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December 2012: This too shall pass, this too shall pass

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keep repeating the mantra...

PurplePidjin Sun 10-Mar-13 05:57:14


Well this is my lie in sad

SeymoreInOz Sun 10-Mar-13 06:54:27

Happy Mother's Day! I hope you're all having a lie in?!

DS has been really sleepy today after a bad night. Hopefully he sleeps tonight too. I've just started to lose my lovely thick pregnancy hair! It usually starts around 3/4 months and I got a big handful in the shower today. sad Not sure what's worse, the point where it's really thin, or the tufty regrowth a few months later. grin

Saphiesgirl Sun 10-Mar-13 07:01:15

Happy mothers day folks! Hope you get a wee break, I'm about to ruin my lie in (ahem) by going to the loo, dcs both sleeping on me so will wake when I move.

Take care folks, hope babies do some decent napping. As both my children in bed with us just now, I have no constructive advice to offer!

MaMaPo Sun 10-Mar-13 07:06:26

Morning all, and happy Mother's Day. I just got excited because I thought C had a 12 hour sleep (not straight through, I hasten to add) then realised it was 7am not 8am. Boo. Still, 11 hours is excellent, well done C. (Just make it 12 tonight, ok?)

She did lots of crying in her sleep last night, very disconcerting.

Thanks for the new thread Honey.

Seymore, my hair has been coming out for ages. I'm sick of cleaning it up! How long does the hairless last? Mine has been for at least a month, perhaps longer.

Mamapo mine kept coming out for months first time!

So I got a card (that said mum not mummy sad) and a photo clip thing. Dp isn't great with these things but he is making me breakfast smile hopefully I will get a nice bath later

Ds is being superbly clingy at the moment. Last night he did 4, 3, 1hmm, 2

Barbeasty Sun 10-Mar-13 07:11:41

Happy mothers' day. I can hear DH bumbling around in the kitchen with DD, so I hope my cup of tea arrives soon. I've been waiting for an hour so they could get it, because apparently they decided the other day what would be happening today.

A is nicely asleep next to me.

Secondsop Sun 10-Mar-13 07:14:21

Happy Mothering Sunday!

Anyone else's baby reached a VERY noisy phase? Not upset crying, but everything from cooing to shrieking? At the moment a lot of shrieking.

I didnt gain any extra pregnancy hair (well head hair anyway. My tummy got somewhat furry).

MaMaPo Sun 10-Mar-13 07:18:31

Seconds, I had a fuzzy bump too, my husband thought it was hilarious.

He is still asleep beside me. Should I wake him so he can make me tea? It feels mean when he stays up to do the midnight feed after I go to bed at 10.

C is feeding very haphazardly this morning. I think it's the sign of a coming poonami.

I get the very hairy tummy too blush

MyDaydream Sun 10-Mar-13 07:35:53

I technically got a Mother's day card although it actually is a mummy birthday card, DP swears it didn't say that when I bought it! I didn't expect anything so I'm very happy. I also got a lie in although DP is making so much noise I'm awake.

WLmum Sun 10-Mar-13 07:43:25

Didn't refresh to see the new thread so here's my moan! After DH woke T up at 1.30, it took me til 4 to get her settled in her cot. Then dd1 called me at 5 to pick up her toy (I've told her that's the last time). T up at 7. One very tired and grumpy mummy here. Aibu to say next year they can keep the flowers/chocs/cards and book me into a hotel for a night by myself!

DH told me yesterday that dd2 didn't want to make a card for me, only for her 2 best friends. For some reason he thought I'd find this funny and was shocked when I said that he should have kept that gem to himself. Men are shit.

MyDaydream I love that you got a birthday card!

WL sounds like an awful night. Loving the hotel idea. Men really don't think about these things, I hope your day improves

Stacks Sun 10-Mar-13 07:58:05

Morning all, and happy Mother's Day. I've not got anything yet as DH is sleeping beside me. He did wake up, complained at the time, then left me to change and feed DS. He's really not a morning person though, so he's forgiven as long as I get breakfast in bed at some point.

Mama, I feel your pain with the unputdownable baby , although mine won't often go down awake to play either. Sometimes I can sneak him down for 30 mins, but usually when I put him down its max 5 mins till he wakes. I rarely bother to try as I always expect the worst. I'm also limited socially, met up with people from work the other day and literally has nothing to talk about. Just asked them about life in the office. I'm the only one among friends who has children, or any interest in having them, so they're not interested in DS really.
My saviour has been baby groups and activities. I only do a tues feeding group and fri swimming, but DS sleeps in the car/pram in the way there and stays asleep for a while when we get there (noisy cafes etc seem to be great for him sleeping confused). So I get a cup of tea and to either talk to the mums, or just sit and listen if I'm to tired to make conversation. Other days I try and get out at least once to get DS to nap in the pram or car, he always wakes once we're home, but it's nice to not have to hold him for a while anyway.

Honey, I hope D is better today?

EggsMichelle Sun 10-Mar-13 08:37:21

Happy Mothers Day! Thanks Honey for the thread.

F slept 8,1,2. His second wake was long enough to warm a bottle and drink two mouthfuls!!! This morning iv had a chocolate themed breakfast in bed, a card and badge! DH put the pen in F's hand to sign the card, very cute scribble!

MaMaPo Sun 10-Mar-13 09:19:46

Ha, I got a happy birthday mummy card as well - husband scribbled out birthday and wrote Mother's Day. He said it was better than any of the proper Mother's Day cards he saw. It even has a badge on that says Best Mummy.

Now I'm still in bed, holding asleep baby (of course) while my husband takes longest shower in works before venturing out to buy me pastries.

Stacks, it's tough isn't it? I try to have an event on every day but sometimes I can have been out at children's centre in morning, get home and realise there are still 7 hours until my husband gets home.

Well I got a long hot bath but dp and dd were in the bathroom too hmm

I've just had to feed ds after only 30 minutes he was really crying not sure what's going on confused

FriendofDorothy Sun 10-Mar-13 09:54:44

Man, I'm tired today sad

Me too FoD. Snow forecast for tomorrow hmm apparently you're going to get 10cm!

WLmum Sun 10-Mar-13 10:13:19

Me too fod. Had a week of T being really hard to settle after night feeds. Think all the hand/finger sucking is giving her wind.

halesball Sun 10-Mar-13 10:28:29

Happy Mothers Day to you all grinwinethanks

Thanks for the new thread Honey.

i'm going to have a whinge now if you don't mind. My 'DP' was in work last night, when he finishes a night shift he goes to his dads to sleep so he can have a uninterrupted sleep (i wish i could have that). Well all week i've hinted at him to come home after work today and that its my 1st mothers day and i wouldn't mind being spoilt in the morning. I've hinted that he could sleep in the afternoon whilst i made my mum and nan a mothers day lunch. Well he's completely ignored my hints. So he's gone to his dads for his sleep and i know when i do eventually see him, he'll be watching the footy at 4 so he'll either watch it at my nans house or he'll go back to his dads! Hes 30 years old for god sake would it kill him to stop thinking about himself!! AIBU feeling like this? I know he's in work tonight so i need to cut him some slack, but it would of been nice to wake up to breakfast or the chance to have a nice soak for half an hour sad

Barbeasty Sun 10-Mar-13 10:36:06

Oh hales, and the others not getting much.

DH has taken A to church and left me with DD....and her sheets which needed washing because she was woken up by being sick.

But eating my chocolates seems to have made her perk up to much a bit, she only spat out half her morning antibiotics, and she's had a banana and drunk more water already than she did all yesterday.

EggsMichelle Sun 10-Mar-13 10:54:02

Hales I think a few choice words mixed with "don't bother coming home today" would be my response to that, I certainly wouldn't have him watch football at my Nan's.

I've just had breakfast no.2, pâté on toast... My diet is not off to a good start!

ISpyPlumPie Sun 10-Mar-13 11:06:05

Happy mothers' day everyone!

I got a lovely card (which DS1 had decorated with stickers), some flowers and DH is now cleaning the kitchen and making a Sunday roast while I chill out on the sofa for a bit.

Hales - totally get why you're fed up. Such a shame that your DP didn't think that you'd want your first mothers' day to be special. Also sympathise about the football - my dad won't be there when we go round for tea later as he's heading off to Anfield. Nothing new though - apparently he did the same the day my mum brought me home from hosptial when I was born shock.

WLmum Sun 10-Mar-13 11:12:57

hales uaNbu, but I have learnt after 17 years that hints are no good! I have to tell DH exactly what I want/expect or more than likely will be sorely disappointed. Ok so I came down to a happy Mother's Day banner - lovely of course but identical to the one I made with the girls for his bday in dec!

Secondsop Sun 10-Mar-13 11:24:59

Oh hales that is infuriating. A fair-enough rant, I'd say. Do you think some men just don't understand that the first Mother's Day is quite a big deal for us first time mums? My husband got me sod all and didnt even acknowledge or mention it as it's not mother's day in australia, despite me mentioning the date at least 5 times before we left for Aus and at least 5 times since we got here. It's really as if it means nothing at all to him and I feel a bit like he thinks im going on about it.

We've got bloody power cut angry

MaMaPo Sun 10-Mar-13 12:33:12

Oh man - some of you guys are being hard done by! Hales, time to stop dropping hints. Seconds, that's not fair, it's not like you'll be in Aus for that Mother's Day. Spotty - what a pain.

Having a lovely day here. Like you, eggs, had two breakfasts, both extremely chocolatey. Watched tv in be with husband while I fed. Went to the shops while husband held sleeping baby - hooray! (Out the house for less than 10mins but still.). C played well while we cooked and is now asleep in her stretchy sling. She grizzled about it for a while but it's nice to be able to do stuff while she's asleep (namely pod broad beans). Looking fwd to delicious vegetarian lunch. But no idea when our guests are planning to arrive!

Ds slept for two hours. Power going to be off for another couple of hours hmm good job I wasn't cooking/baking. Might have to go out and spend some money after all...we're all electric here so no heating or hot water

Sounds lovely mama glad you're having a better day smile

Sorry to all those having a shitty Mother's Day, hope it picks up.

Welcome back COD.

I'm home! Yippee! J was awake and smiled and cooed and gurgled when he saw me smile. He's a very noisy baby too Seconds chatting constantly! I love how responsive he is.

Ooh it all got fraught on the hen do! Tears and tantrums at 2am! Luckily my friends and the bride weren't involved, but "Louise" and the bride's sister had a few choice words about her taking over and overstepping the mark <smug smiley>.

utopian99 Sun 10-Mar-13 16:09:26

Happy mother's day to all of us! thanks brew in bed, biscuit and wine all round...

Went out for supper last night for DM's birthday last night, all five of us (family and dh) plus Oz. Was really nervous there'd be a screaming episode but no - lovely evening and happy baby. Now off to see mil; so odd mother's day applying to me suddenly I keep forgetting.

utopian99 Sun 10-Mar-13 16:11:05

willyou did "Louise" get put in her place? More detail needed! She sounds like a proper so-and-so.

Louise invited a friend back to stay at the hotel with one of the other girls (as she had a double room which bride's sis paid a single supplement of £70 on). This pissed off bride's sis and the fact that we had only got taxis for 10 (4seater + 6seater) also failed to meet Louise's notice! It was to Birkenhead so it's really expensive if not prebooked as the don't want to cross the river.

Louise said it wasn't her fault n refused to apologise and stomped off to jump a black cab (with her mum who also came weirdly). I and another friend gave up our places in first cab for bride and sis (brownie points to us). Louise rang bride at 8:45 to say she was leaving at 9 as she'd forgotten there was something she had to do bullshit, and if she wanted a lift she had to skip breakfast and leave then. All in all the whole thing ended on a sour note because one spoiled madam couldnt admit she was wrong confused. All so petty and childish really.

Going to arrange coffee with bride next week to see if she has cottoned on to the selfishness of Louise or if as usual she just can't see it. I'm just glad I wasn't involved in the whole thing! I was off resting my bleating feet as I wore skyscraper heels for the first time in a year!

IsThatTrue Sun 10-Mar-13 18:00:36

Hi everyone, thanks for the new thread honey

Welcome back COD

I got nothing for Mother's Day! Big dcs are at their dads (back in a min) and DH thought it stupid to buy something from ds2 as 'its not really from him'. But did think to buy his mum a 'nana' card from ds2 and get me to help him do footprints in it sad

Oh well such is life. Lets see how he likes fuck all for Father's Day!! [childish emoticon]

DS was majourly shouty today. Needed a nap but fought it for bloody ages. Had to leave mils as he was starting to upset me. No were home he's been flat out in his Moses for over an hour.

Sorry to hear of non sleeping babies.

Oh IsThat definitely don't get him anything for Father's Day!

I'm considering a night time formula bottle again. I always decided against it before but I'm not so sure now. I'm getting quite tired which is making me stressed and wanting cry at silly things like trying to do the bastard food shopping/meal plan hmm

MaMaPo Sun 10-Mar-13 18:31:22

Spotty, is that a feed someone else can give while you sleep? If so, I say go for it! Sorry to hear your little one has been stroppy.

Is that - surely Father's Day has been cancelled this year?

C has been lovely today. She's started making a funny noise, kind of a growl, and is delighted when we do it back to her. We've been having lots of growling conversations today. She slept nicely in her sling while I relaxed and overall I feel much better today than I did yesterday morning. Now we're sat here having nappy off time prior to bath and listening to Radiohead.

It's great when they start making noises. Ds has started going 'prrrr' you know like a horse does?! (Not really sure how to write it!).

Yes dp would do it. I'm just worried that ds can't fall asleep without boob!

I have to make cakes for dd's nursery cake sale in aid of Red Nose Day. I'm going to do banana chocolate cupcakes smile

WLmum Sun 10-Mar-13 19:52:03

Glad you're feeling better mama, good choice of music for nudey kick. T loves having nappy off time but sadly she had to endure gangnam style during hers today as dd1 wanted to show grandma the dance - top marks to grandma for joining in.

We had a lovely lunch at Jamie's Italian. Food was lovely (if a bit pricey for kids), service great and kids well behaved. And I had wine!

Had a good chat with my brother too about trying to get back into real work next year which made me feel better as I stress about it every day quite a lot.

After a horrendous night last night I'm really hoping to be in bed by 9.

I'm in bed watching top gear eating an Easter egg grin

WLmum Sun 10-Mar-13 20:31:26

I've discovered that I can sometimes settle T in her cot when she stirs (rather than automatically put her on the boob) by sort of pat pressing her so that she sort of bounces on the mattress! Patting alone doesn't do it. I guess its be because she's one who is settled by movement.

FriendofDorothy Sun 10-Mar-13 20:50:19

I still have a grumpy baby this evening and he is a bit more pukey than usual.

y does this always happen when The Mister is on night shift?!

MaMaPo Sun 10-Mar-13 20:57:49

Oh FOD, that's no good. Changing lots of clothes? I had to change C's sleepsuit as soon as she got in it after her bath, as she puked all over it. Soaked the vest too.

New discovery today - C was able to close her eyes calmly and fall asleep without sucking, after being slightly roused. She was still in my arms but this was the first time I'd ever seen her able to do that. Usually she needs to be firmly cuddled and sucking furiously (either on me or dummy) before the eyes can close.

IsThatTrue Sun 10-Mar-13 21:00:44

DS is a bit happier now. I think we're having a growth spurt, I'm not going to get much sleep tonight I think!

And yes I think Father's Day is cancelled!

FriendofDorothy Sun 10-Mar-13 22:04:41

He's so unsettled again tonight. Wonder if it is a growth spurt. He has fed for close to 3 hours today.

Hard to tell sometimes.

I pit him to bed earlier and he startled himself awake. Wish he had tolerated swaddling!

EggsMichelle Sun 10-Mar-13 22:57:25

Those DP's who didn't sort out Mother's Day will have to go without Father's Day, selfish men!

FoD have you tried putting him to bed on his side with a rolled up blanket behind him? It stops them from startling and eventually they shuffle onto there back to sleep. I have had F sleeping like that since he was 5days old (the only way to get him to sleep at night). DM was horrified to see I put he to sleep on his belly on the sofa for his day time nap, maybe it's about time I get him to sleep in the day in his cot on his side/back!

After my epic breakfast and a lovely bath this morning curtesy of DH, I had roast dinner at Gran's with DM, looked at a potential new house (fx our cheeky offer will be accepted) then spent the rest of the day chilling with DM who cooed over my very chatty and smiley little boy (such a charmer!)

Dh got a very good Father's Day off 'bump' last year do he knew ehat was expected smile cup of tea plus an extra hour I'm bed this morning, long family walk, DH cleaned the kitchen while I ordered a new woven wrap and played with the little man. He put him down while I cooked tea and then we had pink cava and watched telly smile

MaMaPo Mon 11-Mar-13 00:22:37

Oh, a late Mother's Day present from C - refusing to take the bottle from dad. She usually has a bottle of ebm every day round midnight. I need stories about how she'll be fine tomorrow. Husband just went to sleep telling me he felt like a failure! sad

Well ds stirred after three hours (at half ten) but I left him and he's just stirred again (after another two) but I think he's gone back to sleep again confused

He will probably wake up when I click 'post'!

IsThatTrue Mon 11-Mar-13 03:21:03

We've been up 3 times already. I knew it was a growth spurt that made him horrible yesterday!

MaMaPo Mon 11-Mar-13 03:46:28

Quick wakes here too. I am going to be devastated if bottle refusal is a regular thing for C. Not having to do the midnight feed saves my sanity. I am fx that it has something to do with growth spurt.

I'm hungry.

Up for second time. Ds did five hours twenty minutes to start with (I kept waking up though!) only two a half this time hmm

EggsMichelle Mon 11-Mar-13 04:00:48

He's still asleep, but thrashed around and kicked his covers off (grr to not using the sleeping bag) every time I put the covers back on him he thrashes again but I know he will wake up cold soon. Grrr!!!!

EggsMichelle Mon 11-Mar-13 04:36:25

He woke up, but he fed and back to sleep now. It's bloody cold here, and the snow has settled!

utopian99 Mon 11-Mar-13 05:09:02

Am.absolutely knackered for some reason. Just fell asleep with him curled inmy arm after last feed, not in strict co sleeping guidelines.. Did mean I got three hours solid though. Think he is out growing the hammock, hence recent spate of thrashing and poor sleep. sad It's supposed to be up to six months but he's quite big/long. Time to hunt down a cot!

We've got a little bit of snow, just a dusting, I'm hire worried about the roads though they look horrendous sad

Ds is still asleep at the moment so that was only tel wake ups last night, shame I couldn't sleep! Can I take 'natural' sleeping tablets whilst breastfeeding?!

IsThatTrue Mon 11-Mar-13 06:48:39

Urgh. 5 wake ups last night and his nappy has leaked through his sleeping bag. And I've got a sore throat hmm

Damn those growth spurts IsThat sad

FriendofDorothy Mon 11-Mar-13 07:24:45

We have snow and gale force winds. Don't think I'll be going to town as planned!

We have the winds and more snow falling we're not going to get as much as you though FoD I would definitely stay in if I were you the wind chill is -10 shock

WLmum Mon 11-Mar-13 07:34:18

Well special Mother's Day pressie from T - after taking ages to settle to bed and lots of running up and down the stairs for me, she finally settled at 9 and is only just waking up now!! A proper whole nights sleep!! Boobs like watermelons though.

MaMaPo Mon 11-Mar-13 07:46:24

Wl, I know the words you're using but they don't make any sense. What on earth is a whole nights sleep?!

Yay Wl we had similar. After being pawed all day by mums and MiLs, J refused to settle until 10:30, but then slept til 7:15am! Wahoo!

Isthat that is utterly shit of DP and to take so much care over MiL's cArd is taking the piss!

sorry mama

EggsMichelle Mon 11-Mar-13 07:52:56

Wow wl epic sleep! F slept 8-4, 4.30-7.15.

Snow is really coming down here, it's not too thick on the ground but has potential to be thick!

I thought I just posted but it's not showing up? Ds just woke for the day all smiles four hours after his last feed. I even got him dressed before feeding him and he still wasn't moaning for it. Seems every time I consider a ff he likes to show me that he can sleep!

pmgkt Mon 11-Mar-13 08:08:28

Sorry really out of date with posts.
Well the last 2 nights I have changed routine as I was getting only short blocks of sleep. Ed was doing 7-3 3.30-7 but I wasn't going to bed til 11 so that combined with ds1 getting up at 5 meant I got 4 hours and sometimes that was it. So now I'm doing a dream feed at 11 and he us going to 5 already, its lovely. I'm hoping he will start doing his 8 hour stints again but from 11, wishful I know.

MaMaPo Mon 11-Mar-13 08:56:54

Holding sleeping baby is difficult with a rotten cold - I keep sniffing and coughing which wakes her up. Woe is me. At least she is keeping me warm.

WLmum Mon 11-Mar-13 09:17:27

Sorry mama but it makes up for having virtually no sleep the night before. Who knows what tonight will bring?

WLmum Mon 11-Mar-13 09:18:58

Sorry mama but it makes up for having virtually no sleep the night before. Who knows what tonight will bring?

Don't worry mama you and IsThat can come and share my peppa pig cakes with me on the sleepy sofa grin

utopian99 Mon 11-Mar-13 12:03:02

Ooh spotty can I join the sleepy sofa? O had a dreadful spate of snuffling/fidgeting from my last post onwards. Dh took him to change a 7.30am but otherwise i've been aware since 5. Just back from pramactive and have my aunt coming so no catch up opportunity either..

<budges up for utopian>

Ds just napped for an hour but I was finishing off the food shopping hmm

I might treat myself to a hot chocolate in a bit

FoD hope you're surviving your snow it still hasn't stopped here

Stacks Mon 11-Mar-13 12:18:38

I've also been really sleepy all morning. DS usually sleeps in in the mornings, but this morning we had 2 nappy changes and 3 clothes changes between 7 and 7:30am. There was no chance he was getting back to sleep after that! I managed to get him down for a nap at 10 after he spent the whole morning being grumpy. He keeps waking and beeding boob reinserted, so I've been napping on and off beside him. Still feeling much better now. However, realised I've not had breakfast, am really hungry but I know DS will wake if I get up for food.

I didn't get a Mother's Day really either. DH forgot to get me a card or anything. I did get pancakes for breakfast, but not until DH had had a lay in. I was in bed too, but wide awake and hungry for 2 hours before he got up. Still, we'd arranged to go to see his family for the day, so I watched everyone else drink champagne, had a lovely dinner, then I had to drive back in very, very scary conditions! There was so much snow and ice, and in the dark too. Visibility was about 10ft at times, and we did the whole journey at about 20-30mph on a 60 road. 3 skids and twice the usual journey time and we got home safe. About 2 inches if snow here today, and more falling. I'm banned from going out by DH in tge snow, so it's going to be a long day.

FriendofDorothy Mon 11-Mar-13 13:12:01

Plenty of snow in Guernsey. I am listening to the local radio and the island is slowly grinding to a halt.

The Little Mister and I have spent all morning in the kitchen baking cakes.

Secondsop Mon 11-Mar-13 13:19:25

Does anyone here have any experience of vitiligo? I've noticed that the skin in little Z's groin skin folds and under his arms is noticeably paler. I think it's a new thing - I've never paid much attention to his underarms before but I'm sure his groin skin folds weren't that pale before. Or they were always pale but the rest of his body has darkened up so it's more noticeable now. An in 2 minds as to whether to take him somewhere in Aus or wait till we get home. Waiting till we get home seems more sensible doesnt it as any follow-up care would be needed there, but is it worth taking him to see someone just to eliminate it being anything else?

Secondsop Mon 11-Mar-13 13:20:18

Z is mixed race btw so the pale patches show up.

FriendofDorothy Mon 11-Mar-13 13:22:47

I thought variation in skin tone was quite common.

If you are worried I would take him to see a GP now. There might be waiting lists for treatment etc.

Sorry seconds I've never heard of it blush

Ah having consulted, ahem, dr google my nan has this, but there is a lot of autoimmune in my family so there's an obvious cause.

If if was me and my ds I would leave it until I got home. That's just me though... I've been known to tell dd she's fine when she's fallen over only to discover blood pouring out of her mouth or put her temp down to teething when she has an ear infection blush

Secondsop Mon 11-Mar-13 13:29:44

I've got a lot of variation in my skintone but my skin folds are all darker, not lighter; Z's pale bits are the colour of a white baby! I think I'll take him to a GP as soon as I get home from Aus in a couple of weeks and in the meantime will take extra care with sensible precautions such as sun protection..

MaMaPo Mon 11-Mar-13 13:30:01

For peace of mind you could see an Aus GP, seconds, but if he's not affected by it is probably wait until you're back. It's not long now, is it?

Man, furiously cold here. Stacks, remind me where you are? Your drive home sounds horrible.

Red letter event - got home 30 mins ago with asleep C in ergo. Put her on bed still in her infant insert, and she's still asleep! Astonishing. She did some pretty heartrending crying in her sleep before I was brave enough to leave her on the bed.

Stacks Mon 11-Mar-13 13:35:13

Mama, I'm in Edinburgh but last night was driving home from the Borders.

Still no lunch here, DS still napping/nippling.

WLmum Mon 11-Mar-13 13:39:16

Great news mama

We've just been to feed to ducks in the snow!

Stacks Mon 11-Mar-13 13:41:06

I know nothing about the skin variations, would even have known it could be a problem.

Mama, long may the nap continue!

How do you all manage to bake cakes and things? DS won't be put down for more than a couple of minutes, and when I've tried a sling indoors he just gets angry with me (he's not much better outdoors either).

MaMaPo Mon 11-Mar-13 13:43:41

Stacks, my non-napping baby will play on her playmat for 20mins at a time, as long as she's rested and got something to look at.

And she's awake...

Ds sleeps in his bouncy chair. Sometimes he just has to moan though as it's important dd gets time with me too

J's crashed out on a cushion next to me. He fought and fought against sleep so I picked him up. He was asleep before he reached my chest!

We've just been to baby sensory in the pram, it was -2 shock. The little Mr (that's our nickname too FoD) was snuggly in 6 layers of clothes/fleece blankets, while I froze to death pushing the pram! It looks so nice and sunny too, keeps trying to snow though.

MyDaydream Mon 11-Mar-13 13:57:24

It keeps switching between heavy snow and sun here and I can't decide if we should go out or not. I got E all ready earlier and then it got super heavy. I wanted to go out and get him some new clothes but don't think it's happening.
I had a lovely Mother's Day, although after I got my card it wasn't about me but we went to MILs and my mums so E got lots of attention, cuddles from my grandad and my step dad played guitar and sang to him which went down very well. I also managed to keep a straight face and my mouth shut when MIL asked about buying an Easter Egg because "he'll be 3 months and starting to wean by then".
stacks I've not made any cakes, but I either wait until E is sleeping to cook and leave him in his Moses basket, or if he's in a happy mood he'll sit in his bouncy chair for 30 minutes as long as I regularly pay him some attention.

Ooh MyDaydream take the egg and eat it yourself. My GMiL told me yesterday I was being ridiculous and hers were weaned at 3 weeks and it didn't do them any harm! I said yes but a lot of people got bowel cancer due to weaning too early. She then made a Humph noise and rolled her eyes. BiL and SiL even joined in telling me the guidelines change all the time. This is the same couple who have a 2 year old and followed every recommendation to the letter, including weaning at 6 months confused

shock MyDaydream! Ds is 3.5 months now and the thought of weaning him seems ridiculous, obviously if that's what everyone did and it was the norm I probably wouldn't feel that way.

Ds's bottom lip just went and he burst out crying as I pushed the basket of clean washing into the corner hmm

Still snowing here, hasn't settled much though, maybe an inch

Ooo WillYou tell then that the guidelines haven't changed for ten years. I would rather believe years of research than my nan, sorry nan. I drank nail varnish removed when I was three and I'm ok grin wouldn't advise it though....

Stacks Mon 11-Mar-13 15:13:17

Kind of struggling today. All DS ever wants to do is be carried facing outwards. Round and round and round the house. Apart from making my arms really sore, it also means I never get to spend any time with him really. I can't talk to him or smile or make faces or anything. There's no direct stimulation for him 90% of the day. Surely it's not good for him? I tried putting him in his bouncy chair and talking to him, he just shouted at me and when I didn't pick him up like I usually do he started crying.
He's such a 'good' baby most of the time, he doesn't cry much, smiles at new people he meets on the bus etc, and sleeps pretty well. He's an 'easy' baby in that I know what he likes and he doesn't have to cry. I just wish he'd broaden his horizons a little and try playing. Is he just too young for that (11w)?

MyDaydream Mon 11-Mar-13 15:23:53

I doubt MIL will be the only person to think about buying him Easter chocolate so I think we'll still have some to tuck into. I just can't imagine a 3 month old on a sugar rush, it's such a bad idea!

MaMaPo Mon 11-Mar-13 15:26:43

Stacks, he might be on the cusp of a neurological leap and be filling his brain with info. I bet in a matter of days or weeks something will have gone click in his little brain and he'll betray to interact. Sounds frustrating and boron for you though.

C has been sick approximately 85 times today.

MaMaPo Mon 11-Mar-13 15:29:23

Be ready to interact, I meant.

Stacks Mon 11-Mar-13 15:34:26

T keeps being sick too, hence 3 changes of clothes this morning. We're back on bed trying another feeding nap. I wish I saw an end to the endless carrying, but we've been doing it approx 8 weeks now!

Mydaydream, there's no way I'd give a 3 month old chocolate, even if they were weaned. Isn't it no cows milk products for a year now? Plus the sugar and just total lack of need for it. If T gets Easter eggs DH and I will eat them.

I just 'accidentally' left ds for the first time! It was only 45 minutes but still... I was driving to pick dd up from nursery and passed dp so gave ds to him to bring home! Then as I was driving (down the road that's closed because of roadworks because I refuse to go round as does everyone else) all their fencing had blown over in the wind blocking the road so I had to get out of the car and pick it all up shock anyway that was my exciting afternoon grin

Stacks remember everything is just a phase and you'll soon be onto the next one, I'm sure it won't last long

Cows milk fine in food from six months but not as a drink until a year smile

Stacks Mon 11-Mar-13 15:42:44

Can't remember who's DH it was that said getting a Mother's Day card when the baby was so small was pointless.. But I was talking to my DH about this yesterday. The card etc at this point should be from DH to me. Saying thank you for the time, love and effort being put into raising our baby, and to acknowledge the stess and strain of looking after a baby all day. I'd love to go to work for a day, even though I hate my job, as I'd have a whole hour for lunch, as many hit cups of tea as I like, some daily conversation and a chance to sit down. Sure work is hard work too, but it's a different kind of hard work. We'll say thank you for that, and DHs side if the childcare on Father's Day.

EggsMichelle Mon 11-Mar-13 16:22:38

Stacks my card read "from a well behaved and thoughtful child..." On the outside and "... Not really, it's from me!" On the inside which husband insisted that the 'me' was him rather than DS!

Spotty I love that quivery lip thing, they look so cute when they properly cry and not just moaning and shouting!

Dog is doing my head in today, he has been for a long walk this morning in the snow, have fed him several times, and he has been to the toilet, he just keeps prowling around the house clicking his claws on the hard floor, and talking (a boxer thing) DH wants a second next year, but at this rate he will be replacing the slaughtered dog rather than adding another dog!

And F woke at 7.15, slept for 20min in the caboo on our walk and in the car for 45mins then refused to nap again until 3, very unlike him considering he loves his sleep!

interwebmum Mon 11-Mar-13 16:50:12

Hello everyone,
we've been away so I haven't been keeping up with events lately. I hope you are all doing well and babies are happy and healthy.

Sorry to hear that the weather is bad in England. Fortunately the snow is finally starting to melt here so I can get down the road with the pushchair at last!

A is sleeping pretty well and otherwise good, but I have been a little shock that she seems to have developed two new cries. There's the 'complaining/ranting' cry and then the 'angry' cry. Today she seemed to be properly shouting and cross. I wasn't sure what to do in the end, so I left her to it for a few minutes while I made a cup of tea and when I came back she was asleep. Can a 3 month old have a tantrum????? Surely that stuff starts later?

IsThatTrue Mon 11-Mar-13 16:57:59

Stacks that was my DH and considering I'm working a 30 hr week (from home) bringing home almost as much as he does and looking after ds2 all day (cooking cleaning school runs washing ironing all appointments blah blah blah) you'd think a card of appreciation wouldn't be too much to ask. Not that I mind doing any of that. He helps whenever with whatever I want but in slightly control freaky about how stuff is done in the house. I just wish he showed more appreciation, especially as I know he does appreciate it! Lol bloody man!

utopian99 Mon 11-Mar-13 17:48:15

My card was 'from' Ds, but Dh had disguised his handwriting and written thanks for the milk, which made me laugh. grin

O's going through a wonder weeks leap - exciting seeing the developments but he's feeding All The Time and really fidgety..

After being awake since 12 it's now he decides to fall asleep hmm I keep reading threads saying they generally need a nap 90 minutes after waking... It's been six hours!

MaMaPo Mon 11-Mar-13 18:08:16

Spotty, better late than never! Was he in a grumpy overtired mood?

Utopian, I think we might be just out of the leap bit - maybe still in a growth spurt though, it's hard to tell which is which. What developments are you noticing? C is much more able to be definite about what she does and doesn't like, which is nice.

Nope he was fine just sitting there watching the world go by! Just got to work out what to do about bedtime now.... Might give it until half six then take him upstairs for play/bath/feed and hopefully he'll drop off normal time!

Dash was in a fowl mood all afternoon and screamed so much he brought himself out in a rash. I calmed him and he crashed out on my chest at about 4.30 and has been there since - shows no signs of waking. Should I bath/change clothes etc and do normal bedtime routine or should I just leave it tonight and try and transfer him to his basket.

I'd give him til bedtime and if still asleep transfer him straight to basket. That'll probably wake him up anyway!

Poosplosion here! Full strip including socks and a bath required. Thankfully DP was back from work to fill the bath and hold out a nappy bag for pooey clothes!

utopian99 Mon 11-Mar-13 19:17:04

mama lots of fist sucking/bubble blowing and also clearly tracking objects and starting to reach for things - although only in a very vague 'reach'ing way..?

interwebmum Mon 11-Mar-13 19:25:40

I just got back from the physio after having something called 're-education of the perineum'. Does this exist in the UK? Are any of you doing it?
I'd never heard of it before moving to France. You put a sort of sensor up the youknowwhat and then have to squeeze the muscles and watch a graph on a screen that shows you how hard you're squeezing. You have to try to hit little targets on the screen by squeezing hard. It's like playing a video game with your private parts! It was pretty bizzare. Apparently it stops you suffering from incontinence later in life. confused

hmm Wonder if you can buy an adaptation for the Wii grin

I don't think so interweb. If you have problems you can get referred but my docs said they won't even refer tipi for physio until youre 12 w postpartum. Did you get extra competitive? grin

EggsMichelle Mon 11-Mar-13 20:07:13

Wii Pelvic Floor, I want it!

ISpyPlumPie Mon 11-Mar-13 21:19:36

Noticed a bit of a change in N today too. He's been awake for most of the day, but not really getting grumpy or seeming over-tired. The big thing is how he's reacting to noise - twice today he's got upset at noises he's previously been fine with (a toy xylophone and DS1 screaming mid-tantrum - though that can drive me to tears to be fair grin). He settled quickly both times though.

Also, when I brought him into the bathroom ready for his bath he got really excited - kicking his legs, grinning and chuckling - while he was still on the mat being undressed as though he knew what was coming next, as he absolutely loves being in the water. That's probably a bit daft and psb (is there such a thing as being precious second born?!) but he definitely seems to be more aware of what's going on overall.

WLmum Mon 11-Mar-13 21:22:40

stacks good point well made re the Mother's Day cards! Like you, I know DH appreciates what I do but he is just a bit shit about actually thinking about it and forward planning.

Both dd1&2 were like your ds and wanted carrying like that all the time. Dd3 likes it too but so far it's not a problem. Try talking to him in the mirror if you want a bit more 'face to face'. Although its a pain in the arm/back for you, he will be getting enough stimulation, and it will all change in time.

I had some 'interesting' physio after nightmare birth with dd1 where I played a similar game but the probe was in another orrifice! Unfortunately my physio had no sense of humour and everytime I tried to lighten the mood with a flippant joke she would respond in all seriousness. It was hideous in every way!

WLmum Mon 11-Mar-13 21:25:28

Not at all psb ispy. T has started to jump and get upset by noises that previously didn't bother her. Just our babies growing up!

MaMaPo Mon 11-Mar-13 22:21:19

Ispy and WL, C is also more sensitive now - cries more at things like waking up, and is easily calmed. She also loves experimenting with her hands, starting to bat at and reach for things. She's also starting to enjoy repetition.

Can I have everyone's fx that she takes the bottle tonight, after refusing last night? Ta!

Four hours forty minutes.... Although for the past half an hour ds has been sucking his thumb so loudly I'm surprised he didn't wake the neighbours grin

Mamapo hoping c took the bottle and you're fast asleep!

halesball Tue 12-Mar-13 00:47:24

FX that your asleep now Mama and that your DD is taking a bottle off DP.

WL and Ispy H is doing more recently shes pulling her toys upto her face to inspect them more closely (and also to taste them ha). She had a daisy duck comforted which she grabs and always manages to get the beak in her mouth somehow. But like you said Ispy she seems to suddenly hate loud noise and gets really upset by it.

Well me and DP are barely speaking he showed up at half 3 with a card and wait for it, a card and Easter Egg! His theory was that i would enjoy the egg more. But anyway he then told me he had to leave at 4 because he wanted to watch the match at home! When i asked why he bothered coming round he stormed out. He text me today like nothing happened i'm afraid he can do one till i have a apologyconfused

Ooo also re the weather loads of people I know took hours to get home, hilly roads everywhere absolute carnage because our council didn't grit the roads, I mean seriously?! Even I knew it was going to freeze!

SeymoreInOz Tue 12-Mar-13 00:54:23

Interweb That sounds very french like a good idea. I've been a bit lazy with kegels but weirdly my pelvic floor is in much better shape this time than it was after DC2.

MaMa How did you get on? DS started refusing bottles after he had a week off when the steriliser broke. I thought it was the milton, it wasn't. I tried moving up to stage 2 teats last night but no joy. DH is back from Melbourne tonight so I'm going to get him to try the medela calma teat, DS just roots for the breast if I offer him a bottle. Fingers crossed.

I had DS weighed today. At 14 weeks he is 18lb 6oz - the same size as the average 7 month old boy!! I have been given the green light to offer him baby rice in 2 weeks time, if he's not ready he will spit it out. I am feeding round the clock now and he seems to be hungrier at night. I might hold fire on the easter eggs though daydream! grin

Secondsop Tue 12-Mar-13 01:41:36

interwebmum that pelvic floor game sounds hilarious! Did anyone else bother with perineum stretching before birth? I didn't; I did tear but to be honest I'm not convinced that the tear was worse than doing the perineum stretching.

We have solved the green poo mystery! It's the formula. I gave little Z a couple of Aptamil feeds yesterday as it seems to be a lighter milk than a-26 and I thought Z might take more of it in the heat, and Lo and behold the poos after that were yellow, and also smelt far less - like his old poos in the UK.

halesball Tue 12-Mar-13 03:09:42

Seconds yay for yellow poo grin i didn't do the perineal massage either. I ended up with an episiotomy anyway so glad i didn't.

MaMaPo Tue 12-Mar-13 03:13:14

Hooray, she took the bottle! Good girl. Teach me to be all complacent about anything related to this baby. I'm v glad about that but ready for her to do some longer stretches again - she had been going 4-5 hours,BMW we're back to 3 on the dot.

Hales, that's rubbish. Does he really not know how childish he's being? at least you have chocolate

Argh ds just pooed! He hasn't pooed at night for a couple of months!

WLmum Tue 12-Mar-13 03:44:16

hales that is rubbish. Tell him so outright as he's obviously no good at hints.
No through the night for us tonight. Fx she settles back ok after this feed as this last week (apart from last night grin she's been a nightmare to get back down.

MyDaydream Tue 12-Mar-13 05:42:09

Hales, sorry your DP is being such an arse. Hope you get your apology soon, although you'll probably need to spell it out to him. Me and my DP have some bad fall outs over his attitude to football but I'll keep spelling it out until he gets a grip and realises its just a game.

This is the first time E has had me up on a night for a while. He usually has a feed at 10/11 and I don't hear a peep until between 6 and 7. Last night I couldn't wake him for his last feed so he's had me up at 4, although he was still so sleepy he barely drank anything and again now. Hope it's just a one night thing, sleeping through makes up for the days of non stop crying I endure sometimes.

4 hours 40, 2.5, 4. If it wasn't for that 2.5 in the middle (just like the night before) it would have been great!

utopian99 Tue 12-Mar-13 07:24:33

hales sorry to hear about idiot dp..

Glad and envy of those of you having 4+ hours in a stretch. We seem to have regressed here to 2hrs max. Argh! Could it be that if his hammock is too small it's making him fidget? When do you move up to a cot?

We're moving house at the end of March so trying desperately to hold off buying one till then..

Utopian ds has been in a cot for about four weeks. The end of march is only a couple of weeks away I would wait if I were you. It's hopefully just a phase anyway smile

FriendofDorothy Tue 12-Mar-13 07:29:25

The Little Mister has been in a cot for a whole too.

SeymoreInOz Tue 12-Mar-13 07:43:53

We've had a big regression sleep wise but I'm feeling much more relaxed about it now. I've been sure that he is hungry every time he wakes up, and the fact that he is the size of a 7 month old just confirms it!

I'm slowly filling out DS's baby book. I'm on the "current events" page. No idea what to put for "Fashion Trends".... um, skinny jeans?! I'm so doing this for my benefit and not his! He'll never read it, maybe I can show it to girlfriends....

EggsMichelle Tue 12-Mar-13 07:47:10

Hales that's rubbish, your DD would tell you how much she appreciated you if she could!

I am resisting the cot for now as there is not enough space in our room for it, although my DSis who is due to drop in May keeps asking if the Moses basket will be vacated in time for her LO, I really don't think I can squeeze him in it much longer!

We didn't have a brilliant night, F slept in the car 8.30-10, then 10-1.15, 1.45-5. Managed to get him back into his Moses basket for now, long enough to have some breakfast and maybe a kip myself! Have a feeling multiple poos have been the culprit for his unsettled night.

interwebmum Tue 12-Mar-13 08:13:21

Morning All,
not a very good start to the day. We've done three clothes changes already.
1. got weed on
2. poosplosion
3. pyjamas too small - Argh!

Re: the physio. Everybody does it over here. The French seem to be obsessed with gynecalogical stuff. hmm
The target thing wes pretty funny though. Like the Wii version idea spotty

interwebmum Tue 12-Mar-13 08:17:21

No Mother's day card over here, but I wasn't expecting one as we don't really go in for all that stuff. We don't bother with Valentines day, easter or haloween either. I suppose I'll make an effort when the LO is older. I wouldn't want her to miss out just because we can't be arsed.

My food shopping's been cancelled sad

Ds has started sucking his other thumb now hmm can't make his mind up!

SeymoreInOz Tue 12-Mar-13 09:15:56

Cancelled Spotty? angry What compo are you getting for that??

Nothing sad but I've emailed them asking them to honour the special offers that expire today when I get redelivery tomorrow... Will see what they say!

Secondsop Tue 12-Mar-13 09:44:40

spotty is it ocado? They're normally quite good at honouring offers like that.

No I can't afford ocado! It was tesco and they said they'll honour it

MaMaPo Tue 12-Mar-13 09:54:49

Holy moly I swaddled C and put her down drowsy for a nap in her crib. Had to do 5 mins dummy wrangling but she's not screamed the place down and has been asleep for whole minutes! I know there is a long way to go and she'll probably wake up while I'm writing this post, but this is big news in the mapo household.

Spotty, that's ridiculous. I wouldn't ask them to honor the deals, I'd tell them I'd presume they would.

Ah I know but it's not their fault smile on the BBC news this morning where they were showing all the gridlocked roads, that was near the tesco. My roads are fine luckily. Well a few patches of ice but I'm happy to drive in it. Beans on toast for dinner though hmm

Secondsop Tue 12-Mar-13 10:04:17

Did they at least tell you in good time? It's so strange for me to hear about all this ice and snow from 36 degree heat. Snow in March!

ISpyPlumPie Tue 12-Mar-13 10:09:06

Mama -great news about the bottle, hopefully the night before was just a one-off. Also will keep fx that she has a decent length nap for you.

Spotty - how annoying. Hope they manage to get through tomorrow so you don't ge bored of tin/freezer teas!

Hales - sounds like your DP is being a complete arse. Hope you're ok <hugs>.

Seymore - I know exactly what you mean about memory books. I kept DS1's religiously, but haven't started N's yet blush. I was feeling quite guilty until DH pointed out that the chances of either of them being remotely interested are minimal. Still, think it's a lovely thing to do even if it's just for us.

They told me forty minutes before it was due hmm ds slept 50 minutes on my bed this morning!

Secondsop Tue 12-Mar-13 11:02:01

I put little Z on the playmat jungle gym this evening and he didnt really grab, but he kicked and kicked vigorously and waved his arms about and made noises, for about half an hour until I put a stop to it as he was spitting up loads and was getting overtired. Anyone else's baby kicking like this but not really grabbing properly? He can hit the toys (has done so for a few weeks now) and he grabs and holds a loose
toy when I give I to him but doesn't reach and grab.

Manic here! Got Jamie and my friend's 21 week old too! They are both fed and J's having a kick on his playmat while the other one naps in his swing.

Seconds, j is more of a batter than a grabber unless it's my hair

Ds hits things and sometimes grabs not sure it's intentional though! They're still really young smile

EggsMichelle Tue 12-Mar-13 11:32:28

F hugged his teddy today!!! He was trying to grab at it, ended up cuddling it so sucked on its face!

After yesterday's rubbish napping from him and pants night, he has slept all morning. He clearly needs to catch up on his sleep. mamapo is she still asleep? Our roads are clear again but it's freezing in my house, have to put the heating on.

Equimum Tue 12-Mar-13 12:30:19

My LO still bats toys rather than grabbing them too.

Going back to the question about perineal massage, I did it religiously and ended up with a third degree tear...so wish I hadn't bothered!

Secondsop Tue 12-Mar-13 12:54:43

equimum I'd read that there isn't really any clear correlation between those who massage and those who don't tear, so I figured I may as well not bother! The tear didnt bother me in the end; I certainly wasn't thinking "I wish I'd done that massage".

I had an episiotomy both times so even if I had done it it wouldn't have made any difference! At least I never felt the burning sensation of crowning due to local anaesthetist grin bright side and all that!

Secondsop Tue 12-Mar-13 13:22:57

My time from crowning to birthing was so short, any burning sensation was extremely short-lived and I don't remember it at all!

Re babies grabbing - I can't remember who up thread talked about hair but I have a hair-grabber here too. Just now I was dream feeding him and his eyes were closed, and he still managed to grab hair with both hands.

halesball Tue 12-Mar-13 13:45:01

Yay to the bottle Mama. How did your DD manage with her nap? I have my FX that this is the start of a change for you.

H is definitely a grabber, especially if i put her toys between her legs or on her belly. Shes not really started grabbing hair though. I've decided to sell her moses basket and swing as shes getting to big for them now hmm they grow up too quick.

WLmum Tue 12-Mar-13 14:20:45

Wrote everything down religiously with dd1. With dd2 got a book, never wrote in it, dd3 doesn't even have a book! I do take as many photos and videos of them all as I can. Thank god for iPhones!

Re the cot, Tabs has been in hers in our room since she was about 3 or 4 weeks! I wondered if she didn't like the Moses basket as she wouldn't sleep in it. Cot didn't make any difference but couldn't be arsed to move it all back.

WLmum Tue 12-Mar-13 14:35:14

Tabs just spat milk sick in my face in ikea! Motherhood is all about the glamour!

Good for the skin WL grin

I've got a very subdued baby here - had his injections, screamed for 2 mins and now isn't talking to me! Sob!

MaMaPo Tue 12-Mar-13 17:11:37

Thanks all - she slept for a grand total of 15 minutes. Pretty crappy, but 15 mins better than she has (out of my arms) for weeks. She's been a bit ratty today, combination of teething and not enough sleep. Add in some vigorous swimming and a tube trip to north london and back and we're both exhausted.

WLmum Tue 12-Mar-13 17:35:07

It's a start mama. I find wine is particularly good for exhaustion! Going to indulge in a glass myself after an epic ikea trip (is there any other kind?)

MaMaPo Tue 12-Mar-13 17:37:13

I think beer for me tonight WL - making okonomiyaki, yum!

Dp's gone off upstairs in a strop because I told him off for swearing infront of dd (again) ffs. She accidentally put her small chair on his toe and very loudly whispered 'fuck' as she was right infront of him. He's always swearing around her and makes up shit excuses.

Btw the irony of me swearing in this post is not lost on me wink

MaMaPo Tue 12-Mar-13 17:55:00

Spotty, that kind of behavior is fucking unacceptable.

Until she learns to read you're okay Spotty wink. I've been telling DP off for swearing in front of DS already. He is a mechanic and is used to swearing constantly at work and it's going to take him a while to get used to it. DBiL swears in front of his DS, he even says fuck which I really don't want.


WillYou he's a builder so seems unable to rein it in. Thing that annoys me most is that there's no apology or acknowledgement that it's wrong, he just doesn't see a problem with it angry

I'm no angel but since dd started repeating what I say I've learnt to hold back grin

Stacks Tue 12-Mar-13 18:01:51

They always pick up on the words you don't want them to. My little brother when at nursery age picked up the 'f' word after my mum nearly crashed the car on the way to nursery. He repeated it over and over all day, much to mums embarrassment. He wasn't even talking at the time, just mimicking without understanding.
I very rarely swear, even to type it. I learnt not to as a teenager when working with special needs children. You an never tell when they're listening! However I swore twice yesterday through frustration and tiredness. sad

PurplePidjin Tue 12-Mar-13 18:02:06

I just got the first giggle!!!!! grin

utopian99 Tue 12-Mar-13 18:22:12

seconds we're at grabbing not reaching stage too.

wlmum glad it's not just us with the spew; O hit me in the face earlier. That'll teach me to play airplane.. He has also been sick All Over a muslin today which he then grabbed and wiped on his own face, so the boy's got a sense of fairness at least!

Ds was sick down my bra sad

Yay pidj!

MaMaPo Tue 12-Mar-13 18:33:04

An evening poosplosion before your bath - good girl, little C.

I swear all the bloody time. I'm an Australian, that's my excuse! I will have to rein it in when tiny ears get bigger.

MyDaydream Tue 12-Mar-13 18:36:41

Pidj, so jealous I can't wait for my first giggle. Although I imagine zebra, his favourite thing in the world, will get the giggle rather than anything I do!
WLmum I took E to a cafe today and when I stood up to leave had a smeared about sick patch on the front of my top to match the one he did on my shoulder earlier in the visit. I've had a few down the bra incidents, but DP has it worst. He got sick in his mouth.
He also did a massive wee on the stairs when I stupidly did a quick nappy Change without anything down. Just popped home to pick up something quickly, turned into a long visit.

He's fallen asleep without boob grin only trouble is he's on my bed hmm

WLmum Tue 12-Mar-13 19:54:10

Hoorah for giggles!

Rather amusingly since becoming a dad (nearly 6 years ago) my DH has lost the ability to swear! He has been known to at a swear justified moment in adult company, come out with fiddle sticks! He's quite burly and bald with a wild ish goatee!

WLmum Tue 12-Mar-13 20:14:04

spotty how on earth did you manage sleep without boob?

itsMYNutella Tue 12-Mar-13 20:23:08

I remember my Mum's swear word when we were kids was "bugger". Any swear words that we repeated she explained to us what the word meant and that kind of took the edge off of it hmm. But I can imagine DP and I using swear words like "duck" instead of "fuck" smile from when my work email firewall was very swear word sensitive.

DS is batting his toys on the play gym - at first he would smack them and then look amazed at this stuff moving around over his head but the other night he looked like he did a purposeful smack at them grin

Also had fist jabs today sad he did not appreciate that! Although he has been a bit grumpy and fed every two hours he doesn't seem too bad.

MaMaPo Tue 12-Mar-13 20:28:20

C taking an age to fall asleep in my arms tonight - lots of lower lip action and big waaaaahs. I gave her some bonjela ointment and that seems to have done the trick. Poor teething girl.

Nutella, I hate the jabs. C has her 2nd round on thurs, not looking fwd to that.

Come on C, I'm hungry!

Barbeasty Tue 12-Mar-13 20:29:10

I was astounded that DD didn't pick up on MIL saying the opening from 4 weddings & a funeral. She did, however, immediately and enthusiastically start to tell people that daddy calls her a lazy git.

We've had a fair bit of sleep today, and I'm hoping that this afternoon's swimming lesson means good sleep tonight too.

WL I fed him then laid him on my bed next to me (as I always do because usually he feeds a couple of times) and he was munching his hands then put his thumb in and fell asleep shock he's still asleep and dp just bought me some toast smile

I'm worst when I'm driving but have stopped every since dd said 'FFS twat' when I was road raging once blush

honeytea Tue 12-Mar-13 20:38:09

Hello smile Wondering if I can join you? Ds is 12 weeks today (born dec18th)

Today has been a pooexplosion day, 3 days with no poo and today we had 3 poos 2 of which required full outfit changes. Luckily we were at home.


IsThatTrue Tue 12-Mar-13 20:45:45

My dcs have never repeated a swear word (in my company) and my xmil swears like a trouper, I honestly thought it would happen but it never did. Dd was at film club at school and told me they had to turn 'mrs doubtfire' off as it had a bad word in it, I asked her what bad word (mainly as I couldn't remember any swear words in it) and she said 'piss off' after a fashion, she wasn't sure about repeating it to me. She's 8!

Oh and I had to apologise to dd and ds1 for calling a man a dickhead, after he tried to drive into the front of my car! They told me off rather a lot! blush

DS was up 5 times again last night. He's been ok today and after feeding at 7 he's been in his Moses basket, letting me eat in peace! smile

Welcome back honeytea, I remember you from the antenatal threads I think.

5 times isthat? shock I was horrified by a 2am and a 5am last night! He got up at 6:30 but DP took him downstairs the not so little angel!

I am forgiven for facilitating the jabs I think and like Pidj got my first little chuckle.

After a couple of weeks of self settling, DS has a new routine - fall asleep in Moses basket, sleep for 20 mins until mummy gets in bath and then cry until she comes in. Repeat ad nauseum!

honeytea Tue 12-Mar-13 20:57:08

Yes I was found it hard to keep up when I was pregnant but i hope I can keep up now whilst ds sleeps smile

We had an at home day today and DS has been unsettled all evening, usually he sleeps 6.30-6.30 with feeds at 10pm and 4am, I really hope he sleeps well tonight!

Does anyone else feel the need to get out and do things to entertain tire out their dc?

Can't say I do! On the one day dd is with mil all day I just stay in and pray ds sleeps long enough for me to have a decent nap! Also I think he's more settled at home he's never that happy if we've been out all day

honeytea Tue 12-Mar-13 21:04:53

I think ds thinks I am a boring mummy, other babies are much more fun ;)

halesball Tue 12-Mar-13 21:59:15

I'm a boring mum as well Honeytea, we're only just starting to get out and about.

Has anyone else noticed a difference in their LO's poo? H's is a much thicker consistency and its frequency has increased to 2-3 times a day again. (Sorry TMI) One reason maybe that she is feeding nearly constantly of a night (my boobs are so soft ha) but i was wondering if it was developmental as she seems narkier than normal.

IsThatTrue Tue 12-Mar-13 22:05:54

hales if I'm thinking right your LO is 13 weeks? Ds2 is 13 weeks 3 days. The last 2 nights has fed constantly and has gone from 1 big poo and lots of little ones to 3-4 huge poos and lots of little ones and they're slightly thicker and less 'grainy' than before.

willyou yep 2 nights of 5 times, bloody growth spurt! Thankfully I just latch him on and go back to sleep smile

halesball Tue 12-Mar-13 22:32:58

Isthat shes 14 weeks and 4days but this has been going on since last thursday (so 13 weeks 6 days). I'm doing the same as you, latching her on and falling asleep. I'm still knackered though because i feel like i can't move and i know i'm not 'properly asleep'.

I forgot to say congrats to Pidjwink and WL on your LO's giggles.

Secondsop Tue 12-Mar-13 22:44:32

Re swearing, I think I've mentioned before havent I the friend whose two-year-old started calling her a fucking bitch (not knowing what it meant) and then wouldn't stop doing it?

I am quite sure Z is teething. Either that or he's sick but his temperature reading is fine. He just wouldn't stop screaming this morning -
Was really upset - and wouldn't take bottle or boob or dummy.
Only thing that's calmed him is skin-to-skin cuddles on my chest.

SeymoreInOz Tue 12-Mar-13 23:16:58

Welcome honeytea smile

Isthat and hales the last 2 nights have been really bad for us too, I lost count of the number of times I got up. I startled myself awake last night with DS latched on. I cried when DH left for work this morning but I'm so tired I'm struggling to stand or lift DS!

DS has almost giggled a few times recently. He did half chuckle when I washed under his arm in the bath last night so I've been trying to get a proper laugh by tickling him. He mostly looks confused by it.

SeymoreInOz Tue 12-Mar-13 23:26:14

I remember when DD was in reception (she was 4) and her reading was pretty good then. She had gotten DH's Banksy book out of the bookcase and was having a flick through, and stopped on a page where Banksy had graffitied a pig. I heard her sound out "f u ck p i g" from the other room. I ran in and swooped on the book while yelling something like "come and get some CHOCOLATE over HERE." Thankfully she hasn't repeated it, DH got in trouble though.

halesball Tue 12-Mar-13 23:58:33

I'm struggling as well Seymore, everything feels 10 times harder while i'm tired.

IsThatTrue Wed 13-Mar-13 02:21:53

hales apparantly I've been spreading myself to DHs side to make room for DS! smile

He slept from 10-2 shock is now back asleep in his bed, so night all!

WLmum Wed 13-Mar-13 02:46:26

pidj that is some giggle! It's a full on proper laugh! Bless him. Ts giggles have been v little so far but she's getting chattier by the day.

Poor seymour.

I have to watch my language when driving too. Not so long ago got heavily questioned by the big dds after calling another driver a knobber!

halesball Wed 13-Mar-13 03:03:07

I like your style Isthat grin

Help! DS had 2nd injections today and has been being sick in his sleep. He's propped up and hasn't choked on it but I'm not sure what to do. Vomiting is listed as a normal side effect on NHS website. An I supposed to stay up and watch him? or is that massively PFB?

utopian99 Wed 13-Mar-13 03:58:39

willyou O is often vastly and merrily sick during the day and we've just been too tired to watch him all night. If he's slightly upright and or head on one side he should be okay. Also what consistency was it? The thinner, watery sick runs away more easily so less of a choke risk? (my thinking anyway..)

I won an ipad for one of my designs! Even better for the night feeds! smile just wanted to tell people, apologies if being a horrid smug twat twit. (Will have to massively rein in my language soon too. I'm much worse than dh for uncouth jabberings..)

Wow utopian well done!

I apologise now to anyone that has been up lots tonight BUT after falling asleep at 7 and having a 9:15 dream feed ds is up for the first time!!! That's seven bloody hours! It's all down to him sucking his thumb. I heard him doing it at some point earlier in the night and he's been doing it for the last hour but I waited until his first cry to pick him up.

We've not had giggles yet but he's definitely more chatty. He's not quite 11 weeks corrected though so I'm sure it's not far away

WillYou he should be ok if his head is on it's side, if not his coughing would wake you up anyway poor ds!

IsThatTrue Wed 13-Mar-13 04:29:34

Congrats on the iPad utopian

Wow spotty 7 hrs! envy

Well another 2 hrs here. Hopefully only one more waking until morning now.

Well done Utopian

It's the watery stuff and its been running down the side if his noses basket so think we're okay. I fell asleep at 4 back up for feed now. Am feeding him in bed as DP has to get up in 10 min anyway. He gave me a dirty look and rolled over. I give not 1 shit!

Secondsop Wed 13-Mar-13 05:31:40

utopian that's awesome!

willyou, z is sick a lot. At first I worried he'd choke himself and asked a nurse in the hospital and she said it would just run down the sides of his mouth, which it does. He is staggeringly not bothered about throwing up.

MaMaPo Wed 13-Mar-13 05:41:10

Utopian, well done!

Spotty - you deserve a decent stretch!

C went down at 8.30, midnight dream feed, then lasted to 5.30! I woke when she fussed at 3.15 but held off. Now I've just got her up I notice she managed to sneak her left hand out the neck of her swaddle and must have been sucking on it. Time to trial one arm out, if this is the result!

I think C is left handed, like my husband. Anyone else's show clear handedness yet?

He's still asleep! I have to get up though

utopian99 Wed 13-Mar-13 07:17:10

mama not what I'd call clear handedness yet, but dm is sure his left is more uncurled than his right and therefore this is a sign he'll be a leftie. She is too - so no biased judgement! wink

Astonished that O slept from 4.20-7.10! This, by our current standards, is not too bad...

They don't decide which hand they use until they're two

Ds woke up at seven but I only just fed him and he was practically laughing at my boob before he latched grin

honeytea Wed 13-Mar-13 08:05:56

We had a awful night compared to usual, I think Ds had tummy ach as he kept farting. He slept till 3 then he was up every hour and not properly asleep inbetween. I was supposed to go and meet a friend for lunch and a wonder around the shops but I think I will cancel and stay on the sofa in our pyjamas. Mostly Ds is a great sleeper I was so releived, I really hope this is not a sign of things to come!

He is happy enough now playing under his babygym.

I have noticed Ds shows a left hand preference, I looked it up online and babies are not supposed to show a preference it can be a bad sign sad I asked the HV about it and she said so long as he can move both the left and right hand it isn't a problem

Is anyone else using bonjela with their baby? I put some on in the night thinking he might have teath pain, he stopped grizzling and went to sleep (for a while) but I think it might have been the nice taste that he liked rather than it taking away his pain.

ISpyPlumPie Wed 13-Mar-13 08:18:51

Well done Utopian.

Welcome back Honeytea.

Hope J's better today Willyou.

11.30 - 6.30 shock.

utopian99 Wed 13-Mar-13 08:43:34

WOW ispy!

Just got a cheeky extra had hour after dh left..

Awesome sleeps Spotty and Ispy I am appointing myself the new head of spotty's gang for the day!

The vomiting has stopped grin just in time for the diahrroea to start sad. Bloody injections!

MaMaPo Wed 13-Mar-13 10:07:53

Oh willyou! I have fx that tomorrow's injections don't have too much of an effect on little C. The first round left us with a pretty miserable day.

Morning sleep experiment day 2 - C asleep in cot for 40 minutes, with dummy wrangling at start and 10 mins in. Getting better!

We've got 16 week jabs on Monday but have been fine with others so fingers crossed.

Poor you WillYou sad

Ds has been on his play may happily for over twenty minutes smiling at the toys smile

WLmum Wed 13-Mar-13 11:05:46

Nice one utopian

About time you got some sleep spotty, hoorah for thumbs!

honeytea our babies were born on the same day!

We're on our 3rd outfit of the day, puke-tastic here as always!

EggsMichelle Wed 13-Mar-13 13:27:59

Looks like the babies are starting to get their head around sleeping, about time! DS is still getting off to sleep fine, but waking me around midnight with his noisy sleeping, then refusing to go back to sleep after his 3.30 feed. This has happened the last couple of nights, very odd! He has also been a bit resistant to day time naps.

Willyou don't worry about vomit, they push it out their mouths. F is such a sicky baby I put a muslin in his basket under his head to soak the sick up!

Stacks Wed 13-Mar-13 14:12:36

I've had a super sleepy baby recently. Sunday night he went down to bed at 10pm, 3 quick feed wake ups and slept till 7, then slept again from 8:15-9, 10-2, 3-6, dozed and fed in the evening then 10-7 again! Yesterday was more disturbed as we went out, so he only slept 9-10, 12-1, 2-6.. Today he went down at 11am and is still sleeping now, even with transfer to pushchair and currently on bus.

I'm almost worried its too much.

Stacks ds is really sleepy today. They grow when they're sleeping smile I'm making the most of it as I know it won't last long!

honeytea Wed 13-Mar-13 14:23:24

Stacks I asked the HV if DS was ok because he is so sleepy and she laughed at me and said he is fine, so long as the baby is eating and having wet nappies they can sleep all they want/need.

WLmum poor you, 3 outfits already sad

Has anyone started using a door bouncer/jemperoo? we have one and DS has good back/neck control, mymum said she used them from 2 months but it feels a little early.

Honeytea advice is four months due to back strength etc I think it's probably different if you have a big baby they could probably go in a bit earlier. Ds is 15 weeks and still has froggy legs so I definitely wouldn't put him in one yet!

honeytea Wed 13-Mar-13 14:41:06

Ds is big, just over 7kg (15.6 pounds) so he is a chunk, he just want to stand all the time, I asked the hv if it was ok for him to stand (with me holding his hands) she said it was fine but it might be hard for me to hold him up. Maybe I could do it just for a short time smile

Well I have one overtired little boy who had refused to sleep all day. I've just had to let him fake cry himself to sleep as he wouldn't stop no matter what I did. It was fake though, he'd do 2 sobs and then look up at me and then 2 more! May have to sacrifice an arm though as he's asleep on it!

Oh for a sleepy baby Stacks

He used to be sicky Eggs but grew out of it. This was fairly projectile as it was all over the sides of his Moses basket liner. All in the wash this morning.

halesball Wed 13-Mar-13 15:50:21

We encountered the worst night ever for sleep last night i just could not settle her and boy can she scream. She went through 6 outfit changes in the space of 2 hours when i gave up and left her in her nappy. When i eventually tried to put clothes on her again she went even more nuts. So i left her clothes off, swaddled her tightly in a blanket and sang a lullaby on repeat she fell asleep. Is it wrong that i just put another her usual swaddle blanket round her and a blanket on top of her, in her moses basket, so i could sleep? She only managed 2 hours before she wanted feeding again though. From 6am till 11am she just latched on and off my breast again. I am beyond exhausted at the moment i don't know what to do with her to help her sleephmm

Congratulations Utopian grin

And yay Spotty congratulations on your sleep, i'm now very envy of you.

Oh Hales bad night sad don't worry I'm sure it will get bad again (as everyone keeps telling me hmm 'ooo just wait until four month sleep regression blah blah').

I've got a pork loin joint in the oven get me with my midweek roast! Although I'm cheating and doing mustard mash and frozen veg blush needs must et al

Argh I'm sorry I don't normally make soppy remarks but ds sucking his thumb is so damn cute I just want to squidge him

halesball Wed 13-Mar-13 16:20:17

Ha spotty i don't know how she will manage a sleep regression, she hasn't even had a sleep progression.

WLmum Wed 13-Mar-13 16:55:35

Not wrong at all hales. Needs must! She was warm and comfy so all good. T has been rubbish at sleeping today, am hoping that means a good night due to tiredness not a rubbish night in a more of the same vein!

ISpyPlumPie Wed 13-Mar-13 17:30:08

We've had a sleepy day too - he did 3 hours this morning (including nursery drop-off and supermarket shop) which is almost unheard of for him. Went to see a friend and her gorgeous new baby this afternoon, and he woke up for long enough to test out their play gym but is sleeping again. He fed pretty constantly yesterday so think it's a growth spurt.

Hales - not surprises you're tired, sounds like a challenging night! Fx for a better one for you tonight.

MaMaPo Wed 13-Mar-13 18:19:19

Hales, that sounds like a growth spurt to me. Sorry you had such a horrid night. How have you been today?

Sleepy baby envy! C had a couple of shortish sleeps today (less than an hour) so is cranky now. I wish, when she were tired, she'd make her natural bedtime earlier than 8pm!

She just let me cut her nails though, good girl. Second time this week! They grow so fast, just like mine.

Lovely day with a group of friends from work and their babies. It's a really honest group where we can all be v open about what's hard about this whole parenting lark.

halesball Wed 13-Mar-13 19:11:36

Todays been the same managed to get her to sleep by bouncing and singing hush little baby again she managed 5 minutes. I thought growth spurt but this has been going on since last thursday, can they last that long? Shes started refusing the bottle as well and screaming till she gets breast.

Quick reassurance- green poo isn't anything to be overly worried about, is it?

ISpyPlumPie Wed 13-Mar-13 19:15:50

Don't think so Honey. Could be that he's had more foremilk than usual, or if you've had a bug that might have affected him too. Also heard it can happen if LO has a cold. If everything else is ok, I'm sure he'll be fine.

Ds has one green poo a day in the evening hmm

He's been very screamy today but fine in between times. Thanks will keep an eye on him but try not to worry!

Hmm don't think tonight will be such a good night...

MaMaPo Wed 13-Mar-13 19:38:35

Hakes, I think growth spurts can last a while. I remember one of C's being about a week or so - maybe her 3 week one?

Proper crying at her feed tonight - arching and pulling off the breast. Cue frantic instructions to husband to find the bonjela. Now feeding beautifully. I'm so glad products like bonjela exist to help our babies. One of the mums I know says her husband won't let the baby have any pain relief such as bonjela or calpol. I think that's a bit extreme and maybe a bit cruel. Who wants to see their baby suffer unnecessarily? Sure, it might not always be agony but still.

Mamapo that is cruel. If I have toothache I take something for it! Poor baby sad

Well I spoke too soon blush put ds into his cot awake ten minutes ago and he's now asleep. I have got the lamp and tv on but we can work on that when I no longer want to go to bed at 8

DS has a cold after his jabs again. Well it's probably just the immune response to them but he's sniffly, sneezy and coughing. He is still throwing up every time i lay him flat. I also have a sore throat. It's going to be a long night!

Oh WillYou I hope you get some sleep

Has anyone had a block duct? One of my boobs is really painful on the underside feels so bruised. I've had to take my bra off. There's no lump and it doesn't hurt to feed. No other symptoms?

EggsMichelle Wed 13-Mar-13 20:10:55

Willyou paracetamol all round. Mamapo my SIL is anti calpol use, but I'll take pain killers without a second thought if I feel rough, it's cruel to leave LO's suffering.

Not sure what stage F is at, but he has been fussing with the bottle, resisting sleep and making himself grouchy and stropping when I put him in his chair (not so bad on the play mat). I don't think he is teething, but definitely not his jolly self. He is fast asleep now though (can always guaranty he will go to bed at bed time) got a feeling he needs the next stage teat, and the grumpiness is hunger.

Poor you Spotty. I had one over Christmas when I couldn't express and feed enough to empty them. I couldn't feel a lump but the whole side of my boob was rock hard. Warm flannels and massaging them in the bath sorted it but it really hurt.

So DP put J to bed n buggered off out. he's now up screaming and coughing. I've just given him calpol, hope it licks in soon for the poor thing. bring me wine

Kicks not licks. I also gave him a couple of ounces of formula in case he has the same sore throat as me and needed a drink grin. He took it and passed out so that's good.

What size teat are you using at the minute Eggs? We went to stage 2 at 3 weeks as he had a weak suck from the to give tie. I'm considering the size 3, but not sure what age that's for.

FFS tongue tie, I give up. Apologies for multiple posts, am so tired an next door are having a nice noisy party! dicks

I can't have a hot bath because dp isn't here and ds might wake up sad I've just expressed to try empty boob and will dream feed ds from that side too

Secondsop Wed 13-Mar-13 20:45:47

Wow - put Z down at 11.30 and he slept til 6.40! I got him up for a feed then as he was starting to make noises, and he took a big feed.

Ladies who bottle feed - have you gone up teat sizes yet? I use dr browns and am still on the first size as sometimes milk dribbles out the sides of Z's mouth when he feeds, but should I be changing up ? (He's almost 15 weeks).

Flannel it then Spotty and massage, massage, massage.

As above Seconds I moved up to size 2 at 3 weeks as J was falling asleep during every feed. He's started doing it again so I'm considering the 3s.

With dd we were on the fastest flow teats really soon as she was such a poor feeder. There's no harm in trying, if they choke, take back too much air or dribble loads out then just wait a bit longer?

Dp should be back in half an hour I will order him to look after me and my poor boob grin it hurts to massage in though, WillYou sad

EggsMichelle Wed 13-Mar-13 21:20:34

Think it's first size (ones that come with the dr browns bottles) he is changeable with his behaviour, sometimes the milks dribbling everywhere and he coughs, other times he drinks faster than it somes out and that's when he gets grumpy.

Who has a party on a Wednesday? My neighbours had a couple of week night parties when they were being arse holes last year, a visit from the police soon put a stop to that twatish behaviour (note to self, swear less!)

4 days until I go back to work (exactly one year after conception!) I'm strangely excited about it, miss my colleagues and adult conversation that doesn't revolve around feeding and sleep patterns (not that I don't appreciate all you lovely ladies and the mums at my groups, I'd be a nervous wreck without your advice)

halesball Wed 13-Mar-13 21:44:38

Spotty hope your feeling better soon.

Willyou, hope your LO is better soon.

Mama, i think that your friends DP is cruel, their poor LO teething without pain relief. Hope your LO isn't feeling too bad. And FX it is just a week that means it'll be over tomorrow.

Good luck with going back to work Eggs.

Ffs dp isn't even home yet. I can hear dd half crying but I'm feeding ds

SeymoreInOz Wed 13-Mar-13 23:11:12

spotty I had a blocked duct last week but there was a big area of hardness. I spent the whole day latching DS on to that side and it randomly unblocked during a night feed. I narrowly avoided my 3rd bout of mastitis.

I hope everyone's having a good night. After a few really bad nights with lots of crying we had a better one last night. DS did 6:30-9:50-2:40-5:45-7 waking only briefly to feed, he must have sensed I was at breaking point yesterday!

I know it does spotty but its the only way. Massage in towards the nipple

utopian99 Thu 14-Mar-13 01:04:22

spotty i wonder if that's what I have? Woke up sore this morning and has been a really painful bruised feeling patch all day at the top of my boob. Will try all your tips too sort it- really hurts to carry ds held against that side..

Have decided his issues with sleeping suddenly stem from trying to turn to his side as the hammock won't allow. Cue panic cot purchase this weekend!

Good luck eggs and hope those with poorly LOs get better. My aunt who came round Monday says hers have developed chicken pox. What should i look out for? How dangerous is this for an 11 week old? (just being a bit panicky)

Secondsop Thu 14-Mar-13 01:06:37

mamapo I also think your friend is being cruel. She may have her own views about managing pain without pain relief but to inflict that on a teething baby is beyond me.

Thanks for all the teat replies, ladies. Sounds like it wouldn't do any harm to move up a size and see how he goes, if i can cope with the no doubt ruinously expensive cost of them here in Australia - can't believe how expensive it's got. He feeds from a bottle as if he's breastfeeding, with little sucks at the start as if he's stimulating a nipple and then after a few minutes bigger deeper proper drinking.

halesball Thu 14-Mar-13 02:14:00

Utopian and Spotty i always get that bruised feeling just as i'm getting a bout of Mastitis keep an eye out for that tell tale red line and feeling like your coming down with flu.

Utopian hope your LO doesn't get chicken pox no idea what to look out for. Hopefully one of the other mums will know.

Sat up again confused cannot sing hush little baby anymore. So have resorted to playing Samuel L Jacksons 'Go the fuck to sleep' on repeat. Its not working but its making me feel better shock

grin Hales

Utopian if you're ebf (which I think you are?) you should be passing your immunity on. The chances if him getting it are really rare. If he does it will be so mild you will hardly notice it plus if they get it before a year they can get it again. I thought my friends dd had it a few weeks ago so did a bit of research. Look out for a temp and spots!

Ds is up for the first time since 10pm dream feed so I haven't been able to feed lots off that side. If I feed off of that side most of tomorrow will it effect my supply on the other side? I could always express I suppose. Argh stupid boobs I don't have time for this I've got someone coming to look at our kitchen and the auto glass man coming tomorrow!

MaMaPo Thu 14-Mar-13 06:12:01

Spotty, you're getting some great sleep.

Operation 'slightly unswaddle C so she can self-soothe' has failed. She did suck on her hands but it didn't soothe her. Seemed to agitate her further! So do I conclude she actually is hungry?

It could be hunger or just comfort mama? I know I feel really lucky and in making the most of it

Wow poorly baby + calpol = sleeping through 8:30-7:00. O hope he's slept himself better, although based on my eats and throat I doubt it!

EggsMichelle Thu 14-Mar-13 07:24:59

Spotty and Willyou you both got some well deserved good sleep! F did 7.30-4.30, 5-6.45, very pleased and he woke up in such a lovely mood. He has also developed a love for his teddy, which he gave lots of smiles to this morning!

IsThatTrue Thu 14-Mar-13 08:00:44

Will catch up in a but but just had to get off my chest:

Super fast let down today, and DS keeps pulling off while I merrily spray across the room blush big kids think it's hilarious! hmm

Ah IsThat we had a bit of that after a growth spurt!

Oh I kept a breast pad handy and held it on firmly for a few seconds and the relatched

utopian99 Thu 14-Mar-13 09:13:52

hales what's the red line?

spotty thanks for the reassurance re chicken pox.. And grin for spraying! Currently sat here with warming pad on one boob and ds asleep on other. Oh the glamour!

Stacks Thu 14-Mar-13 09:15:18

Spotty - I had lots if problems with just one breast getting sore, which I think was blocked ducts. As well as heat and massage, try feeding in a different position so LO stimulates different areas of the breast. A friend of mine used to feed her DS upside down! Lay on the bed with you looking at LO's tummy. Alternatively try rugby hold I'd cross carry or an upright feed. Whatever you don't normally do.

So far this morning DS is still sleepy. Slept 10-8:30 with 2 or 3 sleepy feeds, then we got up for a little while for pee and nappy change, and he's fallen asleep on the breast again. Today I'm going to try getting up and leaving him each time he sleeps, just going back and offering more breast/comfort if he wants it. Sleeping all day is great, except when you're stuck there too.

Hope poorly LOs get better soon, and poorly mums.

Will try that stacks. He's been screaming for the last fucking hour and I've got so much to do.

Utopian I have a heat patch on too!

Stacks Thu 14-Mar-13 09:34:08

<realises I sound ungrateful for all the sleeping> sorry!

Spotty, hope he stops crying soon. I'm terrible at leaving DS cry, I opt instead to get nothing done and live in an increasingly filthy house. I've hot the ILs coming today, considering just handing them DS so I can clean. I wonder of they want to do something more fun instead?

I left him to cry whilst I put the washing up away and calmed down a bit. He eventually fell asleep but keeps waking up crying so not sure what's wrong sad

Stacks I'm sure ILs would live holding the baby while you clean. Not only do they get to feel helpful they get some solo baby time. Perfect!

This poorly baby and mummy have been back to bed for another 2.5 hours woken by hunger at 10! Lazy cow!

Wind Spotty? It's usually the problem for this farty baby grin

Nope think he was just tired. We don't really have a problem with wind fortunately

halesball Thu 14-Mar-13 10:43:47

Utopian if its Mastitis you get a red line which becomes like a red wedge on your breast. The red section is quite warm compared to the rest of the breast. But if you get cold or flu symptoms book in with your GP straight away. Hope yours and Spotty's boobs feel better today.

H went to sleep at 4-6.20, 7-9.30 and got up for the day. I think i'm getting use to hardly any sleep, i don't feel as close to the edge as normal.

I really want to take H to get weighed today, but she has a rash on her belly. She has no other symptoms of being ill should i take her? I feel like i'm being abit to pfb everytime theres a hint of something wrong i won't go out the house. But i feel like i'm constantly in the house.

halesball Thu 14-Mar-13 10:44:23

Willyou, hope you and your LO are ok thanks

I'm taking J to be weighed with a sore throat but I suppose they can't see that. I was told I had to have him weighed every 2 weeks after the last one was a bit low and combined with the moses basket fall I don't want to find myself on a watch list!

Stupid bastard cakes sunk angrysad

grin bet they still taste good though

But they're for a cake sale!

Oops then yep you're fucked!

Baby's asleep again and I'm pinned to the couch

halesball Thu 14-Mar-13 12:12:22

Spotty, i think you should make another batch of cakes and send the sunk ones to us all on the thread grin

mytime777 Thu 14-Mar-13 12:26:02

Hey ladies. Sorry to jump on this thread - hoping u may be able to offer some advice! ( not sure where to post other than to ladies in the same boat perhaps)
I'm looking to buy a video monitor and have no idea which to get.
Have any of u bought one already ? How are u getting on with it ?
Don't want to spend a fortune on one that's rubbish!
Any help would be much appreciated smile

WLmum Thu 14-Mar-13 12:34:46

hales a rash on her belly with no other symptoms is likely to be nothing to worry about. I'd take her and ask the hv what she thinks, then proceed to ignore her and go with your own instincts!

WLmum Thu 14-Mar-13 12:36:14

And yes please to spottys cakes - ill pour custard in the sunken bit (just to save you from embarrassment you understand)!

I'm going to try and hide the sunk bit with icing wink and make muffins too....they're inly for dd's nursery so I can just pretend she did it!

I don't have a monitor at all let alone a video one grin

No video monitor here Mytime, I'm obsessive enough as it is - I can only imagine how bad I'd be if I could watch him sleep grin

IsThatTrue Thu 14-Mar-13 14:34:02

Well my bread didn't come out right at all, but looking at it my yeast was out of date so new ingredients bought and bread is now baking (again).

DS has been a very good boy while I've been out and about with mum. She came to asda with me and i tried on jeans (minus ds) so now I own a pair of trousers that fit (only 1 size up from pre pregnancy smile )

No idea on video monitors sorry I left monitor research up to DH and tbh hardly ever use it.

I fixed my cakes with icing cba to make muffins smile

halesball Thu 14-Mar-13 15:30:58

Sorry Mytime i chose not to get a video monitor i've got a plain basic one but i rarely use it to be honest. I think it'll be something i use when she has some type of sleep routine but theres no sign of that yet.

Been to the baby clinic at 14 weeks H is 16.4 OMG, but i thought she might be a bit bigger as her 3-6 month clothes are getting tighter. My family asked what to get her for easter i've asked for clothes in 6-9 months confused

Barbeasty Thu 14-Mar-13 15:41:04

Glad the cakes are fixed.

My new sling arrived this morning, so I had to go for a walk and try it out while it was sunny. Called in at MIL on the way back and undid all the exercise with 2 slices of cake! A & I both liked the sling though. And it was nice for MIL to get some calm time with A without DD demanding all the attention.

Hales, I wouldn't worry too much about seeing the HV with a rash. Diagnoses (probably of "it's a virus") and weighing in 1 visit.

Barbeasty Thu 14-Mar-13 15:43:18

X post.

And we don't have any monitor. But we did use a webcam fixed to the cot for DD. Until the blue light attracted her and she pulled it off. Interesting footage from inside her mouth!

grin Barbeasty the next Blair Witch Project?

Wow that's a good weight Hales. I didn't go to weigh in in the end as DS is so poorly and it's cold out. Every time DS seems to be making good progress with his eating and starts gaining weight, his next bloody injections are due and they knock him for 6 again. Can't wait for the next ones so they're over for a while.

Barbeasty Thu 14-Mar-13 16:10:22

Yes. DH happened to be watching it with some colleagues while they waited for a meeting to start. I got a panicked phone call asking me to rescue the webcam.

MaMaPo Thu 14-Mar-13 16:19:30

Barbeasty, that's brilliant.

3 month jabs for C today. She didn't cry after the first but let rip after the 2nd. She hasn't been too ratty today, just clingy and a bit unhappy. Have bfed a lot this afternoon.

One of the adjacent apartments is having work done so all I can hear is drilling. Not what I need.

utopian99 Thu 14-Mar-13 19:07:42

barbeasty that's brilliant.

Boob still really sore sad have been hot packing it all day and no improvement but no red line/wedge.

spotty and other bakers - how do you achieve this? I have mini quiches to make for a bring your own dinner tomorrow. Easy before ds, just wondering if I can achieve with him in-sling as pastry timing is a bit critical..

Utopian my boob still hurts too sad I've had heat pad on it all day, only fed from that side and massages after each feed.

Hmm I find the baking easy I usually get to do it when ds's asleep but if he's awake I do it in stages.... Say get everything out ready then go and see him, go back and weigh it all out, go back and see him, mix it all together shove in oven, go back and see him...

Stacks Thu 14-Mar-13 19:32:04

You don't necessarily get a red line etc with a blocked duct, it's one of those symptoms that almost definitely mean you do have mastitis, but not having it doesn't mean you don't have it. Does that make sense?
My last blocked duct flared up when we were driving down to London. I spent the whole 7 hours either cradling my breast in pain, or massaging it. It didn't feel better at all on the journey, but after feeding overnight it was fine the next day. I've also had a week of pain (diagnosed as thrush) which I think was also a blocked duct, based on the massage curing the same type of pain overnight.

I got some cleaning done while ILs were here. The house is still in a pretty bad shape, but I cleaned the kitchen and bathroom, even managing to wash the kitchen floor. Much easier with someone around to hold DS.
Also took cat to the vet. He's got to go back tomorrow for a GA and X-rays. This is starting to sound expensive sad

EggsMichelle Thu 14-Mar-13 19:45:33

Oh dear Stacks, cats are painfully expensive. If I didn't have insurance I would be down £3500 just from one cat, he's only 7 but falling apart at the seams! Hope all those painful boobs start sorting themselves over night, ouch!

F is definitely in the grabbing stage, he managed to grab the dogs lip and refused to let go! Relieved the dog is used to having his lips clawed/bitten/grabbed by the cats and DH!

Advice, reassurance and a great big slap needed, I'm buring my head in the sand a little! I had the coil fitted on 8th Feb, DTD on 16th Feb, and this week I have had headaches, nausea and now my nipples are sore (stopped BF 3wks ago). I have been spotting since the coil was fitted which i know is normal, but please tell me this is all common coil side effects, and I don't need to poas? confused sad

The coil has loads of side effects eggs I wouldn't be surprised if some of your symptoms die down in a week or so. It's really rare to get pregnant with a coil fitted wink

Stacks Thu 14-Mar-13 20:06:29

Eggs my other cat cost us lots of money after being attacked (sorry for the random news site, it was a while ago and I just googled it). He's fine now, so his brother is trying to get some attention and money spent on him now smile

I want to try doing some stuff while T is awake or sleeping. Nothing much, but more than nothing. It actually felt nice to do some cleaning today. Nicer still to walk into a clean kitchen.

Stacks I make the beds, wipe down the sides in the kitchen and clean the loo every day. Each only takes five minutes but really makes a difference!

Dd doesn't want to go to bed tonight and ds doesn't seem to want to either. Don't think I'm going to get a bath again sad

WLmum Thu 14-Mar-13 20:16:34

utopian I cook loads with T in the sling - actually less now I can deploy spottys method above but when she wouldn't be put down it was the only way. I just have to remember to stand to the side when opening the oven door so she doesn't get the rush of hot air!

stacks with you on the cleaning/doing stuff. I really don't like to leave dds to cry so ended up doing no housework and its out of control-ness was doing my head in. Over the last couple of days I've aimed to do one thing either while (if) she's asleep or entertaining herself. Yesterday I washed the kitchen floor for the first time since she was born!

Also re housework I use floor wipes and bathroom wipes. It's just so much quicker then dp can do a proper clean every now and then grin

EggsMichelle Thu 14-Mar-13 20:28:53

Thanks Spotty, I need some sense shook into me!

Stacks that's horrific, I heard of that kind of thing happening and it makes me want to keep my cats inside. Does he go out now? My cat had bladder crystals that blocked his urithra, as a result his kidneys started to fail and he went toxic. Then his eye ball swelled due to cataract so had that removed. And now he is on heart tablets for something!

Well I've had a bath and massaged until I cried but it's not made any difference <sob>

SeymoreInOz Thu 14-Mar-13 20:58:12

Oh no Spotty is it just sore or do you have a lump now too? You can feed on the other side, just pump on the sore side if you can. When this happened to me it took well over a day to clear the blockage, and even after it had cleared (I knew because it felt soft again) it was tender for a good few days after.

DS did a 5 hour stretch between feeds last night. smile And I got to the supermarket and back with him in the pram and he was quite happy, and fell asleep sucking his thumb!

Off to catch up on the thread now.

No lump just really sore. I'm not sure how I will tell if it's cleared as there's never been a lump? It doesn't hurt to feed at all so I'm happy to feed on it

IsThatTrue Thu 14-Mar-13 21:53:45

DH took ds2 to his mums at 7. They're still not back and I'm not able to sleep! I miss my baby!

I hope all sore boobs feel better!

MaMaPo Thu 14-Mar-13 21:57:43

Sorry to hear of breast-related complications - hopefully they all resolve soon. Spotty, that sounds so painful. Paracetamol?

Seymore, I hear you about celebrating a simple trip to the shops!

As for cleaning - we have a cleaner. blush My husband is rubbish at and hates doing housework; we worked out a long time ago that our relationship wouldn't survive unless we paid for a cleaner. I think it's money well spent but I do know we are lucky to be able to afford such a luxury. I love our cleaning woman, she just loves baby C and always asks after my milk when she comes!

C woke up just as I put her into her crib tonight. I got frustrated trying to settle her again with the dummy while still in there (she whipped her head back and forth and got agitated) so I just put Ewan on and came out of the room to stretch and moan to my husband, planning to go back in after a minute. My husband made me sit down and relax, and lo, she fell asleep! He has good instincts, I should challenge her a little more.

Eggs my dog had bladder crystals too - he ended up in Edinburgh in intensive care (we're in Newcastle). Terrifying.

I've had a crap week- just feeling really low and down on myself. I keep apologising to D for getting stuck with me as a mum instead of getting someone good. He's been a little bugger too but uts prob my stress effecting him. He's dropped from 25th nearly down to 9th centile but hv doesn't seem concerned but I just feel like I'm failing him sad

WLmum Thu 14-Mar-13 22:48:29

Oh honey what a horrible way to feel, you poor thing. He is not stuck with you, he is blessed to have you. Could anyone else love him like you do? We mums are so hard on ourselves for not having all the answers all the time. I know how you feel though, I felt the same after dd1 was referred to a paed after 'failing to thrive'. I felt it was all my fault despite running myself ragged trying to do the best for her. Is D doing well apart from slipping down the centiles? Settled? Wet and dirty nappies? Happy? Alert? Milestones? If yes, then I guess I'd agree with hv. If no, maybe time for some changes.
Please don't be so hard on yourself, think of all the a-holes out there with kids, and then think of how he is your no 1 priority - he's a lucky little fella even if his mummy isn't the almighty!

SeymoreInOz Thu 14-Mar-13 23:08:43

Honey Trust me, you are a great mum and not failing D in the slightest. I'm sure D agrees, he'll only have eyes for you! I know it's easier said than done but try not to worry about centiles. DS1 was similar, he was born on the 50th centile and by 4 months he'd slipped all the way down to the 2.5th centile. But he was healthy otherwise so the HV wasn't concerned and at that point I decided to stop getting him weighed because it was stressing me out. He's almost 5 years old now and is still very slight but he's also very tall. I'm doing nothing different with DS2 and he's way over the 100th centile. They're just all so different.

ISpyPlumPie Thu 14-Mar-13 23:27:56

Honey - think WL and Seymore have already put it brilliantly but totally agree that you sound like a fantastic mum. If you could ask D, I'm certain he'd say he doesn't want anyone else as he's more than happy with the mum he's got.

Spotty - hope boob issues are sorted soon, it sounds v painful.

On housework, I tend to go for the short bursts to keep on top of it approach. Managing to do the basics each day and it appears ok on the surface, but would be mortified if certain cupboards/drawers were opened due to accumulated clutter blush. Also agree that floor and surface wipes sre your friend.

halesball Fri 15-Mar-13 01:37:33

Honey i agree with what everyone else says. I bet your a fantastic mum, you strive for the best for your little mister. You keep him warm clean and happy but more importantly you love him and he loves you. For you to even be worried about this shows your a brilliant mum.thanks

Hope you're feeling better honey. Dash always looks so happy in all the photos you're definitely not failing him.

Not such a good night here first wake up already, still good though and probably better for my boob.

WLmum Fri 15-Mar-13 02:54:00

Crap night here - so fat been up 12,1.30 and now 2.45. Made worse by not going to sleep til 11.

Sorry you're having a crap night WL. Ds won't go back to sleep so ours is turning out to be rubbish too

utopian99 Fri 15-Mar-13 04:19:58

spotty sorry to hear about your boob (!) I'm in the same boat still if it helps? Doesn't hurt to feed but have heat padded and massaged all day and still hurts like buggery, esp if I pick up O and rest him against that side.

stacks that's awful; I don't know what I'd do to someone who hurt one of our cats.

honey as the others have said, D couldn't have a more loving mummy and that's exactly what he needs or he wouldn't be such a happy little man in your photos..

Oh Honey I hope you're feeling better. Maternal guilt is a terrible thing. Look after yourself, you're doing a fantastic job.

Sorry tonight's not going well WL, it must be hard when you have two big DDs to look after too.

Persevere boob-wise Spotty & uripian it'll suddenly just feel better. Unless it gets worse obviously confused

I've just scared the crap out of DS by sneezing while he was in that drunken milk haze they get! Mean mummy!

Clearly I meant Utopian instead of that nonsense!

IsThatTrue Fri 15-Mar-13 04:49:04

First wake up shock good boy DS! (Although I've leaked through a couple of breast pads!)

honey you are the only one he'd want and you are doing brilliantly. Maternal guilt sucks, try to give yourself a break!

IsThatTrue Fri 15-Mar-13 06:00:57

2nd wake up shock

Glad toy got some sleep IsThat smile

Thanks utopian hopefully our boobs will get better soon!

Well we had a 10pm dream feed, woke at 3:40 (I put him back down but he was noisy for a while I fell asleep though) and he's still asleep. I'd better get up though because dd's up and dp is about to leave for work

honeytea Fri 15-Mar-13 07:06:58

Don't feel bad about the percentiles honey, the difference between the 25th and 9th is so so tiny at this point and all of the percentiles are normal just different normals. No one grows at exactly the same rate all the time, i am sure you are a fab mum!

I am in awe of those of you who have been cooking! I tend to do a couple of big batch meals at the weekend, curry or stew and freeze them and eat them in the week. Cleaning is not going well in our house either, ds wiggles and moves across the floor I left him under the babygym last week and went to unload the dishwasher, when I came back he was under the radiator bad mummy so now I need to watch him whilst he plays so he doesn't get into danger.

I think Ds is teething. He had been really dribbly and chewing on his hands and anything that comes into contact with his mouth. I spent yesterday with MIL and SIL and they said that all the babies in their family got their first teeth at 3-4 months. I just hope it comes soon so he gets a little rest from the pain poor baby. I gave him calpol last night but I am not sure if I should continue to give it to him at nights, teething could go on for weeks is it ok to give them calpol for so long?

IsThatTrue Fri 15-Mar-13 07:12:48

honeytea if its only once a day it shouldn't be too much of a problem.

Red nose 'mad hair' day for big dcs! hmm just what I want to be doing at 7 am!!

EggsMichelle Fri 15-Mar-13 07:29:15

Hope you feeling better this morning Honey, and all those boobs have sorted themselves out.

10 solid hours last night! I feel exhausted from having such a good sleep. Just hope he does it again tonight, we are going to see Stereophonics and DH has an early shift tomo, so we would both appreciate a nice sleep again tonight.

Need to go clothes shopping for him again today, he is too fat for his 3-6m clothes, he wore his dungarees with the sides undone yesterday! And he is starting to get too tall for his 0-6m sleeping bags, I have no money sad

Goodness eggs ds is still swamped in 0-3!

Actually my bad boob is feeling a bit better today. Ds only just woke up too.

Going to dd's nursery cake sale today for Red Nose Day hope there's some chocolate rice crispy cakes as I really fancy some!

Honeytea I tend to only give calpol as a last resort and used the gels and teething powders first, that's just me though smile ds is showing no signs of teething yet but dd's first two only erupted at six months (five corrected) so I think we have a while yet...

Oh dear hales! Best not to do any housework wink

Sorry that was honeytea again not Hales blush bloody baby brain

ISpyPlumPie Fri 15-Mar-13 09:04:49

Spotty - glad you're feeling better. Hope you're on the mend soon too Utopian.

Eggs - I was just thinking we might need to get the 6-9 months clothes out, we're having tight dungaree issues too!

Isthat - was it you that mentioned squirting milk after a growth spurt? Has started happening here, which really livened up the 1.30 am feed hmm

IsThatTrue Fri 15-Mar-13 09:07:36

Oh eggs sad it's rubbish when they outgrow stuff so quick. Have a look on eBay for growbags.

Ds2 has a long body as the first thing he outgrows are his vests. He's going into 3-6 month vests but 0-3 sleep suits and clothes should still be fine for a while. I've just washed all the 3-6 month stuff that was bagged in the loft so it's all ready.

Manic rush this morning and I've had the change the way I wrap DS so he can go legs out and I find it hard to do it quickly. Which makes me shouty mum at the big dcs! sad ill make up for it later!

IsThatTrue Fri 15-Mar-13 09:10:04

ispy it's great isn't it? Doesn't make you feel like you should be on a dairy farm at all hmm grin we are obviously in the sleepy stage of the growth spurt though so I should get some peace today. and get some work done as I've taken 2 days off so far to spend with my mum

MaMaPo Fri 15-Mar-13 09:22:20

Thank you thank you, little C, for the best night's sleep since before you were born. She slept from 8.30pm, dream feed at midnight from husband, up for ten minutes at 6am then slept again until 8.30am! I went to bed just after 10am. I woke a bit during the night as she cried a lot in her sleep (related to teething or jabs?) but overall feel refreshed.

Honey, hope you're feeling better. C is teething too - crying at feeds, arching and pulling off. Interfering with feeding right now!

WLmum Fri 15-Mar-13 11:05:23

Well T was up about every 1.5 hours from midnight and combined with a visit from both big dds I really didn't get much sleep! Little monkey was not that interested in milk at breakfast and doesn't seem that bothered now. Crazy baby! Knackered mummy! Off to dd2s gym class in a min, then to see dd1s school work at 3 - sent her off this morning dressed as cat woman!

Secondsop Fri 15-Mar-13 13:18:04

Catching up so apologies in advance for missing things...

stacks poor willow cat!!

eggsmichelle my mum's late cat had that urine crystals thing - she caught it just in time for him to be made better for a few months but then he died of a stomach tumour.

I miss my cat; haven't seen a single one whilst in Aus!

Re the cleaning discussions, we have a cleaner too, who is utterly obsessed with little Z. It's a luxury but one that we are happy to spend on and to save money elsewhere instead.

Has anyone else's baby had / got redness and a touch of bleeding in a neck fold? Z has got this in the last few days as he's suddenly clubbed up and now actually has a neck fold. It's been hard to keep the fold clean of milk and it's reddish and today as I was wiping it with a muslin a little bit bled. He didn't seem bothered by it but I freaked out.

Poor z seconds. I think sudocreme until it's healed then put baby powder on it to keep it dry?

Secondsop Fri 15-Mar-13 13:34:40

Thanks Spotty; am on the road again in Aus but will pop into a pharmacy tomorrow morning and will get some supplies (have left the sudocrem at my in laws' house). Poor little Z. He's obv having some teething pain too as he's been chewing on our hands all evening.

utopian99 Fri 15-Mar-13 14:36:17

Good to know it's improved spotty, mine's less painful although not gone yet.

Just popping on actually to say:
1. I have achieved mini quiches with only minor shouting from O - hurrah for a return to baking
2. My friend (old school friend, was one of my bridesmaids), has had her baby! Whoop whoop! It is a much wanted baby, and a girl, which I think will be super (sure a boy would have been too but my friend is v into cute girly things..)

Utopian it's still tender but nowhere near as bad as yesterday

Ds has been awake since 12 and has now got to the stage where he cries if I put him down. Just in time for me to do dd's dinner hmm

Thanks for all of your reassurances. Just been having a bad few weeks days and its all getting on top of me. DH has 3 days off now so feeling a bit happier. Unfortunately 2 of them are being spent at MILs sad

Oh honey that's rubbish! Hope you get to make the most of your one day alone together.

Ds has finally gone to sleep after seven. And. A. Half. Hours. shock

WLmum Fri 15-Mar-13 19:43:42

Wow spotty that's a long time awake! Hope you get a peaceful night.

seconds I'd second (!) the sudocrem - it's prob just a bit irritated by milk and lack of air, but I'd steer clear of baby powder. It can make a paste if the neck fold is or gets a bit damp and this can irritate. Also, it can get in babies airways, and for those with baby girls, use in the nappy region has been linked to ovarian cancer.

Couldn't read the cat story - your comments give me a clue and I just can't cope with meanness - way too upsetting and makes me lose faith in humankind.

EggsMichelle Fri 15-Mar-13 20:09:05

Spotty F has been resisting sleep the last few days, driving me bonkers! Popped on to say I'm currently at a Stereophonics gig, very excited. DM is baby sitting this evening.

Oh yeah I had heard whispers of baby powder not being recommended but had no idea why.

Hope you get better sleep tonight WL. Dd has a temp but said she feels fine?

Why do men always ask if you mind them going out whilst the person asking them is still on the phone?? It means no discussion and I definitely have to say yes! grin

MaMaPo Fri 15-Mar-13 20:25:28

Eggs, snap! C's needed so much coaxing to sleep for the last week. Today she threw a screaming fit on the Jubilee line in rush hour. Had to feed her to the bemusement of the Canary Wharf office workers. She was just massively overtired. She also just yelled all the way through her pre-bedtime feed, very unusual for her.

WLmum Fri 15-Mar-13 20:46:47

Not looking good for tonight, have had to settle her twice and she's only been in bed for half an hour!

Stacks Fri 15-Mar-13 21:13:24

DS is currently waving his arm about and punching me while feeding. For a baby who seems to want to sleep all the time, he sure fights going to sleep confused.
He's still sleeping lots, and is properly sad if he'd awake before he wants to be. Hasn't slept as much today as we've been so busy. I'm in bed with him already as I'm exhausted after a bad night and early morning. Only spent 2 hours total in the house today.
We've had no poo for nearly 3 days (last one was so long ago I don't remember, but definitely not yesterday or today). He's usually a once a day boy. Should I be worried?

I wouldn't worry stacks but good luck when it comes wink

Ds kept punching me in the face today when he was feeding hmm

Early night for Willyou and son. I cannae breathe! He keeps being sick and has wiped snot all over my face more times than I care to count today mine, his, who's keeping score? I've smothered my nose in bepanthan to take down the chappedness - top tip for you all!

Please let us both sleep it off and wake up well tomorrow. We have a christening on Sunday and I'm desperate to show him off!

Hope you're having fun Eggs and I hope you've got a lovely day planned to make the most of your time together Honey even if it's locking yourselves in the house and spending all day in bed.

Night night why do I always want to put kisses? I blame Facebook xxxxx

Snap Stacks hope you get some sleep

MaMaPo Sat 16-Mar-13 03:13:31

After sleeping 12-6 last night, we'll never know if C could have done it again tonight as she pooed herself awake. It took a full outfit change and 3 nappies to get her clean. Hope she goes down ok after being v awake.

utopian99 Sat 16-Mar-13 03:42:29

We've had friends over tonight and after his usual witching hour screamyness O was lovely, being a big social butterfly having a wild time practising his stamping on people's knees..

The cot I was bidding on on ebay was snaffled from me at the last minute. Argh!! We really need one now but I'd not expected it to go to £300. Ugh. Back to the hunt. Should have been more organised.

WLmum Sat 16-Mar-13 04:10:15

Well I'm sitting here in tears. After pretty much no sleep last night I've been up for an hour and a half with her. Cannot get her to settle. As soon as I move an inch she's awake and we have to start again. Tried laying with her but same story and I got so uncomfortable there's no way I could sleep. And she's been sick in my bed so when I do finally get her down ill have that to cuddle up to! I've got a cold and I just want some rest. Feeling v sorry for myself!

Oh WL sorry you're having a crappy time sad Amy chance of a rest tomorrow? Is she poorly or is it a growth spurt?

Utopian out cot is from kiddicare, it's really nice and wasn't loads of money.

First waking tonight but I seem to have list dp hmm I can only assume he's in bed with dd!

MaMaPo Sat 16-Mar-13 06:16:49

Oh WL, that sounds hard. I hope you're asleep right now!

How can you tell if baby has diarrhoea? All her poos are liquid anyway. I've felt sick since I got up with her at 3, so just wondering if she could be sick too. The only change with her is that instead of just getting her poo out in 1-2 goes, she just kept going. That's why I ended up with 3 nappies.

Reading back, I think she must be sick. I definitely am.

MaMaPo Sat 16-Mar-13 06:32:21

Any tips for dealing with sick baby? She's not vomiting but I guess offer regular feeds to keep her hydrated and happy? Anything else?

EggsMichelle Sat 16-Mar-13 07:02:05

Wl hope you got some more sleep. Mamapo I'm afraid I wouldn't have a clue how to spot/treat a tummy bug, but would assume they would be very unhappy.

Our evening out was fantastic (have wanted to see Stereophonics since I was 12yrs old!) sadly DM didn't have such a great time with F, his sleep fighting made him foul, even she struggled to cope with him. Luckily he slept through to 6am, but I'm exhausted from not getting to sleep until 1, oops!

Can someone make me a sausage and egg sandwich please?

I just wrote a post on here and it ended up on another thread?!

I will try again...

Mamapo I would just keep up with the regular feeding. If you're ill too then she will be getting your antibodies through your milk.

Eggs glad you had a good time your poor mum! Hope she didn't mind?

Ds only just woke up so I'm feeding him then I'd better get up.

Dp's football has been called off grin weather here is horrendous strong winds and heavy rain. I've just paid off my credit card in a lump sum. Bitter sweet as I could have had an amazing holiday with that!

Dp's boss has just turned up and I'm in my pjs top undone with serious bed hair hmm looking pretty rough!

Poor you WL hope ypu managed to grt some sleep in the end.

Mama when J has diahrroea his poo is pretty much just water, lighter in colour and explodes out of his bum when he trumps <extreme TMI>

Don't mention the "h" word Spotty, i really need one. we were due to go last year but i couldn't get a fit to fly.

It was DP's night for the wake up last night and J slept 9-6:30 and then back down and still going! Traitor! He's also lying on my side of the bed so I have no room. He does keep bopping DP on the nose though in his sleep which is quite funny to watch grin

Oh me too WillYou in one if these people who really needs a holiday abroad at least once a year! Bit poor these days though sad yay for your sleep!

Yep that's me, if you don't go on holiday sometime it makes going to work each fat pretty depressing. We have money now but I'm rubbish at budgeting and so don't want to run out when my mat pay drops to nothing

MaMaPo Sat 16-Mar-13 09:35:40

Do we have somewhere in here to sit and groan? I feel completely shit. I know I'm at risk of dehydrating myself and little C but can barely face drinking water or tea. My head is pounding and my stomach aches. Wah!

Do we have a sickness settee mama can curl up on while we encourage her to have lots of fluids?

Just keep sipping one every five minutes. Hope you feel better soon. Maybe get some dioralyte

WLmum Sat 16-Mar-13 10:35:21

I'm guessing growth spurt as she's otherwise happy - in fact looking up smiling at me when she should be asleep! I did eventually get her back down and the after her 6.45 feed DH took her and the big dds down stairs for a couple of hours.
mama when I had a sick bug it was hard to tell if dd had it too as she's always sick but dehydration is the potential problem - as you say feed her lots, and as spotty says frequent sips for you or dioralyte is fab stuff. Tastes a bit crap but does the job. Hope you feel better soon.

ISpyPlumPie Sat 16-Mar-13 11:18:36

Willyou, Mama and WL - sorry you are all poorly. Hope you are better soon.

Mama - would agree that the best way to deal with a bug is to feed, feed and feed again. Also make sure you get plenty of fluids yourself. Won't say get rest too - obvious that it's needed, less easy to actually do.

It is hard to spot a bug - think the key sign is poo that's even more liquid and frequent than normal <recalls one memorable incident with DS1 involving numerous nappies and wipes as every fart seemed to be productive> <shudders and apologises for TMI> . Also sick that is more than just posset.

Think we're going to have to move N into his cot. Although he's still within the weight limit for his moses basket, he completely fills it - don't think there's an inch between his head and the top. We're lucky as we've still got the cot from last time (with a new matress) but it means moving him into his own room and I just don't feel ready.

Ispy could you put him in a travel cot in your room for a bit?

EggsMichelle Sat 16-Mar-13 12:06:27

Ispy we have the same dilemma, running out of space in the basket, but no room for the cot in our room. Plus the basket mattress has sunk around the monitor sensor mat, it can't be comfy!

I'm in desperate need of a holiday, last year we went on an English Safari, drove from Nottingham to Cornwall to Portsmouth stopping at safari parks/ animal reserves/ zoos on the way. Pretty sure DH enjoyed that more than our USA-Canadian Honeymoon! But think it will be Butlins and a caravan this year.

WLmum Sat 16-Mar-13 12:10:19

That's a good idea or could u get a smaller cheap cot (I think ikea ones fit the bill) to use for a bit. We are lucky that our bedroom is big enough with a bit of a shuffle.

mama just remembered, I found ribena good when I had a belly ache - quite light and refreshing but has sugars.

Eggs ds's mattress sunk and we put a flat oven tray underneath it grin

Dd is poorly cough and temp of 39.8 sad not a happy bunny.

WLmum Sat 16-Mar-13 12:14:52

Butlins and a caravan is looking like luxury from here - likely we'll be camping! Looked at our accounts last night - scary stuff. Need to do some juggling for a bit, and def get a better job next year (like they grow on trees!)

WLmum Sat 16-Mar-13 12:16:44

Loving the oven tray, not loving the poorly dd. sounds like my dd1 last week. I found alternating calpol and calprofen every 2 hours was the only way to bring her temp down. Hope she's better soon.

I think she might have a chest infection she's had a cough on and off for months sad

We've paid off most of our debts (bar car loan) and are now on saving mode. Not a lot left over each month though!

I think we will just have a few nice days out this year and go two places next year grin if I get a job as I'm not going back to mine..

MaMaPo Sat 16-Mar-13 12:32:08

I am so sick of the sight of my bathroom!

Oh Manapo that sounds miserable flowers

Poor Dd Spotty day in bed all round.

Has anyone been reading the thread about the woman 6 days post partum and her husband's being a dick? It's given me the rage!

Last year we did Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwick, Bath and Bournemouth. It was nice but tiring and not really relaxing

We did bath and Bournemouth too WillYou grin and menorca.

Dr is calling me back in the hour I can't get her to drink anything and she's hardly weeing

MaMaPo Sat 16-Mar-13 13:24:33

sad for sickness. C has def got the runs - she usually produces one poo every 2-3 days; we've changed 5 pooey nappies today. I keep offering to feed but she's quite resistant, yelling a lot. I guess I'd better make sure she's wearing ok, right? I know I'm dehydrated which won't be helping matters.

MaMaPo Sat 16-Mar-13 13:26:00

Weeing ok, I mean.

utopian99 Sat 16-Mar-13 13:56:56

spotty poor lo. Fx the Dr can suggest something..

willyou what thread is that?

We've been given permission to up her medicine and she had an ice lolly.

Utopian is your boob feeling any better?

I'm going go go on a chocolate and calpol run in a bit grin

I haven't seen that thread either. I sometimes can't believe what arses people's partners can be.

MaMaPo Sat 16-Mar-13 14:11:54

I agree. My husband has been amazing - during my pregnancy, the labour, while he was on paternity leave. He's off making me a cup of tea right now as C sleeps in my arms. I can't conceive of how hard all this would be without another supportive parent.

Spotty, hope your daughter feels better soon.

It's here ladies, prepare to boil with rage on her behalf though!

honeytea Sat 16-Mar-13 15:06:27

Sorry to hear about all the poorly people sad mamapo I was told by a dr to look out for the soft spot on a baby's head looking sunken, that can be a sign of dehydration. I hope everyone is feeling better soon.

We tried giving E expressed breast milk last night, I expressed 3 oz and he drank half an oz. He would only take the bottle if I fed him and then quickly slipped the nipple out of his mouth and the bottle into his mouth, he wouldn't feed at all with dp. Any tips to tempt a baby to take a bottle?

Honeytea advice is to try when they're not hungry and also I know some babies won't take a bottle when they know mum is around. Ds will only take it once he realises there's milk in it and that's it's not just a random bit of plastic!

What an arse WillYou. Dp is currently sorting through the second load if washing he's done today. He's looked after dd all day too and slept with her last night and ds is almost four months. He did everything at 6 days pp. Poor OP.

monsterchild Sat 16-Mar-13 16:34:59

Honey tea we got Yunior to take a bottle by having Dh do it. It seems less confusing for him.
Sorry to hear of sicknesses, I had a stomach bug last week, Yunior had a fever from his first jabs, Dh then got stomach bug all while ils visiting! And to top it off, when Dh was feeling poorly the toilet decided to back up and I had to replace the wax seal a well as unclog the damn thing! It was no fun telling my 83 year old fil that he had to go out side. Luckily it wasn't to cold!
Yunior has been doing well going to work every day. He's getting exposed to lots of language! He's very good at meetings to, just watching and listening.

I know! My DP came home from 12 hour shifts and made the tea for us both.

DS is taking the mickey today, he keeps latching onto my nipple through 2 jumpers and a bra. When I was trying to bloody feed him he wouldn't latch for love nor money!

MaMaPo Sat 16-Mar-13 16:39:44

Feel a bit bad for C - she's had a v boring day, mostly on bed. No walk, no playmat, nothing. How's that for maternal guilt?! She's 14 weeks old, she's fine!

Monster, wow, terrible week!

So who's in charge of the FB group? Does it show up on your feed? I'm keen to join.

Ds woke at 7:30 slept 11-12 and that's it. He's quite happy but surely he must be tired?!

Poor you monster that doesn't sound fun!

Honey is mama

Ugh sounds like a fun week had by all Monster

Snap Spotty unfortunately J was a right nark. He's just fallen asleep now, bet he lasts ~10 seconds

You just PM Honey a link to your FB profile Mama

Stacks Sat 16-Mar-13 18:00:03

I'm looking at ways to save money. This month we've had car insurance and tax, £250 vet bill (so far), and the curtains in our bedroom just fell down.
So, money saving ideas? So far I have meal planning/proper meal budget that I stick too plus an extra cake budget and eating lunch in before meeting up with mums for coffee.
DH made me sad this morning, so we had a little chat. He has a tendency in the morning of checking the clock after T wakes up, seeing its early, pulling cover up to his ears and turning his back on us to get more sleep. Meanwhile I've been up 6 times in the night and tried really hard to keep T quiet and settled so DH gets a full night of sleep. We've agreed Saturday is my lay-in day, so I didn't get up till 10, and slept all on my own in the bed. Bliss. Gave me weird dreams though, I dreamt I was buying a BBQ, very detailed dream too - I was looking at all the ones available for sale, seeing how they distribute heat, how easy to clean, and how much they cost confused.

Sorry to hear about poorly mums and babies. I hope everyone gets better soon and some holidays get planned for the summer. I really want a holiday this year, but not sure what we'll manage. I'd love to go somewhere warm.

Stacks can you not get your food budget down? (I've just had to put ours up sad). Do you pay your insurance all in one go? Do you have a bank account that you pay for? Ummm have you looked to see if you can get your insurance down? Cheaper broadband? Curtains are cheap on eBay or in Argos smile sorry if you've done all these things! Our monthly essential bills are nearly £2000 sad

Both dc in bed asleep grin

ISpyPlumPie Sat 16-Mar-13 20:57:03

Thanks for the suggestions about keeping N in our room a bit longer. Will give the travel cot a try, but DS1 took against it. If N isn't keen either then looks like an IKEA trip - not broken it to DH yet grin.

Our holiday is going to be a caravan in Anglesey. Should be fine for this year if we get good weather - DS1 will love the beach and exploring the castle, and N should be easily pleased! Hopefully we'll make it a bit further afield next year.

Spotty - hope your DD is ok. Also hope everyone's recovered Monster - sounds like a hell of a week.

MaMaPo Sat 16-Mar-13 21:22:14

Right - off to bed. I really hope C decides to sleep like a champion as I was too sick to express so have to do all the feeds tonight. sad

Sweet dreams all.

WLmum Sat 16-Mar-13 21:42:01

Oh dear it does sound rather like everyone is having a hard time at the mo. fx for peaceful nights that see everyone fit and well in the morning!

stacks if you come up with anything let me know! I did log onto a savings account today though which we never look at but drip feed every month - turns out its got £700 more than I thought in it! Total bonus as I was logging on to raid it as next couple if months are going to be 'interesting'.

spotty you mentioned not going back to your old job and looking for a new one - maybe we can hold hands! I will be going back and then looking for something else. I am actually sending off an application tom as I just happened to see something. It would mean an hours commute which I'm not sure how I'd manage to get everyone ready in the morning and to bed etc but its all such a long shot there's no point worrying.

Secondsop Sat 16-Mar-13 23:27:54

Omg that thread - the poor lady. My husband has been amazing - not just supporting me but caring for little Z too. I simply couldn't have got through it by myself.

Secondsop Sat 16-Mar-13 23:41:58

stacks re money saving have you reviewed any direct debits you have? Are there any subscriptions etc that you don't use and that can be cancelled? We did that recently and it's funny how the odd monthly 9.99 here and there add up. For curtains, a roman blind from Argos can be got for around £20 or so which can be better than trying to find curtains that will fit. Also, which supermarket do you shop at? I don't know about you but I find that even a quick run round sainsburys takes me into 3 figures; we've saved heaps by getting a lot of our shopping at Aldi.

utopian99 Sun 17-Mar-13 00:37:30

Agree on savaging your bills/old direct debits. Check all comparison websites for insurance and utilities savings. Ditch subscriptions if you can go without (i.e. Freeview not sky etc)

Write a spreadsheet of all outgoings for a month and see where the small things add up. Swap a bought treat i.e. Clothes/food for a free treat i.e. Long bath (if dh will help)

Audit your things and have an ebay selling bonanza. Not really a saving but raises funds.

utopian99 Sun 17-Mar-13 00:40:56

We have a travel cot for O as he's outgrown the hammock and until we buy a cot; this is his first night in it not our bed and every time i put him down since 11.30 he's been awake shouting within 20 minutes. I know he's only a baby not a 6-year old buy I'm.getting really REALLY angry. What can I do to stop this without caving in to him coming back to our bed?

WLmum Sun 17-Mar-13 01:31:07

itopian have you tried swaddling or putting a rolled blanket or towel either side of him? I guess it all feels a bit exposed after feeling the sides of the hammock. Good luck! I'm just wrangling T after an earlier than normal feed. Please go back down little one!

MaMaPo Sun 17-Mar-13 02:20:23

Utopian, is there anything you can put from the hammock into the cot, such as mattress? Y to swaddling or otherwise bolstering him.

Right, if 'sleeping through' is 5 hours, then achieved. C just did 7 hours. If she could sleep through to about 8-9am that would be fab. Ha hs ha, as if!

Fx you're asleep, utopian.

utopian99 Sun 17-Mar-13 03:19:09

Dh woke up and started bouncing him which didn't do much except force me to give in so that Dh can sleep. Up again now so will try the rolled towel plan after this feed..

We're up earlier than usual too hmm four hours 45. Bit annoying when you're used to six. I didn't wake ds for a dream feed last night so maybe that's why.

We've done well, but not as well as on DP's turn yesterday. The only problem with the 5am get up is that it can be hit and miss getting him back to bed after.

Hope the towel plan worked and you're deep asleep utopian.

EggsMichelle Sun 17-Mar-13 06:52:17

Willyou we are hit and miss between 4-6 for getting back to sleep. He slept 7.20-5.50 so I assumed it was get up time, but after having his feed he looks tired and a bit grumpy, should have feed him in bed rather than in the living room.

Re money saving, call your tv/Internet/phone provider and threaten to close your account, they will always put you through to the sales team to negotiate a better offer. I have free virgin tv with my broadband and phone package.

MaMaPo Sun 17-Mar-13 07:46:49

Gah - after waking for first feed at 2 I was up at 4 and 6 as well. My stomach was giving me terrible pain so I haven't really slept since 4. Feel like death warmed up! And all I really want to do is have a whinge to my mum but I can't get through. sad

utopian99 Sun 17-Mar-13 08:01:15

Sorry willyou, no luck so far. Am pissed off with O although it's not 'on purpose', and tired and miserable and now seem to have a cold sore coming.

He was fine in his hammock till he outgrew it; what the hell do i do now? They're too young at 12 weeks to be left to get used to it/cry, so do we co sleep till he's older? Won't that just make it worse?

PurplePidjin Sun 17-Mar-13 08:32:20

Utopian is a crib bigger than a hammock? Mine's significantly bigger than the defunct moses basket

Ds fast asleep in his cot for morning nap. Twenty minutes so far, put down awake but drowsy. I just had a nice peaceful bath grin

Is there any way you can rejig your room utopian? Swap out a bedside table or set of drawers into the nursery for a few months? That's the only way we'll get our cot in.

I'm going to kill her I'm going to kill her I'm going to kill her

Weekend at mil's is going as well as expected...

Well 35 minutes until dd woke him upangry why did dp have to get in the bath then? I had just got out so had to get dressed etc so there was no one to entertain her. She makes me so cross sometimes sad

What's she doing honey??

Stacks Sun 17-Mar-13 09:44:47

Utopian does your travel cot have a bassinet with it? Like this one on ebay? Could you then suspend a sheet with the bassinet so it was resting on the mattress, but slightly supportive round the sides like a hammock?

MaMaPo Sun 17-Mar-13 09:54:12

Spotty, your Lo's sleep has really turned a corner in the last couple of weeks, hasn't it? Well done for naps too.

Oh honey - what's happened? The weekend ends today! Try not to get arrested for homicide. smile

I ate something! Feel slightly sick as a result but with feeding C I tho k I would have fainted if I didn't eat.

Yes it has mama smile until he hits four months wink well done for eating something it is important to keep your strength up

utopian99 Sun 17-Mar-13 10:01:41

Sorry I guess i was being unclear - there's plenty of space for the cot when it arrives but I suspect he'll hate it just like the travel cot as it's just a flat open surface..

utopian99 Sun 17-Mar-13 10:03:28

On the plus side Dh took him just after my last post at 8 so I could get some sleep so feel.a lot better. Can't do it in the week though.

How about doing asStacks suggested and stringing a sheet through the travel cot so he sleeps on that and is more enclosed but with a bit more space?

Ooh Honey we need details!

WLmum Sun 17-Mar-13 11:05:49

utopian I'd say do whatever gets you some sleep! If that means taking him in with you for a bit then so be it. Fighting with him will only end in tears - his and yours! You can always keep trying, sooner or later he'll get used to being less enclosed. Could he nap on your bed and you can move away once he's asleep so he can start getting used to more space?

I agree utopian. Do whatever's easiest for now and if you have problems still when he's bigger then you can cross that bridge when you come to it!

Dp's being a super housewife today wink I'm going to make a shepherds pie

Stacks Sun 17-Mar-13 11:34:07

I've got T into a bad habit of sleeping with nipple as dummy, then when I finally mange to extract, still sleeping beside me. I used to be able to put him down after a feed, either beside me in bed or into his crib. No longer though sad just tried to put him down and got the highest pitch, saddest squeal ever, then proper crying.
Feeding laying down is great, but I warn you all not do get into the habit of doing it exclusively day and night! I think I have some gentle sleep training coming up.

MaMaPo Sun 17-Mar-13 12:02:52

Oh, I find feeding lying down horribly uncomfortable! Don't know how you do it.

Come on honey! We need gossip!

WLmum Sun 17-Mar-13 12:29:09

T will only fall asleep with boob in or on the move. If she doesn't start sucking her thumb or fingers and learn to self settle we'll have to do some sleep training too eventually. Will wait and see what transpires.

FriendofDorothy Sun 17-Mar-13 13:42:34

I love feeding lying down but only do it at night. The Mister regularly wakes to find me asleep with The Little Mister still sucking on my nipple!

I used to do last feed lying down and still do if I'm having trouble getting ds to sleep.

ISpyPlumPie Sun 17-Mar-13 14:02:00

Just had a renagade attempt at BLW!! N was fussing while we were eating lunch, so I picked him up and sat him on my lap. He was staring intently at DS1 eating, then picked up a piece of lettuce from my plate, put it to his mouth and licked it!! Obv didn't let him actually eat it but given that he was only 15 weeks yesterday think we might struggle to get to 6 months without any big food - contraband or otherwise!

ISpy have you heard of the nhs banana challenge? Definitely sounds like he will be able to do it before six months. Very healthy going for lettuce smile

ISpyPlumPie Sun 17-Mar-13 14:41:57

We did the banana test with DS1 when he was about 5 1/2 months and he 'passed' so we started weaning. Once N is sitting up properly on his own I'll try it with him. I was quite impressed that he opted for lettuce too given how many opportunties he'ss had to grab chocolate grin.

IsThatTrue Sun 17-Mar-13 14:43:09

stacks there are some great threads in 'credit crunch' with money saving tips.

MaMaPo Sun 17-Mar-13 15:09:38

Just attempted to put C down for nap in cot. Someone reassure me it wasn't a futile waste of time - she was down for an hour total but had to be resettled 5 times. It's not pointless, giving it a go, is it?

WLmum Sun 17-Mar-13 15:18:50

Not pointless at all, great that you resettle her, once T wakes up that's it. I've just been for a long walk in the rain with her so I could have some peace she could have a sleep which she did for a bit but woke up despite the movement. Guess we might be coming out the other side of a growth spurt.

EggsMichelle Sun 17-Mar-13 15:34:20

ISpy F put his hand in my gravy when I wasn't looking, but that was before he knew where his mouth was!

We are having a very good day today, F has either slept or entertained himself while I have done house work ready for my first day back to work tomo. DM and DGM are coming to look after F and paint.

I hated lying down feeding, always felt that my shoulder was in the way, and F wasn't too keen on the angle either.

EggsMichelle Sun 17-Mar-13 15:37:10

Not pointless mamapo, I'm still not brave enough to put him in his cot/basket for his naps in case he throws an almighty tantrum he is still napping on the sofa.

Mamapo I would be doing what you're doing for every nap if I only had ds. IMO it is worth it but not if it's stressing you out and stopping you enjoying her smile

WLmum Sun 17-Mar-13 16:02:28

Good luck back at work eggs. Do you feel ok about it?

Feeding lying down was fine when we did it every night bit now I find it quite awkward and only do it when I'm too exhausted to sit up.

halesball Sun 17-Mar-13 16:50:06

Sorry to see all the illness, hope you and your LO's are feeling better.

The only money saving tip i have is completely fill your petrol tank and wait till its empty then completely fill again. Its saved me a fortune instead of £20 every so often.

I'm starting sleep training next week nothing to harsh. Just when shes asleep shes going into her cot. No more staying in my bed when shes finished feeding. I think it'll be harder for me than her, as i often fall asleep. But feeding lying down is taking its toll on my back. The not being able to move while shes latched on isn't comfortable when she seems to be latched on all night.

Hales my dad always told me filling your tank is false economy because it makes your car heavier grin

We have a £75 fuel limit between us for the week and once it's gone it's gone or we have to pay out of our individual money.

God when I get so old and boring?!

MaMaPo Sun 17-Mar-13 18:56:42

Eggs, if C napped on the sofa I'd be happy! All naps are in my arms or in pram/sling. We're lucky that she goes down fine in the evening and during the night. It's strange she can't do that in the day.

Good luck with your gentle training, hales.

Spotty, good luck with your economising. I think there have been some good tips on here.

I think it was stacks who asked about economising, I don't think there's much more I can do to save money!

Both children asleep in bed again. Long may it last!

mama D is exactly the same - will only nap in my arms or the pram on the day

WLmum Sun 17-Mar-13 20:06:51

hales I had really mixed feelings when T started going in her cot - I did miss her but found I was getting stiff shoulders and sore hips from not being able to move. It's so nice not to have my back to DH all the time too. He's been a star this weekend as I've had a few bad nights and been feeling rotten. He's been doing loads with the dcs and giving me a lie in. Shame it's Monday tom but I might get a little lie in as its my birthday.
mama T is like that too - will really only sleep in her cot at night. My other 2 were like it so shouldn't be surprised!

Aww happy birthday for tomorrow WL thanks

You know I said dp took five club biscuits to work? (But he's a builder so I excused him) well he's eaten 22 in four days!! Only two of those were work days ffs. He's such a pig!

utopian99 Sun 17-Mar-13 20:55:04

Happy almost-birthday WL!

I suppose what we're trying is gentle sleep training then.. Might just keep trying him in the cot till I'm too tired then cave and back in with us. Hopefully it'll get there eventually.

Had a lovely day today despite the dreadful night. Long walk with dh and ds in pram after v slobby morning for all three of us, fish and chip supper, tiramisu and now watching dubious crime drama together with ds asleep in my lap.

MaMaPo Sun 17-Mar-13 21:02:08

Oops, sorry Spotty - am rubbish at keeping names straight, and usually on my phone which makes it hard to scroll up and check.

WL, hope you have a lovely day tomorrow. With your older dcs who didn't nap in their cot, what did you do? At the moment C is so unhappy if she gets overtired that I end up h

Stacks Sun 17-Mar-13 21:03:41

Food is our main expense, so that's where I'm trying to save money just now. DH and I are boring and never go out, out only entertainment is netflix and virgin subscription. Tbh we could lose the virgin tv as I've not watched it in the last month. Maybe it's time to ring them up and negotiate.
I managed to get T down in his crib for one nap. Took a couple of attempts but we got about 45m. However this afternoon he'd have none of it. Just being really grumpy till he got his own way (boob). I'm going to persist with the attempts and see if I can't get him napping there in the day at least.

Started writing this many hours ago. Going to post them catch up.

MaMaPo Sun 17-Mar-13 21:04:02

Oops, sorry Spotty - am rubbish at keeping names straight, and usually on my phone which makes it hard to scroll up and check.

WL, hope you have a lovely day tomorrow. With your older dcs who didn't nap in their cot, what did you do? At the moment C is so unhappy if she gets overtired that I end up holding her for hours every day. I don't often have too far to go (ie to necessitate pram/sling) and the weather's been so cold I'm happy to stay in.

Just going to finish this chocolate and then an early night for me. C went down at 7.45pm, which is v early for her. I hope it's a habit!

MaMaPo Sun 17-Mar-13 21:05:10

hmm not sure what happened there. To bed with me.

That's ok grin

Ds has been asleep since I put him down (awake) at seven. He has his jabs tomorrow though. Dd is too ill for nursery so she will have to come with us but I'm worried it will upset her seeing/hearing poor ds, it's three this time isn't it?

Stacks food shopping seriously stresses me out. When dp and I first moved in together we bought whatever we wanted and it was about £40 a week. I've just put our weekly budget up to £75 and that's being really strict and not getting half the stuff I would like

I've just been vomited on. No exaggeration there was two bottles full of milk and it ran either side of my neck down my front, back and into my hair. All I could do was shout DP to take DS to clean him up and jump into the shower! On the plus side DS looks much happier than he has all day!

oh no WillYou!

Poor dd is up she's got an awful cough, almost being sick.

EggsMichelle Sun 17-Mar-13 21:35:35

Eew, a sick wash!

Wl I'm excited to be going back to work, I haven't done any proper nursing since falling pregnant (not allowed patient contact) this week is just training, then I will just be doing bank shifts to top up my maternity pay, so only 4-8 shifts a month until August but its something to keep me occupied but not too long away from F.

WLmum Sun 17-Mar-13 21:39:23

Oh dear willyou! I've also had a change of clothes today due to big milk puke but not shower worthy! If he looks happier maybe he had trapped wind or some other belly ache.

mama with dd1 I spent many hours walking through a posh neighbourhood fantasising about which house I would choose if we won the lottery! When she got older a short walk would send her off and she'd sleep in the garden. Dd2 I walked round the garden (so I could still see dd1 from the window) and then left her to sleep in the garden - she was even out there with inches of snow on the pram! Dd3 will go off with a rock in the garden if she's tired but doesn't always stay asleep that long. I know she will do more so when she's a bit older. I often put her in the sling for a nap around 5ish for dds tea and bath.

Would C sleep in a swinging crib? You might have to sit and rock it but at least you get a break from having her on you. With dd1 I really worried about setting up bad habits that would go on for years but now I know better! Whatever works for you right now is best, and can always be changed later if necessary, but most often the babies will change it themselves as they are fickle little buggers!

FriendofDorothy Sun 17-Mar-13 21:48:08

Does anyone know at what age babies can sit in a buggy rather than lie down?

utopian99 Sun 17-Mar-13 22:45:24

fod not sure but one of our nct lot has just been trying hers sitting and she seemed happy? Must be about 14-15 weeks..

Tried to settle O for 45 minutes but just shouting as soon as I put him down. Now back in with us - how on earth are we the only ones with a baby that refuses to be left? Wish to god they start making larger hammocks.

Actually.... Thats a thought, might try to make one on the frame we have. Hmm..

pmgkt Sun 17-Mar-13 23:16:53

Utopia I don't think they make them cos it wouldn't be any good when they start to roll?

halesball Sun 17-Mar-13 23:43:01

Utopian if it makes u feel better H only manages 2 hours at most in her own bed before swopping to mine.

Wow £70 a week spotty, i use to put £30 a week in my car now i put £50 in to fill it and it lasts me 3 weeks grin

halesball Sun 17-Mar-13 23:46:56

Fod my lie down part of the pram also sits up, without changing to a actual pushchair. I've been using that sat up if H is awake for about 2 weeks and i lower it again when she falls asleep.

Happy Birthday WL.winethanks

Hope you enjoy work Eggs.

MaMaPo Mon 18-Mar-13 01:05:13

Thanks for that WL (and happy birthday!). I do plenty if wandering posh neighborhoods, but we live in an apartment block and she wakes without fail when we get in the lift. Wish I had a garden to plonk her in, I bet she'd stay asleep! Haven't tried a swing - we have a small flat and will be moving back to Aus in 6mo so am a bit leery of buying more kit. But I might ask around and see if any of my friends have one I could trial.

Moving home in 6mo! Exciting now I've written it down. We just booked our tickets. I have been much more homesick since little C came along, which isn't that surprising.

envy Hales. That is between both of us and we do have a twenty minute drive to get anywhere....

Well ds is awake already only three hours after his dream feed so the long sleeps didn't last long sad

WLmum Mon 18-Mar-13 03:29:10

mama what if u went back up on the lift and sat and jiggled the pram for a bit?
eggs glad you feel positive about work. Is it usual not be allowed patient contact? I def remember a paeds a&e nurse being pg - what a worry to be pg and dealing with ill people all the time.
fod your pram/buggy instructions should say. I've got a feeling the recommended age is quite late - 6 months? I tried dd2 in the seat mode of our pram at about 4 months and she wasn't quite ready as she just kept sliding over! Can't remember with dd1! Dd3 is rarely awake on the pram so will leaver her lying down until I feel she wants/needs a better view then will give it a go. I guess if they're 'sitting' in the pram build the time spent in that position up slowly to allow muscles to develop.

WLmum Mon 18-Mar-13 03:33:29

mamayou could also try getting (or borrowing) a car seat - cheap 2nd hand on eBay and rocking that - T will sometimes fall asleep in hers before go if I give it a rock or stay asleep when we get in. They are quite easy to rock with a foot whilst standing or sitting.

MaMaPo Mon 18-Mar-13 04:15:37

Thanks for ideas. I think what puts c to sleep in the pram isn't necessarily the movement (though of course that helps) but the noise and the lack of stimulation. She's a nosy wee thing! I've noticed that if I walk into a quiet park she's liable to wake up, and sometimes be even wakes as we come into our gates which is quieter than the busy road. Maddeningly, white noise only marginally helpful for her.

I have tried rocking/bouncing her in a bouncer, but she finds that v stimulating.

I think I'm going to persist with trying her in the cot. She is so good at the moment at night that sooner or later her little brain will get it.

Hope wveryones fast asleep...

MaMaPo Mon 18-Mar-13 04:17:14

Just realised I'm being inconsistent - I mean the lack of visual stimulation in the pram helps. Obviously auditory stimulation she quite likes.

Argh I've got a really horrible head cold sad feel all bunged up and got a headache. Plus ds has been rubbish tonight

EggsMichelle Mon 18-Mar-13 05:37:35

Happy birthday Wl!

F has typically decided he doesn't want to go back to sleep after his 4.30 feed, so I'm watching Hollyoaks and he's complaining in his bouncy chair (I refuse to play with him at this time in the morning)

I have had the pushchair in slight upright since 12wks. When laying flat he wasn't distressed but wide eyed the whole time, no chance of him nodding off. But since he is slightly upright in the car seat and that puts him to sleep, I gave it a try with the pushchair and it worked!

Should I take dd to the doctors? She's had this cough/cold on and off since I had ds. She had an ear infection to start and hasn't been able to shake it. I put it down to having ds then Christmas then starting nursery etc but she has a fever since Friday (although it seems to be down atm) and her cough is so bad she was up all night almost being sick and she's coughing every 30 seconds at least. I just feel silly going if it's 'just a virus' and nothing can be done about it.

IsThatTrue Mon 18-Mar-13 07:11:42

It's prob worth going as she can't seem to shake it spotty

Happy birthday WL

I thought we'd come out the other side of the growth spurt but I was wrong. DS fed every 1.5 hours yest through the day. And overnight he's only going 2-3 hours <yawn> I love him dearly and really love bfing but I'm knackered ATM. I can't seem to eat enough to sustain him. Well he gets what he needs but it's leaving me with nothing iykwim. I have a horrid sore throat and a mouth full of ulcers sad

EggsMichelle Mon 18-Mar-13 07:13:00

Spotty no harm in getting her checked out, at the least it will put your mind at ease.

IsThat are you taking vitamins?

WLmum Mon 18-Mar-13 08:40:05

Thanks all. T slept til 3ish which was great, had a quick feed and went back down - happy birthday indeed I though - cue big puke and 2 hours to settle :-(. Everytime I put her down she was wriggling and straining, not sure if windy or if she feels coldy and rubbish like me. I took ages to get back to sleep and almost immediately dd2 came in and woke her up again. Family were coming over for a take away tonight but I'm cancelling. As soon as dds are asleep I'm going to bed too.

spotty I would take her to drs. It sounds like its worth getting her checked over poor little thing. She might need some anitibiotics or ventolin to help clear her chest.

WLmum Mon 18-Mar-13 08:44:06

isthat I tend to get sore throats when I'm run down too - horrid isn't it. Make sure you take vitamins and get enough zinc - should help those ulcers - ouch.

Got her an appointment after ds's jabs

IsThatTrue Mon 18-Mar-13 08:57:39

Yeah I've been taking multivitamins and calcium but I'm still run down sad

MaMaPo Mon 18-Mar-13 10:39:42

Oh, good reminder - I need to get some vitamins. I didn't realise I'm supposed to be taking them as I'm breastfeeding. Has everyone else been given the same recommendation?

IsThat, I hope you feel better soon. Ditto your daughter, Spotty. Winter seems to be so long this year, and all the bugs seem to be hanging round as well.

Eggs, I think I'm going to try C out in the buggy seat. Her head control is much improved but not perfect and I think she'll slide around a bit. Worth a go though.

C has been in the cot for over an hour now, and asleep for around 35 mins. I've had to settle her twice, and once she self-settled. Actually, maybe make that twice. (Sorry if this is terribly boring - I find it useful to write it down! I can hear the groaning chorus of 'Jeez, MaMaPo, get a word document!' from here!) She's grizzling now, I might give her a minute or two to see if she'll fall asleep again.

grin don't be silly Mamapo, like all women post-baby you've lost your internal monologue and instead of talking to the baby you're telling us! wink

Good luck with jabs and DD's appt Spotty.

Happy birthday WL hope your day improves.

DS is fast asleep in his pram in the conservatory. I want to go out for a big walk but MiL is coming at 2 so I've got to wait in. She's arranged to come every day since Friday but was ill with the cold that we all have and didn't want to give it to J confused, despite me telling her he already got it off her on mother's day. If she doesn't turn up today she can make arrangements with DP one morning before work.

I emptied my washing basket on Tuesday. Just come to do the washing and there's 6 loads, plus our bedding that J threw up all over last night. It's going to take all day.

We've got four loads and dp emptied it on Saturday sad I can't do anything today though. Dd really is poorly.

My dad found his colleague/friend dead and tried to save him but it was too late. Heart attack they think. So, so sad.

Don't be silly mamapo smile I moan and babble on more than all of you out together wink

IsThat I'm not surprised you're run down your ds has been having this growth spurt for ages thanks

WL I hope you're enjoying your day wine

Secondsop Mon 18-Mar-13 13:00:48

Happy birthday WL!

spotty that's so sad about your dad's friend. It must have been so traumatic for your dad - hope he is ok.

mamapo are you moving back to Melbourne?

We had an incident today when my husband was cutting Z's nails with clippers (against my will as I wanted him to bite them) and he cut a bit of his skin at the top of his thumb. Poor Z cried and cried and my husband was cuddling him but I noticed the blood and I was holding a tissue tight onto z's little thumb but couldn't stop it bleeding. We're staying with relatives who have 3 young children including a new baby so they knew what to do and put a plaster on it which did the trick; the first plaster he just bled through but the second one has done the trick. His whole thumb is wrapped in a sticking plaster. He's been such a brave boy and hasn't cried since then apart from when he was hungry. Once the plasters took, I put him on the boob for a while which helped settle him.

Oh seconds poor Z! I think lots of parents have probably done that!

He is quite sad, says he keeps seeing his face as he looked like he was sleeping sad

ISpyPlumPie Mon 18-Mar-13 14:19:42

Spotty - so sorry to hear about your dad's friend, that's really sad and must have been such a shock. Also hope your DD's apt goes well and she's better soon.

Seconds - that must have been so scary, hope Z is ok now. Hate, hate nail cutting.

WL - happy birthday thanks

Eggs - hope your first day back at work is going well.

Isthat - feel your pain with the mouth ulcers (literally, as I've got a huge one myself atm). I'm taking vits, and also have a far better diet than I did at this stage last time as I need to make sure DS1 eats well, but still quite run down. Think bf can take an awful lot of nutrients esp at growth spurt time.

Well, after an inauspicious start we've had quite a good morning. Wanted to take DS1 to a new group, but we arrived late to the venue to find the group had moved. Instead however there was a really good playgroup on. Everyone was lovely and welcoming, and they had stuff for both babies and toddlers which is great as can be tricky to find things that are suitable for both boys. So my bad planning's resulted in us finding something new to do on a Monday.

Viral throat infection hmm bloody viruses

MaMaPo Mon 18-Mar-13 15:45:05

Not much to do but wait it out, Spotty? sad

Quiet day here - C still a little unwell, we are going through nappies like mad. Thank god she moved into 3-6month baby grows, as she's having loads of clothes changes every day and we never had many 0-3 outfits.

Seconds - poor Z! I am destined to do that someday - I hate it when C scratches herself so I trim her nails a lot. I'm sure he'll be fine.

Oh, and yes, we're moving back to Melbourne. Really looking forward to it. We'll be back in November, just in time for summer. smile

Yep sad it's annoying there's no quick fix as no one's getting any sleep which is making us all grumpy! Also she's missing nursery which is really expensive!

Ds's jabs went ok. He cried loads though and for ages sad they're such big needles. He's still asleep now

WLmum Mon 18-Mar-13 15:55:46

Poor little z and you +seconds* - seeing your baby hurt is so upsetting.

spotty poor your dad :-(

Good news on a new group ispy

Today I'm trying T with a dummy again after it being so hard to settle her after night feeds lately. She seems to be sucking it quite well not just spitting it out like before, and it def helped her settle in the pram this morni g and initially in the car seat this pm but alas didn't keep her asleep after we got in. The trickiest thing will be nights - she is a tummy sleeper so think dummy pressed into her face might be uncomfy. Will try her on her back at bed time with the dummy and see what happens.

Am avidly watching fb for news of dhs cousin who is having her baby today!

MaMaPo Mon 18-Mar-13 16:14:02

Dilemma: am sat here with baby C asleep on me (naturally) which is all well and good BUT she did a poo just before. Do I keep her asleep and run the risk of yet another new white babygrow covered in poo (and possibly me as well) or wake her to change her?

(And to think I used to be smart and debate important world issues.)

I wish someone would bring me some chips doused in white vinegar. (None of this malt rubbish.)

I would leave her smile

ISpyPlumPie Mon 18-Mar-13 17:27:37

How frustrating Spotty. Hope the virus gets lost soon so your DD can get back to her usual self.

I'd be tempted to leave her too Mama - suppose it depends how bad the smell gets grin.

MaMaPo Mon 18-Mar-13 17:32:49

I made the right call - I left her and she kept sleeping until our cleaner arrived and unzipped her coat. That noise made her start sobbing! Weird child!

itsMYNutella Mon 18-Mar-13 19:59:29

Good evening ladies! Sorry some if you are poorly or have poorly LOs. Hope you all get a decent nights sleep.

spotty your poor dad (and the family of the friend) must have been such a shock.

mama this is definitely the place to moan where no-one will tell you that you should just get on with whatever/ pull yourself together/ other not very helpful supportive advice. I find myself unable to keep up popping on here mostly just to remind myself that what we are going through is normal!

I have gas a rotten cold the last two weeks ish and now have some fancy cough medicine from the chemist. I think T has possibly got a touch of it - he has been doing strange poos... The best way to describe them would be "foamy" and over the weekend they were a bit green. I remember green poos being discussed; but has anyone else noticed slightly foamy poo? Sorry, I don't have anything more interesting up talk about grin

Except that today we started our postnatal fitness class (T gets to come with & socialises with the other babies while the mummies work out) its all about training pelvic floor, tummy and chest muscles. Even better the health insurance pays 80% of the course grin

IsThatTrue Mon 18-Mar-13 20:14:04

nutella green and foamy can be baby getting a higher ratio of fore milk to hind milk, maybe try feeding off the same side for 2 hrs before switching.

spotty I hope dd gets better soon and hope DS feels better after his jabs.

mama I think we all feel we're a bit 'mememe' on this thread, but I think that's a lot of what makes the thread what it is!

Still going a max of 1.5 hrs during the day, and 2.5 hrs at night. <yawn>

SleeplessInGarforth Mon 18-Mar-13 20:19:33

Marking a place for later on when I'm doing my umpteenth night feed.... Is there a 14 week growth spurt?! DD was sleeping fairly well (for her) until about a week ago and now she's waking for at least 3 feeds in the night. Zzzzz

I thought ds wasn't going to go down tonight because we didn't get home until seven (his bedtime) and when I put him down he was all awake and chatty. But thumb went in and off he went. Hope dd sleeps better tonight.

Hope ds surprises you tonight IsThat is there anyway dh could give you a break and do a feed?

halesball Mon 18-Mar-13 20:38:08

Spotty hope your DD is ok.

Mama this is the right place to say whatever you want. We all say what we want.

Isthat same here with the sleep except its 1.5 hours max of a night and 2 hours of a day. Its been like this since she had her 12 week jabs (2 weeks ago on wednesday). I asked the HV at baby clinic for advice and she actually said could your DH or mum not help. My answer was well yeah they could but thats only a short term answer. H has really struggled to sleep since birth. She had no answer to that! FX that swopping her to the cot helps

IsThatTrue Mon 18-Mar-13 20:38:17

spotty he could but from experience DS will drink 7oz of formula and then still want boob (and empty it) shock he's done this twice this week

DS is trying to roll over, he's at the 'hips off the floor and turn onto side stage'. That'll mean I have to move up from the Moses basket doesn't it?!

Ah that's probably why he's having trouble sleeping for a long time he's learning lots of new things! Hmm yes Moses may not be the best option anymore or he will be the second baby on the thread to flip out of one!

IsThatTrue Mon 18-Mar-13 20:53:10

Yeah that's true in the last week he's learnt to reliably grab his feet and giggle too grin

Really sorry to hear about your dad's friend Spotty

Sleepless so far the life of a newborn seems to be one long growth spurt. brew for you

We've had a screaming meltdown here. Against my better judgement I've got him up and given him the 2nd bottle he wants. If it ends up all over me again I'll cry.

First night of operation travel cot tonight. He's in moses basket inside it until new mattress arrives for it. The provided one is so thin!

MaMaPo Mon 18-Mar-13 22:09:22

Fx for Willyou.

I need to consider the whole 'moving out of the crib' issue. C isn't in a moses basket, but a larger crib. However, the sides aren't very tall and she is starting to lift her hips as well. I wonder when I'll have to be like IsThat and consider plan B. If so, I will be looking to WillYou for advice as I think our last bed option for C will be a travel cot, not a proper one.

Nutella, hope you feel better soon. I feel a bit hard done by, having had a cold with a lingering cough, quickly followed by a weekend of gastro. Of course, now it's Monday, I feel fine. I think all this sleep deprivation makes us all susceptible to coming down with stuff.

Hales sorry to hear about sleep issues. Would you consider sleep training in a little while? I have a copy of the No Cry Sleep Solution and while it doesn't really recommend training as such until 4 months, I've found it helpful to consider good habits/things to try/things to consider from birth until then. It might be good to seek out if you can.

Right. Bedtime. I expressed this morning so my husband can do a midnight feed - fx she keeps on sleeping for hours after that.

Happy sleepy dust to all the babies.

Ha Mama my lovely self settler who goes off straight away has been up 5 times already! Screaming the house down. Looking to put in the garage next if he gets back up again grin

halesball Tue 19-Mar-13 00:11:21

Mama i've decided that when she falls asleep now shes going in her cot. So she gets use to waking up in it. Then hopefully she'll start to associate being in the cot with sleep. When she wakes up i'll either feed her, change her or resettle her back to sleep then she'll go back into her cot. I started tonight so far shes been in her cot 4 times. Think it'll be hard work and take a while but eventually worth it. Plus shes not getting stressed out because as soon as she wakes up i'm there to sort her out. Plus hopefully it'll stop her being latched onto my breasts for what feels like hours of a night and i'll be able to get comfy in bed.

2.5 hours ffs sad I knew the good sleeping wouldn't last

IsThatTrue Tue 19-Mar-13 01:45:35

I think I just got 3 hrs. But I'm not sure. My brain is slightly foggy tbh!

willyou I hope LO is ok and the screaming doesn't last.

And sorry ds has reverted spotty let's hope it's not for long!

utopian99 Tue 19-Mar-13 02:07:35

spotty your poor dad.. and sorry for bad sleeping. I think we're in weird sync as while yours were being great O was being awful and tonight he stayed asleep in the cot for 3 hours (previously 10 minutes tops)
Think it may be due to letting him sleep on his front, which I'm hugely conflicted about. I know it's a total no-no but then ten years ago it was the recommended best practice? !

seconds hope little z is okay- I get so paranoid about nail cutting
mama my waffling is exactly the same; I think some of it is just my way of mentally ordering myself if that makes sense?

Any we're up again after two hours....

halesball Tue 19-Mar-13 03:03:33

Just dropped my phone on H's head while feeding theres a red mark there hmm

WLmum Tue 19-Mar-13 03:05:56

Ah utopian welcome to my world! I tried in vain for the first 6 weeks to get T to sleep on her back in her cot, only ever got a few mins out of her and ended up co-sleeping. I then tried her on her front and she slept really well ever since (bar the last week!). I was ok with my decision, had to resort to same with dd1, but hv scared me so we bought a sensor mat.

spotty hopefully it's just a temp set back and he'll be back to longer stretches soon.

T was absolutely not interested in the dummy this afternoon and eve so didn't bother to try at bedtime. She was so tired from not much napping she went down quickly anyway. Fx she will again now - just depends whether she's sick!

WLmum Tue 19-Mar-13 03:06:35

Been there hales!

halesball Tue 19-Mar-13 03:20:19

FX T's not sick WL, hope you had a nice birthday xxx

SleeplessInGarforth Tue 19-Mar-13 06:38:00

Hi all, sorry for blundering in half way through.. I was on the original December 2012 thread (which does feel like ages ago now - scary!).

My lo is a terrible sleeper. She only cat naps in the day and at give moment is waking 5+ times a night. She's on infant gaviscon for reflux but is still fairly sicky too.

DH is driving a lot for work at the moment so DD and I are banished to the spare room.

I've read tonnes of advice on sleeping so I feel like I know everything and nothing about it as she still wakes up so much...

I'm so tired... Is it normal?!

Sleepless it dies sound normal unfortunately sad are you ff or bf? How old is she now? Ds woke every two hours last night and dd was never far behind hmm

halesball Tue 19-Mar-13 07:20:07

Sleepless i'm in the same boat and its exhausting isn't it. Theres been about a weeks worth of nights were i've only got up twice other than that its like u said up 4-5 times. Last night it was 4 times before midnight 4 times after. I'm going to class that as a successful night though because she slept before 4 which is when she usually falls asleep. FX they change soon

WLmum Tue 19-Mar-13 07:45:50

Wow sleepless and others that sounds tough. sleepkess reflux is a horrible thing isn't it. Don't know how you feel about it but dd1&3 had/have reflux and are tummy sleepers - apparently that position sort if shuts the stomach on little ones so makes refluxing less and so more comfy. Dd2 who didn't gave reflux was happy on her back.

Well, who needs dummies! T has been happily (noisily) sucking her 2/3 middle fingers for the last 1.5 hours!

SpottyTeacakes Tue 19-Mar-13 07:49:02 </