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These babies are going to be calm, easy and sleepy at all the right times, and we're brooking no argument about it!

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In here ladies - the other thread was getting full up so I thought I'd better start a new one.....

Will do some links to / from this thread but in the meantime please make yourselves at home smile

<plumps up cushions and sets out a tray of cakes, pastries and tea and coffee>

A link to the old thread

Also I've reported my stupid autocorrect typo in the title - hopefully they'll fix it for me <fat fingers>

hawthers Sun 07-Oct-12 06:40:37

Morning all!

Was going to rant away about yesterdays issues but not sure am keen for the gory details to go on page 1 of the new thread. Basically DS1 is in the 'wrong' school year for his due date as he was 9 weeks prem. We're bloody lucky that he's not got any major health problems but he is small for his age and is now lumped in with kids who are turning 4 when he has only just turned 3.

The bday party just seemed to highlight all the issues. It felt like all the other kids were playing together and DS1 was just doing his own thing not actually playing with the others. DH gets really down about it all and is such hard work when I'm having to reassure him about it all the time at the same time that I'm worried too.

It's also really early days re preschool but i guess we're both worried that he won't have any friends as socially and emotionally he is that bit younger than them.

Hmm looks like I have just ranged in page 1. Arse

hawthers Sun 07-Oct-12 06:52:37

And we have to see one if dh's friends today who is possibly the least perceptive person I've ever met. They have a 2 yo who is prob bigger that DS1 and really just doesn't seem to understand that its not funny they are the same size, its totally depressing.

There is more but I can't face typing it al out. Sorry to bring the mood down first thing on Sunday.

Oooooo, nice new thread Biscuits! <drags chair over to cakes & pastries table, starts to inhale all the delicious carbs!> Sorry, I'm back on the Paleo diet and soooooo missing carbs right now! blush

My milk is drying up again, same as it did when I tried this diet after DD reached 8 wo. I think my bfing will have ended completely within the next week or so, it certainly won't survive the full 30 day diet. That takes me to almost the 6 month mark that I was aiming for, so I'm happy with that.

Biscuits yaDNbu! I understand why your DH might be a bit sad at DS2 preferring you to him, but he's only 6 mo and the only way to resolve the situation is for your DH to spend MORE time with DS2, not less. DD did this to my DH a couple of months ago. It wasn't anything to do with absence in our case, instead it was because DH was ignoring her cues and just "settling" her in whatever way was most convenient for him. So he would mainly just sit in bed dozing and holding her still against him while she cried. Naturally DD preferred to be settled by me, simply because I was willing to get up, walk around, rock, sing, etc until she was happy. DH's first response was to try and make me responsible for all the nightshifts, however this idea received short shrift from me. Instead I made DH do 50% of every night including work nights (previously I was doing his work nights) and when he knew he HAD to get her to sleep because he couldn't just nap the following day he became more willing to follow my advice and get off his ass when she needed soothing!

Of course although this technique worked, and she now settles for us both so I've gone back to doing most nights, there is still alot of resentment from DH for my choice of solution... Given the state of my relationship right now I'm certainly not suggesting you should do the same as me! That's enough whinging from me anyway, I'm enjoying being at my parents' house right now, and DH is already making more effort. He took DD to his friend's house today while I was practising her naming cake. Then he brought her home (on time! shock) and I managed to get him to feed her some purée and broccoli (she LOVES broccoli hmm) before doing her bedtime routine - bath, massage, etc - while I cleared up. It worked like a dream and DD actually went to sleep for him perfectly on cue by 8 o'clock. We were then able to sneak out to the cinema together leaving my Mum with the baby monitor. We NEVER had nights like this at home. DH seems to be finally putting some real effort in! Which is lovely.

Sorry! I'm ridiculously me me me today! I hope everyone else has had a good night - Dream? Pomme? Hawthers? How is all the potty-training going for those in the middle of it? Also, I'm probably just having a baby brain moment, but has Pet been around? On my phone so I can't check back. I hope all is well.

Still No Brooking like billy-o for Fluffy in case she's mid sneeze!

PrincessPumpkinshoutsBOO Sun 07-Oct-12 07:21:57

<slumps on cushion, helps self to pastry> Biscuits I like what not have done with the place, I think we will be very happy here smile

Brooking for Fluff hoping for a lovely sneeze!

Sorry I x-posted with Hawthers earlier, and then had to run away for a leaky nappy followed by poo explosion double whammy! confused

Hawthers the DS1 situation sounds really stressful sad I remember you posting a few months ago about trying to get the local authority to accept DS1 into the appropriate school year for his corrected age. What a nightmare. Sending lots of hugs your way. I truly believe kids, even really young ones, are so much stronger than we give them credit for. He's your PFB and it makes perfect sense that you're worried, but I'm sure he'll make friends soon, and in the blink of an eye he'll be older and totally caught up with his peers. Just the fact that you're looking out for him and fighting his corner will give him the strength he needs to overcome the challenges facing him. (((hugs)))

<Waves to Boo>

Hmm Hawthers that must be v stressful indeed. Did you get anywhere with the local authority with regards to him not perhaps starting school until the following year?

I also feel I have to confess that I could be that other parent with a big child blushsad. I bet we have frequently discussed with our friends how big ds1 is blush. He is freakishly tall for his age though and is almost as tall as one of our friend's sons who is in year 1 already. I have never really considered that it might be worrying someone that their child is smaller blush. I suppose we have the opposite issue though of a child who is tall and the oldest in the year so he'll stand out that way.

The playing together thing is interesting as this was highlighted for ds1 at the end of last year at pre-school (as in that he didn't play with the others, just did his own thing mainly). Then just last week one of the ladies said that she and his key worker had been discussing how nice it was to see him playing with the others and instigating play etc. and he was just 4 the other week. I do find it amazing that a few weeks older and he could have been at school. However, I think he would have been ok if he was at school. His writing isn't as good as plenty of others who would have started school (but maybe I've not worried about it too much knowing I had another whole year) but his phonics / letter recognition etc i would guess would be good enough if he were starting school. I have a friend who's little girl has just turned 4 and started school this September and she is doing fine and really enjoying it.

I suppose if you've asked the local authority then either they could agree to put him in the following year, or if they won't would it be worth talking to the pre-school and explaining where your concerns lie? They may be able to try and help him along in some areas? I know they can't make him taller but in the other areas they might be able to help? Also keep in mind that if he has only just started at the pre-school then he would have to settle in still. It will take him a while to get used to the other children etc and know how it all works.

Interesting Scream that your DH has done almost the same thing. In DH's defence when I told him about my night and he said 'oh I wish there was something I could have done' hmm I did point out that he could have got up when I asked him and he was / is mortified at not having helped. So that's another thing he owes me for grin <adds to the list with 'going to a meeting on holiday'>

Fuckity fuck fuck fuck. Dh has the squits. DD has a temperature of 38.1 and cough please, please don't get the squits both boys still got the runs just as bad as ever plus the coughs/colds. I will probably start antibiotics today for this boob. S nappy rash worse again today smile

too, thY post sounded wrong, I need teaching to suck eggs with my own!! Genuinely, its so hard to be objective with you PFB own child. Was happy to read it thanks DD walked at 10.5 months but only learnt to crawl at 22 months, and was all a bit wierd- anyone remember me saying she used to hold herself rigid and fall over like a plank?! I got advice from one of my colleagues for her then, exercise sheets and all smile It's other things she does biscuits like crawl under the babies baby gym, then try and stand up, get stuck under the arches and be stuck hmm . So you have to say to her ' bend your knees, hands down, crawl out'. So i know she can bend down and crawl, but her motor planning is a bit rubbish so she needs help working out what to do iykwim. And little things, like her bilateral coordination, like eating a yoghurt- she just wouldn't know to hold the pot with the other hand, she just chases it round with the spoon.... Lots of it is, as you say, stuff other people would probably not even notice as its not their job!!! I don't think her speech is very delayed now, I'm just a bit sensitive due to the delays with her cousins and uncle. Gah, just a worrier about my PFB!!!!

No time to reply to you yet hawthers, sorry more shitty nappies

That's great news about you and dh scream and great that you're getting out.

scarlet - she's two and 6 months. She seems to be just slightly short of being able to tell me why she's stopped using the potty for poos. She tells me she knows she should poo poo in her potty but will just say 'yes' to any explanation I offer rather than giving me one of her own.

She's still doing it - two yesterday <boak>

Dh and A are really starting to build their own thing now (at 7 months 1week). I love watching it as she was always my baby for the first early months and he spent all his time with dd1. Hmm this may be the reason for dd1's poo issues....

TheLittleFriend Sun 07-Oct-12 09:16:18

Thanks for the link here biscuits, thought I'd come and say hi
<waves to everyone>

pomme are you seriously saying Abbie is 7 months? That means First-Born-Brooking-Baby-Farley is even older <faints>

I hope you're all well and all babies are fine (though it sounds like you've got it tough with illness ATM dream)

Well I'm 20weeks preg and have found out that we're having a ds this time smile I'm feeling so excited and can't wait to be joining here some time around 21st feb grin xx

friend - congratulations!!! I'd missed that totally, half way through and a boy! Brilliant! Hope you're feeling well and rested etc.

Yes, seven months in here. Mental isn't it?!

hawthers Sun 07-Oct-12 10:46:36

Ooh little ds' rock! (as I'm sure dds do too)

Farley is 9 months old, crawling still not sleeping through the night reliably and busy being a total dude! Look forward to seeing you here in the new year x

Meant to say yesterday, well done your DDs Scream and pomme on the improved sleep.

Hawthers sorry to hear your worries re DS1. I guess there's not much anyone can say to make you feel better about it as you will probably always worry about how his early arrival might impact on his future. But I can say there are lots of babies born at term who are behind in their development, my DS included and I have stressed so much in the past about kids the same age developing much quicker. I'm sure as your DS gets older these differences will become far less noticable. It must be upsetting for you if you're worried, you naturally want your DH to reassure you and if it then becomes apparent he's worried as well it can make everything appear much worse.

Thanks for new thread Biscuits. Sorry to hear you're sleep deprived. I admit that I would probably do the same as your DH if it were the middle of the night and toy just want DS back to sleep ASAP. But yes if he spent more time with him in the day this might possibly help to prevent the rejection.

Dream, as always, I'm brooking for you thanks

Ok, I'm on the FB group now. It's surreal, like some sort of parallel universe where everyone has a normal name grin I can't figure out who everyone is.

Jen/Scream if you get chance click on my photo and tell me if you can only see my profile picture or if the background cover photo is also displayed? If it's not I'll either amend it or get some more pics shared or no one will know what I look like Not a bad thing really though

Chicken Pox!!!!!! Explains some things around here....

Am undecided on the Facebook group....

Is aubers on the fb page??!

pomme I really hope that is the explanation for the poo. She'll have been coming down with that for over a week wouldn't she? Poor little sausage, how is she? Did you get the spots checked by a doctor or did you recognise it yourself? I've no idea what they look like and my DC have not yet had them. I'd hate to take them to GP and then it turned out to be that.

Re the FB thing. I know what you mean. I've just had a good look through all my FB stuff and there's no mention of the group on it. Likewise I don't think anyone from the group can see anything about me unless it's already open to public viewing, which mine shouldn't be. It's nice to be able to put names to faces (the ones that I've so far managed to figure out) and it's easier to share photos than uploading them on here. I tend to only have family and close friends on FB. Many of them live miles from us so it's nice to be able to put pics on of the DC, but for that reason I keep my friends list short.

ReturnOfTheMunx Sun 07-Oct-12 11:33:26

MArking place sorry for lack of posts I am not very good at one handed typing yet and ds is always feeding

oh pomme chicken pox sucks a big one. You prob already know but calomine cream is easier than calomine lotion. Bicarb in the bath is soothing too.

hawthers that sounds difficult and I really feel for you, especially when it gets highlighted like that. Even if he does not get moved a year then the teachers will be well used to looking after the younger ones in the year. And also they change so much so quickly at this age. The things he'll be doing at 3.5 and 4 are really quite different to the things they do at three and being with his peers will really help him learn these things.

lovely to see little and boo on here, looking forward to you all coming over permanently. And congrats on your ds little, boys rock! (well all kids do but boys are so much fun).

scream really nice to hear you and dh are getting on so well, long may it continue and you get to have some nice romantic nights out together.

dream sigh. You really need the world to cut you some slack. This too shall pass.....be strong.

I am debating my halloween name at the mo. What do you think of NinjaChipmunksVampireTeeth? Thats all I can think of so far...

I need to post more regularly, so very sorry for missing lots that has been going on. I had to take ds to a&e on friday after the school called me to pick him up. Silly boy had shoved a piece of a straw up his nose and couldn't get it out. A&e couldn't either so he's now been referred to another hospital who have a clinic for this type of thing and if they can't retrieve it easily they will have to give him a general anaesthetic to get it out sad Poor boy was quite distressed. He seems ok since though. How is everyone, I know i've missed loads of you. Might see you on fb when fluff gets a chance to friend me. I mean honestly, anyone would think she has better things to do grin

<shoves a bt of croissant in munx's mouth> Lovely to see you! Hope you are all doing well? How is dd taking to ds?

ReturnOfTheMunx Sun 07-Oct-12 13:22:52

Both are asleep, quick post from me.

Sorry lack of name checking, I do read the thread when feeding but I am not able to post while he is latched on as the movement disrupts him!

Things good here, coming up for 5 weeks. DD is very good but starting to be a bit mischievous when he's feeding and she knows I can't chase her.

He is putting on weight really well, almost 12 oz last week so am feeling more confident about BFing him.

He dribbles milk out of his nose when feeding though?!?! NCT helpline reckons he is struggling with a forceful letdown. And this must be true as if he pulls off I have a jet stream that goes over the cushions blush.

Hope everyone else is ok, sorry to read of poorly DC.

I hope to be a better postgrad brooker and involve myself more soon once things calm down a bit.

scarlet - A year ago all her little friends had it and she had it really mildly (like 7 spots). My friend checked it and said they were chicken pox spots. These look exactly the same and are on the top of her torso following the nerve lines.

She seems better today, less tired and whingey than she has been for ages. Just hoping A gets it mildly (shes been really grumpy lately so am presuming she has it). As shes likely to get it again getting it twice harshly seems rubbish!

I've got my first day at work on Thurs and my day is stuffed full of meetings. Think dh will have to take the day off....

munx - good to see you and glad to hear things are going well. jaggy has some useful advice on fast letdown I think?

jaggythistle Sun 07-Oct-12 18:04:49

marks place at 3rd attempt... back later.

Just got to say I am sooooo ridiculously excited about the Homeland starting again tonight.

Does anyone else watch?

Thanks Jen for sorting me out on fb smile

I haven't watched Homelands Scarlet - should I? Do I need to have watched earlier series?

jaggythistle Sun 07-Oct-12 20:21:26

hello, i will try to link to my thread about DS1 choking when i get on the computer. DS2 had milk out of his nose when he was smaller too.

i must still have fast letdown sometimes as he chokes a bit. he just did it there and burst into tears because he was so tired.

DH gave up getting up at night with DS1 eventually. i was a bit annoyed seeing as i was the one getting up for work... DS2 is all big smiles for him, but he still pretty much hands him to me if he gets grumpy/cries. I'm hoping he gets more patient with working out what he wants.

we had a wee chat about strategies when i go back to work and no instant boob is available. he's a lot less worried than me! worst case he can take them both for a drive in the car! grin

potty training latest, still the same really. no idea whether he will one day just get the idea of asking. i think we had one or two "mummy do i have my pants on" almost asks and we reminded him for the rest. i think we got through about 4 pairs of pants...

Gosh Pomme, I thought you could only get chicken pox once! Poor you - I remember having CP at age 17 and it itched like mad. Dealing with a baby and toddler with crazy itchiness does not sound like fun. sad Oatmeal in the bath also helps - in fact, any bath helps, with cool water. Good luck with your first day at work! Have you picked an outfit that makes you look like a super professional businesswoman while simultaneously making you feel confident and thin and sexy? Or is it just me who believes strongly in the Power of Clothes?

Munx, yay for the brilliant weight gain! Don't know anything helpful about overactive let down, but at least DS seems to be thriving on it, so it can't be bothering him too much. Does he seem upset by the milk coming out of his nose?

Ninja, liking the vampire teeth idea! shock at your DS and the straw, though! Brooking hard that it comes out without need for a general anaesthetic. The things kids can do to themselves that would never occur to you as a possibility...

Can someone tell me how to get added to the FB group? Musical, did you say I could pm you a link?

<waves at Little> Congratulations on a DS! And 20 weeks already!

Oh Dream, oh no, not more illness in your house! sad <Brooks extra hard for Dream and family> How is your boob feeling? I would never have known that things like your description of motor planning or bilateral coordination were anything to worry about - just thought 'that was a bit silly', or, with the yoghurt thing, probably 'awww sweet!'. It is hard that your job makes you worry more - blithe ignorance has a lot to recommend it. thanks for you - you do such a great job!

Scream, I'm doing the Paleo thing most of the time, but am currently off it because it's my birthday. Have been mainlining carbs - I am so full I may actually be sick, and DH overbought ridiculously, which means there are heaps of chocs, fruit pies, bread, bagels etc in the house that I am not supposed to eat as of tomorrow! Might have to have one more day off, finish all the bad food and then restart. M had broccoli for dinner too - she had some slow-roast lamb bits as well, but she was grabbing the broccoli first chewing it and then dropping it into the dog's waiting jaws. It must be the bright green that appeals. So pleased that you and DH are getting on a bit better at present and managing dates! Brooking hard that it's the beginning of better times for you both.

Hawthers, so sorry you're worrying so much right now. The difference a few months makes is incredible, though, so I hope in a little while it will all seem so different to you. My friend's unborn baby (due 1 Nov) will be in the same school year as M, which seems mad right now when you look at the difference 7 months has made. Your DS1 will get there, I'm sure. thanks for you too. Hope you get through tomorrow ok without any tactless comments about size.

Hi, Boo!

Biscuits, how sweet that E settles for DS1! Awwww. It is hard for fathers working - they want to bond, but they also have to bring in the cash, and then they're tired and grumpy. Your DH seems to make a huge effort despite his long hours, though not like DH who hasn't got up in the night since M was 3 weeks old. That's not quite fair to DH - he does help, but he does have a tendency to flop in front of the computer and say he's been out at work all day and he just wants some time to relax. hmm And that's on a public sector 36 hour week. hmm again. Hope E learns to settle for your DH again soon.

Mammoth post, sorry!

Yes Biscuits you need to watch it. It's the best thing that's been on telly for yonks. The second series starts tonight and is following on from the first so you would need to see the first series. I think the first series is currently being repeated on a Tuesday night but you've already missed a couple of episodes. If you don't get to catch it, see if you can watch 4 on Demand or ask for the DVD for Christmas and tape the second series and watch afterwards.

jaggythistle Sun 07-Oct-12 20:33:47

sorry to hear about more poorly wee ones. chicken pox! no wonder she was feeling rough. sad

we've all got the cold now just for a change, only mild though <touch wood>

Oh yes Happy Birthday Too thanks What have you been up to today apart from eating? grin

Sorry Ninja I missed your post earlier where you said about DS sad. I'm amazed they couldn't get it out at A&E, I'd have thought they'd have someone there who specialises in kids doing that sort of thing. I had to race there once with a friend's DS who had put a raisin up his nose. We were in a blind panic and the A&E nurse hardly batted an eyelid and removed it with a long pair of tweezers. We had tried tweezers at home and failed so there must be a certain amount of skill involved.

I want to join the fb group too! I sent fluff a friend request but she seems to have gone quiet since, wonder if she's having a sneeze birth? If anyone else can help?

musicalmrs Sun 07-Oct-12 20:41:18

Started to write a post earlier, managed to lose it.. sigh.

Too, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Did M give you your lovely night's sleep - or a lie in? You can PM me a link! Or RubberJen who seems to have it all under control smile It's lovely being able to put names to faces (and to generally be nosy...)

I am also a huge believer in the power of clothes! I don't bother too much, but at the same time it's amazing what a lift a good outfit can give smile

Pomme, so sorry to hear about the chicken pox - brooking it passes quickly.

Dream, poor poor you re even more illness in your household. Brooking it gets better soon - especially the squitty nappies sad

Scream, lovely to hear that you and your DH are doing well now smile Hope it continues in the same way!

Had a lovely day with family today. My step MIL didn't ask us when we'd be trying for another or anything! grin (I think I may have made my point clear when she last asked us - she bugged us for years about having children, then just after we'd had DD, "So when will you have another one?!" ARGH!). DH is working away for a couple of days, so it's just me and the cats up, one DD in bed.. tempted to open the ice cream!

Admin work to do first though sad Had a lesson with a new student today who's signed up for lessons though - hurrah!

TheLittleFriend Sun 07-Oct-12 20:46:57

Thanks for the hellos everyone. Don't forget to friend request people in the brooking fb group so you can -- be really nosey about them-- see their cute baby pics etc smile

TheLittleFriend Sun 07-Oct-12 20:47:39

Argh, strike out fail! grin

jaggythistle Sun 07-Oct-12 21:02:54

Eek ninja, that sounds nasty! DS1 has attempted a few things up his nose, but I've always caught him so far.

another no nap today, but DS1 stayed in pretty good form. even when dragged round the supermarket. somehow in the evening DH always gets the sleepy cuddles on the couch with him, while i get multiple DS2 poos. hmm how did this happen.

jaggythistle Sun 07-Oct-12 21:06:05

ok i forgot to say happy birthday too.

and hello little and fluff and munx.

and brooking for dream family. sad

Happy birthday too thanks and wine

Scarlet, I have done very little today except eat! Croissants for breakfast, smoked salmon on brown bread for lunch, salted caramels in between times, slow-roast lamb, neep dauphinoise and tenderstem broccoli for dinner, apple pie and cream...We did go for a walk in between all the gorging, but I feel completely stuffed now.

Biscuits, wine was had! possibly slightly too much

Musical, I friended you but I still can't see the group - now what? Iz is so cute! M was v good and although she got up 4 times in the night, she stayed in bed until 9.30! shock Best birthday present ever...

musicalmrs Sun 07-Oct-12 22:25:52

Too, thank you! smile M is adoreable! (nosing at everyone else's baby pictures is FABULOUS!). Hurrah for staying in bed until 9.30, she clearly listened to your request smile

FB tells me I invited you about an hour ago - can you see an invite to join somewhere? On the side bar or similar? You're showing up as invited in my list of new members at least!

Sorry for not replying sooner - been battling an email. Why does it take me so long to send an email now - even with Iz sleeping and not interrupting my every attempt?!

Too I can see that you are now on there. Start typing the word "Brooking" in the search bar and I bet it will now come up.

Happy birthday Too! Your day sounds like my idea of heaven! You definitely need an extra day off to finish off all those goodies!

Which brand do salted caramels by the way? I keep hearing people rave about them but I have no idea where to find them?!

Quick ff question ladies. Do any of the ff'ers among you actually stick to the official guidelines of making up a fresh bottle with freshly boiled water EVERY time you need a bottle?! (45 minute prep time! shock) I've been boiling water in the morning, then putting it in bottles and putting the bottles in the fridge. I then pull out a bottle when DD wants one, add the formula powder, and feed it to her straight away (she's willing to drink cold milk.) I had assumed this was fine because the water has been boiled to kill any germies, and then kept in the fridge to prevent new germies growing. However I've just been reading about the bacteria in the formula itself (shock) and how these aren't killed unless the water is at least 70 degrees when you add the formula. BUT you're not allowed to store a freshly made up bottle for more than 2 hours?!?! WTF?! What do you ladies do?

Loving all this FB stuff! I can't see anyone's pics though because I'm only friends with Fluffy so far. Not sure what the etiquette is regarding friend requesting anyone else?

Oooooo and I've been watching all the Great British Bake Off episodes I missed while on hol - that show is like carb-porn! grin <still on low-carb diet>

No Brooking for all poorly people, especially the Dream household and Pomme's DDs!

OK, am on it! Scream, I friend-requested you, and have been working my way through trying to friend request everyone. If I've missed anyone I'm sorry! I'll do it tomorrow. It is so confusing trying to keep everyone's names straight. Biscuits, my love, I'm sorry I can't friend you. I love you anyway! And your boys are so cute! Musical, I love nosing at all the baby pics! Must put some more of M up. I'm a bit crap at FB and only use it occasionally - will have to do better.

The salted caramels are not as nice as I remembered. I had them 2 years ago at the Taste festival, but the ones DH got me are Sainsbury's Taste The Difference and they're covered in chocolate. I think the ones I had at the festival weren't chocolatey and they were much nicer. Or possibly low-carbing has messed with my tastebuds? hmm I think if you're going to try them, get them from a posh confectioner if possible!

musicalmrs Sun 07-Oct-12 23:31:41

Too, I'm equally rubbish at putting things on FB - a lot of the pictures are ones that others have uploaded and just tagged me in. Must do better... sorry to anyone I haven't friended, will try and catch those of you I've misse at some point.

I know Hotel Chocolat do salted caramels Scream - have had them a few times (Hotel Chocolat are based in my home town - it's not just that I love posh chocolate- honest...)

We're on a healthy eating kick here. Nothing unhealthy in the house. The Great British Bake Off is slowly killing me week by week..

Too and Musical your DDs are soooooo cute!! I love all these photos! I'm going to friend request all the post grads on the name list to start with, and anyone who doesn't want to add me please feel free to just ignore! I'd love to friend the No Brookers on the TTC and antenatal threads as well, but not sure if they'd want me to, so I'll leave it to them to add me. I'm happy to accept any friend requests sent to me!

I am having a blast noseying at everyone's pictures grin

I'll ignore the fact that I'm doing it at this time because ds2 is up again sad. I think I'm going to take him to the docs tomorrow just to check if he has an ear infection or anything. He's been so upset these last couple of days and nights. And at nights it's like he's tired but can't sleep as he'll lie with his eyes shut, but still crying, especially if he moves his head. Poor little sausage sad. He's even had calpol tonight when we went to bed and still woken up again.

He seems to have dropped off a bit more for the time being now but lying on his tummy.

jaggythistle Mon 08-Oct-12 08:11:46

aw poor DS2 biscuits. sad

I'll just have to be envy of the Facebook action. I've a strict RL friends and family only thing and have still got 80 odd people somehow hmm

scream the bugs in formula thing is important - low probability of it happening, but nasty for babies if it does. there's a leaflet that's been linked to on the feeding board that says the second best way is to make a few up with the v hot water, cool quickly with ice water or whatever, then store at back of fridge for up to 12 (i think) hours. the formula manufacturers don't want to admit on the packaging that they can't make sterile formula, hence the somewhat vague instructions supplied. next time I'm on pc will try to link to that too. <adds to list>

I'm going to miss wee R when he gets moved to M's room. am i a bit sad? I'll probably still be able to hear his morning poo over the monitor though... oh pants. he's only been up half an hour and that's another poo already.

Ok I give in - I want in on facebook - someone help me??

Yes scream - better to make up with hot water and store than use water below 70C.

Another good night over here! What is happening?! DD1 has no more spots. Another silly bout of 10 spopt chicken pox I guess? Too they can have it twice if they get it under the age of 1 and also if they get it mildly a la dd1. Wonder if we'll have 10 spot chicken pox every year with her?! Just praying A doesnt get it.

too - I SOOO believe in the power of clothes. I was a proper fashionista pre dd1. Now, not so much but I have ordered a few new bits of work clothes but now cannot decide which outfit to wear for Thursday!

I have so much work to do before then too as I need to write a presentation and business plan. Eeek! I'm very excited though.

ReturnOfTheMunx Mon 08-Oct-12 08:40:24

Just quickly, for scream with DD I used to keep cooled boiled water in a thermos and then make up her feeds half with hot water to kill off any nasties and then top up with the coiled water, made it the right temp straight away.

Decent night here, he slept in his basket between feeds so I am taking that as a small victory.

Will try to read back later and respond properly but I hope everybody is ok.

jaggythistle Mon 08-Oct-12 08:53:31

3 poos in an hour of being awake. c'mon DS2!

hawthers Mon 08-Oct-12 09:17:43

jaggy f was a million times a day pooer until his top teeth came through on Friday and since then he's down to one or two shock but then he's also suddenly having much less formula. Down from 20 odd oz to 10-12 ish. Am a bit worried. Seems happy enough though.

Alright alright who do I pm about fb?

JenFrankenstein Mon 08-Oct-12 09:55:17

PM me and I can do FB if you like

I believe Jen or Musical have The Power for FB smile

So we got a doctors appt at 8:50. Ok I think, we can walk there - we'll aim to leave at 8:30 (ha ha ha ha ha ha). 8:20. Both DSs still asleep hmm. Then during the process of getting dressed DS1 managed to drop his cuddly toy down the toilet hmm (thank goodness before he'd wee'd in it!), DS2 did a poo/wee-all-over-his-clothes type of nappy change. Then we get out of the door and realise its tipping down. Back inside for a raincoat for ds1 and raincover for the pushchair. We left at 8:45 confused. DS1 then jogged along at the side of me bless him! We were only 5 minutes late hmm. I hate being late for the doctors but the nice receptionist I think could see I looked somewhat frazzled and didn't give me a hard time!

All that and there is nothing wrong with him!

Glad to hear there are some better nights going on and dd isn't too bad with the cp pomme - I don't k ow whether to hope he's gets it 'properly' and has it out of the way, or just mildly?

Hawthers with the formula thing for F could it be that he's getting used to taking the bottle with those teeth? Either the feel of the teeth or it could still be sore there so it might be harder for him to drink?

jaggythistle Mon 08-Oct-12 10:08:03

hawthers we've only got one bottom tooth and one on its way, could be a teething dribbly thing. smile he's been fairly snotty for a week or so too which doesn't help. I'd almost got used to only the 3 or 4 poos a day there.

no more poo yet. almost got him down for a nap but shock DS1 wanted a wee and actually told me so i had to take him while feeding DS2. this is not so easy with a nearly 20lb monster baby. grin nearly got away with it till DS1 crashed the toilet seat down.

jaggythistle Mon 08-Oct-12 10:11:30

haha biscuits that's what I'm like getting out. i always look a bit deranged by the time i hit reception.

we've tried to explain to DS1 about being careful not to drop toys in the toilet, but they do like to carry stuff about eh!

Wow jaggy impresses at feeding baby and taking ds1 to the loo. Especially with a 20lb baby!

Yes Jaggy he said 'it was only an accident, he fell out from under my chin' hmm. I suggested that maybe under his chin wasn't the most secure way to carry but apparently that is the 'easiest' way. Obviously hmm

jaggythistle Mon 08-Oct-12 10:31:38

DS1 holds his toy above his head! he is not especially confident with holding his own willy so we're having to do it a lot to avoid accidents while we argue about it. after successful wee I've just had to empty some poo out of his pants. sigh. at least he hadn't sat on it. he seems to wait till v last minute with poo.

just briefly scream i do similar to what munx said re formula. for a 6oz bottle i stick in 2oz boiling water and 6 scoops formula, mix then add 4oz cooled boiled water from fridge. v quick and perfect temp.
will post longer later x

V bad night here. M in bed at 7.30 then up at 9.30, 11, 12 and 1, at which point she decided this was time to get up. hmm Refused to sleep, wasn't feeding, just biting my nipple pensively (owww!), gurgling away to herself and wriggling, but howling loudly if I tried to put her in the cot and go back to bed. She finally fell asleep at 2.15, only to wake up at 5 and repeat the process. I got her back to sleep at about 6.20 that time, and DH's alarm went off at 6.30. Gaaah. In the end I begged DH to take the day off work (it's the start of his new holiday year so he could) so I could sleep in. Just as well he did, because my tummy is not reacting well to the vast quantities of food/gluten it had yesterday and it is nice to have someone else on hand to hold the baby while I dash to the loo. The glamour...

Biscuits, that sounds like a v fraught doctor's appt! I am hopeless at getting to ours on time, but our GP is always running an hour late even if you have the second appt of the day. How she manages this I don't know! Last time I was so angry that I was seriously considering phoning ahead to ask what the current waiting time was and staying at home for it.

Oh my god. You're all REAL.

And very beautiful, with gorgeous children.

grin at Pomme. Just for you lot am considering uploading a lot more pics.

How do I send my fb link? Dying to get on this group... Have had a quick fiddle- is it something I can do on my phone? <clueless> its an HTC not an iPhone if that makes a difference...

Really struggled in the night and this morning to get dds temp down below 39. She's grotty. So's B. S a happy ish pooer. Gah. She's half asleep on me now...
too, excellent powers of persuasion with Dh did you have to bribe him?! I sympathize, was a terrible night here too, except exchange howling and drugging for gurgling and wanting to play. Except S, he shat a lot but escaped my liberal Calpol doses....

Yeah, do it too!!!

Me too smile

When I get I.to the secret society that is...

And from your pics on here, I think you fit your description with your dc pomme

dream - pm Jen re fb! God, hope your 3 babies get better soon!

hawthers Mon 08-Oct-12 14:36:59

Feel like I've hijacked the ttc brookers fb page. Is it insensitive to put up pics of my boys? Don't want to cause any issues for anyone.

I've pm'ed but still can't figure out the fb link I'm to send, too thick and tired?!

It does feel a little like we've taken over Hawthers blush I'm hoping that maybe No Brooker babies are seen as evidence of the power of No Brooking, rather than the negative emotions sometimes generated by random old school friend baby photos?! I mean none of us is insensitive enough to say "oh I just got pregnant by accident!" or any of the other thousands of unintentionally insensitive things other people say on FB.

Pomme that's EXACTLY what I came on here to write! You're all real!!!!!! Soooo crazy! I'm loving the baby photos, especially of the older DC who I haven't seen so much of on MN. Also loving the various wedding photo albums! Plus Scarlet, your CA hol looks AMAZING!!!!!

Thanks for the formula prep advice, that sounds like a perfect compromise. Munx and Ninja I know it's a stupid question, but what container are you storing your cooled boiled water in? Normal plastic bottles melt if you put boiling water in, a thermos won't allow the boiled water to cool, and I'm struggling to find a BPA-free jug! What are you using?

<Heads back over to FB for more rubber-necking.> It's going to be tough keeping up with the FB page, the antenatal thread AND this thread! I haven't been on the ttc thread in AGES!

Dream if you have just PM'd your real name and enough detail that they can find you (so I gave my name and described my profile and cover pics) you should be fine smile

Agree with what Scream says about the whole baby vs ttc thing.

Scream could you put the water in normal baby bottles if you left it for say 10 mins once its boiled? So if you boiled it first thing in the morning, leave it for 10 mins and then stick it in the fridge? That way you could measure out the right amount ready to go too. So like Ninja said if you're doing 6oz water, then you do 2oz boiling, add the 6 scoops powder and then you could have a 4 oz bottle ready to just pop in. I guess that uses a lot of bottles though perhaps?

I was thinking I might end up doing that Biscuits, thanks for the suggestion. I was hoping to be able to put the water in one big container, so it takes up less fridge space and I can keep the bottles free for mixing the formula. That way I'll have enough bottles to last a whole day. Whereas this way I guess I need one sterilised bottle to mix up the concentrated formula, and another sterilised bottle with the cooled boiled water. So I'll be doing twice as much sterilising/cleaning and won't have another bottles in one batch to last the day sad I had no idea ff had these complexities! I'm still loving not pumping though grin

<Annnnnnnnnnnnddddddddddddd back to FB!>

hawthers Mon 08-Oct-12 15:16:39

With the formula thing I make them as I need them by boiling the kettle, pouring in the right amount of water, adding the powder, shake it up then stand it in a bowl full of cold water. This gets it cooled down in about 10-15 mins. As f has bottles at regular times its easy to get these ready in time. Less useful for the zero to starving babies though!

So, I brushed my hair and put a nice top on and shedloads of makeup and asked DH to take pics of M and me. This he duly did, only on reviewing them now I have discovered that the TV behind us came out very clearly so every picture also contains Anne Bloody Robinson in the middle of The Weakest Link. I've uploaded one, but think my next attempt may have to be in the garden.

That's how I do it sometimes Hawthers if I remember. Or like this afternoon where I've suddenly just thought 'bugger, he's waking up and I haven't even boiled the kettle and we need to go out as soon as he's had his milk. Carton it is again then' blush

Yes a big container would be better wouldn't it Scream. No idea on what though. Bottles are expensive to use for that aren't they. How many bottles can you sterilise at once / what sort of steriliser are you using?

scream I put 8oz in a baby bottle which does 2 bottles. I then refill it a couple more times before resterilizing it as I figue it gets no spit etc in it and boiling water will kill anything else! I do need to find something bigger to store it in so if I do find something i'll let you know as its annoying.

I know what you mean about seeing everyone, its odd but in a good way grin

ReturnOfTheMunx Mon 08-Oct-12 16:44:01

scream I put in a vacuum flask at the beginning of the day and left the lid off. It was a while ago but I remember it worked fine, but there are loads of great ideas here. It's a case of finding what works for you.

DD was on prescription formula otherwise I feel I may have relied on cartons overnight and when out and about!

I use a thermos. I just refill it again with boiling water throughout the day. I use cartons sometimes when out but try not to that often because of the price.

Not had chance to read the thread fully or look properly on FB yet. I know once I start I'll never end up doing anything else.

And I've already failed my FB policy of close friends and family only already blush I'm just too nosey

PetWoman Mon 08-Oct-12 18:09:38

Hello everyone! <waves madly>

I've been at my parents' house for a long weekend. Lots of seeing extended family. It was really good, actually. And fortunately DS woke up on the Friday morning and straight away I could tell that he was better. He was cheerful and smily most of the time, but his sleeping is a bit rubbish at the moment - up numerous times for big feeds. Is there some sort of 6 month sleep regression / hungry baby thing?

Anyway, got home to find the house is a tip. Thanks DH.

Feel like I'm a bit behind, but am no brooking for poorly, spotty, pooing, sleepless babies to all improve pronto!

Ooh, and the fb group thing - I can't decide if it's a good idea or not to join... I've got used to everyone being anonymous on this thread and can't imagine noseying into everyone's real lives, though I'd love to see the baby pics!

jaggythistle Mon 08-Oct-12 19:27:31

if i ever joined the fb group it'd take you all hours to get through my photos. have uploaded loads over 3 years for the gps!

I have gone a bit mad taking photos. I am trying to restrain myself from uploading the whole lot onto FB. The thing is, all photos of M are adorable, even the ones where she's a blur except for one tiny little perfect foot. blush [PSB emoticon] What is the etiquette with naked baby pics? Are you not supposed to put them on FB?

Pet, welcome back! Glad you had a lovely time with your family and that DS is feeling better. Grr at DH leaving the house in a tip! not that I do this, ever Don't know about the sleep thing - M's sleep went to pot at 4.5 months and has never really recovered. Some nights are better than others, though.

How lovely you all are! All the DC are just beautiful.

Meant to say Jaggy when I said Val McDermid, I didn't mean exactly the same. I meant a more attractive version, and younger obviously. I hope you weren't offended. Obviously I know now you look nothing like anyway.thanks

<waves back to Pet>

musicalmrs Mon 08-Oct-12 21:02:01

Welcome back Pet! <waves> Glad DS is feeling better, but how annoying about the house and the state of untidyness sad

I've done some Face-stalking of photos this afternoon (and done no work!), but think I'll save some for the night feeds smile

Reminds me - a couple of nights ago, I woke up to the sound of Bach coming down the baby monitor (as you do). Iz had managed to turn the mobile on. I went in, turned it off and fed her. Same thing happened a bit later. However, I later realised that to turn it on to the extent she did, you actually have to flip a switch! She's bashed the musical buttons before (with both her feet and hands), but to switch a switch?! Typically she's not demonstrated this clever behaviour when I've been watching, only while I've been sleeping!

I've also managed to inhale a bar of chocolate today. blush. We're on a health kick for DH's sake, but he's away.... oops.. sad

jaggythistle Mon 08-Oct-12 21:38:01

just curious...so can someone explain how the secret squirrel fb group works? you can join but not add friends - then still share photos? <thick>

I'm sure this was explained earlier blush

it made me laugh scarlet, because I'd seen Val on tv fairly recently!

All the pictures of everyone's DC are just soooooooooo cute!

Dream I love your wedding pics as well. I was looking at the pics of you, looking stunning on your wedding day in 2010, having no idea that by 2012 you would have THREE delicious kiddies!! Did you ever imagine that possibility?!

<must drag myself away from FB and get some sleep before DD wakes> DD was up 5 times last night, hungry every time. sad Bloody growth spurts, I hope she starts crawling after this one!

p.s. WOW! Go Iz!!

Ooooo and thanks for the formula advice. I've just received the 6 new tommee tippee bottles I ordered a couple of days ago (it's too annoying trying to shake up formula in the Dr Brown's bottles I have at the mo). So my plan is to fill 2 8oz Dr Browns bottles with cooled boiled water, and just keep them as the water bottles in the fridge. As I finish one I'll just replenish it straight away with more boiled water and probably only sterilise occasionally since the bottles won't be used for milk anymore. That way I can keep the tt bottles for milk. 6 bottles should get me through a day right?

6 is plenty Scream, sounds like a good plan.

Sounds great ff advice, even an incompetent like me could manage that smile

Not had time for proper fb ing yet, was up til 4am with one or another of mine, mostly DD and B. Really struggling to keep DDs temp below 39 and so hard to get Calpol in her. She isn't eating, not even yoghurt/ ice cream. Not drinking. It's worrying.

Oh, she's crying

And she's 39.5 again, argh!!!!!!! sad sad

((((hugs)))) Dream. I assume your DH has looked in her ears and throat? DS is only ever like that with tonsillitis. I think he's had it about 6 times now. We can usually manage the temp when it's a virus but tonsillitis just seems to floor him every time.

No time to catch up properly until later, but just wanted to say re the FB thing. If any of you who are now FB friends with me change your minds about it all please just delete me.

I've still not had chance to look at you all properly but I have seen some gorgeous DC pics. And the weddings all look fab!

Oh no Dream have you tried giving calpol and nurofen together? Although if she won't take it that won't help much sad. She's just at that worst age I guess for taking medicine - aware and opinionated enough to know she doesn't want it but probably not able to be bribed or for you to explain that it will make her feel better. I found it so much easier to give DS the yucky ABs this time because he understood that he HAD to take them to make his throat better and he could be bribed with a chocolate button. But it was a nightmare when he was 2 sad. I don't know what to suggest confused. Do you do it via syringe or spoon?

musicalmrs Tue 09-Oct-12 08:31:48

Oooo Scream I haven't had a nose at wedding pictures! There's a plan for later grin It's amazing to think what an effect children can have on your life in such a short space of time - especially Dream's gorgeous three!

Hope DD picks up soon Dream, and starts eating again soon.

I need to call on your collective wisdom again brookers. Iz has woken lots over the last couple of nights, but with slightly different cries, and I've realised she's been bashing her head on the bars, through rolling over or spinning.

I was going to get some of the air wrap stuff to help with her escaping limbs, but I guess that won't help much. Cot bumpers aren't recommended now though, are they? Or are there some safe ones, or some that are safe now she's older?

She's still asleep so I should be napping, but can't get back to sleep.. grr!

Dream ds1 was the same with tonsillitis that we couldn't get his temp down - first time I couldn't get his temp down with calpol and first time he'd had tonsillitis.

Really hope all your littlies are better soon <hugs Dream>

Ds2 seems determined to bf whilst pushing my boob away with his hand at the moment. This has been going on for a few weeks and makes it jolly sore. If I hold his hand to stop him pushing he'll pull his head back while he's feeding to achieve the same effect. With 4 top teeth it bloody hurts if he isn't feeding 'properly'. It's making me want to give up entirely bf but then I think I shouldn't while he's sleeping so badly as sometimes he'll feed overnight.

musical - not sure if I told the brookers my mental plan of buying the same travel cot we used out in Italy?? Well, we did and it's great. No bashing, no dummies escaping, she can see out, no need for bumpers... It's a bit odd having your baby sleep in a travel cot maybe but it is helping over here!

It's a full size travel cot though, not one of the little ones (we had one of those already and she HATED it).

I always find nurofen much more effective dream. Brooking for you!

PetWoman Tue 09-Oct-12 10:58:24

Urgh. 4th night feed (so far). Too I didn't realise M's sleep had been bad for so long! I blooming well hope this phase doesn't go on much longer or I will cry. Copiously.

Turns out DH was very cross cos he'd spent the weekend cleaning windows and that sort of thing. He is aware of dirt which I can happily ignore, and I get twitchy about mess which doesn't bother him. Would be a great combo if we spent all our time doing housework, but as we don't, we just end up frustrated. sad

Quick nappy question: how often do people change wet ones? Inaim for every 3-4 hours during the day, but not for 12 hours some nights. So could I leave them longer during the day? Jaggy I presume your little poo-machine makes that question irrelevant! grin

Biscuits hope E is having a better night. And that things are improving in Dream's household.

Off to attempt The Transfer...

PetWoman Tue 09-Oct-12 11:03:48

Sorry, wrote the above at 4am but the site was down and it's only just posted. Dream hope DD feels better soon.

Chaos here this morning, ended up texting a neighbour for help in desperation with floppy, panting, medicine refusing DD and screaming babies x2. Offering a spoon then trying a syringe. She's coughing, choking, gagging, screaming and writhing, took 2 of us to get about 4 ml Calpol down her. With a syringe. Dh didn't get a good look at her tonsils/ears yesterday, so took her to the GP, chest infection and ear infection diagnosed. I'd managed to give 5ml nurofen 2 hours before the GP and her temp was still 38.7 sad . How I'll get the antibiotics down I don't know. B also still ill. Thank goodness S a happy pooer but still, he's bloody high maintenance and up 2 hourly as usual.

pet, I'm going for 3-4 hourly usually too. wouldn't do longer for S of the sensitive skin but would for B. Irrelevant for me atm, s had 8 dirty nappies since midnight. I only got to bed at 4 mind, was up with DD or B til then (& S, but he'd have a nsppy, feed and back to sleep thank god). Oh, and S up at 6 of course. Tired and worried here.

And very me me me me me!

pomme, my friends child sleeps in a travel cot, has since birth and he's 2 in December. She just never got a cot for him, he's happy in his. You can get great mattresses for travel cots, ventilated and with all the extras you could want (cool max layers etc) from the cotmattresscompany online. ours were quite cheap for A decent mattress too. Not full size cot though, the squarer ones.

Oh dream sad

You poor poor thing sad And your poor DCs sad.

When I hoped S would be easier I wasn't really thinking that it would happen by default because B and DD would be harder sad.

You have my full sympathy for the ABs I can remember having to take DS round to the in-laws to get ABs down him on occasions. Is there any chance she could be bribed to take them? Or maybe bribed / mixed in with a yogurt once she's got the temp down and is a bit more herself? How is she doing now? When do you have to battle the calpol / nurofen again?

Is there any chance of your parents coming to help? Or your mother's help doing some extra days? I always found medicine to be a 2 man job at that age! So difficult sadthanks

My dad has arrived. She's still asleep in the car after the doctor's, I didn't think she'd nap this long, so she's due Calpol and the AB's. I'm now worrying that her temp was 38.7 when she fell asleep, god knows what it'll be now. Tried bribing her before but as she won't even eat chocolate buttons there's no chance, yet at least.

She woke up . 39.6. Even Dh is twitchy.

hawthers Tue 09-Oct-12 14:41:19

Poor you dream come on universe, give the girl a break!

When DS1 had something he needed abs for, he was also supposed to use an inhaler which he really didn't want to use. So we told him he had to have one or the other, si the and were the lesser evil I guess. Not much help but hope you manage to get something in.

She's totally flat out, not even opening her eyes. biscuits and scarlet, were yours like this with their really high temperatures? She's so flat I've even got all the drugs on board...

Oh dream - i hope she's ok. If you're really worried go to a and e. Just for peace of mind if nothing else. Don't worry about food - medicines and fluids are the important things.

Oh Dream, that sounds v scary. How is she now? Glad you've got your dad there. Brooking really hard that her temp is down by now.

musicalmrs Tue 09-Oct-12 17:01:10

Dream, I hope her temperature is coming down. So glad your Dad's there. As the others say, if you're really worried go to A & E...

Pomme, I did see that you were using a travel cot! We don't have one, but I am tempted to get one if it'll make her sleep better. It might be easier than finding a safe solution for the cot. Then again, I would like to use the cot in the future.. but it might be that this spinning round in her sleep thing is just a phase...

How's dd Dream?

hawthers Tue 09-Oct-12 18:58:15

Hope she (and you) are ok.

ReturnOfTheMunx Tue 09-Oct-12 19:41:40

Dream hope all ok with you lovely.

How the bloody hell do you cope with a baby and a toddler? Today has been awful all three of us in tears.

hawthers Tue 09-Oct-12 19:58:24

munx its bloody hard isn't it. There is a toddler and newborn support thread in postnatal somewhere that might be still going. I really struggled and frequently cried but used loads of cbeebies (and time out when DS1 got really bad always aimed at DH and I not ds2). It does get better, I can't remember when but it does! Definitely at 6 months we had some days where I didn't cry...

I read somewhere on here that if you don't find being a mother fucking difficult then you are not doing it right.

Tomorrow will be better I'm sure. How old is your new dc?

ReturnOfTheMunx Tue 09-Oct-12 20:03:04

Thanks hawthers dd is 21mo and ds is 4 weeks!

In that case munx, you've a similar age gap to me- DD was 18 3/4 mo when the dts were born- so I can confidently say it will get better when your DD is about 23-24 months. Mine is more independent week by week- with looking at books by herself/ playing by herself which has helped a lot.

<nods confidently>
<ignores the fact that every child is different>

Several of my friends with very similar aged children have said the same, so I'll hope for you too. I'm also plumping for 3 months as bf much better from then on or maybe it was 16 weeks for me but there are two little tikes But tears are involved on a daily basis, agree with hawthers . Less so now, but these last 2 weeks with illness too are still seeing near daily tears, so don't feel that's just you!!!

My little DD is really poorly... Been back to the gp as I was worried about dehydration. She's drunk about 4-5oz of juice in 36 hours. Luckily she's ok hydration wise, but she's not really opened her eyes this afternoon except for in the doctor's. My helpful neighbour from this morning (who is also a GP) told me on the quiet to lie to the pharmacist about having an older child and buy age 6+ Calpol, which is 250mg/5ml (infant is 120mg/5ml) so I'm giving the right dosage for her age of that, which is roughly half the volume to get down her which also helps ignores the fact she's not even been opening her eyes on dosing her up which has also helped a lot! I'm trying unsuccessfully not to worry about the night and how rough she'll get. B also coughing his guts up but apyrexial so is being ignored. Boys next stool sample back clear again- no rotavirus, no cryptosporidium, no nothing. Why won't their diarrhoea stop then?!

Oh yes munx, my babies are basically ignored a lot and spend a lot of time in their pushchair. dragged to toddler groups and left in buggy or passed round. Forgot that bit before.

Wise words from Hawthers and Dream there Munx. If I had to sum up my parenting strategy in those first 6 months weeks it would be 'cBeebies' (for DS1) and 'chocolate' (for me).

It does get better honest, just try to get through each day. We're here for hand holding too my lovely xxx

Dream I'm so pleased to hear you have a diagnosis for DD. I'm sorry though that her temperature is still so scary high. I always find that worse than the illness itself. TBH whenever DS has tipped over 39 I've taken him to A&E blush I can't bear to see him shaking and looking on the verge of convulsing. Just being there where I know we're seconds away from help if needed helps me deal with him, plus they're excellent at giving an immediate diagnosis. How is DD now? It always seems to get worse at night, but even if she's asleep wake her up and force her meds in at regular intervals. I usually go like this

2 hours later Nurofen
4 hours after Calpol
2 hours later Nurofen
and so on. Even if the temp seems like it's coming down, I still do that until I'm happy it's not going to spike again. I think we kept that up for 2-3 days this most recent time with DS, even setting the alarm in the night for it. Sorry if I'm rambling on and you already know all this. I'm sure you do as of course does your DH. I just imagine that even when you know all this because of your job it still must be terrifying when it's your own DC.

I do as per scarlet saving a dose of each to do together at bedtime.

Sleep is good for her dream so hopefully she's healing herself.

munx - cbeebies and cake for dd1 and constant boob for dd2 was how I rocked those first few weeks with a 23 month age gap. The few times I insisted on proper mealtimes at the table for dd1 we all cried so I gave it up.

Dream, thinking of you and your poor DD. And your ill babies too. sad

All this mention of dealing with two (or three) at once is scaring me slightly. Inconsistently, because I am v broody at times. However, it is one thing me being broody and quite another when DH starts being broody too and saying he thinks we should ttc in January! Quite frankly, going back to work in January is occupying all my head space and the last thing I want is something else to stress about! January, ffs, of all the months he thinks would be appropriate. Sensibly and financially, we should wait until next Oct so M is 2.3 or older when the new baby comes along and is therefore 3 when my next mat leave finishes and we have to pay for 2 at nursery. Less sensibly, I could be persuaded to move ttc forward a few months just because I'm broody too. But not 10 months and to a month in which I am returning to work, we're both starting compressed hours and, most importantly, M is starting nursery which she might hate. Plus it feels like taking the piss, a bit, to return to work and instantly get pg again (assuming I would, which is naturally not certain at all).

Which leads on nicely to stress no 2. KIT days. We're broke, so it would be helpful if I did some keeping in touch (and getting paid). But what do I do about bf? Express during the day? Not express, just keep changing breast pads? I'm scared of the thought of expressing at work. I'll be in a new office when I go back, and I don't know where the statutory bf room might be. What I do know is that the whole bloody place seems to be made of glass, some frosted, some not. I don't know if a bf room has to have a lock on the door so you can be sure no one can walk in on you. Does it have to have a fridge? I'm not that good at expressing quickly, or without getting milk all down my front. That's before I even start to try to work out a babysitter for M. My mum is the logical choice except for the boisterous dogs issue and the fact that she's moving to Aberdeen at the start of Nov, and realistically I'm not going to have organised a KIT day with work before then.

Stress no 3. Actually going back to work. Jaggy, I know you're wrestling with this one too. How old will R be when you go back? M will be 10 months - what happens with milk? I'm not keen on M having formula (please don't be offended, ff-ers), so does that mean that I need to express for her until she's a year old, or will she be able to get by on food and water? I mentioned the possibility of expressing to DH and he was weirdly repelled by it. He thought I was being ridiculous and martyring myself. I don't know why he had such a strong reaction. confused

<head explodes>

Sorry for the mind-dump. It helps me to write all this stuff out. Feel free to ignore me!

Sending a thousand hugs to Dream, you poor thing, and your poor babies. No Brooking seriously hard for good health to FINALLY visit the entire Dream household.

I'm sooooooo drubk grin Just sooooooooooooo drunk!!!!! I went out to meet a mummy friend for one teeeeeny tiny drink at 8 and now look what's happened!!! I'm going to have to pump before DD nect wakes up!

Had afabulous night though. Plus DD was happy and chirpy (although not asleep) for my parents tonight apparently.SO we're all in a good mood! grin

Super happy for Fluffy as well! Minicakes and minifluffy are both around and ready to join the postgrad No Brooker party - hooray!!!

Is is wrong that all I want to do right now is watch the Great British Bake Off on the oplayer while I pump out all this super bad alcoholic bm?

cakes82 Wed 10-Oct-12 02:31:07

Hi all, i've joined the world of the night brooker. My little one currently refuses to sleep longer than 20min in her basket at night, day time fine no prob as long as she has had a good feed but night no chance so for last 3 hours nearly she has been asleep on my lap. First question is that normal? Second how long does it last and third how do I prevent it becoming a really bad habit?

I should also make allowances for her only being 5 days old.

Sounds like a good night Scream

Hope daylight brings a good day in the dream household

jaggythistle Wed 10-Oct-12 06:44:23

grr! i did a huge post last night and my phone lost it then needed charged.

summary: brooking like mad for all the wee dream bairns. sad hope all better v soon.

munx: survival by sling, Cbeebies, new DVDs and treats and much praise to DS1 for being a great big brother. yes there was someone crying a fair bit at first, less now with DS2 nearly 6 months. smile

congrats again and hi cakes!

first don't worry about bad habits for little babies.

I've already forgotten how long DS2 slept on my lap on my feeding pillow or on my chest, so it couldn't have been too long blush grin

i think it varies between babies (I'm sure other Brookers will confirm), i just kept trying putting him down in his crib when he seemed sound. also they are v hungry at this stage, especially if getting bf started.

too i expressed till DS1 was nearly 1, could have maybe stopped earlier if i didn't work some evenings and express for bedtime milk. i don't want to use formula either when i have my own free stuff grin

Yy to using the free stuff, Jaggy! Must be the Scot coming out in me. Now why can't I be that thrifty in other areas of my life?

Hello Cakes, welcome to the dark side! I just kept trying to put M down, I think - well, sometimes. She slept on someone during the day mostly for the first week, because I had my mum and stepdad staying to do all the cooking and housework and everyone wanted to hold her. We did the hot water bottle in the basket a lot, plus having a blanket wrapped around her so she didn't notice the transition so much. I do remember giving in and letting her sleep on my chest, me lying on my back and her lying on me with her head between my boobs, and us both waking up covered in milk - probably not one to be recommended! I have a memory foam mattress so I was scared to let her cosleep, so I had to keep trying to get her to sleep in her own basket.

grin at Scream and being soooo drunk! Hee hee, that made me giggle. How's the head this morning?

M was up every 2 hours like clockwork last night, sigh. Come on baby, you were 7 months old yesterday, you can sleep for longer than 2 hours at a time!

How's the head this morning Scream? Loving that you were drunk and came on here to tell us grin The nights where you don't plan it are the best.

How's DD doing Dream?

jaggythistle Wed 10-Oct-12 09:07:25

oh yeah too i used to wrap DS2 up like a wee fajita in a fleece blanket and he seemed to like it. i put the corner under his head so he stayed cosy when i put him down.

i also grin at scream's drunken post, glad you had a good night!

DS2 was up at 11, 12 and 1 last night i think. at some point i gave up and fed him lying down. i am so crap at co sleeping. i hate the feeling of surprise when you wake up to find baby snuggled in. we were sleeping safely, but i still got a fright for some reason confused

re the expressing too, i expressed twice a shift for the first few months, then went to one at some point (around 10 months old? - should have made notes! ) when he was 11 months we started giving him bedtime milk in a cup, he wasn't that bothered anyway if i was at work. so at 11.5 months i finally stopped and DH gave him a wee cup of warm cow's milk at bedtime if he wanted it. i carried on bfing when i wasn't at work and was glad to pack away the pump by then.

Firstly blush I'm very sorry. No more drinking and posting! It was an unexpected night out and I destroyed my diet Great fun though! My head's better than expected given DD was up until nearly 3, and back up for the day at 7! I have reacquainted myself with my pump, and remembered how tedious and frustrating it is! Sigh.

Cakes don't worry about bad habits yet! I've been a 'path of least resistance' parent from the very start, and this week (post holiday) is the very first time I've attempted to enforce a specific bedtime complete with putting DD in her cot awake and NOT rocking/bouncing/cuddling/walking her to sleep. Despite 5 months of being held whilst falling asleep for EVERY nap and nighttime sleep, she's still taken to it really well. I've done every bad habit forming technique in the book and I still occasionally feed her to sleep in her cot with a bottle but she's still getting the hang of self-settling, and seems happy and comfortable going to sleep in her cot now at 5 months old. We've had no tears here. If she fusses I talk to her, and distract her with Ewan the sheep (thank you Pomme for the recommendation!) She's only started to cry in her cot ONCE so far, and I immediately picked her up, calmed her, and 5 mins later she went back in the cot and fell asleep! Just do what you have to do in the first few weeks, and worry about habits much much later on!

Too I hear all your stresses and I completely understand where you're coming from. However may I please also be allowed a moment of envy ! I'm sooooooooooo broody still! I desperately wish my DH was as keen to start again soon as yours! Between marriage issues, buying a new house next year, and my DH being a terrified of life the responsibility of a second child, I'm worried it'll be AGES before I can have another sad Sorry I don't have any helpful suggestions to your dilemmas though, I have the same queries as you! The wise experienced No Brookers with toddlers will have all the answers though! grin

Cakes welcome over and congratulations again thanks. Please don't worry about getting into bad habits at 5 days old. Just enjoy the cuddles and go with whatever seems to make her feel happy and safe. I worried about in the early days with DS so got into a routine which in hindsight was far too early and I have awful guilt over it now. I've been the opposite with DD and cuddled her to sleep until she was about 12 weeks old. She is completely fine now at going to bed awake and alone and self settles to sleep no problem. Just enjoy your new baby and don't worry about routines, habits or anything like that for now.

Too have your next DC whenever it feels right. Don't worry about work. It's inevitable that you'd want at least one more DC anyway so really what difference does it make whether you claim mat pay again next year or the year after? Yes it's an inconvenience to your employer, but it will be an inconvenience to them whenever it is so you just have to do it when the time is right for you. Re the finances, you will make it work whenever it is. You've already had the biggest outlay and have all your baby equipment, the rest of it you'll find a way.

musicalmrs Wed 10-Oct-12 10:53:58

Too, I completely know what you mean about feeling broody! I keep seeing pictures of new babies (or even the brooking babies!) and get broody. I got broody seeing Fluff's announcement! I told DH "Aww, she'll be having lovely cuddles with a newborn baby" and he just looked at me. grin. We've talked about a 2-3ish year age gap in a dream world.... so realistically I can't even contemplate ttc until next summer.

We already know it won't be great financially - but that's one of the reasons for us having DC younger.

In terms of KIT days, I've done one. I haven't actually claimed for it either, and the deadline has passed, so need to work out what I do to get paid for it blush. I took a manual pump and pumped at lunch time, and wore breast pads the rest of the time. However, I had to express a bit into tissues at morning break (it was a training day) to ensure my boobs didn't explode, so realistically I think I'd have had to pump twice to survive. I didn't realise Iz ate so much!

Milk wise... I'm most likely going back for two days a week when she's seven months old (provided my SIL can look after her - we have to make a decision in the next couple of weeks!). If so, I'll be expressing for her. I can make up a feed in two evenings' pumping, and I'll also have to try and pump once or twice during the school day. Twice would be better, but I think with my packed timetables I'll only be able to do it once. I also won't go to formula unless I have to - mainly to do with lactose intolerance and to do with the cost - I'm a cheapskate me grin.

Cakes, I'd also say don't worry about routine etc! Like Scream I've also mainly gone for the path of least resistance - defintely as far as bedtimes and sleeping are concerned! My aim is to sort them out before I go back to work, but until then she seems to be happy enough smile I think I co-slept a lot of the first few weeks, then had a period when she was happy in the moses basket - and then went back to co-sleeping. Whatever worked and got me the most sleep! At 21 weeks Iz can self settle at night, still doesn't nap brilliantly but I think that's mainly due to her teeth.

Glad you had a good night Scream grin

Iz slept through the first baby group we were thinking of going to today - oops! By the looks of it she'll nap through the second one too.. ah well, lazy day at home then (and maybe a walk later!). Feeling a bit frazzled so think a lazy day is well needed. Accidentally inhaled a lot of chocolate over the past few days though, so maybe I should ensure I get at least some exercise... I can report, however, that the new Oreo Dairy Milk is pretty tasty!

PetWoman Wed 10-Oct-12 11:40:24

Musical I really want chocolate now!

Dream hope everything's ok and the DC are all on the mend.

Scream I loved your drunken post! I watched the Bake Off last night. I want James to win now.

Cakes I agree with the others. Do whatever gets you the most sleep / least tears. I spent most of every night reclining on the sofa with DS asleep on my lap until he was 6 weeks old. Then we introduced a dummy and he learned to self settle a bit. thanks and brew for you. This stage will pass!

PetWoman Wed 10-Oct-12 11:42:00

Oh, Too I understand your stresses and will also be interested by the answers...

pet - dh picked James out as the winner from the first episode so I will be slightly annoyed at how bloody RIGHT he is about everything all the time if James wins!

yy to the blanket wrapped round them cakes - newborn snuggles, how lovely. Huge congrats!

scream -drunkenness! Yay! Also yay for the Ewan the Sheep dd2 bloody loves hers.

Umm, she loves it so much that last night I think she slept through! I don't remember anything past the power cut at 10pm and dh waking me at 6.55 this am. I may be wrong but I'm couting it as a sleep through. Im sure its a one off but I'll take it!

I've totally stopped bf in the day now. Do 6pm feed, any over night ones and a morning one if required. Im not anti formula but dd2 is a bit. She'll take 60ml max.So at 2pm I give her 60ml formula and a weetabix made up with 3oz cows milk! So she has 5 oz milk and an extra meal basically!

waveing to you all!!

DD much better, still hot, but not roasting, and super cranky, which is a vast improvement on not opening her eyes.

Going to try and put some more photos on fb for you guys hmm think i'm a bit too into this fb thingie...! smile

Congratulations cake!!! I popped over the the ante natal thread but lost my post before I could say congrats and then all hell let loose here. I did think of you though, and lovely name- same as my DD.

ReturnOfTheMunx Wed 10-Oct-12 15:24:32

Thanks all for the advice and hand holding.

Will try to do a proper post later....I can hear DS stirring, just as I sit down!

Brooking much appreciated, thanks again.

Glad dd better dream.

too I do hope I haven't put you off the toddler/newborn combo!

Too - don't worry about planning too much. DH and I had dd1, bought our first house, started a new business, got married, got made redundant and had dd2 all in the space of 23 months and it's fine tics, rocks, yelps etc.

PetWoman Wed 10-Oct-12 17:48:19

Argh. DH is cross with me again because I haven't managed any housework today. I did walk the dog and make our bed (and pick up and fold his clothes hmm ) but that's about it. To be fair, DS just would not nap in his cot today, apart from 20 mins this morning, when I was in the shower. How does everyone else manage the house? Especially those of you with 2 DC? I can't do housework with DS in the sling because I find it too unwieldy, and he doesn't sit and play by himself for very long. Though admittedly I did choose to play with him when I could have been washing up. DH did say I'm doing a good job looking after DS, which is all I was aiming for, really. Maternity leave is for looking after the baby, not the house, right?!

Sorry for me me me but DH is threatening divorce. sad Not seriously, I hope.

Totally agree pet, mat leave is for looking after the baby. You will not look back and regret spending time with your PFB. You may look back and say I wish I hadn't done so many jobs and just left ds to it when he was so little and adorable! I did jobs like kitchen surfaces, occasionally vacuuming with DD in sling (but she hated the vacuum, really scared of it so not often) or ran round when she napped in her cot (so after 9 months old) or after she'd gone to bed, or weekend while Dh played with her.

<laughs out loud at thoughts of managing the house>

Pet I don't manage the house. I can cope with a lot of dust before it bothers me. Untidyness though I can't stand. Generally you will find my house tidyish but on closer inspection you will see that everywhere needs a good dust, polish, hoover or mop. It will get left until DH starts tutting about it and then we have a row and then he ends up doing it himself blush

I'm on my own with 2 DC most of the time. The small amount of time that DS is at playgroup is when I take DD swimming, do the food shop, iron and tidy up. I have no time for cleaning on top of that. I could stick DS in front of a DVD I suppose while DD is asleep but if the hoover's on he complains about the noise and if I'm not in the room with him he just follows me round asking me endlessly to play with him. So it doesn't happen.

Have you ever left your DS with your DH for a full day on his own? I suggest you do this on a day where your DH has been the one to get up in the night during the night before. So he gets up with him Friday night and then looks after him all day Saturday while you go out. See how much he can get done in the house.

If you think though he has a point and you could possibly do more, why don't you ask for his help on this occasion. So spend half a day this weekend where both of you clean and tidy up so that next week you're don't feel like you're climbing a mountain with it and can start from then?

Mwah ha ha. I am seriously considering going around the house taking photos of the rooms and then uploading them just so you can see how untidy it is, Pet. There are baby clothes (and some of mine) on the living room floor, dirty plates, books, junk mail, hairbrush, nail clippers, newspapers and DD1's memory box on the coffee table (just to clarify, none of this stuff is supposed to be there!). The sofas have more baby clothes, the sling, books (mine and M's) and, currently, a naked baby with a dirty face rolling around on a towel on them. I made curry for dinner and everything I used to cook with is still out, and the dirty plates are still on the table. The high chair is covered in curry. I could go on, but you get the picture. DH is like Scarlet, so he tends to tidy up. I tend to try to focus on the cleaning things, like cleaning bathrooms/kitchen/hoovering etc. This basically means that between us we manage to get the dishwasher loaded and unloaded once a day, and I try to keep the laundry from swamping us. Other things get done at weekends sometimes, by either of us. How long are your DH's hours? He should be pulling his weight with the housework.

Would write more but M howling and I need to bath her.

Really similar to Scarlet re the house. In fact I could practically have written that post. I do try to keep it tidy and generally speaking everything has a home and probably 95% of stuff ends up in its home by the time I go to bed. Cleaning however, I Just Do Not Have Time For. Ds1 does one morning and 2 school days at preschool (so 9-3:30) and in that time I feed ds2 (which takes flipping ages), tidy, iron, normally do a supermarket shop, and often see friends (so that I can complete a sentence without ds1 chipping in about the octonauts or something). If I have more time I attempt some cleaning but to be honest there just isn't time. I can only get stuff done while ds2 is asleep, and that would include the ironing at the very least, which fills up most of his nap time. If I want to do stuff while ds1 is here he'll follow me round the house, which makes it really hard to get stuff done, or has to be dumped in front of the tv.

So in short, not much cleaning gets done here. Fortunately DH is v understanding about it and can quite see that if it takes two of us most of the day to get meals in everyone then I ain't gonna get a lot done in the week.

In fact we were thinking about getting a cleaner to come in (I'm supposed to be researching this) even though I don't really think we can afford it. I was looking at sending DS2 to a childminder when he's perhaps 1 in order to have some time to get stuff done but DH made a very good point that it might be better to get a cleaner and I look after ds2, so outsourcing the cleaning rather than the childcare, and I think there might be legs to this argument! Will have to look into how much a cleaner would be though.

jaggythistle Wed 10-Oct-12 19:17:23

I'm the opposite, i can take untidy as long as it's fairly clean.

DH wants everything tidy and clean, he refuses to believe that domestic perfection is not entirely compatible with small children/babies/both.

i will quite happily sit and play for a bit if the dc look bored or unhappy, i think it's harder for DH to let go. he's great with them and doesn't neglect them or anything, but sometimes i want to say "just put down the Hoover!"

we're both off by the way as he's a SAHD

I think I need your DH to do a seminar Jaggy on how to actually Do Stuff without neglecting the dc! I'm hopeless at it! Doing the washing, preparing, administering and tidying up from meals etc just seems to take up all my time.

My mother assures me I should be able to do it all, but then again she used to leave me in a playpen while she did her jobs. And I have no recollection of my mother ever playing with me or anything. Just doing housework. She says I should do more housework so that the DSs learn that a clean house doesn't just 'happen' but since that was her strategy with me it didn't really work did it hmm

jaggythistle Wed 10-Oct-12 20:03:20

I'm not saying i actually get a lot of cleaning done, I'd like it to be clean though. grin

jaggythistle Wed 10-Oct-12 20:07:52

I'm not saying i actually get a lot of cleaning done, I'd like it to be clean though. grin

Well, I certainly didn't learn that a tidy house doesn't just 'happen'. Despite Granny's best efforts to shame us all into tidying. My stepfather cleans all the time, so Mum just kind of abandoned cleaning to him when they moved in together. Dad used to get us to help him clean - he'd give us chores to do, and we used to start dinner for him from the age of 13 or so. But it wasn't in an organised way - all we ever did during the week was cooking, dishwashing, laundry and lighting the fire. Then he'd make us help do the things like bathroom cleaning at weekends. I remember Granny coming round and pointing out how dirty the cooker was, so it didn't work that well! I don't know how people do it. Maybe you're right, Biscuits, and it's because people used to dump their kids in playpens and get on with things. Mum and Dad used to play with us instead when we were little. Mind you, I do put M in her gym/Jumperoo and let her entertain herself quite a lot. But like everyone else, she has clingy periods of the day, particularly mid-morning, before she's tired enough for her nap, when she turns into Velcro baby.

DH and I have been having various housework-related fights arguments over the last few months, but right now we seem to have reached a temporary agreement that we'll both try to tidy up the living room and kitchen before bed. Okay, the living room doesn't always get done, but so far we've managed to do the kitchen every day for the last week (since we came up with this plan). I keep the laundry ticking over and do a lot of the cooking, and that's pretty much it. Sometimes I do a bit of cleaning when DH gets home and can play with M, but not often.

Pet, I think your DH is being v unreasonable. Just because he works out of the house it doesn't mean he gets a free pass from doing any housework.

Maybe I should do some cleaning in the evenings, but I would rather slump on the sofa MNing with a cup of tea and some chocolate.

Biscuits, I would love a cleaner! Your DH is right - go for the cleaner rather than outsourcing your childcare. We are hoping to be able to afford a cleaner when I go back to work, but I have no idea how much they cost.

musicalmrs Wed 10-Oct-12 20:20:08

I'm another one who lives in a relatively untidy and DEFINITELY unclean house! Tidy wise... like Biscuits, everything does have a place (mostly) - unlike Biscuits, it doesn't normally find it grin. I'm trying to make the living/dining rooms the exception as I'm teaching in there once a week now, and the kitchen's relatively tidy, but the study I'm in now is a complete tip.

Housework wise, I tend to clean the kitchen every night and load the dishwasher when DH is getting DD ready for bed - if it's bath night I sweep the downstairs hard floors too (I HATE a bitty floor). I try to hoover upstairs once a week while DH plays with DD, because we have very fluffy long haired cats and if we leave the hoovering too long the hoover clogs... but that doesn't always happen. He cleans the bathroom... He used to do more housework, but I'd rather he spends a bit of time playing with DD when she's in a good mood and I do it! I tend to get all the ironing done in a block one evening a week when she's in bed...

I try to have the dishwasher unloaded by the time DH gets home - normally achieved by doing one or two items whenever I head into the kitchen - or when DD is in her bouncer (she can spin round and see me in the kitchen while she bounces, so is quite happy).

DH did occasionally moan about how much I'd got done Pet until he looked after DD by himself for a day when I was on my last KIT day. He hasn't moaned so much since grin.

Too, I love the list of random things on your coffee table. Ours gets exactly the same, and ends up getting piled higher and higher until one of us cracks and has to tidy it all away! There's normally quite a collection of odd baby socks hiding on there somewhere...

I'm tidying the chocolates the in-laws brought us back from their holiday as I type grin

PetWoman Wed 10-Oct-12 20:37:07

I luff you all. <sniff>. Thank you for your kind words. DS napped well yesterday so I did loads to get the house tidy then. And a bit cleaner. I think it looks fine, actually. But I don't cook, food shop or iron (neither of us iron and DH shops and cooks because he's better at it, doesn't like my cooking and used to get home 2 hours before me before I started mat leave). So, looking at what you lovely people manage, I think I'd better get out the cookbooks and renew my efforts in that area.

Too DH is usually home by 4pm. And he starts cooking when he gets in - he does pull his weight, to be fair. I'm loving your description of your sofa, complete with naked baby!

Scarlet I'm like you with the tidy but not clean thing. And I would love to leave DH in charge of DS for 24 hours, but what about the bfing? My boobs would explode! I was thinking of leaving him with DS for a day but he's just attempted bedtime and DS ended up so distressed I've had to feed him to sleep (he doesn't usually need that before bed).

Scream I admire the way you got your DH to share responsibility for DD and learn to settle her. Wish I'd done that with DH though he would probably have divorced me if I'd tried . I hope you and DH's relationship continues to improve. Constant fighting is no fun, is it?

Biscuits I think your DH is right about outsourcing the cleaning rather than the childcare. You both sound so lovely - your DSs are lucky to have you as their parents.

Jaggy how does your DH do it? I start a job but then have to stop because DS begins fussing and escalates into crying if I ignore him.

Dream I agree - I think I'll look back and be glad that on some days I cuddled DS while he slept because he didn't want to be put down. And sang The Grand Old Duke Of York to him, and played This Little Piggy. Precious moments. But somehow I will have to learn to cook as well...

PetWoman Wed 10-Oct-12 20:45:48

grin Biscuits

Musical I'm impressed by how much you get done. I think I need to get DH to do more with DS even though he cries when he's with his daddy so I can do chores then, knowing DS is in grumpy good hands.

Egged on by my success at tidying the chocolates I'm going to start tidying the wine rack now.

<waits patiently for MrJaggy and musical to begin today's lesson on 'how the heck to get stuff done in the day'>

<also tidying the wine rack>

Biscuits we should go out for drinks one night, DC free.

jaggythistle Wed 10-Oct-12 21:14:02

DH currently manages by handing grumpy/poo covered/sick covered/hungry baby or toddler to me. hmm

me going back to work will be interesting. he's taken them out to the park and for walks, but not had the 2 of them on his own in the house much.

he is v efficient and determined though, whereas i get sidetracked trying to find random toys for DS1, or watching DS2 giggle. blush I have good intentions... I'd not achieve what he does even if he did entertain the boys all day.

jaggythistle Wed 10-Oct-12 21:17:21

did i mention he does most of the cooking too? also while i do the baby and toddler wrangling though.

jaggythistle Wed 10-Oct-12 21:26:04

<we're on the wine too>

only because we needed to open a bottle of red for a recipe...

Definitely Scarlet - would love that smile

Your DH sounds tres efficient Jaggy. I too am easily distracted. By anything really. blush

Loopyhasanotherbean Wed 10-Oct-12 21:44:53

re cleaning, with a 5 week old and a 23 month old, and family 2 hours away, and a DP who is usually out of the house from 7.15am to 8pm, we have cleaners. Not as often as i'd like, but 2 come for an hour, once a fortnight, £11 hour, so costs £44 per 4 weeks, and they keep on top of most things during that time - just don't always get to do things like dusting lightshades, cleaning inside of windows etc.

am resorting to new toys to try and make it easier to deal with DS. novelty seems to be working so far...

Oooh loopy that's another thing I did with DS - I had a bag of 'stuff ' little toys, magazines, books etc to pull out at will. In fact there is some stuff still in there. I thought the bag was hidden until I found DS 'just checking the magazines were still there' the other day hmm

I think that would do me cleaner wise - you know a few of hours a fortnight just to make sure the kitchen and bathrooms and floors get a going over. What do your cleaners typically manage in their hour?

envy that's cleaner envy.

musicalmrs Wed 10-Oct-12 22:03:51

I've just tidied my chocolate Biscuits! :D

Loopy -dusting lampshades?! Cleaning inside of windows?! Things I'm not even sure I've done since moving to this house although that was 2 weeks before DD arrived, so maybe I have an excuse ... more cleaning required I think sad

I can only get things done in the day if there's a distraction! The baby bouncer works well for a bit, though she likes me to be in her line of sight. The thing I'm most productive at during the day is playing the piano/composing bits and pieces at the piano, but only because she likes sitting in my lap, or in the bouncy chair smiling at me if I'm working on songs, like I am most of the time at the mo.

Have also found moving the baby bouncer to different door frames to be very useful. She spent about 20 mins bouncing and chatting away in the door of the study the other day, while I actually filed some paperwork that had been unfiled since we moved in.

Oh, I meant to thank you brookers for the Shred! Not for me, but my DH! He's been on level one for a couple of weeks... he's attempting level 2 tonight. It's working though, that and healthier eating have helped him lose half a stone or so smile

I think I did say I'd do it with him initially...

Okay, I don't want to say too much about the level of cleaning in my house, in case you all start avoiding me out of disgust! blush I have to ask though, do you notice the level of cleanliness on other people's houses, or just your own?

I'm all about tidiness and hygiene. So most days I'll tidy downstairs - sitting room / dining room / kitchen. I also keep food surfaces like the dining table and kitchen worktops super clean. DH does most of the washing up straight after dinner, and we both keep the bathroom clean when we go in in the mornings - washing the bath / sink before using it etc. DH does most of the laundry because he generates most of the laundry! (Male clothing is just bigger and bulkier than female or baby clothing. DD and I could probably get by on a couple of washloads a week). HOWEVER general household cleanliness isn't really a priority for either of us... blush I couldn't tell you the last time we cleaned a skirting board, or washed a window. As for polishing/dusting hmm [lazy slattern emoticon]

So I ask again, do you generally notice the state of other people's homes? grin <wonders if all her RL friends are secretly horrified by her home>

Not so sure whether things are improving or just changing with DH at the moment. At least he's FINALLY arranged to see a Dr about his depression. If he sees someone decent that could make a huge difference to our lives. Plus he's finally starting to miss DD, so is making marginally more effort to see her unlike his first two prearranged afternoons to be spent with her both of which he cancelled at the last minute so he could spend precious time with his wretched brother instead

I certainly never notice it at anyone else's house Scream but worry that other people notice it at mine blush.

I'm pretty sure my mum and sister notice it but they are both total clean obsessives.

But then I don't really know if any of my friends are clean obsessives, because i don't notice how clean other houses are. if they are they might well notice it. They still seem to come round though?

I do notice if houses are tidy but it doesn't bother memo e way or the lever, it just registers because I have eyes!

I don't really notice mess particularly, but I notice dirt. Only in specific houses, though - like one of my friends has laminate floors and a collie which sheds black fur, so I notice fur/dust balls if she hasn't swept her living room. And my dad and stepmother's house is always a tip and I notice that - v dusty, grubby marked walls, sticky worktops, paper everywhere, black mould in the shower. I think I'm more critical of that because I used to live there and Dad used to make us help clean it! Still, people notice mine - Mum does, my sister does. blush I tend to do a massive blitz before we have visitors, but the massivest of blitzes can't get it all. I remember being really pissed off with FIL once after I had spent hours cleaning before their arrival - he said that if (neat freak) SIL came to stay I would have to clean up! I still don't know what he thought was so bad.

I have cleaner envy too. envy £11 an hour, though? Hmm. How much do they do in an hour? I would manage maybe the hoovering and that would be it, but I expect they work a lot faster than I do with less MN breaks.

I have cleaned the windows maybe once or twice in the 2.5 years we've lived here. DH cleaned the outsides but he never does it very thoroughly and I think they wound up smearier when he'd finished.

Biscuits, I was on gin-tidying duty last night! With elderflower cordial and tonic, mmm.

Scream, I would have been furious with DH for cancelling on DD. angry I hope you made him realise just what a shitty thing to do that was. I don't care if she's too little to be upset by it. (Child of divorced parents here; would have been devastated if either hadn't turned up when arranged)

I suppose it makes sense that if I don't notice dirt in my own house, that I wouldn't notice it in someone else's smileblush

musicalmrs Thu 11-Oct-12 10:30:27

I don't tend to notice in other people's houses, I don't think! Besides, I think lots of people have more important things to do than keep their houses looking absolutely perfectly shiny clean. I know none of mine have ever looked like that!

Scream, ahhhh skirting boards. Ours are atrocious. Every time I'm in the bathroom I notice how appauling the one in there is (also needs a lick of paint, which wouldn't take long), but I'm usually in the middle of doing something so never get round to cleaning it sad

I'm sure some people notice. My parents probably don't (they live in quite a big house, so once you've finally cleaned the last thing, the first thing needs cleaning again!). I'm sure my step MIL notices... because she's that kind of person. Their house is IMMACULATE - no clutter, feels like a show home. Except for my FIL's office which is clutter tastic grin. Me, I like a bit of homely clutter...

I'd have been furious with DH for cancelling on DD too, as Too says. I hope arranging to see a Dr is a step forward though smile

Ahhh running my first choir rehearsal in ages later with a new choir. Hoping the kids behave, and hoping Iz is happy being looked after by someone else (she'll be in the room, and enjoyed it last time we were there, but you never know..)

musicalmrs Thu 11-Oct-12 10:32:11

P.s. Where's the lovely Fluff and mini Fluff? She's clearly having far too lovely a time with newborn snuggles to come tell us all about it smile

<tries in vain not to get broody over the concept of another newborn brooker, and fails>

Loopyhasanotherbean Thu 11-Oct-12 10:45:27

biscuits in the hour they are both here, they usually clean the bathroom, one of the ensuites, the downstairs cloakroom, dust/polish/vacuum our room, corridor/upstairs landing, DS1's room and the lounge, clean the kitchen, and then sweep/mop the floors in the bathroom/ensuite/cloakroom/dining room/kitchen/utility/downstairs hall. Extras get done if they ever have spare time - things like wiping tops of door frames, wiping down internal doors, cleaning windows/light shades, getting rid of cobwebs from coving etc.... trying to keep things as nice as possible as house is still on market and desperate to move closer to family....if it wasn't i might not be as houseproud right now!!!! (and its because of my mothers obsessively high cleanliness standards that i notice things that need cleaning or jobs that need doing, there is always a list of jobs waiting for poor DP to do!!)

£11 an hour seems to be typical pricing here, last firm i used charged the same, but they had VAT on top, this firm are smaller so no VAT. I also have someone that does our ironing (when i say our, i mean DP's shirts and our bed linen...) and she charges £1.40 per lb weight, she collects it every other Monday and returns with it on the Thursday, i hate ironing, and whilst i'd get rid of the cleaners if money got tight, i'd never want to iron again! (and in my defence we have no family closer than 2 hours drive, and my family refuse to drive here other than for one visit each time i've had a baby, and my dad refuses to travel here at all, so it's only DP's folks who visit occasionally, and DP is out of the house from 7.15am to 8pm 5 days a week so i can't imagine doing everything myself if i didn't have cleaners/ironing done. Besides, i breastfed DS1 for 15 months so saved DP a fortune compared to if we'd bought formula, i saved us hundreds on nappies by bulk buying when on sale, and i have never smoked and barely drunk for nearly 3 years due to being pregnant or breastfeeding so he'd have a job to justify us not having cleaners IYSWIM? smile

hawthers Thu 11-Oct-12 16:30:50

My 3 yo ds1 is currently moping the kitchen floor grin honestly can't get the mop back!

Wow that's impressive hawthers I must have words with my DS about it.

FFS as if we've not had enough illness in this house it now looks like DD is coming down with something sad. She's been snotty for about a month now. I started off thinking it was a cold, then as time went on started thinking it was more likely teething. But for the last 2 days she's started with this awful hacking cough which seems to be worse when she's laying down. If it weren't for DS being so ill recently I'd be inclined to leave it a couple of days and see if it improves. But as he seemed to have this just days before his tonsillitis started I'm worried now that it might be the onset of that. Can baby's even get tonsillitis? [thicko] DS had bronchiallitis just before he turned one and I think that was the first time he was ill. Shall I take her to the GP? She's been more whingey than normal and is a bit more vomitty than normal. She's also developed this gross habit of turning her head as she barfs so it goes everywhere.

Hope it's all gone ok for you today Ninja? And also that things are improving for all your poorly DC Dream?

jaggythistle Thu 11-Oct-12 16:38:00

hmm, mine does a better line in decorating it with milk and orange juice in the morning and crumbs all day long. hope he's doing a good job hawthers!

I've spent a nice afternoon while DS1 napped cuddling DS2 and reading my kindle. he was sleeping for ages, then he woke up and played for about 5 minutes, had a wee feed and went back to sleep. i am convincing myself that this means he'll sleep great tonight...

I've just enjoyed the snuggling as I've been thinking how much I'll miss my wee guys in a few weeks.

aw, he's just woken up with a beautiful smile...and of course a poo. grin

Musical, inspired by the photo of you and Iz playing the piano I dug the keyboard out from under the sofa. M loves it! It would help if I could actually play, though. I can read music to a very basic level (ie, I can work out slowly which note means what) so have downloaded the sheet music to Summertime, which is M's favourite song, and am very slowly picking it out (right-hand only). I wish one of us could play, or that I had a friend or relative who could, but we are sadly unmusical. DH has a good voice and perfect pitch, but can't read music. He can usually pick out a tune on the keyboard by ear faster than I can decipher the music, though.

<wonders if M is big enough to mop floors yet>

Scarlet, Brooking that DD throws it off and no illness develops!

M will be fine mopping the floor Too just as soon as she can crawl. Get her a babygro made of mop material and away you go grin

We have a piano which I also wish I could play. I can read music but only treble clef, not bass clef, but I couldn't translate that quickly enough to actually play on the piano - I'd need to pick it out note by note until I could remember it. T'is years since i actually played (used to play the violin) so I have no idea if I could actually still read the music and translate that to the violin. i guess it would come back to me though? I can pick a tune out by ear though pretty quickly (again right hand only). I can pretty much manage most of the CBeebies theme tunes grin. Still DH is completely tone deaf so not much competition there grin

Scarlet brooking for dd - if in doubt nip her to the docs I say - I he needs ABs you want them ASAP don't you . Hope they're all on the mend soon (ditto for the dream household).

Also brooking for ninja and her DS xx

JenFrankenstein Thu 11-Oct-12 17:41:42

Every good boy deserves fruit for treble clef and green buses drive fast always for bass smile Treble I can do instantly but bass I have to think about as I am a clarinetist so never use bass. I only know about it as I have Grade 4 Theory

I can remember the every good boy deserves fruit / FACE but I think I had something different for bass clef. But again never used it, and never did theory (too idle). I only got to grade 5 violin so never needed my theory. I haven't played it in at least 15 years though!

PetWoman Thu 11-Oct-12 19:58:41

I don't particularly notice cleanliness or tidiness (or lack of) in other people's houses, unless it's very clean or tidy in which case I'm impressed and envious! I can't remember when I last thought 'ooh this room is dirty' (apart from my DB and SIL's bathroom, because it was grubby and I always do a quick clean in the bathroom before visitors arrive so I was surprised they hadn't!).

Musical how do you get DD to sit still on your lap when you play the piano? I tried to play an easy version of Moonlight Sonata for DS when I was at my parents' house but he bounced up and down and pressed the keys so I couldn't play. I don't think my playing was that bad I learned Great Britain Did Fight Argentina for the bass clef. My sister has grade 8 piano so she plays and I sing with DS on my hip. Mostly Phantom Of The Opera as it's my favourite

musicalmrs Thu 11-Oct-12 20:27:25

When I taught a lesson last week I realised I'd completely forgotten one of the sentences for remembering bass notes :S I use Grizzly Bears Don't Fear Anything for the lines and All Cows Eat Grass for the spaces in the bass clef.

Scream, glad M loves the keyboard! Keep at the same tune and you'll play it at a more normal speed soon. Does it have the chord symbols? If so when you've mastered the RH you can always play just the bass note from the chord - or use autochord if your keyboard has it!

Pet, I balance Iz on one leg - sitting with one leg either side - and pedal with the other if need be. I used to stick to pieces where my hands were quite close together so I could support her with my arms, but she doesn't need that anymore. She's also been doing it for a long time - there's a pic of her at about a month old on my Facebook on my lap (asleep!), and I definitely did it before that - and it's something I do almost every day, so she's very used to it! That makes it sound like I'm a very dedicated pianist - I mainly end up playing nursery rhymes and songs she likes me singing along to or playing!

My husband and I often go through the sheet music from musicals (we don't have the Phantom book sadly, though I've got various pieces in compliations!) - he'll sing and hold Iz and I'll play. Last time we did it, she fell asleep to me playing Fauré in the morning, and then fell asleep while we were singing The Song That Goes Like This from Spamalot as a duet. If anyone knows that song, they'll know it's not particularly sleep inducing...! Daft baby smile

She often just sits there, looks up and smiles or gets excited when I start, but after a while she gets bored and then wants to play herself (hence today's picture). Alternatively, I play something with hands quite far apart or move the melody up an octave so she can play some clustery chords in the middle smile

I ran a choir rehearsal for about 1h20 mins today. Knackered. Seriously, how do people work with a baby tiring them out?! Early to bed methinks..

PetWoman Thu 11-Oct-12 20:27:58

Meant to say also Scream glad your DH is going to see a doctor - hope he can get some help. How odd that he preferred to see his brother instead of DD. Couldn't he have seen them both?

Scarlet I hope DD's cough clears off pronto and she's all better soon.

Jaggy sad for you going back to work soon and missing cuddles.

musicalmrs Thu 11-Oct-12 20:30:53

Aaah, that should have said Too, glad M likes the keyboard - not Scream! Is a sign of how knackered I am, clearly.

Scarlet, hope DD's cough clears up pronto. If you're in doubt though, definitely go get it checked out..

PetWoman Thu 11-Oct-12 20:33:58

X-post Musical - sounds like a fab home to grow up in! Lucky Iz. Am off to bed too and I didn't do any (paid) work today. smile did the choir go well?

Reading and brooking for all appropriate things as discussed above ^^

Dc determined to wear me into the ground. Especially S. He's harder than the other 2 put together FFS.

Bed quick, no sleep for longer than an hour from any dc here last night groan

Quick Dream sleeeeeeeeep while you have the chance!

So if S is worse than the other two put together does that mean the other two are on the mend? <hopeful> Has DDs temp come down now? How are the meds going? Do B and S still have baby Gaviscon or anything? A friend of mine has just started her little colic monster on baby Gaviscon and says it's amazing the difference it makes! How's the poo situation?

<checks Dream isn't listening as she might slap me>

I just had to come and complain about the awful awful nappy. It's just taken me 20 minutes to clean her up. Yes I know I should have just put her in the bath but I didn't have time to run it, she was rolling all round her mat in it and DH is out.

She's been crying and whinging all evening, won't be put down, won't be left alone at all. I think I can feel mucus moving about on her chest so I'm going to get her checked over. I wonder if that's caused the horrendous poo also.

Musical have you been watching the Gareth Malone workplace choir thing? I'm loving it! Really looking forward to next week's episode.

BTW, Too, what does it mean to have perfect pitch? Is that when you can sing a middle c for example without hearing it first. So not just singing in tune but knowing what notes you're singing? How do you learn that?

No Brooking for Ninja and her DS1, as they recover from two stressful days. Also No Brooking for Dream and your poorly DC! More No Brooking for Scarlet's DD, I hope it turns out to be nothing more than a fleeting cold!

So tired I could cry. Had a lovely day out with two really good friends I haven't seen for ages, and DD was on good form for them, so that was a great afternoon. However getting home from Central London was a nightmare of train delays and cancellations, resulting in us getting caught in rush hour (with the pushchair! Sigh.) So DD was tired, hungry and frazzled by the time we got back, and it then took 90 minutes of fussing to get her down (and she's already been up once). Ugh.

Encountered my first post-weaning dirty nappy today. shock just shock. Nothing could have prepared me for the horror! I've decided DD will be reverting to an all-milk diet until she's potty trained grin

O and Musical, so far DH has only turned up to take DD for the afternoon when his brother is in London, so he can spend the day with them both. Every time his brother has been out of London staying with relatives, so DH can't see him and DD at the same time, so far he's chosen his brother every time. This is par for the course with DH, he's been choosing his brother over me ever since we first met, but constantly denying that his brother is more important to him than me (and now DD). This is our single biggest maritial problem, and the issue most likely to break us up in the end sad

PetWoman Fri 12-Oct-12 00:34:07

Dream hope you're fast asleep now.

Scarlet that sounds like a poo-castrophe! Poor you (and DD). Yes, best to get her checked - maybe she's got a chest infection.

Scream sad about DH and his brother. Why is he so attached to him? Hope you are having a better night than you anticipated.

DS is up again here. Something is waking this baby - but what? I don't think he's teething particularly, or that hungry. So What Is It???

musicalmrs Fri 12-Oct-12 02:20:03

Argh, managed to lose my mobile MN post..

Pet, thank you :-) Yes, she has been born to a very musical household, but it does have its downsides - such as having to listen to squeaky beginner oboes and recorders in the womb, where she couldn't escape! My first memories of big kicks are in oboe lessons, clearly thinking 'What on earth is that noise?!'. Hope DS's waking is a one off (two off?)...

Biscuits, that's precisely what perfect pitch is. I'm not sure if it can be learnt, but I think it can develop through life or get 'stronger'- mine certainly has (either that or I have very strong relative pitch.. nobody who's tested me with it is ever sure!). My mother has it- was forever calling to me from upstairs telling me the notes I got wrong - 'you forgot all the F#s in that passage!'.

Scream, I'm so sorry to hear that. I can't believe he's choosing his brother over DD. Am I right in thinking his brother doesn't live round here, and therefore shouldn't be around long? Or is he living elsewhere and that's why your DH travels to see him and cancels on DD? Completely unacceptable either way. I think you've mentioned counselling before - could that help him realise how his attachment to his brother is pushing you - and now DD - away? :-( :-(

Long night shift here - been up about 50mins, normally 15 at most, and she's still awake. However, the most amusing one ever - after not wanting to go back to sleep, Iz threw up her whole feed, mostly over my shoulder and onto a cat! The cat, who was sleeping, was rather surprised to say the least... grin.

musicalmrs Fri 12-Oct-12 02:25:58

Scarlet, hope DD has been ok tonight, and that the horrendous pop was just a one off and a passing phase of her bug. No, I haven't been watching the workplace choir thing - busy few weeks - but now things are calming down I'm hoping it's on iPlayer so I can catch up!

Pet, choir did go well, thanks for asking! I think they think I'm all mad though. Not that that's a problem! Got some quite complex harmonies learnt, and all by ear as they can't all read sheet music, so am very pleased. They sounded good, and Iz was pretty well behaved throughout- only getting a bit whiny when she needed sleep but wanted to stay awake and watch!

PetWoman Fri 12-Oct-12 03:39:19

Up again here. <yawn>

Me too <yawn>

Having Googled perfect pitch I'm now not sure that DH has it. He can't read music, so he can't say 'that should have been an F#', for instance. What he does do is say 'that note is wrong, it should go like this', and sing it. I think he might be able to if he had learned music properly, but he learned trombone as a child and for some reason his teacher didn't teach him how to read music, and he stopped at Grade 3. I am sort of on the tone deaf side of things - I can hear the tunes but I can't sing them, and I can't hear the difference between my singing and the actual tune, which can be v embarrassing. It's a shame, because I love singing.

Musical, grin at Iz throwing up on the cat! Poor cat. What did it do?

Better night here - I got 5 hours unbroken sleep! shock 11-4, quick feed, then back to sleep. Up at 5.30, 6.45 and eventually 8.30. Best night in a long time!

Dream, all the pics of you and your DC are so adorable! Are the boys turning out ginger? They are so cute!

Im like you too, bit tone deaf! DH is very musical although plays nothing now and he seems to think dd1 is pitch perfect (I think it means that when you sing without music you get the notes right?! I still dont get syncopation and he's been trying to explain that one for years..). DD1 does love singing - am trying to find her the modern equivalent of a tape player with a little microphone for xmas actually.

We had another one wake up night here. Getting too used to it and we're off to visit family this weekend so no doubt it will all go wrong!

Hope your dh gets his priorities sorted soon scream - does his brother have some kind of hold over him? Hope he does get his depression sorted, should make the world of difference for all of you if he does.x

So what's syncopation? Does more fibre help with it?

I can sing a tune without music or play it on the piano (with a bit if trial and error) but I thought that was just plying / singing by ear? No don't there is some technical term for it though <looks at Musical>

Heehee biscuits. Whatever it is the Charlie and Lola theme tune has it apparently...

I have a vague feeling that syncopation is when there are two different rhythms or something like that? Or rhythms on half beats or something. Something jolly complicated anyway.

Yes, biscuits - dh tends to be all 'see, that's on the beat', 'that's off the beat' about syncopation but cannot actually do a proper dictionary definition for me!

JenFrankenstein Fri 12-Oct-12 13:28:56

Scream your DH really can't understand priorities, can he?

I had a very dirty dream last night about Steve McDonald. I think it's time he came back from his holiday as I'm obviously missing him blush

Who's Steve McDonald? <eagerly awaits details of some hot new guy>

DH lost both parents in his teens, and following this has formed a completely unhealthy obsession attachment to his brother, far over and above a normal brotherly relationship. He refuses to acknowledge how unhealthy this relationship is, even when he's been bailing on DD to see his brother instead. Fortunately his brother lives and works in Switzerland, but unfortunately his brother returns to the UK for a couple of months in the Spring and again in the Autumn every year. DH will be useless and extra-unreliable until his brother goes home again, probably in late Nov. His brother stays with relatives outside of London most of the time while he's here. It's all so tedious and familiar, and I really thought that he would be different with his own child!

I can't contribute to the music chat - I'm hopeless! Tone deaf! My singing makes grown men cry grin Very impressed by anyone with musical talent though!

JenFrankenstein Fri 12-Oct-12 14:19:33

In Corrie Dream

Did you see this? I saw it and thought of you

Scream are you still going for counselling? Is it helping? Is that the sort of issue they could help with? I image it would be a very touchy subject to raise and very emotive for you both so v difficult to make any headway just discussing between yourselves?

grin at Scream hoping for a hot new guy. Here you go Steve McDonald

I really hope you and DH are able to work through your problems. Has he ever seen a councillor on his own prior to you going to Relate? Sounds as though he understandably has some deep issues, but absolutely needs to address them so his relationship with you and DD doesn't suffer.

I took DD to see the GP this morning. Usual answer, viral. But I asked him to have an especially good look at her tonsills and he said they are definitely ok.

DS has just for the first time noticed someone smoking when we were driving back from playgroup. He said "what's that lady doing with the candle?" I pretended I hadn't seen and asked him what it looked like she was doing. He said "blowing it". I really don't know what I'm going to say as he's now bound to notice another time.

JenFrankenstein Fri 12-Oct-12 15:04:24


We haven't signed up for the marriage counselling yet, I've given DH a deadline to start seeing someone about his depression first, and we'll go to Relate after his therapy has started. I think his depression is a significant contributing factor to almost all our problems, and therefore it's not worth doing the counselling until he's acknowledged the underlying issue and is dealing with it.

Thanks for the Relate link Jen! I didn't realise there was ever anyone attractive on soaps! Hmmmm I might even consider watching one, if I thought there would be eye candy!

Sorry to hijack the thread with marriage issues. I sound like a completely miserable cow! Life for me is actually great at the moment! I'm loving maternity leave, I adore motherhood far more than I ever thought possible, DD is just perfect. I actually really like living with my parents again at the moment, the separate flat gives us our own space and yet I have company and support on tap. Plus my parents and sister are besotted with DD, and it's so lovely to see them with her. I haven't lost touch with my old friends even though none of them have kids, and I've made a whole bunch of new Mummy friends. Plus I've just had an awesome holiday! Over the next month I've got a hen weekend in France with my very best friends, and I'm looking forward to Autumn's naming ceremony. Seriously, life is good! DH is a PITA, but there's more to life than men! For example, chocolate!

hawthers Fri 12-Oct-12 17:07:08

Today I am mostly screechy mum blush I am that woman who is always nagging her kids and I don't like it but I can't help it. Am totally going to neck a vat glass of wine or two.

Heehee hawthers - i know that feeling all too well!

This afternoon however I have taught dd1 how to write the first letter of her name so am feeling like I deserve a mummy crown.

dream - how's everyone over three? Brooking for miraculous recoveries and 3 x sleep throughs for you.

How's DD1 now Pomme?

Ooooh I know what I've been meaning to post for ages. Wants where are you? I assume you've gone back to uni and are just too mega busy these days for MNing but if you're lurking do let us know how you and baby D are doing. And your other DS's of course.

Funny how taking all clothes and nappy off turns angry screaming baby into happy chirpy toe-chewing baby. Weird.

hawthers Fri 12-Oct-12 18:23:36

On the wine already. Needed to get through tea time. Might be a two bottle glass night

Sounds well deserved Hawthers grin

Really, bedtime can't come soon enough. I just need to not have a constant steam of 4yo consciousness in my ear. I know that sounds really bad but I just want a bit of peace. Bless him confused

Tell me about it. DS has been in my ear all afternoon, yet when I told him tonight it was time for a shower he said "just stop that noise" I asked him what noise and he said "you, talking" shock

wine here too.

I'm also out all afternoon tomorrow and I can't wait. Lunch and wine with my best (and happily childless) friend. I'm really looking forward to adult conversation that's also not going to be about kids!

Love it Scarlet!

Am envy of your lunch date! I think there is zero chance of me getting anything like that ever in the foreseeable future. Hope you have a fab fab time.

hawthers Fri 12-Oct-12 19:59:01

Ooh scarlet soo envy

My ds says I am hurting his ears which is totally what I say after an afternoon of screeching from him.

Ahh bedtime, bliss...



and tidy up the chaos from the day and sort out the washing and cook dinner

<glugs wine>

<glugs wine>

DH has gone to the chip shop to fetch our dinner. I'm beyond excited about cod and chips with loads of salt and vinegar.

Tidying up can wait until tomorrow when I'm not here

Urgh. So on the DD saga, first GP (a trainee) had said chest infection and ear infection. I panicked about how hot and floppy she was, and not drinking and had her seen again in the afternoon, when he said he could see why his colleague thought chest infection but he disagreed, thought it was viral. As Dh had listened the night before and thought chest clear. So we've been Calpol and nurofen-ing her. Anyway, today is day 5 of sky high temperatures so Dh listened again tonight, and she does have a chest infection. So now we've re-started the antibiotics I got.

She's been not too much trouble though biscuits as she's been floppy and disinterested in everything and just wanting carrying round. Hard at night but she really isn't well. B is really chesty but just gets on with it- has big coughing fits and cries but gets over it with a quick cuddle. S, who's been the wellest, continues to demand 24/7 attention or howls and screams.... Sadly, he's got it now too, so is super, ultra high maintenance. But he's a high needs baby, definitely. !

Love the puking on the cat musical, how funny! Though how do you clean sick off a cat?!

Joining the tone deaf brigade.

scream, all sounds so hard with your Dh. I can only imagine the issues losing both parents as a teenager leave you with but urgh. I hope he gets good help with his depression, for all of your sakes.

And issues and all, your life does sound good! tries hard not to whinge that mine is literally, without exaggeration, 24/7 infant slavery, no days/ afternoons/ evenings out possible here

Off to check out that link Jen

DH is still at work sad

Still, my arse has finally made contact with the sofa grin

Man I would give one of my legs for an afternoon off!

oh, and yesterday both babies had their first 'normal' poo, so of course, as any sensible person would, I gave them pureed chicken casserole for tea yesterday and today hmm . And S had a petit filous, full of sugar I'm sure, I'll not be looking at the packaging, just to be sure I don't feel any guiltier.... Feeling bad about DD...

Hooray for normal poop in the Dream household! Long may it last forever please ! You have absolutely no need to feel guilty Dream, as we've all said many times - you are SuperMum!! Your DC are incredibly lucky to have you! I hope all 3 are 100% well again very soon, especially your poor DD!

Scarlet I'm completely envy of your fish and chips! <drools a little at the thought>

Yay for Pomme's DD1! Literacy, that's a scary thought!

I have just fed DD back to sleep in her cot for the second time tonight. Can anyone see a new rod for my own back being forged here?!

PetWoman Sat 13-Oct-12 02:46:15

Dream glad the pooing is better - hope the ABs do the job for poor DD.

I too have been wondering about Wants . <waves in case she's lurking> And we've not heard from Purple for a while.

Hope you had a relaxing evening with adult conversation, Biscuits and Hawthers - sounds like tiring days going on there.

Scream I'm glad you're in a good place right now. That's a difficult situation with DH. <hugs>

Good work on the writing, Pomme !

Scarlet hope DD's virus clears up quickly. Can you just explain smoking briefly to DS? Children usually think it's bad until they start high school and he's bound to find out some time.

Away to attemp The Transfer...

musicalmrs Sat 13-Oct-12 04:29:12

To hark back to a much earlier conversation, syncopation is a hard one to explain without clapping! It's basically dotted rhythms, or rhythms with off beats in - basically where the rhythm deviates from the normal flow (say, 1, 2, 3, 4- or clapping twice as fast, 1-and-2-and-3-and-4-and). If you think of the tune of The Entertainer, the line 'follow the van' from My Old Man, they're examples. If you put the emphasis on any of those 'ands' you'll have off beat syncopation. My sleep deprived brain can't think of any better examples blush It's remarkable that they let me teach..

Iz has just fallen off to sleep so will catch up properly later. However,the answer of how to clean sick off a cat (or milk- thrown up so quickly I imagine little was sick-like) is to have another willing cat lick it off of the first confused. Bit odd. They are brother and sister though,and do groom each other regularly. Watching them put the other in a headlock so they can give their ears a good clean is very amusing!

Dream, hurrah for normal poo! Hope the antibiotics help DD improve quickly.

Transfer time ..

hawthers Sat 13-Oct-12 10:37:19

Both boys slept until 7.15


Good job chaps!

DH got up with E a few times last night but only for 5 mins each time (it's almost cute but he'll start wriggling and moaning and if you go in and just hold his hand through the cot bars he'll go back to sleep) and then in the end I had to wake him (DS2) up at about 8:15 so that I could bf him because we have the most ridiculous Saturday schedule which involves having lunch at 11:30 before swimming so I needed him to bf so he could have breakfast and mid morning milk before lunch hmm

ReturnOfTheMunx Sat 13-Oct-12 12:06:24

Yay for sleep!

TeenyMunx had a crap night, he was feeding very annoyingly yesterday all snacking and slipping his latch. He doesn't seem to want to open his mouth very wide and gets cross with me when I don't put him on straight away.

Yes another thing to worry about!

Had his latch checked on Thursday and its fine but I can't help worry he isn't putting on enough weight (HV this week so we will see) and so on.

Give me a slap someone!

DH out with DD so enjoying some lovely newborn snuggles without fear of her being jealous.

<hands Munx a brew instead> Brooking that TeenyMunx will have put on the prescribed amount of weight by the time the HV sees him, and that he'll have let you get a bit more sleep!

Yay for normal poo resumption in the Dream household! Brooking for your DD to get well soon.

envy of Hawthers. Although M wasn't too bad - did a 4 hour block, 11.30pm - 3.40am, which was pretty good.

Went for a walk this morning, came back through the village and discovered that tomorrow is a baking competition in aid of meningitis, run by a neighbour. So we promptly headed off to Tesco and DH is doing scones and Victoria sponge, and I'm doing this. Bake fair etiquette - do you just take scones down as they are, or do you split them and fill them with cream and jam?

PetWoman Sat 13-Oct-12 17:02:27

I dunno about the scones, Too , but I'm happy to help you and DH tidy away all your baking afterwards. grin

Well done to Hawthers' boys and awww for little E just wanting someone to hold his hand!

Ooh, looks yummy too . I'd sit on the fence and take cream and jam and hope someone gave me a heads up once I arrived, I think. Is that feasible?

I feel like the meanest mummy ever holding down screaming DD and physically forcing her to take abx. She won't remember this, right? sad She's miserable, and sleep all over the place, can't get her down til now ish or later, then up loads but may sleep in my bed 6-8am... S really wheezy and whiney. Coughing til he's sick +++ I had 3 full changes of pjs last night, him 3 bags. Seriously, I'm miserable. Plus sore, sore almost has me in tears to touch it boob. Again!!!!! Think its as s not interested in feeding often and on/ off like a yoyo, plus B joining in too quite a bit. Is it going to get better for us anytime soon because life is not good here, its just not. Tired.

Right, now I've whinged to an extent s would be proud of I'm off to bed, as they're only ever really briefly all asleep atm.

Btw biscuits, if you fancy a swap for your E I'll hold his little hand. How gorgeous.

Loopyhasanotherbean Sat 13-Oct-12 20:49:19

compared to dream i have no right to do this, but if i don't rant somewhere i'm going to go mad...

DP's folks are here to help out with lifting 32lb DS1 until my 6 week post CS check...but they are driving me nuts. His Dad keeps going out for a fag and leaving the door open so the house starts to get cold and the heating kicks in, meaning our bedroom is turning into a sauna...and he keeps sticking his fag buts in the kitchen bin so it stinks in there, we are a non smoking house... and then he keeps going near DS1 after he's had a fag, and often picking him up, even though he stinks of fags.

then there is his mom. She is trying to be helpful but she just winds me up. Silly things, like she refuses to put things in our dishwasher, and won't use the green fairy that we use and bought blue fairy today instead, and she put a tea towel for washing earlier, even though it is perfectly clean just bloody wet because she refuses to use the dishwasher...i pointed out that there is no need to wash it unless it is dirty, as we don't do a boil wash that often, only when there is enough of a load, and i only washed all the teatowels/dishcloths 2 days ago! She also bought a tiramasu and a lemon tart for us to have as puddings whilst they are here...but she knows full well i can't stand coffee and i've told her umpteen times that i don't like lemon tarts but every single time we've gone up to theirs she's served lemon tart and now she's bought one here. She also gave me 3 boxes of chocolates for my birthday but 2 boxes were alcohol flavoured ones and again i've said several times i don't like them

to be continued....

jaggythistle Sat 13-Oct-12 20:54:26

dream - glad poo is better at last, just hope DD and boys back to full health soon and staying that way for a long time!

nothing exciting here. DS2's second tiny tooth through and he's sitting up quite a bit now. feeding a bit less during the day, still up a fair bit at night though. could be the teeth and slight residual snot though.

can't believe he's 6 months next week!

need to move him in with DS1 and get started with some food before i go back to work. think tonight or tomorrow night might be the last one with my psb in beside me <pathetic tiny tear> think we'll give it a few nights/a week before starting food too.

really hope my wee guys get on ok together. DS2 adores DS1 and watches him all day. DS1 is really sweet with him and tries to cheer him up if he cries. hope he doesn't try to wake him up though - he said to me today. (after charging about noisily and stopping him getting a nap) "he's awake! i do like him awake mummy" hmm

jaggythistle Sat 13-Oct-12 21:04:04

sounds a tad inconsiderate loopy! after birth you're allowed to be annoyed by anything, i reckon the smoking would annoy me the most.

scream this is totally random, sorry in advance if it's annoying! I'm not sure if i was being pfb with DS1, but i had it in my head that it was A Bad Thing to feed babies a bottle lying flat in bed? i remember being hmm at DH giving DS1 ebm in his crib as I'd read it was a risk for milk going into tubes it shouldn't and causing ear infections. can't search well on this phone to see if I'm making it up though blush

jaggythistle Sat 13-Oct-12 21:07:09

had lots more i wanted to add, but need to transfer DS2 to bed, tuck in DS1 and tackle another washing mountain. yay. i have wine though.

PetWoman Sun 14-Oct-12 02:08:49

Right. Bad night here (though not compared with Dream's - am sending much sympathy your way, my love). Tired. Up for the second time already. DH managed to settle DS at bedtime, then I fed him back to sleep just after midnight, then he woke only an hour later! So I did ask DH to have a go at settling him. Didn't work though - I found him on the landing 'looking at the pretty light' with DS, having removed his sleep bag to check the nappy. All very conducive to sleep. hmm

Anyway, Loopy all that would totally drive me mad too! Does DP feel the same way? Could he have a word?

Munx forgot to say earlier I'm no brookng that DS will have put on weight well and latches well from now on. At least your nipples are ok (aren't they?)...

Jaggy DS1 sounds so sweet! Good luck with the room transfer. I'm sure it will be fine. <hands Jaggy a tissue and consolatory wine > Oh, and two teeth already? Wow!

PetWoman Sun 14-Oct-12 02:13:15

And a housework update: on Thursday I went food shopping. On Friday I made macaroni cheese. Yesterday shepherd's pie. Had to turn food off both times to feed DS. When do you all do your cooking, and what do you do with the baby??

Oh dear sorry to hear of so many bad nights in Brookersville sad

Ds2 is having a pretty rotten time of it tonight I think with his teeth. He's been so grumpy all day poor little thing. DH got up with him probably an hour ago and it's taken both of us most of that hour to get him calm again. He's now at least laid in bed and biting holding my hand. I feel so sorry for him (although I also wish he'd drop off to sleep smile)

DH has to work tomorrow which means I've got to take ds2 with me to a party ds1 is going to. I'd hoped to leave him here with DH to have a nap after lunch as it is 12-2 and at someone's house so no highchair or anything. If I give him an early lunch I suppose there is a 1% chance that he'll fall asleep in the pushchair on the way round? I really would rather avoid 2 hours of trying to jig him off to sleep while a load of 4 yos dash about!

Oh and Munx I think DS2 did something similar re latching on. It was like he learned how to do it and then got really lazy and would release his latch so he was right on the end. He did sort it out eventually and I used to try and take him off if possible and make him re-latch. But then sometimes you'd be sitting there thinking 'I know you're too tired to latch on again so if I take you off you won't feed properly, and if I leave you on you'll ruin the feeding equipment. And I never figured out the answer to that one! <helpful>

He did figure it out though. And was fine until now, at 7 months, he seems determined to push the boob away with his hand while feeding so he ends up right on the end. It's making me want to give up it all a bit more painful at the moment and I hope he stops soon!

I would really like to go back to bed confused. Am feeding him now as I was just bored of him lying there without sleeping!

Hi brookers smile <scatters selection of pastries around the room and eyes up the wine >

How fab to be able to join the graduates' graduates' thread at long last? grin I recognise most of you I think. I've not met petwoman but that's a fab name!

Another one having a pants night - though made so much better by dh baring the brunt of the screaming because I'm an emotional wreck when my poor dd cries because i feel it must be my fault. dd has awful awful wind and winding her doesn't seem to be helping much at all sad I'm going to start chugging fennel tea tomorrow and the mw is coming for her day 5 too, then there is a bf cafe Tuesday - i just have to not crack up before then confused blush

I hope everyone else is sound asleep and this message isn't seen by anyone for aaages grin

ReturnOfTheMunx Sun 14-Oct-12 05:30:13

I'm here fluff

Great to see you!

Sorry you are having a bad night, not a good one here either.

DS just brought back whole feed bit wants back on

jaggythistle Sun 14-Oct-12 05:39:03

mornin fluff. nice to see you.

hope screaming has settled down. sad no idea what to suggest, i think my answer to everything at that age was to try feeding again grin

DS2 been doing his daily 5am ish wriggle and grumble. making me a bit nervous for going back to work that he'll be awake and wanting fed when I'm trying to get a shower and breakfast...

hawthers Sun 14-Oct-12 07:09:57

Morning to the new post grads - congratulations! Please waft those totally cute newborns over here for head sniffing. My 9 month olds head smells of the previous meal mist of the time as he usually manages to mash it into his hair grin

munx brooking that the teenymunx is doing some lovely feeding and the weigh goes well. We had weight gain problems so I totally feel for you.

fluff when are the pil going home? Try and do a smile and nod if possible. If its getting too much combine that with working out in your head how long before they leave in days then convert to hours then convert to mins then convert to seconds. Find that helps to totally tune out any 'helpful' comments. Add up all the nice puddings/chocolate that you're missing out on and start a list of all the lovely things you are going to make your DH buy you eat after the pil have gone so you don't have to share them

Hellllllooooooo Fluff lovely to see you smile. Poor DD with the wind - DS1 was a bit like that in that I could never get anything up by winding him. I can't think of any helpful suggestions though because I can't really remember what we did about it confused <helpful>

All I can remember is that because he couldn't bring the wind up we used to have to bend his legs up and down to try and help it out the other end.

What is the fennel tea for?

There are things like Infacol that you can try. Infacol I think is supposed to bring all the little air bubbles together into bigger bubbles to make it easier for them to burp. Don't know if there's a minimum age on it though.

Definitely ask the mw though if she has any tips.

Oh and remember our mantra:

'This too shall pass'

Must go and jump in the shower - I want to actually have time to do my hair today so will have to do it before the munchkins wake up confused

Oooh good advice for dealing with the in-laws there Hawthers. Especially the pudding list smile.

<joins the queue for newborn head sniffing>

fluff horrendous colic/ wind for DT2 here. Having him up over your shoulder and back rubbing/ patting did nothing for him, having him sat up with your hand cupping under his chin and really firmly stroking up his back so it extended his back fully was the ONLY way he could get it up. It didn't solve the colic which I now think may have been partly cmpi and we still had 5-6 hours a day of crying but it did help the really frantic wind crying. Definitely try infacol. I was never that convinced by it but some swear by it. thanks for you, I remember that period a bit too clearly <sheds a few tears in sympathy and memory >

I feel a lot better today. S was up 10:30, 2 and 5:30 and though up a while each time slept 2.5 hours both times!!! Bliss. B up 10:45, so a cross over with S then up for the day 6:30, no other wake up shock. DD only up 11:30 and we had just got S down so Dh went. Best night in 6 nights here so feel bit more human but still knackered.

DD slept better and seems more lively so far, so think her antibiotics are working.

loopy use the fecking dishwasher woman and shut the bloody door fil!!! God, poor you thanks

hawthers Sun 14-Oct-12 08:51:49

Sorry got fluff and loopy mixed up blush

Re the smoking just shut the door and lock it behind him then go for an extended bf which you can't possibly interrupt and also gain selective deafness to the knocking on the door perhaps give him a pot to put his butts in so they don't come in the house and use the v passive aggressive 'after smoking for so long of course you have no sense of smell left so you cant possible appreciate how much it stinks the house out....'

You could add 'even the smell of that rank coffee dessert your wife buys can't neutralise the smell of the cigarettes' grin

hawthers Sun 14-Oct-12 09:03:51

Ooh nice one biscuits grin

ReturnOfTheMunx Sun 14-Oct-12 09:10:30


Morning, am trying to decide which child is going on eBay......

<puts out a pot of coffee for everyone in need>

<pours herself a BIG cup grin>

Scarlet how was your lovely lunch? Hope you had a fab time xx

I love the PIL advice from Biscuits and Hawthers! All well worth a try! Sending lots of hugs to Loopy, I know a thing or two about annoying ILs!! Breathe deeply and store it all up to dump on your DH when you're alone! Or maybe don't considering how that turned out for me!

Hooray for a slightly better night for Dream, and your DD improving! Hope this is you turning a significant corner!

Jaggy I hadn't heard the ear infection thing re feeding a baby lying down, so thanks for mentioning. I'm not too worried because DD always bfs lying down, and she's never had any problems with wind, reflux or ear infections. She's nearly 6 months now so I'm hoping it's unlikely these probs will start now. Plus I always give her a proper feed whilst she's on my lap. She just has a little bit of milk while lying down. Over the next few weeks I'll be gradually diluting her night bottles until they're just water anyway. I want to eliminate night milk before her teeth come in.

No brooking for Munx and Fluffy to have easier nights very soon! Sorry to hear about the wind probs Fluffy! Fingers crossed for miniMunx's weight gain. I hope Cakes is getting on okay.

I shouldn't whinge, I'm very sorry, just feeling a lot little upset right now. DD spent the night with DH, because she's going swimming with him this morn. It was my first night without her since the work training course, and it's been so hard. I was up most of the night anyway. Really missing my morning snuggles even though I'm usually too tired to appreciate them I'm sorry to be so negative, just feeling a bit hormonal.

PetWoman Sun 14-Oct-12 09:37:22

Hi Fluffy - I gatecrashed this thread after DS was born. It helped to keep me sane reassure me in those awful early days. grin Pleased to meet you. Is DD your first DC? Really sorry to hear about the wind - hope you find something that helps pronto.

Biscuits did feeding work to help DS2 to sleep? sad about the teething. Does calpol help? Hope he manages a good nap for you somehow at the party (or before/ after?).

Dream glad you had a better night.

grin Munx

PetWoman Sun 14-Oct-12 09:41:02

X-post Scream - sorry to hear about your lonely night. sad

JenFrankenstein Sun 14-Oct-12 10:13:45

Fluff what position do you feed in? DD never had wind problems but I fed her in an upright position. She straddled my leg and I used to have to put a muslin under my boob to get it level with her mouth. That sounds more complicated than it is but as she was upright she would bring wind up while feeding. This is the natural feeding position according the the MW.

We were advised to use this position at the bf clinic when she was 3 days old as she kept falling asleep too quickly during feeds and this helped her stay awake. Just make sure you support her with your arms and you should be ok. I found it comfortable and after the feed they are already in position for winding smile

cakes82 Sun 14-Oct-12 10:52:55

Friday night DD had a really good feed then a really good sleep during what is normally her witching hours normally she only settles that well next to me on bed then last night she refused to settle apart from half hour in pram until she was next to me. MIL spent a few hours up with her and then she only settled in her arms. She is also struggling with wind and hiccups possibly not helped by fact I am really struggling to bf her upright. Lay down she feeds well and goes to sleep for a few hours, although this morn she decided not to feed for very long sad

TMI did anyone else who had c-section have issues with their digestive system, i'm not sure if its a reaction to everything that body has gone through or a reaction to the painkillers i've been taking...

Sorry a bit me me me, fraid I don't have anything useful to say other than hope everyone else has a good sunday smile

dream you poor thing, on top of twinnage too! I should stop whinging! Did you just stroke up and not down? So far we've tried over the shoulder pats and rubs and leaning her forward with pats and rubs and it does bugger all. She trumps more than she burps though so ladylike

biscuits I read the digestive benefits of fennel tea (whiih is what gripe water is made of) might pass through my milk? Not sure how much I'd have to drink but it's bloody lovely so I figured it's worth a shot grin

I'll try the bendy legs and google infacol when I'm on my laptop next - I did google gripe water yest but it's 1 month and over. Thank you for the suggestion smile

Oh scream sad I hope she's back now and you're enjoying belated breakfast cuddles smile

Ooo there's a page 2! <observant>

petwoman yes she's dc1 smile

cakes my digestive systems awful. I had agonizing wind for a while like mother like daughter which eased with the help of peppermint tea and lactolose - I'm also on shed loads of iron which doesn't help, are you?

Jen I feed her crosscradle because it's all I know blush Is there a photo on google images that shows what you mean? I sort of see the position but not sure how to support her wobbly frame, but it sounds ideal (and may be better for my poor back too)

cakes82 Sun 14-Oct-12 11:24:14

They prescribed me iron but when my mw checked my discharge info my hb was fine so she said not to worry about taking the iron, so i've gone back to the multi-vit I was taking which has iron in it. I possibly could have done with something like lactolose or movicol but having sorted that aspect TMI its gone the other way blush

Oh no sad maybe it's just a bug? Or you might just be run down after everything that happened?

I've lost a stone! Dead chuffed as I left hospital the same weight I went in at because of massive water retention hmm

cakes82 Sun 14-Oct-12 11:39:25

I hope thats what it is.

Cakes, if you mean constipation I had the opposite problem after my CS. Some friends came to visit on Day 2 (still in hospital) and I was in agony with what turned out to be a cross between wind and incipient diarrhoea - luckily not until after they left! blush

Loopy, you are having your PIL staying for 6 weeks? shock [horror] That would have killed me. Even if they were supposed to be being helpful. Before DD1 was born I had a big fight with DH because I didn't want his mum coming to stay even for a few days - I get on with her very well as a general rule, but I didn't want anything that might even possibly stress me when I was adjusting to a new baby and getting bf established. Luckily for me PIL booked themselves a 6-week retirement trip to NZ, 8 months in advance, a week before we found out I was pg with DD2. Score! They didn't get back until M was 4 weeks old. Anyway, that's not helpful. But seriously, is there any way you can get rid of them tactfully? 6 weeks is a really long time. Maybe you could just retire to bed every afternoon with the baby so you don't see so much of them?

Dream, yay for a better night! Glad DD seems to be on the mend.

Poor little E with his sore teeth! <hands Biscuits a brew> Does it not hurt when he chomps on your finger? M can make me squeal and yank my fingers out of her mouth and she hasn't got any teeth, just hard little gums.

Fluffy, hope the fennel tea helps! Isn't it a galactagogue too? (Is that the right word? I seem to remember Purple using it. The one that means something that increases your milk supply)

Scream, that sounds horrid. Hope little A is back with you now. sad

Can I just say, my blueberry-lemon-coconut tray bake is lush? if I don't win a prize with it I will be v cross Low-carb diet out the window again.

Ooo is it too, fab! Still no milk here though dd doesn't seem to dry out my colostrum so I'm happy she's not going hungry. Maybe the tea will help there too <scampers off to make a jug to chill later>

6 weeks loopy shock

JenFrankenstein Sun 14-Oct-12 12:15:36

I'll try to explain better. If you are feeding from right boob then she sits on your right leg with her legs dangling down either side. Her head should be roughly level with the boob, roll up a muslin and stick underneath to bring the nipple up if needs be. Your right arm goes across her back and your right hand is on her bum. Your left hand supports her head. As she gets bigger you won't need to support the head so that arm will be free.

Oh I get it, thanks Jen - I'll give that a go next time smile smile

JenFrankenstein Sun 14-Oct-12 12:27:33

Anything is worth a try. Even if the wind doesn't come up during the feed it may help to stop it going down too far smile

Absolutely - she falls asleep really easily too so hopefully it'll help there, too, like you say smile

PetWoman Sun 14-Oct-12 14:01:48

Or is fenugreek the one that helps milk supply?

PetWoman Sun 14-Oct-12 14:11:18

Pass the traybake, Too - I think you need some testers... grin

cakes82 Sun 14-Oct-12 14:43:24

Not sure my last message made full sense, hoping its not a bug and just body readjusting or body has disliked painkillers first co-codomaol/ibuprofen then just ibuprofen.
Too have had both issues but touch wood its settled down, haven't taken any painkillers today so if all ok may take paracetemol at bedtime.

Dammit, didn't win! Harrumph. Still, I have lots of tray bake left over, and I think it's yummy. <hands out virtual tray bake and mugs of brew>

Maybe it is fenugreek, Pet. <Googles> Um, I think both do it, although Wikipedia says that there's no evidence for fennel tea helping bm, and actually once caused neurotoxicity in the baby. confused Fluff, what day are you on? My milk came in on day 5 or 6 after my CS, and M seemed fine with colostrum until then.

PetWoman Sun 14-Oct-12 16:00:40

Delicious baking, Too ! <brushes crumbs onto floor> It's a travesty that you didn't win!

cake, I had diarrhoea and vomiting (agony!) on day 6 after my CS, but i was being thick and taking my anti inflammatory that I can't remember the name of on an empty stomach. Could it be that?? My nausea worsened over about 3 days before the culmination and i still didn't realize hmm

fluff, upright feeding may help, I usually couldn't as mine fed for hours building my supply so had to tandem feed. Yes, just stroking upwards. Lots of trumping does show you're not getting it up, B was the same. Didn't make it any easier!! If it helps, I had jaundice, falling asleep and low birth weight issues with B (I fled hospital on day 4 because if they'd seen his day 5 weight we'd have been kept in for his blood sugars to be monitored, as he was losing weight plus below 2.5kg/ 5lb7?? He weighed 5lb 6 then anyway, a little titchy tike!! He's ebf and has now caught his brother up 1.5 lbs and has gone from 2nd to between the 25th and 50 th.centile!! And all my tears and fears about how unhappy he was were unfounded as now I'm dairy free and he's huge bigger he's really happy. I felt so awful for how miserable he was when he was littler. So keep the faith, this too shall pass!!

PetWoman Sun 14-Oct-12 16:01:34

Cakes sounds uncomfortable - hope it clears up quickly.

Oh, and I crashed and burned... Seems 5 hours broken sleep with mastitis is insufficient, so started antibiotics, again- is this my 6th or 7th bout of blocked duct/ mastitis with aching, flu symptoms and temperature?!- had a tantrum meltdown and Dh taken my 3 in the buggy... So must go n lie down!!

PetWoman Sun 14-Oct-12 16:05:00

Dream was the anti-inflammatory diclofenac?

PetWoman Sun 14-Oct-12 16:06:15

x-post Dream you poor thing - go get some rest!

musicalmrs Sun 14-Oct-12 16:56:06

Dream - you poor thing! The universe needs to give you a break sad Hope the ABs kick in soon and you feel a lot better.

Too, rubbish that you didn't win! I'm sure yours was really the best though ;)

Welcome Fluffy! In terms of wind, there are a zillion different things that people will suggest... I found that leaving DD laying in my lap for a couple of minutes post-feed before picking her up to wind her meant it would come up a lot quicker - often as I picked it up! Something to do with all the little wind bubbles collecting together to one big one in the stomach, that then rises quickly? Whether that's scientifically correct or no, it worked for me! I still do it when possible.

The sitting on lap feeding was good too! Also helped with her reflux.

Just bought DD a bean bag! It's helping masses with her sitting. She sat on one at a friends' house and really enjoyed it. I suspect they're not recommended for such a young age as they could roll over and get stuck, but I don't plan on using it unless she's supervised.... but it's kept her sitting down without straightening out for the longest time yet!

cakes82 Sun 14-Oct-12 18:51:01

Dreaming I think I may have been doing same as you and not getting food and tabs in right order blush Touch wood all is well now!

Thanks Jen the upright feeding seemed to work slightly better than any other upright method i've tried smile

Hope you feel better soon Dreaming

dream and Jen - thank you thank you thank you! Upright feeding is much better for my back and between that and dream's winding technique, plus keeping her upright for a bit post feed, we're getting a lot more wind up grin

dream I hope you feel better soon, rest up!

too it's day 5 today. Hopefully it'll be in soon!

Dh has just eaten my fecking galaxy bar, which he doesn't even like, the fecker! And the shop's closed because it's Sunday!

hawthers Sun 14-Oct-12 19:45:21

fluffy leave the bastard grin

hawthers Sun 14-Oct-12 19:46:42

I found picking f up to wind then tipping him horizontal then trying to wind again helped loads

I did the palm on chest wind pose but then rotated a two/three circles one way then changed direction. Got wind out of a really well!

6 weeks of pil?! Seriously?! That's the next Stephen king book plot right there...

jaggythistle Sun 14-Oct-12 20:29:18

well i now have a chair by my bed instead of DS2's cot. sad

DS1 in bed all excited to have his brother sharing though. smile

DS2 still through here in my room having a last poo. he'll prob feed to sleep once i get him changed for bed.

hopefully be able to sneak him through without waking DS1 up too much.
we had a 1am poo last night, hoping to avoid that tonight!

sorry for me me me bit.

although i am a bit sad to see my giant tiny wee baby moving out, we did have an awesome blitz of the boys room and wardrobe so it's so much more organised and better use of storage space.

hope windy and in-law problems abate soon...

Loopyhasanotherbean Sun 14-Oct-12 21:02:07

cont... so the bloody alcoholic chocs, every xmas she buys champagne truffles, every year i refuse them and remind her i don't like them whilst they stuff their faces with them, the same as every xmas its the lemon tart....so 2 boxes were alcoholic so i gave them to DP...

guess what wound me up the most though, was that thurs pm DP was back so late from work (aka drinking after work) that i was asleep when he got in, and i'd ended up eating my tea in our bedroom one handed whilst trying to rock DS2. Friday he was at home at tea time, brought me up my tea as i was again stuck with DS2, he left it on our bed, a slab of gammon and veg, which he didn't even think to cut up for me, and then disappeared off to eat his tea with his folks....gets to last night and he cooked tea, and i was again stuck with DS2 (as in not feeding him, just trying to get him to sleep like prev 2 nights) and he told me to go down and eat tea and he'd try and settle him....so i go down and his mother tells me how its such a nice tea that DP has cooked and its such a shame he isn't getting to eat it whilst it's warm and how he's been upstairs so long..... i'd come straight down, ate and then went up, and felt like she expected me to leave the table having not eaten my tea, just so her son could come down and eat his hard cooked meal (pasta bake using a shop bought sauce...)

that's what set me off...and things not eased today....but thankfully it's 6 week check on weds so they go home soon!!!

PS i hasten to add none of this compares to someone eating your galaxy fluffy or having twins and all lifes crap thrown at you dream!!

jaggythistle Sun 14-Oct-12 21:14:20

my PIL are perfectly nice really, but i get stressed if they're in my house for a few hours, let alone days <faints>

...and the galaxy! <rage>

listening nervously to monitor, DS1 hasn't gone to sleep and is currently giggling to himself in bed with DS2 asleep in the cot. hmm

loopy, that deserves true rage... Erm, what about you?! Though your dp I'm sure would feel bad he abandoned you without cutting up the gammon, genuine mistake?? I'm sure pasta bake microwaves just fine. Does my head in, if you're the mum, up lots at night, never 'off duty' but your dp is at work its poor them. No way! A meal time while someone else does settling should be your one break. Fact. He got to go boozing leaving his wife and children just about coping after a CS at home, bet mil thought there was no problem with that... You've done so well to tolerate them so long, not much time left... I'm raging with you smile though can't believe A is nearly 6 weeks!

jaggy, at least ds2 still asleep for now . Maybe he'll sleep all night when he's not by your bed? <optimistic>

Oh yes, the horizontal then back to winding, forgot to say that hawthers, tis good.

Your baking sounds awesome too

Right, back to the dc, who keep coughing themselves awake, and coughing til they vomit up gallons of horrible thick sticky mucus/ phlegm, thanks S...

Oh, and fluff, galaxy outrage for you!!! Think I'd make Dh go to a 24 hour supermarket for me- oh, you can't, it Sunday night!! Even more outraged!!!

jaggythistle Sun 14-Oct-12 22:00:39

haha, I spoke too soon. the giggling woke DS2 up. although they were both giggling when i went through, DS2 quickly got grumpy.

DS1 has told us he's not going to sleep today...

now resettling DS2 in living room while his big brother does his best to not sleep.

i do have a back up plan if it all goes wrong or DS2 is ill or teething when I'm back at work. travel cot will be coming to our
room! grin

your poor wee dc dream, surely this snot and cough has to clear up soon.

DH woke M up going to bed, so he's sitting in the nursery trying to sing her back to sleep. Fingers very tightly crossed!

F*ck sake, he just yelled for me. angry

jaggythistle Sun 14-Oct-12 22:42:06

It's all going wrong here too. R still feeding and I'm falling asleep on the couch.

at least there's been plenty of time for DS1 to fall asleep...

my head is all fuzzy now I've woken up.

All DH had done was get M to wake up properly so she could see why daddy was holding her instead of mummy. hmm If he's going to try to put her back down, he has to try for longer than 30 seconds before deciding it's not working!

Evening all

So cooking a roast dinner with a stinking hangover was not the best idea. NB, never put veg on to boil without putting water in the pan. Not good.

I had a lovely afternoon off yesterday apart from AF rudely turning up again and giving me yet another hard time. Not as ridiculous as last time, but still much heavier than pre DD.

I forgot to mention that DD has been sleeping in her own room for the last week now and she's been a little angel. She goes down at 7ish, I wake her at 10 for a feed and then have to wake her in the morning at about 9 shock to take DS to pre-school and she has her first feed when we get back. She's still putting on weight though so no concerns. She's so tiny though, still only 12lb 12oz this week.

Hope you feel better soon Dream, can't believe mastitis has got you again.

Cakes I had awful awful wind pains after my EMCS and the only thing that relieved it was those "windy cocktails" which contain peppermint and something else which I can't remember. The agony of the wind was worse than the pain of the EMCS. I then had anti-biotics which gave me awful runs but the plus side of that was I didn't need the lactulose for the ridiculous amount of iron tablets I needed.

Loopy brooking that your in-laws bugger off quickly. That would give me the rage.

Jaggy I hope your DS's get on ok in the bedroom together. They'll love it in a couple of years time. How sweet.

So much more I wanted to say, but have forgotten. <Waves to everyone else>

Still awake here too. She's still very windy - infacol tomorrow methinks - and cries as soon as she's put down. Dh and I are currently sleeping in shifts but he has a job interview Thursday and desperately needs to be rested sad

Oh loopy you've been such a saint to put up with them so long already! I'd be fuming too. Fingers crossed for your 6w check.

musicalmrs Mon 15-Oct-12 02:51:03

Loopy, you are a saint for putting up with them. I definitely couldn't manage for that long - my own parents would probably have driven me mad long before 6 weeks too!

Fluffy, the Galaxy is shocking. I like Dream's suggestion - there should have been a 24hr garage open somewhere! Hope you're getting some sleep now. Think the only way I slept in the first couple of wks was with DD in the chest frog position. Being post CS must make it all the more tricky...

Too, why would he think yelling to be a good idea?! I get annoyed when DH
, who is usually wonderful at the bedtime routine, takes DD downstairs during it for any reason whatsoever. She then gets excited again and thinks it's playtime..argh.

Ag transfer time. Have just gotten DD back to sleep after waking up to her chatting and playing. Not upset, but definitely not going back to sleep...

cakes82 Mon 15-Oct-12 03:23:27

I'm still awake here although to be fair since 11 she has fed and slept twice and she is considering waking again. DH has an exam tomorrow aft so trying to give him good sleep, i've slept on sofa and MIL is sleeping but ready to have her for a few hours if needs be.

I thought I understood chest frog position until DD arrived and now i'm not sure how to achieve it lol

We're chest frogging now musical, sort of semi reclined. She just puts herself in position tbh!

I got 3hrs sleep which is fab <never thought she'd be saying that> though she's a bit wheezy this morning. Gawd if its not one thing it's another grin

That is, I'm semireclined, dd is leaning forward onto me. I worry about sleeping with her like this though, SIDS and all that

E slept through



Bar one trip in to sort him out when he got his arm stuck down the side of the cot but that was only at about 9pm. And twice just after we went to bed he cried out and when I went in he was asleep hmm. So although I went in to him twice, he slept all night! Now all I need is for him to sleep all night without waking me up in the process, but that was an awesome night from my little toothy monster smile

How is everyone else this morning? Hope some sleep was obtained in a non-chest-frog position for the new arrivals. We had to do that for ds2 a few nights when he was new because he had a cold. But DH and I just took it in turns to stay awake while he slept because we were so scared of sleeping with him on us like that. That was fine though because DH was off on paternity leave (pah! I think he worked every day of paternity leave but since he was supposed to be off I didn't feel bad keeping him up!)

Also hoping that the wind problems sort themselves out for dd Fluff. As Dream says often Infacol isn't man enough for the job if there is serious wind but its always worth starting there to see if it makes a difference as it is so easily available. I brooking no argument that it WILL work though and no further measures will be necessary. <nods assuredly>

How did night 1 go Jaggy? Hope your little giggler dropped off eventually grin

Scarlet how is dd now? And your hangover? grin

Dream was your slightly better night on Saturday night repeated last night? As Scream says hopefully this is a corner turned in the Dreamy household. I do hope so. Has dd finished the horrible ABs yet?

I've forgotten everything else blush

I'm sure it'll all come to me later.....

Oh and Loopy you deserve a medal my love! You have done incredibly to put up with that for so long but the end is in sight! I'm sure I couldn't have kept my tongue with the dinner incident blush. And I would have been locking FIL out with his stinky fags. I hope they've been useful as well as annoying iyswim. But is it this week they bugger off leave so you can be a cuddly cosy family again?

AAAAAAAAANNNNNNDDDDD I meant to say shock at your DH and Galaxy-gate Fluff. I absolutely would have made him go to a petrol station to replace it. I really would! I would now let alone in those first few days after birth!

jaggythistle Mon 15-Oct-12 08:45:38

i didn't miss DS2 much as he was up plenty. grin

i think DS1 fell asleep by 10ish, eventually got DS2 and me in our beds by 11.
DS2 then woke for a feed at 1.30, up again at 3.30 but fell asleep when i picked him up, then more feeding at 4.30 and

think it will be easier on days when DS1 has no nap, he flakes out at 7 on those days. he's only having one every 2 or 3 days now.

will catch up later...

musicalmrs Mon 15-Oct-12 08:55:55

I think snuggly newborns must get into that position by default Fluffy. I think it's so cute! grin. I definitely napped with DD in that position (semi reclined, like you), purely because there were nights when she wouldn't settle anywhere else. I worried about the SIDS risk as well, but took comfort in the fact that a) I woke up at every teeny tiny movement she (or anyone else) made as I was sleeping so lightly, b) It was recommended that babies slept on their front for YEARS, and c) It clearly made her happy!

Brooking no argument that the infacol makes a difference smile

Off on a shopping trip later today with my DM. Need to buy some sort of cosy toes thing for the Baby Jogger - have been making do with blankets but now it's getting colder I think I'll get something specific - plus we're using it a bit more now (DH prefers it to the sling now she's bigger, though I'm still using the sling round town/shops etc). Any recommendations? Especially from the lovely Baby Jogger queen Dream?

Hurrah for E's fabulous sleeping Biscuits!

cakes hope you got a bit of sleep in the end.

I've just had to wake E up! So he could have milk before breakfast so that we could get out to do a few errands that we have to do this morning! I'm kind of curious to know how long he would have slept!

JenFrankenstein Mon 15-Oct-12 09:20:11

Quick question. DD has a swollen eye. It is the same side as the tooth that is coming through. Do I need to take her to the Dr or would that be paranoid PFB?

Don't know if it is PFB but I would probably go to the doctor for that. Ds1 and ds2 (in his extensive teething experience!) haven't had anything like that with teething. It is likely to be related though I would think as that whole nose / ear cavity all seems to get affected by teething (ds1 always had ear infections). But still worth getting it looked at I would think?

I would check Jen but then I'm always down the doctors getting their ears checked. I have wondered about just buying the ear light thing myself a few times...

dd2 has another face rash thing. Either teething relting or mild egg allergy.

Yucky cold for all of us over here too and the good sleeping run has officially ended as of the weekend. <grumps>

dream - holding kids down for abs that they need is being a GOOD mum. Not trying hard enough to get it down her would be much worse imo! Hope you had some sleep last night.

relting??? Related...

JenFrankenstein Mon 15-Oct-12 09:42:33

I've made an appointment, thanks

musicalmrs Mon 15-Oct-12 09:44:33

I'd take her down if I were you Jen. Whether it's PFB or not, if you're worried you should go.

Sorry to hear the good sleeping run has ended pomme sad

On the subject of teeth, can I please brook no argument to the teething gods and request that DD gets one or two soon? She's been teething for two and a half months and really suffering, and it's a bit miserable that there are two so close to erupting but that still haven't appeared! Many thanks, musical - whose fingers are chewed to shreds. confused

Think I should also have bought shares in teething granules and bonjela...

Jen, take her to the docs, but perhaps also try a squirt of bm on it? I've heard bm to be recommended for babies with sore eyes before - presumably as it's antiseptic but also mild enough not to hurt them.

shock and envy, Biscuits! M only got up twice more after 11, though, which was pretty good.

Cakes, M didn't like chest frog. She likes it now, but when she was small she howled and grumped. Maybe it was to do with the size of my boobs.

Musical, hope the shopping trip goes well! I just looked up the footmuff for my pushchair and discovered that it costs about £50! Perhaps we'll make do with blankets for a bit longer.

Loopyhasanotherbean Mon 15-Oct-12 10:13:35

too we have the baby jogger city select and bought the proper footmuff, but think we got it a bit cheaper than that, will search emails in a sec... have to say it fits v well and is very well made and DS1 v snuggly in it indeed last winter.

fluff re winding, i was told that babies get 2 types of wind, wind from feeding which can come up as burps and wind from bums which is from digesting milk. Infacol works ok, but i find that if wind DS2 2-3 times during feed he brings up a lot and minimises the chance of vomiting. I just sit him up straight, hold him under his armpits and sort of stretch him up and he brings them up himself. Patting can sometimes work but he already moves so much it's hard to hold him with one hand and pat with the other. Lying him on his back for a while and then sitting him up again also definitely works. Re bum wind, if he sleeps laying down flat then he can push wind out and usually without much fuss. If we let him sleep on us, the wind seems to get stuck and pressure builds up and then he screams in pain a lot and it's like it's ripping through him as he farts...so i'm trying to minimise how long he is on us and maximise how much sleep he gets in his crib....although he isn't always as co-operative as i'd like!

grrrr of today, DP's mom put DS1 in cot after his milk at 9, and took his monitor down with her, and only just saw fit to come up and tell me he still hasn't gone to sleep, over an hour later................................... and woke DS2 up in the process of telling me this.......i now have no chocolate left to eat, ate my last bar last night....god help me....

Loopyhasanotherbean Mon 15-Oct-12 10:16:23

If anyone ever was in need of chocolate loopy....

<piles the car boot full of chocolate and sets off on a mercy mission>

I can't believe that the bugaboo footmuffs are about £80 shock! We bought ours with the pushchair so that must have been a tiny drop in the gigantic ocean and I didn't notice it - not sure I could have brought myself to shell out that sort of money for one. Although I do love it and it is so much cosier than blankets. But still.....

I've never bothered with footmuffs. Snowsuits are cheaper and infinitely more versatile and a snowsuit with blankets over is pretty warm!

Oooh! I'd never considered a snowsuit! Ha ha what a thicko! I just figured he'd kick the blankets off and be cold!

Do they kick the blankets off?

I used to tuck at least one right round I think. I think they sometimes slid off a bit but the snowsuit helps with that not being a massive issue.

Guess I'll find out if it works second time round soon!

cakes82 Mon 15-Oct-12 12:37:11

DD did me proud last night woke about 5 I think so I changed her (discovering her cord clip had fallen off) fed her and put her in basket in our room rather than lounge where she slept rest of night and only woke again at 8.30. So in total between 11 and 8.30 she fed 3 times and slept in one or other of her baskets 3 times grin course tonight she prob won't repeat this lol.

I can def recommend bm for the eye, DD has had a sticky eye since birth and bm is def doing a good job!!

Have you taken dd Jen? What did they say?

JenFrankenstein Mon 15-Oct-12 14:01:22

Appointment is 3:50 but her eye seems to have gone down now so not sure what to do

Yay for good sleeping Cakes

hawthers Mon 15-Oct-12 15:34:54

I've just had to interview a nanny for when I go back to work. sad All rather odd to ask some random questions but she seemed really nice and DS1 was keen on her too. Only problem is that we don't need her to start until the end of November and I'm a bit worried she'll find something else in the meantime. Oh well I guess there is nothing I can do about that.

musicalmrs Mon 15-Oct-12 15:40:34

Loopy, you may be confusing Too and I - I'm not sure if she has a Baby Jogger, but I have the City Mini! I went to look at the Baby Jogger ones today, but they didn't have any in John Lewis. They didn't have an impressive selection anywhere in fact... so will try online. The thing that puts me off of the Baby Jogger ones are the boring colours! grin Would like something a bit more interesting (though unisex) really...

I have a snow suit Pomme, would you recommend that method of keeping mini brookers warm then? Will discuss with DH...

Shopping trip successfully negotiated - lots for DD, very litte for me. Naturally. An afternoon of song writing awaits, while DD practices scooting around the room backwards. I have a meeting this evening at 7.30pm - going to attempt to get DD in bed beforehand (would have to leave about 15 mins before), but if that fails then DH will have to do bedtime for the first time. Could be interesting! grin

Snow suits are awesome. And when they can walk they look like gorgeous little eskimos in them with the hood up.

I've always bought Sainsbury's ones. This year I have matching ones for the two of them (I normally stay away from matching as I'm not sure if its that fair given the age difference).

Why a nanny hawthers?? Im struggling with childcare solutions for A in Italy. I'd thought a nanny but then got scared about putting all that trust in one person so have been investigating nurseries. We've always been lucky here as there is a brilliant nursery at the end of the road so I've never really thought about things much <bit lazy??!>. DD1 will be doing pre school at the International school there as her childcare as I worry everything in Italian would be a massive shock for her.

PetWoman Mon 15-Oct-12 16:42:17

That's good sleeping from DS2 Cakes and well done to E too, Biscuits ! we had a good night here as well - rocked DS to sleep at 8pm and he didn't wake till 4.30am! I actually had a leaky boob by the time he woke and had been to check on him once Then fed and rocked him back to sleep, and he woke at 8.30! I had gone to bed at 9 so feel extremely well rested, and actually got up before him. shock But I'm sure we'll be back to the usual wake-ups tonight. I wish he'd go back to sucking his dummy - it was a lot easier than rocking and shushing!

Hmm, think I'll try a snowsuit and blanket here instead of a footmuff and see how it goes.

Jen what did the doc say?

Musical those teeth will both come through THIS WEEK and we're brooking no argument about it!

hawthers Mon 15-Oct-12 16:43:04

We've settled on a nanny as DS1 is on kindergarten 5 mornings a week and if we put f in nursery then we'd need a childminder to pick DS1 up after school so would be 3 forms of childcare. Then my head exploded.

With a nanny she can do the pick ups etc and I don't have to take them to the childcare place, the nanny comes here which should make life easier.

But yes its totally nerve racking to put our trust in one person. Will be checking references and arranging playdates with friends who have great nannies and get feedback from them.

Loopy, I have the Quinny Speedi. The footmuffs are a bit too pricy! For some reason the Sainsbos website isn't showing clothes, so I can't check out snowsuits. Weird!

PetWoman Mon 15-Oct-12 17:13:20

Too Sainsbury's don't show children's clothes online. Very annoying.

This year its a red and white spotted one with furry bits of the hood. Vair cute.

JenFrankenstein Mon 15-Oct-12 17:32:38

Eye went back down so I phoned the Dr and they cancelled the appointment with the proviso that I keep an eye on it and call back if it swells up again

Aww that sounds cute Pomme. I picked up DD's in Mothercare, they've got quite a few nice ones to choose from this season here

I accidentally started my Christmas shopping today shock I went to John Lewis to spend some birthday money I was given but ended up buying a few gifts for Christmas instead.

Oh and my post being smug about DD's sleep yesterday came back to bite me on the bum when she woke up starving at 5am this morning sad. She's still snotty and snuffly Biscuits but she doesn't seem to be getting any worse.

Hope DD's ok Jen?