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June 2012 - Jubilant mums of Jubilee babies

(571 Posts)

It is Jubilee weekend crown - awaiting those babies!

Here are the stats for updating:

25th April: TeaandHobnobs DS 4 lbs 11.5 oz
2?th May: Fanbelt DD
27th May: Warlin DS
28th May: HorseyGirl1 DS

Thank you Tea Hope to be joining you soon! grin

McKayz Sat 02-Jun-12 19:55:41

Ooooh. Just marking my place for when DD decides to make an appearance!!

thedogwalker Sat 02-Jun-12 20:22:44

Thanks Tea for starting the thread.
Marking my place, hoping to join you soon smile

Kveta Sat 02-Jun-12 20:42:40

Marking my place too, hope we can join you soon!

CathFin Sat 02-Jun-12 22:03:44

Yes, who will be the first June baby! Not mine!

emblosion Sun 03-Jun-12 10:59:41

Thanks Tea am marking my place too (although no sign of any action for me yet!) smile

rhibutterfly Mon 04-Jun-12 11:17:31

marking my place in hope xx

Just going to have a mini-rant while waiting...

DS keeps being sick after feeding - almost every feed, more than just posset, a bit projectile, but probably not enough to be concerned about, IYSWIM? And he is still gaining weight as far as I know. But every time he is sick, it makes him think he wants more food (the outreach nurse thinks the reason he is being sick to start with is because his eyes are bigger than his tummy) - so having endured 45 mins of feeding, he then wants to do it all over again... And sometimes all over again after that! Give me strength...

Rant part 2: I checked Facebook when feeding him at 2am, to learn from status updates by my cousin and aunt in Canada that my Grandma died yesterday sad What a way to find out!

She was 93, so I was prepared that this would happen at some point, but apparently she has been very ill since I went into hospital at Easter sad but mum never told me as she didn't want to worry me.

I haven't actually seen Grandma for quite a while, which I feel guilty about - I always suspected something would happen before I got my arse in gear and went to see her. If I had known she didn't have long left...

She had at least been told about BabyTea though, I hope that news brightened her day smile

Going to have a wallowing day today sad

justwantcheese Tue 05-Jun-12 17:01:24

Just marking my place , please let it be me next !

Warlin Tue 05-Jun-12 21:12:29

Hi everyone

tea thanks for starting the thread! I was going to get round to it...honestly!!
I'm sorry to hear about your grandmother but you mustn't feel guilty for not visiting...you have had a tough enough time recently and she'll have understood that...at least she got to hear of babytea's arrival. Hope you're ok thanks

horseygirl congrats on the DD...

Just wondering should we use names on the stats or do people not want these included?

tea I empathise with the feeding. I have moved on to bottle as found breastfeeding too stressful and he has taken to it so well. My LO just sleeps all day and then is so unsettled all night and it's really frustrating (and exhausting). I must admit I've found the whole thing a bit overwhelming but am thankfully feeling brighter now. I think not having any time off (my waters broke hours after finishing work) meant that I hadn't mentally prepared for it and I've felt frustrated being stuck indoors and not getting much sleep. DH had to work a lot last week but thankfully mum was around. I feel so much better now that I can walk again (without pain) and having a few days with DH being around to help...winge over. I feel guilty for complaining as I love my DS to bits but I'm just not good without sleep smile

Anyway can't wait to hear all the news of the other June babies...wishing you all lots of luck and sending you pain free vibes!! xx

smallwonder Fri 08-Jun-12 03:25:38

Officially posting on the proud post natal thread grin
DS4 was born just after 9am at 38 weeks weighing in at 7lbs 9oz. Will hopefully post more when back home.
tea wanted to say that I'm very sorry sorry to hear about your grandma sad small consolation but good to learn she knew of baby T.
Hope you're ok x

KatyJ26 Fri 08-Jun-12 04:31:01

Marking my place ... My DD arrived on 31st May. Sorry to hear about your Grandma Tea... Please don't beat yourself-up about not visiting

smallwonder Sat 09-Jun-12 04:39:21

Had forgotten how tiring the night feeds can be [yawn]

Hi ladies.

My beautiful DD was born in 7th June on her due date weighing 8lb2oz. I would copy and paste the stats but I'm on my phone at the moment.

She's quite clingy and doesn't like being on her own at all. No wonder really after 9months of being together all the time. The midwife should be calling round today and I must say I'm very glad. I'm a bit worried about her feeding. My boobs don't seem to have a plentiful supply of colostrum and when we do feed she gets so worked up she barely suckles. I'm worried she's starving but too upset to feed....

tea very sorry to hear about your grandma. I hope you find some peace? That's a very shocking way to find out the news though. I remember when my lovely grandad passed away I found out at Gatwick Airport via a text from my aunt. I was stood in a shop at the time. Take comfort from the times you did spend together and that she knew about your baby boy. And also understand that you have been through a very trying time with DS's early birth and care. He has been your number 1 priority as he should be. xx

smallwonder Sat 09-Jun-12 18:08:25

Hi Mamma grin
Am just waiting DH to bring carseat so we can go home. Cannot wait to be back there, have absolutely no problem with insomnia anymore grin
Will talk more when home and settled. Priority for week ahead is comfy feeding chair, remote control, nibbles, water and some long awaited tea wink

smallwonder Sat 09-Jun-12 18:10:04

Whoops and only said congrats on FB... So.....
congratulations on your gorgeous DD grin she's sooo beautiful

bemybebe Sun 10-Jun-12 14:32:46

ooo, marking my place here for the future
again, massive congratulations to all with the cuddlebugs!

Warlin Sun 10-Jun-12 18:58:14

Hi All

Congrats small, mama and katy...how exciting that we are now on the post natal thread...hopefully the others will all be along soon.

mama I had the same problem re DS getting worked up and minimal supply of colostrum. I found it all very stressful and DS just didn't want to suckle so I switched to formula and he's thriving. My milk has now been and is going. I tried several more times with him but he couldn't quite grasp it and my introverted nipples weren't helping. I'm glad I didn't persist as DS is now back up to his birth weight and it's great that DH can also feed him to give me a rest.

small glad you got home so quickly after your section and really hope your DSs are thrilled with their new wee brother smile

I must say I find the night feeds really tough. DS is awake to feed every 3 hours but seems really unsettled and can take an hour to go back down each time..that doesn't equal much sleep for me! The midwife says he has got his days and nights muddled...really hope he learns soon as he is good as gold during the day. I feel so much better after getting a nights sleep last night when my parents took him. My mum has been dying to take him since he was born so she was thrilled and happy to give up her sleep...not sure she'd do it too often though!!

Oh I feel a whole new set of things to whinge about coming on!!!

Hope everyone is coping ok and fingers crossed we'll have some new buddies before long...some more pics on FB please!!

Ditto on the night feeds Warlin - BabyTea has also been every difficult to settle after feeding at night, but not so much during the day.

With him I think it has been wind problems - I started him on infacol on Thurs night and things have improved already. Last night he went down easily after the midnight and 2am feeds (he was barely even awake for the 2am one!), but was still difficult after the 5am.

The weirdest thing I have found is that, if I resort to bringing him into bed next to me when he just won't settle, it seems to chill him out so much that he doesn't wake for his next feed - he has even gone 6 hours one time! I figure that can't be good with a tummy as tiny as his...

I hope he gets the hang of day and night soon too!

He is now off his sodium phosphate, with only a week and a half to go with the supplements - due date milestone here we come! grin and now up to 5lb 10oz so I'm trying not to worry too much about all the vomiting...

smallwonder Mon 11-Jun-12 10:50:24

Good to see some posts smile I don't think I'd ever post TBH if it wasn't for the app on my phone. Phone is with me everywhere and is easy to use, can't imagine opening laptop or holding ipad every time, too tiring.

Warlin It's amazing what a little sleep can do and how you appreciate it when you finally have a newborn! My face was almost in DS's this morning as I had fallen asleep feeding him blush Have a huge barricade around me in bed to make sure he can't go anywhere should I fall into deep sleep -- no insomnia here anymore that's for sure! Did your mum enjoy LO's staying over with her? Must've been really memorable for her. So glad you had that time to catch up on sleep and be a couple, it's sooo important isn't it?
Tea LO looks as cute as ever in latest pic smile Well done you on all the outings/celebrations, you are all looking so well. Are you mainly on your own now with DH at work? Doing a grand job I'd say.

ELCS went surprisingly well. I was only in the hospital minutes before being given the gown and taken away! Am usually hours. Nurse who has been there for each birth was with us again, held my hand throughout the cannula/epidural/needles etc.. because I'm such a coward at these things because she's just very nice and talked me through everything that was happening with LO behind the screen. I did not cry or get highly emotional as usual when being handed DS, I did that yesterday as I sat talking to him while he lay peacefully on my lap, eyes moving around trying to focus on direction of voice with such recognition, like 'that's my mum'. Moved me to tears cue major cuddles. Felt sore as DS was being lifted out, had lots of cuddles while being stitched back up and once in observation we started him bf and I had the best tea and toast ever.
Hospital stay was crap. Had one mw that was truly amazing, others were just plain insensitive and patronising. Constantly questioned on why i'd need more pain relief, that it wasn't normal and treated like a drug addict. FFS I'd just had my 4th section and could barely walk to the bathroom. Ended up back in observation next day with morphine pumping through drip -- they'd have had me on paracetamol! (You see Warlin my list is also coming into play of things to moan about lol) and stupid questions like 'oh are you upset he's a boy/were you trying for a girl/poor you outnumbered' is really not the thing to say to a woman who has just had a baby, I mean FFS are these things not just common logic, ie. don't say them!

Anyway, on a happy note, it's pissing down with rain, DC1,2 and 3 with grandparents for another day, LO sleeping, mw due out to remove stitch and weigh LO, and time for some tea and biscuits i think, fortunately unable to do anything that involves lifting etc.. grin

I think i've just posted a diary entry. Sorry blush

surfmama Mon 11-Jun-12 13:32:49

oh i want to be on the post natal thread.... dream .... and for the sun to come out..... congrats all of you x

smallwonder Mon 11-Jun-12 23:36:02

Thanks Surf grin
Hurry up and join us. I'm in limbo. Is like leaving answer messages on 2 different machines,.. No one home to hear them grin

rachyroodle Tue 12-Jun-12 06:24:56

Just marking my place. Baby due today so hopefully joining you all soon!

smallwonder Tue 12-Jun-12 15:03:55

Fingers crossed Rachy smile

phunkiephedora Wed 13-Jun-12 01:47:56

Hello :-) Due on the 26th June but booked in for a sweep on the 20th ..
My last pregnancy was 7 years ago with twins and I only got to 32 weeks so never been this far gone (or heavy/uncomfortable) before!
38 weeks and ridiculously impatient ;-)

thedogwalker Wed 13-Jun-12 05:12:19

Hi all. First check in for post natal. Not a long one, just note to self, must get DS to sleep through night and not through the day hmm. Will write more when I've had some sleep.

Kveta Wed 13-Jun-12 05:51:36

Hiya, just saying hi, as had baby Emilie yesterday so believe I qualify for this thread now grin

Em has fed every hour so far, and is a big baby so suspect sleep will elude us for a while longer.

Anyway, pls add me to stats.

Květa DD Emilie 12/06/12 9lb 4oz.

Will be back online more once home from hospital!

Right, I think I have captured everyone so far, but there are some details missing:

25th April: TeaandHobnobs DS 4 lb 11.5 oz
2?th May: Fanbelt DD
27th May: Warlin DS
28th May: HorseyGirl1 DS
31st May: KatyJ26 DD 
6th June: Smallwonder DS 7 lb 9 oz
7th June: Mammainthemaking DD 8 lb 2 oz
= Bumper1 DS
8th June: SeriouslyStrongCheddar DS 6 lb 13 oz
10th June: Ceeej DD 6 lb 12 oz
= Ffnorm DD
= Thedogwalker DS
12th June: Kveta DD 9 lb 4 oz

Congratulations Kveta, she got here in the end! Yay!

Today I am waiting for my replacement wheel for my buggy (better come soon angry or it will totally scupper my plans for the day), need to return my sling to the sling library, hoping to go to the newbies showing of Snow White and the Huntsman at lunchtime, and pick up DS' repeat prescription from the docs (although when I went in on Monday, despite filling in his registration form 3 weeks prior, he still wasn't on the system hmm, so how do you get a repeat prescription for someone who "isn't registered"?). And have a nap, I hope, as DS decided two hourly feeds were the business last night <yawn>

Silly me didn't realise I had to sort out our 6 week / 8 week check blush so that is now booked for 9 weeks. DS' due date is a week tomorrow, so the outreach team from the hospital may be signing us off soon! He still has to have a head scan next week, and we might have some more follow-up appointments at the prematurity clinic, but it feels like such a milestone!

DH claims DS rolled himself over last night hmm - I suppose he did (I half saw him do it), but it looked purely accidental (as a result of thrashing around because he was cross about being naked after bath time) so it doesn't count! Didn't tell DH that though, he likes to think his son is Superman grin

I also went to a La Leche League group yesterday - I really enjoyed meeting some other mums (at last!) and it was a very supportive and encouraging environment... but it was definitely leaning towards the lentil-weaving end of the spectrum! It was cool to see things in action which I'd only ever heard of on Mumsnet grin

Sending lots of resting vibes to the new postnatalers, and willing babies to be kind to their mummies!

ffnorm Wed 13-Jun-12 16:08:05

Here I am - feeling so touched Tea that I'm already on the stats,will fill in my gaps when I can find my phone,to convert kg's to lbs as I am a metric foreigner grin

Just wrote a novel on the antenatal thread about the delivery... felt bad afterwards blush but it was such a roller coaster,just had to share.Won't rehash on this thread...

Small help me!!! I didn't anticipate my lack of mobility post section,the pain I anticipated but it's not being able to sit up from lying down,not being able to lie on my side which has taken me aback - is this normal???

On the plus side DD is amazing,almost identical to DS at this age and a copy cat grin jaundice,sticky eye and tongue tie but all much milder than her brother,thank goodness!!

Waves to everyone! SO glad to be here x

Sling returned = check

Cinema = fail, as pram wheel scheduled to turn up right in the middle of the film. Oh well, it's too nice a day here to go to the cinema anyway...

New pram wheel received = check

Repeat prescription for DS obtained = fail, because apparently you should never give any paperwork to my doctor, as his office is a black hole hmm. That combined with them not having entered DS on the system 3weeks after I handed in his registration form, and the utter balls up they have made of arranging me counselling (still waiting over 3 weeks later), I am not exactly loving them right now...

First outing in sling = success! Until we got home and DS pooed all over me and the sling. Nice.

Now he's just done his trick of vomiting whilst still latched - and this time tried to eat it again <boak>. Such a boy!

<looks around for everyone else...>

Yay ffnorm! <waves back>

Kudos for the birth - very glad you shared your story. It is important I think.

BlueAndRedMakePurple Wed 13-Jun-12 19:39:53

Hi can I join? I had ds3 (dc4) on the 10th. I'm feeling like I might need some support, I have that sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach and feeling wobbly-the blues are about to hit sad.

Welcome blueandred, sorry you are feeling unsettled - please talk to us! smile

BlueAndRedMakePurple Wed 13-Jun-12 20:35:48

Stupid really, I have so much support it's unreal. DH is being fantastic and mil and fil are here doing all the practical stuff so I can sit on sofa chilling and snuggling.
But I had a traumatic labour surrounded by a shite hospital stay, I tried and failed to breast feed (I have inverted nipples, even the midwives couldn't get him to latch). It's all minor stuff coupled with the milk coming in and I just feel like having a good sob sad.

thedogwalker Wed 13-Jun-12 21:22:15

Hi all
Tea wow you are being busy, sorry to hear about the naff service your doctor is providing, hope that improves.
ffnorm I'm about to go back to ante natal thread so will read up on your birth story.
blueandred big welcome to you, it doesn't matter how many people you're surrounded by, it can all be overwhelming. You are very welcome to come on here, rant, rave, sob or laugh, we are all here for you.
DS keeps being sick after every feed, had an extra MW check today for his weight, he only lost 3 oz, which isn't too bad. Hopefully when milk comes in, he will stop throwing it back up.
tea, I'm re-doing the stats to add all of my info, thanks for keeping them updated.

25th April: TeaandHobnobs DS 4 lb 11.5 oz
2?th May: Fanbelt DD
27th May: Warlin DS
28th May: HorseyGirl1 DS
31st May: KatyJ26 DD
6th June: Smallwonder DS 7 lb 9 oz
7th June: Mammainthemaking DD 8 lb 2 oz
= Bumper1 DS
8th June: SeriouslyStrongCheddar DS 6 lb 13 oz
10th June: Ceeej DD 6 lb 12 oz
= Ffnorm DD
= Thedogwalker DS 6 lb 15.5 oz
= blueandred DS
12th June: Kveta DD 9 lb 4 oz

ffnorm Wed 13-Jun-12 21:27:57

25th April: TeaandHobnobs DS 4 lb 11.5 oz
2?th May: Fanbelt DD
27th May: Warlin DS
28th May: HorseyGirl1 DS
31st May: KatyJ26 DD
6th June: Smallwonder DS 7 lb 9 oz
7th June: Mammainthemaking DD 8 lb 2 oz
= Bumper1 DS
8th June: SeriouslyStrongCheddar DS 6 lb 13 oz
10th June: Ceeej DD 6 lb 12 oz
= Ffnorm DD 8 lb 7 oz
= Thedogwalker DS
12th June: Kveta DD 9 lb 4 oz

ffnorm Wed 13-Jun-12 21:35:00

Ceej we managed to stay due date buddies...how amazing smile

Tea sounds like an amazingly productive day!

Welcome Blueandred feel free to join,moan,cry etc,my 1st baby was bad delivery,shitty hosp stay and bf problems...never underestimate the impact it has on you (esp with all the hormones)

Combining thedogwalker and ffnorm's updates:

25th April: Teaandhobnobs DS 4 lb 11.5 oz
2?th May: Fanbelt DD
27th May: Warlin DS
28th May: HorseyGirl1 DS
31st May: KatyJ26 DD
6th June: Smallwonder DS 7 lb 9 oz
7th June: Mammainthemaking DD 8 lb 2 oz
= Bumper1 DS
8th June: SeriouslyStrongCheddar DS 6 lb 13 oz
10th June: Ceeej DD 6 lb 12 oz
= Ffnorm DD 8 lb 7 oz
= Thedogwalker DS 6 lb 15.5 oz
= BlueAndRedMakePurple DS
11th June: rhihaf DS 9 lb
12th June: Kveta DD 9 lb 4 oz

Kveta Thu 14-Jun-12 05:43:37

What pain relief was everyone discharged from hospital with BTW? I was all but kicked out the door yesterday, and they wouldn't give me the promised morphine suppositories, or indeed anything. I had a rotational forceps delivery, and feel like absolute death today. Hoping community midwife visits today and can help, because paracetamol is not cutting the mustard!

Em has just fallen asleep after yelling all night, and of course DS is up now! But I don't feel sick anymore, so yay to pg being over!! grin

Kveta Thu 14-Jun-12 09:50:55

Just ended up on phone to GP howling for painkillers, so they are going to prescribe something powerful. And think my hormones have done something odd as cannot stop crying. Poor DH has no idea what to do, I am walking wounded today!

Oh Kveta you poor thing sad hope you get some decent painkillers soon.

I don't think I was given any painkillers on discharge, but I vaguely remember a discussion about paracetamol and ibuprofen I think? I was useless at remembering to take my medicines when I got home though - I only had half my iron tablets before I forgot about them!

P.S. stop googling! smile

rhihaf Thu 14-Jun-12 11:59:40

Hello lovely ladies [waves]

Am honoured to have LO's sats up here already - than you! grin

Was a plannes c-sec on Mon due to breech and failed ECV attempts... LO is currently having a little snozzle on my chest as I type one handed on the laptop in bed.

Bit sore, nipples hurt but feeling utterly thrilled and jubilant! Can't believe how amazing motherhood is [overwhelmed, ecstatic and totally in love all-at-once emoticon]!

Congratulations to us all, we're bloody amazing! wine - where's the champagne icon on here?????

thedogwalker Thu 14-Jun-12 14:43:21

Hi all
kveta not given any pain relief on discharge, so can't offer any advice, sorry.
My boobs are sore from bf, milk came in overnight which is helping with the latch. I'd forgotten how painful the first few days are.
rhi motherhood is the best, I look at both my DS and I'm so overwhelmed with love for them, I think I could burst.
Hope everyone is well xx

BlueAndRedMakePurple Thu 14-Jun-12 14:52:51

25th April: Teaandhobnobs DS 4 lb 11.5 oz
2?th May: Fanbelt DD
27th May: Warlin DS
28th May: HorseyGirl1 DS
31st May: KatyJ26 DD
6th June: Smallwonder DS 7 lb 9 oz
7th June: Mammainthemaking DD 8 lb 2 oz
= Bumper1 DS
8th June: SeriouslyStrongCheddar DS 6 lb 13 oz
10th June: Ceeej DD 6 lb 12 oz
= Ffnorm DD 8 lb 7 oz
= Thedogwalker DS 6 lb 15.5 oz
= BlueAndRed DS 9lb 10oz
11th June: rhihaf DS 9 lb
12th June: Kveta DD 9 lb 4 oz

Just adding my boys weight to the stats, I think-if I've read it correctly-that he's the biggest so far grin.

Milk has come in overnight, I am seriously uncomfortable and I had to get DH to do my bra up before he left for work this morning! Luckily at the moment my mood seems stable, which I'm thankful for. DS is feeding every 3 hours and taking around 2oz, however we seem to have an unsettled period between 11pm and midnight (ish) which I haven't yet worked out why. I have to keep putting a dummy in for him, but am getting 10 mins shut eye between each dummy replacement which I should be greatful for really.

Alligatorpie Thu 14-Jun-12 18:41:30

I am going to try and follow this thread, so any questions in the beginning!

June 13th, dd2 7 lb 6 oz

Also suffering from sore nipples,i forgot how painful they were in the beginning.

Hi blue. Really feel for you with the hormones and feeding problems. DD ended up in SCBU on day 3 because we couldn't establish breast feeding and the poor thing was really dehydrated. Now I'm using nipple shields and bfing every 3 hours and giving a top up of expressed milk afterwards. Managing to give around 30ml in the top up now although a few days ago it was just 10-15ml. The hormones a few days ago were making me very weepy too but now feeling loads better. Just want to see the volume of milk increasing which it is a bit every day. Do you have a pump?

MammaTo2boys Fri 15-Jun-12 03:22:38

Hi all
This is Thedogwalker, thought I would have a name change.

Sat up feeding LO, the bf is not getting any easier, finding it hard to get him latched properly. Will have to find some help tomorrow me thinks. Got mw 5 day check tomorrow so will find out about support groups.

Hope everyone is well xx

<waves at Mammato2boys>

DS has reverted to three hourly feeds (ish) at night rather than the two hourly he treated me to for the past two nights - but is also back to not settling afterwards. After the 2am feed, he would not settle, ad poor DH even returned from tw other room to try and calm him down.

And now we are up again - fingers crossed he goes down without fuss this time!

ceeej Fri 15-Jun-12 06:24:31

Finally checking in to post natal, excited to find I'm already on the stats.

ffnorm loving that we stayed due date buddies, the 10th was a busy day for these June babies.

Will post more details of our bf saga when I'm on a laptop rather than phone but it's been an incredibly challenging first couple of days. blue I've also found that despite fantastically suportive DH and mum heping out I've ended up a weeping mess on the sofa several times, hopefully the hormones will sort themselves out a bit soon!

ffnorm Fri 15-Jun-12 09:02:37

Morning all and welcome Alligatorpie

Kveta how is the pain now - did the GP sort you out? I was sent home 2 days post C/S with Voltarol (Diclofenac),I have added Paracetamol with Codeine as they gave me codeine in hospital,which I use if reg Paracetamol and the Voltarol aren't enough.

Have to say,I have been taken aback at how uncomfortable I've been (esp if I sleep,I wake up stiff and the scar really hurts) the MW is coming today and will remove the stich...

Milk came in Yesterday,so last night she fed 23 30,03 30 and 06 20 which was a huge improvement on the prev night,where she fed pretty much every hour and then slept 0600 - 10 00 smile After all the feeding problems I had with DS,I am over the moon that bf is going well sore nipples aside

DS is loving his sister smile keeps asking to hold her and doesn't want her to cry smile

Kveta Fri 15-Jun-12 10:04:21

hiya, congrats to new arrivals!

ffnorm gp got me co-codamol, so am alternating that with ibuprofen. can't believe how sore and broken I feel! just utterly flattened by the whole experience. I'm also sore after 'sleep' so not getting much actual rest. DD is so sleepy at the moment, she screamed all wednesday night, pausing for snacks every half hour, but last night slept the whole night, just waking every hour or so for a feed. DH is not coping well with the sleep loss, and is in a fury today, so have packed him off to playgroup with DS so I get some peace! am a bit annoyed with his work too, as they keep calling him so he has to think about work for 15-20 minutes whilst I keep DS off his wee sister.

DS is not impressed with his sister at all, but is ok with her feeding - so long as he gets some too. so think my milk is already coming in, as I am feeding toddler and newborn!! he is getting extremely angry when she cries, so we are trying to help him cope with it by a) cuddling him a lot and b) making sure he isn't armed.

my parents have just left, was so good having my mum here, she has been so helpful. dad less so, he complained I wasn't doing enough around the house yesterday, then in the next breath was shouting that I needed to rest or I won't have enough milk for DD. sigh. my mum had big problems feeding my sister (her DC2) so they are both worried for me.

Blue you and I seem to have the heaviest babies here! DD is too big for newborn clothes already, and snug in some 0-1 month items. she was 4.5oz heavier than DS was at birth, but seems so much smaller.

is anyone else on DC2 or more shocked by nappy changes btw? we are so so used to changing DS, it is really odd to open a nappy and not be faced with a willy grin

right, must go lie down for a bit whilst baby sleeps, then need to attempt to poo. glamorous stuff. no idea how big my episiotomy is, but my notes suggest an element of bum trauma, so will have to drug myself to the eyeballs before attempting anything, am a bit scared!

Latest stats:

25th April: TeaandHobnobs DS 4 lb 11.5 oz
2?th May: Fanbelt DD
27th May: Warlin DS
28th May: HorseyGirl1 DS
31st May: KatyJ26 DD 
6th June: Smallwonder DS 7 lb 9 oz
7th June: Mammainthemaking DD 8 lb 2 oz
= Bumper1 DS
8th June: SeriouslyStrongCheddar DS 6 lb 13 oz
10th June: Ceeej DD 6 lb 12 oz
= Ffnorm DD 8 lb 7 oz
= Thedogwalker (now Mammato2boys) DS 6 lb 15.5 oz
= BlueAndRedMakePurple DS 9 lb 10 oz
12th June: Kveta DD 9 lb 4 oz
= Annakin31 DD 7 lb 7 oz
13th June: Alligatorpie DD 7 lb 6 oz
14th June: Blondiedollface DD 8 lb 7 oz

Running total: 8 boys, 9 girls grin

Just marking my place! Still struggling with breastfeeding so I'll be back to rant in depth at some point, if that's okay, to get it off my chest! He's kind of on a muddle of breast, formula and expressed milk at the moment!

MammaTo2boys Fri 15-Jun-12 15:10:33

Tea thanks for doing the stats again. You're definitely the most organised out of us all.
Kveta feel for you and bowel movements etc. I've got 2nd degree tearing, had that last time too, it doesn't get any easier does it.
Had 5 day MW check up today, DS has actually gained 3.5 oz, which is fab for a bf LO. So I'm happy the milk is getting through, now I just need my nipples to toughen.
Hope everyone is well xx

ffnorm Fri 15-Jun-12 15:28:03

Kveta sending a big hug - wouldn't peak at the bits just yet...have you got some Lactulose,if you struggle with the poo,get some!!! Have you managed to avoid sore nipples with tandem feeding? Or is the latch of a nb different to a toddler??

My suprise with the nappies,besides the lack of willy,is how unoffensive the poo is grin after toddler poo I can't even smell anything hmm

SSC come rant whenever you want smile

Agree with MammaDW (that's so I know who I'm talking about,not meaning to change your name!) you def the most organised,gives us all hope,that in a couple of weeks/months we'll be a bit more sorted.

We also had the 5 day MW today,not the most dynamic but did the job - Guthrie test done,suture removed,weight 3760kg,so only dropped 60g = 2% smile smile

smallwonder Fri 15-Jun-12 21:37:13

Hi ladies,
Belated Congratulations to everyone that's posted since I visited last grin Hope you are all well. Just managed a very quick catch up, I am so tired that I can barely think but am also trying to stay awake as DS3 is up (brothers with DH taking MIL home) and LO is wriggling in basket making frustrated alien noises cue feed and cuddles. The days seem to be rolling into each other at the mo.

Oh well, will try and post again later, DS3 is screaming baby needs milk and doing the 'shhhhh little baby' routine at basket hmm bye for now.

I was scared the first poo too kveta. Have a 3rd degree tear but midwife told me not to worry. Sure enough once she left on day 2 I went and did a poop and all was well. Got sent home from hospital with a real concoction of drugs....antibiotics for the tear and where it was around my bum sad and blood thinning injections which DP has been doing for me. The midwife showed him once how to do it and he just took it in his stride and got on with it. We had the last one yesterday on day 7. Oh and the lactulose which I think is amazing! Not sure if I'll be ready to not have it once the bottle is empty. Do I go to GP for more or straight to pharmacy?

My milk has gone from yellow to creamy and volume is increasing lots. DD is loving having a full tummy after our initial problems grin

Oh and I've not looked at the bits yet either! Have been told to put arnica cream on it to help with the bruising however im worried about touching it too so still not opened the tube yet...... blush

Kveta Sat 16-Jun-12 08:27:21

Curiosity got the better of me.yesterday, and wow, have never seen such spectacular bruising ever before! Mw will be checking stitches tomorrow so will find out then how I am healing.

My milk has.come in now, DS is thrilled! DD just keeps throwing up after feeds. She is so sleepy too, wonder how long that will last. I love the wee alien noises.she makes too, so cute!

Thinking of making a.complaint about post natal care.to PALS as am still quite shocked by how bad it was.

Better go, rumblings suggest a.nappy might need.changing!

ceeej Sun 17-Jun-12 07:39:24

Charlotte just said happy father's day in style with a rather loud explosive poo that leaked all over daddy and our bed at 5am. She'd already had a wee leakage in her cot at the 2am feed so we've changed both sets of bedding overnight. Time for a brew I think.

Alligatorpie Sun 17-Jun-12 07:50:32

Ceeej - love the name (am slightly biased as it is dd's name) sounds like a fun night!. I nursed, burped and changed diapers from 1:30 to 5. Dd1 came in at 6, so I am whacked.

Kveta - I wouldn't look either i might be traumitised for life! good for you for being so brave! I did go to the toilet yesterday ( tmi?) and it was fine. Hope it's not too painful for you.

My milk came in and I am so engorged, I can't stand it. I also have four giant lumps under my arms, and they hurt too. MW caqme yesterdya and told me to put warm diapers on them to decrease the swelling, sounds a bit weird to me!

Wishing you all a restful day with longs of bonding time! mW also told me to sit down more, I tried not to laugh!

Kveta Sun 17-Jun-12 10:20:30

grin at the fathers day presents ceeej! Em had a couple of spectacular poos last night too, DH thought they were hilarious luckily grin I caught him calling her his little princess yesterday (boak!) when he thought nobody was listening, think he is quite taken with his daughter!

managed a toilet trip yesterday, and all seems unharmed. but still so sore, I guess it has been less than a week though.

my boobs are so engorged today, they don't fit in my bra. and they are leaking like mad. not comfy! I know they'll go down soon, but still!!

DS is being challenging this morning. he has been up since 5 as usual, and keeps trying to use the baby swing chair. if he breaks it I will throttle him, as it's an absolute god send!!

oh and we need to go clothes shopping as Em is already out of the newborn clothes, and is filling the 0-1 month things, and we only have a few 0-3 things for her (bad mummy!). hoping that doing a lot of washing will tide us over until I feel up to leaving the house!

happy fathers day to all the new dads today!

ffnorm Sun 17-Jun-12 10:37:54

Morning all

We definitely are slower on this thread,now that our hands are full...

Kveta one of my biggest regrets after DS's birth,was that I didn't complain about the care I got postnatally (got too caught up with newborn baby and then felt it was too late etc)

DS was so funny yesterday - am learning to feed and throw a ball at the same time grin he was very interested in the cord and how it fell off yesterday,ran around saying "sister tail fell off" and asked if the blood on my mat pad was poo - sorry for TMI!!

Mama you can definitely get Lactulose over the counter about £3ish. So don't worry grin

My discomfort is slowly subsiding - still taking regular Diclofenac but can finally sleep on my sides,so my back is less sore. The wound is still very tender when I wake up but improves quickly as I get going.

Happy Father's day to all your DP's thanks

MammaTo2boys Sun 17-Jun-12 21:34:02

Hi all

Oh yes the pooey nappies, Christian has had plenty of them, I wasn't aware he was actually eating that much.

My boobs are also engorged, and still got sore nipples. I feel so unsexy, frumpy and just feel like I'm in constant pain one way or another (sorry if TMI, but tearing and stitches not really causing much pain, but the farmer giles, well......blush).

Hope I can have the 3 hour rests between feeds again tonight, but maybe 2 nights on the bounce is asking for too much. Christian celebrates his one week birthday tonight grin.

Hope everyone is well, take care xx

Ginga66 Sun 17-Jun-12 22:28:01

Hello everyone. I am posting this from my iPad so no idea how to cut and paste stats sorry!
I had my baby boy last Saturday ninth June at ten forty two pm. Weight eight pounds two ounces. It was an eight hour delivery which, considering ds1 took twenty three hours, was pretty good going. However ds1 was ventouse, episiotomy and epidural. I had planned an epidural but went from four to seven cm dilated within an hour, the midwife said by the time it works baby might be here. It took another three hours. I actually almost pulled her over at one point, then I remember literally crawling up the bed, across the floor etc. Doctors just came in and said things hardly heard them. It was a midwife delivery and with aid of gas and air, mom and dh massaging my back. I could not believe the pain. But it was all fours which I so wanted. And I could feel everything ha. And how weird is it when you Need to push and they want you to pant. I did tear but not badly. And also delivered him in the sack which is very lucky apparently.
I have some questions but not sure if here or another forum best place? Breast feeding but he is on just about every hour and half for fifteen or so mins and falls asleep again. He is a bit jaundiced but alert enough and blood has been tested. He just isn't really gaping properly. Any hints?
And what is the definitive guide to temp and blankets? Found some conflicting information.
And what about the 'baby blues'. Have had some issues with dh and brother which got me down but even so have been feeling pretty low and bit tearful at tines. Does it pass? Don't recall with ds1.
Think I have cystitis, can I take anything.
Lastly had stopped bleeding and pain down below but it has come back. Is those normal.
Any and all advice appreciated.

ffnorm Mon 18-Jun-12 07:54:21

25th April: TeaandHobnobs DS 4 lb 11.5 oz
2?th May: Fanbelt DD
27th May: Warlin DS
28th May: HorseyGirl1 DS
31st May: KatyJ26 DD
6th June: Smallwonder DS 7 lb 9 oz
7th June: Mammainthemaking DD 8 lb 2 oz
= Bumper1 DS
8th June: SeriouslyStrongCheddar DS 6 lb 13 oz
9th June:Ginga66 DS 8lb 2 oz
10th June: Ceeej DD 6 lb 12 oz
= Ffnorm DD 8 lb 7 oz
= Thedogwalker (now Mammato2boys) DS 6 lb 15.5 oz
= BlueAndRedMakePurple DS 9 lb 10 oz
12th June: Kveta DD 9 lb 4 oz
= Annakin31 DD 7 lb 7 oz
13th June: Alligatorpie DD 7 lb 6 oz
14th June: Blondiedollface DD 8 lb 7 oz

Running total: 9 boys, 9 girls grin

Welcome Ginga

Thanks Tea for updating stats, will be along to post properly later on today smile Xx

Kveta Mon 18-Jun-12 16:43:28

this really is a quiet thread!

DD keeps being spectacularly sick after feeds, something DS never did. the washing machine hasn't stopped since we got back from hospital!! she keeps having awful hiccups too, poor wee thing.

hope to see more june babies arriving soon and joining us on this thread!

Annakin31 Mon 18-Jun-12 18:01:34

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Warlin Mon 18-Jun-12 18:44:21

Hi All

Sorry I haven't been about much. I just find it tough to log onto laptop and write a post without being interrupted smile It's great that there are so many on the post now...yay for the Jubilee babies!

All good here. I feel much more normal now. Dh has been helping with the early night feeds (up to about 1-2pm- helped by the golf!) which means he is bringing DS to bed at about 2pm. It's such a life saver as it means I get a good start to the night and I really can't cope without my sleep.

My sister babysat for a few hours on Sat night while we went out for dinner. It was so nice just to get some time together. I am really lucky with the amount of family support I get. It's still tough though as baby warlin gets bad wind. He is def a lot more alert now than what he was and is less inclined to sleep for long periods. We went out for a casual father's day lunch and ended up leaving promptly when DS just wouldn't settle blush.

I am depressed though that I'm still wearing maternity clothes!! None of my old jeans fit over the bum and I didn't think I had put on weight there!! I clearly have so need to get back to exercising once fully healed down below. My bleeding has mostly stopped now and DH making noises about sex.....scary thought!! kveta I agree on the poo front...that was nerve wracking enough, but terrified at the idea of putting anything up there. I'm also worried I'll be really loose down below.. sad TMI I know!!!!

DS is feeding constantly. The health visitor is coming tmw again but not quite sure why. He's gaining a lot of weight and doing well so not sure what this visit is for.

Is anyone else fed up with visitors? I really would like more time to myself but seem to have endless people wanting to come and see the baby...all the talking is tiring and the house is a mess so keeping it tidy is hard. Shouldn't complain as they all mean well...have so many presents to take back....got 6 of the same outfits from next and don't even like it!!

Oh well, time to go and feed the hungry little mite.

Congrats to all those I haven't had a chance to say that too. Small are you on your own again now? How long is DH away for? Hope you're ok as you have your hands full. People are so insenstive so try not to let them bother you.

Evening all.

Just stopping by for a few moments. DS was weighed today - birth weight was 6lb 13oz and he had dropped to 6lb 5oz on say 5, which was okay. Today (day 10) he's up to 6lb 14oz! A 9oz weight gain in 5 days explains what he's been doing with the phenominal amount of milk he's drinking - he's a bottomless pit grin

Things weren't going well with breastfeeding so yesterday morning made the decision to move to expressed breast milk only. Managed this fine, despite his appetite and felt relieved and happy for the first time since he was born - both more relaxed and feels manageable. Then, midwife visited today and said if I do this I'll probably find my milk decreases / dries up in a few weeks so I should persevere with breastfeeding sad. She's booked for the support worker to come and see me again tomorrow. I really do want to BF but just find it too stressful as he doesn't want to latch and fights so am now dreading trying again. I don't believe my milk will decrease if I exclusively feed EBM but it's sown that seed of doubt so feel I have to try again. DH not happy with midwife as I've been so much happier since I decided to only express and he doesn't want me stressed again.

To top it all off - c section wound is infected and I'm now on antibiotics and have to go to the GP surgery every few days to have it dressed sad.

Hey ho.

SSC My midwife said the exact same thing about drying up and I just smiled and nodded, at the end of the day a happier me means a happier baby, DD is getting the best of both worlds by having EBM with my goodness in and less stress and frustration from not having bf issues smile Don't listen to them, as they are only allowed to support bf, which makes what they say pretty redundant, not even giving the pros/cons of bottle feeding, especially when it's your lovely breast milk..

I am so much happier since stopping breast feeding and DD has been much more settled and a routine is perfectly forming.. If it works for you, don't let anyone tell you otherwise! Xx

ffnorm Mon 18-Jun-12 20:47:52

25th April: TeaandHobnobs DS 4 lb 11.5 oz
2?th May: Fanbelt DD
27th May: Warlin DS
28th May: HorseyGirl1 DS
31st May: KatyJ26 DD
6th June: Smallwonder DS 7 lb 9 oz
7th June: Mammainthemaking DD 8 lb 2 oz
= Bumper1 DS
8th June: SeriouslyStrongCheddar DS 6 lb 13 oz
9th June:Ginga66 DS 8lb 2 oz
10th June: Ceeej DD 6 lb 12 oz
= Ffnorm DD 8 lb 7 oz
= Thedogwalker (now Mammato2boys) DS 6 lb 15.5 oz
= BlueAndRedMakePurple DS 9 lb 10 oz
12th June: Kveta DD 9 lb 4 oz
= Annakin31 DD 7 lb 7 oz
13th June: Alligatorpie DD 7 lb 6 oz
14th June: Blondiedollface DD 8 lb 7 oz
15th June:Star DS
=Rhibutterfly DD
18th Shelduck DS
=Diarynips DD
=SpecialJK ?

Hope I haven't left any one out!!!

ffnorm Mon 18-Jun-12 21:00:52

25th April: TeaandHobnobs DS 4 lb 11.5 oz
2?th May: Fanbelt DD
27th May: Warlin DS
28th May: HorseyGirl1 DS
31st May: KatyJ26 DD
6th June: Smallwonder DS 7 lb 9 oz
7th June: Mammainthemaking DD 8 lb 2 oz
= Bumper1 DS
8th June: SeriouslyStrongCheddar DS 6 lb 13 oz
9th June:Ginga66 DS 8lb 2 oz
10th June: Ceeej DD 6 lb 12 oz
= Ffnorm DD 8 lb 7 oz
= Thedogwalker (now Mammato2boys) DS 6 lb 15.5 oz
= BlueAndRedMakePurple DS 9 lb 10 oz
12th June: Kveta DD 9 lb 4 oz
= Annakin31 DD 7 lb 7 oz
13th June: Alligatorpie DD 7 lb 6 oz
14th June: Blondiedollface DD 8 lb 7 oz
15th June:Star DS
=Rhibutterfly DD
18th Shelduck DS
=Diarynips DS
=SpecialJK DS

13 boys to 10 girls hope diary doesn't notice I accidentally typed DD on my 1st update blush

ffnorm Mon 18-Jun-12 21:13:07

Feel as if I have become the obsessive stats updater grin but not posting blush

Tried my Moby sling around the house today - besides needing a degree in order to wrap it,DD loved it smile might try it in public tomorrow...only thing is all the models in the catalogue are stick thin and look so stylish in the sling but when I wrap it snug,like it's meant to be,I have a delightful fat roll sticking out beneath it shock

SSC my wound feels weird and tingly and I'm nuerotic about it becoming infected...

mrsshears Mon 18-Jun-12 21:16:00

Hi i was on the antenatal thread but didn't post regularly blush
could i join please?

I had my little girl on the 8th of june by c/s weighing 10lb 12 1/2 oz

ffnorm Mon 18-Jun-12 21:36:30

Welcome back MrsShears - think you have won the biggest baby so far award..

25th April: TeaandHobnobs DS 4 lb 11.5 oz
2?th May: Fanbelt DD
27th May: Warlin DS
28th May: HorseyGirl1 DS
31st May: KatyJ26 DD
6th June: Smallwonder DS 7 lb 9 oz
7th June: Mammainthemaking DD 8 lb 2 oz
= Bumper1 DS
8th June: SeriouslyStrongCheddar DS 6 lb 13 oz
=mrsshears:DD 10 lb 12 1/2 oz
9th June:Ginga66 DS 8lb 2 oz
10th June: Ceeej DD 6 lb 12 oz
= Ffnorm DD 8 lb 7 oz
= Thedogwalker (now Mammato2boys) DS 6 lb 15.5 oz
= BlueAndRedMakePurple DS 9 lb 10 oz
12th June: Kveta DD 9 lb 4 oz
= Annakin31 DD 7 lb 7 oz
13th June: Alligatorpie DD 7 lb 6 oz
14th June: Blondiedollface DD 8 lb 7 oz
15th June:Star DS
=Rhibutterfly DD
18th Shelduck DS
=Diarynips DS
=SpecialJK DS

mammadothebump Mon 18-Jun-12 21:53:14

Hi Jubilee ladies. Just marking place as still not ready to join you! Former name of ellybett but have changed as all I am at the moment is bump (and the Rizzlekicks are my guilty pleasure!)

Lovely to see all the June babies are thriving and it's good to read about all the tiny baby things I'd forgotten (including the relative non-smell of early poo's!). Can't wait to join you soon.

SSC that is very unfair of the midwife not to support you in what you have chosen to do to keep you happy / sane sad - that is all we should ever do in our decisions! But I can see her point that without the stimulation of baby suckling, the supply might not stay as strong - that of course might not prove to be the case, or be a problem, but I wonder if putting baby to the breast say once a day, for supply stimulation purposes rather than feeding, might help keep things going? Just an errant thought...

I was discussing bf with two ladies from my antenatal class last week (who are of course still pregnant hmm), and we all agreed that it was most unfair that the midwives basically refused to answer a question from one lady in the class about which bottle was the best to use - those who choose to bottle feed (EBM or formula) deserve advice as much as anyone else!

ceeej Mon 18-Jun-12 23:58:56

blondie and SSC as far as I understand the physiology you just have to remove the milk to keep the supply going, my cousin fed with expressed milk only for 6 months as she had a latch issue.

ffnorm I've ventured outside with DD in my stretchy wrap twice now, it does highlight my increased girth and the belly sticks out rather obviously underneath it but I've decided I don't care.

ffnorm Tue 19-Jun-12 08:19:29

Thanks Ceej - it's not as if I look gorgeous without the sling so gonna give it a go grin the instructions say you can feed with them in the sling but I can't see yet how this is possible...again,I will need to try it out and see

SSC you do what is right for you,the stimulation from the pump is not as effective as latching but if you are determined and it makes you feel happier,you will get the supply up.I've seen many woman pump lovely volumes with never having the baby latch. I pumped for DS as he had a really bad tongue tie,and even though I found it really hard work,I'm glad I did it smile

Talking of tongue ties,Blondie has your lo's been snipped yet,or is it this Friday coming?

Tea I think the problem for MW/HV's,besides the breast is best ideology,is that they are not permitted to promote a specific product,so they can't say - Avent/Dr Brown/Nuk/Tommy Tippee is best. Sadly,they tend to get defensive and spout the breast story instead of explaining or saying something along the lines of "many woman prefer the anti colic systems/orthodontic teats" etc

My iphone says 20 degrees today smile we are going to venture to Mothercare world exciting,I know return/swap a few things and look for some nursing bras. Also DH needs to go and register DD,which is slightly more complicated as she was born not where we live hmm

Have a lovely day all,*Mamado*,we'll see you here soon wink

mrsshears Tue 19-Jun-12 08:52:39

thanks for the welcome back ffnorm
we are going to register today too and also have what i think will be our last midwife visit.
My little one's cord has still not come off, i'm sure dd2's had by now (day 11) does anyone else's baby still have their's at this stage?

Kveta Tue 19-Jun-12 18:51:23

Em's cord fell off yesterday, so she had her first bath today - unimpressed doesn't even begin to describe her response grin she smells nice and clean now though, as she had been getting quite grotty from all the sick post feeds.

had to take her to bfing clinic today to get her latch checked on my right hand side because OW! it was odd going, as I used to go with DS regularly, so the HV who runs it did a lovely double take when I walked in with a newborn! think we've got it sorted though.

can't believe she's 1 week old already!

Really sorry to hear the MW made you feel worried seriously. It's not something you need right now when you're getting into the swing of things. I'm also expressing but only doing it for night time top ups. During the day we're only breast feeding with the trusty nipple shield. The MWs and HW have said that I should try and get Violet to learn to feed without the shield however right now while we're still trying to get her weight back up from the dramatic drop I don't want to rock the boat. In a couple of weeks I'll go along to a BF group for some help. Have you tried the shields? It revolutionised BFing for us. Otherwise we'd have had to express only too. Means we can go out and about too without having to take a bottle with us. I give Violet a bottle of breast milk when we go to bed and then she gets the boob to settle her down. In her night feed we sometimes do a bottle, sometimes not. Depends how hungry she seems.... I'm managing to express 80ml from each boob now (last week it was 15ml from both boobs) grin

Violet's cord dropped off on day 9 and is looking really neat now. We've not given her a bath yet. I'm a bit scared because she HATES getting her clothes taken off. She's not stinky though so hope we can last a few more days!

Come on England!!!

StarlightWithAsteroid Tue 19-Jun-12 20:12:18

Hi all,

Finally made it over here. Will catch up with news shortly.

Having a change of heart about Ds' name. Shoukd have been called 'Greedy Guts'!

mrsshears Tue 19-Jun-12 20:47:58

Thanks mamma and kveta
The midwife came today and said she won't discharge us yet as dd is not back up to her birth weight yet and because her cord hasn't come off yet, i'm quite happy with that plan.
She did say it looks like it's going to go any day.
We registered today too, we didn't bother with a middle name in the end as we felt like we would be having one just for the sake of it.

Ffnorm Her tongue-tie got snipped today, I'm pretty tough, but wow it was difficult to see somebody put a pair of scissors into my 5 day old's mouth and snip not once but twice as it was such a severe tie.

DD is absolutely fine, but it really knocked me and since I've started doubting literally everything I'm doing, and whether I'm feeding her right as she just keeps being sick after feeding... DH has been a gem but I'm finding it SO hard that he's back at work already, I do the nights, because otherwise he's too tired for work, and I do the days because I'm the only one here with her. But I am off to bed now to get an hour or so before DH and DD come up, I just feel so drained and exhausted.

Will post more when I don't need matchsticks for my eyes. Stay positive ladies Xx

blondie I'm with you on the worrying about them being sick - for days I was convinced that BabyTea was bringing up everything he'd eaten at every feed confused but the nurses reassured me that what they bring up appears to be much more than it is, i.e. if you spilt just 5ml of milk on a surface, it would look like loads, and they are having amounts way in excess of 5ml! He is still sick after nearly every feed, sometimes digested stuff and sometimes not, but I just try not to worry. Others tell me that some babies are just sicky, like some are windy, etc, and they should grow out of it. It is upsetting though sad poor BabyTea has just had another mammoth vomiting session on my lap.

Kveta we share smelly babies! The other morning, BabyTea had been sick so many times in the night (and it collects in his newly acquired neck folds), he totally STANK! Unfortunately for me, he wanted to feed all morning, so I had to put up with the pong under my nose, yuck! He loves the bath though - he has this hilarious expression of faraway contemplation!

I think either his latch is deteriorating or he is getting lazy, as feeding has definitely started to get more painful. Will see if I can get his latch checked.

It was Grandma's funeral today. It was a lovely service, although upsetting, but it was nice to see so many family members (lots of dad's cousins, and his one remaining aunt) and introduce BabyTea.

Tomorrow he has his term head scan, and final check-up with the neonatal outreach team, so he should be discharged from their care, eeeeeee!! Then we are going to spend the afternoon at the V&A with some friends.

Will be lurking on the night shift, see some of you there? grin

smallwonder Tue 19-Jun-12 23:28:01

Finally, am able to post!
Good to catch up on everyone's thriving newborn news grin What I can remember....

Tea Hope all is well tomorrow. I must've missed your grandma's passing away, my condolences sad
Blondie Don't blame you. I should've been in bed an hour ago but there's so little time to do ME things.
Mrsshears Congratulations on your DD if I didn't already say so. I remember you from the early months of PG I think.
SSC Hope scar is feeling better.
Alligatorpie Good to 'see' you on the PN thread smile

DS is almost 2 weeks old. He's gone from 7.9 to 7.16lbs so am quite happy with that as was health visitor. I met her earlier, lots of new advice, a lot of which I didn't agree with and told her so hmm I'm sure she meant well but was glad to see her leave. Apparently latest research shows that Grape Seed Oil is so much better for LO's flaky skin than the olive oil I use hmm she had something to say about everything, fortunately that's that for a while yet.
Have been managing alright on my own, always lovely to go out with the DC and have people stop and ask about the baby, we all feel very proud when this happens. Even the plumber came and sat down with us today to have a chat and coo over the baby en route out to his van -- I don't think i ever want this lovely newborn to get any bigger, very much enjoying him.
Warlin Was it you who gets some sleep while OH watches the golf? Great idea btw! I'm going to bed now and leaving DS with DH for an hour, even just that hour of not having to sleep with one eye open makes for less grumpy mummy in the morning smile

I went to Slimming World tonight blush and of course, weighed myself. I am 9 pounds heavier than I was before PG blush so will see how we fare this week now that I'm seriously watching the waistline. Am currently wearing 'THE' only comfy maternity trousers that I have as they really protect my scar, my regular trousers don't fit yet and I feel very conscious of my weight, must lose, lose, lose.

Well, I'm sure i've made up for being absent grin

Ginga66 Wed 20-Jun-12 03:17:05

Annakin I am also wondering how I will cope with three year old and newborn when dh goes back to work but aiming to get mom andmil to help!
Really struggling tonight. Ds2 has hard tummy, pulling legs up and crying and struggling to feed which I guess is colic. He does not like infacol. My dh in with ds1 as he still wakes most nights.
I found myself crying looking at ds1 feeling so guilty that ds2 is consuming my time with bf then crying looking at ds2 thinking he must be having a rough time of it.
I am soooooo tired now but he won't sleep. Please tell me this won't last.

McKayz Wed 20-Jun-12 22:38:17

Just posting quickly.

Having a few breastfeeding problems. It really really bloody hurts. So trying to work out how to latch her on.

StarlightWithAsteroid Wed 20-Jun-12 22:45:18

When she's on, however badly, press down on and wiggle her chin to open her mouth wider and get a better latch.

It doesn't sort out the latching on in the first place butvitvensures the whole feed isn't badly latched.

Her mouth is tiny and your nipples are big and she's still working it out.

DairyNips Thu 21-Jun-12 03:35:37

Hey all, I made it smile
McKayz I am also getting pain when bfing, despite supposedly knowing all about it. I expected this as it happened the last two times but it's still awful. It does pass once baby has got the hang of things and the latch improves/ baby grows but hard initially. I'm using the Lansinoh..

McKayz Thu 21-Jun-12 04:09:58

I can't get her to take a big mouthful. I think she just latches on to my nipple and that of course hurts like hell.

Hopefully the MW can help.

DairyNips Thu 21-Jun-12 05:12:17

It's hard, especially when their mouth is so small. Only advice I can give is to keep taking her off and re-latching of its really sore. Support the back of her shoulders but don't hold the back of her head, that way she'll be able to tip her head back and open wide. Aim nipple to her nose and let the nip go in right at the last second. These are all the things I am trying. Still haven't cracked it yet but some feeds are better than others.

DairyNips Thu 21-Jun-12 05:17:09

Oh, one more thing I remembered. Crying I a actually a late feeding cue, look for earlier signs like hand chewing and lip smacking and attempt the feed then. It's a lot less stressful to try and get the latch right if they're not super hungry and screaming and you can take your timesmile

DairyNips Thu 21-Jun-12 05:17:29

Crying is actually

DairyNips Thu 21-Jun-12 14:32:50

How's everyone getting on? Our first full day together today as a family of 5smile We're all in bed at the moment! Ds1 went off o nursery at lunchtime with dh and wasn't hmself, they called an hour later to say he was just lying down complaining of a headache so I went and fetched him home. I had sent dh for a nap as he let me have a long lie this morning with Oscar whilst he dealt with the boys. Ds2 is having his afternoon nap anyway and ds1 just wanted to go to bed when he got back. I thought if I can't beat em I'll join em so put sleeping Oscar in his cot next to our bed and am having a lay down myself smile

Hope ds1 isn't too ill, awful when they're ill and then there's the worry that Oscar might catch it if he's got a bug..

Kveta Thu 21-Jun-12 16:24:10

all fine here, Em is such a sleepy baby, we are actually worried how much she is sleeping, as today she has had maybe 2 hours awake in total confused DS used to manage on 2 hours sleep a day at this age!!

we registered her birth today, making her official. then went shopping for clothes for her, which wore me out, but got some nice non-pink things for her!

oh, and my kitchenaid arrived today - don't think June can get much better!!

hope Oscar avoids a cold - hopefully bfing should keep him safe for now! DS went back to the childminder today, and was so excited to be back - he ran in shouting 'I got a baby in the car!' and didn't even look back to say goodbye - he's been in such a good mood since he got home too. I'm hoping his 2 mornings a week there will keep him happy without feeling like he's been pushed out by Em.

McKayz Thu 21-Jun-12 17:38:31

Tis pants here. I think its me more than anything. I am sat daydreaming about formula.

DairyNips Thu 21-Jun-12 18:06:37

Oh Mckayz I hope things improve quickly for you. I think you're a total hero looking after a newborn and two ds's at the same time straight away with no help. I'm just about getting used to things with three and dh is doing a lot. Be kind to yourself x

McKayz - sorry to hear you're struggling. I had awful problems with breastfeeding in hospital and had to move to formula so that they'd let me out (and to save my sanity). Since coming home I've moved over to expressed breast milk and he hasn't had formula since Sunday now. Am going to give myself a couple of weeks on that before attempting breast feeding again as we found it so stressful (and my c section wound is infected so want to feel 100% before I try again). It's so hard - hope you feel better soon as I know how miserable I felt (cried practically non stop for about 3 days while trying to work it out).

I think these are the latest stats, based on recent announcements and Kveta's latest update of the doc on facebook:

25th April: TeaandHobnobs DS 4 lb 11.5 oz
2?th May: Fanbelt DD
27th May: Warlin DS
28th May: HorseyGirl1 DS
31st May: KatyJ26 DD 
6th June: Smallwonder DS 7 lb 9 oz
7th June: Mammainthemaking DD 8 lb 2 oz
= Bumper1 DS
8th June: SeriouslyStrongCheddar DS 6 lb 13 oz
= mrsshears DD 10 lb 12.5 oz
9th June: Ginga66 DS 8lb 2 oz
10th June: Ceeej DD 6 lb 12 oz
= Ffnorm DD 8 lb 7 oz
= Thedogwalker (now Mammato2boys) DS 6 lb 15.5 oz
= BlueAndRedMakePurple DS 9 lb 10 oz
12th June: Kveta DD 9 lb 4 oz
= Annakin31 DD 7 lb 7 oz
13th June: Alligatorpie DD 7 lb 6 oz
= Novmama DD 7 lb
14th June: Blondiedollface DD 8 lb 7 oz
15th June: Star DS 8 lb 9 oz
= Rhibutterfly DD 7 lb 13 oz
16th June: Shelduck DS 7 lb 9 oz
18th June: DairyNips DS 5 lb 13 oz
= SpecialJK DS 8 lb 6 oz
= bemybebe DD 7 lb
19th June: AmethystMoon DD 7 lb 6 oz
20th June: McKayz DD 9 lb 6.5 oz
= PinkPanther27 DD 8 lb 14 oz
= justwantscheese DD 9 lb 13 oz
21st June: CathFin DS 9 lb 2 oz

Running total: 14 boys, 17 girls

Does anyone else feel the urge to do all sorts of statistical analysis on the above? confused

It's BabyTea's due date today! He is officially a real baby now grin

Warlin Thu 21-Jun-12 19:19:43

Ok, just a quickie while ds asleep.... So exciting to hear of all the June babies coming thick and fast... Only a few more to go until full house! Mckayz, don't be hard on yourself, have so much respect for all ladies with other kids as I'm just about managing with only ds and a lively Labrador to worry about smile

Have started ds in infracol today on health visitor recommendation. E just gets very windy at night and it stops him settling. I'm hoping it does the trick as some feeds can last 2-3 hours when he doesn't settle!

Anyway better go and try and get some tea before the wee monkey wakes again.

Tea, well done on the stats! Very organised!

McKayz Fri 22-Jun-12 02:57:27

Whoever thought it was a good idea to 'invent' 3am is terrible. grin
I'm sat here feeding while planning Xmas presents!!

I've decided to get out today. I'm going to go pick up DS2 from playschool. I hate being stuck in the house so figured a little walk will do me good.

DairyNips Fri 22-Jun-12 03:17:08

McKayz feeding here too! Good plan to get out, makes you feel more humansmile

DairyNips Fri 22-Jun-12 03:18:53

Warlin Hope your ds isn't too unsettled for you tonight. My ds1 had infacol, it did seem to help him get the burps up..

DS woke at 2:15 for a feed, and is still awake now. Argh.

DairyNips Fri 22-Jun-12 08:29:00

Tea hope he went back to sleep in the end.

Not too bad a night here, Oscar fed 3 times between 12ish and 3 ish but then slept till just before 7smile

McKayz Fri 22-Jun-12 08:45:40

Tea did DS go back to sleep? DD woke about 2 and it was about 4 before I got back to sleep.

Is it just the midwives here that don't give you a time? I am really hoping to get out today despite the god awful rain.

rachyroodle Fri 22-Jun-12 09:01:27

He he. Sounds like we are all missing quite a lot of sleep. Just sat here cuddling a sleeping baby. Don't want to risk putting her in the Moses basket as we have started to refer to it as the basket of wakefulness and I have lefty ambitions of getting out of the house today! She loves to be awake at night but sleeps so well during the day. It took me3 hours to feed her and get her to sleep last night and I thought that was a result! She is gorgeous though so I forgive her

So many babies now. I can't keep up! I can't work out how to update the stats on my iPad so if anyone is adding themselves please can you add me too. Little roodle born 14 June 7lb 5oz.

Am so impressed with all of you that have other children to look after and are coping with a new baby. I am exhausted even though DH is pretty much doing everything apart from bf.

DH came in around 4:30 because of all the noise hmm and cuddled DS while I got to snooze. He said DS was staying very awake though, not sure for how long, but definitely longer than he ought to!!!

It is lovely that he is having longer periods of being awake and alert now so I feel like I'm getting something back at last but does he have to do it in the middle of the night?

What is it about the 2am - 4am time slot? Is it still about being the best time for milk production?

I've got to start going to bed earlier....

Kveta Fri 22-Jun-12 12:21:18

Em slept so well last night - keep expecting her to be awful like her brother, then she does another 4 hour sleep!

I was getting worried that she wasn't feeding enough, as she sleeps so much, but just had her weighed and she has gone up to 9lb 10oz, so a good 6oz above her birth weight at 10 days old, so no need to worry about that!

I am just waiting for something to go wrong though, as I'm sure it shouldn't be this easy confused she is just so so different to DS, who was such a bloody awful newborn!

remind me of this next week when she's been up for 48 hours straight, puking, screaming, and pooing for britain grin

McKayz Fri 22-Jun-12 13:49:11

MW has just been. DD is jaundice so the MW doesn't think she is feeding properly. So I need to feed her more, which seems a bit strange as she feeds quite a lot anyway.

But she didn't watch a feed because DD is asleep having just finished feeding.

She hasn't been weighed yet. They are waiting until Monday to it which also seems weird to me as DS2 was 2 days old when they decided to weigh him.

DairyNips Fri 22-Jun-12 13:53:57

McKayz All 3 of mine have been jaundiced at this stage. Oscar is, the midwife made a note of it but wasn't too concerned. The other two just faded over a few days and were fine so I'm not really bothered, just feeding whenever I can, that's all you can do really.

Kveta Fri 22-Jun-12 14:02:41

both mine were jaundiced at this stage too McKayz, just feeding when you can, as Dairy says, will help. Have you contacted local LLL or NCT councellors to check your bfing btw? that would hopefully put your mind at ease smile also echoing what Dairy said upthread - coping with 2 wee boys and a newborn, all by yourself, you are incredible! smile not long now until your DH is home, hope the time flies by!

McKayz Fri 22-Jun-12 14:09:48

Kveta they don't have counsellors near me. One said she'd see me if I made the 50 mile journey to where she lives. But no one is close enough to see me.

They have said the latch looks ok but that it shouldn't hurt to feed. I'm getting nipple shields to try out.

DairyNips Fri 22-Jun-12 14:12:49

Aw tea hope your ds starts to swap to daytime for his awake and alert period! Early hours are the best time to feed for milk production yeah, like putting a double order in for the milk man if you feed then..

Kveta I am also wondering if this is the calm before the storm with Oscar. He feeds then sleeps and hardly cries. I know from experience they seem to 'wake up' a bit more around the two week point so am not counting my blessings that I have an 'easy' baby just yet.. He has such a quiet, polite cry, big change from ds2 who was so so loud when he cried, never heard anything like it.. He still is 'loud' in general to be fairhmmgrin

Kveta Fri 22-Jun-12 14:14:12

oh, that's shit sad hope you feel less sore soon, and the nipple shields help.

does it hurt all the way through feeds, or just at the beginning? because if it's the latter, be reassured that's quite normal. if the former, then possibly the latch does need checking. have you tried the biological nurturing position, where you recline (almost lying down) and lay baby face down on your chest, and let her root around and latch herself on? that normally makes for a better latch than if you are working out the positioning for yourself, if that makes sense?

McKayz Fri 22-Jun-12 14:20:31

It's all the way through. I've been trying the biological nurturing but she doesn't seem to quite get the hang of it. She gets on but then pushes herself off again.

CathFin Fri 22-Jun-12 14:54:48

Ouch McKayz hope it improves soon!
Just posted my birth story on the other thread if anyone wants a read. Back home now, feel a bit wrecked despite uncomplicated delivery - have got iron tabs as I lost a bit too much blood but am scared to take them until I have done a poo!
DS2 feeding ok if the amount of poo is anything to go by.
Dairy and McKayz think I might be temporarily overwhelmed to be a mum of 3, feeling a bit wobbly about it all - darn hormones!
SSC sorry to hear about infected csection scar, hope it gets better soon.

Have a few stitches down there but think it was a tiny tear so feel I have escaped relatively unscathed considering the delivery was v quick!

rhibutterfly Fri 22-Jun-12 18:53:18

Hi all sorry been gone so long, never thought c section would knock me so badly.Eight attempts at epidural before it worked,only being given paracetomol after because of breastfeeding,not being given meds regularly enough, staff shortages meaning no support with the breastfeeding etc,lets just say i'm glad i was sterilised at the same time.Moan over,she is so worth it xxx
Devan Lowri was born at 12.31pm last friday weighing 7lb 13oz,57cm long. She has outgrown her newborn clothes already but still looks tiny compared to my other daughter who weighed 7lb 5oz.
blondie advice needed please,Devan has severe tongue tie but because i've given up breastfeeding no one has mentioned snipping it,do they only offer this to breastfeed babies? and is your LO ok after?
Congratulations all on the new babies xx

McKayz Fri 22-Jun-12 19:09:24

How am I meant to keep DD awake for a feed? She needs a feed now but just doesn't want to wake up. She'll latch on but is asleep within seconds of being on.

DairyNips Fri 22-Jun-12 19:54:57

McKayz sounds cruel but try stripping her off and make sure the room isn't too hot, maybe change her nappy too. Should bring her round a bitsmile

DairyNips Fri 22-Jun-12 20:01:34

McKayz have you tried the exaggerated latch to get more nipple in? Link here (ignore the fact it's in a different language, has a good animation). As my nipples are already sore from the first few days I am getting slight discomfort for most of the feed but the excruciating pain is only for the first 10-20 secs. If its really sore after she's lathed on and got the nipple to the back of her mouth remove her and try again. I know it's awful to go through the initial latch again but leaving her on when it's that sore will only cause more damage and make it worsesad Have you got Lansinoh, if so keep applying after every feed. If one side of worse than the other you could always do two feeds on good side then one on bad side to help it heal a bit then go back to alternating.

StarlightWithAsteroid Fri 22-Jun-12 20:07:42

McK, sorry to hear about your bfing troubles. A sleepy baby can be made to keep feeding by switching sides every time they stop of slow down. Sometimes you can switch sides 4-5 times and his is really excellent for milk production too.

Really pull down hard on the baby' chin too once latched on to widen the mouth.

StarlightWithAsteroid Fri 22-Jun-12 20:09:00

And makes ure the bottom lip is curled out, by both pulling down on the chin and flipping the lip out with your finger if necessary.

McKayz Fri 22-Jun-12 22:29:10

We've just had a really good feed. She was on for 30 minutes and she seemed to get quite a bit. It didn't hurt much either after the first 30 or so seconds.

I had a go at expressing too and got quite a lot out. I'm feeling heavier too so I'm wondering if my milk is starting to come in.

DairyNips Fri 22-Jun-12 22:30:06

That's great McKayz! Your milk coming in will help, you're doing so so wellsmile

McKayz Fri 22-Jun-12 22:40:26

Thank you Dairy

She's asleep in her basket and part of me wants to sleep and another part wants her to wake up for more cuddles. smile

DairyNips Fri 22-Jun-12 23:02:04

Aww I know what you mean. Oscar is snoozing away and he just looks so adorable. Am watching the clock waiting for him to wait!

We all seem to have the shits today, really what we don't need right now and especially not what I need after just having had a baby!angry Hope they bog off soon, ds1 who has a cast iron immune system only had it happen once but ds2 has done several awful nappies today <sigh>

DairyNips Fri 22-Jun-12 23:02:22

Him to wake

McKayz Fri 22-Jun-12 23:04:44

I've just realised I can paint my toe nails!! grin

ceeej Fri 22-Jun-12 23:07:49

McK we have sleepy baby issues too, to wake her we change her nappy and remove all clothes then when she starts falling asleep on the boob stroking the bottom of her feet seems to keep her alert for a bit then when that stops working I burp her then offer the other side, often going back and forth a couple of times.

MammaTo2boys Sat 23-Jun-12 06:20:18

Mckayz hope the latch now improves. Mine got so much better once my milk came in. I also 2nd Dairy on the use of lansinoh religously after every feed. It has been my life well nipple saviour. You are doing a brillianrt job, looking after 3 on your own, hope things look rosier soon for you xx
SSC hope the infection clears soon.
I've been absent for a few days, feeling not too good. Nothing bad just feel exhausted, physically and I'm in pain. LO is sleeping ok at night so have no complaints there. I don't think my tear is healing properly and so I'm in constant pain there and 13 days after the birth I'm still bleeding heavily. MW said all this was normal hmm, she has not looked at my tear or how its healing.
Sorry to moan. Hope everyone is feeling better than me x

CathFin Sat 23-Jun-12 06:52:36

Mamma, low iron can make you feel rotten, maybe get some iron tablets or pop and see the gp if you are worried about the scar and the mw is being a bit useless. Good to get it sorted out and make life easier!

McKayz - hope your feeding has turned the corner, would second the advice on stripping baby if it won't wake up!

Wonder what time the midwife will come today?? Think I am going to take it very easy on myself as I am super grumpy, DD and DS1 playing up a bit but not too bad but I'm a very snappy mummy.

MammaTo2boys Sat 23-Jun-12 07:17:30

Thanks Cathfin hope you're not waiting too long for the MW. On Wednesday, I waited the whole day and she never arrived. Wish they would give an appointment time.

StarlightWithAsteroid Sat 23-Jun-12 09:08:26

I had to phone on Wednesday and say ' come now or forget it'. I wasn't being difficult but it was my Ds' sports day that afternoon.

Monday is going to be similar as I'm doing the school run and use public transport so will only be in between 10:30 and 1:45.

McKayz Sat 23-Jun-12 09:11:23

Would it kill them to even just say they'll be there between 12 and 2?

They are coming Monday but I have the school run to do too, so hopefully they will come when I am in.

ffnorm Sat 23-Jun-12 09:48:45

Morning all - I realise I have been neglecting MN (reading but not getting around to posting) so must endevour to set aside MN time grin

RhiB just wanted to say,I'm horrified that they would only give you Paracetamol post section because of bf shock I had Diclofenac,Codeine and the offer of Oromorph as well as Paracetamol. How barbaric!!! Would put anyone off bf. Re tongue tie - DS had a really bad but atypical one .so know quite a bit about it. Most of the TT clinics only offer snipping if it impacts on feeding. The hospital who eventually did DS's did however mention other problems ie speech impediments,if TT bad,so if you want it done,you could tell them you can't latch but are really keen to get back to bf not that I'm advocating lying or find a private practitioner to do it for you. Also meant to ask you,what the plan for DD's kidney problem?

McK sorry to hear feeding is a challenge!! I am also attached to the Lasinnoh,it moves from room to room with the feeding pillow grin

Mama2 I would insist that the next time you see the MW,that she look at your repair. With DS my episiotomy stiches became undone,after the week spent in hospital (not that they do anything - just have to wait for it to heal together) and if it's really sore it might be infected. It's her job to check the wound

Agree that there lack of time giving is annoying,on wednesday my MW managed to come when I was in the shower,so ended up running around trying to get dressed in a hurry... Also,with my previous pg,the MW's discharged me to the HV but here the MW doesn't want to discharge me as DD is still a bit jaundiced but HV is coming to see me,so I've got HV on Monday and MW on Tuesday,all a bit much!

Shelduck Sat 23-Jun-12 11:37:36

Hi all,
Can i have a hug? sad
i'm finding this really hard. Some probs bfing. Persisting with it and getting lots of help but getting to the point that i'm starting to get quite anxious around DS and associating him with pain. Poor little duckling.
think it would really help to have the support of you fantastic ladies, but no time to check internet these days! Poo!
Hugs to you all.

Shelduck have a BIG hug. The first 2 weeks that DS was home, I found bf a real emotional struggle. In fact, I would say I hated it. But a few weeks down the line, it now feels natural and easy most of the time.

I hope with the support you are getting, you'll be able to keep going (if that feels right for you) and it will get easier for you too.


Shelduck Sat 23-Jun-12 12:09:59

Thanks tea! [tearfully grateful smile]

DairyNips Sat 23-Jun-12 12:41:40

Shelduck here ((hug)) it is super tough in these first few weeks and you are not alone! Get all the rl help you can and if you think there's anything we can offer ideas or tips about please asksmile

McKayz Sat 23-Jun-12 13:46:53

Shelduck Have a ((hug)) from me too. It's hard isn't it?

We've had 2 dirty nappies today. The second on was yellow rather than dark greeny/meconium poo. So surely she is getting something?

Kveta Sat 23-Jun-12 13:56:55

shelduck it does get easier, honestly. the first few weeks with DS I was crying at every feed, and then it suddenly got easier, and I am still bfing him now (he's 32 months old) if someone had told me back then that it would become such second nature that I'd still be nursing a nearly 3 year old, I would have laughed in their face confused. have a brew and some hugs, it will improve! and i have PMd you!

kayz that's excellent smile she must be getting something from you! well done!

we just got a pair of booties sent over that my sister knitted for Em - they are too small already so we tried a quick photo shoot to show sister them on her. it looks like Em will suffer the same curse as me with absurdly big feet though! poor thing. not much else happening here, except I made a cake with the kitchenaid earlier, which DH has pronounced 'almost perfect, but needs a few more attempts for him to taste' grin I have a sleeping baby on my lap so can't reach it for myself yet, but it does look yummy!

oh, and reptile-baby is still shedding skin, so DH is lovingly rubbing olive oil onto her twice a day. he is besotted with his daughter, it's lovely smile

rhibutterfly Sat 23-Jun-12 15:52:20

ffnorm I was prescrised diclofenac in recovery but was told on maternity ward that i would not be receiving it as they did not have it in stock. (a quick phone call to pharmacy surely)

The morning after the c section i was given an ibuprofen at 9am as i was unable to have any more paracetomol until 3pm,at 3pm i asked for painkillers, by 4.20pm i was in tears from the pain and had to ask again, i received 2 paracetomol at 4.30pm by which time i was ready to discharge myself,only reason i did not was because i had to wait for antibiotics for Devan from the pharmacy the next day.(because they had forgotten to order them that morning)

I do realise there is a midwife shortage on the nhs and most of the staff were wonderful,especially on night shift when i had painkillers smack on time,but was forgotten about on quite a few occassions which is not good when your in agony,not getting any sleep and trying to breastfeed.

Devan is doing really well thanks,had a scan on her kidneys yesterday,sonographer said there was no change from the scans i had while pregnant, left kidney doing lovely job,seeing consultant in 10 days ,hope to know more then.
Hope LO's jaundice goes soon,Devan has it too,she wore a peach cardigan yesterday for all of five minutes as she lookes so much more yellow with it on xx

HUGS for shelduck

kveta my DD has freakishly big feet too lol especially her big toe smile

rhibutterfly Sat 23-Jun-12 15:55:40

Meant to say i did not receive painkillers at 3pm thats why i had to ask again at 4.20pm

Shelduck Sat 23-Jun-12 16:10:32

Thanks all. Ok - thinking about switching to formula. Don't like throwing in the towel, but i feel like the feeding is coming between me and ds. Start to feel anxious when i'm around him, and don't want this to stop me bonding with him. If anyone wants to say something encouraging either way, please do!

MammaTo2boys Sat 23-Jun-12 18:05:50

Shelduck I'm a big fan of BF but I understand the pain you're going through. I BF DS1 til he was 9 months old, he then stopped wanting my milk, I was very upset. This time round, the first 7 or 8 days have been hell again. The sore nipples seem to last forever, but I'm only on day 13 now and I've been clear of nipple pain for a few days. It does get easier I promise, however, if you do choose to stop, then that is ok too, you must do what feels right for you. All I'm saying is the dark days don't last for long and you're doing so well. Take care of yourself.
Yipee McK your milk must be getting through, especially now your milk is coming in. Good luck with your BF tonight.

DairyNips Sat 23-Jun-12 18:33:13

Shelduck I'm sorry you're having such a hard time. I don't want to come across as judgemental because I'm really not. I personally don't care whether people choose to ff or bf. What I will say is that if you really wanted to breastfeed and you think you'll feel sad if you stop then the people who offer Breastfeeding support in your area owe it to you to help you achieve what you wanted. If you can get all the right help it will become easier, I know it is super hard and almost seems impossible that you might carry on but with the right advice you can get through this stage - if that's what you want! My own personal experience with my ds1 was that feeding became very painful, I left it till it felt too painful and I couldn't bare the idea of one more feed so I switched to formula at 3 weeks. Within a day of stopping I felt terrible as I had really wanted to succeed. I finally decided after 3 days to contact the local lactation consultant and give it another go. It wasn't smooth sailing as I had stopped for three days and he had kinda got used to bottles by then. In the end he was mix fed till 5 months, this meant a mixture of bf, ff and expressing breast milk to feed to him. Basically it was harder than just ff or bf. in hindsight I should have asked for help at the first sign of pain before the damage was done so I could have turned things around. I don't know why I didn't, I just felt I should be able to cope and didn't believe they would really be able to helpsad When I had ds2 I experienced the same pain and called the lactation consultant before I even left hospital. She worked with me and after a rocky start I fed him till 16 months. When i contacted the lac cons I honestly couldn't see how I would last one more day never mind several months. I was so proud. This time round, despite being a peer supporter and apparently 'knowing it all' I have still had pain and struggled a bit but I have once again contacted help and made sure I got support. I'm starting to turn the corner and can see the light at the end of the tunnel.
I guess I'm telling you these stories because I want you to know that with the right help you can do this if that's what you wanted. Apparently 90% of women who stop bfing stop before they wanted to, I think this is really sad. Its a shame that this happens because the services and support out there are so hit and miss. Don't do anything you think others want you to do, its about what you want at the end of the day. If you feel you don't mind whether you bf or ff then that's fine, plenty people ff and bf for different reasons. No one will judge you either waysmile

DairyNips Sat 23-Jun-12 18:44:46

By the way, I wrote up my birth story for anyone who is interestedgrin

Birth story

I had had contractions for 3 days on and off as you know. When mon morn came I'd been up through the night but they still weren't regular. Dh dropped the boys off with the pils as I was knackered and went to work leaving me to relax. Around 9 the contractions were strong and I'd had 5 in a row at 5 min intervals. I'd had this several times over the last few days but they seemed the strongest yet and I was sick of waiting so I phoned the hosp and told em I was getting regular contractions every 5 mins and they said to go down. I texted Dh and he came home from work. On the way down my contractions slowed right down and I only had 3 or 4 over the hours journey. I was a little worried i'd be sent away for being a time waster when I got there. We didn't go straight to delivery when we arrived, I had a strong contraction as soon as I stepped out of the car then a long gap. We popped to the cafe and had a quick bite to eat then paced the corridors for an hour. I rang delivery and let them know i'd arrived but was trying to get my contractions going again. Just before 1.30 the pain stepped up a notch and I knew I would need gas n air shortly so we went up to the ward. She showed me in to the room and I hopped on to the bed to be examined. I was quite calm, she went to feel my tummy then I had the strongest contraction yet, I think she was quite surprised and commented it seemed a strong one. I begged her for some gas n air and she said she would get it asap, asked me to pop my bottoms off so she could examine me then I could have it. She quickly examined me and I was 7cm shock. Immediately handed me the gas n air (oh sweet relief!) and attached some monitors whilst I squirmed around on the bed. I suddenly got cramp in my foot to add insult to injury, midwife stretched my foot and it was gone thankfully. I felt I wanted to lay on my left with one leg bent so my pelvis was open. I had planned on sitting on my ball but we didn't even have time to blow it up! She asked if it was ok that a medical student watched and I said I didn't mind, also commented to dh that she could invite the queen in for all I cared! I was saying all sorts of rubbish on the gas n air, was in fits of giggles at some points so it was funny as well as painful. Some of the things I said are as follows 'Christ on a bike, we're in this together' 'am I going to make it out the other side?' 'Jim Davidson just popped in to my head ha ha ha' ' this f*cking hurts mind, don't you think it doesn't!' 'I'm straight trippin' homie'. As you can see I was totally off my tits grin
Anyway I could feel my waters had gone and they kept leaking everytime the baby moved down a bit. The midwife offered me pethedine a few times but I knew from my last two deliveries it wouldn't be long so I declined, she made some comment about me being stubborn lol, I just didn't want the baby to be sleepy when born.
I started to feel pressure that made me want to push a bit but not the overwhelming urge to push as yet. All the way through I held dh's hand and squeezed it, when the contractions became really strong it seemed to help me to push his hand backwards and forwards as of I was rowing a boat hmmfunny but it helped.. He also kept giving me sips of water when the gas n air made my mouth dry.
Anyway, the midwife kept moving the monitor down my tummy so I knew that what I was feeling was the baby getting lower. The medical student was occasionally taking my blood pressure and my temperature which was a minor irritation, think he was a bit scared to come near me to be honest lol.
I felt like pushing and kinda started to then the midwife asked if I felt like pushing and I shouted yes whilst pushing, she told me to breathe instead until she checked how dialated I was. I kinda ignored her and kept pushing a bit as I knew I was ready but she checked anyway and confirmed. At that point she raised the back of the bed a bit and put some foot rests in place for me to push against. I haven't had that before, pushed Ds1 and ds2 out whilst laying on my side.
She took the gas n air so I could concentrate on pushing - not appreciated and she soon gave it back! As Oscar was about to crown I became slightly overwhelmed by the sensation and let out what Dh describes as a 'primal scream', I just made this noise for about 20 seconds and the midwife was trying to talk to me but couldn't make herself heard above the noise lol! When I stopped she said to stop shouting as she wouldn't be able to direct me pushing etc. I commented that it was really stinging and she said it was ok, that was just baby's head and he had blonde hair. I slowly sucked the gas n air and tried not to push as he came out. The midwife and Dh told me to open my eyes (they had been closed for 95% of the labour as I was concentrating on by breathing techniques and hypnotherapy phrases in my head). I opened my eyes just as he finished coming out and was placed in my arms. I said to Dh how beautiful he was and the midwife noted that the time was 16.40, about 3 hours since I arrived on delivery ward. I got tea and toast afterwards which is the first time ever, somehow I escaped this with the last two and just got a sandwich in a box.
The placenta was a little stubborn so she catheterised me and waited a bit then it eventually came out. I had a small graze that didn't require stitches so was pleased. Oscar fed straight away for about half an hour which was so lovely as Ds1 and Ds2 took a while to get going. I had a bath once i'd recovered a bit then Oscar fed again for another half hour!
We went to the ward just after 8pm so weren't rushed out of the delivery room. Dh left about an hour later.
He has been a perfect baby since so I'm waiting for him to wake up to the world and cause some trouble!

ffnorm Sat 23-Jun-12 18:47:06

RhiB - it's so bad,makes me sad really. Glad to hear that Devan's left kidney is working well!!

Big hug Shelduck - I am a very pro bf but if you are getting anxious/associating him with pain,maybe you should express and give yourself a break??

StarlightWithAsteroid Sat 23-Jun-12 19:01:38

Shelduck, I too haven't got any concerns about how you feed your baby and being on my 3rd I have had a variety of experiences.

However, if you CAN crack this somehow, I know that whilst the early weeks ARE tough, bfing is INFINATELY easier than FF in the longer term.

I would recommend giving one feed at a time, and regaining some control of th situation by feeding him more regularly than he is asking for it.

Also, you're day 5 right?

Day 5 is SHIT!!! You have a hormone crash just as your baby wakes up to the world!!!!!

StarlightWithAsteroid Sat 23-Jun-12 19:07:43

Btw, I have no idea where the every 3-4 hour feeds thing comes from, but none of mine were like that. They fed completely random patters in the early weeks. Sometimes going 2-3 hours between feeds but sometimes only 15 mins.

I could usually get some peace if I fed just before going out/having a nap/making dinner and switching sides 2-3 times for that feed.

Kveta Sat 23-Jun-12 19:19:00

ooh, can I put my birth story here too? yours sounds really positive dairy, apart from the 3 days of contractions bit...

I ended up induced on the monday evening (40+6) for 'social' (i.e. childcare) reasons and due to her predicted size (was meant to be induced tuesday morning anyway, so it wasn't that early!), so had gel at 7pm, then was left for the night! DH was sent home to sleep for the last time too grin

contractions started at about 2am, needed paracetamol by about 3.30, TENS machine by 5, and was asking for any drugs available by 6, as the TENS was useless by then. DH called back in at 6am, me up to delivery unit for the epidural (yay!) - turns out they listen to you 2nd time round when you ask for pain relief! epidural was in by 7am, and was 4-5cm, so started well. then the epidural decided only to numb my legs and part of my pelvis...

so i was breathing through contractions, as epidural had taken the edge off, but by no means numbed me. by about 10am, i needed gas and air too, then we were told we were being moved to a different room as the delivery unit was having its entanox supply cut off for an hour (shock). so moved to clinical unit instead and got my gas and air. Gas and air was good - didn't make me throw up this time, yay! had some amusing moments, as i kept falling asleep between contractions, but a few times I came to just before the contraction and yelled at DH - things such as 'OH FUCK, I HAVEN'T PAID THE COUNCIL TAX!' and 'oh, who won the football yesterday?' and 'my face is all spiders it's running away' before bursting into tears then grabbing the mouthpiece for more G+A.

by 2, midwife thought i was nearly ready, so broke my waters, then 2.40, started me pushing. this is where it went tits up - i pushed for an hour, and no sign of baby - she would come a little bit out then back in with each push. consultant was called, and the heartbeat was dropping worryingly, so I was whipped into theatre for a forceps or c-section delivery. epidural was all but useless by this point so I was crying, sooking on gas and air like a woman possessed, and having to sign consent forms between contractions, with my legs akimbo. dignified... I think by this stage I had had internal exams from 10 different women since arriving in the hospital, so when they put a sheet over my legs to take me to theatre, I was yelling 'what's the fucking point, just get me to theatre!'

in theatre, they removed the epidural and gas and air from me so i was howling through contractions, when not crying 'just knock me out and get baby out!'. vomited everywhere just to add a little extra to the atmosphere of calm... then got a spinal which was amazing, and stopped screaming

surgeon did quick examination, declared em was back to back and possibly shoulder dystocia case, so she was going to use rotational forceps to get her out. 5 minutes later, baby emerged with cord round her neck (no shoulder dystocia, luckily), and was taken to be resuscitated whilst we looked on horrified. luckily, all was ok, and em was wrapped up for DH to hold her. I was shaking so much I couldn't hold her for an hour, but just kept crying whilst she took everything in! she was brought over for me to see and I snorted all over her, bizarrely grin got to hold her finally, and she fed beautifully for 40 minutes. oh, and as I didn't change her nappy for the first 24 hours, I didn't believe she was a girl, as she is the double of DS at birth. And I didn't feel the same rush of love for her as I did DS at birth, but am besotted with her now smile

and I am so not having another baby grin

StarlightWithAsteroid Sat 23-Jun-12 19:41:17

Thanks for the birth stories.

Poor you though Kveta. Sounds a really tough one!

ffnorm Sat 23-Jun-12 19:46:12

Sorry Shelduck my post may have come across really abrupt because I hit post as DS needed my attention - what I was trying to say is that I believe in bf as an ideology but with DS thanks to a variety of issues (the tongue tie being the major one) we never got off the ground...which led me to feel like a failure,which I was not and looking back makes me feel so sad. I am just grateful that this time it's going so much better for me.

So I suggested expressing to give yourself a breathing space but with the option to go back to bf,if you think that's where you may be...but if you want to ff,please never feel guilty about it as your health and feelings are just as important as your baby's and enjoying your baby and bonding are by far the most important.

Still don't think I'm putting myself across well but I hope you know what i mean

Sending more hugs xx

DairyNips Sat 23-Jun-12 20:39:13

Kveta loved reading your birth storysmile The end sounds traumatic for you, thank god it's over now though. I remember having a spinal to be sewn up after ds1, bliss!

DairyNips Sat 23-Jun-12 20:44:35

Oh and lol at your gas n air induced outbursts!grin

Kveta Sat 23-Jun-12 20:59:53

likewise at yours Dairy grin - last time I used it I just threw up every time, and hated it, but this time it worked so well! DH enjoyed the interludes of insanity in an otherwise quite terrifying day for him! he said he hated seeing me having contractions before the G+A when I was shaking, sweating, and moaning through each one - I wasn't aware I was that bad, as thought I was hiding how much it hurt from him grin not got a poker face, clearly!!

smallwonder Sat 23-Jun-12 21:07:21

I'm just popping in to say hello really smile
Just noticed the birth stories so will have a read at them when up in the night -- is a very good excuse to stay awake as I do have a tendency to find my head on DS's smile
DH and I are heading to bed, we're absolutely exhausted, we manage shift work between us which to a fly on the wall must look hilarious -- two red eyed, grumpy parents passing baby to one another before/after feeds inbetween horrendous snores and random eye opening to check baby is ok between us.
I had a peaceful afternoon with baby and eldest DC in the city centre, LO slept the whole time giving us time to shop and have lunch on our own.
I am thrilled that finally on Day 17 am back to non-maternity clothes!! Was getting sick of high waisted maternity trousers and was a good excuse to shop

Love all the beautiful pics on FB girls, we are all so blessed. Off to bed now, have a maths scheme of work to start for the DC tomorrow [yawn] xx

Thanks Dairy and Kveta for sharing.

Kveta you amaze me how you always manage to describe distressing or trying situations with an apparent wry smile on your face - you are an impressive and formidable lady! grin

Dairy your story got me thinking... There is this "golden threshold" of 3 contractions in 10 mins to indicate active labour. I guess they have to pick something, however arbitrary, and not everyone will fit that pattern, but your story (and mine) shows that dilation can occur even with irregular contractions (I think Blondie's story also corresponds?) - but they don't tell you that can happen! My experience of antenatal education suggested that labour follows a set pattern - do you think they should mention that not everyone has a textbook labour? (I did miss the "what if...?" session, so I guess they might have mentioned it there...)

I should stop rambling grin

Our midwife team held their picnic today - the rain held off for the first hour! I am sad though because I must have dropped my jumper on the way, and it was my favourite sad I don't think H&M sell it anymore and I can't really justify buying another as it is a maternity jumper and I have two more in other colours. Poo.

DS is cluster feeding again this evening. I am crossing fingers that tonight might be an improvement on the nightmare of the last two nights fat chance hmm

MammaTo2boys Sat 23-Jun-12 21:35:06

Tea my C cluster feeds every night, on and off for 3 hours, then I get anything between 4 and 5 hours before the next feed. Godsend, as I get a decent sleep.

DairyNips Sat 23-Jun-12 21:48:25

tea I was saying to dh that if I had waited till contractions were regular I would have never gone in to hosp. I just went down after a handful of regular ones cause I'd had enough! Scary, if I'd waited I might have ended up giving birth on the way or somethingconfused It is strange they think everyone will follow the same pattern. Luckily as I had been through labour before I knew by the level of pain things were happening!

small enjoy the birth stories and sleep wellsmile

McKayz Sat 23-Jun-12 22:26:16

The birth stories are really interesting. I need to type mine up.

My milk has come in. It bloody hurts and I feel like Jordan. Is it normal for one side to leak while you feed from the other side?

CathFin Sat 23-Jun-12 22:33:15

Ooh go on then , here's my birth story.... My boobs are so sore btw, think milk will arrive tomorrow... Shelduck - I'd only add that if you can crack bfing then it is fab for not having to take extra stuff out with you (bottles,formula etc) or indeed have to sterilise stuff - though that I know its not for all...

Birth story!

Not the most stress free scenario with DS and hubby on children's ward at luckily the same hosp I was delivering at... Went to bed Weds night after stressful day with wheezy DS in hospital and knew I was having the odd contraction but by that point determined to hold off until the morning! Woke at 1 am then 3 am and at 4 am had couple more contractions and I was pretty sure as soon as I got out of bed I would be all stations go! Stressed a bit as I was on my own with DD at home.

Got up at 4.30 am and rang hospital to say I was having contractions but had no medical notes as they were locked in our filing cabinet and hubby had the key! They said to come in, I started timing my contractions properly and went straight to 3 contractions every 10 mins! Rang neighbour who kindly stepped up to our emergency situation.

Had a shower! Got dressed, got DD up and dressed, took her to neighbours so her husband could take her to play school. Finally got to hosp just after 6am I think... Just breathing through the contractions... didn't think I could walk but managed to get myself together and went up to labour ward. We were shown in to a delivery room but it took ages for someone to see me, prob an hour as somehow the message hadn't got across that I was in labour!! Anyway a midwife popped in finally and got the good news about the lack of notes and finally checked me by which time I was 9cm dilated! Hubby had arrived from the children's ward by that point fortunately.

I had put the Tens on by then and was just using that however I suppose everything slowed down a little then, probably because I relaxed a bit, when they checked me at about 8.30 am I hadn't progressed so they were going to break my waters but I got off all fours tried to have a wee at the midwifes suggestion as I had a full bladder and then sat on the ball for a bit. That obviously did the trick for the last cm as it suddenly felt v intense, started pushing on the next contraction, got back on the bed, waters went, mec everywhere, midwife trying to get sensors on me, beat her to it, 2 pushes and the head was half out, 1 more and the rest whooshed out! No transition really apart from hanging around at 9cm I suppose! They put second stage as 9 mins in my notes! I did use gas for the pushing btw!

Our lovely neighbour, a mother of 4, stayed with me for the whole thing, hubby was there for the important bits, DS stayed happily on his ward, all worked out fine!

Few grazes and some minimal stitches for a small tear, definitely got the benefit of the gas for that bit!. I had DS at the same hospital and first time around wasn't impressed, this time it was a totally different experience. My midwife was fab and stayed with me (not like last time!), they came and stitched me really quickly, and it just seemed so much more professional as well as friendly.

Almost fainted after my shower - same as last time. Lost a fair bit of blood so they gave me iron tablets but I am eating steak and had some guinness tonight too as I really don't want to take iron tablets until I have had a poo. Must get some spinach tomorrow!

McKayz I always leak from the other side, even after 8 weeks!

CathFin Sat 23-Jun-12 22:35:17

McKayz - not necessarily everyone leaks but I do. Its a bit of a pain, I use lansinoh pads, or you can get shells to stick in your bra so you can collect the leakage and freeze it for bottle feeding.

CathFin Sat 23-Jun-12 22:35:57

Tea - I did right until I dropped down to 2 feeds a day or something at the end with DS.

DairyNips Sat 23-Jun-12 22:40:51

McKayz yep to the leaking. I like the Johnson and Johnson pads. Different people tend to have different favourites though..

McKayz Sat 23-Jun-12 22:43:11

I've got mothercare ones and tommee tippee ones that came with the pump.

Everything feels much better today. smile except for being very very thirsty which I've read is normal.

StarlightWithAsteroid Sat 23-Jun-12 22:44:46

Wow Cath, what a fab story. Sorry it was a bit stressful with your Ds etc.

DairyNips Sat 23-Jun-12 23:07:29

McKayz I seem to become instantly thirsty as soon as ds latches on, happens every timesmile Glad things seem better today!

McKayz Sun 24-Jun-12 06:45:44

I've had a really bad night. DD has been awake nearly all night wanting to be fed. I don't mind her wanting to be fed but she wouldn't sleep anywhere but on me. She wouldn't even sleep next to me.

The boys were up at 6 sad

I feel awful, am hoping I might be able to get a nap later when my dad is here.

DairyNips Sun 24-Jun-12 07:56:53

Oh McKayz you must be knackeredsad Can your dad come any earlier?

Kveta Sun 24-Jun-12 09:05:32

hope you get some rest today McKayz

McKayz Sun 24-Jun-12 11:37:14

She is going back to being impossible to wake up again. Probably as she has been awake all bloody night.

DairyNips Sun 24-Jun-12 16:31:17

How's it going McKayz? You managed to get her to wake for a feed?

McKayz Sun 24-Jun-12 16:48:13

Yeah, she's had a few feeds this afternoon.

I am dreading the MW coming tomorrow.

surfmama Sun 24-Jun-12 18:17:48

hello all just dropping in to say hello. will catch up on posts.

I am an emotional reck, no sleep for about 4 nights and after my nice natural birth got blasted and even epiduralled and iv anti b's i am feeling shit that the baby hasnt had the best start in life, i have to take anti biotics for 6 days which is shit as i think it is giving her tummy ache, is this possible? i guess it is, and that it will alter what shld be a natural process of first feeding days, oh my and my legs are puffy and that makes me cry... fuck it need to pull myself together but to be honest i never ever thught i woud have a baby, and it is a miracle she is here, i think i am a bit neurotic as was sure that either me or her was going to not make it. thanks everyone for helping me through the pregnancy, and i a s happy and relieved to be here with her - i just wat everything to be perfect.... Ps nipples get sore don't they is it true iflatched properly they dont because i am sure she is on properly.... Xxxto all the lovely june babies. oh yes still no name!

TheLittleMe Sun 24-Jun-12 19:54:56

Just found this thread, I have been missing out!!

DD is now 11 days old and is TOUCH WOOD lovely. Bf coming on a treat after a very shit start and me threatening formula everyday but somehow we have managed to pull through and feeding is good! The only problem I've got is lack of sleep! Im desperate for DP to do the 10pm feed with expressed bm so I can sleep, but am terrified of nipple confusion. Does anyone have any suggestions for how to make this transition as smooth as possible, and which teats are best for bf babies? I would be devastated if this mucked up bf but really want to get her to take a bottle...

BlueAndRedMakePurple Sun 24-Jun-12 20:18:26

Just checking in, I've had a busy few days.

Baby blue has been diagnosed with a heart murmur so we are under cardiac clinic at the moment, but it's apparently nothing too serious, just a valve that should have closed at birth that hasn't. He's otherwise well, feeding every 3 hours (ff), has his unsettled moments, but seems to like sleeping on my chest! We are slowly forming some semblance of a routine. Nothing too strict mind, he's only 14 days old.

Hope everyone and babies are well.

BlueAndRed sorry to hear that, but glad you sound positive - I'm sure BabyBlue is in the best possible hands.

surfmama sounds like you've been through the ringer! Hope things get better for you from here on in.

thelittleme DS has been having a bit of EBM in a bottle twice a day since week two - the neonatal unit recommended NUK latex teats, which are supposed to mimic the action of breastfeeding. DS hasn't had any nipple confusion issues that I can tell. I would love DH to do an EBM bottle too - just had a couple of v bad nights and I'm reaching my limit on sleep deprivation sad

CathFin Sun 24-Jun-12 20:49:20

Surf hope you feel better soon, sounds like you have had a real roller coaster. It could be the meds causing tummy ache but DS has wind and it makes him unhappy and I'm not taking anything so it may be she would have aches either way. Hope you find a name soon!

Congrats TheLittleMe! I would have a go with a bottle and see what happens, I struggled to get my DD to take one but once she did it never bothered her whether she had boob or bottle.

Blue - my friends DS had that at birth too and was signed off quite quickly. My DS is currently snoozing on my chest too - great place to be!

My nipples look okay - don't think there is anything too bad going on but they def hurt a lot. Just expressed off some milk in the bath too as my boobs felt so lumpy. Looking forward to that settling down!

rrrayray Sun 24-Jun-12 21:36:44

Hi all. May I join.

Posted a little on June antenatal thread & the over due ladies evicting babies.

Jude was born at 11.18pm on Wednesday night. I was induced in the morning at 41 weeks due to reduced fetal movements and previous group strep b swab with DD. Went in as scheduled at 7.30am on the Wednesday morning. Waited around for a bit, examined favourable to break waters as 3cm soft anterior. Waters broken by lovely student midwife, didn't hurt really. Absolutely tonnes of water. Knew I had loads as growth scanned me Monday & it was on the 97th centile for waters.

Was given 2, possibly 4 hours to get myself into established labour so off we went pounding the hospitial grounds & the stairs. About 5 Hours later still only getting mild period ish cramps.

Moved to delivery, I guess because
Once waters are gone baby has to Come out. Decision made for drip (can't remember the name, the synthetic hormone) everything I didn't want, had natural labour & water birth on G&A with my daughter. Have massive needle phobia so the canola going in was a massive deal. They got a specialist to come and do it, she botched it, registrar botched it twice, by which point im in a blind panic and telling them i am not having it done! Finally Its done, first few doses do nothing that hurts too much although beginning to have to breathe through. Checked and 5cm. Disheartened really as been in hospitial all day (almost 9pm now) and out of puff. Next hour and a half vamps up.... Suddenly off birthing ball & want to get on bed.

Decide want some G&A. Next contraction say I need a wee or poo, then following one say "I'm really sorry I know im not fully dilated but I'm pushing" to which she checks & I'm fully dilated

Baby heart rate starts dropping, another miswife arrives, and starts shouting that baby needs delivering NOW. Remember hearing Paeds and crash team being mentioned.... Pushing like everything depends on it & jude arriving
4 mins later hmm

He was fine on arrival. I have a graze and a second degree tear. Stitches haven't been
Bothering me at all. Took arnica all the way through labour & since so perhaps that's helped

Unfortunately I have a little pile poking out which is just a little uncomfy. Any suggestions from someone Who's had thenm?

McKayz Sun 24-Jun-12 22:18:11

This engorgement thing is bloody horrible. Is it better to try and express some, either by hand or using the pump, or is it best to just leave it to sort itself out?

DairyNips Sun 24-Jun-12 22:33:34

Best to express some than be uncomfortable, feed as much as loss too as baby is best at removing the milksmile My breasts have settled down a bit now so it doesn't last long.

Hi blue. I have a heart murmur and it's no issue at all, picked up when I was 16 and following investigations, told to just live a normal life. I hope it's the same outcome for your baby smile

rrray shame you ended up with such a different birth this time but I hope you are ok? No real ideas on the bum trouble. I had a 3rd degree tear which seems to have affected everything down there. Am sure there are some nasty things going on with pikes etc for me too but I don't dare look or touch really!

mckayz I'd express a bit off if I were you. On the night time feed now and violets sorted 1 boob out but I need to go do the other before going back to sleep smile

CathFin Mon 25-Jun-12 09:44:55

Def express a bit McKayz - it did help! Feel a bit better this morning!

ray - do lots of pelvic floor - helps the piles. Not great for me either - my delivery sounds like yours. I did try rearranging down there in a warm bath but not sure it makes a difference...

CathFin Mon 25-Jun-12 11:00:28

TMI - had to take a lot of lactulose but did a poo yesterday which made everything a lot more uncomfortable too hopefully it will improve from now on!

McKayz Mon 25-Jun-12 11:29:47


MW has just been and Rosalie has lost 6oz, her jaundice looks good and the MW is very very happy with her!!!

StarlightWithAsteroid Mon 25-Jun-12 11:32:15

Brilliant! Well done.

DairyNips Mon 25-Jun-12 11:45:28

That's fantastic McKayz!grin

Cathfin Hope the poo situation gets easier from now on..

Kveta Mon 25-Jun-12 15:12:37

Great news kayz!

I'm at the gp now, as feeling so sore and bleeding got worse again after last week when it was tailing off. Stupid new drop in clinic though, have been waiting over an hour.

Health visitor came earlier and plotted Emmy on the charts in the red book, and she is on the 91st centile for weight and 98th for head circumference. Ridiculous size! Think she is having a growth spurt today though, as has been feeding more often and for longer since this a.m.

Last day with DH at home today. Tomorrow is a bit daunting!

DP went back to work today. I was quite nervous but turns out I can do this on my own in the day. Been a rough introduction to it as had to go to Drs as Violet has a thick white coating on her tongue. She has thrush sad so got drops to put on her tongue. Done the first drop and she took it well. Dr said there's nothing we could have done to stop her getting it but still made me feel rubbish. I hope it goes quickly.

I hope you're ok kveta x

Kveta Mon 25-Jun-12 17:11:48

glad you are surviving mamma! hope V is ok soon and the drops are effective.

GP thinks I either have some retained placenta, or more likely, the spinal or epidural caught some nerves. she had to do an internal exam, which fricking hurt, and has taken some swabs, so will let me know later in the week whether I need antibiotics and/or a scan, or if I should just carry on taking painkillers and hope it resolves itself. so nothing serious, but annoying that I don't feel better enough to go on 10 mile hikes with DS yet!! I feel like such a bloody failure at pregnancy and birth, thank god I am managing to breast feed ok, at least I'm managing one aspect of motherhood. hmm

Warlin Mon 25-Jun-12 17:37:43

Hi All and xx to all the June babies!

Sorry for the long overdue post...I just never seem to get a minute to use laptop and phone is rubbish for MN.

Love reading everyone's stories...sounds like we are all massively sleep deprived sad DS went from 9pm last night to 1.30am which was a record for him! He's taking 150 mils per feed now and it seems to knock him out. He is very troubled with wind though so can be very hard to settle. It's our wedding anniversery today so we went out for 2 hours last night for dinner and left DS with mum...he cried and screamed the whole time angry but was lovely to get a break, even if it was just a couple of hours.

kveta is DH going back to work tmw? Because my DS was 3 weeks early and DH is self employed, he hasn't taken any paternity so I've been on my own during the day and it's hard. McKayz how long until your DH home? My DH is going to take a week off in a few weeks and we may rent a cottage on the North coast for a change of scenery...not sure how relaxing it would be though confused.

We have to go to the baby clinic in the morning...first time that we've to go to GP to see health visitor, rather than her coming here. Not sure how I'm going to get there for 10am though....does anyone else find it takes to lunchtime to get sorted in the mornings?????

Just back from a big walk along the beach. My bleeding has finally stopped now after 4 weeks and I can now walk without feeling sore...it's great as DS sleeps solidly when we are out with the pram...bliss.

Has anyone else tried baby massage? I'm thinking of starting a course in it to help with DS's wind and help him sleep...just wondering if it works???

rrray sounds like you had a similar birth to me...my waters broke and it was 24 hours before I was induced...I liked the induction though as although the contractions are really intense, I just wanted it over with and DS out so I felt like I was getting somewhere once the drip was started. It's hard if it's not what you wanted.

surf don't be hard on yourself. Main thing is baby is here safe and well and you have given her the best possible gift ever, just by having her. Chin up x

Hi to everyone else...sorry I'm rambling but DS has started to stir so I know my time is running out! Sleepy vibes to all babies and mums!

Annakin31 Mon 25-Jun-12 19:04:22

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Thanks for sharing your story Annakin smile

Another night of 3 hrs - 2 hrs - 2 hrs - 2 hrs. I feel like death.

CathFin Tue 26-Jun-12 08:50:13

Annakin - loving your gas high (although maybe not the hallucinations)! I obviously don't get the same reaction!! It def helped when they did my stitches but I just felt a bit of a head rush and I think I actually got some relief when I was pushing as I hadn't been chugging it all through labour.

We have a bit of a day/night issue here - Tea - my night was like that too.
However I think since my milk is in the tummy ache for Benedict might have lessened so that is good. He slept so much in the day yesterday I started to worry but of course come bedtime he was up every hour, I resorted to keeping him on my chest and that stretched it out a bit but its not ideal.

Shelduck Tue 26-Jun-12 09:17:49

Hi everyone. Hope everyone is hanging in there, and managing through the sleep deprivation! [yawn icon]

Thanks for all your support the other day, re BFing. I've been hanging in there, but i really am now looking at at least moving permanently to FF top-ps, and most likely a mixture of FFing and expressing (the least convenIent option of all!)

Have been in touch loads with our local BF support and lactation consultant. They have been fantastic and really supportive, and to my delight, have reassured me that i really shouldn't beat myself up if i have to switch to FF because i've given it my best, and it's not my fault there have benn probs. The BFing issue has made me massively anxious and my baby blues have been really intense, and i just refuse to let the feeding issue get in the way of building a bond with DS.

SO ANYWAY - now that i'm looking at FFing at least in part, i'm feeling really daunted by all the practicalities. Assumed i would BF, so totally at sea with this mularkey! (bloody hell, the idea that FFing is a cop-out easy option has me in mad sleep-deprived hysterics) Was there someone else on this thread who is bottlefeeding who could share the pain and swap advice?

Hugs to everyone. And apologies for being massively selfish and coming on here for support but not giving much back! I'm not much good anyway!

DairyNips Tue 26-Jun-12 09:33:53

Shelduck Sounds like you've got some good support in your area, glad they helped make things clearer for you. I have formula fed my ds1 although that was 4 years ago but if I can give any advice or tips let me know! Was there anything in particular concerning you? When we used to go out and about we used to take a flask of boiled water and a little container with 3 portions of formula measured out in to it, so three feeds worth. You can get these containers from Tesco and boots etc, little round tub with 3 sections inside, you spin the top round to get one feeds worth out. So, we would make the feed up when out with the water that was 70 degrees+ then put it in cold water to get it to the right temp or run it under a cold tap. We found in the house cold water sterilising easy as you make up the tub of water, add Milton fluid (the Milton stuff sterilises in 15 mins and doesn't need rinsed off) then just wash the bottles and chuck them all in. When you need a bottle just take one out, change sterilising solution once every 24hrs. We also had a small microwave sterilising tub that came with the tommee tippee breast pump I bought. We used this if we needed to sterilise a bottle when out at someones house for instance and also used it to carry the clean bottles in. Sorry just babbling on now, hope some of this is of use!

blacktreaclecat Tue 26-Jun-12 09:53:40

Lurked here really. I did post a few times on the July antenatal thread. My DS Nicholas was born at 36+3 on 11th June by CS due to placenta praevia.
I'm FFing after trying to bf for a couple of days. N was unable to latch or suckle at all so I tried hand expressing colostrum, only a few drops so we turned to formula. I did feel guilty but he needs to eat! He lost 11% of birthweight at 5 days which I think is down to such a slow start.
So we are FF and it isn't an easy option. Maybe we need a support thread?

ffnorm Tue 26-Jun-12 13:44:14

Shelduck I FF my DS so ask all the questions you want,I'm sure between us all we can give you some answers/advice grin

Welcome blacktreaclecat

Shelduck I'm in exactly the same position as you and decided that a happy mummy and a happy baby were far more important than bf in the grand scheme of things... It was stressing and frustrating her AND me, nipple shields worked to an extent but because her tongue-tie was so severe it really affected how she latched... I figured I'd rather have a happy, healthy, weight gaining baby than both of us exhausted, frustrated and not getting anywhere!

We're using Cow and Gate and she seems to be thriving - I'm expressing twice a day and she's getting about 60-80ml from me every day, I figure that because I'm leaking I might as well use the milk and it doesn't seem to be drying up so that's a bit of goodness for her...

Honestly don't worry about it - do what's best for you and your baby, formula exists for a reason and it's just as good at getting the nutrients into your baby's system smile

It's wrong that I'm sitting here enjoying the scent of DS's poo, isn't it? grin confused

AmethystMoon Tue 26-Jun-12 22:01:21

Hello everyone

Just marking my space. I will at some point catch up on all of your posts.
I sympathise with all of the sleepless nights! Still ploughing on with bf here with nipple shields as little India wasn't getting it with my small nipples blush
Dreading DP going back to work on Friday sad he has been amazing.
I will post my birth story soon, right now I am too tired to even drum up the energy to type!
May we all get some sleep tonight <ludicrously optimistic emoticon>

Bumper1 Wed 27-Jun-12 08:44:54

Hello everyone, I lurked quite a bit on the antenatal thread and I wanted to say congratulations to you all on your little arrivals.

DS is my first and I had no idea just how demanding it would be. I'm tying to bf but finding it so tough. My husband has bought formula but we haven 't used it yet. I can't say I enjoy bf at all and would like to start phasing it out soon. Emotions riding high but as others have said happy mammy = happy baby!

Hope you all have a happy day

rrrayray Wed 27-Jun-12 10:55:58

Hi all

Good news is little pile is all but gone. Not a pleasant experience, hope none of you are or do suffer from them. Not something I want to experience again.

Bf going well now boobs & engorgement have finally calmed down. Boobs down in a hot bath & combing boobs towards the nipple seems to help (recommended by my mum)

Feeding on demand & waking (bloody hard... Such a sleep baby) if sleeps longer than 3 hours in the day time seems to be shifting his body clock to the right times as after feeding at 10pm only woke and fed at 2am, 5am, 7am which feels so good after the first 3 nights of feeding every hour.

Welcome other new babies.

rrrayray Wed 27-Jun-12 10:59:22

Those considering switching to FF.... I def 100% agree a happy mummy is a happy baby. A happy mummy also outweighs any BF advantages as if your tense, fretful etc it all crosses accross to the baby.

Shelduck Wed 27-Jun-12 12:46:04

Hi all! Thanks everyone. Good to hear i'm not the only FFer, and so many happy stories! Since starting FFing, DS is actually getting proper wet nappies, which fills my heart with gladness! And since i stopped feeling so anxious, i'm my milk has picked up, and i'm expressing away like a dairy cow! [moo icon] i can tell you, being anxious makes a massive massive difference to productivity!

So maybe there are enough of us here to get a bit of support. The thing i'm a bit worried about is current/new advice not to make up formula in advance. I think dairy's advice about a flask still stands. But is anyone contemplating making up a bottle of boiled water, leave it in fridge and then make up formula with that and warm? Manufacturer used to say you couLd do this, but advice changed 2 years ago. MW said she can't recommend it, but hasn't noticed decrease in gastroenteritis iN that time. DH has microbiologist backgroUnd in food industry and can't see how it would make a difference. Any thoughts?

Thank you for all being such brilliant people! Hugs to everyone.

Kveta Wed 27-Jun-12 13:18:06

Hot water is used to make up formula because the actual milk powder is not sterile, so the water is used to kill off any bacteria kicking around. Using cooled boiled water won't work in this way, hence no longer being recommended. It's not the water you're sterilising, just the milk powder!

smallwonder Wed 27-Jun-12 14:51:03

Hi ladies,
Just had a quick catch up at last. Hope everyone is well and not too sleep deprived -- I much prefer trying to stay awake throughout the night than the awful insomnia during last trimester of pregnancy! I haven't slept so well in months even if it is totally broken and bare minimal at times.
How are the ladies post c-section getting on? My scar is healing well but when I get tired, especially after walking/park with the children I limp a tiny bit and usually resort to taking a painkiller in the evening.
DS is 3 weeks old, all is good, he is a little colicky and getting a bit too used to being cuddled/carried around but none of us can help ourselves, he's our very last baby and it's like he can do no wrong smile Probably digging my own grave eh?
I joined slimming class last week and went for my weigh in last night, lost 2lbs which was a start, cannot believe how much weight I gained this pregnancy. Have not touched junk food or soda since I started, long may it continue I say, feel like the old me. Anyone else needing to lose weight and made a start?
Anyone putting their mat stuff on ebay yet?
I have bags of clothes and stuff that I bought and didn't even wear thanks to being housebound a lot of the time. Just don't know if I'm ready to start all that yet but the house is getting smaller since DS's arrival and space is limited.

Anyone else feeling like that they are running out of room at home?
And the washing? Machine is constantly on and housework is such a full time job, I'm going to have to lower standards, can't do everything.

Should get some rest while DS sleeps (have been putting off the thank you cards for 2 weeks now -- another job waiting....)

After last night's horror, DH has said he will give DS a bottle of EBM for one feed tonight, so I can hopefully get a bit of sleep - but how much EBM do we give him? He weighs somewhere between 6.5 and 7 lbs.

Kveta Wed 27-Jun-12 21:14:39

not sure tea have you googled formula amounts for his age/size? we always offered DS 2-3 oz, because that was all I tended to pump in the day, but he was huge (like his sister).

took the kids to a new playgroup today and made an enemy immediately, as DS insisted on bringing his own drum stick (as one does) then a wee boy nabbed it from him. DS asked the other boy for it back (very politely really - said 'please my stick back?') and other wee boy went 'NO IT MINES' so I looked around for his mum, no sign of anyone claiming responsibility, and I asked wee boy for it back. he said no again, so I removed it from him, told DS it was being put away so nobody could have it (and he is not to bring his own toys to playgroup again - my fault, but was a bit distracted this morning!), and the other boy absolutely flipped, was screaming blue murder about 'MY STICK MY STICK!' and his mum reappeared, and spent the last 20 minutes of group giving me the evil eye. sigh. she wouldn't let me explain either, so I thought 'sod you' and left her to it. will go again next week and see how it goes, but suspect that's one group I won't stick with!!

DD remains a wee angel, sleeping so well - she has a 3 hour nap in the afternoon, fills her nappy copiously, feeds for a bit, then goes back to sleep. she'd happily sleep longer in the morning, but we tend to be out and about, so haven't found her natural rhythm in the mornings yet. at night we're getting 2-3 hours at a stretch normally, then she goes back to sleep after a feed. Long may it last! DS was the total opposite, used to feed for 3-4 hours at a stretch and then nap for 45 minutes. I prefer this model of baby grin she is sleeping in her swing chair just now, after a lengthy feed, DH and I are still shock that we have made a sleepy child this time. shame her big brother is still so bloody awful, he's been up 3-4 times a night since she arrived.

I actually had time this afternoon whilst both children slept, to finish thank you cards, just need to post them now. I have a lot of friends who only have sons, so have received some gorgeous outfits from them, as clearly they relish the thought of shopping for a girl! she'll be the best dressed member of the family when she gets into the 3-6 months size! going to try and sell all her newborn and 0-1 month stuff now though, so as not to tempt fate and decide to try for DC3 anytime soon!

hope everyone has sleepy nights and happy babies smile

ffnorm Wed 27-Jun-12 22:02:49

tea it's quite hard as I found with DS, he never drank the same volume of EBM as recommended by formula volume and I was desperate not to waste as the EBM was so precious. Offer him 2 oz and see what he does with it, you can always give more but if you offer a large amount and he drinks little you have to discard the remainder. Hope that helps smile

kveta I too am preferring this model of baby grin

Woohoo went to bed at 10:30, DH gave him 70ml of EBM (which wa apparently a little bit too much) and then just got me up at 3:00. Sweet sleep! And desperately needed, as my sore throat has fledged into a full out snotty cold. DS is now mega snotty too, poor thing sad

Anyone else suffering with these warm sticky nights? Yuck.

smallwonder Thu 28-Jun-12 05:56:28

tea hurray for some unadulterated sleep! Hope you both get rid of those colds ASAP -- how is DS sleeping with it?
I've just fed LO & have him upright on my chest as he too is bunged up but so an I -- it's horrendous hay fever though -- am wondering if that's the problem.
hmm at play group antics kveta!
Sleep time c xx

3 hours sleep all night. OMG..... Think it was too hot for her dispute just ending up in her nappy. She's been so good in the night but last night was awful sad

ceeej Thu 28-Jun-12 10:13:55

We've had some awful nights recently too, DD has thrush which isn't helping but I think the heat has been a factor too. We slept with the window open last night and her wrapped up in a sheet with only a nappy on which really helped, it's difficult because she only really drifts off if she's wrapped up.

surfmama Thu 28-Jun-12 10:17:45

oh god 3 hours sleep was bliss for me have to feed every 2 to 3 hours and did one at 3 and half last night heaven! what had you been having mamma? tea hope you bothe get well soon

For those with babies who need to be wrapped up in this heat, have a look at these:

BIL bought us one of these, which I thought was the absolute business for feeding out and about as it is so massive I am completely undercover, but I see the point of them is to be a lightweight swaddle.

They have awesome patterns too - I have the monkey one, but I think I need to get the giraffe one too grin

MammaITM I really really sympathise... Last night was the first longer stretch I've had in a while (still only 4 hours though!), and the first thing DH said this morning was how perky I seemed. At least this can't go on forever second or more timers, don't say anything; I'm in denial wink

Final neonatal outreach team visit this morning - let's see how much the little porker has put on this week - and it is our 6 / 8 week check this afternoon, with Thomas' first jabs. I hope he doesn't get too upset <wibble>

Looks like a scorcher today, hope nobody is melting! Really feeling for gwennie, coops et al in this heat!

McKayz Thu 28-Jun-12 10:47:20

Errrr. It's really really hot here but chucking it down. It's bloody horrible

Kveta Thu 28-Jun-12 11:27:45

26 degrees and humid as the tropics here, yuck. Em not enjoying it, and just wanted to feed all night. weirdly though, we've worked out she has a tired cry, and when she does that cry, and we put her down, she GOES TO SLEEP! how has it taken her 2 weeks to do this, but DS has yet to master it 33 months after his birth?! although typically because she had a bad night, he slept through hmm he's at the childminders today and thrilled to bits because his best friend is there too, so the two of them will be creating mayhem as I write this!

just had a girly shopping trip with Em, and opened her bank account, during which she fed constantly, so was signing the paperwork with a boob out. managed to feed all round town actually, she is so thirsty poor thing. she is sleeping in a vest and nappy now, I put socks on her this morning but had to take them off so she could cool down. She was much admired in town though, lots of middle aged and elderly women cooing over the pushchair and asking for her vital statistics (age, weight at birth, name, and how many siblings - seriously, that is what they all want to know!!)

hope Thomas is ok with his jabs Tea - it's much worse for mum than baby, believe me! DS screamed the place down at his, then slept for 5 hours after it - longest sleep he did for 2 years grin it would have been great if we hadn't been so worried something was wrong! (sorry, you may be guessing I have a sleep fixation by now grin)

Warlin Thu 28-Jun-12 12:26:04

Hi All

Good luck tea with the jabs....poor wee Thomas.

Just a quick one as DS is starting to stir. Hthe has bad reflux so we are giving him infant gaviscon and doing everything to try to minimise wind but the poor wee mite is uncomfortable and bringing up quite a bit.

I am going into town this afternoon to register the birth. He's nearly 5 weeks so I really need to get a move on..just keep putting it off as parking is a nightmare and the weather has been so bad.

DH is away today and tomorrow watching the Irish Open as it's at a golf club in Northern Ireland this year. So me, DS and DD (darling dog!!) are going up to my parents for dinner and staying over. Mum has offered to do all the night feeds so I'm so excited a t the thought of a possible night's sleep...not sure it will happen though as no doubt I will hear the crying and not be able to resist getting up!!

Is anyone else irritable? I'm finding that DH is annoying me no matter what he does. I get annoyed if he's a at work and I'm having a difficult day yet if he is here I get irrited that he doesn't do things my way and end up doing it all myself anyway. I know i'm being unfair but I can't help it....I think it's because I'm just so tired and get annoyed easily..... sad I think we really need some time away as everything revolved around feeds and burping at the minute.

Gotta go, DS has woken!!!

Hi to everyone xx

Shelduck Thu 28-Jun-12 12:31:08

Thanks kveta. Mentioned your response to DH and he started talking about thermophiles or something, and i suddenly remembered that the water was being turned off this morning and i had 5 mins to fill bath with water so that we can bucket flush the loo! <sigh> so i switched off. i can see me resigning myself to the expensive ready made stuff overnight and when out and about!

I've tried to start a support in the breastfeeding and bottlefeeding section if anyone's interested, but can't cut and paste link.

Kveta Thu 28-Jun-12 13:41:54

guidance here shelduck! smile

Is it a 'routine' if a 14do literally feeds and sleeps at the same times each and every day/night? We're kind of waiting with baited breath here, Ada is awake for 15-30mins on the dot every 4 hours day and night... 730am, 1130am, 330pm, 730pm 1130pm and 330am, that's it!! Often she wakes at 130pm for cuddles and/or nappy change but apart from that we're just wondering if it's all going to suddenly become very irregular!?!?

For those of you with other DC, can a 2 week old have a routine or is it impossible?

Hope everyone is enjoying their newborn cuddles still (at what point are they no longer 'newborn'?) and getting plenty of rest inbetween feeds

MammaTo2boys Fri 29-Jun-12 03:09:49

Hi all.
Blondie be happy that LO has a routine, it makes life so much easier. Enjoy whilst the rest of us struggle. My DS1 got into a routine very quickly.
Warlin I'm also irritable with DH, I think its lack of sleep and quite normal. Bless them.
I'm another who is struggling with lack of sleep. DH goes back to work on Monday which means I will have to get DS1 to nursery and collect him. Not a big thing but means I've got to be dressed by 9am hmm. Not something I've been managing of late.
Went for my first run today so no doubt my legs wíll ache tomorrow. I meed to work on pelvic floor muscle as I kept peeing on the way round blush
Hope everyone is well xx

Grrr I was writing a really long post earlier, but DH picked up my iPad and closed the thread tab angry

Thomas was very good with his jabs - his face went furious and he let out a few angry wails, but as I was nursing him at the time, I got him to latch back on, and all was well.

Me on the other hand... I didn't realise they would be taking blood from me, and it was the usual disaster - nurse tried 3 times in right arm, then I wouldn't let her try anymore; doctor tried left arm, then eventually used the back of my hand... But all this brought back memories of them trying to take blood straight after Thomas was born, and I had a bit of a freak out. The doctor was very kind though, and at least is taking me seriously re counselling and is trying to sort out the mess on that front (still no appt 6 weeks on because the surgery keeps cocking up).

Went to meet some (pregnant) friends in the park cafe, where Thomas did a massive runny poo which leaked and went all over my dress hmm My friends sprang into action to help me clean up and get the stuff to change him - I was very glad I wasn't out by myself!

Thomas has seemed fine this evening, but my cold has got worse and I felt all feverish for a while. Thankfully DH offered to do the early part of the night again with a bottle of EBM, so I got about 4 hrs sleep before we just switched over. Thomas is looking all alert and active post-feed though - go to sleep child!!!

Blondie you are very lucky she is on her own 4 hr pattern. Thomas seems to be stuck on 2 or 3 hours now, but can be eerily regular - on Wednesday, you could time it to the minute pretty much!

Hope the rest of you are having good nights.

CathFin Fri 29-Jun-12 09:49:42

Tea - what did they have to take blood for? Poor you.

Blondie - great to have a bit of a routine, I do remember DD having a long regular daytime nap early on but it all changes as they wake up more but it did mean I went to the hairdresser and was fairly sure she would sleep through the appointment!

Much better sleep last night, had very awake baby yesterday and very asleep one over night and this morning, going to wake him for a feed in a minute!

CathFin I think it was because of the blood loss I experienced, they want to check how my blood count is doing. DH says they told me this at the hospital before I was discharged, but I absolutely can't remember. Or maybe it's routine, I don't know.

Fingers crossed I don't have to have my blood taken again for a very long time! Although I am now overdue for my smear, great hmm Think I could probably cope better with that though!

Warlin Fri 29-Jun-12 11:29:10

blondie very jealous...we are in a routine too but DS gets bad wind and can be awake for hours at a time. Evenings are worst...he can be awake from 9pm to 2pm at times... confused. he is def a lot more alert than he was and sleeping less!

We got our apt through this morning for a hip scan. DS had clicky hip when born and they want to scan him at 6 weeks...really hoping nothing is wrong and we have been told that they normally correct themselves. I'm still worried about it though sad

We have our 6 week consultant apt next week...we go to the clinic and I get a check up with the obstetrician and DS sees a pediatrcian. The pediatrician came to see us in the hospital and said to call him at any time with problems but I haven't wanted to bother him with all my worries so looking forward to a thorough check up and have a list of questions next week. He also said when he saw DS he would advise on when to stop night feeds and how to improve sleeping patterns and routine so hoping I get a lot from it.

My friend and her 6 month old are coming down now and we're going for a walk on the beach...that's if the rain stays off!! The other day we were caught in an almighty shower....poor DS was yelling and I think he ws spooked by the noise of the rain on his pram hood and I had an umbrella over the top as I wasn't sure how waterproof prams are. I was soaked to the skin bu thankfully DS was toasty warm and dry when we got home.

hope everyone had a some rest.

oh, DS woken,,,have seconds before a feed is demanded!!

CathFin Fri 29-Jun-12 16:52:07

Warlin DD had a clicky hip and all was fine, fingers crossed its nothing to worry about.

My DS has pretty much been asleep all day, have woken him to feed and just rang the midwife but she seemed happy that as long as he is feeding and doing nappies there is nothing amiss. My boobs are v uncomfortable though as he did a fair amount of feeding yesterday, hope tonight isn't when he decides to resume action!

tea bad luck on the smear front, I managed to have one about the same time I conceived so get a break from that for a while!

I hope the check ups go well warlin, please share any pearls of wisdom you get re feeding and sleeping etc smile

Shame about the smear tea. I don't think I could stand one for a good few months. The state of things down there 3 weeks on worries me confused. DP was being very amorous last night and although it was lovely ofcourse I just kept thinking "don't even think about it!".

I'm doing really well feeding Violet in this new biological nurturing position. She's calmer, I'm calmer, the whole experience is so much better grin

MammaTo2boys Fri 29-Jun-12 19:48:02

Tea ouch to the blood taking. Hope you can now get the counselling you need.
I cannot fill C today. He has been on the boob all day. He cries within minutes of coming off. I'm not sure if I'm making enough milk or enough good stuff anyway. He's ravenous. Hope he's not like this all night.
Hope everyone is well xx

10000fireflies Fri 29-Jun-12 20:21:13

Evening all! Finally managed to get online on a proper computer. Been home four days now. DH already back at work, so struggling a bit, but somehow managing a bit of a routine. Have to read up on where you all are though and do a proper catch up soon. Have a great weekend everyone. FF xx

DairyNips Fri 29-Jun-12 21:56:48

Mammato just wanted to say dot worry, sure you are making plenty milk, he's probably just having a growth spurtsmile

Hey FF!smile

Kveta Sat 30-Jun-12 14:22:43

MammaIn please don't worry too much about the state of your bits - I spent 4 months or so worrying and wincing last time (2nd, borderline 3rd, degree tear and episiotomy, and tear got infected - was not fun), and finally got back in the saddle, as it were, and have obviously now had a second child, so you will get back to normal eventually, honestly. It may be worth investigating some sort of birth afterthoughts service at your hospital and seeing if you can talk to someone about your birth. I didn't do this, and ended up in tears at my consultant appt at 18 weeks this time round, as I had been so bloody terrified about the birth. Wish I had spoken to someone sooner. As it happened, this birth, whilst horrific in its own way, was so much better than my first, as I was in control for much more of it, and that made all the difference. Oh, and DH isn't getting near me until after my 6 week check anyway, and this time will have to be wearing about 50 condoms just in case, as I am damned if we are having a 3rd baby... although am a little sad about this as Em is so lovely and soft and smells fabulous and I am so going to get broody again in a year

Em remains wonderful, she has a few hours of screaming and fussing in the evening, but more than makes up for it by sleeping for 5 hours last night!! sodding DS was awful again, but I feel so rested after a decent sleep last night. she is asleep in her car seat just now in front of me after a trip into town this morning - ended up feeding her in the bra shop (after every woman there had had a cuddle of her whilst I got proper nursing bras fitted!!), then again in a cafe as she wouldn't settle, but she nodded off on the way home and is still asleep 2 hours later.

ooh, and I got my olympics tickets! so we are off to the mens modern pentathlon in 6 weeks or so! then DS and Em can say they were there in 20 years time grin Trying not to think about the logistics of travelling into London with a toddler and 2 month old just yet though grin

Shelduck Sat 30-Jun-12 17:15:01

Ok, i admit it - and this is the chance for the second-or-more timers to let out a big evil laugh - i'm finding this all really really hard work! I mean, it's not like anyone led me to believe having a baby would be otherwise, but you really don't know what it's like until you actually do it!

I'm in awe of those of you who are able to see anything beyond feeding and nappies and your LOs at the moment. I'm just about able to find time to go to the loo, let alone do any kind of leisure activity. Is there a pattern here? Is it the second-or-more timers who are merrily carrying on as normal, because they're used to being organised? Or is it that the other people who, like me, are in a flap aren't able to find time to post? grin xxx

DairyNips Sat 30-Jun-12 17:45:25

Shelduck I feel for you, I honesty think your first baby is the hardest as everything has to be learnt from scratch. It is a steep learning curve and you are totally normal to not be able to find time for anything else but it does get easier. I'd say the first 6 weeks are a bit of a blur but by the time you get to 12 weeks you will feel a bit more sorted. That's my experience anyway. Being a third timer I wouldn't say we're carrying on as normal exactly but we know (mostly) what to expect and it's not quite as much as a shock as ds1 was. It is really hard work but once your baby is a bit older you will feel such a sense of achievement for getting through it. Oh and you're right, no one can really understand what it's like till they've done itgrin I still laugh inwardly when childless friends offer me parenting 'tips' and hope they'll look back and cringe if they have their own children one daysmile

mrsshears Sat 30-Jun-12 19:16:54

shelduck dd is my 3rd and i'm not finding much time for anything other than feeding and nappies either at the minute.

We are getting on ok though, she likes her own environment and isnt keen on getting out and about, we have been out a few times now and she has cried everytime whereas she is a lovely calm,placid baby at home.
I had forgotten how much they feed in the early days and tbh the cluster feeds in the evening are a bit heavy going but it means she sleeps at night so i wont complain too much.

MammaTo2boys Sun 01-Jul-12 02:58:07

Ah Shelduck I remember those feelings and thoughts when I had DS1. I was in awe of all other mums, wondering how they managed. Believe me even 2nd timers are like swans, all graceful on the outside but working like mad underneath to keep it altogether. It does get easier, I promise smile

mammadothebump Sun 01-Jul-12 03:51:54

Morning all. I've found half 3 in the morning again, and it feels all too familiar. Lovely to see you all again, will have a flick back through the thread in a bit.

So am feeling rather pleased with myself in my hospital bed! Elin Violet was born at 7:36 this morning and she is scrummy. Had a sweep in the afternoon yesterday and mild contractions started at 6pm. Sent dh to bed at 9 + dd was packed off to in laws. Cx were 3 mins apart by 4ish but not too horrendous but off we popped to hospital.

Mw examined me at 4:30 and said I was 2/3 cm but cx weren't frequent enough and I should go home. Well, wasn't happy with that and even after she discharged me at 5:30 I refused to leave! Cx ramped up, got examined by nicer mw at 6:30 and was 3/4 cm so got told to walk round to delivery room. On way started to push and when they checked I was 10cm!

Was really unprepared to push cos of the speed. Wanted a pool birth but due to manic day before there were no pool liners. So instead it was lying on my back with my poor spd hips apart and pushing! Total opposite of my plan but at least I got her.

Was a big tired emotional mess afterwards. Have 2 bad tears and was sobbing hysterically at this so they double dosed with pain relief 'down there' and at the moment I feel alright.

Elin is fabby. After feeding all morning then refusing to wake up to feed for 5 hours we've got there together with help of lovely bf councillor.

And now, I'm still buzzing!

Congratulations mammadothbump! thanks

surfmama Sun 01-Jul-12 04:02:50

mamma woo hoo congratulations.. that sounds like the nicest birth experiemnce i have read about for ages! enjoy your bundle! x

ceeej Sun 01-Jul-12 05:25:51

congratulations mammaDTB, what a lovely name

shelduck I'm similarly surprised at the complete lack of time I have once me and DD are fed and bathroomed. We've managed a few short walks as she sleeps nicely in her sling but the idea of doing normal things like going for coffee or shopping is completely laughable right now.

McKayz Sun 01-Jul-12 06:29:19

Congratulations Mamma

Can I just be a bit cheeky and ask you to look here if you get a chance. Aillidh needs all the thoughts and prayers she can get right now. We're all praying for a miracle. Thanks.

mammadothebump Sun 01-Jul-12 06:55:36

Hi mckayz. Praying hard with every bone in my body. Feel so blessed right now I couldn't imagine their pain.

McKayz Sun 01-Jul-12 07:00:04

I know Mamma, I keep looking at DD and thinking about how lucky I am.

CathFin Sun 01-Jul-12 08:13:09

Congrats mamma, bet you are glad you didn't go home! Love the name too and hope you feel ok when the pain relief wears off.

Shelduck Sun 01-Jul-12 09:46:05

Congrats mamma! Lovely name.

Have realised that all these instructions to grab some sleep whenever your baby is asleep are absolute bollocks. DS does sleep well...when i'm holding him or when he's being pushed in his pram. Not conducive to mummy sleeping!

DairyNips Sun 01-Jul-12 11:10:18

Massive Congratulations mamma! Lovely namesmile Sorry you had some tearing, hope you heal quickly, keep on top of the pain relief.

McKayz Am also praying..

Dh back to work tomorrow, I'm feeling quite hormonal and teary as it'll be the first time I've had all 3 on my own properly. I know I'll cope but just the anticipation of it is making me worry..

ffnorm Sun 01-Jul-12 12:08:58

Hi all, my brain is a bit fried... Don't think I ever said MN congrats to Mini and mamado if there is any one I missed - so do sorry!!

Warlin Sun 01-Jul-12 13:51:19

Congrats mamat

I'm a bit confused, or have been away too long...have people been changing their MN names??? Not sure whos who half the time now!

DS is starting to sleep better now, or at least he goes back down quicker during the night. This is because he is awake most of the day!! he is really cranky in the evenings and screams for hour so presumably tires himself out. Ive tried baths with lavender at night which he loves but freaks when you take him out.

sheld Im a first timer and agree re getting anything done!Ready to kill the next person who says "sleep when he sleeps" sad when else does the sterilising, washing, cleaning etc get done...not to mention me trying to eat every now and then!!

Congratulations mamma! Beautiful name and lovely to see another fan of the name Violet! Funny we have similar MN names too grin. I hope you heal quickly.

We got DD a swing seat, not tried it out yet...fingers crossed wink

Shelduck Sun 01-Jul-12 15:56:36

dairy have a hug. You'll be fine and you know it. I'm always worrying about things in anticipation too, and so i'm trying to take and enjoy each moment as it comes. As my mil always says, there's only one way to eat an elephant - one bite at a time ("although the tusks take a bit of chewing!")

ffnorm Sun 01-Jul-12 15:56:50

Meant so so sorryblush

DairyNips Sun 01-Jul-12 22:19:55

Thanks for the hug Shelduck I really do appreciate itsmile I just need to pull myself together and think positive I think. I like the elephant analogygrin. Dh has some flexi time so will be starting work at 9.15 instead of his usual 7.30 so I've said that I'll get the boys up as if he isn't here as a sort of practice run, it'll be like doing it with a safety net..

Anyone else on their own for the first time tomorrow?

ceeej Sun 01-Jul-12 23:14:22

dairy that sounds like a good idea for the first day on your own, sure you will do great but it is scary isn't it. My DH went back last week but I had my mum around helping out still so tomorrow is my first morning properly alone, hoping for a good night tonight as the last two have been terrible.

DairyNips Sun 01-Jul-12 23:22:55

Ceej good luck for tomorrow then and here's hoping for a good night.. Last night wasn't that bad here but I still felt knackered this morning and have had a tiredness headache that won't shift most of the day. I think we will both feel a lot better when tomorrow is over and we realise we can survivesmile

MammaTo2boys Mon 02-Jul-12 01:10:07

Congratulations MammaDTB
Dairy and Ceej its my first day alone tomorrow and I'm really daunted by it. Not convinced I'm going to cope. Good luck to you both.
C woken up early tonight normally goes down for 4 hours but he only slept for 3. Doesn't bode well for the remainder of the night sad

DairyNips Mon 02-Jul-12 02:04:56

Mammato i'm sure you will cope just fine as will all of us, I guess it's just the thought of it thats worse than the reality. I felt exactly the same when I had to look after ds1 for the first time then again when I had to look after ds1 and ds2 so I know it does get better but I can't convince my brain to be logical about it till I've actually done it and proved it to myself iyswim.

Shelduck Mon 02-Jul-12 04:08:49

Yep, i'm on my own for the first time tomorrow too. But fortunately only one DC to look after! DH and i have now implemented nightshift system. Don't even bother trying to settle DS with us at night. I go to bed at 9 while DH stays downstairs with DS. Then he wakes me at 1 or 2 ish and DH goes to bed and i move downstairs. DS snoozing on my shoulder after feed, but if i put him down he'll grizzle. So realistically, that's me up for the day, and no more sleep until 9 tomorrow night. sad

shift system feels a bit sad, because DH and i are used to doing stuff together, and would never usully leave each other alone to cope with a problem e.g. crying baby. But we've reached the point that we both just have to have a guaranteed opportunity for sleep each night. And it's not forever...hmm so they tell me!

Shelduck Mon 02-Jul-12 05:22:02

Well, DS was fast asleep on me, and as always, i laid him down and he grizzled for half an hour, so have resumed cuddling and little monkey fell straight asleep again. Pleased he's asleep, and all the advice these days is that newborns need plenty of reassurance and cuddles, so that they feel more safe and secure in the long run, but someone please tell me if i'm making a rod for my own back!

One of the things that makes you feel bad about the idea of ffing, is what they say about ffed babies sleeping for longer because they're sluggish and less alert. if only well this one had a sizeable feed and then spent quite some time staring at me as if deciding how quickly he could clear me out at poker.

CathFin Mon 02-Jul-12 06:50:23

Shelduck please don't worry too much about too many cuddles and LO sleeping on you, B was sleeping fine in his basket in the day but night for some reason meant he wanted to be on me so we were just sleeping together propped up, I know it's not the advice from the books/experts but it's important for you to get a bit of sleep too.
B is also rolling on his side a lot so def not sleeping on his back if he has anything to do with it!

McKayz Mon 02-Jul-12 12:22:30

Here is my birth story. It really is a complete ramble though. Sorry.

I woke up at about 4am and went to the toilet. I had a show and thought that things might be starting as I had bad backache. I decided to get the front room ready with the tarpaulin down and the pool inflated.

I rang my Mum to get her to take DS1 to school. I filled the pool and put my swimming cossie on just so I could relax in there for a bit to help my back ache.
I was having occasional contractions on and off all day, every time I thought they were ramping up they stopped again.

DS1 came home and the boys had their dinner and went to bed about 7pm. Contractions were still very irregular so I thought it would probably be another sleepless night. I settled down to watch the England game.

At about 9pm I thought that the contractions were getting more regular, maybe 2 every 10 minutes. They were getting more and more painful so I decided to ring the midwife at about 10:15 and also rang my Mum to come round.

Contractions were now about 3-4 in 10 minutes and at 11pm I was 4cm and got lovely G&A. The MW decided to ring the other MW to come and also I had a student MW there so 3 in all. Once they arrived I was able to get into the pool which was about midnight.

The pool was amazing, they still hurt but not as bad. The contractions now seemed to be coming every 30 seconds or so. The MWs left it all up to me when I wanted to push, no attempts to exam me once I was in the pool.

I got the urge to push and it took about 5 pushes for DD to be born. One of the MWs helped me get her to bring her up to the surface. We sat in the pool for about 10 minutes. I had originally wanted to wait for the cord to stop pulsating but I really wanted to get out of the pool, so they cut the cord and I got out and had the injection to get the placenta to come out. She was born at 1:08am. I didn't tear or anything which is nice after tearing with both boys.

While I delivered the placenta DD was weighed and was 9lb 6.5oz so 7lb less than the growth scan predicted. I then got some clothes on and DD breastfed for a while. Mum and the MWs tidied up.

I don't remember this but she apparently passed meconium just as she came out so they had to wait and do checks when she was 2 hours old which were all fine. So the MWs and my Mum went home and we went up to bed.
The boys were most amused the next morning to see their little sister. They went off to school.

Everything seems to be going very very well. BF took a few days to settle down.

Lovely birth story McKayz! Thank you for sharing smile

Poor Thomas now has a cough sad. It doesn't seem to be bothering him a lot, as he's not crying about it (although he has been more unsettled than usual after feeds, but I don't think they are connected) but it is so sad hearing him cough again and again. At only 2 weeks corrected age though, I am reluctant to give him tixylix or anything like that, as they are supposed to be for 3 months +

Poo to rain at Wimbledon!

I have finally picked up the cardigan I was knitting for Thomas before I went into hospital - I may now finish it in time for him to fit into it! grin

Kveta Mon 02-Jul-12 18:57:40

try snufflebabe for bunged up babies - think it's fine from birth. for a cough, milk is as good as any over the counter glycerol! it's such a shame when they are ill though sad

McKayz nice birth story, thanks for sharing! all sounds so straightforward!

just out of (TMI) interest, how long has everyone's lochia gone on for? mine seems to have picked up again and is bright red, which I'm fairly sure is not a good sign. not sure if I can be arsed with our crappy GP sit and wait clinic again though, so plan to sit it out unless things get obviously much worse. I am so so sick of having to wear maternity pads though. my mum described them once as 'like sitting on a dead hamster'. not a description to use in hospital btw when a midwife asks if you have any in your bag. when you tell your DH to fish a dead hamster out of the bag, you WILL get odd looks.

I just managed to bath both children together, after Em copiously vommed into her neck folds. was quite a masterclass in octopus wrestling. thank god DH is working from home so he could step in when both offspring were screaming blue murder and I was trying to prevent DS from chucking the whole contents of the bath over his little sister whilst I got her dressed on the bath mat. fun times...

McKayz Mon 02-Jul-12 19:00:58

Kveta mine is still quite red. It seems to go and then picks up again. I don't wear maternity pads though. I just use the normal period ones but ones for heavier bleeding. But I am sick of them now.

CathFin Mon 02-Jul-12 19:31:06

Kveta mine too, it almost stopped but since I have been in hosp it has come back, quite red and a bit clotted, fairly sure it went on for about 4 weeks with both my others?

McKayz great birth story, very jealous of those who have had water births!

Btw, I asked DH to bring in sanitary towels and he managed to bring in panty liners, I was not amused!

DairyNips Mon 02-Jul-12 20:43:25

My lochia keeps stopping and starting too. I keep thinking its finished then I get bright red blood againconfused I'm just using bodyform pads with wings which seem to be doing the job. Apparently the increase in bleeding can be linked to activity so if you've had a busy day you might find the bleeding picks up a bit. I too am totally sick of wearing pads, hope it finishes soon. I think last time it had just finished by my 6 week check but had been very light in the few weeks before then.

Well, I've survived the first day alone and even made it to the breastfeeding drop insmileIt went a lot better than I thought it would which obviously makes me think tomorrow will be terriblegrin Mil helped me out as she watched ds2 whilst I popped to get ds1 from nursery and took Oscar with me.

For those of you who aren't on fb, Oscar had his two week weigh in today and has gone from 5lb 13oz to 6lb 15oz! I am super pleasedgrin

McKayz Mon 02-Jul-12 21:19:53

DH should be home Saturday!!! grin

DairyNips Mon 02-Jul-12 21:20:57

Brilliant McKayz!grin

Kveta Mon 02-Jul-12 21:27:18

ooh, I was going to ask McKayz! that's brilliant, you must be so excited - as must he be! he's going to meet his daughter at last!

thanks for all the lochia reassurance, I think it was worse with DS but had PPH with him too, so just recall lots of blood for a long time. booked my 6 week check up today (end of july) so will worry if it's not over by then!

Shelduck Tue 03-Jul-12 09:28:22

Yes, same here with the lochia. Love the hamster analogy, kveta! grin

that's fantastic news about DH, McKayz! I forgot he was away. Makes me blush for whining that I don't have enough time with mine at the moment.

DS has been very restless last two days, and rarely settles fully. Clear from his facial expressions that he keeps trying to fart, which is so incredibly sweet, but i wish i could make it better for him. Something that mummy can't cuddle better. Is 2 weeks too early for colic? We're giving him infacol, but presumably if it was full-on colic, we'd know about it?!

McKayz Tue 03-Jul-12 12:31:50

We've just been discharged by MW. Now just to wait for the HV to get in touch. I am tempted to ring them instead and suggest I go to clinic instead of them coming here.

CathFin Tue 03-Jul-12 12:55:34

MW came and discharged me this morning so I asked about the bleeding and she said it was normal, probably the final shrinking of the uterus into the pelvis (I think she said), difficult to keep up with all these doctors and medical types!

The midwife won't discharge DS until we are back home but doc just now said that if B's bloods come back clear today they might discharge us from hospital this evening?!! He is still v sleepy though.

Great news McKayz!

Ginga66 Wed 04-Jul-12 00:30:56

He is asleep and I can't sleep! Three week old ds has had terrible colic and still jaundiced. Went to prolonged jaundice clinic today for bloods. He is struggling with his latching on and feeding been a bit tricky to say the least. I a, beyond tired. Dh skipping with three year old so they get sleep but he is being an argumentative git anyway! Trying to get dh to give ds2 a bottle so that we can mix feed him so I can get little break but dh is reluctant and ds2 is not keen either. The teat looks so much bigger than my nipple!
Al so in this weather what are people putting babies in? Long or short sleeves? I am quite paranoid about him getting too hot and spend the night checking temp and taking blankets on and off!

Kveta Wed 04-Jul-12 14:07:32

poor you Ginga! hope you get soome rest soon, it's so much harder with an older child to deal with too!

we are dressing Em in a vest and babygro most days, but not much else when out and about.

she has been weird with poo - initially, from about 5 days old, she had one epic a day, then on monday this week, she did nothing, was getting a bit concerned, and yesterday did 2 epic poos, and has had 2 already today too! she's feeding like mad too, so possibly just growing again. Weird though, 2 people today said what a tiny wee thing she is and she must have been very low birth weight confused then were horrified when I told them her actual birth weight. bizarre.

I have just ordered christmas and birthday presents for the children (DS will be 3 in september) as had an ELC 20% off code - if you want to be ludicrously well prepared for christmas too, it's CROCODILE smile

better go wake DS up, he's been napping for 90 minutes, and whilst I love the nap time, I do need him to be ready for bed before midnight, sigh!

Shelduck Wed 04-Jul-12 16:26:50

Yes DS is also in the pattern of 1 epic poo a day. I'm fairly sure something in the antenatal info i had said something about "about the size of a £2 coin". Bloody hell, no!

DS and i have just been on our first trip out of the house on our own. (I'm really living life on the edge as you can tell!) Met a couple of other mothers (to be) from my antenatal classes, and feel so much better for it. Have a feeling that DS is going to be subjected to every Baby Music Time / Baby Pilates / Baby Chartered Accountancy or whatever such nonsense classes that i can get to! Or just wheel him around the supermarket until at least three old ladies have cooed over him.

10000Fireflies Wed 04-Jul-12 22:45:27

OMG, I have zero time to keep up with you all. sad Baby firefly cluster feeds from 8am to 1pm and then 6pm to midnight or later.... in between I either sleep or go out for some fresh air... or have MW visits. Hope to get into a routine where I can keep up with you all better. Baby is utterly scrummy though and I am v v v happy. Hubby and I had one day at home together before he went back to work though which was really crap.

I might get round to posting my nightmare birth story sometime!!

Hugs to all.


mammadothebump Wed 04-Jul-12 23:00:56

Hi all.

Should have said before warlin I was ellybett. Suppose I'll have to think of something else now I have done the bump!

Fab birth story mckayz, glad it went how you wanted. So pleased your dh is on his way back to you soon.

shelduck with dd1 I stressed so much about fact she only kipped on me instead of in her basket. I realised with hindsight that I should have savoured the snuggling but in my sleep deprived condition of the time I felt I was doing it wrong. Congrats on your solo voyage!

Very organised kveta! I don't know about Christmas but I know I forgot its my birthday this weekend!

Did anyone else have jaundice in the early days with their LO's? I think Elin has a touch of it, she's a very sleepy baby so its a struggle sometimes to keep her sucking for long enough periods, frustrating.

Night all, see you in the wee hours probably!

rachyroodle Wed 04-Jul-12 23:03:48

Hi everyone, it takes so long to keep up with reading your posts, I never write my own. Mckayz love the birth story and the fact that your DH is coming home. Feel so bad now about grumping about my DH return to work!

Shelduck accidentally found your ff thread today trying to work out what bottles are best for expressing. Some really interesting stories and noticed that so many people seemed really pleased you had started the thread. I met with the ladies from my antenatal class today and it does give you a big boost. Will also be getting LO signed up for baby accountancy ASAP!!

Anyway, anyone with recommendations about best bottles, teats etc to get for an almost exclusively breastfeed baby whose mummy might want a very occasional cheeky night off being milked would be greatly appreciated. Also - when it is safe to start her on bottles without making her forget what to do with my nipples. Have had conflicting advice so now feeling really confused!

Big wave to all the other new mums. Not sure what I would have done without these threads and the Facebook page. Just reading everyone's experiences makes you feel so much better about everything as you realise you are not alone with so many of the things that are happening!

Rachy not sure if I have banged this particular drum on this thread yet, but our hospital recommended NUK teats - the latex ones, although theses perish quicker than the silicone ones. The shape of the teat is supposed to encourage baby to use he same mechanism as breastfeeding.
DS has had two bottles per day of 20ml expressed milk since week 2, and has been fine to continue breastfeeding.
You can buy them online from the NUK shop, or they are sometimes in stock at mothercare or your local pharmacy.

McKayz Thu 05-Jul-12 03:55:20

DH isn't going to be home until sometime next week now. The guy replacing him still needs his passport back from the Angolan Embassy. Useless people.

I wish DD would go to sleep. I need a wee and she cries if I put her down

Oh McKayz that's rubbish! Really hope the hold up won't be too long.

Thomas still thinks that being up all night is the business. I am so desperate for some sleep! sad

mammadothebump Thu 05-Jul-12 04:40:21

Sorry to hear that mckayz. That sucks.

I too have a wide awake baby, she's full of cold (at 5 days old!) so not finding it easy to settle. Compared to all afternoon where even dd1's paddy didn't wake her! Good thing she's so blooming cute!

10000Fireflies Thu 05-Jul-12 08:48:21

Thought I'd update stats:

25th April: TeaandHobnobs DS 4 lb 11.5 oz
2?th May: Fanbelt DD
27th May: Warlin DS
28th May: HorseyGirl1 DS
31st May: KatyJ26 DD
6th June: Smallwonder DS 7 lb 9 oz
7th June: Mammainthemaking DD 8 lb 2 oz
= Bumper1 DS
8th June: SeriouslyStrongCheddar DS 6 lb 13 oz
= mrsshears DD 10 lb 12.5 oz
9th June: Ginga66 DS 8lb 2 oz
10th June: Ceeej DD 6 lb 12 oz
= Ffnorm DD 8 lb 7 oz
= Thedogwalker (now Mammato2boys) DS 6 lb 15.5 oz
= BlueAndRedMakePurple DS 9 lb 10 oz
12th June: Kveta DD 9 lb 4 oz
= Annakin31 DD 7 lb 7 oz
13th June: Alligatorpie DD 7 lb 6 oz
= Novmama DD 7 lb
14th June: Blondiedollface DD 8 lb 7 oz
15th June: Star DS 8 lb 9 oz
= Rhibutterfly DD 7 lb 13 oz
16th June: Shelduck DS 7 lb 9 oz
18th June: DairyNips DS 5 lb 13 oz
= SpecialJK DS 8 lb 6 oz
= bemybebe DD 7 lb
19th June: AmethystMoon DD 7 lb 6 oz
20th June: McKayz DD 9 lb 6.5 oz
= PinkPanther27 DD 8 lb 14 oz
= justwantscheese DD 9 lb 13 oz
21st June: CathFin DS 9 lb 2 oz
= Fireflies DS 9lb 7 oz

10000Fireflies Thu 05-Jul-12 08:49:05

Baby Firefly fast asleep instead of begging for food. Don't know what to do with self!!

crackersncheese Thu 05-Jul-12 09:11:55

Just adding myself in

25th April: TeaandHobnobs DS 4 lb 11.5 oz
2?th May: Fanbelt DD
27th May: Warlin DS
28th May: HorseyGirl1 DS
31st May: KatyJ26 DD
6th June: Smallwonder DS 7 lb 9 oz
7th June: Mammainthemaking DD 8 lb 2 oz
= Bumper1 DS
8th June: SeriouslyStrongCheddar DS 6 lb 13 oz
= mrsshears DD 10 lb 12.5 oz
9th June: Ginga66 DS 8lb 2 oz
10th June: Ceeej DD 6 lb 12 oz
= Ffnorm DD 8 lb 7 oz
= Thedogwalker (now Mammato2boys) DS 6 lb 15.5 oz
= BlueAndRedMakePurple DS 9 lb 10 oz
12th June: Kveta DD 9 lb 4 oz
= Annakin31 DD 7 lb 7 oz
13th June: Alligatorpie DD 7 lb 6 oz
= Novmama DD 7 lb
14th June: Blondiedollface DD 8 lb 7 oz
15th June: Star DS 8 lb 9 oz
= Rhibutterfly DD 7 lb 13 oz
16th June: Shelduck DS 7 lb 9 oz
18th June: DairyNips DS 5 lb 13 oz
= SpecialJK DS 8 lb 6 oz
= bemybebe DD 7 lb
19th June: AmethystMoon DD 7 lb 6 oz
20th June: McKayz DD 9 lb 6.5 oz
= PinkPanther27 DD 8 lb 14 oz
= justwantscheese DD 9 lb 13 oz
21st June: CathFin DS 9 lb 2 oz
= Fireflies DS 9lb 7 oz
27th June Crackersncheese DS 6lb 4oz

mrsshears Thu 05-Jul-12 10:35:56

sorry your dh is not back yet mckayz

tea Dd can be a monkey in the night too,exhausting isnt it.

Hope eveyone is ok,i'm a little concerned about dd's weight,she is now 4 weeks (tomorrow) and weighs 11lb,she lost nearly a pound after birth so i suppose her weight is actually ok but because she was 10 12 1/2 at birth it doesn't seem to be enough iyswim,she is happy and health though so maybe i will just see how she goes.

Tea did i read on an earlier post you had quite a lot of blood loss? I lost 1400mls during and just after my section and have been put on ferous sulphate.

It's quite a nice day here so hopefully dd may get to wear one of the many summer outfits she has been given,i really need to get out and buy her some clothes to suit the bad weather too but as i'm not driving again yet it's tricky,has anyone else started driving after a section yet?

Mrsshears a friend of mine had a 10lb baby, and he has been slow to put weight on - I wonder if that is common for many high birth weight babies? Also the neonatal nurses told me that breastfed babies are often slower gainers at the start, but will soon ramp up. She is happy and healthy, so be confident smile

I had 700ml blood loss and was put on ferrous sulphate too - I reckon it was about a week later where I stopped feeling anaemic. Was pleased to see the end of black poo! shock

Thomas has a small spotty rash over his torso and a bit of his face. It's pale red, tiny spots, but disappears under a tumbler so not massively concerned yet. Does this sound familiar to anyone, before I give in to my first PFB urge to take him to the GP? He doesn't seem distressed or anything - he still a little cranky but i reckon that is just from his cold and general wind issues...

ffnorm Thu 05-Jul-12 16:54:40

Hey everyone - it's been too long,I realised I was going mad when I scoured the fb thread for Kveta's lochia comment and couldn't find it then realised it was on the MN thread.

My bleeding has slowed down to a trickle of light pink brown,just wish it would go away completely as I am not a fan of sanitary towels but now at least,I can chuckle at the dead hamster idea grin

McK how rubbish about your DH sad

I too had a largish blood loss of 1300ml so taking my ferrous as well as Vit C as it increases the uptake of iron but looking forward to losing the black poo (glad it's not only me Tea)

Tea it may well be a heat rash as it's quite humid today but see how it goes And is he otherwise well?babies are prone to viral rash when they are unwell.

Rant alert HV student came to the house last week because of DD's prolonged jaundice,told me to attend the clinic yesterday and have the jaundice looked at by the HV.I'm not worried about the jaundice as she is awake and alert,drinking well and EBF plus it's getting less and as the MW said on discharge,it's also probably partly her colour as she is mixed race.

Anyhow,I attended the clinic and because that's what you do,I weighed her. She had been weighed last thursday,so the gap was only 6 days and she had gained 120g/4oz. Proceeded to get a "talk" about feeding her more and using EBM top ups as it was a small weight gain.I was shock as it is not normal to weigh so frequently as it can cause undue worry (not quite a direct quote from the red book) and now I must return next week for follow up. I am so angry as I am not worried about her and am very pleased at our bf success but if I had been less sure of myself,I may have gone off thinking my breast milk wasn't good enough. She was 8lb 5oz at birth and is now 9lb 3oz.

And breath...

What utter bollocks ffnorm - 4oz in 6 days sounds like a great weight gain to me! Stick your fingers in your ears and go "la la la la la" grin

(just to clarify, bollocks to the HVs, not to you obviously blush)

Weight gain here has been very sporadic. We were doing 10-40g in 4 days to suddenly 300g in 6 days at her last weigh in. As long as baby is healthy and producing dirty and wet nappies then things are going to be different between babies and days. Some days babies guzzle milk all day, others they sleep and chill. HVs seem to have a reputation for putting the fear of god into new mums!

mammadothebump Thu 05-Jul-12 22:31:12

Yep, hv I had for dd1 is not
allowed in the house this time after making me feel like a shite mother due to not regaining weight quickly enough. On her advice I topped up with formula which affected my supply so bf went out the window.

This time I'm trusting my instinct. I've already received conflicting advice from different midwives so I'm going to smile, nod and do what I thinks right!

mrsshears Fri 06-Jul-12 06:08:21

Tea I think maybe you have a point with that theory about bigger babies being slower to put weight on,dd is 4wks today and i think i will leave further weighing until her 6wk check to avoid me obsessing over her putting enough on.

ffnorm That sounds like dd1's health visitor, she made me feel totally crap as a first time teenage mum.

CathFin Fri 06-Jul-12 06:55:33

With DD the HV quite often used to send me into a total panic with their shoddy advice, with DS1 I knew enough to totally ignore them and never went to get him weighed.

I'm getting the midwife to come back next week to weigh DS2 again after our rocky start with him being ill. He is 4oz over birth weight so I'm not too worried but it will be better than having to go to the health center and queue to see a HV who will no doubt wind me up!!

ffnorm Fri 06-Jul-12 07:56:51

Thanks everyone - will take her back to weigh next week but will definitely be employing Tea's approach grin,

Anyone got plans for the weekend? We are going to my friends 40th birthday lunch tomorrow at a restaurant,should be lots of children, so presuming it'll be quite laid back which is good as I'll prob spend most of it with my boobs out grin

Do any of you get a really painful "pricking" sensation through you boobs?

McKayz Fri 06-Jul-12 08:00:32

Ffnorm yes I do!! I was going to see if anyone else does. It bloody hurts

Kveta Fri 06-Jul-12 11:51:10

I'm getting the tingly/pricking boobs too, always followed by a gush of let down. it's delightful...

ffnorm your HV sounds like a numpty. glad you are aware of that though grin

Emilie has a cold still and so didn't sleep last night, preferring to feed every 45 minutes or so. think the heat didn't help. she's all snotty today poor thing.

we're off to the local fire station open day tomorrow, and the olympic torch is going by there too, so should be a fun, if soggy, day out.

CathFin Fri 06-Jul-12 12:28:46

Yes me too, sure it hurts more this time, really makes me wince when my milk 'arrives'!

McKayz Fri 06-Jul-12 12:37:30

Does it settle down?

I had that for a while (real wincing and eye crossing every time my let down happened!) but I can't feel it at all now.

And now I've said that, it just happened at the last feed hmm

Shelduck Fri 06-Jul-12 15:39:34

Just got DS into baby carrier for the first time, and had a little wander to postbox. He's less than half the weight i lost after giving birth, but i could already feel i was going to have to be careful of my back. How the hell did we carry those bumps around without crippling ourselves?!

Kveta Fri 06-Jul-12 16:44:17

what carrier do you have? I had a baby bjorn type with DS and it KILLED my back. have a sling this time and OMG it is so much better, and Em is heavier than DS was! have done some long walks with her in it and my back is fine. worth trying different carriers out anyway smile (I have a Bondolino this time, but the Ergo, Beco, and Boba slings get good reviews too)

Miniangel Fri 06-Jul-12 17:49:05

Hello everyone. Marking my place on this thread atlast.

Talking of backs -my back and legs are killing me. Anyone else had that after a c-sec? How long does it take to recover. I am hoping the epidural and spinal they gave me didn't knacker my back for good.

Poor mini sad Can't offer any advice on the c-section, but I had an epidural and on my postnatal visits, my midwife always asked me how my legs were feeling. Could you call your midwife for advice?

Just been looking for scratchmitts - not all of DS's babygros have those integral ones - and thinking they will be useless and fall off, when I spot these. It's like a baby shrug! Ha! How bonkers! well also kind of clever I guess

CathFin Fri 06-Jul-12 20:39:43

Aaargh DD has a temperature. Please can we have no more illness in my house!!

ceeej Fri 06-Jul-12 22:52:02

mini is the pain particularly in your calves? That can be a sign of thrombosis so I'd get in touch with your midwife if it is.

smallwonder Fri 06-Jul-12 22:53:09

Cathfin Never rains but it pours sad Hope she's on the mend asap.
Mini Post section had sore legs and scar area often hurt when walking. Legs hurt around this time of night if i've been busy all day. How many days are you now? Keep taking your pain relief, it's important smile
I think I've missed a lot of posts -- hope anyone I don't see on FB is okay and that respective LOs are thriving smile

DS is over a month old now. Weighs just over 10lbs, only one visit left by HV thank God. Haven't many complaints, pretty much exhausted like most of us are but getting out and about and managing to keep on top of the day to days best I can. We just had 7 under 7 here this evening and us 4 adults, actually enjoyed it and we all managed to sit down and eat in relative calm.
Am so hoping for some better weather. Still raining here.
[waves to all]

smallwonder Fri 06-Jul-12 22:55:28

x-posts Ceej. I didn't think of that. Good advice there. The kind of pain i'd experience is the aches one experiences after a good old walk. HTH.

smallwonder Fri 06-Jul-12 22:56:05

hmm definitely bedtime

Shelduck Sat 07-Jul-12 08:50:18

Hi kveta yes, it's a baby bjorn. Was hoping it would do the job, but looks like i might have to bite the bullet and start investigating slings. Oh god...that means going out shopping. I don't suppose my local tea shop would stock them, would they? because quite frankly that's the only place i really want to go to today! grin

McKayz Sat 07-Jul-12 11:30:39

DH is really coming home this time!! He has got flights booked!! He lands in Manchester at 10 past 10 Monday morning. So he should be home in time to pick up the boys from school Monday afternoon. So we've decided not to tell them so that he can surprise them. grin

Warlin Sat 07-Jul-12 11:45:33

Morning all

McKayz great news about DH..you must be so excited.....nothing but admiration for how you have managed on your own and with other DC

DS just started crying so going to have to make this a quick one. Had our consultant apt the other day and the good news is he thinks that although DS's hip is still clicky, it doesn't feel like anything is wrong with the joint so he's hopeful the scan won't show anything...fingers crossed. He did say that because he was 3 weeks early, his hip could be clicky for a bit longer than most babies. So relieved about that. Everything else was fine too. DS did a massive fart and poo when consultant had the stethascope on him and was nearly deafened blush

We had an ok night last night. Am raging with Dh though as I went for a nap yesterday evening and Dh fell asleep on sofa with DS beside him. So dangerous to do unplanned naps together and am panicked with all sorts of horrible thougts. He's now in the huff as I freaked with him sad Tiredness really is tough for everyone. Need to be a bit more tolerant and less prickly with him...just sent him out with the dog so I could get tidied and sorted. I nearly find weekdays easier now as I have a routine, whereas at weekends that is always upset and I get stressed by it. Anyone else find that or am I a control freak??

We have friends coming his afternoon to meet DS. After this I've decided to try and take a break from visitors for a while as it's been relentless for the last 6 weeks and I'm getting fed up!!

Sorry that was a bit of a wingy post!

On the baby bjorn front, I have been using mine round the house but havent actually done a walk yet...I find the pram easier. Will report back on the sore back front afterwards...it better not hurt though as I bought the one with extra lumber support. I think you need to make sure they are properly fitted..ie the belt part tight enough etc...

Are the slings not difficult to put on?

Warlin I prefer weekdays because I can just get on with the day myself, and do things when I choose (DS permitting of course!) whereas DH just manages to massively piss me off at the weekend by getting in my way and generally not really helping angry - quite happy to do fun things like cuddles and baths, but nappy changes are avoided as much as possible hmm

I try not to be too grumpy with him, because he does do things like stay up to give a bottle so I can get some more sleep, but the cynic in me thinks he just does the bare minimum so I can't really complain about him! And I hate that I always have to ask him to do things - DS is his son too, and he should just do things when they need doing, like I have to day in, day out! Ooooo lots of pent up rage there from me....

I have a stretchy wrap sling - it took a bit of practice, but I can get it on and off pretty swiftly now. It's like having a hands free cuddle! So nice smile When he's in it, I spend all the time kissing the top of his head blush

McKayz Sat 07-Jul-12 12:34:48

Now I prefer weekends. No school runs to do!! Plus every other weekend the boys are with their Dad (like this weekend) so I have plenty of time to watch my crap on tv tidy up!!

emblosion Sat 07-Jul-12 12:44:58

Hi everyone! Sorry for being awol, been trying to keep up with everyone on facebook smile

Can't believe DS is 9 days old! The last week has gone by in a haze and DH and I are like ships passing in the night. Am exhausted but feeling a bit more like myself so that's good.

Haven't read all the posts but hope everyone is ok and enjoying their babies x

Kveta Sat 07-Jul-12 13:46:53

I managed to nurse in the sling today! whilst the olympic torch went past, of course...

and sat for a while in the mess room at our local fire station to feed Em - definitely my two strangest places to breast feed grin

Miniangel Sat 07-Jul-12 16:13:58

Thanks Tea, small and ceej. My midwife visit is on Monday so will discuss with her.

Small legs do ache like after a long walk. I am relieved that it is a common after effect. I am talking my pain relief religiously otherwise body starts complaining.

It's my back that I am more worried about now. The pain is constant and is worse than my scar sometimes.

Warlin so happy that there is no problem with Thomas's hip. Lol about the loud fart and poo and the consultant going deaf.

Kveta impressive nursing places. Mess room at local fire station- were there any hot firemen that could tempt you to flash. grin

Warlin Sat 07-Jul-12 19:41:23

tea I'm with you on the DH front....feel terrible as he's in the kitchen cooking my dinner hmm. He does the late feeds too but then he always sits up anyway so it's not really something he's doing purely to help....the cynic in me too! I think it's hard as they don't have the same instincts as we do. I do the vast majority for DS too...though if he did do it I'd probably bite my tongue at his technique before snatching him back confused. To be fair I don't think he'll win no matter what he does!

I'm bottle feeding though so he could easily do a full night to give me one off but that's yet to be offered. And it cracks me up when he complains of being tired for sitting up late when I've been up half the night!

emblosion it's crazy how time flies in...DS is 6 weeks old tonight and I really don't know where the time has gone. Hope you're ok and not stressing too much about your mum going home and DH going back to work. If you need some company let me know and I can come visit as you're not that far from me.

Right better go....my dinner is ready and DS is gurgling...the usual combo of trying to eat dinner with a screaming baby on my lap awaits smile

Kveta Sat 07-Jul-12 19:57:42

I wasn't pissed off with DH at all until this evening, when he snapped at the online shop arriving and me having dared to order more stuff for the freezer. Now ceeej will understand this, but when you work in a lab, you learn how to optimise freezer space, so I can fill a freezer like I'm winning at tetris, and still have space left over - DH is more of the kick the door as you close it school of thought. Anyway, it ended up with some of my hand cooked meals from pre-baby being kicked across the floor, and Some Words being spoken. He is upstairs whilst I sit downstairs with Em right now.

it is not helping that DS is being a bloody nuisance right now. He is up and down all night like a yo-yo, wakes up at 5 yawning but refusing to go back to bed, refuses his afternoon nap, and then fights sleep, despite screaming from about 4pm because he is so knackered. he is managing on about 8 hours sleep in 24, which is not enough for a 2.9 yo, so we are struggling with him. and Em has this cold so is not sleeping well as she is all snuffly. But I could cope with just her, it's the combination of two of them which is knackering us. How the hell anyone manages with more I do not know!!

plus I am feeling so hideous and fat right now, and my boobs started leaking again today, so every time I fed on one side, was gushing from the other like a fountain. thank god for the sling to hide the massive wet patches! not my best day, just feel quite down and crappy.

anyway, think I am away to bed early tonight, as Em is asleep, there is nowt on TV, and there is a delightful atmosphere in the house. sigh.

CathFin Sat 07-Jul-12 20:38:41

Kveta - my DS1 is the same age and is doing the same, he has passed out on the carpet from tiredness today and yesterday and all because he gets up at 5.45am. I generally cut his hair when he is asleep so he got half a haircut this afternoon before DS2 woke up - luckily I hadn't really hacked it, will have to do the other half tomorrow!!
Not nice to be leaking again, think DS2 is doing such an admirable job of keeping my boobs empty that I'm not leaking unless he has a long sleep!

Bed for me! Night all!

ceeej Sun 08-Jul-12 05:03:50

kveta we have that exact same argument every time we get shopping in!

mrsshears Sun 08-Jul-12 10:48:20

Really annoyed, i noticed that an area of my scar was a bit red yesterday but didnt think much of it,well this morning its discharging sad
I really dont need it and dh is away til friday so im on my own with 3 dc.

McKayz Sun 08-Jul-12 13:05:30


I actually think DH will never ever come home. They aren't allowed to leave until the Customs and Immigration people have gone to the ship to check papers and passports etc.

Well they haven't bloody shown up, they said they would be there at 8am. 5 hours later and they aren't there. One of the guys DH works with is now missing his flight back to South Africa and it looks likely DH won't be getting his tonight either.


Kveta Sun 08-Jul-12 13:16:24

oh that's shit McKayz sad hope he makes it home soon.

ceeej thought you'd know what I meant! my dad is the same, drives mum up the wall when he rearranges the fridge or freezer to pack even more in grin

mrsshears can you cal OOH GP and ask for advice? they may prescribe antibiotics without seeing you, it has happened to me before (and yes it does sound a bit dodgy!!)

had an awful night here, I couldn't sleep, and Em was so bunged up and snuffly, plus she hadn't had a poo for 3 days, so was uncomfortable and grunting and posseting all night (several outfit changes for both her and me!). anyway, she finally erupted at 7am and DH (who is lovely btw grin) left me to sleep after we cleared it up and changed her outfit again, so I got to sleep until 9.30. she is sleeping on me now whilst we watch the Wimbledon finals (I am cheering on the Scot who is trained by a Czech, no other options grin although he won't win, scots don't win at sport)