. I've stopped breastfeeding her between 7.30am-4pm, and just trying to persevere with formula, water, and giving her plenty of yogurts, cheese etc with her meals. She's feeding a fair amount in the evenings, so she's obviously making up for it.

I had my spa day in London yesterday, and it was lovely. I was apprehensive about leaving Lola for the day, but she had a great time with DH. She took some milk for him, and was all smiley and happy when I got back. Huge relief!

Have a great weekend, everyone.

I hate when that happens leelteloo. I've got in the habit of cut, refresh, paste when I've written a long post.

Glad you enjoyed your spa day Moomin and Lola was grand with you leaving for the day. Oh I know my mum has me warned I was walking from the ninth month and says my dd reminds her a lot of me - including the vicious temper when her mind wants to do something but the body just can't yet.

I've found dd has really dropped her formula lately (and still doesn't seem to be eating a hell of a lot) Counted today and it was 17 oz which I suppose is still within the 16-20 they say, but it's a big drop for her. Also having problems with her and meat and lentils, which she refuses to eat. Only thing she really, really loves is fruit and yogurts. Long as she's getting her fortified cereals, the tiny bit of egg she will take and green veg she should be ok for iron shouldn't she?

cjbk1 Tue 21-May-13 20:32:27

Evening all, I don't have anything that fascinating to say just 'checking in' Ava's pulled up to standing a few times too and did so on my lap this evening and she mine sweeps for food after anyone else has eaten which I suppose means I need to clean more blush shes also enjoying swimming lessons we've had about 6 now, I'm really tired from working p/t I don't know how everyone else does it? X

Forgetfulmog Tue 21-May-13 20:37:04

Hi all,

Wow cjb, pulling herself up, that's brilliant! Dd is still trying to crawl, she gets really frustrated bless her! She's managed to go from lying down to sitting up so that's good!

This probably is not going to be a popular question, but are any of you ladies planning to be a SAHM?

leelteloo Tue 21-May-13 20:51:27

I'm a sahm and am really happy with this choice. We may have number 3 so not planning on going back for at least another 5 years. I waited 35 years to have my babies and I thankful for every second I spend with them.
Ds has a horrid ear infection; hope it's better by Saturday because we are off on our hols, grin
He is finally moving more; still can't sit up but he gets about by rolling and he is very good at it.

Forgetfulmog Tue 21-May-13 20:56:08

Where are you off to leetle? smile

I only asked about the SAHM thing as I'm not going back to work - it's just not financially viable, but I am the only one out of all the other mums I know in RL who is not going back to work.

ThedementedPenguin Tue 21-May-13 21:43:24

Hi everyone,

Herbie is still trying to crawl. Spends all day rolling around the house atm and gets frustrated when he gets stuck. It's so annoying.

I am a sahm, I loves it. So I'm getting on great with both Herbie and Ellie. It can be a long day at times but its going great. I even have the wee woman in a better routine. Which is great for me.

leelteloo hope your ds' ear infection heals up soon.

A holiday would be great but I've been looking up everywhere local for weddings so trying to get that sorted and planned. Rate I'm going ill have it 'planned' in my head then give up haha

Hope everyone is keeping well.

leelteloo Tue 21-May-13 22:02:48

Ibiza! Love it loads there. Clubbing days are over but it is a gorgeous island and we are not going to the 'clubby' bit. It's just me, kids and Grandma. No moaning men to spoil it apart from ds and he is an honouree girl for 10 days! I really cannot wait! Xx

Forgetfulmog Wed 22-May-13 07:39:18

Sounds lovely leetle! I hope your DS is better by then.

I know what you mean about the days being long penguin - dd gets me up around 5 & it can be difficult to keep her entertained until breakfast as she's usually still tired, but won't go back to sleep until her post breakfast nap confused

Am going to try to settle dd in her own room this weekend - we've been co-sleeping up til now (not through choice) so it's going to be a bit of an undertaking. Wish me luck!

Macaroons Thu 23-May-13 11:56:40

sorry all have been rubbish when it comes to posting! baby mac keeping me far too busy! he's now napping so I can have a little break (this is after emptying the dishwasher)

wherearemyshoes - how's life been after you've started working? i'm dreading it as well as looking forward to it... dreading because of uncertainties, but looking forward to it because it feels like our baby is growing up and will learn new things at the nursery (and i can also have a cup of hot tea... and get paid!)

ballroom - we flew to Hong Kong then Singapore. luckily baby mac slept well during the flights, and was fairly chilled when he's awake. good luck with looking after 2 lo's!! at least the flight to spain is only 2 hours. baby mac can also pull himself from sitting to standing, but he cant get himself from lying down to sitting yet and he can't crawl yet, so he's quite frustrated when he's lying down!

penguin - we visited the nursery where there's space, given a choice I like the one that's closer (it feels more homely too) but lets see how he's settling in. If he's happy there then may not want to move.

leetleloo - i often copy and paste the whole thing before hitting post just in case. especially if i type that up on the phone - that's alot of hard work that I dont want to lose! hope your DS's ear infection will be gone soon. is he complaining much about the pain? have a lovely time at ibiza, I'd love a beach holiday too!

moomin - glad smear was fine. which spa did you go to in London?

cbjk - how many hours are you working? I sometimes nap when baby mac naps during the day blush so wonder how I'll cope when I'm back at work hmm

forgetfulmog - I'd love to be a SAHM but need to work to pay our mortgage... (but being a working mum I need to pay childcare cost too... the childcare voucher does almost nothing to help, sigh) good luck with getting DD to sleep in her own room. maybe let her play in there during the day to let her familiarize with the surrounding, so it's not like a 'strange' place for her

finally finish replying and then I hear baby mac is up....... good timing... although I was hoping for a longer break... he only sleeps 40 minutes at a time... I hope going to nursery will help with his sleeping too... or is that wishful thinking?)

cjbk1 Thu 23-May-13 13:17:05

macroons im working 24h/pw the house is suffering but if I'm in a worse state than the house I do sleep when Ava's napping wink

Afternoon ladies!

Wow, Ibiza, leetleloo, how lovely, I went last year whilst upduffed and adored it, would love to go back.

Forgetfulmog - I'm hoping to be a SAHM and all being well looks like that will work out - I really hated my job (well, my boss, but same thing really) and was paid a pittance so would barely cover nursery fees so the household budget would be about the same, plus I have quite strong feelings on wanting to bring up my baby myself IYSWIM? Just have to tell work now... Keep us posted on how the own room thing works out - I'm thinking about making that transition with DD after she's out of the unsettled patch she's in currently.

No news to report here, except I think the use of noodles/hummus/porridge as conditioner, DD has a lovely shine to her hair that I'm quite jealous of!

I fib: waving is the new big things here. Everyone is waved at - the cats, Daddy whilst he works, herself in the mirror every time we walk past one - it's pretty sweet!

leelteloo Thu 23-May-13 21:46:55

That is really cute nightmare smile

Forgetfulmog Fri 24-May-13 08:50:03

Nightmare - yes I know exactly what you mean about wanting to bring baby up yourself. That & the fact my salary would cover childcare & nothing else is why I'm going to be a SAHM.

Very cute about the waving btw! Dd is going through a bit of separation anxiety atm so is even more clingy than usual!

Thanks for the supportive messages ladies - tonight is the night! Not really looking forward to it, but she has to be in her own room some time. I just want to spend some time with DH - atm we barely see each other.

Forgetfulmog Fri 24-May-13 08:51:51

Macaroons - wow, you flew to HK?! Hats off to you, not sure I could do that with a baby!

Leetle - hope you have a good holiday & that ds's ear is better

Have a good BH everyone!

Wow Leelteloo, Ibiza. I would love a sunny holiday but finances etc aren't permitting sad
Macaroons, it's been ok. Not much gets done round the house while I'm at work, but the kids are fed and happy, and dp even managed to give ds a much needed haircut while I was at work yesterday. I hate that job grin

I'd love to be a sahm and really dreaded going back to work, but really, while I'm there it's like I never went away and can exercise my brain cells a bit.
Luckily I like my job and my boss is lovely.

Nightmare, I kissed the back of dd's head the other day and got a load of squashed banana on my face.
Waving is so sweet. Dd hasn't managed that yet.
But she can clap. Useful!

She's not far from walking I reckon. She pulls herself up to standing and attempts to let go shock
Trouble is brewing. They'll be like a little team against us soon!

Moominlandmidwinter Fri 24-May-13 09:11:20

Morning ladies!

Macaroons, I also take my hat off to you regarding flying to HK with baby in tow. I'm getting stressed about a flight to Belfast from Birmingham later! Am doing it without DH though, it'll just be me and Lola. Regarding the spa, it was The Sanctuary. Have been there before, and whilst it is very lovely, I also think it is a bit over-priced, considering treatments (also expensive) are not included. But my friend really wanted to go there, having never been to a spa before. At the age of 33, she had never even been in a jacuzzi!

Forgetfulmog, whilst I would love to be a SAHM, I'm returning to work in 3.5 weeks. Will be working full-time (37hrs per week). I dread to think how the housework is going to get done! I'm going to have to get the older DDs to all muck in and help. We couldn't afford childcare, but luckily DH and I work opposite hours, so we will be able to cover looking after Lola between us. It means passing like ships in the night, and only having Saturdays together at the weekend, but it's a solution.

Leetle, hope you have a fab holiday, and I too, hope that DS's ear infection clears up.

Lola is into everything! She's a little monkey. Now that she has well and truly mastered crawling, she's everywhere. I caught her in a cupboard, throwing everything on the floor (nothing harmful!).

cjbk1 Fri 24-May-13 18:57:19

well iv booked to visit dsis in Canada with baby!its a big deal for me never been out of Europe before and never been in a plane for more than 4.5 hours...sadly can't afford to take everyone so just baby and I...now need to work extra to pay for it after I just said the house was suffering from me working! I know I know wink

Forgetfulmog Fri 24-May-13 20:32:10

Bloody hell moomin, that sounds tough, good luck though & I hope everything works out ok. Love the name Lola btw smile

Well, I just did controlled crying with dd.
She's only bloody asleep! shock

It took about 45 minutes and she was really pissed off that my boob was not there for her to fall asleep on, and she was not in mummy's comfy bed. But hey, maybe she'll sleep alright tonight.

I'm not too fussed if she still wakes a couple of times during the night, but to at least have a couple of hours crocheting peace in the evening would be nice.

Moomin, I take my hat off to your 37 hours per week. I'm still only doing 2 days till I use up all my left over leave.
With the extra little bit of money we'll now have I might hire a cleaner for a couple of hours a fortnight. I absolutely hate cleaning anyway, at least now I have the excuse of working to avoid it.

But I'd feel embarrassed to let someone in to my dirty bathroom to clean it! Bloody dp and his weird shaving stuff, it's like cement when it dries on the sink.

forgetfulmog - I've done the SAHM thing with ds and although I've loved it I'm now I'm looking for a job. Feel like I've done my time at home and will go crazy if I don't return to the working world. Can't see me getting back to work anytime soon though. Been keeping an eye out for jobs and there's very little about. Doesn't help that the line of work I managed previously requires flexible working patterns and that just isn't viable anymore.

wherearemyshoes - dd is also starting to let go once she's on her feet. She'll have my nerves shattered over the next few months I reckon. Already been a fair few bumps recently. Glad you got dd to sleep.

I did cc also last week (spurred on by the hv). No problems getting her to sleep now but she wakes up constantly throughout the night. Don't know what to do as I tried cc for that and she screamed for two hours whereupon I eventually gave up and brought her into my bed.

I'm not sure what to do about during the night either ballroom. The whole point is so dp can come back to bed.
She slept till I went to bed at 11 which is great but I woke her up by stumbling around in the bedroom so took her into bed and she stayed there. I don't think I can do cc throughout the night yet.

Also she hardly drinks any milk while I'm at work so think she might actually need night feeds. I'm just trying to justify myself to myself here.

Dd is ff whereare so I know she is definitely getting enough throughout the day. She's a light sleeper so any slightest noise wakes her up but I don't think it's that. She did four full nights sleep after the cc putting her down and now she's great at going down but then started waking up throughout the night. She's so, so restless throughout the night. Honestly now I'm realising how spoilt I was with ds. Even though he had colic at the start and screamed night and day, he slept all night every night from six months. I'm in unfamiliar territory here and really don't have a clue what to do for the best.

Me either ballroom. She's up there now crying. I'm shit at cc though. I've already been up and comfort fed her. She's got 8 minutes till I go up and she's calmed down a bit but when I go in I don't know what to do with her. She just screams even more.

Ds is sleeping through it. The same as you, I am so spoilt with him. He was sick a couple of times today and has been feeling off but still went straight to sleep no problem.

I'm never doing this again!
I can't wait for the days when we all have a lie in on the weekends.

And I have no idea how to convince her to sleep all night.
I've put a blackout blind up today so hopefully it gives me an extra hour in bed tomorrow. <deliriously hopeful>

ThedementedPenguin Sat 25-May-13 23:03:22

Have you thought of trying CIO whereare. I know on here it's a 'bad' subject to bring up but just wondered. When I had my sisters wee girl that week she went to bed and we left her to it. If you went in she cried more and got hysterical. So I left her to do it. Now for naps here she crys going down but by the time I leave and close door over she is quiet.

Oh all the talk of holidays and flights being booked is making me very envy

I am completely burnt today, the sun has been shining for past two days, my face, shoulders, chest and arms are bright red. I was worrying about Herbie getting the sun I completely forgot about me. So I'm burnt and feeling very stiff. sad

I'm thinking of stopping Herbies night feeds. But I've been so exhausted this past 2 weeks its just easier to get up, heat a bottle. So I give in straight away otherwise id be up hours.

Away to clean bottles and then hitting the bed. I'll catch up properly tomorrow x

Macaroons Sun 26-May-13 13:59:45

Will catch up on the post properly later, at the shop now, just wondering if you got any foam mats for your baby? We were thinking of getting one till we saw this website saying they are toxic. http://toxicfoammats.com/ skip hop is apparently one of the better one (lower level of toxic, less than 2mg) but am thinking whether to get it... Or get a fabric one instead

shoeprincess2 Mon 27-May-13 12:07:39

I am so glad it is not just me with a baby who still isn't sleeping through. The HV tut tutted at me when she asked if I still gave him boob when he woke and I said yes. She said that she would send me a leaflet called The Solihull Method- basically that old method of patting them and creeping away, returning after 5 minutes, and then slowly leaving longer intervals between returning to them. Yes, that's all well and good, but I have work/ toddler to deal with, so it's not ideal. I don't know what the answer is, but sleep deprivation is wearing me out. Plus, Thomas is relentless with his tantrums. Aaaaarghhhhhhhhhhhh. And relax smile.

Hope you all have a pleasant Bank Holiday xx

Yes shoeprincess, the constant tiredness is turning into exhaustion and is slowly grinding me down. I have little patience, and rarely enjoy anything. I'm just bumbling along waiting for it to get better.
Although it feels like a bit of a waste of life, I know it'll get better in time.
HV's wind me up. There's no point spouting wisdom and methods to me when I am managing a job, the house, a spirited wink toddler and a sleepless baby. I think in reality we're all doing just fine. Thank you grin
Advise is much more appreciated from parents who are in the same boat as me and are offering a little ray of light. Not ordering us to stick to theirs rules. that's why I never go to clinic

Penguin, I took your advice and tried to leave her longer between going in. It worked quite well, although still took her ages to go to sleep, she stayed in bed till gone 1am. That's a definite improvement. thanks

Macaroons, we had a foam alphabet jigsaw mat when ds was a baby as we had laminate flooring at the time.
I wasn't aware of any toxins, and would use it again.
He didn't tend to pull it up as all his toys etc were on it so didn't put it in his mouth.
I think the real issue was that one of our dogs (the jealous one) weed all over it, so it got binned! shock

We've just got back from a visit to my Nan's house (where my mum also lives)
We spent ages in the garden with ds running up and down, while wearing his granny's sun lotion, and me sat bfing dd under a parasol eating homemade biscuits. Was lovely. Now ds is fast asleep in bed and dd 'talking' to the dogs through the back door.
Maybe the tiredness hasn't completely taken over my life!

I'm shit at cc too whereare. Can do the straight to beds no problem but not during the night. Last night was hell. Ds isn't well and woke dd up. Took me hours to get her back off (which of course like your ds he's snoozing away). Brought her into my bed - wanted to play, put her back in hers, screamed, took her back into mine tried a dummy (she has never taken a dummy but was clutching at straws), eventually fed her even though that's the one habit I don't want to get into, still wanted to play. Cracked up and put her back into her bedroom to cry it out a bit. She wasn't screaming, just gurning a bit and got off to sleep eventually. My problem is I'm not consistent and I know it. Then ds woke us all up 6ish after boking over his bedsheets. Argghh! We all have full-on colds so can see another restless night ahead.

shoeprincess this is why I started cc too because my hv gave off to me for cuddling her to sleep (she was unsettled with moving, suddenly staying weekends away). My hv was a bit nicer about it though and told me she has a four year that she regrets not getting into a routine as she's up a lot during the night and she couldn't tell me off for doing it as she did the same thing.

The highlight of my day today was ds with a severe nosebleed after retching so hard, freaking out because he hates blood and dd thinking the lovely red stuff splashing on the ground looks like great fun to play with. With my macabre sense of humour it did make me grin. After it was all over and done with mind, at the time no.

ThedementedPenguin Mon 27-May-13 21:30:46

macaroons I have a foam mat, the alphabet one. Herbie has started to chew at it so I've put it away for now. Usually he takes it apart and puts his feet through the z. It's very cute.

Herbie's two bottom teeth are almost through. The right one a bit more than the left. His gums are huge and he has two massive bulges. Can't wait until he has teeth but I'm dreading it as I know he will bite me loads.

ballroom hope everyone gets better soon in your house.

We had to do cc, well it wasn't my choice I was sort of held back and wasn't allowed to go near him, but thank god it was done like that as Herbie usually goes down great. Shame I'm still up loads sad

Forgetfulmog Mon 27-May-13 21:41:56

Penguin - good luck with the teething, dd has been showing signs of teething for literally months now, but nothing yet!

Ballroom - there's a lot of colds going around atm, hope you all get better soon. I sympathise with the sleeping issues - I'm always just looking for a quick fix, anything to keep my sleep deprivation to a minimum!

daisychain76 Mon 27-May-13 21:51:11

Hello everyone, may l join you? My ds2 (3rd dc) was born in September (was due in November but had to come 7 weeks early). He is sitting up well but not on the move yet. I really sympathise with those having sleep issues. My LO is up (and bfing) between every 1 and 3 hours at night. I am just trying some of the techniques in the No Cry Sleep Solution and keeping my fingers crossed that something works.

Forgetfulmog Mon 27-May-13 21:51:17

Shoes, I know what you mean about sleep deprivation - a few months ago, dd's sleep was even more crap than usual - she would sleep for prob about 20 mins at a time. I was exhausted & just found the days so difficult to get through. I was irritated & terrified I was just going to crack. I'm not trying to be patronising btw - luckily I only have the one DC & don't work so I appreciate you are finding things pretty impossibly hard atm. I really hope things get easier for you.

I really hope my HV doesn't ask me how dd is sleeping though - waking up hourly for feeds isn't exactly something to be proud of!

We're trying again with the cot tonight - hope its going to be better than Friday night, which was utter hell.

I have a question for all you ladies - for the last couple of weeks, some of dd's nappies have been extremely smelly - really strong smell of ammonia. It's not all the time & not every day either, but enough to be a bit concerned IYSWIM. When it first started, she did have a couple of nappies where her pee was quite yellowy, but now it is clear, just smelly sometimes. She's in cloth nappies if that helps. Any ideas? Was thinking of taking her to the Gp tomorrow. I can't believe it's anything like dehydration because she's feeding very regularly on the boob ;1-2 hrs). Just a bit weird

Forgetfulmog Mon 27-May-13 21:53:53

Hi daisy - My LO was early too, only by 4 weeks though. Which techniques have you tried? I've got the book & want to try the PPO just as soon as I've got dd settled in her own cot instead of my bed

daisychain76 Mon 27-May-13 22:09:03

Hi forgetful we have introduced a little teddy as a comforter, try and use the same words on each taransfer, also (think these were from HV) try to sooth with hand on chest and put a thin sheet over sleeping bag to make him feel secure. Also trying to get him to nap more in day and put him down earlier based on his cues (hard to do a calm bedtime routine with 3 kids!). Need to tackle the bfing too but just can‘t face it yet.

Forgetfulmog Mon 27-May-13 22:23:23

Yes I'm also trying the comforter thing - dd just flings it out of the way atm but perseverance is key! Good tip about the sheet. Good luck too!

Well, tonight didn't seem any better than the previous nights. It took her ages to get to sleep and I could hear ds in his room telling her to shush, bless him.

I ended up doing all the washing up and cleaning the kitchen because I can't hear her from there.
As soon as I get anywhere near the cot with her she screams. None of this grumbling business, proper ear piercing screams. She's such a madam.

But, she went to sleep and on coming to bed, after taking my clothes off on the landing hmm she stirred when I came in so I turned off the light on my phone and quickly lay down on the bed. Like a plank.
She made a tiny noise then went back to sleep shock
The last two nights when I've come up she's been asleep on her front. This was the same with ds, as soon as he started sleeping on his front he slept all night. And still does. Maybe this is where we turn a corner and she'll miraculously stay asleep till 9am.

Welcome Daisy, I hope you get some sleep. I've tried dummies, a little teddy, a muslin. She just chucks them all out. And when they hit the floor I think it's her jumped out!

Bless Herbie and his zeddy feet. grin

Ballroom, that sounds like a thoroughly shitty day. I will now wind my neck in and count my blessings that I've not had to clear up puke or blood. Here, have a head rub.

Forgetful, if the HV asks, don't feel like you have to defend yourself to her for feeding on demand. They're 'advice' is so bloody fickle, just do what you're doing. If she raises and eyebrow, stick your middle finger up. Of course, I'd never do that coz I'm a fucking wimp grin

Stinky nappies. The smell of ammonia says stale wee to me. Are you using baby wipes or water? I have no idea if cloth nappies make a difference as I've never used them but I do find if I've not had a chance to get a good wipe on the previous bum change it can make them smell a bit ammonia-y totally a word

Forgetfulmog Mon 27-May-13 23:01:51

Haha shoes grin Get me on a bad day & I would totally stick a finger up grin

Hmmm I use wipes, maybe ill be extra careful to ensure I wipe properly & see if that makes a difference. Thanks!

shoeprincess2 Tue 28-May-13 07:39:15

Forgetful- ammonia smelling nappies is usually a sign of teething.

Forgetfulmog Tue 28-May-13 07:47:22

Ooh thanks shoe, hadnt thought of that. Hopefully that means her teeth might finally be near!

Oh sorry Forgetful blush Teething it is. Didn't mean to sound rude.

Dd slept in her cot till half 3 last night. Then woke about 8 after a few feeds back to sleep.
This is progress. And I like it.

Moominlandmidwinter Tue 28-May-13 14:03:50

Hi all,

We too have a wakeful baby. Lola slept through the night from about 6 weeks, then it all went pear-shaped at about 4 months. I worry about her waking her sisters up, as they are all at school now. I'm afraid to say that as soon as she wakes up, I collect her from her room, breastfeed her in my bed, and we co-sleep from then. I need to break the habit though, I did the same with DD3, and we have only just managed to get her to stay in her own room (she's 6!). I also want to wean her off the boob soon, maybe by the end of July.

Lola and I had a great time in Northern Ireland with my sister and little niece and nephew. We nearly missed the flight, due to the M6 being closed, that was a bit stressful (as was the queue through security), but we made it fine. It was a mission getting everything we needed into one bag though!

Forgetfulmog- thank you. I thought it would be tricky finding a name we liked after three other DDs and seven first names between them. However, really early in my pregnancy, DH suggested Lola, and it stuck from then on. It would have felt weird if she'd have turned out to be a boy!

Forgetfulmog Tue 28-May-13 14:47:00

No worries wherearemyshoes, didn't think you sounded rude at all smile.

leelteloo Tue 28-May-13 18:55:56

Oh lots and lots to catch up on. So will read when I'm home. We have wifi in the bar so just thought I'd check in. Both kids where great on flight and so far it's a super holiday. Helps that grandma is here of course. Ds ear infection is better and the sun has been shining grin

Leelteloo envy
It would have been hard to have been more miserable here today. I hope you are soaking up the sun.

leelteloo Thu 30-May-13 14:04:17

Don't worry holiday bliss didn't last long, weather is crap and dd has developed chicken pox!!!

cjbk1 Thu 30-May-13 17:12:15

doesn't ask how everyone else is just launches straight into moaning
iv had an awful day;didn't make plans today because I had so much to catch up on, weather rainy and there being so many toys DS, Leapfrog, Wii etc here..ds and
dd1 swing wildly between "what are we going to do?" and "you always make us go out!" baby didn't nap properly v.clingy me looking a right state as brows and hair need mowing urgently then just as everything calms down I get a really bad tummy ache! not sicky or period just bad so dh is home and I'm fit for nothing again hope you're all doing better wink

Oh it's been lovely here today, for the second day in a row. 20 degrees - and that will be our summer grin

Oh no leelteloo. I still haven't had the pox here, even with ds and I'm dreading when it does eventually happen. All I'm glad is that I've had it twice so know I'm well and truly inoculated (dd's dad has never had it, oh dear). How is your dd?

Had a few nights of totally shit sleep and there were tears two night nights ago at 5am and it wasn't dd! Then most of the next day I was tears. Last night she slept until 5am and I swear I felt brilliant today so I totally get how sleep deprivation can make you feel. I've really noticed the change of my moods when I've been up with her a lot, especially when it's real sleep. I'm really snappy, tetchy and find myself a little depressed. After a night's unbroken sleep - she cries the next day? No problem, I can handle it and I think she's a wee gem. I feel really guilty at times as poor ds probably gets it in the neck when he starts playing me up as well At 5yo he's turned into a cheeky so-and-so lately. Not good with a cranky mummy.

Welcome daisychain. Not this one (wee blighter didn't want to come out)but my first child was 6 weeks early. You wouldn't think it now.

Awk cjbk sometimes you need a good moan. Hope tomorrow's a better day for you.

Well we finally got a tooth but now dd has a horrible cold. She's actually sleeping beside me atm on the sofa as she cough/boked all over her cot. Don't care how she sleeps tonight as dad has offered to take her tomorrow night so I can handle it knowing I'll get a decents night sleep then.

And another finally. Got my colposcopy date through, three months bloody later for two weeks away. Bricking it. Considering asking the gp for a valium grin

ThedementedPenguin Sun 02-Jun-13 23:16:55

Oh more to catch up. Think I need to post daily on the otherwise I get left so far behind sad

Hi daisy

Herbie has finally got his two bottom teeth through and is slowly getting back onto eating and taking bottles. Thank god.

He is no further on with the crawling, although is now trying to pull himself up on everything, although he is not quite there yet. It's so cute, to me he is far too small but there's nothing stopping him now.

ballroom the weather has been great here, although today whilst still warm was very cloudy. It's great to see some sun after what felt like a LONG winter. Oh how your lo's are okay ballroom?

leelteloo hope the holiday got better and your Dd wasn't too annoyed by the cp.

ballroom hope all goes well with the colposcopy, I have mine on the 25th June. Is yours before mine? I hate it all but I suppose it's better getting it done. I just hope the crazy doctor isn't in the room again, he really freaked me out the last time with his creepy smile.

Right I'm off to bed as I'm sure ill not get any sleep before Herbie is up again

beautybox2 Tue 04-Jun-13 21:24:30

Hi can I join?
My DD was born 29th aug so nearly in the September club grin
She's 9 months old now and is crawling! She's also pulling herself up on furniture!
Now I've got 2little monkeys to run after DS who is 2 yrs 8 months smile

Hello Beautybox, welcome.
My DS is about the same age as yours. It's a tough age isn't it?
As brilliant as he is it makes me really appreciate DD at this relatively easy age. shock
I've been doing sleep training wanky phrase for the last few weeks now and she goes to sleep brilliantly. Takes her a couple of minutes of moaning and off she goes. No screaming.
Then if she wakes during the night I leave her to go back to sleep.
There have been a couple of nights where she's cried for an hour until about 2 but she's getting there. It's just always a night before I'm at work.
If she wakes after 4ish I just bring her into bed and feed her till we get up.

There'll be upheaval soon as DP and I are splitting up. Hopefully it won't affect the kids too much as we're not going to fall out. Hopefully. We're staying in the house together until we decide what to do next.
I can't imagine how our situation will end up, who will live where etc but am happy that we've finally been honest with each other and can start to enjoy our lives separately.

I hope you're all getting a share if this lovely sunshine. They love playing in the garden.
Until DS picked up a bee and it stung him hmm

couldsleepforahundredyears Wed 05-Jun-13 12:42:38

Hello all, can I join in? Long time lurker here. This thread has been great to read all these months, a great comfort at times and just interesting to see how everyone is getting on. Feel like I know you lot in a very weird way.

My DS wap born 12 Sept. He's crawling and pulling himself up to standing. He has 2 (quite sharp!) teeth. He is sleeping through now thank Christ. I had to use the cc method as I was at the end of my tether. It took 3 nights before it worked. If didn't cry for long periods so it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be.

I went back to work on Monday. Only 2 days a week and my boy is in nursery. He seems to love it.

Anyway jus thought I'd introduce myself! I've k ru read through my post and and sickened by the amount of typos but can't be arsed correcting. Bye for now!

Ps anyone live in London?

couldsleepforahundredyears Wed 05-Jun-13 12:56:04

Oh and I'm sorry to hear you are splitting with your partner, shoes. Although you sound ok with it which is good. Sometimes its for the best. My parents split when I was very little and it was very definitely for the best.

Hello Couldsleep, welcome. Glad to hear DS is sleeping
better now. Is he your first?

Just a couple of decent nights makes up for so many lost hours over these last few months.
Could still do with a lie in though. But I'd probably feel like shit for sleeping too long anyway. Never satisfied!

Ah, thanks. Yeah I'm alright. It's been coming for a long time, and I think it's a relief for us both to accept we won't both be miserable forever!

And the kids will pick up on the tension before long and I don't want them to feel like they're living in a warzone.
My parents stayed together till I was 25 and looking back I lost all respect for my dad for being a cheating shit all the years and lost some respect for my mum for putting up with it.

ThedementedPenguin Wed 05-Jun-13 14:18:14

Oh shoes I'm sorry to hear about you and Dp splitting, but I am glad your coping well. My parents split when I was 11, I wish my mum had done it sooner but that was the right time for her. Took a while but she is so much happier.

Hi beautybox and couldsleep nice to have some new people join us.

So we have decided to start TTC number 2. It's strange planning this time. But feels better. I stopped talking the pill on Sunday so just awaiting my first AF. Dreading it but it must happen.

In a way I'm so excited but very nervous. Hope I can cope with it all smile

Away to enjoy the hot weather smile speak soon

leelteloo Wed 05-Jun-13 23:54:29

Oh shoes; I am sorry. Dh & I have come close and separated twice and the logistics of doing it with small children was what made me take him back. It's tough but I think you are doing the best thing, good luck with it and I hope you both find happiness.
So lots of news here: I got bfp two days ago shock! Number 3! Yikes! Kind of wanted but not planned yet and dh and I never have much sex yet here we are again, pregnancy number 5 in 4 years! Very early days, 5 weeks but baby is due on my birthday next year. We are keeping quiet after 2 previous mc. I don't want to join the anti natal thread yet as fear it jinxes me. Feels so bad having to leave one when everyone else's pregnancy is still going forward. So just sharing with you guys for now grin
Also we sold our house that we have been trying to sell for 2 years!!! smile I can finally really start house hunting for somewhere for all the leetle babies to grow big in.
Back from holiday now and it was mostly spoilt by the pox but I have a tan wink

leelteloo Wed 05-Jun-13 23:56:41

Oh and a big hi & welcome to the new posters. Xx

Aaaaaaarrrr! Congratulations Leelteloo. That's brilliant news.

I hope everything goes well for you. You know we'd love to hear all about it so you can share with us until you're ready for the new antenatal thread. x

You have been busy lately! And house hunting too. I'd love to buy a forever home, I'm sick of renting and lining my landlord's pocket.

So, Penguin, get your skates on, your turn next grin

couldsleepforahundredyears Thu 06-Jun-13 07:41:15

Congratulations leetleloo how exciting and due on your birthday too! Good lurk with the pregnancy.

This is my first child, and I was very ill during my pregnancy. Bad morning sickness, then chicken pox, then gestational diabetes (which has gone now thank god). Baby was breech too, so I had elective c section. But it was all worth it in the end. Don't think I'll be getting pregnant any time soon, if ever. I'd love another one but the pregnancy was so traumatic for me I'm just too scared.

2 days in nursery, his first week, and my DS has a horrible cold. Poor little love. He is completely bunged up and finding it hard to sleep as he's having to breathe through his mouth. I used baby olbas oil but didn't seem to help last night. He slept through but was tossing and turning all night, I didn't get much sleep. Any suggestions as to help with the snotty nose??

couldsleepforahundredyears Thu 06-Jun-13 07:46:00

Good lurk?? Haha it seem's I've adopted a Geordie accent

leelteloo Thu 06-Jun-13 10:54:41

I use the calpol plug in when mine have colds, really seems to help. Also heard rubbing bit of baby vics on their feet helps: but not really tested that one. You can also get saline drops for their noses, helps unclear.
Ds cut another tooth last night, that's two on top two on bottom but he is still not sitting by himself very well. Going to take him to Hv if he's not got it in a couple of weeks.

couldsleepforahundredyears Thu 06-Jun-13 11:40:47

Never heard of calpol plug, thanks I'll try that tonight. At the moment I'm cooking soup with windows closed, the kitchen is steamed up and baby in highchair. Seems to be clearing up his nose but I'm in a total sweat! It's so lovely out there but I don't know whether I should keep him indoors if he's unwell??

I'm sure your DS will start sitting up soon, its funny how every baby is different. My DS was unable to sit up, and then the other week he started crawling! After that, he started sitting up. Weird??

ThedementedPenguin Sat 08-Jun-13 15:29:05

Oh leelteloo congrats. How exciting another baby. Oh and have fun with the house hunting.

couldsleep I hope your ds is better now.

Herbie had a busy day yesterday between climbing up on everything, sofa, in his cot. He is so cute but so tiny. He also started to crawl last night. Busy bee here lol

The weather has been great here, been in shorts all week. Even had a dip in Herbie's massive paddling pool.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend

leelteloo Sat 08-Jun-13 22:45:15

Ah thanks tdp, I'm quietly anxious about it really; people say the jump from 2 to 3 is really hard & there are some days I find 2 a challenge. But I always wanted lots of children so guess I will have to learn to manage my time better and learn to split myself 3 ways.

cjbk1 Sun 09-Jun-13 13:25:18

to those who've flown long haul with their sept baby; what do I need? I started a thread on 'long haul' but no-one repliedblush I'm starting to get confused between what's 'nice' and what we need plus there's weight restrictions....any experience of checking a 'baby jogger city mini' in?
thanks happy Sunday x

leelteloo Sun 09-Jun-13 21:12:48

Cjbk: I would say a baby carrier or sling is essential. You don't get your buggy back till baggage claim and I had to walk about a mile carrying ds in my arms, nearly killed me. Cartons of formula if not bf. Calpol sachets. I took grandma, who I consider an essential.
Are you going somewhere lovely?

cjbk1 Sun 09-Jun-13 22:16:37

thanks leelteloo going to Canada to visit Dsis and her bf, it'll be lovely to be together at least lol x

Moominlandmidwinter Mon 10-Jun-13 15:13:22

Shoes, am sorry to hear about you and your DP. However, you know when something isn't working, and it's better (IMO) to put an end to it than trying to flog a dead horse. Have been there with my ex-H, but unfortunately it was a bit of a rough ride (and still is sometimes, nearly 8 years later!). It wasn't a mutual decision though, which makes all the difference.

Leetleloo, wow! Congratulations! I had been wondering the other day when there would be the first BFP of the post-natal thread. I knew that it definitely wouldn't be me, as I've got more than my fair share of children! With regards to going from 2-3, it really isn't that big a deal (or going from 3-4!), I think that the hardest adjustment is going from 1-2. At least with having a small gap between DC2 and DC3, DC2 won't really remember being the baby for long.

Lola is now pulling herself up on everything- furniture, legs, hoover, etc. She's also just started cruising. It's funny to think that she'll be walking in the next few months.

I have just one week left before returning to work now. I'm dreading it! What's worrying the most is DH's inability to drag himself out of bed in the mornings, but he's going to have to do the school run, to two different primary schools (plus a secondary, come September), with Lola in tow. I just hope that the girls get to school on time, with breakfast inside them, hair done, and the right equipment!

ThedementedPenguin Mon 10-Jun-13 21:21:19

cjbk when do you go? I wish I could go on holiday. It would be amazing.

moomin hopefully when you go back to work your dh will be a bit more forceful at getting up. I suppose he will have no choice, hopefully he will surprise you.

Herbie is such a grumpy baby when it's warm, he refuses to go to bed all day, won't eat then just cries all evening. My goodness does it wear you down.

Has anyone else changed car seats onto the next stage? Herbie is way too big for group 0+ car seat so we bought him a group one today, he just laughed while sitting in it. He looks so tiny in it, compared to the old seat.

Hope everyone had a good weekend, Herbies baptism went great, the service was very long due to it being st. Columbus Day, but the BBQ went great. We even had 6 unexpentant guests but it was fantastic and the kids had a great day on the bouncy castle and paddling pool. Although it will take a few days for the garden to dry out again after everyone being threw into it.

Hope everyone is keeping well.

meXem Tue 11-Jun-13 01:00:01

Hey everyone! I've Not spoken on here for a couple of months blush and have just spent 20mins trying to catch up but realised that was never going to work, so i'm sorry if I repeat things that may have already been spoken about or asked blush

I hope everyones ok and enjoying their 8month+ yr olds. Charlie Iris is quite a little madam these days and takes great joy in blowing raspberries and crawling away at top speed if she hears the word "no" or "stop" It is especially funny if she has an audience, like nanny(my mum), or the witch DP ex gf!

She's been on purees since 4months and is quite happy munching through most things these days, although very partial to babybels and marmite sandwiches this week!

She has also been on her first Barge race and dressed as a Pirate for the occasion, and looks so funny in her lifejacket grin

I only have one problem to ask about tonight and that is, bath time. Charlie hates it. As in, screams to the point she poos, then hyperventilates and takes a good 15mins to recover after she is removed from the bath. It's SO traumatic that I've been putting it off, which i'm sure only makes it worse. What can I do to make it less scary? Pls Help!


cjbk1 Tue 11-Jun-13 13:03:20

penguin we're going in just over a month, once again it's a huge deal for me..can't wait x

Moomin, neither dp or I are morning people but we're managing really well so far with me back at work. Hopefully you'll get into the swing of it soon.

Mexem, hello, good to see you. Time is going so fast.
I'm sorry you're having trouble with bath time. I can't help really, the kids like the bath. I stick them in together now and just let the older one dunk around and splash water everywhere while making sure dd doesn't go under. She likes sitting up in the bath and trying to stand but can't quite stop from slipping yet.
Have you tried a shower instead? My ds hates the shower so haven't tried it with dd but might be worth a shot.

Cjbk1, sounds like you're trip will be fantastic. I've never been anywhere on a proper plane so have no advise. Sorry. <useless>

DP and I are getting on well. It took us getting to breaking point for us to talk properly about building it back up again.
First on the list is to have some time together, alone. We've not been away from the kids together ever. For nearly 3 years. Chips in the car is probably a good place to start!

leelteloo Tue 11-Jun-13 22:05:24

Canada is so beautiful. I used to spend summers their staying with my godmother. They are such kind and friendly people. You'll love it. Don't worry about the flight, I took dd when she was under 2, on my own and we managed. Hardest part is them not having their own seat but I made sure I had one of those seat with more leg room and let her sleep on the seat and I kind of curled up on the floor with my arms round her ifyswim.
So no ds has the dreaded pox and is really poorly and just covered in spots. I feel so bad seeing him in pain. Just want to have well kids again; feels like forever.

Oh no Leelteloo. Bloody chicken pox. Hope he gets better soon.
I absolutely dread either of them getting it.
We've all had a cold this past week and are all wiped out from it.
It's one of those things that you forget how awful it is until you actually go through it again.
like that god awful hand foot and mouth

cjbk1 Wed 12-Jun-13 12:31:24

thanks leelteloo it's a great shame you had to curl up tho and weren't upgraded shock which airline? we're going with air Canada, staying in Toronto with Dsis then planning to go to Montreal too to give her a break, sorry to keep on I did try 'travel' but no help x

meXem Wed 12-Jun-13 17:05:07

wherearemyshoes Unfortunately I do not have a shower on the boat [Blush] but I do have a crappy shower head extension thingy on my bath taps so will give that a go, I don't think she likes the sensation of sitting in water so we will give that a try.xx

Haven't been in for a whole so congratulations and best wishes and good luck to all who need them!

DD loves the shower. And the bath. And the swimming pool, my little fishy.

DH is way for a few days so I cooked DD some lamb with rice and ordered a curry... now I'm watching DD tuck into my lamb bhuna!

Still no crawling here but she can get everywhere she wants by rolling and sliding on her bum! Poor poppet went to hospital with me today and everyone ignored her waving at them while I was waiting for my appointment... the lovely nurse made up for it by finding her some strawberries to eat whilst I had my injections and commented on how good she was, always nice to hear!

Macaroons Wed 12-Jun-13 23:09:13

Hello all. Sorry haven't posted for a while, will try to catch up properly! I read chicken pox but forgot who is the unlucky baby and mummy, hope its all cleared now. Am quite tempted to get the vaccine (NHS doesn't do it though so has to be done privately...)

leelteloo Thu 13-Jun-13 06:19:41

I didn't even know there was a vaccine? My poor baby is in so much pain and so poorly that I would definitely have had him vaccinated if I'd known.
Last night was dreadful. No sleep at all. He has blisters everywhere and can't settle. Just as I got him off dd cried out; went in to her and she had been sick in her bed. Cleaned her up best I could but this woke ds. Then took hours to settle him and dd called out again: sick in the bed again! Change of sheets no2 and ds woke again and we've been up since. Was no point in trying to make him lie down. So we are downstairs watching in the night garden over and over again! As if I'm not tired enough with this early preggers business!
Massive yawn.

ThedementedPenguin Thu 13-Jun-13 17:06:17

cjbk I hope you have a fantastic time. I am not in any way helpful with regards to flying as I can barely get myself ready for a flight. Maybe trying reporting in Chat or AIBU.

Hi mexem good to hear from you. Herbie is the same with crawling and blowing raspberries. He is soaked now at all times.

leelteloo I hope your ds recovers quickly from chicken pox and you get a better nights sleep.

Nightmare your dd sounds great. I can't imagine anyone ignoring a baby waving but I suppose they might have been stressed. I'd be waving back like a fool smile

Herbie is not himself at the minute, really tired and not eating properly. Well is getting better but still not great. I'm not sure whether he teething or just something in his system.

He is crawling like mad, is a wee bit slow but is fast enough for me iyswim. He is also climbing onto everything. It's crazy how much stuff you have at home that suddenly becomes weapons or tools of destruction.

Can't believe my wee boy is 9 months tomorrow. Feels like an age from he was born but like it was yesterday.

I couldn't believe she was ignored either Penguin - my faith in humanity was restored when she fell in love with the lady we sat next to on the bus home who let DD stroke her sleeve & chatted to her all the way home. Herbie sounds like his movement is coming along great! The last 9 months certainly have raced by.

Yes there is a vaccine for CP leeltleloo - I'm considering it for DD or possibly DH as DH hasn't ever had CP and doesn't much fancy having it as an adult.

DD has a new hat courtesy of Grandma - now we just need some sunshine...

leelteloo Fri 14-Jun-13 11:20:05

We just put an offer in on our dream house!!!! I have always driven past it & thought how wonderful it would be to live there. We can't really afford it but we'll struggle through till I get back to work. I'm thinking of child minding to get some pennies while I'm at home. Anyway it's very very exciting!
Constantly starving for carbs and exhausted so hopefully leetle3 is growing.

How exciting Leelteloo! Fingers crossed you get it.

leelteloo Sat 15-Jun-13 15:14:33

We got the house!! They didn't accept the 1st cheeky offer but they did the next grin. I am in shock: I feel like I have struggled in this tiny house for 6 years and now I know life will be better. Watching our children grow in that house will be wonderful (& there is space for me and dh to get away from each other which will save our marriage wink)
Fingers, toes and everything crossed the chain holds and we actually get to move in.

Macaroons Sun 16-Jun-13 23:08:56

congrats leetleloo! how exciting!! fingers crossed it will go through!

too sleepy to read the rest of the thread, DS is teething and was crying for ages in the car today... will try to catch up tomorrow!

ThedementedPenguin Mon 17-Jun-13 09:39:57

leelteloo congrats on the house. Hope everything works out for you.

Herbie is being to clingy to me. Cries if I leave the room, it's so annoying and frustrating. Won't be held by anyone else except for Dp.

He refuses to go to sleep now, and when he does finally go to sleep he wakes every hour and wants to be cuddled back to sleep but I just can't do it. Anyone any suggestions on how to fix it?

Hello everyone, Leetleloo, congrats on the house! It's all happening for you!

Penguin, Lola is also doing the clingy thing. She was waking very frequently but (touch wood) has been going through from about 9ish-5.30. I'm afraid to say that before, when she woke up a lot, I just brought her into my bed. Not very helpful, I know!

I went back to work today. It was fine. The blow was softened a little bit by finding out that I'd won £80 in my lottery syndicate, but if we had one more number I would have had £300,000! Nevermind! Lola was a good girl for her daddy, but wouldn't drink much milk. She had 2oz on her breakfast, but would only have another 2oz. DH kept trying, but she was having none of it. She ate well though. She had a big feed when I got home, I just hope that she won't want to feed all night long, as I'll need my sleep now that I'm back at work. We will see!

couldsleepforahundredyears Mon 17-Jun-13 20:30:08

I know I may face a backlash here but I did controlled crying a while back, when I reached the end of my tether. It worked a treat and now DS sleeps 12 hours straight (unless ill or teething...in which case I will always pick up for a cuddle). Have you ever considered this, penguin? I know its not for everyone but I really think it was the best for us all in our case. My boy is happy in the mornings and so is mummy! it has in no way effected him badly, much to the contrary!

ThedementedPenguin Mon 17-Jun-13 22:51:59

couldsleep we did cc ages ago and it worked great at getting him to sleep at night and for naps. He still woke for a bottle and went straight over again but recently he will cry for an hour or two before bed.

He stopped eating there for a while so didn't want to do it during the night or refuse foods so just kept giving him a bottle and I don't mind this. But he wakes loads. I just go in, pop dummy in and tuck him in then leave. Will figure something out.

couldsleepforahundredyears Tue 18-Jun-13 05:50:11

5am starts are never good though! Sometimes he does this and I usually don't mind so much but not good on one of my working days...only got 4 hours last night, my own fault as I went to bed really late. Shattered. How will I stay awake at my desk!!

By the way big congrats on the house leetleloo. Hope it works out and goes smoothly.

Penguin, hopefully this is just a phase, last week when DS had a virus I didn't get more than 3 hours sleep at a time..For over a week! I'm still reeling from that...

Penguin, I hope Herbie settles soon.
I don't know if I'm expecting too much of dd as she's goes to sleep on her own now after about a minute of grumbling, then will sleep in her cot till 4am. But then she'll wake and come into bed for a feed, and she drinks quite a bit, then doesn't really settle again till I get up. It's wearing me down and I'm finding work difficult but feel I should he grateful she actually sleeps in her cot at all.

Maybe at the weekend I'll leave her good back to sleep on her own at 4.
It's like she's got an alarm clock! She's do precise.

leelteloo Wed 19-Jun-13 12:18:30

Ds wakes at 4.30 on the dot too, like an alarm clock. He often is just getting back off to sleep when dd wakes at 6. But I am thankful for that stretch of uninterrupted sleep between 7 & 4.30; I never had that with dd, she woke hourly!!! She still get me up more in the night than ds. I went to bed at 8.30 last night to catch up.

leelteloo Thu 20-Jun-13 01:30:33

I am being punished for what I wrote about dd: she has had me up 8+ times tonight. Tummy ache, thirsty, bad dream. You name it she's had it all. I am beside my self as exhausted by feeling sick all bloody day. My ds sleeps soundly through all her creating! I have just read her the riot act and told her that I would not get up any more: fingers crossed she goes to sleep confused

leelteloo Thu 20-Jun-13 01:31:24

She will be 4 in August!!!

Macaroons Thu 20-Jun-13 10:59:59

Ahh why can't babies / toddlers just sleep. I'm do envious of those parents whose babies sleep 12 hours straight. Mine goes to bed at 7, sleeps till 11 then I wake him for a feed and a nappy change, he uses to sleep till 6 or even 6.50 on one occasion (my birthday back in March!) but now he starts waking up at 4.30. We usually take him to our bed, feed him lying down and we all fall back asleep till 6.30/7am. It would be much nicer if he would just sleep till 7. Don't know if that's because he's not taking enough breast milk from me at 11?

We did controlled crying a while back, he still didn't sleep 12 hours uninterrupted. Do all baby sleep 12 hours uninterrupted or are some babies burned to sleep abit less?

leelteloo Thu 20-Jun-13 13:20:32

I think 7 to 7 is quite rare: I don't know anyone in rl who's babies sleep that well.

DD slept from 9.30 to 7.30 yesterday and its such a rare occurance here we had a tiny party about it. I've never met a real life 12hr sleeping baby either!

cjbk1 Thu 20-Jun-13 21:50:31

Ava had a bad night tues night
our weds patients didn't get many smiles from me blushshe woke up twice during the evening then twice in night and pretty well stayed awake for 2 1/2 hrs shock very stiff and sobbing if we tried to put her back in her cot...no clear reason, no teeth, bad bottoms or illnesses appeared touch wood, then like a fool I went to Pilates after bubs bedtime because I'd already paid for it...wed nite ok touch wood...x

cjbk1 Thu 20-Jun-13 21:51:25

* 3 1/2 hr

Macaroons Thu 20-Jun-13 22:36:51

My real life friends' babies do sleep 7-7 and I'm very envious... To be honest I don't mind if he doesn't sleep 7-11pm, but I'd like him to sleep 12-7am. We tried to push back his 7am bed time so he sleeps till 7 but that hasn't worked shock not sure how I will cope when I go back to work. Right now he naps at 10am for 1-2 hours and I usually have a nap myself too...

leelteloo Fri 21-Jun-13 15:02:45

I think we are cursed with sickness in this house right now. I was up all night being sick and now ache all over. Must have caught dd's bug!!! So no sleep 2 nights on the trot! Dh is working from home but is not helping with the kids, shut himself away with his computer!!! Grrrrr!!

ThedementedPenguin Fri 21-Jun-13 20:43:02

Oh leelteloo I hope your feeling better and get some sleep tonight.

Herbie's sleep changes every night, some nights he's up every 4 hours on the dot for a bottle. Then some nights up every hour. Then others he might be up once around 12/1 and then not again until 7.

Although I love his sleepy cuddles, I would love a full nights sleep. Think he must be teething again but it's hard to tell sometimes what's wrong.

My cousin who is 8 and a half months sleeps 8-8 every night.

Hope everyone is keeping well.

I've started walking, the plan is to start running but I am so unfit that I thought I'd walk for a few weeks then start the running, trying to get fit.

Wow I have missed so much (and only did a quick scan there, sorry)!!

Mucho congrats leeltetoo on the pregnancy and the house!!! How exciting. When will you be due then? Had to have a grin at who would be the first for a positive test as you can rule me out of that one saying as the last time I dtd was when I was pregnant, in the interests of oversharing

Sorry to hear about you splitting from your p shoes. What ages are your kids again? Honestly sometimes it's the best thing. I remember my own mum and dad splitting when I was 16 and I was glad as I was sick of hearing them argue every night. They actually did get back together after a year but it changed the both of them for the better.
I think when they're younger it's easier though. I was with ds's dad for ten years when we split when ds was two. Talking to ds now he's always really surprised when I mention me and his dad lived together as he doesn't remember and it's easier in that he's never known any other life and sees it as normal he has two houses and mum and dad aren't together. We get on ok now which helps, although for us it was a long time getting to that point. Dd's dad and I have never really fallen out and he's always on the phone for a chat and tells me about his dates grin

Went for my colposcopy penguin and everything is A-ok. She didn't even need to take a biopsy as there was nothing there so just repeat smear in 6 months to see if the abnormal cells have gone away (thinking it's been too close to having wee B I had my smear taken tbh). Weight off my mind. Good luck for yours!

My ds was a twelve hour sleeping baby Nightmare from six months which is why having dd wrecks me. He could literally sleep through a bomb going off and all. Still a really heavy sleeper and sleeps through dd screaming her head off through the night. The nurses told me in SCBU that prem babies always end up good sleepers as they've been used to lights and noise and the radio beside them 24/7. So true!

Wee B now has two front teeth and cruising along the sofas if you put something there she wants to get. Worried at the fact we are going away in a month for near enough a month and it's all tiled floors. I just know that'll be when she decides she wants to try and walk and my heart will be in my mouth the whole time incase she smacks her head off the ground.

Quick question since she was overdue and your wee ones are in the 9 months already - what are your routines now you've introduced snacks??

ThedementedPenguin Sun 23-Jun-13 21:38:50

Snack? Snacks? I've barely got Herbie to eat three meals a day. I'm trying my best to get him onto food and not jars but so far it's not going great. Although he likes soup. So I tried mixing it in with some dinner today and he took a bit more of it than normal.

My colposcopy is on Tuesday, my smear from Ma time was clear so I'm hoping this will be the same. I really hope nothing more needs done.

For anyone that was on any form of contraception before pregnancy how long did it take for your period to return? I'm very impatiently waiting on mine. I stopped pill on 2nd June, roughly a week ago I think I ovulated but not 100% on dates, but so far just a few cramps. I hate waiting especially for something I really dread waiting.

Penguin dd's not the greatest eater either which is why I was asking. Ds would have ate the hand off you, although I know he wouldn't have taken a cup of milk until a year so I'm assuming I must have been feeding him rightly with bottles in between too. Gah it's just so much more work smile

I was on cerazette after ds and before dd (stopped because I bled constantly on it). The bleeding stopped but it took 9 weeks before I had a period, all the time worrying and doing near enough a pregnancy test per week

ThedementedPenguin Sun 23-Jun-13 23:07:43

Ah thanks ballroom I was on cerazette. I have read it can take a while for them to return but I was certain it was happening. In a way I want it to come quick but at the same time I hope I don't have to deal with any.

No snacks here yet but DD packs away a fair amount of food every meal time. Having said that I've just watched her feed the ham from her lunchtime sandwich (and it was naice ham as well wink ) to the cat...

Sleep gone completely to pot here the past couple of days, I'm pooped and seriously in awe of you ladies to are gearing up for another baby already! Yawn...

leelteloo Mon 24-Jun-13 18:59:57

I keep trying with the snack thing but ds not interested. He used to have a bottle at 11 and 3, snack time but since I cut them out he has not seemed hungry at these times. My dd was not a snacker either but now she asks for food constantly! Hard to have healthy stuff available all the time.
I am really finding being pregnant very very hard going. In the last week the sickness has become constant. I am never actually sick but feel it and feel totally unable to do any of my usual tasks. I still have to do them but its such a slog. I was the same when pg with ds but not with dd; so I think this will be a boy if all goes well. Poor dd will be so upset, she already wants to send back the brother she's got wink. I have no help or support either as dh only gets home from work after little ones are in bed and my family live very far away. With ds the sickness stopped at 12 weeks, so 4 more... Yikes!!
On the plus side, dc are sleeping well right now. Baby going 7 till 5.

Ballroom, ds is 3 in August and then there's dd.
Dp and I are on good form now. It took drastic action for us to realise we didn't want to separate. We're getting on great and things have definitely improved. He's even talking of a third dc shock
My poor old fanjo body has only just recovered!

Dd doesn't really have snacks. Ds rarely has snacks and when he does I offer some to dd. She'll eat if it's offered but she doesn't seem hungry. I give them sultanas or a couple of biscuits. Maybe a bit of toast.

I'm planning a day out to the seaside with them on Friday for my mum's birthday. Going to pack up a picnic and see where we end up. I'm pretty sure it'll rain but my the kids will love spending the whole day with mum. I then realised I've only used the buggy once in the past 4 or 5 months. I wonder how she'll be?!

Leelteloo, sorry you're feeling rubbish. The tiredness is a bugger isn't it? sad Especially if you've not got much support. (I didn't have either)
I hope the kids sleep long and often for you.

Macaroons Thu 27-Jun-13 20:54:01

leetleloo - wow you're expecting a baby! congrats! (don't know how I managed to miss this news from earlier post)

wherearemyshoes - have a good time with your mum tomorrow, hope you'll get some decent weather!

re snacks - I sometimes feed DS baby yogurt, he seems to love it, and probably eases his teething pain!

DS has been up at 3 for a couple of days already yawn we did fall asleep after some milk but I would be happier if he sleeps till at least 5am...

I really miss hours of uninterrupted sleep pre baby! When will he sleep through the night properly? He will be starting nursery in late July, I'm hoping that will help him sleep through the night.

leelteloo Fri 28-Jun-13 04:51:17

Phew sickness has passed: now worried that's a bad thing lol!

ThedementedPenguin Sat 29-Jun-13 21:27:49

So Herbie slept through two nights ago. Was great. Although next night he was up once, last night he was up twice so I'm hoping that's the most he will waken. I want my full nights sleep..

Oh leelteloo I hope when ds gets bigger, your dd will be more accepting. Have you heard anything about a booking in appointment or scan? Glad the sickness has passed. It's hateful.

shoes I'm glad to hear about you and your Dh. Did you make it to the beach?

So I got my Af today sad I'm gutted, but I know it's better this way. As dating will be better but I hate it so much.

Herbie is doing great, crawling and getting into everything. Into loads of mischief but is just such a happy boy.

I've started to care for an elderly man in the morning and occasionally in the afternoons. It's great getting an extra bit of cash, although all of it is going on debts. Cars are a pita. Lol

Hope everything is keeping well.

Kerenza has gone to bed tonight in her own room, sob. Fingers crossed we all get some sleep! She also said Dada for the first time today after saying Mumum for me for a couple of months smile

She slept in till 7.30!

leelteloo Mon 01-Jul-13 19:46:17

Great news Nightmare!! grin

ThedementedPenguin Thu 04-Jul-13 20:41:45

Right people, stop having lives and come talk to me!! grin wink

How's all the babies? Anyone walking yet?

Herbie is trying but still very wobbly. He has also started to eat food not just jars. It's amazing how excited I get over this haha

leelteloo Thu 04-Jul-13 21:08:50

I'm still here tdp: have no life other than the kids at the moment.
Ds is finally finally sitting!!!! Yea!! I was beginning to worry about him. It's so much better for him now; he can sit and play and is not getting as frustrated.
I am nearly 10 weeks now! shock. Still not really engaging in the pregnancy as it has gone wrong before at this stage but I'm not feeling sick anymore which is great.
We don't have a moving day yet but I am so so excited about our new house.
Finally, I am very happy to see the good weather; bring on the 28 degrees they are promising for the weekend.

ThedementedPenguin Thu 04-Jul-13 23:26:38

Aww good stuff. Thought I was on my own..

Have you had a scan yet leelteloo? Wow it's gone pretty quick, well maybe not for you but it has for me. smile I hope the sickness has gone for you? Have you joined a new ante-natal group?

Oh it'll not be long until he's under your feet all the time. I was getting annoyed cause Herbie wasn't crawling or moving, now I really regret it. Sometimes I just wish he would sit still for a second! It's only going to get worse isn't it?

I'm awaiting warm weather too, it shall be great to sit out in the garden again. Although there's not much shade in my garden for Herbie.

So glad you and your dp worked things out shoes . How do you feel about having a third??

Glad your over your sicky period leelteloo . That all-encompassing tiredness is a killer. Ds didn't sit until 10 months either. We had him at the paed's for other reasons and they weren't worried about it at all. He's still not great at gross motor movements but there's nothing wrong with him. Been assessed plenty of times but he's just a clumsy child. As my dsis said, none of us were renowned for our poise either (remembering all the cuts and bruises I had constantly on my knees. Still have a scar there fgs)

Wee B isn't walking yet penguin but she's started to let go to stand unaided (for a few seconds before she falls on her bum grin ) I wouldn't know this as she waits until we are out of the room to do it, I've just caught her on the odd time. She was the same with rolling and crawling. Doesn't like an audience when she's first trying it out.

I still haven't moved to snacks. Infact I still haven't moved from bottle to breakfast first thing either, like ds was at this stage. I tried it the other day and she wouldn't really take her bottles all day then, resulting in an 8oz before bed and pretty restless night's sleep. So back to the bottle in the morning. With ds being off school she has been awful at bottles during the day and her naps. Too flaming nosey.

Still not a great eater but (and I haven't wanted to say this incase I scud myself) she has been sleeping through for about the past 3-4 weeks!! Goes to bed about 7-7.30 and sleeps through to anytime between 6.15 and 7am. Dad has her this weekend and he admitted he held her to sleep and gave her a yogurt after her last bottle last night for some reason so I'm fully expecting a fight to sleep when she gets back for a couple of days. Used to it now though as he messes up my routine every time which irritates me beyond belief.

cjbk1 Sun 07-Jul-13 09:44:42

I've never really had a life penguin and I'd talk all day long I'm just wary of not monopolising the whole thread shock I hate hot weather and it kills my energy so not really feeling much better than this time last year and I'm hoping that somehow the heat will be 'different' in Canada and more bearable as it is in Gran Canaria but not like Holland wink

ThedementedPenguin Sun 07-Jul-13 21:58:56

Cjbk1 I love how you say you never really had a life then go on to talk about all these different countries.

So I was at my mums during the week and we went onto the wii, on the wii fit board. I haven't been on it in 867 days so nearly 3 years. I've put on nearly 2 stone in that time. I'm gutted.

Also I lost my only pair of shorts that fit me. So I had to go buy more and I needed a size 12, only two years ago I was a size 6-8. I think I seriously need to do something about it. I cope fine on a normal day as I have jeans that fit, but when it comes to going out I get so angry and cry because I have nothing. I'm sick of feeling like this, but I don't do anything about it.

So I looked up slimming world but it didn't really tell me much about it, anyone tried it? I need something easy to do, has meal plans for me to follow. There's a meeting tomorrow so I think I'm going to go and ask some questions about it then decide if its for me. Does anyone have any other diets I could check out?

ballroom I'm so happy your dd is sleeping for you. I'm also very jealous as Herbie at most goes 6 hours now. I'm thinking I might try cc through the night. As I really don't think he needs it. But at the same time I don't want to starve him and by refusing I feel I am. Will be just wean himself where is ready or am I screwed into this for life? smile

Penguin don't beat yourself up about your body changing.
I've had two pregnancies in the last three years and it's shown me how much my body has changed shape.
My weight isn't really that much different but I have definitely altered the way I dress.
I've chucked out most of my old clothes now and slowly replaced them with new ebay stuff.
I was always so narrow waisted and ribbed. Still am now but my hips and thighs and bum are much wider. I'll never bother even trying River Island clothes again!

Thanks Ballroom we're doing great here now. Dp still well up for a third but it almost frightens me. The spd, the weight gain, the tiredness. I know it's all worth it but I think I need a break. Maybe in a couple of years we'll have another, but I think I need to get the copper coil fitted. Before we have another unexpected addition!

I hope everyone's well and not melting in the heat. I've not been away, just don't get a chance to sit and compose a post without being hung off or cried at!

cjbk1 Sun 07-Jul-13 22:43:35

well Holland was in the '90s to visit our grandparents who lived there for a few years and Gran Canaria was our only holiday pre-children&the only time I've flown outside the British Isles and I lived in Ireland from age 11-18 parents still do...so those are my only points of reference for heat..Dsis is in Canada for 2yrs max hence the urgency to visit...but as for the things that Other People seem to do; nothing lol x

leelteloo Mon 08-Jul-13 05:18:18

Talking of shape change: I cannot believe how much I'm showing already! I look about 6 months gone. It just seems to be sticking out. I think it's because all the muscles are wrecked already & there is nothing to hold me in. As I'm trying not to tell anyone I just feel massively fat.
I love the heat and spent the whole weekend outside with the dc. Paddling pool, painting etc. dh gave me a few chances to get some naps in, so generally feeling more rested.

Macaroons Mon 08-Jul-13 20:22:28

Leetleloo - must be so exciting expecting a baby! Not sure we will have another baby... I really want one but DH doesn't. He's an only child so he doesnt understand. Sighhhhhhhhh.

Re shopping for clothes, I haven't got into shape yet, and not sure if I ever will. Was a 12-14 before and now a 14-16. Not happy...went into fcuk to try on some dresses and none look good in me... Sigh

I tried slimming world some years ago it did work for a while but then I didn't stick to it (counting number of syns is too depressing - eg Special K has 5 syns and you are allowed about 15 a day)

Urgh, I am actually melting.
How are your dc in this heat?

We've been over to my mum's to play in the garden but other than that we've stayed in. But our house is so hot. It's like an oven.
Dd is bfing with just a nappy on and is stuck to me with sweat.
Other than strip them both off and offer plenty to drink and high water fruits there's not really much else I can think of.
Dd isn't really bfing much more but still sweats a lot. Her hair is constant scarecrow mode!

My conservatory hit 40 degrees earlier shock

leelteloo Mon 15-Jul-13 22:50:11

I'm unusual in loving the hot weather. I hAte being cold and being able to sleep without covers is lovely. We've had the paddling pool out, had BBQs, not really been in the house much at all. The morning sickness and heat wasn't great but I've realised if I don't have milk I feel ok, so avoiding it. The dc are not struggling too much either: they must take after me.

Macaroons Tue 16-Jul-13 15:34:52

Yes it's so hot these days! How are your babies coping with this weather? Mine isn't sleeping very well at night, not sure if its because of the heat or something else, even though we got him an electric fan to use over night! To be honest I'm not sleeping well myself in this weather, and last night the electric fan in our bedroom went out of order in the middle of the night!!!! Not happy...

Want to pick your brains regarding going back to work. My maternity leave is due to end in late August, and I can only find childcare for 2 days a week in August and September before increasing to 4 days a week in October. I have accrued 30+ days off throughout my maternity so my plan is to first use up those annual leave days before formally submitting a request to work 4 days a week from 1/1/2014, say.

I have communicated my plan to my manager verbally back in mid May, followed by an email in early June after I got a formal offer from the nursery. I didn't hear back until today, with an email from my boss saying me returning back to work for 2 days a week in September would be "a drain on the rest of the team", and his "preference would be for me to utilise your holiday during September"

I feel very frustrated that they didn't let me know sooner (it's been almost 2 months since I told him the plan!!) and disheartened to see that I would be "a drain on the rest of the team". Had I known sooner that I'm not welcome to work for 2 days a week in Sept I wouldn't have arranged to start nursery in late July! (and saving me hundreds of pounds!!!) Will discuss with them... but just wondering what are my options? Can they force me to use up my holidays in September bcoz they dont want to see me?

Thanks for reading and thank in advance for advice!

leelteloo Thu 18-Jul-13 16:09:34

Sorry Macaroons, I've been out of the world of employment for 4 years and didn't understand all the mat leave stuff when I was there. Hope someone more knowledgable post soon.
We are just too hot here now: so sitting in darkened living room watching movies! Hot hot hot and feeling sick again. Xx

Macaroons, sorry you're having issues with work. sad
In my experience work have been very accommodating around maternity leave. Possibly because it's a female heavy workforce, but it may be an idea to speaking to your HR team if poss.

To be quite honest, if you went back doing two days a week you'd probably end up doing your full workload in a shorter space of time. Depending what you do obviously.

A good way to put it to your boss is coming back for two days is more than they have been getting from you in the last year, so in reality it would be extra help for your colleagues.
Is someone covering your post? And if so are they leaving the same day you return to work?

My cover left in April, long before I came back (she was so shit they found her a job somewhere else) So no one was doing my job, and me going back 2 days to begin with was a relief for them.

I don't think they can force you to take your annual leave.
But I would definitely check with HR or ask for written maternity leave procedures so you can see for yourself.

ThedementedPenguin Sat 20-Jul-13 12:44:06

macaroons that's a bit shit regarding work. I'm really not sure what way it all works. But I don't think they can force you to take all your A/L in September. I agree though you may want to speak to HR team.

The weather is great. I love it. We have been staying in Dps parents caravan this past week. It's been great but very warm. Sometimes warmer inside than out.

Herbie is doing great, although the heat is too much for him sometimes. He is such an active little boy is always on the go and so fast.

How's everyone else keeping?

cjbk1 Tue 23-Jul-13 15:52:44


Morning all, I don't think i need to worry about stealth boasting with you ladies do I? I've been having a fun but hectic time in Canada and have had the devils own job finding baby things ie prepared milk and pouches I don't know how they manage here then id finally got to the hotel Montreal then got a really bad tummy and vomited on the hotel walls! so I'm heading back to Toronto so Dsis's bf can mind Ava and I can sleep... I also
had a very heavy painful period in the middle of the pack of micronor (is this normal?) in the record breaking heat! but I am so lucky to be able to travel and hope you're all doing ok?
work force me to take hols all the time and try to force us not to take any off in certain months (4-5 in total)

ThedementedPenguin Sat 27-Jul-13 09:32:23

If any one is still here (HI)

Could you do me a favour, go to my pictures and tell me if you see two lines or am I kidding myself. Lol first test and I'm 6 days late

leelteloo Sat 27-Jul-13 10:02:49

Cjbk; that sounds like a tough trip. It is so horrid being ill away from home and to have to look after a little one as well. Hope dsis and her hubby are now looking after you and you feel better soon.
I am on my iPod so can't look at the pic TDP, but is it positive????
I had my scan and results back and happy to report I am low risk: great news. So now I can start to tell people. I think most people will think I am mad because dh and I are very rocky. But I want my children to have brothers and sisters, especially if dh and I don't make it. They don't have much other family.
Ds has been poorly all week and I am shattered. He has a cough and a cold and is up loads in the night. I hope he is regularly sleeping through by Christmas or I can kiss goodbye to any sleep at all lol!

ThedementedPenguin Sat 27-Jul-13 14:01:00

leelteloo yes it's def a postive. I bought I clear blue digital one. I'm 3-4 weeks pregnant smile it's wierd knowing this early. I'm excited but also so nervous.

leelteloo Sat 27-Jul-13 14:19:34

Wow baby 2 number 2!!! Congratulations!!!! gringringringrin

Oh brilliant news Penguin! Congratulations!
And well done Leelteloo, good to hear you're low risk. Now you can start to feel a bit less nervous hopefully.

For some crazy reason I'm getting a bit broody and slightly envy
Even though I'm waiting for an appt for the coil I must admit it would be nice to have another.

Then I realise I'm actually enjoying doing a bit of exercise and feeling slightly less wobbly more toned.

DD is not sleeping well at all. It's so hot and she's still getting used to the change of me being at work some days.

Cjbk1 I hope you're feeling better. Are you still over there? I've never been that far from home.

Not much else to report really. DD is very mobile but not actually walking yet.

Oh and I won one of the prizes for filling out the mumsnet census. £150 Mothercare vouchers. I actually did a little yelp when I got the pm. It's DS and DD birthday within 3 weeks of each other soon (as you all know!) so that's those covered.
Stupidly excited about winning a prize!

And Leelteloo, I hope you don't come across anyone who would be so rude as to say they don't agree with how you decide to raise your family.

A family is what you make of it.
There are plenty of committed couples that would make shit parents. A mum and dad under the same roof doesn't automatically mean a perfect family.

leelteloo Sat 27-Jul-13 22:41:17

Thanks wherearemyshoes but unfortunately I have already had sinlaw on the phone saying "how shocked!!" she is hmm. She pretty much asked if I was nuts as it was only at Xmas that dh and I separated for a few weeks. She was a good support to me then but doesn't seem at all happy that we are trying to work on our marriage and have another child. Dh is not talking to her now. The thing is we didn't split up and we planned this baby; just want people to be happy for us.
Anyway, congrats on the prize, so awesome! I have never won anything other than a tenner on the lottery.
Ds sleeping well tonight so far but I feel wired and can't sleep, typical.

Fucksake, sometimes I wonder if there is actually somewhere that people learn to be so aresholey.
When it ever became someone else's business when and why a couple decide to have a baby is beyond me.
Shocked indeed. hmm

Some people don't know when to keep their mouths shut do they?
Saying that, when I told my sister I was pregnant with DS (my first) instead if saying congratulations (she never did say it) she asked how on earth I thought I was going to manage financially, and continued to make me feel uncomfortable and really shit about myself.

And when she does have children she'll want my support.

ThedementedPenguin Thu 01-Aug-13 11:46:03

leelteloo have you joined your new due date antenatal thread yet? I went to mine but I hate it so I'm refusing to go back.

Ill maybe try again in a few months but I'm not sure.

cjbk1 Thu 01-Aug-13 18:51:52

leelteloo and shoes yes I'm home now thanks and I got better quite quickly once i got back to dsis's but didn't do any more heavy-duty exploring after that wink I was worn out...and today was the first day of the summer hols I've been at home with all 3 so that's been fun but busy

Penguin, maybe you'll settle in to the other thread better later in your pregnancy.
You're more than welcome to chat here about stuff though. I love hearing about babies!
A good friend of mine is 11 weeks pregnant with her first baby and I am so ridiculously excited for her. I think my broodiness almost left me in tears! What is wrong with me? I'm having the coil fitted in a week confused

Glad you're back safe Cjbk1. It must have been amazing.
I hope you're doing alright with the holidays. It seems to be really hard to keep them entertained. I'm making the most of mine being too young to get bored. I'm sure once DS is at school I'll be counting down to them going back to school straight away!

cjbk1 Fri 09-Aug-13 21:21:12

--I'm glad I haven't killed the thread--yes it was amazing....thing is with my older 2; they either want to be playing
out or being fully entertained there's no middle ground....wink
goodnight all happy weekend x

cjbk1 Fri 09-Aug-13 21:22:07

glad I haven't killed the thread

ThedementedPenguin Tue 13-Aug-13 08:33:48

Think I will hang about here.

God so far this pregnancy is so different. I've no sickness, but I am tired a bit more and I've fainted twice. So in a way it's great but awful as well.

How's everyone else keeping?

Take it easy Penguin. Just think how much more busy you are this time round. It makes such a difference when you already have a child and can't just rest whenever you want.

Do you still look after your cousin? It must be hard work having someone else's baby too.

Hope all the older kids are enjoying the holidays.
I can't imagine mine ever being at the stage when they go out to play but themselves. It's almost like a mental block! denial

I'm just waiting for DD to go back to sleeping while feeding her before I can get up and ready for work.
Last night was the first night she slept properly in ages. I left her to cry to sleep and she stayed asleep till 5am!

She's just getting her 4th tooth come through. These top ones seem more painful for her. DP had real trouble trying to comfort her whilst I was at work yesterday. sad

ThedementedPenguin Wed 14-Aug-13 13:16:47

shoes no I don't look after my niece anymore. Long story, short she quit in June.

Luckily I got a morning job of caring for an elderly man, have to go in and get him up. Which is quite tough as he has no legs. So is quite tough some days.

Although they have been on holiday for a week and a half so I've been very lucky that I haven't had to do it when Ive been feeling crappy. Although I really need the cash to pay off my debts.

Oh sorry, I couldn't remember if it was your cousin or sister that had the baby.

Let's hope you're feeling a bit better but the time your man gets back from holiday. Go easy if you're having to lift him. I can imagine that won't help if you're feeling faint. You don't want to go wobbly whilst helping him.

DD is relentlessly crying upstairs.
My neighbours must seriously curse me. Our bedroom walls are so thin.

ThedementedPenguin Wed 14-Aug-13 19:59:42

shoes that must be awful. Just ignore the neighbours.

Herbie still gets up at night. We tried to do cc one night but I gave in and gave him a bottle. It was awful listening to him.

So now I don't know what to do. He doesn't need them but I don't know how to get him off them.

Macaroons Sat 17-Aug-13 21:57:16

Hello all sorry haven't been posting much recently as DS has been having a temperature - it's his 5th day today shock seems to be coming down today so touch wood it will be gone tmr! I think he's also passing the bug to me - can feel a sore throat developing!

Congrats penguin on baby number 2!!! grin

Sorry haven't got a chance to catch up on the thread properly... Hope everyone is well!

It's September soon, just wondering if you are going to hold a birthday party for your little one? Can't believe they are almost one!

Macaroons I hope DS is feeling better.
It's DS's 3rd birthday next week and then DD's 3 weeks later so we will probably do balloons and presents for them next week and maybe a couple more on DD's birthday.
Maybe see some family but other than that no party.
It's probably the last year we can get away with low key.

DD is standing for short periods on her own now. She sits as soon as we try to get her to walk though. She crawls so fast she probably feels it's more efficient that way!

Hi all. Not been here for a while! We're not really doing a party, we're at a family wedding the weekend before DD's birthday, thought we'd go to the Sealife Centre ok her birthday, and then re weekend after I've invited her little cousins (4, 3 and 2 yrs) and my parents up for a little birthday tea. The new passion here is climbing, she can get up on the sofa, the bed and the stairs given half a chance, she stands at the stair gate rattling it! Still no teeth - have everyone else's LOs got their teeth now?

Oh, in other news I handed in my resignation - felt weird after working for the company for over 9 years! Now I'm a proud unemployed SAHM.

Hi Nightmare, hope you're well.
DD has 3 teeth so far, the first two at the bottom came within a week of each other and then the top one came about 3 weeks later. No 4th yet though and the lonely top one is growing well so she looks a bit lopsided!

DS took ages to get his first tooth, but he's got a gob-full now and they're lovely.

I thought of going to the Sealife Centre for DD's birthday, we did that for DS's first too. He didn't really take much in, but it was a good day for us. Chips on the beach and all that.
After her birthday I'm up to my full hours as my leave runs out. I wish I could stay at home. DP is going to look for work and we'll swap. I reckon once he's looking after them 4 days in a row it'll be sooner rather than later!

I hope Penguin and Leelteloo are both doing alright.
Any more babies on the horizon?

Macaroons Sun 25-Aug-13 22:58:08

nightmare - hope you'll enjoy being a SAHM!

wherearemyshoes - DS is finally better, thank goodness! He's had the fever for 5 days!!!! thankfully he's now ok, but he doesn't feel like eating, he's eating half of what he used to eat, if that! it's also a real struggle to put him in his highchair... is anyone having similar issue? he has lost quite abit of weight sad

re teeth, he has 2 at the bottom and 4 on the top!

Macaroons Sun 25-Aug-13 22:59:32

re birthday party, we're hoping to have a little picnic with some friends in the park. hope the weather will be nice! (we haven't properly baby-proof our home, and there really isn't enough space for so many people, so fingers crossed we'll have some decent weather that day, as we have no plan B!)

Hello all. Not long back from my month away so I'll just mark my place and catch up later as internet down so on my phone (which I hate typing on). One thing has caught my eye on the page though - mucho congrats on your pregnancy penguin !!

ThedementedPenguin Mon 26-Aug-13 20:56:17

Thanks ballroom grin

How was your month away? I'm very jealous. Wish I was away somewhere nice even for a weekend.

I've been so sick today, have basically been jn bed all day. i hate this part of it.

although in good news, i have my booking in tomorrow. Very nervous

cjbk1 Thu 29-Aug-13 09:52:20

sorry I've been such a grumpy boots and not much to report but if I hear that old adage "at least you get paid breaks at work" one more time! confused errr no I don't, not paid often not happening either rant over
Ava's only got upper centrals (teeth) partially erupted which is unusual and
she's been standing independently a bit recently but no walking that I've seen, we'll just have a party tea with grandparents
--coz I can't trust my RL
friends to turn up from bitter experience-- and buy her loads of presents we already got her a sit-in sandpit coz she loved them so much on hols...gotta clean up coz my mammy and daddy are coming tonight wink

cjbk1 Thu 29-Aug-13 09:53:21

coz I can't trust my RL friends to turn up from bitter experience

Ooh a sandpit sounds ace! We've bought DD a doll, she'll get a pram for Christmas as I hope she'll be walking by then!

First year review this morning - DD prepared by sprouting a tiny bit of number one tooth overnight (top front one). Anyway all good - she's now on 75th centile for height & weight when she such a tiny thing at birth!

ThedementedPenguin Sun 08-Sep-13 16:35:44

nightmare that sounds great.

Can't believe ds is one on Saturday. How this year has flown. We got ds a quad and water table for his birthday. Can't wait to give it to him.

He has 5 teeth and two on the way. So strange seeing him with teeth. I'm still not used to it.

Is anyone's dc walking? Ds can walk but is still a bit wobbly. It's so cute.

Thanks Penguin, thought I'd killed the thread! DD can walk round the furniture and that's it so far, thankfully for me going on how many times she topples over! It's her birthday today and I can't believe how the time has flown. She's celebrated by tipping her porridge over her head, unravelling a whole loo roll and smacking me in the face when I changed her nappy... Joy! Off out to the Sealife Centre in a bit.

ThedementedPenguin Mon 09-Sep-13 11:20:14

Oh my what a day so far. grin happy birthday baby (or not so much anymore) nightmare. Hope you have a great day.

I'm still here, just my brain is normally in such a scramble my posts wouldn't make any sense!

Happy birthday little Nightmare K!
I hope you've had a good day Nightmare, this year has gone so fast. And so much has happened to us all.

And happy birthday so far to all the other September babies. thanks brew wine

DD has taken a couple of steps but not really walking yet. She can stand up from sitting in the middle of the room but DS couldn't do that for weeks and weeks after he had been walking properly.
She does do the quack along to the Sarah and Duck song though!

My friend is due her baby on 16th and I'm so excited for her.
It's after about a year I seem to get all misty eyed about labour and cuddling up in the middle of the night with a newborn. I really need to remind myself of the painful exhausting reality to snap out of it!

cjbk1 Wed 11-Sep-13 12:59:06

it was Ava's birthday yesterday! the others waited till I got home from work then we helped her open her presents....she didn't get to try her pink trampoline yet but loved her other things and dh and dd1 had made her a chocolate birthday cake which she loved....happy tears...

Happy Birthday to Ava.
She must love all the attention!

My DS is just 3 and is being really difficult lately. The main thing bothering me, other than the general tantrums is him pushing DD. He won't always share with her and pushes her away, normally by her face hmm
Not quite sure how to deal with it really. The naughty step works for some things, but not this. Any advice would be very much appreciated. I can't keep DD away from him all the time.

Macaroons Thu 19-Sep-13 16:41:42

Happy birthday to September babies! Can't believe a year has gone by, and I'm surviving with interrupted sleep days after days wink

I wanted to post a while ago but somehow couldn't find our thread, luckily I found it just now! Let me catch up on the post properly smile

Macaroons Thu 19-Sep-13 16:57:28

Where - sorry to hear that your DS is pushing DD and naughty steps wouldn't work, don't have any advice to give, hope this is just a phrase an will pass soon

Nightmare - is your DD also a 9/9 baby? So is my DS! We took him to an aquarium on his birthday too!

Cjbk1 - how sweet of your DH and DD to bake the cake! I was so lazy, just bought the mini Percy pig one from m&s

Wherearemyshoes - DS can stand independently in the middle of the room from sitting down to standing but isn't quite walking yet. Looking forward to him making his first steps!!

Penguin - I am trying to imagine little ones making those wobbly steps - must be so cute

Ballroom - how have things been since your month away?

We haven't bought anything specifically as his birthday pressie as we buy him stuff all the time! Thinking of putting together a photo book on photobox, it's very time consuming to pick the photos though as I do take a lot of photos using my phone / proper camera throughout the year...

cjbk1 Fri 20-Sep-13 17:20:18

Ava just took two steps unaided! That's all really...have a lovely weekend grin x

Well done Ava!
DD's birthday today. We've been to see my mum and nan, had a quick shop in bluewater and stopped for McDonald's. Now they're both going to sleep and I'm going to reward us with a wine spritzer.

She's walking about 5 steps now so bought her a proper pair of shoes today. She is just the sweetest thing. And DS has been on the whole quite happy today so for once I'm actually feeling quite chilled.

Have a lovely weekend everyone. x

ThedementedPenguin Sat 21-Sep-13 11:36:50

I love when they start to walk its so cute. Its crazy how quick they get their confidence with something new. Ds walks a lot these days. He is also trying to run however he just can't do it yet. It's very funny.

Happy birthday to all babies. I really cannot believe they are all one.

whereare that sounds really frustrating. Unfortunately I'm no help. Hope you get it sorted soon.

Has many people bought their dcs shoes? I haven't yet, got ds' feet measured but when we put shoes on him he refused to lift his feet. However will walk everywhere in socks/bare feet.

Macaroons Mon 30-Sep-13 17:32:29

I haven't bought DS proper shoes yet. Only those soft fabric ones from next to keep his feet warm. I think I will go into Clarks when he's properly walking, my friend told me that they offer a measuring service.

Where's everyone? This thread is very quiet! Hope you are all well!

DD walks holding on only - but - I got her her first pair of shoes on Sunday as they were too cute, I know she'll grow out of them very quickly. She's got 3.5G feet, must get the width from her father as I have stupidly narrow feet! I upset the shop assistant when I asked to see the trainer style cruisers with boats on as they were for boys, she did this face when I said I was sure shock We got the baby's first shoes photo as it was Clarks.

Yes Macaroons, DD is a 9/9 baby too!

Despite not walking by herself she can climb, god can she climb, she got to the top of the sofa today (supervised) and can do stairs with ease. She gives you a heart attack whenever you pop out of the room as she'll climb on the sofa/bed, and it worries me as of course she can't get down yet!

cjbk1 Mon 30-Sep-13 20:35:59

I'm still here! ds was being horrible today and dd1 suffered because of it....and because of her lashing out at school last year we've got to be really careful to avoid all aggression, I haven't seen any more walking from Ava but she's very happy knee bouncing, if anyone wants to add me on Instagram and see it my ID is the same as here x

Ah, I found you again. It dropped off my threads I'm on list.

DD is walking really well now. And climbing, god, the climbing.
She gets on the window sill from the back of the sofa and on the dining table to mess with all the junk that's supposed to because out of her reach.
She loves wearing her shoes. She has little patent t bar ones (I may have already told you that! ) She sticks her foot in the air waiting for them to be put on.

Cjbk1 I don't have instagram so googled your nn and found you on twitter instead so have followed you. I think, I don't often use it to be honest. I look at fb more often so if anyone on this thread wants to add me pm me.

Cjbk1, if I remember rightly you're in dentistry.
One of DDs top front teeth is a conjoined tooth. The same one as me when I had baby teeth!
Do I need to do anything about it? Neither of my dc have been to the dentist yet so I suppose I should take DS and get them to look at DDs funny one while I'm there.
The bottom of it is kind of stepped. I wonder if it'll level out if I give her some more raw carrots to gnaw on!

cjbk1 Wed 09-Oct-13 08:51:14

I'm also on FB pm me if you like. that sounds like germinated teeth and I don't think there's anything to be done without looking in my books
but yes pop along to the dentist for a little check up, they won't mind if it takes a few visits to have a proper look. Ava still only takes a few steps then throws herself on the floor and shouts she much prefers the knee bouncing wink but we'll get her some cruisers at Clark's outlet soon x

Thanks cjbk1, I've got an appointment in November so I think I'll brave it and take them both along with me. I might take DP or my mum for reinforcements!

Blimey Penguin, you must be coming along nicely now. How are you feeling? Hope it's all going smoothly.

ThedementedPenguin Mon 21-Oct-13 08:52:30

Hey sorry I've just seen this.

I'm 16+2. Counting down the weeks until I can find out what we are having.

Have finally gotten over the sickness. Thank god, you forget how awful it is.

How's everyone else?

cjbk1 Mon 25-Nov-13 16:39:13

evening all; if anybody ever comes in here again I've got some news myself but I want to see of anyone's here first lol wink

couldsleepforahundredyears Mon 25-Nov-13 22:12:09

I'm a lurker, always checking but never posting. I'd love to hear your news!

cjbk1 Tue 26-Nov-13 11:40:31

Oh ok then sleep I'm expecting a surprise 4th and final baby had my scan yesterday 13+2 now due 1st June.hope everyone else is ok? x

Wow c congratulations. That's great news!

Four of them? Eek!
Hope you're feeling well x

cjbk1 Thu 28-Nov-13 09:35:44

thanks, I feel like I'm 'pushing water uphill with a fork' as they say, regarding the housework/organisation but apart from that I'm ok....
ironically enough I've got a genuine (non-fault) dental problem today so I'll be off to work again in a bit.... on my day off/cleaning day wink

Ah, the housework can wait, it's not going anywhere.
Shame you end up at work on your day off though.

I was saying to dp just the other day if we wanted another 2 year gap between dd and the next one we'll have to get busy by Christmas.
We both agreed the coil was a good idea and couldn't handle another just yet grin

ThedementedPenguin Tue 03-Dec-13 10:35:53

Cjbk congrats. How exciting.

I come in here every so often. Although clearly haven't been here for a while.

Hows everyone keeping?

Can I just ask what everyone is buying the kids? Ds is at such a age that no toy fits his age. Everything I look at feels wrong.

NightmareBeforeChristmasWalkin Fri 06-Dec-13 18:05:54

Hi all, I still check in from time to time! Congrats cjbk, wow, number 4! We've been talking about a 3 year gap between DD & and putative sibling, but then realised that means starting TTC in Sept 2014 and that thought makes us both panic a bit!

Demented - we're buying DD a dolls pram (this one www.preciouslittleone.com/product-information/101/18914/moover-wooden-dolls-pram-%28red%29/?gclid=CLeg2LeXnLsCFQkEwwodyXoAJA) as she loves walking up and down at the minute (took her first steps unaided a couple of weeks ago), some clothes and that's it.

We're off on our hols next Sunday so if anyone has any tips or toddlers on planes (just a 4 hour flight luckily) so if anyone has any tips...!

Macaroons Sun 08-Dec-13 18:07:08

Hello all. It's been a while since I last posted, hope you are all well! And congrats cbjk!

Re Xmas pressie we've bought him those no mess doddle board from Tomy, since nursery staff said he really likes drawing. However I didn't wait till Xmas, have already opened the box to let him play a few days ago wink so I might want to get him something else.

Just wondering what milk are little ones having? We are still on aptamil stage one new born milk. We tried moving to follow on milk (those for 1-2 years old and those for 6 months plus) but DS kept vomiting after having it. Wonder if we should try cows milk or is that supposed to be worse? He's fine otherwise, although he's been having adults food he isn't allergic to anything.

ThedementedPenguin Sun 08-Dec-13 23:20:19

macaroons great to hear from you.

We have ds on blue cows milk. He has been on this since before his first birthday. I was told follow on milk is a scam so never bothered with it and ds is just fine on cows milk. Have you tried it?

I got Christmas sorted, we got him a bounce and spin zebra, a few jigsaw things and a few cars for his toot toot garage he is getting off my sister. So didn't spend a fortune but he is getting so much off others I didn't see the point to buying anymore.

Just need to buy a few Xmas jumpers fsmile

nightmare that is quite scary reading that. I still think of ds as my tiny little baby, even though he so independent now. It nearly killed me the thought of him being one let alone getting any bigger.

This pregnancy has been awful, I really can't wait for April. Been feeling so sick, and have very little appetite. I am actually 2kg lighter now than at the start.

20 week scan went well, although was unable to find out the sex as baby had legs shut tight. I am planning on ringing a private scan place tomorrow in the hope of being able to afford it. Fingers crossed its cheap and they can tell.

Hope everyone is keeping well. Would be great to hear from some more if any one is lurking.

cjbk1 Mon 09-Dec-13 18:43:10

aaah lovely to see some chat on here! my tip is to bring loads of food for toddler on plane and just expect to get no sleep so if you do it's a bonus (air Canada/heathrow/pearson were great but that's prob not relevant wink ) Ava has vomity problems with follow on milk,cows milk & pasta, were keeping her on aptamil follow in milk and she can tolerate cheese & a little milk on cereal funnily enough...also gets travel sick(?) going 11miles I'm not properly organised with all their Christmas presents will report back...I'm 15+1 now going quickly x

ThedementedPenguin Mon 09-Dec-13 18:48:09

Wow that is going quick. Pregnancy seems to have slowed down here fsad I'm 23+2 and I'm done. Roll on April.

Fingers crossed we find out the sex tomorrow.

Macaroons Mon 09-Dec-13 21:07:14

Awww so many of you are expecting another baby! How exciting!

cjbk1 Mon 09-Dec-13 21:19:56

Cow and gate milks make her sick I should have said....feeling rather green around the gills myself now...confused

NightmareBeforeChristmasWalkin Wed 11-Dec-13 09:12:17

I popped to the £shop where they have Annabel Karmel biscotti things and they also had bouncy balls and play dough 3 for a pound so I bought some to keep DD occupied on the plane along with the biscuits! We're flying Thomas Cook so we'll see how helpful they are!

DD self weaned off bm and formula at 11 months so we put her onto organic full fat cows milk a bit early, she loves it thankfully.

ThedementedPenguin Wed 11-Dec-13 09:37:22

Oh I forgot to update. I'm having a Girl!!!

All excited, although cant get used to saying she or her.

shoeprincess2 Thu 12-Dec-13 07:38:45

Hello ladies big wave. So sorry I haven't posted for ages and ages. I had to move the laptop out of its usual place as the boys will press buttons and basically cause mayhem with it. So, don't get on much these days...Congrats to all who are pregnant (ooh, a girl demented. Great news).
So, Ollie is now 15 months and a gorgeous little boy (but very spirited and prone to throwing himself on the floor when he doesn't get his own way), He cruises and stands by himself, but still reluctant to walk. Has quite an expansive vocab, but I guess that comes a lot from having his brother to play with. Thomas is 3.3 and a usual rough and tumble boy. They both have quite full social lives at the mo with various Christmas parties. I love Christmas, particularly now Thomas seems to know what it is all about (though I don't enjoy the constant "I want that for Christmas" whenever he sees anything).

Looking forward to a few weeks away from work at Christmas. Nohing could have prepared me for the exhaustion. There;s no such thing as just flopping on the sofa when you come home from work. Oh well smile. Hope you are all well and I will try and keep posting more frequently. You ladies were brill when we were going through the early feeding frenzies!

Have a lovely Christmas xx

Haven't been on this thread for ages but thought I'd pop on and wish everyone a merry Christmas. Congratulations to all the ladies who are expecting again!! How lovely having a little girl penguin and number 4 cjbk!! Wow.

Dd is doing really well. Chatting away with a good load of words, her favourite ones other than the repeated 'mummee' all day long being 'chocolate' and 'nana' (banana). Obsessed with bananas and I hate even the smell of them. Running all over the place, into everything and some hell of a temper. Hv couldn't believe the tantrums she throws, worthy of a two year old in her words. It's all very strange to me as ds was so behind developmentally. Late walker and even later talker.

Looking forward to this Christmas as it will be my first with dd as I spent last year in hospital with ds. Her main pressie is the bounce and spin zebra but honestly didn't get too much for her as she's not really into her toys so much now and I know how quickly they change so she'll get loads of stuff throughout the year.

I'll definitely make a point of checking in a bit more. Have a good one smile

cjbk1 Mon 23-Dec-13 08:46:27

I'm not really properly prepared for Christmas...I had lists...I had reminders and I ignored them coz I was 'too tired' been really struggling with working and looking after 5 people's (including myself) food and clothing needs to no mention all the school-min that's why I wasn't planning another bub but everyone survived...nollaig shona dhuit

cjbk1 Mon 23-Dec-13 08:48:12

SORRY! that was all about me!!!!blush
the children are all fine and Ava was asking for 'cook-cooks' ;chocolate from advent calendar first thing she's so much fun now, take care x

Glad to see you all back here.
I've got a couple of weeks off work and am all set for Christmas.
I've got the dc an IKEA kitchen which I'm making up tonight so they can see it when they come downstairs.
Also a little metal shopping trolley and some fuzzy felt that DD will most definitely eat.

I'm finally toilet training DS (he's 3.4) so that's taking up my whole annual leave.
DD won't let me spoon feed her now, she has to do it herself, which is handy at breakfast time etc but porridge is a bastard to get out of her unruly hair.

Hope you're all well and feeling the festive glow (Bailey's for dinner)
Bring on the next year of milestones.
And hopefully see some more babies joining us not me
thanks wine brew x

And congrats on your girly news Penguin. I had written a post saying that but I must not have posted it at the time due to some calamity or other!

Macaroons Thu 02-Jan-14 08:31:53

Hope everyone had a great Christmas and happy new year to you all!

On my way to work now...yawn DS woke up at 1.30am and 5am this morning...my new year wish: DS will get some decent sleep so hubby and myself can get some decent sleep too!

How are your little ones sleeping? Mine goes down at around 8pm and on a good day sleeps till 6am. Want to push that an hour later but it's not happening. (9-7 sounds so much better)

Happy New Year to you all. Macaroons dd sleeps from 7.30-8 to about 7.30 (occassionally the odd 6am-ish start) but I think that's only because we are all getting up at that time for ds's school. She's been sleeping into 9am through the Christmas holidays which has been brilliant. The main reason I'm dreading school starting again tomorrow. I co-sleep with her now though - she was a nightmare sleeper before that and I was up and down countless times throughout the night.

ThedementedPenguin Mon 06-Jan-14 22:54:04

Ds bedtime is at 8ish depending on how tired he is. Ranges from 7.30-9ish (in bed by 8pm). He still wakes at night for bottles 1-3 times a night. Then gets up anywhere from 7-9am. Although Dp usually takes him downstairs so I can lie in as I'm finding it tough coping. We tried CC but we gave up as we were exhausted. Not sure what to do but would like it sorted before the next one comes along.

Hope everyone had a great Christmas and was spoilt rotten smile

I tried CC too (as well as gradual retreat) penguin. CC made dd worse to the point she started screaming as soon as we went up the stairs to her bedroom. My hv recommended for me just to CIO but she's such a clingy, attached to my hip baby even during the day to me it seems cruel - so I ignored her advice and will just lie if she asks grin

I think one of the main reasons she does sleep during the night is she doesn't nap at all during the day now except maybe once or twice a week. Despite the fact she could use a nap half time as she gets very grumpy in the afternoons because she's tired.

Is your ds actually drinking the milk penguin or is a comfort thing? Only asking as ds did that for a while when he was a baby. Wanted milk but only took an ounce or two. I started giving him water instead and he stopped getting up looking for milk.

ThedementedPenguin Tue 07-Jan-14 13:52:10

ballroom no he takes a full bottle every time he wakes up, whether it's once or three times a night. We tried water but he went nuts. Although that was a while ago so I might try it. Did you give it to him in a bottle or cup?

Was only up once last night so it wasn't too bad.

Happy New Year all.
Sorry to hear some of you are missing out on sleep. I had to do CIO with dd in the end as She was waking for comfort feeding and kept getting off the bed.
So once I put her in her own room I had to just leave her. Any going back in to calm her down made her even angrier!

She still sometimes cries to sleep but it means she sleeps all night so we're all happier in the long run.
She now sleeps from about half 7 till 7ish.

I'm on a keep fit frenzy, doing the 30 day shred. It's hard but I'm noticing progress so hopefully this year I will be free of baby weight. And bingo wings.

ThedementedPenguin Wed 08-Jan-14 15:06:05

Can I just ask, do any of you read to your dc? I've read so many threads on here about tucking kids in and reading to them. We just tuck ds in and leave. He generally goes to sleep quite quick at bedtime, we have no issues there. Am I the only one that doesn't do this?

How long have you been doing the shred shoes? Is it hard to do?

Oh shred shoes.. some of my mates have done it and say it is exhausting.

It was a bottle penguin but I suppose if you've tried that you could try a cup? If he's taking full bottles though it sounds like he's hungry rather than for comfort. Have you tried supper before the bedtime bottle (you probably have)? Like Weetabix that would be heavier on his stomach. I had to do that for dd a while back but have just gone back to the bottle now as she eats constantly throughout the day.

No I don't do the reading thing as yet. During the day yes but not at night. I'll do when she gets a bit more interested in books, same as I did with ds.

Can I ask are any of your babies extremely clingy and how you cope with it? Dd is driving me batty atm. I can't even go to the toilet without her screaming the place down. If I leave her to do dishes when her cartoon is on she'll follow me down to the kitchen and scream 'peppa pig (or whatever it is)' over and over again until I go and sit down to watch it with her. She literally has be clambering all over me, standing on my feet, wanting up in my arms all day long.

Penguin, I don't read to either of the DC at bedtime. We have a fairly quick bedtime routine. DS stands on the toilet lid and DD sits on a cabinet in the bathroom and they both clean teeth. Then I have a go too.
Then bath, if they are having one that night.
Nappies, pj's then DS in bed light off. Then bf DD and bed, light off, lots of crying.

I've been doing the shred for 13 days but am really on day 10 as had 3 days off so far.
It's hard, and I hate exercise, and I have really painful knees due to bad joints and weighing too much.
But I am loving this DVD. I only had days off because I had a funeral and my knees were fucked.
It's made such a difference to my side on view and my arms are getting really toned. I've lost 7 cms off my stomach!
I'm on the shred thread on here. They're really helpful and supportive and it really motivates me to get it done.
I'm also going to try fasting as I still have fat to lose.
I'm going all out!

Ballroom, DD is seriously clingy.
She's quite shy too so when we're out she hangs on for dear life!
Luckily though she's alright when I'm at work, good job she's quite a daddy's girl. She's usually climbing on either one of us.

SquidTableau Mon 13-Jan-14 21:50:36

Happy New Year ladies! (Poster formerly known as NightmareWalking here smile)

Here we are having proto-tantrums when we forget to let DD get the post, or don't let her climb on the sofa and so on, a taste of whats to come! She surprises each day with what she's picked up. WhereAreMyShoes - DD is so shy outside it's like she's a completely different child sometimes!

Bed routine here is teeth - bath - massage - pjs & nappy - story - bed. We've been reading a bedtime story since she was about 3 months old, it's just a nice cuddle quiet time for us all. She is sleeping 8/8.30 ish through to 9am most days.

Hope all you little ones and (bumps too!) are coming along nicely.

Well hello SquidTableau, good to see you.
Yes, dd loves a good tantrum. She copies ds and lays all over the floor and rolls around screaming.
She also lays herself on the bottom step and has a moment.

Most of the time she's a little love though. She'll get away with allsorts as she grows up. It's the little face! (that's just like mine)

Kind of glad to hear dd isn't the only clingy one shoes. I wouldn't say she is overly shy, a little bit. She really, really doesn't like men she doesn't know though and can be a bit odd with the likes of my mum if she's in my house and not in my mum's own house, the environment she's used to seeing my mum in.

Hello SquidTableau, ah the temper is unbelievable here. Ds never had a temper tantrum until he was three. I actually thought hoped we were going to bypass it with him so dd's has come as somewhat of a shock. She's a hitter and a biter too which we are working on - I have to keep her nails short as actually marked my face a few times in bad temper and sheer frustration shock

It is amazing all the new stuff they learn every day. Little sponges that pick everything up.


Ahem, sorry.
Hello everyone.
Just checking in.
DD is hot on biting her brother at the mo. And as she's now taught him to do it, (he's never done it before) we have to referee between them.
I just put her in the step for it and she did stay there. I think she understands from.seeing DS there!

I have an overdue friend and her lovely big bump and baby talk is.making me majorly broody. But I am still wearing my sensible head.

Hi everyone,
Wondered if I could just dip my littlest toe into this thread? We are adopting a little one who should be with us in May. He was born sept 2012 so does fit here. I don't have anything to share yet obviously but am buying lots of stuff and trying to keep myself occupied by dreaming about what he'll be like. X

Hi inthebeginning welcome.

Wow, how exciting, among all the other emotions, for you.
I love babies this age, they're learning so much and developing a real personality.
My DD is dc2 and her older brother is 3.6
So we have a lively household of toddler tantrums and fighting/screaming etc.

I hope it all goes well for you and you have your DS with you in no time.

Macaroons Fri 07-Mar-14 21:18:27

It's been a while since I posted, how's everyone doing? Can't believe our little ones will be 18 months so soon!!!

cjbk1 Sat 08-Mar-14 11:04:55

Yes Ava will be 18m on Monday, I'm
going to make another half birthday cake for her grin she went mad over chocolate orange pudding the other day so I think she'll like it, she refuses to get into her pushchair 90% of the time now, she just wants me to carry her when tired which is hard, but we've just bought a double cheap on eBay so hopefully we'll get some use out of it, she's talking very well too but still wakes once in the night,
-- and she gets travel sick very easily-- looking forward to hearing from others wink

cjbk1 Sat 08-Mar-14 11:05:48

she gets travel sick very easily

Macaroons Sun 09-Mar-14 21:41:09

Cjbk - lovely to hear from you! What sort of things does Ava says? My son babbles a lot but I can't understand much, apart from bubble, open, bye bye, park, daddy, mama, yup.

He just turned 18 months today. How time flies!

Macaroons Sun 09-Mar-14 21:43:26

Hope the travel sick issue will get better when she's older. I wonder it's anything to do with the milk she takes? My son took aptamil first milk, but when we tried to switch him to aptamil follow on (tried the one for 6m and also the one for 1-2 yrs old) he went sick v easily. He's fine with SMA and he's now on cows milk. Maybe try something different.

cjbk1 Mon 10-Mar-14 15:32:20

I'm just in a cupboard waiting for our patient; she takes aptamil cannot take

cjbk1 Mon 10-Mar-14 18:45:29

wasn't ready to post that; she has aptamil with a bit of cows milk sometimes she can't tolerate other toddler milks but the other day she was even sick after that shock
as for talking she says our names and lots if things that she sees & just now she said "nan-nan toast" it was actually my toast but good effort and she'll point and name her/our eyes, nose, mouth, ears, teeth, hair etc and she'll fetch her socks and say "hello socks" really cute...she's still in a lot of 9-12m clothes which is really different to how her brother and sister were...no idea what she weighs now tho...hope all well x

Hello. It's brilliant to hear your dc are talking. DD doesn't say any words yet but does nod and shake her head in all the right places!
I've been lucky that she sleeps well since going in her own room but has been waking early and I could really do with a lie in. Or an early night!

Cjbk1 how are you feeling? Only a few months left now.
And hope Penguin is getting on ok x

cjbk1 Wed 12-Mar-14 20:55:45

I'm feeling ok mostly thanks but got heartburn and a headache tonight after work and Pilates so I'm off to bed ASAP wink

Macaroons Sat 15-Mar-14 14:41:12

Glad to hear from you all smile weather is so great today, enjoy!!

ThedementedPenguin Sat 05-Apr-14 10:45:25

Hi just thought I'd check in and seen there had been movement here.

So today is my due date for baby girl but no signs. I've had 3 sweeps so far and lost my plug during the week but waiting very impatiently now. Hope she comes today.. Otherwise I don't want her to arrive for the next 4 days.

Ds doesn't talk a lot says
Mummy, daddy, nanny, granny, Jack, Sally, tea, please, sorry, hi, bye and is trying to say Granda. He very much copies what he hears. Rest of the time it's just gibberish which is very cute.

He is still not sleeping through, currently is up twice a night sad we had him either up once or up early but since clocks changed he has been a nightmare. Any ideas on how to fix this? Dreading when baby comes as I can imagine how hard it's going to be with 2 getting up.

How are you all getting on? And all the lovely babies? Well I should really say toddlers now smile

Hi everyone.
I've been around, just under a nc for my recent troubles.

Penguin blimey, you must have had your baby by now. Hope all is well with you.

DD still not saying anything yet and still bfing.
I'm trying to wean her off so no longer expressing at work and she has cow's milk or water while I'm at work.
When I'm home I'm trying to distract her when she asks for milk, but still always give her milk in the morning and at bedtime.
And not feeding her outside, as I'm expecting to start getting funny looks.

Well, hope you're all alright and dc are happy. X

cjbk1 Thu 01-May-14 16:36:43

Ava's just had a proper toddler tantrum coz I took her wellies off! (she's still wearing her anorak) she tried to throw herself on the floor, banged her head, attacked the table cloth, refused all distractions, threw dd1s barbies into the floor, raging all the while! shock she's finally burnt herself out and is sitting on my lap.
I'm 35+4 now smile hope everyone else is ok?

ThedementedPenguin Mon 12-May-14 00:02:17

I thought I had updated this. Well baby Naomi arrived on Friday 11th April at 9.20pm weighing 7lb 2oz. Went myself in the end after getting my induction moved forward to the 12th was great. So my baby is a month old already can't believe it. It's been a great month but is going soooo fast.

cjbk H has loads of tantrums. He is wild atm. Am dreading when he hits the terrible twos. My mum says it gets worse!

Oh wow cjbk won't be long until baby is here. Do you know what your having? Can't remember if you mentioned it.

cjbk1 Fri 23-May-14 08:01:38

congratulations on Naomi. I'll be having baby (gender unknown) next wed ELCS I'm so tired it's ridiculous shock x

ThedementedPenguin Sat 24-May-14 11:24:03

Oh how exciting. Make sure you post an update. I bet you can't wait.

Naomi is 6 weeks old now. Can't believe how quick the time is going. Want my tiny baby to stay teeny tiny.

Hi everyone.
I'm quickly returning to see your updates.
I'm not here much these days as I've been outed by exp.
Cjbk1, I love seeing your photos on fb, your dc are so sweet.

Congratulations penguin, I love those early days.
Dd is in a mood right now and has been a bit of a handful lately. Hopefully things settle down soon.

I'll be back at some point under a nc, hope you all keep well and good luck next week cjbk1 x

cjbk1 Sun 01-Jun-14 14:00:31

So baby was born as planned wed am, girl 7lb 7oz will let you know when named x smile

Yay! Congratulations to all of you.

Lighthousekeeping Sat 07-Jun-14 07:14:11

Well, I'm glad to note not all your nearly 18month olds aren't having full conversations yet! I was working with someone last night who said her 18 month old never stops and even asks mama "where's my new baby?" My poor nephew born on the same day only says no, milk, more milk and bye. But he knows every single noise an animal makes. Apparently by this age they should be saying twenty words! It's funny how different they all are.

ThedementedPenguin Tue 10-Jun-14 18:11:13

cjbk congratulations! I can't wait to hear her name. How's it all go? You recovering well?

Naomi had her injections today and has a temp between 38 and 38.9. You forget how awful it is.

Lighthouse H is nearly 21months now. He says lots but not proper sentences. Can say mum/my, dad/dy. nana, ellie, Colin, James, Jayne, hi, no, spider, yea, aye. Can't remember any more they are his main ones he repeats over the rest is gibberish.

I wouldn't worry about it yet, my niece can say loads compared to H but I don't care.

cjbk1 Thu 12-Jun-14 19:11:36

Finally decided to all her Seána ('Shauna') Rose
yes I'm well thanks apart from wobbly belly and this bloody heat confused but apart from that all good lol wink

cjbk1 Thu 12-Jun-14 19:13:12

S e a n a

ThedementedPenguin Sat 04-Oct-14 11:26:07

Cjbk1 how are you and seána getting on?

Can't believe all these September babies are two. I miss the chat about them. Does anyone be on fb that would want to become friends?

So we had a quiet birthday for herbie, just family. He got spoilt rotten. He's such a big boy and I can't believe he's two! Were has that time went.
How's everyone September baby?

Naomi is nearly 6 months old. I miss my tiny baby. I've had such a hard time the past 6 months. Depressed, crying on and off, stressed, angry. Feel like a crap mum. Have started counselling now so hoping it will get better. Have a lot of stuff to work through.

What has everyone been up to?

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