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March 2011 mums, entering our 2nd year with our 'Babies'!!

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Purplefan Sat 21-Apr-12 09:11:52

Hi all,
Thought I'd take the plunge and set up a new thread for us...never done it before so hope it works.

Will be back later to update properly, have busy day as DH is off on a track day on his motorbike and DD1 has already been driving me insane, it has only just gone 9am!!! xx

GeekLove Sat 21-Apr-12 09:33:29

Hi purple! Hope you and your rapidly-no-longer baby is doing well. Hello to other March mummies too!
Are others got this yucky coughing thing? DH and I have had it for 3 weeks and have finally got antibiotics at the walk in centre after the nearest doctors appointment was 2 week!
M is alternating between smiles and grumpy as his teeth come out. Seems he's been cutting canines for the past 3 months.
Anybody else find that the bigger the thread, the harder it is to follow?

sam26oscar Sat 21-Apr-12 14:47:50

Yay! well done purple am posting on new phone so it will be short snd full of typos til i get used to it!! Also just settling in for second year on our thread(grin)

Lozario Sat 21-Apr-12 18:46:01

Well done Purple!! grin

Am also on phone lying down on sofa after manic but ace day grin We went to the London Aquarium today, the kids loved it, especially as they now have little penguins there and the current fav film in this house is bloody Happy Feet !! Lara challenged the day by getting up at 5 hmm but she slept on the bus on the way there and again on way back. They were both shattered and for the first time in ages they conked out as soon as they went to bed, at 6.30pm! Lovely!

Hope everyone else is having a good weekend grin

Lozario Sat 21-Apr-12 18:48:00

PS Geek yes teething big style here - giving calpol at bedtime and worried she's now having it too much - every night for the last week and a half and still no tooth through - I think it's her canines! Will be so glad when they're all through as it's another thing to rule out!

haloflo Sat 21-Apr-12 20:19:11

Hello new thread! Well done purple! They will be babies forever won't they!? Well at least until they are 18 months anyway.

lozario Aquarium sounds fab, good news about them both going to bed easily - I hope you don't get another 5am start. Its the Penrith Centre Parcs we are off to. I cannot wait.

Bless teething babies. I think we're on a respite period, I hope it lasts. Calpol is one of the safest drugs I believe, if it works then I say carry on!

Well done Purple on setting up the new thread smile

Loz my bff is a hospital pharmacist and she doses up her DD (9m) with calpol nightly too grin. A is back to waking up bright and early too <sigh>. If he wasn't so interested in bashing the crap out of my laptop I's suggest an MN online breakfast meet up for those of us with early wakers grin

Busy week for A, his 8th tooth has finally broken, its been coming through since Jan. I think one or two others have popped through at the same time but the little bugger won't let me poke my fingers around his mouth. He's a bit hypocritical in this way as he's always shoving his fingers in my gob whether I like it or not.

He's also started walking. We had a good few weeks of him just taking 1 step, and he didn't really seem convinced it was a good idea but on Thursday he just took off and if he concentrates really hard he can walk the width of the living room. I'm having to try really hard not to rush out and buy him shoes as I do have about 6 pairs in mind for him... Keep reminding me please that babies DO NOT NEED 6 pairs of shoes...

Flo you're right, they will always be out babies <sob> even when they are 15 and towering over us <sob>. Wonder how A will feel about me smothering him in kisses then?

Over and out x

Well my resolve didn't last long, just been and bought Arthur some Start Rite cruisers blush he has taken to them straight away and did a whizz round the shoe department in them. He is very taken with the rocket ships on them grin.

sam26oscar Sun 22-Apr-12 22:14:09

grin petty what are you like!!! Am just jealous as cassies haven't arrived yet sad !! Am going to TRY and link a picture...ohh get me, unfortunately i have no idea where to begin!!!

sam26oscar Sun 22-Apr-12 22:15:09

OMG i did it i did it! <<claps herself on the back>> tis an achievement for me!!!

Lozario Mon 23-Apr-12 13:58:12

Oooh sam those shoes are so cute!

Well I spent all day in bed yesterday throwing up, every hour on the hour! Awful!! Just ate my first meal - a cheese sandwich - was delicious, suddenly very hungry! We had an amazing time at the London Aquarium on Saturday though, so it was sad to finish the weekend on a downer! I think I must weigh about 2 stones now!

sam26oscar Mon 23-Apr-12 20:39:34

Oh no poor you. was it a bug or fpoisoning? that must be just dreadful i hate being sick would rather poo mysrlf inside out!! Really hope you feel better soon x

JoJoB77 Mon 23-Apr-12 21:19:25

Evening all

Sorry not been around for a while, being back at work combined with a lively 1 year old, i have time for nowt else at the mo.

I will catch up properly later on but a few updates from me... Ruby is walking now, she took her first steps a few weeks before her bday & is off now, she throws ur hand off if u try to help steady her! She has a little temper on her too, she knows what she wants.. Although she is lively times, she has a lovely personality & really makes me laugh, im loving these times.

In other news, i'm 6 weejs pg with no.2....ssshhhhh tho, its a secret grin

sam26oscar Tue 24-Apr-12 20:51:46

JoJo grin congratulations!!!
Won't tell anyone promise!! Hope you still stay on here to update us!!
Must be a girk thing what with the temper and knowing what she wants!! Cassie's the same!!!

Lozario Wed 25-Apr-12 10:03:51

Wow congratulations JoJo!!! That's lovely news! smile

Rain is driving us INSANE. Can't be bothered to get soaked going to toddler group as knackered after DS kept me up half the night with croupy cough- does anyone on here have an older child who has asthma? He's always so wheezy, just wondering when we start asking for inhalers etc.

DS is lying on floor pushing trains half-heartedly and Lara is sitting next to the sofa headbutting it and laughing when she bounces off. And I am MNing. What a fun rainy day!!!

Medee Wed 25-Apr-12 12:15:06

<marks spot> I've a lot to go back and catch-up on!

haloflo Wed 25-Apr-12 12:25:19

Congrats jojo smile Brilliant news about the walking. Hannah has a "face" when she isn't happy, she too knows what she wants and when she wants it.

Does anyone have a biter? Hannah is teething again and loves nothing more than to take a chunk out of my leg whilst i'm washing up, and it really really hurts. I say "no, don't bite, ow for mummy" or something along those lines and try to take her off (not easy!) Will this pass? Most things i've read about biting are more for toddlers but I don't want it to get to that...

Its actually NOT raining in the NW. <Evil laugh>grin

JoJoB77 Wed 25-Apr-12 12:53:44

Thanku everyone smile. Well its chucking it down here, has been all day, ruby wont nap in her cot for some strange reason, so im slowly going insane!

Haloflo, ruby bites occasionally, not sure if its teething related, she just fancies taking a bite out of my face. I tell her no but she just laughs at me angry

I really hope tomoro is a better day (fingers crossed emoticon)

haloflo Wed 25-Apr-12 13:38:46

Oh yes I get a laugh if I say no too loud. I try and say it firmly but not in an exciting way if you know what I mean?! Hope Ruby has a sleep soon. How are you feeling? Not too sick or anything?

And yes its raining here now. Spoke way to soon.

JoJoB77 Wed 25-Apr-12 13:49:39

Yes i know exactly what you mean re a firm no! In the end i just distract her with some toy & ignore her attempts to bite.

I am feeling ok thanks, to the point of worrying that im feeling too ok if that makes sense. I think i started feeling rubbish nearer 8 weeks last time so i ahould enjoy this while it lasts!

I cant believe i'm going to have 2 children under 2....

haloflo Wed 25-Apr-12 13:51:50

Its so exciting! We are TTC at the moment but as i'm still breastfeeding my periods are all over the place and DTD isn't exactly a priority. I'd love 2 under 2 though.

I remember those feelings, pregnancy is a stressful time - i've heard the 2nd one flies by though.

JoJoB77 Wed 25-Apr-12 14:03:59

Yeah the first few weeks/months tend to drag but im sure it will soon be December & baby will be due!

Fingers crossed for a BFP for you soon smile

ckny1 Wed 25-Apr-12 15:35:57

Thanks for taking the initiative on the new thread, Purple!

Jo, congrats to you! Though Halo, I personally thought pregnancy was the best time of my life, while I'm most stressed now!? sad What's wrong with me?!? sad I love my little man, but I feel every day as though I may have a heart attack from all the rushing about.

Franz sometimes bites, too, often on my back thigh near my ass (!) when I'm cooking and I sometimes think it's his way of giving a kiss, then he's disappointed when I firmly say "no".

Yeah for the new shoes! Very cute, Sam. We also fitted F with his first pair last week, and he doesn't even notice they're on his feet, which is a good thing. Will post a pic in FB. Petty, just remember how they may need a new pair every 4 months so try to space out the ones you like most, considering A's age, the seasons, etc. smile And I loved your website! I wonder whether you could even increase the price of some of the items since they are so lovingly made my you!

Lozario, I hope you're feeling better!

While I desperately needed a break this weekend, DH decided to have a super high fever so I was on 24 hr duty with him and Franz, and now F caught his flu PLUS is getting his other molars and is a nightmare once again. We had had such a lovely week beforehand, but now he's not eating, napping, or sleeping and I can't be bothered to care anymore as I'm so bloody knackered. Speaking of blood, 2 nights ago he bled from the mouth all over his sheets, which so frightening since he had been coughing all night and I assumed he had pneumonia -- though the nurse assured me it was teething despite the fever and cough.

And for the record, boys can have little diva tempers, too! F wants to do everything by himself, but with me laying on the floor nearby, and he says "neh neh neh" for "no" just before he is going to do something he knows I don't like.

I think I need a vacation, or just 2 hrs to myself to keep my sanity.

eversomuch Wed 25-Apr-12 16:34:41

Ugh, Lozario, can't believe you're sick again. Really hope you feel better soon.

Sounds like a break would do you good, ckny. Sorry about the biting problem. Luckily, we haven't got there yet, but then again, Sabine still only has four teeth. Blimey, they're slow about coming in. Wishing now that they'd get a move on bc I|m keen for her to start eating what we eat, but right now, I still have to blend things up a bit for her or she doesn't digest it properly.

Congratulations, Jo. I hope everything goes very smoothly with your pg.

As for me, I'm 12 weeks today. Despite a very good scan yesterday, my blood work came back dodgy, putting me at a 1:53 risk of Down Syndrome, so I'm going for CVS tomorrow. Was pretty upset and worried about it yesterday, but am feeling much more at ease today. Spoke with someone at the Fetal Medicine Unit at UCLH this morning and was assured that the doctor who will be performing the procedure is very experienced, and from what I understand, that is the most important factor in the test's success. Looked at the other way around, there's a 52:53 chance (or 97%) that everything will be fine, so I'm trying to be optimistic. Good thoughts, crossing of fingers, etc will be greatly appreciated, though.

JoJoB77 Wed 25-Apr-12 17:35:08

Thankyou Everso. Sending positive wishes your way for tomorrow.


JoJoB77 Wed 25-Apr-12 18:14:25

Have all of your LO's had their latest jabs? Did they have any more if a reaction to them than any others they have had?

sam26oscar Wed 25-Apr-12 19:51:14

everso sending you lots of positive vibes, it will be just fine xxx

Lozario Wed 25-Apr-12 21:11:21

everso good luck tomorrow - will be thinking of you - the odds are hugely on your side as you've identified. Will be keeping an eye out tomorrow for you x

ckny bleeding with teething?! Crikey! Poor lamb. We have a little biter too, I sort of find it quite cute though because it's affectionate and playful - like a kitten! I'll change my mind soon though I guess!!!

Jojo 2 under 2 is a WORLD OF CHAOS!!!! On the plus side though the time seems to go very quickly and I'm the thinnest I've ever been just from chasing after them all the time!

I'm on my own AGAIN this evening because DH's boss keeps asking him out for a drink (it's a bloke - I'm not worried!!) and I'm maudlin... Found out today that we are no longer in the catchment area for our chosen primary school for DS (who will start Sept 2013) because demand is so high. I'm so gutted, I don't know what we'll do. Move? Pay for local private? Our other local primary is preeeetty rough to say the least. Either way the finances would mean we wouldn't be able to afford another baby so that would be that. Feel sad. sad and should not be drinking on my own

Aww Loz, find a nice landlord and let him put your name on the water bill, it worked for my dsis to get my dns into her chosen school grin Although I think the schools might be wise to that now...... can you join the pta and work your way in that way? You just cheered me up saying your the thinnest you've ever been with 2 as I'm put off having another baby because I don't want to get fat again and worried it will take longer to lose second time round <vain>

We got good news today - DH got offered 2 jobs! He accepted the one that was a lot less money as its local and long term I think it will be better for me. However, its a 9 month intern-ship, so he wouldn't get a permanent contract until March 2013 so can't really try for DC2 until then (which at least gives me plenty of time to get over my vanity grin)

Sam LOVE the shoes! I love startrite shoes. I really want some t-bar ones for Arthur once he has a proper pair. We have these ones now http://www.startriteshoes.com/boys/pre-walkers/rocketship, I'm thinking these for summer http://www.startriteshoes.com/boys/sandals/hopscotch and have these boots lined up in my mind for winter http://www.startriteshoes.com/boys/boots/colorado-ii-1 oh and a pair of converse! Phew!

Congrats jojo on the bfp! everso hope your tests go ok, the odds are in your fabvour. Good luck to those ttc. Think I'll stick to just practising for the time being grin

eversomuch Thu 26-Apr-12 12:28:13

Thanks for all the supportive messages. Had the CVS this morning and it seems to have gone very well. No cramping or spotting or anything so far, just a little tingly from the anesthetic wearing off, I think. It was interesting (but a little scary!) to watch the procedure on the screen. Now just have to wait for the results. Should be back by Tuesday latest. Fingers crossed everything will be fine and we'll finally get our green light to start telling people.

Purplefan Thu 26-Apr-12 20:58:31

Hi everyone,
glad the link to this new thread worked and people are finding their way here grin
Everso reading your posts about the cvs brought everything flooding back to me!! hmm I remember it, like it was yesterday! You were much braver than me then by watching it on screen, I couldm't even look at the needle and I came over all hot and felt faint just as they were finishing!! Good luck for a positive outcome.. the odds sound in your favour.

Bethan had her hospital check up today with our lovely pediatrician - she is pleased with her progress. She now weighs 15lb exactly and she is 66cm tall. This puts her on the 2nd centile for growth (instead of below the 0.4th)!! On the specific turners growth chart she is slightly above average for her growth!!! grin She wants to get her sight and hearing checked again now that she is over a year old, she was a little concerned that her eyes weren't working together (I haven't noticed anything though!!!) Happy to get things checked though. Glue ear is apparently common in TS girls.

Petty and Sam we haven't even thought of shoes yet!!! (though nowhere near walking!!!) and even the pram shoes are too wide for Beth.

Hope all well. x

Hello ladies, I just spotted you in active convos and have been skimming the thread. Lovely to hear how well the babies are doing and I am shock and grin that some of you are pg/ttc already... braver women than I! Lots of luck for bfps/smooth healthy pgs as appropriate.

I don't know if she posted here, but just wanted to say too had her baby girl a few weeks ago gringrin but will let her post details if she wants to (or let you stalk for them!)

Freya is just over 8 months now and gorgeous (some pics on my profile from a couple of months ago). The cheekiest little grin, and massive big eyes. She's just mastered crawling, pulling up to standing and trotting along pushing her walker - all in the last few weeks, it's incredible. She is a total boob monster and can't entirely see the point of solids, but will gum a kiwi or an oatcake to placate me from time to time. Currently sleeping in her cot (total miracle!), but due to wake up any time now grin. Sleeping is not one of our strong points, but hey.

We finally got Bobbie's headstone chosen and laid in the autumn just after her first birthday and I have some very precious photos of me and Freya there - me and my girls smile

Hope you're all well xx

Aww Spilt Freya is beautiful! Can't believe how much time has flown!

Medee Sat 28-Apr-12 18:10:56

Jojo Congratulations!

everso keeping everything crossed for the results on Tuesday.

I love Startrite shoes - though wasn't so keen on them when I was wearing them when younger. E doesn't need shoes just yet, as she is only walking with support from a walker or our fingers.

Lovely to hear an update from split and I hope TooImm is doing well.

Medee Sat 28-Apr-12 18:13:37

also, great news on Bethan, Purple

E is doing really well, just in the last month seems to have taken a develoment spurt in terms of all the new things she is doing. I'm working again. And no thought yet about whether there will be a #2 - certainly won't decide for a while yet.

sam26oscar Sat 28-Apr-12 20:15:21

spilt so happy uou are enjoying freya, there will be moments im sure when you
think about bobbie but im sure she sent you freya from heaven(smile) will stalk lookout for too aswell!!

Muser Sun 29-Apr-12 11:46:59

Hello everyone. Sorry, I keep forgetting to check in and now there's a new thread and everything.

So glad things are going well with Freya spilt, lovely to hear from you. And wonderful news about TooImm as well, I'm so happy for her.

Great to hear of all the walking babies and that Bethan is doing so well. And pregnancies, wow! How is work going for all those who were starting back around now? I'm settling in ok, starting to feel like I can do my job!

We're house hunting at the moment as we finally got an offer on the flat. I'm hoping nothing goes wrong as I love the idea of spending summer in our own house. Eeeep! My girl is walking all over the place and just a joy. She loves giving me kisses now, they're a bit open mouthed and tonguey, but it's just brilliant. She's into absolutely everything. Her favourite games are "empty the kitchen cupboard", "empty the recycling bin" and "empty the washing machine". I'm so glad washing machine doors lock when the washing is on! Otherwise I'd have a very flooded kitchen.

haloflo Sun 29-Apr-12 14:30:56

Lovely to hear from you split Freya sounds lovely.

Good news about the offer muser we moved from a flat to a house in December and its fab. I can't wait for summer either - if it ever happens! Good luck moving. Very cute about the kisses. I really like work. I'm just a Benefits Officer in my local council but I enjoy seeing my colleagues and the work isn't too demanding (although we are very very busy at the moment) I work 3 days plus regular Saturday overtime. I am going up to 4 days (subject to approval) in July though as my lovely mum is having H for 1 day a week from then.

purple Fab news about Bethan, sounds like she is doing really well.

everso Sending you good wishes for your result on Tuesday. I hope you continued to feel ok this weekend.

lozario Have you visited your local primary - it might not be so bad? Hope you can form a plan though.

My DP works Sundays so we went swimming this morning and wore her out for a second nap (first time in a week she has taken two) Not sure what to do when she wakes, it is thoroughly miserable out there.

eversomuch Mon 30-Apr-12 19:01:53

Had a call from my hospital this morning and the initial results for my CVS came back normal. So we are extremely pleased and relieved. Another two weeks or so and we'll have the full results, including the sex of the baby. smile The chances of any problems surfacing now are very small, but I'm still keeping my fingers crossed. But feeling an incredible sense of relief at this point.

Lovely to hear that you and Freya are doing so well, spilt.

Great news about Bethan, purple. Loved the new photo on FB. What a cutie.

Good luck house-hunting, muser. I hope you find something absolutely perfect.

Already obsessing about primary schools here, too, lozario. Didn't know catchment areas could change. We're close to three excellent schools, but have been talking about possibly moving to West London, since 60% of DH's work takes him that way, or further west, at the moment. But I took a quick look at schools in the Ealing area and I'm not sure there are as many good ones there. We rent, which gives us loads of flexibility, but it's still a bit stressful -- even though we've got years before S will be going to school! I hope you find a solution you can be happy with.

Medee Mon 30-Apr-12 19:28:31

good news, ever

Muser Mon 30-Apr-12 22:30:26

Fantastic news on the results so far everso.

RockChick1984 Tue 01-May-12 11:57:17

Wow, I can't believe this thread is still going! I was on the antenatal group but lost touch after having my son.

Isn't it weird having a 1 year old??? I'm still coming to terms with having a baby, now all of a sudden he's a toddler instead!

Congratulations on your pregnancy everso I'd love to be TTC again but sadly can't til we move house sad

ckny1 Tue 01-May-12 17:44:01

Wonderful news, everso.

We're also worried about schools here! sad

eversomuch Tue 01-May-12 19:46:49

ckny Did you happen to hear this "story" on NPR on April 1st? Had me all O_o until the very last line.

ckny1 Wed 02-May-12 16:38:12

no, I hadn't read it, everso, until now! it's disgusting...or was it an April Fool's joke? smile DNA testing to enter pre-school?!?!

the good news is that I thankfully haven't met ultra-competitive parents here... yet, they seem to be quite well-adjusted (IMO). But we're all at a loss regarding the school situation. Maybe we can open our own (they have co-op schools, just loads of work to pass state standards with things like toilets,... not just curriculum)!

Franz had a lovely playdate yesterday with his old mates, and we were so happy to see that there was a lot less parallel play with them, and more interaction. Our babies are growing up (and seem to be losing some of their chub! confused

Purplefan Thu 03-May-12 09:57:21

Hi everyone..
Great to hear from you spilt the photos of Freya are lovely. Glad all going well for you and thanks for the news of too!
Everso I am so pleased that your results give you positive news... what a relief.

I just popped in to anounce yet more FAB news about my Bethan... we had Cardiac check up yesterday and although she hated having the scan and all these strange people looking at her (3 student docs in the room too)shock, everything is looking and sounding as it should!! grin If we had just been referred through 'normal' channels we would be discharged, however because of the TS, they want to keep a check on her as she grows to ensure all is in proportion. Her next cardiac check will be in 2016 when she is 5 wine
I am so happy, my little girl amazes me everyday and continues to prove that things are not always as bad as you first think!!!
I just want to add a big thank-you to all of you that have given us positive thoughts and comments on our journey.... long may it continue grin

ps sorry for the emotional bit, but just wanted to say it blush

Have a good week. xx

eversomuch Thu 03-May-12 10:24:14

Oh, purple that is such brilliant news about Bethan. What an amazing little girl, and you have every reason to feel emotional and ecstatic.

ckny It was an April Fool's joke, but I was totally taken in until the end. It just wouldn't surprise me, knowing how competitive some parents are.

Great to hear about the interactive play. Sabine still seems more drawn to the grown-ups than to the other kids when we go to groups, but she has her moments when she notices the other kids. Growing up, indeed!

haloflo Thu 03-May-12 13:55:21

purple That is fantastic. I feel emotional reading about her so I can't imagine how you feel!

Hannah loves children, especially slightly older ones. She loves to pass them toys if they come to her and watch them run about (hence why i'm so broody!)

I've just ordered her some crayons and a colouring book off amazon - does anyones DC like scribbling yet?

We went to messy play this morning - she just isnt a messy baby though!?? The custard was completely ignored and the craft table meant she got to eat paper. She did love the water table until the floor became all slippy...

She has been asleep since 11.15 this morning though so it clearly wore her out. Our lunch is waiting for us when she wakes. Its a sunny day here (hooray) so off to play outside this afternoon.

Medee Fri 04-May-12 08:49:19

hurrah purple, that is great news!

Muser Fri 04-May-12 20:22:56

Wonderful news purple, you and Bethan are doing so well.

halo my girl likes scribbling, she has some felt tips. She's not as keen on painting.

Congratualtions Purple!

I think I read somewhere (probably penelope leach - love her) that girls don't "play" with each other until their about 3, and boys are even older at 5. They might play along side each other or with the same toy but the play is independent iyswim. Don't know if there is some wierdy coincidence but this is also the same time that their knee caps become fully developed confused. Arthur is fascinated though watching bigger children. He just looses all interest in whatever he is doing and just stands and STARES HARD at anyone older than him (that would be most of the world then....).

I'm having my first night away from Arthur tomorrow, and I can't wait blush. He is staying home with DH while me and my bff (who is leaving her 10m) go off to a friends birthday party back in our home town. Then we go on holiday on Monday, and once back from that I'm going to book a night away for me and DH and we can both have a lie in grin

Off to finish my frock for party now. Its taken me about 10x more hours to make than I will ever wear it for..... bugger.

Lozario Sat 05-May-12 19:14:18

Hello everyone!

Been an unusually long time for me to post but it's been a bit hectic for one reason or another! Plus Lara has been taking ages to settle in the evenings this week - lots of crying sad I think I've cracked it now though by putting her to bed half an hour earlier, at 6.30 - 7 was a bit too late for her now she's mostly down to one nap a day. Plus DS (nearly 3) is starting to drop his daytime nap too, didn't have one today, so at 7pm this eve I have a lovely quiet house apart from DH watching the bloody football!

Still stressing about schools for DS but pleased to report that he has got a place at our local nice little pre-school, so that's ages 3-4 sorted at least. It's not attached to a primary though so I think we're going to apply to a private school too and if we only end up getting offered the other gang land primary school near us and not the one we want, we'll have to cough up for the private. Oh well, who likes holidays anyway! I'm also considering Home Ed but DH says this means I have gone mad. hmm

purple Bethan's progress is just amazing. What a fabulous lovely little girl you have, they must be so pleased with her at the hossie too to not have another heart check for 4 years!!! Huzzah!!!! wine

rockchick good to see you here again! Stay stay!

haloflo yes Lara is really into any sort of messy play, crayons etc but she has been around stuff like this a lot more because of her big brother, so I think she's probably got used to the point of it all earlier. As for playing with other babies, she points at them in the eyeball and shouts BABA and that's about it! Otherwise she has eyes only for DS. Ooooh go on have another baby, the interaction between 2 is so cute! (most of the time)

petty we need a picture of you in this frock you're making on the FB page please! Enjoy your first night away - I remember mine from DS when he was about 11 months, it was for a hen do. I still bloody woke up at bloody 6.30am!!! Haven't had one from little Lala yet though. DH and I thinking of it for our anniversary in September, if I can get my head around leaving both with my mum. Bedtime with 2 can be tricky, esp in the same room!!!

Have good bank holidays all xxxx

hello everyonne - long time since I have posted and I lost the thread but have happily found the new one!

Feeling very sad today as yesterday Ollie refused his morning BF, and has done so again today so I guess that is the end of BF with him! I know I know they are all about 14 months and getting to be little toddlers and no longer babies, but i LOVED those snuggles in bed for half an hour whilst he had a sleepy BF. the last 2 mornings it has been up by 6 and no snuggling at all! guess I am feeling quite emotional about it - and I know it is ridiculous!

I can't remember all teh previous posts - but I think someone asked about shoes? We got Ollie some little "pre-walkers" i.e the ones that have softer bendy soles as he now walks everywhere, and his next pair will be proper shoes.

Incisors coming through, much worse than his molars were, and we have had a few bad nights, combined with a tummy bug, so he has been quite miserable.

Got my first business trip on the 21st - at last am going somewhere nice (Paris) and I no longer have to worry about Ollie missing his BF, but I have never had a night away from him!

Congrats everso and jo on your pg - we are still TTC. maybe it will happen now that have finally finished BF!

on vaccines - Ollie had his MMR and was fine except his legs ballooned and were really sore!

Am feeling very proud right now as he has learnt to clap, wave, blow kisses, and can point to his head, foot and tummy when asked! I should only have been like this for PFB but have felt the same with all 3 - just as proud!

anyhow - at work - so guess I should go do some and stop procrastinating on MN!

oh and petty my older 2 boys definitely play WITH each other and they are only 4 and 3. They play lots of make believe games revolving around fireman sam and pretending to put fires out and using the bunk bed ladder as a fireman's pole...also lots of "shops", driving pretend cars, playing brio train track etc.....I think the playing together starts before they are 3, but it does help if you encourage them in creative play.

sam26oscar Thu 10-May-12 21:44:19

Hi all just chevking in as havent been on for ages!! all well here cassie really walkkng well and looks so cute in her shoes!! She has just started to nod for yes whichbis hilariius as she really concentrates as she nods!! she has aldo jusr learnt to spin atound and around hence lots of falling down!! still slow on the teething side now got 4 top and 2 bottom!!

Congrats on preliminary cvs results!

Hope all doing well, short and sweet as on phone with as you will notice i still haven't come to terms with....loads of typos sorry thats what happens when you havr trotters as fingers!!!!

sam26oscar Thu 10-May-12 21:46:24

Really should check before i post....i look like an illterate moron with all those typos!! note to self dlow down and double check....this has been mantra all week for ds sats!!!

Kagey Fri 11-May-12 06:49:26

Lots of lovely news to catch up on!

Sorry I have not been on for ages, although I'm slightly better at updating fb.

Dd2 is still s happy little soul and follows dd1 everywhere. Usually they play nicely but dd1 does try to run with dd2 who can't walk particularly fast and is still prone to falling down alot.

Separation anxiety has firmly set in now, which nicely coincides with more teething. Leaving her with my mum and mil is always fun with her wailing echoing sad.

Take care all and I'll try to check in more regularly!

Hola, back from sunny spain now and I can see you lot have been busy!

Spain was fab and Arthur really loved being on holiday - esp paddling naked in the sea and running around non-stop! Despite the inlaws doing most of the running round after him I only got through 15% of one book... I used to get through 7-10 books in one holiday in the pre-baby days <sigh>

Stealth lovely to hear that your boys play TOGETHER. Arthur does seem to tag team with one of his friends to gang up on me (and his friends mum) so not sure if thats good or not..... Its definitely a combined effort! Will cling to the 5 years old thing though in case he turns out to be a freaky little wierdo lol grin

I've only been back 2 days but off to google flights for another holiday now grin

eversomuch Mon 14-May-12 10:41:52

petty Very jealous of your warm, sunny holiday! Where are you off to next? We're heading up to Scotland at the end of June for a long weekend -- no idea how optimistic we can be in our hopes for sun, but previous summer trips up there have been good, so fingers crossed!

Good news: my CVS results came back this morning. Everything was normal and we're having a boy! It's funny -- last time I was sure we'd have a boy bc DH's side is almost all boys, then we had a girl. This time, I was sure it would be another girl and had gotten quite used to the idea, so now must make the mental shift again. Still muttering, "Omg, we're having a boy!", LOL. Really delighted, though. But, my goodness, boys' names are hard, aren't they?!

Everso - great news in your test results! So glad you can relax and enjoy it! And a boy!

ckny1 Mon 14-May-12 23:49:51

Wonderful news, everso, and congrats on the boy! The names are harder!

Petty, am sooooo envious that you got 15% through a book! ;)

Franz is essentially doing everything that I don't want him to do these days, though he's starting to really enjoy the outdoors. Spent the weekend in my dad's garden, and he loved it! He has his first black (more red) eye today from tumbling over one of his toys in high speed. Okay, he's whinging again so gotta go.

Lozario Tue 15-May-12 14:24:42

Hiya loves. Just a quickie to say great news everso about results. If I had another boy I love George, Jonah and Noah so those are my suggestions for you!

We're in Center Parcs! grin already frazzled emoticon Got here yesterday, kids are having a great time, apart from the older one hates swimming. Lara loves it so might start a course of lessons when we get back. Outlaws have come to see us today so DH has taken them for a walk so I can MN look after the kids whilst they nap.

Hope everyone is having a good week grin

Medee Wed 16-May-12 13:05:14

hurrah for a boy, everso!

Jupiter118 Wed 16-May-12 22:51:36

Gosh sorry I have been MIA - work, life, i am reading but failing to post [hangs head in shame]

Everso phew re results.

petty envy at holiday and book reading

Loz centreparcs again envy

purple great news re:bethan

CK E also doing things I don't want her to - and always bumping herself as too much climbing and trying to run when walking is still very drunken in appearance.

Apart from work meaning my life flys by at lightspeed all good here.

DH is going to be v upset with me though as have ordered a lightweight baby jogger pushchair (quinny way too heavy now). Oh well...

will be back soon - promise


highlandbird Sun 20-May-12 14:43:25

hello! sorry been ages since I last posted, we've been constantly ill with one thing or another and a bit miserable really but finally on the mend now I think, A on antibiotics for his chest infection and me almost finished mine!!

Everso huge congratulations, and a boy, how excitng!! we're planning on ttc from July onwards, can't wait!!

Purple just fab news on B's progess, so so happy for you!!

Petty glad you had a good holiday, ours seems like years ago now!

not much news from here, A still not walking but I got impatient and bought him some 'cruising' shoes anyway! Really wanted him to walk by the wedding as he will be wearing a kilt which will be really hard to crawl in!!
Getting married in 4 weeks time, eek, thought I was really organised but all last minute things seem to be creeping up on me.....can't wait though, will be so great to see all our friends and family!
Had first night away last weekend for my hen do....was supposed to be doing an 18 mile walk to a peninsula on the west coast but I had tonsilitis so ended up getting the boat in instead and having a brilliant night at the pub! I also woke up stupidly early but really enjoyed letting my hair down, and DP enjoyed having some time with A so was good all round smile

A not had his mmr yet as he's been ill, dreading it sad but at least its all out the way for a while then isnt it. He's covered in bruises from falling over all the time and loves nothing more than crawling through dirt in the polytunnel, playing with mud, rocks etc and tries to get the dog to play with his toys!!!! such a boy!! and he definately interacts with other children, he adores them, which is part of the reason we are really keen to have another asap!

Right, best go do something useful before he wakes up!

sam26oscar Mon 21-May-12 21:25:22

Hi all just to say we are still lurking!! have been enjoying the sunshine today , cassie got naked in the back garden.....honestly that girl pee's like a racehorse!! she did 5 wees in the space of half hour!!
Looking forward to our meet on thursday petty and purple {grin}

Well have to go cassie crying out just cutting her 7th tooth at the bottom, really sore bottom too sad

Lozario Fri 25-May-12 09:13:29

How lovely is this weather! This week has gone so quickly with the paddling pool out and the sandpit, and the kids have been having lovely long naps - bliss!!! I hope it lasts but I bet it doesn't

Big news here - Lara has taken some solo steps this week! grin

Jupiter118 Fri 25-May-12 13:55:38

Yay for the weather! Am sitting in the garden while E naps ;-) should b tidying as house looks akin to having been ransacked but sod it I've done some washing and hung it out so that will have to do.

Hurrah for first steps lozario!

Back to dozing in the sun until she wakes.

eversomuch Sun 27-May-12 21:07:37

Gorgeous weather is just gorgeous, isn't it? Hope everyone had a lovely weekend. We took Sabine to a children's fair in a local park. She's much too little for any of the rides, of course, but she loved just looking at everything and seeing lots of "bow-wow-wows".

Lozario Congrats on Lara's first steps. How exciting!!! Still not walking independently yet here, but S is getting braver every day and is now standing for several seconds on her own. Guessing we might take those first steps within the next month.

Also hoping for more teeth by then, too. She's still only got four. Anyone else have such a slow teether? I've started wondering if I've done something to stunt her dental development. O_o

Big milestone ahead for us this week: I've arranged for someone to look after S for a few hours once or twice a week. It's a friend who works as a nanny; she has a little girl a few weeks older than S. We see them fairly regularly, but I'm afraid S will still freak out being left alone with them, even at our own house. I'm wondering if I should just hang around home the first day or take the plunge and head out into town for a few hours. Any advice? How have the rest of you handled getting your LOs used to childcare?

Jupiter118 Mon 28-May-12 11:34:44

everso we have slow teething. E only has 4 but lots look like they are quite near the surface in the gums so perhaps a whole lot might come through quickly - who knows??

Re: childcare I would take the plunge and go out, but maybe don't go too far from home. Definitely take advantage of the time for you!

Loving the weather still, but must do some tidying as E is asleep. And clearly shouldn't be typing here...

spaceal Mon 28-May-12 13:35:31

Hello. I just posted on the shoe chat on FB and thought I'd show my face here again. It's been ages since I posted - so sorry blush - but I have been really enjoying keeping up with how all your LOs are getting on as I've lurked.

L is almost 15 months now. She was a late crawler (11.5 months) and has only started cruising in the last couple of weeks, but seems to be taking to it well and confidently. I wonder if her tiny little feet (2!) make a difference.

We've just had weeks of sleeping hell as her molars came through but that seems to be settling a bit now, though she's never been a great sleeper hmm

Was really pleased to see your test results everso - we had a 1 in 19 risk for L so I understand how worried you must have been. It's one of the things I'm going to have to really get my head around if we decide to TTC no. 2.

Anyway, back to work - looking forward to being off tomorrow in this weather, and hoping it continues to the long weekend...

I'll try to post occasionally now I've reappeared grin

Hello all, I see it's been a bit quite on here - hope everyone has been out enjoying the sun?

Not much going on with Arthur at the moment. He LOVES being outside and gets really cross when you make him come in (he get's really cross when you make him do anything hmm). Took him to an outdoor paddling pool today which he mostly loved but again got cross when I tried to hold his hand or put reins on him and walking in water made it slow to get back on the slide so more crossness <sigh>. I tried explaining to him reasonably that he can't just dive head first into the water and wave his legs round all over the place but he wasn't paying any attention grin.

On the subject of shoes, think we need another pair just 4/5 weeks in to this shoe business. His feet have grown a bit but mostly he dunked the shoes (attached to his feet) into a huge bucket of rain water and then managed to pour wood stain all over them sad <another sigh>

Teeth: Arthur has 11 and some molars seem to be coming through, but he has 2 friends who are early and mid march who don't have any at all so I think anything is normal at this stage.

Childcare: Arthur is starting with a childminder next week after never being left with anyone other than DH. We've been to play for an hour or so twice and this week I will leave A on his own for an hour or 2. The childminder seemed to think he will be fine and leaving him is more for my benefit but she did say not to sneak out when he wasn't looking. Better to tell them you are leaving and that you will be back otherwise they get a bit surprised and frightened when they look up and your gone!

Right I'm off to watch Game of Thrones now smile

Lozario Sun 03-Jun-12 20:00:17

M'loves! Quiet on here. Hope the rain drives everyone back, although we've had a fair bit of FB chat too which is cool.

So Lara has started taking a few steps on her own but it's been a week now and she's still only doing 2 or 3 steps - I thought she'd be motoring around by this point! Hopefully she will be walking within a month. How long did it take the other walkers to properly get going from just a few steps?

We had DS1 puking at 4am this morning as he ate too much sausage and cake at his party yesterday for his 3rd birthday with his NCT chums. Amazingly he didn't wake his sister up who was sleeping in the same room! As a result though we're all a bit knackered - kids were asleep by 630 today.

Having a street party next Saturday for some reason rather than this weekend - anyone else doing anything? X

Jupiter118 Sun 03-Jun-12 23:01:34

[brushes through the tumbleweed] Tis v quiet come back all!

God the weather has been foul!

We went to a 'big lunch' in the village church which was quite fun in a funny kind of way - quite a lot of people from DS' school. Coronation chicken is quite unpleasant though and nearly had a fit of the giggles at the vicar pulling some rather odd faces in a weird singing bit of the service prior to lunch. Apparently we do actually live near the centre of a big city but on occasions it feels like we have (in kind of a nice way) feels like we have strayed into Dibley. Anyway much wine was consumed, friends came back to drink more wine and watch the boats. Looked bloody cold IMHO.

What to do tomorrow and for the rest of half term if it keeps raining??

Re: walking it took E a couple of weeks to get going and she now moves at pace but still looks v unsteady.

Right bed is beckoning

Muser Tue 05-Jun-12 11:59:11

Hello, catching up here.

pettyprudence my girl went to the childminder having never been left with anyone but DH before and she was absolutely fine. Not a tear shed (by her anyway!). She absolutely adores it. Hope Arthur is the same.

Loz I think proper walking was quite quick here but she had been cruising for so long so I think she was just waiting until she could do it properly before letting go. Lara will be running off before you know it and then the fun starts!

Jupiter if you come up with ideas of what to do in this weather let me know! We can't do anything due to chicken pox. We did go to the park yesterday but not to the playground bit. My poor girl spent most of the day bringing us our shoes with a hopeful expression on her face. She wants to be out playing!

Pox is proving not too bad, thank god. She has a whole heap of spots but they don't seem to be itching as I haven't seen her scratch. Not needed to break out the Calamine lotion but have been doing Piriton before bed just in case. Glad it happened when we both had a week off work but GOD it's frustrating being stuck in our tiny flat. Still, we are in the process of buying a house so hopefully before the end of summer we'll have a bit more space.

Right, I can hear stirrings from naptime so better wrap up quickly. Sorry to anyone I missed! Last thing was teeth, had a few molars appear and I think canines too. It's hard to keep track. She was really miserable with it beginning of last week but that might have been the pox starting to kick off as think they get miserable a bit before the spots appear.

Yep, full on wake up. Must go!

haloflo Tue 05-Jun-12 12:38:01

I'm here!

We have walking here too. First steps nearly 4 weeks ago and now she is loving pottering across the living room. She can do maybe 20 steps but is very careful and sometimes goes so slowly her momentum stops her completely. She is loving it so much I'm fact she doesn't want to go to bed....

I'm visiting people mostly this week, my mum, a friend who needs a break from her baby so she can do her wedding seating plan and another friend who is expecting DC2 and her usual toddler groups are off with half term. Hopefully they will provide tea and biscuits. The double bank holiday means I'm only working one day this week. I could get used to that!

Not really feeling the jubilee but was full of cold until yesterday and that has limited celebrations somewhat.

muser hope pox passes quickly for you.

Oh and we finally heard about our mmr. It's in July when DD will be 15 months, think they are a bit busy round our way.

eversomuch Tue 05-Jun-12 14:29:28

Just a quick update here to say that Sabine took her first steps on Sunday -- totally surprised us as we thought she probably needed a couple more weeks. She's loving toddling around and is so cute and proud of herself.

Must run but will try to pop back in later this week.

Lozario Tue 05-Jun-12 20:10:37

Ooh lovely, lots of toddling going on! We're still on about 6 steps max, with encouragement from us.

DS being a total little shit at the moment, am praying he transforms overnight when he turns 3 in a couple of weeks confused

highlandbird Wed 06-Jun-12 15:58:36

Hello, we've been lurking again sorry!!! Pretty sure Angus will be the last one on here to walk, he shows absolutely no interest in trying, gets about too easily by crawling, and he can climb on pretty much everything!!!

Other than that I've just been organising our wedding which is in a week and a half!!!! Can't wait although I almost forgot to register (we had a day left!) am feeling pretty organised but the wole family are descending 5 days in advance so will probably be chaos here by the end of next week!

No time to post more now but will be back soon.....

JoJoB77 Thu 07-Jun-12 09:57:21

Hello, i'm here too!

Good luck for your upcoming wedding Highland, how exciting & i'm very envy. I would love to have my wedding day all over again. Enjoy every minute as it goes so quick!

Well Ruby took her first steps at around 11 months so is now toddling everywhere now. She is an absolute delight at the mo, even with some huge molars coming thru. She is a hardy little girl.

In other news, i had mu 12 week scan yesterday. All is as it should be, baby due 17th december smile

Hope everyone is well.

ckny1 Tue 12-Jun-12 16:48:03

Yeah, a December baby, Jo !

Highland, Franz is often looking at our wedding photos and part of me wishes that he could have been there, so it's lovely that Angus will be part of the festivities! Enjoy every second with your loved ones there!!!

Muser, what a bummer that you were all cooped up in the house, but it's wonderful that the pox are now out of the way. I'm so furious that my supposedly naturalistic doctor here gave me a judging look when I refused the pox vaccine, which became mandatory here before children enter school. I had pox when I was 25 and I survived, so I'm sure Franz would be fine with them and I'm hoping that he'll get them soon!

Halo, loved the description of losing the walking momentum when slowing down. Franz either runs so quickly that his feet fly out from under him, or just stands there and falls for no reason. A bit of a clutz. We sometimes walk outside on the sidewalk when I feel he wants to escape his buggy, and once he walked (partially) to the book store down the street (where he likes to re-arrange all the books -- fortunately it's a baby friendly store!) My main frustration is that he is so independent, and won't let me hold his hand, so he stops, back tracks, and touches EVERYTHING when we're out, and I cringe at all the NYC filth that ends up on his hands. Just wish he would walk with me like I see other babies doing! ;)

He's in love with all the pigeons and dogs in the city, so we spent yesterday by the river petting "woof woof" doggies every 5 steps or so, then chasing very scared pigeons.

He seems to have 16 teeth already! Dear God, is this teething thing almost over? Now we only need to worry about brushing them...

Hope everyone's doing well!!!

Medee Sat 16-Jun-12 16:50:42

highland E still isn't walking though loves doing it with hands to hold or a walker to push, and part of the reason for that I think is she is such a fast crawler. Though she was late to do that too so probably just her natural trajectory.

Kagey Sun 17-Jun-12 09:53:02

highland congratulations on your wedding! I hope you all had a fantastic day grin.

I'll post later with a proper update.

Kagey Sun 17-Jun-12 20:47:30

Ok I'm back. I typed a long message on my phone, and then lost internet connection sad

DD2 has turned into a little madam with full-on tantrums now. My little placid baby has been replaced by a screeching toddler.

She is rather cute though and follows her sister around everywhere. Separation anxiety has well and truly kicked in though, and she associates my Mum with me going to work. So on Friday, when I do not work, and my Mum innocently came over, DD2 had a big hissy fit and clung onto me like a Koala until she left. She will start nursery two days a week in September, when her sister starts at pre-school, so settling in should be fun hmm.

She finally had her MMR this week, postponed due to illness, and so far so good with no nasty side affects <touches wood>.

spaceal Mon 18-Jun-12 13:00:47

Hi all. L (15.5 months) still isn't walking either. She was a late crawler (11 months) so I expected her to walk later too. She's cruising everywhere now, pulling herself up on everything and walking loads with hands/a walker but not independently yet. Not sure how long it generally takes to get from this stage to walking, but she seems to be making progress day by day so I'm not worried.

She's very clingy at the moment too, which is both nice and difficult! We seem to have regressed on the sleeping front too, with me settling her in my arms more than I'd like and resorting to bringing her into our bed to re-settle if she wakes during the night (which she generally does once). I'm not sure if these are cause or effect of the clinginess!

Lozario Mon 18-Jun-12 20:01:46

Gosh, mine (14.5months) is very clingy too, and we've had some hideously early mornings too - 4.50am this morning??!! hmm She is still mainly crawling but taking more and more steps on her own now so she's basically there.

DS is 3 tomorrow! grin All he wants is cake so that's easy!

me23 Tue 19-Jun-12 09:38:02

Hi everyone, I haven't been on in ages, firstly because I'm so busy with work/study and family and also because my laptop is playing up and it's annoying posting on my phone. I have been lurking though.

Hope the wedding went well highland

Ethan isn't Walking yet is cruising and walks with walker, he was 15 mints yesterday dd didn't walk till 16.5 months so I'm not worried.

How much do your lo weigh now? I weighed Ethan yesterday and he was 9.3kg which is 20lbs 7oz. He is still following his centile (just under 25th)

eversomuch Wed 20-Jun-12 09:56:20

S was extremely clingy a few weeks ago and got very unsettled even if I left her with DH for a couple of hours. She's doing better now. I think maybe it coincided with a developmental leap/wonder week.

She has really found her feet and is loving walking around. Still keeps her arms up like Frankenstein for balance, but they're slowly getting lower. Will probably take her for her proper shoe fitting in the next week or two. (John Lewis advised us to wait until she'd been walking for 3–6 weeks and she just hit 3 weeks on Sunday).

Weighed her last week. She was 9.67kg (21.3lb), just slightly above the 50th percentile. Haven't had her length/height measured properly in ages because I hate going to the local baby clinic; it's a complete zoo. But we have a doctor's appt next week, so maybe I can get the doctor to do it.

haloflo Wed 20-Jun-12 13:18:08

Eversomuch - Hannah holds her hands up too, it's so cute. She has cruising shoes and I need to save up before she gets any outside shoes. She isn't ready quite yet although it won't be long.

The main reason she isn't ready for outside walking is because she hates walking in shoes and just sits down to take them off. Maybe I should have made her wear pram shoes? All my friends who dressed their little ones in newborn shoes seem to have no shoe issues! We are off to the park this afternoon for a practise though. I reckon distraction is the key.

Biggest news with me is that I got a BFP at the weekend. Very early days and I'm conscious that things could go wrong but all going well I will have 2 under 2 in February 2013!

eversomuch Wed 20-Jun-12 13:28:19

Halo That is such great news. Congratulations on the new baby!!! I hope everything will go smoothly for you. I am halfway there as of today. I think the second time is going by much faster.

I didn't put Sabine in shoes much when she was tiny. She does like taking her shoes off, but doesn't seem to have any big issues with them. Maybe Hannah just won't be that into shoes -- which would save you bundles when she's teenager! smile

JoJoB77 Wed 20-Jun-12 15:08:24

Congratulations Halo, wonderful news! I agree with Everso, it does seem to go quicker secind time around, maybe due to having less time to rest!

Ruby doesnt mind wearing shoes, its me thats taking them off at every opportunity blush i just dont like to think of her feet all squashed up in them even if yhey are properly fitted! Maybe i am a bit mad...

Jupiter118 Wed 20-Jun-12 23:28:23

Evening - sorry awol again...

halo that's awesome - fingers crossed. everso can't believe you are halfway through already - wow. And congrats jojo - wow so many babies on the way - am a bit envy but I don't think we will have a number 3.

highland congrats on the wedding - look forward to hearing about it.

CKNY 16 teeth - oh my - E has 6 - she is slow on teething.

Shoes - E quite likes hers, but she always takes them off in the car or in the pushchair which does my head in - we are bound to lose one at some point and they are so flippin expensive! We are on proper shoes as she has been walking properly since good Friday (whenever that was) and was cruising and taking random steps before that. She was v anxious to do what her big brother was and is also now trying to run (not always with much success and looks quite drunk). Also have envy at non walkers as there is plenty of time - plenty and it's quite exhausting really.

We have no words though - not proper ones and the aforementioned lack of teeth. It's bizarre how they are all so different.

lozario hope DS enjoyed his bday and cake.

Must go - waves to all.

highlandbird Thu 21-Jun-12 20:23:09

wedding was amazing, just everything we wanted, thanks for the well wishes!!! only bad thing is that A going through teething hell with molars, my mum dissappeared from the wedding with him at 7.30 and we never saw her again till the next day sad apparetly took 4 hours to get him to sleep, oops. Extremely clingy just now too, although thankfully he didn't recognise me in my dress!! smile

Fab news halo we are desperate to start trying now, having my coil taken out next week so finers crossed for a bfp here very soon smile

Thats us away tomorrow for a few days in the campervan, will be interesting with the wild crawling child in tow but we'll see how it goes, hopefully will stop raining or we might all get serious cabin fever!

Will post properly when we get back, put a wedding photo on fb but its not full length of dress etc we don't have any of them yet!

eversomuch Fri 22-Jun-12 09:21:50

So happy the hear the wedding went so beautifully, Highland -- teething ordeal aside. Poor little guy. Sabine still only has four teeth, so no idea when we'll have the pleasure of going through that. Have a great time on your caravan adventure. BTW, I have an unopened box of pregnancy tests I won't be needing anymore. If you'd like it, PM me or send me a message on FB. Hope to hear more happy news from you soon! smile

Lozario Sat 23-Jun-12 21:39:36

halo that is ace, congrats - and highland you are a gorgeous pair of people aren't you!! Congrats. Loved your dress in the FB pic you posted.

Ok we are also in molar teething hell - shortly after my last post i found 2 molars popping out on her top gum, one each side. Points are out but still the rest of the teeth to go - god you forget how LONG it takes don't you!! Her sleep is up the spout!

DS had a great birthday and is now in a Big Boy Bed with Gruffalo duvet set. He hasn't yet gone on a midnight wander...! I took him for a taster session at his preschool this week and he loved it. He starts 4 mornings a week in Sept, it will be funny just having Lara for the mornings but I'm sure she'll keep me busy! grin

jupiter I know what you mean about being a bit envy, I don't know if we'll go for a 3rd either. But there is something comforting in the possibility that the tough early years are nearly behind us chooses to ignore teenage years!! We might get a cat instead. Who here has a cat? Is it bad to get one off gumtree?!

JoJoB77 Sun 24-Jun-12 08:28:35

We have a cat Lozario & we got ours from Preloved smile

HI all - sorry for lurking so much recently! crazy busy trying to fit in work and 3 boys!

CKNY you really made me laugh at your little one being independent and not holding your hand out and about. Neither of my 2 big boys have done that and DS3 is exactly the same, so I feel a bit like I am herding cats when I go out with them. I have 3 under 5, so going out with all of them can feel quite hairy! I do keep Ollie in the buggy if it is all 3 of the, and attempt to get one of the older ones to go on the buggy board but they like to go on scooters or trikes... they are very well road trained, and always stop at the end of teh pavement, but I still get stressed out going a long way with them all! thankfully in central london I don't need to go very far for anything. Ollie is much happier going out and about in his little push along trike which my father got for DS1 and has had SO much use. I used to feel really silly pushing it along, but see so many kids in them nowadays. I think he feels that he is actually on a little bike, and one of his older brothers sometimes stands on the back so it gets 2 kids around easily whilst the other one "freestyles"

Still no BFP here but LOTS of trying! I have 2 March babies so far, so if we got lucky this month that would be a third!!!

Teeth - lots of - Ollie got his two bottom incisorts cutting at the moment and they are really hurting him. They are teeth 15 and 16 so only the back molars to go.

On walking, Ollie is very solid, been walking for nearly 4 months now, so is climbing up and down the stairs, generally able to scale everest, and at Gambado climbs up to the top of the toddler slide on his own, goes also, turns around feet first and goes down the slide on his tummy on his own as well. He has also started roughing up his older brothers and getting his own back on them!

Lovely to hear everyones stories - congrats on wedding news, on BFP news on scans... so many people with lovely news!!

We are off on holiday in two weeks and can't wait - hitting the beach for some sun!!!! yippeee!!!!

Lozario Tue 26-Jun-12 06:18:40

What's everyones wake up time at the moment? We're usually up by 6 and it's killing me! What's worse is Lara usually wakes crying so she still seems tired angry

Hello all

Just realised I have been lurking but not posting much! To be fair, not a lot going on here. Arthur has settled in quite well with the childminder and has a fair few molars coming through.

Arthur is pretty good at walking, but not so much at going the direction you want to go. He hates being in his pushchair now so not quite sure what to do?

We have just booked our first family camping trip for August - fingers crossed with the weather! Any pro tips?

Highland congratulations on your wedding. Your fb pic is beautiful

Halo congratulations on bfp!!!!!!

stealth how do you do it? 3 under 5, work, ttc and a "holiday" - are you mad or super woman? (I'm not sure if holidays are really holidays anymore.... Although I enjoyed our trip to spain, there wasn't much relaxing going on!)

Loz wake up here is anytime between 6am-7am, but mostly 6am. I try to ignore the boy until he cries as sometimes he will go back to sleep, or at least play quietly so I can doze a bit more! Me and DH take it in turns to get up with him as he used to start the day at 5am. I keep reminding myself that one day he will be a teenager and I will have my revenge grin

JoJoB77 Tue 26-Jun-12 19:17:52

Lozario our wake up time is between 5 & 6, more often 5 sad

Im not really sure how i contine to function esp when i have to go to work. Although i sm in bed by 9pm most nights. Rock & roll wink

eversomuch Tue 26-Jun-12 20:58:39

Lozario Our wake-up time is usually between 6am and 7am. If it's on the earlier side, I usually give Sabine a chance to settle down. Sometimes it works, sometimes not. I think I heard her cry around 6:15 this morning, but then the next thing I knew, it was 7. Yay!

We are off to northern Scotland on Thursday for a long weekend to visit friends. Flying up to Inverness, and it will be S's first time flying. Really hope she takes it alright. Today she had a meltdown when I tried to put a pair of Wellies on her and whenever I tried to introduce a new bib (finally got one of those plastic ones with the pocket at the bottom). I actually wore the bib during lunch to try to show her it was not a scary thing. WHO AM I???? So, yeah, no idea how the novelty of an airplane, coupled with staying with friends will go over. Wish us luck!

Everso We've done flying and Arthur was fine - no ear popping or anything. He was mostly pissed off that he had to sit still for a while and was perplexed as to why people were sleeping and why couldn't he poke them when we walked up and down the aisle? How on earth would they coo and adore him they were sleeping????

We have also been having bib issues for a few months but have sort of settled on the ones with sleeves? I keep forgetting though as I got out of the habit of using them.

On another note, anyone got any advice on what to do with a baby/toddler that screams and screams and wriggles every nappy change? Its started 9 months ago (A used to love nappy changes before that) and I just gritted my teeth and though "this too shall pass" but it hasn't effing passed. Pull ups no good either as I still have to catch the little bugger and hold him still. He's not easily distracted either. <sigh> I dont think there is a solution - will just have to keep my fingers crossed he is an early potty trainer <looks doubtful>

Back to early wake ups - me or DH take Arthur down to the living room, put on CBBC's, get a load of toys out, lock the door (so he can't escape - but we are in there with him!), and curl up on the sofa to (hopefully) doze some more grin

Kagey Thu 28-Jun-12 20:01:48

Petty dd2 hates nappy changes too and runs away when anyone tries to change her. We've tried giving her a toy to hold, singing and persuading dd1 to try and make her laugh. But my word the screams go right through you sad. Oddly though she will whinge as soon as she has done a poo as she must find it uncomfortable, but hates having it changed. Dd1 could have quite happily sit in it for ages at that age hmm.

Lozario Thu 28-Jun-12 21:15:57

nappy changes Lara isn't a big fan either... Although she now tries to get a wipe to clean herself?! hmm When he does a poo she holds her nappy and says "puuu"- it's v cute!

Arthur would prefer to sit in poo all day long than have his nappy changed. The minute the whole transaction is complete though he's a happy bunny again. Arrghhh. I keep telling him to get over it because we have got yeaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrs to go yet!

Lozario Fri 29-Jun-12 20:34:58

petty maybe you can convince him to potty train early - my grandma SWEARS that my mum was potty-trained at 10 months??!!! hmm confused

highlandbird Sat 30-Jun-12 20:39:19

aaaah, another one who HATES having his nappy changed here, I literally have to pin him down so that he doesn't get poo everywhere and he screams and kicks, its awful, bizarrely when anyone else looks after him and I'm not there they say he lies on his back motionless and smiling, grrrrrr!!!
And thats us back to reality with a bump after our amzing wedding weekend as well, SIL looked after Angus for a night and we went off on the motorbike in the pissing rain and had a lovely evening to ourselves. The campervan trip was a disaster, we fell out after one night and drove 7 hours home the next day sad I had come down with tonsilitis so needed to see a doc for antibiotics, Angus has had a horrendous chest for the past 2 weeks and not stopped coughing, we're all still pretty ill and miserable here.....never mind! Hadn't really thought it through, when we went this time last year, A wasn't sleeping well but he was still in his moses basket and unable to move anywhere, and generally quite gurgly and good natured, now he's boisterous and energetic and has to climb EVERYTHING, so after 10 mins loose in camper had climbed onto settee, from there onto work surfaces, then standing on work surfaces opening cupboards, he pulled the knobs / buttons off everything, switched everything on and off, emptied the dogs bowls everywhere, it was really quite hellish, am now dreading a festval camping trip we've planned for the end of July, although there's less risk of him damaging himself in a tent I suppose!!!
Everso have a lovely trip, should have said to take lots of snacks to keep LO busy for an hour on the plane but you'll already be there by now.
A coughing and crying upstairs again now, better go and administer some cuddles. Anyone else finding this molar teething lark an absolute nightmare as well?? Seems to have been going on for months!!!

highlandbird Sat 30-Jun-12 20:41:54

oh and wrt to early potty training, my friends LO hasn't done a poo in a nappy since she was 4 months old!!!!!!!!! she always does a poo the same time in the morning so gets sat on a potty while my friend has a shower / brushes teeth etc in the morning!!!! She's 10 months old now! Although she does live in thailand so doesn't need to wear many clothes hardly ever has a nappy on anyway, and a VERY placid baby (who could sit up at an early age!)

me23 Sat 30-Jun-12 22:01:28

E wakes up at about 5am every day some days we are lucky and he wakes at 6. He still wakes in the night too. Very tired dealing with this and doing 12 hour shifts.

Still not walking yet. Anyone else's lo not walking? Dd don't walk till 16 months so not worried. He has stood unaided for a few seconds
recently so I think he may be getting ready.

ckny1 Thu 05-Jul-12 16:08:29

Oh how I needed the laugh and am grateful for this board! Very nice to see that we're not the only ones struggling with daily life here! smile

Me, sounds like E is very ready to walk, so you still have some moments of peace until the REAL fun begins! shock A friend's 18 month old just started after she was about to take him to a physiotherapist, but it happened when he was ready! wink

Lozario, wake ups are between 6:30 - 7:30 here, but DH or I give him a small water bottle before 7 am if he whines to keep him hydrated until we're he's ready to wake up for the day.

Petty, my questions exactly wrt how Stealth manages with 3 under 5 and work, independent and active thinker, and so called "holiday"! Super mummy, for sure!

Two weeks ago Franz and I flew to DC to visit a friend with a pool and a 3 yo daughter. This was supposed to be the ultimate vacation for me as she had all the baby stuff so that I could travel light, AND she had a babysitter for us so that we could have free-ish time. He was an angel during the short flights (I bought a few new toys, but those were useless as he was more interested in the mechanics of the plane), but he DID NOT NAP or SLEEP without a fight each day! He was having too much fun with my friend's DD! smile Sadly, he was completely afraid of the pool, and held on to me for dear life. Also, instead of getting a break from him I ended up watching the 3 yo (who's lots of fun) and Franz as the babysitter watched me!? So another not so relaxing holiday...

Coming home I came down with the nastiest flu, high fever, sore throat/ears, chills (in 36 degree weather) which I'm still fighting. Needed sleep so desperately and couldn't get to it, though F was somewhat sympathetic. At last he caught my lovely disease and is now out of sorts and I'm not as sympathetic as he was b/c I'm still a mess!

On top of that, whenever his mouth is sore (from throat or teething), he can't keep food in so he hasn't had anything, save a couple spoons of puree, to eat for 2 days, no matter what I do. This frustrates me to no end, but at least he's drinking his milk and water.

Does anyone else feel that so much time is wasted when we or they are sick? I feel as though he hasn't had much time to develop, all he wants to do is cuddle and read (and whine).

ckny1 Thu 05-Jul-12 16:13:14

as if prev post wasn't long enough, but wanted to add with the nappy change that Franz hates having his poo nappy changed (will act like nothing happened, in fact he plays very quietly after a poo so that I know he's hiding something from me) and kicks, screams, etc. after several attempts at distractions (toys, peek-a-boo,...)

only thing that works is when i get him to say "up" and he lifts his legs up and says "uppppp" then tries to put slippers on his feet, which I pray don't get into the nappy.

Lozario, very cute that L says "puuuu"!!!!!

ckny thanks for your comments as it really made me laugh! I am definitely struggling a lot of the time......and am sad to say have got really cross and shouty quite a bit recently (at the older ones who have been practising their tantrums!)

Most excitingly tho I have just had a bfp!!!! So march will be a busy month next year with ds2 and ds3 both march babies and this one looking like due date will be ds2 birthday!!!

Funnily enough before I even knew we had succeeded ds2 was going round saying "mummy has my little sister in her tummy and it will be when ollie is 2"..... Spooky!! If all goes well it will be 3 dc under 6....not sunk in yet. But dh has agreed I don't have to go back to work after this one and I have been wanting to stay with the kids for a while...

Have just spent the afternoon packing.... Off to Greece tomorrow morning for two weeks!!!!

Lovely to hear everyone's news- keep posting!!!

JoJoB77 Wed 11-Jul-12 07:25:52

Congratulations Stealth, lovely news! grin

Congratulations Stealth and happy holidays!

I too have been a very shouty mummy recently (was just on my way to post on the behaviour board for some advice). Its slowly sinking in for Arthur that when I say no, i mean no. It hasn't reduced the meltdowns or his million and one attempts to keep doing x,y or z but I noticed a shift in him today. Unfortunately he only seems to pay attention once I start shouting. Tried saying No firmly, sternly and with a cross look on my face but the little bugger couldn't care less. Anyway, I totally lost it with him this morning when he was screaming and kicking during his nappy change AGAIN. I grabbed his arm and shouted at him horribly. On the one hand I feel awful, but on the other hand, I have endured 9 f-ing months of him screaming and kicking during nappy change. I have tried distraction, asking him to stop (in a firm voice), asking him for his co-operation, talking him through what is going to happen, what is happening, ignoring him. Nothing f-ing works <sigh> - can you tell im still wound up? The little bugger angel is napping now.

Otherwise, A is a total angel and an absolute darling 75% 99% of the time.

highlandbird Wed 11-Jul-12 20:43:37

fab news stealth have a lovely holiday!!! You sound like a great mum, I struggle some days with just one child but I would love to be one of these mums with loads of kids running about!! Am hoping for a bfp soon, fingers crossed!!

Petty you have my sympathy!! its really tough when they know how to wind you up!! A has started lying still long enough for me to change his nappy most times now, if I do it at lightning speed, sometimes (not often) I can distract him with a toy, but usually have to resort to holding him there saying no firmly until he gets the message. His new trick, however, is climbing on the windowsill, throwing all the photo frames off the windowsill and standing there banging on the glass and shouting at the chickens. Litle monster can do all this and still won't walk though!! Good job we love them eh?

sam26oscar Wed 11-Jul-12 21:19:52

Hi all (hangs head in shame and cowers waiting for verbal attack lol) I have no excuse as to why i haven't been on for so long...however i am glad to hear of some bfp's grin
i am just really returning to mark my place tonight and hope i will be welcomed back!!!
I will read thru all the posts tomorrow when i am not so knackered!!
Hope all ok with everyone and flying thru our babies 2nd year with lots of tantrums???? Just me then !!! Will post very soon and do a proper catch up...

Purplefan Thu 12-Jul-12 14:28:24

Hi everyone,
so sorry not been around since the beginning of May!!! (2 months) that is a long time shock where has that time gone? In my defence I have been busy with school reports and assessments etc, although I have been keeping an eye on the facebook thread, this slipped off my radar!!!

What has happened since my last post on here? lots of you will know(from fb) that Bethan was involved in a crash in my childminders bus and she had an injured face.... that has healed well, although there is still a mark there (that will hopefully fade more as she gets older). The outcome of the crash ended up with the police saying it looked like a 50/50 incident (not a speeding van), they told us we could sue our childminder if we wanted!!! hmm I have known my childminder since Georgie was 7 months old (nearly 6 years)...I just could not do that, she didn't set out to injure my baby, it was an accident and she did some fab first aid. It could've been a lot worse and luckily it wasn't.
The day after that incident someone crashed into my car as I was leaving work at lunchtime shock... luckily no children in the car, he was at fault and although it was a real pain and not the best timming, all is sorted now!!!

Beth had her ears tested about a month ago.. and her hearing was slightly below par with some middle ear fluid in both ears (she had a nasty cold at the time too), we need to go back in 3 months (2 now) and have them checked again. She has also had her eyes tested and all is well (no sign of lazy eye that Pedatrician picked up on), they will keep an EYE on her until she is 3 though!! Not sure of her weight/height gain at mo, but still 6-9 month clothes (although some 3-6 still fit). She is very fast and mobile with her unique crab like crawl which uses a combination of hands, feet and head, with a swivel on the bottom to change direction. She pulls herself up on everything and cruises around the furniture - still no shoes required yet.. but gonna struggle with her small feet when we do!! grin

I think I may well shut up now... else this will be a super long post. Glad to hear of all BFP.... will need to re-read to check on exactly who these BFP belong to!! Sorry to hear about all problem nappy changes... Beth is ok at the moment, but I am sure she will soon catch up and cause a few more issues like the rest!! hmm

Only 1 more week as a class teacher for me!!! hmm I have a new job in September, that fell in my lap, so I will be the special needs coordinator (still working for the same school, but at a different site) I will still be working my 3 days, but will get slightly more money and will be good career progression! I have to do a course through Bath Spa Uni though...just hope I can fit it all in. Hey ho, nearly the summer hols.... will we get some sun? hmm

On another note.... has anyone read the 50 shades books yet???

I promise, not to leave it so long next time.. blush x

Purplefan Thu 12-Jul-12 14:29:15

Eeek, that was a long one.... well done if you read the lot blush blush blush

ckny1 Thu 12-Jul-12 16:31:37

Purple, who has TIME for all those car accidents????? I'm so glad that you and Bethan were spared serious injuries (save the very disturbing looking scar at the time on her sweet cheek!). And CONGRATULATIONS on the new position! Well done. I haven't even started looking for work, lazy bum that I am...

Sam, no need to cower, you have 2 LOs to look after! smile

Good God, Stealth, AMAZING news about your BFP!!! I shudder at the thought of 4 LOs, but then again I taught pre-school many years ago so I guess it's similar, though 24/7! All of you BFPers are brave, BRAVE souls! It actually sounds like loads of fun at your house, while sometimes I wonder whether Franz is a bit bored being with just me (and the millions of old ladies on the Upper East Side who flirt with him) all day...

Petty, at least you've kept up your sense of humour throughout your ordeals with the nappy changing. I feel as though I spend more weeks shouting than having fun, but I think it's the feeding times that stress me more. (Why is he refusing carbs? Self-imposed Atkins diet?)

F had his first professional haircut this week, couldn't have him looking like a Beatle forever (more like Bon Jovi more recently). Sadly he already needs new shoes! Doesn't he KNOW that this is expensive?!

This week is perfect with consistent 3 hour naps in the middle of the day! THIS is what I call a holiday.

Lozario Thu 12-Jul-12 19:05:05

ckny three hour naps!!! And does he still sleep well at night with that! If I get Lara past the 2 hour mark I'm a happy woman but today she had nearly 3 hours (a rarity) and she sounds very wide awake. She and DS are currently in bed singing to each other hmm DS has started telling her off which is quite funny. If she approaches him when he's playing a big boys game, he says "NO Lara it is NOT trouble time!" grin

tantrums holy hell yes. She shrieks like a banshee and often hits DS if he is being mean to her! She also refuses to be spoon fed and tonight ate lasagne with her hands... She also eats yoghurt using her fingers as dippers hmm confused She is getting a lot fussier with her food now she's a toddler. Feels like I have a teenager already!

We are all down with the lurgy again. Snotty noses everywhere. I blame the rain.

Londoners - in Sept when the bigger ones are settled back in school, we could do another meet on people's days off?

I bloody love mn - I think someone on the behaviour boards has given me a solution to wriggly nappy changes - pin the bugger down on the floor with my legs, leaving my hands free to wipe n change. Actually can't wait to try it out tomorrow (is there a loser emoticon?) Failing that I'm going to get the changing table back out and some leather straps..... that sounds more 50 shades than it was meant to (No purple I haven't read it and don't plan too - read the mn version instead!)

Food - Arthur getting a bit fussier too. I find he's much better with a fork than spoon though, especially my fork hmm He's also a fan of eating yogurt with his fingers too grin

I'm desperately trying to avoid doing my work this evening, off to look at active convos so i can procrastinate some more grin

sam26oscar Thu 12-Jul-12 20:56:27

lol petty you do make me laugh!!! 50 shades !!

well, as purple and few others i am better at fb than m/n! Cassie is a beaut!! chunky monkey with huge blue eyes and a headful of curls and a stubborness to boot!! She is not too bad at nappy time and with regards to eating i put the food on the plate, put a spoon and fork on the tray and basically ignore anything thrreafter!! when she hands me the plate and signs all gone i ask if shes finished then just take it give her a yogurt and get her down.We dont really have any problems with food if she eats it great if not she'll eat better at the next meal!!!
She too hits her big brother and me too...not sure how to treat it.At the moment i am ignoring by putting her hands by her side and distracting with toy.Not sure if she too young to do time out or if i say No will make a bigger deal out of it??

In other news my seriously talented son is currently having trials with Bristol city football club and also Southampton in August.....very proud mummy emocion!!!

I also have a new job starting Sept nannying for an old family who i looked after when Oscar was 2 and they now have 3 boys the youngest being couple of months younger than Cassie...the added bonus i can take Cassie with me on one of the 2 days smile) well my fingers aching as doing this on mobile and irratating me!!!

Lozario Sat 14-Jul-12 12:55:03

books I am reading a cracker - Fingersmith by Sarah Waters. Some jaw dropping OMG moments in it and very well written, if anyone was looking for a recommendation!

Quite excited because I just heard that tomorrow it is not going to rain. Can it be true?

I am also sulking because I gather Sam's children slept in until 9am this morning!!!! shockenvywink

ckny1 Sat 14-Jul-12 15:49:59

Lozario, I think he usually sleeps better at night when he's had longer naps in the day, especially if I have him running around outside in the afternoon. I'm grateful for them since he dropped his afternoon nap a few months ago. Yesterday he went to 2.5 hrs, which was okay...fingers crossed that he stays down for a while now. I love the relationship your DS has with Lara!!!

Lately we have an issue with night terrors, when he wakes shortly after he's gone done at night and he just sits or stands in his cot with his eyes half open in a zombie state and not wanting anything. It's funny/scary, but I suppose it happens when he's exhausted.

Sam, you have the right strategy for eating, don't know why I stress about it and make it worse when EVERYONE with experience tells me not to worry! Just want him to get his nutrients and not only drink milk all day...

No motivation to read here.

eversomuch Sat 14-Jul-12 21:03:34

Congrats on the BFP, stealth. Wow, lots of new babies on the way soon. I think I've actually lost count. I've got just under four months to go myself -- still trying to pin down a boy's name. Difficult!

Purple So glad you and Bethan are alright after all the car incidents.

I totally second Lozario's recommendation of Fingersmith. I think it's one of my favourite novels ever. It's astonishingly well plotted and has some great twists in it. I devoured it in a few days and then went on to read almost everything else by Sarah Waters (just Affinity to go). I finished The Little Stranger the other day, though, and must say I was a bit disappointed. Not nearly as good as her other novels, imo. But Fingersmith is amazing.

Sabine finally has a fifth tooth coming in. We haven't had much in terms of tantrums but she has gotten fussy with meals lately and it takes lots of coaxing to get her to eat sometimes. The times she freaks out the most, though, are when I take her out of the bath and try to dress her for bed. Nappy changes are sometimes a battle, but not always.

She was great on our recent trip, btw. Ate a banana at take-off each time and then fell asleep. Slept really well in our friends' borrowed travel cot, too, which was a lovely surprise.

I heard it's not going to rain tomorrow, too, but I'll believe after I've lived through it!

Ugh, feel like there's more I should be saying but this is already almost novel-length and I'm exhausted -- so off to bed.

haloflo Sun 15-Jul-12 11:37:39

Hello all! Just a quick catch up as i've been sleeping during nap time for a while and have a lot to catch up with.

stealth! Congratulations! Very pleased for you and your family. 4 DCS under 6. <faints>

Awful night last night but mostly due to overtiredness and skipping a nap (she napped am but not pm, I made sure we just had one nap today) She still isn't sleeping longer than 3/4 hours regularly. I probably need to bite the bullet and do something about it. We were waiting for her MMR jab but thats been and gone now (thursday) and all seems well after it so no more excuses (bar the fact i'm tired, pregnant, hormonal, about to start working 4 days....) They all sleep through eventually....

ckny I think H does best on 2 - 2 1/2 hours, 3 is amazing but then bedtime is out the window. I hope it carrys on!

petty I hope MN cured nappy changes for you? H can be a nightmare so I think i'll check out your thread.

We do have another tooth though, 13 now so just 3 more canines and then maybe a break?!

That book sounds good. Once I can stay up past 9pm and stop watching prison break at every opportunity I will check it out.

highlandbird Thu 26-Jul-12 11:39:21

Hello all!!

no post from me for a while I'm afraid, just been busy visiting family and friends and just back from a fab music festival on the isle of Tiree smile Angus didn't stop smiling all weekend, we were 7 adults with 6 kids and had a lot of fun (although weather was shockingly bad!), made up for the abandoned camper trip last month!

Not much news from here, teething seems to be easing off (for now) so have my happy chappy back. Still no walking, in fact nowhere near walking, doesn't even stand by himself!
And is A the only one who hasn't had his mmr yet?? We need to organise that, how did your LO's react to it, was it awful??

Halo sorry to hear that H's sleeping still not great, but at least you're managing to catch up on sleep in the daytime, she will get there eventually I'm sure!
Everso 4 months to go, wow!! How are you managing with bump and S?? Is it difficult to lug her about everywhere?? A insists on being carried almost constantly, and at 2 stone he's starting to knacker my back!
Purple I wouldn't bother with the 50 shades books, I read the first and it was shockingly bad, even the saucy bits were quite dull and repetitive, to sum it up she says 'oh my' and blushes lots, and has earth shattering moments about every 10 minutes. Think I will go for the other book reccomendation by Lozario next! Slightly embarrassed that I even read the whole book but I hate to not know what everyone is on about, wish I hadn't bothered now!

Hope everyone is good and enjoying the nice weather I hear you're having down south, its midge hell here so we are stuck indoors today sad

Lozario Thu 26-Jul-12 21:59:50

everso which Sarah Waters should I read next?

highlander that festival sounds like loads of fun! Don't be scared about MMR. DS had what I thought was an immediate reaction but it turned out to be an ear infection. He was fine with is booster and Lara has been fine with original and booster the week before last. grin

haloflo did I see on another thread you are biting the bullet with the sleep? How's it going?

teeth well Lara has cut 4 molars in 2 weeks!!!! It's not been too bad considering; her sleep is up the spout but as she is now walking everywhere, that is distracting her nicely during the day. Can't wait until they are all done and dusted though.

I'm going to be 32 on Monday. Do you think my kids will sleep until 9am for me and then bring me breakfast in bed...?

eversomuch Fri 27-Jul-12 19:49:29

Lozario The Night Watch is probably my second favourite of her books after Fingersmith. Tipping the Velvet is really good too -- and much more sexually explicit ... but not in a horrible Fifty Shade way, LOL. (FTR, I am staying well clear of that one!)

Glad the teething hasn't been too horrible. Sabine finally has a fifth tooth coming in, but she doesn't seem to be suffering much. Hers take soooo long to come in. We noticed the first signs of this one about 3 weeks ago and it's just pushing through now. The top front teeth started coming in months ago and still seem only halfway in. Is this normal?

Happy birthday next week. I turn 40 on Thursday. I would love to sleep through the night (even when S does, I don't) and would love a nice long lie-in on top of that. We can dream, can't we?

Highland S was fine with her MMR. I think she got a very faint, slight rash around her neck a day or two afterwards, but no other problems or side-effects.

Just about 3 months to go now. The bump is huge and DS has been very wriggly lately, but I don't really have any trouble carrying S around. I do get tired out more easily, though.

In other news, I think we are finally done breastfeeding here. S was very gradually cutting back on her feeds and for the past week or so has hardly fed for more than a few seconds. It's been days since she showed any interest. I posted a few weeks ago on a BFing board about her seeming to be self-weaning and I got lots of "Oh, that rarely happens before two years, keep trying" ... while I felt chuffed that we had been able to go for 16 months. Plus, I knew it wasn't a nursing strike or anything. I wouldn't have minded continuing, but I'm really happy we went as long as we did and that we could stop when she was ready and without any drama.

OK, a million things to try to accomplish before I pass out for the night and this has turned into a book. Hope you all have lovely weekends.

Kagey Sat 28-Jul-12 20:13:03

Congrats Stealth!! I am catching up on MN tonight as I'm feeling poorly and as astonishingly both dd's are asleep, I thought I'd have a very early night. DH is on a stag weekend and gets back tomorrow.

I'm also very excited as we have tickets to watch the swimming on Friday morning. I feel bad that we are not taking the girls but dd1 might just manage to sit still for a bit but dd2 would be trying to run off too much. However we will take them to watch the marathon.

I hope you are all well smile.

haloflo Wed 01-Aug-12 12:13:41

highland H was fine with her mmr and she was bad for the 8, 12 and 16 week ones. I had to ring my surgery as we hadn't heard by 15 months.

everso I can't believe how quickly your pregnancy is progressing. Glad you are still feeling ok but sorry to hear about S weaning. I thought it was pretty normal for them to wean during pregnancy as thats what I'm counting on. Hs teeth do take an age to come through but I think for her the worst bit is when they break the gum.

lozario I let H sleep at her Nanna's a couple of weeks ago (my mil) and since then she doesn't always need/want milk at night. Last week she slept through (9 hours) without any help and did another hour and a half after a dummy run. We haven't reached those heights again and this week she has been awful (canines are not helping) but we have progress and I know my mil can give me break every now and again. Happy birthday for Monday, did you get a lie in at least??

kagey enjoy the swimming, I just saw our first goldin rowing (only on tv though!)

12 (11) week scan Friday, am nervous that everything is ok but also excited to see my baby. If all is well I'm getting my mat clothes out again as I seem to be popping buttons open on my work trousers and jeans!

Everyone back in doors for the rain again? We are off on our first camping trip this weekend - the forcast says thunder and lightning!

Arthur is normally a pretty good sleeper, apart from when he is sharing a room with us, in his travel cot, away from home. He normally has at least one good screaming session and then gets up extra early. Maybe I should put a sign on my tent advising other campers to keep clear?????

Well done Halo on a bit of break through with sleep, but also for sending H to your mil. I haven't quite managed to leave A yet but I'm desperate for me and DH to have a night (and morning!) off from "life" - no one having to put A to bed or get up early with him - bliss! Good luck with the scan

Purplefan Thu 09-Aug-12 20:26:23

Hi all,
Just a quick one to say that Bethan has finally taken her first unaided step! grin x

highlandbird Sat 11-Aug-12 08:32:22

hooray for Bethan that's fab news Purple , I don't think A will ever stand unaided or walk!!! We're going to talk to HV if he's nowhere nearer by 18 months.....

Petty how was your camping trip??? We took A camping for the second time last weekend, was great fun! He tired himslef out so much on the beach he was asleep by 6.30!!! (and awake by 4.30am but you can't win them all!)

Halo hope your scan went well!

Small bit of news from here too, a BFP grin due in April, VERY excited!

Congratulations highland!!!!!!

I'm getting very broody with all these bfp's going around grin must wait til March-ish though as DH is on an internship until Feb and we need to wait until his job is permanent so that a) we have money and b) he has paternity leave. He didn't have any when A was born so I was on my on with him from about 36 hours onwards. Can't face a newborn and toddler on my own!

Camping was fab, A also wore himself out in the sea - he's a bugger for just running in fully clothed! He was also eager to start his days camping but let us lie in until 5.30am. It was better on the 2nd day tho as dsis-in law was there with her boys and the youngest is only 3 months older than A and he was also up very early too! I can't wait to go again!

Also congrats to Purple and Bethan on walking!

Me and A are on our own all weekend until Monday night as DH away visiting friends and then working in London. Its quite nice but I don't know what to do about tea hmm dh usually sorts that out!

ckny1 Mon 13-Aug-12 17:38:55

Well done, Bethan! smile

And BIG congratulations, Highland!!!

Petty, you are a strong one doing the single parenting for a few days and not minding! I'm in a panic regarding a potential 2 day trip DH may make to Brazil, though don't know why as he's at work for 13 hrs a day anyway!

All's well here. F still very opinionated, which makes 3 stubborn people in our household, but fortunately he's eating and drinking better these days (today he skipped his morning milk for the 3rd day in a row and went right for brekkie!) The days of his 3 hour naps are now history. We're happy if he goes down for 2, and when it doesn't take him 2 hours to go down (like today)!

Between the Olympics hype and a friend from Middlesbrough visiting this weekend I'm missing London terribly...

Hope everyone is enjoying the daily surprises our LO's are giving us each day!

ck it was fine and I made the most of it being just the 2 of us - we went for lunch in John Lewis on Saturday and then after the carboot sale on Sunday we went for a mid morning coffee/hot chocolate in starbucks. Monday was a bit of a killer though as I was hungover/tired after the closing ceremony (friends came over for the evening). A didnt seem to notice daddy was missing until Monday night (which is when dh usually puts him to bed).... Couldn't do it all the time though!

We usually only get a 1.5 hour nap in the day time now. Depending on our plans I either try to get A down early so we can squeeze another nap in the afternoon or drag it out as late as possible. Luckily, A can go for a nap 4-5 and still want to be back in bed by 7 grin.

I've sent A to cm today and working from home - its weird being in the house, on my own, quietly!

Lozario Wed 15-Aug-12 15:33:41

Hey everyone! We've been reading but not posted for a little while so thought it would be good to check in, even though I don't have a great deal to say! Lara is very confident on her feet now, I have to say it's a lot easier now I can take them both to the park and they can both run around and wear themselves out. Plus things are easier now she's comfortably on one nap a day. Part of me thinks, how did we get here so quickly?! Nearly one and a half already!!! Her talking is really coming on too, mainly to communicate naughtiness: "NO BRUVER! MINE!"

We're getting crazy antics at bedtime though, as she and DS share a room. They are bouncing for about an hour before sleeping!!! At least it has made them sleep in until around 7 though which feels heavenly. The downside is that DS still therefore needs a nap during the day (he was 3 in June) so he's never ready to go to sleep at 7, hence the bouncing; it's a vicious circle. It's not too disruptive yet though, unless he bounces off the bed!

petty glad it was ok going solo with A. When my DH has to look after my two on his own he always takes them out for dinner!! He has done bath and bedtime a grand total of 3 times now. He's working pretty much 6 days a week at the moment as we're hoping for a bonus to get a loft conversion and I want another baby

highland CONGRATS, that's such good news! How are you feeling? We need to start a list of all the next due dates - can everyone post their due dates who is preggo again (obviously!) and I'll try to collate them in my next post? Then we can all get proper excited with the countdown grin

Purple well done Bethan with the first step! grin

everso how is the teething now? Lara's stopped and started a bit too, and her 4 molars are now almost through but have taken forever! I hope you're feeling well, can't be long now huh? Hope you had a great birthday smile

halo how did the scan go?

Right my two have watched rather more Peppa than they should now I think (Lara also seems to think that Daddy Pig is her Daddy?!), hope all is well with everyone and you're all surviving the summer hols!

haloflo Fri 17-Aug-12 20:17:00

Vv quick one. Scan went well, such a relief. Due 19 Feb. I am 13 weeks now and showing. Clearly I have no stomach muscles left.

highland congrats! You were speedy!

And H is sleeping through once or twice a week at the moment, a miracle. Just need it to become a bit more frequent in the next few months.

Hope all are well and will post soon xx

eversomuch Fri 17-Aug-12 21:22:50

Woohoo! Great news about Bethan, Purple.

So glad the scan went well, Halo and congratulations, Highland. Hope you're both feeling well.

I'm now 28+2; due 7th November -- about 2.5 months to go! Will know on 1st Oct whether hospital advises another c-section or if I should try for a VBAC. Has anyone on the list had a successful VBAC? I don't really mind either way, as long as I don't have to go through induction again, which was a miserable experience.

Sabine has the chicken pox. Unbelievably cheerful and sleeping really well despite being covered in spots (though she has had her fussy moments). We were supposed to leave for Wales this morning for a week; now hoping to be able to go on Monday for a few days at least. Fingers crossed she's better by then.

As for teething, we're still at five and she still has her fingers in her mouth a lot. Hoping we'll just wake up one morning and she'll finally have a mouthful of teeth.

Lozario I like Lara's vocabulary. smile So far we haven't advanced much beyond animal sounds, "um" for "yum" and "up". I wonder how much having an older sibling around accelerates language acquisition, if at all. Sabine does use a lot of sign language, though, which is handy.

We just signed the lease on a great new place in West London (two blocks from what is meant to be a great primary school, too), so I've now got a house move to organize over the next six weeks. Really hope BabyXY doesn't come a month early! And I hope we find a name for him before then. DH and I are still struggling to find one we both love.

JoJoB77 Sat 18-Aug-12 19:40:37

Hello smile

Congrats highland! Glad ur scan went well Halo and wow Everso cant believe u only have a few months left!

Im 22+5 now, due 17th dec, and feeling heavy & cumbersome. I suddenly have butterfingers & everything i eat ends up down my top. I prob look a right mess at the mo grin

R is doing really well. She has a mouthful of teeth & is soooo loud! She has a few words, yeah, bye, whats that (whassthasmile), she tries to say makka pakka but is coming out more like 'bugger bugger' blush

im so excited to meet the new baby but a bit apprehensive at how i will cope with two little ones confused

We're off to Cyprus on Weds for a week, cant wait to relax in the sun.

Hope you're all well & enjoying the weekend.

highlandbird Sun 19-Aug-12 09:57:21

Thanks for all your congrats grin its nice being able to tell someone in the early stages, although we have told our parents and siblings. All being well I'll be due on 16th April. Still feeling pretty good just now, apart from tiredness, but that's probably more due to A's sleep completely having gone to pot recently, can only assume its his teeth, although he did have his mmr the other day as well, he's now sleeping in our bed again, have lost that ability to deal with anything in the middle of the night!
Good news in that he's FINALLY taken his first steps though, only one or two wobbly ones but we're getting there!!

Petty glad you enjoyed your camping trip, sounds lovely! And 2 naps a day shock am very envy about that, A seems to be dropping his naps now, when I'm needing them most!!!

ckny F sounds like a real character!! And 2 hour naps are still pretty great, 3 hour ones never happened in this house!

Lozario L's vocabulary wow that's advanced, must be so much less frustrating for them when they can tell you what they do / don't want! Sounds
like she's doing great, how's the bedtime going now??

halo yay on the scan, such a relief to get to that stage isn't it?? Does that mean you've 'announced' it now?

everso good luck with the move!!! And november isn't far off now! A's teeth are taking FOREVER to come through as well, its awful isn't it?

JoJo enjoy your holiday you lucky thing, I'm also apprehensive about coping with two but I figure that milions of other people do it, so I'm sure we'll manage!!!

Right, enjoy your sundays everyone, I'm still in my pj's but I suppose I better go and do something useful......

Muserli Sun 19-Aug-12 11:31:07

Hello all, been an age since I checked in! Slight name change but think it's obvious who I am! grin

Huge congratulations to highlandbird on the BFP and haloflo on the successful scan. Can't believe how close some of us are to having the next baby as well! You must be so excited everso.

Wonderful news about Bethan walking Purple.

Lozario are you going to go for number 3 then? G'wan.

ckny you'll be fine coping by yourself. My oh went away on a business trip and I made it through. Eating out definitely recommended!

Everything is mostly good here. We are attempting to move to a new, bigger house but the sale is going SO slowly. I really hope it starts speeding up soon. I did think we'd be in for summer, now I'm just hoping we're in for Christmas!

My girl is 18 months now, can't believe that! She's brilliant. Chasing around like a nutter, finally has some hair, a mouthful of teeth, and she's slowly picking up words. She says Mama now, which is lovely. Although less so when's she banging on my door in the morning while I attempt to have a lie in. Apparently daddy just isn't good enough in the morning!

But the really big news is that I am also pregnant again, due 4 April so we're pregnancy buddies again highlandbird! Had a scan on Friday which showed baby there and a heartbeat so very happy. But I really, really need to move now! I am sick again, currently seeing about having acupuncture to see if that helps. I will try anything! All day sickness + toddler = misery!

Kagey Sun 19-Aug-12 18:58:05

Yay for more lovely pregnancy news, congrats ladies!!

Well done Bethan!!

No news to report here, but usually I feel guilty about not checking in much on this thread, but everytime I do, I get lots of fabulous news to read all in one go grin.

Dd2 is nearly 17 months now and is starting to say the odd word, especially 'no' coupled with lots of over-the-top head shaking and shrieking! She is very cute though, so I let her off for now. She is hating the heat, and spends much of the time stripped down to her nappy in the house, whilst dd1 runs round pretty much in the nuddie blush.

Kagey Sun 19-Aug-12 19:02:43

everso I forgot to add that dd2 was a failed vbac, but my emcs was for different reasons from my first, and there was no reason for me not to try iyswim. At the hospital, there was a vbac coordinator who was very helpful.

Congratulations Muser!!!! ooh I really am getting v envy at all these lovely bfp's! DH won't even think about trying until March sad

Although I only have one child, I appear to have 6 pushchairs (inc a double!) blush so I'm trying to sell a couple now grin

ckny1 Mon 20-Aug-12 18:05:26

How on earth did you get so many pushchairs, Petty?! Well, it seems this board may be the perfect outlet to find takers! smile

Congratulations, Muserli !!! I can't believe how many of you are expecting, and how soon we will become aunties again!

Our biggest news is not that big in comparison, but Franz's last 4 teeth seem to be popping through and he is drooling buckets! Back to wet shirts (and pants, and floor,...) He's finally holding my hand for our outings, and loves to walk to the book store and wave to all the people on the streets on our way. He already has his friends (the fruit vendor, the local panhandler, and the till clerks at our grocery store). He still only says "no" and "up", but has started to make more animal noises (moo, baaa, and woof) plus stomps his feet when he sees elephants.

We will definitely try the eating out thing and perhaps go to the yummy vegan place my DH won't go to with me!

Well Arthur is north wales staying with the GP's for a week and I'm in Cardiff <sob>

Ok to be fair, I left him last night and going back tomorrow night for the weekend then leaving him again for another 48 hours but its still very strange. House feels quiet and empty. I hope he's ok - he's never spent more than a couple of hours with my mum, roughly every 4-6 weeks! I hope he doesn't feel abandoned!

Making the most of this time (despite being in work - hence why he's with the GP's as CM on holiday) and me and DH going for meals, cinema, drinks etc... Somehow though we don't seem to have worked it so we get a lie in. Hmm something has gone wrong there hmm

Hope everyone has nice plans for the bank holiday weekend smile

Lozario Thu 23-Aug-12 20:34:16

Oh petty that must be strange! I can't imagine being here and the kids somewhere else! Sometimes I fantasise about it of course...!

My two are ill at the moment, had a rough night with DS who had another croup attack. Luckily we always have steroids in the house as he is prone to it but all the same I think we will go back to the docs to see if it could be asthma as he was "meant" to grow out of it by now! We are going on a holiday with the outlaws tomorrow too, I have been cooking all day for it (self-catering and I'm cooking for the 12 of us on the first night! shock) so after about 4 hours sleep last night I am KNACKERED. Back on Tuesday. I just hope they sleep!!!

Ok our due list so far is (am sure I've forgotten some):

Everso - Due 7 November
JoJo - Due 17 December
Halo - Due 19 Feb
Stealth - ? You must be here I think?
Muserli - Due 4 April
Highlandbird - Due 16 April

Wonder who is still lurking out there? Mixed? Me23? Hope you're all well. I have to go and stir rice now but hello all - pray for me this weekend!!

Medee Sun 26-Aug-12 09:45:40

Hello, look at all those impending second babies, how lovely! I am not feeling at all broody, even when peers from first time round are getting pregnant, but making conversation with MrM last night over dinner, he admitted that he had a strong feeling of broodiness a couple of days ago!

We do finally have some walking here, not consistently, but if you point E between us, she'll take several steps until she reaches you, falls over, or gets bored and starts crawling!

Muserli Tue 11-Sep-12 22:10:32

Rescuing this from right down the bottom of the page. Lovely to hear about the walking Medee, is she getting more confident now?

Hello all smile

How is everyone? All quiet here, esp as I have been without my netbook for a week after me and Arthur broke it again!

It's getting a bit brr and autumnal down here in Cardiff but off to sunny Spain again next week for some last minute warmth grin. Both sets of GP's coming with us. Never wanted to holiday with parents/in laws until I had A......

Hello, is there room for one more?

grin <best winning smile>

DS born 05/03/11: gorgeous, lots of blond curls and a right little tinker!

oooh new person! hello suzysheep smile

Is DS your pfb or do you have more of the little buggers darlings?

eversomuch Wed 19-Sep-12 20:20:23

Hi everyone and welcome suzysheep.

Ridiculously busy here -- moving house in ten days and still so much to do to prepare. S is keeping me on my toes all day everyday but I'm feeling a little guilty about not giving her enough outdoor playtime, etc while I try to pack.

Seven weeks to go from today until DS is due to arrive! I'm excited (and sooo ready to get out of maternity clothes), but also feeling a little sad that my one-on-one days with S are going to end so soon. In a way, it will be good for her -- she spends way too much time with me, LOL, and really needs to start feeling more comfortable around other people, big and little.

Had some local mums over for a farewell tea this afternoon and S clung to me for the first half hour before finally interacting a little with the other kids and adults. I think she has definitely inherited my shyness, but I hope she'll outgrow it sooner than I did ... or, er, have yet to do. smile

She was also eyeing the Victoria Sponge cake that I made. So far, I have managed to keep added sugar out of her diet completely (all she knows of sweet is fruit), but it's getting harder now that she's aware of what others are eating. I was hoping to continue sugar-free until her second birthday, but am starting question how realistic that is, especially if we get her a nursery spot this autumn, as we're hoping to.

She'll be 18 months old tomorrow, BTW. I look at her sometimes and can't believe how big she is ... and other times, she's just my tiny little toddler.

Right, back to packing. Hope everyone is well.

Hello! smile

<waves to everyone>

He is my PFB, and we aren't planning on any more, not because he isn't the sweetest most wonderful little person in the whole world though sometimes quite feisty like his mother! but more to do with house space and being perfectly happy with one! He's got a bit of a cold ATM, so I've spent quite a lot of time chasing him around the house with tissues!

Has anyone started potty training yet? My colleague at work has been talking about her DN born Jan 2011, and she is in knickers and using a toddler toilet seat...

It's so nice to hear from the pregnant ladies, I LOVED being pregnant, it was brilliant! Such a special time

ckny1 Thu 20-Sep-12 01:45:50

Welcome SuzySheep and I, too, loved being pregnant!!! We are not yet thinking of potty training our DS...I may start reading to him about it in a few months to prepare for next spring/summer.

Wow, everso, so close!!! Am stunned that you found time to have a toddler, host a small party, and bake WHILE being pregnant! All I did was sleep during pregnancy! Like you, I do not want to give F any sugar, but I saw that it was slowly seeping into the foods that they make for toddlers (yoghurts, Plum Organic snacks, etc), so I am still trying to make my own snacks and of course don't cook with it. Then yesterday he had a play date with a mum who had chocolate chip cookies, and sadly he grabbed one then kept reaching for more like a heroine addict! I also don't know what to do when he goes to school, though thankfully he seems to enjoy healthy foods more than the other children here. However, he has developed a love for salty foods, which I detest, so I guess I need to start adding it to my cooking?

F's new obsession is the Central Park Zoo, especially the petting zoo where he so bravely fed the llama, goats, and lambs! Sometimes I wonder whether he is more of a nature lover and would do better living in the suburbs..., but then, what would I do?!

Hope everyone is doing well and chatting up a storm with their LOs!

JoJoB77 Thu 20-Sep-12 09:30:49

Hi all and welcome Suzysheep!

Good to hear u are well ckny and petty and I can totally identify with you everso on the 'spending too much time with mummy'. We live out in the sticks so i do spend a lot if time at home aside from a few planned outings a week. I'm not boring/friendless, honest!

We do have a lot of garden tho so do spend the afternoons outside but R doesnt spend an awful amount of time with other children so i am looking forward to our new arrival (13 weeks to go) so that she can learn more to interact with ones more her age! I have a feeling she will try & rip babies hair out tho such a boisterous little thing she is.

Not even attempting potty training yet. I may start reading to her about it too as she absolutely loves reading, well looking at the pages while we read. Her latest words are 'baa' for sheep and 'moo' for cow. She attempts 'mr tumble' but it sounds more like 'gumble' at the moment, so cute grin

Lozario Sat 22-Sep-12 08:46:07

Hello everyone! And welcome suzysheep smile

It's properly autumn now isn't it - going shopping today to get the kids winter coats. I have to get DS a few new bits too - he starts preschool on Tuesday! He has been so nervous about it but over the last few weeks he has seemed a bit more enthusiastic about it. No idea how he'll be when I drop him off; he's never even been in a creche before!

Lara is doing well, her language is coming on but she speaks a lot in gobbledygook with a few recognisable words thrown in: "sdfsdn hsdfsid jsdf cup-of-tea smdfnooch happy mummy!" hmm DS has also taught her to say "nipples" as he learnt that word the other day! hmm

ckny have you taken him to Bronx Zoo? We went there when we were in NY, loved it! Heard on the news this morning some bloke jumped into the tiger enclosure, what was that about?!

ckny1 Tue 25-Sep-12 19:17:29

Lozario, how was DS's first day of pre-school??? I dread these milestones, as I worry that Franz isn't very social with wee ones his age (though if a few months older, he worships them!?)

We were thinking of going to the Bronx Zoo next week, and possibly getting membership to all of the area zoos. The tiger jumper wanted to be one with the tiger, though I think he was arrested & charged, in addition to having a few bones broken, oops! I guess I felt that way when I saw the polar bears! smile

Autumn has snuck up on us here, too, which means we have slight colds...is there ANY way to avoid these?!?! Argh...

Lozario Wed 26-Sep-12 07:18:52

preschool he was ok! No tears, but was a bit odd when I picked him up, seemed slightly shellshocked. Lara really missed him, kept searching the house calling for him! No preschool today, he's doing every day apart from wednesdays. It's a struggle getting somewhere for 9.15 though, am full of admiration for working mums who get kids to nursery and childminder even earlier!

colds us too - and Lara woke us all up crying at 530 this morning. She sleeps in babygro and sleepbag but I think it's time to add vest and blanket to that! Reckon they'll be coughing and sneezing until April now. You forget what a shocker this season is don't you! I have heard that daily Manuka honey (eg in porridge) helps ward of colds though, and is definitely good protection against ear infections.

ckny that tiger bloke must feel proper silly now!

Hello everyone smile I hate the coughs that come after the colds, they really linger... And for some reason, DS doesn't really like Tixylix... -clearly no son of mine!--


Wow preschool... When DS starts in March, I have promised to start driving lessons... Eeek!

Strikethrough fail

Morning all smile

Been back from glorious sunny spain over a week now and I'm in full on autumn mode, stocking the freezer with soups, stews, curries and Nigellissima ice cream (ive made choc orange with tia maria rather than espresso).

Arthur looks like a proper little toddler now. Well he did until I shaved his hair off and now he looks like a thug hmm. I got him the cutest little clarks originals desert boots for winter, but with his hair cut I think he needs some DM's, Ben Sherman shirt and turned up jeans - think This is England grin

I love how much he can understand now (not loving him wilfully ignoring me!) and his words are coming along nicely. Not stringing them together yet (other than "ders mamma" or " dats-muh-mamma") but I'm not worried as he has only just hit 18 months and he's a boy. I would love to know the logic of how he picks up words - he knows some really random ones and ignores some really obvious, frequently heard ones!

Hope everyone is doing well esp the pg ladies!

eversomuch Sun 07-Oct-12 19:22:59

Your escape to sunny Spain sounds wonderful, Petty. I keep threatening to go off to the Bahamas for a few weeks, but with just under four weeks to go until DS arrives and a house move to unpack, I don't think that's particularly realistic. smile

Must admit I'm feeling a bit overtaxed right now. We moved house last weekend and the unpacking is actually going ok, but Sabine needs so much attention and I feel like I'm neglecting her -- even though I make an effort to take her out to the playground every day or so. Also, my energy is just low now and I'm uncomfortably big and ready to be done being pg. I feel like I've been commiting major parenting fail over the last week and have been a complete Jekyll and Hyde with mood swings and too much impatience. I really want to be enjoying these last weeks of one-on-one time with S because I know it's going to be so much harder once there's another baby in the house, but it's hard with so much to get done in the meantime. Grrrr.
Sorry for all the whinging. sad

In other (still baby-related news), I got confirmation last week that I will indeed be having an ELCS -- one of my fibroids is too close to the cervix to make a VBAC very realistic. So I'm booked in for 2 Nov, five days earlier than my EDD. DH's parents are coming over, so it has made planning for them to look after S much easier.

me23 Mon 08-Oct-12 20:00:04

Hello everybody! I'm so sorry for neglecting this thread. I hope you are all well many congrats on all the pregnancies smile
Ethan is a proper little toddler now and is finally walking! (still doesn't sleep though and wakes at 5am, but just have to accept that's the way it is) he is learning so much each day and is starting to talk though mostly in his own language.
We are hopefully moving soon, it's closer to work and has bigger bedrooms (currently Ethan is still in our room as Dd's room in a tiny box room) but now they will be able to share and we get to watch telly in he again! Ironically we are upsizing from a tiny house to a bigger basement massionette conversion!

haloflo Wed 10-Oct-12 13:28:41

Hello all, sorry i've been absent for ages. Pregnancy plus work plus toddler = very little MN time!

I had my 20 week scan last week - all was well and having another surprise.

Lovely to hear all the words your little ones can say. H is 18 months and says "ba" "moo" "thank you (not that clearly) "hiya" and sometimes bye. A while ago I thought she said "hereya" but not heard it for a while. I'm sure it will come though.

She has got very good at nodding and shaking her head though. ME - Do you want to go to bed? H - Shakes head furiously. Oh well, overall she does sleep better but its still hit and miss as to weather she will sleep all night, settle quickly if she does wake or if we give in and bring her in with us just so we all get some rest.

everso V exciting to have a ELCS date. I'm sure you are being a fab mother, its gonna be a tough few months but all worth it i'm sure!

petty Can I come round to yours for tea??!

me23 Good luck moving!

You sound very busy Haloflo, glad the scan went well!

Arthur has come down with hand, foot and mouth disease - urgh! He has mouth ulcers and is struggling to eat anything that's not chocolate cake hmm. I was supposed to be working today but obv couldn't take him to the childminders so went to my other bosses house for tea and cake instead (and hence found a food Arthur could eat!). We are both bored bored bored.

Arthur almost fell asleep on the way home but he's now been banging round his cot NOT sleeping for almost an hour - grr. He sounds happy enough babbling to himself so I have just left him blush. Think I will give in and take him to the park for a picnic lunch and hopefully wear him out grin.

Lozario Fri 19-Oct-12 23:01:48

petty poor A - DS had that around the same age and I caught it from him - the mouth ulcers are quite harsh!! Plus I was preg with Lara too which can be dangerous early on but I was second trimester by then. it doesn't last long if I recall - at least it's the weekend now!

We're at inlaws for the weekend in countryside - I can hear OWLS HOOTING!! (thought it was the kids for a moment!)

JoJoB77 Wed 24-Oct-12 15:30:11

Hello all!

Glad to hear your scan went well halo.

Hope A is improving now petty, sounds horrid.

Well R is almost 19 monthsnow and doing brilliantly. We still have frequent early wakings (maybe not doing so brilliantly...) but overall is coming along well and making us laugh lots.

I'm almost 33 weeks pg now and on countdown to DD. im feeling ready to have baby, my body is aching & creaking like a 90 year olds and i just want me back! Im so excited to meet new baby tho, can't wait to see what he/she will look like.

Hope everyone is well. Will check back soon smile

eversomuch Thu 01-Nov-12 14:46:58

Petty I hope A has recovered by now.

Halo and JoJo, glad you're both doing well.

DS is scheduled to arrive tomorrow(!!!) via c-section. I'll be given a time slot this evening, but the nurse I met with on Monday said I will probably be one of the early ones. Will be back with news sooooon!

JoJoB77 Thu 01-Nov-12 16:35:37

Ooh good luck for tomoro everso! Look forward to hearing your news soon smile

OMG everso that seems to have come round quick! Good luck for tomorrow xxx

Arthur back to his usual self and slooooowly adjusting to the clock change on Sunday. Anybody elses LO not get the memo?

Kagey Thu 01-Nov-12 22:00:03

I popped my head in at the right time - hope all goes well tomorrow everso.

Dd1 had hand, foot and mouth and was miserable with it. Unfortunately she came down with it just after being at one of her friend's birthday party and so spread it blush. One of the dads was very Ill with it after catching it. I'd never heard of it before dd1 went to nursery.

Talking of nursery, dd2 is on her 3rd week of nursery and is gradually settling in better. There are still lots of tears when I drop her off but she settles quickly, and then sobs when I pick her up sad.

I'll post an updated pic of Elise in her Halloween dress on the fb page - she's 19 months and 5 days!

Lozario Fri 02-Nov-12 07:20:24

everso yeay!!!! Hope all well and can't wait to see a pic of him!!

kagey I loved the pic of your little wicked witch! We have an NCT Halloween party to go to on Sunday so mine have outfits - DS is a skeleton and DD a pumpkin, I'll post a pic if they'll let me take one!

clocks change mine are getting up earlier now but they were doing pretty well at 7am get ups previously so they're waking between 6 and 6.30 at the mo. can usually ignore them until closer to 7!

We are surviving half term, I was dreading it as DS been really moody recently but he hasn't been too bad, I've given him loads of naps to catch up as I think preschool is tiring him out!

Lara's doing ok, she's getting HAIR!!! grin just cut her 16th tooth without much trouble. She is generally so much more mischievous than DS though!!

eversomuch Tue 06-Nov-12 15:12:59

Hi everyone,

Baby Spencer arrived on Friday, 2nd November at 15:33, weighing 3540g and absolutely beautiful.

We are now home after an extended stay in hospital. S is fine but I lost nearly 2l of blood during the surgery, so received a transfusion right afterwards and then stayed through the weekend to recover. Taking it very easy right now.

JoJoB77 Wed 07-Nov-12 08:09:36

Congratulations everso! Lovely news to hear about your new son Spencer smile

Glad to hear he is doing well and you are back home now. Hope you are being well looked after smile

Lozario Sat 24-Nov-12 19:54:04

Quiet at the mo - everyone busy Xmas shopping? What are you getting the LOs? Mine are getting bikes because we got two free from emigrating neighbours

We're all ill with various colds and viruses, it's just that time of year isn't it. Might invest in flu jab!!

Have I told you all that DS's preschool are going to be in a documentary?? Only for a few mons but they let mums and tiny ones go too so La might be in it too! Is on in December on channel 4, will let you know exactly when once I know!

me23 Sat 24-Nov-12 20:01:11

Hi lozario, hope you are all feeling better soon. I Took Ethan to emergency dr tonight as has been coughing for a few days. He has a chest infection sad has been given antibiotics and an inhaler with a spacer, had to hold him to get him to keep it on.

So what is everyone getting their lo for Xmas? Ethan is getting an ikea kitchen, a little people train set and a vtech bus. Not sure what else maybe a few books. We cat afford much though as have his sister to buy for too.

Lozario Sat 24-Nov-12 20:40:46

me DS has an inhaler too - he is ok taking it now and he gave it to him to play with (the spacer anyway, not the actual puffer!) so when he did need to use it for wheezing he was familiar with it. It's so awful when you have to hold them down for it isn't it sad

Hi All!

Busy christmas shopping and making stuff here so been a bit quite. Arthur is good, if a little troublesome grin

He is having a remote control car and a road mat/rug for christmas, plus a few books, pjs, small items.

Along, with Kate, my bff has just told me she is pg with dc2 (her dc1 is 3 months younger than Arthur). She also has HG (had it with her first too) and thinks Kate is copying her (I reckon they are going to be due the same time). I knew i'd be well envy when she told me (as well as happy obvs!) but i've just been and ordered a load of opk sticks.... Me and DH were sort of planning to start trying in feb/march anyway....

Lozario Thu 06-Dec-12 22:20:07

petty that's exciting re: the TTC! We are waiting to see WTF happens with DS's primary school application and if we are relatively happy and not paying for education then we might from April. Thought of a newborn doesn't scare me but morning sickness does! Oh and the possibility of twins...

Christmas kicking off in a big way here. Handmade Xmas cards done, tree going up on Saturday, presents getting wrapped this weekend. Bosh, back of the net etc.

haloflo Wed 12-Dec-12 14:44:09

lozario Planning a third?! Wow. You sound very together and organised though. I don't even have much to do but still haven't managed it.

Petty How exciting about TTC grin)

me Those presents sound lovey. H is getting a cosy coupe car from us and a starter train set. She a play kitchen from elc from family and no doubt loads more!

30 weeks now, I have had enough of work and just want to hibenate until Spring. This afternoon H and I will rock the blanket on the sofa look reading books and watching tv I think!

JoJoB77 Thu 13-Dec-12 07:48:59

Hi ladies

R is getting a aquadoodle as she loves painting/drawing but i'm not so keen on the mess grin shes also getting a quad shock from her gp's and a playkitchen from her other gp's.

I'm 39+3 today, due on monday. Feel very ready to meet the new baby now and am really hoping i dont go over blush

fingers crossed for you jojo that baby arrives promptly grin

JoJoB77 Thu 13-Dec-12 16:23:19

Thanks Petty smile

eversomuch Fri 14-Dec-12 14:45:19

Wow! Good luck, Jo.

Exciting news about TTC, Petty and (possibly) Lozario. I have been completely consumed by trying to find a rhythm managing Sabine and Spencer (6wk old today) and really can't imagine adding a third one into the mix. So much respect for those of you juggling, or planning for, three +. smile (I think Sabine was about 4 wks old when I knew I wanted another. This time, I think I def feel finished. Too old for any more anyway.)

Halo Hope all is going smoothly with your pg. Hibernating through winter is a wonderful idea. Better yet would be moving to a warm climate (I fantasize about this every year), but DH and I haven't identified any serious options where both the weather and economy are good. Australia is too far. Chile might work, although neither of us speak very much Spanish... smile

Sabine will be 21mo next week. Her vocabulary has been increasing at a phenomenal rate over the past month; it's so great to hear her saying new words and communicating more. She loves her little brother and so far hasn't shown any signs of jealousy. She seems huge to me now, though, compared to the baby.

I don't think Xmas cards are happening this year and hopefully everyone will understand. I do hope to bake some cookies, though. And thank goodness for online shopping -- just have to find time to wrap pressies now and put the tree up.

Happy Xmas to everyone.

highlandbird Sun 23-Dec-12 21:30:08

Huge congratulations to you everso sounds like its all going well for you, and any news yet JoJo ??

I'm 24 wks now, and keep forgetting I'm pregnant!!! Just don't have time to pander to myself in the same way I did with my first pregnancy, Angus is quite a handful and has so much energy, he finally started walking at almost 18 months and now there's no stopping him! Not much talking though, some animal noises, daddy and bee (which is his word for ball hmm ) so he gets quite frustrated by not being able to communicate efficiently sometimes, but he'll get there in his own time I'm sure!
I'm slightly anxious about how I'm going to cope with a newborn as he is quite jealous and clingy, vey much a mummy's boy and he still likes to be picked up and carried about a lot (my back is completely knacked!) and don't even get me started on sleep......there have been lots of ear infections and tonsilitis and last teeth coming through recently so lots of disturbed sleep and coming into my bed at night....need to get that one sorted quite soon I think!
Anyone been brave enough to do the move from cot to bed yet? I'm dreading the night time wanderings, think I'll leave it for a while yet!
Anyway, just wanted to say a quick hello, I have been lurking but haven't posted in ages sorry, so nice to see so many of you still on here! Happy Christmas to everyone, hop you all have a lovely time!

highlandbird Sun 23-Dec-12 21:35:00

just realised how negative my post sounded blush I'll just add that he's also vey loving and cuddly as well, loves the outdoors and chasing the hens round the yard and is really really sociable! Absolutely love seeing his little personality coming through now, they're proper little people with minds and (strong) opinions of their own at this age!
(feels like I painted him as a whigy clingy child that never sleeps, he's not that bad really)

me23 Sun 23-Dec-12 21:49:13

Hello everyone,
Hi highland glad pregnancy is going well. I was going to ask about cots too as Ethan had finally started sleeping through the night about 6 weeks ago. However the past two nights he has screamed and become hysterical when putting him into his cot. I tried ignoring him for 10 mins then telling him "it's time for sleep" and leaving again but he became more hysterical and vomitted. He eventually fell asleep on our bed by tonight when my OH tried to put him to bed he said no and pointed to his sisters bed do we're thinking he may want a big boy bed and that is why he doesn't want to go to his bed?

JoJoB77 Mon 24-Dec-12 10:33:35

Baby Emilia born at 01:25 this morning. All ok and very quick in the end blush

The best birthday present ive ever had grin

me23 Mon 24-Dec-12 15:57:21

Oh wow many congratulations! And happy birthday!
Hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas x

ckny1 Wed 26-Dec-12 01:51:44

Congratulations/happy birthday, Jo !!!

Petty, exciting news! Have fun! ;)

And Highland, Angus will be a perfect gentlemanly (?) older bro! smile I'm honestly a bit envious of your LO's (or soon to be) having such a lovely "backyard" to play in!

Lozario,...brave. And definitely more motivated than I, who bought cards 2 months ago and still haven't sent any! sad

Had a peaceful Christmas at home, just the 3 of us. Franz woke up this morning and stared very confusedly at his presents under the tree and finally started carefully tearing the paper, handing each torn piece to daddy. I was disappointed that he didn't go crazy ripping everything apart! God I hope I'm not raising an OCD child. But he's had a very fun past few days and is "apeeeeee".

Happy Christmas, everyone!

congratulations jojo grin I have been lurking on here waiting for news grin

Arthur not arsed about opening Xmas presents esp after he got his tractor from grandpa. I think they are just a but too young to get into the frenzy yet - thankfully!

I'm going to delay a big boy bed for as long as humanly possible. maybe once he's climbed/fallen out of the cot 3 times?

Lozario Sun 13-Jan-13 23:39:44

No posts since boxing day! shock

Congrats Jo!! The other next babies will not be far behind now! Amazing so many 2nds coming thick and fast. Still undecided about number 3 here.

Everyone prepared for snow tmoz? Am wondering if DS's preschool will be open -everything grinds to a halt with a little bit of snow!

I saw Les Mis today with my mum. LOVED IT. Russell Crowe a bit hit and miss but High Jackman is amazing and fit. wink

Lozario Sun 13-Jan-13 23:41:35

Oh and meant to say - DS was in a cot until he turned 3. He never worked out how to climb out though. Lara will be staying in cot as long as poss too I'd put a lid on it if I could!

ttc on hold here until dh's bosses get round to confirming his job angry its looking unlikely they will do it this month as they said they would (it has to go through a large chain of people for approval as it will be a new role and the top boss wasnt even aware of it til dh met him this week and gave him a nudge). need to know by next month though so he can start looking elsewhere if needs be. grrr.

i have also been questioning a bit if i only want another dc in order to postpone making life decisions? i still dont know what i want to be when i "grow up" and in my mind there is no point dealing with this until we have had our dc. if we dont have another one then i feel i need to decide on a career (am currently a freelance pa) and i dont have a sodding clue! well i do a bit but dont have the motivation/guts to do it. <sigh> maybe thats how the family up north ended up with 16 kids grin wonder if i can convince dh we should just keep reproducing until i make my mind up work wise wink

anyone heard the comedian louis ck tslking about kids? it really resonates with me grin

did you all see 16 kids and counting? that family were amazing but i kept thinking why is the mum ironing tshirts and joggers????

Lozario Mon 14-Jan-13 22:30:44

petty if you could do anything for a career what would it be? I'd love to be a writer. I have no idea how writers with families and clean homes do it though!!

Loz I started a little business called madebyanny - i sew and crochet "stuff" and I would really like to get that going but its a complete bloody nightmare trying to get anything done with Arthur around! I need to do some market research, find out how to market and promote a business etc... oh and find time to make the stuff. In my mind it will be easier to do once I'm done having dc's and they are in school (not sure if it will be though lol). I don't expect to make millions but enough to tick over. Already thinking I need to branch out but it all seems a bit daunting and overwhelming!

Kagey Tue 15-Jan-13 17:44:31

Congrats Jo!!!

Elise is a poorly little girl at the moment, although she is playing camping and making tents with her big sister hmm. The gp thinks she has chicken pox , which is going around her nursery, but it has got infected on her face so she's on anti-b's and cream. She hates all medicines so we are becoming increasingly cunning with how we hide it in food and milk smile.

Also I'm starting to panic about schools, the deadline for primary applications is today for us and I only put down 2 options, as we should get our 1st choice. Roll on April.

Anyway hope you are all well smile.

Kagey Tue 15-Jan-13 17:47:10

The school application is for dd1 in case you think I have completely lost the plot grin.

Petty I'm not remotely any good with making stuff and running a business so I'm very envy.

Has everyone had some snow? What did your dc's think of it? Arthur has been loving the snow and especially the slightly crap snowman he made with dh grin (next doors snowman was amazing but they have 3 dc's between them. our snowmans head has fallen off bless him!)

ckny1 Fri 25-Jan-13 18:46:01

Ha ha! Petty, can't imagine you unmotivated. The beauty of being such a resourceful person is that you can do anything you want at the moment once you know you really want something, so good luck with the start up of your biz (and from what friends tell me, it gets easier with the tots).

Ugh, Kagey, hope E is feeling better and the infection is gone! sad Still wish Franz would get the pox but everyone here seems to vaccinate making it difficult for him to get it.

F has become my little child labourer. Not sure whether it's legal for me to treat him as our house servant, but he seems to be begging to do all the cleaning/shopping/laundry, etc, and has a fit if he learns that we emptied the dishwasher (for example) without him! However, this week he seems to be wanting to help via his bears, whom I insist cannot empty the dishwasher but can help with other tasks.

Because we don't know where we are going to live next year (Brooklyn or Manhattan), I'm avoiding the hunt for pre-schools and have decided to home school until we settle. Hope I'm not going to regret this. My poor little guy could really benefit from some new faces...

Haha ckny1 Arthur freaks it if I try to do the vacuuming - that's his job! And once he has finished the vacuum MUST go away and NO-ONE can touch it! He's happy to "share" the dusting and laundry though. I see at as advanced payment for when they are teenagers and drop their crap everywhere.

DH's job got made permanent today and with an immediate pay rise, and strong hints from his boss that his salary will continue to rise quickly as rises are performance related and they are VERY happy with him! I immediately googled mortgage calculators, jumped on right move and checked my ovulation dates grin. I plan on being very busy over the next year!

eversomuch Fri 25-Jan-13 22:00:13

Hi everyone, I've been lurking but finding it hard to find any time to post. The two kids are keeping me very busy! Spencer turned 12 weeks today. He is a really sweet, chilled out little boy and has grown so much since he was born -- well into 3-6m clothes for several weeks now and even some 6-9m things. He's doing great and feeding well and although his daytime sleep isn't great, he's almost sleeping through the night already; usually only waking once around 4 or 5 and then sometimes sleeping until 8. Of course, I never get to sleep until 8 bc Sabine is still getting up early. Her teeth are finally coming in, so I think that accounts for a lot of early mornings and grumpy behaviour. She dotes on Spencer, though, and has really adjusted well to him being here, so that's great. She's also talking loads and can recognize a few letters of the alphabet.

I still find it a challenge to get out much with them. They rarely nap at the same time (yes, Sabine still naps at least 1hr/day, thank god), plus the weather has been so cold. One negative of having a baby at the time of year: I can't BF outdoors. Ah well, I hate the cold anyway and don't really mind hibernating through it. I do feel bad that Sabine doesn't get out to play as much right now, though. But spring will be here soon and by then Spencer will be more mobile, so I hope I'm not causing any permanent damage to her social skills. ckny, I know what you mean about them benefiting from seeing some new faces. We do go to at least one playgroup/week and DH takes her out the days he's home.

Congratulations, petty. Sounds like lots of good things happening for you this year. smile

kagey I hope E is feeling better.

loz I keep thinking that these years of from work are when I should be coming up with an idea and plotting/outlining my novel, but, yeah, when exactly would I do that?! (Did you ever read Fingersmith, btw? Talk about amazing plotting.)

I hope everyone else is doing great. Looking forward to more birth announcements soon. Who's next?

haloflo Thu 31-Jan-13 15:01:59

eversomuch You sound like you are coping really well! I didn't even think about bf'ing outside in the winter - that would be hard! Fingers crossed spring is around the corner for us. It sounds like she is doing well being at home with you so don't worry!

petty VERY exciting! grinD

kagey I hope the chickenpox has passed. We haven't had that yet...

jojo Many congratulations on Emilia (love the name - might be on our list!) Hope all is going well.

H is doing well and turned 22 months a couple of days ago. She still doesn't speak much (if she doesn't progress in the next couple of months I'm going to ask the HV) but manages to be understand with her own version of sign language. Still doesn't sleep through consistently although is loads better than she used to be. She is shy but loves small groups and would probably rather live with her grandparents she loves them all that much.

We also use child labour. Please could you pick that up for mummy? Oohh good girl!

I'm due soon - 37+2 today (H was 9 days late though!). She is at her grandparents for the day so I am having a day of rest. We are getting a new roof so its not quite the pj day I planned but still lovely to have a tiny bit of time to myself before everything gets turned upside down.

Who else is due soon?

Lozario Wed 27-Feb-13 19:36:35

halo you must be late now - how are you feeling??? Hope it all goes swimmingly for you! Looking out for an announcement from you soon either here or on FB. Also I think stealthtoddler was also due around now?

How are the others doing with their seconds, Jojo and Everso? I'm really hoping that we can start trying for third (and final!!!!) baby from April - I'd like to be done and dusted before I'm 34! Hwvr as I've said before it depends on DS's primary school application outcome. So petty you never know, we might be due roughly around the same time again if all goes to plan!

We seem to be going down with hand foot and mouth sad - only fevers at the moment but we went to SIL's on wknd and her child had it thanks for warning us so I'm expecting some blisters tomorrow or the next day. So annoying - DS has two parties to go to on the weekend that he might have to miss! At the moment it only looks like Lara is coming down with it though. Anyway I'm knackered and had a terrible night with her last night and hoping for a better one tonight, but not holding my breath.

How's everyone else? Xxx

Aww Loz hope Lara is better soon. Arthur had HFM but when I looked in to it, you don't have to keep them home from school etc.... as its only contagious (normally) amongst children, and only with close physical contact so as long as DS feels ok in himself it should be fine to go to the parties. Once the blisters had emerged Arthur was a lot better in himself.

Just had a lovely loooong weekend away in Paris - just me and DH! We went to celebrate my birthday and a final chance to get away as a)trying to ttc dc2 (as it happens I should have been ov on my birthday, in Paris!) and b)trying to buy our first house so funds and opportunities for a weekend with just the 2 of us will probably be VERY low for a while! We are only in the first month of ttc and house buying so still very early days here!

Had a lovely meet up with sam and purple today. Our babies are so big and grown up now! Forgot to take a pic of them all together though - doh!

Can anyone inspire me with a birthday present for Arthur this year????? What are you all getting your LO's?

Lozario Fri 01-Mar-13 13:38:04

petty your Paris weekend sounds ace - we're hoping to do similar at end of the month. DH's brother is in Germany so we want to go and see them for a couple of nights.

I think we're going to get Lara a scooter for her birthday - she nicks DS's all the time, still can't actually scoot but it will be good for her to try over the summer!

Lozario Sun 10-Mar-13 17:13:43

Happy mothers day you lovely lot!! smile

highlandbird Thu 14-Mar-13 22:49:05

All the lovely FB birthday photos has got me thinking about you all and wondering how everyone is as we enter our third year with our babies!!! It will take me a while to catch up on thread but I'll come back and post later (prob in a few days time never seem to have much time to sit still these days!)
Seems like a long time ago we were all going through our births, at the same time it seems like the past two years have flown by if that makes sense?!

I know what you mean highland

I had a flick through all the photos on fb, starting when our babies were er... babies and now they are all grown up <sob>

Having a lazy day at home with A today. Decided to do nappy free this morning to see how we got on..... there is wee EVERYWHERE! 6 months ago he would wee in a potty. I think he would like to wee on a toilet but not with me holding him so might have to invest in a toilet seat so he doesn't fall in again I know I have only given it a morning but think I will hold fire for a few more months and try again. In my mind I figured he would be closer to 3 when he was ready but we have had some signs. At least he didn't poo everywhere...

sat here twiddling my thumbs nervously as dh is at the bank trying to sort out the mortgage as we have had an offer accepted on our first home. Exciting but nerve wrecking!

Lozario Tue 19-Mar-13 22:45:09

Oooh petty exciting - did mortgage get sorted? Fingers crossed for you!

Potty training - hmm, I think Lara is the naughtiest little girl on the planet so can't see her doing it any time soon! Plus she's DIDDY so would fall down the loo. grin

Mortgage more or less sorted Loz just got the valuation to get through now.... but I'm pretty sure that bit will be fine! I am the impatient type though and I want to move NOW. Actually, make that I want to move yesterday!

Got a toilet seat from B&M stores yesterday for £2.50 - was very pleased with my bargain. Arthur likes to sit on it fully clothed. I think we have a way to go....

highlandbird Thu 21-Mar-13 20:08:27

Congrats petty on the house move, exciting times!! And your Paris trip sounded fab, I would love to have a trip away with dh but will probably be a few years now!!
All is pretty good here, have three and a half weeks left of my pregnancy now, eek! So excited to meet dc2 and see what he or she is like, and get those gorgeous newborn cuddles. Finally got Angus sleeping through the night in his own cot again about two weeks ago so trying to bank as much sleep as possible now. How are the new babies getting on? Ever so, spencer sounds like a real sweetie and he's sleeping so well that's brilliant!
Also can't quite believe they're all turning 2, like you petty I also looked at the photos from the beginning and I can't believe it's been 2 years! We had a lovely birthday weekend for Angus, took him to Oban sea life centre to see otters and seals, and had a wee tea party at home....I even iced a cake for the first time ever, made a lion! Was nice to make a fuss of him before dc2 arrives.
Not much news from here really, he's trying to talk lots more recently but I have to translate or other people wink but were getting there. Am really enjoying his company a lot just now, he's good fun and has a sense of humour, and fingers crossed the tantrums seem to come and go quite quickly so far, we'll see how long that lasts!
No potty training attempts here, I am in awe at some of you, we've jus got to the stage where we say bye bye poo when changing a nappy but that's it!
Would love to know how everyone else is getting on. Tried joining the April 2013 thread but it wasn't the same, feel like I know you guys (even though I don't post very often I do read!)
That's A asleep so away to put my feet up with. Hot choc now. Will put an updated photo on FB too.

highlandbird Thu 21-Mar-13 20:10:34

Sorry that was really long and full of typos! blush

JoJoB77 Wed 27-Mar-13 06:12:45

Hello ladies!!

Im sorry to not namecheck so hope you and your LO's are ok....i need some advice!!

R seems to be going through weird sleep regression and i'm not sure if its illness or an age thing. She has a chesty cough and we noticed she has her last set of molars coming through so isnt happy but has always gone to bed no problem. However over the last few nights she has woken during the night beside herself and wont go back in her cot. Last night she wouldnt even go to bed at all so i had her in with me.

Doc says she has just a cough, no infection hmm

Is anyone else going through this? Is it just the illness and it will all go back to nornal in time? Nightmare? Im at a loss!!

Lozario Mon 01-Apr-13 22:47:48

Hi Jojo - yes a few weeks ago Lara went through a rocky patch in her sleep and it came straight after being ill. I'd been sleeping with her when she was ill (chest and ear infection) and she got a bit too used to it!! When I knew she was better and off the meds, I became a bit stricter - first night I'd go in and stroke her but not take her out of her room if she woke, (tricky as she shares with her brother but he sleeps like the dead!!) then the next night it was a drink of water, back to bed, "night night I love you". She protested a bit but the 3rd night she was back on track. There were a few tears though. Interestingly, a lot of other mums with similarly aged children went through similar at the same time which made me wonder if it was developmental.

Hope you're getting the sleep back on track now! smile

Lara's birthday was today. We had a lovely day but a quiet one as DS has chicken pox. It's only day 3 and we're already so bored of staying in!!! Guess little La will get it next week. Thankfully we now have an influx of new toys to play with! I can't believe they are all 2!!! Lara refuses to believe it and says she's 3....

sam26oscar Tue 02-Apr-13 19:24:30

Hi Ladies, again apoplogies for no naming but am crap at goig n mumsnet as tend to go on fb, can you maybe get an app for mumsnet??

JoJo, same here with the sleep pattern, Lozario told me you had posted on here this week, Cassie seems to have done a completee u turn on sleep. if i put her to bed she wakes at least twice crying and pointing to the bedroom door asking to come in my bed which is weird as shes never slept in my bed! However if daddy puts her to bed and im out of the house she doesnt wake , now ideally daddy could do that all the time but he lives in scotland as he's in the Forces, so isnt home that often- just back for easter leave , so what do we do??!! SHE used to be happy with just a quick cuddle and back to bed but now cries and then wakes up 45-60 mins later,grrr!!

I think i may investigate as to whether its a developmenatal stage or just trying it on stage lol!!!

love to you ladies and to the lady who tried joining the April ante natal ...how very dare you !!!!! You are a March mumsnetter all the way and baby will become an honorary one grin

any progress with the sleep Sam and jojo?
Arthur was VERY angry to be sent for a nap this afternoon and threw himself out of his cot shock the sides are still up though as i am sticking to my 3 times rule (but my friend is sending me her bed guard). im hoping he won't want to try again if it hurt the first time hmm?
he also still had his nap (in my bed) so im hoping he has sort of learnt that rebellion is futile grin

JoJoB77 Sat 06-Apr-13 07:50:51

Wow thanks for the helpful posts Lozario and Sam. Very interesting that they seem to be going through similar at the same age.

Thanks for asking Petty, i think we have cracked the bed aversion grin. Although it was tackled with lots of tears, by night 3 she went down without a fight. She still wakes stupidly earlybut thats another battle to tackle. Luckily DD2 is sleeping well so it could be much worse.

Its R's birthday today! We are going to see my parents today and out for lunch but DH has just hone back to bed with a migraine so might just be me and the girls.

Hope you're all ok!

sam26oscar Sat 06-Apr-13 09:03:22

morning ladies grin smile i type from my bed as daddy is on duty for the last time as he us going back to scotland tomorrow sad sleeping with HRH has improved as daddy goes in and she seems to have realised mummy doesnt get up in the nights and so far has only woken once in the night then daddy strokes her head and she goes thru.....we will see what happens sunday night wink We went away thursdsay night for a wedding in the Forest of Dean and my mum and dad slept at mine and the little monkey slept 7.30-9am !! Daddy is taking them off today as i was on duty all day yesterday whilst he lay on the sofa watching American sit coms hungover....can u tell that pissed me off grin anyway must get upwink

highlandbird Sat 06-Apr-13 13:51:56

Seems like everyone is getting their sleep issues sorted, A is a rubbish sleeper so not much advice to offer here, also the only way he will nap now is if I take him in the car, not such a big deal now I just take him down the track for 5 or 10 mins until he's asleep then I can leave him asleep in the car outside the house, sometimes having to wake him up after a couple of hours (it's safe to do this by the way we're 3 miles from nearest public road in case anyone thinks I'm being v irresponsible!). I have no idea how we're going to manage that one once new baby arrives though?! I'm thinking maybe he doesn't need that nap anymore but he's a grumpy little so and so by 4pm if he hasn't slept! Everyone else's DC's still napping in the day?
8 days to go now until my due date.....and trying my best to shift a hideous chest and sinus infection, urgh, on third lot of antibiotics and SIL has taken A for weekend to give me a break which is amazing! Although I'm feeling the serious urge to clean clean clean, maybe that means baby is imminent?
Hope everyone had a lovely Easter, the weather has been gorgeous here so been spending lots of time sitting out in the sun grin

ooh more new babies to come grin im broody as hell and ttc has been disastrous so far shock only been trying 2 months though so plenty of time yet!
Arthur is still napping in the day, he fights it but he NEEDS it. He quite often skips his nap at the child minders (too exciting) or if we have had a boring day at home.

JoJoB77 Sat 06-Apr-13 21:15:34

Ruby is exactly the same as Arthur Petty, she fights her naps but she needs them. I think they are so important. Its like they are missing out on something?!

Wow not long to go now Highland, how exciting! DD2 is 15 weeks old now, time flies quicker 2nd time round.

Yes jojo - at the CM's he calls out for the cm and her gd and she feels bad leaving him in the cot. Its too much fun and he knows he is the only one in bed grin It sometimes takes him an hour to go to sleep at home (usually 20mins or so) and he shouts for me a couple of times and then chats to his bears. But he can throw himself out of the cot now so not sure what will happen next time he objects.....

sam26oscar Mon 08-Apr-13 06:24:18

blergh!! The alarm woke me at 6am as back to work and school sad On the brught side cassie has slept thru last 2 nights grin Think shes realised mummy is not getting up and Daddy onky pats her back so not worth waking up!! Was a little worried as Daddy went back to Scotland last night and thought she might wake but it will probably be tonight when she realises hes not here and then works out i HAVE to go in !!!! Well must wake them as they have to be at the cm at 7am!!! Hope all have good daya...hope baby is thinking if making its move soon Highlandgrin

highlandbird Mon 08-Apr-13 20:48:53

Hmmm, A isn't the only one that fights sleep then?!
Hooray to Cassie sleeping through again, do you get that anxiety feeling at night though when your sure you're going to get woken at some point (I do, and never sleep the same for it!) fingers crossed that's her back to her routine now!
No sign of baby yet but only 5 days till due date so won't be long grin

sam26oscar Mon 08-Apr-13 21:21:25

oh yes indeed Highland my jaws are so clenched my ears are 4cm higher than they used to be grin grin tonight will be the test as she knows daddy's not here so it csn only be mummy to go in.....need a jaw clenching smilie!!!

Lozario Tue 09-Apr-13 22:05:10

highland you must be ready to pop now!! Hope everything goes well for you. Don't worry, number 2 is much easier than number 1 until they learn to talk grin

petty I was wondering how your ttc was going. Hopefully you'll catch soon. 2 months is no time at all! I think I'll be joining you now - we've pretty much decided to go for number 3 (and final!!!( baby. About to get started converting our attic space to give us 2 extra rooms so we have the space. Eeek....

sam how's that naughty young lady of yours with her sleep now? Hope she's not being a pickle any more!!

jojo 15 weeks??? How did that happen?!

Lozario Tue 09-Apr-13 22:07:11

Oh I forgot to add about naps - Lara still has one most days, from 1-2.30/3 in her cot. She's starting to take ages to settle in nighttime now though so I'm beginning to cut it back. She can easily go without the nap if required and then she conks out for 12 blissful hours!!!

eversomuch Wed 10-Apr-13 11:23:29

Wow, we're very chatty again. How nice.

highland Good luck to you as the big day nears. Second time does go faster (can't believe Spencer is already 5mo), but it is a lot of work juggling the two little ones. We don't have family or very close friends nearby to help out, but if you do, use them and get them to cook for you as much as possible! BTW, I also tried joining another antenatal group, but it just wasn't the same.

Petty and Loz Good luck ttc. How exciting. Loz, did schools work out for you?

Re: naps, Sabine usually sleeps for about two hours, either 11-1ish or 2-4ish. She def still needs it -- and so do I!

highlandbird Wed 10-Apr-13 21:29:21

Ooh how exciting petty, 2 months is nothing fingers crossed you get a bfp very very soon! and lozario.....it gives me hope that two can't be that much work if you're trying for dc3!! Good luck both of you.
Everso, wish we had family nearby to help, they're all hours away unfortunately or I would be taking advantage of them. Our neighbours are all a few miles away as well so I will have to make a huge effort to get out in the earlyish days so I don't go stir crazy at home all day, hoping for a nice (dry will do) summer so that we can spend time in the garden and pottering around, A hates being in the house all day, he has a stupid amount of energy!
Sam how has cassie's sleep been?? Hope all back to normal at yours so that you can unclench your jaw and get some peace wink

sam26oscar Sun 14-Apr-13 21:03:35

hi ladies i think people are downloading the mumsnet app...much easier and quicker to accesssmile highland hope baby here nowwink and good to hear people ttc...not here thoughsad too old now!! we have been to see the infamous...Mr Tumble at Cardiff today Cassie was beside herself when he came on stagegrin ...Petty went past sign for Splott is that near your new house??? Well ladies Cassie has slept thru every night til last night when i went in stroked her head ..didnt get her out of bed..first time ever always used to pick her up and cuddle her and she went back off easily til 7.45am grin grin Am glad those who tried to join other ante natals have stayed here...we are all virtual friends!!! Bed for me up for work at 5.45am sad xx

sam26oscar Sun 14-Apr-13 21:05:54

oh yes forgot naps cassie sleeps 1-3pm but can go without if needs be...but obviously i try not to let that happen!!!

Lozario Mon 15-Apr-13 21:16:59

Am pleased that everyone is back on here - I always check in as I browse mumsnet pretty much every day now that I have the app!!

Well poor Lara has the chicken pox now (DS had it 2 weeks ago) and she's really suffering with it, wasn't too bad at first but this is day 3 and she has a lot of spots now, some really massive ones on her body, and she's had a really high temperature so slept in with me last night as she couldn't sleep sad Can't wait until we are rid of the pox, it's overtaken our entire Easter hol!! I loaded her up with calpol and piriton so hopefully she will sleep better tonight.

everso thanks for remembering my schools angst - DH won't let me go on about it at home any more!!! We find out provisionally at the end of this week but I think it will be a waiting list game for us. Hopefully we'll get a decent school by September. I have made a decision not to panic ha

petty are you in Splott! I know Splott.

sam Cassie and Lara sound dangerously similar. Can't imagine the carnage if they ever became partners in crime!

highland are you still hanging in there??!!

highlandbird Tue 16-Apr-13 13:33:29

Sigh, that's me three days over now and feels like the calm before the storm ha ha! Although A has tonsillitis again (on the mend though) he saw a consultant a month ago and is on the list to get them whipped out in next couple of months as we have to go through this every few weeks in the winter sad
Poor Lara with the chicken pox that sounds miserable for all of you, hope she gets better soon, and at least you won't have to go through it when she's older.
Glad to hear Cassie sleeping better, although ouch to getting up at 5.30 for work shockam slightly envious of those of you who's DCs nap really well, it's a bit of a pain not being able to get some rest myself in the day but he generally still goes to bed at 7 so can't complain!
Hopefully will be back in next couple of days with some exciting news....and yes I have a shiny new iPad and mn app so am able to check in a lot easier these days grin

Fingers crossed highland that baby makes an appearance sooner rather than later. Poor A with his tonsills!

Sam & Loz yes I am moving to Splott! Have you ever heard of a dafter sounding place? grin

I am always on MN (currently stalking the diy boards) - Arthur is very neglected blush

sam26oscar Wed 17-Apr-13 12:51:41

poor A tonsilitis is nastysad have you tried clary sage highland?? few drops in a warm bath has worked on myself and friendsgrin petty i didnt realise Splott was quite so close...thought Cardiff was 2 hrs from meangry shame on my geography!!
Thankfully Cassie seems to have turned the corner and is back ti sleeping 12-13hrs ..phew! She was quite close to being sold on ebaywink
For those not on F.B we are currently in the process of signing a football contract with Bristol City ....v.v.proud mummy!!! ( well done petty on promotion to premiershipwink )
must go and collect cass from c/m now!!

sam26oscar Wed 17-Apr-13 12:53:59

p.s poor baby Lozariosad sad hope she feels better soon...i'm sure between chocolate and cbeebies she..sorry you will make it thrugrin

sam it takes me about 40mins to get to our meet ups! also, i think i can see Weston from my current bedroom window (no sea view in the new house though sad ). i will wave at 7pm - tell me if you can see me grin

sam26oscar Wed 17-Apr-13 19:50:36

petty i think i saw you lol grin

Lozario Wed 17-Apr-13 20:59:46

Just a quick update - we got 3rd choice school for DS today smile Happy with that - 2nd and 3rd choice were about the same and we still have a chance for 1st choice on waiting list. Phew! Have had a few glasses of wine this eve!!!

highlandbird Thu 18-Apr-13 12:19:32

Wow Sam, is that contract for your DS?? Very exciting news no wonder you're a proud mummy!!

Lozario, congrats on school news, bet that's a huge weight off your mind, hope L is better too and spots all scabbed over so you can get out and about grin oh and if you're cracking open the wine have a glass for me too please, seriously missing it right now!

Trying most things to get this baby out....feels like its moved further in if anything, probably been hearing Angus' tantrums and decided it would be nicer to stay in my tummy! Mind you I had him on the fifth day after due date so today could be the day??
Starting to get slightly anxious about the thought of having 2 children and the practicalities as well (bit late to worry I know!) ....anyone have any last minute words of wisdom for me?? Have already bought a present for A from baby but I'm not convinced he's going to let me get away with it that easily!!

Lozario Thu 18-Apr-13 22:08:26

highland you will be fine - and the good thing about going overdue is that you'll just be so glad not to be pregnant any more!!

When DC2 (Lara) came I used sling a lot for the baby so I could concentrate on DC1. As long as DC2 was fed and dry, I mainly concentrated on DC1 so as not to interrupt his routine. Having said that, Lara was pretty good and by 5 weeks was going down at 7ish like DC1!

I probably relied on telly a bit more to entertain DC1 but he bloody loves telly so he thought that was great.

JoJoB77 Mon 29-Apr-13 15:40:10

Hi ladies

Do we have a March 2011 facebook page? Im back on fb and thought about joining our group if anyone can help??

Lozario Mon 29-Apr-13 18:06:19

Yes we do but I can't for the life of me remember how we add people?! Anyone remember?

sam26oscar Mon 29-Apr-13 20:44:14

Jojo i think if you add one of us as friends on fb we can add you into the fb mumsnet group ...unless anyone else knows Petty?? Purple?? hmm

Lozario Mon 29-Apr-13 21:14:17

Jojo I've just sent you a private message about friend requesting smile

sam26oscar Mon 29-Apr-13 22:04:56

yes jojo we're all waiting for you there grin grin

highlandbird Sun 26-May-13 17:02:55

Everyone out and about enjoying this gorgeous weather? Adapting to life with two here but all going well A loving being a big brother! My standards have dropped massively wrt housework but were never very high in the first place wink
Hope everyone and their dc's doing well anyway x

Lozario Mon 27-May-13 15:52:49

Yes! We've been in the park with friends, L is currently conked out in buggy and the older one is snuggling with me on the sofa! Sooooo windy though!

How is everyone? L is definitely firmly in the terrible twos and has already perfected the art of the "flounce". Funniest thing is trying to make her laugh when she's trying to have a strop!! grin

JoJoB77 Fri 14-Jun-13 12:05:06

Hello lovely ladies smile

Well I (hesitantly) think that Ruby has come out the other side re tantrums. She seems much calmer and able to communicate more which helps. She has us in stitches most days, she loves wearing hats and sunglasses inside (!) and is a little whirlwind.

Emmy on the other hand is as placid as anything, she is so smily she just melts my heart. If i wasn't pushing 40 (well 36 this year grin) and we hadn't decided this is our lot, i'd be tempted to try for another!

Well its raining here (again) so we're in for the day but im going on a hen night tomoro, am tired just thinking about it, im in bed by 930 most nights shock.

Hope everyone is well!

Ooh its been quiet on here! We made the most of the sunshine while it lasted and went camping down the Gower - it was stunning! Arthur was so excited about camping, he didn't go to sleep until midnight on the first night! Eek! This is normally a boy tucked up by 7pm each night and can't tolerate staying up late!

This rain is driving me potty now because Arthur is cooped up inside and I am trying to do up the house. Have been escaping to a local council soft play though to meet friends and save my sanity!

We are off to run the bf group now where Arthur will spend 90 minutes having a meltdown over biscuits (EVERY WEEK). I don't know why he hates being there so much!

Me again! Just got a BFP this morning!!! DH doesn't even know yet as he is away until tomorrow night so I had to run and tell you lot so that I don't explode with excitement in the office! Woohoooo!

eversomuch Tue 18-Jun-13 12:07:08

Congratulations, Petty. Briliant news!!!

JoJoB77 Tue 18-Jun-13 19:20:43

Big congratulations Petty, lovely news!

Lozario Wed 26-Jun-13 22:42:41

petty that is amazing - how did DH react? (You have told him now, right?!) Wishing you a healthy and happy pregnancy, and hoping I won't be too long behind you!

Yes I told him but a couple of hours after he got home - got to be honest, it wasn't a moment for the baby book! I showed him my pee stick and he was very confused bless him. His first words were "oh, so you're pregnant" followed by "its a bit weird you waited until now to tell me" Erm.. well you've been farting about unpacking your suitcase and filling the laundry bag.

My dsis full on broke down in tears at lunch (in public) though! She does appear to cry at the drop of a hat though.... Only told my mum and dsis so far (oh and most of mumsnet, although obviously you lot were first grin)

I have joined the Feb 2013 thread but not really feeling it at the moment as it mostly seems to be a puke-off, and I, thankfully, am not puking!

Fingers crossed you get a bfp soon Loz. I started winding dh up in IKEA on Saturday that all the families in the restaurant had 3 children..... This is supposed to be our second and final child....

Suppose I should mention that A is good - doesn't shut up and is obsessed with anything with wheels. Must eat, sleep and drink with a vehicle in his hand or be sat peddling one.

haloflo Fri 28-Jun-13 16:17:40

Congrats Petty. February is a great time to have a baby!

Lozario I am in awe of you wanting 3. Fingers crossed it happens soon.

Busy busy here. Hannah is doing great and finally talking (2/3/4 word sentences grin)). She seems to dropping her nap though and missed it 3 days this week <sob!>

Emilia is 4 months and such a cuddly happy baby. She doesn't sleep through though so i'm knackered all the time. I hope she doesn't wait until 18 months like Hannah....

Gah Arthurs first night in the big boy bed tonight (cot bed without the sides). I have been dreading this day but he was getting a bit casual about climbing out of the cot blush I have an old stair gate across his bedroom door so he can get out of bed all he wants but he's not getting out of his room! I think its going to be a looooooong evening! It makes me doubly excited to be going out on Monday and leaving the bedtime to my dsis grin

H007 Mon 22-Jul-13 09:34:28

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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