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Post-grad Brookers, over here! We will Brook No Argument that all Mini-Brookers sleep 12 hours a night and behave angelically during the day

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TooImmatureTurtleDoves Tue 28-Aug-12 13:42:34

Over here!

<nicks the choc from the last thread and lays it out here>

Marking place

Just on my way out but catch y'all later dudes xx

Marking place. Think we have another annoying bug - dd2 streaming with cold, dd1 was sick in the car this am and I feel soooooo tired. More than normal!

Feel like we're never going to get back on an even keel.

<grumble grumble>

Marking my place with whining apparently!

hawthers Tue 28-Aug-12 14:18:51

Top tip for birthday cake decoration probably best not to do it after sharing a bottle of wine. It sort of looked like a fire engine but had buckets of icing on it ... Pics to follow

TooImmatureTurtleDoves Tue 28-Aug-12 14:35:23

I trust you mean the bottle of wine was last night and not this morning, Hawthers! Can't wait to see pics.

<Brooks for Pomme's family to throw off the bug fast>

hawthers Tue 28-Aug-12 15:19:05

It was on Sunday night late that the icing took place. Birthday was yesterday and we were all too tired to speak last night. But the first of my big boy's birthdays that I've managed to get through without crying so that is definite progress!

jaggythistle Tue 28-Aug-12 16:56:36

just marking place for later.

<brooks and leaves>

musicalmrs Tue 28-Aug-12 18:03:22

Hi all! Marking place..

Had a mad weekend full of lots of extended family (again). Also visited some friends and found out they're pregnant! grin Already working out what we can offer to lend them, and what to make them for presents...

Envious of your sleeping Rubber, and long may it last! I fear Iz has hit the four month regression (a couple of weeks early!), perhaps fuelled by teething, growth spurt, or just age! She used sleep from about 8pm-6/7am, with the odd one wakeup around 4. Now it's back to three, four wake ups a night sad

Growth spurt - she's been eating tonnes recently. However, I had a few days recently where I didn't eat as much as I usually one - due to timing/various things. Could that be affecting my supply, meaning she doesn't get as much food in each sitting and thus has to eat more often?

Teething - after a few days that were more relaxed (other than fist chewing), it's gotten a lot worse again sad Finding that the strange Tommee Tippee teethers that look like dummies, plus a layer of Bonjela, seem to help temporarily at least...

Stil umming and ahhing about work. Mainly because we found out my SIL may be available to look after Iz while I work (two days a week!). Hmm! If that could work, I could go back in Jan and quickly work the minimum amount of time I have to before I leave grin. Feeling more relaxed about the whole thing now - and realising where my priorities lie, thanks to you lovely brookers (and my DH!).

Loving all the weaning tales (hurrah for M and her banana!). I can't wait to wean Iz. She's paying so much attention to everything I eat/drink..

Brooking your family's bug will clear up soon Pomme sad And hoping you've had a good day Dream...

Pomme I hope your DDs get better soon! Poor them, poor you! My A had a high temperature last night as well sad No other signs of illness though, so we're wondering if a tooth is on its way?

Yay for Hawthers' DS1 having a great birthday! Can't wait to see the cake!

Can I ask a quick q? Do any of you ladies have a foam playmat? I've wanted one for ages because we have laminate floors downstairs, but I keep hearing that they have carcinogenic materials in them. They meet all the current UK toy safety standards, but they've been banned in France and Belgium as unsafe. My Mum thinks it's another example of modern paranoia, and that kids stick so many random objects in their mouths anyway that the foam playmat would be the least of A's problems. It would certainly give her somewhere to learn to sit up / crawl / walk. Am I being PFB about this? Or should I avoid it? It's not like I check all the toys that have been given to A to make sure they're up to safety standards?!

Thanks for the new thread Too.

We've had a trip to the GP with DS today. We could feel lumps and spots in his head and neck and being completely clueless medically DH and I were both a bit freaked. GP says the big lumps are swollen lymph glands and the spots indicate he is fighting some sort of infection. Great. But he's also been referred for blood tests as he is showing no signs of being ill. She said it's to rule out Glandular Fever but stupid stupid me has been on Dr Google and I'm now torturing myself with things much much worse. He's also on anti-biotics, but I guess if it is viral they're not going to work. There's always something to worry about.

Brooking for a speedy recovery for you and your family Pomme. Plus Biscuits and Jaggy with the colds.

How do you feel about SIL looking after DD Musical if you get on well and are happy that she would care your DD as you would wish it sounds like the perfect solution. Did you see the Essex lion?

Looking forward to seeing the pics Hawthers.

Not sure about that one Scream. Never heard of such things confused Now I feel terrible that I've never researched any of DS's toys. DS does have some foam type big numbers that clip together to make a floor mat, is that the type of thing? He's only had them since Christmas though. I suppose your Mum is right in that it is a bit of a modern paranoia problem, but then if you're aware of something of course you're going to worry. There wasn't as much information about stuff like that when we were kids.

Brooking hard for Scarlet's DS! That does sound worrying, but you've done exactly the right thing and he's clearly fighting off the infection well so I'm sure with the boost from the anti-b's he'll be fine very soon! <sends hugs to Scarlet>

The foam numbers you described sound exactly like the mats I'm referring to. This type of thing. Here's an article about the dangers of these mats. Obviously the article sounds really bad, but the flip side is that I'm pretty sure all vaguely plasticky materials must have chemicals in them that would be dangerous in high quantities. The fact that there's a recent awareness of this particular chemical doesn't mean that in 5 years' time they won't be banning a chemical in Sophie the Giraffe or one of DD's other toys. There are so many kids out there with these mats, and obviously the vast majority (if not all) of them are fine. There's nothing to suggest that there are any known cases of a child actually getting ill from these mats. What are you going to do now Scarlet? Stick with your mat? Or get rid of it? I don't want to be paranoid, but I don't want to be blase either!!?!!

Scream that is like DS's mat. Hmmm not sure what to do now confused. It's not out all the time. He probably gets it out for about 30 minutes a week in total? Then it gets chucked behing a chair tidied away the rest of the time. More worryingly there is a huge version of it on the floor at his playgroup all the time. The kids all sit on it to listen to stories, sing nursery rhymes etc. Would you mention it to them?

Decision made. Just read that article and mentioned it to DH who said chuck it. It was a present from my Nan who buys all her presents from Poundland, Matalan and Asda, which I'm not at all snobby about, but I know it wouldn't be even a high quality one so it can go.

See! That's exactly the kind of thing I mean. I'm sure DD will encounter these mats all over the place, apparently they're really popular with nurseries etc. She's already been on one for a while - my NCT friend who hosted the baby massage classes for us had one which we all used. They meet all the UK safety standards, so I'm not sure if I would mention it to the nursery myself, simply because I imagine they would shrug it off unless lots of parents complained.

If I got one for DD I'd want to be able to use it for at least half an hour every day, for tummy time mainly. When she learns to crawl we might even have it out all day. The self-contained flat at my parents' house also has laminate floors, so it's the exact same situation. I'm really not sure what to do.

x-posts Scarlet. Makes sense, I totally understand your decision. I've been making the same choice on a daily basis for about the last 3 months! It's just that I haven't found any other solutions to our hard floors, so I keep coming back to this issue. It sucks because these mats are PERFECT for our floors, if only they didn't have this chemical in them!

Sorry to keep posting, but Scarlet what are you planning to do (if anything?) about the playmat your DS spends hours on at the nursery?

Not sure yet Scream. I could e-mail that article to the manager, but like you say if it meets British safety standards there's no reason for her to do anything about it. I definitely have a rep up there for being PFB so she might be inclined to think "oh that's just *'s Mum whittling about something else" rather than take it on board.

Our lounge is carpeted so I don't have to worry about the hard floor, it was more of a giant puzzle/hopscotch mat for DS to play with. What about buying a giant short pile rug which you can tape to the floor using double sided rug tape?

Oooh blimey re the mats!!! We have a set of the number mats that DS sometimes gets out in the garden (but really infrequently so I'm not overly bothered about that) but we had this sort of theming for exactly the reasons you say Scream - laminate floors and they're nice for learning to sit / stand etc. I was umming and ahhing whether to put them down again but decided against it as I just thought DS1 would trip over them / move them etc.

Incidentally we started off with the number ones for the floors but it got on my nerves that they kept falling apart hence getting the big square ones.

But I had NO idea they might be dangerous!! Eeeeek

Scarlet brooking for DS to make a full and fast recovery thanks

You're right Scarlet we should just get a rug. It's just that neither of us wants a rug for the front room, and we won't be able to just use small bits for other rooms or pack it away as easily in the evenings. Also the safety standards for adult rugs (which are just for walking on) aren't nearly as strict as toy safety standards (which are expected to be chewed by small people with not fully developed immune systems). So a rug could potentially be more dangerous than the mats without us knowing. Of course this could apply to any carpet, and I don't stress when she's on carpets at friends' houses, which again makes me wonder if I'm being PFB about the mats?! Argh I just keep obsessing about them!

Wants3 Tue 28-Aug-12 21:39:54

I wrote a post to Mark my place on this shiny new thread and MN went offline and ate it!
Well, the plasterers left at 5.30. There was a thin layer of dust everywhere despite the coverings they put down! They will be back on Thursday to finish off.
scream For the hard floor, could you lay down a quilt/duvet using the grippy mesh stuff underneath to stop it slipping?it could be rolled up when not in use and is easily moved around the house.

Sheepskin scream?? A loves hers - it's now in her cot!

TooImmatureTurtleDoves Tue 28-Aug-12 21:58:21

Scarlet, Brooking for your DS to get well soon! Scary stuff. Step away from Dr Google! <hugs>

Scream, this may be a bit OTT, but would you object to carpeting your front room if you don't want a rug? I ask merely because we went for carpets in this house (last one was laminate flooring in the living room) and I hated laminate and love carpets because they absorb the dust instead of creating dust-bunnies in corners. It's partially because carpets are warmer, but they are also nicer for small children learning to crawl/walk, and they're better for sitting on the floor. I'm also currently admiring my carpet after my Rug Doctor efforts at the weekend! I realise that carpets aren't cheap or to everyone's taste, so feel free to ignore my ramblings.

I don't think babies would chew rugs, exactly. Not in the same way as foam, which can be picked at with fingernails, or a section detached and chewed.

Musical, if your SIL can look after Iz 2 days a week, go for it! Assuming she's a nice trustworthy and responsible person, of course. Sounds like a great answer to your working dilemma.

M is a water baby who loves swimming! Today she was squealing with joy in the pool - bless her little cotton socks. It seems to be a good age for starting swimming - a 19-month-old had just started and was scared and crying, but the 3 babies of around 6 months were fine. I love it because swimming is a big thing in my family and I want M to enjoy it and be able to join in with her uncle and aunties (her 10, 8 and 5 year-old uncle and aunts!), but also because it wears her out and I get a lovely peaceful afternoon while she sleeps. Also, today we got out of the pool without a meltdown. Last week she howled like a banshee when we were getting dressed - so upset she wouldn't even feed, just screamed at me really loudly. That wasn't mortifying or anything...

Hope ds ok scarlet

jaggythistle Wed 29-Aug-12 03:49:22

hi all.

hope DS is ok scarlet and DDs better pomme.

DS2 has a bit of a temp tonight, so just been getting out the baby nurofen. he seemed awful hot in his sleeping bag so have taken him out to cool down. all this choking on snot is causing more poo so just had to change nappy too.

I'm just a bit blocked up and scratchy throated.

DS1 has the number mats too biscuits, he loved them at his wee gym class.

bugger, DS2 not going back to sleep. just wriggling in the cot looking around and coughing and snuffling.

jaggythistle Wed 29-Aug-12 05:03:50

finally got him to sleep at 4.30 and now I'm all awake.

think I'll read stuff on here till i pass out and lose my phone down the side of the bed as usual...

Oooooo so Jaggy are you affected by that article I linked to about the mats? Or do you think it's nothing and you're going to continue using the mats for DS1? Does DS2 use them at all?

Gah! Every time I resign myself to not buying the mats I come across another friend who has them! Surely with so many out there and no reported cases of health problems, I should just buy a set for DD?!

I wish I'd never found that article.

Thanks for the alternative suggestions. I haven't come across any sheepskin rugs that are the kind of size I'm looking for Pomme, at least 2m by 2m. Also, if it was that big, or if we got a duvet as Wants suggests, it would be difficult to pack it away easily. Our house is teeny and the only place we can store a rug/duvet that size is up in the nursery, so we'd be forever carrying it up and down the stairs. The playmat tiles could be easily slid behind the sofa (which is where we keep the playgym atm). Too I prefer carpets in lounges usually, and we'll definitely get a carpet once we move. However our current house is a 200 year old cottage and the front door opens directly into the lounge, so we put down laminate to avoid having the carpets wrecked by outdoor shoes. Unfortunately we've just discovered we can't move until I go back to work in April (stupid mortgage company) and it's possible by then DD could have been walking for months.

Grr, I soooooooooo want those tiles! DH wants to get the mat but just put some kind of sheet over it. That would make it slippery and not protect against inhaled chemicals right?

No brooking for all the poorly mini No Brookers. DD's temp has been better tonight, so I haven't had to dose her up with baby ibuprofen like last night.

jaggythistle Wed 29-Aug-12 05:43:07

pants he's awake again after not even an hour. maybe his throat is scratchy too so he needs a drink.

I'd never even considered the mats tbh! they're a Homebase garden toy but they're in the house so far.
DS2 doesn't use them, he's maybe been lying on them for a few minutes once or twice when DS1 first got them and they we'9 out a lot.

Sorry to hijack the thread with my obsessing over the last few hours. I've decided to buy a mat in the end and I just wanted to explain why I've changed my mind in case I've put anyone off the mats.

Firstly I found this article. This finally addresses the issue of whether having this chemical in the mats actually affects kids playing on them. In essence it says that the only danger is from inhalation of fumes, NOT from sucking/chewing on the mat. The fumes decrease significantly after the mat has been aired for 1 month, and even when the fumes are at their highest point, the theoretical risk of adverse effects is less than 5%.

So I've tracked down a brand which has been tested to show it has extremely low levels of this chemical to start off with (skip hop, according to this link, and I'm going to ask my parents to keep the mat out at their house for the whole of September (there's no risk to adults). So by the time DD uses it after we get back from holiday, it should be safe.

Yay! I've finally found a solution I'm comfortable with! So sorry for dragging you all into the crazy world of my head for the last 24hours!

Awwww Scream I love it when you do your little research thing - you're so thorough smile. I think it's so nice that you really take the time to look into things smile.

I don't think I'll bother with the mats this time around as last time we sort of matted one corner of the room and it worked well but this house is a different layout and I couldn't put them down so easily without having them somewhere that ds1 would be tramping all over them all the time. I don't want him to trip over them <pfb> and fall into my tv <selfish> I don't know what I will do though as threat still leaves me with the laminate floor problem confused

I think I have also come round to preferring carpets for a lounge. They are warmer and so much easier to clean with being able to Hoover them. I hate sweeping laminate as the dust just moves around. And every speck of dirt shows up. I guess a carpet is probably equally dirty but at least I can't see it as much! Mind you we didn't put the laminate down at this house and it's not great quality I don't think. HOWEVER Scream our reward comes at potty training time - it is soooooooooo much easier to clean up accidents on a wooden floor and suuuuuuuuch a pita to mop up on carpets.

Once ds2 is potty trained I think we'll change our downstairs floors and I might think about carpet. I think DH prefers the look of laminate but to be fair, he's not cleaning it!

BTW, both boys still asleep here confused.

My boobs might explode confused

just one thing though scream ... you know she'll crawl off the rubber mats anyway don't you? grin

My friend who had beautiful stone floors in her house (and the worst case of pfb ness ever) bought lots of fluffy rugs and cushions for it and then on the bit near the patio window had a traffic mat thing. Will try and find a link...

It was rubber on the bottom and kind of felt stuff on the top... still looking!!

Not that pfb ness is bad she was just the most extreme version of it ever, but very very sweet with it!

She still covers her eyes when her pfb jumps on things at soft play (at nearly 2 and a half!)

jaggythistle Wed 29-Aug-12 08:57:46

I'm a bit like that when my pfb disappears into the depths of the soft play pomme. grin I quite like going to the small local one, the bigger one in the nearest town is just a zoo. I've only ever been on a Saturday and i was v scared!

i ended up doing my nervous co sleeping to get a rest last night, DS2 was struggling with his cold. we got to sleep until 7.15 when DS1 shouted for me.


We have one of these from Ikea (although it's not on the wooden floor - I might bring it downstairs actually instead of the foam mats. Also Ikea do this one which is slightly bigger

I suppose the only thing with then is that they don't offer any padding for learning to sit?

<worried now> Is there something wrong with road mats Pomme?
DS has this one

Oh I see! I thought you meant that she'd been all careful to put nice rugs and cushion out for her PFB and then and did something stupid like buy a road mat. I realise now that you meant that the road mat was safer to have near the door.

<exhausted with worry about DS> Not looking forward to him having a blood test sad

Brooking for DS Scarlet thanks

When does he have to have the blood test? Hope it goes ok. He was a full on trooper with his jabs wasn't he? Xxx

PetWoman Wed 29-Aug-12 10:15:43

No brooking for poorly DCs and families. Hope things improve quickly.

We've got wooden floors through most of our house (only carpet is on the stairs, landing and our bedroom) so we're thinking of getting some of those foam mats for DS. DH already bought a road mat thing for DS's bedroom. I'm trying to be realistic about health risks and not stress about anything which isn't obviously dangerous!

PetWoman Wed 29-Aug-12 10:22:24

BTW, harking back to the last thread, Dream I'm interested that your little ferret feeds quickly - that gives me hope that maybe my grumpy one is just being very efficient though I doubt it . Also, I totally agree that having a loving, affectionate child is so much more important than which baby walks first! Let's hope all the brooking babies have beautiful characters to go with their other qualities!

PetWoman Wed 29-Aug-12 10:28:43

Oh, and Too I hope you had a better night - and that goes for all exhausted parents!

DS has now had several nights in the cotbed in his room and it seems to be going well - I'm not waking when he briefly fusses any more (assuming he is doing so and I just don't hear it) so have only had to hop out of bed a couple of times to feed / resettle him most nights. FX this wonderful situation continues without major regression any time soon!

TooImmatureTurtleDoves Wed 29-Aug-12 13:04:42

Scarlet, when will DS have the blood test? <Brooks even harder for Scarlet's DS>

I had a marginally better night, thanks Pet. We had a few evening wake-ups but as I had my sister and a friend over I didn't get to bed until 12.20. M then woke up at 12.40. hmm Still, she was asleep again by 1 and then slept til 3.40, which felt like a breakthrough! Down by 4, slept til 6, then down again until about 7.30 (bloody DH getting ready for work wakes her up every time!), and then, miraculously, down again from 8-9!

I wanted to pick your brains, o experienced Brookers, re naps. M usually only has one nap, a fairly long one of a couple of hours, at lunchtime, so she's getting up again at about 2 or 3. I was wondering if she would be better with 2 naps. What do your DC do/what did they do when they were smaller? Today M was really tired and grumpy, so I took her through to the bedroom at about 11.15 and she was asleep by 11.30, woke up at 12.30 when the dog barked at the postie. I might try to put her back down for another at 3ish. The lines get a bit blurred because she often falls asleep near the end of a dog-walk, snoozes for 15 mins or so and then doesn't want to go back to sleep. I haven't walked the dog yet due to torrential rain all morning, but it's cleared up now so we should probably go now while the going's good. If I go while M is nice and rested then she might stay awake all the time and be stimulated by watching the trees go by.

Oooh, maybe I should move her onto my back in the Ergo! She's nearly 6 months. And it would be lighter and easier. Perhaps I should wait until DH is around to help me adjust it and check on her as we walk. Right, will try that at the weekend when DH is here.

Biscuits, good point re potty training and carpets! Oh well. Into each life some rain must fall [philosophical]. Maybe I can potty train M in the summer so we can be outside a lot.

Wants3 Wed 29-Aug-12 13:41:22

We have a curved pillow and a Galt play gym for the wobbly learning to sit stage!
I need to use my ergo more,D was not that keen last time but I need to use the insert a bit more before he gets to big to justify buying it! I think DH was hoping to wear it at the weekend.
Re:naps, my boys never had a set nap time, just slept when they were tired and slept through the night early on. I suppose as with everything else, each baby is different so just do what is best for them and you!

Hi! I'm just very quickly popping in to mark my place. Apologies for my absence but real life has been a tad busy recently and will be till the end of next week so I haven't forgotten about you all, just not getting a chance to read let alone post. DD had her 8 week jabs this morning, poor sausage. She's currently fast asleep on a floor cushion whilst I grab some lunch. I will try to catch up with posts asap, dp out tonight so I may be able to then hopefully.

Wantsnomore Wed 29-Aug-12 15:49:28

Just checking in with my new name! You can still call me wants so no confusion for me
I want to put some photos up( now I have finally got around to sorting my password) but I haven't figured out how to do it from my iPad yet!

TooImmatureTurtleDoves Wed 29-Aug-12 15:51:46

A minor miracle has occurred - M is asleep in her cot and has been for 20 mins! It's as if she was listening to my napping rambles (I was discussing the idea with my sister on the phone) or possibly reading over my shoulder grin and decided to cooperate.

Is the Galt gym like this, Wants? I have a thing like that - it was a present and I didn't really know what it was for. I'll have a go with it later.

Poor DD, Ninja!

Wantsnomore Wed 29-Aug-12 17:58:40

Yes it is too ours also has the activity arch over the top. We have it semi inflated ATM and D loves to lie in it batting at the toys! He has also napped in it a few times.we had one for the boys but this one was a present from work collegues.

Love the name wants!

Both dd's have loved that galt thing too. Great for when they can sit but still fall occasionally. Shove them in with some toys!

dd1 managed to climb out of it at 6/7 months though and crawl off. gave me the shock of my life when I came back into the room and it was empty!

Those Galt rings look great! I doubt I can sell DH on it though, since little A will have outgrown it in only a couple of months.

Biscuits it looks like I'll end up with the worst of both worlds - laminate floors while DD is learning to sit/crawl/walk, then carpets by the time she's seriously potty training! Sigh!

Scarlet how did the blood test go? Hope you and DS are both okay!

I'm on my way to a posh dinner with a good friend right now. DD is home with DH. Why is it so hard to leave her with anyone else?!?! I need to man up before my overnight work training course on the 13th Sept!!

angry blood test is a week on Friday! (Thanks for asking) If you're an adult needing a blood test in our area there are various clinics as well as the hospital where you can just wander in when you like and have a blood test. If you're a child needing a blood test it has to be via an appointment at the childrens's hospital who I phoned first thing this morning. Unless we go via A&E we've got to wait until then. He doesn't need to go to A&E, he doesn't even appear ill. But it's obviously a worry that this particular gland behind his ear is swollen and he has these horrible spots all over his scalp. He has started coughing today so I'm hoping it is just some sort of minor cough type virus confused

Good name change Wants

Too re naps. At your DD's age DS was having 3 naps a day. About 10am for 30 mins, about 12-1pm for 2-3 hours and about 5pm for 30 mins. The first one he dropped was the last one at around 10 months. He dropped the first one around 1 year and the bigger middle one he's just starting to drop now. Although it is now usually 1/2pm and reduced to 1-2 hours and no longer has one every day. That's worked perfectly for us and we've never had any night waking problems.

DD is starting to set her own routine but is only having 2 daytime naps. A shorter morning one around 10am and a long one in the afternoon, 1pm til about 4.30pm. She has been upstairs in bed from 6.30/7ish, wakes for 1 feed at 10pm and that's it until about 8am the next morning. This has been for the last week or so. Her waking time is spent smiling, chuckling, exercising on the floor and being generally happy which is lovely. The real shock though is that I put her to bed wide awake and gurgling and she falls asleep without crying within a couple of minutes shock

As we know from everything else we discuss on here, they're all different. We all have different priorities also. I've only been able to get DD to do this by giving her formula feeds in the day which I know is something you don't want for your DD. I don't feel great about DD not being EBF and getting a routine was not the reason for me changing to mixed feeding. But she is now gaining weight and looks much healthier for it which is the reason. The fact that our family life has become more enjoyable and manageable is an aside.

Enjoy your evening out Scream

TooImmatureTurtleDoves Wed 29-Aug-12 22:07:48

By the way, Scarlet, at the children's hospital the rule is, or should be, that a nurse gets 3 goes to get blood and if it doesn't work then she has to hand over to someone more senior. However, you can request the senior person in the first place and they have to do as you say. I found this out after bitching to the community MW about the butchers trying to get blood from M for jaundice tests at about 5 days old. So if you like, you can go in and say 'I want the most senior person available to take this blood sample'.

Thank you for the nap chat - today we had 30 mins napping in the afternoon followed by another 30 mins half napping, half feeding on me. She's already been up twice for short to-ups, though, so we'll see! I suppose I have to test the nap theory for a few days before deciding if it works or not.

DH is shouting for me - gotta go.

Lying here with a who woke at half nine and has been blowing raspberries and laughing at my feet since then. Very cute. I would like some sleep though...

Thanks for that Too. I'm sure if it's bodged after the first attempt, DS will be quite vocal about making sure it's done properly on the second go! I'll make a judgement about whether to ask for someone senior or not when I see who's doing it wink

grin at your DD Pomme. Very cute.

Pomme that sounds so cute grin. Hope she let you get some sleep though smile.

Like the sounds of those ring things. I managed to get something like this for £5 off of Gumtree which I hope might help ds2 with the hard wooden floor immediate issue. Going to pick it up at the weekend so we'll see how it goes.....

Scarlet how rubbish about the blood test! I suppose maybe it is a bit reassuring that they don't immediately think he needs to follow 'emergency protocols' but still, over a week to have the blood taken is a bit poor confused. At least if you feel more worried about it at any time you could take him to A&E? Hope that isn't necessary though and that he is on the mend. It doesn't sound quite right to say I hope he has a cough virus but you know what I mean - I hope that's what's causing the problem and he's able to beat it into submission and get all better again xxx thanks all round for the Scarlet household xxx

Nap wise, I'm trying to remember what ds1 did. I think when he was this sort of age he probably had two decent length naps, one kid morning, one early afternoon?? I'm struggling to remember tbh. I know he was down to one nap at just about 1 year when I went back to work and when he was at nursery and that that was often a long nap (sometimes 3-4 (or more!) hours).

DS2 is a lot more hit and miss with naps. I would say that 50-75% of the time he'll have a good nap starting about lunchtime. So eg yesterday he napped about 1:30/2:00 - 5:00 ish (I was a bit shock that it lasted so long but every time I checked he just looked completely peacefully asleep!). Perhaps 25% of the time he'll have a nap straight after his first feed in the majoring until say 9:30. Sometimes this nap is on the same day as a good afternoon nap, sometimes not. Other days he barely seems to nap at all hmm and may have a couple of cat naps in the car if we've been out, or 15 mins here and there in a bouncy chair. Mostly his awake time is happy and playing. He may get a little crotchety on a low-nap day, but only towards tea time usually.

I've been a bit naughty that I don't often 'put him down' for a nap. I sometimes spot that he looks tired and put him down, say after a feed, either awake or asleep. Sometimes I find he's fallen asleep (perhaps in the car) and I manage to transfer him to the cot. Sometimes I can't execute the transfer though and wake him up. And sometimes I just leave him where he's fallen asleep, like his bouncy chair or whatever.

Oh, but if I put him down at night awake, he can drop off to sleep himself quite happily. V occasionally he'll do it for naps too but not so much. I think it's because i can't judge his pattern though so I'm sometimes trying to put him down and he just doesn't want a nap because if he cries when I've put him down (I go back and pick him up), he doesn't then go to sleep in the immediate future iyswim. So I think he's saying 'no nap thanks'.

Golly, what a ramble! Hope you're all well and had a good night xxx

I had a rubbish night but kind of better in that at least I kept putting S back in his cot. Still woke every 90 min after midnight though. B up once too. Yuck. I've got the eye twitching with tiredness thing going on already and its only 8am. Dh keeps talking about cc, the very thought makes me want to cry, even though S is not improving...

Anyway, naps. Usually go for 3 here. If they're up 5:30-7 ish, I go for a 9-9:30 ish nap. Sometimes one or both will sleep for 2-3 hours then, sometimes its 30 min. Then lunchtime, then late afternoon. Same thing for lengths- majorly variable. All pushed in the buggy or driven. Unless we are in, then B will have a cot nap in the morning (fed to sleep), but sometimes that fails so buggy it is, but if S needs a nap too, and we get the buggy out, he can't get put down. And i know, I know, 10,000,000 nap sins there but i don't have time to work on it with DD too, even when other people are here it just doesn't seem practical ??? They never, ever 'just drop off' anywhere other than buggy or car though.

Dream I don't know if I've mentioned this before but you're amazing! you sound like you have the nap thing seen up. I can't allow you to call it nap-sins! You have three children to get to sleep across the day - that's a mighty task as inevitably they might not want to sleep at the same time. You're awesome. And yay for getting S to go back in the cot between each map. That's awesome and sounds like real progress to me. If he'll settle once in the cot when he goes down then it's feasible that at some point he might learn to self settle when he wakes up.

I'm so proud of you for what you're achieving. In fact can I swap you for my DH? I'm so angry with him.

We are on holiday in a few weeks. For 4 nights. That's it this year: 4 night's / 5 days. DH has just told me he has to go to a meeting on one of the afternoons! angry I am furious with him.

We have concluded, during a thoroughly reasonable and calm hmm discussion that it's his fault and he is, in fact, an idiot. And he needs to make this up to me. What should my demands be? I have a very high threshold for his work (if I say so myself) and it is rare for me to throw my toys out of the pram over it. But this takes the flipping biscuit. So how can he make it up to me?

Answers on a postcard....

((((Hugs)))) Biscuits. That is shit isn't it. How can he make it up to you? Let's think.... Re arrange the f888ing meeting! I would be going seriously loopy over that. Can he not just say that he's on holiday, as in actually on holiday ie not at home, physically away etc? DH had to cancel one of his days off for a meeting which I went postal over but we weren't actually away so I had to concede. I've already made him swear that the same thing won't happen when we go away (to the same place as you) in October.
I bet he was absolutely dreading telling you and he must feel shit about it? Get DS to ask him not to go wink Emotional blackmail at it's best!

If that fails the very least you deserve is a new baby carrier of your choice, (are you after an Ergo still?) As you'll be managing both DS's on your own and won't want to be stuck in with them both waiting for DH to return? A carrier will be essential wink

Dh has got his first proper (ie not for going to other people's blasted weddings) time off since A was born coming up in a weeks time - he has two weeks off and we're going to Italy for one of them. I cannot WAIT and he would feel the full force of my wrath if he announced any of the shenanigans your dh has biscuits!

Surely some kind of spa day at one weekend when he can have the boys??? You can get good offers normally (groupon etc??). A beautiful and impractical pair of shoes/handbag? When ds2 has stopped bf he takes you (in a taxi) to the swankiest restaurant near you and you get to eat great food and drink posh wine??

I was weaker than you last night dream - A did much the same pattern as S as she woke every 2 hours for half an hour from one but I had her with me from 3. She was on her front at the 5am wake up almost underneath my pillow. Bloody co sleeping. I hate it.

At this age I know dd1 napped at 9 and 1 for 60-90 mins each nap and then slept through 7-7 at night. I thought last week A was getting nearer that (but getting tired at 5-5.30 so having to string her on to 6-6.30 bedtime) but now she's back to three crappy silly naps.

This morning however she'd been whining/wailing/wanting to feed/refusing the breast since 8.20. So at 8.50 I put her in her cot and pottered around her room singing at her whilst folding washing etc pretending she wasn't getting hyseterical. i also left the room for 2 two min periods. By 9am she was asleep and it wasnt when I was in the room. That's self settling right? But I am obviously a horrible mummy. I don't think that's total CC though is it???

scarlet - love the getting the child to ask trick - genius! How is your ds this am? Like biscuits although it sounds wrong brooking he's all a bit virusy to put your mind at rest.

Wantsnomore Thu 30-Aug-12 09:54:54

My name is wants and I have committed a nap-sin! D is currently napping on me after being rocked to sleep! smile to be fair though, his crib is under polythene as the plasterers are here again and his pram is in the garage because with all the furniture moving around there is no room for it indoors. Am I forgiven?
Grrr at biscuits DH! There is nothing he can do to make it up to you,he will be in your debt forever!smile

He still seems ok thanks Pomme. The gland is still just as swollen and he won't let me touch it, he says "get off it hurts". But apart from that he seems fine. It's a weird one. I guess the blood test referral is just for precaution and I will take him along to it anyway even if the gland has gone down by then. He's been having his anti-b's no problem so I shall make sure he finishes the course now it's started.

Love the spa day idea Pomme. wonders if I can get DH to piss me off so I can join Biscuits at the spa. Biscuits you can have 3 hours on your own at the spa on holiday. I've done it before, it's lovely smile

I tried telling him to rearrange the f888ing meeting Scarlet but 'apparently' it cannot be done hmm

<seethes a bit more>

I like the idea that he will be forever in my debt.

It will be interesting to see what he thinks he should do to make up for it....

What a flipping numpty he is sad

What if you were abroad Biscuits? Would he be flying home for it? When I asked DH that recently about his cancelled holiday he said no of course not. So I said if you are able to say no then, why the hell didn't you? hmm and angry

Yes, exactly Scarlet That is JUST what I said to him. But apparently he would still need to dial in for it (I was hoping it would be re-arrangeable or someone else could go) and then things never go as well, and it isn't far from where we are and him phoning in is nearly as inconvenient as it'll be for a few hours.


Will he be able to make it clear that he has to be away from the meeting by a certain time and point out to whoever involved that he has actually left his holiday for it? If your DH is anything like mine, he says he will definitely be away by such and such a time and then rings me an hour after that time and says that he's still in the meeting and it's going to be another hour or so. I have visions of you sitting in your holiday accomodation like this angry and with wine

It's his own stupid fault for not putting the meeting dates in his diary knobhead. But yes, he is the master of saying 'I'll be another 30 mins' and the 2 hours later he's still there. Mostly I have learned to accept it because mostly I'm only doing something as exciting as watching tv at home but the whole holiday thing makes me angry. I am half expecting too that the night before he'll just want to read a few papers to prepare. I mean his bloody work creeps into nearly every holiday. I shouldn't be surprised! It's just normally he ends up doing emails / reviewing work on his laptop. And every time I stupidly hope it won't happen again. <ever optimistic>

sad Biscuits

I started a thread in Children's Health here a couple of hours ago as I think I may be connecting some symptoms together to establish the cause of DS's swollen gland, but so far no one has replied sad I realise it's a very boring subject if it's not happening to your child, but I was hoping someone would see it and be able to tell me if I'm barking up the wrong tree or not.

I'm a terrible terrible worrier, I wish I could relax about such things.

I like the spa or carrier idea biscuits. I'd be really, really cross too. Definitely get him to tell people he has left his family holiday and will be leaving at X o'clock. Nothing like a deadline to keep things moving. Otherwise I reckon he would end up doing the 'I'll just be another hour' thing...

pomme, I only kept putting him back because like you I found S half onto his front,with his arm stuck under him at a horrible angle as I'd rolled away from him onto my back again. I'm too tired for co sleeping, its not safe for me. And 10 minutes is highly acceptable, if he'd cry for 10 min and self settle that's a winner in my book, and far more productive than continually using the buggy or car as a sleep device. Mine have got left that long as I get the other ready etc/ finish feeding/ changing someone and are just escalating after 10 min. envy . Quite frequently my whole system goes to pot anyway and the boys get by on, for example, 3 lots of 10-20 minutes sleep.

I'm just sat in the car after an abandoned trip out with all three asleep. Dh and I too bloody tired to carry ob and DD being so stroppy the last 2 days. She's teething, two top teeth, canines I think, have just started breaking through her gums. I'm feeling a bit rough, headache and sore throat, so maybe she is too. Either way, not a success...

Also, I'm so far from amazing It's untrue... The boys get almost no 1:1, and not enough floor time, let alone tummy time. Neither is rolling (21 weeks yesterday). Can I ask you sahm's, did you/ would you put your eldest in nursery while you were off?? The children centre lady, as have others including my mum, keep saying we should put DD in nursery, for a morning or day a week. My reasons to not are that she's still pre-verbal, only has about 5-10 words, but we understand loads as she signs, so she wouldn't be understood at nursery like at home, plus I'm at home, plus we are paying a cleaner and i have lots of help at home and it'll cost £££. People tell me it'll be good for her (I agree some time away from her mummy will be good, she will definitely go at 3, or possibly 2.5 depending on our cash flow) but not now, not really I don't think. I make a big effort to get her to playgroups etc to give her time with other toddlers. We go to playgrounds, we have re started taking her swimming, we go for walks (limited now with the boys), she has lots of days out/ experiences. So if I send her it's for me really, not for her I think. What would you do??

i think a couple of short morning sessions, or just one might be good for both of you dream. She'd be fine if shes used to playgroup (and if shes not fine just stop doing it). it would help you with the one on one time with the dts.

Maybe make your pre requisite that someone there knows signing - i wouldnt have thought that would be too great a challenge as its popular now with young children?

I've just put together my childcare plan until dec together as will be doing some work from Oct and have got dd1 sorted for Italy. dd2 i want a morning nanny type and its going to have to be dh that chooses her as he will be able to get out there to meet her and i won't.

Im finding that scary although thats probably horribly unfair. ive just done all the childcare choices around here up till now!

sorry - last post. since ive been on mat leave dd1 has been in nursery a day a week and its been a godsend. Kept us all sane at various points i reckon. and i only have one (who is currently absailing on my hair hence the typing).

TooImmatureTurtleDoves Thu 30-Aug-12 15:38:06

So what is your childcare plan until Dec, Pomme? I'm sure your DH will manage to find a lovely nanny, but if you don't like her it's not a permanent arrangement - you can always get someone else if you need to.

Dream, quite honestly in your shoes I would have tried to find the cash to put DD into nursery a couple of mornings/days a week, just so you get some time where you only have the DTs to deal with. I'm sure in a nursery they will be quite used to communicating with children at all different speech levels, so don't worry about that. Children are quite good at making you understand their wants even if it's not in words - pointing and facial expressions go a long way. When I have another baby which I spend a ridiculous amount of time thinking about I hope I can afford to put M in a nursery part-time. It might not be the nursery she's going to be in while I'm back at work, though, because that one I'd need a car to get to. There's a nursery in the village that takes children of 2 and over and I could walk her down to that a couple of mornings a week. Anyway, reading your post you spend a lot of time going to playgrounds and things where you have to play with DD and look after the DTs. If DD went to a nursery they would spend all morning playing with her and generally making sure she took part in stimulating activities, so you would be quite justified in having a quiet afternoon in. What I'm trying to say, badly, is that a playgroup might lift some of your worries about DD not getting enough stimulation/interaction with other kids etc, without you personally having to create the activity/supervise her in playgroups etc.

Biscuits, boo to your DH! The trouble with meetings is that they do go on, and it can be hard to stand up and say 'I have to go now', particularly if important things haven't been covered yet. I have made DH wait for me outside work for an hour on occasion. blush I have also seen people come in on their day off for 'just one meeting' and they wind up getting dragged into things. It is easier to Just Say No than it is to go to work for a short period only. What if he was ill? He wouldn't be able to attend the meeting then and it would just have to happen without him. No one is indispensable. Or can't the meeting be rescheduled if it is so important that he be there?

PetWoman Thu 30-Aug-12 16:29:12

Biscuits I totally sympathise with your anger over DH's meeting. I hope he manages to keep it short. I'm glad I work in education, where it's accepted that people have a personal life and meetings are scheduled for times that suit everyone present. (I guess the public sector generally is more like this.) I hate the attitude in many companies that you're paid lots of money so you can be contacted and expected to work at any time. It's as if they think that work is more important than life. But I also feel sorry for your DH - I don't suppose he wants to work during your holiday either. sad

Too re naps, I put DS down when he gets whimpery, usually a couple of hours after he's woken up and fed. He often only sleeps for 40 mins though. I'm not sure how many naps he has - two or three, I think. If he sleeps for longer at night (eg feeds at 5.30am then goes straight back to sleep till 7.45 or later) he will nap less. If a nap is interrupted (eg he falls asleep in the car and then the journey ends) after 15 mins he won't generally go back to sleep - for him it will be like he's had a full nap. He does doze on the boob quite often though. Maybe if I didn't let him do that he'd have a longer nap in his cot?

Dream I think, if you can, it would be a good idea to put DD in a nursery even just for one morning a week, for the same reasons the others have given. She would enjoy it, I'm sure, and you would feel better about having a bit more time for the DTs (even if it just means cuddling S while B has a good nap in his cot!). Even if you feel it would be for you, not her, I would still do it (if you can afford to) because you are a family and your needs (and the needs of the whole family) are important too.

Dream I'd definitely recommend the nursery/playgroup thing. Even though I'm a sahm DS started going aged 2 for 2 mornings per week. Like you I was in two minds about how much he'd actually benefit from it as we also spend a lot of time with other children anyway, but he seriously started coming on leaps and bounds as a result of it. He's had a speech delay and we didn't even do any signing, but he made sure his needs and wants were heard somehow. He loves other children and I believe the time away from me (and my PFBness) does him the world of good. We increased the hours when he turned 3 because of the funding.

As for you it would surely cut you at least a bit of slack? Even if you did nothing but stay home with the twins during that time that's a bit of time where you're not beating yourself up that the twins aren't being stimulated, while safe in the knowledge that DD is having a whale of a time?

Wantsnomore Thu 30-Aug-12 17:32:27

Just been clothes shopping with ds2! He has basically chosen the same as he was wearing but in the next size up!smile
dream a lot of nursery/ preschools use basic makaton in their sessions. (I did the course a few years ago) if you could book DD into a session when you had your lady in, you could get some one to one with the dts!

pet I do feel sorry for DH too - as you say he'd rather not be working on holiday. I will still be milking this for everything I can

Dream I kept DS in nursery when I became a sahm partly because he'd got used to the social side, but it had taken some getting used to and I didn't want to take him out and then him have to get used to it all over again at an older age. Partly it was to give me some time too to get stuff done . Then I was pg so it gave me time to rest. And now it gives me time with ds2. From jan 12 he got his hunting do he does 15 hrs a week now. I think it would be worth it for you to get a bit of time with the twins on their own. A two year old is difficult to entertain at the best of times. You should prepare yourself though for the idea that she might take a few weeks to settle in, especially if she's only doing a few half days. But I bet she'd enjoy it?

Also, DS1 went to nursery when he was 1 and was Non verbal but he also managed to get across what he wanted etc. and like someone else said, often they understand some of the signs anyway.

Oh and one other thing, on the £££ side of things, nurseries are quite expensive but you might find a playgroup type thing (that you leave her at rather than a stay and play type thing) that might be cheaper? It even a childminder?

Also, have you thought about what she might do when she gets her funding? Ie where you would put her for that time? It might be worth thinking about now as maybe you could send her to the same thing now to save her having to change at a later date?

Dream did you ever get anywhere looking at the cranial osteopath?

How's DS Scarlet?

hawthers Thu 30-Aug-12 19:01:02

Grr dream left a comment for you earlier but mn ate it. Def pop your dd in for a little bit. DS1 went to nursery at 16m when I went back to work and stayed on for two days a week when f was born. It was a total life saver - I wouldn't be able to cope all week without it! He has a chance to not be constricted by a baby and me splitting my time, f gets 1 on 1 and I get a break from juggling the two.

DS1's speech and confidence has come on leaps and bounds since going. I really do think it would give you a chance to spend some time with the bbbbs and your dd will enjoy it after the first couple of weeks. Give yourself a break woman!

musicalmrs Thu 30-Aug-12 21:24:14

Just got back from a long day in London - we went to the Science Museum! Iz loved it, when her teeth weren't getting her down!

Scarlet and Too, yes the SIL solution may be perfect! As I have a couple of months to decide, we're going to see what happens with regard to SIL's career, my freelance career and my private teaching, and make a decision nearer the time. If I decide to go back, the sooner I go back the sooner I can stop teaching in London - so that's the predominant reason for considering going back so early. However, I'm beginning to think April anyway! I have a KIT day coming up in mid September (around the time of your work overnighter Scream - eek! - at least mine's only one day!), so

Ignoring all the talk about foam mats! I have a slightly padded one - think it has a bit of foam in, but not much. We have wooden floors here (have to sweep them ALL the time!), and she loves being on the floor kicking around so had to buy something to put her on. She absolutely adores it - the colours and the textures particularly (especially the crinkly bits!).

Biscuits, I do the same with Iz - she's hit and miss nap wise. Ideally she has two naps a day- mid morning and mid afternoon - but it depends on what's going on. For the last two weeks, when at home, I've tried putting her down for them - either awake or asleep - and it's never worked. She's always awake again withing 5-10 mins! In contrast, she can sometimes nap for 1.5-2 hours if on my lap or in a sling. Rather frustrating... however, she can self soothe at night, and happily goes down awake but sleepy. Or rather, she did...

I'm wondering if she's not self soothed since she started having teething problems. I've gone back to settle her from shouting twice tonight so far, and I think a third time is on the cards. I used to hear her chat, sometimes do a teeny bit of shouting, but then I'd hear her sucking her fists and she'd go back to sleep. Brookers who have been through the teething phase - does the self soothing return? Is it all to do with teething, or is it something else? sad

Dream, I'd definitely try and get DD to nursery for a couple of mornings if you can. It would give you a bit more quality time with the DTs, and give you a tiny bit more of a break! I bet she'll love it too - other children her age to socialise with, in a different environment!

Biscuits, grrr at your DH! (sorry, replying to the thread in order!). I have no idea what I'd request to make up for it, but it would have to be something good..

musical - teething is WEIRD. Dd1 never had an issue with teething except for her funny extra tooth and her back molars. Even then it wasn't bad. Dd2 however, well who knows what's up with her most of the time, but I think teething pain really bothers her. It seems to be a very personal thing.

A has been up and downstairs with us since 8.15. She has been grumpy today and has a streaming cold so I'm thinking gp tomorrow for a check up!

Little A had her first 3oz of formula this afternoon, and seemed to love it! No ill effects spotted so far, I'm keeping my fingers crossed for no lactose/milk issues. It's highly unlikely, but I'm going to keep it at only one bottle a day for the first week just in case. I feel freer already though - it was soooooooooo easy!!! grin

Dream I'm going to just echo what everyone else has already said - I really think a little bit of nursery time could be a hugely positive thing for your DD as well as the DTs and definitely for you! You'll still be a superhero Mum!

Musical ooooooooooo to the science museum! I love that museum, it's my favourite! along with the natural history museum, the V&A museum and the Tate Modern Glad you and DD had fun!

Biscuits grr at your DH! Well done to you for rising above though. You're being supportive of your DH AND making sure you get something in return (I second the spa day suggestion!) which is good for your whole family. I hope you guys have a great hol, and the meeting is shorter than expected!

If she's given a clean bill if health at the gps tomorrow then I'm giving her away to someone in the waiting room. Why won't she sleep??!

pomme, me too. In fact I'll pay someone to take S away. I lost count but think S up hourly at least, if he'd even go back to sleep last night. DD up for 90 min too , she's teething so grumpy, off her food (wincing when she tries to eat) so calpol and cuddles last night. I don't know whether to hope A has a clean bill of health or not confused . No, I do, I hope they say she's fine but just the cold giving a blip in her ever improving sleep . Fx. I feel your pain, its Soooo relentless.

Dh wants to do controlled crying for S. I don't, I think he's too little and its too hard. Tension there.

And thanks for nursery advice. I am waiting for my career break application decision (I pretty much know it'll be declined but I can't help holding onto hope..should hear soon.) and then we'll look at what we do. I hadn't thought of a playgroup where she goes without me, genius biscuits. If I'm not going back it may be too early for our budget to take the pain of nursery. Plus our local one, the only local one, is linked to the preschool of our only local school so I'd go for that one probably and they don't take them for half days til they're 2, which she nearly is now. I also think they didn't want to do one day a week so this could scupper my plans anyway...I wouldn't want two days at this stage. Something to think on though...

<general No Brooking all round>

Urgh last night was really bad. Up every 30-90 mins squawking. I had her in with me from 1.30am again but was more careful this time. I dont know whether she might have just been cold anyway <ponders, yawns>

Someone up thread suggested a childminder dream - do you know any? they're much cheaper.

Hope A was ok post formula scream - can you see freedom??! I have decided I would like to keep bf A for am and bedtime and all nightime feeds but would love to get her drinking a couple of beakers of formula during the day.

My daycare plan is that both will do a day at nursery on a Thursday and I will go into the office and work a full day (A starts settling in when we get back off holiday ready for first day beg of Oct - eek!). Then dd1 will be doing two afternoon sessions at the preschool of where she will hopefully go to school. If A likes nursery I will book her in for one of those pas as well and do some more proper work). otherwise on days when I just have A in the pm I will try and get lots of the yucky company admin done.

I have ummed and ahhed about dd1 doing the preschool - I booked it before the Italy thing came up thinking it would be a great way to settle her at her school. They can't guarantee me a reception place now but have said its very likely we'll get one when we come back anyway... Confusing and difficult decision! It's a private school so they only have 14 places a year. We need to do the Italy thing though to make sure that we can afford to send both the girls there though so it is a vicious circle really...

My night was utterly crap too pomme but I've decided it was the full moon. <clutching at straws emoticon>

Your plan sounds good!!

I'd rather not a childminder, as I'm at home and could get my mum/dad to take her away out. Or I could just get the nanny lady to take her out than that (though she often says 'noooooo, mumEEE' if its suggested and i hate to peel her off me so hence we all stay together mostly) . Ideally, I'll get my career break, be off til Jan 4th 2014, start DD in nursery in 6 months and practice spending some time away from her before that <gulp>

I don't envy you Dream but even though you don't think you are coping, I still say you are doing better than I would.

More nappies arrived today I must stay away from eBay

I had my smear results back today, all normal smile

TooImmatureTurtleDoves Fri 31-Aug-12 14:08:00

Oooh, Rubber, did they say anything about smear tests and bf? I'm supposed to have one (haven't had one since 2005 blush) but read somewhere that bf can affect the results in some way, so was using that as my reason for not booking it.

Right, off to pack for 3 and a dog. The dog is easiest - just need to remember his lead! M on the other hand requires entertainment items (books, toys) and something to sit in (Bumbo, pink inner tube or baby walker, despite baby walkers being the work of the devil) as well as clothes and nappies and such. And DH wants me to find him 'comfy trousers', without specifying which of his trousers are comfy. <head explodes> And of course I want to pack clothes for me which are comfy and practical yet make me look stunningly gorgeous and skinny as a rake. This may take some time another 3 months to lose a stone and about £500 to spend on clothes

I was due for one in November but as I was pregnant they amended the system to August. The nurse asked me if I was bf when she did it. She also asked if AF had returned. 3 days later it did angry I assume that she wrote this down and sent it with the sample. On the plus side she said that things were looking normal down there grin

Wantsnomore Fri 31-Aug-12 14:55:08

D is on his second nap of the day and both times he has just quietly dropped offsmile he did wake at 4.15 this morning though and then co-slept until 7.30.
I bought D a Chan Pie Gnon,it came today and he loves it! He can squeak it himself. Unfortunately the dog likes the noise too and pinched it out of the Galt ring! I was just changing Ds nappy and I heard the squeak coming from the dogs bedsad luckily it is really easy to clean.

Quick question, what book should I get on BLW? Just gave e a carrot stick at a buffet and he loves it :-)

PetWoman Fri 31-Aug-12 21:07:06

Wants what is a chan pie gnon?! grin at the squeak from the dog's bed - bad dog!

Biscuits my NCT friends are reading a BLW book by Gill Rapley, I think.

Yes, what is that Wants? grin at the cheeky dog!

I've got the Gill Rapley book Biscuits. It's okay, just a bit annoyingly preachy. I understand the benefits of blw but I don't think I dooming little A to a life of obesity if I start her off on a few purees pre-6 months! hmm

FX for Dream's career break application! Your ideal plan sounds perfect!

How did the doc's appt go Pomme?

Little A has had 4oz more of formula today, and slurped it down! Still no ill effects spotted - yay! We spent the day doing touristy things in central London with a cousin who's visiting from Canada. It was a really nice day. At the end we went to the local park with little A and took some "autumn" photos to be used as her naming ceremony invite. I'll put the final pic up on my profile for a day or so in case anyone's interested?

Docs was ok - a has a red viral throat and dd1 has red viral ears so have been giving them calpol etc.

It's very quiet here! On this thread i mean not my house!

Had a meltdown at 5am after having to get up to resettle S every 5-10 min from about 3:50, giving up and ignoring his wide awake gurgling and singing at 5- then Dh emerged from the box room and wanted to know why I hadn't moved him before he woke b and DD. Bad move Dh.... He did take him away after another failure at feeding to sleep though (as in I fed, he went to sleep and S woke up as he hit the cot, again, as I'd already tried, plus holding in dummy and shush patting etc etc). B slept 8-7, little angel at night atm that one.

Have got a recommendation for a C O finally, but everything I read says its about stresses on their body after labour/ delivery and he was a CS so I'm a bit hmm but I'll ring.

Also waiting to hear what D's toy is wants

Was last night any better pomme? My full moon mad lady theory did not come to fruition smile

Glad A is enjoying formula scream, me for the pics!!! Are they up now?

And it is blooming miles away for the co... Two hours was his maximum sleep last night, and that was 8:15-10-15...

((hugs)) to Dream. S just sounds impossible at night right now. No Brooking hard for a sudden miraculous improvement.

Also no brooking for Pomme's DDs to get better asap!

The pic of Autumn is up. grin

Having naming ceremony invite nightmares over here. On family alone we have 70 people on the list. Inviting just 15 friends takes our list to 85, but also causes HUGE stress over the people not invited. It's just a very basic get together in a small local hall, with a bit of cake and my parents saying a few words about Autumn. I can't have 85+ people for a few cheap sandwiches and a bit of homemade cake!!! It's a naming ceremony so we don't even have the formal church bit. Sob sob sad I desperately wish we were just having 30 people.

70 family people???! Bloody hell scream that's massive. i'd be eloping for the naming ceremony at that point <imagines 70 family members, has twitchy breakdown>

What a gorgeous photo of a gorgeous little girl!! What was she smiling at? Love the hat too!

dream - last night was marginally better but only due to nurofen at bedtime and a half dose at 4am I reckon. At 6 months and masses of solids I reckon she should be able to manage on just one night feed. Especially as she's started dropping blumming day feeds now...grrr. My dh was annoying too - came up from downstairs spare room to look for mice on the garage roof at her 11pm wake up....

Sorry, I hope I didn't sound too harsh on S before? He's obviously a gorgeous happy little baby, who's just struggling to get to sleep. Poor little man. Autumn is very similar! On Thursday night she literally woke up EVERY time I put her in her cot. She didn't get more than 20min stretches of sleep at any point all night. We were both zombies in the morning. No brooking for all mini No Brookers to sleep through the night, EVERY night!

Pomme Autumn was smiling at the sight of DH, my Mum, Dad and sister all dancing crazily around just out of shot! grin It took a while to actually catch a smile on the camera! Any passing horse riders / dog walkers must have thought it was a bizarre pagan sacrifice taking place!!! grin

I shouldn't complain about having a large family (fortunately its pretty 50:50 between DH's family and mine). They're all wonderful and very much a day-to-day part of our lives. I just wish it was possible to have a small low-key low-stress event, without it turning into a huge farce!

Oh Dream <hugs Dream>

I think if my DH said something like that in those circumstances I would have hit him with the frying pan confusedgrin.

You know the co being about labour / delivery. Couldn't that apply to a CS too as their head bows ny get squeezed through the birth canal. So much as the birth canal could misalign something, surely not going through the birth canal might mean it could do with a bit of realigning?

Forgotten everything else.

<waves to everyone>

Bows ny = doesn't


Cross posts

Scream what a gorgeous gorgeous picture! Absolutely fabulous! smile

Do you remember before we were talking about formula and whether at 6 months we should use the no 1 or no 3 milk? What did we conclude? I'm asking in relation to (a) mixing it up in food and (b) as a main drink.

We are planning over the next few weeks to do what Pomme said and drop the daytime feeds just keeping am and pm and having some beakers of formula in the day.

Pomme are you doing BLW or purées etc?

Scream I meant to say a huge yay for A taking the formula so well - that's great! Are there still no signs of any intolerance?

I'm a bit anxious about getting E to take a beaker but of course I don't know if it will be an issue until I try it.....

heehee on the baby entertainment strategy scream!

biscuits - A is okay with the beaker and finds it quite fun but cannot use it well enough to take a milk feed from it yet - fine for some sips of water with her lunch but it would take her all day to drink one full of milk! Not sure what to do about this currently... let me know how you get on and if you have any tips! I've tried about 6 beaker types so far - my cupboard looks like a niche baby beaker/bottle shop at the moment...

We're doing purees mainly as we started before 6 months. With dd1 I added in lots of finger food bits as snacks/extra about now (biscotti, banana, cheese, melon, carrot etc) but dd2 is a bit rubbish at it. She starts off loving it then forgets about it and drops it for something else or starts banging it on the nearest surface until it disintegrates! Had some more luck with the Organix baby biscuit things today though - seems to be a good shape for her hands.

jaggythistle Sat 01-Sep-12 13:32:24

sorry for hiding brookers.

the drudgery of potty training is obviously wearing me out. he's doing really well but it's sooo tedious. any tips for persuading from potty to toilet? i think half the problem is the rubbish toilet seat tbh.

getting a bit more rest doing my nervous co-sleeper bit at night now that the big cot is alongside the bed.

have discovered that almost all the hair on top of DS2's head is attached by his mega cradle cap. the flakes are slowly falling off and each one has a tiny clump of baby hairs in it! how attractive. was wondering why he wasn't bald yet.


Wantsnomore Sat 01-Sep-12 16:48:21

Sorry ladies, I can't work out how to do a link on the ipad but if you put his name into Amazon you should get it! He is basically a Hevea rubber mushroom shape( hence the name) with a cute face! He is made by the same people as Sophie the giraffe.

jaggythistle Sun 02-Sep-12 07:19:00

mornin all. everyone else is still in bed here. i got up early to try and get breakfast and shower in peace!

sounds like DS2 is waking up though...

hope you're all having a nice weekend, it's v quiet here!

'Tis quiet isn't it! Hectic weekend here. I've optimistically just out ds2 down in his cot after his first feed so am hoping I can shower in peace. DH working downstairs, and has been for a few hours. Ds1 still asleep and am hoping he stays that way as he was TIRED yesterday - fingers crossed he can have a bit of a lie in today to catch up. Not much planned for the day today. Just want a quiet day really as the last week or so has been super busy with visitors, long journeys etc.

How's everyone else?

Dream I knew there was something else I was going to say on the co thing. You know you said about it maybe not applying so much because of the CS thing? I was going to say that hopefully if they're half decent they will tell you if they think they can help or not? If they come recommended hopefully they'd be straight with you. Did you make an appt in the end? When is it?

Musical I am looking at music groups for DD and thought of you. Would running one of these things be something that would interest you? Just wondering if that would help you to juggle your various jobs, if you could do that instead of one of the schools as you could set your own hours? Forgive me if I'm barking up the wrong tree and it doesn't interest you/isn't enough money/just too darn awkward.* Just thought that I could come with you to this so childcare isn't needed

*Delete as appropriate

We love our musical group. We've been going since dd1 was 6 months and now dd2 is starting to 'get' it too. Bizarrely it will be one of the things I will really miss when we are in Italy.

Some dummy success today. Not sure if its bad introducing a 6 month old to a dummy??? We'll see tonight. I need more than the three hours I've averaged the last 4 nights or my loose grip on sanity is going to slide!

Wantsnomore Sun 02-Sep-12 16:40:12

Exciting- painting is starting in the extension!,not so exciting-DH hates decorating so he is going to be a right grump for the next few weekssad
pomme do what you need to do to get your sleep, the dummy fairies can deal with it at a later date!smile if you are using it at night maybe get the glow in the dark ones for easy retrieval.

Just tried ds2 with a bit of baby rice and he loved it! I made it with formula and tipped the rest (like 1 fl oz) into a beaker so am going to see how he gets on with that in a mo - will report back.....

Fingers crossed Biscuits

Well, he kind of let me pour a teeny bit in - not as good as the BR but then maybe he was a bit full. Certainly wasn't a total refusal so will try again another day...

TooImmatureTurtleDoves Sun 02-Sep-12 20:31:43

Oooh, excitement, Biscuits!

This weekend M has eaten

Banana slices
A strawberry
Carrot chunks
Courgette piece

and gummed lots of DH's salad garnish and a piece of mange tout yesterday but spat it all out, so it doesn't count. We bought her a sippy cup thing in Asda today but haven't tested it on her yet.

Oh bugger, just poured half a glass of water over the arm of the sofa and the dog's bed. Oops.

Anyway, so yes, the BLW seems to be starting off as well as can be expected, really. She doesn't eat much (think 1 or 2 chunks of banana while the rest gets dropped, spat out, squashed in her hands, smeared on her chin, hands and chest or thrown), but she's having great fun playing with the food and her manual dexterity is bound to improve as a result of all this trying to hold slimy slippery banana without it sliding out of her hands.

Managed to spend an amazing £80 in Asda on baby clothes etc, though. Oh, howling!

Wow that sounds great Too (the eating, not pouring water on the dog's bed grin)

I was trying to explain BLW to DH but he's not convinced. I think we're both terrified of choking confused. I think we'll be starting with purées but I might be a bit more adventurous with finger foods than I was with ds1. I did give ds2 a raw carrot stick at a buffet on Friday (and watched him like a hawk!) which he gnawed at and could clearly hold / get to mouth etc. But obvs didn't eat any with it being raw!

TooImmatureTurtleDoves Sun 02-Sep-12 20:56:59

To clarify, the howling was, indeed, M and not DH. grin

Biscuits, I think anything in the line of BLW at this stage needs to be pretty soft. Without teeth, M's not going to manage anything hard/fibrous. I think we're going to do a mixture of BLW (ie, finger food) and giving her things like apple puree/shepherd's pie that need to be eaten with a spoon. Can they have yoghurt at 6 months or is it something that needs to wait for a year, like cow's milk?

Is anyone else scared that when weaning really gets going and the DC start dropping breast feeds they will balloon to the size of a house (us, that is, not the DC)?

Glow in the dark dummies, Wants? What will they think of next? grin

Oh I know it should be soft stuff Too - I was more trying to pass the time so it was more like a teether than trying to feed him iyswim?

And yes, am worried that I am only just maintaining my (overweight) weight and that's with fully bf hmm

too, they can have yoghurt and cows milk at 6 months. Cows milk just isn't suitable ad a main drink til 12 months, so if you were bottle feeding M you'd carry on with formula and give cows milk bottles at 12m iykwim. But cereal, mashed potato etc etc can all be made with cows milk.

Too bloody knackered to post more. Ringing CO in the morning. S now up 2 hourly before midnight and hourly or more after. Adoption seems the only answer right now.

Bed.... Quick.

TooImmatureTurtleDoves Sun 02-Sep-12 21:18:05

Sorry, didn't mean to teach you how to suck eggs, Biscuits! On rereading that I did sound v patronising - you've done this before and I haven't! Ignore me.

Maybe my appetite will diminish when the bf does? [hopeful emoticon]

Oh dream - hope the co can help. A did ok till 3 last night and then that was it - up. I was so horrible to everyone this am. I miss my relationship with dd1 so much at the moment.

A did manage to eat some broccoli and carrot as finger food today on top of her three meals. She had scrambled eggs for tea for the first time and loved it.

Hoping for some sleep tonight!

Wantsnomore Mon 03-Sep-12 08:57:08

Arrgh! When can I expect this reflux sickiness to stop! D really scared me and himself,yesterday evening.he was laying on his play mat about an hour after feeding. When I looked back at him after breifly looking at the tv he had clear fluid coming out of his mouth and nose and was clearly gasping for breath. I whipped him up straight away to try and clear it. It seemed like ages before he started to crysad he was clearly shaken up( as was I!)
His sleep went a bit haywire last night too. He was up at 3.30 and ended up staying in with me until the morning!

Oh how frightening Wants and well done you for staying calm. I'm completely terrified of anything like that happening and me just panicking confused. Hence being scared of BLW confused

TooImmatureTurtleDoves Mon 03-Sep-12 10:19:05

That sounds petrifying, Wants! So glad D was ok.

How is it that yesterday at my mum's M didn't eat anything except a small chunk of banana and a strawberry between 8 am and 11.30, whereas today she's already fed twice since 7.30? I think she sees me and goes mmm, food. Mum was letting me have a lie-in yesterday, bless her. The instant I came downstairs M started to howl. hmm

Better sleep last night - she did 8.30pm to 1 am, her longest stretch for weeks. Then we were up at 3 and 6, which is a great improvement. She went back to sleep until 7, but DH was getting ready for work and sniffing really loudly, so I didn't get much more sleep - dozed a bit in the intervals between sniffs.

Wants that sounds awful. Poor little D. I'm the same as you Biscuits, overly terrified about the choking with BLW. I had a shock moment to myself in the clinic today when I overheard a HV giving advice to a new mum who was concerned that her 29 week old DD would only eat purees and keeps choking on even the slightest lump. Along the lines of "your DD is very clever and lazy and knows that if she chokes you won't make her have the lumps any more and she can keep having the easy to swallow pureed food. Next time it happens don't give her anything else instead and make her wait until the next meal. She'll soon stop choking" hmm hmm hmm Yes, I'm sure a 29 week old baby is clever and lazy hmm

When DS was 1 and he was still choking every time I tried to give him lumpier food the HV told me not to worry and to give him purees and just keep trying to introduce lumpier food and as long as he was eating something not to worry about it. How times have changed! They really seem to be pushing BLW these days which was considered a new faddy thing when DS was being weaned. I guess knowledge and research gets better all the time but I was a bit annoyed she didn't offer the poor woman any other suggestions.

I will persevere with finger food more this time and get a grip on the choking anxiety but I won't get in a state if DD ends up having pureed food. It's not done DS any harm.

Wants poor you and DS! I hope he's over it today, poor little man, how scary!

Scarlet I don't have any experience with weaning but that sounds like incredibly dangerous advice the HV gave that woman! The whole reason BLW is supposed to be safe is because the baby controls what goes into their mouths, and they have to learn to move food around their mouth before they can even get it to the back to swallow it. All this extra control means they're less likely to choke. The problem with purees (according to the blw enthusiasts) is that the parent determines how much food goes into the baby's mouth, and babies suck the food off the spoon rather than "biting" off a chunk. When they suck the puree it slides straight to the back of their mouth and if there are any lumps and the baby isn't ready for them, they'll choke. Am I making any sense? What I'm trying to say is I think there's a much higher risk of choking with lumpy purees than there is with blw. I haven't started yet though, so it's all just theoretical for me at the moment!

Also, I've heard some people call blw a fad before, but it seems to me like it's just a very old idea repackaged? BLWers are trying to make it new and exciting but reading the guidance I think it's a bit like someone trademarking an existing product! Finger foods have always been given to babies, the only difference with blw is their fanatical obsession with not spoon-feeding the baby AT ALL hmm In the past people would give young (3 months ish) babies porridges and other more liquidy foods, and by the time they were 6 months old they'd be getting regular finger foods. I suspect that our no-nonsense older generations (who didn't have blenders) would have wanted to move away from feeding babies their own special meals as quickly as possible, so babies would have been given bits of the rest of the family's dinner from quite early on. All just conjecture though, and I'm definitely NOT trying to push blw on anyone! Personally I'm planning to pick the bits I like from spoon feeding, and the bits I like from blw, and just muddle on through!

musicalmrs Mon 03-Sep-12 13:45:38

RubberBullets, thanks for thinking of me! Yes, that idea does really appeal to me. I've just got my public liability insurance, and will start advertising as a private teacher this week I hope. I'm not sure I could necessarily run a group like that with Isabelle though - what if a child required medical attention? Or if she was playing up? Difficult! It's definitely something I'd like to do in the long term though. There is a local baby song class, that I'll go along to in a couple of weeks. However, I'm wondering if I could set up small private classes - 30 mins or so at my house, like a music lesson but for a small group (and therefore a lot cheaper than a music lesson) for certain ages, where Isabelle would fit in? Hmm! Worth thinking about smile Would need to ensure my living room (or the musicy bit) was covered in lots of soft floor bits and bobs, and was truly baby proofed!

Sorry to hear about all the non sleeping baby brookers sad Dream, hope the CO has some words of advice? Iz is getting a bit better. Woke up three times in the night, but only needed settling (feeding!) twice. Sadly I hardly slept all night - bleh.

Still surrounded by teething sadness here. Sometimes she'll be absolutely fine, but 5 minutes later trying to shove everything in her mouth and is inconsolable. We're supposed to go to London 3 times over the next fortnight, which could be interesting...

Really interested by all the weaning chat - I can't wait to get started with it! Iz nearly got a taste of a lump of vegetable lasagne off of a friend's plate at yesterday. She watches me eat, and what I eat... so I think by the time she's ready (she's 3 1/2 months) she'll be desperate to join in!

Wantsnomore Mon 03-Sep-12 16:02:39

I seem to have someone else's baby today! He has gone 4 hours between feeds and hardly any sick!smile

TooImmatureTurtleDoves Mon 03-Sep-12 16:15:41

envy of hardly any sick. I gave M some cooled boiled water in her new sippy cup thing and it proved too difficult for her to get any out, so I let her drink from my glass of unboiled tap water and she's just thrown up masses of watery sick. Still, she loved drinking from the glass, even if it did mean changing her clothes after she spilt water all down her front.

Musical, how many teeth has Iz got now? Hope she stops teething soon and gets a break.

Wantsnomore Mon 03-Sep-12 16:35:49

Ok spoke to soon, D has just fired milk out of his nose( proud mummy emoticon!)

Scream I know what you mean about it being repackaged, I have some of my old baby photos where I'm covered in food and holding fistfuls of it. I'm hoping to be more successful with DD this time as I understand the logic behind it, it makes perfect sense. I did borrow the book when DS was a baby and tried several times before giving up with it. I have friends who raved about it for their DC and it is so much easier. I was PBF enough to be up til midnight pureeing every fruit and vegetable that was available in the shop. I just had the baby who wouldn't just choke on lumpy food, but would also choke on toast, biscotti, even those Organix baby crisp things. We had a lovely HV with him who came to our house at mealtimes a few times to observe him eat. She suggested that he had enlarged tonsills as the gagging was so bad which actually made sense as he did have tonsillitis 4 times within his first 2 years. The GP thinks he might have grown into them now as he's not had it for over a year (touches wood) and has no problems swallowing anything now.

The reason I was soooo annoyed this morning though was because this HV suggested nothing alternative, just more or less said that any other way of feeding the baby was bad and to only offer food in this way. Without even seeming to consider that it was only the 3rd week of weaning, any possible health reasons or offering to observe. She even said to not offer her as much milk so that she would be hungrier for the food and less likely to play up. Her words "you have to be tough with them" sad I'm pleased that the mother seemed to have switched off from the conversation once it became obvious she wasn't saying anything helpful. I kept schtum as I realise my experience and opinion is from having only 1 DC and although we found a way which worked for us, it wasn't necessarily the right way.

PetWoman Mon 03-Sep-12 18:46:51

Re weaning, we just gave DS some pureed banana and he seemed to really like it. It's messy though - he kept grabbing the spoon and chewing on it, then dropping it. Tried handing him one spoon to hold while we fed him with another but he kept getting hold of whichever spoon we were using. He's only 22 weeks so I'm looking forward to when he's old enough to have bits from our plates as well!

I think DS may be teething, too. He's uncharacteristically whingy, anyway! Wish I knew what to do. I offered him a cold teether but he lost interest after a bit and just kept whimpering. He's also refused to nap in his cot this afternoon - he's using my boob as a dummy now though and I don't want to lay him down in the cot in case he wakes up and starts whinging again. sad

Dream did you manage to speak to the CO?

Hope everyone has a good night tonight.

We had a much better night - one feed at 2.30 and up at 6.15. As of yesterday for both naps and bedtime no more feed to sleep. I feed her, wake her up, do more calm books/playing then bedtime with two comfortors, a ewan the sheep and a dummy. It goes much better at nap time. Bedtime a bigger battle.

However. It is happening!

A has been on the 7 month stage 2 pouches or slightly lumpier homemade purees for a 3-4 weeks now. Fingers crossed all going ok. She can also manage finger food but she forgets about it being food and just bashes it a lot...

I do hope that woman ignored that hv scarlet!

Too - they can have normal tap water from six months I hope. We're off to Italy soon for a week and I need to make sure I boil it for her there! With dd1 I took bottles of heinz baby juice thing in my suitcase as I was all pfb but I just dont think i'll have the suitcase space this time although will probably buy masses of the stuff at boots airside.

TooImmatureTurtleDoves Mon 03-Sep-12 21:19:25

Oh good, thanks Pomme. I was a bit worried because M kept on throwing up watery sick. Plus she hasn't pooped today for the first time in her life, and squalled loudly for a large portion of the evening. Think the squalling was because I ballsed up her nap - she had her morning nap, woke up at about 12.30, and we went out with the dog at around 1.45. She fell asleep on the way home for maybe 20/25 mins, so refused to fall asleep at 3ish. Then at quarter to 5 she totally lost the rag and howled and howled until I put her to bed. When she woke up at quarter to 6 I didn't try to put her down again, as I normally would with naps to get as much peace as possible, just got her up. So she was grumpy and tired, and started to cry again at 6.30. I tried to put her to bed as usual and she went ballistic and screamed and screamed. She's definitely got DH's Welsh choir lung capacity. hmm DH and I spent the best part of an hour soothing her and generally getting her to stay calm until she was hungry enough to feed to sleep properly. So no more weaning attempts this evening - will try again tomorrow, having found some frozen broccoli in the back of the freezer.

Am scared of the very idea of teaching M to sleep without being fed to sleep first! Go Pomme, go Pomme!

Scarlet, shock at the HV saying 'you have to be tough with them'. At 6 months or less? Get a grip. Babies are not intrinsically evil! And they do have to learn to eat from and with a spoon too. You can't exactly do BLW with yoghurt/porridge/soup or anything runny. Stupid bint.

Oh yoghurts are a big no no Too according to this HV. They encourage lazy eating as there is nothing to chew hmm. You know what, the more I think about this woman I'm wondering whether to make a complaint even though it's none of my business. She's annoyed me that much.

Great news re the better night Pomme. Brooking for another. Same for you Too and of course Dream.

We have teething signs here also, but no actual teeth coming through yet.

How's the weaning going Biscuits?

Gosh, imagine having food that does anything other than make your child chew hmm. I mean never mind nutrition or filling them up, eating is all about chewing of course confused

That HV sounds like a liability. Soup is henceforth banned in this house as it doesn't create enough challenges for us. Unless I give ds1 chopsticks to eat it with. hmm

Just did a bit more baby rice today Scarlet - going for sweet potato tomorrow as am cooking some for a fish pie. Might try spooning a bit or letting him stick his hands in it? Don't know. Maybe I should give him a lump to look at before I mash it for the pie?

I have a genuine question about BLW. They say that it's about a baby learning to manage their own appetite / feeling of being full etc. isn't it possible that in fact they stop eating because they're tired / fed up of doing something that's hard rather than actually full?

Not that it matters really as they mainly
Get their calories from milk but isn't that a possibility?

Just wondered......

<looking forward to when he can eat his three meals and eat lumps and just eat the same darn things as ds1>

Wantsnomore Tue 04-Sep-12 08:14:41

Isn't it crazy how hvs can vary so much, even in the same clinic! I usually have a lovely one who doesn't preach but makes suggestions. I overheard her yesterday talking to a lady who wanted to wean at 4 months. She gave some really good advice for her to think about but didn't say "no you can't".
I am sitting here on my own! Everyone else is still asleep! I have got loads of jobs done. I have to pick up a few things at the supermarket this morning and then I am meeting up with some local mums for a coffeesmile
biscuits I agree with your BLW comments. I think getting the balance between letting them explore food and giving them calories is quite tricky! I will still be spoon feeding some foods(things that would normally be on a spoon IYSWIM) and then offering things off my plate as well.

Ps, don't tell anyone but I had a yogurt last night shockblush<lazy> wink

Here's a question for you. My lip feels a bit funny. For the last day or two I've had a little bit on my lip that feels a bit numb / pins and needles-y. It kind of feels as though it's got some anaesthetic on it or something, or as if the feeling is just coming back after anaesthetic.

What do you think? Should I be worried?

After 4 weeks of sleeping through the night most nights, dd decided to not bother sleeping at all last night. DH usually sleeps with her but he wanted a night off so I did it. All bloody night she was kicking her legs so just bang, bang, bang constantly. I have decided never to sleep with her again.

She has also learned to grab things and keeps pulling her dummy out and then crying cos she doesn't have it angry

TooImmatureTurtleDoves Tue 04-Sep-12 08:43:50

That sounds weird, Biscuits. Cold sore? I've never had one so I'm not sure what they feel like. Maybe it's just one of those weird things bodies like to do to freak us out. I was slightly deaf in one ear all week and couldn't work out why - it wasn't sore, it just felt blocked - and then yesterday it suddenly went back to normal without fanfare. hmm Brooking that your tingle will vanish without trace! That sounds wrong, but you know what I mean!

How dreadfully lazy of you to eat a yoghurt! How dare you eat food that you don't have to chew? Words fail me. I'm disappointed in you. I had Greek yoghurt for breakfast grin

HV = waste of space.

Due to M's meltdown yesterday we didn't do any more weaning, but I plan to be more organised today and give her some broccoli from the back of the freezer. [PSB emoticon]

TooImmatureTurtleDoves Tue 04-Sep-12 09:40:41

Just once, just once, I would like to have a shower without M dissolving into tears as I put conditioner on my hair and proceeding to wail the whole time I'm rinsing it. hmm

Oh god! I can't remember if I rinsed the conditioner out of my hair.... confused

Just came across this and wondered if it might be of any interest to anyone who liked the Tripp trapp highchair but thought it was a bit ££££. No idea how good the chair or website are so would need a bit of research but thought the price looked good (although on the front page of the website it says RRP is £70, on the item page it says RRP is £50 hmm)

Does this look like a genuine one?

biscuits - I never understood the whole thing about bottle feeding and spoon feeding meaning they ate more than they wanted. both mine have been quite adept at telling me when they've had enough!!

Rubber that doesn't look like my Tripp Trapp, I'm a bit hmm as to whether or not it's genuine. The shape of the legs, and the bar holding them together looks right, but the backrest is very different and the front bar is also an odd shape. There shouldn't be a fabric strap in the middle at the front, the genuine babyset is wholly plastic. I'm not sure if it's just an earlier model though? Maybe the main part of the chair is real and they've bought a different baby adaptor?

shock at Too and Biscuits with their lazy yoghurt habits! Personally I like to put lumps of concrete in my yoghurt, just for the challenge hmmwinkgrin

Now at the risk of jinxing myself, can I just whisper that since I've started putting DD in her big cot every night she's slept for at least 5 hours straight each night. Most nights it's more like 7 or 8 hrs, and even 9 hrs fairly often. shock Sadly my body hasn't caught up with this yet, so I can't get to sleep for hours after she's down, and when I finally do sleep I wake up a couple of hours later needing to pump angry Still, it's very exciting! I'm hoping the regular ff will decrease my milk supply just enough to let me get through the night without pumping soon. Not-so-D H is still sleeping in the nursery, so she's not alone. When we move to my Mum's after our hol can't wait can't wait can't wait the flat we'll be in has only one bedroom but it's huge so I'll be able to keep DD in the same room as me but still in her big cot - yay! Soooo looking forward to having my Mum and sister in the same house, and carpets in the front room for DD to learn to sit and crawl! I'm even going to a trial session of a baby music class near my Mum's house on Thursday, so I can sign DD up for some local activities.

Re the Tripp trapp rubber I think it might just be a really old one? Ie seen them like that at the back hit its an old design I think. Our babyset does have a leather strap between the legs I think (although we haven't got it back put of the loft yet so can't be 100%). The bendy seat level looks weird though? Not seen that I don't think? Maybe it just looks weird in the photo?

Gah! I don't know what is wrong with ds1 at the moment. He's been so whingy and moany the last few days and I've just had to drag him out of next to give him a time out in the middle of trying to pay for my shopping because he was just constantly being so annoying (pulling my handbag down, picking things up etc) I couldn't actually pay for the flipping shopping because I kept having to tell him to stop whatever he was doing and he just wouldn't stand still and let me get on with it. I think pre-school will do him the world of good when it starts again tomorrow. Or it will do me the world of good hmm

Do you mean the curved plank of wood, where the baby's feet will rest Biscuits? If you do, then I think that's just an assembly error. My Tripp Trapp has planks that are curved like that along one edge, and straight along the opposite edge. It's pretty hard to figure out from the instructions that the curved edge goes to the back, and the straight edge is the front. I think these guys have just slotted it in the wrong way round.

Hope DS1 calms down soon! Who ever thought we'd ever look forward to the first day of school?! grin


I think I've figured it out! (the chair, not the small boy).

The bit I thought looked weird I think is the other bar that goes along the back (to make it look like a normal one). So the raised back that is on there is part of the baby set, and that comes off and then the normal back (resting on the footrest in the pic) goes on instead.

Our (newer?) baby set goes on and has a plastic back that goes in front of the normal bar iyswim.

And then Scream even newer baby set is all plastic whereas ours has a leather strap between the legs?

Sound plausible?

So it looks like it is ok then as I am a bit confuddled after no sleep last night

Noooo, finally got on to see pic of screams A and its gone!!!

Took S to CO today. I'm not convinced... I thought it was going to be gentle manipulation of any tight bits/his head but she was basically holding his head and saying the left side of his pelvis was tighter etc. I'm quite happy to believe his pelvis is tighter, but if she'd had a feel of it hmm

Oh, baby meltdown, simultaneously, Laters brookers

Wantsnomore Tue 04-Sep-12 16:07:26

D is going slightly longer between feeds again which I think seems to have reduced the sick. He had one big explosion this morning and hardly anything sincesmile. This meant that I was able to attempt some tummy time. He did it for about a minute and then FLIPPED HIMSELF OVER!

Oh, and rubber looks like a genuine old style one to me, up my neck of the woods too! Well, an hour away.

Oh wow wants! Neither of mine can roll yet... 22 weeks tomorrow. Still not enough tummy or floor time here though, but at least B can finally lift his head....

Think I'm going loopy...

I'm in the process of arranging a multiple mums meet-up at my house- two other sets of twins and one set of triplets- eeek! For the record, my house is not vast- where the heck they'll all fit I don't know... Triplet mum is so lovely, I told her that if I go to our local playground with my 3 in the triple (as she's taken her 4 there twice) people are genuinely disappointed I don't have dtrips, and tell me 'We've seen a mum here, with triplets and a toddler- and you think YOU'VE got it hard!!' She thought this was very funny, and says she doesn't at all as all hers are brilliant sleepers and she only bf's one so I should contradict them all and say well actually I do!! Made me giggle, the thought of triplets not being hard too!!!!! Her toddler is at pre-school now though, so at least she's one down.

Anyway, I'm wasting precious and short sleep time

Wantsnomore Tue 04-Sep-12 22:05:39

That sounds like fun dream I am looking forward to being able to invite people round once the building work is finished!

Sounds awesome Dream. I'm hoping when the triplet lady tells you you're doing an awesome job, you start to believe it grin

I've done so much ironing my legs hurt.

On the plus side, I've just found a chocolate reindeer in the cupboard left over from Christmas...

<collapses exhausted over the ironing board>

Hooray for D Wants! Well done llittle man!

Dream triplets and a toddler!?! <faints> I've put the pic of A back up just for you!

grin at the effect ironing has on Biscuits! I know the exact feeling!! This is why I avoid ironing like the plague...

Spent the day at the Olympic Park today. It was fun, even though we only had day passes so didn't actually get to see any sport firsthand. My hips are KILLING me now though sad

Has anyone read the Gina ford weaning book? I didn't know there was one and I've never read it, but I just wondered what she thought of weaning (given her views on everything else baby related hmm).

I mean the contented baby stuff gets a pretty hmm reception on MN but then again I think people are a bit more receptive to her potty training book? Just wondered where her weaning advice fitted in?

PetWoman Wed 05-Sep-12 07:41:30

Scream glad you made it to the Olympic park - hope your hips improve quickly!

Wants well done to D for rolling over! When will your building work be finished?

Dream did S sleep any better having seen the CO? I'm sure your boys will surprise you by rolling over any day now. Your multiple mums gathering sounds fun but hard work . I hope it goes really well. I was wondering about the mum of triplets - you said she only bfs 1: how did she choose which one? Or does she rotate at each feed? Sorry if that's a really stupid question.

Biscuits hope DS1 has a good day at preschool and goes back to being the good boy he usually is at home. I've not ready any Gina Ford books so can't comment there, but I'd love someone to recommend a sensible sort of routine for a 5month old just so I can check I'm on track with DS. I'd like these two long naps a day that people refer to. At best I'm getting one long nap in the morning, but only 2 or 3 short (20 min) naps after that - and he's getting quite whingy in the afternoon. On the plus side, he's sleeping well at night, so I can't really complain. smile

I was wondering that about the bf triplet woman pet! I'd decided that 2 must have been slow/bad latchers or something so ended up on the bottle but one was easy and quick so got to stay on the boob!

In the contented baby boob biscuits (a friend bought me a copy pre dd1 and every so often I flick through it --and laugh--). Her main thing was protein at lunch and avoiding milk around lunch for max protein absorption iirc.

Pomme I'd imagined something similar with the triplets lady. Perhaps the triplets were early and after coming home only one made the transition to bfing? Interested in Dream's answer!

Thanks Pet, I'm hoping to take it easy on my hips today. My DD does the 2 naps thing on good days, but if we're out or have visitors she'll skip the naps and just catch 20 mins of shuteye here and there - which turns her into a very grumpy lady by bedtime! I'd also be interested in any tips for getting a v nosy baby to take two naps a day irrespective of distractions!

musicalmrs Wed 05-Sep-12 09:28:35

Too, no teeth here yet sad Just a lot of teething. Hope they get their act together and break through soon..

Wants, hurrah for D's rolling over!

Scream and Pet, Iz also does two naps - with the occasional extra cat nap either very early in the day, or very late in the day - depends on how tired she is I think . She also hardly naps when we have visitors! Would definitely welcome tips on nosy babies and daytime naps too smile Gorgeous pic of A by the way! (missed it the first time!).

Dream, your meet up sounds mad, but also great fun! smile

I think it's interesting when different babies learn different skills. Iz has been rolling over for ages, for example, but still doesn't giggle! We think she might have a couple of times, but we're not entirely convinced. I spend most of my days doing daft things to try and make her laugh!

Currently trying to get her to take her morning nap in her cot. She's still awake in there, but not crying, which I guess is a good sign. Yesterday it took about an hour and 20 to get her to nap in there in the afternoon, and she then only slept for 30 mins. Ah well, slowly getting there I suppose..!

Off to another baby group this morning, though it's one I don't like so much. Can't wait to get a car in a month's time (one I'm borrowing from my brother, who doesn't need it for a bit) so I can explore some a little further afield...

Wantsnomore Wed 05-Sep-12 09:32:09

grin @ pommes typo!
pet the building work should be finished in the next few weeks if I can persuade DH to get someone in to decorate rather than him doing it in evenings and weekends! I'm sooo looking forward to setting up D with somewhere to dump baby clobber his own room.

Come on Iz, Mummy wants this teething finished now and a big gap before the next time

D, that is fantastic rolling over you are doing, remember to only do it at appropriate times though.

Dream even triplet mum says you are doing an amazing job, how many of us have to say it before you believe us?

I'm taking DD to be weighed this afternoon, she is 14 weeks now. Still not rolling over but is still scooting about on the floor a lot.

<rushes around tidying up ready for Loopy who should be joining us today if she can tear herself away from newborn cuddles >

I wondered that about the triplet lady too. Maybe she just picked her favourite? winkgrin Like these people that only send their sons to private school and not their daughters or something?

(Really I expect it's much more like to be something like only 1 made the transition if they were prem perhaps?)

I'm going to the library this afternoon - will see if they have the GF weaning book and write a book report for y'all grin

Wantsnomore Wed 05-Sep-12 11:21:51

Thanks biscuits
I have just been across town to try a new group as part of my " meet people with babies plan" only to find it is not starting up again until 17th sept! sad oh well, I have another lined up for tomorrow!

jaggythistle Wed 05-Sep-12 12:30:42

our only pattern seems to be DS2 sleeping for random lengths of time at 10ish and 2ish and going to sleep at about 9ish. various other wee sleeps and dozes through evening feeds a lot.

he's 19 weeks and can half roll over, he gets stuck on his side. grin he's not had anything like as much practice and I've only one dream so don't be too hard on yourself.

I've heard of a local mum here who only bf one of her twins, also not sure how you'd pick!

any tips for getting toddlers used to toilet instead of potty? DS1 is loving the potty, we're not loving emptying it.

<general other brooking>

jaggythistle Wed 05-Sep-12 12:37:31

that must have been annoying after getting all the way there wants!

I'm a bit grumpy at our HV who promised we'd get invitations to baby massage in august. hmm DS2 will really be too big soon. DS1 used to roll over and start escaping as he got bigger. I've done a wee bit massage on DS2, he loves a leg rub, but the classes were quite nice.

Weigh in day today. At 14 weeks DD weighs 14lb 1/2oz

TooImmatureTurtleDoves Wed 05-Sep-12 17:34:02

<stumbles in, knocking over the pot of sparkly matchsticks with sleep-deprived clumsiness>

M was up every hour or less between 7pm and 3am, then took 3 attempts to settle back to sleep, then was up at 5.30 and got up at 8.15. DH got up for work at 7.30ish, though, so I was woken up then too.

I wrote the above at 8.30 this morning and then forgot about it. D'oh! Does 'd'oh' have an apostrophe in it? For some reason I think it does but I could just be being mad.

Oooh, has Loopy had her baby? Must go peek on the antenatal thread.

On baby classes, right now we're only going to the swimming lessons, but I was chatting to one of the mums afterwards and she said I ought to go to the breastfeeding support group nearby. I was told about it by the MW and HV when M was tiny, but I never went because it is every other Monday and I could never find out which week it was on, and plus I was just a bit too disorganised and scared of leaving the house. By the time I felt confident enough to venture out I thought I must have missed the bus with the bf group. The swimming mum said that I wasn't too late at all, that I should go along just for the social aspect, and that she still goes even though her son is 19 months and self-weaned at 17 months. She said it was good for support with going back to work and carrying on feeding. I think I'll go along to the next one (sadly not next Monday but the one after) and see how I get on.

Wants, how are you getting on meeting people? I wonder how Fishcake is doing - she was feeling a bit lonely too.

How could you bf only one of your twins/triplets? confused Poor baby that didn't get bf cuddles.

Oh, M's waking up - back in a sec!

TooImmatureTurtleDoves Wed 05-Sep-12 18:25:17

Can I give M scrambled eggs for dinner? She'll be 6 months on Sunday. Or should I stick with the fruit and veg for a bit longer? Will it confuse her to do some BLW and some spoon-feeding? I gave her lots of bits of bread to chew on while out for lunch today - I don't think one bit got swallowed, but she had great fun chewing and throwing bits on the floor. Sorry, restaurant staff. blush

PetWoman Wed 05-Sep-12 18:29:51

Why not try her with a bit of scrambled egg, Too , and see how she gets on?

TooImmatureTurtleDoves Wed 05-Sep-12 18:37:44

Jaggy, when I went to baby massage (for all of one session) there was a mum there with a one-year-old. He did keep wriggling away from her.

Yay for DD, Rubber!

Like the idea of book reports, Biscuits! Please report back soon.

On napping, Musical, I cracked getting M to sleep in her cot, but now she won't nap anywhere else, like in the living room on me. hmm Unless she's in the car/buggy/sling and we're moving, that is. Mum can get her to nap by a lot of singing and gentle jiggling, but I can't. If I go near her she cries to be fed, and then when I try, she cries because I'm not feeding her in the nursery. [face palm] Also having difficulty with nosiness - Mum came into the nursery with me as I attempted to feed M to sleep, but M was far too interested in our chatting to sleep, and just howled. I sent Mum away but it was too late.

M has started to shout at me, very loudly, when she's unhappy with something. For example, this morning I put her in the cot and had a shower and she didn't cry, she shouted in outrage (although some tears came out too). Crying sounds different. She shouted at me in the restaurant at lunchtime - DSis, DM and I quailed because her voice was echoing off the ceiling! Cue quick feed to shut her up.

jaggythistle Wed 05-Sep-12 18:41:39

i went to the bf group till DS1 was about 14 months too and it was mostly a social thing! DS1's 2 best toddler friends are the two with mums that went to bf group as well as baby group. i would have gone longer, but the last of the other 2 mums stopped bf so she stopped going. it was just the 3 of us sometimes.

ours was run by HV and they were a bit hmm when they turned up expecting a load of newborns and got our lot crawling (DS1 would have been walking for a few) around! their advice was a bit hit and miss though tbh, i was glad to have Mumsnet and Kellymom to refer to. HVs aren't bf experts though.

still a bit covered in sick here, can't wait for DS2 to grow out of this. DH and i and DS2 are continually changing clothes and there are sick puddles if he's carried too vigorously!

do you have bookbug at your library too? they're pretty good and also free.

I imagined that the non BF triplets vs BF triplet is because one of them took to it and the other two perhaps didn't? I can't even imagine how hard it must be having triplets and if she's managed to stick out BFing just one of them then hats off to her. Too non BF babies do get cuddles as well grin. I'd hate to think anyone thought of my DS as a poor baby just because his cuddles weren't while he was being BF sad

Great weight gain for N Jen. DD is now 18 weeks and 11lb 5oz! She's a string bean though, so tall.

Good luck for the meet up Dream, sounds fab.

jaggythistle Wed 05-Sep-12 19:47:16

DS2 is about 18lb at 19 weeks. blush

Book report plans scuppered by the library not having the book.

I can do a book report on Gary Barlow's autobiographical work 'My Take' instead if that would help? I'm not sure he goes as far back as his own weaning though.....

TooImmatureTurtleDoves Wed 05-Sep-12 20:27:20

Sorry, Scarlet, sorry! And everyone else I just insulted. blush <takes foot out of mouth and tries again> It's just that because I'm a twin, and we had to share everything, we both got very militant about equal shares and fairness and neither one getting something the other hadn't. So personally, if I had twins and one couldn't bf, then I would rather give it up so they could be both the same. So neither would feel slighted/favoured, whatever. Does that make sense?

Surprise! The surprise is me btw wink
Can you please catch me up on what has been going on? <Flutters eyelashes>
We have gone {cow} dairy free here as H was mega vomming [technical term] after every feed about three times, stopped the cow dairy and he is sick about three times all day!

Other news hmm he can sit up by himself for a little while and he is semi crawling! He can go forward across the room and can do a 360 too. Oh and we have two teeth.
I have got into wrapping, I remember the sling talk. So basically tying like a Moby but with a woven wrap, there a few other carries you can do, but I have found it a life saver smile

Arf at them not being impressed with you Dream! Everyone else is smileI am trying to read through but tricky atm!

I get you Too smile I might well be feeling a bit over-sensitive today. I've been feeling mega unsupported since pg with DD and I've blown up tonight at DH over it. It started off as a row but we've managed to calm down and have a bit of a heart to heart and we've both agreed to make more effort with each other.

Great to see you Purple. Well done little H on semi-crawling, doesn't time go far too quick? It's a job to remember everyone's news but a quick jist is that we're all envy about Scream's upcoming trip to California, Dream continues to impress us all with her ongoing stamina, patience and just generally being an inspiration. Biscuits, Hawthers, Too and Pomme have all began weaning. Jen is now RubberBullets, Musical is making return to work plans and Pomme is moving to Italy next year. Jaggy and Wants are still dealing with lots of sick (and poo in Jaggy's case) Me? I'm plodding along probably buggering up everything along the way but so far DS and DD are surviving alongside each other happily. Oh and *Ninja still pops in every now and again and we miss her as we've missed you.

Now I'm going to feel terrible when I realise I've forgotten someone. Apologies in advance!

Wtf with the bolding? blush

Oooh and we're expecting a brand new brooking baby today as Loopy had her ELCS booked today......

<locks the door so Purple can't escape>

Awesome summary Scarlet (apart from the obvious error that you're not buggering anything up wink).

Purple awesome work there by H! Still Jo sitting here, unless you count sort of flopping a bit in the highchair? Ds2 can't crawl forward but can do the 360 and go backwards hmm

Wonder how Fishcake is getting on?

jaggythistle Wed 05-Sep-12 21:19:01

<waves like a loon>

hiya purple

have struggled to keep up myself, so hope someone else can provide you with a summary. blush

I'm blaming potty training fatigue.

blush Sorry Pet, I realised as soon as I read back I'd missed you out. Purple, Pet has also began her DS on a little food and he is also now sleeping in his own room.

<Really hopes that there is no one else I've missed>

jaggythistle Wed 05-Sep-12 21:23:19

slightly less DS2 poo these days, not enjoying emptying potties full of DS1 poo though...

good round up!

Awww new baby! Thanks for the catch up!
Other things... Did I tell you about bf group I was setting up? Starts tomorrow! We have decorated the living room, remember me complaining about it in pics? Also had a big reshuffle generally. H has been quite up and down, not sleeping very well, so when that settles a bit we will be working on a routine when he is into the second half of his first year. Speaking of which any baby monitor recommendations?

Starting food soonish just veg and fruit, definitely no dairy and think I am going to be careful with gluten too. Dread to think how poorly he would be if he had any cows milk based stuff or if he was formula fed! Also need to check egg too confused

Potty training gone very well here, not night training her yet, can't face the inevitable middle of the night bedding changes when sleep is a precious commodity!

It's grim isn't it Jaggy. DS still insists on going on the potty when we're downstairs at home. He's a lazy little monkey who won't go up the stairs to the loo. Although he will at anyone else's house because he's nosy. I walk up the stairs to empty it holding it at arms length and pinching my nose. Still I'd rather that than still be changing his pooey nappies <boak>

He told me that he went for a poo on his own at playgroup today. He really didn't need to tell me, the skidders in the pants were a big enough clue.

Oh we have a pourty which is great! also F8XN I think is a 20% discount for mothercare if anyone has anything to buy, I bought my Tripp traps back along with this smile

Oh Purple! We've missed you, but you're killing me with that Mothercare offer!! I've just bought a Tripp Trapp! Sob sob. On the plus side your code would have reduced the total cost by £30, but we bought the chair from Mamas & Papas using a £50 giftcard we were given as a present. So I'm trying to tell myself to just imagine it was a £20 giftcard instead... confused

Glad you and H are doing so well. How exciting about your new bfing group! Good luck for tomorrow!

Oooooo I didn't realise Loopy's elcs was today! How exciting! It feels like ages since the last new mini No Brooker arrived!

Awesome summary Scarlet! grin

<Wanders off to try and convince DH to buy a BabyBjorn Travel Cot with the Mothercare offer>

PetWoman Wed 05-Sep-12 22:56:12

Hi Purple ! H sounds very active - and well done to your DD with the potty training!

<puts teacher voice on> Biscuits I'm happy to have a book report on any topic as long as you're reading. grin

Scarlet good summary - nothing more to add here. smile

Lol scream I had the hump a bit, I really wanted Purple Tripp trapps (surprised? wink) but it was so much cheaper getting boring natural from mothercare!
Anything else you could get? I had a splurge...

What's this about book reports?

DH is almost sold on the BabyBjorn travel cot! I think the sting of missing out on the Tripp Trapp saving is actually working in my favour! Do you know how long the code will be valid for?

What else did you splurge on? You're so good going for sensible price instead of your favourite colour! I'm so rubbish, if they hadn't sold the walnut colour I wouldn't have taken the offer anyway! However walnut is what we chose (to match the dining room furniture) sigh.

Biscuits has volunteered to read Gina Ford's weaning book and give us all a book report summarising whether it's any good or a bit hmm like her main book. We are all eagerly waiting for her to track down a copy grin

Grudgingly good! The natural goes better with my furniture too but purple would have been nice too.

Gina ford, nooo. I was ispitine annabel Karmel is an mbe! What did she do to deserve that? Am I missing something?

I have £45 amazon vouchers, and Dd has been asking so nicely for a baby doll. Would it be awful to buy her one? Christmas is so far away. DH thinks it is way OTT for a random gift. confused


Oh not sure on code end of week I think :£

Does your DH think it's OTT because of the price? Part of me thinks that your DD won't even realise that it's expensive and therefore she won't start expecting regular expensive pressies if you give her this, as far as she knows it could cost 50p! On the other hand I guess if you're trying to teach her the difference between expensive and cheap, then it would be a bad idea...

Don't listen to me! I have NO idea how I'm going to figure out this parenting marlarkey!?!

The vouchers are free as they are from nectar/topcashback, I think it is cool full stop, it is my personal preference to go expensive as dolls are darn creepy if you don't choose well and the quality is much better. Dd has no idea on prices lol

Purple do you know what GF's tale on weaning is? I was just curious because generally her contented baby book gets a hmm reception but then quite a few people seem to go with the potty training book, so I just wondered where the weaning book came on the spectrum?

Not sure what AK did to earn an MBE? Perhaps the queen uses her recipe books when cooking her family dinners? grin

I also have borrowed a couple of Gill Rapley BLW books to inwardly digest.

On the doll thing I agree that they can't tell re the price - I sometimes try to explain to DS that he can't have stuff all the time because it costs money so he is starting to learn that money exists and things aren't just in plentiful supply all the time. But as to how much things cost he'd never have a scale on that I don't think. So I'd I choose to buy him a more expensive version of something for my own reasons (quality / appearance etc) that's really my choice I suppose isn't it. And I totally agree that lots of dolls are a bit weird looking. Definitely worth choosing carefully. We spent more on getting DS a non-plastic tea set. Now he wouldn't have cared what it was made of but I just decide that I was fed up of flimsy plastic stuff and wanted something a bit more natural ish.

Take not tale

<staggers in looking for the glittery matchsticks>

Not had a night like that in a long time, I really feel for those of you who are up through the night on a regular basis. DD is full of cold sad Poor little thing has been awake all night coughing, sneezing, spluttering and snotting. We've raised the top of her crib and also tried Calpol which she refused to swallow. She's in a right sorry state. She's barely slept and neither have I. She was also disturbing DS all night so he's already playing up this morning.

<Braces self for one of those days>

I'm thinking of using that code to order the Maclaren Techno XT. Thanks for that Purple. Oh and good luck for the BF group today thanks

Oooh good luck today Purple with the bf group, and Scarlet with getting everyone through the day unscathed! My ds1 has been playing up this morning but no disturbed night to blame it on! Thankfully he's at pre school now until 3:30 but getting back to back time outs before 9am is good going by anyone's standards hmm

Off to an exercise class now - eeeeeeek confused

TooImmatureTurtleDoves Thu 06-Sep-12 09:34:40

<nicks sparkly matchsticks from Scarlet> M was a nightmare last night. My longest stretch of sleep was about an hour and a half, and she kept doing that horrible thing where she falls asleep within about 30 seconds of being attached to the boob, so I put her down again and go back to bed, and 10 or 15 minutes later, just as I had dropped into an exhausted sleep, she starts to cry again. And repeat. I was so tired and grumpy I kicked the dog off the bed because he was trying to lie down where I wanted to put my feet - I mean literally kicked him and shoved him with my feet until he moved, rather than sitting up and telling him to get down in a proper disciplinary way.

Pomme, how did you get on introducing a dummy for A? Did her sleep improves? <waits poised to rush out and buy a dummy if Pomme says yes>

Biscuits, go you with the exercise class! I have spent the last month or more resolving to do the Shred DVD and not doing it My excuse during the day is that M won't stay contented on her mat/in her Jumperoo for long enough to let me do it, and then at night when DH is home we're too busy doing dinner, bath and bed, and then I need to wait until my dinner goes down, and then I'm too tired.

Hello, Purple, lovely to hear from you! Sounds like little H is doing really well. M can sit up unaided for very short periods but usually when I try to get her to sit she tries to stand up instead and falls over backwards. Or she just goes rigid and won't bend in the middle because she wants to stand instead. hmm No crawling here - tummy time usually winds up with M lying on her tummy, head raised, with arms and legs flailing in the air an inch above the carpet.

TooImmatureTurtleDoves Thu 06-Sep-12 09:35:13

sleep improve, not improves. <slaps self with an English grammar>

Hmmmm exercise class not really a goer. The lady had said it was fine to bring DS and there was a little side room he could sit in the pram in. Which was fine for the first 25 mins or so. He had actually been asleep in the car and I was hoping I could do The Transfer but no joy. But he sat happily for 25 mins then got tired / bored and just grumbled and wouldn't be put down so I ended up leaving confused.

Don't suppose 30 or so mins of exercise will be enough for DH to tell the difference will it......

It was a good class though so I might look into it again once DS is in some sort of childcare. Until then I'm going to look and see if there is a buggy class, or of any local leisure centres do anything with a crèche at times I can go (ie when DS1 is at preschool).

Right I'm off for a shower and then a cup of tea and a biscuit

Gap are having a sale for their VIP (hmm) members from today until Sunday. 30% off all full-priced stuff, but 40% off if you buy 4 or more items. They're not actually bothering to check codes, you just say you're a VIP member and they'll give you the discount, if anyone's interested? I've just spent a fortune buying a winter wardrobe for DD blush I love baby Gap stuff though! blushblush

Go Biscuits! Very impressive effort. Hope you find a better class with a crèche. Too I'm waiting until we get back from hol to start the Shred again, that way if it kills my milk supply again it won't matter because DD is already mixed feeding and almost 6 months. Would love to tag team again if you're also Shredding at the start of Oct?

On my way to the baby music class near my Mum's house. Slightly afraid... [doesn't generally like strangers' children emoticon]

jaggythistle Thu 06-Sep-12 11:46:01

i love baby gap stuff too, but I'm not buying anything for DS2 unless really necessary. I've got DS1's stuff down and there's so much! he still fits into a few 3-6 things but have sorted the next size too due to his general hugeness.

Wantsnomore Thu 06-Sep-12 13:56:50

The group this morning was lovely! Just 4 of us ATM. I am gutted though as it clashes with my uni lectures which start next week so it will be DH going and meeting people! I was given a leaflet about other things going on though and I am going to join the toy library. £2 to join and then you can borrow up to 3 toys a fortnight!smile

Well pretty much yes too. Its because I've stopped feeding to sleep though really. I feed her, wake her up a bit, play with her a bit then put her down for both naps and night time. I use the dummy, some singing and comforters in the cot.

Its a bit noisy and yuk for 5-10 mins at naptimes and up to 30 mins at bedtime. Im there the whole time (sometimes pottering around) and I sing louder when she cries.

For the first three nights - bang, amazing, one wake up all night. LAst night was a bit worse, wake up at 11pm then awake 3-4 then up at 6 (normal get up time). Hoping that was a one off rather than the first three being flukes!!

Next I need to get her to take milk from a beaker or bottle! She starts nursery start Oct one day a week so I need to have some stuff sorted for then or both her and the staff will have a proper crap time!

Her first full day though I'm not going to work - my mum's taking me on a spa day! God I love my mum!

Sounds good about the group wants - hope dh networks well on your behalf!

biscuits - I think lots of gyms have creches?? Two of my good friends are memebers at a local gym with a creche and a little soft play. They do gym things and me and my dds meet them afterwards in the soft play smile

musicalmrs Thu 06-Sep-12 14:56:37

The toy library sounds fab Wants! How many lectures will you have? Admiring you studying with a little 'un!

Purple, lovely to see you! Glad to hear H is doing so well smile Hurrah for teeth too. Iz has been teething for ages but nothing to show for it yet, bar some big teeth-about-to-break-through bumps on her gums. Your BF group sounds exciting!

Too, the BF group I go to is mainly for social reasons! I was having a few problems when I started going, and their advice was good - plus it's run by the same organisation who came out to give me oen to one help when I was struggling. We now just go to chat and play with all the toys grin.

Hurrah on M's fabulous cot sleeping, but I guess the lack of sleeping elsewhere must be tricky! Iz is brilliant at napping in my arms, or in the sling, but always wakes up if transferred - and doesn't like falling asleep in the cot! I have got her to have a 30 min nap in there for the last two afternoons though, hurrah! (still room for improvement though). Baby steps.. smile I'm wondering if it's to do with body heat/smell (like during the early days!), so keep trying the wrapping in a blanket tactic! So odd as she'll go down awake at night.. but I suppose it's good that she realises the difference between sleeping at night and in the day.

Biscuits, well done for the exercise class effort! I'd be too afraid to try. Especially with a baby!

Scream, hope the baby music class is fun! You can always just gaze at A and ignore the other children I'm sure...

Scarlet, hope DD feels better soon sad

Went for a Very Long Walk earlier, and spotted a sign up in our local church for a baby and toddler group - £1.50 a week. Would that be more of a toddler group, or might there be little ish babies there too? confused Could always go next week and try it out I suppose!

Feel a bit sad that my current thing was about worrying about work. Sorry for having ranted about it so much. Completely ignoring it for the mo (decided I don't have to decide now, and should stop worrying and start enjoying everything!). I have a training day next Friday though, which should be fun (it normally is), and means DH will have his first full day alone with Iz! Must double check she'll still drink from a bottle at some point...

As part of our money saving tactics I've decided that all (most) treats must be homemade and not bought! Trying to decide what to bake this afternoon.. smile

musicalmrs Thu 06-Sep-12 14:59:35

Oh, and Too, Iz does the shouting as well! She only cries if she's really really upset (and I normally come running blush) - like if she's hurt herself or something. The rest of it's shouting! I suppose it's good as we know she's not really really upset, she's just unhappy with something. Different shouts for different things too - actually quite amusing!

PetWoman Thu 06-Sep-12 15:25:58

Aw Scarlet hope DD feels better soon and you get a good night's sleep tonight. I love my Maclaren so I think you should go for it!

Purple if DD hasn't got a doll and really wants one I'd probably get it now rather than waiting another 4 months. I loved my dolls, especially when my baby cousin was born and I could pretend I had a baby too (I was 3). Maybe you could get her a little buggy (or other accessory) for the doll at Christmas?

My dog just did a lovely thing. DS was asleep upstairs (with the monitor on) and I was vacuuming downstairs. The dog is scared of the vacuum cleaner so was hiding. Then suddenly I looked up to see her standing there whining. I turned off the vacuum cleaner and heard DS crying - the dog had come to tell me! Obviously I need to keep a closer eye on the monitor next time...

Wantsnomore Thu 06-Sep-12 17:01:13

Ah pet how sweet of your dog. Now you don't have to worry if DS falls down a well! remembers Lassie and Littlest Hobo fondly smile
musical I have 3 hrs of lectures on a Thursday until Christmas and then the occasional 1 hr meeting until my dissertation hand in in May! This is my 5 th and final year of study- yay!

TooImmatureTurtleDoves Thu 06-Sep-12 17:25:32

Oh, my dog does that too, Pet! It's like Nana in Peter Pan. He also disapproves of us bathing M and tries to lick her dry if he can reach, and he would lick her dirty bum if I let him (boak! Dogs are disgusting sometimes). This morning he was standing next to me patiently letting M grab at his nose and collar, and before I realised it he had licked her gently on her open mouth. Oh well. Hygiene, what hygiene? [lax mother emoticon]

Pomme, when you don't feed A to sleep, do you play with her if she wakes in the night too? And did you start off putting her down or did DH do it? Mind you, M's not eating much of anything apart from milk, still, because she really just plays with the food and almost nothing goes in. So maybe she needs the food? Not at night, though - she can't be taking in more than a few mouthfuls, really, because she falls asleep again so quickly. confused <wanders off holding her head at this baby malarkey>

Please could people tell me stories about how their DC slept badly at 6 months but grew out of it and slept marvellously shortly afterwards? And if you did/didn't do anything what was it? I don't know what to do. I know Dream has it worse, but right now I feel a bit pathetic.

jaggythistle Thu 06-Sep-12 17:50:29

i think ds1 was fairly rubbish at 6 months. it all just got better gradually with me doing feck all. still fed him when he woke and DH and I fed/cuddled him to sleep for as long as he seemed to want it for naps and bedtime.

he gradually just did more sleeping through, it was most nights by about 10 months. teething molars screws it all up anyway grin

not sure how it's all going to work with ds2!

TooImmatureTurtleDoves Thu 06-Sep-12 18:18:06

I like that story, Jaggy, because I am lazy and the thought of just carrying on doing what I'm doing appeals.

Latest weaning update: avocado and banana smushed and smeared all over M and the baby walker (still don't have a highchair), and attempt at spoon-feeding avocado puree greeted by lots of spitting from M. Some of it must have gone in, but an awful lot more got spat over the tray and dribbled down her front. I was kind of hoping to get a decent amount of food into her to see if she slept better, but it's not working. [grumpy tired emoticon]

I feed to sleep in the night too!! I'm not insane grin

Just for naps and bedtime I'm trying to avoid it.

Also loving the dog story pet and brooking for dd's cold scarlet.

I don't envy you the avocado walker clear up too!

Sorry third post - too - I do totally emphasize. Its soooo crap not getting any sleep. I've only had three good nights out of the last four but I feel like a different person to the one I've been for six months. I've done stuff and all sorts smile

So...in summary I am trying to break feed to sleep(but not in the middle of the night) and have started with a dummy at cot time. I am having a bit more sleep since I started doing this. It may also be totally coincidental though?

Not sure about lots of food = sleep. A has been eating mountains of food since 24 weeks (3 proper meals a day practically) and still slept badly...

<passes Too a pressure wager for the avocado clean up mission>

<takes back the pressure wager>

<provides a pressure washer instead>

PetWoman Thu 06-Sep-12 19:28:31

grin Biscuits

Didn't Hawthers find that DS2's sleep improved after 6 months, Too ? <waves to Hawthers if she's lurking> Am no brooking that you have a better night tonight! (if the worst comes to the worst, could you get a bit of sleep by leaning back on your pillows and snoozing with DD on your boob? I know it's not good practice but you need sleep. I sometimes do this in the morning with DS for a couple of hours.)

PetWoman Thu 06-Sep-12 19:30:59

Hmm. Is it very wrong that I am now considering asking the dog to lick clean DS's dirty bottom instead of using wet wipes?

Only joking. Honest.

PetWoman Thu 06-Sep-12 19:33:15

Too please remind me, is M napping well in her cot during the day? I found it easier to work on the daytime naps and found that the night improved at the same time.

TooImmatureTurtleDoves Thu 06-Sep-12 19:39:47

I wonder if M hasn't lost her gag reflex yet. Anything lumpy seems to get spat out. Or it could just be that she's learned to spit and likes doing it. confused

grin at Biscuits and the pressure wager. The dog was a great help in cleaning up the avocado, and I just stripped M and wiped her down with baby wipes before putting her night-time babygrow on.

Thanks, guys. Pomme, it is totally crap and I didn't sympathise enough when M was sleeping well (which seems like months ago). I was feeling really miserable and weepy on Monday, so much so that I wondered about PND (is 6 months too late for that?), and then I felt a bit the same way today and realised that I felt really hopeless and useless not because I'm depressed, but because I'm not getting enough sleep, and it shows particularly when I'm not doing anything out of the house to take my mind off it. Pet, I think Hawthers did go through a similar phase with F - I just can't remember when he stopped it! I don't know how Dream keeps going - I at least had a good phase with M for a couple of months. She's had first B and now S sleeping dreadfully, so she hasn't had a break since they were born. sad

TooImmatureTurtleDoves Thu 06-Sep-12 19:45:14

Yes, Pet, I started putting M in her cot for 2 daytime naps about 10 days ago and she took to it really well. She usually sleeps for a bit (anything from 30 mins to an hour), wakes up for a feed and then goes back down for a bit longer. She sleeps for 1-2 hours late morning and for 45 mins-1 hour at about 3/4ish. Then she goes to bed at 7ish. She mostly goes down easily enough - feeds to sleep in about 10 mins. It's just that she doesn't stay down.

hawthers Thu 06-Sep-12 20:02:41

Hello hello am reading and lurking but finally getting a bit more sleep so no 3am postings from me to catch up.

too F's sleeping git a bit better at 6 months poss to do with weaning but who knows then at 6 and a half months it got bad again when on hols and for a bit when we got back then he was teething with a vengeance and since his first two teeth popped through 3 weeks ago its all been much better. So in summary I've no idea.

But I have given up bf. Been winding down gradually over the last two months then went away for a night last weekend and fed f twice since then and now he is fully ff. In the end he was just snacking and being really frustrating to get to focus on the task so I was getting a little fed up.

Sorry been so rubbish that I can't remember who is having what issues so love to all and off to dive d h a bat around the head for being a pillock.

jaggythistle Thu 06-Sep-12 20:11:33

R is having a morning nap in the cot, also about 30 mins, maybe an hour max. afternoons a bit more unpredictable. i do plonk him in there if he falls asleep feeding, sometimes he wakes up almost straight away though.

i don't bother trying to put him in the cot before about 9 though as he still has a big feed between 9 and 10 sometime.

we had another go with a bottle today, he really can't get the hang of it though. I'm going to persevere and try and offer it more often before panic buying different bottles or trying cups.

It's such a shame he looks so confused with his wee tongue waving about. he can't seem to work out how to get the milk out. i even tried a size 2 teat, but no joy. got about 2 months uy figure something out.

I'm a bit fuzzy headed myself today, was a bit of an up and down night last night. think i might try to head for an early one tonight.

PetWoman Thu 06-Sep-12 21:08:08

Jaggy I'm sure you'll have cracked it in 2 months' time. Hope you have a good sleep tonight.

Too sad I don't have any bright ideas to help. FX M will remember how to sleep at night again soon. Big hugs to you.

Hawthers was it difficult to give up bfing? Hope DH has learned his lesson now if not, give him another wallop .

Waves at too

I'm miserably tired. Tired, tired, tired, tired, tired.

How, how, how do I teach S to self settle without howling/ cc involved?? I feed him, he's either asleep or very much awake. He doesn't do 'drowsy'. If he's put down awake sometimes he'll lie there for up to 10 min. He never goes to sleep. The room is dark ish- getting darker as days get shorter, obviously, white noise is on (mainly for B), he's had his bath etc so knows its nighttime. he has a soft comforter thing he likes to hold and suck. Very occasionally, later in the night, I can get him back to sleep by holding in a dummy and back patting with him on his side but he never sleeps for long after settling like this. Last night he never slept longer than an hour. An hour! <weeps some more>

I still think he's too little for cc and it'd break me first, but wits end springs to mind.

How does everyonr else teach their babies to self settle? If there is 10 minutes of crying involved I would think that was fine except it wakes B up. Is adoption the only answer?! <melodramatic>

<adds general drinking bottle brooking for jaggy>

Waves at purple too, I LOVE my juju be prepared now, it is definitely a smokers bag though but you get what you pay for (was £52 posted). I'm also dairy free for B and I hate it!!!

<Gives Dream a great big squishy hug>

I have no words of advice for getting people to sleep. My own method was to pick a husband with 2 settings - awake or unconscious. This seems to have translated into children that sleep (not that I'll be tempting fate with any more children) so I really can't advise. I just wish I could help sad

He has to get the hang of it eventually? When you say he'll lie in his cot for 10 mins is that happy awake or noisy awake? Not that I know an answer depending on which one it is. I so wanted the co to be a magic fix. sad

Oh, on the point about waking B up, could you have S back in your room until he gets the hang of it? (He WILL, he WILL, I'll brook no argument about it). Or B back in your room?

Or S at the end of the garden?

musicalmrs Thu 06-Sep-12 22:42:22

Just a quick one - does everyone know about the Bumbo safety thingy?

When I was at the children's centre on Wednesday, they said they had had an email from the Bumbo people saying they shouldn't be used until you've emailed them and they've either issued you with a free safety belt, or told you otherwise.

More info here (though that's mainly about raised surfaces...) and email address to contact here.

Sorry if someone's mentioned it and I've missed it, and you probably all know anyway. I just saw a picture on one of my friends' walls of a Bumbo being used on a raised surface and it suddenly reminded me, so I thought I'd share it just in case.

Will catch up properly tomorrow. Dream, brooking for a better night for you tonight. I like Biscuits's suggestion - S in your room, which might make life easier for you and him? Or would that disturb your DH so much (who is one who really needs sleep, am I right in thinking? Mine's like that..). Then again you desperately need sleep, so I'd go for whatever's easiest for you...

Oooh good point Musical - I keep meaning to say about that. I phoned the number on the link you posted and they sent a strap out to me. Just arrived yesterday but we haven't put it on yet.

Is it just me, but I am a bit shockhmm that people put them on raised surfaces? Doesn't that seem a bit daft? I once put ds2 on my dining chair while ds1 was eating his tea so they could see each other but the whole time I was knelt (is that a word? Looks weird) down at the side of the chair with my arm round the Bumbo. I know that if the baby flips themselves out they could hurt themselves but I think certainly the majority of injuries have happened when the baby has pushed themselves out on a raised surface and thus the injury isn't really from falling out of the chair, it's from falling off a table hmm.

I guess people use them for weaning etc so maybe then you might have it on a table to reach more easily, but even then, I wouldn't leave it unattended?

Dream what about it B went back in your room because he won't disturb DH, and then you can sort S out without disturbing B or DH? Or would that disturb B? I know ds2 here starts snuffling etc when we go to bed and often wakes up when DH thumps around gets up in the morning.

What about a spare room? It must be even more difficult to try settling a baby with the risk of waking another sleeper. Hmmmm. So so so difficult confused

TooImmatureTurtleDoves Fri 07-Sep-12 08:36:06

My DH only has 2 settings too! <wails> He can sleep right through M crying in the same room. hmm It's not fair. And he always wakes M up in the mornings - his tiptoeing is louder than my normal walking, and he's got a bit of hayfever and sniffs incredibly loudly and obnoxiously. M seems to have bat ears. Maybe I should start closing her door and taking the baby monitor to bed with me, rather than leaving her door and ours open so I can hear her at night and leaving the monitor in the living room. The bathroom is next to her room and I woke her up last night flushing the toilet. hmm

Last night was a bit better - still up every hour or two, but M settled back down again after each one, rather than letting me drop off and wailing again. I think I might have fallen asleep in the armchair in her room for an hour too, but perhaps I just got confused about what time it was really - surely I would have dropped her if I did fall asleep?

<raises hand, pins scarlet letter to her chest> Biscuits, I have been guilty of putting M in the Bumbo on the kitchen table or the worktop and then getting on with cooking/loading the dishwasher. However, if, God forbid, she did fall out, it would be entirely my fault and not the Bumbo people's, so I wouldn't be suing. It says on it not to put your baby on a raised surface, so how can they be liable if you do? I also took it with us when we went out for lunch and put it on a bench seat (banquette?) in the pub, but she was next to me all the time and I would have caught her before she could fall. I'm not going to phone up for a safety strap though, because M has lost patience with the Bumbo now and would rather be in the bouncer/walker/rubber ring thing where she can move about a bit more. She starts arching her back and trying to get out and if she tipped it in the kitchen she'd be on a hard floor. I do sometimes use it outside while I'm hanging the washing out, but M is fascinated by nature, for want of a better word, and sits still staring at the grass and the hedge and the bees and everything moving in the wind. Besides, if she falls out on the lawn she won't hurt herself.

Dream, the suggestion of separating B and S at night seems good to me - is there any way you can do that?

Jaggy, I meant to be in bed by 9.30/10 last night and instead kept on reading my new book until I finished it at midnight. blush Oops. Therefore I can't complain about tiredness today, because I could have had an extra 2 hours sleep between M's 10pm wake-up and her midnight one. <Brooks for R to take a bottle sharpish>

Hawthers, you can go out and buy beautiful new bras now! envy I was trying on some of my old bras yesterday and it is amazing how much better one's boobs look in a proper underwired bra. Or does it take a few weeks for your boobs to settle after stopping bf? Do they shrink? Mine are still a 32 FF at best guess, so part of me wants some shrinkage and the other part is worried about the dreaded sag.

Too might it be worth getting the safety strap anyway? It is free and you might use the Bumbo for the next mini-too (and the one after, and the one after that....)? I was also thinking that I'll sell mine when ds2 is done with it so it should help to sell it with the safety strap.

I hope I haven't offended with what I said about the raised surfaces blush

Oh God, you talking of bras Too has reminded me of something I've been cringing about for the last 3 weeks. We took DS to a theme park and DS and I were on this ride which goes round and round really fast and we were sitting in the car thing with just a bar over the waist. Anyway DH decided to film it. I didn't give it a second thought until the next day when PIL were round and DH decided to plug the camera into the tv to watch our latest footage. My boobs looked horrendous!!! As we were flying round and round the force was sort of flinging them out sideways, as in different directions. It looks like I was about to take off. blush We all just sat and watched it in silence like this blush I can't WAIT to get back to wearing underwired bras.

<cringes some more at the mammory memory>

Thanks musical I had no idea about that! A uses hers in the bathroom and my bedroom in the morning and occasionally has a meal in it. Have ordered strap now.

Too - when I stopped feeding dd1 my boobs went to a D (an E pre dds). I was delighted! Bit saggier but I didnt care! I adored my boobs in between the girls and am hoping that the FF's I am sporting currently go back down to a D (or maybe even a C - I could then buy bras from ANYWHERE <pants at thought>). It did take a while to shrink and settle from memory though.

PetWoman Fri 07-Sep-12 10:34:10

Oh Dream sad I have no advice either. I suspect babies either sleep or they don't. Much as we'd like to think it's our brilliant techniques, I imagine it's all innate really. With S being an example. sad sad Will he drink from a bottle? Could you get a night off by asking DH or one of your parents to have him for one night with lots of expressed milk?

TooImmatureTurtleDoves Fri 07-Sep-12 10:57:18

grin at Scarlet and the mammaries. That sounds awful! I wish somewhere did underwired nursing bras. I'm sure if you were properly fitted you wouldn't get blocked ducts/mastitis. On the Panache discussion thread (which I joined because I was hoping to win the Panache vouchers) someone mentioned getting underwired nursing bras from Rigby & Peller and I got all excited despite being stony broke and unable to afford a pair of pants in R&P, much less a bra, only to discover that their online store has precisely one nursing bra, an Anita one. I was really peed off. I thought R&P were supposed to be the most amazing bra company ever, and they only do one nursing bra? Pah!

Oooh, imagine being able to buy bras from anywhere and not only from Bravissimo or similar large-chested expensive shops! My sister gets lots of Topshop bras on sale. I told Mum that I was a 32FF and she was shocked rigid. She always wears a 36B. hmm But if you go with the old-fashioned measurements - ie adding 4 inches to your actual underbust measurement to get your band size - then your cup size comes up small, whereas if you go with the newer (Bravissimo) way then you have a smaller band size and larger cup. Which fits better. DH will be miserable if my boobs shrink, though. hmm

M has gone down for an early nap. Clearly the effort of being up so much in the night is wearing her out! I remember having counted 4 wake-ups by about 4.30am - and that's starting when I went to bed at midnight. Either that or she wanted to get away from my singing...

Biscuits, you didn't offend me! I know it's silly to put a baby on a raised surface. blush That's a good point about getting a safety strap for the next mini-Too to come along. Did you have to pay for it or are they free?

I seem to be unique on the boobage front see what I did there?

I hate underwired bras so am quite happy with nursing bras. If they still fit after I finish bf then I will continue to wear them. Also the add 4 inches works for me, if I get measured the new way then I get given too small a band size and it cuts into me. Not nice having a sore red line around me at the end of the day.

I much prefer wearing a non-underwired bra too Rubber. It feels like I've not got one on at all. Problem is it also looks like I've not got one on sad So I will go back to wearing horrible, uncomfortable wired ones.

DD still full of snot, but still smiling bless her. DH was out last night and I spent the whole evening pacing up and down with her to try and help get her to sleep, it wasn't fun. Still, I am out tonight and DH will have his turn <evil cackle>

DS finally has his blood test this afternoon. He still has a lumpy scabby head but he's still not unwell. The anti-biotics obviously haven't worked. So it remains a mystery.

cakes82 Fri 07-Sep-12 11:52:39

Joining the bra size chat, I've been trying to figure how to measure and when to measure for a nursing bra. I'm 36wks today and out of curiosity I measured myself the other day. I measured 34 underbust and 38 around. Before pg I was in a 34A and my maternity bras are 36B (although 36 may be a little snug) Have looked on the internet for advice and its all very confusing. I don't want to buy too many bras or spend a huge amount either.

jaggythistle Fri 07-Sep-12 12:03:37

R has missed his nap so has been awake for hours apart from a doze while feeding. despite his big brother's best efforts to cheer him up he was v grumpy. currently in sling chewing and dribbling.

somehow need to get DS1 onto and off of potty (both a challenge) and down for a nap with nappy on with no screaming.

TooImmatureTurtleDoves Fri 07-Sep-12 12:11:45

Cakes, I was reading a bra thread yesterday and as a rough guide, you should use your actual underbust measurement for your band size (so 34 for you) and the difference between that and your bust measurement is your cup size. So 4 inches = 4 cup sizes, so you would now be a 34D. I think you'd be much better going and getting fitted somewhere (only not M&S or Mothercare as they're shit - maybe John Lewis or House of Fraser if there's one near you). You're supposed to get fitted around 36 weeks, I think, and your nursing bras should be a cup size bigger than you would currently wear to allow for your milk to come in.

Jen and Scarlet, I believe (although I've only been fitted properly during pg so I can't say for sure) that if your bra is uncomfortable or digging in then you're wearing the wrong size. Having said that, I was reading a blog yesterday which said that different styles will fit different boobs better, so you might fit balconettes better than plunge bras, for instance. I'm looking forward to testing all these theories out when I stop bf.

Scarlet, yay for your night out! Are you doing anything special? Hope DS's blood test goes well today.

Does anyone know how you stop bf exactly when your little pickle doesn't like bottles?

Too safety straps are cometsly free and gratis smile

I CANNOT wait to get back into wired bras! God, I look back of photos while I was feeding ds1 and am shock at how awful my bosom looked. Not photos of me actually feeding, you know what I mean. I have kind of got used to what my bust looks like now but I know when I go back to proper bras I'll see the difference. I agree that the non wired ones are comfy, but as you say Scarlet, I look like I haven't got one on too!

I believe there are wired nursing bras available, but only in modest sizes. I'm currently something like a 36K (ridiculous) and I think between ds's I'd got them down to a HH or something, or H or J? I forget. I wish they were smaller. Even when I was a size 10 they were an E/F cup. I could just about get in at the big end of the La Senza range, but even then a lot of their styles stopped at a D cup hmm.

All I can say is thank goodness for Bravissimo. Bra shopping used to make me cry before that (and I mean literally). You'd get these horrible women trying to get me into a 72B or something and looking at me as if I was doing something on purpose to make the bras not fit, or as if I was being completely unreasonable to expect a bra to not give me two extra boobs where it cut in hmm. I love Bravissimo a lot.

cometsly? Completely!

Errrr that's tricky Pomme confused

Would she try a beaker?

I have an underwired bra - the Anita. Its a bit crap to be honest and I would not buy it again!

biscuits - she will try with a beaker but just can't take very much. I need to begin a more wholehearted approach really. i keep vowing to make the middle of the feed a formula one but time gets away with me and I put her on the boob!

middle of the day feed!

Well DD has finally gone to sleep. Normally she has had a couple of naps by now so was overtired and really crabby. Fingers crossed she has a good long sleep now

Hope DS is ok this afternoon Scarlet

jaggythistle Fri 07-Sep-12 14:54:51

DS1 eventually went to sleep and I also got DS2 down in the cot.

thought I was doing great till i turned on the monitor. cue DS2 bursting into tears. I'd left the parent unit in the bedroom and the loud feedback scared the crap out of him sad oops! he's back on the boob now, not sure if he'll sleep though!

jaggythistle Fri 07-Sep-12 14:56:11

Hope DS gets on ok scarlet

Wantsnomore Fri 07-Sep-12 15:04:11

pomme avent used to do a soft spout that fitted on their bottles, maybe something like that would work?
I have no sizable chest to speak off so I never wore underwired. I am currently a 38 d and pre pregnancy/bf I was a 36c.

We have had some travellers move into the village(they should be moved off by now) can you believe that the small children had the cheek to go up to the open windows of the Preschool and nick stuff of the shelves....when the staff were in plain view!!! shock. One of my braver members of staff went after them and was told to f****k off! By a 4 year old.

Like [[http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/aw/d/B00005BQ4P/ref=mp_s_a_2?pi=SL75&qid=1347026876&sr=8-2 this] Wants?

shock at the 4 yo - how awful sad

Or even this

pomme, I had a non bottle baby with DD. I stopped bf in the day at 8.5 months as the little tike was too bossy and i was fed up, plus got mastitis twice. I tried all sorts to get her drinking milk, all unsuccessful (even cows milk, hv said to forget formula, it tastes too bad to an ebf baby by then if they're not initially keen they won't be), did smoothies, nesquik etc etc. Beakers not bottle, tried lots of beakers/ spouts. Hv said some babies just aren't 'milky' babies. I bf am and pm til nearly 15 months but that was the last time DD drank more than a couple of sips of milk to date. She's 2 on Sunday. I don't know whether I'm happy or sad..

Dh taken DD supermarket shopping, dm taken boys in buggy so got to make most of nap opportunity but loads I wanted to say!!!

Go nap quickly Dream smile

<tucks Dream up in bed and sings a lullaby>

Crikey Peter Andre must have hit on hard times - he's just been on an advert for Gala Bingo hmm

Better go and get the big biscuit back from pre-school.

Tough day not really today where I've spent the morning drinking tea with some friends and then been to buy a stairgate. Oh and ds2 napped from 10am -1pm (I was a bit shock at that bit).

PetWoman Fri 07-Sep-12 15:41:23

Sorry, my earlier post to Dream ended up a bit out of sequence - think I must have been distracted by DS before posting it. Hope you manage a good nap, Dream .

Hope you managed a bit of sleep Dream

Pomme I have no ideas about the bottle vs boob thing. My usual answer to such things is cold turkey but I realise you probably don't fancy that.

DS was a little star having his blood test. No tears, tantrums or refusals. Just held out his arm and let them do it then said "Can I have my sweets now Mummy?" The nurses were well impressed.

Too I'm out tonight for food and drinks with a friend. I hope I manage better than last Friday. I went out with a different friend supposedly for a few drinks, managed 2 glasses of wine which went straight to my head and then had to drink water for the rest of the evening. I did stay out until 12.30 though which I thought was quite good especially as I'd stopped drinking by 9.30.

Biscuits have you read the Peter Andre threads on here? So funny.


He may have fallen on hard times but there is no doubting he loves his kids grin

Well done Scarlet's DS - he is such a brave boy! Hope the blood test shows what it is. Enjoy your night out - sounds lovely.

DH is out again here - he's always flipping out! Yet he was shock when I mentioned that one day he would probably have to put both ds's to bed if I ever went out. I had to point out that I probably put them to bed on my own about 5 nights out of 7.

Still, I guess I can do my ironing.....

Wantsnomore Fri 07-Sep-12 17:27:04

biscuits the one I had was not as fancy and new fangled as that but basically the same idea feels like I raised my older children in the days of yore smile

Were the ones you had knitted Wants winkgrin

PetWoman Fri 07-Sep-12 18:15:11

Well done to your DS Scarlet - what a superstar.

Pomme hopefully DD2 will get better at drinking from a cup or beaker?

DS just had some apple purée and loved it but when he seemed to have had enough he burst into tears. Same thing happened yesterday when DH fed him - we thought it might have been because he wanted more but I don't think that was it today. I distracted him by going for a wander in the garden, and he cheered up (and did a couple of burps). Could it have been wind? Any ideas? I hope every meal doesn't end in tears!

Biscuits your day sounds lovely. I met some friends and we went to a place that does paint your own pottery. We all did Christmas baubles for grandparents with the babies' hand prints on. It would have been fun but DS got grumpy after his prints were done which made it hard for me to add the decoration I'd planned (some stars and a little message). Got them finished in the end but it was a bit stressful!

TooImmatureTurtleDoves Fri 07-Sep-12 18:55:04

Pet, snap! M had apple puree too. Dog is currently cleaning the baby walker for me. Perhaps DS hasn't worked out quite how to say 'that's enough, thanks', as it were, so he feels like he has to cry to explain? I'm sure he'll get better at showing you he means no without crying.

I just don't think M is quite ready for BLW. I don't think she's lost her gag reflex. So I gave her bits of banana and strawberry at lunchtime to play with but fell back on puree for dinner. It went in this time!

TooImmatureTurtleDoves Fri 07-Sep-12 18:59:41

Yay for Scarlet's DS - what a superstar.

Hope Dream had a good nap.

Wantsnomore Fri 07-Sep-12 21:00:40


I am of course kidding Wants - I bet I'm either older than you or close to it smile

<bows deferentially>

hawthers Sat 08-Sep-12 07:14:06

too I've been reading that thread as well - I never knew there was a new way to measure have still been on the old plus 4 inches. Now that I've stopped bf am wondering how long before they settle down to their eventual size and I can go nice bra shopping? A week? I stopped bf so gradually I haven't had rock hard boobs.

DS1 started preschool this week and DH has been off so not been keeping pace but f has slept through pretty much every night this week shock perhaps 8 months is the time it just all comes together as we've done nothing different. Sorry dream the goalposts have moved again

TooImmatureTurtleDoves Sat 08-Sep-12 08:42:10

8 months, Hawthers? I can do that...I can manage the next 2 months with a goal in mind. I was worried about going back to work at 10 months and being totally shattered, but actually work would be more restful, I think. But that gives me hope, thank you, Hawthers!

Bloody manflu/men in general. DH suddenly started sneezing and sniffing at about 8pm last night and had to have a hot bath, paracetamol, Lemsip etc. I pointed out that there was paracetamol in Lemsip so he shouldn't have both but he wouldn't listen. He made so much noise sniffing and then groaning that I had to shut M's door and bring the baby monitor in so he didn't disturb her. Then, at about 1 o'clock, smack in the middle of one of M's only 2-hour sleeps (the rest were 1 hour), he yanked all the covers off me and climbed over me to go to the toilet because the dog was asleep on his other side and he didn't want to disturb it! angry angry Then he came back from peeing and did it again to get back in! And he said yesterday before the manflu started that I could have a lie-in and this morning he did his most pathetic voice and said he was too ill and I can have one tomorrow. angry

PetWoman Sat 08-Sep-12 10:46:01

[Shock] at your DH's night-time antics, Too (though nice that he's so thoughtful towards the dog grin ). But frankly I'd have been swearing like a fishwife at him!

jaggythistle Sat 08-Sep-12 11:46:13

Thank goodness DS1 loves his new Babybjorn toilet trainer seat. I have not had to empty a potty for almost 24hrs. grin That is all.

PetWoman Sat 08-Sep-12 12:37:19

Great news, Jaggy !

jaggythistle Sat 08-Sep-12 12:59:12

it's the little things you never thought you'd worry about. grin

even better he's been actually asking to go! this did mean getting out of the bath twice this morning, but we're impressed he seems to be getting it. he even had a first poo in the toilet, woo.

brooking for all, will try to do proper reply on pc later.

would definitely recommend the babybjorn seat though.

DS1 is in bed supposedly going for a nap, but i can hear him chatting and reciting one of his favourite books from memory instead. hmm whatever keeps him entertained!

jaggythistle Sat 08-Sep-12 13:45:02

Just reread post - DS1 was in the bath not me!

Grr at the man flu too - hope you really do get a lie in! I gave up and had DS2 in beside me for a few hours again. I do feel like I get a bit more rest, but I get a really sore back for some reason.

All bottles and pump bits washed again. was gutted at having to pour away about 3oz of milk that DS2 wasn't interested in the other day. I do now have a whole 9oz of milk in the freezer. woo. Am going to try a variflow teat to see if it helps him get the hang of it.

DS2 still asleep and DS1 gone quiet ish...

angry at Too's DH with his misplaced priorities! Not disturbing the dog?!?! Obviously the dog must be exhausted from constantly getting up to settle the baby?! hmm My DH once woke me from my first proper sleep of the "night" (at 7am) to ask if I wanted a drink?! angryhmmangry He hasn't ever done that again grin

Hooray for the babybjorn toilet seat! Go Jaggy's DS1!! Well done!! 24 hours without emptying a potty or changing a nappy sounds like heaven!!

I hope Pet's DS quickly finds a new way to let his Mum know when he's finished eating! Poor little man.

Apologies for not catching up fully on the thread, it's been fairly hectic over here! Just wanted to say that DD loved the music class the other day, she was a model baby beaming great big gummy smiles at everyone and very enthusiastically sucking banging the various instruments. She was also sitting up really well! I had her sitting between my legs in case she tumbled but she could hold herself up for quite impressive amounts of time! No sign of her actually pushing herself up into a sitting position from lying down though.

We're off out to a local city farm now with another Mummy friend of mine and her two boys, one's younger than DD but the older one is 2 so hopefully he'll really enjoy the farm. This will be DD's first outing in her pushchair (rather than the carrycot). I'm treating it as a trial run before we fly out to California with only the pushchair unit! Fingers crossed DD likes being able to look around! smile

Catch you later No Brookers!

<whispers quietly> DD slept from half 11pm until 8am this morning, then fed and went back to sleep until 11am! shock I no longer have any desire to put her on eBay! grin

Clearly it's a fluke, but it was a much appreciated fluke!

Wantsnomore Sat 08-Sep-12 15:30:07

I think 4 month sleep regression, teething and a snotty cold hit us last night! D was up 3 times between 9 & 7! Nothing compared to others, I know but hard after having so many good nights.
I can just see the edges of a tooth in the gum so I hope it comes through soon without too much trouble.

Ds1 had a job interview today and has been asked to go back on tuesday for a trial!

DD has a white spot on her gum. It is on the lower gum on her right near the front. Could this be a tooth?

Woohoo! Well done Jaggy's DS

That sounds a lot like a tooth Rubber - does it look like a little line? Hope it comes through quickly if it is and without too much trouble smile

Same for little D Wants - and hope he's done with the 4 month sleep regression now. One night is plenty - we'll have normal service resumed ASAP thank you grin

I think E has another tooth coming through too but an upper one and it's not even one of the very front ones. It's the RHS, one next to the front one. I told my Mum and she said 'oh babies always get the front top ones after the bottom front ones (which he already has both bottom front ones), he couldn't possibly have a different one.' then she had a look and said 'oh, she's right hmm'. It still looks a bit off coming through iyswim, but there is definitely a whiter line there and he is chewing for England! Hope it hurries up.

Hope everyone else is well xx

Oh and well done Scream's dd for good sleeping and for Jaggy's DS doing do well on the toilet thing. We had baby bjorn potty chairs and they were great - £££ but worth it (as DS couldn't sit properly on the normal cheapo ones as they were too small confused)

jaggythistle Sat 08-Sep-12 20:19:11

bizarrely DS1 will sit for ages on his cheapo potty, he's quite a wee skinny thing though. he's so fidgety that the original toilet seat just slid around. i figure we'll be using the seat again for R in a coupleof years so it'll be worth the 20 odd quid.

this afternoon a bit more trying, he was far too busy to stop for the toilet. no more accidents though, touch wood.

DS1 got his bottom two teeth then instead of the middle two top ones he got the next two which looked like fangs. grin hope the other mini brooers teeth come through without too much fuss.

hope DS1's trial goes well wants.

It's not a line, just a dot. Could be where the canines are?

DT2 has had white lines for bottom front teeth and been all red-cheeked, dribbly and chewy for weeks and weeks, still nothing.

Hurray jaggy, I'd just bought the BB toilet seat based on all 3 dc to use it, so pleased you rate it! This morning DD told me she was going to do a poo (well, she said 'poo!' Which is one of her about 6 words...) I asked her if she'd like to do it in her potty...'Noooo'. Hmm. Maybe not ready yet then! Hope she will do as well as your Ds1 when the time comes :

All 3 have cough and runny nose/colds. Sleep even worse as B up loads now too, and i have got to the point where I'm so tired I can't sleep sigh

In other news, DD is 2 tomorrow. 2!!!!! shock

FFS. S up for the second time already...

Laters Brookers

PetWoman Sat 08-Sep-12 22:13:32

Jaggy loving the idea of your DS1 in bed reciting works of literature for his own entertainment!

Scream grin at your DD sucking the intruments. She sounds utterly adorable. I have a feeling babies don't go from lying to sitting up by themselves for ages yet, but I'm sure Dream will let us know when she's online. <bows to the expert> I'm sure the good sleep is a new routine that she'll stick to even on holiday Hope your farm visit went well today.

Wants well done to DS1. Hope DS3 returns to his good sleeping and doesn't suffer much, or frankly at all, from the tooth (or the cold).

Biscuits sounds like E's going to have a lovely toothy grin soon! Did the first two come through without too much trouble?

Speaking of teething, does anyone have any good remedies? I've bought some teethers and rubbed on some Dentinox a few times but I'm not convinced it helps much. DS is a bit whimpery and chompy at times but I can't see or feel any teeth so think it'll be a while yet.

Btw the teethers and Dentinox are for DS not me - realise it sounded a bit ambiguous above! grin

Make that both up. Argh! Calpol o'clock

Wantsnomore Sat 08-Sep-12 22:22:01

D was a bit grumpy this afternoon and had a bit of a temperature before bed so I gave him a tiny dose of calpol. I am going to bed soon just in case he is up again.
dream I hope DD enjoys her special day despite her cold! Before you know it she will be off to school! smile
Anyone had any experience of the oxotot sprout highchair? I have been looking at it on Kiddicare.

PetWoman Sat 08-Sep-12 22:36:13

X-post Dream . <rocks S and sings lullaby desperately to help>

No brooking for general wellness in the Dream household, and for all poorly mini No Brookers!

Sounds like there's a lot of teething going on right now as well, no brooking for all teeth to pop out quickly and painlessly! <gets pen out to note down any teething advice offered to Pet>

grin at the thought of Jaggy's DS1's fangs!

By the way Dream, DD's pic is still up but I'm going to take it down again tomorrow. Our invites were delivered today, with that pic on them, and we're really pleased with how they look! smile

Woohoo! Just bought the BB travel cot! grin (Thanks Purple for the discount code!)

DD loved her pushchair and the farm today. A particularly cheeky goat managed to munch her pram toy while I wasn't looking, but it was a glorious day and lovely to be out. DD was fascinated by all the ducks quaking incredibly loudly!

Apologies if tmi, but I have a horribly sore swollen blocked gland on my left boob atm, and it's really driving me crazy. It's not a milk duct that's blocked, it's one of the montgomery's glands at the edge of the areola. It swelled up yesterday and it's just been getting more and more painful, to the point that it now looks like a second nipple (I kid you not) and I can't even bear to put my bra on. I keep hopping in the shower and pummeling it with hot water but so far that hasn't helped at all. I have no idea what to do! Sob sob. Dr Google has been no use, have any of you ever had this? If it hasn't changed by Monday I'll go to the GP, but I can't imagine what he can do other than prescribe antibiotics and I don't think it's infected yet.

scream, usually a while after they're sitting independently before they do lying to sitting themselves. Maybe 9 months ish?? I'm not a huge expert though pet, I see mostly mainstream school age. Cerebral palsy, syndrome diagnoses, coordination difficulties. Only 10-15% of my caseload is early years, and i often see either older ones, 3 ish, or complex needs so tbf I'm rarely looking for these norms. Plus, one of our criteria to be seen ASAP is being delayed half your chronological age, eg a baby not sitting at 12 months would be seen pronto from that referral coming in!! They go lie- sit either by going onto their side and pushing up, or onto tummy, all fours,leg forward and pushing back usually. You normally get sideways saving reactions around 8-9 months and backwards about 10 months from sitting?! <unhelpful>

Can't get Ben back down.. refluxy. Have eaten some chocolate yesterday. Feel guilty now. Incidentally, purple and pomme my mum asked a paeds dietician for me, and if you go dairy free you must go the GP, you need prescription strength calcium else you're both depleting your bone stores and baby/babies not getting enough. Plus you need proper advice on weaning dairy free. Im having a small panic now, going to make Dr appt on Monday!

Sorry scream, thank you, she's just so gorgeous . Fabulous picture, so pleased I've seen it grin thanks

Sorry not caught up properly sad dream have u washed jjb? So glad you like it!
I am not fully dairy free just cow dairy, so eating sheep and goats cheese, goats milk and soya milk so might be ok? I can't imagine Gp would know specifics on weaning :s

Happy birthday Drams Dd!

I have had an appalling sleeper recently as in weeks hmm that I was becoming an insomniac with it too, luckily this week has been a bit better, although last night was awful, with a chest sleeper, and I and to have a nap, which not too sure if it helped tbh

My teething help has been the sling, he loves being in there, and it is doing wonderful things for my core, I am starting to get some muscle tone back and In a short period of time too smile

Scream does it have a white head or anything on it? I.e a bleb? I would try and draw it out with hot cloths etc I am wary to say it, as you may take it too seriously but I do like to poke these things with a needle and see what happens...! Disclaimer this is not in my boob remit! But if it a bleb type thing then that is an actual treatment...

Spendy Spendy Scream hope you like!

Another thing I picked up in too you want a gag reflex when you BLW as it stops them from choking while they learn to eat smile it is good!

Rubber feel the white bit with your nail to see if it feels like tooth. ds started with one corner coming through first.

What was the Gap code ladies? smile

Nighty night I should be sleeping :/

Glad you liked the pic Dream! Don't apologise for not having a chance to look before, you have about a million more important things to think about! I hope your DD has a good sleep tonight and wakes up feeling much better for her birthday! Also, now you no longer have 3 under 2! Woohoo! Just 3 under 3, which sounds like walk in the park, ahem Thanks for all the sitting info!

Thanks for the advice Purple. There's no white head though, I'm pretty certain it's not a milk blister. It's exactly located under one of the sebaceous-type glands at the edge of the areola. It's wildly painful even if I just try doing up my sleep bra, so I have nooooooo intention of poking anything into it! It feels as though the blockage is somewhere far under the skin anyway, I think the painful swelling is just bruising, it doesn't feel like it's "full" of anything if that makes sense. It's not like a spot, I don't think it would "pop". It's also MASSIVE, literally about half the size of my nipple.

That's enough grossing everyone out! Although Gap are issuing individual codes to their "VIP members" (aka mugs who haven't unsubscribed from their mailing list!) so far I haven't been asked to show an actual code. When I bought stuff for DD, and the following day when I bought stuff for me, the checkout staff just asked upfront if I was a "VIP member" and if I'd received an offer email. When I said yes they just put through the deal, without asking to see any evidence at all. The offer ends on Sunday though, so not much time left!

PetWoman Sun 09-Sep-12 04:34:59

Happy Birthday to Dream's DD! Hope you all have a wonderful day! smile

Happy birthday Dream's DD smile

As Scream says, no longer 3 under 2 do I am brooking hard for a massive improvement in your workload from today. I envisage you'll spend an hour or two browsing the Sunday papers etc.... grin Seriously though, hope you all enjoy the day. Are you doing anything specific for it?

Scream - ouch! That sounds nasty. I have literally no idea what it it but tbh if it is so painful that you can't put a bra on I would go to the OOH doctor today. If it does need ABs then better to start them ASAP and they may be able to give some topical relief. Really hope it improves soon though confused. Also I'd go today because you want it better ASAP before your amazing holiday starts. When is that by the way.

Thank you for the sitting info Dream - that really useful (even though of course I should already know all this stuff! Sadly useful info like that has been replaced with a detailed knowledge of Fireman Sam and Octobauts characters and miscellaneous cBeebies theme tunes confused). Still no real independent sitting from ds2 but I feel like he is on the way to it. He still is sort of holding himself up on the high chair with his arms or his chest leaning on the tray (hard to explain) when we're having meals which makes it all a bit hard work for him, but he is able to sit in the highchair well enough to eat iyswim. So I'm hoping that a by-product of the weaning / high chair time will be that it beings his sitting on. I think maybe that helped ds1 in the end.

Poor sausage was up at 5am this morning, same as yesterday and I'm sure it's these blasted teeth (or tooth?). It was his first night in his own room and I found him sideways across the cot right at one end, on his tummy with one arm down between the bars! I think that had woken him up and then he noticed his teeth were hurtling so I'm just feeding him to settle him off again. I think technically he is now using me as a dummy hmmconfused (of course DH suggested I feed him and went back to bed hmm)

I've forgotten everything else and posting on my phone - will post this and read back.....


Purple hoping the sleeping improves pronto for you xx

Jaggy I'm sure you must be misremembering about DS1's teeth wink - my mother assures me it simply can't happen hmm

Kidding of course - I am looking forward to having my very own vampire baby grin

Hope everyone else is well xxxxx

jaggythistle Sun 09-Sep-12 07:08:50

if ever get 5 minutes on the pc i will try to upload a vampire baby pic. i deliberately tickled DS1 till he laughed so i could take it. grin <evil mummy>

seems quite common, I've heard of a few with fangs.

brooking for more sleeping and colds to pass quickly.

happy birthday wee*dream*!

my pfb is nearly 3! shock

jaggythistle Sun 09-Sep-12 07:12:17

has anyone tried the 'only visible to my Mumsnet mates' option on the profile? i was wondering if it would be easier to add you guys usernames rather than mess with my profile all the time for photos.

i may investigate...if i get some computer time.

jaggythistle Sun 09-Sep-12 07:14:40

ouch scream, sounds like a trip to the doc would definitely be worth it. sad

Happy birthday Dream's DD!!!

Ooooo Jaggy, sorting out the Mumsnet mates thing sounds like a much better idea than faffing with my profile over and over! Let me know if you figure it out and I'll follow suit.

Thanks for the reccommendations to see a doc sooner, it's even more painful this morning so I've decided to take your advice and head over to the walk in clinic this morning.

It seems such a shame to disturb DD though! Another good night here, sleeping from 11 to 7 and then went straight back down after feeding. shock This is just so unexpected I don't want to even breathe too loudly (grin), let alone change her nappy and put her in the car! sad

jaggythistle Sun 09-Sep-12 08:16:45

not envy at all about all that sleeping scream grin

had r in beside me from about 4 till 6.30 today. he was up at 2ish and had to change him after a random poo, then up at 4.

DS1 shouted through at 6.30 and i told him over the monitor that it wasn't morning yet. blush i eventually went through at 7 when he shouted again, only for him to tell me he'd done a poo. felt so bad for leaving him then!

Just testing out the mates option. Please can you look at my profile and let me know if you see a picture of my cat?

It's good that your DS1 is calling you for poos though Jaggy! Even if it would be nice if he pooped a little later on weekends! grin

Decided the walk in centre is unlikely to have any idea what advise me for what seems to be a relatively rare bfing problem. So I've decided to wait until a more hospitable hour and then ring my independent midwife for advice, and go to the GP tomorrow as planned. We go on hol next week Monday, but I've got my two-day residential work training course on Thurs & Fri, and I really want to be better by then!

DD is now up for the day, if that helps Jaggy? grin

No cat Rubber! Am I not a mate? Sniff sniff. grin

What about now Scream?

I can see the cat! Very elegant! Name?

Elizabeth. Well from my 2 minute fiddling extensive research it seems that the mates thing only affects pictures and not your main profile

TooImmatureTurtleDoves Sun 09-Sep-12 08:54:19

I can't see the cat. <sulks> Lots of photos of DD looking gorgeous, though, Rubber!

Right, going to make a cup of tea and come back and post properly.

I've just gone through and added everyone Too so it should be ok for you now. If I've missed anyone then let me know as I'm sure you are all fascinated by my cat

Scream please go today - worried about it being so painful. Call your IMW today but please think about going today. The OOH GP is after all a normal GP do should recognise all the things a normal GP does.

It isn't an abscess is it? I have no idea what the symptoms are / what it is really but I have heard that they are terribly painful which seems to tick your box!

Please go <kneels down in front of Scream with a pleading look on her face>

I can see the cat too - adorable smile

Now you have to tell us how to do it grin

I've just realised that I meant to order Scream to go to OOH but posted too soon blush

Right, lesson in mates only pictures

1. Go to here and select Mumsnet Mates. Add in mates

2. Go back to here and select Share photos.

3. For each photo you want to restrict change the visibility to Visible to my Mumsnet mates and then press Save

TooImmatureTurtleDoves Sun 09-Sep-12 09:30:16

<puts two teabags in cup because forgot had already put one in, comes back to sofa, sits down and pours tea over pyjama-clad legs> Can you tell I'm a bit sleepy?

Happy Birthday, Dream's DD! Hope you have a lovely day together. Is there a party?

Scream, that spot thingy sounds very sore and a bit alarming. Hope your independent MW can help. I would be tempted to poke it with a needle, as Purple says, just to see what was in it. blush <outs self as member of pus porn brigade> In the meantime, hot compresses? V envy of your sleep, by the way!

Jaggy, do upload the vampire pic, I want to see! No signs of teeth here yet but is it wrong that I'm hoping for vampire teeth in time for Halloween? Your night sounds rough. I refuse to have M in the bed because I lie rigid and can't relax if she's there. I doze - and then I wake up with a sore back from tension. I have discovered that if I get really tense for any reason my back starts to ache. Must do some core exercises and see if that helps.

Biscuits, M can only sit independently for 5 seconds max before she leans too far in one direction or another. However, she won't practice very often because as soon as I try to put her into a sitting position she tries to stand up. She's started to pull her knees up under herself when she's doing tummy time, though - it's really funny, her fat little bottom comes up (this has so far happened when she's been naked after her bath), but her arms aren't there yet, so she lies with her face in the mat getting frustrated. I read in the MN 6 month update email that babies like to see their mothers crawling around, so I have been putting her down on her tummy and crawling around in front of her like a loon.

Purple, the HV said the gag reflex had to have disappeared before BLW! confused Anyway, I am still trying her on soft finger food, but have started shoveling in a bit of puree as well to try to fill her up so I can get some sleep in vain. Yesterday I had a skim through the Annabel Karmel Weaning book for baby food ideas and she really doesn't like BLW, does she? I still really like the idea, but nothing was going in so I got frustrated. All M has learned so far is that if she drops something, the dog will eat it, which is not a lesson I want her to learn! Last night M had banana and grape bits to gnaw at, followed by banana and grape puree. I tried carrot puree but I didn't boil the carrots for long enough and they made horrible gritty puree that tasted horrible, so unsurprisingly M wouldn't eat it. DH has made some apple and carrot purees and frozen them now.

Can't see any more posts and can't remember yesterday's chat! We met up with some friends who are due to have a baby in late Oct and they were blown away by M! [PSB fatuous grin] They hadn't seen her before - in fact, they're both doctors and the last time we saw the woman was when I went in to Triage with a tiny bit of bleeding and regular BH at about 32 weeks. She was the on-call doctor then, which was great. She was saying she'd been in hospital for 4 days with quite a lot of bleeding last week (at 32+4) - it brought it all back, how stressful pg is. Maybe I'm not ready for number 3 just yet after all.

We moved all the living room furniture around last night when M was in bed and she looked so surprised when she came through this morning! But it's good, the computer desk has a proper space now and the bookcases aren't so crammed into a corner. Still, moving bloody cheap Argos and Ikea bookcases is an exercise in frustration - the bloody things kept bending like rhomboids (do I mean rhomboids or parallelograms?) instead of moving, and the backs kept falling off.

jaggythistle Sun 09-Sep-12 09:38:53

is the cat in a drawer? I'm on my phone so pics are tiny and take a fortnight to load. can definitely see a cute baby. smile will have to go photo mad later if DS1 has a nap.

it is good that DS1 is telling us about poo, that one would have ended up in his nappy whether he was up or not, he insists on getting his breakfast before putting pants on!

we had a wee accident this morning, only a spot in his pyjama trousers because he refused to stop playing. when i saw he was struggling to hold it i had to carry him to the toilet crying, which was not ideal. he did do a big pee so i still gave him a sticker in an attempt to not make it a negative thing.

we then had another stand off while he wouldn't put clothes on and huffed because all his Lightning McQueen pants were now in the wash. sigh. could be an interesting day in this mood!

hope you are getting your butt to that doctor scream <stern face>.

my friend had an abcess which was inside the boob and a hard lump, not sure if they can be outside really?

Wantsnomore Sun 09-Sep-12 09:42:29

glad rubber</