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December 2012 - Smiles all round!

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And the one where Spotty's gang gets some sleep wink

I was just coming on to think of a witty name for the new thread! Thanks spotty

Oh sorry I'm not very good at witty blush

halesball Fri 01-Feb-13 20:43:16

Thanks Spotty, Kafri i really hope that your LO turns a corner for you soon.

IsThatTrue Fri 01-Feb-13 20:45:49

Ah new thread thanks spotty glad you're getting 5minutes peace. Ds2 is much better at night too even though he wakes every 2 hrs he goes straight back to sleep. Oh and we're down to under 10 minute feeds although my boobs feel pretty empty tbh. As long as you get lots of wet and dirty nappies try not to worry.

WL yeah puke down your cleavage isn't fun is it, I try and wear round neck tops so it doesn't happen so much but sometimes forget.

Well I'm feeling a lot better but still having to dose up or my temp spikes again.

JoJoB77 Fri 01-Feb-13 21:03:31

Marking place. I will be back to update properly and to give my labour details blushgrin

ISpyPlumPie Fri 01-Feb-13 21:18:53

Marking my place.

pmgkt Fri 01-Feb-13 21:24:54

Marking space

EggsMichelle Fri 01-Feb-13 21:28:06

Thanks Spotty, I can never think of witty thread names! F is in bed, bottles cleaned, gaviscon made up for tomorrow and 3oz expressed, I'm off to bed!

Clarella Fri 01-Feb-13 21:31:59

lol and yuck wl!

god here's hoping mummy smiles form more sleep!

thanks for the colief advice hales we've a few oral syringes we're going to use but I might move to spoon for night time feeds. really hoping its going to help!! I've noticed he's bumping better but didnt think it was for getting wind up as much as out the other end? <hopesandprays>

also if feeding lo that way is working better just stick with it. use your instinct as to how full your breasts feel - George likes to feed for 1-2 hours in the elves now and so I don't keep to the 3 hour rule I'm following as strictly then. basically the colicky stuff if due to them wading through buckets of foremilk and not enough hind milk so leaving a breast alone for a while longer signals via hormones to produce a little less milk plus lo gets to the fattier less gassy milk by staying with the same breast. there's a hot tap analogy - if you run a tap it takes a whileto get to the hot water. if it's recently been used you get to it more quickly iykwim

also, I never knew to bump supply up, you just eat porridge smile (I eat a lot!! but not stopping)

WLmum Fri 01-Feb-13 21:33:05

Having conquered the cot (well for one night) I'm now trying to bring bed time forward from 11pm. Am camped out in bed already with dd on the boob - she normally does boob/doze/boob/doze downstairs so hoping we can just go boob/sleep/cot!! Who am I kidding?! I did actually miss her being in my bed last night and woke with a fright when I was on my back with the duvet pulled up, but do feel it's best she sleeps in her cot for lots of reasons, not least because I can't see to the other 2 while co-sleeping which is a bit of a problem!

Ladies the dry lips could be a sign of dehydration - bfing takes loads of fluids plus body getting back to 'normal' means losing the excess fluid created during pg, plus of course cold windy weather and central heating As well as lip balm etc, drink drink drink!

Clarella Fri 01-Feb-13 21:33:16

kafri that sounds hard. hope lo is ok soon

WLmum Fri 01-Feb-13 21:33:47

Glad to hear it Brooke

WLmum Fri 01-Feb-13 21:36:11

Porridge? Really? Will eat a bowl every morning for the next week and report back

Clarella Fri 01-Feb-13 21:39:58

yup though I think it needs to be good stuff or even oatmeal (can def get in sainsburies - mornflake brand) I used to eat loads of oatmeal but went off it in pregnancy and our new microwave explodes it so on normal stuff now. do a little Google and it comes up everywhere!

Clarella Fri 01-Feb-13 21:42:18

great news Brooke!

doddelan Fri 01-Feb-13 21:42:53

Not posted before but had to reply to Stacks re how to feed comfortably at night. Feeding lying down has been a revelation - its so comfortable and my little one seems ot have really good relaxed feeds in this position. Hope it helps

itsMYNutella Fri 01-Feb-13 21:44:39

Thanks for the new thread Spotty... I got my first proper smile from DStoday so I think your thread title is perfect.

In case anyone feels like updating the stats list here it is.

Clarella Interesting tip about porridge. It's my favourite breakfast if DP has the urge to make it for me while I'm feeding T.

MaMaPo Fri 01-Feb-13 21:55:25

I recommend stove top porridge with dried cranberry, topped with desiccated coconut and maple syrup. Mmmm.

Secondsop Fri 01-Feb-13 22:12:24

Marking my place.

Porridge thing is interesting - before someone told me about oats, the snack I suddenly couldn't stop eating right at the end of pregnancy and took to the hospital and ate thereafter was oatcakes, with peanut butter.

Clarella Fri 01-Feb-13 22:16:43

mmm mama!

mine is made with water, natural yogurt, cinnamon and honey on top plus dried apricots (put them in when cooking to make em juicy) sometimes I add cocoa before the yogurt and it mixes with it to make a sort of chocolate sauce. smile

I've trained dh to make mine too grin

halesball Fri 01-Feb-13 22:20:59

Stacks i second doddelan feeding lying down is really comfortable of a night.

Thank you Clarella, i panicked then i've been doing it for over a week now and H seems to have starting sleeping longer in both the day and night.

I think it's oats in general which are good for producing milk someone on a board I'm on is exclusively eating hobnobs I'm drinking oat milk which seems to be doing good.
Porridge is only really good when made on the top of an aga so I go to my mums and she makes it for me!

itsMYNutella Fri 01-Feb-13 22:36:45

Honey I can imagine aga top porridge is pretty awesome. I make mine really slowly over a low heat -with water usually.
DP likes it with banana sliced into the bottom of the bowl, then the porridge and then golden syrup on top. Hmmm porridge..... grin

My mum does it on the Aga with water, thickens it up then puts it in the bottom oven of the Aga while she gets up and has her shower the back on the hot plate with a splash of milk - makes it thick and creamy but without lots of fat. Then honey on top. Greek honey is best

FriendofDorothy Fri 01-Feb-13 23:17:37

Checking in smile

Stacks Sat 02-Feb-13 00:03:15

Checking in.

I used to feed while laying down, but T didn't have a good latch that way. He's now nearly 5 weeks older, so might be worth trying again now.

Eugh porridge grin

Well ds just did three hours and dp is doing the next one smile

halesball Sat 02-Feb-13 00:56:35

Well i feel stupid after being thrilled that H seemed to be settling down and sleeping better, tonight she is refusing to sleep. Hope its a one off.

MaMaPo Sat 02-Feb-13 02:31:28

Whoever said things get easier after 6 or 8 weeks was full of shit. She took forever to fall asleep, woke up at 1 with poosplosion, fed for 30 mins, wouldn't settle and is feeding again. I am really over this, especially when my husband is snoring next to me.

PurplePidjin Sat 02-Feb-13 02:55:12

Signing in

EggsMichelle Sat 02-Feb-13 03:18:35

Mamapo, F has decided that he only needed a couple of good nights sleep, and is back to playing silly buggers. He had a 6oz bottle at 12, demanded boob after polishing that off and only slept 00.45-3. Now he has fallen asleep already, I sense we are going to have fun and games.

I'm loving all the porridge talk, I make it 50/50 milk and water with raisins and chocolate spread mixed in, very yummy!

Tmi warning... The old hemroid is playing up, I actually don't want to eat it hurts that much sad started to develop a fear of going to the toilet.

Morning all, sorry so many are havibg a bad night. think we're in the midst of a growth spurt here, has screamed for food every 2 hours all day.

michelle I think if its that bad it might be time for a trip to the docs to see what they suggest. Also drink tons of water and maybe try some lactulosr to keep everything soft and moving. The last thing you want is a few days of poo at once.

itsMYNutella Sat 02-Feb-13 03:46:17

T slept 00:30-04:00 3 and 1/2 hours lovely sleep... Hoping he finishes feeding and goes back down for at least another 3 smile

eggs I have the same problem confused thought it was much better and then ... Well ouch. blush

itsMYNutella Sat 02-Feb-13 03:47:25

I'm an hour ahead, not time illiterate... Honest! grin

WLmum Sat 02-Feb-13 04:01:10

Haha nutella!

Operation earlier bedtime didn't really go so well! She was just awake and I was really tired to decided to lay down with her - we fell asleep, no idea what time - (probably 10/10.30) it was but DH came in and put her in her cot where she stayed til 3.45! A 5 hour stretch! She didn't sleep that much/well yesterday in the day but I don't believe that at this stage less day sleep equals more night sleep. Fx for some sleep after this feed. I am starting to feel the tiredness more keenly - I guess it's the magic birth hormones wearing off.

Tmi warning - I stopped bleeding a week or so ago but am still getting that lochia smell - anyone else?

EggsMichelle Sat 02-Feb-13 04:13:43

Nutella I had to double check the time, took me a good few seconds to remember your time difference!

I was right, a night of silly buggers it is! He was down for 35mins before awake and screaming.

Thanks for the advice, unfortunately I am already swigging lactulose like its water, and dr prescribed me some cream. Going back to dr next Friday to have coil fitted, they can take a look whilst they are down there!

WLmum Sat 02-Feb-13 04:22:36

Oh dear, she normally has both boobs and has gone back to sleep after only one. Hope this doesn't mean she'll be up again soon, or that I'm going to have a ginormous painful boob

WLmum Sat 02-Feb-13 04:33:58

And here she is! Woke herself up with a puke and then me moving her so she wasn't laying with her face in it! Take 2.

Well ds won't settle now and dp has pissed me off. His turn to feed him but I have to wake him up to do it so I'm already wide awake then all I can hear is him sighing and he is really tough with ds. Then he just plonks him in his Moses after winding him no cuddles or anything and gets into bed. Ds isn't settling so I start to rock him but then stop be starts moaning so I leave it and eventually dp gets up and starts furiously rocking him so much I tell him to slow it down, which obviously annoys him. Then ds starts moaning/almost crying I turn over to see dp playing on his phone just rocking him still! So I end up picking him up and having cuddles. I've just put him back down but he's wide awake sad there's no point dp doing a feed if I'm not going to get anymore sleep!

Sorry for the rant blush he's really annoying me atm

FriendofDorothy Sat 02-Feb-13 04:50:40

Michelle I had terrible piles s few years ago. The only thing that worked for me was Anusol suppositories plus the ointment and just persisting with it.

WLmum Sat 02-Feb-13 04:51:43

Sorry to hear that spotty. That's one of the reasons I don't get dp involved at night - he was always so crap and made it all such hard work, just like you I'd be awake anyway and pissed off so unable to get back to sleep! Doesn't help you much but just thought you might like to know it's not just your dp! Would he listen if you had a calm day time chat about it?

MyDaydream Sat 02-Feb-13 04:53:16

Thanks for the porridge tip, I've really noticed my supply is reducing recently and really want to get it back. I'm trying to re-establish bfing too so plan to spend as much of the weekend as possible encouraging little feeds while having squishy cuddles. DP can do all the hard work.
Spotty, I really feel for you I'd be annoyed and ranty too. I stopped DP doing the night feeds because I wasn't getting any extra sleep and he was pissing me off because I'd have to wake him up, get the bottle and change Elijah because he didn't think to do it. He does the last one of the night on a weekebd now and I go to bed much earlier.

Probably not! I've mentioned it before and he said ' lm just tired' as if that excuses it hmm

Luckily I have boobs and have just fed ds to sleep grin

Hmm thanks I think I might have to save him doing a night feed for when I'm really exhausted! Glad I'm not the only one!

WLmum Sat 02-Feb-13 05:06:41

And there were 3 in the bed...

EggsMichelle Sat 02-Feb-13 05:11:17

And we are up! I'd rather be sat on the sofa with the TV than uncomfortable sat up in bed. He normally falls back asleep and goes down in his chair.

DH was doing night needs when F was just a couple of weeks old and wouldn't sleep in the bedroom, but now if he wakes when I'm feeding he will do the changing.

MaMaPo Sat 02-Feb-13 05:18:39

The problem with my husband doing any night feeds is that he sleeps so deeply, she is furiously hungry by the time the bottle is ready. The one time this happened she had to go on the breast briefly first and I had to settle her anyway. Not worth the hassle.

Clarella Sat 02-Feb-13 06:14:54

mama same here. we're at our wits end. he just can't seem to lie down - starts throat clearing and grunting and gets slowly more het up. he'll sleep on my shoulder if Im quick enough but cast even sleep jn my arms. la l l were suggesting bed sharing etc but we are and he's not a baby who has to be on me or with me all day. he's now in a state with dh as I tried ti see if he'd settle on his back. we've a bedside cot. what ddoes your lo do? he only starts crying when he's waking up from the grunting and is in a fettle. all this has increased since he turned 6 weeks. we got an hour of sleep between 11 and 12 sad

I think colief has helped the bottom end and got burps up quickly but something else is going on. isn't sick but seems to act as if choking.

Clarella Sat 02-Feb-13 06:15:47

he sleeps in his swing..... shall we try it?????

utopian99 Sat 02-Feb-13 06:18:32

I'm another that doesn't bother asking dh to do night feeds; think bottle warming would be too much faff and O would be awake and upset by the time things were ready, plus he's not dead keen on the bottle yet. What dh is great at it doing late evening and early walking/bouncing/nappy when not hungry, which often gives me an hour either side of the midnight-7am slot.

Wlmum YUK but also DITTO! Thinking of inventing little paper throwaway bra cleavage scoops, so once lo fills them with cottage cheese spew I can whip it out and too another in! hmm

Clarella belated happy birthday! flowers also on dry lips front, eight hour cream solves EVERYTHING. Not cheap but lasts forever so worth the price when you think about it.

Lots to report today; went to baby massage in the morning which was fun. Reported back to my nct lot, so hoping some of them might come next week..

Went to our local Manc sling meet who gave me some pointers on the flex wrap and i love it even more now. Also had a play with a ring sling, which i actually went off a bit in comparison, and a woven wrapwhich i rather enjoyed. It was rather beautiful too but my word I didn't realise how expensive those things can get! shock

Went to this friend's 30th and had a lovely time. Dh went zipping about with Oz for the first hour or so and all our friends loved him - he got loads of passing around which i think is good to get him used to social scenarios, and i managed to keep him feed and happy so no crying all evening! Everyone said how chilled and gorgeous he was so I am now ghastly smug mummy. grin

Interestingly party was from 8pm- 2.40am (when we left,) and he followed exactly the sleep pattern he does at home, so was happily asleep on me by the time we left, music notwithstanding. As people got more pissed i did have a bit of a pfb moment about one of our friends holding him but just hovered about and soon got him back around 11.30 for feeds and then he chilled with me after that and we wandered about together. Put him in his hammock when we got home and he has slept till 5.30 as per, quick feed/change and now asleep on my lap again, sweet little thing. V happy tonight.
(also as dh gets more pissed he gets more and more loved up which is always rather nice, and vain that i am i quite enjoyed the chance to dress up in 'proper' clothes. The chap who was our best man has declared that i am now officially the first real life milf he knows, hehe.)

Clarella Sat 02-Feb-13 06:18:42

piles - there is a super strong one called proctesedly suppositories and cream, sorts them in a week

utopian99 Sat 02-Feb-13 06:24:00

Sorry, that probably went on forever and is overly mememe in a happy way but wanted to share as there were some days at the start when I really felt that my life was gone for good and this small needy parasite had taken away my husband, social life, looks and generally clobbered everything i used to enjoy. (hormones/baby blues in a big way, esp late at night.) Now we're 5 weeks in i'm getting more used to it and adapting so as to get back the bits i enjoyed from our old life, albeit modified to take O into account and I'm actually really happy, so just wanted to share.

Will now shut my silly face and attempt LO-hammock-insertion!

utopian99 Sat 02-Feb-13 06:25:17

Separate note, Clarella good pile tip! Will go on the hunt for that, sick of mine taking their time to sod off..

IsThatTrue Sat 02-Feb-13 06:43:34

utopian that sounds like a lovely evening! smile

Well ds2 just woke himself up by puking all over the bed (we'd been feed sleeping) it came out of his nose poor little thing. He's been up most of the night tonight, I think he's prob got a degree of whatever virus I have though so I won't hold it against him! smile

spotty with dd and ds1 I expected XH to help at night and was very angry that he was useless, my input was always needed I cried about it a lot, and built up a lot of resentment. But when pg with ds2 I mentally prepared myself for doing everything alone as DH had never even seen a newborn before ds2 was born. I think this has helped majorly as anything he does do is a bonus. I'm not saying that this will help everyone and obviously a lot of people wouldn't be happy with the division of feeds/changes etc we have (DH has changed ds2 twice and dressed him once and he's 8 weeks old). But to me lowering my expectations has really helped me cope sorry to ramble!

Barbeasty Sat 02-Feb-13 07:21:51

Marking my place.

Waitrose bottom butter is good for nappy rash, and really good for grown up dry skin too. Wouldn't use it on my lips though! I second burts bees for that.

I popped over to see MIL yesterday, and she tickled A under his chin. Next thing I know he gags a few times and then sick just poured from his mouth in a scene worthy of the exorcist! All over me, not.MIL.

halesball Sat 02-Feb-13 07:32:43

Sorry for everyones bad night, H went to sleep at 4 woke up at 6 and has just gone back down now. Why is the sleep always worse when you have plans for the next day? I have a awful migrainey type headache, which i'm praying doesn't turn into a migraine as i'm not allowed my tablets due to BF.

Spotty sorry about your DP men just don't get it.

Utopian i'm glad you had a good night out.

EggsMichelle Sat 02-Feb-13 08:29:08

Hales have you got any ebm or ff to give when you have a migraine? My migraines never last longer than 12hrs and either respond to paracetamol and ibuprofen or I'm sick, so never needed migraine meds.

Piles - I have scheriproct, which numbs as well as anti inflammatory, which I have only worked out today, so think I'll be using it a bit more frequently and fx I will feel less anxious.

WLmum Sat 02-Feb-13 08:57:46

Just about to eat a bowl of porridge! Fenugreek tablets are great for milk supply - take 3 tablets 3 times a day until you smell like maple syrup! It really worked for me.

WLmum Sat 02-Feb-13 09:02:32

Glad to hear you had such a good time utopian it is important to get you need as well as making sure everyone else gets what they need. We always leave our own needs til last and that's not always healthy. You are an inspiration!

Stacks Sat 02-Feb-13 09:32:40

A quick WWYD - my brother and his girlfriend are both deaf with mild learning difficulties, but capable of living unsupported (almost, apart from regularly borrowing money as they have no food and no money). They're also having a baby (she's just gone into labour). Their flat is a mess. Social services are involved, and will hopefully support them on being parents, however, my dad said yesterday social services are vein 'obstructive'. The question is, if social services take the baby into care, would you step in and take care of it? My DH is against it.

PurplePidjin Sat 02-Feb-13 09:48:35

I probably would if i could, Stacks, but there'll be a long way to go before it gets to that - carers, home help etc. I get the job email from a local nanny agency and one job is for 2 live in nannies to support a mum with cp (don't know if that's SS or privately funded though). Maybe you could offer to take the baby for a few hours respite? Sling one, pushchair the other and go to the park.

Congratulations on becoming an Auntie thanks

FriendofDorothy Sat 02-Feb-13 09:53:48

I probably would too Stacks.

Hard decision though.

itsMYNutella Sat 02-Feb-13 10:00:36

stacks that's a really hard one. First off, if they have the right to get pregnant they surely have the right to raise that child IMHO. Surely before any decision is made about taking the child away their ability should be assessed... But as to getting involved... Gosh that's really hard, I hope the decision is a long way off or never needed.

hales a friend who had regular migraines found fennel tea throughout pregnancy and BF kept them away. I drink a lot of fennel tea and another one which is fennel cumin and something else which is supposed to be good for digestion and avoiding trapped wind... confused Not convinced it works. But I haven't had any headaches wink

Stacks I would like to say I would but as others have said there's surely a long way to go before it gets to that? Hopefully it won't happen

Stacks Sat 02-Feb-13 10:16:54

I've spent the last 6 months telling myself social services aren't just bad guys - they help plenty of parents be parents. We had social services involved throughout our childhood and they never took us away. All the worry has come back now she's in labour though. The problem is I'm on Scotland and they're in London, otherwise I'd go down the supporting route.
My brother loves children and has done since he was little. He's always been drawn to children younger than himself and talked about havin a baby of his own. However he's not good with reality and has no idea that a baby is hard work. He also has anger issues (SS have sent him on a anger management course) and has no idea at all how to manage money. He gets a fortune in benefits, but they're gone within a day or two, and need to last him 2-4 weeks. Sigh. As long as he works with social services and isn't obstructive things should be ok. Unfortunately, he's an obstructive, sulky, 'the world is out to get me and its not fair' kinda guy.

On another note, we had quite a good night of sleep smile Going along to a local sling meet/real nappy/nearly new sale today. Hoping to pick up some second hand nappies and advice on slings.

IsThatTrue Sat 02-Feb-13 10:39:11

stacks personally I would but my DH would not. And I would have to respect his wishes. Unfortunately I could not risk my relationship and family dynamic for somebody else's baby.

My cousin had a ds (he 3rd dc, both older dd's live with their dads) about 3 months before I had ds2. Her ds has been taken by SS and were looking for him to live with family. I would love to give the poor boy a home, his sisters were luckier in that their dads were decent blokes and wanted to care for them, this poor babies dad went to prison a short time after he was born! I can't risk my marriage though. I am just having to comfort myself with the knowledge that he is a tiny baby and will be adopted really easily.

WLmum Sat 02-Feb-13 10:44:12

Oh stacks what a tricky situation. I would take the baby if I could but I appreciate that this is a really complex situation with lots of issues that I won't have considered.

WLmum Sat 02-Feb-13 10:50:33

How sad. Making me feel how lucky my family are. Makes me want to cry. Good news on the sleep, hope you get good slings and nappies. I love both!

PurplePidjin Sat 02-Feb-13 10:53:17

I would automatically take in dp's sister's children if needed. I can't imagine not, tbh.

utopian99 Sat 02-Feb-13 11:36:29

I would automatically if it was my brother's child, and if allowed so would my parents i should think, but obviously each situation is different and i know dh would understand in our case but i can't pretend to appreciate the nuances of yours..

Good luck at the sling meet, i went to our local one yesterday with a bunch of our nct group and got some good pointers..

MaMaPo Sat 02-Feb-13 11:51:34

That's tough, Stacks. I imagine if anything happened to my brother or sister my husband and I would seriously consider taking their kids. But this is a newborn, which is a bit different, as are the circumstances. I hope it works out for them.

So my laissez faire attitude towards napping yesterday seems to have backfired massively - that was the worst night in the MaPo house for weeks and weeks. She wouldn't go back to sleep after feeds which is completely unlike her. I feel like I was up every 45 minutes (and I probably was). Luckily it's Saturday and we have no plans - I got a 2 hour sleep this morning as my husband took her. I should try to nap again now but I am all awake and exhausted and a bit beside myself. Just chatted with my sister on Facebook and she said 'Wish I could come and babysit!'. God, me too. Bloody Australia being 17,000km away...

Bit pissed off with my husband too - got up and of course he hadn't cleared up the kitchen after dinner which he said he'd do. And then he gets miffed with me when I start doing it! I hate making breakfast in a messy kitchen. So he comes in to do it, does it all half-arsed... god, I am in such a bad mood today. I should switch off the internet and sit in a dark room for a while. maybe then I'd get some sleep

I know it's completely unreasonable of me but I really, really hate dp playing football and really resent him for it angrysad

mamapo I'm with you on the clearing up. I'm not the tidiest person on the world but I am clean. I'm ok with things being in a bit of a mess as long as spills are wiped up, counter tops are cleaned and pots are done or at least put in the dishwasher but DH seems unable to do this until I start trying to do it with baby under one arm, at which point I get 'I was going to do that'

spotty I don't think it is unreasonable - you spend all day every day doing your job of looking after your DCs and doesn't sound like you get much respite in the evenings and nights so wanting your dp to spend time with the family isn't being unreasonable, especially if he says its his way of winding down (is that what he said the other day?) He's got a newborn he's responsible for and when do you ever get to wind down?

He says I can go out if I want hmm but I obviously can't without ds! Although I'm tempted to so he knows what it's like with two. At least he took dd to the park this morning when I asked him to, it's really cold out there though!

MaMaPo Sat 02-Feb-13 12:44:30

Honey - exactly. So frustrating.

Do it spotty can you have some milk expressed ready and next time he's around say you're popping out for an hour or 2 and just leave him to it? <evil emoticon> or is that mean?

Actually my friend and I were talking about doing that and going to costa! It's ok for the men to say they're just popping out but we would have to give them prior warning. I might just say to him 'I have to pop out see you in a couple of hours there's milk in the freezer' and see how he copes mwahaha. I haven't left ds yet though blush

EggsMichelle Sat 02-Feb-13 13:09:53

We are trying to clean the house, bare minimum has been done since F was born, however F has decided he won't nap and hates being in the wrap, so all I've managed is Hoover and mop downstairs (dog has since shook his fur and DH walked through the house in trainers) now he is playing with my nipple and DH is attempting to clean dog shit off the patio.

ISpyPlumPie Sat 02-Feb-13 13:15:53

Stacks - it sounds like an incredibly tough situation, and I'd imagine it's even harder being geographically so far away. Is your dad a bit nearer so he can keep any eye on how things are going? As others have said, hopefully with the right SS suport they will be able to parent but should this not be possible and you do conclude that you would be in a position to step in, make sure SS are aware so there's no delay with assessments etc. I really hope it all works out.

Spotty - I know exactly how you feel. I used to get mightly pissed off when DH would complain he'd "done nothing" all weekend despite playing cricket all Saturday just because he'd got out early and hates fielding. He didn't realise how annoying it was that he was moaning about having a full day's leisure time when it still felt like a miltary operation for me to leave the house alone for a couple of hours. He didn't play as much last season (and knows better than to moan if they lose now!) I don't mind him having time to himself but a bit of appreciation that it wasn't as easy for me wouldn't have gone amiss.

Well, despite the boy only turning two months yesterday I've spent the morning unpacking and washing the 3-6 months clothes as his current wardrobe is becoming somewhat snugm

shock 3-6 months! Ds is 10 weeks Monday and 0-3 from most places drown him! He's a tiddler though grin

Making one pot chicken pilaf for dinner tonight yum!

EggsMichelle Sat 02-Feb-13 13:27:55

Stacks, my mil is a foster carer, and although she has a fantastic success rate, the children she receives will have been to some pretty terrible placement, and with the chances to adopt made impossible with beaurocricy (sp) I would take my siblings children in a heartbeat

Stacks Sat 02-Feb-13 14:04:27

My Dad is close by my brother (in London, but still 2hr drive) but he's going to be having major heart surgery soon. I'll have to go down and care for him after the surgery, then bring him up here for final recovery. My family is an awful lot of hard work and responsibility for me, and I think DH kind of resents it. He can't imagine himself in the same situation - I've tried saying "what if it was your sister" but his response is just that she wouldn't get in that situation in the first place. Same with my dad, and helping out family financially which I've been doing for years.

I just have to try and stay positive. I wish I had more faith in the care system and social services. There are some wonderful carers and social workers out there, but I think there's more awful ones sad

D is 14 weeks and just in his newborn clothes!

IsThatTrue Sat 02-Feb-13 15:20:15

Ds2 is 8weeks and has outgrown some newborn but not others (mainly sleep suits because of his long legs and big feet) 0-3 are a little roomy but he's not drowned by them.

He is not a happy bunny right now I think his tummy is hurting him. He's not sleeping well and keeps randomly high purged screaming. Only problem is usually I'd shove him in the sling and go for a walk but we're expecting a delivery and DH is out, and the sling indoors doesn't cut it apparantly!

I should know better than to watch one born every minute when I'm home alone...

FriendofDorothy Sat 02-Feb-13 17:24:59

I decided to put away all Edward's first size stuff. His sleepsuits were getting so small that when he lifted his arms up his toes curled!

D has decided to start fighting the infacol. I have infacol in my hair.

We've gone into 0-3m this week. J has big hands and feet and really long legs. He looked really cramped in his newborn stuff. Trying not to think about how big he's getting or I'll sob!

halesball Sat 02-Feb-13 19:16:58

Thank you for the migraine tips. I've tried everything for years to get rid of them and i'm on quite strong painkillers which change my personality when i take them, but do get rid of the pain. I haven't heard of the fennel tea tip one though, so will give it ago.

Stacks what a situation to be in, the only advice i can offer is that you can only do what you and your DH feel comfortable with. No matter what your brother will know how much you love and care for him and your new Niece/Nephew. Hopefully it won't go that far and your brother and SIL will get the support and help they need.

H is 8 weeks and is just starting to go into age 3-6months clothing but she is long 98th centile (not sure where she gets that from me and DH and families are small) it is causing some problems though. She no longer fits in her moses basket, and looks like she'll soon grow out of her car seat and also her bouncer, and also her pram.

EggsMichelle Sat 02-Feb-13 19:44:08

F fits a little too well into his 0-3, he is already too long for his snow suit, but is skinny so tops all hang off him (8wks). Looks like we are having another growth spurt, either glued to my now very sore nipples or screaming. Currently demonishing a 6oz bottle, think he will need more sad

utopian99 Sat 02-Feb-13 20:06:27

O is out of all his newborn stuff and well into some of the 0-3 at 5.5weeks..

utopian99 Sat 02-Feb-13 20:28:40

After feeling really happy about the way i looked for 5 weeks post birth (out at a friend's 30th, first time I've dressed up since he was born,) i weighed myself this morning and have put on 2.5lbs. Really pissed off and down- I can't get any real time to exercise because ds wakes up after 5 miss if I put him down in the day, sling walking only does so much, and none of the post natal exercise/dance groups will take me yet as I'm not 6 weeks. Dh says there's a big difference but i know i don't look the same as before yet. I really love ds and wouldn't resent him in any way but HOW do i get more exercise? And I'm bloody starving all the time.

utopian99 Sat 02-Feb-13 20:29:38

Bugger,.cross post, sorry. Just feeling sorry for myself.

WLmum Sat 02-Feb-13 20:33:42

T is 6.5 weeks and is outgrowing 0-3 month stuff!! I can't quite bring myself to put her in 3-6 months though. Poor little bunny was fussy and feeding like mad but clearly uncomfortable, just as I was coming down the stairs with her after putting big dds to bed she did the most massive cottage cheese puke. She was so much happier after - another bra/vest/jumper/carpet catcher for me though! Stupid reflux hurting my beautiful baby just makes me want to cry - in fact I am. I'm just nuzzling her head as she's now asleep on my shoulder. Got tons to do as DH is out at a gig (he'll piss me off for sure when he gets in drunk later, and when he feels sorry for his hungover self tom). I'll be taking all 3 dds to dd1s swimming lesson tom am to give him a lay in/break - also because the sight of him being hungover will probably want to make me kill him!

WLmum Sat 02-Feb-13 20:37:05

Only 1 more week til groups will take you utopian. I know how you feel, dd won't be put down in the day and I can't even walk fast when we're out as I mostly have dd2 with me. And because dd won't be put down it's really hard to make decent meals and not just eat biscuits. Hmmm

MaMaPo Sat 02-Feb-13 21:45:06

Do we need to instal the sobbing sofa again? I'll use it, if so. I really want a chat with my mum but stupid time difference - she's still asleep. Tense moments with my husband earlier - we are both finding it tough - but then he made us an amazing dinner. We're a really strong couple but today tested us! Plus, C is practically cluster feeding. Can't catch a break.

Utopian - dont worry too much about weight, you're still so early. And you have do much going on! If you felt good and looked good at the party, then hold onto that - much more meaningful than numbers in some scales.

utopian99 Sat 02-Feb-13 22:05:54

Thanks mamapo and Wlmum..the thing is i thought i looked good because dh said something unfished-for yesterday while we got ready, but not because anyone else did, and he's biased (and kind,) so might be not true. Plus when i asked outright if my face looked like it did pre-pg he couldn't say yes, and he's rubbish at outright lies. sad

Secondsop Sat 02-Feb-13 22:16:38

stacks what an incredibly tough situation. If it were me I'd be inclined to step in to help if help were requires on the basis that that would (presumably) increase the chances of the children being successfully reintegrated back with their parents, rather than them being fostered outside the family? But I really know nothing about such a situation and its anybody's guess how I'd actually act when push came to shove.

utopian sounds like you had a lovely night out. There's a lot to be said for stepping back into a part of one's old life. Re the weight, I'm taking the view that the challenge at present is actually managing to eat a whole meal that isn't oatcakes with peanut butter ; opportunities for actually putting together something healthy and well-thought-out are thin on the ground although I am managing 1 roast chicken a week while my husband holds the baby (husband loves his roast chicken so has a vested interest in helping!).

Little Z is only smiling very occasionally, which is fine, but not yet at his daddy. Today he smiled at a woman who is a complete stranger! This was after my husband had spent 20 minutes trying to solicit a smile.

itsMYNutella Sat 02-Feb-13 22:22:00

Utopian I know what you mean, I'd love to be wearing more non maternity pre pregnancy clothes and I'll probably buy myself some larger jeans for the time being. But it isn't just weight we need to loose our bodies have spent 9 months growing a person and now we are feeding that same person which frankly is mind blowing... I made a person confused so try and take it easy on yourself. I'm also working to the nine months to go on, nine months to come off analaogy, because otherwise I'll only make myself unhappy.

Get DH to pay you plenty of compliments and ignore the scales for as long as possible.

EggsMichelle Sat 02-Feb-13 22:26:29

Utopian don't forget your boobs are going to weigh quiet a bit more, and as supply demand goes up they will probably get heavier, but that just increases the MILF effect!!!

After my piles induced fear of eating, iv had half a cheese cake, bowl of soup and a snickers, hope the soup cancels out all the fat and sugar.

Really want to watch Along Came a Spider, but know I should go to sleep, grr being a parent means responsible bed times!!

halesball Sat 02-Feb-13 22:39:45

Utopian, the weight might be your breasts, you might actually weigh alot less than you think but won't find out properly till you stop BF.

WL my DP has also gone out tonight, if he whinges tomorrow, H will definately be his last child because i'll cut off his balls haha.

Mama, i'm sorry your missing your sister. She'll be missing you too and it'll make the time you see her so much more sweet.

WLmum Sat 02-Feb-13 22:47:06

Haha hales I'll think of you!

I've spent the whole evening trying to replace all the milk T puked earlier - not sure how successfully though as boobs feel pretty empty and although she's having a go, not sure if there's much swallowing going on.

MaMaPo Sat 02-Feb-13 22:50:30

Am in bed! Chatted with my parents! Baby is asleep (for now)! I'm hoping tonight's the night she turns a corner and I can enjoy the parenting lark again.

SeymoreInOz Sat 02-Feb-13 23:36:08

Just checking into the new thread, will catch up now.

We spent yesterday at a wedding with all 3 DCs, goodness it was hard work! DS won't settle in the pram if there's any noise so we ended up taking turns to wear the sling all day. I missed the ceremony and the speaches because of feeding/crying and DH got a fair amount of abuse for wearing the sling!!

SeymoreInOz Sun 03-Feb-13 03:29:12

Is everyone asleep?! I hope so!!

MaMa I'm with you on the missing family front, my mum and sister went home last week and now I'm more homesick than ever! DH and I had a really tense moment yesterday morning, DS had an awful night, the other DCs were acting up and we were dreading trying to keep them all entertained at the wedding! I hope DD is sleeping well for you right now!

stacks that must be really worrying for you, especially given that they're not exactly round the corner. Hopefully your brother gets enough help from SS.

utopian I am definitely putting weight on too, I just can't stop eating. I am even going to the lengths of concealing my scoffing from other people!

We're in 3-6 months stuff too <sob>

brooke great news about the sentencing.

MaMaPo Sun 03-Feb-13 03:41:34

Quiet in here!

Little C has managed two gaps of over 3
Hours between feeds. I'd enjoy it more if I hadn't woken up so much in intervening time...

IsThatTrue Sun 03-Feb-13 04:11:25

seymore why exactly did your DH get abuse about the sling [ confused]?

Well after a horribly fussy day yesterday where ds2 found it really hard to settle, I brought him upstairs at 10, leaving DH and friend to play computer. We fed and ds went straight down at 10.30. He just woke at 3.30 shock that's only the 2nd time he's gone more than 4 hrs. I'm very pleased though as I badly needed it. Oh and he's still feeding now, so hopefully with a very full tum he'll sleep until 7 at least. Fx.

I hope the quiet means people are getting sleep.

WLmum Sun 03-Feb-13 04:18:11

Great sleep news isthat. I finally got T down but not really sure what time as had to lay down with her at the boob so fell asleep myself, guessing about 12 and she's just up now so not bad but we'll see what happens after. Unfortunately the big dds will be up at 6.30 so limited time to sleep. Can't wait til she goes to bed earlier so I can. Really feeling rather tired these days !

Secondsop Sun 03-Feb-13 04:31:43

Hello. Z has been impossible to settle for the last 2 hours. He's been fed, nappy changed, cuddled. He's been very good at night for the last 2 nights so I'm not sure what brought this on. Usually if I lean him against my chest at night he instantly calms down, but not tonight - when I do it he flails and grunts and hits / scratches me. And to cap it all I went to the loo for 2 minutes and came back to find the cat on my side of the bed on the sheet.

pmgkt Sun 03-Feb-13 04:58:34

Isthat did you know that technically in baby world 5 hours counts as sleeping through! Ed did his first 5 hour stretch tonight from half 8 til 145, believe me that does not feel like sleeping through and I certainly won't be counting it until he sleeps at least 11-6

Sleeping through to me is a nice 12 hours!

Ds went down at 9 woke at 12:45,3:30,5:10. Seriously how do you lot do it??

EggsMichelle Sun 03-Feb-13 05:54:02

And we're up!

Slept 8-12.30 and 1.30-4.30, sadly I think the poosplotion clean up woke him and he wouldn't stop babbling and smiling in bed! Now I'm up and awake watching Hollyoaks and he has fallen asleep on me, little horror!

MyDaydream Sun 03-Feb-13 06:23:44

We've been in some 0-3 since he was a couple of weeks old, I've been throwing newborn stuff on the doesn't fit pile since he came home from hospital. I'm getting worried about our 0-3 stuff now because his feet are just so big they fit perfectly into clothes that are baggy everywhere else. Everyone laughed when I said he had big feet on our scan pictures but I was right.
Utopian I feel exactly the same, I've not weighed myself yet because it'd probably make me feel worse. Counting down until I can start going to the buggy movers classes I found and start swimming on a weekend.
I'm struggling with the adjustment to being mummy and feel quite isolated at the minute because I spend so much time just with Elijah and have nobody to talk about how I feel with because my mum and DP are going through much worse things at the minute, and I don't have any friends in my area or anywhere. that I can talk it through with. I don't think DP understands and his life hasn't really changed since baby and always seems a bit confused at 10pm that I've still got stuff to do when he's talking about bed.

Clarella Sun 03-Feb-13 06:46:13

<booty dances across thread sing songing>

I got some sleep! thankyou colief! and mother care travel swing on brio bedside cot....

only 2 hour chunks but hey happily sleeping baby = happy mum! poos woke him.

still need to sort out supply a bit. this article explains what a lovely bf. counsellor explained to me yesterday when I was aboutto get formula out primalmeded.com/2011/06/26/lactose-intolerance-in-babies/ and why wind is building up in him even when we've winded him. green poos due to bile not breaking lactase down which is what colief helps with - oh and his sore bottom magically better!

dives back into bed.

sourced and bought Amby hammock too yesterday... £30 hmm grin

Clarella Sun 03-Feb-13 06:47:02


Clarella Sun 03-Feb-13 06:48:21

my day - it will help when u meet mum's at classes, helps a lot

EggsMichelle Sun 03-Feb-13 08:05:25

Daydream I agree with Clarella, do you have a sure start/ library/ church locally you can see if there are any groups at. I live no where near my family, my DH is not keen on socialising and I only have one friend near by who is not particularly reliable, so getting out to mum and baby groups has been my saviour.

I read that prem babies are more fussy than term babies because their senses develop faster than their ability to control their muscles etc. Quite reassuring I suppose confusedgrin

Secondsop Sun 03-Feb-13 09:04:00

The cat has protest-pooed in my husband's study sad

utopian99 Sun 03-Feb-13 09:12:12

Another vote for mum and baby groups. Have two exercise mum/baby groups lined up for when i get signed off next week now. Still miserable about weight gain but determined to tackle it somehow...

clarella good luck with the hammock! We have a Miyo one and apart from last night when he wouldn't settle till dh took him he seems quite happy!

PurplePidjin Sun 03-Feb-13 09:26:40

Definitely get to baby groups. I've already got two "mum" friends that i see independently as well as at bf group. Even if you're only friends for a few months, it helps to have someone who knows exactly what you're going through. I don't know about cities, but round here the mums i meet are the mums I'm likely to encounter at the school gate so a little familiarity will help down the line, too.

MyDaydream Sun 03-Feb-13 11:33:14

I was going to go to a baby group last week but when I checked the times I realised id got the days wrong and missed it. Most of the things in my area are for toddlers rather than babies it seems.
I had a crap night, he wasn't even awake but making constant noises in his sleep keeping me on edge thinking he was going to wake up.

What about baby swimming MyDaydream if you can afford it?

mydaydream we had a similar night - lots of grunts keeping me awake but he slept.

pmgkt Sun 03-Feb-13 11:51:39

I agree spotty that 5 hours isn't enough, although I think I would count 10-6 as sleeping through, and we are a long way off that.

I would love five hours right now!

Dp and I have just had another argument because ds was screaming and dp can't handle it. Really pissing me off.

Dd was really funny this morning saying how I have boobies but her, ds and dp have 'nibbles' grin

pmgkt Sun 03-Feb-13 12:18:40

Cute things like that make you appreciate all the stress you are going through now.

Yep. I can cope with the crying and make myself stay calm (most of the time!) but dp can't hmm even though he hardly cries when he's here in comparison to when he's at work!

Going to make some cheese scones later, should really be going on a diet....

pmgkt Sun 03-Feb-13 12:39:20

My diet starts tomorrow so have to eat up all the rubbish food. I'm eating scones with cream and jam.

utopian99 Sun 03-Feb-13 12:44:37

Mmm, cheese scones.. Sorry to hear about dp being unreasonable, can you outline everything you do all day so he understands how full.on it is for you? Sending you as much virtual support as possible over interweb!

Our nct group meet once a week at the mo. It really helps to have others who appreciate the state we're all in!

No if I say anything he gets really offended and says I think he's unsupportive but he's doing his best blah blah. I'm probably too needy wink

IsThatTrue Sun 03-Feb-13 13:19:58

Just took ds2 to the cinema, well I took the big dcs and ds2 came along as I couldn't express enough to leave him with daddy. It was good though, he slept and fed and slept smile I decided he'd be better on me do didn't bother with taking the car seat. And as soon as he woke I shoved a boob in his mouth, and kept replacing it when he unlatched until he was completely 'milk drunk' and winded him when he was asleep on my chest again! grin I am claiming it as a win. It was nice to do something for the big ones. And it was the new Tinkerbell film (well newish came out before Xmas) so I enjoyed it too blush and as it was a kids am film it cost £3 in total!

Well after his 5 hrs he then did every hour until 7am, I can't have everything though can I? or spotty would hate me

You're on my radar IsThat wink I've thought about cinema but if ds isn't hungry he refuses to latch?

FriendofDorothy Sun 03-Feb-13 14:08:26

I managed to breast feed on the front row of church this morning. The vicar lived in Africa for a while so it certainly didn't bother him!

MaMaPo Sun 03-Feb-13 14:58:11

Cinema trip, nice! I want to find a baby session somewhere.

One benefit of little C moving from feedjng every 90 mins to every 3.5 hours - expressing is taking no time at all! Started less than 10 mins ago and managed to get 5oz out of one breast! It's a record! And my lovely husband managed to get C to sleep in her crib. Amazing.

Well done IsThat, that was brave of you.

DP is back! I have handed over the baby and am busy doing nothing.

DS slept 7-9, 9-2:30 (but I was wide awake waiting for him to wake for his 12:00am feed), 2:30-4:30, 5:30-7:30. Not too bad all in all but he did a fair amount of whining in between. I think I probably deserve to join Spotty's gang today.

I did the same last week Mama, got the wrong time for new mums fitness. I'm planning on doing baby sensory tomorrow at the local sure start. Is there anything like that near you?

Question about boobs. Mine still feel tight behind the nibbles (grin), like there's milk coming through every time DS cries but they aren't leaking anymore. Anyone know how long it'll take for the milk to stop completely? It's been about 4 weeks now since I stopped expressing.

Welcome to my gang WillYou grin with dd it took about ten weeks before I couldn't squeeze milk out anymore shock

utopian99 Sun 03-Feb-13 15:57:45

I was in your gang last night spotty, really hoping for better tonight..

isthat that's amazing; I wouldn't have dared but you give me hope.. How old is ds?

fod grin for bf in the front pew!

willyou, will you report back on baby sensory for the thread? I've looked into it but am currently juggling baby massage, swimming, pramactive and rock your baby classes with work and nct coffee sessions.and will be adding signing to the mix in another two months. (Not complaining at all as I like doing stuff and would go loopy watching tv all day, just timetabling issues!)

Well dh volunteered earlier to snuggle O at home so I could properly hit the gym, which has been hitherto impossible. Left him at home with emergency expressed milk stocks, think he was a bit nervous but he slept the whole time. And I feel so much better mentally and physically!!

Chloe55 Sun 03-Feb-13 16:53:44

Hi ladies, apologies for being AWOL, a lot of you won't 'know' me but I was on the antenatal thread for a while, have read a few posts over past few weeks from you lovely ladies and I want back on board grin

A little recap on me - did was born 17th Dec, 8lb5oz, lovely hypnobirth we wanted but 10 bloody days later than we wanted! After dipping in here and there it seems did follows similar patterns to a lot of your babies. She tends to have a longer sleep when first put to bed of about 4hrs then its anywhere between 1.5-3hr wakes for feeding til about 6am when she's 'up' and wanting attention for an hour or so. I am kinda co-sleeping, I use the bed nest most of the time but if dh has fallen asleep on the sofa then she stays in bed with me smile

Started back on the minipill and my period has just returned despite bf angry was hoping for a bit longer without one!

I have had gastro enteritis last week, I seem better but did has had explosive green poos since Wednesday now, think I will check with the HV that its not causing her any harm but I'm guessing they will just tell me if she's feeding well and seems happy then just carry on? Which is why I haven't bothered to mention it to them before.

Sorry for mammoth post but glad to be back smile

Chloe55 Sun 03-Feb-13 16:55:22

did is dd obviously blush. God damn predictive text!

Chloe green poo can be a sign that they are getting too much foremilk. Clarella is the expert so she might have some advice?

Congratulations on your dd so nice to hear you got the birth you wanted smile

Welcome Chloe

Of course Utopian if I manage to drag my lazy arse out of the house that is. I am in awe of your busy social schedule. It's all I can do to get myself to ASDA one day a week!

Thanks Spotty a while left then of prickly boobs

Chloe55 Sun 03-Feb-13 17:14:52

Its def not that spotty, have experienced that type of poo, i'm pretty sure its a virus type thing as she's feeding great, when I express in the morning my foremilk/hind milk ratio looks fine. I used a frozen bm from before me being poorly for a few feeds at one point as felt so rough and her poo was starting to go back yellow-as soon as I put her back to breast its gone green again, don't think its quite out of my system yet.

IsThatTrue Sun 03-Feb-13 18:11:03

spotty eeeer just make sure he's hungry? Lol sorry no advice.

utopian DS is 8 weeks 1 day.

I'm shock at how many groups some of you are doing. Although I spend 9-3 working mon tues weds fri and then do baby group thurs morning and work 12-5/6 so not much time for groups.

Had a random letter from the hospital tellingly an appt has been made with the consultant obstetrician to discuss 'recent events' - I have no idea what it's about. We requested an appt to talk about the eary delivery but we had that appt at the beginning of January so am hoping its a mess up on the hospitals part. confused

spotty does your gang have t.shirts? or more bf friendly type tops of allegiance

Hospital appt in the morning (different one - they think I might be suffering mildly from PTSD from the birth/circumstances around it) and then off to baby play at the sure start centre in the afternoon. Lots of messy play that I don't have to clear up

Welcome back chloe

Secondsop Sun 03-Feb-13 18:36:39

We also had loads of grunting for a large part of the night. Is that just a stage of development? It's been a big day as he smiled at his daddy for the first time, and today we had spells of several smiles, plus he hit the blue elephant rattle on the jungle mat several times. And my husband bathed him by himself for the first time, and little Z didn't cry at all, which is another first.

IsThatTrue Sun 03-Feb-13 18:38:48

Just made a lovely roast, everyone else is eating and I'm sat feeding ds2 sad hungry!

I was considering it Honey!

Oh we don't go to any groups blush they don't do anything for babies at our sure start centre though

Chloe55 Sun 03-Feb-13 18:59:26

isthatrue what do you do for a living? Are you self-employed?

honey what happened during your lab our? If its too traumatic to talk about then I totally understand. My first child was a horrendous experience too sad

Just had a lovely bath with dd. First one together as I normally like my bath scalding but it was really nice so I will def be repeating smile

I'm not surprised honey I've been told by many HV that us with prem babies are more likely to have pnd or PTSD. I found it really hard first time and had bonding issues and still found it awful this time even though I was expecting it! I think there should be support for parents of babies in SCBU I don't know why there isn't?!

Chloe55 Sun 03-Feb-13 19:10:35

Just read my post back and apologies if it seemed insensitive blush

Not to me Chloe smile

No, not insensitive chloe smile

Birth was very sudden and very quick at 33 weeks but D got whisked straight off to scbu and I never really dealt with the shock of if all happening so suddenly. Plus I had been supposed to have a planned section specifically because of my history of anxiety and depression do having a natural birth wasn't something I was prepared for.

Yes spotty I'm suprised there isn't more support for parents with babies in scbu. I think part of my problem is I'm still scared to fully bond with D as I'm not entirely convinced something isn't going to go wrong.

Chloe55 Sun 03-Feb-13 19:56:46

Oh honey that sounds very traumatic, your poor family sad

MaMaPo Sun 03-Feb-13 20:11:09

Oh honey, that sounds tough about bonding. I hope these feelings alleviate and you're getting all the support you need.

Little miss has barely slept today and so the bedtime routine has been tricky. She has started really crying when she gets overtired, which is new, and tonight I popped her back on the breast to calm her and she fell asleep almost instantly. Unfortunately, after swaddling her and putting her in the carrycot she woke up again so we're back to cuddling her to sleep. There are worse problems!

IsThat - everyone's eating your roast without you? Unfair! We're having a dinner of leftovers - just had first course (leftover Chinese I cooked on Friday) and then will move to second course (leftover roast pork my husband cooked yesterday). There are worse dinners!

Seconds, our little one has been grunting from about week 2. It did die down quite a lot, but has gotten more prominent in the last couple of nights. Weird!

IsThatTrue Sun 03-Feb-13 20:20:52

chloe yep I work from home and self employed so no maternity pay. Went back to work when DS was 1month.

mama yeah we'll there was no point in everyone's getting cold, twas a bit rubbish though. Thankfully DH eats quick so we tag teamed dinner grin

Well after yesterday's pile talk mine have come back with a vengeance. blush I am dying. Is it worth going to the doctors or is it best to just get something over the counter? I have anusol but it's just not cutting it right now!

Everyone seems quiet... Hope that means there's lots of sleep going on.

MyDaydream Mon 04-Feb-13 00:18:26

I've spent a lot of this evening with Elijah on the boob for the first time since I left hospital. I'm trying to get bfing established now but he's still needing a bottle top up because I don't seem to have enough milk, hopefully it won't take too long to get stocks up. I'm going to the bfing cafe tomorrow to talk to the MW who runs it so hopefully will get some good advice.
Elijah has started making this cute little cooing noise when he seems in a good mood. It makes me smile so much because its so bloody cute. I'm still not sure we're getting non-wind related smiles though.

utopian99 Mon 04-Feb-13 00:33:46

No sleep yet for us honey, am standing up jiggle-hugging ds to try to make him kip, mn-ing on my phone and seriously doing my back in in the process!
Sorry to hear about ptsd and bonding and really hope you get to talk it through and get any help you need..

isthat what do you work as? I am.going to become self employed due to employer action after the 15-week deadline for smp so have some leeway but doing property development on the side (am an architect), which is quite flexible, hence the free time..

To those of you with bedtime routines, when did you start/what do you do?

Well I did a successful dream feed and out ds down at ten. He woke at 12:38 so didn't make him sleep any longer sad bit better than him waking an hour after I'd gone to bed I suppose! I'm going to make a carrot cake this week I've just found a really easy recipe grin I love baking!

Wah! J woke me for feed drank an ounce and passed out again. See you all again in An hour <grumble, bloody babies, grumble>

IsThatTrue Mon 04-Feb-13 02:16:28

utopian I do admin stuff. It's no career and mindnumbingly boring. But needs must. And I can fit it around the kids as I don't need to answer to anyone often and I don't have set hours. I've been known to work 8pm-2am when I've not managed any work in the day as the kids were ill or something.

Well ds2 was awful in the evening and eventually gave up fighting his sleep around half 10 and just woke at 2. So not a bad sleep really. Do anyone else's boobs feel kinda bruised? It's hard to explain but my right feels bruised on the inside. confused

Chloe55 Mon 04-Feb-13 04:08:03

Sorry to those of you struggling with sleep but I can not believe how kind dd slept for tonight! She was absolutely knackered having not slept much during the day as out shopping but I put her to bed at 7pm after her bath and a feed, she woke up at 1am-6 hrs!!!! shock then again just now at 4am. She's not had much this feed though so could be up again very shortly hmm

MaMaPo Mon 04-Feb-13 04:20:02

Chloe, that's a great stretch. I have been in bed now for 7 (!) hours - woke very briefly (not to feed) a couple of times but been mostly asleep. Husband did a feed at 12.30pm so she's been doing more consistent 3-4 hour stretches between feeds. Hope all my sleep helps - I'm coming down with a cold which is always a wretched time.

MaMaPo Mon 04-Feb-13 04:24:01

12.30am! That's one of my pet peeves too, getting that wrong.

Daydream, my baby's been cooing too, it's so lovely. I'm sure her smiles are genuine as she reacts to you being silly, so perhaps yours are too? The smiles came before cooing in my house.

Spotty, carrot cake yum! I made a raspberry and blueberry lime drizzle cake yesterday, it's a fab recipe off the BBC website.

utopian99 Mon 04-Feb-13 05:40:27


O is back to his old routine. Down at 12.40 which is later than normal but awake at 4 and now 5, expecting every hour now. If it weren't for the first 3-4hr stint I'd go crazy!

I have a moment of silliness coming / wwyd: we had tickets for a gig when i was pg that got canceled and rescheduled for Feb 17th. At the time we blithely assumed that we'd ask friends/family to babysit and enjoy an evening to ourselves.
Now time is upon us, we're trying to encourage O to accept bottles and seem to be getting there so could well be fine by then. Dh has asked his parents if they'd mind and they seem v happy to. My issue is That every time they've come so far they've said things like 'I'd better sit down to hold him', and generally seemed a bit tentative, which makes me worry about how they'll cope on their own for what could be almost 4 hours.
Also (a bit silly) when we mentioned casually, not as a worry, that O isn't sleeping through yet, mil suggested giving him formula overnight. To me this is overkill for what isn't a big problem for us and he's only just over 5 weeks anyway! If he has problems settling i wonder how they'll cope.. Dh was an only child and that was 30 years ago.

I'm probably being silly but am just a bit nervous of leaving him with them. I know I wouldn't be if it were my mother (we exactly share parenting principles,) or a friend of ours who has looked after a six month old very recently, and pils are lovely people who i really have no real reason to doubt but can't shake this worry.
We are going out for a meal the day before valentines and my mum will look after O for two hours, and we'll be 10 minutes walk up the road, so am hoping that will alleviate my worries. If we needed to come back quickly from the gig it would take about half an hour.

Des went down at 10 woke at 12:40,3:30,5 up for the day wanted feeding again at 6:15. I've got scratches all over my chest and he just headbutted me in the mouth. I'm in the angry armchair....I would be on the sobbing sofa but I've just done my make up and have to take dd to nursery.

Ten weeks today, where does the time go?!

spotty hugs. D has started fighting with my boobs too anf has given DH a nosebleed from headbutting him in the nose! Cab you and DS have a sleep while dd at nursery?

PurplePidjin Mon 04-Feb-13 07:12:26

We had 8-1, 1:30-2:30, 3:30-4. And that was it. Must remember to check nappy, the wetness kept him awake although he was feeding fine. Oh, and i was lying awake for most of that/waking up randomly with a start. Ffs.

And dp, who has been lying beside me unmoving and breathing deeply, claims not to have slept either. Could have chatted and cheered me along then hmm

Pidj I'm guilty of not checking the wetness at night! I think that's why ds was so grouchy at five this morning blush

Maybe honey, only if ds sleeps though hmm also I need to do some washing and Hoover etc.

MaMaPo Mon 04-Feb-13 07:17:37

Good point on nappies Pidj - just got C up for a feed and she's soaked,
Even through her swaddle. Doesn't seem to bother her!

PurplePidjin Mon 04-Feb-13 08:00:42

It bothers R, but i don't realise that's why he won't settle. Grr.

pmgkt Mon 04-Feb-13 08:25:21

Well Edward slept in his own room last night and his first night in a sleeping bag. He did well and settled quicker than in our room. Still woke at his normal time but that's fine.

EggsMichelle Mon 04-Feb-13 08:31:16

I discovered the wet nappy/not settling thing a couple of weeks ago... Didn't stop it from getting so full this morning he leaked, oops!

Someone mentioned bruised boobs, mine do when ever F is having a growth spurt, the bloody ache this morning.

Slept 9.30-12.30 DH fed and put him to bed, wake 3.45, slept 4.30-6.30 then 7-8. DH tried to do two feeds, but the bottle was playing up and wouldn't release the milk, so I had to boob him!

Off to bf group for the first time today, good timing since F has started to fuss on my boob.

Hope that's a big armchair Spotty as I'm going to need to perch on the arm. We went to bed last night at 11 and J slept until 1. Then he went down until 5 (smile). I put him back and went for a wee and when I got back he was whining. DP sat up and said think he needs feeding. Erm nope just done it. About 6:45 he started really whining and DP shook me awake to ask if J was awake or if he was making noises in his sleep?! Get up and look? The Moses basket is on his side of the bed! Turned out he had a wet nappy too. DP had had almost 8 hours uninterrupted sleep (after a weekend away) and couldn't get up and check a bloody nappy 15 mins before his alarm went off. I am angry

FriendofDorothy Mon 04-Feb-13 09:12:29

I didn't do a nappy change overnight and this morning it was a giant yellow poosplosion necessitating a bath!

Secondsop Mon 04-Feb-13 09:23:00

Re nappies, when Z was brand new he'd cry and not settle as soon as there was the slightest bit of wee in his nappy. Now, though, he'd go for hours without being bothered by wee, and we have to keep remembering to change him, at which point we normally have a massively heavy nappy and we try to work out if it's made his top 10 heavy nappies.

I'm scared to go to baby group on my own! Someone slap some sense into me!

7weeks isn't too little for multi sensory is it? Will I look like a PFB dick? confused

Do it WillYou it's all about meeting new people at this stage smile I don't like going to things on my own either blush

MyDaydream Mon 04-Feb-13 10:40:50

I do a nappy change with every feed after discovering the bottle warmer takes the same amount of time as a nappy change. E doesn't seem bothered by being wet though.
Had a better night but think I was just so tired I slept through a lot of the noise. Finally got him settled at 1.30, up again about 4 for an hour and then he came into bed with me at 6.30 because he woke himself up and can't resettle himself in his crib. But then DP kept me awake slamming about getting ready for work. If he doesn't change his attitude I'll be pulling up my angry armchair. At the minute I'm just quietly seething at him but he's pushing his luck. His grandma passed away last week so I'm giving him space to grieve how he wants but he's taken the piss this weekend and I'm starting to think he's goading me to pick an argument with him the way he's acting. Barely spoke to me all Saturday and walked round with a face on, sighed like Kevin the teenager whenever I asked him to so something for his son and stayed in bed until 2pm on Sunday. When he went to work last night his parting shot was "you don't love me because you think I don't pull my weight" and he left without saying goodbye this morning even though I was awake. I don't know how long I let him get away with being a twat before I tell him to get a grip.

Okay coat is on. Baby is in pram. Off I go [sob] hope the bigger girls aren't mean to me!

MyDaydream Mon 04-Feb-13 10:42:37

Willyou do it, it'll be worth it! I hate going to things on my own I'm so shy and I'm off to try make friends at bfing group today.

grin WillYou you will really enjoy it I'm sure!

MyDaydream that sounds hard you definitely have more patience than me I hope he comes home in a happier mood later

EggsMichelle Mon 04-Feb-13 10:52:23

Daydream, death in the family does not warrant behaving like a dick, it sounds like he is taking the piss. Offer him the chance to talk about his feelings, and if he refuses then put him in his place.

willyou, enjoy yourself, I'm off to my first group alone today, I'm quite excited!

A cafe in our nearest town has a morning a week where mums get a free cake when they buy a drink but I'm too scared. Could go to the bf group every other Monday but all these are 20 minute drive away which is annoying!

Stacks Mon 04-Feb-13 11:05:42

Willyou I hate going to groups on my own, but it's the only option! The first week at my bf group I didn't talk to anyone, I came home after and made the decision to talk to one different person each week. On week 3 now and I exchanged mobile numbers with one of the mums to go out together. Stick with it, make an effort and reap the rewards.

We had a bad afternoon yesterday, T refused to sleep from midday till 10pm. He kept dropping off but waking up within a few minutes. However, after finally falling asleep at 10 he slept till 4. Fed then went down til 7. Not sure it was worth the fuss of no sleep yesterday, but it was lovely.

I came I saw I conquered Jamie threw up grin 'twas okay and Jamie loved having a bit of voile to chew on instead of his usual teddy dog! And baby massage starts Friday. Think I'll give new mum boot camp a miss tomorrow. I may pop to my work to show off the baby. I say pop, it's an 80 mile round trip.

That's shit daydream sounds like you've got the measure if him. He's in a grump (understandable but not acceptable) and sp


Spoiling for a fight. If he pushes you til you start it, he'll make out he doesn't know what you're talking about and say its your fault. I think you need to pull him up in it before you blow your stack!

Oh yes Stack the fighting sleep, got that here too. Great fun. Jealous of your night though. Jamie slept for hours but has taken to moaning loudly in His sleep. he's so noisy we can't sleep at the same time as him.

MyDaydream Mon 04-Feb-13 13:46:41

I was all on track to make bfing group, got out of the shower and he fed for two hours. Okay so I'd be a bit late no problem. Changed him and he pissed everywhere, cleaned up and he sicked everywhere, had a bath and now were back to feeding. Totally not making the group now and am just waiting for the poo that usually follows baths. I want to cry. At least he smells lovely.
Willyou, glad you had fun at your group, ill be learning the lessons of today and hopefully will make bumps and babies on Thursday.

Barbeasty Mon 04-Feb-13 14:05:27

I think I might take a seat on the angry armchair and put my feet up on the sobbing sofa.

Our carbon monoxide alarm was going off this morning. So I had to turn the gas off while we waited for someone to come out. They turned the gas back on but turned the boiler off and we're waiting for British Gas to come out. The alarm started going off again half an hour ago but has stopped now I've turned the gas off again and opened windows.

While all that was going on the bank.had randomly changed my address to the house we moved from 5 years ago. This meant that my 2 attempts to pay,my credit card bill online didn't work, except they've released the funds so I'm almost at my overdraft limit.

I had to go into town to the branch to get the address changed back and extend the overdraft. Had to do all that with baby & todler, and get back within the hour for the gas man to look at the boiler. Who still isn't here. And now we're missing play group, so DD is playing up a bit.

Like drawing a selection of pictures on the wall in purple felt tip. She had to climb on a table to cover the full 5 and a bit feet of her work.


On no Barbeasty! What a horrible day, have some carrot cake and brew

Well done WillYou smile

Sorry you day isn't going so well MyDaydream sad

Ds has been asleep all day hmm hopefully not in fit a bad night!

Chloe55 Mon 04-Feb-13 14:20:33

Oh no, sounds like some very stressful days going on today-hope they start to improve! Dreading the school run as it looks so bloody miserable out there and dd just dropped off after a very sporadic sleeping day so she'll be proper grumpy when I wake her up to go. Also can't be bothered to take ds to beavers later and the house needs a good tidy so I really shouldn't be on here, I should be cleaning.

Dd's poo is going slightly more yellow instead of the green we have had all week so I'm hoping her bowels/my milk are returning to some sort of normality.

Did anyone have SPD OK n their pregnancy. Mine was particularly bad resulting in crutches and a wheelchair for long distance-just wondered if your pelvis still creaks and cracks during the night? I'm having physio for my split abs and back and she said it will improve when my muscles do but worried its still clicking hmm

interwebmum Mon 04-Feb-13 14:21:14

Hello All,

I'm quite envious of all the clubs and coffee mornings you are going to. There's nothing at all here. In the UK women seem to be really keen to meet other mums, but in France it just doesn't happen because most women are straight back to full time work after maternity leave. I'm also living in a very boring town because of my DP's job so very little to do at all. Also made worse by being snow bound. So I'm biding my time until he gets tranfered. (rant over)

barbeasty LOL to dunk monster!

spotty had a go at milk on the nappy rash today and seymore, I've started leaving the nappy off for 10mins after each day time change. So lets see. I'm determined to beat the bugger!

It seems I'm not the only one being driven mad by the DP. At least he's a bloody good cook that's not why I married him, honest. He made scallops in leek and cream sauce in crepes for lunch. Yum! (sorry for gratuitous showing off) grin

Barbeasty Mon 04-Feb-13 14:22:45

I've had pear cake and tea!

Somehow I've agreed to do some sponge painting with DD instead of playgroup...

Secondsop Mon 04-Feb-13 14:30:16

Oh god, I feel so awful - I screamed at little Z because he wouldn't stop throwing up or crying, and I was so frustrated and hungry as I hadn't eaten yet today, and the poor little thing just got more and more upset at me screaming at him. Finally he took a dummy and stopped crying and is now asleep in my arms (but just in nappy and vest - didn't manage to put a sleepsuit on) and I feel so dreadful as he was looking up at me with those big brown eyes, so upset and confused because the person he needed comfort from was also the person making him even more upset. Could he be unwell? He seems fine now. Or is he at the stage where he is more aware of how a post-feed vomit is unpleasant and is just more upset by it?

Chloe55 Mon 04-Feb-13 14:51:07

second I'd just keep an eye on him and if he seems particularly unsettled the rest of the day i'd prob get him checked over what's his temp like? Try not to feel guilty about the shouting, its hard when you are tired and hungry and they won't stop crying. Just remember its his only form of communication and if it gets too much put him down and go make a cuppa, the times I've done that and gone back to the room dd has fallen asleep smile

MyDaydream Mon 04-Feb-13 14:54:38

Barbeasty that sounds awful, hope everything is okay and your day improves.
Seconds I know exactly how your feeling, I feel so bad when I get frustrated at all the crying because its really not his fault. Just give him a big hug and lots of kisses I'm sure he'll forgive you.

I've shouted at ds a couple of times when he's headbutted me in the mouth. I then put him down and have a couple of minutes to calm down, we all do it don't be too hard on yourself

Secondsop Mon 04-Feb-13 15:11:24

Thanks ladies, you've made me feel a lot better. chloe good point- I've checked his temp and it's ok and he doesn't look to be in any particular physical distress that I can identify - I could tell he was feeling unwell after his injections last week and he doesn't seem to be like that today. ALTHOUGH he didn't poo yesterday and although he used to poo every other day he went up to daily recently. So he might be feeling a bit constipated. Have tried bicycling legs.

He is still snuggled up to me sucking on a dummy. Every time it falls out he gets upset. He obviously needs the extra comfort of it today, the poor little thing.

IsThatTrue Mon 04-Feb-13 16:13:53

Ds2 is not my biggest fan at the moment. I held him down while a mean lady stabbed him in the legs sad he screamed for a good half hour and wouldn't even feed to make it better sad

His 8 week check went well though, although they didn't weigh him. Doctor seemed to have no concerns which is good.

I've stripped him down to his nappy and we're having skin to skin in the hope that he forgives me!

It sounds like a few of us have had shot days. Chin up ladies tomorrow will be better!

Stacks Mon 04-Feb-13 16:21:31

HV came again today, T now weighs 11lb 15oz. He's 6 weeks tomorrow and was 8lb 8oz at birth, and 10lb 4oz two weeks ago. HV was very surprised at his weight. He's currently sleeping on me in a very weird position, half on his side, half on his front. Doesn't look comfy, but he's sleeping so I'm not touching him!

Weather is awful here today, sleet and game force winds. I need to go out to the post office sad Going to wait til after this sleep then take him. Banks and post offices all close around 5pm right?

I get frustrated with T at times, luckily never uncontrollably. I second putting baby down and walking away though. Their cot is a safe place for the unsupervised for a few minutes while you calm down. I put T in his pram top while I sit back and close my eyes for a few deep breaths.

Argh we all just fell asleep on the sofa. I never fall asleep sitting up confused

EggsMichelle Mon 04-Feb-13 17:34:58

Seconds I threw F on the bed when he was really suffering from his reflux and I didn't know what was wrong, I was more hysterical than him! Vomited everywhere then as well.

Went to bf group, was lovely to meet othe mums finally, going to a baby group tomo morning as well. F fed right on cue, vomited on the play mat and on me, but he loved the fibre optic lights. Also signed us up for Tummy Time and Baby Massage.

F has been fast asleep laying on his tummy on the sofa, such bad place but he looks so comfy and peaceful!

What's worse than your child crying? Both your children crying! Thank goodness dp is home grin

Barbeasty Mon 04-Feb-13 17:52:43

I got out of sponge painting... I sent DD to her room instead after she quite deliberately did a wee on the fireplace.

They think the carbon monoxide alarm was faulty, so that's been replaced.

I think a glass of wine is in order once DD is in bed!

I found myself accidentally telling A to be quiet today, then realised he wasn't DD (she was in her room) and wouldn't understand!

Definitely take a minute away if you need to.

IsThatTrue Mon 04-Feb-13 18:19:18

Ds2 is not happy at all. These injections have really upset him. He's asleep (only on someone skin to skin) or screaming. He's not fed properly since either (they were at 2.30). His scream is such a painful one unlike his normal angry shout. sad poor boy

EggsMichelle Mon 04-Feb-13 18:40:50

Barbeastygrin has your daughter ever suggested she wanted to be a fire fighter or likes fireman Sam?

IsThatTrue have you tried calpol? F was a lot screamier after his jabs, but after calpol he settled and slept for hours.

Just had our first shower, F loved it, kept trying to drink the water!

Chloe55 Mon 04-Feb-13 18:56:19

A shower? I never thought to give a shower-how did u do it? Get in as well? Did you let the water go over the face too? I used to take ds swimming, starting at 5wks (haven't booked dd in yet) and they used to encourage putting him under water but not sure what he'd have thought of a shower. Dd does love her baths so I might try her.

Full on thunder and lightening here. Have just put dd to bed after being caught in the horrid weather taking ds to beavers and apparently its gonna snow later [ I was housebound for quite a lot of my final trimester so I get so frustrated now when I can't get out.

Chloe55 Mon 04-Feb-13 18:57:21

isthat your poor ds sad I'm dreading taking dd

IsThatTrue Mon 04-Feb-13 19:12:43

chloe my older dcs weren't this bad, a little red bump on their leg and no side affects but ds2 seems to be having a bad time of it

eggs I have him calpol about 20 minutes ago so I'm praying it helps him settle. I hate seeing him in pain. Poor little mite!

Chloe55 Mon 04-Feb-13 19:14:55

I let my nan take ds for his when he was a baby blush am gonna man up and take dd myself this time!

EggsMichelle Mon 04-Feb-13 20:24:04

I got in with him, then dh took him to dry him off and dressed while I washed my hair (didn't want to use my soaps etc with him) didn't put his face directly in the shower, but let the water run down off his head.

Today I have eaten mouldy bread and mouldy pasta bake, oops!

utopian99 Mon 04-Feb-13 20:47:36

Went for an epic two hour walk with O today, with halfway feed break in between getting work done. Felt justified in having cake with nct girls after. grin

He's done a lot of sleeping today though; worried we're gearing up for a bad night..

Sorry to hear of those with bad days - here's to tomorrow being an improvement!

WLmum Mon 04-Feb-13 20:49:08

Mould - yum! I am just contemplating the big bag of crisps in the cupboard...Also ate 2 malteser bunnies that DH bought for dd2 - they're far too big for a 2 year old so I'm really doing her a favour!

WLmum Mon 04-Feb-13 20:58:36

I went for a 4.5mile walk today too - beautiful sunny day here, walk around large lake with a good pal was a fab way to spend the morning.

IsThatTrue Mon 04-Feb-13 21:03:23

The medicine has magic powers! Huzzah! He's still not himself buy he's much much better than earlier. And he's finally eating.

I'm much happier now he's calmer. Have brought him upstairs to see if he'll go down in his crib (I am fully prepared to have him sleep on my chest tonight) as he's knackered.

Fx for am easy night for everyone.

halesball Mon 04-Feb-13 21:09:09

Isthat my breast felt bruised on the inside before i got mastitis and sorry your LO is so upset by his injections.

Sorry everyone seems to be having a bad time. I'm going to throw myself on the sobbing sofa as well now. Me and the DP had a argument on friday, which ended when he called me a fat he later apologised and said he was angry and never meant it. He then went out on saturday night came back and told me his ex who he is still good friends with had asked him for sex and tried to kiss him. (She had a baby a week before me). He obviously refused but i saw a picture of her she looked amazing and i'm sat at home looking rough covered in baby vomit most the time.

Then last night i had a bath by myself when the DP came running in the bathroom and told me to listen to H, and went bk into our bedroom. I couldn't hear anything and he said 'it's alright shes stopped now' i apparently missed her 1st giggle hmm. Then last night she wouldn't settle she wouldn't take a BF but took a FF instead and then wouldn't stop screaming till she got in my dads arms it made me feel awful, like she doesn't need me anymore.

Then today i've not been able to spend much time with her as i had to take my dad into hospital for an appointment which lasted ages. And to top it off i have mastitis again hmm Sorry for the long me, me, me post.

WLmum Mon 04-Feb-13 21:10:14

Bless those having jabs - I always feel like a monster holding them when they've no idea what's coming. It is necessary but still feels poo. Def calpol and cuddles for all (well maybe wine for the mummies!). Last year dd2 was v poorly and I had to hold her while the dr put a canula in. It was awful, they advised that I left the room when she had a lumbar puncture :-(. She's all fine now :-)

Oh hales that all sounds shitty sad hope you feel better soon and dp stood being a dick

WLmum Mon 04-Feb-13 21:23:17

Oh hales [passing tissues and wine]. Poor you, sounds like you've had a horrible couple of days. That was a mean thing for DH to say, and his ex sounds like a tramp. Of course dd needs you, probably just the change of position/temp etc that made her settle, or maybe she could feel your anxiety. I always feel sad when dds would rather do things with grandparents than me but I do know that when the chips are down I'm no 1, and I am pleased that they have a great relationship as their lives are richer for it. Could you spend a little high quality time with her tomorrow? Maybe a bath before you take your dad? Or just a special cuddle time? My mil heard dd1s first giggle - I was in the kitchen doing something dull. I was sad.

IsThatTrue Mon 04-Feb-13 21:26:29

Oh I hope it's not mastitis!

Sorry it's been a shitty time hales

wl yeah I remember when my Dd was poorly. Watching her be out under general anaesthetic was awful. The things us parents have to go through! (She is also all better)

MaMaPo Mon 04-Feb-13 21:42:18

C is fighting sleep like a champion.

halesball Mon 04-Feb-13 22:09:02

Thank you everyone the DP has been really good since he realised i was upset, by his comments. I never thought about the change in position/temp being the reason, thank you it makes me feel bettersmile. I am glad that she settled with my dad it was just that she wouldn't settle for me.

WLmum Mon 04-Feb-13 22:22:29

She's little yet hales but very soon she'll show you that you are her one and only super special mummy who can do things for her that no-one else can. Still they always have their fickle moments - like when dd2 fell off the slide at the park and I ran to pick her up only for her to shun me saying she wanted my friend we were there with!

halesball Mon 04-Feb-13 22:27:18

Its weird isn't it? i'm never jealous about anything. But H settling with my dad and DP hearing her giggle has done it. I'm sat cuddling her now and shes smiling i love my little girl grin.

IsThatTrue Mon 04-Feb-13 22:43:59

<victory dance> he's asleep in his crib I'm ignoring the fact he's on his front as he would not let me turn him over


Secondsop Tue 05-Feb-13 00:34:31

Well done isthattrue!

I thought it was too good to be true. Ds went down at 9 woke at 12 then 3 now won't go back to sleep so has taken up his favourite position of sucking my finger whilst lying on my chest! Also just had an argument with dp because he said 'he's getting worse!' And I replied 'its ok you don't have to do anything'. And he got in a mood. It's true though I do it all because I'm fed up of him getting annoyed about ds crying etc so I just always settle/feed him myself. I wasn't having a dig just telling him to go back to sleep and stop whining!

halesball Tue 05-Feb-13 04:13:07

Spotty, sorry your having a hard time with DP. FX it gets abit better soon. I don't think it helps that we're all sleep deprived. Things we use to be able to brush off we can't do that now but just because we need a good sleep.

EggsMichelle Tue 05-Feb-13 04:17:06

Spotty men are always at hand with there helpful comments! If its any conciliation, you won't have an 18yr old expecting to be fed by you every hour of the night, it will get better at some point.

I think F was grumbling in his sleep, but in usual sleep walking form, I woke him up by getting him out and feeding. Oops! Starting to feel the side effects of some large baileys last night, so worth it!

utopian99 Tue 05-Feb-13 04:19:38

spotty your dp would be testing my patience too!

Still getting nosebleeds, will ask at my 6 week check but surely getting one every night is odd? downright bloody irritating

O seems to be sleeping in 2-hourly stints tonight. hmm

PurplePidjin Tue 05-Feb-13 04:47:49

Spotty, hand the baby over and tell him to do better himself then! Then retreat to the spare room/sofa with ear plugs.

MaMaPo Tue 05-Feb-13 06:37:42

I agree - spotty, those comments would be doing my head in.

C woke at about 2.45, only 2 hours after her bottle, and fed rally poorly which was really confusing. But then she let rip with 2 days worth of poo - I wonder if it was brewing and that woke her up. I nearly got hit while changing but managed to avoid! After a full change she was wide awake, head whipping side to side, eyes wide and I thought I was going to have a battle to get her to sleep again, but thought I'd try her in the carrycot first, and lo! She sang and chatted to herself for ages and then fell asleep! I was amazed.

Bloody buggering sore throat...

IsThatTrue Tue 05-Feb-13 07:08:29

Anyone else's baby needed 2 doses of calpol after jabs and still had a slight temp?

Ds2 had calpol at 7pm and 1.30am and now his temp is 37.4. (i know that's normal but it's hot for him) he's moaning and can't get comfy and really not himself. I'm going to have to take him to the doctors if it goes up anymore aren't I?

I would IsThat. Is it going down after calpol? Ds didn't need any calpol after his jabs, if expect irritability but not a temp? I'm no expert though!

I think I'm making dp sound worse than he is blush he would take ds for a bit but I'd just get annoyed because he wouldn't do things right my way!

EggsMichelle Tue 05-Feb-13 07:29:01

IsThat yes it's normally, but use your instinct, if he is still unhappy then seek advice, GP might suggest over the phone another dose of calpol.

DS didn't really settle after 4.30, had a few catnaps but woke a lot wanting comfort. Two baby groups today, can't decide between the 10am or 1pm group!

IsThatTrue Tue 05-Feb-13 07:29:43

The temp went down last night and in the middle of the night but the packet says to only give 2 doses and then seek medical attention confused I never take my kids to the doctors for temperatures. We've got an in ear thermometer though and it just gave me a reading of 38.3 on one side. sad ill head straight to the docs once the kids are in school.

I found a baby sensory near by (40 mins away) but it's £6.50 a week and you have to pay a term up front sad

Yep def go get him checked like eggs said they will probably advise a bigger dose or something. Poor poppet hope he feels better soon

Chloe55 Tue 05-Feb-13 08:07:32

What's the snow like for you guys? Doesn't look like ill be making my baby group today angry

hales what a day, huh? It does my nut in when I can't settle dd and I'll be saying, she's got wind/tummyache etc then nan will pick her up and voila, instant baby whisperer hmm I hope today is a better day for you.

Boo to mastitis, so far i've avoided it this time (touch wood) but got it with ds and it was horrendous. Hope it clears up soon for you.

I tried the first dream feed with dd last night. Had a bit of an unsettled, not sleeping day yesterday so she had bath and last feed at 6.30, bed for 7. The first sleep is the long one so didn't relish the idea of getting up every 1.5-2hr post 11/12ish. Dh gave her a bottle of ebm at 11pm, she slept til 2.30pm smile he did have to change her nappy to wake her a little though as she was so asleep she wouldn't suck.

I need nappies, down to last 6, snow had better do one or we will be spending lots of time in the bath today grin

We don't have any snow here in the south got blue skies at the moment. Hope it clears quickly for you it's a right pain.

EggsMichelle Tue 05-Feb-13 08:47:57

Chloe back to the Stone Age, you will have to use tea towels for nappies!!! Snow forecast for this afternoon but its too warm to settle, will just look pretty as it comes down. Spotty our Sure Start has a sensory room, do you have a sure start near by?

Yes but it's crap! They do rhyme time and baby movers but he's still a bit little for that

WLmum Tue 05-Feb-13 09:21:36

Well done isthat. Don't worry too much about his being on his front, the only reason it is slightly (very slightly) less safe is because babies get warmer on their tummies. If you take this into account and dress him slightly cooler or use one less blanket the risk factors are negated. Dd1+3 were/are tummy sleepers, couldn't get them to settle on their backs for love nor money.

Oh hello dd2 - there were 4 in the bed and the little one said...!

WLmum Tue 05-Feb-13 09:22:33

Not sure why that post took four hours to upload!

Hmm, size 1 nappies seem to be getting slightly snug but size 2s still gape around the legs. What to do.

Honey you could try a different brand? I hate Huggies but found tesco good as they fitted dd (we had same problem with skinny legs)

WLmum Tue 05-Feb-13 13:31:46

I secOnd tesco nappies, but my enormous monster (aged 7 weeks today) has just gone into size 3!!

Oh my goodness WL! Ds is 10 weeks and still in size 1!

We haven't got a tesco close by but will get DH to pick some up...

EggsMichelle Tue 05-Feb-13 14:08:35

I third tesco nappies, DS on size 2 and has skinny legs compared to his fat belly and they fit beautifully (and dirt cheap which makes me happy!)

interwebmum Tue 05-Feb-13 14:29:19

I'm glad you are feeling better*Hales*. I was thinking about you this afternoon. I hope the DP is behaving more decently. I had trouble in the beginning because my mum was so good at settling my LO. She would be screaming her head off for me and then calm down straight away for my mum. It really undermined my confidence for a while. But now I'm just really grateful that I can hand over a screaming baby and get a sleeping one back. I can't wait for her to visit me now!
Does anybody else's baby have furry ears, or is it just mine? She also has a rather hairy bottom! confused I think it's cute, bit maybe I'm a bit weird.

Interweb ds has the most hairy ears the nurse in SCBU called him wolverine I've never seen anything like it. Also hairy at the bottom of his back which is great when there's a poosplosion hmm

interwebmum Tue 05-Feb-13 14:45:06

Ha ha! I'm glad we're not the only ones!

WLmum Tue 05-Feb-13 14:50:14

Size 2s would still fit her but as we mainly use them for nights (generally use cloth nappies in the day), and she's a tummy sleeper (so all the wee goes on the front) we needed the higher absorbency.

WLmum Tue 05-Feb-13 14:52:19

Will be getting her weighed tom so will let you know - my guess is over 12lbs! She's on the 91st centile! She looks v much like dd1 who's legs got so chubby we used to call her bubbles devere! She's a beanpole now though.

Secondsop Tue 05-Feb-13 15:17:18

honey aldi nappies are a good fit for a skinny-legged baby, I've found.

Equimum Tue 05-Feb-13 15:36:14

interweb my DS has hairy ears and shoulders ....just like his daddy!

Following on from nappy size discussion....do other people have similar problems with clothes? DS was about 9lb at birth. He's now just over 11lb but some of his new born baby grows still fit, despite claiming to only fit upto 9lb, while he's virtually out of some of his 0-3 months. Meanwhile, some 0-3 month things still swamp him. Aargh.

Yes clothing is a nightmare it really annoys me it's not like they can try it on in the shop!

Clothes are ridiculous. D has some dungarees from mothercare in tiny baby that someone bought him that are still too big!

Secondsop Tue 05-Feb-13 17:55:04

The most annoying thing about the clothing is that they don't even let you open the packets in the shop, and there is rarely an example of each size out for you to have a look at.

Ooo I've finally got my postnatal appointment tomorrow! Ds was 10 weeks yesterday!

halesball Tue 05-Feb-13 19:09:17

Inter i'm ok today stopped feeling sorry for myself. I think the hormones are still flying high with me. H has got hairy ears and shoulders, its starting to go now though.

We are in size 3 nappies and have been since week 6. Got our postnatal tomorrow and also injections hmm do they get weighed before their injections?

Yay we have real smiles!

They don't weigh before jabs but when ds had his 6-8week check the dr weighed him for me

IsThatTrue Tue 05-Feb-13 20:28:53

They didn't weigh DS at his 6wk check.

Well we went back to the docs. The reckon its just reaction to jabs (which is what I thought) and told me I can give 4 x 2.5ml of calpol in 24 hrs. So he had an extra dose and is now a much happier boy. He's not feeding very well or as often as usual but he's happier so I don't mind.

Just sent DH to asda as we have a mouse in the kitchen! I hate rodents!

Glad he's happier IsThat. We get mice too I hate it!

utopian99 Tue 05-Feb-13 20:46:58

I've had to leave the room for dh to feed Oz. sad It's still a real struggle, and seems silly to make him when I'm here and happy to bf, but if he doesn't get used to a bottle then we'll not be able to leave him till he's weaned..

WLmum Tue 05-Feb-13 21:46:52

isthat - good news on feeling better, not so on the rodents! If lo is not feeding that well you could express and freeze ready for when you want it. I did when dd wasn't feeding much due to a cold and got an easy extra 10 or so ounces over a day or 2.

utopian it's hard isn't it. Dd2 wasn't keen to take a bottle and I didn't push it, but as a result I couldn't really leave her until she was over 8 months!

WLmum Tue 05-Feb-13 21:51:16

Oh dear, dd is so tired she's falling asleep without much of a feed. Guess we'll be up earlier than usual tonight then. Would so love to have x ray vision so I could see the milk going in!

halesball Tue 05-Feb-13 22:22:54

Thank you spotty and is that. We're having both the check and the injections tomorrow so might get done it might not haha. I'm glad your LO is happier isthat. Utopian its hard to watch but it'll be worth it when you and DP can go out alone sometime grin

EggsMichelle Tue 05-Feb-13 22:51:08

IsThat glad the calpol doing the trick, hope he feels better fast.

Having DS take a bottle has saved my sanity! First I can't produce anywhere near the volume of milk he demands, he will empty both my boobs then drink 6oz of formula straight after. Family calling him a greedy baby is all well and good but it didn't help me! Second I can't even go to Tesco on my own for an hour without DS demanding a feed and he has a nasty temper if he isn't fed immediately!

DH and I have been out for a couple of hours to the pub while mil took care of F. He was so exhausted from playing with mil he fell asleep on me before I could feed him and went straight down in his basket.

Secondsop Tue 05-Feb-13 23:05:52

Has anyone else had their second period yet? If my cycle returns as normal mine is due around now. Did you notice usual pre-menstruated symptoms? I've got distinctly fuller boobs (not milk-engorged - that feels different to me, kind of lumper).

PurplePidjin Wed 06-Feb-13 01:52:17

Seconds, i haven't had a first one yet!

Utopian, R would only take it if i wasn't there. He doesn't like it still, and only drinks an ounce or so (ebm) but gets nicely tired out fighting it! Goes down fine for daddy on my youth club nights.

MaMaPo Wed 06-Feb-13 03:07:46

C takes the bottle fine, but I'm beginning to wonder about how well. She's up feeding now, 2.5 hour after her bottle when she drank around 120ml of about 160ml I expressed. I wonder if its still just a small tummy issue, or if she holds off on eating her fill from the bottle because she can get the 'real deal' just a couple of hours later.

PurplePidjin Wed 06-Feb-13 04:15:35

I very much doubt she's capable of that kind of reasoning, mamapo!

IsThatTrue Wed 06-Feb-13 05:17:18

shock ds2 just woke up, I put him down at 10pm. shock I feel like I've slept for a week! It's probably just a reaction from the calpol and the fact he's not been feeding well so isn't as hungry! Or the fact he barely slept on Monday night. 7 hours sleep!!! <skips about like a pixie> grin it may also be something to do with switching to sleeping on his tummy, tbh I really wish he wasn't but he can roll from front to back when he wants to so it can't be that bad can it? there is the major downside of having leaked everywhere so I now have to strip the bed, my poor noobs are not used to going more than 3-3.5 hours!

Fx others are getting sleep too!!

Well we've had a good night, for us anyway. Down at 9:30 feed at 1:00, 3:20 and 5:50 straight back down each time he'll probably go down again after this feed too smile

halesball Wed 06-Feb-13 06:00:09

Yay isthat thats brilliant although i am very very jealous. You did deserve it after a couple of horrific days, i hope your LO is feeling better today

MaMaPo Wed 06-Feb-13 06:02:08

Pidj, I think it's plausible that a baby eats differently from a bottle than the breast - just not deliberately, of course!

Isthat - I'm afraid I don't understand the concept of 7 hours!

utopian99 Wed 06-Feb-13 06:13:09

Hooray isthat and spotty!
Ds fussed until finally going down at 12.30, and i heard him stir at about 3.40 but managed to rock him back to sleep in 10 minutes! Just had a big feed but caught the signals before he properly woke and he now seems to be kipping again...

Hoping to go to visit a friend who lives 3 hours away in a month - car or train? Car means i can take as much stuff as i want but need stops and O will be alone in the back. Train means packing light but we're only going for one night and that way i can cuddle o on the way down/no breaks for car seat etc..

bad mummy alert. D had a full bottle of EBM at about 1.30-2 and grizzled for ages when we tried to put him back down. Slept for an hour and started grizzling again so i stuck a dummy in his mouth. Dozed for 20 mins and repeat until he actually started crying for a feed. Bad bad sleep deprived mummy blush

FriendofDorothy Wed 06-Feb-13 07:25:39

I have a very snuffly baby today. He is 7 weeks old. I don't think I can give him calpol until 12 weeks (apart from after his jabs). Is there anything else I can try ?

You can use a saline spray FoD?

Honey I'm always sticking my finger in ds's mouth or rocking him certain he can't be hungry, he usually is!

He probably was hungry earlier I was just too tired to get up and feed him...

halesball Wed 06-Feb-13 07:52:25

Honey i put my finger in H's mouth constantly (she won't take a dummy) if she sucks on it happily i know she just wants comfort if she still crys or spits it out i know she wants feeding. Your LO would of let you know if he wanted feeding.

Yay spotty just seen you had a good night grin

Utopian, if you don't feel you need much i'd be tempted to get the train. That maybe because i'm scared of driving long distances with the baby though incase she starts crying and i can't stop. But i also suppose you'll have to look at the cost of tickets vs the cost of petrol.

halesball Wed 06-Feb-13 07:53:54

FoD could you put a bowl of water infront of a radiator to moisten the air abit, it might help with the snuffles

Dungaree set with a body suit for the t.shirt bit. Would you put a vest underneath or just have him in the set?

MyDaydream Wed 06-Feb-13 09:17:04

honey I'd not bother with the vest but have a cardigan with me if I went out just in case he gets cold.
We had our first trip to the doctors yesterday because I had such an unhappy little man I was getting worried. Obviously he was all smiles for the doctor, she got more smiles than I've ever had in one go. Got sent off with some infacol but he seems much happier today anyway.
DP sent me to bed at 9 because I couldn't function and I slept through until 4 when he wanted his feed, then from 5.30 to 7.30. I did try settle him at midnight but DP demanded I went back to bed. I feel so much better today I'm going to do it more often, and DP is back in the good books.

MyDaydream Wed 06-Feb-13 09:19:11

honey I'd not bother with the vest but have a cardigan with me if I went out just in case he gets cold.
We had our first trip to the doctors yesterday because I had such an unhappy little man I was getting worried. Obviously he was all smiles for the doctor, she got more smiles than I've ever had in one go. Got sent off with some infacol but he seems much happier today anyway.
DP sent me to bed at 9 because I couldn't function and I slept through until 4 when he wanted his feed, then from 5.30 to 7.30. I did try settle him at midnight but DP demanded I went back to bed. I feel so much better today I'm going to do it more often, and DP is back in the good books.

Thanks daydream. I'm rubbish at this! Cardi and snowsuit of our or just put cardi on once out if snowsuit if needed?

MyDaydream Wed 06-Feb-13 09:45:24

I never use a snowsuit because the one we bought still doesn't fit him, so if we go out he's in vest, sleep suit, thick cardi and a blanket under the cosy toes.

I'm sat in costa on my own feeding ds. I never go places on my own, too much of a wuss! Suppose I have ds to keep me company grin although he tends to just cry when not feeding hmm

utopian99 Wed 06-Feb-13 09:53:11

I second what daydream said about clothing, we have a fleecy star that tends to go over him in place of a snowsuit if needed, but wouldn't put an extra vest.

Oz had a big feed and then fell asleep in his bouncy chair long enough for me to do half an hour of my exercise dvd! I feel broken, but now have warm snuggly baby soothing my achy stomach muscles while he has another snack..

Ds's been feeding for ages hmm

EggsMichelle Wed 06-Feb-13 10:13:41

Lots of good sleeps, hope the sniffly babies are feeling better soon.

Put F to bed at 10.15 after going to the pub and mil playing with him for 3hrs. He woke up very hungry at 3.30, had 6oz bottle and bf, then slept til 8.30!!!

Think I'm coming down with something, got sore throat, rubbish!

FriendofDorothy Wed 06-Feb-13 10:14:58

I would put a vest under the bodysuit. I am going with the advice of one extra layer than I have on.

Today he is wearing a long-sleeved vest, hoodie, snuggly trousers and socks and i will put him in snow suit and hat when we go out.

EggsMichelle Wed 06-Feb-13 10:21:13

Argh, why do I forget to refresh the page! I dress F in a vest, long sleeve top and snow suit, that always seems to keep him toasty warm.

Chloe55 Wed 06-Feb-13 10:22:48

its checking freezing out there today! Those of you with just the one dc-pkease relish the fact you don't need to do school/nursery runs in this weather with a baby-it sucks!

Dream feed was successful in that dd didn't wake for bf til 2am, however, she did wake when dh tried to give her the bottle and was very grumpy so I got woken up anyway!

She sleeps well on a night but during the day she doesn't sleep great. I've relented this morning and have allowed her to sleep on me. At least it gives me an excuse not to do the tidying (which desperately needs doing!) She does look cute

Chloe55 Wed 06-Feb-13 10:23:25

fecking, not checking!hmm

You'd think if have worked the clothes thing out by now. I'm not that bright!

Chloe you're right it was 2.5 degrees this morning with a chilling wind and spitting with rain plus dd is such a dawdler!

Ds hates being in his snow suit so I only put it on him if we're going to be outside lots, same with chunky cardi. Today he's just got on a short sleeved vest, tights wink, and s hooded romper which is fleece lined (the one you have honey). When we went out I just snuggled him up in the blanket

pmgkt Wed 06-Feb-13 13:00:26

I'm feeling pleased with myself. Do took some unpaid leave after his paternity leave and only went back to work on Monday of this week. We have been out loads but always 2 adults and 2 children so easy. I have done a few children's groups with both by myself but today I took both kids to the aquarium, so a public place. All went well, ds1 didn't run off, didn't wet himself, no tears and all safe. He even got to feed the fish. I was going to wear ds2 in his carrier but when I have used it over the last few weeks and he leans right into me and looks like he will suffocate, he won't put his head to the side. Once he has more head control I'm going to use it more and love it once they are facing outwards but today we used the buggy.

pmgkt Wed 06-Feb-13 13:52:56

Got hospital for Edwards hip scans. It's due to him being breech. Does anyone know what they do?

They just put them on their side and do an ultrasound on their hip it takes about a minute each side

itsMYNutella Wed 06-Feb-13 14:44:09

Is a hip scan not a normal part of the check up in the UK? DS had one at his last check up. By then he also has a paediatrician instead of a GP... Hmmm pretty happy still with the medical care here ... Although since I pay for it I bloomin should be! smile

My midwife believes every baby born in the UK sees an osteopath as standard, as much as I have loved the NHS on occasion I also know its faults very well and cannot believe that it's true... Anyone's LO seen an osteopath?

Hip scans if baby is breech past second trimester (I think) or family history of hip problems. No osteopath!

Secondsop Wed 06-Feb-13 15:03:25

Last night Z went down easily after his 2am feed but then about an hour later kept making noises like he was trying to bring something up / clear his throat. He was sort of sleeping through it then waking to make the noise and then sleeping again. I tried tilting the bassinet so that his head was a little elevated but that didn't really help. He didn't seem too bothered by it. In the end Itook him next to me into the bed and he snuggled against my boob and fell straight asleep without making the noise. What could it have been?

WLmum Wed 06-Feb-13 15:23:53

nutella no osteopaths here! Think your mw is
second dd often makes noises like that in her cot but never when she's in with me! I think they're just wiggly getting comfy noises

EggsMichelle Wed 06-Feb-13 16:41:27

Argh, my supply gone shit again! I need an alarm clock to remind me to drink, dehydration really does bugger everything up.

Screamy screamy screamy child.

Eggs I'm the same I really have to think about it. Proud that today I've had two coffees and three glasses of water. Before bf I could easily go all day without drinking.

Snap honey and I've got the yummiest dinner (homemade honey and mustard chicken yum!) but I can't eat it!

Secondsop Wed 06-Feb-13 17:45:43

spotty that dinner sounds delicious.

Re supply, a lady at the weighing clinic today was saying that she expressed at 8pm and 11pm and got 5oz each time. I'm lucky if I get 2oz in a day of several expressing sessions!

How on earth have you found time to make honey and mustard chicken spotty?

I only get about 70ml when I express it's really frustrating.

Honey I made a cake too grinit's really easy though: sweat sliced onion and brown chicken breasts, add 300ml chicken stock, 2tbsp honey, 2tbsp whole grain mustard and two carrots sliced lengthways into quarters allow to simmer for 20mins or until sauce has reduced down mmmm

DH is lucky if he gets soup (out of the freezer). I don't think I'm being a very good wife/mummy at the min confused

PurplePidjin Wed 06-Feb-13 17:59:49

Dp is cooking ours as usual. I did buy nice steak and red wine pies and sticky toffee pud. It's his birthday. Normally we slow cook or have pasta.

Mann sticky toffee pudding yum! It's a bit different for me Honey though as I have to make sure dd eats something decent! Otherwise we would probably live off pizza grin

halesball Wed 06-Feb-13 19:02:15

Mmm now i want sticky toffee pudding as well. Well we had her needles today and i cried when she did. The doctor also did my postnatal which was basically him saying are you ok? I told him i was having a problem with my water works and him saying bring a urine sample in. Out of curiosity is anyone else feeling like they desperately need to wee and when they go hardly anything comes out? It started when my labour started and i begged for a catheter because it was more painful than the contractions. It hasn't got any better since.

MaMaPo Wed 06-Feb-13 19:03:17

We're having dirty Waitrose Chinese ready meals! Usually we eat well (on Saturday my husband made a starter of scallops, black pudding, bacon and cauliflower purée, and then roast pork with apple and black pudding stuffing, with roasted beet root and braised fennel. Pré baby we cooked together all the time; now he does lots on his own. I miss cooking with hin, but looking forward to cooking with little C.

Great day today - met up with the 4 other women from work who had babies around the same time. C was very well behaved!

MaMaPo Wed 06-Feb-13 19:05:25

Cross post Hales - occasionally there is a real mismatch between how much I need to go and how much I wee. But it isn't constant, although it is new since the birth.

Sounds like an infection hales.

Ds has only slept about an hour in total today so I'm worried about tonight!

I wish dp could cook I'm lucky to get pizza!

Honey how did your hospital appointment go?

I had my postnatal today (with the lively nurse who used to be a mw and is also the diabetes nurse). Bp was fine I said I didn't need her to look down there. Going back to see her for a smear in two weeks anyway sad she thinks I should have the implant but not sure confused makes me feel ick. Asked what contraception we are currently using and I said 'the baby'. Sigh. Poor dp grin

Lovely nurse not lively hmm

halesball Wed 06-Feb-13 19:23:31

Its not everytime but i'd say it was the majority of the time. Hopefully it'll just be an infection and some tablets will sort it.

MyDaydream Wed 06-Feb-13 19:24:27

Took DS to get weighted today, he's now 10lb 6 up from 7lb 15 at birth. He's also a total traitor and was flashing gummy smiles at all the helpers at the children's centre. I've not had a smile just for being here today.
I'm sure E is hooked up to the oven, food comes out and he starts screaming. My mum says its payback!
DP is starting to get proper food again but still more quick pasta sauces, the first week everything came out of the oven and I don't think we had vegetables!

halesball Wed 06-Feb-13 19:27:25

Ha we all seem to be crossing posts i'm not sure about the implant either i'm going to go for the coil but only because if i ever change my mind about having another baby (which i hugely doubt) then fertility returns immediately it doesn't with other forms of contraception

Hospital was stressful spotty. Lovely psychologist but I'm not feeling too great after it and its a month until my next appointment

Hales implant is the same re fertility returning. Coil obv didn't work for me grin
Sorry to hear that honey is there no way you can get an appointment sooner?

Unfortunatly not - appointments should be fortnightly but she's on holiday in 2 weeks sad

halesball Wed 06-Feb-13 20:29:24

Oh did u get caught on the coil? I don't like the idea of the implant its just the way they take it out.

Honey sorry your feeling bad how about some wine and chocolate to cheer you up?

Yes I had a mirena in when ds was conceived!

Oh honey that's rubbish. It'll go quick though thanks

EggsMichelle Wed 06-Feb-13 20:43:38

Honey it's more draining than you expect talking to psychologists.

I'm having my coil fitted on Friday, I don't want anyone down there sad

Must learn to use the slow cooker again, F sleeps really well midday, so would be ideal to prep tea then. DH starts work on Monday so I will have to start cooking again.

Secondsop Wed 06-Feb-13 21:03:47

Am I the only one who really, really struggles when at home all day alone with the baby? Not struggling in terms of actually looking after him, I can do all the stuff, but my head is all over the place, I can't cope when he screams even for a second (it seems to hit a particular frequency that makes me scream but has zero emotional effect on my husband) and I just get so frustrated at being at home. Getting him ready to take him outside to give us both a break just seems such a performance, I've done it a couple of times but I can never quite face it. Will it be different when he's more responsive to what's around him - will I enjoy parenting more then?

Chloe55 Wed 06-Feb-13 21:11:15

I have a bit of a side effect fear of the implant or injection, a couple of girls in my family have trued them and gained weight/got bad complexion/generally felt miserable so its put me off. A close family friend died after complications from having the coil fitted-she ended up with an infection needing hospitalization which resulted in her tragic death. This was obviously an awful, rare occurrence but has made my family recoil in horror at the thought of having the coil fitted-its irrational, I know. Femidom/condoms are no no's, can't be bothered with the hassle and dh refuses a vasectomy which basically leaves the pill. However, my memory's shit and I haven't been on it for 9yrs so am struggling to remember to take it each day!!

Saw HV today, dd gaining weight nicely, she said not to sorry about the green poo and its likely due to my poor diet dehydration due to my illness. So, I just have to consciously eat and drink better from now on. Starting slimming world in Friday so that should help get my healthy eating back on track.

Chloe55 Wed 06-Feb-13 21:13:52

second do you not have any friends locally to visit or can you not go along to any baby groups with people in the same boat as you? Try and start a thread to see if any other mums are local to you (or check on dare I say it net mums shhhh).

Secondsop Wed 06-Feb-13 21:18:58

Thank you chloe - I do have my NCT group and we do meet up but not that frequently. That's about it. I must try harder to pull myself together. My mum is moving near me soon which will be a big help as we can spend time together plus I'll feel more confident about going out and about with him when there's someone else to help. I didn't think I'd find maternity leave so isolating. I'm not sure what I did expect though. I find it hard not knowing what i'm doing; i miss being competent and using my knowledge and experience.

pmgkt Wed 06-Feb-13 21:19:12

Seconds could you invite a friend over, maybe speak to your health visitor if you don't know anyone with similar aged babies, then you don't have to go out, but have company, and it may seem a bit easier. Plus going to someone's house, especially if that have the same aged kids, needs less planning then groups, etc as there is no time pressure, and if you forget something they will have it. Plus if you go by car then the need to get dressed up is less than going out for a walk.

itsMYNutella Wed 06-Feb-13 22:11:09

seconds I know what you mean about feeling isolated. I go out for a walk every day no matter what the weather because DS and I both need the fresh air and a change of scenery. Also the whole drama of getting ready to go out is getting easier and it gives me a bit of routine. Even if I only wander in circles it doesn't matter. I often go and have a coffee and DS sleeps brilliantly once he is out.
I'm also taking advantage of people I know who know people with kids, IYSWIM. I find getting out feels like an achievement and makes me feel a bit independent again. Yesterday all I managed was a walk to buy cotton wool and breast pads but I did it all on my own grin (4km walk included)

itsMYNutella Wed 06-Feb-13 22:12:46

I'm also hoping to join more baby groups when DS is older smile

WLmum Wed 06-Feb-13 22:16:58

seconds even though it's a hassle to get ready and get out, it is worth it 9/10 times. Go to any groups you can where you might meet some people - don't worry that lo might be too young - I run a rhyme time session and we frequently have newborns along. It will be much easier if you can make a friend to do groups/walk/coffee with. And yes, it will get easier when lo gets more responsive - I promise! Being on mat leave is a massive lifestyle change.
Def talk to your hv, she may be able to put you on touch with other mums who feel similar.

IsThatTrue Wed 06-Feb-13 22:31:32

seconds being home with a baby is awfully isolating. If I didn't get out on the school run twice a day I'd very rarely see anyone (although obv my situation is slightly different as I'm working). Groups are good. I took my oldest (dd) to her first toddler group at 7 weeks. Ds2 went to his first at 7 weeks but it would have been earlier if we weren't on a waiting list for it! Ds2 loves it too, he stayed awake for the whole 2hours last week! Other babies slept the whole time but the mums still got a chat which is the important thing at this age!

Secondsop Wed 06-Feb-13 22:38:01

Thank you all of you. Sounds like getting out of the house is going to be key. Even if I'm not meeting up with anyone I might try to go out just to have a coffee and a piece of cake in the afternoons.

utopian99 Wed 06-Feb-13 23:08:35

Definitely agree with the others - even if it's just making up tasks that you could all do in one day i try to split them up to make me leave the house every day. Baby or not i think anyone struggles stuck indoors all day; also the walk will give you exercise which is a great mood enhancer!

Ds has just produced a neon green nappy, but seems happy and well and so do i. Any ideas?

halesball Thu 07-Feb-13 00:32:09

Seconds i know exactly how you feel. Mornings are the worst when i'm trying to time it so i can shower without her screaming, and then dress myself before sorting out her changing bag. It feels like a massive chore but after going out i feel like i've achieved something. If i stay in the house for a day or two then i feel like i'm getting cabin fever. Plus now shes smiling back and cooing i'm enjoying being a mum. I third going to baby groups you'll meet people who feel exactly the same.

Utopian, i think Chloes LO has green poo but the HV told her it was ok. Maybe it was something you've eaten or drank. I drank alot of orange juice one week in my pregnancy and my poo turned green (TMI sorry).

halesball Thu 07-Feb-13 00:34:36

Seconds i know exactly how you feel. Mornings are the worst when i'm trying to time it so i can shower without her screaming, and then dress myself before sorting out her changing bag. It feels like a massive chore but after going out i feel like i've achieved something. If i stay in the house for a day or two then i feel like i'm getting cabin fever. Plus now shes smiling back and cooing i'm enjoying being a mum. I third going to baby groups you'll meet people who feel exactly the same.

Utopian, i think Chloes LO has green poo but the HV told her it was ok. Maybe it was something you've eaten or drank. I drank alot of orange juice one week in my pregnancy and my poo turned green (TMI sorry).

WLmum Thu 07-Feb-13 04:03:40

My hv came today and said if baby is otherwise happy and well, green pop is nothing to worry about. She said some babies are green all the time, others here and there.

T weighed in at arm aching 12lb 8oz at 7 weeks and 2 days. Higgling that 91st centile curve nicely! Am now feeling quite relaxed about bfing - whatever we're doing she's obviously getting enough.

Hv did scare me about tummy sleeping though - I'm confident that it's right for T but she suggested thinking about getting a sensor mat like angel care - anyone got any experience?

MaMaPo Thu 07-Feb-13 04:29:23

Seconds, I'm finding it a bit isolating too. I try to have at least one thing on every day, which helps to get ms out of the house. And I walk for miles!

Little C slept a bit longer tonight before this feed, which means - ouch! I just hand expressed a couple of oz to get some relief, but it will be put to good use.

EggsMichelle Thu 07-Feb-13 05:56:32

Iv got an angelcare monitor with sensor mat, and I love it! Find it very reassuring especially as we put him to bed upstairs a couple of hours before we go to bed. Also I am quite paranoid about our cats getting in the cot with him (they hide and sneak past me when I'm trying to keep them out!) so it helps with that anxiety.

Considering F slept most of yesterday (11.30-2.30, 4-6) he has made a brilliant effort at sleeping tonight (8-1.30, 2.30-5.30). We are off to a ball pit with a friend and her toddler today, goal set for getting out the house!

brooke89 Thu 07-Feb-13 07:09:59

Seconds I know how you feel too, I've started getting out the house a bit more now to see friends with babies or wander round tescos and it does help.

Utopian my LOs poos are green too, all normal apparently but I am only ff now.

LO has her injections at 11 today, everyone keeps warning me its awful hmm am I going to have a very grumpy baby afterwards?

FriendofDorothy Thu 07-Feb-13 07:26:56

We had a really good night. Edward woke at 2am and 5am and then went straight back in his crib and settled himself to sleep. It makes such a difference not having to spend hours rocking him!

IsThatTrue Thu 07-Feb-13 07:57:34

brooke all babies are different my dd and ds1 hardly reacted at all whereas ds2 was really quite poorly. Fx your LO won't have a bad reaction.

Off to toddlers this morning after an awful night. He wasn't really feeding properly so was up every hour. He's having a proper feed now though finally (after waking while I was busy making packed lunches so he had to shout for a while).

MaMaPo Thu 07-Feb-13 08:06:23

Amazing baby only woke twice last night. Noisy baby kept people in the house awake anyway.

halesball Thu 07-Feb-13 08:16:07

Brook my LO had her imjections yesterday. I cried when she cried but she was fine afterwards had a little bit of a temperature but calpol sorted that out.

Both me and Heidi are staying in bed all day today i have a cold and shes dead snuffly. Hers has been coming on for a few days and i want to nip it in the bum now.

EggsMichelle Thu 07-Feb-13 09:15:41

nip it in the bum hehe grin

F screamed blue murder when he had his jabs, didn't have a temp after but was really mardy so gave him calpol in case it was his legs that were hurting.

Good start to the morning, managed to get washed and dressed as he napped, then put him in his chair while I got breakfast and dried my hair (first time since he was born!) he sulked, but have to stop running to him every time he cries else ill never get anything done!

Chloe55 Thu 07-Feb-13 09:54:25

utopian my dd has green poos (she didn't before I got a sickness bug) but hv seemed unconcerned but did encourage me to eat better and drink more fluids.

I had a fussy eater last night too isthat she would feed for 5mins then start screaming - think she had bellyache. I passed her over to dh at 7am and begged for some sleep grin, he took her, gave her an expressed bottle and she's slept since 8am!! Cheeky mare.

Trip to asda today for party bag pressies, my ds has his birthday party on Saturday and I'm so unorganised for it!

brooke89 Thu 07-Feb-13 10:07:55

I'll stock up on calpol just in case!

Secondsop Thu 07-Feb-13 10:16:31

brooke Z screamed for about 5 seconds immediately after his jabs and then fell asleep! Calpol is a good idea because he did get a bit feverish and upset later.

Ds didn't have any effect from the jabs would have known he even had them.

Today on the other hand he has been screaming all morning and I've got the dentist in 50 minutes god knows what I'm going to do with him sad

ISpyPlumPie Thu 07-Feb-13 12:22:32

Jabs over here this morning too. N wasn't too happy when they were actually done but had stopped crying when we left the surgery and fell asleep in the sling on the way home. He gave me a lovely big smile when he woke up so I think I'm forgiven grin.

Brooke hope it went ok for your LO too and Isthat hope your DS2 has recovered now. Good luck to anyone else with jabs soon too.

Seconds - I really think ml can be isloating and the days can be very long esp if you've been used to a frantic pace previously. I completely agree with everyone else about getting out being the key. I have a mantra thatt except in case of illness or extreme weather (blizzards and such, not just rain) we go out every day. It might be to a group or to meet a friend, or just to the library or shop but it gives the day something to 'hang' round. The pain of getting them ready is worth it and does get easier.

PurplePidjin Thu 07-Feb-13 13:13:03

WL, R has slept on his tummy since 2 weeks old - will be 12 on Monday - all the hv said was to make sure he doesn't get too hot. He has a brand new mattress, clean sheets etc so the risk is minimal. Certainly less than me driving on no sleep!

I love it when he chucks me a three hour nap. Finished a hat, done a load of washing, stuffed all the clean nappies, made curry and about to start another hat. All with him snuggled up to me in the sling <awww>

He now likes to look at toys, and will hold one if you put it in his hand <proud>

brooke89 Thu 07-Feb-13 14:01:11

That's amazing pidj! Can't wait till Isla can play with her toys!

She's a bit testy now but otherwise seems ok. I cried more than her at the injections!!

MaMaPo Thu 07-Feb-13 14:35:15

Q about the jabs, fever etc - do you all have thermometers? /if so, any recommendations?

Cranky baby today - she's overdue for a poo! So after being out this morning i've retired with her to bed to watch trashy telly.

We've got the Braun ear one it's the same one the doctors use. Got it for dd over two years ago and haven't even had to replace the batteries