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Sept 2010 - Another 6 months past, it's going too fast!

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comixminx Wed 11-Apr-12 21:32:47

Our lovely new thread for the September 2010 babies. Dive in folks!

Yay, thank you comixminx! Hope your friends baby continues to be happier. My new baby was already ready more settled today than yesterday, he makes Luke look so big and grown up though sad

BeaditAli Thu 12-Apr-12 00:43:04

Marking! Bonjour grin

newmum001 Thu 12-Apr-12 07:53:32


Have taken your advice sassy34264 and ordered myself a pair of size 12 jeans so watch this space.......

Luke said 'no more' and 'chocolate' today, considering he's my second I'm way too excited about these things!

I've got the day off tomorrow to do something nice with ds1 before he goes back to school on monday sad. His choice of day out so we're off the the dinosaur park again!! Hope it doesn't rain on us, and I'm finally getting my haircut in the morning before we go. Hurray!!!

diddlybop Fri 13-Apr-12 09:03:09

ooh! Shiney new thread!!!

Cinnamon I tended to go by routine with both mine. They were fed/put to bed without neccessarily showing signs, I just knew they were ready & caught them before they got past it. Hope it goes ok with the school run.

we had a lovely few days away in Scarborough building sandcastles and splassing in the rockpools. The boys both loved it. We called in at The Deep on the way home. Will never go there in the hols again! It was crazy & Olly was a nightmare. He wanted to walk but it was too busy. He doesn't do holding hands so was just running off!

My size 12 jeans came today and they fit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry ridiculously excited!!!

sassy34264 Sat 14-Apr-12 19:46:01

i knew it! you cant loose that much weight and only go down one dress size. good for you sweet! x

Glad you had a good break diddlybop, other than the crowds was the deep good? Dh wants to go sometime!

For those still bf quick question, quite often after his milk in the morning Luke toddles off and has a drink of water and I am wondering if he's actually getting enough/any milk. I can hear him swallowing but wondered if it's just saliva as he's sucking a lot? I assume he wouldn't suck for nothing but he does suck on his own mouth to soothe him when he's got his muslin by his face so wondering if it's similar. Still happy to continue but seems a bit daft he's get no actually getting anything.

comixminx Mon 16-Apr-12 18:14:34

I wonder too, cinnamon, especially as with being pregnant again I feel like my supply is less than it was. On the one hand sometimes Aphra has clearly been at the boob indicating real hunger that only goes away when we give her something more substantial like a bottle of warmed milk; on the other hand she's still keen and like you I find it hard to believe she'd suck for nothing! Who knows really. I will keep on for as long as she wants to I guess.

diddlybop Mon 16-Apr-12 21:35:38

oh no! i did a real monster post & forgot to press post!!!! i'll have to it all again!!! ah.........tomorrow!

sassy34264 Mon 16-Apr-12 22:19:28

i worried about colostrum comix for eva, if i was still bfing the twins. i didnt look into it cos jacob bit me and i stopped anyway, but how would it work with tandem feeding? probably a question for debs

comixminx Tue 17-Apr-12 12:43:03

There's quite a lot of stuff about tandem nursing on KellyMom, and it's research-based which is good. Myth 3 on the linked list talks about colostrum.

Dixiebell Tue 17-Apr-12 18:58:56

I wondered about colostrum too. Stopped bfing Arlo just before Xmas but I'm still producing milk (i mean it's there if I squeeze), even now I'm pg again. Anyone else had milk supply hang around after stopping? Was going to ask mw about it next week as I wondered if it wld affect supply next time round.

I had milk for about 9 months after I stopped feeding ds1 at 15 months dixiebell. On the plus side it was much more regulated with Luke, didn't get the huge engorged breasts a five days after birth like I did with ds1 it just seemed to come in earlier but more gently with Luke.

Debs75 Tue 17-Apr-12 19:27:43

When I was pregnant with Lucy my milk did tail off a bit for dd2. It also changes taste a bit which can be offputting. It also didn't put dd2 off feeding and she helped build up my supply for Lucy.
I know I am still producing milk for Lucy and she still feeds several times a day. I don't get any engorgement now if I miss a day of feeding so my supply is pretty much established and I think it takes longer then just one day of not feeding to make a huge difference.
If you are comfortable with ffeding whilst pregnant and want to give tandem feeding a go then try it, your body soon gets used to the demand.
Oh and after dd1 I was producing milk for almost a year

sassy34264 Tue 17-Apr-12 23:18:54

i knew it was too good to be true- got through the whole of winter with only snuffles from the kids. isobel has been out of sorts all day- a bit hot, whinny and extremely tired. about 4.30 whilst in the car she throw up everything she had eaten, even the stuff from breakfast. it just kept coming and coming. she has been like a burning up little rag doll every since. i hate hate hate it when they're ill, its awful and to make it worse, i couldnt completely care for her cos i still have 3 more to see to.

it was dp's first day at his new job too. he drove to telford and back, did a 12 hour day and there was no tea made and i told him to get pizzas for us from the shop and he had to cook them. blush not going to make housewife of the year this year! oops

sassy34264 Wed 18-Apr-12 09:07:28

need a laugh

was crying laughing by page 2/3

sassy34264 Wed 18-Apr-12 09:11:33

oops that takes you to page 10!

page 1

diddlybop Wed 18-Apr-12 20:51:10

Evening all! I'm going to try to remember my monster post now!

Cinnamon The deep was great. Its a bit old for Olly but he did love it. Ds1 was a better age but still a bit young (he'll be 4 in Aug). I'd definately recommend it. Especially as ds1 is small enough to pass for an under 3!
And go you on the size 12s!

We're using our 1st ever paid babysitter on wed. She's the daughter of a friend who lives opposite us and 3 doors down. She's 15 in august but very mature for her age. Her mum will be in and so will my neighbour who knows her and my boys very well. I'll also only be 5 mins away and dh works in the village. I'm a bit nervous but my regular babysitter (my very close friend) has got herself pregnant and is starting to struggle so I can't rely on her anymore!
Does anyone know what the going rate for 14 year old babysitters is?? (bearing in mind i'm in Lincoln!)

Ollys been poorly again! He's got an awful chesty cough but its a bit better now tho cos if I tell him to cough he will! I'm thinking maybe the dr soon! sad

comixminx Wed 18-Apr-12 22:18:53

sassy, great thread you linked to! I also laughed out loud lots.

Hope Isobel is feeling better and no-one else gets it sassy34264!

Did you get your choice of school diddlybop? It's been a nightmare for some here, not even got a place in our town or next village along but even further afield. So glad ds1 is already in so Luke will get priority. A lady I know from school pays her 15 year old babysitter $25 for an evening for her 3 children, not sure of the $ to £ conversion at the moment. I work for a babysitting agency called Sitters and they charge £6.10 an hour for me. It's not something I would consider but then I have my mum nearby and a very good friend next door so don't have to but I reckon £3 should be good.

Luke has been very whingey the last few days I feel really fed up, tired and lathargic. I was thinking we might be coming down with something but nothing so far. I haven't felt like this for a long time since I've been running and lost weight so a bit of a loss as to why. Ds1 has had a few broken nights sleep with nightmares but that hasn't affected Luke so not sure.

Debs75 Thu 19-Apr-12 19:47:16

Diddlybop we live near the Deep. It's great isn't it. Tis best to go when the dc's are at school and I think the best age to take them is 6-7 upwards. We took ds, dd2 and Lucy last year so a 2.5 and 6month old and dd2 was running all over.

Lucy managed to flip off our computer chair today and face plant on the laminate floor. She has a huge bruise on her forehead, one on her nose and a split lip. She looks worse then she feels and has been running around since with dd2

diddlybop Thu 19-Apr-12 20:54:55

We don't find out till monday Cinnamon I didn't think I was too bothered but I'm starting to get a bit nervous now! I was thinking about £3. Why does your friend pay in $??

She's American, there are three huge USAF bases near us so lots of Americans! I assume her babysitter is American too but she was complaining about it being too much!

diddlybop Fri 20-Apr-12 20:20:24

That makes sense then! I thought it was a bit random. I went round tonight, she's a lovely girl, is really keen and when I said It'd be a bit of pocket money for her she said she didn't want paying! Not just a "no, no, no, oh go on then" a genuine "I don't expect to be paid" Of course I will but that means I can decide how much! £3 an hour it is!

newmum001 Fri 20-Apr-12 20:35:37

Hi everyone, got a new phone and can't seem to get on the mobile version but i an cheching in snd when i sort my phone out i'll post properly! Hope everyone is well!

diddlybop Fri 20-Apr-12 21:23:44

Hey newmum when you're back, have a look at the thread sassy linked, it made me think of you and your double posting!

Saoirse where are you???

BeaditAli Sat 21-Apr-12 20:11:52

diddlylumps if money doesn't matter to her maybe buying her something instead would be really nice.... Then she'd think of the boys when she saw it grin I would have loved a girly pressie for my babysitting duties!

See....... I am lurking!

Wonder if saoirse is too busy with morning sickness to post...... They were trying weren't they?


I never babysat when I was a teen, couldn't have imagined anything worse than looking after other peoples children hmm

diddlybop Mon 23-Apr-12 08:52:26

I used to babysit when I was 15. I hated it! I once had to get my uncle round cos I thought someone was lurking outside!!!

Good news here today. Ds1 has got a place in the school I wanted. I have really mixed emotions tho cos he's my baby and although he goes to nursery, thats my choice & if i don't want him to go he doesn't have to. School is for big boys and girls and is the law! He's too tiny and young to be going to big school! sad [happy]

Ha ha beady just seen the diddlylumps I'm never gonna loose my lumps am i??

Debs whats the deep like on a weekend?? Is it as busy as in the hols??

I hated it with ds1 diddlybop but he is so happy at school and the awful grumpy/tiredness after school has nearly gone. I still cried when he went back after easter last week blush. Don't forget it's not law until the term after they turn 5 so he won't actually HAVE to go until Sept 2013 grin

Luke has been fine with my new baby but this morning he's been a nightmare! He was pushing him off my lap and cried as soon as I touched the baby sad

Debs75 Tue 24-Apr-12 15:24:49

Diddlybop It can be, especially if it is a rough day. Not much to do in Hull when it is raining.

I must start thinking of finding dd2 a school. She is 4 in September and currently in a surestart nursery 3 mornings a week. Most of the schools around here are average to ok but our catchment one has been in special measures and the teacher ratings is poor. Plus we really do want to move and I don't want her getting attached at another nursery then having to move to another one. And Lucy will go to the surestart one in September and it will be easier to have them there at the same times

Grrr.... nightmare morning, puncture in a tyre of my double buggy! Tried to blow it up which made us late for school and it went back down two seconds later! Practically ran to school with flat tyre, three unhappy boys in the rain! Ds1 got upset as his line had gone in without him and I was in pain from my shoulder from trying to keep the bloody thing straight!! Luckily my lovely step dad stepped and took me, luke and my minded baby to toddlers and I then walked home with the single as my minded little boy was picked up early today and my little girl I meet there didn't come back with me today.

Got so much to do this week with ds1's 5th birthday! Lots of baking as it's now the thing to take cakes for the whole class instead of sweets, plus cakes for his party and his actual birthday cake. I also have to wrap his presents, sort food for his party, take the dog to the vet (nothing serious just annual booster and probably telling off about teeth sad) and give blood on Friday, plus babysitting all day Saturday sad sad sad. I have no idea how my baby became a 5 year old little boy!! He is very excited though and I hope Luke will be ok with someone else getting presents that he can't open hmm

At the risk of talking to myself as no one else seems to be posting are any of you having to deal with hitting? Luke is hitting me if I say no, always tell him no and it doesn't get his way and he's started hitting his brother too plus very occasionally other minded children. Don't think he's confident enough to hit strangers but he does fight back if someone takes something from him. So frustrating and makes me a bit sad, I am so anti violence sad sad

diddlybop Wed 25-Apr-12 19:51:58

I'm still here Cinnamon I can't help much because neither of mine really hit Olly does more than ds1 ever did & I firmly tell him "no! we don't hit". If I felt that wasn't working I would put him on the naughty stool. How have you reacted so far?

I'm poorly! I'm never poorly! I've got tonsillitis & my cousin gets married on saturday! I better feel better than this by then!

sassy34264 Wed 25-Apr-12 20:28:06

cinnamon jacob hits and bites. we say ' no hitting' and we've tried removing him from the situation. he tends to do it when he is frustrated with you, cos he has no way of dealing with it. for instance, if he's climbing, or taking something off isobel etc and i stop him, he will give me a look and then hit me.
ive found the only 2 things that have had a significsnt difference is making him give more kisses and loves to isobel, so that he is affectionate more and also just age. he seems to just realise more and more what is acceptable and what isnt.

hope you feel better for your wedding diddly

sairose posted on fb yesterday. didnt see if anyone commented.

question- is anyone elses child talking in their own language? jacob will just come over and proper talk to me in babble. it mostly sounds japanese but occasionally german or something- its weird!

when is your due date cominx ?

I just say no hitting or no we don't hit it's not kind. If its me he hits I put him away from me and ignore him for a minute or so, of it's ds1 I make him give him a cuddle. I think it's frustration too, but sometimes I think he's seeing why reaction he gets and he often laughs after he's done it.

Feel better soon diddlybop!!

Didn't see Saoirse's post will look now smile

comixminx Wed 25-Apr-12 22:41:00

cinnamon Aphra doesn't hit (much - she does flail sometimes) but she can scratch me at times. I don't feel it's done in anger but I sometimes do need to tell her to stop and to try to take her away from the situation that's causing her frustration (depends what it is really). It's difficult but Aphra luckily is not a big worry in that area, mostly.

sassy, my due date isn't till August so plenty of time yet. We've got the doula arranged, we need to start thinking seriously about whether to try for another home birth or to go to the local midwife-led unit or what. What did folks do about their older ones when the baby was born? My mum could maybe come and help look after Aphra during the labour but we'd need to give her some notice and of course if it all goes quickly or is in the middle of the night that might not be practical! In a way it's a good argument for a home birth, no need to worry about arranging stuff for Aphra unless it's actually in the daytime and she's not at nursery or anything like that.

Aphra's talking more now but she's been doing a lot of non-english babbling. She can say all sorts of things it turns out, but we need to interpret them properly / get the context right. Apparently at nursery her main person gets her to say "up" and "down" at nappy change time (for lifting and lowering her legs) and "water" for the fresh water that's needed - and she's just started doing it with us too, outside of nappy change time. She said "down" as clear as anything this evening!

diddly - get well soon indeed. Mwah!

I forgot to say that yes Luke does that all the time sassy34264, I feel really bad that I don't understand as he often seems like he's trying to tell me something! I am probably understanding 3-4 new words a day and little phrases are appearing too. Yesterday he said lego, pasta, gone now for the first time. I taught him to say milk as it was annoying me that he pointed to my boobs and said I want that! He says a very clear mmm at the start and then some throaty noise on the end!

sassy34264 Thu 26-Apr-12 07:46:17

jacob doesnt say much. but he understands me better than isobel, if i ask him to get me his juice bottle off the table etc. he'll go straight to it, isobel starts looking on the floor- to be fair though, that's usually where it is!

isobel will say most things if you ask her. ie, say cup isobel, and she will. shes struggles with words with 2 syllables though and doesnt attempt 3 syllables. and she wont put 2 words together. she has started counting though,. but she starts at 5, goes up to 8 and has no idea of its significance. very cute though. smile

where's mammag ?

sassy34264 Thu 26-Apr-12 07:46:19

jacob doesnt say much. but he understands me better than isobel, if i ask him to get me his juice bottle off the table etc. he'll go straight to it, isobel starts looking on the floor- to be fair though, that's usually where it is!

isobel will say most things if you ask her. ie, say cup isobel, and she will. shes struggles with words with 2 syllables though and doesnt attempt 3 syllables. and she wont put 2 words together. she has started counting though,. but she starts at 5, goes up to 8 and has no idea of its significance. very cute though. smile

where's mammag ?

Dixiebell Thu 26-Apr-12 10:39:53

Arlo hits these days, usually me or DH when he's not getting his way. I usually just say no we don't hit, but often that just gets a laugh. Or I'll say, no be gentle with mummy, and he starts stroking my face instead of hitting. I've seen him do it once or twice with other children, when they take something away from him, and I struggle more with what to do in that situation.

Arlo is really good at repeating back words too, although with longer ones he often gets the syllables mixed up which is quite sweet. Thomas (the tank engine) is Motas. And his childminder, who is Lily, he calls Ninny!! His words have been coming so quickly recently, you realise how much they understand, so he says 'big' when there's a big bubble or something, and 'man' when the builder comes to the door, he knows up and down, and can do numbers too, if you say can you count how many whatevers, he says 'two', and if you continue up to ten, he often knows which number comes next. His favourite activity is vacuuming, he says 'woowah' (hoover!), and does the actions, several times a day, to indicate he'd like to hoover now!

diddlybop Thu 26-Apr-12 10:43:25

Ollys speech is much more advanced than ds1s was at this age. I think with 2nd children they either go one of 2 ways. The elder either encourages speech or speaks for them so they don't need to. Although Olly has a lot of words he does still babble in his own language. As if he's telling me a story! I asked him if he wanted a yoghurt yesterday. His reply was as clear as anything, "No, Ice cream!!"

Comix Ds1 went to my mils. Do you have a friend you could call on?

I'm not having a very relaxing day off sick! We're having a new boiler so there are 3 plumbers banging & drilling. The waters off, the heatings off & the fire alarm keeps going off!

patito Thu 26-Apr-12 14:18:01

cinnamon Maia hits and bites, mostly DS when he has a toy she wants, but also me when she´s upset with me. She once bite my nipple on purpose as I tried to sit her on my lap properly whilst feeding and she didnt want to! Do the same as everyone else, remove her from situation tell her to be gentle etc. I also try to get DS involved if it´s him thats on the recieving on by getting him to tell her that hurt or whatever. I don´t think she understands but think it all helps or the future when she will.

diddly hope you managed 5 minutes of peace smile

Yesterday we were discussing our friend who we stayed with in Gran canaries (he´s single).
DS "why hasn´t he got a wife?"
Me "I don´t know, but he´s got lots of friends"
DS (bottom lip quievering as if about to cry) "but who makes his dinner for him" shock

The best bit is that when DP is around he always does the cooking so Ive know idea where he´s got this idea from!

diddlybop Thu 26-Apr-12 19:52:58

Aw, bless him! Thats so sweet! How old is he? (DS, not DP!)

Bit of a wwyd. The boys have brought a letter home from nursery saying there's a suspected case of mumps. They're supposed to be staying at my friends at the weekend while we go to a wedding. She's 34 weeks pregnant. I don't really know if I should make other arrangements, ignore it or what. They've both had their MMR.

newmum001 Thu 26-Apr-12 21:05:01

Hi all still not used to this phone so pls ignore typos!

No hitting advice here, grace does bite but only when shes excited. She doesnt babble much either but shes talking in full sentances now so she doesnt really need to. She does sing though with tends to be a load of rabdom words said in a slightly mire high pitched tone which is very funny.

Ive been ill alk week with a cold and this morning i woke up crying at 6.20 in agony and told dp.he had to stay off work but he'd already arranged last night with his mum for her to have grace today and i feel a bit better now.

Lumpy i hope u feel better for ur wedding at the weekend. On the bright side havent eaten anything alk week and lost 5lbs, yay! X

fierypoppy Fri 27-Apr-12 12:16:33

Hello smile

Should we know you fierypoppy or are you just popping in to say hello? grin

Bugger! Just been to give blood and they wouldn't take it sad and they won't invite me again for 13 months sad. I have been logging my food on mfp for nearly 4 months and it does consistantly show that I am not getting enough iron but I feel absolutely fine and have no signs of anaemia. Dh has been on at me to take suppliments but I don't want to as I don't want to take the risk of getting constipated. Will have to concentrate a bit harder on eating iron but I have meat most days and green veg and also brown bread (which is on the list), I think because I've been keeping my calories to 1200-1400 a day I'm just not getting enough of these things.

comixminx Fri 27-Apr-12 16:29:57

cinnamon, they say that Floradix is good for supplementing your iron without risk of constipation, have you tried that?

I know how annoying it is, I only managed to give blood regularly once I was on the Sanatogen multivits for conception/pg/bfing. Before that I had iron problems too.

Thanks comixminx, you were the second person to suggest that yesterday! I haven't tried anything because I didn't know there was a problem until I went yesterday, never had it before. Just can't believe they won't take my blood for a whole year, don't see why I can't go back in 16 weeks and see what it's like then, grrr! The leaflet they gave me said that if it's low 3 times they will ask you not to give blood ever again!

fierypoppy Sun 29-Apr-12 09:46:59

Ah, sorry for that cinnamon smile Have a lovely girl born in September 2010 at home and thought it would be nice to be on this thread smile

You are very welcome fierypoppy! Just worried I had missed a name change of one of the regulars. We have babies from July to October 2010 as lots of us were on an antenatal thread too smile

diddlybop Sun 29-Apr-12 20:59:22

Welcome fierypoppy! Crikey, haven't said that for a long time! Tell us a bit more about yourself and little girl!

I feel a baby update coming on!

Olly is 20 months on....... when? there isn't a 31st!
He loves anything to do with vehicles, cars, lorrys, buses, nee naws! Loves chasing round with his brother & his favorite tv program is "bibble bibble" (iggle piggle)
He's a little chatterbox & comes out with new words every day.
He eats well and loves pasta and cake.
He weighs about 22lb and is just going into age 9-12mth clothes, size 4G feet.
He loves his daddy but is a mummys boy if he's hurt or upset.
He sleeps from 6.30-6 but still wakes in the night every week or so!
He's a cheeky little monster & I love him more than I could ever have imagined!

We've had a lovely weekend at my cousins wedding. The boys weren't invited so they stayed at our friends who are expecting their 1st baby in 5 weeks. Unfortunately I think Olly gave them a good taste of things to come. He woke up around 2am and would go back in his cot or be left alone! oops! He's come home not very well tho! raised temp & not eating or drinking. The problem is that he won't take any medicine either so I can't get his temp down! ds1 had a bit of a temp too! not sure what wrong with them!

Luke is 20 months on 13th May
He loves tractors, aeroplanes, animals of any kind. His favourite toys are cars, any sort of blocks and balls, he loves being outside and has turned into a proper little monkey- climbing on anything and every thing! His favourite TV programme is Peppa Pig and infact doesn't watch much else for more than 30 seconds.
He is also talking lots, I don't understand a lot of it but he has new understandable words every day.
He eats most things and changes his preferences on a regular basis! Loving new potatoes, spag bol, scrambled eggs and carrots (not all together!) at the moment but will ALWAYS eat junk food!
He is definitely a mans boy, loves his Daddy and runs to him when he gets home every day. He will go to who ever has not just told him off when he's in trouble though.
He weighs 12Kg/26.5lb and is in 12-18m bottoms and 18-24m tops, size 6.5G shoes.
He sleeps 8 (although I think I need to cut his day naps as he's not been going off until 9 the last week, just chats in his cot) until anywhere between 6 and 7.30.
Sooooooo different to his brother but such a lovely little soul most of the time, wish he wouldn't hit of throw when frustrated. He's so inquisitive and I'm convinced he's going to do something very innovative when he's older wink

Sorry to hear Olly is poorly Diddlybop, have you tried hiding the medicine? I have read on mn about someone who put calpol on ice cream as special sauce her dc could only have when poorly grin

diddlybop Mon 30-Apr-12 08:36:22

Yes Cinnamon We usually put it in milk and Yoghurt worked well last time but he was absolutely refusing everything yesterday. Even his bedtime milk. He slept through till 6am this morning tho and has had his milk with calpol when he woke up. He's a lot brighter this morning. Ds1 however came through with a temp of 39.1 and an awful cough. I give up. It seems to be whenever they go away overnight without us they come back poorly!!!

Newmum hope you're feeling better now.

comixminx Mon 30-Apr-12 15:02:37

Welcome fierypoppy! Aphra is 20 months old (really? can hardly believe it myself!) on the 2nd of May. She's our first but we have another baby due on the 21st August; it will be interesting to see how she reacts to being a big sister!

She loves fiddling with things, putting things in things, taking them apart, scrutinising them. She's also suddenly started liking having us sing to her a lot - Twinkle Twinkle, Miss Polly Had a Dolly, Wind the Bobbin Up, and so on. She's not said all that many actual words until now but she's just starting to do a lot more - repeating some of the key words in the songs (like 'tar' for star - and pointing at stars in books, etc), or saying 'up' and 'down' a lot. She can understand lots too and clearly it's all going to start really exploding linguistically over the next few months.

We hardly watch any telly so she has no favourite programs, but I do have my ipad and iphone on me pretty frequently so she plays with them a lot. There are some lovely games by a company called Toca Boca that she goes back to again and again, but she also plays a piano app more tunefully now than when she was much younger, and loves looking through the photos and videos (particularly the ones of her, of course).

She mostly eats very well but I suppose like anyone she has days when she's not very hungry or whatever - yesterday she didn't eat that much all day which is never very nice for us because we get worried! She's pretty good with veg (loves broccoli and peas) and eats all the pasta or rice you put in front of her so she's normally not that hard to satisfy. Dunno how much she weighs or measures height-wise precisely - she was always on the small side of the charts but a nice size for us and not worrying in any way. She's a size 4.5 F feet, that I can say for sure!

newmum001 Mon 30-Apr-12 19:52:47

Ooh I'm on my swanky new iPad once again ignore typos as I havent got a clue what I'm doing!

Grace is 20 months on 14th May and is a very strong willed independent little girl. She's been talking since she was about 8 months old and is now talking in full sentences which is lovely. She's decided she doesn't like her pram and wants to walk everywhere which isn't going to happen any time soon as she dawdles and just walking to the shop at the end of the road takes FOREVER! She loves the rides in the supermarket especially noddys car. Her favourite program is in the night garden and she love makka pakka. She eats well but not nearly enough veg but she's really starting to get into fruit so Ill save the veg battle for another time. She is an out and out mummy's girl which I love! She's very tidy with other peoples belongings and orders people to hang their coats, bags etc up as soon as they walk in he house but she doesn't seem to mind her toys covering every inch of the floor. She adores having a bath and will stay in there for ages but doesn't much like having her hair dried! She is the most amazing little person in the world!

Lumpy (can't remember your new name lol) I feel loads better now thank you. Grace has got it now though, no temperature luckily but she's berry snotty and grumpy and she's constantly exhausted. With a bi of luck she'll be ok soon. Hope your boys feel better soon and glad you had a nice weekend. You look lovely on the pictures, I love your dress!

Like has a horrible cold too newmum001, he's not been poorly as such but really snotty and waking in the night coughing even though he doesn't cough all day! They've had a confirmed case of Scarlett fever at the preschool my minded little girl goes to so hoping it doesn't come our way.

I was so excited yesterday, I'm trying to teach Luke pat a cake but he just wants to slap my hands and laugh so as I clapped I said one then put my hands out to him and he said two before I could! I got him to show ds1 when he got home from school and he's so proud of himself he's been walking around the house clapping shouting two over and over, very cute but no closer to pat a cake wink

diddlybop Tue 01-May-12 09:31:36

Aw, thanks newmum it was £40 in the debenhams sale £140!! I still have the label in it because its the most expensive item of clothing I've bought and will be buying in a long time!!

Ds1 carried on being poorly and had a temp of 39.6 lastnight 2 hours after calpol. I was starting to worry and camped out on his bedroom floor lastnight! He slept til 8am and apart from clearly being full of cold he's fine now! Ollys regularly off it but he's not been poorly for over a year so its really unusual and worrying, especially after getting a letter from nursery about suspected mumps going round!!!

Lol at Lukes two Cinnamon fingers crossed about the scarlett fever. (I've heard of it but what is it!??)

newmum001 Tue 01-May-12 09:39:59

Grace has had a shower the last 2 mornings. Ive had it on the hottest setting for 5 minutes with the door closed before she gets in then turned it to coolish but the steam has really helped clear her nose. She woke up this morning and her nose was completely crusted over it was awful. Hope everyone starts to feel better soon!

Luke is better now but getting ever more strong willed and stroppy! Very grumpy tonight as he woke early from his nap crying sad. Soooooo looking forward to the bank holiday and a few days just me and my boys grin

fierypoppy Sat 05-May-12 11:29:59

Thank you all smile We have been mostly outdoors these days due to the nice sunny weather so have not had much time to spend here smile

Um, where do I start? Annabel (my dd) was born on 9th September so she'll be 20 months this Wednesday (I can't really believe it). She adores fish, birds and other animals.
Loves singing, dancing, watching her books and drawing/painting. Favourite thing on playground is the slide. She eats well (also fruits&vegs). Has extraordinarily large feet - size 9 atm. Weighs about 29 lbs and is 33.5 inches tall. Does not talk too much but I am sure it will change very soon. She is very strong-willed grin and very very cute smile

Sorry for my poor English, am not a native speaker. And I do not live in UK (I live in Estonia). Hope it's still OK to be here. I just found MN when browsing around and thought it would be nice smile

You're very welcome to join us fierypoppy, the only thing that gave you away was watching her books otherwise perfect English smile.

Just wanted to post an unbaby related thing, I got to a total loss of 4st today!! So pleased I'm not 10st something!

Ds1 was very sick in the car today which ruined an other wise nice day, dh got cross with him which made me shout at dh- how an you be annoyed at someone being sick?!?! It's not like its something anyone wants to do!! I think it was a combination of most of a packet of opal fruits, running around in soft play and then getting in the car as he conplained he was hungry straight after and has been fine since. Off to sil's tomorrow so a day of no work for me tomorrow grin. Taking ds1 to see the avengers on monday so hope it's not too scary for him! Babysitting tonight to pay for it!!!

fierypoppy Sun 06-May-12 06:02:50

Thanks cinnamon smile Congrats on your weight loss biscuit grin

newmum001 Sun 06-May-12 19:45:08

4 stone????i I am so jealous! Congrats to you though that's amazing!

Fierypoppy Your English is better than mine grin

diddlybop Mon 07-May-12 08:07:04

Fierypoppy shock at the size 9 feet!!!!! The main give away for me was the being outside bit! You can't live in england if you've been outside a lot! Unless you're a fish grin! Have you spent any time over here? Your English is great!

Cinnamon Thats amazing! Well done you! You've lost half of me, that puts it into perspective! [massive pat on the back emoticon]

Dh and I were talking last night. We think Olly will be the clever one out of the two. He already recognises O, L and T. He knows all his shapes is quite in tune with music and can recite nursery rhymes (albeit in Olly speak but you can hear its there) Ds1 didn't do any of that until he was well over 2. I know they all develop differently and Olly does go to nursery but there are other little things that seem to be heading that way. Ds1 loves helping his daddy with DIY and things like that. Olly just isn't interested. Its so lovely watching them develop their own personalities and likes etc.

This is turning into the cinnamon newmum diddlybop thread! Is there anybody out there??????????

sassy34264 Tue 08-May-12 10:52:13

hi. im here!

been awol a bit. had a bit of a struggling time. 1st time since eva was born, so doing ok really. grin

hi fiery

i have twins, a boy and a girl- born aug 13, so 21 months in a few days.
jacob is a little rascal but a very sensitive soul. he's very into how things work- opening and closing doors,. switching switches! etc. he talks in his own babble but i can make out some words. he goes stir crazy in this house and i he needs a lot of stimulation.
isobel is a little dainty pixie. she is into reading books too. she will point to everything you say. ie, where's the house, giraffe, elephant etc. she also gives most words a go if you ask her to say them. she can count from 5 to 8 but doesnt know the meaning. she has since added 2 and 10. so now she says- 2, 5, 6, 7, ate, 10! very cute.
she sings with you to nursery rhymes too. in the right tune but babbling a lot of the words.

i also have a 6month old called eva. grin

she is rolling front to back and back to front, can turn and as of last night- she can pull herself commando style across the carpet, so she is now mobile!!!!!

sassy34264 Tue 08-May-12 10:58:17

well done cinnamon that's brilliant.

its also the amount i need to lose envy

i will start soon!!!!!!!

going back to the gym tonight, for the 1st time since shin splints.

Dixiebell Tue 08-May-12 15:08:53

Hi all, I'm here too! Got to say the weather is really getting me down. I think I have SAD or something! Had a wedding at the weekend, and although it was lovely, it was sooooo cold in dresses etc. Arlo was great though, and entertained people for ages in the evening dancing in the disco, it was hilarious he was so into it, and kept dragging different people onto the dance floor to dance with him. He also slept till 8 the next morning, which compared to the 5.30 wakeups we've been having recently is fantastic! Although since then, he's started waking up about half an hour after going to bed in the evening, and crying, only thing to do is sit in his room and wait for him to drop off. It's strange as he's always been a fantastic sleeper and usually goes off straight away on his own with no waking up in the night at all. Wonder if the change in routine just unsettled him.

Anyway, I wanted to ask whether anyone has a recommendation for a book that gives ideas on activities to do with toddlers. I've been looking on Amazon and there are a few but the ones with best reviews seem to be American and I wonder if there's something else out there. I've done all the making dens, baking cakes, playdough, painting, watering the garden etc. but running out of ideas to keep things interesting more for my sake than his! And thought it would be handy to have a book we can just turn to for inspiration when it's raining AGAIN, and we've run out of ideas. Anyone come across a good one?

Be back later, bookmarking as I lost you all smile

What's up sassy34264? Just struggling generally with the three of them or something more?

Dixiebell I tend to just play with toys and do the odd planned activity, also go to toddler groups, the library, the park and occasionally trips to farms etc. Sounds like you've been busy, netmums has lots of crafty tips and there must be threads here but not suggestions on books I'm afraid. How's the pregnancy going?

I'm struggling myself the last couple of weeks, feeling quite tired and a bit down. Stressing about the sibling of one of my minded children starting as its going to be a logistical nightmare and I know there's nothing I can do until she starts and I have to get on with it but been waking at night worrying about it all sad. So wish I didn't have to worry so much about money and could have less kids to mind. Feeling guilty that I don't get much time with ds1 these days as I'm so busy after school. Just a general downer atm I guess. Took Luke to the farm Tuesday and he loved it, fed all the animals with absolutely no fear and was trying to catch the chicks. Love him sooooo much, when he's not being stroppy and hitting he's very affectionate at the moment. He also said James (ds1) for the first time today was lovely!!

patito Thu 10-May-12 16:05:59


Im here!!!

Haven´t been on internet for a while.

Congrats cinnamon thats amazing. Well done to you.

Maia was 20mths on 1st May. She weighs about 10kg but is quite tall (coulodn´t say how tall though). She has the most amazing blue eyes which everyone comments on (they stand out over here even more I think). She´s talking quite a lot both in English and Spanish. Her favourite word and thing is still horses. She now only wants to go out on her little motorbike and goes around saying brum brum. Eats everything and anything. Sleeps 9:30 - 7:30 with a long afternoon nap.

Been down to the beach today with them and found out she doesn´t like the sea! She just started crying when I dipped her toes in, think it might be the temp rather than water as she LOVES the swimming pool.

Cant remember who asked but DS is 4 (think it was regarding wife comment).

Well off to feed DS as he keeps pestering me for some food.

Hope your all well. x

Dixiebell Thu 10-May-12 21:51:26

Thanks cinnamon. Pregnancy going fine. Have my first scan the week after next, can't wait as in that can't quite believe it's real phase. Also haven't told anyone really yet. Feel a bit guilty about work as people keep leaving, my boss is desperate to hang onto those who remain and one of the other girls announced she was pg last week. I feel like I've only just come back still! But hey, they'll get over it.

comixminx Fri 11-May-12 07:49:20

Hiya, I'm here when possible! it all seems so busy all the time. Looks like you're a bit the same, cinnamon - sorry you are so under the cosh.

We have sunshine today! Hope it lasts.

Dixie, is that the twelve week scan then? Fantastic stuff, and good luck for all being well etc! I've met my new midwife at the new GPs I'm registered with after we moved in March: she seems very nice and sensible.

patito, Aphra hated the sea when we tried her with it: it was the unexpectedness of the waves in her case, I think.

sassy34264 Fri 11-May-12 10:52:18

exdp crap

the above isnt helping, i spend my life arguing with dd1, dp is a moody feck and my wading through treacle on a daily basis just feels like it got stickier. ifyswim.

i am a lot better now though. i thinnk it was a bit of pmt- which i dont normally suffer from.

sassy34264 Fri 11-May-12 10:54:00

dixie awh for the scan. envy

comixminx Fri 11-May-12 16:12:04

Oh my sassy, have read through that post you link to now. It does sound like it's been extra treacly for you indeed. xxxx

diddlybop Fri 11-May-12 20:30:16

Oh sassy Thats awful! You are in a pickle! Your poor dd (and you). Isn't that proof how fab MN is tho. what a bunch of supportive helpful people that posted. I hope you get it sorted.

diddlybop Fri 11-May-12 21:01:10

doreens story

He he! This just made me have a good giggle!

Not envy at all at you going to the beach patito!!

That's really sad sassy34264, glad you got lots of support and advice. It's so difficult in anything with parenting to know if you're doing the right thing but this is really tough! You so want to protect your children from everything, I hope you find the best thing for you and Chloe xxxx

Quick question for you all. We went to the park yesterday, dh was training do was going to follow on 20 mins later with the dog. I took next doors girls with me too and not far from the house like hit my leg because I told him to stay away from a car and he didn't want to, I picked him up to say don't hit mummy and he hit me again but in the face so I took him home. Told dh he'd hit me and I'd left Luke's trike outside the stage for when he came to the park. After 40 mins he finally joined us but without Luke! Said he left him in the garden as he was swinging weights and when he came out the neighbours had taken him over the fence (we are very good friends) so he asked Luke of he wanted to go to the park to see me and he'd said no. No surprise he didn't want to the leave the toys he was playing with there and then. It's not that I'm not happy that he was left with them they have looked after him before but we had planned to all go to the park, the neighbours kids were with me so like had no one to play with and it's not like dh and I were planning some time alone. Anyway I got annoyed with him and went to get Luke. Dh said I was ridiculous and how could he possibly have known I wouldn't be happy with him leaving Luke. Is it me or was it a strange thing to do and am I unreasonable to expect him to realise that I wanted some time together with the three of them?

sassy34264 Mon 14-May-12 13:03:21


not sure if ive understood it properly but my perspective would be that i would be mad at my dp if we were going to the park as a family and he was bringing jacob afterwards and then turned up without him and said he'd wanted to play with the neighbours.


because you had taken luke home for hitting you, i can see why he might think that it might be a better idea to leave luke with the neighbours- iyswim?

not sure if that helps or not. confused

jacob has croup again sad but took him to a and e as soon as i realised, so hopefully he wont be as ill this time.

he had to be weighed by the nurses and he is now 14.6kg or 32 pounds or 2 stones and 4lbs. grin

Yes you have understood it right sassy34264, you have helped makes me see it a bit more from his point of view. I calmed down quite quickly but he was then annoyed at me being unreasonable. Sorry to hear the Jacob is poorly again sad and wow, he's much bigger than Luke now grin.

comixminx Mon 14-May-12 14:50:40

I think I agree with sassy that that's a plausible explanation but at the end of the day these misunderstandings happen, don't they, and just have to be dealt with graciously by both sides (once people have got over the initial humph). So I hope your DP wasn't annoyed for too long either & got over it soon too!

Dunno how heavy Aphra is! Might try weighing her some time but dunno where the scales are, especially since the move...

diddlybop Mon 14-May-12 19:58:25

Sorry cinnamon I'm not too sure why you got upset! Like Sassy said you had taken Luke home & you also had your neighbours children with you so not exactly a family trip!

Sassy Jacob is bigger than ds1!!! Hope he's better soon!

newmum001 Mon 14-May-12 20:14:52

Argh jusr wrote a huge post and lost it. The short of it was, sassy your ex sounds scarily similar to my dad and i decided to stop seeing him when i was about 13. My mum pretty much stayed out of it but did get involved when she needed to. He got back in touch a couple of times over the years but i didnt want anything to do with him. I can honestly say now that i have absolutely no feelings towards him now but i do have a massive amount of respect for my mum and the shit she put up with from him. Also jacob weighs 2lb more than grace, i thought she was the biggest.

Cinnamon i would probably apologise to your dp, he probably thought he was doing you a favour if luke was playing up and no harm was done, it sounds like he was happy enough where he was.

BeaditAli Tue 15-May-12 14:08:18

Helloooooooooooo!!! grin finally I get back on here! Need a really good catch up with a really big cup of tea but will post this for now then hopefully be back after my catch up.
All good here but still no bump! Been trying (sort of) since Christmas but I have had an awful cold that hung around literally for about a month so no surprise my body's cooperating at the mo. kind of like the though that now any new dc will be after Christmas as I can do what might be my last Rosie Soul Christmas for a while.
All good here with Jack..... He's a real sweetie but has become really cautious in play centres now whereas he would belt around them before. I'm sure it's because he constantly gets bossed around by older children who look younger than him so he gets a bit frustrated when they push him about. Not a moaner though thank god. Brill with food at the moment and eats everything except ham. Faves are peas, broccoli, beans, any berries and cheese. Totally off his milk still and I'm lucky if he'll have 5 oz a day. Trying like mad to keep him on it but running out of ideas.
He's in 18-24 clothes but is still really skinny, especially his bottom half...... Little stick legs grin in 6.5f shoes and no idea of height or weight but he's definitely tall and has had a spurt recently..... Proven by his ankle swingers! grin
Got a huge vocabulary.... Over 60 individual words but no colours yet and no sentences like our chatterbox Grace smile but does join 2 words quite a bit which I guess is his little sentence.
Points his fingers in a triangle every time he sees a church. All people are "a man" even very pretty ladies blush. Mad about vehicles and chants in the car appropriately at "car, van, lorhee, bus, and bike". Also, obsessed about Bob the Builder... Me not so much [exhausted emoticon]
He's messy like his mummy and loves getting filthy in anything.
Anyone made the move into big beds yet??

Right........ Going to make that big mug of tea... Decaf of course wink
Hope everyone's well xxx

BeaditAli Tue 15-May-12 14:09:08

'not' cooperating even!

newmum001 Tue 15-May-12 16:02:53

I'm going to have to consider a bed very soon i think as grace seems to have mastered climbing in and out if her cot and i can see it getting a bit dangerous soon. Im hoping she'll forget how to do it or lose interest though as i dont fancy her wandering round in the middle of the night. When did our babies grow up? Its all happening very quickly!

diddlybop Tue 15-May-12 21:09:31

Beady where you been lady??! Jack is the same size as Toby! 18-24mths & size 6.5f (although he was measured yesterday and she said 7d!!!!!) Ollys still only in 9-12mth and his feet are 3.5f!! I'll be in touch with you soon, my friend who had the heart will need a charm in November!!

We were discussing beds at the weekend. Toby was exactly the same age as olly is now when he went into a bed. We go to Turkey in 3 weeks and have decided that when we come back, the cot goes! sad

I've been to see my friend & her tiny not yet 24 hour old baby! He was 6lb 12oz and absolutley gorgeous. She had to have a section so I took her a "ME" voucher. She has 2 hours of my time to do what she wants with! Cleaning, ironing etc! I think it was appreciated!

newmum001 Wed 16-May-12 07:36:32

Diddly thats a lovely idea! I'll be using that idea if any of my friends get their acts together and have a baby!

sassy34264 Wed 16-May-12 10:51:39

that is a good idea diddly

i took chloe to clarks for new school shoes last week and she is in 6.5!!!! she's only 11.
im a 5.5-6 depending on styles/shops. she's 5 foot.

hello beady

newmum both jacob and isobel can climb out. i had to stand outside their door last night for about 30 mins to keep putting them back in grrrrrr. hoping if i do it for a few nights they will get the idea. i was hoping to put eva in there at 8months. hmm
need bubble protection for eva's cot.

sorry that your dad wasnt up to much newmum i feel bad for chloe that she has such a shit dad. sigh.

sassy34264 Wed 16-May-12 10:54:35

forgot to say that isobel can put a couple of words together. examples - bye nanna. did it!

eva is saying dadda. angry

newmum001 Wed 16-May-12 13:19:13

Tbh sassy ive only ever thought of it as being his loss not mine. I never missed out by not having him around and my mum is amazing. My nana (dads mum) died 2 weeks ago and i found out off a family friend the day after she'd died. She was not too subtally asking if i was going to the funeral but it never even crossed my mind as his mum was even more evil than he was! But in her death announcement they had the nerve to include me, my brother and sister as grieving for her and also said she had a beloved great granddaughter (grace) non of them have ever or will ever meet her. It just about summed that family up, they are complete lunatics!

patito Fri 18-May-12 13:55:44


sassy read your post re ex DP before but have only just back round to replying. Was discussing something similar with a friend a couple of weeks ago anyway he is also a child psycholgist (my friend not said father) and he was taking about how to help the girl cope in that situation as they can´t stop the girl visiting. He talked about building confidence, discussing whats going off and how she feels and making sure she feels able to talk about her time with her dad.

Hello beadit

We were in the playground yesterday, we visit most days as its right next to our shops and there´s always plenty of little ones when its sunny. A little girl maia´s age was on one of the swings, so Maia walked up to her hit her on the back and as the girl got down to look around to see wht had happened Maia jumped up onto her swing! blush shock

The other mum just laughed and the girl toddled off tplay with something else. Couldn´t help chuckling myself at such plain cheek.

I think Im going to have to keep a closer eye on her, she´s turning out to be a little bit of a devil.

fierypoppy Fri 18-May-12 21:20:51

Thanks newmum and diddlypop smile
No, I have never been to UK. I might like it there though smile
Yes, dd has quite large feet for her age, luckily she's well-built so it does not look too bad smile
I don't have small feet either, so I think it is only to be expected.

sassy Hope you' ll get it sorted soon.


newmum001 I am on a thread about being called Claire it's making me laugh lots!!

Luke has started talking in short sentences in last few days! I asked ds1 if he was ready for breakfast this morning and Luke shouted 'I want breakfast'!! He copies almost everything all of a sudden and spends a lot of his day saying ball or tractor! He showed me a ball in each hand today and said 'two balls', I'm so excited!!!!

newmum001 Sat 19-May-12 03:32:14

Oh my god we've been up since 12.30 with no bloody sign of going back to sleep any time soon. Im soooooo tired!

diddlybop Sat 19-May-12 19:23:06

newmum nooooo! Did she go back?? Ollys been waking in the night again. Not for that long tho! Are they going through a growth spurt or something!?

newmum001 Sat 19-May-12 19:51:32

She finnally went back at 3.45!!!!!!! I tried everything, various teddies in her bed, a drink of juice, cuddles, getting in my bed, in the end i gave her some calpol and a bottle in her cot and that worked. Shes already messing about tonight so it could be another restless one sad i googled groeth spurts this afternoon and apparently there is one nowish. Shes changed so much in the last week so i wouldn't be surprised. However he cheeks are bright red and swolen today and she's having acid poo's again so her back teeth are coming through too! Oh god im tired and fed up! I want wine but it's probably not the best idea if im gonna be up all night sad

comixminx Sun 20-May-12 07:21:13

Oh dear newmum! Aphra had a couple of unsettled nights in the week, including one where she was awake from about 1:30 to nearly 5, DP doing a lot of soothing until he gave in and got me to try towards the end... But she's back to sleeping pretty well again now, all through until 6:30 or so. So hopefully it won't last long!

diddlybop Sun 20-May-12 18:54:03

When Olly does it, before we even go in his room we get milk! If that doesn't settle him I'll take him downstairs for half an hour & just keep the room dark but put night garden on. He does usually settle after that. If he doesn't, a couple of times I have just left him to cry! Its awful but I can't think what else to do! I'm not making a habit of letting him get up at stupid o clock & play, He'll have had milk, medicine, cuddles etc! I'm hard!!!

patito Mon 21-May-12 14:12:09

newmum hope you´ve had a better nights sleep over the weekend smile

newmum001 Mon 21-May-12 17:39:51

Didly usually a quick cuddle settles her but not on friday. She's sleeping better now (mumsnet curse please please do not strike) but she's not going to bed very well. Gets very upser when she goes in her cot at night and fights it during the day till shes litterally exhausted and even then i have to give her a bottle to settle her before she'll nap. I lost it a bit today and shouted at her and felt sooo bad about it afterwards but i was really fed up and tired myself. I think she's naturally just wanting to move her daytime nap back (she was having it at 11 which is really early) so ive tried to shift it to after lunch but she's too tired to eat. Just when you think you've got it sussed it gets mucked up again! I never thought i'd say this but i can"t wait till she's done with naps all together because it's becoming a major pain in the arses!

Hope everyone else is ok and the night wakers are settled again!

Dixiebell Mon 21-May-12 19:00:58

We have the pox! Well Arlo anyway, chickenpox. He's not too bad but rather annoying timing as I have my 12 week scan tomorrow and can't take him with us. So have had to tell my mum and get her to look after him. Have also had some spotting so bit worried about the scan now, even tho I had it with Arlo too and obv was fine. Oh and a touch of conjunctivitis making my eyes stick together at nighttime...we are not the healthiest of households at the moment! And Arlo has decided he can't go to sleep ever without me in the room, which is a pain even tho it only takes 5 mins usually. Anyway, holiday soon..!

Dixiebell Mon 21-May-12 20:29:42

Ok spoke too soon, 90 mins later, still not asleep! Argh!

newmum001 Tue 22-May-12 07:51:21

Dixie did he settle? Grace went up at 7 and didnt settle till 9.45! She was screaming and kicking off but when we went in was all smiles. She was exhausted but just wouldn't sleep! She kept climbing out if her cot if we left the room so i had to stand in her room til she went to sleep. We've put a baby gate on her door incase she climbed out during the night but we're going to have to take the side off the cot tonight cause i was scared she'd hurt herself climbing out! All she kept saying was "in mummys bed" but call me mean but im not letting her sleep there. I've got a feeling u've got quite a lengthy battle on my hands here sad does anyone think a new bed for her might help? I really dont know what to do! X

comixminx Tue 22-May-12 12:40:15

Bad luck on the pox, dixie - although getting it out of the way from Arlo's point of view is probably good. I hope you are all ok with yr scan & any other pg stuff, thinking of you today.

newmum, that's a lot like what Aphra was doing last week when she was restless - though without the asking to sleep in our bed, I think she more wanted to get up and play or some such. To be honest I think / assume that it's a growth spurt or teething thing and will work itself out shortly so no need to think of a new bed yet at any rate. But who knows of course! I know it's difficult but for now I would just persevere if I was you. Easy for me to say!

Dixiebell Tue 22-May-12 13:11:18

Thanks, scan all good, hooray! V.relieved.

newmum, nightmare, Arlo wasn't that bad. Asleep by 9. But had to sit with him. He's hysterical when we leave the room, but soon as I go in he's quiet, just lies there, usually drops off but last night he was just staring at me?! DH thinks we should just leave him crying but seriously he gets so worked up. Usually ut's only 5 mins but if he's going to do over an hour every night I might have to change tack.

newmum001 Tue 22-May-12 16:21:15

I googled it before and apparently there is a 20 month growth spurt/sleep regression. Oh the joys! Im already dreading tonight, like litterally feel sick thinking about it sad she did go down for her nap first time today though although she cried for 15 minutes she didnt climb out of her cot.

diddlybop Tue 22-May-12 20:38:01

so funny. reading all this with an Olly on my knee!!! An Olly who is never awake past 7pm! Sleep little babies, please!!!

We've had a lovely day in the garden here and at my parents farm. summer is finally here. for a day at least. We're on the middle of having our garage converted and going to Turkey 2 weeks today. On the down side my tonsillitis is back because i didn't complete my antibiotics! i really don't want to take them cos they make me feel awful but i'll be a good girl!

dixie glad the scan went well. and I hope Arlos feeling better soon. could that not be the cause of his poor sleeping??

Dixiebell Tue 22-May-12 20:58:44

Hmm, partly, diddly, but he's been doing it for a few weeks now. Was only 15 mins dropping off tonight tho so not bad.

newmum001 Tue 22-May-12 20:59:12

Well she went to bed. Cried on and off for half an hour but i didn't go up which broke my heart but she was asleep by 7.30. I think last nights issue was that i kept going up so she just thought if she kept it up id keep going up. Holy shit this is near enough breaking me i actually feel like im struggling to cope for the first time ever! I'm at my sisters now for a bit of a breather and i do feel a bit better! Didly has olly gone to bed yet? Theres something fishy going on with these children of ours!

comixminx Tue 22-May-12 20:59:24

diddly, the Met office says the weather is going to continue lovely (round our way at least) for the coming week! And the guy in the corner shop says the whole of June is supposed to be lovely... wow! I suppose it will make the drought worse but boy it was beautiful cycling into work today, and then back home this evening Aphra and I sat outside in the garden while she alternated between eating a pear and going on her little truck push-thing.

Keep taking the anti-bs and knock the tonsillitis on the head!

Dixiebell Tue 22-May-12 23:27:58

Spoke too soon. He just woke screaming, stood up in cot. Sat with him for 20 mins but just tossing & turning and tried to stand up when I left! Argh. Just letting him cry now...

diddlybop Wed 23-May-12 22:16:39

Dixie Stop saying he's asleep! I'm seeing a pattern to your posts!

Perhaps they've got their own thread on babiesnet! Lets give our mummys hell! Olly went at 9 last night. I gave him more milk & he went off! He's been good so far tonight.

Still taking the antibiotics!

Dixiebell Thu 24-May-12 18:21:01

Quick poll, what time do your LOs go to bed and get up? Arlo's waking time seems to keep getting earlier (5 this morning!) and wondering if I need to make bedtime later. At the mo it's between 6.30 and 7.

comixminx Thu 24-May-12 20:20:31

Aphra is just going to sleep now at 8:20 or so; this morning she woke up at 6:20 or so but it was quite warm by then already so that probably helped her wake up. She's sleeping right through at the moment so she is mostly waking around the 6:30 mark, give or take.

diddlybop Thu 24-May-12 21:06:38

Olivers on bed by 6.30 and wakes at 6am. It was 5/5.30 till about 2 weeks ago>

Debs75 Sat 26-May-12 00:12:05


diddlybop Tue 29-May-12 12:56:33

Bit quiet on here lately!! its all this nice weather! My friend is in labour as we speak or rather as i type! I so desperately want to pester her to find out whats happening but I'm being good!! If you remember way back when we were all pregnant, my friend was having fertility problems and was having to have IVF? Its her! I'm so excited I can't think straight.

I had a bit of a scary experience lastnight. My vision suddenly went funny, I couldn't concentrate and I was really tired. I went to bed and woke up 10 mins later with a completely numb hand and a numb tongue. I went into panic mode & thought I'd had a stroke! Anyway, I went to the dr this morning, he was useless, but I've just asked good old Mumsnet & its been suggested it was a painless migraine. I've googled it & It sounds like it could quite easily have been. Its set my mind at ease a hell of a lot but I'm still not sure why it happened!

Anyway, my friends just text to say she's on her way with chips so I'm going. Hope everyones ok.

comixminx Tue 29-May-12 16:23:05

Ooh blimey, diddly! That is worrying. Are you going to the docs just in case? Mind you having said that I had a painless migraine some years ago with a sort of nearly-blind spot in one point of my vision, and a very funny feeling; don't think I got round to going to the docs blush

Massive good luck to your friend!

newmum001 Tue 29-May-12 17:51:10

Diddly how exciting (your friend not the migrane) i bet shes over the moon! Hope all goes well for her x

Dixiebell Tue 29-May-12 19:25:47

I get painless migraines now and again. Get a blind spot that gradually gets bigger with flashing lights around the edge. Quite pretty if it wasn't so scary! Usually lasts about 20 mins. I don't get numbness but does make me feel weird. If you google visual migraines there are some pics of what it looks like.

diddlybop Tue 29-May-12 20:58:23

Its been suggested that the pill might have caused it, I started back on it 3 weeks ago! I'm going to see about the coil!

Beautiful Ellie was born this afternoon. 7lb 3oz. Emergency section! Thats all I know so far!

BeaditAli Tue 29-May-12 21:32:24

Hello strangers grin
Hope everyone has had a gorgeous weekend in the sun!!
dixie until a week ago Jack's bedtime was around 7.30pm-8pm and he slept through until 7am ish but the last few days have been mental. Started with him staying up until around 9pm and still waking as usual in the morning but on Friday he was in A&E after dropping a concrete bird bath basin on his feet and now he's antibioticed up with some weird bug. He was breathing very strangely on Monday morning and was really dopey..... Legged it to the Docs though they weren't that specific. Guess what day it was on Monday??? Given that his last hospital trips have fallen on: Christmas Eve, Mother's Day, his Naming Day and now..... His Mummy's birthday! biscuit
I was poorly too so am utterly shattered after not being able to catch up on sleep cos of Jack's illness. I fell asleep on the loo a 3am on Monday Night! Have to laugh or I'll go mad grin
So jealous of all th folk I know going on holiday! lumps when is yours? So happy for your friend and hope their baby is doing well xxx

patito Tue 29-May-12 21:39:09

diddly congrats for your friend. Hope alls well for them. Id be tempted to go back to Drs more for the numbness if nothing else.

Feels like ages since Ive been on but not much talking these days so i can keep easier. (I remember not to long ago I¨d have had to wade through 7 pgs if I missed an even an afternoon).

DS has had scarlet fever! I wasn´t expecting that diagnosis from the Dr when we went. But he´s ok, was over with a course of antibiotics. Maia didn´t catch it neither.

She´s saying so much now, each day she adds several words and has started to couple them, she sounds so sweet and cute.

She does all her poos on the toliet now as well. Im going to buy her some knickers this week and try potty training. She started herself, she came running through to me one day (having stripped off) shouting poo poo´s at the top of her voice. I plonked her on the loo with adapter thingy and she´s done it every day since. She doesn´t seem to notice her wee´s (iyswi?) but Im gonna give it a go anyway.

patito Tue 29-May-12 21:41:48

Beadit Cross post with you. Belated happy Birthday! Hope Jack is feeling better soon and his little toes aren´t too swollen.

Debs75 Wed 30-May-12 09:08:12

Poor Jack

Patito Lucy sits on the potty loads but has only weed on it a couple of times. She poos too often to let her have her nappy off but it's a start

comixminx Thu 31-May-12 10:36:53

Aphra's adding new words every day too, more than one a day now. No coupling of words yet I think, apart from possibly once when she might have said "Mummy book" or similar.

She's showing awareness of her nappy needing changing, and we've put her on the toilet adapter once or twice, but not very consistently yet. She rarely pees or poos at bathtime which is when we would put her on the toilet so not quite sure what to do. Perhaps I'll start to put her on the loo in the morning, which is when she does wee more?

Poor Jack, poor patito's DS!

diddlybop Thu 31-May-12 20:31:28

Nooooo! Please! No potty training talk! They're babies grin

I'm waiting till next easter. Ds1 was that age and he was dry in the day within 3 days and at night within 2 weeks. I know people start this early but I'm one for waiting till they're really ready!

Debs75 Thu 31-May-12 22:26:12

Diddly Lucy only likes it so much as she sees dd2 on it all day and wants a turn. DD2 started at 2 and it took her a good year to get it and be consistently dry. I don't believe in starting them till they are ready either.

Sleep is being another big issue here, again. It is too hot so the little dd's don't want to settle until gone 9pm, and then it takes about an hour or so so me and dp aren't getting any time together atm. DD2 is still in our bed, point blank refusing her bed so even though I am shattered I can't be bothered to actually go upto bed.

Anyway half term starts tomorrow so a lovely long week with all dc's at home driving us mad. Then after 1 more week and 5 exams Dd1 has finished school forever! Until September when she starts 6th form college. Yes I do feel oldsad

diddlybop Fri 01-Jun-12 22:31:50

Sleep is a nightmare here too but the other end of the night! They're both up by 5.30am! I'm so tired! If i put them to bed earlier they still wake at the same time so they do need more sleep. something must be happening around that time to wake them up! Its a nightmare!

check out our new playroom! playroom playroom

Debs75 Sat 02-Jun-12 09:23:50

Diddly is it the early morning light? Apparently they only need 3 mins of direct light to wake them up for the day. We have blackout curtains which help a bit, they wake at 7 instead of 5.30, still too early for me

comixminx Sat 02-Jun-12 15:02:47

Love the playroom diddly! We are still getting loads of stuff tidied and sorted and arranged - or at least meaning to do so blush and organizing a proper playroom is not our immediate focus, but I am jealous now just looking at it.

Second what Debs suggests about it being the early morning light. Have you tried blackout blinds at all?

diddlybop Sat 02-Jun-12 21:21:32

Thanks Comix! I like to think my boys aren't spiolt but sometimes I wonder. To be fair tho, they don't actually have that many toys. The drawers are half empty. Their bedrooms aren't that big and they'll not be able to keep many of their toys upstairs as they get older so we thought this was a good solution. It can grow with them & they'll have their own boys room with their daddy when they're older and into computers etc. and I'mm be able to keep my space mine and girly!

they've had blackout blinds since the day they went in their own rooms!!! They seemed to start going later about a month ago, 6.30-7ish but it went back with a vengence to 5-5.30 when the weatherchangeda couple of weeks ago! They're horrible at the minute because they're so tired! A bit like me realy grin

Dixiebell Sun 03-Jun-12 21:56:17

diddly, Arlo's also gone to 5/5.30 in the last month, actually this morning it was 4.30 hmm and he has blackouts too. Lots of my mum friends have said the same recently. Think it might have been weather/early birds but now become habit. We are v.tired!!

BeaditAli Sun 03-Jun-12 22:00:05

After promising to be back on here Jack goes and does his usual and gets himself admitted into hospital for 2 nights sad on the mend now but just wanted to check in and wish all a very happy Jubilee. lumps your link won't work on my iPad...... Gonna go stalk your Facebook now to see if I can find it grin xxx

Dixiebell Sun 03-Jun-12 22:15:30

Poor Jack! Was it his breathing? Hope he is on the mend now, how stressful for you all.

BeaditAli Sun 03-Jun-12 22:51:09

Yeah Dixie he kept having really poorly spells where he'd just quietly sob.... That really poorly cry that breaks your heart and was really rasping for breath. All three times I took him to a doctor he seemed perfectly fine but then on Wednesday afternoon he was so poorly and his breathing was very laboured so he was admitted to the childrens' ward and put on 4 hourly oxygen, nebuliser, antibiotics, steroids and ibuprofen sad all coupled with the world's biggest melt downs. Chest X-ray, bloods and lots of temp checks later he was out after three of us trying to sleep on one hospital single bed for three days. It was definitely an adventure. Diagnosed as a chest infection with really narrowed airways. Was chatting to one of the docs and asked if they have many adults in with similar symptoms and she said "yes..... It's called pneumonia"
Definitely an adventure and now we're all catchin up on some much needed z-eds.
Patito hope your family are doing well

patito Mon 04-Jun-12 13:46:50

beadit That sounds awful, is he better now? Hope your all recovered.

I gave it a go with the nappies, started last Thursday and have had 3 accidents in total and all wee´s (2 of them in a posh shopping centre on sat morning blush grin). I hadn´t thought about starting potty training yet but she kind of started herself! I strarted DS at 26 mths and as that would be the autumn for Maia Id thought of waiting till next spring, but not complaining as it´ll cut the weekly shopping bill!

diddlybop Mon 04-Jun-12 19:04:17

Oh Beady that sounds awful! Glad you're home and on the mend!

patito thats great. Well done Maia.

Well, its holiday time. We're going to Turkey for 10 days in the morning. I'm desperately trying hard not to stress but its not working!

newmum001 Wed 06-Jun-12 08:30:04

Diddly i know its a bit late cause youve already left but have a fab time and i hope the travelling/first day werent too stressful!

Beadit that sounds awful i hope he's on the mend. Also im loving the pics your dh keeps tagging you in on fb. Jack is sooo gorgeous!

Quick question, is an apple enough of a breakfast for grace? Shes being a bloody nightmarw recently and everything is a battle. Shes decided that she doesn't want breakfast anymore and us refusing to eat anything. She would only entertain an apple this morning. Gonna try and get her to eat a yoghurt after it but i wont hold my breath!

Debs75 Wed 06-Jun-12 13:28:57

Poor Jack beadit you are having a time of it aren't you.

Newmum fruit for breakfast would be fine. I would keep offering her different things but as long as she has something.
Well done on the potty training as well. Lucy is forever pulling her nappies off and telling us she needs a wee, I think though she is telling us she has done one as she hardly ever does one if we sit her on the potty. We'll keep letting her sit on it and put her on it at breakfast and bath times but I am leaving upto her.

patito Wed 06-Jun-12 14:31:36

diddlybop where in turkey are you (have you been - if you read when you get back!). We´ve booked to go in September, but still trying to decide where to visit.

newmum Maia isn´t into breakfast much, I try to change it around. Yesterday I gave her some fromage frais (well some spanish cheese thats similar to it anyway) with ham and toast, she ate much more than her normal cereals/porridge. An apple sounds perfectly healthy to me, and they´re very filling.

comixminx Wed 06-Jun-12 16:37:26

Aphra goes up and down in terms of how much she eats each day - she doesn't always have masses of breakfast (though it is generally the same stuff - she eats the same muesli as us, pretty much, but at the moment prefers to eat it out of our bowls rather than out of her own little dish!). I think if the babies are hungry they will eat, and if they aren't there's not much you can do to force them, just offer a few different things (without going over the top and cooking loads of different options of course!).

Like Lucy, Debs, I think that Aphra is currently telling us when she has done a wee / poo rather than when she wants to do one; but that awareness is a step forward!

newmum001 Wed 06-Jun-12 19:31:12

OH MY GOD grace had a wee on her potty! She had no nappy on from about 6pm as we often leave it off for a bit before her bath. And when we werent looking she went and got her potty and had a wee!!!!!! I am so proud. Im not convinced its the start of potty training but i still think its a big deal smile

BeaditAli Thu 07-Jun-12 08:42:40

Breakfast here varies in quantity too newmum I wouldn't worry unless she doesn't want lunch either.
Jack usually has some sort of cereal as he doesn't drink milk anymore so it's a good way of getting some dairy in him. His favourite is a big bowl of porridge with raspberries and blueberries..... Don't think he'll ever turn that down. Also likes toast and Cheerios but is more fussy with these and might only have a small amount but he'll always eat at around 10am.
I am so impressed with potty training talk on here! I don't even have one yet but my Mum does and talks to him about it but i don't think he's ready yet.

He seems to have lost weight after his poorly spell so I'm being naughty and
Eating him eat more rubbish than normal so that his trousers stop falling down! grin
Can't help but wonder if it's the start of asthma as DH suffered badly as a child and still uses an inhaler but he wasn't wheezing last week which is why they said it wasn't but I know they can't diagnose it until they're 3 or something??

Big tidy up day here but may turn into a child free shopping trip grin grin

Debs75 Fri 08-Jun-12 08:53:09

Well done Grace!

Beadit wheezing isn't the only marker of asthma, coughing is a huge one. Dp had a week in hospital a couple of years ago after feelong bad and coughing loads. Thru diagnosed him with asthma straight away. Even now he doesnt wheeze. Dd2 doesnt either, she just coughs and then sucks in her breathe a lot. She was diagnosed at 18m. If you think is what Jack has then push for adiagnosis.

comixminx Sat 09-Jun-12 14:28:47

Just an update on the breakfast front - we've only just twigged that Aphra must have gone off the muesli to a certain extent: she's been eating our muesli from our bowls but not her own, and I'd assumed this was because it was more interesting to pinch other people's. Well, maybe so, but yesterday she had some of DP's sultana bran flakes and today she had a whole helping of her own puffed something-or-others from the wholefoods shop! I put a few sultanas in cos she loves them and it seems like it definitely did the trick. So in that case at any rate, a change was as good as a rest!

sassy34264 Wed 13-Jun-12 10:10:06

hi everyone.

sorry not been on for a while. had a few bad weeks months

me and dp have not been good and it came to a bit of a head. i thought i would be the first to say i'd split. sad we are still working at it, but it looks better than it has for years. we had to delve deep and say really hurtful but truthful stuff to each other. i felt like we were at relate. smile

then about a week after that, my mum had a stroke. to say i was hysterically, would be the biggest under statement in the world. my brother told me over the phone. it sounds melodramatic, but when he said 'mums had a stroke' i just cut him off. i couldnt face him saying ' and shes dead' i had to rush round and ask him. so that probably made it worse for me.

she's not even 60. sad sad she was admitted to the stroke ward which was horrendous, as she was about 30 years younger than everyone else. but luckily in terms of strokes 1-10 she probably had a 2/3. she is signed off work for at least 6 weeks and is having occupational therapy, but apart from her left arm and being tired easily, she is ok.

god i love my mum. i cant bear it. she's like my best friend. oops crying now. thats the most ive been able to say since it happened. i cant even entertain the though usually. i will need sedating if something happens to her.

hope you had a good holiday lumpy ive been to turkey 3 times. i like it but dp doesnt. we always get bad bellies is why.

newmum yeah for grace and potty. i havent tried with twins yet. been too busy trial and errorring bedtimes. been a fecking nightmare cos they can both climb out. even cut out naps to make them shattered but they just fall asleep about 4pm - not good.

i basically have to sit outside there room until they get sick of trying to climb oyt and go to sleep. little buggers!

sassy34264 Wed 13-Jun-12 10:13:10

beadit so sorry about jack. poor little love. how is he now?

Debs75 Wed 13-Jun-12 18:51:25

Oh Sassy that's dreadful for you all. i hope your mum gets better soon and that your dp wakes up and realises what a lovely family he has. I imagine these last few years have been hectic for you both and relationships are usually the first thing we lose sight of.
The twins sound like Lucy, she is a nightmare with sleep and hasn't napped properly for a few weeks now. this evening she climbed in her pram and strapped herself and nodded off. i hope she sleeps tonight still.
She has dreadful nappy rash, it looks like her skin has been ripped off. She is in agony when pooing and wiping it away makes her shake with pain. Got some bepanthen for her and if it doesn't get better for her tomorrow I will see what i can get on the minor ailments scheme

newmum001 Wed 13-Jun-12 20:03:01

Oh my god sassy how scary! At least she's coming out the other side of it now and fingers crossed she has a speedy recovery. God i can't even imagine how scary that must have been, id have reacted in the exact same way.

And as for you and dp. From what you've said it seems like you have a really good relationship. You've had a few rough patches and thats not surprising with 3 babies and a nearly teenager (with an arsehole of a father) but you always get through it. Just stay strong and keep working at it it will get easier! Xx

BeaditAli Wed 13-Jun-12 20:17:07

Oh sassy how sad it does sound as though your Mum has already made a good recovery so fingers crossed she'll be ok. <<<<<hugs>>>>>
How on earth you do it with all your little lovelies is beyond me. I feel like such a stress head so often...... Probably why there's no bump on my front! grin feels like it'll never happen here. We're either so run down we never think of it or both working til silly o'clock in the night and collapse in bed....... Our own sides! smile
Jack will never have a sibling with parents like he has!!!

lumps how was your holiday? Looking forward to seeing pieces of your two boys on their jollies grin
We've finally booked a week away.... Nothing fancy, just to North Wales to play on the beach all week. Can't wait and hoping the sun finally arrives by the first week in Sept.

Anyone else's bedtimes getting later recently? J is napping for about 2.5 hours after lunch then goes to sleep at 8pm and wakes at 7am ish. Spose it's normal but he was always shattered by 6.45pm and still napped the same.

Off for a soak now after days without hot water. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh grin

BeaditAli Wed 13-Jun-12 20:19:05

That would be "piccies" not "pieces" blush

Debs75 Wed 20-Jun-12 18:24:38

Beadit sleep here is very hit and miss at the best of times. I really don't know why as DD1 and ds were good sleepers and easy to settle, these two are just nightmares. Lucy alternates between napping for a couple of hours each day to about 3 days were she refuses a nap. You never quite know where you are with her.

On the plus side she is talking loads. I had just decided to tale her to 'talking two's' where they try and encourage them to talk when she just started really talking to us. She will copy almost anything we say to her and her words are so much clearer. One worry off my list.

She is still trying to potty train herself and whips her nappy off all the time. she has managed a couple of wees on the toilet and potty but then did a big poo on the floor

diddlybop Thu 21-Jun-12 15:07:22

Crikey! Where is everyone??? There's not been much action on here while I've been away!
We had a fantastic time but it was pretty stressful & I had another numbness attack thing last friday that has resulted in a 6 day migraine that I just can't shift! I'm getting really fed up. My GP has given me some tablets so fingers crossed they work!
The boys coped really well in the heat although Olly struggled a bit. He settled really well to. he had no problem sleeping & slept in till 7.30-8 every morning. That could have had something to do with not going to bed till 10.30!!! By the end of the holiday Toby was swimming without any aids! Not bad to say he's not even 4 yet!

Anyone watch Hollyoaks?? Whats happened to Carmel??

Sassy sounds like you've had an awful time. Hope things pick up for you soon.

comixminx Fri 22-Jun-12 19:31:45


sassy34264 Mon 25-Jun-12 06:06:26

morning. thanks everyone.

up early as babies all crying and waking up throughout the night- came down at 5.15am. bogeyed.co.uk

eva has started to move from the baby stage towards the toddler stage in the last week or so. she can pull herself up to standing now.

off to playgroup today. the twins absolutely love the nursery rhymes section. wind the bobbin is jacob's favourite and twinkle twinkle is isobel's. so cute.

patito Tue 26-Jun-12 13:56:19


sassy sorry about your mum. How´s she doing? I hope you and your DP continue working things out.

Been lying low for a week as DS and I have had a nasty throat virus, but feeling much better now. The summer has officially started here, schools broke-up last friday and the beaches are full already.

We´ve got an allotment, the local authority have given away 26 plots (all free with water access). All organic as well, nobodys´allowed to use pesticides etc.

newmum001 Thu 28-Jun-12 07:53:35

Bloody hell its quiet on here and i've not posted for so long that i lost you. So whats everyone upto? I'm off to tge drs later to get the implant, anyone know anything about it, the thought of javing a permenent object in my arm makes me feel a bit iffy but i cant find a pill i get on with anymore so i'm running out of options. Any plans for 2nd birthday parties yet? We're having Graces' at the local fun factory and she's having a postman pat cake (she bloody LOVES postman pat) shes started playing with her dolls and pram so much recently they are definitely her favourite so we're getting her a new doll for her birthday and a new pram set thats got a pram, carseat, highchair, baby swing etc and some dressing up stuff. I csn't wait. Sorry for typo's i got fed up of correcting them.

comixminx Thu 28-Jun-12 14:01:23

Hiya newmum, I've been reading but been rubbish at replying! However I am procrastinating over something else so now's a good moment... I had the implant a few years ago, it was fine & worked well for me though I know it can vary. Hope it works for you!

No plans or thoughts yet for 2nd birthday parties - but I've got to have this new baby first of course! grin DP's dad is making Aphra a rocking horse, that I do know.

patito Thu 28-Jun-12 19:20:40

Been thinking about wht to do for 2nd birthday, but haven´t made any plans. I was thinking of having a BBQ (weather permitting).

Just found out PIL have self invited this weekend, great! Its not that we get on badly but I hate it when they call and say we´re coming tomorrow! Not even "Can we come this weekend?" Oh well, will make the best of it and get them to babysit so Dp and I can get out on our own.

diddlybop Thu 28-Jun-12 20:35:01

Comix when are you due??

Welcome back newmum I thought everyone was deserting! Does anyone know whats happened to Saoirse??

I'm planning the boys party. We're going to do the same as last year, a joint party in the local pavilion. Ollys having an iggle piggle cake. Not sure about toby yet. and party bags are going to be an activity at the party. I'm going to get some plain canvas from the works & some paint. They're going to do hand prints!!!

newmum001 Fri 29-Jun-12 07:49:28

Patito are they stsying for the whole weekend? I wouldn't be best pleased about that either but i hope you and your dp get to go out.

Diddly no idea about saoirse i did notice she'd posted on another thread a while ago but not seen her on fb or anything for ages. Cinnamon hasn't been on for ages either but been keeping up with her on fb and all seems well with her.

I've lost 11.5lbs on slimming world in 3 weeks!!!!! I'm so happy and my clothes are starting to get too big yay! Also attempting to stop smoking. It turns out my apptat the drs yesterday wasn't for the implant (thats next tuesday) it was my stop smoking appt so i've got some kind of spray thing and really hoping that works. I'm not a heavy smoker by any stretch but i want to be a non smoker. It's all change in the world of (not so) newmum!

Comix when r u due? I love the sound of the rocking horse!

diddlybop Fri 29-Jun-12 20:17:46

Newmum you've done brilliantly! & stick with the no smoking. Its hard at 1st but it does get easier. Think of Grace as your motivation. I stopped when I found out I was pregnant with ds1. I do miss it at times but not enough to start again!

diddlybop Sat 30-Jun-12 18:58:33

Ollys in a big boy bed!!!!!!!

Dixiebell Tue 03-Jul-12 12:05:36

Go Olly! Did he sleep okay? Get/fall out at all?! We need to think about moving Arlo, I feel like we ought to do it before no.2 arrives at end Nov, even though that one will be in with us at first. But currently having downstairs renovated, so have no kitchen at the moment, and stuff everywhere, and can't contemplate decorating anywhere else at the mo! Did you buy a toddler bed, diddly?

patito Tue 03-Jul-12 14:30:10

In the end they (PIL) didn´t come, apparently DP said we might have something on so we wouldn´t be around. But now MIL isn´t speaking to us! Maybe not a bad thing though as she normally calls EVERY day to speak with the kids confused.

How did Olly get on with his big boys bed, Ive been thinking to move Maia out into her bed, but am put off with having to redecorate and make changes to bedroom.

Welldone newmum thats great. Good luck with the smoking, its very hard but well worth it. I gave up when I got preggers with DS and couldn´t imagine ever going back now (4 yrs ago).

The sun is shining, my afternoon class has cancelled so we´re off to the beach later - yeah!

comixminx Tue 03-Jul-12 17:22:46

patito, not sure whether it's a shame or not that PILs didn't come - if they're going to take the hump. Ringing every day, blimey! My mum isn't as bad as that and she's also from a Latin country.

Go Olly in a big boy's bed! Aphra's cot is a nice large size and can be converted into a bed when we want to but I've got no thoughts of doing that yet. The new baby is due on the 21st August and we'll have him/her in our room for the first 6 months or so, so we're not in a hurry...

newmum, well done for all your hard work!

newmum001 Tue 03-Jul-12 19:10:01

Well the quitting smoking isnt going so well, the spray they gave me at the drs burnt my mouth so had to stop using it but gonna go back and try something different. Also chickened out of having the implant, watched a bloody video of it being inserted on youtube and it scared the shit out of me. I need to do something soon though cause my moods are all over the place. I went back on the mini pill a couple of months ago and bled for 6 weeks out of the 8 i was on it. Im running out of options but i need to sort something out. Im in such a funny mood today and dp isnt being very tollerent which is pissing me off. Someone needs to invent a male pill so they can see what its like to keep messing about with your hormones!

On a very different note has anyone read the 50 shades books? Ive just finished them and LOVED them!!

Debs75 Tue 03-Jul-12 19:19:09

Way to go olly I still have Lucys cot on the high setting! I think she would be ok in a bed as she shares ours loads. We will find out September when we go away on holiday. She will either share a twin room with dd2 or a double bed with dd2

diddlybop Wed 04-Jul-12 19:32:45

He's been fine. 6.30-6.15 the 1st night, same the second. 6.30-bang crash "waaaah" 5.50 the 3rd night. He's up there now. He's not settled yet but he's just pottering in his room. Toby was the same age when we put him in his bed. I was expecting Olly & didn't want him to think the new baby was taking his cot! He used to play a bit but I just leave them to it.
Its this one
We already had some furniture to match & the cot mattress fits so it was a cheap transition.

Newmum God, I wish dh could experience the whole hormone thing too. I've beed awful this last 3 weeks. I almost ended up on anti depressants but i think i've managed to snap myself out of it by coming off the pill and making myself think happy thoughts everytime I started with the bad ones. It has left me with a horrendous knotted muscle in my shoulder and neck. Its so painful. I'm actually considering paying for some treatment on it! Hope you get sorted soon.

Comix how are you finding pregnancy and toddler??

sassy34264 Wed 04-Jul-12 19:57:46

patio my mil used to come every week on a thurs and it did my head in. i felt like i couldnt go anywhere. started them at a toddler group on a thurs and told her and she hasnt been since! oops. i only went once too.

i had a friend who used to come at the same time every monday too. i dont really go anywhere but its just too much for me personally. i must be very unsociable!

yeah newmum with the weightloss. good for you. and i hope you manage to quit smoking too.

im just busy trying to get myself in a good place. sad i cant seem to help myself at the moment, so i have thrown in the towel and took myself off to the docs. started me on anti d's and referred me for cbt. im 2 years off 40 but i think im starting a mid life crisis- my head is a complete mess. my concentration levels are shot to pieces, i cry a lot, i can get out of bed, but i dont particularly want to do anything but look after the kids. its fun being me eh?! smile

i procastinated for hours literally last week to get myself out the house to join a new tri team. i must have talked myself in and out of it 30 times, spent an hour just unable to get off the bed, but i went. i really enjoyed it and i am definately going again this week.
jacob and isobel are great little buggers
having fun and games at bedtimes as they refuse to stay in their cots most nights. they had no naps for last 2 days so gone down in 5 mins. but they are whinging and whining from around 4pm. i literally spend 30mins to an hour every night stood outside their room, telling him 'lie down' (tried ala supernanny styley but took twice as long) tried giving them time to play in the room for an hour before bedtime, no naps work the best if i can cope with all the crying and tantruming as they are exhausted but by the third day they usually just fall asleep on the couch at 5pm. ive tried moving the nap earlier, shorter, but i have the same problems at nap time! argh. any ideas.

dp is in germany this week for some training. he has more training in sept, 4 weeks in italy and we are all going! including my mum. asked dp and he said ok, and that we will even pay for her. cant wait.

patio she is ok. still weaker down her left side but most of the negative effects have been psychological i think. she is very scared of having another bigger one. she is cutting out all fat and salt and its having the effect of weight loss thats making her seem frail to me- even though she isnt thin by any stretch. but i hate it- its all making her seem immortal and telling me she wont be around forever and i cant deal with it. i love her sooooo much. making me cry again- dont speak about it to anyone. cant.

eva is growing so much. she is crawling, pulling herself up to standing, sitting, holding her bottle herself, eats a small amount of finger foods etc. she just seemed to go from baby to toddler like in the space of 1 week- it was bizzare.

dp has vasectomy 8th august- same day as my court case. so no more babies here.
newmum how about having an hormonal coil? i had a non hormonal one in for 6 years and although its not pain free having it fitted, its not child birth!

cominx not too long to go now! have you done any thing preparation wise yet? packed bags, bought stuff etc?

newmum001 Thu 05-Jul-12 08:09:56

Bloody hell we're a right bunch of hormonal women aren't we. Whats going on?? I signed up to a new drs yesterday so once thats all sorted im gonna go in for a proper chat. I think its just pmt as thats why i went on the pill years ago to stop the murderous moods. But i just feel so low! Second guessing everything and feeling really miserable. I was fine last week, this bloody weather doesn't help i hate being stuck in! Hope we all feel better soon.

Sassy i'm not talking about you're mum cause i don't want you getting upset but i'm gad she's on the mend. Picking up from what diddly said have you thought about beds for j&i if they're climbing out of their cots? At least that way they could get up and wander then get in bed themselves and you wouldn't have to stand outside.

comixminx Thu 05-Jul-12 09:13:06

diddly, the toddler & pregnancy thing is a bit tiring but could be worse - dunno how sassy managed with twins, though I suppose they weren't toddling quite as much as Aphra is now?! Luckily for me she really likes reading so there's quite a lot of me sitting while reading her a book...

sassy, nope, not much in the way of preparations yet - must pack a bag at some point! We're mostly going to use stuff that Aphra had so not much to buy - the new baby will be in with us for the first couple of weeks I expect so we're not even rushing to buy a new mattress yet though that will need to be on the list soonish. Meeting the doula again on Sunday though, and we'll get further on our thoughts about home birth or not, which is about as prepared as we're getting at this point! We have thought about mat leave though - DP is planning to take months 6 - 9 of my leave, if you see what i mean - so I'll do the first 6 months and then he'll do 3 months after that. He's pretty excited about it and I like the idea, assuming I recover as quickly as before...

diddlybop Thu 05-Jul-12 19:59:48

Sassy you poor thing. You've done the right thing asking for help and accepting the ads and cbt. You can get out of it, its just breaking the cycle. Talk about it all as much as you possibly can. It really does help getting it out of your system and also you'll find that so many people feel like you do & its all perfectly normal and part of being human, a mum, a woman!
Have a think about alternative therapy too. massage, reiki etc. I've got someone coming round next week to sort me out! I know it costs but its worth it if it helps! It sounds like 4 weeks in italy is just whats needed!

I got to work yesterday to find a bottle of wine by my computer. Today it was a box of maltesers! They were thankyous. the wine cos I gave loads of baby clothes & a fridge freezer to one of the girls, the chocolates cos I helped another one out last friday making myself work an hour late so she could pay her rent. I often feel like I'm such a people pleaser and never get any thanks or acknowledgment so it was lovely to actually feel appreciated!

Comix Its so exciting! have you picked a name yet?? Does Aphra understand anything?? I don't really think olly would but I'm sure Toby had a bit of understanding when I was pregnant with Olly. Luckily my friend had a baby a month before olly & so his friend had a baby brother so we could help him understand. He did spend the first few weeks calling olly baby joel tho!!!

sassy34264 Thu 05-Jul-12 20:54:39

newmum all 3 babies are going to be sharing a room, so i'd need to buy bunk beds. not sure jacob (who would be top bunk) is ready for it yet, so need to perseve (sp?) with cots for a bit longer.

diddly massage sounds good. i am waiting for groupon to do a cheap spa day near me and then i am going to book 2 places for me and my mum. preferably overnight to let dp suffer

cominx thats so lovely that your dh is looking forward to having them for 3 months.
my heart is very sad that it will never happen to me again, but my head is says no way! grin

Debs75 Fri 06-Jul-12 12:08:59

Sassy don't let things get on top of you, I know easy to say but harder to achieve with 4dc's needing you at every turn. Feel free to talk about it as much as you want on here or through pm if you don't want everyone to be able to see it. 4 weeks in Italy sounds lovely. I would love to explore Europe with the little dc's before school gets in the way.
Have you seen the shortie bunk beds which are smaller and not as tall? Or how about a 3/4 sized bed and let them share. We are thinking of doing that for Lucy and dd2, they love being in my bed and it would mean if they need us in the night there would be room for one of us to get in.

Dixiebell Sun 08-Jul-12 22:02:20

If I ask Arlo what's in mummy's tummy, he says 'baby', but I don't think he knows what that means! Got my 20 week scan tomorrow. Hoping we'll find out the sex, then I can talk to him about his baby brother or sister smile

Dixiebell Mon 09-Jul-12 20:35:09

Hi all, scan showed all good with baby today, and it's a brother for Arlo! Only slight worry is that I have a low lying placenta. So have to go back for another scan at 32 weeks to see if it's moved up. Otherwise is blocking the exit route!! Argh. Anyone else with experience of this?

comixminx Tue 10-Jul-12 08:51:30

Hiya Dixie, congrats on the good scan - apart from the placenta bit of course. I don't have any experience of that myself - any joy searching on other threads or starting one of your own? And - any thoughts on names then, now that you know it's a boy?

Sassy, yeah, it's lovely that my DP is so keen on the additional pat leave - should be a really nice thing for him to do and should work well for both of us, fingers crossed. I'm sure your heart is sad but I think your head has the right of it! grin

sassy34264 Tue 10-Jul-12 08:57:12

dixie how lovely for Arlo to have a little brother. congrats to you too,and glad the scan shows that everything is well.

sorry, not experienced a placenta blocking the exit.

Dixiebell Tue 10-Jul-12 22:09:29

comix, finding it harder to choose name this time. Still like the ones we considered last time but they feel a little bit like rejects as we didn't pick them for Arlo! Current favourites are Teddy/Ted, Sidney or Monty. Views welcome!! Have you thought of names?

Have googled low placenta and it is v common and likely it'll move. The potential complications (breaking away of placenta, bleeding, hospiralisation for weeks and CS) are all not nice so gonna not think about those for now!

comixminx Wed 11-Jul-12 12:13:30

Ha, I know what you mean, Dixie, about choosing names overlapping with what you thought last time. We had Theodore down as the front-runner for a boy last time, but not opting for it this time - when Aphra was born I realised that part of the pleasure of knowing she was a girl was that we could call her Aphra, which I'd really got keen on!

This time we're thinking about Bruno for a boy and Vita for a girl (there are other options for both but those are my favourites). Of yours, I like Ted / Teddy (we would have had that as a NN for Theodore). Not so sure about Sidney or Monty; the latter is definitely unusual which is nice I think.

diddlybop Wed 11-Jul-12 21:06:51

Dixie check out my very own thread on low lying placentas!! here! I started it for my friend. I thought it gave a very good explanation of howit can move! So lovely that you're having a boy! I always thought one of each would be nice but now I have 2 boys I'm so pleased. They love each other so much!

Just having a little freak out here. I've just looked back over some photos I took yesterday at Magna in sheffield (fantastic day out & suitable for absolutely all ages!!) and there's one of Olly where he's got one red eye & one yellowy. I've just woken him up to do the red eye test & it seems ok but we're heading straight to the opticians tomorrow to get him checked out! I'm a bit of a hyperchondriac (spelling) at the best of times but all the advice on the net says that you should get them checked!

Dixiebell Wed 11-Jul-12 22:30:13

Ooh diddly, thanks, that's a really useful read. Sure Olly's eye is fine but at least you can reassure yourself!

Comix, lovely names, I really like Vita. Any inkling if boy or girl? My sis says her pregnancies (one boy, one girl) felt v different, mine have felt the same so she predicted another boy smile

newmum001 Thu 12-Jul-12 07:16:40

Diddly id get him checked out too but im sure he'll be fine. Probably just the angle he was stood at or a bit of dust on the lense. Let us know what the opticians say. Speaking of optitians i have some very pretty new glasses. I didnt realise id not gad an eye test for 4 years!

PolkaDotMoon Thu 12-Jul-12 09:50:48

Morning all smile
Just having a catch up and will try and type between reading posts.
Huge congrats Dixie and gorgeous news for Arlo to have a little brother! I would be over the moon for Jack to have another cheeky chappy to get muddy with! Equally so a girl to moan about said mud but alas no such luck here yet. Think we need to find a new technique grin
Of your names I like Ted and Monty but not so much Sidney... Though I knew a very hot teenage Sid, short for Richard. I like Monty as we've met Monty Don a few times through my folks and he's a lovely fella.
I'm with comix on liking Ted or Theo for Theodore.

I have a name picked out for each sex should we ever succeed but if it's boy girl twins I'll have to rethink cos they rhyme! grin

lumps hope Olly's eye is alright.... Magna sounds good! Need to add that to my list of places to go and we're in Sheffield all the time....... We should have a meet up there!!! smile

Has anyone read the thread in chat about the lady who got a call from her dc's headmaster regarding her DS11 and DD6/7? It's really saddened me and am so sad for her too.

All good here with Jack. He's such a little charmer (though I haven't yet succeeded fully in stopping him aimlessly wanging heavy things across the room or hitting little Daisy on the head with his potato masher) blush
Think my next up date will say he's full of cold as I can here it coming.

Had a lovely weekend in Bakewell for my sister's hen weekend. I think she had the most fun weekend of her life which makes me feel so good inside and now only 3.5 weeks til the big day grin

Who's read 50 shades???

newmum001 Thu 12-Jul-12 13:15:22

Ive read all three of the 50 shades books and just started reading them again. I love them! What was the thread about the headmaster? I havent seen it.

PolkaDotMoon Thu 12-Jul-12 14:10:59

Oops..... Forgot to mention my name change!
It's here newmum it's really shocked me at how it seems from reading the other posts that it's more common than we dare to think of sad that poor, poor lady and her poor DCs sad

newmum001 Thu 12-Jul-12 14:48:17

I found it. How utterly devastating for them all. I feel so sorry for her and her dd but also for the boy. 11 years old is still pretty young although he should know better but this is something thats gonna affect his life forever now. How do you even begin to deal with all that as a parent?

diddlybop Thu 12-Jul-12 21:41:00

So the optician knew immediately what I was getting at with the photo. She tried to examine his eye but he wasn't really playing ball so she's referred him to the hospital. He's to be seen within the next 2 weeks and she's said it could be a retinalblastoma or it could just be the angle that I've taken the photo catching his optic disc. I'm desperately fighting the urge to completely freak out now. I'm sure its fine but the fact that she mentioned it and has referred him up shows she thinks it needs checking out!

sassy34264 Thu 12-Jul-12 22:25:10

oh diddly not sure what to say. fx that it was just the angle of the camera. id be freaking out too. i hope they see him earlier in the 2 weeks, rather than later iyswim.

im so sorry that you are stuck in limbo at the moment. big hugs. x

newmum001 Fri 13-Jul-12 07:33:11

Oh diddly try not to worry. I know its easier said than done but they probably refer just to be on the safe side. Fingers crossed he'll be fine. Keep us posted xxxx

Dixiebell Fri 13-Jul-12 21:59:28

diddly, horrible that you have to wait, but sure it will all work out ok. Thinking of you x

Debs75 Sat 14-Jul-12 08:51:49

Oh Diddly try not to worry too much, I know that's hard to do. I hope he gets seen sooner rather than later, waiting always makes you think the worst.

PolkaDotMoon Sat 14-Jul-12 17:34:13

lumpy so sorry about Olly's eye! Can't believe she said the word and is now making you wait for an appointment. You must be so worried..... <<<<<<hugs>>>>>> fingers crossed for a good outcome too xx

Can I ask what exercise we all do? Apart from running around like headless chickens 24/7? My next door neighbour had a heart attack and is in hospital. She's relatively young and now I'm on a mission to keep fit even though I have no idea where I'll find the time.
cinnamon do you fell better/less tired for going on your runs??

newmum001 Sun 15-Jul-12 14:24:14

I dont really do any specific exercise but where we live is quite hilly so just walking around is pretty good exercise. Why dont you get a dvd or wii fit or something that way you can do something every day when jack has a sleep or when he goes to bed. Ive thought about joining a gym or going swimming but tbh when grace goes to bed i haven't got much energy left for anything like that. Gonna have to step it up a bit this week though cause i had a lot to drink last night and a mcdonalds today and got slimming world weigh in on thursday. Had a good night though and the mcdonalds was amazing smile

PolkaDotMoon Mon 16-Jul-12 13:19:01

Keeping fit in the house has never really worked for me newmum sad I wish it did..... I used to swim and run at county level so exercise is more all or nothing for me if that makes sense? If I'm not totally knackered bu the end I don't really feel like I've done anything. Also why I'm crap at pacing myself now too. Think I need to get back to the chlorine but I'm like you and am so tired in the evening I'd rather not.

lumps hope you're coping ok with the wait for Olly's appt xxxx

The ACTUAL Bob the Builder and Peppa Pig are coming to our ELC on 28th and 29th July! I am so excited!!!! blush grin

Dixiebell Mon 16-Jul-12 18:54:49

Arlo has just gone to bed (cot) with a big boy pillow and duvet for the first time! Admittedly it's because I somehow let him pee on his grobag but still.

In other news, I have an infection in my buttocks...! blush confused Some bloody pregnancy thing related to loosening joints and my coccyx...I can say it's the most painful thing I've experienced except childbirth, and at least something good was coming from that..!

PolkaDotMoon Mon 16-Jul-12 21:16:01

Dixie let us know how Arlo gets on..... I keep trying with Jack but not working yet. He does do an alright job of a D.I.Y pillow in the shape of Mr Owl. I sense he'll be Mr Angry Pancake Owl soon though smile

Dixiebell Tue 17-Jul-12 19:17:21

Well he was saying 'no, no, no' as I shut door but dropped off as usual. Wasn't really lying on tge pillow when we checked. But was very pleased with it this morning when dh went in to get him up, kept saying 'mummy has pillow' and 'daddy has pillow'! He's just gone off again fine with it tonight. Next step, big boy bed!

diddlybop Tue 17-Jul-12 19:22:41

Thanks everyone. I'm 99% sure that he's fine. I'm saving the 1% so that I'm prepared! I'm more worried about how they're going to test him. I think he'll have to be sedated!

Dixie that sounds painful! Hope it gets better soon. How did Arlo get on? Olly still doesn't have a pillow or even a proper cover. He moves around too much in bed. He's doing really well in his big boy bed. He doean't get out once he's been put to bed & has only fallen out 3 times!!!

As for exercise I hate it. I have no motivation & DH working lates every other week doesn't help with continuity or going to classes. I have managed to loose a fair bit of weight over the last month tho. I now weigh less than I did when I fell pregnant with toby!!! Problem is its not come off my belly, its come off my boobs. I've gone from small boobs to no boobs. I look like a man again!

diddlybop Tue 17-Jul-12 19:31:44

Oh and Cinnamon where are you??

And what are people doing for birthdays?? I've booked a hall, Have a list of 30 children and have no idea what to do! I don't like bouncy castles!

newmum001 Wed 18-Jul-12 08:18:49

Diddly why dont you get a clown (shudder) or something and face painting or balloon animals or something.

After grace decided to swallow a penny i am now having to examine all her poo's which is beyond disgusting. Its far too early to be heaving over a nappy! What does everyone do with LO's in this shitty weather. I dont drive and everything indoors (fun factory) etc is a bugger to get to on the bus. Im starting to feel quite claustrsphobic staying in all day. Need some ideas for fun things to do.

PolkaDotMoon Wed 18-Jul-12 11:33:28

newmum check this out on Facebook.... Some good ideas there if a little old for ours.
Jack loves helping to load the washing machine and helping me cook. He's just had a long session jumping in puddles too which is brilliant if you can stand getting wet yet again! grin
Also......... Paints in the bath are brilliant and all wash off..... We just use poster paints not the actual bath crayons as they don't last 2 days. And he doesn't mind getting soaking wet playing around the kitchen sink...... It's kinda handy as the whole place gets a bit of a spring clean without me even trying.
Oh and recently..... His small bendy abacus from Asda holds his attention longer than anything else.

newmum001 Wed 18-Jul-12 13:05:54

I just feel awful not doing much with her. She loves helping to clean etc and would stand and wash up all day and don't even get me started on.the hoovering but it all feels a bit samey recently. Gonna have to see if theres any mums and tots afternoon groups on anywhere. The morning ones all seem pretty impossible to get to now cause she gets up between 7.30 and 8.

PolkaDotMoon Wed 18-Jul-12 17:56:58

A lot of Scout huts and church halls near us have toddler meet ups but don't necessarily advertise so it might be worth checking out your area for those? We are lucky that we live 4 doors up from the park so J can be on the swings less than a minute after leaving the house. A lovely park too with a bowling green full of oldies that all gush over him grin
Still...... I'd swap it for a house with the garden attached tomorrow! We have an access drive separating our house and garden so J just makes a dash for the park and the garden is redundant!

diddlybop Wed 18-Jul-12 20:48:01

I've got my friend face painting! balloon animals sounds good! Hope Grace poos the penny out soon. Maybe you need to get sassys twins to help you search! grin
As for the rainy day activities, My to had great fun today with their wellies on in the muddy puddles! other than that and the rest of the stuff thats been mentioned, I'm quite pleased mine go to nursery!!! I'd go mad if I was home 7 days a week!

I had my friend round tonight to help sort out my knotted shoulder. She said my muscle is just one tight band and if she had some on her she'd stick some botox in (she's a Dr and give botox to patients with bad spasticity so knows what she's talking about!) She did some emotional healing on me & got me to talk about what was stressing me out. I went through all the problems with ricks family with no problem then just mentioned Toby starting school & the tears started. I got to the point where I couldn't even mention toby without crying. I'm doing it now. I think that my be one of the causes.I knew it was bothering me but not this much. now I just have to find a way to deal with it!

newmum001 Thu 19-Jul-12 07:45:13

Are you nervous about him starting school or just feel its too soon? Is he starting in september? I saw a thread the other day about a woman who thought he dc was too young for school i think he wss an august baby so just 4 when he starts. I dont know what people said but perhaps have a look for it. You're shoulder sounds painful have you tried a massage?

I think i need to look for a job, as much as i love being at home the fays are starting to feel very long and very similar. It's starting to get me down a bit now and this weather isn't helping.

Sassy im moving in with you so you're twins can find the penny in grace's poo grin

sassy34264 Thu 19-Jul-12 15:05:35

newmum its definately a deal- you're a bit of a clean freak arent you? (the pics of your house always look immaculate) im well up for you doing my housework! id even search grace's poo myself.

well, when you've seen one shit, you've seen um all grin

diddly awh poor you. he will be ok. chloes birthday is 30th aug, so she was literally only 5 days over her 4th birthday when she started, and to top it off she hadnt even gone to the nursery attached to the school.
i took her in, the teacher asked a little girl called lily to befriend her and i kissed her goodbye, and as i walked out blubbering- she didnt even look up from the drawing she was doing with lily!!!! typical.

toby is probably all excited to be going to 'big school' you just have to make it seem like its the best thing ever- you'll make lots of new friends, learn all about different things, have a lovely teacher etc. i dont think they are capable of thinking negative things as such, esp if you dont mention any- including, i'll miss you. if he says it, just say no you wont because you'll be too busy enjoying yourself etc etc.

newmum001 Thu 19-Jul-12 15:43:50

With pleasure sassy, i'll clean your house and you can look after the poo detectives and grace. I do have a bit of ocd for cleaning its rubbing off on grace and she now loves "tidy up time" she gets all excited to put everything in the right place. Woe betide anyone who walks in my house and doesnt immediately put their coat away she just stands their shouting "hang your coat up" until they do it. Oh god im a shit mum arent i grin

sassy34264 Thu 19-Jul-12 16:53:51

oh god, she would hate my house! i put the twins in their room yesterday, while i tidied, swept, hoovered etc. brought them down (they had trashed their bedroom- they love emptying clothes/towels blankets from their wardrobes and drawers) were they proceeded to take all the cushions off both couches- including the ones you sit on- and then they just jump off the couch onto the cushions and vice versa! it looked like a bomb had dropped within 10 minutes........and ive still not tidied their bedroom.

diddlybop Thu 19-Jul-12 20:00:35

Who needs a tidy house sassy

Yes Newmum you're a terrible mum! fancy teaching your daughter to be tidy!!

I'm not sure what's bothering me. Its not how he'll cope. I know he'll be fine. He's a good boy & very popular (at the minute) he's also fairly bright so shouldn't have problems there. I think I feel like they're taking him away from me. Its the law that he goes to school! The girls at his nursery want to lock him in a cupboard so he can't go. I think I might let them wink

sassy34264 Thu 19-Jul-12 21:06:57

where is cinnamon

I don't know if it was relevant or not, but she did seem to drop off after the incident with her dh, and we all said we could see his point rather than hers. I'm wondering if she was offended?

No offence to anyone, but i considered her the brains of the operation! I think i may grovel to get her back. grin

Dixiebell Thu 19-Jul-12 21:08:07

I might have to have the infection in my buttocks lanced tomorrow!! Oh jolly d....did I used to think I enjoyed pregnancy..??

sassy34264 Thu 19-Jul-12 21:49:49

oh no dixie I've never heard of an infection in your bum. Is it through an ingrowing hair or something? Good luck tomorrow. <winces>

Dixiebell Thu 19-Jul-12 22:43:24

Yeah glam or what. You can get it through that but I'm really not hairy! My coccyx was hurting for weeks before and that can come loose with the relaxin so I wonder if just to do with that. Tbh just looking forward to anything that might get rid of the pain in the end..

sassy34264 Thu 19-Jul-12 22:51:01

awh poor you. It will probably be better to have it done then?

diddlybop Fri 20-Jul-12 07:17:51

Oh! Dixie! A pilonidal sinus? Ouch! I look after people with them all the time. Hope they get you sorted! <<hugs>>

newmum001 Fri 20-Jul-12 07:53:33

Sassy i wondered the same but was too scared to say anything. I've spoken to her quite a bit on fb and she put a pic on sept 10 on there so i don't think she's mad at us, grovel away.

Dixie that dounds so painful. Hope you get it sorted.

Diddly i think it's perfectly normal to feel how you feel. From him being born it's been up to you what he foes but like you said its law that he goes to school so maybe if feels out of your control in some wsy.

I wadn't going to say anything but me and dp have been on the verge of splitting up this week with me telling him i didn't want to be with him on friday night and again last night. We've had a big talk and i've promised to try and work things out. I just feel like i've changed so much since grace was born that i don't even resemble who i was before i had her and i'm struggling to figure out where i fit iyswim. I have no job, my days are all the same (long and boring but amazing causr grace has changed so much) but i just feel like being a sahm isn't for me. No disrespect to anyone else who is one but i want more. I had to give up my driving lessons yet dp kept up with his so he now has a car and i just feel stuck i think. Havr you stopped reading yet lol. Im not explaining myself very well but just needed to get it off my chest. Hopefully we'll sort it out but i've kind of alreafy made my peace with it if we do split up, does that make sense? I'll bore off now but just wanted to share whats going on really. Also i know theres a million typos but i can't be arsed correcting them grin

sassy34264 Fri 20-Jul-12 09:21:38

oh newmum i know how you feel. i dont feel the same now, but i did at 25 onwards after i had chloe. i was crawling the walls with boredom. i barely spoke to another adult and i was lonely. i know you are trying to find a job, but have you thought about doing a part time course? something to get you out the house, meet people, stimulate your brain beyond tweenies. i did loads when i was about your age. i figured i couldnt work, but i might as well take advantage of the courses. some are really expensive, but some are quite cheap- some 8 week courses.

not to pry too much, but how is it affecting your relationship with dp? do you resent him? are you just arguing cos your not happy iyswim.

big hugs x

newmum001 Fri 20-Jul-12 10:03:06

I do resent him his "freedom" i know it's work to him but to me its time away from the house. He hasn't had to change who he is iyswim. I tend to go to ny sisters a few nights a week after grace us in bed just for a bit of adult time and he resents me for that cause why can't i stay at home with him and have adult conversation. But some days i dont leave the house so when grace is in bed im climbing the walls to get out. Its just one big mess atm. Money is tight, dont get me wrong we can pay the bills etc but spare money is tight and i have absolutely nothing going into my own account so i tend to feel quite trapped. I hate asking him for money but he didnt realise i felt like that. Its all just got on top of me/us. Argh why is life so shit sometimes.

sassy34264 Fri 20-Jul-12 10:46:42

where does grace's cb go? have you applied for tax credits? im putting j and i in the local nursery for 2 mornings a week. i dont really think we can afford it, but they are bored. also you can get some of it back through tax credits/ child tax. it is only £10 a session (3 hours) but you have to do a minimum of 2 sessions and with 2 kids thats £40. which doesnt sound so much, but when you think thats £160 a month- eek.
can you look into grace going to 1 session a week? for £10?

im like you, in that i rarely get out of the house. most weekdays i go out mon morn for playgroup and thats it until lee is here at weekends. in the last 3 weeks he has been here for 4 weekdays. he might as well of stayed in the navy!

i do think your dp is being a bit unfair expecting you to stay in the house every night, when you have spent all day there. plus, being a twin and close to your sister, surely he must appreciate that you want to see her. i dont think any couple should spend all their leisure time together. tell him if you could be together potentially for the next 40 years- 2/ 3 nights a week is not too much in the grand scheme of things!

my dp doesnt give me money either. he use to put £200 in my bank account when i got on at him but he took a huge pay drop from the navy, so i just have cb going in my account. we've had huge arguments over it, as like you i hated having to ask and still like to have my own money, but he says he sees it as my money too and i can get his card whenever i want- so now i do! i use to use my own money for goibg for chocolate/bread etc from corner shop, but now i dont. i would buy the kids clothes etc as well but now i say- i need your card. grin i cant be bothered with it anymore- if hes not bothered, then im not.

newmum001 Fri 20-Jul-12 11:23:05

It all goes in the joint account, cb and tax credits etc and whatever neefs buying gets bought out of that account. It just doesn't sit well with me asking for money. I know he doesn't mind but i just feel like a 1950's housewife asking for bloody housekeeping and thats not what i want to be. We've agreed now that he'll put money into my acvount every week and take it from there. Its not even like i need mega money but it's the principle of it. To be fair he didnt know i was feeling like that and now he does he's more understanding. I just feel anxious all the time. Like my lifes moved on so much and i don't know who i am except graces mum. I'm sure i spund depressed but thats not what it is. I just need a bit more me time and a job and to stop feeling so guilty that i feel fed up. Defo gonna put grace in nursery, thats something we talked about last night, she needs it. She's so outgoing and has got so much energy but she's very clingy to me and thats cause she doesn't spend any time away from me at all.

I've applied for loads of jobs today so fingers crossed something comes of it.

sassy34264 Fri 20-Jul-12 11:25:08


comixminx Fri 20-Jul-12 11:41:57

Aww newmum sorry you are having a hard time with it all. I don't know how SAHMs do it to be honest, I really appreciate being at work and I also really appreciate DP being at home with Aphra on Fridays - because it means that he knows what it's like being at home with a baby or toddler, how it's hard to get other stuff done and suchlike! But I know that a) not everyone wants an arrangement like that and b) even if you want it, it's easier said than done.

I'm a big fan of Aphra being in nursery so I deffo see what you & sassy are thinking of re putting your LOs in nursery - in Aphra's case she learns so much from the different carers at nursery, and sees so many more kids of her own age, and has so much access to stuff we don't have (room for!) at home. Anyway, fingers crossed on the job searching.

I'd assumed cinnamon was just busy with real life and might have lost track of the thread - it would be good to pm her and get her back! you're right, she always had sensible interesting things to say.

Dixie, hope your bum is better soon! how horrid. And pain does get you down if it's ongoing, doesn't it.

Diddly, I'm sure that as others have said, Toby will have a great time at school and be much less worried / upset about it than you as a mum! But it is a massive change, isn't it.

I'm starting to really think about the labour & birth aspect of things and looking forward to getting it over and done with... roll on mid to late August and having a new baby safe and sound!

comixminx Fri 20-Jul-12 13:31:37

On a different topic - an e-petition for more midwives. I've signed; do pass it on.

diddlybop Fri 20-Jul-12 17:10:32

Newmum, sorry you're having a rough time. I'm also not the same person I was 4 years ago. It's a huge thing for a woman to have a baby. It changes every aspect of you and your life and although you wouldn't change it for the world its a really hard thing to do. Being a sahm isn't for me either. I love going to work and being someone other than mummy. It's also bloody hard too because you still have the full time job of house and baby. I snook home an hour early yesterday & had a bath. I realised that I c
Couldn't remember the last time I was home alone. If I want me time I have to go out. Because Dh works full time I feel like the majority of the housework should be left to me. Even tho on average he gets 15 hours home alone every other week when he's waiting to start his shift, I'm at work and the boys are at nursery.
I definitely agree with finding grace a nursery for a session or 2 and you doing a course. You're doing an amazing thing bringing up your daughter and its a thankless job. You need to be selfish and think of yourself!

Debs75 Fri 20-Jul-12 17:57:00

Signed the e-petition Comix It's about time they upped the numbers, IIRC it is 5,000 to bring us upto an acceptable level of cover and about 5,000 more to give us a very good level of cover. Also doing my bit as starting my college course in September then will be applying to do midwifery at Uni. Maybe if he pledges more midwives it will be easier to get on the course.

Hello all! I feel a bit silly now! Yes I was a bit sad that you all stuck up for dh as he'd really upset me that day. I know I was hormonal and irrational but to then be told it by all of you I didn't want to check back for a while and then you'd gone from my thread list. I then felt like a wally for my posting as time just disappears! Have been reading occasionally but once there loads to catch up on its tricky!

I had a new baby start with me in April which was fine but then e wet through major separation anxiety at about the same time as another baby started with me so I've had 5 weeks of listening to them cry for big chunks of the day! He's fine now but very sensitive so every time I use a slightly stern voice to talk to Luke he cries or if the other baby cries he joins in in sympathy! I also took over the accounts and wages of the preschool I've been on the committee of so I've been busy with that too. Still running three times a week which is difficult at times but important to me now. I did 5K in 28m 20 seconds today grin. I've now lost a total of 5st 2 and I'm attempting to maintain!

It sounds like you're having a tough time newmum001, glad you've talked to your dp about it. It's hard for me to for advice as I'd love your life! Dh did have an arguement a while ago as I said to him I'd love the time he has to himself and he said he'd rather be sat on his arse at home than driving to work! I know communting is stressful but it is time that you don't have something to do and you can let our mind wander. I have to be ready by 7.30 plus getting my two dressed and fed and have between 2 and 5 minded children before 8 in the morning so not really sitting on my arse. Plus he gets a lunch break which is time totally to himself. I can see how my life looks better to him on the outside and I really wouldn't want to be out at work every day. When you're both tired and stressed is hard to be rational and compassionate!! By being at home you're doing an amazing thing and it is hard work. The weather doesn't help at all but make the effort to go out every day even if it's for a walk and puddle splashing! Toddler groups are not the easiest of things and I often spend the time on my own but it's good for the kids and at least you've been out. As for money we have a joint account so all money is ours not his or mine. I earn less than dh but I look after the kids and home so contribute equally. We are in a shit situation financially and that really doesn't help either!

Sorry to hear about your bum dixiebell, hope get it sorted a painful pregnancy is no fun sad and yay for another boy smile

Sorry to hear you've been down and hope the medications is helping you sassy34264. Thanks for your kind words blush. Loved your pics of the twins on fb! Glad to hear your mum is on the mend.

I know exactly how you feel diddlybop, I hated it but don't forget that Toby doesn't legally have to go to school until the term after he turns 5 so if he and you are struggling just keep him home a day or two. Ds1 has done so well this year I'm so impressed with him! He's going into a year 1 2 mixed class next year as he's doing so well but I got upset about that as I'm worried about how much he's going to be pushed. Toby will be fine and I promise you get used to them being away really quickly, at least he's been at nursery so you're used to him being away from you smile Hope all goes well with olly's eye.

Labour will be fine comixminx, I looked forward to it with Luke as I wanted a chance to do it 'properly' in my mind. You'll do great and have a baby in your arms before you know it. When do you start maternity leave?

In answer to your question about exercise PolkaDotMoon I am a different person I have loads more energy, out of breath less and much less hormonal. Plus I have something that is mine, the head space is fantastic. Dh makes sure I have the time without beig made to feel guilty although I do!

I've started bodyshop at home to try and earn extra cash as I wasn't getting a lot from babysitting. Quite nervous but I think it'll be fun too.

Luke is such a character now, he is still hitting, pushing, biting and pulling ds1's hair but they also play so nicely together! He is my buddy, helping me with the babies and has just started lining everything up which I remember ds1 doing very vividly! He knows lots of numbers and although they are in the wrong order he counts things as well as saying a number plus what he can see if there are lots. He is talking all the time and recently started wanting to draw. I am total denial that he will soon be 2! My mum keeps asking about his birthday but I haven't thought about it yet, it means summer is over and ds1 is in year one as well as Luke being much older! Not ready to him in a bed yet, I'm pretty sure it's going to be a struggle! He's rarely asleep before 9 at the moment, he just chats in his cot or pulls things in with him but in a bed I think he'll be a nightmare. Absolutely no way he could do without his nap though, he's knackered by 12.30 and he'd definitely fall asleep on the school run and be worse.

Sorry if I missed anything or anyone, it's been a mammoth post!!!

newmum001 Sun 22-Jul-12 07:35:34

Yay cinnamons back with a HUGE post grin
Luke sounds adorable and well done on your weight loss. You're looking fab.

Dixiebell Sun 22-Jul-12 10:32:45

diddly, yes a Pilondial sinus. So went in to hospital Friday, waited around ages, finally surgeon took one look and said they needed to operate under general anaesthetic straight away. I just burst into tears as was so worried about the baby. But after waiting around all fri night, had the op yesterday morning and all fine. Anaesthetist was v reassuring she said as I was pg they'd take all kinds of extra precautions like a breathing tube, and lie me on side, but was no extra risk to baby. So now home with sore throat from tube, v sore bottom!! But glad it's ok and have felt kicks so all good with bubba. Dh being v good with Arlo and my dad is a gp so he's keeping an eye on my blood pressure etc. I do not recommend getting this when you are already suffering night time hip pain from pregnancy, does not make for good night's sleep!

Debs75 Sun 22-Jul-12 12:06:42

Welcome back Cinnamon well done on the weight loss, 5 stone is brilliant. It's also my ultimate goal, I have lost 1 stone since January but it is very slow going, I might get to goal summer 2014.

Dixie Ouch! that sounds very painful. It must be a relief to have it treated, even if it is still painful.

diddlybop Sun 22-Jul-12 12:19:33

Yey! Welcome back cinnamon. Sorry we made you feel like that. And go you on the weight loss. That's amazing!

Dixie how deep is it? You poor thing. Must have been really scary for you. Hope it doesn't take too long to heal.

Dixiebell Sun 22-Jul-12 16:07:52

No idea diddly, it's all packed and dressed so just have a load of padding there. Waiting for district nurse to come and change dressing. Whole infected area was 2-3 inches diameter so don't know if the hole is that big?! hmm

Dixiebell Sun 22-Jul-12 22:38:49

Just found out it's 4cm wide and 3cm deep shock! Ouch. smile

diddlybop Mon 23-Jul-12 07:55:07

Bless you. Lots of feet up time for you then. At least the weathers picked up a bit!

How are you feeling now Dixiebell?

Dixiebell Thu 26-Jul-12 12:49:43

Hi cinnamon, not too bad thanks. I'm signed off work for 2 weeks, and have 2 weeks' leave booked after that. So enjoying time for a rest. The pain is so much less than it was before the op, and DH and family are all helping me to take it easy. Bit of a pain having to go to tge surgery every day for redressing tge wound, but hopefully not for too many weeks. Got MW tomorrow. Will hopefully be reassuring to have a full antenatal appt and listen to heartbeat after the gen anaesthetic, but I have been feeling movements anyway so everything should be fine.

diddlybop Thu 26-Jul-12 19:49:45

Dixie won't the dn come out to you??

So I rang the hospital today to chase Ollys appointment for the 3rd time. the nice lady said the only appointment they have on Ollys record is july 13th!!!!! Clever seeing as tho they didn't recieve the referral till the 16th! Seriously, What planet are they on???!!!!!

Hope everyones enjoying the sun. bit quiet on here!

Dixiebell Thu 26-Jul-12 22:23:48

diddly, no, they only visit house bound people, and I can manage to get to the surgery. It's actually more reliable as the DN can never give a time so you feel like you're waiting around. And on Tuesday when they were supposed to come, she never turned up!

diddlybop Sat 28-Jul-12 10:58:40

Well if you were in my area, I'd come out to you. And give you a time! We're kind like that! Hope you're managing ok.

Debs75 Tue 31-Jul-12 16:11:45

Newmum was it you that was having some success with potty training? Lucy is driving me mad at the moment, she is leaking through almost every nappy, we use reusables, and her nighttime, pampers, nappy is soaked by the time we get up. Also she rips her nappies off at the slightest wetness and is always telling us she has pooed, when she hasn't.
Is it normal for them to suddenly produce so much wee, I have even gone up a size in pampers to see if that helps.
As well she will wee on the potty pretty well but I don't think she is ready as she gets pretty engrossed in other stuff and I don't want the hassle of messes and wet settee's yet.

Apart from weeing woes she is doing really well with her speech, chattering to us loads and copying loads of phrases. She even sings along to DD2's favourite Batman episode

Luke often tells me when he needs a poo and if I notice him straining I put him on the toilet. I have had him out of a nappy quite a bit recently and he'll happily go 2-3 hours without a wee and although he was keen to start with he quickly stopped wanting to leave his toys to wee and was so upset he wouldnt do anything anyway so I've stopped for now. I think he has the bladder control and often knows he needs to go but he's too small to understand that he needs to go to the toilet every time he needs a wee. I'm not worried about it really and he's growin up way too quickly anyway!

After an escaping episode at the weekend we have started trying to get ds1 a new bed so like can have his. I don't really want him to be in a bed yet but I don't want him to hurt himself either! Not ready to get rid of my cot sad. Struggling at the moment with the idea of not having anymore babies sad sad sad

newmum001 Wed 01-Aug-12 08:21:04

We've put it on hold for a while too. She still wee's and poo's on the potty if she hasn't got a nappy on but she freaks out if we try to put nickers on her. I don't really want to go down the pull ups route as they're too much like nappy's so feel they might confuse her. She tells me when she's weeing and pooing so she is aware of it.

Regarding the leaking nappy's we've switched to tesco active fit (which are half the price of pampers) and they seem bigger than pampers so maybe try a different brand.

Another thought about nappies, I don't know if you remember but pampers changed their active fit to make them less bulky and in doing so took a lot of the absorbant part out of the nappy at the back. They were on watchdog for it as loads of people complained and it seems that if you have a boy the natural barrier they have keeps wees at the front where the absorbant part is but if you have a girl there isn't that barrier and particularly at night when the wee goes backwards there isn't a lot to absorb it so you get leaks. My friend stopped using them for her youngest and had always been a pampers user. I'm a huggies fan and haven't had problems with them.

newmum001 Wed 01-Aug-12 09:35:21

Also the aldi ones are really good and very very cheap. They are quite bulky compared to pampers ative fit but no bulkier than any other brand imo. I could have kicked myself when i started buying own brand stuff cause id been a nappy snob for so long paying over the odds and the own brand ones are just as good.

Debs75 Wed 01-Aug-12 17:53:15

We use the pampers extra dry, don't like the active fit, too thin. tried the aldi ones in size 5 and she leaked both nights, probably because she sleeps on her front with her bum in the air. She hasn't leaked during the day today in them so will have to keep trying and hoping

diddlybop Wed 01-Aug-12 20:11:49

We're huggies fans here too!

Ollys eye is ok!!! got a cancellation appointment today. He was so good bless him. They checked his vision & then put drops in to dilate his pupils. then the consultant had a look. He couldn't see anything but wants to see him again in 3 months to keep an eye on things. I'm pleased about that because it shows i wasn't over reacting and that the consultant thought it could have been something!

2 weeks till Tobys birthday, 4 weeks till Ollys!!! I can't believe they've come round so fast!

That's great news diddlybop grin

comixminx Thu 02-Aug-12 17:25:23

Great news about Olly's eye! Worth checking out and being reassured about. Bless.

A is still in the washable nappies most of the time though they do leak more than disposables; we also use biodegradable ones from Beaming Baby which work pretty well overall, though she does sometimes end up with a leak by the morning; mostly if we're not quite quick enough first thing, so they do normally last the night ok. She is showing a reasonable awareness of potty stuff but not enough for us to consider full-on training.

ItsMyLastOne Fri 03-Aug-12 22:29:33

Hi everyone, long time no speak! newmum sent me a message on fb earlier and suggested I come and say hello to everyone, so here I am.

Well Orlaith's changed a lot since I was last on here, but I guess she's the same as lots of others. Talking way too much, having a few tantrums (usually when Imara wants her dolly or something, but Imara gives as good as she gets), I still have her a home with me apart from most Fridays when my PILs have her while I'm working at the pub. She's still not sleeping through. She had some good times in march and April, but then she had a few weeks of being ill, followed by us going on holiday and her staying up way too late, and we ended up back at her waking 3-5 times a night. angry She's only waking once or twice now so that's ok.

I'm generally finding it all very tiring (along with still doing my open university course), but mainly because I'm pregnant! grin I'm 22+ weeks, due 3rd December and we found out 2 weeks ago that it's another girl. I'm excited and terrified all in one go, although it was very much planned and was starting to seem like it was never going to happen, so I should just be happy and not so scared!

I hope everyone else is well. I might try and have a bit of a read back but if anyone could give me the gossip news in a nutshell that'd be good! wink

newmum001 Sat 04-Aug-12 10:50:19

Omg i nearly stole your thunder last night and told everyone. I managed to stop myself though smile orlaith sounds quite like grace, she never shuts up either! We're trying to potty train atm but taking it slowly. Im sure theres loads of gossip to fill you in on but my minds gone blank. I'm sure people will do updates etc but im currently watching grace like a hawk making sure she doesn't wee (or worse) on my new couch. Will update later though.

ItsMyLastOne Sat 04-Aug-12 12:33:48

We're not potty training because Orlaith's not ready. She says she's done a poo or wee when she hasn't, or says she hasn't when she has, I have no idea when she's doing it and she doesn't seem to either! Yesterday I left her in the living room with just her nappy on to pop upstairs and get clothes. Came back down to find her naked, her nappy on the floor and a poo sitting on the deep pile cream rug! I think the rug might get rolled up and put away when we do start potty training.

comixminx Sat 04-Aug-12 16:20:13

Hiya Saoirse or should I say ItsMy! Many congratulations on the pregnancy - I'm nearly 38 weeks pg myself so I know about the tiredness end of things! (Just finished work on Friday so am properly on mat leave now, very glad of that, and definitely looking forward to the birth being over & done with...)

Bad luck on the night waking - I'm sure it'll get better as Orlaith gets older though. and grin + brew on the rug + poo incident.

diddlybop Sat 04-Aug-12 20:55:53

Welcome back itsmy! We wondered where you'd gone! Congratulations on the pregnancy, exciting stuff. I'm not pregnant but having had 2, I can understand the tiredness, and don't envy you at all! Thinking that olly is the same age as Toby was when I was 8 months pregnant I have no idea how I managed!

Update on us, nothing exciting to report. Olly is a cheeky, funny, gorgeous little boy. He can count to 10 alone and 20 with a bit of help. He loves playing with cars & if he's upset, tired, generally mardy, in the night garden solves it all. I'm not even going to think about potty training until next easter. That's when I did Toby and he was dry day and might within a week! He's a bit picky with food but loves fruit & pasta. And he'll be 2 in less that 4 weeks!!!!! He's been in a big boy bed for about a month now and he's great in it. In fact for the last 2 weeks he's actually slept till 7 and Toby has been the 1st up! For the 1st time in 4 years I get an unbroken night and a lie in till 7am!

I'm in the middle of sorting out the boys joint birthday party. Tobys having a pirate cake and ollys having in the night garden. Struggling a bit with what to buy olly cos he's got all tobys old toys. Tobys getting the Jake and the neverland pirates boat! What's everyone else doing?

ItsMyLastOne Sat 04-Aug-12 22:07:51

Oh congratulations comix! grin
I'm seriously glad pregnancy takes so long because the idea of being 2 weeks from the due date sounds so terrifying to me right now!

Wow diddly a proper bed? How grown up! We're not sure yet what to do with Orlaith's bed. She has a cotbed so if she's sleeping through we could take the side off around when the baby's born and then she would hopefully be ready for a proper bed by the time the baby needs the cot. We're thinking maybe a bedside crib of some sort would be best for the baby for the first 6 months, especially if I manage to bf this time.
There are just so many things like that to think about, I'm going to need some advice!

Now, I have to tell people about this because it's so weird. I never managed to bf Orlaith and the last time I tried to latch her on was at about a week. My sister is still BFing Imara regularly so Orlaith's well used to seeing her feeding. But in the last few weeks Orlaith's been so jealous of her doing it. She keeps asking me for "boobies", to the point where she's pulling my boobs out, lying on my lap and whinging about wanting it. She has no idea what to do next, it's as though she wants me to show her. It's getting more and more frequent that she's doing it and ending in tantrums sometimes. I don't know what to do. And I worry about what she'll do when I have the baby. confused

Hi ItsMyLastOne!! Congratulations on your pregnancy and another girl, I think it's lovely having same sex children my two are best buddies. Luke actually kicked one of my minded children for pushing ds1 the other day, he got in trouble but I actually thought ah how lovely!

Luke is loads of trouble but absolutely wonderful! He couldn't be more different to ds1. He's talking loads so one less thing to worry about, he's into everything and has lots of initiative! He loves cars, trains and tractors and has recently started lining up everything jut like ds1 used to. He's also eating much more consistantly now. He loves his mummy more now than he used to, was a daddy's boy. Loves singing and knows lots of songs, challenges EVERYTHING I tell him but has the cheekiest smile that gets him off a lot of things. Still hitting, biting, kicking and hair pulling if he doesn't get what he wants particularly with his brother.

News from me I guess is that I've lost 5st 4 and am now running 5k three times a week. Otherwise things are the same here. Really really really would like another baby but not going to happen so need to find a way to cope with it really!

Not sure what to say about Orlaith, perhaps let her try and when she realises she can't do it she might stop asking? I'm still bf Luke twice a day, which I never thought I would be but he asks and I don't want the fight. Not really bothered one way or another but don't really understand why he wants it really only has 5-10 mins when he gets up and before bed but never falls asleep having milk.

Been to a wedding blessing today, couple have been married 20 years was so lovely. Very romantic!

ItsMyLastOne Sat 04-Aug-12 23:18:45

Wow, 5 stone and 5k 3 times a week? shock How do you find the time? I'm seriously impressed and about to go and stalk you on Facebook! I've become so lazy recently, but I'm blaming it on the tiredness. hmm I really need to start being more active or I'll end up with far too much weight to lose. The most I'm doing at the moment is walking round the supermarket. blush How do you get motivated enough to do it?

ItsMyLastOne Sun 05-Aug-12 00:21:52

Oh my god cinnamon you look tiny, and a lot younger too! I'm amazed. Do you feel a lot better too?

Time is a problem but I'm lucky dh is very supportive, I have running group once a week with the local athletics club so dh does tea that night and I get home in time to microwave mine and put boys to bed. One other run is at the weekend so fit it in around what we're doing and the other one is usually after 8 once the boys are in bed. I like to train for 10k but don't really have the time, need to go out for 1 hr once a week really but I should make the effort. I do feel much better for it, more energy and much less hormonally moody. I think I've been overweight for so long no one realised that I actually have quite a small frame (me included) so its a bit of a shock. Being told lots now that I have to stop/ don't lose anymore but my bmi is 22 so not super low weight.

Debs75 Sun 05-Aug-12 13:12:56

Welcome back saoirse great news on the pregnancy, it is nice having two girls, especially so close together. Lucy and Dd2 get on really well most of the time and often runa round holding hands, which is very cute.
I'm not sure what to suggest with the breastfeeding, I was still feeding dd2 when Lucy was born and she was quite jealous at first when I fed Lucy during the day, she didn't mind on a night as she had night time boobie. It didn't take too long for her to adjust and it helped knowing that Lucy would always sleep after boobie so dd2 knew she would get some mummytime afterwards.
Maybe make sure you can give her some undivided attention when baby is sleeping and let her help out, they love that.

Lucy has just fallen asleep at the top of our slide. She was playing in the garden with dd2 and dp and she started whinging, dp went to get her and she was on her knees with her head on the platform snoring. She woke up when I went to get her and then fell asleep after some boobie, when I laid her on the settee she murmured boobie over and over before snoring away. She is so funny with her sleeps and thankfully getting more independent

ItsMyLastOne Sun 05-Aug-12 14:45:44

cinnamon you do look from the photo I saw like you don't need to lose anymore. But I suppose it's now just about keeping fit and healthy rather than losing weight. How much do you weigh now and how tall are you?

Debs I hope Orlaith and the new baby will be close, but Orlaith and Imara are so close at the moment I guess it'll just be totally different dynamics.
Lucy sounds so sweet. I'm always jealous when I see photos of toddlers who've conked out in strange places. I doubt orlaith will ever do that.

I'm finished now ItsMyLastOne, just need to maintain now so have upped my calories, just annoys me that everyone talks like I'm now anorexic. I'm 9st 10 and 5'5" so in the middle of normal bmi.

ItsMyLastOne Sun 05-Aug-12 23:26:13

I always used to have people whingng at me like I was anorexic when I was 8 stone 3-7lb and 5'2". I have no idea what bmi that made me but I wasn't outrageously skinny. I still had plenty of meat on me. Although oddly enough it was usually people who were much much bigger than me saying it, so maybe I just seemed very small compared to their own size? I don't know. I know that if my bmi had been as low as 18 that I would look too thin, despite that supposedly being a healthy size.
You look healthy and that's what matters.

diddlybop Mon 06-Aug-12 16:40:05

I think weight can be a touchy subject either way. My BMI is currently 19. It was only 16 or 17 when I was at uni. I've been asked by numerous people if I have an eating disorder. It's like asking a big person if they're a greedy pig. You just wouldn't do it. My cousin once put it in a really good way, its relative to the person. Even tho I'm small, after I'd had the boys I was still a stone heavier than before so wanted to loose it. You need to feel comfortable. Cinnamon you look fab well done!

Pregnant ladies on here skip this next bit! I spent yesterday and this morning with my friend and her 9 week old. It's sealed the deal here. No more for me! She's doing great, and the baby is gorgeous but I couldn't go back to that age. I love the age my boys are at right now. Wish I could pause time for a bit.

Mine are fab too diddlybop, would like to pause time too but in the school holidays! That makes me even sadder though as I love them sooooo much and they are wonderful but I really want another one and I hate that they are not enough! Why can I not be happy with two beautiful boys? I'm not even really a baby person, so why do I so badly want another baby?

newmum001 Mon 06-Aug-12 18:25:03

Ive only got 1 and i don't think i want to do it again. I just can't see myself with another baby but i dont want grace to be an only child. Its a bit of a dilema really!

comixminx Mon 06-Aug-12 21:02:02

I'm not aiming for another after this one, to be honest! If I was younger I might have left it a bit longer between babies and had one more as a result but not at my age now. Also I think being pg twice will be enough, let alone doing the newborn thing again! Aphra is so endearing and cute at this age I will be longing for it to come around quickly with DC2.

ItsMyLastOne Tue 07-Aug-12 11:36:01

I really don't know whether we'll have another after this one. If I was older I'd definitely say no, but I'm only 26 so I could easily wait a few years and have plenty of time to have another. But I can't imagine wanting to go through the pregnancy and newborn stage again. It would probably have to be an accidental pregnancy! wink

I'm also loving Orlaith at this stage and I can't imagine what life will be like when there's a baby in tow. <must stop worrying about baby related things>

PolkaDotMoon Wed 08-Aug-12 21:57:22

Hi it'smylast glad you came back and with such fab news! Congratulations xx
Quick update here:
Jack is a dream! Loving him so much I could burst.... It is a gorgeous age!
Jack is a chatterbox too and has a few four word phrases. Counts to thirteen but usually misses out eleven, knows all the main colours, animals and their noises and is a mentalist in a sand pit. Still trying to teach him not to throw the sand everywhere but not winning yet. He makes a bee line for mud and water and lives in his beloved Crocs.
Hasn't drunk milk for months out of choice and is still allergic to egg so I'm pleased among his faves are cheese and yoghurt. Eats practically anything and feeds himself most things with a spoon or bigger bits on a fork.
My favourite thing now is that he comes to get Mummy and pulls me by the hand to where he wants to be..... Usually his food cupboard or in the toy room.
He wakes up saying "get out now please.... Outside, crocs on please" drives me slightly mad sometimes grin
Still very tall and gets mistaken for a 3 year old all the time grrrrrrrrrrrrrr
Sleeps 11-12 hours straight at night and still naps for about 2 hours after lunch.
Starts playgroup once he's 2 on 20th Sept and no idea yet about birthday..... Not a moment spare to devote to it til now....... Had a metal few month but should all calm down now just ready for a few weeks rest before Christmas rush for jewellery begins.
Oh yeah....... We've been half heartedly trying for dc2 since Christmas but to be honest need to try much harder which I might start as I'm so jealous of you, dixie and comix grin grin

patito Wed 08-Aug-12 22:17:46


Just popping in to say. Haven´t caught up but will try to this weekend.
Hope your all and enjoying the summer.


Glad jack is such a treasure PolkaDotMoon, on a business note my friend has been trying to contact you on fb about jewellery. She wants a pair of earrings and your 5 ring necklace smile. Ds1 doesn't drink milk but he doesn't like cheese either so I do worry about his dairy in take. Luke loves milk but only when it's cold. A little girl I childmind is very tall and everyone thinks she's going to school in September, she's only 3 1/2!

Hi patito!

Wheres sassy34264?

PolkaDotMoon Thu 09-Aug-12 21:20:00

Don't get me wrong cinnamon he's def in the throws of terrible twos but he really is a sweetie. He's been saying "big fat pig" all day today after being at the farm but waaaaay toooooo many times saying it giggling in my face grin

Yep, same here. Hard work but wonderful!

sassy34264 Fri 10-Aug-12 09:30:03

hi cinnamon everyone. im still here. ive been mad busy, up until today. we bought 2 houses with dp's redunancy and we were on a deadline with one. which was last weekend- had to pull an all nighter on fri night and 5.30am start on sun morn. then i had court on the tues and lee had his vasectomy on the wed and then i had a lunch date yesterday with a friend i hadnt seen for ages. so been no use to nobody for the last few weeks! grin

the twins will be 2 on mon!!!!!!

it's going to fast.
they have caught up fast these last few weeks. they've gone from only saying the odd word unprompted, to saying 4 and even 5 word sentences. jacob calls isobel - o bel. and isobel calls jacob- jay pup. majorly cute. especially when she's shouting - noooooo jay pup, stop it! she calls chloe- tee he. and the both call eva- e bar.

she shushes you too. hmm grin

my favourite sentence is - bye bye, see you soon.

im loving this age too.

ive not had a go at teaching colours, but they know all the animals and there noises and they can both count to 10. they can do the wooden puzzles now too- the cut out objects with the little knobs on.

ive brought the potty down this week, as jacob tells me when he has done a poo- but im not brave enough just yet!

glad you came back cinnamon and congratulations itsmylastone

ItsMyLastOne Fri 10-Aug-12 11:45:04

It's lovely hearing about how all the LO's are doing. They all seem to be doing things at different rates too. Orlaith knows the numbers 1-10 but absolutely refuses to count in the right order (not helped by FIL who thinks it's funny to teach her to count 4,9,6... Grrr). She also gets mixed up with colours a lot, especially blue and yellow. But her speech is really good and she knows loads of animals. Her mannerisms and things she says are so cute. I find her really funny, but maybe just because I'm her mum! wink

PolkaDot we're having to be careful about what we've taught Orlaith to say or just what we sa infront of her because she will often repeat things over and over. In fact we were at my mum's step sister's funeral on monda and at one point Orlaith shouted "boobies"! shock blush

newmum001 Fri 10-Aug-12 12:49:24

I accidentally told grace she was getting on my left boob a few weeks ago, masdive mistake as she said it contantly for ages. It was funny though. She came back from mil's 2 weeks ago saying "got a bit of crap on my hands mummy" i was not pleased. We can have full conversations with her now which is lovely. She can count to 10 but doesn't know colours. Everything is putple. Postman Pat is her hero and mr tumble keeps her entertained for hours! She's a fussy eater but getting slightly better. She's really feisty and independant and i love that about her. She now wears nickers in the house and goes to the toilet/potty without needing help. Nit brave enough to try nickers out of the house yet, but if she has pants on she forgets she isn't wearing a nappy and has accidents. She's such a girly girl and loves helping to do my hair and playing with dolls, her cabbage patch kid (caiden) is her best friend. She loves playing shop, gets stuff from the kitchen cupboards and then brings them to the till and puts them in a carrier bag. I love love love this age! X

newmum001 Fri 10-Aug-12 12:50:42

Bloody typo's!!!

ItsMyLastOne Fri 10-Aug-12 13:06:50

Oh Grace sounds so gorgeous!

Luke counts to 6 without mistakes but always says different numbers when we go upstairs. He knows animals and sounds but says everything is boo if you ask what colour it is! When we go out he loves giving everybody their shoes to put on. He was a pain eating newmum001 but the last two weeks he's eaten everything and loads of it! Yesterday he ate loads of pistachios and left shells all over the house..grrrr!

newmum001 Sat 11-Aug-12 08:02:52

Grace will eat an unlimited amount of shit if i let her but try to get her to eat a vegetable and she clamps her mouth shut. She will eat carrots and she likes fruit so im not too bothered. I tried her on a tesco kids cottage pie the other day ( can't have cottage pie on my diet) and that had peas and carrots in and she ate the lot so i'll get a couple of those in for when we're eating something she doesn't like.

On a personal note i've now lost 25.5lbs on slimming world. Only got 15lbs to go and im back to my pre grace weight. I can't believe i put nearly 3 stone on in less than 2 years. If anyone see's me with a tube of pringles or in mcdonalds please slap me and remind me of how hard it is to lose weight. Thanks smile x

diddlybop Sat 11-Aug-12 12:07:01

Newmum, that's fantastic, well done.
Olly knows a lot of colours, he amazes me cos I can remember loosing my patience with Toby when he was quite a bit older and worrying that he was color blind because he was useless at colours! My fave phrase that he says is where are you? It can be anything. He had a sticker this morning and lost it. He was running round singing ticker where are ooooo!
I got his bday pressie this morning, a lightening Mcqueen pedal car. I love the fact that their birthdays are close together. Not loving the expense tho!

comixminx Sat 11-Aug-12 14:05:17

Cripes, birthdays. We've got to go and get Aphra the Ikea kitchen we've been planning to get, nearest Ikea is a bit over an hour away and it's a case of waiting until she's at nursery so hopefully we can do this next week assuming the new baby hasn't arrived yet (lots of Braxton Hicks, some pretty strong, so I've been doing plenty of sitting and relaxing and hoping they will go away because my doula's not back from hols until this afternoon... grin).

Aphra can count to 10 reasonably reliably but not any higher - she knows some colours but much less reliably. Generally she eats well though she seems to have gone off creamy sauces and makes the most dreadful faces! newmum, sounds like a plan, if Grace likes those kids cottage pies, defo worth having a reliable stand-by around.

diddlybop Sat 11-Aug-12 18:03:46

I'm even more excited about ollys birthday pressie now, it was the last one in store on the sale shelf. I didn't go in for it, just saw it and thought it'd do cos we were struggling to think of what to get. It was £35 but didn't say what its original price was. I came home and googled it. £99!!! Now that's my bargain of the year!

ItsMyLastOne Sat 11-Aug-12 20:49:12

Well done newmum!

comix I've got a few friends who've said they're getting the ikea kitchen for their LO's birthdays, I must have a look too!

diddly what a bargain! Orlaith says "where are you" to everything too. I thnk my favourite thing she says is "hello X, how are you? Alright?" with a tilted head and she says it to anything and everything. Today we had a conversation that went like this....
(I'd brought her inside to change her pooey nappy and she insisted on bringing her bunny)
Orlaith: Mummy, bunny's crying
Me: oh no, why's she crying?
Orlaith <turns to bunny, tilts head> Why you crying bunny? <turns to me> bunny not want change nappy, bunny wants play outside!
It's things like that I find so incredibly cute!

Luke is the same newmum001, always has room for crisps, cake, biscuits and chocolate but until recently wouldn't eat a sandwich and only had a few bites of dinner. He does eat most things though which is good and loves egg at the moment! Well done on the weight loss, it really is much easier to put on than lose sad

We are going to bewilderwood for Luke's birthday, not really thought much about birthday presents but he does love ds1's wooden train set so may add to that. Starting to plan his cake at the moment, will be either George pig, bob the builder or a tractor.

Definitely bargain of the year diddlybop!

Luke is mostly wanting to do poos on the toilet now and tells me in time to get there but has no desire what so ever do wee anywhere other than his nappy!

diddlybop Sat 11-Aug-12 21:19:26

Cinnamon my 1st ever attempt at a fancy cake was a tractor! there's a piccie on facebook, I'll tag you in it!

newmum001 Sun 12-Aug-12 11:19:59

We're having grace's cake made again. My friend normally does our cakes and she's really talented but she's pregnant and ger baby is due on grace's birthday so we've asked a friend of my sister to do it abd im already worrying that it won't be as good. She's having postman pat this year.

Grace slept at my sisters last night cause we were at a wedding. So dsis got in bed with her watching night garden. All if a sudden grace sat up sang happy birthday and fell asleep. I love it when she does things like that x

sassy34264 Sun 12-Aug-12 12:43:38

thats quite funny- cos we have bought the twins the ikea kitchen for their birthday!

which is tomorrow!!! shock

we are having a little mini party this afternoon, just family.

ItsMyLastOne Sun 12-Aug-12 13:52:55

Have a lovely day sassy and happy birthday to Jacob and Isobel for tomorrow. smile

Dixiebell Sun 12-Aug-12 20:50:10

itsmy, congrats, I'm 25 weeks pg too, due 27 Nov! It's another boy for me. grin Although it seems terribly impractical, in my mind it's not the last one...I think I'd like one more after this! And a last chance for a girl! Am v happy with my boys and will be lovely for Arlo to have a brother. But we haven't used any of the many lovely girls' names we like! I think if this one was a girl my practical side would win over, but i think i'd like to donit all once more. DH does not agree yet !

ItsMyLastOne Sun 12-Aug-12 22:28:10

Congratulations Dixie! grin We have no names on our list yet!
Last night DP said to me "you're not going to want another one straight after this and get jealous of pregnant women again are you?". Me: "er, yes I probably will!" wink

diddlybop Mon 13-Aug-12 08:41:27

Yey! The birthdays have begun!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY Jacob & Isobel!

Woke up 6.30am thinking i'd let out a bit of wee. But when I stood up it was rather obvious my waters had gone! Had to put bath towels between my legs (midwife tried to give me a maternity pad when i got to the hospital!)
They wanted to send me home after some obs they said, to try and wait longer because i 35+5. Fortunately the babies had other ideas and within 3 hours i was in full labour. Contractions were not very painful and 10 mins apart for a while and then just jumped to very very painful and almost no break within 20 mins.
DP kept having a little peep over the screen. I'm like 'don't look, i don't want you fainting etc' Next minute, he's stood up and watching it all as 1st baby was being pulled out. They didn't say what it was, and let DP see it was a boy to tell me. They did the same with Isobel. I was just crying and watching DP's face- it was so lovely. Told DD over the phone in recovery and she was screaming down the phone and i could hear my mum sobbing in the background.
Jacob looks like Chloe did when she was born. Isobel is very little, with dainty features. I'm so happy, couldn't of wished for two more beautiful babies.

2 whole years ago!!!!!

Please can the pregnant ladies put their weeks at the ends of posts like we used to?? I'm struggling to keep up!

ItsMyLastOne Mon 13-Aug-12 08:55:23

You gave me a bit of a shock then diddly, I was thinking you were having a surprise third! shock

24 weeks today grin

newmum001 Mon 13-Aug-12 09:48:05

Omg i thought we would be seeing diddly on the next series of I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant then! I was so confused lol.

Happy Birthday to Jacob and Isobel! Hope you all have a lovely day!

Happy Birthday Jacob and Isobel! Hope you all have a lovely day. Sounds like you've had a hectic few weeks so hope you get to chill out with your babies today sassy34264!

One month today until Luke's birthday. I thought that you probably haven't heard of bewilderwood as it's local so I'd post a link. Last time we went we ended up in A&E as ds1 fell off a bench and cut his eyelid open sad

Is Lucy already 2 Debs75? Was thinking she was July or am I getting mixed up?

Your cake is fab diddlybop!!!!!!!

sassy34264 Mon 13-Aug-12 10:03:04

awh diddly that was lovely!!! im crying!!!!

i could re live that over and over.

phoning chloe is my bestest memory.

actual conversation-

me- hi
chloe- have you had them?
me- yes
chloe- what we got?
me- we got jacob
chloe- (screaming) we got jacob!
chloe- what else?
me- and we got isobel
chloe- (screaming) we got isobel!
mum- (in background) <sob> <sob

i cant see any memory topping that! smile

and im still crying! ha.

they love love their kitchen. not stopped playing with it. bought them the pots and pans and utensils that go with it.

off to a playcentre with my mum in a bit and think i will take them to a carvery for lunch.

jacob hid his face yesterday as we all sang happy birthday and neither understood the concept of blowing out candles!!! it was nice though.

sassy34264 Mon 13-Aug-12 10:06:27

lucy is the day after the twins cinnamon

newmum001 Mon 13-Aug-12 10:30:39

Aww sassy now i'm crying! I can't wait for graces birthday this year. We're buying dolls, a pram set with high chair and car seat etc, dressing up stuff and postman pat things. Not sorted her party out yet though so need to get cracking with that. Hope you all have a wonderful day sassy!

ItsMyLastOne Mon 13-Aug-12 14:23:25

newmum one of my best friends found out she was pg on 24th may. The gp could tell she was quite far along but couldn't get her in for a scan for 3 weeks. Instead she booked a private scan for the following day. That showed she was about 30 weeks. I spoke to her on 26th and she was saying how much pain the baby was giving her. I told her that's just what later pregnancy is like and she'll probably realise there are loads of feelings she's been putting down to other things but were actually the baby. Well it turned out she shouldn't have listened to me because she was in labour and had the baby on the 27th! shock She'd had no belly at all, she was having periods and had done a pg test when she would've been about 6 weeks but it was negative.

newmum001 Mon 13-Aug-12 16:37:29

Oh god i live in fear of something like that happening to me. Having said that i hated being pregnant so it would be kind if nice to get it over with without even noticing smile was the baby ok? It must have been early?

ItsMyLastOne Mon 13-Aug-12 16:46:00

She's fine. She weighed 3lb 6oz or something but did really well and was out when she was 5 or 6 weeks. My friend coped so well with it all, but annoyingly she now thinks pregnancy is so easy and can't understand why people complain about it at all! hmm (That'll be me being the moaner! grin)

newmum001 Mon 13-Aug-12 17:50:35

Haha she'll bloody know about it if she has another hopefully.

diddlybop Mon 13-Aug-12 21:58:48

My friends sister found out she was pregnant with her 1st when she was in labour and her 2nd at 38weeks!

sassy34264 Tue 14-Aug-12 07:48:47

god! i look like a not so mini hipp when im pregnant, there is no way i couldnt know!

had a nice day at carvery and then cheeky monkeys play.

happy birthday lucy have a great day debs

sassy34264 Tue 14-Aug-12 07:49:36


diddlybop Tue 14-Aug-12 10:00:41

Here's my birth story. Its a long one so hang in there.

Tuesday 10th Clinic decide to induce me due to baby not growing. Go in Thursday.
Thursday 12th Get into hospital and they start me on monitoring then prostin. Get some pains and niggles and after 6 hours am told I am favourable for ARM but will go down in the morning. Spend the night not sleeping as othere mums-to-be on the ward are in pain and being monitored and then getting sent to labour ward.
Friday 13th 8am. Up to labour ward where they examine me and say I am nowhere near ready for ARM so another lot of prostin. Spend 6 hours pottering, bouncing on a ball and getting bored. After 6 hours MW checks me again an I am still not favourable so the consultant comes in. He decides that labour 'must' be started as quick as possible so my waters are to be broken. MW wanted to do another prostin.
5pmwaters broken, more monitoring.
7pm syntotoxin (sp) started
8pm MW changes shift with a warning not to be there at 8am when she comes back on.
Geting some contractions but am able to just breathe them out.
11pm contractions a bit heavier so use gas and air. MW seems confident things are going well. Offers me the chance to have an epidural so I take it. Contractions are getting closer together and I know it will get more painful so I pant and cry my way through having an epidural fitted.4am have managed some sleep and wake up to find about 6 people in the room. Baby is having uncomplicated lates, her heartrate is taking longer to slow down after a contraction then they would like so they turn the drip down for a while then turn it back up. Good news is I am 4cm dilated.
8am Shift change and time for an internal and I am now down to 2cm dilated. They put something on babies head to monitor her heartrate and different consultant pops in. He decides to whack up the drip as far as it goes and hopefully baby will be out by dinnertime.
I spend most of the morning asleep whilst they top up the epidural and drip.
Midday another internal and I am about 7cm. I am bored stiff my back and bum aches.
My Doula rings and MW tells her I am finally in labour so she should try and get to the hospital. Getting contractions quite fast now and can feel them in my left side. Mw keeps turning me and tops up my epidural.
2pm getting presure in my bum, can't stop pumping, so know I am getting close.
2.45pm contractions are getting stronger and I need gas and air for a few on top of the epidural. I am shaking and my right leg has gone numb. MW puts an apron on and my doula makes it just in time.
MW asks me if I want to deliver on my side and then helps me position myself. I push twice and then she gets me to pant and tells me she can see the head and if I want to I can. I lean forward and totally forget that my leg is useless, lets go and drops my thigh on her head. She props it back up and tells me to push again and there is my tiny baby.
She is clarted in vernix and absolutely tiny, I cuddle her under my top and just gaze at her. Then the shakes kick in, they lasted for about 30 mins and at times I thought I would drop her.
Within the hour she has had a breastfeed and i manage a mouthful of toast before nearly brining it back up.
It takes a while to get some feeling back in my legs and to unhook me from the drips and epidural but I can finally get off the labour bed and stand up.

All in all not a bad labour, once I got there. It was calm as well, I did all my panicking at 4am when I didn't know what was going on.
She is doing fine now at home and feeding and sleeping well. Her sisters and brother love her although dd2 is a bit jealous of all the booby baby is getting.
Still got no name yet but we will give her one soon I promise.

Happy birthday Lucy!!!!!!!

Happy birthday Lucy! Hope you've all had a lovely day smile

diddlybop Tue 14-Aug-12 19:42:42

Olly went all day without a sleep and without his mussie!!!!! is my baby growing up?!

Debs75 Wed 15-Aug-12 08:47:53

Thankyou diddlybop I got halfway through before realising it was my birth story!
Lucy had a lovely day. We went to a fun day at the pub and she danced, and got a prize, and generally ran about having loads of fun and stealing peoples drinks and chips. I managed to wish her Happy Birthday at the exact time, 2.57pm, gonna try and do that every year, I'm too lazy to wake up at 1,2,3am in the morning for the other 3.
Back at home she had her presents, a cuddly Jessie and Woody like dd2 has, a trike and the happyland fairground set. When she saw them she said 'wow' and then played for ages and made us push her around on her trike. Granma came to see her and got her a new musical phone which didn't leave her side most of the night and then we had tea and her cake.
She finally flopped asleep at 8.30, no naps all day. She also had a little mini tantrum but I told her I didn't want any 'terrible two's' and she stopped.
DD2 was a bit put out, her birthday is next month and she was quite grumpy that Lucy got new presents but she didn't. She is sat in the playroom now playing with Lucy's toys.

ItsMyLastOne Wed 15-Aug-12 10:02:25

Aw, sounds like a good day Debs. smile How do you think of new presents that you don't already have with so many children? And do you end up with tonnes of toys in the house?

We've now booked Orlaith and Imara's party. (I think they're destined to always have a joint party being born a week apart!) We're having it at the pub I work in because it's just so convenient (and he'll do the food at cost price for us). We're going to try and book a bouncy castle for the garden, and it'll be fine if it rains because there's a huge roof over the entire garden. I'm quite looking forward to it. We had a party at the pub last year too but I think they'll appreciate it more this year and be able to enjoy it with their little friends. grin

We were also thinking of having a little thing with some of their little friend's on Imara's birthday at my house. I just hope it doesn't rain or we'll be a bit squashed inside! confused

I think you're alright diddlybop, he will probably be extra tired today! Luke only has his mussie to sleep so if he didn't have a nap he wouldn't have it. A little boy I childmind had a terry toweling nappy as his comforter and he's 5 next month but still has his nappy at bedtime grin

Glad Lucy had a good day Debs75 and you if course! I wish just talking to Luke would work, we are having lots of tantrums at the moment over everything!!!

sassy34264 Wed 15-Aug-12 13:38:56

jacob doesnt do tantrums yet, isobel on the other hand..............


she fell asleep once during one - for 2 fecking hours- and still carried it on after she woke up.


comixminx Wed 15-Aug-12 17:35:45

Not an Aphra birth story but a new one! Some folks have already seen on FB: baby boy Bruno was born safely at home today at 12:15 pm after a reasonably short labour compared to Aphra (cx woke me 2:34 am this morning, doula arrived about 7:20, midwife shortly after). Bruno has fed well and is sleeping at the mo. All good! Proper birth story to follow. Jx

newmum001 Wed 15-Aug-12 18:11:57

Congratulations comix!!! Xx

Debs75 Wed 15-Aug-12 18:47:23

Congratulations Comix Saw the announcement on FB but I wasn't sure who it was on hereblush

ItsMyLastOne DD2 and Lucy love the same stuff so the Happyland is a shared thing. We still have a tonne of DS's toys and puzzles in cupboards so they play with them. we have noticed that some of the toys dd1(16) used to have we are buying again for dd2 and Lucy, if only we had kept them.

Cinnamon it was probably a complete fluke, I do remenber dd2 tantrumming over going to bed, I left her to it whilst I got ready then told her 'off to bed' and she jumped up and went upstairs all happy. DD1 however was a nightmare and still is

diddlybop Wed 15-Aug-12 20:59:55

Comix, congratulations, that's lovely. Can't wait to hear more! I'm the same as debs still struggle with who's who on facebook!

4 years ago as now, I was eating Chinese at my friends desperately willing labour to begin! I can't believe my baby will be 4 tomorrow. I can remember his birth story like it was yesterday!

Congratulations comixminx, that's great news! Glad it was quick for you and you got your home birth, really lovely smile

Hope Toby has a lovely birthday diddlybop!

Dixiebell Thu 16-Aug-12 08:28:00

Congratulations comix! Welcome baby Bruno. 15 weeks or so to go for me...


PolkaDotMoon Thu 16-Aug-12 08:55:33

Congratulations comix grin all sounds lovely...... I bet he is adorable xx

All this talk of babies and birthdays and due dates......... Woke up to my period today so sad as anything. You're all making me feel EVEN more broody. Think the funny testing stick things may need to be purchased.

Lumps huge happy birthday to your amazing little man Toby! Jack sends a cuddle xxx

newmum001 Thu 16-Aug-12 10:38:25

Happy birthday to Toby! Feel free to share his birth story i love hearing them!

Debs75 Thu 16-Aug-12 19:53:16

Happy birthday to Toby as well

diddlybop Thu 16-Aug-12 20:02:39

Oh go on then! I woke up at 6.30am with a bad period pain. Went to the toilet & lost some of my plug. Dh went to work with strict instructions to stay by his phone. I had a bath, then lost more plug. Rang my mum cos she was going to be there then just pottered. I tried timing the pains but they were really random so gave up. Nothing much was happening so we went for a walk at 12, passed Dh on his way home from work and told him he could go to his suit fitting for being best man a week later.
On the way home the pains got a lot worse. By the time I got home I could hardly walk through them. Told Dh he wouldn't be at the fitting and headed off to hospital. Got there at 1pm, it was 1.45 by the time they examined me & I was 5cm. 5 mins later I was 10 cm and pushing.
Not sure why but I was put on the monitor and his heart rate kept dropping so they attached the thing to his head. Next thing the room was full & they were ripping open blue packs. I was away with the fairys on gas and air but I remember my mum reaching behind my head to squeeze Dhs arm. Apparently it was a bit scary. Anyway, local anaesthetic, episiotomy, Ventous and 2 pushes later my little bundle was out!

I had the injection to deliver the placenta but it didn't work. When I was in labour with olly I found out that it was because the Dr was so rough that he pulled the cord off so I had to have an epidural and have it removed in theatre!

He was 6lb 7oz and had a cone head! Exactly a week later we were at the wedding, Dh was best man, I sat for over an hour on a church pew (ouch) and Toby spent his 1st night in a hotel. I've no idea how the hell I managed that!!

We've had a fab day, swimming, MacDonalds, and surprises from family and friends. I'm knackered and he's on a sugar high!

comixminx Sat 18-Aug-12 09:19:58

Hiya all! A short birth story now, not for Aphra but for Bruno's birth.

Woke up Wed am at 2:35 with contractions, timed them for an hour or so and they were maybe every ten minutes: I'd been having lots of BHs previously that went away when lying down, so the fact that these continued while I was in bed was a pretty good sign. By 6 am they had sped up a bit and generally were stronger and more frequent when I got up (went for a bounce on the birth ball downstairs). I texted the doula and by about 7:30 I also called the MW.

Doula Jane arrived not long after 7:30 am, shortly followed by the MW Amanda. First exam showed that I was at around the 3-4 cm mark which was a relief after having been stuck at the 1-2 cm mark for hours and hours with Aphra! The exam got things moving quicker too. DP was doing sterling work on lower back pressure but it was all strong enough that I got a bath run and had some G&A in the bath too. Once the water cooled Jane suggested I might like to move around a bit more and things progressed rapidly from there: I ended up pushing in the bedroom rather than back down in the sitting room where I'd been for the first part. That's where Bruno was born, at 12:15 pm.

Moment of drama: once Bruno was out and being passed to me through my legs, the cord snapped! Seems it was very short and it just went ping. Luckily, Jane grabbed the cord quick as winking and Amanda got it clamped, so blood loss was minimal and Bruno pinked up without problems, but apparently when Jane and Amanda went downstairs and left us upstairs with Bruno, they were both shaking and in some shock, cos of course if not caught in time it could have been jolly dangerous...

I had a couple of stitches but all fine otherwise and recovery is progressing quickly. Managed to avoid a catheter this time, too! All in all, very happy with everything incl Bruno himself of course.

In the meantime my friend Ruth who was staying was looking after Aphra and us: she took A to nursery, came back with ingredients and a soup recipe, made lunch for us, put sheets in the machine, hung them out again, picked up A from nursery at the end of the day, helped wrangle her then too, all sorts! Awesome work there from my lovely oldest friend (we were at school together).

Photo to follow in next post.

comixminx Sat 18-Aug-12 09:31:47

Photo of Bruno here. Various other photos of Aphra also on the Flickr stream, and more of Bruno to come of course.

Only downside so far is the feeding: I'd hoped it would all be so much easier second time round, what with still feeding A and all. Well, yeah, but a newborn's mouth is so much smaller it is still difficult to get a good gape and latch. Don't want to be struggling for weeks like last time! Think it is on balance better this time round but let's see what the day 5 weigh-in brings. The tandem feeding turns out to be a blessing tho: Aphra has helped reduce the engorgement this morning!

ItsMyLastOne Sat 18-Aug-12 10:43:41

comix I'm glad things went pretty smoothly. What can happen if the cord isn't clamped straight away? Sorry, I have no idea about so man things still! And that's great your friend was there to help. smile

comixminx Sat 18-Aug-12 12:02:17

It's not so much what can happen if the cord isn't clamped straight away generally, as what could have happened in this sort of case if it wasn't spotted. If it had kept bleeding them that would have been blood coming out of the baby's body, and obviously there's only so much blood in a wee newborn... DP read on the Internet about a case where this happened in a water birth, and because there is blood on the water in any case it meant it wasn't spotted quickly and the baby lost a lot of blood.

Sounds like a good labour comixminx, glad you were at home and that Aphra was well cared for. Glad you had someone who spotted the cord break quickly and that they didn't let you worry about it smile. I didn't have weight problems with either of mine ds1 gained 4oz at 5 days and Luke lost 0.5oz. I found that I did have sore nipples with Luke but only for 2 weeks and nowhere near what as bad as with ds1. Although you are right newborns do have tiny mouths I was much more aware of a good and bad latch and after the trouble I had with ds1 I was very strict with taking Luke off if the latch was wrong so I didn't get any actual cracks.

PolkaDotMoon Sat 18-Aug-12 14:43:15

He's GORGEOUS comix
So good to read a happy story..... And a home birth too.... All good stuff.
<<<<<popping off for another look at Bruno's little face>>>>>>