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Fab Feb 2011: Walking, talking and still not sleeping.

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blizy Thu 07-Jun-12 07:38:13

I hope you don't mind me starting a new thread? Lets hope it's a lucky one for me.

<passes round some [tea].

RobinSparkles Thu 07-Jun-12 07:39:25

Hey Blizy! How are things? smile

blizy Thu 07-Jun-12 07:48:15

Hey robin, all good in this hood thanks grin. How are things in the sparkley household?

RobinSparkles Thu 07-Jun-12 08:52:22

We're all good. Having a relaxing half term, NOT! Isabel has lost her favourite cuddly toy - one that she won't sleep without. She's had it since she was 7 months old and I can't find it anywhere. It can't have gone far, it hasn't left the house but I'm turning the place upside down to try and find it. It's just like the story "Dogger" except that it's a pink cat sad

ILovePonyo Thu 07-Jun-12 09:05:06

Hi blizy, yay new thread! Indeed hope it's a lucky one for smile good news about the doctor btw, that other one sounds a bit, Erm, dim?!

Hi robin sad to the lost toy, hope it magically reappears soon. Fingers crossed.

Hi everyone else, ledkr grin at knickers on head, A was very carefully fitting my bra onto her head the other day hmm

We have someone coming to do a house valuation today, woo exciting!

ILovePonyo Thu 07-Jun-12 09:05:38

Blizy for you is what I meant blush

RobinSparkles Thu 07-Jun-12 09:27:05

Exciting Ponyo! Hope it's worth lots! smile

Now who has been wearing knickers on their head? grin DD1 always used to take them off the clothes airer and put them on hers! So funny!

reastie Thu 07-Jun-12 09:47:46

Hello all, found you grin

ledkr Alice does that but with my bras - she sticks them on her arm and walks around looking all pleased with herself grin

blizy so glad the results were OK and angry at you having to wait nearly 2 weeks with worry for that.

ponyo hope the valuation is gazillions grin - are you still thinking of moving then?

robin hope you find that toy soon.

wiggles I googled that dirty book you spoke of and read the first few pages on the amazon have a look bit - didn't think it was especially well written tbh but obv that may not be why people read it wink but didn't get to see any filthy bits [disappointed] . Speaking of books - I've just finished one and am on the look out for a new one - any recommendations for a can't put it down read?

Well, DH and I have come down with Alice's bug sad - had to get DM to take Alice yesterday evening as we couldn't cope with her confused - at least before one of us has been healthy while the other one was ill [sigh] . DH is crazy and has gone to work this morning despite having a terrible fever and can barely walk or keep his eyes open - and he does a hard manual job too so it's not like he can sit in front of a computer [sigh] .

WeAreBorg Thu 07-Jun-12 10:21:36

blizy helllooo thanks for the new thread, good luck with the next set of tests.

reastie sorry all of you are poorly, I am dreading the day that happens to us.

tad when is your big trip? Whereabouts (ish) are your PILs? So many lovely places to visit round here, the kids will love it - lovely castles, beaches, castles by the beaches, Roman things, loads.....

ponyo good luck with the house valuation. Why don't you move up here? see above!

wiggles yes I have heard those books are terrible. reastie am reading we need to talk about kevin at the moment, but I think a load on this thread recommended that.

robin oh no! Hope the toy is found.

I like the bra and knicker wearing babies! N is just sticking to wearing tights round his neck like a scarf. See you all laters, have to go to work.

What is it with babies putting things on their heads? L wraps clothes around his neck like a scarf too. grin

Robin - I hope the toy reappears soon. Is there any chance you could find a replacement?

blizy - angry at the previous doc. When are you due to get bloods done again?

wiggles - LOL at your depraved mind not being bothered by 50 Shades of Grey. I've heard (on MN) that it's really poorly written, not sure why it's so popular. Well, I DO know why it's so popular but you know what I mean. grin

reastie - I hope you're all feeling better soon. sad At least your mum was able to step in - I know I can't cope with L when I'm poorly, tried to when I had norovirus and only lasted an hour. I hope you're posting from bed! Were you supposed to meet debka today?

Hello everyone,

reastie OH NO!! I second american in that I hope you're posting from your bed. Why does this happen in half term as well sad

blizy I have fingers and toes crossed for you with this thread, you never know wink Very true about the no sleeping thing hmm now get alfie out of the washing machine wink

robin do you have a pic of the pink cat toy? we could all go on a internet hunt for a replacement if you can't find it.

good luck to ponyo and the valuation! tres exciting! let us know how it goes!

wiggles I saw the author of that book being interviewed and she seemed okay, quite normal in fact iykwim. Don't think I'll bother with the book though as I tend to read gory thrillers when I actually have time to read. Am reading very slowly a book called Chavs at the moment, it's fantastic and about the demonisation of the working classes.

Haven't been on for a bit and out of the loop. B is back to not sleeping but have decided to change my expectations and go with the easiest solution so when he wakes, he comes into bed with us. I figure it won't last forever and he still naps in his cot so not too bad. Still waiting for his blood test results, still a nightmare with pooing. Oh well, at least he's learnt how to tidy up his blocks at last and seems to love putting things away grin

Big waves to everyone!

debka Thu 07-Jun-12 12:04:02

I have just woken up from a two hour nap grin blush

wowsers deb, that's impressive, not envy at all.... wink

blizy Thu 07-Jun-12 12:55:25

grin at the babies with various items of clothing around necks on heads!

american I will be going back around the 20th/21st.

needto he went in there on his own, followed me to the loo, (it's just off utility room) I came back out and there he was quite the thing!

When should B's results be back? It really is not fair to keep him and you waiting.

debka shock

robin I hope you find the toy, I agree with ponyo if you can't find it post a pic and we will all do our best in locating one.

ponyo good luck with the valuation, hope it's valued well. Ours was valued £5000 less than what we paid!

I spent the morning cleaning, now waiting on a friend coming for lunch.

Have a good day y'all!

ILovePonyo Thu 07-Jun-12 13:20:50

That's a shame blizy, I know ours will be worth less than what we paid for it but there's nothing we can do about it so <shrug> I'm reading life of pi at the moment, my mum lent it to me. I've not got into it yet but it's meant to be good.

Anya is lifting up my top and drawing on me with a biscuit hmm

We went to singing where she had a massive strop as soon as the singing started and just at it the whole session, I blame it on the fact that she stacked it onto the floor before we left and had a red mark on her head blush

Borg I'd love to move near you, you could keep me entertained with funny stories about N all the time! Bit far to travel for work tho wink

Am on phone and have forgotten things sorryblush

Back later

ILovePonyo Thu 07-Jun-12 13:22:26

Oh needto poor B hope he gets better soon. Must be horrible for him (and you)

tadjennyp Thu 07-Jun-12 17:07:46

Shiny new thread, blizy, thank you! Hope you had a lovely lunch with your friend.

I've heard about Fifty Shades of Grey haven't seen it in the shops. wink

Love the bra stories! Sammy likes to wrap things round his neck too. shock

Hope you get better soon reastie. S had the vomiting thing over the weekend and was a right Klingon, but we managed to escape it, thank goodness.

Borg, the PILs live just 5 miles south of Coldstream on the A697. Remote, beautiful but such a bloody long drive from anywhere! We were thinking of Alnwick Castle again, but something low-cost would be great. We're flying over in 3 weeks' time.

Hope the valuation has gone well Ponyo. Much sympathy about the strop at singing.

Seriously hope you get some answers about B soon Needto. Poor little mite.

Hope you find the cuddly toy soon Robin.

Haven't found out any answers about my gynae problems. May have to go on the pill for a month to regulate my hormones again. Feel like a bloody teenager with none of the energy! grin

Waves to everyone else. Hope tea time is going well.

RobinSparkles Thu 07-Jun-12 20:26:48

Reastie hope you get better soon! Your crazy DH going off to work shock. My DH is the same - never has time off when ill. It's his own business so he worries that things will go wrong if he's not there but I'm forever telling him that "being ill is your bodys way of telling you that you need a rest."

Needto I like the fact that Ben is tidying things away! He can come here to play anytime - teach the DDs a thing or two! L just likes emptying things and getting things out. The dVDs are always being emptied out of the cabinet into a heap on the floor, crayons everywhere, building blocks tipped out...you name it... <<sigh>> I'm like a whirlwind, forever putting things back around her!

Debka hope you enjoyed your nap!

Tad hope you find some answers soon.

<<waves to American and Borg>>

Panic over, we found the cuddly cat! Phew. DD found it at tea time - God knows where hmm. Typical after I had had every single toy box out and all under every bed. She said that it was on the conservatory floor but I know for a fact that it wasn't because I checked there several times! She was laughing when she told me, which makes me think that she is fibbing and it was somewhere that DD shouldn't have been. Weird! Anyway, at least there'll be no tears at bedtime.

I have tried to buy a spare before but it has been discontinued. She had already had it a couple of years before she became attached to it. She just started playing with it one day and played and slept with it constantly ever since!

ILovePonyo Thu 07-Jun-12 21:37:34

Grr mn just lost my post angry

I'll just do a quick one - the valuation went well, the estate agent valued it at less than we paid (whihc was not a surprise) but more than we expected (which was nice). I was researching on the Property board on mn and saw delias thread about her house and rightmove link, I'll link to mine when we get it on the market so you can all nosy!

A has been v cute today, saying 'uh oh' when she drops something and spinning round in circles then laughing grin

Robin glad you found the cat, what a relief!

Night all, hope this post doesn't get lost too hmm

wigglesrock Thu 07-Jun-12 21:47:52

blizy thanks for the new thread xx

RobinSparkles yay for the lost cat grin, O had a cuddly dog from Tescos for years, then one day she just put it down shock

NeedToSleepzz "Chavs" has been recommended lots on MN, have found a thread in the book bit grin where we are all laughing at the shiteness of the dirty book. I take A into our bed when she wakes at night - it works grin

Had Olivias info evening at her primary school tonight - was not faced with any reminders of my debauched teenage years grin - mainly because I was about 10 years older than the majority of parents! Olivia has Sofias P1 teacher so am over the moon, we loved her. PS She's the only Olivia in the whole year shock grin

RobinSparkles Thu 07-Jun-12 22:01:53

Do you know Wiggles? I don't know one single Olivia considering it's a popular name!

I used to work with a woman who had a DD named Olivia but I never met her DD and I don't see her anymore so it doesn't count grin
I haven't noticed any Olivias in DD's school since I started working there but I don't know all of their names yet. There are definitely none in DD's class and no other Isabels surprisingly, as they seem to be everywhere ATM, but there are a couple higher up in school plus an Isabella in Preschool, who will be in reception in september when DD goes into yr 1. She's known as Belle though.

Glad the info evening went well!

Emski76 Fri 08-Jun-12 07:08:34

Wiggles, glad your info evening went well. We have Bens in a few weeks, is it sad that I'm excited?!

Robin, phew for finding the lost cat. We have two of both boys 'babies'. They both love them so much altho I think Ben is slowly starting to grow out of needing his.

Ponyo, glad the valuation went well. Please do link to your house on right move when you can, it was fun seeing Delias!

Needto, Noah is quite good at tidying too. He was out in our street the other day picking up stones from the path and putting them away in someone's garden, very cute!

Tad, hope you get your 'hormones' sorted out!

Hi to everyone else.

Wow the weather is here is awful today,very wet and windy! Off to a friends this morning for a picnic, am expecting chaos at there will be 6 children and 3 adults. Glad their not coming to my house!

WeAreBorg Fri 08-Jun-12 10:01:08

too excited at the prospect of nebbing at delias house! [saddo]. ponyo yes do link to your house, glad the valuation went well.

needto yes do hope the bowel problem gets sorted, poor Ben. N sleeps in our bed too, I really like it now and look forward to getting into bed and snuggling up then him kicking me all night. N is not so much a tidier, more of a putter of things away in inappropriate places like the dishwasher or the freezer.

deb 2 hour nap!?!

tad oh what a lovely place to live, yes it's out of the way though! We went Alnwick gardens a few weeks ago, N walked the woodland walk (don't have to pay) and enjoyed bouncing around in the treehouse (also free to visit) but it's quite expensive to see the whole gardens, with castle as well would be £££, although you can then go as often as you like without paying any more. That doesn't really help you much though! We like Lindisfarne, Bamburgh, beaches e.g. druridge bay up there. You can see Dunstanburgh castle quite well without actually paying to go in there, and can play in the rock pools etc. Kielder for bike rides/walks would be free? Housesteads/hadrians wall etc are not too dear as far as I recall. Corbridge is nice to visit for nice pubs, little shops. Will have a think for more free/cheap things.

robin glad the cat found its way back

Off to neb at Ds house...

RobinSparkles Fri 08-Jun-12 10:03:39

Where is the link to Delia's house [nosy bitch]. I love a bit of property porn!!!

Deliaskis Fri 08-Jun-12 16:10:08

My thread is called 'Help me sell my house!' and is in property and DIY. I can't link as am at work and being v discreet, and can't spend too much time online (but couldn't resist typing this, natch, as you're all so excited to see).


RobinSparkles Fri 08-Jun-12 16:34:27

Had a nosy. Lovely house! I really like the kitchen and bathroom smile why did I think that you were down south?

Deliaskis Fri 08-Jun-12 17:23:04

Don't know Robin, I am and always have been in leafy Cheshire, where all the posh northerners live, but I'm in the non-posh bit. I just drive past lots of posh houses on my way to work and think...hmmm....very posh house, huge, and luxurious, but actually [whispers] quite ugly.


RobinSparkles Fri 08-Jun-12 18:08:41

We were at Cheshire Oaks on Sunday - we could have nipped in for a brew! grin

reastie Fri 08-Jun-12 18:15:17

Hi all

d your house is so lovely and pristine envy - tell me, where on earth did you put all Claudia's toys/plastic tat for the piccies? We have loads junking up our house!

Feeling a bit better today (thank goodness) as is DH, but still pretty rough. It's really not helping that Alice still isn't well and has been up more than half the night for over a week confused . DM has been great taking Alice on and off over the past few days, she's also been bathing her for me in the evenings as DH and I haven't been well enough to - this afternoon apparently Alice kept baby signing 'more' and 'bath' all the time so DM gave her another bath grin - she must like their bath more than ours hmm

borg I recognise loads of those places from when I went on holiday there a few years back - got talked into a boat ride to the farne islands being assured the sea would be dead still (I'm a bad sailor and feel boat sick very easily) and it was really really rough envy (green face of illness)

ems how was the picnic?

ledkr looks like I may be doing a trip to cheltenham soon as my grandma is apparently not going to make it much longer shock - that's potentially 3 grandparents in less than a year for me sad . I'm not sure if it will be a fleeting trip just for a funeral or a more leisurely one but will let you know incase of potential meet up (if you want to of course wink ).

deb 2 hour nap did you say envy envy

needto might look up that chavs book, although I always associate you with reading very educational books although I'm not sure why which are too complicated for me blush . Hope you get the results from Bens tests soon. I'm now half way through watching 'the bridge' - it's great grin

Speaking of babies putting things away - I got alice to put her beakers away from the dishwasher yesterday grin and she also now holds her hand over her face when she coughs/sneezes most of the time [proud]

Emski76 Fri 08-Jun-12 19:16:22

Reastie, id be up for meeting in Cheltenham too! Wish it was under better circumstances tho.
Hope all in the Reastie house feel better soon.

The picnic didn't happen, it's been soooooo windy here I was too scared to drive there. It's half hour away, I know I'm a wimp but it really does frighten me, we ended up having our first day at home for ages, apart from popping to Tesco. It was ok, we're all exhausted now tho,boys both in bed, hooray!

blizy Fri 08-Jun-12 19:24:26

Glad you are feeling better reastie. Sorry to hear about your grandma. sad

granny if you are about, I'm still waiting to hear if my trip to London will go ahead (dh is waiting on his work schedule, probs won't know for sure until Monday morning.)

tadjennyp Fri 08-Jun-12 19:24:35

Delia, what a lovely house! Very similar to the house we sold in Tadcaster to come here. Hope you get some offers soon.

Hugs reastie about your grandma. Hope she is not suffering. Glad you are feeling a bit better today.

Shame about the picnic Emski. Who would want to eat out in the wind anyway?

Glad you have the teacher you want wiggles. That makes such a difference.

It is really pretty Borg, not too far from the beach fortunately. Real fresh air! Thanks for the tips.

I went to pick up my prescription for the pill this morning. I had to pay $30 out of $89 for one month's worth! shock No wonder there are such large families here. wink Going to pick up our car shortly too. Only been 3 weeks. Yay!

Hope you are all having a fun Friday evening. wine

wigglesrock Fri 08-Jun-12 21:07:18

D hope house goes your way, have posted on your thread - Mr W has a few ideas [eyeroll], I may have created a monster showing him the Property Section grin.

reastie glad you are all on the mend. S and O love having baths at my Mums - don't really know why. Thinking of your grandmother. My best friends granny died this morning sad

emski weather awful here too - its like November shock

Having lovely day here its my birthday lots of spoiling and we have all weekend off together grin And to top it all off Mr W arranged Euro 2012 to start on my birthday - he's beyond excited hmm PS If anyone fancies a tip all my work colleagues (I work in a betting environment) have put money on France surprisingly.

Olivia went to primary school this morning for her induction - all good. We left her into her class and we could stay as long as we wanted. Lets just say me and Mr W were in the canteen before they had even started setting up the coffee blush Was a lovely hour or so - we sat with some Mums that have children in Sofias class and had a good bitch natter about lots of people. Mr W was very popular - he's like a gay best friend shock, all my school mum friends loved him - apparently their husbands don't like a good gossip grin

Hope weather improves and we all have a lovely weekend!

tadjennyp Fri 08-Jun-12 21:15:10

Hope you have a wonderful birthday wiggles with lots of spoiling!

ILovePonyo Fri 08-Jun-12 21:22:43

Evening all, just sat having a vino watching Uncle Buck shock grin

wiggles HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! You kept that quiet wink Glad O's induction went well, grin at MrW as a gay best friend, that doesn't surprise me if that makes sense (no offense meant!)

reastie funnily enough A loves baths at my mums house too, weird. I'm intrigued what the baby sign is for 'more' and 'bath'? Please tell... smile Sorry about your grandma, thats tough especially with your other 2 grandparents passing so recently sad

delia I thought you were south too! I had to google where cheshire is blush

tadj shock at the price of contraceptives, makes me appreciate getting the pill for free here. Hope the pill helps anyway.

emski a picnic in the wind sounds like a 'mare to me.

dp came with me and A to messy play this morning for the first time ever... and it was CANCELLED! Such a shame. Then this afternoon we hung about waiting for the 2nd estate agent who showed up 2 hours late. Poor old A has had a bit of a boring day but been v funny again, not much whinging today which is always nice. She woke up at 7 this morning, also nice, I think the 'lie-in' puts her in a better mood for the day.

Grannyapple Fri 08-Jun-12 21:41:42

Hello lovely ladies...found you grin.

Well, finally recovered from the w/e in Santa ponsa...absolutely shattered & only started feeling normal today. Was good tho to get a bit of sun & feel like 'me' again..

blizy yeah no worries, just let me know when you know. N has his mmr booster on Tuesday morning but he should be fine.

Mother in law is down....spent the last w/e with her so feel like I've done my DIL duty so have a hair appt & 2 hrs massage booked for tomorrow....DH can have some quality time with his mum then wink

blizy Fri 08-Jun-12 21:41:51

Wiggles/ happy birthday old yin!grin glad you had a good day. grin at Mr W the sweetie wife! Enjoy your weekend together.

Ponyo- how annoying the class being cancelled an the lateness! I hate bad timekeeping.

Tad- shock at the price of contraceptives!

Delia- your house is lovely!

<wonders where 44me and k2tm1 (knitta) have got to, waves to all the lurkers<

reastie Fri 08-Jun-12 21:42:24

wiggs happy bday grin . I've never bet on football in my life but have just put a bet on France grin

ems yes yes to potential meet up

off to bed so no time to reply properly blush

blizy Fri 08-Jun-12 22:26:31

Wiggles- have you seen the pilgrims choice cheese advert? Mr wiggles is on it- he is famous! grin

Just popping on to say a massive Happy Euro 2012 Birthday to Wiggles grin

Will write more soon but need to find a flippin charger for my ipad and new lead for the mac as B has been at both of them <mutters some very choice words under breath>

wiggles - happy birthday you old bird! grin at Mr wiggles the gay best friend. DH just rolls his eyes when my mum and I are having a good gossip catch-up.

tad - shock at $89 for one month, that's unbelievable! All of my family is shock when I tell them I've not paid a penny out of pocket for health care since we've been here.

reastie - sorry to hear about your granny. You've had a rough time of it lately. sad

L slept until 8:45 this morning with a bit of whinging around 7. He's now having a nap. shock I hope it's a growth spurt and not some virus incubating.

Good luck to all selling houses.

debka Sat 09-Jun-12 19:35:46

Hey everyone, think that nap on Thursday wiped me out grin haven't managed to post since then!

Hope all well, happy birthday wigglywiggs, hope you're far too busy having a gorgeous weekend to come on here and talk to us. smile

reastie missed you on Friday sad glad you are all on the mend now though. Poor you with another grandparent poorly sad

My sister's baby shower today, was brilliant, loads of people and a very happy sister. Imogen ate her own weight in sweets and Bean had a cheeky lolly or two.

WeAreBorg Sat 09-Jun-12 19:55:30

delia ooh lovely house, yes where do you shove all the plastic tat? We have a chest in the sitting room now but still can't fit it all in.

reastie yes the sea is rather choppy about here!

wiggs happy birthday! thought of you once again whilst watching prometheus last night. Idris had some bizarre accent in it, but the Fass was superb. MrBorg is good pretending to engage in gossip but never has any recollection of the conversation when we get home hmm

expat N woke at 10am today shock. No idea what's going on here.

tad wow, maybe stock up when you're here? I'll get DH to write you a prescription wink

Had a nice day, took the parents to a hall and gardens near us, the weather held out...just.

WeAreBorg Sat 09-Jun-12 20:01:54

reastie sorry meant to write I am sorry about your granny, you have really been through it of late sad

debka i am against baby showers in principle <stamps foot>

granny glad you have recovered!

Hope you all have a nice Saturday night - I'm off into toon to get lashed in my see-through slapper dress. Just kidding, am going to watch a bit of Poirot, or perhaps the footie blush

wigglesrock Sat 09-Jun-12 20:28:54

Many thanks for all your birthday wishes, my birthday now is officially over grin I milked it long enough to get Mr W to go to KFC for me grin.

Mr W got me some new photo albums as part of my present Anna has destroyed my old ones Anna has accidentally ripped some pages of my old one. I am in the middle of being very ruthless and pruning down some older ones but I am shocked at how much A looks like Sofia at the same age shock. Apart from the fact that S had so much hair they are like twins.

I am also shock at how much I've aged from 31 to 38. I look so young in Sofias first year - bloody Olivia and her nocturnal habits - has ruined me grin

blizy grin at Mr Ws cheese buddy.

debka how is your sister doing?

WeAreBorg what did you think of Prometheus? Mr W went during the week and was a bit underwhelmed, but said husband No2 the Fassbender was fab.

blizy Sat 09-Jun-12 20:33:44

debka glad you had a good day!

borg I think you should model said dress for us wink.

wiggles I was thinking about some photo albums today. I am thinking about making up a scrapbook for Zoe, but don't have a clue where to start.

american Hope S is ok?

Dh is out watching football and I'm in painting stones! grin

RobinSparkles Sat 09-Jun-12 20:41:33

Grr, wrote a big, long post before and lost it! Don't you just hate it when that happens?

Reastie sorry to read about your Gran sad. You really have had a crappy time lately, I'm so sorry.

Tad how much?!! Surely it'd just be cheaper with another mouth to feed wink

debka are both your sisters pg? How far along are they? I've only ever been to one baby shower. Sounds like the girls had a good time smile.

Hope you had a wonderful birthday wiggles. Hope you got spoilt!

Ponyo how annoying at the Messy Play. Was it a Sure Start one? I haven't been to ours for ages. I've been roped into doing the toast at school on the day - I hate it, it right pees me off doing it as it means doing 8 trips to and from school on that day! angry but I couldn't say an outright no and every excuse I made was knocked down so in the end, me being the people pleaser that I am, I said yes. Sorry, went off on a bit of a tangent there...

Borg, I really thought you were off out then and I was envy but really you're just as sad as me sad grin

Thank fuck god it's bedtime! For the kids, not me!

wigglesrock Sat 09-Jun-12 21:15:53

blizy I was in Paperchase today and they had some lovely scrapbooks/ albums. You could use a baby record book as a guide to get you started, stick in scan photos, names you had thought of etc, Zoes birthstone/ star sign info. You always speak so lovingly and eloquently of Zoe so you could just buy a nice journal and write down all your feelings, memories of being pregnant.

RobinSparkles ah have you been roped into breakfast club duties? grin

blizy Sat 09-Jun-12 21:24:33

wiggles Thanks for that, some fab ideas! I want to do an album, covering pregnancy, birth and beyond. I have so many photos, poems and info, it will be nice to have it all in one place in a special book fro Zoe. Oh and it gives me something to do which is a bonus!

robin enjoy your peace!

RobinSparkles Sat 09-Jun-12 21:30:16

No, it's their mid morning snack Wiggles. I have to be there for 9.45, which means I drop DD off at 8.50, go home for 30 mins, go back, an hour of toast making, go home for an hour, back to school...you get the picture! grin

Blizy that's a lovely idea about scrapbooking. The mum of the little boy that I used to mind has done lovely scrapbooks about the birth of both her DCs (and other things as well, like a sky dive that she did).

You could stick in scan photos and photos of Zoe. My friend has done captions on her photographs embossed in fancy gold writing. I second what Wiggles said about writing things down. Pictures of Zoe's bear and things that you've bought could go in it, perhaps?

WeAreBorg Sat 09-Jun-12 21:33:50

blizy I'll send you a private photo wink. Oooh I sound really creepy there don't I? wiggles has some great ideas (as usual) for your scrapbook.

robin 8 trips! How annoying. On a different note was just thinking that I imagine you to look like Robin from HIMYM.

NERD ALERT wiggles I thought it was okay, Alien/Aliens are 2 of my fave films ever, and I was expecting it to be as good as them. It was quite enjoyable but you never got to know the characters, the music was really out of kilter with what was happening which kept annoying me. I loved Noomi Rapace as Salander, but not so much in this. See it for the totty though smile.

My poor mum and dad are trying to wear N out. It's not working, he's decided to commando crawl everywhere this evening for some reason confused

blizy Sat 09-Jun-12 21:35:28

robin yip thats what I was thinking, Ohhh I am getting quite excited about it now. I love doing things for Zoe. I was painting stones earlier to place in the SANDS garden on Saturday (we are going to the sands memorial service in in the national arboretum again).

ILovePonyo Sat 09-Jun-12 21:40:32

Hi all, I just lost my own post hmm I am actually watching Poirot and then saw Borgs post haha, I'm tired and its boring me off to sleep so thats ok grin

wiggles glad you had a nice birthday smile You have to milk it for all its worth!

Robin yes messy play is at a surestart, its really good when its on except for the last 15mins where we do 'singing' which is led by the most tone deaf, loud woman I have ever heard. There are a lot of non-english speaking mums at the group so they're all chatting away in polish/urdu etc whilst this woman is 'singing' whilst the english speakers have to join in and me and my friend try not to look at each other and laugh grin Toast duty sounds like a pain in the bum to me, how long do you have to keep that up for?!

blizy wiggles has a good idea there for the book, could you carry it on as a sort of diary, doing little letters and thoughts for Z when you think of them? Or just a Dear Z, this is what we've been doing today, thought of you iyswim?

american and Borg A was awake at 5.45 today angry envy of you both. Although she had a sleep at 4 for an hour and I put her in my bed and snuggled up next to her which was nice.

deb I have never had/been to a baby shower, glad your sis enjoyed it though, and the girls by the sound of it!

Where is ledkr? Has she lost us?!

Yawn I'm off to bed soon. Feel a bit blush saying this but think I might be a bit depressed, I'm tired all the time and just want to sleep. Have contacted cruse bereavement counselling so might go and talk to them about my dad, we'll see. Anyway night all xx

RobinSparkles Sat 09-Jun-12 21:46:53

Borg that's why I chose this nick name - I look exactly like her! in my dreams wink
I'm really annoyed though - some biatch one has totally copied me angry. There's a poster called RobinScherbatsky! How dare she! She must be new as she's only got 9 posts (I searched because I'm a weirdo and I wanted to check that I was the original one before I got all huffy about it).

blizy I've just had a nosy at her pics on DH's FB (she has pictures of them up) and she's basically done a picture or two on each page with pretty lettering, pictures of butterflies and poems. She's put borders around the edges of each page - pictures of pretty buttons. It looks really pretty and effective. It looks like she's done a few for different occasions. They're really nice!

RobinSparkles Sat 09-Jun-12 21:49:51

X posted Ponyo. Don't be blush you've been through a lot! Well done for contacting Cruse Bereavment, it definitely wouldn't hurt to talk to them.

RobinSparkles Sat 09-Jun-12 21:56:58

I used to take DD1 to rap and rhyme and the woman who led the group could NOT sing AT ALL grin. She was fantastic at her job and great at getting the children to listen, really really good with kids, just a terrible voice!

I can't take L as it's on at a time that we can't go sad.

It makes me feel sad that we don't really do half the things that I used to do with DD1. All the groups seem to have been shifted about so that we can't make it. A shame as I used to do something every day with Isabel.

I hope you don't all think that I'm weird for referring to Isabel as DD1 even though you all know her name! It's just that I CBA tying out Isabel every time and if I put I it looks like I'm saying me! grin

ILovePonyo Sat 09-Jun-12 22:01:58

Thanks robin smile
I am grin at rap and rhyme - are you a rapping mummy?! I'm imaging Rachel from friends hmm I dont know where your mn name is from, is it something geeky?!

A's middle name is isabel smile (it's my sis's middle name too)

RobinSparkles Sat 09-Jun-12 22:09:27

<<wiggles arse>>
I like big butts and I cannot lie,
You other brothers can't deny...

My name is from How I Met Your Mother - one of the characters was a teenage Popstar in the 90s and her stage name was Robin Sparkles (real name Robin Scherbatsky).

Everyone laughs at Rap and Rhyme when I've talked about it! It's just a Sure Start group where they do singing and playing with instruments grin

Anya Isabel is gorgeous! She really suits it too smile

ILovePonyo Sat 09-Jun-12 22:13:23

Ha! Good rapping there Rob-S grin

I've never watched how I met you're mother. Might give it a try if I see it now!

Aww and thanks about little miss Anya Isabel (who is currently moaning in her sleep...)

RobinSparkles Sat 09-Jun-12 22:17:49

It's good! A bit like Friends, if you liked Friends. I think they're up to the 7th series now but there are repeats all the time on E4!

Hope A sleeps well tonight! L still wakes sometimes, drives me mad!

ILovePonyo Sat 09-Jun-12 22:21:48

I guessed it'd be on e4! A always has a little moan at 10ish for some reason, weird. She's asleep now though, let's hope for an all night long sleep for us both smile

wigglesrock Sat 09-Jun-12 22:22:18

RobinSparkles Christ for a minute there I thought you were talking about my arse grin

ponyo hope you get counselling sorted out, when I was depressed all I wanted to do was sleep. I used it as an easy withdrawal from dealing with people. Of course you could just be absolutely knackered grin dealing with everything and your body and brain could just need a rest!

I love the name Isabel.

Think ledkr is campervanning?

WeAreBorg Mr W has just said that the music was a bit "boombastic"! He thought they were setting everything up for sequels.

RobinSparkles Sat 09-Jun-12 22:28:22

grin wiggles was that wishful thinking? wink

RobinSparkles Sat 09-Jun-12 22:29:48

Btw, I just snorted milk out of my nose at me talking about your arse!

blizy Sat 09-Jun-12 22:30:31

ponyo You have been coping so well, well done on contacting cruse. I hope it helps you. x

himym is fab! Dh and I both love it.

robin I'm grin at rap and ryhme! I will be putting butterflies on the book too, they are our thing for Zoe. We decorated her room with a butterfly theme and when she died we recived loads butterfly cards.

wigglesrock Sat 09-Jun-12 22:39:20
blizy Sat 09-Jun-12 22:58:12

thanks wiggles That is gorgeous, but I think i'm looking for a pink one.

ledkr Sat 09-Jun-12 23:25:29

Hi all yes been campervanning will update on wind and rain tomorrow but am in bed which feels like heaven after 3 nights camping.

reastie would be sooo nice to meet up,ill buy some mr kiplings grin Not read all thread but will tomorrow zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

hubbard86 Sun 10-Jun-12 09:52:48

Hi, I know its been a while but i thought I'd show my face. Hope you are all doing fantastic and all the toddlers are being slightly well behaved.

Freya still isn't walking. She took 5 steps while we were in holiday last week but has done nothing since then. She is definitely a cheeky lil madam though.

blizy Sun 10-Jun-12 10:29:22

Hi Hubbard- you have one lazy girl!wink
How are you and the kids today?

hubbard86 Sun 10-Jun-12 10:42:31

She must be the last one on the thread to start walking. She is definitely very lazy.

The kids are fine I'm not really. I'm so angry still.

blizy Sun 10-Jun-12 10:47:46

I didn't walk until I was 18 months!
I am angry on your behalf. Just you keep going, you are doing a fantastic job. The kids will always remember that. X

I had a lovely afternoon out on my own yesterday, cinema, shopping, coffee, the trifecta of baby-free relaxation. grin I came home to an absolute disaster though. L ate lunch then was sick all over DH, which caused DH to vomit. He didn't make it to the kitchen bin in time and got it all over the carpet and radiator. The kitchen smells absolutely minging now, I've had the carpet cleaner out and DH cleaned behind the radiator as best he could but the smell won't shift completely. Who the feck puts carpet in a kitchen anyway?! I feel sick every time I go in there.

blizy - I think a scrapbook for Zoe sounds lovely.

Hello to everyone else, just a quick break while we're crash cleaning the house.

hubbard86 Sun 10-Jun-12 11:08:40

It doesn't feel like I'm doing a fantastic job, I just keep thinking this is it. All they have is me now and i have to be everything to them. It's not fair on them.

RobinSparkles Sun 10-Jun-12 11:10:43

Hubbard, L has only just started walking. She took a few steps at about 14 and a half months and then didn't do any for ages. Took a couple of steps occasionally but crawled all the time. It's only the last few days that she has been mainly walking but she still crawls often!

It's quite nice as it seems like they're still babies rather than toddlers, iykwim. They look so much taller when they walk! What are you angry about? Sorry if I've missed it - I haven't posted in a while until a couple of days ago. sad

RobinSparkles Sun 10-Jun-12 11:36:11

Xposted sad that last post of yours has kind of said it.

I'm sure you are doing a fantastic job! Look after yourself and be kind to yourself. Do you have any family to help you?

American ew! Poor L (and DH). How is he now? Why is it that any me time/quiet time is followed by a fiasco? A few weeks ago DH and I went to the cinema, first time in ages and we were really looking forward to it. My mum looked after the girls, everything fine - came out of the cinema to see a few missed calls off my mum - Isabel had been sick in her bed! Got home and both girls were down stairs - L had been woken up by everything and was thrilled to be up, all smiles. I had to change all of Isabel's bed clothes, put her back to bed but would L go back down? Nope! It was about midnight at this time.

hubbard86 Sun 10-Jun-12 11:39:25

I haven't posted on here about it at all but I suppose I better disclose.

Me and dh split up about 3months ago and he moved into the spare room so to be around the kids until he could find a place of his own. All was fine and well, he started dating, which was fine with me so long as it wasn't around the kids.
Last Friday I took the kids down to Essex to visit family with agreements he would look after the cat and the house and that he would meet us from the train a week later so to see the kids.
After about 3 phonecalls over the whole week, on Friday morning I got a txt message from him saying I'm moving in with my girlfriend. To which I've said talk to me when i get home. He knew I had a date for that evening. So i then got a message your mom will have to have the kids if you go out. I have then rang him to find he's in blackpool and won't be back that day to see his kids as he can't leave his girlfriend that he had been with for 2 weeks. He then said could he have them overnight sat night, I have then said I do not know your girlfriend and I'm sorry but it should be.just you on your own with them so not to confuse them. To which he has told me its a girl I have known for years and who has had all her children taken away as she was deemed unfit. I will not allow them to stay at her house as I cannot trust her. After I have said no, he refused to talk to me or Thomas, I got home to find my cat missing, none of the bills paid that I'd left money to be paid and no food in the fridge freezer. He was still refusing to answer.
Yesterday morning i then get a message saying I'm staying in blackpool and moving in with my girlfriend she needs me.
I have since had everything from Thomas as he is so confused that daddy has broken his promises and now won't even talk to him.I'm at a loss and really struggling to see how I'm going to do this so completely on my own.

hubbard86 Sun 10-Jun-12 11:45:00

Sorry about the essay

RobinSparkles Sun 10-Jun-12 11:57:12

Aw, Hubbard sad. I'm struggling to think of anything to say except what an absolute arse of a DH! angry I'm so sorry. You will get through this though!

hubbard86 Sun 10-Jun-12 12:36:03

Thanks robin. I will be fine, I always will just never dreamt I'd be 25 with 2 kids and a dad nowhere to be seen. I'm just scared to think what the future holds for is at the moment. I just dont understand how someone can do this to their kids.

ILovePonyo Sun 10-Jun-12 12:38:20

Hubbard that is so sad for you and the children. BUT remember that you're doing all the right things at the moment, you're there for your kids and not letting them go see their dad with some random woman miles away, that would be really confusing for them. They need consistency and reassurance at the moment and it looks like you're going to be the one providing that. I really feel for you, you're doing a fantastic job though by the sounds of things.

American oh nooooo! That is so gross, poor you (and dh I suppose wink) ew. Carpet in kitchen though, wtf hmm

Blizy thanks for being do lovely, you are one of the strongest people I know so that means a lot. Hope you find a lovely pink book for Z smile

We're on the way to the park to meet a friend and her little boy, had to leave early so A can have a nap, apparently she'll only nap in the car now confused hmm

ILovePonyo Sun 10-Jun-12 12:39:44

Oh and robin, A woke about 5 times in the night last night after sleeping through for aaaages, I jinxed it!

RobinSparkles Sun 10-Jun-12 12:47:26

Oh no, Ponyo! L did ok last night but DD1 climbed into our bed this morning because she'd had a bad dream. I was up really late watching The Mist.

ILovePonyo Sun 10-Jun-12 12:57:37

The one based on the Steven king book? I love that film if it is! The ending is different to the book but so chilling <shudder>

Emski76 Sun 10-Jun-12 14:28:14

Hubbard, I'm do pleased you've come on here to see us. I was talking yo dh about you this morning as wanted everyone to know what's going on so we could all support you. You come across as really strong and positive, hopefully that will translate to Tom and Freya. Noah only started walking properly about two weeks ago and now won't stop, give Freya time, she'll get there.

Ponyo,sorry your feeling so low.sleeping is something I also do alot when I'm especially down, gives you a break from thinking about it all. Good idea to go to counselling tho. Also, oh, no, to Anya Isobel being awake so much last night.

Robin, I'm suddenly feeling the need to watch how I met your mother, now after all this talk! Hehe to you 'stalking' the other Robin!

Blizy, your book for Zoe sounds fantastic, what a lovely thing to do. Xx

American, yuck to all that sick!

Am chilling whilst dh had taken the boys to the in laws. I tidied our study today, oh wow, it was such a mess! I've now got several bags of recycling and shredding plus managed to Hoover on their for the first time in ages! Everytime I walk past I think 'aaahhhhhh'. Hopefully dh will keep it looking nice and tidy now!

ledkr Sun 10-Jun-12 16:17:35

Hubbard he sounds like a right prat just like my ex.

All I will say is that it is a very deparate insecure and needy man who puts a woman over his children and the same for a woman who encourages him to do so.

Defo dont let her around your kids,if she had hers removed then it must have been for something pretty dire. SS will support you in that.

My experience of being left was eventually positive,it gave me so many new things to work towards and put real excitment back into my life.

As for the children then all you can do is support them answer their questions age appropriately and soothe them when they are sad.
We cant protect them from outside hurt but we can teach them we are their for them.

I hope you are coping and at 25 Im sure the future will be brighter.

Dh married me and i had 4 dc so dont think you will be alone all your life.

Make sure you take care of yourself too cos the kids rely on you more than ever now. xxx

reastie Sun 10-Jun-12 18:46:42

american when I first moved out I had a carpet in the kitchen - it was rank confused and yuck to DH and the smell. FWIW I read on an mn thread to put loads to bicarb of soda all over a carpet after you've done the initial clear up and leave it there over night before hoovering up and it helps get rid of the smell. Or dilute bleach maybe? I clean our carpets with dilute bleach here and it really makes the room pong of bleach which I quite like

hubs poor you. ponyo is right you are doing the right things. Are you OK in the short term with housing etc? I think being consistent for the DC is definitely the right thing - do you have any friends near by who can help you out?

robin I thought you were talking about wiggles' bum too blush shock

ponyo I"m glad you contacted cruise - I can heartily recommend them as my DM works for them wink

ledkr and ems keep you updated re: trip to Cheltenham, but, like I say I don't know if it will be a few days or just literally for the funeral and straight home with no time for meet ups, depends what day funeral is on etc. Grandma still holding on in there but going downhill.

I'm sure I missed out on lots I was going to comment on [sigh] . Been feeling ill still so not doing too much.

deb can you let me know when you get a chance re: next Mon? - if you can't do next mon how are you placed for any other Mondays?

tadjennyp Sun 10-Jun-12 18:47:26

Hubbard ^what ledkr said^. Sorry your ex is being such a prat. Hopefully he will come to his senses shortly and realise he wants to be a part of his kids life. Don't worry about Freya not walking. Edward was nearly 17 months. He couldn't be bothered as Anna would fetch everything he needed!

Am having to brain scrub that rap out of my head Robin! Thank you!

Only taking the pill for a month to try and regulate it again, Borg, but cheers for the dodgy script offer! wink Too old to go on the pill full time now. Failing that, goodness knows. I try not to think about our health care expenses american. Have you found somewhere in Madison yet?

Glad you had a great birthday wiggles. And you enjoyed your campervanning ledkr.

I need to get at our office too emski. Not changed for 3 years now. blush

Ponyo, you are doing really well, so take the help from Cruse if you need it. I think I'd be a complete mess if my Dad died.

Blizy, wise and strong as ever.

Hope you are having nice Sunday evenings. Hello to everyone I've missed. Got to get on phoning people to arrange our trip home!

tadjennyp Sun 10-Jun-12 18:48:55

Sorry, reastie, x-posted there. Hugs re your grandma.

wigglesrock Sun 10-Jun-12 19:51:55

hubbard he's a fucking dick (he's such a dick that I'm not even going to pretend to be polite and use feckin') I know you don't have a whole heap of family support but hope you have friends that can pull you along when you need it and don't forget we are all here xxxx Sofia didn't walk until she was 16 months.

american ick, ick, icky - how's L?

reastie hope your grandmother is comfortable. Hope you start to feel a bit better yourself xx

My best friends grannys funeral is tomorrow. She's had to do all the organising etc, her Mum died when she was 15 and then her sister died when she was 20, her granny dying has brought it all back and she's in pieces. Was up for a bit with her today, trying to give her a hand but her granny is country folk grin and ended up helping her "host" the wake - heebie yeebie time. Never seen so many plates of sandwiches in my life grin. We have stashed the bottles of wine as well grin

ledkr Sun 10-Jun-12 20:06:11

reastiesorry about your Nan,its rough,I was still crying yesterday.
My friggin Mother was telling me what she had given my sis from Nans stuff-little trinkets not valuable. I couldnt hold back I said "can I have something too please,she was my Gran as well!" Mum suddenly said "oh of course" stuttered along. I get so fecked off with my bloody golden Sisters,Im nice too you know grin

If you need me to do anything as Im nearby just ask. It would be lovely to see you even if its just for a quick cuppa.

D was sick in the bongo on the way home "american* I just wash it out with bio washing powder prob no good for carpets though.

D woke up at 10am hahaha. She was up at 5 whilst camping so was making up for it I think. Her poor little gums are hurting her and she has been tres clingy today too.

I had planned a relaxing day but I keep forgetting that is a thing of the past.

I asked dh to bath d earlier because i was watching something,he ignored me and sat on his arse watching it too (series he hasnt watched which was on part 3 hmm ) I switched it off and went to do it myself,In a loud manner,so he is now creeping and clearing up the kitchen and making Ellas tea whilst I relax.

I have a thread in relationships,as some of you guys know Ella quite well from my posts id appreciate comments.

ledkr Sun 10-Jun-12 20:29:10

damn you ems and wiggs. I read your posts and got a sudden attack of hayfever (runny eyes) It hard because they hurt me so much,soooo much and now my own daughter thinks the sun shines from their arses hmm
Iact brave and im over it now,but I will never forget how it felt to have to have sti checks as i wept into a pillow and Ella sat in her pram nest to me,and people telling me theyd seem them all ove Chelt making me look a prat. I didnt sleep or eat for weeks and lost 3 stone {hoorah} but i carried on working and looking after the dc whilst they went off on holidays as if he was young and childless.
grrrrrrr im ranting now haha. Just wanted you to know thats why its so tough. If it were his new gf id be cool but its because its the ow and she's such a thick chav.

<takes a deep breath and remembers some jacobs creek in the fridge>

Four4me Sun 10-Jun-12 21:37:52

Hi guys! Sorry it has been ages. Been busy with helping my mum look after my dad post op (he is doing great)! Boys off for half term, with jubilee thingys and b'day parties and last friday was our tenth wedding Ann. We have had a night away in York last night which was lovely.

hubbard you seem to be doing great, there are loads of wise mners on here who have been in your situation and worse and have been fab mums. Big hugs.

Happy birthday MrsWiggles

ledkr big hugs. Will have a look over at your thread.

Waves to all! Have missed you all.

Will catch up properly.......

debka Sun 10-Jun-12 21:56:33

Hi everyone, I can't bloody keep up now, stupid RL getting in the way angry

ledkr you are a real role model to me of how a mother ought to be, I think you do a fantastic job. [crown] << for you to wear grin

reastie I've pmed you smile

44me glad your dad is doing so well, good news.

wiggles gosh your poor friend, how horrible to go through all that so young sad

hubbard been following your situation on FB, so so sorry it's happening, how hard for you and the children. Stay strong thanks

Nothing much to report from here, except my gps rang yesterday to tell me they're giving us their Wimbledon tickets this year, so I'm off with my aunt for Court1 on Day1 [excited]. Imagine, a whole day with no children! I fully intend on getting home Very Late and Possibly Quite Trolleyed on Expensive Pimms grin

blizy Sun 10-Jun-12 22:08:17

Granny- it looks like I will be co
Ing to London town tomorrow. We will prob be staying outside the city centre somewhere like Boromwood? I can get train/tube into London? You will hve to guide me though, I have no idea where I am going!grin

Ledkr- I will have a look at your thread later.

Debka- I'm well envy of your Wimbledon tickets! You deserve them. grin

44me- glad all is well with you and the family.

Reastie- sorry to hear about your gran, you have had so much to deal with the past few months. sad. We are here for you anytime. X

ILovePonyo Sun 10-Jun-12 22:17:32

Hi all,

Ledkr I can only agree with what others have said on your thread. Plus you are such a fab mum, agree with deb, you're an inspiration for a novice like me!
Oh and good for you asking for something to remember your nan.

Deb oh my GOD I am so jel of your Wimbledon tickets! I love tennis, it's prob the only sport I like watching especially when nadal is playing wink

Reastie ooh please tell me more about your dm working for cruse, I dont know what really but anything useful would be good.

Blizy enjoy London! That's a massive way to travel for you isn't it?!

Sorry am on my phone and can't remember anything else blush
We went to the park and there some family fun day event on, it's was brilliant, sand pits, lots of entertainment and ice cream of course grin A loved it and was v cute running around squeaking.
Oh my cousin had a baby today, 7lbs 7oz, that's a big one for our family!

reastie Mon 11-Jun-12 08:34:10


deb if your aunt changes her mind re: Wimbledon I'd be happy to accompany you [cheeky] - it's one of those things on my 'must do before I die' list wink

ponyo re: cruse. I don't know if all areas are different but re: my Mum she goes to peoples houses to do an assessment - talks through issues of bereavement etc to gauge what sort of support you would need and so they know about your case. Then you'd be put on the local waiting list for a counsellor who (where Mum works anyway) comes to your house to do the counselling (although they may also offer rooms at a local place too I think where they rent them) and you'd have the same person every time from then on, but it might not be the person who did your assessment. I'm pretty sure Mum has done counselling in the evenings before so they probably offer out of work hours counselling too. I think the waiting list depends on where you are - you may not have a wait at all I'm not sure. I'm pretty certain it's all free but in this area at the last session my Mum hands a letter out saying how they are a charity and you are welcome to donate to them if you want to, but it's not like she would expect to take anything there and then, it's more a if you want to send a cheque here's an envelope but no obligation at all type of thing. The counsellors are all trained (my Mum does some of the training here grin ). I don't really know much else blush and DM isn't around at the min as staying with gps - if you want me to ask her something let me know, but i'm not sure how things vary regionally.

This weather is so miserable. Still feeling under the weather but was hoping to take Alice to feed the ducks just to get her out of the house but don't think I will looking outside hmm . Maybe I'll take her to the pound shop and ploy her with cheap tat

MizK Mon 11-Jun-12 11:43:06

Hi all, back from hols with PIL and SIL plus her DCs. I need to catch up on all your news so will be having a proper read through everything in a min.
Hol was so weird yall. One day I was thinking 4 days left til I can go home, then realised I'd miscounted and it was 5 more days... Promptly hid in the bathroom in hot self pitying tears.
They are just so AWFUL. All they talk about is money. How much things cost, bills, if they see a beautiful house all they say is ,how much d'you reckon that's worth eh?' Actually that's FIL, MIL and SIL don't really speak about anything but SILs two DCs.
Meals were eaten in near silence apart from their noisy open mouthed troughing. Tables of food disappear in moments. The men of the family spent the days lounging around the pool drinking cold beer, whilst we womenfolk were expected to mind the DCs and bring said refreshments. I realise I'm an ungrateful wench, but honestly. It was just so odd to be on holiday in a lovely big villa in a beautiful part of Cyprus and be bloody depressed!
Sorry for rant, girls. Will be back with less self involved post later!

Grannyapple Mon 11-Jun-12 12:00:08

Oh mizk sounds awful....you have my sympathies!

reastie sorry about ur granny.
hubbard you are doing everything right & don't let anyone tell you anything different! Your ex dh sounds like an utter twunt!

blizy I think ur trains might come into kings cross/st. Pancras from borehamwood? If ur up for a meetup tomorrow then that's cool -I can get a train straight from Bromley to st pancras. But I equally understand if ur not up for it after the journey down. Will pm you my mobile no & u can see how you feel tomorrow morning.

Not much to report here..MIL down for the w/e so we got a night out last night which was nice, tho N was sick in his cot so had to change him, sheets, bath etc...typical!

Emski76 Mon 11-Jun-12 13:04:29

Hi all
MizK, sorry about your depressing holiday. Bloody in laws eh? Good to hear from you tho.

Granny and Blizy, am v jel of your meet up tomorrow.

Had some bad news this morning. My cousin is in intensive care with liver cancer. I don't know whats happened but my sister said she went into hospital last week. The whole family is in shock. I don't see them very often as they are on my dad's side of the family but am so glad I saw her at my nieces Christening in March. Am praying she will be ok, she is only 39 and has 2 teenage children. Its so scary.

ILovePonyo Mon 11-Jun-12 20:33:58

Just wanted to pop on quickly -

Emski horrible news, very sad and shocking. All the best to your cousin, she must be so scared sad

Mizk your hol sounds grim sad really feel for you, I cried once at pil's because we were staying longer than I'd thought so you have much sympathy from me! Your pil sound like real twats, yuk angry

Reastie thanks for the info smile. I have had an email from cruse and will try and ring them tomo.

Right off to wash up, ah what fun wink back later x

reastie Mon 11-Jun-12 21:07:08

ems your poor cousin sad - is it treatable?

wiggs just looked online to see England and France drew on the football - not a good start to France winning and me winning loads of money wink . Forgot to say your poor friend sad

blizy yes I've travelled to elstree and borehamwood quite alot on occasion as a teenager when I went to top of the pops rather too much blush - you can get a train direct from there to kings cross - takes maybe 20 minutes or so grin

mizk sounds awful - not a holiday at all. Here have a few bottles of wine

Found out today a work colleague whose teaching room is next to mine is 18 weeks pg - I completely missed her fb announcement and hadn't even noticed she looked pg blush . No wonder she was asking for her baby car seat we are still borrowing back a couple of months ago grin [a bit slow] - does anyone else feel initially envy when they hear of other people pg and then a bit shock remembering how hard it was or is that just me ?

ledkr Mon 11-Jun-12 21:09:45

mizk Im soory about your crap hols but I did laugh at them toughing away. Whe you are calm im sure you can regale us with your holiday/pil stories.
ems terrible news, dil auntie has just had the same diagnosis.Cancer treatments are so amazing now though so fingers crossed.

Just accidentally read some of the old threads when D was born and blubbed loads. needto was in labour late at night and i was chatting to her from hospital,d got taken in again with the cleft,reastie was shitting herself grin Then I read blizy announcing the name Zoe for her forthcoming baby and I cried like a maniac,had to hide in the bathroom.
Just wanted to say to blizy you are a total legend for the way you have coped and we are all so priveledged to know you and Zoe.
I am not drunk by the way I just felt I needed to say that.

ledkr Mon 11-Jun-12 21:19:51

[reastie] I do and ive got 5. I just dont get why. I feel a bit <whispers> nasty for a few secs but then im ok. I think its human nature,that was us,we were special and now its someone else grin

I have just come to bed because dh is monopolising the tv with football,springwatch,crap docus,football,terrbel fims and oh yes football.
I was freezing cold so scurried off to bed with hot choc,laptop and big bro and then 2 minutes later he comes up to bed angry I could have watched my sky plussed stuff but now im in bed grrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

Im hormonal but would that annoy you too?

RobinSparkles Mon 11-Jun-12 21:27:44

Hey all! smile

Aw, Ledkr I haven't been back to read our AN thread for a while smile

Emski so sorry to hear about your cousin. Can they treat it?

Wiggles hope your friend is ok and got through the funeral as best she could.

MizK sounds so awful! I'm sorry you had such a crap time.

Hope everyone else is OK!
I've just been on the phone to my sister - apparently my mum has been giving some, not so subtle, hints about my mum's birthday celebrations. She said she wants to do something. We've (my sister and I) been talking about maybe going to see a musical, for something to eat etc. It would be nice, of course but I am so skint and getting a bit panicky sad

evening everyone,

posting from OH's stupid, clunky pc as my mac and ipad are both broken and can't afford a new one <sob>

ems, so sorry to hear about your cousin, agree with ledkr that treatment now is amazing. it's so horrible to think of someone so young with teenage children going through this though, big hug.

mizk, i can imagine you sitting in a corner muttering under your breath about being the only sane one! was the weather any good anyway? grin

reastie, any news about your grandmother? so sorry. i am jealous about your meet up today (if it happened!), hope you had fun. are you all over the bug now?

ledkr, you have no idea how much you got me through those hours that morning when i was in labour, i remember trying to watch silent witness and having to stand up every 10 mins to walk through the ctx! grin i read the old threads sometimes too, it's amazing how much we've all been through, not just with babies, it makes me so grateful for everyone on here. i think we must be the tightest group on mn!

not much happening here, B has learnt to kick a ball and it's great as he can amuse himself for more than 2 mins now, hooray! i'm waiting for the forecasted storm tonight, getting excited <saddo>
still waiting for blood test results, i guess no news is good news but might call tomorrow to find out as he had a particularly bad time this evening and it's awful to see him in so much pain, he was sweating so much i had to change him sad

why is monday night television so rubbish??? started watching nighty night on netflix which is great but watching it with OH and he's out tonight and tomorrow night.

RobinSparkles Mon 11-Jun-12 21:38:59

Reastie I do and it's a crappy feeling isn't it? I don't know why though! Before I had DD1 I was always thrilled when anyone announced a pregnancy, I never felt anything but excitement for them. Now I just feel sad that I'm never going to do it again! I don't know why I feel sad though - I don't want anymore children, I have no patience for anymore children, we have no room for anymore children and I feel like our family is complete.
I don't really like children
I just love the excitement and the feeling of being pregnant, I think. A woman's ability to grow a completely new person is amazing, IMO. I'd hate to be a man and not get to experience it!

RobinSparkles Mon 11-Jun-12 21:45:23

Poor Ben Needto. It must be so distressing to see him like that sad clever him for kicking a ball though smile. I wonder if you've got a young David Beckham on your hands wink.

TV is crap ATM!

missed that bit reastie, i agree with the feelings of seeing other women pg! i was so envy when i saw an old friend today in m&s and she looked like the cover of a mother & baby mag; i thought she was about 7 months but she's 38 weeks and still working full time! i was crawling on hands and knees at that point! i was very good though and didn't scare her with birth stories just told her she looked great.

MizK Mon 11-Jun-12 21:57:17

Thanks for the sympathy girls, it is funny really, am not known for my calmness in adversity so everyone I know was gleefully awaiting my tales of woe!
Think I've caught up now, so here goes....
debka enjoy Wimbledon, lucky girl! And huge congrats on the 6stone plus weight you have lost. Honestly incredible to be so disciplined for all this time.
blizy Hope London is good. And also agree with everyone who says that you are a v amazing lady. Lots of love xxxx
robin Does your mum know you are skint? cause I'm sure she wouldn't want you stressing about how to pay for her bday outing? Hope you sort out something doable, maybe check groupon for any bargain ideas?
wiggles hope your friend is OK x on a v different note, I was watching Poirot yesterday (weirdly seems like a few of us indulge on this thread) and it starred none other than Michael Fassbender... is it odd that I immediately thought of my online friend Wiggles smile
emski hope you are OK, thats horrid news. Fingers crossed for your cousin, the docs are v clever and can hopefully make her well again.
ponyo Cruse sounds like a good idea, you have had loads to deal with on top of the fact of losing your dad. You've dealt with things really well I think. And the OW should be ashamed of herself if she's making things any harder than they have to be for you and your family.
reastie I admit I NEVER feel jealous of pg ladies, babies are adorable and all but pg and tiny babyness is so hard. I just look at them and think, enjoy your moments of freedom before the sleepless nights smile
ledkr That is properly annoying of DH! I'm glad I'm not the only one who likes to be left alone to indulge in crap TV and not being pawed at once in a while. PS read your Ella thread - sometimes DP and I get fed up of how little my DCs expect of their dad and still think he's amazing, yet at home they expect to be entertained all the time or we are boring. I just bite my tongue but sometimes you wish that the love and time/energy you give compared to sh*tty exes would be acknowledged, almost? When she's grown up she will see how things were and what a fabulous mum and stepdad she has smile
hubbard have gathered via facebook that you are having a bad time. Chin up Missy, you are more than capable of making your DCs happy and you are worth 10 of their dad, clearly. Be strong and don't get drawn into any battles with him that are beneath you. He will see sense xxx
Big wave to granny tad borg expat and anyone else, need a lie down after my tedious rambling post smile

damn, i'm so slow on this computer! thank you robin, I hope B isn't a mini beckham as neither OH or I are up for standing on the side of a pitch in the freezing cold and handing out oranges grin. it'd be great if he played cricket or tennis as they only play in the sunshine or indoors!

MizK Mon 11-Jun-12 21:59:09

aargh and hello to needto and four4 hope little Ben is OK, must be very worrying xxx and horrid to see them in pain sad

tadjennyp Mon 11-Jun-12 22:21:05

So sorry about your friend Emski, hope the docs are great with her. How is your friend today wiggs?

Your holiday sounds a bit of a nightmare MizK. What a shame. What part of Cyprus were you in? I used to live in the Troodos Mountains with my ex when I was young and silly Beautiful island.

Hope you get some answer for Ben soon, needto. Poor little mite.

Enjoy Wimbledon debka especially Nadal grin

Grr to dh tonight ledkr. Agree with the others, Ella knows how great you and dh are, she's just acting out because she knows you love her.

Blizy have a lovely time in London and hope you can meet up with granny.

Hello to everyone else. Completely shattered and have to teach tonight. More coffee in order, I think!

RobinSparkles Mon 11-Jun-12 22:23:32

But Needto think of how much money he would get and be able to spoil you with! wink ha ha. Although, if you're not standing in the cold handing out oranges, you'll have something else to endure - dull school plays, sports days and crappy kid's birthday parties (until you can just drop them off anyway!)

RobinSparkles Mon 11-Jun-12 22:24:48

Good luck with teaching Tad, hope the coffee works!

tadjennyp Mon 11-Jun-12 22:26:15

Thanks Robin!

Emski - how horrible for your cousin and her family. I hope it's treatable.

ledkr - Like everyone else said, I think it's normal at E's age to say hurtful things intentionally (but I have no experience of 10 year old girl). Horrible for you and DH though. Just keep telling her that she's being rude and hurtful and it won't be tolerated?

hubbard - I can't believe how quickly some men can forget their children. angry Listen to ledkr and remember that you'll come out the other side.

reastie - I'm always envy when anyone announces a pregnancy. I loved being pregnant and would do it again in a heartbeat if it didn't result in a baby. grin

MizK - sorry about your rubbish holiday. sad

The vom smell still lingers in the kitchen. It's not the carpet, it's coming from behind the radiator. Any top tips for scrubbing behind the radiator? There's only a 1cm gap between it and the wall. I keep spraying Mr Muscle behind it and it's helping a bit.

wigglesrock Tue 12-Jun-12 10:47:22

americanexpat as a professional vomit scrubber, sometimes the smell can just get in your nose and you think you can smell it everywhere, give it a day or so with open windows. Stop spraying anything fragranced and then in about 48 hours, see if you can really smell it.

reastie I have to say, I have absolutely no pangs of envy when anyone I know is pregnant. I had to buy a baby present for a friend this week and even shopping for newborns didn't make me go aaah, more aaggggh grin I'm surprised at myself, but yesterday I was able to go upstairs with the girls - put all 3 of them in our room with the tv and muck out Sofia and Olivias room and they were able to amuse themselves for 30 mins or so. I felt great as I had earmarked when my Mum had Anna tomorrow to do it and now I can read my dirty book focus on another part of the house.

MizK poor you, I've been there - when you want to go home a day can feel really long.

RobinSparkles I'm in the same situation - its my Mums birthday and my parents 40th wedding anniversary at the end of the month!

Emski hope your cousin and family get some positive news and she isn't in any pain xx

Nothing much to report here, Mr W took A to Sofias sportsday yesterday before he had to go to work. He got home last night and complained about how tired he was and how she had him running everywhere - how I laughed sympathised hmm Its Sofias birthday next week, but she's having her friends party on Sat and then some family round on Sun. Its party bag central here. My confession is that I love doing party bags - seriously. I never got them sad and I like picking all the bits and pieces blush

wiggles - the kitchen window has been open nearly constantly since Saturday and the smell still hits me when I walk in the kitchen. sad If I get close to the radiator, it's vile. I can smell it as soon as I walk into the house after work. The Mr Muscle seems to be helping, the vomit smell isn't overpowering the kitchen any more. Also, how sad is it that I'm really looking forward to the family birthday parties when we move? hmm

Grannyapple Tue 12-Jun-12 11:48:37

Hello there. Off to meet blizy shortly....feels a bit strange going to meet someone from t'internet grin.

reastie I too get a teeny tiny pang of envy when I hear of other pg's.

N still a bit 'off'...he couldn't have his mmr booster due to temp so will try again next week. Nurse thinks it probably is teething but didn't want to take any chances... Other than a temp & being off his food a bit, he's fine.

Will try to post a pic later of the meetup with blizy, can't guarantee it tho as I'm bit of a technophobe at times blush.

blizy Tue 12-Jun-12 12:10:19

Boke to the vomit American!

Ledkr- you have me tearing up
Here! I'm not amazing, just doing
What I have to, to get through. You all have me very embarrassed.blush

I'm waiting in st. Pancreas to
Wet granny( I left stupidly early invade I got lost)!

Reastie- I'm staying in st. Albans.

I'm having a look at what I can do tomorrow in London, very confused with the tube lines.grin

I will try and catch up properly later, I have no wifi or 3G reception in my hotel.sad

Have a good y'all.

blizy Tue 12-Jun-12 12:11:13

Oops don't think granny will be too happy if I wet her. grin obv meant meet!grin

Four4me Tue 12-Jun-12 12:48:57

Ha ha blizy at wetting granny have a great meet up!!!

emski such difficult news, fingers crossed that she is ok. And wiggles I hope your friend is bearing up. And reastie I hope your granny is ok? Life can be so crap sometimes.

I haven't looked through the old threads, probably wouldn't know how to find them blush

Wondering how borgs friend children that were ill are doing?

Sound like a nightmare holiday mizk , never again I guess.

deb enjoy wimbledon, I went once ages ago with school. It was ace.......see what I did there grin

Well Archie had his second hair cut this morning, it was a lot less noisy than the first one. I have finally got round to organising his christening. It is going to be on 12th August, so the weather better improve as I want to be able to lock have everyone outside!!! At least he'll be able to enjoy it at this age (which is my excuse for it taking me so long to get organised!!!)
Off to get Imogen from her morning nursery session, Arch really misses his partner in crime when she is there.

Emski76 Tue 12-Jun-12 13:09:45

Afternoon all
Just finishing my bowl of tin peaches, yum. Yep im on a boring diet again.No alcohol for a month (Im counting the days...its been 4) and limited naughty food. Lets see how long I last.
My sister just text me to say that my cousin is improving and may be moved out of intensive care soon. Aparently she went in last week to have gall stones removed and they found the liver cancer. She then got an infection. Apparently they'll start treatment when she's well enough. Hopefully this is the first step on the road to recovery. Thanks for all your well wishes.

Granny and Blizy, hope your enjoying your meet up. Or your 'wet' up as Blizy called it.

Wiggles, I quite often pop into those £1 shops and spot lovely things I could put into party bags. Last year I bought Gruffalo party bags for Ben's birthday party, that were already filled and it did take a bit of the fun away!

Re other people being pregnant. Up until a few weeks ago I would feel a huge pang of jealousy and even got upset when two close friends told me they were pregnant, but now just look at them and think 'ha, labour, sleepless nights, green poo'. Nah, I won't be doing it again!

Need to, I hope you get Ben's test results back asap. Keep us updated.

Right, thats me back to work then, booooooooo

RobinSparkles Tue 12-Jun-12 14:00:51

grin Imagining Blizy waiting to wet GrannyApple actually made me laugh. I was imagining you hiding around a corner with a water balloon or something, ready to soak her!

emski my thoughts are with your cousin. Hope she gets well enough to be treated soon!

reastie Tue 12-Jun-12 18:31:06

blizy and granny come on then, how did the wet up go? grin . blizy what are you going to do tomorrow then? Do you have any ideas for what you'd like to see/do?

Re: party bags wiggles I used to do party bags for all DHs family at his birthday lunch every year most of them are adults - I couldn't resist grin but I'm a abit more boring now and my aim is to get one of those big book people multipack books where they are about £1 each and just wrap up a book for each child - saves on the money and effort [genius] wink and I grin at Mr W being tired out by S

Thanks for all the Grandma wishes - she died sad - should hear soon when the funeral will be and have to work out whether to stay or not - ems and ledkr what days do you work/have off?

Oh, and I may have potentially made myself voluntarily redundant shock - I was asked to teach A level additionally from Sept which would put an extra day on my timetable a week plus extra work from home to prep. I said no which apparently means I'm breaching my contract so if they want to kick up a fuss they can make me leave - am awaiting to hear but apparently my decision to say no has been officially 'frowned upon' by the powers that be angry . I'm actually quite non bothered by it - if they value me little enough to make me leave over it then I'll just leave and spend more time with Alice and the gym . But I hope think it should be fine.

deb I told my technician at work today about your wimbledon tickets (we are both fans of nadals bum ) and we actually sat there for over a minute drooling at the thought of going grin

ems I'm so glad the news is promising

four4 I think your christening tactic should have been to be so disorganised that you got all 4 done together wink

american yuck yuck yuck. Can you not unscrew the radiator from the wall (or get DH to) so you can give it a proper scrub? ALthough do agree with wiggs that the smell does get right in your nose <shudders>

blizy Tue 12-Jun-12 19:50:44

You will be pleased I hear I didn't wet granny! She was/is lovely and we enjoyed a good old natter. Nate is a very handsome boy. grin

Reastie- I'm doing touristy things tomorrow, I think I'm doing a hop on/off bus tour(I can't get to grips with the underground, so shall stick to the roads instead!).

So sorry about your grannysad and angryon your behalf re: work. How are you feeling?

Just a quick post as I make the use out of my 3G connection in TGI's.

ledkr Tue 12-Jun-12 19:51:07

Sorry reastie,its horrible,sorry you didnt get to see her.
I work Mon and Tues but can always skive go out on a visit grin

Im off to read the thread now,am currently torn between going to pil and staying here and not getting to see my baby all weekend. BASTARDS making it so difficult for them to come here instead. If they went on time and didnt eat like pigs we wouldnt have to travel to them.

Emski76 Tue 12-Jun-12 20:07:24

Hi all
Reastie, I'm so sorry about your Granny. I'm available Thursdays and Fridays. Would be great to meet up even if it was under such sad circumstances.

Led, am annoyed for your re your in laws. I'm not sure what I would do either.

Blizy, glad your meet up with Granny was good, piccies please!!

Reastie, that's pretty rubbish about your job isn't it? Can they really make you work more hours or sack you?! I hope its not worrying you.
Oh, and your idea of using Book People books, when I sorted out the study on Sunday I found a pack of children's books from Book People and have stored them away for future birthdays!

Hi to everyone else! Xx

Grannyapple Tue 12-Jun-12 20:23:30

Hello lovely ladies...meet up went well & blizy is as lovely as I (& I'm sure everyone else!) expected her to be!! But huge confession....I am now a dunce AND a technophobe....forgot to take a piccie blush blush blush

N still a bit off...but falling over lots cos he is deliriously tired & not eating properly...feckin teeth!

Liking the book club idea reastie...might need to pinch that idea wink

ledkr Tue 12-Jun-12 20:37:09

need to Nighty night is the funniest thing i have ever seen,me and dh watched it and we were crying with laughter especially at Glen and his twitch.

ILovePonyo Tue 12-Jun-12 21:06:22

Hello peeps, just wanted to say to reastie how sorry I am about your gran. Hope she wasnt in pain and the funeral goes as well as it can for you.

ledkr whats going on with pil?Have i missed summat?!

blizy and granny glad meet up went well, how exciting! boo to no pics wink

Am off to watch great ormond st, don't know why I do it to myself <sob>

debka Tue 12-Jun-12 21:25:52

Ah reastie so sorry sad Were you close to this grandma? And I think you've got the right attitude to the redundancy thing, sounds like they don't appreciate you enough. Have you turned down the other school that was head hunting you?

grannyapple and blizy envy glad you had a lovely time together. Poor Nate so tired, hope his teeth pop out soon.

ledkr do you have to go for the whole time? Or plan some nice things for you to do with Ella on your own this weekend?

emski your poor cousin, that's such a shock. Hope the prognosis is good. Good luck on your healthy eating plan.

I was 1lb short of my 6.5st award tonight angry, lost 3.5lb so shouldn't grumble really! People keep asking if I'm near my target yet, I don't really understand this as I am only just going into a size 18, and I need to lose another 4st before I am overweight not obese!! shock Either I carry the weight incredibly well or people are a bit deluded. I wish you all could see me and offer your honest opinions! I'll have to ask DH to take a photo soon and put it up for you all to judge!

Money's been super tight so I've been job hunting this week. I've applied for a few jobs as a carer who goes to peoples houses to put them to bed, etc, seems to be plenty of work at convenient (to me) hours. Plus it will be valuable experience for nursing degree I want to apply for. I have an interiew on Friday <excited> Just hope the training doesn't clash with Wimbledon... <eek>

RobinSparkles Tue 12-Jun-12 21:48:38

So sorry to hear about your Grandma Reastie. Hope you are feeling ok sad. Grr at work, surely they shouldn't be able to push you out like that angry.

Glad you enjoyed your meet up Granny and Blizy smile.

Good luck for Friday Debka! Hope you get the job grin

Nowt to report here all boring boring boring! Absolutely shattered so off to bed for an early night! smile

Four4me Tue 12-Jun-12 22:16:17

So sad for you reastie massive hugs.

deb fingers crossed for your job interview goes well. I would at the end of the interview say "if I am successful in this job application I have to inform you that the only date I am unable to attend training is XX (Wimbledon date). I have a prior commitment and because I am such a reliable individual I wouldn't really want to rearrange!!!" also known as don't you dare set my training for this date or I'll have to cry!!!

tadjennyp Tue 12-Jun-12 22:45:48

So sorry about your grandma reastie. Hope you can make it down for the funeral and meet up with Emski and ledkr. Crap about your job too. I can't believe they can do that. Wouldn't A Level be lots of fun though?

Exciting about your job interview debka, best of luck!

Yuck to the vomit American, hope the smell clears soon.

Yay to granny and blizy's meet-up. envy

Great news on booking Archie's christening, four4. I bet it will be lovely. Same for wiggles' Sofia's party. Hope you all have a lovely time.

Good luck to Emski's cousin. I hope they can get on with the treatment asap.

Hope you manage to have a nice weekend with or without your PILs ledkr.

Have picked Anna up from her last day at school. shock She's not back till September 7th! Wish me luck. smile

Hope the babies dcs sleep well.

Four4me Wed 13-Jun-12 08:33:31

My god tad that is a Long summer break. The boys have five and a half weeks left at school and are back on sept 4th which will be long enough (and expensive enough) for me!!!! When are you coming over here?
Super organised this morning all ready for school run with five mins to mn!! Cue Arch having a dirty nappy, someone getting a nosebleed or something!

He has hidden one of Imogen's wellies somewhere, I have been searching for it for a couple of days. Have a feeling it has gone 'click click' (Archie's words for) in the bloody bin. He loves putting things in there!!! Bin men came yesterday so Imogen will have to hop!!!!!!

Happy Wednesdays ladies xx

hubbard86 Wed 13-Jun-12 09:39:35

Hi all thanks for your messages of support. I am getting there I'm just finding it really hard. Thomas seems to have a meltdown about once an hour and freya doesn't actually llook that bothered occasionally she'll sit by the front door and say dada but she is easily distracted.

Reastie so sorry about your grandma xx
Emski I hope your cousin starts to improve soon so they can start treatment.

Just found out a girl I know has an inoperable tumour on her spine. This poor girl has been through the ringer loosing her little girl last year and now this she's only 19 but is so incredibly strong.

wigglesrock Wed 13-Jun-12 10:50:38

reastie Sorry about your grandma xx Hope work sorts itself out grin

Tadjennyp S and O have about 10 days of school left before they are off until 3 September [yikes] O is starting nice and early as well and they will have all the P1s in full-time hours by the end of September so that'll make things a lot easier.

americanexpat one last throw of the "be gone vomit" dice - fasten a j-cloth with washing up liquid onto a wire coat hanger and have a good hoke about down the back of radiator.

Four4Me Anna is murder for throwing things in the bin, I seem to constantly fish cutlery out of it grin

Spent most of yesterday evening queueing to get Olivias name down for afterschools, her and Sofia will have different finishing times (2pm and 3pm) so am hoping to get Olivia in the afterschools programme for two days a week to save on the running about. Its really cheap so of course it was madness down at the school - the words piss up and brewery spring to mind!

wiggles - wire coat hanger? confused Didn't they stop making those in the 80's? grin I've put about half a bottle of Mr Muscle down the back and it seems to have faded significantly (or maybe just dried) but I'll try the cloth-on-a-stick approach if it still pongs tonight. God help the next person who decides to redecorate the kitchen.

reastie - I'm so sorry about your grandmother. sad It has been relentless for you lately. How are you feeling overall? hmm at your school, you have a positive outlook on it though.

debka - I think they see you're much smaller than you were and equate that to thin (hope you know what I mean). Good luck with the interview.

hubbard - Poor Thomas. sad I hope your ex comes to his senses soon and is part of their lives.

tad - I loved those long summer holidays. [thinks wistfully of romping around the neighbourhood with nothing to do for 3 months]

wiggles - I should clarify that DH will be the one doing the cloth-on-a-stick manoeuvre. I don't clean adult vomit unless there are extenuating circumstances. grin

Emski76 Wed 13-Jun-12 12:35:22

Wow Tad that a looonnnnngggg summer holiday!! Do you enjoy having the kids around more?

Loving all the advice for Americans sick smelling radiator!!

Hubbard, good to hear from you. Its so sad to hear about poor Tom and Freya wondering where daddy is, but sounds like your beoing strong. And that is super sad about your friend.

Deb, yes we would love a piccie of the slimmer lined you!!

Four4, hope you find the welly!! We have lost dh;'s beard trimmer abnd believe Noah may have put it in thew bin!! Its a real pain because we use it to cut Noah's hair!! We prefer him with the skinhead look!!

Off to eat my 'yummy' lunch of soup and rivita!! Altho someone opened a box of biccies in here this morning and I may just have to munch one (some) for my dessert

Four4me Wed 13-Jun-12 13:26:41

Ha ha em Noah is obviously not keen on the short haired look!!!!! Enjoy your lunch and sneaky biccy grin

reastie Wed 13-Jun-12 14:20:34

Hi all,

ledkr and ems funeral is at end of next week, am sorting out today/tomorrow what we are doing staying/family commitment wise. It looks like it may all be a bit of a hurried relative frenzy visit (my Grandad has only ever seen Alice on 2 occasions so wants lots of cuddles) so shall see how long we will stay etc.

Another fellow bin lover here hmm - we think Alice put her shoe in the bin a few weeks ago as it's still missing and we've had to buy her a new pair at great expense <sigh>

american wish I hadn't read all these smelly comments while reading my lunch, yuck!

What's all this talk of summer holidays - I still have over a month left of term envy

wiggles I can imagine the queues and fights for cheap childcare grin

hubbard hang on in there xxx

deb good luck at the interview - I second what four4 said - just say you have a prior commitment. I think you'd be just the sort of person they'd snap up grin and would look good re: nursing hope you don't have to wipe any bums though although I guess you're used to that shock

Thanks for comments re: work - I don't think it will go that far and if it does then that's life <shrugs> . Re: grandma she's my step gm although since my actual gm died when I was tiny she's all I've ever known and as good as a 'proper' gm IYKWIM. Anyway, DM told me today they went through the will and she'd written specific things of hers to go to her dgc, but only her actual biological gc not DSis and I, I was a bit sad as I always though of her as a proper gm (I'm not bothered by not getting something as in of value just a bit bothered that she hadn't thought of a token she thought I might like for sentimental reasons IYKWIM). Also, the step rellies are writing an announcement to go in the paper and it says 'gm bla di bla leaves behind loved gc x x and x' but just her biological gc not DSis and I, I feel a bit left out on everything, but maybe this is to be expected with step rellies it's just I have no experience confused

RobinSparkles Wed 13-Jun-12 14:51:13

Reastie that's really sad that only the biological GCs were mentioned in the will. I know that possessions don't matter but I personally would feel quite hurt that I hadn't been thought of, I think. I wouldn't care that I didn't get anything but I would feel upset and undervalued.

Hubbard that poor girl sad. Hope you're ok.

4for I was laughing at "Imogen will just have to hop!!!" Poor Imogen smile

Tad how long?!? How the hell will you cope?
what will you do for 12 weeks? I feel like blowing my brains out at the thought of 6! grin

Four4me Wed 13-Jun-12 16:48:24

Poor Imogen ha ha, she encourages him!!! In fact she was at this exact age when Archie was born and did more than her fair share of magpieing (new word there!) when I was stuck on the sofa feeding a newborn!!!!!

Hugs to reastie it all sound upsetting.

Glad you are ok hubbard that girl you are talking about sounds to be really having a rough time. Poor love.

blizy Wed 13-Jun-12 16:59:22

Reastie- hugs, I know how I feels when step family leave you out. X

grin at all the babies with the fascination for the bin!

grin at the thought of American and a wire coat hanger.

Wiggles- how are you feeling about Olivia starting school?

Had a nice day in London, I mange the tube <proud emoticon>. I went to the palace, seen changing of the guard. Went to Westminster and downing st. Walked along south bank to tower bridge and tower of London. I really enjoyed pottering. About on my own. Back into London tomorrow with Dhgrin

Debka- you have done massive well to lose all that weight. You are the same size as me now. I am on a mission to lose 4 stone, I have managed to lose 10lbs so far. grin

Hope everyone had a good day.

Sorry I haven't had the chance to properly catch up, I'm just using 3G an the connection is patchy.

ledkr Wed 13-Jun-12 17:03:00

Oooo Id love 3 months,if i didnt have to work. Im happier with no routines and time scales.

I have decided not to go to London with dh. D was a monkey today and emptied a bag of pasta all over the floor just as I was getting ready for a final meeting with my Auntie before they go off to nz again for years.She kept poohing too and was just into everything.

I felt so fed up and when dh rang I just said I wasnt going as i am working Thurs and Fri and do not fancy spending my 2 days off sat in a car or stiffly on pil settee and eating tiny portions at mealtimes and drinking one tiny glass of wine and being on my best behaviour,coping with Ella acting up cos shes wel jel and dh pretending he is like them all stuffy and stern and mil trying to persuade us to join them on holiday at the sports complex in the summer and them faffing about eating and showering and then its too late to go anywhere and fil being all anal about mealtimes phew!

Instead I shall watch my daughter dance on the Saturday then onto the pics followed by dinner and back home for a good kip. Then on Sunday we shall have a leisurly bike ride into town to attend the food and drink show and the science festival then cycle home for a further good nights sleep.

AIBU?? grin

ledkr Wed 13-Jun-12 17:07:06

Oi Deb are you serious or just fishing for compliments? UM HELLO??? You have lost so much weight in a short time and are a size 18 do you hear me,a size 18!!!!! I am a size 16 and I am certainly not obeses. Good God woman give yourself some credit,I cant even shift a few pounds i am so crap,i just think it will go naturally grin

Are you still running,im off to gym in a bit,am frustrated though cos should be on week 4 but its been over a week since week 3 so im going to do week 3 again.

blizy Wed 13-Jun-12 17:12:03

Ohh ledkr- your weekend sounds fab! Defo YANBU, god the inlaws sound like a hoot!

Four4me Wed 13-Jun-12 18:15:09

ledkr yanbu, will dh take Dilly with him?

tadjennyp Wed 13-Jun-12 19:01:13

Ledkr, your weekend sounds much better than your dh's!

Well done deb - come on. 61/2 stone is amazing!

Glad you are having such a great time blizy.

Four4 Sammy is also obsessed with the bin, but taking stuff out of it and walking around with it. Nice!

That poor girl, hubbard.

Hope you find the beard trimmer emski!

Fingers x'd that dh sorts the vom-smell american!

Hope you get things sorted with the family reastie. Sorry about the will, it must be very disappointing for you to be overlooked like that.

We're flying to England in two weeks' time for 3 weeks and I have booked Anna in a couple of art camps that would last a week for a couple of hours at a time. Other than that I hope we get to use our neighbourhood pool a lot and meet up with friends as she is going through such a defiant and disobedient phase. Well, I hope it's a phase. shock They are currently running through the sprinklers in the back garden, which came one unexpectedly! confused grin

debka Wed 13-Jun-12 19:05:39

ledkr YADNBU, good decision. Not fishing at all, am honestly baffled! Thanks for the compliment though smile Haven't run for a while tbh, I prefer a long walk with the dog I've discovered. Race for life is this Sunday lets hope I can manage more than a stroll grin

blizy sounds like a lovely day in London, lucky you smile

Ha ha at all the babies throwing stuff in the bin! Neither of mine have done that yet

reastie I would feel the same as you, sad and disappointed. I have a stepgm too, who I consider my gm, but she has no biological children so not quite the same situation. What a shame they didn't think of you sad

12 weeks, blimey, bet they'll be almost feral by the end of that! shock grin

Had my poorly friend's girls again today, the 2yo managed to make it to the potty this time which was nice esp since she did a poo, but she came with no knickers on again sad I put a spare pair of Imy's on her.

wigglesrock Wed 13-Jun-12 20:53:13

debka I'm a size 16 (although think I've lost a bit recently - I don't weigh myself) and yet again I will say the words -I'm a ride grin Ledkr is right - give yourself credit - you are doing this for you and are doing bloody brilliant.

blizy ah bless you're in the big smoke grin I'm okay with Olivia starting school - she has loved nursery school and its practically like P1 without the writing grin To be honest I'm really looking forward to her starting - she loves learning and being challenged, am afraid I might bore her sometimes shock

Sofia has kept all her P1 exercise books and they play "school" most evenings. Strangely I'm a bit wobbly about Sofia turning 7. I've been trying to get photos sorted and can't believe the changes in Sofia in the past 3-4 years shock At around her 3rd birthday she looks like a little chipmunk, all chubby cheeks and teeth and now she's like a mini Natalie Portman. She has got really grown up in her phrases and mannerisms, its funny but a bit sad as well.

reastie that's sad re the will xx Can you not put in your own notice in the paper?

ledkr your weekend sounds like bliss - fancy a swop? I did mention 11 7 year olds at a soft play/craft party on Sat and a dozen or so family around on Sun didn't I? grin

LoveFilm has delivered me Michael Fassbender for being such a good girl grin, off to enjoy!

ILovePonyo Wed 13-Jun-12 21:21:43

ledkr of course YANBU!! Your weekend sounds fantastic, am quite jel. Enjoy every minute smile

reastie that is a shame about the will. I would be upset too if I were you, like you said its the sentimental value. Hope you're ok. I had no experience of step siblings as we never met ow or her 3 (grown up) children before my dad died shock!

deb I would love to see a pic of you now grin Do you carry weight well? From what I remember at the meet up I would never have thought you were bigger than a size 18 then. I'm a size 14 and if I worked half as hard as you with diet/exercise I'd prob be at my ideal weight now! <lazy though>

wigs wow S is 7, it sounds so grown up! She sounds like a smart one. Enjoy the film - I have only just worked out who fassbender is, he doesn't do much for me. Tom Hardy however... grin

tadj not long now til you're over here, good luck for the flights smile Oh no to defiant phase!

blizy well done on the 10lbs! An afternoon pottering round London sounds nice although I bet you were knackered by the end of the day smile

Hi everyone else!

So at nursery today A was apparently helping out, giving the smaller babies their dummies, patting them on the head and the back when they were crying and being very helpful! shock Her keyworker was surprised when I said that A has stroppy tantrums at home, she never does that at nursery hmm She kept giving me sloppy kisses at home, its more like shes biting me but I like it grin

RobinSparkles Wed 13-Jun-12 22:17:25

Ponyo that's so cute smile. When I ask for a kiss of L she just shakes her head - charming!

Blizy I'm so envy of you in London! I love London - hope you're having a great time grin.

Ledkr YANBU!

Debka you should be very very proud of yourself! You have come such a long way.

Wiggles I had 11 five year olds at a soft play party a the other weekend, now it's your turn! wink They were lovely TBH. I know what you mean about them growing up. Isabel has a sundress that she's been wearing and I have a picture of her wearing the same dress, aged just 3 (it's a bit big in the photo and it's a bit short now but she loves it so I let her wear it with leggings) and in the picture, you can see that she's just beginning to lose the fatty folds in her arms - you know that babies have! Now they're completely gone. I still used to think of her as a baby until L arrived. It's so sad that they have to grow up!

I bet Sofia is exited for her party smile. I hope she has a great time!

ledkr Wed 13-Jun-12 22:24:54

wiggs E plays school constantly she is a very bossy and shouty teacher though grin

ponyo A sounds sweet at nursery. D always pats my nephew for a bit saying ah! before trying to climb into the chair,basket,pram with him.She normally strokes us after she has walloped us. hmm

reastie I get left out of everything here so I do know how it is.

tad The pool sounds good,we have a nice outdoor pool but the weather is just shite here.

I am sooooo hormonal at the moment. Dh is doing my flaming head in with the football,why do they have to watch all the games,do they actually care if portugal beat the outer hebrewdeese=sp?
He takes the remote and flicks through "looking for something to watch" then lands on football and stays there catching flies.
It pees me off cos there is often stuff on that id like but he'd hate-chick flicks,arty plays or ballets but id never expect him to sit there whilst i watched it.

Maybe I should leave the bastard.

psst-realised today that Ells isnt dancing till next week but im still not going,i heard mil on the phone controlling dh's every movement and breathed a sigh of relief.

RobinSparkles Wed 13-Jun-12 22:34:11

I can't stand football! Fine, Euro 2012 whoopdedoodah etc etc have fun watching it if you're into it but why does it have to be on every frigging night?!

My poor Dad would be turning in his grave at me saying that! (sorry Dad!)

ledkr Wed 13-Jun-12 22:35:51

reastie Why dont you and dsis do your own announcement.I think that is well rude tbh esp if you have known her so long. If dh dies he would leave 2 little girls not just dills.
I actually managed to get some stuff from my Nan today.I got the gilrs some jewlery for when they are older,i love having sentimental stuff.E was given a doll who belonged to Nan that she used to play with when she visited. She was teary when she got it and has taken it to bed with her.

RobinSparkles Wed 13-Jun-12 22:36:26

Ledkr L does that!!! (the stroking after walloping thing) She'll give Isabel a crack and stroke her head and say "ah".

RobinSparkles Wed 13-Jun-12 22:40:11

Ledkr has your Nan died recently? I didn't catch up on the other thread before posting - I'm so sorry sad.

I miss my Grandma everyday. I'm so glad that you got some things to remember her by. I have a teddy that lived at my Grandma's when I was little. It's lovely to see the DC's playing with it now even thought they'll never know her (she died when I was turning 17).

Grannyapple Thu 14-Jun-12 08:26:24

Morning ladies!

blizy your day yesterday sounds fab....& glad u survived the dreaded tube ok [ok]. Hope you both have a fab day today exploring the sights.

N looks to finally be on the mend, thank god. DH was being a bit too precious with him when really he was just shattered & grumpy due to teething. Last day of working week for me (at last!). Tuesday was my 1st day off since 29th may....looking forward to tomorrow, but I think it's going to be one of those running in & out kinda days...gym in the morning, then boppin tots & then maybe a mooch about shops in the afternoon. Almost forgot it's fathers day on Sunday so best get dh a pressie. Our with the girls on Saturday night so looking forward to that!

reastie forgot to say sorry about work situation tho u seem to be taking it all in your stride.

reastie - that's rubbish about your grandmother. Is there anyway you could speak to her children and ask to be included? A similar thing happened when my grandparents died, only it was my aunt that had a truck full and emptied the junk drawer into a box for my sister and me. angry I did get a small momento, a little music box thing that came from Disneyland and plays It's a Small World, because my grandparents always let us pull the string (once and ONLY ONCE!) when we visited. It's cracked and they were going to bin it but now it's hanging at my parents' house for L to pull when we visit. smile

L isn't keen on the bin thankfully, though I find odd things in drawers. I got a box of nappies out of the hall cupboard this morning, opened it and took out one packet for nursery and asked him to put the other back packet in the cupboard. He actually did that and I came back later to find he'd put the other one in there as well. grin

I mentioned to DH about the cloth-on-a-stick approach and he was hmm and a bit shock that I'd told people about it. I didn't tell him it was my internet friends. The smell is nearly gone now though.

[waves at everyone else]

blizy Thu 14-Jun-12 17:49:50

Reastie- I passed by your town today, I waved! I was in Welling with Dh, he had a quick job to do.

We spent most of the day driving to Dorset, with a stop at stonehenge. Monkey world tomorrow, very excited.gringrin

Hope you are all good.smile

reastie Thu 14-Jun-12 18:37:12

blizy you should have told me grin I was in all afternoon - you could've come in for a cup of tea. Enjoy monkey world tomorrow (I know you will wink )

Have been doing proper parenting activities with Alice this afternoon - I made playdough which we played with for quite some time then played with some stickers, did some drawing and then played in the sand pit - beats my usual parenting attempts (which are normally me trying to cook/clean/mn etc while Alice moans following me around). I have a friend who always seems to be doing 'proper' stuff like painting/cooking etc etc with their DD and I always feel a bit inadequate as I don't bother doing much of that kind of stuff with Alice other than play with her toys with her and play games that I make up like chasing her . Just out of interest - does everyone here do lots of different messy play type things? <tries to feel less lazy>

american I'm glad you got that music box and ledkr I"m glad you got something from your nan at last

granny enjoy your week end. I'm hoping to get back to the gym this week end having not been back since my induction on account of being ill blush - I'm still coughing like a trooper (and having to hold my pelvic floor in whenever I do - it's tres embarrassing as I'm sure I leak wee a bit when I cough)

wiggs hope the party goes well. Just wait - it will be Anna starting school before we know it <sobs>

Btw ledkr YANBU at all re: your week end - enjoy time with Ella, I'm sure she'll have a great time with you

ponyo grin at the sloppy bites kisses. Alice loves giving her ITNG toys massive hugs and 'mwah' loud kisses but whenever I ask for one she shakes her head confused . She loves having family hugs though where DH, I and her have a big hug all together - she keeps baby signing 'more' when we do that grin

blizy Thu 14-Jun-12 19:21:44

Reastie- I didn't know until about 10 mins before we left! It would have been fab to meet you.sad

blizy Thu 14-Jun-12 20:49:25

Debka- how did the interview go? I have my fingers crossed for you.

Reastie- Alice sounds very cute with her wanting more cuddles.grin. For messy play I tend to make gloop (cornflour and water) and boil up some spaghetti for the little ones, they love it! The favourite always involved trying to eat paint brushes though.confused

Dh is watching football and we are in a hotel with wifi, yay!
Got some good news today, Dh will be based in Glasgow for work after next week for a few months! We are so happy, gives us a better chance for the ttc. On that note, I had a peak on my clear blue monitor this morning.grin. I have the dr next thurs for a repeat of the day 21 blood tests.

The hotel we are in tonight ( Lulsworth bay in Dorset) has a round bed! I am very amused with it.grin.

Ledkr- when does Dh and dilly go to pils?

Wiggles- I hope Olivia has a fav party!

RobinSparkles Thu 14-Jun-12 20:58:31

Reastie I don't do many messy play activities because the mess gets on my nerves blush. I used to do a lot more with DD1 but I was childminding so I used to make the effort for my mindees. We used to go to a lot of messy play groups too, I feel a bit guilty not doing more but L seems very happy playing with her dolls and teddies. She carries them around constantly, chatting to them and putting them in the toy pram and pushing them around.

We do water play everyday (baths wink ). There's a good website for different kinds of play dough you can make. It tells you how to make glow in the dark play dough etc.

They like playing with dry flour, which is easy but very messy!

Granny very envy of your weekend! Get pissed Have a drink for me!

ledkr Thu 14-Jun-12 21:31:44

Fuck playdough and painting,thats what nursery is for.grin D is far to wild for any creative stuff yet.

blizy I think i have been there,I love dorset,i was planning to take my van there if the weather ever changes.

Dh goes sat am and me and Ella have a packed programme of events haha,im glad not to be going cos i feel pretty terrible tbh. I missed a couple of ad's coinciding with pmt and i feel irritable and very tired.

D did a 5.30 special today after lulling us into a false sense of security and sleeping late for a few days.

She wouldnt nod off tonight though so i brought her back down where she did an eggy diareaoh (how do you spell that damn word)ate my tea,hit me a few times,threw the cushions off the sofa,ruined Els game before being out back up. <shakes head>

Emski76 Thu 14-Jun-12 21:36:56

Hi all
Reastie, Alice sounds very cute with her family cuddles! I don't do any messy play with Noah, I used to do loads with Ben. I guess it might be time to get out the play dough! Noah was so cute today, he pointed at a worm in a book and said 'snake' then ran his finger up and down my arm saying ssssssss. I could have burst! He wouldn't perform for dh tonight tho!

Blizy, it sounds like your having a fab trip with dh, and very good news re his job!

Deb, was your interview today?

Led, glad you something of your nans. It's almost a year since my grandad died, it's gone do quickly. I still get upset about it and my mum is really struggling. It's his birthday on 30th and me, mum and my sister are visiting the place his ashes were scattered and spending some time with him.
Have a fantastic weekend with just you abd Ells. It'll be lovely.

We've have a fab day today but I'm finding Ben is becoming increasingly jealous of Noah, he wants everything when Noah has it, including me. I've even caught him deliberately sticking his foot out so Noah trips over it! Little bugger!

I'm watching Great Ormond Street. I don't know why I watch cos it always makes me cry!

RobinSparkles Thu 14-Jun-12 21:40:36

Is she sleeping now Ledkr? Surely all that would have worn her out? grin

Isabel was tired to the point of tears tonight! She's been doing Forest school today so she was all silly and hyperactive when I picked her up from school. Then at tea time she went down with a bang!
We went for a walk after school because she was so hyper and it finished her off I think!

RobinSparkles Thu 14-Jun-12 21:43:48

Isn't Debka's interview tomorrow? If so, good luck Deb.

ILovePonyo Thu 14-Jun-12 22:13:11

grin at ledkr, the most creative A gets at home is using her crayons - we do go to messy play most fri mornings though where she just eats paint hmm

american glad the sicky smell has almost gone grin I tell dp something thats happened to 'a friend' and when he asks who I usually have to confess thats its one of my 'internet friends' on here smile

blizy yay to monkey world tomorrow, enjoy! double yay for having your dh around a bit more for some, erm, alone time haha.

reastie A sometimes shakes her head no for a kiss or a hug, the madam. You ignored me when I asked about baby signing before wink, what is the sign for more?

ledkr hope D sleeps in a bit more tomo. A had a late nap today so who knows but she is generally awake from 6ish. Grr. Hope you feel better if your back on the ad's regularly.

emksi aww at N clever little boy! I love it when A does the right animal noise, its so cute. At nursery they were asking her where each worker was and she was going up to them, then they said where's Cat? (one of the workers) and A went and pointed a picture of a cat! grin I watched Great ormond st the other night, the parents and babies are so strong.

granny glad N is getting better, you've got a busy day tomorrow!

robin aww at Isabel! Think a good walk is always the way to go to knacker them out!

I hope messy play is on tomorrow as I am planning on getting A to 'make' p a fathers day card there, no mess for me and free! We went to singing today and once again she had a massive shrieking strop when it started, then another when she had to give back a teddy that had been handed to her. I would be embarrassed but I'm sure the other mums are just thinking " thank god its not mine doing that for once" like I do when a child is kicking off!

Oh and I'm out with some work people on a 'do' tomorrow, is it sad that already I am planning to be home on the settee by 10pm don't answer that especially ledkr

debka Thu 14-Jun-12 22:28:12

Yes interview is tomorrow <irons frock>

reastie agree with mamaledkr, nursery is for messy play!! Imy and I paint/play with playdough etc when S is in bed grin.

blizy sounds like you're having a fabbo time, enjoy Monkey World

ponyo aaaahhhh to clever A and the cat smile

emski we get the jealous thing here too, they vie for the 'hole' in my lap when I cross my legs. (that sounds rude but it's not, honest!)

robin I really want to make glow in the dark play dough envy Linky pretty please???

Just in from Group Therapy- I am hero of the night tonight! There was a proper arrogant nobbite there- a newbie who told us that he was 'up here' and we were all 'down there'. He was unspeakably awful. Anyway I told him so in front of the group, in the nicest way possible. Afterwards I had many thanks and pats on the back from the rest of the group!

ILovePonyo Thu 14-Jun-12 22:33:07

grin at deb and hole in the legs <childish snigger> and good for you speaking up to the group knobhead, especially doing so in a dignified way. Did you say 'do you mean to sound so rude?' (mn phrase wink) But really, feel proud of you, it takes guts, well done smile

ILovePonyo Thu 14-Jun-12 22:33:27

Oh! Good luck for tomorrow!

Evening everyone,

Have had probs with computer and trying to borrow OH's but new charger now so back in business grin

Good luck deb for tomorrow, hope you get a good night's sleep tonight and feel bright and confident smile Did the nobbite actually use the words 'up here' and 'down there', I would have been seriously hmm and angry, good for you for standing up t him!

ponyo and american, I am guilty of the 'one of my friends' thing then when questioned I have to say, 'someone from mn' but I have started to replace it with 'someone from the pn group' in a bid to sound less like a billy no mates grin Oh, and ponyo, I'm with you on the back by 10pm thing, I can't function the next day if I'm out late <<joins ponyo on ol' gimmers' bench>>

reastie I am so sorry about your grandmother doing that, there must be a way that you can have some little special thing to remember her by and agree with ledkr about doing your own announcement with your sis, how does she feel about it btw? I haven't done much messy play with B but have a sand and water table outside now and he loves eating sand and watering people hmm. I tried to get him to make a card yesterday at playgroup but he wasn't having any of it so will no doubt get him to scribble something tomorrow [helpful]

ledkr It's so sweet to hear about Ells having her nan's doll, and I'm glad you have things sorted out too. Do you think D is coming down with something (diarrhoea, one of the most annoying words ever, just use spell check like wot this English teacher does!)?

wiggles Bless you getting all sad over S growing up , it must be such a strange feeling knowing that this is what happens and yet not realising that it is happening if that makes sense! There was a 6 mo baby at singing class today that was the spit of B at that age and I went all funny, I wanted to steal cuddle him but restrained myself.

I have a thread in children's health about B now as I am getting a bit worried now. I know it's probably nothing but it seems to be getting worse. I phoned up the hospital today to get his blood test results (again!) and the secretary said that the more senior paed had requested B's notes and would be calling us tomorrow as he was out today. They would have called straight away if it were something bad wouldn't they? Blah, trying not to think about it.

Right off to bed now, hope you have a fab time tomorrow blizy at monkey world, I've always wanted to go there! Night everyone.

ledkr Fri 15-Jun-12 07:10:34

deb Are you turning into me? grin What is the groupt therapy for?shouldnt someone be facilitaing it? What was he refering to? I hate those jumped up little knobs id have knocked him out i think grin

needto Poor you being so worried. Ill look at your thread. Have you had a referal to a pead yet?

ponyo Wher is this messy play and why isnt there one near me?

ledkr Fri 15-Jun-12 07:11:41

Been to monkey world,my Mum supports it and goes often,she has an adopyed momkey there too.Have fun.

RobinSparkles Fri 15-Jun-12 07:44:36

Ledkr have you not got any SureStart Children's Centres near you? They do lots of sessions - messy play, singing/music sessions. Ours has a Jumping Beanz (a bit like tumble tots). Messy play is dead good because you don't get any of the mess in your house!

Debka what a knob that guy sounds! I wonder why he said that? Glad you told him! Hope your interview goes well smile

Where is monkey world?

Needto how long have you been waiting for the results? I would imagine that no news is good news (hugs).

Best start getting ready for school. Non-uniform day today, I hate non-uniform day because it always ends in a row. She always wants to wear something inappropriate like a party dress or a sundress in winter hmm

ILovePonyo Fri 15-Jun-12 07:48:45

Morning, A was awake at 6.30 but yawning hmm now she's walking around carrying her horrible baby doll that dp's nan gave her smile

Needto hope you get the phone call from the dr today and it's nothing serious. I'd be worried too, they do seem to have kept you waiting for a while?
I saw a small baby that looked a bit like A which made me a bit broody, but then I think thank god it's not me - I like my sleep too much!

Ledkr messy play is at sure start - its great they do snack afterwards too grin where I live is considered a deprived area tho so I prob shouldn't be going because I'm not who it's aimed at - I think that's one of those things mn gets judgy about hmm
What time was D up today?

RobinSparkles Fri 15-Jun-12 07:58:35

Ponyo I used to volunteer at mine - take no notice, they're for EVERYONE! You're right in that they were brought out for people who struggle to interact with their children/don't bother with them (which obviously isn't you) but those kinds of people aren't interested in going anyway!

reastie Fri 15-Jun-12 07:58:45

Just a quickie as off to work and am leading a <gulp> school trip this morning to a fish and chip van I kid you not grin so have to get in early to get everything organised but wanted to say ponyo a video i found of a baby signing more before I forget again . I can't get Alice to do signing on command in front of the camcorder so easily angry or else I could post on fb a great medly of all the signs she now uses - I swear she will never talk as she just signs everything hmm

Massive good luck deb

Four4me Fri 15-Jun-12 09:04:27

Good luck deb xx

debka Fri 15-Jun-12 09:07:12

All gussied up here in my frock (stealth boast- it's a too big grin), waiting for DH to get back with the car.

He was an utter prick, the leader of the group rang me just as I was going to bed and we had a little chat about it. She asked me to be part of the group to help her- I've never done owt like this before so I can give a newbie's view of my impression of the group. The whole ethos of the group is respect and lack of judgement towards others there, he totally broke that rule. He actually said the thing about him being up there and the rest of us 'down there', with accompanying gestures hmm. There was much more as well...

Good luck with school trip reastie envy to fish an chip van!!

robin hope you managed to compromise on an outfit for Isobel smile

needto what a worry re results and things, really hope the consultant comes back with some concrete answers for you. I'll be thinking of you today smile

Was woken today by Imogen trying to wake her sister up- BEAN BEAn WAKE UP!!! Bean then woke up and started crying (it was 6am btw). I just left them to it for a bit, then S was crying harder so I went to get them up. Bloody Imogen had gone back to sleep leaving S wide awake angry.

Anyone else noticed the web chat with Annabel Karmel? Isn't she loathed on here? I am lurking with intent! Nearly as much fun as the Media Request from Peter Andre's telly company, hahahahahaha grin

debka - Good luck with the interview, we know you'll be amazing! And well done with the knobhead and knocking him down politely. I'm afraid my temper and lack of tact (stereotypical American blush) would've taken over.

We never do messy play with L though we should. I tried to get him to use some crayons but he just ate them. hmm We have a book from the HV with ideas for playing by age, I think there's a playdough recipe in there. I may try it at the weekend.

blizy - Excellent news about DH's work! Haha at the round bed, it sounds slightly dodgy. Does it vibrate too?

NeedTo - I read your thread and hope you get some answers today. Poor B. sad

thanks for positive wishes everyone smile wait to hear what the paed says today hopefully. if he tries to say it's constipation again I will ask for another doctor as it's ridiculous.

reastie you have just made me properly belly chuckle with your trip to a fish and chip van grin that has to be the funniest trip ever!!! Hope you enjoy it grin

ledkr Very envy at all this monkey world talk! It's not too far from me so will have to arrange a visit at some point when I'm not so broke

Go deb in your too big frock grin today! Please let us know how it goes, you seem to be a lot stronger and confident in yourself, brilliant! I have to read the peter andre thread at some point today, bet it's gone down really well.

ponyo I would go to surestart if I knew where they were around here, I'm sure there must be one as Hastings is a very deprived area but never seen one. Make the most of what's on offer I say before Scameron gets rid of everything

gah, got to get on with the hoovering and floors whilst DM has B at playgroup. Hate waiting for the phone to ring.

MizK Fri 15-Jun-12 14:02:36

needto fingers crossed you can get B sorted, there must be something causing it. Hope you are OK, you must be so worried over it. BTW on a v less serious note, may I just say now we are FB friends, wowzers! You are so pretty! (am v shallow so always impressed by hotness, male or female ;) )
debka good luck with your interview, you'll walk it! And well done for putting that dickish man firmly back in his box!
ponyo I agree that Surestart is for everyone. I think that saying it should only be for deprived/vulnerable mums is silly, we are all in the same boat when we have babies - it seems a bit like they want people to stick to their own kind which IMO is snobbish bullshit! All babies should be allowed to eat paint ;) I keep meaning to go along too as I don't know if Sherwood does messy play, maybe next week....
reastie I was really sorry to hear the sad news about your gran, hope you're OK. Impressed with your creative play, poor Cass gets handed her baby apron and a sweeping brush and gets to play Tidy Up with mummy....
blizy enjoy Dorset, its so beautiful there, wave to the monkeys for us smile
robin school non uniform/dressing up is a mare. DS has to go as an Egyptian in a couple of weeks (WTF?) I am customising a 'Sexy Cleopatra' fancy dress outfit for him but he has refused a spray tan, spoilsport.... smile

Ugh, am off to a BBQ for the England game later with all DPs football cronies, AKA chase Cass around the garden whilst he abandons me to drink beer and bellow at the TV. Hope some of their wives/girlfriends are nice so I have some entertainment!

PS wiggles don't know if you've seen Prometheus yet... my sister went last night and said it was poor, but Idris was ridiculously hot in it smile

debka Fri 15-Jun-12 14:28:00

mizk yy to needto being beautiful, I thought the same thing! You're not so bad yourself either though wink

needto any news from the drs yet?

Well.... I got the job!! Yay! Got to do 4 days induction and training which will be a logistical nightmare with childcare, but hey ho, we'll manage.

I think Imy may have hay fever, anyone experienced hay fever in a 3yo? Her eyes are all red and she keeps rubbing away at them. CBA to go to the GP blush, think we'll pop down to the chemist later and see what they say. where they will give her eyedrops which she will pointblank refuse to let me put in and we'll be back where we started <sigh>

You alright wiggs, haven't heard from you for a while?

RobinSparkles Fri 15-Jun-12 14:29:53

BBQ, MizK? What's the weather like? It's absolutely peeing it down here!
We had the kids in for wet play and they are a fecking nightmare when they can't go out!

Does your DS have to go as an ancient Egyptian? If not, I'd be tempted to send him in jeans and t shirt grin. I know some Egyptians and that's all they wear!

RobinSparkles Fri 15-Jun-12 14:31:40

Xposted Deb! Yay! grin

RobinSparkles Fri 15-Jun-12 14:37:22

Btw, no experience of hay fever. See what they say at the chemist - conjunctivitis?

reastie Fri 15-Jun-12 15:19:17

deb well done grin - I knew they'd snap you up grin . Hope you get the childcare sorted. Can't help with hayfever afraid

Re: needto beautyfest - since I think I'm the only one here to have met needto I can confirm she is very beautiful but also a really really lovely person grin

Glad I'm not the only one not doing loads of messy play all the time. Btw - I saw a picture of a fb friends DD (the one who is the same age as Alice but seems to do EVERYTHING obscenely early) and there was a picture of her DD in a proper bed with a quote saying she's moved to a big girls bed now shock - I thought they stayed in cots at least maybe another year???????? Alice has tons of room in her cot left for growth but then she is a short bum and surely putting them in big beds just encourages them to fall out and run around the room all night? hmm

blizy massive grin at the round bed. How was monkey world?

Well, trip to the fish and trip van went v well. Actually, it was a fish and chip van and and pizza van grin - all v useful for the students who are doing coursework designing a dish to be sold from similar premises. All the teachers have been making hilarious hmm comments to me about the fact that we ran a school trip to a chip van though.

needto any news re: the doctors yet?

Four4me Fri 15-Jun-12 16:12:34

Yeah deb well done you. Yes Joseph has hay fever and an allergy to most animals. He started off with Neoclarityn (Desloratadine) on prescription from being about two. His eyes swell totally closed when he has a bad reaction. If he has a reaction and I don't have any on me I give him Piriton. Think his meds are just stronger antihistamine on prescription. The gp did tell me that one of the quickest ways to calm a reaction down is to wash all spores from the face and hair.... She said 'if he is near a swimming pool get him to jump in!!' she is one of those slightly potty gp's!!!!

needto hope you have heard from dr's?

RobinSparkles Fri 15-Jun-12 16:21:51

Reastie Isabel was in a bed by now (she climbed out of her cot so we figured she'd be safer) and she was fine. My friend moved both her boys at 12 months. I don't want to put L into a bed but will probably do so before she's two. She hasn't long been sleeping through and seems settled now so I'm reluctant to move her just in case it spoils it!

Btw, you inspired me to do some craft today (fathers day cards). L could NOT have been less interested! I, however, made a beyootiful card for DH on Sunday.wink Isabel loves crafts so I just give her the stuff and she gets on with it, I don't have to intervene unless it starts to get really messy!

reastie Fri 15-Jun-12 17:03:38

robin re: beds - maybe I'm just trying to keep my baby a little baby until she's at least 18 then blush

tadjennyp Fri 15-Jun-12 17:23:09

Yay, well done on the job debka! That's awesome news.
Hurray to the fish and chip van reastie will be paying a visit to such establishments in the near future A was in a bed from 18 months as she learned to climb out too, which was handy as E came along a month later! smile

An easy idea for messy play is to squirt a load of cheap shaving foam on a tray and give them a couple of playdough tools to play with. Haven't tried it with S yet but A & E love it and it's easy to clean up.

Hope all the weather clears u and you have a lovely weekend. We are camping Saturday night, close by so we see how well all 5 of us fit in our 4 man tent!

Hooray deb, that's brilliant news! smile Knew they wouldn't be so silly as not to hire you! Are you celebrating tonight?

reastie I'm still grin at your visit but can understand the reasoning for such a trip now.
I'm with you on the wanting our babies to stay babies to keep them in cots for as long as possible. B has a cot bed which can be converted but at the moment it's fine as it is so not changing things until we have to. I want to get B a double bed when he outgrows his cotbed too, has anyone done that before? I just thought it would be a good idea as it would mean space to share with him when he's ill and also could use it for visitors to sleep in as we only have 2 bedrooms. I think it's more common in the US, well, in films anyway wink

Robin I am going to join you and make father's day card(s) tomorrow. Will just let him loose with some crayons, stickers and glue and stuff and see what happens...

No news from the paed today so guess it'll be Monday now, I phoned and left a message but the secretary only takes calls till 2pm (I called at 1:55 but answer phone was on angry). Part of me is a bit relieved as surely if it were something bad they would have called and the other part of me just wants to know. So frustrating.

If you're eating at the moment then skip this bit but wanted to overshare. B did the most disgusting thing at playgroup but made me sort of laugh. He was playing at feeding a baby doll with a little spoon and then decided to feed all the other children there. One of them had a really snotty nose and B managed to scoop a big bit of snot onto the spoon then eat it. I tried to intervene but wasn't quick enough, now waiting for the inevitable cold to make an appearance.

Am very blush at your comments, thank you, made me feel all funny. You're all gorgeous on here you know! I love looking at fb piccies smile

Where is wiggles? I'm taking OH to see prometheus whilst I sleep tomorrow night, thanks for the heads up MizK wink

reastie Fri 15-Jun-12 18:35:09

needto re: double bed - I believe when I grew out of a cot my first proper bed was a 4 foot bed (small double) mainly as DM & D had that as their guest bed and didn't want to buy a new one. Worked fine for me and genius logic IMO. We were going to move the single bed from the spare room into Alices room, move my bed to the spare room and get me a beautiful antique wooden bed frame when she's old enough but now you've got me thinking maybe I'll use a double bed we have the frame of in the garage (although maybe not as then I'll never get my gorgeous antique bed). Only down side I can see is then if they stay somewhere else (like on holiday or at families etc) and they have a single bed they may be more inclined to fall out as they've got used to rolling around a big bed. yuck yuck yuck yuck to the snot eating incident confused

tad great idea re: shaving foam. I've ordered some cheap spaghetti to try blizys tip and maybe I'll get cheap shaving foam too grin

blizy Fri 15-Jun-12 20:17:58

Debka- fab news, congrats. I knew you would ace it!grin

Needto- it must be so frustrating waiting. Poor you and Ben. shock and grin at the snot eating!

Ledkr- I hope you and Ella have a fan weekend together. I'm just down the motorway from Cheltenham tonight, we are staying in some Stinky hotel in Worcester.

Monkey works was amazing! we I ha such a good time and I got all teary when I saw the chimps!blush amazing, amazing animals.
Off to Staffordshire for the SANDS annual memorial service tomorrow, I hopefully meeting some of the ladies from my Angels and conception thread.

Righto, I'm off to shower an get ready for an early night, I'm totally knacked!

ledkr Fri 15-Jun-12 21:35:09

I am so pleased that you told me the snot story hmm im not sure ive mentioned it before but i have a massive snot phobia.I dont even wipe my dc's noses or blow my own and dont like people here blowing theirs either.I have been know to throw up if someone sniffs or coughs shock
Just becuae your are beautiful dont mean you can be revolting grin

blizy quite nearby,you coming any closer.Have i missed something btw?Are you on some sort of tour with dh?

re childrens centres nobody has ever offered me the info so assumed i couldnt go.The nearest one is in a bit of a rough area and half my clients will be there.

mizk bbq sounds nice apart form the footy id hate all that crap tbh and prob stay at home,i hope the wags are nice though.

Me and dh seem very irritated by each other at the moment.Cant seem to see eye to eye.A little boy was laying into D at soft play and i asked dh to see to it as i had my shoes on.He made such a fuss saying "what do you want me to do tell someones kids off?" No moron just resue ours! He then left the pushchair on the drive and it rolled onto the rd just like our car the other week hmm he is so dozy since we had D.
You know when you can see things going wrong but you dont have the energy or inclination to see to it. Dangerous situation i think.hmm

MizK Fri 15-Jun-12 21:44:27

Erm, ledkr due to hellish thunderstorm we sacked off bbq so am MNing whilst DP watches footy (complete with inane Chris Moyles commentary) Will be posting on tons of threads from sheer boredom.

I remember you've always sounded really into your DH, always saying he's really gorgeous and lovely, so I think you'll be fine. Do you think that cause you've had a bit of a bad time with your gran and DS being ill, that it's making you less patient with his irritating ways? Sometimes when I hear how I speak to my DP I sound like such a stroppy cow, men just bring it out of us sometimes I think!

reastie Fri 15-Jun-12 21:46:39

ledkr if you don't blow your nose pray tell what you do with all the snot when you have a cold? hmm and re: dh - I think you should apply to be on that peter andre tv prog they have a thread for looking for applicants <sniggers> . Hope you have a nice relaxing week end w/out dh.

Re: childrens centres - our local one apparently isn't our local one according to our postcode (even thought mileage wise it is) hmm so I have to traipse miles further to go to my apparently local one which has nothing on that's of any interest to me anyway, so I've never bothered.

blizy glad you had a good time today. You sound so scottish to me when you say righto btw wink

can you tell I'm bored - I've been on mn alot today blush off to bed now

tadjennyp Sat 16-Jun-12 01:24:48

Sounds like a wonderful trip blizy.

I agree, snot is grim.

Don't do the shaving foam when they are tired. They are quite likely to rub it in their eyes and then protest about it.

ledkr Sat 16-Jun-12 07:44:32

mizk I just wipe my nose in the toilet and flush tissue away grin i get very annoyed with any nose blowers who put snotty tissues in the bin. "FLUSH IT AWAY FGS"
I must admit i thought Moyles commentary was better than the other one,he sounded like me when im trying to join in a footy convo.
I still adore dh its just he is very difficult to livd with sometimes esp when my hormones are raging.He is very slow to respond to anything and makes some pretty unbelievable gaffs such as leaving the handbrake off! I also hear myself bossing him about even Els told me i do shock tbh I think he may be one of the many adults with mild asd which expl;ains a lot because his parents also have traits eg staying here when its clearly time to leave hmm

Gosh D is so moany today.Up at 7 had abottle and then has just been whinging since,she isnt interested in her toys just flopping about whinging.I never know what to do with her whne she does this,i have strapped her in the buggy in front of the night garden.

Off to see snow white tonight then for tea with Els,food and drink show tomorrow yum!

Emski76 Sat 16-Jun-12 09:10:22

Yep, yep, yep to hating snot Ledkr. If someone blows their nose around me I boak, go to the bloody toilet ad do it! When blow my nose i have to take three deep breaths before and count to three in my head! Weirdo! Have a Fabby weekend Led!

Needto, yuck to Ben eating snot! I hope you get his results soon, just be hard having to wait.

Hi to everyone else....xx

blizy Sat 16-Jun-12 09:23:25

grin at the snot scaredness!

Ledkr- I was with Dh in London area ( he was working) we had a trip to Dorset and we are going to the national arboretum today for the SANDS service. We have defo been around the block this week!grin

Snow white was fab! The huntsman is very hot!grin

Hope you all have a good weekend.smile

Oh dear, sorry about upsetting people with the snot story! I'm fine with snot/ blood/ lice etc but have emetophobia so do understand (*american*, I couldn't live with your kitchen, I'd have ripped the radiator off the wall by now grin), I shall not mention it again!

Have you released D yet ledkr? I know that wandering around whinging thing very well, so annoying, especially when you're trying to get dressed or do something.

OH has taken B out for an hour or so, I am fully hormonal with af arriving this morning and being up since B woke me at 4:45. Also have the hellish prospect of sitting through prometheus tonight, at least Guy Pearce and Idris will provide some entertainment wink

Hope you all have fab Saturdays, going to traipse to town in a while before the next bout of rain hits. Where are you off to today blizy?

doh, x post! The arboretum will be such a beautiful place for your service, tihnking of you and Zoe today x

RobinSparkles Sat 16-Jun-12 09:47:24

Morning all!

Bleurgh to snot eating and envy at beautiful Needto grin

I can't stand blowing my nose in public - I don't mind other people doing it but I hate anyone looking at me! I can't stand people sniffing either, it makes me cringe.

Ledkr I must admit that your DH sounds a lot like me blush. Is D teething? L gets like that when it's her teeth and she's often like that in the evenings. I keep meaning to ask how D is getting on with her hearing? Have you noticed any difference?

Reastie, I'm think that you can go to any CC in your area. My nearest one is in a not very desirable area so I always went to a different one that is in the town centre. I've since found out that the less desirable one is also lovely so I go to both. They said that once you're registered at one, you can go to any in the area.

Blizy glad you had a good time at monkey world. Hope the SANDS memorial goes well.

RobinSparkles Sat 16-Jun-12 09:49:09

I remember seeing Guy Pearce in Panto when he was in Neighbours grin

debka Sat 16-Jun-12 10:06:30

Blimey, thought after a couple of years I knew you all, turns out I never realised you were a right buch of WEIRDOS with the snot thing!! Really don't get it, it's just snot!! How have you managed 5DCs with your snotophobia ledkr??

blizy how lovely to have that time with DH, hope the SANDS thing is good.

reastie I went to my local surestart quite a lot with Imy but hardly ever with S, my mum takes her there for Music and Movement once a week. There's nothing on there really for people with more than one child in tow hmm

Thanks for all the hay fever advice, I got some Benadryl from the chemist and it seems to have helped, her eyes aren't nearly so red now.

Imy's first sports day today <excited> but I can only stay for 1/2hr because it's the uni open day as well. She'll have DH and my mum with her so she'll be ok. DH has the girls the rest of the afternoon, think it'll be the longest he's had them for! shock

ledkr Sat 16-Jun-12 11:28:35

deb Well done on the job btw and good luck at uni. I fortunately dont get very snotty and neither do dc but dgs has aconstant stream of snot so i keep saying to dil "wipe his bloody nose" She probably posts on here about her horrible mil grin
Never mind dc,remember that i was a nurse too hmm

D has gone with dh,i was sad,i hate her going without me but will welcome the rest.
Dh and I hardly spoke but then at the last minute he asked if he was annoying me and i said yes but i was probably annoying him too,he said yes and admited to being a pain in the arse yesterday. We had abit of a laugh about it and i have hidden his fathers day card and pressie in his bag to find.

I am just sat in pjs with coffee and laptop not doing any bloody house work,i am literally chillin.

Fortunately I don't have any weird quirks like you snot- and vomit-phobics. grin

deb - congrats on the new job, of course they hired you!

reastie - I'm keeping L in his cot until he can climb out of it (prob not long now). He's not one to stop and lie down because he's tired (has never done that to my recollection) so the cot bores him to sleep. There is a wall socket within reach of his cot and he flips the switch repeatedly when he's winding down. grin

ledkr - envy at your day. I always end up doing housework when I'm on my own because I can bash through it so quickly without a toddler undoing it all.

We've had the heating on all day today. angry This weather is so rubbish, I could cope with it if it was sunny but cold and pissing down rain in June is depressing.

Emski76 Sat 16-Jun-12 18:30:39

Deb, don't know if I already said, but huge congrats n the job, hope uni open day went well too. Its all happening for you at the moment isn't it?!

Led, hope your enjoying your day with Ella.

Ben was in a cot until his second birthday, he's always been really good at going to bed. We're thinking of getting him a cabin bed with desk etc for his birthday or Xmas so Noah will have Bens bed then.

Oooh and Guy Pearce grew up near where my mum lives in Bristol. That's my claim to fame, dontcha know!

Oops better go, boys crying in bath and dh is freaking out on his own

wigglesrock Sat 16-Jun-12 19:42:03

Oh you scared me off with all your talk of home made play dough grin

debka thanks congrats on the job

ledkr hope you are enjoying your time with Ella

Well its all go here grin, we had Sofias class birthday party today, 8 7 year olds and 2 four year olds can make some noise blush Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and more importantly Sofia scored some great presents had the best time grin She was invited to another birthday party this afternoon, so she has spent the whole day floating about between her friends. Her friends party was in a restaurant then to the cinema - she was the only girl invited. She went to nursery with the boy and he was very shy when he began school so Sofia is his little protector - they adore each other, its really nice.

Have family/friends party tomorrow, really looking forward to it. Should be a lot more relaxing and both my parents and parents in law are heading out tomorrow evening so they won't stay too long grin

I had Olivia in a single bed by the time she was 17 months, it was a cunning plan to get her to sleep - didn't work but at least I was more comfortable when I stayed with her.

Off to catch up, ps I handed my notice into work yesterday grin, 2 more weeks then its time to hang up the gold fringed g-string and feather boa grin

phew, hello wiggles <<calls off the search party>>

glad to hear S had a great time, and the pressies wink

2 weeks till freedom you say? excellent! more time to spend on your spreadsheets and mning then grin

blizy Sat 16-Jun-12 21:17:16

Wiggles* glad Sophia had a good time, I hope your head isn't too sore! Wow to quitting work, have you anything else lined up or will you be a lady of leisure? grin

I'm back home (yay) and Alfie has fell out with me sad for leaving him.
The SANDS service was lovely but very sad too. I met up with some other ladis from the conception after loss thread which was reallly nice.smile

ILovePonyo Sat 16-Jun-12 21:34:05

Hello, ooh I am poorly hungover and feeling sorry for myself, I've felt rough all day but had a good time last night and stayed out til 12 shock that is very late for me. Then A woke me up at 6 hmm dp got her up, but she was all whingy and crying so my lie in didn't last long.

Poor A was really suffering with her teeth yesterday, she was fine in the morning but after her lunch she was crying like a newborn and gulping and shaking sad I was ready to rush her to the walk in centre (pfb) but Ibuprofen and a sleep sorted her out. Then the same again when she woke up. Plus her gum bled today when dp brushed her teeth.

deb well done you! So exciting, hope you are proud of yourself smile

ledkr enjoy your time with Els, you'll miss D but think how nice it will be to see her when they come back! Me and dp are in a similar situation as you atm I think, I can't be arsed, hes out tonight which I'm sort of pleased about blush I know we both need to make more effort but havn't got the energy atm whihc as you say can be dangerous.

american I've got the heating on - ridiculous isn't it?!

MizK come to messy play! Fri mornings at hyson green. Lots of nice people and some scruffs too wink

reastie I havn't watched that video yet but thank you I will... I cant imagine A in a big bed, she was asleep on the sofa earlier and rolled off blush So she'd spend all night rolling out of her bed I imagine.

Ha at the snot story Needto! completely gross but very funny. I'd do a sick in my mouth if I saw that grin

blizy saw your pic on fb, hope today was ok for you.

Hi everyone else, will blame not replying to everyone on my hangover smile

Its stupid fathers day tomorrow so my mum and sis are coming, enjoy your days everyone xx

blizy Sat 16-Jun-12 21:45:12

Oh ponyo I will be thinking of you tomorrow, just do what you have to, to get through. Remember it is only a day and it will end.--should listen to my own advice-- I haven't sorted anything for dh , I just didn't know what to do and what is appropriate IYSWIM. Sending some hugs your way. x

ILovePonyo Sat 16-Jun-12 21:53:47

blizy sending you some hugs back, thank you and hope you and dh get through tomorrow too. Your dh will understand won't he? I was going to say could you go out somewhere for a nice meal but places will prob be full of fathers day reminders - stay in with Alfie instead?! Hope you're ok x

blizy Sat 16-Jun-12 21:59:41

Think I will just spoil him with attention, take his lead with how he wants to spend the day.

wigglesrock Sat 16-Jun-12 22:02:37

blizy my head isn't too sore, but I'm bloody knackered grin Its the stress of looking after other peoples children grin

ponyo agree with blizy just get through the day however you can. Anna is also suffering with her teeth at the minute, her cheeks are roasting and she's for her very clingy. She keeps screaming "where my mammy?" at Mr W. I can hear her up two flights of stairs blush. Mr W is taking the let her do whatever she wants/makes her happy route of parenting at the minute, which is making everything a tad tense when I decide No, letting her climb on her rocking reindeer and swing of the back of the highchair isn't the best idea hmm

Nothing set up with regards to work for the first time in my long legged life shock My sister is going back to work shortly, so I'm going to give her a hand with Emma until they get themselves organised. She runs a bar so her hours are a bit higgedly piggedly, her husband also works shifts. Definitely not looking for anything until O is in proper hours at school. Am panicking myself now grin

ILovePonyo Sat 16-Jun-12 22:10:37

blizy sounds like a good idea. Will be thinking of you.

wiggles A can say "wheres my mammy"? shock clever girl! Forgot to say good for you for giving up work, don't panic - sounds like you'll be busy anyway!

I'm watching Parenthood I love this film smile

RobinSparkles Sat 16-Jun-12 22:18:06

Just wanted to say Happy Father's Day to all your DH/Ps.

Ponyo hope you get through tomorrow ok. As Blizy says, it's only a day that will end.

Blizy hope mr. Blizy has a good day.

We're just back from a friend's DD's birthday tea party and I'm stuffed full of cake. I stayed away from wine unfortunately, as it hasn't been agreeing with me lately hmm sad

wiggles glad Sofia had a wonderful time at her party! smile

Have lovely Sundays all, whatever you do smile

wigglesrock Sat 16-Jun-12 22:22:12

Ponyo A has started to repeat everything - S & O play hide and seek with her so she has a go at "where's my Mammy", "where are you?", "here I am" etc. She can also say me (although she thinks that's Mr Ws name, because they look at photos together and he always says "it's me" and he is always shouting "come here to me" at her grin), oh and she can say stew hmm. She still sounds like a posh Dubliner which is really disconcerting as the rest of us can sound as broad Belfast as you can imagine.

Oh watched Jane Eyre a few nights ago with the delectable Mr Fassbender - was very sexy enjoyable grin

ILovePonyo Sat 16-Jun-12 22:28:34

grin at A saying stew! Love the thought of the 3 girls playing hide and seek together, cute.

Thanks Robin enjoy your day tomorrow too. I could eat some cake now - but am off to bed before it gets too late smile

ledkr Sat 16-Jun-12 22:29:52

As is with all the "clinton days" someone will always be hurt. Xmas is a misery for so many I work with I think that is why i hate it.
Hope you both find a way through tomorrow.

wiggs wow,who do you think will play you in the film of your life as a catholic mother of 3 who finally stopped stripping grin

Had a nice day with Ella,saw snow white then scoffed chinese then bus home at 9 very rock and roll.

ponyo Its babies I think. They take up so much of our time and energy there is none left for anyone else.
Just spoke to dh and d is fine,we had a joke about "our failing marriage" and having regular date nights WITH OTHER PEOPLE grin
It is dangerous though,i remember being the same with my ex hmm
I have finally got my af which was a week late hence the terrible hormones.So should be back to my normal self soon.

Off to food and drink show tomorrow nom nom.

RobinSparkles Sat 16-Jun-12 22:30:16

I've just had a bit more with a cup of tea! blush

wigglesrock Sat 16-Jun-12 22:33:56

Robin never worry, we have cake left over from Sofias party today which I keep eating - although I'm just eating it straight from the box so that doesn't count - right? Also have another cake for tomorrow shock

ledkr I'm thinking Charlize grin, glad you and Ella had a lovely time.

ledkr Sat 16-Jun-12 22:38:49

Speaking of cake the desert section of the chinese buffet is often rather eclectic grin randome jellies banana in angel delight stuff with hundreds and thousands and today a large selection of mr kipling cakes with cream and fruit on top confused needless to say we have afew cherry bakewells and mini battenburgs for our tea tomorrow. Scumbags! grin

RobinSparkles Sat 16-Jun-12 22:45:14

Yeah, everyone knows that eating cake straight from the box is calorie free! wink

RobinSparkles Sat 16-Jun-12 22:46:21

Ooh, angel delight with hundreds and thousands - that's posh! grin

ledkr Sun 17-Jun-12 08:48:50

<snort> brilliant ledkr

wiggs explain yourself! grin

wigglesrock Sun 17-Jun-12 20:23:38

blush ah feck I've been rumbled grin

debka Sun 17-Jun-12 21:18:16

grin at wiggles party grin

Glad it went off well though. How do you feel about giving up work? That's a big step. Are you going to look for somewhere else to get nekkid ??

ledkr are DH and Dills back yet? Hope you enjoyed Food and Drink smile

ponyo hope A and her teeth are better today.

It was Imy's sports day yesterday, forgot to tell you all. She was Epically Bad. All the other children took off enthusiastically, she gazed around a bit, then strolled off down the racetrack whingeing when a teacher grabbed her hand. Needless to say she came last. In every race. Obviously doesn't take after her mother then grin

Went to my Open Day at uni yesterday too, which was v v interesting. I was really inspired by the Adult Nursing talk, until the woman let on that they have increased the UCAS points requirements to bloody 260 points. I have 240. I was so disappointed. I spoke to someone about admissions policy and he said it would be worth applying, as they have some discretion, but also to look into doing an NVQ3, alongside my new job. Soooo frustrating, everything else fits together so well sad

One other possible option is MH nursing (240points) but I really don't know what that involves. ledkr were you a MH nurse? Any thoughts/advice?

One last thing before you all fall asleep grin I did Race For Life today!!! 43 minutes which I thought was fairly respectable. I ran all the way apart from about a 5min walking stretch. Wish I could have run it all but I was feeling a bit oomph diddly hmm. I am now majorly a little sunburnt and everything aches!

RobinSparkles Sun 17-Jun-12 21:27:22

Heck, Deb you've had a busy weekend! Puts my weekend of cake scoffing and Macdonalds eating to shame! Well done you on your Race For Life run, you should be very proud! I reckon you should still apply for the course you want - 240 seems so close sad

Well my girls have only just gone to bed! [bad mum] they've been singing together, so cute grin.

RobinSparkles Sun 17-Jun-12 21:31:17

Meant to say - grin at Imy on her sports day! Isabel's first school one is next month (hope it doesn't rain) last year, at her preschool one, she cheated spectacularly! I'm hoping that she doesn't take after me - I'm that least sportiest person EVER and I always used to come last!

debka Sun 17-Jun-12 21:39:28

Thanks robin, I am bloody knackered after this weekend! grin to Isabel cheating!

wigglesrock Sun 17-Jun-12 22:01:47

debka well done grin Nope not looking for anything else at the minute shock

RobinSparkles I'm so unsporty that I used to skive off Sports Day in school blush My Mum says that when school reports came out, the PE teacher just used to write "could try harder" grin My Mum was scundered - she's quite into sports. I've eaten so much cake this weekend blush

Had Sofias family party today, the weather actually cleared up and we had a lovely day. All the kids were in great form and there were no dramas shock, quite a surprise when my family are all together grin Oh Lego Friends is a huge hit - Sofia got a few sets and both her and Olivia have played for hours with it. But she likes our present best : a huge One Direction poster, those babygro pjs, a CD and some glittery earrings. Apparently I am the best Mum in the world ever and she had the best day ever - I have discovered the way to Sofias heart - cheap tat grin

ponyo, blizy and blizys dh xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

RobinSparkles Sun 17-Jun-12 22:12:23

I really like that Lego Friends Wiggles. There was a thread in feminism a while ago slating it but I think it's lovely! I'm glad Sofia had a lovely birthday! I must admit that, because we gave Isabel a party this year, we didn't buy her so much this year. Her presents consisted of : a pack of Moshi monsters, a key ring kite, a water gun, a foam rocket thingy from tesco and one of those Dizzy dancers she'd seen on TV. I've never seen her so thrilled with gifts!
It definitely seems that - Cheap Tat = Way To A Child's Heart grin

wigglesrock Sun 17-Jun-12 22:19:17

Oh I read that thread grin Sofia had set up some of the sets upstairs and people at the party kept disappearing to have a nosy at her presents and coming down 20 mins later raving about the lego sets grin

But her favourite thing was a keyring that came with the card we got her shock Its a Hello Kitty (another disapproving glance from the Feminist section grin) card that had a key ring attached to it and she thinks its too cool for school! She attaches keyrings etc to the zip on her school bag (its the done thing) and no-one else appears to have this one grin

blizy Sun 17-Jun-12 22:26:38

Glad you had a good wiggles.

Debka- a huge well done to you! I will sponsor you end of week when I get paid, super skint just now!

Ponyo- how was today? I was thinking about you. X

Today has been strange, feeling a bit emotional and Dh has been very snipey. I have just left him to it as he won't talk. I have been giving Homs some cuddles and made him a curry for dinner. I feel do helpless that I can't be there for him the he is for me. I hope this made sense?sad

I also had a bit of bust up with my dad, he thinks we should have taken my dsm with us to the SANDS service yesterdayconfused he said that Z was her grand daughter and she deserves to come Along too.! (her gd when it suits her)angry. He also said that he doesn't miss Z or think of her. sad then in the next breath he asked if i was trying again! He is my dad, he is supposed to be there for me and offer support. sad I haven't told Dh as he has enough to worry about today

wigglesrock Sun 17-Jun-12 22:41:30

blizy See to be honest if he wants to include your sm in remembering Z he can bloody well go with her to Zs grave or she can give you a call to see how you're doing or if there's anything she can do, or even just say something like I thought of Z today. I hope dh is just getting through today the best he can.

blizy Sun 17-Jun-12 23:34:24

Ah wiggles I know, (we don't have a grave for her, her ashes are still in her bedroom) i just don't know if she had out my Dad up to it? But he should be sticking up for me when I need him the most. All he kept saying but she is Z's granny, I was screaming in my head I am Zoe's Mum! I shouldn't let it get to me but it fecking hurts.sad

Dh is fine ( I think) Alfie is giving him loads of snuggles today .grin

Emski76 Mon 18-Jun-12 06:47:08

Blizy, if your dsm cared so much shouldn't she be calling you regularly to talk about Zoe and supporting you.tbh I would only want me and dh at these SANDS memorials anyway. Your dad is a strange one isn't he? Have you ever told him just how much he upsets you? Aw your poor dh, he sounds like a typical man trying to keep his emotions bottled up. Just keep giving him hugs.

Wiggles, Sofias day sounds fab and I love the look of the Lego friends sets! Ben has 2 key rings on the zip of his preschool bag, these kids are soooooo cool nowadays! Congrats on giving up work btw. I so wish I could do the same, I just know that I'd never go back tho!

Deb, well done on the job. I'd apply for the course you want to do anyway and see if you get in. We're all so proud of you x

Ponyo, hope your day wasnt too hard.

Off to hang out some washing before getting Noah up, see you all later

RobinSparkles Mon 18-Jun-12 10:04:22

Blizy, I'm amazed at how spectacularly crap your family have been towards you. If your SM wants to go to SANDS memorials then she should be saying "are you going? Would you mind if I came along?"and even if you said no then that's fine, she and your Dad should respect that it's something personal for you and DH. And I'm sorry, but he moans about not being involved and then in the next breath says that he doesn't really think about Zoe? Wow! sad I'm speechless at that. I hope I haven't spoken out of turn but I am angry for you.

Hope Ponyo is ok.

ILovePonyo Mon 18-Jun-12 13:04:44

Hey all, I'm ok thanks peeps, thank you for thinking of me smile

Wow blizy I am just shock like everyone else. It amazes me that your own family have capacity to be so ignorant?! They're making your loss about them - well your sm is, "poor me not being invited" hmm - so disrespectful.

Glad your dp is ok - fwiw I think people take it out on people closest to them when they're feeling down because they can, I was being a cow bag to dp last night then realised I was doing it because I was feeling a bit crap. Hope that makes sense.

(I have my dads ashes in A's room btw)

Better go am on my dinner at work, back later all smile

MizK Mon 18-Jun-12 14:29:16

Hey all, just grabbing quick 5 mins....

blizy annoyed on your behalf re your SM and Dad, why do people make everything about themselves? You and DH are the ones who feel Z's loss more than anyone and they should support you rather than it being the other way around.
ponyo glad you got through yesterday OK x
deb well done re job!
wiggles glad the party went well smile

I'm just in the middle of a teeny nervous breakdown... basically its money related sad I feel quite guilty that I am going to study in September rather than go back to work, cause our finances are looking sketchy as fook. Just panicking a bit that we aren't going to cope. Going to have to persuade DP that we need to get rid of one of the cars, two seems extravagant considering the fact we are pretty broke. Anyone got any good money saving tips or just want to reassure me that being povvo will be fun? Hi to everyone and hope all having good days x

reastie Mon 18-Jun-12 15:38:52

Hi all,

Not been on as my useless broadband went down for two whole days and I felt like my life was over blush

Found out today my bff is pg - really early days though. Am feeling very very excited for her but also a bit bitchily envious .

wiggs hanging up the g string eh?! Glad the party went well.

blizy angry re: sm wanting to invite herself along - seriously feel annoyed for you

ledkr and ems will pm you re: this week end as soon as I can.

mizk I have a friend whose going on hol with her ILs next month - decided not to tell her about your ordeal wink . Sorry re: no money - not really very good on tips but menu planning is good at saving money (although I never do as I never know when I will be able to cook with alice around) and I have got alot of free toys/baby clothes etc etc from my local freecycle if you regularly keep your eyes out on their website. I always think no matter what your income you always just adapt to it - if I have more income I spend more on goodness knows what and if I have less I can be really frugal, so long as you'll have enough to pay the morgage and bills? FWIW I think it's great you are going back to study

deb well done on the run grin - you look fabbo on the pics on fb

Well, I have tons of reports to write and no time to do them in so better get back to it

Hello there,

blizy your sm's and dad's behaviour is just pitiful; I really don't understand how people can be so thoughtless. I know they must grieve as well but are they so self-centred as to not recognise what you're going through. I completely agree with ponyo that we take things out on those closest to us and I hope all is well with dh now.

ponyo I'm glad to hear you're doing okay, was thinking about you and a friend of mine that lost her father not long ago.

Robin and Wiggles, thank you for the heads up re: cheap tat maketh a happy child! There was a thread on here not long ago about a mum that'd made her 2 year old's bday presents then was told by another mum that she would teased as she was too old for homemade things and needed more expensive stuff hmm Absolute rubbish imho!

MizK, Welcome to poor world! We are sooooo broke, as in counting the pennies at the end of each month but, you know what, I wouldn't change it. I love staying at home and as long as we have enough for rent and food etc then blow it. I agree with everything reastie mentioned should practise it myself and also I cannot speak highly enough of eBay for clothes. I think 99% of B's clothes come from there and I always get asked where I got his outfits from. We only have 1 car and that is barely used as I tend to get the bus everywhere or walk. I do have minimal savings in my account that I won't touch, just in case of emergencies which makes me feel better as I am a worrier so would recommend that if you can. Think of the long term, you'll end up earning more in the long run when you have more qualifications or at least have a job you love which is even more important. Good luck and don't be frightened!

Fingers crossed the teething shouting child is asleep now, he's been a nightmare today, shouting, whinging and throwing his food. I made him pick up all the bits of sandwich he threw on the floor <strict> which made him even grumpier but at least it made me feel better. Still no news from hospital, I'm furious with them and going to call for the umpteenth time tomorrow. We ran out of movicol at the weekend and the day after he did 5 poos shock I have no idea what's going on...

blizy Mon 18-Jun-12 20:31:06

Needto - its hocking that you still haven't heard from the hospital!

Thanks again for your support. Do you know my parents have only been in my house once since Zoe died and that was only because the funeral cars left from our house! I can also count on one hand the number of phone calls I have had from them.angry

Mizk- what will you be studying at uni? I agree with the others re: the money situ.

Ponyo- I'm glad that you got through yesterday ok. I know about the sniping, I tend to do the same to Dh when im feeling down.

This is the last week Dh will be working away for a while!grin. I'm enjoying the peace while it lasts.wink

I have everything crossed that this is our lucky month, I have been using a clear blue fertility monitor and dtd at all the right times. If not then we will give it a good go whilst Dh is working at home.grin

ILovePonyo Mon 18-Jun-12 21:02:20

Evening ladeeeez,

blizy fingers crossed! Bet your dh can't believe his luck wink Glad you got through yesterday too. I can't believe your family - they've only been to yours once?! You sound so patient with them, I don't know how you manage it.

MizK boo to being skint! Sucks doesn't it. Last month the bloody nursery fees were only just covered by my wages - I was skint a week after getting paid! Ridiculous. Good advice from Needto and reastie - in the long run you'll get a good job and it will all be worth it. Also, menu planning works - I didnt think it would but we buy less crap when we have a nice organised list smile Don't forget cheapo activities for you and C - surestart!

Needto can't believe that about the hospital - tell them you want to complain tomorrow? A has been teething too, she was at nursery today though (SEP grin)

reastie I found out dp's friends gf is pregnant today too! Exciting.

deb I agree that you look amazing on the fb pics, congrats!

Can't believe its 9pm already, A has been crying lots in her sleep so think it mght be an unsettled night, last night we went to bed at 9.45 expecting a full nights sleep and A was awake and crying on and off all night shock Gave her baby ibuprofen in the end. Then she slept a bit more, then cried, then slept til 7.30 which is the latest she's slept for weeks but we had to get up for work hmm grin

ledkr Mon 18-Jun-12 23:05:57

MIZK I dont really do PPP...poor! But then i did my due whilst i was training and yes I now earn good money for a nice job i enjoy so its worth it in the end grin
Pil have suggested camping with us in 2 weekends,i told dh that was fine but i would be being myself.

*people just dont get it do they? If they are so upset then why dont they understand you more? Good luck btw Nudge nudge wink wink grin

deb well done you!Im so impressed,im not on the book of face so cant look at your new svelt shape.

needtoD ate her first ever meal tonight with out lobbing it about,chips fishcakes and spaghetti,she ate it methodically made me question dh if he had fed her today.

D woke at a spectacular 5.20am. Last week she was sleeping till gone 7 every day,we even had a10am.She is back on form now grrrr.

We have just watch the woman in black. Argh,ooh,screech,scream and jump,is all i will say.Very scary indeed,i even shouted at one point,very unlike this horror veteran grin

ledkr Mon 18-Jun-12 23:13:35

sorry Deb. mh nursing imo is the one to do. Interesting and varied and mostly non gory.
You are well respected (unlike general nurses)
I think you get more chance to be a practicioner than in general.
You learn all about different mh disorders,their cause,diagnosis and treatment and how that works.
The law regarding the mh act and all the different sections.
Restraints and breakaway techniques.
Theraputic interventions.
Drug and alcohol addiction and treatments.
It is amazing,can be dangerous and very fulfilling. I loved every day I worked.
Its not a job for the faint hearted thoughmyou need to be on the ball and not easily scared.I think you'd be god as you have a good balance of common sense and humour.

Four4me Mon 18-Jun-12 23:46:29

Massive hugs to both mrblizy and ponyo for your horrid days yesterday. So difficult. I did think of you both. Xx

So glad that Sofia had a good party wiggles well done you!

Bloody ridiculous about the hospital needto ring tomorrow and say to the secretary that if they don't contact you by xxxo'clock you'll be contacting the PALS team.

deb you are wonder woman!!! About the uni place, I would be very tempted to still apply with your points and put together a super duper application form with all of your relevant life experience Inc any caring role you played for your mum, or other family member, the experience you will gain from your new job and possibly do some voluntary work/work experience on a ward in the local hospital. And make it clear how desperately you want to get on the course. I worked with loads of physio students and wannabe physio students and very often the uni courses would rather have someone with the real determination to get on the course than those who have tons of points and aren't really that keen iykwim. Also getting to know the admissions sec by making a nuisance being in regular contact.

Busy weekend here, poor Imogen had a sickness bug from Friday night. Vomit central sorry em I didn't go to sleep till after 4.30am on sat morning. What a shocker, nearly time for Dilly to wake! Thomas and Joseph have had end of year concert today and again tomorrow. Thomas was so loud singing Oklaholma!! So proud of Joseph his Olympic flag design won the whole school competition a few weeks ago and we found out today that it has gone on to win the best in the local cluster schools (8 in total) and will be made into an actual flag. He is bursting as he is very average academically but very arty (like dh), it has done his confidence the world of good.

Am taking Archie to get weighed tomorrow and to ask the hv to refer him to the physio/orthotics service. He has had a weak and turned out ankle since he started pulling himself up and walking. I thought it may straighten up as he got a bit stronger but it hasn't. Will see what they say.... There is always something.

Anyway must get to bed. Zzzzzzzzz

blizy - shock at your family. WTAF is wrong with them? Are they completely incapable of any empathy? Fingers crossed for you this month!

MizK - money worries are horrible, I hate worrying about money. I agree with reastie, we spend what we have. We are in saving mode now with the move so straight after we get paid, I transfer money into the savings account then transfer it back if we need it, but usually if I see we only have a bit left in the account, we spend much less. We are generally very thrifty though and have Freesat instead of Sky (satellite dish was on the house when we moved in), eat out every couple of months (but weekly takeaway), buy second-hand when we can, etc. I find eBay good for clothes but I don't "do" fashion so no worries about last year's styles. Have a look at Money Saving Expert as they have loads of information about saving on utilities, phones, etc. Remember it's just temporary while you're studying and financially you'll be loads better off in the long run!

44me - well done Joseph! And poor Imogen. sad

deb - I agree with every one else - apply anyway.

needto - angry Deffo mention PALS, they shouldn't be keeping you waiting like this. Does the 5 poos mean it's getting better or still the same but with more poo?

All this talk of rubbish Chinese buffet desserts has got me craving American pudding, the custardy type from a packet [nods knowingly at tadjennyp]. sad

Has anyone else given up on the highchair? L can climb into and out of his at will when the tray is off and stands on the tray when it's on. shock He's out of the straps in seconds too. He'll sit on a chair at the table and eat without getting too distracted.

tadjennyp Tue 19-Jun-12 18:07:49

Hello all, so much going on here as always! I also can't believe how rubbish and self-absorbed your family have been, blizy. Hope that this month is your month.

Well done Joseph, that is so amazing! Poor Imy.

Go debka! It's all changing for you. Go with what your heart says. I think you'll do amazingly well, whichever route you decide to take. smile

Hope the last couple of days have been better for you Ponyo and Mrblizy.

What are you going to be studying MizK? There are some great money saving tips on the money matters board and moneysavingexpert is fantastic. Do you use groupon for special offers too?

Hope you find out the diagnosis soon needto. Poor Ben.

Glad all the parties went well wiggles. Exciting times over the summer without having to work!

I thought the Woman in Black was pretty scary too, ledkr! Did you think DR carried it off, or looked a little too young?

Not long now American. Have you got a moving date yet? I've not actually had pudding, tbh. Soon you'll be able to shop in Target again! grin

Have managed the first week of the summer holiday already! shock Been camping and to the pool etc. Only 8 days till we fly back to the UK now. Thursday 5th July we are heading north past BB four4. Will you be around in the morning? <hopeful emoticon>

Hoping tea and bathtime have gone well. Long sleeps needed tonight babies!

Four4me Tue 19-Jun-12 18:38:29

tad yes am free on thurs 5th July, you are now on the calendar!! Yeah. I'll pm you later with my numbers etc and make some plans! Shame that Thomas and Joseph will be at school, but Imogen and Archie will be here.

ledkr Tue 19-Jun-12 20:04:45

Four4 At it being nearly Dillys wake up time grin
She woke up at 6 today which was not bad considering she was up from 11 till 2 crying. I thibk it may have been teeth but she was fairly angry and kept slappin me in the face so hard that dh actually shouted a bit and took her off me.He must have felt sorry for me grin
In the end i had to leave her to cry for abit cos she was so vile and angry.
She is such a red head hmm

I arrived at work,after my refreshing 4 hr sleep expecting a quietish day to be told I had to go to Wales and pick up a child and then take him to Somerset confused I went with a colleague so it was ok but I got home at 7pm so am actually shattered.
Came home to dh's usual pig sty of a house,its as if he looks after d but makes no attempt to clear up after her,there were even last nights cooking pots still "soaking" grrrr. Anyway I didnt argue with him,I just booked a cleaner grin

wigglesrock Tue 19-Jun-12 20:39:27


Four4Me you're not planning to cheat on me with tadjennyp? are you? grin So pleased for Joseph - well done, hope Imogen is feeling much better. Hope Archie get sorted out re ankle. I have a weak ankle (when I was 4 I broke my leg twice, the second time was the day after I got the cast off from the first break - don't ask grin)

americanexpat the highchair is on the way out with us too, A barely keeps still as it is, she prefers to eat on the go hmm, strangely Sofia was exactly the same around this age.

ledkr we had a 4.50am start here this morning shock, deffo teeth with us.

MizK We've piss all money here either - savings what would they be now? grin

Its Sofias actual birthday tomorrow - she's like the Queen - having a five day celebration. Just as well its beginning to bore even me grin Spent the morning getting teacher presents organised, the girls finish next week. And got Olivias school report - which has been passed on to her new primary teacher - be very afraid Miss O'P grin.

ledkr Tue 19-Jun-12 21:43:57

wiggs Dont forget to score some more weed for S's birthday grin

wigglesrock Tue 19-Jun-12 21:47:43

ledkr sssshhh, quiet one tomorrow - fruit shoots and McDs instead grin

Four4me Tue 19-Jun-12 22:06:51

Wow ledkr what a day, poor you and poor child. esp after a bad night, naughty red head!!!! Archie has just about got his last tooth through (except for the very back ones they get later) which I'm relieved about. He hasn't been to bad in the night, it has been the dribbling. I ended up buying loads of those cowboy styleee bibs and he went through one every tens mins at worst. Horrid!

Ar wiggles I can't promise not to leave you for tad !!!! But I promise you'll always be my fav Belfast girl!!!! One in every port!
Hope Sofia enjoys her birthday for a bit longer, yeah love being a birthday diva! Go on please just a few sneaky extracts from O's report grin

American Archie is still in his highchair, but he is a totally horizontal surfer dude. In a morning he sits in it sucking his thumb and when I put his beaker in from of him he sits there and just looks at me and carries on sucking the thumb. Doesn't even bother doing it for himself. By now Imogen was quite competent with as spoon as I'm sure all of the feb babies are getting. Well today I helped him dip the spoon in the yogurt pot and guided it to his mouth, he then laughed and gave me the spoon back!!!! Lazy oink!!
Hv gave me a piece of paper with all the physio drop in dates to take him to about his ankles.

Hope those who are interested in football enjoyed the match I couldn't give a flying **

ledkr Wed 20-Jun-12 06:33:56

<yawns> We were up at 5am. I think its teeth tbh cos she was still led down but crying and half asleep.Shes been ok though so far,quite sweet,keeps lying down she must be knackered.

The child we moved was playing on my mind,7 yrs old and very anxious.The foster carers were really lovely though and he seemed to settle quickly-which is not really normal is it? I was talking to dh about how ours would react if you moved them to a strange house and we both had tears in our eyes sad poor little boy,its just a lottery really being born isnt it?

ledkr Wed 20-Jun-12 06:39:02

four4 Archie sounds hilarious btw. D doesnt do much for herself and pins her arms firmly by her side to drink a bottle so she cant hold it hmm She is ok at feeding herself though but you have to be quick once she is full or it gets lobbed. At this point I normally get out the dustpan and brush and/or a mop. Dh just leaves it to build up and dry on for the day,oh yes and get walked through the house shock wtaf??

debka Wed 20-Jun-12 07:07:08

ledkr I win today.

Imy woke the house up screaming after a bad dream at 3.30am. Bean has not gone back to sleep. It's going to be a long day sad She's been crying on and off since she woke up but won't go to sleep. She's going to be really ready for her nap this morning...

Sorry too bloody knackeredto do anything but moan (bit like my daughter)

blizy Wed 20-Jun-12 08:48:06

Omg Debka! Roll on nap time.
Four4- I hope A's ankle is ok. He sounds like such a typical lazy boy grin

Ledkr- poor little boy, so sad. Hope Dilly feels better today.

deb - shock I hope you've had a nap this morning.

44me - L is rubbish with a spoon too, he doesn't understand that it has a scooping side so just sort of stabs at the food and sends the bowl flying. Maybe I'll try him with a fork, he prefers to eat off my fork though. hmm LOL at one in every port. grin

ledkr - that poor boy. Is there a reason they moved him so far? Well done on booking the cleaner too, life's too short to argue about housework. [desperately jealous of your cleaner]

tad - no pudding?! shock No moving date yet but I've given my formal notice at work, my last day is 24th Aug and we have to leave the country by the 29th. I am looking forward to Target and Trader Joe's. grin

wiggles - L would eat on the go if I let him. As it is, the table and chair are covered with whatever he's eating - we had an unfortunate incident a few days ago that left my trousers covered in cheese spread, front and back. [boak] We don't need to do messy play because he makes his own. grin

L went to the safari park with the nursery yesterday and came home with a pink face. I'm a bit angry as they have suncream and a hat for him. Am I being PFB? It's never happened before.

wigglesrock Wed 20-Jun-12 10:57:38

Four4Me great that you got dates re physio. Archie sounds very like Olivia was at that age - be afraid - just saying grin Her report is pages long - loads of different headings : language development, the Arts, physical development, the world around us, early mathematics and computer experience shock etc. To be honest my favourite bit is "she is interested in everything grin, and has a thirst for knowledge" All her really good bits like jigsaws, singing, mouse work, rhyming, pattern work etc are all down to the stuff she does with my parents and my parents in law grin, so think may have to invest in a few cases bottles of wine and vodka to say thanks!

americanexpat you know me I'm the most laxest parent there is but I'd be a bit hmm about the no suncream on the face, its not like the babies can ask for it.

ledkr A started taking her bottle herself last week, apart from her one before bed, that has to be Mum, not Dad [eyeroll], its amazing she copes when I'm at work! She's a bit of a chancer, she's great for Mr W when I'm at work but God forbid I'm around and choose not to cater for her every whim grin

debka how you doing?

Oh have put a few photos up! School reports and new photos - annoying showoff - moi? grin

blizy Wed 20-Jun-12 11:07:59

American- not being pfb at all, I am always very careful with sun protection with mindees. I would ask them if they put cream on him and when. During my last Inspection I was told to record any sun cream applications, I presume the nursery will be the same? Btw, the safari park is only 20mins away from me.grin

Four4me Wed 20-Jun-12 13:38:09

Quickie ......American not pfb at all. I would NOT be happy either. Poor L.

Going to noisy at the wigglettes

Whew, I'm not being pfb. grin I'll have a good look at him when I collect him tonight and ask if he had suncream on. He was clearly pink last night, it didn't look like a flush from the heat because it was at the top of his forehead, cheeks and nose. They're usually really good about it

wiggles - O just has that mischievous look. grin All three are absolutely gorgeous.

Four4me Wed 20-Jun-12 14:26:19

wiggles love the one of O gazing up at S!! Gorgeous girls and I know for sure having met them. Lucky Mama! Xx

reastie Wed 20-Jun-12 15:41:55

Hi all

I am shock at this talk of climbing out of cots and high chairs as Alice seems so far away from it at the min <tries not to tempt fate> although she is a short bum - we measured her a couple of days ago and still on the 5th centile for height, so no wonder she can still fit into some 6-9 month stuff.

wiggs love the piccies. Is it me or do the girls all look so grown up now? Especially Sophia grin . Went to poundland this afternoon in search of stickers for Alice and thought of you, oh, and I'm still holding out hope on your euro football tip to see if I win money grin

american I would be really annoyed if they hadn't put sun block on too, definitely worth mentioning to check with them, esp given what blizy said re: her having to keep a log

four4 love the one in every port comment grin

Thanks for the pms ems and ledkr

deb are you still awake over there?

Anyone help me out on my funeral outfit for friday? I've got a thread with links to outfit here . It looks v nice on but I'm a bit concerned it's too jazzy but I have absolutely nothing else to wear (or rather everything else I have is even more jazzy and bright)

blizy any signs of AF yet? [hopeful] Loved the piccie of alfie on fb - he looks so big now already

ledkr how awful re: that boy at work yesterday. You really made me think how lucky I am and how many opportunities I've been given in life.

debka Wed 20-Jun-12 19:01:38

I am definitely flagging. Girls have been in bed since 6.30 shock If I hear anything from them before 7 tomorrow they will be resoundingly ignored. Or DH can do it (he was away last night).

reastie tb very honest I don't think I'd wear that dress, unless it was a last resort, which it sounds like it is for you! Funerals are weird though, sometimes people do wear more cheerful clothes than you might expect. I hope you are holding up ok smile

american I would be unimpressed too. More so if they didn't apologise when you picked him up, if he was obviously pink. I'd Have Words.

ledkr poor little lad sad My parents run a fostering agency which specialises in hard to place kids, so we've seen some sad stories play out as well.

reastie I'm with you on the cots and highchairs. Both my girls seem to be quite obedient I think- neither has attempted an escape from cot or highchair, and Imogen won't even get out of bed by herself shock. I bet Alice is sooo cute all diddy! Won't be long (fx) before we can compare!

Am I the only one who looks at people's photos looking for the poster not just the baby? I wanted to see wiggles but there was only an arm [disappointed] grin

Been bloody gorgeous here today, had my friend's girls and we played outside all afternoon. I am trying to feed them up- they are both skin and bone, esp the younger, she is allergic to wheat dairy gluten and soya. We've given them fruit before which they will just eat and eat and keep asking for more. I raided the Free From section of Sainsburys today and they had a cherry bakewell each, 2 choc chip cookies and loads of strawberries. For lunch they'd had cucumber, carrot and mackerel. AIBU to think that is not enough food for children? WWYD???

reastie Wed 20-Jun-12 19:07:47

deb I'm now feeling very confused and unconfident about wearing that dress. My DM says it's fine and not to worry hmm . It is the thanksgiving service after the cremation and not the actual funeral IYKWIM <clutches at straws> and IMO that's the most suitable item of clothing I have and I don't have time tomorrow to go out shopping (esp as I'm so limited with which shops sell things in my blinking size now blush ). I do have a very appropriate winter dress ready to wear in cold weather though. Atch, I have a black maternity dress which may fit me ( blush blush ) maybe I can wear that with purple shoes and cardi hmm . Yes I meant to pm you earlier re: meet up dates - I've got 3 more weeks of school - can we get a date in for after that please?? FWIW that lunch wouldn't be sufficient for Alice greedy guts but I'm not really sure much on advice - maybe mamaledkr will be able to give advice.

debka Wed 20-Jun-12 19:26:14

reastie sorry, I didn't want to make you feel like that sad

I think a thanksgiving service is different actually. Setting aside the appropriateness of it, is it a dress you feel comfortable in? That's important too. Or we can just pray for a hurricane so you can wear the winter one grin

The lunch was for a 2yo and a 4yo so you'd think they'd need more than a 1yo tell that to greedy guts Bean though grin

Deffo deffo deffo a date for holidays, you never know, I might have won the lottery by then and be able to afford Leeds Castle grin

wigglesrock Wed 20-Jun-12 19:26:36

debka grin I don't do photos grin When faced with a camera, an alien invades my body and makes me appear much older than I look in real life! That would be enough food for Sofia and Olivia, infact Sofia probably wouldn't eat that much.

reastie I'd wear it without hesitation, even if it was to a funeral. Tbh I haven't seen anyone wear black to a funeral in years, apart from mens ties. Although funerals can be very relaxed affairs here, anyone can go, sometimes they are just part of everyday Mass etc.

Sofia is having trouble with a boy in her class -shock its started already! He's being "mean to her", what he's actually doing is teasing her about being the youngest in the class. She's getting all het up about it, he's calling her a baby because she's the youngest etc, has happened a few times this month. Apparently its not recommended that she tells hin to feck off shock grin

debka Wed 20-Jun-12 20:09:08

wiggles mackerel, carrots and cucumber would be enough for lunch for your girls shock no wonder I'm bloody obese

debka Wed 20-Jun-12 20:26:14

reastie have you spotted this thread yet or are you biting your lip?

reastie Wed 20-Jun-12 21:40:41

Thankd deb - couldn't resist commenting grin

Iwill wear that outfit - I feel confident in it and can't afford a new one

wigglesrock Wed 20-Jun-12 21:45:26

reastie I read your response on the thread, you were really eloquent and passionate xx

debka yup, my two couldn't eat two hot dinners a day. O gets a two course hot dinner at nursery every day and for the past two days has had jam/ham sandwiches for dinner. Sofia likes a bit of ham/chicken/cheese, cucumber maybe some crackers for lunch then a hot meal in the evening, usually some fish, veg for dinner. She really struggled when she had to have a hot lunch when she was at nursery.

ledkr Wed 20-Jun-12 21:46:07

Hi all. I noticed nobody has any sympathy for my early mornings anymore cos its just normal sad
Had a well busy day too,dh and I went to toys r us to get d a sandpit which kept her occupied for um let me think,about 10 seconds hmm
Went for a run with the buggy which i think finished me off cos i am absolutley bushed now.

reastie I just went for non bright for Nans funeral no need for black.

wiggs that happens to me with pictures,i seem to look fugly and twice as big as everyone else grin

debI forgot about your parents foster agency. I cant believe how we treat children and like reastie said i do count my blessings daily and my babies.Dh and i may do emergency foster care sonn,we feel we could handle it.

Dilly is everything but a climber although at the park earlier she was climbing up the slide herself. She never tries to climb out of things and Ella very rarely gets out of bed herself,she calls for me.
I think its because I do put mine in a bed fairly late because i cant be arsed so they are used to staying put,

I bought a potty today just to get her used to it,she sits on it with her clothes on and looks chuffed.

Today she fell in the paddling pool twice fully clothed grin both times she got up and carried on her quest to the trampoline dripping wet confused

reastie - I read your thread and now I'm tempted to get that Boden dress. Wear whatever you want with confidence. Also, count yourself lucky that A isn't a climber. [wipes brow] grin

Am I the only one who can see the photo of wiggles? I assume it's her anyway, looking like she just stepped out of a salon. grin

There was an emergency meeting at the nursery last night and they're closing it for 6 months for renovations, in 4 weeks. shock They have offered us places at their other nursery in town, most of the staff is going there, but it's inconvenient. It's really only a month that L would be there but it's so much upheaval in a short space of time with the move looming too. confused

wigglesrock Thu 21-Jun-12 10:57:19

americanexpat they don't believe its me grin Thats a bit pants re the nursery.

ledkr A plays with a potty too, she likes to put her toys in it and lob it down the stairs blush, she also thinks that my nieces Bumbo is a potty - I forsee a messy accident in the future grin Oh we had a lie-in here this morning 5.45am shock

ILovePonyo Thu 21-Jun-12 13:19:59

Hi all,

A quick one from me whilst A is napping, we went to singing this morning where she showed me up by having a big strop and screeching, then redeemed herself by dancing in the middle of the room and being cute.

american oh no, thats a nightmare about the nursery, how annoying angry Did you ask them about the suncream? NOt pfb at all

ledkr I need to buy a potty to get A used to it. Very sad about that little boy, my friend is a sw and had to take a newborn into care the day it was born, she said it was heartbreaking. I'm thinking about doing an MA in social work at some point in the future but don't know if I could cope with the caseload - thats a stupid reason not to do it though isnt it?!

reastie hope youre feeling ok about what to wear now. That boden dress is lovely! If your gma didn't like black at funerals it doesn't make sense to wear black does it?!

wiggles beautiful photos as always smile S looks v grown up in the first one and I always love seeing O's cheeky face grin

deb that seemed to be a carb free dinner, I'd hate it if A couldn't have gluten etc (just because of the faff) although I'm sure you'd get used to it.

Better go, ooh last night a car went into the lamp post outside our house and knocked it right over! Drama wink I didn't realise until dp got home and told me, I'd heard a big noise but just ignored it blush

reastie Thu 21-Jun-12 16:58:41

deb what's all this about tea in Eltham on fb - that's my way grin

ponyo have you had much contact with cruse yet?

american that's a bit annoying, especially as you don't really have enough notice to sort much else out maybe that was their tactic so you don't all leave them . Btw I too can see the just stepped out of the salon wiggles picture grin

ledkr trust Dilly to fall into the paddling pool like that wink . good on you going to a run avec buggy

Went to a little local baby boutique earlier which has a closing down sale - it's tres naice and even closing down prices are a little steep shock but got a really cute top and cardi for Alice there and a couple of bits for Christmas pressies (I know, I'm v organised grin )

Took Alice to her gym class this morning and she is all over everything - she won't do circle time games as she's too busy running around on all the equipment. She made my heart melt though as she ran over to me gave me a big kiss and hug and then carried on running off to play again - she usually has to be pushed into be persuaded to give kisses

debka Thu 21-Jun-12 17:05:40

reastie ELHAM not Eltham!!

reastie Thu 21-Jun-12 18:21:24

blush <whistles and looks the other way nonchalantly and definitely not admit she has not idea where Elham is>

Four4me Thu 21-Jun-12 21:03:55

American the nursery news is crap.

Bless A reastie so cute.

Well busy day here, got absolutely soaked on the school run this morning. Had two friends round for coffee each with a two year old, one with a baby and the other has one year old twins. Needless to say our playroom was trashed grin .
Got both Im and A to bed after lunch and the phone call from an old school friend, she has a seven month old baby and was asking me to have him as she had suspected appendicitis and her dh was working in London. So I have had a 2yo, 1yo and 7mo to take on another tipping down school run and then bring home the two boys. Feed them all. Then dh came home and helped me get them all bathed and to bed!!! I am knackered. My friend is in hospital having tests and her dh is coming home on the train to go to the hospital and then come for the baby. Baby is currently snoring his head off in the travel cot in the playroom, bless. It was the first time my friend has had to leave him so I've been texting little messages to her. Hope she is ok fingers crossed.

ILovePonyo Fri 22-Jun-12 07:45:09

Morning, A is currently running around wearing a peppa pig raincoat that is for age 2, it's massive on her but she cries when I try to take it off grin

American your day yesterday sounded hectic shock I looked after a friends 3yo in the evening and that wore me out, it was only for a couple of hours! A loves her but she is a bit controlling with A, putting toys out of her reach, blocking her from going places, it's a real eye opener! Hope your friend is ok btw.

Reastie no contact with cruse yet but I've not rung them, I keep meaning to! Love that A ran over to give you a hug, so cute smile

We're going to messy play today then to see one of my bestie mates who is leaving notts <sob> she's moving oop north tomorrow, How very dare she grin

debka Fri 22-Jun-12 08:55:33

No reason why you should know reast, it's the little village where Imy goes to pre school! Is it the funeral today? I'll be thinking of you smile Are you meeting up with ems and ledkr?

44me sounds exhausting but what a great thing to do for your friend. I hope she's better soon.

ponyo yep, I know what you mean about the 3yo grabbiness, S loves her sister but she is permanently wincing when she's around!

ledkr meant to say thank you for the info about mh nursing. I have a lot to think about. I'm not planning on applying yet, not till Imy's in school, perhaps not till S is in pre school. We'll see...

Had a lovely day yesterday, girls were with my aunt so DH and I went to Cnaterbury for lunch at Cafe Rouge then a wander about. Felt like newly weds <ah bless>

blizy Fri 22-Jun-12 09:41:10

Reastie- thinking of you today. X

blizy Fri 22-Jun-12 09:49:04

Posted too soon.

Debka- you made me smile, you and Dh like newly weds, very sweet!smile

Ponyo- that is the joy of 3 year olds....

Wow 44me you had a busy day yesterday!

American- that's Crap about the nursery angry. They were very fly just telling patents now! Bet they have known about it for months.

I have nothing to report, been a boring week here.

ledkr Fri 22-Jun-12 10:14:02

Had a lovely lie in today 5.40 woop! confused

Sorry about the nursery american what a ball ache!

reastie Bless A, giving you a kiss. D goes off at toddlers etc,but occasionally spots me and runs towards me doinga really bad fake cry,eys all screwed up,its hilarious.

Had a chat with dh last night about when he is on duty. We seem to be on the go constantly with house,kids,washing etc often dont sit down untill gone 9 and im sure it shouldnt be like this (ive had 5 kids remember) I think its that dh does sod all but look after D and then we spend the next few days catching up with it all.
He strolls into town which is easily half an hour each way has a leisurely look aroun then strolls back and makes lunch before getting Ella. The breakfast stuff is left out untill later then he tried to clear it whilst cooking tea!

blizy - I'm sure the head office has known for a while (which is why I'm angry) but only told the local staff Monday night and she told us about the meeting Tuesday morning.

ledkr - 5:40! shock You still have my sympathy, L regularly sleeps until at least 7 but was up at 6:15 today. He hoovered down his breakfast then was moany until we left. He's SEP today. grin That's rubbish about DH not pulling his weight with the housework. I find it difficult keeping on top of the housework when L is around, he can completely dismantle a room in minutes and the open dishwasher is like a red flag to him.

44me - I'm exhausted just reading that! Your poor friend, I hope she's doing well.

reastie - thinking of you.

MizK Fri 22-Jun-12 18:29:32

Hello darlings. Had a v trying week with Mardy Bum aka Cassbomb so am on strike, defiantly mning whilst I hear DP struggling to get her bathed smile and sipping on a nice glass of red...its cocktail hour, right?
reastie lots of love lady xxxx
debka aww your romantic day sounded lovely, sometimes thats all you need to put that little sparkle back into things smile
ledkr I don't know how you deal with the early mornings, you do seem to deal with it well x I think you and DH need a date day a la Debka!
four4 wow thats a full-on day! Hope all is calm now.
needto did you get B's results back?
expat Boo to your nursery. At least its not for long then you are going to leave British inefficiency behind you smile

Hope yall are having good Fridays? Thanks for hand holding re my povvo status, I'm being defiant in the face of skintness now, I know a lot of people would like to be in my position so I'm going to appreciate the fact I'm not properly can't-afford-to-eat poor.
On that note, off to continue drinking wine and browsing MN!

Four4me Fri 22-Jun-12 21:58:23

reastie hope you are ok?

mizk enjoy the wine lovely, sounds like you deserve it!

Well my friend was discharged home last night, she still has some abdominal pain but it has not got any worse. Probably need a scan this next week. So her and her dh collected baby at 10.30 last night. Poor Thomas was so upset when he got up this morning that he'd gone.

Well it has rained here all bloody day, we are supposed to be at an open air concert/sort of park in a park thingy in the village tomorrow night grin no worries about my outfit -waders and wellies!! It is a take-that tribute band!!

blizy Fri 22-Jun-12 22:22:15

44me Hope your friend is ok, poor Thomas! Hope the rain eases off for tomorrow.

mizk enjoy the vino! grin

needto Have you heard anything about Ben's results yet?

reastie How are you today?

wiggles fab photos, LOVE the one with O gazing up at S- sooooo cute!

I had more blood tests done today (proper day 21 (my day24) tests). Weather has been horrible here today, rain all day with some thunder storms thrown into the mix- to scare me shitless! I am terrified of thunder and lightnening (totally irrational fear, I know). It started just in time for the school pick up, I was shaking all over! blush

ledkr Hope you get a lie in this weekend.

debka Sat 23-Jun-12 09:11:13

blizy poor you with scary weather! I once got caught in TWO thunderstorms in one day in Slovenia. One from train station to work, then another from work to train. I dripped pathetically all the way home! FX that tests were unecessary and you're pg already smile

needto any news?

mizk we're skint too, apparently In Poverty, it's not that bad though, there's more to life IMO.

ledkr if you feel overwhelmed with Stuff and DH not pulling his weight, now's probably not the time to consider emergency foster care. How did he react to what you said? Does he see there's a problem?

Up at 6 here, we're having a Stay At Home day and we've laready had a morning bath, walked the dog and splashed in puddles, now watching tv with a brew

ILovePonyo Sat 23-Jun-12 09:19:23

Wow deb you've had a busy morning, we were also up early (5.45 thanks anya hmm) but I have sat with a blanket on the settee with A either sat next to me or trotting about rubbing her eyes bcos she's tired. I'm on my 4th cuppa!

Blizy how's the weather today? It's sunny and bright here confused I like thunderstorms but it must be bloody scary if you dont like them.

ILovePonyo Sat 23-Jun-12 09:24:51

Oops posted too soon.

Four4 enjoy the concert! Got your Welles ready? wink

Reastie how are you? Hope you're doing ok, sending you hugs.

Ledkr how's things with your dh, and how are things with Ella too?

I'm off to drink more tea and watch A destroy the lounge, dp is up now anyway he can control her grin

ledkr Sat 23-Jun-12 09:52:40

Well it doesnt get any better here,we had 4am today. I sm seriously at breaking point now may even get a big sign off from work,i just feel so depressed and keep feeling like running away and just leaving it all behind.

Dh is great btw,he was up at 5 when he heard me go down,even though he had work at ,unloaded the dishwasher and cleared up before i got up. He is great most of the time,its just when he has D but thinking about it i cant get much done and im a veteran.

Iam so desperate i am actually considering getting the pil down next weekend to help us,dh looks so thin and tired i dont even fancy going on our trip,4 wks in a van with misery guts up at 5 no thanks.

ILovePonyo Sat 23-Jun-12 10:05:09

Ah ledkr I'm sorry you sound really down. If having pil means a lie in for you and dh then why not, they can get D up early or you could let them take her out for a bit whilst you go back to bed?

It's rubbish anyway, A has been up regularly at 6 but 5 is ridic, that extra hour in bed makes a big difference.

blizy Sat 23-Jun-12 11:38:40

Oh ledkr, I'm sorry you are feeling so down. I agree with Ponyo re: pils. If not would your dil or one of your sons take dilly for a night to let you both sleep? Are you taking your ad's? I really hope little madam behaves herself today.

ledkr Sat 23-Jun-12 14:58:07

Thanks gilrs,im not sure if pil would be more of a hinderence tbh,waiting for food grin

Dil has taken D so i am relaxing,never been much of a daytime sleeper me. Els is just dossing about too,its quite nice. We are making scones to scoff with jam and cream and watching tv.

I do love Dills but she is a particularly hard work baby. When i tried to put her in with me at 4 she was slapping me headbutting me trying to rip the nose off my face poking my eyes.

I know why people only have one child now.

blizy Sun 24-Jun-12 16:55:51

Wow, very quiet in here! Hope you are all having a lovely weekend. smile

reastie Sun 24-Jun-12 18:47:03

Glad you have all been making notes to make sure you're not too chatty when I'm not around grin

ledkr poor you, I'm not surprised the early mornings are getting you down. Can PIL come down and stay in the van and you can leave them breakfast etc in there for them to sort themselves? I'm sure a bit of time on your own with them looking after Dills during the week end would really help.

blizy how long till the test results this time? Any signs of AF yet?

Had an OK week end - Alice wouldn't sleep at all on Friday night so we ended out staying Saturday night too as we were too shattered to drive home blush . Ended out having a nice time visiting a great farm park - ledkr have you been to the cotswolds farm park? It's really great - wish we had one like that near us. ANyway, service for DMA went well, I was wearing the brightest outfit there but I didn't care and thought I looked OK but very tiring emotionally and doesn't help when I'm exceedingly hormonal at the minute.

debka Sun 24-Jun-12 18:52:17

Just a quickie to say GOODBYE, don't worry, not flouncing, I'm about to go to catch the train to London ready for WIMBLEDON tomorrow!! A whole 24 hours away from the girls, not sure who's more worried, DH or me!!

Only thing is, just put them to bed and Sabine is crying her little eyes out. DH just got her up and she's obv tired but crying. Not like her at all sad Have Calpolled and put her back but now I'm in a quandary....

reastie Sun 24-Jun-12 19:06:10

deb envy envy envy I know it's hard but I'd say definitely go get your train young lady - I'm sure DH will be OK with bean and he can always ring you, I'm sure once she's asleep she'll be OK [easier said than done emoticon]

blizy Sun 24-Jun-12 19:10:23

Deb- totally agree with reastie!

Reastie- I'm glad everything went well on Friday.
Af not due until next thurs/fri, but I am spotting already.sad