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December 2012 - so, do we all know what we're doing yet?

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MaMaPo Sun 20-Jan-13 04:56:17


monsterchild Sun 20-Jan-13 05:02:20

nope, not a clue!

monsterchild Sun 20-Jan-13 05:02:57

Except feeding a small vampire every 20 minutes

Ours would get on well monster....

monsterchild Sun 20-Jan-13 05:08:11

You have my sympathies Spotty. they tell you a lot about newborns, but not about the zombie style noises in the night, or the chewing on your neck if they aren't fed quickly enough!

He seems to be awake for the day now although he keeps latching on and off which is so annoying! They're like little gremlins aren't they?! Ah well they'll be toddling before we know it!

2blessed Sun 20-Jan-13 05:40:37

Same here spotty. R keeps latching on and off, I'm constantly tickling under his chin... Feeling really tired and sore by my cut

Hi all,

What do you know? DS just woke from a six hour sleep! [happy dance] Although I now have boobs of porn star proportions...

Another gremlin here too, crossed with a piglet judging by some of the noises he comes out with!

PurplePidjin Sun 20-Jan-13 06:00:10

Signing in brew

PurplePidjin Sun 20-Jan-13 06:01:14

I know exactly what I'm doing. I just don't know if I'm doing it right confused

halesball Sun 20-Jan-13 06:07:36

Hi all, i didn't think it sounded belittling, its just this BF one minute its something i feel like doing and the next its something i really don't feel like doing. I know FF wouldn't be any easier though because when i've given her a bottle she can be hungry quite quickly again. I just need to make a firm decision either way, theres just something stopping me changing her to fully FF, even after days like yesterday. Fingers crossed the cream and drops work quickly.

Clarella, we noticed the same thing today. H seems alot happier to stay awake after feeds and she is so much more aware of everything. She has also found her voice and sits gurgling happily away to herself grin

Bellaboo123 Sun 20-Jan-13 06:18:39

Checking in...

Hales that's really rough, wishing you better soon.

Well the last 2 nights we've gone from midnight to 6am. She cries about 2ish but I give her back get dummy and she's straight back to sleep - that's not bad of me is it?

Thanks for the new thread mama and I know exactly what I'm doing, not sure it's what Ethan wants/needs though confused

hales that sounds tough, do whatever is right for you and sod the maternal guilt, as long as you're not starving her you're doing ok in my book.

Yay to all those with longer sleeps ! I thought we'd had our growth spurt but judging from last night it's only just started! He fed on and off at evening and went down (co-sleeping he was not having any of the cot) at 12.15 (was literally attached from 11) then woke at 3.37 and fed for 20 minutes. Then was up at 4.30 and I unlatched him at 6.20. Then at 6.30 he was squaking so he's just had another 15 minutes! Thank god for feeding lying down and asleep or I would be a zombie today!!

halesball Sun 20-Jan-13 06:53:43

No Bella thats definately not bad of you, if your LO had wanted anything else, she would of spat her dummy out and carried on crying.

Oh Stacey its horrible when you have a night where there constantly BF. Hope you manage to get abit of sleep today.

Those with babies sleeping longer than two hours are you giving a formula feed?

Secondsop Sun 20-Jan-13 07:10:25

Checking in.

Spotty I'm mixed feeding and at night that gets me 3-4 hours, although sometimes (like tonight) he doesn't settle at all after it and sometimes we get 2 hours before he wants a snack (during the day he has formula every 4 hours or so but also wants breast midway through the 4 hours). The times when I've given him expressed milk at night he's never slept for more than 90 minutes.

bella I use the dummy when there's nothing else that i can find that's bothering him but he's still upset. Eg tonight. He's fed, he's nappied, he's next to me being cuddled, he's winded, he's comfy, but I suspect he's tired and atrugkng to drop off, and I find the dummy a godsend in those circumstances. He is more than capable of making himself very clear if it's not what he wanted.

PurplePidjin Sun 20-Jan-13 07:43:47

Spotty, R is ebf and sleeps 6 hours 9-3 smile

Stacks Sun 20-Jan-13 07:51:24

T has never had a bottle or dummy, and sleeps 3-5 hour stretches at night. Every night.

pmgkt Sun 20-Jan-13 07:53:04

Marking place. Well done on the better sleep for many.

pmgkt Sun 20-Jan-13 07:56:16

Edward did have a dummy when I was bf. Now he is just ff, he doesn't really want it. I think that confirms he
was still hungry

MaMaPo Sun 20-Jan-13 07:57:51

Spotty, C is also ebf and last night went 3, 5, 3 hours between feeds. This is not, I repeat, NOT normal for her! Usually we get 2 or 3, with a 4 hour stretch about once a week.

Bella, I use the dummy when C is overtired, or in situations when she's hungry but needs to wait for us to get home. It has its place - as long as baby doesn't go hungry (which you'd know about!) I think it's fine.

Stacey, that's an epic night of feeding!

Spotty we gave F his first bottle of formula last night at health visitors suggestion. He slept for six hours and it was a god send.

I still want to BF as much as I can, but the sleep deprivation is killing us. One bottle of formula before bed can't be so bad I thought, but I still feel as though I'm letting my little boy down, which is silly I know sad

utopian99 Sun 20-Jan-13 08:05:39

Stacey we're having similar. I've had a max 3 hours sleep all night, and he's been feeding on and off since 6ish. Uhh.

Had an okay night yesterday - obviously the calm before the storm.

I know some babies are just good sleepers but I think I might have to try the formula... I haven't had more than two hours sleep for over two months now! And I've woken with a sore throat which must mean I'm getting dd's cold! (Sorry feeling sorry for myself today!)

He's now on his second feed since I posted 2 hrs ago! Not sure how much kip I'll be getting today. Going to take him to baby clinic this week, see if all this feeding is having the desired effect!

MaMaPo Sun 20-Jan-13 08:43:56

Spotty, after a rant to my sister about how hard it could be, she texted me her mantra (and it has got her through 3 kids). 'Whatever works.' Why not try formula? If it works, great, if it doesn't, no harm done and you can choose to continue with bfing or mix feed as you like.

As someone who's not slept more than 2 hours in 2 months, you are absolutely allowed to feel sorry for yourself!

Yesterday we had a big meetup with all the people we did NCT class with - good fun! Very interesting to see the differences and similarities between the babies. The oldest is now 3 months old, and my little C, who is 6 weeks, is about the same size. shock Time to get her weighed at the clinic again this week, I think! It was also interesting to note that the boys were all a lot bigger than the girls (except for my lump of a girl, of course!).

Wow coffee thAts amazing!! Notenvy at all !!
spotty we had an 'on and off' latch session again last night. She wouldn't go longer than 2 hours without a feed either. But she CAN go longer she has before. I think she's caught DD1s cold though. I completely understand your thoughts on formula , I feel like I've got voices on each shoulder I don't know about you. Do what keeps you sane!!

Fed up of this snow now!

Bellaboo123 Sun 20-Jan-13 08:45:01

Spotty we give about 5oz of formula at about 10ish but she doesn't settle until 12. Like everyone says do what's right for you. Hope you feel better, you're doing a fab job.

EggsMichelle Sun 20-Jan-13 08:53:25

Sadly doesn't have subtitles o the video, but just watching it gave me a good giggle in the night (especially the on all fours panting position!)

He slept from 7.35-12.15 on 4oz of formula (fell asleep sooner than I wanted!) but he is still awake for an hour with every feed. Have to change him with every feed, else he doesn't settle at all, and just turned on the baby monitor light, but he was still going for an hour. On the plus side, because he went to bed before us, we had Chinese takeaway and wine!

I think I will try it and if it doesn't make a difference then, like you say, no harm done.

We've got more snow today and it's meant to carry on all day hmm and I've just realised I've forgotten my two closest friends' birthdays blush

At the end of the day spotty you're doing a fantastic job and I personally, don't think there is anything wrong with that at all.
Yumm wine eggs wine I had an urge to drink lots get shit faced last night! Didnt help there are pics on FB this morning of a local girl who has given birth since me out on the town (and looking like her body never carried a child!! Oh and no bags under her eyes either!)

ISpyPlumPie Sun 20-Jan-13 09:19:16

Marking my place.

Hales - that sounds really painful. Hope you're feeling better soon.

N slept for 4 hours without a feed last night. He's never had a bottle and has also taken against the dummy. Seems to just be very gradually increasing the length of time between feeds (at night at least). Totally agree though that it's worth doing whatever works for each LO - they're all different but we all need sleep.

Clarella Sun 20-Jan-13 09:33:59

larellaSun 20-Jan-13 08:42:09

hi five 6 hours sleep with 4 unbroken!!I blooming woke at 3 though expecting him to be up and was wide awake! 

not normal here though either!! he's ebf.

what we realise is happening is that he's now fighting sleep in the eves and at other times. he's started not having much from the bottle when dh has him in the evening, falling instantly asleep. mind you nothing is set in stone I think till he's done it for at least a week...

halesball Sun 20-Jan-13 09:53:53

Spotty we give a bottle of formula of a night (at 11pm ish) and its hit and miss, sometimes we get a 3.5 hour sleep after, so its a godsend when she does that. I agree though, with doing what works for you. Try it and if you don't like it you can stop. I know it sounds silly but when we gave H her 1st bottle i felt really guilty about it and got quite upset. Hope you make the decision thar suits you and also that you get abit more sleep.

Checking in.

Ouch Hales poor you, hope it clears up quickly.

Sorry to hear of the bad nights. DP took J in the spare room to let me sleep. I had 9 Hours shock. Don't hate me! DP on the other hand was up from 2 with a sqwaking baby.

itsMYNutella Sun 20-Jan-13 10:12:49

Spotty I cannot cope with broken sleep, I started giving T a night time top up after two weeks, I'd be a total nutjob after 2 months! It still feels weird giving him the formula but the sleep is necessary so I can enjoy being a mummy.
I'm hoping to switch to EBF for the night time top up but haven't braved the pump yet confused

CODwidow Sun 20-Jan-13 11:04:08

spotty we're ebf and go longer than 2hrs between feeds. I think sleep deprivation is the worst tbh!

hales we've been suffering with thrush for 4 weeks now so I know how you feel, it's bloody painful!

checking in, and no, not a clue what i'm doing.

those of you who are managing to get their babies to go down in the evening... how? D sleeps well in his moses basket at night, when we put him down when we go to bed about 11, but last night we tried to start a routine, did bath, book, feed to sleep at about 8 (normally sleeps on one of us from 8-we go to bed) put him in basket with soft lighting and Ewan but was screeching within 2 mins, soothed and settled put him back down and he screamed. We kept on with this for about an hour and then gave up. Should we leave him if he starts screaming so he doesn't think we'll go to him straight away? What should we do to get him to go down? (i know its only been one night but i think going into this with some idea of what we're doing might help!)

EggsMichelle Sun 20-Jan-13 11:52:13

Before we had a routine, he would have an evening nap waking between 7-8, I would go to bed at about 10 and feed him until he fell asleep, held him for 10mins to be sure he was asleep then put him down. Now I have been waking him from that nap between 5-6 as the evenings seem to be when he is most alert and awake longer. Honey if D has an afternoon nap, look at how long he is awake and alert after his nap.

Grrr mil has ds and he's crying for food

He doesn't nap either sad he sleeps from 8 or so just refuses basket till we all go to bed sad

EggsMichelle Sun 20-Jan-13 12:30:44

Honey my niece was born the same week as D, and bil says they have to soother her a couple of times before she goes to sleep. It used to take them hours, but perseverance means she goes down most nights first time.

Honey what if you stay in the room with him maybe stroking his back until he's asleep then over a few weeks you can get further away etc

Thanks smile will try that damn, was really hoping to find a magical quick fix.

Barbeasty Sun 20-Jan-13 13:46:20

Would he go down if you brought the basket downstairs at 8, then take him and the basket up when you go to bed?

I'm missing my child-free time this morning. Normally DH takes A and DD to church, so although it's an early-ish start (they leave at 8.20), I get almost 2 hours to get up in peace and potter about getting lunch on etc. But today DH has a bad cold so decided to lie in instead. I was worried at 5am that I wasn't even going to get to sleep in a bit, but a nappy change got A to sleep until 8 but waking briefly every hour.

I've just managed my shower. I prefer the peace to the sleep!

utopian99 Sun 20-Jan-13 14:00:58

We have tried O out with his baby gym - went down a storm! (until poosplosion stopped play... hmm) Am continually surprised how fast they develop; I think I'd assumed nothing happens at all till the magic six week mark.

Have also now fully graduated to fluffy bum status apart from the odd disposable when out and about. grin

pmgkt Sun 20-Jan-13 14:05:12

For those who ff, do you go by age or weight on the guide of how much they can eat?

Also those who find their baby falling asleep in the bottle, get the next size up teat or put an extra hole in the ones you have. That way they need to put in less effort to get more out, so don't tire as quickly and have drunk more in less time. That said if yours is often sick after, try it and see but too fast may make them sick up more.

MaMaPo Sun 20-Jan-13 14:05:58

Honey, I tried the same thing last week and it was difficult and ultimately unsuccessful. In retrospect I think she was already overtired and so it wasn't ideal. I will try again, but only when she's well rested.

halesball Sun 20-Jan-13 14:35:36

COD i was trying to remember who had thrush, its horrible isn't it? And i've seen a deterioration in H's ability to feed hmm but hopefully this medication will sort it. Hopefully yours is starting to ease off as well now.

CODwidow Sun 20-Jan-13 14:58:40

We've been lucky that dd hasn't had any problems feeding but in all honesty she probably had hers from birth so I think its just 'normal' for her. I'm sure you'll be different but we just can't shift it. Dd's is still as bad as ever and I'm just coming to the end of a fortnights worth of antibiotics and it's still there. Not sure what they'll do next tbh as dd has had drops and the gel and I've tried the cream and antibiotics. I thought about ff lots as the pain is incredible but we're sticking with the boob at the mo. hope it shifts for you soon!

Secondsop Sun 20-Jan-13 15:10:07

pmgkt I go by weight not age - i figured that babies of the same age could be dramatically different sizes and stomach size is the name of the game - but am ultimately guided by his hunger. Eg we moved up to 120g when he wasn't at the weight for it yet because after his 90g feeds he was waiting 10 minutes to see if any more food was forthcoming and then crying. It seems to be working because he's putting on weight in leaps and bounds, but he is getting breast milk as well so is getting extra food.

COD you're doing so well I hope it clears up soon.

pidj and cookies how are the roads your way? I've got to be at Southampton general for nine tomorrow confused

Barbeasty no, he has somehow worked out to scream if we put him in the Moses basket at any point other than when we go to bed. Will only sleep on us until we're in bed!

If we persevere do you think we'll persuade him eventually?!

itsMYNutella Sun 20-Jan-13 15:22:43

Too much of a pansy to start my own AIBU thread but I need to vent...

I am really angry and I'm sure I shouldn't be so angry but I can't help it.
Earlier in the week DP was reading something about not putting yourselves under pressure as new parents and avoid all stress (other than a newborn with outrageous gas issues obviously). Then the next day he asked if his parents could come over this weekend for another visit. confused I said I'd prefer not to see them again so soon because they have only been critical thus far and made us both rather sad. Also all they can think about is their grandchild and they feel entitled to visit and see him (they actually asked DP on the phone this week why they are being kept away from their grandchild). DP has explained to them that we have been to hospital twice (once for T -jaundice issue; and once for me - uterus not contracting properly) and we're busy enough just trying to sort ourselves out.

I also pointed out that he had said we should avoid stress and then he had allowed his parents to put pressure on him. Then he had to persuade me to say yes sad I said yes because I know he is always stuck in the middle and feels hugely obligated to say yes.
We try and get out for a walk every day, we all enjoy the fresh air and some daylight.
The PIL were supposed to be here at 16:00. We arrived home from our walk at 15:40 to find them standing on the doorstep. They couldn't agree (between themselves) if we had said 15:30 or 16:00 so decided to come at 15:30 hmm

I think we need to have a talk with them and set up some boundaries. I feel it's unfair that they manipulate DP and don't seem to have a problem doing it. Or am I overreacting?

Honey he will get there eventually, if you really want to do it in my experience it takes a couple of weeks of hard work and then they get it. I do think slowly slowly low stress is best. And if it all goes wrong it doesn't matter, tomorrow is another day and you can start again.

Nutella tell them to bugger off. DP's parents have only seen DS about three times blush they know we are busy and tired and so tend to lave us to it, as do my parents, and just ask to visit every few weeks which is fine by me although they always tell me how knackered I look, why do people do that? Everyone thinks they have the right to comment ffs, of course I look knackered grin

Oops I just ate a whole packet of Jaffa Cakes whilst typing that blush

itsMYNutella Sun 20-Jan-13 15:40:38

DP had told them they could visit for one hour. Well there are 3 minutes left. The hour for me & T has consisted of a nappy change, followed by poosplosion and full clothing change followed by feeding quietly in bedroom... I'm so tempted to wander into the living room and say goodbye (once the unfillable child releases my nipple)... I know it wouldn't be at all helpful but I would like to take the pressure off DP and I don't give a rats about pissing them off.

FriendofDorothy Sun 20-Jan-13 15:43:46

I was trying to work why the other thread was so quiet!

grin FoD

Nutella just go in and say 'Well it was lovely to see you, me and ds are going to have a nap but we will look forward to seeing you again, shall we say three weeks saturday?' or something?

Bellaboo123 Sun 20-Jan-13 15:53:46

Nutella not unreasonable it sounds like they're being really thoughtless, you're tired and more sensitive and need to worry about your family unit without having to stress about pleasing inlaws. These times are tiring they'll be plenty of times to enjoy their grandchild!

Clarella Sun 20-Jan-13 16:03:07

bugger. rich tea dunking disaster while catching up....

Serves you right you dirty dunker wink

Clarella Sun 20-Jan-13 16:09:30

not unreasonable nutella, can dp talk to them? we've been v careful about visitors etc as I had anxiety in pregnancy and didn't want it triggered - dh has been v careful to limit relatives etc talking it over with me and it's really helped (I'm so well now it's weird). but you do have to be careful if possible - pnd can hit anyone without warning.

honey I wonder if you should focus on just the moses basket bit for now? take tiny steps?

really feel for you thrush sufferers <hugs>

Clarella Sun 20-Jan-13 16:10:15

jaffa scoffa grin

grin spotty!

nutella YANBU at all I wish people would just think about how they are making new parents feel. This time around I'm ok but with ds1 I was awful, and I think other peoples expectations and the pressure that put on me contributed to my PND. Take care of yourself and sod thinking about their feelings!

Well me and ds just had an hours nap on the sofa (with him propped up on my legs, with my legs bent up iykwim. And DH in the room). I feel decidedly more human now which is nice. Gotta sort dinner out now though oh the joys!

Clarella Sun 20-Jan-13 16:13:30

sorry nutella, mis read a bit of it, your dp also needs to realise why no stress (lower risks of low mood etc) - and what you find specifically stressful, which he may not understand. its really hard seeing others pov and definitely now more than ever.

halesball Sun 20-Jan-13 16:15:34

Aww Nutella, maybe your DP needs to have a word with them, maybe tell the PIL who is more approachable, that you would like some space to get to know your LO. What a horrible position to be in though.

COD i hope they figure something out for you. The pain just stops a good BF relationship, so i hope it leaves you both soon.

MyDaydream Sun 20-Jan-13 16:19:50

pmg I went on how much he wants to eat, the box says he should be on 90ml but that doesn't touch the sides and hes still crying for more so upped him into 120ml. Although we only feed 3 formulas a day rather than all formula.
nutella not at all unreasonable to tell anyone who's causing you stress they can't visit. Although understand its a lot harder to actually say, especially if they're manipulative.
Jealous of your dunking clarella, I have custard creams but DP is too busy to make me a cup of tea and I'm pinned down.
Does anyone have a double pump and are they as time saving as they seem? I've rented a single that I've got until they call saying they need it back but am struggling to find 40 minutes to express when I'm alone and still eat, drink and pee. Is it easy to do both at the same time? I'm really unsure whether to she'll out if I'll still struggle to do both together, but ice started noticing a reduction in my supply so need to do something.

nutella YANBU. In laws need to deal with the fact that they aren't the centre of the universe and that they don't actually have any entitlement. Of course they can see their grandchild, but when it's convenient for you.

PurplePidjin Sun 20-Jan-13 16:48:02

In laws are like teenagers - they need to know there are consequences to overstepping the mark!

Pretty clear down my way, Spotty, but I'm 25 miles away from Southampton

Mega clingy baby has cluster fed all day, calpol has calmed him a bit and the boys are being collected shortly by my parents so they can visit my gran - 2hours of peace for me!!!!!

pidj glad you're getting some time to yourself grin Does calpol work to calm clingy baby?

itsMYNutella Sun 20-Jan-13 17:32:11

Thanks everyone. T has been having a bad day and wouldn't settle so the PIL didn't get to see him much but I had to hand him over to DP so I could go to the toilet. So I sat and chatted to them, in between yawning and generally being not very friendly they left about 15 mins later.

Hmmm, T is asleep... Think I might have a nap

nutella not at all unreasonable. With DP back at work family time is precious. I've become very antisocial. Just been to Dneph's birthday party and refused to let J be passed tound like a ragdoll. If PiL want a baby, MiL can push one out of her own fanjo.

Pgmkt midwife told me that if the baby regularly finishes his bottle then it's time to take it up an ounce. We're on 4oz, he usually takes between 3 and 4 but sometimes guzzles 6oz

Clarella and Spotty don't make me come and separate you! Mmm biscuits!

Daydream I double expressed using a medela. Took some getting the hang of but was a life saver with regards to time. Even managed to go Hands free after a few days. Word of warning you look like a cow when you're doing it! DP used to shudder when I popped down the cups of my sexy feeding bra and strapped on the milker!

Enjoy your solitude Pidj (classic autocorrect to podge then, probably wouldn't have gone down well grin )

I have had a whole half hour with noone sucking my nipples it feels like a win! Lol definately having a growth spurt!

I've got my 6wk check tomo morning and my blood test to check the gestational diabetes was just that and my sugar levels are normal now.

Fingers crossed for a good night for all tonight!

itsMYNutella Sun 20-Jan-13 18:24:56

That hap lasted all of about 5 minutes... Back to screaming and inbetween feeding hmm has anyone found a cure yet for infant belly pain?? Poor little man confused if there was anything I could do I'd do it! I'm contemplating a diet of porridge...

PurplePidjin Sun 20-Jan-13 18:25:06

Honey, he's been very warm (not enough to be a concern on its own), grotty for no apparent reason but soothed briefly by gripe water thrown down him from a teaspoon, clingy, dribbly and today his nose started to run. We decided a dose of calpol would do no harm if he's got a cold. Wouldn't normally medicate to quieten!

I've made a pea hat and am about to start a bunny wink there's supposed to be an owl at the top of the queue but i need to buy wool for that. Then onto Yoda grin anyone want a cool hat for their dude/dudette?

MyDaydream Sun 20-Jan-13 18:34:42

Thanks willyule, how do you go hands free? Does it actually just strap on like a bra or was it a balance trick?

grin pidj didn't think you would medicate just to quieten! Was just wandering if I'd missed a trick!

Daydream you hold it for the fast sucky bit then when it switches to the deep slow sucks you need to position them just right and the suction will keep them in place. Someone recommended the aveda lactaline as a good double if you're looking for recommendations. I was using a hospital grade medela which can be hired. Where are you?

Well after all the talk of bedtimes I thought I'd bite the bullet and do ds a proper bedtime tonight. So he's bathed, fed and currently fast asleep in his Moses upstairs shock I will probably join him soon as I have to be up at 5:30 tomorrow double shock

Well it lasted 10 minutes before he got hungry again grin

EggsMichelle Sun 20-Jan-13 20:23:34

Crap, I buggered up the routine, fed him too early, so was hungry buy the time he got the bottle, drank it too fast and threw it up everywhere! Now wide awake sucking the boob. I was really looking forward to the early night sad

PurplePidjin Sun 20-Jan-13 20:26:12

Dp and R have been home over an hour. I've eaten dinner hot and with proper cutlery. I've finished the bunny hat and made it one ear. R is still asleep.

Apparently he calmed as soon as they put him in his snow suit to come hone. He might have just been cold blush vest and cardi tomorrow then blush

It's antihistamines for drowsiness

WLmum Sun 20-Jan-13 20:40:45

I'll see your biscuits and raise you - I'm currently enjoying a lovely glass of red and some posh crisps! Got about 30 mins before the vino hits the milk, hoping that dd will do another 4 hour stretch like last night starting at about 10 so will miss most of the wine tainted milk - Rose?

Ds is wide awake and dp has just rolled over and gone to sleep even though it's me who'll be up all night angry

I'm not even trying a bedtime just yet. Having said that me DH and Ethan are normally in bed by 9.30 together lol. I don't mind having him up in the evenings with us, real bedtimes can wait until he's bigger. precious last born syndrome me thinks

Well feeding today has been just as often as last night. Definately a growth spurt. Here's hoping for slightly more sleep tonight though.

pidj that sounds like a very productive evening. Ethan wears a vest and sleep suit and a knitted jumper in the living room if he comes to watch me cook my kitchen is an I've box so I put him in a sleeping bag too.

WLmum envy at your wine. My DH is t-total so I've not had any since I found out I was pregnant as there's no point buying any just for me as it would end up going to waste the little I can drink. Would love a cold glass of white though!

^ice box

Stacey I usually get into bed and watch tv/dose when I can from half seven during the week blush but thought ds should have a proper wind down first (bath, feed, snuggles). I don't know though the second one just has to slot in with the family routine! You need to but one of those mini bottles of wine wine

pmgkt Sun 20-Jan-13 21:42:55

Spotty roads are fine up this way, I'm nearer southampton than pidg.

Thanks for all the feedback re ff. He only weighs 6 and half pounds but puts away 120ml every 3 hours. Sometimes its just less, sometimes he finishes it no problems. Got hv tomorrow for weigh in so I'll see if she adds any wisdom. Fingers crossed we avoid being referred back to hospital due to poor weight gain.

Thanks pmgkt where are you? We're more worried about getting out the village at seven in the morning it's very hilly confused

spotty I'd forgotten they did mini bottles! Thanks for the tip!

pgmkt good luck at the weigh in tomo. I hope ds has put on lots and you don't need to go to hospital.

MyDaydream Sun 20-Jan-13 22:26:58

willyou I'm in West Yorkshire. The one I rented from the local Sure Start can be a double but I only got one attachment and I don't really like it, the hospital arranged it for me before discharge. It's not a brand I've heard of but it does for a freebie while I research.

My messages haven't been posting.. Grr angry
I'm about 20 miles out but all main roads are fine here grin went to the new forest today and all the roads I used were fine too

WLmum Mon 21-Jan-13 01:10:09

Yep half bottles rule - I had half a half bottle tonight!

I got into bed with dd earlier than usual tonight, about 9.30 I guess intending to try moving her to her basket when she'd fallen properly asleep but I guess I feel asleep first as she's just woken me up nuzzling for a boob!

WLmum Mon 21-Jan-13 01:24:10

Well mini bottle! Just waiting to see of she'll settle in her basket - unlikely me thinks given the squeaking and spluttering.

WLmum Mon 21-Jan-13 01:30:59

And out she comes! Will give boob and basket one more try, if it fails we'll be going upside down in the bed so we can co- sleep on my other side as my hip is hurting. DH will have to get cold feet!

WLmum Mon 21-Jan-13 01:46:12

I'm sure this has been asked before but I'll ask again - does more sleep follow a growth spurt? T seems to have slept more or less all day and night, apart from feeds of course, and generally fed less - had some awake non feeding evening time. She's coming up 5 weeks on tuesday.

pmgkt Mon 21-Jan-13 01:56:00

Spotty I'm in fareham.

MaMaPo Mon 21-Jan-13 02:03:55

WL, growth spurts around here involve more feeding and/or less sleeping. Wouldn't mind a baby who slept more!

Argh frustrating! This time last night little C went 5 hours between feeds - this time it was 2.5. She only took 100ml of the lovely 150 I expressed, so maybe my husband has to be more persistent.

I have a really bad sore throat I think I might cry! Any magic cures?!

EggsMichelle Mon 21-Jan-13 04:39:04

Spotty hot honey and lemon (as much as you want) with paracetamol.

Starting to go a little twitchy, he has been awake every two hours (the last feed was caused by me sleep walking and waking him up) and now he has thrown up all over me, I'm all wet sad his sleep is getting worse, he used to sleep for 4hr blocks without the need of ff, why has he gone back wards?

PurplePidjin Mon 21-Jan-13 04:52:51

<waves across Water to pmgkt>

Squeeze of lemon juice, 2tsp honey, top up with hot water and a slug of brandy Spotty

7 hours grin

WLmum Mon 21-Jan-13 05:14:34

spotty gargle with soluble paracetamol - tastes yuk but starts working straight away. In between doses gargle with salt water. And rest - hahaha!

WLmum Mon 21-Jan-13 05:16:00

You can also take neurofen between doses so you get some pain relief every 2 hours. Poor you, bad throats are horrid.

Ok will try that smile poor ds has a yucky cold again all snotty and dd cane in at four saying 'daddy I want my cubber (cover) on' as it had come off and she was cold!

Well I'm up for the day now hopefully I can get some sleep in the car. Also going to ikea and probably into west quay. Oh and ds has his jabs today shock

Oh can ds have his jabs if he has a cold?

Aw good luck with jabs Spotty hope you feel better soon. And good luck in Ikea confused

5.5 hours here shock fingers crossed he goes back down

Loads more snow overnight here

Well we had 12-3.45 asleep! shock he went back down at 4.45 and just up again now (but this is his morning feed/routine so I don't count it as a night feed). My boob was huge due to the amount he's been eating over the last few days and almost 6hrs since last feed on that one!

spotty I think the advice is not to if they have a cold but I don't know if it's just not recommended so they aren't made even more under the weather or if they actually won't do them.

WLmum yay for 5.5 hrs!

EggsMichelle Mon 21-Jan-13 06:28:31

Aargh! Only an hour between these feeds. Does this child not understand I need my sleep!!!

Hmm ill have to phone. Tbh I'd rather he had it today because dp is off work!

Dp and I just heard someone walk up the stairs but it's only us here shockshock dp thought we'd been broken in to shockshock

Secondsop Mon 21-Jan-13 06:40:13

Spotty that's creepy - what was making the noise?

utopian99 Mon 21-Jan-13 07:17:33

spotty are you okay? What was the noise? We live in what's considered a 'nice' part of Manchester and dh still keeps a pen knife shock by the bed 'just in case' of unwanted guests.. hmm

Having mammoth catch up reading as busy doing nothing yesterday and O has miraculously started sleeping in his hammock over night! Nothing like the blocks of sleep some are getting but a good night by our standards, even more appreciated as that before it was ghastly.

spotty & clarella your biscuit chat has made me crave jaffa cakes for breakfast.

Mummy has the lurgi (please don 't flame me for names), so not coming up tomorrow. sad She was super last week, taking O to let us sleep and otherwise doing a load of cleaning/ helping cook and run errands so we could focus on him. nutella second everyone else YANBU re inlaws, if they don't want to help, just being possessive/manipulative, they need to realise their grandchild isn't going anywhere and you need time more importantly than them.. thankfully while wildly overexcited by ds, my dh has spent years of training his parents so they aren't too pushy. Massive benefit now, although when I first met him I thought he was surprisingly strict with them! (I also speak from experience as almost married a man with parents who sound exactly like that - horrific, trying to tell me that after 9 years of training in my profession I should give it up as soon as we got hitched to knock out a sprog for them, as her other grandchildren live abroad shock Didn't go down well although nothing to do with me ending things.)

It sounded like someone walking up the stairs dp thought someone had broken in! He's now convinced we have a ghost hmm

WLmum Mon 21-Jan-13 08:27:15

5.5 hours I wish! I'm stiff from a whole night of co-sleeping. I swear she was suckling all night long - my poor nips! She's napping in her pram now, when I've finished making the big dds breakfast I need to express so I can make up her gaviscon - my poor nipples again!

WLmum Mon 21-Jan-13 08:39:59

Or maybe she's not - come on Tabs, we all love the sling but I haven't yet mastered expressing or showering with you in it!

He went back down for 2 hours but I couldn't sleep! Think the 5.5 put my body in shock!

There's even more snow now, poor DP has to lie in the snow fixing frozen wagons this morning. So glad I don't have to a attempt the 40 mile commute!

Barbeasty Mon 21-Jan-13 10:29:58

Well we're in for a cold day or two. The boiler is being replaced so of course we've no heating.

And I'm stuck here all day with A and a very active 2.5yr old. It already feels like a long day!

MaMaPo Mon 21-Jan-13 11:18:32

Oh barbeasty, that sounds awful. No heating? I am shivering jut thinking about it.

Well, I bit the bullet and booked tickets back to Aus with little C for May - she'll be 5 months old. Excited to introduce her to her family, including aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents... But I will miss my husband while we're away. Luckily we have arranged it so he will be away on a stag do durin the time I'm away - in Las Vegas! I imagine we will have quite different experiences!

Of to start a baby massage course this afternoon. Hopefully will get a nice relaxed baby out of it!

Well, tentatively saying our routine implementation went better last night. probably a total fluke and a one off not a full bath as not confident doing that on my own when DH at work, but bottom wash in a bowl (pics on FB), massage, dressed for bed. Snuggle with daddy. Into our room with nightlight and Winnie the Pooh playing on the iPod, bottle of ebm massive poo, quick change finished bottle down in the basket, woke up, hand holding and head stroking for 20-30 mins, left him, woke up after ten mins, more head stroking and hand holding, dropped off, woke again, DH settled him with more of the same then we spent an hour of time together ears glued to the monitor think his internal feeding clock was confused as was waking at his usual feeding times to feed but also at the usual interval of time iyswim - fed at midnight instead of 11 but then woke at 3 (normal time for feed) and 4. But all in all quite pleased. Do I have to do all again?

PurplePidjin Mon 21-Jan-13 11:39:44

Jabs this morning sad but lovely sleepy sling snuggles now smile

EggsMichelle Mon 21-Jan-13 11:42:42

Well done Honey! Yes you will probably have to do it several nights before it works, but if you stop doing it, you will have to start all over again. Even after our epic vomit last night, he was in bed at 9 rather than 11 (shame my sleep walking woke him up!)

itsMYNutella Mon 21-Jan-13 14:08:06

T is being more of a weirdo than normal today... Anyone any ideas what the following behaviour means???!!: put T on the boob, he drinks merrily away then comes off, I'm thinking "hey little man there is plenty still in there are you sure you're done?" Then he arches his back throws back his head and screams. I, being a generous mummy, offer him the boob again, he pretends he wants it then at the last second changes his mind and pulls away...
He had managed about 2.5-3 hours since last feed so am expecting him to empty both boobies.
He did go back on the first boob (right one) and seems to have emptied it... He is now happily emptying the left one without any of the right side shenanigans.

I am sure it isn't tummy pain because he stretched his little legs out and with tummy pain his arms flail & legs come up to tummy .... What is the child upto?

pidg I especially liked your comment comparing ILs to teenagers... The IL are 72 & 69.... Can't imagine they were ever teenagers wink

utopian99 Mon 21-Jan-13 14:32:10

Am back in almost all my pre-pg clothes but still 12lb over pre-pg weight, how is that?? (do have a bit of tummy squidge but surely not 12lb worth...)

Had a 45min walk with sling and soup for lunch to be healthy then undid it all by eating my bodyweight in raisins while watching diy sos. confused

Equimum Mon 21-Jan-13 15:04:18

Hope all the vaccinations have gone okay. Can't say I'm looking forwards to that, but we still have another five weeks to wait!

Utopian, similar issue here. I tried my skinny jeans on this morning and they fit perfectly (very low cut, allowing for overhang!!!) but I'm still 5kg up on pre-pregnancy weight. If anything, I seem to have got wider across the hips rather than retained a belly?

EggsMichelle Mon 21-Jan-13 16:21:20

I cannot please this child! He is so angry all the time, all I can do is shove my boob in his mouth and hope it eventually calms him. How much longer does this go on for? He has been like this since 4wks and is just getting worse. Unless it is something obscure like hanging him from an oak tree, I have tried everything, he is just angry!

pmgkt Mon 21-Jan-13 16:52:30

Utopia I'm doing the creme egg diet so can't get in my pre pregnant stuff yet.

Edward has put on 12lbs in a week so no hospital visits for us! Yipee

barbeasty hope your boiler is sorted and you can warm up. Shuddering at the thought of being so cold!
Glad jabs went ok pidj I'm dreading ours. Yey to sling snuggles. We are loving ours, I may have been naughty and ordered a Moby too, but it's so fab and now we have a spare when one is sicked all over!

Oh and very envious of everyone being back in their pre pregnancy jeans.. How are you doing this?! I've still got nearly 2 stone to lose?! Has anyone started exercising more than brisk walks? Starting to regret all those millionmince pies I ate whilst pregnant.. However I too have started a Creme egg diet.. Resisting the boxes of 6 onoffer is taking allll my will power!

Cookies it's all genetics, I was back in mine after a few days but I don't tend to put much on when pregnant and I think the stress of ds being in SCBU meant I lost it quickly.

Had a fairly crappy day. Took us three bloody hours to get to Southampton. Ds was screaming for food sad dd was crying because she wanted to get out of the car. Jabs went fine though. Might pass out from exhaustion!

PurplePidjin Mon 21-Jan-13 17:47:57

Why did you have to come all that way, Spotty? We just popped down the surgery and the nurse did it!

Oh no Southampton was dd to see neurologist then jabs at drs surgery on the way home smile

pmgkt Mon 21-Jan-13 18:01:01

Cookies you are doing well to resist. I have eaten a whole box every day for the last 3 days. I will start running when the snow has melted and I've got rid of my cold.

CODwidow Mon 21-Jan-13 18:08:23

Dd now weighs 11lb 2oz which is 2lb up on birth weight putting her on the 75th centile. Although I don't focus too much on weight it's reassuring to know the feeding works especially as we're now going 5hrs between each one.

Dh is working late again so hoping to get the boys to bed in a bit and settle down for an early one smile

COD envy at five hours. Ds is just below 50th for corrected and 9th for actual grin I agree though it gives you a bit of a boost for breastfeeding especially if you're having a hard time

utopian99 Mon 21-Jan-13 18:41:51

Think part of weightloss is def genetics, although also kept going to the gym then pool right up to overdue date in a foolish attempt to encourage him out on time. (fat lot of good that did, 12 days late..)

Tried my first attempt at fitness dvd by seizing the moments when he sleeps but i swear he can tell and is sabotaging me! Have done a third of it - in 5 minute batches. how am i expected to fit this in? Had to resort to doing crunches with him on my chest. hmm

utopian99 Mon 21-Jan-13 18:43:45

Also great news on weight gain for LOs! Sorry to hear about the road trip spotty, hopefully not one you need to make again for a while?

Next month! Argh!

MaMaPo Mon 21-Jan-13 19:01:28

Cookies, I think weightloss is a sheer fluke. I lost weight so fast I was very weirded out, and even though I have a pudgy tummy am back into all my own clothes. I eat quite healthily (probably better now than during the pregnancy) and with little C I often find it hard to have a good lunch - not an advisable way to lose weight! I try to walk as much as possible (long walk today despite feeling v tired) but haven't done anything formal.

Baby massage class this afternoon- C fell asleep, cried and wanted feeding, then fell asleep again! Given that you're not supposed to massage a crying or asleep baby, we didn't get much done! Still, it was nice to meet some other mums and admire their little ones - one smaller than C, and most of the others a few months older.

Off to see my consultant tomorrow for 6 7 week checkup. I hope he enjoyed his winter cruise that we paid for! I am a bit afraid I will get all teary when I see him - I liked him so much, and he was so great guiding my husband and I through a tricky labour. When I was in the midst of baby blues, the memory of him and the wonderful anaesthetist we had made me cry! Anyway, I'm sure he's used to women having strong emotional reactions to him, given that he's the person there at such an important moment.

OK, tell me straight - am I weird?

I'll tell you what IS weird - little C has been asleep for about 2 hours now. Is this a good way to mess up a bedtime routine? I'd like to bath her and put her to bed, but... hmm

pmgkt they're just sooo good, I'm very close to breaking and buying a box they're so small (not we've gotten bigger!!)
COD that's fantastic weight gain and the reward for doing so well, does make you feel smug <virtual high five> we get an odd 4-5 hour but with a zillion cluster feeds before and after!

Do they weigh LOs at their 6wk check? Just because i can't be bothered to trek out in the cold I'm fat and lazy to the HV when I have the check a few days later?? Clinic is no longer at surgery and right out the other side of town angry

Secondsop Mon 21-Jan-13 19:06:26

pmgkt great news on the weight gain! Did you increase formula top ups in the end? That's what we did.

halesball Mon 21-Jan-13 19:24:15

Eggs are you possibly having a growth spurt?? When Heidi is angry at the boob, i swaddle her and it seems to calm her to feed well.

And don't want to make anyone jealous but i'm a size smaller in clothes and 1.5stone lighter than pre-pregnancy. Granted thats due to severe hyperemesis in my pregnancy. Those that are fitting into their jeans but weigh abit more could it be your breasts weighing more?

ISpyPlumPie Mon 21-Jan-13 19:29:09

Fab weight gain pmgkt.

Cookies - N has got his 6 week check on Thursday, and the appt letter said to take him to be weighed the day before. It was easier when DS1 had his as the hv used to be at the surgery at the same time so it could all be done in one go. Yet another thing that varies from area to area I'd imagine. Agree it's a PITA if you have to do it separately esp in this weather.

WLmum Mon 21-Jan-13 19:38:03

Yay to the lo's weight gain - that's immense! Also v jealous of mummies weight loss - I'm still wearing mostly mat clothes and have about a stone and a half to lose! I was at my heaviest ever when I got pg and then ate an awful lot of maltesers! Am planning to walk to baby clinic tom which is quite a way to balance out the box of milk tray my pal bought me yesterday when she came to meet T. When t has a proper bedtime I'll have to start doing a DVD and get the weighted hula hoop out - prob best not before the 6 week check though (excuses excuses!)

Ds got weighed at his six week check. The dr just popped into the HV office and pinched the scales.

ellliebelle Mon 21-Jan-13 20:16:28

hales im also a size smaller and 1.5 stone lighter than pre pregnancy and think its down to gestational diabetes I am still overweight though and would like to loose about2 stone I am trying to eat well and plan to follow slimming world and start walking and exercise dvds in 2 weeks

Ds is 4 1/2 weeks today and ive started bleeding heavier again red fresh blood surely this cant be a period can it?

Had my 6 wk check all good and bloods done to check my sugar levels. Here they don't check babies until 8 wks and do their jabs straight after. So I'm taking Ethan to be weighed at some point this week to check my milk is doing him some good.

Suddenly very tired. Sometimes these night wakings catch up with me.

CODwidow Mon 21-Jan-13 20:36:55

I've had to do mine separately also, Hv came today then gp
tomorrow. Guess I'd better book jabs in tomorrowhmm

MyDaydream Mon 21-Jan-13 20:43:10

E has been screaming for hours and will only really stop if DP bounces him around, apparently tonight I don't have the bouncing about magic touch. When we've fed him today he's not drunk it yet cried when we've taken the bottle away. He's being a pain. DP is now entertaining him in another room to give me a break. I've been so glad he's been off work today because of the snow or he'd have come home to a sobbing wreck.
I've not braved pre pregnancy clothes yet but I'm so fed up of leggings I might have to give it a go, or go and buy some cheap bottoms to tide me over. I did discover that coffee now tastes rubbish so I'm not stuffing myself on coffee and cake all the time like I planned for my maternity leave so maybe it'll all be okay. Or at least means I can spend the saved money on trousers.

WLmum Mon 21-Jan-13 20:56:26

Baby traitor here - DH got the biggest and most prolonged smile tonight - all I've had today is sick in my face! Who does all the work? Who gets all the glory? Hmmm.

Ellie and hales not at all envy of your weight! I wish wish wish i could be the same. As much as I'm glad I had no sickness or GD, I think I would have given the choice if it meant fitting into my old old size 12 jeans!! I couldnt get any of mine on <depressed emotion> but managed to tuck my jelly belly in a size 16 so reluctantly bought them, as I couldn't face another day in leggings. Even too fat for my maternity jeans! Band cuts into flab.
Bought the 30 day shred and it came today .. (despite the weather!) however I have discovered a load of Christmas chocolate so have eaten the lot whilst wtching trashy TV instead. This is why my old jeans are a distant dream.

Thanks for info on 6 week check ups.. I don't think DD1 was weighed but then I forgot my red book.. What a useless mum I am..

WLmum that is poo!! They always swoop in and get the good bits!! The 'fun one' title as well as they get older aren't they!

Just taken 2 hours to get D to bed. Ughhhh. Apparently it takes 2 weeks for them to learn the routine... My new mantra '2 weeks 2 weeks'

MaMaPo Mon 21-Jan-13 22:12:36

Goodnight everyone! I'm inbed with earplugs, hoping that my husband will do the next feed, I don't wake up and she goes hours until the next one. I can only hope!

Good sleepy wishes to all the babies. Cut your mums some slack!

Night Mama

Cookies DP and I have just watched biggest loser USA while eating Ferrero rocher.

I'm one of the GDers and am pre pregnancy weight now but the rate im working through this chocolate not for long. I can wear my skinny jeans but they make my womb hurt. Don't think it's shrunk all the way back yet.

Got a very playful little boy tonight. He keeps licking my face grin

CODwidow Mon 21-Jan-13 22:59:50

I'm also in all my old clothes but still have 8lb to lose, very strange how that works! I was going to start to shift it today but then went and made a huge trifle so will try harder tomorrow.

We've cracked the bedtime with the dummy! Dd will now go down in her basket at about 10ish and sleep through til about 3:30ish, wahoo! We still co-sleep after that until 7ish but I get to go to bed with dh again and feel as if I've actually had proper sleep.

Really hope everyone gets some decent sleep tonight.

halesball Mon 21-Jan-13 23:14:17

Haha Cookie i'm not even a size 12 now i'm down a dress size. Thats my next target, but for now i'm just going to enjoy food for a week or so more. Is anybody else craving and i mean REALLY REALLY craving chocolate or anything sweet. I'm practically living off the stuff its all i want.

Ellie i was the same i was bleeding then stopping, then starting heavily again. The starting again always happened when i was stressed though.

WL i'm envy that your DP gets up of a night. My DP took a week off work to help, and has had loads of daytime naps n keeps me awake when its his turn to put H down.

halesball Mon 21-Jan-13 23:16:29

Sorry meant i'm envy of Mama, i forgot who it was (stupid pregnancy brain still).

MyDaydream Mon 21-Jan-13 23:31:13

Yey DP fixed the crying, turns out the teet on the bottle we were using was blocked and not letting anything out. Poor guy has been hungry for hours and we just thought he was being fussy. We feel so bad since he doesn't usually scream for no reason, although he's now getting special daddy cuddles and putting away lots of milk.
mama hope you get some decent sleep.

hales all I want is sweet stuff too!! And cups of tea. There must be zero nutrients in my milk.

I think I've been told the extra blood is a sign you're doing too much? If there's a smell then possibly an infection worth asking a doc about? But my bleeding has done that too. Put your feet up and take it easy brew

Good luck fellow mums <sends out positive sleep vibes to all babies>

pmgkt Tue 22-Jan-13 00:08:28

Edward was just starting to stir so I went to heat his bottle. Walked into the kitchen to be hit by a strong smell. One of the dogs has got the shits and its all over the floor, chairs , dog bed and dog. Cue doing poo wipe up, mop floor, put on washing of bedding, and bath dog. Luckily Edward wasn't stirring for feed, just being a wriggle so now I have a clean kitchen, warm bottle, and am awake, but he is still sleeping. Just as well he takes his bottle cold as it will be at this rate.

pmgkt Tue 22-Jan-13 00:13:32

It was a great excuse for a creme egg as a reward though

Stacks Tue 22-Jan-13 00:32:57

I too am craving sweet things. It's hard work getting DH to allow me pudding every evening, we never usually have it. I'm almost pre pg weight, but not the same shape - fatter thighs and tummy sad

I've been eating fruit bread by the loaf, it's the perfect thing to have with tea all through the day. Yum.

halesball Tue 22-Jan-13 00:58:20

Its weird isn't it no-one has ever mentioned to me that i might crave stuff afterwards. I didn't crave anything during my pregnancy and haha i'm that bad about it i refuse to share, and god help anyone who touches my stash.

Having a night where H won't get off my boob!

I'm eating enough to feed an army. It explains how I'm not back to pre-pregnancy size or weight though! Lol only a stone over this time though, better than 4 with my first pregnancy!

MaMaPo Tue 22-Jan-13 03:29:47

Hales, I am lucky! My husband is a bit if a night owl, so I have started to go to bed around 10 or so and he stays up and gives a feed if she stirs before 12.30am. So I woke briefly when they came to bed but otherwise got a good stretch until 3. It works for us!

I also crave sweet things, just like in pregnancy. I just have a sweet tooth.

The return of the nightfeed. Just sitting here listening to J fart himself to sleep. I'm sure I must have the fartiest baby in Britain. Them again if I drank 8 bottles of milk a day I imagine I'd be quite farty too.

halesball Tue 22-Jan-13 03:58:54

Both me and my DP are night workers, but suddenly all he needs is sleep, all day (at his dads so its not interrupted, if he's at work) and if he's off, he's catching up (because its hard work running around to see me and H and stay at his dads and work). Solution would not to be so feckin selfish and stay here! What i would do for uninterrupted sleep! His week off and he's as helpful as a chocolate fire guard!! Can you tell i'm sleep deprived? She finally looks as if shes going to sleep lets hope its for longer than a hour. I'm gonna have a toffee crisp grin then sleep.

utopian99 Tue 22-Jan-13 04:21:14

fandango your post just made me laugh out loud! (in the dark. To myself.) thinking of farting, I am so much worse than i was, even in pregnancy; is anyone else suffering from this?

Am also craving sweet stuff. Trying not to continue as went to town on Christmas chocolate/gingerbread, but willpower is low. Used to snack on ham/carrots before getting pg, so am mounting major effort to revert to this now am coming up to 4 weeks, plus exercise dvd. Need to train O to sleep just for half an hour without me holding him so i can fit some better exercise in. Unless anyone can recommend a way to do a velcro baby workout?

willyou I thought Ethan was the fartiest baby in Britain. His farts would make a full grown man proud. No one believes me when I say it was him. He's so loud! I'm going on the mantra 'better out than in' at least if he's farting the wind out he's not getting tummy pain with it!

We finally got D down and then when DH and i crept to bed we finally lay down and snuggled up at which point D let out the loudest, longest fart known to man and we both collapsed into fits of giggles for 5 mins. i have come to these conclusions - 1) sleep deprivation reduces us to a pair of 5 year olds 2)fandango J has competition for fartiest baby.

MyDaydream Tue 22-Jan-13 05:31:43

utopian me and my mum found some clips of exercise videos using babies as weights. Would work for Velcro babies.
I'm glad the farts are now just loud than smelly. The first week they would clear a room, we were checking nappies because we didn't think anything could smell so bad without poo. Still confused how something so small makes so much bum noise though.

emilyeggs Tue 22-Jan-13 05:51:06

Just pinning my eyes open to mark a spot, haven't posted but keeping up wink

Well apart from the random couple of hours of ds being wide awake hmm last night was ok. Ds has started going 2 1/2 hours instead of two. Must be because he had to go three hours a couple of times yesterday when we were driving blush I don't recommend it he was very sad sad

EggsMichelle Tue 22-Jan-13 08:14:01

Feel bad for writing this post, since everyone seems in a good mood and this is such a me me me downer!

Turned out F wasn't screaming out of temper sad it got worse through the evening, he was stiffening up, throwing his head right back and even refusing the comfort of bf. We reached breaking point at 7 and went to il's for a break (best il's ever!) they gave him a bottle, and he vomited huge amounts. Tried to get some sleep while there, but could still hear his screaming. Called the duty GP who agreed to see him at 01.30. Got him in the car at midnight and he finally fell asleep. GP diagnosed reflux and oral thrush, got him home and he continued to sleep solidly until 06.00, gave him a feed and he fell back to sleep. Poor lad is exhausted from lack of sleep the last few days, glad he has been able to settle and catch up, I'll try get a bit more sleep later on.

Feel terrible for not noticing his pain earlier, and even when I noticed his white tongue, I just put it down to vomit. Also the amount he had been sick was completely out of proportions, we had changed his clothes and gone through countless muslins the last few days, I should have noticed then sad

Must pull myself together now, no point in feeling sorry for myself. Just expressed 4oz of one of the basketballs, waiting for him to wake up to feed again then going to the pharmacy to collect his meds and hopefully drain a bit more milk off.

utopian99 Tue 22-Jan-13 08:39:13

Oh eggs sorry to hear that, but at least it sounds like F is happier now and I'm sure it's impossible for us to diagnose these things ourselves every time! O has a white tongue quite often, I wouldn't assume it's anything more sinister than normal spew. (should i?)

Sending hugs to you both.

ISpyPlumPie Tue 22-Jan-13 08:42:20

Eggs - sad. Hope F is better soon. Don't beat yourself up. It's so hard to know whether they're just being grumpy or if it's something more. He's got his medicine now, and I'm sure he'll be back to his old self soon.

Well, N didn't get the message about sleeping well last night. Co-sleeping I can do, but having to sleep upright at a certain angle with what must be getting on for a stone of baby across my chest was quite a challenge. Then had to have words with DH (who slept in the spare room) for whinging that he 'had so much to do' because he had to hold N and get DS1 a yogurt out of the fridge while I dared to have a shower. FFS.

I'm definitely craving tons of sweet stuff too, so much so that it really cannot be good for me. Back in pre-preg jeans though and pinning my hopes on the fact that exactly the same thing happened last time and I ended up going down a dress size without doing any exercise.

MaMaPo Tue 22-Jan-13 09:20:35

eggs - how stressful. Do NOT beat yourself up, you did the right thing and now he'll get right with some help. My little girl was sick a bit yesterday and had a white tongue - didn't occur to me that anything could be wrong. I could easily have been in your situation.

halesball Tue 22-Jan-13 09:43:50

Eggs don't feel bad your a 1st time mum like me (we're only learning) i would never have noticed H had thrush if my mum hadn't pointed it out. I just wondered why she was BF weird and kept pecking at my breast. And Utopian my mum said the way you can tell its thrush is if the tongues white and the baby hasn't just fed or vomited, also if you scrape it away its red underneath. They might also have a red bum, but not always. Eggs did the Dr prescribe you some cream? Even if you don't have symptoms of Breast thrush theres a chance you'll keep passing it between each other if you don't get treated. Good luck giving your LO the drops, H gets it in the tiniest drops and still manages to spit most of it out haha.

On a brighter note after feeling sorry for myself last night, H finally fell asleep and had her 1st ever 5 hour sleep, i feel like a human being, woohoo.

Oh eggs really hope he's better soon must be horrible for you both. Well this is second time round for me and I wouldn't be any the wiser, please please don't beat yourself up. I wouldn't have thought/noticed either.
We had a good night had a 5 hour sleep ! Celebrated this morning by bidding on a really pretty snow suit (well I won because I requested she change it to buy it now! This is how impatient I am!)

Oh Eggs don't beat yourself up. We're all just learning and you did the right thing and made sure F got help. Hope he feels better soon.

Barbeasty Tue 22-Jan-13 11:42:30

Eggs- it's almost impossible to tell if something is wrong and what it is before they can talk. Even when they can it's hard- just before she was 2 DD complained her back hurt and we thought she was imitating MIL. Turns out back & tummy ache in young children can be a symptom of swollen glands, and that afternoon she was in hospital with suspected menangitis, which turned out to be bacterial tonselitis.

But you've got me wondering about A's tounge and pecking. And I'm going to push a bit harder about the sickness when the hv comes on Friday.

But we have heat! And a good job given we had more snow last night and more is forecast tonight.

2blessed Tue 22-Jan-13 11:53:25

barbeasty glad you're heating is back.

Bit worried now, ds has been a bit grizzly over last couple of days and not slept as much during the day as usual. I just thought pattern was shifting but his tongue is white and has been playing with the boob for even longer than normal before latching on. Think i'll take him to gp this afternoon. starting to feel bad now. There is so much to remember and I'm feeling like shit myself.

eggs do not beat yourself up about this. Like everyone else has said, its so hard to tell if something is really wrong. The most important thing is that you got him seen and he's getting treatment so well done you. smile

Secondsop Tue 22-Jan-13 12:29:52

Oh eggs, that sounds like an awful experience - glad you're getting it treated. As others have said, don't beat yourself up about it - you did the right thing and sought treatment, and it could so easily have been any of us in your situation - I've never checked Z's tongue closely when it's white as I've just assumed it's milk. All us first time mums are feeling the way here and if we called the doctor whenever our babies were upset we'd do nothing else all day!

Is anyone else's baby getting quite vocal? Not so much crying, but vocalising nearly all the time when awake, making different noises. Lots of "Aah aah" and " eh eh eh".

ellliebelle Tue 22-Jan-13 13:02:58

eggs hope you've managed t get some rest, nothing much to add other than agree with what everyone else has said

Im really craving sweet things mainly on an evening I trying to resist but its hard. I plan to start slimming world a week on mon when ds will be just over 6 weeks I also bought an exercise dvd which I will start then wouldnlove tonhave lost my weight by july when we go on holiday

Secondsop Tue 22-Jan-13 13:04:42

My baby keeps sharting.

Also, has anyone else found that farts smell of poo but poo smells of nutmeg and raisins?

utopian99 Tue 22-Jan-13 13:30:50

seconds ditto the sharting! I can feel him do it with great force when we're cuddling; always sends dh and i off into fits of infantile sniggering.. Not sure about smells though. He is also hugely chatty these days, lots of little noises and one of screams which sound more like communication than upset. He also has a two quite different little songs he sings, one to my boob and one while sleeping..

EggsMichelle Tue 22-Jan-13 14:06:31

Thank you for the support, I have had some sleep, and F on his second dose of meds. He screamed for 2hrs on my DH, but can't expect it to fix instantly, just got to be hopeful it works.

Between screaming, F has starts 'talking', mainly at his play gym toys.

CODwidow Tue 22-Jan-13 14:37:22

Well 6 wk appointment went well, contraception sorted at least. Plus, docs decided to swab Keira's tongue because the thrush is still there. eggs don't be hard on yourself dd is my 5th and yet it took my sister to mention her white tongue. It's one of those things that can be explained by so many other things, milk/sick etc.

eggs don't beat yourself up at all. This stuff is a guessing hand at best.

Ethan has been sicky and unhappy this afternoon. So now we're snuggling in my bed. DH can do the big dcs dinner when he gets home, I have more important things ATM! Lol

I stupidly watched one born every minute today. I don't think I'm emotionally finished having babies. I cried thinking I'll never give birth again. Or have a newborn sad I thought I didn't want anymore babies. But now I'm thinking it is a purely financial decision and it's making me sad

Hand?! hmm game ^

Ours is financial too Stacey it's not fair is it? sad

I've got two cartons of formula so hopefully I can have a break tonight I feel really guilty though blush I'm only doing it for selfish reasons.

Secondsop Tue 22-Jan-13 16:35:22

spotty doing something to help keep yourself well and best able to look after your baby is NOT selfish x

Well we've had the poo that all the sharting was leading up to. I can confirm that aldi nappies succeeded where pampers and huggies failed, in containing it all.

Secondsop Tue 22-Jan-13 16:42:18

Re OBEM and future babies, I first thought I couldn't watch it because it would bring back all the panic and fear and pain and loss of control I felt at the birth. But I watched it the other day and maybe it's because a few weeks have passed but I thought: yes, I could do that again. I can approach it from a position of knowledge and they do say knowledge is power.

Not sure I've properly told my birth story, have I?! Well here it goes in a few sentences:
- went in for induction Wed night, was given the 6-hour gel
- started to get menstrual-type cramps during the night
- next morning reported the cramps, was brusquely told "well nothing's showing up on the monitor" and to tell them when they were a coi
- was only 1cm dilated by 6am the next day.
- cramps continued a couple of minutes apart, was advised pain relief may slow it all down but to have a bath to help relieve it.
- had said bath, it did help, but cramps did start

We've just had the poo nappy. Regular as clockwork at 3:30 for the last 3 days! I can confirm it smelled nothing like nutmeg or raisins grin

Never say never Stacey aren't you still quite young? You never know how circumstances may change. I always said I wanted 2, but straight after giving birth I told DP I couldn't imagine only doing it once more. If we had the money I'd have 4. may change mind when teething starts

I agree with Seconds spotty if a bottle of formula is what is needed to get you the sleep you need to keep going then that's fine. Formula is fine too. As my little chunk would tell you!

Secondsop Tue 22-Jan-13 16:51:54

Oh dear that finished too early:: continued...

- in the bath the cramps started getting further apart. Decided to follow earlier advice of going for a walk to get things going properly.
- was examined before walk, still 1cm dilated and not yet in a position to get my waters broken.
- second lot of gel administered at about 1pm on the Thursday
- went for a walk with my husband but had to stop every few yards and breathe through increasingly painful cramping
- came back to bed, begged for pain relief better than paracetamol, was given a pethadine injection.
- went to the loo convinced something was happening and that the cramping wasn't just "an effect of the gel" - made my husband come into the loo with me!
- back in bed, suddenly felt like I'd weed and pooed, sent my husband to get help, was screaming in pain apparently.
- midwife returned, husband manhandled me onto my back so she could examine me. She then said "I think we'd better get you to the delivery suite" and dashed off to get help.
- another midwife appeared, said "I've been told to tell you not to push".

The next bit is a bit of a blur but there was a decision made to get me to delivery rather than deliver there and then in the induction ward in front of 3 other families (my wee / poo sensation was actually my waters breaking and the babies head crowning).

- the midwives wheeled my bed out and literally ran down the corridor with me, out the maternity suite, down the main hospital corridor, into the labour suite
- there was no time for proper monitors or an IV line or anything - my husband had to hold on the tummy monitor
- about 15 minutes later little Z came out!

So, after a very closely monitored and highly medicalised high-risk pregnancy, I ended up giving birth with no epidural or anaesthetist or doctor, just the 2 midwives.

minipie Tue 22-Jan-13 17:06:30

Hi everyone, just emerging after fortnight from hell. No I do not know what I am doing, it feels like a constant test which I am failing!

So, week before last E got a virus I think (green mucousy nappies and she sounded very phlegmy in the mornings), wouldn't sleep at all in the day and not much at night, then got massively overtired and basically screamed most of last week sad. Finally managed to get her to sleep more over Friday and the weekend and she's a new baby the last couple of days smile. she's even started smiling!

Only flies in the ointment are 1) poor girl has painful and smelly wind and isn't pooing as often as she'd clearly like to, and 2) her nighttime feed wake ups now seem to be getting more frequent rather than less, aargh! Very envy of those of you whose night time sleep is extending. At least she now naps in the day so I can nap (that's the theory, in reality am MNing of course...)

Eggs so sorry to hear about F's reflux. E was diagnosed with silent reflux a while ago and put on ranitidine, no symptoms since, so either the meds work or she has outgrown it. Hope the meds work for F. If they don't then be persistent and get different ones as there are quite a few different options.

Sorry to hear tales of thrush as well. I thought we had it but turns out was just a crap latch plus growth spurt causing my sore nipples. I was told by HV that white tongue is normal for an hour after feeds and it's just milk residue - it's if it doesn't go away and has red underneath that its a sign of thrush. Also if there are white patches on the inside cheeks or gums, and if you have sore nipples with a greasy residue on them.

MyDaydream Tue 22-Jan-13 17:14:16

spotty hope the formula works to give you a decent stretch of sleep. If it gives you that to make you feel more human then it's worth it, you shouldn't feel guilty.
We've not really talked about another but will probably be a long time in the future if we do go for it. I'll probably change my mind in the next year or so when our friends start having children and I've forgotten just how much I hated being pregnant.

I had a horrendous birth with dd and it took me a year to consider another one. You don't necessarily forget but you do realise it's more than worth it smile once they sleep through

Snowing here again sad

minipie Tue 22-Jan-13 17:30:50

DH and I always wanted two but I am scared of having another premature baby - DD is in good health we think (can't be sure till she's a fair bit older) but what if the next one was much more prem and had serious health problems... Dilemma.

Question: do I wake DD up? She didn't sleep well from 5am till lunch (for wind/poo reasons) but has now been asleep since 2.30 after a monster poo. I don't want her to end up waking more in the night... But it seems odd to wake her when I spent all morning trying to get her to sleep!

Secondsop Tue 22-Jan-13 17:34:03

My husband wants to try for another one immediately! This is on the basis that I'm 37 now and unless I literally get pregnant in the next month I'll be 38 at least for any future instalments, and it's not going to get any easier for me to get pregnant. Those with more than one: what's harder, 2 that are only a year apart in age, or one newborn and one 2-3 year old?

WLmum Tue 22-Jan-13 17:36:23

Oh eggs and spotty the maternal guilt! eggs - you took action as soon as you knew there was a problem - that makes you a good un. spotty - take it from me - running yourself into the ground is not in the best interests if anyone, least of all your lo. I stubbornly avoided all formula for 3 months with dd1 because I wanted only the best for her - it was a crap decision and given the chance, I'd give her a top up earlier here and there to give me some rest in order to keep my milk going (exhaustion is no good for supply) and enable me to be a happier/healthier mummy. Happy and healthy mummy is essential for baby so please don't feel bad.

Minipie I know people who've had prem babies and gone overdue with subsequent ones. Plus they would keep a closer eye on you next time. The dr in SCBU said there's no rhyme or reason to it really (unless there was an obvious reason for it grin).

Thanks everyone dd was ff I don't know why I feel like this this time!

Seconds next baby will be born super quick too I reckon you'll only need to sneeze!

Bit worried about dp he was 20 mins away 45 minutes ago and there's a fair bit of snow again on main roads and our roads are 2 inches thick with ice

FriendofDorothy Tue 22-Jan-13 17:49:26

Secondsop I intend to get pregnant as quickly as possible with number 2 as I am 37 (will definitely be 38 if we have another), but I still feel really tender down below so I am not sure I want to get on with the shagging for another few weeks at least!

It took us ages to get pregnant with Edward though so I am hoping this one will be quicker!

utopian99 Tue 22-Jan-13 18:07:53

spotty any news on your dp?

Waited in for bt to come to the rental house so our tenants could go to work while internet gets sorted. Guy finally turned up.at 12.45 then told me the pole had 'the wrong sticker' on it and he needed to make a new appointment to come back with ladders! Had a mammoth walk around town after though with O happily snoozing in his sling. smile

As dh is an only child and my bro and I have a 20 month gap we've always planned on trying to have a few quite close together. Think I've already forgotten labour details and was lucky with pregnancy so planning to start trying again when I stop ebf at 6 months.. Also from a selfish point of view I want to get the no-sleep stage out of the way in one major (painful) few years' stint!

minipie we're having the same worries about future babies being prem. the consultant said they would keep a close eye and be very vigilant for any infections (not that that was why it happened) but like spotty said if there wasn't a specific reason for them coming early there's no reason for it to happen again.

Part of me wants another one straight away so they'd be close in age but part of me wants to wait a little while and fully enjoy D as a baby. I'm 7 years younger than my DS and 5 younger than DB and always found that gap hard.

Am anxiously checking D's mouth. His tongue is quite pale but I think that's normal for him confused but am second guessing self as he's been quite fussy on the boob lately.

PurplePidjin Tue 22-Jan-13 18:12:49

We were planning to ttc once R hits 2 but not sure now. I'm early 30s though so no huge rush

utopian99 Tue 22-Jan-13 18:14:01

fod bleeding finally stopped after 3.5 weeks so dh and I have managed to get back 'in the saddle' as it were, sorry if over sharing! Was very gentle and slow (plus lots of lube, tmi) and actually rather nice, if not super comfy to start with. I normally really enjoy the physical side of things between us but was frankly terrified it would hurt as had an episiotomy and it wasn't anything like I feared.

Yes he's home! It was slow as there's lots of hills and everyone was queuing at the bottom so they could get a good run up.

I would say either have a super close age gap so they both still sleep or a 3+ age gap so biggest is in nursery.

I'm worried about thrush too. Ds is often fussy and pulling away and although he doesn't have a white tongue he has a couple of white lumps on his gum and sometimes gets white in the corner of his mouth confused

FriendofDorothy Tue 22-Jan-13 18:25:03

I think I an just worried because I had a second degree tear and lots of stitches. Also the vulval variscosity has made my pelvis ache.

I am basically scared of pain!

halesball Tue 22-Jan-13 18:25:23

Secondsop, H is definately making more noises while shes awake. Shes even making one which sounds like the beginnings of a giggle grin. I've always said i would love 4 children but after that pregnancy and birth i don't want anymore. And wow what a birth story, just goes to show that babies really do come when their ready.

halesball Tue 22-Jan-13 18:27:53

Spotty hope your DP is ok. Hopefully he's just taking the drive easy.

CODwidow Tue 22-Jan-13 19:18:38

I have 5 so I guess I should stop now, is it bad that it makes me just a little sad?

COD grin

ISpyPlumPie Tue 22-Jan-13 19:36:58

I've been avoiding OBEM, not because of bad experience (N's birth really couldn't have been any better - am v lucky) but because of sadness that I prob won't do it again. We'd always planned to have two and I could provide a whole list of practical, boring reasons why we shouldn't have another so this feeling has thrown me a bit. I've packed the clothes N has outgrown away rather than selling/charity shopping them yet if he was DC3 fairly certain that's what I'd be doing. Makes me feel that instinct's telling me our family isn't complete yet, even though I'm incredibly grateful for our two lovely DC.

Had always been wary of having two close together (scared of too much hard work grin) but also not sure about a big gap between DS1 and the potential third. Probably massively over-thinking it atm and given I'm still in my early thirties there's no mad rush to decide. Will see if the little voice is still nagging in a year or so, or whether I've ebayed the baby stuff instead.

COD will we be seeing you on 16 kids and counting in the future?

We've agreed that I'll go back to work for 3 months and then we'll start trying. But I've got a year off so quite a long time really. I was very lucky with birth and would do it all again straight away if finances allowed. Still bleeding at 5 weeks though so no bedroom action yet.

WLmum Tue 22-Jan-13 20:58:24

We've no boudoir action because of co-sleeping which looks like it will go on for some time. Co-sleeping would not be my first choice but through it I'm managing a decent amount of sleep which quite frankly is my top priority. spotty I wondered if you co-sleep or had considered it? I sit up for some of the feeds but if I'm struggling I just latch her on lying down and doze while she feeds, sometimes I fall fast asleep and have no idea when she finished! I guess this when she has little feeds and dozes after 3/4/5ish. Lots if suckling is helpful for her reflux but sitting up through it all would not bf helpful for me!

I've half thought about it but dp wouldn't want to, our bed is pretty small, I like the duvet up round my neck and being diabetic it's dangerous if I have a hypo

WLmum Tue 22-Jan-13 21:23:58

Ah, I see. I like the duvet up too but have got used to wearing 3 tops to bed instead! I wouldn't have been brave enough to do it with dd1, but am a bit more relaxed now with dd3. Boo to the diabetes.

willyou yes I'm only 25 so plenty of time yet. This has taken me by surprise I guess as before Ethan was born I was adamant he was my last, to the point of researching getting my tubes tied so I didn't have to worry about contraception. Yet a few short weeks later I know that is the furthest thing from my mind (tube tying not contraception grin). Definately never say never, just have to hope one day the finances look brighter.

Ethan has had a lot of tummy pain today and been a Velcro baby.

He's got into a great routine for school run times though so he wakes at 6am feeds, sleeps while I get breakfast done them wakes to get dressed and finish his feed then we leave for school at 8.30. Then in the afternoon he wakes between 2.15 and 2.30 and feeds before the school run. Tbh I really don't care about the rest of the day/night as long as I can get to the school when needed!

CODwidow Tue 22-Jan-13 21:39:18

No! I always said once I felt everyone couldn't have some of my time I'd stop. It's important to me that although we have a big family none of the dcs miss out on time with dh or I too much. Not sure I'd manage that with 16. I am very lucky though that dd is a very content and easy baby and very aware if i did have another that could not be the case!

I do have a thing about even numbers thoughgrin

Secondsop Tue 22-Jan-13 21:58:17

COD a friend's mum wanted just one more after having 4, and got ... Twins. And do we all remember the salutary lesson of the woman with 4 children on OBEM who wanted just one more and got triplets?

Okay people talk to me about bedtime routines. How and when? I love our evenings at the minute - bottle at 8pm then sleep on me or DP til we go to bed. Last bottle in the dark in our bed then into the Moses basket. Am I setting myself up for a terrible sleeper? He's still only 5 weeks.

willyou that's similar to what we were doing but we've started bath and pjs (change of sleepsuit) about 7.30, bottle of ebm and into his basket upstairs in our room about 8, sit with him till he drops off then creep away. He'd got to a point where he refused to be in his basket before midnight or after 5 am for the whole day so we decided that if he wouldn't go down in his basket for naps then we needed to get him down in the evening.

utopian99 Tue 22-Jan-13 23:43:50

willyou we don't have an enforced regime as only coming up to four weeks but sound similar to you ib terms of regime he naturally follows.. Feed around late aft/early evening, followed by kip on daddy then nappy and bouncing and into bed for late feed at 11ish.

Meant to try expressing today but ended up walking about town so will try tomorrow. Feeling daunted by the faff, but it would help so much to be able to give a bottle to others to feed.

What classes is everyone doing? More to keep me interested than anything at this early age. Have found swim, baby sensory and baby signing so far, plus a dance based keep fit + LO one, but not sure i can justify paying for all ..

MyDaydream Wed 23-Jan-13 00:01:21

I just dealt with a massive poosplosion that ended with poo on my tshirt and wee on my leggings. DP was upstairs updating Facebook about the noises I was making while dealing with the nappy. He's very lucky I love him and found it all funny (because if I didn't laugh I'd cry).

I've not really looked too much into classes yet, I found a baby yoga and massage class that I might try out and I was planning to take him swimming, although just going in the pool with me rather than an actual class.

WLmum Wed 23-Jan-13 01:00:48

willyou I wouldn't worry about setting yourself up with bad habits just yet, he's still v little. If you're happy with it for now just go with it. Nothing is forever, you can always change it later.

SeymoreInOz Wed 23-Jan-13 01:58:32

Those of you mix feeding, how many attempts did it take to get your baby drinking from the bottle? And how many weeks were they when you started?

I gave DS a bottle of EBM last week (6 weeks) and he kept pushing it out of his mouth or biting it, after a few attempts I poured it away. He does the same thing with dummies so I've given up on those after trying a few different kinds.

Clarella Wed 23-Jan-13 02:03:03

I think that's fine will you - dh was taking George off to do bottle in eve but we've changed it to me feeding as he's become clingly and tonight it was basically what you describe, he was chilled out enough for dh to squeeze a bottle in while I slept. we had a bath around 7:30 and we're going to try and keep it up nightly --apart from anything to keep the cheesy neck
under control-- G manically cluster feeds in eve so it's hard to try much else at moment but I think low stimulation and relaxation is the key. sleeping on you is fine! (see kellymom website)

I'll try and catch up with thread in night hope you're all ok xx

monsterchild Wed 23-Jan-13 02:06:15

Seymore, I started with Yunior when he was about 2 weeks old. He's doing ok with bottles. we only give one a day, but he'll take one from Dh now. He's 4 weeks this week.

SeymoreInOz Wed 23-Jan-13 02:26:25

Thanks monster I hope I haven't left it too late! Maybe I'll get DH to try at the weekend when he's hungry. Not much chance of that when he gets home in the evenings!

Oh good because I do love holding him! Maybe in a few weeks we'll start enforcing the down in his basket after the 8pm feed thing. He goes down fine at 11 though so not a massive problem yet.

He seems to have bellyache tonight. Pattern is wriggle wriggle wriggle, moan moan moan, massive fart, repeat 20 minutes later. No sleep for me tonight. Must learn to tune out the whimpers while still reacting to the cries!

halesball Wed 23-Jan-13 03:38:48

Think H is coming down with something, her cry is really raspy and shes fussing more than normal (which i didn't think was possible) at the boob and shes sleeping more than normal, but only if shes being rocked or is in my arms. Its the cry and her voice when shes making noises thats concerning me the most, its so raspy and high pitched. I can't ask my mum for advice as shes at home in bed with flu confused.

halesball Wed 23-Jan-13 03:40:52

Willyou i hope your LO is feeling better soon. Also Heidi is 6 weeks old and i'm letting her set the routine for abit longer, i'll try in a couple of weeks to sort out a routine.

I feel human again everyone! After cluster feeding from 5:15 to 9:15 last night (only the third time he's done it) I got ds to sleep by about 9:45. He woke at midnight and dp gave him the bottle but it took him until 2:30, plus the 30ml he had left earlier, to settle him. I offered to boob him but dp said no (wants to be able to settle ds himself and ds to not need boob to settle) and then he woke at ten to five. I woke a bit when he was having his bottle but not lots. Hard to tell if it made a difference but I think it did. Anyway dp is in my good books now!

zcos Wed 23-Jan-13 05:39:53

I keep thinking everything is going well then have a down day- couple of hours. My DD was sleeping for 6 hours weeks ago not so much anymore...wish I had been more grateful. Think I'm reading too much!
Anyone else read wonder weeks? It states that babies make mental leaps at certain times one is about 8 weeks (7-9) if baby came early so may the leap...when this happens baby gets much more fussy wants to be with mam etc. apparently this leap will involve baby finding its hand and the fussiness occurs in all babies all cultures around the world!

EggsMichelle Wed 23-Jan-13 05:43:32

6hrs!!!! That's the second night in a row, surely the gaviscon isn't that good, it must be a fluke. My boobs have leaked loads, they are not used to going more than 2 hrs!

A friend has invited me to a baby and toddler group today, I was going to cancel after all the drama of the last few days, but I think I will go! Daydream we don't have many groups around here for tiny babies, would be nice to meet some new mums. He can start swimming after his jabs, can't wait for that!

DH and I had our first evening out alone last night, MIL came and took F, and since she took him when he was really bad on Monday, I didn't feel so guilty (she reports he's just a miserable child!!!)

zcos Wed 23-Jan-13 05:50:59

My dd is wide awake in the evening I ebf but not sure how much longer I can keep it up as she wants to be on me 8pm til she sleeps usually around 11.30 but one day this week she was on til 2.30am! My mum says she is spoilt that I should try cooled boiled water or formula (I know this is spelt wrong too tired to think). But what I have read other places contradicts this that doing that now could mean she doesn't want to bf anymore. She won't really take a dummy, also tried passing her to DH to see if he can distract her from wanting food but she just wants to eat again!
Ps. I am obv new mum, new to MN too but it's been a fab discovery past week has really cheered me up communicating on here! Especially as I have been stuck in past few days due to snow!

zcos Wed 23-Jan-13 06:06:43

Eggs you don't have to wait for jabs to swim...

zcos Wed 23-Jan-13 06:11:23

Willyoudo ... I tried putting in the basket as mine won't sleep til 11 but did read on here after posting bout it an Isis website says they stop crying when you have put them down just because they give up- they still have as high levels of stress hormone in body (research studies show) after reading that I'm just going to see how we go DD is 7 weeks want to at least give her til 12 before panicking again that she should be going down in the evening should have a nap routine etc!

Eggs yay to your night out. And definitely go and meet your friend you've had a tough few days. All our tiny baby classes seen to be in Mondays and I was showed in this week. Try again next week. They can also swim before their jabs as the chlorine kills the bugs.

We've gone backwards today. J is retusing to eat more than 3oz and wants it every 3 hours. He's taking an hour per feed too. Pretty sure he's trying to kill me off! I had a dream where I just poured the full bottle down his throat and then wondered why I'd never done it before. <I would not do this in real life>

Zcos you are not spoiling your baby by feeding her when she's hungry. Introducing a bottle of formula is fine, of you read back through the thread the other bfing ladies have been discussing it. Do not give your baby cooled boiled water, you'll fill her but she wont be getting the food she needs. mums often come out with loads of unhelpful outdated advice - this is where smile, nod and carry in regardless comes in very helpful!

Thanks zcos I've not even tried putting him down early yet. I enjoy night time cuddles too much!

zcos Wed 23-Jan-13 06:20:48

Will you
Think I have read on here the posts bout night bottle of formula so maybe my mum was right. Just really not sure about it every time we have a bad night I think I will change my mind.

zcos welcome. Ethan is my 3rd dc and I'm still not confident in what I'm doing. I think all parents just middle through at best, especially at this early stage. All babies are different and we all have to find their individual cues and what response they need. I think the only advantage the experienced mums have is difinitive proof that nothing lasts forever and as a good old MN saying goes 'this too shall pass'.

Well Ethan slept on me from 10.30-12 the in his crib from 1-3.30 and back in his crib 4.30-6. He's now sleeping on me until 7.39 when I'll go sort the big dcs, nights like that I can deal with smile

I told DH how I am feeling about never having another baby. I don't think he understands but let's see what the future brings.

Zcos I felt (feel) exactly the same about the night time formula. I think if I didn't have older dd to consider too I wouldn't have done it. But I have no chance to catch up on sleep in the day and was being a horrible shouty mum. Sometimes I am so tired I can barely string a sentence together so I think it's the best thing for us.

Agree with WillYou that there's no need for water and, although your mum means well, advice has changed a lot since she had children smile

We have only bought a couple of cartons of formula so if it doesn't make a difference we haven't wasted £10 on a tub. Also if you do do it there's nothing to say you have to do it every night just once in a while to give you a sleep!

MaMaPo Wed 23-Jan-13 06:53:11

Have been reading the conversation from overnight and want to join in, but C's feeds have all been under 10 minutes so no time! And much as I love you guys I ain't staying awake when C's asleep.

Someone remind me to ask about bedtime routines...

MyDaydream Wed 23-Jan-13 07:06:06

spotty that's great, glad you got some sleep and are feeling better.
I feel a bit bad this morning. We went to bed at 12.30 after feeding and settling Elijah and we didn't wake up until 6.30 when DPs alarm went off. He's only 3 weeks, is that a bit young to be going so long without food? Should I start setting an alarm for the night feed do you think? Who'd thought sleeping through the night would cause such worry.

This great MyDaydream but at that age I would probably only was him to go five hours. How much does he weigh? If he's big then I think it's ok for him to go longer. SCBU said ds could go max five hours at two weeks old because he was a good size smile

MyDaydream Wed 23-Jan-13 07:25:46

He was 8lb6 at his last weigh in but that was over a week ago, he seems a lot heavier than that now. Usually I wake up around 3 to feed him, and he starts fussing about 3.30/4 if I haven't woken up then.

Maybe he knew you needed some sleep! He will probably make up for it today smile

zcos Wed 23-Jan-13 09:42:44

Thank you both!
I have a couple of cartons of pre made formula (its made ready to use) in cupboard break in case of emergency ...for if she just won't go down I just keep thinking 1 more feed and if she doesn't go down this time...
My health visitor also told me to try cooled boiled water!
Last night was ok for me she went down 11.30-5 then back down at 6.20- 9 (she did wake at about 4 and 8 and squeaked grunted for a bit but then went back) smile. Pity my DH was talking in his sleep and flaling into me ... So I'm still shattered angry I need a bigger bed! Or a bigger house!

zcos Wed 23-Jan-13 09:47:00

My daydream I'm probably a bad mum but my dd was going 6 hours at 4 weeks and I think she was about 8lb only midwife said to just let her... She did cluster feed for a long time before. It's only the past week she is doing 4 hours only instead!

Zcos envy of all your sleep. We don't get that even with a formula feed

zcos Wed 23-Jan-13 10:27:35

I'm trying I'm only managing an hour at a time. So bout 4 broken hours last night...if my DH didn't wake me too would be fab!

Secondsop Wed 23-Jan-13 10:43:47

seymore little Z was on bottles for his first 5 days so it wasn't really a case of getting him on them - he was never off them. We sort of introduced breastfeeding in the way that others introduce bottles. We're now successfully mixfed although it is a real effort to keep up the milk supply - still haven't settled into a routine where I don't have to express at every bottle feed.

ISpyPlumPie Wed 23-Jan-13 11:13:31

Another bad night here - N's got a cold which is making him really snuffly and he does not want to be put down on his back. DH took him at 5.30 so I managed to get an hour or so sleep, but now feel guilty about DH being tired in work (daft I know). Got some saline drops to try and unblock his nose so hopefully tonight will be better.

Also feeling really bad as DS1 got very upset when I left him at nursery - completely out of the blue as he's been doing two days a week since he was one and is more than settled in. Have noticed he's got a bit clingier to me at home the last couple of days though. Think it might be a little bit of a delayed reaction to N arriving (he's probably coped a bit too well so far) and maybe also tiredness as his sleep has been disrupted by the crying.

In better news, baby clinic went well - he's now 13lb 7oz so has put on a pound in a fortnight which seems a bit more sustainable than the pound a week he'd been gaining previously! Looks like he's tracking the 91st centile.

zcos Wed 23-Jan-13 12:03:51

ispy maybe your DS1 is going through a leap in mental development ... theory is that they get fussy and clingy at that time cos its a lot to take. going to nursery is probably helping him make the leap?

MaMaPo Wed 23-Jan-13 13:46:19

Wow, sleep and food occupy us all, don't they!

Just taking little C into my work - I left hurriedly before my last day so still need to clear out office! Also have presents to receive. Lucky me. Hopefully not too many newborn outfits.

So, C is 7 weeks today. Can I ask the December oracle (ie you guys) what you think of this re sleeping:
- generally can't put her down for a daytime nap unless dummy, Ewan or other noise. Naps better on our bed than cot.
- sleeps fine when in pram, usually wakes when we come home
- bath at 7, feed, short play then swaddled, rocked with dummy for short while until asleep, then transferred into carrycot in lounge room. Dim lights, but noise of us talking and tv.
- bottle of ebm around 11-12, goes down fine again afterwards in our room.
- a couple more feeds in night, around 3 and 6-7. Goes down fine afterwards, often awake but drifts to sleep.

How does this sound? Am trying to be generous to myself but am keen especially for her to learn to nap in the day if we're at home. Any ideas what I should address as priority, and maybe how?

halesball Wed 23-Jan-13 13:50:07

Daydream i wouldn't set an alarm to wake up and feed as long as your LO is putting weight on, having wet and dirty nappies, it should be ok. Zcos i have given bottles of cool boiled water but that was on my GP's advice to help with the colic. My mum and nan had been suggesting it before the GP did but i didn't think it was allowed if you were breastfeeding. I give her less than a Oz if i think shes struggling with her wind. H is also one of the babies that is BF but also has one formula feed of a night. It allows my partner to help and me to get a little rest. I really really resisted it at first and like you kept saying if she needs it after this feed i'll giver her a bottle. I'm much happier in myself now though and feel better able to cope. You have to think of your mental health and what you want.

I was right H has come down with something, not sure what shes really weezy but shes not crying loads so thats a plus. Shes really clingy as well, she wants to be held all the time. The HV is coming at 3 though unless she cancels again because of the snow.

WLmum Wed 23-Jan-13 13:56:13

mama that sounds pretty good to me!

ISpyPlumPie Wed 23-Jan-13 13:56:16

I suppose it's possible zcos - he's three, and very talkative/inquisitive. He's always asking questions and wanting to learn new things. Perhaps because he's been through the classic separation anxiety stage already I'd overlooked the fact that he will need extra reasurrance from time to time if he is having a bit of a developmental leap. Think that can be slightly harder to spot with pre-schoolers than babies/younger toddlers as the developments are a bit more subtle than some of the earlier milestones iyswim.

V interesting too about the Wonder Weeks identifying week 8 as relating to awarness at being left. We definitely have another velcro baby here - not managed to put him down at all since we got back from the clinic so not got any jobs done and have to pick DS1 up in an hour. Oh well, baby cuddles are far more fun than housework grin.

WLmum Wed 23-Jan-13 15:05:22

Housework will always be there, baby cuddles are only available for a short time - savour them!

FriendofDorothy Wed 23-Jan-13 15:38:30

Another 1lb on in 12 days. All the feeding is definitely worth it smile

I've got sore boobs and I think D has a white coating in his tongue but can't get a decent look to be sure. How Di you get then to open their mouths so you can check?!

WLmum Wed 23-Jan-13 16:35:26

Wait for him to yell!

MaMaPo Wed 23-Jan-13 16:38:45

Baby in sling to try to get her to sleep (40 mins in cot, helping her with Ewan and dummy did nothing), and she is more wide awake than ever! Pushing herself up and back with her hands on my chest and staring me in the face. Now she's licking the strap. Has anyone else's little ones found their tongues recently? C is constantly rolling hers around in her mouth and sticking it out. Oh, now she's full-on sucking on the strap. What a crazy baby.

When you lot talk about Velcro babies, do they sleep in your arms/sling? Or just want to be held when awake?

mama Ethan is 6 1/2 weeks and has just discovered his tongue he pokes it out and rolls it round. He's also just found how to get his hands to his mouth to suck them. And is furious if he has his mits folded over so can't get to them!

When he yells he pulls his tongue back!

Those of you who've had boob thrush what did if feel like? My boob feels tender but in the inside kind of under the nipple. Sort of like the pain when engorged but without the engorgment confused

Secondsop Wed 23-Jan-13 17:20:50

I wonder if we have it too. My nipples feel different in a stingier way, and last night poor Z was crying and opening his mouth and sort of going "mthyah mthyah" with his mouth as if he'd tasted something unpleasant. Am doing to the doctor tomorrow anyway; will ask her to check Z's mouth.

Trying to decide whether to get an appt with dr or nurse practitioner tomorrow or if I'm overreacting!

Apparently 75% of bf mums/babies get it

Mama tongue and hands discovered this week. He has a caterpillar tongue and can spend a good hour trying to get various bits if it into his mouth! There's also the pushing himself up on your chest for a good headbut!

List had our first meltdown. Tried to put J in his chair while I assembled his new swing. He was inconsolable - bright red, yelling, struggling to breathe. He's now fast asleep on me the little bugger!

Bellaboo123 Wed 23-Jan-13 17:39:44

Weirdly I've just been to the docs and have boob thrush, luckily A hasn't got it yet. Doc said getting really common an she'd had 3 cases this week already. Nipples burn / sting as feeding also kinda crusty nipple but not badly. Fed up argh!!!

I've been prescribed Clotrimazole cream - do I need to wipe this off before feeding? Anyone else been prescribed this? Didn't think I ask doctor.

I'm a lucky girl - I also have internal piles mmmm sexy!

Sorry for me me me post!

Caterpillar toy not tongue! Tired brain. No sleep again last night. He cried in his sleep for hours and I couldn't find what was wrong confused

Bellaboo123 Wed 23-Jan-13 17:43:11

Honey & seconds if in doubt get checked out better to nip it in the bud if you do have it smile

grin NIP it in the bud Bella I like what you did wink

Bellaboo123 Wed 23-Jan-13 17:47:02

Lol love it!

On a more positive note we put on 1ln in 12 days too so now A weight 8lb 13oz...oh and I successfully managed to figure out and use baby carrier and walked the dogs - yay!

itsMYNutella Wed 23-Jan-13 17:50:25

bell grin I agree, I'd definitely be straight to the doc at the first sign of boob problems - better there is nothing wrong than waiting and being in pain. My right nipple is quite sore but that because T seems to think it isn't long enough and will often pull it shock argh! Can't remember him doing it on the other side though hmm

Oops... DP almost had T settled and I sneezed confused; he will sleep happily through noise but sudden noises make him jump, wake up and cry.... Ho hum, I'm the same I guess.

Equimum Wed 23-Jan-13 17:52:17

Great weight gain bella - well done.

Has anyone else's LO had a touch of diarrhea yet? F has had three really wet nappies and spent most if the afternoon screaming inconsolably (but is now fast asleep on my lap). An I right to thing it's okay not to seek medical advice if he's not got a temperature, continues feeding and has no signs of dehydration?

Ooh, bella sounds like you've won the jackpot wink
My nipple pain is hard to describe- definitely inside the nipple rather than surface/skin - does that sound familiar to anyone?

The jackpot joke was about your earlier post bella, well done on the wweight gain

Honey if you have no other symptoms ie temp (which would mean mastitis) then could well be thrush but deeper so you would need oral antibiotics instead if topical cream

halesball Wed 23-Jan-13 18:20:11

Bella did your Dr prescribe your LO drops as well, the GP told me that both me and H had to be treated at the same time or we'd just pass it back and forth. I would explain the pain as like having my nipples ripped open with razor blades when she latches on and like its fire coming out during the feed. I am abit dramatic though ha.

Well the HV came, H is now 12.12lb up from 8.6lb birthweight so i guess the BF works shes also in the 91st centile for weight and head circumference and the 98th centile for length. So apparently shes gonna be tall don't know where thats come from me and dad are tiny.

ISpyPlumPie Wed 23-Jan-13 19:00:42

Wow - seems like there's a bit of a thrush epidemic. Not surprising though if 75% of us will get it. Hope everyone who is suffering is better soon.

Lots of great weight gain too. Hales - I've produced two chunky little monkeys now, and it's a bit of a mystery given that I'm short and have a slight build when not still covered in a layer of pregnancy blubber and DH is average height and build. They do get their mahoosive heads from their dad though (seriously - it's a constant battle to find hats that fit in this house. We are yet to have a Christmas cracker hat that will go over DH's bonce grin).

Mama - my velcro baby is generally happier to be put down on his playmat/in his bouncer when he is awake but is really not big on daytime naps in the moses basket. He will snooze in the car seat/pram when we are out, otherwise he likes to be held when napping. He hasn't wanted to be put down much at all today though but think it's probably because he's a bit under the weather. Hoping it's that rather than a full-on new stage he's going through.

EggsMichelle Wed 23-Jan-13 19:05:36

Honey try putting just the teat of a bottle in his mouth and look in to see his tongue. I'm lucky to not have the thrush symptoms, but have bought some cream for myself for preventative matters.

Went to mother and toddlers this morning, was lovely to socialise. My swimming pool doesn't allow them to join the group until they have their vaccinations!

Bellaboo123 Wed 23-Jan-13 19:12:51

Honey what with my previous mastitis I've struck gold lol! You're symptoms do sound quite similar to how I felt.

Hale yes I've got drops for Aurelia too...have you got clotrimazole cream? Are you wiping it off?

We went to an nct bumps and babies group yesterday and it was lovely to socialise. About 15 mums there and out of babies only 3 girls!!! Off to baby massage and yoga tomorrow.

ellliebelle Wed 23-Jan-13 19:44:50

Well ds was hard work yesterday but we had a great night over 4 hours uninterupted sleep smile today he has been an angel so really hoping he isnt devil child tonight...

halesball Wed 23-Jan-13 19:59:00

Haha Bella sounds like me and you have followed the same path, mastitis then thrush, how lucky are we? Thats the cream i've got and i do wipe it off, its annoying of a night. But i'm starting to feel better and Heidi's mouth is showing signs of clearing upgrin. I'm not on antibiotics for it though, possibly because antibiotics caused it?? Also Heidi seems to spit out more of the drops than she takes but it must be working as her whiteness is getting less. It does seem like alot of us are getting it, hope everyone elses clears up as easily as ours seems to be.

Ethan has not been happy since 2pm right now he's sleeping on me latching on and off. If boob is not forthcoming quickly he starts getting upset again which soon leads to him being inconsolable. Fx this is just a 1 night thing.

Poop, I don't know what to do. White coating on his tongue is very thin and could well be just milk but I don't know don't want dr thinking I'm just being overly neurotic more than they already do

EggsMichelle Wed 23-Jan-13 20:09:35

The thrush might be towards the back of his throat so less visibly obvious, F only has a very slight white tongue.

Bellaboo123 Wed 23-Jan-13 20:21:05

Honey Aurelia has no symptoms at all so don't let LO guide you, if you have symptoms see the doc as doc did say she'll definitely end up with it if untreated.

Sorry to hear of all the pain and thrush problems.

Great weight gains ladies smile I'm
Worried about weight gain here. Only 4oz in 14 days? Thing is though I weighed with a nurse not HV so I can't ask advice. She is definitely getting longer as her feet don't fit in her baby grows? But then that 4oz would be length IYSWIM?

Cookies I'd drop into your weigh in clinic and ask your HV if you're worried.

this is a sanity saver. J is on his play gym and is not screaming for the first time in hours!

Cookies ds only put on 4oz in two weeks but then a couple of weeks later had put on loads smile also if it was different scales then it could be out

Only symptom I have is slightly sore boobs. Don't know what to do, will see in the morning I guess

EggsMichelle Wed 23-Jan-13 21:32:51

Willyou that toy looks interesting, have you noticed the function that comes on when the baby wakes working? F is pants at soothing himself back to sleep (much like DH!).

F is in bed, I've cleaned the kitchen, expressed a 1.5oz (pants amount) and now having a glass of wine. My family have renamed gaviscon "Felix's Marvellous Medicine", I like my son again!

MaMaPo Wed 23-Jan-13 21:34:08

This child has been awake for over 8 hours. Please go to sleep!

zcos Wed 23-Jan-13 21:37:31

Phew willyoudo I thought caterpillar tongue was some sort of thing babies did I should have heard of.
My baby d held on to two toys with her hands earlier a mummy and daddy one from Lamaze she sucked the mummy one on the chest too ...typical!

zcos Wed 23-Jan-13 21:45:41

Stacey I prob seem like I'm selling this but I think fussy baby equals mental leap could be the answer check out wonder weeks book on amazon you can read quite a bit with free sample on kindle!! Has made me feel better both really fussy Velcro periods my baby d has had.

Eggs it works really well. It doesn't come on when they whine but a loud sharp cry turns it on. You can turn the volume off too but I'm quite enjoying the songs for now! It has the waltz from Sleeping Beauty, can't stop singing it.

zcos I'm not really worried about it I'm really enjoying feeding him, it's just hard to do bedtime with the big ones when he screams if his latch gets disturbed! He was really good up until 2pm napping and letting me work do I shouldn't complain really! Still feeding ever 10 mins though! Maybe he's still in this growth spurt as he's 6 wks.

EggsMichelle Wed 23-Jan-13 23:22:20

That sound good willyou, you can never have enough sleep aiding gadgets, think I might invest in one!

Just made my first attempt at dream feeding... He wouldn't even open his lips to taste a drop of milk. Conclusion, I won't be trying that again!!!

Secondsop Wed 23-Jan-13 23:46:46

There's a wonder weeks app too - I just downloaded it.

Clarella Thu 24-Jan-13 02:43:40

I just got that app too seconds - have the book but so tired cant be bothered to read it!!

sorry not caught up on thread either - George is literally feeding every hour today - 2 yesterday, and refusing ebm bottles so thellast 2 nights dh and I have camped out in the bedroom me feeding and him winding and watching I don't pass out till 12 when I'm on my own - but as I say, now gone to hourly feeds confused

ironically the wonder weeks say we're in phase 2 (as he was 2 wks over due) and have another 10 days to go! it's gestational age based which is interesting

Clarella Thu 24-Jan-13 02:49:57

sorry to hear of thrush problems - honey I've been in same dilemma several times. if the white coating can 've scratched off with your finger nail its milk/ posset. G has it a lot which has always worried me when his bottom had theses funny sore bits and my nipples sore but docs keep reassuring me it's not. hardest thing about thrush is varying symptoms. can you see any white patches in his mouth?

Clarella Thu 24-Jan-13 02:51:08

frantically searching mn threads for six week growth spurt experiences!!!!

4.5 hours grin

willyou Yay!! grin we just had our first ever 4hrs. All evening feeding did something! <does happy dance>

MaMaPo Thu 24-Jan-13 04:22:33

Clarella, I think we had a strange 6 week growth spurt. C did 2 days of crazy feeding at 5 weeks, then 3 days of terrible fussiness and clinginess at 6 weeks. Since then she's fallen into longer and more regular nighttime sleeps and also feeds faster and more efficiently. Ha another clingy day yesterday (7 weeks) but I think it was overstimulation and tiredness.

utopian99 Thu 24-Jan-13 04:33:54

Good news those of you with weight gains! Need to hunt out the clinic and check Oz on Monday.

We had 11.30-1 then 1.30 (wild guess) till 4. I say wild guess because I barely woke up at the 1am feed but somehow got him out of the hammock and my dressing gown on at that point to feed, as I discovered at 4. Feel quite rested which is great but also worried about the safety of functioning on auto pilot like that..

Also expressed first bottle this morning for dh to experiment with sometime. Will keep doing one a day now - took 20 mins for 5oz, no idea if that's normal speed but didn't seem too bad.

Going for a trial swim session tomorrow afternoon, really hope he enjoys it as not keen on being top and tailed but it's in a 34 degree pool so am hoping he'll be nice and toasty.
Also have a dentist appointment which could be interesting as no one to help with O. Should have arranged it for when my mum is up, too late now!

utopian99 Thu 24-Jan-13 04:38:26

Also stacey what job do you do? The pillow/laptop trick is a godsend for O feeding/sleeping while I work in terms of the property side (research, project management etc.,) but a bit harder for when I'm doing design work or photo manipulation as it needs both hands at all times. Am hoping as we both get into the rhythm of things this will get easier?

MaMaPo Thu 24-Jan-13 04:42:46

Utopian, that's about the rate I express at, I think it's pretty good. C will take around 5oz (a little less) at her 11-midnight feed which my husband does so I get some sleep!

I also have a dentist appt coming up - no idea how that will go w baby in tow!

Well I'm not convinced the formula does much. Ds was going three hourly last night then after 6oz of formula went 3hrs45mins it hardly seems worth it. I'll give it a couple more days I suppose

zcos Thu 24-Jan-13 06:21:50

Morning my d managed 11.40-5.40 so maybe she is back to 6 hr stints again... She was on me bf after bath from 7.15 though with only a short couple of 10 min breaks for DH to nappy change if only she didn't twist the nipple and nipple on it for that night feed. Have thought it was my supply but been doing it for weeks and weeks now and have also thought it was wind but she wasn't scrunching up and kept doing it even after good winding session. Ouchy!
DH been sleep talking in sleep though if only he would sleep through angry

One thing I haven't mentioned on here that started these long sleep stints and really helped her stay down is her turtle.
It's a blue one that does a wavey light display and sounds of the sea (though my dh says its sounds of motorway) grin I put her down after falling fast asleep on the boob finally and most nights her eyes open right back up - eyes that look so beautiful In the day seem so menacing at midnight when she has been on me for 4 hours and I'm exhausted but I put the turtle on sometimes just thinking it will give me a ten min break bout 60 % of the time by the time the waves stop she is deeply asleep and stays that way. It was a present from my best friend I owe her one! I have just used it again as d seemed satisfied with full boob but then started grunting loudly when put back in Moses she seems to have finally stopped that in the time it took to write this post... Just waiting to see if she will drop off or wants other boob.

Clarella Thu 24-Jan-13 06:54:40

oh hope so mama - ended up co sleeping which I've never done before confused hmm no other way to get a little sleep sad

So last night Ethan slept 11-3.15 and 4-6.30 grin what a good boy he is. Just snuggling before its time to get the big kids up.

Bellaboo123 Thu 24-Jan-13 07:31:50

Wow A has slept from 11 - 715!!! That's ok at her age isn't it? She's nearly 8 weeks.

Btw i was told yesterday that if we eat broccoli or cabbage it can give LOs bad wind...forgot to ask how long it takes to pass through the milk, anyone know?

Someone said four hours Bella. Also if you eat asparagus it turns your milk green....

I haven't expressed for ages and just got 4oz out so I'm going to express again later and will then have enough for dp to give a feed of ebm.

I'm so envy of all your sleep why did I get the baby who doesn't sleep?! He is only four weeks corrected though I suppose wonder if that makes a difference to sleep?

spotty I've paid my dues with a non sleeping baby ds1 was a nightmare and didn't sleep for more than an hour at a time until he was 6 mo and screamed the whole time he was awake (including whilst feeding). It was horrendous! Sorry ds is still being a pickle for you. They're all still so tiny though, I'm sure he will get better soon.

bella unless told to by a medical professional (or you need to relieve your boobs) never wake a sleeping baby. Dd slept 12-5 every night at 5days I never even thought to wake her, I was too busy enjoying my sleep! smile

MaMaPo Thu 24-Jan-13 08:10:12

Sorry Spotty, another sleeping baby here. I fed C at 4.15, and she's still asleep now. Found out from my husband that he came to bed without giving her the bottle at 11-12 as she didn't wake for it, which means she went 6.5 hours, then at least 3 now and is still asleep. She must have been exhausted from all her non sleeping yesterday.

Hopefully your little one is 'acting' like a 4 week old and there's plenty of time for his sleep patterns to improve. Hang in there!

Clarella, fingers crossed your growth spurt ends today!

Why does daddy's turn always involve waking mummy? DP woke me at 6 to tell me DS had only drank 10ml and didn't want his bottle. I am going to start waking him during the 2am feed to tell him ridiculous things. Clearly 1/3 of an ounce is insufficient. Either put him back down or try again, but whatever you do do not wake a sleeping mummy! angry

Clarella Thu 24-Jan-13 08:46:07

....... well take it all back! before I read your post zcos, he'd just started protesting in Moses basket - 'mummy I'm choking pick me up mummy' and I decided to see where it went as I often do - sometimes armegeddon, sometimes back to sleep - he didnt start squealing so I reassured him and he did a big choke which woke him up and suddenly started staring at the light projection on the ceiling from the baby monitor which dh had only just put on last night! George hadn't really noticed it but I'd enjoyed watching it all fucking night! he then gurgled and kicked quite happily for 45 mins while we were able yo get ready! never done before. lots of smiles too! after a mammoth change he's now fast asleep on my pillows while I've been able to get completely ready for doctors in 45 mins! hooray! progress!

probably be a shit night again but fingers crossed not. at 3- 5 weeks he was sleeping 3-5 hours which was great! I want those days back!!!

PurplePidjin Thu 24-Jan-13 08:57:39

R was awake every 1 1/2 hours All. Fucking. Night.

And i think I've got oversupply. He's been fussing on and off, shallow bitey latch, windy at odd times. But there's no lll within 30 miles and i don't know how to contact the local specialist mw, at least not before Tuesday

We did manage a proper nap in crib yesterday

Clarella Thu 24-Jan-13 09:09:20

pidj it's odd but those are the things I've been worrying about this week, - you have summed up 4 days of my moans! our lo's were due same week - connection? over night the latch and odd wind issues have calmed down a lot. we too had proper crib nap yesterday..... I actually phoned hv on Monday thinking either my let down was the issue or he had reflux.

willyou grin at don't wake a sleeping mummy!

Sorry spotty that DS is still not sleeping much. D doesn't tend to go more than 3 hours or so most of the time so can sympathise. <hugs>

Downloaded the wonder weeks app in the middle of the night and all its done is make me dread the next 2 weeks confused I know it goes on gestational age but I'm wondering if as D was so early his might be a little shifted as I could have sworn we've had a little bugger the past week and a half. I don't know.

Off to gp to check for thrush. I think that the receptionists are getting sick of us.

13 weeks today. Eek.

Stacks Thu 24-Jan-13 09:18:48

T had a bad night too, though only based on previous nights. Was really hard to get to sleep with lots of wriggling, kicking and pulling at the breast over and over again. 3 hours of that, and associated pain, and he fell asleep after I tried feeding with skin to skin. Did 1-3, 4-5:30, then 6-8. I didn't get to sleep as much as him though, as he was grunting and squirming most of the time he was sleeping. I think today is a pj day.

Pidg they were talking about oversupply at the LLL I went to, however I can't remember then saying anything useful. Just to try hand expressing, and that babies adapt their latch eventually to deal with it. Oh, and maternity sanitary towels stuffed in bra as breast pads.

PurplePidjin Thu 24-Jan-13 09:27:17

I've sorted it for now rugby style but that won't help when I'm out later - although the friend I'm meeting wants to train as a peer supporter so she can practice on me grin plus I've a mega bruise on my left arm where my implant went in yesterday so can happily feed off the right for a few hours!

Clarella, R came 19/11 in the end so is 9 1/2 weeks now. Was due 30/11...

Good god J's in a bad mood. No poo for 2 days again. He's wailing the house down as we speak sad

Well, glad we bothered the dr. We have thrush. sad

Oh no Honey!

Oh poor you and D Honey, least you went and you're getting treated now

halesball Thu 24-Jan-13 10:26:27

Sorry Honey, but on a positive note your getting treated now. Pidj i've been having those problems as well, with H i assumed it was because of the thrush. But H was originally due on the 28/11 born on the 7/12. Our 5 hour sleep the other night was a fluke, no repeats back to 2 hour wake up calls.

Secondsop Thu 24-Jan-13 11:01:19

honey we have thrush too!! I have been prescribed a cream to rub on him and on me.

utopian that sounds a great rate of expressing. In 20 minutes the most I'd ever get is an ounce sad I express by hand as I haven't got on with the pump brilliantly - perhaps I should persevere with it.

What pump have you got Seconds? Is there a reason why you don't like it?

Sorry to hear everyone that's having problems with thrush. I hope it's clears up quickly for you all.

utopian just remembered I hadn't answered you, sorry. I do scanning work for a charity. So rarely need both hands tbh although I don't need to hold Ethan while feeding at all, maybe my boobs are very saggy hmm grin

We've got tablets for me and drops for D. Wasn't my usual gp but he was lovely.

Secondsop Thu 24-Jan-13 11:29:38

spotty I've got the medela swing - it's not that I don't like it in itself but it's just so slow to get anything out. Sometimes an hour later and I'll have got 10ml. I don't get lots out when I hand express but I do better than the pump.

Hmm that must be frustrating. Some people just don't get on with them at all

MaMaPo Thu 24-Jan-13 11:34:06

Oh no, thrush outbreaks! But well done everyone for seeing their GPs and getting it attended to.

Drop in clinic this morning - C is thriving, she's gone from 10lb1oz at 4 weeks to 11lb9oz at 7 weeks. Length and head circumference also in right range. All my milk is doing some good.

Off to get her passport this afternoon smile

How's this for an AIBU (not going to post it there though): I get on the bus at the supermarket with 3 heavy bags and little C comfortably asleep in the sling. A man kindly offers me his seat, but I thought it would be easier to put the bags down if I stood in the wheelchair/buggy space, which was empty. I said 'no thank you, I'm happy to stand' to the man, who sat down again.

A bit later an older woman (mid-late 70s, I'd say) stood up to get off, but came over to me, barely made eye contact, and blurted 'Next time a man stands up and offers you a seat, be courteous and gracious enough to accept it!' then got off the bus. I was a bit dumbfounded, and called after her '...but I didn't want to sit down!' I then had a conversation with another older woman about how rude that woman had been about insisting that I must accept the offer to sit down! It would have been different if I'd been rude or dismissive to the man who'd offered, but he didn't seem to care...

So - AIBU??? grin

Secondsop Thu 24-Jan-13 11:47:41

mamapo OMG. YANBU! Honestly, some people are so rude. Also, sitting down in a sling isn't always a walk in the park, I've found, anyway, so it's not as if you (a) didn't have good reason to say no to the seat but even if you didn't (b) you did it politely.

spotty I tried the hospital medela and got on with the basic function of it which is why I got it but at that point I was still at the colostrum stage so I hadn't properly tested it. I've even checked on the website to make sure I'm using the right size flange (I do seem to be). I find that when I hand express I can sort of move my hands around and keep finding the streams whereas the pump just gets itself in 1 position. I'm clearly not blessed with a plentiful supply so that one position sometimes hits the (slow) jackpot, or sometimes does nothing.

brooke89 Thu 24-Jan-13 11:58:00

Finally have Internet back after 4 weeks and all moved into new house!

I hope everyone is doing well and settled in with babies - could really of done with chatting to you all! Last 4 weeks have been awful with LO! Colic, Ahhh!

Sorry to hear about the thrush, hope it gets better for you all!

Oh seconds I often compress my boob with the palm of my hand when pumping to get more out? I do it all round grin

Mamapo YANBU! Stick it on the feminist board they'll be right behind you wink

Afrodizzywonders Thu 24-Jan-13 12:01:50

Marking my place, got tonnes to catch up on! Been busy with work (trying to not do any but it's not happening)...k went to sleep at 7pm and woke twice! Once at 10.30pm and 2.30am before another feed at 6.30 and then napping well till now.....it's a dream come true day!

Secondsop Thu 24-Jan-13 12:05:43

spotty how do you compress your boob without it popping out of the suction seal and having to reposition it?

Secondsop Thu 24-Jan-13 12:06:43

Oh welcome back brooke! Hope all is well in the new house.

Brooke are you on our fb group? (Not sure if you missed it or not?)

Seconds I just press on the very top/side/bottom of my boob and push the pump right into my boob at the same time. I don't move my hand just press down hard. I don't know if it's advised but I like to make sure I'm getting all I can grin

I read somewhere that you should massage the boob while expressing to get it all out.

utopian99 Thu 24-Jan-13 12:43:58

Welcome back brooke, and sorry honey and others with thrush...

Stacey that makes sense, he's asleep on my lap at the mo so hands free and will be capitalizing on time when my mother's up too.. Still a good trick - I can feed him hands free this way too but it makes my back ache a bit (have a dodgy spine.)

Seconds I have the medela swing too - I do hold the suction end right up/into the general boob so it might be helping increase suction? I also amp up the suction by a couple of presses before pressing the let down button..

Mamapo what a ridiculous old woman, projecting her own weird ideas of politeness when the guy was clearly fine!

utopian yeah it makes the back of my neck burn with the position I feed him in but needs must.

Welcome back brooke I hope the move went well!

ISpyPlumPie Thu 24-Jan-13 14:18:03

Welcome back Brooke.

Honey - hope you're ok and the treatment kicks in soon (and that it does for everyone else with thrush).

Mama - sounds like there was one person with issues in that conversation and it wasn't you!

N's had his 6 week check - everything's fine. Can I just ask anyone who's had their own whether they do an internal. They didn't last time as I was due a smear soon after (thinking about it must be again as it was 3 years ago). Just wondering whether I could take DS1 with me or whether it'd be better to get DM to look after him. She would need to take the day off (has said she would) so I don't want to put her out unnecessarily but there are certain things I think a three year old doesn't need to see grin.

Clarella Thu 24-Jan-13 14:27:35

just quick bob on - Honey I've just read something on kellymom about that:

bottom of page


Clarella Thu 24-Jan-13 14:28:23

ispy - no mine didn't but I had csection?

zcos Thu 24-Jan-13 14:47:39

ispy no didn't look at mine and did have stitches ... doc seemed to ask more questions re emotional well being than anything.

DS just has his hip scan, all good. Saw the Dr who looked after him in SCBU, kinda wanted to hug her and cry a bit....! Then the pay machine at peads as broken so had to walk all the way over to outpatients and ds was crying. There was about 20 people in the queue for one pay machine and a kind lady let me go to the front and said if anyone moaned they'd have her to deal with smile

I still haven't arranged my size week check, must do that.... (DS is 9 weeks on monday....)

Nope, no internal at 6 week check here. I think they only tend to with major issues.

hmm SIX week check...

I had internal with DD but had forceps delivery

clarella which bit on kellymom am I looking at?!

spotty glad the hip scam went well smile

ISpyPlumPie Thu 24-Jan-13 16:21:31

Thanks everyone - sounds like it should be ok then. Didn't have any stitches and not having any problems so can't see that there'll be any need.

Great news about the scan Spotty and at least some random strangers are lovely smile.

EggsMichelle Thu 24-Jan-13 16:43:35

Argh! Had a solid 5hrs last night (8-1) however I didn't go to bed until 11, and he refused to go back to sleep! And he stayed awake until 14.30 shock Concerned my glass of wine was the contributor to his awakeness, no more wine for me sad DH came to my rescue at 5.30 and got back to sleep!

Think F's thrush has taken to my right nipple, luckily I have cream on hand (to go with my piles cream, lactulose, F's thrush drops, gaviscon, gripe water and formula bottles) no wonder I am forgetting to eat when I have to remember all those lotions and potions!

Went to another mums&toddlers group today, so funny watching the little ones playing. Off to a soft play area with friends tomo afternoon.

No internal for me either, doctor didn't even want too look at my bum grape!

EggsMichelle Thu 24-Jan-13 16:44:21

Welcome back Brooke!