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October 2012 babies - over here nobbers!

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Smorgs Wed 02-Jan-13 19:36:21

This really will be the thread where all our babies start sleeping through the night... right?!

londonlivvy Wed 02-Jan-13 20:48:25

I'll vote for that, smorgs.

hufflepuffle Wed 02-Jan-13 21:07:14


hufflepuffle Wed 02-Jan-13 21:11:16

I thought long loud squelchy warming poos were the norm. I can hear them from our bathroom, down the hall. Tho usually they are on my knee and i fear for my jeans. They are very amusing tho, really must video...(evil mummy emoticon!!)

Woolybob Wed 02-Jan-13 21:41:37

Ha ha, love the title smorgs! Well we're starting the new year with a poo that was so far up her back it got on the back of her arms, a horrible cough resulting in vomitting her 2am feed all over my boob and pjs, snot on the shoulder of all my cardis and an hours screaming hissy fit when I gave her calpol. <sigh> Vaccinations tomorrow (if they'll do them?)...

Woolybob Wed 02-Jan-13 21:52:07

All my cardis? That makes it sound like I have a massive collection. I have 2 black cardigans, just to clarify wink

DD once did a long noisy squelchy poo while in the Kari me sling, soaked through onto my top. She saves them up a few days but when she goes, she goes!

Smorgs Wed 02-Jan-13 22:24:48

huffle ha, poo cam.
first Smorglet had a few nights of waking at 4am to poo. I woke up to him grunting in his basket next to me, usually about an hour after last feed, grr.
wooly own up now, with all those cardis your a librarian aren't you?! (or my old sub editor)

Talking of which, someone was asking about thoughts on going back to work (by the way respect to smiley for going back so soon - that's French style). Well we moved here almost 2 yrs ago thinking in the back of our minds that if we did want to sprogletise we would struggle in the uk to keep our mortgage without me working and my job was not compatable with a small baby (newspaper hack, long and unpredictable hours and long commute). So moved here hoping I would find something to do as a job but thinking realistically I might not. Was very lucky to find 6 month maternity cover role in a similar industry but when that ended I felt very lost and was looking forward to the baby arriving to give me some purpose again, which it has. I can't say I miss work - have realised I'm a bit of a sensitive soul and can't put up with shouty news editors anymore -but I miss being in an office with banter and miss the identity work havd me. I might have some more freelance work coming up which would be nice but I'm also wondering if its worth it? It's badly paid and why am I trying to maintain my skills and experience for a job I'm unlikely to go back to in an industry that's dying? It would also mean leaving Smorglet in crèche 4 consecutive days a month and I'm not sure I'm he's ready for that yet. So looks like I will be a sahm for now, which I'm kind of looking forward to... If you ask me on a good day!

DH and I met in a nightclub in London at a mutual friends birthday party. He started explaining the physics of aircraft flight to me (yes really. Back off ladies, he's already taken) when I explained i had just learnt to kitesurf and reeled off a few choice nuggets about the physics of flight. Bless him, his eyes turned into love hearts like they do in the cartoons. We then drank our way through the entire cocktail menu and I sacked off the two other parties I had to go to that night and lured him back to my lair, mwah ha ha. That was 8 years ago in October.

Elpis Wed 02-Jan-13 22:26:02

DS farted so loudly tonight that the shock made him cry.

He's burping in a very satisfactory way at the moment. More gases than the periodic table.

Elpis Wed 02-Jan-13 22:29:58

Smorgs! Another hack! Well, my employer is making lots of compulsory redundancies shortly so I may be in a similar boat.

Elpis Wed 02-Jan-13 22:37:04

DH was friend of a friend. I had just been dumped. Went to a Bond movie and headed to Chinatown afterwards. I ordered the pigeon and it came decapitated. I waved the heads around on chopsticks. Astonishingly, he wasn't smitten. Friend invited us to spend Christmas with her family and he drove us up. I deliberately left my mix tapes in the car so I could drop into his flat to collect them. Bought some knickers in the Selfridges sale, just in case I got lucky. I did.

Good grief, it took me so long to catch up (again) a new thread got started!!!
Happy new year to you all. Would just like to thank you all for the support, laughter and sympathy you all gave in the last year, i cant believe its nearly a year since I got pregnant!! I truly couldnt have done it without you all.
On the talk of more babies, as much as we wouldnt want DD to be an only child, the thought of pregnancy, and the hideous birth aftermath just terrifies me. Truly scares me. Hmm.. maybe I should go to this midwife debrief after all. Basically, I nearly died after having DD, I dont think I could put myself DP through that again. Im aware that things will probably be different next time, and will most likely have a c-section.. but even that scares me. I'm not used to taking it easy, and obviously you have to after one of those.
Having said that, we are trying to get a barn converted into a place for us to live in.. so I highly doubt we could afford it. we can barely afford it now
Is anyone else feeling a bit.. dependent on their DPs now? Im hating not having the control over my own money now. I hate having to ask DP for money if I want to go get my haircut or go shopping... Im on stat mat pay but that just covers our rent and electric bill. ugh, it sucks.
Had loads more to say but cant remember any of it now. DD is 6 weeks old, and is well and truly in her growth spurt. She is really smiling in response to us now which is so so so cute.. I think she is starting to recognise toys and stuff.. when did you older babies start responding to toys? I still don't know if I am stimulating her enough... Tummy time is a bit of a failure at the mo because she doesn't really get it, bless her. She holds her head up for a bit to look at me as if to say "wtf is going on?!" grin then flops her mouth straight down on the mat again so i have to pick her up so she can breath!! Any tips?

We are still on weekly poos here. Today's one smelt so wierd that DP threw up grin serves him right for avoiding the last three I got

am so sorry i havent namechecked. I hope you are all doing ok.. lots of wine for you all!!

FjordMor Wed 02-Jan-13 23:20:53

Just marking my place and popping in briefly.

Livvy - I'm sure it will be fine. Here in Norway they don't get their vaccinations until around 10-12 weeks. Baby Fjord has only had the ones just after birth. She's now 13 weeks (today) and having hers the day before she'll be 14 weeks.

Baby Fjord has decided to start the teething process. Have had a Velcro baby day. Will try & get on tomorrow if it's a better day.

Angelico Wed 02-Jan-13 23:42:35

<marks place>

<waves and crawls off to bed with yet another cold, grrr!>

nenehooo Thu 03-Jan-13 00:03:23

Oh my god the poo/fart stories are making me laugh so much I just woke mini up whilst feeding her! I LOVE a good fart/poo joke because inside i'm still 12 years old My favourite is when mini coughs/sneezes and farts at the same time. Or hiccups and farts. Please please PLEASE make a poo video huffle!

Great story Elpis. grin

Thanks for the thread Smorgs, love the name. Sleeping through would be great please, thank you!
Last night was progress - only woke once! (Unfortunately there was a huge poo involved so fed him before and after cheating) He slept for 6 hours, then straight back for another 4.5. smile

Mickey, DS is 10 weeks today and definitely recognises toys. He loves to play on the baby gym and will happily stay there for a good hour - grabbing, chatting and bashing, if I get the timing right.
He loves his Lamaze ripoff dragonfly thing and this that my friend bought him for Xmas.
You could put a rolled up towel under her chest for tummy time? DS has good days and bad days with it, sometimes he get right up, others he just lays there sucking his fist.
I too hate having to ask for money. I'm not getting any maternity pay though, as my business can't pay the 2 partners (me) plus my maternity cover. DH is giving me a monthly amount and more as and when needed.

Livvy, like Fjord our city doesn't start injections until about 3 months. Haven't even booked ours yet.

How are you Crazy? Sorry you are having a crap time, you have been so unlucky with illness etc. thanks

YompingJo Thu 03-Jan-13 03:57:16

Elpis, dd regularly cries when she farts. Or burps. Or coughs. Pretty much any bodily function can upset her. I used to find it endearing...

Haha Yomping! By all accounts, my brother was like that as a baby. He's a very nice, perfectly happy man now. grin

smile4me Thu 03-Jan-13 05:10:59

DD loves saving up poos for clean nappies... we have a big farting explosion so dutiful mother goes shock 'how can so much noise come out of something so small...' changes nappy only to repeat the process 5 mins later. And sometimes even a third time. Happens at least once a day, you'd hink i wouldhave learnt by now smile And regularly farts herself and us (or me anyway as DH seems to sleep through everything!) awake! It's the look of immense pleasure on her face afterwards that cracks me up every time!

mickey shock at the birth story... even thinking about that has me crossing my legs! And we don't do tummy time (except when being velcro baby on my chest)... causes huge amount of spewing! Our antenatal class talked about 'natural movement' (work done by Emmi Pickler and Magda Gerber ages ago) and their theory is not putting bubbas in positions they can't get into themselves to allow muscles and body to develop in natural order. So lots of lying on back and stops me feeling guilty about not doing tummy time!
Oh and totally feel blush about relying on DH at the moment... we have a farm and I used to do heaps... now do hardly anything except the vet work as it's too difficult with bubba. Totally sucks!

Had 3 month jabs today and bubba cried less than when DH dropped mobile on her head yesterday!

Hope you are feeling better angelico and crazy brew

cherry crikey Japan sounds like a $$$ place to have children!

hufflepuffle Thu 03-Jan-13 06:09:13

Can anyone manage to burp a sleeping baby?? I'm sure it is wind which keeps waking him in night and my winding techniques all serve to put him to sleep! We get little or no wind on last feed and none during night. this def adds to the early poonami session.

Beeblebear Thu 03-Jan-13 06:22:02

Oh gosh a new thread!?!? But i have only gotten through the first 300 or so of the last one. Think i will have to start fresh with this one!

Been MIA a while. I hope everyone is having a good start to their new year and that Christmas went well.

Arthur is being a good boy and has been sleeping well for the last two weeks. Think he may just be starting to discover how to make noises other than a cry,.and is enjoying blowing bubbles. Still very little interest in toys including jaques the peacock and the big octopus lamaze toy. Our dogs however have to be reminded that the tits are not for them... Autocorrect again.. The TOYS are not for them. Well i guess neither are the tits. Lol Arthur has discovered sucking on his fists shock naked him a slobbery drool monster. Which is leading to the lovely green mucusy buttsplosions. (had to get A poo reference on here somewhere.

Well looks like tummy time is over.
Michelle and Arthur out!

Beeblebear Thu 03-Jan-13 06:24:20

*shock naked = which makes


YompingJo Thu 03-Jan-13 07:05:55

Gah, I have been using Colief wrongly. Explains why it has not seemed so effective over last few days. Cock.

Huffle winding mini yomping wakes her up again when she is all sleepy after a feed, so at night I don't wind her at the end of feeds (if at all) but then I worry that as I haven't got the burp out, it will wake her up. Tricky little buggers, burps. We think of them as little furry creatures that tickle her insides and have to be coaxed out...

Have dropped from 8hour block feed to 6hour blocks. Upside...easier to remember as I always switch at the same time each day.Downside... poor left boob gets shredded every evening during cluster feed. And last night I modified the block feeding approach and offered her both boobs for her last feed - had revelation that maybe she's too hungry to sleep for long. Was very excited, thought I'd cracked the short sleep issue. Result? A 2 and a half hour first sleep. Bang goes that theory then...

FirstTimeForEverything Thu 03-Jan-13 07:19:08

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

WantAnOrange Thu 03-Jan-13 08:31:27

Thanks for asking Cherry DD is teething I think. Knowing what it is makes it easier to cope with. DH is still a arsehole at times but I can see he is trying. I dont think he was ever expected to pull his weight at home and we got together at 16 so he's never lived independently. I'm usually quite happy to do most things around the house and with childcare but I cant do everything. I will just keep repeating in the hope that it gets through, like you would with a toddler, bless him. He offered to cook last night shock then asked me to write down instructions but "not how they write it in recipe books because I never understand what they mean", how did this man get a degree?!

Mickey poor husband is dependant on me financially at the moment. We live of MA and Student Finance. I will have to go back to work in April/May if he doesnt get a full time job very very soon. I feel a bit sad about that, I always wanted the typical, Dad at work, Mum at home set up old fashioned. I do enjoy my job though, Childminding is probably as close to SAHM as I'll ever get.

I think I might have told you how I met DH before. We went to the same secondary school but he didnt ask me out until we were in sixth form (this must have been 2005). I found out I was pregnant 8 weeks later blush. We got married in may 2011 and decided to try for baby #2 last January, and caught the first month. For all I complain (and he can be crap) he is the best Husband in the world and his support during my first pregnancy was amazing. Most teenage boys would have run a mile. I see other young parents who have split from the child's father, who dont get any child support and he never visits and he's got other kids with several other women and I think, Jesus Christ I wouldnt ever need to ask DH to pay child support if we split. He might not do the dishes every night but he's 100% here.

DD fed all evening last night, but then slept 21:40 - 4:30, then went back to sleep until 7:00. DH is going to offer her a bottle again today. I'm going out so I dont have to hear the screams.

nenehooo Thu 03-Jan-13 08:43:38

Firsttime I'd had some good friends tell us that they put their LO in their own room after about12 weeks and it was the best thing they ever did, got much more sleep etc and was all ready to do the same... Bought an angel care monitor and everything in preparation. But now she's here and I've read the research I'm keeping her in with us. She goes into really deep sleeps where you really can't tell if she's breathing though - even the midwives in hospital commented on it. So I'm not taking the risk, personally.
Beeble we also have a Robles with our cats thinking mini's play mats/bouncy chair are beds for them. Especially when it's been raining and their own beds obviously aren't good enough and they need to dry their muddy paws on something nice and clean confused
It's now a military operation moving all her stuff into the dining room and shutting the cats out do they can't be tempted. Although sometimes they will just nonchalantly stroll in and get in/on them during the day right in front of us - cos that's just what cats do. Little buggers darlings!

crazypaving Thu 03-Jan-13 08:52:25

thanks for thinking of me cherry and smile! I'm ok but poor ds2 is really suffering - rivers of snot, weepy eyes, nasty cough. the poor mite has been ill so many times, it's no wonder his weight isn't rallying. he's gained a pound in 2 weeks which isn't exactly spectacular and leaves him just above 25th centile. he was born on 75th and tracked it for a few weeks, then started dropping. am so reluctant to cut tongue tie now - he's 13wks today (along with baby smiley!) and there's no guarantee that it's the tt causing the weight issue, if indeed it is an issue.

gah nothing's straightforward.

got a better night last night though so that helps.

loving all the stories about meeting other halves! smorgs sounds like physics leaves you weak at the knees wink kite surfing must be fun. my dh went to uni with my brother blush nuff said grin

off to drink tea somewhat precariously whilst bouncing ds2 in sling. am positive it's completely inadvisable but I needs my tea!!

squidkid Thu 03-Jan-13 10:06:36

Marking place

Smorgs Thu 03-Jan-13 11:09:14

elpis wow how did you manage working for a paper and having a baby? Are you a reporter? Sorry don't have to share personal details if you don't want to. I worked for a regional daily and sometimes court reporting which was great because it was interesting and the hours were sociable but then did political reporting which meant covering loads of evening meetings then rushing back to office to file for next morning edition and often not getting home till midnight or later. Then there was working weekends but lots of people do that. Redundancies are shit, we had a few rounds where I worked. I hope it works out for you. Its a pretty demoralising industry at the moment isnt it? especislly if you have/would never hack a phone or even know how to!! I've recently been considering whether to retrain and move over to the Dark Side but not sure I could live with myself. I like telling the truth for a living.

Smorgs Thu 03-Jan-13 11:14:11

By the way, my librarian/cardy joke was crap, ignore me please everyone I love libraries... And librarians... And I know you don't all wear cardigans these days <tiptoes out backwards>

Orenishii Thu 03-Jan-13 11:15:24

Morning all smile

Feeling quite down today - following on from the end of the other thread, bit glum about DH going back to work etc, etc. But! Loving all the how-I-met-DH stories.

DS was weighed yesterday at GPs clinic and as usual, the weird loaded questions. He's just below average on the weight gain, which seems to prompt questions like "are you sure you want to continue breastfeeding?". FUCKING STUPID PEOPLE I can't stand it!! Sorry but - just - god! So he doesn't gain weight in an average way, according to your charts and your guidelines! It was your fucking stupid guidelines that pressured me into an unnecessary and unwanted induction which lead to a path of intervention that ended with a spinal and forceps! I hate them. I actually think I hate them. I hate the language they use like "we allow" and I hate how they make me feel and I hate how if something is ever so slightly outside of their range - which is so fucking arbitrary anyway! - you're made to feel like there is something wrong with you and your child when there isn't, when there just isn't! I swear to god - when I have another baby - I would sooner move out of this area than have to subject myself to these people again.

Fuck them and their faux ^we support homebirths and natural births and breastfeeding and everything" because they fucking don't. They pretend to but my entire experience has been pressure me into something THEIR OWN GUIDELINES SAID I DIDN'T NEED and pressure to formula feed when I functioning perfectly breastfeeding.

Sorry. Sorry. Just - they make me feel like total shit and they pretend they support me and my baby, but they don't.

Yeah Smorgs, you librarianist, you! wink

Oreniishi, sounds like you don't need their support anyway grin, you know your son, you know he's fine and you're doing fine without them. Ignore the bastards! Don't feel down, you should feel proud. January's a bit of a shit month, isn't it?

crazypaving Thu 03-Jan-13 11:40:13

orenishii hug for you. I evade health visitors because - apologies to any health visitors out there - I have never ever met one that talks sense. ds2 is being watched like a hawk by a doctor and they're harder to shake off! grin you sound like you know what you're doing and you also sound good at standing your ground - just what your ds needs. well done!

Orenishii No please, rant away. I felt exactly like you after DD was weighed on her 10 day check- ignore the fecking guidelines, they are PISH. You know whats right for your baby so you carry on like you have been doing. The baby will catch up soon. Hugs for you though, they are so good at making you feel like crap.

Good morning everyone... I thought DD slept through the night last night... Turns out she woke up twice but I turned my alarm off and went straight back to sleep. Oops. DP just put dummy back in her mouth and she went back to sleep... so maybe she is able to go without a feed during the night? Hmmmmmm.

I have a stupid question...
When do babies start sitting? And how does it happen? I mean, I presume they don't go straight from lying to pulling themselves up into a sitting position. So do we have to do "train" them? If so, when and how?
I'm guessing its not soon, as we're still mastering the wobbly neck grin but just realised I have no idea.

FirstTimeForEverything Thu 03-Jan-13 14:20:42

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Me too First, it'll make life so much easier!
So do I just keep propping him up til one day he can do it alone? I have a Bumbo, I think I can use that soon.

Woolybob Thu 03-Jan-13 14:48:33

Actually smorgs I am a librarian, could you keep your smart alec comments to yourself please? Nah - just f**king with you, I'm your sub editor - now get back to work wink

DD likes being held sitting up and standing up at the moment (13 weeks today), enjoys the different perspective I guess, we were looking at the various sitting/bouncing things like bumbos but I think she needs a smidge more head control first.

Don't get me started on hv, gps and weight gain...angry

FirstTimeForEverything Thu 03-Jan-13 15:04:23

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

What experiences First?
I don't know much, we inherited it from one of DH's work mates.

Elpis Thu 03-Jan-13 15:28:45

They just sit up on your lap more often. Then you prop them up with cushions on the floor - this is when a soft mat comes in useful as they will fall over like wobbly Russian dolls. Then one day you can put them down sitting up rather than horizontal. Then comes crawling, and standing. But not always in that order.

I have a pic of DD aged around 7 months sitting up and going through a drawer, so it must have happened. It was at that point we had to remove the razor blades from the drawer. wink

Smorgs - no, could never have managed a reporting job and a baby! Editing on a national's website, with some writing thrown in. So no print deadlines, or only exceptionally.

Elpis Thu 03-Jan-13 15:35:20


Can't believe the doctor said that! Your DC is taking as much as they need and if they were hungry you'd know about it. A lot of them are still using charts based on weight gain in FF rather than BF babies. Incidentally, my red book now says not to weigh babies too often as it makes you paranoid (or words to that effect).

DS is perfectly happy but (after reassuring you all the other day) I suddenly got fretful about supply because my breasts haven't been feeling particularly full. Poured some hot water on fenugreek seeds and a fennel tea bag, which always used to boost the milk last time. Will let you know if it works again!

WantAnOrange Thu 03-Jan-13 15:43:03

I've got Bebe Pod instead of a Bumbo because it has straps which I prefer. I've used it as a childminder and found that some babies love and some hate it. DD likes it for about 10 mins at a time, then I think she gets of holding her head up.

I stood in her bouncy chair yesturday (luckily she wasnt in it at the time) and broke it so I need a new one. Debating wether its worth getting a swinging chair instead.

FirstTimeForEverything Thu 03-Jan-13 15:44:36

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

hufflepuffle Thu 03-Jan-13 15:48:59

Oh! Too much to catch up on!

Mickey wow! Def keep trying dummy during night then!! If bubba was hungry you would know about it. God, I wish DS would take a dummy! We keep trying.

Have seen those Bumbo things, don't really know anything about or what age from. DS head support comin on great.

Back to physio today. Adv me to try and DTD before post natal review in few weeks. blush Just incase there are any issues. Horrified myself by realising is a year since last time.......... We had BFP on 5th Feb so conception was mid Jan. OMFG, how the hell hav I let this happen??????

Also went to see BF lady in hospital to look at latch again. I had forgotten one important piece of guidance. I feel so v v v stupid. 5 mins fixed it. Please let this be the end!!!!!

Orenishii I agree with everyone else!! You know DS best. Is your hubby tall and thin? I remember you are v petite! We are all v different shapes and this certainly applies to babies too!! Hope u manage to stand your ground.

On size issue, I've just put 6-9 month vest and babygro from Asda on DS. Washed and tumbled once. They just bloody fit and no more! Toes restricted in suit. Christ almighty. Mothercare 6/9 have more room.

My GP mentioned over feeding....... I chose to fully ignore!! DS Is v v v long and has well formed limbs, but he does not look pudgy, he is just v solid! Again, like his dad.

Sorry, mostly me me me!

squidkid Thu 03-Jan-13 15:58:40

huffle your boy lovely and does not look fat at all, just tall (like you!) Anyway what happened to "you can't overfeed a breastfed baby?" (As I remember you are exclusively bf, please ignore if I have remembered wrongly!)

Orenishi and Elpis absolutely agree

I know Jess must be small (is only just beginning to get out of new born size and into 0-3 months) but she is alert, happy, feeding, contented, producing nappies and I haven't had her weighed since 6 weeks and frankly I don't see the point.

squidkid Thu 03-Jan-13 16:00:37

Sent off for Jess's passport today (not cause we're going anywhere, just to be organised)

Her serious wee face in the photo - priceless!!

Londonmrss Thu 03-Jan-13 16:01:26

Jesus Christ, I go away for 4 days and there has been over 100 posts and a whole new thread. Will start mammoth catch up layer. Currently something paperwork because we've found a new house! No more tiny 2nd floor flat for us, we're moving out of London where we can actually afford something more! Scary stuff.

Haven't read any of your posts from the last few days so will read properly and catch up later.

Happy new year nobbers

hufflepuffle Thu 03-Jan-13 16:03:33

New skill for day: joining hands together and shoving both in mouth!!!

Elpis Thu 03-Jan-13 16:08:06


Good for you moving out of London. Just doing DD's primary school application. You have to pick six schools. There's no point in choosing more than one as we have no chance whatsoever of getting into any of the others thanks to lack of religious belief and tiny catchment areas. School choice, my backside. Grr

FirstTimeForEverything Thu 03-Jan-13 16:09:19

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

hufflepuffle Thu 03-Jan-13 16:09:37

Yep Squid I thought so too. No over feeding here!!!

Wasn't my usual GP or I would have heartily disagreed!!!
Yep, still EBF.

FirstTimeForEverything Thu 03-Jan-13 16:12:28

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

weezl74 Thu 03-Jan-13 16:16:59

<delurks> Hiya, hope you don't mind a quick question, I posted a little on a couple of the ante-natal threads, a while back.

When you are talking about/thinking about/praying for (!) 'sleeping through', what is everyone meaning by that? Like do you mean 7pm to 7 am ish, or do you mean from a (say) 11pm dreamfeed to 7 am ish?

Weezl x (DS3 born 18th October)

FirstTimeForEverything Thu 03-Jan-13 16:22:58

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

FirstTimeForEverything Thu 03-Jan-13 16:23:45

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Beeblebear Thu 03-Jan-13 17:36:03

Weezl. Yes sleeping through is about 5 to 6 hours continuous sleep. Was 1 to 6am here. Now moved up to 1 to 7 or 8 am at 11 weeks. Last night ds slept 8.5 hours. An exception for sure.

Re: bumbo. Have one. Ds has great neck control but seems to scrunch him up too much at this point and does not like it. Heard more ppl have success around 5 or 6 months and say its a good spoon feeding place.

Katla Thu 03-Jan-13 17:47:22

Hello - wow, a whole shiny new thread. Happy new year everyone - it's so helpful and supportive to have this group for all the ups and downs so thank you all for sharing thanks wine.

Have done a mammoth catch up reading posts over last two days as Erin has a cold/cough and is feeling very sorry for herself so I've been sitting on the sofa with her sleeping on me all day as she's so miserable I can't put her down anywhere without crying. Poor thing has wee red eyes, coughing (which makes her cry and then she panics cos she can't breathe and gulps and splutters which is most alarming) and lots and lots of mucus. We have now invested in a 'bogey hoover' to sook them out her little nose. She hates that though but it does seem to ease her breathing and makes it easier for her to feed.

We had her at the doctor yesterday after a call to NHS 24 as she really seemed to be struggling to breathe - who said we were doing all we could with the inhaling steam, baby vicks and the saline spray and it would just pass. Doctor said it was some kind of virus (bronchio-something medical that I can't remember - my brain power is a bit fuzzy anyway as I couldn't remember where the nurse on NHS 24 said to go for my appointment with the out of hours doctor as Erin was screaming by the end of the phone call and I had to put her in the next room and close the door - most stressful).

It was reassuring anyway to get her checked out and the doctor said she was the cutest patient all day which cheered me up. This has meant that our lovely sleep has been disrupted as Erin really struggles when laid down - even with the moses basket propped up at one end and bedtime is a two hour screamathon. She was previously going from 11pm til 7am - or sometimes a long lie til anything up to 9am. I also had a couple of free evenings with DH as she was in bed upstairs at 8:30pm with a dream feed at 11pm which lasted til the morning (or until she exploded with a giant poo at 5am...)

She is also trying to sit up herself and can launch herself forwards if I'm sitting with her propped up against my arm - just can't keep herself up for any longer than a few moments but she is trying. She is 12 weeks on Friday.

Best go put the tea in the oven now - sorry no namechecking, will try to catch up more later.

Orenishii Thu 03-Jan-13 19:54:59

I had a big long reply typed out on my phone - took most of the day, on and off, thanking everyone for their support, opinions, thoughts, experiences and sharing them all on this thread - because if it wasn't for this, I would have dissolved into a pit of doubt a long time ago. Then MN went weird and wouldn't post it.

So - thank you for creating this thread to allow the space to rant like i did today, and thank you for responding, for sharing, for giving different opinions and for the support because the single hardest thing - I find - about being a mother is the doubt. Am I doing the very best for my child? Days like yesterday with the HV and the weight thing make me doubt myself and I hate it.

Weezl i'm happy with DS sleeping from 12 til 7/8 - that counts in my book!

crazypaving Thu 03-Jan-13 20:00:36

orenishii totally with you on the doubt and worry. wish someone could tell me definitively whether or not to get ds2's tongue tie cut. or the doctor would just leave us alone so I could stop getting him weighed. I wouldn't have a clue if she hadn't weighed him in the first place - he's doing really well otherwise (apart from the perma-cold hmm )

Orenishii Thu 03-Jan-13 20:08:34

crazy I have some experience re tongue tie. We were right up to the point of having it cut - at Kings they have a day clinic, get you all together, give a big talk, examine all the babies, confirm the tie or not, and then decide to cut or not. It was a stressful day because you had to have at least four hours after a feed and ds was the only one screaming the place down - with everyone giving me this expression hmm

Anyway, they confirmed DS was tied but they watched me breastfeed and decided since he seemed to be feeding well and was gaining weight - albeit at his own pace - that he had adapted and it was better not to cut.

So - all i know is - the less intervention the better and they didn't want to do something unnecessary. In the end, the tie wasn't interfering with feeding, though I do have to keep reminding the HVs/community MWs that it makes his weight gain a little slower.

If he's gaining, wetting nappies, happy and contented, crying actual tears - I say leave him be. He might be tongue tied but you know if he's feeding or not. Is he gaining weight?

smile4me Thu 03-Jan-13 20:17:04

Ha famous last word about not screaming too much after jabs... I must have touched injection site on DDs thigh when changing nappy last night... cue 1 hour screaming grrrr. And since hitting the magic 3 month supossedly more settled mark she's also forgotten how to selfsettle at night arghhhh... can the 4 month sleep regression hit a month early?

orenishii shock to your GP over trying to convince you to FF... It'd be pretty obvious if he was hungry! I was told growth rates go up and down anyway, so a bit less one month might be more 6 weeks later. And I hate how they always use average grrrrr... where in real life are babies average... how can they be average when they all have different size parents? Hope you ignore them totally smile Healthy happy baby with lots of wet nappies is the best way to tell.

OMG huffle that must be one looooong baby you've got! We are in 6-9m as 3-6m are too tight around the weeble's tummy but the legs flap in the breeze! Next clothes seem really big though... have some under 3m tops which we're only just using now!

Erin's cold/cough sounds yuck Katla, hope she's feeling better soon. Love the idea of a bogey hoover... might have to get one of those as we get lots of spewing out of DDs nose which leaves her totally bunged up! Is it a bulb syringe or something more technical? That's awesome that she's trying to sit up! We are nowhere near yet.

Great news on the dummy trick Mickey, keep going with that one (or keep DP going with it anyway!)

Orenishii Thu 03-Jan-13 20:30:36

Has anyone managed to measure their baby yet? I sort of did the other day when DS was crumpling his toes in his 0-3. He's nine weeks and 61cm - give or take a few wriggles! He's now in 3-6 purely for the length. I think he's going to be a sprinter like his dad grin

smile hope DD feels better after her jabs! And katia hope your DD feels better soon. I picked up something in Superdrug - like a natural vapour rub full of herbs but haven't had chance to use it yet because it's from 3m+ - would your DD be old enough?

crazypaving Thu 03-Jan-13 20:36:14

orenishii that's interesting, thanks for the info. he feeds ok - very noisy, clicky and takes in loads of air. he is gaining weight but I've been told this can all go tits up when milk production stops being hormone-led and starts being simply demand-supply, or something like that.

everyone's just been a bit unsure about it except the private lactation consultant who cut ds1's tt, but she's scissor-happy, largely I think because of her £160 fee hmm

I'm not sure cutting is a good idea at ds's age (13wks) but I don't want to do the wrong thing by him and stunt his growth or something. it doesn't help that ds1 was over a kilo heavier than ds2 at the same age. different children and comparisons unhelpful I know but still. ds1 was smaller than ds2 at birth.

sorry epic post all about tongue tie blush but I'm really struggling with this one sad

Beccus Thu 03-Jan-13 21:04:36

ha ha, laughing at elpis's mix tapes to pull her man, so retro, & babymickey's poo that caused her dp to spew. grrr, outraged by orienishi's nobber gp. dd self settled twice today - there was a bit of grizzling as i shushed and patted and her swaddle cloth was as tight as a straight jacket, but i am so proud. xmas pressie arrived from grandparents - lovely fisherprice mobile with projected pictures! i hope it helps her sleep!

Orenishii Thu 03-Jan-13 21:09:49

crazy we too have the clicking, air gulping...we just have to be so on the winding. Sometimes he won't feed longer than 3 minutes per side and it's hard...My perfume right now is gripe water.

In this instance i was happy to be led by the NHS as i knew they wouldn't do it unless he really needed it. Maybe get reassessed by them?

I know it's hard but if it helps i was tongue tied as well and not cut.

crazypaving Thu 03-Jan-13 21:16:48

thanks again orenishii. my instinct has been not to cut but I find it hard to trust my instinct when healthcare professionals are probing. dh and I aren't small so it's unexpected to have a smallish baby. we'll see what the doctor says next Friday....

Orenishii Thu 03-Jan-13 21:21:45

Good luck smile I know it's so hard...everything else - the relentless feeding/winding/changing/sleep is hard but it's hard work. The doubt, the having to be an adult making decisions...is hard.

hufflepuffle Thu 03-Jan-13 22:04:14

Oh so much chat! I can't possibly respond to all so not even going to try. Too too tired. Please please more than 4 hrs straight tonight!!

The 6-9 months have been tumble dried...,..... Just so u don't all think total monster..,, but still, bit mental!! I find the Next ones lovely and long but they shrink worst!! So will be buying more of those and drying on airer!

DS was so good today at hospital, smiling at everyone!! Had multi offers to watch him while I went for my physio!! But he came too And was a poppet!!

First tIme I had third degree tear. 3c I think. Hav had two physio apts,mostly verbal and advice, but had internal exam both front and back to assess recovery. No mention of ultrasound. There was machine in room tho. Obstetric review not til 17th Jan. I assumed just exam again, had internal ultrasound in past, not nice!!

Bean asleep, that's me.

Good sleep wishes all round.

Oh. Smorg thanks for new thread!!! I am useless........

nenehooo Thu 03-Jan-13 23:20:49

Orenishii - YES! The doubt, the DOUBT! As if the physical stuff isn't hard enough... The little doubt demons creep in and make it even harder. One of my colleagues gave me the best advice when I started my teacher training - simply, 'don't doubt yourself'... Easier said than done, but it's become a bit of a mantra.
And them there's MN to the rescue... Had minor crises about feeding baby to sleep and not doing tummy time as mini hates it. I have since found that both of these things are FINE because baby is happy, i'm happy and I shouldn't have doubted myself. Nobber.
Stupid bloody phone won't allow name checking, but sympathies to those with tongue tie issues - crazy? Orenishii? Have no experience of this but just wanted to say I hope it gets resolved and... Don't doubt yourself! Ha! Think I would try to go for as little intervention as possible but it's hard when professionals are involved and give their opinions even though they can be nobber HVs who don't have a clue
On that subject - one of mine suggested I carry my baby around the house 'in something' rather than just in my arms as it would be much safer. Right.

Katla Thu 03-Jan-13 23:31:56

Thanks Orenishii and Smile - the bogey Hoover came from Boots, called a baby nose clear. It's a tube you suck with a bulb and filter to collect the bogeys - but Erin absolutely hates it so we only use it occasionally, seems to be good after using saline spray to loosen them off first.

She's just gone to sleep after a very unsettled evening -bouncing a newborn for hours in your arms appeared hard at the time but now she's about three times the size it's so hard, my back is aching!! She has really red eyes and they were so sad, she was just looking at me pleadingly as if I could help her feel better. Poor wee baby sad

Re thoughts on clothes, I agree re babies wearing comfy sleepsuits, cardigans and Erin has leggings/soft jersey jumpers. Erin wearing 3-6 month sleepsuits for leg length but arms about 4cm too long for her. All makes of them are the same strange proportions.

We got given loads of dresses (Erin only worn one for Christmas as my MIL gave it to her), rest were returned and I've returned 6 coats for ages 0-6 months as I can't think when she'd need one as if she's outside she's in carseat or pram, neither of which need a huge puffy jacket. I did return loads of stuff - have over £100 on various gift cards - people are so kind but rather impractical. We also have 8 blankets which look nice but also unused. Some of the baby jeans/cords are so stiff I can't imagine being bothered to wrestle her into them and dresses always end up around her armpits.

I have to watch too though with my comfy outfits as being in house most of time means I'm in slobby leggings and top, normally with a light coating of baby sick/bogeys and hair pulled up into topknot as otherwise it gets boaked on or Erin grabs it when I'm carrying her. No wonder I'm not doing well on romancing DH...

Sorry another long me, me post (I'm posting on phone from under the bedcovers so Erin won't be disturbed by light waiting to see if she is going to remain asleep). Night night, hope you have a good long stretch of precious, amazing, previously undervalued sleep.

nenehooo Thu 03-Jan-13 23:41:13

Haha Katia snap! Am also reading/ posting under covers! And am similarly attired most days - often with a boob hanging out. shock I once answered the door to the postman with one on show - luckily I'd dime up my bra, just hadn't pulled vest top back up. Not sure if he noticed, if he did he wasn't bothered!

Katla Thu 03-Jan-13 23:41:40

Also thanks for link re spoiling babies. After reading Baby Whisperer I thought should be doing more sleep training (before she got ill) for napping during day (pat/shush thing) but Erin got so upset I have now decided just to go with my instinct and keep Erin happy as I can. She is a good baby and agree that she's too small to be being manipulative.

The sleep thing is like potty training I think, there will be a time when that's appropriate but not when a baby is too young. So with the tongue tie I'd do what you think is right, you know your baby. Erin has a slight tt too but it's just been left (although was doctors in hospital suggested to leave it).

OctoberOctober Fri 04-Jan-13 00:11:06

Just catching up and marking place

hufflepuffle Fri 04-Jan-13 05:12:07

Do you see what time it is??? 5am?? Asleep from 10!!!!!!

Yay baby Huffle!!!!! And again, woken by farts and poos! What is it sbout poos and 5am?! But hey, no cause for complaint here!

My DH says I need to see the positives, my outlook is pessimistic. Nevertheless I shall assume this is a blip and we will be back to 3 hrs tmrw night!!

Smorgs Fri 04-Jan-13 05:30:55

My son just slept for 8 hours! Then woke up, had a massive feed and puked it all up over my fresh clean pjs and bed sheets hmm

Smorgs Fri 04-Jan-13 05:33:44

Yay huffle! Yes hard to be positive all the time but good to be realistic I think. Last night was The Worst Ever - he was up every hour at one point so think we deserved tonight.

londonlivvy Fri 04-Jan-13 06:19:55

oh gawd. I am a bad mother.

I have slept with ear plugs every night since I was 16 as I'm such a light sleeper. I usually have no problem hearing dd regardless (often through the wall before the monitor picks it up) . however sometimes i have a new pair and they are more effective than usual and im more tired thanvusual. today I have a horrid cold, a bad night last night too and no lunchtime recovery sleeps for two days.

as I say, generally I do hear her first but once DF came down from the attic and opened my door and that woke me, once (when we were sharing a bed) he shook me awake. and just now he came from the spare room and woke me. I had the monitor in my room. I feel incredibly guilty to not have responded to her and know DF will be (rightfully) cross with me. DD was screaming. I was obviously in a really deep sleep. I was dreaming. and I've already been awake from 130 to 3.

DF is now going away for the weekend with his mum. He's feeling grotty too but is now going to doubt my ability to care for his daughter. oh shit. I feel like I shouldn't wear earplugs either but I'm such a crap sleeper at the best of times I wake at the slightest thing (people walking down our road, birds singing, the cat moaning for breakfast) I feel anxious about being even more tired than I already am.

Please someone else have had their partner hear the baby first and it's not just me being neglectful. sad

she has now fed for five minutes and fallen asleep.

YompingJo Fri 04-Jan-13 06:30:11

Crazy and Orenishii your discussion about whether to free a tongue tie has been interesting to read as I had this done for dd a week ago. Reading your thoughts has made me feel guilty all over again for putting her through it, because she definitely suffered because of something I chose to have done to her. (The guilt is a product of my own over-thinking brain, not of your discussion!) You have made me re-examine my reasons for deciding to have the procedure done, but that's a good thing because I feel positive about it overall. She had a poor latch which I could not have gone to any greater lengths to help her with over the last 10 weeks - I went to support groups and drop ins, 4 separate people came out to me, I read 2 entire books about bf (no easy feat with a newborn), I watched DVDs, I read websites and forums on the subject almost every night whilst feeding her, and I had phone support. I tried out every single bit of advice and none of this helped me to improve her shallow latch and hence make feeding more efficient for her and less painful for me, so when I realised she had posterior tongue tie (again after extensive research), getting it cut was a last resort. If that didn't make any difference then I would just have to accept the pain every 2hours - but I'm not sure how many more weeks I could have lasted. Having the tt cut was a hard decision and very traumatic for me and for her, dd was definitely in pain at the time and for a few days afterwards and I found that very hard to deal with and gave myself a very hard time over that being a consequence of my decision. But (there is a point to all this!) a week later, her feeding is so much better than it was before. She can now stay latched on most of the time instead of drawing back to her previous nipple-shredding shallow latch. Feeding has been transformed and is now something I am confident I can do long term. So, although it hurt her and I will forever feel bad about that, I have to admit it was the right decision for us as imho it will benefit her in the long term. It's nice to have realised that and I'm proud of myself for being strong and for all the lengths I went to in order to keep bf. (This is not a "thou shalt bf" rant, each to their own, I just had a gut feeling something was wrong, and fixable, and as I'm normally so hard on myself it's nice to feel good about finally fixing it!).

Sorry for all that blathering, must have needed to get that out there! The downside is that at nearly 11 weeks it's probably too late to try and introduce a bottle so DH can feed her but in another breakthrough, DH has realized that I would rather bf if it's possible, and be restricted by it, than ff so he can help (or risk introducing bottles of expressed and have her decide not to bf any more, as happened to a friend of mine).

7 hour sleep again last night shock. Instant outfit change for me when we woke up, milk from engorged boob everywhere grin. The triggers for a longer sleep seem to be a warmer than recommended room temp and distracting her in the evening rather than feeding her at the first sign of grizzliness. And possibly using the Colief correctly, although she was pretty windy and uncomfortable in the evening last night. Or maybe I just wore her out, we had a really full on day visiting friends then meeting nct girls for lunch (took a packed lunch to save money <proud>), then I took her swimming at the gym and she had a bath with DH in the evening.

That was a very me me me post, hope you all have good days without interfering hvs or poorly babies.

londonlivvy Fri 04-Jan-13 06:32:55

actually just checked and the monitor was downstairs. possibly why I didnt hear her.

YompingJo Fri 04-Jan-13 06:43:15

London, not just you. I had to be woken by DH before I heard DD screaming, on a particularly bad night after a particularly bad day. I use earplugs too. Another source of guilt and "what if..." scenarios but long term, sleep is important and a rested mum has got to be better than a frazzled one. Don't beat yourself up thanks

OctoberOctober Fri 04-Jan-13 06:49:18

Yay for those sleeping through!

* londinlivvy* I have slept through DS crying and had dp have to wake me, you're not the only one. Not surprising that with disrupted nights you will sometimes sleep deeply. Good that you know it was monitor in diff room though!

YompingJo Fri 04-Jan-13 06:51:11

And yay Smorgs and Huffle for sleeps! must be something in the air!

londonlivvy Fri 04-Jan-13 07:14:05

oh and whoever it was who was finding sleeves on babygros too short, try tesco. maybe dd has stumpy arms but they are about 4 cm too long.

funchum8am Fri 04-Jan-13 07:17:54

Hi everyone can I join you? DD (aka babyfunch) was born 4th Oct so 3 months today. I have been up since 2am enjoying a cough til you vomit double bill from babyfunch and she has finally gone back to sleep just as I reached the end of this thread.

Sorry not to have read all previous threads! I recognise some people from other threads on induction (hi orenishii!) and staying awake for night feeds (hi mickey!). I wasn't on the Oct due dates thread as babyfunch was due Sept 20th but was very late. I was induced and ended up with spinal and forceps like orenishii....meeting to discuss my formal complaint about the appalling care I received on the antenatal ward takes place on 23rd January! Delivery team were amazing though.

So funny to read about all the pooplosions, sleepless nights and so on....nice to hear I am not alone having all these worries and mad happenings with baby! Good luck to those making decisions about tongue tie, and with poorly little ones. I second the use of the snot sucker from Boots - works well and bizarrely DH takes great pleasure in operating it good job as it makes me want to boak

FirstTimeForEverything Fri 04-Jan-13 07:58:13

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

WantAnOrange Fri 04-Jan-13 07:59:04

Katla I like your idea about likening sleep training to potty training. There is a quote in the Mumset Rules by one mum that is something along the lines of; expecting a baby to sleep on their own to stop the bad habit of being fed to sleep is the same as insisting they walk from day one, to prevent this bad habit of lying down all the time.

London dont feel too guilty. No parent is perfect all the time.

Huffle cant believe a GP told you about over feeding. I would've asked if I'd maybe just slipped in a time warp and gone back a few decades (but then I'm a sacarstic moo). I would make a complaint too, the HCP should not be spreading these myths, that are killing off BF.

DD is now in 3-6 month clothes, cant beleive it!

Is anyone else loosing their hair? Mines coming out in clumps sad.

smile4me Fri 04-Jan-13 08:03:45

Hi funchum8am yikes on the terrible birth shock sorry you had such a terrible experience on the antenatal ward too! makes me feel incredibly lucky for my great experiences and the wonderful midwives and nurses who helped us in those first few (painful) days!

Andnenehoo totally agree with those doubt demons... find them the worst when tired or baby screaming so pretty much all the time

Ha Katla totally thought it was just me who sat around in clothes I wouldn't be seen out the house in, with baby puke on my shoulder! Makes me feel a lot better smile I started off making an effort to change my shirt every time I got puked on, but the washing pile was too horrendous so gave up quickly!

yay yay yay for baby huffle and smorgs and yomping on your sleeping! Good way to start 2013! So maybe the thread title is a good omen for us all wink
huffle, crazy and yomping I'm so impressed you guys have carried on BF with all the problems you've had (terrible boob problems, tts and everything) We had latch issues from about 2-7 weeks... ended up with nipples getting chomped constantly during feeds... never really got to the bottom of it (due to useless lactation consultant), just gradually went away... but I was incredibly close to swithing to FF and I had nwhere near the problems you guys have had. Just thought you deserved a pat on the back!

Oh and smorgs I was laughing at your post about baby smorgs puking up whole feed over your clean PJs and sheets then exactly the same thing happened to me... don't quite know how as I had a towel under minime to catch the spews... guess it's karma for giggling at you grin

FirstTimeForEverything Fri 04-Jan-13 08:13:55

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Woolybob Fri 04-Jan-13 08:28:53

Welcome funchum and babyfun, snap dd also born 4th Oct, also horrible cold. However got some children's olbas oil and last night slept much better 9.30-8 with just one waking and no projectile vomiting. Could be coincidence but worth considering all those with snit monsters!

And first big white noise fans here, hairdryer usually gets me 10 mins peace, bit worried when dd is older she will pass out everytime she blow drys her hair (which at the moment is a thin covering very similar to when she was born btw)

wantan grin grin. love that quote, will try & remember that next time I feel the doubt re feeding to sleep!

I sleep with ear plugs too, Livvy. I don't think I've slept through his crying yet, but I'm a reeeeeeally bad sleeper.
Unfortunately, DH wouldn't be able to save the day if I did because he sleeps like the dead and never wakes up when DS cries hmm even when I hold him right by his head.
When it's my morning for a lie-in (tomorrow, whoo hoo!) I have to wake up, kick him (DH, not DS) awake, then try and fall back asleep. angry
Hopefully you DH will understand that it's bound to happen once in a while, and it won't do your DD any harm.

Sounds like you made a great decision on getting the tongue tie cut, Yomping, glad it was all worth while.

Thanks for the help with sitting/Bumbo queries First, Elpis and Wantan. I sat him in it for a trial run - he's still a bit wobbly, but seemed to find it rather amusing grin

Squid, some 0-3 months clothes, especially M&S and Mothercare, are still too big for DS. I think he's a shortarse like his father grin.

Welcome Funchum!

nenehooo Fri 04-Jan-13 08:59:14

gringringrin At your daughter passing out whilst blow drying her hair wooly!!! Can just picture a generation of babies with this issue!
Also very jealous of 4th Oct babies, that's my dsis's bday and we were both wishing for dd to be born then as we're so close... We were only 17 days off though wink she's the most amazing person in the world, so your babies will be great by the way.
Londonlivvy I've not heard dd before and she's right next to the bed and I'm also quite a light sleeper. And needs must on the earplugs front - always remember that sleep deprivation is an actual form of torture!
Firsttime my baby has a lot of hair and it seems to be getting thicker if anything! Met a baby who was 6 months and had lots of quite patchy dark hair - when I commented how much hair she had, the mum said "that's nothing" and showed me a photo of when she was born... I kid you not, it looked like they'd put a wig on her! A massive thick black wig practically down to her eyebrows! So yes, sometimes they lose it!
Congrats yomping (autocorrect made you gimping there - that's not good!) and huffle on your epic sleeps, fingers crossed they're the turning points for you!

DS has quite a lot of hair First, I don't think he's losing it yet.
My nephew was born with no hair, and is only just staring to get some now, at about 10 months. He's gorgeous!

We also love white noise. (Well actually, I hate it, but I love what it does). Hoovering would send him to sleep. In fact, DS seems to love any noise. He's fallen asleep in a room of screaming kids before and this morning he took his nap to Kings of Leon et al on my iPhone, very loud.

Katla Fri 04-Jan-13 09:28:54

London don't beat yourself up about it, no harm was done and you found an explanation if monitor was downstairs. Your DH should be taking some responsibility too ( not that mine ever wakes up at all though )

Yomping sounds like your decision has had great results, and you looked into all the options (and more!) for your baby and your poor nips.

First my DD was born with lots of dark hair and it's now growing in fairer, there is still quite a bit of it and she has a cute 'Mr Magoo' curl that sticks up on top!

Woolybob Fri 04-Jan-13 09:29:16

We also love sleeping in Costa coffee <shudders at thought of how much mat pay is getting wasted on vanilla lattes and almond croissants>

I've just browned mince, softened onions and garlic etc. to make spag bol, only to realise I have no tinned toms in the cupboard. I always have tinned toms! This never would have happened before I had a baby.

crazypaving Fri 04-Jan-13 10:36:10

wantanorange yes losing all my hair sad surprised I'm not bald yet sad sad sad

crazypaving Fri 04-Jan-13 10:37:43

yomping sounds like you made exactly the right decision.

fret fret fret...

hufflepuffle Fri 04-Jan-13 10:46:24

Hugs today to Smileyhappymummy going to work.

thanks and wine

hufflepuffle Fri 04-Jan-13 10:48:01

Cherry I ran out of loo roll. We never run out of such items!!!!

What has become of us??! wink

grin Huffle, and yes, we'll remembered (unlike the loo roll) - good luck today Smiley! Hope you can enjoy it.

I'm not losing my hair yet Wantan, but my hair seemed to stop growing in pregnancy so I'm hoping this means I won't have to...

Well, not we'll.

Kyyria Fri 04-Jan-13 12:17:10

How-do fellow beanbakeroonies smile <waves>

Sorry it's been so long but struggling to find the time! My own fault for trying to do the final year of my degree whilst raising a newborn. I tell you something though, the whole experience of raising a child has given me new found respect for single parents...I mean honestly, how do they do it?!?! It's difficult enough when there are two of you!

Anyhoo - hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas and New Year with their little ones - hopefully I will be on here a bit more often.

Will try and catch up on goings on between coursework and feedings!

squidkid Fri 04-Jan-13 13:43:07

Hello lovelies

Really happy today and just wanted to share really. Another good night's sleep (sorry) and we have a morning rhythm now... I feed her at 5.30am even though she's not quite awake, lying in bed with the turtle nightlight we got for xmas... we drift off again together. 6am I roll over and feed her off the other side. She has slept the night so she is always very hungry in the mornings, feeds for well over an hour often. boyfriend is asleep hugging me while i feed and it's my favourite family time.

Most days I go running or do a workout once she's finished that feed, or sometimes i just snuggle back to sleep with them.

We had some playtime today - books, massage, singing - then I usually go out with her in the sling... I buy my food on foot so i go often. the market know me well and always have nice things to say about jess. Boyfriend popped home for lunch (I am SO LUCKY he works 2 mins away) and holds her or changes her while we chat and i eat lunch.

afternoons we do more playing, then feed and she naps (usually in my arms, so i go on computer or read). evenings i cook and tidy the house and relax a bit while boyfriend looks after her then puts her to bed. i go down early but we still usually get an hour together after she's asleep.

it's just such a nice rhythm right now, i feel so de-stressed, even though i'm tired i feel so much better rested than i've been in years, and even though having to work around baby, i have so much more free time and independence than i used to.

some days are hard or frustrating, and there will be further difficult phases i'm sure, but just wanted to document a good one. Right now i was fixng her monkey mobile that the cats rippewd down and making a cake for a friend who had her baby boxing day... was trying to get her to settle herself to sleep but it never works in the day and so she is back in my arms again. I don't mind though. this baby phase probably seems pretty short when you look back.

squidkid Fri 04-Jan-13 14:05:53

(Apologies in advance if anyone reads this who is having a terrible day!!! I just... i just wanted to write it down whilst it felt this way...)

crazypaving Fri 04-Jan-13 14:30:24

squid am having a totally shit day but wanted to drop by to say it was lovely to read about your happy days, don't worry!!

hufflepuffle Fri 04-Jan-13 15:58:05

Good huffle. Just booked myself on baby massage class and requested list of baby groups from HV in new town. I WILL make RL mummy and baby friends!!!!!

And have just had McDonalds for lunch....... Good healthy BF food........ blush angry shock

hufflepuffle Fri 04-Jan-13 16:06:06

Nice tI hear your nice day Squid! Personally, I can never see it, I'm eat way too highly strung!!!!!!!!

funchum8am Fri 04-Jan-13 17:17:47

I have had a terrible day too but it was really lovely to hear about your good one squid! I sometimes have those too smile I need to get out with her in the sling more, have got lazy and started using the buggy while I have DH off work to carry the car seat to the car (we live in a flat above shops so car houses buggy and lives quite far away).

Hope smiley had a good day at work - I am going in for a full day on Monday (inset day, I am a teacher.). I have been doing half days with babyfunch at a CM which has worked really well but nervous about leaving her for a full day (will she take a bottle? She did last time but has refused them at home save in the last two evenings recently). Also I will have to express at work which will be interesting!

WantAnOrange Fri 04-Jan-13 17:37:39

funchum8am I have a bottle refuser too. Supposed to be going to college wed and thurs but keep chickening out. My attendence is awful! We had one very bad day when she went 8 hours between feeds and screamed a DH pretty much the entire time. HV says to persist but I'm not putting DD or DH through that again. Counting down the weeks until she can have real food!

Kyyria How do you do it?! What are you studying? I'm in my second year of BA in Early Years Care and Education, doing it through local college (Plymouth Uni partner college). I've got a 3500 word essay due in next wed, then a case study the following wed. Why did I choose this?!

Squid I love reading your posts. You are always so positive and it comes across like you are really making the most of your maternity leave.

Huffle hope you enjoy baby massage. I did it with DS but it is much more popular now and I couldnt get in with DD. I take her to Bambi club though and she enjoys it I think. She likes chatting to her cute German friend, he is very handsome but a week older. Not sure about this letting her chat with older boys wink.

crazy at least we are not alone....and DD doesnt have hair either, just a very fine layer of dark fuzz. DS was born with beautiful strawberry blond, long hair. Is it bad to think I got them the wrong way round? blush

Does anyone know if its ok to use infacol and infant gaviscon at the same time?

funchum8am Fri 04-Jan-13 18:17:04

Honey mum I have used both together, never even thought it might be a problem! The Gaviscon has worked well so have stopped the infacol and no apparent difference without it though. I think infacol is fine with everything but do seek medical advice if you are not sure. Are you just starting the Gaviscon? Has worked wonders for us though I know it doesn't work for everyone.

hufflepuffle Fri 04-Jan-13 18:21:57

Honey cannot help. Do you hav reflux baby? One GP gave me Gaviscon for wind but others disagreed as it is advised for reflux only. I give infacol and ocasional gripe water if still painfully windy.

If baby reflux I don't know if infacol advised?? Hopefully someone else will come along who knows! Or try posting on chat where you might get more traffic?

Sounds like you must have an unhappy baby sad

hufflepuffle Fri 04-Jan-13 18:23:47

On that note I might try stopping infacol soon. He is def less painfully windy lately. But will I regret it?!! Hate giving DS chemicals for his wee tummy.

Thanks. Saw gp today who prescribed gaviscon as LO is screaming blue murder 4-7pm and 9-12pm and he thought reflux. Although have been reading it makes babies constipated so not sure what to do. As far as I can make out from Internet research gaviscon, infacol and gripe water are all fine together. Which is helpfulnn

Midgetm Fri 04-Jan-13 18:37:31

Lost you all you nobbers. grin

Well baby is screaming and has been for the past 2 hours. Wind or reflux but nothing helping. Tried to get gaviscon down but he spat most of it back out. I'm losing my mind.

smile4me Fri 04-Jan-13 20:12:31

squid your day sounds amazing! Work is so overrated ay! Does DH look after Jess when you go for a run or do you run with her in buggy?

DD was born with heaps of hair first but judging by how much falls out onto the sheet every night, will be bald as shortly! Has a comic monk-style bald patch on the back and a bald line right around her head (I'm guessing there is some skull growth plate there or something!) I think she's just trying to look more like her Dad grin

Kyyria and Wantan I don't know how you're managing full time study with a baby... I'm attempting to do a masters part time (seemed like a really good idea a year ago!!!) and so far behind it's unbelievable. 3 exams and case report to do over next 5 weeks and going to be a total disaster!

honeymum I don't think you get immediate results with gaviscon for reflux... probably have some inflammation from acid burning baby's throat which will still be sore for a little while. Not that i've used it yet... every thime DD has screaming fits with feed refusal and reflux symptoms (which is always on a Friday night) I say 'right I'm going to do something about it' then by the time I get Dr appointment it's gone. Have you seen the website www.cryingoverspiltmilk.co.nz good info on reflux and treatment.

I was thinking today, how often do people wash your baby's hands? I realised today I don't do it very often blush and her hands spend a huge part of her day in her mouth! And what are you suppossed to do with toys... everything goes in the mouth. Or is it just good for the immune system (I'm definitely no clean freak... I dread to think how much crap [literally] I've eaten over the years on farm, but a baby with V+D is horrible yuk confused)

And cherry I've forgotten to make dinner altogether some days... get to dinner time and go 'oh crap'. Luckily DH isn't too fussy smile

meepsmum Fri 04-Jan-13 20:21:27

Hi all..feel like massive stalker as joined u and posted a few times about a month ago and have kept up to date with everone but not posted since.

Firstly...look how far we have come!! Our babies are thriving!! Well done us and particularly those of u who have overcome difficulties.

Have a question as i sit here crying whilstfeeding my babe because trying to set up bedtime routine... Have any of u started this? DS now almost 12 weeks and all the books say to keep lights low, upstairs etc after bath. I have been doing this after half6 bath but then find i spend next 3hrs in DSs room and basically stress about him getting to sleep and barely see DH. Argh. DH tries to help but frankly gets totally stressed when i tell him how stressful it is or if i try and communicate my frustration. This then nakes it far worse and just wish i hadnt even got him involved.
This mumthing can be so isolating at times.
Sorry. Massive rant over.

Beccus Fri 04-Jan-13 21:02:55

londonlivvy, u were just tired, please don't feel guilty. i was a nobber this morning and forgot to take monitor to shower. poor babybeccus was crying by the time i remembered and rushed out, dripping water everywhere to go to her. we can't be perfect mummies all the time, we can only do our best.
honey - that sounds really tough, i have no experience of reflux, sorry. hope things r better now.
kyrria, good to c u back on here.
squid - lovely to hear about your day . i am loving mat leave as well. i think when they consistently sleep through, it makes all the difference, as does getting some endorphins from exercise. exercise is pretty unrealistic without proper rest. i try and get 8 hrs sleep but get up early to get stuff ( exercise, shower, dress, breakfast, a little housework) done before babybeccus wakes. then we follow some sort of feed, play and sleep order of things. i have expanded play to mean seeing my friends and going for coffees and having visitors as it's more stimulating for babybeccus ( & much more fun for me) than being stuck at home with me. today i got up, cooked lunch, did wii fit, showered, babybeccus got up unexpectedly early, so fed/ changed her, put her on playgym, i had breakfast, then walked to park, had coffee - i read magazine and she happily looked about, then had friend and her baby over for lunch, then walked back to theirs, had cup of tea, came home, baby beccus hung out with daddy and is now in bed.
yompimg, u r a trooper persisting with the bf in the face of shallow latch- it so uncomfortable when that happens. well done on your good tt decision smile

funchum8am Fri 04-Jan-13 21:25:59

Honey how many weeks exactly is your LO? We had the same screaming issues but from 2am onwards but after about 3 nights of giving Gaviscon it got a lot better. She still woke in apparent pain but would go back to sleep for longer (well, 90mins instead of 10) after a feed and some Gaviscon. Also if it is colic not reflux it should clear by itself some time after 12 weeks ish. I am learning that many of these things have no solution, you just have to wait it out. There is even a website where a blogger talks about this as like a proper parenting choice which made me feel loads better when a very wide poster on the 'staying awake for night feeds' thread shared it yesterday. No good at links but if you google nurshable and look for her posts on WIO, waiting it out, it talks about taking that approach to sleep problems and crying babies. Doesn't fix the issue but made a lot of us on that thread feel better!

Anyway honey and others with reflux and terrible nights, I am feeling your pain!

meepsmum Fri 04-Jan-13 21:35:27

Sorry realise went off on one and didnt finish question...
Do u guys follow strict bedtime routine?
Gave in tonight and took DS downstairs...
Asleep now!! Fingers crossed will last.

Good luck with tonight everyone. Im off to bed....for now. See u in the early hours....

funchum8am Fri 04-Jan-13 21:40:25

Our bedtime routine is a bi odd as babyfunch appears to be living in a time zone four hours ahead of London (apparently this puts her in the same zone as Moscow, Iran and Azerbaijan!). So she naps from around 3 pm and the. At 5 we wake her and then play 'keep the baby awake' until 6.30 by which time she is ready for her last feed which we have upstairs along with a story, and then bed in our room with monitor on. There is no problem at all getting her to go down but before you curse me for being smug, the flip side is that she is up at 4am or thereabouts for the day confused. Today it was 2am (I may have mentioned that in previous posts just a bit!!)

If anyone has tips for getting a baby to sleep when they don't want to please let me know!

Elpis Fri 04-Jan-13 22:23:20

Bad news: DD threw up everywhere this afternoon.

Good news: We're at the in-laws so the soft furnishings are theirs. wink Plus - no diarrhoea yet, so hopefully not norovirus.

In bed munching emergency KitKat ration as never enough food out here and MIL overboils veg, so I turn down seconds.

YompingJo Fri 04-Jan-13 22:25:33

I am very jealous of those of you (like Beccus you lucky thing but am sure there are others) who have babies who will lie happily on a playmat or look about happily while you read a magazine in a cafe... think mini yomping might be a people person unlike me. If she is awake, she wants company. She will play on the playmat if I'm there but if I leave her she will last out for a couple of minutes before crying. In a push chair, if I stop pushing it she will cry pretty quickly even if I am talking to her. Same deal with bouncy chair, she's OK in it if I'm there but not by herself or if I stop interacting with her for more than a few minutes. I guess she is just a sociable little soul and gets lonely easily!

We have the tonsure look here too, she was born with lots of soft, fine brown hair which has mostly rubbed off apart from a band around the base of her head which looks pretty silly!

I did go to the new parents course, made me cross (no surprise there!), will try to report in next couple of days.

And thank you for the nice things people said about persevering. I am proud that I have, glad it was possible to and relieved it has made a difference. If anyone remembers me posting about getting angry, the trigger was always feeds not going well. I realised today I haven't felt stressed like that in a week as feeding is finally going smoothly. I have an 8week cbt-based workshop starting next week, run by local counselling service, covering lots of things, anger management being one of them. Ironically, the source of the anger has gone now but it will be interesting to go and will give me good skills for the future, I'm sure.

Fingers crossed for good nights all round.

firstbubba Fri 04-Jan-13 22:39:44

funchum following your routine slightly but at 6.15 we have a bath then feed down for around 8-8.30, dream feed at 11 and sleeping to 5-6.30. Feed again and out for another couple of hours. Def not a expert as this has only been on the go for a couple of nights but am hoping it continues. Jamie is 13 weeks on the large side16.5lbs at the last weigh in 2 weeks ago.

Trying to be strict about it in the hope it pays off.

Beccus Fri 04-Jan-13 22:57:03

yomping, i only realised cafes were play areas the other day when were in costa and i saw she was happily nosey parkering around. our playgym is in the kitchen, where we cook and eat. she'll go on it for 20-30 min in am, so i can pop her there and cook and have breakfast with her, but she is a bit over it after that 1st go and cracks it if she's on it more than a few mins later in the day.

meepsmum, our bed routine is just feed to sleep. we do bath before bedtime feed, but only 2/3 times a week...and we only ever change clothes after nappy leakage/mega spew....this usually happens daily, but not neccessarily at bedtime.

oh, i forgot to include in today's activities the often frutiless daily attempts to get babybeccus to self settle during the day and resulting meltdown and the 5pm daily grouchathon until we get her to sleep..rose tinted glasses and all smile

funchum8am Fri 04-Jan-13 23:09:58

firstbubba we are aiming for what you have. The issue is she is dropping off even in the bath. Once her afternoon nap begins she really thinks it is night. We are trying to keep her awake an extra 5 to 10 mins per eveni.g and got as far as bed at 7.30 the other night but it makes no difference (in fact this morning was even worsesad ). But I hope with a bit of patience / waiting it out, plus gentle encouragement, things will improve in the end.

firstbubba Fri 04-Jan-13 23:55:43

funchum loosely basing our day on that Gina woman, but if we are ever up that early ( recommends getting up at 7am to start the day) as my oh is away working and it's just me we go back to bed! I' m v tired by the end of the three weeks but keen to maintain this when he is back for my sanity.

Out most of the day today melt down sale shopping but tried to get things back n track for evening settle down and bed. Only time will tell if been successful.

Btw screamed before the bath, during the bath and after it!!

bella2012 Sat 05-Jan-13 01:19:10

Ds1 loads better but now ds2 has chickenpox! My poor poor baby. And we are visiting the inlaws this week. Sigh.

Errr, I think that makes you the nobber, Midget! wink

Admire all of you studying etc. while doing this mum thing. I'm doing nothing else - the day goes by too quickly! It's good to hear from you Kyyria.

Sounds like a lovely day Squid. I'm pretty happy with my life at the moment, just making sure I get out the house every day and meet up with people a few times a week. Lie-in and family time at the weekend, and DS is a little star really, I can't complain. Also, starting to get the healthy eating and exercise back on track after Christmas.

Poor you Honey, hopefully if you persevere with the medicine it'll get better soon. Afraid I don't even know what Infacol is, so can't help you on that front.

Smile I just wash DS's hands in the bath every day, but it's really hard to get them open. I find all sorts of crap in there when I do, and before I cut his nails they are often black underneath blush (Our house is clean, honest!) I'm definitely in the building-up-immunity camp though. I always thought it was weird that bottles etc get sterilised til god knows what age, yet toys never do.

Waiting it out is a very interesting idea Funchum, but maybe easy for me to say as I haven't had to deal with colic or anything, touch wood.
shock @ a 4am start to the day!

grin Elpis, maybe you should keep her there til she's fully recovered - save on the cleaning? I couldn't handle the lack of food though.

Yomping, the playmat is the only place DS will entertain himself alone really, can't imagine him gazing serenely round in his pushchair, though I still have him lying flat on the infant wedge/insert thing. Have others moved to more upright/forward facing?
Saying that though, he did wake up and not instantly cry for food this morning, just cooing and playing with his hands for ages.

Poor DS2 Bella, and poor you. thanks I hope it's not a bad case, and he recovers quickly. At least you've got it out the way.

It's a beautiful day here today, don't know what we'll get up to this afternoon though. DH did morning duties, so I'm still in PJs at nearly 12! Most productive thing I've done is to pump nearly 200mls from one boob.

funchum8am Sat 05-Jan-13 05:11:53

Cherry sounds like motherhood really agrees with you, it is lovely!

babyfunch up at 2am again shock. DH took her downstairs so I slept til 4:30 feed which is still ongoing. 2am starts on consecutive nights doesn't make a routine, does it?! Will break this pattern if it kills me (and if I fail it will kill ne anyway!)

Hope everyone else is sleeping soundly if in the UK time zone smile

Beeblebear Sat 05-Jan-13 07:34:47

Ds has fine hair. Hardly shows in picturesas it is so light so get teased a bitfor th mr clean baby.

Meeps. Ds hardly goes down before midnight. Tried a few times to get him down earlier but it is just so darn BORING for me to sit there for 3 hours. So i watch tv until he nodds off. Put him down flat on couch. If he wakes up agaib within 5 min he wasnt ready to go to bed. He basically lives on my boob from 8pm till midnight. However on the upside when i do get him down he jas been sleeping 7 or 8 hours the majority of nights for the last 3 weeks.

YompingJo Sat 05-Jan-13 07:54:16

Quick Q for Huffle (or anyone else with a larger baby (91st centile plus) who sometimes gives a bottle of expressed bm) what is the average amount (in ml if possible) that your baby tales in a feed? Reason for asking is I'm still trying to figure out correct way to give Colief and it says in the FAQ that if baby is feeding frequently on demand and feed is around 50ml then to give fewer Colief drops. Having never given a bottle, how on earth would I know the volume of milk mini Yomping is taking in???

In other news - plugged duct since yesterday. Of course, we're due a new problem because feeding had just about got easier... FFS angry.

Looking forward today to a 2-hourly cycle of: remove cold compress / use hot compress / give Colief / feed while massaging / replace cold compress / prepare next few ml of milk with Colief / repeat. Buggers up my block feeding too so who knows what will happen to supply - how on earth do you break the cycle of oversupply => block feed to reduce => blocked duct or mastitis => feed more frequently on affected side to clear it => increased supply again => oversupply?

Mini yomping has manky hands and nails too. Today is cutting nails day! And don't mention what we find under her armpits when we give her her daily every two days twice weekly weekly blush bath...

Londonmrss Sat 05-Jan-13 07:56:19

My stupid nobber of a e.g. just said,
'I'm going to have a bit of a lie in today because I have to start getting up early for work on Monday again and you don't have to.'

Yeah because it's not like I get up at half 5 to look after our wakeful baby every morning so that he can sleep longer before work. I just lie in till noon on my chaise longue while my boy slaves feed me grapes.


Londonmrss Sat 05-Jan-13 07:56:47

DH not e.g.

nobber predictive text.

Londonmrss Sat 05-Jan-13 08:00:56

yomping I have the same cycle of blocked duct and oversupply. The thing that seems to help is after the last feed of the evening, I completely empty both boobs while massaging, using pump. I do this every night. it doesn't seem to affect supply because she feeds a lot in the evening ago there's usually only an excess of 50ml or so, but it keeps the blockages away. The only time I stopped this was over Xmas when we were away and blockages came back immediately. Ouch. Sympathy. Oversupply is a bugger too.

Mikyahrose Sat 05-Jan-13 08:21:22

6 pages! How is there 6 pages already? In never gonna get to write anything and join in at this rate. sad
Think I'm gonna get a little pad so I can name check properly. And not be all me me me.
But just for a quickie catch up about me as I haven't posted for months.
Oli had his 12 week jabs this week, he pretty much slept through them, woke, cried then went back to sleep.
On the next baby front - we're cracking on with it ASAP.
Baby groups - I go to them all! I find the days I'm out and about much easier than the days I'm at home. I currently go to groups 4 days a week.
Ooo ooo. We had rolls this week. I'm trying to uploa the video to the group. But it's not working. :/
Clothes wise. We're in big boy clothes in the day. Which consist of joggers and a top or a smart onesie or dungarees. If we're not going out though, he keeps his bedtime clothes on. For me it's all part of the routine. He gets 'dressed' in the morning, then we bath and put bedtime (babygrow) clothes on at night.
Sleeps a bit inconsistent. We have really good nights with one wake and feed and straight back to sleep. Then we have other nights with 3 wakes and crying and taking ages to settle. I'm still trying to work out what we do different on the good nights. :/
Right that's me done for now. I'll try not to leave it so long next time.

londonlivvy Sat 05-Jan-13 08:40:19

yomping my DD is about 10lb and she takes about 5oz at a normal feed. sometimes if she's ravenous it ends around 7oz.

hope that helps.

Orenishii Sat 05-Jan-13 08:46:32

I typed a bit long reply to a lot of people and it's all gone! Grrrr!

Can't remember any of it except yomping re tongue tie- take heart, they wouldn't have done it if they didn't think it needed to be done. And they certainly don't do it for future potential problems such as speech. If they did it, it's because your DD needed it smile Hope it's getting better, and by doing it you've enabled your daughter to feed from you for so much longer.

Does anyone want to go into business with me? Love what i do but not where i work and i don't want to go back grin I want my own business but i've no idea what - guess i should sort that out wink

squidkid Sat 05-Jan-13 09:00:06

Hey orenishi,

me and my mate (the famous jess!) are exhausted with medicine and midwifery respectively and have decided we should open our own baby cafe for tired stressed postnatal women (know any of them? grin) It will have lots of books, toys, people to take your baby for a while, little exercise classes while people hold your baby, I'm going to do the cooking (less cake, more nutritious colourful dazzling food to give you long lasting energy), she's going to provide the free massage... how does that sound!? I'm sure there's summat you can throw into the mix!

You'll have to move to yorkshire though (she's in london currently but wants to leave and says she prefers the men up here anyway, haha)


Katla Sat 05-Jan-13 09:03:26

Meepsmum I have tried the getting DD to bed earlier thing and like you end up in bedroom for hours - so now we start bedtime at 8:30pm and she's normally asleep between 9:30 but can be by 11pm, she seems to find the tv v overstimulating and our sitting room gets so hot by the evening cos of the log burner I don't think that helps. Once down she'll sleep til 9am so trying to gradually bring bedtime earlier to get eves back. However long lie can be good or else chance for some peace to have a leisurely breakfast or shower.

yomping poor you, I have no suggestions but sympathy - your boobs really are troublesome.

Erin's snotty nose has gone but she's now got a bad cough and must have a sore throat or ribs as the coughing makes her really cry. Poor thing. She was quite chatty before but has lost her voice (apart from crying) for now. She is also gnawing on her hands and toys a lot. I wash her grubby little hands night and morning with a cloth as they collect fluff inbetween her fingers and she has black nails too. We probably bath her twice a week or second day all over.

I've been struggling with Erin the last few days when she's been ill as we've been stuck in house - normally I least go out to my mum's or meet someone, go to supermarket. She's been so clingy and grouchy with illness (like her father!!) that by nighttime when she's screaming I've been crying too. DH takes her for a bit but then normally reappears and says 'are you sure she isn't hungry?!' He also complains how heavy she is - yeah as if I don't know as I'm smaller with more spindly arms than you!!

Sorry moan over!!

Orenishii Sat 05-Jan-13 09:12:34

Hey squid - I'm a chartered digital marketer and web manager extraordinare. I can get you online, yo! Hahaha wink

Funny, you now, I'm from Lancashire, half my family is from Yorkshire...my great, great granddad was the mayor of Sheffield. If I would persuade DH to move up North that would be awesome grin

smileyhappymummy Sat 05-Jan-13 09:38:04

Well, I survived being at work, mega quick change of clothes immediately before leaving house ensured I wasn't wearing baby sick and I didn't leak through breast pads and leave damp patches on my jumper. So I counted that as a triumph. V glad I'd left stocks of frozen breast milk as well because apparently she wolfed down the first bottle ofmilk I'd left her but then promptly threw it all up again and screamed for more food. But overall we did ok.

Midgetm Sat 05-Jan-13 09:45:23

cherry is right I am the nobber. bella poor ds2 and poor you. Is he poorly or just spotty? Master midge has a cough and is slightly less cheerful than normal but mustn't grumble, he is still good natured, just sleeps a bit more if that is possible

I've always put midge down when I give him his last feed but moved it to straight after bath time last night and seemed to make no difference and he slept till gone 8 (with a couple of feeds) so may stick to that for now. I wonder if all the wine I've had has made him sleepier. I don't get drunk ever but have had quite a lot of festive sherry and as I read pumping and dumping only necessary if you get drunk I have been feeding as normal. Time will tell After twelfth night if he becomes more wakeful. And hand washing - we never blush but he does have a bath most days.

And on trying again. No bloody way, I am quitting whilst I am ahead. Two lovely children enough for me and the thought of two under two makes me want to vomit!

And he has teeth coming through. He didn't get the memo it's too early. My poor boobs. Another here with blocked ducts regularly and mastitis so lets throw teeth I to the mix grin

London grin nobber indeed.

People who have used infant gaviscon? How the hell do you keep it in them? We're bf so tried making it up with water and using syringe but he spat it out. Ideas thinking about mixing it with ebm but it says you have to mix with a full feed. I'm utterly flummoxed.

Katla Sat 05-Jan-13 09:59:58

When I got Erin out of her bed this morning she tried to latch onto my cheek - like a lovely sucky kiss!!

Mikya - I have a video of Erin 'chatting' to my mum. It's so sweet. We've showed it to her and she's fascinated as if saying 'hey that baby's speaking my language!'. smile

I know it's been asked before but I was trying to find the Facebook group - have tried to search but no luck - can anyone help?

Katla Sat 05-Jan-13 10:19:21

London that's not fair is it? Maybe tell him it's your turn tomorrow/next week? grin

My DH is also a nobber - he was two hours late home from work last night (that's a record) - he got caught up with customers. But he was out to work at 1pm and had an "early start" today - at 9:30am... He repeatedly tells me he's 'not a morning person' as if I hadn't noticed He says 'do you have any idea what I've done today?' in an incredulous tone when I suggest it would be helpful if he could be on time - but then he's always been late for all the time I've known him I guess. Such a little thing but lateness is so irritating not that I've been late trying to get out the house sometimes with Erin filling nappies, wanting fed or being sick just as heading out door

Erin woke to have a feed and is now sleeping again. She's been so sleepy last few days when she's been off colour. I guess she's healing - spread out like a starfish on the bed beside me - so cute.

firstbubba Sat 05-Jan-13 10:28:26

Facebook group is now secret, and wont be found I think. Jamie is over 16.5lbs and on 6oz bottles sorry 180ml yomping.

Taking medicine, top tip i was given was to put it to the side ie in the cheeks and not straight in mouth, so they cant spit out, works a treat.

hufflepuffle Sat 05-Jan-13 10:33:36

Katla it is now a secret group as we were too easy to find for one random person.......! This means that you have to be invited to join or request to join but sadly I am a nobber and have no idea how........! If Kyrria about she can either turn status to closed for short time so you can find it or tell you how to join

Sorry! 'twas me flagged up the secret bit, but we respect our privacy, especially where our babies are concerned!!

Yomping I've not expressed in over a month due to thrush. But DS was previously taking over 5 oz, is that 200ml?? No idea, no bottles about.....(lazy, they are in spare room) But if 50ml is relevant, is most certainly over 50ml each time. New pump due to Be delivered any time, it better but frickin crack me!!! So so sorry about your cycle of plugging, how totally shite. So so relieved you don't have thrush too after all as it is another crsppy cycle to contend with. Well done you, the stubbornness in persevering is admirable beyond belief!!!

Hav not really read properly. Crap mood this morn. DH said last night he would go out on bike this morn if weather good. I said no, he must spend time with DS at weekend. He was speechless! I was v calm and matter of fact. And if I can't have time alone, neither can he! (childish emoticon)

squidkid Sat 05-Jan-13 12:55:34

Taking a feeding break from my spring cleaning day where me and boyfriend take turns holding/entertaining jess -

So I have packed all my maternity clothes away. I don't know why I was keeping them out, I kept thinking I might need them but haven't worn them since jess was a week old. It was strangely satisfying!! Remembering all the things I did whilst pregnant... my favourite red and blue stripey dress, a posh lacey frock I wore out to dinner, some maternity tops I went hiking in....

Also been trying on my pre-preg clothes and sorting through them and ok I'm not exactly the same size but it's not made me cry today at least!! I am nearly there in truth. But can mums really wear things like leather shorts.... grin (probably quite practical for wiping vomit off!) grin grin grin

squidkid Sat 05-Jan-13 12:57:37

huffle quite agree, parenthood a joint bloody venture. The best bit of my insistence on splitting everything half and half with boyfriend is when my dad is around he starts looking a bit shamefaced and recently I have heard him and my mum having arguments/apologies about changing my brother's nappies! (now 34!)

Woolybob Sat 05-Jan-13 15:25:13

leather shorts squid? Not in January lass, thous gonna catch thy death of cold <best yorkshire accent>

My mum keeps watching dh doing things with/for dd and saying things like "he's awfully good you know" while giving my dad meaningful looks... So glad of him last night, dd woke up almost every hour and I have her cold so he did most of the getting up and resettling bless him.

We were just putting dd to bed at 11 as she seemed so awake in the evenings but we've been bringing it forward 15mins a night and she's now going up for bath and last feed at 8.15 and is normally asleep within an hour of that. Bit unsure where we're aiming for really thou, at the mo she's up in the morning at 9 which gives me breathing space to have breakfast and a shower and dh gets to see her when he gets home from work at about 7 but on the other hand would like a bit more evening back and the chance to cook and eat tea in peace maybe? It's an all consuming topic in our house!

Christmas decs down, trying to work out if dd remembers the tree or not!

YompingJo Sat 05-Jan-13 15:33:34

Honey, with Gaviscon my doc said to use ebm instead of water if we wanted, just use the same amount (Is it 15ml?). We tried it for a bit but gas is our biggest issue, not reflux so we stopped as it was such a faff.

Katla, grin at my troublesome boobs! At least they are gigantic at the moment so I can tease DH with them not that I'm interested in doing anything more than teasing him

Orenishii, you could join mine and Huffle's present wrapping business? Maybe you could produce some cool gift tags using your IT skills?

Did I miss a scandal? Which stranger tried to join the fb group? rubbernecking like mad

Squid, I am fully intending on wearing these rocking and completely un-mum-like boots again so you could definitely get away with leather shorts!

Right, so, bollocks, she is definitely taking way more than 50ml each feed even if she feeds every couple of hours, so that means I need to use the full dose of Colief each feed, nobbing bloody nobs, that's 2 more days I've been doing it wrong! Can someone please provide me with a padded cell that I can quietly rock backwards and forwards in?

shockangry at your DH Londonmrss, I hope he gets the next few pooey nappies! And yours too Huffle and Katla. Honestly, they have no clue!

Beeblebear Sat 05-Jan-13 16:15:36

Yomping. Yes definately more than 50ml here especially in the evenings.

Ds in 25th percentile for height but 75th percentile for weight. So for his height hw is an el chubbo.

Usually takes 3oz (90ml) then a 10min catnap or burp session then another 2 oz so 150ml in total then another top up on the boob the lil pig

Re feeding gaviscon- are you able to use a little dropper or syringe and sneak it in the corner of dc.mouth while they are feeding at the breast? I would do this with ds thrush bananana tasting crap at first made a right sticky mess of my nipple though

Well that was almost a proper catch up... Ds down at midnight last night and is still dozing at 9:15 but the farts havw started now so it wont be long until he is awake.

Beeblebear Sat 05-Jan-13 16:47:05

Still sleeping ...have managed to have breakfast and an uniterrupted poo! Exciting

hufflepuffle Sat 05-Jan-13 16:56:00

Subject; teething rings etc

Is it just me or do they not seem a bad idea this early?? Don't want to be breaking skin yet when teeth not nearly up?? DS is def site and when something in mouth bites down and rubs wee gums. But any teething things I've bought say about helping break skin. The MAM dummy type one is for 2 mths+ but even it looks rough and he can't seem to get a bite on it, v thin. Hmmm.

Yomping boots?? Wow. No messin with you........!

And yes, l

hufflepuffle Sat 05-Jan-13 16:59:36

yomping yes, look in FB page for new person from USA. I'm sure she is genuine but is anyone else feeling distinctly uncomfortable incase she is not????? What do we do??

Had 1 glass of NYE cava last night!! Twas v v lovely and 3am wake up not blighted by muggy head. Might have to try some Crabbies tonight!! Think DS might appreciate hint of alcoholic ginger beer??!

Londonmrss Sat 05-Jan-13 17:10:38

Is there not some way to kick her off the group? even if she is genuine, she's not someone we've gotten to know here so is a bit odd. or is that mean?

hufflepuffle Sat 05-Jan-13 17:17:37

I think Kyyria as administrator needs to remove her.........

funchum8am Sat 05-Jan-13 17:53:24

honey with gaviscon I had the same problem using a syringe but I persevered for a few doses and she started taking it much more easily (ie no crying) eventually. She almost laps it up if it is warm! She still cries sometimes, especially at night, but much easier now. I am only giving 1 sachet, so 15ml, or even only 10 in the daytime, as it still seems to work and she doesn't get constipated that way. GP said giving less than the full dosage is fine. Do be prepared for constipation - pooing involves straining etc but the poo is much more self-contained! grin

Katla Sat 05-Jan-13 18:51:53

grin atSquid's leather shorts andYomping's boots. I was thinking that I've not even worn heels since May at my cousin's wedding. And not been pissed since last NY...

Huffle didn't realise teething rings to help break skin. I think Erin's are doing things as she chewing things and v slobbery. My mum came to visit today and said some babies are born with teeth -just imagine trying to bf one of those shock. At least now my nipples are like shoe leather. Only painful thing is when Erin stretches it out - like a bird pulling a worm out the ground, ouch!

Thanks re Facebook. I'd delete anyone unknown if it was up to me. Guess there could be loads of lurkers reading our news though as forget that thread is public. Kyrria can you invite me please?

hufflepuffle Sat 05-Jan-13 19:26:55

Sounds odd Katla, but glad your nipples are like leather!!!! Mine are still being pathetic weak little feckers which refuse to toughen up and still get injured at the slightest altercation. Not good with Mr Furious Feeder.

Kyyria is super busy and doesn't get on here much but we could FB PM her. Anyone want me to do this?? Not wanting to speak out of turn here!

And yes. Totally forget that this MN can be read by anyone. Freaks me out when I do remember....... But why would anyone be interested???!

londonlivvy Sat 05-Jan-13 20:03:29

RIGHT. For once I am on my computer not my phoneand so I can do a proper catch up. AND I am home alone (DF and MIL are away skiing for the weekend) so I get to watch my fave trashy tv and eat fish finger sandwiches etc which I am enjoying muchly. I agree with your principle, squid of parenting being a joint venture, but in our relationship, I do 95% of the work, because he does all the money side of things and his studying, to provide better for us in the future. He does cook dinner when he’s not at uni (even on non-uni work days he’s gone from 7.30am to 7.30pm) and he does the 10.30pm feed, but other than that, he’s mostly not here and that’s just something I have to accept. Short term pain, long term gain and all that.

A huge thank you to Yomping, October, wantan cherry , katla and beccus who reassured me that I am not the only mother to have not been the first to have heard their baby. I felt terrible. Poor wee mite has a cold so she’s coughing and spluttering a lot and am shattered. Much more sympathy to bella for your poorly LO. I hope it’s not creating too much misery?

DD is mostly in babygros (just starting to move into 3-6 month size). Really cannot be bothered with outfits, as such. I put on fresh ones after her bath every night and when necessary during the day (much less often of late now we’ve moved up to size 2 nappies at last). I had also wondered where the black under her nails came from. She gets a bath every day and isn’t exactly crawling around in a sandpit during the day or anything?

On Gaviscon, I made up bottles with 15ml of boiled water, as suggested, and used to give DD five mins of boob, then stop her, give her the bottle, then go back to the rest of her feed. She had to be pretty hungry to suck it. If I offered gaviscon at the end of the feed then she’d never take it. It was a right faff though – lots of sterilising of bottles. And I didn’t think it worked. Ranitidine is working much better for us. I’ve given up on Infacol and can’t say I’ve seen any difference at all. Pointless stuff. DD is also bloody brilliant at spitting it straight out, regardless of whether I put it in the middle or the side of her mouth.

On trying again for round two, not yet. DF thinks we should just get a dog since I found this so hard and spent the first six weeks in tears. I like the idea of a second because I have two sisters and am very close to them. However my mum is an only child and she says you don’t miss what you never had – you just form different relationships with friends if you don’t have siblings.

LOVING the non-mum-like attire of squid’s leather shorts and yomping’s awesome boots. Go you.

kyrria good lord re studying. I’m impressed. I struggled to find 99p worth of coins to pay in the corner shop. Sigh.

londonmrss you made me snort with laughter about the slave boy feeding you grapes. BRILLIANT.

smiley v.glad you survived your first day back at work. Good luck funchum

wantan my hair was coming out in clumps a few weeks ago but seems to have settled down now.

woolybob SOB at the thought of almond croissants and lattes. I can’t eat either due to DD’s dairy allergy. WOE.

Right. MUST go to bed. Monster cach up ends here!

smile4me Sat 05-Jan-13 20:37:12

Jeez What's with all these nobber DHs this weekend... I can't complain as mine been great... probably because i threw a hissy at him about 2 weeks ago for hinting something about me being at home doing nothing all day and not doing enough housework! grin

meepsmum I try and do bedtime at 7-8... essentially cos I got so hacked off with not having anytime at all to myself (DH out the house at 6.30am) and wanted my evenings back (previously had to hold DD all evening as well as all day!). Most of the time it's just swaddle, feed in bedroom (to sleep bad mummy ) then down, then into grobag and swaddle and dreamfeed at 9.30. No idea how she knows it's different to daytime feed and to sleep longer though? And if she doesn't feed to sleep at 7ish i've got no chance of getting her down till 9. funchum that is so cute about DD dropping off in the bath smile

Glad your 1st day back at work went well smiley

Ah Beccus so it's not just me that has the daytime fruitless attempts at getting DD to self settle! How do they know it's different? I am pinning all my hopes on the Ewan the sheep that is currently winging it's way here!

Oh no about the poxbella how's the poor wee boy coping? That's so unlucky to get them when you're that small!

yomping arghhhhhh for your poor boobs! And ahhhhhh for your boots! Team them up with squid's leather shorts and head out with bubba to the cafe!

Phew glad it's not just me with the baby with the gross hands full of fluff and black nails (seriously, where the hell does that come from... they don't do anything!). Even worse is the neck folds full of cheesy spew when I'm having a bad mummy day and not cleaned them in the morning!

Had a smile then a sad moment yesterday... put on what I thought were my pre-preggo jeans and was very smile that they fit nicely... then realised i'd bought them when about 3 months preggo with a bit of 'room to expand' sad ahhh well will get there eventually.

Yay for the el chubbo beeble We're a bit like that too!

livvy don't let DF put you off no 2, heaps of people spend the first 6 weeks in tears (and that's without a screaming reflux baby and a DF who's not around to help for 12 hrs a day!) Quite normal and he can join the other nobbers if he tells you it's not!

grin at the leather nipples katla, don't you hate that turning head around to see what's going on with nipple in mouth move? Makes me jump every time!

smile4me Sat 05-Jan-13 20:43:19

honey most GPs have never given Gaviscon so no idea how hard it is when EBF. If you have no luck go back and ask for ranitidine... best advice I had was to know what you want and know what you're talking about (then you know right questions to ask too!)

YompingJo Sat 05-Jan-13 21:33:39

Huffle, is your thrush gone now? Hope it is all better.

Nobber question: I am assuming I have a blocked duct as have localised pain, tenderness and redness in left boob. I can't actually feel any hard lumps though. I'm doing all the things it says to do on Kellymom to treat it, but it's right up near the nipple on the underside so not really massageable. Website says it may feel bruised for up to a week afterwards. So... how will I know when it's gone, if I can't feel a lump and it may stay sore afterwards for a week?

YompingJo Sat 05-Jan-13 21:36:29

And the fb thing... I'm not concerned that she's not genuine but it bothers me having someone in the group who isn't on here and doesn't "know" me. But is that a bit rubbish and should we just be welcoming?

hufflepuffle Sat 05-Jan-13 22:04:32

Shhh yomping, not talking about my (thrush) as it appears to have settled and boobs feel like what might be quite normal but I wouldn't know having had fucked ones for 11 weeks I will therefore not tempt fate!

FB thing has me confused. Dunno how to react. Am I being unkind?? DH says so but he's the one who thinks FB is evil and everyone's a troll!!

hufflepuffle Sat 05-Jan-13 22:05:53

Hope someone else advised u on ? blocked duct. Sorry, can't help.

Londonmrss Sat 05-Jan-13 22:56:59

yomping, in my experience when there is a blockage it's agony. I'm just getting over one now. The other day (day one of blockage) I had to hold tightly to my tit in the car because just going over an uneven surface brought years to my eyes. With keeping it empty and massaging the area, it was still painful the next day but nowhere near as bad- it wasn't constant agony. That's when I think it starts to clear. The next day I was pretty much pain free- just a bit of tenderness. I'm guessing this is the bruised phase, although I suppose everyone's different.

smileyhappymummy Sat 05-Jan-13 23:19:59

Too many people to name check though am reading and thinking of you all. Will add a few random comments.....
Routine - don't really have one. Bath every evening with dd1 and then feeds while we do story for big one. Will sometimes settle (I.e feed) to sleep then, other times wakes up andcomes downstairs with us toll we go to bed. Don't mind this as she's usually lovely cooing and smiling on mat so we enjoy the time with her (not doing our sex life any favours but never mind!). I am a firm believer that it will all work itself out in the end so not getting too stressed about it while it's working for us.
Fb thing - would prefer we stick to people we "know" from here. Am a bit paranoid about fb privacy having previously had unexpected messages from patients via fb (nice ones but still......) and am. V aware that on fb my real name and photos are visible. I really enjoy sharing photos etc with you lot but not so keen on virtual strangers, if that makes sense.

smileyhappymummy Sat 05-Jan-13 23:24:32

Second half.....
Agree gaviscon a nightmare to give if ebf. Ranitidine easier. GP will nt be aware of how hard it is unless they've tried it - I wasn't! Thoughts for all with unsettled babies and / or sore boobs. Mine pukes all the time - at least every 20-30 mins but doesn't seem distressed and weight gain good so just going to wait for her to grow out of it and continue to wash at least 4 loads a day!
In fact, better go. Just been vomited on again......

Katla Sun 06-Jan-13 00:07:27

Well Erin must be feeling a lot better today - as she's been feeding all bloody night - since about half 7, my poor boobs are sore. Must be a growth spurt or maybe just making up for lost time when she was ill. She's still got a bit of a cough but vastly better in just a few days smile

Smile4 grin re cheesy spew in neck, also Erin gets horrible stuff in her armpits, yeuch!

My story how I met my DH is that he's a saddler and I've got a horse. So he came to our yard to fit a friends horse for a saddle, I spied his handsome chops and ended up spending £2k on my credit card on a saddle I couldn't really afford so i had an excuse to speak to him again My friend (who is of retirement age) used to say what a nice 'chap' he was but at that point I'd never met him so I always imagined he was some old man so it was a surprise when I clocked that he was about half the age I imagined. We're planning on another baby
sometime, maybe have a 2-3 year gap. My brother is two years younger and I enjoyed playing with him when we were wee cutting his hair, blaming him for all naughty things we did Seems mad to be thinking about that now though. We've just had an offer accepted on a house too - so Erin can have her own room (I've ordered curtains already for it!!). If all goes well will be moving end Feb smile

YompingJo Sun 06-Jan-13 01:56:10

Horrible night sad. Took mini yomping to bed for final feed at 9. She just wouldn't sleep. Took until 11:30 to settle her. Then I had dry throat keeping me awake, eventually had to suck on contraband Strefen pastel to soothe it enough to sleep. Got to sleep around 12:30 then mini yomping woke up at 1. She seems very distressed, and is very shouty, seems like something is really bothering her. She's exhausted but keeps jerking back awake when she starts to drift off. Last night DH took her round to his parents' to give me a break and he changed her nappy and she went apeshit when he touched her with the wipescreamed for about 30 minutes confused. There's definitely something up with her but I don't know what. Feeding seems to soothe her but the minute she stops, she starts jerking around in discomfort again. Plus I have been feeding every couple of hours all day yesterday to treat blocked duct so I feel like there's no milk left to give her (I know body keeps producing more but it doesn't feel like it...). Am winding her frequently... what's the matter with my poor little girl?

Woolybob Sun 06-Jan-13 04:26:22

yomping - oh no, sorry sorry to read about your dd. Can you take her temperature? Or maybe give calpol and see if that improves mood? I would trust your instincts and get someone to look at her is there and ooh gp or walk in near you? We have a children's walk in centre here which is brilliant, NHS direct can probably advise you if anything similar. Did she have a cold recently? Could be an ear or sinus infection? Am not a doctor but def sounds like something's up!

Also re blocked ducts - I was getting these quite regularly but not since I started switch feeding and breast compressions, the switch feeding prob not good for you with oversupply but the compressions might help, there are videos on YouTube. I found some blockages would suddenly unblock during feeding (baby would nearly choke on sudden milk and boob immediately soft again) but others would just get gradually softer/less painful over 2-3 days. Hope yours is better.

Beeblebear Sun 06-Jan-13 05:42:28

Wtf is wrpng with men, r they all this dense?

Me: feed ds, ds falls asleep, pass off to dh.

Ds wakes up and squaks

Dh: i think he wants some boob
Me: i dont think he is hungry i just fed him but would you like me to get you a bottle?
Dh: great yes please
For the next 5 minutes dh tries to get dh to take the bottle. Ds is gagging and coughing and aputtering and crying. Dh continues to stuff bottle in face.
Not wanting to twll him what to do all the time but after 5 min of that i go out again and say "i really dont think he is hungry"
Dh:well what else could it be
Me:gas.....try burping him


Londonmrss Sun 06-Jan-13 07:06:37

beeble- yes they really are all that dense!

squidkid Sun 06-Jan-13 07:50:38

I agree with no strangers on facebook, I know I share photos happily but I have never said my real name on here and don't like the two being connected by people I don't "know".

Londonmrss Sun 06-Jan-13 09:30:57

yes me too- I've never said my real name out my baby's name and I never post photos on here. am only happy with the fb group if I know it's just you lot! I'll send kyyria a message.

crazypaving Sun 06-Jan-13 09:53:48

maybe one of us could volunteer total a joint admin or something to take the load off kyyria as she's so busy? that way ppl wanting to join group can pm the admins with their real names and be added? I'm happy to volunteer but may need a bit of a tutorial on how it all works as I don't have a clue blush

crazypaving Sun 06-Jan-13 09:54:58

*total = to be

squidkid Sun 06-Jan-13 10:57:23

Just ran my first 5K since giving birth!! It felt amazing!! I'm so proud of myself smile

Katla Sun 06-Jan-13 11:04:02

Yomping no suggestions re what's the matter - perhaps NHS 24 would be helpful (even if all they suggest is giving calpol) - I found the nurse really helpful when Erin wasn't well and she then made an appointment for us to take her to be checked by the out-of-hours surgery (as was 2nd Jan). Both my midwives and the doctor I saw were very encouraging about seeking medical help if I had any concerns as the practice were always happy to check out babies so young. I certainly felt better after Erin was examined.

CookieMonster88 Sun 06-Jan-13 11:52:14

Hi all, can I join you?

DD1 was born on 23rd Oct, I have just come on mumsent to get some advice on oversupply but discovered you guys and would love to join this journey with you. As this is number 1 I probably won't be very helpful but I can share what we are up to.

DD is doing well, growing averagely and seems to be developing hand use etc ok. We have our first swimming lessons on Wednesday, she loves her baths so think swimming should be a hit.

So sorry for those of you with boob problems, mine are producing far too much at night, expressing 6-8oz every morning at the moment sad my freezer can't cope with much more! If any ones got any tips on reducing it would be much appreciated.

On the topic of routines, we have none...none what so ever!! Sleep varies from 3hrs to 7hrs stints at night, and she normally manages 2 short naps a day with a bit of convincing.

Hope you don't mind me invading...

Happy 2013 to you all smile

Woolybob Sun 06-Jan-13 12:07:39

hello cookie! Your sleep sounds very much like mine although occasionally dd likes to do the same thing 3 nights in a row just to lull me into a false sense of security...

If you persistantly have too much milk have you considered donation? Our local hospital is always after people with babies under 6 months but you have to contact them first to get their containers to express into. Just a thought but I'm sure you'll find some good advice on reducing oversupply on here, there are some very knowledgeable bf peeps.

We were supposed to go to our first swimming lesson today but the pool boiler is busted so its cancelled sad. Better luck next week maybe!

crazypaving Sun 06-Jan-13 12:23:57

bloody hell got my period sad sad sad that explains my mood over the last few days then! didn't get it until ds1 was 9 months old, this is bloody unfair (no pun intended...)

YompingJo Sun 06-Jan-13 13:01:25

CookieMonster, welcome - another one with oversupply issues here. Have you tried block feeding to reduce supply? Loads of info online about it, I was up to 8 hour blocks at one point. Also antihistamines can affect supply (usually a bad thing but great if you need to reduce it) as can some types of contraceptive pill I think. Kellymom website is good source of info too.

Mini Y seems much better this morning although last night was one to stick firmly in the "thank fuck that's over" category! Thank you Wooly and Katla for your advice - my gut instinct was that something internal was bothering her (well duh!) but it wasn't serious enough to need medical attention. She is much more settled (and very sleepy hmm) today so whatever it was must have worked its way through. I'm living in fear of the next nappy!

Crazy, that sucks, sorry to hear that sad.

Can I offer a big apology for the fact that all I seem to post these days is moans, whinges and requests? Getting Mini Y's tongue tie sorted has led to much better feeding and I finally felt like we were getting somewhere and things would be easier, but they are not, they are really fucking hard at the moment due to the ongoing faff of giving Colief at every feed, having a bit of a cold/cough, trying to treat a blocked duct, teething, very patchy nighttime sleep, and I think we have hit the 12 week growth spurt early - all of these would be OK but mini Y is still a total velcro baby so I can't put her down in order to get a break, and she will only sleep on me so I can't sleep in the day when she does, and she still spends a good amount of time crying and needing consoling and rocking, most evenings.

I knew it was going to be hard and I was up for that but I didn't realise it would this... relentless sad. I feel really down, and I'm not enjoying much of it right now, in fact when I think about it I really haven't enjoyed much of it at all since she was born, but I have been too busy/stressed/angry/worried/exhausted to acknowledge that. It makes me really sad that I have a beautiful 11 week old baby girl who lights up my world every time she smiles at me, but I feel unhappy a lot of the time because it's still so demanding and there's no time for me. DH can take her out for a bit but he can't feed her (don't want to risk trying her on a bottle and haven't trained her to take from sippy cup yet) so he can only be out with her for a maximum of 2 hours at the moment and she is often screaming frantically when he brings her back so I feel like it's not fair on her to be taken away if it upsets her that much. Gah. Shit, bollocks and nobbing nobbers! Smeone slap me round the face with a wet nappy kipper! Taking my miserable self off to mope somewhere else and will come back when I am capable of supporting others and celebrating their achievements instead of just wallowing in self pity.

cheesymonster Sun 06-Jan-13 13:22:13

yomping I'm so sorry you're feeling this way. I felt very down for a good few weeks at the beginning and guilty for not enjoying my baby. Like I was ungrateful whilst being so lucky to have a beautiful healthy baby. Going to the doctor and getting help was the turning point for me and now I feel I'm doing so much better. Not that I'm saying you need medication like I do but maybe you should go back to your doctor and talk to them again? Sending you hugs.

CookieMonster88 Sun 06-Jan-13 14:09:16

Yomping, thank you for taking the time to reply when you have so much going on, I will do some research on block feeding. I guess that is what I am doing at night without knowing it. I'm so sorry I can't help you in the same way hmm

Wooly, if the problem persist I will definitely look at donation, it would be amazing to help out smile we had some amazing nights sleep over Christmas, 11 to 6 but now we are back to waking every 3hrs hmm just keep trying to recreate the conditions but it doesn't seem to work.

crazypaving Sun 06-Jan-13 14:42:32

cookie welcome! and if you have oversupply problems perhaps best not to express?

yomping don't worry about offloading here. it sucks that you're finding it so hard but that is what we're here for, after all. and then when you start to find things more enjoyable we can celebrate with you.

I have my period and there's no chocolate in the house. talk about hell on earth.

BoraBora Sun 06-Jan-13 14:58:34

Hello all. Blimey, waaaay too many posts to name check.

I just wanted to pop by to report that we've really turned a corner with DD. weeks 3-9 were awful; unutterably bad colic left me feeling depressed. When she started teething at week 9 I honestly felt despair.

This week has seen a huge change. She still has a bit of a melt each night bit it's an hour of fussiness rather than hour after hour of screeching. She is calm and smily much if the time. Now I can hear myself think in grateful for what a fabulous sleeper and eater she is - something I couldn't appreciate before.

I know this could all change but for now I just wanted to take sometime to give thanks. smile

Londonmrss Sun 06-Jan-13 15:50:42

hi cookie, oversupply here too. I looked into donation, but they don't make it easy. you have to have lots of tests etc and also they insist that milk is frozen in their containers so you can't donate the stock you have in your freezer.

try not to express unless you absolutely have to. the only problem with that is that they may never get emptied and you risk getting blockages. bit of a vicious cycle isn't it?
I'm producing about an extra 200ml per day more than my baby needs. I figure it's good to have the freezer well stocked in case of emergencies!

yomping, this too shall pass. everything changes in such a short space of time with babies. you will be fine even if it sometimes doesn't feel like it. please try to stop feeling guilty for feeling like this.

crazy, got my bastard period a couple of weeks ago too. did try using a tampon but my bits haven't completely healed so I felt like I was laying an egg.

squidkid Sun 06-Jan-13 17:26:41

Hey nobbers

Well I had an amazing morning and tried my first 5K run and managed it really comfortably on a beautiful sunny day along the river - ace.

Rest of the day was crap - boyfriend shouted at me because he was stupid enough to leave our changing bag on the road by our mate's house yesterday (he always shouts when he's been stupid, and I am very bad at being shouted at)... so I was low, he was guilty, we went out to a village in the Peaks anyway cause that was the plan, Jess screamed as soon as we ordered lunch, I watched boyfriend fail to settle her for about 30 minutes which sucked, eventually I settled her to sleep, then just as we were about to come home she did the hugest poo-nami we've had yet, soaking through all her clothes, my clothes and the sling. We were in a car park nowhere near any toilets so had to strip her off in the car boot and change her best we could - she screamed and screamed and I felt horrible for changing her in the cold but I couldn't leave her like that.

So I cried and then we came home and me and jess went straight in the bath together and then to bed to do feeding and skin to skin. Boyfriend is skulking around looking guilty and probably going to cook - I don't feel like getting out of bed.

Blah, I felt so amazing this morning too. Oh well, tomorrow is another day!!

squidkid Sun 06-Jan-13 17:32:40

yomping you've been having a rough time of it lately and please don't apologise. I feel bad that I sometimes come on here and talk about me when I could be more supportive - this board does move so fast mind!

It is extremely hard to "enjoy" a baby when they are screaming at you - it's not their fault so you can't be mad either!! I find this bit of parenting tougher than the feeding and the sleep and everything. It really is a short time compared to their whole life though - it's really hard to feel that way when you're in the middle of it - and it won't impact on running through puddles with Alice when she's 2 or watching her cock up nativity lines when she's 6 or being horrified that she wants to shave her legs when she's 12... etc etc

For now you just need to go easy on yourself and know that it's ok to not enjoy the hard bits, and you've had pretty crap luck really, with a tough birth and tough tough feeding issues (which you are dealing with heroically). I think you do always sound positive about Alice, anyway -- just the poor mite is hard work!

Now, are you going to do a table of mn-ers/names/babies/locations for us? What about ages, jobs, other children and favourite colours? LOL

squidkid Sun 06-Jan-13 17:35:02

Bora fab to hear you're enjoying things at the moment, I love hearing peoples happy news! The smiling and cooing is so great, isn't it.

crazy and londonmrs I got a (very light) period at 8 weeks and then not had anything since (now 14 weeks). Odd.

CookieMonster88 Sun 06-Jan-13 17:48:41

Thank you Crazy and LondonM I will try tonight feeding from both sides and not expressing in the morning and we will see what happens, fingers crossed for happy boobs in the morning!

Nothing on the period front here and DD is 11 weeks, long may it continue! I feel bad for those dealing with period and baby hormones hmm

hufflepuffle Sun 06-Jan-13 17:53:17

Yomping rant away. No advice for you, only unflinching support and sympathies. I think our motto for group really should be
This too shall pass

Tho when the shit hits fan we struggle to think that. Hugs

Londonmrss laughing laughing laughing at laying an egg........!!!!

That is all.

X x

BoraBora Sun 06-Jan-13 18:00:33

No period here at 10 weeks, fingers crossed.

WantAnOrange Sun 06-Jan-13 18:04:07

Yomping sorry to hear you are having a hard time. I realised somewhere along the line with DS that there is no magical 'cure'. It is easy to hang all your hopes on having the tongue tie fixed, or weaning, or sleeping through or whatever the goal is at that moment, and while each of those steps makes things little easier in some way, no baby will magically go from horrible to lovely overnight. I found it much easier to cope when I accepted that it will always be challenging and looked for coping stratagies rather than waiting for it to be over.

Thats not to say it's always this hard either though. It comes in waves I think. DS will plod along for few weeks then he'll hit a new phase and I have to adjust, things will get better again and back round we go.

You need coping stratagies and support for the down times, and most people find the newborn bit very very hard so this is NORMAL. One of my coping stratagies is to go out every day. Being in the outside world puts the difficult moments into perspective, they become just one part of my day rather than being consumed by it. I also go to a mum and baby group (I know some people hate these), where I can see that everyone else is in the same boat (some are having a harder time). In the past I have taken antidepressants to get me through a really stressful time in my life. Whatever works, do it.

HTH, sorry for rambling blush

OctoberOctober Sun 06-Jan-13 19:16:07

Sometimes I really do think DS must be related to an owl given the way he seems to be able to swivel his head practically 360 degrees when feeding...

Smorgs Sun 06-Jan-13 19:20:18

Wantanorange what brilliant advice, you are such a great support on here. By the way have been meaning to say I loved your story of how you got together with your dh. I'm sure it wasn't easy at the time but it was such a positive story. It will be so nice for you in the future to have someone you have known for so long.
yomping really don't apologise. I don't feel like you're whinging, it sounds like you have a lot to cope with and you are throwing all you've got into being the best mummy you can be. Your little one is very lucky to have you.
squid well done on the 5k! I walk that most days and am exhausted. I find myself constantly bickering with my poor darling husband at the moment, mostly because its me doing/not doing stuff or forgetting things then snapping at him then feeling like crap. Hope you patch it up soon.
cheesy it's great to hear you sounding so upbeat!
Congrats on the house londonmrss
Welcome cookie my ds was born on the 24th.

So our 8 hr sleep was a one off it seems. Back to feeding every 2-3 hours again. I'm on my knees with tiredness. Just said goodbye to my cousin and realised she is our last visitor for ages... Thank god! We've only had about 2 full weeks without someone staying sins Smorglet was born confused No wonder we can't get into a routine. Tomorrow I'm going to my first bébé cinéma to see wuthering heights. Today I visited a town called Fanjeaux (pronounced fanjo). I sniggered in a very childish way.

Smorgs Sun 06-Jan-13 19:22:38

Youch october sounds painful!

OctoberOctober Sun 06-Jan-13 19:22:40

squid sorry to hear about your pooey day. We've had to do the change in the car boot too, not great but better than the alternative.

You've been a bit of an inspiration with the running and i've started going out using an app that orders you to run/ walk, building up gradually. Feeling quite chuffed with myself do a bit of running at less than 12 weeks post birth and having not done any exercise in over a year. smile

squidkid Sun 06-Jan-13 19:36:37

thanks October, jess is all settled and in bed now and boyfriend has apologised and given me wine and I feel better

I did the "couch to 5K" which sounds very similar to what you're doing, also a run/walk programme - it starts VERY gently but you do have to commit to 30-40mins 3 x week... I think that's what's made me feel better really, the commitment/consistent running even if it took 2 months before I ran the full 5K. But I was amazed how comfortable it was, running 5K, this morning, after properly training for it.

I feel like I am far too slow to be an inspiration to anyone, but exercise massively helps my mood so I stick with it, I hope it helps you too! I think any of us who are out exercising are doing very well indeed!

squidkid Sun 06-Jan-13 19:49:25

Can anyone recommend me a cheap simple baby monitor?

We don't need it at home as we are in a flat and just leave the doors open, but it would be useful when staying with grandparents/mates etc, or if we watched a film with her in the other room... I don't want anything flash, just something straightforward and I've taken one look at google and panicked at the choice!

BoraBora Sun 06-Jan-13 19:56:28

Well done Squiddy! Am trying super hard not to be jealous. I think hope! your DD is a bit older than mine though. I know I need to be sensible and not push it too fast.

squidkid Sun 06-Jan-13 20:00:26

I think so too borabora she is 14 weeks today. My due date by last period was 1 Oct so I joined the antenatal October thread - but my 12 week scan changed my dates to 25 September. Jess arrived on 30 September in the end, so she is one of the oldest here.

Also I was fortunate enough to have an uncomplicated (if fucking lengthy and painful!!) birth so I was out exercising again sooner than a lot of people are able to. I started gently but it felt fine... I upped things bit by bit. I have been running for 9 weeks now... I just did short running/walking intervals for a good month.

Beccus Sun 06-Jan-13 20:01:29

well done squid. i went for my 1st run in about 2 yrs yesterday after a week building up fitness on the wii fit & am a bit sore today. not sure how far i went, but def not 5 km! trying not to eat too many carbs in pm & lost 4lb last week, so really pleased. yomping, u r having such a tough time, am glad u feel better posting about stuff on here, keep posting as much as needed. have u tried swaddling? we find it reduces the times babybeccus wakes back up as it makes her jerking about less violent. welcome cookie. we slept better at xmas, too - think it was the extra stimulation, which i am trying to keep up, and naps r definitely better. is anyone else freaking out about the amount of crying when trying to get their bean to self settle? i swaddle, shush and pat, and she cries, i pick her up, try again, and if it all gets too much/looks like she wont drop off, i stop. i stay with her the whole time. but, it took 30 mins today to get her off - i could see she was going to go, but is 25 min of grizzly crying bad for her? i was so gutted when she then woke back up after 7 min :-( all that trauma and no rest. thank god for pram. 2 pram naps today smile

WantAnOrange Sun 06-Jan-13 20:01:43

blush I do what I can. Wish I'd known about MN when DS was born. I feel like a wasted a lot of time being up tight, worrying, believing what the baby books say and waiting for him to meet the next milestone. Now I just want to keep him little for a bit longer. And I plan to still be holding DH's hand when we are 102 if I dont kill him first.

DS lost his second tooth today grin. He is very proud. Thats the stuff they should tell you about at ante-natal classes. Loosing teeth, first sports day, father christmas. It gets better!

smile4me Sun 06-Jan-13 20:11:32

Well my DM phoned yesterday to tell me that she read in the newspapaer that mothers are being too soft on their babies and not leaving them to cry enough, and that it means they'll never learn to self settle. Cue me having rant about crying affecting brain development and how we are both happier without the crying... grrrrr bloody 1970s attitudes coming back just as we're getting through to people!

DH and I met in the UK 11 years ago... he was working as a shearer and I had left school and got a job in the shearing gang... I thought he was rather nice and had a very sexy kiwi accent! We had a bit of a fling, then he went back to NZ and I followed! I came back to the UK to go to uni a year later and we did the long distance thing for 5 years before I emigrated!!! I spent most of my holidays in NZ and he used to come over to the UK in spring too so wasn't as bad as it sounds. But still glad it's over grin

bora great to hear things are going better for you now grin

squid rather jealous of your 5km run, I can harldy manage 500m without feeling my pelvic floor is going to explode!

Hi cookie arggghhh on the oversupply... another vote for block feeding... and has made a huge difference to DD's guts! Far less yukky green frothy poo and farts!

yomping firstly, don't have to apologise for venting and expressing your feelings here, you have our full on support smile ! I think you've had it tougher than most with mini y's tt, oversupply, thrush, blocked ducts...... and sick mini yesterday too. I reckon part of the reason so many of us find the newborn bit so tough (other than the lack of sleep) is that everyone in RL tells us that their babies sleep through from birth and never cried, and that breast feeding was a breeze! And having a velcro baby makes things 10 times worse because you never get any time for you. I have a melt down over this at least once a week grin And the other thing that makes life so difficult at this stage is that just as you get into a kind of routine (or when you feel like you know how to handle things anyway) bubba goes and changes their mind on everything, then you have to figure that new stage out too and adapt again. But things will get easier fingers crossed fingers crossed fingers crossed and huffle's right this too shall pass

No period here don't know if a tampon would stay in anyway

londonlivvy Sun 06-Jan-13 20:18:22

Very impressed by those of you doing running etc. i have two key problems with this

1) j size bosoms
2) no-one to babysit. By the time DF gets home at 730pm he's starving and so am I, so it's eat time and then bed cos I'm so tired.

I'm hoping to start doing yoga at lunchtimes when I'm not so damn tired. Very impressed though by you sporty types.

I'm so tired. Oof.

smile4me Sun 06-Jan-13 20:20:04

beccus totally freaked out by the cyring when shhh patting! and totally frustrated when DD wakes up like 5 mintes later. Currently the only way we get to sleep now (since she stopped falling asleep on the boob!) is on my shoulder with rocking and shhing following lots of fussing and yelling from me Pinning all my hopes on ewan the sheep when he arrives! grin

hufflepuffle Sun 06-Jan-13 21:12:57

I am totally freaked. Have to see GP tmrw (again!) about lumpy boob (not discussing that at present as I know next step.......) but I still have piles (anyone else?) and not wanting to have him look I thought I'd hav a look in mirror to see if they external or internal.

But this let me see the rest............. Gaping would not describe the appearance of fanjo...... Is this normal???? I know the muscles aren't bad inside, but there's no feckin muscles in outer bit. Will this get better???? Not asking GP that one!!!

cheesymonster Sun 06-Jan-13 21:29:48

I have piles too huffle but I'm too scared to look. Too scared to look at other bits too but I have successfully used tampons this week so maybe that's a good sign!

funchum8am Sun 06-Jan-13 21:45:24

Yomping - I posted something similar on another thread t,his morning saying that dd's sleep issues (she sleeps about 3pm to 3am) were ruining parenthood for DH and I. Different cause but I suspect similar feeling. Though you have been through a LOT more issues and too much greater degree than we have by the sounds of it (I am relatively new to the thread, sorry that I am not up on the whole history.). Anyway I am trying to see it as a very tiny percentage of her life with us and remember that this too shall pass, as others have said. Huge sympathy from me and never worry about unloading on here, that is exactly what this kind of thread is for smile

Anyway I am feeling better this evening as we went to see friends who were lovely, and DH took babyfunch out for a bit this morning beforehand so I could lie in for a while. Amazing how different things seem within a few hours at times.

funchum8am Sun 06-Jan-13 21:48:26

Huffle I am more freaked by my haemorrhoids than my fanjo but then I haven't looked!! Might be horrendous but now I have read of your experience I am SO not checking!! One day I may let DH near me again (definitely not considering no. 2 at present!!) and he can update me then....

hufflepuffle Sun 06-Jan-13 22:36:26

I was totally not looking funch but they have become much more uncomfy and I have just about had it up to here with discomfort!!! So want to ask GP tmrw about treatment. The other discovery was accidental ....... And no, DH not been anywhere near and I'm in no hurry to let!

Cheesy, didn't feel like laying an egg then??? Good job! See Lindonmrss earlier post............!

bella2012 Sun 06-Jan-13 22:38:20

Ah you lot are great. Such brilliant advice to yomping there from squid and wantan, I couldn't put it better. Yomping please don't apologise- you are a complete hero. You are enduring considerably more than most parents- the relentlessness you describe sounds utterly unbearable and I just feel for you so much. You are doing absolutely everything you possibly can for your little one so please please give yourself a pat on the back and feel proud. And for God's sake don't stop your dh taking her out every now and then. It won't do her any harm to cry a wee bit. You will go nuts if you don't have the odd break occasionally. I am much better at relaxing the rules 2nd time around, not looking at him a million times a night to check he is still breathing and stuff like that and I have to say I feel much happier finding my own way rather than reading up too much or taking HV advice as gospel. As wantan says, the best is truly yet to come, each good and bad bit you work through is replaced by another set of pros and cons. Now they are so little and cute, but relentlessly demanding, then they lose the teenyness but become much more interactive and fun. After that they play and achieve a lot more but also trash your house...and pretty soon you will find yourself where I was today, tearing your hair out making up stories about fireman Sam needing your 3 year old to save the day in various scenarios for SEVEN HOURS in the back of a car!! (and then put him to bed and remember all the hilarious things he has said that day and just LOVE him to bits) god that was a ramble-clearly I need some effing sleep!!

smile4me Mon 07-Jan-13 04:40:52

huffle having same issues. Think I might need some horse tampons when AF returns grin

hufflepuffle Mon 07-Jan-13 05:03:13

Good to know I'm not alone. Well in the right business Smile! (new member, if u are not the vet that will make no sense at all......)

Thd problem with bubs sleeping 2 hrs one might then nearly 6 is that my boobs don't kno wtf happening and right now they like rocks! Mr sleepyhead DS had only half emptied one too. Gah. Stupid boots online shopping, where the hell is my new pump??????

Hand expressing hurts, that cannot be good.

Positives Huffle, positives! DS has slept for nearly 6 hrs. Poonami woke him, his screams when changing probably woke the entire street. What a noise!!!!???? New 'why are u hurting me?' cry, think he's now bloody hoarse.


Back to sleep, enough MN. 321 relax................

FirstTimeForEverything Mon 07-Jan-13 07:12:38

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

squidkid Mon 07-Jan-13 07:17:20

Vomit, poo, vomit, poo, and still heroically trying to get used to the reusable nappies (sometimes) - I am running out of space to hang washing!!!

hufflepuffle Mon 07-Jan-13 07:46:02

Squid I was thinking of you and reusables with my 5am poonami (or was it 6?, no oidea). Well done in even trying!!

First I have same apt next week. Good luck, let me know how goes.

DS totally well asleep and need to get him up to go to doctor soon. Grr. Maybe I'll just leave him here asleep while I go...........

shock shock wink

hufflepuffle Mon 07-Jan-13 07:48:49

Also first, your sleep sounds great and more than adequate!! I'd not be trying to change a thing!!!!! Maybe that extra sleep might be 'normal' but that's prob based in fact that 3 month baby doesn't usually sleep like yours does at night!!! That's great for you, i am in awe!

squidkid Mon 07-Jan-13 07:51:05

Hah huffle it's been a bit of a learning curve! I am not using them at night or when we go out yet, just practising around the house... they have not yet leaked poo (the horrible incident yesterday was with a disposable)... but they do seem to soak through a lot quicker than disposables. Apparently they need washing 5-10 times before they get fully absorbent so just sticking with it for now... and have bought some new "inserts" (which you stuff inside the nappy for extra absorbency) made of bamboo which are apparently better - waiting for them to arrive in the post. I want to persevere!! I hate waste - both rubbish and wasting money - so it will make me happy in the long run if I can suss this.

Any tips from anyone using them would be welcome!

On the up side, they look and feel absolutely adorable and smell so sweet out of the washing machine and I feel like I'm saving money every time I use one.

WantAnOrange Mon 07-Jan-13 08:17:19

Squid Bamboo is suprisingly more absorbent. Do you use liners? I use flushable paper ones that catch most of the mess. I find I have to change DD around every 3 hours.

I do use disposables as well but every one helps. Have you seen Wee Notions? They do custom made ones. I love seeing them all hung on the line.

I dont think they are any worse for dealing with poo explosions but then I'm used to using them and work in Early Years so quite used to poo!

crazypaving Mon 07-Jan-13 08:31:50

squid I was advised not to buy a cheap baby monitor - apparently cheap = crap but you could buy a 2nd hand off eBay. the bt monitors are good. I can't get up to look at the model at the moment as ds2 is fast asleep with boob in gob and I'm not messing with that! but bt digital ones good and plentiful on eBay.

I've stopped sleeping again hmm for some reason I'm finding my days with both boys alone incredibly difficult to cope with and the stress and anxiety is affecting my sleep. marvellous. just what I need.

too bleary eyed to remember what else I was going to post and on phone so difficult to namecheck, sorry everyone.

Zara1984 Mon 07-Jan-13 08:54:37

Hi all - sorry I've been AWOL but have been busy with the day to day of being on holiday! Well to be fair it's a pretty boring holiday by most people's standards. Activity of the day was taking baby for a walk along the beach, except it was too windy and too sunny and too hot (30 degrees, argh). Lots of our friends and DSIL are coming to stay with us for the rest of the week at DPIL's beach house. Then for the two weeks after that we will be in Auckland at another beach house we're renting while DH works.

Argh I weighed myself again today. 90kg! Help! Weight has remained at about that level since early December. I look alright at 75kg but should be under 70kg for best health and appearance. Time for more exercise and better diet ie less fat and sugar. This is highly depressing! sad of course it doesn't help that I see all these impossibly skinny and tanned NZ mums pushing their buggies about! I just feel like a big pasty whale! I have given myself to Christmas 2013 to get to somewhere in the 65kg range. So about 2.5kg a month to lose. Does that sound reasonable or too tall an order?

I did go and get a haircut today, so even if I'm tubby, I'm pretty! grin

Oh and I have some kind of infection (probably UTI) because there's blood and white blood cells in my urine sad Waiting for lab results. And I had a yeast infection last week! FFS. No sex recently although I'd really like some, but fair enough DH and I are not keen with infected Ladybits. Please tell me I'm not the only one who feels like their body has been irreversibly damaged by pregnancy...
DMIL told me she has to get surgery for a uterine prolapse - apparently a common side effect in later life of having children! Something to look forward to then confused

On the mega plus side DS has baby chatter cconversations with me now. I blurble and goo at him, and he grins and gurgles back! It's lovely grin

smileyhappymummy Mon 07-Jan-13 09:49:03

So today I have baby, dd1 and dd1s friend to look after all day. Have already done face paint for both girls, had poster paints out, games played and explained that that the baby definitely doesn't want her face paInted. So far have said no to sweets and telly, hoping to hold out to 10am at least......
Wish me luck!

BoraBora Mon 07-Jan-13 10:44:59

About to go into a baby Pilates class. I want to ask the fella running it whether he's been CRB checked? Am I being PFB/ overly cynical psychologist who's worked with kids???

crazypaving Mon 07-Jan-13 10:55:13

smiley you are either mad or a total hero!!! I am not worthy...good luck with it all, sounds full on!

smileyhappymummy Mon 07-Jan-13 11:03:59

This is a friend who has done loads for me and who has to take her younger daughter to hospital today for a scan, so although it is very full on am actually really happy to be able to do something for her.
Anyway, I've now stuck tinkerbell on the tv, few sweets each, baby on playmat and I am hiding in the kitchen having a cup of tea and playing on the iPad putting washing on.....

CookieMonster88 Mon 07-Jan-13 11:29:55

I am so glad I found you ladies, there are things I have been worrying about, thinking its only me but now see it normal.

I had a pretty straight forward birth with just a few stitches after so that's all ok, but been suffering with piles since, I'm sorry some of you are sharing that pain, but I am so glad to hear that it's not just me. At my 6 week check up the GP gave me analsol to treat, not cleared up but improving slowly.

Thank you for the advice on oversupply, I stuck with it last night (although felt a bit cruel with her coughing through it) and this morning boobs are feeling good smile and she was getting the crips with it towards the end.

Huffle, my problems with oversupply seemed to start when DD suddenly slept 7hrs two nights in the row (didn't last though hmm) I just wish she would find a routine at night, it's the unpredictability of it that makes me more tired.

Smiley you are one brave lady!!

Bora, I think that is fine to ask. I run a Girl Guide group and get asked by nearly all new mums about CRB checks, no offence is ever taken.

Squid, I heard that the BT ones are te best at a reasonable price, second the suggestion on eBay or maybe Gumtree?

First, that is crazy about a nap every hour, I just watch for the signs (eye rubbing etc) and then try to put her to sleep. Think she would let me know if she was tired!

On the topic of exercise and weight lose, I always said I would start putting so effort in after Xmas, which I guess is now hmm that came round to quick! Meant to be going back to Jazzercise tomorrow but not sure if I can face it yet. Does taking DD swimming count as exercise?? wink

Orenishii Mon 07-Jan-13 11:44:45

Hi hi! Days go by so fast and I realise I haven't checked the thread and it moves on so quickly!

TMI alert - have reoccurring thrush and a mild vaginal prolapse. God. I knew something wasn't right sad

Also too afraid to weigh myself but mon husband had written a programme for rehabilitation (post birth recovery) and a plan to get me running, climbing ropes and lifting weight Olympic style! I'm considering an open water event in may...but chickened out of a big swim yesterday sad Its not looking good!

Keep meaning to say that our babies are Dragon babies - the luckiest and most successful according to the Chinese - so much so that Chinese couples delay/plan conception for years to try and get a Dragon baby!


hufflepuffle Mon 07-Jan-13 11:47:59

I. Have. Hurt. My. Back. Not just general tired, proper ping. Oh crap. Was inevitable with this big boyo. Just had to leave carseat in car and lift him out.


Orenishii Mon 07-Jan-13 12:05:51

Oh Huffle that sounds painful! Hope it's not out proper. Can you get to see anyone?

Just weighed myself - about 2 stone over pre-pregenancy weight. So what do i go and do? Eat a large slice of the chocolate cake I made. At least it was flourless sad If anyone is gluten/wheat free I have a great coconut flour recipe for blueberry muffins. They don't have the 47683648964598 calorie count of Starbucks!

OctoberOctober Mon 07-Jan-13 13:15:00

first napping every hour seems ott, as someone else said, watch for the signs. DS generally awake 1.5-2hrs but I'm sure it depends on the baby, not least how much they are sleeping at night. I wondered if DS was sleeping too much but tracked it for a few days (drove myself crazy with that!) and decided not.

huffle sorry to hear about your back. I'm starting to get sore shoulders from lugging this one around.

Will need to get a double buggy I think. Had been trying to avoid but can't see me being able to use the sling for too long. Anyone with 2 DCs got any recommendations? I think will look on eBay for Phil and Teds style.

YompingJo Mon 07-Jan-13 13:51:35

Positive and supportive post from me, yay! New motto totally nicked from somewhere else is Progress Not Perfection.

thank you so much for the continued support you are giving me, I feel very humbled and cared for. You guys help me to get things into perspective and to be kind to myself. You are right, this is only a tiny part of her life and most of her life will be joyous... but this has been her entire life so far which means it's hard to see it against the context of better times as there haven't been any yet!

So in the spirit of celebrating progress, she has slept more in the day over the last couple of days as we have decided to try to give her more opportunities to, and last night was vastly better than the previous night. I have been out with her every day so far this year (!) and am feeling better for the exercise and fresh air. And the best thing? Daddy got the pooey nappy I was dreading - result! grin Ooh, and I managed to clear my blocked duct <proud>.

Squid, we are trying to use reusable nappies too. We use Bambinex bamboo ones with a bamboo insert and a PUL wrap. They do seem to need changing more often, I guess we have been spoiled a bit with the absorbancy of disposables. We have had leakage of poo, we're still trying to work out how tight is tight enough without being uncomfortable for her as the wraps have estimated backs and leg holes. We are using them out and about and at home but not at night. I don't want to go back to changing nappies at night <lazy>. I've heard good things about fleece wraps for night time, or doubling up nappies and boosters. The Nappy Lady website is brilliant for info. Well done for going for it! Well done also for the 5k run - proud of you! When things ease up here, getting back into running is at the top of my To Do list, I really miss the buzz of it.

Wantanorange I LOVE WeeNotions nappies but they are so expensive! Has a really cool orange one with a zebra on it but when we found the course to start using the fluffies, it was already to small for her sad.

Crazy, poor you not sleeping. It's hard enough on limited sleep, it must be very frustrating to not be able to when you do get the opportunity sad.

Zara, hope you get meds quickly for UTI. I live in fear of them, used to get them often and don't get time to shower every day now... I try to at least wash but am sure my hygiene is not what it was blush Mini yomping does conversations now, it's the cutest thing ever!

londonlivvy Mon 07-Jan-13 14:04:50

October I find the papoose more comfy than the sling. could you borrow one to try? we have the phil and teds buggy from my sister who found it great. the disadvantage is that the child behind can't see much so they used to fight for who got to go in the front. that wouldn't be a problem at the moment for you tho!

crazypaving Mon 07-Jan-13 14:29:25

OH MY GOD!!! Babypaving has started chomping down with his rock solid gums on my nipple and then turning his head as far as he can! vindictive child!!!!!

hufflepuffle Mon 07-Jan-13 15:11:58

Owwwwwwwwwwwwweeeeeeeeee Crazy!!!

Not fair!!!!!! Put him on the naughty step. Poor you.

Thanks for back sympathy. Hoping I've caught it in time and painkiller and stretches will help. Upper back fecked for weeks, this sudden and rotten and due to weakling lugging heavy baby in carseat. Must become stronger!

FirstTimeForEverything Mon 07-Jan-13 15:35:55

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

OctoberOctober Mon 07-Jan-13 15:48:26

london what do you mean by papoose? The fabric wrap type thingys? Have tried couple of friends' but always end up covered in material in wrong places, feels like wrapping myself up in a curtain! This is my own ineptitude btw, not a criticism of wraps!

hufflepuffle Mon 07-Jan-13 15:53:46

First we are uppababy vista-ers! What's up?

firstbubba Mon 07-Jan-13 15:55:37

Running past and posting squid i have the BT 150 bought from ebay 2/h as i read the newer model wasnt as good. Had no issues with it at all and has lots of features most of which we havent even used (torch anyone!).

yomping i havent posted on here much but have been reading, partly due to looking after Jamie for most of the time myself as DF works away every three weeks , away Christmas and New year and partly if I started to write things down after my birthing story and for the weeks following that I would probably scare myself. (DF went away to work for 3 weeks when he was 3 weeks old). It was very much survival in the early days ladies I'm not ashamed to say and some very dark times who knopew sleep deprovation could be so evil!
Keep reminding myself as other have done of the motto It shall pass.

You ladies have been such a help, being so honest, as in RL other mum I dont think have been so when you ask them about sleeping thru etc.

Thank you.

As for running etc i take my hat off to you all.

FirstTimeForEverything Mon 07-Jan-13 16:06:10

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Katla Mon 07-Jan-13 16:08:44

Squid so impressed with the running, you are an inspiration for me to get off my lazy ass!

Yomping glad you feel more positive, sounds a good motto. I find that my mood can go downhill into tears so quickly - even if most of the day is fine, babies are just so full on and there is no off switch to get even a half hour to yourself. Be kind to yourself and agree that getting out every day makes such a difference.

Ooowwwwwch Crazy my DD does that too, not sure how to stop her either!!

Today Erin is feeling much better, she's found her voice again so is chatting away and determinedly trying to sit up. I briefly left her propped up on a pillow on the bed when cleaning teeth - to then hear muffled screaming and she'd launched herself forwards and was face down in the duvet <bad mummy emoticon>

I've also found that my boobs have suddenly stopped being engorged and leaking and must have matched supply to need. I was worried that they'd stopped producing anything but appears not. They do unfortunately look a bit more saggy though as opposed to hard leaky basketballs sad

Londonmrss Mon 07-Jan-13 16:14:14

So my husband and I got a Christmas present for ourselves which was a night off. My mum is coming to stay this Saturday night and we're booked into a lovely hotel in town where we spent our wedding night so we can have a nice meal out and too much wine plus a full night's sleep. It also happens to coincide with my birthday which is on Sat. We planned all this a few weeks ago.

Only thing is I now don't want to go. I'll miss her! What if she forgets who I am? What if she thinks I've abandoned her? What if she forgets how to breast feed? What is the expressed milk in the freezer isn't as good for her?
I know I'm being irrational. She's taken milk from the bottle plenty of times, she's spent plenty of time with my mum and well only be a few miles away.I know it'll be good for us to get a night off. I just can't shake the feeling that I don't want to be away from her.

Katla Mon 07-Jan-13 16:24:17

Huffle sympathies re your back, I pulled my shoulder putting a sack of birdfood in trolley in costco before Christmas and it was so limiting - esp car seats are so heavy and awkward at the best of times.

First I'd read the 'awake for an hour' thing too for 3mth babies but I just think it depends. Erin can be awake for half an hour or two hours quite cheerfully before napping during the day. I have taken the approach to chuck books out window as to what should be happening and just go with things for now. Erin now seems to be doing her own routine/pattern of feeding/napping/playing of her own accord. A new development in the last few days is having 3 hour gaps between feeds - this is what books say should happen earlier but didn't work for us before - and Erin didn't agree when I told her that she shouldn't be hungry wink

londonlivvy Mon 07-Jan-13 17:07:48

October by papoose I meant one of those structured baby carriers like the baby bjorn. I found the moby sling ace for the first 4-6 weeks but then as she got heavier it hurt my back and shoulders.

londonlivvy Mon 07-Jan-13 17:11:53

the structured carriers are also much easier to put on. two clips rather than six yards of fabric.

cheesymonster Mon 07-Jan-13 17:16:38

London I hope you have a fab time on Saturday and happy birthday. I had a night off recently so I could go to office Xmas party and baby cheesy stayed at PIL's house. Was weird to come back to an empty house as DH was on nights but I got a nice lay in!

YompingJo Mon 07-Jan-13 17:40:07

First-time we have Uppababy Vista and have been using pushchair seat for last couple of weeks (suspect Huffle may be doing so as well, both our babies are on the large size). And yes!! to the snap-in bar thing, totally frustrates me! If you have a duff one then we do too. I also seem incapable of removing our Maxi Cosi career from its base in the car smoothly, and the only way I can get the pushchair off the chassis is to do it from the back, so I end up carrying mini yomping into the house in it but not being able to see her - not sure I've explained that very well...

Londonmrss, I think your feelings are totally natural. I feel the same when DH takes mini yomping out for a few hours - can't imagine a whole night away from her - although at the same time it would be lovely to have exclusive time with DH, I know part of my mind would be continually worrying and missing her. we're genetically designed to not want to be separated from them, especially for the first few months. I think you should go though, I bet you will end up really enjoying it, and the break will do you so much good.

Orenishii, sympathy on the TMI problems. What can you do about the prolapse? Love the info about Year of the Dragon, how cool!

Katla, same here with boobs - after 11 weeks of oversupply, it's freaking me out a bit! I have realised that sometimes there is security in something even if it's a negative thing... I mean, oversupply was a total pain and required me to feed in a certain way and take steps to manage it, but I was in a routine and used to it. Now that has changed and I feel a bit thrown by it! That's my inner control freak speaking though - I was in control of the problem and the control itself gave me satisfaction. No problem now means no control needed and it's a bit like having my security blanket taken away.

squidkid Mon 07-Jan-13 17:41:46

Totally empathise - though looking after baby is exhausting and I crave a break, I have found when I've arranged fun things to do (so far have been to a gig, to a spa for a morning and out for an evening meal, thanks to mum) ... I have found it really hard !!

I had a hen do in London to go to in February - I have cancelled
I have a wedding (irritatingly no babies) in March, a few hours drive away - I am going to that but I am not staying overnight - I haven't told bride yet (an old friend) and am dreading it. I keep pretending it's because of the bf/expressing issues, but it's really not, that's just a convenient excuse.
Boyfriend thinks I am a bit ridiculous but whatever. It's just the way I feel. I am surprised that I do, though.

ANYWAY - I hope you have a wonderful time on Saturday and a great birthday and it's all fine overnight, but if you end up adapting what you do slightly so you're happier - that's ok too, it's your birthday!

Woolybob Mon 07-Jan-13 17:42:07

Hey y'all. Seems quite a positive mood on here today! Am feeling quite chipper myself, I'd forgotten that before Christmas things were getting a lot easier and now the chaos is over and the colds seem to be receeding it's all coming back to me.

DD now 3 months, she's sleeping 12 hours with 2-3 wakings but sometimes that first stretch is 5 hours which is a lifesaver. We've managed to bring bedtime forward to 8 so she has a quick bath and last feed and is settled by 9, still have to go in and out of the room a couple of times to get her off but it is much less soul destroying doing it then than at midnight when we're desperate for sleep. I then get up when dh does for work so usually get 45 mins for shower and brekkie before she wakes then we have at least one activity a day (baby yoga/group at the children's centre/baby cinema) in the am then lunch and a long walk round the park when she has an afternoon sleep and I get time to think and exercise. She usually gets a couple of sleeps in in the carseat, sling or sometimes crib as well so I get a chance to do stuff and she's having more and more awake happy time so she can entertain herself a bit on the playmat or bouncy chair as long as I'm in the room.

So could do with a smidge more sleep (I have the stupid cold as well and it's stopping me sleeping as much as I could be - gah) but generally very positive today. Which is good as DH's snowboarding trip starts Sat. I'm about jittery about it so I thought I'd write this down while in a positive mood and I can reread and remind myself how easy it's going to be without him...

And yes generally in RL I am convinced everybody lies about how much sleep they're getting....

Woolybob Mon 07-Jan-13 17:46:33

Oh and enjoy the nights out those that are getting them, have only been away from Dr twice and it is weird, a sort of 'I left my handbag somewhere' feeling all night and if you're not careful you find yourself randomly rocking. We went for tea with some friends yesterday and I caught dh absently rocking the empty car seat with his foot...

squidkid Mon 07-Jan-13 17:47:18

londonmrss I did find my mum sending reassuring texts about jess being happy/asleep helped whilst out

Woolybob Mon 07-Jan-13 17:48:00

Dr? DD, damn predictive text!

Orenishii Mon 07-Jan-13 18:00:00

yomping yes yes to the security in the regularity of something, even if it's a negative thing. The extraordinary thing about this ever changing exploration into into parenthood is just how quickly things can change, and how unsettling it is.

Just like londonmrs and squid, i've wanted my own space away from DS and hated it when i got it, just like you and katia with leaking boobs settling into the supply/demand rhythm and freaking out over it...just when you think you know something because it's familiar, even if it's inconvenient, uncomfortable or relentless, the familiarity breeds a sense of security - so much do an improvement is almost rejected!

Re prolapse - just need to up the pelvic floor exercises and practice pausing mid flow on the loo. Nice!

Wooly that sounds like a pretty awesome routine!

Orenishii Mon 07-Jan-13 18:06:58

DS hasn't gained any weight in a week. I know I shouldn't obsess, and i know age/weight wise, he's not small but - he's just so long and slim. I see pictures of some of y'all babies on the FB group and they have such wonderfully chubby faces...DS is just so slim! His face is so tiny - a tiny little double chin and tiny little chubby cheeks.

DH keeps telling me not to subscribe to such "downstream" guidelines but i can't help it sad

Londonmrss Mon 07-Jan-13 18:15:04

also what do I do about boobs on night off? guess I'll have to express whenever she would feed to keep my supply right, or does it not matter for one night?

Londonmrss Mon 07-Jan-13 18:16:31

Oren, babies fall within a bell curve. if your baby is alert, happy, looks healthy and is producing lots of wet nappies then you have nothing to worry about.

squidkid Mon 07-Jan-13 18:17:08

You should be fine in terms of supply for just one night Londonmrss. But you might have to express if you get uncomfortable (I did at spa, didn't at gig or meal out --possibly alcohol meant I didn't care--)

Sorry I keep talking to you about this, but my desire to do things/inability to leave jess has been a major issue in my life of late!

Woolybob Mon 07-Jan-13 18:26:28

oren same thing happened a few weeks ago to us, makes you feel rotten doesn't it? some babes are just tall ans thin thou, they have catch down growth to get where they're supposed to be. Are you bf? There are ways of increasing the milk taken like switch feeding and breast compressions. You can get some really good advice on here but worth getting RL support from the bf groups/peer supporters. If it's just one week maybe just sit tight and see what happens thou?

Orenishii Mon 07-Jan-13 18:55:43

Thanks wooly and londonmrs i know you're right, i just worry. I think ultimately he's a little lazy - in the first weeks we had to syringe feed him hand expressed colostrum/milk and he wouldn't wake up for feeds.

Plenty of wet, pooey nappies, feeds every couple of hours or so - sometimes for 15/20 mins per side, other times for 3-5 mins. When he fusses after a few mins, I just switch sides. He is long - 61cm - with very long limbs. He is very happy generally. I posted a pic on FB - he's 10 weeks and 11lbs 7oz, so not little by any stretch of the imagination. He's taller than average but his face is just so tiny!

squidkid Mon 07-Jan-13 19:46:45

Orenishii He looks gorgeous - if he's feeding, wet nappies, alert, developing and you as a mum know he's ok - he's ok.

I don't really agree with this weighing weekly malarky. There are going to be quieter weeks and growth spurts - that's the way of it. I haven't had jess weighed since 6 weeks. I know she's little, but whatever. She's clearly fine. I might take her on wed for a weigh actually - but only out of curiosity. She's fine.

Week by week growth means nothing - babies fall off growth charts over a matter of months and years, not days.

squidkid Mon 07-Jan-13 19:47:54

I tell a lie - it was 10 weeks and she was 10lb 6oz.

FjordMor Mon 07-Jan-13 19:48:03

Hells bells! Have been trying to catch up since Friday for the last 24 hours. I was sitting here huddled over my desk at ridiculous-o’clock last night with a large glass of red and a baby monitor reading all your posts and still have some more to go. Much to name check on so I guess I'll do the classic 'several posts' thing.

Had a lovely day today which started meeting some of my Stavanger October 2012 group (from ante-natal class) and their babies for coffee and lunch. Had a great discussion about when/if to start trying again and then me, DD and 'Scottish mamma' and her DD went shopping and pram power-walking (unintentionally) around town. DD napped 30 mins on arrival, then 1 hour in the cafe, then an hour around town and in the car home then an hour here at home after a feed! Clearly going out and about is the key to successful napping (for DD anyway). Now she's sitting next to me at my computer in her Stokke baby seat 'helping' me post on MN. This may be the way forward... smile I feel so lucky...I've made 4 really good friends out of that group and 2 or 3 really nice acquaintances. It has really helped me both not feel isolated as a new mummy but also feel 'at home' here in Stavanger. So to weigh in on this discussion of baby groups, I'd recommend everyone to go for it. Maybe I was lucky or we all have being some kind of expat in common but it's been a godsend for me. Have been to baby massage with the same lot, now baby music (starting next week - with our ante-natal teacher) and we have a weekly informal coffee and are starting to go for walks out together and (those who are up for it) gym sessions.

Hello & welcome newcomers that I’ve seen whizzing by when I’ve had the odd moment to look at the feed!

Bella – so sorry to hear about the chicken pox! A double dose must be hard work. Hope they're both better soon!

Mikyahrose – next baby – I’m starting to think of it too but have a feeling there's some medical reason I'm supposed to wait a bit. Should find out by next week... Glad your DS got on ok with his jabs. DD’s got hers on Tuesday shock.

Yomping - I feel for you I really do. I was where you are in the first 6 weeks and now I’m not, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy street. I’m here at nearly 3am writing posts for MN because it’s the first moment of the day I had to myself without her to answer to. I was suffering badly from stress this last week but I am enjoying her a lot of the time and for that I’m very grateful. There but for the grace of god go any of us. Don’t stop feeling like you can emote as much as you want to here. I also feel almost guilty for crowing on about DD's good nights when there are so many others still struggling to get theirs to sleep through. I do appreciate how lucky I am but it wasn't always thus. Your DD will find her stride sooner or later I'm sure smile.

DD is also a fully paid up member of the grubby hands gang. She gets breastmilk all over them and sweats then clenches them tightly resulting in long black strands of yuck that get wedged between her fingers & run along her palm. I’m afraid I mostly take a wipe to them, dry them on a muslin and deal with her nails with my own nails when she’s relaxed enough at the breast (rare – she’s a flailer).

squid - that sounds like an amazing plan. I’d come to your café (if I could afford the airfare from Norway!). I keep brainstorming what I might do too. Think it will take a long time to get enough English language editing clients to pay my share of the bills. Congrats on the running. I’m a little bit in awe! smile

meepsmum - didn’t see your original post but I’m convinced the only way to get to an earlier bedtime is to work backwards from their ‘natural sleep time’ in increments – perhaps waking them a little earlier than they usually wake in the morning starting bedtime routing 30/45/60 mins earlier and so on backwards until eventually they will go down at an hour that allows an evening. I’m still not really getting an evening with DP (but I have DSDs half the time too so we’re hardly swimming in coupledom anyway!) but we get an hour or sometimes 2 and we’re working on it! smile

Huge congrats for getting through 1st day back at work smiley.

Right...DD now grumbling for next feed...next epic catch up post when I can get back on smile...

smile4me Mon 07-Jan-13 20:37:03

So I have developed a new reflex... whenever I hear/see/think 'pelvic floor' I squeeze! It's useful at least I guess confused

DH got a husband of the year award last night for listening to me rant about how sick I am of sleep battles with bubba without getting all 'well what did you think babies were like' on me... TBH he probably wasn't listening, but even so smile

Londonmrs hope you enjoy your night off, you totally deserve it and will be like anther present seeing DD afteer a night away smile

squid yup cloth naps do need changing more than sposies (mainly cos most people leave sposies on too long tho!) but can increase the time by putting extra padding in! Bamboo good because it absorbs heaps and holds onto it well, but takes a little while to absorb so is even better in combo with a microfibre insert (which absorbs fast but also lets go easily) if that makes sense? i have used cloth since birth... mainly cos I hate the thought of spending $2000 on disposable nappies over the next 2 years shock, and also cos i hate all the waste smile. But I don't use them at night at the moment... have to stuff them too much, but might start soon (although 1 sposie a day's not too bad!) Good luck with them though... they take a little bit of working out but are awesome grin

Zara sounds like you need to come to the south island... definitely not many impossibly skinny and tanned women pushing buggies down here... all far more normal looking smile and grrrr on the UTI.... especially without it being caused by sex!

first I think it's about 1hr 30mins awake time by 3 months, but some babies are better with more or less. DD's (also 14 w today smile )first awake time of the day is usually only about an hour (how can she be so tired again after sleeping all night???) but after that varies 1.5 - 2. I just watch for tired signs (her current tired sigh is this totally wired look... kinda like someone on P!)

October we have a mountain buggy +one (but no +1 child confused)... was recommended by people with 2 DCs and we were future planning (not too crazy as just looks like normal buggy until you put the extra seat in!) Is fantastic, but huuuuuge! I always thought the phil and teds looked a bit unsteady with that weird seat combo... I'm sure it's not though smile. There's also a new mountain buggy side by side double (duo or duet???) that's only as wide as a normal buggy. Friend has one and loves it.

ouch crazy hope that's just a one off!

katla glad erin is feeling a bit better smile I reckon mini me's also just decided she can go more than 2 hrs without feeding too! Must be something in the air grin Also with you on the supply thing starting to balance out... (and the slight sagginess blush) but at least i've been able to wear underwire again for a few afternoons and evenings. feels like heaven!

funchum8am Mon 07-Jan-13 20:38:31

I agree with squid about weighing, once a month is plenty. it is bound to go in fits and starts.

I had a whole keeping in touch day at work today so babyfunch had 8.30 to 4 at the childminder's. She texted me at 3.15 to say dd was distressed and I might want to come early. Luckily I was already en route having got away early anyway and when I got there she was fast asleep. I felt absolutely terrible though sad.

It has made me realise that to return to work on feb 25th as I am planning to, I have to be able to leave her, and she has to be reliably taking bottles. And I have to get at least some sleep! DH is becoming the SAHP so I have decided to only bottle feed (but ebm unless expressing that much becomes too difficult) as she has taken bottles fine all day from the cm. So we have given her two bottles tonight which went really smoothly (normally she refuses completely or just chews the teat!). I am hoping this will enable DH to take over lots of feeds and reduce her preference for me, so that it is not a horrible shock for her the day we switch.

So, any advice? And please please let me know of flaws in this plan that I haven't seen! Feeling a bit sad but hope to do one or two bf feeds per day once she is really reliable with the bottle, so it may not be the end of bfing.

I would LOVE a night away at a hotel! I love babyfunch but I would give anything to have a few more glasses of wine than I currently can, and I would sell my grandma for a full night's sleep!!! <terrible mummy emoticon>grin

FirstTimeForEverything Mon 07-Jan-13 20:47:49

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

hufflepuffle Mon 07-Jan-13 21:22:56

Sorry, totally distracted day, will weigh in On uppababy question in while..........

Shellwedance Mon 07-Jan-13 21:53:21

Hi bean tenders (I guess that's what we are now we are no longer baking?!). Haven't been on for ages but am enjoying the FB and finding it much easier to keep off.

Will comment properly soon but I have a specific q for Squid our resident runner. Did you have any probs with your pelvic floor when you started? I tried today and wee came out, just a bit but I couldn't stop it and I didn't even need to wee! blush Have been doing my exercises when I remember and don't have this problem when I sneeze, etc. Just really worried cos was looking forward to running.

Have a book recommendation which I picked up in a library sale. It's called Baby Secrets and just seems to make sense to me. Similar to Baby Whisperer but with more of a routine which I liked plus an actual plan to help your baby sleep through the night which I really liked. Can go into more detail if anyone's interested.

Better go and do many more pelvic floor exercises!

Lost you all again.. you and your prolific posting wink

I will try and catch up as best I can!

Yomping Please don't feel bad for posting when you feel shit. In my experience its always best to talk about these things, and not bottle them up- A problem shared is a problem halved an' all that, yeah? Huge hugs for you though. I think the fact that you are trying to do so much to combat all your problems shows that you are a fantastic Mum, and lets face it, no baby is ever perfect- how would they learn?
(I hope that made sense to you, it did to me!)

I hope your days at work went well Smiley and.. Huffle? Was it you going back? And Funchum.
Funchum Glad that your DC is taking bottle well. I've found that DD seems to take bottles better from other people than me, because she can smell me if you know what I mean? She can smell me and so wonders why I'm shoving plastic in her mouth rather than a giant nipple. Generally DP will give her bottles and she will breast feed from me.

For anyone having trouble with getting DC to take to a bottle, has anyone tried the "Breastflow" bottles? The teats work just like nipples.. These ones I started using them as the teats on the tommee tippee/avent ones just seemed to pour out so fast and was choking her.

Londonmrss I have had two nights out since DD born. I felt just like you- but then I went out had too much wine and just managed to enjoy myself. The second time I went out with DP (for our christmas present!) and we had a great time. Did feel like I'd left my handbag at home, but it was good fun. My mum was great and texted me every now and then or answered the phone when she didn't text me back quick enough to let me know DD was ok.

Londonlivvy I frequently don't hear DD crying, although this is due to my deafness. I have a special alarm which vibrates (oo-err) under my pillow when DD starts crying. But even then sometimes I'm half asleep so I roll over to turn it off and forget why I have it. Then it goes off again and I realise! But unfortunately DP is awake by then... Good thing he doesn't get too grumpy with me though really. It will be better when DD is in cot in her own room.

Now I'm really not trying to brag, but is it actually normal for DD to sleep so much? She's 7 weeks yesterday. I know she hit a huge growing week last week, she literally slept, for nearly 72 hours. In between feeds obviously. She still seems pretty tired today, but has been awake for a fair few hours in between naps. I wonder if I should do more to try and keep her awake but truth is she just gets grumpy, and I don't think it will help. Do I just let her sleep? It doesn't seem to be interuppting her nighttime routine.. She still only wakes up once or twice- I take her upstairs to bedroom, usually around 10ish. Change her bum and usually put her in a new vest and sleepsuit. Low lighting, silence and I feed her to sleep.. Or if she doesn't seem to want food I give her a dummy, which usually sends her off. Then I swaddle her. She seems pretty good at self settling though, the last few nights I've put her in her basket with dummy in awake. She watches me (!!!) get into bed and turn the lamp off. She must go to sleep fairly quickly but she doesn't get fussy or anything.

When did all your DCs start to become more interested and touching toys and stuff? I tried laying DD in baby gym earlier.. it was OK for a while but I don't think she enjoyed it much. She prefers being in her swing chair looking at the things hanging off that. But they're too far away for her to reach- not that she's reaching out to them yet.

She's properly smiling now. and cooing. She grins her head off at the sound of my voice and I think, think, she may also be trying to laugh. She started making funny screeching sounds the other day too, hehe!

Me and DP will have been together two years on the 15th Jan. smile I'm loving all your how you met DP stories. Wantan Yours especially made me smile. Thats so lovely. Like you say, most teenage boys would run a mile, so yours sounds like a champ.

I have physio tomorrow for my third degree tear debacle. Pretty sure I was supposed to have a 6 week review with the consultant but that never came through... So I've just crossed my fingers and hope everythings OK. My sex drive has returned Hooray!! and DP reckons everything feels alright grin Its a bit sore when we DTD but not unbearably so. Everythings definately wider though..
Sorry. TMI. I'll stop now grin

Waves at everyone else I've missed. Squid and Yomping, you need to crack out that leather, you'll look great. Loving those boots! Hope everyone is recovering from christmas. Only another 14 days until my best friend comes over from Oz. Woohoo! wine

FjordMor Mon 07-Jan-13 22:12:45

Still catching up...

Midge - you have 2 lovely children smile. Actually was having this very convo today with my local mum-buddies. I considered stopping at one as I almost feel like I just want to give DD my undivided attention until she’s in school but I’m already broody (gadzooks! Must be ‘cos my periods have restarted…) and having just lost the only parent I had an emotional relationship and remembering how unbelievably lonely and bereft of a sense of ‘family’ I felt (and sometimes do if I think about it too much...thank heaven for the marvellous DP who is stuck with me forever ;)), I would have killed for a sibling and, being an old biddy, don’t want to deny her that chance. She has her 2 much older sisters, one of whom would probably be there for her but I’m stuck in this ‘biology and hormones driving my brain’ thing that makes me feel the need to give her another sibling with my blood (IYSWIM).
My sympathies at the tooth coming through. DD has top front right coming through (not down yet) and is purple screaming at the start of every other feed. Yesterday and today she has totally refused the left breast (angle with breastshield??) and only taken from the right with a lot of fussing. Which is a bit stressful. But this too shall pass I guess. (must pump left breast...) Is your lovely DD still being adoring to her little brother and helpful to you? I think of her ‘cuteisms’ often and hope my little girl will grow up to be like her – horse-feeding ‘n’all! ;)

yomping - if it’s any help, 150ml is 5oz more or less exactly. Probably wouldn’t help to tell you how much mine takes in as she has breast and bottle and is only feeding 4/5 times in a 24hr period. However, I was informed that they need 150ml – 200ml per kilo of weight per day. Therefore at 5kg/11lb they need minimum 750ml; 5.5kg/12lb minimum 825ml and at 6kg/13.2lb they need minimum 900ml. Then just divide that by the amount of feeds per day and you have your approximate per feed amount (sorry I haven’t converted into fl oz – brain fatigue).

wantan/livvy - I’m at the hair coming out in clumps stage. Glad it’s ‘normal’. Was just starting to enjoy my once in a lifetime thick hair <sobs like a girl into bottom of last night's wine glass>.

livvy - I was in tears a lot of the first 6 weeks. I just didn’t come on here and tell anybody about it. I probably should have. Now, at nearly 14 weeks, I feel broody and great about things mostly – even when she’s a bit high maintenance. Weirdly it used to always be me making reference to a possible number 2 (or 4 for DP) and him going silent (and me over-thinking wtf he thought about it all) and now it’s him dropping hints about holding on to baby stuff…things may change for both of you so I hope you both stay open-minded about it.

smorgs - sniggering with you at ‘Fanjeaux’! Hope things get a bit easier for you now! X

Oreniishii - great about the dragon babies! How interesting! smile DS looks perfectly fine btw.

london - totally know what you mean about leaving her. I got to go into town during the day on my own (a very small town) just after Xmas while staying at FIL’s and he looked after DD. After 1.5 hours I really , inexplicably missed her like someone had removed a limb and rushed home at high speed blush. She was happy as Larry and had hardly realised I had gone sad but it’s weird… Echo yomping however – you should go. We need breaks.

Fanjeaux also made me howl snigger for a few minutes wink

FjordMor Mon 07-Jan-13 22:38:51

Been meaning to ask everyone...

Has anyone else got a sweaty baby? I read somewhere before she was born that babies weren't supposed to sweat but baby Fjord sweats profusely on her head when feeding and if she gets over hot, has felt a bit damp under her arms, on her back and behind her knees. Haven't heard anyone else mentioning sweaty babies so I'm beginning to get paranoid that she has malfunctioning sweat glands or too many of my hormones still lurking around!?

crazy - I'm sending empathy with the not sleeping. Here I am with a great night-sleeper but the stress of having 2 young teenagers around for nearly 2 weeks (they went yesterday) has taken its toll & I was sudoku-ing at 3am, writing comments in my iPhone notes app from this feed, to upload today, and listening to DP snore and DD purr...maybe it's something to do with the hormonal change too? Didn't you say your periods were back? Mine too... (apologies if I've mixed you up with someone else...was 7 pages of reading...) Added smpathy for the ouch-worthy feeding of baby-paving. I really wish we had a bath. Haven't had one since I was 3 months pregnant visiting London. I could really do with a relaxing soak right now...

zara - yes! Know what you mean about the body. I've seemed to permanently have symptoms of UTI or thrush. Belly feels mildly tender all over the lower half and always a bit hard & bloated. Your weight goals sound totally reasonable. I was aiming for a sustained 2lb a week loss over 7 months but then I have around 5 stone (30kg) to lose & have the same final weight goal as you pretty much (not sure how realistic that is - I've never had this much weight to lose before...never more than a couple of stone). Your monthly goal sounds very achievable if you are exercising well! smile

Off to eat some jelly and drink a load of water (I live dangerously...) then bath and bed baby Fjord. Early-ish night tonight as health sister and 3 month baby check/batch of vaccinations tomorrow morning and we have a record of always being hideously late to the baby clinic, even though it's virtually just around the corner/10 minutes on foot. Hoping baby Fjord will pass muster. Feeling more confident that I come across as a good mother as nearly everyone I meet now and most acquaintances who have met baby Fjord say she is the happiest and smiliest baby they have ever met (which makes me glow with pride inside smile). I finally have an appointment for my own 6-week post-birth check on Monday; at nearly 15 weeks post birth. Doh!

Elpis Mon 07-Jan-13 22:50:59

Today's good news: After taking the DCs to the National Gallery (DD thrilled by allegorical painting showing busty goddess squirting milk into a cherub's mouth a couple of away from her breast - I explained that, no, that wasn't a game we'd be playing with DS) I cooked a three-course vegetarian dinner, despite burning rather than sweating some leeks while DS guzzled.

Today's less good news: DD has acquired a pair of spectacles from the front of a magazine. They are a sparkly turquoise with star-shaped frames: very Elton John. I took my glasses off after dinner and tried them on. 'That's peculiar,' I said. 'Even though they haven't got lenses, they make everything look very blurred.'

'That's because you've taken your own glasses off,' replied DH.

I haven't even touched alcohol for nearly a week because it doesn't mix with my migraine meds.

hufflepuffle Mon 07-Jan-13 22:54:37

Glad uppababy question answered! We not actually in stroller yet. Tried few weeks back and straps too loose on body. But will try affin now as he refuses bassinet! Too nosy! What footmuff anyone using? Refuse to pay price for uppababy one after price of bloody pram!!

So tired. Brain melted by work. Brief read only. In awe of babies being put down to sleep..... DS not too bad to get to sleep but must be by either feeding or motion. Have visions of rocking a four year old to sleep.......

Who said going back to work end Feb to leave SAHD and hope to express?? Me too. And not expressed over one month due to thrush. But got new ameda lactiline today. Hope upon hope I succeed this time!!

Cannot do more. Well done fjord on epic catch ups. I often wonder how u getting on with step girls.

Baby massage tmrw!! Yay!!

Sleep......... Zzzzzzzzzzx

Elpis Mon 07-Jan-13 22:55:01

DS isn't sweaty, but I do have to clean the creases in his thighs because they accumulate grot. Does anyone else do this? Or is he just ridiculously fat?

funchum8am Mon 07-Jan-13 23:01:48

elpis my DH was at the National Gallery day on a course. If you saw a deeply sleep deprived looking chap, in rumpled clothes, possibly with a splodge of baby vom on one shoulder, that was him smile

About to wake babyfunch to give her her first dream feed without boob....hope it goes ok.

Do others wake their babies for a feed at this kind of time or do you only feed them if they wake and seem to be hungry?

funchum8am Mon 07-Jan-13 23:03:53

huffle it is me going back to work and expressing. Would love to discuss - shall I pm you? Trial run today - expressing in the disabled loo is my plan as right by my office but it needs a chair putting in!

Londonmrss Mon 07-Jan-13 23:23:07

my idiotic tit of a husband just broke our washing machine. I'm so annoyed. he decided to take it apart to clean and in doing so completely broke it. now I have to find spare parts and someone to fix it before the next poonami.

and on top of that now he's in a mood with me because HE cocked up. why so men do that? bad atmosphere in our house right now. what a unbelievable moron.

i usually only feed if she wakes up and appears hungry funch.. she tends to just throw up if i feed her when she doesnt want it.

fjord my sisters friend was also a sweaty baby. dont sweat it wink i thought it was normal for babies to sweat right?

Elpis Mon 07-Jan-13 23:42:14


Got to ask: isn't a washing machine the last thing that needs cleaning? smile Or am I being facetious? I suppose the drawer gets a bit revolting but it has never occurred to me to clean any other part of it... God, how awful to be without it. Can you use a neighbour's?

Zara1984 Mon 07-Jan-13 23:45:03

Yes sweaty baby here - he gets especially sweaty when he cries! That combined with the NZ heat and the fact he's a messy eater means DS gets a bath every night! I use J&J Top To Toe Baby Wash and clean his hair, face, chest, and use a small muslin to clean the fat rolls folds on his neck, arms and legs. I moisturise him all over with Burt's Bees Baby Bee afterwards.

smile it must just be all the beautiful people on holiday in Tauranga!! Heaven knows what it'll be like in Auckland next week confused

Just had a massive poonami - up the front and all in his crotch folds! Argh! Many baby wipes were used...

Massive props to those using reusable nappies. I always thought I'd use them but reality has dictated otherwise. It's hilarious, before I had DS I fancied myself as eco-friendly blush embarrassingly I've realised I'm very much the opposite! Disposable nappies and wipes? Gimme. Natural remedies for baby ailments? Hell no - give me something that's been clinically trialled, made in the lab by a pharma co and prescribed by a doctor. Natural childbirth? Fuck right off, and while you're at it give me the number of a good plastic surgeon to repair all this damage. Is it ok if I acknowledge that I have double standards? blush blush blush

Londonmrss Mon 07-Jan-13 23:58:22

elpis, he's just a tit. He likes to be thorough. Like he vacuums about once a month, but he literally moves every bit of furniture and starts vacuuming the lamp shades and the curtains like a crazy person. Me, I vacuum every week but I only do the bits of the carpet I can see. In fact id rather just buy more rugs so I can see less carpet.

And now he's broken the sodding washing machine. Honestly he's a lovely man and I adore him, but sometimes he's a proper nobber.

smile4me Tue 08-Jan-13 01:34:46

Well today must be sleep day... DD asleep 8am-11am(after being awake 1.5hrs) and now 12.30-2.30 and stil zzzzzzing. Regularly stirs to relocate boob and gets frantic when it's not there. Not as good as it sounds though as she is sleeping on me so I'm not getting much done(suppossed to be writing case report confused ) but we are out later and no chance she will sleep in house full of noisy toddlers, so I'm too scared to wake her up!

Oh yeah we get that yukky gunk in thigh creases too elpis .
And she's also a little sweatty betty... babies are pretty disgusting creatures really ay smile

orenishii wow they do weekly weight checks in the UK? That's crazy! We had a weigh in at 10 weeks (we were 2 weeks late) and next is about 16.

Still no 6week check here either... MW told me at 5w she'd see me the next week to check stitches and stuff and heard no more!

hufflepuffle Tue 08-Jan-13 04:35:29

Funchum, Is it my imagination or were you 4 am??? Does this reflect changing sleep pattern?? Pm'd you.

6hrs and now asleep again post feed!! That's 2nd nightin row. Please please let things be improving again..............

wow. 7 and a half hours straight!! dd can keep this up!!

funchum8am Tue 08-Jan-13 07:16:25

Haha hurled I haven't name changed if that is what you mean! Must be some other poor mner out there who sounds as stressed and sleepless as I do! Will check pm in a mo.

Babyfunch had another crap night so I feel like death warmed up but I stuck to my guns and have only bottle fed ebm, and she took a dummy! So managed a bit of sleep on and off between 3:15 and 6:45 as DH kindly took over....the benefits of sticking to bottle feeding being that he can feed her so can have her for longer periods of time before needing me. That sounds obvious but it is soooo wonderful when it actually happens!

Hope most people had great nights of sleep!

FirstTimeForEverything Tue 08-Jan-13 07:41:28

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

WantAnOrange Tue 08-Jan-13 07:44:30

Would anyone like a 6 year old? Going free to a good home. Very affectionate but little brain.

hufflepuffle Tue 08-Jan-13 08:09:10

Can he make tea, change nappies, entertain baby and get poo stains out of clothes?? If so I'll have him!

hufflepuffle Tue 08-Jan-13 08:11:06

First, no check up here! Said it was unnecessary if I was up to date on smear! So yours was more detailed than mine!!

Now who had 3 month consultant apt for 3c tear?? Im not looking forward to that next week.

smile4me Tue 08-Jan-13 08:17:21

One of my pet calves has just got out onto the road and been killed sad I know it's only a calf and would've been eaten anyway, but they're lovely all the same sad sad
and bubba will not let me put her down to sleep so looking like a terrible night all round.

Shellwedance Tue 08-Jan-13 08:32:39

Smile Am so sorry, that sounds awful.

Firsttme Same here on the check, was a bit bemused. Although she did tell me to book a smear without telling me to wait until 12 weeks. Turned up yesterday and nurse said you can have it but might have to have another one. Because that's something you want to do twice for no reason! angry

Give me strength...I'm having a shit day.
DS has been whingeing all day. He didn't have his 2 hour morning nap, which he's had, like clockwork, since he came home from hospital.
He won't play on his playmat, which usually gives me up to an hour.
I had a 2 second shower, because he started yelling and he's scratched his face really badly. Didn't have breakfast til 11.
He nearly fell asleep whilst whingeing on his playmat, so I rocked him to sleep and put him down, but he woke up crying a few minutes later.
He only likes it when I walk around with him on my shoulder, but that kills my back. I just spent ages walking him to sleep, he was sleeping on me so I started to post here, but he's already awake and crying and struggling.
He doesn't have a temp. doesn't look like in pain. Fed at least every 90 mins. Clean and dry. Never likes just snuggling with me, but I can't put him down.
He might as well be crying it out the amount of good I'm doing. So useless sad

WantAnOrange Tue 08-Jan-13 09:08:55

Sorry Huffle I'm afraid he was not blessed with common sense, love him.

Feeding again. Sorry not to name check anyone. Hope you are all having a better day than me. smile

YompingJo Tue 08-Jan-13 09:42:58

Cherry, poor you it's hard when you can't put them down and they won't sleep. Sounds like my world so can offer you heaps of sympathy. ((hugs)).

Having said that, sleep getting better here, she's getting more in the daytime and seems happier for it. she slept for 7hours last night again. Lovely for her! I automatically woke up at 2 to feed her then spent the next 2hours wondering if her noises and movement meant she was waking up (they didn't and she wasn't) and whether I should just wake her to feed her anyway since I was awake and it might mean she's sleep for longer afterwards. Then I fell asleep and woke up at 7as she did. Then gave her Colief mixed with (what I realised afterwards was) gone-off breastmilk and fed her and promptly ended up covered in all the milk from the feed... both sides. Nice!

Pelvic floor! (just testing, smile4me grin)

First-time, thanks will try those tips next time I use stroller. Huffle, straps probably too loose here too but she's pretty much laid down so we figured she wasn't going to go anywhere.

squidkid Tue 08-Jan-13 09:47:40

Arrgh, so many posts! We are such nobbing chatterboxes. Just to answer 2 quick questions-

shellwedance hey! I haven't had any leaking when running but I do feel very "heavy" sometimes, like things are dropping down, when running, which frankly alarms me. I do a LOT of pelvic floor exercises! I try to do them every time I bf, and any other time I am reminded. Running is unfortunately pretty hard on the pelvic floor. I can only advise to do as many pf exercises as you can bear to, and take it all slowly. I did a lot of walking/running intervals before I got into running proper.

smile and wantanorange thank you so much for cloth nappy reassurance, I just need a bit of handholding I think! Yesterday was a good day with no leaks, and I also went out for a walk, coffee, feed and 2 changes with reusables and no leakage. I will make sure I change every 2 hrs minimum, and I have ordered some bamboo inserts. I am currently using microfibre, so a combo sounds perfect for me to try. thanks!
yomping good luck with it too!

huffle i think i was supposed to have one but ive still not heard anything. have got a physio appt today though
and as for a 6 week check at the doctors i wont even be offered a smear test, because im under 25. regardless of the fact that i have had a child. so ridculous. but thats next week.

cherry i hope your day improves. he will probably go back to normal tomorrow. This too will pass!

squidkid Tue 08-Jan-13 10:01:10

zara with regards to being eco-friendly/pro-natural birth/etc, it doesn't make you a hypocrite at all, giving birth and looking after a baby are just bloody hard work and I think ANYTHING you can do is a bonus, rather than we all "should" be doing certain things. I meant to use my reusable nappies from birth but couldn't get my head around the idea be arsed until 3 months. And as for natural birth, well I had what was on paper a good birth, but I have to say, after 30 fucking hours of labour, I have ABSOLUTE sympathy with anyone who wants an ELCS! (My boyfriend is a big fan of home births now , I think he felt very safe and looked after and liked that he could contribute more than in hospital (making food, tidying etc) and keeps saying how he wants a second kid at home too, and I'm like.. yeah... or I could go to hospital and have an epidural...hmm!!) All this crap is hard enough without the ridiculous guilt trips that come with it.

I know I am an idiot and beat myself up about all sorts of things, but generally not motherhood - it's tough and everyone here is doing their best!

Sorry if that was a bit of a garbled train of thought, but I wish people wouldn't make it a "statement" using cloth nappies or how high and mighty some people can get about bf etc (no one on this thread, but you know the type) - we should all be more supportive of each other!!

oh and RE gunk. dd gets this in her hands, armpits and in her.neck. WTF is it?! its not like she's dirty or anything!!!!

squidkid Tue 08-Jan-13 11:45:21

smileyhappymummy you are amazing for managing to go to work! (let alone babysitting)
I plan to go back part time when I do and am very nervous about it. How do you make the transition from facepainting one day to rushing around the wards on the next (I know you're a GP, but same principle!)? It just seems like it would be very surreal...
Anyway been thinking about you a lot and hope you're not finding it too hard being away from your little one. Finding clothes that fit, aren't covered in vomit, and not promptly leaking milk all over them is an achievement in itself!!!

YompingJo Tue 08-Jan-13 12:00:57

2quick questions: does anyone else worry about damaging their baby by picking them up under the arms? Just seems like a lot of weight for tiny shoulder joints to bear confused.

Also, those who are getting back into running, what sports bras are you using? I went out for a run this morning and had to hold my boobs for most of it, the industrial looking high impact sports bras that I tried on in M&S before buying just couldn't stop the bouncing! I've gone from a C to an E/F so am not used to bouncing at all and I'm sure it's not good.The running was great though, feel so good for having done some proper exercise.

Mini yomping needs to be renamed maxi yomping... 11 and a half weeks and 14lbs 3. My back hurts.

FirstTimeForEverything Tue 08-Jan-13 12:03:29

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

FirstTimeForEverything Tue 08-Jan-13 12:05:34

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

squidkid Tue 08-Jan-13 12:06:20

cheap and excellent - well you're not going to be that size forever are you, so I was reluctant to spend a lot. Hope they have your size.

squidkid Tue 08-Jan-13 12:10:36

I have gone from DD to F and have managed fine with that bra

FjordMor Tue 08-Jan-13 12:56:08

Walked to the health station in the fog this morning & got the vaccinations shock. She seems ok now but very sleepy. Have some liquid paracetamol on standby for tonight as have been told to potentially expect a fever sad. Just kind of want to sit & watch her all day...
She had 2; one was pneumococcal disease & the other was a 5-in-1 for diphtheria, tetanus, whooping cough, polio & Hib. How does that compare with the UK?

Feel better hearing of other sweaty babies. mickey - yes to the gunk but don't know what it is. Was embarrassed at the hospital in the earlier days when they found a roll of gunk in her armpit & said 'you might want to wash this off in the bath...' and gave me that 'what kind of mother are you?' look. I was a bit mortified. I had never spotted it in the bath as her armpits were always clamped down so tight & my 'finger washing' there clearly hadn't been enough to dislodge it blush.

smile that's awful! Can totally understand how upsetting that must have been.

londonmrs - sorry your DH is being a nobber. The days when mine is it makes life seem 100% more stressful.

firsttime nightmare! Sounds like something I'd do! Call it a trial run ;)

Guess I'm mostly so strung out about my post-natal check 'cos my post c-section belly still feels so uncomfortable & I'm supposed to have been re-checked for diabetes after my GD. Paranoid I may still have it & will be a bit devastated if I do.

Smorgs Tue 08-Jan-13 14:06:30

OK going to attempt a proper catch up - DS sleeping, second mammoth nap of the day hmm

Firstly, three cheers for Fjord and your huge catch up! Don't feel guilty for saying how well your DD is sleeping, you had such a hard time at the start you deserve some good times! I keep trying to remember that although Smorglet doesn't sleep through, I have been very lucky that my birth was ok breastfeeding hasn't been too much trouble. Your vaccinations sound similar to France, although they offered us Hep B too which I accepted.

October we have the Phil & Ted's Sport double buggy (planning ahead). Tey don't make that model anymore, it changed to the Explorer and now I think there is a new one, but I can recommend it. Quite heavy and bulky but great if you go off road, which we do a lot. I got it second hand with doubles kit, rain cover and carry cot for about €200 but I think that's because they aren't that popular in France. In the UK I know they hold their value on eBay quite well, so good if you want to sell on afterwards.

Orenishi I wouldn't pay too much attention to your DS's weight, he sounds like mine - quite long and thin. They're all different. Weighing once a week sounds a bit much at this stage, they did that at the start out here but now it's only once a month, and the French are obsessed with weight!

Londonmrss Quel désastre! And French engineers are normally so good wink I know what you mean about that feeling of being away from your child - I went swimming on Saturday and felt bereft the whole hour. Go for it though, I'm sure you will feel good in the end.


elpis laughing at your glasses moment. to be fair, I did stuff like that before pregnancy. I've been trying your fenugreek tea tip to up supply as I felt I wasn't producing enough. Tried to pump the other day and produced nothing, but maybe i wasn't in the right mood? Using old seeds from my spice rack, how long before you see a result usually?

huffle glad your pump has arrived at last.

squidI'm thinking of going to reusable too, the price of nappies out here is shock

zara I'm totally the same, was all pro natural child birth and now rabbit on about amazing epidurals to anyone who will listen.

firsttime sad at your calf

cherry hope your day improved. I've had ones like that, they're the worst. Remember it will only last a day or two and it's just a phase. Sometimes I think they just wake up in a bad mood, like us. I take DS out for a walk when he's like that.

Yomping Can you do a pelvic floor reminder like that every day please?! I agree re. shoulder joint, esp as they are really supple at this age. My cousin dislocated both his daughters shoulders by swinging her round by the arms. He was mortified, but the casualty docs said it was fairly common up to a certain age - she was 3 at the time I think? Anyway, I shouldn't be spreading scare stories sorry! Problem is if I try to pick him up with one hand behind the neck and one under bum I almost drop him.

BoraBora Tue 08-Jan-13 14:09:10

What do you guys do at home with your babies? We've got going for walks down, and we'e started baby pilates and massage this week.

I'm ashamed to admit it but when she's awake I just don't know what to do with her. I coo at her a bit, but that doesn't last to two hours she's awake hmm she's ten weeks now. Not really interested in toys or books.

Please help! I feel like I'm shit at this looking after babies thing hmm

FirstTimeForEverything Tue 08-Jan-13 14:23:41

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

FirstTimeForEverything Tue 08-Jan-13 14:25:00

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Smorgs Tue 08-Jan-13 14:37:03

Ha! Using swingy chair for the first time, big hit. Although it is pink and flowery as inherited from a friend with a girl. He doesn't seem to mind.

So our trip to baby cinema yesterday was interesting. He was the only baby! The rest of the cinema goers were all middle aged, art-house cinema types who did not seem too impressed to see a baby! The lights were totally out so couldn't really see to breastfeed and the sound did not seem to be turned down, luckily it wasn't a very noisy film though. Smorglet started crying a little bit as I bought the ticket and the man said: "You'll have to calm him down before you go in." Which was just the spirit I thought hmm You don't realise how noisy breasfeeding is until you do it while watching a fairly quiet film with a load of non-baby people.

Woke up the other morning as Smorglet was coughing and gurgling awake and thought I would leave him until properly awake, but suddenly his sounds changed and he seemed to be struggling to breath so leapt out of bed, lights on, only to find the blanket was totally covering his head. It was a knitted one my mum made and has lots of little holes in the design, but still he was definitely struggling to breath. It was scary. Anyway, we are now using grobags that were previously too big for him.

I'm also thinking of changing to reusable nappies and have found a company out here who will let you try before you buy, and I think even wash them for you if you pay a bit more? I mainly want to because nappies are so expensive out here, but also for environmental reasons. However can't find definitive answer as to whether they are 'greener'? France incinerates most of its rubbish, so disposables wouldn't go into landfill, but 80% of power is from nuclear, so washing wouldn't be using up fossil fuels, but still good not to use too much energy right? But then the energy and resources used to make the disposables.... gah!

Our bedtime routine currently goes; bath, feed and songs in bedroom with lights low then bounce on the bloody Swiss ball until asleep and put down in Moses basket. However, we are trying to wean off the Swiss ball as it really hurts our backs and want him to learn it's ok to go down in the Moses basket awake and nod off by himself with a bit of rocking. Going ok so far, just bouncing a bit on the ball until he is calm/almost asleep and then transfer to basket.

Anyone else noticed foods are getting shorter? Before they could last 40 minutes sometimes, but now he's often done in 10.

And lastly, I need my wisdom teeth out. If I have a GA will I need to pump and dump? Anyone had experience of having them out under local?

squidkid Tue 08-Jan-13 14:37:56

hey bora i remember feeling exactly like that a few weeks ago! it helps when their feeding/napping gets more predictable.

i usually do 2 "playtime" sessions a day about an hour each. I put her on the sheepskin rug i have and strip her down to her nappy. I tickle, massage, etc. We do tummy time. I hold her up to the mirror she loves that (arrogant! grin) I put on music and sing her songs (this is her favourite even though i have awful singing voice). I help her to feel different textures etc with baby books. I talk to her and kiss her a lot (she opens her mouth as if to kiss me back, it's so cute). Er... that's about it. I kind of made all that up.

If i'm too tired or need to do other bits or drink tea I put her in bouncy chair or play gym and these days when fed and rested she's happy there for 30-40 mins.

hope some of that helps! I find putting her on the rug and deciding it's playtime makes me feel less stupid, lol

Smorgs Tue 08-Jan-13 14:41:14

BoraBora Yes sometimes I struggle to know what to do. I don't want him to feel abandoned on the playmat, so tend to shake the toys for him, tickle, kiss etc. I also sing a lot of nursery rhymes to him - pattacake pattacake, row row row your boat, twinkle twinkle, Frere Jaques... and a weird song my big sis used to sing to be about prunes being wrinkled?!

Thanks Yomping, I know I really shouldn't complain when others have to deal with it every day and he's normally quite easy-going - sorry. It just goes to show, I would never be able to cope if my baby had colic or something shock (fingers crossed, touch wood, god forbid etc. etc. grin)
And DH and I were just talking yesterday about the armpit thing (Great minds). It doesn't seem to bother DS, but does seem a bit wrong. Often no other way to do it though.

Speaking of armpits, I have yet to find any scum under there, because I've never really looked tbh. I shall go on a bit of an expedition tomorrow, I think.

My day didn't get better Smorgs, but it's over now and he is passed out in bed. Tomorrow's another day!
Pelvic floor!

One good thing about today - my M&S delivery came. Loads of cute clothes for DS. But their sizes are huuuuuge! He'll be wearing winter clothes in August at this rate.

Fjord, Jabs here are Hib, pneumococcus, BCG, hep B and then diphtheria, polio, pertussis, tetanus as a 4 in 1. They also offer Rota virus (sp?) which I think is unnecessary, but DH wants it costs a fortune

Bora on a good day DS spends a lot of time on his baby gym, he loves it. Other than that I put him on my legs and chat to him a lot, sing nursery rhymes with actions and make up most of it cos I've forgotten. If that doesn't take him to nap/next feed we might put music TV or the iPod on and have a bit of a dance! I read to him too, but have to do that while he's feeding because he doesn't like to sit quietly. If that's not enough, I feed early! wink

I can't go to the gym either Livvy, or for a run or a swim as I also have no one to babysit.sad Could do weekends, but that's not really enough and I'd rather spend it as family time. I don't know what I'm going to do.

Soooo jealous of all your baby massage, yoga, Pilates, cinema etc. they have NOTHING here.
I did find some mum & baby yoga (miles away), but it costs about £25 an hour!!! Is this normal?
Baby swimming doesn't start til 6 months at my pool hmm.
I think I'm going to write to the cinemas and suggest baby-friendly showings, because none of them do it. I might start a petition grin
But I AM finally going to the mothers' group on Saturday.

Really sorry about your poor calf Smile sad

BoraBora Tue 08-Jan-13 15:00:35

Thank you, that is helpful. I guess we don't have any structure so it throws me a bit! I'm fine with the "practical" stuff, but I feel I need to entertain her all the time. I'm sure that's silly though as ill probably end up overstimulating her! I also feel guilty when I'm not prancing around in front of her! Gah!

Squid, DS loves kisses, and "kisses" me back by opening his mouth too! Sooo cute, our favorite game!

BoraBora Tue 08-Jan-13 15:02:43

Wow Cherry! My baby Pilates class is £6 per hour, and that's in rip off London!

I could cry Bora

BoraBora Tue 08-Jan-13 15:27:40

Where are you again? You can probably find YouTube videos to do it at home, but it's not the same as getting out and talking to real people. That was my NY resolution, to make sure I got out every day.

BoraBora Tue 08-Jan-13 16:01:57

Also, having to get the tube and train tomorrow for the first time with the sling. Am SHITTING it.

Londonmrss Tue 08-Jan-13 16:49:07

bora, I just chat to her all day. I explain everything that I'm doing. today I'm wearing a woolly jumper and so I told her how we get wool from sheep and also meat and milk and how the sheep live on the farm, and how sheep milk is there to feed their babies like she has my milk, but we make cheese from their milk and we don't make cheese from mummy's milk blah blah blah. she does 'chat' back. I think her first words are going to be 'shut the hell UP mum!'

BoraBora Tue 08-Jan-13 16:59:49

London, and when you're chatting to her are you just carrying her around with you?

I can do the chatting thing but seem up run out of material after about 10 minutes, or I feel silly and we end up sitting, looking t each other...

Londonmrss Tue 08-Jan-13 17:17:55

Either that, or stick her on a chair (we've got the stokke one) or even just put her on the bed / floor and sit next to her. Sometimes I carry her around each room talking 'this is the kitchen where we cook, this is the toilet where we do poos' etc or show her photos of our families and friends or our holidays, telling her about all the people and where they live etc.
It's just waffle to fill the silence really- I'm not a singer and I don't really know any baby songs. My friend told me off for singing John Lennon's Imagine to her. He said I was trying to turn her into a communist. So what if I am?

Londonmrss Tue 08-Jan-13 17:19:45

It's also because she's apparently likely to be a very late starter with speaking because she'll be bilingual so I figure the more exposure to language, the better.

that was the most pointless "physio" ever. there was no actual therapy involved?!!!
physio: so... any problems with your bowels?
me: no
physio: any pelvic or back pain?
me: just a bit of back pain really...
physio: are you breastfeeding?
me: yes?
physio: ok your fine, off you go!!!

so this third degree tear business counts for nothing? not once did she mention the words pelvic floor exercises (i also squeeze every time i see those words!!!) and even though the ENTIRE physio department was devoid of patients, my appointment was still 10 mins late. grr!

FjordMor Tue 08-Jan-13 17:26:04

'She's sleeping now' (© Dr Quinn, Medicine Woman) grin Must stop worrying...they said at the apotek to give '2 and a half ml' of liquid paracetamol if she gets a fever. Isn't that like less that a teardrop or something??

bora - I try to have her on the playmat (where she goes a bit bonkers 'air-running' and hits stuff manically) for up to 45 mins a day. Basically I try to keep her with me 'cos she's a social baby. I have a Tripp Trapp with a baby seat attachment I take her in that or the bouncer to whatever room I'm in/at my desk and whatever I'm doing, I try to talk to her, tell her what stuff is, interact, goof around...I also sing little songs and often try to put her name in the lyrics or just make silly songs up if the bottom lip starts wobbling...she's never more content than when she's had trips out in the car or pram though - new stuff to try to look at and people to charm! smile

Smorgs - Right back atcha on the heroic catch up! smile I also thought I would 'go green' with nappies before DD was born. However, being in Norway puts a different complexion on a lot of things. For starters, all the electricity here is renewable hydro-electricity from the many many waterfalls littered all over this land. Secondly, disposable nappies are very cheap here - about £1.40 for 36 and at least 50% of the brands are swan-marked and almost 100% biodegradable with little or no plasticised components (as far as I can see). This was great news to me as I would never have coped with all the laundering required in the early days and DD's poo is staining quite a lot of things, even with Vanish shock.

Wisdom teeth wise, I had 2 upper ones out and local and found it fine. I hardly felt most of the injections. The only not so nice one is in your palette but that's over in a second. Once anaesthetised, each tooth extraction took about 60 seconds and I wouldn't even know it had happened. The 24 hours afterwards can be a little uncomfortable (I needed to constantly rinse with Absolut!) but altogether not at all bad - not really much different from a normal tooth extraction.

We have baby cinema here in Stavanger but I haven't tried it yet. It's strictly only for parents with small children and the lights are definitely more up and the volume quieter. Think it's the only way I'm going to get to see the Hobbit so may try it out tomorrow or next week. If I time it right I won't have to feed DD anyway. Have a feeling she might get bored in a carrycot though so I would probably watch most of it pacing up and down the aisle hmm.

FirstTimeForEverything Tue 08-Jan-13 17:28:46

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

FjordMor Tue 08-Jan-13 17:31:16

ooh cross-posted with LondonMrs - much the same here really and DD's going to be bi-lingual too. Try not to feel silly if it's just you and her smile. She'll never think you're a prat. For now, you're her idol! smile Another thing baby Fjord loves is looking at photos, especially of herself, other babies and family on the iPhone. She gets so excited she has even been known to flick the screen across herself with her hand! (I have video evidence of this...)

YompingJo Tue 08-Jan-13 17:34:12

Living the pelvic floor reminders! They really help!

Cherry, what I was -- clumsily-- trying to do there was be supportive - which I'm a bit shit at to be honest, need more practice. It's hard to have days like that whether continual or one off, in fact probably harder if one offs because they are unexpected and you're not used to them and so not prepared for them either. Sorry if I sounded like a nobber!

Who asked if others' feeds are getting shorter? it's the opposite here, used to be done in 10 mins and can now take up to an hour as my supply is settling down a bit.

I'm off to part one of my 8-part "Help, I'm dysfunctional" workshop tonight. Mixed feelings. I get a mini book and homework each session. The sessions are meant to be practical and skills-based. These things are good. But... the leaflet says they are fun. This fills me with fear. I don't want to interact with other people, or think of twenty green things or introduce myself with 2 facts and a lie or any of that rubbish that I make my new class do at the start of every academic year. I'm not laid back enough to have fun at this sort of thing ffs, why do they think I'm there in the first place? confused Anyway, PMA and all that, if it helps me be calmer and more patient and less frustrated and less angry and ultimately happier in myself then that's great.

FjordMor Tue 08-Jan-13 17:36:23

<*Realises is using 'dormant baby' time to sit on interweb*>

<*runs off to bake cookies smile*>

FjordMor Tue 08-Jan-13 17:37:05

<*baby cries sad*>

BoraBora Tue 08-Jan-13 17:41:27

Fjord, 2.5ml is half a teaspoon. Most pharmacies will give you a plastic syringe if you're anal and want to measure.

Ooh, bilingual babies! What is the other language London? I'm guessing Norwegian for miniFjord. My dad's Cuban and I lament the fact that I don't speak Spanish hmm

BoraBora Tue 08-Jan-13 17:45:53

Balls. I have my physio appointment for my 3b tear tomorrow. Didn't occur to me that there might be an internal?!! AND I have to get on the stupid train and stupid tube with the baby. WAAAAAHHHHH!

Londonmrss Tue 08-Jan-13 18:08:02

hubby is French bora

FirstTimeForEverything Tue 08-Jan-13 18:11:02

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

FirstTimeForEverything Tue 08-Jan-13 18:15:41

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Orenishii Tue 08-Jan-13 18:57:30

Bora you'll be fine on the tube! The sling is the best thing for it. I went from Beckenham junction to West Hampstead on the overground, then back to Victoria on the Jubilee line - my biggest fear was the escalator - I was looking suspiciously at everyone behind me, giving them looks that said "DO NOT TOPPLE AND FALL ON MY PRECIOUS BABY!"

But it was fine, people didn't elbow me or rush past like they did when i was pregnant, and I always got a seat smile Much easier than I anticipated. In fact, I am much more fearful of being outside with DS once it gets dark, even if it's 4pm, than the tube. Curse you, short winter days!

Re speaking to your baby - I try to talk a lot but mostly end up just saying hello over and over hmm I don't think I do enough play-matting or tummy time. Another thing to feel guilty about.

We too had good intentions of reusuable nappies - we had a whole pack of terry cloths, the bin, these natural nuts to disinfect them with etc etc. But like the hopes of a home - and natural - birth, it all went down the pan. We did it a few times but they look MASSIVE! So bulky. I dunno - I feel very guilty about the landfill contribution but I literally cannot cope with them right now.

Totally, totally get the "now what do we do" sensation. I try to get out every day, even if it's just a wander around the charity shops. We've swum a few times, done yoga, stuff like that. Then I attempt to sort out the chaos that is out flat.

DS had his check up today. Total nightmare. Forgot his red book, was sent home to get it, all under the pressure of knowing I was cocking up other peoples' appointments even though the GP is ALWAYS running late. The usual conversation about weight - so bloody sick of it now. It's such a non-issue that they seem determined to turn into an issue. Smorgs you're totally right about our babies being long and thin - why do they seem so determined to make it an issue?? Then the cross-examination about vaccinations and our plans. And it's just days like this, i feel like giving up!

Cherry, Squid DS does that too! And mirrors too - haha - the other night he was smiling very coquettishly at himself, then laughing and burying his head in my shoulder, then repeat again. He was literally flirting with himself!

Londonmrss Tue 08-Jan-13 19:00:30

Oren, that was my problem with the reusables too. They were so bulky she could hardly move. A friend of mine blames bulky reusable nappies for the fact that her son never crawled and didn't walk till he was almost 2. Almost certainly bollocks but she insists.


Orenishii Tue 08-Jan-13 19:35:55


I have to stop my wee mid flow - a good way to build up the muscle strength apparently.

Re your friend:apparently some babies bypass crawling, and go straight to walking. they just scooch along on their bottoms!

smile4me Tue 08-Jan-13 20:11:18

sorry to hear you had such a shite day yesterday cherry, hope he's settled a bit now. grrrr I hate those kinda days... always end up saying loudly what the hell is wrong? to a baby who can't answer, trying everything then it magically resolves when I give her to DH!

Thanks for sympathy over my poor calf smorgs cherry fjord. Cows are smarter than we think and her mates are looking for her this morning sad. ahhh well they'll forget by tomorrow. I don't quite know how it got onto the topic but the guy who hit her told DH that his daughter will still only go to sleep on him or his wife... and she's 7 YEARS old shock I think I'll be making more of an effort to put DD down awake from now on confused

Yay for no leaks with your cloth nappies squid smile. We got heaps for a while then I figured out it was cos they were too small and all stopped when I went up a size! And thanks for the running tips too. Sounds like C25K is the way to go!

bora IKWYM about not always knowing what to do with bubba when awake too! I lie her on a towel (catches the spew) and if she's in a happy mood tickle her, kiss her, play tongue poking games, sing a few off key nursery rhmes and read books. If I want to get stuff done i leave her there with a couple of toys to shove in her mouth and she's happy for quite a while! But her favourite thing ever was at a kids party yesterday... her 4yo cousin read, played music and showed her toys and she was delighted. So go borrow a toddler (someone had one to give away yesterday grin )

grin at your day out first sort of thing I would do too!

Woohoo on all the pelvic floor (squeeze) reminders... at this rate we'll be super strength in no time grin

funchum8am Tue 08-Jan-13 20:23:33

I am just starting on reusable a properly after finding them waaaay too bulky until now. I got a set of 20 little lambs nappies with all the inserts, boosters and wraps for £60 second hand on eBay but they were too big and leaked and just swamped babyfunch at first. we were also given loads of size 1 disposables by friends who hadn't used them up so got through them first. I used the nappy lady enquiry form on her website to ask why the little lambs leaked so badly and she said their wraps are rubbish and to try Motherease Rikki wraps with the LL nappies instead. She was dead right, they have not leaked since and we are saving a fair bit of money.

RE the Eco side of things I am getting asked about that by NCT group friends - my answer goes along the lines of: generally I believe that the energy crisis is going to get fixed for the UK before the landfill crisis, therefore I am less worried about the energy used in washing the nappies which I suspect I do in fewer and larger loads than more house proud mums could tolerate than I am about adding to landfill. And now I would probably very happily just use disposables if I hadn't invested 60 quid in the Little Lambs, now that I know how stressful having a baby to care for is!! I am with you there Orenishii!

Well done smiley for returning to work, I am back to teaching in 6 weeks and though it is earlier than most it feels right for me and I know babyfunch will be fine with the childcare arranged (DH but with six more weeks' training from me!)

Beccus Tue 08-Jan-13 20:50:59

confession - i am a physio & i am rubbish at doing my pelvic floor ex's - u guys r so motivated & put me to shame. mickey, that sounds like a bit of a rubbish assessment. would have thought u'd be offered an internal if u have incontinence or prolapse. orienishi, it's ok to figure out where the pelvic floor muscles r by stopping the flow of urine, but best not to ec's this way as can create probs with your bladder. cherry, glad u survived your sh1tty day - u sounded really down and u r normally so chipper. bora, i was feeling the same about not.knowing what to do with babybeccus at home. much better now we go out more- she loves looking out from the pram & people watching in cafes. when at home we chat, read stories, do baby massage, tummy time, play gyn and bouncy chair and change mat kick time. londonmrs, orienshi & elpis, please remember to check your private messages smile

Orenishii Tue 08-Jan-13 21:00:23

Beccus thanks, I wondered if that woud be the case re stopping mid flow.

hufflepuffle Tue 08-Jan-13 21:57:44

Ooof. So many messages. I think I am having déjà vu......

In antenatal threads I got myself annoyed cos just as u all started maternity leave and got lots more time to selves my work went boogaloo and stress levels up. I could never keep up and only ever came on to question or rant!!!

Well now you are mostly getting settled with babies, thankfully and getting more time to post. Great stuff!!

Well I'm having work issues again and struggling to keep up. I need the sanity of your company and will keep reading!! Back to work in spprox 6 weeks and lots to do with recruitment before then.

So please excuse and forgive me if I just randomly appear!!!

Can I tell you all some good news quietly (so they don't hear and change minds????) My boobs feel ok. Actually they feel great. Bubs is 12 weeks tmrw and I have been pain free and normal looking for nearly a week....... And dare I say it????...... I am enjoying BF. Who would have thought it???

Thank you all for getting me this far, BF encouragers, you know who u are........ X x x

hufflepuffle Tue 08-Jan-13 22:04:37

Oh and Fjord keep meaning to respond. Don't let my whinging put you off self employment. It is wonderful in so many ways. It's the being an employer which turns a lovely day inside out!!! Stick to yourself if you can, no one better to work with!!!!

Londonmrss Tue 08-Jan-13 22:23:00

that's great news about the boobs huffle. well bloody done for persevering < runs away before huffle's boobs hear and decide to spontaneously combust>

smile4me Tue 08-Jan-13 22:25:12

I've just noticed DD has a flat bit over her fontanelle (I swear I haven't dropped her on her head yet grin) and it moves up and down when she breathes. Is this normal???

funchum My washing pile would also shock any houseproud mother! I tried washing nappies every day but got sick of that after 3 days and bought more second hand nappies and a bigger bucket!

Elpis Tue 08-Jan-13 22:46:57

Londonmrss - DD was bilingual for a time, as her nanny spoke French with the kids four days a week. I don't think it held back her fluency in either language. She first spoke at nine months ('Row der boat!') My in-laws made a conscious decision not to speak German with DH as in the 70s people thought bilingualism did delay development. He turned out to be an exceptionally late talker anyway and regrets the fact his German is basic.

Cherrychopsticks - Can you find a swimming buddy to go with? When DD was small I used to meet a friend at the lido and we'd swim a few lengths each while supervising each other's babies. It wasn't hardcore exercise but it was much better than nothing! Currently trying to find someone who wants to do this at Parliament Hill Lido from around April onwards. I actually like cold water - well, 14c upwards...

hufflepuffle - So glad to hear bfing becoming enjoyable. I used to love DD's two-hour afternoon nap when she fed herself to sleep and I drifted off too... Those were the days.

Elpis Tue 08-Jan-13 22:59:14

Smile4me - perfectly normal. Fontanelle closes after a while. Quite eerie until then.

BoraBora - I take the tube a lot with the BabyBjorn. (Really looking forward to switching to the Ergo when DS is four months, as the BB has no hip/waist support. The shoulder straps make me ache now he's more than 7kg.) My biggest fear is tumbling down a long escalator, so I take lifts when I can, but it's always been fine. I did fall over a dodgy bit of pavement after picking DD up from preschool today and fell on my hands and knees - your instinct to protect their heads kicks in very, very fast in these situations, and I managed to press DS against my boobs. He cried a little but not for long. Poor thing. When we got home Nurse DD disinfected my wounds and applied plasters.

Someone asked about fenugreek tea. I think Kellymom has a page about it. I drink around three cups a day if I'm fretting about supply, and it generally takes around 24-48h to work - if it does: effect may be psychosomatic, or just normal fluctuations in DS' feeding patterns. If you drink a lot of it you begin to smell of maple syrup. But there are worse things to smell of. I'm sure 'Jo Malone Maple and Milk' would be a huge success.

YompingJo Tue 08-Jan-13 22:59:26

Huffle, I'm doing a little celebration dance for you and your normal boobs! You are amazing for sticking with it through all the problems. I picture you as a kind of Amazon woman, because of your determination in the face of boob problems as well as your amazing pushing out of baby Huffle when he was stuck. You are an inspiration xx

YompingJo Tue 08-Jan-13 23:01:46

Is fenugreek aniseedy in taste or am I getting it confused with something else?

Oh no, Yomping, you really were kind and supportive! It's just your kindness and supportiveness made me realise I was being a bit pathetic after just one bad day - not your intention I know. smile
How was the group? I hate all those stupid activities too, just want to shout "I'm an introvert!!" Good luck with it all.

I'm in Japan Bora and that seems to be a fairly standard price here. hmm

Great idea Elpis! I shall ask around. Unfortunately I don't know many people with kids, but maybe a friend of a friend.

DS slept for 8 hours last night!!!! Then fed, then slept for another 3. So nightmare day was good for something. But to be honest, I'd prefer at least one good day time nap to the extra couple of hours at night. confused we were getting up to 6 hours, plus the 2 hour super nap before.

Congrats on the boobs Huffle! I really enjoy BF, so glad you can too now. smile

Yikes Elpis, hope you're ok after your fall. Must have been scary, but you always sound so calm. Good job Nurse DD!

Elpis Tue 08-Jan-13 23:21:55

You might be confusing it with fennel, yomping - also good for supply, I think. Fenugreek more like... Hmm... curry leaves crossed with hazelnuts, maybe.

londonlivvy Wed 09-Jan-13 02:51:44

gah. why won't DD sleep longer at night? she once slept from the 1030 feed til five but now is back to waking at 230 or 3. every. bloody. night. she's 10 weeks old FFS. I had really really thought we'd be doing longer stretches by now.

I do all the advised stuff of getting up at 7am each day to get calories in during the day. I ensure difference between night time and day time feeds. I limit sleeping during the day.

I feel like I should be doing more of the shush patting when she wakes so as to lengthen the time before the feed but I'm so tired and standing by her cot for an hour wont help with that.


on the plus side, she does settle more easily in her cot now.

Smorgs Wed 09-Jan-13 05:58:44

livvy my sympathies. I'm currently on 3rd feed of the night. He went down at 7.30-8ish (took a few attempts this evening oddly, he usually goes down with a bit of a struggle but once he's asleep that's it) then woke just after 2am, then 4am and now up again just before 7am. Not entirely sure he's hungry each time but as you say, too tired and he seems to feed well. But wonder if the feed is waking him, sounds like he has a bit of reflux again?

funchum8am Wed 09-Jan-13 06:00:43

livvy we have the same night issues (she is 13 wks). Plus she thinks 4am is morning - today is the first day that has not happened! I started to be strict with 7am get up and a feeding and napping schedule yesterday but not convinced the two are linked! She was just extremely sleepy all day, probably because she was at the cm the day before. I agree that toddlers are fab baby entertainers, the othe kids at the cm love playing with her!
If I crack night sleep I will share my methods but for now 3 feeds feels like progress, it was that bad before!

londonlivvy Wed 09-Jan-13 06:10:23

so glad im not the only one. more ridiculously I got her down at four and haven't been ablw to sleep. I'm stressing about lack of sleep, lack of a clue how to get sleep to improve and lack of friends to take my mind off it. I haven't bonded with my nct group and the mother and baby groups haven't got any other mums with babies this young.

then dd woke 515 and 530. I put dummy in and put lullabies on and it seems quiet for now. But I have to get up in 40 mins so barely worth sleeping even if I could. so miserable. so tired.

MIl has gone and I'm feeling very gloomy. no more help til she comes back in May. sigh.

sorry so me me me.

this HAS to get easier eventually. I just hoped it'd be sooner

hufflepuffle Wed 09-Jan-13 06:46:31

2 shocking things to report.
1. After feed last night put DS in basket as was calm, expecting him to want lifted after half hour as usual. He fell asleep after half hour.
This has never EVER happened.

2. He slept without waking til now. 8hrs 20 mins.

I don't know who this baby is and I don't expect him to stay but hr could teach mine a few lessons.

Have faith ladies, the odd night might happen!!

On the down side back so sore had to wake DH to lift him. First physio can see me I'd tmrw night. Fun day ahead.

Londonmrss Wed 09-Jan-13 07:21:12

livvy similar here. we were getting one six hour block every night, but that seems to have gone. now she goes down at 8 pm for about an hour nap. then I bathe her, give massage and she's asleep again by 10.30 pm. then she wakes at 3 am them again at 6 am and then is ready to play at 7 am. our daytime routine is so good and she self settles for every nap, every 2 hours like clockwork. don't know what I'm doing wrong or what has changed. I've tried keeping her up longer in the evening or keeping her also more on the evening, feeding more in eve etc- nothing makes any difference.

I just have to assume it will get better and remember that 4 weeks ago she'd never slept longer than 2-3 hours in one go.

FirstTimeForEverything Wed 09-Jan-13 07:25:16

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Orenishii Wed 09-Jan-13 07:48:49

Ds has also started waking in the night again - usually around three am. He's ten weeks also. I don't think it's anything that we are doing wrong as such. I tend to be much more relaxed about sleep and lack of it and routines at , than I am about breast feeding. I just can't shake the feeling I'm doing something wrong and It's not to let it get me down. I also read the Kelly mom piece on fenugreek so will def

Orenishii Wed 09-Jan-13 07:53:38

Gah posted too soon!

huffle I too post periodically, I can't keep up with this thread and it's a constant source of feeling inadequate with all these prolific posters, hahaha! I'm attempting to set up my own business before I have to go back to work so between that and ds, time is in short supply. I used to be so prolific on message boards...what happened!?

Woolybob Wed 09-Jan-13 08:05:32

londonmrss do you think maybe she keeps waking as she's too busy plotting the downfall of the capitalist scum?? Viva la revolution, comrades! <googles baby berets> wink

Seriously sympathies to the sleep deprived and well done to baby huffle paving the way! We are 14 weeks tomorrow and there is still no sign of a consistant sleeping pattern but it is manageable and we get the occasional 6 hour stretch. I've read a lot depends on baby's weight so I've sort of resigned myself to the fact that as baby wooly is slight I'll just have to wait a bit longer for consistant long sleeps. On the plus side things are gradually improving all the time, going generally slightly longer and getting easier to settle when she does wake. I feed her everytime she wakes, I've given up worrying about that too. I'm fed up of the doubt and guilt if it's working and keeps up both sane and happy stuff it. grin

Londonmrss Wed 09-Jan-13 08:11:27

grin grin grin wooly. the squeaks and squawks must have been her reciting Marx's manifesto! I thought it was just wind. my child must be a genius!!!

hufflepuffle Wed 09-Jan-13 08:17:16

Just something to throw in the mix! At class yesterday chat was that advice has changed again and intro of solids should be at 4 months again????? I have not heard this!! I am busy battling family members telling them DS is breast milk until 6 months then weaning begins.

Just used ameda pump. Wow. Anyone still to buy, it is great. Complete control over speed and suction so you can go with your own let downs. And I should know, tis my third pump........!

Tho took 4oz out, boob still half full, DS woke 10 mins after and is now feeding on same boob!! Must be careful!

Good luck Orenishii with business. You are in software / web stuff I think?? (techie huffle........) Does this mean you can work from home? Aaah, great move. I wish you sincere luck and motivation!! X

FirstTimeForEverything Wed 09-Jan-13 08:28:03

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Orenishii Wed 09-Jan-13 08:59:51

huffle I have that pump! It's awesome - you can match the pump to your baby's sucking, and it "remembers" it!

And thank you for the good luck and motivation - certainly the motivation is very much needed! I'm in webby stuffs and digital marketing so yes, ideally would be from home, at random times of the day. Oh keep meaning to mention - for anyone else who can do random things, at random times, [[http://www.peopleperhour.com/dashboard ]]PeopleperHour is a great site to bid for freelance jobs! What's your business in, Huffle?

Londonmrs definitely hear you on the done with the worry and guilt! Whatever gets you through the day, right? I am so completely over the GP, the HVs, the feeding thing, the EVERYTHING! Now must, you know, actually stop worrying.

Orenishii Wed 09-Jan-13 09:01:03

Hahahahha oh god, not exactly a good example of my tech skills - I can't even link properly!


Londonmrss Wed 09-Jan-13 09:41:06

I just did 100 sit-ups.
And then rewarded myself with a chocolate croissant.
Hashtag what a nobber.

Smorgs Wed 09-Jan-13 09:56:20

Gah blasted child napping for an hour and a half now and still going strong! Is this where I am going wrong? Can't bear to wake him up.

huffle my SIL started her DD on solids at 4 months. Apparently her health visitor said it was fine if the baby was hungry enough? Here they say you can introduce pureed fruit, vegetables, potatoes, meat/fish and infant cereals (without gluten) from 5 months, yoghurt from 6 months.

Was the croissant worth the sit ups London?! grin
I've just ordered 30 day Shred...that's got to be worth a pizza.

DS has been an angel today, even though I think he has a sore throat - his voice is a bit hoarse.
In fact, we had our first chuckles! smile 'twas the oinking like a pig what done it!

londonmrss grin at your chocolate crossiant eating!! that sounds like the kind of thing i would do too.
sympathies to those who did not get alot of sleep last night. we didnt get a fantastic amounr either.. but still managed to get a four hour block so i cant moan too much.
i have no routine in the day whatsoever confused is this a bad thing? she still sleeps alot to be perfectly honest but its never clockwork.. hmmm.
got a friend coming at 11 today. im currently half naked feeding DD, with no signs of stopping for a while. Joy.

oh and can anyone tell me the rest of this nursery rhyme!?
pattacake pattacake
bakers man
bake me a cake
as fast as you can....

hufflepuffle Wed 09-Jan-13 10:40:25

Pat it and prick it
And mark it with B
And put it in the oven for baby and me!

Makes more sense than most of them........

hufflepuffle Wed 09-Jan-13 10:59:14

Can I ask anyone's experience of expressing for slightly older babies?? Ive looked at various calculators to work out how much baby needs based on number of feeds or weight. Some variation but for sake if argument, 3.5-4.5 oz. with breast milk this apparently doesn't change much with age.

So why do I see babies with massive 7-8 oz bottles?? Is it totally different with formula?

Don't want to over feed him for comfort when I'm back at work and also, so much expressing would be needed to make 7 oz bottles......!!!

Me, me me........ grin

FjordMor Wed 09-Jan-13 12:13:26

huffle - don't work in ounces, sorry but it all depends how many feeds a day the baby is having. With bottle feeding it's easier to give them more spread over less feeds if they want that. Baby Fjord takes a litre or so spread over 4.5-5 feeds per day. 240ml per feed isn't rare. I think it works out as 7.5-8 oz per feed. Usually part breast then bottle to top up but if we're out it's all from a bottle. I take whatever I've expressed in a bottle & a carton of formula to top up after (you're not supposed to mix apparently).

Also huffle, I posted a day or 2 ago about the official guidelines in Norway now being 4.5 months for solids introduction. My doctor yesterday explained that this is just the odd 'taste' of different foods with the full wean still recommended at 6 months. There has been some major study apparently that shows babies who don't 'taste' different foods before 6 months end up being much fussier eaters and introducing foods at 4.5 months usually made for a baby more laid back about trying & eating different things.

Hi everyone else! Check in later. In mad hurry post feed...smile

crazypaving Wed 09-Jan-13 12:27:24

huffle check out Kellymom - there's a handy calculator on the website. I have the ameda pump too and love it - used it with ds1until we stopped bfing when I got pg.

ds2's having a weird day where he's refusing to feed. he does this every now and then and it's not exactly going to help our cause on Friday when we go to see the doctor for his check and I have a defend my decision not to get his tongue tie cut. gah contrary child. I was so expecting to have another massive baby who fed constantly - ds1 was enormous and fed 2hourly round the clock until he was over 7 months old. where did this scrawny milk refuser come from? he was bigger than ds1 at birth too, which makes it more confusing.

on that note, livvy I wanted to say I don't think your nights are abnormal in any way. it may just be something you have to grit your teeth and ride out.

we're flying away on hols on Saturday. kind of excited, kind of stressing about unsettling both boys. going to stay with my dad on the continent who lives in quite a noisy flat. ho hum.

and definitely planning on waiting til 6m for solids! I'm a big fan of baby led weaning so we'll be doing that again - not really possible before 6m!

Thankyou Huffle!!! I've been trying to work out the rest of it all week angry

crazypaving Wed 09-Jan-13 12:32:08

x-posted with fjord hmm that's interesting about tastes. I wonder what the evidence is like. I'm dubious cos ds1 ate everything with gusto until he hit one, then got a bit fussy, them improved until recently he's become fussy again. honestly I can't see how giving him a few bits and bobs before 6m could've changed that pattern? I think his issue now is about control, and the blip at a year was something to do with the developing sense of taste. or something. grin all sciencey, me

Elpis Wed 09-Jan-13 13:02:44

I'm with crazypaving - no need to start solids before 6mo. In fact their digestion isn't really set up for anything except milk until then. Solids don't fill them up at that stage, so there's really nothing to be gained from the oh-so-tedious pureeing and squirting fruit purée into their mouths. Never understood why people are so keen to do it early.

I would, though, recommend to all you ladies that you start giving them vitamin D drops from 6mo onwards. The link between vit D deficiency and MS is now pretty strong, and other diseases are implicated too. (Removes stern hat)

OctoberOctober Wed 09-Jan-13 13:29:50

yomping I am using m&s and shock absorber bras for running.

Trying to find some sort of mummy and baby yoga classes, what do you do at them, are babies doing any moves(with assistance obv!) or ate they just 'there'?

hufflepuffle Wed 09-Jan-13 13:38:01

Thanks peeps for responses on weaning age. I'm hoping for the baby led weaning route, give them the food and see what they do with it! And in no hurry either. Will see how it goes. Don't want a fussy eater, who knows if age influences this?!

Thanks fjord for your bottle info. I guess my confusion is that DS still has 7-9 feeds per day. Makes sense to have 7oz plus if 4-5.

DS is asleep in pram on front path........ I live in v quiet cul de sac with lots of oldies but I hav been hovering by front door for over an hour! Back of house has no sun and bloody freezing!

Cannot relax, going to bring him in. Bet he wakes instantly or bloody phone goes!

To be pefectly honest I was just going to start weaning when it seems that boobies arent enough. Is that what baby led weaning is? God i have no knowledge. I might give her chunks of cold cucumber after 6 months for her to chow down on for teething... Or is that bad?

Londonmrss Wed 09-Jan-13 14:22:59

would someone cleverer than me please explain what baby led weaning is? is it where you just plonk food in front of them and let them play and smell and taste rather than pureeing so it's a bit more sensory? or have I totally got the wrong end of the stick? can you combine both types of weaning? am I a complete idiot for not knowing anything?

crazypaving Wed 09-Jan-13 14:38:39

London am on phone so can't link, but there's a whole website dedicated to baby led weaning. there's also a book, but if you're interested get the cookbook cos it gives you all the info you need.

it basically is the idea that you don't need to feed babies yourself or puree food - if you start when they're ready, ie able to sit unsupported and bring things to their mouths - they can do all the hard work. it means they eat at their own pace and take as much as they need rather than eating too much too soon. they can gag a lot, which can be nerve-wracking, so I'd go on an infant resus course if you're interested so you know the difference between gagging and choking. actually, I'd go on an infant resus course regardless cos it's really important!!

it's messy (I had no idea how much mess a baby can make with a single piece of broccoli!) but not pureeing food is a total result! just cook what you're having so it's soft and with no salt.

hope that made sense. on phone typing left handed...

BoraBora Wed 09-Jan-13 15:02:31

So, had my physio appointment today. She said that I shouldn't be running for at least 6 more weeks, even though my PELVIC FLOOR is in very good shape.

Don't know what to do. I'm sick of contradictory advice all the time!

hufflepuffle Wed 09-Jan-13 15:21:45

Londonmrss I'd never heard of either until this lot were discussing on antenatal thread. And your description is how I understand it too!! Makes sense to me! I did buy said book at time and have no idea where I put it.......

YompingJo Wed 09-Jan-13 15:57:27

Bora, did she say why?

Woolybob Wed 09-Jan-13 16:13:19

october I went to a baby yoga class, it was mainly songs with movements for baby, like grand old duke of York while moving her legs like shes marching (laid down obv). Also some stretches for us while baby watched... It was really good actually and gave me some ideas of things to do with her at home which is always good.

Interesting about the baby led weaning, I always thought that just meant waiting until they seem interested in food. Think I read somewhere if waiting till after 6 months you should also give iron suppliments as well as vit d. Don't know if anyone else heard this? A lady at one of me mum and baby groups was ref to hospital for something else entirely with her 4mo and was told she should wean then so there is a lot of confusing info out there. Our children's centre does a weaning thing once a month so will try and get to that at some point I think, 6 months is gonna come round awful quick...grin

Orenishii Wed 09-Jan-13 16:44:30

crazy, my non-cut tongue tie buddy, DS has been having exactly the same kind of day. It started last night with 3-5 mins each side, kicking, fussing, screaming that silent, ragey scream. I was so upset - he hasn't put any weight on in a week and I'll inadvertently having him weighed three weeks running: clinic last week, check up this week and there the GP virtually insisted i get him weighed next week sad

And just now, during another difficult, fussy five minute feed, he did the biggest poo. It just kept coming out like some kind of yellow frothy Slush Puppie. Four nappies, and every time i cleaned him up he did more. So i dunno, maybe your DS has a similar thing - needs to make room?

FirstTimeForEverything Wed 09-Jan-13 16:47:47

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

BoraBora Wed 09-Jan-13 18:13:34

yomping she said because your pelvic floor needs at least that time to be able to withstand the extra force. This is particularly so if you're breastfeeding. If you're breastfeeding (which I am) she said ideally you shouldn't start up again until you finish, as low oestrogen levels mean that things are still loose. After she heard my derisive snort, she said she understood that I would find it hard to wait until after I'd finished BF (running really is 'my thing') and so said I should hold off as long as I can.

I cannot hold off and I am going I continue, as long as I'm asymptomatic.

Additionally, she said that we should only be doing specific antenatal Pilates, as certain exercises in regular could put undue pressure on your PELVIC FLOOR.

BoraBora Wed 09-Jan-13 18:19:05

Oh, and if you've not done a set of ten PF whilst standing legs apart with a physio's KY fingers up your fanjo, you've not lived...

Smorgs Wed 09-Jan-13 18:24:36

londonmrss can we rename your DD MiniMao/MiniMarx grin
elpis 'twas me asking about fenugreek thanks, have been drinking the tea for two days now and supply up a little I think. yomping you're thinking of fennel. I would say fenugreek tea tastes like the water you washed up last nights curry dishes in but hey, whatever works.
Yay for huffles boobs (sorry must have missed your post overnight)
Double yay for a sleepy cherrybaby!

squidkid Wed 09-Jan-13 18:39:17

Borabora arrrgh, that's not good news! Hope I haven't completely knackered my insides. When did she say you could start normal exercise?
Anyway I have got to my goal of running a nonstop 5K now (done it twice this week) so am going to do one last 5K on saturday and then switch to strength type exercises for the rest of Jan/Feb...

ps. congrats on your excellent pelvic floor. Did you ever read my birth story, it involved two midwives pulling at my perineum whilst discussing whether they needed to do an episiotomy to get baby out quicker, then declaring my pelvic floor fantastic and refusing to cut it - genuinely most surreal moment of my life, in 30th hour of labour

Whistlestop appearance by me today, sorry for not reading all posts. Been up to my sisters to help babysit as she is a bit poorly. Also went to health visitor this morning and got Jess weighed. She is 12lb 2oz at 15 weeks and has dropped a centile. Thankfully HV said "but that's not a concern on its own" just as I was preparing my "well I'm not concerned as she is clearly fine" hard stare. In fact HV was lovely and seemed to vaguely know what she was talking about. So they're not all bad.

smile4me Wed 09-Jan-13 19:09:29

livvy we had exactly the same sleep problem at 10 weeks... went from sleeping well at night to only 3 hr stretches! Worse than as a newborn, so I was not impressed confused. Anyway it lasted 2 weeks then she go back to normal, so I'm sure your DD will too before very long. These's a wonder week and a growth spurt around that time so put it down to that.

funchum8am Wed 09-Jan-13 19:20:42

Squid I meant to say ages ago I am so impressed by you completing c25k...starting week 2 tomorrow!

Bora I salute your keenness to exercise too! Though see below re PF and exercise!

I went to a postnatal exercise class today (like buggyfit but an independent instructor.). It is a brand new class so my friend and I were the only two there so it was like having a personal trainer....good for having time to ask questions etc but bad in that she could see if I started slacking during the circuits!! Think I will see results if I keep going though, but I will feel it tomorrow, so just had a Walnut Whip to ease the pain to come....grin. Bit of an issue during the jogging part which means I will be cracking out the Tena Lady I have left over from the first few weeks post-partum for next week's session sad. Thought my mild incontinence had gone but clearly not, need to up the PF exercise regime!

We had our best ever night of sleep last night - four wake ups but she went straight back to sleep every time and did not declare morning had arrived until 6.10am! Then she slept for 2.5 hours from 8 onwards and 2 at lunch, so I suspect it is the three month growth spurt.

On the downside, she has screamed since her bath and has a red rash. I think the new sponges I bought are the cause so they are going into retirement to try and eliminate them. It is them or Johnson's baby bath!

Beccus Wed 09-Jan-13 19:27:53

livvy, i feel your pain re being unable to go to sleep as u have to be up in 40 min. thay sux! i would be tempted to stop the 7am starts as it sounds like it's not improving overnite sleep anyway. imagine - u could both have a lovely lie in.

londonlivvy Wed 09-Jan-13 19:33:15

desperate levels of tiredness mean I'm going to bed at 1930. I hope I feel less bad tomorrow. today was hideous.

hugs to everyone who needs one and do keep mentioning Pelvic Floor please ladies.

squidkid Wed 09-Jan-13 19:37:35

hugs to livvy, poor mate. Hope you get a stretch of sleep and wish I could come over myself to take breastfeed why not baby for a bit tomorrow. Am often crashing out at 8 myself.


crazypaving Wed 09-Jan-13 20:08:37

livvy I always go to bed when the baby does - usually between 8.30 and 9. survival...

funch I found Johnson's pretty harsh on baby skin (I'm allergic to it too). I tend to use just plain water, and no flannel or anything. seems to get him clean enough without irritation.

huffle meant to pay hooray for happy boobs! long may it last, and seriously well done you for sticking it out thanks

orenishii (autocorrect just suggested penis for your name - never noticed that before grin ) ds2 has fed twice today, first at 2, second just now. swear he wants to make me look bad at the doctor hmm I was so hoping he was chubbing up and she'd let us off...fat (ha) chance now sad

man I'm knackered. I have discovered the secret to surviving days with both boys - behave like a cbeebees presenter all day without batting an eyelid. it's exhausting but ds1's had a great day and I don't feel like topping myself, bonus! maddest moment today - chasing ds1 round a massive bouncy castle at a toddler exercise time with ds2 in the Moby. ye gods my rickety pelvis...

smileyhappymummy Wed 09-Jan-13 20:16:53

No chance of catching up with everyone but as always, thinking of you all! Especially those with not enough sleep and / or miserable babies..... I promise it gets better, dd1 was a nightmare but it did improve. We are doing okish with sleep, prolonged feed to settle about. 8-9pm then feeds at 11-12ish then again around 4am. But she settles reasonably afterwards so I can actually go back to sleep which makes all the difference.
squid going back to work is surreal. Almost feels like I'm someone else, like putting on a bit of a persona (tend to do this to manage work anyway). This makes it not too hard plus so far it's always been dh looking after her so ive been absolutely confident in him. Might be harder when I'm leaving her at nursery.....

smileyhappymummy Wed 09-Jan-13 20:20:40

Meant to say I am failing on an epic level to exercise - just no time to do it. (excuses excuses). So I have bought just dance 3 for Xbox kinect (usually Dh's toy!). Thinking at least if it gets my heart rate up a bit it's a start and dd seems entertained by me jigging about and the nice bright colours..... Better than nothing!

OctoberOctober Wed 09-Jan-13 20:30:00

crazy I think DS would love it if I spent all day as a cbeebies presenter!

I want to find a tape measure and measure DS2, everyone keeps remarking how long he seems. Weight wise he has tracked 70th pc and was a hefty 14lb 14oz at 11 weeks. shock hv have consistently assured that he is a healthy weight as I have been worried he is too big, esp given that I am ff.

Londonmrss Wed 09-Jan-13 21:06:26

see that mars me think that these centiles are bollocks. we went to get weighed today (baby, not me) at 10 weeks and 5 days and were told that she's perfectly tracking the 75th. she's 12lb and 11oz... very different to what you were told October. I don't get it.

squidkid Wed 09-Jan-13 21:10:54

londonmrs the male and female charts are different that might account for it?

Centiles and growth charts are a very useful tool when looked at appropriately (ie over months not days) and when considering the context (ie summat else wrong with baby - good growth reassuring, poor growth then concerning)
Looking at them too frequently or out of context just makes parents unnecessarily paranoid. sermon over!

Orenishii Wed 09-Jan-13 21:30:16

I've inadvertently ended up having Q weighed last week (clinic), this week (10 week check) and advised next week to - surely that's just adding to my anxiety?!

I'm bloody sick of all this non-issue weight issue!

(Not us. THEM.)

Londonmrss Wed 09-Jan-13 21:51:51

are boys and girls that different at this age then?!

Elpis Wed 09-Jan-13 22:44:28

The advice to stop breastfeeding before you start running is odd. I've never heard it before. Just looked up 'exercise' in The Womanly Guide to Breastfeeding and there's no warning against it - just advice that you might want to feed just before a run to lighten breasts, etc. I'm sure everyone's PELVIC FLOOR is different, but oestrogen diminishes after birth whether you breastfeed or not.

Sent DD to her bedroom today after she kicked DS in the head and made him cry (accidentally, but after a warning because she'd already nudged him with her foot). Sigh. I shouldn't have shouted. I hit a difficult period between 2 and 4, when I used to be having a blissful nap with DD, and get quite bad-tempered.

YompingJo Wed 09-Jan-13 22:47:31

Mini yomping is being weird tonight confused. Keeps bursting into tears over goodness knows what - really anguished cries - and freaked out in her bath. Why would she suddenly get scared in the bath? Temp was OK, water level a tiny bit higher than last time but nothing major. She didn't cry, but splashed her hands a lot with an alarmed expression and kept trying to stand up, until I lifted her out. I'm assuming she was scared... she'd smile and chat if she was enjoying it, right?

And I've been running a bit and doing a bit of pilates at home (pelvic rolls and the hundred) and now I'm scared for my pelvic floor!

BoraBora Wed 09-Jan-13 22:56:33

Don't be! The gynae said I could run a couple of weeks ago. Fuck knows where this physio's getting her info from. I'm carrying on as I was; I don't feel like my womb's about to drop out so I strongly suspect it won't.

I just get annoyed with contradictory advice. If the evidence for best practice is mixed, absolutely fine, tell me that and ill make my own judgement. What I can't stand is people presenting opinion as fact anal scientist alert

lisbethsopposite Wed 09-Jan-13 23:03:55

Hi, awe here at the concientious parenting going on.
I went back to see what sling you loved squid. Are you still loving your butterfly .
Paul now cries in the moby so need a rethink .

My good news is 2 things. We moved nearer to our original home . I am back in swim club and loving meeting friends again regularly.
Then our au pair arrived last week and she is fab. I can leave the house !!

Bad news is a lump that developed in my vagina during pregnancy, turns out now to be a chronic Barthalains cyst . Regularly filling and emptying. I have had some very sore days. Anyway bottom line is an op tomorrow week to fix. Drain will then be removed next day, Friday . Dh just pointed out to me that we have Christening booked for next day with 40people booked for lunch !! Apparently they stitch this thing open to heal (marsupialise). My cogs are turning slowly but do i need to rebook??
Totally peeved as i had just started back swimming and i can't swim for 4weeks after this.

Also BF experts (*elpis crazy* & co). Paul has never taken a bottle or soother . I tried a few times, failed and gave up. I will be having a GA next week. I need to express (no prob) but have you any tips on how to get him to drink from bottle.

lisbethsopposite Wed 09-Jan-13 23:14:54

Pelvic floor ishoos come under the realm of WOMEN'S HEALTH. I am a PT but I don't work in this field.
I think the PTsounds like an expert in her field. I have heard from colleagues of patients who developed serious incontinence/pelvic floor problems due to running while and immediately after pregnancy.
Crying here...byee

Elpis Wed 09-Jan-13 23:18:09

Lisbethsopposite - have you tried Calma, the new Medela teat? DS took to it immediately. Otherwise ... Try offering the milk at a different temperature and ask someone else to hold the bottle. You could also try a sippy cup. They do become more accommodating as they grow older. Sometimes it's easier to go out for an hour or two. I found it distressing to watch DD refusing a bottle when I knew I had to go back to work. It wasn't until I left her for half a morning that she accepted it.

So sorry to hear about the cyst - it sounds very uncomfortable. If I were you I'd postpone the christening - I'm sure everyone would understand. x

Midgetm Wed 09-Jan-13 23:19:27

Hello everyone. Finding it hard to keep up but wanted to weigh in on the weight issue by saying I just don't get midge weighed. Saves the hassle grin. Keep a very infrequent eye in it myself and he seems to be high centile for length and mid for weight and I don't give two shiny shits. He seems happy and the growth charts can kiss my prolapsed arse.

Went back to antenatal clinic today. Odd with pregnant ladies and me with a fecking huge pram. Looks like I am in the prolapse club too - minor but being referred. Consultant said I could exercise and that Pilates would help as long as with a good instructor who you explain the problem to. blush. Load bearing crunches not good so keeping feet on the floor for things like 100's. Personally i would be too scared to run yet. Very tough on PF and add in the effect if breastfeeding on ligaments and i think if there is a weakness already it could make it work. Consultant said healing more likely when breastfeeding stops but would not advise stopping it yet. hmm my gym membership is suspended till end of the month and am sticking with walking (still feels funny) and pelvic floor DVD till the to build up mote strength. am such an old lady, envy you all your runs. I also had to clench with a gloved hand inside me - said the tone was fine wink but something in the wall amiss it some such gubbins. Exercises really Helping so hoping I can put most of it right. Oh deep joy.

Yomping how old is baby yomping? Midge went all weird for his 12 week growth spurt but seems himself again now. Do you think it could be that?

Best go get some shut eye. Midge had his 3 month jabs today and I had to give him his first dose of calpol. So brave when he had them but got a bit of a reaction. Calpol is marvellous. Sorted him out in no time. Night all.

lisbethsopposite Wed 09-Jan-13 23:44:06

Pelvic floor ishoos come under the realm of WOMEN'S HEALTH. I am a PT but I don't work in this field.
I think the PTsounds like an expert in her field. I have heard from colleagues of patients who developed serious incontinence/pelvic floor problems due to running while and immediately after pregnancy.
Crying here...byee

lisbethsopposite Wed 09-Jan-13 23:51:05

Thanks elpis .
I'll let you know how i get on.

funchum8am Thu 10-Jan-13 02:32:51

lisbeths our childminder sorted the bottle issue but obviously I wasn't there to see how! I suspect as others have said it is to do with mum not being there. They need to be hungry enough to need the milk but not so ravenous they just scream. We also had more success with latex tests (Nuk bottles take them). Once she started taking a bottle at the cm (first time she went) she then took bottles from anyone though she stopped again after a while as we didn't give her one regularly, so it takes practice at least for us. She was back with cm on Monday and we have done several bottles since with great success. Good luck!

borabora grin you just made me snort highly unattractively!! "...you've not lived" hahahahaha!!
londonmrss come set up camp with me, i have no idea what baby led weaning is either. First timers ahoy!
I think i may have worked out the trick for a long sleep. Usually put pip to bed at 10pm every night, and usually wakes up at 2.30 and 5.30/6.30... however it seems to be if she has s small nap in the eve, say, 7-8/8.30, give her a big long feed at 10/10.30... she seems to miss the 2.30 wake up and sleep longer! Will try again tonight and see what happens.
Going shopping with SIL tomorrow.... uh oh.

Hope you are all having a good night. x

hufflepuffle Thu 10-Jan-13 05:21:06

I don't believe it. He did it again. Laid DS down awake in Moses basket after last feed. Kicked and wiggled and noisy but no crying went to sleep himself in half hour. Slept over 6. Not quite self soothing as not cross but brilliant self sleeping huffle baby!

Yomping we has same last night. And yesterday too. And twice yesterday screamed at breast. Refused to feed. Went through about 10 soaking bibs yesterday. I can only assume is teething. Let him have few goes on that mam dummy type soother and this time he took it. Didn't help when mummy with dodgy back couldn't sooth him properly. sad

pelvic floors!!

lisbeth i posted a link a few days ago to the bottles that we have been using.. they're called breastflow. give it a search on amazon. quite expensive but i they seem to be so much better than avent/tommee tippee. i just found the flow was too fast and she kept choking.
also, get DP to give her the first few bottles until she gets the hang of it. that way she cant smell you and shouldnt wonder why you are shoving plastic in her mouth when theres a couple of nipples about wink DD is now used to it, and will take a bottle from anyone, including me. hth xxx

yay huffle!! maybe its a trend grin

YompingJo Thu 10-Jan-13 05:58:59

Thanks for ideas - midget we are 11.5 weeks (and we hit things really sometimes due to being very overdue) so it could be the dreaded 12 weeker although she hasn't been this is during previous growth spurts! <dunks nipples in white spirit to harden them in preparation for a battering>

Huffle come to think of it she was particularly drooly yesterday so maybe bad teething pain as well, I'll crack out the dentinox gel and teethers today.

Lisbeths, kellymom has good info on non-violent feeding for those who won't take bottles, might be worth a look. And I read on another thread that TKMax sometimes have the Breastflow bottles at a good price although I also read in Amazon reviews that they can leak like a bastard.

The weird behaviour can stay if it means a 6hour sleep (hurray!) although the watermelon boob is not so welcome. And back to block feeding we go, she has been extra windy since I stopped.

Anyone with a prolapse, would I know if I had this? I really want to run, it's going to save my sanity but I really don't want to give myself problems.

hufflepuffle Thu 10-Jan-13 07:27:44

Sigh. Up since about 5.30 on and off trying to express a massive boob. Just won't give in!! Stubborn git!! It's as bad as the baby refusing bottle over booby, boob wont let machine do work!

Sigh. Sigh. 321 relax.

Must move now as little huffle has his 12 week injections at 9.15. Never mind sigh. Cry. sad

crazypaving Thu 10-Jan-13 07:52:43

lisbeth I'm no expert, just lucky with a greedyguts ds1 who would take milk from any receptacle hmm haven't tried with ds2 yet. have you tried being absolutely nowhere near so baby can't smell your presence? also all classic latch techniques like brushing upper lip with bottle teat and waiting for baby to open wide and latch on? kellymom has good tips. unlucky needing op, hope all goes well.

I want to know how you know if you have prolapse too! my inner hypochondriac is emerging grin

gotta dash, ds2 is being ridiculously cute and I should stop ignoring him!!!

Midgetm Thu 10-Jan-13 08:54:21

Ladies keep your inner hypochondriac in check. I think you'd know although a lot of people have mild cases after childbirth I think it is only if it doesn't right itself. I feel like a tampon is falling out. I think Bora described the same thing. If you get other symptoms too then you need it sorted.

Huffle and Yomping I think we are also beginning to teethe. I can feel his teeth easily and he is drool tastic and poohs more runny. I envy those who only have one a day, we are still on about 5 (him, not me, I am a one a day girl grin

Got to go boob leaking blush

crazypaving Thu 10-Jan-13 09:20:10

thanks midget grin

Orenishii Thu 10-Jan-13 09:21:20

Midgetm that's exactly how i described my prolapse - like a full tampon working its way out sad TMI, sorry. But for those worrying, that's what it feels like.


Midgetm also thanks for the awesome post from you last night about not giving two shiny shits about weight and charts and stuff - cheered me right up grin

I can't even contemplate running right now - I never liked it anyway but I really wish I did. Massive props to those running already. I have booked my place in an open water event in May - 1500m in Eton. It remains to be seen if I actually manage it but it's only 60 lengths of a standard pool. DH is capitalising on my rubbish body by insisting I learn to run barefoot from the beginning and learn proper technique, like. He wants to film my gait on a treadmill. Oh the humiliation. He's also becoming MovNat qualified and wants to use me as "back to strength post birth" test case. More humiliation - yay!

Can I ask about teething gel? I put some on DS yesterday as he was writhing in pain and gumming about with his hand and jamming it in his mouth frantically, drooling like mad and generally very upset. I tried to put it on his gums but it went everywhere and he basically just sucked it all down. How on earth do you get it on long enough to actually numb the gum??

crazypaving Thu 10-Jan-13 09:32:52

orenishii teething gels are a bit hit and miss. put a tiny amount on your finger and rub your finger on the gum for as long as you can - that's the only way I managed it. not sure how long the effect lasts really. it's tricky at this age when things are supposed to be sterile but cool things to chomp on are quite effective.

Orenishii Thu 10-Jan-13 09:35:09

Thanks crazy - he has a couple of those plastic teething rings you put in the fridge but they seem to big for his mouth still. Poor little mouth.

bella2012 Thu 10-Jan-13 10:00:36

Yeeeehaaaa! I have finally caught up. Been trying to for do long, but I never get to the end before my time is up. Going to try a mini catch-up.

Loving the pelvic floor reminders! Sympathy to Oren and midget on the prolapse. Something you could well do without I am sure.

Huffle- thrilled to hear you are having a better spell sleep-wise and nip-wise. Hope your expressing problems get sorted soon too.

Cherry- how are you doing? Was sad to read about your down day, you are usually so positive. Days like that on your own are just killer. Big hugs to you.

Lisbeth so pleased to hear from you. I had clocked that you hadn't posted for a while and was hoping you were ok. Glad you have your au-pair for some help. I think you should postpone the christening. It would be such a shame for you not to enjoy Paul's special day having to spend the whole day with a brave face on.

Squid- i agree with the recommendations for BT monitors. Ours played the same three songs which became ds1's cue to sleep. If he stirred we could start them off again from downstairs.result! They did drive me insane but i got used to them! Well done on your running. Serious respect to you. How do you bring yourself to get out of bed in the morning? If i could i would just snooze for as long as possible!

on weaning, we didn't do babyled last time. I think i was a bit too much of A control freak. I liked to be able to try out each pureed thing and work out what he liked and didn't like and i didn't like the idea of not knowing how much he had actually had. We did give him lots of finger foods to try so that he could experience textures, but that was never the 'meal'. I know the chopping and pureeing isva faff but i actually really enjoyed it. It assuaged the guilt i felt for going back to work knowing i had slaved over it lots of teeny pots, but i realise that is quite a weird philosophy! I had a great recipe book by Annabel Carmel i think. Gave me lots of ideas. It has a meal planner at the back which i just ignored, but if you like prescriptive advice you might like it.

Any washer news londonmrs? Hope it is fixed! I wash every bloody day now, i even did on holiday last week! God knows how i will manage when i am back at work.

So- our news briefly - the poxy pair are fighting fit again which is Brill. DH is at hospital having his stitches removed after Christmas Eve accidental chopping of thumb, so hopefully January will be a healthier month for our family. Am finding things much more manageable these days and am loving what a smiler my little Will is becoming. He even smiles in his sleep! Still no job news for dh but we are keeping things in perspective. If we have to move in with my parents then we will just have to cope, as long as we are all together then it will be ok.

Right- time is up.

Much love to you all xx

BoraBora Thu 10-Jan-13 10:51:30

To all of you that don't have much weight to loose or who've been loosing weight steadily, could you share with me what kinds of things you've been eating?

I did myfitness pal for a few weeks (basically its calorie counting). I was living on 1200cals + and extra 500 for BF. you also get more calories if you exercise. I'd normally eat those too. I've put two pounds ON this week hmm not sure where I'm going wrong!

Angelico Thu 10-Jan-13 11:03:34

Hello! A quick wave and run here! Bean has had a resurgence of tummy troubles and her teeth are perilously close to the surface. We had stopped swaddling her and it was fine but she had a few bad nights there with her poor gums. So swaddled her again last night and she slept through and is much happier! as am I!

Weaning-wise HV said they are fine nutritionally on milk alone till 6 months but some babies will start wanting food sooner, to follow their cues (e.g. her son grabbed her piece of toast and started slobbering all over it!) and avoid wheat / dairy / eggs / anything allergenic before 6 months minimum. SIL lent us her Annabel Carmel book and it looks nice.

Monitors - we have the AngelCare one with the sensor mat and carry monitor. Was about 60 quid on Amazon and I'm really pleased with it.