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September 2012 babies - warmest welcome!

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Macaroons Fri 14-Sep-12 21:50:28

Here's the new thread for September babies fresh from the oven!

I'm a first time mum and I'm struggling with breast feeding at the moment, my 6-day old DS always seems to be hungry (a feed every 2-3 hours, each lasting roughly an hour), and when he's hungry he's very aggressive towards my nipple sad it really hurts! Any tips out there? And how often do you feed your baby and for how long?  how do you teach your baby to be gentle on the nipples? envy

Good luck to those still waiting for their babies to come out! Will be watching out for more baby news!

Smallgreenone Fri 14-Sep-12 22:11:05

Hi macaroons I'm a first time mum too but I think every 2/3 hours is normal for newborns unfortunately! My DS is coming up for 3 weeks and feeding every 3 hours still although sometimes will go longer.
Not sure how you teach nipple manners either but we could do with some here too!
Hopefully someone who's done it all before can offer a bit more advice.

Hi ladies. I'm still waiting for my baby to arrive (2 days overdue) but have bf experience from 2yo DS. It took me a good couple of weeks to get the hang of feeding and was only when I got the position of baby right that it all became so easy.
I was taught all the usual positions like lying him on a pillow in front of me and the rugby hold etc.
It was only when a midwife said to stop sitting up so straight and relax into the sofa and let baby sit more upright that it started working properly.
So I would hold him with the arm on the side he was feeding and let his body rest between my legs. So he was kind of upright.
Anyway, once I had our perfect position it stopped hurting and he fed brilliantly.

Hope everyone is ok, now please excuse me while I go and strangle my neighbours for constantly coughing all frigging night for the last two weeks. My goodness, I hate stupid thin cardboard walls. Grrrr.

Rachel130690 Sat 15-Sep-12 00:30:49

So good news people. My baby boy arrived tonight at 10.03 pm weighing 7lb 7oz and he's gorgeous. I think we are calling him Herbie Edward but not 100% sure.

Went in yesterday morning 6am to be induced, had pessary at 7ish, had a sweep about 2pm and another pessary last night at 8.20 pm, didn't sleep great but managed a few hours. Was told I'd have my waters broken today and drip but they were busy with c-sections so wasn't told when. Had waters broken at 12.40 and had few pains, Sri started an hour later, no gas and air at this point. I managed to 3.30 before looking g&a, pains got worse and requested diamorphine about 4.15pm, when mw went to get doc to sign it off things got crazy contractions got worse and ended up calling mw back they thought I was fully dialated at this point but was 4-5 cms, doctor came in and they had to turn drip off and doctor preformed some procedure where they take blood from baby's scalp to make sure they okay. Everything came back normal.
I then got my diamorphine after 5 when they seen everything was okay. Things progressed along was in and out of bed whilst being monitored, was told about 9ish I was fully dialated and needed to push. Started by sitting up but then ended up lying down, then baby was pen at 10.03 pm, kicking me in the way out very strange feeling.

He's now out for the count lying on me cause he refuses to lie in own bed. Managed to be induced and everything without an epidural which I'm so happy about. He's gorgeous but heavy

Just so happy but I am exhausted and need my sleep sad

MadMonkeys Sat 15-Sep-12 09:59:36

Congratulations Rachel!

Woke at 2am this morning with period type pains every 20 mins or so and was thinking 'this is it' but I managed to get to sleep at 5am and this morning there's nothing. Hmmmm, hoped I might have a baby by now!

Morning ladies, nice shiny new thread here!

DD feeds in a weird pattern - feeds almost constantly for 2 - 3 hours then conks out for what seems like a random amount of time. She's a little dim when she's hungry, latches on then flails her fists around and punches so hard she falls off the boob and cries. I think there might be a market for baby straitjackets.

We had a panic in the week when the midwife decided DD had lost too much weight and sent us to A & E at the children's hospital but she was fine on their scales and the paeds ran blood tests etc so she is 'offically' fine. I'll be happier when she chubs out a little more though - she's still so tiny (6lb 9 at birth). She's definitely getting enough milk though judging by the nappies, and it's great for weight loss too - I've been back in pre pregnancy jeans and now need new clothes as I'm now 1 st 2lb lighter than I was when I got knocked up. Always nice to have an excuse to eat chocolate muffins for breakfast though!

We finally have a name here (only took 5 days) - the catalyst was finding ourselves calling DD by the cats name through sleep deprivation! So she is Kerenza Astrid Patricia, Kezia for short.

Oops - mammoth post, sorry blush

Loopyhasanotherbean Sat 15-Sep-12 11:00:36

hi all, just a quickie as got a bit of spare time for once, as DS1 is at swimming with his Dad, and DS2 currently fast asleep in his crib.

Re feeding, every 2-3 hours is normal. I feed on demand, and DS had tongue tie so was feeding more frequently. It has been snipped now and he seems to be going around 3 1/2 hours between feeds. I'm a believer in not waking a baby to follow a feeding routine, i just feed him when he chooses to wake. Re breastfeeding hurting nipples, the best thing i can recommend is to apply lansinoh to your nipples after every single feed, and remember to apply it to them both each day after you shower. It really helps. I also found with DS1 that as he grew and his mouth got bigger, the breastfeeding became a lot easier and the pain disappeared altogether, i only stopped breastfeeding him completely at around 15 months because i was a couple of months pregnant with DS2 and it was getting very uncomfortable to feed him.

Had DS2 weighed on day 9, and he's put on 7 oz on top of his birthweight, midwives very pleased, especially given that he was tongue tied until it was snipped on the evening of day 8, so we've been discharged from their care and are now under the care of the health visitors, with first visit next Friday. DP can't wait to find out how tall DS2 is, i'm confident he will be tall like his brother (and like his Dad smile )

Wound is healing ok from CS, still covered in bruises from the forceps, but i'm getting a lot of lower back pain which i never had with first CS. Anyone else having back pain? Thankfully DS2 is very happy to sleep in his crib day and night, so i'm not having to sit with him on me for hours on end like i did with DS1, i think i'd be crippled if i had to do that this time round!

Trying to just survive on ibuprofen from today, as having difficulty swallowing paracetamol quickly enough before the nasty flavour happens, and have been suffering with constipation from the codeine tablets. Hoping that this isn't a stupid idea, what pain relief are other CS people taking now? (i'm on day 10 if your hospitals also start on day 0 being the day of the CS).

Thali34 Sat 15-Sep-12 11:31:29

Thanks for the new thread macaroons!

Lots of contractions here (41+1) and hoping this is it! Just slowed down a bit tho but hopefully that is normal. Have had a show so must be for real! Hopefully be back soon on the other side! X

Thali34 Sat 15-Sep-12 11:33:39

Ps. What did u all eat when in labour? I need to keep my blood sugar up (but not on sugar/sweets/junk). Any advice?

Thali - to start with I had Dextrose Energy tablets and lots and lotsof water. Couldn't face anything later on although DH found the rest of the tablets helped him!

Smallgreenone Sat 15-Sep-12 17:23:04

Congratulations rachel!!
loopy I am 3 weeks post CS and have had no pain relief at all for this last week. It gets loads better once you get over that 2 week hurdle. I got awful constipation too from the codeine- nasty stuff. Did they give you some lactulose?
thali sorry can't help with what to eat. I was induced at 36+6 and think they were wary that I might need a CS so they wouldn't let me eat a thing :-(
I think DS is having some form of growth spurt as his feeding has gone up- is that normal for 3 weeks? Also he has terrible wind, any tips on helping him with it? His little face screws up like he's in lots of pain.

Rachel130690 Sat 15-Sep-12 18:00:54

thali sorry can't help you either. As I was induced they fast you during incase you need a cs, so I had no food either,

I'm shattered today, got very little sleep last night sad couldn't stop staring at the wee man smile I'm very achy all over today.. But is def worth it. smile

Having trouble feeding my wee man, he's full of my as and therefore won't drink milk, so I try my best then mw takes over and he drinks for her. Am just glad he's getting summit.

Anyone any advice re clots after a vb?

leelteloo Sat 15-Sep-12 22:47:15

Congrats to all the new mums. I'm a week post cs and now only taking paracetamol because as much as the codine was helpful, I think it was keeping me awake and I wasn't able to sleep in those precious hours between feeds. I am having back ache to especially if it's getting near time for pain killers. My scar is healing really well, so much better than before. Dd is struggling to adjust to the new baby and is relentless in her fight for my attention but as I feel stronger each day, I am able to begin to play with her the way I did before and that's helping. Its hard though as I don't feel I can cuddle the baby too much in the day and end up awake with him too long in the night for cuddles.
Good luck to those of you still waiting to deliver.

moogs1000 Sun 16-Sep-12 05:47:04

Hi. Just had 4 hours sleep, most I've had in days, yippee! (Still need at least another 5 days though. Lol! )
macaroons I'm in agony breastfeeding, nipples r cracked and bleeding, milk has come in and cannot believe the size of them, so painful! She's got no pattern to feeds (is only day 4) but last night fed constantly between 6pm and 1.30am, between 11and 1.30 it was only 2 mins a time but then cried when went down and only thing to stop her was feeding. but then has just gone 4 hours. Hoping things settle down soon. X

MadMonkeys Sun 16-Sep-12 08:54:37

moogs - much sympathy about the cracked nipples, I had them last time so I know how painful they are. Watch out for signs of mastitis. Have you had a mw or someone check out your latch etc? Didn't help me as my prob was a very vigorously sucking baby and my fair skin, but worth checking out. Hope it improves soon. I found calendula cream the only thing that got them healing last time, but you have to wash it off before breastfeeding (I'd switched to formula by them for a number of reasons so it wasn't a problem for me).

MadMonkeys Sun 16-Sep-12 08:56:44

smallgreenone - regarding wind, have you tried Infacol? It's great at getting burps up. Winding can take ages, try to keep him upright as much as you can after a feed until he's done some really good burps.

shoeprincess2 Sun 16-Sep-12 16:37:11

HI ladies! Thanks Macaroons for setting up this thread. It will be lovely to stay in touch and share tips/ stories as we go along our journey. Well, it has been our first week at home and it is proving very hard work with a newborn and a very stroppy 2 year old. Oliver is 10 days old and is a proper booby monster. I forgot how exhausting BFing, particularly when he sleeps wonderfully between feeds during the day, but only in the bed at nightime. He feeds, he falls asleep, I put him in the cot, he complains, I pick him up etc etc. Thomas was exactly the same and i never was able to crack that nut, so any hints and tips gratefully received. Thomas seems to sleep through the hulabaloo at night, so that's one good thing. Even my partner seems to be able to sleep through it, so it is just me propping my eyes open with matchsticks!

Don't know about you ladies, but I'm looking forward to making some non- maternity clothing purchases. Particularly now that we are approaching Autumn, and it is my favourite season of the year. I have been doing lots of window shopping on the internet whilst BFing.

Thomas seems to have accepted Oliver, but I guess Oliver isn't interfering with his toys at the moment. It will probably be a lot different once Oliver is mobile. s suplph

I have eased up on the painkillers after my CS (and thank goodness that I have stopped the Clexane injection, as they were really not nice). They didn't seem too bad in the beginning... I'm on ferrous sulphate for low Hb, so i had to buy some prune juice today due to very painful toliet visits (apologies for TMI). I overexerted myself at the supermarket today, but trying to maneouvre a heavy trolley and felt my abdomen pull a little. I need to ease up, as I start feeling ok and think that I can go back to lifting and shifting as normal.

Hope you are all enjoying your newborns and sorry for the long post. Just wanted to check in and update.

leelteloo Sun 16-Sep-12 17:09:45

Shoeprincess, I totally know where you are coming from. Euan feeds and sleeps perfectly all day and just as I'm ready to sleep he starts fussing. He doesn't cry too much but just sleeps more soundly in the day than the night, it's v annoying.

Smallgreenone Sun 16-Sep-12 17:13:19

Thanks madmonkeys I now have a bottle of infacol so hopefully we'll see some results soon.......
Know what you mean about clothes shopping shoeprincess I have bought some clothes already! To be honest I bought some in the summer sales to wear next summer when I should be totally normal
sized again. Breast feeding is a bit limiting with tips you can wear though isn't it- need easy access at all times! And none of my normal tops fit anyway as boobs are massive! I can fit back into one pair of jeans though so am pleased about that, still got about a stone to shift though. Desperate to have the all clear from the doctor after CS so I can get back to doing some excercise.

Smallgreenone Sun 16-Sep-12 17:14:16

Also I'm glad other people's babies have day and night mixed up too- makes me feel less alone in the wee small hours with a wide awake baby!

shoeprincess2 Sun 16-Sep-12 17:49:31

Thank goodness for Five Live. It keeps me sane during those lonely wee small hours. Smallgreenone- my jeans fit now too, but tops are too tight across the boobage area. leeteloo- it is very annoying, isn't it? Visitors say "oh, what a perfect little baby. Fast asleep". Yes, I shall remind you of that at 2.30am!!!

Thali34 Sun 16-Sep-12 21:13:25

Hi ladies, have been in labour for 43 hours!! Contractions can be pretty intense but won't settle into a regular pattern! Have varied from 10mins apart to 2 mins but then go back to 5 or 6!! Hospital are adamant it's too early (I phoned them at 4 mins apart and 2 mins apart) and I suppose they were right as it tails off, quite often a lull during the day. I think my body prefers labouring at night! Got very demoralised last might, losing stamina and panicking about how I will cope with next stage! Went to hosp early this morning for a check. Baby was fine but I was only 2 cm dilated!!!!! V disappointing but helps to kno how things stand. It is preferable to be at home, more comfortable and much better for DH (who is being amazing and waiting on me hand and foot)

Today a real drop off in contractions so have taken the chance to get some rest and some sleep, in between the odd contraction!!

Dreading the rest of it but hoping will somehow get thru! Hope something will finally develop tonight.

You're all having your own issues and crises with sleep and BF but thanks for reading! In time we'll all be doing just fine!! Xx

Smallgreenone Mon 17-Sep-12 02:40:11

Gosh thali 43 hours! That is a marathon! Hope you get your little one in your arms soon.
Yes to radio 5 as company for this time of night! Although I am very happy tonight Rafe has been asleep since 9 and I went to bed when he did so I've had 5 hours sleep and feel fabulous! Just got to catch up with downtown abbey tomorrow though!

shoeprincess2 Mon 17-Sep-12 11:01:55

Do you think the babies had a chat amongst themselves last night? Oliver slept from 10om-1am and then another couple of hours later on, so I'm feeling more human today as well! I'm just worrying about his weight gain- we are BFing, but I don't think we ever get to the hindmilk. I keep putting him on the same boob to try and get there, but I'm dreading the midwife visit today in case he hasn't put on enough weight. He has definitely had a growth spurt as he is longer than when he was born, but isn't chunking out. I know that breast fed babies tend to be leaner than formula fed ones- maybe I need to stop worrying...That's the other thing about having newborns- you become a slave to those blooming red books and their weight charts smile

flipflopper Mon 17-Sep-12 12:22:38

i am so envy of all these lovely babies!
I am 41+1 today, and getting really fed up! I know it's going to be soon, but i just feel in limbo!
Seeing mw tomorrow for sweep number 2, after one last week which she said was favourable and I was 1-2cm then, so what the heck is going on?

Hope everyone else is ok.
thali Hope you have your baby by now! x

Hola here you all are! Not much longer now flip hang in there! Congratulations to all the new Mamas and breast feeders hang in there - these first few weeks are brutal, it took us 6 weeks to crack it - then it was the easiest thing in the world.

9 days til due date - I'm going to be the last one to pop aren't I?

funchum8am Mon 17-Sep-12 14:46:47

Flipping heck thali 43 hours is indeed a marathon as someone else said! Best of luck that your little one arrives soon! I am 39+4 and just wishing the time away now, I can't wait to join you all with the epic night feeds and cracked nipples newborn snuggliness.

I had no idea your cervix could be dilated and yet it all take so long - off to MW now but I won't get excited no matter what she says - I'm convinced that I am going to end up with NOTHING DOING until they offer me induction, which would be 2nd OCTOBER!

Good luck maketea I know exactly how you feel - fingers crossed we both deliver somewhere closer to due dates than is normal for first babies (if it's your first that is!)

Oh my goodness thali I hope that you have baby in your arms now. My friend had her lo last week and also had a slow latent labour. Her dd was born on the third night. I thought what a way to start off life with a newborn totally exhausted?

I'm 39+4 too funchum . Looking at the calender I've realised that term plus 10 days is a Sunday so can't see me getting my section (if I don't go naturally) date for then. More than likely 1st October. Will find out for definate on Wednesday anyway. I'm a bit like yourself. I have no hope of this baby moving any time soon.

Getting a bit fed up of her kicking and punching the living daylights out of me every night. Really painful and doesn't help that I haven't slept properly in more than a week due to a wisdom tooth problem. Worn out. Was at the dentist today and he said I'm able to take ibuprofen now (paracetamol doesn't touch it) as I'm so close to delivery. Reading up on ibuprofen it apparently can delay or prolong labour so I don't want to even though I know it will be the first thing to help.

Moan over..

For whoever it was trying infacol I used it for ds and it seemed to work. Remember thinking it wasn't doing anything and took him off it for a couple of days and he def got worse. I've heard those bath tubs are great for getting wind out of them too as they keep them in such an upright position.

MadMonkeys Mon 17-Sep-12 18:31:55

40 weeks today, and getting a bit fed up with all the texts asking if I've had the baby yet - as if I wouldn't tell them if I had! Sweep tomorrow if nothing happens before then.

Shoeprincess - it's not that there's one type of milk called foremilk and another called hindmilk - the milk starts off thin and gradually becomes more fatty as the baby feeds, so there's not a switch to 'hindmilk' that your baby is missing. But it could be that he isn't getting to the very fattiest milk at the end of the feed. Don't dread the mw visit - they are there to help you, not slap your wrists if you need advice.

Macaroons Mon 17-Sep-12 19:39:34

Thali I hope you have a baby in your arms soon. I too had a very long latent phrase of being 3cm dilated for over 30 hours! My contractions did get stronger but didn't get frequent enough so they wouldn't say im in active labour! But because baby heart rate got high, and ive been in prolonged latent phrase for so long, they broke my water - and it's slightly green which shows baby had started to poo. So they induced me. Even with water broken and the oxytocin it took a while to get dilated to 6cm then to fully dilated, so glad I had the epidural. Hope you are seeing more progress now! will be thinking of you!

Congrats to other new arrivals smile

Re breast feeding how often do you guys feed? Mine sometimes cry for food only an hour after the last feed, put him to breast he'd suck for 15 mins then fall asleep. Does he see me as a dummy?

Also does your new born scream when you change the nappy? Any tips of how to calm him down much appreciated. He's crying so much he's losing his voice! Poor little thing!

leelteloo Mon 17-Sep-12 21:17:31

Macaroons, my mum was a nurse, a midwife and a hv. She has been invaluable in helping me with feeding. often my LO really looks like he is starving and it's not been that long since a feed, my mum encouraged not me feed him. She explained that the rooting/crying reflex is the only way newborns can express all their feelings. So LO may just have wind or tummy ache or even be too full but still look like they are starving. So I wrap him, sing, pat and sooth and mostly that settles him. He is going 3 to 4 hours between feeds now. I'm also giving infacol before and gripe water after each feed.
Not sure how to stop babies screaming at change time; the hate to be cold, so could you try wrapping top half of baby in a blanket?

Smallgreenone Tue 18-Sep-12 02:24:51

leetleloo I looked at gripe water but it said to give only after 1 month and DS is 3 weeks. First time mum here so doing everything by the book- can I give it to him already?
Not sure if the infacol is working or not.

leelteloo Tue 18-Sep-12 04:51:25

Hi, yes re gripe water that's what it says so you shouldn't: I do because I trust that it's not going to do any harm and can really help with gripy wind pain: but please don't go against manufacture recommendations on my account.

macaroons I fed and fed and fed in the early weeks with DD and sometimes it was every hour. It was v gruelling but soon things fell into a natural pattern and she spread her feeds - apart from when going through a growth spurt. Their tummies are so so tiny and breast milk is digested very quickly so they really can need feeding that much. And also it is not solely about nutrition but about ensuring you have a good milk supply, about intimate contact with Mummy, about him feeling reassured that you are always there.

I remember feeling broken by this but a bfing cousellor told me that in those early weeks that if baby squeaks, feed it and if it feels that you are feeding too much, then you are doing it right. I know this contrasts with leetleloo but this worked for me rather than fighting baby so we just have to find our own way. Good luck!

leelteloo Tue 18-Sep-12 16:58:41

That sounds like really good advice MakeTeaNotWar, didn't mean to imply you should ignore or fight baby; just helped me to recognise that my baby was not always hungry when he looked like he was.

Macaroons Tue 18-Sep-12 18:03:27

Maketeanotwar and leetleloo thanks both for your advice! I guess every baby is different!

I had a medical appointment this morning and my mum kindly babysat for us so we didn't need to bring the LO with us. But that meant I hadn't breastfed him for a good few hours (asked mum to give him expressed milk / formula while we were out) I've breast fed him all afternoon, expressed twice, put warm flannel on the breasts but one of them is still very engorged. (the other side was fine) any tips as to how to sort this out, apart from feed him more on this breast? Thanks!!

Indeed every baby is different and i guess things may work out for me whenever this LO decides to show up.

Ouch on the engorgement - apart from feeding, maybe hand expressing a little in a hot bath?

Oh, it's so lovley to see you all talking about your babies.
I'm 40+6 today and feeling it.
The texts and Facebook comments have started, and my mum phoned me this morning worried about me. Bless!
I tell people of course I'll let them know what's happening and secretly think 'Yeah, when I'm good and ready.'
Last time I was really open about it and everyone knew I was in hospital waiting to be induced.
This time I want it to be a bit more private. As it's the last time I'm ever going to do it (she says!)

I have an appt for a sweep tomorrow with Reflexology massage chucked in. Hopefully it'll get me going.

The evenings are the worst, once DS has gone to sleep we're just sat there feeling like spare parts listening to a ticking time bomb!

Have a good sleep everyone, and wish me luck!

Smallgreenone Wed 19-Sep-12 08:51:02

Good luck today shoes! x

flipflopper Wed 19-Sep-12 09:00:44

Good luck for today WhereAreMyShoes, hope it works.

I had my 2nd sweep yesterday, and still nothing. I'm now term+10, and I am going in to hospital tomorrow morning to be induced. It is my birthday tomorrow, so I may have to share my birthday!

Im feeling ok about being induced. I was a bit down that my body hasnt done what it is supposed to do, but Im ready just to get it over with now. The midwife thought that baby has turned back to back, after being in an ideal position for weeks, and she worried me a bit by stressing how if I get reduced movement to go straight to labour ward. I'm a bit worried about the placenta giving up, etc, so I will be glad to be in hospital tbh.

She also said they would probably just go straight to breaking my waters as I am dilated enough, anyone had this? Last time I was induced I had to have a pessary, which worked straight away.

Sorry for the whinging!

Hope everyone is ok xx

Rachel130690 Wed 19-Sep-12 11:33:25

My goodness so much is going on here, I have been all caught up with newbornness smile can't believe he's here..

I got out of hospital on Sunday evening. Was climbing the walls trying to get out, was there from Thursday 6AM so felt strange on drive home.

I've had quite a tough few days trying to get baby's days and nights around the right way. First night home we were up all night but its getting better smile slept from 1 ish to near 6 this morning but has now been stuffing himself all morning.

Oh I never realised how much your body goes through during and after labour and I'm starting to feel a bit more normal now smile bleeding has settled down, I decided not to breast fed so I've been dealing with breast engorgement and my god is it sore, I've cabbage down my bra which really helps but whether its there or not all I can smell is hot cabbage. Will never be able to look at it the same again.

I'm really glad that I was induced, and to think I was dreading it. But I felt like everything was more in control and I felt more in control than if I went naturally.

Good luck to everyone still waiting, can't wait to hear about some more baby's smile

Macaroons Wed 19-Sep-12 15:31:24

Congrats Rachel! Have you picked names for you little one yet? Yes it's very tiring with the little one, hope this will get better when they gradually sleep longer during the night!

Shoe, flipflopper and anyone else still waiting - good luck!

Thank you ladies. And good luck for the morning flip
I was induced last time and my waters never broke, that I can remember. But if they do yours, at least you'll know they wont be going all over your carpet, sofa or car interior!!

The birth centre was lovely. Such a shame I'm not allowed to have her there. The rooms are huge and all have pools and no bed, just a sofa type thing.
Also a big scarf/curtain attached to the ceiling, which I suppose is to hang off. Looked kinky!

The sweep was fine, I'm just 2cms, probably because this is my 2nd pregnancy and never closed after last time.
Acupressure was weird and the clary sage and lavender foot massage was lovely.
Doing it all again on Saturday! Then they'll book my induction if needed.

I hope the hospital is as nice as the birth centre, that's quite new too so hopefully it is.

Getting pains in my back and tightenings but not holding out hope. Feeling quite fragile and emotional but think it's anxiety and all that.
Looking forward to foot massage no 2 now anyway!

Rachel sounds like you had a good night last night. Hope your boobs settle down soon. Engorgement is sore and I imagine it's much worse when they're not being drained off by baby.
I was never convinced with the whole cabbage leaf thing. You might find a very hot or cold flannel relieves the pain if you're sick of smelling of cooked veg!

Look after yourselves you lot.

cjbk1 Wed 19-Sep-12 20:21:53

I'd just like a little rant/AIBU/is this normal?
I have no family round here my choice fair enuf, PILs have been great, I do however have lots of friends in my town and surrounding areas but no-one except PIL's have visited or expressed any desire to do so, yes shes my 3rd but I want to show her off and I want company (dh is in 2nd wk of paternity leave but no-one's coming to visit next wk either...) I try to be a good friend I visit my friends and their babies, iv told everyone who I told about baby to please visit, i don't know what iv done wrong?sadsadsadsadsad

Aw cjbk1 sorry you're feeling low, I'm sure you have done nothing wrong, maybe you just have to ask them in case people wrongly feel they are giving you space? I have to say that this is my second baby and yes, there is def less interest and excitement from friends. Reach out - they'll be only too happy to spring into action! thanks thanks

Oh cjbk1 I can see what you mean.
Maybe your friends have thought as she's your 3rd you're going to be rushed off your feet trying keep on top of everyone that they don't want to intrude.
I've always been one for wanting to visit new mums and take some freezable lunches or cheese scones etc, but after a family member had her baby she totally made me feel as if I was wrong to want to see her!
After all the fiasco of her wanting to plan the order of who sees her baby first (all her family must have visited before her partner's were allowed anywhere near, almost two weeks after she was born!) I now feel awkward with anyone else and the etiquette that's expected.

I totally understand you wanting to show her off, especially as you have no family near by.
I'm not sure how best to let them know you want them to come see you.
I would text and say DH is back at work next week and would be nice for them to come for a cup of tea if they have a spare hour.

But saying that, since I've been on mat leave, about 6 weeks now, my boss has been round once and other than that the only visitors I've had were for DS's birthday!
All other arrangements have been cancelled last minute, by the visitor due to something coming up.
Still, it forces me to get the hoover out, even if no one ever sees my nice tidy living room...

Macaroons Wed 19-Sep-12 21:51:35

Cjbk1 I think everyone is different. I dont think its because they dont see you as friends and dont want to visit you, they probably think you want more space. I for one don't want visitors yet... Baby is sleeping / feeding at erratic hours and it'd be hard to breast feed when visitors are around! So don't take that personally!

MadMonkeys Thu 20-Sep-12 03:48:57

Anyone awake? I had a sweep yesterday and it looks like it worked... contracting every 6 - 10 mins and waters have gone. Just been sent home from the hospital, so I'm putting my natal hypnotherapy music on in the hopes it will help. Contractions are getting quite painful now.

moogs1000 Thu 20-Sep-12 04:01:06

Yes I'm awake! good luck madmonkeys, try to rest if you can, hopefully won't be long now.

cjbk1 hope u r feeling bit better. I like having no visitors...but maybe I'm just grumpy! Lol. I prefer to be in my pyjamas with no make up on and hair a mess! And my boobs r constantly out at minute too as nipples too tender to cover, not an ideal visitor look!
I've been ill with flulike symptoms and it is mastitis so I'm on antibiotIcs. Wish bf was easier, did it with dd and don't remember it being so bad, really losing heart with it and wishing I just chose bottles...someone remind me why I'm doing this! Keep getting upset as feel like I'm failin!
Hope everyone else is well. X

Smallgreenone Thu 20-Sep-12 04:17:13

I'm up too! Good luck madmonkeys!!
moogs don't feel like you're failing. Breast feeding is hard and if you decide to go for bottles then it's not the end of the world. Do what's best for you and your baby. Have you tried contacting the Breastmates helpline? Think they are in most areas, your midwife passes on your number and someone called me the day after we got home! I've not used them but hae heard they are a great support network if you need it.
I'm struggling a bit too, not because it hurts but just because he feeds so often and if he were bottle fed dh could do some of them. Saying that dh is away tonight so I'm on my own- such hard work! Already decided tomorrow is a pyjama day and we aren't getting dressed or going out!

Oh good luck madmonkeys
I think my sweep has done some good too.
Been up since half 4 with contractions averaging about every 10 mins.
Gradually losing mucus plug but no waters yet.
I changed the bed as I had no duvet in the sheet and now its getting cold, so if I go in at some point today I've got a nice clean bed to come home to.

Attempted the tens machine but the bastard sticky things wouldn't stay on, so that's one less thing to drag to hospital!

Checked hospital bag and trying to mentally plan the morning so poor DS gets some breakfast when he surfaces!

moogs stick with it, I'm sure you don't need telling but just think how carrying on feeding will help the mastitis.
And it's the best weight loss tool on the world.
Also, I've convinced myself I can't afford to formula feed. So have no choice. (Even though I'll spend more than the equivalent of the price of formula on cake and biscuits because it 'for the baby')

cjbk1 Thu 20-Sep-12 08:11:22

Thanks for replies all, my other moan is I can't seem to express this time and I'd like to, tried avent pump on electric and manual mode when boobs very full and nothing comes out feel very stupid, had great success with it last time! any help? X

Mikyahrose Thu 20-Sep-12 10:10:07

No baby for me yet. Only 40+2 though. According to the midwife he's back to back and not engaged at all, so have been bouncing on the ball the last 2 days to get him in the right place. Went for a long walk yesterday too - although not very briskly, which is what i was told to do. Also gonna go swimming a bit later, maybe me lying on my tummy in the pool will encourage him to turn round a bit.
Got a stinking cold too - Boo!
Congratulations to everyone who's had thier babies, hopefully the rest of us wont be too far behind.

Good luck for your induction today flipflopper . Hope the contractions turned out to be something madmonkeys and wherearemyshoes and we have more congratulations soon.

I also had a sweep yesterday but it doesn't seem to have done anything (again) except make me bleed a bit this time. Not sure - am a little bit crampy every now and again and feel a bit heavier today so going to keep active and upright walking and on the gym ball today. Was 1cm which she could stretch to 2 and about 50% effaced but said to expect me to be like a first time mother and go overdue as I had no labour with ds. My due date today. Feeling a bit emotional and have already cried twice over stupid stuff. Have my section date for the 1st October so if this lo doesn't make a move herself she won't even be a September baby.

Have you tried expressing by hand cjbk ? I expressed for ds as he was too small to latch and always got far more doing it by hand than machine. Sorry to hear you feel a bit lonely. I expect it's like everyone else had said and your friends are giving you space to get into a routine and that. I know I don't like to visit people too soon after having a baby and I'd be the opposite to you and need time to myself (bar immediate family) soon after birth.

Macaroons Thu 20-Sep-12 13:08:26

Mikya - my baby wasn't back to back before I got induced, it became back to back at one point because I had to lie there for hours, the midwife told me to lie on my left as baby usually turn clockwise (or anticlockwise? Cant remember) and the baby turned back to the right position by the time I had to push! Worth trying!

Good luck to those still waiting!

funchum8am Thu 20-Sep-12 17:51:05

Hi ladies, my due date today but zero action, unsurprisingly really as it is my first. Induction is booked for 2nd Oct and a sweep for a week tomorrow. That was going to be this Monday coming but they have randomly cancelled Monday's MW clinic without giving a reason. So I am really hoping baby gets a move on and appears naturally asap as I am bloody uncomfortable. I am trying to walk every day but get terrible backache when I do. Hey Ho, at least I know it can't go on longer than 2nd Oct - my plan to refuse induction is unlikely now I am so grumpy and uncomfortable!

Much sympathy to all of you who are suffering! Not long now...

I went into hospital at 3 this afternoon, had her at 6:22pm and was home by 9:30pm!
There and back in less than 7 hours. After the drama of last time, I'm so pleased with myself.

Stood through most of my labour, then delivered her on my knees over the back of the bed. Just gas and air.
No birth partner but midwife stayed with me throughout and was absolutely amazing.

We all think she's pretty gorgeous and so relieved it went so smoothly.

Suddenly remembering how painful your nipples get after Marathon first feeds. Won't be long and they'll toughen up.

Enjoyed the best egg sandwich and then toast when I got home.

Oh, she's 7lb8oz and is yet to have a name.
DS said when he went to bed 'night night daddy and baby'
Love him!

She's just gone to sleep so hopefully this is my chance for some sleep too!

Yay congratulations - wow speedy and straightforward! Fingers crossed I get such a nice birth! Enjoy the snuggles!

Rachel130690 Fri 21-Sep-12 09:27:53

Wow wherearemyshoes that was a very quick one, congrats to you.

Things here aren't too bad, was a bit unsettled last night but my Oh did all the feeds and I got some sleep smile we are now lying having a wee cuddle in bed waiting for house to warm up.. Gotta love baby cuddles I think I prefer them to my Oh. smile

To all those still waiting it won't be long.. Can't believe my LO was born last Friday night where has the time went..

Albert Henry arrived yesterday at 2:02 am. Was a bit of a blur as I'd planned a home water birth but baby's heart rate kept dropping so ended up being taken to hospital by ambulance & eventually had a crash C-section with me under GA so I missed it. Feeling a bit wobbly & weepy at times, but he is gorgeous & had a cuddle with his big brother today. It just wasn't how I planned things but I guess lots of things don't turn out that way & at least I have a gorgeous baby. They're a bit worried his head is a bit small but he had a cranial ultrasound last night & there was nothing obviously wrong, they just want to check for infection too.
Just wish we could go home now.

Mikyahrose Fri 21-Sep-12 10:59:53

Congratulations to wherearemyshoes and mrshelsbels74

It never ceases to amaze me how differnt births can be.

I'm still waiting for mine - now 3 days over.

stelleyespan Fri 21-Sep-12 11:31:38

Nicola was born at 01:07AM on Wednesday 5th September 2012. Nicola weighs 8lbs 2oz. I got told off today by a friend because Nicola sleeps in the nursery opposite our bedroom. Not in our room. She says "everybody knows in the parents room is right!". I don't remember being told this and midwife never says anything is wrong. I'm a bit fed up now .

Smallgreenone Fri 21-Sep-12 12:04:32

Ooh lots of lovely new babies! Congratulations all!
Health visitor has just been and Rafe is a whopping 9lbs 4oz which is 2lbs over his birth weight! What a fatty!

Mikyahrose Fri 21-Sep-12 12:13:56

Oh stelley dont let it get to you. i dont think there is any right or wrong. You do whatever is comfortable for you. smile
I do plan to have ours in with us, but mainly coz i'm too lazy to be getting up to see to him throughout the night. ;)

Congrats wherearemy shoes , stelley and mrshelsbels . I'm not surprised you feel weepy and wobbly - probably the shock kicking in. I hope Albert's tests come back all clear.

I think the sleeping in parent's room comes from SIDS risk stelley. Apparently the baby listening to your breathing can regulate theirs. Personally I didn't keep my ds in until the recommended 6 months. I lasted about 2-3 months before putting him into his own room as I'm such a light sleeper and every snuffle and squeak he made woke me up. So he went to the room next door, paper thin walls and monitor. This one will be in my room because I don't have another room smile You find you own way imo and what works for you.

Started losing my mucus plug today so I'm hoping this is it, although I also know it could mean nothing at all.

MadMonkeys Fri 21-Sep-12 16:55:34

Well things hotted up very fast after my last post and baby Eleanor was born yesterday morning after an 11 hour labour. Was much faster and more intense than my first labour, but the mw's were amazing and that made all the difference. I went from 6cm dilated to pushing in literally 1 minute! Managed with just G&A, didn't get the water birth I'd hoped for as there just wasn't time, but with the support from the mw's I feel very positive about it. I couldn't recommend Good Hope highly enough, no complaints at all (except that they were full the first time I went in so I was transferred to Heartlands instead, and the motorway was shut so it took ages to get there with DH fretting about how close together the contractions were getting...!), all the staff were wonderful, and the mw who actually delivered Eleanor was so lovely it's making me cry just to think about it!

Got sore nipples now, but everyone assures me our technique is fine so we'll plough on and see how we get on. Thinking about all you mommy's with lovely newborns and those who are still waiting.

Rachel130690 Fri 21-Sep-12 17:56:07

Oh congrats to all the 'newer' mummies.

I can't believe this time last week I was in labour, it was about this time we had a wee scare and baby's heart rate dropped but was all good as I was out of it on gas and air. I'm quite upset its been a whole week seems like its going so fast. Just want time to stop.

How's everyone else getting on? And everyone still waiting hope things start soon for you.

stelley just do what you want. It's your child and everyone does things differently.

Had my first person go 'eugh why'd you call your child that? It's horrible.' Only for the fact she was very good friends with the people I was with I was for telling her to fuck off. But I bit my tongue, next person won't be so lucky.

funchum8am Fri 21-Sep-12 18:33:16

Congratulations to all the proud New parents! No news here but hearing all your stories is do exciting....40+1 and hoping....off for a curry with DH!

Is it normal to turn into a complete watering pot, I just seem to be in tears over every little thing, it's driving me nuts. I know my other son will be here soon to see me & I know I'm going to burst into tears again. Part of me is desperate to get home the other part is terrified (had terrible PND with number 1) & I am worried that all these tears signify that starting again sad

Don't want to bring a downer onto this thread but I just seem unable to prevent the tears falling.

Rachel130690 Fri 21-Sep-12 20:43:36

mrshels after I gave birth I was a bit teary, kept welling up loads everyday but it passed until today and now I'm feeling a bit emotional about the fact he's a week old sad

Hope things get better for you and you stop crying.

Aww I'm so sorry you're feeling down mrshelsbels . Give yourself some time to get over things as it sounds like you had a hard birth. I think although you know that things might not go to plan, you always hope that they will and when they don't it can be a bit of a shock. It doesn't help that your hormones are all over the place. When I had ds by 'elective' (but emergency had to be done right away) section I cried solid for three days after. A lot of it was worry too about ds.

Is there anyone you can talk to in the hospital? Can you get your dh by himself to have a good old sob? Depression before doesn't automatically mean you will suffer from PND again. One upshot is if you do, you will recognise the signs earlier and be able to seek help. I've suffered from depression on and off for years (and antenatal depression both times) and know now how to read when I start to feel down. I have coping mechanisms and can talk to people about it - something I couldn't have done years ago. It really helps being able to be open with my feelings to those closest to me.

Hugs to you and hope you feel better soon x

leelteloo Sat 22-Sep-12 10:27:53

Morning, this is a question for anyone who had a c section. I stopped bleeding about 5 days after the op but in the last two days heavy bleeding has returned. I am very tired and run down as LO is a night owl but don't remember bleeding 2 weeks post op last time. Anyone else stopped and then started again?

flipflopper Sat 22-Sep-12 11:09:55

hi everyone,
I've had my baby! Matilda Rose, born on 21st Sept, weighing 8lb 2oz.
I went into hosp to be induced on thursday, they broke my waters at 7pm, took a couple of hours for things to get going, only had about 3-4hrs labour, and she was born at 2.27am on friday!
Only had gas& air, i wanted more pain relief but had no time!
It was lovely because she was delivered straight onto my front and she stayed there for half an hour and i fed her straight away.
Came home later on in the morning. Good experience!

Hope everyone is well and congrats to others whove given birth recently xxx

Rachel130690 Sat 22-Sep-12 14:32:58

flipflopper congrats. Very quick delivery and a lovely name. Bet your over the moon and loving the cuddles.

My wee man is getting big, and is sleeping great went down at 11.40 last night and was up at 4, then again after 8. And he's such a wee eater, non stop at times. Sometimes he drinks 3oz every 2 hours, then he sleeps for ages smile

How's everyone else getting on with their babies?

Rachel130690 Sat 22-Sep-12 14:36:25

leelteloo not sure if this applies to you but my mw told me that sometimes the bleeding can stop and start up again in a few days. And to make sure I kept pads on me for a good while so i dont get caught out. Not sure if that's the same for vb and csections. But just thought I'd pass the info on. smile

shoeprincess2 Sat 22-Sep-12 14:39:00

Hi Leelteloo- I'm in the same boat as you. 16 days post cs and the bleeding had just started up again. Not too heavy, but still there all the same. The same thing happened last time- I haven't had a proper night's sleep in the last 17 days and am very run down. Plus, I think I over exerted myself yesterday (thinking that I'm superwoman). I have consulted my "what to expect when you're expecting" book, and it said that the bleeding can be on and off for up to 6 weeks postpartum. I wouldn't be unduly worried, though if you feel that you are losing an excessive amount of blood, it may be worth contacting the midwife or GP. Apart from the bleeding, are you feeling ok after the op? xx

leelteloo Sat 22-Sep-12 14:43:58

Thanks, feel ok just tired and was worried as thought bleeding had stopped. Good to know it can stop and start.

Smallgreenone Sat 22-Sep-12 17:39:49

I'm 4 weeks post CS leetleloo and thought mine had stopped only to find red blood the other day. Think it's fine unless really heavy.
Well done flipflopper your birth sounds v quick and nice.
My little man sleeps 7 to 11 then 11 to 3 then annoyingly up at 5 and back to bed until 8. I can't get him to take enough milk at the 3am feed so he sleeps until morning- any tips?

MissCoffeeNWine Sat 22-Sep-12 21:32:29

I have returns of fresh bleeding just as I think it's stopped too, think it's normal but I did feel a bit wobbly a few days ago after losing quite a lot suddenly. I'm 2 weeks out from a vb.

This baby doesn't have a schedule. We just feed from early evening to early morning and occasionally she will fall asleep for an hour or take a break to look around for 15 mins. If you try to seperate her from a boob or put her down somewhere, even for a nappy change, she'll scream. She's never slept longer than an hour and a half and that was with a nipple in her mouth.

Argh, I'm trying to catch up, and I've been in my own little pink baby world since having her!
Congrats on the newest babies, I hope you're all enjoying them.
Our first night was hourly feeding, then yesterday we had to go to hospital for our check ups and had three lots of visitors.
Last night was hour and a half feeds and community midwife came to check her latch because I am toe curlingly sore. It's fine, but just the frequent feeding has taken its toll.
DS loves her, and thinks her name is baby. We've not yet decided but are leaning towards Matilda too flipflopper.
Madmonkeys Eleanor is a beautiful name, it's my sister's.

With DS I bled for about 8 weeks with it coming back heavy after lifting cat seat etc. But that may have been due to the haemorrhage I had. I'm well stocked up to keep me protected for ever so don't mind!

Helsbels I understand you must be feeling a bit cheated of your planned birth, but whatever your story is of your labour, you still managed to get through it and the result being a precious baby.
After a traumatic time with DS I struggled to get over the flashbacks and sheer terror of what I went through. I cried over it, a lot. But, I think the tough time I had made me feel as if I'd accomplished even more. I hope you can make peace with it and maybe get a good de-brief later on if you still feel like there are things you need to discuss.

Congratulations flipflopper

I bleed about 5/6 weeks after my cs. Remember getting caught out thinking it had stopped at one stage too but came back. Afair was told just to watch out for clots bigger than a 50p or the lochia smelling.

Did anyone have a vbac? Do the hospital let you eat/drink when in labour incase you need to go to theater for cs? I'm not so bothered about not eating but I drink a lot of liquids - more so when I'm nervous or anxious.

Getting a bit antsy about being overdue now as my placenta was done for pretty early with ds and worried incase it's not holding up this time now I'm over.

Thali34 Sun 23-Sep-12 05:09:43

Our little girl was born on Monday after an exhausting 57 hours! Had a really long first stage with contractions but no regular pattern. Lingest weekend of my life! Only got admitted to hospital when there was meconium very late on Sunday night! Anyway, she is here and is gorgeous.

I'm still desperately short of sleep, barely slept during labour and still struggling with breastfeeding. She seems constantly hungry and feeds can drag on for 2-3 hours as she gets sleepy and doses off. I have to do all I can to wake her.so finding it really hard work. Nights, she never seems satisfied - and feeds just blur into each other. we've just been up all night - it's now 5am. And she keeps demanding more! Will get around to pics soon I hope. Either on Facebook or otherwise ;) still waiting to be allowed home and fed up with being in hospital! In the meantime here is a pic for you, auntie. XThe midwife/ health visitor yesterday seemed pleased with her latch and her feeding - I can't understand it.
How is everyone else finding it?

Am I just unrealistic to hope to put her down and get sleep at night? Is it still too early? She doesn't seem as clingy during the day! Starting to feel a bit desperate!

Thali34 Sun 23-Sep-12 05:12:56

Whoops something v odd happened in the middle of my post, sorry, I think some text got pasted in by mistake blush
I'm too tired to even be doing this!!!

moogs1000 Sun 23-Sep-12 09:21:21

Congratulations no all new babies!

ballroom I had vbac and I wouldn't have physically been able to eat in labour! Noone said I couldn't though.But had some Lucozade just before pushing stage (after epidural) and it had to be whisked to get all bubbles out in case I needed a section?? I did drink water throughout too.

Bf still painful cos of my nipples but does seem to be easing slightly (fingers crossed!) resorted to cabbage down my bra now, willing to give anythin a go. Motherhood is soooo attractive!

cjbk1 Sun 23-Sep-12 09:36:57


yesterday I was 12 days post ELCS and blood loss had stopped and I wasn't barely needing painkillers anymore except I had a few tiny twinges then (while I was standing up making fudge) I had a big gush of fresh blood, it slowed down overnight though, is this normal?

Thali34 Sun 23-Sep-12 14:16:24

misscoffee it looks like you and I are in the same boat with wakeful nighttime boob dependent babies! Have you received any useful advice or are you just going with it? X

Macaroons Sun 23-Sep-12 14:55:44

Hello all congrats to more baby arrival!

Re night time boob dependent baby issue, what I find quite useful is to express some milk during the day, save it for the early hours to make sure he can last longer in the evening; my LO needs a feed at 11-ish (before we go to bed), then 3-ish, then 7-ish (our usual wake-up time) so we really only get up once in the early hours! Makes life so much easier! (he usually can't last that long during the day)

I have a question re clothing - what do you dress your baby in during the day and in the evening? We are not quite sure what's right as his hands are cold, but sometimes he gets heat rash on his body...

Smallgreenone Sun 23-Sep-12 15:22:17

I do expressing too macaroons and he's fine 11 to 3 but then so sleepy at 3 that he never drinks enough and wakes up at 5 not 7. Think I might try a bottle at 3 as well and see if that's any better.
We usually have him in a vest and then sleepsuits with feet at night and he seems warm enough in that under blankets and today he's wearing a long sleeve body suit and denim dungarees- he's fine temperature wise. Their hands and feet will sometimes feel colder than the rest of their bodies because their circulation isn't great- if his body feels warm then he's fine even if he's feet and hands are cool. That's what our health visitor said.
cjbk I'm not sure- was it a lot of blood? How are you now? If its still going I'd ring your hospital ward and just speak to someone medical.

MadMonkeys Sun 23-Sep-12 15:51:17

thali my DD is the same at night - we've had 6 hour feeding frenzies all three nights so far. I think it is normal. My mw reassured me that it is nothing to worry about, the babies are just suckling lots to let your body know it needs to increase supply. My milk came in last night so I'm wondering if we'll have the same experience tonight. We gave Eleanor a bottle of formula at the end of the 6 hours as she was latching on then screaming straight away so we figured she'd drunk everyting there was to drink. Then she settled straight after the formula. Might not be what you want to do, but it has worked for us and she is showing no signs of nipple confusion or rejecting the breast. My general philosophy is if the baby cries stuff a boob in her mouth. Exhausting but necessary.

Congrats to those who've just popped!

Macaroons Sun 23-Sep-12 16:38:08

Madmonkey - Agree with your philosophy that whenever a baby cries stuff a boob in his/her mouth. 99% of the time DS sucks aggressively which shows he really is hungry (and I feel sorry for starving him!) we did do a bottle of formula before the milk comes in too... Some people want to breast feed exclusively, we are more concerned whether the baby is fed or not. Our DS doesnt have nipple / teat confusion so don't worry. (he's so hungry that he will suck at anything lol)

Smallgreenone - we only dress him in a sleep suit, maybe he needs another layer then!

Those of you worried about bleeding, my MW said so long as there's no clots then don't worry. The bleeding stops and starts and would get a little heavier if you've been going out / standing up loads (gravity?)

leelteloo Sun 23-Sep-12 22:31:36

Hi*Cjbk*, I started bleeding again heavily 14 days after my c-section, before that it had all stopped and I hadn't had pain killers for ages. Been bleeding on and off heavily for 3 days now but it seems have stopped tonight. I was reassured by the lovely mums on this thread it's quite normal and I checked with hv when she came yesterday. TMI ( she said not to worry unless there are big clots or it smells very strong). My pain has come back a bit too, so I'm back on the pain killers. I think I have been over doing things with my dd and should try and rest more; chance would be a fine thing wink.
Welcome to all the new bundles of joy and its helping me at night to know so many of us are awake in the wee small hours. Here's hoping for more than 3 hours of sleep tonight.

Wow, I just had 3 1/2 hours sleep and it was wonderful!
My milk has come in and now all the feeding frenzies have paid off.
Although I feel like I have rocks in my boobs.

She hasn't actually slept in her cot yet. All 4 nights she's slept either on her side next to me or on my chest.
I put her in there last night and she finally brought up her first bit of wind and was sick with a little blood in it so brought her back into bed with me!
There's plenty of time for rules!

I hope all the pregnant ladies are enjoying the cooler weather. I actually enjoyed the rain yesterday as we were snuggled on the sofa with an excuse to not go anywhere.

Thali34 Mon 24-Sep-12 07:04:19

Morning mummies and mummies to be. I'm assuming my milk has come in... Milk is there, and it's the white stuff but I was expecting it to be a bit more dramatic somehow?! The 'let down' hasn't felt like anything. My breasts feel harder before a feed and got quite warm a couple of days ago so I'm hoping this is good. Except it wasnt obvious in day 4 or 5 as i would have expected. Its now day 7!!! Anyone else not feel much? I think she's feeding better tho not completely convinced. Night was better but only because DH or DS have taken her away to settle her and I've got a bit more sleep.

Would love to express to stimulate things a bit more but can never get more than a teaspoon full!

MrsNPattz Mon 24-Sep-12 07:04:48

Hi ladies,

I am new to the site but reading this thread has kept me sane during a night with little sleep!! And hurray - I am not alone!

My little man was born on 16/09/12 and it sure is a learning curve! Loving it though, he is perfect, apart from the lack of sleep of course!

So good to read all of your stories, I can relate to so many and am looking forward to being a part of this community smile

Thali - I'm like you - I don't feel much by way of 'let down' either, apparently some ladies just don't! I also don't leak which is a blessing I feel

I had a moment of madness yesterday and drank a can okcoke - so DD was awake from 9.30 until 3.15. Yawn. And today we have the HV coming for the first time - anyone know what I should expect at this visit?

cjbk1 Mon 24-Sep-12 09:48:34

nightmare the HV will ask how you and baby are just like MW then want to weigh baby even if she was weighed yesterday and measure her head and length and reminds u where 'clinic' and bf'ing support is, checks where baby sleeps so tidy up gives u some leaflets and fills in red book.
my blood loss has slowed again btw thanks to all for concern x

Rachel130690 Mon 24-Sep-12 10:09:48

Hey glad to hear everyone's doing okay.

My Oh is back to work today sad not quite the same as everyone else as he works from his parents house which is at bottom of garden but I'm feeling quite alone and like I can't leave baby alone. sad

We are waiting in for mw. Should be my last day with her. Can't believe he's 10 days old sad and he's getting so big. He eats and sleeps great. Was up at 3 and 7 last night. He's getting weighed today and I can't wait to find out as he eats so much he's bound to have put on quite a bit.

Welcome MrsNPattz and congrats on your baby boy. Have you a name yet?

meXem Mon 24-Sep-12 11:08:34


Hi all, I'm now 39+5 and not been able to poo for almost a week blush
I am in agony sad and can't get a Doctors appointment and my MW's phone has been off past couple of days angry
Does anyone have any recommendations? My diet is to the book, LOADS of fruit, veg and water etc. Are there any medicines that are safe to take during pregnancy?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions xx

MadMonkeys Mon 24-Sep-12 13:08:11

Hi meXem - you poor thing, it's horrid isn't it. I find kiwi fruit and dried apricots quite effective. If you need advice on medication I'd call the antenatal ward at your hospital/community midwife office or whoever you can. Don't suffer in silence, you could do with a good clear out before labour, although if you don't nature will probably sort it out for you. Best to eliminate any extra source of discomfort if you can though. Maybe you can take lactulose? I really don't know if you can in pregnancy, so see if you can get hold of someone to ask. Failing that, pop into a pharmacy - any pharmacist should be able to advise you. Hope you get sorted soon.

Oh, and pack some dried apricots or something in your hospital bag for after the birth - makes that first bowel movement so much easier. All the best.

Macaroons Mon 24-Sep-12 13:19:31

Mexem - poor you. I found I need the toilet almost straight away after having banana and cereal (like bran flakes) with milk. You could try that too.

Rachel - my OH is back at work too, baby always needs feeding, I fed him 3 times (once every hour or so, each lasting approx 40 min), and changed nappy twice before I had breakfast myself!

HV visited last week and suggested I go to baby clinic tmr to get baby measured and weighed etc. If it rains tomorrow I really cannot be bothered (its a 20 min walk each way) as I don't have any bf / other health questions to ask. How often do we need to go to these?

MadMonkeys Mon 24-Sep-12 13:35:09

Macaroons - it's entirely up to you. I went every two weeks or so to start with when I had DD1, but I certainly won't be going so often with this one, or at least I won't keep it up for so long. I found it reassuring with DD1 as I hadn't had a great deal to do with babies before so I didn't know how much she should be growing etc.

For anyone with discomfort in the nether regions I recommend toddler wipes for the backside - much less abrasive than loo paper and flushable too smile

Oh, and I found that sore nipples stick to breast pads much less if you put lansinoh on your nipples and on the pads. Here endeth todays lesson!

Smallgreenone Mon 24-Sep-12 14:10:39

mexem you can take lactulose in pregnancy ask to be prescribed some it does work but you must remember to take it with meals. I kept forgetting.
Also dried apricots tend to do the trick for me!

MissCoffeeNWine Mon 24-Sep-12 14:37:53

Yes I'm still going with the wakeful feeding baby. Baby just likes to feed from about midnight to morning, she is an early Sept baby, a few weeks in now so she's not trying to stimulate my milk to come in. I just feed her all night laying down in bed, get quite a lot of sleep like that, never have to get out of bed. Stayed in bed 10 hours sleeping and latching on Sunday, nice and warm. It's alright in the day we just bf in the sling so I can get things done and get out and about.

I wouldn't want to give a bottle this early when she is still learning to bf. I worry about confusion and supply and she also has tongue tie.

I have also been living on dried apricots! Yummy.

meXem Mon 24-Sep-12 18:04:24

update My DP went shopping this morning and came back with Fybogel and more dried apricots (I can't get enough of these since I became pregnant anyway) The pharmacist advised that lactulose would take 3 - 4 days to work and could make for an unpleasant labour if i'm on time. The fybogel was horrid to drink and I'm still immensely uncomfortable but in the past hour have started to pass a lot of wind blush and have had the loudest stomach rumbles blush (to the point that the dog keeps looking at me with her head to one side trying to work out where the noise is coming from!) so hopefully these are good signs confused

MrsNPattz Mon 24-Sep-12 18:22:25

Thanks rachel, we have called him Joshua Jack, middle name Jack after my little brother smile, what is your little one called?

Hope you survived your OH's first day back at work - mine goes back a week today and I am dreading it sad trying not to think about it!

Macaroons Mon 24-Sep-12 21:38:01

Congrats mrs pattz!

I seem to be developing sore throat. confused hope it won't develop into a cold / flu! Is my breast milk still safe to drink?

macaroons yes absolutely and you'll protect baby by passing on your immunities so baby won't pick up the bug too!

Rachel130690 Mon 24-Sep-12 22:47:05

MrsNPattz we called him Herbie Edward. I chose his middle name. smile we have mostly had good responses about his name with the exception of one silly bitch woman. But it's not a name for everyone but my wee man suits it so much. (And if he really really hates it he can always go by Edward or any other NN)

I survived alright today, although I was a little bored. Herbs wouldn't settle in his cot much so spent most of day on my knee. Mw came and he is now 7lb 12oz. He a wee tubs, just looks so tubby in the face. Can't believe how much he's changed in over a week.

MrsNPattz Tue 25-Sep-12 01:34:12

Thanks Macaroons smile

Lovely name Rachel, so unusual and I'm sure he will love it! Glad you got on ok! It's wild in Aberdeen tonight - winter is definitely on its way sad

MadMonkeys Tue 25-Sep-12 09:44:25

Macaroons your milk will be fine. Just watch out for mastitis - the symptoms are the same as the flu - achy joints etc, but usually with hard red hot bits on your breast.

We didn't need a bottle last night, hurray! We jolly well shouldn't need any now as I seem to have enough milk to fill the titanic. My cup overfloweth, as it were!

Mw coming today for the heel prick test etc so it will be good to see if our little lady has gained/lost weight.

Everything seems so much easier second tme round. I'm enjoying it so much more because I'm not worrying about things like I did last time. We gave DD2 a bath yesterday. It was a major trauma when we bathed DD1 for the first time, but this time it was a bit of a non event, in a good way.

meXem any joy?

Rachel130690 Tue 25-Sep-12 10:10:28

MadMonkeys when mw done my wee mans heel prick she rubbed too much on his foot and then couldn't get the bleeding to stop. Poor wee man.

We are having a lazy few days and me and Herbs are lying cuddling in bed smile he keeps smiling at me, although I am tempted to go shopping to buy some new jeans.. Though don't want to leave the house. It's horrible outside, my garden has turned into a swimming pool sad

meXem Tue 25-Sep-12 11:27:57

madmonkeys yes thankyou smile contractions started at 2am this morning and then bowel movements at 9am (sorry TMI) also Vast amounts of show this morning ( didn't realise how yukky that would be!!) contractions are now 3-5 every 10mins and bloody painful very intense but only lasting 20-40 seconds so MLU has told me to stay at home until they are at least a minute long. No sleep since 2 so shattered and not looking forward to the next stage.

MadMonkeys Tue 25-Sep-12 13:07:07

Oooh, meXem how exciting! Hope you're getting on ok and you have your baby soon.

MrsNPattz Tue 25-Sep-12 20:19:08

Good luck meXem!

Good luck meXem. Hope all is well.
I'm just trying to get my head round having two children!
My son has been brilliant and although I feel guilty for not giving him as much attention due to constant bfing it means he can spend quality time with his dad.
The midwife came today for heel prick test and weighing (day 5) and she is just 40 grams below her birth weight. She's like the model child! DS lost 10oz by day 5 due to my lack of fluids from the blood loss so it's good to see I did a better job this time!
Somehow I'm managing the tiredness much better than I thought I would. Probably because the birth was straight forward.
Ooh, I love the snuggles!

Smallgreenone Wed 26-Sep-12 01:49:39

Good luck mexem!!!
I love the snuggles too! I let DS sleep on my chest all afternoon whilst I watched a film, it was lovely. Is it spoiling though? Not sure I care if it is it was a precious afternoon, he won't be this tiny for too long.

I don't feel it's spoiling them to let them cuddle up at this age. They've suddenly been taken away from hearing your voice and heartbeat up close so it's comforting to them.
DD has only spent about 2 hours in all asleep in her cot so far. She sleeps on my chest at night.
When DS was newborn I hardly put him down. He sleeps on his own bed no problem and since he has been able to roll over he hasn't slept in my bed at all.

I say make the most of these precious times, you'll never get them back. I'll choose sitting on the sofa all day cuddling over baby groups and hoovering any time!

funchum8am Wed 26-Sep-12 10:18:00

Good luck mexem!

I am still not showing any signs of having this baby soon (now 40+6) but it is lovely to come on here and see what lies in store - it sounds like you're all doing a wonderful job with your LOs.

Rachel - love the name Herbie Edward!!!

I woke up this morning with really sore hands for the fourth day or so running, and having checked the web I realise I have got carpal tunnel. Now surely it is NOT FAIR to get a new symptom of pregnancy AFTER your due date?!

I am booked for induction next Tuesday at 40+12 if nothing happens before then. I would at one time have said I would refuse induction but now I will be begging them to get things moving!!!

MrsNPattz Wed 26-Sep-12 11:57:41

funchum I suffered with carpel tunnel too, midwife gave me splints to wear at night - first night I had them on I went into labour at 2:30 am haha so not sure whether they work! But get your labour going grin

funchum8am Wed 26-Sep-12 15:06:37

I did ring the midwife in the end to check that the CT wasn't a sign of anything else like a blood pressure spike. They were lovely and said I could go in for monitoring if I wanted but since baby is moving fine there is nothing to worry about so I didn't go in. But did have a tearful meltdown at home for about ten minutes! Fine again now.

Intrigued by the idea of splints bringing on labour...maybe I could make my own out of some bandages and a bit of metal...!!!

MrsNPattz Wed 26-Sep-12 17:35:57

Haha could do!

Aw sorry you were feeling a bit miserable - hope your little one makes an appearance soon smile

Smallgreenone Wed 26-Sep-12 18:27:53

Going to a wedding tomorrow and taking 4 week old DS- wonder how much of the wedding I'll see and how much will actually be spent stuck in hotel room breast feeding!

Rachel130690 Wed 26-Sep-12 21:56:23

smallgreen I do the same, I have him cuddling me as much as I feel I can get away with, although I think my Oh is getting annoyed that I don't do much else atm. Have been meaning to Hoover and wash floors all week and still haven't managed it. But I don't care. I love my wee mans cuddles smile

Funchum thank you very much, it's an unusual name and I wasn't sure about it but do far has only had good responses. smile hope your CT goes away soon and your baby comes. I think it's great having an end in sight. I felt that when I got my induction date you can relax a bit as you no if it doesn't happen before then your not going much longer. Although was a bit gutted I didn't go myself but I was so happy to get my boy out.

So Herbs got his newborn hearing screening done today and both ears passed smile he wouldn't settle while in hospital so had to get an app to get it done. He has started to be very unsettled in evening/ now time and I have no idea what to do to help him settle. He has already had 8oz in the last 4 hours, have changed his nappy and winded him. Any other ideas?

Just checking in and it's lovely reading all about your newborns. Can't wait to be holding mine now.

I hope everything went well for you mexem

Welcome MrsNPattz . My bro studied in Aberdeen and I visited him there quite a few times. Can well believe when you say it was wild. I swear it was the coldest place I have ever been - and I live in N.I so no stranger to the cold and wet grin

41 weeks tomorrow and still no sign of an appearance here either. Have spent the last couple of days quite depressed and tearful about it as all the flurry of activity and excitement became an anti-climax. Got my head round it today though. Section is only four days away so there is light at the end of the tunnel. Not looking forward to another cs but has to be done from the looks of it.

Smallgreenone Thu 27-Sep-12 00:20:57

Rafe gets a bit grouchy in the evenings toorachel my answer is more boob and more cuddles!!! Glad everyone agrees about cuddles. I am currently sat up in bed with him asleep on me- I daren't move incase I wake him but would quite like to go to sleep myself!

MrsNPattz Thu 27-Sep-12 01:24:13

Thanks ballroomblitz, yes we are pretty unlucky with the weather here in Aberdeen - I am from Chester so it has taken some getting used to!! Good luck with your little one, hope he or she makes an appearance soon smile exciting

moogs1000 Thu 27-Sep-12 07:04:08

Hi, just checking in after another sleepless night! It's so hard with another child! No time to sleep in day now dh is back at work too. MY eyes are stinging now and its morning!
Little one seems to be feeding so much. Bf seems to be less painful but still not painfree, its exhausting!
Hope u r all coping better than me and getting more sleep!

Mikyahrose Thu 27-Sep-12 08:57:55

Where's my baby! 9 days over now and still no sign.

Had a sweep yesterday, which doesnt seem to have made any difference, got another booked for Saturday, then being induced on monday. So at least i now have an end in site.

I'm hoping he'll arrive before the induction, so carrying on with the walking, swimming, bouncing, curries, pineapples, baths, raspberry leaf teas and any others that i hear about along the way. :D

Good luck miky! I'm 40 + 1 now and even though DD arrived spontaneously 13 days after her due date last time, I am fretting about possible induction. Having a sweep next week at 41 weeks then they want to talk about bringing me in for induction which I really do not want. Sending uterus contracting vibes to us both!

Rachel130690 Thu 27-Sep-12 10:13:53

milky good luck hopefully they will work for you but they didn't for me sad felt like I wasted my time doing it all but only cause it didn't work. Hope he arrives before your induction date.

smallgreen think I have to agree with you, although not my boob but bottle, I feel like I'm the only one not breast feeding on this. Yesterday evening Herb had a 4oz bottle at 6, had another 4oz between 8-9 pm. At 10 o'clock he had a 2oz bottle and then when going to bed about half 10 he had another 1oz. I couldn't believe it, but then he did sleep until 5 this morning. Didn't think a baby could take so much.

maketea hopefully things kick off for you soon, I too was dreading being induced but having gone through it now I was just glad to have my boy out. Hopefully the sweep will work for you if you haven't gone by then.

Had HV out yesterday, seemed happy enough, Herbie has gone up to 7lb 15oz. He has put on quite a bit of weight. Will be 2 weeks old tomorrow, can't believe it, seems like yesterday I was sitting bouncing on a ball thinking get out now. Time flies sad

leelteloo Thu 27-Sep-12 18:55:04

Hi Rachel, I'm bottled feeding Euan, so you're not the only one. ��

Rachel130690 Thu 27-Sep-12 21:40:31

leelteloo how's the bottle feeding going? Herbie is taking 4oz every 3-4 hours. (When he not eating crazy amounts in a short space of time) He'll be 2 weeks old tomorrow, and he is taking more than his cousin who is over a month old. smile gonna be a mushroom soon.

TurquoiseGoldandOrangecat Fri 28-Sep-12 01:09:11

Yay! I can now join this thread! Hello everyone, and congratulations to all those with new bundles of poo!! wink. Although bundle of poo is right in my case, as it was the first thing she shared with me on the initial skin to skin (so proud!!) grin

Baby turquoisegirl was born at 7.46pm yesterday, with a very healthy birth weight of 7lb12. Definitely was not expecting a baby that size, as I'm only 5'3" and dh is only 5'6", and our respective mothers are only 5'2" and 4'11"!!!

I hated labour though, really really really painful (probably to do with the relative sizes of us) although I managed the whole thing just with gas and air, even with an episiotomy. If I have any more, I will definitely be going for a elcs, don't care if I'm too posh to push, I just can't put myself through that again.

So now I should try to get some sleep - my lovely midwife (the final one of six!) managed to snag me a private room, and the adrenaline is now wearing off, so I might as well try for a kip before trying to feed a very sleepy dd in an hour!

leelteloo Fri 28-Sep-12 03:12:29

Well done Turquoise and welcome baby Turquoise.
Rachel, Herbie and Euan are having about the same, 3 to 4 oz every 3 to four hours. Euan is three weeks today. I'm finding it really hard to sleep between feeds at night and it is often just when I've dropped off that he wakes me, YAWN! I wish I could just get back to sleep but I am so awake.

Rachel130690 Fri 28-Sep-12 10:01:58

Congrats Turquoise and lucky you getting a private room. Hope your recovering well. Going through that on just gas and air is pretty amazing. I got to 4-5 cms before I was demanding diamorphine smile would def recommend it smile have you any names picked yet?

TurquoiseGoldandOrangecat Fri 28-Sep-12 18:19:05

Thanks for all the congratulations! We've now picked her name, and it is Beatrix Martina (after my dad). Thankfully all parents are in approval grin

I'm back in the midwife unit for some baby training - dd is very mucussy, so it's taking a while to get bf established. I'm recovering quite well, just a very sore stitched fanjo blush

Hope everyone who is still waiting have quick deliveries very soon smile

MrsNPattz Sat 29-Sep-12 05:22:35

Congratulations turquoise, I feel the same about labour, not sure I could do it again! hmm worth it though smile

Smallgreenone Sat 29-Sep-12 07:56:23

and I'm not sure I can deal with all that comes with a CS again - it still hurts when I laugh, cough, sneeze etc and I'm 5 weeks post op so I guess there's no 'easy' way. I want to try for VB next time definitely.
My little boy was an angel at the wedding yesterday and was much admired. I was a very proud mummy showing him off to everyone!

cjbk1 Sat 29-Sep-12 09:29:03

after ds I tht 'no more VB' then like a fool I tried again with dd and it was so much worse than I cld hav imagined (that's why I had ELCS for dd2) so don't be like me if you don't want another VB don't have one x

Macaroons Sat 29-Sep-12 14:10:25

Congrats turquoise! Same here not sure I want to go through labour again! My left leg is still numb from the epidural I had, I still can't walk normally yet after almost three weeks. Hope this is only temporary and will recover soon!

For those of you breast feeding on demand, how often and for how long do you feed? My 3 week old dear son is always crying for food - like once every 1-2 hour, but hes only interested for sucking for less than 30 minutes. (sometimes less than 20 minutes) how can I get him to suck for longer so he doesn't need a feed as often? I'm knackered...it's like a marathon - feed him, burp him, change nappy, then it's almost feeding time again!

MissCoffeeNWine Sat 29-Sep-12 15:35:12

DD feeds every couple of hours in the day Macaroons, then hourly in the evening and constantly at night, last night she did 3 and a half hours on one boob before I cracked up, but it was 2-5.30am in my defence. She usually feeds 20-30 minutes each side in the day/evening. I don't do any burping though, nappy changing takes about thirty seconds though I'm well practiced at that.

With birth I don't think there is an easy way - I was curious as to how a second labour would go after having DC1, I found that birth very hard to deal with and would have preferred to have pain relief, but there's no way I would have been able to have a CS for DC2, I'd have been laughed out of the room. So I just had the same plan as I had for DC1 and had another home birth, but it was a much better experience this time and I felt back to normal in hours, physically anyway. I'm sorry to hear of all the sore bits, hope everyone is back to normal soon.

Rachel130690 Sat 29-Sep-12 17:17:54

I can't wait to have another kid, I will wait a good wee while before I do it again but I'm not dreading it, I would have another vb and I don't think I'd mind being induced again, am I the only one?

macaroons hopefully your leg will get back to normal soon.

I'm very stiff today, I fell on Thursday at my mums getting Herbie out of the car, he's in the back seat atm and I was in lifting out his car seat and my foot got caught on the seat belt and I overbalanced and fell backwards landing on my butt and Herbs car seat just landed on ground. He came to no harm but I was mortified. Of course this all happened at school leaving time so place was packed (mum lives opposite a primary school) just ran into mums house. So very sore after my walk sad

meXem Sat 29-Sep-12 17:52:22

Just checking in to say that I had a beautiful baby girl early hours of wednesday morning.

Charlie Iris arrived on her due date (!) after 24hrs of contractions and just under 2hrs of labour weighing 6lb 10oz

cjbk1 Sat 29-Sep-12 18:03:38

I'm not calling anyone silly but in my area I was lucky enough to be classed "very traumatised" by VB of dd1 and allowed a CS for dd2 without seeing a psychologist or anything x

Oh god, I forgot about these baby blues.
Sorry for being miserable but just wanted to vent.
I've done nothing but moan at DS while trying to constantly feed DD. My dogs are looking at me like I'm about to tell them off too.
Relationship is on the rocks at the best of times and looks like we'll be trying to forget our relationship for now and just try to raise the kids together and see how we are when we're both feeling stronger.

I do feel like I've made amends with DS and once the baby went to sleep I took him upstairs and had a good story and cuddle. He also gave me lots of kisses so think he's forgiven me.

I knew having two kids would be difficult but it's just these wretched hormones are playing with my mind.
Roll on a bit of stability so I can start looking forward and stop seeing myself as useless and a rubbish mum.

I hope everyone at the same stage as me has plenty of support and someone to give them a cuddle. x

Congrats meXem hope you're enjoying cuddles.
Rachel I hope you didn't do any mischief in your fall. Imagine if it was sooner after the birth, that would have hurt more than just your bum!

Smallgreenone Sun 30-Sep-12 04:25:54

Congrats mexem!
rachel I'd do it all again definitely but just really want to try for a normal birth next time that's all. I'd like 3 years max between them so we'll try for number 2 when DS is 2.
wherearemyshoes sending you a big hug. It
must be hard having 2 I'm sure once these crazy newborn days are through you'll get your relationship back on track. Xx

HeffalumpsAndGoldenWoozles Sun 30-Sep-12 04:59:25

Morning all, I've just made it in time for the September babies group can I pull up a chair here? DD2 was born last night, 13 days late but she's here now so the waiting is finally made worthwhile.

I'm in total agreement with everyone who's said "never again"! I said it after DD1's birth but I knew deep down I would want another, now that we have two I feel a bit relieved, like its ok to stop now I've given them each other. We did always think we'd like 3 but labour truly does suck and I'll be writing myself a good stern note this time saying do not do this again!

DD1 is coming to hospital to meet her sister in the morning, there's 2 years exactly, give a few days, between them and I have yet to find out how hard things are going to be!

MrsNPattz Sun 30-Sep-12 12:24:15

Congratulations heffalumps smile

Macaroons Sun 30-Sep-12 13:20:37

Help! I suspect DS has got cold sore (white blister on his lip) what should I do? Is it still safe to breast feed? (will that transfer to my nipple?)

Congratulations heffalumps

Sorry to hear that you are finding things a bit difficult wherearemyshoes . It's really hard on a relationship having a baby, especially with the added pressure - and guilt - of another child (and dogs) . I'm still waiting to have this one and my poor ds has had to bear the brunt of a very grumpy mummy lately, and the dog is getting neglected also. Hopefully once you find a bit more of a routine it will get easier.

Now ten days over and doesn't look like bubbs will be a September baby as my section is booked for tomorrow 1st October. Still not counting my chickens, or repacking my labour/hospital bags to a cs/longer stay hospital bag until tonight. There's time yet grin

Finding it slightly surreal to think that I'll have a dd maybe by this time tomorrow. Atm I'm on the emergency list as there are four electives booked for tomorrow, and I'm the overdue one, so should be done early enough but know that it can all change for real emergencies and I could be waiting a lot of the day. Even though I've had a cs before I'm bricking it. Can't see me getting much sleep tonight.

macaroons is it a milk blister? Check google images.

Hang in there shoes the early weeks are very very tough, I am dreading the inevitable blues myself.

Sorry to be so short, expecting friends at any second for lunch and I've got some spotting.....got jiggy with DH last night so from that I assume, maybe it's kicking things off (she pleads desperately to the universe)

Macaroons Sun 30-Sep-12 17:37:59

Maketeanotwar - thanks the blister indeed looks like milk blister, thankfully! Was so worried just now as it happens that my mum is visiting and she currently has cold sore!! (you could tell I'm a paranoid new mum!)

Rachel - hope your fall wasn't too bad!

Heff - congrats to the new arrival!

Wherearemyshoes - it must be hard with another toddler to look after at the same time! I always thought I want two kids but after these few weeks I'm not sure I can manage with two at the same time. I'm barely finding any time to eat / go to the toilet myself!

Hope everyone is doing well and enjoying motherhood, good luck to ballroom those still waiting to pop!

A website I found reassuring - www.parents.com/baby/care/newborn/12-things-no-one-ever-tells-you-about-babies/ was abit worried when DS' breathing was irregular!

Smallgreenone Sun 30-Sep-12 18:49:23

Congrats heffalump! And good luck for tomorrow ballroom.
I think someone has swapped my baby with a super grumpy one today! DS is 5 weeks today and has spent all day either attached to my boob or crying- I'm not quite sure what to do with him. Is this a growth spurt or could there be something wrong with him? He's normally such a perfect baby and doesn't cry that much at all but today is something else!

Vibes please ladies vibes - had a bit of a show and feeling crampy - what will tonight bring??

ChoccoCake Sun 30-Sep-12 23:56:54

Hello all

I had a little baby girl on August 31st but was due 4th of september. Birth was very straight forward, waters broke at 10pm on the thursday night and baby was here by 11 am friday morning. had all kinds of problems feeding, she wouldnt latch on so I expressed for over a week but had to top up with formula as she was very jaundiced and needed phototherapy. After 10 days I was readmitted to maternity with a fever. spent a couple of days in labour high dependancy and a few more on the ward. not sure what it was, possibly mastitis and a womb infection. After alot of antibiotics we were allowed home but couldnt get the bf going again so had to switch to formula.

baby is now 4 weeks old and seems to have had a blocked up nose for the past 2 weeks. hv is not concerned but its waking her up and us. also having trouble getting her to sleep in moses basket and not on me.

leelteloo Mon 01-Oct-12 04:05:09

Oh Choccocake that all sounds very stressful. I'm glad you and LO are better apart from blocked nose. Have you tried a plug in? Calpol do a really good one, you plug it in the room where baby sleeps and it releases vapour that helps clear the nose. Worked really well for my dd.
Good luck to those still waiting.

Rachel130690 Mon 01-Oct-12 11:50:32

Macaroons other than a sore bum and being very embarrassed I'm fine. Just couldnt believe it happened sad

Congrats Heff and Chocco Cake, hope your LO's are doing well.

MakeTea did anything further happen? Hopefully your in the middle of it all now. smile

My auntie had her baby boy very early this morning weighing in at 8lb 1oz, she was due on the 4th Oct. I'm so excited about meeting him, I'm glad my wee man will have a male cousin his age. smile

How is everyone?

Smallgreenone Mon 01-Oct-12 14:22:51

Ugh. Morning didn't go we'll.......attempted to get to baby clinic for weighing but got there just as it finished- why are these things on so early on the morning I'll have to get up at 5am next week if we have any hope of making it. Pottered about the shops instead and returned home to a front door that won't open and a very hungry baby in his pram. £100 later after a locksmith has been I get in the house to find my darling dog has eaten the entire contents of the fruit bowl and I'm now waiting for him to throw it all back up! Wonder what the afternoon will bring!

Yes he's here! Baby boy Tadhg Ray born at 3.11am this morning in a birthing pool in our lounge after a lightening fast labour. 9 lbs 3, no stitches, no pain relief (though DH tried the G&A!) and DD slept through the whole thing! Mega-chuffed....and exhausted

Rachel130690 Mon 01-Oct-12 14:34:55

smallgreen I hope it gets better for you. Although not sure if it could get any worse.

Congrats maketea sounds like you did brilliant, no pain relief god your a good one, I def couldn't of coped without any. I'm going to be very honest here I'm having a very hard time trying to figure out how to pronounce your sons name. blush I'm going to ask someone else as I'm not great with names, I tend to say them how I see them. (Which is why I call my friend a completely different name to his real one) smile

It's an Irish name and pronounced like the first part of "tiger" but without the "er" bit at the end

leelteloo Mon 01-Oct-12 15:34:11

Congratulations Maketea!! grin

Rachel130690 Mon 01-Oct-12 15:42:28

maketea thanks very much, I really like that name I just never knew that's how you spelt it. smile I feel like a fool for not knowing that, I'm from Northern Ireland so should of known that. Ah we'll I'm staying by my excuse. smile

cjbk1 Mon 01-Oct-12 18:08:49

maketea that was our boy name (but had a girl) I grew up in Munster x

Macaroons Mon 01-Oct-12 22:23:00

Congrats maketeanotwar! That's an awesome labour! I wanted to try the birthing pool but couldn't this time. Sounds great though! Now rest well and enjoy you new arrival smile

HeffalumpsAndGoldenWoozles Mon 01-Oct-12 23:33:22

Congratulations maketea that sounds like a lovely way to bring your little man into the world smile

smallgreenone what a day you've had, I hope tomorrow is kinder to you. I've wondered myself why things have to start so early when it can take you a good two hours to get out of the door. I remember very nearly missing DD1s hearing screening appointment when she was a few weeks old as she was in a cycle of pee, poo, puke that morning which ended up in me having to chuck the living room rug in the skip and get the sofa deep cleaned! I wonder now I have two will I have to double the time I allow to get out in the morning, almost makes it time to go home again!

How is everyone else and their little ones doing?

Congratulations on the new babies. Maketea I love his name. I'm the same as Rachel and would never had pronounced it right, but I am a Kentish girl so have an excuse!

So far I have managed food shopping (minus the toddler) and only just got to her hearing screening appt on time.
Then after heaving all the shopping in my bleeding returned with a vengeance.

Feeling less wobbly now, but still worrying about not splitting my time well between the kids. I managed a quick story book with DS before the baby woke, now try and get through the daily lunch antics!

Next on my agenda: contraception!

leelteloo Tue 02-Oct-12 15:08:54

Contraception...ha ha ha, I certainly don't need any right now....not sure I'll ever feel like it again: poor dh! wink

HeffalumpsAndGoldenWoozles Tue 02-Oct-12 17:32:26

<splutter at the thought of needing contraception>

<wipe up spilt tea>


On a serious note I do feel much more intact down there than after DD1s birth, I think it must be down to the water birth. I won't admit to DH yet though but the thought of sex again at some point in the future doesn't make me want to run for the hills like it did first time round. He doesn't need to know that though!

My milk came in this afternoon, I'd forgotten how uncomfortable it is to start with but I'm really pleased as baby hasn't seemed full up at all after feeds until now and she's just filled her tummy and dozed off looking all content smile

How is everyone else, what kind of sleep/lack of are people managing?

Smallgreenone Tue 02-Oct-12 17:53:24

Ha ha contraception! My consultant told me to speak to the GP at the 6 week check I just looked at him as if he was bonkers. Who needs contraception a when you've just had a baby?!
Glad you're feeling better wherearemyshoes.
I'm having feeding issues. Is it normal for babies to feed all day? Last night DS fed at 11, 3 and 6.30 so that was good but then today has seemed constantly hungry and I worry that I'm not producing enough milk to fill him up for long. I can't really spend all day feeding him as we don't do anything else should I top him up with formula? Is formula feeding easier because you know how much they ate getting? He is pitting on weight fine but he just seems hungry all the time which is making me wonder if it would be better to switch.
Any thoughts appreciated.

HeffalumpsAndGoldenWoozles Tue 02-Oct-12 17:59:59

smallgreenone keep at it, your baby is just getting your supply going and in the very early days it will take a day or two to catch up. It's totally normal to feel like you're feeding constantly but it really is worth it once feeding is fully established. If youre keen to keep bf then try to avoid topping up with formula as it could affect your supply which in turn leads to more top ups etc until you may end up giving up. It feels relentless but the rewards are so worth the initial effort. smile

Congratulations maketea

I can also officially join the postnatal group even though my little girl was born first October so not September. as predicted I started to go into labour Sunday night, the night before my planned section, so I got the vbac I was hoping for.

Eleven and a half hours and I think I got off fairly lightly for labour. Got to 6cms in four and a half hours by the time I was admitted in the hospital. Didnt feel like any point of the labour was unbearable or that I couldn't do it bar the last couple of cms, but the midwives said it's how they know women are getting to the end. No stitches either. A really positive experience for me and if I was guaranteed a labour like it again I wouldn't think twice about doing it.

She was born at 7lb 12 and we were discharged in 7 hours. Been doing nothing but snuggling ever since with her hanging off my boob as I'm hoping to breastfeed (and still slightly worrying that she isn't geeting anything despite being reassured by the midwives she doesn't really need anything)

MadMonkeys Tue 02-Oct-12 20:10:37

Congratulations to all the new mommy's!

I'm not so great at the moment, I have to admit. My episiotomy wound opened when the stitches dissolved and is infected. And my nipples are horribly cracked. Everyone says DD2's latch is perfect, I wish they would find something wrong with it so that I'd have something I could fix. I had mastitis twice with DD1 and I'm worried about that happening again. I'm going to a breastfeeding support group on Friday - hoping they can help as this is a struggle with a toddler to look after as well. Any tips on healing cracked nipples? I'm plastering on lansinoh, having them open to the air foe a couple of hours in the evening when I can and trying different feeding positions. And using Multi-mam compresses when I can.

That all sounds miserable - but I'm really enjoying DD2, she's so beautiful. Just waiting for the glorious day when I'm not split at the top and the bottom!

TurquoiseGoldandOrangecat Tue 02-Oct-12 22:45:13

Hi all, congratulations to all the new mums and commiserations to those not having the best time.

I'm struggling a bit today- I think the 3 day emotions have finally turned up two days late. My stitches are absolutely killing me, to the point where I can hardly sit or get up from the bed so I'm on a constant cycle of paracetamol/cocodamol and ibuprofen. DD is sleeping all the time, apart from at night, and she hasn't pooed since last night which is worrying me slightly.

She had her five day midwife check today, and she's lost 9.6% birth weight, which is now an issue due to the changed acceptable percentage rate from 10 to 8%. So now I have to try to feed her every 2/3 hours on both breasts for at least 1/2 hour as this is what the midwife says she needs. But she won't feed more than every 3/4 hours, on one breast for 10/15 minutes and I don know how to increase this. And my boobs arent getting hard between feeds so i don't know if I'm producing enough milk for her. DH is also upset because he can see me getting stressed and is also worried about our DD.

I did feel like we were doing okay and getting into a bit of a routine - she was feeding about every four hours for about 20 mins until she came off the boob herself, and now I feel like I've been doing it all wrong. I've been trying to wake her every 2/3 hours today, but sometimes she won't feed and will just go back to sleep for ages.

Please could someone just reassure me that I'm not doing too badly, and that it's just the midwife freaking me out and changing my perfectly acceptable routines for no good reason, as I'm feeling a bit fragile and unsure?

HeffalumpsAndGoldenWoozles Wed 03-Oct-12 00:29:38

Congratulations ballroom so pleased you got the positive vbac you were hoping for. Enjoy those snuggles smile

madmonkeys that sounds really difficult but well done for persevering. How old is your toddler? Mine is only just 2 & although she's been fantastic so far DH has been around to take the strain, I'm really scared for when he goes back to work and its just me and the DDs in case I suddenly can't cope.

Turquoise it sounds like you're having a tough time but doing everything you can for your baby so don't punish yourself. Sometimes I think the visiting midwives seem to have a script to keep to and if you don't confirm to it you end up feeling lost or like you're failing but you're definitely not. Keep asking for help until you get it, have you got any good support groups near you or maybe try one of the many helplines just to be able to talk things through with someone.

I'm sat up in bed feeding, my milk came in today & DD2 has been noticeably happier now with a full belly, it's the first time we've seen her awake and not crying after feeds so I'm feeling happy but apprehensive because I know it's still such early days & I'm almost waiting for the 3 day blues to hit. Silly I know but I'm seeing all these problems before they even happen! Generally though we're doing well, had our first outing today for coffee with nct friends followed by a trip to Sainsbos then home exhausted!

Smallgreenone Wed 03-Oct-12 03:47:07

Congrats ballroom I'm so glad you got your vbac and that it was such a positive experience.
Turquoise I had real trouble waking sleepy DS up too in the early days. He would just fall straight back to sleep regardless of what I did. In the end I let him sleep and he sorted himself out. Birth is really traumatic for babies and they like a good sleep to get over it.
madmonkeys gosh sounds very painful and I don't have any tips I'm afraid but just wanted to say hope you heal up soon!
Back to my milk supply, thanks for replying heffalump he's 6 weeks on Sunday so not teeny tiny newborn, do you still think too early? Tonight he's done 7 to 11.30 and we're feeding again now so he can do long stretches but during the day he is permanently attached. I do want to stick with bfing but don't want him to be hungry of that's the problem.

HeffalumpsAndGoldenWoozles Wed 03-Oct-12 04:58:54

It's likely he's just having a growth spurt, I think around 6-8 weeks is quite important developmentally and they have a big spurt as everything works extra hard, so same theory as newborns in the beginning he needs the extra so he is letting your body know to give him a boost please smile

DD1 was a very hungry baby, around 8 or 9 weeks though she settled into more of a routine although it was still obvious when she was having a phase and needed extra! Have you had 6 week check up yet? You could always ask there or at your clinic if you're still worried but it sounds like you're doing great and he's just putting in his order for the coming days.

I am feeling jubilant, tonight is DD2s fourth night although third at home and she has just woken me for a feed after 90 minutes of beautiful wonderful fabulous sleep grin First & second night she didn't let me get a wink, last night half hour, tonight hour and a half so far, hooray!

smallgreenone hang in there. Sounds normal to me. I know it's hard to trust yourself when you can't measure what they're taking but the fact he is wanting to feed constantly doesn't necessarily mean it's because he's not getting enough. He's due a growth spurt so is more than likely preparing your boobs so they produce on a mammoth scale.
I also feel like I feed all day but just keep telling myself its only temporary. I look back to days with DS and remember that I was actually able to go out and him not be attached to me!
Formula won't help at the moment, if you are really worried then you could try expressing some milk and feeding it to him either in a bottle, syringe or cup. But also bear on mind some people with perfect supplies have boobs that won't express. Nothing's simple eh?

Congrats ballroom sounds like another easy one!
At this stage I think it's more important they just do the sucking action to get you started. The actual amount of colostrum they have is very small I think.

Sorry to hear you're feeling rough madmonkeys I had a tear but didn't allow it to be stitched but 'luckily' my SPD has stopped me doing anything that might open it up. Hopefully it calms down soon, it's things like this that add to the overall emotional wreck-ness of it all.
My nipples look very sorry for themselves, her latch is fine but they just haven't toughened up yet. I do find the first 10 seconds excruciating but it tails off and is just mildly painful for the rest of the feed. I try not to put anything on them, and when I've gone to bed sit with them out and fan them with breast pads! Crazy woman!

Turquoise my DS lost about the same, 2 years ago, and was acceptable by the gods then, so don't fret too much. Sounds like you're doing what you should.

All's well here. DS (2yo) had a two hour nap yesterday instead of one as I was too tired to drag myself off the sofa and go get him. Then he slept from 7pm and is still asleep now.
Maybe I need to do that more often! I'm finding the days I don't get a nap are a real struggle and I get rather tetchy.

Smallgreenone Wed 03-Oct-12 07:50:06

I'll persevere with it and check with my GP at six week check next week. I think maybe I'm a bit paranoid as he was dehydrated in the beginning as he wasn't getting enough milk from me and we had to stay in the hospital an extra few days.
Glad your dd is letting you have a bit of sleep xx

TurquoiseGoldandOrangecat I feel for you, sounds like my DD at one point. She was sleepy at first-refused to wake up unless she was ready! and just as we were establishing a breastfeeding routine we were rushed off to A&E at the Children's Hospital where we stayed for 6 hours to be old what we already knew - DD was fine, MW's scales were wrong anyway, and the whole thing felt like a box ticking exercise for the NHS. DD has just got back to birth weight by gaining steadily yet slowly and she's over three weeks old - some babies just like to take their time about it. However DH and I felt bad enough about the MW's dire prognostications that we've introduced four top up feeds up formula as she suggested, just 30ml after each breast feed but I BF whenever DD wants and express and hope to return to just breast feeding in time. So-as long as your LO isn't dehyrdrated - eyes look moist, fontanelle not sunken, plenty of wet nappies (I noted these in a notepad s sleep deprivation meant I lost count otherwise!) then they are fine, just a 'plodder' like my DD (thanks to the paed who called her that smile )

leelteloo Wed 03-Oct-12 10:28:29

Morning everyone, was just wondering if anyone else's LO makes funny noises when they sleep at night? Ds 3 weeks old does and it's becoming a real problem as I can't sleep because of it. It's not snoring, kind of grunts and whistly exhales and its not rhythmic and stop and starts, so just as I think he's quiet he squeaks again. I don't remember dd doing it. I was awake pretty much all of last night even though ds got good sleep between 3 feeds. I couldn't bring myself to put him to sleep in another room yet so guess I'll have to get used to it but I'm so tired my vision is starting to go funny and I feel a bit unhinged.

Leelteloo I've heard of people having noisy sleepers. Mine sleep so silently it keeps me awake because I have to keep checking they're ok.
If you're not happy to put him in another room could you maybe wear earplugs while you sleep? They might block out the snuffling and still let you hear him cry.

Smallgreenone Wed 03-Oct-12 13:26:29

Yes to noisy sleepers leetleloo I call DS the piglet because of all his gruntings and DH is the pig- there is no hope for me I shall be sleep deprived forever! I think it's normal for some babies to be noisy sleepers.

Yes my babies sound like espresso machines!

leelteloo Wed 03-Oct-12 14:16:18

Thanks Smallgreen and Wherearemyshoes. Good to know my grunty baby is not the only one. He's sleeping quiet as a mouse now it's daytime grrrr so typical.

Hello, can I join please? DD4 was born a week ago after a planned homebirth ended in a hospital transfer! We're settling down now, DD is having a sleepy day today, just waking every couple of hours for a feed. Yesterday she was awake and on the boob pretty much all day, it was exhausting.

Congratulations to everyone with their new babies!

Macaroons Wed 03-Oct-12 17:18:52

Welcome moomin!

DS doesn't make a funny sound when sleeping but his breathing is sometimes irregular while breast feeding. I dont know whether the hind milk is that difficult to suck?

Those of you who are breastfeeding how often and for how long do you breast feed? Mine usually would need a feed after 2 hours unless he has a nap, he also tends to sleep for longer in the evening (because I sometimes top up with expressed milk / formula milk)

Has anyone used a ring sling for breastfeeding? Tempted to get one as DS is already quite heavy and my arms start to hurt after hours and hours of breastfeeding each day.

Hmr1717 Wed 03-Oct-12 17:33:11

Can I join please? I'm new to MN ... And parenting for that matter! I'm a FTM, and gave birth to our gorgeous dd on Monday 17th September. It was a tough back to back labour and almost had emcs but managed to avoid it at the last minute. I think my body has just about recovered now, and getting the hang of ebf. I'm taking each day as it comes smile

Got discharged from mw care today as Holly is now above birth weight (yay!). Meeting the HV tomorrow so it feels like we are making progress!

We've had a busy coup,e of weeks so decided to have a lazy coup,e of days, but have decided to get out on Friday to meet new mums local to me. I live in Devon and I need to meet people!!

leelteloo Wed 03-Oct-12 18:07:18

Hello Hmr1717 & Moomin. smile

HeffalumpsAndGoldenWoozles Wed 03-Oct-12 18:56:42

Hi moomin how are you getting on?

Welcome hmr1717 hope you've got lots of good groups going near you, making new friends is a bonus part of becoming mum, I found it hard at first but I've made some lifelong friends through the DCs now.

I'm having a bit if a wobble this evening, the ILs have just left and taken DD1 with them for a sleepover and play day tomorrow to give us a little break to concentrate on DD2 but I feel irrationally guilty for sending her away, even though she wanted to go and will have a lovely time being spoilt. Had a bit of a cry and DH was lovely but I just miss her as all this week I've made sure she's had places to go to have fun and not be stuck at home with me and newborn DD2 but that's meant I've barely seen her and I just feel sad sad

How did others cope with the guilt of splitting your time between older and new sibling in the first few weeks? I'm hoping its normal to feel like this and will pass but lack of sleep and hormones make everything feel so dramatic!

Smallgreenone Thu 04-Oct-12 05:45:47

Hi hmr and moomin
heffalump I only have one little one and all my attention goes on him I really don't know how you are meant to cope with more than one, you have my sympathies. I feel guilty for not giving the dog attention but its not really the same!!! I suppose these weeks of newbornness will go quite quick in the grand scheme of things and then you'll have more time.

Thanks for the welcomes. Hi Heff, nice to see you in here! I'm getting on well thanks, the birth already feels like a distant memory! I know what you mean about the guilt regarding trying to give equal time to other DCs. I'm now having to split myself 4 ways! I had to tell DD2 off the other night for being naughty, and she said that I didn't care about her anymore. I had to shut myself in my bedroom and have a little cry. She was fine the next morning.

I've got a little grunter too. DD makes little bleating sounds like a lamb in her sleep. I keep thinking that she's waking up, but then doesn't.

Rachel130690 Thu 04-Oct-12 14:19:32

Hey everyone, yes my ds makes loads of noises in his sleep but I usually manage to sleep through them and just wake when he cries.

So much for him being a great sleeper at night, past two nights he's been up most of night. Last night woke up at half 2 and I was still up near 5. sad then up again at 7ish. I'm completely shattered. And during the day he won't let me put him down. Will sleep on me but not when I put him down, don't no what I gonna do. Anyone any advice?

Although it has been quite cold in room recently so I'm thinking it might be that.

Okay have to go he's going mental again. sad

Smallgreenone Thu 04-Oct-12 15:07:04

My DS won't sleep unless he's on me in the day as well Rachel. Fine at night though. I'm just using the sling at the moment so at least I can still do stuff. Any advice greatly appreciated though!

Rachel, I find if she falls asleep on me, I cover her back with a blanket and as I lay her down in her bouncer wrap the blanket around her. Almost like swaddling her. I think if she's bundled up tight she doesn't realise she's been put down and stays cosy and warm.
I think when they get put down the cold wakes them up.

Hopefully you find something that works, how else are you supposed to do all the housework and make the dinner? wink

meXem Thu 04-Oct-12 17:16:33

I have desperately been trying to catch up on here while Charlie has her sleep.

I did laugh out loud at the idea of contraception!! Giving birth was all the contraception I need!! I had an Episiotomy and Charlie was delivered by Ventouse, I was then stitched up for an hour afterwards and found out 2 days later that they hadn't stitched me properly shock I now have an open wound of 1.5inches and am on so many painkillers/antibiotics I rattle! One week since Charlie arrived and I still can't sit down without looking like an old lady sucking on a lemon blush

But on a more positive note, Charlie is Gorgeous smile and just watching my DP with her more than makes up for the pain.

Rachel130690 Thu 04-Oct-12 22:32:55

whereare I'm going to try that next time to see if it works. I didn't even get a shower today because he wouldn't settle. Only for the fact I like them so hot I'd of brought him with me.

Housework? I have no idea what that is and my house is def proof of that. I just about got dishwater emptied tonight. Brought washing upstairs put into piles on bed and he kicked off again. But now I have a gorgeous man lying asleep on my knee. All lovely and clean from his bath. smile so don't feel as bad cause my house may be a tip but my baby is clean.

Mw and health visitor kept talking to me about contraception. I laughed at her when she said you can get pregnant before first period, then she went on it was a laughing matter. Tried to explain that as much as I love Oh there's no way on earth that he's getting near me like that for a good wee while. Barely have time to sleep let alone that kinda carry on. ESP when you have a newborn snuffling and snorting in a crib beside the bed, not exactly a great mood setter.

HeffalumpsAndGoldenWoozles Fri 05-Oct-12 00:21:11

I second the advice re using a nice soft blanket to wrap them as you lay them down, if you can keep them nice & snuggly warm they are more likely to stay asleep. Although that's not to say something else won't wake them up 2 minutes later anyway sad

DD1 was so lovely with her little sister today. Baby in car seat on floor started to cry while I was at opposite end of the room, before I could get to her DD1 was there rocking her saying "don't cry baby" with a look of upmost concern. I did swallow a little lump blush

Thanks for the sympathies smallgreenone, youre right a few weeks is nothing in the long term, and being only just 2 she probably wont remember life pre baby by then.Hopefully! And besides that thinking of you sharing yourself 4 ways moomin makes me realise I've still got it easy!

Pickles77 Fri 05-Oct-12 08:52:41

Just wondering everyone- are your babies in outfits when they go out yet or are you still baby growing and knitted cardiganing?

HeffalumpsAndGoldenWoozles Fri 05-Oct-12 09:50:28

We're definitely still in baby grows and lovely woolly cardis, but then she is only 6 days old still. I kept DD1 in baby grows until about 8 weeks and will do at least the same with DD2, partly because its so much easier and partly because I think they must be much more comfortable on little tummies than a waistband and a top that rides up all the time. We have plain ones for nighttime and pretty ones during the day.

Pickles77 Fri 05-Oct-12 10:00:13

Oh good!!! I want to stay in babygrows smile

HeffalumpsAndGoldenWoozles Fri 05-Oct-12 10:30:53

There's something so snuggly cute about them in baby grows isn't there smile

Rachel130690 Fri 05-Oct-12 11:08:32

It depends on how the morning has gone pickles but usually he is in some sort of outfit during the day and in a fluffy sleep suit at night, but sometimes I just put him into a colourful sleep suit during the day.

Today where is fluffy dungerees and a long sleeved vest. He's just do cute. smile

Pickles77 Fri 05-Oct-12 11:47:14

I suppose most of her outfits are still too big at the moment even though she's three weeks she's in new baby things. Up to three months drown her

Rachel130690 Fri 05-Oct-12 12:31:38

pickles where the same. Up to 3 months is massive on him, but some newborn is tiny. So some times it's a struggle to find some thing to fit him.

How is your lg getting on pickles?

Can someone post a link to a good sling? I'm thinking I might get one but not sure which one..

leelteloo Fri 05-Oct-12 14:06:58

Hi Pickles, babygrows day and night here and as for going out, not been doing very much of that as still can't drive and if I do any walking or lifting the bleeding and pain comes back, so still taking things v easy.
On the plus side have found a good herbal tablet that's helping me sleep enough so I can sleep through Euan's grunts and groans but doesn't sonk me out so I can't get up to feed him. Got good few hours if sleep last night, yea!! grin

MadMonkeys Fri 05-Oct-12 16:58:33

Anyone else got the dreaded mastitis? It came on in the night, and breastfeeding is excruciating. I feel very rough, like the worst bout of flu you've ever had. Cracked nipples don't seem to be healing. I've just ordered some Kamillosan to try, as I've been plastering Lansinoh on and it doesn't seem to have worked. Anyone tried Kamillosan? Saw the GP this morning as my episiotomy wound is still infected. It's not exactly a barrel of laughs in the MadMonkey household!

Smallgreenone Fri 05-Oct-12 17:18:40

Outfits by day and sleepsuits by night here. Today he has been in his jojo maman cords with a petit bateau stripey hoody - I am addicted to buying stupidly priced but gorgeous baby clothes! Can't decide whether to keep them for the next baby if there is one or sell them on eBay to fund excessive shopping habit. We will be bankrupt by Christmas at this rate!

Smallgreenone Fri 05-Oct-12 17:19:46

Sending you a hug madmonkeys- sounds rotten with the infection and now mastitis, hope all clears up soon

HeffalumpsAndGoldenWoozles Fri 05-Oct-12 17:27:24

madmonkey that sounds horrible poor you, I hope it clears up soon. I've heard lansinoh is the better if the two but I don't have much experience as DD2 not reached the week mark yet, although lansinoh seems to be ok for now. With DD1 I just used to express a couple of drops at the end of a feed and rub them on then let air dry and I was lucky enough that it seemed to be enough to keep the nasties at bay.

The poo production line is still in full flow, we are on 4th complete change of clothes since 4am sad Her poos are turning that greeny yellow mustardy colour now but they look a bit lumpy/stringy too, anyone know if that's normal?

Oh no, madmonkeys! Poor you. Mastitis is horrible, I had it with DD3. Hope you feel better soon.

Heff, DD has lumpy bits in her poo too. I think it's quite normal. DD has a habit of waiting til I've just changed her nappy, then doing the mother of all poos.

Loopyhasanotherbean Fri 05-Oct-12 20:07:46

just a quick posting, sorry for not name checking!

re outfits, babygrows day and night, with a vest underneath, way too young for faffing with outfits, don't bother until they are old enough to be far less wobbly and less likely to need umpteen changes per day.

Re nipples, lansinoh is miracle stuff. I apply it after shower each morning and after every single feed. It really does stop me feeling at all sore, and i fed DS1 until he was 15 months and never had cracked nipples or anything else.

Re mastitis, i had it this week, think was brought on by DS2 changing his sleep/feed pattern, i started to get a bit engorged and then that meant bra was too tight...i felt uncomfortable tuesday evening when eating tea to the point i unclipped that side of my bra, and was hit by sudden shivers as i walked into our bedroom, DP ended up bringing me a hot water bottle, i then had fevers in the night and burned it out of me by the morning, fed DS2 more from that side, eg fed right, right, left, right, right, left (was right side affected). Since Wed AM the only symptom i had was the redness which gradually faded/shrunk, and its completely gone by today, so i think i was lucky. I'm by no means an expert but a few people i know have had it, and i think if you have cracked nipples you are more likely to have the infectious type of mastitis rather than the non infectious type. Infectious one needs anti biotics and there is a risk of getting an abcess which means hospital and surgery - a friend had to have that 2 years ago, ended up being in for a few days as she'd ignored it and left it quite a few days before going to her GP.

Lumpy bits is normal in poo, they often describe it as being like seeded mustard. Green isn't quite as normal, it can mean they are getting too much foremilk and not enough hind milk - might be swopping sides too soon. I remember HV saying that with my DS1 - but issue there was he had reflux and wouldn't always have as big a feed as he needed and so had lots more feeds, so more foremilk than if he'd have had less feeds but bigger ones... if that makes sense?

Re grunts, another one here with a grunty baby, does it when trying to fart, and then wakes himself up eventually.

Re baby slings, highly recommend trying them on before buying, we have 2 that seemed what we wanted pre baby, but didn't get on with either of them. The Ergo baby carrier is highly recommended, doesn't harm their hips like the baby bjorn ones and similar, i'm going to one of their legitimate stockists next Weds to try one on and see if it suits me or not (i'm short with v big boobs and a iffy back so not sure if it will be any good, despite knowing how fab a product it is meant to be, as my body shape does not conform to the norm!!)

Pickles77 Fri 05-Oct-12 21:05:47

I haven't felt like I love my little one as awful as that sounds but i think just now something clicked.
She's asleep in her basket, and I'm sat weeping at how beautiful she is and just want to cuddle her!

Macaroons Fri 05-Oct-12 22:30:07

I love watching my little one too! Love his facial expressions - so adorable!

Re clothing it's sleep suit day and night for me. DS is starting to out grow the new born / up to one month clothing and moving onto 0-3m! I remember reading somewhere thy they are supposed to be wearing one more layer than us, how many layers do you dress your little one in?

Quick question on breast feeding - how long does it usually take to empty one breast, and how do you know it's empty? Ta.

Macaroons Fri 05-Oct-12 22:32:02

Had anyone tried using ring sling for holding baby while breast feeding? My hands and arms are getting sore coz DS is getting heavy (and he's not even one month old...)

funchum8am Sat 06-Oct-12 01:08:15

Hi everyone, I hope I am allowed to stay on the Sept thread! DD finally arrived at 42 weeks on Thursday so is an October baby but I'd hate to leave you all after we've come this far together and you have helped me so much through pregnancy!

I was induced on Tuesday with a propess (prostaglandin) tampon thingy and thank goodness since I was started at 3pm and contractions had become unbearably painful by 3am. They wouldn't give me anything but codydramol as my cervix had not developed at all; waters went at 4:15 but still no cervical changes yet contractions got so bad I sounded and felt like I was in labour, but technically wasn't even close. I was in a shared room on the antenatal ward, DH wacn't allowed in outside visiting hours, there was only one hot shower and no baths or proper pain relief and I felt really scared. Staff were sadly both scarce and unhelpful sad

However I begged and threatened got them to remove the propess in the end since it wasn't progressing my cervix, and contractions continued naturally since my waters had gone. I then got to 6cm by about 11am with no pain relief save tens machine, and was transferred to the delivery suite. There I had a completely fabulous midwife and trainee plus a medical student who were with me at all times til 8:30pm. Got to 8cm quickly with gas and air, but then my contractions got painful so asked for an epidural and got it when fully dilated at 8pm. Sadly then started pushing but failed to progress due to DD's position so did 2 hours then had to have a syntocin drip ramped up high, and DD was safely delivered with forceps just after midnight on Thursday. Weirdly the worst part of labour for me was the first stage and I am never going near induction again, but the rest was actually a great experience.

Postnatal ward was lovely during the day and horrific at night so will also leave hospital asap if I ever do this again!

Now enjoying a third sleepless night but at least this time I am in my own home with DD and DH. So happy to be joining you all on this thread and if you have read this far you are a real trooper! Think I just needed to get it all out, apologies!!!

HeffalumpsAndGoldenWoozles Sat 06-Oct-12 02:34:44

Hi funchum being induced isn't much fun is it but so glad your DD is now here safe & well. Sounds like you had a hard time though, your first stage especially. What a difference a good midwife can make, and its good you can think of it as a positive experience overall.

I think the green tinge was as we were changing from meconium to normal poos as a few more dirty nappies later although the lumps are still there (whole grain mustard is a good description!) it's now all yellow so thanks for putting my mind at ease.

Gosh I've talked about poo a lot today confused

Thali34 Sat 06-Oct-12 03:52:39

funchum congratulations on your baby and for getting thru your labour. I also had a very drawn out one, I'm proud of achieving what I did, tho can't call it a good experience.

heffalump I talk about poo every day! smile I panicked when we had a trace of green in nappy. Was told was fine and normal. A day or two later had some very green nappies, once in front of MW but again she also said completely normal. the lumpy texture I was told is a very good sign as it means she is getting to the fatty hind milk in her feeds...

Poor baby is at the spotty and flaky stage. I think it's normal but sad to see on baby skin. DH keeps wanting to postpone her first bath til her skin settles a bit. I know they're not dirty like us adults and she gets a good top and tail / wash at changing time but I really want to bath her! Anyone else holding out? Have heard or using olive oil or other oil in/with bath instead of anything soap-like. Better for their sensitive skin? Any thoughts?

Thali34 Sat 06-Oct-12 03:56:53

pickles I didn't feel the love straight away either. Long ordeal of a labour and also I was convinced I was carrying a boy so was thrown when it was a girl! Amazing how the instinct kicks in tho (given time if necessary)! Also helps that they are so helpless and dependent on you! For daddy, it was love at first sight tho and they had lovely bonding time at first. (he finds it hard that she mostly wants me now, for feeding!)

Mikyahrose Sat 06-Oct-12 04:32:27

Hey everyone. Can I join too? My little boy was born Monday, so technically an oct baby, but was 2 weeks late.

We're doing we'll so far. I'm having the same problem with night sleeping, that he'll only stay asleep on me, as soon as I try to put him in his crib he wakes. Means I'm not getting the best sleep, but he is. I'm actually not feeling too bad for it yet either. DP is being great and we've started a routine where he takes DS at about 7am for as long as possible so I can get a couple of hours of sleep.
Clothes wise, we're in vests and baby grows, and plan to stick with this for a while.
I think my milk is in/coming in. His pop has changed colour and when I've had a squeeze its more white than clear now.
For the peeps that are expressing, are you both bottle feeding and boon feeding? I want to express but am worried about introducing it too early. Also does anyone use a dummy? We think our DS really liked sucking and are sure he'd settle for longer with DP if he could suck, but again are worried about bringing it in too soon.
I think the bf is going well, he's latching ok (although me says I need to get more boob in his mouth) and my boobs aren't that sore. They're not dry, but have felt a bit more tender today. But actual feeding isn't painful.
Think that's all my worries and concerns so far.
Thanks for your help in advance ladies. smile

Mikyah I'm expressing when DD has formula (as advised by paed at hospital) -so we're using bottles as well as boob. We use Tommee Tippee closer to nature bottles and so far no nippple confusion. Not using a dummy though as I'm afraid that will be too confusing for DD - I think you are meant to wait until 6 weeks for that (and bottles, but we had no choice there).

Rachel I have a sling ike this and love it! compare.ebay.co.uk/like/290722549041?var=lv<yp=AllFixedPriceItemTypes&var=sbar&adtype=pla but definitely try to go to a sling meet and try a few to find out which you and your LO prefer.

Also congrats funchum! I think we were due the same day and DD is 4 wks tomorrow - weird how it works out!

We're having a lovely morning here - impromptu skin to skin after a wee incident on the change mat necessitated a removal of DDs pjs, DH has brought me a lovely cuppa and the sun is shining so we're going for a long walk later. smile

HeffalumpsAndGoldenWoozles Sat 06-Oct-12 09:01:26

Thanks thali that's reassuring to know re lumps and the hind milk.

Hi mikyah <waves> I was totally useless at expressing last time, have dug the pump out but not thought much yet about when or if I'll use it. I'm in awe of the ladies who manage it regularly it must be such hard work. I think with dummies in the early days you have a risk of affecting baby's latch, although there's bound to be someone in here with more helpful knowledge!

Re baths baby Lump is a week old today and so far we've not bathed her. I top & tail each day (and following every explosive poo she pretty much gets a full wipe down anyway!) and rub a little olive oil into her dry skin on wrists & ankles. DD1 hated baths when she was tiny so we're putting it off as long as possible as the thought of upsetting little Lump isn't appealing!

Hello funchum and mikyah!

funchum, I'm sorry to hear that you had such a horrible induction. But glad that your second stage was a positive experience! Some postnatal wards are terrible. I couldn't wait to get home, was glad that I could have a 6 hour discharge. One of the reasons for me wanting a home birth was to avoid the postnatal ward altogether! I still feel disappointed that we ended up in hospital, I really should be getting over that now.

pickles, I didn't feel the rush of love for DD2 straightaway. I cared about her, but it took a while to fall head over heels.

cjbk1 Sat 06-Oct-12 10:16:50

Dear all; yes 'seedy' pooh is good.i was out all day yesterday (school run, sainsburys, hospital miles away, PILs for lunch, school run) poor baby was good the while time, I'm now back on prednisilone for my eczema which "may make her more alert" which is not a good thing at night and its maybe psychological but even when she was asleep last night my mind was racing....it doesn't usually affect me that much...anyway take care all have a nice wind wink

cjbk1 Sat 06-Oct-12 10:17:13

*whole time

cjbk1 Sat 06-Oct-12 10:18:38

*wknd blush

(was also at pharmacy for ages yesterday)

Thali34 Sat 06-Oct-12 11:48:51

cjbk I don't know how you do it. Ive only been out when necessary - about 5 times in 3 weeks. Only got dressed 5 times too! And have discouraged all visitors too except family. Just haven't felt up to it and never seem to know when a feed or sleep might happen! Been too desperate to nap myself perhaps! Longing for some sort of structure or pattern! How's everyone else finding it?

Loopyhasanotherbean Sat 06-Oct-12 12:09:46

Re whoever said they were getting a stiff arm during breastfeeding, i simply put a pillow under my arm so that i can rest my arm on the pillow, and DS head on my arm, so i'm not actually holding my arm up at all, makes life a lot easier, especially as he was 12lb 9 1/2 on Wed so probably over 13lb now! Re clothes sizes, DS has been in 0-3 since his 1st week, only got a few days use of the newborn size! He is now comfortably into size 3 pampers baby dry, and filling 0-3 baby grows, i expect that he will be into 3-6 month baby grows within the next 2 weeks...thankfully we don't need to buy anything as can just reuse DS1's clothes, but DP is already grumbling about how many trips he will have to make to the loft putting clothes up there and bringing others down smile trying to keep him positive about us having another 2 DC's, but he is already thinking it's a mad idea sad

Re routine thali it is impossible to have one at this early stage, the best thing to do is to let them feed and sleep on demand, and they will be very content and quickly find their own routine. Lots of people i know tried to enforce routines and none ever worked and it just created lots of stress and took their enjoyment of those early weeks away. DS2 is now 4 1/2 weeks and we are getting into some sort of a routine, but it's of his making. He is feeding early evening and then sleeping until around 9.30 -10, having another feed, sleeping till around 2-3am, having another feed and then sleeping till 6-7am, although have had the odd night where he's say woken at 1am, 4am, and 6am, just to keep us on our toes! In contrast, DS1 at this age through to when he was 5 months would cluster feed (feed non stop) all evening through till about 10.30pm, but then from 7 weeks he would sleep through till 6.30ish without needing any night feeds. Daytimes, we don't yet have any sort of established routine, sometimes DS2 will sleep after a feed, others he is wide awake and then has another feed before having a sleep. By 1.45pm he is usually feeding as it clashes with DS1 needing his pre-nap milk, but then DS also wants to sleep, so we've had quite a few afternoons where they are both here and asleep at the same times, which is rather odd! Our biggest problem is getting DS2 to sleep in his crib, it's not an issue during the night, but during the day he prefers sleeping on me - but we are perservering, but can only get him to sleep in the crib by getting him to sleep on me and then transferring him and rocking him gently till he's settled. Have been using merino wraps so he is snug on me and then when transferred is still snug and warm, and as of today, have tried him in one of the merino sleeping bags and he went down straight away and is currently sleeping soundly in it in his crib smile (we tried the sleeping bags in his first week and in his 3rd week but he didn't settle, i think the material was a little heavy for his legs at that stage, but he looks so content now, so think might be using those from now on. DS1 slept so much better when we moved him into them, i think all babies sleep easier/for longer if warm, so whoever said their room was cold, if you put your heating up a bit, they will probably sleep better for you. With DS1 we also resorted to putting a hot water bottle in his moses basket in the early days (wrapped in a sheet) so that he wouldn't think he'd been moved from me - seemed to work very well and after a few weeks we didn't need to bother doing this. However hv's had differing views of this, a few were very much against using hot water bottles, but it worked for us, and i know it would never have leaked and it wasn't hot enough water to cause a scold even if it had leaked...

Macaroons Sat 06-Oct-12 13:12:25

Thali I'm like you - have discouraged visitors apart from close family right now. Really can't be bothered to get dressed myself!

Have invited some friends to visit next week so have bought more nursing tops. I bought mine from jojo maman bebe. Any other shop would anyone recommend? I wanted done cheap nursing night dress / pj but all I can see are like 20-30 quid. I usually just wear old t shirts so 20-30 quid is abit steep! Any recommendation welcomed.

Re routine before baby was born I thought about putting a schedule in place. But while DS seems to have his own schedule I don't see how they'd possible yet. I don't mind being flexible during the day, I just want him to sleep through the night sooner. He tends to fall asleep at around 7.30 or 8pm wake up at 10.30 or 11 for a feed then sleep again, and another feed at around 2 or 3. Then another feed and wake up before 6 for another feed. Any tips re how to encourage sleeping longer during the night? (I understand his stomach is still small so I have to be patient.)

Macaroons Sat 06-Oct-12 13:13:30

Loopy it was me with sore arms, and my DS is only 9 pounds! Will need to learn how to place my cushions / pillow to make life easier for myself.

Rachel130690 Sat 06-Oct-12 13:35:46

I got given a sling there by a friend so I'm going to give it ago but I'm not sure what make it is. Will have a look before I try it.

Re: going out, I get dressed everyday (although its usually very late) get baby dressed and I try to do something everyday, even if its a walk, visiting my mum. But my mw was concerned because when weather was bad at start we didn't get dressed or leave house and she told me to do something at least every other day. (I only do what I can be bothered)

Okay so need some advice on how to deal with my boyfriends mum. I actually hate going to his parents house and now refuse to go unless he kicks up enough fuss. We live at the top of their garden, they put a gate in (which I didn't want) and just come up whenever they like, they also expect us down every night. When I do go down, if my lo starts to cry or gurgles she demands that she has him. If I'm holding him and he cries she will say, aw just give me him here. And she will grab him before i have a chance to say no. it makes me feel useless, she never gives him back to me always to my boyfriend. It's always oh daddy will feed you, daddy will do it. It's really annoying me as it makes me feel like a useless mum. Any advice on how to deal with this would be great as its really ruining my experiences. sad

Thali34 Sat 06-Oct-12 15:02:25

loopy yes I realise ur right about routine and I shouldn't want to rush it. Just desperate for some sort of pattern so i know what to expect/ kno if im getting things right but I should try relax and enjoy her I know.

She's got me worried at the moment as she's sleeping a LOT (will be 3 weeks old on Mon) and waking for really short feeds. 5 mins or 10 mins if I'm lucky. This doesn't seem right... Is this maybe cluster feeding? Been happening all morning! Any advice?

MadMonkeys Sat 06-Oct-12 16:44:18

macaroons - you could try to encourage longer feeds by keeping him cool, i.e. take him out of his sleepsuit (don't let him get too cold obviously), tickling his feet, wiggling his arms etc. Or feed, change his nappy then feed immediately afterwards again. But really it sounds like he's doing great. My DD cluster feeds from 10pm to 3am every night then sleeps for 2 hours, feeds again then sleeps again.

leelteloo Sat 06-Oct-12 17:33:38

I got some good nursing pjs and nighties from mothercare last time. They weren't very glamorous but super comfy and not pricey.
Rachel, that sounds really tricky with your mil! I don't really know what to suggest other than explaining how it makes you feel to your dh and hope that he understands and has a quiet word with her? She probably feels she's being super helpful giving you a 'break' but its horrid when people take over. sad
Re feeling love for the LO; I worried that I would not be able to love new ds as much as I do dd but I have been surprised to find that I do. I love them both with a passion grin

I've had the afternoon from hell. Was already feeling a bit stressed and tearful as was feeling really tired, the house was a mess and had to do a very stressful weekly shop with arguing kids in tow. All DH was bothered about was his baby's head-wetting session tonight. Fed Lola at 2.30, half an hour later, she vomited and started choking. It was terrifying. Mucous was bubbling out of her nose and mouth and she was turning purple. We threw the DCs in the car, and I sat in the back and vigorously rubbed Lola's back. Luckily we only live 5 mins from A&E. Lola thankfully recovered when we got there, and the staff were really good. Her pulse and breathing were very fast to begin with, but after 2 hours we could go home. We've got open access to children's A&E for 48 hours just in case. I really didn't want DH to go out tonight, and told him as much, but he's gone anyway. He always gets in a state, so I was probably a bit harsh and told him not to bother coming home at all.

Hope everyone else has had a better day!

HeffalumpsAndGoldenWoozles Sat 06-Oct-12 20:44:04

Oh moomin that sounds terrifying, so glad your little one is ok but what a scary experience. Hope your DH is apologetic tomorrow, I can see why you'd rather he didn't go out after the morning you've had.

We did a Red Cross course a few weeks back as situations like that scare me so much & we wanted to be prepared but I always worry I'd just panic, well done for keeping your cool & even if tonight hasn't worked out how you wanted at least now you can snuggle up with your daughter and hopefully tomorrow is a better day smile

MissCoffeeNWine Sat 06-Oct-12 21:15:22

HOw scary moomin hope all sorts itself out. Congratulations to a the new babies!

We are up and dressed every day and out by 8 for the school run and dog walk. Which means I'm out and about a lot, so I've settled into a couple of baby groups now. We've been finishing up the DIY, lots of trips to Wickes and trips up ladders getting it done before the winter hits, and we're halfway through buying a house so the baby has spent a lot of time at the bank and the mortgage advisor and estate agent and solicitors! Today we were out all day looking round garages trying to buy a new car. We had dinner out though which was nice and wer'e going to the cinema tomorrow. I've done two of my KIT days at work with baby in tow which has been interesting.

Had to laugh at the contraception talk, we were in Tesco last week and realised we were buying coffee, beer, dummies and condoms grin Good job we're past caring what checkout people think.

The baby stil BFs all the time and doesn't sleep and won't be put down, and we're having jealousy issues with DC1, it's all a bit crazy over here! And yes the dog is jealous too!

Hey funchum and mikyah . Nice to see the rest of the September ladies that made it to October, like me. Congratulations.

Oh my Moomin , how scarey for you. I remember ringing an ambulance after ds desaturated the day after we got him home from neonatal. He was fine but it terrified me and I would have been mighty pissed if p decided to clear off out after.

I would really love to have visitors discouraged. 5 days on and now the hoards of his family are starting to descend. Annoying me a bit actually. I'm still not feeling 100% as although I didn't have any stitches, dd lacerated me quite deeply on the way on by having her hands by her face. I'm still taking painkillers and feel really bruised and raw down there. Of course I'm the one making them cups of tea and clearing up on top of the housework, looking after ds, feeding dd etc and the joke of it is we split up two months ago and I'm getting the feeling he still hasn't told them hmm Really was trying to be reasonable by allowing him at the birth and staying at mine for the first couple of weeks to bond with dd but now wondering if I've done the right thing.

With regards to feeds, I have to stroke dd's face and change her in the middle of it to keep her awake and continue feeding. She is feeding 3 hourly atm and has nearly her birthweight again so I'm now happy enough she is getting enough milk from me.

I have to say I fell totally and completely in love with her. With ds I grew to love him so I expected it to be the same way but I even cried today because it's going to be my last baby and I wish I could do it all again already. Yes, my hormones are officially going mental today.

Macaroons Sun 07-Oct-12 00:08:16

Madmonkey and leetleloo - thanks for the tips!

Heff - we are thinking about doing the red cross baby first aid course too, just to be more knowledgable. Did you find it useful?

Moomin - sorry you had that incident, glad your Lo is now fine! I'd be very cross too if dh decide to go out especially given what happened!

Hope everyone will catch some sleep tonight!

HeffalumpsAndGoldenWoozles Sun 07-Oct-12 01:34:24

Macaroons - yes it was definitely worth doing for peace of mind. We got a group of us from our NCT class together and booked it so we got a small discount but I think iirc it wasn't that expensive anyway. Neither if us had fine a 1st aid course in a long while so we felt much more confident afterwards.

Smallgreenone Sun 07-Oct-12 04:48:09

I'm definitely going to do a course. We live in the Peak District so quite a way from a hospital and poor DS would have no chance if something like that happened. Glad everything is ok now moomin.
I'm going to research courses now.

funchum8am Sun 07-Oct-12 05:29:41

Moomin you poor thing! I need to remind myself about basic first aid, DD is a bit prone to vomiting in her sleep so I will get the manual out from my work course. I am so glad Lola is ok.

I am getting no sleep - DD feeds constantly then falls asleep on me but wails if I move her to her Moses basket and starts rooting for more feed. If I pick her up, feeding calms her and the cycle starts again; if I try to soothe her in the basket she gets in a rage and takes ages to calm down, and is too enraged to feed. So I have sat up in bed feeding and letting her sleep on me and tried to nap in the daytime but cannot keep it up much longer! dH is desperate to help but she is just dying to feed all the time, though she has slept on him a couple of times for a few minutes. Is this normal for days 2-3 and does anyone have any ideas??

Mikyahrose Sun 07-Oct-12 07:15:55

I think that's sounds ok. Pretty much same as me. I'm only a few days ahead. We're 6 days old today. Maybe check your latch, it could be that she's not getting enough and that's why it's so constant. My lo is the same re the crib, he instantly wakes up when I put him in there. My DP is feeling the same too. Think he had my baby blues (I've felt fine) he had a right sad down day. I've reassured him its ok and he's doing amazing, but he's finding it disheartening that he can't do more and take the pressure off me.
Last night I had the longest block of sleep since he was born, 4 hours!! Was amazing. My milk is in now, so think that's makin a difference.

HeffalumpsAndGoldenWoozles Sun 07-Oct-12 08:47:38

rachel just seen your post, that must be really frustrating. Is she the type who is just being well meaning but over enthusiastic or do you think it's more deliberate? What does your DP say, can he help you out maybe by saying "actually mummy usually does that" or something when she goes to take him or give him back to DP instead of you and maybe she'll get the hint?

funchum8am Sun 07-Oct-12 15:43:14

rachel that situation sounds tough. I agree that getting your fella to talk to them would be ideal. He needs to be clear that he is on your side and your child's if it comes to any conflict!

HeffalumpsAndGoldenWoozles Sun 07-Oct-12 18:34:26

We had our first proper outing today with all of us, a friend invited us to their 70th party just down the road so we thought we'd give it a go. Took a fair while to get both DCs ready but we did eventually get there & they were both fantastically behaved so we had a lovely time smile

DD2 scared me a bit this afternoon though, I'd just finished feeding her and she was a bit unsettled so I sat her up to wind her and she was so sick it was like a whole days worth of milk, it just kept coming I was scared she'd inhale it or something. Had to strip and bath her then get her wrapped up in clean clothes really quickly as the bathroom was quite cold, she then seemed really sleepy so we took her temp which was fine but it took me a little while to wake her and get her to have a small feed just so she's got something in her belly again. She's ok now after a short nap, exploding nappy and a proper feed but it just took us a bit by surprise. DD1 was very sicky but it was always more straight down & straight up reflux. I thought I'd be more laid back this time round but it seems I'm still a great big worry-wart!

How has everyone's day been?

meXem Sun 07-Oct-12 18:46:11

Had a lovely Sunday afternoon with Charlie smile She has had her first trip in the barge boat today and got some lovely photo's of her sitting on daddy's lap whilst he rowed us up the creek in the sunshine smile

I've had a better day today. Took DDs1&2 to panto rehearsal, then took all 4 DDs to my parents, 5 miles away for lunch. DH was supposed to have been coming, but I left him festering at home. He'd rolled in just after 3am. I've had words with him about being more considerate and not leaving me to do everything. I'm starting to feel a bit low, and am worried about developing PND. Thankfully lola seems fine, I Didn't really sleep as was watching her like a hawk!

funchum, lola wouldn't settle in her moses basket for the first few days. MIL suggested putting a thick towel or blanket under the mattress to pad it out, and it worked!

Dd was the same with the constant feeding days 2-3 funchum . I think it's to get your milk supply up as by the next day my milk had definately come in and she was sleeping 4-5 hours at a time. To the point I had to wake her up once or twice as I was so uncomfortable.

I have to say I'm feeling rather spoilt by her waking up every 3-4 hours at night the last two nights and near enough going straight down again. Such a difference from her big brother but well aware it could all change. Been a bit more grizzly today by wanting to feed on and off for hours this evening and not liking being put down.

I hate them having reflux myself Heffalumps . I'm always a bit worried about them inhaling it, especially if they do it when they're lying down. I managed to get peed on once and puked on twice yesterday.

Tomorrow morning is the real test. I have to get a reluctant, not a morning person ds up for school along with dd by myself. Should be fun. Hard to believe this time last week I was in labour and now she's lying here.

funchum8am Mon 08-Oct-12 01:35:10

Best of luck for the morning's logistics ballroom. Hats off to you and moomin and everyone else with more than one DC! I am in awe of how people manage with a newborn AND other children. I hope to find out one day though!
Moomin I hope DH takes on board what he needs to do!
I will try the towel trick and see if milk coming in means she will sleep better tonight - she has slept 5-9 and 10-now so much more than before. I feel daft for settlling down in the living room for an all-nighter now as she is sparko and would probably have been fine in the basket since she is now full of real milk!

Mikyahrose Mon 08-Oct-12 02:44:59

Mine is definitely sleeping for longer since my milk came in. Just woke from a lovely 2 hour sleep. But he still won't go in his crib. I haven't attempted to put him in there tonight though, just let him sleep with me. I will try over the next few days to put him in there more in the daytime, try and get him used to it more, then go for the nights again.

Thali34 Mon 08-Oct-12 02:51:06

Hope ur having a better night funchum and maybe getting some sleep.
What is everyone else doing about feeding - do you go to the living room, or stay in bed? I feel a bit bad/sad as I've decamped to the spare room - DH and I have only slept in same room for about 3 nights since the birth! At first we were feeding all night, then I found I needed so many cushions/pillows to get comfortable that There wasn't room for anyone else. Sometimes I've had to have LO in with me to feed lying down when theyre v long night feeds. Also he copes very badly with sleep deprivation so I decided he is far more use to me if he is well rested, and he has been really great during the day / in evenings after work. Sometimes he gets in with us in the early mornings fir a cuddle. But I'm a bit sad to be in separate rooms and wonder how long it will be for! Can't be that great for the relationship, but then nor would a grumpy DH!!

Mikyahrose Mon 08-Oct-12 03:00:58

I stay in bed to feed. Luckily my DP sleeps really well (although he still keeps telling me he's tired? But he looks quite happily asleep to me?). I think for us, whilst he's off work I'm staying in bed. The nights are getting better for me sleep wise too (think this is because my milk is in. Not sure it will last though and still not managing to put DS in his crib. Gonna try putting him in there more in the day and see if that helps)
I miss DP at nights though, well I miss lying comfortably and cuddling up, we're normally such cuddly sleepers and I'm really missing that.

Smallgreenone Mon 08-Oct-12 03:13:42

My DH has decamped to the spare room thali he doesn't every night, just when he needs an uninterrupted night. It's hard when he has to go off to work all day and you're right a grumpy tired DH is no help!
We had a lovely day in the sunshine today. Went to meet SIL and her two girls in the park and then pottered home with an ice cream in hand and then my father popped in tonight with a delicious homemade curry he got from one of his colleagues- yum yum! We are quite out in the sticks and I grew up in the big city so I miss my global food as its just not the same out here so a curry was most welcome. Wonder what DS will think when it gets into the milk supply!

MadMonkeys Mon 08-Oct-12 03:28:28

Hi girls, glad I'm not the only one up!

Thali my Dh is the same - not good when sleep deprived. We found that out the hard way with DD1, but this time he's taken up residence in the spare room and he's so much better for it! My DD2 has been impossible to settle at night (she's fine in the day) but tonight for some random reason she actually slept from midnight til just before 2am. I've just finished feeding and burping her ans I think she's settled again. I can't believe it. Last night she didn't settle at all - she fed from 9pm til 7am. That was a long night!

We've decided to switch to formula once the mastitis has cleared up unless something miraculous occurs to heal up my cracked nipples int eh next week or so - something else we learned with DD1 is that if I have cracks the mastitis wil keep coming back. Mine is the infectious kind, and the flu symptoms that come with it are horrendous -I had to ship DD1 off to my parents as I could hardly get out of bed let alone look after her. And we can't go on like this. I'm upset about it. but I know it will be for the best for everyone. I can't cling on to my ideal of breastfeeding if it means putting everyone through repeated misery. Sorry to moan, I don't expect this post will have cheered anyone up!

HeffalumpsAndGoldenWoozles Mon 08-Oct-12 04:32:55

thali Apart from the first few nights spent downstairs in the living room we've managed to stay in bed for feeds, just getting up to change the poo explosions in the bathroom whenever they occur. I'm feeling hugely lucky about it too as the first 6 weeks of DD1s life I slept on a mattress in the living room with her as she was such a noisy baby. As long as she's quiet we'll stay here but if she starts getting noisy we'll go downstairs as DH & DD1 would both get woken & a grumpy DH and tired toddler are not things I want to desk with in the morning!

madmonkeys I hope you're feeling better soon, well done for getting this far smile

Thali34 Mon 08-Oct-12 05:36:49

mikyarose and others not able to put LO down, I had the same for the first week or more, and I was desperate to put her down and sleep so we had some frustrating nights. she always won tho! However it's improved a lot and she will go down now. Sometimes she grumbles and whines for a few mins but as long as its not all out crying, I leave her and she falls asleep. I've been given a few tips tho: don't try if there is any chance she is hungry or if she is crying (obviously). (The first few nights she wanted to feed all the time tho.) Hold her upright, firmly, head against chest and patcher bottom gently, like yr heartbeat. (not middle of back where her kidneys are). This seems to soothe her. White noise: you can get an App or a toy. I use sound of waves, it actually seems to help. Perhaps as they adjust to life outside the womb they adjust more? Also it was suggested to me that as she was a ventouse delivery, she may have a headache (POOR little thing!!!!) and sucking would help!! But could also be to do with milk coming in! Anyway it has gradually improved - shes 3 weeks old. I now get a couple of hours a couple of times a night. Learning how to feed lying down also helped me for a few nights when she wouldn't go down in cot. And yes, practising it during day seems to help too!
madmonkeys I also had a night where she fed from 9.30pm - 5.15am!!!! It was awful but now has settled down to approx 2am and 5 am.

Thali34 Mon 08-Oct-12 05:42:42

Ps. I'm glad we're not the only ones sleeping apart. I miss it too, I hadn't imagined this happening, but seems only practical solution. It's nappy changing that is probably more disruptive than feeding!! Those of you with DP that sleeps deeply, you're very lucky!!! I found first few nights so lonely and long, tho he'd sometimes come thru and see us if he woke up during night. I was ridiculously happy to see a friendly face! Now he's back at work tho, it's only fair he gets good rest. no point both of us being exhausted. He's been a great support rest if time!
Those if you with toddlers, I can't imagine how you cope!! Must be so much harder, and exhausting, tho at least you are familiar with how to feed, change, bath etc.

Thali34 Mon 08-Oct-12 06:07:42

Ps. I forgot to mention swaddling! That was a big factor, I think in helShe seemed to respond to being wrapped up secure and snug!

Thali34 Mon 08-Oct-12 06:09:05

Ps. I forgot to mention swaddling! That was a big factor, I think in helping her to settle in basket. She seemed to respond to being wrapped up secure and snug! Do it as she's getting sleepy, before final suckle of the feed. Or just towards end of feed.

Thali34 Mon 08-Oct-12 06:33:42

Sorry lots of typos! Phone corrects but not always in the right way!

Someone has replaced my chilled out baby with a fractious, eggy Bernard.
Last night she just moaned and moaned, fed and moaned, refused to sleep and moaned.
She seems to be getting over tired, which I think is the most ridiculous thing in the world!

Madmonkeys I hope you're feeling better soon, my nipples are cracked and am worried I'm going to be susceptible to infection. But I noticed this morning they're looking a bit better so hopefully her latch has improved and is allowing them to heal up. I reckon it's where her mouth is small and my boobs are big. Not a good mix!

DS is up having a nap, although he's not asleep yet, baby is sleeping for now so going to try and enjoy a sofa nap. Night.

Oh and she HATES being swaddled, which almost made me cry as it was a lifesaver with DS. How the hell am I supposed to calm her when she's stressy?!
She does like looking at the light of the tv do I took my laptop upstairs and turned it on so she could see the screen. It spent most of the night installing updates!

madmonkeys, hope you feel better soon. The fluey feeling that goes with mastitis is just horrible, especially when looking after a tiny baby!

Have just had hv come and do baby check. Lola has gained 1lb in a week! My boobs never feel empty after feeds, and I had worried she wasn't getting enough hind milk, but she's obviously getting enough. She's between 91st-98th centiles for height/weight/ head circumference, so is a big girl.

Re sleeping- we're in our bedroom still. DH could sleep through an earthquake, so he's not been losing any sleep. Lola doesn't cry much anyway, the little sheep/goat-like noises wake me up before she gets to that stage!

Rachel130690 Mon 08-Oct-12 13:53:53

MadMonkeys I hope your starting to feel better. I've had the cold past few days and I'm finding it unbearable (having a pity party here) sad now I shall get over it and move on.

Re: sleeping, I have stayed in my bed every night, and so has my Oh. Herbie isn't too bad at night, usually only gets up once anywhere between 3 and 6. Depending on when I've let him sleep. Then can get up from half 7 onwards depending on his midnight feed. He usually makes noises when he starting to wake up so I get everything ready then.

Okay so this may be way TMI I've tried googling but can't find an answer. Okay so my wee man was 3 weeks last Friday, my bleeding had basically stopped, had a little amount everyday but that was it. I know it can come and go but last night it seemed like I was passing a few clots not big, probably the size of a 5p and one no bigger than a 20p. Also the bleeding seems quite stringy (best way I can describe) is this normal?

Best way I can get Herbie to sleep is so stand up with him on my chest and rock him up and down. Kinda kills at 3 in the morning but it works smile

MissCoffeeNWine Mon 08-Oct-12 15:11:07

I think clots are fairly normal I had some too at about 2 weeks, reckon the rule of thumb is worry if they are bigger than a 50p, but if you're worried a phone call won't hurt.

We all sleep in the same room, we haven't any more bedrooms or spare bedrooms or a nursery! Just one big bed. And a chair and a wardrobe! And other DC to wake up as well, dang tiny house.

DD cries a lot after feeding with reflux and feeds hourly most nights but I'm happy enough with how its going. I can't nap in the day tho with is a pita. She's okay with being swaddled sometimes but it's not ideal for how we sleep. She's already self settling though when she's not in pain which is amazing!

I think I'm losing the plot- the midwife just came to do the discharge visit, and I cried after she left! I think I feel a bit sad knowing that I'll never experience pregnancy and birth again, I've certainly had my fair share of it now!

funchum8am Mon 08-Oct-12 22:57:55

Aw moomin you are not losing it; having babies is a huge part of life and I guess the last contact with a MW seems like you are moving on. And you are, but to a lovely next stage where your DC move on to new developments which will be amazing too.

Babyfunch has got her first snotty nose so feeding sleepily now but will she stay asleep for long, I wonder?

DH and I are sleeping in our own bed still and I feed in bed (dh is a heavy sleeper from about 8pm to 4am, then he takes over nappy duty though I still have to do feeds). Babyfunch sleeps in a Moses basket in our room (well, as of last night; before that she slept on one of us and we didn't sleep but she is only 5 days old). Nowyilk is in she sleeps a lot more both day ans night but it's very early days.

funchum8am Mon 08-Oct-12 22:58:42

Nowyilk - now my milk

HeffalumpsAndGoldenWoozles Tue 09-Oct-12 00:30:55

moomin I've been feeling similar today, we had always wanted 3 but are now thinking maybe we will stop at 2 after all and although a bit of me is relieved at not having to put myself through it all again a huge part of me feels really sad that I may not experience carrying and giving birth to a child again. But like funchum said its just moving on to the next stages and there's still so many wonderful things to come. smile

Smallgreenone Tue 09-Oct-12 18:18:32

Hi all hope everyone's had a good day. Just wondering if my little man is ok as he has only poo'd once today! He is breast fed and normally does a few a day. He's 6 weeks now so is this his tummy getting more mature or should I take him to the GP? He has done plenty of wet nappies for me.

smallgreen I'm very sure that he's fine - if you check on google etc you'll see that it's normal for breastfed babies not to poo every day - both of mine sometimes went several days and then oh my word, pints and pints of the stuff oozing everywhere......

Emmiedarling Tue 09-Oct-12 22:01:35

Hello there - I wonder if I could join you all? My first baby was born two weeks ago today - 25th September.

I'm on my own so looking for some new mum chums!

leelteloo Tue 09-Oct-12 22:56:44

Hi Emmie, grin
I think I've got my 1st period! Really weird, didn't think it would happen so soon. Guess its about right though as Euan was born 4 and half weeks ago and I'm not bf.
I always wanted 3 too and as I'm getting on a bit, we'll need to crack on with ttc again pretty quick. But maybe we will stop at two as well: it's really hard with a new born and other small ones and I don't know how thin I can stretch myself. Already feel my dd is getting a rough deal having such a tired and grumpy mummy. Time will tell I guess.
Wishing you all a few long stretches of sleep tonight.

Thali34 Tue 09-Oct-12 23:16:38

Hi mummies,

My LO has had baby acne on her face for a few days, it looked better today but now tonight I've discovered it on her neck and chest! Is this normal or could it be something more serious... Have any if yours had spots on the body as well as the face?

Smallgreenone Wed 10-Oct-12 03:23:25

Hi emmie
He's done a poo now so feeling much better! I'll google poo regularity though as didn't realise they could go days at a time I thought they were meant to do lots especially if breast fed confused

HeffalumpsAndGoldenWoozles Wed 10-Oct-12 04:08:38

Welcome emmie and congratulations on your new baby smile

thali I don't know about the spots, have they appeared very suddenly? Does he have a temperature? It could be a hundred harmless things but its only natural to worry. If your ever really concerned what about giving NHS direct a call for advice?

smallgreenone yep totally normal to miss a day or two but just be prepared when it does come often its 3 days worth in one humongous explosion!

Rachel130690 Wed 10-Oct-12 10:21:53

leelteloo when did your post birth bleeding stop? Herbie will be 4 weeks old on Friday and I'm still bleeding. Did you get usual period cramps? Could it just be your bleeding starting again?

thali my Lo has this too but I haven't noticed any on his body, but his face is pretty bad with it. Sometimes it doesn't look so bad then a while later it will look about 3x worse. Anything I can do to help it?

Hello ladies

Thanks funchum and heff. I'm feeling a bit better now. I think it is just the hormone fluctuations getting the better of me!

smallgreenone, glad that your ds has done a poo! I have read that it's normal for bf babies to go several days once a couple of weeks old or so. DD is the opposite though, she has some pretty explosive poos on a regular basis, she managed to poo all over me the other day, even hit my shoulder with it!

Thali, it's probably nothing to worry about, but I would get her checked out to be on the safe side.

Welcome emmie, and congratulations. I did read a few of your pregnancy posts- hope the delivery all went ok. Your little one is a day older than mine.

leelteloo Wed 10-Oct-12 10:39:06

Hi Rachel, I'm not sure if it period or not really? confused Bleeding hadn't really stopped and was on and off but this was bit different (tmi) redder blood and period cramps but today it's stopped. So who knows?

Loopyhasanotherbean Wed 10-Oct-12 10:52:51

smallgreenone infrequent poos v normal for breastfed babies, DS1 would do 1 poo a week until he started weaning, conveniently at weekends when it was daddy duty for nappies smile DS2 not got to that stage yet, still pooing lots every day...

Smallgreenone Wed 10-Oct-12 17:08:52

Thanks for all the poo advice ladies! He's actually just done a real exploder which has soaked through his vest, body suit and dungarees! Yuk!!

Emmiedarling Wed 10-Oct-12 20:20:26

Thanks for all the welcomes :-)
It is nice to have you all on hand for reassurance!

Health visitor came today for the first time. Tbh she was absolute rubbish. Couldn't be more disinterested/unfriendly.

Please tell me I don't have the same one until he's 18!!!

Anyone else tried expressing and having difficulty? I have two pumps, one bloody expensive electric one, and an advent manual. I can hardly get anything- the most, which was first thing this morning, was 20 Mls. Electric one seems to be the biggest fail.

Hi Emmie I have the Avent manual pump, I've only used it once so far but used it often with DS and found I got loads out in the evenings and not so much during the day. It may be worth you trying at different times to get more out.

Also, here we have a team of health visitors and they have different roles. For example the lady that came today did DDs first check and there's a different one who'll do DSs 2 year health review later this month. So hopefully you'll get someone useful at some point!

Rachel130690 Wed 10-Oct-12 21:33:42

Emmie hopefully you'll have a nicer Hv next time smile what did you call you little one?

I had my health visitor out today, Herbie is 9lb 6oz. He's such a mushroom. Can see the weight going on. And can feel it when your bouncing him about. I'm running out of clothes to fit him, and the 0-3 is still too big. But I may put him in them anyway.

How is everyone else getting on today?

Smallgreenone Thu 11-Oct-12 00:19:24

emmie when did your milk come in? I found when my milk first came in there actually wasn't loads of it and when I expressed both sides all I got was about 30ml but a few days later supply increased and can now easily fill a bottle with just one side grin. Maybe it's the same for you? I've got an avent electric one and find it perfectly good.

Emmiedarling Thu 11-Oct-12 00:29:57


My milk came in about ten days ago. The bubba seems to be getting plenty - maybe I'll try different times of the day as my next plan of attack!

My little one is called Freddie and he was 5lbs 13.

Thali34 Thu 11-Oct-12 03:11:42

I've not successfully expressed yet, haven't tried recently but when I did try in the first week or 10 days, could only get about a teaspoonful! But I've been told to get the electric one working it's good to hand express a few drops first just to get things going...?

moogs1000 Thu 11-Oct-12 04:10:25

Hi all, hope things r going well.
emmie I've always found hv to be pretty useless if I'm honest but hopefully you'll get a better one next time!

With expressing I use avent electric and this time round can get about 2oz from one side quite quickly but with dd1 struggled to got hardly anything?!

My little one refuses to be put down when awake, just cries! Tried swing, bouncy chair, V pillow but won't have any of it! Any tips?

Smallgreenone Thu 11-Oct-12 05:04:40

Hi moogs have you tried a sling? DS likes to be held a lot and have found a sling really useful so you can have them held and happy but your arms free to do stuff. We've got the Kari me one but there are loads of different makes.

HeffalumpsAndGoldenWoozles Thu 11-Oct-12 06:15:11

emmie I've found similar with hvs, not met any yet with DD2 but the ones I had with DD1 were pretty rubbish. Luckily they were friendly enough but I never felt they had much of a clue what they were talking about so wasn't very reassured by them. Hope you get a better one for your next visit.

I found expressing so difficult with DD1. I'd pump away for ages and only end up with 1 or 2 oz (not sure what that is in mls). Tips I've heard but not tried yet are to try and build it into your routine as a regular 'feed' eg 7pm each evening, then your body will increase supply to cope with the extra being demanded. Also to make sure you are somewhere quiet & relaxed when you try it.

moogs I second the sling advice, I've got a moby wrap and after a bit of practice I've found it fantastic. Baby quietens down as soon as she's in it and I've then got free hands to get on with things.

funchum8am Thu 11-Oct-12 07:15:48

I am going to start practising expressing soon emmy and like you I have two pumps - the electric was bloody expensive so had better work! I would be keen to hear how you get on if that's ok.

Just had the first night that allowed me a vaguely reasonable amount of sleep between feeds, hurray!

We are still under the midwives as babyfunch is only 7 days old so not yet met our hv, but the Mw who came on day 5 got our backs up. She kept making comments about how crap dads are - what she doesn't know is that DH is the housekeeper around here and we ate very much equal parents. He is taking the same amount of parental leave as me this year (5 months) and will be the one to go part time in the end, whereas I will stay full time at work. DH was most unimpressed with her saying things like "look, daddy brought you COLD water, it's because daddies don't understand"...Er, if asked for a bowl of water mummy would have brought cold as well! Yes we should have realised warm is better when bathing the cord stump, but we would both be EQUALLY clueless!

Sorry for the rant there! Hope everyone else has had a good night.

Littlecherublegs Thu 11-Oct-12 11:07:08

Hello all and congrats to all new mums!!

I was hoping I could join you all on this thread - I did post (on and off) on the antenatal September 2012 thread and now have a perfect bundle of joy, a son born on 17th September weighing (a smaller than I thought he would be!) 6lb 3oz!! smile

Have been reading through the latest posts trying to catch up with everyone -
Emmie - I havent tried expressing yet though have bought the Avent manual breast pump and will give it a go at some point. Breastfeeding is generally going well though, DS seems constantly ravenous!! Finally the nips seem to have toughened up (big thumbs up for Lansinoh!!)

funch - gosh, your HV sounds rubbish!! Ours is lovely, shes only been round once so far but seemed very interested in us, asked loads of questions, offered advice and was really friendly. Sounds like your was pretty ignorant and unhelpful!!

thali - not sure about the acne, maybe ask your MW / HV? Our LO has milk spots (little white ones) on his face but not his body and apparently this is very normal and they will disappear of their own accord soon.

moogs - I have a similar problem - DS loves being held and will happily sleep on me or DH, though when we try to put him down in his moses basket he cries!! He'll happily sleep in our bed too (know we shouldnt really do this but if he wont go in his moses basket what else can we do??! We all need sleep!!). I know we really need to get him sleeping somewhere other than on us or in our bed though so any tips would be appreciated!! Thanks!!

Macaroons Thu 11-Oct-12 18:16:57

hi Littlecherublegs of coz you are welcome to join! late welcome to you too, Emmie!

I'm knackered. DS is just over one month old now, have been on a feeding marathron today, apart from a brief lunch break! I don't know if this is another growth spurt but it feels as if he's constantly on my breast, apart from my brief lunch break / toilet break / nappy changing. And despite the constant feeding, he doesn't seem happy. I think it's like that yesterday too... and possibly the day before. I'm knackered and very tempted to give him a bottle of formula. It's driving me mental...

hope you all are doing better with your babies.

Emmiedarling Thu 11-Oct-12 18:30:50

I've had my first down day today.

Think it is lack of sleep mixed with hormones mixed with being really unhappy with my post baby body.

Just wondering if anyone else is alone with their new baba's?

Hope everyone had a good day x

Macaroons Thu 11-Oct-12 18:42:55

actually I lied. he wasnt constantly on the breast yesterday, but he was the day before. is this because he's hungry, or just fussy? or lack of sleep? (i tried to put him down for 5 minutes just now so I could get a drink and he was crying for the solid 5 minutes

thali - MW suggested moisturiser on baby spots, eg olive oil. you could try

Macaroons Thu 11-Oct-12 18:51:06

Emmie I'm alone most of the day with the baby, a friend visited this afternoon, and she's amazed by the feeding marathron (she's not a mum herself)

Hope you'll feel better soon. I hate my stretch marks too... hope they will go away soon!

Smallgreenone Thu 11-Oct-12 18:57:11

I'm on my own all day too. I try and get out at least once a day and I meet up with friends etc but am mostly on my own. It's hard work some days and I hate my post baby body too! I've started a Pilates DVD and we have gym equipment in the cellar which I use when DS naps (not often as he likes to be held but sometimes I can trick him into sleeping in his basket!) also going to a buggyfit class next week now I've had my post natal check up. I have a c section scar too which I am frantically rubbing oil into to try and make it less hideous. My goal is to be relatively normal by Xmas!!!
macaroons I think I remember a grumpy feeding frenzy at 4 weeks. I'm on the 6 week one now!!!

Haha! DD just got an eyeful and a nostril full of milk. It's like a bleeding jet washer! I'm not too worried about my body just yet. It doesn't look as horrifying as last time. Probably because it's not much different from before I was pregnant. Also, my son was born at the end of August and I remember being thinner than I was pre-pregnancy by Christmas. So hopefully, if I keep up bfing I should be a good size 14 by December (hopeful)

Rachel130690 Thu 11-Oct-12 20:48:53

Re: post preg body I'm not happy with mine either. I've got stretch marks just under my belly button, I also had my belly button pierced which I took out too late in pregnancy so the scar tissue has stretched it looks like my belly button has bunny ears sad

I had physiotherapy today for my stomach muscles as they have split, so have exercises to do between now and my next appointment. Hopefully I'll get it all sorted within the next month.

So as it was my Oh's birthday yesterday, we are going out on Sat night to pub with a few friends and I've absolutely no idea what I'm gonna wear as I don't fit any of my jeans, and dress will prob be too dressy, gonna go shopping tomorrow but I reckon I'll not find anything. sad stressing out big time..

I'm on my own majority of the time, I just try to get out for a walk or visit friends. Or dander about the shops. Otherwise I'd go mental.

leelteloo Thu 11-Oct-12 22:13:43

Re body image: I wasn't remotely happy with mine before I was pregnant and actually love having a bump as it is the only time my belly is hard and there is a legitimate reason for it to stick out. Now I think I'm back to pre preg size but about 2 dress sizes bigger than I'm happy with. Went to town today with dd and grandma had ds and bought a nice skirt and top and new boots: guess I'll be living in them until I muster up the energy to diet; could be a while wink
We had a good night here last night: LO had a feed at 10 and then slept in his cot till 1am. He was back asleep after half an hour. He woke at 2.30 wanting to be fed but I just brought him in bed and let him suck my finger and he didn't wake till 6!!!!!!? Amazing! Dd was not sleeping for that long at night till she was nearly 3, so was preparing my self for a good 2 years of being woken 5 or 6 times a night.

Macaroons Thu 11-Oct-12 22:32:39

Smallgreenone - grumpy feeding frenzy - what perfect description! He is grumpy! And I'm grumpy and tired too sadangry hope this phrase will pass soon!

Re body image, not quite sure when I will wear bikini again but I do hope the stretch mark will go away (have to admit that feeding marathons mean that I don't have time to put on stretch mark oil everyday envy) I manage to fit into my loose pair of normal jeans! Can't fit into my skinny jeans tho.

Emmiedarling Thu 11-Oct-12 22:51:57

As Freddie is 2 weeks old now i have started going out - doing at least one thing per day so at least i see other humans! I think i just wish someone was here at night/evenings - when he tends to start screaming!!!

I am dying to get going with exercise but as i had a c-section i have a little more time to wait...Got the 30 day shred dvd all ready to go...

HeffalumpsAndGoldenWoozles Fri 12-Oct-12 04:03:46

Grr just wrote a really long post then Internet crashed angry

I'm trying not to be too concerned with my body just yet, only 12 days post pregnancy so my stomach is still shrinking a bit & the rest of me is at the very least hopefully not getting any bigger <hides late night chocolate stash> I went from a 10 to 12 after DD1 so would like in the long term to get back to 10 but for now I just want to fit back in my size 12 jeans as still living in my maternity leggings. Stretch marks don't bother me, they're a sign that I've carried two beautiful healthy babies so I think of them as my badge of honour [mad woman emoticon]. I loved my body when pg which is helping me accept it now, all our bodies have done something amazing so don't be too hard on yourselves just yet smile Saying that I best be able to get back into my favourite black skinnys by Xmas or I'll be a bit upset!

emmie come and chat in the night feeding thread if you're lonely at night, its horrible being up but a little bit of company and chat helps with the long nights.

funch that hv sounds awful, and very rude, your poor DH must have felt very belittled. We've had a mix of good & rubbish midwives visiting so far, yet to meet the hv though.

Emmiedarling Fri 12-Oct-12 05:28:14

There's a night feeding chat?! Ooo

Smallgreenone Fri 12-Oct-12 06:46:19

Yes emmie its on the breast feeding board. Loads of lovely sleep deprived ladies and their naughty non sleepers!

Smallgreenone Fri 12-Oct-12 06:47:54

Sorry breast and bottle feeding page I didn't mean to exclude bottles any kind of feeding will do as long as you're awake!

HeffalumpsAndGoldenWoozles Fri 12-Oct-12 07:33:58

funch! I'm shocked by your mw! What a rude, sexist woman. I think my DH would have had to say something! Thankfully, the midwives I came across this time were all lovely, the community midwife I saw through pregnancy and postnatally was very supportive, and out of the two who came to do my homebirth (and came to hospital to help me deliver), I already knew one of them as she is MIL's friend.

I've been trying to get out every day. Yesterday I went to register Lola with the gp, and popped into town afterwards. She was as good as gold, was awake the whole time, just looking around. On the down side, I couldn't find any nice winter boots! This morning I'm going to take her to work, DH Will drop us off, and we'll walk the mile and a half back. I'm keen to get back into shape, have about a stone to lose to get back to pre-pregnancy weight. Am regretting having put nearly 3 stone on!

meXem Fri 12-Oct-12 12:28:13

Hi all,
Trying desperately to catch up on everyones posts
Hi emmie

RE: post preg body, I only seem to have stretch marks on one bum cheek (??) so been very lucky there, and got into my pre preg skinny jeans on day 12 smile but a little freaked by my squidgy tummy (never had one before) and the very dark line that is running down the centre of it shock. Also, as not BF any more, boobs have shrunk sad and seem a bit deflated blush

RE: Breast Pumps, DD wouldn't latch so I was using the Avent manual pump which worked really well for the 1st week and half, and I got all excited when my milk came in and I was able to feed her the right amount, but then in the past week my milk seems to have decreased very rapidly and DD now hasn't had breast milk for nearly 2 days sad

Charlie is waking up now so will try and finish post later xx

leelteloo Fri 12-Oct-12 13:43:18

Just back from trip out with my two and feel I have now officially become a screamy, ranty mother! LO needed feeding so thought would treat dd to nice lunch at park cafe: big mistake. She was a nightmare from the moment we got in there. Obviously wanted my attention as I was giving LO his bottle. Ended up shouting as she climbed dangerously on tables and chairs, refusing to eat even though it was sausage and chips. I warned her I would take her home, scare tactic which usually does the trick but she carried on. So had to put ds in buggy mid feed, wrestle her out of cafe and she is now down for a nap: phew. Note to self: do not engage in food battles with 3 yr old whilst trying to feed the baby!

Oh dear Leelteloo that sounds stressful. I'm doing my best to avoid taking them both out on my own still. Once dp goes to work I'm going to have to get used to it, but for now I don't think I can handle it.

We all just had an afternoon nap so feeling alright, just need to tackle the pile of washing up above the dishwasher. Urgh.

I have one, just one, VERY leaky boob. I'm talking soaked through pads and constant wet patch on my top. I hold my arm over it when she's feeding from the other side but it's all the time. Another reason for my hermit-ism.

Smallgreenone Fri 12-Oct-12 18:34:24

Oh dear after tearing stories on here I doubt I'll ever have more than one DC, sounds so hard leetleloo
mexem I have the dark line too, wonder when it will go away. Also gave squishy tummy. I am back in some if jeans but not my skinny ones and to be honest as it was Christmas time when I got pregnant I probably needed to lose a bit even before pregnancy. Took the dog out for a good long walk today and will do my Pilates DVD later once DS is sleeping. It'll take time but I'm sure we'll all get there eventually.
wherearemyshoes I had leaking boob yesterday and only realised when I got home- so embarrassing! Mine is always the same side too bizarrely.

Rachel130690 Fri 12-Oct-12 21:43:58

Smallgreen, I've read lots on here too and I know it won't be easy but I can't wait for Herbie to have a brother or sister. I'm in no rush and will def be taking my time and enjoying my wee man but I can't wait to have more smile

I still have my squishy stomach but I don't mind. I just get on with it.

Went shopping today smile got new skinny jeans size 10 from Dorothy Perkins. I'm so happy. Bit baggy in the legs but I'm just happy I have nice decent jeans. smile am clean shattered now but was worth it.

My boobs leaked all the time at the start. sad I didn't realise and walked about town with my tee shirt having a boob milk all down it. sad then bought myself pads just to help and at home, house full of people and my boob leaked again I had to sit in a funny position until I could run out of the room and pray no one had noticed. Hopefully no one else has to cope with this.

leelteloo Fri 12-Oct-12 22:02:00

Size 10!!! well done Rachel. My new post preg jeans are size 14 envy

funchum8am Sat 13-Oct-12 00:03:05

Size ten rachel you are amazing! I was a 16 before pregnancy and probably same now (still in leggings here too!) but was aiming for a 14. I lost a stone and a half between August and Xmas last year with weightwatchers so need to get back into those good habits. I plan to do buggyfit and lots of walking when the gp signs me off (well, before that for the walking!). Very squishy tummy and lots of stretch marks here sad

leetleloo you are a hero for taking both yours out, I think I need to wait til DD is about 12 before I can contemplate another....though that would put me past childbearing age....

Smallgreenone Sat 13-Oct-12 00:16:44

Size 10 envy

Emmiedarling Sat 13-Oct-12 04:45:06

Size 10! Oh goodness! How old is baby? I can't see how I'm EVER going to wear all my clothes again. Was size 6-8 per pregnancy, but put on 4 stone :-/

I was hoping I'd loose a bit initially - once he was out - but alas! he was only 5lbs!

So I've got some way to go before I'm back to my normal sad boo!

Re leaky boobs, I haven't had any leaks. I bought about six boxes of breast pads whilst pregnancy, but they're all still in a bag somewhere. Maybe there is just not that much milk and this is why I am struggling to express..

Emmiedarling Sat 13-Oct-12 04:45:54


Rachel130690 Sat 13-Oct-12 11:00:31

Emmie I was a size 6/8 pre pregnancy too. But I didn't put that much weight on, my bump was very small (at 41 weeks i was measuring 37) and was all baby. He was 7lb 7oz at birth. He's 4weeks and 1 day today smile

Wow Emmie only 5lbs that's tiny. What weight is he now?

Had my auntie and her new baby over yesterday and he is 7lb 14oz and I couldn't believe how light he was. And then you pick up my big bruiser. It was hard to believe he was that light ever. It amazing how quick everything changes but I hate it. Although I love that he's starting to make loads of noises and like he's chatting to me.

I still have my dark line too mexem . Am very impressed to find I have escaped my second pregnancy with no stretchmarks to show for either. Only the flabby mummy tummy to work on grin . For those who had a csection, the scar will fade really well in time. Five years on and I just have a silver/slightly pink line.

Two weeks on and I'm considering switching baby B to formula. She has obviously went through a growth spurt and stayed attached to my boobs constantly for 24 hours. It's a toss up between the guilt of stopping bf or the guilt of practically deserting my ds (and then being horribly snappy last night because I was so tired). I'm just not sure bf is feasible being a single parent with a 5 yo.

I wouldn't worry about your milk supply if you can't express Emmie . Some people find it really hard to express anything even when they are producing enough milk to feed their babies.

ThePinkNinja Sun 14-Oct-12 17:47:05


Loup23 Sun 14-Oct-12 21:50:03

Just bumping thread so I can catch up during the night feed and find out how everyone is wink

leelteloo Sun 14-Oct-12 22:22:35

Cried my eyes out during Downton Abbey and I'm coming down with a bug. Not the best end to the week. On the plus side Euan seems to be going 4 hours between feeds.

Smallgreenone Sun 14-Oct-12 23:40:08

Oh can't wait to find out what happened in downton- it's my Monday afternoon treat!

Smallgreenone Sun 14-Oct-12 23:47:33

Gorgeous day here today, how is everyone getting on. DS is 7 weeks today and is starting to smile more. At first it was just the odd one every so often and I wasn't sure but today he smiled at me when I went to pick him up from his basket and then again when DH came to hold him so I think they are real smiles now and not wind. Very special grin. He is technically an August baby but have any of the September ones started smiling yet?
My boob leaked again when we were out today, so embarrassing.

HorridHeffalumpsWickedWoozles Mon 15-Oct-12 01:55:40

Oh gosh Downton has had me in floods the past two episodes, keep your tissues handy small!

leelteloo your outing sounds stressful, I haven't taken my two out on my own yet, they've been good so far when DH has been with us but I know once I'm on my own it will all go pear shaped.

Hope everyone's doing ok smile

Rachel130690 Mon 15-Oct-12 10:43:26

smallgreen my wee man is full of smiles smile it's so great to see them. Although sometimes they are few and far between but it really makes my day to see them smile

Was so good to get Herbie back yesterday. I don't no how I coped being very drunk helped missed him like mad on sat night. Although he has been a monkey when it comes to feeding and hasn't finished a bottle since he came home. So hopefully I'll get him back into shape today,

Smallgreenone Mon 15-Oct-12 23:30:14

It's amazing isn't rachel one little smile sendse giddy with excitement. Hope everyone is well. I didnt get time for downton in the end so fingers crossed for tomorrow.

Littlecherublegs Tue 16-Oct-12 11:48:00

My LO was 4 weeks yesterday - cant believe how fast its gone!!

Rachel smallgreen I love the smiles too! He's only just started doing it (a few days ago) and at first I wasnt sure if it was wind(?!) but I know its definitely smiles now!! smile
In fact, at 2am this morning when I was getting upset because I was so tired and he wouldnt sleep, he just gave me a massive smile and my heart melted and all was well again! smile

Im flying solo with the bub for the first time today as DH has gone back to work. Alas, Im still in bed - not showered or dressed - though have managed to have breakfast!! Its difficult as LO is reluctant to sleep anywhere other than on me!! Though as the weather is so rubbish, I doubt I'll be leaving the house today so I suppose it doesnt really matter!!