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September 2011 babies, making more noise, more mess, but growing more amazing by the day.

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100years Wed 18-Apr-12 21:56:00

Old thread

Hey, here we are again, moving on to the next round of exciting things our little babies are getting up to. smile I hope no-one minded my title, but there hadn't been a big decision and given we were so close to the end I thought I'd just go for it.

I shall update stuff from me tomorrow.

tiddleypompom Thu 19-Apr-12 07:37:53

<spluttering through pawpaw/yogurt spray>

Marking place, morning all!

sebs71 Thu 19-Apr-12 08:19:24

Well done, 100, great title!!

Pulling up my chair, settling down, and about to be spluttered by cereal/mango spray grin

ps - Candr and TP thanks for the comments... there must be something about Sept babes and sleep!! And, yes, could be teeth - she's got a couple of smalls stumps with bright red cheeks so perhaps that's the cause of the thrashing (also not wanting to put it down to the fact she's just a bad sleeper!)

sarahseager Thu 19-Apr-12 11:12:19

Hi all,

Just marking my place, have been reading through but not posted in a while.

Have had a busy time with lo having her nursery trial sessions and then was getting ready to go back to work on Tuesday when I managed to get a hideous sickness bug! sad
Can't remember having one since I was at school! Dp has now had it too and i have even managed to pass it on to my mum and dad! Lo has been relatively untouched by it so far fingers crossed but has been off her food.

I've now got an awful cold and although I'm managing to eat again my tummy still feels very delicate. I also think my milk is drying up too as I've been so dehydrated and as I only give lo 2 bf's a day now there just doesn't seem to be much there, not sure if that is normal but i don't feel the let down anymore either.

Anyway this has most certainly been a week to forget!

Have been keeping up with all of your posts with interest. Well done feral for getting back to work, I am planning to go back next week after my false start this week smile

Hugs to those of you struggling with sleep, we had 2 nights when we were really poorly that lo slept right through possibly because she was feeling poorly too but now she is back to normal waking and coming into our bed and thrashing around for aaaages!

Sorry to not post individually to you all but hope you all having lovely days and managing to do stuff with this crazy weather! xx

100years Thu 19-Apr-12 12:26:05

Ssmile, great on the backwards crawling. smile she's moving. Dumbwit emoticon, what is CTU? Re the birthday parties, surely the early sept won't be able to have parties because there is no way of making sure enough parents can bring their children wink or is that just child cruelty?

Feral, part of the reason LO is not coming back in our room is because of her being able to escape her cot, and stand in it, when it's bedside the mattress has to be one higher and I'm not happy with that and her standing. Although after the last few nights I'd be very tempted to put her back through and just not leave her alone in there.

Candr, I wish I had the magic sleep solution, I don't, and am therefore in a searching for it situation too.

Sebs, hope you get a nice dress and you have fun shopping.

Tp, hope you had fun with newly pg friend yesterday. I too kept it quiet around friends when we were trying, I didn't want to have too many questions about it, so just played the ooh lovely babies, yes yes one day card.

Sarah, have some in MN hugs. Sounds rough so far the past few days/week. GWS.

Well I reckon it was a massive co-incidence that I had a couple of good nights after supper. Last night was 4 feeds, the 4th being only an hour after the 3rd, I tried to not feed her, put her down asleep, she pinged wide awake and the. Proceeded to try to eat my face. The night before it was 5 wakings. Although one of those I did manage to not feed her! But I've gone back to properly BLW style of giving her porridge, as she just does it that way, grabs the spoon and if she wants it she eats it, if not she bangs the spoon or chucks it over the side of the highchair, and I'm not wanting to force it on her, and I feel happier with doing it BLW style, so she is in control. But I know others might not agree, it's what works for us.

I think tbh, if she wants to sleep well she will, if she doesn't she won't and there might not be anything I can do about it at the moment. I will keep trying with supper, in fact I gave her the bowl last night and she kind of slurped it out of the bowl, no spoon required! But I might just have to accept I'm going to be getting up a few times a night. I might feel better about it then instead of hoping she sleeps, if that makes sense.

Been a bit grumpy recently, probably tiredness, but I've a feeling it might be a touch of PMT, I blinking don't want AF I want a BFP, not AF!!!

ssmile Thu 19-Apr-12 13:47:29

Hello thanks for new thread 100 marking my place smile

I can not believe my Lo is 8mths old next week gulp! I had to put my left elbow on her hip yest in an effort to change her nappy with my right hand and her not flip off the mat she has seriously accelerated on the old movement front. It's amazing really as she hated being on her tummy was constantly sick until she was 7mths then she realised she could move it has been like a light bulb gone off "i can move!" Stand back light touch paper....took photo of her yest airplane style flying on carpet arms and legs off the floor pulling open the dvd draw to see what was in it...next stop the kitchen cupboards then the fun will really begin grin We have had six nights in a row now not feeding at 3am, she didn't wake at all last night slept 12.30-7am (sorry) but I'm SO grin I can't believe it, I'm going to try sat night to resettle her one of the other feds now but can't decide whether to try the 9pm or 12am one. I suspect I'll have more luck at the 9pm one as she still seems hungry at 12am.

Big hugs for those having crap sleep but I felt a lot calmer with DD1 when like 100 I just excepted I would be getting up lots and found ways to survive and it did eventually get easier but will still have problems now (she 5) you just find different strategies at different ages to deal with it. We spent months sleeping on her floor!

sarah hope you on the mend now and your first week back at work goes ok, tum bugs are truly horrid.

feralgirl hope your week keeps going ok, and the sleep improves. Italy sounds Fab!

100 hope the BLW continues to go well and you get some soon too.

Ooh babe awake better go....

candr Thu 19-Apr-12 15:49:33

Ssmile, well done with the sleeps grin bet you feel like a new person with the extra sleep.
Sarah, hope you are better. Have had colds here too then felt bad as passed it to my elderly grandad but my LO is getting over it and seems to like his snot bubbles.
Had babe weighed today and is 17.14oz at 7m so def has his dad's broad build. His crawling is coming on well just backwards so need to start putting some cupboard locks in place methinks.

feralgirl Thu 19-Apr-12 19:51:48

Sarah, sorry about the sickness sad You might not be drying up; I found that when I cut back when I went back to work with DS that I just lost the let-down tingle after a while. Even if you're supply's a bit low because of being ill then you should be able to get it back again just by letting LO suckle a bit. Good luck on going back to work smile

100 CTU is the Counter Terrorism Unit in 24. Ssmile's uber-mum efforts last week were worthy of Kiefer Sutherland, hence her being a kind of real life super hero!

Ssmile Yay for the sleep and the moving. I am v envy as DD has been a total terror since I went back to work. Clearly she has decided that if she's not going to see me in the day then she'll make damn sure that she'll see me all night angry

Candr grin at the backwards crawling. That always makes me laugh as they just look so surprised by it. We got the stair gates down out of the loft yesterday as DD managed to get up onto the second step before DS rescued her!

this is my home-made vid of the DCs for anyone who would like to see it smile

candr Thu 19-Apr-12 20:03:59

Feral, that is so sweet - seems really strange to see what one of you Sep11 mum's really looks like. Your LO's are so cute. Would love DS hair to be like your sons (Cornish surfer look grin)

100years Thu 19-Apr-12 20:21:03

Ssmile, 8months. No it's too soon. Too soon. I have to do some manouvering to get LO to stay on the changing table too, and when I change her on the floor I have to be consistent and say no to turning, otherwise she'd be at it more on the table.

Aw to LO being 17lb14 smile we're still in the 15s I think, but she is a teeny girl thing.

To be fair as feral said I don't think I get the tingle all the time either and I'm still feeding loads.

Thanks feral, I did wonder if it was that, but I've never seen 24. Cute vid, love the bit where LO in the bouncer and laughing, my LO laughs like that too.

Well my LO has just polished off the biggest supper known to baby kind. I started off with some porridge, loaded spoons, let her play with the bowl she even 'drank' some out of the bowl. Then she wanted more stuff so I gave her the biggest strawberry ever, which she demolished, so I gave her another one, demolished that one. Gave her a prune, another strawberry, some rice from my tea and some blueberries, then she had a bit of a chomp on a rice cake! Scoff scoff scoff she did. Wow. It was only supposed to be a bit of supper, looks like she was telling me she wanted more food. BLW rocks at times. smile but there is one hell of a lot of rice on the floor from where she dropped a load, it's not the easiest thing in the world for a baby to eat. Lol

feralgirl Thu 19-Apr-12 20:45:20

Ooh, 100, you're missing a treat with 24. Next time you're ill, get some box set action going on!

Candr, we've actually had DS's hair all chopped hair off as it was just getting too dready and I'm petrified of nits! I hope he'll choose to grow it back again when he gets older though. Me and my mum had to do it without telling DH as he'd have totally vetoed it!

ssmile Thu 19-Apr-12 21:30:58

Tried spaghetti with Lo tonight was very funny. She sat staring at her big sister sucking it up being silly, then she looked at me eating it, then looked at hers in her hands then played with it and eventually put some in her mouth grin its got to be the first thing that hasn't gone straight in her gob in ages she seemed genuinely puzzled by it! She loved raspberries though but oh boy her clothes are covered so I'm not sure my washing machine is gonna love them.

Will check out the vid later feralgirl

sarah forgot to say I lost my milk for about 3-4days after nasty tum bug but it did come back (with first babe) if you want to keep BF then let her suck but I used it as an opportunity to stop as I'd had enough but I did get a bit engorged. I think I took sage tablets was supposed to help dry up milk, I was at 2feeds a day then to. Gd luck with what ever you chose.

100years Fri 20-Apr-12 09:19:37

Well at 5am I didn't feed LO when she woke. She'd only had a feed 2 hours before and she didn't seem to be rooting(routing?) for it. I just held her till she was almost asleep and put her back down. It was 90mins before she woke again. smile so fed at 8:30 for bed. 11:45. 3:15 (and nappy change) 7 and now feeding again at 9. Sleep still evades me and I'm in desperate need of a decent rest.

candr Fri 20-Apr-12 10:08:06

Well DS went down well but from 12 onwards cried everytime I put him down and refused to settle unless feeding. He is so bunged up he has to stop to breath and sounds like Darth Vader, what with that and DH snoring I got about 2 hr sleep Grrrrrrr. Am sending DH to spare room tonight as think he contributed to LO being awake!
Sarah - my milk is realy dropping off as DS only snacks during day and not sure I have enough to sustain him at 1am / 5am feed even if I don't feed him from 3pm onwards. Am encouraging him to drink more but not really interested. Really don't want to have to stop feeding but think I may have to give more than 2 bottles of formula now. Hopefully if it is because you were poorly not LO giving up your milk will make a speedy return.

sarahseager Fri 20-Apr-12 13:58:01

Thanks all for your comments, feeling much better now and my milk seems to be ok too! I have been letting lo suckle longer as you suggested feral and ssmile and I think that has helped. Hoping to just stick to a couple of feeds a day, maybe cut down to just the bedtime feed as I don't think she needs the morning one anymore. Will see how we go.

Love your video feral very cute! Great idea! Nice to see what you look like too! Would love to see what we all look like, I'm a nosey old thing! smile

Glad your lo had a wonderful feast for supper 100 but sorry that you're still not getting much sleep. How do you find the mess with blw? Do you put her in a coverall bib? I've learnt that I'm a total control freak when it comes to weaning and I'd love not to be smile I'm so paranoid that she'll choke if I let her feed herself too! blush Does your lo manage the blueberries well?

grin at snot bubbles candr that made me laugh! Hope you are doing ok today after your rubbish night and hope lo's cold is gone soon even though he likes the snot bubbles!

Can't believe your lo is almost 8 months ssmile, time is just flying! Loving the visions of airplane baby oh the carpet! My lo has just turned 7 months and seems to be getting the idea that she wants to move about a lot now, lots of lunging and desperately trying to crawl and get that bum in the air!

Well we had quite a good night, lo slept through till 4.30 so I brought her into bed then and was sure she'd go right off, how wrong was I! She gradually worked herself more and more awake until she got quite cross that she was expected to lay in bed and sleep so dp took her down to play about 6am. She was then so tired she fell asleep in her high chair at breakfast ha ha! She's never done that before! So I popped her back in her cot but she pinged wide awake after 30 mins as normal! Grr!

She's been a bit out of sorts today, maybe because it's been such a strange week and maybe cos of all the bugs although she seems to have avoided them touch wood! She's so desperate to play and crawl and be on her legs but the trouble is she wants to do it all at once! Chill baby! It's ok though as she's all snuggled up asleep on my chest for the first time in ages just like a snuggly newborn! Will make the most of it as I'll be craving this when I'm at work next week!

I'm off on a floristry course tomorrow, my Christmas pressie from dp, so that should be lovely! Hopefully a better end to our grotty week!


ssmile Fri 20-Apr-12 20:31:00

Hope you enjoy the flowers tomorrow sarah sounds a nice break for the day.

Had long day five hrs of driving to a family funeral (DHs), lots of people, but I spent first 2hrs not at the service but at hotel bar looking after 4girls aged 7mth, 14mth, 4& 5. Was challenging but it meant the kids didn't go to the service as my SIL &DH wished. The little 14mth I've only met twice but she was great but her big sister bit of a handful little madam! I did go armed with sticker books, colouring books and picnic. Once the wake got under way the girls were very good and the widow was very pleased they were there which was nice. But These things are never easy are they.

Whispering Lo was a star last night went 10.30-7 no feeds, no resettling.....gosh I'm quietly hoping we are turning the sleep corner. I didn't sleep that well as was half waiting for her to wake up and worrying a lot about today. Fingers crossed for good sleeps for all tonight.

feralgirl Fri 20-Apr-12 21:00:08

grin at all these funny babies. Sarah, honestly BLW is great and it's lovely watching them feed themselves. You just have to force yourself to chill about it and remember that there is a difference between gagging and choking; if they're making a noise then air is getting through and they're just gagging, it's when they go quiet that you have to worry! They learn very quickly how to avoid gagging, it took DD a couple of weeks to learn not to jam food so far down her throat that it made her sick but DS never used to do that at all.

It does make a shocking mess though. We tend to just change DD's clothes a lot but the good thing is that you can give fairly unmessy food (e.g. bread sticks, plain pasta) if you want to avoid a filth-fest! As soon as it's a bit warmer then DD will just eat in a nappy to cut down on laundry.

100 is DD's pincer grip good enough for blueberries then? That's awesome. I haven't tried DD with anything that small yet but she does pick up quite tiny bits of food so she might be able to manage them. I nabbed your idea and tried her with some supper tonight, just some rusk and milk, but it doesn't seem to have done much as she's very grizzly still.

grin Ssmile at the spaghetti, BLW with noodles is one of the most fun things I ever did with DS at about this age grin

candr sorry about the rubbish sleeps and not being sure about your milk; in theory though the more you give the better your supply'll hold up so you could try feeding all afternoon as well and see if that has a knock on effect for the night feeds too iyswim. I don't feed all day as I'm at work but my let down kicks in pretty much when I walk in through the door at the moment!

Well DD must be feeding much less as I've only gone and got my stupid period sad I'm not planning to stop BFing any time soon though; DS was 18mo before we stopped and I loved that feed before bed so much that I was really sad when he gave up.

100years Fri 20-Apr-12 22:03:41

Candr I hope you have a better night with DH not being in the same room as you.

Sarah, I read a lot about choking v gagging and she gagged a little at first on a couple of things, and if I give her something like lettuce, but gagging is a good thing, it's helping them learn not to put too much in, how to move it round their mouths, how to chew and all that, you make sure they are sat upright, so not leant back, leave them in control of what goes in their mouth and never leave them alone with food. Make sure stuff like carrots are cooked well and don't give whole grapes etc. As far as I understand BLW doesn't make choking more likely, in fact the opposite may be true, but I'll stop now, it's a tiny bit of an issue I have with someone close to me, and I don't want to sound defensive or like BLW is the only way, I know it's not and it wouldn't suit everyone, you have to do what is right for you grin re the mess, well it would happen at some point when you start offering finger foods, I only out her in a coverall when she is having yoghurt because otherwise the straps stink of yog for days, I cover her and the straps with it, and I'm happy with mess smile

Ssmile, no, funerals aren't nice, good of you to be the one to look after them all. Fingers crossed for you tonight too. smile

Feral I've had my periods since 17 weeks and LO was ebf to 6 months! Having said that I had stopped expressing so maybe the drop in that kick started mine. Yeah, she kind of grabs them in a skewiffy way, but can pick them up. smile she's not quite got the pincer grip sorted, but it's coming on a treat. She has started doing that moving food from one hand to the other and holding food in a bit when eating. She's got a little bit of a way to go yet, but it's coming on well smile I'm very happy with it at the moment.

Blueberry disclaimer, I don't give them whole, I kind of break them in half but leave the two bits attached together as I'm not sure how a whole blueberry would be if she didn't chew it at all.

Been busy all day today, lots of housework done. Visiting family tomorrow and I've made a cake as it was Mum's birthday last week but I couldn't see her then.

feralgirl Sat 21-Apr-12 15:58:00

Aw sorry Ssmile, I missed your post about the funeral sad How good of you to look after all the kids.

grin at you 100; I did a lot of justifying BLW to people with DS (in particular a friend whose baby obsession was with choking and was really hmm about me just lobbing chunks of apple at him). DD has actually managed to give herself a gammy eye as she keeps smearing food all over her face on its journey into her mouth hmm Daft baby.

Last night was a bit better; DD slept until 2.30, had a feed and then DH managed to settle her cot. She woke at 5ish and slept until 7.30 in bed with us but it's a massive improvement that she just settled in the cot instead of howling to be in our bed. DH and I have switched sides so he's next to the cot and he's taking responsibility for settling her; she refuses to sleep at all for me as she just wants milk, the terror.

It's taken her a few days but she is eating like a little horse atm to make up for no BF during the day, and - tmi alert - her poos are very nearly proper solid ones now too!

candr Sat 21-Apr-12 18:38:10

Feral I can't believe how similar our LO are. DS only woke up at 2.30 (had bottle and bf) then 5.45 then slept till 7. He also went in crib each time with no fuss (think DH tossing and turning is the problem) but has seemed really hungry a meal times so think it is growth spurt. Keeping fingers crossed for tonight. Have also started having cramps so think I may get period soon. Is strange to feel twinges in tummy and NOT panic that there is something wrong with baby but reaslied it has been 16m since last one smile
100, we love doing BLW and I feel a sense of satisfaction at a food covered baby. He loves squishing food in his hands and doing the one handed clap thing when they are sticky. It has helped lots of my friend overcome their food fears when they see how well he copes and that he will eat anything - must try blueberries!
Sarah - DS did retch a lot to start with but it just moves food from throat back to mouth, he then chews or pushes it out with toungue. Didn't realise how horrid it is for non baby people though as a friend of ours was completley put off his meal and kept dry heaving when DS gagged ( I didn't giggle at all grin)
DS is still constipated though. He does a few 'rabbit droppings' through the day but only a big poo every 3-4 days. I have avoided or increased the foods you are told too and he drinks loads of water and some apple juice so not sure what is wrong. Seems fine but does cry when doing big poo.

sarahseager Sat 21-Apr-12 18:54:08

I definitely need to get involved with this blw lark! grin Think I'll give some bits a try tomorrow!

ssmile Sat 21-Apr-12 19:52:23

I do a mix of BLW and spoon Feding, it depends on how hungry or what mood she is in smile if she really hungry she was getting very frustrated not getting her food quick enough so I shovel some more mashed food in, after starting with finger food, eat my dinner whilst spoon feeding some then end with help herself stuff (whilst I wash up!). Tried peas today out of interest and she picked one up perfectly popped it in her mouth with her left hand! Then right hand she picked it up but tried to then fist it and got frustrated when she dropped it. She had some of DD1s fish finger (is this bad mummy processed food blush) but she liked it. Disclaimer I do normally cook fresh everyday but Friday DD1 loves having oven chips, fishfingers &peas as her weekly treat but we missed it Fri as we were out so she most insistent on having it today (babe loved an oven chip more blush )

Whisper had another excellent night babe asleep 6.45pm, fed 10.30pm slept till 7.30am but did stir at 9pm but resettled herself no tears just mumbling, same again at 5-6am woke me but didn't really fully wake herself up. Fingers crossed it continues...

sebs71 Sun 22-Apr-12 15:24:18

Wow, so much to catch up on... sorry can't respond to everyone. But, well done all on the BLW, does sound fun, but I've gone down the spoon fed / pureed front, and she's really happy with it, as am I. Starting to give her finger foods too. Although the blowing raspberries at me whilst feeding is becoming a real pain.

He He... Ssmile - our Friday's are always "casual" on the food front! I think one day out the week is no problem!!

GOT A WEDDING DRESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! grin grin Yeah!!! In fact, we got to Liverpool at about 9.30, and by 10am, I'd tried THE dress on!! I still had to go and try loads of others to make sure. Have gone for something so different to what I was aiming for. I was thinking I'd end up in something fifties style, but in fact, (and I can tell you all, but you have to keep it a secret wink) I've gone for a white fitted dress, with a frill down one side and a little gathering around the waist. It's sooo flattering, in a sort of Gok Wan way - not the sort of dress I'd ever try but OMG, it's great, even for my size 16 figure! Of course, I also bought a bodysuit thing that sucks everything in, and smoothes everything over (again, very Gok Wan)! But, after trying on a few long more traditional (well Monsoon traditional) type wedding dresses, this one just felt more "I'm a 41 year old getting married, with a baby, step mum to a 10 year old and a 13 year old, and with only 32 people to her wedding" type dress!!!! No one will suspect it, particularly my DH2B, who I think will love it. If I turned up in anything more traditional I think he'd run a mile!

I was so dreading the day, in that we might not have gotten anything, but in fact, by 12 noon, we'd got dress, underwear, belt and jewellery, so we could have a celebratory lunch, instead of a quick sandwich! I had 2 coronas and was slightly drunk - so what will I be like on the Hen weekend??? But then managed to get some shoes too, so all in all, a great day.

Going to have a trying on session with 3 friends in a couple of weeks, one of whom is a hairdresser and will be doing my hair on the day - probalby going to wear it up.

Sorry to drone on, just got very excited, and now really looking forward to everything!! We're going to the venue later on to discuss the details etc too. Cake's ordered too, although I'm convinced we'll forget to buy the rings!

On a downside, the rods we're forging for mine and DH2B's backs are currently the size of giant oak trees!! She's lost the plot with sleeping, we're back to rocking in arms, and sleeping in our bed all night. She will go to sleep in her room - but for 30 mins max, then wakes up crying, and then is wide awake. So we spend ages getting her back to sleep - it was 11.20pm by the time she finally went off last night (in our bed of course). Got to tackle it again, and start the whole letting her cry thing, but I'm knackered, and with DH2B away last week, we've not managed it. But, MUST do it again, as can't keep this up... DH2B keeps saying "she'll surprise us one day, and will sleep in her own room again" ... and I'm thinking "yeah, when she's 18".. grin

sebs71 Sun 22-Apr-12 15:25:21

ps dress is just below the knee

candr Sun 22-Apr-12 18:47:11

Ssmile, glad your good nights are continuing.
Sebs, sounds like a successful day, your dress sounds lovely. I ended up buying first dress I tried on too - is often the way. DS was in my bed all night too with DH in the spare room. Tonight he is in nursery and have dismantled crib (my side of the room looks huge now) so am not tempted to bring him back in but may end up sleeping on his floor. Am dreading it!
Sarah - did you do any BLW today, did LO enjoy it?
Did painting with DS today but forgot to shake the paint so it was thick and didn't even come off in bath - have a baby smurf now as he was OTT with the blue grin
Have been making a scrap book with his congrats and xmas cards, art work etc as was not sure what to do with the ones that haven't gone in the proper album.

jimmijam Sun 22-Apr-12 20:26:15

just wrote a long thread and it deleted grrr

jimmijam Sun 22-Apr-12 20:34:32

in short
wheres the 8months gone?!!!
back to work in 3 weeks, boooo!!!! :'(

blw did this with ds1 and it worked perfectly for him. with dd and ds2 havent done blw and has also worked well for us. depends on the child and how parents feel i suppose.

sleep (in short this time)...hv suggested put in own room, touch hand or cheek and say 2its time for sleep now" or something similar. leave room. if baby still crying repeat after leaving for as long as you can take- DONT pick baby up OR offer ANY feeds (ds was in bed with us, feeding many times through the night). with dd and ds1 i could never have had the heart to try this, but for some reason this time around was quite excited about it.

1st night- put to bed, after 15 mins i returned, hand on cheek "time for sleep". left. 15 mins later did the same again. 15mins later he fell asleep at 7.45pm. woke once in the night for about 10mins. woke at about 8am next morning.
2nd night- same again. but fell asleep after about 5mins. 7.05pm woke once for 5mins. slept until about 7.30am.

now he usually sleeps right through!!!! smile

has worked ever since, apart from when we went away, 5of us sleeping in one travelodge room, he ended up in bed with us 1st night because i went to a concert and dh didnt really know 3dcs bedtime routine. 2nd night i put him in with us when he woke in the early hours so not to disturb other guests. ok again now home.

im now human again smile

jimmijam Sun 22-Apr-12 20:44:38

sebs weeeee to the wedding dress smile whats mango spray????

ssmile sorry to hear about funeral in the family. never nice. woah to looking after 4 lo's!!!!! luckily so far we've been allowed to take lo's in, even tho my uncle didnt want them at my grandads funeral and dh did take them out half way through, i still wanted them all there. can completely unserstand ppl not wanting lo's theree tho. all young ones you had to look after too!
haha spaghetti, not tried that one with him yet smile he'd love it! thanks for the idea smile
heehee to getting drunk on 2- must have felt like being a teenager again?

went to a STEPS concert minday, was amazing!!!! was gutted when they split up days after i'd last seen them in concert. was suprised this time to be surrounded by oap's though. my friend and I were the only 2 in our block stood up dancing :/ will be watching out for myself on the tv this series- bournemouth (mae a holiday out of it), pink fluffy cowgirl hat surrounded by grannies- easy to spot me thinks smile and it was my 1st night out since finding out i was pregnant with ds2. fab!

feralgirl Sun 22-Apr-12 21:21:01

grin at you having a retro night out with Steps jimmi sounds like great fun.

Yay for the dress Sebs, it sounds just beautiful. I also bought the first dress I tried; isn't that funny. Maybe it's just a subconscious thing to make sure we have time to get tiddly at lunch!

Jimmi, that's great that you've got DS sleeping through. I'm being a bit wimpy about letting DD cry in the night; I leave her to settle herself in the evening (she goes ten mins max and then she goes to sleep) but I just get all wussy at 3am. Plus DD does seem to still be having proper feeds in the night so maybe I'll wait another month or so before getting tough.

We have also got to move her out of our room but I am waiting for DH to get his act together and sell the computer and set up a freeview box in our bedroom. I need somewhere to watch Eastenders and 'prentice as DH will move his stupid Xbox into the living room and take over the TV downstairs. Boo.

Ssmile we do fish fingers too blush And sausages blush But I do also make my own fish fingers and I bought DH a mincer and sausage maker for his birthday which is very exciting. I can't wait to get a production line going!

100years Sun 22-Apr-12 21:29:09

Well I've had 2 better nights, only going through twice. Definitely not counting my chickens at all at the moment, but it was nice. I do feel that it could change back to 5 trips at any time.

Jimmi, did you go from lots of feeds to no feeds just like that? How much were you feeding before? Glad you had a good time at steps smile Boo to returning to work soon.

Sebs, glad you got the dress sorted smile that's fab, sounds like a lovely day for you. Not long now. smile

Yep feral my LO rubs food all over her face too! Hope the new sleeping sides works for you.

Candr we've got a few poo issues, some days it's a teeny poo, other days it's a proper poo. I've been offering prunes everyday, and cooled boiled water, sips of apple juice. Apparently melon is supposed to help. Lol to the smurf baby.

Ssmile. Yep, we have the same issue here if LO is tired, she just doesn't seem interested so we just leave it. Some days I only have her in her highchair once, it all depends, she's feeding lots off me still. So I'm not worried.

Had a friend over this afternoon and for tea, and LO was brilliant while friend was here. Gobbled up loads of food, did lots of standing, climbing, pterodactyl noises, lots of dadada noises. Was lovely. smile

I made a lentil thing for LO for tea and she wolfed it down. Along with some low sugar and low salt beans and then 3 1/2 strawberries, some blueberries, raspberries and a teeny bit from my apple crumble!

100years Mon 23-Apr-12 04:30:19

Ha how wrong was I to actually mention my two better nights. I've been in to her 4 times. Just got back into bed after spending 90mins trying to get her to fall back to sleep. I fear for the safety of everyone tomorrow.

Omfg whilst typing this message she's started whinging. sadsadsad grrrrrrrr what can you do?

HateBeingCantDoUpMyJeans Mon 23-Apr-12 05:01:27

Found you!

So much to read on my poor little iPhone smile

Yay wedding dress, BLW and sleeping.

Boo funeral, not sleeping and more not sleeping.

Fish fingers? Now we now tge truth grin. Btw ds loves bakes beans.

I do a mix of spoon, spoon loading and BLW, depends what we are having and how bothered I am. So food is good, tge bad is tge same as everyone else - sleep! He has also started doing a huge dirty nappy in the early hours tgat then means he is totally awake a takes ages to get back off. Still at 3 wakes in tge night 4 with a yucky nappy sad dd got me up 3 times tonight as well.

Any way I have job interview coming up, have just applied for another job wich would be one morning and all weekend. Would be tough going but can't really not try seeing as tgat would mean zero childcare costs as mum could have them for tge half day. Keep your fingers crossed, am hoping this job is way I didn't get tge other one I was waiting to hear from (#everything happens for a reason)

Sending sleep vibes to you all

HateBeingCantDoUpMyJeans Mon 23-Apr-12 05:02:19

Btw this is my Easter name change and haven't gone back, I do like to change my name and just haven't though of my next one yet

tiddleypompom Mon 23-Apr-12 08:06:37

Typing whilst DS sits next to me, happily chewing on some large sponge letters (they are the inserts to a floor mat he has, and he shows preference for the letter 'P' over any other, a little odd).

Sorry to hear about tough nights with little sleep sad I guess every week they get older, the more likely they are to be capable of longer stretches? It WILL pass!

We're also really enjoying mealtimes (predominantly spoon feeding, though progressing to adding finger foods). DS has a good appetite and makes fabulous noises and facial expressions as he processes the new tastes and textures - oh and the raspberries towards the end of the meal are also standard grin Lunch and supper are the biggest in terms of sheer amount - breakfast he runs out of steam faster and I just wonder if it is time to stop the dream feed altogether.

Starting baby yoga tomorrow - a class a short walk around the corner, which I had spotted a few months back but have just got round to enquiring about. Were on the cusp of putting our house on the market for a big move to rural Shropshire & I nee to make the most of amenities before we go!

Good luck with the job jeans!

I also bought the first dress I tried on and got tiddley afterwards grin

sebs71 Mon 23-Apr-12 13:44:11

Jimmi - well done on the sleep front... Mango spray was being sprayed by mango by LO during her breakfast!! She loves to blow raspberries, particularly when eating coloured food! So, I'm now covered in red and green bits - sweet potato, spinach and cheese sauce for lunch!

Feral - grin at a picture of your kitchen and everyone in a production line making sausages!!!

100 - hope your night got better???

Jeans - good luck with interview, and loving the new name!

TP - ooh, enjoy the baby yoga, you'll have to say how you got on, and what's involved. What part of Shropshire are you moving too?

Slightly better last night - went till midnight in her own cot, and didn't need any getting back to sleep after being put to bed. Only needed one dummy visit. But, at midnight, she just wouldn't settle, so ended up back in our bed, but slept reasonably well afterwards.

Just made it back in time...just been for our daily walk, and it's now chucking it down. So timed that well smile LO still napping in the pram cot so think I'll get dinner prepped whilst I have the chance!!

tiddleypompom Tue 24-Apr-12 12:32:18

Just back from baby yoga having put a very tired little boy to bed. I've just raided the cupboards and found 3 ryvita and a teeny bit of cheese for lunch. Hmm, how will I last until Ocado at 9pm?!

<rummages in freezer chipping ice from undisclosed remains of suppers gone by>

So - yoga was great, really enjoyed it. Lots of stretches, massage and songs with babies and v nice mums. Definitely a winner for us both, and only just round the corner, so double bonus.

Actually am on a high today anyway, as DS slept through without a dreamfeed, so 7pm - 6am, for the first ever time! He babbled happily till I rescued him at around 6.45am and wasn't starving for his breakfast, though ate it well when he had it. DH very pleased, as he was the dreamfeeder since the early days. Sorry for brag, I know that this is unusual and we are v lucky on the sleep front - am actually feeling like DH's dream of another baby next year isn't so out of the question smile

sebs we are looking at Ludlow and the villages/towns nearby. We'd like to be pretty rural and have a smallholding with outbuildings (one of which we will convert for my parents - eek). We had hoped to do this in Wiltshire/Gloucestershire but have found we can't afford what we want on the commuter-belt. Do you know the area? We are swamped in maps...

Also wanted to thank suggestion of disguising fish in cheese sauce - sorted grin Perhaps fishfingers are next!

DS did a face plant at yoga, which wasn't so great. He is still not a great sitter-upper, though his neck & head are strong, he seems to fold in the middle and end up on his nose! I definitely don't have the most agile baby at the moment, though he is constantly rolling onto his front now, and kicking his legs behind him (fruitlessly).

Right, ryvita haven't touched the sides, off for a dig into the back of the cupboards - what horrors will I unearth...

ssmile Tue 24-Apr-12 14:23:38

tp yoga sounds good and the moving plans hope it goes well. It's tough finding a small holding for not mega £s my MIL ended up in Wales as it was only way they could afford one a few years back, but she just moved now to a more manageable bungalow &paddock/stable now she on her own again. We need to move but neither of us has the energy at the moment. I've got a list of jobs pinned up in kitchen that need doing before we put house on the market. I did do one yesterday which was seal gap on window with cork now it needs to dry so I can sand &paint over but its SO flipping hard now babe on the move, to find the time. I've also felt knackered this week despite getting amazing sleep. I think my adrenaline has turned off or something as I'm very lucky to be getting 7-8hrs straight I hardly move in the bed but wake up feeling like an overdrugged zombie drunk on sleep. Vweird hopefully will pass if the good sleep continues.

Have been playing dodge the heavy showers in vain attempt to get some washing dry on the line today, been in / out so many times started singing hookey pookey grin

Are you still moving house feralgirl? How's it going?

candr Tue 24-Apr-12 18:29:22

TP, glad you enjoyed yoga. Am starting swimming this week and hope it will help DS sleep better.
Feral, I gave in at 3.30 this morning and DS ended up in my bed but the little bugger still wouldn't sleep just kept trying to feed and suck/bite by arm, neck etc. DH has said he will help tonight as I am so tired I ws in tears at baby goup hearing others say 'have you tried.....' all I could think was I have tried EVERYTHING except letting soemone else come round and have a go though one friend has offered feel she doesn't really know what she would be letting herself in for as her baby is a great sleeper.
Ssmile - friends have said that it took a while to adjust when they started sleeping, it is almost like your body shuts down after months of running on empty. The sun actually came out this afternoon - have missed it!

100years Tue 24-Apr-12 20:59:55

Hey Jeans. Good luck with the interview. Sometimes it's what is needed for you and family, I know mine won't be a great set up in terms of working every weekend, but it's better than the alternative.

Tp, Ludlow is lovely smile great stuff about the yoga and the rolling over now. Did you last till the Ocado arrived? Great sleeping smile

Sebs, thanks, she was up early so I ended up taking her into my bed at 7 and we both slept till nearly 10!!!! FFS sleep in the night child, not most of the morning.

Ssmile, I find it hard to get a lot done too with LO on the move here too.

Candr, some unMN hugs from me, I feel the same listening to some people saying the have you tried stuff.

Well I'm supposed to be going out with some other mums on Thursday night from a local baby group. shock first time LO will be left with OH after she's gone to bed, so we've tried offering a bottle of EBM this evening. I only managed to express a small amount, but it was enough to find out if she would take it. She did! Thank goodness because it was a faff, I had to scald the milk after expressing it as I discovered I have that lipase thing that makes milk taste soapy. Anyway, I'll feed her before I go out, put her to bed, and then if she wakes and is hungry at least there will be a little some milk for her here. Got OH to help with putting her to bed this week, and he will do it again Thursday. Seems like a big operation just to go out for one evening.

feralgirl Tue 24-Apr-12 21:01:25

sad Candr Sometimes other people offering help/ advice/ sympathy does just make it worse doesn't it? I think that it can be really isolating as you can't help but think that everyone else has got it sorted because their babies sleep better, earlier on than yours does and, because you're exhausted, you think that it must be because of something that you're doing and you get all irrational about it. And of course DHs just don't really get it because they're sleeping fine because we're martyring ourselves a little bit so that they can be OK for work. And even though you know that it's just a phase and these things will pass, you really really need it to get better now!

ssmile Tue 24-Apr-12 21:34:49

Hugs for all the crap sleepers. candr ditto feralgirl it is a phase, and IT will pass but could take some time they do all mostly sleep eventually......

On separate note but similar vein our DD1 is 5 now and shows no sign what so ever of being dry at night yet despite being daytime potty trained at 2.5yrs. Yet again a sort of smug ish friend/more work colleague who never ever understood the horrendous sleep problems we had with her, today commented again "what not dry yet! "Er no I say, I'm not that bothered yet, as I know my daughter (sort of) she will get there in her own time and proberly vquickly once she clicks it, but in the meantime the advice I've read is until their 7dont worry too much, don't make it an issue, it can be hormonal etc (my brother was 9when he got dry). The flipping HV were useless over the dreadful sleep issues we had with her so there is no way I'm raising this as an issue with the school nurse etc yet. But comments from smug people whose kids just click with each of these types of milestones can really get to you sometimes, there will no doubt be many more over the years to come....... smile

sebs71 Wed 25-Apr-12 15:20:54

TP - Ludlow area is lovely. Not that familiar with that area, wondered if you were going closer to Shrewsbury way. Glad yoga went well, sounds good, and yes, hope you managed the day on your ryvita smile

Candr - yes, the "Have you tried..." questions are exhausting in themselves. Of course we've tried everything... I'm guessing we have to accept that some babies are just not good sleepers! Roll on them crawling and using up some pent up energy!!

100 - hope you have a lovely night tomorrow night. I'm sure all the effort will be worth it once you're out.

Ssmile - arrrhhhh to the milestones comments!! How is that we accept that all adults are totally different and unique individuals, and yet, think all babies/toddlers/kids should do everything the same, and at the same time etc etc!!!

Well, slightly better night last night - she stayed in her bed till midnight, then fussed/thrashed so much, that she came into ours again. Mind, she thrashed a lot in ours too sad

But, nice news this week - friend of the family had a baby girl yesterday and my best friend from Uni has become the proud father of a baby boy today!! grin Finally, a boy - as everyone I know (apart from on here!) in the last six months has had girls... They're down in London but are coming up for the wedding so I'll get to meet the new arrival early June!!

Well, April has certainly lived up to its name this year..!

ssmile Wed 25-Apr-12 16:25:06

sad its done nothing but rain, and I've done nothing but eat today Grrrr baby slept loads so scrapped our plans to go swimming and watched two episodes of desperate housewives instead Hohum back on the diet/healthy eating tom I need to lose one more lb to have lost 2stone but I've been at same weight for two weeks now definitely plateaued abit.

Hope u all having sunnier days

candr Wed 25-Apr-12 18:56:50

Thanks all for sympathy. Was better last night. He still woke up a lot but settled much quicker, came into our bed at 5.45, had a feed then slept till 7.45. Have realsised that bit of extra sleep in the morning makes a huge difference. Am taking him swimming tommorow so he will prob be exhausted grin
Ssmile, am sick of the bloody rain and am very close to having tadpoles in the lawn as pond is soooo full.
Sebs - yeah to friends babies, is fun to be excited on their behalf without all the worry etc of it being you.
Jeans - let us know how interview goes, am keeping fingers crossed.
100 - it is very strange first time you leave them. Well done with LO taking bottle though as that takes some of the stress away. Hope you have a relaxing night out, am also going out with mum's this week but find I look forward to coming home to see DS even if he is asleep (yeah right!)

HateBeingCantDoUpMyJeans Wed 25-Apr-12 19:05:12

Quick check in. Managed to get ds to take a bottle today shock it's this obe can't believe it he drank 3oz so did another 2 and then had to do 2 more yay. Look out birthday night out next month here I come.

Also had a telephone interview yesterday and for a different job an interview next month.

Sleepy wishes for you all x

feralgirl Wed 25-Apr-12 20:38:56

Hi all, I had meant to do a longer post yesterday and talk properly but the phone rang an I got sidetracked!

Boo to the rain, it is utterly crap here too but a bit of a grin at tadpoley lawn Candr!

Ssmile, why is it that some people don't understand that night dryness is totally different to day dryness and it's a hormonal thing? (angry on your behalf) Until your body produces enough of the hormone then you just physically can't stop weeing in your sleep fgs. And I was talking to someone the other day whose DS still wasn't dry at night when he was 7. Bizarrely though, my DS has been dry at night for months, I just wish he could be bothered to stop what he's doing during the day to wee and poo in the right place confused

But yay for losing so much weight! You have well overtaken me as I was totally crap over Easter and put on loads which I am now sprinting off in the gym after work every evening. And we're so skint that I am living off potatoes and chickpeas so that should help too...!

Fingers Xed for the jobs Jeans, I'm applying for a couple of promotions atm as well. Not looking forward to the interviews sad Great news on the bottle front too, it is a massive achievement when you realise that you can get a bit of independence!

DD has slept all night in her own bed two nights running now, with two feeds through the night. Although I am so knackered that both nights I have gone to sleep sitting up whilst feeding her and woken up with horrendous neck ache.

candr Wed 25-Apr-12 21:12:30

We are on night 4 Feral and boo to neckache, have done same thing as deliberatly made sure chair was not very comfortable - to stop me falling asleep grin
Only fed twice but had to get up and re settle about 5 times. Realised I was walking round house with eyes shut last night as knocked picture of wall which 'woke' me up.
Good luck tonight smile

ssmile Thu 26-Apr-12 19:21:55

Does anyone else feel like they have a kick boxing wrestling match at bedtime trying to get baby in PJs and nappy! Lo just goes bonkers like a final fling of energy before giving in once I get the zip of the sleeping bag done up grin my arms are getting kicked endlessly. She also really finding her personality more growling and eerrrrrrrrr ING when she wants something we have and she wants!
We got the forward facing carseat out of the loft today ughhh I took cover off to find numerous cheerios &raisans lurking in all the nooks &crannies. If you hear cursing tomorrow its me trying to get cover back on again! It's a maxi tobi brilliant carseat as it reclines really easily our eldest loved the carseat even on long journeys worth every penny. We also had a cheaper brixtax one but it had virtually no padding in the seat she wasn't anywhere near as comfy but it did as a spare.

How's everyone doing in the rain?

sebs71 Thu 26-Apr-12 20:35:10

That made me laugh, Ssmile, as I was just thinking the same about an hour ago when getting LO in her vest and sleepsuit after her bath - she goes crazy and I get pummelled!! And yes, the zipping up of the sleeping bag is a lovely thing as it means the ordeal process is over!!

Just put her down and straight off to sleep, but she woke up... but not crying so I've left her there with some melodies on... she's gone quiet again so hoping she's asleep. OH is out with a work's meal, so it's me getting all kids to bed tonight... got one in the bath and one coughing away in the other room (hoping he doesn't wake LO if she has fallen asleep!) She's still managing till about midnight, but then coming to our bed sad

We've gone for the Maxi Cosi Axiss - it's quite expensive (although cheaper on Amazon where we got one) but I'm hoping worth it - it's the only swivel seat out, which means it turns 90 degrees to face you and you can put LO in, strap her in, then turn it 90 degrees back and it clicks into place. This one also reclines lots too. It'll be so much better for my back (which is pretty bad at the moment) so hopefully worth every penny. She's currently 8.68kg (weighed on Tuesday) so only a little way to go before the magical 9kg and she can get into the car seat! She's just over the 75th percentile... loves her food, just like mum grin

Oh, she hasn't settled yet, but tempted to leave her as she's being quiet!

Yes, this rain is awful... and they're turning our electricity off again tomorrow (they did it a few weeks back) - think they're working on the poles. Which means I'll decamp to my Dad's for the day as can't defrost/put kettle on for LO's feeds/milk.

Sleep dust to all...

HateBeingCantDoUpMyJeans Thu 26-Apr-12 23:14:25

I had tgat twirly dear for dd, it is AMAZING! What with that and my isofix I don't know how peopke cope with using the seat belt [confised]

Well folks I've done it, no daytime feeds today and my boobs are killing me. He also missed out a 5am feed this morning and so far hasn't woken for his 10pm one. My god this is tge worst my boobs have felt tge whole time sad

Got through to tge next stage of my interview, it's an online test so doing tgat tomorrow.

Hope everyone is ok.

tiddleypompom Fri 27-Apr-12 12:37:19

Oh jeans poor you - I remember the engorged boobs, they feel bruised don't they? Good luck with the second part of the interview...

ssmile another here for a lively end of the day battle to get DS dressed for bed. The vest is Very Unpopular too - we have to try and surprise him with it, so he doesn't have time to realise what's happening! Again, once sleeping back is zipped up, all is calm for story and milk before bed. And breathe...grin

Can I ask when the babes have to go in front-facing car seats? I laughed to hear of the raisins etc in the crevices! Oh our poor car - my DH is a bit of a Sunday car-washer and polishes out smudges, oh dear!

I shall have my running shoes on tomorrow for our NCT nearly new sale. Am after a stair gate - fingers crossed!

Righty-ho, better go and see why DS is still awake in his cot, when he should be napping away. Could it be that he is dropping another nap?? <shudder>

p.s. sebs thanks for the sleep dust. I read your post last night before bed and it was nice to hear that we are all going through the same rituals and hitting the pillow hoping for some proper sleep smile

sebs71 Fri 27-Apr-12 14:10:59

Yes good luck Jeans for second interview

TP I think it's around 9 months they go in forward facing seats but really based on weight rather than age and the next stage seats are 9 kg upwards. So mine should be in hers in couple weeks and she'll be 8 calendar months!

Well she didn't settle and went to crying and more crying etc so picked her up in end. When dh2b came home about 9.30 she was wide wake and wanting to play with him!! But as soon as we got into bed and her in the middle of us she was away... But very restless most of the night. She's teething a lot... Dont know if that's not helping or not.

HateBeingCantDoUpMyJeans Fri 27-Apr-12 14:22:22

OH MY GOD ds only woke once last night shock

tiddleypompom Fri 27-Apr-12 15:04:34

Thanks sebs - I really should have known blush , especially as DS is already 19lb so almost too heavy (7 months on Sunday). I had noticed he was getting quite snug in there!

I have a maxi cosi at the moment and really like it - so will follow ssmiles advice and take a look at the next one up. Who said babies don't cost anything?!

Nice one jeans - that was the sleepdust sent by sebs, who didn't keep any for herself (very generous).

We have the top teeth on their way at the moment, and these (as well as dropping the dreamfeed) have disturbed the sleeping routine we'd got into damnit. No night waking since bottom teeth came through, but early mornings, starting at 5ish.

DS has rolled under the sofa - better rescue him from balls of dust and general debris impossible to get at with hoover

sebs the sleep dust is all yours...

feralgirl Fri 27-Apr-12 20:14:45

OMG I can't believe we're already talking about big car seats; where has all that time gone?! We've got Britax Princes in each car which I like because you can use them rear facing as well so they can stay in them facing backwards for a bit longer which is safer apparently. And they were the only ones that fitted DH's rubbish old car's seatbelts without buckle crunch. DS is in them atm but we'll move him into the next ones up once DD needs them.

Had a totally rubbish couple of nights. We moved DD into her own room last night but DH spent the whole night on the futon with her and she grizzled until gone midnight and then woke up at 5.45. I had an interview for a job today which I didn't get <feels rubbish but shrugs and pretends to be philosophical> and I am blaming my failure on my absurd sleep deprivation after two weeks of working my arse off and bugger all sleep.

Well done Jeans, that's great news on the sleep front. And fingers Xed for the job smile

Gah to the early mornings TP, DS was a bugger for that too. You know something's wrong when you start thinking that 6am is a lie-in!

100years Fri 27-Apr-12 20:56:40

Well I must admit I had a fab fab night last night smile it was great to be out. LO was really good going to bed, woke briefly for winding while I was out, but went back off again, and didn't have a massively unsettled night, so it was good. She's currently however having a meltdown with daddy and I feel I ought to go and rescue him. I'll try again in a bit.

100years Fri 27-Apr-12 21:16:04

Ok I'm back.

Sebs, yay for seeing new babies. We have a friend who was due yesterday, so very soon I get to have a squidge with a newborn again smile

Pah all you lot talking about forward facing car seats. At the rate we are going we will be in an infant carrier till she's 3 wink she's still small and no where near the end of the seat. I don't even think she is 16lb yet.

Jeans well done on the next stage, fingers crossed for you.

Glad some are getting slightly better sleep, even if some of us still aren't. And I know a mum who is ff and their LO wakes through the night, so bottles don't necessarily = a full night.

Re going to bed, does anyone else's baby have a sensor that mean they wake just at that point when you fall asleep? Lol

ssmile Sat 28-Apr-12 16:14:42

Has anyone heard from QueenRunningGeekMum ? She has been missing in action for 4-5weeks now, Ru ok? Hope the ankle has mended now.

Hope your ok too minkyj and sarahseager

We all nursing yet more bugs ere grrr Lo on her 5 or 6th snotty nose&cough, she was 8months old on Thursday! But still sleeping ok I'm extremely lucky to be getting a 7-9hr stretch of sleep most nights from 10-7 all BF no formula as she won't take it. For those still BF have you dropped any feeds yet? I'm a little concerned I'm still feeding as frequently as before but maybe not as long, I would have thought she might have dropped a couple of daytime feeds by now. Ooh she just woken up from nap so must go

jimmijam Sat 28-Apr-12 21:00:05

100 went from many feeds in the night, prob one every couple of hours plus the odd sip in between. to none. hv said they dont need night feeds anymore (which id already read in baby books- from 6months or/and a certain weight they dont need night feeds, he hit that weight well before 6months mind). i didnt wean him off them, just went for it in one go, as the hv suggested.
lo now has a feed when he gets up in the morning-6-7am ish, one early afternoon which he falls asleep doing and 1 before bed in the evening- 6-7pm ish.
tp yummy, the letter p, my favourite smile our lo made it under the sofa today too, i may have to stop leaving the recliner foot bit up. luckily i vacuumed under there yesterday in prep for fil coming to stay on wed for a week. got cute pics of him poking out from under there (lo that is, not FIL!)

ssmile and fera did i read something about older ones not being dry at night? our eldest boy got up one morning, a year or so ago, and just said 'i want pants', that was it, he was dry in the day & had chosen when he was ready. he's 4 1/2now, very occasionally he'll choose to wear pants at night and is dry when he does, but mostly wears a nappy- which sometimes he fills up resulting in lots of bedsheet washing (and a mattress protector). we'd love hjim to be dry at night, but as he chose himself to go without a nappy during the day we're hoping he'll do the same for nights. we just give him the choice every night of what he'd like to wear, hopefuly one day soonish he'll ditch the nappies altogether as they dont fir him so well anymore.

hatebeing good luck with all your interviews smile how many bottles had you tried? we have a cupboard full of failed ones. can sometimes get him to take sips from a particular sippy cup of b'current squash but not formula. tho he will take formula mixed with porridge. back at work in 2weeks, 1st shift being a late 1 so he'll miss his afternoon and bedtime feeds off me. may send dh crazy, lo will soon have to learn tho i suppose

fishfingers. gave these to 2 eldest dc's after taking the breadcru,bs off. only done this for ds2 once though as i cant stand the smell of fish

100years Sat 28-Apr-12 21:57:54

Aw, happy 8 months babyssmile. Re dropping feeds, I think I may have dropped one, but I don't know where from, sometimes I feed more in the morning, sometimes it's afternoon, I've never been a routine feeder. So it's still just on demand, but she still demands it! In fact she's taken to doing a head banging/bobbing thing on me when she wants feeding, like she's searching for my boobs!

Jimmi, is LO on 3 proper meals a day now. My LO isn't so although I think that babies could do without when she only picks at food I still feel like she needs the milk. But she's also a small one. I do try and settle her without feeds but she just won't have it at times. But it's good to know it can be done, I'll try it at some point when she's picked up more food I think.

ssmile Sun 29-Apr-12 08:33:58

Yes we still feeding on demand which is why the pattern is a bit hit n miss I've still got 4mths before back at work to get her better at cup and hopefully can go straight onto cows milk as she really doesn't seem to like formula much.

Id go with your instincts too on the night feeds, my Lo in the space of a week suddenly started wolfing down 3good meals a day (is 8.4kg) and was noticeably less hungry on night feeds hence my gentle sleep training we honestly had no real tears from her. Now she wakes for one quick feed around 10pm and sleeps until 6-7am no fuss and is still in our room. I still wholeheartedly believe a babies ability to do this is 85% personality / temperament &weight , 10% parental training &5% luck! Our two DDs are SO different already in temperament! But we have from 8wks old consistently put her down for daytime naps awake in her cot if we are home which I think really helps.

sebs71 Sun 29-Apr-12 10:23:52

TP - thanks for the sleepdust... think it must have been blown somewhere else though!!! LO is still going to midnight (fusses for the first hour of putting her down) and then coming to ours... we MUST tackle it, but I'm guessing it kind of works for us so don't feel the great urgency too (except that rod on my back is getting heavier and heavier). She hasn't needed feeding in the night for ages now, so it's nothing to do with that. She just thrashes a lot and wakes herself up lots. She's just a poor sleeper - just like her mum...

Got that "OMG, this is sooo relentless" feeling at the moment. It'll pass, but just feeling overwhelmed. Think it doesn't help as DH2B keeps coming back saying "Got to go to Algeria again, bank holiday Sunday/Monday". He's had lots of trips away, although yes they are work related. You just get kind of jealous (at least I do). I did go out for lunch yesterday afternoon, which was lovely, but I feel so grateful and lucky for my 3 hours out, when DH2B gets 3 hours out in the morning, to take his son to play footy, which is the norm. I also get jealous when I hear friends with babies saying they had a night out with OH as their Mum/MIL or whatever had the baby overnight.

Sorry sorry sorry, shouldn't moan, it'll pass. Think it's all to do with turning... OMG... 41 tomorrow... ARGGGHHHH.... think it feels worse than 40, which didn't seem to bother me! I'm 40 something!!! Yikes!!!

Anyway, [shakes her hands, shaking off the moany feeling] woke up this morning, opened blinds too... SNOW!!!! THankfully it was wet snow, not sticking, and is now rain. But come on, end of April and snow???? Where's Spring gone? We want sunshine and warmth please, Mother Nature.

So hope everyone has a good Sunday, and dodges the rain and wind. And, yes, hoping Sarahseager and Queenrunninggeekmum is ok...???

sebs71 Sun 29-Apr-12 10:25:24

Oh yes and Minkyj too

sebs71 Sun 29-Apr-12 10:26:43

Ooh, and if I'm not on here again today... sleepdust to you all again, as it seems to work for some of you grin !!!

sarahseager Sun 29-Apr-12 15:39:21

Hi di hi! Sorry for my slackness in posting, I have been keeping up to date with all your posts but just haven't found time to post myself!

It's been quite a manic week, we're just on our way back from staying over in Cambridge celebrating my mum's 60th, we had a lovely time. I've also done 2 days at work this week and lo had had her first full day at nursery and one with my mum! Getting ready now for a proper working week of 3 days starting tomorrow!

Lo has been a gem mostly and is doing really well in getting used to nursery and was an angel for my mum! Her sleeping is still hit and miss but the good nights make up for the bad and I'm pleased she has her appetite back in the day now! We dropped all night feeds about a month ago now and she has 1 feed from me in the morn, 1 from me before bed and a bottle before her lunch, which she is never that interested in.

I've tried a tiny bit of blw with some strawberries, corn snacks and rice cakes and it was lovely to see, especially the strawberries grin and she seemed to love it too!

Hope you're all ok, sorry not to reply to all individually. Happy 8 month birthdays to those lo's that it's coming up for, just don't know where the time is going!


candr Sun 29-Apr-12 16:46:05

Well done to those of you with sleepers. Had bloody awful night last night so only got 2 hours of broken sleep. Am letting him play and cry in cot to self settle but giving a cuddle if it gets too bad. Asked DH to do it at 3.30 as I had no sleep by then. He gave it 10min then tried to bring baby into bed so he could sleep. I refused as have worked really hard and had this battle every day and night for last 3 days to get him sleeping in cot that thought it would send mixed messages so DH got grumpy with me. Am really upset as is only 2nd time in 7m I have asked him to do a night waking (please don't tell me to 'leave the bastard')
He eats 3 good meals but doesn't want milk during day and now bites me really hard. Still wants cuddles and milk at night though. Sebs please send me any spare sleepy dust smile
He loves front facing car seat and is lovely to be able to see him playing and watching things.

jimmijam Sun 29-Apr-12 19:48:12

candr no leaving him msgs from me, as mine has never got up to our lo in the night, and was almost as bad with our eldest 2 aswell. im off work tho and enjoying it really so dont mind this time around (must be the sea air, should have moved here sooner!) not sure if it helps but heres what our hv told me....
1/ when you decide to leave lo in cot and not keep night feeding stick to it, dont do it half heartedly (which you alerady are doing)
2/ put lo down awake
3/ put hand on lo's cheek or hold hand and quietly say 'time for sleep now' or something similar- leave room (dark)-
4/if lo cries return when you cant take it anymore (tugs heart strings), eg after 15 mins or 30mins. when returning repeat step 3/- dont pick lo up or make eye contact though
5/ each time you return (if needed) dont make the gap any shorter, eg if you returned after 15 mins, leave it at least 15 mins before returning again, longer if possible.

she warned it would take 2 nights, maximum 3 nights and that they may be long nights so to have a partner around if possible to encourage you not to return too soon and to give emotional support if u need it.

for us it worked instantly, amazingly, but everyones different and i wasnt expecting it to work that fast.

hope that helps

i could never have had the heart to try this method with our 2 eldest, not sure what changed this time around.

sebs SNOW???!!!!! ru up north? we've just had loads of rain, floods everywhere apparently (south west). water butts in garden all full smile

candr amongst others, we have a size 1, 2, 3 car seat, when lo faces forward in it all 3 kids will fit in the back of the car, but we're not brave enough to change him to forward facing yet due to risk of wiplash breaking his spine. dont think we were so aware of the dangers with our 2 eldest as they quickly went forward facing. or perhaps we're just getting old. though clambering into the back middle seat and having dd in front seat isnt so much fun (front seat much more comfy smile )

back at work in 2 weeks and really not looking forward to it, my heart belongs at home right now, going to be unbelievably hard :'( love my routines with the 3kids. hey ho, must work (whilst dreaming of winning big on the lottery)

100years Sun 29-Apr-12 21:01:47

Ssmile, well I think my LO is only about 7kg or thereabouts, been a while since I had her weighed. But she still feeds with gusto from me. But like you I have a while before returning to work, so no worries at the moment.

Sebs, happy birthday for tomorrow smile and it feels ambit relentless here too.

Sarah, strawberries are a huge hit here. Glad LO is settling in ok at nursery.

Candr, sorry for your rubbish night. I've had a couple of occasions where my OH has struggled with me waking him up, it's hard when you are really on your last bit of energy and you know you need the rest, but you can't think straight enough to explain how you need the help. And I know what you mean about mixed messages, however I still take LO into bed with me after 7 in the morning if I've had a bad night with her!

Jimmi, I don't like the idea of forward facing seats at the moment either, but it's not a worrynjustbyet for me, however I don't think you can buy rear facing stage 1 seats in uk in very many places sad

feralgirl Mon 30-Apr-12 19:51:28

Hi all, hurrah for the good sleeps! They seem to be steadily increasing in number which is good and I can feel DD getting slowly but surely better here too. I'm going to give her another month before we cut the night feeds so that I can do it in the half term holiday.

My DH is total pish in the night too. We had a massive barny at 4.30 this morning because he got up to DD to optimistically try her with some formula - which she wolfs down during the day but won't touch at night - and she was howling because she wanted me but he'd left her bedroom door open and woke DS up. And this is after I've said to him every night for the last two weeks to make sure he closes her door so DS doesn't get disturbed hmm

100, I looked at rear facing stage 1 car seats too but they are mostly about £300 and we need two! However I thought it was the Britax Prince that we've got for DS but it's not, it's the First Class Plus which can be rear facing from birth to 13kg. DS didn't sit forward facing in them until he was 10+ months and his legs were too long. They're much more reasonable at about £90. Agree it is nice to be able to see them when they're forward facing though smile but DD is on the front seat of my old, airbag-less car anyway which is spectacularly distracting but lots of fun grin

Good for nursery Sarah, sounds like you're well set for going back to work. Hope it's going OK smile

Jimmi, I do the lottery dream too grin If we win, shall we all go on a cruise together with the DCs? I quite fancy hiring a great big boat and doing a tour of the Mediterranean. I'd rather do a boat as I have this fanciful notion that DD would sleep really well being rocked, like Iggle Piggle!

sad for rubbish sleep Candr, I really hope it gets better soon.

grin for excellent sleeps Ssmile Is the 10pm feed a dream feed or does DD wake for it? I have put off doing a dreamfeed but I might have to start so as to get a decent stretch and not get woken at 11.30.

shock at Sebs's snow! Just torrential rain and flooded roads here but, really, it is insane!

sebs71 Thu 03-May-12 16:16:06

Where's everyone gone?? Just a quick one, to see where you all are! Had a nice birthday, lunch at a friend's, but otherwise a pretty normal day (as it was a Monday). Seemed to have had a busy old week otherwise. Got my make up and hair extensions (!!) for the wedding sorted on Tuesday! Don't panic, I'm having my hair put up, and although it's shoulder length it'll need a few extensions to "pad it out"! Going to sort flowers next week, and buy the rings this weekend... so really getting there now.

Hope you all ok...

feralgirl Thu 03-May-12 17:19:08

Woooooo sebs, that's so exciting.

Dunno where everyone's gone; either washed away by the rain or enjoying the sunshine we've had for the last day or two (or was the sun just here in Cornwall?)

sarahseager Thu 03-May-12 19:51:53

I'm here! Just completed my first week of 3 days at work and it's been ok, really missed lo at times tho.

Very exciting wedding plans sebs! grin

Does anyone else feel like their lo is toddler-esque now?! Just in the last couple of weeks she seems so grown up!

Hope you're all ok x

candr Thu 03-May-12 20:19:08

Sebs, sounds like you have been busy, always nice having a different hairdo.
Feral, glad sleeps are improving, am so pleased I don't have a second LO to worry bout with DS being so loud at night.
Sarah, well done with work. I bet you felt knackered after day 3 and must be hard being away from LO. DS does seem a bit bigger and stronger am sure he wil start crawling forwards soon.
On the sleep front we were making progress with 'pick up put down' then he got ill and had awful temperature so had 2 nights in bed with me so back to routine in last couple of days. He has screamed for 1.5 hours (was not left alone the whole time)he then slept for longer. DH did 10pm bottle as I was out and LO slept till 2.30. I bf but he battled going back in cot (quiet cry rather than screams) and slept till 6.30, came into bed with me and slept till 8.15. This is the best so far. Had 45 min battle at lunch but again had a long sleep in cot then slept on me while bf which he has not done for ages (little bugger tends to bite when feeding during the day so has 'very' short feeds)
The battles are hard but the lseep is getting there. Have been keping notes so I can see the progress. Fingers crossed for tonight grin

ssmile Thu 03-May-12 20:49:53

candr sounds like you making some progress on sleep front, hope it continues.
sebs glad your wedding plans are coming along, it all sounds Fab I hope you have a lovely time.
sarah hope work is going ok and not too scary, and missing Lo too much. I remember crying everyday on the way to work my first week back after DD1 but after a while I enjoyed having half hour to myself listening to my music singing along smile
feralgirl hope your doing ok. Sorry to hear you didn't get the job. I don't do a dream feed, just when she wakes sometime normally between 9-10pm but was 12.30pm last night.

Rough week, was in bed all day Tuesday funny tum bug again, DH is shattered stressed and had a cold for a month, DD1 has yet another green snotty nose, and baby isn't right very waxy ears&runny nose and very grissly clingy on calpol Hohum hope the weekend is better.

feralgirl Fri 04-May-12 20:09:27

Well done for the good return to work Sarah. I find I don't really have time to miss the DCs and, tbh, I don't really think that much about them during the days! blush And like Ssmile says, it's great to be able to turn the volume up in the car really, really loud grin

sad Candr for poorly babe, that's rough but good that the sleeps are improving a bit.

Weirdly, Ssmile, DD has started having the same routine as your DD2; she has just started waking at 9.30 every night which is a pita - but better than being woken at midnight - and then kipping for 6 or 7 hours and then waking for a feed at 4.30ish. She will not sleep in our bed anymore though; that's just playtime as far as she's concerned! Hope that you're all feeling better soon. smile

100years Fri 04-May-12 20:24:34

Sorry I'll try update from everyone else's posts tomorrow. Just popping in on the mn app on my iPhone and it's hard work tbh.

My LO is now waking on average 3 times a night and I swear she has a sensor that picks up on the exact second I doze off to sleep!! Woo.

And shock she's started letting go of things. Her not holding on record so far is 5 seconds, but it's happening more and more now. And we've bought a push along thing with blocks in for her and she walks well pushing it. grin

feralgirl Sat 05-May-12 15:38:26

100, I think our DD's are in cahoots as mine has also just started letting go of stuff and wobbling a bit before falling very carefully onto her bum. She's best in the bath where presumably she gets a bit of support from the water. She held onto my hands and 'walked' the length of our landing last night shock Our brick trolley's not great practise for her though as the wheels tend to run away with her (v amusing) but DS has this massive toy truck that she stands up and pushes around, much to his irritation!

She's doing loads of ace noises now, including a sound that is her version of hello. For some reason though DS really hates her "bababa" noise and screams at her to stop when she does it; she thinks this is very funny and just does it louder. Clearly this is a taster of things to come, him getting annoyed with her and her deliberately winding him up for her own amusement <sigh>

candr Sat 05-May-12 18:47:22

Wow to walking babies. DS loves standing and enjoys his walker which he can now move about in but not so good with taking steps. He is yet to crawl forwards which I feel would help.
Yeah, had another good night, bottle at 10 and woke at 2.30 and 5.30 with no screaming. Thank god as I feel awful today (like I have been run over by a bus) so am so pleased that DH is home and he has done the lion's share today.
Feral, I remember when I was a nanny one of the older children hated the baby making noise and would cry till she stopped. We found it quite funny but it does wear thin.
Ssmile, I hope you are feeling better. It is so hard when they are ill but even harder when it is you.
Good luck for sleeps tonight all round smile

100years Sat 05-May-12 20:28:57

Feral, I think they've been in cahoots for a while now, I seem to recal ours doing pretty much similar things as each other so far. Aw to your DS hating the bababa noise. sad

Candr, you know some babies just bypass the crawling stage altogether. Glad you had a good night.

We are away thus weekend. We travelled down last night, and had to carry LO 10 mins from the car to the hotel, it was cold and drizzly, then we got in a lift and the lights were really bright, she then proceeded to cry properly. Which she doesn't normally do, then it took till 12:30 before I could settle her and she woke 4 times by 6:30 so I just had her in bed with us after that. The joys of mahoosive beds. So I've been tired all day and ended up with a bad headache, verging on migraine sad. OH has gone out with friends and so I've put LO down, upped my sugar levels with a doughnut as I think I'd also screwed up my eating today, which is a double whammy for me and my headaches and I'm going to go to sleep at 9 hopefully. Keep your fingers crossed LO doesn't have other ideas.

feralgirl Mon 07-May-12 17:08:35

sad fro a rough night 100 but it must've been nice having space for all of you to sleep in one bed (DD tends to end up horizontal across ours with DH and I squished into opposite corners). Hope you've had a good weekend despite a trying start!

Good for you having a positive sleep Candr, but sorry that you're not feeling too good. I have also got a hacking cough which I have caught from DD who is snotty and disgusting.

In fact I am generally just feeling totally crap. I am so bloody exhausted that I can't really think straight and the combination of working a demanding job and disrupted nights is really getting to me. I'm getting blinding headaches - like when I was pregnant - as I'm so tired and I have spent a fair bit of this weekend in tears. DD was awake for two hours in the night and wouldn't settle until I got into bed with her. I had a full-on melt down at 4am as it's all just too much

feralgirl Mon 07-May-12 17:11:15

Oops, posted that before I'd finished! I was just going to say that DD is fine taking formula from a cup during the day but screams if DH offers it to her at night so she's clearly not particularly hungry, she just wants the comfort of BF. She comfort sucks for a while and then howls when I take her off unless she's fast asleep.

Sorry for rant but I am really not coping very well atm! Got to go now as DH wants me to shave his head <sigh>

ssmile Mon 07-May-12 19:18:25

Quick post as been busy wend will catch up properly tom.

Big Hugs feralgirl really hope you can get some rest and feel better soon. Nothing worse than sleep deprivation on top of feeling ill to increase stress levels really hope things settle down soon for you all x

candr Mon 07-May-12 19:59:10

100 and Feral hope you are feeling better. It is so hard when ill, I really thought I might have to get MIL to come and stay to help. DH and I came down with bug that makes every muscle and bone really ache. I have not even been able to pick up DS and nearly passed out feeding him as his weight resting on me hurt so much. Seems to be fading a bit but still quite sore (feel more like I have done massive work out rather than run over with a double decker now)
Spoke to soon about DS crawling forwards as he started doing it on Sun so can now amuse himself a bit more (perfect timing)
On a slightly better note although DS is being a PITA to settle after feeding in the night he only woke at 3am last night for feed which was brill but then ended up in my bed at 4.30 as he was wet through and I did not have the strength to get him back in cot. He slept till 7.15 though thank goodness.
Hope these bugs bugger off and leave us all alone so we have the strength to sort out our LO sleeps. smile

ssmile Tue 08-May-12 14:40:52

Hope you got a better sleep sat night 100 and enjoyed your time away.

Hope your feeling better too candr there is nothing worse than being ill then having to carry on looking after small children.

Well after a rough week last week my DH took thurs&Fri off and we both sat around the house mostly doing nothing as both getting over bugs. Babe had been really hard work and I don't think either of us had realised how crap she must have felt until sat her little smile started to come back and lots lots of wax came out of both her ears. She had had 3days on calpol. She had kept screaming everytime she wasn't being held so one of us had to hold her at all times and she had been up down all night. But we had visitors sat, sun Mon and ended up having Fab weekend. Long beach walk with babe first outing in backpack, and all day Monday at local theme park. Eldest DD1 dancing away in mosh pit watching the ZingZillas grin plus she had endless roller coaster and pirate ship rides a real little adrenaline junkie! We finally got a photo with all four of us in it and all looking smiley at the camera!! Only taken 8mths smile babe been ok at night waking around 10-11pm for feed and again 4-5am. I did feed her last night as didn't want her crying waking up our guests but I will try again to knock out the 4-5am feed as before she got ill she was doing a 7-8hr stretch of sleep ok.

Hope you all get some more rest and all the bugs bugger off smile

100years Tue 08-May-12 21:06:54

Feral, the bed was ace, it was one of those ones that is 6foot across, so different to our 4'6" small effort. It was a lovely weekend though. Sorry you've been having horrible headaches too, they are the pits. sad

Candr, oh gosh you sound like your have been mega rough. Great stuff about the crawling though, it makes things interesting for them, and you!

Ssmile, the start of the night was rubbish with LO, but she settled down after about 3, then was still sleeping when we wanted her awake at 9am for breakfast! Hope you get back to the 7-8hr stretches of sleep again smile

Well I'm going to jinx it, but LO only got me out of bed once last night at 3, she woke at 7 and DH2B brought her through to me then and I fed and we dozed, but I only got up once! I doubt it will happen again for a long while, but it was nice. She had woken at about 9ish though, so technically woke three times in her sleep, 9, 3, and 7, but I was only up for one of them! Tee hee.

We've started giving a bit of prune juice because she has started getting constipated, poor thing, I don't want to go down the medicinal route yet.

Got some ace comments about her eating at the weekend as we had a few meals out. We went to an Italian and she had spaghetti bolognese which she took pleasure in playing with the spaghetti and ate quite well to be honest. Although she was very very messy smile

candr Wed 09-May-12 20:04:01

100, yeah! for the good night. I have given DS prunes in his cerial (and apricots, apple juice, loads of water not all at once) to try and help constipation but will have to take him to DR as he still only goes every 3 days and cries as it starts off quite solid poor lamb. Thought I ould try the more obvious remedies first as DR would just tell me to do those anyway.
Am having parents over at weekend so will eat at home this time so DS can show off his skills. Normally we go out so I help him more to be tidy grin

feralgirl Wed 09-May-12 20:31:43

Aw, I'm a bit envy as no one ever seems to be very impressed by DD's eating sad Our families all saw DS BLWing (and cleaned up after him) so I guess the novelty's worn off!

DD's getting a wee bit better at night now, waking at 9.30-ish and 4.30-ish. DH generally gets her and brings her into me so I can get a reasonable kip so it's not too bad, although I am certainly not teaching or parenting at my best atm as I'm still shattered.

Poor BabyCandr with the constipation. Have you tried rhubarb? Or maybe tamarind paste diluted in water? Both have worked for DS in the past. My nieces used to get really bunged up when they were babies but it was because they didn't really want to drink water and my SiL had a right pita trying to get enough down them. Hope you're feeling a bit better now Candr

ssmile Thu 10-May-12 15:01:01

Hope Lo gets moving candr not nice when they get bunged, I had to have that lactose solution couple times for DD1 despite lots fruit &veg.

feralgirl hope sleep and energy levels improve. Have you had your iron levels checked recently? If BF easy to get anemic and that makes exhaustion even worse (sorry I sound like MY mum!)
Well DH slept in bedroom for 4n as we had guests, and it was really nice to snuggle again but we had couple awful nights sleep and I felt like I had to jump up when babe wiggled, and that meant I was feeding her again and then she started waking every 2-3hrs again. So last night he went back on sofa, Lo was awake 2-3am but not big tears just kept resettling her with touch on cheek &gave her bunny to chew (she flipped over in her grobag and crawled to back of cot trying to stand up gulp..) and she resettled no fed until 7am whoopppee. I had thought ooh she is awake 4am when DH in room, I'll feed her keep her quiet but she kept poohing and waking earlier at 5-6am, but by not feeding at 2-3am she didn't pooh or wake and slept longer....go figure! Fingers Xed for tonight. Last time it took 3nights to knock out her waking at 2-3am so I'm going to stick at it. Oh crap 3pm must shoot off to school. Hope everyone else ok, its been bit quiet ere lately smile

sebs71 Thu 10-May-12 20:19:00

Aww, babyCandr and baby100 hope constipation goes away. Have opposite problem with my LO - on average about 4 to 5 poops a day! She does eat a lot of fresh veg and fruit though.

Good luck ssmile - hope LO's sleeping keeps getting better.

And, aww, I'm impressed with your LO's eating habits!! (Even if I haven't seen them!) I know what you mean re the tiredness... I feel I could sleep for a month at the moment.

Got the hen weekend next weekend, and have decided I'm going to sleep at my Dad's (he lives closer to my friends) the night before to give me chance for a decent night's sleep... otherwise I'm going to be knackered all day! Means being away from LO for 2 nights... but I'll stay until about 8pm so I'll put her to bed and then go. Looking forward to it so much now!

Sorted flowers out today, and hopefully picking rings up Saturday - so just need to buy DSD and DSS clothes for the day and then... sorted!!! Yikes!

I'm not going to comment on LO's sleeping just yet... everytime I do I jinx it!

LO is enjoying her forward facing car seat now... me too - I keep turning back to look at her!! Have put a mirror in to see her, but it's a little distorted so I still turn my head! She's fallen asleep in it twice today so must be nice and snug too (when in the "bucket position")

Hope everyone ok... sleep dust to all smile

ssmile Thu 10-May-12 21:16:15

Hope you have Fab hen doo sebs and the rings fit ok.

I just made it to school ontime earlier! Got sidetracked lying on bed net surfing on phone whilst babe asleep, it sucks having to wake her up from her nap most days to do the school run....not the lazy daytime naps of first babe when no school runs to cramp around the day smile babe is really mobile now, does not like being held on my lap wants to stand and hold hands or crawl backwards under various things like tables / sofas screams when she gets stuck and not able to move! Will "walk" her feet now if held by both hands &has pulled herself up a couple times. She was SO cute last night holding onto the edge of the bath standing big smile watching it fill up as big sister was chucking in toys, but her little indignation temper kicking in too if you take something away she wants she screams. Plus getting very stranger wary and cries if I leave the room I'm very much hoping this phase passes soon!
Hope you all have gd sleeps tonight, night all....

tiddleypompom Fri 11-May-12 10:07:35

Hey everyone - just had a speed-read to catch up, yikes at the mobile babies!

Think DS would quite fancy a go at crawling forwards (backwards he has sussed) but I was watching him yesterday and realised that his mat is a little too slippy for him to get a grip. I may need to get a different mat or may not as this may be the end of easy baby phase

Have been bleugh sick with a lurgy all week sad hence absence. Note that we are in good company - there are sooo many bugs around, and isn't it hard with baby ill too? This is DS's first cold, so a bit of a shock to my system. Night times particularly hard as he only seems to want mummy, who is also sick and wishing she could sleep for a week at least. Ah well, we have our very own snot bubbles here at last grin and it appears we are both recovering in time for a long w/end in Shropshire house-hunting!

We sold our house the day after it went on the market. We had 2 viewings and both offered asking price, which was a big surprise and a bit of a shock. Am feeling queasy thinking about packing up, the buying process, moving DS (who now sleeps through, colds notwithstanding) and generally going through the almighty hassle of moving. Deep breath...

sebs it is lovely to hear about your wedding plans - what are the DCs going to wear? Have a fabulous hen night & have an extra drink for us! We need want details post-party please...

So much more, but DS is waking & I must shift - but v quickly, eek to wariness of strangers and starting to assert mini-self, we have toddlers on the way..!

Happy weekends all - thank crunchie it's Friday grin

100years Fri 11-May-12 18:34:47

Candr, so far the prunes and juice has worked when it's needed to. Hope the weekend goes well smile

Feral, it was strangers who commented, although I think my family are coming around a bit to it now, but still not wholly convinced about it. The ILs have been quite keen on it since the off smile

Yeah I know what you mean about jumping ssmile, I used to do the same, I try to leave her a few mins now if she wakes, but if she wakes crying I don't.

Sebs, my LO would live on fruit and veg I reckon, she's not really consuming huge amounts of food yet with us BLW but she's obviously just having some trouble working it through. She loves her fruit, although I've held off the bananas for a little while as I've heard that unless they are properly overripe they can cause constipation. We've got your virtual hen do soon haven't we?

Yay Tp, a moving baby, even if it is backwards. That's flipping amazing abut your house selling so quickly, you are my closest MN pal, and so I'll be a bit sad you are moving further away.

Not sure if LO is coming down with something. She's been a bit out of sorts, crying whingeing and the like, got a bit of a temp and turned on limpet mode. Just in time for the weekend then!

tiddleypompom Fri 11-May-12 18:44:23

Bets are on 100 - a little tooth will appear before the w/end is out!

<back to feeding the snot monster>

Will post again...

100years Fri 11-May-12 18:46:47

Let's hope it's teeth TP, poorly small thing is not nice. She is dribbling and chewing, but she does that anyway! She has none yet though. Enjoy the snot feeding. Hope he's better soon x

candr Fri 11-May-12 19:31:20

Boo for poorly babies and mum's. We seem nearly back at 100% here thank goodness. It is hard enough to do simple tasks for yourself when poorly but so much harder with a baby. I hope all recover quickly.
Sebs - sounds like you are nearly sorted, well done you. Loved picking up our rings, tried them on when the weather was really warm and realsied they needed to be a bit bigger to wear them during summer too (just a thought to check)
Ssmile, DS was a backward crawler then rocking on all 4's, he now moves forwards in his own fashion.
TP - wow with the fast house sale, very exciting if a bit fustrating house hunting. I love having a good nose around other people's homes grin
100 - lets hope it is a tooth and not a bug. You feel so helpless to make them feel better sometimes don't you. Feeding with a snotty nose is so hard for them and decorates your shoulder nicely (especially when you need to go out and haven't noticed the green smear blush)
Feral - I know I wouldn't be as good in the classroom as I was as am so tired. Admire you loads for being able to do it. I do miss teaching though and keep seeing things that I could see fitting into a lesson (must make notes for when I do go back) I also miss the funny chats with the kids so look forward to getting proper verbal responses from DS and seeing what his sense of humor is like - he is a bit of a monkey so need to make sure he doesn't become too cheeky.
Had a meal in town with friends and a few drinks, got home quite late which felt so strange and am paying for it today but was worth it to go out and not be 'mummy' for a while.
Had parents visit today and cooked a roast which went well. I am veggie but am trying to cook meat for DS so they were good lab rats for me. Am getting more confident that I won't poisen him now. They loved seeing the mess he got into but meal with MIL tommorow will be a bit tenser in case he gts food on her (she is a neat freak) but I will just let him go for it.
Good sleeps to all tonight smile

ssmile Fri 11-May-12 19:32:03

Good luck with the house moving tp your brave. We went to look at a house this week too, but it didn't wow us enough to put ours on the market yet...I'm slowly working my way down my "To do" list of things to DIY before we move. Painted a window sill today. It's very daunting though the thought of moving we hoping to not start the ball rolling until next spring if we can get the girls to share a room and sleep together ok.

Had a couple of firsts today, babe finally drank 100mls+ of diluted OJ from sippy cup smile she previously only had few sips at most I had been hoping to drop a few breast feeds by now, so maybe she getting ready now as been much less demanding during the day this week. I also dropped her cot down tonight from half height to the bottom as she was just getting too mobile trying to pull herself up in her grobag and at risk of falling over the top. She looked SO little sleeping at the bottom tonight smile wow my Lo has really "grown" this week it feels like. We also had a lovely hour after school playing in the garden and eating dinner outside, even if babe did crawl off the picnic blanket and try to eat a leaf whilst I turned my back for 30secs!

Hope your Lo is ok 100 we had a week like that last week, turned out her cold must have effected her ears as we had a wax explosion after days of vgrumpy clingy baby, hope you have a good weekend.

100years Fri 11-May-12 20:35:38

Thanks Candr and ssmile. She's actually gone down really well, better than normal so I reckon on top of it she is tired, I'm just hoping the easy putting to bed isn't a false impression of the night and she is settled.

Candr, I went out last month for a few drinks and it was lovely like to be out alone too, I know what you mean.

Ssmile,mtgats a great big drink there from your LO smile I wowed a friend when I let my LO drink the remains of my drink from a glass, but I've been giving her open cups occasionally and it makes life a bit easier when you are out if I have not packed her cup and she needs a drink. Although I must admit the only thing to hand once was non diluted apple juice, but I figured as she is only having a matter of 10 or 20 mls I'm not too worried about it.

100years Fri 11-May-12 20:57:23

That didn't last long. sad I think she's gone off again now. Poor pumpkin.

100years Sat 12-May-12 01:09:18

Oh dear. Pumpkin's temp is 38.6 sad poor thing. So I've decamped with some sofa cushions into her room, put her in a lighter grobag and just rocking her back to sleep. Fortunately the go to sleep rocking position allows me to surf the net whilst I do so! Can they get such a temp with teeth? I know she's not right because she just lay in her cot whilst I went for the calpol and didn't try to roll, crawl or stand, all things she does within 5 seconds of being put down normally if she's awake.

ssmile Sat 12-May-12 06:59:05

Sounds more like a bug to me 100 hope the calypol helped and you both got some sleep x

tiddleypompom Sat 12-May-12 09:11:45

Oh, poor little mite! Well DS had a couple of dreadful nights when first tooth appeared (inc. temp) but it was v obvious as he was rubbing his gums & clearly in discomfort. I agree with ssmile that sounds more like a bug. I do hope she got some sleep & is on the mend today sad

Hey, guess what? After another night of me sleeping in DS room to comfort him (he still has a cold) I came back to our room at about 5 am and have only just woken!! DH has left me for a lie in!! Wooooo!!

100years Sat 12-May-12 11:57:29

Her temp is up and down and she's obviously unhappy, but other than a 'fake cough' which just sounds like when an adult does a fake cough and her temp there are no other illness symptoms to her. Very odd. She's chewing a hard toy to within an inch of its life but she has been known to do that anyway.

Ooh whilst posting she's actually crawled to her toy box! And now she's found another chewing toy!

100years Sat 12-May-12 11:57:53

Tp lovely lie in for you then smile

feralgirl Sat 12-May-12 15:02:02

Illness here too sad DH noticed that DD had gunk running out of her ear yesterday so took her to the dr and she's got a chest and ear infection. The gunk was prob that her ear-drum had ruptured shock and <boak> I now feel v guilty that I didn't spot it earlier and thought that she just had a cold and was teething but she didn't have a temperature so how could I have known? She's still pretty chirpy and has been sleeping OK, just a couple of wakings a night, and is still eating like a horse so it can't be too bad. And she is loving her 'banana medicine'; DS is v envy as he likes it too but can't have any!

Hope all the other ill DCs are feeling better soon too.

candr Sat 12-May-12 19:08:49

100, when DS was ill his temp went to 40.9 which had me really worried but the dr said to pay more attention to how they are in themselves. I had him in my bed for the night but he didn't really sleep, it was more so I could keep an eye on him. Wasn't teeth though and seemed to go down by following day but he did spend night attatched to boob so I knew he was getting fluids (and comfort) Hope you get some sleep and LO perks up tommorow.
Feral, if DD was ok in herself you do not need to feel bad as she didn't seem to feel too ill. Can't believe your LO's like banana medicine, its gross and makes their poo smell really strange.

jimmijam Sat 12-May-12 20:54:54

candr wow thats a high temp, plenty of calpol and boob and he should be fine by 2moro smile fingers crossed for you xx

fera we also have a britax 1st class seat so lo is still rearward facing. may change to forward facing in the next month or so, so that he can go in the middle seat and the eldest 2 either side (peugeot manual online says the set up will work when he's forward facing in the middle)- hopefuly
cruise? im terrified of the kids falling in the water- even with our eldest being a fab swimmer. plus last time i went on a boat was in greece when pregnant with our eldest, just over 6 years ago (she turns 6 in 2 weeks)- wasnt a pretty sight!!

sebs happy birthday for the other day smile

sarah hows work going?

argh! im back at work tuesday 2pm sad lo will have to wait until 10.30pm for his 6pm booby feed. then thurs will miss his lunch and night feed. hopefuly ill be a good way to end bf and move to formula. fingers crossed smile

100years Sun 13-May-12 19:41:47

Aw feral sad my niece is one for not saying she is poorly until she's mega ill, and she mentioned to my sis she had earache, was crying about it within a couple of hours, so emergency app at the docs, and the doc said her ear drum was about to burst, sure enough it did within 2 hours! Sometimes they just get on with it until the point where it's too much. So don't beat yourself up about it.

Thanks candr, yeah she had quite a bit of booby fri into sat night.

Aw jimmi, time blinking flies by doesn't it. Seemed like ages ago you were saying you had a few months left.

Well LO is improved today, I wouldn't say she is 100%, but her temp has been normal all day, it was high all day yesterday and she had some prime crying episodes, including one while I was out for a walk with the (future) ILs, they hadn't ever seen her cry like that. She was proper disgruntled. She's been a bit whingey today, but no temp and she's played a lot today with her toys, so I think she's over it, probably just a bit tired from a messed up couple of night's sleep. Last night though she slept better than the previous 2 nights.

jimmijam Sun 13-May-12 20:19:43

1 more day off. this is something i never thought i'd say- i actually enjoy being a stay at home mum and would like to jjust be a housewife. but hey ho, that wouldnt pay the bills :'( think dh peed off with me moaning about it, after all he hasnt had 9months leave!- and he kept hinting about taking some of mine! poor man.

100 glad your little girls temp is back down now! not nice trying to keep them cool- stripped down, fed and calpol'd up- when they let u x

100years Sun 13-May-12 20:54:58

Yeah, but it's not leave like annual leave is, is it? I mean I'd hardly say I've had a rest while I've been on Maternity leave, aside from the few weeks before LO was born. It's constant. I'd love to be SAHM, as it is, I'm hoping I'll be only doing 2 evenings a week, so I will be able to almost be SAHM. With the exception of the first 2 weeks where I have a course to do full time, which is probably going to be horrendous. Meh. Thanks jimmi. x

sebs71 Mon 14-May-12 10:48:37

Good luck for today Jimmi. Hope the return to work goes ok, and not too painful. Can't believe how time is flying.

Hope all poorly babies and their mums are better. This awful crappy weather doesn't help... where is Summer?????????

Well done Ssmile! It's weird isn't it... I feel my LO is suddenly growing up. She's definitely no longer a "baby" but a little person, with a big personality that I can actually describe easily in words.

TP - I'll definitely will tell all after Hen Weekend, and will also have a glass or two in honour of our little MN group!

Got DCs outfits for the wedding this weekend. DSS is having a suit, although there was only ONE aged 13 trousers in the country so their hopefully winging their way to us in the post, and then we can go back and get the jacket and shirt that have been put aside for us! DSD is wearing a lovely white dress with black/grey flowers on - it was a BIG thing to get her into a dress at all, but she really liked this one, and it does look lovely. And, my DD has a gorgeous little white dress with deep pink flowers on - both DD and DSD have little white bolero cardigans too, and their dresses quite similar so really pleased about that. DSD and DSS's mum is British Jamaican so they are brown skinned (their words!) and DSD is always saying how she and DD look different even though they are sisters, so really pleased they'll be dressed similarly but not too samey, iykwim. They might not look alike, but boy are they similar in personality though - both LOVE bouncing (one in her bouncer, one on her trampoline) both lively and noisy and love to ruffle their dad's hair!!!! Both pretty stubborn too!!

So, hopefully that's pretty much the wedding sorted - apart from a few payments etc, we're done!! Yikes... not long to go now!

feralgirl Mon 14-May-12 20:17:37

Ooh Sebs, your DC's outfits sound lovely. We're going to a wedding next month and I'm really looking forward to getting DD dressed up and showing her off to the very extended family.

Jimmi, how was your first day back? I've found it's taken me a while to get used to it but I'm enjoying being back now. TBF I've got a very easy timetable so I've got bugger all to do in the evenings; September's going to be a massive shock!

Glad that baby100 is feeling better now. Feralbaby is much better too now and ate so much cottage pie for dinner that I think she gave herself belly-ache! Daft baby hmm

ssmile Tue 15-May-12 19:39:49

jimmijam hope your work days go ok, and you not too sad about the BF coming to an end.
100 hope Lo better and you get some better sleep.
sebs the outfits sound lovely I hope you have a truly Fab time.
feralgirl glad work going ok and hope Lo tum does ok on the cottage pie.

Well Lo finally did a bit of forward crawling tonight, which was wow after 3weeks of going backwards and round in circles smile she has a bit of a cough again so was a bit of a pickle last night up lots she keeps flipping over, crawling to the back of the cot getting herself wedged sideways then crying till we flip her over and unwedge her! so fingers crossed for tonight as tomorrow is long day, DD1 has a swimming lesson after school at 5pm so we don't get home till 6pm so dinner, bed and bath is very hard work on my own if baby is tired too. Hope you all got to enjoy the lovely sunny weekend, we had couple picnics in the garden which the two girls liked. Then my sister called to say she thinks they 90% certain they coming home to get their little boy to start school in Sept here. She has lived overseas for the last 5yrs, I've missed her lots and Skype just isn't the same as a natter over a cuppa, it will be exciting grin if they do but big change again for them to adjust to our climate again.

100years Wed 16-May-12 16:36:49

Pah, so much for her being better! She's a snot monster today and was through the night. But I think I can see a tooth under the surface of her gum. So it might be teething, it might be a cold, it might be both.

Sebs, glad all stuff getting sorted for wedding outfits.

Feral, aw poor mini and tummy ache from eating too much.

Yay ssmile for forward crawling smile

I had a very vivid dream about LO just getting up and walking!

feralgirl Wed 16-May-12 20:32:41

Oh no! Poor baby100 sad Hopefully there'll be a tooth or two in the morning. I really don't know what's going on with DD's teeth; she's only got two and she's had them for months. The top two have been bulging just under the surface of the gum since Christmas! I looked in DS's baby book earlier and he had six teeth by the time he was this age. He basically just got two every month until they were all there. It was all over nice and quickly with him but DD is really dragging it out!

She's doing better at night now that she's feeling better now though, we're down to one waking between 2am and 4am. She still has a big feed then though so I don't feel happy about trying to cut it out as I don't like the idea of her going hungry. It's not too hard on me at the moment so I guess I'll just keep on doing it at her pace for the time being.

Hurrah for the crawling Ssmile. Isn't it weird how they learn to go backwards first? I wonder why that's easier for them confused

tiddleypompom Thu 17-May-12 11:47:40

oh poor baby100 - hope it gets easier for you soon! Teeth seem to be topic of the week here too - waiting to see the top two like feral but also anticipating second two on the bottom row as we've watched much rubbing of gums and strange tongue movements that he did when the first two came through. Hideous nights over the past few days - and like you 100, we think it must be a mix of a cold bug, teeth and possibly just a big old developmental leap.

Either way, he woke at 2.30am and again several times before 7am so I haven't slept since then. ho hum.

Anyway - big news is that we've had an offer accepted on a lovely place in south shropshire. A little village but an active community, toddlers group, primary school, church, shop and 2 pubs. The house is up a tiny lane and has wonderful views of the valley. It is a dream for us all (my parents are moving with us, though not in the same part of the house) and secures the rural childhood we had hoped for DS.

Before this is a reality we have that awful pre-purchase stress, trying to get our sales to go through and meet the v tight timetable set by the sellers. Any sleep I could have managed last night I was too busy worrying!

Anyway - Dad is here now to help out smile Lovely to hear that babysmile is crawling and I can't wait to hear about the hen do sebs!

100years Thu 17-May-12 12:49:01

No tooth through yet Feral, still appears to be lurking there. LO seems in good spirits even though she's a snot monster!

Squee TP smile I do think they go through so many developmental leaps at this age, just think all the learning they need to do and so much happens in the first few years, no wonder they have odd days smile

Well LO woke almost every 90 mins last night, I didn't feed her every time, she just woke up, so I managed a couple of times where I just cuddled her to settle her back to sleep. She doesn't half sleep in a weird position. I put her on her tummy now, she brings her knees right up under her, bum in the air!

Well I'm getting confirmed next week. smile in the same church LO was baptised in and the one that DH2B are planning on marrying in smile

And .... I've taught LO to clap her hands smile smile I worked bl00dy hard for that smile

ssmile Thu 17-May-12 13:42:30

Oh TP that's Brill.fingers crossed for you moving smoothly its such a stressful thing to do.

100 hope babe feels better soon. And yah to the clapping smile

Well had couple awful nights ere baby is ill again sad bug no6! Grrr poor little mite I'm going to try get her Drs appt tom as this time its a chesty cough and green nose.she has only had a week since the ear infection so I'm wondering if she needs some help now to shift what ever is in her system. I've not taken her to the Drs yet as they don't give them antibios much at this age and she is normally such a chilled baby but she's had 6bugs in 8.5mths! No teeth here either, they under the gums but DD1 didn't get any until 13mths and it certainly didn't hold her back in the eating or non stop talking grin

I did take Lo to music group on Monday which she absolute loves, she too clapped for the first time this week during the "listening" part of the group but she liked the classical music so much her little hands went clap clap in excitement.. I was a proud mummy grin

100years Thu 17-May-12 14:07:12

Yay for other clapping babies smile sorry to hear LO is poorly again. They do pick up lots at this age don't they sad

tiddleypompom Thu 17-May-12 15:20:27

Thanks guys smile You can all come and stay when we're in - how about a 'reunion' camping w/end in the field? Something to consider maybe - seriously, I'd love to meet you and your babies one day!

Clapping? Crawling?? Oh dear, ds will have SUCH a talking to later. He is feeling very proud when he is standing up (with support of hands) but still vv wobbly and he won't put his feet flat (tippy toes only). He sits really well and is leaning forward more and more for toys out of reach. This has developed into a rocking followed by lunge - and then face plant. Not there yet it seems! He loves to shake his instruments and make noise, and slaps his chest/floor/table/mummy enthusiastically when there is music playing - but no clapping. He appears to be physically further ahead than he is in terms of mobility - i.e. teeth, around 19.5lb, lots of hair but a bit slow on the uptake regarding getting around!

smile I do feel for you with all those colds and coughs. I guess it is having older siblings and picking up from other kids in playgroups etc. Tough for you though, I have really struggled being ill when DS was also - all I needed was to sleep, but that was not what DS had in mind!

100 lovely to hear of your confirmation - and in such a special church for you all. DS is being baptised on 27th May (pentecost), which I am really looking forward to if a little nervous about his ability to make it through a long service without losing the plot altogether

Right - off for a walk. I am appreciating our surroundings even more now that we know we'll be leaving them in a few months...


candr Thu 17-May-12 18:49:26

Another one here with sleep regression - every hour from 11.00 for last few nights. Has 4 top teeth all breaking surface at once poor bear.
How cute with the clapping, DS still just balls his fists when I try to help him but does love banging things with his hands.
Have been advised by friends to stop bf DS during the night after 10pm bottle as this should stop him waking so much but I normally only feed him 1ish and 5ish, other than that I settle him even though sometimes it takes ages. What do you guys think?
I really hope poorly mums and babes get better soon - we need a bit of sun I think as it always seems to help.
TP great news on house, enjoy your walk smile

100years Thu 17-May-12 18:53:20

Tp. He'll get there soon and possibly even overtake some others smile remember our conversation about how at age x they all do such and such and you can't tell who did such and such earlier than others. smile

But I feel a bit blush to say that then post what I came in here to post.

So you know I said I've tried really hard with the clapping stuff, OH and I were having a chat about stuff, nursery rhymes on for LO, when 'If you're happy and you know it' came on. She only blinking well started clapping. I was (am) so so proud grin

Then we were in the front room and LO's jumperoo is right by the one sofa, a holding on step away. She stood there toy in one hand, let go of the sofa and stood stock still for an age before reaching for the jumperoo, sadly she then over balanced but she was stood not holding on for ages grin again so proud.

100years Thu 17-May-12 18:59:28

Candr, I can't advise on stopping bf in the night, I still feed loads some times. Is LO still feeding properly in the night? Like really feeding? I know my LO is when she feeds. But I know lots of people have advice, but you know your own child best grin I'm certainly not going to stop bf if LO wakes in the night just yet, I'll give it a few more months. But if he's teething etc, he might need the comfort.

HateBeingCantDoUpMyJeans Thu 17-May-12 19:17:51

Hello all checking in. Sorry I've been Mia but kept putting off cause it's a pain reading on my phone.

Hope everyone is well.

My news? Ds has stopped being bf in the day and last night was tge first boob free night sad

And I got a new job grin it's ft sad but hey I have a chance at a career again.

ssmile Thu 17-May-12 19:48:06

candr I have stopped breast feeding at the 3-4am fed and it stopped babe waking up. She is doing (when not poorly) a feed at approx 10pm, then I don't feed her till after 6am. If she wakes before that l, which hadn't been often when not ill I just pat her tum/back rub her face or head whisper sleepy time and she resettles normally chewing her bunny. But, big but...she was ready to do this. The feeds in the night felt like comfort feeds and she really didn't complain much when I started doing this. She is eating 3good meals a day and still BF regulary through the day as won't take formula, but will have OJ very diluted in a sippy cup with her meals. I would take your cue from the baby though, our eldest DD had a 2am fed until she was 12mths I think but was on formula by then, then real milk. You can always have a go for 3nigths but if its not working just carry on with what suits you.

100years Thu 17-May-12 19:51:38

Hey Jeans smile well done on the job smile

Yeah you see, when I feed LO in the night she feeds with gusto, I do leave feeding her if it's only been a short time since the last waking, but that doesn't happen as much now. But she's ill atm, so it's up in the air anyway.

candr Thu 17-May-12 20:29:23

Thanks. He does seem really hungry at 1 which surprises me as has 3 meals a day, bottle at 6 and 10 and has bf and water during day. He does however after first 10 min slow right down and get drowsy but will cry 10 min after being put down. I also find him really hard to wind at night without him waking. Would love to be able to feed without him waking but he sleeps on front (won't sleep on back unless in our bed) so often wakes as soon as he touches matress.
I was up from 1-3.30 last night and ended up bringing him into bed. He had a feed then slept till 6. Am so tempted to do this again tonight as am really tired but feel I am making rod for back as we used to co sleep till he went into own room 2m ago.

ssmile Thu 17-May-12 21:06:03

I found out by accident that she wasn't waking when really hungry when I had horrid tum bug. She woke me up, I got up on auto pilot to feed her but had to drop her on bed run to throw up, came back to get her and she was fast asleep 2mins later. That was about a month ago and made me think ooh is she Really hungry? so I gave it a try and was really surprised she easily dropped a feed. But she is a mostly chilled out baby, SO unlike her big sis!

However tonight poor mite is very unsettled, very restless but keeps coughing poor mite sad

sebs71 Thu 17-May-12 21:12:37

Ssmile - hope LO is better and you get something from the GP. Poor little babyssmile...

And TP - well done on house move front! Sounds really exciting, hope the whole selling/buying process goes well! And, BabyTP sounds JUST like BabySebs!! She's not crawling - but does move round in circles a lot! And, just about moves backwards a bit (so when I leave her on the playmat, and turn back a few mins later, she is always in a different position now!). She's also physically advanced - in that she's about 19.5lb too!! But, WOW to Baby100 - I can get LO to High 5 and then put her hands together (mirroring me) but I'm going to work on the clapping now!!!

Jeans - well done on the job front!!

Went swimming in a baby group for the first time yesterday (have been before, but only on holiday!) and LO LOVED it!! Seems to have natural buoyancy and she just floated really well, and kicked legs lots! Going to try and go every Wednesday mornings. And, went to "Sing and Sign" today too - where you and baby learn "signing" - I've seen this with another friend and her daughter, and it's great - they can learn to communicate much quicker than having to wait to learn to talk! Just basic words, like Mum, Dad, food, milk, no etc etc but hoping LO picks it up.

Getting excited now - Hen weekend starts Saturday morning...!! Well, excited and apprehensive...!! YIKES!!! grin

sarahseager Thu 17-May-12 21:47:56

Hi all,

Just popping on to say I am still reading but finding it hard to post now that I'm back at work.

So exciting to hear about all the clever babies standing and crawling and clapping! grin Babyseager is very much trying to crawl she's pushing up on her feet and knees and rocking back and forth a lot, it's very exciting! At the moment she can only go round in a circle and a little bit backwards so mainly uses rolling around to get where she wants to be!

Hope all the poorly babies and mummies feel better very soon, lo had a terrible teething week and was totally congested with it too, they seem to have calmed a bit now they're through but not totally convinced this is it for the time being. I'm expecting chicken pox to arrive some time soon as it seems to be everywhere at the moment and loads of children at lo's nursery have been off with it.

Our most exciting thing at the moment is that we are hopefully almost off the reflux medicine, we have gradually withdrawn two doses over the last week with just the bedtime one to drop on Saturday, she seems ok so far so fingers crossed that will be it for the medicine!!

sarahseager Thu 17-May-12 21:54:43

Ah didn't mean to post yet!

TP great news on the house front, sounds very idyllic and super exciting! Hope it's not too stressful getting it all sorted.

Yay for hen do sebs! You sound very excited and very organised for the big day! I hope you have a fabulous weekend, can't wait to hear all about it.

With regard to the dropping bf, I agree that babe seems to let you know when they're ready. My lo was just going on for comfort and feeding for a bit then going right off to sleep, when I tried a cuddle without the bf she was still perfectly happy so I guessed she was ready and she has gradually got better with her sleeping since - apart from when illness and teeth came along wink

Its so funny how all of these little babies are wired so differently, I think I have a very active little adrenaline junkie! Am trying to think of days out and lots of ways to spend her energy when she is toddling around, will be good exercise for me too! grin

Have good nights all xx

valkilly Thu 17-May-12 23:49:30

Hi all. Hope you dont mind me posting but my DSis isn't on MN (shame on her, I know) but I wanted to get some help for her.

Her LO is still up regularly at night to feed, despite taking 3 meals and some snacks during the day. She's BF during the day too. My LO is a few months older but slept from 11pm-7am at 7 wks and from 7-7 at 6 months. My DS before was similar (although only started sleeping through at 12 wks). The only difference being my two were mostly FF.

I can see how tired she is and have tried to say she should try cutting down on night feeds as by 7 months, her DS should be well able to sleep through and if he does wake, she shouldn't assume he's hungry. However having l

valkilly Thu 17-May-12 23:53:00

*looked on here for more guidance, I see maybe I am wrong!

So just wondering if I am misleading her because BF babies should continue to feed during night and in fact it's me who's wrong?

By the way, I am not looking to debate the merits of FF vs BF, I am genuinely trying to understand if there's a fundamental difference in how sleep patterns develop!

valkilly Thu 17-May-12 23:55:56

Sorry should have said my nephew was born Sept 11 which is why I am posting here for advice. In your experiences is what she's going through normal for his age and the fact he's being breast-fed?

Sorry for the multiple posts - stupid iPhone acting up again!

Thanks if you've read and understood my ramblings smile

ssmile Fri 18-May-12 09:45:18

Hi valkilly all babies are wired differently and sleeping through is a skill like any other that they all get the hang off when they are ready whether BF or FF. My two DDs are chalk v cheese, the eldest was 4.5yrs before she slept through with any consistency, but my youngest 8.5mths has slept 6-7hrs stretches from a much much younger age. It sounds like you care about your sister, I'd just support her in her decision to feed how she needs to and feel lucky yours were such "easy" sleepers. smile

valkilly Fri 18-May-12 11:27:14

Thanks for the reply ssmile. I guess you are right with regards to me being lucky grin. For the record, I am fully supportive of my DSis and how she is feeding her LO.

I have no intention of telling her to switch from BF to FF. She tends to ask for advice from me, as I had my 2DC first. I suppose I started off looking for "evidence" to back up my theory that at almost 8 months, her LO has no need to be fed at night if he is eating well during the day. Then when I started reading the thread here, I realised the difference may be because she is BF, in which case I would just tell her to keep doing as she is doing.

I guess that's one of the difficulties with BF, as you can't see how much the LO is taking, whereas I know when my LO has had her 3 bottles in the day and finished all of them, that she shouldn't be hungry. Tbh, from when both mine started sleeping through, if they woke at night, I never assumed they were hungry or offered them a bottle, I just went back to sleep waited to see if their cry got more insistent, and then I would check temp/give dummy back/assume they were teething and settle them back. Whereas my DSis will feed my nephew as soon as he stirs.

All I was trying to say to her was to try not doing that, as maybe he isn't really hungry (although he will prob feed if it's offered, IYSWIM).

Now having read this thread, I see others are obviously still doing as my DSis is doing, so I'll just accept that I am lucky and hope my nephew grows out of his night-time feeds soon.

sarahseager Fri 18-May-12 13:30:56

Hi Valkilly,

I stopped feeding in the night a couple of months back as I was wondering if my DD needed it anymore and luckily she was quite happy to drop that feed. It's definitely worth a try to see if babe will settle with just a cuddle instead, it's all trial and error I guess like everything! smile

My lo's sleeping seems to gradually be improving and becoming more consistent but I think this is more to do with her age and learning to self settle than the feeding, like ssmile said its like she has learnt the skill now...at last! wink That said there is alway something to disrupt it, like teeth!

Hope things gets easier for your sister, does she have her lo in bed with her as I always found that helped us to all get some rest.

100years Fri 18-May-12 15:51:22

Hi Valkilly. I really really think it depends on the baby, some just get it sooner than others. My LO is baby led weaning so I have no proper idea of exactly how much she's eating, but I don't think I'd class it as 3 proper meals, esp when there are days when she only gets offered food twice, but she sleeps through some meal times and other times just seems wholly disinterested in proper food, so I leave it. I have on occasions tried to settle without feeding, I do manage it if the last feed has only been an hour or maybe 2 ago, but any longer than that in the night and she just roots for food or shows she's hungry by whingeing etc. I think it's lovely you are wondering if you have given the right advice, I must admit I do get quite self defensive when I'm personally told "you should be doing this" I really really feel they are all so different and I'll try things, but I don't like to be told she should be sleeping through by now, she isn't, and I do hope believe she will do it in her own time.

Well that tooth is closer to the surface, but still not through fully, but she was more settled in the night last night smile, in fact I had to rouse (sp?) her this morning to go to the hairdressers. She's currently trying to get everything she isn't allowed, and has physically dragged/pushed a crate full of toys out of the way of something to get at it! She's certainly in very high spirits. She was also very good at the hairdressers, I was there for 3.5 hours, she had about a 10 min whinge, a 30 min sleep and about 20 mins playing on the floor, the rest of the time she was in her pushchair watching the action and playing with her toys in her pushchair.

I now have what I would call copper blonde hair with highlights, not bad considering it was very very red when I went in. smile but I'm never to go near a red dye again, unless my hair is short, and given I want to grow it I don't see that happening.

Thanks for the wows about LO. I worked very hard teaching her that, and she seems pleased with herself about it too.

Sarah, lovely to see you in here, glad LO is nearly over her reflux, the valve gets stronger as they get a bit older, so it's a good sign smile

Sebs, have a fab hen weekend smile and swimming with LO is fabby.

jimmijam Fri 18-May-12 19:33:45

arghhh so much to catch up on, so will just reply to a few, sorry

jeans how did u give it up?!?!?!??! im back at work so was hoping bf would end, but i've ended up feeding more often again instead!!!

tp a HUGE congrats on your new house!!! hope everything goes through smoothly smile

valkilly a good hv (though rare) should be able to help. my lo refuses formula unfortunately, so still bf here. but gave up at night from advice of our hv. lo has an evening feed at the same time every day (apart from when im at work, then he just goes without), goes down in a cot in his own room and generally sleeps through until morning. until i just stopped offering night feeds he was sleeping in our bed feeding so many times in the night i couldnt even count! our eldest 2 lo's had both breast and formula and slept through from not long after they went in their own rooms at 6-7months. until they slept thru they just woke around once a night, we'd give them a bottle to hold themselves (slapped wrist for us) and that was it.every babay is different though

work's ok thankyou. as long as I dont look at the clock it hasnt gone too slowly so far. the test will be my first 5.30am shifts sun and mon without any other managers about to help me for a few hours, stress!!

100years Fri 18-May-12 20:42:36

Aw, jimmi. Maybe LO is just getting used to you being at work and doing that reverse feeding thing, where they don't have as much while you are out and then feast when you get back. Hopefully it will settle down soon for you both. I dread when I go back having to get up in the morning for the course I have to do. sad

feralgirl Fri 18-May-12 23:06:03

Wow! Everyone came back! Hello all.

Congrats TP and jeans on the house and jobs, that's brilliant.

Hope all you other people who are back at work are OK? Jimmi does your DS just jump on you the minute you walk in through the door? DD howls if I do anything other than pick her up and feed her when I come home. She is like a limpet!

And loving the clapping babies, that's brilliant! I remember trying to get DS to clap for ages and he just didn't until he was about a year old. DD hasn't clapped yet but DH, DS and my parents got her involved in a Mexican wave at a meal time last week grin They have regaled me with this story a couple of times; of course I missed it because I was at work!

Valkilly I would second what everyone else has said; all babies are different ime. DS was a rubbish sleeper and nearly killed me, but I went cold turkey on the night BFing when he was 9mo and it wasn't too bad. DH had to do a bit of controlled grizzling with him but it never became full blown CC iyswim. DD was brilliant when she was teeny, then she got really rubbish at 3mo, now she's back to being pretty good again and only wakes once. She's not ready to pack in her one feed of the night (at 3am-ish) as she does actually fully wake up and have a proper 15 min feed. She eats like a horse (BLWing) during the day and is FF while I'm at work so I expect she'll be ready to sleep through fairly soon. Hope your DSis gets some rest soon; tell her to get herself on MN and come and join us over here!

Must go to bed now as we're all up early to go and watch the Olympic torch in the morning. It's going quite close to my house and is being carried by a student at my school! There are police cars everywhere and so much entourage traffic around - all the sponsorship vehicles etc. - so it's really exciting and I just feel like it's a real once in a lifetime experience for DS.

valkilly Sat 19-May-12 12:14:32

Thanks for all the replies ladies thanks. You've certainly given me food for thought and some more perspectives for my DSis.

Good luck with your LOs.

100years Sat 19-May-12 21:04:29

Feral, did you manage to see the torch? A friend of mine went with his kids and the torch went passed on a bus I think, which obviously wasn't what was hoped for. sad

feralgirl Sat 19-May-12 21:29:18

Yeah, we were just inches away from the torch! DH got some great photos. We were in entirely the wrong place to see the girl from my school and it went past very quickly but, hey, at least I can say I was there!

ssmile Sun 20-May-12 01:31:49

Crap week sad fed up with poorly vvgrissley baby again fed up crap sleep sad sad

sarahseager Sun 20-May-12 09:57:34

Hugs to you ssmile. We're all poorly here too with colds and snot bubbles aplenty! Can't seem to shake horrible head cold but think it's because of the broken sleep.

Hope you have a nice chilled sunday. Weather is supposed to warm up next week so hopefully that will give is all a lift smile

candr Sun 20-May-12 18:56:50

Feral, glad you got to see torch if only briefly.
Ssmile and Sarah, hope babes sleep better tonight for you.
DS is teething (4 at once) so has ended up in our bed last 3 nights as I was dead on my feet. He has become such a wriggler in our bed but at least we both got 'some' sleep.
Valkilly, hi, my DS sounds a bit like your sis LO. Have also been trying to work out whether to drop night feed but he does guxxle it so feel he is not ready. Just wish he would only wake for feed not every hour for nothing.
Yeah to warm weather next week grin

feralgirl Mon 21-May-12 21:32:00

Grrrr teeth! DD is v unsettled and keeps half waking and shouting then going back to sleep. Her top teeth are bulging through and look horrible but are really taking their time.

Had 8month check today; HV was impressed with DD's mobility but she said that her weight's gone down 2 percentiles which isn't ideal. She also said that she really shouldn't need a feed at night and is probably just waking for comfort. I'm going to stick to my original plan and wait until half term before giving it a go with stopping but I'm really not looking forward to it sad

sad for poorly babyssmile and babyeager. Hope you're all better soon.

ssmile Tue 22-May-12 07:41:30

sarah hope you all feel better soon and you surviving work ok.
candr hope the pesky teeth appear and sleep improves.
feralgirl glad the HV check up went ok, hope your sleep improves too.

Had really crappy few days with baby, she has had this virus for 8days now, but definitely feeling a lot better today, as has been up 3hrs last night. Still wide awake at 6am and crawling around at speed forwards now, I keep calling her our little rugrat smile she still has snot bubbles& cough. Now eldest is also got the high temperature, off food got called to collect her from school yesterday, she was up 12-3am so not a lot of sleep in our house last night sad I've already eaten a crunchie bar in my sleep zoombie state oh dear....but healthy eating has generally been going well I've lost 30lbs now smile another 10lbs to go to hit my target.

Hope the sunshine and warmer days brings sleep dust to all smile

sebs71 Tue 22-May-12 20:32:37

Wow, lots to catch up on... Ssmile - hope DC feel better soon, but WOW to your weight loss, that's brilliant. Well done.
Hope all poorly sick feel better soon, and pesky teeth start showing up and stop hurting our poor babes.
Feral - I'd say a drop of 2 percentiles in weight is very little and not worth worrying... I'm not expert of course, but 2 pc doesn't sound a lot. And YAY to seeing the torch!!!

100 - my DSD has also managed to teach LO to clap!!! Although I left LO with DH2B this weekend with instructions to teach her, so maybe his input also helped... so cute - she now claps, High 5s and plays peekaboo with a muslin (saves me having to do peekaboo!!)

Well, Hen Weekend was ACE!!! So weird to be away from LO for 2 nights (I left about 8ish, so after putting her to bed). But, really enjoyed it and lovely to be with friends and chilled for the weekend. although started drinking champagne and buck's fizz on the train journey down on Saturday morning, so after a gorgeous lunch (with wine) we had the Vinopolis tour - more wine tasting - and I started to hit a real slump, and felt rotten. But, after fresh air and a full fat coke, perked up! Had cocktails, chinese and a boogie in a clubby pub in Soho in the evening, and the funniest part was the ride back to the hotel - in a rickshaw!! Couldn't get a cab for love nor money, so rickshaw it was... scary!! My friend kept shouting "if that bus pulls out in front of us, that's 8 kids without mums..." but we made it back in one piece!!

Enjoying this gorgeous weather... long may it last (and definitely until and including 8th June PLEASE!!!!)

feralgirl Tue 22-May-12 21:23:49

Oh Sebs your hen do sounds fab, am v envy as I had a joint hen/ stag with DH (it was our hag-do grin) as we were skint and couldn't afford to go anywhere other than our teeny hometown with its limited range of pubs and clubs!

Good effort on the crawling babyssmile, and glad you're feeling better. More sleep for Mummyssmile tonight though please!

My friend in Oz had twin girls today. I got a real envy pang when I looked at her FB pics!

100years Tue 22-May-12 22:35:47

Feral, glad you got to see the torch. I'm debating going whe it's in Birmingham, but it yet decided for definite. What is the hv on, saying she's gone down centiles and the saying stop feeding at night? I know my LO still needs the night feed(s) but who knows, cutting out the night ones might not make a difference to her weight.

Hugs Sarah sad

Hugs ssmile, great news about the crawling there, not so great about the unwell children.

Candr, hope those teeth come through soon. 4 cannot be nice at all.

Sebs, glad you had a good hen weekend smile and yay for more clapping babies smile

Well I'm at the (future) in laws and OH is not here! I've come up because it was my confirmation rehearsal this evening, but it would have meant OH finishing work too early to be able to come too. Rehearsal went well, I'm the only adult being confirmed! There are lots of 10-11 year olds though. I felt really tall stood against them all!

LO's teeth aren't through yet. Hoping it's not long though, although she's done that clamping down thing good and proper 4 times now since Friday.

And my shoulder hurts. I had an injury to it before - very very traumatic dislocation, out of joint for 4 hours, 2 ops on it, and still not right - anyway, occasionally it plays up, and feel like its going to dislocate, and it's been playing up the passed 2 days sad hurt when I lifted LO up.

100years Tue 22-May-12 22:50:33

I forgot my little yay moment.

LO stood alone without holding on at baby group yesterday smile and has done it 4 times today for granny, not for very long, and not for quite as long as she has done at home when it's just been me and daddy, but yay, she's started standing in front of others now! EEP

ssmile Wed 23-May-12 09:15:13

Had some sleep grin yah! My DH looked after DD1 and didn't get so much but grrrr I specifical said to him last night when she wakes up give her ibprofen (I left it on the side) as it will last longer and she doesn't react to it, so what did he do...grrrrrrrh gave her the full pink sugar paracetmal so she was wired and awake half the night. He should bl**dy know better I've only got the pink stuff as baby took that but spat out the other one but our eldest gets hypo wired on it so I only give it during the day. She off school again her temp been 2c higher than mine on the thermometer all yest and this morn. Our thermometer was supposed to be a good in ear one but gives my temp as 35c and DD1 as 37c when I can quite clearly feel she has a temp. Even since a baby that's her thing always reacted to any bug going with a 39-40c temp we had a few evening trips to A&E when she was a baby.

Baby last night loved beetroot last night was funny I keep trying it with DD1 playing the look its pink purple food card but doesn't work. Anyone made chocolate beetroot brownies in the river cottage book? Thought we may use it up that way. Baby has found her very stubborn bit will not let me spoon feed her now so it required a lot of patience last night helping her to spoon herself yogurt grin

Hen night sounded great fun sebs

Yah 100 baby standing very exciting

feralgirl very at smile twin girls bit grrrr to the lack of sleep and lots of crying juggling two!

ssmile Thu 24-May-12 19:45:18

Hope everyone is enjoying the sunshine smile

feralgirl Thu 24-May-12 19:56:08

Aww, Ssmile, poor DD1. And grr to the DH not listening. What is it with men and not listening ffs? Mine is exactly the same if it's any consolation.

Wow to the standing 100years, that is so exciting! Do you think she'll be walking before her first birthday then? I always get a bit freaked out when you see tiny babies walking really well as it does look a bit crazy! My DD has slowed down a bit this week and isn't really doing anything new; I think her body's trying to cope with teething and hasn't got much energy for much else.

She did sleep right through until 5.15am without waking up last night. Shame I didn't do the same as DH was snoring like a pig angry

Been having a total nightmare here the last couple of days as our stupid rayburn spewed out a whole load of soot all over our kitchen the night before last; because the window was open it blew everywhere and so we have had a massive mission cleaning absolutely everything and because it's oil-fuelled the soot is sort of greasy and takes some real scrubbing to shift it. It's been a right bugger.

We've also been having a new boiler fitted and tbh the new one is worse than the old one! For some reason we now only get about 8 inches of hot water in the bath before it goes cold and now the bloody plumber has gone on holiday for two weeks so we're stuck like it angry

And my car's doing something weird and just drinking petrol, we've got no money to fix it so I am just leaving really early for work every day and driving dead slowly to try to conserve the fuel as much as poss. I am terrified that the damn thing's going to conk out as we are broke and it'd be horrible without two cars as DH would be stuck in the village with the kids and no way to go anywhere.

Oh well; boiler, rayburn and car. That's three things gone wrong so hopefully that's it for now...

100years Fri 25-May-12 21:23:04

Aw ssmile, I'm glad you managed to get some sleep, though it's a shame the ibuprofen was ignored in favour of the hyper stuff. Yeah her standing is coming on well, she's letting go more and more now, but it's never for a huge amount of time, but it's more frequent now. Eep.

Feral, I'm pretty sure she will be walking well before her 1st birthday, although I could always be wrong, but she's showing all the signs, unless she decides that crawling is a great way of getting around the place! Shame about the snoring DH. I hope your car isn't costly.

Holiday Holliday holiday smile yay yay yay

An absolutely gorgeous view from our front window at the moment smile just fab

Oh and we have a tooth, and the second one is almost through. She has bitten me twice sad, I think though I was feeding and she wasn't that interested, but I'll see how it goes, I'm just not sure of the best thing to do if she does start properly biting.

feralgirl Fri 25-May-12 21:30:11

100 wrt to bitey-feeding, with both of mine it's worked to just take them straight off the boob, give full eye contact and so "no" very firmly; just the way that you're going to have to tell them no when they get bigger! Obviously they don't understand the word but they get the tone of voice and the eye contact I think. Alternatively very loud yelping scares them and then they stop ime!

100years Fri 25-May-12 22:56:08

Thanks feral. I didn't know whether to ignore, say no or yelp! I've heard all sorts my sis said ignore, I said no in the past at clamping down Gah. I'll try the no firmly if she does it again.

100years Sat 26-May-12 22:25:38

I wanted to ask. Do any of your LOs make a big fuss when being cleaned up after eating. Half the time my LO whinges and starts crying at times. I don't want her to hate eating because it leads to cleaning, but likewise I can't leave her with food on her face and hands. Sometimes she's fine, but she's really whingeing atm.

Second tooth broke the surface the evening, it's only a tiny break, so I reckon tomorrow will be through. Have been brushing her tooth! She's ok so far with that, although she tries to grab the toothbrush and stop me doing it, but have had OH to help so I've not had any big bother, but I reckon doing it on my own will be interesting. I think it's because she's the only one who has been in control of stuff going in her mouth with BLW so for me to put a thing (probably what she thinks) in her mouth then it must be weird.

sarahseager Sun 27-May-12 06:49:15

Yes 100 we have big crying / shouty fits whenever we try to clean lo's face, even when she see's the wipes coming she sometimes starts crying!

I've started putting the wipes in warm water and saying gentle gentle as I clean her face and then giving lots of kisses and praise, this seems to help...sometimes! hmm

100years Sun 27-May-12 08:18:02

Thanks, I tend to use a warm flannel, I think she's better when I take her into the bathroom and wet it in front of her, but with being away I've not done it, I'll have to see if it helps.

ssmile Sun 27-May-12 14:49:27

Yep big fuss ere too when it comes to face cleaning time. I give her the flannel to play with then we do hands, she likes sucking the flannel but not the face cleaning but I don't know any kids that do! smile

feralgirl Sun 27-May-12 21:26:08

Yep, i have two little soapdodgers here as well! DS did it and DD went through a phase of this a little while back but I have to say that I wasn't as tolerant as any of you guys! She would just get a quick swipe to the face and I would suffer the howls; she's not bothered about it any more so I guess it's another one of those idiosyncrasies that pass in time.

100 when DD is cutting teeth then she has this special rubber toothbrush like this that she can chew and brush her own teeth with but she actually quite likes it when I do it which is a relief as DS has always been pure evil about his teeth.

On the subject of teeth, we had another make an appearance this morning (top left) and I reckon top right will be here tomorrow. She's been quite grim with it the last few days, very grizzly and it took me an hour and a half to get her down for a nap today. I'm hoping that with four teeth that she'll get a bit quicker at eating as she will quite happily sit for 45 mins at a meal time gnawing away at stuff which does get a bit boring!

sebs71 Mon 28-May-12 15:02:38

Oh, I'm glad it's normal for them to hate having face washed! My LO really pulls the most miserable face when I come close to her with a wet flannel! And, she really moans when I put on her plastic bib - but it is one of the tough plastic ones. I've got some jacket type bibs, they were huge on her but she's probably big enough to fit in them now, might try them instead!

LO loves me brushing her two little teeth! Think she likes the minty taste. I thought we'd have more teeth as she seems to have been teething for at least 2 weeks, but no appearences yet, but I can feel the top two through the gums. Can't be far.

Well... what a start to the week - a real poopy one - the dog ran off again last night for about 45 mins and must have had a real adventure (bear in mind we live amongst farms) as he came back smelling - and DH2B was greeted by a BIG dollop of diarrhea by the patio door! All over skirting boards, up wall, splashed onto LO's play pen.. .YCH! He had to go off to work, but did clean up the big dollop and left me cleaning all the splashes. Just finished, cleaned hands, made breakfast for me and LO, picked her up to put her in the highchair - and noticed she was covered in poo all down her leg! Lovely - quick bath, change of clothes and finally, and first sip of tea - at 8.45am, after getting up at 6.45am!!! Fast forward to lunch, and she had another change of clothes!! Must be heat... they're normally pretty well contained in the nappy these days, but not today!

Well, registrar and flowers paid for today, so just venue to be paid then we're good to go! Hope this weather, or at least a slightly cooler version of it, lasts till the 8th!!

Hope you all enjoying the weather and LOs staying cool... ooh, LO just woke up from nap...

candr Mon 28-May-12 19:50:09

Feral, poor you. I have had to clean that soot before and it just seems to spread doesn't it. Hope since that was 3 things your done now.
Sebs - yeuch to pooey rooms. How gross to have to clean but all part of owning a dog grin shame LO had to join in.
Hen night sounds fun. Have not had a night away from LO yet - or a whole day! Cant think what I would do as am so used to him being with me and everyone I see wants to see him too. Am skint so a day out shopping/spa is out.
My sister got engaged so am really happy about that and can't wait to hear her wedding plans. Wonder if she will want DS as page boy - (picturing him in cute suit aged 16m if they do it next summer)
Am lucky with DS with teeth and face. He is fine with me doing both though am being careful of the 4 new top ones. With face I have a batch of little face cloths (from £ store), he has one and I have one - he even tries to wipe own face now. In the bath is fine if I give him soemthing to hold while I do it. He would also suck the bath dry through a flannel if I let him hold it.
Well done for standing babies. DS loves standing while holding on but is not steady enough to let go - yet.
Boo for biting babies. DS sometimes bites if feeding when tired - can't help jumping as it bloody hurts. I do say NO but he often just grins at me so I move him away for a few seconds which seems to work.

feralgirl Mon 28-May-12 21:11:44

Sorry Sebs but I am grin at your poo story!

ssmile Tue 29-May-12 14:28:20

Sounds like you all set for the big days sebs will fingers and toes crossed this Fab weather holds for a while. We off on hols to Cornwall on the 9th so I'd like it to stay too smile and sorry I too o) at poo story but not nice to clean it all up.

Hope the soot is all gone too feralgirl and all going ok.

We mostly ok, Lo has eye infection I thought it was just suntan lotion rubbed in at first but it swelled almost shut and ozzing green gunk by Monday morning, had telephone emerg DR appt got cream for conjunctivitus but 24hrs on it still looks bad. Anyone know how soon the cream supposed to work, if no improvement by morning I think I will take her back to Dr as she very grumpy with it.

I'm bit worried that I can't seem to drop any breast feeds yet as well. She was 9mths on Sat and generally feeds on demand approx 5-6am, 8am, 11am, 3pm, 5-6pm, 9-10pm. I had tried to drop the 11am feed and give her sippy cup water or juice at lunchtime, but everytime she been ill she wants more feeds again. We have tried two types of formula in her cup but she spat them out, and I've been trying these for 3mths on / off. It's not essential yet for me to stop feeding her during the day as not back to work till Aug but I really wanted to start the transition by now. How is everyone else who is BF doing?

sebs71 Tue 29-May-12 14:32:17

Oh don't worry Feral, I was grin about it too!! It was a truly poopy day!! Could only happen on a Monday...! grin grin

Candr - congrats to your sister - hopefully DS will be a lovely pageboy next year!!

LO had her 8 month check today (a couple of weeks late!)... she's <pulling a "wait for it" face> 21lbs / 9.5kg!! blush But, that's only around the 80th PC phew! She's also around the 60th PC for length/height - which is pretty good for a 5ft 1inch mother!! (Obviously gets her height genes from her Dad!). Everything else ok, except HV phoned me back to say she thought I'd best make a GP appointment to get a "second opinion" on her hips because there are creases in one leg and not the other - which used to be a sign for referral but on its own isn't anymore, but she's being ultra cautious. Will make one after the half term break (and wedding).

Olympic Torch is going through Wrexham tomorrow, which is about 25 mins from here and where friends and family all live. But, it starts there at... 7.25am, so think we'll be giving it a miss! Would have been good to see it reach the top of Snowdon today.

100years Tue 29-May-12 16:27:22

Glad there are a few others who have fussy face cleaners! I like the two cloth idea smile

Enjoying our holiday, though OH and I both had bad tummies yesterday, think its something we ate sad few possible suspects, but you never really know.

8month check? We've not had one, I didn't know we were supposed to. Although I think I recall them saying something about it being later at our surgery, must check that out.

Re the bf ssmile, I reckon I'm feeding usually about 7 times a day, sometimes more, never less though!

ssmile Wed 30-May-12 08:14:49

Hope you enjoy your holiday and tum gets better 100

Our HV do the development check at one now. They used to do them at 9mths but she said too many babies didn't meet the development levels expected so they do them at first birthday now.

Had awful night with baby, think her eye really bothering her it looks awfully swollen, plus she temp or got very hot in night she eventually went to sleep after paracetmal 3-6am only sad going to try get a face to face Dr appt today which means hanging on the phone at 8.30am when we are walking to school with buggy not easy!

feralgirl Wed 30-May-12 21:41:39

Ssmile, DD had Fucibet for conjunctivitis a little while back and it took a good while to kick in, maybe 3 or 4 days before there was any noticeable difference. And I reckon that if I was home then DD would have that many feeds; she does at weekends. The only way to cut them down with my DD was by me not being there iyswim! I hope you got to see your dr and that LO is OK soon (and def before the hols!)

Good effort on the check Sebs, we have them at 9 months down here so I guess it varies everywhere. V excited for the wedding! Will you post some pics on your profile so we can see the dress? Pretty pleeeease!

Hope you're better soon 100.

Have spent the day in Exeter hospital today with my mum as my aunt got rushed in to have an emergency op to remove part of her bowel last Friday. They seem to think it's probably cancer sad which is v grim. Her step daughter is getting married at the end of this month and is the most unbelievable bridezilla and a massive spoilt brat and so now my mum has ended up taking on a whole load of the cooking etc as my aunt won't be able to do it. I am bloody angry with my step-cousin for making my aunt work so sodding hard making stupid flouncy bridesmaids dresses and worrying about fiddly faffy food for the last month while, actually unbeknownst to the rest of us, she's been incredibly ill. Families, who'd have them?!

ssmile Thu 31-May-12 12:12:12

feralgirl hugs hope they can remove the infected bowl and you aunt responds well to treatment it must be a worrying time. My DH work partner has been going through the same process the last 6mths at Exeter Hospital and she had part of her bowl removed but is making gd recovery now.

Had awful few nights with Lo she keeps crying in her sleep. We had 2nd Dr appt yest got drops for her badly swollen eye which much easier than cream to get in. She slept a bit better with those and some ibprofen, but I'm hanging today v.tired and got after school.swimming too with DD1. I've got a Dr appt tom for me, so this week I will have had 3trips to the Drs! I be glad to have a week with out going after the last few weeks.

sebs71 Thu 31-May-12 13:39:00

Feral - Yes, I'll post some photos but please don't get too excited as it's not a "wedding dress" as such!!! I've gone for a dress that hopefully suits a 41 year old with a daugther and 2 stepkids!!!! Getting very excited now!! A week and a day to go!

And, good luck to your Aunty, and hope she makes a good recovery. Boo to your step-cousin... I'd tell your Mum to say stuff it to her, let her do her own stitching and cooking, but then, your Mum is doing it for your Aunty I guess. Families indeed...!

Ssmile - ooh, your poor LO - hope she gets better, and fingers crossed that the half term holiday is a GP free week for you!

Off to DSD's school soon for a Jubilee Party - the first day of rain in ages - typical. Going to dress LO in red, white and blue - but leaving it till last minute... just in case of any disaster (after my poopy start to the week, think I'm being sensible!!)

And, bad mother alert... LO rolled off the bed this morning! Well, think she dived forward actually. Thankfully we've got a pretty low bed, and she fell on her bum (phew for nappy padding) but how bad did I feel??? That's it now, no more turning my back... time to grow those eyes at the back of my head!

100years Thu 31-May-12 14:51:35

Hey smile tum is better, was very short lived and we're both quite sure it was food related as opposed to a bug.

My LO had to have eye drops last years at 10 weeks for conjunctivitis which were hellish to try and get it at times! I ope they work for your LO ssmile.

Sorry to hear about your aunt feral.

Sebs, don't worry about the bed incident, I think these things happen frequently. I know we ourselves just caught LO before she landed on the floor once.

Well the holiday is lovely. smile

We don't have stairs at home, but there are ones here in the cottage. LO has learnt to climb them! She also climbed onto. Crate yesterday and a chair this morning. I seem to have bred a climber! Last week she climbed into this over the blue bit and into the seat in the middle!

But we've had a proper injury, she was playing standing against a dining chair, now I don't know if she toppled, or the chair toppled, but she ended up underneath it on her back, I picked her up and she had a bit of a nosebleed sad She has a bruise on her nose now. And also while we were visiting friends yesterday she did 2 whacking head bangs on firstly a table, because she was bouncing herself and secondly the back of a settee, doing the same thing. I swear she thinks she is in her jumperoo when she isn't! Poor thing, but she is a happy thing. Even doing all this stuff!

She's very funny now, she shakes her head no, so when we say are you a clever girl or something similar she shakes her head!

100years Thu 31-May-12 14:52:34

When I said frequently about Thebes rolling, I meant it happens to lots of people.

candr Thu 31-May-12 19:47:55

Seems a few of us have baby illness problems. Hope eye gets better soon, must be awkward trying to stop LO rubbing it. DS has got an ear infection which made me feel bad as his temp has been up for a couple of days and he has not been himself so ended up in baby ward till 1am as they wouldn't let us go as it was 40.9. He is a bit of a grizzle monster now but hoping the meds will help.
Have had a few knocks and bumps on DS pulling things over onto himself so yes, time to get the 2nd set of eyes working.
Yeah to wedding all coming together, must be very excited now grin

jimmijam Thu 31-May-12 20:42:20


jimmijam Thu 31-May-12 20:44:07

just to say a quick, im still here, but very tired the last few days. work kids. possible heart problem (being investigated, but got to wait a few weeks for 1st set of results). luckily all else is 'good in the hood' - tho i have no idea why i just said it like that. hmmm off to bed
hugs to you all

feralgirl Fri 01-Jun-12 21:07:53

Oh no Jimmi, heart problem sounds difficult. Hope you're OK?

Thanks all for the sympathy for my aunt. I am on the verge of phoning the evil step-cousin and telling her that (a) we're not going to her stupid wedding and (b) she needs to stop putting so much pressure on everyone around her. Grr.

candr sad for the baby ward visit. I remember having similar with DS when he was a tiny bit older than ours are now as his temp was so high that he just kept sicking up the calpol we were giving him so he had to have a suppository shock

[Shock] at baby100's climbing exploits! I haven't allowed DD near our stairs as they are very steep and I get the horrors about them. I will have to man up a bit fairly soon but not yet; my parents' house has better nursery slopes for learning stair-climbing skills grin DD face-planted a little while ago and gave herself a nose-bleed; I think DH was more upset than she was, he said it's the first time he's seen her blood (not me though, I snipped her finger with the nail clippers the first time I cut them sad)

Today's new skill is grinding her teeth, all four of them. It's horrible. And standing unaided for a good ten secs as well.

100years Fri 01-Jun-12 21:51:22

Aw Candr, hope LO gets better soon.

Jimmi, hope things are ok wi the investigations, will send you a pm/fb message

Feral. Yep I too cut LO's finger too when cutting her nails, I think I did it twice sad I hope your step cousin steps up soon and realised what a bridezilla she is being. Well we don't have stairs ourselves, so it's been a new experience for us, she stood and banged on them a couple of times, showed no interest in trying to climb them, then she just went and did it! Oh my goodness, no warning of her trying, she just bloody did it. We also had a 10 seconds standing, she stood there, towards the end she wavered and plonked herself down on her bum nicely. She's also done that thing where they get legs straight, then lift top half up to standing, I told her she was just showing off! Well as my LO only has 2 teeth she can't grind yet smile

Well we are home now from our holiday, had a very nice time. Lovely to be away. I feel a bit mushy about OH at the moment, it's so nice to have a week together with no work in the way, and although there was still housework to do, it seemed like things were just loads more chilled. Not that I don't normally feel mushy about him, holidays just reaffirm that and give you more mushy time IYKWIM I feel very lucky smile love holidays smile

sebs71 Sat 02-Jun-12 10:30:19

Candr - hope LO is getting better and meds working their magic.

Jimmi - eek, hope all ok, and good luck with the investigations.

Feral - ooh, grinding teeth... like 100, LO only has 2 bottom teeth so no grinding yet! Another grrrr and boo to your step-cousin, hope she wises up soon and acts nicer.

100 - holiday sounds fab. Awww to you all mushy again with DH2B!! It does make a huge difference when they're off and no work - as it's the summer season now, my DH2B runs his son's cricket team, so that's 3 nights he's not around, and with the frequent trips to Algeria it does get a bit more difficult.

Wow to all standing, climbing and moving babies!! My LO has just about learnt to shuffle backwards! I have a feeling, with her chunky legs, she might not be a crawler and will just go straight to walking, but that's a little while off.

Yikes, this time next week, I'll be "SELS71" and not "SEBS71" !!! (Though I'll stay sebs, as it's my nickname and everyone, including OH, calls me that!)

candr Sat 02-Jun-12 19:45:30

Sebs, can't believe how fast it has come round - is strange learning new name. I ignored a few people as didn't realise they were talking to me when I married.
Jimmi - hope everything turns out OK - must be scary - keeping fingers crossed.
100 - Glad you are having lovely holiday. A change of scenery would be lovely about now.
Feral, DS now has 2 bottom and 4 top teeth and is grinding away. Gives me prickly skin as hate the noise and worry he will damage new gnashers. hmm Bloody hrts when he bites during feeding so think I may have to stop but has been sooo useful while he is poorly to help him relax and sleep.
He now has a rash over whole body which DR think is reaction to drugs so need to distract him a lot and is having loads of poos which dehydrate him. sad
Am so glad DH is home for 3 days as am knackered.
DH bit upset that DS will be calm and quiet for me but keeps crying on him. Have said it is as he is poorly but also I do 90% of stuff with DS as DH home late and up early most days. Hoping 3 days at home will tip the scales.
DS also pulling to standing and is getting better at walking holding our hands. Can balance himself on things but not alone yet - still is only 8m so don't want to rush things. Have lovely family time all over next few days and hope the sun reappears smile

100years Sat 02-Jun-12 21:28:41

Aw sebs, this week will either fly by or drag for you. Like waiting for Christmas! Yeah, it is a load different when they are off work completely. Maybe one day your LO will just surprise you with the most magnificent crawling smile

Candr, my LO bites too, although its usually when she doesn't want feeding, so I'm trying to leave it a bit longer between feeds. Although this evening she had fed lovely and then at the end she just clamped down. I don't want to stop feeding for her biting, but I fear she may be a biter sad yep, my LO also just quietens down for me of she's been screaming with OH, he shakes his head and says how do you do it? I don't know, but she does scream for me too, it's just if she's been screaming for him she will shut up for me 9 times out of 10!

So I had a ridiculous night with LO last night, worse than I expected, although I expected a bad night as we had travelled so much yesterday. I had a firtle in her mouth this morning to see if there were any bumps that might suggest she was due some more teeth.... One had come through!!!! I was not expecting that, although it makes sense, but it's not even a top middle one, it's the second one along at the top! So she has two middle bottom ones and one top second tooth. 10 days ago she had no teeth! I'm hoping tonight is better. I could hardly move this morning, fortunately OH got up and had her for about 90 mins so I could sleep some more, and I didn't even ask. I think he knew what the night was like.

feralgirl Sat 02-Jun-12 21:50:00

Yep, rubbish night for us as well last night. We are trying to get DD to take formula in the night so that (a) I can get reasonable sleeps before work every day and (b) my parents can manage when we go away for a few days for a friend's wedding at the end of July, leaving the DCs with them.

So DD has been taking a bit of formula when she wakes but last night it was clearly just comfort that she was wanting as she screamed for 20 mins at DH- so it's not just Mr Candr and Mr 100 that have this problem! - refused any formula from him and then BF'd for about 30 secs before comfort sucking herself to sleep. She then woke up when I put her back in her cot and proceeded to grizzle for another 30 mins. So I was then wide awake and it took me an age to get back to sleep.

DH is off doing photography jobs for the the whole weekend so I am on my own and bloody knackered after a looooong old half term back at work. Thank god it's the half term hol this week and my number one objective is getting DD to sleep through the night without needing me!

Yay Sebs, I am excited for you! Took me ages to get used to having DH's name. It's a crazy Cornish name and I love it but I do get a bit tired of having to spell it for people.

100years Sat 02-Jun-12 21:57:43

Oh bummer feral, I hope tonight is better. I'm not sure if I'll be going down the formula route soon, I have a little biter so far, and I'm trying what I can to stop it, but I'm still getting nipped sad really sounds like we have very similar babies in terms of how and what they can do. I hope when I posted yesterday you didn't think I was trying to play down what your LO does

ssmile Sun 03-Jun-12 08:57:53

Not posted for few days had pretty crappy week with poorly baby, &i had a health scare this week which was very scary (suspected problem with my pancras) but my emergency blood tests came back clear at 6pm Fri night so I didn't need to go into hospital. I'm now waiting for a scan, but in mean time I've now got the bug Lo had last 8days and that's making me feel crappy too. Like a cold, sore throat but with sand in my eyes, I had no idea conjunctivitas could make u feel so horrid. At least Lo is finally turning the corner and has slept for a 6hr chunk the last couple of nights as my body just feels battered at the moment.
I'm also tryin hard now over the next 6-8wks to stop breast feeding. It's time for us. Yesterday I held off between 9-3pm we offered formula &water in a cup, but I was sore lumpy boobs. I'm hoping to slowly push the gap so we can drop the 11&3-4pm feeds, then work on replacing a feed with formula every 5-7days so I can avoid getting engorged. DH has this long wend off then we have weeks hols 9-15 so he is going to help with cup feeding, otherwise babe just turns around puts her between my boobs crying&shaking her head looking for milk. It's all very well tellin us to feed on demand but they don't tell you how to flipping stop! I'm also going to see our local BF group wed for their advice.

ssmile Sun 03-Jun-12 09:00:02

Appoligies for not mentioning all I hope you feel better soon and babies all enjoy the Jubilee. smile
I made DD1 a dress from two poundshop union jack teatowels yesterday she looked very cute with bow in her hair too x

100years Sun 03-Jun-12 10:32:46

Ssmile, I hope the gradual stop to feeding works for you. Sorry you have been feeling so icky.

Well I was all set for a better night last night, but then LO woke at 11pm and although to the naked eye she appeared to be asleep, as soon as she touched down in her cot she woke and started crying. I gave up after an hour and took her into our bed and had her sleep practically on top of me. I didn't sleep well, but I think it was better than the trying for hours to get her down, only to have to go through an hour later! But with her sleeping on me/next to me she only fed once after than! WTAF, so maybe sometimes it is a comfort thing.

I think I need to be a bit firmer on the biting front, she keeps trying it, it's not every feed, but she tries and it blinking hurts. Going to try the NO and taking her off, putting her on the floor if she does it again. See I wrote if in my head I'm saying when, but I have to be positive. I'm not enjoying the on edge feeling I'm having with feeding, and I'm no where near ready to stop, I think I would feel guilty if I let a couple of bites stop me feeding her, but then that's a stupid thing to think when I'm on edge and not physically comfortable. And I know it's a valid reason to stop.

ssmile Sun 03-Jun-12 15:47:02

I hope that works 100 my SIS fed until her DS was 14mths she had a few rough weeks with biting but got through it. The other method is push them into the breast so they have to release it to breathe. My Lo had week of clamping down and she certainly understood the tone of my NO and cried indignation that I'd taken her off the breast it did work. Have you got a local breast feeding group at your childrens centre who can offer support &advice. Good luck. x

feralgirl Sun 03-Jun-12 16:18:25

Oh yeah, I forgot the suffocation technique grin, that used to work with DS as well! 100 are you certain that DD isn't biting to tell you she's not hungry? That's what DS used to do when I was trying to feed him and he didn't need it. I agree that it's horrid when they do this phase as you get all edgy about feeding but it's probably worth persevering if you want to carry on BFing. And I didn't think for one second that you were playing down what my DD does smile I think it's fascinating that our LOs are doing everything at the same time!

Ssmile, I hope the conversion from BF to FF works for you. I am loving the idea of the tea towel dress: genius! Hope you feel better soon.

DD went from bedtime at 8pm to 5am last night, had a quick feed and then back down until 8.30am! Unfortunately DS ruined the potential Sunday lie-in by getting up at 6.15 though sad

100years Sun 03-Jun-12 20:44:31

Yeah ssmile there is a bf support group once a week at our doctor surgery on a Friday so if come friday I'm still suffering the nips I'll head up there for a bit.

Feral, yes I think most of the occasions have come when she's not hungry, but she shows signs she's hungry then obviously isn't! Grr. I've stopped trying to feed if she just doesn't settle on me first, when she is hungry she has started to 'pester' me, so I'm going to also try to not offer the boob quite so quickly. It's bloody hard to know what to do.

But she as yet hasn't stayed bitten on for long enough to need to do the 'suffocation' technique. It's more quick sharp hard nips, but I've have marks where her teeth are from it.

Great little sleep from LO there feral. As you say, shame about the missed lie in.

I went to church this morning, but they has changed the time of the service, they were doing a short service at their sister church before the main service at the main church, got soaked walking there and back, and then again an hour later, but smile LO fell asleep on the way home from the first trip, so had a decent nap this morning. I was however at the service alone because dh2b was at a race. A very very active 8 3/4 month old in church is hard work when you are the only one to hold said wriggler! But the church is good and quite accommodating of children, so I don't worry too much if she doesn't stay still, plenty of areas to let her crawl in too.

feralgirl Tue 05-Jun-12 15:06:46

I really shouldn't be on here saying this as I just know that it's tempting fate but DD did her first ever full 12 hour sleep last night, from 7pm to 7am, no help from us. shock grin grin grin She did a bit of a yell twice in the evening but had resettled by the time I got up the stairs. DH and I didn't know what to do with ourselves this morning after a really truly proper night's sleep.


100years Tue 05-Jun-12 15:31:07

Wow, excellent work baby feral smile Woo.

In other news my LO shows NO signs of doing that, and has spent the last few nights with terrible teething issues and having calpol 2 nights in a row, once at 3am!

100years Tue 05-Jun-12 18:34:09

Oh I forgot to mention, my work hours have been authorised, so I'm only going back 2 'evenings' a week smile still got the matter of a 2 week full time course to do first, but after that smile yay.

ssmile Tue 05-Jun-12 19:18:23

feralgirl wow well done mini feral fingers Xed its the start of good things to come.

100 gd news on your work hours hope the course goes ok. Do you go back in Aug?

Mixed night ere, baby only woke 11pm for feed, was unsettled 4-5am but I didn't feed her and she slept in till 7.30!! Alas I was awake most of the night with this horrid virus, fever, streaming nose and eyes and nonstop sneezing this is Day4 of feeling awful bloody hope it starts to ease up abit tom as DH back at work tom and I'm on my own with the non stop question asking five yr old and baby who is pulling herself up on everything and managed a solo stand up in room earlier much to our surprise before toppling over 1sec later banging her head and howling in surprise.

We are making some progress with formula in a cup. Three days in a row I've "missed" her 11amish breastfeed and she had around 40ml of formula instead. I've got sore boobs though, she also only had 1-2min feed at 2pm after lunch&cup, with big feed around 4pm,so she had gone from 9am -4pm with out a big BF couple of days now.

Hope you all had gd jubilee weekend.

candr Tue 05-Jun-12 19:24:36

Feral that is brill, long may it continue. DS was a bit better last night as took him round to jubilee party in park till 8.00 so didn't get bottle till 8.15 then next one at 11.30. He woke at 12 and shouted for 45 min then slept till 3, in bed with me for feed and slept till 7.30. Love having him with me but need to get more will power to get him back to sleep in cot without feeding.
100, good news about job, hope the course is not too bad. Can't believe I have had nearly a year off work. The kids at school seem to have shot up in size - they love seeing him when we visit.
Bought DS some more toy cars today as he is playing with his one loads. Got a little garage but he pulled it apart and kept throwing the cars off it - maybe still too young?
Hope you all had some Jubilee fun smile

100years Tue 05-Jun-12 20:09:29

Ssmile, Well I'm supposed to, but there will be some annual leave to take. It'll be really funny, finishing maternity leave and then starting annual leave, I feel like that's taking the pi55 a little bit! Oh I hope your virus eases off soon. Great on the solo standing smile

Oh yeah feral, seeing as our two seem to do everything the same maybe I'll be lucky with 12 hours tonight I should be so lucky

Candr, I ought to buy some new toys for my LO, she's only had 2 new age related toys in the past few months, the rest are all kind of suitable from birth types, I now feel a bit bad. Good luck with the nights not feeding.

My LO is eating more now, so I think it won't be long before I start dropping feeds, hopefully those will be night time ones.

ssmile Tue 05-Jun-12 20:35:46

1oo hope you can make the most of the hols, second time around I'm making the most of having 12mths annual leave to use in 6mths by hopefully covering most of DD1 school holidays sad it is a flipping nightmare when they start school compared to nursery. She has 13wks off school and I get 5wks A/L let alone the endless days off for bugs when they little, its amazing any parents work I think. I'm slightly dreading it as 80% of the mums I know that work use grandparents as childcare and I don't have that option. My DH has an equally full on job but I know its me that has to work out all the logistics Hohum I'm sure it will sort itself out somehow.

My Lo loves the saucepan cupboard and apron/teatowels draw. I did this with DD1 made one cupboard and one draw "safe" in the kitchen and she could get out what she liked and play to her hearts content on the condition she stayed out of all the other cupboards&drawers. It did work after a few No's when she went exploring smile

100years Tue 05-Jun-12 21:05:35

Yeah we don't have the family option close to us, that was a big factor in when I work.

Our LO isn't yet 'allowed' to explore the kitchen, I'm sure it won't be long.

feralgirl Tue 05-Jun-12 21:50:31

YY to the "allowed" drawer in the kitchen. DD particularly likes my silicon cooking tools and she's a grade 8 saucepan drummer!

Great news on the job 100. Do you have a toy library near you? Ours was great with DS but I haven't used it much with DD as we have so much now. The toy library's brill for bringing home all the noisy plastic crap that you wouldn't really want to clutter up your house with permanently and it means that, when you get to the point where you want to hide a toy because it's doing your head in, you can just take it back!

100years Tue 05-Jun-12 22:02:36

I've never heard of them feral. I'll have a look around. I am in Birmingham after all, so surely we've got something like that.

sebs71 Thu 07-Jun-12 07:09:59

Just a quick one to say still here, but been quite busy! Can't believe getting married tomorrow... it's come around so quickly, but then only started organising in March! Typical, weather forecast looks awful, but nevermind!

Toy library sounds such a good idea... but doubt anything like that round here.

100 - well done on getting the hours you wanted for work.

Good idea on a safe drawer - LO isn't quite at that stage yet, except at my Dad's house as she has a walker there, and shoots up and down the lounge, but mainly heads towards a sideboard, and keeps aiming for the drawers. Going to have to baby proof those quickly!

Well, day of cleaning and tidying the house (got guests staying here tomorrow night) and making lists of what we need to take tomorrow to the wedding... all centred round LO!! I'm going to get ready at a friend's, so leaving LO with DH2B, so can see lists/instructions/clothes left out etc etc grin

Right, best go and shower and start the day (DH2B left at 6am with DSS to go to Eistedfodd as he's competing in a choir). Lots to do... <closes computer down, whilst singing "Who's getting married in the morning..."> grin

sarahseager Thu 07-Jun-12 07:29:36

Ah how exciting Sebs! I have been rubbish at posting lately as so busy but just wanted to wish you a wonderful wedding day! grin

You sound so excited and also organised! Hope you have a magical day, look forward to seeing the pictures! xx

100years Thu 07-Jun-12 12:52:12

Aw sebs, that's great stuff. It's come round really quickly. smile I hope you have a fab day and what bit you are outside is nice and dry. "sebs is getting married in the morning" tra la la smile

ssmile Thu 07-Jun-12 14:23:48

Hope you have a wonderful day sebs and the sun shines all day long. It's supposed to better down ere so will keep fingers crossed for you x

LookAtHerGo Thu 07-Jun-12 19:10:32

Hey ladies. I've had a little name change, because I have some news....

I'm a regular in here, and I'd be happy to share with any of you who I am, but I'm not posting it, although it might be easy to work out if you know how to look. Anyway....

I am in possession of 5 HPTs with 2 lines on them. The first 2 are very faint, but the line is getting stronger. It's very early early days yet, but keeping my fingers crossed I'm all nice and sticky inside and that I don't get sick again.

Baby number 2, hopefully due early to mid February. smile

I'm never going to get a full nights sleep again am I? faints

Oh and if you know who I am and know me on FB please say nothing. It's definitely not common knowledge smile only between 4 and 6 weeks, not sure as cycles not regular.

LookAtHerGo Thu 07-Jun-12 19:30:53

I have a question. Now I'm still bf, but I have a few nights out planned and I'm not about to start expressing on the off chance of my LO wanting a feed while I'm out. I'm going to get in a carton of formula in case she needs some milk. Do I have to get the 6 month plus stuff? Or is the normal 'infant' up to 6 months ok for a one or two off?

Expressing for me would mean starting from scratch, not sure how much I'd get, only get chance to do it after she's gone to bed and I also need to scald the milk because of lipase making it go soapy. So it's a big thing expressing, and I can't really be bothered to start it all again if she doesn't need it while I'm out.

feralgirl Thu 07-Jun-12 22:03:57

Yaaaaayyyy Sebs, I can't wait for the pics. Have a lovely lovely lovely day smile

Look, huuuge congratulations to you (esp if I can figure out who you are/ were confused)

I have been totally slack with expressing and DD just has formula when I'm at work as I really CBA. Personally, there is no point in me expressing at the end of the day, I have to do it in the morning if I'm going to bother. Our LOs are 9mo and so ime there's a pretty strong chance that they'll turn up their noses at any hard-won EBM as they'll be full of food (this is what DS did angry).

I think I remember reading that there's not really any extra benefit in giving them 6mo+ formula as opposed to normal, it just has some extra bulking agent in and they should be getting what they need from food anyway. The only positive to it is that you can buy it on offer as it's not a BF substitute once they're over 6mo.

LookAtHerGo Thu 07-Jun-12 22:48:52

Ah brilliant I'll have a look at cartons tomorrow smile I might even get my dh2b to try some at the weekend, so I can have a rest wink

ssmile Fri 08-Jun-12 07:02:50

Many congrats LookAtHerGo smile hope this pregnancy goes well and you don't feel so old this time.

I've been trying with the formula cartons apatamil 3 there's supposed to be extra Iron in the level 3 milks I think.

Got to get packing today off on hols tom grin can't wait we all in need of some R&R and my eldest is just SO excited that the holiday cottage has stairs! We don't ere grin sod the fact it overlooks the sea, no she wants to play on the stairs.

LookAtHerGo Fri 08-Jun-12 09:39:24

Thanks ssmile smile I'll look at the aptimil. I'm kind of against SMA as they've been bought by Nestlé, no offence to anyone who uses it, just my personal thoughts on the matter. So I'll be trying to steer clear of SMA.

Enjoy your holiday smile

candr Fri 08-Jun-12 18:34:43

Huge congrats Look (not sure who you are) but keeping fingers crossed for you.
Sebs, I hope you had a magical day today and the sun shone at least for parts of it.
Feral, LO has his own 'plastics' drawer that he can reach from walker and throw every item out around the kitchen. Also have safe and dangerous cupboards so need to get locks sorted.
We have a toy library here run by the sure start centre. Is 50p for small or £1 for big toy for a month so great for trialling those bigger toys you are not sure they will like.
Am working hard on DS sleeping to get to self settle. Seeing some improvement but also trying to wean of bf as he bites a lot and has become a game for him. Would def help if DH did the same as me but he still tries all sorts of things to get him to stop crying like nappy change etc which is a pita as makes my hard work useless.
Ssmile, have a lovely holiday. I would lov to go away somewhere as have only been to inlaws for short visits since last summer and they are only an hour or so away.

feralgirl Mon 11-Jun-12 20:42:25

Hi all, hope you are all well. Just on to have a moan about the fact that DD was up at 3.30 this morning for an hour and a bit and then I didn't get back to sleep again until gone 5 sad so am totally shattered today.

DH is dealing with her during the night now and when I went in to her this morning and changed her nappy she had a horrible big dry poo in there that had obviously been what had kept her awake sad so clearly he hadn't checked properly. I had to try so hard not to have a go at him as he was knackered too and in a hideous mood. I just don't get how he can not check her nappy when she's awake and grizzling for over an hour angry If I go to her at night then she just gets really angry because I'm not BFing her so it really is DH's responsibility now that he's on leave, it just irritates me when he doesn't do something as obvious as change a nappy.

So clearly DD's brilliant night of full sleep was just a fluke. I was talking to a friend last night whose DD slept through from three weeks envy Conversely I was talking to a colleague today whose son was four years old before he slept through shock I realise that Ssmile is a veteran of sleep deprivation but just the idea of another 3 years of crap nights sends a shiver down my spine!

sarahseager Tue 12-Jun-12 20:04:56

Hi feral,

Just wanted to post for solidarity.

Our nights aren't great either and it's so hard now I'm back at work, my eyes have been so heavy the past couple of days and I look like I've been punched as my eyebags are so dark! smile

My lo has recently started crawling and pulling herself up and because of this she seems to want to practice at night, she's been sitting up in her sleep for about a week now and waking herself up! hmm This would be fine if she went back to sleep but that hasn't been so easy either, we've had a fair few mornings where no sleep has been had past 4am!!! I'm hoping this is a phase confused

I've pretty much knocked bf on the head too as she was biting me and laughing and I just wasn't sure of how much milk she was taking anymore. She now has bf in the morning and bottle about 11am and then bottle before bed, feel like it was the right time to wind down and stop bf and she seems happy with it too and still nice and cuddly!

Sending sleep dust to you all and big hugs xx grin

LookAtHerGo Tue 12-Jun-12 21:09:52

Thanks Candr smile we're currently trying the self settli thing too, first night it was 90 mins and I had to feed her in that time, last night 60 mins and I think about half an hour this evening, I also (me the bf mummy of said child) gave her a bottle of formula and much as she played with it a bit, biting the test she took 5oz of it. I was more surprised she had any considering it was me giving it her. She's also been biting me a bit more recently, it's hard work trying to stop it and it blinking hurts.

Aw feral. What a sucky time for you. One of my OH's sayings is 'have you checked her bum?' I am currently at the, LO isn't sleeping through yet. She might not for ages, by which time I'll (hopefully things stick in me) be too big to sleep myself then number 2 will arrive, so it's start all again!

Aw. Sarah, great for her moving, but not for the practise in the middle of the night. I think they all do it at various points.

Well, my LO is biting me more, gah, my boobs feel a bit deflated, so I'm not sure whether early pg is affecting my supply. I think I was through to her 6 or 7 times in the night last night. I think some of it was for comfort though. I need my sleep.

feralgirl Tue 12-Jun-12 21:32:37

sad Look, I feel rubbish for moaning now as I can't imagine being early-stage-pg + up with a baby. It must be rough.

And YY to the eye bags Sarah, mine are more like suitcases!

However DD never fails to be contrary as hell and slept through again last night. Not a murmur from 7.30 - 7.30. I just don't geddit confused How do I make sure that it happens again? What did we do 'right' last night ffs?

LookAtHerGo Tue 12-Jun-12 21:47:50

Oh gosh feral, please don't feel like that at all. Pg or not wakeful nights suck. Great on the sleeping through last night smile when you've figured it out, please let me know.

LO is out of sorts. 4 pooey nappies, a snotty nose, mucho tears, weird playing with both ears, has a couple of spots, so I'm not sure if teeth are an issue, if she's getting the pox, or if she's got a tummy bug or ear infection. Her drooling has gone up a notch again, so I'm thinking it might be teeth again.

sarahseager Tue 12-Jun-12 21:48:21

I forgot to say congratulations look grin

I think I know who you are now too wink

It all sounds very exciting, I remember you saying how you would be pleased if it happened quite soon after first lo. So happy for you xx

sarahseager Tue 12-Jun-12 21:49:41

P.S how do you go about self settling? My lo has done this a handful of times but as a rule will scream and scream until I go to her and I don't think I'm cut out for controller crying confused

candr Tue 12-Jun-12 22:07:17

Look, were you something to eat? - still trying to work it out. Hope LO feels better soon, must be rough for you.
Yay Feral, 2 nights is better than none. We had to go in about 15 times tonight and he seems so tired he doesn't know what he wants. You pick him up he wants to lie down and vice versa. Put him down at 7.15 and he eventually fell asleep at 9. Could not cope if was pg too. Have considered sleeping on his floor to try and keep him asleep in cot but feel he needs to do it without me.
We now have hand clapping and taught him how to kick a ball the other day which is very cute. Love the fact he is copying things now and trying them out on his own.
Sarah, have really dropped feeding but woke up the other night as full as when DS was tiny, forgot how much it hurt but I think it was as we had fallen asleep curled on sofa he fed on and off for 1.5 hours - seems to have boosted supply. He gets bottle now before naps when at home and bf after lunch if I really need a nap, bf at 1am ish and from 5 onwards as he is in bed with us by then and has started 'helping himself' grin

LookAtHerGo Tue 12-Jun-12 22:31:10

Thanks Sarah. I'm doing a version of this I'm not leaving her alone in the room. But I'm leaving her in her cot unless she starts bawling. Winging or moany cries I leave I'm her cot, soothe her with a pat or hand on her tum, proper cries she gets settled until she's calm enough to go back down. I won't leave her, I'm not cut out for CC either. I'm hoping it will work, day 3 has seen a quicker self settling, but she's still woken up since. But I'm still feeding and soothing in the night. Although when I went through before I changed her bum and put her down again and left her till she slept. OH actually sat by the cot this evening with me in there, so she settled for him.

Thanks Candr. I'll pm you smile clapping is ace isn't it. They seem so pleased with themselves when they do it.

My LO clapped while stood not holding on yesterday. Multi tasking child! Whoa.

LookAtHerGo Tue 12-Jun-12 22:39:15

Oh yes, my LO does a lot of standing in her cot before she lays down. And I have to lie her down a few times before she thinks oh I'll lie here and suck my thumb. But I just let her do it for a while, just gradually reminding her to lie down.

I'm hoping it works for us long term. Time will tell.

thenewMrsL Wed 13-Jun-12 19:25:21

Firstly... quick catch up... (it's sebs71 by the way... just a temporary change of name!!)

ssmile - hope you're having a great holiday.

LookatHerGo - look at you go!! I'm pretty sure I know who you are... and a BIG congratulations to you grin grin Hope all ok, and remember to take it easy as much as you can!!! Not easy, I know!

Feral and everyone with sleep issues - right there with you, as always. But, some nights are definitely better than others - with NO idea either as to why. Wish we could also work out why, but then I guess I have nights when I don't sleep well, so even as adults there's no structure to it either.

Sarah - re the settling / CC thing. I hated trying the CC thing - our HV suggested it. In the end, I've settled for a compromise. We put her in her cot awake, let her cuddle her soft toys (she has a special one, "Magic Millie", a cute pink doggy!!) put dummy in and then I sit on the window sill (it's a small room - no room for a chair!) and just wait, and wait, and wait sometimes, for her to drop off. Some nights it's straightaway, sometimes 5 minutes sometimes can take an hour! Yay for my Kindle! Last week, because it was half term and DH (YAY - but more on that later) and kids were home, her sleeping and napping got worse - overstimulated and excited I reckon. This week, with routine and back to normal, it's better.

If she cries, we're there on hand to soothe her, but try not to pick her up (unless she looks distressed). It took a while but it now works. HV was trying to get me to start walking out the room whilst she's awake, but I reckon this works for us, I'm happy with it, let's leave well alone. She still doesn't settle herself during the night very well though sad

So... the wedding was great! Had such a fab day, enjoyed every minute. Weather was ... well, ok! Was forecast for constant rain, but it was only showers, and we managed a few photos outside by the (raging) river! Was windy and cold though! But, venue was gorgeous, food delicious, and everyone got one so well - despite about 3 couples not knowing each other. There were 37 of us (including 4 babies) and I thought it was just about the right number. Was a very relaxed and informal day - I was still making decisions throughout the day as to what was happening next. And, we got DH's mate to make a toast and only asked him 5 minutes beforehand! I made a speech (you couldn't shut me up on my wedding day) although DH had to fill in for me when I became overwhelmed trying to toast those not present (i.e. my mum and DH's brother). All babies were well behaved and LO sooo cute! My friend came with his 6 week old son - oh, were they ever really that small??? But fab fab fab day, loved it. grin grin

All back to normal now - we had a 5 hour honeymoon on Sunday - went for a ride to Llyn Celyn and passed Snowdon and had a picnic with LO!

Still sorting photos - I asked everyone to take, and pass on memory sticks etc. So, will post on here soon!

Right, reality bites - LO back from walk with DH (love using that now) and time for bath and bed!!

Sleep dust all !

thenewMrsL Wed 13-Jun-12 19:27:45

Oh, and yes, clapping is brilliant grin LO was clapping away at all the guests during the meal - all very impressed with her! She'd only just learnt to do it to verbal instructions (i.e. just saying "clap clap clap" at her!) so friends were loving it! So she does high 5 one hand, then the other, then claps - but can't get her to put hands in the air yet... !!!

candr Wed 13-Jun-12 19:48:59

TheNewMrs - so glad you had a great day. Is exciting waiting for the pics so you can spot things you hadn't noticed on the day. Takes a while to get used to saying Mrs and husband but lovely.
Am now logging the sleep/wakings/milk/no of times to settle etc to see which bits are working and what we need to change. Didn't wake him for 10pm bottle and he woke at 12.40 for it but had taken 2 hours to get to sleep so that wasn't till 9pm - still is an improvement.
DS clapped all day today including with handfuls of food which was messy. He also did first wave goodbye to DH this morning which made his day smile
Look, would love DS to choose a cuddly or lie with thumb in but he prefers screaming bloody murder grin
Good luck all round tonight.

sarahseager Wed 13-Jun-12 20:52:48

Yippee thenewmrsl - so excited to hear about your day! Sounds wonderful and lovely amount of people. We're hoping to get married in Santorini next year and will have a party of about 40 hopefully.

Loving the window sill technique, think I might try just sitting there for as long it takes. Do you have to avoid eye contact unless she needs soothing? The trouble I have is that she falls asleep with night time bottle so would need to wake her up, or if I try and put her down awake she screams straight away! Have to start at some point tho! hmm

candr we kind of have hand clapping too, one fist is closed tho! smile it's very cute!

One of our favourite achievements is that lo now gives kisses, they are kind of open mouthed licks but when we ask for a kiss she will lean in and give us one! grin So amazing when they start understanding words!

thenewMrsL Thu 14-Jun-12 09:46:19

Thanks Candr and Sarah... Sarah - your wedding sounds like it will be gorgeous - what a location!!!! Bet you get guaranteed better weather too!!! grin

Yes, I try and avoid eye contact, so once she's in bed, I'll just say goodnight, give her a kiss, then settle down on the sill, reading my kindle! She occasionally cries, and I'll get up, soothe her, give her back her dummy, then sit down. Very occasionally, I'll pick her up and wind her, but again, straight back down. At the start, she always cried too, which is why I stayed in the room. You could start with putting her down, then leaning over soothing her. If you do pick her up, make it quick cuddle and down. Then few nights later, try just standing there so she can see you. Then few nights later, move further away - they say to sit next to the cot at the start, then few nights later, move the chair further away etc - we just don't have the room for that, hence the window sill!!!

Maybe try give the night time bottle earlier, so she won't fall asleep - and aim to put her to bed awake. I don't know, it's so hard... so many things to try and you just have to find what works for you and LO I guess.

Last night, DH stayed with her for about 20 minutes, but she wasn't for settling, so he left her, and within 5 minutes she was asleep! So, maybe she didn't want his company!!!

Good luck, anyway... and cute on the kissing front!!!

candr Thu 14-Jun-12 19:50:15

Oooh! I really want DS to start kissing. Unfortunatly he leans forward with mouth open ready to sink teeth in (in a friendly way with big smile). Am trying to teach 'no biting' but he doesn't really seem to get it as he can bite toys, food, cup etc but not people or other items.
Had some success last night. DS down by 7.15 and didn't wake till 9.40 (had 4oz), 12.30 (bf), 4.30 (small bf) and up at 7.
Has been down nearly an hour with no noise yet so am hoping we are over the 2 hour battles to get him asleep. (bet I have jinxed it now grin)
Sarah, I have a stool that I tried sitting and reading on with the aim of edging out of the room over a few days but he seems more distressed if I am in the room.

ssmile Sat 16-Jun-12 14:35:42

Hello back from our very wet and gail force windy hols was SO glad we upgraded from usual caravan to a cottage this time I fear we might have blown away otherwise grin still we made the best of it and its just nice to get away from home for a change of scenery. The obligatury wasgij puzzle was completed as is now our tradition DH&I usually spend about 4days doing it, it just sits on the table with us taking it in turns to do between childcare smile Lo loved the stairs and kept trying to constantly climb up them, plus she has seriously found her "I WANT THAT!" Screech if we take something from her she really wants. Eldest DD1 rode her bike for first time properly with out her stabilizers which was a very proud mummy moment. We had tried at Xmas but she was too wobbly but this hols she rode good 500m+ to end of lane and back.

Hope those battling sleep problems can keep trying. We tried the gradual retreat chair in room technique lots of times with our eldest with mixed results, even slept on her bedroom floor, then our hallway for months (gradually retreating!) anything to get some rest. So you all have my heart felt sympathy.
I made some progress dropping breast feeding in the day time, feeding after breakfast at 9am then offering beaker formula through the day and not breastfeeding again until after dinner 5.30-6pm. Babe started to eat more solids but Still only taking 60mls of formula in cup. Once I've had couple of good sleeps I'm going to be brave and try switch bedtime breastfeed for cup, I think this will be a lot harder, but so far its taken 3-4days for babe to be comfortable with each feed I've switched.

Right off to tackle washing mountain.

Hope all the new daddies enjoy their first D-day tomorrow smile

feralgirl Sat 16-Jun-12 17:28:46

Yay MrsL, that sounds like such a lovely day. I'm so glad the weather was OK for you.

And I'm glad you had a nice hol Ssmile, hurrah for the bike riding, that is such a huge milestone smile

Well, our sleep has gone from bad to worse this week and is now pretty unbearable. Apart from the random full night on Monday, DD has woken at 3am-ish most nights and then alternated between screaming and grizzling for 2-3 hours while DH and I bitch at each other about the best way to deal with it sad On Thursday she woke at 1.15 and DH had to go to her three times before she finally dropped off for proper at 5am (I slept in the living room on the futon as I was due to have a full-on day at work on Friday so I did get a reasonable kip).

Then last night we went over to my mum's so DD can get used to spending nights there before DH and I go on holiday without her in July. My mum was convinced that she was going to deal with her and DD woke at midnight, chirpy as you like, and my mum gave her a bottle. It all went downhill from there and in the end, after having an argument with DH, I drove home at 1.45 and slept at our house leaving him to deal with DD.

So when I went back there in the morning to help with breakfast, my mum was all pissy with me and made me feel even more guilty for leaving the DCs there while I went home and got 4 hours kip. I feel thoroughly shit because DH is getting way more support from his mum and my parents than I ever did with DS or with DD, despite the fact that I have only had a couple of full nights' sleep in 9 months and he's only been doing the nights for a few weeks.

DH got a lovely long lie in this morning while I have looked after the DCs and done school work so I am feeling very sorry for myself and totally hard done by! I know this is just because I'm so tired and that is making me all melodramatic so I'm sorry that I've just whinged and ranted [*]

And he'll get another lie in and breakfast in bed tomorrow too!

But thanks loads for that gradual withdrawal plan Look, DH says that he likes the idea of it much more than the CC that we had been planning. Think we'll start on it tonight so I'll let you all know how it goes.

LookAtHerGo Sat 16-Jun-12 21:12:30

Sorry, I've been a bit AWOL. Busy week, coupled with LO having a virus (still got it) and me getting an ear infection.

Yay congratulations thenewMrsL smile brilliant stuff. Really happy for you. Is it all different now you are married or is everything the same?

If the little bean sticks in me then I think we will start planning the wedding after the 20 weeks scan. Not to get married while I'm pg, more like end of next year, beginning of the following year, but I've got a good few weeks to go before we do start talking properly.

Mixed results from the self settling. She has been more settled through the night so I think if she rouses slightly she will drift back off, but will now wake if she's hungry. This evening she went down quite quickly, but it's been mixed so far this week with a couple of proper screaming episodes. sad but I'm hopeful it will get better. It hasn't helped that she's not 100% and that we had an hour long car journey the one day at 7pm so that screwed it up really, so might have been back at square one again last night. But like I said tonight was much better. I've not yet braved moving far from the cot yet, and I'm not doing daytime naps yet, but I'm sure we'll get there. Hope it works for you feral smile

Nearly passed out this morning, never done that before with an ear infection before, so I don't know if it's a pg thing or a combination of both. it was a case of get onto the floor or fall down!

ssmile Sun 17-Jun-12 06:44:59

feralgirl hugs I read your post partially out to my DH ooh it bought back memories. We never argued at all until our DD1 arrived and SO often was awake 1-5am in the night, night after night for years. Sleep deprivation sends you mad, so huge hugs. All I can offer in comfort is that the baby is proberly wired that way, you will eventually get through it but just do what you need to survive. I found it easier once I accepted that was what she was going to do it wasn't my fault or DH, so we had to grab naps, rest whenever we could. Even 15mins nap/shut down sitting in my car at work on lunch break. We are both hugely grateful this second baby is a lot easier but equally I've been a lot tougher mummy and have just left her to cry on occasions as she does go to sleep within 20min max most times our eldest just never did.

LookAtHerGo hope you and baby feel better soon. I had awful virus that had same effect on me, sit down or pass out. It was horrid, I really hope with pregnancy you can get some rest and help with baby.

Well I resisted feeding baby at 2am as I had given in abit for peace on hols and she resettled in 5mins and then slept till 5.50am smile she seems to do a 7-8hr stretch between breast feeds but not longer at moment.

Some * advice please * what do you do in your bedtime routine when bottle/cup feeding? I want to get DH to try for 3nights in a row to put baby to sleep with a cup (to break association with me&BF), but we also thought it was good time to introduce a bedtime story as she is showing an interest now in books. Before she just chewed them but now will actually look &listen abit. So to break the BF to sleep cuddle we have now we thought a cuddle, cup and story would be nice. How long does your Lo take to drink a cup and how much formula? I normal BF for anything from 10-30mins so I've got no idea on formula feeding timing as during the day she plays with the cup takes sips mostly not a concentrate and drink feed.

feralgirl Sun 17-Jun-12 13:59:16

Thanks for hugs Ssmile; I need them today! Sorry, I am def not the person to give advice on formulas/ cups/ bottles as DD is perfectly happy to have a cup when I'm at work but as soon as she knows I'm in the building then she is like a limpet on me!

Well, so much for any kind of sleep plan. I BF'd DD last night as usual and then put her in her bed and she went absolutely bonkers. Screaming and screaming and screaming, while I sat in the chair holding her hand and shushing her. Honestly, it's even worse than listening to her cry from the outside of her room because when I'm in there then I can see how miserable she is sad So after 40 mins of that, I was crying almost as much as she was and I walked out of her room and sat on the stairs as I really couldn't take it any longer.

I realised that actually, the only reason that we are doing any of this sleep training at all is so that DH and I can go on this stupid holiday - which isn't even a holiday, it's two days in Sorrento at a friend's wedding, where DH is working as photographer and I know no one else - and my parents can look after DD and DS while we're gone. If we weren't going then I could just BF her in the night, have her in with me when necessary and basically just follow my instincts and get more sleep as a result; clearly she's not ready to be completely away from me in the night so why should she just for the sake of a trip that I don't particularly want to go on?

So when she woke last night I let her grizzle for 10 mins and, first time, she settled herself and second time I went in and fed her and she went straight back to sleep. I didn't go back to sleep as clearly my body clock is so messed up that it feels normal to be awake from 3am - 5am but at least we weren't all listening to DD howl for hours.

I know that I cannot stand another fortnight like the one we've just had as I am so exhausted that the idea of work tomorrow is making me want to cry. I need to be able to drive to school every day without causing a horrible accident so if that means that I don't get to go to Italy then so be it. I feel much better now that I have made this decision and DH has finally accepted that I mean it when I say that I don't particularly want to go. Telling our friends will be hard but they'll have kids soon so then they'll understand!

Sorry, done two massive me, me, me posts in the last 24 hours; it just helps to come on here and get it all out though!

xxx to all the dads out there; DH has had a lovely day today!

LookAtHerGo Sun 17-Jun-12 15:46:09

Thanks Ssmile. LO is a snot monster and I'm still wonky, but I'm sure we will be OK. Going to try and rest this week when we can, and I think I will cancel our swimming lesson this week and put it back a week. Re the cup/formula, I have no idea, like yours, my LO doesn't really drink much from a cup, its weird, she will have a couple of sips after food, but that's it really. I'm hoping to try giving her some formula in a cup. Even when we have given formula (in a bottle) she will wake up an hour later and want feeding from me! I don't know what will happen when I'm actually out of the house!

Aw feral, thats a tough decision, but I'm glad you feel happier with it. smile IT is horrible being next to them when they are screaming. I myself know LO has a couple of distinct cries, if it's a whinge I'll leave her and shhh her, when she gets into screaming not happy something wrong then I pick her up. We've only been doing it a week so far though. But I will be soon working when it is her bedtime and so we need to get her very used to this before the time comes. I don't want to be trying this in a months time and realising we have left it too late.

candr Sun 17-Jun-12 19:27:44

Feral. Yet agin our LO are mirroring each other. Have had some good nights where he stays asleep till midnight ish and will sleep again after bottle but ends up in bed by 4.30, others he screams for 2 hours going down and then won't sleep after feeds either. I put a post on parenting about it as DH and I talked and said that we would rather DS came into bed with us if it is after 12pm than I spend 2 hours with screaming baby.
He gets so worked up he can't calm himself even with me there and even when he does seem to be asleep as soon as I leave room he screams again and I was becoming a stressed zombie. (DH doesn't 'do' night wakings)
Basically I have realsied that he may not be great at sleeping on his own as he wants to be with us for 2nd half of the night but it is everyone else telling me it is a problem that makes it one. If we are fine with him in our bed then it is not a 'problem'.
I am sure that as he gets older he will sleep for longer in his own room or will understand better that he should stay there. Give yourselves a break and do what works for you not what everyone else says you should be doing. It feels like a weight off my shoulders knowing I am not doing something bad by having him in bed.
Ssmile, I started giving DS bottles during the day and some bf so he got used to them as he was feeding less from me during day anyway. I try to give him long bf after lunch some days so we can both nap on sofa. He has bottles at bedtime and whenever he next wakes for feed then I bf if he needs more thn that but that is also less than it used to be.
He is going on to a timetable of bottles at 9.30 (4oz then nap) 11.00 (6oz if needed), 3.00/4.00 (4oz then nap), 7.00 (6oz then sleep), 11.00 (5oz and reducing it slowly )or whenever he wakes as it is in thermos in room. He is taking to it well but I still feed occassionally as feel I am not quite ready to give it up though the biting has got worse. I think it is when he doesn't really need the milk and just starts playing.
Look, hope you are feeling better. Ear infections are rotten and every illness seems worse when you are pg.
Good luck tonight all

feralgirl Sun 17-Jun-12 20:06:35

Sorry Look, I was too busy moaning to register that you'd been really ill! I hope that you and DD are getting better now?

Diet schmiet; DH has just gone out to get take away for us as his father's day treat grin

ssmile Mon 18-Jun-12 08:15:34

feralgirl I hope not going to Italy helps with stress levels,and you can just do what feels right with sleep.
candr sounds like you doing the same. I wish we had been so sensible with our first. We wasted months trying to get our DD1 to sleep as we thought it was the right thing to do, where as actually it was utter stressful waste of time I think with hindsight! Looking back we must have spent the best part of TWO years trying to get her to sleep in her bed&bedroom overnight from 2.5yrs - 4.5yrs whereas I wish we had just done what my sister did and make a middle of the night bed next to our bed for her to sleep in. Instead we slept next to her on the floor. But the one thing I can say our holidays was great as our eldest slept alone in a double bed in her own room in the cottage for 11hrs straight, a fantastic first for us all smile

Right best go to school....happy Monday all hope u had some sleep last night

thenewMrsL Mon 18-Jun-12 17:12:34

Look - hope you are feeling better, and DD too.
Feral - I think your decision makes a load of sense, and I hope you do what feels right. DH is going to Houston in July with work, and asked if I wanted to go too. Everyone was saying how wonderful it would be, but I just thought "10 hour flight with 10 month old, being stuck there in the day with her - in heat and humidity - what's to like???" So definitely not going.
Candr - good attitude! I think we're doing something very similar. She stays in her bed as long as possible, but there usually comes a point when we bring her into our bed, and she stays the rest of the time with us. Works for us ... we all get fairly goodish sleep - and some nights she stays there longer than others (i.e. anytime from midnight to on rare occasions 6am!!). And Ssmile what a great idea to make a baby bed in their bedroom... might consider something similar if our LO continues in this vain, but only in the future. We might just have enough room at the end of the bed!

Ssmile - not sure if this helps. Our LO has been bottle fed since about 10 weeks old, so obviously well used to it. Her bedtime routine is currently bath, then a bottle (from 150ml / 5floz to 180ml/6floz depending on how much she's had in the day) and then up to bed. She takes about 5 minutes on the bottle, but we don't give her milk in a cup - I give her water or water/juice in a lidded cup with her meals. I'm still giving her milk in bottles though.

Well, DH left 5am off to Algeria again - back on Wednesday evening or Thursday. Done a tonne of cooking for LO and then a choc. cake for DSD's sports day tomorrow - bit early for a sports day, but I think the weather will be ok, so hopefully it'll go ahead. Been one of those haven't stopped kind of days - just having 15 mins sit down on the laptop until I start making tea.

Hope everyone has good sleeps tonight!

feralgirl Mon 18-Jun-12 20:03:23

Good effort on the baking MrsL but sad for no MrL for a bit. Our school sports day is next Monday too; I can't wait, it's always a brilliant day (weather permitting). Are you going along to watch?

I like the idea of a little camp bed for non-sleeping Los too Ssmile, we've never needed it for DS fortunately but I'm beginning to wonder about DD! I was thinking fondly last night about how easy it was when her cot was in our room and am tempted to bring it back in again until this current phase is over!

However clearly she is feeling a bit more secure as she only woke once last night at 11pm and then slept from 11.30 - 6.30 so I got 7 hours uninterrupted sleep which was just blissful! I can cope with her waking once and then going straight back to sleep, especially since she seems to be having a proper feed each time so she's obvs not yet quite ready to go 12 hours with no milk.

thenewMrsL Tue 19-Jun-12 16:58:16

Ooh, Feral, that's a lovely sleep! Well done!

Yes, went along to Sports Day - weather wa great, sunny all the way through, and just on the walk home it started to cloud over and rain! DSD did well - won the egg and spoon and the flat race! And, her house won, so she was happy! Soooo sweet seeing the nursery ones in the dress up race.

Well, LO has a new way of getting around - her crawling skills are a bit rubbish, but she's started to bump around on her bum! She's pretty good at it, and moves around pretty well, so me thinks she'll be a bottom shuffler - just like her mum! (Although, I had clicky hips and wore 2 nappies at once, so had extra padding!)

feralgirl Tue 19-Jun-12 21:14:16

Hee hee, DS was a bum-shuffler until he was 18mo. It was such an efficient way of getting around that he just couldn't be arsed to walk! Drove me bonkers after a while as I was lugging a toddler + shopping from car to house and I bloody knew that he was capable of walking if he'd just put his mind to it!

Glad sports day was fun smile I'm gutted that, as a teacher, I'm probably never going to be able to go to either of my DC's sports days sad Unless I have another baby that is and time it for my mat leave to be in the summer...

cakeismysaviour Wed 20-Jun-12 14:16:42

Hello, again. smile

How are you all? We have moved house since I last looked in here.

DS is very well and is into everything at the moment! His crawling skills are excellent and he seems determined to explore every nook and cranny! I took my eyes off him for literally two seconds the other day and he opened a kitchen cupboard, climbed inside and shut the door!

I am also very pregnant now (29 weeks tomorrow) and my bump is pretty much as big now as it was at 35ish weeks last time.

Is it just me, or is it bloody boiling at the moment? DP says it isn't so bad, but he is not a 'hot person' anyway. I am clammy, sticky and hot, all day and all night at the moment! I have just ordered a fan online and DS is sat just in his nappy.

I was going to say something else, but I have forgotten what....

<glugs ice cold water and wipes brow>

ssmile Fri 22-Jun-12 09:41:27

Grrr twice written a post &phone crashed turned itself off oh dear i hope its not broken I can't live without my phone I love it smile
cake hope you settled in new home and pregnancy goes ok. I'm in vest, tshirt and fleece today so not its not hot in Devon brrrr.
feralgirl& MrsL we got sports day on tues, my first as a mum oooh er just hope babe behaves and they let me in with her. I had hoped to meet DD1 new yr1 teacher today and tour her classroom for next year but no siblings allowed not even baby in sling, so I can't go as I've got no one to watch her as other mums going too. It's just frustrating having all this time off work but can do virtually nothing with eldest at school as have baby sad

We had mixed week, baby yet another snotty nose bug, grrrr fed up with them barely a week gone by since Xmas and someone in the house not ill. So very mixed sleep, I had hoped to ramp down BF at night but if anything its gone up again this week.

Off to meet friend at park today so hope weather is kind. hope you all have happy Fridays.

candr Fri 22-Jun-12 21:39:21

Cake, time seems to be moving fast for you on here but I remember it starting to drag around the 29w mark so hope yr doing well.
Feral, can you swap PPA time with someone to get time out of school, hope when I am back in classroom I will be able to do tht as hate idea of missing all school things - bet parents evenings even fall on same nights!
Ssmile, DSis snot monster again too but getting better each time about nose wiping and eating less of the tissue now.
MrsL, always found bum shufflers funny when working in nursery - gives them strong legs though! If it works then why would they do something more energetic? DS commando crawls but it uses so much energy with inefficiant movement.
Well have moved DS bedtime to 8.30 ish to try and get him to stop waking after half hour with mixed results but on the really good side he is only waking once for a bottle anytime from 12-3 then again about 4.30 onwards when I dont bother trying to get him back down so he is in our bed but will sleep till 7 now. He has twice slept till 6.30 in own cot after night time bottle so yeah for progress. Feel more human now I am not up 5 times plus a night.
Can now add waving to his list along with clapping and kicking balls (though anything on the floor including people are now fair game for kicking)
He is pulling to standing on everything and walloped head really hard on wood floor when he let go from standing at stair gate - the sound was awful but he only cried for a few min and I kept close eye on him. Horrible for first big head bump.

feralgirl Sun 24-Jun-12 15:01:00

Ssmile, your DD's sports day sounds like the Olympics grin Can't believe they won't let a baby in fgs. That is a bit ridiculous imo.

Candr great idea about the PPA but my school is signed up to the 'rarely cover' agreement and we were told in no uncertain terms that it meant that we wouldn't be allowed to make arrangements such as swapping etc as it breaks the terms of the contract. It didn't really bother me at the time as the benefits of hardly ever having to cover my colleagues' absence seemed so attractive but now I'm beginning to change my mind...

Good effort on the sleeping progress smile Baby steps are what it takes... sad for poorly head bump. DD seems to bash hers all the time but doesn't seem to even notice any more. She is much tougher than DS was!

Well, night times here haven't changed at all. DD still wakes once, sometime between 11pm and 4.30am, and refuses to be touched, talked to or even looked at by anyone except me hmm It is trying to say the least and I am beyond knackered now.

On the plus side, she stood up by herself and took three very wobbly, unaided steps yesterday before sitting down very carefully with a shock face on her! She's loving pushing the brick trolley around too but isn't too adept at controlling the transition from hallway carpet to tiled kitchen floor; the wheels tend to get away from her once there's less resistance!

LookAtHerGo Tue 26-Jun-12 20:45:05

Hi everyone smile

Well I've got my first scan in 3 weeks time, eep, at least it's not an endless wait, last time seemed to be forever, although maybe its got something to do with the fact I'm running around after LO!

Sorry I've not really caught up, I got better from my ear infection, then we went away, now I'm with sicky LO and d&v DP so I'm hoping I don't get whatever they have.

But I did see feral's news, yay for a few steps. My LO is now realising she doesn't have to keep her feet still when she's not holding on, but other than the tiniest little foot move and a body lunge she's pretty stationary when stood yet. Brilliant stuff for you.

Well our self settling training has gone out of the window with having been away and LO puking up, she's even spent a large proportion of the last few nights sleeping on my chest. Ah well. If I have a sick free night tonight from her then it's back to it tomorrow. Although I've kept her off food for a couple of days, offered her some yesterday it was less than 5 before it came back up sad so I'll be giving her food again tomorrow. My boobs need a rest! Lol

feralgirl Wed 27-Jun-12 20:25:09

sad for sick Look, that's hard going but smile for the scan to look forward to. How exciting!

DD did four steps yesterday evening and then slept through grin grin grin but I know she's just doing the occasional good sleep to tease us. It makes it all the worse when she goes back to normal as we know that she's capable of 12 hours without a murmur. I think I would be more accepting of the rubbish nights if she had never done a proper big sleep iyswim.

I've always known that she would resist any sleep training; she's such a determined little soul that she just doesn't give up when she wants something! DS was a much lazier baby; he didn't walk properly until he was 18mo despite being perfectly capable and he would only ever grizzle for 12 minutes max before giving up and going to sleep!

ssmile Thu 28-Jun-12 20:44:48

LookAtHerGo hope you &babe& DP all feel better soon. Vexciting to get your scan date fingers Xed it all goes well.

feralgirl yah! For walking babe how exciting smile and some lovely sleep v envy

I can't wait for Lo to start walking she is so close. She stood up at our glass door after DH went out off to work and bashed a wave gd bye on wed was vsweet on the glass made daddy smile. But we also have few bruises on her head she keeps standing up and letting go of things but topples over, she keeps doing it in her cot in her sleeping bag thud she goes against the cot shock
Ive had busy few days, had to go to hospital for scan and tests today, looks like I have gallstones, but I've got to wait until 10th to see the Dr to discuss so its been bit worrying. Off to work tomorrow for a KIT day so nervous about that too as its new job in old company. Bought myself nice new handbag today as present to myself. It's rather funny as anyone that knows me, knows I don't "DO" handbags, I have muddy backpacks or a nappy change bag that's seen better days grin but with new job I wanted to feel more grown up smile will just have to keep it hidden from sticky investigating fingers!

Right I'm praying for sleep tonight as last night was sh*t, I was up 6+ times and big thunder storm ere at 3am, fed baby back to bed at 6am finally, then we had to wake little monkey up at 8am for school&hospital run. Sleep dust to all......

LookAtHerGo Fri 29-Jun-12 12:20:45

Yay, less than 3 weeks now till I can see if the bean is safe and well. Thanks both.

LO has refused to sleep in her cot for a few nights, I'm so tired. I'm back to the self settling training. Starting now, with trying to get her to nap. She's whingeing and getting a bit angry that I'm sat here and not cuddling her, but I know it's anger not scared etc. I just keep shhhing her.

Fab news on the walking feral. No stopping her. I'm still waiting, although I managed to get a pic of her standing alone yesterday, something that's been hard to get. Hope she settles into more longer nights smile

Ssmile, I think we'll both be watching for steps over the next few weeks. How was last night?

I went out last night. LO wasn't asleep when I left the house and she was only just asleep when I got home, and promptly woke back up and refused to leave my side! I felt kind of guilty that DP had had a tough night trying to settle her, but the number of times I've spent 3 hours with her bawling on me, well I've lost count of!

ssmile Sun 01-Jul-12 16:44:20

Hope your 3wks go fast LookAtHerGo and the sleep training works, must be very hard whilst pregnant as I found the early weeks SO utterly exhausting.

We had gd sleep last 3nights, baby asleep by 7pm, woke once around 11pm resettled fast after 5-10min BF then woke 5-6am. I've also managed to now stop BF completely between 6am-6pm no fuss from baby, I'm now giving her formula in a cup just before bathtime and bed in the hope it reduces the amount of breast milk she takes after bath so I can next weekend go for knocking out the breastfeeds at bedtime and overnight. We are aiming (if no illness) to try and get baby sleeping in same room as DD1 once she on school holidays in 3wks time. I'm going to put travel cot in one room and keep cot in our room so we can give it a try. I've got 6wks of mat leave left and we would like to see if we can get baby out of our bedroom before her first birthday and my rtn to work. I'm sure it won't go smoothly but we slowly working our way there!

It's quiet on here now as I assuming more and more of us are going back to work? I'm feeling trepidation about leaving baby 4days a week at nursery, but my DH and I have agreed to give it six months to bed in the new routine and if its not working we will reassess. We will both have demanding jobs, but the difference is I quite like mine but he is really unhappy in his but doesn't want to quit in this awful jobs market but hates hardly seeing the girls in the week. At least I've negotiated two early finishes to do school run smile

LookAtHerGo Sun 01-Jul-12 20:39:32

Thanks ssmile, I must admit, I'm not loving the training, but it has to be done. Hope the switch to formula goes well, I'm starting LO on formula in the day as of tomorrow, going to try and keep bf to mornings, bed and night, because she is still feeding lots in the night!

LookAtHerGo Mon 02-Jul-12 01:52:43

4th tooth has just cut through. LO is in limpet mode again. It really can't be nice for them. sad once again it's not a top middle on, but the second one along at the top. She's got a lovely 'fang' on the opposite side that this one will match soon.

OhNoMyFanjo Mon 02-Jul-12 01:57:54

Hello all

Ds has got one bottom tooth and one top and now the next top two have come through without waiting for the second front one.

Hope you are all good, I'm back at work now sad

thenewMrsL Mon 02-Jul-12 15:11:05

Sorry not posted for a while - been busy and all of us have had June colds! Just about going now, LO has been very snotty!

Ssmile - good luck with the scan / gallstones etc. And, well done on the grown up Handbag - such a luxury to use one now as it's generally mahoosive change bag! Good luck with the moving rooms though it sounds like you've really thought it through and have a great plan with the feeds etc. Just hope LO goes with the plan for you! smile

Lookathergo - Good luck with your scan too! I'm sure the time will fly by as will the pregnancy, now you have your LO to look after at the same time!! When will you be due?

Very jealous of walking babies! My LO has still yet to crawl, though seems very very close. But she's getting round the lounge on her bum nicely, so I guess has no real need to crawl. Still trying to get her to wave, but she's so excited and happy about clapping that she just resorts to that!!

Well DH is away again this week (only been married 3 weeks and it's his second trip!) but a trip to Houston in July has been cancelled YAY! So we're going to try and get a weekend away together (with LO) as kids will be on holiday with their mum for a fortnight. Probably head for south Wales, though did have a nice day out in Conwy on Saturday, just about dodged the rain showers.

candr Tue 03-Jul-12 20:27:08

Thenew - shame DH has to be away again so soon (my DH away a lot and it gets really hard not having a handover at all in evening) but hope you can use the July time for a getaway - would love a holiday about now.
Ssmile hope all is ok with you and not in too much discomfort.
Well done those standing alone and stepping. Have heart in mouth a lot with DS pulling up on everything as he is a real climber and likes standing 'on' the stairgate which is on 2nd stair but he just lets go and is not much good at getting back to floor level safetly yet from standing.
Ohno - hope LO is dealing with teeth ok, DS has 6 already but has been amazing so far with teething but sure it won't last as I think another is due through as he was so grumpy last night and would not sleep even in our bed. If it is not teeth don't know what it was - and just as he was starting to sleep better.

feralgirl Fri 06-Jul-12 20:42:09

Hi all, been a while since I've been on so I hope you're all OK. sad for all the teeth, DD still got her 4 and no sign of any more yet. I am dreading them. Wow to babycandr's six teeth; that's early isn't it? Must make eating easier. DS got all his teeth very quickly which was such a blessing (although it didn't feel like it at the time) but DD seems to be taking a lot longer than he did.

grin at the fangs Look, that must be quite funny! And how's the training going?

Ssmile well done on the handbag. It really is a novelty isn't it? Last time I used mine I found two years' worth of print-outs of my school's GCSE results as clearly the only time I go anywhere without my DCs is results day at school every August hmm

Hurrah for the holiday MrsL, and I really hope the weather sorts itself out for you. It is just crappy here sad

I've had a hell of a week with two really late nights at work when DH has had to put DD to bed without me (no boob shock) She's been on and off with the sleep; she's got a cold so spent the night before last awake and screaming from 4am - 6am but then, thank god, slept through last night.

DD's latest fave thing to do is take her nappy off which is no big deal apart from a couple of evenings ago when I left her alone for a minute then came back to find she'd pooed all over DS's carpet and was happily scooping the poo out of her nappy and eating it shock shock and <quadruple boak> And when DS saw what she was doing he was so disgusted that he was then sick on the floor! The joys of parenthood... hmm

candr Fri 06-Jul-12 21:15:53

Fearl that is really gross shock grin Really hope DS doesn't ever realise he can take his off. He is a bugger to get one on now as he flips over and legs it. Have to pin him down and he has a tantrum which I find quite funny.
Is a tooth coming through so we are up to 7. Takes a while to get used to toothy grins after gummy ones.
Sods law that you LO gets ill when yo most need a co-operative baby. Hope you get some rest soon. Just don't think I could handle teaching on my ack of sleep as still not had a sleep through yet. Fingers crossed that tonight will be that night (snorts with laughter at the very idea!) smile

OhNoMyFanjo Fri 06-Jul-12 21:26:32

Feral grin [boak] shock

OhNoMyFanjo Fri 06-Jul-12 21:27:51

Ds now has 1 bottom and 4 upper teeth. I'm at work ft sad and we have booked a jok to feral's neck of the woods in oct grin

Scheherezade Fri 06-Jul-12 23:02:07

Hello all <waves>

Wonder if you mind me joining you? DS was born 24/09/2011.

Re: teeth, we have 3, and another trying to push through.

sarahseager Sat 07-Jul-12 06:54:45

Hi all,

Haven't been on for ages, hope you're all ok, great story feral think I would have the same reaction as your DS grin

We only have 2 bottom teeth here, thought some upper teeth were coming but thinking now it was just the gums getting ready again..cue lots of dribbling...I guess we'll really know about it when the next ones are coming just like we did with the first! sad

Lo has had bad throat and ears, a trip to a&e (on NHS direct advice) as she kept holding her breath when dealing with the pain, her temp went up to 40 degrees whilst we were there, they didn't think to give her any medicine before this but ibuprofen sorted her out!!

She now has another cold tho and we're off on hols to Majorca on weds - fingers crossed her ears are ok on the plane and she behaves - I'm pretty sure that's just wishful thinking though! hmm

Her sleeping is still so inconsistent, there is always something going on to mess it up (illness, too hot, me around more as on leave from work as nana & grandad on hols) and I feel like any sort of routine in the day we used to have has kind I disappeared too - I'm sure going on holiday will mess with it even more! confused

We had a brief spell of her going through till about 5am but I'm thinking now that maybe that was just when she was poorly. I really must get my head around what to do about it but not really sure where to start!

Hope you're all ok, and none of you affected by the floods, especially those of you in the south west, sorry not to do all individual replies, will check in properly again soon.


ssmile Sat 07-Jul-12 07:45:05

Oooh shock feralgirl how lovely grin it makes my toilet story seem very tame smile I was outside getting buggy ready for school run and could DD1 screeching MUMMY! Through the bathroom window (which means so could half the street!) I go into bathroom find baby standing up holding onto the toilet seat peering intently into the toilet bowl and looking up at her big sisters bum half perched on the seat "MUMMY I'm trying to do a poo take her away NOW" grin

rant alert * Well I'm Fed Up this week, weather flipping pants, baby keeps waking up and no sign of the breast feeding tapering off sad just fed up of being woken up 10/12/3/5 wide awake at 5-6am. Last night she screamed for an hour 2-3am most unlike her, but I did not feed her gave her water in a sippy cup without picking her up and then she resettled in 2mins confused but this morning she had pooie nappy so maybe that was it as she doesn't normally have one overnight I didn't check. I've started the day at 5am nearly every day this week and been rewarded with two x 20min naps after huge crying protest to get her to go down most unlike her. It was a full moon so maybe that's it, as eldest has also been up lots in the night but she just sits in her room reading and playing schools with her toys at 2/3/4am, so no hope of putting them in the same room yet.....sorry rant over...shall crawl back under my rock and hide from world ...ooh how I wish I could sometimes grin but kids are calling for breakie.

Hope you have restful weekend (not too wet .....)

feralgirl Sun 08-Jul-12 15:49:42

hello scheherezade, how are you? Welcome to the thread smile Are you working and balancing a nearly ten-month-old? Or enjoying being a SAHM? Any other DCs?

Ssmile grin at the loo seat/ bum story; DD is also fascinated by the loo, if I forget to put the seat down then she is straight into it, splashing in the water which is utterly grim, esp since DS sometimes forgets to flush...

Sarah, our sleep is also totally inconsistent. We'll get a full night here and there followed by a couple of crap ones, followed by a couple where she only wakes once. I know I should be trying not to feed her in the night as she doesn't really need it but it is the devil's own job to get her to settle without the boob and I just haven't got the will power at the moment as I need my sleep for work.

Scheherezade Mon 09-Jul-12 13:59:03

Thanks feral smile

I'm really, really good, thanks! DS has started properly getting about in the past week, and has become a LOT easier now he can keep himself amused mostly by chasing the poor dog around . Although I keep pulling wires, dog toys, and cps out his mouth! blush

I'm a SAHM, lost my job whilst pg so DP is the sole earner, though I would like to get something part time, through a temp agency, just for my CV really. We live in a tiny rural village so sorting out childcare might be a faff, I'd rather a CM than nursery. No other DCs, I'm 25 got pg just after finishing uni!

DS might be (or used to be!) a nightmare in the day, but at night he's fab. Now he's crawling he's sleeping longer, so he does about 7.30pm to anywhere between 7-8.30am every day! FF fed, bf to 6m but had to stop to go on medication.

LookAtHerGo Tue 10-Jul-12 19:49:46

H folks. Sorry I've been somewhat AWOL. It's very tiring getting up a million times a night and being pg in the early stages. Cannot wait for my scan, I'm ridiculously nervous about it, silly, I just keep saying I hope the bean is ok in there.

LO is waking loads at night, and so I've been tempted to put her cot back in our room, but so far have roughed it out, I'm giving it a few more nights and if no luck with her sleeping she will be back through, if only for my sanity.

ThenewMrsL thanks, I'm due early to mid feb, though not 100% sure. Scan in 9 days time smile

Feral, we are at the nappy undoing stage too, thankfully I'm there before she has managed to undo it fully, but pooing and eating it sounds just yuk.

Sarah I hope you have a good holiday. And that's she's fully better soon.

Welcome along to the thread Scheherazade

Ssmile that's a cute little poo story smile can empathise with the night wakings sad

Well LO is trying to walk, she's taken a few single steps and once did 2 but ended up straight on the floor, but she's cruising bigger and bigger gaps now, so I can't see it being long.

Back at work 4 weeks today. Hmm not too excited to tell you the truth, in fact I'm not looking forward to it at all. Hey ho, we have to do these things. If the bean is ok and sticks etc, I will probably not be going back after the next maternity leave, so not too long to work, if the bean is ok.

candr Tue 10-Jul-12 21:37:36

Sarah, Feral and Ssmile, know exactly how you feel about nights. As soon as I think we are making progress he is ill or teeths or hears a moth - anything will wake him and are back to bf more at night again so is ending up in our bed 2am ish. He has taken to sleeping sideways between us so one of us gets kicked in the face a lot (I tend to keep his head my end smile)
Scheherezade, Hi and welcome (shhhh about great nights cause while we are delighted for you we will also throttle you grin - have some awful sleepers on this thread)
Look, hope you get some 'me' time and a rest. Must be hard with a LO knowing you cant take the same care as with number 1 but am sure all will be fine and you will end up with an unflappable, chilled out baby.
DS is climbing on everything and is lethal as will still just let go from a height. Has not really worked how to get down from standing as won't drop to bum so needs constant watching and travel cot is very useful if I need to leave the room. Is improving at walking but still wobbles from hips a lot.
Tooth 7 is through and it seems to have bothered him more than the others wich came in clusters, he has vomited up food and milk even though not ill which is unusual for him. We are now clapping, waving, dancing and saying mama grin Love him being able to show off his party tricks.
Sleepy thoughts being sent to you all smile

LookAtHerGo Wed 11-Jul-12 08:42:24

Oh yes, the dancing smile its fab isn't it smile

Had our developmental check thing the other day, LO's weight has been static for 8 weeks, so they want us to get it checked again in a month, she's only 15lb10! She's not going to be in the next stage car seat before number 2 arrives at this rate!

feralgirl Wed 11-Jul-12 18:14:39

Wow @ dancing, that's just too cute! I love love love the waving which is a new development this week for us and we're also getting dadada and mamama at appropriate moments and a very definite "hello" noise too. DD just echoes almost any silly noise we make at her which is very funny and DS keeps her amused for ages doing it which is lovely.

What is not so lovely is the cold that I have caught off her and the fact that I feel completely crap today sad

Look DD's weight has also been a bit slow to gain here too but she's eating fine and I reckon it's just that she's so active. We were supposed to go back for another check last Monday but it would've meant missing swimming so DH decided not to bother. I figure DD is just different from DS who had a lovely smooth curve all the way up the 50th centile; DD's is a much bumpier line.

LookAtHerGo Wed 11-Jul-12 20:27:15

Well we've started spoon feeding a bit more as LO seemed to be a bit frustrated with picking stuff up, granted she's very good at it, she seemed to drop a lot. Spoon feeding has seen a dramatic increase in the amount she is eating, and she's not yet (only half a dozen meals ) yet refused anything. I'm wondering if she was hungry, but she seemed happy enough. Still giving foods she can do herself, but for stuff that's easier on a spoon instead of loaded spoons were feeding her and she seems to be quite enjoying the experience. We'll see how long it lasts.

I think she's a bit bunged up at the moment though, she seems to start almost crying when she poos, back to the prunes and stuff like that for a bit, but might make an app at the docs for next week, just in case we need it, can always cancel it.

Visited family today and she charmed them all, showed off her ability to take 2 steps without holding on, and walked through the house holding just one of my hands! The dancing is so über cute.

ssmile Thu 12-Jul-12 06:53:18

Been abit AWOL too had rough week with DH away, yet another cold, babe&I, been told I need a operation so quietly terrified, and baby had rough few nights, through in some wayward hormones and I've felt very low. But last two nights baby been a star only woken once briefly at 12-1am so I'm turning the corner again but need to shift this flipping cold. The weather has been awful too which really can't help any of us! I was SO looking forward to a summer at home with baby, walking &cycling but its done nothing but rain sad

Yes yes to all the lovely dancing, cruising, smiles,giggles, hand waving and clapping. It's a lovely age just need eyes EVERYWHERE now. Had my first proper oh Crap moment last night as baby sat outside her big sisters bedroom I was sweeping up kitchen and just saw out corner of my eye her put something small in her mouth, but no hands holding it so it was all in there mouth shut chewing to swallow, a pin badge shock

Hope you can get some rest LookAtHerGo and the extra food helps. We've done a mix of spoons and help yourself as she was very happy picking everything up but got frustrated when hungry and it didn't all go in. The days she has eaten well she does slept better.

Hope you feel better soon feralgirl

tiddleypompom Thu 12-Jul-12 08:00:50

Hello friends smile

It has been such a long time since I dropped in, but do think of you all & wonder how your babies are getting on. Just had a quick scoot through the last couple of pages - lovely to see the new Mrs L had a fabulous wedding day, wow at all the mobile babies (we've only just learnt to crawl) and eeeeep at the poo-eating grin

The sun is shining this morning - at last - so I hope that everyone is feeling happy and the colds etc are on their way out. I am packing up the house today as we are on the cusp of moving house - I think I mentioned it a few months back - so this summer heralds big changes for us as a family. Next spring will to if all goes well, as I am also pregnant again, and due end of Feb/beginning of March. Early days indeed, and it does feel different this time around - I have had a few waves of guilt for DS as I think of how much slower I will be in late pregnancy & how much time the new baby will take during the first few months. Ah well, tis natural I am sure - and ultimately I know how much DS will enjoy playing with a sibling.

Must go. DS woke at 5.15am this morning (a new trend - sleeping through from 7pm but waking uber-early) and he'll be due his morning nap shortly.

Sorry for not posting more often but I do think of you all & wish you the happiest, and sunniest, of days.

feralgirl Thu 12-Jul-12 19:46:44

Yay TP, congratulations on the new PG, that's lovely smile I am getting big envy pangs! Hope the house-moving goes well, bloody knackering at the best of times let alone whilst pg.

Eek at the badge eating ssmile, I seem to spend half my time running around picking up chokey stuff off the floor. DH is so much more laid back about it than I am but it is my big parenting fear.

Look I think eating does get a bit funny this age, their pincer grip's almost good enough for them to do everything themselves but just not quite. I do spoon feed some stuff to DD when she starts getting annoyed with rice or cous cous.

Thank god sleep's been OK the last few nights - early mornings, like 5.50 today - but I can live with that if I get an uninterrupted kip beforehand. I am so so so hoping that she's finally cracked it. Fingers Xed.

candr Thu 12-Jul-12 20:45:23

TP, congrats on the pregnancy, hope you are taking care of yourself.
Ssmile, let DS play withempty bottles in the bath and realised he had jamed one of the lids in his mouth - did freak me out slightly, nowdays it is mainly leaves and my hair off the floor that I fish out.
Look, I think you just do whatever works to make meal times happy. DS sometimes uses a spoon, other times his hands and sometimes we feed him (especially if eating out as he is very very messy) As long as some food is going in there is plenty of time to improve how they eat.
We have tooth number 8 coming through now just as I thought he might start sleeping better - oh well, maybe when he has the full set / starts walking / becomes a teenager..... I live in hope of sleep at some point.
So fed up of this rain, should be having picnics and walks in the woods but is too damn wet and all the veg I planted has rotted in the soil.
DH has a couple of days off so am putting him in charge for a day (will be doing jobs round house I can't do well with DS) so will see how many questions he asks or if he can work things out for himsel - have pinned up baby timetable.

ssmile Fri 13-Jul-12 10:46:26

grin at the baby timetable candr i need one of those, my mum is looking after baby for the day next week when I go into work for a KIT day and she has only ever seen her an hour at a time never looked after her. I hope you manage to get some jobs done!

tiddlypopom congrats on the pregnancy and I hope the moving house and change of lifestyle go well and not too tiring and stressful. I think you and look are blooming mad smile (in a good way) I just about cope with two kids and Ive got a very helpful 5 yr old, let alone a toddler, hats off to you both!

Well we had a couple of firsts in the last two days, we finally have not just one but two teeth making an appearance at last! She has beaten her big sister who was 13months before her teeth made an appearance, still lots of people think 10.5mths is late, glad I'm laid back about it this time around smile Also FIRST night baby slept all night (except a 5min up at 10pm for 30sec cuddle) with no breast feeding whhoohooo grin I also only fed her 2mins each side before bed as part of my gradual retreat and she wasn't fussed at all. I'm hoping to do the same tonight and then sat and sun DH is going to put her to bed with no boobie milk oooh fingers crossed. Hope you all have a dry day, we already had yet another rain shower this morning boy it has not stopped all month here in the SW.

candr Fri 13-Jul-12 21:39:11

Well done Ssmile that is great. Am planning to stop myself in next few weeks but know I will miss it a lot (not just cause it is lovely but is also convenient even though it is often only once a day and once at night)
Good luck tonight, hope you have more success smile
Is very annoying when people put time restraints on baby developement but well done baby Ssmile (or baby toothysmile)

ssmile Sat 14-Jul-12 19:01:23

Babe is asleep first time with out bedtime breast feed! I did it wrapped up in my husbands dressing gown so she couldn't smell my boobs. Went fine, gave her cup milk, read story had cuddles and sung her lullaby she protested 5mins in cot then sparko.....fingers Xed.

I'm still doing a 6am feed but thats the last one so I expect by next weekend to drop that, I will be sad but I've been ramping down the breastfeeding very slowly over the last 8wks and its right time for me, I'd have done 11months. I'd like my body back now please smile

Hope your all having gd weekend, now for large glass wine and a bath smile

candr Mon 16-Jul-12 20:35:05

Well done Ssmile, how was it last night?
Ds has been awful last couple of nights. On Sat he didn't wake till 3am for milk which was great but then did not go back to sleep till 5.30 after standing and falling lots in his cot, rolling aroung crying in my bed before doing a huge poo at 5am.
Last night he woke at 12 back to sleep at 1.30, awake at 2.30 till 5 with same behaviour minus the poo as night before. He just bites me if I try to feed him to sleep so a at a loss as to what to do. Am dreading tonight as am so tired.

ssmile Tue 17-Jul-12 07:44:24

smile smile smile whispering 5nights in a row not fed in the night, 3nights not fed to bed and she has slept 11hrs straight....fingers crossed we have turned the corner! Im only breast feeding at 6am wake up now so I'm going to cut that feed down then stop next week, it will have taken me 8weeks of ramping down by then but its time for us, baby is definately sleeping better with out now and her ability to use a cup and eat solid food is very good so I know she isn't hungry.

well we are going away at the weekend for 3nights all in one bedroom at MILs so I expect the good sleep from both girls to go pants again grin

candr hope you get some better sleep soon

Hope everyone is doing OK lets hope some sunshine is on the way now!

feralgirl Wed 18-Jul-12 20:20:00

Yes yes to more sunshine please, this is just ridiculous isn't it? They did say on the news that it's going to change next week so I really do hope they're right (although, ironically, that's just as we're going away to Sorrento hmm)

So glad that babyssmile is doing some good sleeping at last, god knows you deserve it Ssmile! The feralbaby has done some really good sleeping recently too, I haven't had to feed her at night for about two weeks which is great and she's settling pretty happily with a cuddle, although we did have a few nights of having to dose her up as she had a cold. Maybe, just maybe, she will behave herself for my parents when we go away next week (although I've probably just jinxed it all to buggery now).

Sorry Candr, I have just realised that that's all a bit insensitive as you're having rubbish sleeps. All that waking's got to be down to teeth right? Maybe some calprofen? I reckon it works better than Calpol for teething. I tend to rub some on DD's gums when she's really grim, kind of the same concept as ibuprofen gel? And it tastes nicer than Calpol too I reckon, DD's usually so chuffed to get a dose that it cheers her up straight away! I really hope you've had some sleep by now and are feeling better.

tiddleypompom Thu 19-Jul-12 08:59:23

Hi again,
Thanks for the well wishes - and ssmile I tend to agree with you that another baby already is complete madness! TBH we hadn't planned expected it to happen quite so soon. Ah well - looking ahead it will be lovely to have two little playmates smile

I am really pleased to hear the good sleep stories - sounds like you've cracked it ssmile and feral. I'm sure baby candr isn't far behind - though the teething completely ruined DS's nights for about 6 weeks. I thought we would be up in the night forever, but as soon as they all came through (6 to date) it settled and he sleeps through again. An early waker though - 5.30am is very common.

The move is looking imminent - the call of a rural lifestyle has turned from a a gentle whisper on the breeze to a yell in my ear. I am desperate to go now - not helped by all our stuff being in boxes, precariously piled on top of each other. I lost DS yesterday for a minute - he had crawled through a gap in the piles and was pulling the selotape off the box at the back. I had to tempt him out with a magazine to shred grin

Anyway - must get on. I promised myself I would achieve today, having been feeling sorry for myself of late (morning sickness has hit with an unwelcome bang). I hope the sunshine lasts and you all have happy days.

Thanks again for good wishes - I am only 8 weeks so very early days but in my maternity jeans already

LookAtHerGo Thu 19-Jul-12 15:12:17


It's twins!

Ha smile

Will post properly later, but things looking good so far. Am quite happy about things. smile

thenewMrsL Thu 19-Jul-12 19:40:26

OMG!!! Way to go Lookathergo!!! Twins... yikes! So exciting grin

TP - sorry, a belated mucho congratulations for you too grin... and so exciting about your move to the countryside. Hope it won't be long now then.

<saying the next part in a whisper> Well done to all babies now sleeping through the night... smile Ssmile Hope the visit to the inlaws doesn't set your LO's brilliant sleeping patterns back at all. Candr - hope your LO improves on the sleeping front too. Our's still stirs a lot in the night and needs a few visits to settle her, and usually ends up in our bed at some part of the night - thankfully, it's tending to be towards the latter part of the night - around 4.30am. By doing that we can keep her sleeping till about 6ish (although if we're keeping her sleeping, how much are we actually getting?!?) Just hoping when she's toddling about she really does get knackered enough to sleep through properly.

Her naps are getting shorter in the day ... although she bucked the trend and had fairly decent ones today!

She's got 4 teeth now, with what looks like about 2 or 3 more starting to show.

Well, it's been a bit hectic, hence not posting too often, but stepkids are now on holiday with their Mum for 2 and half weeks, so it's going to be very quiet sad But we've got a Friday - Monday weekend away next week (South Wales) which I'm really looking forward too - treating it as a sort of honeymoon, but of course, LO coming with!!

Got my brother staying at my Dad's at the mo - there's some stress problems / relationship problems there, so we've been trying to help / talk / listen. Hope we're getting somewhere... but who knows.

What's all this talk about sunshine??? We've had rain all day again today sad BUT there's lots of talk about jet streams moving and sun next week... fingers crossed everyone!!!

Twins........ how exciting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OhNoMyFanjo Thu 19-Jul-12 20:12:57

shock twins shock

ssmile Thu 19-Jul-12 21:26:40

Wow twins Look that's very exciting I remember you said they were in the family. I really hope you have some help around for the first few months. My DH is a twin and his eldest sister is only 18mths older, their Grandma moved into help for first 3mths as they were all rather a handful. Thank goodness little E is an early walker hopefully you won't need a triple buggy grin

sarahseager Fri 20-Jul-12 09:03:01

Wow mega congrats look that's amazing! Can't believe you will have 3 bubbas, you must be thrilled! smile

Also congrats to you tp - so exciting!

I must admit I do look back on my time being preggers very fondly, I am looking forward to when it all happens again, such an exciting time! However we have a wedding to pay for and organise before then! smile

Hope you're all ok, sorry for brief post, I do continue to read just seen to struggle to post!

We had a lovely holiday in Majorca, lo had a nice time, loved all the swimming and did sleep ok - great naps! She was teething whilst we were there tho and wouldn't eat any savoury meals all week! confused

Now we're back sleep eludes us as it did before and her she has been pooing a lot whilst she gets back to eating again hmm

We are contemplating trying controlled crying as lo seems to be the one controlling us when it comes to bedtime, so once these top teeth are through I think we may give it a try - still deciding really.

Hope you all have lovely days, enjoy the sun if you have some xx

LookAtHerGo Mon 23-Jul-12 15:02:03

Thanks smile

It's been very exciting to tell people the news, a lot of giggling has gone on. Bt there are also huge practicalities to think of, the car is not going to work, the home we are in isn't going to work, but we are renting and were thinking of possibly buying soon anyway, so this will probably make things happen quicker.

We're having some nights where LO sleeps much better, but then there are other nights that just suck sad last night was bad, but then LO has started with my cold today and so I think that's what caused the night!

Ss. We've done some cc. It has helped. But going to have to knock it on the head for a couple of days until her cold goes. I think our wedding is put well on hold now, unless we go for a service and a party as opposed to a proper wedding reception. I'm happy with that, I'd rather be married and def before eldest goes to school, we have a car and house to buy!

We've also had to have some medicine for constipation, sad poor thing, she's had some real trouble, straining and crying sad it works, but I don't want to use it too often, she just doesn't drink a huge amount no matter how much I offer her sad

MrsL hope things are ok with your brother soon.

candr Mon 23-Jul-12 20:49:28

Lots of posts to read and like many of you have been busy so apologies for brief reply.
Very exciting about twins grin(although I dread it happening to me as it runs in both familes and am a twin myself)
Really well done to those sleeping and I can for now join your ranks. We were in a hotel for 2 nights and LO stayed up with us till late then slept from 11-7, at home he then slept from 9-7 so am keeping fingers crossed for tonight - has been a bugger to settle though!
Lots for people to be busy with by the sounds of it, new houses, babies, cars etc. We have 'had the chat' about when to try for number 2 and decided on Jan so LO will be about 2 when new one is born but best laid plans and all that.
Hope the sun continues (and the sleeping) smile

ssmile Mon 23-Jul-12 21:15:04

Hope you can get some rest and not too nauseous LookAtHerGo so you have the energy to.deal with all those big changes! smile We got a Renault scenic when our 2nd came along and I really like my bus smile has excellent boot space, can get bikes, scooters and big buggy in no problem.

candr gd luck with your baby making smile

On the subject of controlled crying, yes I think you need to try it as it does work with some easily, but if your baby doesn't respond in 3-4nights please don't feel bad. As I've said before some children just don't respond and you just have to.ride it out some how, and keep living. We tried many times over a 4yr period but as everyone predicated it wasn't until our DD1 was at school that she was mentally and physically worn out that our tough parenting finally paid off and she started sleeping. She is also bright had an excellent school report smile

ssmile Mon 23-Jul-12 21:18:17

Forgot to say we had gd wend away all sleeping in same room so once I finish breastfeeding this week, we are putting the girls in the same room and going to see what happens! Be nice to get our bedroom back but bit odd too...smile

ssmile Wed 25-Jul-12 06:53:30

Just did my last 2mins on each side breast feed felt a little sad but then I offerred her milk in a cup whilst sitting in my rocking chair which Ive used for feeding and she happily took it and gulped it down so that made me feel better smile baby is 11months old tom shock next week is her first hour and half at nursery as part of her settling in sessions.

Hope you all doing OK and enjoying the sunshine.

ssmile Wed 25-Jul-12 06:58:31

Forgot to say on development front she is cruising the furniture now confidently, lots of standing up on her own in the middle of the room flapping her arms but then down with a bomp on her bum! Still awaiting the elusive steps on her own. She did me proud at the weekend sitting at the table eating nicely by herself and because there was 3 dogs no one really noticed if she dropped too much on the floor grin We have put the travel cot in big sisters room and if I get the velcrow for the window today to really black it out she will be sleeping in there tonight....smile despite a black out blind and black out lined curtains the sun shines in that window like a big spot light at 7pm so I need to stick it to the window like I did in our bedroom if I dont want a 5am wake up call.

feralgirl Wed 25-Jul-12 22:05:49

Yay Look, that is fab! So so so exciting. I am absurdly envy and also got a bit rose-tinted speccy about being pg which is absurd as I have to remind myself how much I moaned at the time! Hope you're able to make the most of it and not feeling grotty.

Sorry that BabyLook is bunged up though, it's rough when that happens. DD's been a bit evil the last few days, I think mainly because it's just sooo hot. It's annoying as I just want to be out and about and making the most of the sunshine!

WRT CC, it worked an absolute treat with DS and he was easy-peasy to get sorted but DD is much tougher and it is useless with her. I cave much more quickly than she does!

Yay for the steps Ssmile, that's exciting! We do the black-out thing too but they still let quite a lot of light in around the sides. And it's difficult when it's this hot as the window needs to be open too.

DD's not done much new in the last week or two, she's gradually building up her walking and managed about two metres by herself the other day. I decided a couple of weeks ago - when DD started sleeping through - that I would go to Italy after all and so DH and I are off tomorrow and leaving the DCs with my parents. I am sooo nervous about it and I'm going to miss them like crazy. I know I'll have a great time but that doesn't stop me from lying awake at night and worrying about terrorists/ plane crashes/ the DCs being vile for my mum and dad etc etc etc.

feralgirl Wed 25-Jul-12 22:06:38

Oops, sorry, I forgot to say good luck with the ttc Candr wink I want another baby <pouts>

ssmile Sat 28-Jul-12 20:06:03

72hrs after I stopped BF and auntie flow arrives sad I had a coil fitted at 3mths post baby so wasn't sure when it would turn up.

How are you LookAtHerGo did you have another scan? Hope it went ok.

Hope everyone is doing ok? We are counting our blessings that we've had 3n girls sleeping well in same room smile my DH even got up to sort them out this morning at 6am without me stirring, my first true lie in since baby arrived 11mths ago smile

sarahseager Tue 31-Jul-12 19:06:43

On the subject of af, I stopped bf about a month ago and still af hasn't made an appearance! That means I haven't had a period for about 19months confused

Hoping it will turn up soon in a strange kind of way, I googled and it seems it can really vary, but it'd be nice to feel back to working order!

Hope everyone ok xx

candr Tue 31-Jul-12 21:18:46

Sarah, I am still bf and got my period back about 4 months ago. Is very annoying as was so used to knowing exactly when I was due on the pill I now have no idea and am not very regular. Not going to bother about pill again till after number 2 though as took 5 months to conceive last time.
Well had some really good night with DS finally but after 2 weeks of behaving has decided 4am is PLAYTIME and lets me know very loudly. Took till 6 for him to drop off again - god knows how he is so happy during the day with so little sleep and only one short nap during day (his choice not mine)
He is starting to let go of things to stand but refuses to drop onto bum. He always tries to drop to knees or hands to get down which will be a problem when he tries walking unaided as he will face plant into anything close - any tips?
Hope everyone is oing ok, now they are all so active it seems most of us are struggling to find the time to come on here. I have a quick browse but often feel I haven't the time to post. Hope those who are pg coped in the heat and are having a chance to put feet up.smile

LookAtHerGo Wed 01-Aug-12 13:23:56

Sorry for the lack of posting.

Twin scan looked good last week. Separate sacs and placentas which is lowest risk grin edd 11 feb, but I'll be induced at 37 or 38 weeks if I'm still pregnant then smile

Re periods, mine started at 17 weeks which given I ebf to 26 weeks I wasn't too chuffed, esp as I didn't even know if I was even ovulating so all the periods with no reason for it! I reckon I only ovulated the cycle before the one I got diffed in.

DD is doing loads of walking now, still choosing to jelly leg, but she can walk a good 3 metres now grin I think she prefers to crawl. I stopped counting after she did 11 steps.

I think she's either teething or coming down with something nasty, she has a rash and a few spots, was up every hour to her in the night.

Sorry I'll try and catch up properly soon. I just so tired!

LookAtHerGo Wed 01-Aug-12 15:22:44

Actually edd is 12 feb. finger slipped.

ssmile Thu 02-Aug-12 14:47:03

Glad all ok*LooKATHerGo hope you feeling ok and getting some nap time, not too worn out smile

Well I felt very hormonal all wend full on grumpy, hungry eat a horse, then very tired 2-3dqy period then it passed. all very odd at the end of BF....but no lumpy boobs which.I was pleased with. Spent an hour and half at nursery this week with Lo, as her first settling in session, I didn't leave her as she was clingy and tired. but I felt very torn in the evening about going back to work this time. I've really enjoyed my maternity leave this time if only I could have a 3-4yr career break I'd be so much happier but if i did that I'd have no chance of getting a job back where I work Hohum. I'm going to do a year and see if we can juggle it all.

ssmile Sat 04-Aug-12 19:12:50

grin Our little Olympian walked five unaided steps across the lounge today her first not hanging onto somebody or something was lovely that daddy was home to see we all cheered her lovely smiley face grin grin

candr Sat 04-Aug-12 21:13:34

Woohoo grin ssmile for the walking baby. Can't wait for mine to walk. He still refuses to land on bottom, prefers to put hands then knees down and spends a lot of time on scrunched up or tip toes so not very stable yet.
How lucky for you both to be there!
Am finding I am more emotional than I used to be when I am due on since pregnancy but am still bf so that may alter things.
I am sure your LO will settle fine at nursery, I always found it took longer for the parents to adjust than the children. I do feel so lucky that I don't have to go to work yet - we will just see how money pans out but doubt I will be as lucky with second when that happens.
Any one else's LO developed an obsession with climbing into things - oven, washing machine etc? Get worried as our oven stays hot for ages after use but have no where to put a saftey guard. DS can climb out of walker and play pen so they are no good anymore.

feralgirl Wed 08-Aug-12 08:49:59

Hi all, sorry it's been so long!

Hurrah for babyssmile's walking, that's awesome! sad for the mixed return to work feelings though, I'm sure it'll resolve itself one way or another. It is so very hard to leave them behind for that first month or so sad I found it really difficult both times but now I love scooting off out the door and leaving the DCs with their daddy!

And grin for the twins Look, that is just fab. So so pleased for you. Another full-on walker here; DD's not quite up to doing walking outside yet but I let her push her stroller around the park in bare feet the other day.

Candr, early waking is grim isn't it? DS went through a long phase of it. Haver you tried black out blinds? Maybe white noise so he's not woken by the dawn chorus? I never quite had the nerve to try wake to sleep but some people swear by it. We started just ignoring DS unless he was crying - turning off the monitor and putting in ear plugs but he was in the next room so we could still just about hear - and he would just yabber to himself for a bit and then go back to sleep until 6-ish.

Well, we went to Italy and left the DCs with my parents and everyone was fine of course. DD slept through every night except one when she had been so tired when she went to bed that she woke at 2am and needed a bottle. I managed to keep my milk supply up and running by expressing every evening. DD was full-on clingtastic when we got back and just wouldn't let go of me for about 4 days; she'd howl every time I was out of sight. We met up a couple of days ago with my mum and dad and DS went all quiet and started crying coz he obviously thought we were going to abandon him again!

DH and I had a fab time but I missed the DCs soooooo badly. We were waiting at Gatwick for our flight out there and I cried and very nearly turned round and came back to Cornwall as I was missing them so much!

Hope you're all enjoying the olympics; we are very proud here as I teach at Helen Glover's old school (I used to teach her sister) and DH used to sail with Ben Ainslie when they were teenagers!

ssmile Fri 10-Aug-12 20:37:56

Glad you enjoyed your holiday feralgirl and kids slept ok! I missed our DD1 terribly when we went away when she was nearly four. The little non-sleeping monkey supposedly slept 10-12hrs a night for grandma confused but then again Grandma is rather deaf grin

Grrrr had one of THOSE days today sad baby hasn't stopped grissling and eldest had a couple of melt downs and accidentally smashed a pint glass all over the patio and washing machine broken down, £100 to possibley fix hmmm we also had to separate the girls again as after two gd weeks they started waking each other up, so baby is back in our room again whilst tooth number three is pushing through and making her vgrumpy!

Hope tiddly the pregnancy and life move is going ok. Hope LookAtHerGo is not feeling too exhausted.

What is your favorite book to read to Lo at bedtime? Both our girls have enjoyed "five little sleepy heads" are there any really gd ones we could try?

feralgirl Sat 11-Aug-12 13:41:18

sad for your crappy day yesterday Ssmile. Conicidentally, our washing machine has broken down as well and we can't get it fixed until THURSDAY! shock I really don't know how we're going to cope, we do at least two loads every day otherwise it just gets out of control. I did a mountain at my mum's yesterday and DH has gone over to his mum's with a basketful this afternoon wink Some friends of ours are away for the week too so we're going to nab their machine until they come back!

Ssmile, if you're machine isn't too old, may I recommend the Domestic and General policy that gives you an extended warrantee? We have it on all our white goods and it has been invaluable as our washing machine and dishwasher see a lot of mileage! I think we pay about a fiver a month for the cover and they always have offers on too. It's such a calamity when stuff breaks down and our household budget is so horribly tight that I just need to have as much stuff insured as possible.

Re books, as babies ours have both really loved the 'That's Not My...' touchy-feely series. I am so pleased that, now I've got a girl, I've got an excuse to buy all the fairy/ princess/ mermaid ones to add to the car/ tractor/ pirate ones that DS had! Also anything by Julia Donaldson goes down well in our house and a recent fave (of mine and DH's as much as DS's grin) was Andy Stanton's 'Here Comes the Poo Bus' which was absolutely hysterical. 'Guess How Much I Love You' by Sam McBratney and 'No Matter What' by Debbi Gliori always make me well up as they are just too too cute!

ssmile Sat 11-Aug-12 19:31:01

Ooh thanks for the book tips feralgirl, we like the "thats not my" series too but this Lo doesn't seemed fussedby the fairy one prefers the "monster" one grin, yes love Julia dondalson too. Will check out the poo bus! I buy from WWW.thebookpeople.co.UK a lot when they have their special offer packs. We are currently working our way through the Rainbow Fairy series with our eldest. It's nice because she is learning to read we are getting out all the old simple board books again for her to practice on smile

Better day today and bought baby her first birthday present today with some money her great grandma had sent. It went down well some magic magnetic building blocks by chicco from toys r us. Can't believe she is going to be one in 2weeks time! We are planning to go camping if the weather forecast isn't too pants. Must be mad grin

LookAtHerGo Sun 12-Aug-12 12:26:52


Well, LO didn't have the pox in the end, it turned out she had Hand foot and mouth, and also impetigo sad Then on the Thursday she came out in a rash ALL OVER so I nipped up to the children's A&E and was told she also had a viral rash. Bums, so last week was just a wash out for us, with her being a cling on. But she really picked up on Friday smile and was back to normal Saturday. smile

She is definitely walking now. She still goes to her crawling, but there is no problem at all with her walking.

shock she also learnt how to climb ONTO the settees, both of them, they are different heights, and she can do them both!

I have now stopped breast feeding, started on morning bottles last sat, Sunday night was not really interested in my boob, Monday night she took 30 seconds! So unbeknownst to me at the time, Monday was my last breast feed. She didn't even go for the boob on Tuesday and I had had my first day back at work. My stomach has grown much quicker than it did last time. I'm getting aches from the quick stretching, and just keeping my fingers crossed until I can see them again. We've gone and put a deposit down on a (nearly) new car shock just so we can get 3 seats in the back.

ssmile, great news on the walking LO smile shame you can't take the career break you want. Boo to the teeth. We have a variety of books, I tend to read Each Peach Pear Plum, my DP tends to ready Don't you dare dragon, the benefit of that is that it has a little stick your finger in puppet thing in the middle of the page.

candr, he will get there. I have a climbing LO, although she isn't really ever in the kitchen to be able to climb into those things. I bob her in the travel cot for her safety when I'm doing things. Although she's started to try and climb out of that and can get her feet halfway up the mesh bit of the sides!

feral, hi smile aw to LO pushing her pushchair. I reckon mine would probably just want to try and eat the wheels! Glad you had a holiday away, although not so good that you missed them so badly, probably tinged it a bit for you.

feralgirl Tue 14-Aug-12 20:09:02

Wow at the climbing Look, DD hasn't yet tried to get on our sofa which is quite high but we figured yesterday that we'd bite the bullet and start teaching her stairs; she made it right to the top of our very steep flight with DH behind her with only one little stumble because she got excited to see me at the top! She's much more determined than DS was, it took him for ever to do more than a couple of steps and then just give up.

Rough about the impetigo and hand, foot and mouth, that's grim sad Lucky that you didn't get it though as they're both really contagious aren't they? We are also just about to buy a new car as our Astra estate is on its absolute last legs and we just can't afford to keep patching it up and pouring petrol down it.

I am also cutting down on the BFing, and have just stopped the morning feed as it's a PITA when I'm working. I have a tendency to lie in bed dozing with DD attached, watching Cbeebies with DS until 7.30 which is fine atm during the hold but def not in September! I'm happy to go on doing the evening feed as long as DD wants to though, but she's only really having one feed at bath time and then just comfort sucking before bed so it might not be long before she packs it in sad

I can't believe I'm asking this as it really doesn't feel like a year but what are you all getting the LOs for their birthdays? I really want this as DS spent hours playing with the one at the hospital when he was ill. We've got a horrible old toy plastic shopping trolley that DD likes to push around but I reckon this'll work better as it's sturdier. I can't decide what to ask for from relatives though and I need to think about it otherwise I'll just end up with shed-loads of pink plastic tat from the ILs! Our local soft play place do year passes for £40 so I might ask for one of those from the MIL. Need some inspiration though.

ssmile Tue 14-Aug-12 22:21:24

Oh gosh LookAtHerGo hope you are all feeling better now. I remember hand foot and mouth virus doing the rounds at nursery when DD1 was little it was horrid. Is that the one with blisters in the mouth? She was miserable. Yep we have qa sofa and stair climber here too. She climbed onto the sofa using the beanbag. I was [shocked] and would not have believed it if I didn't witness her doing it. We don't have stairs but I waiting at the sports centre for DD1 to finish her dance class and Lo kept disappearing up the steps to the gyn. Good work out for me, but after few times I was worn out chasing her!
feralgirl I bought these magic blocks from toys r us at weekend and she likes those. We are "re-gifting" most of eldests old toys, and got her a new scooter in rtn. It's hard as we don't have much room or to be honest need much stuff as got lots toys in loft. We have little wooden trike &push along truck with bricks which I think she will like. The rest of her money will go in the "days out pot" or her savings account I think. I did buy some balloons yesterday which have "happy first birthday" on them grin grin can't believe our Los are one soon......wow.....

jimmijam Wed 15-Aug-12 20:49:10

hellooooooooo all !!!
i have missed so much but fully intend to get back into mnetting.
to start me off i dont suppose everyone could please just make a few points about themself to help me catch up please?
can i start it off?

jimmijam Wed 15-Aug-12 20:51:16

ds3 10/09, back at work p/t, getting broody but couldnt cope with more, ds not yet walking but very cheeky, no periods-using implant.

feralgirl Wed 15-Aug-12 21:05:57

Hi Jimmi, welcome back! I have DS (now 3.9) and DD (07/09). She's walking just about. I'm back teaching FT. Cornwall is beautiful as ever but very rainy!

DD's also just started instigating games of peekaboo which is uber-cute and saying Dada for DH. She's really developing her own little sense of humour and on good days she and DS will play together really nicely and entertain each other for ages. On bad days she steals anything that he shows an interest in and he pushes and pulls her around or kicks her shock He's also started licking her which is just plain odd.

We went and signed the paperwork for the new car today which was scary. I wasn't sure that our credit rating was good enough for the finance deal but we've scraped through somehow. It feels very grown up having a proper car and not a clapped out old banger. I just hope that the old banger survives until next month when the new one arrives!

candr Thu 16-Aug-12 21:28:14

Hi, has been a while so sorry for not doing personal replies. Hope poorly babies are better and that those of you who had a holiday enjoyed it. Wel done to toddling babies.
Still no walking here but is a real climber, had to put travel cot away as he kept getting out and can climb whole flight of stairs. He will push things over to stand on to get into drawers / on sofa etc and has no sense of danger.
Finally sleeping is improving. He wakes at 12/1 and has a bottle then 4/5 where I feed him then 7 if I am lucky so huge improvements. Has also had long nap at lunch last few days woohoo!
O nly really do one bf now so don't think it will last much longer - will be kind of nice to allow boobs to be normal before number 2 (please tell me they won't be this saggy forever?)
Am planning 1st birtday party and have bought moving tractor and farm set/ pop up tunnel and little bits and bobs. Should have 20 adults and 12 kids so pretty busy but looking forward to it though can't believe he is nearly 1 (small sob)
Loves The Grumpalump book at bedtime whoever asked.
Off to wedding this weekend so hope it doesn't ruin the good sleep as will be in buggy with us till late.

LookAtHerGo Fri 17-Aug-12 20:38:44

Aw Feral, that's ace for the climbing the stairs. We don't have any, but I remember LO doing the stairs at our holiday cottage. She's always been a climber. Yeah, I know, I was breast feeding as well while she had the massive rash around her mouth. I have an itch, but I think it's down to a wrong fitting bra, I need new ones, but I'll keep an eye on it and at any sign of bad rash type stuff I'll be getting something I can use for it! We haven't even discussed presents for LO yet :S only a few weeks to go shock

Thanks ssmile. yeah that's the virus, and yep she was miserable too.

Hey jimmi. Glad to see you back on here. I've not got round to replying yet to your last FB message, I'll do that shortly.

Hiya candr. Wow to climbing out of the travel cot, my lo is halfway up the sides, but not got any further.

Well I've finished the dreaded 2 weeks at work, phew, now it's down to only 2 shifts a week until I finish for maternity leave, which looks like it will be early december smile

LO has now worked out she doesn't need the settee to get up, so will stand up from wherever she is. She could get up to standing without holding on before but chose to scootch to the settee or whatever, now she doesn't bother with the scootching, she just gets up! One day she was scootching, the next day not!

candr Tue 21-Aug-12 21:39:00

Look, well done babylook. Need my DS to get a bit more confident on feet (an less cocky with climbing off things, on things, up stairs etc) Will only stand holding on to something and STILL refuses to drop to bottom has to be hands and knees.
He is playing peekaboo now where he will crawl to a doorway and hide his head then poke out and shout at you - is sooo cute. He is saying 'yes' a lot too which causes amusement. "should you be doing that" "Yes", "do you love mummy enough to give her a crisp?" etc

feralgirl Sun 26-Aug-12 19:43:53

Awww to the yeses candr, that's v cute smile

We're having a trying week with DD who I assume is cutting teeth as she is just gruesome! She's constantly grizzly, off her food and really clingy. She's had a bit of a temperature but I took her to the dr yesterday and there's nothing obvious wrong with her. Fortunately (touch wood) she's been OK at night but without alternate doses of calpol and calprofen she is totally impossible sad She has really got great timing too as we have had visitors and commitments all last week and have again for the next few days.

However DS is waking at least once every night with monster-fear so DH and I are knackered and grumpy. Funnily enough, it's invariably me who deals with DS as it takes DH about 15 mins to drag himself out of bed by which time DS will be hysterical and risking waking DD. Grr. DH has been off on a boy's day out today so I am going to claim some "me time" this week for sure!

Can't believe the summer hols are almost over. One more week left and school is looming sad

ssmile Mon 27-Aug-12 14:04:05

Ditto feralgirl here, baby been very hard work the last 4days extremely grumpy, temp,runny bum, ear tugging, off her food its very draining but thankfully with alt doses of meds she is sleeping through so I can't grumble too much. Our eldest had dreadful night fears, I made a "monster busting" kit, which consisted of a silver spray bottle and fluffy floor cloth from the pound shop. The red cloth went by the door which was open to let some light in, but the cloth stopped monsters going in, and the magic spray bottle was to spray all over the room and in the night to make monsters go away smile I didn't put anything other than mummy magic in the bottle and it did help!

We tried to get baby her first shoes Friday at Clarks but after trying a few they didn't have her size in the soft crawler shoes. It's a bugger I have from eldest a 3,3.5,&4.5 in soft&walking shoes which I cleaned up from loft, but no this baby needed a 4G the only size I don't have! It's become a pain lately as she most definitely does NOT want to stay in her buggy but walk &explore everywhere now. We had just left her bare footed at home and on grass but she ready to do more now.

We had birthday cake yesterday as pop was one grin and more birthday tea today as GrandParents coming up in an hour so yet more cake to consume. I really can't believe a whole year has gone by!!

jimmijam Wed 29-Aug-12 20:44:11

jimmijamds3 10/09, back at work p/t, getting broody but couldnt cope with more, ds not yet walking but very cheeky, using implant (which i want removed). got 1st period last week-still on sad

feragirl I have DS (now 3.9) and DD (07/09). She's walking just about. I'm back teaching FT. Cornwall is beautiful as ever but very rainy!

jimmijam Wed 29-Aug-12 20:49:51

candr we thought ds would be walking by 11months the way he is, but he still wont even stand without holding on, needs to build up his confidence there, though he can get around everywhere as he is-even climbing the radiator and trying to climb up the fridge freezer- so he has no need to walk yet.
he seems to think he's the same age as all the other little uns around (minimum age 4years) joining in and trying to do the same as them!

fera and ssmile 2 back teeth coming through here, calpol and bonjela a godsend here too (im sure dd and ds1 didnt suffer this bad)
ssmile we got dd his 1st pair of shoes a few weeks back as he kept pulling his socks off, shoes worn twice as pulled off too sad oh well. clarks pointed us in the direction of cruisers (i think its crawler, cruiser, walker?)

feralgirl Wed 29-Aug-12 21:03:01

Hurrah for the first birthday Ssmile, many happy returns to DD. I cannot believe that our LOs are all going to be a year old soon <bit weepy thinking about it>

Turns out DD isn't teething, it's a virus. I got her in the bath last night and she was covered in a vicious rash so I bundled her into the car and floored it to the docs just to be sure it wasn't meningitis (which of course it isn't). She's still ill and, to cap it all, the sodding washing machine has broken down for the third time in three weeks!

Ssmile, I tried to get DS to explain to me what would make the monsters go away and he told me that he needed a photo of DD crying to scare them off. So there is now a pic of DD howling stuck on his door hmm grin

candr Sat 01-Sep-12 20:53:33

Ssmile, happy birthday to LO, we have been to a couple of parties for DS friends as they are all around the same age - am getting tips for our turn.
Feral that must have been a bit scary, hope DD recovers quickley. Love the idea of a howling child photo being the scarer.
DS is fine, still climbing and eating half the garden including stones. He is a real outdoor urchin and have now added the word fish to vocab.

ssmile Sun 02-Sep-12 20:42:13

Thanks for the birthday greetings. I hope your lo is feeling better now feral and candr grin at the stone eating! Gosh its a nightmare isnt it they put EVERYTHING in their mouths at the moment. I am forever fishing things out. Well since LO has turned one she is now the screeching monster grrrrr. Everything she cant reach or wants she screechs at high volume. Its very very annoying and wearing. She is also extra clingy since have in a couple of days at nursery as I have now gone back to work. I resorted to putting her in the baby carrier at home today just to get the dinner on and the washing up done. But she really is a tad heavy to keep in it for too long but my poor hips cant take lumping her around the house much more!
She is also the proud owner of some new shoes and is walking everywhere now. We cant stop her just wandering off. Her favourite game now is "taking" something that she knows she is not supposed to have (eg. emptying the changing bag) then running away with it giggling. She then stops turns around to make sure you have spotted her, giggles and runs off again. Its really funny grin last night I was getting her ready for her bath she was all naked and sprints down the hallway giggling and climbs onto her big sisters bed (another new skill) and jumps around it laughing and trys to hid under the duvet when I come to retrieve her grin she it is lovely to see her personatlity emerging more and more but boy with it is coming these awful screeching tantrums which I jolly hope pass soon!!!
Whose next in the birthday list??? Happy birthday September babies smile

candr Mon 03-Sep-12 20:18:17

Ssmile, that sounds like a lot of fun grin but not the screaching (DS stops if I join in!). DS not walking yet and is 1 on the 15th so don't think he will do it before then.
I am really nervous about MMR as I really would have preferred single jabs but is not possible now. He had such bad reactions to his jabs when smaller that I don't know whether to let them do the MMR and other jab in one go or on differnt occassion. My friends baby has been off since jab 12 days ago so dread how mine will cope.
We have been to 3 first birthdays now so am getting tips on what works best ready for our go (annoyingly the first mum did party bags so feel I have to follow suit now - thought I could avoid those this time around)
Feral - hope things are improving your end smile

ssmile Mon 03-Sep-12 20:35:49

I've just booked my Lo appt for her jabs for 24th as it said 13mths in our red book. You can give calpol before the jab candr that may help and then alt with ibprofen for 24hrs to head off the grissles or reaction before it emerges. They are all different but I really think its better to get the jabs than risk the chance of getting the bugs as they can be truly horrid. Gd luck hope you Lo doesn't react too much.

My Lo has been SO much happier today hopefully all the screeching was just teething and a cold which seems to have passed now.

How are you doing LOOKATHERGO? Hope the pregnancy is going ok

feralgirl Mon 03-Sep-12 20:38:59

Yeah Candr, I know someone who said that they're MMR really affected their DS a couple of weeks ago. My DS was fine with it and DD's been OK with all her ims up until now so I'm trying not to worry about it too much.

Ssmile, that's so funny about your little joker! DD here is similar too, she loves it when DS hides under a duvet and she can try and 'find' him. And she's really into kissing too which is lush. This evening she was hissing at a toy snake which she thought was the funniest thing ever! But her legs aren't long enough to do any proper climbing yet and she's getting really annoyed about it!

Is my DD next for a birthday? She's on Friday but I'm at work all day sad so we're celebrating on Sunday when the whole family are free.

ssmile Wed 05-Sep-12 20:38:59

Oooh my head is spinning too many things to organise I'd hadn't quite appreciated how much harder the logistics were going to be with two kids in two different places and both parents in stressie jobs. Bloomin hope this gets easier as I'm feelin really stressed tonight, first day back at school tom, and I've got an overnight business trip not great flipping timing sad at least after screaming and clinging to my DH this morning the baby did have a goodish day at nursery after our vrocky start.

Hope school goes ok feralgirl &everyone else is doing ok.

jimmijam Wed 05-Sep-12 23:04:18

happy birthday baby ssmile smile

walking? sad ours isnt there yet, though he can climb on everything and get everywhere as it is so he has no need to as yet.

1st period since ds was born-complete with the trots, and its now lasted 2 whole weeks sad

ds1 has his 1st day at school 2moro, has been crying since dd went back to years ago as he's desperate to start!

fera haha to the crying photo, great stuff smile a few mornings ago i found ds1 asleep on the sofa- he thought there were lions in his bedroom! smile

cakeismysaviour Thu 06-Sep-12 15:19:32

It is baby cake's birthday today! grin

We are having a mini party tea for him in a couple of hours.

No little brother or sister yet though.

ssmile Thu 06-Sep-12 16:51:07

Happy birthday baby cake hope you get to eat some yummie cake grin our Lo had first icecream in a cone last wend. She wolfed it down all of it, but I only gave her large teaspoon of icecream in the cone smile

feralgirl Thu 06-Sep-12 20:26:45

Yay, happy birthday babycake! I hope you've all had a lovely tea.

I have just realised that we haven't picked up DD's present from the post office, and I haven't bought her anything from DS and therefore she hasn't got anything to unwrap from us tomorrow. I know that she won't know any different but it doesn't stop me from feeling guilty! Fortunately her grandparents are better organised than me and have bought her presents from them over this evening.

I could kill DH as he had two days off on Monday and Tuesday when I was at work when he could even have got her something from Amazon and he bloody didn't. And he didn't do any batch cooking so we've been having to rustle up food every evening from scratch! Seriously, he is the crappest housewife ever!

So now I am going to have to stop on my way home from work tomorrow and buy DD something which means that I won't have time to go to the gym and now I'm just irritated! How is it that I work full time in a really stressful job and yet it's still me that has to do the weekly shop, plan the meals, budget, pay all the bills and remember stuff like birthdays? Oh! Now I am really annoyed! It is a really good thing that DH is out.

Jimmi, that is too cute about DS sleeping on the sofa. How lovely of him to sort himself out and not wake you up! I think he could teach my DS a few lessons there...

Can't believe that this time last year my waters had broken and I was only 3 hours away from going into labour.

feralgirl Thu 06-Sep-12 20:26:59

Yay, happy birthday babycake! I hope you've all had a lovely tea.

I have just realised that we haven't picked up DD's present from the post office, and I haven't bought her anything from DS and therefore she hasn't got anything to unwrap from us tomorrow. I know that she won't know any different but it doesn't stop me from feeling guilty! Fortunately her grandparents are better organised than me and have bought her presents from them over this evening.

I could kill DH as he had two days off on Monday and Tuesday when I was at work when he could even have got her something from Amazon and he bloody didn't. And he didn't do any batch cooking so we've been having to rustle up food every evening from scratch! Seriously, he is the crappest housewife ever!

So now I am going to have to stop on my way home from work tomorrow and buy DD something which means that I won't have time to go to the gym and now I'm just irritated! How is it that I work full time in a really stressful job and yet it's still me that has to do the weekly shop, plan the meals, budget, pay all the bills and remember stuff like birthdays? Oh! Now I am really annoyed! It is a really good thing that DH is out.

Jimmi, that is too cute about DS sleeping on the sofa. How lovely of him to sort himself out and not wake you up! I think he could teach my DS a few lessons there...

Can't believe that this time last year my waters had broken and I was only 3 hours away from going into labour.

LookAtHerGo Thu 06-Sep-12 20:35:41

Aw Candr, we don't get yes here, we get lots of shaking heads no! However I think it often means yes!

Feral, my LO is a climber, and only a tiddler with it, I thought my Mum's sofa would be too high for her, however no, she cocked her leg up, and pulls up with her arms, very very strong upper body.

Aw ssmile, your shoe nightmare sounded a little like mine. I've held off and held off getting her shoes until she had been walking properly for a while, she's been walking properly since the first week of august, however they don't do walkers small enough! She's a 2! So we've had to buy cruisers just so when we are outside she has some protection!

Happy birthday to baby ssmile for August. Happy birthday baby cake smile hope DC2 doesn't keep you waiting too long.

Happy birthday for tomorrow baby feral

And Monday happy birthday to baby jimmi.

It's E's birthday on Sunday. This year has been pretty amazing really.

And I'm growing rapidly, measuring 25 weeks at 17 weeks! Lol.

candr Sat 08-Sep-12 20:27:20

Feral, my sympathies as know how you feel. DH is on night duty for the first ime ever as I was up 10 times last night and ended up with DS in our bed - had one great night then 4 awful ones. I bet I get called on to help 10 min into first crying session.
Am planning DS birthday party for next Sat - really hope weather holds as my house is small so need garden too.
Need to get DS shoes as he has scratched his toes crawling on gravel (bad mummy!)
Happy birthday to all others and hope celebrations have been going well.
Hope pregnant mums are not finding the heat too much and are getting a few min for themselves.

ssmile Sat 08-Sep-12 22:14:40

Grrr my phone just crashed &lost my post. So sorry its short,

Happy birthday baby feralgirl and LookAtHerGo hope you have lovely days.

Hope ur party goes well and you get some sleep candr

Night all!

jimmijam Sun 09-Sep-12 20:13:14

happy birthday baby cake and baby lookathergo and baby fera too!!!

im lost who's pregnant on here and when ru due?

its not until reading other peoples experiences that i remember i was pregnant on dd's 1st birthday, seems so long ago. she's 6 1/2now. 17months between her and ds1.

2 1/2weeks ago i had the trots and started my period on the same day. period still going and i came home ill from work today cuz kept thinking i was going to be sick sad getting annoyed with it now. doctor ringing 2moro about getting implant removed anyway so as long as i get the chance, i will mention in to her then.

weird question but..... did any of u find it uncomroftable using tampons after having your lo's? i was fine after 1st 2, but now i can find it painful unless using the applicator ones,just wondered if thats 'normal'

ssmile Sun 09-Sep-12 21:27:06

Hi jimmijam I had a light period for a month after the mirena coil was fitted but virtually nothing since, just couple of 3day light periods. I couldn't use tampons after DD1 for a gd year, my pelvic floor was too weak and it was uncomfy. Gd luck hope you get yourself sorted out with GP.

candr Mon 10-Sep-12 20:21:06

Jimmijam, had to get the ones with plastic applicator but fine after first couple - was heavier than pre baby but back to normal now just annoying that I never know when I am due as not back on pill.
Well sleep training is kind of working.
Night 1 slept from 8-10.30 then screamed till 12 but slept till 7.30
Night 2 slept from 8 -3.00 then screamed till 4 and slept till 6.30
Am trying to cut out night bottles even though they are only 4oz water 1oz powder but I hate hearing him scream and DH is happy to leave him till he drops of exhaustion wheras I feel he should not be left for more than 20 min without some reassurance (cuddle in his room and back in cot) You have to check on him as he takes clothes off and blankets then can't sleep due to cold.
Hope he catches on soon but this is huge improvement from me being up 5-7 times a night.
Any tips welcome.

sarahseager Mon 10-Sep-12 22:31:23

Hi everyone,

Haven't posted in ages but always follow what's going on.

LO took first steps today on her own without us forcing her too wink and she was sooo proud grin There was then no stopping her! Off to clarks for shoes at the weekend! Yippee!

candr Just wanted to post to say that we did controlled crying for sleep training and worked really well for us, I used to leave her five mins, then ten mins, then 20 min etc - the longest she ever cried was 45 mins and that was mainly shouting. She's still an early riser - normally 6am but just so glad not to be up in the night anymore. She also goes down awake for naps in her cot too which I never thought would be possible.

Happy birthday to all the lo's that have had theirs already and all those with birthdays still to come, my lo's is next weds the 19th, we're just having a small family party this week and buying shoes as her pressie! grin

Hope you're all ok, I actually cannot believe that our bubbas are a year old - this year has been the fastest I have ever known - how is that possible when I have been awake for most of it grin


thenewMrsL Tue 11-Sep-12 11:05:31

Hi Everyone... like Sarah, I'm sorry I haven't posted in ages - it's been a manic Summer but all calming down a bit now kids back in school. I do keep reading on here, but haven't had chance to post... but hopefully I can get something down now before she awakes from her nap!!

Congrats to everyone's LOs who are walking and climbing everywhere. My LO is walking along the sofas etc but not quite independently walking yet. Her B'day is Sunday, so maybe she'll take a few steps before then, but doubt it. She's only just started to crawl, as she prefers to bum shuffle around - and could get Olympic Gold at it, so she's fast!!

She's still not the best sleeper in the world, and usually ends up in our bed still. Can't bring myself to do the CC thing as she gets into such a state.

Has any one elses LO got molars or any back teeth coming through? I noticed this morning that she has a tooth on the bottom at the back already through!! She has the front 4, with the top 2 either side just visible and starting, but was surprised to see the back tooth, and there's quite a bit of it through!

On my own this week sad DH is away on a course all week and kids at their Mum's. And, then DH goes away to Algeria again on Sunday night to Thursday, but will have the kids back next week.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to all LOs this month (and Ssmile's LO from last month!) I know most have said it, but OMG, can't believe it's been a year! We're just having an "open house" on Sunday afternoon with friends and their kids coming up - so must make some cakes and nibbles. Have got LO an indoor Trampoline (it looks more like a trampet with a support) as she loves bouncing but is a bit restricted in her bouncer now - and loves watching her big Sister bouncing on the trampoline outside! Grandad got her a Trike - where you can steer with a push thing at the back... she loves it (she got it last weekend!)

Oops, can hear her, best go...

ssmile Tue 11-Sep-12 13:00:04

Happy birthday Los. I'm thankful our Lo is such a chilled out baby (mostly), I whispering she has been sleeping 11-12hrs straight for 2-3mths now. So BIG hugs to those limping on in the fog of sleepless nights and gd luck with the CC. Our Lo is still sleeping in our bedroom average 4nights a week as we only have 2bed place and the girls wake each other up if together, hope this improves soon....but I doubt it with eldests track record!

Hope you have gd open hse mrsL and Sarahsea you Lo likes her new shoes. Our Lo has big feet so we had to wait a week for them to order in her size4g crawlers.

I'm struggling with being back at work this time. My confidence has really taken a hit and a new job I'm finding logistics of two kids and two working parents hard going. I really hope it settles down soon (not helped by some health issues I've got ongoing hospital appts). Much rather be cuddling my Lo at home at the moment I really miss the smell of her head smile

LookAtHerGo Wed 12-Sep-12 19:59:27

Candr, not really getting much time to myself, except for bedtime, although DD does go to bed between 7 and 7:15 so I suppose I get that time to chill, but there is usually something to do around the place. Sorry you are having sleeping nightmares. Although you say you had a couple of slightly better nights. We used controlled crying when she was about 10/10.5 months old, hard as it was at first it did work for us, although I was a softy cc type and started out at 2 mins, then 4 then 6! I hope you are sorted soon.

Aw jimmi, sorry you had such a rubbish time, I didn't try tampons (mooncup girl - which I had no probs with) so I can't help there. And I hope you have worked out my name change, it me who is pg with twins, due 12 feb, but it'll prob be about 3 weeks before that if I make it that far. Let's keep our fingers crossed.

Yay for walking babysarah smile whoop.

No MrsL no molars here, just 6 front teeth, three at the bottom, 2 fangs at the top and the middle one just came through a week ago. I'm sure LO will walk soon enough. smile

Ssmile, I hope work settles down soon for you and the health issues are nothing serious and easily sorted.

Well LO has turned into a chatter box, not much that sounds proper, the occasional word, but loads and loads of rambling away! It's very cute, I expect she'll become a chew your ear off type of talker before school and I'll be saying 'just give mummy a minutes peace to think'! smile

cakeismysaviour Thu 13-Sep-12 15:14:18

Hello, thanks for the birthday wishes for DS1.

As you can probably tell from me using the term DS1, we now have a second son born at 7.15 am this morning. grin

LookAtHerGo Thu 13-Sep-12 16:15:30

Yay, congratulations cake. Enjoy your new baby snuggles and all the learning about having two smile

cakeismysaviour Thu 13-Sep-12 16:33:54

Thank you. smile

ssmile Thu 13-Sep-12 20:14:36

BIG congrats cake hope you enjoy some lovely baby newborn snuggles and DS1 likes being a big brother smile

feralgirl Thu 13-Sep-12 21:16:02

Oh wow Cake, that's amazing. So so pleased for you and quite envy. I've spent a lot of time this week remembering how lovely it was when DD was teeny tiny and I was all full of those amazing hormones that make everything rosy! Hope everything went well for you all.

I haven't bothered with proper shoes yet for DD (although she now chooses to walk everywhere rather than crawl) as I'm chickening out of letting her walk on pavements as she's still a bit unsteady. She's fine barefoot indoors and on grass and I've got her some of those soft leather slipper type shoes but she doesn't wear them much. She's got a pair of waterproof bootees too and so I figure she can manage without shoes until it gets a bit colder.

MrsL, we've got one of those trampoline's too (we got it for DS's first birthday) but it lives out in DS's playhouse now as there's no room for any more toys in the living room! DD loves it and DS still plays on it too so it's been a really good value toy.

Sorry things are hard going Ssmile, and sad that you're not too well. It must be really hard with a DH who works long hours.

Candr, sorry the sleep is still a bit elusive but good that it's getting better. CC worked really well for us with DS and he was sleeping through by 9mo after a week of grizzling. DH dealt with him as I was still BFing and so it really didn't work if I went in.

It didn't work at all with DD though; turns out she has a cast iron will and lungs to match. The longest I managed to listen to her scream was 2.5 hours (not left on her own I hasten to add, with visits from DH) before I gave in.I think they do it when they're ready and some babies refuse to be coerced!

This said, I think that using white noise to block out traffic, us going to bed and birdsong has helped as do her blackout blinds. We also gave her a rusk squished up in formula whilst reading the bedtime story for a while to make sure she wasn't waking up hungry. Very best of luck smile

Hope everyone gets some 'me' time soon; I have forgotten what that is now I'm back at school!

candr Thu 13-Sep-12 21:19:34

Congrats cake, hope you are all doing well - look forward to hearing more details when you are up to it grin
CC not going great but only up at 9 and 5 last night then he slept with me till 7.30 but has been a tired wingebag all day despite what for him was a great nights sleep.

cakeismysaviour Fri 14-Sep-12 12:26:24

Exhausted! DS2 is constantly hungry, although my milk is already in (I breastfed throughout pregnancy, but my supply had really dropped off in the latter stages).

DS1 has still had around 6 feeds (or numnumnums as he calls it) a day and as always he seems to enjoy the 'comfort' of it as much as anything. At the moment I seem to be constantly feeding DS2 whilst trying to find moments to give DS1 his numnums, but DS1 is getting quite hysterical when I don't let him bf straight away.

Obviously, he is too little to understand why he cannot feed that second and it is really upsetting to see him so distressed whilst babbling 'numnumnumnumnumnumnum'. sad

The joys of having two I suppose!

DP and PiL are being fantastic and have been taking care of pretty much all of the general household jobs etc, so I am concentrating on feeding and bonding. smile

thenewMrsL Fri 14-Sep-12 19:59:52

Many congratulations Cake! Enjoy your bonding and those special newborn cuddles!

cakeismysaviour Sat 15-Sep-12 15:40:58

DS1 has recieved some hide and squeak eggs and is fascinated by them (highly recommend). smile

We got out for a little walk by the beach this morning. First trip out with double buggy!

We haven't chosen a name for DS2 yet. I want Bruno, but DP prefers Nicholas.

cakeismysaviour Thu 20-Sep-12 19:13:00

Is everyone ok? smile

Are you all busy with work (seem to remember that some of you are teachers)?

I am still being helped lots by PiL, although DP is back at work already.

DS2 (still unnamed) is turning out to be a fan of power napping, ie 20 min sleeps followed by crying/demanding feeds. <sigh>

PiL have been spoiling DS1 and taking him out to the park and stuff, so I am mostly sitting and feeding and browsing Mumsnet lots to feel like I have more contact with the outside world!

OhNoMyFoot Thu 20-Sep-12 19:14:18

Hello. Glad you are doing well cake.

<waves to all>

candr Fri 21-Sep-12 20:45:06

Hi Cake, glad you are all doing well, my LO was a nap and snack baby - now he just snacks. How are you finding double buggy? they can be a bit of a beast to move around. Hope you can settle on a name soon - what do you call him at the moment as my friend called her son Booboo until they chose a name but Booboo stuck and he is still called that now.
Am not at work but DS gets so excited when he sees a laptop and just wants to bang it so can't turn it on till he is in bed (8pm) and am often too tired to type.
Hope everyone is doing ok, had DS 1st party which went well, felt quite emotional though that he is 1 already. He is desperate to walk and keeps grabbing our hands to walk him round (not good for the back ache!)

ssmile Sun 23-Sep-12 18:41:35

Hope your doing ok cake and it sounds like you are getting good help with DS1. Enjoy your baby snuggles and hope you feel more relaxed second time around :-) I was alot more relaxed with our second but found it difficult managing my guilt at not giving DD1 the attention she was used to now I have two to look after. One year on its got easier but she still has her mega clingy days when she is jealous of her baby sister but most of the time she is just fab with her. I try to make special time just for her at least once a week, like just us go swimming or for a ride on the bus, it was the little things she missed like I couldn't always hold her hand whilst we walked as I need two hands on the buggy at times down our hill.

Glad your birthday party went ok candr yep its an odd feeling our Los are one now! We are having daily little tantrums when DD2 doesnt get what she wants or we take stuff away she is quite the little strop monster. Oh dear I fear this will be my pay back for having a good sleeper smile this time around. Our first was quite a handful between 18mths-2yrs but was generally pretty good after that. Then again she appears to have had a cold, streaming nose for the last 3 wks so I dont think she is feeling tip top.

We bought some of those hide n squeak eggs someone mentioned and they have been good fun, so thank you. I think our 5 yr old has been playing with them more grin

jimmijam Sun 23-Sep-12 20:34:00

just a quick note to say i am still reading your posts
hope everyones well

ssmile Sun 30-Sep-12 14:46:00

Heellooo anyone still about? smile hope people are doing ok. our Lo is becoming a right little monkey. this week its climbing out of the high chair at meal times grrrr at nursery she sits very nicely on a low chair with no straps but at home bloom nightmare!
but she is also very.cute too and seems to be enjoying her nursery a lot more which is a relief.
hope the new babies are doing okay and LookAtHerGo your bumps are doing ok.

feralgirl Sun 30-Sep-12 21:14:47

Ah yes, our squeaky eggs have made a big come back too, they really were the best £1 I have spent at a car boot! I gave a set to a mate whose DD was 1 last week too. I dunno what it is about them but they just love them don't they? Although I am not loving hunting for 12 bits of toy every bloody evening when I tidy up!

Good to hear you're getting on OK Cake, hope DS2 starts doing some more extended napping soon. And well done on BFing two as well, I am very impressed. Have you tried tandem BFing? I've always been fascinated to know just how do-able it is in practice!

Yes, work is bloody mental at the moment, I am just flat out and bringing so much home with me in the evenings. I feel like I barely see the DCs from Monday to Friday and then I'm shattered at the weekend too so grumpy and they just seem to be getting a bit of a raw deal from me really. So I'm feeling guilty and crap but thank goodness DH is spending time with them most days (he has them three days during the week and my parents have them the other two) so fortunately one parent is doing a decent job!

Couple that with the fact that the government and the media seem to really have it in for teachers right now so moral at school is at rock bottom and I am feeling a bit grim! I am applying yet again for another job at a different school, a big step up so it's quite ambitious but I really need a change and we need the money!

How is everyone else? I can't believe how quickly time is racing by. Have all the babies had their birthdays now?

candr Sat 06-Oct-12 20:26:48

Hi all, we are now walking hooray! (age 1y 3w) Still a drunken totter but getting more confident each day. Just need to remember to put his shoes on each time we go out.
Feral, good luck with job app. I take LO into my old school sometimes and the head has made so many changes it is driving the staff mad. When I left so did 6 others and 3 more since then. There is now only 1 teacher left there and even the new staff don't want to stay which is awful as was such a great school. I hope you find one you are happy in as makes all the difference.
Ssmile, my lO is a real pickle too and has a bit of a rep amongst other mums as their babies copy his tricks. He has no sense of danger and is very cheeky too but in a lovely way.It is hard to know where to draw the line sometimes. I want him to be inquisitive and brave but not cocky and dangerous.
He is going through rubbish sleeping again (or still is more realistic) but is napping better in the day (but only on the sofa) he will sleep for half hour in cot but 1.5 on sofa where I can have a nap with him sometimes.
I love the age they are at, have had lots of parties and think it is lovely that he already has frends he has known for a year and has really bonded with some children. Has been lovely for the dads to see their kids laying with friends at the parties.
Anyone doing a baby halloween do? we have a little costume ready (have never paid attention o halloween before but will only be able to dress them up for a few years.
Hope everyone is doing well and bumps and new babies are progressing nicely. grin

feralgirl Sat 06-Oct-12 22:33:15

Anyone else watching X factor this year? They were so rubbish tonight that I'm thinking I might not bother!

DD is also getting very adventurous; she was all over the little climbing frame in the park today, and copying DS swinging by her arms from the bar over the slide! She's had a bit of growth spurt and so now her legs are long enough for her to climb onto the sofa and up onto DS's bed. Her feet are still too small for shoes though, only a size 2 and Clarks didn't have anything below a 3 so she's just on her padded waterproof bootees. She has totally lost one of her really nice soft leather slipper type shoes that I bought her though, the little monkey angry

She is a complete bugger for early waking atm; we're lucky if she sleeps later than 5.30. She went until 7.30 this morning but only because she was awake for 2 hours in the night! I can't decide whether to try the wake to sleep method. I might see how we're doing at half term and then give it a go if I'm desperate. It really is a massive pita.

This said, it is now 10.30pm and, bearing in mind that DD'll probably be up in 7 hours, I'd better go to bed!

feralgirl Sun 07-Oct-12 05:23:02

4.30 this morning. angry This has been going on since August! At what point does it stop being a phase? I haven't got her up as she's not crying, she's just kind of going "aaahhh" over and over again on the other side of the rubbishy partition wall between our bedrooms.

What do I dooooooo?!

candr Sun 07-Oct-12 21:20:09

We still have bad nights too Feral. A normal night is sleep at 8 awake at 11, 1 (up and down a few times till 2 or 3), 5 (at which point he comes into our bed) and 7. Have stopped giving milk at night and stopped bf a month ago. Can take between 5 and 45 min to settle sometimes and awkes with full on screaming lots of the time.
No advice I'm afraid but just thought you should lnow you are not alone (our LO have seemsd so similar haven't they?)
Hold onto the thought that by toddlerdom they should sleep brilliantly and everyone that had great sleepers won't know what hit them when their kids start night wakings smile
Really feel for you though as I know you have to work [flowers]

ssmile Mon 08-Oct-12 20:36:44

Grrr tried to post 3xs now and phone keeps crashing. Short version sorry your having Crap sleep candr &early starts feralgirl. Our Lo mostly sleeps well but 5am is normal wake up but I think this is Fab compared to our DD1 smile

Had shitty week, all very tired though. DH working 12days straight veryong days, I'm working 4days a week, baby been ill with the hand foot mouth blisters bug and 5th tooth broke. Eldest is loving school year one but tired and answering back attitude has gone up another notch sad

ssmile Mon 08-Oct-12 20:42:13

Yah posted with out phone crash. On a positive I went shopping today to spend some of my back to work wage packet grin got lovely size 12 red mini (the smallest I've been for 12+ years!!) Plus a pair of boots& a coat that fits. Very pleased with myself. On downside the OP that the GP had said ooh your have that by Xmas, the consultant has said they would rather sit and wait as the MRI scan showed it had settled down for now sad fed up of conflicting advice on an issue which will flare up again.

Anyway hope you all have happier weeks roll on Sat!

YouSmegHead Mon 08-Oct-12 20:59:59

Oh god so glad I'm not the only one being woken oftensad

tiddleypompom Mon 08-Oct-12 21:15:53

Am still reading & thought of you in sept for first birthdays - will post properly soon just marking place. Lovely to hear of new babies & walkers! 20 wk scan yesterday all is well for Feb baby.

Warm wishes to you all smile

feralgirl Mon 08-Oct-12 21:34:33

Smeghead (cool name btw) have you had a NC? PM me to let me know who you are/ were if you're a regular (and hello if you're not!)

Bloody 4.30 again this morning. WTAF? Does she not need sleep? DH went in with a bottle and some calpol and she went quiet for 20 mins - just long enough to lull us into a false sense of security - and then she started again with the aaaaahhhhh-ing! Then she started howling so DH, bless him, got her up and brought her downstairs while I went back to sleep.

But this is as nothing to my latest worry as I found a weird soft spot on her head behind her ear last night, feels just like a newborn's fontanelle but on the left side. I've done some looking around on the internet and apparently babies do have six fontanelles shock and one is sort of behind the ear (called the sphenoidal fontanelle) but they're only small and supposed to close up when they're about about 3-6 months old. And it's weird that it's only on one side too, right? So I'm quietly freaking out about that as well as she is all over everything and falling over and banging her head like a normal 1 year old but what if she risks doing something really serious to herself because her skull's all gappy?

There are conditions that delay the closure of the soft spots but they're all really full on and she is totally normal. I'm sure I'm just looning out about nothing but DH is under strict instructions to get her a dr appt first thing tomorrow and then phone me at work!

feralgirl Mon 08-Oct-12 21:40:07

Good news for your scan Tiddly, that's lovely smile

candr Mon 08-Oct-12 22:28:39

Feral, don't stress as is prob only a gland. I have one there too that seems moro prominent when I am ill, can give me ear ache though so holding something warm to it relieves pressure.
TP that is great news about scan, hope you are taking things as easy as poss.
Ssmile - poor LO with HF&M, really not nice. Not sure what your MRI thing is but hope is nothing too bad.
Yousmeghead - hi, have we met before? There are a few crap sleepers on here so feel free to have a moan grin

YouSmegHead Tue 09-Oct-12 05:54:38

Don't mind telling you girls, yes a nc, a little clue I love wearing skinny jeans lol

YouSmegHead Tue 09-Oct-12 12:08:03

Btw nothing wrong with freaking out!

thenewMrsL Tue 09-Oct-12 16:14:52

Feral - hope it all turns out to be nothing, I'm sure it will.

And, on the sleep front, my LO who has never been a good sleeper, has been an awful sleeper recently. Screaming in the night, tried everything - it was if she'd forgotten how to sleep. But, I wondered if it was a reaction to the 12/13 months jabs she had about 10 days ago - she got some "measles" spots (which the nurse said could happen 7 to 10 days later) and it was at the same time she seemed really under the weather. She's seems brighter this last day or two, so fingers crossed, her sleeping gets better too.

But, her "normal" sleep resemble's LittleCandr!! Except she comes into our bed about 1am!!

She's also got a mouthful of teeth which can't be helpful. She's got 9 teeth through with about 5 / 6 more on the way!

TP = well done on the scan!! Yay!

Ssmile - hope your LO is better soon.

Smeghead - great NC!!

sarahseager Tue 09-Oct-12 16:34:13

Yay nice to see lots of familiar names on here.

Hugs to those with rubbish sleep.

My lo has got much better with her sleep but we are now in the midst of horrendous teething - it's only her 5,6,7 & 8th teeth coming (i think) but it seems to be a theme that she goes right off her food, poos for Britain and projectile voms at least once a day - bizarre! Has anyone experienced lo being sick whilst teething before?

feral what did the docs say about your dd?

LookAtHerGo Tue 09-Oct-12 19:55:18

Oh gosh, I've been away from here for about 3 weeks!

Loads of posts. I'm not really good at replying to all of the posts at the moment, but I have read through.

Very quickly about me, I'm now 22 weeks, having 2 little boys! Am almost as big as I was when I was full term with DD (1.5inches bigger around my middle then) Am quite tired, and pelvis is wrecked, but still very happy and chilled about it. DD is everywhere! And has learnt to nod, give big open mouthed kisses, does the most wonderful hugs and if I lift my top up she comes over puts her head on my bump, sucks her thumb and strokes the bump with her other hand! It's very very cute.

cake I hope things are settling down a bit for you now.

Re hide and squeak eggs, we got some a few months back, and DD loves them, she does however turn them around and blows from the bottom and makes them whistle!

TP, glad the scan went well smile

feralgirl Tue 09-Oct-12 20:30:02

Dr said that DD has a big cyst that she has probably got from a bang to the head. DH had to answer all sorts of questions to make sure we hadn't been battering her sad She's got to go to paeds at the local hospital for an ultrasound first thing tomorrow morning to check it's nothing more serious. Dr said she must've had it for a long time as you can feel the ridges of bone where the her skull has started to grow around it <boak> so I feel well guilty that I didn't notice it before.

MrsL, DD had a rubbish reaction to her jabs too. A rash and a little bit of a fever, generally just under the weather for a few days but nothing that some calpol couldn't sort out.

wink at Smeghead, I know who you are now. Good to see you again smile

shock at all the teeth! DS was the same and used to cut four at once. DD's are agonisingly slow coming through and she gets one at a time and each one seems to cause endless upheaval. Nothing as bad as babysarah (shock at the vomming btw but I have heard of it before, think I read the idea that it could be because they dribble loads more?)

And finally a great big "awwwww" to babylook as that is just soooo cute!

candr Tue 09-Oct-12 21:45:24

Oh dear Feral, don't blame yourself as these things happen. Am sure it will be ok.
Smeghead - still can't work it out?
Look, that is so cute - we get cuddles with pats on the back and Ahh's and is learning to close mouth a bit when kissing. Glad things going ok for you - have you chosen names?
Sarah - Teething - sometimes they vomit due to the acid build up in tummy (affects other end too), milk can help level out PH in tummy. DS had teeth through in 2's and 4's and had 8 by 7m but no more since then although lots of finger chewing.
DS is getting more confident at walking and did not react to MMR which I am relieved about as have big fear of it. I only let them do MMR and am back soon for the other 2 jabs as felt it was too much at once (he reacted really badly to jabs when smaller with V V high temp and hospitle trip etc)

ssmile Wed 10-Oct-12 09:43:23

Gosh feralgirl hope Lo is ok. It is scary when its their head. My Lo has constantly had bruises on her head this last month as she careers around the house I think she finally getting more stable now, but only Monday she pulled a large cup of Luckly cool tea off the kitchen table all I saw was her running off down our hallway with my favourite mug grinning as she knew it was naughty. The tea went all over the table only just missing my laptop&phone! She didn't get any on her how I don't know. Note to self push.cups into middle of table now! It's high table as well she stands on tip toes with her fingers out running them along any surface to see what she can get grin

ssmile Wed 10-Oct-12 09:46:15

LookAtHerGo & tiddly glad little bumps are going ok. You both must be knackered hope you have some help with Los. Two little boys arrh sounds v.cute LookAtHerGo will keep fingers xed the old pelvis holds upto 34wks+ lady at my DD1 school had twin boys Felix&Elliot v.cute two yr olds into everything grin

ssmile Wed 10-Oct-12 10:00:08

smeg did you start the juggling working thread? I'm finding it hard too. Had mini meltdown Monday eve as DH worked all wend &very tired but then I "worked" all wend looking after girls so we all tired. I'm still doing all the household noise stuff as I call it, bills paying, booking cars in service, home ins renewal, nursery bill to pay etc. But DH was star he sorted out three things on Tuesday morn from work which took some off "my" list. But its taking us both awhile to adjust and get into the swing of it again. It's hard with two DDs in different places with different hours, plus after school activities. But like other said, I do as much as poss the night before and DD1 now has school dinners on days I work which has helped too. Plus my family calendar which I could've do with out on the kitchen wall grin gd luck!

thenewMrsL Wed 10-Oct-12 10:25:25

Look how cute! That's so sweet, and congrats on 2 little boys! Hope your pelvis holds out too.

Sarah - no vomiting with the teething here, but poor LO. I am sort of glad loads of my LO's teeth are coming through together and not one at a time. By about a month she'll have about 12 teeth through I reckon.

Feral hope LO is ok. Don't blame yourself - my LO has bruises all over her legs - couldnt work out why until I noticed she hits herself a lot!

Ssmile sounds manic...

feralgirl Wed 10-Oct-12 19:42:59

Agh, spent the whole day in hospital and still didn't get the ultrasound, got to go back tomorrow and waste yet another day with a grumpy over-tired baby who can't nap as it's too bright and noisy.

Basically we were seen by a nurse who asked all the child protection questions, then a doctor, then had to wait 3 and a half hours for the consultant who said that DD's weird squidgy head could be a defect in the way her skull has grown, i.e. that the bottom layer of bone has grown but the top layer hasn't properly. Alternatively she has fractured her skull at some point in the past shock Either way I have failed to notice that something was wrong and that makes me feel really really rubbish, no matter what anyone says.

The doctors kept saying that it can't have been like that for very long because otherwise I'd have noticed but I thought, actually, would I? I get home from work at 6pm, spend an hour hustling the kids through their bath and into bed (whilst thinking about work) and then I sit down and do more work. I look after them all day on Saturday by myself but am probably more focused on DS than DD as he's higher maintenance.

Sorry for the me me me post. Feeling very sad this evening!

sarahseager Wed 10-Oct-12 20:50:06

Hugs and [flowers] to you feral - sounds like you've had a rubbish few days. Hope you get the scan done tomorrow and start getting some definitive answers. You are doing the best for her and you did notice it, that's the main thing, please don't be too hard on yourself - I think we all get given a guilt injection when we have our babies!!

Thanks for comments on the teething & sickness - it's so unpredictable but she is still doing it pretty much once a day but gave extra milk today to try and help settle tummy (thanks candr) and because she is barely eating anything.

So excited to hear your news look - you are brill being so chilled about it! Your lo sounds like she is being just adorable!

smeg Meant to say before, lovely to hear from you again, I did wonder where you had gone - hope you're doing ok.

Lovely to 'see' you again MrsL - how is married life?

ssmile you sound very organised, wish I was as good at getting home stuff done - I swear I haven't done housework properly since lo was born! Oops! Think I might need to get some sort of family planner / calendar!

YouSmegHead Wed 10-Oct-12 20:55:50

Thanks for all the hellos <waves>

ssmile yes I did start that thread. Wish I could afford the most suggested idea of a cleaner grin

Feral do not feel guilty, I understand why but seriously don't.

ssmile Wed 10-Oct-12 21:11:05

feralgirl hugs &biscuit&brew sounds like a long worrying day. Hope tom is better& u get a scan.

smeg my dream would be a laundry fairy, I'm quite happy to do minimal ironing but just a magic fairy to load, unload washing machine, move it around the line, airer &radiators without baby pulling it off every five minutes, fold and put away when dry.....oh be heaven grin

ssmile Wed 10-Oct-12 21:18:11

sarahseager I'm only this organised now DD1 is at school that has added a whole extra layer of nightmare. Nursery is easy flexible drop off, pick up and open most days where as school is 13wks of holiday, 6hr day, random non-pupil days with little notice and something else random most weeks, eg. Today was wear trainers day, Friday is wear red/white/blue day, plus reading homework every night grrr I think schools have forgotten that these days lots of both parents work and can't just drop everything to fit the school timetable. Sorry rant over (not aimed at many teachers on here just a system) its been a long day (7hrs travelling&6hr meeting I'm fried tonight)

sarahseager Wed 10-Oct-12 21:28:53

ssmile sounds like a v.tiring day! I will be your laundry fairy as that's the only bit of housework I like! grin I know I'm a weirdo!

thenewMrsL Thu 11-Oct-12 10:08:30

Feral also sending hugs. Truly awful time for you, but as the others have said, try not to be so harsh on yourself. With LOs it's about juggling as many balls in the air as possible (as ssmile describes above!) and some are sure to hit the ground. Oh god, trying to be profound but not very good at it! Basically trying to say we're all human and the important thing is you DID spot it, and she's being seen to and will be ok. But lots and lots of hugs as I'm sure no matter how many say don't be harsh, you still will be.

Ssmile - I know what you mean. So much to remember for school and DSD has a knack of not producing the little slip of paper from the teacher that "Going on a trip, needs packed lunch, waterproofs etc etc" until the morning on the trip!! (And she's 11 this month...!)

Sarah - Oh, please be my laundry fairy too!!! Although, TBH, I don't iron very much!! Only if the clothes are linen or really really creased! One of my mottos has always been "life is too short for ironing"...And hope LO feels "normal" again soon - nasty teeth. You think with evolution and everything we'd have worked out a way for teeth to come through without sore gums, bums and weird eating habits and poos!! Poor LOs.

And, thank you, married life lovely... although resembles pre-married life pretty much!!! But, does feel more permanent and solid, iykwim.

LO took 4 unaided steps yesterday - a few times too! Whoop whoop! Hopefully won't be too long until independent walking now. Although, then it'll be a battle to get shoes on her... she hates socks (thank god for "sock ons") so shoes will be fun!!

Has anyone got one of those Helper Pods (they are like a box you put toddlers in so they can be elevated to worktop level, mainly in the kitchen, but without toppling over like on a stool)? They look kind of useful, but expensive. Just wondered if you'd used them and what you thought?

feralgirl Thu 11-Oct-12 20:27:14

Another long old afternoon in the hospital but at least it was a bit more optimistic as the scan showed that her skull is all in one piece and looks the way it should. The squishy bit is just fluid and hasn't got a blood supply so it hasn't grown as such (like a tumour for e.g.) The drs are a bit confused as to why exactly it's happened so they took a load of blood to check to see if there's something wrong with her clotting function and also to see whether having a pool of fluid has given her an infection at all. The consultant wondered whether she'd just hit a blood vessel but there's no visible bruising. We've got to take her back next Thursday and obvs keep a really close eye on her between now and then. So phew!

Ssmile, does your school not publish the training days etc for the whole year in advance? I thought all schools had to do that, both for staff and for parents. Can't imagine how much of a pain it must be if they don't! I have always wondered what parents do during the school hols, it must be so difficult. Our master plan is for me to eventually earn enough for DH to be able to get a job as a TA so that we all have the same holidays.

Sarah weirdly the laundry is also the only chore that I kind of 'like'. Don't know why. But I fekkin loathe hoovering, sweeping and mopping floors so I will happily trade someone their laundry for my carpets!

MrsL, I have also been delaying the shoe thing for the same reason. We took DD to be fitted as she is properly walking but her feet are too small for Clarks' smallest shoes so she's going to have to go without for a little while yet!

LookAtHerGo Thu 11-Oct-12 21:23:14

Oh feral, what a worrying time for you at the moment sad glad today's appointment was better for you, hope all is ok for her in the end.

Candr, yes we have picked names, but we're keeping them quiet until after the birth, I would hate for someone (feel meaning friends and family) to make any sort of comment that made us think erm should we change the name.

MrsL and feral, my dd is only a 2 so too small for proper walkers, she has some cruisers for outside, but I leave her barefoot as much as possible, it is good for strengthening their feet and good for growth to be unrestricted, but I can't have her walking about outside barefoot.

Thanks ssmile and MrsL re the pelvis comments, I do too, I had PGP last time, this time its more SPD than PGP, and feeling a lot worse a lot sooner, but there are two in there. I did actually get some relief from it last pg towards the end, so fingers crossed the same will happen.

Ssmile was it you who said about having help for DD, I have none in the week in the day as DP is working, sometimes I find just going out helps as she is quite content in her pushchair to watch things go by, although it means I'm walking and not resting, I don't get to rest at home really!

Thanks Sarah, sorry your LO is having rubbish trouble teething sad

I'm struggling today, DD turned into the pukatron last night at 9pm and didn't really stop till just after midnight, she's been bright as a button all day. Put he back in her room this evening, she settled as normal, woke an hour later crying, them coughed and was a little bit sick again, so she's in our room again, I can't have her I'm the other room, maybe I'm over cautious but I'd rather be near her if there is a chance of her puking. But I've done something to my neck which means every time I bend down I get this immense pain in my head and have generally felt crap all day, a bit like pre fluey, hope it comes to nothing was supposed to be having my flu jab today! So I've had a blub at my DP this evening and I'm goi g to sleep very shortly. Meh is a good word for me today.

ssmile Thu 11-Oct-12 21:48:32

Gosh at all your little diddie feet grin Lo had 4.5shoe at Clarks I breed short arses but big feet grin poor munchins.

Glad feralgirl that you had some reassuring news today hope the weekend she is ok. And yes I wish the bloomin school would publish clearly at the start of the year all the non pupil days as I specifically looked for them in August when I was planning out our next years holidays! But no this one in November was casually mentioned in the middle of the school newsletter grrrr! Luckly its a Monday when I'm not working.

LookAtHerGo hope you have better night with Lo and she better too.

ssmile Thu 11-Oct-12 21:54:38

Whhoooo thenewmissL at Lo steps smile hope you continue to enjoy the new exploring and don't end up with too many bruises on the head. Our little one is quite stable now running around in daytime but post 5pm she little drunk sailor but on speed at times hairing around the house thinking its hilarious to.jump on beds, sofas climb stuff, Sprint off with everything left by back door, hid things in random places,but she gets so tired her balance is shot, receipe for disaster!

Right off to bed another loong day survived just!

ssmile Fri 12-Oct-12 10:03:08

Our bad wk got worse..baby been throwing up half hrly 12am-5am, then gave her couple sips water at 8am she threw that up 8.30am. I never saw DD1 this poorly, got DR appt at 4pm. Should get car fixed at garage today, managed to get school friend to take eldest this morning so didn't have to walk with poorly baby &water has now stopped dripping through our lounge ceiling after torrential downpour in Devon yest. Fingers Xed its not a tummy bug we all gonna get otherwise this really will be a contender for worst week of 2012!

feralgirl Sat 13-Oct-12 22:58:01

Oh my word Ssmile, what a nightmare! Poor you sad Really hope DD is better today and you've got a bit of rest today, you must be knackered.

And yy to the hiding things. DD has put one of our house phones somewhere and I have no clue where. It's been missing for so long that the battery on it has died and we have no hope of finding it!

Also sad for the aches and pains look, it was hard enough being pg with one baby and keeping up with a 2.5 yo, I am in awe of you!

She is just loving the computer atm, this kept her in stitches for ages today!

Not going to stay for long, as I've had a few glasses of wine and typing is not easy!