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January 2013 Part Two: Coos and smiles but not always so much sleep...

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Our first thread has almost finished so I thought we'd need a new one!

Hormonalhell Mon 04-Mar-13 16:15:16

Marking my place grin

DS is 7 weeks old now n just starting to smile n sleeping 5 hours at night. Still making grunting noises even when not needing loo. Anyone else's little one do this?

happyhow Mon 04-Mar-13 17:12:30

Thanks Spring!

We're just out of the 6 week growth spurt too and have been sleeping for 6 hours at night but it's a bit more unsettled after that feed at 3-4am.

Pascha Mon 04-Mar-13 17:15:13

6 whole hours envy

lollipoppi Mon 04-Mar-13 18:08:45

Marking place smile

Hormonal my DD grunts all the time it's like she constantly has wind!

In other news my ds1 has shown his artistic side by drawing all over my walls, wardrobes and wallpaper with red wax crayon today hmm

octanegirl Mon 04-Mar-13 18:24:32

Yup also going 6 hours now. Long may it continue - and extend!

dd is 10 weeks (5 adjusted), and grunts and snuffles and makes goat noises all night long. she sleeps for one four hour stretch, followed by a three hour one.

she has just started smiling smile

Tugstonia Mon 04-Mar-13 18:31:47

Just have to say that I love Ewan smile DD has slept in her crib for the last two nights, thanks largely to Ewan. She did a 3 hour and then a 4 hour stretch. Very happy!

Anyone got/had breast thrush?! I still have it - it's been 3 weeks now and it's driving me mad. Have taken various meds, probiotics, cut out sugar, dairy etc. but it's not shifting. If anyone has any tips of how to get rid of it I'd be v grateful! Breastfeeding still bloody painful, although overall it is better since the tongue tie.

Pascha Mon 04-Mar-13 18:46:22

Hmm. We go approx 2.5 - 3 hour stretches overnight, the feeds are generally very easy though and Dan resettles quickly in his crib with his dummy. Very very rarely we get a 4 hour stretch. I'm ok with this though, holding onto the magic 12 week mark when hopefully his tummy ache will get a bit better.

DS1 has adopted Quack the bath duck and has to come to bed with him at night now hmm

Checking in!

DD is being fussy with her naps ATM. Taking ages to settle for them and then she's not sleeping long. I may resort to buying a Ewan ...

9 weeks past Saturday, and we've had smiles and chat for a good few weeks. She's such a sweetie!

She only grunts when she's pooing - which is a lot hmm

She has, however, put on a whopping 17 1/2 oz in 2 weeks! Go super boobs - and that was with a lip and tongue tie!

katolla Mon 04-Mar-13 20:12:41

My dd is apparently copying baby bugsy; animal noises, 4 hrs then 3 hrs. Can't wait for that to expand. Also to be quieter.

Meringue33 Mon 04-Mar-13 22:51:51

Hello all!
So jealous of the six hour babies!
Does anyone else feel they've hit a brick wall with sleep deprivation? LO is nearly 8 weeks we still have nothing resembling a routine. He is fussy and cries a lot in evenings, often gets overtired refuses boob and takes a few hours to go down. Last night did sleep for 4.5 hours this was a record.
Keep thinking I should retry GF or Baby Whisperer as this can't go on indefinitely... Can it?

MarasmeAbsolu Mon 04-Mar-13 22:53:12

Marking place!
Took both DDs on hols on the continent last week... Epic!
Easyjet nightmare. Will updte soon

Hormonalhell Mon 04-Mar-13 22:57:29

Meringue yes my DS is very grumbly on an evening sometimes crying for half n hour, he's on colief but finding its making him sick just lately. So worrying when they bring almost a full feed back hmm

Mrs Bugsy yes Charlie sounds like a baby horse grin

Meringue33 Mon 04-Mar-13 23:14:08

Yes he's projectile vomited on DP's face twice now, he was not pleased! Can take the whole evening to settle, gone are the days of a relaxed meal and telly. DP is lovely tho he often brings up the iPad and keeps me company while bf, or paces the floor with baby if he is being fractious.

Lora1982 Tue 05-Mar-13 00:03:12

Sleep seems to be going well over here. Last feed at ten then he'll wake about half three then sleep til nine... So why am i still wrecked? :-D

planned my first drink evening with work people so dp will FINALLY have to do the night shift... Only fair, since ive done it for two months.

On the dodgy boob front... The dr CUT OFF the scabby bit and im now left with what looks like brain matter in a big hole. It is healing though ive got dressings etc, was annoyed the nurse wanted a district nurse to come out and change it daily. I was like do you think im THAT incapable its a bloody glorified plaster i can change it myself thanks. (i got my own way). I dont wish this on my worst enemy (ok perhaps i would) im taking the itchiness as a good healing sign. I read a link pascha gave me and this only happens to 3-11% of us, i should of got a lottery ticket.

Meringue33 Tue 05-Mar-13 05:51:42

Ouch! You poor thing Lora. Your story beats anything I've heard re nightmare childbirths etc!

Lora1982 Tue 05-Mar-13 08:39:52

Has anyone had the first set of injections yet? Is it as nasty as ive heard? It might be the day he stops smiling at me :-(

Hormonalhell Tue 05-Mar-13 08:43:57

Meringue your baby sounds exactly like mine! I pace the room any time between 6 and 10 in the evening for an hour hmm

lollipoppi Tue 05-Mar-13 10:00:22

Hormonal, between the hours of 6pm-11pm you will normally find me pacing the kitchen with the extractor fan on full, white noise seems to be the only trick that will get her to sleep at night, but she will settle just fine in the day!

Anybody's LO had oral thrush?? DD has it, her tongue is white its been like this for weeks and the doc prescribed her medicine but it makes her sooooo sick!!! I really don't know if I should carry on giving it to her today and suffer the sickness or leave it??? X

Keep going lolli - also I've heard good things about coconut oil and gentian violet for thrush.

katolla Tue 05-Mar-13 10:36:50

Lora I dreamt I was you and having boob surgery sad

Lora we've just had first jabs this morning and Ivy gave me a massive smile when i sat down to feed her after we got home (though sometimes think its not me she's smiling at but my boobs smile )

Yay to all the sleeping! Ivy always sleeps 3-4 hours til 3ish but its more hit and miss after sometimes settled for another 3 sometimes up every 90 mins

In other news i am 33 today and really hoping i.can get a shower for my birthday! Thinking i will post pone birthday til i can enjoy it grin

CreepyCrawly Tue 05-Mar-13 11:02:43

Happy birthday Apple!

Hope your boob is on the mend now Lora, your posts do make me laugh.

HV thinks we have thrush too. I've got awful pain in one boob. Nancy's not showing any signs though. I've been given canesten to rub on my nips and told to wipe it off before a feed - but there's nothing there by the time it comes to the next feed.

Nancy slept from 23:30 (much nicer than 2am!) until 4am and then until 7:30. After her 7:30 feed, I changed her and put her durn with the intention of running to the loo before she kicked off but when I came back she was fast asleep, and still is now!

snowqueenrollo Tue 05-Mar-13 11:19:55

LittlePrince (I have a 7 year old too known on here as BigPrince) had me awake every hour through the night. This 6 week growth spurt is hard.

As i'm new here I'll share a bit about myself. 37, this baby is DS2 for me but first baby for DH. Born 3 weeks early, but still got my lovely homebirth - followed by a week in and out of hospital for jaundice treatment. LittlePrince also has talipes (club foot) of the left foot and so we are undergoing Ponseti treatment to correct that. Weekly trips to hospital to have the foot manipulated and re-cast - soon he'll be going into boots and bar. Not looking forward to that...

Pascha Tue 05-Mar-13 11:23:58

shock Apple Its my birthday today too! I'm now officially the wrong side of mid thirties. Boo. I've celebrated by going to Sainsburys and changing the bedding.

Danny was good last night. After his bottle at 9.30pm he only needed 2 feeds at 12.30am and 3.30am, with one resettle plus dummy at something past 4am. Shame we can't get him to accept more than a couple of oz ebm in a bottle as he won't sleep for more than about 3 hours yet. I would rather like him to sleep for 5-6 hours in one stretch at some point.

Lora hope you found some of that info helpful. Hope your boob is more normal looking by the day. How is the feeding going? I'm sure it will pick up on that side quite quickly now the pain is gone.

Countdown to 8wk check and 1st imms on friday...

Tugstonia Tue 05-Mar-13 11:47:20

lolli & creepy my dd has thrush, oral & in her bum sad Treating it with oral miconazole gel & canestan. It's been 3 weeks so far & still there... Just got some nyastin drops so will try them. Creepy I have boob thrush as well, it's grim isn't it? Going to go back to doc because it's not shifting.

pascha happy birthday thanks so far all i've done is sew on cub badges and try to tackle the bombsite that is our house grin

Tugstonia Tue 05-Mar-13 11:54:52

Happy birthday pascha & apple! smile

Pascha Tue 05-Mar-13 12:11:54

Aw thanks. Just looking at my 8 week old boy squirming around on the sofa. He fits his 0-3 month babygros properly now. Feet and everything grin

Lovely day here, all doors and windows open and a lovely row of white baby vests, grows, muslins, sheets etc on the line all having the poostains bleached out wonderfully well by the sunshine grin

CreepyCrawly Tue 05-Mar-13 12:16:26

Happy birthday to you too Pascha!

It's horrible Tugs. Only one of mine is sore, but it's agony! A right burning sensation. How are you getting on with canesten? Do you wipe it off before a feed? I've been putting the smallest amount on, and trying to wipe off before a feed but that hurts too then. I think if I'm putting a teeny tiny bit on, wearing breast pads and its a couple if hours between feeds, it'll be alright wont it?

Lora1982 Tue 05-Mar-13 12:21:39

Happy birthday apple and pascha, pisces is the best star sign (my birthdays friday so im possibly biased)

Vanish gel is amazing on poostains. Im crap at washing and used to imagine all his clothes with old poo stains that would refuse to budge then i tried the vanish sensitive gel stuff, its amazing.

Katolla i think you should avoid my nightmare inducing posts just before sleep :-D

Birdies Tue 05-Mar-13 12:41:50

Happy birthday apples and pascha

X is still sleeping 5-6 hrs, then 3, then 2. It's not sleeping too much in the day that works for us - 1 hour awake out of 3.

Whoever was asking about jabs, they were fine (except for x crying when she had them which is always heartbreaking). No side effects at all.

Had her head measured again yesterday and its settled down thankfully.

tinkletinklestar Tue 05-Mar-13 13:46:02

Wow so many of us Pisces! Im the 29 th February (celebrate the 28th)

Hope everyone is okay. We have had the most horrendous week, last monday evening dd would not settle she screamed and screamed some more we rocked, drove and cried all together!

On Tuesday morning I called the consultant peadatrician and sobbed down the phone at him.. he admitted us into hospital (again!) The nurses treated us with total disbelief as if I was making it all up..well.

The drs decided they would run a 24 hours test which went down down her throat into the tummy to measure the levels of acid coming up and down the food pipe. It was a horrendous 24 hours as she had no antiacids or medication. We were discharged on friday.

Went back for the results yesterday, low and behold....
They have confirmed that she is allergic to cows milk protein & also lactose intolerance so shes on another new milk! The ttest also confirmed she has severe silent acid reflux..
Over 24 hours she had 220 acid attacks between 1&3 on the scale of 1-14 (1is the worst if you know your chemistry)

So its now just a case of give things chance to work and hope we dont have to go back again!

She has been more settled on the milk which has no nasties in so fingers crossed!

katolla Tue 05-Mar-13 13:59:30

Tinkle you are really having a time of it. I hope this gets her sorted and feeling much better now.

Oh tinkle poor you and dd. Really hope things will settle for you now and you can enjoy dd. Its good they've done the tests so hopefully your new meds will help.

Happy birthday, apple and pascha!

tinkle so glad they're listening to you now and she's on the mend.

First imms today - horrible sad however we're getting a referral to the paeds who'll then refer us to the allergy specialist. Hopefully.

lollipoppi Tue 05-Mar-13 16:44:49

Ok so for the very 1st time ever both kiddy winks are asleep at the same time!!! I should use this time wisely and cook tea ... Only problem is they are both asleep ON ME!!!! I can't move! ...... Time to catch up on towie the news smile

Tinkle im so happy they have found something !! I've been thinking of you, I honestly can't image what you have gone through, and now you can relax knowing things will get better x

Louise85 Tue 05-Mar-13 16:51:04

It seems like a few of you are suffering with thrush - I've had all sorts of breastfeeding problems - and have decided to stop after getting thrush again - it really is so painful. Well done to all of you that are persevering through the pain. If you have the canestan cream, you do need to wipe it off before a feed. Also do some research into all that you can do to help - like washing bra's etc in high temps , not eating sugary foods etc. The thrush I had was in the breast tissue and I hope none of you get it that bad. If its not clearing go back to your gp :-)

Tugstonia Tue 05-Mar-13 17:45:19

Creepy I put the canestan on DD's bum and on my nipples I use Daktarin (miconazole) cream. It's bloody horrible. Lovely breastfeeding specialist said to avoid breast pads with plastic back and use cloth pads instead as the plastic ones can encourage thrush growth. No idea where you get cloth ones from though! Hope yours clears up soon smile

Louise Good point about washing bras etc. I've got a bit slack about that. I had it in my breast tissue too, it's agony isn't it? Breastfeeding specialist I just saw thought it might be a staph infection rather than thrush - vile! Def need to go back to GP.

Tinkle really hope that DD is on the mend now, what a horrible time you've had.

Lora1982 Tue 05-Mar-13 19:31:23

Creepy, avent do re-usable washable boob pads i got some. They are almost like circle padded bra bits

Lora1982 Tue 05-Mar-13 19:34:45


Lora1982 Tue 05-Mar-13 19:35:21
Lostbobbles Tue 05-Mar-13 22:24:09

Happy Birthday Pascha and Apples

Tinkle, hope DD is finally on road to recovery. Feel so sad for her xx

Bunty, hope Cameron is feeding better today

Had postnatal check yest, all well with bubs, didn't weigh her though which was annoying as now have to take her to clinic . I on the other hand have been sent to physio ( TMI) for my vagina 😲. Pilates has done nothing to help my pelvic floors.

Still crappy on sleep front have good (for DD) and bad nights. Longest stretch is still only 3-4 hours though 😢. She still grunts and groans like a warthog as well. Ended up with her sleeping on me again last night as just would not settle back down then she slept like a log (little monkey)

DH is going away for 2 weeks on Monday and DD2 has first jabs just to add to the misery. I'm soooo jealous that he gets to sleep for two weeks lol

Just caught a glimpse of the football score, I choose a good night to do the ironing. My DH is very quiet.

Bunny222 Wed 06-Mar-13 01:10:51

Happy birthday to the birthday girls! March is def the best bday month (mine in a couple of weeks too) ;-)

Tinkle you really have had an awful time, just hope for all your sakes that ur going in the right direction now :-)

Thanks all for the breast pump advice.

DS weighed in at 12lb3oz, he is only 5 weeks. Does this seem like a lot? HV not too bothered, but really dont rate her anyway. He is almost out of his 0-3s!

happy birthday pascha and apple

bunny did they mark your ds's weight on the chart in his red book so you can see which centile he is on? I think they are more interested in whether our babies' weight gain roughly follows the same centile line, than their actual weight.

lost dd had no I'll effects from her jabs and slept really well the night after having them.

tinkles sorry to hear your problems are continuing but glad you finally have an answer, hopefully things will improve now.

dd is getting very grumpy in the evenings recently, I think it could be colic and have ordered some colief on the advice of a friend.. she has also f become addicted to her dummy.

Lora1982 Wed 06-Mar-13 06:13:31

Bunny your baby sounds as big as mine he was weighed at 6 weeks and was 12lb 7. No idea what he is two weeks later. I find though that i get beautiful chunks of sleep at night but during the day esp the evening hes having food every two hours sometimes as soon a im done wind and changing.

tinkletinklestar Wed 06-Mar-13 07:48:32

I am going to actually kiss our consultant when I see him

We have had 3 settled nights, can't believe it. She's only going 3 hours between feeds but its a huge improvement

She's a very very noisy sleeper so she's in her own room with the sensor mat thingy it seems to be working nicely for us all. Have a little routine in place I think that helps.

I have just ordered a ewan, got one on eBay a bit cheaper than Amazon, we discovered she stops crying when the Hoover is on so dh got an ap on his phone but we can't leave a phone in her cot every night.

Is anyone else having a nightmare timing feeds?

Yesterday when I took dd 1 to preschool dd2 was due a feed on the way there and back! So she screamed the whole time down, lovely pharmacy lady did hold her so I could pay bless her.

I'm sorry to see some of you are struggling with breastfeeding, I desperately wanted to do it but dd just couldn't latch on and she had to be fed! Had a lovely reminder of this when in the hospital as they don't feed you if your not breastfeeding..disgusting or what eh?

lollipoppi Wed 06-Mar-13 07:56:18

Aw tinkle that's fab news!

Dd is all over the show with her feeds for the last few days, she has gone from taking 4oz every 3-4 hours to just 2oz?? She is 6 weeks today so I was thinking it might be something to do with a growth spurt but I thought that meant they took more milk??

CreepyCrawly Wed 06-Mar-13 08:00:18

They don't feed you if you're not breastfeeding?! What?! That's dreadful. Glad things are looking up for you though Tinkle

Thank you Lora, I've ordered some. I think the thrush is on it's way out now (if it even was thrush), I'm only really getting pain on let down now.

We got 7 hours last night. Midnight until 7, and now she's asleep again so I'm going to have breakfast and a non-rushed shower

that's great news tinkle

not a great night here, dd was unsettled and the cat brought a bird in which was still alive and shat all over the house before we caught it.

katolla Wed 06-Mar-13 12:25:49

What time are people going to bed themselves? We're going at 10, feeding till half past or 11, waking at 2:30 or three for feed, waking at six feed but after that she doesn't always go back to sleep for that long. Should we be going to bed at nine or 8? Just seems like we will have given up on life if we go any earlier.

Lora1982 Wed 06-Mar-13 12:59:21

Im doing a last feed at tenish so im done and ready for bed at eleven. He slept til SIX this morning [proud face].

What is everyone using for snuffly blocked noses. Its not necessarily snot blocking his nose more the bit at the top that swells i think. I was using olbas oil but apparently its too much for their noses at this age so im going to try karval

octanegirl Wed 06-Mar-13 13:01:53

I go to bed at 1030 and feed till 1130. He then wakes up at 05.30 and then I wake him at 7. I have been Gina Fording though.....he's 6.5 weeks now.
I don't want to go earlier for the same reasons as you!

lora I have a snot sucker nasal aspirator from boots which is great.

katolla we're on roughly the same schedule as you.

happyhow Wed 06-Mar-13 15:45:04

I feed B around half 9, 10 and am in bed half 10, 11. He usually wakes around half 3, 4 back down within an hour and then wakes between 6 and 7. He slept for 6hrs 45mins last night shock I'm feeling pretty good today!!

Was at health visitor this morning and he's now 11lb 2oz at nearly 8 weeks (3lbs up from birth weight). He's still in his "up to 1 month" clothes though so he's clearly still quite dinky for his age.

Tinkle - glad you now have an answer and that's great that your daughter has had 3 fairly settled nights. What a relief for you.

Louise85 Wed 06-Mar-13 16:19:05

Since we now bottlefeeding, I'm in bed really early, while DH does the 10:30 feed and DS slept till 4:30 - really pleased, but he only sleeps this long if DH keeps DS awake at that feed for an hour or so - so he's getting to bed quite late. We've kinda been following Gina Ford, (DD followed it perfectly and still sleeps 7 til 7)...

DS is very addicted to his dummy though - any suggestions?? after the 4am feed, I spend the net two hours putting dummy back in his mouth - he'll doze of, realise its not in his mouth and wake & cry...he's like this for all of his sleeps except the main sleep he has (10-4). He's too little to sleep train (I think - 6 weeks???), but if this is the start of dummy issues, then I need to do something soon :-(

tinkle glad to hear things better but am shock at not feeding you if not bf! Surely all new mums need to br eating so they can care for their babies?!

Re going to bed at the mo ivy and i go up when dh gets up for work at 10-10.30 but i will soon start putting her in crib around 8 and hopefully start to get my evenings back. She is good at self settling (though i also use an app on phone). I did rhis with ds2 and dd1 and i think it helps get closer to sleeping through because when they wake me in the nught its only for nappy changes or food (so onky if they really need me). Hope that makes sense hmm

Am running around sorting last bits for world boo day tomorrow. Will be taking alice in wonderland, chicken licken (!) and Tom the hero from the beast quest books!

Lora1982 Wed 06-Mar-13 17:00:19

Ive got the snot sucker (which he hates) but like i say its not snot bunging him up. So ive practically bought the pharmacy karval, saline, kids olbas and this calpol plug in thing.. Sods law though hes breathing fine now.

I think next to my boob issue tinkle gets the award for most horrendous time after birth, im pleased they are finally getting answers for you. Babies only cry cos they need something they should have listened before now!

Lora1982 Wed 06-Mar-13 17:05:20

On the cute front ive caught him a couple of times chatting away and smiling at ewan grin

Birdies Wed 06-Mar-13 17:14:49

tinkle so pleased things are getting better

I start feeding on and off around 830pm and bed about 2 hours later. So we go to bed at the same time.

Does anyone NOT have a Ewan?! I think he's great, couldn't be without him. Wish the noise lasted more than 20 mins though as I've got a feeling I might disturb X in the night with moving about and snoring

happyhow Wed 06-Mar-13 18:09:59

I don't have a Ewan!! Bailey settles really well so didn't see the point in getting one.

Pascha Wed 06-Mar-13 19:37:21

Danny's asleep! In his crib!! At 7.30!!! This never happens shock

Pascha Wed 06-Mar-13 19:41:17

We don't have a Ewan either. Feeling a bit left out now

Pascha Wed 06-Mar-13 19:59:06

Oh well, half an hour is a start I suppose. At least I got to have a quick bath. DH is now busy jigging Daniel round the kitchen while I dry off...

Lora1982 Wed 06-Mar-13 21:35:42

Shouldnt laugh... But i did :-D

tinkletinklestar Wed 06-Mar-13 21:38:04

Hi all.

Having a rubbish evening, dd having quite a few attacks tonight, I think she may have a bit of a colic type period where she guzzles away at a bottle and gives herself belly ache.

I wish I could get her to sleep longer between feeding. Very jealous of you ladies getting long stretches.

katolla Thu 07-Mar-13 07:40:52

Is colic more likely with a bottle? I'm going to try her on one today, been reading instructions online but nervous. Used to feed my friends baby with a bottle but he always got colic. Don't know if that was bottle or our crap skills smile

tisonlyme Thu 07-Mar-13 07:43:46

Hi all. I thought I would come and mark my place on this thread as my little boy snuck into January on the 31st.
We're 5 weeks today and doing ok on the sleep front. He tends to have a last feed at about 9, after an hour or so of pacing, then wakes up around 1 and around 5. A couple of nights he has only woken once so I think we are heading in the right direction. Need to try and give him a last feed around 10/11 to help this I think.

On a side note.....what is a Ewan? Am intrigued!

Welcome, tis. My DS was born 31/1/11, so it's a good birthday ;)

Had a horrendous night. For the first time since the night she was born dd woke every 2 hours on the dot. Shattered today.

welcome tison

Ewan is Ewan the dream sheep (search on Amazon, sorry can't link from phone). it has a nightlight and opp lays soothing sounds / music. a lot of us sheep on here bought them on someone's recommendation and we all find they help our babies get to sleep.
just had an epic poosplosion, dd covered in poo so had to give her an emergency bath. now feeding her and I only have 15 mins before we need to leave the house. and I'm still in PJs.

Lora1982 Thu 07-Mar-13 09:30:03

Katolla ive been using tommee tippee ones back to nature or something or other. Its got like an air thing which means air doesnt get trapped and make it impossible to suck. Touch wood hes never had colic.

Boob watch im finished with anti b's today just intime to be able to give him boob feeding comfort after his jabs. It currently looks like a hole... With snot in bleugh.

Ewan is a toy you can use to help send baby sleep it plays white noise and hoover sounds etc. It only seems to work when hes extra tired otherwise he lies there chatting to his best pal :-D

Nightmare night! Dd1 decided she didn't want to go to bed and threw a spectacular tantrum that went on fot ages! Ended up shouting and smacking sad both dss wound eachother up while i was dealing with dd1. Ivy then gave up on proper sleep after 4am and kept wingeing and snacking but no full feed so she kept coming back!

Littke monkey ended up sleeping on me while i dozed in a really awkward position. Feeling really defeated today and down. Just feel like 'what have i done' and not sure i.can cope sad

Lora1982 Thu 07-Mar-13 13:17:50

Woooo been discharged from the boob clinic. Still looks scabby but itl be all pretty again in two weeks and i can attempt to feed from it after a week. But he never liked that side anyway... Which helped cause the problem so i think im going to just pump off it to make everyone happy.

Lora1982 Thu 07-Mar-13 13:19:00

Bought celebratory chocolate... Dexter will get it in his boob milk in a few hours as a treat for being a gooden when we go for his jabs :'(

happyhow Thu 07-Mar-13 18:36:04

That's great Lora

Apple, keep your head up. Having no sleep makes everything worse. Hopefully your day has been better.

Homemade tikka chicken is off the menu for me... Had it for dinner last night and have had some mega spew-a-thons today.

Started to have a little 'fun' with hubby last night for the first time post birth but stopped halfway through as he didn't want to wear a condom and as much as we both want more children, Bailey is enough for now! Roll on my 6 week check (at 8.5wks) on Tuesday so I can get something sorted!

Lora1982 Thu 07-Mar-13 18:42:17

At my six week check... She didnt check me at all.. Mums annoyed and keeps saying i shoild be etc but i dont know wether to be fussed or not.

Thanks happy. Feeling a bit better now as this evening was better dcs all asleep except ivy who is tired but refuses to settle! Have started a thread in larger families to get some ideas to help cope.

lora glad things are better with the boob x

Lostbobbles Thu 07-Mar-13 21:21:06

Lora: good news on the boob

Kato : We are using the Dr Browns bottle's with level 2 teat, she actually gets less wind from the bottle than she does from me. :-( (Evil jet wash letdown)

Apples - Hope you have better night, hat's off to you. I am dreading coping with just the two on my own when DH is away next week.

As for sleep watch, still not getting more than 4 hours but, routine is kind of coming together. She sleeps from 7ish -11 (Dream Feed, which she usually wakes for) then will go to 2/3 and after it all goes downhill, will sleep 1-2 hours ish or will whinge and moan and i lose all resilience and give in and bring her into bed, where she will sleep like a log in the crook of my arm. (I have all these great intentions of being strong but all goes out the window)

I have also realised I (and DH) need psychological help when it comes to the dummy, I don't know what is wrong with me but without thinking i find myself just shoving it in at first sign of a cry/whinge/moan. Bless her poor child is not allowed to speak!! Guess i can't moan about her not settling herself as it is all our own doing. (We are useless, both of us said we wouldn't use a dummy, second time around)

Lost ivy is in a similar routine where she maked such a racket after about 3/4 that she ends up sleeping in the crook of my arm i can't even put her in our bed because all the noise starts again if i do! I don't like sleeping like that though as i often nod off and am terrified of dropping her.

tisonlyme Thu 07-Mar-13 21:44:26

Eek - tonight is the first time I have put ds down in our bedroom and come back downstairs, he is 5wks old today. I have the baby monitor next to me and me or dh keep popping upstairs.....not liking it lol. Am going to try dream feeding him at about half ten and go from there. Am liking not going to bed at half eight tho like I have been doing!

Lostbobbles Thu 07-Mar-13 21:52:11

Apples- Lois is same if I try to lay her down in my bed hmm. I don't like having her on me either but use my pregnancy pillow, its like a hard long bean bag (filled with husks) to rest my arm on and she lays on top in my arm so I can't drop her.

Jinxed myself little madam has just woken angry

Lora1982 Thu 07-Mar-13 22:14:45

Oooh that was scarey... And a revelation. Dexter was squealing.. He never cries unless starving or when someone hurts him like the needle woman today (should of seen the look he gave her) well i realised he had a temp of 38.3 poor soul but my word calpol works quick. Must have been five mins now hes back to his old self thank god

tisonlyme Fri 08-Mar-13 06:17:59

Well, tried dream feeding last night. When I tried at eleven - he was having none of it....fast on and nothing would stir him enough to take a feed. He then stirred himself at 12, but because I was still awake and feed was ready he had that whilst asleep. He woke at about half two and took 2 ozs and then woke up at 5.45. So not quite an epic fail, but not the miracle night either....I know it will take a while to settle him into a new routine tho.
Any tips on dream feeds etc - or recommended books?

Bunny222 Fri 08-Mar-13 06:48:58

After a really tiring week of poor sleep, DS
Managed to sleep from 9pm for 5hours, had a feed, then slept for 3 hours until 6.15am. Only one night feed! Am in shock
:-) really impressed as he is 5weeks, and realise its probably a fluke.

Hope ur all doing ok. So excited that for many of us it'll be our first mothers day on Sunday. Have reminded DH that I am expecting a card from DS....

tisonlyme Fri 08-Mar-13 07:03:03

Bunny, my ds is 5 weeks as well, and generally wakes once or twice thru the night - I can handle that one! I can't wait for Mother's Day. After 10 years of waiting and trying....I finally get to take part as a mummy smile

tinkletinklestar Fri 08-Mar-13 07:03:11

Well looks like were back in the crap.

Dd really upset most of the night, I desperately need some decent gaps between feeds!

tisonlyme Fri 08-Mar-13 07:04:25

Oh no tinkle. How old is ur dd? I really feel for you. We've had some horrendous nights and u really just feel like a zombie the next day.

tinkletinklestar Fri 08-Mar-13 07:04:27

tis enjoy your day! It falls on dd1's birthday this year so should be a fun day

tinkletinklestar Fri 08-Mar-13 07:07:07

She is 8 weeks today, its so annoying just when we think we're getting somewhere andthat the medication is working she goes back to be unsettled.

Think im in for a long day, at least dd1 has pre school at 12.

tisonlyme Fri 08-Mar-13 07:07:18

Thanks tinkle. Hubby better get it right! grin Hope your dd enjoys her bday. X

tisonlyme Fri 08-Mar-13 07:10:28

hmm I keep waiting for a horrendous night. Ds struggled with wind first so we had bad nights, then was in hospital for bronchiolitis leading for some more horrendous nights, but since getting over that hasn't been too bad. Hope u get to nap a bit when ur dd goes to preschool.

Berniebennett Fri 08-Mar-13 07:22:11

We have had a good night here, asleep from 10.30 - 7 (we actually woke him as he gets up when daddy does)! He normal wakes from 5 and we put him in out bed were he conks out but he stayed inhospitable Moses basket all night!

I'm now really worried as we are going away for the weekend Amanda I don't want to upset his routine, wish us luck! xx

Berniebennett Fri 08-Mar-13 07:22:55

Stupid predicted text!

Pascha Fri 08-Mar-13 07:37:30

Have a good weekend, Bernie.

DS slept in my arms from about 8-9.30 last night when DH got home and took him while I went to sleep. Total refusal of bottle apparently with lots of back arching and spitting teat out. He came up at 12.30 when I fed him, woke against 3.30ish then resettled with dummy at 5ish.

We seem to have nightspots reasonably cracked now with 2 feeds between midnight and six which is fine. The evening hasn't settled much at all though, sometimes he's wide awake, sometimes he'll sleep in the sling, rarely he's slept in the swing for a bit. The one thing he won't do is settle in the crib til much later.

DS1 was a textbook easy sleeper, he was down at 7pm in the crib upstairs and rarely stirred til 10pm feed, then sleep through til 4am feed and 6.30 for the day. Dan is a different breed of baby, needs much more reassurance and fights naps all the way.

Lostbobbles Fri 08-Mar-13 12:14:59

Tinkle sorry to hear DD is not good again. Will she take a dummy? (in your dd case it can help keep the acid down)

On my own dummy situ, 1st day of therapy and she has only had it for few min so far grin lots of screaming though hmm

Lostbobbles Fri 08-Mar-13 12:36:02

Silly phone lost half the message

Welcome Tis, gosh ten years, he is a little miracle baby and you deserve to have a sleeper. (mind you so do the rest of us, are you listening oh ye of baby sleep god) wink

lollipoppi Fri 08-Mar-13 13:45:41

DD slept from 11.30 - 7.30 !!!!
Shame i was working until 1.30am last night or I would have actually had my first full nights sleep!!!!!!

lollipoppi Fri 08-Mar-13 18:50:57

Ok .... Actually getting a bit worried now ... Following on from last post about DD sleeping all night, she has also practically slept all day too, she has probably been awake for about 3 hours tops today, so I'm either in for a rough night or something is wrong??
She is 6 weeks, anybody else's LO had a sleepy day like this? Xx

lolli dd is having a day like that. She was up once last night, had to be wakened at 8.30am, was back down from 10 - 1.45 and is currently dozing on boob, and has been for the last feed too.

I just go with the flow - hard though!

Lora1982 Fri 08-Mar-13 19:20:40

Hope everyones having fun. My birthday today i celebrated by onlin shopping with vouchers so zero spend:-D dexter gave me the biggest grin after his dins today as i to say 'mmm boob milk... Its been a while'

Pascha Fri 08-Mar-13 20:23:57

Happy birthday Lora!

Dan is currently asleep on DH's lap while he eats his dinner all cut up for him. He had 1st imms earlier and turned into Jack-Jack the Incredibles baby where he goes bright red in rage and bursts into flame grin. That nurses card is marked for next time I think...

Lostbobbles Fri 08-Mar-13 20:36:17

Happy Birthday Lora, love a good online voucher spend grin

Lois is still mixed up with days/nights even when routine goes to plan and she has a good amount of awake time in the day, it seems to make no difference to her night sleep. Sometimes I have real trouble waking her in the day and it's very difficult when out and about to keep her up.

Update on dummy rehab she had only had it for about 10 mins total all day. I bet I cave later though, lose all resilience when tired confused

tisonlyme Fri 08-Mar-13 21:19:22

Thanks lost. My bundle of miracle was made possible by a wonderful friend who was our surrogate smile

Happy birthday Lora!

We're in a Wonder Week here (the eight week one). Oof is all I can say!

Lora1982 Fri 08-Mar-13 22:13:00

What do you mean wonder week?

Having my first few vodkas in 11 months :-D

wow tison, what an amazing friend.smile

katolla Sat 09-Mar-13 04:28:41

Just had a six hour sleep! That made it worth feeding her allllll evening

Lora All babies go through a series of developmental 'leaps' at approximately the same age - called Wonder Weeks. They explain why a baby might be fussy or suddenly behave in ways that are new (and probably tricky). The first one is at about 5 weeks and the second at about 8 weeks (based on your due date not baby's age). See the link:

Wonder Weeks

I have both the ebook and the real book. You can noticeably see the new things that your baby is learning to do, it's remarkable. This wonder week, on the downside, has seen a loss of appetite, fussy when latching on and quite bit of screaming at feeding times. On the plus side ds has found his hands and is trying to grab and hold things, is noticeably more alert and interested in different toys, he giggles and 'talks' back when you engage with him.

Hormonalhell Sat 09-Mar-13 06:15:26

Been the best night since he was born, DS had colic quite bad for last 2 weeks and on Wednesday I switched him to Aptamil Comfort. Thursday night he was screaming from 5pm until 11pm hmm I was devastated and at the point of thinking that I didn't want him any more !

Anyway tea time yesterday sat waiting for the crying with dread, he had a good feed about 6.00 and then....was fine. I bathed him, he then sat in his swing smiling away it was like a different baby was here. He stayed awake right up until 9.30 where he started fussing n so I fed him and he went to sleep. He then woke at 5.30 this morning smilesmilesmilesmile

It really is a miracle and praying this is a turnaround grin

tisonlyme Sat 09-Mar-13 07:14:32

Well, he managed a dream feed last night at eleven. Trouble was then at his two o clock feed he didn't take much so he still woke up at five am. I really want to try getting him to six which is when I get up anyway. We have switched him to cow and gate comfort now as he is a bit colicky and throws up loads after feeds so will see how this goes.

tisonlyme Sat 09-Mar-13 07:15:09

Hormonal - fab news about last night grin

Louise85 Sat 09-Mar-13 08:31:36

Lostbobbles what are u trying with the dummy rehab? I'm desperate to get rid if the dummy as DS is driving me insane with it - he won't sleep unless its in his mouth, but spits it out after 2 minutes. After a pretty much sleepless night I'm willing to try anything (altho we hav guests staying so might have to wait till mon)...

Hormonalhell Sat 09-Mar-13 09:39:58

I prop the dummy in as DS likes his dummy but also spits it out

CreepyCrawly Sat 09-Mar-13 10:51:56

Happy belated birthday Lora!

Do any of you large chested ladies have any tips for feeding without a cushion?! I've just attempted it, and I found it impossible. It just doesn't seem to work! I can't see myself taking my big cushion everywhere I go though!

katolla Sat 09-Mar-13 11:03:52

Creepy I put her in my lap and dangle a boob onto her face. She seems okay with it.

CreepyCrawly Sat 09-Mar-13 11:13:11

Kat Haha thank you, I'll give that a go!

Lostbobbles Sat 09-Mar-13 12:01:17

Arrggh just lost long post

Louise I (and dh) am my own worst nightmare when it comes to dummies. We swore blind we would not use one this time and lasted about a week. Trouble is without thinking we just shove it in when it falls out it give it when she doesn't need it and create a dependence.

So after my epiphany moment the other day I decided to try to restrict it and only give as last resort (easier said than done at 3am) I do also try to take it out as soon as asleep (very hit and miss)

I think only real way is to go cold turkey if you have a baby who is too dependent, but I feel it's bit too early and will try this route until 4 months when sucking reflex goes. Also she was constantly sucking on me and making herself sick over feeding.

Tbh she does quite often fall asleep without it, her problem is she can't stay asleep for long at night.

Come to the conclusion I am just cursed with non long night sleeping babies. Looks like I am on route to sleep train again, which is what I did with DD1 at 6 months. hmm

Tis: what an amazing friend and friendship you must have.

tisonlyme Sat 09-Mar-13 15:41:12

Lost, she really is. 2 years ago I didn't know her, but now she is one of my closest friends and someone I will truly love forever x

newbie6 Sat 09-Mar-13 17:51:00

Hello all,

My wee ones due his first vaccinations on Tuesday, he will be just over 8 weeks. Some have told me to give him calpol before he gets the jags as it will help but I thought I would leave him unless he needs it? What has everyone else done? Xx

Pascha Sat 09-Mar-13 17:58:18

DS1 needed calpol the evening following the 1st imms, Daniel didn't need any at all. I would leave it til you know they need it.

newbie6 Sat 09-Mar-13 18:22:36

Thanks pascha!

Lora1982 Sat 09-Mar-13 20:02:35

Newbie i gave him some in the eve ccos his temp was 38.4 he was screaming and unconsoleable bless him

tisonlyme Sat 09-Mar-13 20:06:37

Well, here goes another night. Ds has been really unsettled this afternoon so not sure what kind of night to expect. He is in his Moses basket in the bedroom now, only took 2 ozs of food tho. He is kind of grizzling, but in a , I'm fighting sleep way....if I can get him thru til tenish before another feed will be happy. In fact, if he actually goes to sleep I will be happy......hope everyone else has a good night xx

newbie6 Sat 09-Mar-13 20:41:53

Thanks all, what should their temp be again so I can keep an eye on him?


Anything up to about 37.5 I'd hold off on calpol.

newbie6 Sat 09-Mar-13 22:04:46

Fab thank you! X

Lora1982 Sun 10-Mar-13 00:17:31

Also newbie what i had to do was strip him off and go to a cooler room. Someone mentioned a cool bath but i was told thats not a good idea so i just wiped him a bit with babywipes.

creepy I have the exact same problem. I try to find places to feed where they have cushions or if not then using dd's change bag to prop her up.

newbie dd was fine after her vaccinations, in fact they seemed to make her sleep really well that night.

we had a dreadful night last night, dd woke every hour from 4 again. she ate loads all day too, basically if she didn't have a boob in her mouth then she was crying. she also did lots of brightyellow poos. does this sound like a growth spurt?

happy mother's day all thanks

tisonlyme Sun 10-Mar-13 06:34:05

Happy Mother's Day one and all. Not a bad night again, down at seven, feed at 10, 2and 5.30. I can't wait for the day when that 2 feed is no longer there!

katolla Sun 10-Mar-13 09:37:32

DD feeding every hour in the daytime but kindly slept 6.5 hours last night! She might have gone more, but after six hours I kept poking her to check she was alive. We don't have to wake to feed any more, right? Now it's daytime she's gone back to every hour, and won't be put down either. Oh well.

Pascha Sun 10-Mar-13 09:42:43

Happy Mothers Day. I got a snotty kiss from DS1 and an all-encompassing vest/gro/bag poosplosion from Daniel (and a card) smile

Hope you all have good days.

Lora1982 Sun 10-Mar-13 09:53:49

Woooo happpy mothers day.. I was going to say make sure you milk it (groan grin ) its my first and my dp is making me shepherds pie and bread and butter pudding... He also for the first time EVER woje up to do the 5am dinz.

Bunny222 Sun 10-Mar-13 10:08:51

Happy Mothers day! Xx

Birdies Sun 10-Mar-13 10:26:49

Happy Mother's Day! My poor DD1 has a temperature this morning but her and her little sis still bought me flowers and lots of chocolate smile. I was actually going to start my diet tomorrow, oh well grin

newbie you would prob know when to check as their little heads feel very hot.

Happy mothers day all! Was handed lots of lovely cards and clay jewellery when i got up and dh also kindly invested in chocs smile

Ds1 made a model not sure what of that involved lots of red paint, dh just gave him the paint ( and ds2 painted my card yellow) but didn't put down paper or check what they were doinf! bathroom looked like someone had been stabbed shock and the dss carpet is covred too!

Spending today cleanibg up the mess (ds2 helpfully suggested we use blue paint so the landlord won't notice hmm

Took everyone into town yestrday so dss could go to transport museum with scouts. Me and dds went for lunch with my mum which was lovely. The only difficulty was that we were out for a long time. I managed to feed ivy in wetherspoons but as we picked boys up she decided she was starving again and screamed all the way home sad

I swear the rest of the passengers on the bus breathed a sigh of relief when we got off blush

happyhow Mon 11-Mar-13 05:55:15

We've given B the cold I think... He was struggling lying on his back and obviously had mucus or something building in his throat. He's now propped up in a more upright fashion on my leg which seems to have done wonders for him.

Any tips on how to keep him settled in his own bed? I'm currently sitting up pretty straight which you will all know is not a comfy position for sleeping. Also, what over the counter stuff can I give him ? Calpol?

tisonlyme Mon 11-Mar-13 06:29:26

Well, last night I got quite hopeful, he still only had a small feed when I put him to bed at 8. But then had a full feed at half ten. Managed to get through to about ten to three so am pleased with that and had another full feed. Was hopeful he wold sleep til about seven , but no such luck. Half five on the coup he wakes. He has had a feed and am hoping he will drift of ffor an hour or so xx

Happy Mother's Day for yesterday, everyone smile

Had a horrendous night with both kids again - think they were cold. We just changed DS duvet to a summer weight, and the weather turned last night so it was freezing overnight sad so he was unsettled and up at 4:30
For a couple of hours. Dd was up every 2 hours for a feed.

So hoping for a better night tonight.

katolla Mon 11-Mar-13 10:32:44

No sleep. Cancel today.

Lora1982 Mon 11-Mar-13 10:50:47

Ive just had beautiful customer service from the ewan sheep lady. Mines been doing random beeping that batteries wouldnt cure, shes sending me a new one no need to return the poorly one. Beccause dexter seems to love him ive decided to get a ewan snuggly too so he can chew on it when hes older without the electrics. Its basically a ewan sheep but with nothing inside and its only £10. Advert over :-D just thought you should know if you have ishoos with yours.

Anyone thinking about christenings? We have to do one quite soon (easter sunday) cos mums vicar friend is moving in april and we quite like him hes an amusing fellow so we wanted to do it befor he left. Im also considering sending out a 'no silver christening stuff' rule :-D

Lora1982 Mon 11-Mar-13 10:53:38

Happy on the bunged up front im starting to become a veteran. Ive got saline stuff from calpol wgich works instantly and karvol and olbas for kids when hes lying down. The spray i only use if i really have to cos apparently it can give them sore noses

DD is getting named in may. DS was blessed - new minister at our church wouldn't christen him as we aren't members, even though I went until I moved away, we were married there, both my grandmother and mother are elders ...

It was terribly impersonal, and I wasn't impressed. The naming should be lovely, we've chosen it all and awaiting the script now. My godfather is going to perform it.

Birdies Mon 11-Mar-13 12:33:40

Was up most of the night with DD1 who's poorly with a tummy bug. DD2 slept well but by the time we all settled she was ready for wide awakey time. And now I'm starting to feel sick.....how the hell do you breastfeed if you're properly sick yourself? Anyone had to do it yet and any tips just in case?!

Ooh yes Christening, must start thinking about that.

happy yes calpol might help. I don't know if he's too little for the nasal spray and nose sucker thing too. I got a great one from amazon which has a really thin nossle which can get up the tiniest of nostrils. I found the others too fat.

poor dd seems to have a tummy bug, she has been having bright yellow explosive poos every couple of hours and is generally miserable sad

I won't get dd christened because we aren't religious but I like the idea of some kind of naming ceremony.

this snowing here too - I am so over snow

Lora1982 Mon 11-Mar-13 17:46:40

Bunty thats a bit tight of the vicar, how bizaar, ive not set foot in the church since my neices christening ten yrs ago but hes still doing it for me.
im not the religious go to church type but i do have faith in a god... It may be that its the same god for all religions who knowsn im just not labelling it.

Today ive discovered i shouldnt dress him in orange when out cos he looks rediculous when his face goes bright red when hes hungry, its not very colour coordinated :-D

Bunny222 Tue 12-Mar-13 03:52:10

6 hours sleep in one go tonite!

lora am with u on the belief thing. Before DS was born I ruled out a christening, were not religious and werent married in church.

But now he is here I do want to celebrate it and DH feels quite strongly that he 'oughft' to be christened, so weve booked a date in june. Figure DS can decide for himself about what he believes when he is older.

However, what is etiquette when it comes to catering for christenings?? buffet prices are such a lot, and weve only just paid off the wedding! Is tea and cake acceptable...or will that be seen as tight??welcome your thoughts...

Lostbobbles Tue 12-Mar-13 08:17:08

Horrible awful night, dd2 had jabs yesterday and started burning up last night along with sickness and gave calpol at 8 and again at 1, then screamed the house down and refused to be put down, ended up calling nhs at 5, who said sounds like she has a bug along with immunisation fever. Got to take her to the gp this morn hmm

Re: christening I am dreading calling the church as only attended few times since DD1's christening (sorry god).

lollipoppi Tue 12-Mar-13 08:48:19

Hope you all had a lovely Mother's Day! I've just about recovered from it - we own a florist .... It was chaos!!
I'm having my Mother's Day this Sunday instead smile

Bunny I think tea and cake sounds like a lovely idea!
I've not booked anything yet, we still have to christen DS1 as we had to cancel his christening as he was in hospital hmm so we will be doing a joint one

CreepyCrawly Tue 12-Mar-13 09:28:37

Thanks bugsy, I hadn't thought of that.

No christening here. I'm not a fan of religion (for myself) and would feel like a bit hipocritical if we were to get DD christened. I try to avoid going to church. Didn't even get married in one.

We had a 7 hour stretch last night. Had a couple of hours wakey time this morning, then DH put the blender on to make a smoothie and she fell fast asleep straight away, nipple in mouth! I'll have to remember that one.

We're heading to tesco today, first time for me driving her by myself.

Pascha Tue 12-Mar-13 10:11:49

No christening here either. Don't have any belief so pretty pointless. My friend had a big party in the garden for her sons christening and it was horrendous doing all the food etc plus he was poorly on the day. For her daughter she hired a pub garden and had traditional tea there which was much nocer and less stressful.

Stuck indoors today due to the snow - all the roads out of the village are impassable without a 4x4. DS1 is a bit scared of the snow so no going out in the garden even, unless I persuade him out when Daniel sleeps.

creepy dd is also a huge fan of white noise and I have an app on my phone which plays it, called chromadoze, which usually stops her crying. I also have her in the kitchen with me while i cook with the extractor fan on, and if I change her nappy in a public loo then i keep putting the hand dryer on.

CreepyCrawly Tue 12-Mar-13 13:56:14

Excellent bugsy I'll give those a go too. She likes the Hoover and hairdryer too.

She's started batting at her dangly toys in her chair now. It's amazing how they do something new every day isn't it?! I'm in total awe of her.

Tesco was a success! But how tall do you have to be to use the trolleys that the car seat plonks on top of?!

happyhow Tue 12-Mar-13 14:10:06

We'll be having a christening but haven't gotten round to trying to organise it and it could be difficult getting the church I want - it's a little rural one that only has a service every two weeks and it's at 9.30am! We live nearly an hour away from it so I'm going to have to see if it's practical.

Went to get B's immunisations this morning to discover that they'd cocked up our appointments. He was getting his jags this morning and we were getting our checks this afternoon but should've been the other way round. The wee receptionist was lovely though and rearranged all the appointments so that we could get it all done this morning. No physical check for me - just questions and Bailey kept having giggle fits during his examination so the dr fell in love with him! grin

Lora1982 Tue 12-Mar-13 14:15:03

Creepy i saw those trollies i had an inkling they were for car seats but thought nooo... Its just an extra shelf for shopping...

Semi rubbish night last night celebrating by going hairdressers for the first time in over a year :-D

CreepyCrawly Tue 12-Mar-13 14:26:22

Haha Lora, it might as well be, I couldn't see a thing!

Pascha Tue 12-Mar-13 14:28:43

Can't be doing with those trollies. If I have to go shopping I just stick Daniel in the sling.

Good night last night Ivy slept 10.30 - 2.45 then 3-6! grin

No christening here haven't done any of the others so not starting now!

Re the trolies you can make it easier by putting handle of carseat down but i've already started using the trollies with the baby seats. Ivy is 10 weeks old today and after starting out tiny shes now a proper little chunk, not sure if i would use trolly if she was less sturdy tho.

Taking her to clinic tomorrow as she hasn't been weighed for a while but she is already filling out the 0-3 month sleepsuits that she just grew into! We have bern lucky that breastfeeding has gone well but i really feel for those struggling (ds1 nearly killed my boobs)

Been out and got a stroller today. I love my pram but its an old hauck infinirty i bought for ds2 and its huge! Until we can get a bigger car i need to be able to use the bus!

happyhow Tue 12-Mar-13 14:45:13

Those trollies are a nightmare!! If I don't need much, I just pile stuff on top of Bailey! (As long as it's not heavy of course)

If i am shopping on my own with DD I just use a basket hooked over both handles of the pram. I am doing big shops online at the moment, well worth the delivery cost.

Pascha Tue 12-Mar-13 15:06:18

yes online shopping is the way forward. Takes about 20 minutes and I'm saving about £15-£20/week through not buying random crap. Well worth the delivery fee.

Lora1982 Tue 12-Mar-13 15:52:07

Whats the name of that website where you select all your shopping and it chooses the cheapest shop for you?

Pascha Tue 12-Mar-13 15:59:39

I know it goes against the grain but i actually

God knows what just happened there... Was trying to say i quite like doing the shopping except when i have all the dcs

in other news Ivy just broke off feeding just to puke half of it all over me confused

Lora1982 Tue 12-Mar-13 18:06:56

Apple i empathise, i had a puke on boob episode this afternoon, followed by a puke dribbling down inside my sleeve

Much empathy here too - gave Cameron a bottle of expressed last night as DH wanted to give me a bit of time off. Big mistake. She slept until 6.15 from 10pm, then gorged herself on my engorged boobs, and spewed a good 3 oz or so all over us both!

Oh the thrills of motherhood grin

Lostbobbles Tue 12-Mar-13 19:34:14

I'm in poo and puke hell !! Lost count of nappies and clothes changes today hmm

Injections have a lot to answer for

happyhow Wed 13-Mar-13 10:47:05

Bailey just got really sleepy after his immunisations. He had a slight temp but I didn't give him calpol as it didn't seem to be bothering him.

Was going to go to the cinebabies film at the cinema this morning. There's at least 2 inches of snow though and it's still coming! We're going with a slanket, mini eggs and the sky box set of biggest loser now instead! smile

octanegirl Wed 13-Mar-13 10:56:25

I'm 6ft and even I can't see where I'm going when I have the car seat on the trolley!

Poor LO is a bit ill. He's got one gooey eye, a snotty nose, a bit of a cough and explosive diarrhoea. Any tips from anyone?

MarasmeAbsolu Wed 13-Mar-13 11:19:27

EBM in the gooey eye, Octane (if you are breastfeeding)

happyhow Wed 13-Mar-13 13:36:07

Bailey has gooey eyes too. I would never have thought to use EBM. Will give that a go.

Lora1982 Wed 13-Mar-13 19:01:21

I would like someone to invent a winding machine.

katolla Wed 13-Mar-13 19:38:59

I would like a machine that rocks the cot at night. There must be one??

Pascha Wed 13-Mar-13 20:12:28

If we are inventing then can I have a third arm so i can cut my own food whilst jiggling baby? hmm

MamaMary Wed 13-Mar-13 20:30:59


Found you all!

It's been a while since I've posted. Glad you're all doing okay.

Leah's doing very well. She is not too generous with her smiles and coos but it makes them all the sweeter when they come smile

Sleep has also improved. She will do 5 hours now in a stretch and has done 6. Still a long way to go - her big sister was sleeping through practically by this age.

I just wish the weather would improve. In time for this weekend would be nice as we're going away.

Hello all

Took Ivy to weighed today and shes jumped from 50th centile to 75th! The little chunk is now 13lb 9! Hv suggested i try to space out feeds a bit as she is comfory feeding and doesn't always need it. As if to prove the point as soon as we got home she puked the extra feeds she guzzled earlier and i was late for school pick up and parents evening as both of us had to be changed (and the living room cleaned).

Posted too soon and made a mess of spelling etc! Its been a long day...

Lostbobbles Wed 13-Mar-13 21:57:21

Having a nightmare day, took Lois back to dr as temp not coming down and S&D worsened. Got sent to a&e to get urine test done. Which has since ended up being blood, urine and lumbar hmm thankfully all clear so far, they think she has the S&D bug but have given antibi's just incase it's bacterial. Have been transferred (by ambulance) to another hospital for the night as no beds. Got to just wait it out, bless her she is starving but only allowed dioralyte.

Typical it all happens when DH away, thank god I have the mil to look after dd1 and sil also helped bring me some things but mil did some random packing so still ended up having to leave lois with nurse to go homehmm

Going to be a long uncomfortable night

MamaMary Wed 13-Mar-13 22:10:33

Aw, Lost, that sounds rough. I hope you all get some sleep and Lois gets better soon.

lost really hope Lois recovers quickly and its not too uncomfortable for you x

lollipoppi Wed 13-Mar-13 23:16:31

Lost I really hope lois is ok and you manage to get some rest x

newbie6 Wed 13-Mar-13 23:19:20

Hope wee Lois is on the mend soon and back to her happy self. X

lollipoppi Wed 13-Mar-13 23:24:13

Was speaking to a lovely lady today (total random stranger) took her 5 years to get pregnant, she asked me ridiculously personal questions about pregnancy/fanjo/labour/tearing/stitching/sex ect ect which was actually quite funny, then literally just burst into tears !!???? Thank god the pregnancy hormones are no more!!!
She was really sweet bless her x

Lostbobbles Thu 14-Mar-13 00:51:05

Thanks Ladies, Lois is starving so won't settle for more than 10-15 mins at mo. They have just started to pump through the nose and said this should fill her tummy up, so fingers crossed.

I feel so helpless hmm

Can't even have her with me as bed is a pull out chair so not safe

Lolli lol at mad pregnant lady, made me crack a smile grin

octanegirl Thu 14-Mar-13 10:32:02

Lost your poor thing, I really feel for you.
Lolli that's hilarious!!!!

Oh dear god..it was all going so well! sad

Boiler has broken down so had to contact landlord...who is now coming out to inspect house on wed! Now have to clean and sort house and do something about all the crap left out in garden over winter! Trouble is house is bursting and organisation fell off a cliff whilst pg.

Lost hope things are better today and you got some rest x

Lolli loving your pg woman story! grin

Right am off to look in good housekeeping...

Did anyone else's baby just scream for hours after the jabs? DS never really cries and has been beside himself all afternoon. Totally refusing milk too sad I've just had to express as I'm over run with it.

Lostbobbles Thu 14-Mar-13 16:09:31

Spring: lots of babies are very unhappy after jabs, what's his temp doing is it starting to rise?

Lois much better today and had managed to have three bf without being sick, but being kept in until culture results are back tom am, which means another night in the bed chair from hell, i kept looking at the cot and wondering if i could fit and if I'd of had a spare quilt I would of bedded down on the floor.hmm

DD1 is on way to visit grin but poor mil is so upset seeing bubs with all the tubes (thankfulky looks worse than is)

DH has also decided to fly home which was bit unnecessary but he booked without telling me as knew I would try talk him out of it. But at least he can give DD1 lots of attention this weekend.

Apples good luck with the house sorting, do you have a shed of side of house you can bung it all in grin. My house looks really tidy until you dare open a drawer or cupboard shock

Dd is poorly today, lots of throwing up, a temp last night and a gunky eye. Think it's viral. Wee shame.

Had our first weigh in to properu assess how the revision has went in terms of helping her put weight on - 8 1/2 oz in a week!!

She was only gaining 2 1-2 to 3 at the start. Feeds are now excellent, and, touch wood, not painful. It was worth it.

losr hope lois is home soon x

Spring a bit obvious but have you tried calpol? Hope ds is feeling better.

Lost there isn't really anywhere so we will have to do a proper deep clean and sort out. Will be nice once its done as the mess drives me crackers smile

Our more immediate problem is keeping warm. Gas man needs a part for boiler that needs ordering so.won't be fixed today sad our only heat is a gas fire in living room so seriously.considering sleeping down stairs with Ivy

MamaMary Thu 14-Mar-13 17:55:05

Spring, Leah screamed at random intervals the day she got her jabs. She hasn't done it before or since. The day after her jabs, she was just very sleepy and slept lots. It's scary how it can affect them. But still worth getting them because of all the diseases they prevent.

Apple good luck with the house tidy-up. We also had stuff out in the garden all over winter which is ridiculous as it then gets rusty and breaks blush

Lostbobbles Thu 14-Mar-13 19:01:07

Great news Bunty

Hopefully be home tomorrow, She has fed well today and has not vomited still got bit of the runs but nothing like it was. On the antibi's machine at mo hate her having to have all these drugs but for the best.

On good note DD1 came to visit which has cheered me up.

Apples: nightmare about heating , I would have a family sleepover in the lounge. grin

I'm still contemplating my contortionist skills and fitting myself in the cot wink

Lostbobbles Thu 14-Mar-13 19:04:31

Sorry Bunty just read that back, great news on weight and feeding. But not on being poorly hmm wish her quick and speedy recovery.

Same to you spring, hope DS has calmed down and not suffering any ill effects x

Birdies Thu 14-Mar-13 19:46:03

Hi everyone

Not too much to report here, X is sleeping pretty well still but DD1 had a horrid bug so i remain sleep deprived grin

spring I've heard that that's pretty normal but you could always get her checked out. Sometimes people think things are the jabs when actually they'd have been a bit poorly anyway.

bunty great news on the weight gain.

lost hope things are a bit better.

tinkle how are things with you?

Question for the other mums of two little ones - X is already looking like she'll be too big for her bednest soon (oops). DD1 is in a cot. What do I buy bed-wise for DD1 so that X can move into her cot - can you get cots that turn into beds so we don't end up buying another cot and then a toddler bed?

Birdies you can get cot beds that are bigger than normal cot and turn into a toddler bed. We used to have one until ds2 killed it

Ivy looks like she will grow out of crib fairly soon too so am on the lookout for a 2nd hand cot.

Mother fail sad havr just realised i have no bread left for packed lunches tomorrow and there is no way dh will be home before dcs go to school! Why why why am i not more organised!! Will have to drop lunches off at office 2nd time in 2 week blush

happyhow Fri 15-Mar-13 02:15:01

Birdies, I only have the one child but we bought a cot bed for him so that we didn't have to buy anything else when the time comes although we'll probs have a second child by then anyway so kinda defeats the purpose... the sides come off and the ends can be lowered so it looks like a bed. We got our furniture from mamas and papas but I'm sure lots of places to do it.

Lost, hope things are looking up

Apple, don't worry. I'm always running out of milk. smile

Problem solved, sent ds1 out to shop after breakfast for bread. Thank god for older dcs grin

Ivy has decided sleeping properly in day is noy for her! She slept wel last night (under piles of blankets..boy was it cold) but for the last few days when she needs to sleep in day sje will only stay asleep for a few mins, then cries as she is tired! Is frustrating! so have managed to keep her sleeping by running the hoover hmm

No sign of gas man yet tho i made sure he was aware we have a 10 week old so we should be a priority sad

Pascha Fri 15-Mar-13 13:05:08

DS1 has a big cotbed which will last him til about school age. Dan has his crib at present and, because of the size of the boxroom he will go into, he is having SILs old standard size cot. This means we have until he's about 18-20 months old to get the bathroom and the 3rd bedroom swapped around to accommodate a bed before he climbs out of the cot (and he will I guarantee it).

DS1s bed is a Boori. Its huge so no danger of him outgrowing it for 2 or 3 years yet.

octanegirl Fri 15-Mar-13 13:05:59

Off skiing today! Wohoo! Though there is more kit in the car for LO than for me, ironically. Buggy, carrcot, car seat, clothes, bouncy chair, baby monitor, a million nappies, bags of cotton wool, breast pump, cool box with frozen breast milk...the list goes on. Not to mention some very snazzy BabyBanz sunglasses for him!

Pascha Fri 15-Mar-13 13:11:33

and now I have to clear up PooSoup! I hate leaky nappies angry

Glad to hear DD is better Lost

Pascha Fri 15-Mar-13 13:12:58


Have a good trip.


does anyone else worry that their baby is always miserable? she sleeps well but if she's awake she's only happy with a boob in her mouth.

octane envy

we have a cotbed for dd setup in the nursery but it's now dawning on me that she will soon be too big for her Moses basket but I want to keep her in our room a while longer. I can't work out how we can rearrange the bedroom so that the cotbed would fit though.

Mrsbugsy i worry about this as you have just described Ivy! I think the others were the same at this stage too so pretty sure its a passing thing! [hopeful]

Called gas comp part on order should arrive monday shock so no hot water or heating all weekend sad. we have a portable heater now as upstairs roims are arctic! and using paper plates etc to save on washing up smile

Hi everybody! I was on the ante-natal thread but got a bit lost in the move over here. Hopefully it's not too late to catch up with you all!

Our beautiful boy was born on Jan 22nd, 2 days after my due date. My waters went before I had any contractions so there was a bit of concern about infection if I didn't go into labour naturally, but fortunately the contractions started a few hours later. I didn't get my lovely MLU birth in the end though - DS's hearbeat started dipping so we were blue-lighted to the big hospital. Utterly terrifying at the time, and the midwife wouldn't put the monitors on in the ambulance, I was convinced we'd lost him. We nearly didn't make it to the hospital and at one point there was talk of pulling over so he could be delivered in the ambulance. Fortunately we made it and he was delivered safe and sound 20 minutes after we got there (we arrived and the midwife said "I'm just going to exam you... Oh. PUSH!") I was a bit annoyed actually as I'd been desperate to push for a while and was being told not to.

Had some problems with breastfeeding at first (had the latch wrong and the aftercare at the hospital was useless, nobody had time to help me). All going well now though, DS is gaining weight. He's just starting to smile, which is lovely.

Right, I'm going to try and catch up with this thread before he wakes up again!

lollipoppi Fri 15-Mar-13 21:26:40

Welcome back cupcakes!

Mrsbugsy, DD is EXACTLY the same! I was getting a bit worried! She has some lovely awake time after her feeds but then it just seems like she gets bored and cries

DD has been awake since 12.30 apart from a 20 minute sleep, I was hoping this would mean a nice early night for us all but she is now way over tired and I'm fighting a losing battle ....... Off to stand under the extractor fan for a while smile

welcome back cupcakes

glad to hear that dd isn't the only grumpy baby out there, hopefully this is just a phase.

hope everyone is having a good night.

Lora1982 Sat 16-Mar-13 08:58:49

9 hours sleep!!!! So usually he has a nap between 12 and 4 in the afternoon. He didnt want to do that yesterday spent mostof his time on my nip. Well he finally stopped eating playing and watching tv at half 11 ladt night and hes still asleep now.. Its a one off isnt it?? :-D

birdies Sat 16-Mar-13 10:16:30

Thanks for the advice on cot beds. pascha those boori ones look really nice, i like the idea of non-mdf. Are they expensive?

mrsbugsy, no. But....I worry about her not deliberately hitting things with her hands yet. I expect everyone on here worries about something to do with baby though - but the milestones are just a guide. And some babies are more serious than others, doesn't mean yours isn't happy!

Welcome back cupcakes

octane have a lovely time. Double envy

We had an old style night last night (ie not much sleep). I'm convinced its cos I went back to feeding on demand yesterday so she never got a really good feed in one go. Going to try every 3 hour feeds again and see if she goes back to long sleeps. Will report back! lora I'm pretty sure the more they eat in the day, the less they wake at night so it makes sense!

happyhow Sat 16-Mar-13 10:50:04

Bloody postman just banged the door so loudly that it woke Bailey. It's taken 20 mins to stop him screaming. Not impressed.

Lora1982 Sat 16-Mar-13 11:26:47

Has anyone used fenugreek before? I read about it last night and it seems to work according to the masses. How long do you generally take it for

Tugstonia Sat 16-Mar-13 12:26:11

lora I started using fenugreek a week ago and has def made a difference to my supply, am feeling what I assume is a strong let down for first time and dd is feeding round the clock shock. Could be a coincidence of course but the b'feeding counsellor who recommended it for my supply raved about it. It has made my sweat and wee smell though - grim! grin

Is anyone else using nipple shields? I can't get dd to latch without them, at least not without it really bloody hurting. I don't want to use them because they're a pain in the arse & I'm worried they're affecting my supply. But I guess if I wasn't using them I wouldn't be breastfeeding...

Louise85 Sat 16-Mar-13 12:28:39

Just wondering if any of u bottle feed? Wondering how old they are before dropping the middle-of-the-night feed?

Lora1982 Sat 16-Mar-13 12:53:49

I used nipshields for while they were a god send but since the nipples kind of changed shape and become more flexible i dont need it.

Getting me some fenugreek today then. My dp shouldnt mind if i stink of curry :-D how long do you take it for or do you just carry on taking it?

Tugstonia Sat 16-Mar-13 13:03:22

Not sure how long to take it for, will ask bf counsellor & let u know what she suggests.

lollipoppi Sat 16-Mar-13 13:15:12

Louise I'm bottle feeding, DD is 7 weeks and has her last 4oz bottle between 10/11 and generally goes 7 hours after that x

Hormonalhell Sat 16-Mar-13 13:32:44

I bottle feed but it's very hit n miss, sometimes he sleeps six hours n other times it's 3, just depends how much he had thru day really

He 10 weeks n weighs 11lb 8 now, was only 6lb 4 at birth shock

Hormonalhell Sat 16-Mar-13 13:35:50

Mrsbugsy Charlie is a very grumpy baby, feel like he doesn't like me most of time hmm

Hormonalhell Sat 16-Mar-13 13:39:46

I'm really into astrology n star signs and now convinced after reading about these grumpy babies it's because they are capricorns!! grin they are known for being grumpy especially when tired

Pascha Sat 16-Mar-13 14:06:53

Hmm that fits Daniel's personality Hormonal even though I think Astrology is a load of old tripe I must admit he is a grumpy miserable bugger at times grin.

He is smiling a lot in between the grumps though, he reserves the best ones for his brother who comes at him with a car in one hand, a plane in the other and a glint in his eye as he aims to beep Dan's nose and 'accidently' gets his eye instead hmm. I shall only relax once Daniel is a bit bigger and can bat his brother back...

Pascha Sat 16-Mar-13 14:09:03

Hormonal ivy started at 5lb 12 and is now 13lb 9 at 10 weeks! <<preens>> <<falls over in exhausted heap from feeding massive baby>> Am now making her wait at least 2 hours beteen feeds as hv at clinic was a bit hmm about her jumping centiles.

Not sure about astrology. Ds2 also capricorn and he is a cheerful soul also quite mad Ivy has days where she is just cranky but then spents ages grinning at ds2 this am

lora the one thing which definitely boosts my supply is beer, but unfortunately this produces alcoholic milk! What do you all think about alcohol and breastfeeding? The advice seems v contradictory. I'm having the odd half pint or small glass of wine.

dd is a capricorn but should have been an aquarius, based on her due date,so not sure how that works!

Louise85 Sat 16-Mar-13 16:21:20

Thanks Lollipop & Hormonal....Ds is taking 5oz every feed, incl at 4am...I was just wondering if its worth trying to give him more at his other feeds, so 6oz at his 7am, 10am and 10pm feeds, so that he takes less at the 4am feed...he is going 6 hours after 10pm feed, and I don't want to rush him, it was just a thought....how will he drop the 4am feed if he's not getting that amount at other feeds??

lora - I've heard that milk stout (a good guiness) is good (wouldn't know as I don't drink), as well as LOTS of iron - extra iron supplements worked for me (always had loads more milk than he needed while bf)...I don't think a bit of alcohol will harm - midwife suggested it wink

Lostbobbles Sat 16-Mar-13 16:34:37

Lora envyenvyenvyenvyenvy at 9 hours sleep

Hormonal isn't Charlie 9 weeks, I'm sure he was born after Lois wasn't he?

Birdies: DD1 was in her cot bed (as bed) until recently she's 4.5now. It is slightly bigger than average size one.

Anyway we are home and well grin, got discharged yest was bit hit and miss as she came out in viral rash and then vomited again but she was happy in herself and managed to smile her way out with the consultant grinwink. (Little flirt)

She is very unsettled though in regards to feeding/ sleeping , what little routine we had, has gone out the window and last night was hellish. (It was like first night all over again)

Also going to have to start dummy rehab again once she settles down. (the nurses were worse than me and DH for using them)


lollipoppi Sat 16-Mar-13 16:48:21

Lost, great news that your home! Bet you enjoyed your bath and bed last night smile

Louise, give it a go, my hv said if they drain the entire bottle then they probably need more or will be hungry quicker, DD won't take more than 3.5-4oz at a time, but at night, the 8pm feed she has a 4oz bottle then another 2/3 oz at about 10/11

Tinkle how is DD doing? X

Lora1982 Sat 16-Mar-13 17:36:28

After his massive sleep hes just had another one while i was in town shopping. I got the fenugreek i wondered about iron tablets doing the same thing so im probably going to finish the ones i got when i was preggas. I wouldnt touch stout or guiness with a bardge pole bleugh. I did however have vodka on my birthday and considering i bottle feed at night i dont think i got him drunk :-D

happyhow Sat 16-Mar-13 21:23:22

I have the odd glass of wine and have just had a magners watching the rugby. It's just like pregnancy really. As long as you don't overdo it then it can't cause that much harm. If I knew I was going to be having more than one, I'd express it off and feed him already expressed stuff. I think it's a case of using common sense - they have to give this advice and publish guidelines these days but it's up to us to make the decisions.

I'm hoping Bailey will begin to go a bit longer at night soon. Although we usually get from 10/11 - 4am he doesn't settle that well after 4am so I don't get much more sleep and I'm finding it harder to get naps etc during the day.

Berniebennett Sun 17-Mar-13 00:38:16

Louise, I bottle feed aswell, ollie will be 10 weeks, we do a last feed at 10:30 he has 6 oz (fatty I know) even though it was only a few weeks ago I can't remember when he stopped and how he stopped night feeds though - helpful I know!! But we did drop how much we gave him, to about 2oz at 4ish this would take him through to 7, but we increased his evening and night feeds so was still getting a good amount!
Good luck, the difference of a proper sleep is amazing

Lora1982 Sun 17-Mar-13 08:07:36

Louise i think dexters stopped night feeds himself (im touching wood here) he gradually drank less when he did wake up and passed few days hes not woken up at all. Hes ten weeks tomorrow if that helps so it looks like ten weeks is your magic marker

Louise85 Sun 17-Mar-13 10:02:34

Yay - Ds is 8 weeks tomorrow - goodness time flies!!....He's over 12lbs, and has just guzzled 6oz of hungry baby formula -he is going to be a little porky...going to try over the next couple weeks to increase day time feeds and decrease 4am one - hopefully you are all right, and 10 will be our lucky week :-)

They are so cute - just watching them coo and babble and trying to find their voices - its gorgeous - I am so in love today (maybe its coz dh took dc downstairs and let me sleep till 9am grin)

morning all!

I left dd with a friend last night and dp and I went out for dinner. I had expressed milk for the evening so drank two pints of beer and felt quite merry. i am such a lightweight these days. I also got massive swollen boobs and had to express in the loo while we were out.

touch wood dd has been in a better mood for the last couple of days, and has been grinning at us and showing interest in her toys.

CreepyCrawly Sun 17-Mar-13 13:15:56

I don't know where my happy little girl has gone sad She seems to grumpy the last few days. We're still getting some smiles and chats, but nowhere near as many. She's not sleeping for as long at night now either. Does this sound like a growth spurt? She's just over 8 weeks.

I don't know creepy but that's what dd was like for the last few days. touch wood she has been smiley again today so it was just a phase.

Lostbobbles Sun 17-Mar-13 16:04:35

Creepy, i am reading Springs recommendation of 'the wonder weeks' book, it rings true so far. 8th week is miserable

Hormonalhell Sun 17-Mar-13 16:35:19

Lost yes Charlie is 9 weeks shockshockshock I really do have a baby brain!!!

CreepyCrawly Sun 17-Mar-13 18:04:06

How long did it last bugsy?

I've seen the wonder weeks book mentioned on many of my frantic google searches, is it worth getting?

I'm finding it bloody hard! And DH has a cold so can't possibly lift a finger, even getting me a drink is too much effort.

birdies Sun 17-Mar-13 19:02:26

Is there a wonder week thingy at 11.5 weeks? X fed every 3 hours yesterday and slept well. Today, has fed on and off all day! Routine out the window again.

Also, anyone else's baby do little squeaks and squeals?!

Pascha Sun 17-Mar-13 19:45:44

Dan is 10 weeks now. It's all gone so fast, pregnancy seems so long ago in a different world. He's definitely squealing and shrieking now, lots of smiles and giggles, some huge ones for his brother. Shame he's a grumpy guts inbetween times though. Still won't be put down during the day, just trying to work out how the he'll we are going to get a bedtime for him when he won't settle except on one of us til around midnight when he is fast asleep and can safely go in the crib.

Pascha its amazing isn:t it how long pregnancy feels but once they're here time just flies! Actually had a quick look at tge ante natal threads today as i finally feel able to look back at it without feeling ill! Now Ivy is 10 weeks it all feels like a bad dream and the trauma of her sudden arrival has all but gone smile

We are also getting coos and smiles anf ds1 has discovered the joys of peek a boo with a muslin over ivy and she loves it! Its so sweet seeing them like that.

The great clear up has fallen apart! Everyrhing i've cleaned has been immediately messed up by dcs who.spent whole weekend moving crap around the house. Doesn't help that we have no hot water so washing etc requires constant boiling of kettle! sad

birdies there is!

Dd also shrieking and cooing and squealing. Tis lovely. Also lovely is DS trying to play with her and cuddle her, but he gets a little over zealous at times! Still a baby himself, bless. Hope everyone had a nice weekend. Really must start diet tomo she says eating dark choc and drinking wine

Pascha Sun 17-Mar-13 20:56:15

DS1 thinks its fine to drive his cars over Dan's head hmm. He gets a bit too cuddly at times and we have to haul him off but overall they seem to be getting along just fine. Partners in crime, methinks...

I don't know if I could go back and read the antenatal threads yet. Maybe in a month or two.

I need to get back to exercising properly now, I'm really annoyingly inbetween sizes so none of my pre pregnancy trousers fit well anymore and I can't yet do up the button on my favourite jeans. I'm still wearing mostly maternity jeans and trousers which is really annoying.

I live in leggings, pascha. I can get into my fat pre pregnancy stuff, but I have a squishy belly just now, and I'm a good 2 inches away from my thin jeans.


Contemplating investing in asda wonderfit jeans.

Hormonalhell Sun 17-Mar-13 21:11:06

I've got the Wonder Weeks app which is quite good but would love the book

Pascha Sun 17-Mar-13 21:13:29

Its not the legs, they are fine, its the waist. I'm a natural hourglass but right now with the wobbly belly its all a bit blurred.

I shall watch out for your review of the asda jeans Bunty I'm off to Bluewater with my mum and Daniel the week after next so maybe I can find something there.

I ordered £185 worth of nursing bras (6 bras, 2 styles, several sizes) from Figleaves to try on, found the right size and sent the others back last week. Had an email yesterday to confirm receipt of the returns and another to confirm my account would be credited with the total of £12 confused! Nothing I ordered cost £12. It should have been £156. Guess I will be on the phone to them first thing tomorrow morning.

CreepyCrawly Sun 17-Mar-13 21:33:25

Thank you Hormonal, I've just downloaded the app and I'm amazed at how spot on it is.

Apple we're having great fun with a muslin cloth too. And if I stop, she tries to do it herself which is entertaining.

I'm hoping her grump has peaked tonight, she was seriously crying for most of this evening. She was inconsolable. And then I took my top off and put her on my chest and she went straight to sleep.

Tbh it seems like a dream! I think its been easier to put it all behind me because i had to get back to normal routine pretty quick and now things aren't really any different than they were before. The only real difference is that i have to take pram along too now!

Have thrown away most pg clothes except some t shirts i dont mind leakinf all over at night. Although am back in my normal clothes i still have quite a belly on me which i know won't go till i start dropping feeds as am always hungry and don't always have time for healthy snacks...

Had a look at wonder weeks but don't realky get it esp the idea its counted from due date. That said i can see where she has sudenly developed new skills (like her hands havr found each other now anf took me a while to notice she'd started grabbing)

Ah creepy its fun isn't it smile

Hope she sleeps well for you. Ivy got up for feed at 2.30 then kept messing about and grinning at the ceiling hmm so we were back up at 3.30 as she'd only had a snack, hoping tonight will be bacj to normal!

Am exactly the same, pascha. A natural hourglass, but my tummy is squishy after 2 babes in quick succession. At least it's still somewhat flat. Just need to lose the flab and tone and it'll be fine. I hope.

The leggings are stretchy and forgiving on my figure at the moment, ESP with a long vest over the bum and a top over that for some feeding modesty.

I really rate the wonder weeks. Have the book and app and it's spot on.

Dd went to bed at 9:30. She won't go to sleep for the night unless I'm on our room in bed feeding her ... So tried earlier tonight and she went. Know this probably means a second middle of the night feed, but it's a step toward getting our evenings back smile

Lora1982 Sun 17-Mar-13 23:00:52

I cant get him to like peepo yet :'( he hates his vest and clothes going over his face so he tends to wince like we are mistreating him if we play peepo.

Im still living in leggings too pascha. Darent even try pre preggo jeans, tops are fine though and i finally got a decent nursing bra (bravissimo seamless one) instead of wearing those croptop ones... Dp said my boobs looked a lot perkier... Im only 30 (well 31) how dare my boobs look not perky sad

Also shock at figleaves! Bastards!

Pascha Sun 17-Mar-13 23:22:28

I will get it sorted Bunty. I went for the Panache Sophie bra in the end. Put everything front and centre just where it should be grin. I really wanted the Anita underwired bra but it fit really badly on me and doesn't go small enough in the back anyway so they went straight back.

I don't actually own any leggings that I could wear outside the house. Maybe I should just invest in some?

I'm killing time on here in the living room with Daniel asleep on the sofa next to me to give DH a head start on sleep as he is up at 6am for work. I'll give it another half an hour and if Daniel stays asleep I think it will be safe to go up.

creepy maybe 4 or 5 days? she was all smiles this afternoon but still had a couple of meltdowns.

birdies we are getting squeaks and squeals and oohs here too.

lora try playing peek a boo with something very light and translucent, I use a summery scarf.

First awakening at 3am, so that's 6hours between feeds - longer than I thought it would be, as she usually snacks from 6pm to 11pm. Fingers crossed!

Have ordered my wonderfit jeans, some maternity vests (for the extra stretchiness to pull for feeding) and black leggings from asda. I am holding out hope they are indeed wondrous. Will report back when I pick them up after Tuesday!

pascha I still have the Sophie from DS - it's a great bra. I do love my Anita, though, although I currently have it on the tightest hooks as well hmm. Usually a 32hh, and had to get a 34hh, and pull it on the tightest setting, and it still doesn't fit. Think proper bras and a bra conversion kit may meet soon (courtesy of DMIL as I am shit with a needle grin )

I 100% recommend leggings for use outside of the house. I am now a veritable connoisseur. I even have patterned ones - the shame. They're really nice though. They're my going somewhere leggings. blush

Oh, how the mighty have fallen ...

Lostbobbles Mon 18-Mar-13 06:51:25

Bunty check out the Emma Jane longline feeding vest, great to go over leggings.

Also Bunty how much is your dd drinking when you give ebm bottle?

I don't think my little madam is ever going to have a long sleep, she is like clockwork 8-11,11-3,3-5 (don't feed at five but won't settle in crib so take her in with me to snooze until 6.30/7

Have a good day all

Thanks lost

Madam would happily eat until she's sick, but if she's just getting a top up if I'm nipping out for an hour I'll leave 2oz. If I was leaving a full feed I'd leave 3 I think. Kellymom has an expressed milk calculator which you po on how many times they eat and it'll tell you roughly what they need for a feed of expressed, including minimums, maximums and averages.

They need about 24oz per day breastmilk. So, eating 8 times a day, that's about 3oz per feed.

I freeze in 2oz bags so there's less chance of waste.

Lora1982 Mon 18-Mar-13 08:24:58

Bunty.. Patterned leggings? grin

Dp has officially pist me off. He doesnt help if its passed his bedtime (after ten) or even before 8am. He as done ONE night feed in ten weeks no excuses cos dexter has bottles at night. He cant even wash the bottle properly i went to get one out the steriliser and they had milk on the teats and in the bottles! His excuse for letting him cry this morning when i went loo was 'well i dont have any milk' i said all hre needed was comforting and picking up ffs . Cos he stops crying cos he knows hes going to get some dinz. Im getting beyond hacked off with him and i dont know how to make him help. Its not because im tired that im worked up cos dexters started sleeping like a dream. Tips welcomed. May have a welll behaved baby but i certainly dont have a well behaved d-sodding-p

These ones. They're lovely, honestly!

I am 5'8 and a wobbly ATM size 16 14, and they're really flattering.

DH is also rather annoying at times. Dd was sick yesterday, requiring an outfit change. I handed him the baby, the clothes and a nappy, whilst I put away things in her room. I got shouted through as she was hungry. As I explained with a hmm face - I wanted him to change her whilst input things away, as when I came through all of 2 mins later, I could then feed her and she would sleep. I didn't want to waken her to change, or have her sleeping in sicky clothes.

He also moans about being a waiter if I ask for a drink whilst I'm feeding (what do you do when I'm not here blah blah blah), and gets a flea in his ear for that too. I can't remember him being so bloody annoying with DS.

However, on the whole he's a good un. I think men are just a bit clueless tbh.

He still says I'm gorgeous, so he gets forgiven for a lot ;)

CreepyCrawly Mon 18-Mar-13 09:42:27

Here's hoping we only have a couple of grumpy days left too. She's having quite restless sleep at the moment too, grunting and hitting the sides of her crib. All this while she's fast asleep.

Ah the 'what would you do if I wasn't here' pisses me right off! My DH is also under the impression he can't comfort Nancy because he can't feed her. If he got off his phone for 5 minutes it might work! He is good most if the time though, he's been the chef and shopper for 8 weeks. But yes, men are useless!

Hormonalhell Mon 18-Mar-13 10:42:26

Creepy I'd stopped doing the skin to skin but yes I'll try it when DS is grumpy n restless on an evening. His colic is much more controlled now thanks to comfort milk and infacol but he's still very grumpy 5-8 time on an evening

another one here with an annoying dp. on top of the crimes listed, he counts time spent bfing as sitting down doing nothing.

I'm glad I'm not the only one who finds the Anita bra sizing odd. I bought one off eBay and it didn't fit at all. I ended up getting a panache Sophie which is lovely but I miss underwires.

Creepy i tell dp he is best to comfort ivy as i smel of milk and thats not necesarily what she needs! Generally he is quite good but he knows as he works nights he doesn't get the crap sleep.

Right these wonder weeks is there 1 at 11 weeks? Ivy sleep has gone to pot the last couple of days and she has been cranky too. Now properly asleep after being a nuisance all night hmm she was quite smiley while we were getting ready for school run tho.

House still bloody cold, am fed up now sad

apple there is a wonder week around about 11 1/2 weeks 'the world DF smooth transitions' iirc.

birdies Mon 18-Mar-13 12:02:31

bunty I would look horrendous in those leggings. You must have lovely long slim legs!

I don't feel tired today, hooray! Am still wearing X in the day though, still haven't solved that one.

bunty would you bother buying the wonder weeks book if DD is 11.5 weeks, is it worth it now?

DH is annoyed whenever he sees me on my iPad. Which in fairness, is quite a lot. But still, it's not as if the rest of the time I'm sat doing nothing. He does do his fair share though as well as working. But when we're both tired we're pretty horrible to each other. Yesterday I told him i wanted to divorce him. Today Im not tired so I love him again grin

Thanks Bunty just googled. It says to work from due date? But that only makes her 8 weeks!? I did see there was 1 at 8 weeks though so maybe thats our problem confused

Birdies dh says same about me on phone but its only really when i am sat feeding

I wish, birdies! maybe I am deluding myself ;) DS calls them my jammies

Tbh, if you have the app, I don't think you need the book. I have both, but have only looked at the app this time round as its good to have an at your finger tip reference to see if there's a reason they're being grumpy toads not themselves.

apples I reckon it could be the 8 week one then!

birdies Mon 18-Mar-13 17:05:20

X doesn't like being flat on the floor for tummy time so I've discovered this works really well - worth a try if any of your babies don't like it much either (you just pop them on and hold leggies like a wheel barrow and rock back and forth!). It'll be good for when they start crawling too, so lots of uses.


Anyone else got any good buys? Hmm I know that wont help me reduce iPad and spending time but I love a bit of online shopping grin

birdies Mon 18-Mar-13 17:05:43
Pascha Mon 18-Mar-13 17:38:38

Yes I noticed that Birdies wink

Bunty those leggings are truly revolting. If you look good in them you must look stunning in anything else grin

My latest buy was this to line the carseat but its so pretty I haven't got it as far as the car yet. Dan just falls straight to sleep in it.

Sorted out the Figleaves thing. Forgot that while I sent back five bras, I ordered four more in another couple of styles and a second Panache Sophie and the difference is £12. Oops. Oh well, at least I got the email explaining before I roared at some poor customer service bod on the phone blush

birdies Mon 18-Mar-13 17:50:26

DH has noticed as well, hence his hatred of my iPad time smile Slightly more worryingly, I almost know his credit card number off by heart grin

Boori cotbed arrived today, am pleased, I think it was bargainous!

bunty must have a model-like figure and is just being modest. I could only see a Rita Ora-esque woman looking lovely in those!!

apple do you still have no heating in house?

Birdies ds1 had something very similar was thinking of getting one for Ivy but she seems to like tummy time but possibly only because shes the centre of attention when she does her push ups smile

Gas man finally arrived this afternoon, tinkered with boiler and we now have the luxury of hot water and heating!

Must dash Ivy bottom just made an alarming noise sad

Hahhahaha Rita ora - no!

I must look shit and people are polite ;)

Both my babies are tucked up in bed sleeping. I shall no doubt get the smug slapped off my face at 1,3,5,7 etc ... But it feels v strange ATM not to have teeny on my boob knee.

Pascha Mon 18-Mar-13 20:40:03

Daniel let us eat dinner smile. He is currently in his swing raving away, arms and legs dancing. Think he's working up to a good whinge imminently.

Ah sleeping babies! I spent ages getting tired/cranky baby to sleep in bouncer then had to take her with me to pick ds1 up from cubs! She smiled at few peopke then started whinging again so 1 of the mums is kindly picking ds1 up for me next week so i don't have to drag baby out again! Frankly i could weep i'm so grateful grin

Spoke to soon. Chattering in her cot, big smiles.



happyhow Mon 18-Mar-13 21:24:04

Bailey's been a right grump today, especially this evening. No idea what has gotten into him as he's usually quite fun in the evenings but he's been a bit off all day. He's on my boob at the mo so we'll see how long the peace lasts...

Bunty, I don't think those leggings are that bad. I couldn't pull them off but I've seen a hell of a lot worse!

Apples, lovely friend!

Cejay8 Tue 19-Mar-13 08:57:28

Sophie slept from 9.30 to 6am! I hope it's a sign of things to come. She's 7 weeks. Shame DS woke twice in the night hmm As a reward I've kitted her out in cute dress today instead of the usual sleepsuits.

CreepyCrawly Tue 19-Mar-13 09:39:54

Cejay lovely! Good luck with the clothes! I still can't be doing with them haha. She does have a lovely new coat that I wish she could wear 24/7 though!

She has a cold now, bless her, so that's probably partly why she's been grumpy. She was quite snuffly in the night, but seems better this morning.

We attempted a walk in the pushchair with the dog yesterday and it was a success! I think the poor dog got a bit fed up to begging with, it took us 20 minutes to get as far as next doors gate with everyone coming to have a coo. Dog was brilliant though, walked lovely on the lead and stayed right by the side of the pushchair off the lead. Very proud of him.

On the clothes front, I had a big clear out before Christmas, and seemed to forget that I wasn't going to be pregnant forever and sold all my clothes on eBay. And I'm not exaggerating, ALL of them! Apart from bloody maternity clothes.

CreepyCrawly Tue 19-Mar-13 09:40:35

*begin with, not begging

Sorry creepy but that made me laugh smile

Ivy is still in sleepsuits and occasionally top and pj trousers. Like you i can't be doing with the faff. And shes more comfortable.

Had to take her to asembly this morning. Always proud when they get awards but really could do without trying to hold squirmy baby who wants feeding for 1/2 hour! Now shes asleep and my poor boibs are huge!!

*boobs not boibs - d'oh!

Polyethyl Tue 19-Mar-13 10:12:32

My daughter just vomited down my cleavage and in my hair. Thank you darling.

Can anyone suggest what to do about her skin, she has very dry skin on the sides of her face, near her ears. I'm not using soap on her, and the dry patches are very localised, she's fine elsewhere.
Moisturiser? Baby oil?

CreepyCrawly Tue 19-Mar-13 11:01:32

Haha thanks Apple.

Poly I used cooking oil when Nancy had dry skin, it did the job. Just a tiny bit massaged in after a bath.

I think I'm turning into a weirdo. I'm feeling like I don't want another baby because I won't be able to give Nancy all of my attention, and I'll have to leave her if I go into hospital. And I don't want her to go in her own room. And I don't want to leave her, ever.

MarasmeAbsolu Tue 19-Mar-13 11:35:04

smile creepy she will eventually learn to speak, will start saying "NO MUMMY! NO" (or you are a silly billy Mummy, like DD1 did) and at that point she will be a little girl, bossing you about - another baby does not seem so bad once they get so independent.

DD1 (3.5) bosses DD2 like crazy. DD2 looks at her with big adoring eyes smile

CreepyCrawly Tue 19-Mar-13 11:52:45

Noooo I want her to stay as a baby forever! Time is going way too quick. It is lovely when they start talking and become proper little people though smile

Should I be taking her to the doctor for this cold? She's eating fine and still having wet nappies, she's still alert and smiling when she's awake too so I think she'll be alright wont she? I don't really want to take her to the surgery and have her catch something worse.

Lostbobbles Tue 19-Mar-13 11:53:26

Creepy your not a weirdo, I used to feel the same, hence it took 4yrs to want another (that and the sleep trauma!!)

Pol: I used organic coconut oil, but you can you plain old olive or cooking. I just prefer the smell.

It seems I have a hungry baby at mo, she fed every 2 hours yest, (was going 3, until illness/ hospital) so rather silly but i thought she might sleep longer last night. No such luck, same old every 3 hours until 5am when the witching starts and she won't stay asleep in crib.

Is the same with the 2 hourly again today, hope its short lived as the three hourly fitted in well with DD1

Poly Ivy has excema on her face and i use olive oil and oilatum. It works to keep it under control.

Creepy although i felt the same i was pg again 18 months after ds1 born partly because i just love the little baby stage and i really wanted him to have a sibling. And before you know she'll be a bolshy toddler and you won't mind leaving the little minx ANyway they'rw fun as they get older fails to mention ds2 frequent trips to a&e

Lora1982 Tue 19-Mar-13 14:41:51

Im hating the idea that he would have no siblings... But also currently hating the idea of doing all this again... Even though he is a very well behaved easy baby compared to the nnightmares im hearing from you lot! A next one might not be so easy ...

Im going to a la leche group tomorrow im a bit scared they might be too hard core boob though and il feel like i need to justify the bottles he has at night. I think its important i go though so someone can teach me how to get him on my bad boob onve and for all i dont want scabby mcpuss abcess returning! On that front its currently about 1cm long and half that in height so its healing slowly but surely.

On the fenugreek issue i think its definatly helped im down to two max three bottles a day and im starting to get the engorged feeling again in the morning... My armpits also have an aroma of curry so i know its in my system grin

Hope you are all dealing with minimal vomit today!

birdies Tue 19-Mar-13 16:39:34

creepy I would wrap mine up in cotton wool if I could and co sleep with both of them until they're 18! I still feel guilty for having a baby so close in age to DD1 but I'm trying to give her lots of attention and I hope she'll enjoy having a little sis when she's older (at the mo she just glares at her!). I'm broody again already but will prob wait a couple of years this time. You don't need to take her to doctors if she seems well in herself.

How much time do people with 2 babies spend playing with DC2? I'm trying to give DD1 more attention which means DD2 is often just lying kicking on her mat. She seems happy enough but I want to help her develop as well.....

lora curry armpits sound lovely grin

I took dd to baby massage today. she liked it for about ten minutes then wanted to be fed for the rest of the session even though I fed the little monkey right before it started

jabs tomorrow sad

happyhow Tue 19-Mar-13 18:49:36

I love slow cookers and iPhones today. Made a lovely venison stew in the slow cooker for tea - could happily eat more but will refrain... Loving the iPhone because hubby fell asleep last night with the tv remote on the other side of the room whilst I was feeding Bailey. Discovered that my iPhone can act like a sky remote - made my night!

Lora, curry armpits sound just lovely. It really makes me want to go and buy fenugreek...

Louise85 Tue 19-Mar-13 21:19:07

Lora - glad you warned about curry armpits - am not bf, but will remember that for next one....and don't worry about next one not being good...I thought since Dd was a brilliant baby, easy, good sleeper etc, that next one would be a nightmare, but 8 weeks in and he's just as easy as his sister...I'm sure they'll be nightmare teenagers, but hey for now, I could have another one again ;-)

Pol - Dd suffered with dry skin, and E45 was the only thing that would clear it (cream, not lotion), and you can get it to put in the bath as well.

Got both of them into their own beds fast asleep at 7 - loving having our evenings back again...and looking forward to good nights sleep to try get over this horrible cold

Lora1982 Tue 19-Mar-13 23:25:22

Its not a constant aroma (that i know of...others may disagree) i cant smell it now just when im getting changed etc

anyone managed to overcome any boob preference? Im scared of blockages and mastitis or abcesses happening he was only on it ten mins all day then he started fighting and kicking etc so i swiched and he was fine again. I read how they can sense the mum is more comfortable with one side and to try tricking them into thinking its their favourite side by using the rugby hold, but yhe size of him now i cant do that comfortably for either of us. I think he has an issue with the nip its totally different to the other because its not been used for 8weeks when the other is used to being used and has adapted.

katolla Wed 20-Mar-13 04:56:26

At 5 weeks should I be waking her for feeds or should she wake herself? Put her down at 9 and its nearly five now. I've been awake since 3 :/ probably cause I'm traumatised by the massive vomits she did today...

Would wear those leggings!

katolla Wed 20-Mar-13 04:57:57

Lora fenugreek smells lovely!
Oilatum seconded for dry skin.

Lora1982 Wed 20-Mar-13 10:41:03

Just having a quick rant cos i know you lot wont mind or turn it into a row grin why do people feel they have to justify how they feed their baby?!? Just been on a thread and i did it too without thinking but if someone wants to mix or exclusively ff i dont think they should feel like they need to explain why they chose to do it. Surely we are all adults capable of making decisions ourselves without feeling guilty or like you need to explain your actions. Ffs. :-D done.

Lora totally agree! And once they get to school who can tell who had what smile

Tugstonia Wed 20-Mar-13 14:03:24

Lora Agree on the feeding thing being no-one else's business. Also I'm with you on the curry pits grin

I apparently have a staph infection of my nipple sad Anyone had this? I have to take antibiotics which I'm not happy about as it just means I'm more likely to get thrush again. So fed up of having manky nipples!

Did anyone watch Bedtime Live last night? Need some tips on how to get my DD to sleep in her crib.

lollipoppi Wed 20-Mar-13 15:28:52

Lora, I feel like I have to justify it whenever somebody asks, I don't know why, maybe it's because I feel a little guilty that I didn't carry on longer .... (Especially after reading the traumas you guys have had with your boobies)!!
Or maybe I should tell them to sod off and mind their own business wink

DD has just been weighed and is now 11lb 3oz! She is 8 wks old ! Little pudding!!

Ok so at 8 weeks what time was your LO settling down for bed!??
DDs bedtime seems to be between 11-12!!!! she sleeps beautifully once asleep but I just wish it was earlier!!
Any tips??

Lora1982 Wed 20-Mar-13 15:49:22

It was a staph infection which caused my abcess tugs, whats your nipple doing? Is it swolllen or just sore? Im too scared to use the bad boob bbut il have to if i dont want to be lopsided

Lora1982 Wed 20-Mar-13 16:12:06

Dexter was going sleep about hal ten at 8wks... Its now half 11-12 its ok for me though i dont tend to go bed early... Its the 6am wake up that im no fan of.

Tugstonia Wed 20-Mar-13 16:49:39

Oh god lora didn't realise staph caused your awful abscess... It's in one nipple and that boob is quite lumpy but I feed DD with it a lot (excruciatingly painful!) and express to try to get rid of the lumps. Can't be doing with getting an abscess yours sounded like such a nightmare. Has it gone now?

Lora1982 Wed 20-Mar-13 18:19:19

Yes thats how mine started (doesnt mean itl happen to you though i dont want to scare you!) it got to a point where the swelling and abcess blocked my nip so nothing could come out i i did feed him from it, i blame all the drs and midwives i saw who ignored my siyuation or who didnt realise that it was as bad as i was saying, they just kept saying feed hom from it... Well he couldnt ffs grin its only a tiny scabby bit noww milk does come out but nowhere near as much as the left side which is why i started the fenigreek but cos he gets stroppy on that side im scared itl all happen again.

I found hot flannels helped with the pain in the stage your at then i was given voltarol pills to help swelling which were crap only pain relief that helped was the strong cocodamol

Lora1982 Wed 20-Mar-13 18:21:05

And expressing in the bath or with lansinoh on it helped more come out

Louise85 Wed 20-Mar-13 19:44:15

Gosh, you ladies are amazing putting up with all those issues like staph & abscessess etc...I only managed mastitis & thrush a couple times before giving up - but hey - I had managed to express lots in the freezer so he still gets one bottle of ebm a day. He's a guzzler and was 12lbs at his 6 week check!!!!!

Lolli - Ds goes to bed at 6:30/7...I'm a kind of losely trying to be gina follower (for better or for worse)...he has sleepy feeds at 10:30 & 4am, and then usually I wake him up at 7 to start the day

Berniebennett Wed 20-Mar-13 21:17:37

So our little man has always struggled with sleeping between 7-10 he will only do it he's sleeping on me, the last few nights hubby has been working until late so I've taken advantage and have gone to bed early at about 8 to watch a film in bed (rock n roll) I popped him on our bed while I went to the bathroom to wash up etc came back and he was zonked! So I tested the theory and he has settled himself the last few nights and slept through until 10:39 when woken to feed, he has then gone straight back into his Moses basket and slept well........am I setting myself up for a fall by doing this or shall I just go with it????

Lostbobbles Wed 20-Mar-13 22:22:06

Lora have you tried starting the feed on good side and change once he has got the first let-down and quenched his thirst a bit? Also bung a load of nip-salve on to make it more soft. It might fool him a bit but doubt it, these little mites know what they like!

Bernie go with it! I just do whatever works although all of mine have tended to sleep better if they settle themselves (though would be nice if someone expained that to an over tired and screaming Ivy sad )

Letting agent came out to see house and barely looked! After we spent the whole day madly cleaning everything! He did mention that the rent is behind by a lot...shocked us as its only a month but his old company says 3!! So now we have to go through old statements to show its paid.. He then said that we had over paid his new company confused franky no idea whats going on but surely if we were that behind they should have mentioned it??!!

Still at least house is nice and clean and tid (until dcs destroy it again)

Wow am amazed at the people still bf with so many issues.

Lora1982 Wed 20-Mar-13 23:11:07

Thanks lost,i'll try that tomorrow hes been on it twice tonight and its sore now cos it has a lot of catching up to do its not been used by his over zealous mouth for 8 weeks. Lansinoh will be my new best friend for a while...

Lostbobbles Thu 21-Mar-13 04:27:37

Not going to make the cut for the sleep team yet but just recorded a new PB 11-4 grin

Bunny222 Thu 21-Mar-13 07:42:02

Hi all. We are trying out baby cinema today! Our local Odeon does a screening for mums and babies of the latest release. Apparently they turn the sound down a bit and turn up the lights. No idea if he'll like it, but will give it a go! And he has a bunny outfit to wear from baby gap - bless him :-)

How is everyone else doing with baby clubs, swimming etc?

Bunny222 Thu 21-Mar-13 07:43:22

Hi all. We are trying out baby cinema today! Our local Odeon does a screening for mums and babies of the latest release. Apparently they turn the sound down a bit and turn up the lights. No idea if he'll like it, but will give it a go! And he has a bunny outfit to wear from baby gap - bless him :-)

How is everyone else doing with baby clubs, swimming etc?

Meringue33 Thu 21-Mar-13 07:53:39

Hi all glad to see you are all doing well
Things have been upside down here still no sense of routine or normality!
LO has taken to sleeping though from around 11/12 til 5.30am which feels great, hoping this will lengthen at some point.

Lora we are very lopsided, my chiropractor has said she can treat LO for it I will let you know how I get on. He is always twisted around to his left and sleeps on that side too. Prefers my right boob which is now much bigger.

Meringue33 Thu 21-Mar-13 07:55:57

Bit fed up with bf as latch has gone wonky, turning feeding time into a battle when it used to be lovely. Want to persevere but may throw in the towel if cannot get it fixed - feeding is taking ages, we have green poo and just not convinced he is getting enough.

birdies Thu 21-Mar-13 09:33:11

meringue sounds like you've given breastfeeding a good go. Main thing is a healthy baby so don't feel bad if you decide to move to formula!

bunny we're starting Baby Sensory classes next week. DD1 loved them and I met some local mums. They were the best classes we did.

bernie go with it, that sounds like a great routine!

How much time are people spending playing with baby?

happyhow Thu 21-Mar-13 10:03:09

Bunny, I went to the baby cinema screening yesterday for the first time - it was great! We're going to do it weekly now. There were only 6 of us in a massive screen which was quite funny.

I'm starting baby massage in a couple of weeks. Going to try and get to a baby group this afternoon I think as well as I need to meet other people but it's been a disaster every time I've tried so far.

Hubby is off work til Tuesday so we're going to try and get lots of bits finished in the house etc.

I play with Bailey loads. He seems quite alert and if he doesn't want to play, he often likes sitting on your knee just looking around and watching tv...

Pascha Thu 21-Mar-13 10:07:06

Eight til fi-ive! Eight til fi-ive! Ei-ei-ei-ei-eight til fi-i-i-ve!!

Dan slept from 8pm (in the swing), refused to take a dreamfeed at 9.30pm, transferred to the crib at 10.30pm and stayed asleep til 5am. Thats a first and I bet it doesn't happen again for a while. I'm on the lookout now for something new he can do to account for it now.

Meringue You've done really really well to get this far and its absolutely fine to change to ff if you want to. Don't be afraid to ask for help with the latch and the fussiness though, it could be down to something fixable.

Daniel went through a stage of fussy feeding popping on and off the breast every few seconds, windy and green poo, it was because of too fast flow and too forceful letdown rather than any kind of low supply though. I ended up expressing into a towel for a minute before feeding him so he just got the slower settled down flow instead. Then I block nursed on the same side for 2 feeds at a time before switching breasts for the next 2 feeds, for a week to deal with my oversupply. I still have a forceful letdown but Daniel can now cope with it once the first few seconds are past.

We are going swimming on a sunday morning as a family. Other than that Daniel just comes along to stuff we do with DS1, playgroups etc. I don't get much time with just him to do any classes really.

Meringue33 Thu 21-Mar-13 10:27:22

Thanks guys!
Pascha I think it is fixable, just haven't had any luck doing so with help of NCT bf counsellor, HV or helpline. Was doing the Flipple before when working really well, but for some reason can't seem to do it any more. Have tried block feeding and I think my letdown is slow rather than fast so vicious circle - I need that good latch from him to get it flowing, more frustrated we both get the less likely it is to work.

We've been to baby cinema too, was great! Saw Les Mis which I missed as went into labour. Brilliant. Also been to Tots and Tinies which was fun tho think he was still too little to make most of it. It was more fun for mummy!

Meringue33 Thu 21-Mar-13 10:29:45

Cannot get that bottom lip to pout out no matter what I do

Pascha Thu 21-Mar-13 10:36:15

Ok dont laugh but Kellymom suggests deep breathing and relaxation techniques to speed up a slow letdown.

meringue manually flip it out with your finger.

Glad your all getting out with your babies! No classes for Ivy and me she comes with us to library and parties at the weekends and hopefully will start going to rhyme time at library, more for me than her but used to like going with the others. Local pool does baby sessions and may sign up for those. Am quite enjoying being just us at home whilst dcs at school.

She talks now and its lovely to sit and 'chat' and make her smile and chuckle. Its so cute.

Ivy slept 12-5 last night! Was good but she wouldn't settle after that.

Meringue33 Thu 21-Mar-13 12:46:04

Seen it Pascha I keep planning to take a bath but life gets in the way lol! Bunty could you describe what you'd do? I'm holding him in cross cradle, left hand in a C hold round my left breast, right hand supporting baby's head. I tried to let go of his head (it was supported by pillow), but hard to get right pinky in - mouth is buried deep in my ginormous boob, shaped like shark, and his mouth is tiny still, getting my finger in just seems to totally de latch?

Was supposed to be going to bf cafe at 1pm today but he has just finished a mammoth feed - what is the point! Lol

Meringue33 Thu 21-Mar-13 13:08:30

Sorry too many lols! I am 33 wouldn't you know blush.

Ok, how I'd do it - change to a cradle hold. So, left arm cradling baby use your right hand, pinkie finger, to pull the jaw slightly down. Latch shouldn't be lost, but you should then be able to wiggle the lip out, and also some more boob in.

If you're really stuck, I'll see if I can video it with DH help
Tonight and YouTube or something

Lora1982 Thu 21-Mar-13 15:48:39

I need a slap. I sat watching sixteen and counting and the thought 'i could easy have another one' popped in my head.

Ooh lora, i watch that and thank god i've only got 4! Those people are nuts smile can't imagine what having that many does to your body...mines a total wreck! (although little babies are perhaps a little addictive)

Lora1982 Thu 21-Mar-13 16:54:09

I wonder how allchick and twinkle are doing they havent posted for a long time.

The woman at the la leche thing i went to yesterday was talking about a nursing suplementor, its like a bag and a tube, the tube goes into your babies mouth with your nip to help increase supply

Lora1982 Thu 21-Mar-13 16:54:56

.... Stoopid phone.

So has anyone used one?

happyhow Thu 21-Mar-13 17:10:50

I've been thinking I could have another one since a couple of hours after labour! Crazy that I am... I keep thinking of I got pregnant now it wouldn't be a disaster but think I'll enjoy Bailey for a wee while yet. We only got round to actually doing the deed for the first time this morning! Was the quickest and most unromantic session ever with Bailey crying in his basket and hubby not lasting very long owing to it being so long since we've done anything! Oh well...

I am taking DD swimming tomorrow, really excited about it. I am taking a friend to help me, as I think the logistics of getting changed and getting her in and out of the pool, might be quite tricky.

I have taken her to baby massage and it was nice but tbh I think she might be a bit too young for it - she enjoyed it for a little while but then cried and I spent the rest of the class feeding her. One poor woman's baby cried the whole time.

I saw a newborn baby at the Dr's today and started feeling broody again -I am mad.

newbie6 Thu 21-Mar-13 18:38:22

Hi all,

My LO will be 10 weeks old on Friday, we haven't gone to any baby classes yet, is that bad? I wasn't sure if I should wait till he has his 2nd lot of jags? Have only just started venturing out with him by myself in the car to the shops etc and whilst it is good to get out, hate it when he screams or cries in his pram as feel everyone stares at you! Now he is that little bit older he doesn't sleep as much during the day and I find it hard to keep him content while awake if that makes sense. I do get lots of smiles and coos but find he isn't overly happy to lie in his cot awake so taking him out can prove a tad stressful smile

Hope everyone else is well, this thread is so busy and I try and catch up every few days, cannot believe we all have our wee babies now! Seems ages ago we were all fretting about scans etc!


CreepyCrawly Thu 21-Mar-13 19:06:21

Newbie I haven't been to any groups either, and have also only just started venturing out by myself with her. And it's only twice we've done that. I'm really shy so I'm making going to these groups a huge deal when I'm sure it'll be fine.

Pregnancy seems like a lifetime ago doesn't it?!

I'm dreading to think what my boobs will be like when Nancy gets over this cold - she's feeding constantly the last couple of days. So so horrible to see her unwell, she's still smiling though bless her. Doing better than DH with a cold already!

Newbie i barely left the house with ds1 for the first 6 months and there certainly weren't any classes. They don't need any of them at this point. Have you gota baby gym all mine loved theirs and it gives youva break from trying to entertain them. Fwiw ds1 is doing just as well.as his friends who went to all the baby classes smile

at this age the classes are really for you, not the baby. I am really sociable and can't bear to be stuck in the house all day which is why I go to lots.

Creepy i'm really shy too and found toddler groups really hard. I always went to rhyme time as its more structured (and free)

I'm not really sure how to play with DS either, newbie. He likes to lie on his back and kick, so I let him do that whilst I dangle things over his head to look at. Other than that I really have no idea!

We are enrolled in swimming lessons and have been going to a post-natal group. Really enjoying meeting other mums and swapping ideas etc. The woman who runs it has some weird ideas though. At the last session she suggested one of the other mums let her baby CIO. He is 16 weeks old but was 8 weeks premature, and he has a hole in his heart. I don't like the idea of CIO at the best of times, but surely it's a really bad idea for this little one?

In other news, DS has been feeding practiccaly all day. I feel literally drained!

newbie6 Thu 21-Mar-13 20:33:27

Thanks all, I thought baby gym was a class, I'm so stupid, ha ha! Like you guys, I sing to him (poor boy!), let him lie on his back on his playmat and shake his rattle etc at him and also try and massage him etc but it can be hit and miss if he likes it so only do that if I get smiles! Poor boy must know I'm clueless!

I do want to meet other mums so will venture to one after he has his 12 week jabs, oh my....so many new things to experience smile


Lostbobbles Thu 21-Mar-13 21:21:05

I have booked baby group to start after Easter, although only really doing it because i feel guilty that i did loads with DD1. I quite like just chilling and going on my own little jaunts. Hoping i will feel more enthusiastic once she starts sleeping better. I have also booked swimming but it's a private lady and i don't have to get in :-). The other thing i keep considering is buggy fit but i hate exercise at the best of times so only going to go when weather picks up.

Meringue33 Thu 21-Mar-13 21:32:17

Thanks Bunty, have given that a go but in cradle his latch is worse than ever, he just grasps the nipple and nothing wider at all??

Hormonalhell Thu 21-Mar-13 22:27:22

I've been really struggling last few days with Charlie, he cries for about two hours almost every night even tho I am doing everything possible for the colic. Apparently when he goes to his dad's he's good as gold hmm I just find it so hard to cope with the crying and end up in tears myself.

Went to baby clinic and he's on 50th centile so doing well but then they measured his head and said it was way above where it should be which freaked me out a bit!

Not been a good day hmmhmm

Lora1982 Thu 21-Mar-13 23:24:53

Hormonal a lady i spoke to said they can go ages and be fine but then as soon as they see or hear you they want you. Either for food or just comfort. I can see where shes coming from, the other morning he woke up for his dinz and was fine with his dad changing him etc then as soon as i appear im cried at :'(

woody2313 Fri 22-Mar-13 02:52:33

Ok so totally out of the blue, DS has just slept for a 7 1/2 hr stretch. He usually goes 3-4 hours before waking for a feed. I had to wake him! Did I do the right thing? Him sleeping through would be amazing but I worry that that's a long time to go between feeds - I was expecting to gradually space the might feeds apart not suddenly get rid of them...of course tonight might just be a fluke anyway hmm

Don't wake him, woody!. He's old enough to wake when he's hungry, unless there are issues with his weight gain.

woody2313 Fri 22-Mar-13 05:52:40

Thanks Bunty. If it happens again tonight I definitely won't wake him. He has absolutely no problems with weight gain (he's a whopper) and you're right, he'll let me know if he's hungry. He only had a snack at 2.30 - not really interested - and has been asleep ever since. Really hoping this isn't a one-off...

Hormonalhell Fri 22-Mar-13 07:21:09

Really Lora? I thought I just made him miserable as when he's with other people he smiles n coos but I get the crying.

I prob find it hard because at tea time when he's at his worst I've no-one to pass him too hmm

lollipoppi Fri 22-Mar-13 07:56:43

DD slept from 11-6.30!! ... Shame DS was up at 5.30 hmm

Woody never wake a sleeping baby grin enjoy the sleep!

Hormonal, do you have any family close by that could pop round for tea? Give you a break during cranky time? X

CreepyCrawly Fri 22-Mar-13 08:16:40

apple what's rhyme time like? I had a look and my local library do it. I'm also thinking of going to Buggy Fit, has anyone else been?

We had 10:30-7. And with a clear nose so I'm hoping she's on the mend now.

had a terrible night with dd up coughing all night. every time she coughs she wakes up and cries then takes ages to get back to sleep sad

i took her to the docs on weds and he said it was a virus so there was nothing he could do but she seems to be getting worse. it's horrible watching her having coughing fits and not being able to do anything to help.

Pascha Fri 22-Mar-13 08:26:23

well, from 7 hours last night we had wakings at 11pm, 2am, 4.15, 6.45 if that can tell you anything Woody

Daniel just won't settle on me to sleep if he's tired anymore, he just gets more and more wound up and screamy. I give him to DH to try and within 5 minutes he's asleep! Little sod. I'm sure its because he can smell my milk.

CreepyCrawly Fri 22-Mar-13 08:26:34

Oh bugsy it's awful isn't it. I hope she's better soon

Tugstonia Fri 22-Mar-13 08:58:58

Very envy at those whose babies are sleeping 7 hours. Dd goes 3.5 hours at the very most before waking for a feed. Also still v difficult to get her to sleep in her crib (it's a BabyBay so like an extension of our bed). Ewan was helping but think she's becoming immune to him. Wonder if I'll ever get more than a couple hours sleep at a time ever again! She's 7 weeks now so maybe it's just something she'll grow out of (or into). Bugsy your poor dd, hope she gets better soon.

We've been to rhyme time, buggy fit & baby massage. Dd seemed to quite like rhyme time (as in she didn't scream through it) & slept through buggy fit though I think I started buggy fit a bit too soon after my section & my scar was quite sore. She also quite likes baby massage for the first 20 mins. Want to try swimming next. Has anyone done sensory classes?

Pascha Ivy is exactly the same! Sometimes nothing seems to work and she just gets more and more upset sad . If its any comfort am certain all my others were the same at this stage and they all sleep well smile

Mrsbugsy poor dd (and you) it so hard when they're unwell. Have you tried sitting in bathroom with shower on hot, the steam.might help?

Creepy rhyme time is ussually a story followed by lots of singing nursey rhymes (with actions) and they also.use a huge parachute in some. I like it because everyones 'doing' something so i don't end up all shy and anxious. Is more fun when they're older and can join in more but we will still be going now as it gets us out of the house! poor Ivy, everything else we do is dealing with older dcs. Today we're only going out to get stuff to make easter bonnets as thats ds2 and dd1 homework.

Wuxiapian Fri 22-Mar-13 09:58:35

May I join?

DS2 will be 8 weeks old on Monday.

He's had a cold the last 5ish weeks, poor soul, and Dr can't prescribe anything, so saline drops is the only (PITA) option.

Also has colic, so same applies with the gripe water. I mean, how the hairy heck are you supposed to administer the stuff to a wriggly, bunged-up baby?!

He's still not sleeping through the night - bedtime between 9 and 10, wakes or feed 2amish and 6amish. He's in bed with us.

Haven't started any baby clubs - happy with our own little walks around the park and spend time chilling.

1st set of jabs next wednesday. Not looking forward to that. At all. Will they still jab him if he's still got this cold?

lollipoppi Fri 22-Mar-13 10:03:54

Welcome Wux!! - DD is on gripe water, I have a little syringe that I just fill up and squirt into her mouth works a treat!!

birdies Fri 22-Mar-13 10:06:39

hormonal my health visitor weighed X's head and said the same - it had grown really quickly in just 5 weeks. So I freaked out and googled. Shouldn't have done really. It had grown longer as well rather than rounder. Anyways at 12 weeks its settled down and is growing at a normal rate and all is fine. Some babies have growth spurts of head and body at different times.

I'm convinced the key to longer sleep is getting them to have big feeds in the day. I'm not sure anymore that less sleep in the day means more at night but still testing that one out! On a good night, X sleeps 6 hours then 3 then 1. woody going 7 hours is perfectly safe, lucky you!

mrsbugsy if she gets much worse just take her back. Although you don't want them to just give you antibiotics to get you to go away. Hope she starts to feel better soon.

tugs would definitely recommend baby sensory classes. We're starting them next week but I did them with DD1 for about a year, we loved them.

Welcome Wuxia! Not sure re cold and jabs. I'd probably wait if it was me so baby was fully well to cope with them but its worth phoning to ask if not sure.

birdies Fri 22-Mar-13 10:07:33

Oops, not weighed head, I mean measured! I'd be quite alarmed if they'd weighed it grin

Wuxiapian Fri 22-Mar-13 10:10:19

Thanks, lollipops!

Well, he was initially on the infacol - since he was about 2 weeks. Have only switched onto the gripe yesterday and used the infacol syringe, but he either chokes knit or spits it out. Tut.

How old is your DD?

HV tells me babies usually grow out of it by out 12 weeks. Hoping this is the case as I can't help worry it's something more serious like an intolerance - him being FF.

happyhow Fri 22-Mar-13 10:59:31

Welcome wux! My boy had a slight cold when he got his jabs and was fine. He got a slight temp and was sleepier but that was all. We had our checks with the Dr before he got them and she didn't seem fussed by it. Phone and check to be sure though.

Bailey is regressing slightly on the sleep front... Got 5hrs in one stretch last night when he'd usually go at least 6. He doesn't tend to sleep much during the day either so I don't even get a nap! Pretty knackered at the mo. hmm

Meeting some colleagues for lunch then going to meet my head teacher about going back to work and my hours. Not looking forward to it as no idea what I'm going to get timetable wise (3 out of 4 of the dept are coming back from mat leave in August and we all want similar stuff... Also, they had their babies in sept/oct so they've already got their requests in so I think I'll get the rough end of the deal.