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June 2009 - Threenagers and the world of 'I WANT...'

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Skillbo Mon 02-Jul-12 23:25:45

Thought would start our new one with a typical J threenager moment:

Trying to tidy up playroom which doubles up as our dining room -

Grabbing everything and trying to shove it to the side of the room, J declares 'my want my horses' which is this random stable thing she chose with her birthday money which houses 4 horses and is massive. Obviously she can't have it at the table but she grabs it and storms off saying 'you can't tell me'

Favourite phrases:
- My want it, obviously
- No, tried and tested favourite
- why? What you doing? Who's that? What's that?
- I want daddy to do it, and vice versa as long as it's the opposite to what you've got planned

and i won't get into her wardrobe choices grin

TheNinjaGooseIsOnAMission Tue 03-Jul-12 07:19:43

I want it all and I want it now <stamps foot and looks moody> and that's just me grin back later!!

Gauchita Tue 03-Jul-12 07:39:43

Oh fabulous! <polishes new thread title>

I could write an --endless- extensive list, but I have to go to the dentist to get a cavity fixed, boohoo.

Back later.

June2009 Wed 04-Jul-12 16:53:59

Thanks skillbo smile brilliant title smile
C. also does the 'mummy do it' 'daddy do it' for outting her to sleep, pushin the trolley in the supermarket etc...
She says things like 'if you tell me this again i will <insert inadequate threat>' (kick you, put you in the naughty corner, etc)
What else at the moment... Still in transition with naps bleh .... Not fun!
The tumble dried is broken i think i might cry...
zhen how awful sad I really hope the bank refunds you xx do you have any kind if insurance that might cover it otherwise?

My old trainer (the one who got me started on the whole fitness thing 2 years ago) is coming to visit on friday and i can't wait to see him again. We're training together in the afternoon, i'm the one who designed the workout this time though, it is revenge! :D
We're all going out for drinks in the evening which will be lovely, sil is looking after C. for us.
gauchita I love the pics of M and D on facebook, so cute smile Do you think D will be tall as well?
goose are all the children on summer break now? How is that working out for you?

Hope everyone else is well xx

Skillbo Wed 04-Jul-12 19:47:07

Just a quick flyby - jazzy's horses mentioned in my 1st post are now confiscated on top of the bookcase! Seven One whinging fit too many!

Anyone watching the tennis? Good to see Andy and Roger moving through - love Roger Federer... Genuinely the nicest man in sport!

O still feeling his snuffles a bit but J seems her normal self thank goodness... Week away next week and then my maternity is over! Gone so quick and big restructure announced today so not really looking forward to it! At least got quite a bit of time stashed in case of redundancy but obviously need to stay employed really!

June - sounds like sweet revenge, hope you get him all worked up.

zhen - any news on getting your money back? Got lots crossed for you

Right, washing and washing up calling (much smaller kitchen in our new house so it really builds up quick!).. Got everything crossed for a good night for O and J

night all

Skillbo Wed 04-Jul-12 20:35:20

And for those of you with more than one little one, do you post on lots of other post-natal threads [has visions of ninja feverishly trying to keep track of multiple threads grin]

Feel like its a nice way to keep a record as i keep all of these ones but don't know if i have the time - struggle to keep up with this one to be honest. Have met some lovely juners though so might be nice to chat to these women... ?

snowwombat Thu 05-Jul-12 22:13:46

Dammit, i wrote an essay to let me back in the club and MN has bloody eaten it.
Girls, I hope you are all ok and surviving the threenagers. Mine is trouble. Articulate meltdowns oover completely irrational things. There was a muddy clothes/sister's escaping poo/bath incident tonight, but I have lost the will to write it all out again now
skillbo back to work already? Where are you going next week <nosey>. How is little O now? J sounds very funny with her horses smile
gauchita I hope your day got better my dear, did you get your translation done?
ninja how are things are your place? any big family adventures over the summer? How is BIL/ new baby?
june I am very angry at the way you were treated in the lounge. I have seen far too many pigs of businessmen left to be drunk and rude. I would complain. I hope you have a lovely day with your old trainer tomorrow
zhen oh dear, what an absolute bugger about the card. Are you ok for food/nappies etc? When my card was cloned in the states recently, the telephone 'customer support' were useless but the branch had a new card to me in 3 days and sorted all the fradulant transactions.

Hi everyone else. I had better post this before I lose it.

snowwombat Fri 06-Jul-12 10:11:51

Oh my god, please let this day get easier.
So far, Angus woke 4.45am (fairly typical), played nicely in my room for a while, then after I had gone back to sleep (bad mother) he slid under the stair gate, went downstairs, did a poo, took it out of his nappy and has rubbed poo in most of the his cars/trucks/garage set/my phone charger/smears on walls/carpet you get the idea. I'm afraid I saw red and have screamed at him sad sad. I have now been cleaning shit for the best part of 4 hours. He then refused his breakfast and threw the entire bowl of weetbix on the floor. Absolutely fucking marvellous.

And it is pissing rain here, and we didn't go to playgroup cause we are waiting in for my passport, and our friend's dippy daughter who was staying in the flat has posted our only key through the fucking letterbox despite being asked 3 times to send it, you get the idea.

Coffee and calm down time. I predict a duvet day here

Gauchita Fri 06-Jul-12 10:20:38

Oh my God Snow... what a start of the day! sad

Have a hug from me, woman ((())) Accidents of the "deliberate" type make me count to 50 angry

I take it DH is not with you.

Don't know what to say except I wish you lived nearer so as to offer a hand.

Put a DVD on, take laptop and tea with you and don't let him out of your sight for a few hours in case he's tempted to do it again <sends patience>

Skillbo Sat 07-Jul-12 22:04:10

Holy shit Snow, that is dreadful.. Really hoping you had a much much MUCH better day today! And don't beat yourself up about the yelling - i'm not sure how i would react to that but strong words would most definitely have been had - blimey!

And don'twe're just off to a holiday park outside poole for a few nights but am very much looking forward to it! Mind you, there's 4 adults & 3 kids (one of which is flaky O) in a caravan - interesting times methinks!

Anyone else watching tennis? Will be glued to the tv tomorrow - c'mon Andy!

ZhenThereWereTwo Sat 07-Jul-12 22:55:00

Oh Snow sad

You were remarkably restrained just yelling. When N was training I once refused to give her a nappy to do a poo and told her she had to go on the potty. She in protest went inside her tent (which we had set up in the front room) and pooed all over our rug, then stood in it so that it got trampled over the rug inside the tent and was smeared on the tent, some of her toys and all over her wellies which she was wearing.

Along with yelling I also threw her favourite Upsy Daisy wellies and some of her toys. I refused to clean them. She never did it again.

Have fun Skillbo, hope the weather holds for you.

Still waiting to hear from bank about getting money back. The Police have viewed the footage and can see fraudsters accessing machine at that time so I am hoping they will have the money back to me soon.

snowwombat Sat 07-Jul-12 23:43:14

THANKYOU so much girls thanks wine
Today was a bit better, still poo involved though- pooed his pants whilst we played in the garden (the only 30mins it didn't rain here today). I don't really understand it, he has been doing so well with TT.

Have a lovely break skillbo 4 adults in a caravan should be interesting hope you have a lovely time and get some sunshine and beach days
zhen oh don;t worry, there was toy throwing out. I scrubbed some but several cars went in the bin, along with the phone charger. Joy.
gauchita you made me laugh. I have become such a shouty mum of late, I barely make it to 3. I will endeavour to make it to 10 at least grin.

TheNinjaGooseIsOnAMission Tue 10-Jul-12 10:01:31

morning all smile

skillbo, the internet wasn't around 21 years ago grin so I only have this pn thread because we weren't properly online at home when I had the older dcs, I certainly couldn't keep up with the who's who of multiple pn threads grin Hope the week away is going well with no horse confiscations!

gauchita, ouch, hope the dentist went ok.

snow, glad you're feeling a little better wine sounds much needed, I'd certainly have shouted. Hope this week is proving less stressful!!

june, how did the workout with your old trainer go? I'm still puzzled as to how you ended up with a hangover though grin Ds1 finishes school on friday and the others finish at the end of next week, so a few more days of relative peace grin No plans yet, depends on the weather really!

zhen, any news on getting your money back, that's awful?!!

bil is doing ok, baby is gorgeous! He's got his op scheduled for next week, we were all expecting some kind of chemo or radiotherapy first as that was what they originally said but they've scanned him again and changed the plan.

E has a farm trip on thursday with his preschool, a whole day without him! But they have him down for his 5 mornings from september which he is quite happy with, he asks to go most days as he likes playing football with the boys, so he tells me!

waves to all smile

Gauchita Tue 10-Jul-12 11:59:04

Meaning to catch up since the weekend grin I'll be back later today!

Gauchita Wed 11-Jul-12 09:43:29

Taking advantage of the fact that D is asleep and M is playing. Right, I've got 5 minutes! grin

Snow, how are things? Any more accidents? We had two on Sunday after M came back from a Bday party... she just stood and looked at us hmm Is work still quiet? giving you a break, I hope smile

Zhen, hope you managed to get your money back. Glad to hear they had CCTV.

Skillbo, are you on your break already? Caravaning sounds fun smile We've had some patches of sunshine with horrid black clouds behind so I hope you've had the same and stayed dry smile I'm not on other PN threads. I don't think I'd be able to keep up grin

June, hope you had a great time with your old trainer. Are you away atm? I saw a pic on FB and a post talking about Vienna. If so, hope you're having a nice time.

Ninja, glad to hear BIL is doing ok. Everything crossed for him for the surgery. How's your SIL doing?

I was following the thread on expat's dd sad Such sad news, we were all thinking of them and praying for her to pull through. Such a bastard of a disease sad

I'm having one of those weeks hmm D caught an ear infection this weekend (after we were in hosp last week as he was wheezy and working hard to breathe). ABs for him, I've had a sore throat since Thursday (and apparently it can take up to 10 days to clear, besides not being able to take anything as I'm BFing), a blocked duct on the same boob again, AND work with a deadline... joy!

I've just delivered the job so that's one down. D is better but came up in a rash last night, all over his body, so docs today.

Struggling to be able to work and entertain toddler and baby at the same time. Really wondering how to proceed best re. work. I don't want my career to die a sudden death grin but I don't seem to have enough time (besides not being able to train further or be "in" iykwim). I'll see if I can start a thread on the freelance section asking for some advice/tips.

So, will we have another meet-up then?


snowwombat Wed 11-Jul-12 23:34:19

just a quick one as it has been long long days here and spent 4hrs on the car today popping to our old place and for A to have his eye appt at the hospital
I hope to write a decent post tomorrow- which brings me to answer gauchitas question about work-
the only was I get things done is to do them at stupid o clock at night, or if possible, bribe the kids with a DVD (aussie play school is great, better than beebies), or I neglect Z when A is at nursery and let her run riot for half an hour while I churn out something. Or, the simplest option- nanny- ours is coming tomorrow as I have acheived fuck all very little since DH has been away. We are very fortunate that this nanny likes doing temp work, and so we can just book her a week or two in advance for a day or two. Would this be an option for you?

Hello everyone, looking forward to a catch up soon.
Oh and yes to a meet up. By the end of next week I might know where we will or won't be living in 6 weeks time. Can't go back to our flat-we got tenants in v quickly and they've signed for 12 months. What a relief.

Gauchita Thu 12-Jul-12 21:53:10

Hi Snow.
How did the appt go? I'm sorry I can't remember an eye appt for A blush Hope everything went well.
Thanks for replying. What you mention is so similar to what I have to do sometimes. I guess I feel guilty, besides tired and frustrated with how much (or little) I can do. I feel horrible for being "with" them but not actually or actively with them for hours sometimes while I do some work. I'm not a night person, and I'm so tired after, say, 11pm I just feel comatose grin I really need my brain to make sense of texts, I really can't risk working when I can't make much sense as then it just means I have an even longer revision stage.

I so so so wish I could afford a nanny. But the thing is, as work comes up as and when, and they're usually short projects (esp as I've only recently come back from ML, so PMs might have changed in the agencies I was working with so they don't know me and hence don't call me, etc) so if I were to hire a temp nanny like you, I'd end up either paying her the total amount of what I'd make or maybe more? sad

Then I think of other people who are worse off and I feel like a soppy moaner.

How have you all been?

Skillbo Fri 13-Jul-12 21:33:46

Evening all!

Thanks for all your nice weat vibes - they worked for the first half of the week... Shame about the rain towards the end but J got a tummy bug then so we would've been in anyway (she was sick in the swimming pool so they had to close it for the rest of the day - a really horrible, wet day too blush). Was a fun holiday overall but my friends ds is quite hard work and LOUD (soooo loud!) and a bit spoiled and so excites to be on holiday - phew!

gauchita - working is hard, don't know how you ladies do it with little ones around too! I go back to work on Monday (it has come round so quick!) and although i will miss my family so much, i think it will be nice to get a hot cup of tea! Good luck - i hope something lucky comes up to sort out your dilemma!

It would be crazy to meet up so, obviously depending on when & where, i would love to come!

zhen - any money news?

ninja - Lovely to hear the new lo is doing so well. Hoping for a speedy recovery for your bil smile how was E's farm trip?

snow - i seemed to spend a large portion of my holiday crouched in toilets willing J to poo... Endless! Still managed an accident on the toilet floor - blooming poo angry but then she got quite ill and has been adorable ever since.. I was proud of her this week grin and O had fun too, I think.

Right, need to mindlessly stare at the telly for an hour then bed... Hope all fabulous with you all x

June2009 Tue 17-Jul-12 21:01:46

gosh snow what a nightmare with poo sad I hope you find out within the next 6 weeks where you will be living, that must be stressfull. How's things with dh? Mine's just distant, on the phone all day, on the internet all evening, doesn't hear me when I talk to him, not massively interested in sex which sadly makes me think I just don't turn him on anymore (and that is affecting my self esteem even though I've never looked or felt better) I'm really confused and try not to think about it or it depresses me.

Do you guys ever get to go out with friends?
I'm craving some proper "me" time with friends where I'm not a mum or a wife, just me. I went to the cinema with a couple of friends the other day, first time in 3 years and it was so liberating. Isn't that sad?... really need to plan another night out soon!

Yes Yes to a meet up, in London? Hopefully C will not have the runs this time! or whatever it was she had last time that prevented us from going!
Somewhere indoors would be good seeing this miserable and moody weather how about a softplay area somewhere so the kids can run around together?

To snow and gauchita and anyone else working from home, I have pretty much given up trying to do any kind of work while C is here, unless I stick the tv on (even then, it's the never the right program or film and she wants it changed 5 times every half hour).
gauchita what a nightmare of a week for you, so much on! yes work is hard but you need to keep in the loop, argh <pulls hair>
She's going to nursery full time from end of september, I'm thinking of qualifying as a personal trainer, need to do more research, the money is shit I know that much...and I love working out...
goose skillbo and gauchita meeting up with my old trainer was fabulous, I missed him so much! I killed him on the gym floor, revenge is sweet :D:D He texted me yesterday saying he might be getting some occasional work in London and will let me know so we can train together again wich is just lovely. Would you believe it he is still a personal trainer but as a side job he is now a stripper!!
goose the hangover ...we met up with my old trainer in the evening, dh and a few friends from the gym he used to know, went to the pub and had a few drinks. I just can't drink anymore, 2 glasses and I get a hangover!!

gauchita how is your sore throat? I've just come down with one (doing too much!!) going to GP tomorrow morning to see if he can give me some magic pills.
I did go to Vienna for 3 days, city break with dh and C, it was great although not many things to do specifically for children so that was quite hardwork. We took the pram with us, didn't take it out the first evening when we got there and quickly decided there was no way we would not take it with us the next day LOL. C either didnt want to walk or wanted to run around. :D
Then when we did have the pram C didn't want to go in, or wanted to push it herself (bumping into unimpressed people in the street), or put her toys in it (then we had to make sure we hadn't lost the toys every 10 minutes etc etc etc etc you get the picture :D:D) <sigh> it was great though :D

C is much better in restaurants now (apart from "needing" the loo the minute the food hits our plates!!) so it wasn't a complete nightmare ;) the flights were only 2 hours and C was absolutely fine. Vienna is a lovely city, I would definitely go back.

zhen what happened in the end with the bank and the money? how awful sad
skillbo that has happened to C also, puke incident in the pool which they subsequently had to close, eek. Hope she's better now!!! how old is your friend's ds?

Gauchita Wed 18-Jul-12 08:59:56

Morning ladies,

June, sore throat gone, thankfully. Nurse over the phone said it could take 10 days for it to go, and she was right hmm Oh, Vienna looked great, I saw a couple of pictures on FB.
M is going to school part-time in September, D will be the same days at nursery, but the thing is, my work (the linguistic type) comes up whenever, without much notice and something I have to do at night, after they've gone to bed. I so wish I were a night owl grrr
Glad to hear the meet-up with your old trainer went great. Vengeance is sweet grin
Sorry to hear things are not too great with DH. I wouldn't attribute it to you, if I'm honest, June. It sounds as if this has to do with him: too much into work, stressed out, etc etc. We've been in those cycles too sad and once you're in the loop of not listening to each other, not having proper conversations, not enjoying a meal (even at home!) together, etc it's a hard one to break. How was he during your break in Vienna? Did he manage to not think about work and relax a bit?

Skillbo, how was the return to work? Hope you enjoyed your hot cuppa smile Glad to hear the holidays were nice. Is J all better now?

Still in the house of baby wheeze here sad Hosp on Monday, they gave him some o2 and observed him for a few hours. Still wheezy but using inhaler every 4hs to control it, we'll see.

Work is busy, had to catch up yesterday with things I hadn't been able to do on Mon (due to going to hosp) but I was with both DC in tow, man is this hard grin

Hope everyone is well.

Gauchita Fri 20-Jul-12 20:36:53

<opens door>

It's quiet here grin

Hope everyone is bracing themselves for the summer that is supposed to be arriving tomorrow! <excited>

Hope everyone has a great weekend.

Gauchita Sat 21-Jul-12 07:31:05

Yay! We have sunshine! smile smile smile long may it last ha! grin

June2009 Sun 22-Jul-12 20:50:31

Hey sunshine here too ;) enjoying it!

I had antibiotics for my sore throat, it's gone now thankfully all I have is a bit of a stuffy nose.

Hows everybody?

TheNinjaGooseIsOnAMission Sun 22-Jul-12 21:49:33

evening all smile

gauchita, hope D is better now, that photo of M and dh was lovely.

snow, hope you've found out whether you're coming or going by now!

skillbo, hope the return to work went well.

zhen, any news on the bank yet?

june, hope you're feeling better now. Very envy of your trips away, sounds lovely!

it's been a manic couple of weeks in the lead up to the end of term, I'm so pleased it's all over! E had fun on his farm trip, he saw a bus (the one he went on) and some bikes . . . I'm pretty sure there were some animals, they obviously didn't rate a mention grin Dd3 is going into a brand new centre at her school in september, it sounds really exciting, but on the other hand, a little nerve wracking being one of the ginea pigs!

bil has had his op!! I'm so angry for him. He had his op on weds afternoon, dosed up to the ceiling on morphine and was hallucinating that evening. Thursday they refused to give him so much as a paracetamol because the doctor forgot to write up any pain relief for him, when he asked for the duty doctor because of the pain he was in they said to him, and I quote, 'you're not the only patient in this hospital'. Sil is still livid, she was home with the baby and couldn't get in and he didn't think to ring her, he finds it hard to think about doing things like that, it's one of his side effects. So he's sat there with a huge scar running from the top of his ear in a big semi circle round to the back of his head, two black eyes and a horrendous amount of swelling on his face becasue they had to dislocate his jaw and they wouldn't give him any pain relief. Friday morning he saw the doctor who didn't seem that bothered, offered to prescribe something but I think sil may have told him where to stick it, and then discharged him. Sil took him straight to the gp who sorted him out. Looks like it went ok though, just got to wait for more results again.

hope you've all had some of the lovely sunshine we've had today, so lovely to get the washing out on the line again!! Waves to all smile

Gauchita Sun 22-Jul-12 22:05:40

Oh Ninja, that is just disgraceful, what an absolute lack of everything angry angry angry Shame on them. Glad to hear it went ok, though. Fingers super crossed for results to come back clear for him. I have your SIL in my thoughts, I can't help but think what she's going through with a tiny baby in tow and the worry for her DH sad

Glad to hear E enjoyed his trip. It's amazing how anything with wheels takes their full attention, isn't it? M wouldn't stop talking about the tractors in the farm grin Any plans for the summer holidays?

June, glad to hear throat is sorted now smile We had some great sunshine this afternoon (morning not so much). It was warm as well! Hope this week the sunshine continues.

Quiet weekend here. Finally taking up that "job" at work in August, as the person that was in charge of it decided to leave. Doing some research and preparing things now!

TheNinjaGooseIsOnAMission Mon 23-Jul-12 12:27:54

exciting gauchita, I will be watching grin

Gauchita Mon 23-Jul-12 14:37:11

<Feels the pressure> grin

snowwombat Tue 24-Jul-12 22:16:55

<opens door and creeps in hoping no-one notices the tardy entrance>

hey how about an oop north meetup grin gauchita seems we are on our way to y o r k sh i r e. DH got a permanent job. So currently amid the chaos of finding somewhere new to rent, giving notice here, packing, new childcare, my <fingers crossed> new job, etc.

This business coupled with my email account being hacked and all contacts and emailed deleted, after a kind person in Nigeria hacked in and sent an email to everyone as me, telling them I was stuck in london and needed money. Bastards. My poor almost 90 year old grandmother was ready to send money and I was fine, just heading home from a work trip to s p a i n. So, a mixed week of good and bad, but ridiculously busy. Oh , and i'm off to do my britishness test this weekend, ahead of my application to become a british citizen. Better get studying!

gauchita Well done on the new job. That is great news. Back to the issue of getting things done. The temp nannies we have had over the last 2 years have often been available at the last minute, so if I got work a week in advance or even 48hrs, I could usually come up with childcare. The work doesn't always cover the cost of the childcare, but in the long term, I have still made a profit, so I see it as a bit of a balance. Like you, I need to be seen to be accepting the work and getting known again, so that more work comes my way. And it has so far. <keeps fingers and toes crossed>. I hope you can find some solution that works for you. Have you had a nosey at childcare dot co dot uk- i found a few of ours on there. The other option was getting one of the nursery workers to come early evening so they could help with bed/bath and I could start working earlier than 9pm.

ninja i am appalled at the treatment of your BIL. It really warrants a complaint to PALS. I am sure neither he or his wife have the time for that at the moment, but I am so angry at the catalogue of f** ups that seem to have been his care. I hope the get some good news soon.
How exciting for dd3 going into a new unit. Lots of shiny new rooms/equipment etc? A summer holiday to enjoy first.
E needs to come to our place- constant tractors/trailers/combine harvesters etc. The traffic up and down our lane provides wonderful amusement. Coupled with the helicopters and the air force fighter jets low flying, we are a transport haven smile

june well done on the trip away. Sorry it didn't go quite as planned. Did you have a nice time with DH while you were there? As to time to be me, not mum, etc, I rarely get out in the evenings here, but I spend alot of time chatting via skype with my sister or best mates in oz. I try and chat to a friend (pre children) on the phone at least one night a week. Work helps too, and of course, I am always abandoning the family to work away, so I do get alot of time to myself when I am away. DH and I- well, it still isn't good. I worked my arse off to organise him a fab fortieth party. Everyone had a great time, but he was back to being an arsehole within a few days. Now he works away all week and we might speak 15mins a day max sad. I am hopeful that now the job situation is sorted, and that stress that has been hanging over us for nearly 2 years is gone, we might get back on track with the move north. I am v v grateful that I have my job and a wonderful group of mates that are very supportive. I can't give you any advice, except when we are together in the evening, we do try and have some time without phones/laptops etc as it is too easy to be both sat there on the computer and not talking. This development is in its' early days, so we will see.

zhen you ok?? Did the money get sorted? How are big and little Ns?

skillbo how is the return to work? you surviving?

Hi everyone else, hope you are enjoying the summer weather! Finally! We had hours of fun in the garden with a hose and sprinkler today.

Gauchita Wed 25-Jul-12 10:51:56

Have to run, so short post!

Snow, woo hoo to a permanent job!!! Yaaaay!!! You must feel so relieved!!! Congratulations to your DH. And yay for coming oop north! smile Definitely a meet-up here soon then.

Thanks for tips re. nanny. I'll have a look at that website.

Good luck on the test!!! Do they tell you the results there and then or do you have to wait a bit?

Hope everyone is well.

June2009 Fri 27-Jul-12 08:37:30

Wow Snow congrats to dh and nice one on finally knowing where you'll be living x Hope everything works out well from now smile
Did you pass your test? I wanted to take it years ago, bought the book etc then they changed the book (!! History remains right???) and I felt really ripped off and never bothered.

Typically I forgot what everybody else said and can't scroll...

Ninja hope bil and sil are coping ok, do you know if they have complained?

GauchitaOlimpica Sat 28-Jul-12 22:13:47

Evening all!

What a fantastic ceremony yesterday, we really liked it.
Hope everyone's well and enjoying the sunshine (although it was quite chilly today up here).
Snow, any news as to when the move will be? Email sorted now? How grrr for you.
June, hope you had fun today smile
Ninja, how's BIL? Have they complained with PALS?

Went to the cinema today with DC. M loved it, D slept the whole time grin Only bad point of the day is DH managed to bust one of the front wheels of the pushchair (lift wasn't working, we had to use the escalator and he wasn't looking properly and wheel got stuck and bent)

Worst part is yesterday we sold the other pushchair we had, the bigger one from birth that we had bought for D. So Monday I'll have to call ML and ask if they can sell another one? I have no idea if that can be done anyway! Grrrr

TheNinjaGooseIsOnAMission Mon 30-Jul-12 16:42:35

afternoon all smile

snow, fab fab fab news, big yay for permanent job and move!! Any news on your test, job yet? I was gobsmacked to learn how expensive it is to become British! Does this mean an end to all the visa hassle? I have E's bag packed, when do you want him grin No shiny new building this year, but possibly in the next couple of years if the plans all work out, they have to be able to prove it's worth first.

june, I wouldn't be surprised if they tried to rewrite history just to squeeze a few extra quid out of people grin it's not good is it!

gauchita, good name change!! Loved the opening ceremony too, apart from all the athletes coming it, dh had a little snore whilst that bit was going on. Gutted for the British diving duo, fluff one dive slightly and you go from first to end up fourth, that's got to hurt. Any news on the buggy?

skillbo, how's work going?

I'm still very angry for b&sil, not what you expect from a top London hospital! Unfortunately it's not been good news, test results from the op were pretty bad, they reckon he has about another 5 years tops with treatment, he's due to start radio therapy soon and will have 6 months of chemo starting at some point. Not want you want to hear at any stage, let alone when you have a newborn. Dh is devastated for them, first time I've seen him cry for a very long time, even though we sort of saw this coming. We shall see, you never know what may happen in the next 5 years <tries to be hopeful>

waves to all

snowwombat Tue 31-Jul-12 21:57:21

Hi girls,apologies if the spelling is worse than normal, trying out mn on the ipad.
Thanks for all your lovely supportive messages. Was really kind of you. dh is looking at some rentals this week, I hope we might find something by the weekend. After all the build up of my little test, I missed the bloody thing after being stuck on a closed motorway for 2 hrs. There was a nasty accident and I was only half a mile behind. There is noangryangry flexibility or common sense in the b order agency. So 50 quid down the train plus all 7 hrs in the car and now I am going to Cardiff this sat to try and sit the bloody thing. Couldn't go into another slot that day, despite there being another 6 hrs of testing that day. Grrr

gauchita how you doing with work child care balance? I use Skype babysitting a lot grin
june I can't bloody scroll but I know I wanted to ask you something. Have you arranged another girls might out? How are things with Dh at the moment
ninja I am so sadsad for your family. Who knows what might happen with treatment advances, something fast I hope. Thinking of you and sending a big hug.
Send E here, a would love a visitor. He is v unsettled and has been so difficult with tantrums, regression of TT, etc. we had a better day today, took him to a local farm and he was great. Missing his daddy I think.sooner we get north, the better
Off to watch some Olympics, how great we're the women's gymnastics tonight? I think the British girls did so well

GauchitaOlimpica Tue 31-Jul-12 23:46:19

Flash post

Ninja, I'm so sorry to hear that sadsadsad I have them all in my thoughts and prayers, this must be such a hard time sad Hope they manage to log a complaint with PALS.

Argh DS awake now.

Back tomorrow

June2009 Thu 02-Aug-12 17:25:28

ninja that's awful sad a friend of mine was given a few years and made it through and has been clear for a couple of years now, will facebook you their blog.

gauchita i too am enjoying the olympics, havent manaed to watch anything during the day but i usually catch up in the evening with the diving and weightlifting.

snow good news on the move and job, good luck wirh your test x things with dh the same really I can see that at times he does try a bit harder but i feel like it's not really enough. Over the past month i have spent every evening talking to my friends on facebook instead of him as he is just not listening when i start a conversation, he just doesn't reply. Next night out on monday which I hope will be nice.

Got a henna tattoo yesterday smile

TheNinjaGooseIsOnAMission Thu 02-Aug-12 20:03:33

evening all smile

thanks for all your kind thoughts ladies xx

snow, good luck for your test, hope there's no hiccups this time. Any news on your impending move yet? Hope A is a little more settled, E is loving all the extra helicopters we've been having over the house, just commercial mainly where we are, he loves the big army ones. We saw the ones carrying the olympic flame into London, watching on the telly and realised they were overhead so dashed outside!!

gauchita, I see photos of food grin looks yum! Glad you're enjoying it smile

june, thanks for that smile Have fun on your night out.

I'm quite getting into all this olympic stuff, so much better than the usual crap that is day time telly! Just a shame the weather isn't a little drier, it's harder to find cheap things to do with the kids when it's wet.

waves to all smile

snowwombat Sat 04-Aug-12 14:47:37

I've passed the britishness test this morning.Woohoo! Now I am entitled to give the home office lots more money for my next visa Can't wait grin.
Not much news on the move,the rentals DH looked st this week were not suitable. Have sort of found a house to buy smile meeting with the bank next week,fingers crossed we can get a mortgage approval and get an offer in in time.
Sorry for the me me post
Hope you are having a good weekend +how good is team GBs medal haul today.Amazing.

TheNinjaGooseIsOnAMission Sat 04-Aug-12 18:16:48

excellent news snow, well done!! grin torch Happy house hunting, let us know if you need a hand to find your next mansion grin hope all goes well with the bank. The action in the velodrome and on the lake has been amazing!

GauchitaOlimpica Sun 05-Aug-12 20:47:21

Not being the best at catching up these days grin

Hope everyone's well. Nice quiet weekend here. We've got a friend visiting us atm. I saw him last year but Tom hadn't seen him for 5 years so it's nice to have him here. Besides, no one comes up north when they come to England grin They all go to London and then bugger off grin

Yesterday poor D fell from our bed sad I felt so so so guilty. I turned around for a couple of seconds and I heard a bang. My heart sank sad He's ok but has a small bump on his forehead. Such guilt sad

Snow, woo hoo! Well done, lady. So there's another visa to renew then? The ILR?? Fingers crossed for you for the bank appt and approval smile Have you had time to read the book? How are you finding it?

Ninja, we're becoming quite addicted to the Olympic broadcast as well grin Only Olympic related stuff on TV these days here. M loves it! She starts imitating them grin

June, did you manage to watch the weightlifting today? It was impressive! I was shock to see the weight they were lifting! Sorry to hear things with DH are still a bit "@$£@£$" When you go out on your own, does he manage to "connect" with you in a conversation, or a simple chat??? Or does he continue in "busy" mode? With DH it's sometimes tricky as he gets calls from our boss at any time, wherever we are, and sometimes it's quite angry for me, esp if we're in the middle of a meal out or busy with the DC. But my face shows it quite quickly so he's getting better at saying "I'll call you in a bit" hmm

Zhen, Skillbo, how are things?

Watching the athletics now!

Skillbo Mon 06-Aug-12 22:32:49

Evening ladies - i'm so sorry for the lack of posting... Being back at work & the fabulous Olympics don't leave me much time of an evening but still a bit slack!

Work is ok - sadly doesn't feel like i've really been away but that's good in a way as don't want to feel out of my depth. Think i mentioned there's a big review and genuinely think i will be up for redundancy as they're centralising a lot and my role is a bit of an anomaly... Won't find out until October either - the joys of working for a big company!!

Thank goodness for the Olympics - team GB have excelled answer i got very emotional about Andy Murray & Mo Farrah in particular... torch

snow - yay for a permanent job for dh and i hope you have a good meeting with the bank, fingers crossed! Also, congrats on passing your test - sounds like a great ensure to a crazy few weeks!

ninja - am so soeey to hear about your bil and am so sad for your dh! I work in healthcare and there are just incredible advances all the time so hope beyond hope something can help him! My thoughts are with your sil - how's your new niece getting on?

june - hope things are ok with you? Tempted to try for the Olympics given your fabulous new fitness - i am just in awe.. One of the gymnasts is older than me and she was 5th in the individual vault - amazing and so inspiring! Really want J to have a love of sport - she is active to the extreme so think we should look into channeling that - she seems a bit small right now but must look into it! O is currently following her footsteps - not crawling yet but desperate to and can get things just out of his grasp... Scary just how quick they grow up sad

gauchita - don't be too sad about D falling off the bed! J has done it a couple of times given(that sounds so bad!) and once ahead went backwards from sitting and landed on her head/neck - i was terrified she'd really damaged herself! She was fine! O has also fallen out of his blow up ring (on dh's watch i might add!) and ended up with a shiner... Well, red mark but made me a little sad!

Right - going to see how we won our 2 golds today and catch up on the diving and gymnastics... Awesome stuff!

and we landed on mars today - how mad is that!

Skillbo Mon 06-Aug-12 22:34:48

Wow - so many typos... Sorry!

June2009 Thu 09-Aug-12 09:15:37

Skillbo sorry to hear about your job, it's so stressfull. Are you going to start looking around just in case? I didn't notice any typos x

The olympics are great smile gauchita we went to see weightlifting at excel and it was brilliant, women 75 Kg+ and they have broken regional national olympic and world records!!!!!

Jut dropped C off to nursery and i am dreadin our holiday to France to be completely honest, she seems to be whingeing from dawn to dusk and it's really grating on me what with things with dh being difficult and work being stressfull I feel like I can't get a grip. <sigh>
We're going to see family and friends pretty much everyday and if C is not on bet behaviour I know my dad will make comments that will hurt me.
Reading it back I sound just stressed don't I.

I have ha a night out with somw friends which was lovely and went out with my cousin to do some trapeze in regents park which was fun, we're going again in 2 weeks.
My brother is coming to visit and my cousins are also here this weekend so we're hoping the weather holds for a big bbq with everybody on Sunday.

Going to the olympics to see wrestling on saturday!!

ninja was it this time last year you were having your loft done? I bet it's really nice havin the extra room. How's the cat now by the way? and is dd1 on hols from uni? back home for the summer? it is a lot more expensive and hard work when you have to find something to do/go somewhere to keep the kids occupied.

We're movin on with the naps I think so that C goes to bed earlier.
One of the mums from nursery was telling me every now and then she gets to apend a night at a friends house so she doesn't have to worry about her two for a whole night and morning, isnt that great??

Id better send this before i loose it all!

TheNinjaGooseIsOnAMission Thu 09-Aug-12 10:37:08

morning all smile

gauchita, that photo of M 'walking the beam' was brilliant, I think she scored a 10 across the board grin

skillbo, sorry to hear about the job! I've found myself shouting at the telly far too often, it's not like the athletes can hear me grin I saw Andy Murray practising for the olympics a few weeks ago, he was drawing quite a crowd. The baby is doing great thanks, bit of a chunk now and totally gorgeous, they grow up way too quick.

june, how amazing was that video!! New career there for you. You've a good memory, yes it was a year ago we had the loft done, dd2 and ds1 have managed to make their rooms look like a bombsite very quickly <sigh> definitely worth it though. Dd1 has been back for a while now, she's staying with her boyfriend as she doesn't have to get up at silly oclock there. She's got a summer job with one of those childrens holiday camp places so that's keeping her very busy, it's the same one she did last year but she's in charge of the little ones this time and had ofsted in on her first week! Don't worry about your dad, I'm sure most people understand that 3 yos have their moments, E certainly does! Enjoy your family visits smile

still enjoying the olympics here, dh is getting a bit fed up with it all though. I'm watching one of the martial arts things atm but am totally distracted by the way the ref is dancing around, I am most amused grin

waves to all smile

snowwombat Fri 10-Aug-12 14:40:58

Hello girls, how good is it to see the sunshine a few days on the trot. Glorious, especially as we have had visitors all week+now have family to stay.
ninja prime location, 5 bed min within ten miles of s carboro, property porn galore smile skillbo j would like the several properties with stables available. in fact june the rocking horse would fit too if you are sick of it at your place smile.
We have offered on a house bit currently in a bidding war. will see what Monday brings. Horrible wait.
june darling you sound so stressed. we have daily meltdowns andconstsnt whinging here too.it is called being three.
skillbo Bugger about the job stress,thinking of you. is there life outside the nhs?
bettergo, z waking . happy Friday girls

Skillbo Fri 10-Aug-12 22:21:48

Just a quick drop in as watching the diving... one of our divers has just gone out sad

Thanks for your kind words - work isn't that bad really, posted after a bad day. My manager is great and I know will shout on my behalf. And theres nothing I can do to influence it so shall just wait it out... And Snow, I don't work in the NHS - I work in health insurance.. I really hope you get the house so you can tell us all about it - must be nerve racking to have to wait!

June - J is such a whinger and has proper diva melt downs every day... she just pushes and pushes and pushes... grrrr! Her good still outweighs her bad and I cling to that smile

Ninja - could never tire of the olympics in this house! Its just incredible and I feel so proud to be British! I am really loving the kit - seeing it on everyones different clothing, really made the team spirit come alive for me...

Right - am going to catch up on days events as we went straight to the common from work as trying to take advantage of the weather - isn't it glorious!! Tomorrows supposed to be fabulous too smile

Have a great weekend all x

snowwombat Fri 10-Aug-12 22:28:36

gauchita sorry hit post too soon. About an hour fifteen from yours to our new location once we move, you will have more people oop north to visit. Book is good,slowly getting through, need to get DH to read it. On the whole, I am coping better with the two of them by myself week in week out.
Off on holidays early tom so better get the packing finished.

GauchitaOlimpica Fri 10-Aug-12 22:32:58

Marking place!

GauchitaOlimpica Tue 14-Aug-12 14:18:10

I'm swamped in work but I'm taking 10min to catch up, otherwise it might be a few more days! grin

The "me" part: I started the new "job" two weeks ago and I'm thrilled ha! I love the research side of it and getting to know so much about BR, "chatting" with the followers, etc. Time consuming like mad, though grin and it's a 24hs job ha! as some people send you messages and ask you things at all hours grin I was so happy yesterday, we had a prize draw after reaching 1000 followers and after using r a n d o m d o t o r g the winner turned out to be a father of two who's been fighting a disease for a while and is recovering in hospital atm. He was SO happy and excited when we announced he was the winner <soppy> I convinced DH we should do it every 250 followers grin

D teething badly. Up tens of times a night <yawn> and feeding like mad. Can you believe he'll be 1 this month??? I can't. He starts settling in sessions at nursery this Friday (where's my baby!?)

M v well, chatting all day like a radio grin in a mix of languages... I get quite dizzy.

Today DH and I will go out for dinner (at 5pm!) for the first time in 3.5 years shock Going early to be back before they go to bed as there's no way in hell D sleeps without a feed (or settles back after waking up) and I like the girl who's babysitting so I can't do that to her grin

Snow, woo hoo! Definitely a meet-up soon then wink Glad book seems useful. There's a support thread if you want to join? I'll look it up for you. Any news on the house front?

Skillbo, that sucks sad When will you know? It's awful to "sit and wait". Will keep everything crossed for you. I was glued to the TV when I was at home watching the Olympics blush could not stop! Loved the rhythmic gymnastics, and the diving, and the swimming, and the beach volley, and the athletics grin

Ninja, can't remember if I mentioned this before, but hope your BIL and SIL manage to log a complaint with PALS. How are they all? Keeping them in my thoughts.

June, I should join you on the stressed bench grin Most days I just tell myself I must get a grip, as you say, but when I think about it, sometimes I don't know how I don't pass out grin DH v v v stressed atm so I'm also taking things "off" him to avoid adding to his stress, which doesn't help mine grin but that's another matter. Glad you enjoyed the night out with your friends, and the trapeze sounds like fun! There's a Leeds meetup next week, I'm going but have to take D with me hmm grin

Zhen, how are you all?

Back to work!

GauchitaOlimpica Fri 17-Aug-12 20:46:12

Anyone there? <echoes>

June2009 Sat 18-Aug-12 19:05:25

Heya I'm still lurking smile glad to hear you like your new job smile
I can't remember any of the things I wanted to say and I can't scroll back. Will catch up again and make an effort to remember who said what!!

snowwombat Sat 18-Aug-12 20:23:30

Hi girls, I have been on holidays and without internet for days. Highly recommend it smile. Now on a long drive home, well DH driving.
We continue on the house search. Were out bid on the one we offered on. Amazing the difference from o x f o r d, we can buy a house for the same price as a two bed flat there.
I will sit and join the stressed out bench. DH just speaks to me so rudely or with disdain most of the time, it is horrid. Doesn't seem to care if I pull him up on it. I just keeping hoping it will get better once we live together again+have a home. I really don't mind living apart, which is probably not a good thing, but he can't nbe an arse+I am really enjoying the kids, especially as they are playing together+adore each other.
gauchita have you started the new job?is it the social media /promotions side of things?
june you sound down my dear, what are you up to this weekend?when is your next date night with DH?
Hi to evrryone else. zhen will you let us know if you are ok?

TheNinjaGooseIsOnAMission Sun 19-Aug-12 11:39:38

snow, you weren't wrong about propery porn, some of the houses are lovely I may have to move to a house with a view sigh but then look at this view can you imagine that on a glorious summers day! Hope things improve when you get settled.

snowwombat Sun 19-Aug-12 20:01:20

ninja I love your short list of properties, they were some of mine too. Would love to take you with me to view them when I win the lottery gringrin
Crappy weather this morning but gorgeous now. Air has been thick with dust from the combine harvesters. Plenty of entertainment for the kids though
Hope everyone has had a nice weekend

Gauchita Tue 21-Aug-12 09:07:08

Hello all!

Ninja, that's just cruel. But I live in one just like the second one lie grin

Snow, oh pity the house you had seen didn't come through... any others that you like? I hope things with DH start to improve ::joins the stressed-DH bench:: Not a fun bench, is it? hmm

June, how are things? Is work v busy atm that you're lurking? Hope it eases a bit.

Zhen, I think I saw you on another thread, can't remember now. How are sweet Ns?

Hope everyone is well.

Over here quite a bit of work but I'm determined to organise myself as much as possible so as to make things easier grin Might be deluded, though grin M starts school in two weeks, eek!! Uniform ready, only blouses left, thanks to DH buying boys packs <sigh> Off to M&S to change them. I found the marvel of non-iron blouses and I'm as happy as a child with an ice-cream grin

Leeds meet-up tonight, looking forward to it. I'm taking D, though, as it's after his bedtime and there's no chance he'll go down without milk... Hopefully he'll fall asleep in the buggy.

D calling now, back later.

Skillbo Tue 21-Aug-12 21:36:27

Hello all - just a quick peek in to say howdy!

Gauchita - hope you're having a blast this evening,, is this a meet up of MNers?

Snow - bummed for you that you didn't get the house but you get to shop around still.. and sounds like it'll be great to get out of the flat. Sorry to hear your DH is being an arse - mine is just glued to his 360 most nights at the moment as he got a couple of games from his brother! Means I can MN I guess...

Anyone watching the Great British Bake Off - I love it but tonight O was unsettled so I missed the second half sad so I don't know who was master baker (always makes me think rudey!) and who went home! Its repeated on Sunday so am sure to catch up then but was really into it tonight!! Kids, huh

Right - pretty pooped so big brew, (that's hot chocolate by the way) and g'night!

snowwombat Sat 25-Aug-12 15:16:16

skillbo thanks for reminding me about great British bakeoff. Love it. Will go and find it on the iplayer.
gauchita how was the meetup?
ninja thought about a career in finding houses for people?you do a great job
june you ok?things settled down at all

I've got about 5more minutes childfree. Just back from a work trip. Better go and have a shower in peace, very sticky after long flight+long drive.

Anyone got anything nice planned for the long weekend?

Gauchita Mon 27-Aug-12 20:09:22

Marking place.

ZhenThereWereTwo Tue 28-Aug-12 00:56:39

Hello everyone,

Sorry to have been away for so long, lost thread off my watch list confused, but have found you again grin

House of flu here, big N just recovered, little N still suffering. Seems to be cycling through the family and mutating and coming back again as had similar two weeks ago sad

On a brighter note little N is 6 months and crawling!

Big N is fab and so loving towards her little sister. Poor thing is teething too so is a bit miserable at the mo, but still manages to bounce about, how do they do it?

I am ok, been through the mill a bit with DH, who has been depressed and quite horrible to be around at times, but he has sorted out bereavement counselling, quit smoking and has been much less stressed out and nicer to me since I had a heart to heart with him recently.

June - hope you are less stressed now and enjoying holiday.

Snow - have you found somewhere, how exciting about DH's job, bet A is so pleased he will have more time with his dad. Hopefully when he spends more time around you guys he will stop being such an arse. Maybe if you two had some personal time together to reconnect it would help, is there anyone who could have the kids for a night whilst you went on a date together?

Gauchita - glad you are enjoying new job, how grown up is M starting school?! grin

Ninja - hope you guys are all ok and that BIL and family are coping ok, must be so hard for them x

Skillbo - Sorry to hear about your possible redundancy sad Crossing fingers that you will be ok, not what you need in the current economic climate.

TheNinjaGooseIsOnAMission Tue 28-Aug-12 10:55:39

morning all smile

snow, how are things going with the house hunt? E would have loved all the combine harvesters, he's heavily into vehicles right now!

gauchita, how was the meetup? Not long till school starts, what does M think of it all? The new job seems to be going well smile

skillbo, hope all's going well with work

zhen, hope you're all feeling better soon. Are you back to work soon or still on mat leave? Good to hear things are better with dh, that's a lot to cope with in one go smile

one more week until my lot start back to school, ds1 goes tuesday, dd2 and dd3 on wednesday and E on thursday for 5 mornings a week!! Hopefully that'll give me time to get the house straight again, it looks completely trashed after the holidays.

saw bil last week, he started his radiotherapy and all seemed to be going well, he was on full form, he's put weight on with the steroids and all of a sudden looks like dh when I never felt he did before, even when dh was skinny grin But, he was rushed into hospital in the middle of the night over the weekend as he was fitting for over 40 mins, it was all a bit touch and go for a while, he couldn't speak for a long time. We knew he was a bit better when he managed to tell mil to fuck off when she was fussing over him. So we're just on a wait and see right now, they're moving him to his usual hospital sometime today so he'll be back under his own team and for a scan to see what's going on. Sil, understandably is finding it all very hard, especially with dnephew to look after, it's a shame we're not nearer to them.

Gauchita Wed 29-Aug-12 10:21:54

Ninja! Your FB cover and pic are fantastic!!! grin

Gauchita Thu 30-Aug-12 13:12:56

Afternoon all!

Ninja, thinking of your BIL and SIL. I can't begin to imagine what they're going through. Glad to hear he's putting on weight smile Woo hoo, roll on 5 mornings a week for E!!

Zhen, aw well done little N for crawling already! <late crawers here> Hope the cough/cold combo passes soon, it can be exhausting for all the family. Sorry to hear DH hasn't been well, but good on him looking for help and tackling the issue.

Skillbo, no GBBO here. But manage to catch up quite a bit following Twitter grin

Snow, how's the house-hunting doing?

Work's busy but loving it smile

Today's D's first birthday. The end of an era for me as well <soppy> He's not a tiny baby anymore! Celebrating at Fz this evening, staff singing happy birthday to him with us grin

Gauchita Thu 30-Aug-12 13:48:22

Gah, forgot to say! Meet-up was v nice. It was Leeds mntters yes! We had dinner at PizzaE. D came with me, slept on the way there and for about 30 mins, then woke up and had second dinner grin

snowwombat Thu 30-Aug-12 14:02:21

Hello dear girls,
Sounds like everyone is busy busy and plenty on your plates. The kids are having a let's test mummies patience 48 hrs. This has included drawing on windows with crayon, thanks god it wasn't the walls, painting my newly washed outside windows with mud, z having an unhealthy obsession with putting the toilet brush in her mouth and waking 4 times a night before her brother comes in to wake me at 445am. Marvellous. Only 10 days till dh home grin

gauchita happy birthday to gorgeous d. What a sweetie he is. How is work going? M all sorted for school now?

zhen glad to see you are back. Sorry you have had such a continuous run of the flu in your house. Must be exhausting. Really pleased things with dh better, must have been really tough on you all. The n,'s sound in great form and yay to the crawling for little n. what a star

ninja bet your are looking forward to a hot cup of tea once you get the kids back to school next week. Are they all looking forward to it? Pleased that treatment underway for your BIL, must be a relief for them to actually have a plan now

skillbo you surviving work? Must be difficult to keep motivated when you aren't sure what is going to happen

june are you ok? How things. On the home and work front?

Thanks all for asking about the house search. I'm afraid it is completely shite. House we had application in for the owners turned around yesterday and said they changed their minds and wouldn't be renting it out afterwards. angryangry this is with dh telling them we needed to be in within a month etc.why they ever put it on the market I do not know. I give up on getting a into school until we get back from big trip home in nov. there is a house coming onto the market in two weeks that is just being recarpeted and painted. and it should be ready to move into immediately, I have my fingers crossed we can get that one.

Waves to all

snowwombat Mon 03-Sep-12 22:44:33

I killed the thread sad

Gauchita Tue 04-Sep-12 08:21:55

Nooooo snow! Just manic here (busier than usual).
How are things? Any news on the house (the second one)?
D here still teary when being dropped off. I might be soppy and silly but it breaks my heart. Must get a grip.

Back later, must work.

snowwombat Tue 04-Sep-12 21:08:38

Oh nat, big hugs to you. How did d's first day go? I hope you are both ok tonight and having a nice catch up . Dh looking at a house tomorrow, fingers crossed this might be the one. Home office tomorrow, after my initial excitement at LTR I am still having to get another indefinite leave visa first, cause of the time spent out of the uk. Fact I was with my British dh,while he was training, makes no difference. I fucking hate the home office.angry so much money spent on visas and all the bloody rule changes that have meant instead of becoming British 4 years ago, it will still be another 2 at least. angry
Rant over, best go and look at the route planner. Brum in peak hour, what fun that will be.

Gauchita Tue 04-Sep-12 21:30:58

Oh snow!!! shock No way!!! shock So sorry to hear that. As you know, I know how frustrating these processes can be angry (still waiting 9 months after the big fiasco for our complaint to have some sort of conclusion sad) Big hug to you ((()))
D was teary, but ok when I picked him up (having lunch). It's actually breaking my heart a bit. M's first day tomorrow. Have convinced DH to leave a work-wine thing he has all day and help me as I dread to think of having to stay for the hour they've asked us to stay and manage D at the same time. Uniform ready, it's the flipping end of an era sad My baby is going to school. Ignore me, I'm just a can full of emotions right now grin

Gauchita Tue 04-Sep-12 21:31:19

Sorry, overdid it there with the smileys.

snowwombat Tue 04-Sep-12 22:46:15

gauchita hands over wine andbear . You sound miserable my dear, how many days is d going to do in child care? I'm sure he will love it and in time you will be ok. I know I still remember dropping a for his first day and crying on the nursery doorstep blush. Hell, I even cried when it was his last day at that nursery too. It will get easier and maybe even one of the times he you have time to yourself you might enjoy reading a trashy magazine or getting a pedicure or working without being interrupted. Big big hugs to you. And thank you for visa support, your experience is never far from my thoughts when I tink about the next step of paperwork. I'm hoping I get someone sensible tomorrow. Chances are slim to none though. I always seem to get some muppet. I will practise your count to 50 method of keeping calm.
We are off at 645am better get to bed

June2009 Wed 05-Sep-12 11:37:15

Hey just back from 10 days in france, will try and catch up.
I saw some pics of Gauchita's M (and another juner's C) in school uniform, is this for pre-school? I'm confused, C is in preschool but they don't have a uniform there.

TheNinjaGooseIsOnAMission Wed 05-Sep-12 13:01:21

afternoon all smile

snow, what a pain, hope you get someone sensible after all this. The govt says we need people from overseas yet makes it so bloody difficult confused Good luck with the house hunting too!

gauchita, M looks so grown up, I'm sure she'll be fine, just take your tissues for when you leave her smile can't wait to hear how she's got on.

june, loved your photos from your trip, looks like a good time was had by all smile This school business is all rather confusing. Now, all our kids are entitled to 15 hours a week free education so if C's nursery haven't given you the form yet, ask. You can use that funding how it suits you, so for you (I'm guessing) the best way will be for C to stay in daycare and use that funding for part payment. E goes to a preschool doing 5 mornings of 3 hours each so I'll use it there, he doesn't wear uniform and not many preschools do, round here anyway. If you decide to use a nursery attached to a primary school (they take from term after 3 only, unless it's private school) they will usually wear uniform but will still only usually do 3 hours a day, either morning or afternoon and will use their 15 hours that way. I hope that makes sense! Do remember that this is the time to be looking at primary schools, in my area I have to apply before december for a place for E to start school next september, this will be when he does a full day of approx 9-3 and for him to start wearing school uniform. Some areas stagger the intake so do check on your council website for when you need to apply.

dd2 and ds1 are back at school now grin this has been a long 6 weeks but they are happily back and it's so much quieter today. E back tomorrow but dd3 will be monday now after some building delays at school, so not long now until a hot cuppa in peace and quiet grin

snowwombat Fri 07-Sep-12 22:11:05

Hi girls, thanks again for your support . Visa approved just waiting for the biometric card thingo to arrive. gauchita you will love this for typical border efficiency. Got there, first thing the lady said was why aren't you applying for settlement confusedconfusedconfused ummm, cause your colleagues on the phone told me I couldn't hmm. So I could have applied for ILR after all.feckers.

ninja I'll get the kettle on for you for next week and bring a nice slice of g erman cake. Work trip early next week.

june where have you been in France <nosy> did you have a good break? Did you get any quality time with DH?

Well we might have a crappy but double glazed and centrally heated semi detached place to rent . Hurrah. Will be, good to be together but I am a totally spoilt brat after the joy, space, detached, old loveliness of our current house. looking to move in two weeks. Paying someone to pack, I cannot do it again, without dh here and I am going to be doing enough disconnection of washing machines, dismantling of wendy houses etc by myself to be arsed to pack too <lazy> was pleasantly surprised to see it odidnt add much to the total move.
Aarrgghh how do I turn. Off the decking auto correct on this iPad. I too technologically challenged to cope with this. A has it sorted though, can get his apps up without any adult assisrance

Must go to bed.hope you are all ok . Here's to a sunshine filled weekend and lots of lovely outdoor time

Gauchita Mon 10-Sep-12 10:45:31

Marking place!

June2009 Mon 10-Sep-12 15:05:53

Go to settings> general > keyboard it should be under there

So sorry Ive not ot time to catch up properly, must make time...
Going dubai on wed. Where hopefully we'll get quality time with dh <sigh>. he was talking about how he'd like us to retire in france so obviously everything is rosy from hia point of view which confuses me. i saw other people here had heart to hearts, quite comforting in a way to know it's not just me.

June2009 Mon 10-Sep-12 23:02:56

snow good news on the visa, it sounds stressful, glad for you that it's done, is it the same for the childen? Good luck with the move, can't believe how much you've moved this past couple of years, it'll be nice to settle, wherever that it. Hey double glazing sounds good if this winter is as cold as last one you'll be thankful for it on your gas bill ;) Hope things improve with dh once you've moved in and settled in some kind of routine!
I don't blame you for getting someone to pack for you, it is all very tiresome (been there done that!)

Thanks goose We signed up for the 15 hours but our nursery is doing it based on what the council will give them them in money rather than giving us 15 hours so they give us 15x £3 worth of their hours (which is around a tenner an hour or something) so it's not very much at all, still, better than a kick in the teeth! There is no nursery attached to the local closest primary shcool. We've called them and we can apply from october this year.
enjoy the calm of having everybody at nursery/school/uni smile what are you doing when you're on your own in the house? :D

Our trip to France was lovely, caught up with family and friends, some of them I hadn't seen in YEARS, it was brilliant, albeit quite tiring what with being up early, no child care, C having naps while we were driving (so no naps for us), quite a lot of driving and going to bed late a night.

gauchita hope pre-school is going well, how is M taking to it? It is hard letting go, harder for us than for them I think x

Gauchita Sat 15-Sep-12 07:58:52

Time time time grin I'll be back today, promise grin

snowwombat Mon 17-Sep-12 16:10:57

I'm crap at getting on here.moving next week .
June I hope you are enjoying dubai. France trip sounds lovely

Gauchita Mon 17-Sep-12 21:55:10

Me too! In serious need of more hours, man grin
Lots of work, still getting to grips with school run and trying to organise myself so as to make the most of my time. Not quite there yet grin
June, hope you're having a blast in Dubail
Snow, eek, next week! Yay! And y y to having your things packed for you! Especially with no DH around, and two DC 24/7 ::tired::
Skillbo, how are things?
Zhen, hope cold/cough have left the household and the Ns are better smile
Ninja, how are those hot cuppas doing? wink
I missed Dawnton Abbey last night! Fell asleep ha! So will try and catch up tonight ::hollow laugh::

snowwombat Tue 18-Sep-12 22:20:17

hey gauchita can I be really really cheeky and ask you to see if I have the correct portuguese for something? Happy to pay in coffee/trips to the seaside/offer a piece of the banana bread i've just baked
Mutio bom is very good isn't it? If I want to say 'you have given the boy great encouragement in the assessment' what would be the best way?
<snow wishes perhaps she had studied a language other than japan ese>

Gauchita Thu 20-Sep-12 08:30:32

Japanese! Wow grin Hope what I sent via FB was useful.
How's everyone doing?
D pulling himself up all the time, and therefore also getting lots of bumps and bruises bless him. He wants to stand all the time, though; sitting has become a very disliked position hmm
M loving school. I seem to have mastered pick up parking ha! I just leave plenty of space in front of me, enough for a smart to fit wink 10/10 times I come back to the car and find another one 1 inch from the boot so...

TheNinjaGooseIsOnAMission Sat 22-Sep-12 18:28:08

evening all smile

snow, hope the move went well! Much easier to get someone else to pack, especially the movers who can do it in a fraction of the time smile hope you're all nicely settled and back together again.

june, Dubai looked amazing, C looked so chilled on the lilo smile

gauchita, you're doing a fab job on your fb, all those pictures of food keep making me hungry grin How grown up does M look in her uniform!! So pleased she's enjoying school and D is settling at nursery.

well, E is loving being back at preschool and I'm loving having the odd hot cup of tea! I'm even managing to get straight after the holidays shock Dd3 has had a bit of a tough time settling in to her new class but hopefully things are on the up now, she doesn't cope well with change. The summer holidays seem so far away now, especially with the evenings getting darker and colder, at least we're still getting some sun for now smile

waves to all smile

snowwombat Mon 24-Sep-12 20:58:20

Hello girls
Just three nights left here then the move happens. ninja you're right, packers were a great idea. I just need to sort the stuff into the correct rooms and reduce the clutter so they can do their job . We will camp in the house wed night. The amount of cleaning is frightening. There are spiders everywhere and I know a mountain of dust hiding under the furniture.
Glad dd3 is slowly but surely settling into school and that e is enjoying nursery. More excitement for him up here, potatoes being harvested, then into tractors and trailers and off to tyrells for crisps. Going to miss our proper country life.

gauchita tell us more about the new job, I'm salivating looking at the food pictures.

june did you have a good trip to dubai? A proper holiday?

zhen how are you and how are the n's? Are you back to work this term or do have you longer? I can't remember if I said it before but I am so pleased things are good with you and dh.

What are your kids favourite books at the moment? Looking for some inspiration for DS

Gauchita Wed 26-Sep-12 08:03:49

Marking place!

June2009 Sun 30-Sep-12 10:03:09

snow hope the move went well, you must still be in boxes etc hopefully this is the last time for a while! Good luck with everything!
The holiday in Dubai was a proper holiday. The schedule was easy, get up, put a swimsuit on, breakfast, pool, lunch, nap on the beach, pool, and dinner.
We hired a babysitter from the hotel 3 times so we could go out and enjoy dinner just the two of us with dh.
Meal times were the most hardwork with C getting up everytime the food arrived to go to the toilet. If it was just the two of us sometimes they would clear our playes away while we were in the toilet which made it even more frustrating!!!
I have tried several things but I think this is one of those, I'm going to grin and bear it and wait until she grows out of it I think. highly annoying though.
I can't remember who on here said they had a heart to heart with their husband, thank you for sharing that, I plucked up the courge and I did that too (was ba timing and emotional, (me crying, not shouting) and it didn't really go 100% how I wanted but I said what I wanted to say and I think, I hope, that it helped. In the short term anyway. <sigh> (nothing I hadn't said before but I think the fact that I got upset and looked serious brought it home to him that I really need him to change his behaviour.)

Went out last night with dh and gym mates to a 80's club for a friend's bday party an had a right laugh, fancy dressed up :D
'Best'friend who i haven't seem or heard from for the past 5 months is coming over next weekend, can't wait to see her! I've seriously been deserted by friends the past fee months, just when I needed them the most and I can't wait to re-establish a balance.

Gauchita Tue 02-Oct-12 08:35:55

Marking place! ::failing to catch up::

June2009 Mon 08-Oct-12 14:19:24

So, to keep you all updated on mil/fil drama...
We (dh C and myself, sil &bf, bil) were summoned to fil's office last night where he announced that not only has he married his 30yo gf but they have just had a baby girl (on saturday night). Talk about a bombshell!!!
I do not know how they managed to keep it a secret from us but now I know at long fucking last why some of my friends have been so distant and out of touch with me for the past 6 months. And I know they have been put in a difficult position but it's really made me feel shitty as they obviously had to make a choice between telling me or putting distance between us and chose the latter. At a time where I really really needed friends around and was left wondering all sorts about myself and it's ended up really hurting my self confidence and self esteem. I'm pretty sure they wouldn't have realised the full impact of that decision but it is a bit of a relief but damage has been done.

Mil does not know yet and i absolutely dread to think how she will react. And i know that, whatever we say, she will nevwr believe that we didn't know all along. I think she is going to freak out big time. <sigh>.

Tis very quiet on here, hope everyone is ok. snow have you managed to get thru some boxes? how's the new house? x
gauchita do the alerts work on your new phone? how's dh and the kids?
Waves to everyone else!

Skillbo Sat 13-Oct-12 21:39:45

Oh June shock - that sounds just madness! How on earth do you manage to keep something like that a secret... and your poor mil - do you get on with her or is she the one with the rocking horse (sorry brain and memory going so not sure if I'm confusing matters??)

Sorry to have been away but it's all been a bit mad. I have managed to keep my job although it's changed quite a lot but not in a bad way. I need to work harder though but not sure if I'm actually that motivated. But I need to be so I am sure it will kick in soon - perhaps when I actually get some sleep. O is still a complete arse at night and I'm up at least 3 times, sometimes as many as 5 sad I know I need to stop feeding him and any hp will tell me that but he just seems to small stlll.

Can't believe D is 1 now Gauchita. Sounds like you had a nice day and he is absolutely gorgeous! I can remember returning to the thread and reading about his birth and of course all the photo's on FB. Happy, belated birthday D! Hope the new job is going well and you're enjoying it. I'm glad to hear that M loves school - so does J, Someone was talking uniforms earlier and we don't have one here. Just as well as J is constantly sitting in puddles, having accidents, falling in the water tray thing - we'd need about 10!

Ninja - how is your bil, so sad for him and your family but hopefully he's continued to improve over the week. And hooray for hot cuppas - O is into absolutely everything and so can't leave anything anywhere so my cuppas tend to end up forgotten on high shelves.

Snow - so are you relaxing, glass in hand at your new abode? We don't have double glazing in our new place so am quite envy - you've moved more north, haven't you?

I started a blog last week as I felt I needed to learn a bit more about social media (it's now in my job title) so feel free to have a look if you fancy.. Not sure if you can comment on it as I can't work out how to sort this out but you can always let me know your thoughts here smile Bake with Kake.

Oh and Snow - J loves fairy tales at the moment, all the proper Grimm ones though with the gruesome endings and quite descriptive pictures smile We read Chicken Licken the other day and I was quite surprised at how it turned out but did make me smile. Anything to do with Peppa Pig too as she's still quite obsessed which is rubbing off on O who get's very excited when he sees them (went to PP World and mil bought O a cuddly version of Peppa's teddy - really odd looking but he loves it!) I am really looking forward to the day when her bedtime story is actually a book and you read chapters instead of the whole story. I've got so many I already want to read to her - does anyone know what age to start - ninja??

Right - J crying, think she's a bit ill.

June2009 Sun 21-Oct-12 12:31:23

Skillbo mil is the one with the horse....complicated situation all around! We just need to move on now, it's been two weeks, new wife and new baby here to stay so the quicker we accept it so better it is. (Sil does not want to acknowledge either baby or wife).

Re:chapters, a friend of mine tried that last week (3 1/5 yo son) and massive tantrum occurrd smile not ready yet then ;)

Sorry to hear about the sleepless nights, it makes everything a lot harder, tis just a phase ...

Where's the rest of the juners smile

snow you must have moved in by now smile
goose half term craziness starts again soon... Love the pics of the cat on fb smile

Gauchita Fri 26-Oct-12 20:33:54

::sneaks head in::

blush I feel I've been away for ages! It's definitely the longest stretch of no posts on MN for me grin

June, ::jaw drops:: WHAT!?!? What on earth was your FIL thinking? Oh dear... judging by how you depict your SIL she must be inside out! Man, when your MIL finds out there will be war... I'm so sorry to hear about your friends. As you say, on the one hand it's a relief now you know WTF was going on but at the same time, it must sting that they acted that way anyway. We're all adults after all! ((hug)) How's work?

Skillbo, ::shakes hand of fellow sleep-deprived mother:: Same here, between 3 and 5 times a night. I hope this eternal phase is over soon. Glad to hear things at work resolved themselves! Must be hard to have things changed so much, hope you feel more motivated soon.

Snow, you're down under! Hope you're having a nice time, enjoying the warm weather, over here it's getting colder by the day. Don't know how "settled" you were before leaving, when are you back?

Ninja, how are BIL and SIL doing? Have you seen them? Is it half term for your DC this week and next?

Zhen, how are the girls doing?

Things ok here, but busy, busier than ever, hence the absence grin I'm slowly but surely getting more organised with things but it's hard. I love it, though, and it's great to have a fixed income for the first time in years (freelance life is difficult ha!)

M enjoying schoool, HT at the moment. D settled in nursery although we still have the odd tear. Teething hell atm, joy.


Gauchita Thu 01-Nov-12 15:52:07




snowwombat Sun 04-Nov-12 11:22:19

Coooooeeeee from down under.almost four weeks on holiday. Having wonderful time, weather incredible, swimming lots. Hope you all ok. Head home next week, will catch up then.

June2009 Sun 04-Nov-12 21:07:44

Heya, hope you're enjoying the sunshine snow it's cold out here!
gauchita good to hear work is going well, it is nice to have a new challenge!
Mil is a cow, she keeps giving C sweets behind my back, usually around 5or6pm, right where I really don't need her to be high on sugar... She also turns up unannounced and expect me to stop everything and change my plans to accomodate her. I could go on and on.

Work is ok thanks smile we've really had ups anddowns the past few months and hopefully hopefully coming out the other side now boh personally and for work.

Lovely weekend here, aside feom te weather.

I'm looking for ideas, what to irganise for my bday, any suggestions?

Gauchita Wed 07-Nov-12 08:27:36

Marking place!

ZhenThereWereTwo Sat 10-Nov-12 23:02:36

Hello girls smile

Sorry for prolonged absence DH started new job with long hours, homeschooling big N and lil'N starting pulling up to standing at 8 months old and has 3 teeth so barely get time to drink a hot cup of tea these days!

June glad your heart to heart helped with DH. Families are bonkers, there is always a controversy with my DH's lot, but with 20+ siblings and hundreds of cousins there are plenty more people to bring the drama. Undermining is not on though, I have to keep my mum in check on that one, hard when it is your Mil.

Snow hope your move went well and you are enjoying warm weather down under x

Sleep deprived by teething baby waking 3-5 times here too Skillbo, my sympathies to you. Big N fed at night until 20 months old when I bit the bullet and DH gave her water. Felt like a new woman. Difficult when they are teething though.

Favourite books here are The Smartest Giant In Town by Julia Donaldson, Dora story book, Dogger by Shirley Hughes, The Elephant and the Bad Baby by Elfrida Vipont.

Hats off to you Gauchita, new job, school run, teething - any organisational tips?

Hope all is well with you and the family Ninja x

Skillbo Mon 12-Nov-12 22:02:22

Wow - it is quiet on here although i know i've not been about either... Proper Zombie today but not O, its the lovely J who was up for about 3 hours and in and out of her room and our bed! So pooped! But hey - them's the joys!

June - hope things with your family have calmed down although sounds like your mil needs a good talking too! Mine does similar but doesn't attempt to hide it so i guess i should be grateful. Could dh not have a word - or is that a sore subject?

I know i ahouldn't be but am glad I'm not the only sleep deprived one! Really colours your day and after watching a driving thing last week, wish i didn't commute as being tired is almost as bad as being drunk!

gauchita - hope the new job going well!

zhen - lovely room hear from you, didn't realise you were home schooling - how's that going? Am keen to help j as much as possible but don't think i could handle the responsibility!

Sorry to post and run, but i'll be back!

June2009 Tue 13-Nov-12 13:46:22

Heya! Its good to hear from you guys smile
C has been waking up several times in the night and coming to our bed too, dh very kindly put her back everytime instead if letting her stay with us. I didn't have the strength, I came down with the flu I think or something, got a cold sore and fever, sweating and bed rest (yuk...)

I think everything is taking its toll on me mil's crazy ongoing anyics, fil's new baby, sil's moodyness, the several hearts to hearts with dh (which thankfully seem to be working... I hope).

Here comes a big rant ....
Dh's still booked a night away the weekend of my bday which bothers me. I know it's very teenager-ish buy I like my bday to be special. Am I being silly? He never plans anything for it, he'll get me a present on the day, like he'll say let's go shopping ang get u a bag or something which is better than nothing I shouldn't really complain. But I spend so much time and effort on his present usually... (not this year though, enough!) I wish he did the same.
he's booked a night away with some people he met over the internet on a forum and it's all well and nice but it's usually on london and we tag along, stay in a hotel etc.
This time it's in newcastle, he says it would be too expensive if we came too, says we can do somehing for my bday on the saturday when I know hes going to get pissed on the friday and he'll be too tired what with the flying there and back etc.
I wanted to organise something quite big this year and book somewhere, invite everybody but it's really dampened my spirits.

I know that following bit is a bit unreasonable but i can't help to feel thati really dont want to spend that friday night on my own wondering what he is up to and who with. There was an incident this year where someone i know kissed him at a party (not full on snog but still a kiss) and in his words he said 'don't leave my on my own with these women & alcohol' .... which really don't inspire confidence.

I'm sure it'll be fine but I am anxious. <sigh>

ZhenThereWereTwo Tue 13-Nov-12 15:28:10

Oh no no no that is not on June, it is one thing to go away, but why arrange it for your birthday weekend there are 51 others to choose from!

Extremely selfish, I am not really one for birthdays and presents, but it is one day just for you, he should at least spend it with you or look after C while you go out and let your hair down. He should not be out getting drunk and spending money that could go on your birthday.

The kiss thing is all part of a pattern, he needs to have more respect and consideration for you and your relationship, you should come FIRST before friends. Friends are just that, you are his partner and the mother of his child for goodness sake.

As for intimating that he might not be able to control himself around alcohol and women, well he should choose not to drink as much or put himself in those situations then. He is an adult and responsible for his choices.

He needs to know how angry, hurt and upset you are you must tell him as it will fester and create resentment.

ZhenThereWereTwo Tue 13-Nov-12 15:39:27

Oh and hello Skillbo, C's DH's behaviour got me so mad I forgot to say hi to you!

I have big N having nightmares and little N sleeping on me most of the night as she is teething and screams whenever I try to put her down after a feed. Be careful with the driving they did tests and found alcohol and tiredness cause same slowing down of reaction times.

Homeschooling is fun as we just learn through play. She will be going to school at 5 if we get her into one we like, if not I will keep her at home until she is 8 and her and little N can start school together.

June2009 Wed 14-Nov-12 18:50:47

Thanks zhen I've told him everytime it's come up in the conversation that I didn't like it that it was that weekend as it also means that I can't go to the gym on the Saturday morning as I usually do unless I get a babysitter, bit overboard and the weekend before xmas I will never find anyone.

Anyway yesterday I brought it up again, nicely you know, asked who was going etc and he said he wouldn't go if it upset me that much. I replied that it did upset me.
He hasn't cancelled anything yet but that is where we left it. We'll see when I try and make plans...

Gauchita Thu 22-Nov-12 16:48:49

Hi all, just managed to catch up a bit.

Zhen, hi! Lovely to hear from you. Glad things are ok. ::joins sleep-deprived bench:: D is teething horribly, getting 2 fangs and 2 molars at the same time, bless him, ouch! Drooling like a puppy and gnawing on anything in sight!

Skillbo, hi! I bookmarked your blog weeks ago but have yet to visit it ::shakes head:: M has had a few nightmares lately, but seems to go back to sleep quite quickly, which I'm very grateful for as they sleep in the same room and otherwise I'd have two up in the middle of the night at the same time grin

June, my dear June I agree with Zhen. I'm sorry but I don't think this is on at all... The weekend away on your birthday was inconsiderate enough but then his comment re. women and alcohol is jaw-dropping causing sad I'd dig deeper maybe. <hug> I'm also in the 'I like my birthday' camp, I always plan and think a lot about DH's but he's a bit like yours, horrible at surprises and gifts, maybe because he doesn't really like celebrating his own birthday, he's not bothered about it really... I told him earlier this year that this birthday is special as it's 12.12.12 and I really wanted to do something special. I've reminded him a couple of times but I'm not sure whether anything will happen or not. I really hope your DH cancels, it's really not on =(

Ninja, how are things around yours? smile

Snow, all settled now?

Manic as usual here, I haven't been properly on MN now for two months I think! Still in touch with MNetters through twitter and FB but not here...

Job going well, really excited about this new 'career turn', learning lots as well.

Off to make dinner, take care lovely Juners!

snowwombat Tue 27-Nov-12 14:40:11

I've just sat myself down, bribed the kids with a DVD and planned a nice catch up with the Juners. Now they are bloody all over me. Argh.

Sorry to be so crap and absent for such a long time. Think it may be longest I have gone without MN shock

We are safely settled in the NE, have a house to rent and are looking for a place of our own. We have had an offer accepted on a wreck that would probably take a year or so to put right, so awaiting survey and builders quote to decide whether we can afford it or not. Trying not to get excited, as it may all fall through when we see what a disaster the house is.

Kids have settled into their new life up here, we have a new nursery which they go to together and love. We are exploring local playgroups on the other days. Found a great one this morning that does Forest School. Right up A's alley. I've got myself a proper job again, back to that large healthcare organisation, just two days a week. Start in a few weeks. The travels have stopped for now sad but probably a good idea while we get settled in here and find some local childcare for any trips away.

DH is loving his job, all very friendly around here, made friends from work and doing things socially already. Good to see.

I've made my first friend, and I think she will be a good'un.

The trip home was so fun and such a welcome opportunity to have a good amount of time with lots of people instead of only seeing them once for a few hours. We had a great family reunion for my gran's 90th birthday. The kids got time with their special great granny and she loved having us with her.

I need to go and ready the thread but quickly I wanted to say

june any resolution about the weekend with DH? I hope you are ok. I started to shred again yesterday and thought of you, I need to go back and read your positive and helpful comments about weight loss/diet.
gauchita Not long till your birthday. Z is 2 on the 15th. Frightening. So pleased new job going well and we will catch up soon. I'm an hour to York, would a meet there work? Or I could come to Leeds? I want to take DH to eat at your place!
zhen that sleep deprivation and ill health sounds horrid. Hope you are feeling better soon
skillbo Hope you are getting some sleep too. Are you writing a blog? <nosey>
ninja how are you? How are all the kids? Will it be a full house at christmas? How is BIL and his family?

TheNinjaGooseIsOnAMission Wed 28-Nov-12 06:09:22

morning all smile

can't believe we've finally got a mobile app for us android users! grin

sorry to hear of all the ups and downs recently, have been really crap at catching up on here sad Life has been rather manic, lots going on at dd3s school and with her in general so struggling with that atm. Dd2 had a tough week last week when one of her friends 4yo sister died suddenly, devastating sad Dd1 is having huge problems finding a school for her last teaching practice, if she can't sort something then she can't graduate. Ds1 met Prince Charles this week and E is still loving preschool and has found a friend to play football with, we don't hear much else grin

bil not great, his memory is completely shot and since he's had a few seizures he's not allowed to be on his own with the baby sad poor sil had to go back to work early but is signed off sick with all the stress and worry, but they've finally got a Macmillan nurse who is doing a great job at helping them navigate the system so hopefully things will be on the up smile

waves to all and hope to get back sooner for a proper catch up smile

snowwombat Wed 05-Dec-12 08:48:39

Oh Ninja sad what a time of it you are having. Sending you a big hug. Hope that with all the support you are giving the family, someone is supporting you and giving you a hug. Any improvements in things since you last posted? Poor DD3, is she ok? Not long till the holidays now.
Well it is snowing heavily here this morning. Think I better go and get my car up on the road, we have a steep driveway and I don't have 4 wheel drive.
Settling into life, mortgage approved grin just waiting for survey to tell us what a disaster this house is.
Start work properly next week. The commute north with all the snow and flooding is going to be interesting over the winter.
Feel a day of baking and making cubby houses coming on. Think the trip to the beach not such a great plan with the snow falling.
Hope you ok Juners , anyone got a Christmas party to look forward to? I've got none. Hopefully this time next year we will all be settled and have lots of friends (and our own home)

Gauchita Thu 06-Dec-12 19:42:10

Marking place!

snowwombat Tue 11-Dec-12 22:16:44

Hi girls, how is everyone doing? Getting festive? smile
Our tree is up, complete with tacky aussie animal decorations. Tinsel everywhere as DD destroys the tree at every chance. She is so destructive, with everything. Turns 2 on Sat. How on earth did that happen? shock

gauchita a big Happy birthday to you, you young'en grin I'm sure if we polled the Juners, you would be one of the youngest

june how was your birthday? How did the weekend pan out? Been thinking of you and hope you are ok and surviving all the IL antics. How is C? Has MIL planned any crazy gifts this year? A real horse perhaps?

zhen Good on you for home schooling, with your teaching skills it must be such a great experience for the Ns. Can I ask about teaching phonics? A knows his letters, upper and lower case by sight, but what sort of phonics do they teach in schools at the moment? He is a v v keen 'reader' ,rote learning books of course, rather than reading any words. Would like to keep encouraging him in the right direction to reading

skillbo how is the house of sleep deprivation? What is O up to? Growing up v quickly i'm sure.

ninja hope things have got a little easier in the ninja house and there are some nice family things planned for christmas. Are you at home?

New job started, all good so far. Always nervous about making sure I will do the job well and keep the patients happy. Lovely colleagues who area great support.

Survey done on house today, will wait and see what the bank says. Hopefully they will let us know fairly quickly and we can then sort builders etc to see if this is going to be a g rand desi gns nightmare or a realistic project smile

ZhenThereWereTwo Fri 14-Dec-12 09:55:58

Hi everyone smile

Still sleep deprived here, the teething is never ending!

Happy birthday Gauchita, hope you had a lovely day.

Ninja -Glad to hear your BIL and his family are getting some good support. Hope things are going a bit better for you than they were. How is dd3 getting on? Did dd1 find a placement?

Skillbo -Hope you are getting more sleep.

June- Did DH end up going in the end, or did he listen to you?

Snow - Jolly Phonics is a good starting point, they have books, will link some useful websites below that I use with N. The main thing is to read a variety of books with them so that they enjoy reading, sounds like you are already doing a fantastic job in that area with A so keen!

We have some foam bath letters that I use with N to help her learn her initial phonemes (sounds - the ones at the beginning of the word). We played a game where X was a superhero (like X in Alphablocks - great tv program for learning phonics) and had to rescue the letters who would cry out in their phoneme for help. She was X so had to know the phoneme to be able to rescue them.

Rhyming songs are great, singing and games are a great way to teach phonics so nursery rhymes and making up silly rhymes are good.

I also tell big N stories and get her to give me key details like names and say what she thinks will happen next. Comprehension is a big part of reading so when you read stories ask questions who, where, what, why, when, how and get him to predict what might happen next or make up a different ending together. You can do this with toys to when you play with them too.

Finding objects/animals etc that start with a certain letter and making a collage of pictures/drawing.

Drawing letters in sand while saying the phoneme.

I hear Oxford Reading Tree Songbirds by Julia Donaldson are good, will be getting those for N and also Usbourne First Reading Series are meant to have more interesting stories.


Jolly Phonics songs in order you will need this to help you.

Phonics songs and under ABC's check out games, we used to listen to the song and then big N would play the game to reinforce the learning.

Phonics games

Great Phonics videos using puppet to teach for all sounds including diagraphs (two letter phonemes).

Alphablocks games on CBeebies are great and also big N's new favourite Reading Eggs, requires a subscription, but you can do a free trial for 14 days and when I did that I got offered a reduction on the 12 month subscription.

Happy Learning! smile

snowwombat Sat 15-Dec-12 20:18:58

zhen that is hugely helpful, thank you so much for taking the time to give me all the information, thanks sorry that our sleepless nights continue.
gauchita how's DS today? Hope he is on the mend. What a nightmare for you all and so tricky with childcare. Have you got any backup for M? It is times like that when it would be so nice to have family around. Your mil excluded of course!

Watching strictly after a lovely birthday day for Z. We've been on a Santa steam railway train today and it finally stopped bloody raining.

Hope you are all ok Juners.

TheNinjaGooseIsOnAMission Fri 21-Dec-12 10:16:34

morning all smile

snow, belated happy birthday to Z how time flies!! How's the new house and job going?

zhen, hope the teething is getting a little easier and you're all getting some sleep at last smile Dd1 finally got her placement sorted, she's been in there this week to try to get some ideas of what the children are like so she can start on her planning, much happier now.

gauchita, you need to do a little more than marking your place grin hope the cold is clearing up, best cure for a blocked nose - drink wine until you no longer care how blocked your nose is grin Did the coat ever turn up? Hopefully a kind soul has found it and put it in the post for you.

june, hope things are on the up for you, did you and dh sort out your birthday weekend?

dd3 still having a tough time at school but plans are in motion, it's just going to take time smile After dd2's friends sister, a week later one of the boys at ds1's school sadly passed away, it hit him quite hard as he's friends with the boys brother, such a dreadful time. They're all getting into the whole christmas spirit thing now so hopefully the mood will lift a little. Dd3 breaks up today, she's the last one left at school as all the others have finished, she's not impressed! E can't wait until christmas, he's so excited this year, should be lovely.

don't forget to get your school applications in if you haven't already for our mini juners, closing date here is mid jan, unless HEing of course smile

hope you're all ready for the big day, what ever you may be doing, waves to all smile

snowwombat Tue 25-Dec-12 13:52:21

Merry Christmas Juners. I hope you and yours are having a relaxed and fun day. We've eaten lunch, I cheated and cooked a 24 hr pork roast,DH in the sink washing up now. Kids full of snot, so quite pleased to be home by ourselves.
Time for winewine

DontYouJingleMyChristingle Tue 25-Dec-12 19:27:07

Merry Christmas Snow and all the Juners.

Hope you are having a good day.

Kids full of snot here too, plus little N running a high temperature as she is still teething so enjoying a low key Christmas at my Dad's house.

Full of turkey and slightly tipsy on only one glass of wine as haven't really drunk since I got pregnant with big N.

Going to pig out on mince pies and brandy butter now grin

TheNinjaGooseIsOnAMission Tue 25-Dec-12 20:59:14

merry christmas juners smile I have eaten far too much as have we all, so vegging in front of evening tv. Hope you've all had a good day smile

DontYouJingleMyChristingle Tue 01-Jan-13 13:26:13

Happy New Year, wishing you all prosperity and joy for 2013 x

Skillbo Thu 03-Jan-13 16:42:10

Happy new year, lovely Juners - hope you all had a great time. I am sorry for being absent for so long but it's been a bit crazy here with Xmas, O's birthday and the like.

I haven't really told anyone in RL but my husband left me at the beginning of the week and to say I am a bit heartbroken, doesn't really cover it sad I just look at J and O and i can't bear it. The worst of it is that I never saw it coming - not even a little bit! We're still talking and seeing each other (it's his 30th birthday today so he's got the kids) and I've booked us in for some counselling next week as he says he wants to try to save us but it just seems so bleak right now! I'm sorry for dumping on you but I really haven't told many people as I'm embarrassed and scared and can't stand anymore looks of pity (H's family obviously know as he's staying with his mum)... I am hoping we can work it out but we'll have to see sad - have told my boss and she's given me as much time off as needed, so that's a plus! I just feel a bit isolated as I live where all his family and friends are and my best friend - who is the only one who knows really - is a long way away...

So, to stop the pity party - happy birthday to Z and to Gauchita and Jesus, of course.. hope you all celebrated in style and your holidays have been wonderful. I got lots of super baking bits for Christmas (and Mary Berry's Baking Bible and Paul Hollywoods bread book - how GBBO am I?) and felt very spoiled! Ate too much of course but am planning on working it all off this year - tis my resolution!

Ninja - sounds like you've been having a really tough time of it at the moment and hope you're getting looked after as well. Why do these things always seem to hit at a 'fun' time of the year. I really hope your BIL manages to turn a corner soon and I also hope that DD3 and the rest of your little ones have a better start to their year!

Snow - yay for new homes and sounds like you've managed to find some fab local bits already! Am very envy of the forest school - the only ones in this area are independents so we're just not able to afford them but would definitely get J into one if we could.

Hope 2013 brings more sleep to a lot of us (am loving the name dontyoujingle).. sort of broke a bit and had to leave O to cry it out a bit. Thankfully - he was only ever grumbling and never got to full on 'scream till I'm sick' mode or I would have buckled soooo quickly. He's still not great but he's better and it's only perhaps once a night now, which is a VAST improvement. I have a little J as a bedmate at the moment - she's still suffering from bad dreams and I can't say I mind having someone small and warm to snuggle up to!

Right - best go as will need to go and get the children in a minute. I hope everyone else's year has started off a bit better and (another resolution), will aim to get on here much more often as you guys are a constant source of support and loveliness!

snowwombat Thu 03-Jan-13 20:39:06

Oh skillbo you poor love. What a terrible shock for you. I am so sorry that you are going through this. Please,please feel free to offload here whenever you need. It must be so difficult not having family near and friends who can pop round and give you a hug and make you a cuppa. Can I send you a brew and a big hug?

TheNinjaGooseIsOnAMission Thu 03-Jan-13 21:01:33

blimey skillbo ((((big hugs)))) my lovely. Please don't feel embarrassed, people will be supportive if you give them a chance smile I hope the counselling proves useful and do come offload when you need to xx

DontYouJingleMyChristingle Thu 03-Jan-13 22:47:32

Oh Skillbo, so sorry to hear what a rough time you have been having.

Please let it all out here as and when you need to. <big hugs>

Hope the counselling brings understanding.

PM if you need to x

Skillbo Fri 04-Jan-13 22:48:49

Thanks so much for your kind words - am feeling a lot better about things at the moment but do go up and down like a mad thing! Had a really lovely day today with J and O who are just great... i am lucky in many ways just wish i didn't miss him so much! my best friend is coming to see me tomorrow so that will help but am starting to get a bit angry about the whole situation now.. my poor babies deserve better than this!

Hope all good with my fellow Juners... and thank you, as always for your support!

snowwombat Sat 05-Jan-13 19:17:41

Oh skillbo I'm not surprised you feel angry. Did he just up sticks and leave? I am really pleased your best friend coming down, that will be really good.

Chilling at the in laws this weekend. Best of all they will do morning duty with the kids.

Gauchita, we are working opposite ends of the week,I'm Thursday Friday. Should we try to meet in York for lunch one day or is that not possible mon-wed. Actually scratch that, mon is swimming. Or would it be easier to do an evening?

Aw Skillbo, glad your best friend is coming to be with you. It is good that you feel a bit angry as it will keep you strong. It must be a big shock, was there no communication from him at all that he was not happy before this? Your children and you do deserve a father and husband who will try to make your relationship work, I hope that the counselling will help.

(It's ZhenThereWereTwo/DontYouJingle BTW)

snowwombat Wed 09-Jan-13 19:12:43

Hoooorooooo, anyone out there?
Anyone feeling a bit unprepared for our babies going to school in September? I've done the online application and I am not ready for A to go. I know I have 9 months to get used to the idea.

We've had a nice day, kids have had friends to play, so good to have at least one friend here and sure we will get around to making some more soon.

We should find out tomorrow whether the mortgage is approved after the disaster of the damp and roof reports. Fingers crossed.

Hope you are all out there?

TheNinjaGooseIsOnAMission Thu 10-Jan-13 11:35:22

morning all smile

skillbo, how are you doing? Hope seeing your friend gave you a lift smile

snow, good luck for today <crosses fingers> E can't wait to go to school, although we're working hard on lowering his expectations as he thought he'd be going to dd3's school on a bus with all their lovely facilities, what a let down eh?! Just nervously waiting on the news of what school we'll get, we live right on the border of 3 school catchments, 1 would not be welcome news <bites nails> There's usually more parents with leaky eyes than children on the first day of school, it's not easy especially when our juners will be the little ones, but they will be fine <repeat as needed> grin

stitch, how are the Ns getting on?

christmas seems so long ago now, we're not even half way through january yet! Kids are all back at school so I'm enjoying hot cuppas again, small pleasures grin but the house seems awfully quiet!

waves to all smile

Gauchita Sat 12-Jan-13 16:22:10

:grinpens door::

Huge apologies Juners, I've been away for too long ::slaps hand::

Skillbo, huge hug for you my dear. What a horrible shock for you sad Right after the holidays and so out of the blue! I second what the rest of the Juners said, come here and offload as much as you wish... It can be so hard when RL contacts don't know and you feel like you're going mad if you don't 'talk' to someone. I know I've felt like that in the past. How are the DC? Another huge hug for you.

Happy belated New Year to all...

June, how was birthday weekend in the end? Did you get to do something special?

Snow, agh, poo, we work exactly on different ends of the week grin Hmm, let me have a think how we can sort something. York sounds like a nice middle spot smile

Zhen, glad to hear things are well with the Ns smile Hope sleep improves soon for you (going through the same here with D, who BFs several times a night)

Ninja, I feel I catch up with those of you who are on FB more often ha! How are BIL and SIL?

Birthday was ok, DH bought me a ring (which I proceeded to take back to exchange ha! It wasn't me being picky, but it had yellow gold and I don't like it - and he knows!)

Coat mystery never solved. DH has no idea what happened with it, and no samaritan soul posted it sad We think DH must have left car open, someone saw parcel on seat and took it... maybe?

M doing well at school, very happy with it, fortunately. D's settled at nursery as well, although he likes to drop a few tears when I leave him hmm Don't know if I mentioned it here but in October he was diagnosed with asthma so he's on regular medication + inhaler when needed. Colds go to his chest immediately so we have to keep an eye on him. He's been wheezy these past few days but fortunately we've been able to manage it from home ::crosses fingers::

Right, apologies again for not catching up more frequently. NY resolution is to come back at least once a week to 'see' you all smile


Gauchita Sat 12-Jan-13 16:22:42

No idea why that was a grin + pens door hmm grin

snowwombat Tue 15-Jan-13 18:26:41

One mortgage approved gringrin. Years of renovation ahead of us. Hears hoping for a speedy solicitor to get the sale finished

TheNinjaGooseIsOnAMission Tue 15-Jan-13 19:54:22

fab news grin <passes overalls and a large gin>

Gauchita Wed 16-Jan-13 19:56:49

Yay! Congratulations! grin

::gets paint, brushes::

snowwombat Fri 18-Jan-13 18:43:21

Thanks for the offers of help with the house. You will certainly be hearing all about it for the next ten years.

It is bucketing down with snow here. Thank goodness I left work early, I barely made it home from the train station in my little car. Our street is up a hill and I wasn't sure I was going to get up it. How is everyone else faring?
wine and a nice hot chilli for dinner. Followed by a hot toddy for my foul cold.
Happy snowy weekend Juners. Hope you are all inside and warm x

Gauchita Sat 19-Jan-13 07:42:38

Freezing morning (stating the obvious) grin It's snowed quite a bit overnight so M is a happy girl, she'll have her snowman today... brought to her by her dad of course.

Lots of work this week, including a live-tweeting session from a wine master class (via Skype), with little D awake instead of going to bed as he usually does grin Typical, every night he zonks with no problem, but the night I need to work he's up like a bee grin It went well, fortunately.

How are you all?

Skillbo, thinking of you, lady. Come over and let us know how you are? x

snowwombat Tue 22-Jan-13 11:33:36

Gauchita work sounds really interesting. How does a live twitter session work? What was it all about?

Skillbo you ok chook? Thinking of you

Does anyone have a suggestion for where to buy warm toddler socks?perfect for stopping little toes getting chilly?

Hope you are all warm! Our lovely snow currently being melted by crappy rain and sleet

brew and cake anyone?

Hello ladies smile

Congrats on getting the mortgage approved Snow grin Try Little Trekkers for warm socks.

Gauchita sorry to hear about D's asthma diagnosis.

Skillbo hope you are okay lovely, we are here if you need us x

Ninja -how's things?

Snow melting here too, but bitterly cold with the wind chill factor. Our mini snowman that dh made for big N has melted on our balcony.

Holed up inside as I am ill and just can't face it after being out in the snow for the last few days (too many snowball fights me thinks!).

In other news we have 3 baby guinea pigs who are very sweet, only been with us two weeks. They will sit on big N while she strokes them, but she is a complete chatterbox as hasn't quite got the idea that a constant running dialogue might scare the poor things. We had to send our cat to my dad's house as he kept escaping onto the scaffolding in an attempt to get outside. He is happy there, he gets to go out and has made some cat friends according to my dad grin

Gauchita Fri 25-Jan-13 08:07:51

Marking place for later.

snowwombat Sun 27-Jan-13 12:50:49

Anyone watching the tennis?Great game in Melbourne tonight!
Thank you zhen for the little Trekkers heads up, have ordered some socks for the kids.
skillbo we are thinking of you. How are you coping chook? If there is anything we can do pleae let us know. Sorry not to be closer. You are in hants arent you?
Exciting day here, testing the new vacuum cleaner, after dh blew up the old one. To his credit, he was vacuuming the house at the time. Just had a delicious roast and then off to friends this afternoon. All our snow has been melted by fierce rain overnight. Luckily we had a great time taking the kids out on their toboggans yesterday.

snowwombat Sun 27-Jan-13 12:52:24

Bugger, posted before I meant to. Was Australia day yesterday, so we have made some lamingtons - sponge rolled in chocolate glaze and then coconut. Yum!

Hope you are all ok Juners.

snowwombat Tue 29-Jan-13 22:34:59

stitchthanks for the heads up on little Trekkers, got some lovely merino socks for the kids. How are the guinea pigs and how is your house? Scaffolding? Are you still having issues?

Have I killed the thread hmm? I can supply wine or brew

Hi snow you are welcome. We are the house of bleurgh, coughs and colds for over a week now. Plus I am pre-menstrual, will be my first since I got pregnant with Lil N and after 2 c sections with all the scar tissue I am not looking forward to it, if the pre-cramps are anything to go by. Guinea pigs settling in nicely, off out to get some grass for them now, will take some pics and stick them on profile later.

Hello to everyone else smile

Gauchita Sat 02-Feb-13 07:16:54

Morning! I'll try and catch up now, while DC have breakfast, otherwise it might not happen 'til next week! grin

Stitch, oh that sucks. We were like that 2 weeks ago, just passing it on one to the other. Hope you're all on the mend now. I still have no signs of my period (not missing it, though!).

Snow, I bet the actual snow was pretty serious over there! Forgot to reply a previous question. The live tweeting (in our case) was like this: there was a wine master class going on. I, as had no childcare, was present via skype (fly on the wall) and tweeted 'live' what was said and done, pictures included via DH and Instagram. It was great, I love my new job smile As an aside, one of the p*rtners the other day happened to be around and started asking me about my job (for the record he has no idea about anything, no FB, little bit of a technophobe ha!) and then came a point when he said 'because you're more or less doing this as you go, right?'. The cheek! No, I don't have a degree on this but wtf grin I was very civil and replied accordingly :: proud:: I've been very touched recently as DH has received some fantastic feedback both from companies, people and also companies that offer the same services (!) saying our SM is amazing. smile

Ninja, how are things? Thanks for the little push the other day with Pilates grin

Skillbo, how are you, lovey? Thinking of you ((squeeze))

June, how are things? I haven't 'seen' you on FB in a while. Lots of work?

Leeetle bit excited here. Friend's birthday this evening and I'm going grin First evening out on my own in 4 years! It's only dinner but yay!

Have a lovely weekend Juners!

snowwombat Wed 06-Feb-13 21:38:02

Juners, where is everyone? Are you all ok out there?
gauchita thanks for the explanation about the live tweeting, it sounds like you do a fabulous job of the SM and great to have it confirmed with some lovely comments. Well done you!
How is your back?
stitch how are the guinea pigs? House of ill health? And hope period gone and you survived. Mine have been worse after each pregnancy, only think I will get though work this week with the aid of good painkillers.
ninja can I hire you for kicking my arse into gear re exercise? Sounds like you got gauchita motivated the other nightsmile

Bloody sleet here again, or snows for a few hours then sleet washes it all way. We have had some wonderful snow, often on a Saturday so we can get out with th e kids on their sledges. Going skiing in a few weeks, so very pleased they are both enjoying playing in the snow.

House purchase continues, vendors solicitor finally responded to our solicitor, hope to have some progress next week. Would really like to exchange complete of whatever the process is here sometime in 2013 and get renovating. The roof must be replaced ASAP, so much water getting in the house, would like to do this ASAP to prevent more damage to our potentially lovely house.

Anyway, thinking of you Juners and hoping you all ok, particularly those we havent heard from in a while

Gauchita Sat 09-Feb-13 06:59:07

Morning all,
Snow, flare up has passed, fortunately. Seeing physio again at the end of Feb but looking into getting an acupuncture session with the people you suggested wink I only have to find the time and a moment DH can stay with DC. Fingers crossed for house stuff to be resolved soon! I take it you'd still live where you're now while it gets renovated (esp. because of roof?)

Skillbo, how are you? Thinking of you.

Have a lovely weekend, Juners. We're supposed to get snow here again, booooo

Gauchita Fri 15-Feb-13 15:30:27



snowwombat Fri 15-Feb-13 19:32:32

wine gauchita? How is D doing? Poor little things. How are you all? Quiet weekend planned?

Love to know how everyone is doing. We are nearly ready to exchange contracts, just need the vendor the sort emptying the septic tank < boak> . No problem with the septic, just another thing that has been completely neglected in this poor house.

Anyone's kids had hand mouth foot orvwhatever it is called? Going around nursery and z has a couple red marks on her face.

Happy weekend juners

Gauchita Sat 16-Feb-13 08:06:35

Hey Snow!
Glad to hear things are getting nearer and nearer now re. house! Oh yes, get him to sort the septic tank, one (stinky) job less for you!
No HMF that I'm aware of here ::touches wood:: I think I have enough as it is so please let it not come to this house grin
D a bit better, still very phlegmy, poor thing. Getting him to take his medicine is a real PITA these days. He refuses and has learnt to spit it out! Gah! Brown inhaler has been prescribed, he starts today with it. Fingers crossed!
Quiet weekend here, nothing planned. M has a birthday party tomorrow, but DH is always in charge of those grin

snowwombat Sat 23-Feb-13 12:05:36

Brrr more snow here but sadly not enough to play with. How is it with everyone?

Gauchita Sat 23-Feb-13 16:03:18

Hi Snow!
Only fluffy stuff here, but it's freeeeeezing
I had to work this morning. Interpreting assignment that lasted a bit more than expected, but at least I got to do it; clients don't even show up sometimes!
Hope everyone's having a nice weekend, ladies.
Snow, we need to arrange a York meet-up! smile

Gauchita Fri 01-Mar-13 10:05:14


Hello all smile

Snow good news about the house, have you exchanged contracts yet?

Gauchita poor D, hope he is feeling a little better. My step-daughter and a few of my nieces have asthma and find the cold weather and change of seasons sets it off. Worst times are always very cold days and autumn-winter change.

Still house of bleurgh, seem to get rid of one bug and get another by the end of the day. Have given up going to playgroups this week, can't face them catching another one! Little N was 1 last Saturday and has been busy learning to walk, she can do about 5 steps now. Period never actually turned up, took a pregnancy test and it was negative so thinking lil' N is just feeding too much at night still for it to kick in. The guinea pigs are quite sweet really, they wheek when they see me as they think I will have grass. Will try and get some pics when I let them out later.

Hope all are well and coping with the looong winter months. Saw some daffodills coming through on our walk yesterday, please let spring be on its way!

snowwombat Sun 10-Mar-13 14:35:15

Happy Mother's day Juners. Hoping you are being suitably spoilt.

Had a nice lunch made by DH. Z has picked today as the day she can and will climb out of her cot so sitting outside her room encouraging sleep smile.

Exchange n Tuesday we hope.

Happy belated birthday to little N. Are you trying for a third Stitch?

Waves to all

Hope the exchange went as planned Snow.

No plans for a third yet, although I would like another just not yet. I need some sleep first!

snowwombat Mon 01-Apr-13 20:14:08

Just MNetting while I do rapid return of dd to her big girl bed. We took her cot sides off a few days ago and once she is asleep she is fine, just another hour or so of putting her back smile

We own the house, sale completed fairly smoothly. I've started pulling wallpaper off already. Some fairly deep cleaning required. I'm yet to touch the mould covered bathroom but after successfully cleaning my mildew covered buggy with mould and mildew spray today, I'm feeling slightly less daunted. Bloody garage of the rented place is damp and lots of our stuff covered angry Just something I could do without.

Still snowing on and off here. Not enough to play in but bitterly cold . Did get a nice bit of sunshine so e could have an Easter egg hunt yesterday morning at the new place. Very friendly, neighbours all calling round for a chat and a sticky beak! Lots of kids in the village and their own field to play in at the back of the houses, owned by the local lord. I feel like I'm in a high school history lesson at times, our place is over 200 years old. I know that is not that old for the uk but it is for modern oz!

How is everyone? Are we all using FB more than the thread? Would be nice not to lose this thread, easier to say lots more on here than FB.

Hope you are all ok Juners

snowwombat Sun 14-Apr-13 11:10:10

Hello o. o. o. o. Anyone lurking? We get school place this week. Anyone else?

TheNinjaGooseIsOnAMission Wed 17-Apr-13 17:54:45

<opens door> hellooooooooooo

I'm not entirely sure where the time has gone lately!! But at least we seem to have seen the back of all the snow hopefully, so nice to see a bit of blue sky and sun seeing as it's april confused Our boiler died the week before easter so that has proved rather costly shock it's not exactly a job you can leave till the money's there. At least E got the school we wanted, what a relief! He's been staying for lunch club at preschool 3 days a week so hopefully getting used to eating lunch with his friends, it's rather nice having an extra hour to myself grin

snow, fab news on the house <passes equal amounts of elbow grease and gin> have you moved in or renovating first? How's bed time going?

waves to all smile

Skillbo Fri 03-May-13 17:38:02

Hellooo all - wow, this thread has been quiet but i haven't been on here either!

Some great news on here since i last checked in...

snow - new house, yay! so pleased for you although don't envy you cleaning all the stuff from your old place! Bet it's come on leaps and bounds now though - new roof sorted?

guachita - fab news about your job, too! I am so pleased it's working out for you but I'm not surprised as you have a lovely turn of phrase!

Stitch - thanks for your kind words, a while ago now, but thankyou!

So in my world, am getting used to being on my own. H has got himself a new girlfriend which is pretty clearly the OW as they got together less than 2 weeks after he left me! Soul destroying at the time but helped me come to terms with the fact it wasn't me, i am not this poisonous person he was making me out to be - he was just trying to justify his actions (which are unjustifiable, of course!)

J & O are fab although j`s behaviour has been pretty challenging, and continues to be sad but she's been through a lot and H has been a real dick about a lot of it, which hasn't helped! She needs constant reassurance which makes me so sad but she'll get there!

O is now at a childminder for a couple of days as H won't do them. It's probablydoing O some good but he's like a limpet the rest of the time!

I have a better social life than I've had in years as i get every other weekend free. On the weekends i have J & O, we always do something fun too so we're a great little team. It is exhausting though and hats well & truly off to single parents out there!

So, how did everyone get on with schools? I was uhm-ing and ah-ing about possibly moving to be closer to my friends but both kids have had enough change for now & J got into the school we wanted so makes sense to hang here for a bit!

Looks like spring has finally sprung so am planning on catching some rays, doing lots of washing and baking some bits! Rare weekend at home, just me! Anyone else got nice plans for the weekend?

I hope all Juners are doing ok - as someone mentioned up thread - would be a shame to lose this, especially as our lo's are almost 4... how did that happen???

Speak soon and i really appreciate all the thoughts on here - you're all super thanks

Gauchita Tue 14-May-13 14:13:05

Signing in! Catch-up hopefully soon!

Hello all smile

Just popping in to see how you all are.

Glad to hear your new home is treating you well Snow.

Ninja, good news about E's school. Not such good news about the boiler, but at least it waited until April to pop it's clogs.

Glad to hear you and the kids are doing well Skillbo. Onwards and upwards. Enjoy your free time, you deserve it.

Well we are good, been away a lot visiting family with the guinea pigs in tow. Had an interesting car journey to my mum's when one guinea pig escaped the box and her sister started chewing through the box in an attempt to join her. All while we were on the motorway.

Big N starts school locally in September part-time. Wasn't our first choice, but we have visited several times and I like the EYFS set up and the feel of the school.

Little N is a terror, climbing everything in sight. She has us laughing every day with her mischievous grin and infectious giggle. She is talking a lot now and is already having those back arching tantrums, terrible twos are not far off!

Waves to Gauchita, Venetian and everyone else I have forgotten x

AnotherStitchInTime Wed 17-Jul-13 09:05:59


Well we must all be very busy, hope you are all ok.

Just popping to announce that by complete surprise I am expecting number 3. No idea when as hadn't really got my periods back after little N's birth shock I think Jan/Feb or even March, but will have to wait for the dating scan.

TheNinjaGooseIsOnAMission Sun 21-Jul-13 20:47:49

ooooooh how lovely, congratulations stitch!! grin

I think we're all ready for school, E now gets he's not going to dd3's school and that he will have to walk not get bused door to door! Fingers crossed for a smooth transition smile

waves to all smile

June2009 Mon 22-Jul-13 13:25:43

hello smile finally got my password reset..sorry for long absence!
Not had much time to catch up with mumsnet at all the past few months (or facebook for that matter.)
Hope everyone is well here smile Will try and come more often!

C is 4 now, and turning in a little monster at times (she wants to 'put me in the bin'), testing the boundaries a lot; otherwise a lovely polite, social child :D (just had to stop and wipe poo off the bathroom wall, which kinda illustrates my point...)

snowwombat Mon 22-Jul-13 20:14:36

What lovely news Stitch smile congratulations. Will you find out whether you have a boy or girl? Will happily live vicariously through your pregnancy and newborn. I would love to have more, but for a variety of reasons, I don't think it will ever happen.

We've had our school visits and a very happy about going to school. I've just got to find a CM for two days a week. Fingers crossed a local recommendation comes off

We are in house renovation hell. Currently house held up with scaffolding. Must post some FB pictures, I took some yesterday. No internal walls on ground floor, nor floors. In disagreement with planners. We want simple, they want an ostentatious gran d design number. Will see what this week's negotiations bring.

I hope you are all ok. I'm sorry to be completely crap with posting

snowwombat Mon 22-Jul-13 20:17:22

skillbo wanted to send a huge hug and you sound like you are doing an incredible job. The kids are so lucky to have such a brilliant mum. How are things for you now? I've been thinking of you, particularly as we were on a flying visit your way a fortnight ago. I hope you are doing ok and getting good support around you

AnotherStitchInTime Wed 24-Jul-13 21:29:11

Hello all briefly popping in to say that I am 13 weeks pregnant! shock

Due 28th of January smile

Back later,just trying to get lil'N to settle.

Gauchita Thu 25-Jul-13 10:55:26

Congratulations Stitch! Amazing news. I'll join Snow in the vicarious bench grin

Thanks Sally for the message.

I haven't been here in aaaages. Work and RL taking over, sorry ladies!

Maybe we could create a FB (private) group? I do check that every day grin

FushandChups Sat 23-Nov-13 22:54:37

Ok - thought should bump this bad boy as it has been toooo long since I've caught up with you.

I second the private GO group although don't go on there as often either but more often than here! Someone else will have to do it as I have no idea how you go about it though!

Stitch - massive congratulations. .. another N on the way (well,almost here!)

Not much changed here - still plodding onwards although we're moving to 50/50 care in the new year which is breaking my heart sad one week with me, one whole week with him! He has been a shit about contact as well (at one point was seeing them for only 2 nights a month!) but this is maybe the best thing for the children so have to give it a go! J struggling big time with the world at the moment though!

Right - on my phone so won't post much more or will lose it but hope others are still checking this thread & catch up soon brew

FushandChups Sat 23-Nov-13 22:55:22

Meant FB of course (new phone, fat fingers and not checking my message, duh!)

FushandChups Sat 23-Nov-13 23:32:40

Just realised you probably don't know who I am.. its Skillbo!

snowwombat Sat 23-Nov-13 23:59:29

Fushandchips love the new name, are you channeling your inner kiwi? Gosh the 50/50 sounds so hard, especially with exdh doing so little. What has prompted him to want to have so much more time with the kids? How are you doing? How are you managing work/kids/life?
So pleased to see a message on our thread.

We are fine here oop north, been a year already. Still in house renovation hell, k mc loud would love us with our disintegrating house that has needed far more than expected.

Anyway, tis approaching midnight, I've had far too much alcohol and the kids will be up in 5 hours. Urgh. Cannot wait till they decide to love sleep.

FushandChups Thu 28-Nov-13 11:35:05

Hi Snow - wow, has it really been a year since you moved? 2013 has flown by that's for sure - cannot believe our 'babies' are four and a half shock

Sorry to hear your house has needed more work than first thought. always the way though - even though I rent so have a landlord to fall back on for the big stuff, there is so much I would love to do to this place to make it more of a home (double glazing would be a good start, brrrr sad)

Things with the kids are ok although J still struggling with all the change - think school has broken her slightly sad Moving to 50/50 care is breaking my heart but is probably (maybe) the best thing for the children and H won't settle for anything else. He dropped pretty much all contact in the summer as I wouldn't pay him to look after our children. He wouldn't take them for a night in the week as that would break the conditions of his JSA (yes, he is still unemployed) and despite being available, I currently pay out over £800 in childcare costs. It all comes down to him believing he could end our marriage but carry on with the stay at home role with me supporting him. It has been agreed been will now receive J's child benefit(which he can use to get income support, housing benefit etc so can continue to not work) and so will now spend time with his children.

Makes me angry as he spends every waking hour with new gf and her children and I bet she doesn't pay him! Argh - I keep just telling myself I am better off without him - because I am. anyone who can use their kids as a weapon to remain a lazy fuckwit rather than get a job and start to provide for them, doesn't deserve me (phew, that was cathartic smile) J & O do miss him and like spending time with him so I shouldn't be sad - for all his failings as a person, he is a good dad to them. We return to mediation in the new year to see how it's all working...

Sorry for the 'me me me' post - how are all the rest of the lovely Juners? its been so long and even though I do see some of us on FB, it's not the same as being able to brain dump on here!

I managed to slice my finger on a food processor blade and sever the tendon badly a few weeks ago. I had surgery but am still signed off but am off into work for a couple of hours in a bit, so best get myself sorted! Take it easy all x

FushandChups Thu 28-Nov-13 11:38:30

And yes - tis my inner Kiwi... was lucky enough to travel round there for a year when I was younger and had a blast! Spent some time working in a fish and chips shop (where I served and cooked for Jonah Lomu!) so the gorgeous way this phrase is said has always stayed with me.. ♡

AnotherStitchInTime Sat 11-Jan-14 11:00:14

Hello ladies smile

<big hugs> fush that sounds incredibly tough and you are being very adult and understanding about the whole situation. I hope that J&O will benefit from the increased contact.

snow a year, wow time flies fast. Hope the rest of the renovation goes smoothly. Apart from the early waking how are A and Z?

Hope all the other Juners are ok smile

Well life has been eventful in chez Stitch. At my 20 week scan I was diagnosed with placenta praevia (placenta covering cervix), I was warned about risks of bleeding and placed on a sex ban. At 26 weeks I had a massive bleed whilst on my own in the house with the kids, luckily DH managed to make it home within half an hour and I was blue-lighted to hospital by ambulance.

For the next two months I spent most of the time in hospital. DH had to take unpaid time off work to care for the girls. I missed them terribly, little N was a baby still when I went in she had never been apart from me. Big N at least was loving school and that provided some distraction.

They then discovered from scans that my placenta had grown through my uterus and into my bladder.

On the 23rd December, 6 weeks early our son Mason arrived by c section. I was awake when he was delivered, but because I wouldn't stop bleeding they had to do a hysterectomy and I was put under general anaesthetic. I woke up 5 hours later. I had lost all my blood volume and more and had bladder surgery, but I was alive. Lucky for me the Queen's gynaecologist (who delivered Prince George) had been passing and scrubbed in.

Christmas Day was a bit of a blur and I still wasn't eating food so no turkey and trimmings for me. After 5 days I came home. Mason luckily didn't need to go to SCBU and apart from two bottles when I was in theatre he has been solely breastfed and is back to his birth weight. I am on the mend slowly and enjoying being home with the girls. They have been lovely with him, really gentle.

snowwombat Sat 11-Jan-14 22:55:41

Oh my, congratulations on Mason's birth AnotherStichinTime. What a traumatic ordeal you have had. Glad that you are all safe and finally home. Must be such a relief to have him safely in your arms and all be together again at home. I hope there has been some support around from family and friends during the last few months. It must have been so difficult being away from the girls for that long. Were they allowed to visit when you were admitted?
Sending you thanksbrewand lots of restful recovery vibes. Great that the feeding has gone the way you wanted and hope there is some sleep in there too for all of you.

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