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January 2013 - part 3 - where we have to stop them rolling off the changing mats!

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octanegirl Sun 14-Apr-13 17:14:37

Ok, here we go with the new thread - we got to exactly 1000! Hope everyone enjoyed this balmy day. I got Felix out loads in the buggy smile

CreepyCrawly Sun 14-Apr-13 17:19:02

Love the title Octane! Balmy?! It's been pissing down and blowing a gale all day here.

CreepyCrawly Sun 14-Apr-13 17:20:22

Welcome Ali! I don't have any advice I'm afraid, but I'm sure someone will smile

glorious Sun 14-Apr-13 17:22:20

Hooray, new thread, thanks octane. Not looking forward to the rolling though!

I got laughed at for the first time today too (she hasn't laughed at anything in particular before). It was for accidentally spraying milk in her face, which usually makes her scream. You can never tell!

Thanks for the advice on the soya. Hopefully I won't be stupid enough to do this again but I'll bear it in mind.

CreepyCrawly Sun 14-Apr-13 17:25:38

So 3 new laughers today! I love that glorious! Nancy was on her changing mat on a towel and I was pushing her up and pulling her back on it.

glorious Sun 14-Apr-13 17:29:36

Oh and welcome alilog if you make it over. I'm sorry you're having such a tough time. No real advice and I'm sure you've tried lots but all I can think of is whether you'd cosleep (good safety advice at www.isisonline.org.uk/) and feed lying down and also whether you can express one side while feeding on the other - quick and makes the most of your let down. Hopefully someone more useful will be along soon.

It's obviously the day for laughter creepy smile

Pascha Sun 14-Apr-13 17:57:56

Lambs, piggies, horsies, donkeys, sheeps, goaties, bunnies, birdies... "look mummy! piggy did a POO!" Guess where we've been in the sunshine today?

Ahh all the little laughs are so lovely. Ivy was chuckling earlier when i was changing her and chatting nonsense so cute!

Took both dds to a party at a kids salon in stratford upon avon. So pretty in the sun. Dd1 and her friends all got their hair and make up (!?) done and got to wear princess dresses. Not my thing but they all enjoyed it. Ivy was prettu good too. Am nackered now though!

Also welcome alilog

Looking forward to getting the dcs back to school tomorrow so i can blitz the house rock n roll currently looks like a bomb went off sad

lollipoppi Sun 14-Apr-13 18:19:47

DD giggled for the first time yesterday too ...... At a cushion!?

DP was quite understanding about the paint incident, it's a lovely shade of turquoise grin

happyhow Sun 14-Apr-13 19:58:27

Glad your DP hasn't been too upset by the paint Lolli!

Bailey half rolled over for the first time on Friday night while I was trying to give him a massage... Totally going to have to watch for that now. He's been giggling for a few weeks now and is really tickly. It's my absolute favourite thing hearing him laugh - cheers me up no matter what's going on.

Had lunch at the in laws and B has fallen asleep on the walk home in a dirty nappy. I'm letting him sleep... He's due to get bathed and massaged though so hopefully he doesn't sleep too long.

Lora1982 Sun 14-Apr-13 20:46:07

I cant see dexter ever rolling! Hes more of a sitter-upper, i wonder if its mean to force him to roll :-D

Alilog Sun 14-Apr-13 20:51:11

Thanks for the welcome and the sympathy! I have tried co-sleeping and feeding lying down but I'm so tired that I'm paranoid I'll go into a really deep sleep and smother him. I feel a lot better now though. Left him with DH while I had a snooze and woke to the sound of DH singing to him! DS was totally loving it! Lots of smiles which reminded me what it's all about! No giggles yet though!

Lora1982 Sun 14-Apr-13 21:02:27

Ali a breastfeeding woman told me that we sense the babys there so we wont roll on them and we wake up easier etc... Didnt mean i trusted myself to do it though! Ive only just started letting him feed with me at 10pm and 6am in bed and im more than awake then so i can trust myself. Plus hes a big chubs now id have trouble squashing him

Lostbobbles Sun 14-Apr-13 21:05:25

Hello ladies I'm back, hope you are all well. Im whiter and more knackered then before I went but lovely to experience some hot sunshine. DD1 had a blast and even got me on damm camel confused not great idea when wearing a dress, never had carpet burn on the inside thighs before wink

Still got a nightmare sleepless baby who is prolonging the wonder week from hell hmm. She is a very temperamental little soul we go from giggles to all out screaming fits within seconds.

She has earned herself a bed in her own room from tonight, wish me luck!

Lostbobbles Sun 14-Apr-13 21:11:21

Sorry welcome Ali, sounds like you have either a hungry baby or a comfort eater. What's his weight gain like? If you think it's comfort you could try a dummy -- just don't become a dummy freak like me and give as soon as he opens his mouth day and night--

Lostbobbles Sun 14-Apr-13 21:12:48

Whoops think I added space to the strike through or it's stupid phone

Alilog Sun 14-Apr-13 21:30:34

Thanks Lostbobbles! I think it's both! He did something similar at 4 weeks and gained 11oz in one week! I think (hope) this is just another growth spurt and won't last too long. I just hit the wall as all my mum friends seem to have had babies who were practically sleeping through the night by 8 weeks! As a first time mum with no baby experience I have naturally assumed that the fact that the longest sleep DS has had is 3 hours is because I'm doing something wrong! Stupid I know!

Lora, I've heard that too! I guess it's good to keep as an option for the wee small hours!

Lostbobbles Sun 14-Apr-13 22:20:15

Ali you are not alone my DD2 is a crap sleeper and I'm 13 weeks in. (Tbh my and dh's irresponsible dummy obsession is prob a lot to blame) DD1 was even more shocking, she did have silent reflux but once she improved, we 'sleep trained' her at 6 months and touch wood she has slept like a dream ever since.

thanks for the new thread octane and welcome Ali

today was a lovely sunny day and we took dd swimming.

Meringue33 Mon 15-Apr-13 07:37:03

Dammit LO is going to have to go in his own room soon. He was only up for a quick 15 min feed in the night but I lost two whole hours of sleep cause he was making so much noise sad

Could have done without DP's alarm clock and him hitting snooze about four times either!

Welcome Ali smile

Lora1982 Mon 15-Apr-13 10:58:52

Im borrowing a crib cos hes way too big for his moses and the cots too big for my room. Plus if he goes in his room itl annoy me because il have to get up and walk in there. I like just picking him up and colapsing back in bed! Left him with dp while im at the dentist :'( boobs ache and dp was like "he cant be hungry again surely" corse he can hes a bottomless pit

Lora we borrowed a crib ages ago (bit of a mix up dp mate said we could borrow their cot turns out men have no idea!). Theres no way she would have been in the moses basket much longer and tbh shes starting to outgrow the crib shock currently looking at cots on ebay. Shame tho aa i love the crib.

Hope everyone ok today. Dcs went back to school today and have spent whole morning cleaning up the mess! So far only the kitchen and living room are done! Bathroom next then have to sort out dining room as everything seems to end up in there might just shut that door and pretend its not there oh the fun!

Angielka Mon 15-Apr-13 12:52:38

Well we have MIL staying 'to help out'. So far she's managed to criticise Molly sucking her thumb rather than having a dummy, not like anything I've cooked and I woke up this morning to her hovering over the cot as Molly was grumbling a bit. Before she had a chance to pick Molly up, she stuck her thumb in her mouth and went back to sleep grin. It's always like this with ILs right?!

Hi Ali and good luck - the first six weeks are definitely the worst most challenging, and the first three months have their moments too... but the good bits are so worth it, aren't they.

No laughing here, but lots and lots of grinning and being generally content watching us run around like headless chickens with DD1, which is fine by me!

Lora1982 Mon 15-Apr-13 14:56:53

I did the obligatory plaster hand and foot thingy today. Quite pleased with myself because the gel that came with it was rubbish and it said to hol their hand and foot in it for two mins while it set.... Whos going to get a baby to do that? Pfft so i made play dough and did it that way grin but because i went a bit over the top and made the play dough red the plaster now has a pink tinge to it :-D that'll be something to explain when hes older.
Hes currently being very cute chatting to his gym.

In other news congrats me for managing to pump an ounce and half out of my bad boob. Its never been so generous before! Dexter can get loads out but ive never had any luck. I think smothering it with lansinoh first helped. The other boob pumps out loads more so its got a bit of catching up to do

Meringue33 Mon 15-Apr-13 15:14:57

And we were both having a nap when some twerp rang the landline - bane of my life since having him! Not often I take a nap now since he is sleeping longer at night but would have been nice, never mind.

What's the consensus on next thing to sleep in, should I be looking at a crib, cot or cot bed?

Lora the letdown in my left boob is so slow it is great for putting him to sleep if I'm having trouble... If he's hungry I need to give him the right first!!

Angielka Mon 15-Apr-13 15:28:30

My left boob is my slow boob too! With DD1 she got so fed up of it from 8 months onm she refused to have anything at all from it... I ended up very wonky until she stopped bf at a year hmm

Alilog Mon 15-Apr-13 17:57:26

Angielka- your MIL sounds exactly like mine! I've given up cooking when she's here as she never likes anything I make! We just get takeaway now.

On a positive note DS settled much better last night. Feeds at 7,11, 3 and 6. He grizzled a lot at other times so I was still awake a lot but it was a definite improvement!

Bunny222 Mon 15-Apr-13 18:07:12

Hi all. Is anyones little one still in a moses basket? DS is starting to look a bit big in his now, especially as he likes to fling his arms around now... What age/ size should they go into cotbed, which is the next step for him, but will mean him going in his own room. :-(

octanegirl Mon 15-Apr-13 18:37:42

Bunny try a crib. I have a John Lewis troll crib that butts up right next to the bed. I reckon he'll ok in that for another couple of months. I bought a cotbed but it's in his room and I don't want him to move yet either.

bunny i usually move them when they seem uncomfortably big for the moses basket (for my older dc that was about 6-8 weeks) this is the first time we've had a crib and its lasted mych longer. Thought it might be even longer but she has completly caught up weight wise after her early arrival pig

Angielka Mon 15-Apr-13 18:57:11

We've got Molly in a cot but she's crammed between our bed and the window... it's tricky at this point isn't it. She's way too big for the moses basket but looks tiny in the cot. The cribs sound like a good plan for those who can't fit a cot in their bedroom. I'm not ready for Molly to move out just yet!

Alilog my MIL insisted on making DD1's tea this evening and DD1 (who eats everything) turned her nose up at it. I know it's mean but I could have hugged her for that.

Alilog Mon 15-Apr-13 21:17:27

That's hilarious! Hooray for the kids!

Lora1982 Tue 16-Apr-13 10:34:13

Woo i just had a lye in (lie-in?) just spent the morning dozing in bed and if he grumbled i shuved a nipple in his mouth grin

happyhow Tue 16-Apr-13 15:45:13

Bailey is still in his Moses but I reckon he's only got a couple more weeks in it at best. He's just going straight into his cotbed in his room after although he does look ridiculously small in it! He's currently sleeping around 10-5 give or take so hoping he'll be going slightly longer when he's on his own.

Today, if it's not coming out one end, it's coming out the other... T-shirt covered in sick and just changed a dirty nappy to have another one 5 mins later...

Cejay8 Tue 16-Apr-13 15:48:41

We put S width ways in her cot bed at 5 weeks; she's almost too tall for that now though! Also find she rotates round in the night!

Found you!

Hope everyone is well!

I'm gutted - c's tongue tie has regrown. sad

I'm now back to shitting myself about weight gain, poor latch and wet nappies. Doesn't help she's had one properly wet nappy today, two mega poo ones, though.


Angielka Tue 16-Apr-13 16:48:59

Oh Bunty that's rubbish sad do you now have to get it snipped again?

angie I don't know if I can do it to her again. Second time was traumatic for all involved sad I'm going to take her to be weighed this week I think and make sure she's still gaining. If so I'll leave it. If not, I'll have to think about going for number three which terrifies me.

Meringue33 Tue 16-Apr-13 17:34:08

Ah sorry to hear that Bunty. Hopefully she is now big enough she would let you know vocally if she wasn't getting enough food?

Relieved to know its not just me thinking its time for him to go in own room. I am really paranoid about it but its obvious we will all get more sleep, including LO. I know his cry always wakes me and we have an Angelcare monitor...

She is definitely vocal, meringue! I think you're right tbh. But the old worries die hard I think.

Meringue33 Tue 16-Apr-13 17:37:23

Anyone got any tips at all for nap time? The old fail safe pram even failed today, he just cried and cried. Ended up feeding to sleep and holding him for an hour and a half. I suppose there are worse ways to spend my time, but surely there is also an easier way to help him nod off???

Meringue33 Tue 16-Apr-13 17:38:51

I hear you Bunty. Wonder if we will ever be able to stop worrying - maybe in 18 years??

Sorry to tell ya but the worries just change as they get older sad ds1 (9) currently pushing all sorts of boundaries.

Ivy has turned into a chatterbox. She lies on the gym chuntering away to the baby in the mirror! Its very cute smile

Sorry bunty .meant to say sorry to hear tongue tie back. I realky hope she doesn't need snipping again x

octanegirl Tue 16-Apr-13 18:35:32

Quick question - what on earth do we do with our babies once they have outgrown the oh-so-wonderful bouncy chair...? I'm serious! It can't be long now, it's only OK till he's 9kgs. Then what? I can bounce him into submission at the moment and am now panicking at the prospect of not having it.
Do I have to park the car in my kitchen and put him in it with the engine running to calm him down....?

Meringue33 Tue 16-Apr-13 19:13:56

Oh dear. Boak in the bath water.

Angielka Tue 16-Apr-13 19:15:32

meringue I had to feed to sleep for the first time in aaaaaaages today - maybe it's a phase (everything's a phase, right?) where they need a bit more comfort to nod off.

I'm a bit panicky because I haven't tried the sling or pram for naps in a good few days because of being stuck in isolation with chicken poxy DD1. What if she only ever naps in her cot from now on?! Ridiculius isn't it. They are much more adaptable than we give them credit for these babes.

Really sorry about the tongue tie bunty I didn't realise it was the third go... I hope the feeding issues are a little easier now she's older but it's a pain.

apple Molly is a chatterer too. It's lovely, isn't it?!

Pascha Tue 16-Apr-13 19:38:03

octanegirl you get a Jumperoo.

Lostbobbles Tue 16-Apr-13 21:12:56

Bunty sorry to hear about DD, hope you get good news at weigh in and don't have to go through the op again.

Day from hell here, cold turkey on dummy gate and its not been pleasant hmmhmmhmm. I feel so guilty as its all our own doing but she was up too many times to count last night so action needed. It's going to be a tough few days but praying it helps in long run.

Own room situ is rubbish as well her room echo's so seems louder than when she was in with us and not amused by the traipsing across the landing. She does however look much more comfy being able to spread her arms out rather than hitting them on the crib sides.

On good note she loved the sensory play at baby group grin

Pascha can't wait to get the jumperoo out grin

Meringue33 Tue 16-Apr-13 21:17:38

Angie if only he napped in his basket!

Lostbobbles Tue 16-Apr-13 21:37:50

Ps: Anyone got any self soothing tips?

Lora1982 Wed 17-Apr-13 06:23:23
Lostbobbles Wed 17-Apr-13 07:01:54

Night from hell, she is well and truly dummy addicted. My ears are still ringing from her screaming. Ended up feeding her twice after 10.30 feed, then took her into our bed at 4 and she still screamed for 30mins. We've created a monster hmm. Resilient little madam will give her that, she doesn't give in easy.

lollipoppi Wed 17-Apr-13 07:52:30

Bounty hope DD is ok, I didn't realise she had had it done twice already hmm

Lost, keep going, I'm sure after a couple of days of cold turkey she will forget she ever had it, has she found her thumb?

DD had a good night, slept from 9pm-5.40am, her personal best smile

shakemyhead Wed 17-Apr-13 08:48:25

Orla was in her carry cot (suitable for overnight sleeping) she's far too big for it. We got a £35 ikea cot. Dubbed the Romanian orphanage cot as it is rather basic. She loves it - only wakes for a feed at 3.30 ish. Sat night she went 10.30-6.30. Will even take morning nap in it. Try n put pic up.
Bunty bad news re tounge tie.

Angielka Wed 17-Apr-13 09:09:24

Oh dear lost sounds tough. Hang in there.

We got 9-7.30 last night. I feel human again!

Thanks all, I love how supportive everyone is here. It's so nice having people going through the same things, isn't it?

I pretty much always feed to sleep blush so no great tips from me. I also have two dummy addicts. L

Tugstonia Wed 17-Apr-13 10:52:03

Oh good I found you all!

Bunty sorry to hear that about dd's tongue. Really hope you can avoid getting it snipped again.

I am a zombie again today. DD woke up EVERY HOUR last night ffs... She sleeps in my bed now (DP kicked out to living room sad ) as she refuses to sleep in the babybay which is literally attached to the bed, and has never slept in the moses basket. Am taking her to the cranial osteopath today to see if it helps the sleep situation. She is 11 weeks today so was thinking it could be the dreaded Wonder Week but she was 2 weeks overdue and the WW goes by due date doesn't it? Is there a Wonder Week at 13 weeks?!

Thanks tugs. There's one at 14 1/2 weeks. Maybe she's hitting it early?

DD is LOVING her jumperoo.

Meringue33 Wed 17-Apr-13 12:35:58

Cannot wait to get a jumperoo! LO can't quite hold head up confidently yet. Almost tho...

I have made it my mission today to crack daytime naps. My strategy involves not allowing him to oversleep and miss a feed, as that makes him cranky and not able to sleep again later. Following advice on another thread I'm also timing his awake time and starting wind down when the next nap is due rather than wait for him to get really tired and cry.

Morning nap was a success, put him down in pram and pushed it in hall for a bit. He cried for 2-3 mins then stopped and lay awake. I wandered off to kitchen and he self soothed and fell asleep!

Midday nap involved two five minute spells of crying, a bit of pick up, put down and walking on shoulder, he then fell asleep on my shoulder and I put him down into carseat where he is now asleep, in advance of going to pub to meet NCT friends.

Only problem now is if I stick to the strategy I will need to wake him in pub and feed him... Oh well I could use some practice at bf in public! Wish me luck :-)

theboutiquemummy Wed 17-Apr-13 17:46:40

marking place wink

Where do you get a jumperoo ?

Ivy is now 15lb9! She has basically gained 10lb in 15 weeks <massive baby emoticon> also can't believe shes 15 weeks already.

Her sleep has gone to pot this evening and have just put her in pram and turned hoover on! She just is refusing to settle and now overtired and screaming! Annoying as usually a good sleeper sad

Meringue33 Wed 17-Apr-13 20:35:03

Screamy evenings. I don't think I can take much more tbh. Am tempted to bring forward his 10pm bottle of formula to 7pm to see if it would knock him out. Just worried he'd then wake up at 3am when I'm getting used to a sleep until at least 4.30am, sometimes as late as 6.30am. I suspect it'd also play havoc with my milk supply, which is already a bit compromised.

Those of you who have older DC - when does this phase stop? Is there anything I should be doing or is it just a matter of waiting til he matures out of it??

glorious Wed 17-Apr-13 21:01:17

Really sorry that the tongue tie is back bunty. And tugs what a shame the sleep is up and down.

We're having to work really hard on the daytime naps here too. I'm just taking the path of least resistance and walking or bouncing Ellen to sleep, but not always quickly enough to avoid the overtired angst.

Lora1982 Wed 17-Apr-13 21:01:55

My mums got the fisher price jungle jumperoo its arriving chez moi tomorrow :-D

Meringue most of mine have become more settled as they got older. As long as we follow a predictable routine with them they are usually sleeping through from about 6.30-7 by their first birthdays. It does get easier. Think Ivy is teething which isn't helping. Madly though i put her in her crib at 8 folliwing our usual routine of dark room, clean nappy, bf then into crib with a kiss. Put lullaby app on and prayed...and she finally went to sleep! shock Now watching miranda with a cream egg!

Can you try earlier bottle? Ivy is beginning to seem like she would prefer to be settled for the night a bit earlier. It probably would affect night feeds but if they can settke themselves then at least you know they actually need the night feeds IYSWIM

No jumperoo here when bouncer outgrown she wilk be able to sit on the playmat with her toys whilst i get on with things and mine have always had their dayrime naps in cot unless out in the buggy at nap time.

apple shock! Super boob milk! Cameron had put on 4 lb ish and I thought that was good in 15 weeks!

meringue we usually have shouty evenings too. Today she hasn't had her usual huge nap and she's been in bed asleep since just before 8 shock! She's had a lot of half hours here and there, and seems a happier baby for it. We also did our first baby sensory today and she loved it!

I think it is a phase they grow out of. I can't remember when DS did, though!

happyhow Wed 17-Apr-13 22:20:26

Bailey seems to want to settle for bed earlier now too which is good as we actually me because hubby always falls asleep on the sofa get some peace before going to bed ourselves although it does mean I'm back to a half 3 feed. He's sleeping for longer after that feed though too - this morning he didn't wake up til 8.15am! Got my breakfast in peace too which was a novelty.

I'm trying to get Bailey better with naps too. Just downloaded a lullaby app to see if I can stick him in his basket with that on and see what happens. I'm starting to get better at spotting when he's getting really tired which is helping.

Bunty - sorry the tongue tie is back. Hopefully she might be able to cope better now that she's bigger and won't need it snipped again.

bunty i was sort of hoping that she would stay small for longer as she was early and much smaller than my others but no, shes another.chunky monkey. She just had to work a little harder to catch up! My friends 20 week old weighs less than Ivy. Thankfully her weight gain has slowed down now but she is following 91st centile.

The onky thing is i am bloody starving all the time smile

theboutiquemummy Wed 17-Apr-13 23:17:36

Thanks Bunty my doodle bug isn't do little any more and keeps trying to sit up x need to keep him occupied x

Hormonalhell Thu 18-Apr-13 07:37:54

Lostbobbles Lois sounds just like Charlie with the temperamental side, he can be proper happy one minute and then just change within seconds to an all out tantrum shock I'm dreading the terrible two stage

Pascha Thu 18-Apr-13 07:50:03

I'm really annoyed we sold our Jumperoo thinking we wouldnt need it again hmm. I'm scouring local sales for a second hand one now.

Currently lying in bed with a baby at feet sucking his hands and a boy beside me playing with daddy's model cars. Don't know what to do with the day yet, I expect it will involve a park and Daniel in the sling at some point.

I need to sort out some regular exercise now. With DS1 I lost loads of weight just by bfing and eating cake, ended up a stone lighter, but he is a 91st percentile boy. Dan is littler, much littler, and I'm still struggling to fit prepregnancy jeans, I think because he just doesn't take as much from me, being dinky.

Not fair. I want to eat cake this time round too angry!

lotsofthingstolearn Thu 18-Apr-13 08:02:37

Hi everyone

Hope everyone is doing ok. Life is going far too quickly DS seems to have grown every morning he's got up for the past week or so! Yesterday was just vile as I think he's going through some sort of spurt as he was all over the place with his naps and just got overtired!

I have a question and Just wondering how people are doing with the sleeping through thing ? I am getting so cross with people asking why he is not sleeping through!! We are still waking at 3am DS is thrashing about etc but his eyes are closed. The only thing I can do to get him to settle is give him a feed. It's almost like a dream feed. Ive put it down to only 2-3oz as he was going off his morning feed otherwise. Should I just try and push him longer? He goes down at 7 no problem, dream feeds between 10-11. He has a dummy and I honestly think he is hungry but some say I am setting up for him wanting that feed all the time.

I'm sure I've seen someone ask this on this group but can't find it. I'm sure it's all pretty normal but just wondered what other January babies were doing.

We have Jumperoo at the ready also btw and got another one for GP'S rationale was that I got 2 for the price of one from Gumtree and everyone just raves about them.

Re naps we have the lullaby on Ewan for daytime- works a treat- most of the time!

Pascha Thu 18-Apr-13 08:52:52

Hi lotsof

DS is bf'ed but he currently goes down at around 7.30-8pm and has a feed anywhere between 10pm and midnight whenever he stirs, then around 3-4am and around 5-6am. He hasn't mastered the art of sleeping much longer than 5 hours absolute max yet. We do get the occasional 8pm-2am sleep but its rare.

In the end, your baby is doing what only he will do and nothing anyone else says can make too much difference to that at this early age. One wake and a small feed at night at anything less than 6 months old sounds great to me. And anyone asking how he's sleeping can get the same answer: "fine, thank you" and move on the conversation without details (or "bugger off you nosy cow" if you've lost your temper wink)

Angielka Thu 18-Apr-13 09:55:22

lotsof I have to agree with Pascha every baby is different and has different needs. Plus, they change so quickly. We were having wake ups 2/3 times a night just a couple of weeks ago and now we're getting 9-7 with no wake ups. Molly is a mega big baby though - I think I'll be getting the 6-9 month clothes out pretty soon, and she's 3 months today!

I agree about the life passing quickly thing too - where does the time go?

Angielka Thu 18-Apr-13 10:02:19

Oh and Molly is EBF and down to 6 feeds most days, but like I say, that's all pretty recent and she's mahoosive. We have vaccinations tomorrow and a chance to weigh and measure her again. Pascha despite all the feeding going on here, I'm also losing weight much more slowly than last time - maybe it just gets harder each time sad. It's extra unfair because we're running aorund after toddlers - the weight should be dropping off!

octanegirl Thu 18-Apr-13 11:53:18

I had the most amazing night! He slept from 11pm till 7.30 am. I cant quite believe it. He stirred a bit at 6 but went back to sleep on his own. I'm sure we will go back and forth a bit but still. He's 3 months tomorrow. I agree with Angielka that it goes so fast....

Meringue33 Thu 18-Apr-13 12:51:37

Cool thanks guys will experiment and see what happens smile

LO was awake before me this morning, don't know how long for but he was very happy in his basket, tugging on the cloth and then holding his fist up to examine it, think he has just realised his hands belong to him smile

Lora1982 Thu 18-Apr-13 13:32:13

Jumperoos here and all miltoned down ready to go, shame hes sleeping in the swing for the first tine in weeks i managed to get the hoover out aswell for the first time in months that sent him sleep... Even with the dog barking like mad at it. I went crazy on Tiny Nippers last night and spent £50 on cool nappies, that people wont see cos of clothes but still I know they are there grin

Despite again dozing til ten and having a so far successsful day, im still in pjs with unbrushed hair!

Louise85 Thu 18-Apr-13 13:48:42

Hello again - lost the new thread for a while and have had a week from hell which is still continuing.

Those that follow wonder weeks - is there anything to explain ds's shocking sleep patterns? He'd be 13 weeks today according to due date & its been bad for nearly a week now - so since 12 weeks?

Had 3 hours sleep a night for the last week - it is a form of torture...he sleeps well till 10pm feed then awake from 12/midnight ever 20 mins for his dummy!!! dd has been full of the joys of spring for the last week and wont even let me lie down for half an hour and have dh's gran visiting this whole week as well...please let this week end soon...sorry. moan over.

Angielka Thu 18-Apr-13 14:00:08

What about your teeth Lora? I always judge the success of my day by whether I've managed to brush my teeth before lunchtime wink

My nappies are hanging in the sunshine drying. I must have proper baby brain - I just caught myself thinking how lovely they all look swinging in the breeze confused

Angielka Thu 18-Apr-13 14:02:54

cross posts louise sorry about the sleep problems sad what about the four month sleep regression? Could that be it? I'm not sure about wonder weeks but I do know babies like to shake things up just when you least expect it... and especially when guests are staying

Lora1982 Thu 18-Apr-13 14:32:33

Hahaa.. No teeth brushed, hopefully il get to do them before bed!

dd had her final set of jabs yesterday. she screamed her head off again but this time I was prepared and popped a boob straight in her mouth so she only got a couple of good shrieks in. she was grumpy for the rest of the day and had a slight temperature.

I panicked a bit yesterday evening because I found a little lump on her neck, but I found quite a few threads on here saying it is likely to be swollen glands, which I'm guessing is a reaction to the jabs.

last night she slept from 11 till 4 which is a personal best, but I'm trying not to get too excited in case it was a one off. today we have been for a lovely walk in the sunshine smile

octane envy of your sleep, I don't think I've slept that much since I was about 20 weeks pregnant

Meringue33 Thu 18-Apr-13 16:23:03

How great is this weather, properly feels like spring

I always wake dd at my bedtime for a feed if she doesn't wake up by herself, it's a habit we got into early on. do others do this? I worry that if I don't wake her then she will wake me up just as I've gone to sleep.

agreed meringue , this is how I envisaged my maternity leave, rather than the frozen wasteland of the last few months.

it has been pretty windy here though, but I love the big waves (I live by the sea)

Angielka Thu 18-Apr-13 16:48:26

Yeah meringue Molly slept in her pram in the garden this afternoon and I put my feet up for two mins in the sun. It's exactly what I'd imagined for my maternity leave and was losing hope it would ever actually happen!

bugsy I usually go to bed after Molly has had her last feed too - I don't tend to wake her, but she wakes herself then I just go to bed early grin

octanegirl Thu 18-Apr-13 17:12:33

bugsy I wake him when I go to bed too. He makes the most hilarious outraged facial expressions and farts like a horse. It's so funny!

lotsofthingstolearn Thu 18-Apr-13 17:49:47

Ah thanks everyone for making me feel better- these people that have their opinion with what seems like little or no substance! Great that their children did it but this little chimp here isn't ready! I am sure that he will do it when he wants to do it but I feel better knowing that others haven't got the 7-7 thing sorted. He's 14 weeks so fingers crossed he'll get there soon! I don't really care if I think about it he's just such a happy little thing. I've had the perhaps you should start him on solids soon comment today! I'm sure everyone means well but it's just so very frustrating

Bugsy I have always done the feed before we go to bed thing- it works well for us- not sure I dare drop it just yet!

Has anyone found that the playmat hasn't really worked for them- We've had a great one bought from mamas and papas and he's not really been interested at all and gets bored so so quickly whereas just popping him in his chair he can sit forever just watching me potter etc

glorious Thu 18-Apr-13 17:50:30

Well I was enjoying the sun too until we got caught in a massive thunderstorm on Blackheath, complete with hail. For the non londoners among you it's about the worst place you can think of for weather like that as there's no shelter at all. Good job Ellen was under the new coat I've just bought to go over the sling! She was a bit scared.

happyhow Thu 18-Apr-13 17:55:34

It's been snot and poo central here... Got 4hrs sleep last night and ended up in the sitting room with Bailey, his basket and my slanket at 3.45am so that hubby could get more sleep before work. B has spent most of the day screaming, pooing, feeding and sleeping with a fun period just in time for Daddy coming home from work... Haven't been able to get a nap in so early bed for me.

I don't wake B when I go to bed. Even if he was willing to take a dream feed, his body forgets that he's had that extra milk and he still wakes up when he would've been due to anyway.

Hubby and his friend are laying the hall flooring tonight. Will be nice to get my new slippers out (lovely ladybugs!) without fear if them getting torn to shreds like the bumble bees!

Lostbobbles Thu 18-Apr-13 18:10:56

Loving the sunshine smile

Louise: when was his actual due date as wonder weeks work from that. But Lois was a week out we had horrendous 12-13.5 week.

Hormonal- agree we are in for trouble , knows her own mind this one confused

Night 2 of dummy cold turkey was still shocking woke every 2.5 - 3 hours and again had two middle of night feeds hmm

Angielka Thu 18-Apr-13 18:19:53

glorious I grew up on the edge of Blackheath! Don't envy you the thunderstorm

lots each baby seems to have a clear idea about which things we buy are worthwhile and which are a waste of money! DD1 never liked the playmat - got bored after two seconds, whereas Molly loves it. She can chat away to the animals hanging over her for ages. Mind you, DD1 wouldn't sit in her bouncy chair for long either but Molly is happy in there watching me too. Maybe you'll just have to put the mat away for the next baby wink

Louise85 Thu 18-Apr-13 18:48:48

Thanks Lost - think it might be that. And wow - you've gone cold turkey on the dummy?? I've been talking to health visitor today and think we going to go cold turkey on Sat - dreading it but without the pain there will be no gain and can't be doing the dummy thing every 20 mins at night anymore.

Sounds like every one had a lovely sunny day for the most part, enjoying mat leave grin

Meringue33 Thu 18-Apr-13 19:02:14

It was beautiful. Only thing is we haven't been able to go to park as too worried about branches blowing off the trees in this wind!

Louise/Lost, this LO was 2.5 weeks early but the Wonder Weeks have fit perfectly to his birthdate.

glorious Thu 18-Apr-13 22:21:46

Good luck with the dummy lost and * louise*.

Lovely place to grow up angielka , are you still in London? Sorry if you've said before.

Lora1982 Fri 19-Apr-13 00:21:15

Uh oh hes started to like sucking his thumb. I was hoping he'd prefer a dummy but it doesnt seem to work a lot of the time now. Hes also got bored of his gym mat thingy, i think hes just associated it with me wondering off though cos hes more than happy if i dump him on his changing mat then leave jumperoos a success he loves it. Made me proud turning the little turny things to make noise (he probably didnt do it on purpose!)

Tonight is not a good night.

Bunny222 Fri 19-Apr-13 07:10:17

How are the SPD sufferers doing? Am breastfeeding which ive been told can prolong it, but have been in so much pain with it :-( my back and hips ache such a lot, to the point where it wakes me at night. I have now got knee pain which I never had before. Its even aching sometimes when I pick up baby, and am avoiding lifting him plus carseat whenever possible... Had to have a fairly brutal (normal?) forceps delivery and just wonder if it did any damage.

Have been back to physio but they dont seem sure why its bad, and want me to have a blood test for inflamation

Is anyones elses SPD bad. Am so fed up after 6 months discomfort :-(

Lora1982 Fri 19-Apr-13 07:46:19

I was going to ask about hip pain. I get it so bad sometimes it feels like my legs will give way. Dont know what to do.

My spd disappeared after birth despite breastfeeding. Info find I'm more prone to whack my back out though.

The lovely baby who sleeps was the lovely baby who didn't last night. I've had about 2 hours and I have lovely DS today, too. I am dying.

CreepyCrawly Fri 19-Apr-13 09:05:43

My spd vanished immediately too. I do get a familiar pain between my legs if I've slept on the sofa though.

Nancy isn't much of a fan of the playmat either. She either falls asleep, or just lies there looking a bit unsure of what she's supposed to do.

She slept 8-8 last night. With a super quick feed at 3, which was more for my comfort than her hunger.

lollipoppi Fri 19-Apr-13 09:58:21

Loving all this sunshine too! I've managed to get all my washing done and dried on the line - although my washing basket is full AGAIN! .... I've given up on ironing!

Anyone else's LO on baby gaviscon? Just wondered how much they are on? DD has 2 sachets per feed, and nobody told me when I can cut it down or how long she should be on it for? X

Betelgeuse Fri 19-Apr-13 10:12:14

Hi all, I'm pretty new to MN and have a question I'm not sure where to post. It's kind of post-natal related (have a 12 week old baby and I'm suffering with what I assume to be sciatica). Can anyone point me in the right direction? Thanks smile

betelgeuse you're in the right place. 12 weeks old means your baby was born in January, yes? We are all late December/January mums. We can offer support. For anything actually medical you might want to post on the health board.

Meringue33 Fri 19-Apr-13 12:51:18

This LO seems to have put himself in a Gina Ford routine which I find hilarious, no wonder she does so well if what she is recommending is what babies naturally do after around three months. Just a shame I have no excuse to lie in now and will have to get up early with him!

My knees are wrecked so have stopped using sling. I am still two stone over my pre pregnancy weight(!!) and clearly my knees just can't handle me and the baby as well! My bad back has improved tho since figured out how to put baby to sleep without rocking, and using a million pillows to prop myself up in good posture for bf.

Me and baby both went to visit chiropractor today. He was in a very good mood and enjoyed the treatment which surprised me. She claims it will improve his latch which I am a little sceptical of. She tried to get him to latch onto her finger today and he just refused!

Angielka Fri 19-Apr-13 13:22:06

We went for jabs again today and I got Molly weighed. She's 16lbs hmm and is 3 months... must be all the chocolate I'm eating because I'm so starving all the time.

Glorious I live in Belgium now, but was in Blackheath over Easter visiting my parents smile.

Lora Molly is a definite thumb sucker. Spits the dummy out every time. It's fantastic for self-settling and letting us sleep at night, but I guess we're setting ourselves up for long-term issues... Her 2.5 year old sister still sucks her thumb and has eczema, which makes it sore and red all the time. At least Molly has normal skin!

Hi betelgeuse and welcome. I have no idea about sciatica - maybe try the health boards like bunty suggested.

Meringue I agree - Molly seems to have got us into her routine very nicely! Today she's got a bit sleepy though... I blame the jabs. Por little thing. Gave me such a 'wtf?' look as the needle went in sad

Angielka Fri 19-Apr-13 13:24:12

Oh, and I meant to say, Bunty hope your day is going ok... sad

Betelgeuse Fri 19-Apr-13 14:05:13

Thanks Bunty and Angielka. My DD was born in January, yes. I suppose I'm really looking to find anyone who's suffered or is suffering with similar problems post-birth and has any advice on resolving it. Will give the health boards a go.

dd loves her baby gym more than anything, and I love it too because she will play happily while I lie down do housework. I hang different toys from it so she doesn't get bored and she bats them around quite happily giggling away to herself.

I didn't get SPD but have found breastfeeding kills my upper back.

dd likes to get up early now but only for a hour, then she goes back to sleep till around nine. if I'm really tired I'll just go back to bed when she does. I guess that's the advantage of only having one.

Thanks, angie!

It's not too had actually. Helped by DS having a 4 hour nap (!!).

meringue I take dd to chiro due to residual tension from the tongue tie, and without fail it improves her latch. She had a really shitty couple of days earlier this week, took her Thursday, and things improved dramatically. It had been a month since our last treatment and it was obviously too long.

Birdies Fri 19-Apr-13 16:06:54

I'm back! I bet no one bloody missed me grin

Haven't actually been anywhere, just couldn't log in to mumsnet for some reason. I have to say, the amount of stuff I've been able to get on with because of not being on the iPad has been amazing (DH was right but not going to tell him!).

Not much to say, got hip scan next week. Am trying to think positive that maybe her leggies are ok and will even out over time.

Sleep still not going well - feeding at least 3 times a night. Hoping it will get better at some point.

Diet has gone completely wrong, am a fatty chocolate eating boom boom.

Glad everyone's ok, have a lovely weekend!

I missed you, birdies ;)

Pascha Fri 19-Apr-13 16:39:45

We have leggies here too grin at least, DS1 seems to have lots of them when he's getting changed for swimming:

Shoes off - "one leggie, two leggie"
Socks off - "three leggie, four leggie"
Trousers off - "five leggie, six leggie"
Nappy off - "seven leggie, eight leggie"

confused I appear to have an octopus for a son.

Pascha Fri 19-Apr-13 16:41:12

oh and welcome betelgeuse and welcome back birdies from your enforced exile. Don't do it again.

Hello all

welcome beteguese. And welcome back birdies - have to agree when i don't turn internet on i get a lot more done!

Ivy cranky today her gums arw white and ahe keeps desperately chewing her fist even after 2 boobs so am certain its teeth boo sad

She used to love baby gym and chatter to thr baby in the mirror but now she wants to sit as much as poss and actually prefrrs to be held up on her feet. Starting ti seriously consider jumperoo!

My back.hurts too but only cos dd1 fell off side of bath onto my back whist i was dressing Ivy..and they all wonder why i tell them to stop climbing on everything! smile

Lostbobbles Fri 19-Apr-13 20:48:48

Apples we have a tooth coming, spotted it last night and had to double take, shouted DH up and he agreed. I have also made everyone that has seen her today have a look as I can't quite believe it but all agreed there is a definite ridge and you can feel it. poor child must be sick of my finger running across her gums Could also explain the excessive dribbling, hand chewing, loose bowels and general crankiness. Feel even more guilty for taking her dummy away now. even if it's not im going with the thought process to make myself feel better

CreepyCrawly Fri 19-Apr-13 21:21:00

Hi ladies, just a quick q! My bedroom is fucking roasting this evening. I've turned the heating off and opened the blind, and it's not making much difference. The gro-egg is saying 21.5! Nancy has been quite agitated and won't settle, and I think it's because she's hot.
I've taken her baby grow off and just put some pyjama trousers on her. So she's got a vest on, and some trousers as well as a blanket. Will this be ok for her to sleep?

Its hard at this point as Ivy hasn't worked out how to get her toys in her mouth so her onky reief comed from chomping on her fist and my boob! Lol. Trying to show her but i know we will get there in tge end then nothing will be safe and it will also be frustrating

Talking of teeth ds2 has lost his front teeth so he is now growing some permanent teeth. Only seems like he was teething 5 mins ago!

Hope everyone has a good weekend lined up. Taking dss to scouts gangs show tomorrow, hope they enjoy it x

glorious Fri 19-Apr-13 21:24:48

Greetings betelgeuse. Good nickname, I love Douglas Adams smile

Welcome back birdies, I was wondering when the scan would be. Glad it's not as much of a wait as feared.

Ooh Belgium angielka. How was the journey at Easter? I'm plucking up the courage to go and see my mum in the Netherlands.

We're teething here too (at 11 weeks, eek!). Poor little thing. But she did roll from her back to her side several times for the first time this morning.

Creepy if shes happy it shoukd be fine, if shes cold she will let you know x

CreepyCrawly Fri 19-Apr-13 21:27:23

She's fine straight to sleep now I've stripped her a bit. She's quite a hot baby in general so I think she'll be alright. Thanks apple.

I think we're teething too, dribbling constantly and finger chewing. And a bit of a grump too.

CreepyCrawly Fri 19-Apr-13 21:27:51


glorious Fri 19-Apr-13 21:29:47

Ooh multiple cross post. creepy sounds fine to me but I don't really know, Ellen is quite warm generally. There's a chart of clothing and blankets at different temperatures in the SIDS guidelines which I can't find now but it suggests less than I expect generally.

CreepyCrawly Fri 19-Apr-13 21:35:39

Ah thanks glorious, you e just reminded me there's a chart on the leaflet that came with the egg. I think she'll be alright, she's fast asleep now. DH is out so he can turn the rad up if the temperature drops. Unless she wakes up before then.

We went out for lunch today. I was hoping Nancy would need a feed but she bloody didn't! It seemed a lovely place to practise public feeding though so we'll probably go back real soon.

Hope everyone has a fun weekend!

glorious Fri 19-Apr-13 21:44:37

Excellent, sounds like she's happy smile

They never perform on cue do they?!

This growth spurt/wonder week can fuck right off. Not impressed with a baby who only sleeps in my bed suddenly!

I want my once a night baby back, please! and if we can stop the crankiness from 6pm that'd be fab, ta

Lora1982 Sat 20-Apr-13 01:59:36

Left my sister to babysit tonight. Very drunk... Me not her. When im awake and sober shall find out how his behaviour performed. First time away from him, told her 11pm in reality twas 1am

Angielka Sat 20-Apr-13 09:13:17

Good for you Lora getting out! I have a load coming over for dinner next week but haven't chanced a night out yet, although there is a benelux mn group that is planning a night out, so maybe...

Actually glorious I was pleasantly surprised by our journey over to London at Easter. Bother girls slept in the car, I fed Molly in the channel tunnel and we managed to get away without too much crying in the car seat. I find the anticipation of these things is usually worse than when you're actually doing it!

Had a quick feed at 4am this morning for the first time in ages... I blame the jabs. creepy hope the fewer layers meant good sleep for you last night.

Welcome back birdies. Of course we missed you grin!!

Angielka Sat 20-Apr-13 09:13:47

Both girls not bother girls...

salt1 Sat 20-Apr-13 09:59:27

Hello all

hope u are well. I was wondering when your lo's started to roll over. Floss is 10 weeks now and not showing much interest x

happyhow Sat 20-Apr-13 10:07:36

Bailey is 14 weeks and only partially rolls from his back to side when I'm trying to massage his legs. Maybe he's trying to get away from me! He's only just beginning to reach out and grab his toys now too. Before he just batted them about.

Hubby and I came to the realisation that we go out more together now that Bailey is here than we did before! Is that bad?! His mum looks after B once every week/10 days so that we can go for a drink or something to eat. It's very nice actually...

Creepy - hope you got a good night.

Birdies - you're always missed!

Welcome Bet

At 15 weeks Ivy is also only just starting to reach for things. Tbh she is more interested in her siblings than her toys. She half rolls but only when trying to get away/ go to someone.

Another going backwards sleepwise last week she was only up once in the night but the last 3 nights its been twice. But i don't mind as she self settles at night so she must need the extra feed! smile

Birdies Sat 20-Apr-13 13:25:25

Ah thanks everyone grin

Not even close to rolling here and she's 16 weeks. But she has been grabbing and pulling at toys for a while. I wouldn't worry re milestones as some things will be early and some things late. I'm terrible at doing tummy time though, anyone else not do much of that? She just seems to hate it.

We've been out to a national trust place this morning and I fed her outside in a garden cafe in the sunshine, a first for me!

Sleep much better last night, am convinced its due to fewer but bigger feeds during the day. Whenever I feed only every 3 hours she seems to need less feeding at night.

Meringue33 Sat 20-Apr-13 13:55:37

LO is 14 weeks, has rolled from front to back once but think that was an accident (he hates tummy time and was freaking out). He can roll from his back really far to either side but hasn't yet gone the whole way over. Convinced once he does crawling will start really soon as he is such a wriggler! Legs are always in action.

I hate the four month sleep regression. I'm on my knees with tiredness.

glorious Sat 20-Apr-13 14:41:40

That sounds great angielka, perhaps we should brave it since we only have the one!

Boo to sleep regression. I presumed before she arrived that it would just gradually get better. Ha!

Ok, seriously asking for help now. C up until two days ago had a 3 hour nap and a couple if little power naps a day. She'd settle for the night between 9 and 10, up for a quick feed around 3, and then down until 7.

Now she's having shitty 30 min naps and is stupidly overtired. Won't sleep apart from in our bed. The moment I move her, even if she's been asleep for 2 hours overnight, and so is settled, she wakens.

She is RAGING at my breast - plenty of milk - RAGING At the dummy. I'm fucking fed up. I've had four hours the last two nights. I can't even nap when. Tryin to make her nap as she won't let me sleep alone and our bed isn't safe for co sleeping.

Birdies Sat 20-Apr-13 16:13:47

Aw bunty that sounds tough. And I don't have the answer really. Could she be teething? Nows about the time they can start. Doesn't help you get more sleep if she is though.

What about how warm she is at night - does she need more layers in her own bed to be as snuggly as she is in yours?

Formula top up at night?

Hmm expect you've thought of all those things. You know it'll pass though, always does. Or it will get better at least.

My guess would be teething though if she's raging at the breast and dummy as she'd be hungry but it would be painful for her.

Pascha Sat 20-Apr-13 17:36:27

yy Bunty maybe try some teething gel 5 minutes before a feed. I remember with ds1 there were some nights teething when only nurofen would settle him enough to sleep.

Meringue33 Sat 20-Apr-13 17:39:27

So sorry to hear you're having a tough time of it Bunty. Am dreading this for us. I've only just started to feel vaguely human again now he is sleeping longer spells sad

theboutiquemummy Sat 20-Apr-13 17:48:48

Oh bunty big hugs what a absolute pain in the arse

No suggestions other then break out the cal pol and try a teething ring

Thanks all. Will try teething gel and some calpol/nurofen. Don't think there's hunger as I gave her 3oz expressed milk the last two nights and fed her and its not made a difference sad

Am wondering though if that 3oz has been too much ie she's a total guts and will eat whether hungry or not - maybe she's given herself a sore tum eating too much?

ESP as this only started the night I first gave her it ...

lollipoppi Sat 20-Apr-13 18:01:11

Oh bunty, Sorry your having a rough time hmm
I'd go with the Calpol / teething gel and see if that makes any difference tonight, fingers crossed for you!

I've felt crappy all day, really sick and shivery, think I'm coming down with man flu! Absolutely no energy to deal with a baby and toddler, I'm on countdown for DP getting home from work! X

Poor you bunty. Hopefully its just a phase but try not giving the 3oz and see if that helps? Its so hard when they are so littke and can't tell you whats wrong x

Never taking Ivy out again! She disgraced herself again in the library and now i have to clean poo off the stroller. Librarian thought it was hilarious. Thibg is its happened every singke time we've been!

Ps Ivy loves tummmy time. She pushes herself up and her legs go wild. T'is only a matter if time till shes off! Aaarrrrgh!

Lostbobbles Sat 20-Apr-13 21:21:12

Lolli- hope you feel better quickly sad

Bunty I could of written your post, that's exactly what Lois was doing last week on holiday. I put it down to over-tiredness but now having noticed the ridge in her gum i think it was a combination of teething and over-tiredness.

Lois has been sporadically rolling from front to back for a while but only does it if you place her arms out in front of her.

Busy day here with DD1 she started a new dance class this morning and had a party in the afternoon.

Slight improvement on dummy-gate, she is not having so many wakings (touch wood) but still up twice in the night and she wont settle without a feed. constant pooping is not helping matters either god what i would give for even a five hour stretch .........

Hope everyone is having a nice weekend and enjoying the sunshine

Angielka Sat 20-Apr-13 21:31:17

Good luck for tonight bunty let us know how it goes...

Apples ha ha, sounds like you have a good 'un there. We went out today too, but Molly just stayed asleep in the pram most of the time, then had a look about her. No feeding or changing required.

Molly is grabbing at things and getting very frustrated if she can't pull them towards her and stuff them in her mouth. The play mat is no longer the oasis I could dump her in and leave her for half an hour at a time entertain her with. She hasn't rolled yet, but that's just as well as I'm terrible for leaving her on the changing mat while I quickly grab something justy out of arm's reach.

Lots of dribbling just started here and the shoving everything in her mouth, but no sign of teeth. It's also a developmental thing I've read.

Good luck for tonight everyone...

eagleray Sat 20-Apr-13 21:52:00

Hello everyone

Finally found you all! Had a quick read through the posts and relieved to see we're not the only ones dealing with sleep issues and possible teething. Problem we have here is that if DD cries for long periods, DP gets a bit anxious and always wants to know the cause and then resolve the issue immediately. Often, I suspect she's overtired but DP assumes she's hungry and then accuses me of not feeding her enough confused

I can't believe that some of you have babies big enough for a jumperoo! DD had a go in one recently and she looked like she'd fallen down a hole as only her head was visible out of it and her legs were dangling in mid air. Think it's going to be a while before she is big enough, but meanwhile there's the playmat, mobile and the bloody swing to amuse her (these things take up so much room!)

We spent some time in the hammock today in the garden, which was lovely, although DP was a bit worried the neighbours could see my boobs when I was BF blush

Apple incident in library sounds grim. I've noticed that DD likes to have poo incidents in certain clothes (the posher ones)

It's not going well.

There is definite over tiredness - she seems incapable to stay asleep for more than 15 - 30 mins.

She's had a few good feeds, but won't feed to sleep. She is getting really angry - has a couple of sucks, pulls off screaming, and then will chomp on her dummy. Have given calpol and nurofen.

We both need sleep. This is a nightmare.

Eagle today was one of the few times she was nicely dressed and not just in sleepsuit!

Angie we were waiting for dss to finish watching Gangs show so we had been out for ages. She slept most of the time and was at her happiest when lying in her own shit in stroller without snowsuit while i despartely looked for open changing spot as stupid library ones were out of order! None of my others have done this! They all did the occasional poo explosion but Ivy does it all the time! smile

On the plus side all have been.in bed since 8.30 and i am scoffing rum truffles and finally doing some cross stitch [sad old lady emoticon]

Oh bunty thata really hard. I know it sounds mad but have you tried just leaving her in her bed, maybe with some white noise? I only ask as we had a similar (though not as extreme) prob one night and in the end just leaving her to it with a lullaby app on my phone worked and once shed settled herself she slept for longer. Reallt hope things improve for you x

Meringue33 Sat 20-Apr-13 22:24:55

Eagle I bf'd in the park today! It was great, really comfy and I felt far enough away from everyone to be private I assume everyone has as bad eyesight as me. Think LO enjoyed dining al fresco smile

newbie6 Sat 20-Apr-13 22:36:28

Hi bunty,

I really hope your LO settles soon. Is there anyone who could look after your wee one while you sleep as its so hard when you need sleep too? I hope things get better soon for you and your wee one. X

eagleray Sat 20-Apr-13 22:42:02

Well done on your outdoor dining adventure Meringue I have to admit, it took me quite a while to be comfortable feeding away from home but am comfortable with most environments now (park, beach, garden, car park etc). However, I did get stage fright in the Ikea restaurant the other day and sloped back to the car to do it there - it was really noisy and I just couldn't see anywhere I would feel comfortable, and didn't realise they had a bloody room set aside for BF!

Sorry you're having sleep troubles Bunty We've had nights like that but after trying various things she will sleep eventually without us ever finding out what was causing the problem in the first place. I really hope the Calpol and Nurofen settle her.

Wow re the cross stitch Apple - I don't seem to have the mental energy to do anything creative, although somehow imagined I would spend maternity leave at the sewing machine making lovely clothes for DD and stuff for the house. Haven't read any books either. Rubbish really.

Lora1982 Sat 20-Apr-13 22:42:05

The past few days dexter had been screaming on my boob clearly hungry but not prepared to wait for the let down i assume. It usually happened twice a day and was more than happy after i gave him a bottle sod hv said it was fine as im offering the boob first.

This morning i woke wiyth two massive (and differently sized!!) boobs. This sorted out my worry that i wasnt making anything. I think its because i didnt feed when i was out.

Bunty do you take her out in her pram around the daytime naps? I noticed he wouldnt sleep at nap time unless in the swing or out in the pram/car.

newbie6 Sun 21-Apr-13 01:50:03

So....last night my LO slept from 6.30pm till 6am but it clearly was a fluke as he woke at 1am and despite my best efforts to help settle him he continued to cry so I have given him his bottle. He is still gurning away despite having taken 6oz and I changed his nappy in case it was that......alas, back to the drawing board! He is 14 weeks now and all I hear is how he should be sleeping through! He feeds every 3 hours through the day and feeds well so guess he just isn't ready for an all nighter yet?

Hope everyone else is doing better than me!


Lostbobbles Sun 21-Apr-13 07:34:32

Newbie, Lois is 14 weeks and hasn't slept through once. Longest has been 6 hours but that was 7.30-1.30 so no benefit to me. hmm

I really wish her bowels would regulate and calm down, it's worse than dummy at the mo!

Got woken up by dd1 at 6.30 tickling my arm. DH is comatose in the spare room having got home at 2.30am from his just popping out for a few!!! angry oh well at least the sun is shining

Apples your library story made me laugh, Lois does the same at the garden centre every Thursday. The place is a jinx, the sneaky tea and cake makes up for it though. I don't have one flower in my garden grin

Pascha Sun 21-Apr-13 08:15:49

Oh I remember 4-6 poos a day with ds1. Dan is more of a regular once a day thank god. DS1 was a fantastic sleeper though and D is, frankly, shit at the whole sleep business hmm. Never thought I would regard twice a night waking as a good night.

Off to Brands Hatch today to watch truck racing grin. Dans first race meeting, gonna get him a dinky racesuit. Ds1 is already dressed in his.

Tugstonia Sun 21-Apr-13 09:57:37

Morning all. Bunty hope you had a better night last night?

For the last week or so DD has finally gone to sleep at about 9pm (on me...), then woken at 1.30am, 4am and 6.30am pretty much on the dot. She then has a 30 minute power nap at about 8am. Would love it if she'd only wake once after midnight but hey.

She can sort of roll to the side and back, but seems more interested in trying to sit up confused. When she's in the buggy she holds on to the cover of the carry cot and tries to pull herself up and makes very sweet grunting noises with all the effort grin.

Loving the sunshine! Really wish we had a garden. Have a lovely Sunday everyone smile

CreepyCrawly Sun 21-Apr-13 10:35:19

We've had two good nights here, I've stopped with baby grows and she just has pyjamas and bare feet now. I have a horrible embarrassing condition called hyperhidrosis, that I've inherited from my dad so it's quite possible she has it too. It's excessive sweating, though mine is nowhere as bad as it used to be. Going to mention it to the HV on Thursday.

Nancy can roll from her back onto her side but that's it so far.

As difficult as I found bf to begin wit, I actually think it was easier when there wasn't a little hand pushing my top back up when I've covered my boob, and then holding on to my bra when I'm trying to put it away.

Sorry that some of you are having hard times at the moment x

Thanks everyone for asking after me!

We had a (slightly) more successful night. She finally went to sleep at 10 , had a squawk at 2, dummy in, up for a feed at 3:30, down at 4, and up for a quick feed at 6 and slept til 7:30.

Her middle of the night feed was excellent, as was the initial feed this morning. Subsequent feeds see the rage beginning about halfway into a feed.

Frankly pissed off with it. I know there's lots of milk and therefore it's not hunger - I hand expressed after getting her to sleep last night to make sure she hadn't been starved, and there was plenty.

I can only think she's getting frustrated with a slower flow, or doesn't want milk, and just to suck. The best of it is, when she's popping off in her rage, she has a mouthful of milk! I can literally see it in her mouth whilst she's screeching at me.

Maybe it's just this hellish growth spurt - 4 months is the bad one. But by god I wish she could talk.

Positive from last night - she slept in her own bed. I put her in a sleeping bag instead of a swaddle and put the heating on.


Off for ice cream - hope everyone has a lovely day - enjoy brands hatch, pascha - I'm desperate to get DS a little Ferrari jumpsuit mmmm I love alonso

If anyone had any insights into my DD's frankly ridiculous nursing behaviour, would love to hear it!

Also - she has only had 2 bottles in the last month or so, so I don't think she's preferring a faster flow from them - I've lost my baby instruction manual I think!

CreepyCrawly Sun 21-Apr-13 10:51:55

Pleased last night was better for you Bunty, even if only slightly. I love Alonso too, the dirty Spaniard! Also a big fan of Mark Webber, but he's a bit skinny.

glorious Sun 21-Apr-13 11:00:47

Oh bunty I'm sorry it's so tough right now. I always find kellymom helpful with these kinds of things. This page might help: kellymom.com/bf/concerns/child/fussy-while-nursing/. It may well be that she just wants to suck, Ellen does that and is much happier now she's found her thumb properly.

It will get better. In the meantime brew and / or wine

Bunty sorry no advice but i seem to remember dd1 doing something similar although she was older and had started on solids. She would seem hungry then scream and rage whilst on/off the boob. Freaked me out as my boys never did it! They were easy always happy as long as a boob was within reach x

Ps sorry not helpful but at least shows odd baby behaviour is normal. Also it passes!

Louise85 Sun 21-Apr-13 11:52:47

Sorry Bunty sounds like you are having a horrid time. So frustrating when you don't know whats causing it.

Went cold turkey on dummy yest - ds was waking every 20/30 mins during day time naps and after midnight (slept well from 6 till 12 - no help to me). Took dummy away - was horrible crying for first nap, but since then just 5 mins of crying, and last night he slept from 6-1am, fed and back down till 6:40 - I actually got some sleep - after only 2/3 hours for the last week.

Anyone else suffering with PND? bad today - I'm grumpy as anything, don't want to be but can't help it - could do with spending the day in bed with ice-cream (maybe I got too much sleep - shocked my body) hmm

Angielka Sun 21-Apr-13 13:35:11

Oh bunty it's tough isn't it?! So sorry for you. I honestly can't think what to suggest, other than the standard it's a phase that will pass and you may never know what it was all about. Very unhelpful but usually sometimes these babies get weird ideas in their little heads.

Hope everyone's having a nice Sunday. I'm feeling really frustrated to be honest today. Haven't managed to get out yet and feel like my life still consists mainly of feeding/changing/focusing on a baby. No me time at all, and I'm being so snappy with DD1 I hate myself for it. Poor thing, it's not her fault.

Apple I am envious of your cross-stitch. I have a sketch pad that's been waiting to be started since Christmas. Must get my arse in gear hmm

Lostbobbles Sun 21-Apr-13 14:24:30

Bunty try switching sides straight after first letdown to let her get two bursts. Also of she's raging before latch try switching to other boob straight away it worked a couple of times for me, think its just the distraction.

Just had lovely dim sum lunch grin

Thank you smile

Looking at kellymom, I'm more convinced than ever this is growth spurt related. Hopefully it'll pass soon.

Meringue33 Sun 21-Apr-13 16:17:12

This LO has only just started pooing every other day. At first it was 14 times a day!

Birdies Sun 21-Apr-13 16:23:04

Poos once every 3-5 days here, it's quite an event!

Meringue33 Sun 21-Apr-13 16:26:34

So sorry Bunty if it makes you feel better this LO still kicks off every few nights at least. I think it is on days when we haven't managed to follow a routine so he is either overtired or hasn't eaten as much as usual. He then will go mad from about 5pm on. Will fuss at boob, catch air then get wind and be really upset. Days when we've managed to achieve the routine (feed c.7.30,10.30,2,5,7...) and nap regularly (9-10,12-2,4-5) he seems much calmer and will just lie on my lap feeding off and on from 7pm-9pm and sleeping in between).

lollipoppi Sun 21-Apr-13 18:39:18

Glad you had a better night bunty, fingers crossed for you tonight!

Angielka I'm also feeling a little sorry for DS1 at the moment, he just seems so bored when I'm dealing with DD, I wish I could clone myself sometimes and give him all the attention he used to get hmm

We have had a lovely day today, went shopping at cheshire oaks, then went to Blackpool pleasure beach and took DS1 on lots of rides, we got absolutely drenched and looked like soggy cats by the end of it but had so much fun smile

.... New carpet being fitted tomorrow following my little paint disaster!

woody2313 Sun 21-Apr-13 19:14:10

Although I rarely post on MN these days, I just wanted to express my gratitude for these threads.
We've had one of those days today - very little napping and a LOT of crying (from DS and me!) - and I've been beating myself up about it but reading this thread makes me realise that I'm not alone and that tomorrow is another day smile
So winethanks to you all - thank you.

Angielka Sun 21-Apr-13 19:55:27

Oh woody that's lovely (the sentiment, not the awful day you've had). That's what I love about these groups - the opportunity to connect with people who are at the same stage as you in realising that babies don't come with a manual. We are all trying our best to make it work, despite it being fucking bloody hard work, and a little support can go a long way. We are not alone! Hang on in there smile

lolli sounds like you had a great day! We managed to get to the park with DD1 while Molly was sleeping in her pram this afternoon and DH and I watched her running about and playing in the playground with the other kids. It was lovely to do something just for her, and see her enjoying herself so much. I'm kind of worried she is growing and changing while all my attention is focused on her baby sister. It's good to redress the balance once in a while.

Hope everyone has sleeping children and big glasses of wine (or in my case alcohol-free Belgian beer, which I have developed quite a taste for...)

lollipoppi Sun 21-Apr-13 20:46:00

Oh woody that's so lovely!
My DP laughs when I say I'm just checking in with my virtual friends grin

Meringue33 Sun 21-Apr-13 21:38:01

Welcome back Woody

Was having a peaceful evening while DP is out. LO was cluster feeding from 6-8pm then had been asleep on my lap. I finally had to poo (horrible pregnancy piles have come back again). I only put him down for ten minutes but he managed to scream himself sick (and it got on favourite jumper sad

katolla Sun 21-Apr-13 21:51:41

Bunty hope you get some sleep soon.

Lora1982 Sun 21-Apr-13 23:39:17

Did anyone else get all 'but i dont want to give it away' over the newborn stuff they no longer fit in? Someone tried selling me a memory bear made out of them but i might try making it myself.

Dexter did a little chuckle in his sleep so i think hes learning how to do it (was followed by a cute frown and whimper...but still!) wonder week 14 has definatly hit.

Going drs with my hips they shouldnt still be this painful surely. Feel like an old woman.

I love coming and seeing that people are in the same boat as me too woody and sniggering at aibu posts

lora:I am keeping everything in the loft in case dd ever gets a little brother or sister. a few things have gone into a 'memory box' we have made for her eg. first baby grow she wore, hospital wristbands etc. looking at the newborn stuff is already making me broody again blush

that's very sweet woody. I just like seeing who else is posting at ungodly hours like this wink

bunty I hope you are having a better night

glorious Mon 22-Apr-13 07:40:47

Oh welcome back woody, it's great isn't it smile

CreepyCrawly Mon 22-Apr-13 08:49:33

Hope you had a better night bunty.

It's fab woody isn't it? The support network is great on here.

I'm keeping Nancy's stuff for when she has a brother or sister. I do love the memory bears though, let me know how you get on Lora.

Nancy slept from 9-8!! Bare feet are working a treat!

glorious Mon 22-Apr-13 09:06:43

wow creepy that's amazing smile I think Ellen is having a growth spurt, she's feeding more often and after going to bed at 10 was up 1-2, 3-330, 4-430 and then 6-now. All of it eating hmm She was better than that as a newborn! Oh well, hopefully off to my exercise class in the park with her soon.

Lora1982 Mon 22-Apr-13 09:07:28

Ooh bare feet? considers chopping feet of al the babygrows!!

CreepyCrawly Mon 22-Apr-13 09:14:53

Lora she's quite a warm little thing in general, and she usually woke up thrashing about and kicking her blanket off. The last 2 nights I've just put pyjamas on her and left her feet bare and ages slept peacefully right through. She's always been a good sleeper though so could just be coincidence.

Have fun glorious, and I hope this growth spurt doesn't last too long.

It's a horrible day here so we're going to wait in for our Next delivery I think smile

CreepyCrawly Mon 22-Apr-13 09:15:26

She's* not ages

Pascha Mon 22-Apr-13 10:33:52

We had refusal of the bottle DH tried to give him last night so I had to bf him. Then high pitched screams and wails when he went to undress him at bedtime. He ended up crashed out on DH's chest in the living room all evening Took the bottle at 10.30pm instead, after application of teething gel, nurofen and lots of cuddles sad. I really really really hate teething.

Had a nice day at the racing yesterday other than that. DS1 got a little wind/sun on his face and he glows a bit this morning blush

I've started with pyjamas and a vest as well. Poppers are very faffy.

Afternoon all.

I'm tentatively going with definitely a growth spurt, based on the fact she is permanently attached to a boob today, constantly eating or sleeping, and exceptionally grumpy if not doing either.

Last night not bad again.

DS is nursery today thankfully. I have another stinking head cold and there's no way he'd be getting quality time when I'm stuck on a couch.

glorious Mon 22-Apr-13 14:28:47

Thanks creepy , and sorry the weather isn't good there. We made it to the class but I spent half of it feeding her. At least we got out and had a chat!

bunty sounds like we're growth spurt buddies smile

glorious Mon 22-Apr-13 14:29:35

And sorry about the cold (my brain = sieve)

Lora1982 Mon 22-Apr-13 15:10:57

Asking here cos its a sensitive subject which would most likely explode in chat. Found out last night that dp hasnt been vacinated againts measles and mumps. Now if he comes into contact with it could he pass it to the baby?

On the pj front i cant bare the thought of parting with his velour sleepsuits yet :-D such a pleasure to wind him when hes wearing one!

Just had to walk out the front room and collect myself cos i went in, dp on his xbox baby sick everywhere and he hadnt even noticed... It was a full-changer it was that bad, and whats he do? Fetch me babygrows that are too small. Its his bday wednesday i might forget where ive hid his presents.

glorious I feel your pain - it'll be over soon I hope! In the meantime, great excuse to put the diet off another week ;)

lora he could pass it on as both he and baby aren't vaccinated. Would he consider getting vaccinated now? Are you near one of the areas where the epidemic is centered?

pascha sorry about the teething sad it's such a shame for them.

creepy I'm trying your bare feet trick. Dd is in her pram At the kitchen door, snuggled in and finally asleep. If its longer than a 25 min nap, I may hunt you down and kiss you.

Lora1982 Mon 22-Apr-13 16:48:02

No, we are in the midlands. But still! What age do they get mmr offered usually?

First jab for mmc is 12/13 months

Mmr even

Lora1982 Mon 22-Apr-13 17:50:41

Ive put the idea in his mind so he thinks about getting it now. Also, this morning, he revealed that if dexters just done wee he doesnt always wipe him! I could of slapped him i was fuming. Not happy with him today.

glorious Mon 22-Apr-13 18:05:19

Good plan bunty . Planning to scoff some roquamole (guacamole with roquefort, totally evil!) tonight. I'm so hungry.

lora what a confession from DP! shock

pascha sorry about the teething

Birdies Mon 22-Apr-13 19:06:53

lora he should definitely get vaccinated as its the best way to protect your baby (and him obviously, it could be quite bad in an older person). You probably know that though, so nag nag nag until he gets it! Or phone doctors for him?!

First night ever on my own with both girls as DH is away. Am a bit nervous but will feel like a good achievement!

glorious I want roquemole now!

dd has sleep gowns to sleep in, they are great for easy nappy changes. like [[ www.monkeystars.co.uk/baby-sleep-gowns--nightwear-76-c.asp these]]

lora I would want him to get vaccinated

dd decided not to sleep last night but to have a nice sleep at baby group instead. I resisted the temptation to get revenge by screaming in her ear whenever she started to drop off grin

oops apparently I can't do links from my phone.

I'll try again www.monkeystars.co.uk/baby-sleep-gowns--nightwear-76-c.asp

Angielka Mon 22-Apr-13 20:10:12

Hello everyone. Had a great day here - managed to go to first ever post-pregnancy exercise session at the hospital (meant to start after 6-8 weeks hmm) and got a good walk in before and after while Molly either slept in the pram or looked about her cooing happily. Also got lots of little errands run, with naps and feeds fitting in nicely. Quite a sense of achievement for once...

Evenings have started being a bit of an issue here as well so it's just as well the day was a good 'un. We get lots of moaning and restless feeding followed by more moaning until she finally wears herself out.

You've reminded me bugsy about the sleep gown I have for Molly that was DD1's. They are good aren't they. Lora I second the advice to nag until the vaccine is done! pascha at least you'll be able to sit back and offer the rest of us advice when your teething phase is over and we're just beginning... good luck birdies! I'm sure your girls will be kind to you smile

glorious Mon 22-Apr-13 21:16:35

Sorry bugsy. I do feel a bit ill now if it helps. I may have had too much grin

Well done angielka !

lollipoppi Mon 22-Apr-13 21:44:38

DD is being a little monkey tonight!!
I've been trying to get her to self settle, as she has only ever fell by me rocking and shussing her, it's been over an hour and now she is just an over tired mess sad

I've just tag teamed DP in so I can have a bath and wash my hair for the 1st time in a week (don't even get me started on how hairy my legs are!!)

Any tips?? .... On the self settling, not the hairy legs grin

Lostbobbles Mon 22-Apr-13 22:18:07

Made cakes with DD1 don't think she is going to be happy when she see's how many are left blush

Bunty hope you recover quickly hmm

Lora I think a little game of 'lead disconnecting' is in order wink

Well done on the exercise Angie makes me feel even more guilty really need to get off my lazy butt and start moving.

Ok day here was out and about so Lois well behaved, apart from the little toothy peg causing her discomfort. Still can't believe she has a tooth coming so early.

speak of the devil ....

This thread moves fast!

Bad day here sad too many dcs not enough time. The noise the tantrums the bloody nagging! Am exhausted and feeling a bit overwhelmed. Frankly think i might be making a pigs ear of this.parenting lark sad

Hormonalhell Mon 22-Apr-13 23:36:27

Hi all, Charlie is teething too. I thought no its too early at 3 1/2 months but after reading posts I truly believe he is. Very irritable, constant fist sucking, drooling etc

My mum says my first tooth came at 4 months, is it hereditary ?

Hormonalhell Mon 22-Apr-13 23:37:42

Hope u ok Apple, I struggle with just Charlie so feel for u all who have toddlers too

Lostbobbles Tue 23-Apr-13 06:07:03


Hormonalhell Tue 23-Apr-13 06:12:19

Oh no Lost, what happened?

Cejay8 Tue 23-Apr-13 06:21:32

Lollipoppi, for the past 3 evenings we've been putting her in her cot after her last bottle, picking her up to calm her then putting her back down - leaving the room when she's calm and crossing fingers. I went back in about 6 times last yesterday evening to give her a quick cuddle which is a massive improvement. And she's still asleep now - I know we're very lucky.

I need to start doing this for at least one of her day time naps now as she relies on me being out and about in the buggy or car and the whole day is non stop! id like some time with just my 2 year old! She loves the phil n ted cocoon but I can't squeeze her in there much longer hmm

2nd jabs today but at least the weather is looking nice smileconfused

Lostbobbles Tue 23-Apr-13 07:03:38

Hormonal- up every 2 hours hmm sod matchsticks need couple of logs for my eyes today. Zzzz

Lostbobbles Tue 23-Apr-13 08:00:43

Apples hope you have a better day today. I'm sure at times kids are sent to try us. Don't be hard on yourself I feel like hiding under the covers and never coming out with two let alone 4 xbrewthanks

glorious Tue 23-Apr-13 08:33:05

apples I'm in awe of you with 4.

Sorry about your awful night lost . We had a bad one on Sunday/Monday but last night was great (10-4, 4.45-7) so maybe it'll be the same for you smile

lollipoppi Tue 23-Apr-13 08:38:48

Urgghhh what day is it confused after finally getting DD to sleep at midnight she was up again at 1am, 2.30am, 4.40am, and 5.20am, now the little bugger little angel is fast asleep and DS got up at 6.30
Lost send some of those logs my way!

Louise85 Tue 23-Apr-13 10:04:12

Sorry Lost & Lolli - sounds like you had horrible nights!!

Slowely getting ds into a little routine, although still struggling a bit during the day and yesterday had him in the sling for nap of what was meant to be 20 mins & turned into an hour and a half - at 8kg's (13 weeks) - my back is now broken!

Think he's teething as well after all your comments and got 2nd set of jabs as well today.

Does anyone still swaddle? we still swaddle him for almost every sleep in his cot, but not sure if I should be??

Lora1982 Tue 23-Apr-13 10:35:36

What a waste of time that was. Went drs about my dodgy hips, was told if it gets worse they might send me physio. He wont prescribe domperidone for low supply cos his book says not for breastfeeding people. Twat. means i have to get hv to say something. He was making a song and dance about bf being the best tra la la
but wont give me the shit i need to do it more ffs. Twat. Then to check my hips i had to put dexter on a muzzy on the floor while i laid on the bed. He was like 'is he ok on the floor, do you often put him on the floor?' wtf?!? Stupid arsehole where else was he going they dont let us take prams in. Il have ss round later for letting my child lay down.

His words were we dont prescribe anything for promoting breastmilk, ive never heard of anyone doing it. Fuming if you hadnt guessed.

Thank you all. Feeling a bit better today. Just before cubs last night our electricity ran out so we had to go out earlier to top it up and the dcs were..well they were just being kids! But Ivy had to go in stroller and was kicking off. It just all got a bit stressful and i lost my rag whicg didn't help!

Anyway have taken a deep breath and today is a new day smile

Ivy had her second jabs this morning. We had to wait ages as some poor woman needed an ambulance which backed everything up. Luckily Ivy slept the whole time until we went in to the nurse. She only cried a bit and was really smiley and chatty on the way home. Shes fallen asllep on her gym now.

Lora sorry some drs are just crap! Hope you get what you need soon.

Lost and Loli hope you get some sleep soon. Remember this too shall pass.

hormonal ds1 started teething around 10 weeks. I rang my mum and said i thought he was teething. She told me there was no way he could be at that age. So i panicked looked in baby book decided he haf slapped cheek and dragged dh and ds1 to out of hours dr only to be told he was teething and i needed to calm down! hmm

Birdies Tue 23-Apr-13 12:39:17

Pretty sure teething here too. Up last night more times than I could count. 15 weeks is common to start teething but can definitely be earlier. DD1 started teething early but it never bothered her. She slept 11 hours straight through last night, shame I was up so much for the babba!

lolli are you breastfeeding? If so I have a self settling tip! Might not work for bottle feeding though, not sure...

Birdies Tue 23-Apr-13 12:41:14

Ps lora your doctor sounds as useless as mine. Doctors used to be good, am probably over generalising but I find them pretty rubbish these days!

Lostbobbles Tue 23-Apr-13 12:51:59

Purely for medicinal purposes today is going to be sugar fuelled

Took the little madam to baby group she seems to really like all the sensory toys and songs grin

Lora sorry you got crap doc, have you got a lady dr at your surgery might be more understanding.

Louise I stopped swaddling a while ago as Lois likes to suck her hands and she is trying to settle with her fist now I have removed the dummy not that it seems to be helping but she does still flail her arms a lot.
How's your dummy removal going?

Lolli: here's hoping for a better night

Hope everyone has a good day and I appreciate the sympathy

lollipoppi Tue 23-Apr-13 13:02:13

Birdies she is bottle fed, but do share!
Lois what a crappy doctor, anybody else you can see?

Definite growth spurt/wonder week going on over here DD is a reet grump today!

lollipoppi Tue 23-Apr-13 13:02:57

.... Lora, not lois! Lack of sleep! X

Birdies Tue 23-Apr-13 13:22:13

It's not that clever, but it works for me! I just give her a little feed when I think she might be ready for a nap, and then if her eyes start closing I know she's tired enough. Then i wind her which wakes her a bit, and then put her down awake and swaddled but comforted from the feeding.

Then I press Ewan's front left foot grin

And each time she won't settle, I pick her up, cuddle her, put her back and then keep doing that until she settles herself. She usually settles either straight away or after one cuddle.

I'm sure it won't work for everyone though. I never leave her more than a few minutes before I go to her, even though the books would prob say to leave her

lollipoppi Tue 23-Apr-13 13:24:20

Thanks birdies, will give that a go tonight!!

lotsofthingstolearn Tue 23-Apr-13 14:13:47

I've taken DS for his jabs today and poor little lamb has to go again for one of them as the thingummy broke so the Men C didn't all go in and the nurse didn't know how much he'd had so he's got to have that one again at 4 months.

But I asked the question about measles and they won't give him his jab until at least 9month but she advised in the meantime to be ultra careful and to avoid soft play areas and baby groups- there is an outbreak in the next county. We're not in an area which has a problem (I've heard of a couple of cases) so I was quite shocked at her response really.

And he's such a chunk 17lb 4 and he's 15 weeks tomorrow! 95th percentile!

Still not sleeping though either- I'm past caring- he'll do it when he does it dream feed between 10-11 and up anytime between 2-4 until 7 am. Can't really complain!

We stopped the swaddle as he moved into the crib in a sleeping back but a few time his swinging arms have been a real distraction- he's struggled having his arms out so I just have to shush pat him on his chest holding his arms.....(Sounds like I'm near to putting him in a straight jacket- I'm not honest!)

louise we still swaddle dd. she is 12 weeks adjusted and is still swaddled at night and for some naps. it still helps her to sleep.

Lora1982 Tue 23-Apr-13 16:32:50

Bloody dr. Still annoyed. Locum ones are always rubbish the last locum one didnt recognise i had an abcess. Ive never really bothered which i see befor but its quickly making me want to ask to see a specific one.

Going to wait for the hv to come next tues and hopefully she'll help

lora print off the research from jack newman on domperidone. It's ridiculous that this isn't known in the uk.


Touch wood, I think we're out of the growth spurt, or coming out of it. She only had one wakening last night, went back down for her nap this morning, and had a good one this afternoon, and a couple of little power naps. Going to try her to go down for the night with DS as she should be tired. I hope!

Meringue33 Tue 23-Apr-13 17:27:00

Apple glad to hear you are feeling better this morning. Sorry you had a bad day; in a way it makes me feel better to know even an old hand like you can have a bad one! I'm sorry though.

Lolli we only found out by accident that LO will self settle at night now after dream feed, DP puts him down after bottle and he falls asleep himself after chatting to himself for what seems like ages if I am in the same room trying to sleep! During the day it's harder, if we are not going out in pram or car there are often tears involved.

Pascha Tue 23-Apr-13 18:06:40

Oh god the constant dribbling! Fists in mouth, fingers in mouth, chew chew chewing on anything hard/cold, grizzly, disgusting nappies from all the extra saliva in the system, unsettled, grabby, comfort feeding, won't be put down. If he's anything like his brother this will be on and off for approx 3 months before a tooth breaks through. The gum is white and his cheeks are red but that means nothing really...

glorious Tue 23-Apr-13 18:16:35

Yay bunty, hope it is passing. We're on the up too.

But much sympathy on the teething pascha, it's the same here. What's your/everyone's view on whether to sterilise teething rings etc?

Pascha Tue 23-Apr-13 18:31:31

-*blushI'm sticking them in the milton once a day but not being too worried in between times. I made the mistake of putting a plastic one in a steam steriliser once before and it melted blush

glorious Tue 23-Apr-13 18:34:26

Thanks pascha , I'm doing once a day too so that's reassuring

glorious i always start out madly sterilising then remember baby will drop whateclver it is 100 times and life is too short... My friend used to sterilise everything til she realised her dd2 was sharing her youghurts with the dog, she said it seemed a bit pointless after that! <her dd is a perfectly healthy 7 year old now> Basically once they are able to get about on the floor theres really no need.

meringue glad to be of service [bows] and less of the old thank you as someone has pointed out to me i know what to expect with babies, but 9 year olds are a new thing smile

we are also teething. Ivy keeps crying and i'm not sure if its her teeth, being jabbed this morning or both. (its probably both dh thinks he can see a tooth)

Lora1982 Tue 23-Apr-13 19:31:59

Ugh you forgot the constant fist chewing leading to sticking fingers too far down and puking.

Cant move. As soon as i put him down he whinges. I put a bit of bonjella on that made him smile for a minute.

Il get a print out of the domperidone man. I dont want to end up looking like a mad woman who believes everything on the net when i show him. But the thing is if they dont prescribe it i will buy it myself anyway. Idiots.

glorious Tue 23-Apr-13 20:56:19

apples the dog/yog story made me laugh a lot! She's obviously not mobile yet so perhaps I'll carry on being pfb about it for the moment, but good to know they tend to survive wink

happyhow Tue 23-Apr-13 21:52:02

Apples - that story is brilliant!

Bailey's moods have been up and down all day although he barely slept. Got 30 mins on me in the morning which gave me time to finally file his nails and 40 mins in the pram this afternoon. Was being really tricky and he fell asleep after about a minute of going out in the pram with hubby while I tutored. They never sleep when you want them too...

I'm waiting for the growth spurt here... I think it might have been starting today but I wasn't able to feed him straight away when he was hungry so he ended up waiting a few times. Bad mummy...

Bailey has been dribbling and fist eating for about a month. He also likes to chew on muslins... I've got a taggy for him upstairs so it might be time to get that out. His gums are rock hard but there's no sign of any teeth yet.

Lora/Lolli? (Can't remember who it was...) - sorry about your crap doc. I would ask for a specific one from now on. That's what I did at my surgery once I found one I really liked. Also helps that his girls are at my school!

I'm off to have an early night...

Oh you'd be amazed at the stuff that goes in theie mouths! The dangly bit on a shopping trolley seems quite popular. Dd1 used to have some funky nappies due to a taste for playdoh.

I think as long as things are generally clean its all ok.

Asked dp today if he had been.immuniser for measles. He said no, i panicked then he told me he'd had it <phew>. Just phoned my mum who can't remember what i had so a bit worried i'm the weak link here sad i'm too old to have had mmr but have read on mn that there was a single measles vaccine at the time (dp thinks i'm over thinking this)

eagleray Tue 23-Apr-13 22:41:59

Lora sorry you've had trouble getting the prescription you want. When I was having supply issues just after the birth, someone on another thread recommended it, but then I was told (by MW I think) that no, they don't prescribe it. However, I now know of another MNer recently being prescribed it, so it seems to be a totally arbitrary thing. I did once manage to get Diamox prescribed for altitude sickness by turning up with a printout from the internet - that was a bit of a result!

Just googled domperidone and interested to see it increases prolactin levels. I normally have to take drugs to suppress prolactin levels due to a pituitary tumour. They're nasty drugs and unfortunately I will have to go back on them when I stop BF. Was told I would have no issues with BF due to my default sky-high prolactin levels, and actually it's been a frickin' nightmare hmm

We had jabs today too Apple - all ok until this afternoon when DD suddenly did animal-like screaming and her head was red and sweaty. Luckily a bit of Calpol calmed her down again.

Off to the cinema tomorrow morning - hoping that's the last of the screaming fits...

Lora1982 Tue 23-Apr-13 22:47:26

Apples ive looked into it and if youve not had measles or mmr jab then you can still get the jab as an adult. Also read that if you did have it they have worn off after about ten-fifteen yrs! So in theory the only people covered are all the kiddies whove had it. Am still forcing 'dp' to have it though.

Hes in my bad books again got my own back by wrapping his bday presents in plaggy bags inside a cereal box and made impenetrable with tape <smug bitch face>

Lora1982 Tue 23-Apr-13 22:56:00

Eagleray isnt it a pain the way pregnancy messes hormones! Id of thought you would have been ok if your prolactin is usually high. If i dont get anywhere with hv she will probably send the breastfeeding woman round who will kill me for starting smoking again (she helped me quit when i was pregnant) and if i get no help from her il have to fork out money to buy off the internet... All because they arent reading off the same hymn sheet in the nhs. Its pissing me off thinking about the dr's again grin

good luck for tonight everyone!

Lostbobbles Wed 24-Apr-13 02:15:48

Major butt explosion at 2am

glorious Wed 24-Apr-13 02:47:48

lora and * eagleray* I do know someone here in London who got that prescription for her milk so it can happen.

Oh no lost, hope you've sorted it.

sorry you are having problems with the docs lora. mine told me I can't take anything for hay fever when bfing even though there are thre

sorry you are having problems with the docs lora. mine told me I can't take anything for hay fever when bfing even though there are threads on here where people have been prescribed nasal sprays. at least if I get desperate I can buy it over the counter.

after a few hellish nights dd has just slept from 11-4 smile. makes up for weeing on me when I put her in the bath earlier.

don't know what happened to my post there!

salt1 Wed 24-Apr-13 06:02:22

Hi all hope u are enjoying the sun. Lo is a bit croaky this morning and last night, but seems fine in self. Can take temperature when she wakes but wondering if you think this is anything i should worry about.

Pascha Wed 24-Apr-13 07:51:42

Good morning everyone! Only one wake at 3.15am last night, must be the nurofen he had at 8pm.

The measles jab thing: if you were born before 1988 you would have been offered a single measles vaccine as a baby. 1988-1994 would have been a single MMR at 12-18m with a catchup Measles/Rubella in late 1994 when they realised one dose wasn't enough. 1994 onwards MMR at 12-18m and booster preschool and thats the way it's stayed ever since.

Salt Dan is very coughy this morning too. I'm putting it down to all the extra dribble going gown his throat overnight.

I'm taking Beconase spray daily for hayfever, plus occasional Loratadine on bad days.

happyhow Wed 24-Apr-13 08:06:59

Bailey was sick, did an 'up the backer' and got both on the duvet in the space of 10 mins. I have never stripped the bed at 6.58am.

We're off to the cinema today too, Eagle. Hope you get peace to watch the film!

We've both had the MMR and I had a booster 8yrs ago because I was exposed to mumps which I subsequently got anyway. There's no cases of measles up here really though so I'm not worrying at the mo.

scissy Wed 24-Apr-13 08:27:27

Hi all, can I join in? Esther is 12 weeks so right at the end of January - it's been good to read I'm not the only one whose baby is adverse to sleep! I think the earliest she's ever settled is 9, it's usually 11. last night she screamed for ages.

re mmr, you might have a gap if you were born in the mid-80s like me. I had to have a booster as a student when there was a mumps epidemic.

glorious Wed 24-Apr-13 08:43:21

Hooray for 11-4 bugs

Sounds ok salt, I'd just keep an eye.

Oh happy, not good!

Welcome scissy. Ellen was 31 Jan and we have a few due in Jan but born in December or February so you'll fit right in smile

Meringue33 Wed 24-Apr-13 08:54:44

Lol Apples

Lora mine does that too, try to force almost a whole fist in his mouth and then gag, he is a little nutter!

Lost the last three days in a row he has pooed in the night with disastrous results. We have no clean sleeping bags now!

Meringue33 Wed 24-Apr-13 08:59:02

Welcome Sissy.

I was cross this morning as DP brought LO to bed at midnight: "He finished the whole bottle but wouldn't settle, it took me a while to get him to sleep." Well he was up again at 2.30am for a big feed (rather than his usual 5.30am) so he was obviously hungry, but would DP admit that, nooo.

He did make amends this morning tho by taking him for a while before work and dealing with the poonami.

CreepyCrawly Wed 24-Apr-13 11:41:24

Welcome Sissy! I love the name Esther.

I think Nancy had had some jumping beans this morning, she was wild! She woke up at 7, I fed her and then we went for a nappy change. The nappy change took twice as long as usual because she's started bouncing out of them. When I put the clean nappy under her, she puts her feet flat on the mat and then bounces up.
Little madam, she's so cheeky already.

Hope everyone has a good day.

Tugstonia Wed 24-Apr-13 13:18:28

Hi Scissy! My little one is 12 weeks too smile

Last couple of nights she's been up every two hours, so a slight improvement on before hmm. She is very dribbly and has her fists in her mouth constantly, and is pooing and puking a lot more than normal - so thinking she could be teething early as well. Or could it be a mega long growth spurt?

Lora hope you can see another doctor and get the domperidone. The lovely breastfeeding support lady I've been seeing wrote a letter to my GP requesting it for me and the doc did give me a prescription after a lot of disclaimers that it wasn't recommended in b'feeding etc, although I haven't actually taken it because the fenugreek did a great job boosting my supply. Are you still taking the fenugreek?

Birdies Wed 24-Apr-13 15:19:30

Just got back from scan and the little hips are FINE and normal, phew!! Just has slightly uneven leggies but may grow more even over time, or if not will hopefully not cause much of a problem anyway.

What a bloody relief gringringringringrin

CreepyCrawly Wed 24-Apr-13 15:30:22

That's great news birdies smile

Lora1982 Wed 24-Apr-13 16:13:44

Im still on fenugreek tugs but at £10 a tub and the constant smell wafting around me i wanted an alternate. Its definatly worked but he still isnt totally happy with boob all day.

Bought about 15 reuseable nappies the other day and the courier has lost them!! So that, along with dr and failed amazon delivery aswell im in a mood.

On a good note i was chatting with some people today and they were saying that they feel permanently stuck to the sofa breastfeeding but when they go out baby will be happy enough with a five-ten min feed. Anyone else noticed this? I quite literally need to get out more grin esp if thats the case

glorious Wed 24-Apr-13 16:31:04

Hooray birdies , all the best people have one leg longer smile

Ellen definitely eats more at home because she gets too distracted out. She does get grumpy as a result though so not all good. Seems like all the babies are teething then. Ellen now has a definite white spot on her gum.

happyhow Wed 24-Apr-13 16:34:38

Bailey def doesn't feed as long when we're out and about. Unless it's in the cinema where he usually does a normal feed.

I didn't realise puking/pooing more was a sign of teething. We've had that going on here too. In fact, I changed a dirty nappy 10 mins ago and he's just produced another one as I type...

Great news birdies!!

welcome scissy. dd was due at the end of Jan but decided to come 5 weeks early shock so is probably at a similar age to your lo developmentally. I love the name Esther BTW.

salt what do you mean by croaky? dd has had a couple of coughs and colds now, the Dr said only to worry if they are struggling to breathe or aren't feeding properly.

great news birdies. I also have one leg longer than the other but it doesn't cause me any problems day to day.

Meringue33 Wed 24-Apr-13 17:32:06

Great news Birdies

Lora LO eats less out too but often as he falls off if I don't have a pile of pillows to lift him on. Cue embarrassment as I try to relatch him for the next half hour. I sometimes think I am the crappest breast feeder ever!

CreepyCrawly Wed 24-Apr-13 17:51:29

Meringue, I haven't even attempted feeding Nancy without a cushion. Well I have, but there's not enough room so I give up immediately. My boobs are too big and my body is too small, there's just not enough room.

Is it silly to worry about going away for a night in September?! We have tickets to see an American football game in Wembley (my team is playing!) and I'm seriously considering bit going/paying for my mum to come too and stay in a hotel to look after Nancy. It's ages away, I'm sure I'll differently by the time it comes, but argh I can't stop thinking and worrying about it!

CreepyCrawly Wed 24-Apr-13 17:56:20

Not going, not bit going. Bloody phone

lollipoppi Wed 24-Apr-13 17:58:53

Fab news birdies!!
Creepy don't be worried, it's ages away and by September I'm sure you will be glad of a little break smile

DD had her 2nd jabs this morn, she was lots better this time round!

Her little giggles literally melt my heart it's sooooooo cute!!!

Welcome scissy i know it really helps to chat to others going through the same stuff.

birdies thats fantastic news re hips. Bet you feel really relieved.

Ivy hasn't slept so well today. For the first time ever she stayed awake in the pram all the way to school and all the back. Normally this is nap time so she was cranky and tired when we got back confused still it was nice to show off a smiley awake baby for once.

Realised we really need a cot now! Ivy keeps shuffling herself up against the top end of crib and then getting annoyed. Think she needs a bit more space. We might even get a longer sleep wishful thinking

Hope everyone having a good day.

Angielka Wed 24-Apr-13 19:47:44

Wonderful news birdies! Welcome Scissy and Creepy I'm sure by the time September comes around you'll be more than ready to have a night out. Don't worry before you have to smile.

Last night we had 7 for dinner - all colleagues of mine. Molly was so overwhelmed by all the extra people that she didn't feed properly then either! I snuck a dream feed in to make sure she was all stoked up for the night and it seemed to work.

Each time I read this thread and sat down to write something on here today, something stopped me. Feel like I've been runnning about like a headless chicken.

Sending you all peaceful vibes for the evening...

Meringue33 Wed 24-Apr-13 20:05:10

Creepy we have Bruce Springsteen tickets in July. We have no family close and friends are either busy with own kids, or have no experience of babies. I am considering a professional babysitter, recommended.

Meringue33 Wed 24-Apr-13 20:06:17

No idea if I'll be able to enjoy the night or not. Given that so far I can't even let him nap without checking his breathing every five minutes!!!

newbie6 Wed 24-Apr-13 20:29:42

Hi all,

Good news Birdies! My LO will be 15 weeks on Friday and has his first wedding on Friday. Have got him a kilt and he is so cute in it! Think he might be coming down with a cold though as he has been coughing and not taking as much milk but he seems okay in himself? He has started to cry before being put down at night as well which he never used to do but I put him in his cot awake and he manages to still send himself to sleep so can't complain. I just worry when he starts behaving differently! Think he is teething as constantly dribbling and sticking his hand in his mouth! Friday will be the first time someone else puts him to bed so am already anxious about it ask now he will cry and hate the thought of my mum in law not knowing how to settle him or probably fussing him too much. I might just nip away from the meal to put him to bed myself as we are all staying at the hotel or is that bad??

Oh....always something to worry about!


Birdies Wed 24-Apr-13 21:10:59

Thanks everyone, I'm just so relieved.

newbie that's really cute that he'll be wearing a kilt! We've got a wedding in a few weeks so let us know how it goes and if you manage to stay out late!

Can anyone give me tips on how to do better at tummy time? I find it hard to remember and when I do, I get sorry for her and pick her up quite quickly. She just looks so uncomfy and then has a little cry after a minute it two. And surely it would hurt her neck doing too much?! So, how do you remember to fit it in during the day and how long do you leave them for? I really feel I need to do more or she'll struggle to roll and push herself up.

lolli I said exactly that to my neighbour the other day, literally my heart could melt! We're soppy eh?! But they're so sweet.

Sleep well everyone!

Bunny222 Wed 24-Apr-13 21:14:51

Great news birdies.

Havent posted for a bit. Been busy with LO, like most of you theres lots of hand in mouth and dribbling here. He had his 12week jabs today, quite upset and was choking on the Calpol and couldnt catch his breath :-(

His weight and height have dropped down on the percentile line, two visits running. HV not concerned yet, but dont understand as his feeding (combination) seems the same. Has anyone else had this??

octanegirl Wed 24-Apr-13 21:43:22

Birdies that's such great news re the hips! Happy for you.
I know what you mean re tummy time. I have exactly the same problem, not only do I frequently forget, but when I do remember he doesn't like it much, grunts a lot and then starts crying. However I am persevering for just a couple of minutes at a time, whenever I remember.....
Creepy I have exactly the same at nappy changing. He puts both feet flat and then does a sort of riverdance. Incredibly hard to put the nappy back on but he seems to be having such a whale of a time doing this mad boogie that's I just start laughing and it takes even longer!

He has his 2nd set of jabs tomorrow. He was fine after the 1st set so fingers crossed will be unaffected once more.

glorious Wed 24-Apr-13 21:46:18

birdies have you tried lying on your back and popping her on you for tummy time? That's generally a bit less unpopular with Ellen. Or a favourite toy in front of her - I did that with the ipad today with a film on it as she loves the tv blush and it worked a treat, she held herself up on her arms for the first time and stayed there ages. I think she just needed motivating!

Great news birdies!

AuchAyethenoo Wed 24-Apr-13 22:14:58

Hi all can I join, my little lady will be 15 weeks on Friday (where has the time gone?!). She is currently snoozing next to me in bed as we co sleep, I love watching her in dream sleep, she roars with laughter sometimes, I would love to know what she's dreaming about?

Re tummy time i never consciously did tunmy time with ds1 just popped him down every now and then to see what happened. He rolled quite early and started crawling around 5 months (though it was backwards). They all get there when they are ready and if they're not happy doing something it seems unfair to make them if its not necessary IYSWIM

Also sure i read on here that having them on your front counts as tummy time. Ivy does little push ups on me and tries push herself over my shoulder to whatever is behind me. Is v cute.

eagleray Wed 24-Apr-13 22:21:59

How was the cinema trip Happyhow? I had the best time - the screening was in an arts venue with tables/chairs and loads of space for buggies. Also there were complimentary pots of tea and biscuits! It was sooo enjoyable, although Baby Eagle did a huge poo at a critical moment - when I got back from changing her, the plot had moved on significantly and I sat there in confusion wondering if it was the same film confused

Last night was incredible on the sleep front - she went down at 9ish and slept through til 5am!!! Stupidly I thought tonight would be a doddle but no, she's still fighting sleep and showing no signs of going to bed soon (think it was the post-jabs calpol that helped last night). All things, good and bad, are just a phase and the following day they have changed the bloody rules again.

Welcome auch its lovely watching them sleep. Mine does the giggling in her sleep too. My ds2 is 7 and he still does it! but then he is nuts

Octane Ivy does that funny happy dance in the pram when the dcs are talking to her and making her laugh shes all over the place. Then the dcs fight to try and make her do it again!

welcome auch

dd is another tummy time refuser. she doesn't mind if she's lying on my tummy and she really likes being up over my shoulder, which surely exercises her neck muscles too?

Lora1982 Wed 24-Apr-13 22:52:27

Winding on your shoulder also counts as tummy time apparently... Although dexter hates it done that way now aswell so i shall try him lying on me tomorrow. Feel so proud today re:boob supply, hes had two bottles one of which was expressed stuff cos i was being lazy and didnt want to feed him for an hour again. So im clearly up on supply if i managed just one ff :-D woo

well done lora

Meringue33 Thu 25-Apr-13 06:55:35

Does anyone else have weird parenting dreams??
I just dreamt I was back at work with DS in tow, it was a bit awkward as he kept crying... Then I dreamt we were doing BLW with chocolate muffins grin
I am a bit obsessed with chocolate muffins tbh,

lollipoppi Thu 25-Apr-13 08:23:31

DD spent her first night in her own room last night!
DP has to get up for work at 3am and his alarm wakes her.

Problem though .. I put her feet to the bottom of the cot, but throughout the night, she wriggled right up to the top of the cot so hear head was up at the cot bumpers!!??
Maybe she was just exploring!

Louise85 Thu 25-Apr-13 08:44:45

Hi All, been a bit crazy here - put the house back on rental market so we can move (again - we've only been here 6 months hmm)...the same day we put it up the agent phoned for someone to look that evening - house was a tip and I've been spending every spare minute tidying & cleaning so that panic never happens again.

aren't they all just getting so cute with their giggles & their little personalities coming through?? I'm so in love again this morning (especially since I didn't get out of bed from 11 till 7 - wooohoo)..

Got rid of the dummy at nap times - and I'm so glad we did!!! so now he self settles for most naps and definately at bed time - last night he cried out at 4am - I gave him a few minutes before I thought I needed to get up & he went quiet again... before it was dummy ALL the time!!

I always forget about tummy time - he'll get there in the end...

Got to find a new house to move into today - should be fun. Hope you all have a fab day!!

Lostbobbles Thu 25-Apr-13 09:30:41

Welcome Auch and Scissy

Crap night again, can't win with this baby!! Tbf she had second jabs yest and had slight raised temp but it's bowels that are the main issue really loose and explosive hmm not sure if its down to teething or something I'm eating.

On good note her first swimming lesson was fab, she was really kicking and didn't moan too much about getting a face full of water.

Re tummy time she will tolerate a few min's and the front to back roll is getting more consistent she has done it every day this week but now gets annoyed if she can't manage it.

Off to consult hv about bowels not sure why as they are nearly never helpful

Enjoy the day ladies and babies

happyhow Thu 25-Apr-13 09:46:47

We're rubbish at tummy time too and not really any signs of rolling yet. Hubby is getting quite good at laying B on his chest every evening for a while and I hold him up on my shoulder a lot.

I'm trying to get B to self settle too. Put him to bed last night whilst still awake and after 10 mins chatting, he'd fallen asleep. Just done it for his nap just now and it took 20 mins of chatting but at least it's worked. Just need to be consistent with it. I've been 'feeding to sleep' at night until now but want to get out of that habit.

Eagle, the cinema was good. I'd already seen the film one of the previous times I'd gone with B but decided since I was there I'd see it again! As B was sound asleep too, I had a little 30 min nap! Felt so much better for it yesterday!

Auch, we're birth buddies! Bailey was born on the 11th too. I'm guessing by your name that you are also Scottish?!

Yay for the dummy removal Louise! Boo for the moving though...

Angielka Thu 25-Apr-13 10:08:43

meringue I usually dream I've left the baby somewhere and am desperately trying to get back to the place she was left... hmm

I tend to forget about tummy time, although Molly spends a fair bit of time being winded on my/DH's shoulder. She also doesn't hate it (DD1 screamed every time we attempted it with her at this age) but sometimes stays for quite a while. No rolling here yet although she got herself onto her side to feed in bed at 6 this morning...

Birdies Thu 25-Apr-13 15:23:05

lora was it you who did the plaster hand and foot thing? Can you recommend which set I should buy as I fancy having a go?

X was weighed and measured today. She's nearly doubled her birth weight smile Has also gone up the centiles for height - anyone else's baby grown height wise too? I know weight gain is usually good but not sure what height is meant to do (don't worry, am not looking for anything else to worry about though!).

But can someone please make me feel less guilty about my diet? I eat a lot of chocolate and cakes and then feel bad as I guess they go into breastmilk. Should we be eating ultra healthily while bf?

happy I agree re being consistent with the self settling. I'm a bit too soft at times and pick her up quite quickly.

Welcome auch

CreepyCrawly Thu 25-Apr-13 15:51:00

Welcome auch

Second lot of jabs today. She had a bit of a cry but was fine and full of smiles for the HV when she was weighed afterwards. She's 12lb8 now, still following the 25th centile. She's on the 75th for her height though so going to be tall and slim I think. Lucky girl.

There was another girl in the waiting room with a 23 week old and she was saying how he wakes every two hours at night. She asked me if Nancy sleeps through and when u said yes, she seemed quite annoyed and said "Oh, well I'm breastfeeding so that's why". She was even less happy when I said I was too. I thought that was quite rude of her.

happyhow Thu 25-Apr-13 16:18:05

How rude, creepy! All babies are different. You're just one of the lucky ones!

I can only describe my morning as hellish. Put Bailey down for his nap and after 20 mins of chatting, he eventually fell asleep for all of 20 frigging minutes! He's been all over the place. Wanting fed, not wanting fed. Had wind, being sick. Crying all the frigging time! Burping. Being sick again. Wanting fed again but then not doing anything but crying when the boob is put in his mouth! Eventually has a little nap on me then SCREAMS when I put him down. Acts like a complete angel during the weaning class put on by the drs surgery then crashes out in the car and round the supermarket. What's betting he wakes up the second I put him in the house??!! (I'm sitting outside the house in the car because I have peace currently! The ice cream will be melting though... hmm)

How rude, creepy!

happy sorry you've had a shitty morning, hopefully the afternoon was better?

I think I need to start introducing a routine. Madam is giving me the run around and is definitely getting a bit spoiled. There are times where she won't be happy unless she's being allowed to bob on and off a boob, which even with a good latch gets a bit sore!

She's also a nightmare in the early evenings, needing to really go down with DS but refusing to sleep. I need to get out of the feed to sleep routine as well as she won't settle for anyone but me blush.

I think I'm just making the most of her as a baby as I've been told no more!

Meringue33 Thu 25-Apr-13 17:32:49

So rude Creepy! How long does Nancy sleep for then? I'm intrigued and inspired to know this is possible!

Sorry about your day Happy. I have such mixed success with LO when it comes to routine, not sure if it is due to teething or just whatever. Today he wouldn't go down for morning or afternoon nap so fed him to sleep in both cases and let him sleep the whole hour on my nap. Sometimes I just don't have the energy to get him to go down awake and not fed, sometimes he's perfectly happy to, other times he really kicks off.

He still seems to need a lot more daytime sleep than the books tend to suggest. After being up for 90 mins (inc feed) I can see him looking tired and cranky so I spend half my day living in fear of the next nap time approaching and guessing whether he'll go down easy or start to cry. I can't stand his crying. And while cuddles are lovely Bunty, I'm also starting to get a wee bit frustrated about the housework etc piling up.

CreepyCrawly Thu 25-Apr-13 17:42:14

In glad you all agree it was rude of her, I thought maybe I was being a bit sensitive. Nancy goes down between 9 and half past and more often than not sleeps until 7. Occasionally she'll wake at 5 and then go back to sleep after a quick feed. I've only ever has to get up once in the night since she was about a week old. Every night I prepare myself for it to all change.

Lora1982 Thu 25-Apr-13 17:51:58

birdies ive tried two different ones. The one that came with ready mixed clay was crap, it was too hard to push his hand/feet in. I think that one was mamas and papas from boots. The 2nd was a fiver from b&m grin it came with a gel which was crap so i ended up making play dough sticking his feet in that then mixing plaster from the kit. It looks great.

So cutr Ivy is shouting at ds1! He is making her laugh and talking back to her smile she is definitely my chattiest baby i've had.

Creepy that woman was just rude! All babies are different as are all mums. My friends ff baby is still on 3 bottles a night whilst i am gen only up around 12-1ish and then 5.30/6is. We are just lucky smile

Bunty i'm doing the same. I just want to enjoy my last baby

woody2313 Thu 25-Apr-13 18:18:05

Re: tummy time, my DS hates just lying on his front in the floor but is quite happy on his front across my lap - I guess he can see more! So that might be option for others?

woody2313 Thu 25-Apr-13 18:28:08

Meringue I know what you mean about dreading napping. Sometimes DS goes down on the first yawn and sleeps according to the routine perfectly. Other times no amount of yawn catching, rocking, swaying, nursing, hair dryer blasting (!) will settle him hmm
Talking of rude people, a friend of a friend was out with her DD recently when an old lady came over and said 'I'm just sprinkling some good behaviour dust on her' (DD) and did 'the actions' too shock

Meringue33 Thu 25-Apr-13 18:36:40

God that's brilliant Creepy! smile

shock at the good behaviour lady Woody. Did it work??

Louise85 Thu 25-Apr-13 19:07:11

Meringue what book you following about 90 mins etc?? I follow Gina Ford but Ds never stays awake for the times he "should" - he still sleeps really well at night though, so he's obviously on the right track.

Happy I hope your day got better & u have a good night to make up for it - well done on still getting out when you having a day like that!!

Must be honest - I LOVE routine...DH had to go out to a black tie event tonight - both kids are fast asleep (1 will sleep till 7, the other till 6:30ish with a dream feed at 9:30/10)...I'm getting out some chocolate, putting on masterchef and completely ignoring the housework until after my hot bubble bath...It's been hard work getting the DC to this stage, but so worth it (for me - I know routine isn't for everyone!!)

Got viewings for houses lined up - really excited coz I hate this house and can't wait to find a better one in a area that suits us. Just sucks having to stay on top of housework for viewing here (so I can't go to bed without a tidy just in case)... maybe a good thing

happyhow Thu 25-Apr-13 19:23:33

I had to go out for my own sanity! He woke up the second I took him out if the car but has been in a very good mood since then, chatting and giggling away. He is now feeding every 2 hrs since then though so think the growth spurt is hitting. Might explain some of this mornings behaviour.

Hubby and his friend are trying to lay laminate in the hall. So looking forward to actually having flooring down so that my slippers don't get trashed even more! For hubby being a trained joiner and his mate being a decorator, they are making such a song and dance about it... Hubby is very particular about finishes though so I suspect that's most of the problem.

Sounds like a lovely night ahead of you Louise! I haven't been able to have a bath since I did my back in when B was 8 weeks old and that was at 1am to try and relieve some of the pain. I'd love a relaxing bath...

Louise85 Thu 25-Apr-13 19:45:33

Sorry Happy sad

Berniebennett Thu 25-Apr-13 20:08:26

Me and DS have had such a lovely day today (he's been full of giggles and smiles all day) so much so that as DH is away I've been naughty and kept him snuggling sleeping with me, how sad is that.

We had our first roll over today, I was giving him a bit of tummy/naked time (I read somewhere on mums net that they can roll over better this way, it was the first time I tried it) I went upstairs to run his bath came down to check on him and he was rolled over looking a little shocked, lol! Gutted I missed it (relieved I hadn't left him on the sofa like I normally do, naughty mummy) I tried to sneakily record him by leaving the iPad on video why I snuck around the corner but he was having none of doing if again, lol!

I'm the same with loving the cuddles - hubby calls me a snuggle monster but every other mum tells me to enjoy this time so that's what I'm doing!

Angielka Thu 25-Apr-13 20:50:16

They are babies for such a short time - get your cuddles in while you can girls!!

What rude people you've been coming across! Creepy Molly is also breastfed and sleeps 9.30-7 (although this morning she did a poonami at 5.30 so we got an early start followed by a mega-nap to catch up).

I'm with you on routine Louise. It's amazing to be able to plan a bit sometimes... and when the DCs are both asleep after a hectic day, that wine tastes so good wink

Bernie that's hilarious - babies don't wait for us to watch to reach their milestones do they? I'll have to try naked tummy time and get my little one rolling. I actually remembered about tummy time today (thanks to you lot blush) and she mainly looked surprised, but did her best to shuffle forward, pushing her little feet against my hands. So cute.

Have a great night everyone smile

octanegirl Thu 25-Apr-13 20:53:04

Ah Bernie that's so sweet! I can't wait till mine rolls or giggles.

I drove to London to see DP for lunch and some friends for tea.
Lunch was supposed to be a relaxing picnic in the park. What it actually was, was LO screaming like a banshee, refusing the boob, and either I or DP pushing him round the picnic blanket in circles while the other ate. All nearby lunchers vacated quite quickly....

However at tea he was very well behaved! But then I spent an hr on the North End Rd stuck in traffic and he howled all the way back to the M3....

Hey ho!

Lostbobbles Thu 25-Apr-13 21:34:02

Creepy / Woody can't believe those women said/did that. shock I am however extremely jealous of babies that sleep, mine has been close to going on ebay. wink

Apples loving the chat story, so cute. Lois is a real talker too which I just love. She bobs off the breast smiles, babbles then pops back on, makes me giggle.

Lois did a classic in the doc's this morn, it was maternity day and she proceeded to have an all gun's blazing screaming fit. The look of doom dawned on many a face and naughty of me, but i did say out loud that she doesn't sleep either. blush

Got baby sensory tomorrow and then have to rush off to do a fun run walk with DD1 at school. Hoping it doesn't rain as I want to put Lois in the baby bjorn but report is not looking good.

eagleray Thu 25-Apr-13 21:55:38

I didn't realise before that some people were getting their babies' height measured! It's never, ever been offered by the HV, but I would be curious as DD is sliding down the percentile chart for weight, and have realised I have no idea whatsoever if she's tall, short or medium. Anyone got any advice for how to do it reasonably accurately at home?

Saw a different HV today and in response to the drop on the chart she said I should be feeding more at night - last 2 nights DD has slept 9pm - 5am approximately and don't fancy waking her up! Am trying to BF every 2.5/3 hours during the day - hope this is enough to get her to maintain weight.

Sorry you encountered a rude person Creepy - I think for a lot of people things such as sleeping, feeding etc are very sensitive subjects, hence the tetchy response. I'm very encouraged on your sleeping/through BF progress myself as hoping to get there myself one day as am certain the last two nights have been a fluke smile

Lostbobbles loving your meltdown in the surgery! I would have been v tempted to play it up too

Meringue33 Fri 26-Apr-13 07:19:18

Louise I would love some routine too but as you say can't force it. Also I'm not going to set my alarm for seven am and get us both up if we've been up already feeding and resettling from five to six am!

Am "informed by" both GF and the Baby Whisperer but not trying to rigidly follow as too hard. He can only manage about 90 mins of awake time before he needs another nap and he definitely still needs am afternoon nap around 4pm or will be very tired and cranky in evening. Sometimes he will not settle until after the dream feed been bringing that forward slightly as suspect my milk supply may be low in evenings and he is not full enough to sleep.

Meringue33 Fri 26-Apr-13 07:23:27

Eagle we've only had height measured at hospital as HV doesn't do it here either. At hospital they have a mat with two sliding walls, they sort of stretch baby out and push the bottom wall til it meets baby's feet to take a measurement. So you could do it at home with a metre stick, or a stiff tape measure.

lollipoppi Fri 26-Apr-13 08:56:21

A miracle has happened!! DD slept from 8.30pm - 7.45am!!!!
I'm going to ignore the fact that DS wet the bed at 4am and had to do a full change smile

Also felt quite sorry for DS this morning, DD nailed her bottle, she must have been starving after her long sleep, then projectiled it all up over poor DS, all 3 of us were covered in sick! ........ Cue massive meltdown from DS!

louise I kind of like the fact that dd has no set routine as it means that we can go places at different times of the day without worrying about whether it fits with her routine. I read the Gina ford book but thought it sounded v restrictive, plus dd needs to be fed more often, and sleep more, than gf suggests, or she would be miserable.

dd has fallen into a pattern of eat, play, sleep, by herself, with each cycle lasting around three hours. I can tweak it a little bit by waking her for food early if we need to go out at a specific time.

eagle our HV normally only weighs babies too, but last time I went I asked her to measure dd's head and she did. maybe yours will measure height if you ask her?

x post lolli , envy of your sleep, although not of the projectile vomming.

happyhow Fri 26-Apr-13 09:21:02

I'm sorry Lolli but the bombing story made me giggle. Your poor son!

We had movement last night! I had B on a towel on the floor massaging him and left him lying there after. He then did a bum/back shuffle that took him round in a circle! It was brilliant. Should've taken a video.

B's height got measured at his 8 wk injections but hasn't been done since. He's just been weighed all other times.

lollipoppi Fri 26-Apr-13 09:23:55

Don't worry, it was a comedy moment! DD found it hilarious,
DS is still not impressed !

Pascha Fri 26-Apr-13 09:26:21

D has been wet through to his sleeping bag every morning this week. Guess we're back to middle-of-the-night nappy changes for a bit.

Angielka Fri 26-Apr-13 09:28:33

Congrats Lolli! On the sleep, not the spew... your poor little boy!

bugsy my take on routine is exactly what you are talking about - a little cycle of eat, play, sleep, change. I don't stick to a fixed timetable - if she wakes at 6, that's when the routine starts, if she wakes at 7.30, then everything gets shifted by 90 mins. It's nice to know what to expect, but to have room for flexibility. I find GF very restrictive too, but all these theories are just out there for us to pick and choose from. What suits one baby and mum won't suit the next.

eagle here in Belgium they always measure weight, height and head size. If you have a tape measure, just put it on the floor, get someone to hold the baby's head still at 0 and see what you get.

happy the bum shuffle in a circle sounds like a classic... brilliant.

Lostbobbles Fri 26-Apr-13 09:40:24

Sleep! Can someone remind me what that is?

Pascha if its just wee double the nappy

Birdies Fri 26-Apr-13 10:04:09

pascha we're the same. When she used to sleep 9 HOURS in a row with one feed, no nappy changes needed. Now we're at 3 or 4 feeds a night she gets soaked through. I'm bloody knackered!

eagle I wouldn't bother measuring if I was you. But if you want to, remove all clothes and nappy, line her up with her head against a hard surface and stretch one leggie out. Then mark with a pencil and measure when you've moved her and got her dressed again. It'll always be approximate though as sometimes their heads aren't quite flat or the leggy isn't stretched out fully.

creepy I love that you were able to say you're breastfeeding too, must have removed her smugness! Although, I guess if I was still getting up every 2 hours I'd be a bit jel of your full nights sleep! Which makes me wonder, what on earth is your secret?! Tell us your routine in the day - maybe we can copy what you do grin

lolli that's very funny!

Everyone - I attempted a dream feed last night. Picked her up, got all ready......the little mouth and eyes stayed firmly shut. Back in cot, fast asleep. Awake and starving two hours later sad

Meringue33 Fri 26-Apr-13 10:19:48

I try to do the same Angie, only problem is I keep getting it wrong eg today I'd planned to pop him in the car when nap due as we had an appointment. But then weather was nice so decided to hang washing out first. Fifteen mins later I had a screaming overtired baby on my hands!

I hate it when he cries too, it upsets me so much I always feel like crying too and hate myself for getting him so distressed. DP says I just need to accept it happens sometimes but it cuts like a knife sad

CreepyCrawly Fri 26-Apr-13 11:43:36

I think there must be something in the 18th of Jan date angie smile

birdies, we don't really have a routine if I'm honest. The only things that are the same every day are: bath and/or pyjamas at 6, poo between 8:15 and 8:30 pm, every night without fail (!) and then bed between 9 and half past. She doesn't sleep in the evening though, no matter what we try.

Like I said though, she's always been a good sleeper. Her third night, she slept for 5 hours straight in the night. I almost feel guilty when people ask if she sleeps all night. She's going to be a nightmare toddler I think.

Angielka Fri 26-Apr-13 12:16:21

That must be it creepy grin

Pascha Fri 26-Apr-13 12:25:29

Hmm Lost might try that, or maybe a booster of some kind, if anyone who uses reusables can suggest one? Its normally just wee, but the occasional poonami creeps in at 5am hmm

Birdies I'm so glad I'm not the only one up 3 or 4 times a night at the moment. D is very easily disturbed up to about 2am at the moment. No dream feed here either, he just doesn't wake if he's not ready to. Makes me laugh how much we tiptoe around at night upstairs, not putting the light on in the bedroom, being very quiet getting into bed etc. The other night the smoke alarm went off in the hall upstairs so we rushed up, all guns blazing, turned lights on in every room to check, noisy, banging around, and both our sleeping beauties stayed well and truly asleep. (No danger, the smoke alarm was faulty, changed the battery and still went off randomly so got a new one)

Only a very vague routine here too, he just has to fit around what we're doing in the day, luckily he very easily falls asleep wherever he is so thats good.

We booked tickets for Lollibop at the weekend. Anyone else thinking of going?

Angielka Fri 26-Apr-13 13:03:54

I think it was you birdies a little while ago talking about your diet... I don't know if it will make you feel better, but I eat soooooo much, and loads of cake and chocolate. I was told or read somewhere and I'm pretty sure I didn't just make it up that all the best bits go into breastmilk and that although you should ensure you get enough healthy stuff in there, that too much fat and sugar isn't necessarily a bad thing. You have to take on enough fuel to make the milk and run around getting things done! I think we can go easy on ourselves for a while although I should maybe actually do some of the exercises they taught me at the hospital class this week

Angielka Fri 26-Apr-13 13:05:11

Oh, and pascha we use reuseable nappies, but for some reason we have stuck with pampers at night. The ones I have (popolini and flip) are not that easy to double up, but I know you can get nighttime boosters for them and other brands.

Re food i eat like a bird unless i am.bf then i am soo hungry and i seem to crave sugar. My fav at the mo is toasted pitas with brie inside and lots of butter. I justify it on the basis i must need the extra calories.

Ivy's routine is basically worked around everyone elses. I try to make sure naps coincide with school runs. She goes up to her bed at 8 after dd1 and ds2 both in bed but am aiming to have Ivy go up first eventually. Last night she woke up for a feed 11.30 then slept til 6!

Pascha once asleep nothing bothers her. Last night dd1 found a spider in her room she was making a right racket. Then ds2 was banging about trying to catch it. I was sure Ivy would wake up but when i checked she was flat out!

Birdies Fri 26-Apr-13 15:06:07

Thanks angiel I was starting to think I was the only one eating rubbish!

pascha and apple X is also a deep sleeper but when she's hungry she's very hungry! Feeds at 2am, 530am, 6.30am, 7.30am. Not sure what happens to make her up so often after 5.30am. Maybe a growth spurt. Again.

creepy how often are your feeds in the day, she must be getting alot in the day to sleep through?

CreepyCrawly Fri 26-Apr-13 15:16:16

birdies she feeds every 2.5-3 hours. And they're long feeds too, she's a slow eater.

Louise85 Fri 26-Apr-13 17:20:20

Had a shocker day starting with driving an hour to view a new house, phoning the estate agent and he was "stuck in the office " - why couldn't he have phoned I don't know - so 2 hours in the car wasted...and that was just the start of a horrible day from hell.

Thank crunchies I'm not OTT about routines either - we loosely follow GF, but only coz he naturally suits it - he sleeps when she says he should kinda, but never forced him into it & some days we start at 6 or 7 or somewhere abouts - I don't ever wake him to start the day...

Must have been my comment last night hmm blush ... shocking night ...shattered today ... no routine to speak of...has 3 sips of a bottle then screams & arches his back, refuses at least half his bottle then screams again 2 hours later & has had maybe 3 10 minute catnaps ALL day - so we now have a screaming overtired baby...I'm hiding on the laptop while DH deals with him coz I've lost the plot completely. Any of you single mom's/husbands work away lots - I am in awe how you can cope - you deserve a medal and a holiday for a gazillion gazillion years!!

lollipoppi Fri 26-Apr-13 18:05:15

Oh Louise what a crappy day, hopefully the lack of sleep today will mean a good night tonight !?

Pascha what's lollibop that sounds interesting xxx

Louise85 Fri 26-Apr-13 18:54:11

Wanted to ask - what is doubling up nappies? putting one over the other?? does it really help coz ds is also waking up coz wee nappies too full so wet him all the way through to the bed...

Lora1982 Fri 26-Apr-13 18:59:01

Pascha i was told bamboo boosters or hemp were best for the big wee-ers. Ive stuck with a disposable overnight too but im loving the pocket nappies not many leaks which is pleasant.

Pascha Fri 26-Apr-13 19:32:11
glorious Fri 26-Apr-13 19:52:59

Pascha I'd second bamboo boosters, they are really absorbant. Little Lambs ones are good. Ellen goes 12 hours no trouble in one of their bamboo nappies with a booster so I reckon just the booster would help a disposable a lot.

Pascha Fri 26-Apr-13 20:46:51

Thanks Glorious and Lora. I will go and have a look at them now.

Lora1982 Fri 26-Apr-13 21:14:10

We are getting half rolls <proud face> hes going on his side to get part of the posh tummy time tube thing clearly was worth the fortune they sell it for now is it morally ok to be a nasty mum and move just a little further away so he rolls all the way?

Pascha Fri 26-Apr-13 21:15:12

I topple Dan when he's at the height of his half roll

Lostbobbles Fri 26-Apr-13 21:38:59

Sorry you have had crap day Louise, have a nice glass or three of wine or some other treat.winethanks

I have had an eventful day of sorts. been cleaning up the poonami bombs that keep going off(think must be injections)

Then Fun run walk at dd1 school was not so fun, before we even got started she managed to fall over and get caked in mud from head to toe! Then had tears and tantrums all the way around confusedhmm.

Lastly Lois decided to scream all the way home from swimming and then some idiot drove into back of car while I was stationary! And the prick had the audacity to say I should be more forthcoming in accepting his apology. Luckily car was not damaged.

Currently hooked up to the pump while investigating the 'gummee glove' anyone got one? Also secretly looking at the baby jogger citi mini by DH will have a coronary if he even gets a sniff of my pushchair obsession rearing its ugly head shock

Lora thats how ds1 started to.crawl! We used to.put this blue sheep he loved out of reach then he tried really hard to reach it by rocking on hands/knees. He was so determined! shame it kept getting further away as he went backwards

Ivy nearly rolled earlier as she was trying to reach oilatum bottle! I did not knock her over onto her front oh no! i'm lying grin

I love this age as they start to become little people and their personalities come out. Ivy is the chattiest baby i ever met hv thinks its because my older dcs are always talking to her and they get stupidly excitee when she smiles/laughs/talks back/pukes/poos etc!

Lost what on earth is a gummee glove?!

<doesn't mention on going obsession with buggies>

Lostbobbles Fri 26-Apr-13 21:51:00

Oooh thats a good idea! Ivy has been using any blankets she can get hold of to chomp on..and my nipple - although she is now learning that she will become hungry if she keeps doing that!

Lora1982 Fri 26-Apr-13 22:24:35

Apples your post made me realise that by giving him the muzzy to chew on im making my day harder because it clearly makes him hungry!

Lora1982 Fri 26-Apr-13 23:14:39

Another dilema. Dexter fell sleep at half nine which if calculations are correct he''d wake for the day at five!! Now do i try and dream feed him force extra sleep hours in him or let it go and probably see the day in at five.

Im going to turn the pump on i think... That sometimes gets him going. Almost like hes jealous that its pinching his food.

Lora1982 Sat 27-Apr-13 05:39:03

Half four sad touch wood hes going sleep again now though...

Haha lora i meant i take her off boob as soon as she bites so she learns biting nipples will cost her smile

I hope Dexter went back to sleep for you. Ivy has been up since 6 and really needs a nap but everytime she nods off someone makes a sudden noise and he eyes pop open again hmm Stilll looks nice out so after homework done think we will go for a long trip to park so she will def sleep then smile

Meringue33 Sat 27-Apr-13 13:30:34

Creepy what do you do about naptime if she eats every 2.5 hours? Do you still do eat-play-sleep?

CreepyCrawly Sat 27-Apr-13 18:17:26

Meringue, it's probably less often than that if I think about it. She has about 4/5 feeds a day. She often feeds almost continuously from 7 until she goes to bed.
I tend to just go with the flow. If she seems tired, I put her in her crib. If she's hungry, I feed her. Sometimes I feed to sleep, sometimes I don't. She hardly ever sleeps on me though unless she's dozing as she's eating. She finds hard to settle out of her crib/pushchair/the car.

CreepyCrawly Sat 27-Apr-13 20:10:00

Just realised that that many feeds in 14 hours works out to about every 2.5hrs. Oh god, I don't know! Haha! For naps, she tends to go back to sleep for a couple of hours after her 7am feed, then maybe an hour at 11ish. She then sleeps from 2/2:30 until 5/5:30, and will be awake until bed time then.

DH and I are both really laid back, so I think it's rubbed off on her too because she's so chilled out and hardly ever cries. Apart from today at my mums when she had a screaming fit for about half an hour! She eventually went to sleep and woke up acting like nothing had happened.

Hope everyone's had a lovely Saturday smile

Pascha Sat 27-Apr-13 20:23:41

My lovely little boy went in the jumperoo for the first time today, he looked so sweet in there and loved it but he's far too small! Bless him, his feet were about 3 inches from the ground on its lowest setting. Think we may have to wait a bit before using it again. Going to upload a picture.

Angielka Sat 27-Apr-13 21:26:49

Earliest bedtime so far... Molly went down at 8pm and has slept until now, when I'll do a dream feed (it's 10.30pm here in Belgium).

We'll see what happens in the night, but we've had one night feed each night for two nights now, so my little all-nighter has changed the rules again smile...

Hope you've all had good saturdays and get sunday morning lie-ins [as if emoticon] wink

Angie every night i put Ivy t