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Dec 2011 - Do that again, and you're getting sold on Ebay.....

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Aethelfleda Mon 18-Feb-13 22:52:04

Shiny new thread with no listing fees!

QueenofClean Tue 19-Feb-13 01:33:17

<Marks place> love e-bay!

mopsytop Tue 19-Feb-13 08:54:55

Marking place.

SevenReasonsToSmile Tue 19-Feb-13 09:36:11

Morning. DD turned from a snot monster to drowning in her own snot and phlegm, nice.

mopsy sorry about the rejection, though I agree with oi, the right one will come along soon enough.

No news to report here.

SevenReasonsToSmile Tue 19-Feb-13 09:38:14

queen what on earth were you doing on here at 1:33? Any AF/POAS news yet, when are you testing again?

QueenofClean Tue 19-Feb-13 09:51:32

Mopsy sorry about the rejection although I agree with Oi a better place is waiting for you somewhere.

Seven, I couldn't get back to sleep after Sky waking briefly and me needing a wee. On what should be day 5 of my period and AF still hasn't shown her face. Poas the other morning and bfn! So haven't a clue sad

OiMissus Tue 19-Feb-13 10:10:34

Morning, I hope that the stick was faulty!
I dropped BOi off at the new cm this morning. I passed him to her and he immediately started to cry... I settled him on the floor in front of the TV with some building blocks and then stole away.
Argh!!! I hate this. The fear that someone else is bringing up my BOi, and the fact that we can't control what they are fed. It was on TV last night that kids of both parents working are more likely to be obese. My mum said yesterday that BOi had enjoyed little sips of dad's sparkling water. No! I don't want his teeth exposed to nasty tooth-rotting bubbles! How ridiculous. What am I supposed to do? Issue a long list of do's and don't s! Gah!
I love my job. I couldn't be a full time mum. I also love our new house (which my wage pays for). BOi benefits from nice stuff. But at a cost.
Balancing act. Pros n cons. We get long weekends together. And an hour and a half in the evening. That's ok. I just need to issue rules to my childcare providers, even when they do it for free...

SevenReasonsToSmile Tue 19-Feb-13 14:21:04

oi as someone who grew up with both parents working full time I think the crucial bit is spending time doing things with BOi when you are together. I spent no time with my parents during the week, my memories of the weekends are playing by myself while mum was working in the garden or down the allotment and dad being asleep on the sofa or watching sport on TV. I grew up thinking they didn't have time for me, I vowed to be a SAHM because I never wanted my kids to feel that way, as much as we could do with the extra money!

New guttering has started going up today. We're at a standstill with the garage now, plumber has got as far as he can but electrician hasn't finished and hasn't been here since last Wednesday hmm.

queen you're late, POAS again tomorrow please please please!

Aethelfleda Tue 19-Feb-13 14:42:00

Never fear mopsy, soon you will be appreciated by people with better taste.

Day 4 in the Little Pox household, and DS is covered in yucky crusts and has new spots on his feet and hands sad the DDs are being great about the restrictions and I cleaned out the entire fridge and freezer this morning <virtuous face>. Moving day is getting near!!'...

QueenofClean Tue 19-Feb-13 14:49:32

I agree with Seven, Oi, just try and make time for BOi when you are home.

Seven I'm heading to the supermarket in a mo to pick up some veg but will also pick up a pregnancy test. Which one do you ladies recommend, first response or predictor? I can't afford Clearblue as don't get paid till next week!

SevenReasonsToSmile Tue 19-Feb-13 15:12:30

I recommend supermarket own brands tbh queen, they're just as good.

Xiaoxiong Tue 19-Feb-13 16:16:45

Queen I used a first response but I'm not sure an own brand wouldn't have done the job just as well. Certainly the stats they put on the box are roughly the same in terms of false negatives. Really hope for a +ve for you!!

aethel so excited!! Welcome to the sort of neighbourhood - when is your first day in the new place? We will come round with lemonade and oatmeal cookies grin

...which I will hopefully be able to do because I <whispers> just handed in notice at my law firm, to work full-time on my aunt's alternative energy investment fund from home grin I was mega nervous but it went well and now just need to talk to them to see when they want me to leave, whether I have to work the full 3 month notice period or not. It will mean no income and paying for childcare out of savings for a while but hopefully we will start making money before we go broke. And if it all goes tits up and I have to go back to work it will mean I have something really exciting and unusual on my CV.

jigglebum Tue 19-Feb-13 16:23:17

Half term here and a poorly DS (again) and osteopath thinks Freya has an ear infection as she went absolutely ballistic yesterday when the osteo tried to touch anywhere on her head but cant get doctors appt till next week. DS has some sort of viral bug (rash, temp and grumpy as hell)Had a friend here for 24 hours or so (childless!) She has saved my sanity but has gone home knackered! And sadly Freya was clingy and wouldnt offer cuddles and DS was grumpy most of the time. Think I might just head down to my parents for the end of half term for some help and support!

mopsy - it is such a competitive area I think isnt it? I hope something will work out soon.
aethel - good luck with the pox and the moving preparations
oi - it is a balancing act isnt it? I am very grateful for the help my inlaws provide looking after F once a week but dont approve of everything they do. It is easier when it is your second and when it is only once a week.

Xiaoxiong Tue 19-Feb-13 16:41:03

mopsy have just read back up the previous thread - ((hugs)), what a frustrating process it must be and I really hope it works out. I agree with everyone else that the right thing will come along.

SevenReasonsToSmile Tue 19-Feb-13 16:56:02

Congrats xiao, how exciting! Does this also mean more time for the business plan for the bookshop. Hope you soon start making millions for your aunt, then you can open the shop and pay someone else to be in charge while you colour in and read with DS all day smile.

Figgygal Tue 19-Feb-13 17:16:18

Ooh here you are grin marking place

Aethelfleda Tue 19-Feb-13 17:53:52

Ooh xiao, how exciting! <waves pompoms made from shredded antique copies of Annals Of The Law Society> we are getting keys in theory next Weds though it will be crazy chaos: come Thursday!! (A thread coffee invite will follow shortly afterwards I expect...)

queen, I just used Tescos' own: the laughable basics packaged ones are two for £3!

oi there is guilt whether you work 0, 20, 40 or 60 hour weeks. It's just standard when we juggle life, work and children. Don't beat yourself up as long as Boi is safe, warm and cuddled. How's DP's job going?

*Jiggle, hope DD settles soon: maybe it's the pox brewing!

mopsytop Tue 19-Feb-13 19:16:57

Thanks everyone. Feeling low today but I'm sure I'll perk up soon.

Oi I guess everyone working outside the home has similar issues/questions but like aethrl said I'm sure he's getting lots of love and that's the important thing. I guess we are always going to feel guilty about something. I'm sure the time you spend with Boi is fabulous and he certainly sounds like he's a happy little soul!

ooooh Queen exciting. Hope test first thing tomo morning gives desired result.

Xiao congrats on taking the scary plunge and the new venture sounds so exciting!

Better go wash up. Husband has horrible septic throat. Mine is beginning to feel sore. Praying myself and minimopsy don't get it...

QueenofClean Tue 19-Feb-13 19:40:55

Xiao - exciting news. Hope it all plans out well smile

Aethel, Ooo about time your moving lol!

I got 2 CB digital as they were on Rollback in Asda - same price as FR or Predictor. So will poas in morning.

Been a busy cleaning bee today. Hoovered & polished everywhere, bleached the kitchen. Done all Darcie's washing as she is back from Brownie Camp and she had a blast and can't wait to go on summer camp! Done all the ironing too. Whilst entertaining and feeding the girls. Baked a cake for DH to take to work tomorrow and been to shop got veg an made chicken casserole for tea.

Sky had us in fits of laughter earlier dancing to Gangnam Style grin she's walking more now too which is good.

Figgygal Tue 19-Feb-13 19:41:25

xiao very exciting news for you good luck!!

Oi sympathies I personally feel little guilt about working I earn more than dh so make a large contribution to the household, I enjoy what I do and get a lot of challenge and satisfaction from it, DS loves his cm, she, her dh and her kids love him he's practically part of the family (b4 she found someone to have him for a week when she's on holiday she offered to take him with her on their week family hol In Devon grin). I do have fridays with him though that makes a big difference to me Is there any way u could look at PT (over and above your early Friday finish)?

EasilyBored Tue 19-Feb-13 20:01:42

Oi mummy guilt is evil. The time you get to spend with bOi is what is important, and you said yourself, you don't want to stay at home. I despair at what Caspar eats at nursery, but reason that it's three days a week, and he so any eat pudding at home. Plus, he's a shit eater, so im picking my battles and food is not the hill I will die on.

The theme here is utter histrionics at not getting what he wants. And when he's tired it's like he gets in such a state at not being allowed to hit the cat with a saucepan that he just loses it and then works himself into a frenzy of crying and thrashing and screaming and snot bubbles. Fun times.

Pom poms and wine for job giving up, new house, clean house and boo to pox!

Ah Easily, that made me laugh about the saucepan!
We have histrionics too; every morning, when DS has finished poncing cereal from me and DP (ie it's all been eaten!) he throws himself on the floor and wails. Same reaction to the kitchen safety gate being closed if he's not on the kitchen side and you are.
DS gets an arched eyebrow if he's lucky grin

I'm not quite sure where we're going in Norfolk seven; my mate's with the RAF so it's near wherever their base is! I'll find out before we set off though...

A massive ((hug)) for mopsy, I hope you're continuing to feel a bit better. You will find something, but in that type of work it is tough even in the good times. Is there anything related/voluntary/admin in that area you can do just to get a foot in the door?

Oi, we're in the same boat so I know where you're coming from. First, remind yourself that you are a Good Mum. Then remind yourself, on a daily basis, that the big thing is that you love BOi, you show it and he knows it. He is secure and loved, and it is really all that matters. Promise. smile

How is DS doing in himself aethel, is he coping OK? Itching much? Sounds like you're all coping, and you have at least got the packing and excitement to distract you!

That's some pretty major news Xiao, BFP and new job! Sounds like a wonderful opportunity, and why not?

Have a full day seminar in London tomorrow, in my area of work, and am meeting my oppos from the other organisations across the country. Can't wait as it's at Gray's Inn, and more importantly they provide lunch <hoovers free food shamelessly emoticon>!

GaryBuseysTeeth Tue 19-Feb-13 21:14:46

Seconding what everyone else has said, make Boi time at the weekend.
DH works FT & gets up with DS at weekends/weeks he's working lates so he has some quality alone time with him.

I'd say make a small list of 'do/don't' for carers; eg. no drinks other than still water or milk, but don't get upset if they don't follow it all the time, DS is bound to eat something crap at somepoint (mudpies anyone?).
I guess both parents working FT means they're more likely to buy processed crap? Or feel guilty about working FT and 'treat' the child more?

Congrats Xiao!! Sounds exciting!

DH suggested putting DS into nursey/cm one day a week...just looking into it had me upset, he doesn't need anyone but his mum, ever. That's healthy right? grin
I already know I'm going to be a typical Jewish Mother/MIL..no-one will ever be good enough for my boy!

<<calpol, coffee and your drugs of choice all round>>

QueenofClean Wed 20-Feb-13 06:46:59

Oops I went to loo about half hr ago and didn't test. Will do it when I need to go next. Trying not to drink to much!

QueenofClean Wed 20-Feb-13 07:41:25

Poas and BFN! Not sure what's going on...feel a little crampy down there tho! So hope it's AF on its way so we can get it sorted properly this month!

SevenReasonsToSmile Wed 20-Feb-13 08:21:47

queen I'm still not ruling it out until AF shows up.

gary DS is 4 and never went to nursery or a CM, and now we Home Ed so he doesn't go to school either. nothing wrong with that if its what you want.

I have DDs cold, I'm croaky and my chest hurts. I hate being ill when I'm pregnant.

QueenofClean Wed 20-Feb-13 10:39:15

Seven AF has just made her appearance about bloody time so roll on making a nov baby wink

Xiaoxiong Wed 20-Feb-13 15:17:13

Queen ah shame! I have all my fingers and toes crossed for November for you grin

Seven you poor thing, hot bath, olbas oil help at all? I'm dreading getting a cold now I can't take anything.

Thanks for well wishes everyone! I'll be concentrating on working with our family fund for now in alternative energy. But I haven't given up on the bookstore, and will continue to research the idea and build a business plan. The more I research the more I realize I don't know the first thing about how the book industry works though...

jigglebum Wed 20-Feb-13 19:46:06

Completely and utterly fed up here. Half term week and DS ill and thus whingy, Freya clingy as hell and still waking every night and DH has just announced he is ill again. Of course it is not just a cold but what he had at christmas (three weeks of moping about, going to bed and doing bugger all to help out as he was too ill). I am so bloody fed up of illness and winter weather and useless bloody husbands.

Just phoned my mum hoping she might take pity on me and come for a vist to help out with the kids but she wasnt too keen to commit to anything so another 4 days of 2 whingy kids and no company or help - what joy.I could phone the inlaws but they drive me up the wall tbh.

Meant to be going away fro DHs birthday next weekend without the kids, at the moment I am tempted to just go by myself!

There's a woman on here who runs her own bookstore near me Xiao - only reason I know is that she did a live birth thread where it was mentioned and then her DS was born on the same day as mine and we even ended up at the same hospital! I can't remember if I PM'd her about the weird co-incidence or thought it was too stalker-y, but obviously she (nicklebabe) sticks in my mind.
You could always PM her?

Sorry about AF Queenie, but as you say, crack on with a November baby!

And as we've said about FT working out of the home GBT, if it's what's right for you it's what's right for you, whatever your arrangements. As long as you're not putting him down to sleep and wiping his chin and cleaning his kecks when he's 30 it'll be fine wink

Good day out in London at the seminar, but I'm tired and my sore throat won't shift. Feel like an uber-early night is on the cards....

OiMissus Thu 21-Feb-13 08:38:25

Ah jiggle, useless husbands - I hear ya, sister! Grrrrr! Sometimes... Deep breaths.
I'm off to Denmark this morning, so we needed to be up and out at 7:15, to have time to drop BOi at his new cm and introduce DH, before DH dropped me at the train station. At 7:15, I was ready and packed, BOi was ready with his bag packed, DH stumbled out of the shower. He hadn't ironed his shirt yet, ...etc. grrr!
Anyway, we dropped n dashed and I'm now happily on the train.
Thanks for the assurances about FT working. I know it's right. (And I found out yesterday how much bonus I'm getting for last year, so tis definitely the right thing! grin ) you are right, a couple of simple ground rules should see us right. And I absolutely should ensure that the time we do share together is filled with love, laughter and adventures. I need to remind DH of this. I'm going to start putting my phone away at weekends. (So I should only be on the thread mon-thurs). Figgy - your cm sounds great. Lucky you. I hope my cm turns out to be as good.
Queenie - onwards n upwards for Znovember - I'll see you there!
Xiao - brave girl! Well done you! And the very best of luck with the new venture! If you need any free marketing/creative stuff, let me know. smile
Easily - so cruel, not letting C bash the cat with a saucepan. Tis surely every boy's right? wink Tee hee!

Figgygal Thu 21-Feb-13 12:43:06

Ladies my credit card is quivering in my purse it wants me to buy a £200 handbag......I must be stopped.

Nothing to report here really DS still screaming and crying over his teeth in very hysterical fashion, need more nurofen!!

Have headache today, am in a road depot in glastonbury supposed to be working but instead am trying to work out if someone who has emailed me about my car genuinely wants to give me £4.5k without even having seen it .....what do you think??

OiMissus Thu 21-Feb-13 13:51:22


I'd buy the bag. wink
(Well, ok, maybe not. I'd like to think I would. I don't allow myself to look at clothes things for me anymore. I spent £185 on some shoes before Christmas and I'm still in shock. ... I was desperate to find a certain colour for a dress, for a corporate entertainment meeting. ...and then no fecker noticed them! ...but people see bags. Mmmmm bags. ;) )

Xiaoxiong Thu 21-Feb-13 16:09:28

Figgy I bought this bag last year just before I went back to work. I've carried it every work day since then so I estimate that it's so far it's cost £1.66/day. The real difference is that it looks as good today as when I bought it a year ago - I used to buy bags that were max £50 and they looked beat up within 6 months and died by a year. I don't think I would have spent the money if it wasn't a really timeless style and colour though. I wouldn't spend £200 on a bag with lots of fringes or dangly shit, or that was a really odd colour.

I think your car buyer sounds odd though! Who would offer to buy sight unseen?? Maybe they meant just to say they're interested?

Oi I had to really hold myself back from buying some things for myself on the weekend - I kept having to remind myself I was very soon going to shop my maternity wardrobe when it comes down from the loft wink

Figgygal Thu 21-Feb-13 18:50:55

* xiao* that is a lovely bag I have to confess my new bag will be delivered to the local radley shop next week I figured by doing shop and collect I saved £4.50 postage blush. Another for the collection!! Don't feel too bad about it as its this seasons picture bag I've had a few in the past (still have 3 in the wardrobe) they have good resell value on eBay in a few months.

The car lady is supposedly in Ireland wants it for her son will get a guy to import it I've sent her a PayPal invoice devoid of all details even though I don't believe her for a second. Was trying ti sell before insurance needs renewed in April but If it doesn't sell just means I'm meant to have it for another year .......sorry dh grin

GaryBuseysTeeth Thu 21-Feb-13 21:42:16

Queen, get some cheap pregnancy tests off eBay or Amazon, so at least you're prepared for next month! Sorry AF finally got to you!

Northen, Nickelbooks is down the A2 road from me too, I've fb 'friended' the shop & going on what she's said between here & fb she's making no money off the shop at all, which is a shame as I'd love there to be a local bookshop I could take DS to spend his money.
Hope the sore throat had buggered off by today?

Figgy, that all sounds really dodgy. Good luck selling it though, or not!

Xiao, that is a really lovely looking bag! Although I always just used to throw everything into a Berghaus, I is classy.
At least with having a DC in Dec & then in Oct..you need to buy spring/summer maternity stuff now!

DH is very anti home-schooling.
Although there is only one decent primary school locally so if DS can't get into that we'll see if he changes his tune grin

Figgygal Thu 21-Feb-13 22:25:26

Sorry have I missed that xiao is pg????

OiMissus Thu 21-Feb-13 22:37:54

I brought my 185 quid shews to Denmark as the video guy offered to take me out for the evening with my Danish colleague. We went to a wine cellar called Nimb (fabulous) and then to Alberto k restaurant at the 20th floor of the radisson. It was supposed to be a 5 course tasting menu with accompanying wines, but we had 3 amuse-bouches taster plates before the starters began - with champagne. It was incredible.
Apart from the fact that I wore my fabulous incredulously high stiletto shews in a cellar wine bar that was paved...
I must sleep. Big day of presentations tomorrow. - after all that wine. One wine was a Pouilly Fume.,. My new favourite white. Is this available at Tesco?

Aethelfleda Thu 21-Feb-13 23:31:49

<goggles at oi>.
I am in awe at the lifestyle, my day involved wrestling DS away from various unsuitable foodstuffs, getting dribbled on, and persuading the DDs that cheese and bean toasties were the best dinner ever (as that's what the cupboard had to offer).

<makes some artisan hot chocolate for the thread with michelin-starred baby hand-extruded marshmallows in the shape of dodecahedrons>

Aethelfleda Thu 21-Feb-13 23:33:19

Ps figgy, yes she is! Apparently. Though as I've not seen her IRL for Far Too Long <stares pointedly>, it may be that she's faking and just has a cushion up her jumper??

Figgygal Fri 22-Feb-13 08:11:04

Ignore me in the cold light of fat have remembered xiao is pg I recall ur reluctance about telling her in light of her previous unsupportive behaviours.

DS is still asleep think this is latest ever I of course have been awake for what feels like hours. My head is all over the place Atm still no further forward on baby no2 discussions so thinking a out spending £11k on a new fiat 500 which would really nail the coffin shut due to finances

Figgygal Fri 22-Feb-13 08:12:32

Gah posted to early

oi hope the head is sufficiently defugged for work today

Today it is singing, swimming and dinner with in laws tonight at least dh is cooking grin

mopsytop Fri 22-Feb-13 08:41:29

Oil yum! yes pouillé fume should indeed be available in tesco, albeit in the more pricey range. your meal sounds amazing! having spent many drunken evenings wobbling about Oxford/Cambridge in heels I can agree about the cobblestones. The worst though was the grills on the floor in the church where we gave concerts. I got a stiletto heel stuck in one. Glamorous is not the word. But unwieldy terrain never stopped me! What are nice shoes for if not for wearing!

BJR Fri 22-Feb-13 09:32:27

ahh shiny new threadsmile

oi I'm very jealous of your glamorous sounding evening! waves at everyone else as sleepy brain can't remember what anyone said on last few posts.

Having fun with food here, DS doesn't seem to be gaining weight. Everytime he is weighed he drops further down the chart. Dietitian has suggested a gluten free trial to see if it helps with his uncomfortable tummy, so we are now gluten, soya and dairy free. Also having to bulk out food to give it more calories. It's making food preparing time consuming because he hardly seems to want to eat anything anyway. He just points at the fruit bowl and yells nana at megrin

Sleep also rubbish, last night was a good night with only 4 wake ups!

SevenReasonsToSmile Fri 22-Feb-13 10:53:29

Hope everyone is ok.

My cold has now progressed to having completely lost my voice. Got a chesty cough and the linctus the pharmacist gave me isn't even touching it.

Does anyone know if kids BMI works differently to adults? DS had a hospital appointment on Weds, when they done his height and weight they worked it out, it's 15.1 hmm.

QueenofClean Fri 22-Feb-13 11:22:47

Oi your heels and night out sound fab.

Figgy love the bag.

Very hormonal here sad counting my chickens that this will be my last AF for at least another year grinwink

I just want to eat cake! Humpf.

DD1 CAHMs appointment went very well yesterday. She was given some techniques to try if she gets wound up. So fx they help.

DD2 is teething I think. She isn't settling at night and very snotty bless her.

BeeMyBaby Fri 22-Feb-13 17:56:26

seven the NHS website has a bmi calculator, which doesn't tell you if the bmi is high or low like adults, but instead what percentile the bmi is at. It only works for children over 2, but yes, the bmi is different and lower for children.

OiMissus Fri 22-Feb-13 19:14:43

I am on the train home. I am on the train home. La de dah de dah making up a song about being on the train home doo dah day - whey-hey!
Had a great day of meetings today. I got a load of Danish foundry engineers excited about Social media, I had a really positive meeting with the c.o.o., and then I got the sales manager turned on to our plans. They were really positive about my ideas. I am tres heureuse, mes amies, tres heureuse!
And then, on the flight home I had another brain wave and thought up a new slogan/tag line for the Danish brand.
In fact, some of BOi's genius must have rubbed off on me. wink
Whilst AF is leaving, and procreation would be for practice only, I may celebrate and quaff some vino this evening.
Vive Le weekend!
Hoping you're all happy and joyous, and that all the babies are calm and sleepy tonight. grin

QueenofClean Fri 22-Feb-13 19:28:33

I have a poorly Little Lady Sky sad high temp, snotty & very wheezy.

OiMissus Fri 22-Feb-13 19:48:29

Aw poor baby. hmm
Hope the CAHM exercises work well for Darcie.

Blimey Oi, you're fairly bouncing home by the sounds of it! Sounds like you had a wonderful time, and it's obvious work suits you smile

Sorry to hear you're in the wars with your throat too seven; mine looks like a Jackson Pollock war zone and feels like I have a lump every time I swallow... we've got some spray that sort of deadens it, some ultra chloroseptic (sp?) stuff where you twist the nozzle round.
Yesterday I couldn't get off the bloody sofa; spent the evening shivering madly, couldn't eat and went to bed and 9.. paaaaar tay sad

Glad the CAHMS appointment went well Queenie; do you get any follow up sessions, or was it a one-off?

<waves back at BJR>
Sounds like you're having a really tough time with the food, that must be a bugger to try and manage. What can the poor little man actually eat, being all those things-free?

oh, and figster, as a non driver I'd say definitely sod the car and have a baby. No brainer. There's always time to get a new motor, but not have babies.

I forget you live relatively local to me GBT! Nickel's store sounds great- as does she- so I'm sorry to hear it's not making enough cash.

Think a wild weekend of zero drinkies and catching up with house work and paper work, if I feel well enough (ha!) awaits...hope you've all got something nicer?!

QueenofClean Fri 22-Feb-13 20:13:52

Northern hope you feel better soon.

Oi sounds like Denmark was very productive. Enjoy your weekend with BOi smile

CAHMs will follow up with appt in about 5 weeks time but will have e-mail contact in between. Although she forgot/didn't want to use the techniques she was taught yesterday when she lost her temper earlier sad however, she has gone to bed really well.

Hoping calpol, being stripped to a vest & window slightly open helps Sky feel better.

SevenReasonsToSmile Fri 22-Feb-13 21:14:27

Thanks bee, 40th centile. they didn't tell me his BMI but I saw it in his notes, I guess that's why they don't actually tell the parents <stops worrying about possible malnourished yet normal sized child>

queen hope Sky feels better soon.

Sorry you're still feeling rough northern. The stupid thing is other than being extremely congested and coughing I feel absolutely fine, throat doesn't even hurt yet I can't talk!

Glad the trip went well oi enjoy your weekend and baby-making grin

aethel do you mind if I PM you about reusable nappies, I'm considering them for DC3.

Anyone heard from LMF?

mopsytop Fri 22-Feb-13 21:16:31

sorry about poor little Sky *Queen sad

nice one on positive working trip Oi !

figgy buy a banger and have number two if that's what you want! I think money will stretch when it has to. Would mean no more Radley bags maybe ... but must admit, I looooove those fiats!

in bed since 8.30. husband has had the most vile tonsillitis this week and been in bed four whole days. never seen him so I'll before (luckily for me, he is an excellent non-moany patient! phew!). but unfortunately my throat has got reallllly sore this evening .... please please don't let it be same thing. It's bacterial but it could easily have spread... sad

mopsytop Fri 22-Feb-13 21:17:39

PS northern I feel your pain (literally!) and I have to do some work this weekend too gah! poor us/

mopsytop Fri 22-Feb-13 21:20:22

p.s. this new phone sucks for autocorrect and capitalisation so please excuse my typos. I'm getting annoyed by my mistakes yet am too lazy to go back and fix... typing on phones is a pain!

and hello to everyone else! sorry to he so bad and only respond to most recent posts. I am a lazy so and so!

raaboonah Fri 22-Feb-13 23:09:51

seven from my extensiveexperience unless they are not keeping pace with their percentiles then the hcps are happy whatever percentile they are on. DS1 between 2nd and 9th percentile at least he us pj the fecking chart

<hoists emotional baggage into bed>

Aethelfleda Fri 22-Feb-13 23:44:18

lmf is lurgied according to FB... Course you can PM me seven. today I packed the large large box of reusable nappies: though I have a sneaky suspicion that the last load currently drying may not fit in blush
I am v restrained with my cloth purchases compared to the DDs!: but now have a stable stash with just the occasional splurge. The nappies are boxed for the week of the move only, to avoid stinky nappy buckets while our washer is out of action. I bought a packet of Aldi Mamia nappies for this week. Reminded me how much they cost: even getting the £5 aldi ones, two packets' worth could fund a new cloth one!!...

This weekend we shal mostly be cleaning, and packing boxes, and trying to adjust the DDs to the move....

BJR Sat 23-Feb-13 08:14:52

Oh I know the bookshop you mean Northern, I work a few minutes away so DS has some lovely books from there. He also happily yelled book when I took him insmile As for the food there is loads he can have it's getting him to eat it thats the problem!

Hope everyone has a good weekend

QueenofClean Sat 23-Feb-13 08:29:41

Aethel hope the packing goes okay.

Sky was not to good overnight. Seems okay this morning will just keep her topped up with calpol to keep her temp down.

Hope everyone has a good weekend.

Figgygal Sat 23-Feb-13 09:58:42

bjr am vey impressed with lo nana and book we still just have nonsense though lots of mummy too

Aethelfleda Sat 23-Feb-13 13:58:48

Packety packety pack pack pack....

<channels Kim 'N' Aggie>

OiMissus Sat 23-Feb-13 14:38:05

Happy packing aethel!
How exciting!

mopsytop Sat 23-Feb-13 15:20:01

Nice one aethel! Really pleased for you after all the waiting.

I caught Mr. Mopsy's strep throat sad spent two hours this morning at walk-in GP. Very nearly fainted on way there. Feel pretty dreadful. But got antibiotics so fingers crossed they kick in soon. Husband's throat on the mend but he had terrible migraine during the night and was really really sick and only just about coped with minimopsy while I was at GP. So it's a difficult day. As you all have first hand experience of ... looking after a busy baba when you are ill with a temp is no joke!

SevenReasonsToSmile Sat 23-Feb-13 16:56:52

Thanks aethel, have PM'd you. I worked out earlier if I potty train Eva at 2 and a half (which is likely as it'll be summer so obviously the ideal time) based on using 8 nappies a day for the first six months and 3.5 nappies a day thereafter that's almost 4000 nappies. I only buy pampers, it's almost £600. Hope the packing is going well, I love packing.

Sorry you're ill too mopsy. There must be loads of throat infections doing the rounds lately. I'm still croaky but my voice is almost back today, I'm coughing more though.

Oh Bob, can't believe we're all throat-tastic. Mine is still vile- tbh, given the state of it and the fact that it's lasted for a week, I'm guessing it was/is something in need of drugs, but had no chance to go to Doc's. Going round for our food shop nearly finished me off...but has finished DP off. He went off to bed this afternoon, and this is a man who cannot nap at all during the day. He's still there. So looks like he's infected too.

Hope your voice comes back soon seven, it's the oddest thing ever when you suddenly can't speak.

And hope you and Mr Mopsy get better soon, that sounds really grim sad

Ditto figgy's impressed-ness with your DS BJR; I'm hoping that if we do get a grommet op, the monumental babble from DS may turn into something distinguishable...

I've plonked DS in his cage playpen for five minutes, just whilst I take a brief break to MN. I've had him all day, whilst under the weather and with DP not able to watch him at all, so I'm allowing myself a wee break!

Meant to be making pizza for dinner tonight, but don't know if DP will be up for it, literally and metaphorically...

Oh, cross post (laptop's been open for ages as we've streamed the United game), glad your voice is coming back seven!

QueenofClean Sat 23-Feb-13 18:39:50

The throat plague has infected Chez Queen.

Sky is still poorly and suffering the most bless her.

Think it's going to be a long night.

Aethel, hope the packing is going okay?

Hope everyone feels better soon.

PMT has really kicked in DH no matter how hard he tries not too he is really irritating me grrrr.

LittleMissFantabulous Sat 23-Feb-13 23:11:10

<hangs red cross on the fred>

Rough as a badger's. Back in a bit.

Aethelfleda Sat 23-Feb-13 23:19:20

Hey, not fair, I've got a sore throat too! Who coughed on the thread first?? Well??? Own up!

I am therefore trying a cold cure called "Fursty Ferret" (4.4% ABV). Will let you know if it works. Hic.

<refills the Benylin dispenser and hands around honey and lemon Lockets>

Faffin Sat 23-Feb-13 23:46:31

Just for some variety we have D & V here. First me, now DS sad

Good luck with the move aethel and I hope the Fursty Ferret does the trick. Sounds like an excellent choice of medicine to me

Roll on spring and an end to various lurgies

LittleMissFantabulous Sun 24-Feb-13 06:33:46

My throat not sote but voice doing eoic imptessuons og a thirteen year old lad. It's the chest lurgy snd backsche killing me.

OiMissus Sun 24-Feb-13 08:23:48

Your phone sound pretty sick too. Has it been on the Fursty Ferret?

QueenofClean Sun 24-Feb-13 08:43:16

Sky had a much better night last night and seems a lot chirpier this morning smile

Chill out day today Chez Queen.

mopsytop Sun 24-Feb-13 09:06:44

Ugh everyone is ill! Hope all feel better soon.

Lovely Mr. Mopsy started feeling better just before bed so did all the nighttime wakeups (including minimopsy wailing from 2-4am), and got her up this morning and left me in bed, where I still am. Throat bad and still sore/shivery with temp but dosed myself up just now so hopefully will kick in enough soon for me to be able to swallow some food.

<brings out the hazmat suits and hands round>

Looks like we should've all been wearing these earlier....

Throat still grim but first day of actually feeing OK since last Saturday. The junior member of La Masion du Plague is having his nap; the eldest member is still in bed; I'm taking this time just to sort my nails and finance books in front of the footie.
Weirdly, it's been the most telling thing for me about the impact of children, being far better off watching MoTD first thing on a Sunday morning rather than live on Saturday night...

Glad Sky's a bit better Queen, and we're joining you on a chill day.

Sorry that back ache is back (ha confused!) LMF, do you have any of the major painkillers left from last time?

OK, I'm off to dive into a pile of receipts; mind you, we did splash out yesterday on DS's new car seat. Thanks to parental donations we were able to get one of the Isofix jobbies but most importantly it's in the Cowmooflage print, and has little ears, little EARS I tells you!

LittleMissFantabulous Sun 24-Feb-13 10:08:29

Phone is an s3 job and it's taking some getting used to >_<

CheungFun Sun 24-Feb-13 10:32:15

Morning everyone, sorry to hear so many of you are ill! I blame this rubbish weather! I have tulips coming up in my garden, but it definitely doesn't feel like spring to me!

I spent yesterday sorting out my wardrobe and Ohhh dear! I definitely need to buy some new clothes! I've got three pairs of jeans - none of which fit nicely, so they are top of my shopping list.

Shopping list
1 decent pair of jeans in dark blue/black
1 grey tailored skirt for work
3 cardigans
1 pair of black shoes for work

I think for summer I want a hat and some 3/4 white trousers, I got lots of wear out of my old ones, but they really don't fit nicely now!

For next winter I'm going to invest in a new winter coat (I've had my winter coat for at least 5 years), matching hat, scarf and gloves, waterproof trousers and waterproof gloves.

Now it's all typed out, so hopefully I will stick to this list rather than buying yet more tops!!

DS has settled into nursery now thank goodness and seems really happy. He's had his mmr jabs, so we are venturing back into grumpy territory, but he's gone back to sleeping 7-7 so I'm not going to complain after almost a month of 4.30/5.00am wake ups!

DS is now throwing tantrums and shaking his head which is sometimes cute and sometimes just infuriating grin He has also learnt to climb onto the settee and our bed, so we aren't encouraging this, just trying to teach him how to get down safely!

I'm mainly enjoying being back at work, the downsides are it's hard leaving DS at nursery and I'm aware it's a long day for him there, listening to the bitching from certain colleagues and a lot of nepotism going on. I just need to avoid about three certain people and I'll be fine. It's not that it's even personal to me, I just want to go to work, have a nice chit chat, do my job and go home, I don't want to be dragged down by bitching and backstabbing.

The positives of being back at work are that I feel I have a sense of purpose, I have some extra money, I can have nice chats with some of my lovely colleagues, it brings some much needed structure to my week so I'm not bored, I can have a break from DS.

I've booked my first driving lesson for mid-March - wish me luck!

Yesterday I went to a fitness class at the gym with a friend and it was only £2 - wow! - and I really enjoyed it, lots of squats though, so my backside is aching today! Will definitely go each week now, I feel more energised by having done some exercise and I feel like my wobbly tummy isn't a total lost cause!

I think that's me all up to date!

OiMissus Sun 24-Feb-13 13:55:13

Ears?! On a car seat?! I'm sure they must have special safety properties... Maybe an "ear-ly warning system".confused
BOi has developed a barky cough today. I ignored it earlier and wrapped him up warm to help us in the garden. Now it's a bit worse. hmm
...but the garden looks much nicer. I raked out all the leaves and rubbish and have discovered lots of new green shoots and growth, and snowdrops and crocuses. At least, I think they are croci, there be purple buds.
After mucho rakery, I sent DH out to buy a wheelbarrow. We now own a wheelbarrow! How cool is that?
Later we will start propagating seeds for our veggie beds. grin

Figgygal Sun 24-Feb-13 14:20:30


I'm sat in Tesco cafe with a tea and double choc muffin have been in the coldest softplay ever from 11-1.30 I need warmed up brew managed to get DS out of car into buggy not taking chance of getting him back without waking might have to endlessly wander the aisles of Tesco until he wakes. After his softplay rampage he heeds a good sleep.

Off to catch up on thread

Snurk @ 'ear-ly' warning system! Google 'cowmooflage' and look at the 9 months to four years one. I put my foot down with DP about the ridiculous expense, despite liking it, and then my Mum gave us the money...as she's just a total pfbg!

We're all off it still; DP didn't get up til half 11, then we all went to bed together from 3.15 to 6pm! Lovely to do but it really was the bookend to a total washout weekend.

Delighted that you're sounding so bright and enjoying work bar the three horrors Cheung! And good on you for taking driving lessons, can't wait to hear how you get on (as another non-driver) smile

Just thought I'd ass to the general lurgyness. I've got a stinking cold, made worse by the fact that a) I can't take any worthwhile drugs for it, and b) DS also has it.

Plus today he appears to have developed conjunctivitis. Th green gunk is just oozing out of him. And he currently looks like someone punched him in the face sad

Seeing the MW tomorrow at my GP surgery so will try to see if she'll grab a nurse for me to check him. Guess we'll not be swimming this week...

Will try to name check everyone tomorrow.

<wanders onto thread>

Oh no, not you too Kat, and your poor DS, that sounds awful.

Still feeling grim here too.

<wanders off spluttering and trailing tissues>

jigglebum Mon 25-Feb-13 09:55:00

We certainly all seem to share bugs and lurgies on this thread don't we! Freya still has her near permanent cold but is otherwise ok (though still waking every night sadly). DS was ill all half term and is not 100% today but have sent him to school (bad mum alert) so our half term was a wash out of illness (ours and the people we were going to stay with) so just stayed in and did very little really. DH took pity on me in the end and took the DCs to his parents yesterday. I had a day all to myself! Did school work and house work in the morning and then spent an indulgent afternoon in a local spa! Swim, sauna, jacuzzi, back massage, cream tea and just relaxing reading my book - lovely.

Hope all the lurgies disappear soon - come on spring.

A weekend away this weekend too for DHs birthday - one night away and a bit of mountain biking (though I am so unfit this may be rather hard work!)

Faffin Mon 25-Feb-13 10:03:15

jiggle hooray for your DH finally mumming up. Sounds like you had a lovely day yesterday. I hope next weekend is just as good. I too am incredibly unfit. I'm determined to get back into some sort of routine, starting next weekend. The constant illness of winter hasn't helped at all, but I've just realised I now only have 5 months to get fit enough to do a triathlon I'm entered for hmm

jigglebum Mon 25-Feb-13 10:12:15

yes I want to get fit again too faffin . I was doing ok till all the winter bugs and sleepness nights took their toll. Must get back into something.

GaryBuseysTeeth Mon 25-Feb-13 10:28:53

None of us are ill in Casa Gazza (aside from teething snuffles & that willy problem he had, I don't think DS has been ill yet, expecting that to change this week, we're trying softplay for the first time, germ-o-rama)!

Faffin, good luck with the training!
I noticed on the IronMan website earlier there's a IronKids run (only a short one for the 3yr olds), looking forward to training DS in an 80s action film montage style!

Northen, ears on a car seat?! I want for me

jiggle, sounds like you had a wonderful afternoon, hope ths week is kind to you & DC's aren't total snot monsters.

kat, hope DS's eye clears up soon.

<<hazmat suits, vicks & calpol all round>>

Faffin Mon 25-Feb-13 11:01:44

Ooh, thanks for mentioning ironkids Gary, I might enter DD for that this year!

OiMissus Mon 25-Feb-13 13:59:20

He he he! I have visions of BOi on the 3k run. He's doing his new thing and twirling around and still beats all the other kids!
He's almost running. He loves to be chased around. He also likes the idea of jumping, he bobs his head up and down and bends his knees. He'll probably accomplish it one day when I'm not looking from the top if the stairs. After much training to go up and downstairs on his hands and knees, he now thinks he's too big/mobile/clever for that. He wants to use the rail and do big steps up and down. It will end in tears and a trip to a&e methinks. shock
Cowhide car seat - yee-hah!
Jiggle - do I detect positive vibes with DH? I hope your mountain-biking weekend goes well and he regains his respect for you, and that your relationship enters a new, more positive and supportive era. Use the weekend to concentrate on the 2 of you. Good luck.
Kat - conjunctivitis - bleurgh! BOi had it pre-Xmas and its returned in a lesser form since. Not good.
We had a terrible time last night. BOi wasn't in the mood for sleep.
Hell, sleep is over-rated! Who needs it? <<sleepwalks into corner of desk>>

Xiaoxiong Mon 25-Feb-13 15:12:56

Sorry for silence, has been all go round here - friends stayed for the weekend and today had a conference call to do with new job. Unfortunately tomorrow I have to go to old job still and hope that they pull their finger out and give me a leaving date.

DS has the WORST nappy rash in the WOOOOOORLD though. We have been through: sudocrem, metanium, boots own-brand, neal's yard fancy stuff, US-brand desitin (with cod liver oil), olive oil, shea butter, the works. His bum still looks awful, big red welts and he screams when I wipe his bum now sad

Oops, hear him whimpering on the monitor - back in a bit.

And yes I am pg and I asked my dad to tell my mother and she now isn't speaking to me ....<sigh>

mopsytop Mon 25-Feb-13 15:37:04

why not speaking to you xiao? what's wrong with being preg again?

SevenReasonsToSmile Mon 25-Feb-13 15:39:19

xiao could be worth seeing GP or HV if nothing has worked on his nappy rash. Eva often has it, but the worst was before Christmas and absolutely nothing would clear it, we were prescribed some canesten which cleared it straight up.

Sorry to hear so many people are suffering being ill.

SevenReasonsToSmile Mon 25-Feb-13 15:41:02

Sorry xiao didn't see the last bit. Is she not speaking to you because you're pregnant again and she doesn't approve, or just that you didn't tell her yourself?

Xiaoxiong Mon 25-Feb-13 17:02:11

She is angry because she thinks I shouldn't be pregnant again now (if at all). She thinks the 16 month age gap between me and my brother was too short and "why repeat my mistakes". When she helped us unpack in January she put my box of maternity clothes in the far corner of the loft saying I shouldn't need them again anytime soon. I told my dad knowing he would tell her - I knew he'd be overjoyed and that she'd take it better from him anyway.

I'm just pleased to find that I'm not upset at all - a bit disappointed of course but that's all. I think the last two years have been amazing in helping me detach from her - as some of you may remember from my angsting about it here, she was awful when I told her I was pregnant with DS as well and I was really upset about it. This time I don't care. I credit becoming a mother myself and two years of MN sense and wisdom grin

seven thanks for tip - didn't think of fungal stuff (that's what canesten is for right?) if still terrible tomorrow after a day of bare bum and cotton wool I will give it a go.

DS is mostly still shrieking and babbling but is acquiring words like mad. Recent ones are potato (PUH-tata), moon (mu), star (tah), bubble (bobah), hey and heya, and teddy (deh-dee). I also discovered he will sit on command if I tap his knee! The nanny must have taught him that, we certainly didn't.

Will go back through and do a proper namecheck when DS is off my lap (just lost a much longer post thanks to someone bashing the keyboard) - but hope everyone is hale and hearty soon!

raaboonah Mon 25-Feb-13 18:50:34

Oh xiao your mother shock angry sad

Can she not just be pleased for you? Grrr on your behalf.

Xiaoxiong Mon 25-Feb-13 19:23:11

No, she has never been pleased for me about anything I've ever done. It's conscious and intentional. She thinks if she praises me to my face I will rest on my laurels and never achieve anything again. So she plays stupid mind games while (apparently) praising me to everyone else behind my back so if I ever mention the bullshit she comes out with, no one else believes she could possibly say such things except DH who hears it all.

Here is a short list of things she has been unhappy/angry about: graduating from Harvard (you all know about that one), the quality of my singing (I made my living singing for a year, just for fun); getting a law training contract (disappointment as my dad is a lawyer, so no family progress); getting a job as an associate in one of the worst recessions ever (waste of time); getting married to DH (so boring and he'll never amount to anything as just a teacher); moving to Eton (you're a doormat); having a baby (that's the end of your life and career).

It's all projection, I know that now, that and her rage about losing control of my life after I went to university. The fact that I see through her now makes me very pleased that I am making progress with only MN to guide me grin

Needless to say I am striving to be a very VERY different type of parent. Lots of praise and encouragement!! I will probably fuck them up in the opposite direction though a la Philip Larkin grin

raaboonah Mon 25-Feb-13 19:42:42

Tbf she sounds bonkers and how you've turned out so seemingly level headed in the face of such negativity is a credit to yourself and no one else.

OiMissus Mon 25-Feb-13 20:09:12

She is a prize idiot, Xiao. Maybe you should "project" something to her, like a mahoosive frozen haddock the importance of happiness.
Tell her that you and DS are working on a singing mummy and baby act, and that you're entering Britain's Got Talent. That should finish her off. wink

jigglebum Mon 25-Feb-13 20:29:18

xiao sorry your mother can't be happy for you. Have you ever read any articles about Tiger Mothers? I obviously know very little about you and your mum's relationship but parts of what you say remind me of the book "Battle hymn of the Tiger mother".

My parents have always been very supportive of our big decisions in life but fairly critical when we were younger too and didnt tell us they loved us or hug us enough I feel. I try to tell DS I love him most days (Freya is a bit young to understand!) but it is so heart warming to hear the "I love you too mummy!"

Aethelfleda Mon 25-Feb-13 21:09:47

<wordlessly hauls the most gigantic tuna in Christendom to the door of the deepfreeze and looks meaningfully at Xiao>

Hiya, girls <waves>
Many, many boxes I have, young Padawans.
Rather tired I am. <nods>
Very much hoping the next two days go without hitch I am!!!
<channels inner Yoda to remain calm>

We should try and make a list for Xiao about the wonderful things you could do and the responses your mother would come up with ("I've gained a PhD in sub-atomic physics/fiddling with little things will get you nowhere" "DS is going to Cambridge age 10/why has it taken him until double figures?")
Or you could play parent-bingo every time she turns up, have a grid with her phrases on and tick them off, confusing all and sundry by yelling 'house' from the loo when you hear her criticise the lack of dusting or something...

Seriously though, how grim for you- it'd be the one thing you'd hope every parent would be delighted to hear, and especially when you've got a lovely DH and are doing a good job with no 1!

Good luck over the next couple of days aethel, really hope it passes without a hitch.

I'm going to try to get to the Doc's tomorrow, ten days of a terrible throat which feels like it's got a lump in it is enough sad

QueenofClean Mon 25-Feb-13 21:33:36

Just a quick one as shattered DH poorly with chest infection and DD2 still not 100% but seems better.

Xiao - shockhmm about your mum. Hopefully she'll be happy for you by the end.

Jiggle well done for you DH mumming up!

Aethel hope the next few days goes smoothly.

Hope everyone else feels better and we can lock the hazmat suits away again for the week for a while.

DD2 is walking all the time now yay! Just in time to start Mini Movers tomorrow smile

Although DH is poorly managed to dtd tonight now AF has buggered off gone. So fx for nov baby as DH is away in London for last 3 days of week I'm due to be ov in!

Night all.

Xiaoxiong Mon 25-Feb-13 21:51:17

Thank you all. I really do credit you lot on this thread since the transformation has really come about since I got pregnant with DS and started posting here. The shock and outrage and haddocks you have all exhibited over the years on my behalf have actually been really helpful - if internet strangers with no axes to grind think she is nuts and I should ignore her, then I probably should. I'm actually really pleased it is working and I honestly am not too bothered anymore. I love the ideas to wind her up though, you lot are terribly evil grin And yes jiggle I read about the tiger mother book and it all sounded ominously familiar. I can't wait to hear DS say he loves me - I think my dad has said it once or twice a bit stiffly at tough moments. Never from my mother. So I've never said it back.

Mumsnet: cheaper than therapy and with extra tips on nappy rash!!

aethel the move will be brilliant. You will channel the power of the force and become a packing whirlwind and all of a sudden it will be the weekend and you will be all moved in and it will be wonderful and neat and tidy with everything in its place and all junk heaved either on packing or unpacking. (The tip has been DH's favourite place since we moved - I think there's one really close to the station.)

And then I will show up on your doorstep with oatmeal cookies and lemonade like the creepy neighbour you never knew you needed!

LittleMissFantabulous Mon 25-Feb-13 21:58:19

Imma break out the pompoms ladies. I think we deserve them. Just watch out for dust bunnies...


SevenReasonsToSmile Mon 25-Feb-13 22:00:29

aethel hope it all goes smoothly <sends calming vibes>

northern I can't believe you're still ill!

queen we only managed to DTD once during my fertile time on the cycle I conceived, good luck!

xiao tbh your mum sounds crackers, glad you're finally getting some perspective on the situation and are clearly learning by her mistakes...on how to be a rubbish mother and therefore avoiding making the same ones.

Aye, as it's now been ten days seven (plus I woke up feeling like death this morning, full on fever/sweats) I have now been to the Doc's. I'm very much of the ignore it and it'll go away school of thought, mainly because it does!, but after ten days you know you need help.
I now have drugs and the rest of the day off work, which I will spend in bed.

I agree wholeheartedly with your summary of MN Xiao; I know it's made me a more confident parent, and the top tips we receive from some of the old hands on the thread wink are brilliant. I hope you continue to feel liberated from your mother and her bizarre parenting.

Good luck aethel! We'll hear from you on the other side... if you've not been freaked by your friendly neighbourhood stalker

Figgygal Tue 26-Feb-13 13:08:53

Good Luck Aethel hope all goes smoothly

Northern feel better soon 10 days is a long time to persevere but good on you for getting to the DR, my dr would probably have me waiting 10 days before i could get appointment anyway.

I didnt see DS this morning however i had text from DH staying that when he finally did wake up he did a poo so gargantuan it exploded everywhere out of his nappy........what a shame i missed it lol. He also said that monster climbed on the sofa and managed to get the remote controls to switch the tv on with his toy story dvd which was in the machine......i think we need to cut down the tv consumption.

I weighed him yesterday evening he was 2 stone 1lb means he is still between the 98th and 99th centile where he has been since about 4 months, i wish he was a bit less as sometimes he still looking portly but what can you do when he eats everything in sight??

mopsytop Tue 26-Feb-13 14:17:47

bout time Northern. hope you feel better soon!

aethel hope backing going well.

I'm out of bed today.still feeling grotty enough but on the mend ..

Xiaoxiong Tue 26-Feb-13 15:46:12

Haha figgy I must admit I do get a lot of pleasure when DH tells me about the giant poosplosions that always seem to happen on his watch!

mopsy and northern really hope this is the start of lots of good health for you both.

LMF is right and pompoms are needed all round I think grin

I've come over all pram hun and spent an hour or so researching tandem buggies. The one I like best is also the cheapest one I've found, but it's £528 (the Babystyle Oyster Max) - the others are all well over £600 or more shock I guess we were just spoiled by how cheap our Baby Jogger was.

I love our boba sling and use that at least as often as the pushchair, so I've been wondering if I should just do the sling + single buggy combo. DS is a confident walker already and likes walking down the street to the store and back with me, so I'm thinking by the time he is 22 months when the next kid is here, maybe a buggyboard would be a better solution and I could put him on my back if he got too tired even for a buggyboard.

Figgygal Tue 26-Feb-13 16:35:32

xiao I also love my baby jogger what about the tandem one? I know it's ridiculously wide but personally I'm not a fan of the ones where 1 child is practically sat on top of the other.

jigglebum Tue 26-Feb-13 17:37:05

xiao - for what its worth everyone I know with a gap of less than 2 and a half/three years has felt a double buggy was definitely necessary. We used a buggy board but the gap was bigger. Everyone I know seems to have gone for the Phil and Teds and they do hold their value second hand quite well but agree with figgy about the child underneath, though it looksvery cosy when they are a baby.

BeeMyBaby Tue 26-Feb-13 18:11:24

xiao we've got an out and about double and its very good, but not good for buses and cars so I used to do the carry and single pushchair, it worked well. I wouldn't recommend the buggyboard at that age as im not convinced they have the balance, plus my dd1 got very jealous at the idea her baby sister would be in 'her' pushchair.

Feeling pretty miserable at the moment as I seem to have got a skin infection andam super itchy- i feel like a member of the cast from cabin fever. confused

QueenofClean Tue 26-Feb-13 18:58:02

Sky has a chest infection sad what is it with my girls and their lungs! He now has anti biotics and topped up with more calpol bless my little lady. Darcie has taken herself off to bed early with a headache too. So quiet night Chez Queen.

Xiao I plan to sling/wrap newborn and buggy for Sky.

Aethelfleda Tue 26-Feb-13 19:02:24

<pokes head up from between boxes like a demented meerkat>

Evening. Can I just say: booking people to do some of the packing was the Best Idea Ever. See you all on the other side! Am on phone for a while til we get cable etc sorted.

PS I had a phil n teds e3 before they hit the mainstream suppliers <shows age> and for the first 18 months it was an absolute godsend. By the time they started to fight about which seat went to whom, I sold it on and went back to my Maclaren for DD2. plus its not as wide as the "true" tandems so you can get in most shop doors/aisles fairly easily.

Good luck demented meerkat! Like the idea of people packing for you, how much was it? I'm still looking at moving us closer to my work this year; mentioned to DP as well that if we have no.2 whilst I'm in this job, which is looking likely, there is no way I would be hauling my pregnant arse on a walk-train-walk-bus and return every day.

All your talk of double buggies is making me broooooody. Oh, and we watched Up this afternoon as we lay slumped on the sofa and I sobbed at the beginning blush

Sorry your girls aren't well Queenie, hope they're on the mend soon.

Let's be 'get well' buddies mopsy, and recover together, as it sounds like we have something pretty similar. Please Bob the anti-b's will sort my throat out, and glad to hear you're out of bed. Is Mr Mopsy OK now?

Curry for dinner, and then because DP is off work for a few days- DS had his ear consultation today, MMR tomorrow and dentist Thursday- I'm going to get him to drive me to and from the station to go to work.

Onwards and upwards....

mopsytop Tue 26-Feb-13 19:45:13

Yes northern, Mr. Mopsy is all better thanks. I'm on the mend too thanks to the antibiotics. Still not managed to leave house but will do tomorrow... hope they kick in for you soon too and you recover fast!

Queen poor Sky and poor Darcy! I suffered from migraines and headaches as a child from about aged seven I think. It is horrid.

xiao, your mum needs therapy, not you! You are amazing!

aethel keep going, nearly there!

Figgygal Tue 26-Feb-13 20:31:14

Northern up is the work of the devil!! I sob every time

mopsytop Tue 26-Feb-13 20:48:44

Oh I meant to say northern, 'Up' makes me BAWL the first ten minutes. Proper snotty, red nose, red spots face crying. Glamour is, as we all know, my middle name!

GaryBuseysTeeth Tue 26-Feb-13 21:14:03

Xiao, sorry about your mum.
My mum gave up on me when I decided I no longer wanted to model/act/be famous, one of my younger sisters is an actress so she's the golden child now.

Talking of double buggies, we're hoping to sling it for 6 months and then shove them both in a Joovy caboose , can't fit the side-by-side through hallway, those one under another ones look shite (and overpriced).

Up; since having the DS I start sobbing from the scene when Ellie has her head in her hands at the Dr's <wells up>
But then again Artex in the Swamp of Sadness (from Neverending Story) makes me cry just thinking about it....why doesn't he fight it??

Figgy, DS has a broken Sky remote as a toy (£3 on eBay!) and he points it at the tv when it's not on, so with you on the too much tv.

Hope DD's are well again soon Queenie

Bee, hope you're better soon & it's nothing too nasty.

MW appointment today; really low iron, blood pressure is lower than last time & my wee contains everything that shouldn't be there...so I'm back to doing a food & drink diary for DH to make sure I'm eating enough.

Hope all the ill are cured soon!

Faffin Tue 26-Feb-13 21:15:03

Good luck aethel

Get Well Soon to Mopsy, northern, the mini Queenies (princesses?), and anyone else I've failed to mention. DS sems to finally be on the mend from his D&V today. Fingers crossed DD doesn't get it.

Xiao I went for a Graco double buggy (it's a Mothercare only thing I think) because I wanted one behind the other rather than a wide one, and I don't like the one-child-in-the-luggage-compartment style things. It's pretty long and doesn't fold very small, but what I particularly liked was that you could click the carseat into it. It's also pretty cheap. I used it a lot initially, but now DD is almost 3 we do single buggy and buggy board most of the time. I couldn't have done without it when she was younger, but given it doesn't get much use now I'm glad I didn't spend much on it.

I just wrote all that out, went to look up the price, and it seems it no longer exists...sorry! You can have mine if you want

OiMissus Tue 26-Feb-13 22:31:30

BOi doesn't need a fake remote control. He flicks his arm at you and makes a tsch noise to indicate you have been turned on or off. (Picked up at the GPS where the TV is on whenever grandad is in - 24 hrs if antique shite-ery and midsomer murderages).
Paid for packing - aethel I am proud of you! - I had a 2 bed terrace, it cost me £250 ish on top of the removal quote. 2 weeks after a cs, with a 2 wk old baby it was worth every penny!!! (For the second move, much of our stuff was still in boxes, and we still had all the boxes from move #1 plus the packing tissue and know-how.)
Hope the move is fun aethel! Remember it's just a day or two, shit happens, there's not a lot you can do. So deep breaths and a long lunch at a nice deli will see you through!
GBT - eat, lady! Hope you're ok.
Get well soon all you others! Hope the a.b.'s kick in soon, northern.
I am tweeting. Learning the art of twitterage for work. If you are a fellow twit, twitter me up at V4nessaAshworth and I shall endeavour to bore you with metal preparation mundanity. smile

SevenReasonsToSmile Tue 26-Feb-13 23:08:30

I have a phil & teds and I really love it. Everyone's choice of buggy is personal though, I really don't like the proper one behind the other styles as they're far too long, side by side ones are great but most of the shops are very narrow here and it just wouldn't be possible to have one. Plus I think the phil & teds is great as a single buggy, handy to have that option when I take DD to playgroup and don't need a double.

gary make sure you're eating properly Mrs! My blood pressure has been quite low this pregnancy and I've been having dizzy spells. MW hasn't been interested concerned, but I have 26 week GP appointment tomorrow so will see if he says anything. I need to ask about weight gain too, I've only put on 3lbs despite masses of chocolate hmm

aethel hope its going ok.

queen hope both your girls feel better soon.

Seems like ages since I last mentioned the garage conversion. It has a massive window and normal door, and is certainly no longer garage-like. They've been plastering today, and will be knocking through into the hallway by the end of the week.

LittleMissFantabulous Wed 27-Feb-13 07:37:00

The city select tandem/double is ace. Preloved ones are not as eyewateringly expensive and they're wonderful to push and good workhorses.

Xiaoxiong Wed 27-Feb-13 10:52:50

Wow thanks for all the recommendations! Ok so it sounds like we do need a double...I may wait until the baby is actually here to get one so I can see how big DS is though and which is most comfy for him. He sometimes looks a little squished in our BJCM if he's got a coat on.

OiMissus Wed 27-Feb-13 11:24:20

Seven - Garage conversion - will you be exciting us with before and after pictures?
I'm going bonkers with my house plans. I want to do sooo much, I don't know where to start. And, I have a new "thang". I like a luxurious bath. The bath at this house is OK. It's normal. It's not overly disappointing. But it's not "DH and me with martinis on a Friday night wind down" material. Neither the ensuite nor the family bathroom is big enough for a lux bath. So, the only option as I see it is to get rid of the ensuite, and merge the two bathrooms into one lux bathroom. ...Just writingthis down - gettingthis out of my head has created the solution!) I thought that we would have to convert the attic to create a new master bedroom, with dressing room, bathroom and office/sitting room. Because in my head, I thought we HAD to have two bathrooms. We don't. We never shower at the same time. And there is a separete WC. Maybe later, when there are 2 kids and we're all getting ready in the mornings, then 2 showers would be helpful, but we're years away from that... So I should go ahead and create the lux bathroom. with the idea that in time, we'll develop the attic. ...Not sure what DH will make of this. Actually, I know exactly what DH will make of this, he'll smile and nod his head because in 2 days I'll change my mind again and want to do something different...
I just need a decent lottery win, then I can change everything all at once and be sorted. Dreamy dreamy dream...

EducationalAppStore Wed 27-Feb-13 11:28:02

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AnAirOfHope Wed 27-Feb-13 18:07:58

Lurking blush

Faffin Wed 27-Feb-13 19:29:11

I'm heading to bed. Been feeling queasy, tired and headachy all day. DS took a turn for the worst again too. He started the day well with a pretty solid poo, but then got upset and clingy again this afternoon before doing another huge vomit and more diarrhea sad

OiMissus Wed 27-Feb-13 20:06:50

Hey Air, nice to see you back. Lurk all you like.,smile
Poor faff and the faffini, get well soon. hmm
BOi is not fancying sleep yet. But I is fancying some dinner! Sleep! Or e-bay!

LittleMissFantabulous Wed 27-Feb-13 20:18:21

I'm not functioning at my best.

Hope meercat manor is shaping up Aethel

Love the bathroom idea Oismile

All spawns adleep so I'm awsy to see if my brain will switch iff.

SevenReasonsToSmile Wed 27-Feb-13 21:02:32

faffin hope DS is better soon.

oi your lux bathroom idea sounds fabulous. Our house is a 50's ex-council so we have a seperate bathroom and toilet. We plan at some point to knock down the seperating wall, we've already been eyeing up old-fashioned roll-top baths.

The plastering is now finished and they're knocking through tomorrow. Thankfully it's DHs day off so I'm taking the DCs to my parents to escape the noise and dust.

I have no before pics but it was just a normal garage so I'm sure you can probably just imagine, there will definitely be after pics, though DH is fitting it himself so it might take a while. The only way we could afford someone to fit it would be to sacrifice solid wood worktops for cheap laminate and the range cooker for a normal cheap oven, neither of which I'm prepared to do. I would do before pics of the old kitchen but it'd be too embarrassing. It's literally 2metres square, there isn't even room for the washing machine (in tiny utility instead), fridge or even food (both in dining room)!

You've not been well either have you LMF? Hope the back's improved a bit at least.

After a day of near silence at work, and the anti-bs, I think I'm starting to feel better. Glad you and Mr M are better (or getting there!) as well Mopsy. And I'm so glad it's not just me and DP, I saw him who blub at Up!

And your poor DS faffin, even with all of this illness D&V is worse in my book. Hope you get a decent night, the both of you.

I know what you mean about the dream Oi; I'm looking at houses on-line now. I just wish that DP didn't insist on us having so much crap, that kind of detracts from the dream-house-lust too! But yeah, a lottery win, that'd be nice...

May I have a brief rant ladies?
DP took DS for his MMR jab today- we've taken a lot of time off work for all his medical appointments this week, and made them all despite being really ill..
..and the fecking nurse would not give him it. I know they can't if the DC is ill, but DS is not ill- he may bring home plague, but at the moment he is not ill. Snotty, yes, but that a child's state of being at this age. He's not on any drugs, anti-b's, he'd not even had any Calpol for days!
But the nurse thought he 'didn't look well in his eyes' and refused.

And poor DP was too ill to really take it in and object. They've booked us in for midday next Wednesday, which I don't think we can do.

I need to phone tomorrow and object.

SevenReasonsToSmile Wed 27-Feb-13 21:31:05

northern rant away, what a pain! DD had a cold when she had hers, the nurse said it could still be done but she would understand if we wanted to postpone. She had it anyway, my thinking being that if she caught any of those and I'd postponed despite them being happy to do it I'd have never forgiven myself.

Aethelfleda Wed 27-Feb-13 22:29:38

We have House!!! and a bigger mortgage, gulp. Budgetting time

It has the usual quirks of newly acquired house (junk left behind, some bits non functional, some bits clean, some bits scuzzy) but that's par for the course of housebuying. And It's huuuge, I is in luff. Yay.

<puts on coffee urn ready for the morning and breathes huge sigh of relief>

OiMissus Wed 27-Feb-13 23:05:11

Hurrah for the new house!!! May you be very happy there!!
Looking forward to the kitchen pics seven. In my last house, I lived with the tiny kitchen for 10yrs. I always wanted a dishwasher, but there wasn't room. Eventually I extended, loads. So you could say it was a very expensive dishwasher.
This morning I was thinking that this 500quid bath would probably cost about 50k ...grin
We shan't be going there just yet!
Enjoy the first night in your new house aethel!
I shall dream of babies - after OBEM. grin

OiMissus Wed 27-Feb-13 23:07:14

Forgot to say, northern, how annoying. It sounds very flakey, but better safe than sorry. BOi had a cold for his, but as he was fine/happy and didn't have a temp, she was happy to proceed.

SevenReasonsToSmile Thu 28-Feb-13 10:49:26

Great to hear about the house aethel, hope you're settled in soon.

GaryBuseysTeeth Thu 28-Feb-13 15:31:47

Hurrah for the house Aethel!! Anything interesting in the attic? <nosy>

Northen, sorry they wouldn't jab him, did you speak to them today?

Seven, sounds like it's going to be amazing!
DH had his kitchen done when we'd been a couple for 2 months, thinking it wasn't going to be long term I didn't voice an opinion on most things (aside from paint/tile colour) & four years on I hate the kitchen (cheap units etc).

LMF, the city select buggy looks decent (don't like the one under the other doubles), will investigate further!

Looking for maternity wear has reminded me how much I hate shopping..anyone have any shop suggestions for a shortarse? I'm 5'4 (and a HALF!) but have petite stubby leg.

Xiaoxiong Thu 28-Feb-13 16:12:54

Gary I got a nice pair of trousers from Gap last time round that hit me just above the ankle and I'm 5'6" with longish legs. I think they were the "demi panel slim cropped pants" in the second row here. Might be worth a try?

Northern what a bore. A mere snotty nose equals the picture of health at this time of year! "Didn't look well in the eyes", WTAF?? I'm surprised she didn't go so far as to say she felt it in her waters hmm

jigglebum Thu 28-Feb-13 17:21:29

Glad you are in aethel and good luck with the unpacking. I don't intend to move again for at least ten years - I hate all the hassle of it.

gary - H and M normally have some ok and cheap maternity wear. I also got some stuff from Dotty Ps and Next last time round

Freya is being very trying this week - lots of tantrums over nothing, lots of whinging and clinginess and she certainly doesnt look the picture of health, with her snotty nose and rashy face. She has however slept for the last 2 nights so that is good. She first walked 2 weeks ago now but still hasnt done more than 5 ish steps. Did others take a long time to get going after starting? Think DS was practically running within 2 weeks of starting to walk!

Work tomorrow and then 2 days away - hurrah!

Figgygal Thu 28-Feb-13 18:25:39

Yay aethel

Have had this afternoon off DS been playing football in back garden with dh then we all walked to local pub for tea DS devoured chicken, mash and beans before walking home again he should not be able to do these things at 14 months!!!

Looks like I'm going to be at risk of redundancy soon big changes announced today which will require a head count reduction in our team will know more details over next few weeks.....shit!!

mopsytop Thu 28-Feb-13 18:54:01

bugger figgy... but maybe opportunity for a move back to Scotland?

aethel, hope house going well so far...

Gary, being also 5 foot 4 and short of leg, I found mama and papas slim legged maternity jeans fan and had two styles, one black and one dark denim and with some maternity tops and non.maternity tunic tops they got me through the whole pregnancy!

QueenofClean Thu 28-Feb-13 19:16:12

Aethel....your in that's good. Now just the pants part of unpacking etc.

Northern that's pants too. Hopefully things will get better.

Figgy would you move back to Scotland?

My poorly little lady sounds like she's barking now when she coughs.

Darcie lost her temper earlier but is being well behaved now building Lego with DH.

I'm having a bath and enjoying the peace for 5mins.

Enjoy the peace Queenie, sounds lovely!

I did indeed have words with the practice manager today and got my concerns across. DP will have to take time off next week- good thing work are being such total and complete arses and insisting he take all his A/L in one year and not transfer any hmm so he's got the time. I made it clear that 'a look in his eyes' was not a medically accepted diagnosis, and the 'rash' = dribble burn, 'unhappiness' = long over due for nap as the surgery were running late, 'had a cold' = it's fecking winter had all been explained by my DP at the time, and who was too ill to object to being railroaded.

How grim figgy, did you have any idea it was coming? Really hope it works out, and that they keep you updated- nothing worse than being in the dark.

jiggle DS took his first steps before Xmas, and he's only now walking more than crawling still far quicker than his mother though

Wonderful news about the house aethel, am both pleased and envy! What do the kids think of their new rooms?

We are slowing becoming the house of recovery here, I've been able to speak today and don't feel like I'm trying to suck down my larynx every time I swallow...

GaryBuseysTeeth Thu 28-Feb-13 20:19:14

Ooh, cheers for all the suggestions! Who knew Gap did maternity?!
Will try H&M and Mamas&Papas this week, have a lovely dress from Dotty P left over from DS...Next at Bluewater didn't seem to have maternity wear last time (annoying as I've had a £20 voucher since my birthday going unspent).

Jiggle, DS was walking fine for 5/6 weeks (waited until we were sure before getting his shoes), we bought his shoes & then he decided not to walk for the next 3 weeks, stopped cruising as much & gave up. Suddenly decided to start walking last Weds/Thurs & he's been none stop since then!

Figgy, bugger. Hope you're not too stressed & everything works out well for you.

Northen, glad you got through to the Practise Manager.
Rubbish that your DP can't carry any leave over.

Aethelfleda Thu 28-Feb-13 23:39:45

Yawn. Going well, but we have soooo much stuff!

GBT, The attic contains a loft room but nothing exciting up there so far! Unfortunately we will probably have a big plumbers bill soon as there is bad floor/skirting damp damage in one room due to (we think) a leaking shower. It was not visible on Visit/survey due to furniture in front of it. The shower is old and ? If it just overflowed routinely or if there's a scarier long term leak. Going to get my plumber friend to take a look and advise.
Am loving the space though....
DS is coping well with the change in location (and my cold is settling) but he's teething again.... Night!

QueenofClean Fri 01-Mar-13 07:34:13

Northern what did the Practice Manager say?

Gary New Look do some lovely maternity clothes. Most Next's you have to order their Maternity wear as they don't keep it instore.

Figgygal Fri 01-Mar-13 09:27:06

Gah DS has the snottiest nose ever which will explain why he was up twice last night today have to get him new shoes, singing, swimming then the weekly shop.

I have someone coming to see my car tomorrow so need car washed and hopefully they'll buy it as if I do lose job need to free up some cash hmm part of me not too worried as job market seems buoyant locally if worst happens and if I have to go back to full time I'll just have to.

Have a good day all

LittleMissFantabulous Fri 01-Mar-13 12:12:13

Hope the dampness is just due to overflowing rather than leaking Aethelsmile

LittleMissFantabulous Fri 01-Mar-13 12:14:22

Walking: There was cruising from the time there was crawling at about six months. Walking without aid of a thing to push/pull/dance with happened just after the birthday shenanigans, looking back and ceasing are Bad Things apparently. Little sod doesn't ever stop!

Figgygal Fri 01-Mar-13 14:54:37

DS has been asleep for 2.5 hours blush I've caught up on my non age appropriate US trash, had lunch without him and tidied the kitchen I may go prod him need to do shopping

Faffin Fri 01-Mar-13 20:00:52

So, we made it past the magical 48 hour mark with no vomit or diarrhoea from DS, and he actually seemed happy today too, so we ventured out to a friend's for the afternoon. Then DD was sick in the car on the way home sad. Here we go again.

jiggle DS took his first steps mid-Jan and he still hasn't quite got the confidence to lauch himself off yet.

Hope the unpacking is going well aethel, and that the leak isn't anything too serious.

Can't remember who else I was going to namecheck now, sorry! Hope you all have good weekends.

Oh nooooooo faffin, I really hope it was just travel sickness or something, seems too cruel on everyone otherwise! Fingers crossed she's OK and you don't have a weekend of illness sad

You're being commendably practical and sensible as ever figgy; I'd be a wreck in your shoes, but you seem to be facing it calmly. Hope DS's snot calms down.

It was more of a discussion Queenie; they never accept that anyone could possibly have done anything wrong, but I put my points across and she said she'd raise it with the nurse next week. My POV is it's always important to raise these things as if there is a problem with someone, whether it's attitude or a training need, then if people do raise it, it can be dealt with... well, it should be, depends how good they are.
But from what she was saying 'she's very good, experienced', etc. I have my doubts.

I am feeling close to well again, though my nose looks like I'm a raging glue-sniffer, not a classy look. We might actually get something approximating a decent weekend confused

SevenReasonsToSmile Fri 01-Mar-13 20:30:35

faffin hope DD is better in the morning and it was just a one-off.

aethel hope the dampness in nothing too serious, and that other than that you're settling in well.

figgy sorry to hear about the redundancies. I imagine even if its not you it must be horrible if it happens to other staff in your department. Hope the car sells!

northern glad to hear you're on the mend, I also look like a glue-sniffer. I'm on day 9 of a cold now, my cough has almost gone but today I've been even more congested if anything.

The builders knocked through yesterday, we have an arch rather than doorway into the dining room from the hall so everything was covered in a thick layer of dust, I spent 3 hours cleaning afterwards! It's looking good though, the electrician is coming to put the sockets in tomorrow, then builders will be back Monday to sort out the doorway, then they've just got to do skirting boards then they'll be pretty much done. We're hoping to order the kitchen at the weekend and get it delivered on Tuesday grin

I ordered re-usable nappies at the weekend. They finally arrived today, washed, dried and ready to give them a go tomorrow. Wish us luck!

Aethelfleda Fri 01-Mar-13 23:19:41

<puts on some decaf for anyone clearing up vomit overnight>

hiya! Oo, progress with the builders seven, sounds promising! And good luck with the reuseables tomorrow. I need to get DS's bum back in his, we are plumbed in with the washer now so no excuse!

Thanks for the anti-leak wishes! I am a natural pessimist but suspect the water damage is too pronounce for it to be merely some overflow. I'd prefer that, of course! It's weird as the new place is so differently constructed to our old 1930s place, there's a cute mini cupboard the DDs like hiding in (we're probably going to make it into a wendy house for them!) and the inside you can see the internal wall is breeze block and the stairs are reinforced MDF hmm plus there are loads of small settlement plaster cracks, we know they are not structural but it's still disconcerting!
Our to-do list is still enormous but at least we've made a dent in the pile of boxes and I have a working kitchen (and now a secondhand table in it, yay for charity shops!) I felt HUGELY better when I fed the children dinner in the kitchen, it's just what I'm used to.

Roll on the weekend and let's kick the arse of all the thread lurgies!!

GaryBuseysTeeth Fri 01-Mar-13 23:59:59

Good luck with the reuseables Seven! I love mine, but DH hates them.

Aethel, disappointed there wasn't treasure in the attic! Shower leak doesn't sound nearly as interesting, hope everything is fixable on the cheap!

Faffin, hope you have an easy night with DD.

Northen, glad you're on the mend...hope it's a lesson to the rest of you lurgied up ladies & babies!

Figgy, what US trash do you watch? Was all set to watch Revenge and then MIL mentioned she watched it, put me right off..currently watching Nashville, ohh it's AWFUL!!

I've been gaining weight well (11lbs in 17wks), but not enough to fit into size 10 maternity trousers....am happily wearing size 14 regular trousers atm though hmm

Anyone seen Kat recently? Noticed HLC has gone again!

Hope everyone has a good weekend!

I'm lurking as always gary

I AM the snot monster, with a cough that just won't go away grin

DS a lot better. His eyes are still a not crusty but after that first night when he looked like a boxer post bout he's been getting progressively better. Although he's coughing now, his sounds very productive iyswim.

DH has now also got the lurgy. Much worse than me obviously. And had to have two days off work...didn't get much sympathy from me to be honest.

Will try to name check tomorrow but now must get ready for work.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Figgygal Sat 02-Mar-13 07:47:50

gbt US trash was greys anatomy, dexter and walking dead which personally I think are all well regarded but dh hates so I ha e to watch when both he and DS aren't around think it's prob time to consider what's age appropriate for him.

It's dh niece bday Tuesday so taking snot monster to her soft play party today then need to get my contact lenses checked I've had terrible probs with them since was pg so have pretty much thrown away £16pm for last 18 months and have a bag of the buggers under our bed need to get new ones or admit defeat.

Waves to Kat how r u?

I had the same thing figgy; from about 5 months I couldn't wear my contacts; hoped it would get better after birth, but didn't; and even now when I try them I can't wear them for long. My eyes went really dry during pregnancy and I don't think they've got any better.
However, as we were cutting back in advance of DS's arrival, it seemed like a good idea to cut those out, sadly. I've got a big pile of them in the bathroom, and am just working my way through those when I've got a night out or something.

Hope the house is OK aethel; if it cheers you up, I watched a programme where it said that when people move into a brand new house, it will need on average just over 100 'touch up' or more jobs to get it sorted....! Think it's just the nature of bloody houses, it's constant maintenance. And it all sounds very exciting for you as well seven!

We are off to wander along the high street, have a ferret and a bit of lunch out, so we're actually going to do Something Nice.

Faffin Sat 02-Mar-13 19:44:35

Thanks for all the well wishes, it seems they did the trick and that DD's puking was a one off. Fingers crossed anyway.

Hope you all had a good day and did Something Nice like northern

SevenReasonsToSmile Sat 02-Mar-13 20:45:14

Thanks all, we're about to have a final measure then order the kitchen, very exciting!

Reusables went well, we used two today. One dirty one and one wet one which was on for 3.5 hours, no leaks. Changed her into a disposable after lunch before we went to homebase to buy paint for the nursery. My parents are having the DCs tomorrow while we have a grown-up shopping trip to buy light fittings so we'll have another go on Monday.

Figgygal Sun 03-Mar-13 07:42:10

Gah my throat hurts and nose running AGAIN i swear ive felt like this for a month it just never comes to anything!!

Sold my car grin argued with dh since about what to get i want something relatively new cheap to run, tax and insure so when at a garage yesterday he decided he wanted a 12yr old polo gti 1.6 i vetoed it he vetoed 2 cars i suggested yet i was a selfish cow who will just buy what i want and not let him have a say (so what he actually means is he can rule out whatever he wants and i cant) blush. Not to mention fact that when i mentioned getting a loan so he can pay off his credit card debt and the rest pay towards car turns out he has already applied for 1 this week as his cc debt is much bigger than he let on. We have a joint acc for bills and split costs 50/50 but disposable income tends to be our own prob jut as well since he manages to piss it away somehow, feel that argument will spill into today too am so fuming angry

CheungFun Sun 03-Mar-13 13:42:48

Oh no Figgy that's the last thing you want on top of your job worries...silly man!

Glad you've moved in Aethel smile

Seven I am very envy I'd love a new kitchen smile One day....one day...!

DS is having a nap now, worn him out at the swimming pool haha! He won't wear armbands, but hopefully he will do soon and get the idea!

LittleMissFantabulous Sun 03-Mar-13 18:15:42

Just bought Octoboy some new shoes as he's jumped a full size in a monthsad Glad he doesn't have eight legs to be fair as at £32 a pair he'd bankrupt me! shock

Wow! Glad he's growing so well LMF, but that's some foot-swelling he's got going on there; is the rest of him doing the same, or just randomly his feet?

Figgy, not surprised you're fuming. He sounds like he was being an arse with the argument, but applying for a loan on the quiet because he's racked up a big CC bill...sheesh. Are you having words with him?

I got the lie-in this morning, but DP and DS went back to bed when I got up at around 9. Gave me time to do my nails in front of Time Team grin. Then a bob up to the garden centre to get three types of soil, some plant food and a range of plug plants for doing up pots, and then an hour and a half in the garden.
This one session is the most important of the year; feed and top dress all the pots, re pot where needed, dig over the borders, etc.
Got repeatedly attacked by one of my roses when hacking it and a wonky ceanothus back, but definitely a success...bar my back is killing me!

Oh, and I gave DS his first bit of nappy free time after his bath, and he promptly left two hard little deposits in the hearth...!

LittleMissFantabulous Sun 03-Mar-13 21:12:40

He's gone from a 3 to 4 so not that badgrin He's in 9-12 trousers and 12-18 tops and vests.

Must confess I don't like gardening. Shame as I have a huge garden!

OiMissus Sun 03-Mar-13 22:27:57

Evening all!
Figgy - good luck re: job. You do sound v calm about it. Fingers crossed everything works out ok. As others have said, if the wordt comes to rhe worst, maybe it'll help you in your decision to go back up North.Haddocks to DH though re the car.
Aethel: house - all v exciting with hidey holes etc. who said 100 + jobs?! Urgh. I fear our new house is sliding into the mud... Loads of little cracks appearing around door frames and woodwork. Gives me the fear!
Hope the overflow/ leak is easily rectified.
Gary - was it you asking about maternity clothes? I got quite a few things from MnP last time , and their new range looks lovely. Check out the tribal print dress, - at 45quid it ain't cheap though.
As for 'American TV - anyone watch ""The Good wife". I can't get enough of it. It's predictable and .. Oh I don't know, but I'm addicted. blush
We've been doing lots in the garden, just clearing up and preparing mainly. And we have a first batch of seedlings in the go for our first attempt at the veggie patch. BOi is obsessed with being outside. Something that ressembles "outside" is his favourite word. even when it's pitch black , he'll stand by the back door crying to be let out. ...his next favourite word is something that ressembles "again". Which is used again and again when he's been on the slide. My poor back!
However, I can't complain. DH does complain a bit, and I have little sympathy. But he'll wimper at a paper cut,,. For the last cpl of weeks he's been whinging about his hip. I told him to see a physio. Er... He finally did. Physio said see physick, possible hernia. Whoops!

QueenofClean Mon 04-Mar-13 06:44:07

Figgy big Haddocks to your DH. Hope you sort it all out.

Oi, what are you going to grow in your veggie patch?

American TV we love in this house. We are currently watching all seasons of Fringe. addicted

2ww starts today as DH goes to London for the week for a training course.

OiMissus Mon 04-Mar-13 08:21:02

We have 4 big, raised beds at the side of the house - each one is probably 5ft x 10ft. So we could grow everything! So far, we are propagating carrot, cabbage and onion. But we have seeds for just about everything.
I want to get some flowers on the go to. I see all these House and Home-type magazines with their nice displays, and think "that looks good, but you'd have to get fresh flowers every week..." so why not.
Neither me nor DH have ever had a garden, never mind a veggie patch, so we're complete amateurs. But I'd love to think that we'll get some decent successes this year, and after a good few years learning we could be self sufficient-ish for veggies for most of the year. All these things take time though, which is something we have precious little of. Amateur gardeners, amateur parents, amateur house decorators (although that's not started yet).
Oh that reminds me, seven, hope the garage > kitchen is coming along nicely!

OiMissus Mon 04-Mar-13 08:28:16

And good luck with the 2ww. I'm also there too now. Will it be this month we both find ourselves upduffed? grin
whilst chasing around the garden yesterday, part of me was thinking, "Good grief! this is hard work! Can I do this with two?!" (especially the lifting up onto the slide over and over again.) But then I thought, with two, they can chase each other!! I can just open the door and set them free.

GaryBuseysTeeth Mon 04-Mar-13 12:24:20

I'm normally a massive snob when it comes to tv (I hmm at all the trash DH watches; NCIS, Hawaii 5-0, Fringe, Arrow) but oooh Greys is fab for when you're too tired to think.
Although we're still having our 2yr long argument about getting rid of Sky (I think it's a waste of money, he likes watching tv).

Oi & Queenie, good luck for this 2ww (can't believe how quickly it's come around for you)!

<<haddock for Mr.Figgy>> Cannot believe he applied for a loan without telling you! Although hurrah for selling the car.

You have fab taste in shoes LMF!

OiMissus Mon 04-Mar-13 14:57:37

Ah Gary, I consider myself v lucky that we don't have sky. DH is a massive fan of all things sporty. He should have sky. But he knows that it would not be good for our family. He agrees that we should watch less tv, not more, so I don't get pressure from him - just from his mates. smile

Oooh, we're getting a Thai takeaway tonight to celebrate the fact that we can both taste and both have appetites, whoop!
I'll have to watch the City game, but I can live with that...

On the sport, we've compromised; we got Sky Sports One through BT, and so get some games. However, DP does stream the rest through the laptop though. Tbh, he's like your DH Oi, except it's his computer he spends far too much time on.
I'm jealous of your garden though (all I have is two large borders and lots and lots and lots and lots of pots with the rest paved, badly) and it's one of the reasons I want to move, so we can have somewhere to chuck DS out.

It appears work will be moving in August, so will start looking soon...

How's the damp going aethel, have you got to the bottom of it yet?

Figgygal Mon 04-Mar-13 20:50:25

Northern I remember tastes and smells they were nice I now am in a cold haze and miserable hmm

We have the full virgin package sports which dh couldn't live without, movies, calls and broadband it's just gone up to £100 per month it HAS to go hmm

Dh and I pretty much refused to talk to each other yesterday over car and money issues have a crazy work week this week so can't think of potential redundancies and car nonsense for a while.

DS was in bed by 7 tonight i think hes unwell as cm sent him home having not had his tea and he had been clingy all day to her so he had 5ml of nurofen and an early bottle. He's snotty too

SevenReasonsToSmile Mon 04-Mar-13 21:00:23

oi were the beds already there and used for veggies or have you added them? If they're new or haven't been used for a while you'll need to dig in manure if you want a successful crop.

queen good luck with the 2ww, you too oi. Can't believe you're trying for November babies, makes me realise how pregnant I am, May is only two months away now grin

figgy I hope you've made up now, though tbh I'd probably still be fuming.

The kitchen was meant to come tomorrow, they phoned and said loads of it is out of stock (despite saying in stock online) so it won't be here until next Tuesday. DH is on holiday meant to be fitting the kitchen this week, he's not back until a week on Friday but that gives him two days angry. And it was £37 delivery, plus they said its still within the guaranteed 7 working days delivery time hmm. Anyway, the builders haven't quite finished and it gives DH time to paint the kitchen ceiling first and do the nursery this week.

On a positive we done a full day in the reusable nappies with no leaks. We'll do a couple more days before we try overnight.

SevenReasonsToSmile Mon 04-Mar-13 21:02:40

X-post figgy, hope its just teething and DS is feeling better in the morning

OiMissus Mon 04-Mar-13 23:00:37

Seven - the beds were already there and certainly do need work to get them ready. We've started clearing the crap out. We need to add new soil/depth and richness. Thanks for the tip to add manure. We'll get busy!

CheungFun Tue 05-Mar-13 08:42:59

Morning all,

Very annoyed this morning, I think DS has got conjunctivitis....I was quite looking forward to work this morning and more importantly I'm just dreading trying to get a dr's appointment! Also having a stress about the fact I'll have no holiday leave by next month the rate we're going!

Ahh well, at least DS is not grumpy or suffering so that's the main thing! He now has 12 teeth and I can clearly see 2 more in the gums almost ready to cut through.

Xiaoxiong Tue 05-Mar-13 10:34:47

You're all going to be WELL JEL - guess who got to see aethel's new house yesterday <preens> It's luffly. And HUGE!!! And has a billion bathrooms! And a giant garden! And an adorable DS sleeping with his bum in the air grin And then we walked home in glorious sunshine through some lovely parks.

Oi and queen fingers crossed firmly for your 2ww and I hope you'll soon be joining me in upduffedness...

Figgy YANBU, I wouldn't be able to deal with someone who couldn't stick to a budget and had a cavalier approach to debt. You are entirely justified in being very upset. And behaving like such a shit about the car, surely since it's going to be your car his input should be limited to deciding what budget and running costs you can afford as a family and then letting you choose what you feel you need.

Cheung do you have any parental leave days you can use instead? I think there is some entitlement to prevent you eating into holiday time...

QueenofClean Tue 05-Mar-13 14:22:50

Oi - good luck with your veggies.

We are hoping to do better this year. We've already got spuds & onions on the go. Hoping to grow carrots, parsnips, lettuce, peppers, green beans, tomatoes, cucumber, courgettes to name a few grin

Cheung hope DS is better soon.

Figgy hope things are sorted between you & DH.

Aethelfleda Tue 05-Mar-13 18:32:24

Yay for veggies oi, and bonus points for motivation. I have a theoretical plan for two raised beds in the garden corner once I've removed/relocated a few straggly shrubs and have ten nanoseconds to spare. I am slowly cleaning the house on a needs-must basis, need it to feel like ours, which it is just starting to do. The weather was lovely this afternoon so had the DCs playing out in the garden for the first time, it's a nice size, but we would really notice if it were smaller.
xiao neglected to mention that she showed up with an enooormous and yummy homemade lemon cake. My dad and cousin visited and helped us with it....There is not very much left now blush

So much to do but it is satisfying. d-day is this Friday when plumber is coming to tell me the extent of the damage andore importantly how much to fix it! I suspect we may end up with Tesco Value showers. I like a bit of blue and white stripe.....

Cheyng, if the whites of his eyes are red, its conjunctivitis and needs summat. If they are actually still white but he has gunk it may just be eye snot (where the nose snot comes up through the tear ducts. Niiice). Hope you got a GP to see him!

GaryBuseysTeeth Tue 05-Mar-13 20:10:11

I love Ice Hockey, but NHL is on premier (£9p/m) & AHL is on ESPNamerica (£13p/m), can't justify the extra money when DH isn't 'allowed' to have skysports (we had it for one season, he watched 2/3 games the entire season).
Thankfully my football team are too shite to be on Sky so we see them live whenever we can.

Seven, that's so irritating! Although glad it's working out for you & you'll be able to do everything else without tripping over units.
<pompoms> for the reusable nappies, just getting into the swing of them & our washing machine is playing up so we're not using them until we know what we're doing about it (you just know it'll breakdown when I've just loaded stinky nappies in).

Cheung, hope DS is feeling better soon.

Aethel, why did you mention that about the snot?! <shudders>
Glad Xiao is a good guest...although it sounds like you've got a potential squatter on your hands grin

OiMissus Tue 05-Mar-13 20:20:52

Good luck with your veggies Queenie
And with the new house Aethel! I am indeed well jel if visiting opportunities I luffs a good nosey around a new house, I mean, when else do you get to see every room!?! and of lemony cakey goodness.
Hope your LO is ok cheung. If I'd seen your post earlier, I may have saved you time off work. My doc wouldn't even see BOi for his conjunctivitis. I was instructed to bathe it. But nursery said they take kids with it without a problem. (Not that that's really fair!)
BOi is still awake. Fighting sleep. DH is jiggling him whilst watching the match.
Oh, did the world stop? confused it didn't in this house. Babies must be rocked. Parents need to be fed. Washing needs to get done. Cm's need payments set up... Silly Jose.
Sleep BOi! I needs some food!
Hope we all have good nights. Bob knows most of us need a decent night!

OiMissus Tue 05-Mar-13 20:23:07

(Let the thread note that: All cake-baking squatters are welcome at Ashworth Towers). grin

Ah, little boys that sleep with their bums in the air grin My Mum was totally bemused the first time she saw DS do this; I never had done.
The house sounds wonderful aethel, we are indeed well jell; first Ashworth Towers, and now this! And sounds like seven's getting all palatial on us too!

Hope your senses of taste and smell have come back figgy and that the cold's improving, you so have my sympathy. And really hope DS and DH are getting better in respective health behaviour ways too.

I've got a new member of staff starting tomorrow, just to help me out...sadly it's only a secondment for a few months, but will hopefully help take some of the volume work off me.

DS should (if the nurse doesn't pronounce him having Peruvian bird flu by the state of his toenails or something hmm) be having his MMR tomorrow. DP has the day off work, and so I'm doing him a list of jobs.....

OiMissus Tue 05-Mar-13 21:24:59

Not another one with Peruvian Bird Flu?
...should be the name of our next thread. Either that or "but why can't I bash the cat with the frying pan?" grin
(I think I'm really getting the hang if this social media malarkey!)wink

OiMissus Tue 05-Mar-13 21:55:17

Ah Jeebers! (Bob's son) now he wants to watch the after match shitery... I suppose I could go and put a wash on...hmm
;I was feeling all giddy wink (you know, "giddy"winkwink) earlier. Give conception another chance,.. but not now, he can bloody go and whistle! I can't believe how much my OBEM is being delayed! Grrrr! He 'll be lucky if we ever do the deed again. Why I oughta....

OiMissus Tue 05-Mar-13 21:58:00

OBEM isn't even tonight. He is well in trouble! Now I'm annoyed!

SevenReasonsToSmile Tue 05-Mar-13 22:06:39

northern don't worry I still have a grotty bathroom, and the kitchen will only get finished if the sodding builders turn up to finish it, they've not been here since Friday. Hope the MMR goes ok, and great news that you'll have some of the workload taken off you.

oi hope BOi has settled now.

gary our washing machine is only rented so no worries there. We've been on rented ones for 3 years, we'd somehow previously got through 3 machines in the 6 years we'd been together (the hotpoint actually lasted less than a year hmm) and decided we're better off renting.

cheung hope DS is better soon.

How many teeth does everyone else's LO have? DD still only has 4!

Xiaoxiong Tue 05-Mar-13 22:38:06

DS has four on top, two on the bottom. Has been the same for ages despite drooling like a faucet the last couple of days.

gary yep it's a definite housing option for the future - will bake cakes for rent smile

Oi oh dear, hope you managed to enjoy yourself even without OBEM!! I know you are on the 2ww but if you can forgive DH for hogging the TV there's no harm in reinforcements, as it were wink

northern yay new minion member of staff! Really hope they're more of a help than a hindrance for you, you could use a hand. We need to get one for figgy and missree and everyone else facing stressful work situations.

Yes I second/third/fourth the washable nappy pompoms for you seven - we've been using them since DS was born and I don't even want to estimate how much money we've saved but it's got to be a lot. We currently do two nappy loads a week but when he was smaller it was every other day - I shudder to think how many disposable nappies he might have gone through instead.

I think the washable wipes were an even better investment actually as they not only get his bum clean but dry as well and you can use as many as you like without worrying about running out or having to buy more as you just wash them. We have 40 soft little bamboo squares and never run out before another nappy wash goes on.

Xiaoxiong Tue 05-Mar-13 22:47:44

Jesus, DH just came back from taking his tutor group out for a meal and to the cinema. They were attacked by a group of boys that spotted that they were Etonians sad DH told his boys to go back into the restaurant and confronted the attackers by himself, and scared them off.

QueenofClean Wed 06-Mar-13 07:04:43

Xiao - OMG I hope your DH & his boys are okay?

Oi, did you use any distraction techniques to get DH attention away from the football?

I miss my DH & want him home now, 2 nights down, 3 to go sad

Both my girls are rewarding me with good behaviour and slept all night.

No symptoms so far except boobs hurting periodically but to early to tell. it's all in my head

OiMissus Wed 06-Mar-13 08:24:18

Yikes Xiao, that's awful. Hope the boys weren't too scared by it all. Ignorance has a lot to answer for! Your DH is a hero. Very brave. Very scary though - there are too many stories of tragic accidents in situations like that. <<shudder>>
Hope the MMR goes without a hitch Northern... maybe stick plasters over his feverous toenails to hide all evidence?
Hope your builders come back seven!
I need a builder/plumber/tiler/type company. I need just one company to come and see me and help me build the plan for the house, so I can let them get on with everything. Who does that? Where do I find this wonderous-being? I need a kind of interiors/maintenance company that won't charge a fortune. ...Who am I kidding? With my ideas, nothing short of a lottery win will sort it! Puh!
I told my DH orf for tv-hoggary, but allowed the "reinforcements". wink
Boi has 7 teeth. He's had them for ages, and so they are quite big now. He's been drooling lots the last few weeks though, and his cheeks are so often very bright red that there really must be more on the way. I hope so. There must be a reason behind this horrid interrupted sleep pattern.
I was determined pre-BOi to use reuseables. I bought a few different types to try. And I convinced myself that one particular type would be perfect. And then they went on offer and I spent over £200 on the whole kaboosh.
When BOi came, I really didn't like how wet they were. Within the hour, they were wet through against his skin. I tried different liners, but I really lost confidence in them. So I've £200 worth of Bamboozle Stretchies in a cupboard. Most of them haven't even been touched. I only put a few through the 3x wash stage in preparation. One day, I will get around to selling them.
So I failed on nappies, and on sleep training.
But he's the cleverest and fastest baby in the world, so that's OK. I don't use this word ever, but I'll pulling it out today. BOi is awesome. he knows the most common farm sounds and farm animals, he knows the jungle animals and their sounds. If you ask him where's the elephant/giraffe/monkey/parrot/snake etc, he'll find it on the page (on a page where they're all together, of course!) straightaway. No messing about. Shape sorters, schmape schmorters. easy peasy. And he LOVES books. All he wants to do in the evening is go through lots of books. We have a new ABC book, and he's getting very good at repeating the letter sound back to me.
[proud mum emoticon] The BOi is a genius. Evidently.
I do know that all your LOs are all geniuses also, and all awesome and amazing. I'm just completely bowled over by the developments that we are witnessing as they are really starting to take it all in and find ways of communicating back to us. [first tuime parent wonderment!] I really could do with taking a couple of months off work to see it all and enjoy it.
Right, to work. have great days y'all!

Xiaoxiong Wed 06-Mar-13 09:33:16

DH was shaken but said last night he was fine and downplayed it. But this morning he told me they "chest bumped" and pushed him several times before he scared them off. I suspect they also tried to punch him but he doesn't want to worry me. Thank goodness he is 6'3" and built like - maybe not quite a brick shithouse but possibly a slate one! Thank goodness they didn't have a knife or something worse.

His students now think he's a legend - he sent them all inside gourmet burger kitchen and they goggled through the door. Just so sad a group of 14 year olds who wouldn't hurt a fly are attacked when with their teacher for such a stupid reason.

mopsytop Wed 06-Mar-13 09:39:02

Bloody hell xiao! Well done Mr. Xiao!! Scary.

On phone and already can't remember what replies I was going to make. My brain is like a sieve. Hmmm. Was going to say that minimopsy often sleeps with her bum in the air... v v v cute! And re teeth that she has ten-four top front, two top bottom and four premolars. But still dribbling like mad and awake crying most nights with the cot soaked from dribble but can't spot any new ones...

Lots of interrupted sleep here too Oi. Am so tired!

aethel house sounds great and xiao lemon cake sounds ace!

Oh dear better go rescue minimopsy, she's roaming my room on mischief bent...

LittleMissFantabulous Wed 06-Mar-13 09:47:45

Two teefs on the octo. One on it's way by the look of it.

Glad your husband managed to avoid any injury Xiao, it's chuffing stupid that kids are attacked for choices they weren't party to. If Boo had noticed the boys he would have staryed his rendition of Eton Style. He's obsessed with gangnam style oarodies >_<

SevenReasonsToSmile Wed 06-Mar-13 09:54:48

Well done to your DH xiao, very brave of him. I do hope for the boys sake that these incidents don't become so regular that they aren't allowed on nights out to the cinema etc. I worked out based on 8 nappies a day for the first 6 months, and 4 a day thereafter its nearly 4000 nappies if you potty train at 2 and a half.

oi we failed at sleep training too, she's often up at 5 or earlier because she won't go back to sleep. BOi sounds like a very contented little chap, DD has no interest at all in shape sorters or wooden puzzles. She'll just about tolerate books, I don't think it's a development issue, she can build a tower of 4 blocks but would just rather be making a mess and climbing on things! When you get your lottery win you need a building company who can project manage and sub-contract out rather than just an independent builder. Ours have sorted the plumbing and electrics, they also would have done the kitchen units and presumably tiling if we'd had the money!

GaryBuseysTeeth Wed 06-Mar-13 10:02:26

Well done Mr.Xiao, glad everyone is safe and well.

We've got eight here, three just about to break through (although he's been milking them coming through for a month or so).

Northen, hope they don't find a excuse not to stick her with needles!

Waiting in for a parcel <bored> So today I shall be mostly hating Nanny Plum.

Found some Mamas&Papas jeans, on eBay! Three pairs for £9 so everyone is happy.
PIL are taking DS over Easter...and for the first time I'm feeling really sad about missing him (normally I only miss him once he's gone) so I'm blaming pregnancy hormones!

LittleMissFantabulous Wed 06-Mar-13 10:42:25

I quite like Nanny Plum but the wise Old Elf can do one!

GaryBuseysTeeth Wed 06-Mar-13 14:27:32

She's so rude to everyone.
Although I blame the King & Queen, she's obviously stressed as they make her do all the cooking/cleaning too. They should either hire more staff or get off their arses & stop reading newspapers.

I don't like how wise Old Elf is anti-magic until it suits him.

<too much tv makes Gary crazy>

Just seen on fb that nickelbabe will be closing nickelbooks later this year as they're not making enough. sad

mopsytop Wed 06-Mar-13 14:29:19

what are you talking about? I'm completely lost...

LittleMissFantabulous Wed 06-Mar-13 15:43:53

Nanny Plum is a character in Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom. Voiced by the same person as Miss Rabbit in Peppa Pig.

I read about Nickel Books earliersad

Figgygal Wed 06-Mar-13 18:54:14

We've also been getting into Ben and holly in fig towers it's in desperation when there's no peppa.

I'm answer to some other discussions DS has 11 teeth after the last few weeks, he has a stinking cough like me and even coughed so much earlier he threw up sad he's never been pukey do it's horrible to see. He is a rampager too though he likes books hed much rather dance to his bongos and throw balls.

I an officially at risk of redundancy from today will be pooled with rest of team and know by 5th April whether losing job or not.......gonna be a long month blush

OiMissus Wed 06-Mar-13 20:25:37

Sorry to hear that Figgy. Not good.

QueenofClean Wed 06-Mar-13 21:13:16

Sorry to hear that Figgy.

Sky has 6 top front teeth & 2 bottom teeth

We have Disney junior on here so we don't have Ben & Holly or Peppa. We have Mickey Mouse, Jungle Junction, The Hive, Winnie the Pooh etc which I can take in small doses.

Missing my DH sad

Aethelfleda Wed 06-Mar-13 21:20:01

Oh no figgy, fingers crossed.

We have net curtains up <strokes inner housewife> and a few less boxes. I planted three new roses in the front border while shamelessly ignoring the weeds and other care the border really needs they were on offer in Aldi and I fancied a bit of a starting toe in the water with the garden.

DS has six teeth, four up top and two on bottom. We've had MONTHS of drool with no sign of more. Whoever first linked to the Funky Giraffe bibs on here, you have my undying gratitude cos they are fab and save us several t shirt changes a day!

Xiaoxiong Wed 06-Mar-13 21:35:39

Oh figgy I hope it works out the way you want it to - I bet the uncertainty compounds what would be a stressful time anyway. (((hugs))) for you tonight and beyond. I wish I could see your DS dancing to his bongos, sounds hilarious!!

Queen when is your DH back?

aethel yay roses! always nice to put new growing things in the ground.

Gary didn't see about nickelbooks - she seemed to really know what she was doing, it's a salutary lesson for prospective children's bookstore owners sad

Well, you're just at the end of the bare-root planting time for roses aethel, so nicely done! I dream of a rose garden, I shall have one eventually
Is it Friday your plumber friend is round btw?

V crap news figgy, are they doing a desk top selection, or what? Absolutely everything crossed for you. And such sad news about nickelbabe and her shop sad; hope they'll be able to survive financially?

DS was stuck today, MMR and a couple of other things, am happy! Work was ridiculous today, trying to go through work and all the systems with my new person and kept on having to rush off to attend to other bits/people/crises. Though I at least got my confirmation of a small pay increase to cover the fact that I am doing 2.5 people's jobs hmm. Will pay for the new (ha! third hand ten years old off DP's parents) car and the ceiling fun from earlier in the year.

Am going to collapse now after 11 hours at work and another two in travelling; meant to be packing but will let DP rub my calves in front of Big Bang....

CheungFun Wed 06-Mar-13 21:45:59

Evening everyone!

I must have a rant first, had a seriously wierd incident today at work and the more I think about it the more angry I feel! A boy well 22 year old man technically on my team offered to get food/drink from the shop, so I asked him if he could get me some sandwiches. When he got back from the shop, he gave me the sandwiches and I was just getting the change from my purse when he put the plastic carrier bag over my head! I work in an office not the army fgs! Anyway, I said "what are you doing?!" and took it off and instead of apologising he said he'd put an elastic band around it.

Anyway, as he didn't bother to apologise, I emailed my manager and asked her to have a word with him, which she did as I got an email apology. A face to face apology would have been better, but an email apology is better than nothing. Now I'm back home and sat down, I'm just thinking what the hell was that all about?! angry what a weirdo!

Thank you all for get well wishes for DS, his eye are still a bit gunky, but the dr was quite keen for me to carry on cleaning them with cooled boiled water and see if it does the trick, rather than give him antibiotics.

DS sprouted another tooth yesterday, so he now has 13 and I can see 3 more are in the gums, but not yet cut through.

Sorry to hear you've got to go through the redundancy pool process Figgy, hopefully as you had a payrise on your return to work, you got a good appraisal too and that will add points to your case? I had to go through that process a few years ago and the atmosphere in the office took a nose dive, it was horrible.

I'm trying to remember who else I was gong to name check, but my goldfish memory is causing me problems!

Glad you're settling in Aethal and well done to Mr Xiao, aren't some people just yobs? angry

Anyway, off to bed soon, hopefully tomorrow will be nice and normal :-)

Figgygal Wed 06-Mar-13 22:32:09

Thanks all!! There are 4 of us in the pool have no problem with fact its happening but they want to reduce approx. 1 fte but as we all part time on either 3 or 4 days i don't see how they can achieve that reduction of course we are an HR team so picking holes in the approach and prob being overly analytical.

Cheung that guy is proper weird!!!!

mopsytop Thu 07-Mar-13 08:23:36

That was me aethel I think. At any rate, those bibs are a godsend. She gets through so many a day I sometimes run out before I get them into the laundry and I have about twenty of them! They're so fan the way they let no dribble through even when they're totally soaked.

Cheung, that's just weird. Maybe he's just a bit socially awkward and thought it was a joke? Well.... very very socially awkward...

I feel really sick and have been sick twice already this morning. No idea why. Headachy too. Stress maybe. Viva next week and massively nervous and scaredsad

SevenReasonsToSmile Thu 07-Mar-13 10:03:09

Not pregnant mopsy? What's happening next week?

figgy sorry to hear about the prospect of redundancy, such a long agonising wait too.

cheung what a weirdo!

The carpenter has turned up today, we now have a door, though there's still exposed brickwork and a big gap in the floor around it where they knocked the wall down that needs sorting. Then it's pretty much just skirting boards and putting a hole through for the extractor, though they're refusing to do that until the units are in first even though we know exactly where it's going hmm.

mopsytop Thu 07-Mar-13 10:22:18

no defs not pregnant! bug I guess. viva next week seven when I have to defend my PhD thesis. Bricking it!

OiMissus Thu 07-Mar-13 20:09:08

Cheung - I really don't know what to make of the lad putting a bag over your head. It's beyond weird. How is he otherwise?
Does he have issues? It seems an incredibly violent thing to do.
I can't imagine anyone ever joking about it. Weird.
Has he done anything like it before to anyone else?
Odd. And a bit worrying.

GaryBuseysTeeth Thu 07-Mar-13 21:03:04

Fingers crossed for you Figgy.

Hurrah for MMR & a small pay rise Northen.

Cheung, how was weirdoman today? I get doing that & the elastic band comment to one of your mates for a joke, but wtf was he thinking!?
Really odd that he just did it out of the blue.

mopsy, hope the stress lifts soon.

Nothing much to report here, DS finally cut two of the problem teeth but there's another on the way, which would bring him up to 11 one louder
I did manage to hurt DH's feelings by saying I didn't want a Mothers Day card (don't see the point until DS is old enough to care), I feel like I should back down & say 'get the card then' but it really wouldn't mean anything to me! Arrgh.

Anyone upto anything nice for Mothers Day?

OiMissus Fri 08-Mar-13 15:41:24

Put petrol in my diesel car. Been driving diesels all my driving life. My cousin immediately insinuated that must be pg! I hope that that becomes my excuse for being so dizzy!
I drove, broke down, got towed. Now being drained. Gp's had to pick up BOi from the cm. not fair! I'm missing my afternoon!

mopsytop Fri 08-Mar-13 17:26:41

oops Oi! am dreading doing that some day as we have diesel too...

Aethelfleda Fri 08-Mar-13 18:19:06

We switched to a diesel engine last year, and am SO paranoid we might put the wrong fuel in! So many sympathies oi.

good news here today: my friendly plumber has pronounced the boiler officially safe and servicable (phew) and he also said that while we probbly need to gut and replace both showers, the damage seems to besple overflow leaks rather than mains seepage. Phew. It will be more than we'd like to fix, but there's less urgency now. Will see if the pot can stretch to doing both, and if not we shall have one lovely shower and mothball the other for a while <rummages through screwfix catalogue>

OiMissus Fri 08-Mar-13 18:36:36

I lost 3hrs if BOi time, and £70 of fuel, but on the upside, it's a company car, and I think the company will pay for my idiocy.
The car is running fine now. Phew!
And I'm home with the BOi. And we've just had a big slice of wedding cake. (The first thing ive eaten today- I had cake, he stole the icing). Maybe not the best thing to be feeding him at this time but I was starving and it is Friday! shock)

Quick dive in from up North!
Just seen the bloody weather and am horrified; I got my pots out last weekend and they're going to freeze! And am dreading the drive back...

I'm with my boy and my Mum for Mother's Day; I'm going to cook my Mum a nice meal, and us three and DP will have a nice lunch. By the looks of it all, we're going to spend the rest of the day hiding from the cold hmm

DS been at other grandparents' since Thursday night, and so whilst it's been lovely having a break I can't wait to see him.

Have a lovely day tomorrow folks smile

Xiaoxiong Sat 09-Mar-13 14:56:54

Total frustration here.

DS will NOT EAT whenever I make something for him. Anything out of a packet (even if it's grown-up food like rice) he eats no problem. Ditto toast, yoghurt, fruit. But when I make him something myself for lunch or dinner he will. not. eat. He won't even try one mouthful - just turns his head away and bats the food to the floor.

This has been an issue for nearly 2 months now.

I am trying so hard to stand my ground, not offer him toast or anything else so he doesn't fill up and learns he needs to eat what he's given. But is he too young to understand this yet??

We have been sat here for 48 minutes trying to get him to eat some shredded chicken and potato (which of course he loves when it is Ella's Kitchen branded) and I am on the brink of tears. We have had 2 10 min breaks where I gave him some ibuprofen in case it was teeth. Have tried distraction with other objects, with CBeebies, given water, let him hold the spoon, let him stick his hands in the food, let him feed himself from his tray. I took him out of his highchair and he is now clutching my thigh sobbing bitterly (and still refusing to eat).

Needless to say the nanny can get him to eat anything, even the same thing that was rejected repeatedly when I try to feed him.

Feel like the worst mother in the world sad

LittleMissFantabulous Sat 09-Mar-13 17:30:33

It doesn't help to say it, but it is a phase. It will get better but there's no definite timescale to itsad

raaboonah Sat 09-Mar-13 19:07:05

xiao total sympathies food a massively emptive issue for me with my boys and its really tough when they don't eat. I'd generally keep offering the homemade stuff. I find it helps to eat the same as them. Like lmf says it will pass and DS1 used to eat all sorts for nursery but not me. Look at overall consumption over a week and reconcile that it doesn't matter who he eats it with but that he is eating a variety. One day he'll just scoff it no probs!

LittleMissFantabulous Sat 09-Mar-13 19:37:00

Octoboy goes through massive refusal weeks. I can usually get him to eat satsuma but there are times when nothing but a milk feed will do. Hate those days >_<

raaboonah Sat 09-Mar-13 19:44:22

Oh and you are not the worst mother in the world. Try to ride it out and perhaps write down what he does eat over a week. It will get better. All advice is to just keep offering. I remember crying while trying to feed DS1 at about the same age and I wasn't totally hardcore but I did keep offering him what I wanted hom to eat. He will try pretty much anything at 3 and a half so I guess that is a success.

Faffin Sat 09-Mar-13 19:53:08

Xiao it's fine to offer no alternatives. It's what I've had to do with DS and his eating his improved quite a bit now. As raa said, look at what he has over the week, he's bound to be getting enough. I try to offer things each day that are a mix of items he will eat, and those he probably won't. The other thing that's easier said than done is for you not to show your frustration, he will pick up on it. I used to get very anxious but now act like I couldn't give a shit if he doesn't eat it. I now just eat my own food and then just take his away with no fuss if he hasn't eaten it. He's still pretty fussy, but loads better than he was, and he at least tries things now rather than chucking them immediately on the floor even if he doesn't then eat that much on occasion.

Xiaoxiong Sat 09-Mar-13 20:25:45

Thanks for the encouragement and sympathy. You're all absolutely right that over the week it balances out. He's also got significant chub reserves so he's not going to starve! I really need to not show my frustration as well, I'm very bad at blowing up with annoyance when he whips his head away for the 50th time or knocks the bowl away or screams in my face.

I think after some reflection that the issue is really more about the fact that the nanny can get him to eat anything on her 3 days and he won't eat anything on my days. So maybe he wants her here instead of me sad I know this is all in my head but is it?? so I need to deal with it. She's wonderful, I'm so happy he loves her, and I don't in any way feel threatened or really think he prefers her over me. But it does feel like I'm unable to nourish him as well as she can and though I'm still breastfeeding him it's just not enough these days is it.

OiMissus Sat 09-Mar-13 20:27:43

Sympathies xiao. Good advice from raa and lmf. You are not a bad mother!
Ali won't be fed anymore. If I try to feed him, he'll swipe at it to throw it to the floor and will cry. But if I leave it for him with cutlery he'll get busy and eat it all. - maybe just leave him with it and show no interest...?
I've heard of tactics to put a little bit of all sorts on his plate and leave them to it. At first they may just pick up the bits you wouldn't choose, but after a while, they will start to take the other stuff too. Good luck. ((Hugs))

OiMissus Sat 09-Mar-13 20:35:11

And faff too. smile
BOi is going through a phase of being anti-DH.
And when we pick him up from the gps, he runs back to grandma crying. He prefers the GPS to us.
He never cries at the GP's. And he only cries at the cm's when I drop him off - never during the day.
He cries a lot for us. Changing nappies, wanting to do something...
What does it all mean?
Nothing. He's just learning how to communicate. He's learning boundaries. It's a phase...
It makes us feel like crap.
This too shall pass!

Aethelfleda Sat 09-Mar-13 23:23:58

((((hug)))) xiao. dD1 did this to me at about 15 months.
Try the "just been phoned" technique. Get DS ready for lunch as usial, strap him in chair, put finger food (not a bowl as too easy to fling) on his tray, then make your phone ring (set an alarm timer on it), say "hello?" hold it to your ear and then turn your back and WALK AWAY a little pretending to have a conversation, say uh, huh and really? A few times. Give it about a minute then say "ok, bye" and go back to DS, say "how are you doing?" and then praise him big time if ANY food has been eaten.
I found that a minute of ignoring usually lead to more food being eaten than twenty minutes of full on attention, and then the phase passed. See if it helps?

QueenofClean Sun 10-Mar-13 07:37:06

Happy Mothers Day everyone

Faffin Sun 10-Mar-13 07:52:00

Happy mother's day thanks

Xiaoxiong Sun 10-Mar-13 09:27:26

Happy mothers' day all!

thanks so much for talking me off the ledge yesterday thanks loads of great strategies for DH to try with DS today!

OiMissus Sun 10-Mar-13 10:18:55

Happy Mother's Day!
I woke up in BOi's cot this morning. I was determined that he would not spend the night in our bed. So at midnight, when he started screaming and would not be calmed, pointing towards our room, I got in his bed. He continued to scream and would jut be calmed for what seemed like hours. Eventually I just ignored him and pretended to be asleep, and eventually he joined me.
But now I have had a long bath, and my muscles are beginning to relax back into place, so I'll be ok.
Anyway, I have a big pile of Mother's Day ironing to get on with, so I'd better crack on.
Prague tomorrow - or rather Pilsen. We're starting Tuesday's meeting with a tour of the Pilsen brewery tomorrow. smile Praha!

GaryBuseysTeeth Sun 10-Mar-13 11:45:18

Xiao, sorry DS isn't feeding with you atm.
We don't use a chair (my hands are too bloated with pg to unclip the clips!), so I sit him on the floor & let him get on with it, unless we're eating together.
What does he do if you sit down and eat a plate of your home cooked food infront of him?
Good luck for feeding today!

Happy Birthday to your gorgeous DD LMF! Her birthday cake sounds delish.

Good news on the shower/boiler front Aethel!

OiMissus Sun 10-Mar-13 12:32:03

By the way, I've just bought Ali a metal cutlery set. If you haven't yet, maybe new tools will take his mind off the food? Now it's fun to stab food and the eating bit is just what has to happen so that more food can be stabbed. smile

Aethelfleda Sun 10-Mar-13 17:49:14

<staggers through carrying large pile of unpacked boxes>

It's been a productive weekend even if I suspect that all the convenience food we've been tending to has scuppered my diet plans for the month.
Really starting to feel like ours now I have unpacked the stereo smile

<brews vat of coffee for all in need>

Figgygal Sun 10-Mar-13 20:17:02

Hello lAdies from a cold Scotland it's currently snowing again hmm

I left DS with my parents yesterday morning until 4pm today so i coulf go see girls aloud in glasgow they were fab!!! she said he was an angel he hardly says a word or throw a strop so of course he has cried like a child possessed all evening since I've been back throwing himself around like he's been shot its been ridiculous.

mopsytop Tue 12-Mar-13 10:56:40

hi everyone, hope you're all well wrapped up wherever you are. Tis frrrreeeezzzing ugh! More bloody snow. Remember last year and the lovely warm sunny weather we had in March?

Minimopsy is continuing her waking multiple times/crying during the night. Still teething. It's been going on for months! When will she sleep through again? I feel sorry for her 'cos she's clearly in discomfort when she wakes and her cot is usually soaked with dribble - I have to put a towel down in the middle of the night nearly always - but it's soooo hard to get out of my nice warm bed in the middle of the night. Grrrr.

Viva Friday and I am getting increasingly nervous and basically just feeling sick with nerves all the time sad sad just want it to be over and to have done OK. Will be gutted if I get loads of corrections and have to turn around and do a load more work but I'm not v good at defending my work sometimes, I get intimidated sad sad

Anyhow hope you're all doing OK and the various babas are sleeping, eating well and being little angels wink To be fair, Minimopsy is being great company during the day and great fun and really affectionate and cute. It is just at night that it's hard!

Aethelfleda Tue 12-Mar-13 13:14:49

Good luck mopsy, you'll be fine. (((((hug)))) Vivas are the pita but just think positive and you'll get through it and then the relief will be huge.

We have very variable nights this end: a few sleepthroughs, but mostly there is wailing throughout the nights: I think if's teething even though we are stubbornly stopped at 6 teeth. It's so hard ti know as the move has made big changes all around. More Caffeine!!

<sneaks around trying to do some tidying before DS wakes up as he's just dropped off>

CheungFun Tue 12-Mar-13 13:41:54

Hi everyone,

I'm glad I'm not the only one who is fed up of this cold weather...where is spring?

DH has given DS and I the worst cold in the whole entire world I'm not a hypochondriac so I've taken today off work. I don't think they would appreciate me coughing and spluttering all over them. I'm hoping a quiet day at home with lots of hot drinks and paracetamol will do the trick.

Mopsy hope all goes well on Friday - good luck! Sympathy on the teething...teething is just rubbish! DS now has 14 teeth and two more should be cutting through very soon, I can see the teeth waiting to emerge!

Figgy and * Oi* glad it's not just me! I get grumpy DS, whilst he smiles and laughs for everyone else sad

Xiao could you put a selection of food out for him and then ignore him and do the washing up or something? He knows how to eat and he won't starve himself, I think the best thing to do is relax and remind yourself it's a phase. Now, if I can apply that advise to myself when DS is refusing to get in the buggy instead of muttering and getting seriously annoyed then all will be well grin

I must admit, being a mum has made me realise I don't have half as much patience as I thought I had...or perhaps it's the relentlessness and not having a break that does it?! The good outweighs the bad overall, but it is hard!

SevenReasonsToSmile Tue 12-Mar-13 15:13:39

mopsy good luck for Friday, I'm sure all will be fine though with all of that hard work you put in. Hope minimopsy's sleeping improves soon, we still rarely sleep past 5.30 here.

cheung hope you're feeling better soon.

I had my 28 week scan today and GTT. All generally well, she's measuring a bit on the small side, though DS and DD were both little ones so not a huge surprise really. I've been given a 30% chance of pre-term labour given that I've already had two, though tbh I would have expected the odds to be higher, I'm certainly not expecting to go full-term. The other thing is that she's gone from head down a fortnight ago to transverse. Given my pre-term fast labours should I be concerned yet and trying to get her to turn or not worry? Both the DCs were head down by now.

The kitchen has arrived today in a million boxes. DH is back at work Friday and wanted to get as much built as possible, only he can't get in there as the electrician is here. What bothers me is that he knew it was coming today but hasn't been here since last Monday, all the other building work is now finished.

LittleMissFantabulous Tue 12-Mar-13 20:36:30

Subsequent babies tend to move about for much longer, so I'd not be too concerned at this point about a baby that's not pointing downsmile

We are fecking freezing here; just about made it back in the blizzards last night, then braved them on foot to get to work. And I'm so pissed off, as I'd got all of my pots out last weekend, so now lots of them will be buggered by the snow- if we'd been here I could've put them away again, but obviously didn't think we'd be risking bloody snow this time of year.

By the way Xiao, I once read that babies/toddlers who act up for parents and no one else are doing it because they know that as the love from their parents is unconditional, they're the one person that they can test boundaries with safely. I like the idea personally smile and DS eats various things at nursery that get hurled at me here....

mopsy, I know the viva must be all consuming at the moment, but you will do fine- you know that work better than anyone, and you will be able to go through it, no problem. Will your DH take minimopsy the night before so you can get a full night's kip?

Must've been lovely to see her again seven, can't believe she'll be here in a couple of months or so. How's the house stuff going btw?

Get well soon cheung, everything crossed that we'll all suffer less over the summer (please those with 2+ kids tell me this is the case!)

One good thing here is that DP is on board for moving house. We'll be moving town to be closer to my work, which means more travelling for him, but we'll both be doing them same amount (approx 45/50 mins each way) rather than him doing 30 mins and me doing 1.5 hrs e/w. Plus the plan is we get a slightly bigger house, with a garden, and the town we'd be moving to is far nicer than where we are now!

SevenReasonsToSmile Tue 12-Mar-13 22:07:11

northern glad to hear DP is on board, are you hoping to move soon or is this just generally speaking? DH is planning on staying up to build kitchen units then he can start attaching them tomorrow. Kitchen will be ages as yet, we haven't even ordered worktops or tiles until we get the final bill from builders, but he wants to get the units in before he goes back to work. I'm basing the length of my pregnancy on 36 weeks, currently 28+4 so just over 7 to go smile

LittleMissFantabulous Wed 13-Mar-13 07:20:28

Anyone ever Eurocamped? Pondering it for '14 as I think Octoboy'll be old enough to enjoy it thengrin

CheungFun Wed 13-Mar-13 09:11:14

Morning everyone,

I'm feeling a tiny bit less bunged up, but still feeling yucky! DS and DH both sound pretty awful too! Hopefully one more day off should do the trick?! I've bought up half of Boots in desperation!

Seven I hope you get the kitchen done soon before LO decides to make an appearance! Amazing how quickly your pregnancy is going!

Northern that sounds good that DP is on board. How you're managing such a long commute I don't know! I take just under an hour door to door, but that includes waiting for the bus, dropping DS off at nursery, and walking to work. Hurry up Saturday and my first driving lesson!

Speaking of homes, we are planning to decorate our hallway in April, it won't be much fun as there are 6 doors to sand and paint, but DH is optimistic it won't take long!

Once the hallway is done, we are going to start work on the kitchen. We can't afford new units, but we are planning to paint the woodwork and ceiling, strip the wallpaper and paint the walls with special kitchen paint, replace the manly tiles and put in a new sink. We are hoping to get in a handy man to do the tiles and sink as we have zero experience and don't want to mess it up! Any tips on choosing someone for the job?

GaryBuseysTeeth Wed 13-Mar-13 09:21:19

LMF, I take it you've had a bit of Nick Jr on too!
I've not been, but we're looking into it for next year. <cough> Dec2011 roadtrip <cough>

brew for MrSeven, our kitchen took a week to put together, but we had problems with the not very level floor.
Scary to think how far along you are Seven!

Northen, sounds like a great plan.
We've got decent schools here, but the area is rubbish so we can't decide what to do (nothing atm, thanks to negative equity!).

mopsy, good luck for your Viva, hope mini Mopsy sleeps soon.

DS has a molar now, but missing the teeth between his front four and the molar....I thought teeth came through in a nice, OCD friendly, orderly fashion!

Xiao, how's the feeding going?

Cheung, hope you're both better soon, glad you're improving.
Raterpeople or mybuilder for tradesman, used them both & happy with the quality of men on tap.
We've done our hallway every year for the last 4, it's not massive but we can't seem to find decent non-yellowing white gloss....or maybe I'm just really picky.

PIL are taking my baby <cries> over Easter so we can repaint our room, possibly recarpet kids room & hallway, but we've got so much crap we might need to buy (dishwasher, new washing machine, sofas) that we can't decide what order to get things. Washing Machine is clunking, but not dead yet.

<waves> at everyone else.

OiMissus Wed 13-Mar-13 09:43:43

Grrr snow feckity feck still in Prague, missed next flight... Feckity feck... Bet there are no seats on the next Manc flight... Never get home.... Fecking stupid snow pants rubbish. Grr!

Aethelfleda Wed 13-Mar-13 11:30:22

<sends soothing coffee over the ether to oi>

OiMissus Wed 13-Mar-13 12:52:09

Got rebooked onto a flight at 4pm. Phew. Now relaxing with a Chardonnay, and a "wok with chicken" has been ordered.
Bloody Praha!

OiMissus Wed 13-Mar-13 16:03:50

And this flight has been delayed until 6.
And the man at the desk greeted me with "You look tired." Yeah, that made me feel better. Grrrr!
Sorry for the me me me-ness of my posts. Hope all are well, and the LOs are well, and no houses are falling down, and all house moves and sale plannings are going well, and I also hope that I win the lottery tonight so I can stop beggaring about in airports!

BJR Wed 13-Mar-13 19:24:02

So after 14 months of cuddling him to sleep DS has finally figured out falling asleep in his cot by himself grin It's lovely but I feel weirdly redundant.

just had a lovely week away in Cornwall. Back to real world now though.

Hope all are well (or at least getting slightly less snotty! )

OiMissus Wed 13-Mar-13 19:45:09

Hurrah BJR! There is hope, then?!
But not for me. After two delayed flights, my train has now broken down. Unbelievable!

Figgygal Wed 13-Mar-13 19:56:05

Just dropping in as it's dh bday today and he's being annoyingly miserable and I'm still full of cold (probably shouldn't have trailed round Glasgow until 3am drinking shots after seeing girls aloud on Saturday revisiting my younger days). Wanted to share this as I'm still amazed by it......

Over the weekend I was sat on sofa, DS next to me with a little book and my mum was there too DS suddenly said ......as clear as a bell........dinosaur shockshockdh doesn't believe me and if my mum hadn't heard it too I wouldn't believe it either especially since he's just jibbered since but he so did!!!!!!!!

Figgygal Wed 13-Mar-13 19:57:01

oi cross post but I feel for you!!

Hope u get home soon

SilverSnake Wed 13-Mar-13 19:58:18

Its not a good travel day for you Oi sad

Dd went to hospital and had her MMR and she was fine.

Ds was late to school as it took thw whole morning and when he went thru the door all this friends came running and it was so nice to see he has loads of friends and has setteled in well.

We are going camping in New Forest and day trip to peppa pig world and Legoland. Im so excicted but a bit shocked at the price of legoland.

Oi- are you home and cracking open the vodka yet?!

We're looking at August onwards seven, as that's when work re-locates. I'll make sure I've still got/want a job with them, and then take the plunge. As I say, barring the horror that is selling and buying houses <nods to aethel> it's a step up as the town we'd be going to is much nicer.
Then we can crack on with making more babies grin!

Cheung, check out your local authority's website (if you're in a two-tier area, try both the District and County) and see if they run any 'Fair Trader' schemes or similar. Ours does, and registers people on the grounds that they're decent, etc. We choose from there if we can't do word of mouth...which if you can do is always best!

Yay for your boys figgy and BJR, that's great! Sorry your DH is being such a grump though figgy...

Despite a late one at work, still got piles of washing to do, and a minor argument with DP to sort, 'scuse me...

QueenofClean Wed 13-Mar-13 20:53:57

Oi, I hope you've got home in one piece and gave a Martini in hand!

DD2 had her hospital appt with the Paeds Consultant about her food allergies. Got some really good info and know what to watch out for and too keep an eye on.

6 days left of 2ww and it's driving me crazy already!

OiMissus Wed 13-Mar-13 21:03:13

Wow figgy! That's great! Three syllables - he's not messing about, is he?! Well done figgyboy!
I reckon we'll all start reporting our own dinosaur moments in the next month.
Glad hope has had her jabs new-name-silver! And that you have good advice for Skye.
Oh yes, I'm home. Arrived at 8:30pm and DH had dinner ready and a glass of wine poured. grin

QueenofClean Wed 13-Mar-13 21:15:41

Good man Mr Oi! grin

Figgy you have a very clever Figgyboy.

Glad you made it back Oi, what a ridiculous journey...and what a good DH, it's great when they do that for you after a total transport fail <bitter experience>

SilverSnake Wed 13-Mar-13 22:20:17

Clever figgyboy grin

Queeny did Sky have a skin prick test?

Hope had a really big reaction to the test and food and I have been so stressed with the appointment today and so relived its over and she is fine with it. I think I have given myself a headache with worry so much for the antiworry tablets

Oi enjoy the wine wine

SilverSnake Wed 13-Mar-13 22:23:26

I nc for the fake thread and I kind of like it so its staying for a bit hehehe or hiss hiss hiss wink

LittleMissFantabulous Wed 13-Mar-13 22:24:26

I'm confused... Did I miss a namechange when I was AWOL last thread? >_<

Today I am tired, I am desperate for sleep. Would anybody care to tell Octoboy that letting me sleep would make the entire house a happier place? Please?

SilverSnake Wed 13-Mar-13 22:30:03

I too need sleep.

The MMR jab is done not Hope having an allergy to egg! Im glad I didnt get chickens now sad

Im so not AnAirOfHope

QueenofClean Thu 14-Mar-13 06:35:03

SS, no Sky wasn't given a test as he thinks what we are doing with the dairy & soya free is the right way to go. Need to try her on egg tho. Wrt wheat need to keep her on it for now but need to watch her growth and will get tests via dietician.

Hope you all had a good night sleep.

Aethelfleda Thu 14-Mar-13 09:20:06

Morning! <passes LMF the sleepy stick to tap Octoboy with tonight>

we had a skid-to-a-halt school run today for the first time in ages, both DDs dawdling and whinging put me ten minutes out of whack (which proves how exact the normal timings are). I bet Mama Walton never had to put up with this crap!

<passes around the thread coffee mugs and a box of raisin whirl danishes>

Aethelfleda Thu 14-Mar-13 09:21:42

Ooh and Yay for good MMR experience, SS, and like the namechange, it sssssssuits you smile

oi hope the Boi-cuddles were good now you're back (finally!)

Xiaoxiong Thu 14-Mar-13 09:49:46

Oi welcome home!

SS so pleased the MMR was uneventful. I live v close to Legoland (apparently the food is terrible) and yes it is exorbitant.

Thanks for all the encouragement and advice re feeding everyone (I must have sounded very pitiful for you all to have been so head-strokingly kind grin) I still haven't managed to successfully feed him anything but yoghurt, toast and blueberries so far but DH and the nanny can get him to eat a lot more. Fri/Sat are the days where it's just him and me though and that's when it gets to crunch time...so I'll keep you posted!!

Only three syllable recognisable "words" we've had so far are potato (puh-ta-ta) and blueberry (boo-yuh-ya) - very impressed by dinosaur!!

LMF I must admit that over the past 15 months or so with Octoboy's lack of sleep I am constantly amazed that you are still standing. I realize how much we've lucked out with a good sleeper and do feel for you with the sleep misery sad No advice at all as it seems to be so much down to luck of the draw!!

So glad the snotty ones among us are improving (looks pointedly at cheung and bjr), DP's are coming round to realise we're always right (*northern*) and 2ww coming to an end (*queen*)!

And biggest of all pompoms for mopsy to show off her amazing cleverness, intelligence and academic smarts grin

mopsytop Thu 14-Mar-13 11:28:39

Thanks xiao! On the train to cam reading over my notes and trying to be calm but am v v v nervous. This time tomo will be in the middle of it, hopefully sounding very convincing rather than floundering... minimopsy bawled crying when I left her at nursery and I prob e
won't see her until sat morning as she will be asleep tomo when I get back sad

hope you all got some sleep...

mopsytop Thu 14-Mar-13 11:29:24

PS thanks all for encouragement! it all helps...

OiMissus Thu 14-Mar-13 11:59:43

<<Dreaming about raisin whirl Danishes>> thanks Aethel.grin
Good luck Mopsy, you will shine tomorrow and they will need super strength sunglasses to deal with your academic/intelligent/super brilliance. You show 'em!
BOi welcomed me back by refusing to sleep when he woke at 10:30pm. I stayed and shushed until midnight, but he was wide awake and would not settle. DH then took over and made a bed on BOi's floor hmm so I could sleep. Not ideal.
And of course he bawled his eyes out when I dropped him at the cm this morning. hmm
Xiao - this is special treatment for mummy, just like your LO not eating, as you said, they play up for our reaction.
Not fair! Really really really not fair!

Figgygal Thu 14-Mar-13 12:22:28

Xiao oi is right about them playing up for us, i took ds to be weighed on Tuesday as was off work in the afternoon of course i had to change his nappy he rolled around screaming and trying to get away the hv couldnt believe the tantrum he threw as soon as i was finished he stood up, turned round and smiled at me then ran off out of the room and down the corridor of the clinic in just his bodysuit and his socks.....the HV's helpful advice was that he is doing it to get my attention and to hope he is ready for potty training earlier rather than later!!

He was 28lbs on Tuesday so between 91st and 98th centile (slightly down from 98th-99th where he has been since around 5 months) and is 91st for height so while he is a chunky chunky lad still he is inproportion!!

Good Luck Mopsy am sure you will smash it!!

I find out about my job next Friday and whether i am staying or the one to go, was told i had a payrise as part of the annual review process yesterday so that has to be a good sign? That is 3 in 12 months wooooo

Cant decide what i want to eat for lunch am still full of cold and have lost appetite for anything other than junk looking forward to DH's spag bol tonight.

Definitely a good sign figgy, can't imagine anyone else has had that many! So it's best wishes to mopsy for this Friday and you for next...do you ever all think we could do with an uneventful period in our lives? No babies, house moves, job crises, DP arsery, serious illnesses, etc?

And you will do brilliantly mopsy, try to keep the attitude that it's all about explaining the fabulousness of your work to an interested audience! I'd always say don't be afraid to admit where you would have done things differently to improve it if you were doing it again, but I know you already know that wink And will you namechange to Dr Mopsy? smile

How did the sleep go LMF, did you persuade him? We're all impressed by the way you manage three, but to do it on so little sleep = sainthood.

I am officially knackered. Work 9-6.30 with a 50 minute commute either side, and a run out to the supermarket in my lunchbreak to get us enough shopping to tide us over. Minor crisis involving a Lord (as in the House of Lords) and a serious case during the day, then home, getting DS ready for bed and putting him down with story, making dinner, making sandwiches, doing a clothes wash, unpacking suitcase...think that's it. And it's not like DP doesn't pull his weight, there's just so much to do.
Now a small G&T I lie it's whopping and MN....

How is the settling in going by the way aethel, does it feel like your own home yet?

QueenofClean Fri 15-Mar-13 06:55:01

Hmmm I posted yesterday not sure where it went!

Mopsy good luck for today. You'll be absolutely fine - your cleverness will shine grin

LMF hope you got some sleep. I was woken up last night at 3am and feel pants now adding to the cold

Aethel, hope your settling in now.

SS love new name glad Hope's MMR went okay.

Oi hope your enjoying cuddles with BOi.

Northern my you sounded rushed off your feet yesterday - well deserved g&t by sounds of it.

We need to watch DD2 growth as she's only put on 1lb in 3months.

DD1 is still being good so happy mummy.

I am coming to end of my 2ww and went to loo at 3:30am so not sure if I can still poas this morning?!

OiMissus Fri 15-Mar-13 09:08:59

QoC - I too thought about poas this morning, but am going to try and hold off so as not to waste stix. I don't feel particularly pg though. Well, it's either pre-AF grouchiness etc, or some hormonal imbalance due to being pg...
I slept on BOi's floor last night, to try and stem the screaming.
He will sleep calmly in his own room. we will get there.
I'm pissed off with DH though. (AF grouchiness or..?) but he just seems to be so negative about everything. No matter what I say, he'll diss it. it's small things, like I mentioned that the radiator can be noisy in BOi's room sometimes, we should bleed it as it can't help. Straightaway he bites with "It's not that that's waking him!" - I am aware of that, but we should do it anyway as it can't help. But it's to everything I say. And he's just negative. He's really pissed off that BOi isn't sleeping. Why? What's the point? being grouchy about it won't change it. better to be calm and loving and think - this will pass - and it will. He growled the other night something about having another baby when this one won't sleep. I wanted to tell him to leave. The more he is negative, the more I think I don't want this in my life. I want to be around positive happy people. I don't want people dragging me down. Like you Northern, I work full time, long hours, and by the time you've had an hour with the LO and then got him settled in bed, cooked, put a wash on, filled the dishwasher, had a quick tidy around, etc etc - there's nothing left of the day. So I can well do without someone being miserable around me in the hour or so before bed!
I'm going to try to get past this hormonal weekend without blowing up at him. But we may well have words. Buck up or ship out!
Must be due the AF, eh?!

SevenReasonsToSmile Fri 15-Mar-13 09:51:00

mopsy good luck for today!

figgy definitely a good sign about the pay rises.

queen did you POAS? I can't believe its that time again, is your cycle very short or is time just flying?!

oi that's exactly how DH is sometimes. He's a huge worrier and let's everything stress him out, it drives me mad! I'm the opposite, I accept what I can't change and don't worry about it to the extent that we argue because he thinks I don't care, I just don't see what stressing and worrying achieves though. DD is a terrible sleeper, but tbh I wanted them close together thinking I'd rather get all the sleepless nights over with while I'm still used to not sleeping much!

northern the extra member of staff hasn't improved your workload much then? Hope you enjoyed the G&T smile

DH has gone back to work today. He got all of the units built but still has 7 to attach which will have to wait until his days off next week now. He's got doors he can put on and drawers to build in the evening until then though.such a nuisance though that if builders had finished and kitchen arrived at the start of his holiday like they were meant to we'd probably only have the tiling and painting left to do.

QueenofClean Fri 15-Mar-13 13:22:11

Oi hope things with DH get better.

Seven my cycles are 28 days but I was 5 days late last month so effectively am not due on for 5 days yet. Poas this morning anyway and bfn.

OiMissus Fri 15-Mar-13 14:43:07

Aw. The body of a newborn baby has been found in a bag in shrubbery a couple of streets away. hmm There was a note with it asking for the baby to be given an Islamic burial. Poor baby. Can't imagine what the mother must be going through. Really sad. They don't know if the baby was stillborn yet. hmmhmmhmm

mopsytop Fri 15-Mar-13 15:06:20

That's awful Oi. We are so lucky to have wanted happy babies. The poor woman. Who knows what she's been going through.

On an unrelated but more positive note, I passed my viva with only 2 minor corrections and typos. SO relieved! Was in their for 2.5 hours and had to answer a lot of questions but at the end they were so complimentary and said my thesis was really excellent. WOOHOO! All my hard work has paid off!

mopsytop Fri 15-Mar-13 15:07:21

and I do actually know the difference between 'their' and 'there' <embarrassed face>

Figgygal Fri 15-Mar-13 15:11:36

oi that is horrible poor baby angry

oi I'm also with u on the maddening dh front whenever I've asked him to do anything today and I mean literally watch DS while I go to loo or tell me what he wants for dinners this week/check the shopping list he is moaning he's working yet every time I go past he's on the Internet or spent 20 minutes on the phone to his mum talking football. I asked him whether he wanted me to go shopping while ds asleep as nothing in for lunch but it had to be on knowledge if DS woke he'd have to look after him and stop working until I got back he went on a rant about fact he's working so I said fine I'll wait so of course he moaned he was hungry and on and on it went in circles until I just walked out. It's so petty He's also negative and worrying about things constantly I used to like it as we very different people and it meant he took care of most things but maybe ive grown up as now it drives me mad and just comes across as self indulgent wallowing. I expect this shall continue all day angry

Sorry qoc give it a few more days maybe you'll get your bfp

Figgygal Fri 15-Mar-13 15:45:42

Just noticed the cross post with mopsy.....well done you grin

QueenofClean Fri 15-Mar-13 17:51:30

Mopsy Well Done you grin

Oi I've seen that report on Sky news. So sad sad when are you thinking of poas?

Figgy hope things improve with your DH. Can you have a chat with him when Figgyboy is in bed? About everything that has bothered you today?!

I will poas day I'm due now.

Faffin Fri 15-Mar-13 20:19:17

Congratulations mopsy grin

Hurray Mopsy! You'd done all the hard work already anyway, and were being carried along by the good vibes of the Dec '11 crew- how could you fail grin?

Aethelfleda Fri 15-Mar-13 21:11:52

<HUUUGE pompoms> for YoucancallmeDrMopsy. well done !!!!

sad for abandoned babies and sad mummies.

Have a good weekend everybody.... dunno about gin tonight, I'm thinking a cheeky glass of vino

Oh, I completely get where you're coming from Oi. It was one of DP's inherited from his bloody awful family traits, just being snarky and negative, and it's taken me years to try and beat it out of him...
Sod the miserable attitude, can't bear that in people.

Haven't seen it yet re the baby, how terrible sad.

Just watching Big Bang and looking on Rightmove for possibilities...

Figgygal Sat 16-Mar-13 07:53:20

Zombie mode today DS didn't want his dinner last night do he was awake a lot over night as was hungry he's now rampaging in his monster inc pjs.

Dh is off birding until 2pm it is very wet outside so I think we will just stay in and catch up on last nights comic relief DS is off to PIL tonight as we are going out for dh birthday we will be picking him up tomorrow lunchtime hope he sleeps well.

QueenofClean Sat 16-Mar-13 08:05:52

I sympathise Northern. DH was like this before but since we've had a good chat he is a lot more helpful and is very positive about things and more forthcoming now.

Felt absolutely wiped yesterday an still not great today as Sky was up in the night. What happened to those couple of months where she slept thru?

Taking my energy sap and nausea to be a good thing but I know I'm nauseous because I'm tired but never mind positive thinking

SilverSnake Sat 16-Mar-13 14:38:35

Afternoon everyone grin

Congrats Mopsy grin

I have had a cough since xmas and im so feed up of it now. To help get rid of it dh took the kids to the party last night with help from MIL so I got two hours sleep on my on in a quait house. It was bloody fantastic I even stared out blush
Then this morning I have staied in bed till 2pm when dh has the kids downstair. The kids will go to sunday lunch with PIL tomoro so I can get more sleep and get rid of this cough.

Im so run down at the moment I just need to get better. Im still bf Hope every 30 mins or so and now cosleeping so she feeds at night. its draining.

OiMissus Sat 16-Mar-13 21:21:55

Well done dr mopsy! Congratulations!

OiMissus Sun 17-Mar-13 19:32:32

Did I kill the thread?!
I'm off to Americky tomorrow, back Friday. Not started packing yet... BOi is fighting sleep.
If I don't meet AF whilst out there, I'll POAS on Saturday, perhaps. Although I've no idea when I'm due. But I've been grouchy for days...

Xiaoxiong Sun 17-Mar-13 19:38:57

Congrats Dr Mopsy! That's amazing to get through with just two minor corrections and then to be congratulated - well done!!

Poor SS - are you taking a good multivitamin? I've definitely noticed I start feeling run down and the energy levels while breastfeeding can dip unless I'm taking one. I'm not sure what it is I'm low on but certainly I notice the difference if I stop taking it (maybe iron?)

Sorry to hear about the negative DH traits northern and figgy and oi. I would find that unbearable - I have very little patience for negativity and in fact sometimes DH tells me "I'm going to say something now and just want a little moan and a wallow in self-pity, I'll snap out of it in a minute." Otherwise I jump in and make helpful suggestions or give him a verbal kick up the bum.

DS still food refusing, except HIPP toddler meals. I even tried to make an exact replica of one and he wouldn't have it. He'll eat fruit, yoghurt, breadsticks and cheese so I figure he won't starve but god, it's hard to hide the frustration. I'm trying all the ideas you guys gave and will persevere.

DH and I have had a TERRIBLE parenting moment and between us managed to butcher DS's lovely blonde hair. It is so utterly bad we can't even really be upset about it and we're both at fault so we just have to laugh helplessly at each other about how shit we are at haircuts and never ever attempt to cut his hair again. Tomorrow I will find a hairdresser to rescue him from our terrible handiwork ASAP.

It has been in his eyes like a sheepdog for a while so this morning while I was in the shower DH went at it with the nail scissors. When I came down DH had kept cutting and cutting his fringe in an attempt to get it straight that he had a wonky mullet, so then I tried to get rid of that by chasing him to even up the back as he ran away screaming. Needless to say poor old DS now looks like a medieval monk that's been tonsured with a blunt hatchet. I sent a picture of him to my lovely MIL and she texted back "[DH's brother] is horrified and thinks his head will have to be shaved. But I think he's still the best looking boy in ten streets!" grin

CheungFun Sun 17-Mar-13 19:59:36

Well done Mopsy how nice when all the hard work has paid off smile

Haha Xiao we did exactly the same to DS's fringe before Christmas....opps! We took him to the hairdresser and she couldn't make it look right, but it looked a lot better! We are just debating whether to let his hair grow a bit or whether to get him another (professional) haircut in a few weeks!

I think we are all sloooowly getting over our colds, but omg I feel like it's taking such a long time!

We've had a lazy weekend, which we've definitely needed!

Hope you have a good time away Oi, you must be expert at packing a suitcase now grin

Oh that made me laugh Xiao! any chance of a pic on here? Sorry to hear about DS and the food still; we're going through a period of it here, toast, fruit and yoghurt, and pasta seem to be all that he'll eat here. He won't eat banana if you put cut up bits in front of him, but peel it and hold it like you're going to eat it yourself and he'll scoff the lot hmm

Good luck in America Oi, your company really don't like you to be in this country for more than a couple of weeks at a time, do they?

Hope you start to feel a bit better Silver, you do sound run down.

This weekend has just disappeared; out for lunch with friends yesterday, then off to Dad/family over in Herts. They had forgotten to tell me that my Dad was taking me out for dinner, so I arrived in scruffy jeans and cardie and a state of bemusement! But had a lovely time, and all came back here today to spend time with DS and DP...

QueenofClean Sun 17-Mar-13 20:12:07

sad hell of a weekend with Darcie. Will be glad to go to work tomorrow.

DH gets shouted at by me a lot lately and it's not even his fault. DD1 has just said she feels he's her step dad ( which technically he is) and it upset him as in our eyes he is her 'Daddy' as he has always been in her life and took on the responsibility of being her parent from day 1 and she's never know any difference. Don't know how to tackle that one and now he's got in a strop with me sad

Not sure when to poas as due on weds.

Xiaoxiong Sun 17-Mar-13 20:56:24

Ok Northern, your wish is my command. Note that you can only see the front (DH's handiwork). The back is, if I do say so myself, slightly worse blush But that was because when DH did the front he was sitting in his highchair and when I did the back he was running away from me around the dining room table shrieking...

Oh no Cheung say it ain't so, I've been absolutely counting on a hairdresser fixing it and making it look alright again!!! I suppose you're right and once we've hacked it all off there's not much they can do until it grows back... Oh well, never again! Only professionals will touch my PFB's hair!

Queen I'm sorry it's tough for you at the moment with DH and Darcie. I have no advice, just sympathy and a listening ear. I'd POAS every day between now and this time next week but I'm terrible at suspense blush

Xiaoxiong Sun 17-Mar-13 20:57:53

PS that weird thing in the foreground of the picture is a breadstick in his fist, ie. all he would eat for dinner until I nuked a Hipp toddler meal...

Oh Xiao, your kindness goes above and beyond...DP has just knelt by me and muttered 'oh my god, oh my god' sotto voce for a while...
To be fair his beautiful blue eyes totally distract from the avant garde wonkiness above tries to make things better And I love the lizard jumper, where's that from?
We have also been informed by DP's brother that we need to get rid of DS's 'mullet', but are resisting.

If it's any help at all Queenie, I've found with my own half siblings that around the age of your DD they start getting an idea of who's related to whom and how, and it's a lot to get their head round. She's probably 'known' about him being her step dad technically, but now she knows what it means and it's sinking in. I think the only thing is lots of reassurance about how everyone loves everyone equally, and also answering any questions she has honestly. I guess it has upset him more than her?
Hope it gets better ((hugs))

Xiaoxiong Sun 17-Mar-13 21:45:15

Northern DH and I read your DP's comment. Clicked back to look at photo. And now crying with laughter in each other's arms all over again at what total muppets we are. DH just said "well thank goodness we never put him forward for baby modelling" grin I'm going to claim he got a bleeding edge Hoxton haircut from a hipster. I mean, DH does play both the ukulele and the mandolin, that's pretty hipsterish...

Gecko t-shirt was a hand-me-down but it has a Natural History Museum tag on it!

QueenofClean Sun 17-Mar-13 22:17:22

Northern it hurt DH a lot more than DD1. She is hurting him verbally a lot lately too sad

Hahahaha about hair cuts. I refuse to get Sky's cut as she is just starting to get curls grin

OiMissus Sun 17-Mar-13 22:18:40

I am dying to see the photo! Your story, and Northern's comments have really made me laugh, but the phone won't let me. sad
Who mentioned bananas? I have a fear of bananas. Not sure why, but they make me feel uncomfortable.
On Friday, BOi and I went to a soft play place, and half way through decided to get a drink and a snack. They had all kinds of cakes and chocolates and crisps, and nothing else but a couple if apples and bananas. I was v proud if the BOi when he pointed at the banana, so I Mummed up and picked it up.
When we got back to the seat, I tried to crack it open - 1st time in my life. I didn't work. It felt slimy underneath. The skin didn't break. I was a mess. Eventually, (because BOi insisted, I 'd tried to just hide it) I had to dig my nail in to break the skin to open it. I was probably sweating. I wanted to ask someone else, but couldn't bear the shame. I had to use baby wipes to break a piece off to pass to BOi.
I confronted my fear. I tried. And I realised that I really bloody am scared of bananas! Pathetic!

OiMissus Sun 17-Mar-13 22:19:57

Of. Of! Why does my phone always write if for of?!

I'm glad it caused hilarity and not offence grin! I just have this image of your DH going at his hair with nail scissors and then you chasing DS round and round to do the back... But yep, I'd definitely go with the (may I add an extra bit) 'friend took our DS for a bleeding-edge Hoxton hipster haircut, never speaking to them again' cover story- if you've seen Nathan Barley, mutter 'geek pie' under you breath sure that'll mean bugger all to most

By the way, is there anyone on here who didn't cut their own hair at some point? I once did my own fringe a al Xiao, and did the same to my 'sideburns' as I had short hair.

Really sorry to hear that Queenie; I know it can't not hurt, but I hope your DH doesn't take it personally iyswim, and even though I know it sounds stupid, as it sounds like she's just pushing the newly-discovered) boundaries.

Oi that is the oddest fear- what on earth has caused that? You poor thing, it must be such a pain hating bananas with a baby. Good on you for confronting it though!

Aethelfleda Sun 17-Mar-13 22:56:43

DD2 has a home-done fringe because she has lush thick hair that refuses to part in the middle or be clipped. It's quite a mission impossible to get it straight but judicious use of telly seems the best soporific....

And poor DS has been grumpy and food refusing all day...I think he has hand,foot and mouth as just seen spots in the relevent places and he even cried when he had his nighttime bottle sad poor lamb.

<snurk> at the banana traum oi but I do sympathise with the slime phobia. I can't stand slugs for similar reasons.

QueenofClean Mon 18-Mar-13 07:10:04

BFN sad knew it would prob be that tho as DH was in London over the days I was due to ov.

Need something to smile about as there is nothing sad

Figgygal Mon 18-Mar-13 07:25:32

oi loving the graphic imagery of ur banana fear I have a balloon phobia I come out in sweats anywhere near them grin DS is going to be very deprived of them growing up

Sorry to hear that qoc always next month!!

CheungFun Mon 18-Mar-13 09:00:03

Hehehe! That photo is brilliant Xiao! What you could do is make his hair spikes on top and that will hide the wonky fringe....this is what I did with DS (a tiny bit of olive oil from his cradle cap days did the trick!).

I remember cutting my own fringe aged 11 and the mean hairdresser telling me off! Hairdressing is harder than it looks! We have a quite old fashioned barbers in the village and the lady only charged us £2 for DS's haircut and he got a biscuit thrown in at the end grin the hairdresser said she likes the kids to remember getting a biscuit rather than their haircut so they look forward to going and don't get scared!

Oi that is quite funny, but good for you for getting the nana out for BOi! DS eats a whole banana every day...he's in love with the bloody things! They are excellent fast food for all though and quite filling.

QoC Better luck for next month! No advice re Darcie other than to keep reassuring her that you and DH love her even when she is being naughty and pushing the boundaries. Just lots and lots of love no matter how mean she is to DH, she's just testing him and he needs to understand that. I was pretty awful at one point to DM's bf and he said seriously if I wanted him to move out he would and I was horrified, he was more like a dad to me than my own dad and I loved going fishing with him just the two of us! I think I was about 8 or 9.

I have thought of some baby questions...should we swop to metal toddler cutlery yet? Is anyone using a pillow and/or duvet (DS is still in his sleeping bag)? And lastly...what are their favourite toys/activities (DS is obsessed with his stacking cups and wooden bricks)?

QueenofClean Mon 18-Mar-13 09:09:33

Oi just imagining your banana sweat yesterday lol.

I have a phobia about anything that flies birds. Freaks me right out.

Cheung you saying that about your moms bf is exactly the same as Darcie if DH says he is leaving she says no she doesn't want him to leave!

CheungFun Mon 18-Mar-13 09:19:32

It's wierd QoC but I think it's partly the age when you become more aware of other peoples families and start wondering what's normal? I was also having a bit of a shit time at that age as I had to visit my Dad once a month and he was horrible and that made me stressed and I used to come home in a foul mood and take it out on DM, DM's bf and my older half brother. Maybe Darcie is wondering about her Dad and has questions? Very hard to deal with for the grown ups I can imagine as it must be so hurtful, but just remember she's a child still and doesn't actually mean it.

QueenofClean Mon 18-Mar-13 11:13:29

Darcie doesn't know about her bio dad. As far as she is concerned DH is her daddy as he has been in her life from very early on and can't remember a time without him. We have never told her that DH is her step dad. Not many people know and it's a class mate who has put it into her head and I don't even know that child's parents! sad she will get through this x

Figgygal Mon 18-Mar-13 12:36:38

Xiao another one loving the pic he has changed so much from the earlier photos of him and so blonde!!! DS is really blonde too think it must have come from the GP's. We cut his hair last week as he had a lovely gollum look going on at the back with long wispy bits going on and he had a tin tin quiff which had grown down and into his eyes so it had to go!!

Cheung DS loves his sweeping brush (as anyone friends with me on FB would know as i put a pic of his beeming face up yesterday with it) and basically anything he can push around like his cousins toy hoover, he loves his lift the flap books and chasing after balls and motorised cars. Unfortunately he also still loves the TV and will get on the sofa and press buttons on the remote until it comes on for him we seriously have to limit his tv watching now as he has started snorting like a pig when he reads his peppa pig books and when it comes on tv.

I have been thinking of pillows too as he has a pillow pet which he seems to have now more nights than not and i think probably need to get something a bit more appropriate and less likely to give him spinal damage, he is still in his bag though. I have given him a metal little fork a few times but he didnt like it so we are back on spoons or hands.

Aethel sympathies on the infected baby hope it isnt what you think it is!!

SevenReasonsToSmile Mon 18-Mar-13 15:33:40

queen that must be really hard on your DH. To have been told by a classmate though must also be incredibly hard for Darcie, she probably has lots of questions and may not know how to talk to you about it. The best thing you can both do is be honest with her about it and not make a big deal of her horrible behaviour towards DH.

cheung we didn't bother with a pillow or duvet with DS until he moved into a proper bed, we'll probably do the same with DD.

I always cut my own hair, but my curls hide any uneven bits!

jigglebum Mon 18-Mar-13 17:16:32

In no particular order ! We have toddler cutlery (ie metal ends but plastic holding bits), no pillow or duvet as she moves about too much in bed, still use a sleeping bag and PJs and a cardi and favourite toys are her brothers old toy garage, riding around on her little trike and taking her walker outside!

aethel hope it is not hand,foot, mouth. Freya is ill yet again - another temp, cough cold and has just spectularly thrown up a lovely mix of banana, grapes and chocolate! oi would not have been happy! After a week of pretty good sleep (for F) we have just had a terrible week of wake ups - 2 hours last night - now I realise that it is probably because she was ill but last night my sympathy ran out after an hour and a half of going in and lying her down again and I left DH to deal with her before I truely lost the plot.

QofC - sorry Darcie is giving you problems - hope DH and you and her have a good chat and help sort it out. SOrry on the BFN too.

Xiao - I have cut Freyas fringe a few times - wonky each time but because it is curly I kind of get away with it! Well I tell myself I do!

Aethelfleda Mon 18-Mar-13 18:42:03

We went to the new library today, DDs very happy about all the booky goodness on offer. I'm pretty sure it is hand, foot and mouth now as poor DS has whacking mouth ulcers and has been extremely clingy. (sympathy for the night wakes jiggle, we rarely get a sleepthrough over here) I even put the raincover on when we went to the shops and lo, there in the butchers was an extremely pg lady...hovered at the other end of the shop til she'd gone!

Sorry not to namecheck <offers up consolatory pre-dinner nibbles and mugs of tea>

QueenofClean Mon 18-Mar-13 20:47:12

Aethel hope DS is better soon.

Today has been peaceful and both my girls are asleep.

Cutlery is still plastic but will love to metal ends soon.

Pillows: DD2 doesn't have one per se! She has one tucked under her duvet - which she sleeps on top of - she still goes In a sleeping bag with jammies/babygro on & a muslin square which has drops of olbas oil on.

DD1 has 2 pillows and several cushions!

Figgygal Tue 19-Mar-13 06:27:35

Been up since 5.30 DS had a horrid tantrum when he finished his milk screamed so much he couldn't catch a breath and fell over banging his head on floor. He's now in his ball pit throwing his balls all over the floor and seems happy enough hmm

Devil child!!

QueenofClean Tue 19-Mar-13 06:32:06

Figgy I feel your pain. DD2 woke at 4am although feel very grateful for Winnie the Pooh on DVD!

mopsytop Tue 19-Mar-13 08:57:12

Oh dear figgy. Minimopsy started getting clingy and miserable yesterday late afternoon and was sick during the night and this morning and is looking very unhappy poor little thing. She's asleep now beside me in the bed but in spite of broken night I'm wide awake. But don't want to leave her in case she wakes up and falls off the bed...

Figgygal Tue 19-Mar-13 13:50:07

mopsy hope she is better soon, figgyboy fell off the bed one day last week when i was up at my parents, he was in bed with me and I woke up to hear him chuntering away, looked over and he wasnt there so i looked over the side and he was asleep on the floor......whoops!!!

He is massively tantruming at the moment it is horrible.

Xiaoxiong Tue 19-Mar-13 14:13:53

Well we have gone to the hairdressers and his hair is fixed (though really short now...) I kept him quiet by methodically popping grapes into his mouth but he panicked at the clippers at the end and had to be carried out screaming. At least he no longer looks like Frankenstein though! I discovered this morning he has a new tooth through - so he has the four in a row in front and then a way-back molar.

mopsy hope minimopsy is feeling better. DS has fallen off the bed a couple of times - after much screaming he is invariably fine. I do love to have him sleep in my arms though, so lovely smile

figgy your post made me laugh because I can totally imagine DS doing exactly that - screaming so much he bonks his own head on the floor grin Also yours sounds the same as mine with the love of cleaning equipment, white goods and chasing balls, though luckily DS shows little interest in the TV except when the six nations was on he banged on the screen for a while. He does like the buttons on the remote but once it's on he won't watch it - much prefers lift the flap books and bloody godawful Goodnight Moon.

queen sorry no joy after your 2ww - best of luck for next month.

cheung still using weaning spoons - DS can hold them and dip into a bowl, but on the way to his mouth he turns it all the way over and it all dumps out. I will get him a fork with metal ends though, good idea. And no pillows here and no more grobag as he kept standing up in it and falling over and screaming in frustration so we moved to layers of blankets again.

Aethelfleda Tue 19-Mar-13 14:22:20

DS is still in his grobag, he does a great Maggie-from-the-Simpsons impersonation where he goes shuffle-shuffle-shuffle-flumpf over, and then repeats. I understand kids who keep their grobags a long time are expert at school sack races later on smile

And no cutlery here apart from the occasional spoon. dS is still an insistant self feeder with the only exception being weetbix and sweet puddings, both of which he will go "aaaaa" for. Anything savoury on a spoon is spat out, accompanied by the most FILTHy look!

Hope minimopsy picks up, I still have limpet boy over this end, he's eating better today and gyzzling his milk, but still very watery smiles and cries if I try to put him down. Even the nightgardenBabyCrack didn't have its usual allure....

QueenofClean Tue 19-Mar-13 18:09:45

Really proud of my DD1 she has had an excellent school report tonight. Her teacher said she is a pleasure to teach and works hard. She is excelling in all subjects especially English and reading, by end of year 3 she should of acheived a 2a level but she is already on 3c but by end of year will be on 3a - which she should of acheived by end of year 4! So proud grin

Ah, great news Queenie, extra big hugs for her tonight!

On the questions, we're still in a grubby and needs washing parenting fail grobag and will be for some time; I've already got the next size up for when it warms up <bitter laugh>

He's now on spoons and forks, some metal, mainly plastic. Apparently he got the hang of the tubes of yoghurt this evening, which was a sight grin - though nothing to compare to him in a nappy, dark blue 'Beastie Boys' t, and showing us his dancing moves in the kitchen yesterday- priceless!

In terms of toys, like your DS figgy he's suddenly fond of the dustpan and brush, but just his ring stacker and his helter-skelter, the bug one from ELC. Pushing toys and his drum. We've still got several toys from Xmas/birthday stored under the bed to bring out later on. And his books too. Hope he's not got too much of a lump too after headbutting the floor!

How's your DS with the ulcers aethel, that sounds grim. Really hope it starts to clear up soon, and for MiniM and Freya too. Both of DS's ears have popped, again, so unhappiness, leaking gunk and pain here, though now they've gone it's better. We need to don the hazmats again, don't we... sad

BJR Tue 19-Mar-13 20:11:07

well done to DS on school report Queen, Hope she settles done at home soon.

Aethel I'm having wonderful images of sleeping bad sack races!

DS has learnt to say Henry this weekend (as in Henry the hoover) he keeps opening the cupboard and saying hiya Henry, it's very cute! I'm really enjoying DS at the moment, constantly amazes me when he learns something new.

DP on the otherhand can do what he likes as far as I care at the moment, I keep trying to be positive about him moving forward but he can be vile sometimes, maybe too much of the time. I keep looking at smaller houses on rightmove and imagining a cosy little house for me and DS. Too embarrassed to tell anyone in RL how miserable DP makes me. At least if I stay then DS won't be on his own with DP, the idea of DP having him at weekends if we split fills me with dread.

BJR Tue 19-Mar-13 20:12:38

oops stupid typo I meant well done DD queen!

Oh, BJR, a massive ((hug)) for you. I'm sorry it's not going well at the moment. I know what you mean about the embarrassment, but see if you can confide in one person in RL- 99/100 it does make it better.
Is your DP being crap with you, DS, or both?

QueenofClean Wed 20-Mar-13 06:33:20

Thanks Ladies. She had her favourite things for tea and some sweets for afters.

BJR sorry things are bad with DP. Is he also bad with DS or just yourself?

mopsytop Wed 20-Mar-13 09:00:27

nice one for Darcie Queen

sorry to hear that BJR sad

xiao been chuckling at the hair cutting antics. Minim has a proper mullet along with receding (advancing?) hairline... enough to nearly make pigtails at back baldy at front. Was tempted to trim back but might leave it now!

In career dilemma. Been offered a semester mat leave lecturing at a good Russell group uni but is a flight away. Could do it in three days a week but would mean essentially four nights away (would be back on the fourth night but after minim I'm bed) and tons of work so minim would be fulltime in nursery. It is only 5 months though so doable and good experience for my CV. But a) v hard on me and my husband. Spent a lot of time apart during my PhD and hated it b) will mean he is a single dad half the week c) would I miss minim too much? would she miss me? would it be bad for her stability? d) we want another baby and feel two year age gap perfect but that would mean all of the second half of my pregnancy would be away and anyway flying every week but if waited a while and was in earlyish pregnancy might be too ill to work, remember last time and the months of non stop migraine?
BUT e) what if I get pregnant now and f up my career forever? academia horribly disgustingly competitive.
Ugh. Totally torn. Wisdom of the thread please!

Figgygal Wed 20-Mar-13 09:41:27

Mopsy that sounds like a fab opportunity but such things are never straightforward are they!! No advice i am afraid that is a really tough one!!

DS was up at 5.30 again screaming hysterically at the idea of going back to bed, I stayed in his room with him and did manage to convince him to read his books and play quietly for a little bit, then he wanted down so took him and then he wanted to play outside at 7am when he wasnt dressed so that wasnt happening!!! I think he is starting to understand no and that is why all this is happening.....the cm says he is an angel but he is a stroppy nightmare at home ......thankfully my mum is coming to visit for a week so she can sort him out.

Xiaoxiong Wed 20-Mar-13 10:12:06

BJR (((hug))) for you and we are here for you with a listening ear and a virtual brew anytime you feel like talking (or not).

mopsy oof that's hard. What does your DH think? I have to say if it was me, I would probably take the job and put off baby #2 by 5 months unless DH had some really good arguments to talk me out of it. I know how competitive academia is and how you have to grab every opportunity with both hands if you want to keep climbing the ladder.

On the missing/adjustment point, at the moment I am working three days a week - I put DS to bed on Monday night and he doesn't see me awake again until Friday morning. (I know I'm leaving my job but my problem is mainly the 3 hours of commuting and the ridiculous presenteeism expected in the City, not just the time away from DS IYSWIM). He seems totally adjusted and it's lovely to bring him into our bed on Friday mornings and have a lovely catch-up cuddle and then a stretch of four days together. We do have a nanny for those three days that he's comfortable with and next year we'll have an au pair covering the nanny's mat leave.

On the DH front, over the last 6 weeks we have been going 6 days at a stretch like ships passing in the night where I come in after he's asleep, or he comes in after I'm asleep. But we email lots during the day which is actually really nice to actually get words down on paper and keep in touch with each other. Also we have the end of term as a sort of deadline where we will then have the easter holiday to decompress and reconnect as a family.

Over the years my parents have regularly spent up to 6 months apart and keep in touch eating meals together over Skype - they sit down properly and eat and chat just like they're at the table in real life, which I think is a brilliant idea (usually they're 5 hours out of synch so my dad is eating a late lunch and my mother is eating an early-ish dinner). Also if they're just sort of sitting around on a weekend working or cooking or something, they'll just leave each other up on Skype for hours so they're just kind of there to chat to occasionally. Sometimes I'll go to the boat and my mother will be working and my dad on the screen reading the newspaper in DC and just look up and say hello as I walk in, as if he's in the room, and I'll see that they've had Skype going for 4 hours or something.

I think if the separation period has a finite end, and you're coming home for 4 days out of every 7 including every weekend, you can make it work with some thought and planning behind it.

It's a really hard decision though. Is there anything else on the horizon that you're waiting to hear back about, post-docs or the like?

mopsytop Wed 20-Mar-13 10:15:18

Yeah waiting to hear about postdoc in a town a one hour drive away. Obvs that would be perfect but don't hear until end May and this postdoc has a success rate of 3-4% !

Xiaoxiong Wed 20-Mar-13 12:18:41

Ooh very tough. I would probably throw caution to the wind and call the post-doc research group leader (if there is one) if you have a good relationship and discuss your chances of success, even though you're not supposed to hear till May they might be willing to give you an indication of whether it's worth waiting.

But I'm coming from a position of private practice where stuff is far more flexible and personal relationships are paramount, not grant-based research which I believe are more formal. Do you have a mentor in your field who you can discuss it with?

GaryBuseysTeeth Wed 20-Mar-13 12:22:25

BJR, here for you if you need to vent or talk. 'Hiya Henry' sounds so sweet! DS is still terrified of the noise ours makes.

We've got metal cutlery (using teaspoons as the handles are harder to fit through rabbit cage bars than baby spoon) but he still eats with his hands most of the time, not too fussed as long as he can use a knife & fork by 3.
We have so much finger food in this house (curries, wraps etc) that we don't use cutlery every meal.

He's still hairy (getting a fringe trim every fortnight) but I won't let DH cut the curls until he's slightly older (or the new one comes & I cba to pull the weetabix/yogurt out by hand).

mopsy, what does DH think?
Would you be likely to get a similar position closer to home or is this the perfect position now to boost CV?

Love Xiao's (parents!) suggestion of Skype, but I guess it's how much you'll miss DH/DD & how well he'll cope parenting/living alone for half the week (will you be doing all the morning over the weekend because you've had uninterrupted sleep whereas he's been dealing with a teething monster etc).
If it's not until later this year, DD will (hopefully) be so much more vocal, would you feel really guilty having a 2yr old tugging your trouser leg & crying 'Mummy, stay' & not understanding that you'll be back soon?
So much to think about! When do you have to give your answer by?

DS is suddenly terrified of the bath again, any tips?
If I'm in it, he'll stand by the side & splash the water but the second you pick him up to plonk him in, he throws a tantrum.
He hates being touched by a wet sponge & no amount of bubbles/toys/music distracts him. Taz hate water.

mopsytop Wed 20-Mar-13 17:27:42

Afraid there is no finding out until the end of may xiao, not even top notch professors with clout could find out. This is one of the hardest decisions ever. And I thought once viva scariness was over it would all be so easy. Hah!
Looking at my little mopsy head toddling about, I can't imagine leaving her but I suppose we would all get used to it...

Figgygal Wed 20-Mar-13 19:35:12

Gah DS knackered due to his 5.30 start and must be teething he's screamed for an hour nothing would stop him hmm headache for me and now a mad dash to local shop as have nothing suitable for an unexpected 8 o'clock dinner

QueenofClean Wed 20-Mar-13 20:37:36

Mopsy sounds like a fantastic opportunity. What does DH say about it?

Figgy sounds very much like Sky with the early waking!

Darcie has gained another Brownie badge tonight...Computer...she will also be receiving her Science Badge next week! All this sewing. So proud of my bean grin

FWIW Mopsy, as it's only 5 months I think I'd go for it. Plus the fact that you'd get a three/four day weekend with MiniM. Although I see DS a bit in the mornings and evenings, like Xiao I mainly see him at the weekends, so it doesn't sound too bad to me!
But given it's time-limited and short, I don't think it will in any way hurt your relationship with your DD; with your DH, it sounds like it will be tough. And I'd probably wait until you're back to start ttc, just so you can focus totally on the lecturing and not be ill (which is often the basic one-word summary of what early and late pregnancy is).
The issues will mainly be practical, and how your DH feels about it, but I'd take the chance, it sounds amazing and a great first step.

How's it going BJR, how are you today?

BJR Wed 20-Mar-13 22:05:10

Today right move is my friend againsad DP has just told me that he is not going to change and has no intention of trying. He has a high stress job and to him that excuses any behaviour on his part. He said the stress he is under doesn't allow him to be the parent he wants to be.

He's made it clear that I either accept things as they are or leave. I guess I just have to stop being a wimp and make my choicesad

Aethelfleda Wed 20-Mar-13 22:11:28

<wanders in with thermos of tea, earplugs, rack of hazmat suits, and <haddocks> for unhelpful other halves>

good luck with the decision mopsy all I will say is the BFPs don't necessarily come to schedule! Sounds like a great opportunity though, in theory at least....

House is progressing nicely and so far the cash has not run out, though we seem to be pledging rather a lot of it to various causes. Second plumber coming tomorrow to view the showers of dooom with a more definitive quote. I've found a few possible replacements on line (torn between a £400 b&q number and a £800 kubrik(sp) robust one-piece ie no tiling shower pod. Plus £350-400 for each actual new shower as we want a Mira brand one, had one before and it was
Fab) plus fitting and repairs and tesco value bidet and sink....

But more importantly the DDs have named the understairs cupboard Hogwarts and have drawn pictureframes on the breezeblocks, I'm going to paint them up into picture frames and then they will draw lots of wizards in the frames a la Harry Potter. It's kind of like a permanent version of our old cardboard wendy house, only more fun....

Aethelfleda Wed 20-Mar-13 22:16:34

X-post BJR, oh no, really sorry to hear that. What an arsey thing to say to you; relationships should involve diiscussion and respect, not ultimatums. There's a <swordfish> somewhere in here, it's there to be used. Do think carefully before making your decision though, it's got to be what's the best for you and DS. Keep posting if it helps, we're all here virtual like (((((hug))))))

Oh shit BJR, not good. That's not even an 'excuse'...my high stress job means, for example, DP taking DS tonight as I have interviews the next two days...it does not stop me being a parent.
I think the approach of getting some legal advice to see where you stand is for best- you don't have to use it but you've got it if you do.

And you and DS deserve better.

QueenofClean Thu 21-Mar-13 07:51:12

Oh no BJR that's sad I 2nd everything Northern said.

mopsytop Thu 21-Mar-13 08:08:25

oh no * BJR* that's awful and that's a tough decision to make. I third Northern's advice.

Thanks for advice ladies. Career wise would be a good choice but I think family wise probably not and my husband has been so supportive of me through my PhD (and living apart) and is willing to support me through this but I feel like it really isn't something he wants. And he really wants us to try for another baby and that's what I would want do were it not for career. Ugh. Any decision one part will be wrong and one right... and of course even though got pregnant the first week I tried last time that mightn't be the case this time. But I'm 35. Haven't got forever and I feel like it is tempting fate to wait when I'm in a position to try. Argh.

Aethelfleda Thu 21-Mar-13 11:13:13

I hear ya mopsy, dH and I had similar chats a long time ago and I know I'd be in a totally different place career wise if we'd stayed child-free. But the path we've taken involves children and family life and inevitable compromises. And I would't swap it for the world even if being an temporary SAHM is far tougher for me mentally than it should be. I feel like such a whinger

Thinking of you today BJR.

<brews more coffee for all>

QueenofClean Thu 21-Mar-13 11:22:04

AF arrived over night sad added a pic I FB group of Sky this morning. grin

mopsytop Thu 21-Mar-13 12:27:21

erring towards turning it down. Mr. Mopsy being v supportive but I know he doesn't want me to go and he wants baby 2 as we both feel 2 year age gap ideal (in both our families that is the gap). I suppose I'll just have to hope sth else turns up and if not find something else intellectually satisfying to do.

mopsytop Thu 21-Mar-13 12:28:00

Do you ever regret it aethel or is it all fine? I don't want to be an absent mother really...

mopsytop Thu 21-Mar-13 12:28:40

PS sorry about aunty Flo Queen... next month, fingers x

Xiaoxiong Thu 21-Mar-13 13:33:11

BJR I'm so, so sorry to hear that. I don't know what his job is but there is no job so high-stress that it means you can unilaterally check out of both parenthood and relationship like that. He can't be the parent he wants to be because of his job, so his solution is for you and DS to leave?! How can any parent feel that that's a reasonable solution?

I have a "high-stress" job in the City but it was putting us under so much strain that (after months of discussion with DH) I went part time and now quitting to do my own thing. When DH was under stress last year we discussed him moving to another school which didn't have such long hours - luckily he has managed to maneuver to improve his conditions which has meant more family time, and also he now takes a digital sabbath on Sundays and spends the morning and the school holidays one-on-one with DS which helps too.

I assume from the way your DP is talking that he has already rejected any suggestions of marriage counselling, changing his job or hours, or the like? He is totally opposed to anything changing on his end?

Figgygal Thu 21-Mar-13 13:37:47

Greetings from a cold and wet southampton driven 2 hours for a half hour meeting and have another 2 hour drive home to look forward to.....hope management remember this later when they scoring me to determine whether i keep my job or not.......find out tomorrow - still not worried about it as clearly i think i am fab.

Another 5.30 wake up this morning dread to think how he is with his GPs today DH in full on pity mode practically wailing about how he cant go on like this, how he cant concentrate we will go bankrupt as he cant work etc etc it has only been 3 day.....though am sick of the screaming!! If he keeps it up DS is off to the Drs, he isnt pink faced so am still not sure it is teething.

Mopsy if a 2 year age gap is what you want maybe that is the job decision made and you can crack on with that, especially since as someone said earlier these things dont always happen when you want them to.

I think DS was conceived on 24th MArch cant believe it has been almost 2 years since we all started this crazy journey!!

Xiaoxiong Thu 21-Mar-13 13:59:08

Figgy I don't understand - your DH is working from home at the moment, and saying you're going to go bankrupt because he can't concentrate because DS is screaming?? While you're driving 4 hours roundtrip for a 30 min meeting? Okaaaaayyyy.... Fingers crossed for tomorrow and I'm sure it will be the news you want.

mopsy sounds like you're moving towards the mutual decision that will be best for all of you: DH doesn't want you to go, you feel it would be too much separation, you want a 2 year gap, and I'm sure something else will come up job-wise which will be great. You've only just had your viva the other day, such a newly minted Dr Mopsy - so there's definitely time to wait, get other irons in the fire, and see how the other fellowship pans out as well.

aethel love the understairs cupboard adoption as Hogwarts!!

Xiaoxiong Thu 21-Mar-13 14:04:18

By the way, for BJR - as knowledge is power, this is a useful link from the Relationships forum just so you know what you're possibly being faced with, what documents to get together if you seek legal advice (and I would strongly agree with the recommendations above to see a family lawyer, just so you know where you stand).

SilverSnake Thu 21-Mar-13 14:45:15

Just had Hopeeasured and she is 70cm tall and she has droped off the chart for hight sad

She is still between the 2nd and 9th for weight.

She is tiny but she is eating and developing well but as she has droped off the chart should I call hv? really dont want to

Xiaoxiong Thu 21-Mar-13 15:11:13

I wouldn't bother with a HV SS - ours are useless and yours sound actively horrible. If you're concerned I'd go to the GP.

BJR Thu 21-Mar-13 15:13:50

His job is his life unfortunately, he is extremely hard working and very successful at what he does, but to me it's no reason to act the way he does. I work so I have money to enjoy my family, he works as he wants everyone to see how good he is. It's leading us in separate directions, and the pressure he is under is only going to get worse.

So I've started looking at practical stuff and I can afford somewhere to rent if it comes to it and spoke to my parents who have said they can help me out if needed. Have a close friend coming round tomorrow to talk things through with so hopefully that will help.

Then if things are still the same in a few days I'm going to ask my mum to have DS for the weekend over Easter to give us an opportunity to talk properly before I make any big decisions.

Thank you for all the support ladies, it means alot.

SilverSnake Thu 21-Mar-13 16:10:30

smile ((((hugs))))) BJR

You need to be happy so your child is happy.

SilverSnake Thu 21-Mar-13 16:11:40

arrrr sorry iphone it was a sad sad face

Xiaoxiong Thu 21-Mar-13 16:53:02

BJR really glad you've got the support networks set up and you'll always have us here too. I wonder what universe he is on thinking that if you split up he will suddenly become able to be the dad he wants to be. He can only change himself.

Such a shitty situation with him prioritising work above all - there are senior partners who regularly talk about how much they regret having missed their kids entire childhoods while gunning for partnership. I had lunch with a partner and his daughter who had come in for some work experience and she kept mentioning things "do you remember when xxx happened dad" and every single thing he wasn't there, was on a trip, still in the office, whatever. It was like they didn't belong to the same family. Some partners here have had second families later in life and behave very differently second time round.

Fundamentally though, being a workaholic is a problem of priorities and values. Being vile to you is not related to how hard he works - that's just him being a shit angry

Figgygal Thu 21-Mar-13 20:01:53

Ss I wouldn't worry too much she might just be small does she eat much?

Bjr sorry hear that it's even so bad u need the "talk" he probably doesn't think you'd ever get that far so he can be how he likes maybe it'll be warning shot he needs.

Xiao dh is a chest clutching hysteric if he doesn't have something to worry about which will never happen he creates something .....it's tiring but so is DS this week early bed for me I think!!

mopsytop Thu 21-Mar-13 21:18:51

It sounds really tough BJR. Wish I had some helpful advice but I hope you get to have a good talk.this weekend and he realises that his behaviour will have serious consequences. Maybe he doesn't believe you'd really leave. How very difficult for you sad

Minimopsy was ill on Mon/Tues and thought she was on the mend but today has been bout after bout of diarrhoea and vomiting. Thank goodness I have loads of vests as she's getting through them so fast as each time I have to change her. Sofa covered in vom sad have vanished it like crazy but it still stinks. It's so grim!

mopsytop Thu 21-Mar-13 21:20:02

sorry, I mean Easter weekend BJR

Glad you're taking things forward BJR; it often helps to plan the practical side of things, even just as something to take your mind off stuff. Bottom line is if you don't feel valued, and you don't think he values your DS over work, and he's aware of how you feel and won't change, then it's not great. I hope the chat with him over Easter works though, good luck.

And fingers and everything crossed figgy for tomorrow, can't believe that's come round. Sounds like you'll be fine, but will be thinking of you!

Don't bother SS, if she's fine then I would not put yourself through the trauma of your god-awful HVs again. Sounds like she'll just be petite...my little brother is the same for weight, was off the scale as a kid, just a very skinny kid from a very skinny family.

I'm so sorry about your sofa DD Mopsy, she's really not having any luck with her illnesses is she?

Work went well today- first day of interviews for something that's been a massive project for me and has gone well. Just need to get tomorrow under the belt and the first hurdle is done. Plus the fact that my assistant is great, so it's sooooo taken the strain off me- as I say to DH, it's now just overwhelming as opposed to nervous breakdown wink confused

Aethelfleda Thu 21-Mar-13 21:51:38

<trundles in with tea trolley full of hot chocolate and horlicks>

I need another Hazmat suit, DS is on the mend but DD has a fever and had her first day off school this year...

Mopsy, no regrets this end, if I were childfree would have undoubtedly have been fulltime all the way, by now been more senior than I am and probably involved in research/training related stuff (I turned down a potential PhD place in my early twenties as I realised that delaying my career by 4 years would make it hard to get stable career wise before having any children, I've had work colleagues who waited til their late thirties/early forties and were variously knackered/infertile/forever away. Like xiao I've had encounters with bosses' children who clearly saw little of their parent at key events over the years).

I decided a long time ago that children meant relatively part time work and as DH is an academic he needs to be full time so my work fits around the kids' needs. Works for us, and it's a juggle that I know is best in the long run. Oops, there goes DS again. Can someone let me know when they find a reliable sleep/off switch for the Dec 2011 model?

LittleMissFantabulous Fri 22-Mar-13 02:09:14


Thinking of you BJR


mopsytop Fri 22-Mar-13 08:13:56

Good luck today figgy!

Minimopsy was vomiting all night - can't even keep a bit of water down. Might take her to GP as worried about her getting dehydrated. Maybe she needs some dioralyte. Absolutely horrible weather, driving snow. Really don't fancy going out in it...

OiMissus Fri 22-Mar-13 08:39:44

Hey y'all <in my best Deep South drawl>
I had posted before now but the Mn imps stole my post.
Big hugs n sympathies bjr. Best of luck for your talk. You know what's best for you. Does your DH realise that not only would he lose you and DS, but would more than likely lose at least half of everything he's worked for? And would have to spend even more time at work in the future to help maintain you and DS? I hope he realises just how very important his work will be in the future!
Good luck figgy! Hope today works out well for you.
Sorry to hear minim is poorly. That sounds really bad, poor you, poor minim, and poor soft furnishings!
Queenie - sorry AF arrived. Next month then! Mine hasn't yet - keep your fingers crossed for me.

OiMissus Fri 22-Mar-13 08:41:22

Ps - am on a train heading home! I'll get a bath, and then pick up mi laddio! Hurrah!

SevenReasonsToSmile Fri 22-Mar-13 10:42:32

oi glad you're on the way home smile

SS tbh I'd say her development is more important than numbers. If you're happy that she's developing ok and reaching milestones she must be getting what she needs.

figgy hope its good news today.

queen better luck next month.

mopsy sorry minim is poorly. Imagine your life in 15years time, in one scenario you didn't get as far as you wanted in your career, in the other you had a fantastic career and had achieved all you wanted but didn't have any more children. Which would you be more disappointed by?

BJR sorry things are so bad, what an awful decision to have to make. he's basically said you and DS will never be as important as his career, do you love him enough to be happy to spend the rest of your life in the shadow of his career?Whatever decision you make be sure that its what you really want, don't just stay together for the same of DS. I grew up in an unhappy home where my parents always argued, I'd have much rather had two happy seperate parents.

How are the other pregnancies going? I'm 30 weeks today, have a box of DDs newborn clothes to wash and starting to think about getting the bits for my hospital bag organised. Where has the time gone? Based on the last two its likely that in 6 weeks I'll have a newborn oh shit

QueenofClean Fri 22-Mar-13 11:59:41

Mopsy Sorry MiniM is poorly. Hope she gets better soon.

SS I wouldn't worry to much if you think she is happy & developing well smile

BJR You & DS need to be happy and tbh it doesn't sound like your 'D'H is worried about that. Sounds to me like he is more focused on his career and not putting DS & your needs first. Hoping the 'Talk' helps.

Oi Welcome back to the UK & Fx for you.

<Waves to Seven & LMF>

The only thing that bothers me about getting a BFP in April means DD2 & Peanut will have birthdays over xmas! that's not a bad thing is it?

mopsytop Fri 22-Mar-13 13:48:29

Decided to turn down offer. Had said after I moved back to live with husband fulltime towards end of pregnancy that I was just going to make a rule... no more living apart. I've been umming and awwing about this, agonising about when to have no 2 etc. so I decided just to go back to that rule. I hated being apart and so did Mr. Mopsy and would be even worse with Minimopsy now here. Even if only 5 months. I might be making a mistake career wise but you have to make choices and you can't have everything.

Figgygal Fri 22-Mar-13 16:02:15

Job is safe yay grin now have other dilemma.......basically we sold a large part of business to another company which resulted in reduction of work in our team, we not part of that business so cant go with them under tupe but new company want to take displaced hr people i expressed an interest when things were unsure and thy now want to interview me........do i go regardless of todays news?? Its slightly closer, possibly an opp for career development and since knowledge is power and i know a lot about what they've bought i might be in a strong position for salary negotiation hmmm.

Ds had swimming this morning and he got a lovely certificate and swimming badge hes also going up to the toddler class 2 months early.

As i got good news this morning been out and bought a new car mine is going tomorrow garage doing 1st MOT on new 1 and can collect it tuesday unfortunately that means im carless sunday when dh is out 7-7 though as my mum arrives for a week sunday night i guess much cleaning required in preparation grin.

Welcome back OI .......when were u due af? Exciting!!!

Figgygal Fri 22-Mar-13 16:03:04

Oh and mopsy glad you made your decision and you happy with itn

mopsytop Fri 22-Mar-13 16:16:03

yay figgy! go you!

QueenofClean Fri 22-Mar-13 18:50:40

Mopsy, glad your happy with your decision. That was a really tough one to make.

Figgy that's fab news. I'd go for interview just to see what happens you don't have to tell management yet smile

DD1 is behaving really well and I'm making the most of it before all hell breaks loose. DD2 is really struggling with her teeth and tummy and struggled to go to poo because not enough fluids as her gums are so sore sad

mopsytop Fri 22-Mar-13 18:55:37

Ladies, my sofa STINKS of vom sad scrubbing and scrubbing with vanish hasn't worked. Any tips on removing the smell? and the stains actually sort of like tide mark

LittleMissFantabulous Fri 22-Mar-13 19:16:30

When it's dry pack it with bicarb of soda out of your baking cupboard. Leave it overnight and hoover it off. Should take a fair bit of the smell awaysmile

OiMissus Fri 22-Mar-13 19:36:36

Well done Figgy! Absolutely go for the interview. You can choose to ignore it when they offer you the job and more cash! - Not sure when due, was pretty much the same as queenie last time. Not sure if pg-related, but I have got thrush. Itchy itch burny hell - that's hormones, innit?
May POAS tomorrow a.m.
Today didn't go as planned. I forwent the bath as the snow was coming thick n fast and I didn't want to be stuck without BOi. So I collected him.
We had a bath together. smile
BOi pooped in the bath.
Luckily, it was after I'd got out!!! Also lucky that I had unpacked a new bathmat and so when the poop began to emerge (he was on all fours), I grabbed the bag and caught it. It was like a goldfish from the fair in its bag... Only poop. Minimum mess. No problem. I may keep a pack of bags in the bathroom, otherwise it could've been much worse!!!
Apart from that, I've had loads of cuddles today! grin It was fab when I got him from the cm. major cuddles and kisses, he wouldn't let me go.gringringrin
Mopsy - you made the decision before to not live apart again. Decision made. Congratulations!

Aethelfleda Fri 22-Mar-13 22:17:20

<pootles in>

evening.... hope everyone is safe in the warm. Watching an obscure film called Moon, made by Zowie Bowie (who after Dad landed him with that moniker, changed it very sensibly to Duncan Jones). It's actually rather good...

<pootles out again>

QueenofClean Sat 23-Mar-13 07:17:54

Oi are you poas this morning?

I have work this morning! Be interesting to see how DH copes with the girls especially if I don't get home in time to take Darcie swimming this morning.

OiMissus Sat 23-Mar-13 08:21:51

Masses of snow.

Not fair!
We'll have to spend the day digging ourselves out. We're going to a 21st tonight. And the niece would not forgive if we cancelled.
Of course, we may also have to dig out the babysitting gps also!

Figgygal Sat 23-Mar-13 08:40:50

It is snowing here too however it has been so wet the last week that there is no chance that it will pitch. still means stuck in house unless I want a very exciting walk around the local 24-hour Tesco have told DH we have to go out for lunch as I am going to be carless and stuck in the house all day tomorrow cant face the same today grin

DS slept until 7 AM this morning which is a result after his multiple early wake-ups this week. Am off to meet the lady who bought my car shes come on train from London I'm feeling ridiculously sentimental about a car, a very expensive car who has cost me almost 4K in the three years I have had him but he is my folly and I love him. hmm

<sits in PJs proudly>

So far, we is being slugs in this household grin I have had the delivery of a massive project over the past two days which was successful, but it was very high profile and has been going for a couple of months and therefore Very Stressful. There will be lots of on-going work, but this was the big bit. DP has used up the last of his leave and spent two days decorating and wrangling DS, who, in his wisdom, has felt that 5.30 am is a good time to get up wrong

Last night we got in, welcomed in the babysitter and threw on some clothes and 40 minutes later left for a 60th birthday do (leaving behind a slightly blood-stained DS who'd chosen that brief period to scrape his chin down the table blush)

So this morning we have slept in shifts- I was up with DS whilst DP slept 5.30-8, then we swapped over. At around half 10, DS and DP joined me in bed, and they're still there.


So, so pleased about the job figgy, really relived for you. I'd go for it but only if your current job wouldn't be pissed off if they found out, iyswim?

And good to hear you've come to a decision mopsy; it's awful when you're in that 'oh Bob what do I do stage'. When you've made the decision, whatever it is you generally feel happier!

Can't believe we're going to get the new addition to this thread in a matter of weeks seven, that's amazing smile. Am ready and waiting to coo over baby pics!

QueenofClean Sat 23-Mar-13 14:12:20

sad Oi. Hopefully you'll have dug your way out of the snow! And join me on BFP for April and another Dec baby!

<Waves to all>

Am waiting to see my bean be a superstar at her Vocademy singing gig grin

QueenofClean Sat 23-Mar-13 17:46:49

Uploaded a video to FB page..my bean is a superstar grin

CheungFun Sat 23-Mar-13 19:27:39

Hi everyone,

DS has a tummy bug sad, yesterday he was sick after breakfast and dinner, and had a loose poo and today we have just given him dry cereal and toast and plenty of water and he's done three diahhrea poos. Yuck! He's been very clingy, but I'm happy cuddling him as he's usually struggling to get off my lap!

BJR that's sad. I hope you manage to have a good think and decide what's best for you and LO. It's a huge decision whether to stay or not, so take your time and hopefully your DH will start seeing sense!

Figgy that's excellent news about your job - well done! I don't think there would be any harm checking out the other company. Only thing to be in mind is that if you got made redundant from your current company in the future you'd get redundancy pay, whereas the new company wouldn't pay out redundancy pay until you've had two years service. That's just me being a panicker if either company makes redundancies in the future.

Mopsy I think you've made the right choice if it's any comfort I hope you find another more suitable job soon. I think the thing is is that you can't get back time with your LO and they're changing so fast at the moment. Maybe it would have been easier if they were older? I'm not sure.

Sorry not to name check everyone, in a bit of a hurry as DH is asleep (he was very sweet and got up with DS at 5.30am) and I haven't even started cooking dinner yet!

jigglebum Sat 23-Mar-13 20:28:58

Hi everyone - have been AWOL for ages but I do try to catch up with the thread every now and then.

figgy - good news on your job and I would go for the interview at the other place. You then are in a strong position with both (assuming of course they offer you a job, which I am sure they will!) and you can negotiate accordingly.

BJR full sympathies from me re DH. Its no secret on here that DH and I have struggled since Freya has been born but we had a weekend away last month and had a lovely time - it was really reassuring that it was the stress of the kids that was putting us under stress and not our relationship per se. I think some time to talk on your own is vital.

mopsy I was going to post before that in your shoes I would have turned it down so glad you have made your decision - must be a relief. Fingers crossed something more local comes up. I do sometimes think I am wasting a good degree (well good uni, not such a good class degree!) at the moment as I am only teaching part time and have no responsibilities - whereas I would have been at least a head of dept and perhaps published if I hadnt had the kids. Then I think I have another 30 years of work probably so plenty of time and would have regretting not having two kids!

seven cant believe you are so close! I sorted out a load of DS's old clothes for my sister (due in July) the other day - although I definitely do not want another it was quite sad in some ways but I am glad I will get to see it worn again!

aethel glad the house is proving a good move. Have you moved far? Have you had to finish your job or are you still working?

Sorry to hear about the ill kids again mopsy and cheung. Freya is almost permanently ill this winter - she has a horrid cough and cold at the moment yet again. She is soooo whingy with it - I am finding her really hard work at the moment and not particularly joyful. Roll on summer as she can be so fun when she is well - it is just a rare occurance. DH told me off for being so horrid to her today - telling her to shut up and stop whinging. He is right but she can be so clingy and hard work .

Well after no posting for ages a mammoth post! Sorry

jigglebum Sun 24-Mar-13 13:26:32

ok so I well and truely killed the thread!

mopsytop Sun 24-Mar-13 13:59:34

thread defs going more slowly ... think we are all just busy/knackered!

nice to hear from you!

hope this snow melts soon. well and truly sick of it!

Aethelfleda Sun 24-Mar-13 14:53:07

Hi jiggle, thanks for asking. I'm only half an hour from our previous house but it's all a complete change and my job was the other side of our move so I am a SAHM and completely at sea with it even though I only worked part time . The cabin fever is temporary due to my relative isolation, the terrible weather (I am very much a nature lover and hate being cooped up) and the fact that DS had hand foot and mouth last week so I couldn't do any local exploring of the toddler groups/softplays etc due to worrying he'd infect some random pg mother!! Repeat the mantra ladies: channelling D:Ream and the Church of Brian Cox...... <thingscanonlygetbetter>

LittleMissFantabulous Sun 24-Mar-13 15:09:30

I'm here, just battling my old braincell and not having love for the fight. Like Aethel sang... <boogies badly in a nineties stylee>

brew anyone? I'm rocking a cappuccinose RND mugsmile

GaryBuseysTeeth Sun 24-Mar-13 15:31:13

Oi, does travelling usually affect your cycle?
Queen, sorry about AF arriving, fingers crossed for you next month!
Hurrah for your job being safe Figgy, good luck for which ever position you chose!

Glad you've made a decision Mopsy..hope a local position comes up for you soon. Have you got the smell of vom out yet? If dry bicarb isn't working, make a paste with it & a little water and leave to dry.
Or mix some white vinegar & water and spray it on, it'll stink of chip shop for a few days but should kill the smell of vom.

brew for you LMF, good luck getting through half-term!
wine for Aethel, hope the weather improves soon.

<calpol> for all the sickly babies.

Seven, cannot believe you're 30wks already!
20wks here (scan on Weds) & really achey, damn you SPD <shakes fist, weakly>

DH is dying of manflu, so he may not go in tomorrow...currently taking up the sofa & leaving soggy tissues everywhere.

OiMissus Sun 24-Mar-13 19:02:10

I'm here too, just busy. smile
No idea if anything affects my cycle. I never know when I'm due. I was using Queen as my gauge as we seemed to have synced.
BOi has eczema on his legs. His skin has always been in the dry side, but olive oil, or various free sample baby moisturisers have been ok until now. His dry patches are now red. Is diprobase ok to use on babies? I've been using it this weekend until I get him to a dr.
He's had a true tantrum weekend.
And has another tooth.
30 wks and 20wks - it's going so fast!
I was holding a 5 wk old little girl at the party last night. My ovaries were turning somersaults!

QueenofClean Sun 24-Mar-13 19:22:22

Oi. Diprobase is fine to use on BOi. I used it all the time on Darcie for her eczema at that age. Sky has Cetraban & Elocon for her eczema as gets really sore.

30 & 20 weeks where has the time gone!

I'm fx for an April BFP but get the feeling TTC no3 is going to take longer than expected sad

Aethelfleda Sun 24-Mar-13 19:27:13

oi diprobase is fine, so are all the basic emollients like e45, Aveeno, unguentum. avoid aqueous cream though as that is a soap substitute and not a very good moisturiser when used dry.) ask your GP to prescribe something if you have to use a lot of them.

DH has gone away for a 5 day jolly conference so it's just me and the three til next Friday. It's all fiiine...

<gratefully accepts brew and wine>

CheungFun Sun 24-Mar-13 19:29:18

Hi everyone,

Well I never did cook dinner last night, DH slept from 6pm through the night! DS also slept through ;-)

DS has only done one poo today, it smelt vile and was loose, but he seems happier in himself. I will check his poo tomorrow and fingers crossed he will be back to normal and whatever bug this is will have worked its way out of his system. I have a busy week at work ahead, so I'm hoping I don't have to take a day off.

Jiggle don't worry, I shouted at DS yesterday, he was screaming and writhing around whilst I was trying to deal with his diahhrea nappy which had leaked onto his vest. Gross! I did apologise to him afterwards as if he was a grown up, I find it helps me to say sorry to him. It's hard not to get stressed out sometimes!

iZombie Sun 24-Mar-13 19:46:35

Aethel it will all be awesome. I promise. Tomorrow we are having baking, Tuesday we are having timed sorting ninja sessions and trampoline testing. Wednesday will be mission Easter Egg and washing up liquid acquisition. Thursday is slated as park day and Friday will be spent being thankful we made itgrin

We went shopping for a book, as I had a voucher, and ended up spending a lot of money on DS...sigh...
Nothing unwarranted, no gold plated drinking cups, but we got his pushchair as he's now grown out of the pram, and then some onesies, a few more plastic plates and dribble bibs (and one pair of short dungarees for the summer) and £200 had disappeared.

We then had a traumatic time when we stopped in a cafe for a coffee. Guessed DS had produced, but when I went to change him it was all over his onesie, all down his dungarees...so I had to pull it all down him (as opposed to over his head). Of course, this kept the nasties away from his head and hair but covered his legs, socks and shoes which I didn't have time to get off before he sat down.

There was poo everywhere around, on the floor, the changing mat. And DP hadn't packed any spare clothes. To make it worse, DS HATES hand-dryers, so was just screaming and sobbing in a 'who's torturing that baby' way in the parents/changing room. DP was despatched to go and buy some full length onesies and came back.

I had bagged most of the assorted crap-covered clothing up, but grabbed the clean DS in his nappy, a onesie and took him outside the room to dress him and calm him down, and left the rest to DP.

I've now had the deeee-lightful job of washing all the crap of his clothing, and/or picking lumps of it up for the bin.

And am now having a vodka tonic that would make Boris Yeltsin splutter wink

mopsytop Sun 24-Mar-13 20:06:41

Janey Mac, sounds like you need that voddy tonic Northern !!! enjoy!

Have just finished it cheers Mopsy! <hic>
It's the hand dryers that are the worst- it so upsets him and I feel awful that I have to put him through it whilst he screams and cries.

So, anyone got anything nice planned for the week/Easter? Sounds like iZombie has got lots of lovely things on with the DCs, and bet aethel will be doing similar smile
I've got work as per, but after having no social life whatsover for so long, I have a work leaving do on Wednesday, a friend's 'Just Divorced' pub crawl on Thursday (with bloody flashing sashes/L-plates, etc, my idea of hell but going along to be supportive) and then off to see best mate in Norfolk on the Friday!

Figgygal Sun 24-Mar-13 20:53:06

Am here too been on boy duty all day since dh been out and have been without car......DS surprisingly good just waiting for my mum to arrive from airport. DS staying home from cm tomorrow so she can have gp time.

DS hasnt had a poo at all today and only small ones since Thursday I think he may explode tomorrow shock

Qoc and oi I'm on same cycle as you but still no chance of TTC here, not in a hurry though

mopsytop Sun 24-Mar-13 21:16:09

Going dahn sahf to see MIL bit also meeting up with all my husband's friends who live, variously, in Norway, Oz and Cornwall and we all have littles now. Can't wait! I say husband's friends but all my friends too now of course, so it will be fab! I need to find a day to finish my article revisions also (less fun).

Anyone else have any plans? Sounds like a bit of fun in store for you Northern (although am SO with you on the tack uggghhh), hope you enjoy it, you sound like you deserve a break BIG time!

Did I mention that husband and mil had both got me Sanctuary spa vouchers for my bday in Feb? Going to go for a whole day and have two treatments as well. I can't wait!

Oooh, envy of the spa vouchers mopsy, that sounds wonderful. You deserve a break yourself, there's probably a lot of viva-tension that needs kneading out of your shoulders!

OiMissus Sun 24-Mar-13 22:11:36

A divorce party?!?!
A "congratulate me because I married someone, but it didn't work out, and now we're splitting our assets and fighting it out, and sharing the kids - and wearing a sash!" Party. Nice!
Good luck!

QueenofClean Sun 24-Mar-13 23:08:00

I'm here.

A divorce party sounds weird.

Mopsy have fun at the spa smile

My Little Lady Sky has had one side of her bed taken off. Duvet & Pillow put on and is fast asleep. My baby is growing to fast sad

CheungFun Mon 25-Mar-13 08:42:45

Oh that's gross * Northern*! Exploding nappies are the one thing guaranteed to stress me out! DS hates the hand dryers too! He's also scared of Henry the Hoover and my hair dryer...not sure why, he used to fall asleep to the sound of them!

The divorce party sounds like a good excuse for a night out!

We have DM coming to visit for Easter - I can't wait! She hasn't seen DS since Xmas, and he took his first steps just after she'd left.

iZombie Mon 25-Mar-13 09:31:40

I can understand the relief of a divorce at the end of a bad marriage, but a party sound too tacky for words. A friend got herself an awesome cake when her decree came through, the kind of thing her ex husband would have ranted and raved about telling her she was wrong etc. It was like an act of refined and sweet rebellion. Tasted good toogrin

My back hurts. I am fed up of taking painkillers, it's been about two months now. I may have to return to the medicin and agree to physioterrorismsad

iZombie Mon 25-Mar-13 10:03:10

Forgot to say:

<Allo Allo mode>

Listen vairy carefully, I shall say zis only vunce: 'tis I, LMF wink

</Allo Allo mode>

jigglebum Mon 25-Mar-13 10:46:25

northernthat does indeed sound traumatic!

I think our easter plans are very likely to change. For the last 2 easters we have been camping(we have an old trailer tent). Last year we camped locally and freya and I came home in the evenings as it was cold but we had 3 sunny days. The year before we had beautiful shorts and tshirts weather in the lakes. On the one nice day a few weeks ago we booked a site in devon - unless it warms up dramatically this week (highly unlikely) we wont be going. Which is a shame as would be good to have a break and we had to pay upfront so will lose the money.

I tend to keep mine in cots as long as possible (ie till they climb out). DS only went into a bed at 2 and a half,but our cot doesn't convert so it is into a proper bed.

We took ds to the skate park yesterday for the first time (he is 4) on his balance bike - he loved it.We went early sunday morning so it was not full of teenagers and he only went on the little slopes but actually it is really nice as the bigger kids are very accepting of the little ones being there - the kids round here are generally pretty nice and failry innocent. I then took him to the cinema in the afternoon to see The croods. Again first time he has been so he was very excited, though ended up sitting on my lap as he got a bit scared at one point. (It is a good film and not at all scary really but he is a bit sensitive!)

SevenReasonsToSmile Mon 25-Mar-13 13:57:20

queen you're brave, I think DD would be out of her bed within seconds!

jiggle sounds like a lovely day.

A divorce party does indeed sound truly hideous. I thought congratulations on your divorce cards were bad enough!

We bought carpet for the baby's room yesterday. DH will fit it on weds and build the new furniture in there, so exciting. Worktops for the new kitchen are arriving this afternoon so we're slowly getting there.

I'm having a wobble about being a mum of 3! Someone please reassure me I'll cope with a crazy 17mo who still doesn't bloody sleep and a newborn!

QueenofClean Mon 25-Mar-13 15:05:02

We survived the whole night in bed. Sky got up & started trashing playing in her room at 7am smile

iZombie Mon 25-Mar-13 15:47:48

Two to three is easier than one to two Seven. You already know the drill, you know how more than one works and you already have enough cunning contingency plans to suit most circumstances. 'twill be finegrin

Aethelfleda Mon 25-Mar-13 17:06:13

Yep, three is - how do I put it- "endless fun", but as Zombie says, the juggling has been done before so it's not too much of a stretch, you just have to lower your standards a little smile you'll be fine smile
The seventeen month gap thing I can't advise on really as there is 23 mothhs between my big two, but I expect that (like with any new baby) it will Be damn hard work for the first four-six months and then get a lot easier. Hope that doesn't sound too doom-monger!

<passes around tea and coffee in big mugs laced with pro-plus>

iZombie Mon 25-Mar-13 17:26:15

I just made fairy buns, anyone want one?

OiMissus Mon 25-Mar-13 19:01:01

Oh yes please. Throw one thisaway!

Aethelfleda Mon 25-Mar-13 19:53:45

<opens mouth to catch a fairy bun>

OiMissus Mon 25-Mar-13 19:58:03

There's no way BOi could sleep in an open bed. He's constantly twirling about, he'd be bouncing off the floor in no time.
But in positive bedtime news, he slept through last night!

OiMissus Mon 25-Mar-13 20:04:36

I'm not sure about our Easter plans. DH has been asked to work on Good Friday, so I may work from home too and swap my day off - we're paying for the cm so we may as well use her. However, if the weather is nice, I may be tempted to climb Rivington Pike with him. (A tradition, the whole town and round-abouts climb the hill, from religious background - as Jeebers climbed the hill carrying a cross. Hundreds still turn out every year for the burger vans and candy floss stalls at the top.) it'll be hard going with him, -it's a big hill - but I think he could do it, and we'd get close to the new lambs, which he'll love.

OiMissus Mon 25-Mar-13 20:07:21

Obviously, I don't think Jeebers climbed our particular hill,...

I've just booked a mini break - 2 nights in a boutique b&b on the welsh coast in May. grin

I really do hope DS gets over this 5.40 waking nonsense <props eyelids>

DP sent a pic of him in the chair at home, and my baby is no more, he looks such a little boy now it's weird; I've only just gotten my head around the fact that I have a baby without now having to get my head around having a boy-child!
Still jealous of his apparent preference for DP, but he gets longer with him each day... sad

The party will indeed be tacky; it's her second divorce, and she did this last time too when she just had one kid. Second husband was gay and has multiple addiction issues as well not suitable, so now there are three kids also having fun... She has ishoos too, so am not judging at all, it's just sad.

Having three sounds great seven, and you'll love it! And your DS sounds such a sweetie, I can really picture you at the skate park and cinema smile

That sounds like a lovely plan Oi, I'd go for it.

Will be catching up with a friend who's TTC #1 at the moment, hope she's got good news...

iZombie Mon 25-Mar-13 20:39:07

You can grab a bun from my profilegrin

iZombie Mon 25-Mar-13 20:58:08

Right, have shoved a few pictures up. Buns and evil children. Night all!

QueenofClean Mon 25-Mar-13 21:08:43

Mmmm fairy buns.

Oi that sounds like a trek n half!

We have decided to put TTC off now for a few months as we don't want another Xmas/new year baby and don't want another Easter baby so going to wait to TTC a summer baby. Hopefully won't take as long as it has this last few months sad

Aaaaaaaaaaaaah! So cute iZombie, so cute! Will wait and show DP the pizza one, he'll love it grin

Aethelfleda Mon 25-Mar-13 21:55:16

Hey queenie, what's the betting you accidentally fall pg next month?!


QueenofClean Mon 25-Mar-13 22:03:51

Aethel it's bound to happen to us lol

OiMissus Tue 26-Mar-13 07:53:09

I need to ttc whilst my body still remembers how it's done. I daren't wait.

mopsytop Tue 26-Mar-13 08:37:44

yo ladeez. Chuck me a few of those buns iZombie. Nom.

Oi and Queen, thinking of TTC soon also but might wait until May. Can't face the horror of being pregnant again though so keep putting it off. Ugh the migraines. Yuck.

Xiaoxiong Tue 26-Mar-13 09:29:20

Flat on my back in bed after an afternoon and night of vomiting (me not DS). Thought at first it might be pg related but now sure it is a stomach bug. Thank goodness DH is on holiday and has totally taken over.

SevenReasonsToSmile Tue 26-Mar-13 09:53:54

xiao hope you feel better soon.

Thanks izombie and aethel, my standards are low already though! I found going from 1 to 2 pretty easy tbh, though it probably helps DS is such a usually lovely well behaved child grin. My main concerns are just with DD being so young still, I had lovely visions of them playing together and growing up close, but now realise i slightly overlooked the newborn phase of zero sleep and probably lots of jealousy, and hopefully not climbing in the Moses basket. Plus she has a habit of poking her doll in the eyes hmm. On a positive note she slept until 6am for the first time in weeks!

mopsytop Tue 26-Mar-13 12:07:26

Oh no! Poor you Xiao - hope you feel better soon.

Minimopsy is finally back to herself. Phew. Can take her to nursery shortly and get on with article revisions which are well overdue. So nice to have viva over and be able to do some work without a feeling of impending doom!

Xiaoxiong Tue 26-Mar-13 18:46:17

Thanks all. A whole day in bed, some homemade-by-DH chicken broth and tea have stayed down. I may move on to some plain tortilla chips for dinner...

DH took DS to his music group and somehow managed to get chicken casserole for lunch and salmon and potatoes for dinner down his throat while plying me with restorative ice lollies, doing laundry and tidying the house. He is simply the best.

I can hear him in the bathroom laughing his head off teaching DS to sing "it's getting better all the time" and DS singing "beta, beta, bettaaaaahhhh" back at him!

QueenofClean Tue 26-Mar-13 18:53:18

Xiao hope you feel better soon.

I've got in from work to both girls in bed. A lovely hot bath run with candles lot and relaxing music in background. I have the best hubby grin

OiMissus Tue 26-Mar-13 21:17:15

Sorry to hear you're feeling rough xiao. But good to hear your DH is a star.
Glad that minimopsy is better!
And that Queenie's DH is also a star!
BOi saw the nice nurse lady today who said: keep on with the diprobase, use some hydrocortisone sparingly, but above all, stop using fabric conditioner -- especially your newly purchased Lenor-- for it is the root of all evol skin conditions.
Am now off to start batch washing the BOi's clothes. Lenor going in the bin. (If it does that to his skin, it can't be doing much good to ours, even if not so noticeable.)

Figgygal Tue 26-Mar-13 21:48:44

Im Lurking away here busy with my mum visiting its so bloody cold!!! Ooh am off to London town tomorrow to see wicked matinee and maybe the bodyguard in evening if can get tickets....,such a musical whore grin

Picked up my new car today it's all very sensible

mopsytop Tue 26-Mar-13 22:11:55

I love a sensible car figgy! Generally means a reliable car. With a baby in tow that's exactly what you need!

SevenReasonsToSmile Tue 26-Mar-13 23:08:52

oi keep the lid from the lenor, if you use half a capful of white vinegar instead it does the same job of keeping clothes soft without the nasty chemicals. And I promise the clothes don't smell of vinegar when they come out.

queen DH certainly sounds like a star, any reason he's behaving so well?!

xiao glad you're feeling a little better, being ill and pregnant sucks. Am I right thinking you must have your 12 week scan soon?

Aethelfleda Wed 27-Mar-13 07:58:35


<passes around the XL lattes and lumberjack-dec11-mugs of tea>

My word! What's that! Is it.....the SUN??!?!?!


mopsytop Wed 27-Mar-13 08:37:46

Sun? What's that? It's snowing AGAIN here. On top of all the other snow that hasn't even melted yet. Gah.

iZombie Wed 27-Mar-13 09:11:35

Oi dryer balls! They're one of the few pieces of tat that JML sell that actually work. They beat the crap out of your laundry in the tumbler which helps to soften it. Combines with the vinegar trick you'll not notice the difference in softnesssmile I advise lowering the amount of wash product you use too. The doses given are very generous. If you use powder you can halve it without too much issuesmile

<snags a mahoosive latte and falls over>

QueenofClean Wed 27-Mar-13 12:16:51

Seven DH has been brilliant since we had our heart 2 heart end of 2012/beginning of 2013. He know's I've been feeling low/stressed/depressed about Darcie's behaviour - 3yrs and it's taking its toll on me now sad he helps out a lot more around the house and got this week off work and done loads with the girls as I've been working.

What can I put in my tumble dryer that makes me washing still smell clean and fresh of comfort and not just dried clothes!

Xiaoxiong Wed 27-Mar-13 14:42:39

Queen on a full load of laundry, we use 1/2 cap persil small & mighty and 1/2 scoop soda crystals. Then into dryer with dryer balls. Washing is soft and smells lovely to me but I suppose if you're used to strong fragrances it won't smell "clean" to you. Glad your DH is being brilliant and communication works smile

Feeling better and back at work today (still sticking to cream crackers for safety), though nothing to do so I'm just mucking about online reading food blogs, organizing my leaving drinks and composing an email to send round to my department that carefully walks the line between telling people where I'm going, and self-promotion/aggrandizement. Surprisingly difficult...

Xiaoxiong Wed 27-Mar-13 15:56:13

Oh and yes seven my scan is next Tuesday - can't believe it's 12 weeks already, though I look about 5 months pregnant at the moment hmm Do you show a lot quicker the second time around, or am I just hitting the tortilla chips a lot harder than usual??

Oh and if you don't want to buy special dryer balls I've been assured a couple of tennis balls will work just as well.

QueenofClean Wed 27-Mar-13 16:16:24

Thanks Xiao. Glad your feeling a little better. I showed straight away when pregnant with Sky.

GaryBuseysTeeth Wed 27-Mar-13 16:26:44

Xiao, I've put on less weight but was showing earlier with this one (wasn't in maternity stuff properly until 28wks with DS, have been in trousers since 12wks).

I can vouch for the tennis balls Queen, but they're bloody noisy!
I dilute our fabric softner but we still get the scent.
Good luck for when you start TTC again.

Figgy, hurrah for car! Bigger hurrah for a Musical day...we were looking at seeing Book of Mormon this weekend but at £73 each for a rubbish seat they can do one, will wait until DH gets a 2 for 1 offer through work <cheapskate>

Oi, I have sensitive skin and it's only in the last 10 or so years I've been able to 'cope' with fabric softner, so fingers crossed BOi grows out of it!

Had 20wk scan today, tis a boy! Now we just have 20wks to argue about names grin

QueenofClean Wed 27-Mar-13 19:09:30

Gary congrats on having another boy smile

SevenReasonsToSmile Wed 27-Mar-13 21:22:13

gary congrats on another boy, I think it's nicer to have them the same sex with a small gap tbh, I'm hoping my girls will grow up close. I'm not close at all to my sister, I always assumed its because she's 8 years older than me.

xiao you definitely show earlier with the second, I was in maternity jeans at 8 weeks with Eva. By the time you have the third you reach the size of a whale even though I've still somehow only gained 9lbs hmm

Aethelfleda Wed 27-Mar-13 21:53:32

OOh congrats gary! Save the arguments, call the sproglet Morten and maybe he will take after Mr Harket and grow up with "those" cheekbones <swoon>

Glad to hear your DH is being helpful and supportive queenie, bung him a small <tribble> for effort.

Today I have varnished our preloved folding table, painted the front door (well, coat one anyway as DS woke up at an inopportune moment) and sewed a completely insane loverly Easter Pirate Bandana. dD1 informed me that Easter bonnets were far too girly so hers had to be a Pirate one Attagirl.

iZombie Wed 27-Mar-13 22:54:53

That girl will go far Aethel. Has she read The Night Pirates?

Congratulations on your news Gary smile

Figgygal Thu 28-Mar-13 08:50:36

Gbt another boy lovely grin I wanted a girl desperately before having DS but now if we do have another strangely I want another boy.

Wicked and jersey boys both good jersey boys much better than expected even had Jon from S club 7 as Frankie valli and he was amazing. Had wanted to see the bodyguard but with u on the cheapskateness they wanted £66 for upper circle tickets NO WAY!! Gonna wait for later in year,

Day of shopping ahead before train back to Bristol dh sent me a pic of DS eating his breakfast all smiles ......am not a sentimental type but can't wait to see him grin

OiMissus Thu 28-Mar-13 20:08:32

Congratulations Gary! There's something very lovely about boys. I really can't decide what I want next. All my life I've wanted one of each, but now I'm loving the boys! Which I think means, that I'll be overjoyed whatever the sex.
We aren't going to find out next time. ...If there is a next time. There are no chickens being counted here!
It's bloody rotten that the weather is so awful. 4 days with my boy could've been spent running up hills and around parks and in the garden, but I think we'll be indoors for the most part. We'll see.

BJR Thu 28-Mar-13 20:12:59

congrats on boy number 2 Gary! and seven can't believe how fast it's all gone.

Things are no better here. DP and I have been civil but not really talking all week. Thought I would make some effort tonight and had got stuff to make a nice dinner so we could spend some time together and try and talk about everything properly.

Apparently he doesn't want to sit at a shity table with me and eat some shity steak. Also had a go at me as DS wasn't asleep by 7. So much for my plan of a nice evening.

Talked to some friends in real life who have been supportive. Looked at a practical stuff and I think biggest hurdle is going to be finding somewhere to live as I will need to claim a bit of housing benefit to top up my salary and most letting agents won't let to people on housing benefit. Grr, I'm sure there will be some way round it, I just have to keep looking.

iZombie Thu 28-Mar-13 20:27:55

BJR if you have a job and are just getting a top up I think you'll be looked upon reasonably favourably. It's full HB that they are wary of as a lot of landlord insurance premiums are greatly increased in the landlord accepts 'social' tenants. If you have a family member willing to act as a guarantor you could be in with a decent enough chance. Much luck to you. Separating with children in the mix is never easysad

Aethelfleda Thu 28-Mar-13 22:16:19

(((((hug))))) BJR. shame he couldn't sit down like a mature adult and communicate. Sorry to hear that, I hope you can work something practical out soon.

<passes quick-acting intranasal caffiene sprays around for the morning>