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January 2013 - New year arrivals welcomed into the world.

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PricklyPickleInAPearTree Mon 31-Dec-12 19:15:31

As a few of us have popped early I thought I'd start us a post-natal thread.

sanam2010 Mon 31-Dec-12 23:26:10

Hello!! Great idea!! Happy new year! Anyone else spending new years eve feeding and changing nappies?

Marking my place! Just about to go to sleep, having spent the night dealin with meconium explosions and projectile vomit - ah, I love motherhood! wink

MarasmeAbsolu Tue 01-Jan-13 05:18:41

Meconium drama dealt with in the last hour here too! Happy new year!!

AriNi31 Tue 01-Jan-13 09:13:23

Happy New Year! Was a long night here too. Bit teary this morning - need to pull myself together for the start of 2013. Wouldn't it be good if babies came with a manual?!

Sitting waiting for madam to awaken, so here's my birth story smile

Woken up at 3am on my due date with strong, regular contractions coming every ten minutes, lasting anywhere from 45 secs to 90 secs. Tried to get back to sleep, but no joy, and between them and running to the loo to empty myself blush, DH was awoken at 5am. We timed them using an app, before I got up at 8ish with DS and went plot chat with my mum to let her know what was happening. Let DH sleep on a little as I knew he'd need the reserves later.

We went to feed the ducks, and a bit of a walk, contractions sometimes tailing off slightly, but never going. When we got back, I retreated to our bedroom as my DGM was also down, and she kept asking if I was ok - very sweet but I felt like a watched pot.

Had a half hour nap at about 3pm, followed by a sandwich, and things started to progress around 9pm, when I was getting the pains for a minute every 4 minutes. We called the hospital at 10, and got told to come in as I was vbac, and live 30 mins away.

Got up there, and internal showed I was only 1 1/2cm sad I could have wept. 21 hours of bad contractions for what felt like nothing. They hooked me up to a trace, which showed baby haif an absolute party - very active and heartrate not coming down. The midwife thought she was back to back hmm but am very sure she was mistaken as we could all hear her moving on the trace, but I felt nothing.

After an hour was sent to walk around and bounce on a
Ball to try and progress, then had another trace. Same thing happened again, heartrate mental, another hour hooked up, but she eventually calmed. A further examination showed I had dilated to 2 - 2 1/2cm. The only pain relief they could offer was paracetamol and codeine, which didn't touch the sides.

They then said I could stay on ward (without DM and DH) or go home, but I was in the latent phase which could last for 2 weeks! I started sobbing - I had been in labour for over 24 hours, with no let up, and then thought they would let me continue contracting until my induction 5 days later (midwife had not cancelled it in case it was needed after I had text her to let her know it had kicked off) was soul destroying.

We went home at 5am, and DH and I managed about an hours sleep. When I woke up, the contractions were even worse, I was now lowing through each one, and they were a minute every 3. I ended up calling my one to one midwife at 7.30, leaving a tearful message tellif her what had happened, and explaining I really didn't feel I could cope with how it was going if these contractions were doing nothing. She called back and explained she was at a birth, but would be with us soon.

She arrived at 10, finding me mooing on the bed, contracting hard, and at 5cm! Got told to get to hospital NOW or we might not get there at all. She phoned ahead, and when we arrived, we were whisked through to the mw led unit for my waterbirth. I was so close I could FEEL the water ... Except the pool needed cleaned.

They got on to that, but took me to another room in the meantime. It ended up being the same room I laboured in with DS. I got my gas and air, and they suggested leaning over the bed on my knees, which is how I stayed. It was now just after 11, and I'd went from 5 - 8 in 30 mins.

By 12.30 I was fully dilated and involuntarily pushing. They came to offer me the pool at 12.50, but I couldn't have moved if they'd paid me. They offered more pain relied, which was then forgotten about as they could see her! The only thing holding her in was her waters, and thank god, the mw gave them a little nip and they went.

Pushing, I don't think, took very long at all. She couldn't get round the bend whilst I was on my knees, so by a force of sheer will, I turned on to my back as they had said, and pulled on my knees, following their directed pushing. The second midwife had come in not long before that point - and was the one who was there when I had DS! Lovely!

The pushing went very well, I felt her head, and I don't think it took all that long, although the whole thing seemed like it took hours. Cameron arrived at 1.29pm, delivered on to my tummy with only gas and air. I had a few grazes but that was it - directed pushing definitely worked for me!

Once it got going for me, it happened really quickly. It was a fast, intense birth at the end and I'm not that bothered about missing the pool - I'm so incredibly proud of myself that I did it all on gas and air and didn't tear

Our princess is perfect, feeding like a champ, and my boobs are rocks today - which never happened with DS!

She has a slight heart murmur, which we've to see if has resolved in 2 weeks, and she needs an ultrasound on her hips as she wa breech into the third trimester, but she is perfect and we're all, DS included, besotted.

PricklyPickleInAPearTree Tue 01-Jan-13 15:02:01

Thanks for the birth story bunty. It sounded like hard work at the beginning, but nice and quick at the end,which I suppose is the best way round. Well done.

I can sympathise with the boob boulders, its all highly unpleasant.

Amy seems to be nocturnal, she's fast asleep now but for the past few nights she has been wide awake until at least 4am sad We're trying and failing to sleep during the day.

Just found this thread!

We are home from hospital and I am feeling much better for it. Although now we are dealing with the panic of being left on our own in charge of a tiny baby. We took her out of the house for the first time today.

I feel I am struggling a bit with breastfeeding although dd is putting on Weight which is reassuring. She doesn't always wake up often enough for a feed and falls asleep halfway through. I think this is related to her being premature.

Also trying to sort through all of the baby clothes, order nursery furniture, and all of the other things I had planned to do on maternity leave.

PricklyPickleInAPearTree Tue 01-Jan-13 21:04:38

Bugsy I'm having the same trouble with feeding my DD too, she often nods off in the middle. Usually winding then putting her back on does the trick, or tickling her neck and feet.

Annoyingly, last night I think my right boob had too much pressure behind it, she kept latching on then pulling off and I found I could squirt a fair distance by pressing down. This got us both in a it of a pickle, but expressing seems to have sorted it out now.

Breastfeeding is quite a challenge. confused

MarasmeAbsolu Tue 01-Jan-13 21:38:55

Hope the feeding gets easier prickly and bugsy - we re not quite there yet, with DD still hapilly festing on colostrum.

A bit fed up tonight *nd teary too. I was looking forward to get discharged tomorrow and back home to send an anouncement about the birth of the little one. Had in mind to pick a nice pic with DD1 and make an occasion of it for her to take part. Turns out my PIL took it upon themselves to tell everyone inc. Birth details etc sad I am sooo disappointed. sad

Oh marasme, I feel for you. People just don't think sad

This child has been feeding pretty much constantly since 10pm. Yes, breastfeeding is definitely a challenge! She is such a boob fiend. Due to issues with DS feeding I am constantly worrying she's getting enough. Won't relax until midwife visit on Friday for weigh in. Have asked DH to be here as I'm so paranoid about it.

Milk in with a vengeance, which is a new, novel and painful experience! Am dripping everywhere. Still worrying, especially as only had one dirty nappy today (ignoring the frankly ridiculous number we had over the previous days). Looking forward to a yellow breastfed baby poo!

Birdiesinthesnow Wed 02-Jan-13 17:11:54

Good birth story bunty, sounds like it went really well. Mine was similar except stalled right at the end. Then plan went out the window! I will write mine soon too.

My DD has lost quite a bit of weight so even though i thought feeding was going well I guess I'm not giving her enough. Although its still very early days. She also falls asleep mid feed every time. I try waking her which works sometimes but other times she just stays asleep. At least she is sleeping in my bed now though rather than only on one of us as was the case the first few nights.

Looking forward to it, birdies.

We're currently in the hospital again. DD has probable tongue tie, my nips are shredded, she has lost weight, is a bit jaundiced, and I'm exceptionally engorged with a blocked duct.

Fairly sure her jaundice result will come back ok as she is not very yellowy at all, and have been given nipple shields which are helping. She is now feeding excellently and the engorgement has wnt completely on one side, the other side will hopefully follow, as will the blocked duct, but I just want to go home. Have been here 3 an a half hours, missed DS bedtime, and have only eaten 2 croissants and most recently some
Toast they brought me as I pointed out I've not eaten.

DH is furious that they won't let us go. I'm at tired resignation. I just want something to go well.

Birdiesinthesnow Fri 04-Jan-13 14:30:24

Oh bunty that's awful. Are you home and settled again now?

DD lost just over 10% at 5 days old but after being weighed 2 days later is now putting it on. That kind of weight loss is common though even without the shredded nips so you're doing well just keeping going and the weight will go on eventually. I had awful pain with feeding DD1 so I know how you feel but I hope it's going better for you now...

OK I have finally written my birth story. Here it is. Apologies it is a bit long!

I left work on Thursday 20th December, my penultimate day at work before maternity leave, feeling slightly out of sorts. I was 34 weeks and 6 days pregnant and had been feeling tired and grouchy all day, so I phoned my sister and asked her if she would mind picking me up on her way home from work and driving me home. When I got into her car, for no apparent reason, I burst into tears. She dropped me off at home and I decided to have a hot bath and eat some leftover curry for dinner (big mistake?). A bit later, DP phoned to ask if I would come and pick him up as he had been out for drinks but by then I was in bed so I asked him to get a taxi instead. At around 11pm, I was lying in bed and felt a funny popping sensation, then felt some liquid trickle out as if I had weed myself. I got up to go to the toilet and then water started to gush out of me. As I was stood there thinking 'what the fuck...?' DP came in through the front door.

DP doesn't drive, so I called my DSis who lives round the corner, and she came over and took us into the hospital and we went to triage. At triage I was told I was 1cm dilated and that I had two options; either try to delay the labour, or to induce the labour. They advised that at 35 weeks the risks of infection from losing my waters were about equal to the risks associated with the baby being premature, so they were undecided which would be best. I therefore suggested we do nothing for 48 hours to see what happened, and the consultants agreed. I was given steroid injections (which really hurt!) and sent to the ward for the night.

After an hour or so on the ward I started to feel mild contractions, so I was sent to a separate room to be monitored. The contractions continued overnight and were just enough to stop me from sleeping, but they didn't get stronger or more regular so I was sent back to the ward in the morning. The ward was bright and busy and my contractions completely stopped, but I was also unable to sleep. In the evening the ward went quiet and the lights were turned off, and it seemed like as soon as I relaxed the contractions started again, a bit more intense this time, I was examined and I was told I was 2-3cm dilated. I was then told that the hospital's special care baby unit was full, and as it was likely that the baby would need special care due to being early, I was taken in an ambulance to a hospital in another town. The ambulance ride was unpleasant as I found it hard to cope with my contractions when I was strapped into a seat and unable to move.

The next day I continued to have contractions which got stronger through the day. I had now had two nights without sleep and I was starting to feel quite exhausted. I was given codeine and the midwife suggested I try the tens machine, which seemed to help - possibly by providing a distraction, and fiddling with the settings gave DP something useful to do. DSis massaged my lower back when I had a contraction, which also seemed to help. I tried lots of different positions and the best one by far was with the bed back raised, and me leaning over/hugging it. However, I would describe the contractions as intense, rather than painful. I think I was hallucinating slightly as I told everyone my contractions were different colours (presumably this was a result of the combination of codeine and lack of sleep!). However, a little later, I started to feel overwhelmed by the contractions and asked for some stronger pain relief. My contractions still weren't regular, so the midwife suggested I be taken to a delivery room and given a drip to increase my contractions, and gas and air.

A few weeks ago a friend had given me a copy of her natal hypnotherapy cds, but I had only listened to them a handful of times so I didn't think they would do much. While the midwife was fetching the gas and air I asked DP to put the music track on, which is supposed to take you back into hypnosis during labour. It worked amazingly well and I became completely calm, and when the midwife came back with the gas and air I didn't want it anymore. She then examined me again and I was 8cm dilated, but she couldn't believe it as I was so calm so she called a doctor to come and double check. So I escaped being put on the drip and instead was left to labour on my own. I was still really hungry and by this point I had eaten all of my snacks so the midwife fed me bananas dipped in honey, and a box of celebrations.

After a while, I was examined again and I was fully dilated, but wasn't feeling an urge to push, so the midwife suggested that I do some controlled pushing. I lay on my back with my legs in the air and pushed. And pushed. And pushed. And nothing happened. Eventually, the doctor was called back, and they agreed that the baby seemed to be stuck, but they couldn't see why. I was therefore asked to sign to give consent for either forceps or ceasarean, and was taken to theatre and given a spinal block. They worked out that the baby was stuck as she was trying to come out sideways and so they used forceps to rotate her and pull her out. As she came out she cried straight away and suddenly a baby was thrown onto my chest. It was amazing but a bit surreal. She was then taken off to be weighed while I was stitched up and also I had to have the placenta manually extracted. Then I was taken into a side room and the baby was taken to SCBU to be monitored as her breathing was irregular.

The next thing I knew I woke on the postnatal ward. My memory was very hazy and I couldn't work out where the baby was. Eventually someone came and reminded me of what had happened and took me to see the baby in SCBU. She ended up staying there for a week, while she had blood tests for various infections (all negative), and was treated for jaundice. Initially she was tube fed but I began breastfeeding and slowly decreased her top-ups until she was having my milk only. Meanwhile I had a fun Christmas on the postnatal ward. The care was pretty poor, and I was threatened with being discharged without the baby. I think I was quite depressed. DSis drove DP to the hospital most days which was lucky as the buses were terrible and there were none at all on bank holidays. For the last couple of nights I 'roomed in' at SCBU with the baby in my room, which was great, but I still felt very isolated so far from home, and struggled doing all of the night feeding and changing on my own. The whole time we kept asking to be transferred back to my local hospital, but kept being told the baby unit was still full. Finally, the baby started to put on weight and we were discharged on Sunday, one week after I gave birth.

marasme how annoying of your PIL! My mum also 'outed' me on facebook by changing her status to 'is a grandma'. I think this is down to a combination of her being overexcited and not really getting facebook etiquette. Luckily my sister spotted it and I went on to make my own announcement straight away.

Sorry to hear that others are having a hard time with feeding but it's reassuring to know that I am not the only one who struggles to get their baby to feed. I always had the impression that babies were constantly crying for food.

Today the midwife came and weighed DD and said her weight was the same as last time, which is not great but not terrible either. She said that she will come back on Monday and if she hasn't put on weight then she would recommend topping up with formula. I am trying to think positive - she now started feeding loads, and at the previous visit she was weighed right after a feed and today she was weighed before a feed and after a big poo, which might explain the failure to gain any weight grin.

Bunty how are you getting on?

What a shock, mrsb but all ok in the end thank goodness!

We got discharged at 10:30 that night, birdies. DD has been feeding all day today and has settled about an hour ago. The blockage seems to be resolving thanks to rugby ball hold, which my DS wouldn't countenance, and heat packs. I pretty much took to bed today and we skin to skinned and fed.

She has lost 8% at day 6 - midwife not worried ATM, ESP in view of tongue tie. No poos yet today, although big wet nappies. I so just want some yellow poos from her!

PricklyPickleInAPearTree Sat 05-Jan-13 18:00:49

It sounds like everything is looking much more positive now Bunty now your little one is feeding well she'll put on weight, 8% is fine anyway. Is the rugby ball hold where you have her head in one hand and bum in the other, Or is it where she's tucked down by your side? As you can tell I don't follow rugby smile

Bugsy Crikey that was an epic tale. Being in hospital for a week and over Christmas sounds pretty grim. How are you feeling now?

We had a better night last night, I think we got around 6 hours sleep, which is double what we managed the night before. My problem now is still boob related, now one of them just doesn't seem to be producing enough as she never gets filled up on my right one even if I leave her on for an hour, she just sucks away. Whereas she's usually done in 15 mins on the left. I think I'm destined to be lop-sided forever more!

Hormonalhell Sun 06-Jan-13 21:03:09

Marking my place for when I've had my lazy boy!!

MamaMary Mon 07-Jan-13 16:58:53

Hello all, just checking in quickly.

Agree that breastfeeding is a challenge. Because Leah was small (5lbs 4oz) I worry about her getting enough milk, especially as she is quite drowsy and struggles and fails to latch on at times. I have started to express some milk with a breast pump and feed her it through a syringe (which I saw the midwife do at hospital with formula - they did this a few times as her blood sugar levels were low). The community midwife has advised me to keep doing this, as well as offering the breast frequently.

Berniebennett Wed 09-Jan-13 01:17:43

Marking my place in my first sleepless night! Still on ward, due to C section, and bump (still has no official name) is unsettled so won't sleep anywhere but on my chest so I'm having to stay awake!

Congratulations bernie

mama how many weeks were you? Dd was 5lb 5oz, and sounds very similar, I am also having to wake her for feeds. I posted a thread about bfing premature babies in the breastfeeding topic and got some good advice - sorry I can't link to it from my phone.

I'm feeling much better now that we are home thanks prickly. I hated being stuck on a hospital ward without dp and the care there wasn't great.

My left boob is way better at making milk than my right grin

bunty how are you getting on now? Hopefully your dd has pooed? grin

Birdies Wed 09-Jan-13 10:54:00

I read your birth story a while ago bugsy but forgot to comment. Sounds like such a pain being in for a week but really glad everything worked out in the end. I WILL get round to doing mine soon as well!

Hope everyone's doing ok. I'm up and about much more now after my section. Wish I could pick up DD1 as I think she's feeling a bit neglected but hopefully will be able to soon. Did anyone else on here have a section?

Birdies I narrowly missed out on a section, I was given a spinal block and had to sign a consent form for either forceps or a section, as they couldn't tell exactly why/where dd was stuck. In the end they got her out with forceps.

I think I have discovered the holy grail of nursing bras - after two weeks in the only nursing bra m&s did in my size a hideous non-wired floral number which DP bought while I was still in hospital, I have just received an anita underwired nursing bra from ebay and it is a revelation - it feels like a normal bra only with drop cups. The only problem is it is much more generous in the band than the m&s one, so I am wearing it on the tightest setting, and if I lose any weight it will be too big.

Ah, found the thread! (Thanks Bugsy :-)) Thought I would share my story, or rather, what I can remember about it!:

At around 1.30 am on the 4th I was just sitting on the sofa watching tv when there was a sudden gush of fluid, and I felt like i’d been ‘unplugged’! I called the assessment unit and told them my waters had broke and they told me to wait to see what happens and to get in to see them within 6 hours if nothing had happened and if labour didnt start I would be induced after 24 hrs.

Within ten minutes i started getting contractions. They were quite mild but were coming every ten minutes or so from the beginning. Around 4am I called the unit back and told them the contractions were lasting about 40 seconds and were now coming every 4 minutes. They advised me to hang on until I was due to go in at 7.30, unless the contractions started lasting 1 minute.

My sister drove me to the unit at 7.30 (we didnt even take my bag because they had said they would probably just check me and send me back home). When we got there, no one actually dealt with us for about 45 minutes, then they hooked me up to the monitor to check baby’s heartbeat and the contractions.

I was on the monitor for about half an hour, and by the end I was in tears with the pain. The contractions were now every 2 minutes. The nurse kept asking if I was ‘sure’ my waters had broken and I hadn’t just peed myself! They gave me a couple of paracetamol and decided to check my waters had in fact broken. By this point I was begging for some stronger drugs, while all around in the other bays were other women just waiting for routine scans etc.

The nurse had a look and she confirmed my waters had broken and I was 1cm dilated. I wanted to cry even more as I was in so much pain! They advised me to walk around a bit, so my sister helped me up and I hobbled to the toilet and back, but it was agony. By now I was throwing up every five minutes too.

We got back to my bay and I was screaming with the pain and begging someone to get me some drugs. I kept telling my sister to go and complain until they gave me something. The nurse came back and basically told me to stop making a fuss as I was only 1cm and it was going to get worse. I then said I felt like I needed to push....this seemed to panic her so she said she would check me again, even though it had only been 30mins since the last check. Next thing I knew, I was being whisked down the corridor in a wheelchair because I was 9 cm and the baby’s head was crowning.

Again I asked for pain relief but they said it was too late and baby was going to come pretty soon, but they did give me gas and air. I started to push but i knew straight away there was a problem and that this baby was not going to come out. I kept telling the midwife that I couldn’t get him out but they told me to try harder. I was struggling to push how they wanted me too, because each time I held my breath and pushed, I threw up and had to stop or choke. After an hour and a half of pushing (and top of baby’s head being right there for all to see), his heart rate started to drop so they agreed to give me some help. They tried to get him out with the suction cup thing, but he still wouldn’t budge, so in the end they had to cut me too, and use the suction. It turned out the cord had been stuck around his neck, and my little frame just wasn’t able to open enough to allow him out.

All in all, it was not what I expected at all, and the whole experience has made me think I couldn’t do it again. However, me and baby are at home now (after they nearly discharged me without any of my medication because the midwife forgot I had to have it), and its been amazing. He’s a little jaundiced and had a haematoma on his head, both caused by the delivery they said, so its taken five days for him to begin to feed properly, but he’s yet to gain weight. The midwives are happy with him so far though, and are just keeping an eye on him.


PixelCarrier Wed 09-Jan-13 15:42:07

Popped on here from the antenatal thread just to see how you were all doing. Love reading the birth stories, but also a little terrified...

It's true what they say tho about forgetting quite quickly about the pain etc. Today, after only five days, I caught myself thinking 'I miss being pregnant, and I want to give birth again!' X

preggo that sounds quite traumatic, hope you are ok now. No one's labour seems to follow the textbook pattern, does it?

Pascha Wed 09-Jan-13 21:11:19

Hi all thought I'd finally wander over here to say hello as I wallow in the bath putting off the dreaded moment where I get the mirror out for a furtle around the stitches area before the MW calls by tomorrow and threatens to do it for me. I'm floating with the aid of boulder boobs and I reckon I've got about 20 minutes before my attention is required smile

Preggo you birth story sounds a bit horrific, glad you're starting to feel better about it.

The worst part of mine was the virtual fisting by a doc to get te last clot out followed by a night in the postnatal ward where DH ended ended up on the floor with a pillow. The birth itself was painless and fast thank goodness. I'm glad we got the pool up and running in time.

Lora1982 Thu 10-Jan-13 12:38:03

Wow preggo. Ur stories similar to mine. Il write my birth story whn im not so completely wrecked. It seems that when waters break first things move quite quickly. Well they did for us anyway, i was like you thinking id be sent on my way after the check but my god did it not go how i expected. Il catch up properly.... After a snooze.

We do all seem to be deviating from the norm!

pascha I refuse to look at my stitches, so you're a lot braver than me! And the internals are horrendous. Feels like they all have knives for fingers.

Pascha Thu 10-Jan-13 16:56:29

Wasn't scary to look at after all. Much neater than I expected and not red or even very swollen (a bit, but not badly). doesn't look th same shape as before, more knobbly I think confused.

I thoroughly recommend remapping your geographical features, so to speak, for infotainment purposes wink

Hormonalhell Thu 10-Jan-13 21:37:51

Just thought id ask u ladies who've already popped grinJust had 3 sepArate episodes of trickles (not quite gushes but enough to soak 2 maternity pads) I've been to loo about 20 mins ago so surely it's not wee although it does smell like urine. Not going to hosp yet as pains stopped. Just don't know what to think anymore hmm

Pascha Thu 10-Jan-13 22:05:24

Ring the labour ward, they will want to check it out. If it is your waters going they will want your baby born within a day or two at the most.

Lora1982 Fri 11-Jan-13 09:23:13

Right... My story!!:

40+2 i went asda with my boyfriend about 2pm and i was dying walking round just general uncomfy fatiness anyway we got back at 3 and my mum turned up to do some tidying and cleaning :-D about 4 i was in the kitchen my DP had put dinner in the oven andmum was sorting clothes i thought to myself eee i dont remember needing the loo so i quietly went upstairs to sort myself out. Twas quite obvioudly waters as i was soaked and everytime i moved more came out, loads, i went through 5 pads in all. anyway i knew what my mum was like so i told just my bf that we'd need to call the hospital... I didnt tell mum until she was safely 8 miles away and couldnt come back :-D

So we got to the hospital and i was under the impression it would still be days i had no pain. They kept us waiting for agggges they were worried because of extra waters at a late scan and the lack of any further scans after 32. After 10pm i was hooked up and could see contractions coming every 2 mins but no real pain. By this time i was so bored and just wanted to go home.. Pravtically had to beg. Anyway got home and thats when the pain started... Sods law... Went in the bath but it wasnt helping. Ended back up the hospital for 1am where it all went so quick... But very painfully. I was told i couldnt have a waterbirth cos of excess waters after id switched hospitals to make sure i coulld aswell!!! The contractions were pretty much every minute butonly 30 seconds or so... But horrifically painful. Te whole wy round my pelvis. I knew id need epidural cos i felt this in pain at just 3cm.

At about 4am she checked again and i was 6cm so the beautiful epidural man came and sorted me out. Didnt realise you could top it up yourself etc i thought it was just a one off injection that wore off. Anyway...

Contractions startef to slow down after that. I could still feel the odd bit of pressure but it wasnt showing up on the screen. At 7 i was fully dilated but no contractions so i was put on syntocin to start them again his heatbeat was below 70 after theyd poked around so they all started flapping and worrying. At 10 she said we should start pushing i could feel pressure but no urge to push. She asked nicely if we could get it all over with by 12 for her dinner break :-D

Well i stupidlt said id push with no epidural top up so i coud feel better when to push.. I ony knew i had to push cos i felt a contraction not cos i felt the urge to. After an hr pushing she said the next few pushes determind wether a dr had to come in or not. I was going mental i felt on another planet like i was detached and fainty it was absolutely horrible. Well he finally made an appearance at half 11 i was in shock id managed to get him out! He left behind a 2nd degree tear inside my fanjeeto and a part of the perinium was hanging off!!! It took at least an hour of stitching which was sooo painfull. I suppose it was like serious reconstruction down there. I lost a lot of blood and spent three days in cos they thought id need a transfusion. Those two days Dexter conned me into thinking he was a sleeper who never cried... Which has now ALL changed since we got home. Phewww thats a looong story!!

Blimey Lora that does sound awful. I think you and I were very unlucky. Next time (!) Il be demanding an epidural as soon as I walk thru the door. Particularly if its as quick as this one!

On a brighter note, I had stitches for a third degree tear, and I've found they're not too bad. Well, compared to what I expected.

Birdies Fri 11-Jan-13 16:47:47

lora that does sound bad but glad you're home now.

Does anyone else feed baby really regularly? I'm up every hour or so feeding in the night and struggle to settle DD until about 2 or 3am. And even then it's just for 2 or 3 hours. She's feeding a lot which is is obviously a good thing (she was pretty small) but I'm struggling to keep up!

Sorry, I have the opposite problem. He's not interested in food, too busy looking around watching everything.

Found you! Look at us all with babies, hope everyone and their bubs are doing ok. Sorry to read some hard birth stories. Personally am glad its all over definitely no more babies for us!

Ivy seems quite settled and sleeps reasonably well so.not too nackered but that might chabge when dh goes back to work and i.have to do the school runs again!

Anyone having sibling probs? Dd1 seemed ok but is now acting up big time. She won't go.to bed at night and has startedto make a fuss when dh drops her off at school. Think its bacause fir the last 4 years shr has been the baby and the only girl. Don't really know what to do with her!

MarasmeAbsolu Fri 11-Jan-13 18:41:36

Hey Birdies - I feed every three hours round the clock, mostly.
DD is however only interested in sleeping. She feeds quite well, but my milk supply isn t enough at night and she gets quite irrate. I need to start pumping to build up supply as well as a stash, but cannot face it (the noise alone used to send me in a spin).

Apple, sorry to hear about your DD. DD1 has been coping well, but she is a daddy's girl, and since daddy has very limited interest in newborns, she has a lot of attention. She gives DD2 a lot of cuddles, kisses etc... and is still happy to go to nursery.

Otherwise, on the PIL front, my DH confronted his Ps over them pissing on our fire / announcing the birth to all and sundry. His mother is now "very upset" at my being so "secretive". I find it very difficult that they treat DH as a child and me too by extension. DH is very accommodating and is always letting them have their ways at the expense of whatever he would have preferred. For DD1, both sets of parents decided to descend on us for several days when she was just born, staying over etc. I found it so depressing, annoying (think PIL staring while you try to BF) that this time I asked for no visitors for the first 3 weeks (I would rather go and visit people for a few hours, rather than visitors coming to stay over in our building site).

My Ps booked their plane as planned. However PILs have decided to not follow our request and will instead turn up this week.
I am just really not looking forward to it sad and need to snap out of it and put on a smiley face (mardy face is more like a default though!!).

Bernie - had a section too. How are you recovering?

MamaMary Fri 11-Jan-13 20:19:25

Hi all!

To answer your question, Mrsbugsywugsy, I was 37 + 1 when I gave birth. DD2 is still pretty tiny at 5lbs 4 but regained her birth weight after only 5 days which is very encouraging. However she sleeps all day and is up feeding all night: also won't settle well at night. Any ideas how this can be reversed?

OK, here goes my birth story. Sorry for the length.

Background: DD1 was also induced at 37 weeks on the syntocinon drip and I had agonising pain with no spaces between my contractions. Basically one constant contraction: horrendous. Gas and air did not touch the pain, but an epidural was amazing relief: after it was put in they examined me and I was 7cm. Progressed pretty quickly but couldn't feel to push: DD1 came out with the help of a vacuum suction. 6 hours in total.

For DD2 I really would have loved to go into labour naturally, but when I learned I was yet again to be induced at 37 weeks, I was determined to ask for an epidural upfront.

I was given a pessary at 6am on Friday morning. At midday, I was examined and was 3cm. I waited around and experienced regular period-like pains. At 6pm, a delivery room became available and I went to get my waters broken (was still 3cm) and was put straight on the drip. I was lying on the bed with a drip on my left arm, a blood pressure monitor on my right arm, a pulse detector on my right hand, and two baby monitor belts round my belly. No chance to move, which frightened me. I informed the midwives that I would like an epidural. They said okay, let us know when the pain starts and we'll get the anesthetist. So far, so okay.

For the next two hours I got mild contractions which barely showed up on the screen. The drip was turned up at regular intervals. At 8pm the contractions all of a sudden became really strong. After a couple of agonising ones, I asked for the epidural. The midwife said okay: why don't you have some gas and air in the meantime while we organise it. I grabbed the gas and air mouthpiece and started to use it during each contraction. To my surprise, unlike with DD1, it actually worked to relieve the pain. The main difference was that, while the pain was intense during each contraction, there was at least a brief space between them to recover. I kept using the gas&air, with DH coaching me through each contraction (he could see the pattern coming up on the monitor). I asked when I would next be examined as I suspected things were progressing, and I was told it would not be until 9.20pm.

After about 20 minutes the pain was getting worse and the spaces between contractions minimal. I asked again for that epidural, but I was asked to lie on my left side as DD2's heart rate was dipping slightly during contractions. Then I could hear the midwives (there were two in attendance) discuss something between them and they asked to examine me. Somehow, I managed to get onto my back and I was examined. It was about 8.20pm. I was 9cm.

The rest of it was a bit of a blur. There was a staff shift change, but the new midwife who came on was the same lovely one who had given me my gel that morning so at least I knew her. I was in a lot of pain, and relying heavily on the G & A. It's brilliant stuff.

Next thing I knew, a doctor was in the room. She was being very bossy. She told me the baby's heart rate was dangerously low and the baby needed to GET OUT NOW. She had forceps at the ready. This was pretty scary but I was very out of it on gas and air. I remember being asked 'Do you feel like pushing?' and I replied 'I want more pain relief' (!!) The doctor said, 'It's far too late for that' and told the midwives to take the G & A mouthpiece away from me so I could concentrate on pushing.

The pain was shocking, but I managed to push about 4 or 5 times. Somehow, I pushed the baby out. Thankfully, the forceps were not needed. I am SO grateful for that.

It was so wonderful to hear the bossy doctor say, 'Well done, a lovely normal delivery'. I was still in a bit of pain down below from pushing so was still using the gas and air even after DD2 came out. I asked if there were any stitches and was told no. (With DD1 I had had an episiotomy.) DD2 was born healthy and hungry. During the skin-to-skin time she cried as was hungry. I got her onto the breast within half an hour of birth and she latched on immediately.

Time of labour: 2 hours 40 minutes. However I was only in pain for 40 minutes.

A much better experience this time round.

Lora1982 Fri 11-Jan-13 21:31:24

Wow you have done well to do that with no epidural well done!

On the feeding front im feeding pretty much every hour 9pm til 4-5am its exhausting. During the day he can go 3-4 hrs without a feed so theres my nap time. Today though i found since the milks come in properly he has puked a lot back up if hes not winded well will this mean i have to feed him again sooner or persevere winding? The only reason i didnt wind so much is cos the MW said not all bf babies need winding so i didnt worry.

MamaMary Sat 12-Jan-13 02:36:26

lora same here, DD2 is feeding frequently at night and wants to sleep all day! In my experience bf babies need winded so I'd do that every time they come off the breast. It's a good sign if your DS is bringing up mik as he must be getting a good amount from you.

Well done mama!

Dd is the same, she would rather sleep all day and be awake all night. I don't have a cure for this - if I did I'd be a rich woman grin As we don't have any other children, at least I can just sleep when she does.

Pascha Sat 12-Jan-13 10:33:34

DS slept last night in approx half hour bursts in between 2 hour activity breaks for colic and the grumps hmm. At least DH was there to let me get some kip between 2 and 4am.

He is currently getting his night from about 5am to midday so I'm trying to wake him for feeds every 2 hours but its hard, he's just not that hungry in the morning having tanked up on me all night. I just need to shift his body clock back by about 6 hours or so to match mine smile

Today we are venturing out to the local childrens farm for DS1 as we got a year family pass for christmas for us. Its the first proper outing for Daniel (not including yesterday's trip to the registrar) so I hope its not too complicated.

Just packed away my maternity clothes....made me feel kind of sad that that part is over sad

And still waiting for pram to arrive so we can venture out. Ugh. Feel like a hermit x

envy preggo I am still wearing mine!

Hi all

mrsbugsy I'm still in mine too! Won't miss them when they go!

Ivy is kindly sleeping ok at night so don't feel too nackered, it helps that dh is dealing with other dcs in the morning so Ivy and I lie in bed catching up on any lost sleep. This won't last when dh is back at work will have to drag self out of bed for school run.

How is everyone feeling? I was doing ok then I got a pain in abdomen this morning. It was like afterpain but continuous. Dh has sent me to bed with paracetomol and thinking I should call mw? Worried it's an infection, typical it should happen on sat so no dr. This doesn't sound good does it?

Cameron has a stinking cold sad stuffed with mucus, coughing, streaming nose, the works. We had her tongue tie cut on Wednesday and feeding and latching were going much better until this kicked in that night. She seems to be getting better, but not hopeful for a large weight gain on Monday as her appetite has been shot.

Sigh. It was meant to be easier this time.

apple I felt awful for a few days up until yesterday. Felt sick all the time, stomach cramps, and general ickiness. I also was worried about infection, but when I mentioned it to the midwife she said I probably just had a bug sad I'd still call Dr or NHS direct tho.

I think I've been quite lucky. Baby only feeds every few hours so between 12 and six he only gets me up once and settles back down quite quickly. I'm combined feeding and had to change the type of teat to a faster flow and its made it so much easier. He eats more because he's not using as much energy to suck, so hopefully his next weigh in will be better than it has so far. Took a while to get him feeding properly and was starting to get concerned.

salt1 Sat 12-Jan-13 15:46:48

i am looking for a bit of advice from the new mommies, i am not due for 2 weeks but having back ache and period type pains, did any of you get this, and if so how long did it last?

salt I didn't have a clue I was going into labour until my waters broke, but I think others have said their labours started like that. Good luck!

Apple I get an ache in my lower abdomen after I try to do too much physically. I had it badly after I tried to carry the pushchair up the stairs on my own a couple of days ago, but I have it mildly after I walk up the hill to my house. Saying that please call the MW if you are worried!

happyhow Sat 12-Jan-13 23:16:44

Marking place and will update tomorrow

Berniebennett Sun 13-Jan-13 02:22:14

Has/is anyone else having a problem with their adorable little munchkins only sleeping at night on you? Little Bennett will sleep well during the day, and will sleep in his Moses basket then but come night he hates being put Down me and DH are taking it in shifts having him in us!

We are trying to change his sleep pattern as I hear they can get confused with day and night, but this is not happening!

Lora1982 Sun 13-Jan-13 02:50:17

Mine wouldnt sttle in the basket but i think in hindsight it was just cos it was first night home as he was fine when i decamped to the sofa and he went in the pram

Pascha Sun 13-Jan-13 09:41:07

Hi Bernie, Daniel is also preferring to sleep nights on mummy or daddy hmm This is resulting on neither of us getting a full nights sleep but it can't go on because DH goes back to work at 6am tomorrow. Not sure how to cure it yet though.

He also sleeps well in the carrycot during the day but he cant have it overnight, its not suitable. Im persevering with the waking to feed during the day as my MW suggested and hopefully soon he will start getting the hang of day and night a bit better.

MamaMary Sun 13-Jan-13 11:26:56

Bernie, same situation here where DD sleeps peacefully all day long in her Moses basket, but at nighttime only daddy's chest will do! (Or mummy's but I'm trying to get some sleep in between feeding!)

Pascha I'm also waking to feed during the day. To be fair, it does work - DD is already doing longer stretches at night, but I just wish she'd wake up herself lazy

Salt1, has anything happened yet? I got period-type pains in my back during early labour and they were contractions, but can't help you with the time-scale as my waters were then manually broken and I was induced.

MamaMary Sun 13-Jan-13 11:27:40

That is, I'm lazy, not DD...(though she may well be too)

Birdies Sun 13-Jan-13 13:04:20

If you haven't tried this already, put a hot water bottle in the cot before you want them to settle. Then obv remove in time for mattress not to be boiling - just nice and warm. Also get your DH to put baby's blanket down his top for a bit so baby is then wrapped in something that smells of him (if its something of yours the milk smell may be too distracting!). Anyway, worth a try if you haven't already.

Lostbobbles Sun 13-Jan-13 13:48:25

Hello ladies with babies, hope you are bubs are all doing well.

Well looks like we have another nocturnal warrior on our hands. Day/night 2 was another very unsettled one. She's being a right little cuddle/suckle monster.
Hoping milk comes so she can have a good feed and hopefully will settle her a bit.

Will write birth story at some point just trying not to think too much about it at mo.

PricklyPickleInAPearTree Sun 13-Jan-13 15:31:26

Its good to hear lots of us ladies are in the same sleep deprived boat, it makes me feel slightly better. We got about 20 minutes sleep last night, DD just would not sleep and would only stop crying when I fed her, I could have cried myself at several points.

I keep telling myself it will get better. confused

salt1 Sun 13-Jan-13 15:42:37

nothing seems to be happening so i think a false alarm, back to the waiting game, hope yu are all having a lovely sunday with your babies x

Lora1982 Sun 13-Jan-13 17:19:11

Aww the sleep.. I miss it so much i got 3 hrs at 9 this morning first since yesterday at 5am :'( im giving him a week or so then il figure out how to train him into timings i think


Hoping for weight gain (for Dd obv ;) ) tomorrow!

Meringue33 Sun 13-Jan-13 20:30:58

So excited to find this thread! LO arrived 17 days early on 09/01/13 we hadn't packed the hospital bag or written bloody birth plan! Sounds like I have been relatively lucky with labour - it came on like a freight train and was four hours from waters breaking to delivery. There were some awful moments: I was on the floor on all fours for much of it, and was not allowed into the delivery suite for planned water birth as MW did not believe I could be in advanced labour (despite the fact I looked like a textbook case of transitioning woman, screaming in pain and writhing round on floor covered in bodily fluids). Next thing I was crowning and it was all over.

Anyway the forgetting thing seems to have already happened and now I can't believe I was so worried about childbirth since what happens next is so much harder! Baby not a v demanding feeder right away, and I was too punch drunk to learn how to get him to latch on so MWs did not want us to leave hosp... Insisted on discharge on Fri as was going mad on crowded ward, under pressure and felt being undermined by some.

Now much happier at home under care of community midwifery team, baby lost 8.4% so extra weighing tomorrow. Did a good poo tonight source of much happiness did not realise changing nappies could be so welcome! Hope good news at the weigh in tomorrow if not the MW has promised to support with expressing to supplement BF.

It is so damn hard and I had no idea how many preconceptions I had... Always thought I would bf easily due to big boobs, cannot believe I thought it would be so simple! Found I was really upset to be labelled as someone having problems, which is totally daft I realise! Anyway feeling much more positive today and determined to work on this with LO and MW team and do best I can!

He is just so fragile looking and gorgeous its hard not to worry every second of every day... Guess this is something i just have to get used to!

Hugs and congrats to all - so glad someone invented MN! X

Hi and welcome meringue. Agree totally that we all worry far too much about birth but the bit that comes after is much harder! please don't worry about being labelled ad having probs, it took ages to get ds1 to feed properly and i was absolutely shredded by him and shattered till hv suggested we try him on a bottle just 1 night so dh could have him and i coukd sleep. It worked ds never had bottle again.

Worrying is all you wikk do from now on. Ds1 is 9 and im always worrying!

Told dh i woukd try to get back on morning school run tomorrow and wondering now how i can get up and dressed and out with them all. Up til now dh has left me and ivy in bed while he deals with everyone else. The rest has been wonderful.

Bunty really hope weigh in goes well and yay on the yellow poo!

Think i can actually feel ivy getting bigger whikst i get smaller (one day i may turn inside out)! smile

Hormonalhell Sun 13-Jan-13 22:12:33

After pains are hell on earth aren't they confused

Well my birth story started on Friday after my appt where doctor said I could be allowed to go two weeks over... Went home pretty deflated but had also been having the odd sharp n crampy pains so after tea I went to bed with a hot water bottle. Took some painkillers about 8 but I still had the pains niggling away which I thought was strange. Suddenly at around 11.00 I had a sharp pain n then went to loo and emptied my bowels (suffer with constipation so was Deffo strange) then went back to bed and another sharp pain again so I called my mum where she said time them n then I had another 2 (all 3mins apart) so I then phoned my ex to come n have the kids as felt quite bad. He told me to ring ambulance so I did as they were hurting each more with every one. By the time we got to hosp they rushed me straight to delivery suite and an hour of pushing (cos he was back to back but then managed to turn him) later he was here. So from start of sharp pain to birth was two hours shock

Hormonalhell Sun 13-Jan-13 22:20:36

I know what u mean about fragile Meringue, have not slept for 3 days now with delivery early hours, then in hosp last night, was very noisy n just watched DS2 in cot all night as he was mucousy n wouldn't feed. Tonight at home on my own with him apart from kids n very nervous but happy to be home with my little baby smile

Ah, the worrying. I know it well. Had issues sleeping as constantly terrified LO would stop breathing/choke etc. Now always thinking is he too hot/too cold/not eating enough/has a temperature.....its almost too much to bear! Any tips on how to worry less and enjoy more??

theboutiquemummy Mon 14-Jan-13 01:15:22

So the baby is currently attached to right boob I'm knackered DH is asleep and the night hasn't even started yet

Any ideas on how to settle little one ?

Berniebennett Mon 14-Jan-13 01:35:23

I have a snug as a bug little one who is sound asleep.......but on me!!!! So no sleep for mummy and DH is snoring away next to me! I have tried the T shirt in his Cot and a hot water bottle, putting him down before deep sleep and while deep sleep, nothing works! But it's only at night feeds which is bizzare!

On other news ollie is doing well he has lost a little weight but only 6oz! Which considering he was 8lb 11oz when born, is good! We had the heel prick test today and bless it's the first time we have had actual tears (both me and him) it was heart breaking!

We have also had yellow poos over here - although none today (but there is still time for him to give us a treat!

Hope everyone else is well and ticked up fast asleep?!

boutique -swaddle wraps. They are magical.

ConfusedKiwi Mon 14-Jan-13 08:36:29

Hope it's okay to join this thread since DS2 managed to arrive on 1st January (was due 25th December).

Am also struggling with baby who wants to sleep at night on me and not in bedside crib... seems to go down okay for first sleep of the night (and during the day) but after feeding I cannot get him down again in crib.

Gotta go, sounds like a nappy explosion just occurred!

Welcome, confused!

Oh, also for settling them into bed - flannelette sheets on the mattress. They're much cosier and my little lady baby seems to love them.

Pascha Mon 14-Jan-13 09:29:35

Morning everyone. We had a good night last night, luckily as DH was back to work at the crack of dawn this morning. I agree swaddling seems to be the way to go, it means I can feed him and put him down without him kicking off a fuss. I think he just likes to be all a warm and snuggly (don't we all!). This was a rarity though, usually we are tag-teaming with Dan asleep on our chests.

First day alone just me and the boys today. We've had breakfast and now watching car racing on the sofa. So glad nursery run doesn't start til Wednesday, I can't quite face getting everyone up for 7.30am today.

Lora1982 Mon 14-Jan-13 10:48:44

Woo i must have got about nearly 5 hrs last night. I hope its not a blip. Im going to try swaddling tonight.

Thinking of starting up a poor nipple club i feel so sorry for my right boob :-D

We also had a good night. Aiden was only up twice, fed well, and back to sleep. I'm not swaddling, but I do keep his blanket around him when I get him out the basket, so he's not disturbed too much.

urg, today is DP's first day back at work and DD decided to have her worst night yet last night - just wouldn't settle after her 1am feed, every time I put her back in the cot she cried again for no apparent reason (apart from wanting a cuddle).

Funny you have all been talking about swaddling as that is how we finally got her to sleep, in desperation at 3am we tried a special swaddling blanket which someone gave us. We haven't swaddled her before (haven't really needed to as she has gone to sleep quite easily) but I think it may be the way to go.

Hi all hope everyones not too nackered!

Went to dr today about my pain he asked loads of questiond then poked me loads and announced i was a bit bunged up (he could feel it)! I thought i was doing well but it seems i am holding on through fear! Oh dear sad glad i got checked though!

Made it to school this morning judt as welll i did as dd got over excited in the snow and went flying so dh had to gohome to clean her up while i took the boys.

MamaMary Mon 14-Jan-13 13:16:24

Hi everyone, well not settling at night seems to be a bit of a theme here! DH is doing most of the comforting/ cuddling at the moment since I am spending a lot of time feeding, but not sure if DH will be able to continue this when he goes back to work.

During the day I think Leah would sleep non stop if I let her.

Apple glad to hear the school run went okay, apart from your DD....I have a huge admiration for you ladies with older DC who have to get out early in the morning. My lifesaver at the moment is a lie-in (luckily my DD1, who will not start pre-school until September, sleeps quite late in the mornings).

We tried swaddling Leah the first night but felt she didn't like it, but may give it another go after reading your positive reports...

newbie6 Mon 14-Jan-13 13:29:12

Hi all,

Well baby Zachary James was born on Friday 11th Jan at 0149 by emergency section. Was in induced labour for 14 hrs but I failed to progress past 5cm and Zach's heart rate kept dropping so at midnight on Thurs they decided to section me. He is perfect! 7lb 11oz, on formula as his blood sugars were low when born, I'm doing fine, bit sore but sooooo happy!

Hope everyone else is doing okay.


woody2313 Mon 14-Jan-13 14:25:56

Congratulations newbie

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Lora1982 Mon 14-Jan-13 14:44:56

I have a specialswaddle thing i think il try that tonight instead of trying to strap him down with a blanket.

Midwifes just left hes put on 70grams with my lackf sleep so i must be doing something right

Meringue33 Mon 14-Jan-13 15:16:43

Woody don't forget me!

MW v positive this morning. LO still losing weight unfortunately but only 0.6 percentage points. She is confident it can be turned around. Starting today on topping up bf with expressed milk. Next weigh in Wed, really crossing fingers for stabilising by then otherwise baby will need paediatric care... :-(

She did reassure me the latch is fine it is not that I am doing it wrong which is good! Baby still just not taking enough and not retaining enough calories.

Apple have you tried a little lactulose? Is v gentle. Managing once a day now despite stitches and lots of lovely piles :-)

Btw is anyone else's baby occasionally quacking like a duck???

Pascha Mon 14-Jan-13 16:12:48

My son neighs like a horse. His brother did too smile

Thanks meringue was thinking of trying that. Tbh i thought i was doing well going once a day (tmi) but it woukd seem not! Even after 4 dcs i still feel like i might split something so am refusing to strain blush

Good grief the things i feel able to tell on mn!

Meringue hope baby puts on weight for you. Ivy is getting weighed tomorrow but i can see she is bigger already. Just keep feeding, feeding, feeding smile

On the swaddling ivy seemed to sleep better swaddled at first but now seems annoyed by it so i just tuck her in after a feed and then lean over basket ensuring she is breathing

Btw none of mine ever quacked or neighed but that woukd b highly amusing smile

Congratulations Newbie

Apple I had that problem to start with, the only thing which solved it for me was a glycerine suppository. Also get a footstool as having your feet slightly raised helps.

Mine doesn't quack or neigh but she makes little noises which sound like she is laughing

woody2313 Mon 14-Jan-13 18:41:13

Sorry Meringue, generally check the antenatal rather than this thread so missed your post... I'll add you to the list now - do you want to share your LO's name and EDD?

Meringue33 Mon 14-Jan-13 19:35:40

Thanks Woody - DC1 was born 09/01/13, his expected due date was 26/01/13!

Thanks Apple. It is knackering me, about to have a good cry due to exhaustion and nipple pain. May do me good.

I swear by the lactulose. I just take a low dose and it induces the pushing for me, but gently not scary :-)

Lostbobbles Mon 14-Jan-13 19:59:18

Hi Ladies

Congrats Newbie

On the good front, milk is in as is the explosive nappies (forgot just how powerful bm is shock) bad front had another bad night, Lois just will not sleep in crib for longer than 10 mins. So resorted back to co-sleep/ feeding (which i don't like doing but at least I got a little sleep, albeit in the most uncomfortable sleeping position ever hmm.

I also committed another cardinal sin and have given her a dummy confusedconfusedconfused my nipples just couldn't take the constant feeding/suckling a moment longer

Not doing very well on things I said would do 2nd time around
(The rod for my back is getting longer by the second)

Well done apples on the school run, (poor DD1 though) I'm dreading having to get my act together for that. My DD1's school is good 25 min drive away as well so have to leave in good time. Luckily I have fab mil who is doing it for me at the moment.

PS how long do the stitches take to ease, pain is dreadful ?

MarasmeAbsolu Mon 14-Jan-13 20:26:42

god, I remember being so constipated with DD1 that I had to beg DH to come back from work mid morning via the pharmacy as I was in so much pain and just stuck in the loo crying with DD wailing in her cot next door.

I have tried to avoid this this time, but nearly failed due to not drinking enough with the BFing. I am now on a 1 to 2 sachets of Movicol a day which is very gentle but keeps things moving...

Meringue - re nipple pains - maybe worth giving nipple shields a go for a few days?

Re. exhaustion, I sometime do the morning feed lying down with DD. I would not do it during the night by fear of smothering her, but early morning DH is up and can keep an eye on us while we co-sleep (and while DD2 treats my breast as an all-day buffet).

Lora1982 Mon 14-Jan-13 22:03:15

Ok hes been on the boob since 6!!! Just put him away for a break and hes crying for more ffs :'(

Welcome to the first of two growth spurts in rapid succession. I was 4 hours last night, and 2 tonight. It is only for a few days - promise!

theboutiquemummy Tue 15-Jan-13 09:08:20

So he was up all night absolutely shattered blush on the good side boobs are giving out more milk x

lost i was really snotty about dummies when pg with ds1 but they ended up being a lifesaver. Use anything that makes lifr easier. Ds1 stopped using dummy at 1 i tried to get ds2 and dd1 to take dummy but they refused! Ds2 used to spit them back at me hmm

MarasmeAbsolu Tue 15-Jan-13 13:10:40

DD1 loved her dummy - DD2 spits it back too.

Birdies Tue 15-Jan-13 15:14:02

I second the swaddling, couldn't do without it (and the hot water bottle). Every evening Xanthe feeds for several hours on and off though, but once full up she sleeps in her bednest when not feeding (hmm which was every 1-2 hours last night!). Right, both girls are asleep and I'm on my own for the first time today. Am pleased with self but I'm sure chaos will resume again soon <sighs>. Gonna do birth story now....

Birdies Tue 15-Jan-13 15:29:52

So here's my birth story:

Stuffed face on Christmas Day and Boxing Day. Was sure baby wouldn't arrive until early Jan and no real signs of anything except one strong ish Braxton hicks during the day which went away again quickly. Continued stuffing face.....then went to bed about midnight and suddenly needed to fart! It was quite painful, so I thought I'd better see if I needed the loo. Sat on loo. Wind came out. Went back to bed. Tummy ache and back ache began. Thought "no way baby won't arrive until Jan" but then found myself deep breathing leaning over the side of the bed so we thought we should probably take it seriously! Rang hospital, got parents round to look after DD1 and went in.

I was 5cm when I got in which I was pleased with as it was easy peasey. Then obviously I shouldn't have thought that as spent the next 12 hours with my tens machine on and breathing in lots of gas and air having very painful contractions in my back every 3 minutes. (not having stronger pain relief was more about me liking to be in control rather than being particularly brave. I'm more scared of pain relief than pain!) Anyways, laboured all in my back just like last time as baby was back to back I guess. I do remember imagining blowing out 'Fork Handles' though which made me laugh and helped a bit!

So after 12 hours got to 9.5cm and then....nothing. Had midwife and doctor rummaging around trying to get me to 10cm but it didn't work (blimey that was the most painful thing of all). I'd had a good swear and kept saying I felt I needed a poo (funny the things you remember saying afterwards!).

This may sound odd to some but my biggest fear was needing a c-section because I have a bit if a phobia of operations. But lo and behold that's what I needed. I shook all the way through it as I was so scared! My blood pressure was going stupidly high then really low as well so I thought I'd had it. I also remember them saying the midwife had shaved me down there - and then during the c-section me saying "well no one wants a rampant bush" which made them all laugh, and then I thought I should check that laughing hadn't made them drop a knife in me which they might forget to remove (I was actually joking about that too but afterwards when the doctor came to see me she said quite seriously that they had counted all the instruments and nothing was left behind - well I should think so!!).

Anyways, all ended well and my beautiful little girl arrived safely. And 2.5 weeks on I'm recovering pretty well. I would actually have another c-section if needed so it hasn't completely put me off having more!

MamaMary Tue 15-Jan-13 17:13:51

Hello all,

Wow you did really well birdies getting to 10cm, glad your DD was born safely and you're recovering well too.

Leah continues to put on weight, feeding is going well. Last night I was up twice for an hour each time, but then got a lie in this morning.

Pascha Tue 15-Jan-13 17:14:27

Rampant bush grin. The most comment I had was "we're just giving you a little haircut" when they were stitching me up on the sofa. Told them I hadn't seen that area for quite a while now and they could do what they wanted within reason.

Glad the CS went well in the end Birdies.

MW signed me off officially today. No bleeding left, no pain around stitches, DS is up 40g on birthweight and the cord fell off on day 5 so nothing left for her to do. Now we wait for the mythical HV to introduce herself, but I'm not holding my breath.

Dan is not quite cluster feeding, but he is asking about once every half hour/45 mins so not too sure how bedtime for DS1 is going to go by myself yet. DH isn't home til about 8.30 and I'm rather hoping to be tucked up in bed myself with a good book by then...

Pascha my hv came out today she seemed really nice. Pissed off with mw as she was supposed to come out todsy and theres no sign of her! Annoyrd as realy wantrd ivy weighed! Will have to call tomorrow and see where they've got to. Feel like mw has just left me to it just because this is no4 but ivy has been different to all the rest (and is still yellow but hv told me it takes a bit longer to resolve in bf babies)

Birdies that was quite dramatic glad it went well in the end

Baby was weighed yesterday and we finally had a good bit of weight gain. The little monkey then proceded to be fussy about feeds for the rest of the day, and didn't even wake up for one feed so we both had five hours unbroken sleep. Mixed blessings smile

Lora1982 Wed 16-Jan-13 10:35:34

Worst night EVER i think ive got mastitis cos im feeling awful and my boob realllly hurts. dexter was waking every half hour last night i caved at 5 and introduced the dummy... I got 2 hrs sleep

Hormonalhell Wed 16-Jan-13 10:49:08

Oh Lora that sounds awful hmm bet u fed up.

I have engorged breasts I think, they sooooo painful and rock solid!

Pascha Wed 16-Jan-13 12:16:03

Lora poor you. Get a hot flannel on the boob and feed/express as much as possible from it. Do you feel fluey? Get some antibiotics today if you can and don't let the milk build up in the breast.

theboutiquemummy Wed 16-Jan-13 13:10:12

lora big hugs try and hand express if you can go right behind the boob and gently stroke forwards see if that doesn't help x

HV just been moaning about little mans weight as ever we don't mean to worry you but ! Oh n because DH smokes the baby shouldn't sleep with us well nope he doesn't we already told you that !!

Will do birth story later x

Huge hugs, lora. Agree with pascha heat on that boob and feed, feed, feed. If its mastitis you'll feel fluey and awful - I had it with DS. Trust me when I say feeding does help, but you may need antibiotics, and feeding will be the last thing you want to do. So much sympathy to you, it is horrendous.

My lady baby has put on 2 1/2 oz in 2 days! We're finally on an upswing!

Also, nothing wrong with a dummy. Some babies need to suck a lot, and mummy's need a break at some point.

MarasmeAbsolu Wed 16-Jan-13 16:06:55

Lora - also very hot shower / bath and strong massages on breast whilst in / under the water...

but do got and see GP for antibiotics asap!

Lora1982 Wed 16-Jan-13 16:30:37

So the massaging worked wonders i also found changing how i held him... To the rugby ball hold... Helped a lot. Because the nipple was sooooo sore.

Ive got a hand pump bump im lost as to how to put it together. But for now il offer him the bad boob as often as i can.

Im not feeling fluey today but yesterday i was all shivery and so cold. Im thinking it was just an engorged boob because i probably inadvertantly didnt let him finish feeding from it because it hurt like hell. New day new start! Seeing MW for the last time tomorrow so il see what more info she can help with

theboutiquemummy Wed 16-Jan-13 17:18:23

lora rugby ball all the way for me x glad things are improving x Breastfeeding isnt easy is it ?

I actually think breastfeeding would be more successful in this country if women were told that it's not always easy, rather than just foisted down our throats that breast is best. I know of very few women who have found it easy (out of my nct group with DS, not one of us managed to exclusively breastfeed right away - I was the only one who managed it in the end), and the only person I know who had no issues is my mum, for whom it came very naturally and easily.

Incidentally, she has just been down, and I asked her how she was shown how to feed. They literally pointed the baby at the boob and let them do what they needed. No sore nips. No search for the perfect, assymmetrical latch. I wonder if in all the search for how to make breastfeeding easier and better, we've actually over complicated what should be an easy and natural relationship.

happyhow Wed 16-Jan-13 23:25:13

I haven't managed to get on here since Bailey was born but I'm really glad I'm not the only one struggling with breast feeding (that sounds worse than I mean it to). I will right my birth story in a bit.

Def had an engorged boob today but expressed some with my pump and it felt so much better! The wee man just wasn't taking enough out I don't think or I didn't have him on long enough. Both my nipples are cracked and slightly bleeding though. Sometimes I get the position right for him latching on, others I don't and I'm crying with the pain and shouting all sorts of obscenities! I can do the rugby ball on the right side but struggle on the left - going to see if hubby can help me practise on that side though.

Anyone have any advice on getting them to latch on when you have a larger chest and can't really see if they are in the correct position?

Hormonalhell Wed 16-Jan-13 23:26:19

I've got engorged boobs tooshock

I've switched to formula and think Charlie is much more contented now and I've given it a good go which is more than I did with other two.

Anyone have baby blues! Keep finding the tears rolling down my face and not sure why hmm

Lora1982 Thu 17-Jan-13 00:09:59

I agree its so difficult. I get the latch right on the left side im assuming its right because it doesnt hurt. I only feed on that boob with the typical lying across me way. The rugby one i cant do on the left for some reason but it was definatly a god send to sort out the engorgedness on the right. I expressed by hand and when i get help with this pump im hoping it will improve things imensly...including giving my boyfriend the chance to feed so i get a well earned break!!

Well done everyone for persevering. Im planning on carrying on partly because its free :-D well mainly cos its free

MamaMary Thu 17-Jan-13 02:42:34

Breastfeeding going well here, I solved engorgement problems with a breast pump.

However my mood swings are unbelievable...Which is very disconcerting as normally I'm very even tempered and never have PMS etc.

Well done those persevering with breast feeding. It sounds so hard! I'm combined feeding, but he's having the breast milk expressed via bottle, so I'm slightly in awe of those of you who are exclusively bf'ing.

I find the night feeds so hard. It's freezing, dark, and lonely. And fighting the need to sleep is never fun. Now I can't sleep myself. Ugh. I'm obsessed with sleep x

Guess what, we are up feeding. The hv came yesterday and the good news is my greedy little munchkin has put on 7 oz smile

preggo I think breastfeeding releases a hormone which helps you to sleep, I don't have any trouble going to sleep after a feed. Or maybe that's just because of exhaustion grin

hormonal I think it is normal to be quite tearful, I am the same. Dp thinks I've gone mad. If it carries on or gets worse then speak to someone as you could be getting pnd.

Happy I also have a problem with boobs which are larger than the baby's head grin I try to line her up properly (nose to nipple) then push her into the boob, but I can only tell if she is latched properly by whether it feels right and she starts taking big gulps.

Meringue33 Thu 17-Jan-13 07:36:04

Hi all
Lovely to hear the updates and Birdies positive story.

Great news here y day baby is finally gaining weight. Feel like a real weight has been lifted from me as had been worrying about it the whole week since his birth. One more weigh in by midwife next week now before we are discharged.

In other news, DP managed to assemble the pram we were given and baby went on first walk to the shops. Did not freeze and seemed very happy! Mummy's stitches hurt a bit but not too bad all round!

DP deserves a medal - he has been an absolute rock from Day 1. Still doing 90% of nappy changes, all the laundry, cooking a delicious dinner every night and all the washing up. Feeling slightly emotional - LO and me are so lucky!

Meringue33 Thu 17-Jan-13 07:40:51

Agree with what everyone up thread has said about bf - wow! This is by far the hardest thing I have ever done. Taking it a day at a time and trying to take mw advice re being stern and not letting him stay on if not latched properly. At first was too scared he was not getting enough so let him munch even if I knew it wasn't right and nipples being chomped to ribbons.

Hormonalhell Thu 17-Jan-13 07:57:28

It seems I am the only one formula feeding, I do feel bad about it but it just seems so unnatural and painful to me. But I take my hat off to you ladies tho smile it really in my case is 'easier said than done'

Think I had 2 hours then 1 hour sleep last night but when I look at Charlie and know there is only me to look out for him it really doesn't bother me

Don't feel bad, hormonal. It isn't for everyone, and no one should ever make you feel badly for it.

lora I have ridiculously large boobs. I start off in a cross cradle hold, so supporting her whole body on the opposite arm to the boob ill feed with, hand splayed over her shoulder. Use the hand next to the feeding boob to support that boob and shape the nipple if required. Then I can see exactly what's happening. I switch to a normal hold when she's on.

Am also ridiculously tearful ATM.

In most excellent news, Cameron had put on 3 oz in 2 days smile

Birdies Thu 17-Jan-13 12:22:02

I found breastfeeding really difficult and painful with DD1 but finding it so much easier this time around. The thing that really helped me was the method in the NHS magazine they give you - you use boob to push lower lip down and then shove nipple in using your thumb. It worked instantly for me. Worth a try if you can find the pictures as not sure I've explained it well!

Mood swings very normal - combination of hormones and exhaustion! It does get better after a few weeks smile

Anyone else feeding every 1.5 hours in the night? I sometimes don't even remember feeding I'm that tired.

Hi all. Sorry to hear so many bf probs, it is hard to start with. Im on no4 and still got shredded nips! Although am perhaps more confident of solving any probs!

Can't help with big boobs even feeding am only 32c!

Strangely have not felt particularly emotional or teary. I did with all thr others but i think this time i am so relieved its over i can't b sad! grin

My sil had her 4th last night mil now has 19 grandchildren shock

Birdies Thu 17-Jan-13 12:24:37

Ps hormonal definitely don't feel bad - it's whats right for you and your baby. No one should ever feel bad using formula if breastfeeding isn't working

Birdies Thu 17-Jan-13 12:32:29

bunty I know what you mean about over complicating breastfeeding. My best feed was the very first one where DD latched on on her own and fed for an hour. I did nothing to get her on but prob can't go back to that now

Lostbobbles Thu 17-Jan-13 12:55:19

Yippee bubs managed a few hours in the moses basket last night 2.30am - 6am and went back to sleep in it after morning feed.

I am also in the engorged breasts and ravaged nipples club. I also have a massive supply with a strong let down, but bubs seems to be coping much better than DD1 did. I am resisting pumping excess at mo, I just sit with a pot under the opposite breast when feeding and let it drip away (Very attractive sight) in hope that its just an early days issue and supply will regulate this time. (With DD1 i used to have to pump first and then feed)

Hormonal i think i have been in tears more times than Lois lol. I cried for about ten mins yest when DD1 bought home a card her class (reception age) had made her, they all had drawn pictures relating to her baby sister / new family etc. It's so lovely. DD1 look at me like i was mad and said "why are you crying i think it a beautiful card and very nice of all my friends don't you think" Bless her

Oh and as for breast feeding / formula, as long as babies are fed and well looked after, mummies should do what suits you best.

Well done baby bunty and meringue on the weight gain X

Still need to write that birth story

Lost thats so sweet of your dd!

So got ivy weighed and she is now 7lb! Only last week she got back up to her birth weight of 5lb 11 so am pretty impresed! grin although if she keeps eating like this i will disappear!

theboutiquemummy Thu 17-Jan-13 17:46:30

Emotional isn't the word I can't stop crying over everything hope it passes soon

Lost you DD sounds adorable

Lora1982 Thu 17-Jan-13 19:28:18

Im not one for using the awful phrase omg but my word nipple shields are a godsend!!!!! I am pain free and my boobs getting emptied i am SO happy!!!!!

Pascha Thu 17-Jan-13 20:10:38

Oh good grief! Is it too much to ask for twenty minutes peace in the bath child-free? DS1 was never this needy! Poor DH has barely managed to slam the stew in to warm through. Cheeky little baby Will Not Shut Up!

PricklyPickleInAPearTree Thu 17-Jan-13 20:30:55

DP has gone back to work tonight so I'm on my own all night with Amy. I'm really nervous that she's going to key all night. she's asleep on me now but screamed the whole time i made and ate dinner.

I think i need to try a nipple shield, i have an open wound on my right side that won't heal no matter what i do.

theboutiquemummy Thu 17-Jan-13 20:32:08

pascha I haven't had a dinner without a little one on the boob since he was born hmm

And he always seems to cry when I'm busting for a wee

PricklyPickleInAPearTree Thu 17-Jan-13 20:32:44

cry - not key! .other very good at doing everything one handed yet. sad

PricklyPickleInAPearTree Thu 17-Jan-13 20:34:21

they seem to know when its dinner time don't they.

MamaMary Thu 17-Jan-13 20:35:06

Somewhat relieved to hear I'm not the only one on an emotional rollercoaster...

Glad Bfeeding is going better Pascha

Brilliant weight gain for your LO Apple. How do you find the time to do all the feeding with your other DC around? I'm wondering how I'll cope with my toddler DD1 when DH returns to work on Monday dreading it

MamaMary Thu 17-Jan-13 20:35:46

Sorry, I meant Lora

newbie6 Thu 17-Jan-13 20:53:25

Hi all,

Quick question, my DH has a cold....should I be worried about him passing it to Zach? Keep worrying how a 5 day old baby would cope with a cold?


Mama at the momebt dh is doing everything! Am dreading next week when he goes back to work. It will help that dcs are all at school...will just have to b organised... hmm

Ds2 and dd1 both caught colds when quite new Newbie and they were just a bit snuffly. The only problem was feeding a bsby wit snuffles but got some saline to squurt up nose whuch helped.

Have ivy with me can yiu tell?! grin

2blessed Thu 17-Jan-13 21:35:21

hi ladies, my LO was due in December but arrived 3rd Jan. Have lurked when had the odd moment but would like to join the chats...

theboutiquemummy Thu 17-Jan-13 21:51:16

Hi 2Blessed welcome x

happyhow Thu 17-Jan-13 21:54:49

Welcome 2blessed!

I tried nipple shields but it was too big for my nipple and Bailey's mouth so it didn't last long. I'm currently in love with my friend and her breast feeding pillow though!! She brought it round this afternoon and I've just had an almost pain free feed for a solid 20 mins which would've taken 45 stopping and starting. It's amazing.

Can't remember who said they had an open wound... Have you got Lansinoh nipple stuff? It's healed mine up really quickly. I SLATHER it on after every feed and it's keeping everything under control.

happyhow Thu 17-Jan-13 22:12:54

My birth story....

Had a sweep last Tues morning and as there was a student there she had a go too! The midwife said she'd given me 'one hell of a sweep' and she'd be very surprised if it didn't work. Cue period type cramps for the rest of the day - some of which were extremely sore. Decided to try and sleep so went to bed and woke up at half one with very strong pains. Went to the toilet and back to bed and managed to get back to sleep. After that, everything stopped!! Went for a big walk on the Weds and continued bouncing on my ball but nothing else was happening.

Started getting faint period type cramps Thurs lunchtime but didn't think much of it. Proceeded to go to Asda where the pains were getting progressively stronger and stronger. Got home as my husband was getting home from work (he was going to a job interview though...). Our friend was decorating our hallway though so he was told that I was having pains and to phone hubby if they got really bad etc.

Pains were getting worse and worse so phoned hospital who told me to have a bath and paracetamol. As predicted, paracetamol did nothing but the bath helped relieve the tail end of the contractions. Eventually phoned and said I wanted to be examined and got to hospital around 7.45pm. Midwife examined me and said I was 5-6cm which I was very pleased about! She then accidentally broke my waters so I was def staying in hospital. Bailey was back to back and she managed to partially turn him and he did the rest during labour.

By half 9 I was begging for an epidural. Very nice (and quite hot) anaesthetist came in and sorted me out with one. It didn't work. He came back and put another one in which only partially worked so I had gas and air for the majority of it (I honestly don't know what the big deal about g&a is - did absolutely nothing for me...). The epidural took the edge off the contractions but I could still feel when I needed to push.

Ended up with an episiotomy as he wasn't quite coming out. Turned out he had his hand up the side of his face. 2 more pushes and he was out...

Loved the shocked look on hubby's face that he had a son - he was absolutely convinced we were having a girl.

All in all, a very good experience - I will be doing it again!! grin

Welcome, 2blessed.

newbie Cameron is just getting over a cold. She's had it since she was just over a week. She's had a horrible stuffed nose, lots of green snot which we've been controlling with a snot sucker and saline drops, and we've also had to get antibiotics as she's been left with a cold. It is horrible for them and you, and you need to keep a close eye in case it develops into pneumonia, croup etc.

You can cope with it, as can he, if it happens, though.

PricklyPickle Thu 17-Jan-13 23:11:13

Happy having a failed epidural must have been awful, I think I would have lost it a bit if that were me.

It was me with the open wound on my nipple, it doesn't bleed, its just like a hole (sorry for the grim tmi). I put Lansinoh on after every feed but its still not healing as it just gets aggravated every 6 hours or so sad

Bunty it must be horrible seeing your DD all sniffly with a cold though when she's so young.

Is anyone else still in maternity clothes? I tried getting back in to my normal jeans today and it was never going to happen. I just feel a bit frumpy still wearing maternity stuff, but I'm too podgy for my normal clothes.

2blessed Fri 18-Jan-13 00:37:56

Just trying to catch up on the thread, its like reading the last 2 weeks of my life!

birdies my best feed was the first as well, then reasonably well whilst on post-natal and then it all went to pot. Sore, cracked bleedinf nipples -loved my shields!- until midwife home visit last week. All sorted now but have to have stern words with R about playing with his food! hmm

prickly I'm still in maternity clothes prefer pj's nice and comfy.

Im also crying at anything, everything and nothing!

R has been sleeping since just before 7 - yay!

Hormonalhell Fri 18-Jan-13 07:25:32

Thanks for that guys (re formula) I can only get comfort in knowing that he got the good stuff for 3 days smile

Bunty i'm dreading that first cold, doubt I will sleep the whole time he has it hmm I watch him breathing all time now. Do babies sneeze a lot when cold? Charlie sneezes every time I take off his nappy.

Ended up back in hosp last night. Had really bad pains and then lost a large clot shock was told to go straight to hosp!

Everything fine tho, I apparently overdid it when I walked a mile to the surgery yest. I still have a water infection too

hormonal general sneezing is normal apparently. I asked, as also thought LO was getting a cold. Just to do with their immature nervous systems or something.

Anyone else woken to a tonne of snow?? I'm glad baby is already here as its almost due date and I wouldn't fancy my chances of getting to a hospital quick in this weather x

Pascha Fri 18-Jan-13 09:03:36

No snow here but its due about lunchtime. I have to take Dan to the hospital for his hearing test at 1.15pm, hopefully the snow will stay light til after we get out again. He hasn't really slept all night and is now in his swing chair screaming merrily while DS1 eats porridge with fed up look on his face (don't blame him really).

I am knackered and still in PJs. Fed up myself as DS is supposed to have swimming this morning and there's nobody to take him as MIL is poorly. She would have had him all day too, it would have been a good day for him. I hate that I can't give him my full attention anymore. I hate that he's missing out on stuff. I hate that until my body is back to normal he has to just put up with it.

Couldn't do anything here if we wanted to. Buses are all suspended and roads are treacherous. Literally house bound. Hoping Tesco can get to me as need nappies.

Sorry your day isn't going well Pascha. Hope the weather holds off for you x

We woke up to snow! Dcs not happy tho as school open, me not happy as ds1 had merit assembly so had to take ivy and hope she didn't make a fuss! Got there late as dd1 still hard to settle in reception no space for pram so had to get her out so all the other parents went awww! Then had to leave early as ivy desperate for food! In the hour we were there loads of snow had fallen so it was a struggle back up the hill angry

prickly I'm also still in mat clothes they're comfy and roomy for my poor broken fanjo blush

pascha I know it is hard to begin with but you will feel better and it does get easier to take both out places. You have only just had your baby and you need to give yourself time to heal and get used to 2. I found going from 1 to 2 hard as you have to learn to share your attention and juggle. Have you got any help other than mil?

Question: baby keeps rolling himself on his side while sleeping. Should I keep putting him on his back, or is this ok while he's being supervised?

MamaMary Fri 18-Jan-13 12:19:57

Still wearing same clothes I wore when pregnant. Last time it took several months to get my figure back, it coincided with stopping breastfeeding actually.

Bad news on the mortgage front - the bank 'declined' our application. We'd been waiting since before Xmas to hear this news. However, the reason for the rejection turns out to be erroneous so we are going to appeal it. (It's a tiny thing like once being £200 overdrawn in the last 10 years. But when we examined it more close it wasn't even us, it was fraudulent.)

happyhow Fri 18-Jan-13 13:01:45

My maternity pjs are too big so in normal pjs now but still wearing maternity everything else! Although if my scales are to be believed, I'm at my pre-pregnancy weight after 7 days smile I don't think my belly would get in normal jeans etc though.

Mama, that's SO frustrating. Def appeal that.

We're getting our pram today or tomorrow - depends when hubby can can be bothered to pick it up... Dying to take Bailey out for a walk although he'll need to be mega well wrapped up! We've had some snow flurries this morning but we have sunshine just now. It's all going to hit us later today and over the weekend.

Hormonalhell Fri 18-Jan-13 18:25:24

Charlie likes to lie slightly on side too. I think it's ok Preggo as if they puke it goes out to side too ( am paranoid about choking )

MannUp Fri 18-Jan-13 19:30:20

Hi all
I'm new here and my little one arrived on the 6th after suction and an episiotomy. Have an infection at the mo so am trying to do everything lying down which can be awkward! My husband is looking after us both and I'm dreading him going back to work. We moved last month and I have no family or friends nearby. I need to heal up and hit some baby groups! My mood seems to be fluctuating and I sometimes feel overwhelmed so it's good to type it all out!

2blessed Fri 18-Jan-13 20:01:06

Hi Mann, you take your time to heal. I had an EMCS 2 weeks ago and still feeling sore. I know what you mean about typing your experience out, its a good release. I did that with my birth story and became (even more) emotional but it really helped...

Hormonalhell Fri 18-Jan-13 20:02:09

Hi Mannupsmile

Is this your first? I remember being scared when ExDH went back to work and I was alone for the first time with DD but third time round I got no choice as no partner but I'm much more calm this time smile

Thanks hormonal. I also worry about choking smile

Hello Mannup! I also had suction and episiotomy on the 4th. Not the best start is it?!

Was in floods of tears earlier. My boiler broke down and flooded everywhere, and British gas came out but couldn't fix it as it needs new parts. The parts come from leicester so they can't guarantee they will be here tomorrow because of the snow, so we have no heating or hot water. The BG man gave me a little fan heater to keep us going. Then some kids threw a snowball at the front door and that wad the last straw! Feel better now tho. Times like this when being a single parent sucks, when you have to deal with everything yourself while all emotional x

Lora1982 Fri 18-Jan-13 23:10:03

Preggo the snow here in leicester is pretty shocking so dont get your hopes up. But god knows why its just here thatl have the bits for u. Ive git one of those portable gas heaters its lovely and lasts for ages u should look at getting one x

Thanks for the heads up Lora! The little fan heater is working quite well, so may well invest in one, as I presume BG will take this one back.

Have arranged to stay at my sisters if it doesn't get fixed tomorrow so at least I can have a shower! smile

Hello everyone, just popping in to say hello. Ds1 was born on the 16th and totally surprised me - I was convinced he was dd4! I can empathise with pretty much everything that has been said over the last couple of pages - my nipples are a mess and I think I probably need shields to give them a rest. I feel ok that our latch is now good but I am so sore. Hope everyone else is sleeping...

Meringue33 Sat 19-Jan-13 04:21:35

Hello lovely online friends and congrats Mannup and Sprihgflowers. LO here has diarrhoea so we took him to out of hours doc last night who said he is not dehydrated and just to keep a watching brief on him. Setting alarm for night feeds to ensure he takes enough liquid. No idea what has caused it as breastfed babies are not supposed to get it. Stressful! My emotions are all over the place at the moment, feel like I love LO so much I would do literally anything for him. Every small worry turns into thinking the very worst and worrying I am a bad mother as cannot keep him safe from all the germs, potential harm etc there is in the world. He is so tiny and fragile :-(

meringue I feel the same. LO has been up for the past four hours and I feel useless because I can't settle him. Also panic about keeping him safe and healthy. It feels overwhelming x

MannUp Sat 19-Jan-13 05:05:27

Thanks for the welcome! Good to know there are others out there at this time still trying to get their babies off to sleep like I am lol

I'm not sure that my little man has 'found himself' yet as we've not really had any bouts of crying and he is sleeping well between feeds. Those who are up with unsettled babies have my sympathy, it's really tough. Dd3 liked being held in the 'Tiger in the tree' position whilst being bounced on the birthing ball. It might be worth a try?

My biggest worry is currently blood in the baby's wee. The midwife didn't seem that bothered but I am. He is also pooing loads but not weeing that much which seems odd to me. Hopefully that will change now my milk is in. There is always something to worry about...

Hormonalhell Sat 19-Jan-13 07:07:32

Oooooh Meringue I am exactly the same. I want to protect him against the world too. I almost burst into tears this morning because his little nose was freezing cold and I felt like I'd neglected him cos if had a couple of hours sleep grin

Supposed to be going out tonight but I really can't bear to be away from him that long....god I'm bad hmm

Hormonalhell Sat 19-Jan-13 07:12:45

Awww preggo I know exactly how you feel about having to do everything yourself worry as I'm single too. On the plus side I am the one making all decisions for my children and my baby seems pretty contented at the mo.....grin

Lora1982 Sat 19-Jan-13 08:03:31

Spring it wasnt blood so dont worry. Whenvrhey are just a few days old they have these urine crystals which look like blood. Did you not get this breastfeeding magazine off them? It explains in there and my MWvreassured me when i thought it was blood too.

I feel bad already he slept from 1 til 7 and didnt cry for food.. Should i have woke up and made him have some? My poorly engorged boob says yes but my rested head says no

tinkletinklestar Sat 19-Jan-13 08:22:49

Hi all,

Dd is now 8 days, she will only sleep on one of us at night time. Have tried swaddling, hot water bottle etc but none of it worked any tips? Shes happy in her basket during the day!

Pascha Sat 19-Jan-13 09:58:09

Welcome Tinkle

I wish I could give you some advice but since 2 week old DS2 also doesn't sleep lying down on his back at night either, all I can offer is sympathy. In fact I had a rather large meltdown at 3am resulting in me putting him in his crib and swanning off downstairs in my fluffy dressing gown fully prepared to spend the night on the sofa just to get away from the crying blush. I think 2 hours max sleep a night is taking its toll on me.

DH has taken DS1 off to tumble time this morning so I am rather decadently still in bed with tea and cereal and a happily lying down contented baby hmm

Lora1982 Sat 19-Jan-13 11:01:19

Or the sleeping thing have you tried wrapping him in a blanket on you waiting a while then putting him down? My mum told me to put things that smell of me in with him too i guess to fool him into thinking hes with me.

Birdies Sat 19-Jan-13 13:32:15

I had the day from hell yesterday. On my own all day with both DDs. Baby cries if I put her in her cot in the day. Every single time baby cries, DD1 cries and has a tantrum. I tried getting DD1 asleep for her nap but baby was crying downstairs and I felt terrible. Went downstairs, DD1 then in floods of tears (normally she never cries so I feel terribly guilty). To cut a long story short, baby then pooed and sicked everywhere, DD1 woke early and was still very upset. I couldn't play with DD1 so she watched TV all day (felt terrible for that too) and we were all in tears at one point.

Someone please tell me it gets better

Birdies - it's bound to get better. Sorry it was so hard yesterday. Can you put dd2 in a sling while you do things with dd1? I used the sling for the first time yesterday and DS loved it. I have a Kari-Me and tied it so he was upright against my chest. He was very content and snoozed for ages. Dd1 will get used to life with a sister it will just take a little time. I am dreading dh going back to work, I hope by then I'm more sorted.

Birdies Sat 19-Jan-13 14:02:31

Thanks spring, I just feel so bad for DD1 as she's gone from having all my attention to hardly any, and I just love her to bits. And she's too little to understand so I can't even explain to her. Funny you mention that sling though as I was thinking the same and that one seems to get the best reviews. I think I will give it a go.

I feel the same about dd3. My other children are much older - 12 and 14 - so she has been really showered with love and attention. Overnight I've become dilapidated, grumpy and busy. It is only day 3 for me so I'm hoping to work out coping strategies before dh goes back to work. There are many slings to choose from, and I think sling lovers will be able to tell you more. I found the Kari-me fairly cheap and easy to use once I got used to tying it <<<with the help of YouTube>>>!

Hey birdies i promise it does get better! How old is dd1? Theres just 2 years between ds1 and 2 and you have just described days i had forgotten about. It just takes time for everyone to adjust.

My dd1 has turnee into an over sensitive tantrumming nigtmare! But yesterday she took her little friend into school after he got upset (he also very recently got a little sister). its nice to think of them supporting each other with these huge changes! smile and it showed that maybe she will b ok!

MannUp Sat 19-Jan-13 15:23:30

After my husband rocked him till 5am my baby finally slept for 8 hours with only one wake up for a feed! We switched from the Moses basket to a bednest last night and it seems to have helped. Good luck to all us mums for tonight!

Hormonalhell Sat 19-Jan-13 15:52:32

I'm just wondering and by reading posts, my MW said I have to wake LO every 3 hours cos of his weight (gone down to 5lb 14 from 6lb 4) I am setting my alarm but it takes an hour to feed/change etc so am awake most of night hmm

Does everyone else actively 'wake' their babies for feeds? Can't remember doing this with others

Massive sympathy/respect to those of you with older dc, I am struggling with just the baby. I've also been feeling guilty for neglecting the cat grin

I have a close sling which a friend lent to me. Sometimes dd likes it but other times she screams when I try to put her in it and I'm worried if it is hurting her legs. But she settles after a minute so I guess it can't.

I've taken her out in it a few times and it's so much easier for me than lugging the pushchair up and down the stairs to my flat. One of dp's coats will fit over both of us and I guess she is also kept warm by my body heat.

Birdies Sat 19-Jan-13 18:57:31

apples DD1 is 18 months. I thought she'd be too little to mind about a new baby but I think I was wrong!

I got our baby bjorn carrier out and baby fits in it so had 2 hours to wander round and do things other than sit on the sofa! So the sling/carrier idea was perfect. I do have DH to look after DD1 today though so it's been much easier anyway.

hormonal that's the advice I got when my baby dropped from 6lb 8oz to 5lb 13oz. I did do it as it was a big drop and it worked a treat. But generally I'm not a fan of waking them to feed once back at birth weight and above.

hormonal I had to with DS as he lost a LOT (8lb4 to 7lb1 bless him sad ), and I was waking Cameron until her weight gain this week. Midwife said she's healthy, happy, alert and to let her feed on demand rather than waking her. I feel more sane for it.

hormonal I had to actively wake for the first few days as LO just wouldn't wake (or in fact eat), but then he got used to it and started waking in his own.

Bugsy I also feel guilty for neglecting my furry baby. My cat seems quite traumatised by baby's arrival.

hormonal I missed your post before. That was the advice I was given, to wake dd for feeds. However that was based on her being premature and therefore tiny. I wake her every three hours in the day and every four at night. Over the last couple of weeks she has become less sleepy and usually wakes herself before I do it. I hate waking her in the night, knowing that I will struggle to get her back to sleep again.

preggo my poor cat was practically abandoned for a week while I was in hospital, then I returned with a small screaming thing, and the cat gets shut out of the bedroom at night and shouted at when she jumps in her new bed the moses basket. No wonder she's cross. She is holding me entirely to blame and is majorly sucking up to dp.

Hormonalhell Sat 19-Jan-13 20:50:20

Mrsbugsy, although I was 3 days off term Charlie only weighed 6lb 4oz, he now gone down to 5lb 14 at last weigh in so that might be why then. Might let him go 4 hours thro night n see if he is more alert, takes half hour to rouse him anyway hmm

He still very sleepy tho and he's a week today. God I'd forgot how much worry a newborn gives you

Meringue33 Sat 19-Jan-13 21:22:50

So relieved to hear that sleepy babies are common. I guess I need to feel assured that he will not die of starvation if I sleep through and he has 4-5 hrs without a feed. Has anyone else had experience of diarrhoea this young? Seems odd and slightly disconcerting. MW appt on Mon so would rather hold off til then but should we be taking him to hospital??

happyhow Sat 19-Jan-13 21:25:07

Is anyone else having issues with reflux? Bailey has decided in the last 2 days to become more sicky and unsettled after his feeds. It's just taken 2.5hrs to get him fed and settled he's now started up again. (had been sound asleep on hubby and put him in his basket)

Meringue33 Sat 19-Jan-13 21:27:26

Or is in fact it a good thing that will help flush jaundice out?

hormonal dd was a relative fatty at 5lb 5oz at 35 weeks. She had a bit of jaundice though which I think makes them sleepy. I was given lots of tips on how to wake her up for feeds, for example changing her nappy at the start of a feed, or halfway through if she drops off.

Lostbobbles Sat 19-Jan-13 23:09:33

Happy, My DD1 had silent reflux, took us weeks to get diagnosed as she never dropped any weight. I would take him to the docs. Baby gaviscon helped for a little while but then had to use stronger medication. Also have you tried feeding in more upright position and keep him upright after feed for 20-30 mins. Could also try elevating one end of crib.

Meringue, my bubs has really watery stools today but still bright mustard. As long as still having wet nappies, is alert and feeding well I think it's fairly common.

I panicked yest as she had green ones and I thought oversupply imbalance was happening again as with DD1 but touch wood back to mustard today.

Tinkle my MW said its nighttime when the hormones get active with some babies and they are hard to settle. My bubs has settled better last few days, I put the top i wear each day over the mattress. She also seems to like the slumber bear but who knows unfortunately no miracle solution DD1 was a nightmare sleeper. hmm

I have been feeding for what feels like forever. Thank god for nipple shields which have rescued my poor boobs. I'll get some sleep in a bit maybe. I have not yet produced a child who will sleep in a crib / Moses basket / anything other than on a person in the evening and night. I haven't even tried this time. When dh goes back to work I will put ds in the sling while I need to do stuff in the early evening. We have a bed nest so at night he just sleeps on my side of the bed in the crook of my arm. The bed best sort of makes our bed bigger to accommodate him and keep him safe. I sleep with the duvet angled over me but away from him and the same with my pillow. We have co-slept with all the children and it can be done very safely if you are mindful of the risks <<<and if is the only way I get any sleep at all>>>

I hope everyone is having a good night ....

Lora1982 Sun 20-Jan-13 11:06:44

My boob is still engorged i need some help i think! I had the pump on it for an hour and only got 1 ounce out that was with hot bath and a constant hot flannel massage thing going on.

I lost my temper with my boyfriend at 5 this morning. Id been feeding and dexter was still crying. Basically i was mad cos th bf had earplugs in and he stunk of beer theres not been one night he hasnt had beer

CreepyCrawly Sun 20-Jan-13 11:21:51

Morning all, hope you're all doing ok. Sympathies with everyone with sore nipples, I swear Nancy has teeth!

I think we're heading home this afternoon. I'm pleased, but terrified at the same time.

I'll write up my birth story when I can get my head around it. Everything happened so quickly, I think I need DH to fill me in on some of it. Every time I think about it, I well up. Not necessarily the part where she was out and ok, but the whole thing makes me feel a bit sad. Sad is the wrong word though, I don't know. I don't feel like I failed or anything, I just don't know.

Anyway, I'm rambling. I hope everyone is enjoying lovely cuddles with beautiful squishy babies smile

Lostbobbles Sun 20-Jan-13 11:45:22

Lora - you could have a blocked duct.. If you feel you need help call a lactation consultant, I did with DD1 to help with oversupply/reflux issues. Also could be worth trying some lecithin granules. Hope it gets better quickly so painful. Big hug thanks

Just marking place, Aurora was born Wednesday but I managed to get tonsillitis on Thursday hmm so we have been holed up in bed ever since. Hopefully will rejoin the world soon but it has been lovely just having endless baby snuggles. I hope everyone is doing ok.

Birdies Sun 20-Jan-13 12:47:43

Congrats chutes and creepy

spring are you lying down when you sleep or sat up? I'm tempted to go for the sleeping on me as otherwise I just get one hour each time before she wakes again. Just can't work out how to do it safely. I also have a bednest.

Does anyone properly wake baby to feed in the night? Xanthe stays half asleep with her eyes shut but then only feeds for 5 mins and even then keeps slipping off and swallowing air. Maybe I should wake her (though then I don't know when she'll go back to sleep).

Lora1982 Sun 20-Jan-13 13:01:52

Thanks lost. Ordered some curtesy of amazon, what do i do with them?! Put them in juice etc?

happyhow Sun 20-Jan-13 13:04:12

Well I think the reflux/grumpiness may have been caused by the fajitas we had for tea the other night... Took til nearly 2am to get him settled but he then slept right through til half 7, fed him and he settled instantly. Fed again at half 10 and settled instantly. He's not really brought up any milk today either.

I'm slightly engorged today too as Bailey was constantly on my boobs yesterday. Hoping a few good feeds today will it sort out.

Going to build the pram just now so that we can go for a walk and have dinner at the in-laws. Will be nice to actually get out the house...

Congrats Chutes and Creepy!! smile

Lora1982 Sun 20-Jan-13 13:16:42

Going for a carvery dinner... Wish me luck i dont have to get my boobs out at the table!!!

Birdies I always change ivy first just so she is alert enough not to take 1 suck and pass out! It's a pain but she feeds better and then sleeps longer [selfish need to sleep emoticon]

congrats chutes what a lovely name.

Creepy I felt a bit like that and still can't really think about ivy birth. It was such a shock, even lovely hv said she wanted to come out extra as it had all clearly been a shock!

Lostbobbles Sun 20-Jan-13 14:40:38

Lora, I put them in yogurt, cereal etc but anything you can stomach but they are horrendous. Good luck with lunch enjoy

Pascha Sun 20-Jan-13 15:06:21

envy at going out for carvery dinner. DH was ust saying what a nice idea that would be. I've made a fish pie for tea while DH and ds1 were out though so got that to look forward to.

Dan is tending to feed one side, sleep a bit and then have the other side so it's taking longer than I can do with but he is feeding well.

The Manduca finally arrived yesterday, that's DH's little toy to play with and as Dan is apparently a velcrobaby it couldn't come soon enough. I'm sticking with my Connecta.

Apple thanks for the concern Friday. Itstaking a lot of practice to deal with two when DH is not here and a complete change of mindset but well get there in the end. Only 9 months til DS starts preschool...

theboutiquemummy Sun 20-Jan-13 15:29:11

Carvery dinner sounds ace well first breast feeding in public moment today ~ at church shock and it went well he didn't grumble n my boob stayed covered up thankfully but I did leak on my top n stuck my breast pad to my nipple gringringrin

Lora1982 Sun 20-Jan-13 18:08:00

I did a sly top up feed before we went so carvery was boob free grin

Im laughing a bit at the pad getting stuck to your nipple. My mums going to crochet\knit a boob beanie....google it

MarasmeAbsolu Sun 20-Jan-13 20:48:54

Made me laugh Lora!
Doing ok here, but LO has started to be sick after feeds and will only sleep on us (she is 3 weeks tomorrow and used to sleep in her bednest fine).
I am also freezing cold, and so tired.

Let s hope tonight will be easier.

Spring, is your bednest entirely level with your bed?
Do you manage to have LO in there with your arm reacing her?

I have a Malm ikea bed, and there is definitely a gap between our matress and the bednest. Result is DD is in our bed to co-sleep...

Lostbobbles Sun 20-Jan-13 22:07:33

Lol at the boob beanie, brilliant.

Not much to report here, finding it hard to get little miss to wake much in the day.

My mum arrived today for a week, it's nice to see her as she lives abroad but going to miss my couple of hours a night in spare room, although DH is currently comatose on the sofa so fat lot of use he will be tonight.

octanegirl Sun 20-Jan-13 23:04:52

Hello all...I'm still in hospital with little Felix, going home tomorrow. 48hrs is definitely enough!
He's very cute and chilled out though so far - probably traumatised by the amount of drugs I had in me during labour - my plans for nothing but G&A went right out the window. I'll write it up when I'm not on my phone!

Ps I'm loving the name Aurora. That rocks!

Pascha Mon 21-Jan-13 08:20:24

Ok, so Daniel has decided sleeping flat is for Other People and will only settle on our chests. I have been awake since 12.40am and now I have DS1 in bed playing on my ipod and What The Ladybird Heard going round and round in the background. Telly at 4am is shit.

My LO has the squits now too. Been up twice last night with a bad tummy and about ten nappy changes sad

Lostbobbles Mon 21-Jan-13 09:18:51

Horrible night here to, Lois seems to be full of wind, was grunting and moaning all night and just wouldn't settle for long when laying down.

Decided to keep DD1 off school didn't want mil driving on the roads.

Then just got call from MW asking if I can drive to children's centre instead of home visit, errmmm NO!! bloody cheek.

Hi all

octane bet you can't wait to get home.

Lost have you ever tried baby massage? Some of the techniques can help with wind and it always settled my older dcs. What a cheeky mw.

Dcs school is closed today sad so far they are entertaining themselves watching the baby and announcing everything she does! grin

Congratulations chutes and creepy.

apple I have been given vouchers for baby massage as a present, can't wait to try it.

Dd always seems to fall asleep on my boob, she drinks for about 10 minutes, then sucks without swallowing in her sleep for ages. If I unlatch her and try her on the other side afterwards she never takes it so I am pretty sure she is full and just sucking because she likes it. I do know if it's a problem or not, it's a bit annoying at night when I want to go to sleep.

I haven't been out of the house all weekend -we live on a hill and our road isn't gritted so I'm scared I would fall -so I'm getting a bit stir crazy.

Do you wake your babies up if they sleep all day or just leave them to it? Dd still sleeps a lot in the day and then is awake in the evening.

I woke this morning feeling snotty and as if I am going down with a cold. Is it inevitable that I will give it to dd?

Lora1982 Mon 21-Jan-13 12:38:06

Just had the health visitor she really happy with him hes 9lb now so im doing something right. Shes getting the boob feeding woman to help with my bad boob which currently KILLS and she said snuffles at this age is normal

happyhow Mon 21-Jan-13 13:13:13

Bugsy, I asked my midwife this morning about feeding as Bailey will stay on for 10-15 mins then come off and once I've winded him he'll only go back on a few mins. She said because I can hear him gulping down the milk, he probably just feeds quicker. She said some babies feed quite quickly, others are quite slow at suckling.

PipIsOutNow Mon 21-Jan-13 18:34:05

Is anyone else going to be a little tearful saying goodbye to their community midwives on hand over to health visitor care? I'm really going to miss my midwife she has been absolutely fantastic. Also a little but teary that I'll never ever be pregnant again sad baby Jacob is only 10 days old and already it's scaring me how quickly the time is going!

Pip i am so relieved its all over and will never happen again that i cannot get nostalgic for pregnancy! i know what you mean about time passing so fast and i know i will miss the baby days when they're over.

PipIsOutNow Mon 21-Jan-13 18:45:26

That's the thing, my pregnancy was horrific! You'd think I'd be put off for life. I think pregnancy seems to last forever and then all of a sudden you're not pregnant anymore and you have a baby to look after. Bit of a shock to the system! I just want to try and make the most of the newborn stage before its all gone forever. Feeling a bit emotional today I think

Lostbobbles Mon 21-Jan-13 19:57:58

Bit of crappy day, stitches have been really painful and turns out they are infected (as if they weren't lovely enough) got two lots of antibiotics so hopefully pain will ease in few days.

On positive front Lois is back to BW, just need to deal with the wind issue and constant daytime sleeping she is the hardest baby to wake.

Thanks Apples, I have been doing the massage moves I remember but think I need a refresher, I can just about remember my own name at the mo wink

Pipls I know what you mean about pregnancy, I never want to give birth ever again but strangely quite enjoyed both of my pregnancies. Can't say i will miss the midwife as not had same one very often.

knuckingfackered Mon 21-Jan-13 22:28:40

marking place!
birth announcement........
on fri 18th Florence Rose, 7lb6 ELCS

hope all are well, we're at the sore boobs no sleep stage...........

happyhow Mon 21-Jan-13 23:03:45

Congrats Knucking!! smile

Meringue33 Mon 21-Jan-13 23:46:54

Congrats knucking!

Been pleased to hear the discussion up thread about feeding. This LO also seems to do only up to 20 mins max before falling asleep at the boob. I am trying to set alarm most nights now to feed him otherwise he is so hungry on waking mornings are a bit of a nightmare. He has about a four hour sleep in afternoons tho and I haven't disturbed that as useful to get things done.

MW weighed today and he is nearly up to birthweight, day 12. Only 3.2% short. Jaundice not yet cleared so test next week. She said it is normal to poo after every meal - I just worked out that means around 5,000 nappy changes to look forward to before potty trained!!!!

She also looked at my stitches and said healing well, relief as they are still sore and it feels weird down there. Tbh does not feel big enough any more for PIV sex!!

One day soon I hope to visit the toilet without blood leaking from 2/3 orifices. That will be a real milestone :-)

Lora1982 Tue 22-Jan-13 01:09:10

Think im starting to crack up. Im getting myself upset cos it seems its only me who can sort dexter out when he cries, im exhausted and my boob is agony.

Lora - it's normal that you are the one that can settle Dexter. It's been like that with all my children. You are so familiar to him, it would make sense that only you will comfort him in the beginning. He will get used to others though over time. Is there somewhere you can go to get your latch checked? I'm going to a breastfeeding drop in thj g tomorrow as I'm still uncomfortable. You can also just pay a lactation consultant to help - it depends how desperate you are!

I know I was asked a few questions up thread and I will answer them when I'm on my computer instead of phone!

CreepyCrawly Tue 22-Jan-13 08:00:17

Hugs for you Lora. I hope you start to feel better soon. I think it's perfectly normal to feel the way you do.

We came home yesterday and, touch wood, Nancy seems really settled. She tens to sleep for 3-4 hours, and then feeds for an hour before another good sleep. She was doing the same routine in hospital and the midwives said it was fine, but I thought babies hardly slept?! Does it sound ok to you ladies? I'm not complaining, I'm getting some good kip in! Although I'm not expecting it to last for long.

Any tips for cesarean recovery? I'm trying to get up and do little bits, and sometimes are easier than others. I had a shower last night and it was lovely. DH had to help me get dried and dressed afterwards though, bless him. I still haven't had a poo yet, I feel like I need one but I'm a bit worried in case I need to strain.

Hormonalhell Tue 22-Jan-13 08:33:43

I'm the only one that can settle Charlie too he fidgets and grumbles when with anyone else, especially before bed time.

I too have the wind problem (well not me LO) but loving the big beaming smiles cos he has wind grin

Charlie keeps sleeping 5 hours on a night and although it's bliss for me I'm worried about him but if I try to wake him it takes a good half hour!! Then though he wants regular small feeds all day as if trying to make up!!

Berniebennett Tue 22-Jan-13 09:44:40

Creepy - I had an ELCS 2 weeks ago today, you sound like your doing everything right! I was out of hospital after a day and I feel good now, bit I have been taking it easy ESP to begin with but I still got up and did stuff so my body would get used to it, I also took arnica tablets to help with the bruising and I took constipation relief tablets so when I finally pood (TMI...5 days later) I didn't have to strain! Take all medication they give you up until they all run out, even if you feel ok, and stock up on paracetamol after - I have been on fairly small walks but if I push myself I can feel it do don't wonder to far and take something when you get in!

When you've had the dressing taken off to dry the wound properly as its still tender use a hair dryer on the cool setting - a tip someone else gave me! But everyone recover differently (my neighbour had one and couldn't believe it when she saw me out and about) ISP just listen to what your body says and not what u think u should be able to do!

Also remind the DP/DH what your limitations are (the midwife spoke to mine) on what you can & can't do because I see
To feel ok he has a tendancy to forget!

Enjoy your little one - full off sleepy snuggles in the first week!

dieciocho Tue 22-Jan-13 10:49:27

hormona l have same problem with V and her sleeping/feeding patterns. l worry that by letting her sleep for 5 hrs at night l'm starving her...

theboutiquemummy Tue 22-Jan-13 11:09:59

creepy and bernie I'm the same I'm finding its more uncomfortable as the weeks go by mainly because of the healing but ok in myself shock

I think the process of getting you moving straight after the birth really does help and as for toilet those catheters are a menace weeing still hurts but pooping just tender confusedwinkshock tmi

tinkletinklestar Tue 22-Jan-13 11:41:40

Hi all.

Having a total nightmare here, dd is refusing to sleep at night, she screams from 11-3 we have just started on colief and im going to go and buy the cowgate comfort milk as with dd1 this made a huge difference so im hopeful it will change things, me and dh have been taking it in turns to sleep downstairs since she was born however he is back to work next week so weve got to move upstairs tonight to see how we get on

Am feeling the strain of 2 children, zero sleep and housework.

Its 10 days since my section and I dont feel to bad, I went shopping at the weekend and thinking I will be ok to drive again by this weekend coming, its all the bruising coming on the insides that is making me sore, ive got disolvable stitches so once theyve gone it will feel tons better...

Someone asked for recovery tips...

- stand up straight all the time, never slouch and when sitting try to keep back straight for some reason this has helped loads.
-walk slowly but each day try to do more
-going for a poo does help recovery, all the insides getting movement stops things from seizing up

2blessed Tue 22-Jan-13 12:09:50

Almost 3 weeks since lo was born and emcs and I am now in so much pain when in bed. Run out of painkillers given by the hospital so even though I don't want to I'm going to see if gp will prescribe me more. Its really affecting my sleep.
creepy my poo only started to get back to normal once I'd finished my iron tablets. Drink lots of water and echo the other tips.
Ds has been a bit grizzly and not sleeping through the day as much. He had his bcg jab yesterday and apart from a brief cry as the fluid went in, he slept.

Had another bad night, baby fussed from 11 until 6 this morning. Bloody health visitor came today and made me feel even worse. Are they trained to make you feel like you're doing a bad job?

Plus side, baby has gained good weight. Down side, he has a lump on his head they think might be a cyst. Now have to figure out how to get him to the gp without breaking our necks on the ice...

bealos Tue 22-Jan-13 13:51:27

Hello! I'm over onto the post-natal thread now!! Had a little girl on Sunday night, at home. Still, ahem, deciding on the name.

Hormonalhell Tue 22-Jan-13 16:31:01

That must be so hard going Tinkle, I would be beside myself, I get worried when DS is fidgety and grumbly but I think cos I'm on my own I'm more anxious this time. How do you recognise that it's colic? I would worry it was something serious.

Pip I sort of know what you mean about missing pregnancy, plus I feel cheated out of the last month of my pregnancy when I was going sit on the sofa and eat cake go to antenatal classes and pregnancy yoga and things like that. Then my rational brain kicks in and I realise that I probably escaped lightly as I was just starting to get uncomfortable at 35 weeks, and also I would be terrified of being snowed in and going into labour.

Is anyone else feeling a bit trapped in the house by this weather? I was going for daily walks with dd but I live on a hill which hasn't been gritted and it's like an ice rink, so I am too scared I will fall and drop her.

meringue we also have a hospital appointment to get jaundice levels checked. The hv said dd still looks slightly yellow, but I'm not too worried as she is a much better colour than when she was in hospital.

Creepy dd was very sleepy when she was born, and had to be woken for every feed. She is becoming more alert every day, but even now at four weeks she sleeps for most of the day and is only awake for a few hours in the evening. I am torn between being grateful for the chance to get stuff done, and being worried about whether this is normal.

I also had bowel issues after birth, I recommend drinking lots of water, eating lots of fruit, and if all else fails lactulose. Also putting my feet up on a footstool helped me to go. I refused to take any more iron tablets after the birth and bought some spatone instead.

hormonal I was told not to let dd go more than 4 hours between feeds at night, although that was based on her being premature so I'm not sure if it applies to babies born at term.

Lostbobbles Tue 22-Jan-13 17:46:50

Congrats Bealos, well done on home birth as well

Hormonal, I personally wouldn't wake if he is feeding well in the day, if he's drinking full bottles you could add extra oz into a couple and see how he goes.

Wish Lois would sleep even 3 hours, although the constant grunting and groaning stops what little sleep we could be gettinghmm.

Creepy I had c-sec with DD1 and found the theraline c-sec belt really good (more so for the protection it gave than the heat/cool packs) also get doc to give you painkillers / anti imflams.

Tinkle I feel your pain, my DD1 was the most horrendous baby for 5 months and I'm still traumatised by it. Turned out to be silent reflux not colic.

Not ideal situ but my DH used to keep her until about 12 and I used to go to bed early then we would swap so he could get enough sleep for work. Have you tried raising one end of bed so more tilted instead of flat, but only way DD1 would sleep was on her front we had to buy the baby sense monitor as we were so paranoid.

Lost ivy does that! I am woken up at least an hour before she wants feeding by grunting and stretching noises and shr is fast asleep!

Hormonal i have always just left my dcs to let me know when they are hungry. Although all mine have been greedy little monkeys smile

Mrs bugsy i felt a little bit cheated out of the peace and quiet i was expecting when dcs went back to school but having gone overdue 3 times i am grateful i didn't have to wait so long for ivy (my due date was actually today)

Dh is going back to work tonight. Am feeling pretty stressed! Hes already in bed so had to do bedtime for dcs. Trying to be organiser so have uniforms all ready but am frankly pooping self about dealing with everyone and getting to.school tomorrow eeek

Hormonalhell Tue 22-Jan-13 20:54:33

How old are your others Apple? Mine are almost 13 and 10 so big enough to dress themselves although I still have to get DS up and make his brekkie.

Hormonal they are 4,7 and 9. Ds1 already does breakfast for him and dd1 and all are able to get ready but fights have a tendancy to break out sad

Am sure it will all b fine have only added 1 small baby always managed to get everyone to school before. Think it is just the fact i won't have dh there to help confused

tinkletinklestar Wed 23-Jan-13 02:38:20

Had a better day today,

Went to kiddicare and purchased a sleep positioner which has a little raise to it, she seems to like sleeping on her side and as if she is being cuddled so the blocks keep her safe on her side and she feels cuddled

Also changed her milk to comfort with the colief drops in has had her pooping all day

All of this has had her sleeping tonight, usually we spend 11pm till 3am screaming and unsettled tonight shes been asleep since 11!
Tomorrow night im going to try taking her upstairs so me and dh can go to bed at the same time and see how we go.

Hormonalhell Wed 23-Jan-13 07:09:57

Apple your DS is a little star, making his little sis breakfast smile

Tinkle, glad u are having some peace n quiet. Some babies are more fretful than others aren't they?

My LO on the other hand loves his sleep, had a bottle at 12 and slept til 6 shock he then woke ravenous and wolfed down 3oz and now has hiccups hmm

Glad I'm getting sleep but still feel guilty. Maybe he knows it's just me doing the night feeds grin

Yay I did it! I got 3 dcs and 1 baby to school on time through a ton of snow. Sadly our first night without dh did not go so well sad. Up til now she has slept really well between feeds but last night she had too much at bedtime and puked milk all over me and the bed then she woke up at 1.30 and refused to settle until 4. Am not impressed!

Hormonalhell Wed 23-Jan-13 09:44:39

Well done getting kids out to school Apple. I'm still in my jim jams grin going to get Charlie registered today so need to motivate myself and him!!

happyhow Wed 23-Jan-13 10:05:24

We seem to be cluster feeding at the moment... Not getting anything done this morning...

Lora1982 Wed 23-Jan-13 10:41:18

We are going to go get dexter made an official person too today hormonal. Got him dressed in proper clothes instead of a babygro and everything :-D il look like a tramp though because we have to leave in half hour and im not dressed and hes busy hanging off my boob

allchik Wed 23-Jan-13 11:55:15

Yey!found u all!
Hello ladies! Wrote huge birth story on other thread will copy n paste later.
Bloody hell motherhoods a shock to the system! Eleni is a little angel though,worth walking around looking like a zombie n smelling of puke!smile
Have been quite weepy recentley,found thdm birth n postnatal stuff quite traumatic n have been getting a bit anxious..
X x x

salt1 Wed 23-Jan-13 12:31:54

i have bought some soft toys new, and a mamas and papas conforter - do you think i should was these? (sorry if stupid question - sometimes i really know nothing!!)

Lora1982 Wed 23-Jan-13 12:43:09

Read your birth story allchick fookin ell you went through the mill. I thought mine was bad. Welcome back.

Well we were ten mins late to register, the place was dead but they said we would have to rebook. Just got home and a msg on the fone says theres a cancellation do we want to go back?! Pffft no. Im sorting it out so we can go to one nearer instead of leaving it to the 'dp' who stupidly didnt ask for that one origionaly

Birdies Wed 23-Jan-13 12:53:27

allchik that's just awful, you poor thing. Elements of your story actually remind me of when I had DD1, it was the severe sleep deprivation on top of everything else that was hideous. But you're doing great focussing on the end result of having your gorgeous daughter. And the memories of your horrible experience will fade over time. Be kind to yourself in the meantime, it's normal to feel weepy and anxious and all sorts, even without remembering what you went through.

MamaMary Wed 23-Jan-13 13:52:02

Hello all,

Congrats Knucking and Bealos and any others I've missed...

Been trying to keep up with thread but find it hard to post on phone.

Leah has gained loads of weight - back to birth weight in 5 days (as was DD1, my milk must be powerful stuff! wink)

Nights vary a bit: we've had two nights this week of feeding every two hours, but last night she went 3 hours, but was harder to settle....Poor DH is tired and ill (chest infection); I am tired and have a cold.

DD1 is being good but potty training is just not 'clicking': daily accidents despite this being the middle of week 3. Sigh.

Lora how annoying about the registry place! Have to say we were impressed with our council offices, could register DD any time between 9 and 4 and it was a lovely experience with lots of congratulations, handshakes from staff, etc!

Off to read birth stories on the other thread...

MarasmeAbsolu Wed 23-Jan-13 13:59:27

congrats allchicks!

2blessed have you spoken with your GP re. being still in so much pain at 3 weeks? I had this with DD1, and turned out my scar was infected. A course of antibiotics sorted it out...

LO still struggling with lying flat - not sure if it is colic or reflux. She frets a lot, screams after feeds, her tummy sounds full of bubbles... we have tried infacol, not sure whether it really help or not. Does it need to be given at every feeds? she hates the stuff.

Otherwise not achieving much here. Struggling to spend sufficient time with DD1, who is very good with her sister, but also very tiring... Managed to have a cuddle in bed with her this morning, which had not happened since DD2 was born. Poor DD1 sad she was so glad to have a mummy cuddle and did not want to go get dressed for nursery.

MamaMary Wed 23-Jan-13 14:53:48

Bealos, wow, tell us more about your birth story - who actually delivered the baby, was it your DP? When did the midwife/ doula arrive?

allchik, your experience was really horrendous. With DD1 I had drip induction, an epidural (that worked on the second try) an episiotomy and ventouse delivery and I was pretty traumatised after it all, despite a healthy baby. This time my birth was more straightforward and I have recovered so much more quickly, physically and emotionally, because of it.

It will take a while to recover from your experience - you will undoubtedly be very emotional and anxious for a while, but you WILL recover. Be kind to yourself, try and get out and about when the weather improves.

CreepyCrawly Wed 23-Jan-13 16:40:38

Thanks for all the advice everyone. Each day is definitely getting easier. Had the bead things out this afternoon too so hopefully it's onwards from here.

My mum came today and we chatted a bit about the morning Nancy was born. I got a bit emotional, but will build myself up to go through it with DH tonight or tomorrow. allchik, yours sounds awful, but as you say, Eleni is totally worth it. I'll hopefully post my story in a couple of days.

The midwife also called this afternoon. Nancy has lost 4oz. She had her heel prick test and didn't even flinch. I've never known such a chilled out baby. She slept yesterday evening for 4 hours, then fed for about 9 minutes and then slept 5 hours in the night. Still not getting my hopes up that it's going to last. I'm going to have a difficult teenager I think!

Hormonalhell Wed 23-Jan-13 20:42:13

Bet u fed up u didn't get him registered Lora. I dressed Charlie In his little outfit today too complete with socks n shoes as I was taking him into work to show off. All the girls were fighting over giving him a cuddle and they all thought I was looking slim so quite a nice day smile

CreepyCrawly Wed 23-Jan-13 20:51:08

Just realised I said Nancy fed for about 9 minutes! I mean 90.

Having a bit of trouble today with feeding. Nancy doesn't seem to like my left boob? She scoffs like a dream from my right one, but won't latch properly on the left. When she does eventually get on, she takes herself off again and cries. I've tried changing both our positions and am trying to offer that one first each time. I offer it when she's done on the right one too.

I have a puker, I have never known anything like it. With DS I was honestly baffled as to the point of muslins and bibs but have now had lightbulb moment and will go and panic buy a ton of them tomorrow. Am worried my washing machine will burn out soon! I think I have massive milk oversupply that she guzzles too quickly - problem is she projectile vomits it across me then wants more confused

She sleeps though grin. Am going to try and write up my birth story tonight, can't believe it was a week ago.

creepy dd is the opposite, she prefers my left boob! She latches on that side better and my right nipple is slightly sore so I prefer it too, but I don't want to end up lopsided

lora how annoying! We registered dd at our local registry office, not the one where she was born. It just meant they had to post the paperwork off and they sent us the birth certificate a few days later.

salt dp had to go to the supermarket and buy baby clothes because we didn't have anything in premature baby size, so there was no time to wash them. Dd appears to have survived grin

The health visitor came today, dd has put on weight again, she is now 1lb over her birthweight smile .

Lora1982 Thu 24-Jan-13 00:21:12

Creepy my mw said that we and the babies might prefer a certain boob to the other... I certainly hate my right because of the pain but its getting better thank god. Dexter seems to have issues latching on to it aswell i finally got him to stay on it after i expressed a bit so the nip was easier for him and he didnt have to make an effort.

So we have rebooked to make him an official citizen next week, not too annoyed now ... il just have to choose a new outfit :-D

tinkletinklestar Thu 24-Jan-13 00:29:49

Hi all,

Seriously need some match sticks ive had 3 hours sleep in the last 48 hours, mega peeved off with dh but that's another story I will rant in my head about.

Dd is only settling on me and being awkward with her wind

2blessed Thu 24-Jan-13 01:20:46

Finally got to bed! Ds is still up with dp, don't know what I'm gonna do when he goes back to work on monday sad.

marasme going to gp on friday, pain is worse times like now when I'm lying down, during the day I'm now getting occasional shooting/piercing pains.

creepy ds used to prefer my left boob and plays about more with right, not latching on properly etc

Ds is exactly 3 weeks and about 30 mins - wow!
Hope everyone is getting some sleep.

dieciocho Thu 24-Jan-13 06:30:29

creepy, lora, bugsy, my baby has boob preferences too; my left, but I think that's because my right is very productive and it's almost drowning her.
I'm thinking of keeping my left for her and my right for expressing; that'd work, right?

Ivy has a prrference for the left one as the right one has an over production and she can't keep up!

Chutes my ds1 was a puker and the projectile nature of it frightened tge life out of me! He grew out of it quite quickly though x

Lostbobbles Thu 24-Jan-13 08:19:23

Tinkle I feel your pain, I need branches for my eyes

What is with wind at night???? All day she sleeps like a dream (it's mega mission to try and wake her) then soon as you place her in Moses basket all hell breaks loose. hmmconfused

Going to try infacol today

Ladies with overproduction issues, I scissor hold my boob close to nipple and it seems to help, also with DD1 i used to express off until after let down of i had time or just take her off and let it pour into towel. I also feed with bubs upright above the nipple.

Today's task is to try and keep baby awake longer, wish me luck

Hope you all have a good day

Pascha Thu 24-Jan-13 09:03:11

Morning everybody. Daniel is another non-sleeper here. Lost the carrycot has been all but forgotten, he only consents to sleep in the sling or his swing chair. Nighttimes the crib is ok for about 20 mins max.

I think we've just had a growth spurt few days as he's been demanding boob every 45 mins day and night and pretty much screaming all the time inbetween. It got a bit better yesterday and he saved the screaming til 4pm whereupon he commenced noise til about 7pm. DS1 was pretty fed up. He pushed his tea around his plate with fingers in his ears and a fairly pissed off expression but I could hardly put DS2 anywhere else. Even the sling didn't shut him up. The bath did in the end though thank goodness.

Dh has been sending me to bed at 9pm to get some kip before taking over at 1am which has helped a bit, at least I'm getting a consistent 3 hours or so of proper sleep. I might give him a respite at the weekend and swap hours. He's more knackered than me, bless him.

Had to order new pump tubing on Tues at 4am (don't ask). It arrived in the post on Wed morning. Brilliant service.

Got to go, Dan has puked milk all down the just-clean-on babygro smile

Pascha Thu 24-Jan-13 09:15:41

Bumped into a neighbour yesterday morning by the car with DS1 hovering to get in and DS2 in the sling.

"Hello, how are you? Was that your ambulance the other night?" she said

"Yes" I said, "I had my baby and needed some treatment in hospital, everything's fine".

"Oohh! We (in the pub opposite the houses) saw it arrive and saw you come out, we thought you might have fallen down the stairs"

"No" says I, "Just a baby being born"

"Did you have a baby then? I never knew you were pregnant! I mean, I saw you around the village but I thought you were just getting a bit fat" !!!!!!shock

Was a bit stumped by that one.

She carried on: "we thought you'd had a fall. Everythings ok then? you didn't hurt yourself?"

"no, no, just a little baby" I pointed to him on my chest.

"What did you have, can I see, is it in the car?"

<Pascha bangs head metaphorically against the car door>

"He's here, in the sling. Look see. Hes a boy."

"What did you have then?"


She's a nice lady really but NO common sense and a busybody gossip to boot. I daren't hope that she's gone and set the record straight with everyone she natters with.

bealos Thu 24-Jan-13 13:16:19

ha ha pascha she sounds hilarious. nothing like the village gossip to get everything wrong!!

MamaMary Thu 24-Jan-13 15:11:08

Pascha it transpires most of my acquaintances (rather than friends) didn't know I was pregnant and have been all surprised to hear I had a baby - they must have thought I was getting fat hmm

theboutiquemummy Thu 24-Jan-13 15:39:23

pascha Mama Bealos its bloody awful isnt it they do make me laugh we were trying to get in the car me obs in pain and people kept stopping to talk i couldnt get in until DH unlocked the car and came round to help me it was a bloody nightmare

dieciocho Thu 24-Jan-13 17:19:25

Lovely neighbour saw us getting out of the car yesterday with baby in carseat and exclaimed at having had no idea I was pregnant.

The thing is I spent the whole of October, November and December walking up and down the road proudly displaying my "Baby on board" badge to all and sundry, including aforementioned neighbour.
I admit I didn't get very big, but still.


dieciocho Thu 24-Jan-13 17:23:02

Have realised that makes me sound like I wore my badge as a fashion accessory and wandered round the neighbourhood: I didn't, I only wore it when I was going to catch a bus or a tube, honest!

Hormonalhell Thu 24-Jan-13 18:48:06

That's so annoying when u feel so obviously pregnant and nobody can even tell hmm

Charlie very grumpy today, wanting to be held all the time. I hope it's a one off and not the way he's going to be!!

PipIsOutNow Thu 24-Jan-13 20:21:54

Oh lord I think I have hand foot and mouth sad my little boy caught it in playgroup and I have some suspicious looking blisters/spots on my hands and feet, ulcers in my mouth, sore throat etc etc. how crap after just getting over a section. Never rains but it pours. Now I'm worried baby will catch it too.

In other news Jacob's body clock seems to be a bit backwards. Sleeps all day then fusses and snorts most of the night! I'm coping surprisingly well with sleep deprivation (better than ds1) but am dreading dp going back to work next week sad his time off has flown.

CreepyCrawly Thu 24-Jan-13 20:43:58

Glad I'm not alone with the boob preference. Although she has fed from the left a couple of times today. Hope the rest of you aren't feeling to lopsided! I swear my boob was starting to weigh more than Nancy!

Well I decided to tackle the night fussing head on and establish a routine, so after baby's last feed he had a bath and then I put him in his basket in the bedroom. I figured as he sleeps so well in the day I should recreate conditions, so I have a bit of dim light, some very quiet background noise from the tv, and his mobile playing soothing music over basket. Plan to phase out light and tv. So far, so good. Baby settled straight away, and drifted off to sleep, with only a bit of gentle stroking from me now and again. I hope this works!

Does that sound like his last feed of the night? I meant the last feed he had....I'm not starving him!

Lora1982 Thu 24-Jan-13 23:39:59

From tomorrow im going to attempt sleeping upstairs again. Had to sleep on the sofa last night and tonight cos of his antics and partly cos after the two/three oclock feed which i stay up for im too wrecked to go upstairs.

tinkletinklestar Fri 25-Jan-13 03:26:53

Well the attempt to be upstairs failed miserably..

Dh brought dd up after her 12pm feed and the second she came in our room she kicked off, been trying to settle her in her moses basket since then but every time I put her down she screamed have given in and brought her back down stairs where she has fallen asleep on her changing unit and has made no noise atall since!!

I don't know what to do! Dh will be back at work on monday all I can think is I have to be up with dd1 from 7am!

Lora1982 Fri 25-Jan-13 03:35:52

Tinkle coud you use the moses during the day so she gets used to the smell?

tinkle I've been following advice from dr sears - wait for 20 mins AFTER you think they're sound asleep - this allows them to go into the deep rem sleep where they're not so easily wakened. It's been working for us. A bit of a pain in the arse, but not as much as trying to resettle!

happyhow Fri 25-Jan-13 07:31:00

We've been doing the same Bunty but I didn't know it was someone's advice to follow! We've just been doing it intuitively. If we don't make sure he's fallen asleep after a feed, he wakes up being transferred into his basket.

MamaMary Fri 25-Jan-13 12:12:29

Leah didn't do so long a stretch last night, but seemed to settle better. I feel semi-refreshed today anyway. What a pity it's raining constantly outside. Mind you, I still haven't tried got to grips with the double buggy, I really must get DH to give me a demo (the past two weeks he's been doing all the lifting in and out of cars, buggies etc, but he's now back at work!)

I've received many lovely presents for Leah but most of them are babygros 0-3 months, which I don't actually need since I've got all DD1s already...Torn between returning the new ones not sure if I can be bothered or letting Leah wear them as they're gorgeous...

Mama - swap for the next size up. Most shops are good with baby clothes like that.

MamaMary Fri 25-Jan-13 14:15:35

Yes, Bunty, I think I'll have to swap them. Not all have receipts but I don't suppose that matters if it's an exchange.

Birdies Fri 25-Jan-13 14:46:17

Hi everyone. I read an article in The Times yesterday about breastfeeding mums often being too quick to put baby on the boob at night. I've been feeding about every hour overnight but now baby has put on quite a bit of weight I thought I'd try and leave her a minute before I feed her. And it worked! She just makes a lot of noise in her sleep and now I realise it doesn't mean she's hungry.

Anyways, I sound like I have it all sorted but that's a long way from the truth! I just can't get her to settle anywhere but on me in the day. This makes it almost impossible to also look after DD1 who isn't walking yet so needs lifting. Anyone got a good baby swing or automatic rocker they can recommend?

MamaMary Fri 25-Jan-13 16:37:13

Birdies my bouncy seat is a Fisher Price reclining one with a 'vibrate' button. The vibration has the most calming effect and can settle a baby when nothing else can. It worked a treat with DD1, my nephew, and now starting to use it with DD2.

Sympathies re dealing with a toddler and newborn at the same time. I am currently potty training DD1 - I was hoping it would have been done and dusted by now, but she's just not getting it. It's been nearly 3 weeks now. It's awkward to leave the house or go in the car, without putting a nappy on her which would detract from the training...grrrr just don't know what to do I hope she gets it soon!

Interesting re being too quick to put on the boob at night - can you link to it or can I not get past the paywall? I wonder if this is more likely to happen with co-sleeping?

Birdies Fri 25-Jan-13 17:03:44

I'm not looking forward to the potty training!

I can't find it online but it was in The Times 2 yesterday. Actually the main thing it was saying is that breastfeeding mums will get less sleep and more disturbed sleep than bottle feeding ones (though that didn't really surprise me). But they were saying that no one tells mums that in case it puts them off. Overall it's the combination of breastfeeding and being a bit too over-attentive as a mum and picking the baby up for a feed at every little squawk (something I'm guilty of). Didn't mention co-sleeping but I guess it's easier to pick baby up too quickly if they're next to you.

Ps Thanks for bouncy seat idea.

Pascha Fri 25-Jan-13 17:40:05

I'm not attempting potty training til the spring. No way can I deal with newborn+toddler+wet pants+winter all at once.

We have the fisher price swing seat bought for us by PIL. DS1 had similar as a little baby and loved it, bit early to tell with DS2 yet, nothing placates him bar being bounced on the ball in the sling.

Ditto, pascha. Summer at least they can hopefully run about outside nappy less and plonk on the potty when they need.

Pascha Fri 25-Jan-13 20:42:51

Hooray I've had a whole dinner without a baby strapped to my chest!

Yay! Mine had been settled, happy and not cluster feeding this evening. I am FREAKED OUT.

tinkletinklestar Fri 25-Jan-13 21:58:43

Hi all,

Brought a vibrating chair for dd today which she settled in for a good half an hour better than the 0 she has been doinf, poor dd1 is looking very sad that im unable to cuddle her without dd2 being on the other side.

The article in the paper about breastfeeding mums,

What complete tosh, i think regardless of how your feeding the baby the quickest way to settle is with boob/bottle/dummy so it goes for all ways.I am formula feeding and dd settles for not even 5 minutes..im just as attentive as a breastfeeding mum its tougher formula feeding as 9/10 times colic comes with it.

2blessed Fri 25-Jan-13 23:38:34

We've got a vibrating fisher price chair, what a life saver. Only thing is, ds finds it easier to sleep in but doesn't really like sleeping in his moses basket as much - aaagh!

Hope everyone has a good night's sleep.

CreepyCrawly Sat 26-Jan-13 00:09:32

Ok, I've written my birth story. What I can remember anyway. I still can't really talk about it without getting emotional but writing it out has been somewhat therapeutic. Reading it back though, I feel like a bit of a drama queen compared to what some of you went through.

Sorry for the length, and also if it doesn't make any sense. As I said, I still can't really talk about it so its all a bit hazy.

On Thursday 17th, DH had gone into work for a few hours at 3. I watched One Born Every Minute that I'd recorded the night before and the second it finished I started getting an uncomfortable feeling in my back, which then went round to my stomach. It wasn't really painful, but it was definitely 'there'. It felt like a belt of slight pain going all around me, and I thought I just needed the toilet. Went to the toilet and it still didn't ease, but still I didn't think it was the start of anything. I text DH to say I was going to bed for an hour because I was having some pains but didn't think they were anything.

DH finished work just after 6 and we had some dinner and watched some telly. All this time I was still getting waves of slight pain. I told DH I thought I was just constipated. We went to bed at about 11ish.

I didn't manage to get any sleep as the pains were coming quite often. Still thought I just needed the toilet!! At about 1am I thought 'hmmm I'd better time these'. I used an app on my phone, they were coming every 4-5 minutes and lasting 60 seconds. I woke DH up and then phoned the hospital who said I should come in.

I wanted to have a shower before we went, and as I looked out if the window I saw it had been snowing a bit. Had shower and got dressed etc while DH went and got the car running.

Driving to the hospital was a nightmare, there was so much snow! When we got there, we were taken to a room and I was put on a monitor. Everything seemed fine. Midwife said I was having strong contractions but they still weren't feeling too bad. She discovered Nancy was back to back so that explained the back pain.

Then, Nancy's heart rate dropped. I'm not sure to what exactly, DH says about 70? The midwife got me to lie on my side and it went back up for a few minutes, but then dropped again to (DH says) 40. The midwife pressed a button and then suddenly there were about 10 people in the room. A lady examined me and said I was 2cm and then broke my waters. There was meconium in my waters.

They then moved me to another room just in case I had to go to theatre. Nancy's heart rate wasn't increasing so they told DH to go and get changed and that I'd have to go for surgery.

They gave me some gas and air, I'm not sure why, and after one inhalation of it I was sick.

As I was being wheeled down to theatre, I kept asking if my baby was ok. Obviously they couldn't tell me, so just didn't say anything. I've never been so scared in all my life.

When they put the drip in my hand in theatre, goodness knows what they did but there was blood everywhere. I don't really remember much between then and when Nancy was born. But I do remember DH saying 'you're not lazy', because that's all I used to say when I'd go for an afternoon nap.

Next thing I know, Nancy was being cleaned up and I could actually see my baby. The midwife said she was absolutely fine, her cord had been wrapped around her neck. She was given to me and we had some lovely cuddles while they sewed me back up.

As soon as I saw her, I fell so in love with her. She's the best thing I've ever done.

Bunny222 Sat 26-Jan-13 08:40:19

creepy that is a great birth story, thank you for sharing. It must have been scary not knowing whats going on with the little one. I am still waiting to pop (40+4) and feeling quite miserable (also back to back) but your story has reminded me theres something precious to come at the end.
Well done all you new mummies, hope ill be posting on here soon...

CreepyCrawly Sat 26-Jan-13 10:47:21

Thank you bunny. It was terrifying, and I cry everytime I think about it. But, as you say, there was something so amazing at the end of it. She's beyond perfect and I'd do it all again now.

I was 40+4 when it all started, so good luck. I hope everything goes well for you xx

creepy your birth story sounds ree really frightening. for a lot of us it seems like the worst bit about giving birth wasn't the pain, but not having any control of the situation.

I left did for the first time last night, just for 15 minutes while I dropped something off at a friend's house. I panicked the whole time-and drove like an idiot cos I was so distracted-- but when I got back dp said she had slept for the whole time and didn't know I was gone.

we had a dreadful night,my baby has turned into a monsterwink wink

happyhow Sun 27-Jan-13 05:58:41

I'm not usually one for doing this but OMG!!!!!! Bailey has just gone from 10pm-5am without a feed!! Just fed him and he's settled straight away. I can't believe it shock I suspect he might be like a hungry hippo for the rest of the day to make up for it though...

Went to the pub last night which was lovely for making me feel normal and less like I was hibernating! Felt very strange sitting there having dinner though whilst my 15 day old baby was at home with my mum...

Creepy, your birth story sounds like you had a bit of a rough time and I can understand

happyhow Sun 27-Jan-13 06:02:55

Damn phone!

I can understand why you find it difficult to talk about. Just remember that the birth is a very small part of the whole process. It's built up to be a massive thing that can detract from the miracle of pregnancy and the fact that you now have a beautiful baby. Don't let it get to you down too much - you have SO much more to look forward to now with your little one. Xx

Cejay8 Sun 27-Jan-13 08:26:49

It's really tough going overdue; I was stretching to 2cm at both sweeps but still nothing was happening and I was feeling very fed up at the prospect at not getting my home water birth. On the day of induction (40+12) I was 2cm so they broke my waters at the birth centre and Sophie was born 4 hours later! It was a really positive experience and I now don't mind one bit that I didn't get to go into labour spontaneously or get my home birth.... And so far Sophie is a little angel! Hang in there ladies, not long to go now grin

Hormonalhell Sun 27-Jan-13 11:05:07

Creepy hope u ok now n getting over the traumatic birth, big hugs smile

Well DP told me last night that he had booked a romantic night away for my birthday in 3 weeks time shockshockshock said although it was a lovely gesture there is no way I can leave Charlie overnight just yet, having trouble trusting anyone with him half an hour hmm thankfully he understood and cancelled it

Hormonalhell Sun 27-Jan-13 11:06:01

Congratulations Ceejay flowers

Hormonalhell Sun 27-Jan-13 11:08:19

Happy how Charlie has slept five hours before but he made up his intake thru the day....I felt guilty but refreshed at same time grin

tinkletinklestar Sun 27-Jan-13 14:55:56

I have a velcro baby...

Exhausted does not even cover the way I feel.

Dh goes back to work tomorrow, ive got to do no sleep, dd1 to pre school and sort dd2..

Birdies Sun 27-Jan-13 16:00:06

Is anyone else hallucinating at night from lack of sleep? When I wake up I think baby is on me or under the sheets. And then I see weird faces in her cot! <losing it>

theboutiquemummy Sun 27-Jan-13 16:50:49

Birdies shockshockshock I do I'm currently on 1 n 1/2 hours im absolutely knackered n shakey jakey from it

Lora1982 Sun 27-Jan-13 18:56:41

Yesterday was a nightmare on my boob every hr til 2am!! Todays been better. Im not hallucinating, YET, but im doing the head nod when my eyes want tio shut. My boobs healing too thank god. Its still swollen at times and im scared of getting mastitis or the milk running out but i have a couple of successful feeds off it a day other times he finds it hard to latch on cos the nipple is too hard so i give up n go the other side. Breastfeeding is not as easy as i thought it would be!

birdies I remember exactly that from DS, I used to jolt awake thinking he was on top of me. It was awful, you really have my sympathy. Am quite blessed that Rory actually sleeps but there is plenty of time for that to go wrong!

Also had torrid time getting breast feeding established with DS, my mantra was one day at a time, get to one week, get to two weeks, etc and that really helped. I agree though lora it was a shock that it was such bloody hard work and bloody painful - really unfair after going through pregnancy and childbirth.

CreepyCrawly Sun 27-Jan-13 21:48:59

Thanks ladies, it's getting easier to think about now. I'm just glad she's here safe and perfect.

Definitely agree that breastfeeding is hard work. I've been in tears each time for the last few days. I had been feeding her in the rugby ball position and its been agony. This morning I tried it with her lying across me and its a relief. Hoping it lasts!

tinkletinklestar Mon 28-Jan-13 01:55:21

Dh calls it black cat syndrome, where you see little black shapes in hallucinations. Ive been getting these today really struggling to get through.

I so desperately wanted to breastfeed, unfortunately because of the codiene with drawal dd made her mouth so sore she couldnt latch on, now she has colic im so gutted as its not so common with breastfeeding

I was hallucinating from lack of sleep in hospital, really surprised at how common this is. things have improved a lot now but I still dream I am feeding and when I wake up I am not sure if I have just fed her or not. sleep deprivation can be used as a torture method so we are all doing really well to cope smile

lora can you express from your bad boob to keep your supply going?

Pascha Mon 28-Jan-13 08:53:53

Naf all sleep here either.

I remember from DS1 the dreams I had that he was still in the bed, still on me, under the duvet etc, usually accompanied by horrendous sweats. This time I'm not getting the dreams, mainly because I don't get as far as REM sleep before I am woken by DS2, usually about every 20 mins-half hour. Last night from 12.45 when DH came upstairs with Daniel I slept somewhere between 3.30 and 4.30am and been dozey-awake since.

I am going to get a dummy today to see if tha improves matters.

Lora1982 Mon 28-Jan-13 09:12:41

I can never express a lot out the good boob never mind the bad boob its weird, whenever hes on it he seems to get what he wants though its weird.

Wow pascha we resorted to a dummy 5 days in i think! 0well done for making it this far! Mum said some babies just comfort suck so dummys are a godsend for me. If he dobt want it though i dont force it and its definatly clear when he wants real food :-D

Pascha Mon 28-Jan-13 09:54:33

DS1 was a model newborn, Lora, woke for feeds, back to sleep, few night wakings, very placid, self settled from very early on. Its been a bit of a shock to have a clingy, screamy, unsettled non-sleeper this time round.

lollipoppi Mon 28-Jan-13 14:46:46

Hello lovely ladies!
Well I finally have 10 mins to write up my birth story - creepy it is so scary how similar mine is to yours!

Ok so had a sweep at 9.30am on weds morning, started having regular contractions almost 2 hours later and by 4.30 I was on route to hospital contracting every 3 mins.

When I got to the hospital I was examined and told I was only 1-2cm which I flat out refused to believe grin as I was in agony (and also because I gave birth to dc1 on my own at home as he came so fast - so kind of thought I knew my pain threshold when it came to labour)

Then baby's heartbeat dropped and i was taken down to delivery, examined again to be told I was 3cm, I was in horrific pain and was literally BEGGING them to help me, I knew that something was terribly terribly wrong, I just knew sad

I felt like nobody believed me, but even the midwifes were baffled as I was contracting every minute ...... Then this is when it got scary, they totally lost baby's heartbeat sadsadsad I was crying my eyes out an screaming for them to get baby out and help her, a team rushed in and wheeled me down to theatre for an emergency csec ......... But literally as soon as they were putting the anaesthetic mask on my face to knock me out I started pushing!!!!!

Nobody was more surprised than the doctor stood there with a knife in her hand ready to cut me open!!!!!

I pushed twice and out she popped grin she was whisked away as she wasn't breathing and needed some help, it seemed like a lifetime but in just a minute I heard her little cry and I have honestly never felt so relieved in all my life!

So basically what had happened is my placenta had come away from my uterus, which cut off her oxygen supply, it is apparently very rare and happens in about 1% of pregnancies for no known reason

It was the most terrifying experience I have ever been through, I thought I had lost my little girl and I am really struggling to even think about it without crying, it's worse at night when I'm trying to get to sleep (not that that happens often with a newborn) trying to piece it all together - but i just look over at my previous little girl and remember just how grateful i am that she is here smile
So after a very quick and scary labour, Darcie Rose was born at 8.10pm weighing 7lb 11oz


MamaMary Mon 28-Jan-13 16:27:24

Lollipop, what a frightening experience. I'm so glad your little girl is fine and well.

Birdies and others, not quite hallucinating; but frequently lying in bed, hearing Leah cry and not knowing whether she's due a feed or I've just put her back down after a feed....The funny thing is this happens with DH too; sometimes he jolts up in bed and tries to hand me Leah thinking she needs fed when I've just put her down... Crazy.

The saving grace is that I quite often get a lie-in as DD sleeps in the morning; but it didn't happen today and I'm suffering for it.

Glad to say breastfeeding is going well with no pain. The worst part is when it takes forever to get wind up, making night feeds really long.

lollipop how awful sad big hugs to you. Maybe some counselling would be a good idea?

birdies I was hallucinating in hospital the night of and day after DD's birth. I was so bloody knackered, I felt like I was watching a soap rather than actually participating in life.

happyhow Mon 28-Jan-13 23:02:17

Lollipop - that must have been extremely scary but at least you have your baby safe and sound.

My mum is going home tomorrow after being here for a week - is it bad that I'm looking forward to her leaving...? She's been helpful but it's difficult for us to just relax with her around.

Still got to register Bailey's birth... Only have til Friday... I thought it was ridiculous that they gave you 21 days - how could anyone take that long to do something so important, I thought...? Oops.

Lora1982 Mon 28-Jan-13 23:07:27

21 days?!? We have six weeks ro register... Going for the second tim tomorrow hopefully we wont get sent away again. Im decamping all my stuff to upstairs i refuse to spend another night on the sofa!!

Pascha Tue 29-Jan-13 02:58:58

Only 21 days in Scotland I think? We did ours at day 6. Hope you're snuggled up in bed Lora, sofa sucks. I am currently lying in bed with a sleeping baby on one boob. I know when I move him off he will wake up hmm. more peaceful like this for now...

we had 42 days to register the birth (we're in England) but if you aren't married then you both have to go to the registry office, so we had to do it while dp was on paternity leave. it was our first trip OK into town and it took us two attempts before we made it.

2blessed Tue 29-Jan-13 07:41:03

We have to make an appointment to register ds, first one we could get was for middle of february!

happyhow Tue 29-Jan-13 09:22:42

Didn't realise you got longer in England. Stupid Scotland being stupid!!!

Grumpy this morning. Have a sore head and have left Bailey whimpering in his basket for a while because I'm so tired I can't face getting out of bed... On the plus side, mum is going home today.

OK. After 3 I must get up. 1.......2.......3.......

theboutiquemummy Tue 29-Jan-13 10:23:36

hmm DH has gone back to work today so I've had to do the night n it just me n lo all day so im hiding in bed at the moment

Pascha Happyhow lora sure this will pass change soon at least that's what im telling myself at 2 in the morning

CreepyCrawly Tue 29-Jan-13 10:50:47

Nancy slept from 2am until 8:00 this morning!

I'm having a bit of trouble with my left boob again. She seems to be latched on correctly, she stays on for as long as she wants, but all my milk seems to end up on the cushion. She seems happy enough when she comes off, so I'm thinking maybe she pretends she hasn't finished when she has. If babies can even do that?!

SIL came round yesterday with her LO, so it was quite nice to practice getting my boob out in front of someone.

Lora1982 Tue 29-Jan-13 10:53:27

Im wondering when this mythical 'it gets better' stage will happen. Nips are so sore today he falls asleep when hes munching and then cries when i put him back down aaarrrgghh. My boob are dripping all over the shop too anf he refuses to go on the bad boob.

PixelCarrier Tue 29-Jan-13 12:50:29

Hello all,
Haven't had a chance to catch up on the thread as Samuel arrived on Sat 26th at 4pm weighing 3.87kg. He's utterly gorgeous.
Marking my place & looking forward to reading back through the thread to hear how you're all getting on ...
I suspect I'll be able to identify lots with lack of sleep and breast feeding challenges!

Hello everyone smile, sorry to hear lots of ladies worn out and finding breastfeeding tricky. It is a myth that bf is easy. This is my third ebf baby and every time the first few weeks have been tough. It does get better though and discomfort does stop. I only have soreness when latching now, during the feeds it's ok.

My babies have never much liked being put down so I tend not to try. DS spends lots of time in the sling, our arms and sleeps in our bed. As a result he rarely grumbles. It can be a but tiring but I much prefer it to crying. He seems really contented and we are all getting some sleep. He will also sleep in the car seat / carrycot if we are out and about. I think I've been really lucky. Dd1 had colic and that was fierce. Hours and hours of crying every day sad.

Has anyone read the Wonder Weeks book? It's very useful...and goes some way to explaining baby's fussiness.


Birdies Tue 29-Jan-13 17:04:02

Congrats pixel!

I'm quite worried today as baby breathes really fast. Went to the doctors and nothing found but have to keep an eye on it. Does anyone else's baby breathe very fast? It's noticeably faster than when my DD1 was a baby and often well over 60 breathes a minute sad She's a noisy breather too. But otherwise is gaining loads of weight and seems really well confused

Hormonalhell Tue 29-Jan-13 18:44:28

Charlie sometimes breathes strangely but only fast when he's dreaming but my other two were same so I guess it's not worried me too much.

I worry about everything and it's hard cos I've no DP to ask his opinion hmm

MarasmeAbsolu Tue 29-Jan-13 20:38:54

She's sleeping in her bed, at last!
DH is now back at work, and after my Ps and PIL's visits over the last couple of WE (all live abroad), I was looking forward to some rest (ah ah!)
DH had to go to England for a work trip yesterday at dawn, so I had to get both DDs up, get them ready and take DD1 to nursery. It was the first time and it's hard going, especially on 3h sleep!

I think we've gone through one of the growth spurts - DD2 is 4 weeks already, and last week resorted to feed every hour for over 3 days. As a result, my bleeding resumed (loads of bright red blood - spooky, although the midwife did not seem too concerned.)

Our builders are also in, and should be finishing tomorrow, which will be good, since I fancy sleeping in the morning, and BFing without inadvertently flashing a bunch of builders... To add to the comedy act, boobs are now firing milk in every direction at the mere hint of DD crying or fussing - it does not make for discrete BFing in public place (I nearly caught my [male] friend in the eye yesterday!)...

tinkletinklestar Tue 29-Jan-13 22:47:36


This is tough. I forgot all about the difficult few weeks. Dd is still like velcro, ive spent the last few nights with her in bed with me on a pillow patting her back to sleep every so often she is wanting feeding every 2 hours and doing a 4oz feed each time is this normal????? Shes also having awful trouble with her bowels, she eventually poo's but getting there seems to be excruciating pain it also smells foul!

I am exhausted, doesnt help were not really eating properly ive been catching sleep when dh gets home and have to say im feeling very resentful he is getting the fun daddy time with the 2 dd's and im only seeing lonely nights.

Dd is a fast breather as well going to mention to the health visitor tomorrow.

2blessed Wed 30-Jan-13 00:00:25

This is my first day and night with ds as dp has gone back to his home. We're doing good.currently snuggled up on the sofa crying my eyes out watching obem. It never attested me when I was pregnant.... Hope everyone is getting sleep

2blessed Wed 30-Jan-13 00:01:41


Sorry not been around - having fairly big issues with Cameron's poo - what a topic! She's gained weight again - up to 7lb11 today which is great, but still has these green mucus poos. Just now I've changed her, and the mucus has what I think is blood in it - it's browny.

I'm so bloody worried. No one can tell me what's causing this. She's not in pain, she's now gaining, she's happy and alert ... But something is causing this and causing her little gut to be upset. I hope to god I don't need to stop feeding her. We were doing so well. sadreally don't think DS over su

*its oversupply as its mucusy, not frothy.

sad sad sad dr for us tomorrow.

2blessed Wed 30-Jan-13 00:50:18

Hope dr sheds some light on this for you bunty

Lostbobbles Wed 30-Jan-13 02:49:58

Hi all

Still sleep deprived here, having terrible night tonight up and down like a yo yo. Just dealt with screaming fit and currently led with little madam on my chest.

Bunty, my dd1 had horrible issues with my oversupply and poo was same as you described. I didn't stop feeding but in the morn i used to express off a few oz and then feed to ensure hindmilk was reached, also fed just one breast and back to same breast on next feed and then swapped. Wish bubs well x

Lostbobbles Wed 30-Jan-13 02:56:28

Bunty ask gp about allergies as well I had DD1 tested but luckily she was clear

Lora1982 Wed 30-Jan-13 06:26:53

I had to resort to a bottle for the first time in 3 weeks. I was just feeding him and i got the most shocking pain go through my boob its still hurting now even if my dressing gown just brushes it. God knows whats up with me this time but the pain proved too much on a plus note he did guzzle the bottle easily and quickly no complaints. This may be the way forward which is a shame cos hes only three weeks but ive certainly given it a good go.

No idea on the poo front for you though sometimes his is still the greeny colour rather than yellow

CreepyCrawly Wed 30-Jan-13 08:03:34

Lora you e done amazingly well with the amount of pain you've been in, you really have x

I'm struggling with breast feeding too. It hurts so much, but it will get better wont it? I really don't think people at ante natal classes should say how easy it is, I feel a failure because I'm finding it so hard.

Does my baby sleep to much? She slept from 11:30 last night until 6 this morning! She's had a half hour feed now this morning and she's asleep again. We're getting plenty of wet nappies and she seems in good health. Midwife has said we just have a chilled out baby but I can't help worrying!

Lora - you might have thrush. One of the classic signs is very sore nipples and shooting pains into the breast. You have done brilliantly feeding through so much discomfort and you shouldn't worry if you end up bottle feeding. Three weeks will give your baby a good start. You could use nipple shields to get your nipples a chance to recover. I had to do that on day four as I was desperate.

Info on thrush:

Hormonalhell Wed 30-Jan-13 10:15:07

Awww Bunty hope everything goes well at docs, it's such a worrying time. Charlie doesn't go every day and that worries me so bet u beside yourself at mo. let us know how Cameron is smile

Lora you have done sooo well with bf and I so wish i'd had the stamina to do it for as long as you have. I only managed three days and then switched to formula, just wasn't working for me or Charlie but I'm glad I managed three days which was better than none at all.