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November 2012 - the birthplosion (thanks Peaky)

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StuntNun Tue 13-Nov-12 09:56:55
NervousAt20 Tue 13-Nov-12 10:15:10

Marks place

Marking place

Catbag Tue 13-Nov-12 13:47:52

Marking place also smile

daisychain76 Tue 13-Nov-12 16:55:10

Marking place. My aim by the end of this thread is to have a bedtime routine in place. l‘ve said it so l have to do it now smile

DebussyHead Tue 13-Nov-12 17:28:04

Marking place

GTbaby Tue 13-Nov-12 20:28:13

What is a good bed time routine? Timings, tasks etc?

daisychain76 Tue 13-Nov-12 21:36:19

Gtmy ideal would be to start around 6 give a bath, a bit of a massage, pop baby in nightcllothes/gro swaddle,, feed in darkened, quiet bedroom, give a cuddle, pop in cot sleepy but awake and with mozart cd playing (don‘t have a cot mobile). Starting at 6 for bed at 7.
Now if anyone can tell me how you do that and get 2 other dcs to bed as well l‘d be truly grateful smile

Marking place. DM was here the last week but has gone now so should be able to post more.

DonnaDoon Wed 14-Nov-12 10:55:43

smile Good morning everyone...Im still waiting to hear if my dd is the only baby on here with baby acne sad She is otherwise fine though so I musnt moan ...just cant take many photos and when people peer into the pram Im almost embarrassed about the state of her little face and have to explain about it and no one else has heard of it

Izzybuzzybuzzybees Wed 14-Nov-12 11:08:06

Popping over to mark place

GTbaby Wed 14-Nov-12 14:43:08

Daisy I like ur bed time routine. Except for Mozart. Will have to put together a chill out play list grin although thinking about it I can think of no songs which r soothing but happy. hmm

blonderthanred Wed 14-Nov-12 17:18:17

Donna mine got very bad milk spots on his face which came up with every feed but faded after and very angry pimples on his head which went after a few days washing gently in water.

I don't know what is classed as baby acne, it may be trickier to get rid of? It is difficult when you want to show off your perfect baby (who still is perfect!) but we made a sort of joke of it, I told him he needed to clear them up for photos but I still took loads. Loads of babies are blotchy, yellow, spotty or squished but they are beautiful just the same and then blossom even more as they grow.

ValiumQueen Wed 14-Nov-12 17:29:56

daisy I too would like to know how to do that with three kids! Last night I had one upstairs screaming for a mummy cuddle, one downstairs screaming for food, and one asleep grin. Usually DH puts the girls to bed while I feed little one. He works late one day a week though. Bastard grin

I am feeling like I am winning today after my success at the school run. I will take DD1 to school in the morning and walk into the village. My mum is still taking DD2 to nursery as that is a car ride away. I plan to try the car at the weekend.

My wound had no ooze today! I am also dressed!

horseylady Wed 14-Nov-12 17:50:55

Vq brilliant!! It's good to achieve stuff and have no ooze!! We did the horses twice, walked the dogs though puppy dog was an absolute shit and will be undergoing serious training!!! Little horror bag!! We then did some food shopping and are now home!! About to feed little one. Need to grow some and make up powdered milk but that will be tomorrow's task!! I keep being told different ways to make the milk up. General consensus is make up the days in the morning??!! I'm not sure. Doing one at a time though seems a faff. The premade stuff is so easy!!

ValiumQueen Wed 14-Nov-12 18:07:15

The pre-made stuff is expensive! The advice is to make a bottle at a time. I would make them all in the morning as it is too much of a faff as you say.

Chunkychicken Wed 14-Nov-12 18:09:44

YW my DS has been having lots of green poos, but assumed its just down to wind. But then he's only just 3 days & my milk is just coming in, so figure it'll settle down as my supply sorts itself out. Interesting to hear about your GP's ideas though. Funny how many different 'expert' opinions people have on breastfeeding...

horseylady Wed 14-Nov-12 18:39:32

Thanks vq!! It is very pricey!!! Right tomorrow I'll have a go. Perhaps I'll make up what I can as I go then do the rest (like overnights!!) in bulk?!

My other question those of you using growbags (sleeping bags) do you put mittens on?

MadamGazelleIsMyMum Wed 14-Nov-12 18:58:34

Marking place, just about to do bedtime for two DC so will pop on and catch up properly during one of the many hours I'm going to be up tonight.

ValiumQueen Wed 14-Nov-12 19:21:18

No mittens needed horsey unless outside and very cold. They will have cold hands anyway. I remember camping with DD2 at 6 weeks and it was below freezing at night. Her little hands were ice cubes but it never bothered her. I had a thermometer and woke frequently to check and add more layers. They are quite hardy things, and heat is more of a danger at this age.

I have set the cot up for tonight. Put him in it earlier and he loved it, and the mobile got his approval. Movement monitor all linked up. I am hoping he might perhaps sleep tonight. I will miss him in the bed though if he does.

If my mum said 'rod for your own back' once today, she said it a dozen times. I love her dearly, but as I am her youngest at 43, things have changed!!!

Are nipples meant to bleed? I'm worried her latch isn't right because it hurts so much when she starts a feed.

Elizadoesdolittle Wed 14-Nov-12 19:49:18

Marking place. Am about to start feeding E again. Gave her her first wash this evening and she didn't scream blue murder so I consider it a success! Am getting better at the one handed feeding so hope I will be able to post whilst feeding soon. Am determined to show the midwifes that she doesn't need formula. Hopefully it will work out as I planned. I don't understand, I thought the midwifes are supposed to be pro breast feeding but at the first sign if trouble (which I don't think I'm in anyway) they suggest formula. I'm not saying there is anything wrong with it but its my baby and I should decide how I want to feed her. Rant over smile

horseylady Wed 14-Nov-12 19:54:05

Vq brill!! I was just checking. Would be pointless though as he removes them in seconds!! Bless him!!

My mother has said the same to me he likes cuddles what does it matter?! He sleeps in the Moses basket but when he's hysterically crying, he needs holding!!

ValiumQueen Wed 14-Nov-12 20:11:19

Socks on little hands are better than mittens any day.

Nipples should not bleed. Latch may well be wrong. Are you using a decent nipple cream? This baby is the only one that has not made my nipples bleed, and he has fed a lot! His latch is better, and I used a decent cream from day 1.

ValiumQueen Wed 14-Nov-12 20:13:22

eliza targets I am guessing. So long as women try feeding then there are points scored, but to maintain feeding takes too much support, and specialist knowledge. I may be wrong...

horseylady Wed 14-Nov-12 20:32:27

No vq I think you are totally right!!

The more people I talk too, the angrier I feel that women are not supported enough when trying to establish bf.

No im not yet over the fact that I am unable to bf my little one!! I think with more time/support/understanding we'd have maybe got it. Maybe not but I think spending 5 minutes every few hours grabbing my boob and forcing a screaming babies very bruised head onto the nipple is not going to encourage positive feelings with either party. Yes he struggles sucking, yes my nipples may well be a bit flat. We still deserved better treatment than we got. I should have fought more than I did. I didn't have the energy at the time sad

Still were both alive and in all fairness the way he chews the bottle I'd feel sorry for my nipples!! He does not suck properly!!

Yay I can finally join you. Baby Cassius was born this morning at 11.45 and weighed 7lbs 7. He is beautiful but my labour was horrific. Lasted 55 hours from first contractions, lots of drama along the way including his heart rate dropping and threatened CS. Had him vaginally in the end and pushed him out in 13 mins.

eliza there is a lady opposite me who is trying to breastfeed. He was only born at 5.30pm and the midwife is already saying if he doesn't start taking it soon then she should try formula. Ridiculous.

Can't believe I now have sole responsibility of this tiny little baby. Worried in case he wakes in the night and I can't settle him.

Elizadoesdolittle Wed 14-Nov-12 21:11:09

Yay apple welcome to the thread and huge congratulations to you on the birth of Cassius. Sorry to hear you had a rough time of it. I bet those newborn snuggles make every second worth it though.

Managed to get a decent bit of milk into Ella. I hope she doesn't sick it all up now!

kirrinIsland Wed 14-Nov-12 21:25:34

Hi everyone smile

Nadia was born on Monday - 7lb11oz - very quick, I was only on the labour ward for 5 minutes before she arrived, probably cut it a bit fine!

Not much sleep happening, but feeding (or sucking, at least) feels almost constant - really quite sore now!

Congratulations to the new arrivals.

Taking LO to the paediatrician tomorrow for her first formal post hospital check up. When she was checking her last week when I had them in for her cold she picked up a heart murmer, so we'll be discussing that in more detail tomorrow and she'll get me an appointment for an ECG if it is still there.

Other than that my wound has stopped its weepy stitch which is a relief.

LO is feeding a lot today but spitting up a lot too. If I don't get her to burp at least three times after each ounce or so she chucks up quite a bit.

Now all the grandparents have gone and DH is back at work today was my first day on my own with both DDs all day. DD1 doing quite well but still having jealous tantrums when she is hungry or tired. She goes to creche 4 mornings a week but today was her home day. Am a wreck now, but have to remember that am still recovering from c section.

Nights are going well. LO has a last feed at 11ish then goes down for the night apart from 1 half hour feed between 3 and 4. Can't complain. Long may it last.

Hello kirrin great to have you over here, congratulations!

Not using nipple cream didnt even expect to need it! It really makes me cry out and toes curl when she latches on. Midwife saw her feeding today though and said latch looks perfect?!

I was advised to rub the nipples with a few drops of breastmilk before and after each feed, then add some Lansinoh after that post feed.

NervousAt20 Wed 14-Nov-12 22:08:16

Congratulations apple sorry to hear you had a tramatic time x

Congratulations kirrin

It's nice that the thread is filling up

My DD has been on and off the boob since 7, when she comes off she's crying within 5 min sad it's going to be a long night and I'm completely shattered! I'm normally in bed by 8

Chunkychicken Wed 14-Nov-12 22:22:11

DH that was exactly how I felt with my DD. It would make me wince & my toes curl in agony. Everyone said my latch was fine - I would search sites etc for pictures & compare. The only thing that helped was Multi-Mam nipple balm & time. It was almost that my nips had to get de-sensitised & my DD had to get a bigger mouth!! It hurts a tad with DS, but nowhere near as bad & only for a second or 2, and more is only if he isn't quite on right. I can't say why its different, as the latch looks the same to me!!!

MadamGazelleIsMyMum Wed 14-Nov-12 23:23:27

Congrats kirrin and apple!

A recovering really well from the CS, no oozing and dressing has been off since day 3. Am lucky, haven't done anything to make this so. Can almost forget that am in recovery from surgery really.

DS's cold makes his breathing horrible to listen to, although it doesn't seem to bother him, and being more upright in his chair seems to help - he just slept from 8pm til now. But we're now in cluster time...

MadamGazelleIsMyMum Wed 14-Nov-12 23:26:04

Also, question re times of (non-cluster) feeds - do they fairly rapidly get very efficient? DS now seems very content and falling asleep for several hours after just a few minutes - maybe 10-15 - of one boob. First few days he stayed on both for hours.

Iheartpasties Thu 15-Nov-12 01:15:43

marking my place

blonderthanred Thu 15-Nov-12 01:58:43

Horrid few hrs, DS started cluster feeding at 8 which I was pleased about as it was his 'old' pattern but then started struggling to find his latch, thrashing about, burrowing, really desperate arching of back etc. Tried winding and walking about to calm him but he was quite hysterical which he rarely is with me. Started worrying he was actually in pain and had injured himself. Or that he would hurt himself from all the flinging about.

Probably just a bit of trapped wind but it was really distressing. Plus I kept falling asleep and waking up in a panic that I had suffocated him. Seems like it would be such an easy thing to do, I am permanently terrified about it.

NervousAt20 Thu 15-Nov-12 02:18:49

madam my DD (still very werid to say that grin) feeds for about 10 min each feed an then that's every 2 hours / 2 1/2 hours and once she's done she's done I can't get her to take more. Someone told me that as she's gaining weight so well, having plent of wet and sorry nappies then not to worry

Up for the first feed f the night, I thought with all cluster feeding we might go longer but tbh I'm just glad she settled last night and hoping Indian have any problems now m

GTbaby Thu 15-Nov-12 05:50:57

I feel like a zombie. So tiered. LO colic is awful. He fed at 1 n 5. Which otherwise would be great. But in between he was so fussy I couldn't sleep properly. Every time I lay down he would start screaming.

Really hope he is asleep for a few hours now. I'm emotional as it is. And DH has pissed me off. He took day off yesterday but didn't tell me as I'm at my mums. Only found out at end of day. N I think it's selfish as he should have saved the day for when WE need it not when HE wants it.
N I bet he hasn't sorted the nursery out.

N I banged my head last night. Sat in bed feeding LO, my head swung back as I fell asleep n hit the wall. Hurts

Not a good day so far. sad

Izzybuzzybuzzybees Thu 15-Nov-12 06:47:58

Sorry to hear that you are having a bad night gt

I hate the night feeds. I'm on meds to prevent me becoming ill and they make me sleepy. Add that to sleep deprivation and its no fun.

My nipples both have almost wee holes on them which is a killer. Not sure what to do about it as I've tried lansinoh and breast milk. They don't seem to heal and feeds are painful due to them sad

DS is feeding just now on my least sore and I'm hoping to express my right! Anyone any tips for when to express etc

chunky glad to hear they got better though, hopefully it'll just take some time and my nipples need to get a bit more hardy!
I do remember them hurting at first with ds too.

Well Q had a bottle of EBM last night while I put ds to bed, she then fed twice more before I went to sleep around 10ish and she slept til 3! I felt quite refreshed. I'm even giving dh a lay in for an hour while I feed her then ill go back to bed when he's up for a bit.

Sophiathesnowfairy Thu 15-Nov-12 06:50:41

Congrats kirrin and apple

This thread is now beginning to move as quickly as the other, I can't keep up.

Better night last night DS went down between feeds so I got.....drum roll.......5hours sleep as DH did the 3am feed the star.


ValiumQueen Thu 15-Nov-12 08:16:56

DD1 is singing (I use the term loosely) into a mike, and DS has covered his ears grin

horseylady Thu 15-Nov-12 08:33:37

Congrats apple and kirrin!!

Crap night here. Everytime i put him down on his back he screamed. When he did eventually sleep it was only for an hour and he woke himself up being snotty. Or with belly ache. Or both sad I was going to the church baby group this morning but am not so sure now sad Poor mite. I just want to make him better sad

Dh slept in the spare room again sad

NervousAt20 Thu 15-Nov-12 08:55:47

A bad night here too, seems like tree was quite a few last night sad

Does anyone know if babies have a growth spurt around 4 weeks? The last 2 nights LO has been cluster feeding alot, really unsettled at night, she can be latches on for a minute or two then pulls off but wants it straight back then will fuss confused don't know if its a growth spurt or if the quality of my milk is changing and she needs to feed more often?

Brockle Thu 15-Nov-12 09:36:33

Just marking my place so I can lurk smile

4week check up went well. LO has put on 500g since her birth weight and more than 700g or so since day 3 by which time she had lost her 10%. Has also grown 3 cm so is right on the 50th centile. She hadn't been weighed since day 3 so I was starting to get curious. Se's still smaller than DD1 was at birth but DD1 is on the 97 th centile.

I have to phone a cardiologist for an appointment for an ECG to look more closely at the heart murmer though.. Paed not too worried as there are no symptoms of any other related problem but can't tell with the stethoscope if there is a problem or if it is benign.

Nervous LO is also eating a lot more than usual at the moment but the paed said it's around about now that a typical ff baby of average weight goes from 90ml to 120ml feeds. I was asking her this morning why dd was suddenly eating more. She didn't say the was a growth spurt or not, but did say it's normal for their appetite to increase about now.

Sophiathesnowfairy Thu 15-Nov-12 09:38:47

horsey I have trouble putting him down on his back particularly after the night time feeds. It took me an hour to wind him last night and get him to stop crying every time I put him down. I have gone against all the advice and been swaddling him the last cople of nights as it is the only way he will settle. Maybe try some Infacol.

Sorry you feel sad it might make you feel a bit better to go to the baby group and speak to other mums.

900g almost, not 700g

blonderthanred Thu 15-Nov-12 11:00:35

Ok I have a dilemma!

The morning after the birth, I came up with what I thought was an AMAZING name for L. It wasn't a name we'd considered and is quite outlandish (think Classical Roman). DH just thought I'd gone loopy on hormones and morphine, plus we had already decided the name beforehand and told our families when he was born.

Since then it's almost become a joke that I always say, are you sure you don't want to call him xxx? And DH says, quite sure thank you.

So today we are going to register him. And this morning I say, are you sure .... Etc. and DH says, well you've mentioned it every day since the birth, if you want we can have it as a second middle name.

I was somewhat surprised.

So now I'm thinking, do I really want to do this? What do people think? I have till 2pm to decide!

Reasons against:
L might hate it and resent me every time he has to fill in a form.
He might get teased at school.
It could be seen as a bit pretentious/bombastic.
I like the name and middle we had chosen as a whole name and the other one will change the rhythm and initials.
Also I've never seen the need for 2 middle names.
Everyone will think we are crazy.
I might still be a bit hormonal.

Reasons for:
It's a GREAT name!

Evilwater Thu 15-Nov-12 11:03:32

Sorry to hear about the babies with colic. Have you ladies tried the different ways to burp?
1, over the shoulder,
2, sat upright on knee patting and moving you hand in a clockwise direction on the back.
3, baby sat on your knee place your hands to support his head, and move his whole top half in a circular motion
4, place baby on there front on your knees and raises their bum, also massage the lower back

I also use infacol, and find that helps a lot but only for the top end. A friend recommended powered cucumber, Not tired that yet.

horseylady Thu 15-Nov-12 11:43:47

He burps, he's full of mucus. Off to the pharmacist see what they suggest. If not will go to the drs. Sophia he wriggles out the swaddle. Or cries.

Blonder you like the name. I'm sure e will hate constantly spelling His name. He's got two other names to choose from.

DonnaDoon Thu 15-Nov-12 12:03:20

Blonder It is such a dilema choosing and sticking to a name...with ds2 I dragged it out until 6 weeks ...Go with your instinct and bite the bullet...whatever name you choose in a years time you couldnt possibly imagine him being called anything else I promise.

DonnaDoon Thu 15-Nov-12 12:08:53

Sorry just read your post again Blonder I see its about the second middle name...sorry lack of sleep...I would write his full name out on paper and stare at it until you get used to it...Im sure having two middle names is no more faff than having one...I havnt got a middle name and was the only one amongst my friends who didnt and I always felt that my parents couldnt be arsed to choose one...lol

Catbag Thu 15-Nov-12 12:11:36

I have 2 middle names- if you're going to have one, you might as well have two! The twins have two middle names too- River has my grandmother's name and the name that dh wanted as a first, but I vetoed (Elizabeth Ash). Saul has dh's brother's name and my best friend's name (Carlin James). People at school won't know middle names unless your child tells them. I'd do it grin

Catbag Thu 15-Nov-12 12:14:40

And y'know, we gave our daughter the first namer River. The 'normal, sensible' names are hiding in the middle where they won't be seen!

Catbag Thu 15-Nov-12 12:16:45

first NAME* , for heaven's sake!

Elizadoesdolittle Thu 15-Nov-12 12:28:12

Congratulations kirrin.

nervous from what I recall 4 week is a big growth spurt time.

Am posting whilst feeding and it has taken me a ridiculously long time to type this!

About to take E for her first car ride. It's funny how we mummy's get excited about things like that whilst the baby has no idea what is going on!

ValiumQueen Thu 15-Nov-12 12:54:41

blonder you have a bit longer to decide yes? Might be best to wait a bit and think on it. DH registered J two weeks ago as I think he was concerned I would change my mind. I think you should tell us the name though, so we can give an informed opinion.

School run was great, and I then walked to the village. Felt fab as not been able to do that since 24 weeks when I broke my leg. The PnT is crap for shopping. I could not reach the basket and no hooks to put shopping on so ended up carrying two bags and pushing pram one handed. Felt silly, plus at the gate DD1 said she liked my socks. I still had bed socks on, with crocs as cannot wear proper shoes due to leg pain. At least the socks were matching blush

DS loving his Baby Bjorn bouncer. Best buy ever.

GTbaby Thu 15-Nov-12 13:24:06

Petit LO moved up to 120 last week n I've given 150 a couple of times as he does 3 hour feeds ATM n I want him to move to 4 hours.

evil I've tried those apart from number three. Will give that a go when he wakes.
He sleeps so much better when up right rather then flat. Not good at all.

I think he is having more prob with farts rather then burps. Gave him some fennel water yesterday. Will carry that on today.

Again so grateful for my mum today. She took LO at 8. So I slept till 11. Mum made fun of me "forgetting about my son" but I said I was going to take full advantage till Sunday lol

YellowWellies Thu 15-Nov-12 13:34:19

We haz greeny-orange poos! Feeding from one boob only at a feed has done the trick! Ta ladies grin.

blonder go for it LO doesn't have to use the name if they don't like it - hell Jonas got Ernest as a middle name after the fab doc who hoiked him out!

ValiumQueen Thu 15-Nov-12 13:37:36

My MIL and SIL are visiting for the weekend. DH said he told me. I said he had mentioned third week of November, but figured I would have had a bit more sodding notice. MIL is ill, as she often is, with back pain. Only staying 2 nights, so better than 2 weeks like last time. DH is tired as he had a disturbed night. Maybe if he moved back to his mums he would sleep better. Perhaps I should suggest it. He is a very clever man, but clearly cannot see what is right in front of his face. Grr!

NervousAt20 Thu 15-Nov-12 13:39:48

Thanks petite glad your LOs check up went well

blonder I have 2 middle names and its never bothered me, I'd go with it

Thanks eliza. I completely agree, we get excited over all the little things and our babies are just oblivious grin

We had a bad night last night with cluster feeding and LO just wouldn't settle so I'm praying tonight's better. Getting LO weighed today, I always get so anxious

Hope everyone's having a good day

horseylady Thu 15-Nov-12 13:43:15

Vq my dh is the same wrt tiredness. Some people can not cope with lack of sleep.

We have nasal drops, going to try them but he still sounds rattley so will see how he goes overnight and then go see the dr tomorrow. He's not running a temperature but is grizzly. Apparently putting a towel under the head of the mattress will help prop him up a bit? Worth a try I guess?

ValiumQueen Thu 15-Nov-12 13:47:10

Yay YW. Great news on the poo front!

ValiumQueen Thu 15-Nov-12 13:50:00

horsey there is a reason why women have the babies grin propping up mattress is a good plan, as are the nose drops. It is not nice administering them as you feel like you are drowning them, but it does help.

horseylady Thu 15-Nov-12 14:44:36

God nose drops are hard!!!! Defo got one not sure about the other!! Am taking the pram upstairs tonight to see if that's any better for him over the Moses basket. And trying the towels.

Just had projectile vomiting only a tiny bit but my god how far can it travel!! First time it's happened lol!!

Dh has just offered to do Friday and Saturday nights for me. So I can get a 'good nights sleep'. I said I'll see how I feel but currently I'm ok.

horseylady Thu 15-Nov-12 14:46:25

Oh yw brill news about the poo!!

I'm amazed how much I care about poo!!! Babies are like horses lol!! Always checking poo!! Amount, colour and consistency!!

ValiumQueen Thu 15-Nov-12 14:53:04

horsey take up the offer of DH doing the nights even if you feel you are coping. It will be good for them both and also you. DH can bond with his boy, and appreciate how hard it is to cope on his own. DS will benefit from time with his dad too plus you will rest a bit hopefully. I think it is good for babies to spend a bit of time away from mummy as it makes it easier to transition to childcare and school. If not, can I borrow your hubby?

YellowWellies Thu 15-Nov-12 14:56:14

horsey bite his hand off!!!!! ooooooooh the thought of unbroken sleep envy

<looks at shitty nappies that both DDs have just provided me with>

Horse poo is much easier to deal with. Smells better too.

Did I see you write in the old thread you were going to try riding again this weekend horseylady? Good luck, you must be missing it so much. I gave up due to major horse inflicted back troubles about three or four years ago and I still miss it so much it actually hurts sometimes.

DH is being brilliant about sharing the night shifts. He's much better at it than me I am rubbish when woken up.

Jeez what a night! I ended up in tears after being completely unable to latch J on the breast, he was screaming his head off and desperately rooting at everything.
DS2 woke up with growing pains and DS1 was awake from the noise.
DP didn't dare drive the 2 hrs to work at 5am this morning because he was exhausted.
The midwife came out this morning though and weighed J to reassure me he was doing fine and I wasn't failing as much as I thought, he's gone from 7lb 2 at birth to 7lb 5 now at 10 days! grin

We took breastfeeding back to basics, she said I had a sloppy third time
Mum latch, so I was allowing him to control the feed and suck on the end of the nipple and it was only getting him the watery milk which was resulting on a constantly hungry baby, so now I think we're ok after going back to a classic cradle hold an ld
Using the tummy to mummy and nipple
to nose rules, we've had two really good feeds which have zonked him out for hours in between so I'm a lot
Happier today. smile

blonderthanred Thu 15-Nov-12 15:22:43

Thank you for the positive response ladies, we have gone for it! He is now registered and has met DH's workmates (he works in the same building as the registrar) who made a big fuss of him.

YellowWellies Thu 15-Nov-12 15:54:07

blonder what's the name then?

Just had HV round - Jonas is now 7lb 15 - he was only 7 lb 7 on thursday - what a piglet!!!

NervousAt20 Thu 15-Nov-12 16:55:23

Had my little one weighed today she's gone from 7lb 3 to 7lb 11 in 6 days grin the little madam loves to wee on me though! I striped her off and picker to her to go to scales which was no more then the width of a road away and she had a massive wee all down me and covering the floor.

YellowWellies Thu 15-Nov-12 16:59:27

Jonas pees like a horse - usually over one of two things - a freshly washed cover on the change mat. Or his Dad. He got me this am though. Little sod.

I feel we've had a really good day today - he seems to be turning a corner poo wise (how sad that's my first concern!!!!), I actually got house stuff done, had a good chat with the HV and am not a total zombie thanks to his vampire time keeping. I could sort of imagine life getting into a routine at some point in the future - where I'm able to cook, wash, leave the house, go shopping and have a bit of a life with him.

Am sure tomorrow will turn out to be a growth spurt from hell because I'm daring to think like this. But today I am really enjoying being a Mummy to a beautiful newborn.

NervousAt20 Thu 15-Nov-12 17:03:47

Damn posted too soon!

Going to try and pump tonight, me DP & LO are going out for the day Saturday to a mother and baby screening of twilight grin sad I know then going to a meal and Christmas shopping so really want to be able to give a bottle as I'm not confident enough to bf in public

GTbaby Thu 15-Nov-12 17:10:35

nervous mother n baby screening! I need to find me one of those. My sis n cousins r all going together n I can't go with them. Gutted. They said they would have a screening at home for me when it comes out on DVD. But not the same sad.
Will research baby screening now!

rowingdowntheriver Thu 15-Nov-12 17:12:35

Ha ha blonder, just read your reasons for and against the second middle name. We had the same situation with L's second middle name, Winston!

I wish they had a mother and baby screening of it round here. It's be great she doesn't cry because as soon as she starts rooting for food I can stick my boob in and she's asleep again!

Went out for lunch/ walk along the beach with my parents. Had to feed Q on the beach it was cooooold!

GTbaby Thu 15-Nov-12 17:14:07

Also nervous what r the practicalities? Will u take pram in? Car seat. Where will u put car seat. Would a sling be better?

I need to research this before asking DH lol

Evilwater Thu 15-Nov-12 17:30:03

GT - I'm in the same position when it comes to sleeping. My sister recommended cycling the babies les to get farts out. Fenal water where do you get that from?


ValiumQueen Thu 15-Nov-12 17:36:04

I am feeling quite good today. Been thinking about getting fit again as I loved being out for a walk today, twice, and went at quite a pace too. Been thinking about how I can improve my diet too. Shame my toes hurt as I would love to run again (not just yet). I am guessing this would be a bit silly after breaking my ankle. The PnT would be ace for running, at the pace I go anyway.

Great news about weight gains. Interesting comment about lazy third time momma latch. Nothing lazy about having 3 kids, but I get what they mean. DS would happily feed at 90 degrees to my body with his tummy facing anywhere but me, so I have to be sure to keep him in the tum to tum position. Today I have fed him in a more upright sitting position which seems to be helping a bit with his wind.

horseylady Thu 15-Nov-12 17:43:44

Cranial person interesting. She said she could see why he wouldn't/couldn't breast feed. We should not have been left 4.5 hours pushing. Never mind!! She 'treated' him will see what happens. Typically he went into relaxed baby mode!!

Vq no reason why you can't run after breaking your ankle, just be sure you really strengthen it and stop if it starts to hurt. Walking will do wonders for it before you even start thinking about running. Then do short running intervals. I can give you a reasonable programme if you wanted? The key is always starting properly and not skipping any stages! I can't wait to start but need to strengthen before I can think about running. I'll do it by walking lots and riding ;) or cycling a bit. Maybe.

I'll let dh do one night then!!

ValiumQueen Thu 15-Nov-12 18:02:28

horsey very interesting indeed. Hopefully this will help you feel a bit better about things. It will not change things, but understanding why rhings happen can help with the healing.

When I ran before I did the couch to 5K and would likely do the same as it works and is mostly quite gentle.

Izzybuzzybuzzybees Thu 15-Nov-12 18:36:29

Looks like my post got lost in amongst more interesting things!

DonnaDoon Thu 15-Nov-12 18:45:06

Hi Izzy I read your post but although I bf I do not express so cant give you any tips sorry but there was loads of talk about it on previous thread so hope this helps smile

GTbaby Thu 15-Nov-12 18:51:54

evil my mum made the fennel water from seeds. It's quite a common thing in Indian culture. If u have any Indian friends ask them. Or try Indian green grocers. Although I'm sure u can pick it up in tesco in the herbs section.

U add a pinch to boiling water n let it infuse. Then I put it in a flask of plain boiled water. I use the flask to make up bottles all day.

Also for bf/expressing mums I use some of the fennel water in my hot milk (or tea) which I have twice a day.

Catbag Thu 15-Nov-12 18:55:14

Was that re expressing Izzy? I'm not really an expert as I've mostly just bfed, but I've just started in the last 3 days. I've been expressing just once a day so far, after the babies' morning feed, both because it's the only time of day that they are guaranteed to have a snooze in their moses baskets and as that's when I have the most milk. I've been getting about 2oz off but I'd get a lot more if I could have 1 baby on the other boob! Unfortunately I feed them at the same time so that's not feasible. I noticed an increase in supply the next morning. Was a lot heavier of breast than usual! Some of the others are far more proficient expressers than I (I'm thinking of yellowwellies here!) and will be able to give more help x x

horseylady Thu 15-Nov-12 19:03:51

Izzy my understanding is to express after feeding. I have no idea which feed you should express after. Or for how long. Seemingly by body had no plans to breast feed!!

Vq yes starting to piece everything together now. It'll not change anything but today was useful as I didn't cry when talking about the birth nor about being unable to breast feed. Progress!!

I was also shown some massages for colic and his headaches. Hes flat out. I hope this continues tonightbug I doubt it!!

NervousAt20 Thu 15-Nov-12 19:20:35

GT the cinema that I'm going to ill take little one in the pram an can leave it at the back of the room and hold LO I think, I have emailed them to ask about that so ill let you know when they get back to me. They hve the volume abit lower and the lights abit brighter. I was pathetically excited when I found it

YellowWellies Thu 15-Nov-12 19:21:17

Izzy sorry I meant to answer your question but got distracted by housework, I find the very best time to express is mid morning - 10 or 11. Preferably with your baby in eye shot so you can get the hormones flowing. If you want a rich 'knock em to sleep' milk - then pump immediately after a feed. If you want a mix of fore milk and hind milk - pump an hour or so after a feed. I get the best results by double pumping (i.e. pumping both norks at once) and am still using the hospital pump which they kindly lent us.

For me the worst time to express is the evening as whilst your milk is fattiest it is also most scarce and there is usually a baby attached I used to get lots of milk in the middle of the night when I had to pump after each feed - but I found it hellishly tiring to do.

YellowWellies Thu 15-Nov-12 19:24:20

Oh and preservere with it - it can be a slow process building your supply when not using only a baby to extract it! The first day I got nowt but condensation, the next day I was jumping for joy at getting 10ml - now I can regularly get 100-150ml in a ten minute pumping session. Don't go nuts with the pumping or else you can get a massive oversupply very quickly ahem blush

Izzybuzzybuzzybees Thu 15-Nov-12 19:27:51

Thanks Donna think my hormones are getting the better of me. Everyone seemed to be posting to each other and not even mentioning my post!

GTbaby Thu 15-Nov-12 19:30:28

izzy not sure about sore nipples. Hope someone can help. Or if ur on a computer try search archives. Use the search function in top right hand corner.

Re when to express I think it's every few hours. Best at night ( although I can never stay awake) and in morning. However don't know about bf at same time.

blonderthanred Thu 15-Nov-12 19:36:25

VQ L is the same with positioning, I don't think he read the breastfeeding book as it is hard to persuade him into the right position. He keeps twisting his head round too far!

Has Jacob been weighed again and if so how was his weight gain? Sorry if I have missed an update although I think you said you don't want them to keep weighing him. L's gain seems a bit piddly compared to the others recently posted but I guess as long as it is in the right direction it's ok? Might be a few more weeks before he is at birth weight though. Started worrying I am going to stunt his growth later on although even Dr Google can't find any evidence of this.

YellowWellies Thu 15-Nov-12 19:51:17

Izzy to build my supply for expressing I was told to pump for 5-10 minutes either before or after every feed (doesn't matter which - if you pump before you get foremilk - after you get the richer hind milk). I now only pump once a day and actually haven't bothered today as we have a bit of a stock pile in the fridge and freezer.

Evilwater Thu 15-Nov-12 19:54:38

When I was trying/failing to breast feed, put dark or red cabbage leave in your bra. Works wonders.

As for pumping, I do it after feeding session so I have a bottle already to go. However this past week with getting out, it's not practical. So I do it when's I can, the early morning seem to be the best time to pump for me.

Evil ( still with no car)

MadamGazelleIsMyMum Thu 15-Nov-12 20:11:31

We have a baby cinema club here where I am, but it is at the "arty" cinema, not the commercial ones, so they're showing a foreign film this week, not Breaking Dawn, and no apparent plans to show it. I expect I will go from time to time, but I don't really have the right non crap and commercial taste in films!

I feed DS in the rugby ball position. Works for us, but is a proper bugger to do in public, as it involves me hoofing my entire and enormous breast out of my top. Can't do it with the baby across me.

We're off to register DS tomorrow. Will drop DD at nursery and go for registration and then go for a celebratory brunch I think. My HV gave me a list of places tha specifically welcome breastfeeding mothers, so if I have to feed while we are out, I can pick somewhere suitable.

Wishing everyone a sleep filled night, but no doubt will be posting again in the small hours...

ValiumQueen Thu 15-Nov-12 20:19:19

blonder I have declined further weighing. He is visibly chunking up, so I am not worried. All babies are different with their gains and losses so do not worry. Just look at L. Is he weeing and pooing? Does he seem content after a good feed? Does he sleep? Ok, he will not sleep much, at night anyway, but if he were not getting enough food he would be yowling all the time. He is3 weeks tomorrow. You would know by now if there were a problem.

Kyzordz Thu 15-Nov-12 20:24:34

Marking place, I had baby Eric on 6th nov at 19:22, he was 7lbs 4.5. Taken me ages to post back on here but I've been all over the place! Is it normal to be so emotional? I feel afraid of being left with Eric sometimes, and other times I'm fine, sometimes I'm all smiles and other times I'm sobbing. I tried breast feeding him but he was full of mucus when born and though I've tried every feed he just wouldn't do it. I was feeding hi expressed breast milk but felt like rubbish sat in the corner expressing all the while whilst everyone else fed my baby sad he's been on formula for a good few days now and whilst I feel rubbish at least he's eating and I really did try sad

I was wondering if anyone had any advice re: sick. He's sick maybe twice a day. I'm terrified (very irrational) that he's ill or won't gain weight etc, they're checking tomorrow. My mum has had five of us ad assures me he's eating just fine, but I just can't stop the paranoia and worry. He has about 2.5/3 ounces of formula every 3ish hours, I haven't tried to get him into a routine or anything but this is how it seems to have worked out. When he's sick it's not loads, sometimes seems it though, and it doesn't bother him at all, just me sad

Babies are sick, right? I'm being irrational and he's fine, aren't I? I'm trying so hard and I love him so much, I just feel so emotional and scared. In the hospital they kept us in for two days trying to force him to the breast and cup feeding him, waking me every hour to try to latch him on, I felt so exhausted, luckily I'm recovering now and my mum has been a godsend, I just feel, I don't know, like I'm not doing right by him.

Sorry for such a moan I just need to let it all out, and hope there's someone else out there who can assure me he's not going to die just because he's been sick a couple of times

P.s congrats to everyone else who has had their babies! smile x

Have got mw and hv coming here on tues, not v well planned!

We're registering the birth on Mon, can't believe she's a week old tomorrow!

blonderthanred Thu 15-Nov-12 20:28:05

Thanks VQ I was hoping you would say something like that. He certainly seems happy (well mostly!) and I was surprised he hadn't gained more as he feels much more substantial. I will keep going as we are.

madam I work for one of those arty cinemas, the parent & baby club is very popular but sadly no Skyfall or Twilight! I will have to take L to something at some point and introduce him to my colleagues.

horseylady Thu 15-Nov-12 20:45:16

Kydz - I felt the same way. Do not feel bad - you are feeding your baby. I couldn't breast feed for similar reasons. I beat myself up about it, then several people on here and in real life said happy mummy = happy baby. They are only small for such a short space of time, enjoy them.

They are sick, just keep an eye on him. Small amounts are ok. I know, I wore some today smile

Smiles and tears are all normal too!! Give yourself time. I know exactly how you feel about every issue.

The biggest hugs xx

NervousAt20 Thu 15-Nov-12 20:51:21

Congratulations kyzords I'm sure you LO will be fine. I was very emotional after my LO was born and I can still have my moments now so it's all normal smile

evil may be a dumb question but what will a cabbage leaf in your bra do?

Just changed LO and she wee'd every where again ad go sealed covered so striped her off and ran a bath then she wee'd again in the blanket on the way to the bath lol litle minx. We're cluster feeding again tonight, hopfully she feeds really well now and settles for a good few hours

Passmethecrisps Thu 15-Nov-12 21:04:48

Hello graduates! I thought I should finally check in with you all!

I had been very keen to read everyone's posts before posting my first as a graduate but I haven't yet and at the rate I am going I never will.

So, after my induction on Sunday lunchtime with concerns about the baby being small (as low as 4Ib) possibly, baby Penelope was born on Monday at 11:18am weighing 7Ib. As far as labours go it was very straightforward. My contractions were pretty hard going and I went from 1cm to fully dilated in 2 hours. I think that's pretty common in induced labours though. I ended up with a fairly large episiotomy as a result of an unusually large head and Penelope's liking for her fists bunched in front of her face.

Thus far our only challenge has been Penelope's very underdeveloped suck reflex. I ended up readmitting is both back into the hospital where we got intensive support with feeding. Sadly though it appears that Penelope just needs to learn how to suck properely. This means that I have been feeding my expressing and have been supplementing with formula due to my own concerns about both of our state of minds! Penelope's appetite seems huge to me and expressing from both nipples for half an hour each is only just keeping her going. My electic pump arrives tomorrow so I hope that will help.

I was always pragmatic about the realities of breastfeeding and had, no small thanks to those on this forum sharing their stories, had a chance to consider my own feelings prior to this happening. What will be will be bug the happy and contented daughter I have now is worth any feeding compromise I feel I made with introducing formula. We have a wee shot every day just to see how things go and we will continue to do this. If she gets it then awesome.

As far as birth stories go, not so exciting but the crisps family are extremely happy.

I hope to be checking in more often as we start to find our own pattern.

YellowWellies Thu 15-Nov-12 21:22:41

Evil I thought you put cabbage leaves in your bra to reduce your supply? That was the advice given to me by a lady on the ward not intending to feed and who wanted to lose her milk supply and prevent the pain of engorgement.

blonderthanred Thu 15-Nov-12 21:27:03

Hello passme, congratulations, love the name Penelope. Great that she was such a good size although ouchy about the head and fists. Good luck with the feeding, all of us have had different issues and have had to find our own ways through them, it sounds like she is doing well so that's what matters.

It is definitely getting hard to keep up with this thread now there are so many graduates!

ValiumQueen Thu 15-Nov-12 21:44:52

I thought cabbage was for mastitis.

kyzordz sorry you are having a rough time thanks Your LO will be fine I am sure. I remember with my first feeling that I had to watch her every second or she would stop breathing. It is hard adjusting to being a mummy, and is very scary loving someone so much it hurts. In time this will level out. At the moment there are all the hormones, tiredness etc. I am sorry you did not get good support with feeding at the hospital.

passme what a lovely post. You sound as if you have a really good attitude. Congratulations s

Thechick Thu 15-Nov-12 21:47:06

My goodness, the thread has really picked up in speed. Hope all is well. We had our first day out today, went to a breastfeeding group and to the doctors because of very very runny poo, but all seems to be fine. Outside the house is dirty, I noticed every bit of dog poo, cigarette smoke, car fumes, people coughing. Was not good. I do need to calm down, I'm sure ill be a bit more chilled about it as time goes on.
LO has the most awful wind today, he looks like he's constipated really badly.

ValiumQueen Thu 15-Nov-12 21:49:23

izzy I have yet to find the time to express with this one! I used to express an ounce off before feeds, then get as much as I could after baby was finished. Never expressed in the evening as I wanted baby to get as much as poss to aid sleep. Night and morning were best for me due to hormone levels. Best to express where you can see baby, and think milky thoughts. Guidance varies about whether there is a need to sterilise or not. I did the bottles, and just did the pump once a day, making sure it was kept in fridge inbetween times.

Elizadoesdolittle Thu 15-Nov-12 22:19:16

Congratulations passme love the name Penelope. Was on my list but doesn't go with my surname.

Kyzordz Thu 15-Nov-12 22:29:17

Thankyou everyone, it feels better just getting it out, I want to enjoy my baby, my mum always says don't blink, you'll miss it, and I dont want to miss a second. The more time I'm crying in a corner the less I see of my baby and that's no good at all!

Re: making up bottles, it says on the side of the thingy you make up one every 2 hours, or it's good for 2 hours, but when my siblings were younger my mum would make up a days worth of bottles. Is this a bad thing to do? I've been making it up as needed but if Eric spontaneously wakes for a bottle, or during the night if I wake to him crying I have to jump up and make one and then it's full of bubbles when I shake it and that can't be good for wind at least, not to mention it being that bit harder to get him to drink at a steady pace, if he's had to wait for it. If I had the stamina i'd stay awake all day/night to make sure he's ok and that I've got a constant fresh bottle but after 24 hours of that I'd be worse than useless lol!

blonderthanred Thu 15-Nov-12 22:29:35

I think I have a tooth abscess sad face all swelled up sad and throbbing pain sad

Not fair!

Kyzordz Thu 15-Nov-12 22:33:14

P.s he's only had 1.5 ounces at last feed BUT he's kept it down and he was sick after the previous two feeds so I'm pleased It's stayed in his tummy. I've never worried so much in my life :| I know I'm uploaded to worry but I think my heart stops every time he makes a noise, in case it's him being sick!

daisychain76 Thu 15-Nov-12 22:57:23

Congrats kyz and pass. When we had our trip to hospital last week l mentioned baby h being sick quite a bit. Their only real concerns seemed to be if it had blood in it or was full on right across the room projectile vomiting. I found if baby h was sick and then hungry again it! was best to feed him off the side he‘d already fed off to stop him guzzling down loads and being sick again! The infacol seems to have helped.

Kyzordz Thu 15-Nov-12 23:03:23

Thanks for the advice daisy, I didn't realise infacol helped with them being sick. No blood or projectile vomit here, and midwife visit tomorrow for weigh in so I can hopefully get some advice/reassurance then too smile it's guzzling that Eric does, that and not parting with wind for love nor money! He seems to take an ounce, ounce and a half and then stops, but wants more after I try to wind him and then he guzzles like mad and back it comes!

NervousAt20 Fri 16-Nov-12 00:55:19

Congratulations pass

Ouch blonder that sounds so painful and not something you need right now

We're up feeding, had a manic time of cluster feeding tonight even a bath didn't wear LO out. I feel so tired its untrue and struggling with getting up for feeds. Hope you ladies all have better nights then me

GTbaby Fri 16-Nov-12 01:08:25

kyz like vq I check my son is breathing constantly. I think it's normal to worry. I worry AB insane amount. Scenario that will never happen, even baby proofing the house is running thro my head already.
LO is sick maybe once a day, weighed almost same at birth as ur LO drank same amount last week n put on weight fine. So I think u have nothing to worry about.

I keep getting emotional but try n think of my baby learning to smile. He will only learn to smile ( real smiles not face he has when he farts) if he sees me smiling all the time. He will pick up on my emotions so I need to stay happy. He is relying on me, so I need to b there for him.

Easier said then so e, my emotions do get on top of me. But I try n stay focused on my son.

Who is leaning on my arm nxt to me in bed. Gota try transfer him to his carry cot now so u can sleep. He will b awake in two hours so need to get my head down ASAP.

GTbaby Fri 16-Nov-12 01:15:38

Oh. Transfer successful! He has been wide awake since 10.30 feed.

kzy re feeds. My SIL made up feeds n put in fridge then warmed up as needed. My other SIL measured up water in morning. Left on kitchen counter n added formula as needed. Current guidelines state formula needs to go in to hot water n then used within hour.
If u search this site ull find lots of different views on making bottles. Guess it depends on how strictly u want to follow the guidelines.

rowingdowntheriver Fri 16-Nov-12 03:44:53

Congrats kyz and Pass*!

So many babies here now that this thread has really sped up. I'm struggling to stay up with it so sorry if I have missed any new arrivals or important news. Hope everyone is ok.

About to do the transfer and (hopefully) get some sleep.

ValiumQueen Fri 16-Nov-12 04:03:59

Formula must be added to water over a certain temp as there is bacteria in it. I think it is 70 deg but best check. Especially be careful of temp of your flask water GT

J slept 1 hour in his cot. Yay! Will not go back in it though. Never had this with the girls. Also he has taken to yowling top volune when hungry. Not good in the night with two other kids likely to wake.

Sorry about your mouth blonder consider it top priority to get ab emergency appt today. Take brufen and pcm. Will help take the edge off pain.

I love my angel sensor monitor when he will lay on it!

Jims Fri 16-Nov-12 04:32:07

Checking in on the night feed shift. Have just put F down and he appears to be asleep again (fingers crossed) as this is the first night feed where he's gone back to sleep not attached to me...

kyz my midwife said their stomachs are as big as a marble for the first few days, when they start taking more molk they stretch but they often take in more milk than they can hold - hence the sickiness. F is sick quite a lot but i panic less this time after his bro was a horribly horribly sicky baby and still grew bigger!

Chunkychicken Fri 16-Nov-12 05:35:26

Anyone have any experience of post-partum bladder infections/bruising? Today I've had the occassional sharp pain when sat down & leaning forward, thought nothing of it, until this evening, when started getting those delightful "head engaging" razor blades & pins through your urethra type pains. It was getting worse, hurting a tad when moving etc but then no pain on peeing until just now. Then it was REALLY painful afterwards too, had to get DH to deal with DS as he was crying for a feed & I couldn't even move from the spot. Seeing MW tomorrow so will obviously ask, but wondered if I was alone in this...

GTbaby Fri 16-Nov-12 06:01:30

vq had to return my angel monitor sad. The sound didn't work. The motion was fine and used that for a week deff eased the stress n was able to sleep with out waking to check if LO was breathing.
Gave it back to person who bought it for me. She is returning it, but dont know how Long it will take and can't keep asking her. Tempted to buy another myself n ask her for the money instead. In terms of etiquette that's not on us it lol.

Belgrano Fri 16-Nov-12 08:35:14

Hi everyone just found you! Baby Belgrano born 7/11 weighing 9lb2oz. Flora is her name and we had constant scares (and scans) about my bump being 5cm too small so it's great she's a whopper. I was Induced in the end and had a roller coaster fast labour-1hr20mins and bloody epidural didn't work! Apparently the anaesthetist sees one person every 4/5 yrs for whom it completely doesn't work and it had to be me!!
Anyone else's baby refuse to sleep anywhere but next to them? Mine sleeps beautifully tucked up in her blankets (no duvet-I shiver away in my dressing gown so she won't overheat!) but put her in the cot next to the bed and she squawks blue murder...ds was the same but it means poor DH in spare room for time being.
Congrats to all of you and hope today's a good day!

ValiumQueen Fri 16-Nov-12 08:53:41

chunky ouch! I would contact GP today as you may need antibiotics and it is likely to be more sore tomorrow. Drink oodles and oodles to hopefully flush your system out a bit. I had heaviness in the bladder, but I had a catheter so to be expected

GT the sound is not great anyway on the angel monitor. Once baby can roll I swap over to my ancient BT one. I would ask the person who got it for you how they are getting on with returning it to hopefully remind the and spur them into action. They are very expensive.

belgrano I think Flora may be the biggest so far. All the babies are being rascals with sleep at the moment. I don't think anyone has a baby who happily settles in their cot or basket at night.

DS ended up in with me again last night. Naps will be in cot today. Time to find the Gina Ford book me thinks grin

My best purchase so far is the mamas and papas swing I got from a local Facebook selling site. Paid £30 for it, great condition and Q sleeps in it for aaaages!

YellowWellies Fri 16-Nov-12 09:41:39

J sleeps well in his bednest and the cradle in the lounge and will even settle if put in awake - when (and it's a big when) he's in the mood for sleeping. Lately he seems to be in the mood only for eating. Gah was up feeding from 2.40 til 4.40 and again from 5.30 til 6.30 and again from 8.15 til 9am. Now of course he is sleeping... grrrrrr so I'm turning in too xx

horseylady Fri 16-Nov-12 10:51:29

We had a better night last night. He settled both times next to me then transferred to the Moses basket. So it wasnt too bad.

Started reading gina ford (out of interest) omg seriously?! If he's asleep there's no waking him!! Surely they just find their own routine and at three weeks they don't self settle (well e doesn't!!) he wants cuddles and love!! Also the feeding routine seems bizarre to me?! E is fed four hourly now but we've only just established that.

Passmethecrisps Fri 16-Nov-12 12:08:27

horsey I bought the contented baby's first year not knowing anything about it. I just wanted a book with pictures!

I was wondering this morning about whether or not we should be thinking about routine. When do you start doing that rather than just flying by the seat of your pants (or is that just us?)

I know Penelope is only 4 days old but I just feel in my head that we should be more organised. As an example we have really just been keeping her down stairs with us until we are ready to go to bed. Last night this was midnight. She woke at 3:30 for a feed and it was 6am before we could get her settled again. Now, for us it actually doesn't matter in some ways whether it is 6am or 1am but it just felt odd. I woke her at 9am and she settled in the cot in her room (she is currently in the basket in with us). She is still there asleep and I reckon she will be awake in half an hour.

Currently we are feeding for about an hour - she keeps falling asleep but then waking on being out down demanding more. She is not taking about 120ml per feed then sleeping for 2.5 to 3 hours.

I told the midwife I was going to stop caring about ml as if I was feeding from the breast I wouldn't know.

Ladies, long story short, does this seem ok for her? What sort of changes can we expect over the next few days?

Sorry! I am still so green about this - maybe one day I will be able to repay the favour and offer advice to someone else!

Passmethecrisps Fri 16-Nov-12 12:09:41

Oh, and to qualify, I started reading it and eventually thought "this book is going in the bin". She even dictates exactly what time of day baby should start being weened at.

Brockle Fri 16-Nov-12 12:23:20

I don't agree with Gina Ford at all. You have to find a routine that works for you and her. I do know some people it has worked for though.

At first it is easier to have her down with you when she is cluster feeding but as soon as you feel happy about leaving her then put her upstairs in the moses basket with your monitor on. I think after a week or two you don't feel like you have time to yourself if you are glancing at her every five minutes.

With DS2 I started a bedtime routine at four or five weeks. Bath, cuddle, story (it may seem odd but both my kids love books so it can't be bad) then putting him down awake with his mobile onfor 7pm. I am sure you will get loads of advice but I am about so thought I would chip in. Hope you don't mind!

Give yourself a break for the first few weeks but a bedtime routine is good to have so they learn to self settle. I also put both mine upstairs for their daytime naps but kept the curtains open so you don't confuse day and night.

DonnaDoon Fri 16-Nov-12 12:34:52

Congratulations Pass thanks To be perfectly honest it sounds like you are doing brilliantly. I still have no routine at nearly 6 wks but my house is organised chaos anyway lol... I bf so feed on demand every 2-3 hrs then she perhaps goes 4-5 hours at night.

ValiumQueen Fri 16-Nov-12 12:38:30

Gina Ford works for some babies, and the weaning timing is spot on IMO, as there is logic behind her timing. DD1 was a perfect Gina baby, but DD2 spat in her face. I think it depends more on the baby than the mummy.

DS has a routine imposed on him by the school run, which is something first borns do not have. He is 3 weeks old now, and has been following a similar pattern to you pass. This weekend he will start his bedtime routine and napping in his cot in the day. He will go to bed at 7pm with his sisters. He is no longer cluster feeding in the same way now, which is key. Cluster feeding is easier with company and the TV.

I went to put DD2s shoes on yesterday, and they would not go on. She has gone from a 5 to a 6 in less than a month. Goodness knows how DH has been getting them on her. Oops.

Passmethecrisps Fri 16-Nov-12 13:43:48

Aw, thank you ladies. Your responses were really reassuring. We will give ourselves a bit of a break I think.

Still here in my dressing gown! Ah well. We have, at least, managed lunch at actual lunchtime. DH is currently feeding and getting to grips with winding. The cat is making up for lost time by sitting on my knee.

Spectra breast pump came today with a double nozzle - how exciting!

horseylady Fri 16-Nov-12 13:52:35

Interesting. We go up to bed at 10pm and feed. Then it takes half an hour to two hours to settle him. I was wondering about taking him up at 7 to go to bed? But he's usually wide awake from 730Pm to 10!!! He sleeps 3 to 530. and often dream feeds at the 6 feed!!

He currently gets up between 2 and 4am then between 6 and 7 am then I get up at 8 with him and we go off to do the horses. Feed at 10, 2, 6 then 10. He has a bath about 9pm but maybe we should do this earlier?!

ValiumQueen Fri 16-Nov-12 14:01:56

Do what suits you horsey. With DD1 in the very early days we used to go to tesco around midnight as that suited us. My boy has to be up and about in the noise at 5.30 as that is the stupid hour his sisters wake. If we did not have to then we would stay up later. I do not get a chance to go back to bed and get up at 8 or later. There is no rule about these things. I would bear in mind what time you would need to be getting up to take him to childcare and gradually work towards that, with bed time being 12 hours earlier as hopefully it will not be that long before he is sleeping 12 hours (dreams of the day!)

GTbaby Fri 16-Nov-12 14:14:47

Just watched southlands. An American cop show. Had a police chase a gunman. He ran into a nursery. No kids were even hurt or threatened. Gunmen just ran in n hide. But I was in tears! With the omg how can I protect my baby from this feeling. hmm.

On another note. Having a bad supply day i usually express 4/5oz a day. 1oz at a time. However today I have expressed 3 times so far n have just over 1oz. At first I thought it was cos I had LO with me, usually mum takes him but just now got hardly anything as well. This is despite upping my fenugreek dose, drinking more water. Eating actual meals n not snacking n using breast compression while pumping. Yesterday pumped after a shower, made no difference. Seems the more I try the less I get. sad
Think I need to at least start thinking about how long I want to go on with this if my supply doesn't increase

daisychain76 Fri 16-Nov-12 14:26:20

I tried. Gina. Ford for about 10 days with DS1 and ended up a. bit of a wreck with the early starts and trying. to keep up with the timings. Perssonally. l found the baby whisperer book more helpful.

The longest baby H slept last night was an hour. l. have no idea why.Going to get dh to. give a bottle of formula tonight as running out of ebm from nicu andd never get roundd to expressing. Really impressed how you have. persevered so long gt.

daisychain76 Fri 16-Nov-12 14:28:39

Oh meant to say congratulations belgrano. What a lovely cuddly weight.

horseylady Fri 16-Nov-12 15:01:05

12 hours??!!! Omg??!! Really??!!

Back to work will be up at 6. To be fair next week well probably get up after the morning feed!! Just enjoying snuggles in bed ATM after he's eaten lol!! Were awake we just cuddle!!

horseylady Fri 16-Nov-12 15:02:25

Oh and pass 120ml? Ds only eats that at nearly three weeks!! Takes about half an hour to 40minutes. I was told not to let him feed from the bottle for over 30minutes? No idea why just several mw said the same thing?

Thechick Fri 16-Nov-12 15:27:01

It seems like i dont look at this for a bit and you guys talk about lots of things i have an opinion on. I think it may be a long one.

I have just discovered swaddling. I thought that it was dangerous so it wasn't even on my radar to do it but at the breastfeeding group I went to yesterday the lady said it was fine as long as what's used to swaddle is not too thick. LO slept so well last night being swaddled so I think we are going to continue. He was down for about 2.5 hours rather than the 30 mins I had the night before.

Names - my LO has 5 names. We hadn't decided on a first name when he was born, but liked dh's grandfather's name but I didn't want that as a first name, I liked it but thought it was a bit too twee. So we have that as a second name. I wanted my son to be involved with names so he got to choose one that's name three. Name four is my surname and name five is dh's surname.

Baby Bjorn bouncer - we have one but I think LO is too small for it. He always looks so awkward. He better grow into it, I might post a picture on Facebook.

Passme i didnt really start breastfeeding until a couple of weeks ago and my LO is 6 weeks on Sunday so I think it can be re-established if need be, I was expressing and offering the breast though as much as I could. It's mostly going okay.

I apparently had a pp bladder infection chunky. The doctor didn't check me or anything, just gave antibiotics. It doesn't happen every time I use the toilet but its like a pulling sensation like when you are really desperate to go and and you are going to fast. Finished the antibiotics a few days ago and it has helped a bit.

Does anyhave the Baby whisperer book, what's it like, is it more the routine/schedule school of thought or more attachment parenting

Ive been reading to my little one. He doesn't respond becase he's too young but he likes my voice, i think, and i like doing it.
Routine was mentioned. We don't really have one in place but things are naturally falling into one kind of, but he sleeps when he wants and eats when he wants. Ds2 will be 6 weeks on Sunday and its my due date. It's crazy to think that I should till be pregnant.

Someone mentioned about their baby vomiting after a feed, it might be worth trying to feed them less, but more often.

Oh ds2 forgot how to breastfeed again today and he is so so windy, not sure if the two are related.

Wow, it was longer than I thought. Epic post.

blonderthanred Fri 16-Nov-12 15:38:17

Chick I was considering buying The Baby Whisperer, a friend recommended it as she said it was less prescriptive than GF but gave some ideas for routines etc, based on the type of baby you have. It worked for her but I think all these books and theories are dependent on the baby - as VQ said.

I really want to go to a BF group but am completely confused with all the options. I think there's one at the hospital, one at a children's centre somewhere, or I could contact the local LLL or other organisation. I'm not sure. I'd rather go to a group or drop in clinic than have a mw come round but should I ring the mws in the first instance anyway? Would like to look at holds and his latch which is great sometimes but others he just can't get it.

Thechick Fri 16-Nov-12 15:54:51

I went to one at a children's centre. Got there quite early as I wanted the lady to check latch, but LO slept for the first hour and then I had to go. I had lots of questions which she answered and there were 2 other mums, so drank tea and chatted. She did show me a latch but will see her next week. I've spoken to LLL over the phone with bf questions and they were very helpful, much better than nct.

Thechick Fri 16-Nov-12 15:57:05

It's children in need tonight, better get the tissues ready

ShellyBobbs Fri 16-Nov-12 16:04:05

Congratulations Belgrano, a whopper!

Well I'm absolutely besotted with my little bundle, I have become a hover mother! I feel like I've lost my right arm when I'm not holding him and hubby said yesterday when he actually went down in his moses basket, 'what did we do before he arrived?'

Tommy passed his hearing test today which is a relief as we were quite worried, it seems growing and living in a chaotic household makes a chilled out baby! The other 3 are in love with him too.

Not many left now and we're only half way through.

Belgrano Fri 16-Nov-12 16:07:42

Re Gina/baby whisperer etc. some of it works for some people which is great if it suits your baby (agree with whoever said its about the baby more then the mummy!). But its a crazy world of advice out there, and can send you loopy (i know this from experience!) as it all contradicts each other and every author's convinced they are right!

This is my 3rd DC and I'd say I've learnt to go with the flow a lot more. they do all get there in the end-sleep all night, eat at mealtimes etc. some babies need extra reassurance in early days (like mine-nightime sleeping in mummy's armpit!) and some need more milk/more frequently etc. I used to really worry about 'Is this ok?' And rush to the books, which worried me even more..

But it's worth trying (not always successfully!) to just treasure the early days and enjoy the snuggles and totally random feeding pattern. (We're still feeding every 2 hrs or so here!). Will try to take my own advice too....!

Oh- And on swaddling-you can buy massive Muslins now which are great for swaddling as.they are thin so don't get hot.

ShellyBobbs Fri 16-Nov-12 16:12:28

Oh yes, had the weigh in today aswell, I was so ready for an argument. Tommy was within the 7% rubbish they quote so I was spared the lecture. He's only lost 3oz but he is a non-stop feeder grin

I had a phone call from Sure Start on Wednesday from a breast feeding group. She just wanted to invite me to the local breastfeeding support group, I was very impressed and will go when hubby goes back to work.

YellowWellies Fri 16-Nov-12 16:20:32

J is swaddled - we got the same advice - it's fine in a thin cotton swaddle and m'eh as a species we've been doing it to our young for hundreds of years. He sleeps muuuuuuuuch better swaddled and doesn't twat himself in the face and our room is chilly think 16-17C so I'm not worrying about it.

blonderthanred Fri 16-Nov-12 16:43:31

I've got the big muslins for swaddling but I don't seem to be doing it right, he always wriggles free!

Passmethecrisps Fri 16-Nov-12 17:08:29

We swaddle Penelope when she has finished her late feed as she seems to settle much faster. The hospital was so warm but each midwife would wrap her up in layers and layers!

horsey I think I have an eating machine on my hands. The midwife reckoned she should be taking between 60 and 90 ml per feed. That is a rough guide according to her weight. She probably doesn't get anywhere near 120ml in actual fact as she dribbles and spits.

I am very happy with my new breast pump. Pretty tough going though - feed for an hour then settle down like a cow. I will keep going as long as I can and keep trying LO every day.

I am currently stretched out on the sofa with LO snoozing in her pram. My house looks like a bomb has hit it. Can't even watch the telly as the pram is right in front of it.

In TMI news, stitches are pretty tender. I need to get over myself and agree to let the midwife take a look when she comes tomorrow. Pooing was a bit of a difficulty and I am now sporting my very first pile. What a grown up I am!

Passmethecrisps Fri 16-Nov-12 17:11:24

Oh, and I will ask about how long to feed her on the bottle. I have never heard this before but defo worth asking.

I am inspired by the story of picking up breast feeding weeks after birth. I will keep giving her a go. Despite feeling I did the right thing, it does make me tear up a big when she roots round for my breast while pushing the bottle away. If only she could be given instructions!

NervousAt20 Fri 16-Nov-12 17:12:29

Congratulations belgrano

Sorry I haven't name checked properly

Little one has been really unsettled again today, basically awake from 10am with a couple of 10min power naps, nothing settles her but my boob, we went in the car which normally sends her off to sleep and she cried abit then quite until the car stopped sad I'm completely shattered and just want to cry, I feel like my milk just isn't good enough for her because she seems so unsettled and now I'm abit pissed off with DP so that's not helping my mood! Oh and I still have dinner to prepare and cook

StuntNun Fri 16-Nov-12 17:31:04

Hello post-natal ladies I'm allowed to officially join you now. James Andrew was born at 23:03 yesterday at 6lb 14oz despite being a week late. We had pitched up at the hospital the night before for a check up as baby had gone mental for a while, moving and kicking every which way. They did a trace which was fine and I was somewhat patronisingly reassured that lots if movement was good, only reduced movement was a concern. Fast forward yo yesterday morning, I was woken by a contraction and when I went to the loo there was blood on my pad. Good, I thought, a bloody show. But then I passed a blood clot so I phoned the hospital and they said that was probably part of the show. But a bit later I passed another clot and there was fresh blood in the pad. So I phoned again in a bit of a panic and they said to go in. I was still contracting at intervals from 2.5 to 6 minutes which of course slowed right down as soon as we got to hospital. They did another trace which was fine and when they did an exam about 11 I was only 2cm dilated but they found my waters had broken at some point. So I was told I'd be kept in because of the blood and put on the drip after 24 hours if I hadn't gone into established labour.

Cue pacing the corridors and sitting on the fitness ball for hours, with contractions coming every 5 minutes but quite mild ones. After six they decided to do another trace but this showed decelerations following every contraction. When they did another exam I was still 2cm dilated which was quite irritating. When I mentioned that I was still bleeding fresh blood (they thought the blood was more show) then they decided to do a scan. This showed blood pooling behind the placenta which explained the terrible backaches I had been having. So off to theatre for a section we went! The anaesthetist decided to do a general anaesthetic. Apparently they were just in time because baby opened his bowels just before they got to him so he was clearly in distress. Unfortunately for my DH (I was still out of it at this point) baby got a big dose of drugs and had to go into the incubator for extra oxygen for the first hour or more so poor DH didn't even get baby cuddles for a long time.

So we were unfortunate enough to have a placental abruption but fortunate in that baby James was delivered in good health and is doing well in his first day. It wasn't the planned and expected VBAC but he was really in danger so his safe arrival is all that matters to me. It does mean that if we have a fourth child it will have to be an ELCS but we'll cross that bridge when if we come to it! grin

And that's my birth story.

ShellyBobbs Fri 16-Nov-12 17:34:40

Wow Stunt, thank goodness you're both OK, how are you feeling now? Congratulations again.

YellowWellies Fri 16-Nov-12 17:50:48

Wow stunt you've done such an amazing job getting him here safely - well done Mrs x

Congratulations Stunt - what a scary experience, good luck with the recovery over the next few days. Rest up and update us when you feel up to it.

ValiumQueen Fri 16-Nov-12 18:05:49

So glad you are both ok. Big hug for your DH too. That must have been very scary for him.

ValiumQueen Fri 16-Nov-12 18:06:23

^^ that was for stunt. Baby brain.

Passmethecrisps Fri 16-Nov-12 18:11:06

stunt that sounds incredibly scary. You must have been pretty frantic - or at least I know that I would have been for sure!

I am delighted that baby James got here in one piece - he is cute as a wee button as well.

Passmethecrisps Fri 16-Nov-12 18:12:52

nervous this might not be terribly helpful but could you send DH for takeaway? It sounds completely exhausting and you need some time to recover a bit. You can't do everything

YellowWellies Fri 16-Nov-12 18:22:43

Words of wisdom from pass go on DH go and get a takeaway. We're having fish and chips tonight as neither of us can be arsed to cook!

Passmethecrisps Fri 16-Nov-12 18:29:49

My DH has just come in saying "right, I have a question for your mumsnetters"

Basically, he told me he did a fart in the car and it smelled like LO's poo. He is wondering if he is having sympathy farts. He assures me he has not been drinking the expressed milk.

Chunkychicken Fri 16-Nov-12 18:31:52

Congratulations Stunt. That must have been so scary but proves Mum really can tell when something is wrong. I hope you are both no worse for it soon.

Chunkychicken Fri 16-Nov-12 18:33:37

Congrats belgrano.

Another nightmare day with J, he just cries non stop! We think its a wind/tummy ache problem, he drags his knees up and makes a real high pitched scream. We've been trying infacol but DP thinks it makes things worse.
Not really sure what to try next.

Evilwater Fri 16-Nov-12 19:17:23

tits- infacol does take time to work, have you tired the different ways to burp? Someone surgested cooled boiled water to get up the wind, gtbaby recommended fennel water. Have you thought about changing the nipple on the bottle if your part bottle feeding?
I'm so sorry to hear about the screaming, I know what it's like.

stunt Wow.

Baby evil is now 6 weeks today, and has slept all day. I gues ill see you all on the night feed thread.


Evilwater Fri 16-Nov-12 19:27:01

Forgot to add, my I let me LO eat as much or as little as he likes. Sometimes he has 6-5oz other times 3oz.

Oh and STILL no car. Hopefully it will be fixed, next week.

Thechick Fri 16-Nov-12 19:35:48

passme LO was in scbu for 16 days and i just wanted him out so agreed to the bottle feeding and planned to sort out bf when we got home. I was expressing all the while and offering the boob as often as possible. I have a few issues with supply but I'm taking fenugreek and he is ebf as of 3 days ago and before then it was bf during the day and he was ff at night since about 2 weeks ago and he's almost 6 weeks

stunt congratulations on the safe arrival of baby James, what an ordeal but so pleased he came out safe and sound in the end smile

Dixiebell Fri 16-Nov-12 20:09:48

Wrt routines, with DS I didn't feel comfortable putting him upstairs to sleep in the evenings until he was at least 8 weeks. It just felt strange, so he slept in Moses basket in lounge with us until then, and then we'd take him up when we went to bed. He's a v good sleeper now, and always has been, rarely wakes in the night. I wouldn't stress about getting a routine in place quickly just for the sake of it, just do what suits you.

StuntNun Fri 16-Nov-12 21:23:29

Thanks everyone, it was quite an experience but everything went smoothly and he was promptly evicted when problems arose. I had a similar birth with DS1 but much more traumatic and came a lot closer to disaster. DS2 on the other hand was a piece of cake!

I'm having a bit of a hard time with the pain and worrying about the first bowel movement blush but James is feeding well for long periods so hopefully my milk will come in while my nipples are still intact. DH, DS1 and DS2 are all very taken with him. I was all lovey dovey last night saying he was the handsomest baby in the world and everything, when I realised I was on a syntocin drip! It's amazing what those hormones actually do to you.

NervousAt20 Fri 16-Nov-12 21:41:57

Congratulations stunt I'm glad everything turned out okay! Sounds like you had a terrible ordeal but at least your both okay

Thanks pass DP offered to go get take away as soon as he got home and realized that I was abit stressed/upset and it deffinatly worked wonders for my mood. LO also went to sleep after a 2 1/2 feed so hopefully our bad restless and constant feeding days earns me a restful night? Well a girl can dream lol

Still haven't name checked but going to bed now, hope everyone has good nights!!

Belgrano Fri 16-Nov-12 21:45:11

Stunt-oh god how scary and how lucky they got there just in time, well done you. You sound very chilled and are amazing for that! Hello to baby James!
Where's the night feed thread? Is it this thread or a different one?

Dixiebell Fri 16-Nov-12 22:29:28

Stunt, lactulose all the way grin

evil I think it was you upthread that listed 4 ways of winding babies. There was one which I didn't know and have tried on Dd today. Works a treat, she's burping like a drunk bloke after his Friday night curry. Thank you.

NervousAt20 Fri 16-Nov-12 23:32:34

belgrano the night feed thread I'd a famifferent one, if you go to the section feed the world then breast and bottle it's in there and is called how to stay awake during night feeds parts 4

Lane81 Sat 17-Nov-12 01:50:44

Hello! I've come to join this thread. Martha Rose was born on Weds at 2pm,15 mins after arriving at midwife unit! All went well. BF is going well I think though the night feeds are driving me crazy. She seems to be cluster feeding but think she's too young? She won't settle and just wants more food! I feel very far away from the idea of a bedtime routine that someone mentioned!

It's brilliant reading your experiences a few weeks on, is invaluable for a nervous first timer!

rowingdowntheriver Sat 17-Nov-12 02:47:29

Congratulations lane, stunt, and belgrano!

1st night feed hopefully complete, just waiting to see if Moses basket transfer has been successful before I snuggle back down under the duvet!

Passmethecrisps Sat 17-Nov-12 03:19:26

Aw congrats lane!

I am sitting up in bed cradling a completely sleeping child who is convinced she is starving every time she goes in the basket. Doh! I'm about to have one more try.

blonderthanred Sat 17-Nov-12 04:29:00

passme I know the feeling...

CandyPop Sat 17-Nov-12 06:33:25

Finally logging in! I've managed to post on Facebook but not quite had time to catch up on thread. Loving all the new baby pics on Facebook tho!!

So a quick summary of labour - one word - dramatic !!

Contractions started 3am, in hospital at 8am which at that point was 4cm dilated. Was on gas an air and had regular contractions throughout, however checks at 12pm showed that I was still on 4cm... They then advice that if I haven't progress I would have to go to labour ward and have drip in to bring on stronger contractions . No change at 3pm, still 4cm... At which point I have been contracting for 12hrs on just gas and air. Moved to labour ward , epidural put in as I was so tired. At 8pm I was finally 8cm but her head still too high , come 10pm I was fully dilated but had to wait another 2 hrs to see if she'd drop . Midnight - still high - doctors decide for me to try pushing . No luck. Prepped for theatre Nd had an emergency c section. Baby born 9.11.12 at 3.06am . Phew . Hmm.. Sorry not so quick a summary after all!

Relieved ( well not relieved but reassuring ) to hear that my many of you are experiencing the same problems. My wound is also slightly open. Been leaking tiny bit of blood since weds. Bloody annoying . Hoping it will stop by Monday when midwife visits . Trying not to lift or bend too much.

Breastfeeding is going well, although I do dread the initial latching on each feed.... God it's so painful. Pain eases down after maybe 30 secs. For the more experience ladies, does this initial latching pain stop?'

Also she feeds well ( most of the time) which means longer gaps in between feeds ... My breast does get quite engorged. Was thinking of trying to use cabbage leave to help? Also if I was to express a bit out to ease it, it's that ok? I know baby needs all type of milk whilst feeding so if I have expressed would she miss out on some on the first few gulps ?! ( if that makes sense?!)

Sorry for mammoth post! Can u tell currently she is fast asleep on my lap!!??! Thank god for iPhones and iPads to keep us company !

Here to a easy feeding / pain-free non - oozing wound / happy baby day!! Xx

Catbag Sat 17-Nov-12 07:43:32

Congratulations on the birth of yout little one candy, it sounds like it was pretty dramatic! Did you have a boy or a girl?

Re latching- that 'razors-down-the-nipple' feeling does subside. It usually has gone by two weeks. It is awful, but persevere if you can cos it doesn't last forever.

Wrt engorgement- you absolutely can express some off to relieve the pressure BUT remember that your body works on supply and demand, so your body will replace whatever you drain off, assuming that it's gone into the baby. Expressing may help in the short term but don't go too mad!

Sorry to hear your incision isn't playing nice. You are definitely not alone there x

StuntNun Sat 17-Nov-12 07:53:27

Congratulations Candy. That sounds like an exhausting labour.

I made it through another night in hospital. One more and hopefully they'll let me go home tomorrow. I nearly lost it last night when I asked for pain relief and they brought me two paracetamol tablets shock The pain is horrendous and I can feel my wound pulling when I try to haul myself out of bed, no wonder it's bleeding so much.

Catbag Sat 17-Nov-12 08:27:06

Oh stunt, that sounds awful. Why are they only giving you paracetamol? My hospital had me on codeine and sent me home with a box too. It is a cs wound that you're talking about, isn't it?

Catbag Sat 17-Nov-12 08:32:23

Just reread the posts above and seen that it was <babybrain> Don't like the sound of all the bleeding. Mine had a clear dressing on it that was like a giant piece of sellotape so you could see the wound, but tight enough for nothing to open. I know it doesn't sound like you are being well looked after particularly, but is it a good idea to go home while your wound is like that and you are in so much pain?

NervousAt20 Sat 17-Nov-12 08:35:14

Congratulations candy you poor thing sounds like a tough long labour, at least your LO is here now and your both okay. Sorry I might have missed it but did you have a boy or girl?

stunt that's terrible there only giving you paracetamol, I had loads of pain relief afterwards and the next day I had liquid morphine that I could ask for every hour. Hope they give you something stronger

GTbaby Sat 17-Nov-12 08:38:54

Why LO tell me why u scream so much. Like u haven't been fed all night (2hours actually). Why make mummy get up n struggle to mk u a bottle while holding u as u wriggle n mk it so hard. Why do u scream so much? Then only drink 30ml n go to sleep! Why?!? Why not drink all 120ml and then sleep undisturbed the nxt 3 hours. It would be more convenient for both of us!

Catbag Sat 17-Nov-12 08:46:22

Lol gt. I have the same conversations with my twins smile

ValiumQueen Sat 17-Nov-12 08:54:54

Gosh candy I am glad you are both ok. Too early to answer questions sorry. It is worth reading back as there is good advice about expressing.

I get so angry about the difference pain and wounds are managed post CS. I had pcm and brufen and was written up for other stuff but would not give it. I was also told I could not have a dressing on my wound and three weeks on it is still not fully healed. Sorry you are in pain stunt

DS stayed out of our bed until 4.30 spending two hours of that asleep in his cot. He then slept until 8. I got some sleep but with a constant procession of small people coming in, it was not unbroken. DH got up with the girls so grateful for that.

Still do not know if inlaws are coming today. I am not doing a thing to prepare. They will take us as they find us.

kirrinIsland Sat 17-Nov-12 09:23:45

Congratulations candy thanks

Hope everyone managed to get some sleep - isn't it strange how getting 3 hours sleep is now seen as a good night ?!

My stitches are agony - have the midwife later so I'll have to ask her to check them. Just when i thought i had my dignity back! ......

CandyPop Sat 17-Nov-12 09:24:47

I had a baby girl, Ava Lily weighing a hefty 8lbs 8 (I'm only 5ft2)!

catbag ok another week of endurance to go then! Ok won't express until absolutely necessary. Will try the cabbage thing today

stunt I would ask for more, I was on oramorph, paracetamol and ibuprofen! I feel ur pain re hauling out of bed especially when I still had intravenous drips in both of my hands!

ValiumQueen Sat 17-Nov-12 09:27:46

We had fancy beds that could sit you up. I want one at home. It made life bearable.

StuntNun Sat 17-Nov-12 09:28:24

I have a dressing over my CS incision but I had staples rather than stitches. It is bleeding into the dressing though. They are giving me another pill every 8 hours but I'm not sure what it is. I'll have a look at my notes.

ValiumQueen Sat 17-Nov-12 10:14:54

Staples can be sore. Make sure you see your notes, and ask to see the doctor too. Yes, opiates are not ideal for feeding, but neither is a tired mummy in agony. With colostrum the amount of drugs that would transfer is tiny anyway. Big hug stunt

CandyPop Sat 17-Nov-12 10:21:39

Yes I would love to have one of those bed home too! Even if it's just to wake me up to feed... Couple of times in the last few days I woke up confused about feeding!

Last night, we woke up and I asked dh to smell the baby to see if she needed a change, he proceeded to turn to his right and start smelling his own pillow, I had to say, er baby is over there in the basket ! Lol

horseylady Sat 17-Nov-12 11:14:56

Better night here. We took the Moses basket out put the pram in. He slept happier and for longer in that. So will try that again!! Moses basket was free so nothing lost there if he doesn't like it and prefers the pram!

Three weeks today!!

Passmethecrisps Sat 17-Nov-12 11:24:07

candy that sounds very traumatic. I hope you and your baby girl are now recovering.

DH has left me to sleep this morning. Brill. He woke at 4:30 saying "oh, did I miss the 4am feed? Did she cry?" I had to explain that, no, this wasn't the next feed, we were actually still on the first one!

I liked those beds valium. Although at one point when I was up and about someone changed my sheets and put it up to its highest setting. When a midwife came to check my stitches I was just standing staring at this bed thinking "how do I get on it?". I was too dazed and confused to work out that it had been changed. Thankfully the midwife was more on the ball than me.

horseylady Sat 17-Nov-12 12:01:54

Stunt sorry thought I'd replied yesterday- pleased you're both ok but how scary. Hope you heal soon!

blonderthanred Sat 17-Nov-12 12:40:26

Happy 3 weeks Horseybaby!

The beds at my hospital did the recliney sit-upy thing but only if a strong person turned a handle at the end of the bed. The mws did not enjoy changing this at all.

Stunt I had 3 days of Codydramol and Diplenofac (sp) and after I ran out the mws told me to take pcmol or call my GP. I was still in pain so called the doc and he immediately wrote out a prescription for more Codydramol. So might be worth considering. It is a lot of pain to put up with and as you say it feels like it's going to rip apart whenever you get out of bed.

Lol pass at you staring at the bed. I feel like that now, so confused about things.

I miss the bed at the hosp too, when the mw was doing a trace when I first got there she knelt against the controls by mistake and I wa getting lower and lower and we couldn't work out why grin

I had to phone and re-book Q's hearing test because it fell on the day I've got the hv coming round. It's re-booked for the following tues but I can't for the life of me remember what time. I've tried ringing them again but no one there, think they're shut at the weekend.
Where have my brain cells gone?!

Lane81 Sat 17-Nov-12 14:33:37

rowing and passme that sounds very familiar!! And makes me feel normal, my baby is convinced she's starving again as soon as she's put down! Thought I was doing something wrong!

ValiumQueen Sat 17-Nov-12 16:09:49

DS has gone down awake and willing in his cot for naps today. He has slept really well, woken hungry, fed well, then stayed awake and alert for some time. He has a mobile with cuddly Peter rabbit characters on, and it plays Brahms lullaby. He seems to like it so far. It has been fab to have a bit of time to get on with things, and I am loving the reassurance of the movement monitor. No doubt it will all go wrong now I have posted.

daisychain76 Sat 17-Nov-12 18:06:00

Congratulations lane and candy and stunt really glad you are both safe and well.

Well, baby h went for one stretch. of 2 hours last night, the lonngest for a week. DH realised it started. about the time we started switching the heating off at night so we had it on all night and topped up the ebm with formula. Gro swaddle came today so hoping that works too.

Think l got a bit of a smile today too, tho he was sick all over me a minute later, so may still just. be wind smile

blonderthanred Sat 17-Nov-12 18:14:24

Great news VQ, I look forward to enjoying that pattern tomorrow grin

ShellyBobbs Sat 17-Nov-12 18:16:25

Candy Congratulations, you must have been absolutely shattered and just glad to get the baby out safely. Hope you are feeling OK.

ValiumQueen Sat 17-Nov-12 18:32:36

blonder grin

Hmm so now the opposite worry with J blush I'm possibly being a massive worry over nothing pants but he's barely woken up today, he's fed maybe 3 times at most and even then it's because I woke him up too. He doesn't seem ill, still pooing, weeing and is a good colour, not floppy or struggling with breathing or anything. Just very sleepy. Should I be worried?

DonnaDoon Sat 17-Nov-12 18:51:25

No Tits dd has days like this ...he will be attatched all day tomorrow I bet ya

That's alright then I'm glad it's not unusual, I wonder if he's going to have a growth spurt...
How on earth have I forgotten everything in 6 years since I had DS2?!

ValiumQueen Sat 17-Nov-12 19:43:42

I have forgotten everything in two years. I think we have to, otherwise we would never have any more grin

tits he will be up all night feeding no doubt.

I've forgotten everything too and it's only been 2 years since ds!

I think the tiredness is catching up with me now, I had an hours nap this morning but still felt shattered all day.

Think bil and SIL are coming round tomo and would like to get down the park for some air and let ds have a run around.

Passmethecrisps Sat 17-Nov-12 20:25:03

We have had a sleepy baby today as well. She had her heel test today and was weighed. She has put on weight including what she lost initially so that is all good.

Still a bit worried about my stitches. How would I know if I had burst one? What would the risk be?

We actually left the house today. Spent the morning and afternoon looking at the blue sky then as soon as the midwife had been it clouded over. We managed to get enough dry to wander out for a coffee. Felt very adventurous. I enjoyed being out but feel pretty tender now. My bottom troubles were not really helping either!

My mood seems to go really go and down during the day. Nothing major just a dip in mood towards night time - is this normal?

Peaky1 Sat 17-Nov-12 20:58:37

Not sure if anyone has any good advice or reassurance. I'm not quite yet at the stage of ringing NHS24! My James is 1 week old today and today we've noticed him getting a gunky right eye, like there's yellow sleep in the inner corner of his eye. I cleaned it away twice now with cotton wool and cooled boiled water but it comes back within about an hour. Anyone else had a similar experience? He's not upset with his and didn't cry when I wiped it away. He's also been sparko sleeping for most of the day.

Any opinions will be gratefully received.

Brockle Sat 17-Nov-12 21:04:31

I think newborns tear ducts can get blocked and cooled boiled water and cotton wool is the way to deal with it. Check it out with your MW if you haven't been discharged yet. smile

Peaky1 Sat 17-Nov-12 21:06:57

Thanks Brockle. I just looked on patient.co.uk and had a lot of reassurance from that. It sounds really common and goes within a few weeks. I didn't know 1 in 5 babies can have underdeveloped tear ducts! In fact, the gunky one is the only watery eye and the only one I noticed a tear fall from when he was crying yesterday.

GTbaby Sat 17-Nov-12 21:08:58

Ok. I'm going to say it. Yes I will be the first to bring it up. And I'm rather embarrassed to even ask...

Any one had sex yet? grinblushwink
I was in the mood today. However me bring at mums n DH at home meant nada happened lol. N as me n DH are so in tune. On phone just now he bought up the sex subject as well. I'm extreamly nervous about trying. Very scared it will hurt. No idea if stitches r healed. N don't want to look. Physically I'm not ready, but mentally I can't stop thinking about it!

ValiumQueen Sat 17-Nov-12 21:16:19

peaky the best thing for gunky eyes is breast milk. Much more effective than water and saves the faff.

pass busting a stitch is not a problem with an undercarriage. Might not be quite as aesthetically pleasing when healed, and be sure to check there is no infection. Well done on getting out. Your mood dipping is normal as you anticipate a sleepless night. Seriously though, your mood will be up and down, and you are in the baby blues zone too, with hormones adjusting. Talk about how you are feeling to DH, and rest, eat and drink lots. You will be fine.

ValiumQueen Sat 17-Nov-12 21:19:42

GT you should be fine now to do the deed. Plenty of lube, take your time, have fun, stop if in discomfort. Both times before I had done it by now. Not in the mood for it in the slightest. And remember birth control as you are mega fertile at the moment!

Sophiathesnowfairy Sat 17-Nov-12 21:19:57

peaky I think the gunky eye thing is quite normal, am pretty sure all of mine had it to some extent or another.

GT ewwwwww SEX?!?! Actually I have felt like it bizarrely as DS is only a week old but haven't gone there as I have stitches and am still loosing blood and it is bound to be horrible. I too will feel nervous about it and I remember that from last time and feeling like I had really let DH down as the first occasion was a bit pants.

DS appears to be knackered after we have had the his evil of family all weekend am hoping this bodes well for our night ahead.

Sophiathesnowfairy Sat 17-Nov-12 21:21:46

I wish I could withdraw that last post the bloody iPad. The last sentence was meant to say DS is knackered because we have had a house full of family all weekend..........

ValiumQueen Sat 17-Nov-12 21:34:52

I believe you sophia Freudian slip! grin

You could report your post and ask it be deleted. I would not worry though.

Talking of evil family (joking, honest) my inlaws cancelled as MIL too unwell. Coming Christmas instead. Deep joy.

kirrinIsland Sat 17-Nov-12 22:02:20

pass I had the midwife look at my stitches at my check up today oh the glamour as they are so bloody painful i was sure they were infected, but they are fine apparently. I think i have 1 that is in just the wrong place and it pulls when I move around.

tits I was coming on here to post the exact same question - DD has been asleep pretty much all day - I've had to wake her for feeds and she's gone straight back to sleep afterwards. I've been worrying but she seems quite alert now - just in time for the night shift!!

Those of you who have 2 year olds - how are they taking the new addition? DD1 is driving me to distraction. She is much more jealous than I anticipated and has really gone to town with attention seeking behaviour - all of it bad. I'm trying to stay calm but she is really testing me. She gone for things that are dangerous or painful - climbing on stuff or pulling the dogs' ears - so not really behaviour I can ignore. I'm supposed to be making her feel loved and secure while she gets used to her new sister and instead I'm constantly telling her off sad

Jims Sat 17-Nov-12 22:39:18

pass i ended up seeing my gp yesterday as my stitches felt more sore not less. Turns out i've got a bit of granulation - where the body goes a bit crazy trying to heal and creates a small lump. Oh well, she said they'll keep an eye on it but hopefully it'll sort itself out.

Another second here for breastmilk for gunky eyes, F had a bit of this and it is clearing up not too badly now.

F has slept a large part of today and yesterday. I remember worrying about it with his bro but he definitely woke up a lot more after a few weeks. I'd take more advantage of the quiet but i'm conscious about not overdoing it as i had a late bleed last time, probably for that reason. So i'm enjoying my husband doing a lot of the jobs/chasing his older bro!

Off to the hospital tomorrow for our 10 day check and BCG jab. Feel a bit sad about jabs so early but it's recommended for our area. Fingers crossed F's putting on weight ok too.

Peaky1 Sat 17-Nov-12 22:50:56

Why am I struggling to imagine breast milk in the eyes? What does it contain that helps? I'll defo try it though, thanks!

MadamGazelleIsMyMum Sat 17-Nov-12 23:04:20

Hello, lots to catch up on.

Congrats candy.

kirrin, DD handling things really well bu she is a tad younger (21 months) and has had the benefit of DH's undivided attention whle I have been occupied wi DS. He goes back to work Monday, so am bracing myself for a decline in behaviour.

gt we have DTD. Slightly different though as I had a CS. Am an extremely fast healer though, and very lucky with my wound which hasn't troubled me at all since about day 5. If you feel ready, go carefully and see if it is ok.

Passmethecrisps Sat 17-Nov-12 23:08:41

Thank you VQ. I ended up bursting into tears over dinner - I am not a crier so this is a weird thing for me. DH poured me a glass of wine and we had a wee blether. Crying now but not concerned if that makes sense.

Also thanks for the stitch advice those who gave it. I have been putting fridge cold witch hazel on maternity pads and making sure I clean the area as much as possible. I have no concerns about the aesthetic beauty post-heal, I just want to be sure I am healing. I think that was my other issue earlier as well - walking out was lovely but left me very tender and very aware of my whole undercarriage. That combined with slightly blistered nipples from expressing and wearing the same joggy bottoms for days all left me feeling a bit sorry for myself.

Anyway, tears aside, I am in bed listening to a snuffly baby sleeping. It's a lovely sound.

ValiumQueen Sat 17-Nov-12 23:13:13

Breast milk just works. Not sure why. After junior peeing in his eye on his first day then me imagining breast milk is a lot easier.

DD2 is 2.5 and loves her baby bro when he is in his chair or cot. Not so keen when he is demanding of my attention. She is also prone to crazy naughtiness as she knows I will put baby down to tend to her. It is normal natural attention seeking behaviour.

Babies are hard wired to be awake more overnight in the early weeks as that is when the hormones are highest for milk making. Perfectly normal.

Peaky1 Sun 18-Nov-12 00:00:51

pass how do you use the distilled witch hazel? Do you put it neat onto the pad or do you dilute it somehow? I bought some a while ago but haven't started using it yet

NervousAt20 Sun 18-Nov-12 00:01:08

Oh god I've lost my post angry and the only thing I can remember is sex blush we haven't DTD yet, both want to but I need to air contraception out first, not one person has spoken about it to us though!

Had a lovely day today, went out Christmas shopping this morning with DP and LO but didn't get much then this afternoon we went and watched twilight grin it really was so good!! LO was absolutly brilliant throughout the whole film, woke up for a feed and fall straight back to sleep. Whoever invented baby screenings is a genious, people think I'm nuts when I tell them lol

Up for first feed tonight, hope you all sleep well

ValiumQueen Sun 18-Nov-12 01:35:19

No baby screenings at my cinema. Apparently babies can go to anything 12 or under and if unsettled have to leave. What is the point of that?

Very impressed madame very impressed indeed!

DS settled in his cot at 11 and slept two hours. Hoping he will do the same after this feed. So pleased he is doing better with his cot. I dismantled the moses basket today as I need the room and he hates it. It is in the ever growing pile of stuff to be sold. Feels good.

kissyfur Sun 18-Nov-12 04:05:52

Hello ladies, marking my spot so I can attempt to catch up. Brought Francesca home last night. Managed a bit of sleep between feeds, had forgotten how sore nipples get at first! Owwww! Milk seems to be coming in tho so it's all good smile

Chunkychicken Sun 18-Nov-12 06:52:45

I haven't posted much as I can't keep up!! Master Chicken is going well but at not yet quite a week old, I'm still struggling to remember what newborns are like.

I think bfing is going well, although he's tongue tied and doesn't open wide enough often, so I'm struggling to get a good latch when v engorged so getting sore now. Add to that, he's doing the typical newborn thing (iirc) of falling asleep at the boob so not necessarily draining it properly, which then adds to the engorgement issue!! Grr.

He is also a one man poo army. He poos constantly!! I don't remember DD doing that...

Speaking of DD, she is doing brilliantly. Taking baby all in her stride. She keeps saying she loves him & wanting to help with his nappy changes etc. She hasn't even shown much jealousy when I'm feeding. It will all change no doubt when I'm on my own with the 2 of them...

I'm not even thinking about DTD yet, and am totally in shock that people apparently DTD on the postnatal ward, according to the childbirth humiliations thread in childbirth. I mean, seriously??!! A baby just came OUT of there!!!

We haven't dtd yet, although its only been 8 days since I had her and can't think of anything worse right now.
Dh did ask about it yesterday and I said he might have to wait for a while. Plus contraception is an issue atm I need to sort out going back on the pill.

I would love to DTD and DP is like a teenager in regards to it, (horny all the time) but breastfeeding makes me feel about as sexy as a lamp post and J is always with me, day and night. Plus I'm still bleeding.
J was awake a good proportion of the night and I have another chest infection it would seem so ended up getting ever so slightly read very arsey with DP when he would helpfully point out that it was perfectly reasonable for J to want feeding again, "yes I know but I've only got 2 boobs and he's drained them both, wtf do you want me to do?" hmm
I'm quite unpleasant when tired and ill. blush

Catbag Sun 18-Nov-12 09:33:07

I don't think that's that unpleasant tits- I've had an hour's sleep since 12:45am and I'm about ready to rip off DH's head because he's been asleep that whole time. He's still asleep now. And if he dares to look weary if I ask him to do something like change a nappy later because 'he's got work to do' (we are both in our final year of our degrees) then I will probably punch him in the face. I've got an assessment due in in a fortnight and I've barely had time to look at a textbook since the twins were born angry

J is still asleep since 8am when he finally dripped off I am still in bed, I'm not bloody well leaving, housework can be done in the week. Nocturnal baby is way less fun. DP pulled out the "I'm aware I have to be up at 5am weekdays for work so I sleep while he's feeding, it's not like I can help."
He got this look >>angry although he is chief nappy changer at night since its something he can do.
My boobs are so sore today, my hacking cough is doing nothing for the bleeding I'm sure it sets it off again.
I'm sure I used to enjoy breastfeeding last time, this time not so much. hmm

YellowWellies Sun 18-Nov-12 11:19:18

Junior slept from 3 til 8am!!!! Am delirious - especially as DH gave an EBM bottle at 2 and I only had to get up for 10 mins at the end to top the hungry piglet up after he drained all of our milk supplies from the fridge. I slept from 11pm til 8am uninterrupted bar 10 minutes. Was worried as we'd been out to a cheese and wine do at DH's work the evening before and I'd had a wee glass and lots of cheese and was convinced he was going to react badly. Clearly not. He'd spent the night being passed around the party getting lots of cuddles. I felt human being out and about with pals too - though felt like I'd lost a leg when he was out of my arms... This makes up for his shit night on Thursday. Mindst if today is a sleepy day - then tomorrow is going to be a feeding day isn't it?

horseylady Sun 18-Nov-12 11:20:41

Pass I cried a fair amount in the first couple of weeks. In hospital I was rarely not in tears as he wouldn't suck, he cried, he didn't cry, he was jaundice, they were letting us home, they weren't letting us home. They were being rough with him, with me.

I cried at home because he was so cute, dh was going to work, mil wasn't here to see him, I want to go back to work, I can't bf, the dogs werent home, the dogs are home etc etc. Like you I'm not really a crier. Dh was fab though!! It's perfectly normal. I was told to seek help if the days waded through treacle outweighed those skipping through daisies. It's a useful analogy.

Wrt to stitches, I popped one. Running up the stairs!! Its gone grainy but its ok. Think I'm ready to dtd but am going to sit on the horse today, see how that feels then consider what to do.

Ds has belly ache sad to combat this he just wants to eat, making it worse. So dh has given him a dummy, ds happy sucking away, me not so happy as I don't like them, but it's better than him screaming and making the belly ache worse I guess.

Oh and I've been making powdered formula.

horseylady Sun 18-Nov-12 11:26:35

Tits and yw cross posts!!

Tits - big hugs. Stay in bed as long as you want!!

Yw brill news about your long sleep. I did the night feeds again this weekend. Dh told me off but I still feel guilty for not being able to breast feed. If I was breast feeding it'd all be down up be me. I might rest next weekend.

YellowWellies Sun 18-Nov-12 12:40:55

Ok he's getting his revenge by being a perm-limpet on my boob today. 2 hr feed, 1 hr off, feeding again. Growth spurt-tastic. Still DH is busy with the housework so I'm feeling pretty lucky.

ValiumQueen Sun 18-Nov-12 12:42:44

Well done Jonas! Can you speak with Jacob and give him some tips please?

After two fairly good nights and a good day, today is going to the dogs. He just cannot get the wind up and we are both getting quite upset. I personally do not like infacol. It is not colic or reflux, just trapped wind. I am confident he will sleep in the cot if not for the wind. He did not come into bed until 6am when the girls were up anyway. Only slept for three two hour periods, which is fab compared to how it has been, but still results in a tired mummy.

Passmethecrisps Sun 18-Nov-12 12:43:32

That sleep sounds divine YW! My DH has been doing night feeds and doing a great job but I can't properely sleep though.

horsey thanks for relating. I was thinking this morning it's like I wake with the Eye of Tiger theme in my head but is gradually gets worn down as the day goes on. I think it is the thought of a long disturbed night ahead. It is also night time that I get most worn down by expressing. I keep trying her on the breast but she just gets so upset that it barely seems worth it.

I was wondering about bottles of breast milk - once she has drunk from one how long can I keep it for? Can I pop it back in the fridge? I ask because more often than not she drinks about 120ml but sometimes it can be half that. I do resent tipping 60ml of breast milk down the sink!

I mentioned to DH about the DTD chat and he properely laughed. I am not sure the idea appeals to him terribly much either.

Still in dressing gown. Have made a completely half-arsed attempt to tidy up not that it has made much difference really.

YellowWellies Sun 18-Nov-12 12:55:25

I want someone who has had stitches to DTD - I'd like to but am terrified and don't want to go first. I'm missing that side of our relationship and would like to let DH know how much I've missed him. Pass I think my DH might be scared by the idea given that he was at the business end during the ventouse procedure and saw my bits being totally savaged sad

VQ yip we had that day / night on Thurs / Fri. Was horrific. We seem to be alternating good and bad nights at the moment. You have my sympathies. It's a good thing they're so gorgeous isn't it.

MadamGazelleIsMyMum Sun 18-Nov-12 12:58:34

YW that is amazing. envy

VQ - apologies for stating the obvious to a seasoned bfing pro like yourself, but is it worth looking at what you are eating? My DM insists that what I eat can affect DS in relation to wind. I mainly ignore her on the basis that she is probably right and I dont like it when she is, but I have started to notice a correlation between the amount of fizzy drinks I have (which I adore) and the wind retention in DS. Also, and am sure you're doing this, but are you winding him in a variety of ways? DS doesnt seem to have one particular favourite method of being winded, but if I try 2/3 positions in any random order, sometimes the change of position seems to help.

Pass the nights are definitely the worst. I can feel amazing for most of the day, despite the fact am exhausted, but come the middle of the night I am tearful and ready to pack in bfeeding because I feel so alone doing it. If DH makes the mistake of actually waking him and coming to check if we are ok, he usually receives a mouthful of abuse. Completely normal to feel worse at night, and dont forget, sleep deprivation is a form of torture for a reason. It is truly awful, but it will not last forever. Cling to that thought!

DS was ok last night, went down at 10pm, after a feeding frenzy from 7pm (but he had eaten v little all day), woke at midnight, down at 1pm, woke at 3am, down at 3.30am until 8am when I got him up! Would have been absolutely amazing, had this not been the day that DD decided to wake up at 5.30am, and decide, for practically the first time ever, that she needed Mummy, and wasnt happy with Daddy. Still, was lovely to spend some time with her, I do feel like she is currently very neglected by me (although most of the time she couldnt give a monkeys).

StuntNun Sun 18-Nov-12 13:07:51

Madam fizzy drinks are notorious for causing wind in babies. It's bizarre, there's no way the carbonation can get through to the baby. Broccoli and grapes are likely causes and milk can cause problems. Allegedly. I'm on my third baby and I never bothered properly winding any of them. I just let them do little baby farts when they get windy.

My DH is still annoying me post baby. He was brilliant last night about changing nappies and bringing J to me for feeds. But today he has been building a log store for the back garden and loading it up with firewood. About 11 I wandered off to the kitchen and found half a pork pie for my breakfast because it was the only thing in the fridge that required no preparation at all. He has the worst sense of priorities ever. Then he was shouting at the kids later that he had had no sleep and no breakfast so he was in a very bad mood. Ffs there was nothing to stop him having a couple of slices of toast before he started work in the garden wouldn't have hurt to push the friggin' vacuum around either.

Passmethecrisps Sun 18-Nov-12 13:09:48

YW I think my DH is haunted by fanjo mutilation images as well. I have not looked at mine but have a mental image of old fashioned plastic type stitches over my vagina!

madame thank you for that. Everyone has made me feel so much better. I feel so awesome during the day and even during the night. It is a period in the evening when I just get worn down. It's all good though.

I am interested by the chat about winding - I missed this before. What different positions can I use?

MadamGazelleIsMyMum Sun 18-Nov-12 13:15:11

YW Gah. Hate it when my mum is right. Will limit coke intake would suffer serious withdrawal symptoms if I went actual cold turkey

Pass the ones I use are: up on shoulder, patting back/rubbing back in circles and up and down from nappy upwards; sitting on knee supporting head at chin, tilting forward and patting back etc; lying on lap with head sort of over the edge, patting back etc; and one my MW mentioned, was to sit the baby up, and sort of lie them back down and bring them back up to sitting in one manoever. There are probably others too.

MadamGazelleIsMyMum Sun 18-Nov-12 13:15:41

Sorry, first comment to Stunt! Baby brain?!

Passmethecrisps Sun 18-Nov-12 13:46:42

Oh, and who was asking about witch hazel?

I use it neat from the bottle. I sort of dab it all the way down the towel. It is great straight from the fridge - very cooling.

DH has just taken little one to paeds Casualty. She slept far too much yesterday, today is off her food and running a temperature of over 38. We called out of hours and they told us to take her in as she is so young they will want to run tests. Feeling a little like a limb has been ripped off, at home alone with DD1, but there was no point in us all going in..

DH will call in a bit and if they want to keep her in I will see if I can go and spend the night with her there. Am assuming it's nothing too serious - it's quite a low fever, and she wasn't showing signs of dehydration.

GTbaby Sun 18-Nov-12 14:23:49

Oh no petit. Big hugs to u n LO. In sure she will b fine. It's good to get these things checked out. X

Thanks. I hate sitting here waiting for news. It being Sunday there's a long wait at the hospital.

Jims Sun 18-Nov-12 15:13:18

F managed to lose 40g between day 5 and 10. Midwife was v supportive (no top up talk) but still feeling a bit rubbish. She saw him feed a bit and said all was ok but maybe just leave him longer so he takes bigger feeds to get more hind milk. The issue being he did really big sicks after his two biggest feeds so i was trying to do smaller feeds every couple of hours (without swapping boobs each time so he gets more hind milk).

he wees a lot plus various mostly yellow poos so i know he's fine objectively. i just didn't want to have to worry about weight again this time.. Trying to remember my babies may be born big but i don't think they're really meant to be that way really. His big bro went from the 75 to about 37 percentile for weight.

Passmethecrisps Sun 18-Nov-12 15:20:05

Thinking of you petite. Fingers crossed everything is ok.

jims I am sure as long as the nappies are good then he will be absolutely fine.

Chunkychicken Sun 18-Nov-12 15:26:54

I found my DD used to get really windy when I ate chocolate and raw tomatoes. The wind used to make her really sick. She started puking at about 2 or 3wks old and didn't seem to stop for months!! I used infacol, propped up her Moses basket, put a pillow under her cot mattress to elevate the head end once she was in there and made sure I avoided certain foods. It must have been reflux because she could puke a LOT a long time after a meal, but the HV didn't give a monkeys.

jims I had the weight gain 'issue' with my DD. She gained from birth but once she started puking, she went back to her birth weight. She was only on the 9th centile and followed it for a while, but that wasn't sufficient. It was so stressful, having the HV keep checking her every couple of days, starting to talk about top ups but NOBODY cared how much she was puking. I got some bad advice & think I didn't get a good amount of hind milk into her often enough. At 10wks, the HV commented about how slim I was so quickly, so obviously DD took after me but this was the same one that mentioned formula confused Feeding DS is making me a bit anxious and bringing these issues to the surface iyswim but already he is gaining weight & I know better this time. Have you tried boob compression to increase the hind milk uptake each feed?

Chunkychicken Sun 18-Nov-12 15:27:29

Oh and wishing you the best petite.

So they are going to keep her in for 24hours. They say her breathing isn't quite right and are worried it could be bronchiolitis. Am preparing an overnight bag and have been told to prepare enough for a few days. She's always been a heavy breather and I didn't notice any difference with that so they could be just being over cautious.

Anyway I won't have internet access at the hospital so will update when we get home. DH is on his way to pick me up and take me back there. Fingers crossed we're home tomorrow.

kirrinIsland Sun 18-Nov-12 16:17:49

<<hugs>> petit hopefully we'll hear from you tomorrow when they let you home.

pass I'm a bit the same - fine during the day and over night but very tearful in the evening. It is the most stressful part if my day though - DD1 is tired and grumpy and i have to do bedtime on my own as DP is at work.

DD2 is still sleeping a lot during the day - she's hardly awake at all, except for feeding , but she makes up for it in the evening so i guess that's ok??

horseylady Sun 18-Nov-12 16:28:16

Petite big hugs hope she's ok. What a worry!!

Jims hope your lo is ok. My hv was interesting, she said go weekly or every other week to get ds weighed at the clinic. They can then watch his pattern and see where he's supposed to be. I thought it was quite sensible. Anyway don't worry.

I've ridden my horse!!!!

Hope everything is alright petite

kirrin same here, shes been asleep since about half 1, even sleeping in her moses basket which is unheard of! I guess they have sleepy days and awake days depending on their growth etc.

I had a nap earlier and woke up with a sore throat sad really hope it doesnt turn into anything horrible, everytime i swallow it feels like thistles in my throat.

ValiumQueen Sun 18-Nov-12 16:59:51

Thinking of you petite well done for getting her checked. Hope you are soon home.

horsey yay! I bet you feel good for that!

Thank you for the advice about wind. I have never had to modify my food before so was hoping to not do that, but it is a sensible thing to do. I need to cut down on caffeine for a start. I did a bit of research and getting baby to do the hula while sitting on your lap resulted in three quick burps so may have found a solution. Poor boy seems really troubled by it. Proper pain, but only when not on me so not entirely convinced. Surely lying down on mummy would result in wind pain too? Also he does not get wind when feeding lying down.

I too have major issues about feeding steming from my first, and the brutal treatment we had in hospital, similar to what horsey experienced. I became obsessed with writing down times of feeds and food eaten etc etc, and it did not help my mood. His latch is the bast of the three, but could no doubt be improved. Talking here about it is as much input from others as I could take. Perhaps I need to grow a pair and go to a feeding group or something.

He settled eventually so I went to tesco and did the big shop with DD2. She was angelic. It was fab. Clearly I am easily pleased. It was my first time driving, and was a bit nervous but no pain whatsoever. Lifting DD2 into trolley was tricky, but did not hurt my tum, just my back as she is a lump. She is currently sitting on a potty as she does not want her nappy on. Great. Not.

kirrinIsland Sun 18-Nov-12 17:08:31

Same here Dh - she was in her pram for 2 hours which is unheard of! I ate chocolate got loads done .

How was the ride horsey ?

horseylady Sun 18-Nov-12 17:11:32

Vq ds is the same wrt wind. Hes better on me but still howls and squeals if it's really bad on me!! Lying on his back anywhere is a no no sad if it's really bad. He's ff (as you know!!) so not diet related he just gulps his feed down and doesn't wind properly. Regardless of trying he becomes hysterical if hungry. Sadly he goes from calm to that way instantly. Theres no hunger cues what so ever sad Plus his poo is hit and miss. Was thinking about splitting a couple of feeds though he has been better moving from three to four hourly feeds. Vq I'm obsessive about what he eats. Bloody he'll he's nearly 9lb clearly thriving!! I need to get over my feelings really. And the guilt.
Yes I feel better having ridden. It wasn't for long but figured little and often would strengthen my muscles!!

horseylady Sun 18-Nov-12 17:13:54

Kirrin I walked. Tried to trot but it was uncomfortable so stopped. Walking fab though!! She was an arse to get on so just jumped on from the ground which I also did at 37 weeks pregnant didn't feel like I'd not been on board for 4 weeks!!

Aw Q just laid on my shoulder and sucked her thumb for a while, v cute!

ShellyBobbs Sun 18-Nov-12 17:53:21

Oh Petite, you must be beside yourself. Big hugs and I hope you are both back home safe and sound tomorrow x

7 days after giving birth and I still have really bad pelvis pain that goes right down the inside of my legs. I still can't lift my legs to put socks and knickers on. I had suspicions that I had SPD during pregnancy, but after hearing off Tits and Izzy I thought not. Now I'm thinking again? Mentioned it to the completely useless midwife that came the other day, she just said pains like that can last months!

ValiumQueen Sun 18-Nov-12 17:59:10

Well done Q for finding your thumb. J tried to suck his finger but made himself sick. I am ashamed to say I thought it was funny. The look of suprise on his face was a picture.

horsey you have both been through a major ordeal and it will take a while to get over things. It is important to talk about how you are feeling and maybe talking to a professional at some point will help. But in relation to the guilt, it was not your fault. It was not babys fault. You both did your best x

ValiumQueen Sun 18-Nov-12 18:01:27

shelly I had SPD pains for about 10 days. At 3 weeks it is all gone. Just sore toes still. I can cope with sore toes.

SPD can last for a few weeks after birth while everything returns to normal, maybe ask your GP for a physio referral in the mean time, there is such varying degrees of it, what I had was not common at all.

I have just got out of bed blush showered and discovered that I have a sore lump on my lady areas where the pads have been rubbing and bloody painful piles blush I lasted all pregnancy without getting them, squeeze the little bugger out and then they arrive! Doesn't help I've been going only 1-2 times a week which is far less than normal, I have been eating junk so maybe some prunes are needed. Sorry for the giant amount of tmi btw, we're used to it now right? grin

ShellyBobbs Sun 18-Nov-12 18:32:23

Thanks VQ, they just aren't ANY better at all, but it's reassuring to know they disappear so soon. I now look stupid still having the lumbering pregnancy walk without any bump smile

ShellyBobbs Sun 18-Nov-12 18:35:17

I'll see how it goes Tits, but will certainly keep a referral in mind if it doesn't bugger off smile We lol at tmi's!

ShellyBobbs Sun 18-Nov-12 18:35:49

In the nicest possible way of course grin

kirrinIsland Sun 18-Nov-12 19:00:08

horsey that sounds lovely, you'll soon be doing everything you were doing before, but it must have felt good just to be back on!

Those who are bf: how do you know LO isn't just sucking for comfort/ to go to sleep? Or does it not matter if they are at this age? Q seemed really fussy so I fed her and she was asleep within mins.
With ds I got into the bad habit of feeding him to sleep every night (and all through the night) and don't want to end up doing this with her too.

MadamGazelleIsMyMum Sun 18-Nov-12 19:47:04

Had a friend's child's party today so braved feeding S for the first time in public. I survived, but wasn't entirely comfortable. Partly as I feed rugby ball style with whole boob out, but partly because I just don't like doing it. How does everyone else copy feeding in public?

Chunkychicken Sun 18-Nov-12 19:48:32

I don't think it matters at this age DH but if they're jaw isn't going & the skin under their ear/throat isn't going up & down with regular swallows, they're prob sucking for comfort.

Chunkychicken Sun 18-Nov-12 19:56:43

Have you got an apron/poncho madam? I don't mind doing it if I have appropriate/accessible clothes but my boobs & baby are relatively petite so you don't see much. I figure if its bothering people, its their problem!!

Evilwater Sun 18-Nov-12 20:08:18

Sorry I havnt been on the thread for a while, LO is keeping me very busy. All day he has cling to me.
He has also been suffering from wind, I do all the winding positions I mentioned earlier in the thread and the wind still stays there. It doesn't matter if its breast or FF. sad I'm using infacol, like its going out of fashion!! A bottle lasts a few days. He just cries at me, but I don't know what else to do.

Any ideas??

MadamGazelleIsMyMum Sun 18-Nov-12 20:09:16

I agree chunky but its more about making myself comfortable? I had a big scarf on which I draped around my boob and DS once he was latched on and that was ok. But getting him latched on is quite a revealing exercise! I think I just have to man up a bit and care less if my nipple is visible for a moment or two.

chunky that's what I thought but don't want to feed her purely because she wants it for comfort, I don't mind if she's genuinely hungry and happens to fall asleep.

She sucks her thumb/ fingers when she finds them too so makes me think she's a more sucky baby lol as it were.

Chunkychicken Sun 18-Nov-12 20:57:27

If she can find her fingers, that's helpful DH. My DD was a sucky baby & needed a dummy because she just never found her fingers/thumb to suck. I gave her the dummy at 2-3wks despite the usual advice because I was so drained just feeding her constantly and never being sure if it was hunger or comfort. It helped because if it was hunger, she spat the dummy out instantly. Might be worth considering that as an option later on? DD learned to self-settle and sleeps really well now, so it isn't always an issue if they do feed for comfort.

Elizadoesdolittle Sun 18-Nov-12 21:08:33

I'm having the same feeding issues too. E has become a right boob monster. She is definitely using it for comfort. I recognise the signs from when DD1 used to do it. At the moment it's not really bothering me and I'm going with the flow. I did all the things that you aren't supposed too with DD1 like feeding to sleep and rocking to sleep. Obviously I don't do it now (she's nearly 3) but is and always has been a fantastic sleeper so I think sod it! If it works for you and your baby then go for it.

Having said all that its much more tricky with DD2 as I'm not able to sit around all evening being a human dummy so if anyone has any bright ideas then I'm all ears smile

Elizadoesdolittle Sun 18-Nov-12 21:10:27

Cross posts chunky I'll try and push her fingers near her mouth and see how she gets on grin

Elizadoesdolittle Sun 18-Nov-12 21:22:01

Oh and meant to add that I'm also finding it tricky with regards to clothing and feeding, I have so far been much more comfortable about feeding DD2 in front if friends and in public than I was with DD1 (prob due to experience and more confidence) so I sympathise madame I only have a few tops that that I am comfortable wearing whilst feeding in public and am getting sick of them. I may buy a vest that covers your tummy but not your boobs which you can wear under your normal tops. I've tried wearing a vest and pulling it down under my bra but my boobs are quite big and out of control so it just looks ridiculous when I'm out trying to get my boob free! I cant remember what this vest is called though and am posting on phone so can't do a link. If I find it on google ill get on the laptop and post a link. I don't really like those cover up things as once DD is latched I can do it quite discretely and I find them a bit much (and expensive). If needed I just sling a muslin cloth over me.

Chunkychicken Sun 18-Nov-12 22:35:48

I have found a brilliant android app called 'feed baby'. It allows you to record feed times, boob, intervals etc without clock watching. It also has a few other tricks, like centile charts & pumping volumes. And its free. Def worth a try if your breastfeeding.

Chunkychicken Sun 18-Nov-12 22:38:37

What about buying cheap vests from Primark or something & cutting the boobs out Eliza? I've a couple of breastfeeding vests from first time around, but they're not very useful in winter unless I can find something to go over the top... Might see what's on eBay.

DebussyHead Sun 18-Nov-12 23:29:13

Eliza I got a couple of these www.breastvest.co.uk and been really pleased with them, makes feeding easier as not exposing my big belly! Speaking of which how are you all finding your tummies going down? My uterus has contracted quicker this time. I've lost a stone 1 week after birth but given LO was 9lbs 8oz I expected bit more! I gained 3 stone in total so wonder how long the other 2 will take to go. Took 9 mths with DD1.

LO's cord stump fell off today and has quite gunky eyes so tried putting breast milk in it.

DebussyHead Sun 18-Nov-12 23:30:12

Sorry on phone so can't convert link

ValiumQueen Sun 18-Nov-12 23:36:58

My tummy has mostly gone down at three weeks. Sadly the fat remains. Tried my jeans on today. They do up but my tum looks mega fat. At least they do up though.

ValiumQueen Sun 18-Nov-12 23:50:52

DS slept from 7 to 9. All three kids asleep. It was bliss. I got a bit of sleep. Just settling now hopefully although wind is an issue again.

kirrinIsland Mon 19-Nov-12 00:23:15

I've lost a stone, so have another stone to lose - fat chance with all the snacking I'm doing at the moment! My tummy has gone down quite a lot but I'm still in my early pregnancy jeans and I'm not even going to try wearing anything non maternity just yet as it will only depress me! I think I'd have to tuck my tummy in!

GTbaby Mon 19-Nov-12 00:35:54

So tired. So wont write loads but wanted to say
evil I switched to gripe water n that seems to have made a difference. With my LO it now seems to b more farty then burpy problems. He goes bright red with straining sad. Makes me so sad.
Trying to do bicycle exercise with him. But he stiffens up so much.

ValiumQueen Mon 19-Nov-12 01:03:01

Gripe water. I loved that as a kid. It no longer contains alcohol though. How do you give it GT ?

NervousAt20 Mon 19-Nov-12 01:09:37

Oh petite I really hope your little one is okay and back home with you soon! Hope your okay too. At least there keeping a close eye on her x

That's great horsey how did you find it?

tits I don't think any of us could say anything that's TMI on this thread grin

DH I can tell that my LO is sucking for comfort when her lath slightly changes and so does the way she sucks it that makes sense? The way she normally swallows her milk changes and her sucks and shorted but quicker, if that's any help. When she does this I always take her off straight away and it often wakes her up then she goes straight back on sucks for milk then changes again so I've been up with her a couple of times longer then what I would face been if I let her just suckle

Ive almost lost all my weight think I still have about 5-6lb left to lose which has been the same for the last 2-3 weeks, I'm still wearing my maternity jeans because normal ones are abit to tight and I'm not completely back in my old size. My body shape has changed since pregnancy

Just on first feed of the night, I'm really starting to struggle with night feeds at the moment sad I supose he fact that I can't nap in the day doesn't help

NervousAt20 Mon 19-Nov-12 01:28:58

DD is wide awake and showing no signs of going to sleep sad

ValiumQueen Mon 19-Nov-12 01:29:16

Gosh it is cold in my house at night. I need to set the little oil heater up in the nursery. I will be freezing my tits off otherwise.

NervousAt20 Mon 19-Nov-12 01:38:41

Anyone know if you can give infacol after a feed? I know your ment to give it before but DD doesn't always suffer so I don't really want to give it we everytime but not sure it will work if I give it her afterwards

Izzybuzzybuzzybees Mon 19-Nov-12 02:57:51

Morning ladies and babies!

We are on second feed of the night. DH did the 11pm one using expressed milk as I was exhausted. He came to bed around 1 as DH wouldn't settle. Baby seems overly hungry as he took a full 120 ml expressed milk plus an extra 90 ml I had in fridge!! He was weighed on Fri and was 8lb14 so had put on 1 lb in a week. He's on 75th centile and loves milk.

Whoever asked about dtd...no chance. I had stitches and nothing will be coming near me for a while. I also have a prolapse from DD years ago which has been made worse :-(

GTbaby Mon 19-Nov-12 03:22:12

VQ I put it in the bottle. As I thought I'd spill hAlf if giving after feeding with spoon.
He seems to be better. His 7-11 screamfest doesn't last as long at all. But he does strain alot which seems to b at various times thro the day. So if anyone has any advice re farting that would be good!
2nd feed done. Sleep time!
Going back home today from mums. Bit looking forward to it. Although I guess I do miss DH s little.

Izzybuzzybuzzybees Mon 19-Nov-12 04:03:36

What do you do when baby won't sleep. I'm exhausted and baby is wide awake!!

NervousAt20 Mon 19-Nov-12 04:10:11

Izzy I'm wondering the same question sad think I'm going to go and put dd in her swinging chair that seemed to settle her last time

Izzybuzzybuzzybees Mon 19-Nov-12 04:16:36

Glad I'm not the only one up then! Ds doesn't really like his swing at the moment sad so that's out. Normally I feed him and he sleeps but last 2 nights he has been super awake and any time I try transfer him he wakes even more! I've tried feeding him but he doesn't seem to want it! Had screaming too which isn't like him at all

Evilwater Mon 19-Nov-12 05:34:35

I'm glad I'm not the only one awake.
gt-I have given infacol after feed, it doesn't seem to to any harm. I've changed my LO feed from cow and gate to Hipp. It seems to have made a difference as I can type to you all in peace, but LO is wide awake.

Next I'm on to grip water.

GTbaby Mon 19-Nov-12 05:49:31

izzy try n keep LO awake during the day tomorrow. I know this is easier said then done and doesn't help u today. Last few days LO has been the same an yesterday we kept him active (with our shanaigans, evidence of Which I put on Facebook) but he seemed less awake towards the ed of the day n he has a good Long sleep straight after his play time.
N also read online somewhere to make day time bright and in the day light n chatty have tv on etc. then night time dark n quiet.

2nd fees done. Really hope he has a long sleep now. confused

Izzybuzzybuzzybees Mon 19-Nov-12 06:08:25

That's us up again. Only 1.5 hrs after last feed sad

Izzybuzzybuzzybees Mon 19-Nov-12 07:02:01

And again! My poor nipples sad

Evilwater Mon 19-Nov-12 07:24:35

Izzy are you still there?

horseylady Mon 19-Nov-12 07:30:26

Hope you're ok izzy sad

Lo has a cold sad when he cries he's really hoarse do we go to the dr? He's not got a temperature and he's really funny about opening his mouth (unless feeding!!) but he's still snuffly and now the sore throat. He's alert enough and happy other than that.

Maybe I'll just go to the clinic and ask them?

Sounds like my night but it took me til nearly 5am to realise she needed changing and had soaked through her nappy and clothes sad no wonder she didnt want to sleep!

Think 3 hours was the most I had in a row last night. Luckily she slept from 5-7 she fell asleep without me having to feed her which was a bonus.

Evilwater Mon 19-Nov-12 07:41:50

Baby evil rolled out of bed, on to nhs direct.

NervousAt20 Mon 19-Nov-12 07:42:34

sad hope you get some sleep today izzy x

NervousAt20 Mon 19-Nov-12 07:43:00

Oo hope everything's okay evil

Evilwater Mon 19-Nov-12 07:46:50

He seems fine, just a small skin graze. Infact he's feeding while I'm waiting for the nurse.

NervousAt20 Mon 19-Nov-12 08:04:32

Bless him, they say baby's are alot stronger then we think so hopefully it's just his little graze and the rest he's already forgotten about x

Evilwater Mon 19-Nov-12 08:06:01

Can't believe it, she is going to let SS know, and an ambulance!

ValiumQueen Mon 19-Nov-12 08:21:46

evil that would be routine. Do not worry. With a baby so young they need to be sure. Stay calm and just say what happened. Hope little one is ok x

NervousAt20 Mon 19-Nov-12 08:29:50

What valium said evil they just have to be safer then sorry and check. Hugs x

ValiumQueen Mon 19-Nov-12 08:54:22

horsey little one is more prone to chest problems as so wee. They have yet to learn how to cough and sneeze (and pick nose). So long as he does not have a temp, his breathing seems ok, look at his chest - if his chest bone is going in dramatically then get it checked, is he a good colour, distressed at all, drowsy, off his food, vomiting etc. if at all worried get him looked at. With a baby under 1 any GP should be willing to see as an emergency that day. It is more likely to just be snuffles. DS has the snuffles, and has had them since he was about a week old as his sisters love sharing.

ValiumQueen Mon 19-Nov-12 08:56:54

I seem to recall a question about how long breast milk in a bottle can be kept once started. I think it is about an hour, but may be longer. To avoid waste, just have smaller amounts in bottles. I would rather have to wash a few more bottles than waste liquid gold. I used to put about 60mls in mine, with instructions to give as many as needed.

StuntNun Mon 19-Nov-12 09:00:39

You did the right thing Evil. Baby's are resilient and often do 'bounce' but they can also sustain injuries that are not immediately apparent. Don't worry about SS, all they will want to do is make sure you know how to keep your baby safe. If I have baby in bed with me for feeding I put a pillow in the floor just in case he falls out!

Evilwater Mon 19-Nov-12 09:13:56

The paramedics checked him over, and he is ok. I have to watch for strange behavour.
I can't believe it, one minute he is on me the next, on the floor. I'm not sure what to do now, I'm afraid to go to sleep.

StuntNun Mon 19-Nov-12 09:30:30

How did he fall Evil? Was it just a random accident or could it have been avoided? Try not to worry too much, these things happen, I managed to hit my DS1's head on a doorframe once. My DH saw me do it and was furious but it was a completely random accident.

ValiumQueen Mon 19-Nov-12 09:42:07

evil perhaps persevere with cot or Moses basket? DS would not sleep in either, but after a couple of challenging nights he is sleeping in the cot. I got so worried I would smother him.

He only sleeps on you, rather than next to you? I am guessing he rolled off you, onto mattress, bounced onto floor. Could you sleep on a mattress on the floor? If a big bed can you sleep in the middle and evict DP? Do not go on the sofa as that is more risky again. If he were to sleep between you and DP he is unlikely to fall off. You could consider getting cot side for bed, or putting bed against the wall, but there are risks with both of these options. Talk to your DP and HV or SS and try to find the safest option. You need to be able to sleep as having a shattered mummy increases the risks too.

The main thing is your boy is hopefully ok, and you can learn from this x

horseylady Mon 19-Nov-12 09:57:17

Evil my bil dropped my nephew on several occassions. He's very very clumsy!! If you fell asleep with him on you, perhaps you need more rest and let him sleep in his cot or basket?

Vq colour, breathing, behaviour all normal he just sounds hoarse when he cries. He's had baby snuffles since birth practically. I use the nose drops if he seems really bunged up which so far has been twice. Ill keep an eye on him and call the gp if he changes.

blonderthanred Mon 19-Nov-12 10:02:04

Evil that must have been such a shock but it sounds like he is fine. Hope you are ok.

VQ we seem to have gone backwards in our attempts to get L to sleep anywhere other than our arms or chests. However asleep he is, he wakes on transfer (even to the bednest). What did you do with J to get through the challenging nights?

Evilwater Mon 19-Nov-12 10:02:46

He was fussing at the breast and bottle, so I moved us to his room where thier is a pull out bed. I fed him but he wouldn't settle and cried when placed in the Moses basket. It's less than a foot high, and we have both slept there safely before. He wouldn't settle so I tried the lying position for a feed, he had some. I must have gone to sleep, and the next thing I hear is a bang and he is on the floor.


StuntNun Mon 19-Nov-12 10:59:06

If it's any help, we wrap J in a blanket or swaddle so that when he's moved between arms, bed for feeding and cot/Moses basket then he stays warm. Then we have a hot water bottle in the cot/Moses basket so it's nice and toasty for him, obviously we remove it when we put him in or he'd overheat. It doesn't always work but I think it helps him self-settle.

StuntNun Mon 19-Nov-12 11:04:36
Sophiathesnowfairy Mon 19-Nov-12 11:15:05

But the maternity clothes are a bit too big and the non maternity clothes are too small. sad

Sophiathesnowfairy Mon 19-Nov-12 11:24:53

evil hope you're ok. I'm sure you are really wound up inside but everything will be ok. < hugs>

Elizadoesdolittle Mon 19-Nov-12 11:38:32

Thanks debussy that's exactly what I was looking for. And that's a good idea chunky I have to go to primark to change the size on an outfit that some bought DD2 so I will give that a go. If it fails its only £3 quid lost. I'll try that app, I did download one but can't remember what it was called. I never used it so will make more of an effort with this one.

Had a good night last night. In fact a bit too good, everyone slept in till 8:40am and had to get DD1 to preschool for 9:30 so was quite a rush!

I then took DD2 to the hospital for her weigh in. She's put on 30 grammes since Friday. I have to go back next Monday as they still want to keep an eye on her but they've stopped going on about topping her up with formula so hopefully they'll just let me get on with feeding her.

kirrinIsland Mon 19-Nov-12 11:51:58

sad evil hope you are both ok. I think SS is standard for most injuries needing paramedic/hospital attention, you'll probably just get a phone call checking what happened.

I too am struggling with getting N to sleep anywhere but on me or DP overnight. During the day I can put her down anywhere (!) but at night our record is 20 minutes in the Moses basket. We are taking it in turns to stay up - but I'm very lucky that DPs working hours means he can do that.

GTbaby Mon 19-Nov-12 12:17:44

Just come out of the shower to my brother holding LO "he needs changing" hmm. I felt like saying CHANGE HIM then angry. However I was greAtful to have time for shower !

evil been thinking about u alot. I'm going to be kinda blunt. Everyone on this thread will at some point accidentally hurt their LO. No matter how hard we try we will do something stupid n keep going over it in our heads. What u need to focus on now is how to prevent it happening again. If ur anything like me, u will replay this in ur head a million times and beat urself up over it. N I think that's what most ppl would do. U need to look at what's happened, thank god ur LO is ok. And then forgive urself n concentrate on doing what u have been doing so far, being a great mum.
Really hope ur ok. X

I've come home from the hospital for the afternoon. LO.s fever isn't going under 38 even with paracetamol and she's on oxygen to help her lungs rest. She's sleeping like a baby whereas I didn't sleep all night.

Feel guilty for leaving her bt there's not much I can do and I need to rest. Will go back for Dr rounds this afternoon then I think come home to sleep at least tonight. Does that make me a bad mum? It's her one month birthday today, and
I turn 33 tomorrow. Wish we could celebrzte in better circumstances.

The doctors think she is developing bronchiolitis which is a baby killer if not treated properly. So it's much for the best that she is there and that I rest up as much as possible. W hope she will be out by the end of the week.

It's really horrible seeing her all wired up and I feel awful leaving her there but other than sit stating at the monitors I don't know what I can do.

Evil I second what GT said. Forgive yourself, this will be the first of many knocks and bruises. Babies are far more resiliant than we are as adults for that kind of thing. It was an accident, and you'll move on. Last year cutting dd1's fingernails we cut the end of her finger quite badly. Beat ourselves up about it for days. It's important to forgive yourself

ValiumQueen Mon 19-Nov-12 12:39:28

petite that does not make you a bad mummy. It makes you a sensible mummy looking after yourself. She is young so will not be acutely aware you are not there. I used to find the babies under 1 were easy to nurse as they were not constantly asking for their mummy. She will be sleeping mostly anyway. Make the best of being able to sleep and rest, although I understand that must be very hard. You also have your older child to consider.

I will share my experiences about getting J to sleep in the cot a bit later when my brain is working and baby is not due a feed. I was largely spurred by the thought I nearly killed him. I didn't obviously, but it gave me the incentive to get mean grin

Thanks Valium.

Horseylady, well done on getting back in the saddle envy , it must feel great smile

Cacacaz Mon 19-Nov-12 12:46:56

Hello everyone grin congratulations to you all on your precious little bundles. I am finally joining this thread albeit a week after my little boy joined us. I haven't had a minute to read the thread so far, will try to catch up over the coming days <hopeful but unlikely emotion>

My little boy Murray Sam Douglas joined us on the 12/11/12 at 13.23 weighing 7lb 15oz, I'm not going to bore you all with my birth story but despite the fact my ideal scenario of giving birth in the pool didn't happen, I was supported fully by the Midwifes and because of that my birth experience was definitely positive. In my opinion their work is truly undervalued so Detective et al I think you do an amazing job wink

Murray is a week old today, I cannot believe how much our life's have changed, for the better, in the last week. He is a little boob monster and is attached to me from about 4pm until 1 or 2 am in the morning cluster feeding, then rewarding us with about 3 hours sleep in a block. I never thought I would be raving about how great I feel after 3 hours sleep. Breast feeding is, now going well, it was very difficult those first few days. The second night in hospital I was feeding from 8pm right through until 6am and the following night wasn't much better but in sure that is now why my milk came in quickly, so in hindsight although it was beyond difficult it's probably a good thing wink. And part of the reason that my wee man only lost 60g or 1.6% of his birth weight.

I haven't been particularly emotional, well until Murray had his heel test. The midwife didn't get enough blood the first time which resulted in her trying a second time. Hearing my baby cry and knowing it was because he was hurt and that was partly my fault because I agreed to the test was beyond heartbreaking sad goodness knows how I will feel when it comes to his injections.

We are taking Murray to get his photographs taken today, I'm so excited grin.

horseylady Mon 19-Nov-12 13:00:19

Petite you have done all you can in terms of making sure she's getting treatment. You also need to stay strong as you have two dd who need you. If that means going home to rest then that's fine!! The problem with hospitals is you get no rest, it's a lot of stress and there is no issue in going home, having a sleep and shower then going back.

You are not a bad mum!! A bad mum wouldn't have acted on the symptoms. I hope she's ok. Ds still has a hoarse voice. Will get him checked tomorrow but he has no other symptoms apart from that!

Keep us updated on how she is.

Evil - don't beat yourself up. I got really strict with myself after falling asleep with ds on my chest once. It really scared me as I just fell to sleep. Anyway I now make sure he goes down in his pram.

DonnaDoon Mon 19-Nov-12 13:06:14

Hi everyone I am shocked that they inform ss ...is this a new thing because I ve been to casualty a few times over the years with my kids for bumped heads etc and never had this ????

Elizadoesdolittle Mon 19-Nov-12 13:29:32

evil please don't beat yourself up about it. As someone else said (sorry cant check who as am on phone) everyone is going to have something like this happen at somepoint. I still remember when DD1 fell off the sofa face down onto my wood floor. I was mortified but she was absolutely fine. Babies are hardy little things. It's us mummies that suffer more when these things happen.

ValiumQueen Mon 19-Nov-12 13:41:58

Different places have different policies re SS and ultimately it is up to the individual. It is probably as he is so young. It is also important to remember that SS can be able to provide support. A referral is not always due to percieved risk.

daisychain76 Mon 19-Nov-12 13:57:56

Congrats cacacaz and thinking of you evil and petit. You are doing right to take good care of yourrself when LO is in hospital petit. It is hard not to feel guilty everytime you leave (baby h spent 18 days on nicu and l felt like that evvery day), but getting worn down would make everything harder in the long run.

Well, thanks to a ff we got 3.5 hours last night. The rest of the night the longrat was an hour. Waiting in for hv now who is an. hour late.

DonnaDoon Mon 19-Nov-12 13:59:54

Congratulations Cacacaz thanks it sounds like you are doing great ...keep up the good work Murray and welcome x

StuntNun Mon 19-Nov-12 14:21:42

I'm breaking the rules here by expressing on day 4 but DH has taken J out and left me engorged. It won't affect my supply as long as I feed it to J later in the day, right? He was feeding on the hour last night so if DH could give him the EBM instead if one of the night feeds then that would give me a break. I'm not too worried about nipple confusion as J has a good latch.

ValiumQueen Mon 19-Nov-12 14:32:38

Get it in baby today. As there is a good latch already I am sure you will do fine. It will not hurt your supply. Probably too early to do it every day though.

ValiumQueen Mon 19-Nov-12 15:08:41

Right now....He has been in his cot three nights now. I was not sleeping well as I was fearful of squishing him, and i was getting dangerously tired, so decided he was going in his cot. I told him this. 'You are three weeks old now Jacob, and you are old enough for the Gina treatment'. I got him used to the cot for daytime naps first, then at night simply kept putting him in it to sleep. The first night I used a hot water bottle, but soon thought fuck this grin he is in a gro bag anyway, so not cold. The hot water bottle worked lovely when it was hot, but by 2am it was colder than the cot.

He is in his nursery, and I have a movement and audio alarm. He is banned from my bed unless I am awake for the day, so from 5.30am if DD2 is around. I only go into him if he is in obvious distress. He can self settle it seems, but does yowl a little on first stirring. Babies do come into light sleep every 45 mins or so, and if parents respond immediately, then they will wake up more, feed etc, and likely need soothing to sleep each time.

He is settling into a little pattern. Feeding for an hour, awake for half an hour, sleep for two, and repeat. I am finding if he snacks he does not sleep so well, and he was snacking all the time in bed with me. He would go into light sleep, stir, yowl, have a tit shoved in his mouth, not eat enough to fill up, and then be more likely to stir etc. the better he sleeps, the better he feeds, the better he sleeps etc. he easily gets overtired and cannot sleep in the lounge now. I am, unless going out, putting him down, usually awake but tired, in the day and night in his room.

Wind remains our biggest problem. He would sleep longer if wind were easier to shift I am sure. At night when I pop him down in cot, I go to loo, get a cup of tea, whatever, rather than going back to bed. It is easier to go back to burp him or feed him further if I am not all snuggly in bed.

The first couple of nights were really hard and I nearly cracked. I accepted I was gonna have a shit time, and chose the weekend to do it so DH would be around in the morning and I did not have to be anywhere in particular. I was probably averaging putting him down 6 times before he slept, and this was repeated after a two hour sleep. It was worth persevering as it worked with him (hopefully). Not all babies will respond, but i figure if they are tired enough and fed then they will sleep initially. Breastfeeding has to be pretty much established before you even try as in the first few weeks they are hard wired to be near you to feed all night. DS is also a good weight, and was term, which is a consideration.

Last night he went to bed with the girls, and went down first time. Not so easy overnight, but today he has gone down first time with naps.

My mobile broke, which is probably a blessing. I think it was a distraction. He seems to be quite a focused baby. Eating at feed times, sleeping at sleep times, pooing at nappy change. A mobile can make them think it is play time.

Of course tonight will be shit after posting this.

It was lovely sleeping in my bed with my husband and not having to worry. I look forward to when it is for more than 2 hours at a time!

ValiumQueen Mon 19-Nov-12 15:12:04

Eventually not initially.

MadamGazelleIsMyMum Mon 19-Nov-12 15:17:24

evil sending you unmumsnetty hugs. We've all done / will do something similar.

petit hope your LO is ok. Very sensible to come home and to look after yourself too.

Congrats cacacaz.

DH back at work today, but DD at nursery, so having cuddles with DS and in between doing lots of chores and feeling productive. A colleague came to visit y'day and apparently there is a lot of crap going on at work, the person scheduled to cover me until May has resigned, there are threatened redundancies etc. Am trying not to worry and trying to remember its not my problem as am not there, but not that easy.

horseylady Mon 19-Nov-12 15:22:27

Vq lol at the 'right jacob' conversation!!! Interesting. I think you're right with the acceptance of tiredness. That's what we did this weekend.

I've just talked through my birth and post birth. I feel happier, well more understanding. It might not happen again, if we have another. Feeding is just one of those things, not helped by the mws but as so many have said, thank god for formula. Also good to know he was stuck, he wasn't coming out without intervention. I was right in what I was feeling. I wasn't being a wimp. In all circumstances I did everything I could. Onwards and upwards.....

YellowWellies Mon 19-Nov-12 15:31:00

Horsey I think you are probably one of the toughest women on here - you were so fit and healthy in pregnancy whilst the rest of us me were snoozing on the sofa - there is NO WAY you should think yourself a wimp. I'm glad you had a chat about it and are able to stop beating yourself up xxx

ValiumQueen Mon 19-Nov-12 15:53:30

^^ wot YW says!

I will never forget the day I heard a 2yo DD1 shouting 'mummy help' from the kitchen. I went to investigate, and found her with her hand stuck in an open tin can that had been put for recycling. It was opened with the jaggedy edge, which had then been pushed down. She did not have a scratch on her. I aged 10 years.

Congrats caz!

We're on day 10 now and def seeing a growth spurt in progress, I have a baby who likes to feed ALOT!

We registered her today, she is officially Quinn Emily smile

ShellyBobbs Mon 19-Nov-12 16:53:08

We also have an official Tommy Dylan Angus after registering him today. I will also punch the next person who says 'Angus, really', and gives me their WTF eyes. Have had it off both mothers and my dad asked what's with all the silly names shock, wouldn't mind but he's the Scottish one hmm

Passmethecrisps Mon 19-Nov-12 17:10:54

I think those are awesome names shelly. Screw everyone else.

evil everyone else has already said what I would but I wanted to add my virtual hand to the holding. Every single one of us will have some sort of accident with baby and we will feel awful. Today my DH very nearly dropped LO on our oak side table. She just sort of rolled in his arms - if she had rolled out it would have been dreadful. I had a nap earlier and jumped myself out of sleep at the thought.

Working in child protection I am familiar with the anxiety of immediate contact with SS. I also know that this is almost always purely routine and nothing to worry about. That's easy for me to say but if you can take any comfort then know that noone from SS will be judging you.

petite you must feel really helpless. LO is in the right place and you did your job as mum. I really hope that you get a healthy and happy LO back at home very soon.

Passmethecrisps Mon 19-Nov-12 17:16:54

I managed to cry all over the midwife today - Completely mortified. We had a relatively difficult night and I was completely knackered and wound up over expressing all the time. I convinced myself that my supply was dwindling and the constant feeding then expressing cycle was leaving me no time to actually interact with LO at all.

She persuaded me to have a go at putting LO to the breast and we have had a wee breakthrough! We managed to get her sucking for 20 minutes which is fab. I am not convinced she was sucking and swallowing fully the whole time as I had to supplement with expressed to get her to settle. However, we have made a small step forward so I feel more confident attempting it for her next feed. She is currently sleeping very soundly and looking angelic. I will need to wake her up soon I think.

horseylady Mon 19-Nov-12 17:19:48

Thank you but I didn't feel that way. And the more I read other birth stories the worse I felt. However what I felt, the damage to him etc. Meant that he was not coming out unaided. I also felt I should have fought more him on the ward but didn't. She said next time I will and next time I'll be more forceful and getting intervention earlier if I need it.

It's made me feel happier. It's made me feel happier about having a second as well.

YellowWellies Mon 19-Nov-12 17:32:07

Awww Pass well done to your wee one - she'll pick it up in her own sweet time. I'm now only expressing once a day for a nightly bottle from his Dad - so the endless pumping, sterilising, bottle giving cycle is over with. It won't last forever. What a clever little miss for figuring out suckling - she's well on her way now.

Evil don't beat yourself up - I nearly drown Jonas on a daily basis as my let down of breastmilk is really forceful (even in upright feeding positions, and after I've let some out by hand) and he literally coughs and chokes with me slapping him on his back. I feel awful! The hardy soul still comes back for more thank goodness.

Horsey I think as first timers we don't know what it's meant to feel like so it's very difficult to know when to ask for intervention - if you've never done it before how can we tell if it's going wrong? Be kinder to yourself Mrs. I was glad that the decision was made over my stoned and knackered head to just get him out with ventouse - I was beyond even basic instructions by that point. I'd have another tomorrow if I could steal a midwife from the Kirkwall Balfour maternity unit to be a night nanny grin

Passmethecrisps Mon 19-Nov-12 17:37:00

horsey every time to mention your birth experience I get furious on your behalf. It sounds like you were in labour in the 70s. I knew LO was stuck and no amount of pushing was going to shift her - I could just tell. The midwife gave me a couple of goes to try after me saying I felt she was stuck then offered me assistance. I was also very gratified when the midwife very kindly said I had been right to ask for assistance as LO's compound presentation, great big head and my small stature were all working against me. Now, don't get me wrong, of course she would have come out eventually but my pushing stage was limited to a sensible hour which, I believe meant I could recover more easily and start to bond. Who wins by keeping a labour going when everyone is in distress?

Anyway, I don't know what I am really trying to say but wanted to empathise.

Right, I need to get myself all nested on the sofa ready for some serious booby time. Midwife suggested a wee bowl of cold water on standby with some cotton wool. She said gently wiping her cheeks and brow with this will keep her awake. We shall see!

Am back from the hospital again. Nt much change really. Still has a temperature, sats are ok ish, but needs oxygen when she sleeps. Hate hate hate leaving her there but at least was able to give her a feed and a cuddle. The doctor says if there is no deterioration she should come out tomorrow and we should watch her closely, but if her sats drop again like they did last night she will stay in another day....

I'll call later on and get an update but have to admit that I am looking forward to a night of uninterupted sleep. Hve only slept an hour since First thing Sunday morning.

petite I'm keeping fingers and toes crossed for a swift recovery for your girl.

For those who have stopped bleeding post birth, how long did it take? Another thing I can't remember from last 2 times!
I'm getting somewhat frustrated blush but I'm not into dtd when bleeding. grin

Thanks Tits and others who have sent their good wishes. Am sat on my sofa feeling massively guilty about leaving her on her own at the hospital sad

Tomorrow night I am going to sleep at the hospital if she is still there. Don't want to walk away from her looking so tiny under those wires and in such a big cot again. Though I might change my mind when I get there tomorrow of course.

In answer to your question I am exactly one month post delivery and it's still ongoing, but not very much...

YellowWellies Mon 19-Nov-12 18:29:00

Petite hen don't feel guilty she is in the best place and they will take good care of her. I know it's so hard - my sis' heart broke every night she had to leave her wee girl in teh NICU and go home alone (for two months!). Go to bed early and have a long and uninterrupted night so that you are in tip top form to look after her when she's home. Fingers crossed she has a good night. Lots of love to you all xxxx

petite glad she is doing well, fingers crossed shed allowed home with you.

Thank you smile I'm aware that people with babies in NICU or even on the ward she is on are going through much scarier things than I am.. She's basically got a cold which has turned a bit nasty. So I don't see why I am a wreck over it, as she is in no danger at all.

I'm just selfish and want her home and want not to have to go to hospital anymore. This hospital saved my life last year but I have some very bad memories of time I have spent there...

GTbaby Mon 19-Nov-12 18:42:44

Not selfish at all petit. Big hugs to u n lil hugs to LO

YellowWellies Mon 19-Nov-12 18:43:44

You're a wreck because you're a loving mum!

YellowWellies Mon 19-Nov-12 19:00:14

Cheeky wipes arrived today - I love em and just had a tear free nappy change so I think Jonas agrees. Ta for the recommendation ladies x

Jims Mon 19-Nov-12 19:03:44

chunky * horsey* and pass thanks for your replies re weight. Sounds like you had a similar experience to me with number one chunky. I saw a lot of baby sick the first time round, it just used to flow out of him even ages after a feed. My husband is telling me this time to just not get him weighed as it stresses me out, which is also what the breastfeeding support group woman said to consider too today. My instinct is he's fine but i have a strong feeling he'a going to drop centiles until he finds his own one which will bug me.

vq sounds like you've got the cot thing sorted. I'm still co-sleeping in week 2 as i can't be bothered trying to settle him in a moses basket, i'd rather get the sleep. And he does sleep well next to me. We'll have to try next week as my parents are coming to stay for a week to help out and so we won't have a spare room for me to sleep separately. Unless my husband sleeps downstairs...!

In other news my sister-in-law had her second baby today only 11 days after our second. The firsts were less than a month apart too. It's definitely not something we discussed first!

Jims Mon 19-Nov-12 19:13:52

Oh and petite i hope your LO gets better v quickly and comes home soon. It's just horrible when they get sick.

Was it evil's babe that fell out of bed? I think that's a rite of passage! And try not to worry about a referral to ss. I had pnd with the first and they auto refer for that here. I never actually heard from them once though despite worrying myself silly about it at the time. Not really what you need to be told when suffering with anxiety and pnd!

GTbaby Mon 19-Nov-12 19:45:18

Who mentioned 45min sleep cycle! It's true it's true. Well out by 3mins. But don't know what to do now! Ignore crying? No can't do it. Will have quick cuddle then put down

My ds never slept more than 45 mins at a time in his Whole Life! No matter how he went to sleep or where we were he would only sleep for 45 mins sometimes even less.
He's never been a great sleeper from day one and now 2.4 years later still comes in our bed during the night.

GTbaby Mon 19-Nov-12 19:55:53

Right. Picked him up. He burped. Waited a few minutes. He stopped crying. I've put him down. He is awake. How do u check he is sleep without making eye contact. Oh dear he started crying again. I'm never going to get to write what I came here for

Evilwater Mon 19-Nov-12 19:59:45

petite- my heart goes out to you. I wanna give you a big hug. My thoughts are with you.

Thanks for all the messages of support. I feel lots better after a cry, some sleep, and Indian curry. I was loads more worried than N was, infact he really didn't want bothered after the fall. He was upset that I/the paramedics kept waking him up.

He IS sleeping in his Moses basket, in HIS room weather he likes it or not. No buts!

ShellyBobbs Mon 19-Nov-12 20:06:46

Petite big hugs and fingers crossed for tomorrow.

Evil When my youngest daughter was 4 months old, she was sat on my knee and rocking forwards and backwards. As she rocked forward, I had just turned round to get something and she rocked straight off my knee and landed on her face right in the fireplace. All her top lip swelled up straight away and she had a cut above it as long as her lip, it had just exploded!

I phoned my hubby who was working down the road and we went straight to hospital, blood everywhere. I was devastated and thinking that SS would take her off me. The hospital didn't contact them, but I was in bits for ages after, 8 years on and she still has a scar there.

Things like this happen, the eldest rolled off our bed as a newborn when hubby was looking after her, he thought he had time to run in the bathroom to grab the wipes!

Don't beat yourself up about it Evil, these things really do happen to everyone at some point.

Thanks for your kind words everyone. Just called the hospital and she's sleepig, the fever is down with paracetamol and they said don't worry. Go to sleep. So am tucked up and hope to have a decent night. Early start tomorrow..

ShellyBobbs Mon 19-Nov-12 20:07:50

X-posted with you Evil smile

ShellyBobbs Mon 19-Nov-12 20:08:35

Good news Petite smile

ValiumQueen Mon 19-Nov-12 20:14:08

Glad you are feeling a bit better evil good luck with the moses basket.

GT try to get to know his cries. Is it a wind cry? If so, burp and put down again. If they are just stirring they will cry but stop within a few mins, and it will not be a serious cry. If hungry they will get louder and louder as they mean business. If you know they are due a feed then get them up straight away. If not long fed, give them a chance to self settle. This does not work for everyone, and not every mummy can cope with it, but it worked for my eldest, and J seems to be quite similar.

Another thing to watch is your babys preferred sleeping position. If J has his hands in the 'I surrender' position, I can be pretty confident he will sleep a couple of hours.

daisychain76 Mon 19-Nov-12 20:29:17

Glad you are feeling better evil. Funnily enough just read an interview in some sleb mag with Michelle Heaton talking about her baby rolling off the bed ~ l have heard of it happen a lot. When my ds was young he had to go to a&e cos he tried. chewing a lump of glass! Think at least one. such incident is. a rite of passage as. a parent.

Am sat downstairs with baby H upstairs and asleep. This is a first and now, of course, l am missing him and fighting the urge to briing him down

This may be aa daft question, but what actually happens at a bf support group? There is a local one and l‘d llu

daisychain76 Mon 19-Nov-12 20:29:17

Glad you are feeling better evil. Funnily enough just read an interview in some sleb mag with Michelle Heaton talking about her baby rolling off the bed ~ l have heard of it happen a lot. When my ds was young he had to go to a&e cos he tried. chewing a lump of glass! Think at least one. such incident is. a rite of passage as. a parent.

Am sat downstairs with baby H upstairs and asleep. This is a first and now, of course, l am missing him and fighting the urge to briing him down

This may be aa daft question, but what actually happens at a bf support group? There is a local one and l‘d llu

YellowWellies Mon 19-Nov-12 20:31:33

Our BFing group basically is a tea / chit chat group where ladies can BF without worry and also share any questions / BF issues - it's lovely as experienced feeders are there to help newbies with latch issues etc and generally as moral support. It's a mothers meeting really grin

Sophiathesnowfairy Mon 19-Nov-12 20:33:07

Petite tryto get a good nights sleep. I can only reiterate what everyone else has said, she is in the right place and it's important that she is there because small babies can deteriorate really quickly, but in the same vein they can bounce back really quickly. My DS was taken from me the day after he was born and tubed up on SCBU because he was chesty, they treated him for an infection whilest they tried to find out what is was. I was a wreck on the ward and couldn't speak to anyone without crying, the midwife said she would have been more worried if I wasn't crying!

My DS comes to light sleep after 45 mins. Unfortunately this evening at 45 mins stupid mummy goes into the room to prepare for a bath, wakes him up, whereupon he has a poonami, now he is totally up and wants food! My routine was brewing so nicely as well. We are trying to salvage it by giving him half a feed now and half a feed in an hour or so. < despondent emoticon>

daisychain76 Mon 19-Nov-12 20:33:52

Aargh, stupid phone! Mrant to say l‘d like to meet other mums with small babies but not sure if u just go if you have a bf problem.

Hope you have a good nights sleep pr and everyone

YellowWellies Mon 19-Nov-12 20:35:58

VQ Jonas is the same - if he's sleeping with his arms above his head - you know you have a couple of hours to get stuff done. His most furious cry is when I'm changing him before a feed. He goes proper mumpy! His most heartbreaking is his wee squeaks from wind.

Passmethecrisps Mon 19-Nov-12 20:39:19

I just had a recollection of playing with my sister as a child. My brother and I had taken her to the top bunk bed (I will have been 5 maybe, brother 9 and sister maybe 1) to play pirates.

So anyway, the inevitable happened and wee sister fell from the top bunk! Poor mum came racing through to see us on the bunk and her baby screaming and crying on the floor.

In hindsight I have no idea what we were supposed to be doing with her. We probably promised to play nicely on the floor.

ShellyBobbs Mon 19-Nov-12 20:47:44

My all night feed-a-thon started half an hour ago, as well as this I also express 125ml out of my right boob. Hubby can't believe how much milk these boobs can hold grin

I was interested in the weight thing after giving birth. Not because I'm bothered, but it's interesting to see. The day after giving birth I'd lost 9lb, Tommy was 7lb 3oz. The day after that (day 2) it was 11lb and today (day 8) it's 1 stone. I've no idea where this weight loss will now take me because already I'm 4lb under my pre-pregnancy weight (was a lard arse before). Tried some pants on before, but the size is missing out of them. They did up anyway so I think I fit in a 12 so far which is loosely what I squeezed myself into before. Am staying in my comfy maternity pants for another week or so though to avoid the red welts grin

Passmethecrisps Mon 19-Nov-12 20:52:33

Penelope does a funny 'ugg ugg ugg' sound when she is really upset. That's when you know she is cheesed off. She now only does this when I am changing her. She hates being changed and I am such a fumbler with her it takes far longer than it really should.

Is it weird that I am sort of looking forward to a sleepless night trying to breast feed? Previously this evening I had her on for an hour then have her a top-up of expressed. It was quite a big top up so I don't think she is getting much. Doesn't really matter though as long as she is happy trying.

I now fancy joining a breast feeding group. I think I would benefit from getting out the house and the support of other, more experienced people. If you guys all actually were in my living room then it would be awesome.

I have had a right tearful day! Started with an SSPCA advert which showed lots of abandoned and abused animals all to the tune of Silent Night. Then of course the midwife caught it. Then the channel 4 news featured a dreadful story about the death of a newborn. DH came running through from the kitchen saying 'don't cry, passme!' To which I could only snuffle 'too late!' He then admitted that he was crying a bit too. Sitting here crying just thinking about crying!

GTbaby Mon 19-Nov-12 20:53:02

So back at home. My parents drop me off. N while I am in kitchen mil asks my DM why I'm not breast feeding, (and the but I heard) its a waste of time pumping then washing up. Like it creates FUCKING work for her. It is none of her business. But to bring up the topic infront of my dad and fil. I live with my pil = traditional. I was mortified that she asked infront of the guys. Or asked at all. I was here 3 weeks before I went to my mums. She knew I was expressing so y ask now. It's like she has stewed over it for two weeks n wanted to embarrass me. N now I can't stop crying over it. Shit situation.

horseylady Mon 19-Nov-12 20:55:08

Pass my friend and I recreated a scene from neighbours when we were about 6 and my sister would have been three. She ended up with a door on her head. And down some stairs. She recalls it better than I do lol.

Dh sitting with ds. Ds wriggling lots. Dh just said 'that's right you make yourself comfy, don't you worry about me'. Apparently an elbow was going into his ribs!!

YellowWellies Mon 19-Nov-12 20:56:11

Aw pass you soft mushy bird! I too snivelled at that story and also ended up a bit snivelly last night whilst up night feeding Jonas - which I'm coming to really enjoy (nuts eh?) when I suddenly thought of all of the Mummas in Gaza trying to BF their babies in the middle of a warzone. It proper had me in bits that thought sad

YellowWellies Mon 19-Nov-12 20:58:02

Oh gt that sucks! sad

Passmethecrisps Mon 19-Nov-12 21:08:43

That is really off GT. Does she really think you would be creating that work for yourself if you didn't have to? What a strange way to behave.

Hi everyone, joining you all on here! smile
Lotta Beatrice was born at home on Friday at 2.10am after the most wonderful birth experience!
It was just as I'd hoped it would be.
She's 3 days now and a real boobie monster. She also doesn't like being in her Moses basket and prefers to be in bed with me.
DH is going back to work on Thursday, so we're trying to get in a routine in the morning to bring DD1 to school... She absolutely adores her little sister.

horseylady Mon 19-Nov-12 21:27:15

Pass - I'd have loved ds to have suddenly got bf!! Like you I'd have been looking forward to the sleepiness night!! Alas he doesn't do it, now I dread him not sleeping lol!!

I need to occupy my brain. I'm going nuts at home.

MidLine Mon 19-Nov-12 21:35:48

Hello everyone and many congrats on all your lovely babies!

I'm only getting round to joining now - baby G is 19 days old, birthweight 7lb 14, breastfeeding and back to birthweight at day 12 so happy with that.

My 2 main current queries are: (and sorry if they have been discussed on thread before but it's sooo long!)

Baby G is covered in erythema toxicum/newborn rash/baby acne and it just looks so horrid, real pussy teenage like spots on face, neck, top of back. I know it's such a trivial problem but please tell me it fades without a trace in a reasonable time. It's just really bugging me but as I said, I know a lot worse could happen.

Her belly button clip fell off early on day 4 and at first I thought it would just dry up and the skin grow over area but when I change her nappy I notice that sometimes there is crusty blood there and sometimes not. Apparently this is normal...anyone experiencing this? Also area above belly button looks a little bluish like the skin is very thin there??

In terms of feeding, she is feeding about 2.5-3 hourly and am worried that sometimes I'm putting her to breast when she is just fussing as she's gassy. So this pm I made a good effort to wind her (most times she does at least 1 burp post feed) using lots of different positions and she ended up doing a massive Vom which is only the third Vom since birth. Feel like I can't win confused.

Anyway, feel we have been very lucky And blessed with her but it's so nice to be able to discuss the little worries with people in same boat smile

YellowWellies Mon 19-Nov-12 22:03:36

Hey midline J had a bloody belly button that I worried was 'opening up' for about a fortnight after birth - it's all fine now. Don't worry x

Passmethecrisps Mon 19-Nov-12 22:15:53

Hi there midline. My DD's umbilical stump fell off today and is sort of like you say. We asked the midwife to take a look this morning - literally an hour or so before it fell off and she was quite happy.

I'm afraid I don't have any advice on your other issues. I can guarantee you that someone else will though.

horsey your story about your sister made me laugh a lot. It's amazing any of us grow up in one piece!

Chunkychicken Mon 19-Nov-12 22:36:28

Hi midline I'm no expert, but having bf my DD & now my 8do DS, I would say you can't over-feed at all. If she's fussing, and you can't settle her any other way, then feed her. It won't hurt. As for the vom, perfectly natural. Just try to wind her between alternating breasts and afterwards so she has less gas and will be less likely to vom. My DD was a sicky baby - it does pass, but I noticed she was more windy/vomy when I had eaten choc or raw tomatoes. Perhaps she if there is a pattern?

I'm beginning to be nervous - without sounding smug, DS is such an easy baby. How could I get that lucky twice? When is it going to come up & bite me on the bum?!! The only thing is my nipples are getting a bit sore. Not sure if its the tongue tie, natural or if his latch isn't quite right; I can't see anything wrong with it but he doesn't always open his mouth wide enough so it can hurt and we have to have another go.

Kyzordz Mon 19-Nov-12 23:31:31

Hey all, hope everyone is well smile

Hv came and weighed lo today. He was 7lb 4.5 when born, 6lb 8 last Monday and apparently 8lb 3 today! I cant help thinking she misread the scales or something, surely that's an unrealistic kind of gain? He's been sick perhaps once a day too, dont think that's a massive amount but then he's drinking roughly 2-3 oz every 3ish hours which doesn't seem like alot for that kind of a gain either :/

I still get mega stressed when he's sick. One minute I feel fine and next minute I feel like if I feed him I'll break him, like it's me causing him to be sick, or if he's sick he'll die. Health professionals keep telling me he's fine, my mum (mum of five) says he's fine and everyone else tells me he's fine so why is it when I look at him my heart is in my throat and I feel like I'm waiting for something to be wrong?

I can't remember everything I was going to reply to but I hope baby evil is ok evil and I hope baby petite is home soon too xxx

Lane81 Mon 19-Nov-12 23:45:07

Hurrah! DD was back at birth weight at day five! All the exhausting cluster feeding for hours every night has been worth it! Sam definitely going to start expressing soon...does anyone have a breast pump recommendation? I'm looking at the avent electric at the moment, thinking electric is the way forward! Thanks for any tips! (Don't think I can afford a mendela)

Passmethecrisps Tue 20-Nov-12 00:09:31

lane I have the spectra with an additional pump. I would say it is every bit as good as the Medela I used in hospital.

kyzords I think these anxieties are normal. However, if they are filling your every moment it might be worth a good chat to your health visitor. Just keep telling yourself that all the evidence points towards you having a happy and healthy baby.

Wow sleep from half 9ish til 2:15! Bet the rest of the night will be poo now grin

kyz I know what you mean about anxiety, I had it all trough preg thinking I can't be so lucky to have two problem free pregnancies but obv everything turned out fine (a it usually does) now she's here I worry she'll catch something nasty.
The day after she was born and we brought her back from hosp my family came round to visit and my mum had recently had coldsores, then she kissed her on the mouth! Well I was freaking out, thinking he was going to die (which isn't unreasonably tbf seeing as coldsores can be v dangerous to newborns) but of course she's absolutely fine, the coldsores had long gone.

Evilwater Tue 20-Nov-12 02:45:09

petite- I'm glad the fever is going down. I hope you get a good nights sleep.

Baby evil is ok, and wide awake. Very awake.

Passmethecrisps Tue 20-Nov-12 02:46:35

Ow! We need to work on latch!

ValiumQueen Tue 20-Nov-12 02:53:19

I need to buy some gripe water. DS slept until 12.20 and has been awake and feeding and suffering with trapped wind ever since. Grr. I love gripe water.

Passmethecrisps Tue 20-Nov-12 03:07:32

24 hour ASDA VQ?

LO just suckled from both breasts and sort of fell off. Her latch is dreadful - I feel like I have been suckling glass. Anyway, just pleased to be getting the chance at all. Trying to decide whether she needs a top up. Probably should if I want a decent sleep.

NervousAt20 Tue 20-Nov-12 03:22:48

Glad your LO is okay evil like many of the wise ladies on here, move on from this and don't let it keep upsetting you

petite your not a bad mummy at all, make sure you get plenty of rest. I hope your LO gets well soon and I really hope she's home with you tomorrow. It's completely understandable that your upset over it over it all that's your beautiful baby and each one of us would feel the same in your situation and its not selfish to want her home, we want it for you too. Hope your getting a good nights sleep, I'm sure you said it was your birthday today so Happy Birthday x

Congratulations cacacaz

horsey im glad you've managed to talk through your birth and are beginning to understand and move on from it

tits I was bleeding for 3 full weeks then on and off for another week. When do periods start again?

Congratulations blue & midline

LO had terrible wind tonight and was getting herself into a right state so we gave her some infacol for the first time and just have again and there seems to be an improvement not sure if its just wishful thinking but ill go with it

She's 4w4days today and its the first time she's in newborn clothes!! I was so pleased then when I wa sorting through her tiny stuff it made me teary thinking my babies growing up so fast grin it's not like she's in age 2-3yesrs lol but you know lol

Hope everyone's getting some sleep

NervousAt20 Tue 20-Nov-12 03:23:23

Wow sorry for the huge post! I've been writing that since 9 last night

Passmethecrisps Tue 20-Nov-12 03:41:15

I know exactly what you mean nervous! DH was showing me all the pictures he has taken of LO since she was born (a week ago) and it made me fill up. Mind you, it hasn't taken much.

daisychain76 Tue 20-Nov-12 03:58:44

Congrats Blue and miidline.

Nervous periods can start quite early but can be reallly. erratic with a. bleed, couple of week break, another bleed and so on. Alternatively, may. not return properly while bf for some. lucky so and sos

Baby H only. managed 15 mins on his own upstairs and now we are having a. night of random screaming and wind (both him!)

Almost 8 hours sleep and feeling half human again. Off to hospital to spend the morning with my little girl now. Incredible how much I've needed to sleep. Bt obviously I'd rather she was home with me keeping me awake. Nte to self: DH to be roped in even more to night feeds once she's home.