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March 2012 - Brewed to Perfection!

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Hello all, come and add your babies to the list and let's see what adventures they bring! smile

Moffit: 15/02/12 DD Phoebe May weighing 4lb 7oz
Jezzabell: 29/02/12 DD 7lb 10.5oz
TroubleAndFyfe: 01/03/12 DS Fyfe weighing 8lb 5oz
BeeWi: 09/03/12 DD Erin
Winterland: 12/03/12 DD
KikiRC: 14/03/12 DD Ivy Wren weighing 6lb 15oz

KikiRC Mon 26-Mar-12 07:34:43

Hello! Gosh- lots of girls so far! X

BeeWi Mon 26-Mar-12 09:26:54

Ooh, good idea to start a post-natal thread! Hadn't realised how many girls there were until you said, Kiki!

Yeah, Fyfe's the only boy! Do you want to add Erin's weight bee? I couldn't find it.

Stogan Mon 26-Mar-12 20:06:23

Hi could someone add me to the list please my phone wont let me copy and paste and computer is down.
DD Ellyson. 11.3.12 7lb 13.5oz
Thank u and congrats all xx

Moffit: 15/02/12 DD Phoebe May weighing 4lb 7oz
Jezzabell: 29/02/12 DD 7lb 10.5oz
TroubleAndFyfe: 01/03/12 DS Fyfe weighing 8lb 5oz
BeeWi: 09/03/12 DD Erin
Stogan: 11/03/12 DD Ellyson weighing 7lb 13.5oz
Winterland: 12/03/12 DD
KikiRC: 14/03/12 DD Ivy Wren weighing 6lb 15oz
Broodylicious: 26/03/12 DD ? weighing 8lb 9oz

Done stogan! smile and broody's brand you edition! grin

blush new not you!

BeeWi Tue 27-Mar-12 22:00:26

Moffit: 15/02/12 DD Phoebe May weighing 4lb 7oz
Jezzabell: 29/02/12 DD 7lb 10.5oz
TroubleAndFyfe: 01/03/12 DS Fyfe weighing 8lb 5oz
BeeWi: 09/03/12 DD Erin weighing 8lb 7oz
Stogan: 11/03/12 DD Ellyson weighing 7lb 13.5oz
Winterland: 12/03/12 DD
KikiRC: 14/03/12 DD Ivy Wren weighing 6lb 15oz
Broodylicious: 26/03/12 DD ? weighing 8lb 9oz

Weight added for me smile

Pinkpiglet Wed 28-Mar-12 10:13:23

Hi all
Pinkpiglet: 21/03/2012 DD Isobel weighing 7lb 6oz
Congratulations to all the new yummy mummys. I hope you're all enjoying your little bundles of joy.

Kiraie Wed 28-Mar-12 20:17:04

Moffit: 15/02/12 DD Phoebe May weighing 4lb 7oz
Jezzabell: 29/02/12 DD 7lb 10.5oz
TroubleAndFyfe: 01/03/12 DS Fyfe weighing 8lb 5oz
BeeWi: 09/03/12 DD Erin weighing 8lb 7oz
Stogan: 11/03/12 DD Ellyson weighing 7lb 13.5oz
Winterland: 12/03/12 DD
KikiRC: 14/03/12 DD Ivy Wren weighing 6lb 15oz
Broodylicious: 26/03/12 DD ? weighing 8lb 9oz
Kiraie: 02/03/12 Alex weighing 8lb 13oz

Stogan Thu 29-Mar-12 07:23:16

Wow what alot of gorgeous girls this month ! Isn't it great being able to get out with the pram !! Must confess to needing L plates... Not a great pram driver gringrin

CatsRule Mon 02-Apr-12 09:31:51

Moffit: 15/02/12 DD Phoebe May weighing 4lb 7oz
Jezzabell: 29/02/12 DD 7lb 10.5oz
TroubleAndFyfe: 01/03/12 DS Fyfe weighing 8lb 5oz
BeeWi: 09/03/12 DD Erin weighing 8lb 7oz
Stogan: 11/03/12 DD Ellyson weighing 7lb 13.5oz
Winterland: 12/03/12 DD
KikiRC: 14/03/12 DD Ivy Wren weighing 6lb 15oz
Broodylicious: 26/03/12 DD ? weighing 8lb 9oz
Kiraie: 02/03/12 Alex weighing 8lb 13oz
CatsRule: 02/03/12 DS Aaron weighing 8lb 2oz

Still waiting on knitterati from the brewing thread then I think that's all of us and we can move to here!
Welcome to those of you who weren't on the antenatal 'brewing' thread, nice to have you here and nice to have a couple more boys, unless knitterati has one, mine was the only boy from the group!
Hope all is well with you and your babies. smile

All babies now born - I declare this thread officially open! grin

Moffit Mon 09-Apr-12 20:03:13

Hello ladies, I haven't posted much on the Antenatal thread lately, as I just don't have the time now!! Glad to hear about the safe arrival of the last babies we have been waiting for. I know that technically I should have moved to the February postnatal, but we still consider ourselves part of March family!

So apart from the sleepless nights, how is everyone finding motherhood? smile

broodylicious Mon 09-Apr-12 21:25:14

Wooo, check us out - post natal!!! Aren't we all clever? gringrin
My DD is called Poppy for purposes of the list.
We're doing good but dreading tomorrow as DH is going back to work. My parents are coming over for a short while to ease my fear!! Now we've got bf established, poppy is obsessed. She's started cluster feeding so is on my boobs for about four hours before she will go down. Anyone else going through this? It's exhausting!! X

broody Fyfe cluster fed between 3 and 4 weeks, it was so exhausting! Plenty of drinks and snacks needed! Also find something to do whilst feeding. I play 'draw something' on the iPhone or watch tv so I'm entertained. I'm able to feed Fyfe without thinking too much now, he latches himself on when I hold him to the breast and he's not cluster feeding at the moment. It will pass! grin
We've had a very productive weekend, got tons of decorating done! Fyfe has been particularly cooperative today and was happy to sleep/be alone for two hours between every feed so I got 10 hours of painting done which helped poor DH out! If I can manage it again tomorrow we may be on track for getting carpets fitted at the end of the week! grin
Hi moffit! Loving every minute of motherhood, totally amazing isn't it? Haven't had any sleepless nights yet, has anyone else? My worst has been 2.5 hours sleep followed by 2 hour feed then another 2.5 hours sleep the other night so counting myself lucky so far, I know they'll come at some stage!
Hope you are all well!

knitterati Tue 10-Apr-12 10:19:55

Ah yes...slow on the uptake here. Officially post natal - woo!!

Elena is cluster feeding at the moment and it's just knackering - between 7-11pm she's just insatiable and impossible to put down for even a minute! Hoping it will soon pass- DH goes back to work at the end of the month & I'm not sure I could manage that period without him if he has to work late!

Punk80 Tue 10-Apr-12 20:52:44

Hi, I wasn't on your antenatal thread but had a little girl Orla Annie on 19.3.12 so thought it would be great to join this thread for advice and support!
Orla is 3 weeks she's gorgeous but seems to be bf all the time it's hard going. Am hoping it's a growth spurt? Hope you all get some sleep!

Hi punk! Welcome! Orla is a lovely name! Fyfe fed all the time at 3 weeks too (5.5 now) it's so draining isn't it (no pun intended) he still has some long sessions but it's not constant at the moment. Lucky they're so gorgeous isn't it?!

KikiRC Wed 11-Apr-12 13:31:18

Hello all. Can't believe Ivy is a month old today! Interesting to hear about the cluster feeding- we've been going through a lot of that, too. I wondered if maybe I wasn't producing enough milk, but it sounds like it's really common. My DP who doesn't live here has been over a lot more recently and absolutely loves bottle-feeding her, and I have to say that 1 or 2 bottles in the day does give me a really welcome break. She's having much longer spells of being alert during the day, too, instead of just feeding & sleeping, which is really nice.

Punk80 Wed 11-Apr-12 13:49:56

Thanks Trouble! They certainly are gorgeous think you just have to go with the feeding, it's good to hear a few weeks on it calms down a bit!

KikiRC - hi! When your DP is bottle feeding have you expressed? I haven't tried that yet but think its a nice way for other half to do some feeding.

As far as I understand it they cluster feed as part of a growth spurt to change your milk supply (increase the demand) as will be needing more milk for growth so yeah, just go with it! Interestingly though, it's more about quality than quantity, the make up of each feed is tailored to your baby's needs, your baby passes signals through little sort of sensors on your nipples that he needs more of a certain vitamin/more fat etc. and your body adapts the milk accordingly for each feed shock amazing stuff! So if you're expressing and storing feeds in the freezer they only ever need 3-4 oz of breastmilk per feed all the way up to 6 months, doesn't increase in amount like with formula! I have 5 feeds in the freezer for when we want to leave him with granny and go out for dinner etc. but haven't done this yet. May do soon as it's our wedding anniversary at the end of the month and although we're planning a night away with Fyfe it might be nice to go out for dinner on our own that week too. smile

Punk80 Wed 11-Apr-12 20:27:35

That is amazing that your body adapts the milk how clever we are! Am going to have a go at expressing as its our wedding anniversary soon too. Will investigate pumps how glamorous smile Orla hasn't fed quite as much today so managed to get some painting done in between feeds!

broodylicious Wed 11-Apr-12 20:59:13

Wow trouble that's amazing about our breast milk! Our bodies are so clever aren't they?
I'm going to start expressing next week. I have a hospital grade one - medela I think it's called - so hoping it'll be ok. should make it possible for us to be out and about for a bit...I'm not sure I'm one for public bf by choice so expressing gives me a bit of freedom I think. Those of you who are already expressing - do you give it to your babies in bottles or little cups? My only concern about bottles is about the whole teat/nipple sucking confusion debate. Although I wear nipple shields to feed anyway (due to flat nipples) so hopefully poppy wouldn't have such an issue?

Fyfe has been feeding since 6pm! confused looked it up and this is another growth spurt time (6 weeks) so looks like I'm in for a few tough days again...so tired already, lucky there's wine and chocolate in the house! Art painting or decorating painting punk? I've been painting every spare minute for the last week, getting carpets fitted upstairs on Friday so has to be finished by then though Fyfe has seriously scuppered efforts tonight as I've not been able to do anything! broody the medula pump is one of the best you can get, you'll be fine! I have an Avent Isis IQ Uno which is working very well though need to be very relaxed to start getting the milk out, after that it is fine. Haven't pumped for ages now though, been too busy with the house. I'm fine with bf in public so haven't actually given him any expressed milk yet but will be using a bottle, have read guidelines, his granny or daddy will feed him as if it is a breast feed so he must latch on then lots of breaks to make the bottle last, 10 mins laying on one side then nappy change (like we do for bf) then 10 mins on the other side. Just to make sure it doesn't become a preference through it being easier. Bit nervous about trying it tbh but will be great if it works to be able to go out once in a while! grin
He's fallen asleep while I've been writing this...phew, a little rest for my poor boobs!

And he's awake again and starving! sad

BeeWi Thu 12-Apr-12 01:08:40

Hi ladies! What a few days it has been! So, in the ante natal thread, you know I said Erin has had dreadful colic? Well, followed your advice Trouble and got some gripe water (had already tried her on infacol to no avail), midwife had prescribed baby gaviscon which I got too...anyways, have ended up not using the gaviscon or gripe water because we went to see a cranial osteopath. He was freaking amazing...seriously, a miracle worker! I had thought Erin was just a grumpy baby from the start- you know she had real problems sleeping, cried a lot and then developed awful colic a couple of weeks ago? Well, the cranial osteopath manipulated her pallet which was apparently pushed forward and very flattened, manipulated a couple of her vertebrae and one of her ribs too. She is a different baby now! Last night for the first time we had an amazing night sleep- 10 to 1.15 for a feed and then 2 to 5.20. I feel like a new woman! And the colic has gone shock

Apparently the shape of her pallet was making my milk really frothy when she swallowed in (I thought I she was just full of milk aft a feed because she would end up with a massive belly...turns out it was distended with gas) and It would cause her loads of pain, poor mite. She is just so muh more settled now and content...absolutely blown away (and I would usually be a sceptic about that sort of treatment). So happy...I feel like I've really started to enjoy her as a baby now rather than feeling gutted at seeing her being distressed all the time.

Oh, and turns out her pallet shape is what did a load of damage to my nipples at the start too, not the latch. So going to start to try weaning her off using the shield now and going straight onto the nipple.

Broody- Erin has the occasional bottle of expressed milk and there's been no confusion for her. We uses thing called a chu chu teat which makes it a bit harder for her tg get the milk, so she doesn't start preferring the bottle. They use these teats in our local SCBU, so that those babies can still breastfeed when they're able. Also, with using the shield and having massive norks since giving birth I feel uncomfortable feeding in public so got a nursing apron and it's really good. You can see the baby but no one else can see.

Trouble - you asked about how I weigh her. The midwife still comes to see us until 6 weeks post partum, so she gets weighed at each of those visits.

So, has anyone got any smiles yet? I think we had one yesterday but not convinced it wasn't a windy one. I can't wait to get a sure smile!

BeeWi Thu 12-Apr-12 01:10:53

Trouble - meant to say, hope you're getting some sleep by now. Growth spurts are full on, right? I felt attached to the sofa at the 3 week one, surrounded by an island of remotes, bottles of water and snacks!

Thanks bee! Got to sleep just after 12 and up feeding now so feel much better!
That is wonderful news about the cranial osteopathy, you must be so relieved! My sis and her twins had that too as we'd read how brilliant it could be! I'm really pleased for you! grin

Oh yes, smiles, seen lots of practice ones, started in his sleep, now when he's awake too. There've been a couple of times when he has smiled right at me but then hasn't done it again for ages so I assume not the real thing, can't wait either, I can see how beautiful it is going to be from his practice smiles! smile
6 weeks old today! How did that happen?!

BeeWi Thu 12-Apr-12 05:26:28

Glad Fyfe let you get some sleep, Trouble! It's amazing how good you can feel after just a few hours, isn't it?! Would have never expected that before having a baby, having previously felt I needed at least 8 hours a night.

6 weeks as flown, hey? Erin was a calendar month a few days ago and it struck me that 11 more times and she'll be a year. Crazy.

KikiRC Thu 12-Apr-12 07:32:15

Good to hear re: the cranial osteopath, Bee.

Re: bottles- I feed on average one bottle of formula during the day & one at night to top up my supply- Ivy had to go onto formula at 5 days when my milk hadn't come in, but we've managed to swing it back so that she mainly BFs now. I haven't found any problems doing both, although I brought back some of those special teats from the SCBU, so they may have helped. She much prefers BF over the bottle, given the chance! I've fed in public & it's been fine, I don't think anyone even noticed.

Think we're going through a spurt here, too, Trouble- we spent nearly all yesterday PM & early evening feeding, & she took much longer than usual to fall asleep. Slightly dreading our hospital scan this morning- hope I can keep her fed enough that she doesn't scream the place down!

We've got some great pictures of her smiling, but I don't think she connects it to an emotion yet. Can't wait for that!

Punk80 Thu 12-Apr-12 10:02:23

Glad you got some sleep trouble hope the wine and chocolate helped pass the time! We're decorating, had hoped for it all to be done before Orla arrived but she was early as I was induced so still painting! Bought a baba sling on eBay which arrived yesterday as thought it would be good to breastfeeding in and still have hands free. Tried to feed and paint at same time yesterday think I need to practise! Are you going somewhere nice for your wedding anniversary?

Hi bee that's great that your little one is more settled that must have been a tough few weeks.

We're also getting smiles, they're very cute but agree they're prob not connected to emotion yet, will be lovely when they ate. Right off to tackle a nappy change!

Ah, same here punk, 3 weeks early when I was banking on at least 1 week late so still decorating! Nearly there with upstairs now, carpets being fitted tomorrow then it's all over upstairs, we'll have a little break before tackling downstairs I think (moved 2 weeks before baby was born so all needs doing) not sure re anniversary yet as ideally we'd like to go camping so will have to see what the weather is doing by the end of the month. grin
Hope the appointment went well kiki, really looking forward to meeting Ivy next week! smile
Got lots of smiles this morning but none since...

Punk80 Thu 12-Apr-12 16:52:39

Have been feeding nearly all day! Hope you got through your appointment kiki without a feed! We had friends round for lunch and she fed the whole time and is going for it again now, don't know how you'd go out when like this as she cries if not feeding. For little people they can eat a lot smile

broodylicious Thu 12-Apr-12 23:19:35

Oh blimey think we have a colicky baby sad she has screamed the house down on a couple of occasions today - about half an hour at 215, then during feeding tonight. She will latch on beautifully and feed v nicely then suddenly it's all he'll breaking loose. I'm hoping the infacol will help ease her obvious discomfort but I've read it doesn't work immediately. I just feel so totally useless not really being able to do anything sadsad

BeeWi Fri 13-Apr-12 01:19:32

Massive respect to you bth, Trouble & Punk; I couldn't imagine decorating with a newborn. In fact, if we manage to both be showered, dressed and out the house before 11 I feel rather proud and together! Managing to have a baby plus wield rollers and brushes is huge!

How did your scan go, Kiki? Hope all is good.

Broody - really hope that was a one off awful day for you. Colic was destroying me...just seeing her in so much pain was awful and being pretty helpless to do anything to ease it. Infacol didn't work for us, sadly. What you described with the evening feed was how Erin was- latching for a minute, obviously hungry, them pulling off and screaming, bending her legs up, thrashing. Awful! If it persists, I really could not recommend enough finding yourself a good cranial osteopath / cranial sacral therapist. Erin has been a different baby since we went- content, chilled, feeding calmly. I'm loving every minute rather than dreading when the next colicky bout was going to make her writhe in pain and scream the place down.

KikiRC Fri 13-Apr-12 08:09:13

Hello all,

Re: the hospital, it was OK, but a bit disappointing... the brace hasn't yet got her hips into the right position- they're going to give it another 2 weeks & then reassess- hopefully by then things will be looking better, but if not she may have to wear a plaster cast for a while and then go back into the brace for another 12 weeks... so it's all dragging on a lot longer than we had hoped. Just feels a bit of a shame that the last three weeks of the brace have all been a bit wasted, really.

Sorry to hear about the colic, Broody. My friend is also using a CO, but experimenting with Colief tonic, too- a chemist recommended it for giving the baby the enzymes to digest lactose (which many of them have not yet developed and creates the colic) I'll let you know how she gets on with it.

They sure can punk! I had to swap 3 hourly to 2 hourly nappy changes as he was so wet during the drinkathon hours!
Sorry to hear that broody! Maybe try some gripe water whilst you're waiting for the infacol to work? Hope it was just a one off!
bee I have felt like a terrible mummy this last week as have spent the whole time feeding him, settling him to sleep then dashing off to decorate. We haven't left the house since this time last week and I've had no time to appreciate him sad still, it's over now as carpets are going down today so no rush after this, my step dad will be laying the oak floor downstairs so no deadlines for decorating down here, we can take it a bit easier and I won't have to feel guilty! smile

X posts kiki, should've refreshed as started that post ages ago. Sorry to hear the brace hasn't worked as hoped, I imagine the plaster cast will be more difficult for bathing/dressing etc? Did you have a brace as a baby or did you discover the problem later in life?

KikiRC Fri 13-Apr-12 08:54:28

I had a brace, but they were completely different ones back then- a bit brutal 'cos they were huge metal and rubber things, and quite distressing to wear, but probably did a better job, in a way.

What's frustrating having read up a bit more is that when wearing the brace you're recommended to change BF position, not use a sling, and not to hold the feet together when changing a nappy- I wasn't given any of this advice, and feel like if I'd followed those guidelines then she could have progressed a lot more... I'm going to see if we can really improve things over the next couple of weeks.

broodylicious Fri 13-Apr-12 10:37:55

Morning ladies! Just wanted to ask how many of you are using slings? I'm tempted to get us a babasling.... Any advice/recommendations? Xx

How frustrating kiki, glad you know now I suppose but it makes you wonder!hmm
broody, I have been using two slings from day one, a ring sling for around the house as you can put them on one handed when baby has fallen asleep on you without waking them and a wrap sling for out and about, it is wonderful, really comfy. We don't have a pram so have worn it for 4/5 hour walks etc. love it.
The baba sling is like a ring sling, I wouldn't want to only have the ring sling as they're one shouldered so aren't comfy after hours of wear but it depends what you want it for really?smile

knitterati Fri 13-Apr-12 16:25:03

Just thought I'd chip in re feeding - I've been mixing BFing and expressed BM with the Medela Calma teat, which actually helped Elena to latch to the breast...amazing teat & she's not had any nipple confusion tho generally prefers boob for comfort I think. smile

Punk80 Sun 15-Apr-12 23:54:34

Hope you've all had a good weekend! My DH goes back to work tomorrow, I'm dreading it. Sure it will be fine I've tried to plan some stuff to do but like you say bee getting out and dressed is an achievement in itself! we've finally finished the decorating which is a big relief.
broody I got a baba sling recently so have only used it twice. There are lots of different ways to use it some of which are suitable for breastfeeding. I found feeding in it ok but need to practise. Orla seems to like being in it but trouble is right with it being one shouldered you couldn't wear it for hourssmile

Hope it goes well punk, I'll keep checking in today! Well done on feeding in the sling, I need to have a go at that as it was one of the reasons for getting a ring sling and there are days where Fyfe would rather not leave my breast, like yesterday, really happy and lovely all day but either feeding or sleeping on me, every time I tried to put him down or pass him to DH he'd wake up and want to feed again! Very cute and lovely to have cuddles all day but could not get anything done! smile

broodylicious Mon 16-Apr-12 14:35:49

Thanks for your advice on the slings - I think we are going for the caboo/close carrier after the DH started investigating them all! Our reasoning for getting one is the same as you guys - poppy loves to be close to me and, when she's in the mood, her daddy but it means we're a bit restricted movement wise when she's got a hold on us. I also want to be able to discreetly bf in public and not have to take ourselves off to our bedroom when she needs feeding but we've got guests. The caboo looks as though it offers quite a bit of support for her as well as me - as I've previously had sciatica and can suffer with back pain (not helped with my horse riding) I think I'd be better off with the support of two straps. We'll see how it goes!! Xx

Looks like a good choice broody! grin

Punk80 Mon 16-Apr-12 19:12:22

The caboo looks like a good one broody
I survived day one, we went to a group and met some local mums, think it will be good to get out each day as Orla was screaming this morning but stopped as soon as we went outsmile I have such respect for single parents. Those of you who are bf do you get comments about the amount they feed? Had in laws up yesterday and they were making comments and saying surely she doesn't need to feed again. Friends who bottle fed have also made comments, makes me think I am feeding too much but seems to be what she wants? Hope you've all had a good day

broodylicious Mon 16-Apr-12 21:49:54

Yes punk Oh thank goodness it's not just me!! My parents keep on saying "surely she doesn't need that much milk" and make comments about how long and often she is feeding. My mum bottle fed my sister and i and my sister, who has a nine month old, bottle feeds her son so they base their judgement on my nephew and his requirements. My dad makes comments about not knowing how much she's getting thru bf - my answer is always "no but you don't need to know how much she's getting because it's all good stuff" (and I threw in carlita's fact about my body tailoring each feed to her needs for good measure the other day!!) I am sure they think I'm just feeding her so I don't have to give her to them for cuddles haha!! Xx

Well done punk! Getting out is the key! We had visitors at the weekend and they commented on how much he was feeding hmm don't be put off, it is very hard to over feed a bf baby! Besides, in a couple of months their feeding will be much more predictable and less frequent. smile

KikiRC Tue 17-Apr-12 08:32:51

Interesting re: the feeding- I find if I stay at home then she wants feeding loads and feeds quite inefficiently- i.e. just for a few minutes & then dozes off at the breast (repeat, for hours!) but if I take her out she's more likely to have a good sleep in the pram etc and then when she wakes up she's really hungry and has a really good feed- which then means she sleeps better again. Difficult if you want to be at home doing stuff, and especially when the parents etc are around watching your every move...!

I think if they take in too much milk it usually makes them sick - so if that's not happening it's very unlikely they're being over-fed. Also, I find with Ivy that at the beginning of a feed there's loads of milk- i.e. she's really dribbling it, needs more winding etc, while later on she's getting a lot less, but she's enjoying the comfort of just being there, and almost 'snacking'...

I could've written that kiki, same here!smile
Had Fyfe's 6 week check this morning. He's doing really well. Weight and head are at 75th centile - same as when he was born, length at 50th - he has short legs bless him! He's in newborn/0-3 month trousers and 3-6 month popper tops (the washable nappies do add a bit of bulk too) pleased with his progress. HV was pretty surprised I was exclusively bf which is a bit sad, I know bf isn't for everyone but it shouldn't be a surprise! hmm
He weighs twelve and a half pounds now! grin

KikiRC Tue 17-Apr-12 18:26:18

When Ivy had to go back to hospital, Trouble they said only 5% of women were BFing by 6 months- I couldn't believe that was true, because most people I know seem to BF unless there's a medical reason... But maybe it's right..?

Yes, and, shockingly, the average time to breastfeed is 6 weeks! I've exceeded that by 5 days so have bf for an above average duration shock ! Still surprised it was a surprise at this stage though, more understandable at the six month check. smile

broodylicious Tue 17-Apr-12 19:12:49

Having an awful day sadsad poppy has been crying on and off pretty much the whole afternoon, even breaking off in the middle of a feed to have a scream. I am pretty sure it's just trapped wind (I say just, I know how painful it must be for the little mite) but I feel dreadful for not really being able to help her. Tried a load of different burping positions but not much seems to work. Awful awful awful sadsadsad

sadsad sorry to hear that broody! Poor poppy! I hope you both get some sleep. Tomorrow is another day. smile

Punk80 Tue 17-Apr-12 22:54:14

It's really hard going when they're like that broody hope poppy got rid of her windsmile and is feeling happier.

KikiRC Wed 18-Apr-12 08:52:53

Hope Poppy is feeling more settled today.

In slightly unexpected news, it seems I started my period again yesterday... spoke to the MW because it seemed very early, but apparently 'entirely normal' even though I'm mainly BFing. Nice to know things are back in working order, I suppose, but a bit scary that I could have technically got pregnant again about two weeks ago- Ivy's only 5 weeks old today!

broodylicious Thu 19-Apr-12 08:03:16

Thanks all for you best wishes. Happy to report that LO was an absolute angel yday so it totally made up for her possessed by the devil day on Tuesday! She fed from 5-10pm last night - back to cluster feeding with a vengeance - so woke slightly for a 10 minute feed at 2am and then had to be woken at 7am for a feed (she's happily been attached since!!) Of course, theres a downside to getting all that sleep... My poor boobs have grown to the size of footballs overnight and are leaking like overflowing guttering!!

broodylicious Thu 19-Apr-12 08:14:03

Wow kiki - I didn't think periods came back while you BF so was quite looking forward to not having to deal with that for quite a while yet! I was aware you could get pregnant again though as both the MW and our NCT teacher said we are at our most fertile right now grin

BeeWi Fri 20-Apr-12 06:50:53

So surprised about the stats for breastfeeding. Can't believe that 6 weeks is the average time to breastfeed...can you imagine getting to 6 weeks and then stopping? In the first few weeks I had cracked, bleeding nips, blocked ducts, mastitis. I'd be loath to give up now unless I had to, after all the pain I seemed to go through to get it established.

Shocked about your periods coming back, Kiki, and hoping that mine wait a wee while more to return. Can't say I'm missing them!

Erin had her 6 weeks immunisations today. It was awful at the time (goodness, you'd take any pain for them, wouldn't you?!) but it'll be worth it in the long run. There's a whooping cough upsurge here, so it's quite timely that the vaccine for that was included.

How long did your 6 week growth spurt last, Trouble? We're in the thick of it at the moment. Crumbs, it's knackering, isn't it?!

It was only 2 days for us bee, the really intense bit, but, he has since changed his waking and sleeping pattern too so prepare for that. He's much more awake during the day so can want to feed quite frequently unless entertained! He likes a rattle and being sung to, danced with etc. yesterday for example he was awake from 11am- 3pm then 1 hour nap then awake until 11.30 with an hours nap in there somewhere shock, he's sleeping for 4-5 hours at a time at night (x3) so all different! smile
I know, I can't imagine giving up feeding Fyfe but I guess those figures are the average of people who feed for 2 years and those who feed for 2 days. Has anyone got a personal target in mind? I'd love to feed him for at least a year, then I'd be really pleased with myself! grin
Haven't had immunisations yet, sounds horrid! sad
Have your babies got an amazing aim for grabbing your nipples?! Whenever he takes a break from feeding he waves his arms around and grabs at them! I have to quickly move him away as he's such a good aim! confused

BeeWi Sat 21-Apr-12 11:09:20

Goodness, Trouble, those are really gown up sleeping patterns! I am so looking forward to having longer stretches of sleep on a night time. Usually we have 3 hours from the start of one feed to the next, a couple of days ago that dropped to 1.5 hours but since the jabs she's been all over the place- really crabby, restless but only doing snacky feeds. She's been so crotchety this afternoon and evening, screaming and hard to settle. sad I do hope it passes soon.

With the breastfeeding I'd like to make it to a year ideally and then see how we're going. To be honest, it'll be a relief when she goes bigger gaps between feeds...I feel a bit like a walking milk factory at the moment, so much of the day is spent feeding!

I was shocked the other day when my mum told me she topped me up with a spoonful of baby rice every day from when I was 6 weeks old...can't imagine feeding that Erin this early!

BeeWi Sat 21-Apr-12 13:26:53

Grown up, not gown up blush

broodylicious Sun 22-Apr-12 02:41:37

trouble - yes on the nipple front!! But ive noticed that Poppy generally likes to really move her arms and hands about when feeding; She pulls my top towards her when she feeds, making a little privacy for herself as it covers my boob the way she does it. When she's really enjoying the feed, she puts her arm up straight towards my face then let's it fall on her face or just takes a really good hold of my boob. When she's had enough or wants a break, she spits out my nipple quite forcefully, rolls backwards and throws her outside arm up really straight and stretches, complete with old man face! There's so many things she does, I could be here all day and night grin isn't it lovely being a mummy? Xx

I hope Erin is feeling better now bee?
What a lovely description broody I can really picture her! grin it's so amazing isn't it? Greatest job in the world! smile

broodylicious Sun 22-Apr-12 08:39:59

Defo the best job in the world smile already decided I'm only going back to work two days a week and will pick up some freelance work as a supplement so I can spend the best of these early years with poppy - I don't want to miss a single thing!!

Punk80 Sun 22-Apr-12 10:43:00

Hey ladies hope you're all having a lovely weekend with your lovely babiessmile
It's my DH birthday today and Orla has smiled back at him this morning which was very sweetgrin I'm sure it's not just wind now as she will copy some faces and is starting to do it with a smile.
She is exactly the same with my nipples grabbing them and flinging her hands about she is funny to watch! Do any of you use dummies? I know opinion is divided but she just spent 15 mins sucking my DH hand which makes me wonder if it might pacify her a bit?
bee hope Erin feeling better after jabs.

broodylicious Sun 22-Apr-12 18:53:19

Aah punk that's so cute smiling at daddy on his birthday! grin Best present I bet!

It is a contentious issue with dummies and all down to personal choice. I'll throw my opinion out there but this is only my thoughts... I don't use a dummy and I don't really want to - my DH isn't so against them as he says it could provide comfort and it has been proved to help prevent SIDS. Poppy sucks her hand, our fingers and pretty much anything in front of her when she's hungry so as im BFing on demand, I think giving her a dummy may mean I miss those signals from her. I also worry about oral/tooth/speech development and becoming dependent on it if I was to give her a dummy. But hey, that's just my opinion and my thoughts for my daughter smile

Sounds good re work broody, had you decided pre poppy (was there really such a time?) or since she was born?
Ah punk, so cute of Orla to smile at her daddy on his birthday! Fyfe is now giving us lots of smiles, particularly in the morning but we haven't yet discovered the key to starting them off, we can get him to repeat them once he has started! grin amazing how proud it makes you feel isn't it? <soppy>
I don't use dummies and feel the same way as broody about them but know people who have sworn by them so whatever works for you! Fyfe only sucks when he's hungry (quite a bit wink) and I feed him then so would have no use for one. He did suck his thumb once when he was really hungry but we had to get in the car for 10 mins, very cute! smile
We had PIL to stay for the weekend which was lovely, they finally met Fyfe! He was a good little show off and was an absolute angel! grin
This week is seeing an increase in noises from him! Very cute! smile

broodylicious Mon 23-Apr-12 17:09:13

Pre-Poppy days...blimey seems an age ago! I used to think having a horse was tough and time consuming ;)
No, I hadn't really thought about work before she arrived - I didn't know how I'd feel - but freelance is something I'd always considered and now just feels the right time to take that plunge. I've been PRing for nearly 10 years, with 2 in marketing as well, so I should have enough experience to get me through.

Anyway, enough of work talk!! We met up with some of the girls I met through NCT classes this morning. There's only one other baby so far but it was lovely to see them and regale my birth storysmile They were v impressed with the fact I did it all drug free as I think it's given them hope that it's not too horrific. I did have slight bump envy seeing them though haha! We're going to make it a weekly thing which is lovely smile
Are any of you doing any classes yet or will be starting them soon? Which ones are you going for? Xx

We're signed up for two six week courses - swimming and massage which are both starting quite soon and signing which starts at six months which I'm sure will cone faster than I imagine! How about you?

broodylicious Tue 24-Apr-12 22:29:48

Wow. What a day. Poppy has made us very proud parents! She smiled at me three times this morning - defo not wind smiles - and then tonight she followed/tracked dh's movement when he moved his head to the right and then the left when he was holding her grin She also has had tummy time for the first time on her playmat (I feel awful, I didn't think we were supposed to do tummy time til later on but apparently she should've been doing it a bit every day since birth blush) and she lifted her head up! Very productive day in a four week old's little life!

Re classes - I haven't booked any yet. I want to do swimming, massage, yoga (same lady as I did my pregnancy yoga with), sensory and signing. There's so much out there, it's hard to know where to start! The local NCT runs a drop in coffee morning type session every Tuesday called bumps and babies so my plan is to go there, meet other mums and see if they have any particular recommendations. Our local sure start centres also look as though they run some good classes so I'm tempted to give them a try too as they're free. Btw, has anyone else been to a ss centre? I was a bit snotty to begin with as I thought they're for a certain type of parent/family (you know what and who i mean!!) but actually that's not the case at all! They seem v supportive and the classes look really good - the one I'm going to attempt to go to tomorrow is called discovering babies and it helps them build skills and teach us about what they're up to in terms of development etc and how we can help them through games or activities aimed at their age. Will report back tomorrow (if we manage to get there - Poppy runs the schedule these days and she's not too hot on doing things to a certain time wink)

Sounds great broody, well done poppy! I go to a children's centre breastfeeding lunch club and under one's club every week and they're great, will be starting lots more once Fyfe is a bit more in to things. I know what you mean about the preconceptions but they were totally wrong! blush
bee can you still get gripe water where you are? Fyfe was a bit colicy yesterday, we managed to settle him but it was all consuming and there's a shortage in the UK, it is selling for £15 a bottle on eBay! confused just wondering if it was worldwide?!

Punk80 Wed 25-Apr-12 08:47:26

Poppy and Fyfe sound like they're doing well. They're so interesting to watch aren't they! trouble and broody you sound like you have lots of good groups to go to. I meet some mums once a week and might start a rhyme time group next week. Thinking about baby sensory and swimming in the future. How are yours getting on with sleeping? Orla is sleeping 11.30pm till 4.30am but then will only go down for about an hour 5 till 6 which seems early!! She doesn't really go down early in the evening as she tends to feed a lot in the evenings. Hope the rain isn't too bad where you aresmile we're going out for lunch think I'm going to get soaked! grin

The rain is terrible here! Where are you punk? Fyfe is sleeping approx 10.30-3 then 4-6 then 7-9 then 10-12 if we haven't got up and out by 10 which we normally aim to do. That's just this week though, probably be different again by next week! smile

Punk80 Wed 25-Apr-12 11:14:10

That's really good trouble he's into a good routine. Will Fyfe go down in his crib for his morning naps? Fyfe is such a great name! Orla seems to prefer her pram or bouncer for in the day. I guess 5 weeks is still early for a routine each day is differentsmile I'm in Derbyshire and its pouring about to brave the rain now sad where are you trouble?

broodylicious Wed 25-Apr-12 12:49:48

Wow trouble that's a great routine! We are all over the place still - some days she cluster feeds so we get a good five hours sleep in one go, the next day she doesn't so will go 2 1/2 ish hours before waking for a feed. Yesterday, she set herself a "let's see how long we can be awake for" challenge - she woke at 7.45am and pretty much wanted to feed all day and only slept for about half an hour at about 1230ish when we went to asda to print out the first months photos. She ignored all my attempts to get her to sleep - off went the tv, closed the curtains etc - until 430ish when she finally fell asleep on me for two hours.
punk whereabouts in Derbyshire? I used to live near derby and now am in Leicester smile

Punk80 Wed 25-Apr-12 13:40:20

That's funny broody Orla sounds just like Poppy yesterday refusing to sleep for the day! She did sleep this morning probably catching up from yesterday[smile
I'm in Ashbourne about half hour from derby. How are you finding Leicester?

I'm in Hastings on the south coast. smile

broodylicious Thu 26-Apr-12 03:19:28

Ah I know Ashbourne punk, lovely little town smile Bet you stayed away from that crazy shrove tide football match this year, hey? That looks crazy every time I see it! Was the big pub - the George? - sold the other day? I saw on east mids today it was going up for auction and the locals were worried about who'd buy it with it being such a big part of town life and having all its heritage/history.
Leicester is a great city, always lots happening and it has everything you could possibly want. I was worried about moving here to start with but feel settled here now and like the fact there's amazing shops, restaurants and facilities as well as being close to some gorgeous countryside. We live close - about quarter of a mile - from one of the best primary schools in the city too so that will be great in a few years! I'll always be a derby girl at heart though haha! My parents live in uttoxeter, so not far from you but unfortunately 60 miles away from mesad

BeeWi Thu 26-Apr-12 11:29:32

Oh Punk & Broody, you're making me pine for east mids a bit! Although a Geordie, I lived in Nottingham for 5 years before we emigrated and worked in Langley Mill for a couple of those. Husband lived in Leicester before moving to Notts too.

Erin and I have been doing a 'Baby and You' course for the last couple of weeks. Last week a doctor came to talk to us in the class and answe questions, like when to call a doc, how to treat common ailments, basic baby first aid (good tip for us was about blowing into baby's face if they stop breathing- good because Erin is a terrible breath-holder when she's upset) etc. Today a health visitors came to talk to us all about feeding and sleeping issues. I must admit to being so envious of some of the women in the class whose babies are the same age or younger but who seem to be sleeping for good stints at night while we're still on the 3 hour cycle (or two and a half as it was last night).

In other news, I've now gone dairy-free to see if it'll sort Erin out. It is looking like she's suffering from silent reflux(has very fussy feeds, screaming inconsolably in afternoons and evenings, hiccups, gagging). It's a bit of a pain as I'm already vegetarian and husband loves meat, but if it stops her being in pain it'll be worth it. 4 days in and she seems a bit calmer. I'm going to give it 10 days and see how she's going and perhaps give her a formula feed then to see if it is that she's dairy intolerant. Apparently it's better to doit that way than test it by me having dairy as it would then take a while to get out of my system again.

Gripe water is still readily available here, Trouble. How strange that it's not in the UK. If you get stuck, let me know and I can stick some in the post. The nurse at the class today recommended Weleda, so have got some of that to try. Will see how it goes. Might be worth getting some of that in if they sell it in the UK?

Thanks bee, he was fine last night so hopefully was just a one off grotty night. Your course sounds good, we should be starting a postnatal course in about two weeks which I think will be similar. I want to join a singing/music group too as Fyfe loves it but I struggle to think of songs to sing him! Sorry the hear Erin has been upset, would a second cranial osteopathy appointment be an option? (it was you who had it wasn't it?) hope the diet changes give you some answers anyway! I'm vegetarian too and would find going dairy free quite tricky I think!
Fyfe had his injections today, he really screamed, bless him!sad seems fine now though!

BeeWi Thu 26-Apr-12 18:59:08

Aww, poor Fyfe. It's horrible seeing them in pain and not being able to explain why it'll be for the best for them in the long term, isn't it?! Glad to hear he's doing well now though. Don't be surprised if he's a bit weird on the eating front in the next day or so mind; Erin went really 'snacky' and stopped doing longer feeds. She was worst for that on the Sunday following the Friday but was back to normal by the Monday.

We went back to the cranial osteo and it did o some good but I still feel there's something not quite right, so hopefully the diet will fix things. A nice side effect is that it's making a noticeable dent in my baby weight in just a few days, which is nice! grin

Which songs are you singing with Fyfe? Erin gets really calmed by 10 Green Bottles for some reason, perhaps because it's so repetitive? I know what you mean about running out of songs. I'm not good at remembering lyrics, so they often end up being silly made up songs about Erin to the tune of popular songs.

Have you had any funny reactions to bringing up Fyfe veggie? I think the older generation here don't really 'get' vegetarianism and often seem really shocked that you won't be tucking into beef or lamb at every evening meal!

Thanks for the heads up about the feeding bee! He's been normal so far but will prepare for anything over the next couple of days. Since I posted about how he was sleeping he has gone back to sleeping for 2- 3, waking for 1 like he did from birth! Oh well, so unpredictable! He spent a whole hour singing with his daddy yesterday evening though and I had a really hot bath - on my own! grin
We've been singing horsey horsey, teddy bears picnic, little green frog, never smile at a crocodile, 12345, and yes, lots of songs about Fyfe to random tunes! Need to increase my repertoire! grin
I haven't had any reactions yet but not many people have asked! DH eats meat and we live by the sea so have decided we will feed Fyfe fish until he is old enough to make up his mind about meat. I wish I'd had it that way around as my mum knew from when I was 4 I'd be veggie (turned at 7) as wouldn't eat anything that looked like an animal! I'm happy for him to have fish a couple of times a week too as fish is very good for you! Will report back any funny reactions!

KikiRC Fri 27-Apr-12 06:51:33

Funny we're all singing! I've made up a playlist on Spotify which we play and sing along to- Ivy likes show tunes/ musicals (Wizard of Oz/ Mary Poppins/ Oliver etc) & things like 'Mr Sandman' (with all the bom, bom, bom, bits!)

I'm pescatarian (sp?), her dad will eat anything. I'm going to cook fish & maybe chicken when she's little & let her have little bits of good meat here and there & let her choose when she's older.

BeeWi Fri 27-Apr-12 08:28:05

All this talk of tunes is making me think I need to up my game! I didn't recognise fair few of yours, Trouble, will have to look them up. I definitely want to get to know nursery rhymes better too.

Funny that so many of us have veggie leanings. I was thinking of talking to her when she was older about how we love our dog and how he's an animal, to try and make sure she swayed more towards staying a veggie but perhaps that's unfair?! hehe.

Just wondering, is anybody having the odd drink now they're not pregnant but breastfeeding? Must admit, I've been having the odd glass of red wine on a night but do feel a bit guilty. Just feel I have so few vices at the moment- no coffee, cheese, chocolate...it's seems like my one real treat. I should probably be abstaining there too, right?!

Meant to say, Trouble, had a look at your profile pics. Oh my goodness, what a cutester Fyfe is! Some really lovely pictures you have there. really nice the picture of you both too smile. I have popped up a picture of Erin and added the frequent posters in this thread to be able to see. Let me know if I missed anyone and you're interested.

Punk80 Fri 27-Apr-12 09:48:37

Hi all currently back in bed watching sex and the city again with Orla hard life grin sounds like you're all good at the singing, I'm a big limited with my range! But did round and round the garden this morning which got lots of smiles smile
bee whereabouts are you? I hope the diet is making things better. Have to say I've been having an odd glass of red wine my friends midwife told her a glass an evening is fine as it would help her relax, I don't think an occasional glass can do any harm. Sorry to act stupid but how do you view profiles, would love to see pics?
Has anyone had any problems introducing a bottle? I had a go at expressing for the
first time the other night and dh had a go giving bottle but Orla went mad screaming and spitting it out, took ages to calm her down and I found it quite traumaticsad an worried about trying it again but will do in a few days maybe.
broody I definitely stayed away from Shrovetide this year is a crazy football game! Glad you're settled in Leicester.
Hope you all have a good weekend wink

Show tunes sound like a good idea kiki! smile
bee Erin is gorgeous!! I must put up a couple more shots of Fyfe when I get on the PC, I have captured him smiling at last! grin
I can link you to the tunes if you can't find any of them!
punk you need to on a computer, not phone, go in to the thread click the person's name at the top of their post that will take you to their profile - then click on photos. I've just added you to my mates list so you can see mine. I had exactly the same thing with a bottle - felt awful! sad first tried Avent, next tried tommy tippee closer to nature - he was much better with this, didn't get upset or look so disgusted but still didn't suck it, just pushed it around his mouth with his tongue. My sis is sending me some tiny newborn hospital TUK bottles today so I'll try that! I think a smaller teat is what he needs as he jut looks uncomfortable! I'll let you know how I get on!
Re wine, hell yes, drinking as much as I like - several glasses some days, it's not a problem at all! I had a leaflet from NHS that said as long as you hadn't drunk so much you were vomiting confused you were better off breastfeeding than formula feeding as the amount of alcohol that gets to them won't harm them. Also better to have a drink whilst feeding them or when you know they'll not want to be fed for a while as it is strongest about 1/2 hour later. smile

KikiRC Fri 27-Apr-12 13:33:57

I've been recommended the Dr Brown bottles (also good for colicky babies) have ordered a starter pack and they should be here on Monday, so I'll let you know how we get on. We were OK with the tiny hospital bottles, but the Avent ones (even 0-3 months) are hopeless- they make a terrific mess.

broodylicious Fri 27-Apr-12 15:23:48

Re bottles - I've ordered a medela calma as it looks as though it's the closet thing to BFing as you can get, baby has to mimick the same action as they would on the breast. I have a medela breast pump and use the shields too so guess this is what they call brand loyal hey wink

knitterati Sat 28-Apr-12 11:34:17

Broody - let me know how you got on with the calma teat - I loved it!

broodylicious Sat 28-Apr-12 11:55:28

Ah, that's great to hear knitterati - I thought I remembered someone on here mentioning it (in fact, that may have been why I first looked at it!!) but I'm suffering dreadfully from post natal baby brain blush

How old was your LO before you started expressing and using the calma? Poppy is five weeks on Monday so just wondering if I'm still a bit too early and should wait a few more weeks?

Woo hoo! Fyfe took the tiny hospital SMA/NUK teat! He's just drunk an ounce and a half from it! So...we're off out for dinner tonight to celebrate our anniversary which is tomorrow and Fyfe is going to Granny's, what excellent timing! grin

ardenbird Sat 28-Apr-12 20:29:23

Hi all! Sorry for being MIA... It's just been a crazy month and i barely get any time with hands free. I believe DH popped in on the antenatal thread when Tessa was born (full name Teresa Mary) on 1 April.

I seem to not be able to do anything the easy way... A quick summary of events: birth was waters broke 29 Mar and Tessa passed muconium two days later so I was induced. So no birthing pool sad G&A worked a treat until my SPD kicked in with severe pain that increased each contraction, but never let up. There were positons that relieved it, but each time I got into one, Tessa's heart rate plummeted, so I had to stay where it hurt worst. So I got an epidural, but managed to have it come it disconnected at what we think was about 5 hours before the end, so by the time I was fully dilated and pushing no pain relief - I tried G&A, but it only took away the contraction pain which served to isolate the SPD pain which was much worse, so I preferred to feel the contractions to distract me smile Then Tessa wouldn't rotate and we did ventouse, a forcep (just one! Dr decided quickly it wouldn't work), and then emergency C-section. And, oh yeah, they gave me a spinal since the epidural had gone out. So we managed to do just about everything.

Since then it's still been a struggle - Tessa was jaundiced and lost over 10% of her birth weight, we got off to a bad breast feeding start at the hospital (grr, I won't go into details, but I'm rather miffed at the poor after-care), I got mastitis and milk production went down, we discovered in week 2 I should have been treated for anaemia but wasn't (they assumed I'd had a blood transfusion since I lost so much blood, but I hadn't), and I have cracks and fissures in both nipples which we've just found out have a Staph infection which is why they haven't healed yet. BF is still pretty painful, although massively better than in weeks 1-2 when I had DH play my labour music for me smile.

Tessa has not yet reached her birth weight but was close enough last week that the HV thinks we have 'turned the corner' and will do okay. Of course, I'm still paranoid that she's not eating enough/I'm not making enough milk, and probably won't relax until after next week's weigh. She constantly falls asleep when eating, so it requires both hands and all my attention to keep her eating, which is why I haven't been around!

A question for those of you with older babies - has BF stopped hurting yet? When? I feel like I could handle things if it just didn't hurt so much...

FlipFantasia Sat 28-Apr-12 22:32:10

Hello ladies

Mind if I join you? I've been lurking but Arden's post made me want to de-lurk! My DD - Maeve - was born on 25 March and she's gorgeous (and currently asleep on DH, which allows me to have some MN time!). I also have a DS who's 2 (another March baby smile).

arden crikey, sounds like you went through the mill during labour/birth! I had an EMCS after a traumatic induced labour with DS and also had terrible problems establishing breastfeeding - those early weeks were a toe curling, teeth clenching experience with a daily count down to the magic 26 weeks when I could stop (I hadn't expected any problems with BFing either, and think it was linked to the traumatic birth). I had terrible nipple trauma (caused by thrush in my case, which was undiagnosed for weeks despite going to breastfeeding groups etc) and once the thrush was treated my left side cleared up but I still had a terrible gash on my right side - I tried things like lansinoh, jelonet, silver cups, airing my nipple but it turned out to be a staph infection and at 10 weeks I got antibiotics which made all the difference. The crack cleared up (though I still have a scar) and feeding finally became pain-free. I went on to feed DS until he was 19 months and he self weaned because I was pregnant with DD.

It sounds like you're doing brilliantly in terms of addressing the problems you've been having so I really hope feeding will become less painful for you now the infection is being treated (and with antibiotics try to have yogurts/probiotics/acidophilus capsules to avoid thrush) . If it's painful and you suspect the latch then de-latch your DD and allow her to re-latch. This may also help with her sleepiness (DS was also a sleepy feeder and was a slow weight gainer, classic catch down growth as he started at a high centile at birth, just under 91st, and settled between 9th and 25th). The feeding section on MN is full of briliant advice, as is Kellymom and Dr Jack Newman (eg he's got some good videos on breast compressions that you can google). Also, you're still in the first month of recovery and things will get easier as you physically get over the birth fully. BTW I love your DD's name - Teresa shortened to Tessa is just gorgeous!

Otherwise I'm glad to hear that the other March babies are doing so well. I had a natural vaginal birth with DD, which went a long way to laying the ghosts of DS's birth to rest (I had planned a home birth with him but ended up induced at 42 weeks and having an EMCS). The recovery has been so much better this time, and I've had no problems with breastfeeding.

Also second time around I also know that This Too Shall Pass so we're trying to enjoy DD as much as possible, she won't be a tiny newborn for long! She's actually woken up a lot this past week, and smiles are starting - she's 5 weeks tomorrow. Though she also got her first cold (kindly given to her by her brother!).

Sorry for the ramble, Arden's post really struck a cord as I could have written something very similar 2 years ago (and probably did!).

broodylicious Sat 28-Apr-12 23:07:31

Blimey arden that is a birth story and then some! Makes me realise and appreciate what a straightforward and simple birth I had. Sorry to hear the aftercare you received was rubbish. I think it makes such a difference to these early days, especially for us first timers.
I've been really surprised at how many of us and other new mums have found BFing so hard. I know when i was pregnant, I had a rather romantic vision of BFing, where my newborn would be staring lovingly into my eyes while suckling merrily away....instead in those early days, I got a terrier like child bashing away at my boobs, ripping my nips and even bruising the skin around them! (she gave me love bites, as the MW said!) Thank goodness we are now established and I've kinda got my romantic vision back on track (the terrier is sometimes present if we've dared to go beyond two hours between feeds).

Hi arden, good to hear from you! Bf really should not hurt! Anecdotally a lot of people will tell you it does but they won't realise that there was something 'wrong' which eventually was changed before it got 'better'. I had pain for the first two weeks from a bad latch (he was getting tons of milk and the latch had been checked 2/3 times and been 'perfect') this was corrected (for free) by NCT bf
councillor and I have had no pain since (last 6 weeks) sure, it's a little sore from time to time but it certainly doesn't hurt. I had been at the point before of being in tears at the thought of having to feed him again! Otherwise things would have got better on their own eventually as bf is easier with a bigger baby because of space in their mouths. Hope you can find someone to help you, just keep asking! smile
Hi flip, nice to hear from you.

broodylicious Sun 29-Apr-12 07:30:08

I agree with trouble re consulting a bfing counsellor. Or your HV. Can't speak for the rest of the uk but certainly here, they are v supportive of BFing mums and would rather you pester the hell out of them than struggle through smile

ardenbird Sun 29-Apr-12 12:20:41

Thanks for the tale, Flip. So the antibiotics helped it heal? I'm also worried about thrush, as HV says the antibiotics can encourage it. But didn't get it last course (the swabs which showed the Staph would have shown it too, so at least I know we're starting thrush-free), so I hope we don't this time either.

grin at terrier, broody. I've been likening Tessa to some kind of animal - she sorts and grunts and growls. Terrier sounds like a good description.

I've called the BF people again - theyve been out twice and I've gone to the hospital clinic once, so I'm starting to feel like a bother (or incompetent...), but it's probably right it's better to be a bother/look silly than keep not having it work.

I'm starting to wonder if Tessa has tongue issues. I found this online: upper labial tie, which Tessa appears to have, and checking the mirror, so do I! Other places talk about it being connected to posterior tongue tie, but I'm having trouble figuring out just what that is.

On the more positive side, my SPD improved as promised, although I still can't lie on my side without jamming the sacroiliac joints. But I can walk, which is great smile. The NHS physio won't see people until at least 6 weeks after birth, so I've been to a private physio twice now who unjammed my pelvis for me. He also confirmed the weirdness with my ribcage - one bone in the sternum was pushed out of place. He put it back, but it keeps popping out so I have exercises to keep returning it. It was amusing how fun the physio seemed to find me, as that is apparently rare and coupled with my prior sternum injury he found me very 'interesting'.

broodylicious Sun 29-Apr-12 13:32:40

grin yeah poppy does funny noises too and then shakes her head madly (think of teenage boy putting his head between a pair of boobs and slapping his face with them - that's my girl!)grin She has always got herself into a bit of a state if she doesn't get fed within a few moments of her realising she's hungry - whoever mentioned the blowing on their face when they forget to breathe in their fury, thank you as it works a treat! - and that's when she is most like a terrier. Once she's on though she feeds beautifully and we rarely have issues. Keep at it hun, it'll all fit into place soon xxx

Keep bugging them arden! That is what they are there for, you shouldn't be suffering. I got the NCT one out to my house pretty quickly by crying on the phone! blush it is one of those things though that should just work, it is really hard when it doesn't. The tongue tie sounds well worth investigating, I thought Fyfe may have one as his twin cousins did but NCT woman was sure it was just a high palate and receded chin making things difficult and it seems she was right as all is perfect now. I did find out though that you need to contact your HV and ask for a referral to a tongue tie specialist. Keep us posted. smile

broodylicious Mon 30-Apr-12 14:46:22

I just did my first public breastfeed!!! grin so proud of myself. Was a bit blush at first as we were in a v busy m&s cafe but DD was screaming her head off for a feed so just did it and forgot other people were there. Did get a look of disgust from an older couple though angry

Well done broody, sorry about the older couple treating you like that. Stick with it, you'll get positive reactions too and people need to see it for things to change! smile

ardenbird Mon 30-Apr-12 20:19:07

That's brilliant, broody! I'm really impressed. And don't worry about that old couple - you've the right to feed your baby!

I stopped by the hospital breastfeeding centre today, as we were there for a hip scan. They thought Tessa's lip looked normal, but wouldn't recheck her tongue. I'm not sure what to think. She really looked a lot more like the 'problem' photos on the link than 'normal'. I'm also getting confused about the possible connection to 'high arched palate' and too-small upper jaw. I had the latter - as a teenager I had to have a palate spreader which (painfully) cranked my upper from nesting inside my lower jaw to the reverse, which is the normal state of affairs. This made room for all my teeth, one of which was coming in in the gums above another tooth (they had pulled its baby tooth to make room for the earlier adult tooth), and I got braces to pull it down into place.

The breastfeeding lady said that was caused by bottle feeding, not anything to do with the tongue, and that there is a whole generation where it is really common. I'm willing (and would love to!) believe that bottle feeding was the cause and if I BF Tessa she won't suffer this, but I'm a little skeptical as I'm not sure she completely understood me. I wasn't aware that palate spreaders were common, and I think she may have thought I was talking about braces (she talked really fast and it was hard to get a word in - I'm not sure how much she listened to me). I haven't met anyone else who had a spreader and most people I talk to have never heard of them. Are they in fact common? Do you all know people who had them? (it's this thing that goes across the palate and has a little crank that is turned and pushes the jaw apart a fraction of a mm every night for a year or however long is needed - I had to lie on the bed with my head hanging back and my Mum turned the crank, which hurt quite a bit, as it felt like my skull was cracking, which I suppose it was in tiny, tiny movements).

I really want to believe everything is fine and I don't have to pursue anything more, but it may be worth checking a little more in case doing something now could avoid dental problems in the future.

Argh, sorry to go on so long. It's just I find the whole thing so confusing and I want to take the easy way to just believe nothing is wrong, but worry it might be trading a little potentially annoying investigation now against a year of teenage pain.

Investigate until you are satisfied arden! I've never heard of a palate spreader and it sounds like you weren't being listened to. Can you call the NCT about the pain when feeding? They were brilliant with me, you don't need to be a member, I'm not, hadn't done any of their courses etc. You need to keep pushing, this is way too important for you to be ignored! angry

broodylicious Mon 30-Apr-12 23:14:38

Echo trouble about continuing to push. Also check out your local sure start centre - in fact, I'd recommend it to everyone! - as they have health visitors, MWs and other professionals dropping in all the time and so would defo be able to offer their advice. They also run free courses which cover loads of topics and BFing circles etc. Hang on in there, don't give up! smile [hug] xxx

ardenbird Tue 01-May-12 03:59:03

Thanks for the validation! I guess I'll feel satisfied once I find someone who knows what I'm talking about rather than dismisses it without understanding.

Exactly! smile

knitterati Wed 02-May-12 16:11:09

broody apologies for not responding about the calma teat sooner... I used it on Elena from when she was just a couple of days old. No need to worry about the flow because the milk will come at whatever pace baby sucks. smile

knitterati Wed 02-May-12 16:12:45

Oh and we haven't had any nipple confusion! smile

ardenbird Wed 02-May-12 17:41:59

Hey, does anyone have tips for removing poo-stains from clothes? We've had a few leakage incidents, and just throwing them in the wash after a rinse didn't work. I've now got some soaking in detergent which I hope will help...

I've been reading more and took another trip to the mirror - I actually have rather severe tongue tie! Amazing I never knew. I realise now that I don't ever stick out my tongue but just retract my lips instead. I find that encouraging because DD clearly doesn't have it as bad as I do, if she has anything, so the severity of my case may be related to the palate spreader. I'm going to keep investigating until I find someone who can confirm things for me, though. A nurse and a paediatrician today had 'never heard' of posterior tongue tie.

That's encouraging arden hmm! Both of Fyfe's cousins had posterior ties, made a huge difference when they were clipped.
We haven't had any poo leakages, one of the advantages of washable nappies! If the stains are on white or light clothes putting them on the line (wet or dry) in the sun gets the yellow stains out like magic (I do this with the nappies) smile

broodylicious Wed 02-May-12 22:09:49

Knitterati - no worries smile I've bought it but haven't used it yet as I've not started expressing. Looking forward to handing it and baby to DH tbh - she wore me out last night with feeding tons and she's been even worse today, with just an hour and a half off since 2pm!! I'm hoping this means a good long sleep tonight!!

Arden - aaah poo stains! we've also had a few but luckily they've come out with just normal persil and comfort at 30 degrees, no soaking or rinsing beforehand.
Note: I just had to put my phone down at this point and bath a v frantic baby...she was screaming so much we gave her an emergency bath to try and calm her down. She screamed all the way thru, got out just as she started to poo, and then majorly pooed all over my favourite (of hers) towel which was on my knee! There was such a lot of it, we had to bath her again and the towel has gone straight into the washer - with another outfit she territorially marked earlier - in the hope it won't be ruined! Babies eh, donchya love em?!

KikiRC Wed 02-May-12 22:10:25

We haven't had any major poo explosions yet, either, but if like me you don't have a garden, I find that soda crystals in the wash gets out most nasty stains. I haven't tried this with Ivy's things yet, but as they're quite 'chemically' would probably wash them in something gentler afterwards before dressing her in them...

Aw broody, it's exhausting when they feed like that isn't it? Hope you get a good long sleep! smile

ardenbird Fri 04-May-12 08:03:10

broody, I hope it's okay your bath story made me grin. I hope the towel gets clean!

We had new poo adventure yesterday. The leakage had been coming out the sides, so I was careful to make sure I got the nappy on snug. Then she did a big poo and it came out the top behind her back! Poo was getting everywhere, and I couldn't figure out where it was coming from. It got all over me, her, and our nursing pillow...

broodylicious Fri 04-May-12 08:40:48

Haha, arden no it's fine to have a grin at our bath story. Poo is providing a lot of amusement for us all, it seems! Poppy likes to wait to do a massive explosive poo until we've got her in a "going out" outfit or one we've purposely chosen as she's seeing the person who bought it. Typical!

knitterati Fri 04-May-12 08:55:29

Babies have great timing for poo explosions don't they! Elena's favourite trick is to wait until she's got no nappy on to do a big wee! Must be something about the fresh air! Also, we had to change from huggies to pampers after a number of leakages! I've heard that huggies are better suited to boys and pampers to girls - anyone else heard this?

Am currently trailing reusable nappies, but still not sure which one to go for as there are pros and cons to them all...

On the expressing front, it seems that Elena has forgotten how to drink from a bottle (with the medela teat) after a few weeks exclusively breastfeeding! Not sure if I should carry on trying with both bottle & breast now. Any suggestions?

I would really recommend prefold nappies with Flip wraps, they are cheap and amazing, no leaks at all as long a I change them every 3 hours during the day (longer at night is okay) I got my prefolds secondhand on eBay (they work better the more they are washed) and the Flip wraps were £11 each - you need 3. I have 30 prefolds so do 1 wash every 3 days. My sister also uses the Flips with the girl twins so good for girls too! grin

broodylicious Fri 04-May-12 12:14:16

We've chosen to stick to pampers as huggies leaked for us too. We bought a small quantity of both at first so we could try them both out. Pampers defo more absorbent and v few leakages.

Not sure if I've said this before or if you all know but worth saying again for disposable users.... We have subscribed to a delivery service from amazon. It works out cheaper and the nappies get delivered at a frequency we set (we have 2 x packet of 108 and they get delivered every four weeks) so we don't need to get them from the supermarket and save money! Check it out on amazon anyway smile

Have many of you/your friends had issues with BFing? I'm doing well and not finding it sore or stressful but others I know are struggling so much. Out of the four NCT babies born already, one has given up, one is on the verge and the other finds it sore (I'm obvs the other one!) it's so sad and I did have a little tear for the lady who's thrown in the towel as she was so strongly pro BFing and she feels like a failure now she's turned to bottles :'(

KikiRC Fri 04-May-12 13:26:50

We're staying with Pampers for now at least, as the sticky fixers seem much longer than other brands we've tried which make them much easy to put on with Ivy's brace. We haven't had any leaks or problems so far.

Re: BFing- I had loads of problems at the beginning- it was over a week before my milk came in properly, and that was a huge struggle and also meant Ivy was hospitalised for five days, so all a bit scary. I've been BF & formula feeding combined since, which seems to work pretty well.

Of friends who have had babies very recently I know a couple who have had no problems at all, one who like me is combining BF & formula, one who was very ill following a C-section & despite all efforts the BFing just didn't work out, and one whose son turned out to be allergic to milk protein, so couldn't drink breast milk & had to be put on a special formula. So quite a mix.

I found the first two weeks very sore but since then have found it very easy and rewarding. grin managed to feed him whilst walking the dog in the woods today, just getting easier and easier.

broodylicious Fri 04-May-12 15:51:33

Oh wow, trouble! Although that's just showing off grinwink


broodylicious Fri 04-May-12 17:45:27

Another question for you ladies.... Do your LOs go to sleep by themselves? In the last week or so, I have had to start to force poppy to go to sleep with lots of rocking and jigging about, even though it's obvious she is shattered. Previously she would feed then fall asleep quite happily by herself. Just wondered if it's Poppy character quirk coming out or if it's a five week thing or if this is actually what I'm supposed to be doing anyway? blush

Punk80 Fri 04-May-12 18:51:24

Hi ladies all your poo talk is funnygrin we're having some funny poo incidents and lots of wees when naked on her play gym! trouble that is so impressive feeding in the woods is that using a sling?
broody Orla is 7 weeks on Monday and this week we have tried to introduce a bit of a routine as she wasn't sleeping that much! We are leaving her to cry a little as she is not the kind of baby who always goes down straight away but she does stop although I can't listen to her sad she is now sleeping in the evenings and she had a nap this morning.
arden hope you get things sorted you're right to be pushy.
Hope you all enjoy the long weekend smile

FlipFantasia Fri 04-May-12 21:49:22

Evening ladies

A lovely hectic week here - PIL visiting from the US and we've been having a great time around London smile. Got DD some cute little knitted cardies in Greenwich market (I've accepted that my own knitting is on the back burner for the time being!).

Broody I'm not stressing out about self-settling. DD is 6 weeks on Sun, and still being fed to sleep or carried in the sling or rocked in arms. I think the 4th trimester idea is v sensible, so just treat the first few months as basically just an extension of the womb. Sounds like it could be a growth spurt - DD tends to get v grumpy and need lots of feeding (I think we just had one - had a couple of days/nights of constant feeding!).

On the nappy front, I agree with Trouble that prefolds and wraps are great. I have Flips too (which I bought when DS was 9 months for a month-long holiday visiting overseas family) and they're good, but I think the motherease and bummis wraps are better. But the prefold/wrap combo is totally bomb proof - no leaks at all. With DS, we used disposables for the first 5 or 6 weeks while I recovered from the EMCS (had loads of leaks) and then switched to Bumgenius all-in-ones, which were grand but still a bit leaky til he was bigger. We bought the prefolds this time as they're cheaper than buying more BG and I was a bit skeptical but I love them! I'm also going to apply for my Real Nappies for London voucher at some point and stock up on more nappies then.

I also use washable wipes for both DC, so much nicer than disposable ones (though we do use disposable wipes on DS when out and about). Also use washable breast pads.

It's such a shame when BFing doesn't work out. I struggled so much with DS then I can totally see why women would pack it in but I'm really glad I persevered with it as once it's easy it's so easy...and have had no problems this time around.

Hope all of you and your littlies are doing great. Happy bank holiday to all smile

ardenbird Fri 04-May-12 23:21:24

We found Huggies too big for now - we're saving the bag for when she ges a little bigger. Tesco is what we're using at the moment, although somewhere in the house is a pack of Pampers. Unless they're way better, we'll probably stick with Tesco, for price. We are interestied in reuasables, but not nearly organised enough yet! I can barely keep up with the washing as it is.

Re BF: well, obviously I'm still having problems. Not quite 5 weeks yet, though. I really want to make this work, so I'm determined to persevere. Of my friends who've had kids recently, and I called in tears a few weeks ago, all reported struggles for the first 2-3 weeks, but okay after that. I know my Mum gave up after 3 weeks, but now seeing the extent of my tonge tie, I'm not surprised - back then I'm not sure they knew anything about such things.

Re sleeping: it's gotten a lot better. First few weeks she'd often cry at the end of the day for no discernible reason - nappy changed, no more gas, and too upset to eat - and we'd have to settle her for an hour or more. Now she tends to fall asleep at the breast. It takes a little rocking to keep her asleep - otherwise she wakes, eats for about 1 min and crashes again. We've got a bedside crib, so I often reach out and put my hand on her chest for a while, which seems to help. If I take it away too soon, she starts wiggling. She's also recently gotten better at sucking her own thumb, which seems to calm her.

Up feeding DS after a lovely 4.5 stretch of sleep! grin he has very consistently been sleeping for 3 hours at a time recently which is fine but this is a bit of a treat! Fyfe falls asleep whilst he is feeding/in my arms cuddling broody, we're still co sleeping at the moment, I have a bedside cot which will be going up very soon, just need the chance to paint it! smile
punk this feed was whilst carrying him in my arms as had my wrap sling tied quite high but fed him in the wrap sling whilst on a walk earlier in the week.i still need to practice feeding in the ring sling at home but find it tricky to adjust once on...you tube feeding videos may be needed!smile
Nice to hear more support for prefolds flip! Sounds like wraps may be down to personal preference as I have a few bummis whispers that i got with ebay prefold lots but rarely use them as have had a few wet patches from them. Never tried motherease. I managed to get my real nappies for London voucher before Fyfe was born whilst we still lived in London and bought a load of next size up prefolds, happily a load more came up on freecycle here (with loads more bummis wraps and some swim wraps) so we're sorted until potty training time (though I assume the flips may need renewing at some stage).
Have any of you been swimming yet? I meant to go way before this stage but haven't got around to it for one reason or another. We'll definitely be going next week though, I've decided! Can't wait to see him, he's doing lots of swimming moves in the bath these days!
Good to hear you're sticking with the bf arden, well done! Have you managed to get hold of a counsellor or someone to help you?

knitterati Sat 05-May-12 10:11:54

When you say Flips, do you mean the Bum Genius Flip, or something else? Sorry for the dumb question...

KikiRC Sun 06-May-12 09:04:39

Hello all, hope you're having a good weekend. This is a question unrelated to those above, but something we've been pondering- have your babies changed their eye colour, yet? Ivy was born with very dark grey/ blue eyes and we spend an awful amount of time speculating as to whether they'll end up blue like me, or brown like DP. (Or indeed stay as they are). Mine were a much lighter blue when I was a baby, & her cousin who has 2 parents with brown eyes has a similar colour to her at the moment. We don't have any preference at all, it's just something that fascinates us in that probably-dull-as-shit-to-anyone-else kind of way. I think their eyes can change colour at several weeks or months, or in some cases even years. Just wondered if any of you have had this yet?

On a completely different note, I've discovered the series of 'Five Minute With' interviews on the BBC website.. perfect little bites to watch when BFing if you don't want to sit down to a whole programme/ film etc...

Anyway, happy Bank holiday- it's very wet here (South Coast). X

Yes knitterati, sorry, bumGenius Flip wraps, I got mine here www.babipur.co.uk/shop/p3088/Flip_One_Size_Cover_/_Wrap/product_info.html grin
kiki, Fyfe had 100% guarantee of blue eyes so we're no help there! Happy bank holiday to you too, may bump in to you tomorrow, if not then see you soon! smile

Hi all, how were your bh weekends?
Fyfe has turned a corner with feeding I think, he appears to be much more efficient, we got up at 11.30 (grin) he had a little feed for 5 mins and two more 5 min feeds between 12 and 3 shock but was awake and content the whole time. Just need to work up to him being able to sleep alone now so I can put him down for a nap and get on with things. --not in too much of a hurry though, prefer hugging my son to cleaning--grin

Punk80 Tue 08-May-12 19:36:48

Well done Fyfe wink gorgeous pictures by the way trouble and bee smile
We had a lively weekend we had friends to stay with two children under two plus Orla so pretty noisy but good fun! Orla was really good but think she is going through a spurt have been feeding a lot yesterday and today and she woke up at 2.30am which she hasn't done for weeks. She was also getting really upset but only seemed to settle if she was feeding but then woild come off and start crying again poor thing sad Meant we had lots of cuddles in bed today to make up for it though smile
I know trouble it's really nice to have cuddles and keep them close. They're only little. Just wary as my friends who stayed at the weekend are having a nightmare with their 11 month old who is still in their bed it's tough but 7 weeks is still early days for a routine and afraid I can't stick to any kind of routine as enjoying getting out and about!
Btw we are using one life reusable nappies which are working out pretty well doing a wash every 2 or 3 days.
Hope you all had a good weekend x

broodylicious Tue 08-May-12 21:08:08

punk - that's what poppy is like occasionally, crying then feeding then breaking off for a scream. It's horrid isn't it? sad It's trapped wind with her and tends to be ok if we wind her as soon as she starts doing it. Although the other night she was totally inconsolable and so we ended up bathing her at 130am!!

Nappies look good punk! smile
Fyfe does what you're describing broody and it is wind with him too. If he's inconsolable though we give him gripe water which sorts it out within a couple of minutes! I eventually managed to get hold of some at a normal price (had been selling for £15 a bottle on eBay as was hard to get hold of!) and have a few extras; if anyone here wants one let me know, they are £2.77 a bottle plus what it costs for the postage!
We took Fyfe swimming for the first time last night, it was brilliant, he loved it! I'd been meaning to go for weeks but hadn't got around to it. We stayed in the pool for just under 15 mins and did a mixture of bouncing and supporting him under his neck on his back do he can kick his legs, we do this in the bath too but it was amazing to see his swimming moves in the pool! I gave him the world's quickest feed in the changing room before getting him dressed and after the 5 min drive home he slept in his car seat for 2 hours shock which is totally unheard of so I think it wore him out! grin have any of you been going swimming?

Punk80 Wed 09-May-12 03:41:06

That's good to know about the gripe water, a friend has given me some so I might try that next time. At this exact moment she is feeding better than last night so fingers crossed. trouble did you use the normal leisure centre pool? I'd love to take Orla swimming just wasn't sure about the heat of the water as our local leisure centre is renowned for being cold. Fyfe sounds like he enjoyed himself! smile

Yes punk, normal leisure centre. The actual centre is very hot do the water was a bit of a shock, he cried for a couple of minutes but soon forgot about it once we got moving! It was good that the centre was so hot as great for getting changed but I also prepared so ha his towel by the side of the pool brought a baby grow so easy to dress him, and a big blanket to wrap him up in once dressed. smile
Glad to hear Orla is feeding better.

broodylicious Wed 09-May-12 08:40:43

I really want to take poppy swimming but am quite nervous about it. I'm a v strong swimmer, was school captain, so it's important to me to get her started early. But it's the absolute blind worry of getting out, dry and dressed that is stopping me - although you just made it sound quite easy, Trouble, by getting everything ready for her at the side of the pool so she'd be done before even getting back into the changing rooms. We'll see....

Off to docs for my postnatal check. And maybe her jabs, I can't remember if I booked that for today as well blushblush

ardenbird Wed 09-May-12 16:08:58

Wow, I'm in awe of the swimming! We just had the first bath without screaming today. It's been hard to find time for baths, as they say don't do it right after feeding, and since she takes 1.5 - 2 hrs to eat, eating every 2 hrs doesn't leave much time between!

I'm also in awe of the 5 minute feed... We're just constantly loosing the latch and starting over and spend so much time not eating. It's really frustrating. I've now got a GP appt Thu of next week and an orthodontist that Fri to look at her, but I still don't know if either of them have any idea about lip-tie or posterior tongue-tie. I'm not sure what to do - I'm wondering if it is worth it to explore private options. I'm pretty sure the lip-tie is real, and it will be really annoying to wait 1.5 weeks to just get blown off again, and struggling with feeding the whole while. I feel like things have actually gotten worse - she really doesn't like holding a good latch and slips to what I call a 'medium' one, then eats vigourosly. I've been letting her go some as she just gets really upset if I stop the eating and won't relatch for 15-20 minutes; but I'm also getting more sore and so am pulling her off more often when she slows down. Thus, the long feedings!

Or - are such long feeds normal? It just feels like we're spending much more time trying to get a latch than actually eating, but maybe this is typical of 5 weeks still?

Re eyes: DD also has grey-blue eyes. I've got blue and DH has hazel, so we expect either I guess. I don't know hazel works with genetics! I feel like they've gotten a bit darker blue over the last weeks, but it could be my imagination.

KikiRC Wed 09-May-12 17:44:19

Do you think she finds a good latch uncomfortable, Arden? My MW told me if Ivy didn't have a good latch to take her off straight away & start again, but it sounds like you have already tried that. A bad latch can make you so sore though- I do empathise- when my milk didn't come through at the beginning there was a problem with the latch, too, and it was very painful.. I hope you manage to sort it soon- have you exhausted all available help through MWs & HVs? I think that problems related to feeding you do need to be a bit pushy- I can imagine a whole week sounds like a lifetime away. Could you speak to a GP on the phone before then?

When I had the problems with Ivy's feeding early on I spoke to a number of MWs etc on the phone who all said they thought it would be fine, & when she was eventually seen she was really quite poorly & the doctors were furious I hadn't been told to bring her in sooner. I know your situation is different, but it did teach me that you sometimes have to be a bit more forceful.

I'm BFing & topping up with formula & do find them both completely different- it's almost like the breast milk contains a drug that knocks Ivy out after a few minutes. She does the dozing off at the breast thing, then wants a bit more a few minutes later and it all takes much longer than the bottle.

Really hope you get some good advice & help soon. X

ardenbird Wed 09-May-12 18:50:42

Yss, that's my best guess kiki. She seems to be getting less patient, too. She used to take the first let-down in the 'good' latch, but now barely stays there 10-15 seconds before blowing air out or wiggling around to get to the 'medium' latch. It's also hard for me to tell, as even the good latch doesn't feel great, which is part of what makes me wonder if she has some posterior tongue-tie issues. I've been letting her eat unless it gets to be hurting too much, then wait for a break and take her off. I remember way back in the first weeks, they said it would be easier when her mouth was bigger because she could get more breast in it, but I'm wondering if now that her mouth is larger, she doesn't have to gape as wide to make the milk come down, so doesn't bother.

And I remember your first weeks -- that was scary!

I've talked to the GP on the phone, and I don't think she knew much, but she might be willing to look at the papers I bring in from Dr Kotlow's site. But that was the soonest possible appointment. And she said referrals to consultants could take 'weeks'. I don't want to wait weeks! It was the HV who gave me the orthodontists' number, and so I made the soonest appointment with him too. I hope the GP isn't annoyed that I'm following two paths, but I'm not sure the ortho will know things, so don't want to cancel the GP appointment, as at least she is reasonably open. (She helped me get off-license medication for my heart, for example -- oh, BTW, that didn't cause any problems during labour other than my HR was nearly the same as DD's, so they had to have a trace on me to make sure they were measuring her and not me smile )

At least DD is eating, and gaining weight. She's tracking the 25th centile now, after starting out on 75+, but as long as she's following a line the HV is happy.

How did it go at the GP broody? Do you have any family changing rooms at your pool? DH, Fyfe and I were all in one so I only had his towel by the side of the pool, he brought the clothes from the locker whilst I fed Fyfe etc. would make the first time much less daunting? We've decided to go every Tuesday night so that DH can be a part of it rather than me going in the day, we'll start taking it in turns going in the pool though as was £8.60 for the three of us for 13 mins in the pool shock wouldn't want to pay that every week! grin
Think we may have just been having an easy few days as Fyfe is back to feeding lots this evening, has barely stopped since we got home at 5.
arden great you have appointments booked, see as many people as you can! I know exactly what you mean with the medium latch, Fyfe does that too, luckily for me it got much more comfortable as his mouth got bigger, can't remember when that was though! It does sound like there's something more to it for you. You should be immensely proud of yourself for persevering through all the pain, I really hope you get help and answers soon! Agree with kiki re being as pushy as needed! long feeds are definitely normal but not spending most of them latching. smile

KikiRC Wed 09-May-12 21:21:30

Ooh, Trouble before I forget- there's a special 'Disco hour' in the pool at Summerfields on Saturday afternoons that's apparently £1 per person all over the summer from now. Don't know if that includes the baby pool, too.

Arden- sorry, I can't remember if you have said already if you've thought about or tried expressing? Might this give you a bit of a break if you did it for a couple of feeds a day? I've not had any trouble with Ivy BFing & using the bottle in tandem- I've used the special little teats. It might just quicken things up a bit and make things less sore for you? x

Sounds good kiki, I'll look it up! Which teats do you use? I bought Fyfe a dippy cup today on HV advice so will see if it's any more successful next week or so. smile

KikiRC Wed 09-May-12 22:47:52

I still have the teats I was given at hospital- they don't have a name on them, so I'm not sure, but the 'nipple' end is slightly tilted and they're quite small. They came in little sterile packs- I only have three (I hadn't realised at first that at the hospital they're not allowed to reuse them, so they threw loads away- what a waste!) But I've been sterilising them and using them daily since then, and they're still fine... They also fit on other bottles (the hospital bottles are only 100ml..)

broodylicious Wed 09-May-12 23:08:30

GP was fine thanks trouble. Although I must admit, slightly surprised at the lack of interrogation from the doc. I imagined that because it's called postnatal check up, I'm a first time mum, had ventouse delivery and accompanying episiotomy, she would've asked to see my bits. Not that I wanted to get them out, but that was what I'd imagined would happen. She just asked what contraception I wanted to use (and gave me prescription for it), whether my cut had healed and how Poppy had been. No questions to check if i had pnd, although maybe she would be able to pick up on that in how i answered, or physical exams. Is this what everyone else has experienced or have you had a more thorough check?
Anyway, she did check (a very hungry) DD over and all is good. She frightened the life out of me doing the reflex test though! Not sure that throwing a baby up a few inches and catching her is the best way to do it?!?! I know the doc would not have not caught her (oooh bad grammar but as I'm not at work, I'm not going to correct myself hahahahaha!!!) but it still worried me nonetheless. Hey ho, nothing bad happened and they have to test somehow I guess.

Sounds like the TUK/Sma teat I tried that my sister had at the hospital kiki, I've reused it too though have another in its little pack still. Maybe he'll change his mind on Sunday (going to try once per week).
broody which reflex was she testing for?! confused My postnatal check was much the same, I had already asked the midwife if it would usually involve a physical exam and she had told me it wouldn't if you weren't having any problems so sounds pretty normal. Mine too was brief. Fyfe had a physical exam but no reflex tests/circus skills! grin

Punk80 Thu 10-May-12 10:30:24

I was also surprised at my post natal check as she didn't really check anything just talked about contraception. She also said that as I was ebf I probably didn't need to use contraception but I have heard of people getting pregnant really quickly again even though they are bf so don't think I'll rely on it. I had similar labour to you broody but with forceps and whilst didn't want doctor poking about would have been reassuring. Also think if you were feeling low that wouldn't have been great forum to get help. Ok rant over grin
Sounds like you're all doing well with the bottles and teats. I haven't tried again since first traumatic event but know I should give it a go!
* arden* you're doing do well persevering with bf you must be exhausted. Well done to you and I hope gp listens to you as you know your baby and what you're talking about more than them smile

broodylicious Thu 10-May-12 16:10:43

Holy moly punk was it the doctor who told you ebf = no babies?! So wrong!!! We are actually really fertile right now so could get preggo straight away!!

KikiRC Thu 10-May-12 17:49:06

Yes, definitely use contraception- BFing just lowers the risk, doesn't cut it out altogether.

My PN check was pretty quick, too- she checked Ivy's eyes & asked a few general questions. She didn't seem to know she'd been back in hospital or anything about her brace, so it wasn't especially helpful from my point of view, but I guess it's just a brief standard check. She has her first injections next week.

Ivy had another scan today- it's slowly looking a bit better, but the hips still aren't in the right position, so we have another 2 week wait until the next scan and check-up. It's dragging a bit...

punk we're not all doing well with bottles and teats! wink good luck if you try again. They are funny little creatures, I'm not investing in any other types of bottle/teat now that knitterati has said her baby stopped taking the fancy calma bottle! Someone in my post natal group was told she had to top up 1ml after every feed and do one bottle feed a day (hmm) and her baby has recently started refusing the bottle too, they were weighed yesterday though and she's doing fine without it so good on her! grin
Fyfe is now 10 weeks old shock and weighs 13lb 13oz so 3oz off of a stone! smile amazing to look at him and hold him and think 'I did that' grin
kiki sorry to hear that Ivy's treatment is dragging, it must be really hard her still having to wear the brace, fingers crossed these next couple of weeks make a difference.

Punk80 Fri 11-May-12 13:02:56

Sorry trouble thought most people were ok with it. How is Fyfe with it? Did you manage to leave a bottle and go out for your anniversary? Was going to try and get it sussed in time for our anniversary so we could go out but my mum who was going to babysit has broken her wrist so don't think it will be happening.
How are people managing visitors? We seem to have people up all the time which is lovely but hard going! Dh mum rung on tues and said we want to come and see our grand daughter on Saturday. You feel mean saying no but what about waiting for an invite?! At this rate we're going to have mine or dh parents here every weekend.

broodylicious Fri 11-May-12 17:18:07

Know exactly what you mean punk - Visitors to our home are welcome but at our invite only. A few weeks ago, when dd would've been three or four weeks old, and I'd invited my friends over, I was actually very straightforward and honest and said they're welcome but please could they keep the visit to just an hour because of feeding and my tiredness. It is not like me to speak like that, i never want to fall out with people or upset them and so because they know that and the way I worded it, they weren't at all put out and said they were just pleased to come and congratulate us and meet the LO.

Re relatives - from the very start, we told both families that we would be having "no visitor days" or "new family days" so that DH, DD and I could enjoy getting to know each other, slob about or just do what we want. That was important while DH had his two weeks off work, but now he's back and working four or five days a week, we want at least one day a week when it's just us. He works funny hours and any of the seven days (ie its not a 9-5, mon-fri job). My mum gets a bit sulky if we say we're having a NV day on a saturday or that we're not going to be around for them to see us (ie if we've agreed to see other people) but we just take it as they're our rules and we're sticking to them for now. Might seem harsh but it's what we want and what works for us.

Not completely sure punk! I got a bit in to him with the tiny TUK teat then left him with my mum for 3 hours, she gave him the bottle but thought I had already put the milk in it when I hadn't grin so she essentially gave him a dummy! He sucked it very happily and fell asleep! We may try again this weekend (with milk!) smile

X posts broody! Sounds like a good system. We've not had any problems really, my mum comes over most days whilst DH is at work and we go out for a walk with Fyfe and the dog and we've had friends to visit most weekends but they've only come for a day despite us encouraging them to stay for the while weekend! It's nice for us though as we've moved and want to show our friends round so want them to come for long visits so we can get out and about and explore.

Whole not while! blush

ardenbird Sat 12-May-12 09:58:42

How weird about the reflex check, broody. I'd guess it'd be the startle/falling reflex she was checking for? My DD exhibits it if you just lean her back fast, not sure being airborn is neccessary!

Best wishes for your DD, kiki. I hope the two week check shows lots of improvement.

And I'm afraid I'm horrid at expressing - the IBCLC said to pump anyway as the stimulation was useful, and I've been trying to. Five pumping sessions or so and I might have 10ml. But it also hard to do all these things and keep DD fed! I've found that, despite what they say about feeding to cue, that DD is better if I let her get a little desperate. She actually opens her mouth then. I'm wondering if opening wide is uncomfortable, so she's only willing to do it if she's really hungry. Makes me feel bad to make her wait, but I've been trying that the last couple feeds and we have less of a "fight" as it is easier to get her latched on. It does make for massively long feeding sessions, though, like over 2 hours, so I'm feeding nearly constantly. I think I need to learn to do things in 15 minute spurts.

I've been exploring private options for DD - phoned an IBCLC who had some advice and recommended a cranial osteopath. We have an appt with her on Monday. It was funny, as just that day I was saying to DH that people in the March thread went to one and I wonder what it is and why... But it sounds like it could be useful and might have something to do with why DD doesn't like opening her mouth. I've also used a "remote service" of a TT expert who does initial consults over the internet/phone. I've filled in their forms and a waiting to hear back now. They're not close, but perhaps a conceivable drive if we make a two-day trip and stop at a friends' place half-way.

We're not having trouble with visitors, as people we know are either really local or very far away. PIL were here for the first three weeks to help out, which was a bit crowded, but they were super-helpful and fed us and stuff. Local visitors have all been very polite about staying no more than half an hour or so. I actually wish people would come more often, as I'm feeling somewhat isolated. My Mum is coming in a week and a half, and staying a week, which will be more interesting. I hope she might be helpful, but she can be high-maintenance. Also, when she bought her plane tickets two weeks ago, I was sure we'd have DD's issues sorted by then. But at the rate things are moving, we might need to be traveling somewhere for something while she's here. Oh well, maybe she can make the trip easier.

DD had an hour of awake-but-not-hungry yesterday, the longest period in a long time, which made me quite happy! It's very disheartening when she just seems 'almost hungry' all of the time. Unfortunately she did it when all I wanted was a nap, so we didn't take the most advantage of it, and I just sat on the couch attempting to entertain her with toys (babies sure have short attention spans, don't they?) and eventually walked around the house and looked out windows (while I wished she fall asleep so I could too).

KikiRC Sat 12-May-12 20:25:58

Hope you're all having a good weekend- it's been lovely here. Just wondering how many of you have had first injections yet? Ivy has hers on Tuesday. Did anyone get a fever or anything? I was advised to get some Calpol just in case she had a reaction- haven't given her anything like that before, hopefully we won't need it. Also, next to the Calpol in my local Boots was a row of Gripe Water (both the branded one & their own make). Just thought I'd mention it 'cos I remember someone saying it was hard to get hold of a while back- maybe stocks have been replenished? It was about £2 or £3..

Fyfe had his two weeks ago kiki, he was absolutely fine, no fever. Thanks, yes, gripe water is back in stock! smile

KikiRC Sat 12-May-12 20:56:08

It's a funny thing to have a run on, gripe water, isn't it?! Good to see there's some about now, anyway. x

ardenbird Mon 14-May-12 21:42:02

Just back from osteopath. DD already a little better at opening her mouth, so I'm very encouraged. It was also nice to get validation that DD really is uncomfortable and I'm not just crazy and/or have bad technique.

Although, we managed to schedule the appointment, a 2 hr drive that construction turned to 3, on a growth spurt day. Oh my. It was feed in public trial by fire. We fed at: rest area parking lot, medical centre, Indian restaurant, (all afternoon at breastfeeding support group in that town), ikea cafe, and ikea parking lot. Phew. And I imagine I'll be up late tonight satisfying her delayed needs from the day. Hopefully next week won't have such a desperately hungry baby...

broodylicious Mon 14-May-12 23:18:47

sadwhat a hellish few days we've endured. DD had serious bout of colic on Saturday - to coincide with me driving the 60 mile trip to my folks of course. She woke up ok but after an hour or so, it was clear she was gonna be trouble and sure enough, on came the colic. Drive over to the folks was great as she just slept but after half an hour of us arriving, on came the screaming....hour after hour after hour - started about 2ish, went on til about 730. It stressed me out so much and I just broke down. I didn't want my folks to think I can't cope but in reality, at that particular point in time, I couldn't. They were great and took her for cuddles (with her screaming still) and comforted me too.

Today, she's been awake for getting on 14 hours. Constantly. Ten minute snooze after a feed this morning, tried to move her but she wouldn't be put into her bed, so I had to hold her but then she wouldn't go back to sleep - no amount of rocking, singing, quiet talking would do it. Then I took her for a drive; she fell asleep after five trips around the block but woke up about two minutes of coming back into the house. Taken her again at 930, again she fell asleep and stayed sleeping for 10 minutes of being home but now she's wide awake again. DH has her now trying to coax her to shut her eyes while I've come upstairs to rest. Ha. Not likely.
Please tell me this is just a growth spurt thing?!?!

Wow arden don't you just love those hungry days?! smile great the osteopathy has made a difference already!
broody sad that sounds really, really tough, poor you. I really hope you've all managed to get some sleep tonight?
The efficient feeding didn't last by the way, just a fluke it seems as back to feeding very frequently by the next day. The night feeds have got shorter though, now usually up for half an hour rather than an hour. Now that I've written that it'll probably be jinxed and never happen again! grin

Do any of you have any top tips to share by the way? I have two:
Buy plain yogurt to mix with cereal, it can then be eaten one handed.
Put baby down (if you want to) whilst drowsy,not when already asleep.

KikiRC Tue 15-May-12 12:54:52

Not a tip as such, but something Ivy loves is wearing a rattle on her wrist- if I lay her down with some music on she'll sing away & rattle along happily for up to about half an hour, especially if I'm nearby joining in the singing.. Means I can move about and get things done for short bursts when she's not sleeping...

Sounds good kiki! I'll look out for one! I forgot another one, Fyfe will happily lay naked on a changing mat on the bathroom floor whilst I have a shower and get dressed! smile

I've sent you a text kiki, let me know if you still have probs with your phone.

Bit quiet round here! Are you all having a nice weekend? grin

knitterati Sun 20-May-12 17:34:12

Yup! Having a nice w/e after going to the baby show in Birmingham on Friday - fabbo!
It has been quiet on here...

Anyone got any tips on settling baby to sleep?

Hi knitterati, the show sounds fun, did you get lots of things? smile
I feed Fyfe to sleep every night still, are you trying to avoid that or is that not working for you?

broodylicious Sun 20-May-12 21:50:19

Argh knitterati if only I knew... wink

BeeWi Mon 21-May-12 07:34:15

Hi ladies. How's everyone going?

We had quite an emotional couple of weeks here. My folks left last week after being here for 5 weeks, which was gutting. They were fab with Erin; my dad was the best person at getting her to do really long 'talking' stints and my mam was really lovely with her too. It's not that we can't cope without them, it's just sad that they'll miss all the tactile stuff with her as she grows- the gorgeous snugly cuddles and the like. Thank goodness for Skype though smile.

Knitterati - to settle Erin we usually swaddle then rock in our arms and sing or whisper 'there, there' until her eyes become slits. Whilst we're doing that, we put a couple of wheat packs in her bassinet, so it gets all warm. We take them out just before we put her in and then lay her down super gently and the keep whispering 'there, there' to her until she's fully out. Usually the does the trick but it can ake up to 10 mins whispering (I think the whispering may sound like the blood whoosh from in the womb). We always avoid making eye contact too.

Trouble - I used your tip about showering with Erin in the bathroom, except I kept her clothed and laying in a baby relax chair as it's getting cold here and our bathroom can be chilly. It worked a treat. Thank you for the tip - it's revolutionised our mornings.

My tip that you probs all know, but is to use heat packs in your baby's bed before laying them down. It makes the bedding nearer to body temperature, so it's not a shock when they're laid down / makes it seem like they're still being cuddled.
Also, I did a baby massage class last week and apparently if you rub your pointer finger along the flats of their soles from your left to right (if they're laid on thir backs with their feet towards you) it helps release trapped wind.

BeeWi Mon 21-May-12 07:35:59

P.s. Arden. - reading your posts puts me in awe of you! I thought we had it tough with Erin's reflux problems but you're a trooper. Massive respect! Hope things are improving!

grin glad it worked for you bee, it makes such a difference to be able to easily shower every morning doesn't it?! Your tip sounds handy, DH has nearly finished painting Fyfe's cot now and we plan to get him in to it when we start his bedtime routine next week, so far we have all been going to bed at 9 but we will do 7.30 bath, feed, bed for 8 so I will get a hot water bottle organised whilst DH is doing the bath to give us more chance. It makes a lot of sense as he does all of his day sleeping on me and I'm pretty warm I guess! Thanks! Keep 'em coming!
Fyfe broke his personal record again last night and slept solidly from 11-6! grin and we went back to sleep after a feed, oh the wonderful laziness of only having one child! grin

ardenbird Tue 22-May-12 12:44:47

Well, we've had an adventurous few days! We made the trip to the clinic to get Tessa's tongue-tie snipped. They said see the osteopath before and after to keep the tension from pressing her tongue down. It was across the country Friday to the osteopath, then down to spend the night in a hotel next to the clinic, clinic Saturday morning, then drive to friends and spend the night, back home on Sunday, and a trip back and forth to the osteopath again on Monday.

It's been an amazing difference: Tessa is much happier, and spends more time alert already. And she's more relaxed when sleeping. Feeds are taking only 45-60min, instead of nearly two hours! So there's actually time in between to do things. I haven't gotten to experience much of that yet, since we've been mostly driving, but at our friends I had my first sit-down meal with adults since the birth, and we stopped at a few tourist attractions on the way home.

She's got tongue exercises to do, and we have to stretch it twice a day. I don't like that as she cries, but she's getting over it faster. She has to learn to suck a new way, which they say will take 2-3 weeks -- one of the exercises is to have her suck my finger, and I can feel the difference between "old suck" and "new suck", which she goes back and forth between.

And then today we visited the HV for a weigh-in, and Tessa managed to gain 17 ounces in 2 weeks; enough to make the fact that last time HV plotted her weight one week too early still make it look like following the line this weigh. I expect she'll start boosting up the charts by next time smile

What's funny is it's like we're starting over -- I need to figure out when to feed her, etc, and what she wants all over again, and she needs to figure it out too. But I'm just so happy that everything looks to be getting better. smile

bee, oo, that heat-pack idea sounds great. Where do you get the wheat packs from? We went looking for those when I was pregnant and didn't find them, and we can't even find anywhere selling hotwater bottles (the last place I saw one was Woolworths!).

How's Tessa's feeding now arden? You did so well sticking to your guns!grin
Fyfe just had his second injections, he was very brave, just a little cry at each calming down again very quickly. One more lot to go in another 4 weeks. smile

knitterati Wed 23-May-12 12:46:05

Arden that's fab news!! Glad to hear you're getting there. I think most mums would have given in and given a bottle by now! So big respect to you.

Bee - thanks for the info. I've been feeding Elena to sleep, which all the books say not to do. There is the odd occasion we've been able to rock/bounce her to sleep from being put down all dozy in her hammock, but again, I've read that you create bad 'sleep associations' if you rock them to sleep, gah! It's a real minefield and I hate how I feel that no matter what I do to get her to sleep, it's not the right thing! Ah well. She sleeps, so I guess that's all we need for now. The tip about warming the bed/hammock worked for us the other day - mind, not that we need it here for the moment now we have all this lovely weather... Now we've got to keep these babies cool!!

Normal sleep for us is 10-3, 3.30-6/7am, not too bad, but could be better as I'm not seeing any signs that the 3am feed is getting any later/earlier in the morning IYSWIM?! Jabs next week so am fully expecting a grotty baby again. Back to growth spurt behaviour for a few days then.

Baby show was vvv good - bought close pop in nappies for £10/nappy rather than £14/nappy so have got myself fully kitted out for reusables! So far so good smile bought all sorts of other stuff much cheaper too! Think the next one is in Manchester, for those further north than me!

Hope everyone is enjoying this weather! X

broodylicious Wed 23-May-12 19:57:37

Hi all smile Poppy had her jabs yesterday. She was fine with then but I cried! The nurse was lovely and said many mums get emotional at the first lot. Felt a bit of a wally though!
She seems to be settling herself into a routine in terms of naps and feeds and she's getting a nice night-time sleep most nights, only broken at 3-4 for a feed. I'm happy to let her rule the routine for the time being as she's only eight weeks old so she can't manipulate us and just wants feed, changing, sleep or cuddles. maybe it's not what the books say (gina ford hasn't even had kids so [raspberry] to her!!) but it's what we're happy with. We rock her to sleep during the day but generally needs feeding to sleep at night.
We are going for a taster session at baby sensory on Friday. Really looking forward to that. Anyone else tried it?

sad broody! It is a bit sad! Fyfe had his second ones today and it was much better, he was very brave do it was fine for me too. He has one more lot to go in 4 weeks time. The routine sounds good, I'm happy to be led by him too, whatever he needs.
knitterati I've been told the same (at post natal classes) re not feeding/rocking/hugging but when I told my mum about this she looked very hmm and said she always fed me to sleep when I was very little and I just naturally started settling myself when I was a bit older, she never had any problems with it, guess like everything it will differ from baby to baby. I've decided he sleeps so well I'm not going to mess with it! grin

ardenbird Thu 24-May-12 09:12:02

I've heard that "you can't spoil a baby in the first three months", so I think whatever you do is right if it makes the baby happy smile

Wow, right now it's like the first few weeks again -- we have to make sure she feeds at least every three hours to make sure her tongue doesn't heal back. I'm wandering about in a sleep-deprived fog again. Had a scare earlier in the week when her tongue looked to be sticking down, and it turned out I wasn't being forceful enough when stretching it sad So now I'm trying really hard, but it makes us both cry. Good thing is it seems to have come loose again.

Thanks for all the kind words, everyone. It's nice to hear, especially when I'm bumbling along feeling like I can't do this right at all!

broodylicious Thu 24-May-12 09:56:40

Just a little praise for my hospital!! Xx

FlipFantasia Thu 24-May-12 13:24:22

Hi ladies

A flying visit from me - it's so hot here that I'm jealous of those at the coast! Back after a long, hot, sun cream sticky morning at the playground. At least DS keeps his sun hat on now...DD just stayed in the sling and slept!

Arden well done! That's great that it's been snipped and you've got advice on how to move forward. You've done an amazing job to get this far and continue to do an amazing job smile.

Re the feeding to sleep/rocking etc, I'm with Trouble's mum on this. Don't worry about it! Do whatever works in terms of getting them off to sleep or resettling. Our babies are still so young and it's normal for them to need help with things like getting to sleep. It's actually a good thing to rock a baby (see here).

I fed DS to sleep every night until at least 7-8 months, when DH took over and rocked him to sleep. I continued to feed to sleep for many months after that whenever we needed to (eg travelling or staying somewhere unfamiliar, or teething, or illness...). We coslept until 9 months. All naps were either in the sling, fed to sleep lying down (so I could nap next to him grin) or rocked in the buggy until 11 months, when I moved him to a cot so that he'd be ready for nursery. He didn't sleep for longer than 2 hours at a time until he was 9 months (strangely, I was more tired once he started sleeping for longer stretches!).

A couple of my NCT friends were Gina Forders, as was one of my sisters, and I got a lot of "advice" about how I was ruining my son, rod for my own back, I should let him cry it out etc. But it's rubbish, as he is a great sleeper now - at 26 months he does a 2 hour nap every day (which means me and DD get to nap together too smile) and sleeps pretty much 8pm-7.30am every night (sometimes he's up later or sleeps later).

One thing that did work for us was having a bed routine from about 4 months - bath and the same bedtime story book (we still use the same book now, all taped up, and it's a great sleep cue - it's in his cot and we take it with us traveling and he'll sleep anywhere with it). Also, for older babies, the No Cry Sleep Solution is great if you want a book to read.

We'll follow a routine with DD from about 12 weeks this time - she currently gets into her PJs at the same time as her brother and then sleeps on one of us until we all go to bed around 11 and then sleeps next to me.

OK, DD needs a feed!

Punk80 Fri 25-May-12 13:32:18

Hi all hope you're enjoying the sunsmile how are your babies coping with the heat? Orla slept quite a lot yesterday but hasn't so far today, she seems to want lots of little feeds and is enjoying her bouncy chair! I can't believe she will be ten weeks on Monday time is flying and I'm really enjoying it. Already thinking I can't go back to work full time think I am going to contact my boss to see about option of part time. How about you guys?

broody I cried too at first injections! Orla did a cry that she had never done before was awful and she was due a feed so a stressful experiencesad hopefully next ones will be better now i know what to expect! We're doing a baby sensory taster as well next week have heard really good things about it.
trouble any luck with the bottle? We tried again and slightly better than the traumatic first attempt but she only took a little bit. Meeting a friend this afternoon who is bringing some teats her daughter had in hospital so will give them a go. Hope it's working for you.
arden wow to you having to deal with all you have on top of all the normal baby things. Hope things keep getting better.

Hope you all have a good weekend in the sun! We're off to my mums for a few days as she needs an op on her broken wrist so going to help her out although not sure how much use I will be when I get there with a baby and our two very lively dogs!! Could be interesting grin

broodylicious Fri 25-May-12 17:09:21

We have just got back from baby sensory. Wow. It's fantastic! Poppy was a bit overwhelmed by it all and cried for a while but the group leader said it's quite common to begin with because of the new sights, sounds and smells so not to worry. Hope you enjoy it too, punk! xx

punk I've abandoned the bottle idea and have started using a tommy tippee free flow sippy cup, you can use them from 3 months, Fyfe took some water from it yesterday and wasn't upset about it at all- much more successful! grin
I'm not going back to work, we had planned it that way and were lucky as we're able to halve our mortgage when we moved so we can manage on just DH's salary. smile
Baby sensory sounds fun, we'll be going at some point! We went to a parent and baby cinema screening yesterday, it was so much fun!grin

broodylicious Fri 25-May-12 23:10:35

trouble can we give water after three months then? I didn't think they needed it if you ebf? blush
I bought some TT cups, spoons and feeding pots last week from aldi - never been in there before but had seen on tv they had a baby event on and got Poppy's bits, plus a pair of ugg type boots and ballerina pumps for £7! Bargain!

They don't need it broody! I just didn't want to express or defrost milk (and likely have to throw it away again in order to try the cup out and figured water wouldn't hurt on a hot day like that. I'll they with milk next time now that he has taken from the cup.grin

Try...not they.

broodylicious Sat 26-May-12 11:06:27

Ah phew! Was thinking I was denying her something wink
We've just been for a lovely walk; it's warm out there but there was a nice breeze so we didn't get too hot. Poppy has slept the whole time we were out so obviously felt comfortable - she had such a paddy when we walked over a country park on Wednesday!
Don't know about you but I am so worried about what to dress her in! Will she be too hot? Too cold? Should she still wear socks if it's not a sleep suit she's got on? The nurse we saw on Tuesday for her jabs said she's fine in just a nappy when it's this hot but obviously I don't want her like that when we are out and about! We are keeping her just in a vest when we are at home, how about you guys?

KikiRC Sat 26-May-12 12:30:40

broody, at the antenatal class we were told that the top of the back, under the neck is a good place to monitor temperature, if you're not sure if they're hot/ cold. Ivy's just been in a vest at home, and a thin dress over the top when we go out- plus a big sun hat as the strong sea breeze can mask how strong the sun is, here.

KikiRC Sat 26-May-12 12:31:43

PS- I've also given Ivy a bit of water in a bottle from time to time when it's hot.. she seems to quite like it...

Fyfe is wearing short sleeved shortie all in ones and a hat, no socks or anything else, well, apart from factor 50! smile

broodylicious Sat 26-May-12 15:13:53

Aaah yes!!! Thanks kiki - I think we were told that at NCT too but remembering isn't one of my strong points these days, haha! I think also by feeling their tummies you can get a good idea.
Think I'm going to invest in a few romper suits too trouble if this weather continues. Bit loathed as she will be in 3-6 stuff soon but there are some cute ones in M&S so guess I'll treat her!!

Why not get them in 3-6 broody, they're rather nice a little baggy in this weather, I've just moved him in to the 6-9 month ones that he would have been moving in to in about 2 weeks anyway and they're nice and cool for him! grin

ardenbird Sun 27-May-12 13:10:59

Yeah, I've been wondering if in the heat, do our bodies make more watery milk so the LOs can drink more but not overeat? It would make sense...

Tessa is doing well. I still hate stretching her, but she is getting over it faster, so it must not hurt as much. Oo - I have a tip! To get her to calm down, I've been holding her close, giving a little jiggle, and shushing in her ear as loud as she's crying. She often stops crying for a second at the first shush, and then slowly quiets down. I have to keep the sushing up, but quieter, once she quiets.

broodylicious Sun 27-May-12 15:59:51

arden our LO responds to shushing too. Other things we've discovered this week :
1) holding her close while bouncing on the yoga/exercise ball calms her down when she has a strop
2) putting my iPod on also has the same effect but we have to stand and sway and jiggle
3) putting her down in her bed when drowsy not fully asleep settles her far quicker and usually results in less tossing and turning
4) she is flippin nosy! When it's bedtime, we have to rock her in a silent, darkened room with very little to look at or she will keep staring, smiling or giggling at us or random objects around her. At nap time, we play my iPhone's tunes and rock and sing gently.
5) she adores mirrors and it keeps her happy for a little longer by playing in front of one! The one in our hall is hung head height so I dip below it then come up and pull a funny face to her reflection and she does such a high pitched squeal/giggle!
6) she doesn't like going shopping and doesn't mind telling me and the other shoppers....blush

I love this mummyhood grin

ardenbird Mon 28-May-12 11:38:39

And oh, returning to work... ack, I just filled out the HR form confirming my plans. Realising I'm now past the half-way point with Tessa before I go back -- I'm only taking the 16 weeks paid we get, as we can't afford it otherwise, plus I figured I'd be pretty resentful of my students for whom I have to do things like read a PhD thesis before I return if I used savings to have time off work and yet still have to do such things. Academics is odd -- I've heard people say thing like maternity leave is great time to get work done! I don't know what kind of maternity leave they spent, but it's not like mine... Anyway, going back should be pretty low-key as I'm planning to work from home and only go in once or twice a week for a seminar, and I put in an application to do a research project (at home) instead of teaching for the first semester. But I will have to find time to actually work with Tessa about! I have friends who have done this, though, so I know it's possible. (One friend went back at 6 weeks -- with her daughter in her office in a Uni-provided crib! Germany is so practical...)

RemembersButtonMoon Mon 28-May-12 15:49:28

May I join, please? My little boy was born on 17th March 2012... St. Patrick's Day (his dad is Irish) and the day before Mothering Sunday.

Gabeesh Tue 29-May-12 01:42:01

Can I join too - my ds was born 20th March at 6.22am and I delivered him myself in the hospital toilet!

broodylicious Tue 29-May-12 03:59:02

Welcome to newbies smile [waves] oh my goodness gabeesh! Would love to hear more about that delivery! Xx

Welcome Button and Gabeesh, how are your babies getting on?
Glad to hear everything is going well and that you all seem to be enjoying mummyhood! smile
Fyfe's cot was put up yesterday (we'd been cosleeping) as a bedside cot so with 3 sides, mattress meeting ours. We decided to start a bedtime routine for him as he's now 3 months so DH took him upstairs for a bath at 8.30, I fed him and he was asleep in his cot at 9.07 grin - pretty successful! We're going to gradually make it earlier and try going downstairs with the monitor (last night we just watched a programme on the laptop in bed) I realise some of you are probably way ahead with this but am quite excited! grin

broodylicious Tue 29-May-12 10:02:18

Well done trouble that seems a great start to a routine [thumbs up]. We are trying to give her the same cues every night so she's aware it is nighttime - so lights are low, tv volume goes down, DH and I talk quietly, feed downstairs til she's starting to drift off, rock her a little, take her upstairs and put her in her bed, no lights on but lit with light from landing. Doing it like this, she generally sleeps from about 11pm til 3am, feeds for about 40 minutes, then sleeps from 4am to 6/7am. It's all a bit trial and error isn't it?
In other news, poppy has got conjunctivitis in both eyes sad they both were quite gunky on Sunday, but not red, and she was scratching them a lot so I took her to the doctors yesterday. We've got eye drops for her so hopefully she'll be feeling better soon. Although I can't say it's affected her happiness - she was full of gorgeous giggles and squeals at 6am yesterday and again today!!

Thanks broody! He slept from 9-9 with feeds at 3.30, 5.30 and 7.30 and settled easily in his cot so I'm glad I didn't mess things up by insisting his cot was painted before it was put up (this took a few extra weeks but wouldn't have ever happened otherwise!). Sorry to hear about poppy! Did you know that you can treat conjunctivitis with breast milk too? Just express in to their eyes every feed! shock grin

broodylicious Tue 29-May-12 15:37:15

That's fantastic! Not at all envy haha! I hadn't heard about breast milk for conjunctivitis until this morning when I happened to be googling something about it. May well give that a try between her antibiotic drops.
Just got back from the health visitor drop in clinic as I needed to have her weighed. Devastated that she's only gone up to 10:2 from 9:14 in the last two weeks. I feel like all I've done is feed so I am totally deflated and sadsadsad Don't know what else I can do now. Well I could ff but tbh I will feel dreadful sadsad

sad sorry to hear that broody! Are they concerned about her? Weight isn't everything of course, if she seems happy in herself she may just be having a slow gaining period and may pick up again. Was ff suggested?

Punk80 Wed 30-May-12 09:57:00

Welcome to new peeps smile
trouble well done to you and Fyfe with your routine feels like such an achievement doesn't it?! Orla is being great too, she generally goes to sleep about 7.30pm has a feed around 10.30pm 4.30am and 7am and is in her cot in between. We've put her in her big cot now as she kept sticking her arm through the spindles of her crib! She looks so tiny in it very cutesmile. Sounds like you're enjoying the social side of being a mummy. I've found it a really good way to make friends.
We've just signed up for a baby massage course at the c centre. Anyone done that?

broody I'm sure it's ok that poppy hasn't put on loads of weight. How is she looking in the graph? I agree with trouble it could just be a slow weight gain time and then she'll have a spurt. You're doing a great job smile
In bed with a baby making a lot if bottom sounds! Going to investigatewink

Gabeesh Thu 31-May-12 14:29:47

Thanks for the welcome guys! My DS is currently passed out in my arms grinning his big goofy sleep grins that crack me up so much. He is really wonderful, my first and hopefully not my last (I'm 31 and had fertility issues plus fibromyalgia, but we're so happyi I think we'd like one more!)

Well, I had very bad blood pressure from 7 months so I was in hospital a lot. Finally, 11 days before he was due they decided to induce me as I was getting very poorly. However, they estimated I'd probably take 2 days before ds was born, so sent dh home that night. I had already gone into labour though, and timing my contractions thought I was in final labour by midnight. However, they kept saying I didn't look like I was in labour. I didn't know what to do with myself, was in so much pain and Si scared thinking it was only going to get worse. Luckily my sis and mum couldn't sleep so we were texting all night which really helped. At 5am they examined me and I was only 2 cm and waters hadn't broken yet. I was despairing! An hour later they came to check me again but when they took my pj bottoms off my waters broke. I suddenly needed the loo so sprinted to the toilet, had a cry and suddenly had to poop. Only a baby popped out instead! I was in shock, pulled the emergency cord and had about 7 midwives trying to persuade me to unlock the door (d'oh!) I knew they could get in so yelled "I can't stand up - you get in here, I've had the baby!" Wasn't angry, just in shock. Seconds before they all burst in the baby fell out down the loo but I caught him. His cord was wrapped round his neck so a tried to pull it slack (not easy, it was quite tight) then they all came in and took over, and I couldn't stop grinning! Awkward phoning DH to tell him I'd had the baby and hadn't even had a chance to call him. He was up in a shot! Whole final process took about 2 mins. If I could go back I wouldn't change a thing except to have DH there.

The midwives were really upset and felt they'd let me down, but I don't think they did. They were fab, no one could have predicted I'd go from 2cm to baby in an hour, and I genuinely feel it was just one of those things and if it hadn't been for their care while we were sick we might not have made it. I don't believe in blame anyway, and I'd hate for them to feel guilty when the outcome was so wonderful.

ardenbird Thu 31-May-12 16:33:41

Welcome to the new ones smile And, wow, gabeesh, that is some story! I'm glad it worked out well.

Sorry to hear about the weight broody - are they worried? I thought they said only weigh once a month after birthweight is reached, anyway, but our HV does seem to want us in every two weeks as well... Has she developed any new motor skills recently? Our friends told us about how when their DS started rolling he started slow weight-gain, which everyone got them all scared about, but it appeared he was just active and burning calories. He's now a still ridiculously energetic healthy six year old.

My Mum was here last week, left Wed AM. Phew. She helped a bit, but I think on sum was more work. I was surprised at how inept she was with a baby, but I guess I was spoiled by MIL who has three kids of her own, recent grandkids, and used to be a nursery teacher, whereas my Mum only had me nearly four decades ago. She was a lot less capable than I remember from when I last saw her in person a year and a half ago, which is sad sad She wants to come back in September again to "help", and I'm not sure what to say. I don't want to tell her she's more trouble than help, and I know she likes seeing Tessa, but I'm worried about taking care of her, the baby, and being back at work all at the same time. If my Dad came along, I'd feel a lot better, but he's terrified of airplanes and I'm not sure we can get him across an ocean.

What are you all doing about vitamin D drops? The HV gave them to me and said we could start them now or when she's a year old. That seemed horribly vague to me. I have no idea if I should start them or not.

RemembersButtonMoon Thu 31-May-12 16:59:18

Gabeesh, your son will love hearing that story when he’s older!

My birth was very different. I developed preeclampsia at 39 weeks, after suffering horribly with the PEP (Polymorphic Eruption of Pregnancy) rash. I was induced on the same day it was diagnosed. After three days of ‘labouring’ (if you can call it that) with an epidural and hormone drip, I developed a fever and had an emergency caesarean. I found being pregnant absolutely awful, although I somehow managed to continue to work until just over a week before my little boy was born.

Having him here at last is absolutely wonderful – I feel like we are in our own little sleep-induced magical bubble. I am often blissfully ignorant of time and day. Already broody and wanting another, people are right when they say you forget about all the pain of child birth!

Ardenbird – I have not heard about giving Vitamin D drops to the baby but I have been taking supplements when I remember so he has a good supply of Vitamin D from my breast milk.

I am so reassured to hear about your baby’s sleeping patters Broodylicious. My little boy has almost an identical routine to your daughter – falls asleep at about 11pm, sleeps until 4am and wakes finally at about 7am. I was worried his ‘bedtime’ may be too late as my friend’s baby of roughly the same age seems to be going to sleep at 9pm and sleeping through (either that or he’s fibbing).

Thank you all for making us feel so welcome!

Wow gabeesh! I went from 2-10cm in 30 mins but took a bit longer than you to actually have the baby! grin
arden glad you can get some rest now! Re vitamin d, you can give it now if you are bf and not taking a supplement yourself or, of you're taking a supplement (I take pregnacare still but you can take a normal multi vitamin) you can start her at 1 year. smile

KikiRC Thu 31-May-12 18:02:06

Hello newbies- that does sound terrifying, gabeesh!
Like the others have said, Broody, unless the doctor thinks there's a problem I wouldn't worry too much for now, I think some babies plateau a bit with their weight, and then suddenly have enormous growth spurts.. And her weight doesn't sound tiny, anyway.
Arden- I know exactly what you mean about your mum- mine is just the same, except she's only 2 hours away, so it's not quite the same issue. But when my parents come to visit at weekends (they stay in a B&B locally, so that makes things a bit easier) I find myself having to entertain them, and although they're desperately fond of Ivy they're pretty hopeless with her, and clearly did things very differently with me- i.e. ignored long bouts of crying (by leaving me in the pram in the garage) etc. I find them exhausting, frankly, but have worked out the things they can do to help (i.e. food shopping/ bottle feeding Ivy while I get on with things).
Nobody has mentioned vitamin D drops to me- not sure what the UK advice is?

X posts button! Nice to have a couple more boys in the thread! grin

X posts kiki, wow, I thought suddenly busy but actually just didn't refresh before writing my post which was a whole hour after button's! grin

Lawabidingmama Thu 31-May-12 22:43:37

Hello mind if I join in? [waves nervously] My beautiful dd2 arrived 18th march what a lovely mothers day gift grin.

I'm throughly enjoying doing the baby thing again although dd1 is only 2 so is still a baby too smile

Welcome law! Wow, how are you getting on? Is it easier or harder than you thought?

RemembersButtonMoon Fri 01-Jun-12 09:27:58

I just had a skim read through the entire thread and it was nice 're-living' some of those special experiences - first smiles, problems with wind, immunisations and those 'not-really-postnatal' 6 week checks!

Trouble - how is Fyfe’s swimming going? I am hoping to take my little one (Callum) in the next couple of weeks as I am a keen swimmer too, but have been putting it off due to a lack of confidence. On a different note, I love the name Fyfe!

How are the other classes going too? We have yet to join any but I am eager to. Does anyone have any recommendations?

Callum rolled over (back to front) in his cot last night, much to my surprise (and fright!). He has started reaching/accidentally getting hold of the toys on the bouncer too…. and trying to pull these to his mouth for a suckle!

How much tummy time do you give to your babies? I try to give Callum time on his mat several times each day, he holds his head up well but becomes upset if this is for longer than a couple of minutes. I have also become irrationally worried about flat head syndrome after seeing a news report so eager not to have him lying on his back, sitting in his bouncer for too long (but what is too long?).

Punk80 Fri 01-Jun-12 12:16:02

Welcome Law I went in to be induced on 18th march as I has oc and was hoping she would arrive that day (wishful thinking) but she arrived 19th. Good timing by your little girl! Mothers day will be extra special smile
That is some story gabeesh well done you!
* button * Orla has a similar sleeping pattern to your lo. How old is your friends baby sleeping through from 9pm???! Orla definitely needs her feeds at 10.30/11pm and 4am ish. She always seems hungry and am used to getting up now although the other night she woke at 3.30 and that did seem like the middle of the night compared to 4.30 when it is light!!

Any one got any nice plans for the jubilee? xx

broodylicious Fri 01-Jun-12 12:39:22

gabeesh that is an amazing story! Television stuff really! I can imagine that the MWs would be upset but like you say, who on earth could've guessed it'd have happened that quickly?!
button - I do baby sensory which is a lovely class. I'm going to be late for it though if I don't get off here and poppy off my boob, haha! If you google it you'll find a class near you as they're uk wide.

Lawabidingmama Sat 02-Jun-12 00:19:04

Aw thanks for the welcomes smile

trouble I am loving being a mama to my two girls do you know even though my eldest is 2 I still can't quite believe I'm a mummy! Sometimes I just stare at them in a stalkerish kind of way awe that I helped create these beautiful little girls! Don't get me wrong it's not all roses and rainbows we have our moments especially now my big girl has hit the terrible twos she's all miss independant! Somedays I wish I could split myself in two as they both need me very much but in different ways! I worried about dd1 how she would deal with getting a sibling especially as we are so close she's such a mamas girl! But she's been great my heart nearly burst the first time she asked where her sister was and the otherday she said " love you" to her I think with her being so young she's forgotten that it used to be just the three of us! She turned 2 two weeks after baby arrived.

Bf Emmie has been a different experience to first time though no chilling on the sofa I'm usually making tea feeding her sister running across the park/ playcentre/ toddler group poor Emmie gets milkshake! I remember first time being very discreet when feeding out and about no chance now!

punk I was delighted she arrived on mothers day especially as she was a week late and as my labour with dd1 had started the day after I was due I was convinced she would around the same I was beginning to think she would need evicted! Totally different labour too dd1 was three days of contractions no sleep twelve hour second stage two hours pushing theatre for forcep delivery this bundle was born less than an hour after arriving at hosp with only twenty mons gas and air three pushes!

It's flying by this time probably as my day is such a whirlwind can't believe she's 11 week on sun!

That's lovely law grin! My bet friend is having her second DD in July, her first will be 2 in October, she really wanted them close together but is finding the pregnancy/toddler combo very difficult, it's good to know it's going so well for you! grin

broodylicious Sat 02-Jun-12 16:22:01

Hi ladies smile

Quick question for you all - when your LOs are having a growth spurt, do they show the same signs every time (ie grumpy, sleepy, more awake etc)?

I ask because poppy has been v sleepy yday and today and on Thursday she ate for Europe, let alone England! This is different to previous spurts when she was a bit irritable, wouldnt sleep at all during the day and her appetite increased slightly. I've put these last few days down to a spurt rather than illness because her appetite hasn't decreased, she doesn't have a raised temperature and her nappies are the same, maybe just a little wetter. She seems happy in herself as she's smiling, laughing, chatting and gurgling as normal.

As i say, normally, she has to be really coaxed into napping so the sleepiness is a bit weird for me, hence my question! Xx

RemembersButtonMoon Sat 02-Jun-12 17:19:17

Hi Broody

How old is Poppy now? Callum is 11 weeks today and has been doing exactly what Poppy has for the past few days. During the heatwave he was unbelievably restless, waking throughout the night and hardly sleeping during the day too. I also found he was sick much more often after feeds than usual. However, it started to cool down on Thursday and he has done nothing but sleep – I put it down to him catching up on missed rest! Similarly, he is his usual smiling and gurgling self.

I hope this helps smile

KikiRC Sat 02-Jun-12 21:34:25

Funnily enough Ivy has been sleeping loads all day today- pretty much just fed & slept with only short bursts of activity in between. Very unlike her, but she certainly doesn't seem ill or anything, so I've just gone with it... She fed a lot the last few days, so I expect it's another spurt. She's 11 and a half weeks now. X

Weird! Fyfe slept loads last week, Tuesday and Wednesday particularly! confused

KikiRC Sun 03-Jun-12 13:15:38

I was worried Ivy wouldn't sleep last night after all the daytime kipping, but she went for 9 hours straight! Couldn't believe it. She's asleep again now, too. Funny kind of growth spurt... maybe it really takes it out of them when they get a bit bigger? Don't know if it's connected, but she's taken to sucking her thumb (not something we introduced her to, she just seemed to find it herself) and in the night I sometimes hear her wake, but then she finds her thumb & sucks it noisily and it seems to pacify her and send her back to sleep again...

Punk80 Sun 03-Jun-12 19:36:00

Snap kiki Orla is 11 weeks tom and is seeming to enjoy her sleep this week sleeping in the day and at night although not 9 hours straight. That must feel great kiki well done ivy smile do you feed her before you go to sleep?
Orla has also found her hand and spends time sucking most of it! You can hear her sucking away in her cot seems to soothe her.
Hope you're all having a good weekend it's pouring here sad

BeeWi Mon 04-Jun-12 09:21:53

Hi ladies. And extra hellos to the new ones smile

Arden - sorry for nt saying about wheat packs sooner...been a while since I checked back. We got ours from a local organic baby & woman shop but I looked on amazon uk and you can order them off there too.

How was everyone's jubilee weekend? The London celebrations have been big on the news here. Bit jealous of you all getting 4 day weekend! We have one extra day, so it's been nice for hubby to hang out with us for an extra day, especially as Erin has taken to going to bed at around 6pm. I think ut's because it's really dark by then, so poor thing thinks it's night. Not so great when she wakes a 4 or 5 ready to go for the day!

Was looking at a website today saying that from 13 weeks babies are classed as infants rather than newborns, so Erin has only got a few as left as a nb! How quickly 3 months passes!

Kiki - can I snd Erin your way fr a chat with Ivy? Her longest sleep so far is still only 5 hours! Mind you, can't complain...I dream feed when I go to bed, she then wakes once during the night and then gets up between 4 and 6.30. So it's not as bad as it used to be!

Is anybody still swaddling? I want to start weaning Erin off it but not really sure how to. Any tips?

KikiRC Mon 04-Jun-12 10:09:10

Haven't done an awful amount for the Jubilee- meeting some friends today & tomorrow there's a street party (though the weather doesn't look great). Bank holidays don't mean quite so much when you're freelance/ on maternity leave, do they? (DP is freelance, too).

Ivy did another 9 hours last night (8pm- 5am), though the bar down the street had a loud party 'til past 2am, so I still only got about 3 hours decent sleep! A lot of the time she's 'asleep' she sounds like she's chatting to Erin or someone, Bee- her finger sucking is very noisy! I was wondering when they stop being classed as newborns- I don't really think of Ivy as that little anymore, it's only when I take her out and about or catch up with friends who haven't seen her in a while that I realise she's still pretty small. She's just growing out of some of her smaller clothes, which feels a bit sad, but the big smiles make up for it!

I'd better get up- we're currently propped up in bed together like Morecombe & Wise!!

Punk80 Tue 05-Jun-12 15:29:01

Hi all hope you're enjoying the jubilee smile
As I'm sat doing a monster feed just starting to look for some toys or things for Orla as she is starting to grab things and is looking round at everything. Think I have a nosy baby! What do your lo's like? She loves her play mat and bouncy chair. Think I need to get a mobile or something for cot as she is starting to lie there and chat to herself.
Think we're having some wind issues angry One feed a day she gets really upset and is lurching on and off screaming in between. Seems to be a different feed each day so can't see a pattern with it. Not nice sad oh well off to the pub now she has finally detached herself!!

broodylicious Tue 05-Jun-12 17:20:41

punk poppy does that annoying screaming on and off thing - nearly always wind as, like you, there's no pattern to it. We give her dentinox as it needs to be given during or after feeds so when she's v bad I give her a little squirt of it.
Poppy is also v v nosy and is starting to play. She loves the laminaze toys as they're great sensory toys with noisy material, bright colours etc. however, in keeping with the common rule that kids prefer free things (like the boxes toys come in rather than the toys themselves), her favourite is the cuddly cow I got free when I signed up to the cow and gate baby club!! Never fails to make her smile!!

broodylicious Tue 05-Jun-12 17:57:47

If you're looking for cheap toys, my friend told me about www.sensorywarehouse.co.uk. I ordered a few things off there last night. They've got a great range of toys including the maracas and jingle bells poppy adores when we go to baby sensory xx

Punk80 Tue 05-Jun-12 18:31:49

Thanks broody will go shopping online later! We're starting baby sensory next week jingle bells sound like fun! Will check out dentinox X

broodylicious Tue 05-Jun-12 18:41:22

Ooh let me knw what you think to baby sensory. We love it! You'll soon know all the words to the hello song [waltzes off singing "say hello to the sun, shining down on me, I love the sun because the sun warms me....] grin

ardenbird Fri 08-Jun-12 04:08:07

Thanks, kiki, I'll check out amazon.

I know what you mean by noisy thumb-sucking! Tessa sounds like she's having a conversation with it...

We're finally off the every-three-hours schedule, but no massive sleeping through. She still needs a nappy change in the middle of the night -- why we're up right now, and boy she does not sound like she's planning to sleep again anytime soon. The sun rising so early does NOT help things. Well, I'm off to try to convince her it's still nightime.

smile arden, can you get a blackout blind?

BeeWi Sat 09-Jun-12 23:48:53

Anyone's baby go wappy after second lot of jabs? She was up feeding every 2.5 hours last night. It was like having a newborn again. She was okayish on Friday night after the jabs- woke up crying a few extra times but could soothe her back to sleep and she just had her usual dream feed at 10, woke at 3 for a feed and then was up at 5 but Saturday night was just dreadful. Every 2.5 hours and having long feeds at that, so it meant a few stints of 1 or 1.5 hours sleep at best. Just aching with tiredness...hope she's better tonight!

Anyone else find this?

KikiRC Sun 10-Jun-12 10:34:23

Oh, goodness, Bee, poor you. How did she react to the first set? Ivy's due her second set imminently, but the appointment has been messed up & the time they have offered her is the day before we travel up to London for a wedding. I think I'm going to postpone them, apparently it doesn't matter if there's a longer gap. Hope she feels better soon & you can catch up on some sleep! Ivy didn't feed more often especially after the first ones, but she was just generally quite grizzly & off colour for about a week, and the night of the injections we had to give her a tiny dose of Calpol because she just screamed inconsolably, which she never usually does.

Punk80 Sun 10-Jun-12 18:21:46

bee hope your lo ok and you get more sleep tonight. We have second lot on Friday not looking forward to itsad
We have a poo issue or rather lack of! She hasn't done a poo since Tuesday poor thing is not herself. Doing lots of massage and moving her legs and trying to get some water in her but she still isn't that receptive to a bottle. She is usually so smiley and happy but think the poo thing probably links in with her getting upset after feeding and she is bringing back more milk than usual. It's really hard seeing her get so upset. Going to baby clinic on Tuesday so will see what hv say although not holding out much hope. Have a lot planned this week but worried about feeding her when out and about as she is getting so upset although generally this happens with one or two feeds a day do we might be ok.
Hope you're all having good weekends. The rain has finally stopped and we have had a nice day here smile

broodylicious Sun 10-Jun-12 19:01:33

punk is your lo ebf? Many ebf babies don't poo every day and my HV said some only do one explosive poo once a week! Our lg goes two or three times a week. Dentinox makes her go a bit more though. [i never thought I'd be talking about poo with such authority!! What mummyhood does to you eh?] xx

KikiRC Sun 10-Jun-12 19:33:16

Punk- Ivy usually only poos once every day or two (most often two). We were worried that she might be getting uncomfortable, but actually she's fine, it just seems to be her way. Have been advised that a small amount of orange juice or prune juice (i.e. the small end of a Calpol spoon) can help, or else a few drops of juice in water, if she'll take it. Ivy seems to like a drop of juice on a spoon.The thing to watch out for is that she's not dehydrated. A tell-tale sign is the wee smelling stronger than usual. Since Tuesday is quite a long time, though- might be worth speaking to someone tomorrow, if you can? When Ivy was at hospital and hadn't pooed for three days they were going to give her a tiny suppository... she didn't need it in the end- I gave her tummy a very gentle massage that time & it did the trick..! X

Punk80 Sun 10-Jun-12 23:40:53

Thanks for the advice. Yes she is ebf and is having lots of wet nappies but I have noticed her wee has smelt stronger this last week. She doesn't normally poo every day normally every few days. Think there has to be an explosive one on the way x x

BeeWi Mon 11-Jun-12 11:21:24

Thanks, Kiki & Punk. Last night we were back to her normal sleeps, thank goodness. She's been much less fussy today too. Kiki, hiking back, the 1st set did make her fussy but we have them done at 6 weeks here, so it was hard to judge because she was a much worse sleeper and a more fussy baby altogether at that time. I hope Ivy's next set go well. I found it a lot less distressing taking her this time. It's still tough though, seeing your baby in pain. Mind you, with whooping cough being the way it is here, immunisations are a must IMO.

Punk - has it been hot where you are? Could be affecting Orla's pootine?
Erin's bum is all over the place...sometimes she'll go three or four days and then two poos will come along in close succession. Like smelly busses, I guess.

Punk80 Mon 11-Jun-12 19:40:06

She pooed this morning! Never thought I would be discussing poo in such detail grin thanks for the advice kiki and bee.
Took her to weigh in today and she is 11lb14oz and 3 months old today! Can't believe how she is growing and changing. It's good to know her weight is fine makes the bf worth it smile

Punk80 Mon 11-Jun-12 19:42:05

bee btw liked the smelly buses idea! Will get ready for another one smile. Glad Erin is back to normal sleeping patterns.

BeeWi Mon 11-Jun-12 20:45:17

Hurrah for poos, Punk! I fully understand the interest. I try not to discuss these things with anyone apart from my mum friends- they understand.grin
Was she weighed post-poo?

That's a really good weight too. Nice one!

We're going for her HV check up today to get weighed, measured etc. Will report back. DH and I have taken bets on how much she'll be (how rock and roll, right?!) and I'm hoping for 12lb, based on where she was last time and worrying about that bloomin graph. We'd already dropped through one line, so hoping she'll just be tracking nicely now. Fingers crossed!

broodylicious Mon 11-Jun-12 21:26:09

Another congrats for the poo, punk!!

We are going to get weighed again tomorrow too. I'm loathed to go tbh as I do think it puts undue pressure on me - if she's not put on the prescribed weight (between 3.5 and 7oz a week) since our last visit, I know I'll be distraught and racked with guilt.

However, I got a good, sensible perspective from a neutral today... I saw my NCT tutor and the lady who shadowed her, a trainee if you like, at our official reunion (funny though as many of us have met at least once a week for the last seven!!) The trainee has five kids and is a breastfeeding counsellor - she said by all means go to get weighed but try to remember that a line on a graph is all very well but there is nothing like mummy intuition; if she is feeding well, likes playing, seems happy, what does that line matter?

She also, interestingly, told us that one of her children really struggled to get the hang of BFing. It was only because of her strong beliefs and obviously job as BFing counsellor, she didn't give up. It took a very long - and I'm sure quite stressful - four weeks but eventually baby got the hang of latching on. Just shows that even the pros struggle eh?! Hope for everyone else smile

Punk80 Mon 11-Jun-12 22:41:50

Thanks broody have a much happier baby! I really wouldn't worry about the weight. I hadn't weighed Orla for a month but was going by my gut that she seems happy and is not skinny so must be ok. The advice from your friend is right don't be feeling guilt or worry about that silly line as long as she is thriving and happy you're doing a great job x x baby sensory tom will let you know how it goes x
trouble where are you and mister Fyfe?!

BeeWi Tue 12-Jun-12 04:16:25

That sounds like fab advice, Broody. There's a drop in weighing every week at the centre we go to but I resisted the urge to weigh her between appointments because I know I'm the worrying type and would obsess over it if she came in low.

The appointment today was good - she's 12lb 5oz now, so still tracking along the 25th centile.

Second Punk's question, where are you Trouble?

I looked up baby sensory classes here and the only place that does them is in Wellington, which is a plane ride away, sadly! They look awesome too- v jealous!

blush sorry! I have been reading all your posts but not much to say for once! Fyfe is still fabulous of course! He's doing so well on his bedtimes and sleeping still. He's getting stronger every day and is fairly close to sitting up I think. The biggest change I think is that I can now cheer him up by talking to him and smiling even if he's crying or grotting! I can leave him with his Dad for much longer to get on with things too. He's such a happy boy! grin
He's really discovering his hands and arms too, he can just about hold things and is touching and feeling everything around him and slapping himself and me in the face quite frequently in his excitement!grin his swimming lessons start on Thursday so I'm looking forward to that! smile

broodylicious Tue 12-Jun-12 15:07:06

Just a quickie from me today - poppy has put on 11oz over the last two weeks smile HV says great gain and I should be pleased smile phew! She remains on the 25th centile so good for their graphs. I'm not going for at least four weeks now.

trouble let us know how you get on with swimming - we have a trial next Sunday. I'm excited but so nervous!! Xx

Hooray broody! Well done!
I've taken him swimming twice before, it was great but we only stayed in 10 then 15 mins, Thursday is 30 mins!

ardenbird Tue 12-Jun-12 20:09:40

Yeah, good to hear that, broody! Tessa also got weighed today, and has climbed from 25th to 50th centile (she was born somewhere just above 75), so the tongue-tie snip looks to be working well. She's still a terribly fussy eater - I suspect my dreams of discretely feeding during a seminar in a few months time are not to be - but at least now she's eating.

Tessa has also mastered rolling over - front to back, only. She did it a little while ago, but then it was mostly luck. Now our last 5 tummy-times have lasted less than a minute before she rolls over. I don't know if this means I need fear early crawling, or not - as she barely spends time on her tummy!

Punk80 Fri 15-Jun-12 06:37:24

Great weights everyone, we have hungry babies!
Currently waiting for news as one of my good friends went in to be induced on Wednesday and still no news??! She was having contractions yesterday morning but heard nothing since. Hope she's ok.
We have second lot of jabs this pm, am dreading that scream sad going to hopefully go out walking with a friend this morning if the rain stays off. Bad thing is walk still involves piece of cake at the endblush

RemembersButtonMoon Fri 15-Jun-12 07:35:26

Good luck with the injections Punk! Callum has his last night... his reaction, so far, has been much better than with the first round. For a baby who rarely cries for longer than 30 seconds, he was very irritable last night but slept well, no fever (touch wood!) and is feeding normally.

Punk80 Fri 15-Jun-12 08:36:04

By the way broody had baby sensory taster. It was great, Orla loved it and all the other babies to stare at! Started baby massage yesterday which was also really goodsmile

ardenbird Fri 15-Jun-12 09:11:30

Big adventure! In an attempt to give DH more time for his studies, we took the bus to breastfeeding group. Tessa was great, sleeping in the sling the whole way -- including change of bus. I had to phone for a ride home, though, as I didn't hear the alarm telling to me to catch the bus and didn't want to wait for the next one an hour later. Maybe next week we can go and return on our own.

I think Tessa has gas, or something -- she's started screaming in the middle of feeds; it started in the night feeds, and she's doing it some day feeds as well. I'm trying to wind her, but she just screams and screams, and if I try to feed her screams around the boob sad The breastfeeding group leader suggested either get a better nighttime routine (not sure how that's going to help the middle of the night feeds, but I'll give it a try), or that it was a phase she'll grow out of. Anyone else have such a thing?

I hope your friend & baby are okay, punk!

Sounds like wind/gas arden, have you tried gripe water or infacol before feeds? smile

knitterati Fri 15-Jun-12 10:27:18

Arden would try infacol before a feed - Elena does this from time to time & the infacol just manages to disperse the wind/gripes as if by magic.

Hello all!! Sorry I've been a bit AWOL of late - busy busy busy!

I've not long finished a baby massage course - Elena loved it and it's now part of our bedtime routine smile
Unfortunately, there's not a baby sensory around here for miles sad would love to go mind.

Hope all the babies are doing well! Xx

broodylicious Fri 15-Jun-12 15:14:30

Fab punk, so glad you enjoyed sensory! I'm actually investigating the possibility of running my own franchise as I love it and see how much the babies get out of it. I just can't see myself going back to work full time and running a sensory group means I can choose my hours so plenty of Poppy time smile

Arden - echo the gas/trapped wind prognosis. We use dentinox for DD but she has to feed first before we can give it, whereas infacol can be given before the feed. Both have worked for us but we personally prefer dentinox. Hang in there! smile

grin broody sounds like you'd be great at that!

Fyfe has his first cold! sad

ardenbird Mon 18-Jun-12 15:50:55

Oh, no trouble sad What are his symptoms? How did you figure it out? I wondered if Tessa's problem was a cold, as she was sneezing/coughing a bit, but her temperature was fine.

And thanks, all, the Infacol has helped a lot! I'm surprised that the woman at the breastfeeding group didn't suggest it, as she was some kind of nurse, I think. The suggestion of a "better" bedtime routine was a complete disaster -- by the fourth day Tessa screamed through the whole thing. It wasn't like it was long -- maybe 5 minutes of a nappy change and putting on her nightgown in a specific room, followed by a final feed in the bedroom, but for a baby with a 15-second fuse, I think she figured out that once we went into that room I wouldn't feed her until I'd finished in there, and she was unhappy about it. So last night I went back to our old way -- sometime after 9pm, put on the nightgown whenever she seems happy for it, carry her upstairs when she seems tired, and give her another feed if she seems hungry when we get there, otherwise put her in her crib. She screamed a bit when I put on the nightgown, but was otherwise fine.

What are other people's nighttime routines like? I feel like we're really casual about it, but it seems to work for Tessa. She has recently started cluster feeding at night again, and trying to insert (apparently) even a five-minute routine into that is hard. I'm not sure how you're supposed to reconcile feeding on demand and nighttime routines...

And kiki, I've been wondering - how is Ivy's hip doing?

He has a stuffy, runny, nose, a cough and sneezes, he has also vomited twice, once today and once yesterday. He has been awake for about 3/4 hours of the last 28 hours - just awake for changes and feeds really. sad poor boy. Think he's on the mend though!
As for his bedtime routine, his dad takes him upstairs at 8 and gets his night nappy and pyjamas on (he was bathing him too until Fyfe decided that water is the work of the devil about 2 weeks ago hmm) then I go up, feed him until he falls asleep and pop him into his cot for 8.30. He then wakes for a feed around 3 and 6 and we get up around 9. smile

KikiRC Mon 18-Jun-12 18:55:55

Hello all. Been offline a lot recently, just checking in..

Sorry to hear about Fyfe's col, trouble. Hope he feels better soon.

Thanks for asking, Arden- we had another scan and appointment last week & Ivy's hip is finally in position. Such as relief as it was looking like she'd have to go into plaster. So she has a new brace that she'll have to wear for about another 11 weeks, but it's much less restrictive, and for the first time since she was 8 days old she's been able to wear things with legs! So we've had a lot of fun dressing her in babygros, tights & soft trousers.

I took her to a wedding on my own on Saturday, in London about 2 hours journey each way by train... was a bit apprehensive (I sewed zips in the side seams so I could bf!), but took her in the sling & she was great- despite being wide awake the only noise she made at the ceremony was a sneeze. Stayed 'til the speeches finished and finally staggered back home just after midnight... We both slept most of yesterday- apart from when she discovered how to do big long laughs for the very first time & we lay in bed chuckling & giggling for ages!

Our bedtime routine is a bit haphazard, but generally I take her upstairs at about 6pm, change & wash her (she still can't have a proper bath) and give her a big bottle feed. Then shortly before 7pm I bf her & she usually falls asleep after a couple of minutes. She sleeps through until 4 or 5am, then another feed or two before we get up at about 9am.

I was going to ask you all a poo question! She usually has a dirty nappy every two or sometimes three days.. more recently it became daily, and the last few days she's had about 4 dirty nappies. They're a bit watery, but not offensively smelly or anything, and she's feeding fine & seems perfectly happy & well. Has anyone else had anything like this? I don't know if she's picked something up, or is just going through a phase, or her habits are changing... She has her second injections on Friday, so I'll check with the nurse if it's still happening.

Anyway, I'll stop- this has got very long & she's fallen asleep bf-ing...

Hooray kiki! That's brilliant news! grin

Punk80 Tue 19-Jun-12 06:07:23

Hello all my friend had a little girl Sunday evening! She was induced Wednesday so a long old labour!
arden we also have the wind issue. Glad infacol works for you it made Orla bring back all her milk. Its tough isn't it with the screaming after feeding. We use gripe water and warm baths and tummy exercises seem to help a bit. In terms of bed time routine we take her up about 6 she has a bath and then I bf her to sleep and put her in cot I feed her at 11 and the last two weeks she has slept through till 6.30/7am which has been great. Today she woke at 5.30 think it might be growth spurt time as she fed for well over an hour at 11pm when she normally only does 20 mins!
broody go for it with baby sensory what a great idea. Is the franchise available in your area?
trouble hope little Fyfe is feeling better that must be horrible for both of you sad
Kiki great news about ivy grin get out those baby gros! X

BeeWi Tue 19-Jun-12 08:08:59

How was Orla with her jabs, Punk? Lovely news about your pal's baby too smile

That's ace news about Ivy's hip, Kiki, and so nice she can wear leggy things. So will she braceless when she's done 11 or so weeks in this one? Sounds like Ivy did so well on the wedding day too- what a massive day out for her- such a good baby to manage all that time out.

And how is Fyfe doing, Trouble? It must be so miserable seeing your little one poorly. Hope he's well on the mend. Is Fyfe taking umbridge at water in general, so when you go swimming and that, or just the bath?

I wanted to ask you all what you're using in the way of bath products? I've used nothing on Erin's skin apart from warm water, olive oil and sweet almond oil since she was born. I'm keen to avoid man made chemicals but was thinking I'd be nice to use some sort of washing product in her bath. Do I need to? What is everyone else doing?

broodylicious Tue 19-Jun-12 15:19:04

Trouble - poppy had a cold a few weeks back, it's horrid isn't it? We used the calpol saline spray to unblock her little nose, seemed to work quite well. Although DH's sis in law said it did nothing for her dd so guess its hit and miss! Hope he's feeling better soon.
Bee - we use no products on Poppy's skin. We only use pampers sensitive wipes on her bottom when we are out, otherwise it's cotton wool and water all the way. Even in the bath, just plain water. We may introduce some products for the bath now she's 12 weeks but yes, defo not johnsons stuff as I've read and heard how many harsh chemicals are in them. My friend who is v allergic/sensitive likes an organic range from boots - little something? - so we may try something from there. I've always been a skincare addict so poppy won't get anything on her that I'm not happy with wink

broodylicious Thu 21-Jun-12 07:43:11

Hey all smile Another little breakthrough last night - we transferred DD into a new crib as she was getting a little too long for her basket. It took four attempts but she eventually went down at 11pm......and didn't wake til 6!!!!! That amount of sleep is just unheard of where she is concerned, so I feel very pleased and proud grin She's still in with us and this crib is only a temp measure til she moves into her cotbed in her own room - we just didn't want the hassle of taking down her cotbed, putting it back up in our room, taking it down again and then up again when she moves in a few months (it was £££££ so if we damaged it, we wouldn't be best pleased!!!)

ardenbird Thu 21-Jun-12 17:18:01

Good to hear about Ivy, kiki! grin That's great.

Oh dear, I didn't know about Johnson's chemicals -- I had used it as it was the stuff they used in the hospital. I just looked it up, and the "top-to-toe baby wash" doesn't have the two chemicals in question, which is what they used at the hospital, but plain old "baby wash" has one of them. Tricky. I'll ditch my baby wash and look for something else -- not sure if I'll go for top-to-toe or look at another brand. What are other people using? I haven't been using it long, but started last week as Tessa was getting cradle cap, and they suggest a preventative measure is to use a shampoo ~3 times/week, so that is what I was doing. (And it worked -- cradle cap went away). Hopefully 5 washes or so won't have given much lasting harm? sad

Congrats to your friend, punk! smile

Wow on the sleep, broody. Tessa's max has been 6.5 hours, but that was just once. Last night she did 5.5, and she seems to normally do something around 6 for the last week or so. I'm hoping for another hour added on, as then it would actually be close to a real sleep for me, and I could wake after her feeding and maybe do something in the AM as she sleeps. As it, I'm up for an hour or so feeding her, but then go back to sleep, and don't get up for the day until 9am or later!

Thanks everyone, Fyfe is fine, still a bit snotty but never once complained about feeling ill, I am particularly shock about it now that I have it- I feel like absolute death sad supposed to be going on my sister's hen do tomorrow, 5am-1am, really not sure I'm going to be up to it. sad
Yes, Fyfe hates all water, he has had two of his swimming lessons so far, screamed from start to finish at the first one but had breaks from crying an screaming in the second! It was very cool as the instructor dunked the babies one by one and pushed them to us under the water, amazing to see him coming towards me, eyes wide open, beautifully streamlined!grin
For bath time I can recommend [[ http://www.27skincare.com/1081.html]] - it's my sister's fiancées company and their stuff is gorgeous! smile

broodylicious Tue 26-Jun-12 14:00:10

It's all gone v quiet on here - hope you're all ok?
We went to our first baby yoga yday. Dd didn't appreciate it and spent the whole time either crying, feeding, facing other babies or (her latest trick) standing up. The teacher thought she was v funny and told me not to worry but I'll be miffed if she does that every week as I'm paying to learn stuff! Hey ho! Joys of being mummy to 13 wk old! Xxx

Punk80 Tue 26-Jun-12 18:43:59

Hi all am attempting a night out tonight without Orla in tow! Going out for drinks and dinner with a group of mums I've met. Really hoping Orla goes down at 7 as usual, last night she did an epic feed until 8.45! Trying to work out if I can have 2 glasses of wine?! Prob shouldn't as feed her at 11 ish blush
trouble hope you and Fyfe are both feeling better that must be hard when you feel poorly too sad
broody baby yoga sounds good. Know what you mean Orla cried and fed through most of baby massage last week! Is hard with these classes sometimes to get the timing right as each day is different.

Bit of a personal question blush have any of you had an episiotomy? Mine is still bit sore after 14 weeks it aches at times is that normal? My dh wants me to go to doctors but thought of anyone poking around after labour freaks me out. Am going to have to get over it soon as due a smear sad.

Anyway lo still feeding away and due out in 15 mins wish me luck wink

Thanks punk, Fyfe got over it really quickly but I still have it! sad
You can definitely have 2 glasses of wine! A friend told me the NCT say you need to be four tunes over the drink driving limit for the alcohol to even begin transferring. Even then it is in minute amounts! Enjoy your night! grin

KikiRC Wed 27-Jun-12 17:56:16

Hi all,
Punk- I had an episiotomy. Is it the area where the stitches were that's still sore? I still get aches, but it's not exactly in that place, oddly, more just generally down there. I'm never quite sure if it's connected... Anyway- hope you had a great night out.
Trouble- did you make it to the hen do? Hope you feel better soon.

Bumped in to kiki today, Ivy is just beautiful! grin

I just had my worst night yet by a long way, I realise it's nothing compared to most people but it's all relative right? blush
This last week Fyfe had added in a 1.30 feed to the lovely 20.30-3.00 then 3.00-6.00 then hourly from there thing we had going on...then, last night 20.30-00.00, woke for a feed then woke for 10 min feeds at (drum roll please) 1.00, 2.00, 4.30, 5.30, 6.30, and now! sad I suppose it is lucky that I went at 22.00!
He's 4 months on Sunday so I wonder if this is the dreaded regression...I definitely don't like it!

Punk80 Fri 29-Jun-12 10:22:02

Oh no trouble what's this regression? I have got used to my sleep again! Hopefully it's just a one off night and he'll go back to his normal pattern. You must be shattered poor you sad drink lots of tea and eat lots of toast wink
Thanks all I made my night out it was really nice and Orla was a good girl for her daddy (typical hey?!)
kiki it does kind of ache if I've been doing a lot guess these things take time to get back to normal. Think I'll have to brave the doctors for peace of mind sad
On another note I approached work about going back 3 days a week. They have come back with 4 days but think I will be basically doing what I did before in a five day week in four. Really don't want to put Orla in nursery for 4 days at 11 months. Don't really want to put her in for 1 day! Am seriously considering childminding as an option?!
Hope you've all got nice weekend ahead. I've got my two best friends up for the weekend which should be fun grin

KikiRC Fri 29-Jun-12 17:01:20

Lovely to see Fyfe looking so grown-up & cheery yesterday, too- and to get such a wonderful big smile! Sorry about the sleeping news though. Ivy's been waking up earlier in the night again- I hadn't heard of sleep regression- just looked it up & it seems to fit in with her recent patterns. Sounds like it's relatively short-lived, fortunately. Interesting to read that if they experience this you should encourage good bouts of sleep during the day so that they're not so grizzly if they wake up at night...

Punk- if you go for a check I expect they'll just look to see if the stitches themselves have healed- don't know if you've had them seen already, but when they looked at mine it wasn't so intrusive as a smear- it was done lying on your side with legs closed & the mw had a very quick peek from the back...

It's tough re: going back to work- I'm lucky in that I'm freelance based at home, so am going to have to do a lot of working in the evenings & be as flexible with dp who is also freelance- we'll have to juggle things between us as best we can. A good friend whose dd is exactly 2 months older than Ivy has just gone back four days a week- I'd find that terribly hard, but they seem to be getting on with it OK- her dp is doing the childcare 'til September, when she'll start at nursery.

We had the second round of injections this afternoon- hoping Ivy isn't as unsettled as last time- she seems perfectly happy at the moment.

Anyway, hope you all have a good weekend. X

KikiRC Fri 29-Jun-12 17:09:09

Oh, Punk- don't know if this relevant to you, but my friend who's just gone back to working 4 days- she's thinking of having another baby sooner rather than later, so instead of reducing her hours to a p/t contract, she's still officially full time, but taking off 1 day a week as annual leave until it runs out- it just means she'd qualify for a far better maternity package next time round...

sad about work punk, I hope they'll reconsider! Google the 4 month sleep regression, there's tons of info on it. I'm fairly sure Fyfe has started teething too as has been chomping on my fingers today and I can feel a spike under the gum, he really screamed earlier too for seemingly no reason! Stopped when I gave him my fingers to chomp!
Hope Ivy's jabs were okay this time kiki! Fyfe had the third lot on Monday, I think that's it for some time now! grin

ardenbird Sat 30-Jun-12 11:05:39

Glad your night out went well, punk!

Ugh, teething -- Tessa has been doing it for a few weeks now, which I thought was way early (2.5 months??), but apparently isn't, as they have a ways to move through the gums. We have our first dentist appointment week after next, which apparently is meant to just get the babies used to the dentist as a nice place smile

Oh dear, that sleep regression sounds worrying, especially as it sounds like it happens right as I head back to work! Tessa slept nearly 7 hours last night, and has been mostly doing around 6, which I've really enjoyed. Grr, work... they've annoyed me a bit lately -- my PhD student just sent me an email wondering "when are you available" and would I be "coming into the offfice"? Um, maternity leave, anyone? I told him I'd read his thesis, not that we'd be having meetings. But he can be excused as young and stressed at finishing, and at least he used my designated "secret maternity leave email". The School administrator who contacted my Uni mail, as if I'd be reading it (good thing I did, I suppose), even though she knew the other one, saying she noticed I hadn't nominated outputs for evaluation and the meeting was next week... I reminded her about the secret email and nominated outputs. Sigh. But if I spend mental energy stressing, it's my own fault, and I have a month left so I'll endeavour to not think about it!

Does anyone know of secure places to put babies as you do things as they get older? I'd been putting Tessa in her bouncer so she can watch me while I do things like load the dishwasher and cook. But she really likes leaning over the side (no matter how much I straighten her out), and I'm worried as she gets heavier she'll make it fall over.

sadsadsad another night of being woken almost every hour! He has never been like this, I was so happy with the fact that I got enough sleep every night from day one! sad
arden I have a playpen for Fyfe as a safe space, I know some people don't agree with them but as I have a dog running around I think it'll be great once the bouncer is not enough to contain him.

KikiRC Sat 30-Jun-12 20:30:58

Blimey, Trouble! Hope you all get more sleep tonight. Do you think it's regression, or teething, or both?

Arden- we'll also get a playpen at some point soon- my house is on three floors with really steep wonky stairs, so it's really important to have a safe place if I need to answer the door/ phone etc. At the moment I leave Ivy on her activity mat- she plays under the arch on a big pile of blankets, so if she unexpectedly rolls etc, she'd be fine. I was given one of those bouncer-in-a-door-frame things, too- which I think can be used from 6 months.

What a pain about work. Sounds like the admin people are just being lazy- surely they get an auto-response from your usual email address to remind them you're on maternity leave? As well as doing my own freelance work I'm a director of a small company, and although I've bowed out of our main events this year, I still get emails about really annoying small niggly things that take ages to sort out, and that end up being quicker to do myself rather than trying to pass them on to someone else, and then have to explain it all.. What I find really annoying is when work people arrange to drop something off, or call at a certain time etc and I get everything organised to make sure I'm ready, and then they're late and I have to hang around waiting, and by the time they turn up Ivy needs a feed or is just waking up or something... Grrrgh....

Much better night thanks! grin dream feed when i went to bed at 00.00 and feeds at 3.30 and 5.30, up at 8.00. Not as good as we had it before but much better than the last few nights! smile

broodylicious Sun 01-Jul-12 18:33:18

Oh this isn't good talking about work is it?! sad wink I looked into the baby sensory franchise, to do alongside returning to work two days a week, but it was just too much initial outlay for me so it's back to plan a - work two days where I currently am and set up on my own to boost the cash. I'm planning on being totally self sufficient/working just for me by next Christmas. Who else is freelance? What is it you do? Any advice greatly received! Xx

What do you do for a job broody? smile

broodylicious Mon 02-Jul-12 05:26:29

Marketing and PR hun and thats what I'll be doing that for myself grin xx

Oh okay, something I know nothing about! I was hoping to help you with some inspirational idea for working at home! Sorry you feel so sad about going back.

broodylicious Tue 03-Jul-12 23:32:56

Ok ladies, I really need your help as I'm coming to the end of my tether yet again with my dd avoiding sleep during the day. It's an absolute nightmare to try and get her to nap even though it is ridiculously obvious she is totally worn out. I've tried feeding her to within an inch of her life, rocking/swaying, singing, shushing, driving, walking and holding her in a way my yoga teacher taught us and bouncing on my yoga ball. Yesterday morning it took me best part of an hour to get her to sleep and put her in her basket. She had 50 minutes yesterday which is amazing for her as normally it's 10/15 mins if anything at all.
Today, she was knackered from 830am but was hungry so fed well, she broke off at about 915 and started to cry which I read as tiredness cry so rocked, swung etc etc for over an hour but to no avail. DH managed to get her to sleep (f annoying!!) but she only did 25 mins and so was grumpy straight away but refused any more attempts. I went into town with her this afternoon and she just cried, looked all around her everywhere, ignored my shushing and rocking, cried some more - I even took her out the car seat (on wheels obvs) and had her in our caboo carrier to try and tempt her but nope.
Im just so frustrated. I know I need to teach her but I'm just stuck as to how I should be doing this. Please help!! She's 14 weeks and ebf on demand.

BeeWi Wed 04-Jul-12 07:40:40

Hey Broody. Sorry to hear you're having a bit of a pain with sleeping issues. I know it's a bit of a contentious issue, but have you tried a dummy? Erin is still swaddled too, even for naps. I got her a thing called a wombie, which you can have enclosing the arms or just one arm out or with both arms out. She normally manages two 45mins- 1 hour naps in the day plus one two hour nap. I think we have it really easy though as her tiredness cues are really obvious - rubbing eyes being her earliest one and she has a distinctive whiny/chatty noise she makes, so it's straight forward to catch her tiredness window before she gets over tired. I appreciate we have that part easy though.

I was really anti dummies before but tried one when I was at the end of my tether. She only has it in the bedroom and I'm going to try and lose it around the 6 month mark when she's learnt to put herself to sleep better. I went from having to rock her for ages to being able to just lie her down and she goes to sleep in minutes. She's exclusively breastfed and there's been no confusion issues, which was another thing I was worried about.

In our news, there was an earthquake that was 7 on the scale and went on for 30 odd seconds last night. Jumped out of bed, grabbing a sleeping baby and jumped into the doorway. First one I've felt since early pregnancy and felt much more freaked out...having a baby changes how chilled you are about everything, doesn't it?!

I too need to make a decision about work in the next few weeks. I can have next year off but financially I should go back part time if we intend to have another baby. If I stayed off next year I'd wipe our savings and I'd be 33 when I went back, so would be a minimum of 34 before I could get maternity leave again. It's such a hard decision, isn't it? I'm hoping for a lotto win in the next few weeks to make it all easier!

How's the sleep going, Trouble?

Sleeping is all better thanks, was just the two awful nights! He's also had 3 good baths with no tears so seems to getting over the whole water thing..I'll see how swimming goes tomorrow! We started baby massage course on Monday too which was great! smile
Wow, the earthquake sounds scary bee! It sounds like a hard decision re work! sad
I can't offer any advice broody, Fyfe doesn't really officially 'nap' in the day as we're out most of the time so he just has little cat naps in my arms or in the sling/on my lap, he just falls asleep when he's tired. I hope you find something that works for you, it can't be nice if she's getting herself in to a state about it.

knitterati Wed 04-Jul-12 17:20:17

Gosh bee! Scary earthquake! I've been in 2 minor ones here in the UK...v weird feeling. Can't offer any advice on work I'm afraid - I got made redundant just before Xmas, which worked out to be the best thing really!

Broody with the naps, have you tried white noise? Works a treat with my LO ...even bought an app with it! I tap her bum, put white noise on and she's off! Also, have you tried BFing in bed on your side? Sometimes you can get them to sleep & doze...it's lovely! Hope you're able to get some naps in!

KikiRC Wed 04-Jul-12 22:27:24

This is probably not all that helpful Broody, but during the day we just let Ivy fall asleep when she's tired rather than having any kind of routine or putting her down to sleep as such - though usually if she drops off it's after a feed. When her eyes start going I just lie her down wherever she is (i.e. sofa/ bouncer/ on our bed etc) and cover her over if it's chilly, or if she's in my arms or DPs, she might stay there, or we'll gently put her down nearby, rather than taking her to her cot and making it an 'official sleep' if that makes sense. She sleeps far less in the daytime now- when she was tiny she'd doze off almost as soon as she went into her pram or sling, now she usually stays awake and looks around a lot more when we're out, or plays with her toys in the pram etc...

ardenbird Thu 05-Jul-12 19:40:12

Oh, broody, sorry to hear about your sleep troubles! It's probably not a huge help, but my friend from the States sent me a book called 'The Happiest Baby on the Block' by Harvey Karp. I'm not sure if it's available here -- he has what he calls the five S's, that are supposed to be able to calm infants. It's basically what you and others have talked about, but perhaps something about doing them all together is useful? The five S's are: (1) Swaddle, (2) Side or Stomach (hold them on your arm or against your chest, with their belly supported and them facing either down or out), (3) Sush (loudly! or use some sort of white noise/hoover/etc), (4) Swing (or jiggle or whatever) and (5) Suck (your finger or a pacifier). I've tried it on a few occasions when Tessa just seems really upset, and it does seem to work, although I've needed to keep the sushing/swinging up for a good 30-60 minutes to get her to actually sleep. According to the book, though, if you do it regularly, the babies start to recognise what is happening calm down as soon as you swaddle them. It might be worth a try.

We just got our second set of shots and got weighed -- she's now 13lb 11.5oz! Almost to the 75th centile line again. I'm so glad, and think will finally allow myself to relax that she's eating fine. In fact, her weight gain had best slow down soon, otherwise we'll be off the charts smile The next challenge is that I need to work on expressing again -- I've got a 2 hr meeting already in my first week back at work (gack, only 3.5 weeks left...) and want to be able to leave DH with something to assuage hunger if necessary. We'll also need to figure out how to give it to her -- they recommended avoiding any artificial teats at all to avoid her having the same palate problems I did. So I'd like to make sure I have a good stash in case of spillage. I'm hoping the early pumping difficulties (I managed a max of a half an ounce, usually only a few mls...) will have magically vanished. And if not, it will just have to be lots of small sessions added together, I suppose.

Has anyone else noticed things 'stopping' for the summer? The local Mums (and Dads -- one SAHD, which is nice for DH, as he'll be something like that) group is stopping for the school holidays, as is La Leche League meetings and Baby Massage (and apparently, not starting again as they are short-staffed sad ). The only thing left is the breastfeeding group, which takes me out of the house for 3.5 hours for only a 50 minute meeting (the bus gets me there 5 minutes late, and I need to leave 5 minutes early to catch the one home), which feels like a bit of an awful lot of effort for not much.

sad arden that time has gone so fast, only 3.5 weeks left sad. Some things here are stopping for the summer but nothing that will really affect us I don't think.
We had the HV on Wednesday (4-6 month visit) Fyfe has dropped from the 75th to the 52nd centile in weight but they are not worried about this, just want me to get him weighed at clinic in 4 weeks. He has also gone from the 50th centile for height to the 75th shock which may explain the weight difference a little! Anyway, she was really pleased with him and he is meeting all his milestones etc. grin
We're off to a wedding tomorrow in Wiltshire and Fyfe will be camping for the first time! He has a cute little suit to wear and I have done some sewing and added the bottom of one of the popper vests he has outgrown to his shirt so that it stays tucked in. He's going to look very gorgeous! grin

Pleasefiveminutesforme Sun 08-Jul-12 14:49:51

Hello ladies, I wonder if I can join you (rather late). A couple of you I recognise from the antenatal thread... I was Reallea. I had Charlotte who is now coming up to 4 months. She is fab! Ebf as expressing at night on health visitor's orders to keep supply up- she went from 91st percentile at birth down to 25th by 12 weeks. All else good although struggling a bit with having DS aged 2.1 as well.

Welcome five, I remember you - I was carlita. grin

BeeWi Mon 09-Jul-12 08:47:04

Hi Fivesmile

Trouble - is Fyfe quite an active boy? Could explain dropping down the centiles a bit. Some babies seem to kick about a lot while others are more sedate...if he's active he might just be using more energy? That's what out hv said to us a wee while ago about Erin.
And how was the wedding and camping with Fyfe? Will you put a pic up in your profile of him looking dapper in his suit?

So Erin started rolling at the weekend. She can only do back to tummy at the moment but it's her big thing. She can't seem to get enough of it, although she gets frustrated that she can't get back to being on her back and will cry after a wee while for me to turn her back. I try to give her time to get back over by herself because I want her to be able to, just for in future when she's in her cot, but can't bear to hear her cry/see her upset. Any advice on how to help her with this? Means I'm no longer slack about leaving her laid on the bed and am starting to think about baby proofing our living room!

Broody, I second Arden's shout on Happiest Baby on the Block. We saw a video of it at our parents group and his ideas work a treat. How is the sleep stuff going?

I didn't take any pictures of him blush I'm always holding him when we're out so it is hard to! It's my sister's wedding in two weeks though so I will make sure I get one! smile he is very active and had been especially so the week he was weighed!
I need to put Fyfe down on his back more, he is never on his back and I guess he needs to be to learn to roll! He rolls on to his side on the changing mat but there's no room to go further due to the inflatable sides, I'll have to find a big mat he can lay on in the living room! Must start that soon!smile

ardenbird Mon 09-Jul-12 15:08:18

Welcome five! I love your name smile

Tessa has stopped rolling now - I think she's gotten too heavy for it. bee, Tessa only rolled front to back when she was doing it, opposite of Erin... She stuck one arm up over her head and pushed with the other, and her knees propelled her over with kicking. The big fails came when she didn't get her arm above her head, but instead out to the side -- she'd push and kick, but her arm kept her from rolling! You might try encouraging Erin to one move arm out of the way (or do it for her) and push with the other?

Pleasefiveminutesforme Mon 09-Jul-12 16:37:03

Thanks ardenbird' This afternoon I discovered there's a Jill Murphy book called Five Minutes Peace so I just ordered it off amazon- I was doing the thing on _chat where you type your user name into google images and see what comes up- the front cover was my image but it sounds like a lovely story for DS who already loves Peace At Last

broodylicious Tue 10-Jul-12 01:15:50

bee dd has also started rolling but she only does front to back or from back to side. I'm so impressed your LO does back to front - that's the hardest for them! Clever babe smile

Sleep wise - eugh. sad still no joy during the day. She was knackered yday but refused everything I tried so was incredibly grumpy. Getting me down a lot tbh.

Plus - i can't remember if I have said this already - she hates shopping. To get me out the house on our non group/class days, I want to go into town or one of the out of town shopping centres (matalan or mothercare for example). She hates it and cries to be picked up out of the car seat that she's in on the wheels. I've tried putting her in the sling but she cries with that too. It's getting beyond a joke now. I'm just so frustrated and upset that I can't even do a little retail therapy - or just look at the shops, not even have to buy anything - without her balling her eyes out. We have the HV coming this morning so I'm going to mention it to her but pls any advice would be v welcome %23endoftetheryetagain

sad sorry to her that broody, must be really hard! Fyfe's not overly keen on shopping, I have to jiggle around with him in the sling or take him out and carry him (he's then totally happy) but then I don't do much hopping so it's not really an issue for me, I'm more of a cafe/pub person and he's happy sitting on my knee. Could you try her in various different pram positions? Laying down with dangly toys or sitting up in big girl position so she can see around herself? smile

KikiRC Tue 10-Jul-12 17:53:30

Trouble- just sent you a message.

Broody- could it be a temperature thing at all? Ivy used to cry in one shop in particular because it's always so hot- if she had any blankets on they all had to be peeled off. I also really have to watch she doesn't get the sun in her eyes. She's generally happier either lying down with the sun shade on so she's almost totally enclosed (when she's sleepy) or as Trouble suggests sitting up more, so she can have a good look around. She also has one of those cheap foil windmills that spins in the breeze- she loves watching that as we go along...

We had another hospital appointment today- the hips are still in position, so another check up in a month's time, and hopefully the brace will be off altogether in two months. Really can't wait. I think Ivy will be a bit late with rolling etc because she finds it quite uncomfortable with the brace to be on her tummy very much.

Great news kiki! grin

broodylicious Tue 10-Jul-12 21:34:53

Great news kiki
Re temp in shop - defo for primark! So hot in there always but not in the shopping centre. I wonder if it's just too much for her to see?

trouble I don't want to necessarily shop, more browse than anything, just nice walk and look around. She tends to be ok in pubs and cafes - prob cos i tend to feed her there - so maybe I should just stick to coffee and cake wink

Yes. More cake will definitely help! grin

ardenbird Fri 13-Jul-12 10:23:03

Hurray, kiki! smile

Hmm, broody -- my DD is the opposite. She doesn't like me to sit down or be still, we always have to be moving. I've had to stand up and walk around at parties otherwise she starts whining.

And she has suddenly gotten incredibly distractible! Nursing is getting hard, as she keeps going "ooh, look at that" midway through a feed. I can't tell if she's done when she comes off or just fascinated by something else. And she's having trouble falling asleep, too, when she didn't before -- just so much interesting out in the world. Then she gets all upset and crying and is hungry and tired and can't eat or sleep! I heard that this is a phase. I hope she gets over it soon.

Punk80 Fri 13-Jul-12 11:27:24

Hi all enjoying the rain? sad
Think we might venture out to Westfield today as nothing planned. We're going to Spain in a week and am panicking that dd has enough of everything. I know she does but may have to buy one more dress in the sales wink
broody the day time nap thing is hard. O will sleep when we go out but has to be well timed if you get me after feeds, play etc. she has often screamed though as we go to get food shopping someone said its because the floors are smooth and they like bumps! Will your dd go off to sleep after crying a little or does she keep the screaming going? If o is tired she cries for 5 mins or so. If I'm not going out she will sleep in her bouncy chair for her morning nap but the other day she didn't sleep from 11 am till 7pm. Would the bouncy chair work for you? It makes it a long day when they don't sleep.
trouble Fyfe sounds like a cutie you'll have to take some pics of him at your sis wedding.
kiki well done to ivy bet you'll be relieved when she's done with brace.

Has anyone had any photos done? My ds boyfriend is going to do some at the weekend. Let's hope we get smiles grin

Punk80 Fri 13-Jul-12 17:16:09

Omg nightmare day angry
broody I thought of you the whole way round Westfield. Would dd sleep? No way!! She happily fed and played in the cafe but let me buy a swimming costume absolutely not god knows what I bought! She has finally fallen asleep now but now don't want her to sleep too long as going out tonight and put her down at 7pm aargh!!! Have also just eaten a large amount of cake so will prob not even fit into whatever costume I bought today smile

sad poor you punk!

madscimum Tue 17-Jul-12 08:43:49

Took a (for the time being) last trip to the osteopath yesterday. She said Tessa was doing great, no more tongue-tie-related tension, just a little bit of teething tension (hah! so she is teething). She also provided a good tip for teething: dampen a muslin and put it in the freezer, then take it out, warm it up briefly (just in your hands, so that it isn't completely ice), and let baby chew on it. She says that works much better than the hard teething toys. She also said that osteopathy can help with teething pain, as they get all sorts of tension from it, so I'll keep that in mind too.

Return trip was unexpectedly exciting as the car broke down in the middle of nowhere! We had to emergency upgrade our AA membership, as the 10-mile coverage we had wouldn't get us anywhere of use. Expensive, unfortunately, but not as expensive as paying the tow rate to get back to civilization. I was glad I managed to make breastfeeding work, as even though the trip was extended by a good 6 hours or so (it took a really long time for the tow truck to find us), no problems feeding Tessa.

I'm wondering -- what size nappies is everybody in now? Tessa is just outgrowing 2's (probably did sometime last week, but I'm finishing up our packages), and into 3's now.

madscimum Tue 17-Jul-12 09:18:51

Oh, that's me, arden smile Name change...

Fyfe just rolled, front to back three times in a row! smile
mad thank goodness for bf! That could've been awful! Fyfe is teething too, I'm using a combination of powders and bonjela and teething toys and, similar to your tip, an ice cube wrapped in a muslin (good when out and about from the bottom of your iced coffee) smile I can now see his bottom two teeth under the gum.
As for nappies, we use washables but I know people with 3 month olds in size 3, my sister's 7.5 month olds are in 4+ and they go up to 5? Their growth in that area must slow down presumably? Fyfe's one size nappies are on the 2nd setting of 3 so again seems a little hmmconfused

Punk80 Tue 17-Jul-12 10:42:52

Go Fyfe!! Orla started rolling at the weekend too she finds it a bit tricky though when she has her bulky nappies on smile
That sounded like a bit of a nightmare mad. Bf is so handy. We were out all day Sunday at a food festival with my sister (basically in pub most of day!) and it was so easy to feed with no hassle and stay out as long as we wanted.
Right off to baby sensory for messy session think they fit to sit in jellygrin

KikiRC Tue 17-Jul-12 12:37:12

A sudden burst of activity on here!

I was going to ask about the nappies, actually. We're using pampers 'til the brace comes off, just because the sticky fixers are longer than anything else I've tried, so make it easier to change. But the sizing on them is really weird. Size 2s are loads bigger than size 1s- we started using the 2s but they're too big to contain some dirty nappies- but size ones are only supposed to go up to about 11lbs. I'm not sure of Ivy's precise weight at the moment (we have the HV coming on Mon, so she'll be weighed then), but she's been tracking the 25th centile, so she's not exactly tiny.

She can't roll right over in the brace, though she can do a half-roll, and as she can't fit properly in a bumbo etc I've been propping her upright against cushions & things, and holding her in a sitting position, and she sat unaided for about 20 seconds the other day. Her absolute favourite thing at the moment is playing with my old mini Casio keyboard- it's hilarious. She plays it really seriously- is completely absorbed in it, and plays the individual keys rather than just thumping it, which is what I assumed she'd do. If any of you have anything similar knocking about, I'd recommend it!

I suspect she's approaching teething, too- although her gums don't look sore yet I think they're giving her a bit of trouble- she's always chewing & dribbling. Can you give them Bonjela & the crystals before the teeth actually start coming through? xx

madscimum Tue 17-Jul-12 13:15:01

I found the pampers to be the biggest for each size -- Tessa outgrew Tesco size 2 a while ago! She fit in huggies size 2 only very briefly. They were too big at first, and quickly turned to too small. The pampers 3 look huge, I'll probably go back to Tesco for a while until she gets a little bigger, although I'm stocking up on Huggies and Pampers as Tesco has them on sale right now. I figure whatever appears to fit is fine -- Tessa is actually outgrowing the leg holes, as the rest of the Pampers 2 nappy would fit fine otherwise. She must have massive thighs smile

Yes kiki, you can give them bonjela and powders from 2 months (thank goodness)!

broodylicious Wed 18-Jul-12 03:49:07

punk - have you ventured out since your nightmare shopping trip? It's so frustrating isn't it?! Big sympathies for you xx

Dd is also teething and it's causing her some issues. Hands and everything else all end up in her mouth too. She loves having a frozen muslin, you can literally see her getting comfort from it straight away as it numbs her poorly gums.

We are going thru a horrid growth spurt at the mo. She's become incredibly fussy when eating, pulling away, screaming, going back for a few minutes then screaming again...it's really frustrating! The HV said its teething and growth spurt related so should pass soon. Just hope it's not too long!

Nappies - we use pampers 3 now, just changed. They're a bit big but as we buy in bulk from amazon, we figured it was best for us as the 2s would only be for a few weeks.

Punk80 Wed 18-Jul-12 07:40:28

broody is definitely frustrating!! Think she has been going through a spurt as well as she fed for ages when we got back from Westfield. We were out with her all day on Sunday and she was lovelysmile she did sleep in her pram for about an hour which was nice! I have read that they need 3 hours sleep in the day but my dd seems to think its not for her! Did you get any advice from hv broody? We're going in to town shopping today as have some last minute holiday bits to get so we'll see how it goes!

Teething sounds hard for all the babies sad the cold muslin sounds like a good idea. How do you know they are teething? Is it the red cheeks and lots of dribble?

Had dd weighed yesterday she's 13lb 8oz at 17 weeks. Nearly a stone can't believe it!! Time is going so fast.

Nappies - we're on reusables but have moved on to size 1 outer.

Baby sensory was fun smile although my dd was seriously unimpressed when I plonked her feet in cold jelly whoops wink

Punk80 Wed 18-Jul-12 17:41:08

Has anyone got any advice about bath time? Dd used to love bath time but this week she seems to think its the devils water and really screams. Hopefully a phase?confused

madscimum Wed 18-Jul-12 19:02:51

No ideas for bath time, I'm afraid. Tessa still likes it, although she's now seeming a little frustrated that she can't see the water. I have a little reclined thing that she used to lay and kick on, and now she tries to sit up, but can't yet, so just lifts her head. I've sat her up a time or two and she just moves her feet slowly under and above the wonder and stares in wonder.

I bet she might like swimming -- those of you who have done this, where did you find out about baby swimming?

Oh dear. News on the car is not good. Some kind of fuel explosion and parts of the engine have melted! We're waiting to hear, but it may not be worth repairing sad

We had been planning to go to an Olympic football match in Glasgow next week, but had been procrastinating on buying tickets. I'm really not sure now -- I had been a bit stressed about the idea of being out in public for so long and breastfeeding in the stadium, but took comfort in the idea that if things got to be too much we could just retreat to the car as a comfortable, familiar place (for her and me smile ). If we don't have a car it'll be a 3-hr journey on public transport just to get to Glasgow, and the same for a return, and at night. But then again, how many chances does one get to go to the Olympics? Argh!

punk that's exactly what happened with Fyfe! Yes, it's a phase, he's over it now, it lasted 4-5 weeks and we just bathed him once/twice a week as it was Si unpleasant for everyone. One day he didn't scream, it went as quickly as it arrived.
mad you should do it! Sorry to hear about the car!sad

Punk80 Thu 19-Jul-12 08:26:47

How funny punk that they've both gone off the bath. Glad to hear Fyfe went back to it smile
So took dd out last night which was interesting confused it was my dh end of term work do and he wanted us to be there. My lovely dd fell asleep by 7pm so I could load the car in the middle of a storm and she slept the whole way there. However she woke up when we took her in to the room which to be fair was really noisy and then carried on to stay awake looking round at everyone till 11.30pm! Another girl who works with dh had her baby with her a week younger than dd. Going to rant now! first thing she said to me was I heard from your dh that she's normally asleep by this time doesn't look like it does it? Her baby slept for most of it waking up for a bottle and then back to sleep while the parents looked smug angry whereas our dd was going round the tables of people looking at everyone bless her smile someone said she had probably sedated her baby and everyone was really nice getting me drinks while I was bf etc. Bonus now is that after a quick feed at 6.30 she has gone back to bed and is flat out after her night on the tiles wink
I don't know why people have to act superior. I did kind of think it was a bit easier for her as when the speeches were on and her ds woke up she whacked a bottle in swiftly followed by a dummy but my dd won't take either of those and wanted to talk while her dad was doing a speech whoops hmm
Sorry rant over!!

Punk80 Thu 19-Jul-12 08:27:58

Sorry again! Should be how funny trouble am sending messages to myself have officially lost it confused

madscimum Thu 19-Jul-12 17:49:51

punk, you were the one with the cute, interactive baby! smile

No news on the car yet, but DH is now trawling the internet for used cars in anticipation of bad news. This was not in the budget... Starting to feel like a hospice for cars, but I suppose that's what happens when you keep buying vehicles that are 10+ years old. Considering shelling out for a slightly newer model with the idea it might be cheaper than buying another one in a year or two.

And wow, I think the Olympics are off the table. The public transport links just aren't there. I'm surprised, as the bus I take into work originates in Glasgow, but the last one leaves at 5:30pm... the game starts at 5! Even taking other connections, it looks tight to impossible to make it back after even if we just go for the first game. I wonder if that is part of the problem they're having selling tickets -- they say they want everyone to take public transport, and made it a real pain to drive, but then the public transport isn't running after the events. I suppose it'd be fine if you lived in Glasgow, but not much farther afield.

angry she sounds like a right twat punk! One of those smile, nod and move on moments! Fyfe goes down without a problem every night between 8.15 and 8.30. At our friend's wedding recently he was up until 2.30...I think that's normal for a baby at a party! hmm
I know nothing about cars and don't drive mad!

Punk80 Fri 20-Jul-12 00:20:22

Thanks for the support! Twat is right wink
mad bad news on car front, I am also useless on cars. Hope you get it sorted and shame about the games. You would think they would put on public transport to get people there at the right time confused

broodylicious Sun 22-Jul-12 12:07:49

punk grrrr I am sick to the back teeth of smug parents!! And also when dd cries, I get "have you considered using a dummy?" Drives me mad! Babies cry, get over it already! I wouldn't mind but I am not a fan of controlled crying so pick her up straight away, comfort, then down again; she doesn't scream unless I've not understood what she wants straight away or is overtired. Or if I say she's not slept well it's "oh give her formula at night, your breast milk can't be filling her up enough" - she's a baby, I'm her mummy, I don't mind tending to her! It's my job! Yes I'd love 12 hours sleep every night but, again, she is a baby and it comes with the territory! Right. I've done my rant haha! Oooh. Feel better now smile

Re baths: have you tried getting in there with your babes to see if it makes them happier? Dd didn't reckon much to her baby bath but she loves it now cos either dd or I take her in our bath. We've done it for about six/eight weeks now and I think it got her ready for when we went swimming.

Mad - swimming lessons - we go to Water Babies every Sunday afternoon. It's a national company so I'm sure there will be a franchise near you. Our lessons are in the local hospital's hydrotherapy pool because they like to do the lessons in warm pools - under 12 weeks old or 12lbs, the water should be 30+ degrees, our pool is 36 so like a gorgeous bath! Hope you find somewhere as its my most favourite thing I do with dd and something DH can do quite easily with her (as opposed to all the v mummy led groups!)

Haha, broody, yes, I tried taking him in with me, nothing worked, it was just a phase he went through and he got over it on his own in the end! Just one of those things.
The things I find annoying are "are you feeding him again?" angry yes, I bloody am, he's a growing baby and this is all he eats, you wouldn't think it'd be that odd that they do it quite a lot! At the wedding at least one person said it every time I fed him! Also, I only fed him about 6 times in the whole day which really isn't very much for him as he was way more interested in the wedding.
Then "ah, look, he's tired" (not crying, not distressed, just sleepy) all bloody night...yeah, of course he's tired, it's 9,10,11 o'clock but hey, it's a wedding and he can catch up tomorrow, I'm not going to put my life on hold because I have a baby (I'd take him home if he was upset of course) grrrr...
That does feel better! grin

broodylicious Mon 23-Jul-12 17:31:02

Hi mummies. Hope you're all enjoying the sunshine with your LOs? DH has taken ours out for a walk so I could have a rest..,,and what have I done? Ironing, washing, polished the lounge and dining room and cleaned the floors! Typical!

Feeling v down atm as my darling horse died on Friday. Good job I have dd because otherwise I dread to think....sadsadsad

sadsadsad broody, so sorry to hear that!

madscimum Mon 23-Jul-12 21:09:04

Oh, no, broody sad So sorry sad

I have a cat that I didn't expect to see DD's birth, but she's still around. I know I'll be really sad when she passes, even though I expect it.

Tessa has developed a new vocal ability -- screeching! It's really high pitched, and very loud. It's really confusing as sometimes she seems to do it when unhappy, like a scream/cry, but other times along with laughing as if she's trying out this new vocal ability. I desperately hope this is a short phase. Anyone else's LOs do this?

Ah, I found water babies, thanks! The one near us only have it once a week, and it is the same day as the local village Mums (and Dads) group which will start up again soon. As Mums group is the only place I've actually managed to meet people, I probably want to keep going. There are some a distance away that seem to have times every day -- but I'm not sure about making such a long trip...(about an hour drive - assuming we have a car!). I think I'll phone them and find out when beginners are and talk it over with DH. It would be nice for DD to be able to swim, as both her grandparents and aunt/uncle have a pool.

BeeWi Mon 23-Jul-12 21:41:33

Oh Broody so very sorry to hear that sad you just make sure you get lots of cuddles from DP and LO and just take care of yourself. Really feel for you [hugs]

MadSci - Erin has recently started to do screechies too. She really seems to be experimenting with her voice. I know what you mean about it being hard to determine their feelings sometimes. Occasionally I'll think she's upset but she's screeching whilst looking really happy.

Is anybody still swaddling to sleep? We tried at the weekend to get her our of her wombie and it was a disaster, so we put her back in. Getting a bit worried now we'll never manage!

And has anybody though about what they're doing with weaning? I'd really like to go the BLW route but it's not very widely done here. Lots of the mums I know from my ante natal group have already started weaning but I don't feel LO is ready yet but feel like it's shaking my resolve because seemingly all those around us are spoon feeding and weaning already and we're not. I think we'll just do our own thing but it's hard iykwim?

In other news, we had a 3 feed night last night instead of our usual 1 feed night. Hope this was a one off and not the dreaded 4 month sleep regression!

KikiRC Tue 24-Jul-12 09:31:00

Sorry to hear your news, Broody. My old cat's been quite poorly & I've been feeling guilty I haven't been giving her enough attention recently.

Bee- we had a HV check yesterday and she was very firm that their advice is not to start any weaning until 6 months. There's been lots of World Health Organisation research, apparently, and they believe that 6 months is the time the body is properly ready. They should be able to sit confidently which means it's easier for the food to go down, plus breast milk apparently starts producing enzymes at 6 months which helps to digest food. There were various other things I can't remember off the top of my head, but they seemed to make sense.

We've also definitely had a bit of sleep regression. The last few weeks she has fed 2 or 3 times in the night, but she's getting back to her previous routine (hopefully!) I think it's an adjustment, too, because she went through a stage where she was only having cat naps during the day, whereas now she has a proper sleep in the morning & afternoon. She also makes a variety of screeches and squawks- sometimes I'm not sure if it's her or the gulls!

Trouble- do you have one of those sun tent things for the beach? I don't feel I can take Ivy out for all that long in this real fierce sunshine, despite sun hats & cream etc.

I've been mostly staying indoors kiki! blush i just feel it is too hot for him! When we are out we're been sitting under trees rather than on the beach!
I forgot the all important news from Saturday...Fyfe cut his first tooth! We now have a toothbrush and paste, it's terribly grown up! grinwink
Yes, he screeches too, lovely eh?hmmconfused

Oh yeah, I plan to do mixed weaning (at 6 months) BLW for the most part but with some purées of things I would have puréed as want him to get used to that texture too and to using a spoon. So purées will be potato, sweet potato, swede and carrot, squash, avocado (like guacamole) tomato (for pasta sauces) and some fruit purées. The rest will be finger foods and I plan to include him in our evening meal each night so he'll eat the same as us, with us. Basically I'm not planning to purée a lasagne etc.

KikiRC Tue 24-Jul-12 10:30:45

We've just been going out in the early evenings, trouble, when it's a bit cooler. I usually find a spot in the shadow of a boat or something on the beach, but even that's been too hot, really.

Good news on the tooth!

BeeWi Tue 24-Jul-12 10:43:09

Weeeeeee! Exciting news about the first tooth, Trouble. That is very grown up indeed! Is it on Fyfe's lower jaw? Bet it looks very cute. Have you noticed any change in breastfeeding? I'm a bit nervous about the full teeth/boobie situation! blush

Good to know about what the hv said, Kiki. Our local (rather gruff) nurse is in favour of weaning early as she's pretty old school. She also said they have to eat meat or they won't get enough iron. I feel like telling her to do one but it's hard when you have these 'experts' and you're a first timer. Also just the full peer group thing with the other ante natal group mums (who see the same nurse with it being such a small place) weaning early. Nice that you ladies are on here to give me some perspective!

broodylicious Tue 24-Jul-12 11:45:38

Thanks everyone for your condolences.

Re weaning - we are planning on doing BLW from six months. We had the HV come out last week and she left us a DVD on BLW and it all makes sense to us and seems to fit in with BFing so we will go with it. DH had done some research beforehand re best age to introduce food/start weaning and we had already agreed between us not to start til six months, unless hv came up with amazing reason to do it early. As it was though, she doesn't recommend doing it early because dd's tummy just wouldn't be ready and she has to be able to sit up straight and hold herself to aid digestion.

Think with all this parenting lark though, it's all down to the individual baby and what mum and dad think is best for him/her. We know our babies better than anyone after all smile

The DVD sounds interesting broody, what was it called? I'd like to see it.
At the moment the tooth is only a couple of mm tall as has only just cut so he doesn't look any different yet bee. I can't feel it yet whilst feeding but know two women who said the Lansinoh had to come back in to use for a while as they kind of chafe, it really doesn't sound too bad though and will hopefully make weaning easier.
What is the BLW stance on yoghurt for example? I want to do BLW but can't see how you get things like mash and yogurt in to them, does that stuff wait until they can use a spoon? I think I need to read the book I have about it as am getting swayed by all the people I know from groups giving purées and I really wanted to BLW!! They are all also weaning early, I can see that it's tempting but I am determined to wait until 6 months unless I truly believe it to be in his best interest. smile

I've answered my own question, I can put the puréed stuff/mash or yogurt on to a spoon for him which he can learn to feed himself with, that way I'm sticking with the principles (because I want to, not that I feel I have to) or he can pick it up with his fingers if he prefers! That way he still gets those textures I want him to experience. Does that sound right?
I've been thinking about this a lot recently so it's nice to write it all down and get a plan sorted! Sorry for the lengthy monologue!! blushgrin

kiki, sent you a text, will be in town at 12 ish so will give you a ring then. smile

madscimum Wed 25-Jul-12 18:17:02

No trouble, Trouble! I appreciate hearing your thoughts smile You've asked and answered some of the same questions I have. Do you have the Baby Led Weaning book? I was thinking of ordering that. I also saw a "Weaning Made Easy" book that looks like it covers a couple methods, and I'm wondering if I should get that also for some balance. And I'm interested to hear about this DVD, too, broody.

My thoughts are leaning towards BLW, although I'd like to be able to feed mushy stuff too. (And could they just lick it off their fingers in addition to a spoon if they wanted?) I should probably read some. Basically, BLW seems ultimately easier -- they eat what you eat, when you eat. And I'm all for easier smile No one has suggested early weaning here, but we are also at a bit of a disconnect as our HV has left and they haven't hired a new one. We've been told to contact the GP about the next set of shots, and I have no idea when they'll get a new HV for us.

And, oh, my, the screeching is really getting to me! I feel like I'm spending all day trying to keep Tessa from screeching. Someone commented that she was especially vocal, which was nice when it was "ooo" and "aah", but this sound is maddening! I do hope she gets over it soon. She does at least appear to be starting to modulate it -- the same sound but at a slightly lower volume at times. (She's doing it right now, and the volume just went through the roof...better hit post!)

Yes mad, they could just lick it off their fingers too smile it dies sound so much easier, that way you don't have to take food out with you or think about where/when you're going to feed them, they just get three meals a day with you. I have the baby led weaning book, not sure who it's by, small thin white book with a picture of a baby on the front. I'll dig it out and have a read. Saw kiki and Ivy today, Ivy's a little sweetheart! smile

broodylicious Thu 26-Jul-12 09:49:08

The DVD we were lent from the HV was a copy so I've not got any idea who it was by or whether it's just a Leicester NHS thing. Maybe ask your HVs or docs or local sure start centre if they have anything available?

Oh yes the vocal range of my 17 week old is also growing but all sounds only come in one volume - loud!! It is like she wants to outdo herself, particularly in the squeals department when she gets higher and higher every time. Apparently, according to the doc and two HVs, she will be an early talker. Sounds about right hmm

She does sometimes have comical timing with giggles...the other day, on our walk, a 7/8 yr old boy came shimmying and skipping towards us singing "I'm sexy and I know it" and then stopped in front of us and said "I am though innit? I am sexy!" before shimmying on past us, followed by two friends of the same age. Poppy happened to giggle and squeal at that exact point which actually made me laugh out loud! (followed by omg she will not watch MTV or know what sexy is at 16, let alone 7!!!)

madscimum Fri 27-Jul-12 16:45:31

Oh, I remembered what I wanted to ask, trouble - how do you brush the baby's tooth? I assume there are baby tooth brushes and baby tooth paste? Somebody gives advice on this, I hope. I hope we get an HV again soon... I did just get a message that we can go to a baby clinic and see another HV for weighing and stuff next month, but I don't think they'll be "ours".

We got the car back, for less than we originally paid for it, but DH thinks this is a signal that it might be time to look for a new one. I kinda feel like we just put a bunch of money into it, so I'd want it to continue to work. He's going to take a long drive next weekend with it, so if it goes well then maybe he'll feel better about it. At least we now have 50-mile towing from the AA if something does go wrong.

And I can't believe I start work again on Monday sad I have no idea how I'm going to do it -- at least I don't actually have to go anywhere, except for scattered meetings, so the fact that I can still barely pump 10mls at once doesn't matter too much. But getting work done with DD screaming nearby is going to be tough. I had been planning to get the kitchen set up as a home office but haven't done it yet. I asked the Prof who runs the weekly informal seminars if I could bring DD to them, and he said sure, so we'll see how that goes. If it goes well, maybe by the time the academic year and the more formal seminars start, she might be welcome at those too. Otherwise DH will need to entertain her.

And Tessa has just started another growth spurt, I think... Is there a 4-month one? She's really upped her feeding frequency, sometimes hungry every hour!

KikiRC Fri 27-Jul-12 17:26:06

Mad- yes, baby toothbrushes & toothpaste- but you need to check the floride levels in the toothpaste and get advice on which one to use for your area depending on levels of floride in the water locally. I guess you must have to wait 'til the teeth have come right through, otherwise the gums are too sore to brush?

Wishing you lots of luck going back to work- and I'll be watching with interest, because I'm really not sure how it's going to work out when my Maternity Allowance runs out (in December). Are you going to be looking after Tessa at home & working, or will DH/ someone else look after her while you work? I'm freelance and do a number of things usually, but am going to have to focus on things I can do based at home initially at least, and the hope is that DP (who is also freelance, but has a p/t office job too) can juggle things a bit if and when I need to go to meetings etc. My friend I met at a pregnancy yoga class worked from home full time (with the baby there) when her dd was about a month old (she's an editor) and it's been really hard, but she seems to have pulled it off, despite colic & early teething. She gets the laptop going at the 5am feed! I know there are some things (i.e. emails/ updating my website etc) that I can do during the day without too much problem, but more concentrated stuff I'll have to wait 'til she's asleep- so mainly evenings and a bit during nap time- that's usually when I sort out the house/ eat etc- so no idea if I'll manage... it will also be interesting to see how your meetings go. I feel Ivy's quite easy going and could go along to less formal ones, too. Anyway, blah blah, but I really hope it works out! Enjoy your last weekend & I hope things get sorted with the car. XX

KikiRC Fri 27-Jul-12 18:57:56

PS- really nice to see TroubleANDFyfe, too, and talk teeth! X

Yes, we use a baby toothbrush and paste! You need to start brushing daily as soon as the tooth erupts from the gum (even when it is 1mm!) as plaque will attack straight away!

broodylicious Fri 27-Jul-12 23:09:44

mad - yes we were told to start introducing the toothbrush and paste as soon as the tooth erupts. Just the tiniest smear of paste though to get the taste of it.

Four month growth spurt - yes defo!! Can't remember who asked that but yes it defo exists. Our dd was grouchy, constipated, pulling off during feeding for a scream, wanting to be picked up but then not, teething didn't help, still not sleeping during the day, awake every hour during the night, made out like she was hungry then lost interest after a few sucks....oh it drove me mad last week! Pinnacle was Wednesday when I was meeting my NCT friends at the pub - she was full of smiles as soon as we got there, ordered my drink and lunch, went to feed her and boom, off she went blush angry sad screamed the place down so much I had to leave after two sips of my coke and before my food arrived. The waitress was lovely and put my fish finger sandwich and chips in containers and wrapped them up so I could take them home! I cried some tears on that journey home I don't mind telling you!

broodylicious Mon 30-Jul-12 01:33:05

Grrrr I officially hate sleep regression!!!!!!angry

dd went to bed at 930pm tonight and woke at 11, 1130, 12.15 and 1.15. Driving me maaaaaaaaad!!

Anyone else up and annoyed?

BeeWi Mon 30-Jul-12 02:57:48

Oh Broody, you have my sympathies. LO's sleep has been all over the shop lately. First we had a mega growth spurt, meaning night time feeding frenzies a-go-go and she didn't seem to get herself back to her old self from that. Then at the weekend we tried to unswaddle. We just went cold turkey on Friday night and it was a huge mistake! She was up every 10 to 15 minutes from 2 until 6 and before that she'd only slept a solid 3 hours. It was miserable! She's now swaddled with one arm out. We'll then do 2 arms in a few days and then hopefully swaddle free by next weekend.

Aren't babies funny- you think you've got them sussed and then they'll just change again, keeping you on your toes.

We got a cuski in the post today that I'm going to wear during the day and then try and get her to use as a comforter, so she can self settle at night without me having to go and give her cuddles and rocking. We'll see how it works...anything is worth a shot, I figure.

Good luck tonight! I hope she lets you get some kip!

broodylicious Tue 31-Jul-12 09:48:31

Omg she's getting worse!!! Last night it was 10.30, 11.30, 12.30, 1, 2.30, 3 - when DH got up and took her downstairs to sleep on his chest - then just before 6 because DH had to get up and ready for work. I fed her at 6 til 7 (she was feeding on and off with sleeping) and she went back to sleep for half an hour on me.

We saw the hv yday and we discussed this horrific nightmare.... I can't believe she said she'd never heard of four month sleep regression!! She thinks instead DD could be hungry so suggested maybe weaning early (defo no, thanks!) or giving a formula feed just before bedtime. Even though I'd rather not, we did give her a ff sad..... But it made no difference anyway, as the times above show!

Any advice?!

KikiRC Tue 31-Jul-12 10:27:49

Broody- I think it is just a (very tiring) phase as they readjust their sleep patterns. Ivy wasn't quite so extreme, but definitely went through a stage of waking a lot more often at night, and I remember Trouble went through a few nights similarly. Ivy still sometimes wakes a few times and doesn't cry, but is snuffling around in her basket, and we do use a dummy which gets her back to sleep. I know that's not for everyone, but I think in Ivy's case she's not necessarily hungry, just awake. Is she feeding more during the day, too? (Growth spurt?) And sleeping in the day? I've heard that if they don't sleep much in the day time, it can make them more irritable at night. I think sleep deprivation is the hardest thing- can you just plan an easy week so you can catch up a bit during the daytime? Hope it doesn't last long. X

sad poor you broody! It happened to us and we're now through it, sleep went back to normal again recently, gradually. I know it's hard right now but this too shall pass, I don't think there's any kind of magic solution, sorry your HV have you such bad advice! I don't know if it'll make you feel better but he now sleeps 1-2 hours in the afternoon too which he didn't do before so it's better than it was before the regression.
How long are you up for each time? With Fyfe I was lucky as he'd only be awake for 10 mins each time.

madscimum Tue 31-Jul-12 19:29:48

Oh, broody, sorry to hear all your troubles, but I must say it made me feel better as Tessa is acting like this too. She's only JUST started to sleep a couple hours at the start of the night again. We used to get almost 6, and I was thrilled last night to get 3! Then she wakes every hour for more. And feeds every hour or hour and a half during the day. Gah! No advice, but it does look like we're on the upswing after about 2.5 weeks of this, so there is hope that it can end...

hmm at your HV. How can she not have heard of it, when she's seen hundreds (thousands?) of babies and just with our small group we've all experienced it? I wonder if they just push weaning and then think no more... Good for you for standing your ground on that.

Well, back to work is working so far (although I really need to put in another hour tonight as I stopped early to watch Olympics blush). DH is home as well, working on his thesis, and on Monday he looked after Tessa for most of the morning, with me just popping in for feeds. By 2pm Tessa figured out that I was leaving her when I put her down and would have no more! She cried whenever I set her anywhere or gave her to DH. So I got on my sling and put her in. But then she insisted I stand (by crying when I sat). After unsuccessfully trying to type and bounce standing, I remembered my birthing ball! I sat on that and bounced, and she was happy. It's a little low for the table, and bouncy typing isn't exactly easy, but it seemed to work. We did that again several times today and she fell asleep after a little while. If this continues to be a solution I may go look for a larger one -- I think we bought the small or medium back when I was pregnant. Tomorrow is our first meeting -- 2 hours in the afternoon, and DH will come in with me and look after Tessa. I hope that goes well. Your friend's story is encouraging, kiki. From one month, wow!

Enjoying the Olympics -- I've managed to catch nearly all the gymnastics coverage and a lot of the equestrian. Very impressed that the 37 year-old Mum made vault finals! It's a bit bittersweet, maybe even more so than normal as I come back from barely even walking for 4 months, to see the gymnasts doing things I can't do anymore and so many more things I never could do... (My level of gymnastics was those little connecting moves they do in between their flips smile ) But I still enjoy it.

I really do think most people go through the dreaded 4 month regression and they all come out the other end too! <doesn't mention there's a worse one coming at 6 months>
My little baby is 5 months old tomorrow shock grinsad

KikiRC Wed 01-Aug-12 10:48:55

I can never remember exactly how old Ivy is any more, Trouble! I guess coming up to 5 months, then!

Well done for getting started with work, Mad! Don't know if it would work for you, but sometimes I put Ivy in her bouncer & rock it with my feet while I'm on the computer. From 6 months they can use those bouncers that hang in the door, as well- I remember my sister loved hers! I'm hoping that will keep Ivy entertained, soon. I'm finding a similar thing that Ivy wants to be held a lot more at the moment- I think it's partially the teething, but also she's in a funny in-between stage where she can sit for short periods, but not enough to sit on her own and play- and she seems to get a bit bored playing under her activity arch so much, which she used to love. I'm being given a bumbo, which I hope will allow her to sit and play with things in a way that's more interesting for her (if she fits with the brace straps). I don't mind holding her a lot, but dp has been away for a week, and I just don't seem to get much else done until the evenings.. Just really need to start working a bit, too- although I won't start technically 'til December, being freelance I need to have plenty of things lined up for then so the money starts rolling in straight away, otherwise it will take several months before I earn anything, which will be a disaster financially. Anyway, hope you're OK over there on your ball today, mad!

grin kiki he was born on the 1st so not too hard to work out! grin
Just had him weighed, 16lb13 now. Still on the 50th centile so they are happy with him.smile

broodylicious Wed 01-Aug-12 11:33:54

kiki at my mums yday, I put Poppy in a bumbo and she loved it!! She did get tired quickly but was quite happy in there with trusty Sophie the giraffe, her black and white noisy book and zebra rattle smile think it'll really help with her sitting development.

I was warned by NCT about those door bouncers as they can apparently be quite harsh on their little spines and hips - shame as I thought it'd be a good alternative to play mat and bouncer sad

You can use door bouncers for 10 mibs at a time, just not recommended for any longer periods. Fyfe's now ready for his but we have no architraves to hang it on! We set up his highchair yesterday though and he sat in it for the whole of dinner time which was great!grin

KikiRC Thu 02-Aug-12 12:35:37

Yes, I though door bouncers were OK for short periods as long as they're fitted correctly- the one thing the physio at the antenatal classes said to completely avoid are baby walkers- apparently there are hundreds of accidents with them every year, and they have to walk on their toes, which puts the wrong sort of pressure on the feet & doesn't really help them learn to walk. There wouldn't be the room in my house, anyway!

Can't wait to try out the bumbo- really hope she fits! Think we're getting an Ikea Antelop high chair- I've had lots of recommendations for it.

madscimum Fri 03-Aug-12 20:28:13

Phew, made it through a week of work! I didn't do the most useful work today, but I put in the hours... I am SO going to take a nap this weekend. If DD lets me. smile

DH left for the weekend this morning -- first time with me and Tessa alone! I keep reminding myself there are single mums and I see kiki above, you've been alone for a week, so I should be able to manage this.

Does anyone else's LO like to cover their face? Tessa has started pulling anything she can on her face. I've taken all but a cellular blanket away from her sleeping areas, as I keep finding them over her head. She puts it on her face, then kicks and waves her arms like she can't get it off. But I'm not sure that she isn't playing a game and trying to get me to take it off. Today she pulled a muslin over her face while playing on the floor, and I didn't take it off for her. She left it on for about 15 minutes until the kicking finally slid it off the top of her head. But it disturbs me, as I worry she'll place something that can suffocate her there sad I'm not sure if she's really incapable of removing them or not.

Well done mad! How's it going on your own? I have a friend whose baby likes to cover her face. I guess it's just important to control what they have access to, cellular blankets and Muslins only I suppose?

broodylicious Wed 08-Aug-12 19:19:34

Evening all smile how are we?

I met with my NCT friends today and we all had a collective emotional outburst. Turns out we are all feeling the pressure of mummyhood but we all thought that everyone else was coping fantastically so have never spoken up....until one of the girls piped up that's she's really feeling crap. Well, that opened the floodgates! We all spoke about our true feelings and how we question ourselves constantly and feel helpless on several occasions throughout any given week. It was such a relief to know that we are all going through the same and to have it confirmed that we don't need to pretend we are supermum, superwife, super self, super daughter, super sister etc. The NCT fee literally paid itself today as we'd have never met each other and opened up had we not signed up to those classes. I'm truly delighted to have realised I've got such lovely friends smile (bit of sick in mouth reading that slushy stuff back though haha!!)

Lawabidingmama Wed 08-Aug-12 20:31:14

Hello all I'm not a regular on this thread though I did pop on a few months back! Just after a bit of advice DD2 is not a very good sleeper ( yawn) she's ebf and is totally addicted to boob for comfort for example She will usually go down after a mammoth suck at 8 ish till 10 then till 12 but then I have three hours of her on off on off every half an hour its exhausting! I've tried co sleeping which makes me uneasy and guilty as I never would have dreamt of bringing DD1 in my bed (I've kicked DH out and removed the duvet and pillows but stil....) she also decides at random times of the day she needs a little suck and cuddle which is lovely mostly but if I'm out with DD1 in tow can be a challenge for example today we went to a farm park and I tried to feed her before we set off but she wouldn't feed as soon as we got in the car she kicked up a fuss we pulled over and I tried again she just kept pulling off when the milk came and looking about smiling then going on again but was not happy when I put her in seat to set back off. She then fell asleep with my finger in her mouth! DD1 never had a dummy but sucked her thumb from 9 week I'm not against dummys but don't want to force her as so far she just looks at me on a confused way and spits it out! She is also a bottle refuser but that's another story..... I bf DD1 for 9 months and loved it but feeling like its creating a need in DD2 given she needs to sleep with boob in her mouth! Sorry for the long post but I wondered if anyone else is experiencing this? Also she's not been great weight wise started off 25 th gradually dropped to just under 9 th by 16 week DD1 tracked the 50th and occasionally jumped to 75th.

She's very active though rolls the full length of the room has done for a few weeks and is starting to push up onto her hands !

broodylicious Thu 09-Aug-12 00:56:35

Hi law. Welcome smile
To me, everything you've described is a typical four month old - sleep regression and separation anxiety. Could she also be teething? My DD is pretty much the exact same as you've described and is being tormented by the teething demons too and so things are tough going. She also is a real tinker for using my boobs as a comfort and she isn't doing great weight wise either. Will yours nap during the day? Mine won't, even though it's obvious she's shattered and needs it. So infuriating!!

Lawabidingmama Thu 09-Aug-12 03:11:40

Hi broody no rare short naps here too! Not helped much by my 2 year old being her lovely but very noisy self! I would have thought it was sleep regression but tbh she's always been like this! Tonight (touchs wood) she's so far been great I'm only up for the second time and she's gone down quickly each time! Unfortunately DD1 has been up 3 times! DH has slept through though!

Just wanted to add that you are very right about mummy hood coming with a bucket load of guilt! I'm constantly worrying about my two and feel especially guilty that I don't have the opportunity to do everything the way I would like for my psb as I did for my pfb and that pfb has to share my time now as well!

KikiRC Thu 09-Aug-12 10:09:07

Hey Broody & Law. I don't know if I can offer any helpful advice, but completely emphathise re: lack of sleep. It's almost impossible to do anything when you're exhausted, especially over long periods. My DP does the bottle feeds at night/ early morning which I think has made an enormous difference to me- it means I start the day not feeling absolutely whacked. It works for us at the moment because DP is working 'til late so barely sees Ivy during the daytime & appreciates that bit of time with her. When I was BFing at night though, I did just keep her in with me & often fell asleep with her on the boob & popped her straight back on if she woke up. Probably not what they advise, but I always felt she was safe.

I feel Ivy's pretty settled at the moment, which I'm amazingly grateful for, but my big worries are getting work set up for later in the year- I just don't know if I can realistically get it all together & be working from home enough to pay the bills which worries me a lot. Also DP's son is set to move hundreds of miles away (13 hours journey) with his mum in the autumn, so DP is going to be spending a lot more time away- maybe 2 weeks a month, which is obviously going to be difficult in many ways (sleep levels included!) It ties in almost exactly with the time Ivy's brace comes off, so I'm half counting down 'til September and the rest of me is dreading it.

Anyway, just wanted to respond really. I think things will probably get easier soon, it can just feel impossible and never-ending when you're caught in the middle of it. xx

broodylicious Thu 09-Aug-12 11:43:51

kiki I agree - and hope - that it will get better soon, probably when we start to introduce solids. It's all about the exhaustion with me. I'm so conscious that I don't put on DH but if he doesn't get up with DD in the middle of the night (when she doesn't need feeding obviously), I am just a wreck the next day.
What is it you do kiki? (I think I remember you're freelance but in what?) I'm setting up on my own (marketing and PR) from January and I'm starting now to look at where I can get my work from. Its a bit daunting but exciting! I'm staying on in my permanent role for two days a week so I do have definite money coming in but I'm hoping to finish that by next Christmas if all goes well with my own biz.

KikiRC Thu 09-Aug-12 16:19:16

Broody, I'm an artist- spend part of my time making work to sell/ commissions etc, and the rest organising arts events and running workshops. The events things will be harder with a baby, because I have to be out and about a lot more- plus lots of meetings including formal board meetings etc and workshops are usually a day long, so would need childcare to cover those days.

broodylicious Fri 10-Aug-12 21:58:22

Evening all!
We had a little trip to the docs this afternoon after dd reacted very strangely to noise at our baby sensory class - she screamed high pitch but for a second at a time for a few minutes. The teacher was a bit worried, bless her, and so with her appalling sleep issues over the last few nights - 20/30 mins at a time, then waking - I decided to just get her checked out as i thought maybe she had an ear infection. Shes also had glands on the back of her head/nape of neck come up quite a bit and they hadn't gone down so wanted to get them seen.

Doc was fantastic and checked her all out (ears, mouth, chest, heart, temp, body for rashes etc) and shes absolutely fine smile He thinks she may come down with a little cold in the next few days and she's just showing the first signs in rather a dramatic fashion [proud look!] He said she has only been on the planet for 19 weeks so she doesn't know all sounds and so there will be some she won't like just yet (major one she objects to is ripping tin foil or anything too rustle-y) and the scream is the only way she can tell us she's not happy.

I asked whether the sleeping thing could be attributed to teething. Interestingly, he said that teething really doesn't affect babies half as much as its bad publicity says and that more often than not, it's just babies getting used to life outside the womb.

Kinda all obvious when I think about it but ya know ... ;)

milkymocha Fri 10-Aug-12 22:41:22

Hi everyone. I was on a march 2012 pregnancy thread - not sure if they are connected grin
My baby Vinnie was born 31/3/12, second DC, absolute little angel. Just wanted to introduce myself. Will be watching and nodding sympathetically along.

For all you first times mums... It will all pass so quickly. The good and bad bits, so try to enjoy them (as hard as no sleep is - i havent had a full nights sleep in 2.5 years grin !)

madscimum Sat 11-Aug-12 11:21:34

Welcome milky and law!

Glad to hear Poppy is doing well, broody. I'd meant to ask you how you were getting on with sleeping, but it is looking no different there, I see. Tessa has somehow forgotten how to fall asleep. She used to just nod off when she was tired, but now she screams and cries and just won't sleep, even though it is obvious she wants to sad She only sleeps if I nurse her down now. She has just started sleeping better at night -- 7.5 hours on Thu night!!! although only 4 last night -- so I am hoping this is a phase connected to the whole growth spurt/reverse cycling thing. It looks to me like she doesn't want the sooooooo interesting world to go away...

I made it through my alone weekend. Tessa was an absolute doll, and I think she really liked having my total attention. But when DH came home in the middle of the night, the next morning she gave him a big look of wonder and a grin when she woke up and found him there smile

And I've been scrambling through my second week of work. I have to admit, the Olympics have been more of a distraction than DD! So hopefully I'll be so much better next week. I took her to a seminar on Friday, and she blew some bubbles about halfway through then fell asleep after only a little grunty noise. People complemented me on how quiet she was, although I was all tense at those little noises she did make. My friend told me he had forgotten she was there until he heard a strange sound he couldn't quite place. Then we went to a meeting, too! A project I'd started was having its final meeting, so I asked if I could come along -- warning that the baby would be with me -- and she basically repeated her seminar performance of bubbles, grunts, then sleep.

Lawabidingmama Sat 11-Aug-12 19:42:27

Hello milky here's a brew cheers to no sleep for 2.5 years! Think we must have a similar age gap my DD's are 2 weeks short of 2 years apart! How are you finding the gap? We're muddling along nicely though a few hours extra kip would be heaven! DD's are interacting lots which just melts my heart eldest gets the most smiles and laughs from baby!

milkymocha Sun 12-Aug-12 08:12:43

Hi Law smile there are exactly 23 months between my boys. My eldest is amazing with the new recruit to which i am grateful for everyday. I have tried to do some things with him alone so he does not resent baby (eg take him swimming) but, he started crying on the bus home as 'baby no come swimming too' lol blush
So my plan backfired.

Iam surprisingly finding it very easy. Iam quite a laid back type (unless its DS1 colouring my carpet grin) so DS2 has sort of slotted in to our live nicely.
Vinnie (DS2) is VERY laid back so that helps, my biggest struggle is reminding my eldest to have patience.

I must have had sooo much time on my hands with just the one boy. I very rarely sit down now, but i am enjoying it and i just feel to cry knowing the newborn stage is over and he'll soon have teeth/be crawling/talking!

How are you finding it?

broodylicious Sun 12-Aug-12 10:37:41

It's really interesting hearing from you mommas with two babes. We were talking about it the other day and wondering how on earth I'd cope with two, especially if the next one was also a non daytime sleeper. My DH must think I'm superwoman cos he has every faith I would cope! Apparently "it's in the contract we have two children" winkgrin and I've always wanted two so they have a playmate anyway .... but it's the thought that in just six months, we would start all that trying again and in theory, by next Christmas we'd be a family of four!! hmm What is everyone else thinking about more babies and timings? Xxx

milkymocha Sun 12-Aug-12 11:39:31

I am very happy with the age gap between mine. They are close enough to interact on a 'babyish' level together but, my eldest is independent enough to feed himself/ be left for a few minutes doing a puzzle etc whilst iam changing/ sterilising/ dressing baby.

I think you most definitely would cope. I am honestly genuinely 'coping'! Iam really enjoying it moreso 2nd time round as i am not caught up on the little things like you do with the 1st and its absolutely amaxing to see the two of them 'chatting' and giggling together.

Saying that if all babies were like Vinnie then the world would be over populated. Hes an absolute treasure. I suffer from psb grin

Lawabidingmama Sun 12-Aug-12 20:34:39

Oh milky I love this age gap too smile I was very worried about DD1 being jealous as we are so close but she's not been resentful once! She is a lovely little girl though very loving! She has become a bit of daddy's girl now which makes me kinda sad but DH is loving it! DD2 is a yummy baby all blue eyes and big smiles she's not much of a sleeper but you cope surprisingly well on no sleep don't you think? I've not managed any one to one outings with DD1 as I'm bf and DD2 won't take a bottle hmm but still get plenty of mummy DD1 time when DH is home or DD2 is sleeping we paint bake etc she's also always asking for her "baby sissy" and tries to share her toys with her!

I also have no idea why I never seemed to have spare time with just one child I literally do not get a minute now! I would recommend this gap as already my two are interacting and especially as they are both DDs they will be into similar things also there has been no jealousy I don't think DD1 can remember her sister not being here.

I wouldnt describe my latest bundle as laid back as she very much demands being held by me and only me! But as long as she's with me she's a little ray of sun so I've just adapted playtime so it's all three of us doing jig saws, reading etc

Lawabidingmama Sun 12-Aug-12 20:37:18

Also broody I think your first is such a massive life change going from being independent to having someone totally depend on you 24 7 that other DCs just slot in! We are already talking about having DC3 I'm not totally mad though that will be a few years off!

madscimum Mon 13-Aug-12 00:49:25

Wow, broody, that is amazing to think on, isn't it?

For us, DH was not keen on children, but I negotiated "just one", figuring once one was in place, we could revisit the discussion. But curiously, DH has done a complete turn-around and is a devoted Dad, and might be more receptive than I had originally imagined. But now I'm not so keen -- I'm just not sure I could handle another pregnancy. People say the hormones make you forget the pain of childbirth, but it's going to take an awful lot of hormones to forget 6 months of SPD agony, and it's still not entirely gone. I hear that it starts earlier in subsequent pregnancies. So I think I need some more time at least before I can really think about facing it again. At the very least we'll need two incomes so that I can take more time off -- working so close to the end when I could barely even sit upright was mad, and I really can't do that again! I'm trying to enjoy every little bit of my daughter's babyhood, not sure if I'll have another one or not.

I know what you mean mad, I am planning a 3-3.5 year age gap as will need Fyfe to be fairly independent (and those 15 hours at nursery) in order to cope with pregnancy, no way I could look after a baby whilst pregnant! I feel happy with that though as feel I can devote myself to Fyfe now and give a new baby (eventually) lots of attention too. Also, there is a 3.5 year age gap between my sister and I and we are some of the closest siblings I know! I don't think the age gap dictates the relationship, in fact I know siblings with a one year gap that can't stand each other! Currently staying with a friend with a 3 week old and a 22 month old and she's doing great, it seems very doable. She had a very hard time in pregnancy though as got SPD (didn't have it first time) and foun it very hard to cope. Tricky decision! smile

Lawabidingmama Tue 14-Aug-12 22:03:16

I agree that the age gap doesn't dictate the relationship there's 2.9 yr between me and my elder sisters ( twins ) and 7 year with my little sister and we are all equally close I think a lot is down to how the relationship is nurtured! I found being pregnant with a toddler fine as I'm very lucky to have had two healthy problem free pregnancies! Ultimately I want 3 DC so wanted to get on with it! I don't think there is ever a perfect time as there are pros and cons of every gap!

Seeing as we discussed them recently thought I'd say Fyfe is currently in the door bouncer at a friend's and loves it! He is having a fabulous time and is not on tiptoes so no worries there.
Also, as from yesterday he is now properly sitting without support. He is very pleased with himself! grin

broodylicious Fri 17-Aug-12 19:25:48

Aaaah bless him trouble so cute! grin

We've had a few days in Devon fr a little break. Dd was well behaved in the main, although sleeping at night still seems to be a major issue. We came home yday, did the whole 615 bath, 640 feed, 730 bed routine as normal and she slept beautifully til 1030 when she woke as normal. It then took six hours to get her to settle again sadangryhmm she'd be rocked to sleep fine, put her down, five mins later she's awake again. On and on and on it went, til DH took her downstairs and let her sleep on him. She still woke after 90 mins but went back down a bit quicker. I just need this phase to end soon as I'm totally knackered!!!

madscimum Sat 18-Aug-12 09:46:28

Hi all! Hope you had a good week. Sorry to hear about sleeping, broody. It really is mad when they just won't do it! I think we've finally come out the other end of the sleep regression, after a good 6 weeks or so. She's still terribly distractible when eating, though. I need to feed her somewhere nice and quiet, and not talk and refrain from doing noisy things like eating an apple smile We're definitely not up for any public breastfeeding in this type of mood.

And thank you all for telling me about swimming! We went to water babies this week, and Tessa loved it. She was completely knackered afterwards and slept a good 3 hours in the afternoon.

I've taken her into the office a couple times this week -- arriving around 4pm and staying to 7-8pm, so if she's noisy she won't bother people. She did a bit of screeching before 5pm yesterday and I took her for a walk to see if anyone was bothered -- no one had heard, but the two grandpas who have offices in the next corridor also said they won't mind if they had. So that was nice. I'm still worried about the office below mine, but the fellow who has that hasn't been in yet. Next week will be a bunch of meetings that DH will take her during, but it was nice to know the two of us can manage in the office together, too. Although the plan is still mostly to work from home.

broodylicious Sat 18-Aug-12 17:18:41

mad we are five weeks into our regression - pls god I hope it is just a phase! - so fingers crossed we'll be back into normality soon...
Fantastic you liked water babies. Its undoubtedly my highlight of the week and I'd love to think its dd's too. The teaching really does work - we went to our first public swimming session last week and practiced a few of the moves and she was smiling and chatting as normal. We even did a tiny underwater swim! My friend who has been going for a few months longer than us thinks the same too - her dd swims independently for a few seconds and understands it when her mum says "hold on hold on hold on" (about week 4 lesson I think). Fab stuff!! Xx

It is amazing what a difference it makes Fyfe being able to sit up! He is more able to play with toys and we have been going on the swings at a friend's house and in the park. He was on them for 15 mins just now and I only brought him in as thought it was getting a bit too sunny for him to be our without a hat. He never normally likes anything for that long! I absolutely love this stage, he is doing something new each day and is just such a wonderful little boy! <soppy> grin

KikiRC Tue 21-Aug-12 19:30:55

Hello all,

Sorry haven't popped in for a while- but some good news! Ivy came out of her hip brace last week- three weeks earlier than we were expecting! Can't tell you how pleased/ relieved I am, it's been so nice just to hold her properly again and have a bath, see her legs fully extended etc and she started rolling almost as soon as it came off, so she's loving the sense of being a bit more mobile. We're taking for an X-ray in 3 weeks, to check everything's still OK, then hopefully that will be it. I'm taking her to be weighed/ measured tomorrow, because we haven't had an accurate measurement since she was a week old.

It's also been one of those crazy weeks where her hair's suddenly started growing visibly day by day, she's talking a lot more (she used to jabber on a while back, but then got to a stage where she just grunted and made baby noises for ages)- she said mumumum this morning, which had me in tears. So lovely. A few things have changed- she was sitting up very confidently with the brace, but is a bit floppier again now, I think she must have used slightly different muscles, so is having to re-learn that a bit. I'd say we're still in sleep regression though! She wakes up in the wee hours and is really jolly and chatty, but won't go back to sleep. She's beginning to have slightly longer daytime naps, though.

Have been meaning to ask- when it comes to weaning etc are you going to take 6 months as calendar months, or use the number of weeks since birth? (I think there's a discrepancy of a couple of weeks, or two). I gave her a bit of de-seeded tomato to suck on yesterday (she just sucked the juice out of it, and had a bit of a chew, but really enjoyed it). Made a terrific mess, though!

Hooray kiki! grin that is fantastic news! Sitting up will be really different without the brace but I'm sure she'll get it soon! Any sign of those teeth yet?

KikiRC Thu 23-Aug-12 08:00:53

I don't know what's happening with the teething... She still has one right at the back that is poking through a bit, but it hasn't changed in a month. Some days she's absurdly dribbly & it's obviously bothering her, other days it doesn't. There are a couple of little white dots beginning to show- one at the top front, which I think's more likely to show itself fully first, and the gums feel noticably hardly.

How are Fyfe's teeth coming on? Really can't wait to get her in the door bouncer, but she's not used to bearing weight on her legs at all, and I don't want to put any pressure on her hips really- not until she's had her X-ray in 3 weeks- once we're sure everything has stayed fine without the brace on, then we'll encourage her more with that kind of thing.

Had her weighed yesterday- she's just under a stone, so just dipped under the 25th centile (which is exactly what they predicted once the weight of the brace/ nappy etc wasn't taken into account). She looked quite small against some of the other babies, but nothing to worry about, I don't think.

Good to hear work things are going ok so far, Mad. Broody- you must be due some sleep soon! Must sign up for the swimming class now we're able to. X

grin you must all be so happy kiki! That's brilliant that she's the weight they predicted! Some babies are bigger and some smaller, they just need to be the right weight for them.
Just thought, there is a baby gym thing on on Tuesday mornings 9.30-10.30 (very early I know!) where a gym instructor shows you how to help your baby with whatever moves they are working on, may be of interest to you for building up Ivy's muscles. The swimming is brilliant! We really enjoyed baby massage too. I'm going to ring up about signing this week too as Fyfe is 6 months next week! shock
His teeth are fine, the bottom ones are now so noticeable when he smiles and laughs..very cute! smile

Oh yeah, we started weaning yesterday, lots of fun! grin

broodylicious Thu 23-Aug-12 11:18:41

Ooooh trouble what did your little cutie think to "proper" food? What did he have? Are you doing BLW or puréeing everything?
We're planning to start BLW in two weeks - she'll be 24 weeks then so pretty much six months. Fingers crossed the sleep comes with a fuller tummy....wink

We're doing BLW, he's loving it so far, he has had sugar snap peas, cucumber, red pepper, bread, a breadstick, pancake, a strawberry and a strawberry flavoured fromage frais! We have no food allergies in either family so I'm just giving him anything. He's very good at picking the food up and gets it straight to his mouth and chews! He's still spitting most of it out of course so not sure if he's actually eaten anything yet, I think it will take weeks or even months for that to happen so don't be banking on full tummies with BLW! It is so much fun though, he is very happy and sits in his highchair until all the food is 'gone' (on the floor, on his face, in the dog etc.) which is longer than it takes for me to eat my meal! smile the bibs with sleeves (poundland) are a must! wink I also got him a big plastic mat that sticks to the table to eat from. He did pretty well with a loaded spoon with his fromage frais too! We're having Rigatoni with tenderstem broccoli and cream cheese tonight so he'll have a little portion of that! smile

broodylicious Thu 23-Aug-12 19:15:23

Holy moly!! I was planning on baby rice for a few days then just one or two things a day. With fyfe (ha, my phone just turned fyfe into dude!!) eating all those different things on his first day, I feel a bit mean now grin
Yeah I think I may end up pureeing a bit you know, now you've said that. I need to get food in her tum and blw won't do that will it. Hmmmm. Need to think...

If it helps at all the people I know doing traditional weaning haven't mentioned a particular change in sleep. Is her sleep very bad at the moment?

Lawabidingmama Thu 23-Aug-12 23:43:13

Hi I think it was kiki that asked about weaning age the official guide is 26 weeks!! I know most mums start earlier though. I started DD1 at 26 weeks so will do the same for DD2. DD1 is celiac ( diagnosed just before she turned 2 with mild symptoms) this was a total shock as no one in either family has anything along these lines! So I will be extra careful with DD2! Due to the possibility of this type of disorder it's advised that if weaning starts before 26 week no gluten is introduced to the diet. They don't really know what kind of link there is with weaning and allergies intolerances or celiac disease but I was glad I had followed the advice as potentially my DD1 has a lower sensitivity to the gluten due to this!! It's a mine field though!

milkymocha Fri 24-Aug-12 04:37:45

I would say try not to introduce too many different foods and flavours at one time! I did yhis with DS1 who would 'eat' anything as it was exciting and it led to lots of explosive poos amd tummy aches blush

He also has severe allergies but thats another thread all together!
Happy weaning, its so much fun!

Fyfe is only 25 weeks but we started a week early as just got home from holiday so seemed a good time to introduce a change and as I say, because we are BLW he is not actually ingesting anything as yet, just tasting, chewing and playing. I am doing what feels right for us, sharing our meals so he tries a little of everything. smile

Just checked 'the' book to make sure and Gill Rapely says that as long as you wait until 6 months, with BLW, you do not need to introduce foods one at a time, just give them a bit of everything you are eating.
Obviously if you are going with traditional weaning/purées it is different. smile

BeeWi Fri 24-Aug-12 11:41:07

Hi ladies.

Trouble - can you believe that our little ones have got so grown up to be eating already?! I get such a buzz off all these new stages smile. It sounds like you're doing a fab job with the weaning. We're going down the BLW route too, so have been obsessively reading Rapley's book and anything else related that I can get my mitts on. I think the approach feels right for us because I can tend towards being a worrywart and I reckon I would panic if she wasn't swallowing enough purée...if she's in control it takes some of that worry away somehow.

Kiki - awesome news about Ivy's brace coming off! So thrilled for you both.

We're not really using anything like bouncers or bumbos at all. I saw a video that Magda Gerber made and it influenced me a fair bit. She showed the postural development of babies as they learned to move in different ways and she was a big believer in not putting babies into positions that they could not get into themselves. She was just into laying babies on their backs and letting them do the rest themselves. She was all about just observing and not rushing. It just kind of resonated for us.

Broody - so sorry that sleep is still hard at your end. I hope it improves soon. Everything is harder when you're exhausted. I would warn you though, everyone barring us has started weaning in our mums group and the common consensus is that it makes naff all difference to sleep. Those who seem to have crap sleepers still have them, sadly.

In our news, LO cut her first tooth today. She's been having a really tough time with teething. We're trying the amber necklace but not sure it makes any difference. Anyone having any success with any other natural remedies?

I like the Ashton and parsons powders, hard to get hold of but seem to help bee. Have also heard good things about bicciepegs, I have some but haven't tried them yet as they are from 6 months. Teeth a powders seem okay, more of a distraction really. He loves his Sophie the giraffe when he has sore gums. Hooray for the first tooth! Expect the second to cut in about 10 days. smile

broodylicious Fri 24-Aug-12 19:32:18

law my DH would give your post a big thumbs up grin he is v strict about when we are weaning exactly because of the increased risk of allergies that early weaning can bring! And also because their little tums aren't ready and the risk of adulthood obesity of course smile

bee thank you - still no real improvement on the sleep front since our last post. She loves spending time with us I reckon, that's why she doesn't want to sleep as she won't see us wink Last night, she slept 90 mins, woke for a feed and then it took another 90 minutes to get her back down. Exhausting, nasty, vicious circle. As she slept well at night before the four month mark, I'm still just hoping its a phase and she's not always going to be a crap sleeper!

Poppy seems to be picking up new habits every day now. She is quite into blowing raspberries at me and DH this week! I thought it was a cheeky thing she was doing and was a bit embarrassed out and about yday but the leader at baby sensory said today that we should encourage them to do it as its a precursor to talking - by blowing raspberries, she's apparently learning about breath control which means she will find it easy to start talking and more than likely be able to blow out her candles on her first birthday cake grin Interesting i thought because we blow bubbles in the water facing her at our swimming lessons and that's about breathing too. I remember all the way back at the 6 week check up, the doctor said poppy would be an early talker so maybe this is a bit more heading that way!!

Another "skill" she's picked up - only started yday - is lying on her back and lifting her head right off the floor and leaning forward, almost like she's doing a abdominal crunch!! Anyone else's babes doing it? She rolls happily front to back but hasn't mastered back to front so wondering if this is what it's leading up to? To us, though, it looks like she wants to sit up!

Is she sitting yet broody? That sounds like the move Fyfe is working on- sitting up from laying down; he can only sit up when placed sitting up if that makes sense. The raspberries are lovely, he thinks he is very funny with them! smile

milkymocha Sat 25-Aug-12 06:40:04

I wasnt tryimg to offend you trouble i was just trying to pass on a nugget of experience. My eldest was BLW too smile

Weaning was by far my favourite stage, their first christmas dinner is something quite magical. Couldnt have asked for a more magical present than a beautiful toothy baby munching on a stick of parsnips - wonderful! grin

madscimum Sat 25-Aug-12 09:11:15

Yeah, kiki! So happy to hear about the brace coming off smile

And the BLW weaning sounds exciting, trouble. I'm definitely leaning heavily that way now. I just finished reading the book. I think we'll do as the book says and let her start whenever she's able to sit up and grab for food. We're getting an HV come by and give the "weaning talk" next week -- I don't know what that is. I hope they're okay with BLW, but its not actually our HV (we've been told she's been hired, but needs to work out her notice at her last job and will be in place in a few weeks), so it will be easy to ignore if I don't like what she says.

Tessa's getting clearly more interested in watching us in the process of eating, and she's improving her sitting ability daily. A week ago I couldn't leave her if I place her sitting as she'd flop over and bonk her head; now she only rolls slowly. And she's doing those mini-crunches too!

I had my friend over last weekend, who is a paediatrician, and she was unsurprisingly great with the baby smile I have to admit I asked a bunch of "hey, what she just did, is that normal?" questions. My friend was very nice and reassured me that my baby is fine smile And I am reassured to know things like the annoying shriek is really just a part of her vocal repertoire and not some sign of horrible distress...

You didn't offend me milky smile just pointing out that I had done my research, all babies are different of course.
Sounds good mad, Fyfe had been grabbing at my food for about 3 weeks and learned to sit steadily last week at 24 weeks so was ready according to the book, I don't think it would've made any difference starting him then but I thought I'd wait till we were home as thought it a good time to introduce a change! Exciting stuff! grin

Lawabidingmama Sat 25-Aug-12 11:52:37

I will have to read gill rapeleys (sp) book sounds good! I read up on BLW before DD1 and went for a duel approach ie some spoon feeding Pre loaded spoons and sticks of veg as finger food etc. she's a very good eater now so might do the same for DD2 having said that she is forever trying to grab food and can sit unaided so is probably a good candidate for BLW! She has managed to grab a nectarine out of my hands and suck it and grabbed an ice cream cone out of her sisters hand too blush

broodylicious Sun 26-Aug-12 06:49:31

We went to kiddicare yday with the intention of buying our high chair....but we were so undecided, we didn't buy one! Anyone got any recommendations? Budget is up to £150.

KikiRC Sun 26-Aug-12 09:08:26

We're going to get the Ikea Antilop high chair which I've had recommended by loads of people- it's only £16 and a really nice simple design in white, red or blue.

God, ladies- struggling to keep up a bit this week- she's unexpectedly on the move! Was just writing an email with her under the activity arch next to me. Looked around and she'd rolled over and travelled at least two metres away in about 30 seconds by lying on her tummy and shuffling backwards. She looked delighted with herself! Argh! Wasn't quite expecting that yet. We're going to need a playpen pronto! She also cut her first tooth yesterday a bit out of the blue- at the bottom front, not where the white bit had been showing at the top. She was awake loads all night- not crying, but singing & squealing, it must have kept her awake though she doesn't seem in too much pain with it. Blimey though. DP's just gone away for four days, too, and I was trying to get some DIY & jobs done...!

KikiRC Sun 26-Aug-12 09:22:43

PS- any tips on safe places for them to be (other than playpen/ cot) while you're in the same room? Ivy sits in her moses basket like it's a boat, surrounded by cushions etc in case it tilts, and can play like that for a while, but I don't feel safe with the bouncer now unless I'm right there, as she bounces too hard & rocks it forwards...

madscimum Sun 26-Aug-12 09:44:14

Thanks for the high chair tip, kiki! We haven't gotten that far in our thinking - I figured she'd sit on our laps to start. And wow, at that movement! I was just dreaming last night that Tessa started crawling. I've been thinking of getting those things that keep your cabinet doors closed and letting her crawl around the kitchen while I work. I bought a "play tent" but I'm keeping it in the office.

Grr - annoying: I was video chatting with my Mum yesterday, and I was at the kitchen desk on my ball with Tessa as I had some things to finish up from the week (yick, first weekend work since return) and she wanted to know why we were bouncing. I explained that Tessa liked it and my Mum asked why didn't I put her in the bouncy chair. I said she wanted to be held. My Mum said I was spoiling her! angry Just because I pick up my baby when she wants to be held isn't spoiling her. Sometimes she wants to be on her own, too. Just then she was tired and wanted a cuddle. I tried to explain to my Mum and she just kept talking about spoiling the baby. Sorry for mini-rant, but it bugged me.

In funner things, has anyone tried bath toys yet? I've been bathing together with Tessa in the big bath, and yesterday I realised we had a floaty fish that she could play with. I gave it to her and she chewed it some, then let go and it floated. She tried to grab for it, and it bobbed away. She then spent a good 15 minutes (more time than I'd planned on bathing for!) utterly entranced by the fish and how it moved when she splashed. Halfway through she lifted her foot up and grabbed it, as if to check and make sure that still worked as expected smile

KikiRC Sun 26-Aug-12 10:12:47

Ha, the bath sounds great! We just have a well-chewed rubber duck, though the wild arm & leg splashing is her favourite activity...

I think mums don't realise they're being so incredibly annoying, sometimes! Their generation were very much the 'leave-them-to-cry' etc mentality, in my experience. (I was literally left to cry in my pram in the garage!) I had a few small comments about feeding on demand that they couldn't have realised were so difficult- made me feel like I was spoiling her, and over-feeding her. My sister's getting married in October and I'm going to be away for several days with the family en masse which I'm slightly dreading- there are already things i.e. I've said I'll have her to sleep in the bed with me, rather than use the travel cot provided by the hotel (they think the caution over sharing mattresses is an unnecessary, fussy fad, too). But then they try to be helpful- i.e. have offered to pick up one of those Ikea high chairs because we don't drive and they're not available to buy online. Brilliant- but then mum says she's going to keep it 'til the wedding because there isn't a high chair at the wedding venue- then we can have it afterwards. Which makes no sense, because the wedding meal is only one day (in two months time) which means we go without a high chair for about a month, which is then driven up and down the country, just for one meal- which she could of course very easily eat sitting on my lap. Madness.

broodylicious Sun 26-Aug-12 11:34:18

kiki re going away with the family - yeah good luck with that! We went to Devon last week with my parents and my sister, her DH and their 14 month old boy. Interesting times... I got "feeding her again?" "let her cry, it won't hurt her" "you're spoiling her by picking her up" "she'll be moving on to formula soon tho won't she?" and many more gems over the four days we were there. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely loved being with them - they all live 60 miles away from us so we don't see them more than twice a week at most - but it was a bit trying!

Plus, my sister has a v different way of parenting - cry it out being the disruptive one to us, as my nephew cries to sleep every night and of course we were in the adjacent bedroom trying to get poppy to sleepangry Think our parents have seen my sister and based on their own methods, just assume we should do the same. They say we're a bit new age with our style, all cotton wool and cuddles. I say we are building a bond and trust so our DD will be happy and know we 're there?

Another interesting thing was that my sister also lets her boy eat pretty much anything...chips, chocolate, biscuits...! His dad also gave him a scallop and bran flakes/ fruit and fibre too hmm He did eat good stuff too, loves his peas, but that cant be setting him up well for life? I love my food, I really do, but I'm going to be quite strict in terms of what I will give poppy. Mr Broody used to be a personal trainer so he's mega strict on food so he will be even worse.

broody we have a Stokke Tripp Trapp, got it for £80 on eBay, was our biggest splurge but we love it! It lasts until adulthood technically too, never any need for booster seats etc and is perfect for the BLW mentality of having the baby join you for meals as they eat from the family table not from a tray. It's very pretty too!grin
Yay for Ivy's first tooth kiki and grin / shock that she's making so much use of her new physical freedom! Eek!
Commiserations for those of you with 'helpful' families. My mum told me that it was proven back in the seventies that you cannot spoil a baby so before we were all born. Amazing how many people still hold on to it. I think most of those comments are guilt driven - trying to make themselves feel better. I always ask 'what am I teaching him and what is he learning?' by cuddling your DD when she wants it you are teaching her that you'll be there whenever she needs you, that you are listening to and will respond to her communication. She is learning that she can rely on you and that you respect her and think she's important. Personally I can't see much wrong with that! winkgrin

broody this has been bugging me, what's wrong with a 14 month old eating bran flakes/fruit and fibre? confusedblush

Oh right, too high fibre for a toddler. Googled. smile

KikiRC Mon 27-Aug-12 13:13:27

Hmm. Anyone given any thoughts to stair gates yet? I was given one this morning which was great.. but the problem I hadn't thought of was the cat. The bars are far too narrow for her to fit through. Basically we have a small house on three floors, so lots of stairs, and the cat lives almost exclusively indoors. She spends most time in the living room (first floor) but needs to go downstairs to use the tray. She's pretty old & arthritic (definitely won't be able to jump over it) and has had quite a few issues with protest pooing, especially when Ivy was born! So I really don't want to do anything to upset her on that score, including moving the tray.

Any ideas? I suppose the bars are that distance apart for specific safety reasons, so doubt you can buy wider ones. Looked it up online and someone said they'd raised their gate so there was a bigger gap at the bottom, and it was screwed in tightly enough that she felt it was safe enough.. not sure about that though...

madscimum Mon 27-Aug-12 19:33:45

I'd also heard the raised-gate thing. I guess it has to be low enough the baby definitely couldn't get through. Cats can squish themselves under some awful narrow things -- if her skull can fit, so can the rest of her, so it might not need to be as high as you imagine (unless she's too arthritic to crawl? Although my old cat squeezed herself into some mighty tight places). Or have you considered getting a second litter tray and seeing if she'd use that as offered, but without moving the other? Or would that upset her enough to poo outside both places? (My cat is having some elimination problems too, but she had a urinary infection and blocked glands which we just got cleared yesterday, so I hope she does better there.)

broodylicious Mon 27-Aug-12 22:33:15

I am actually seriously considering putting the heating on. I'm telling myself it's for Poppy as her hands feel ever so slightly chilly - in truth she couldn't give a damn as she is soundly asleep in my lap after a tiny top up feed! It says 21 degrees on her monitor but it feels more like 15 IMO! Brrrrr smile

broodylicious Mon 27-Aug-12 23:05:34

Revision : she is Not sleeping soundly now after her wee has come out of her nappy and gone all up her side, all the way up to her armpit! Poor thing. That change was definitely the loudest. Not surprisingly. It had soaked through a bodysuit, sleep suit and sleeping bag on to the pillow so must've been a big wee! Itll take ages to get her settled again now sad

Lawabidingmama Tue 28-Aug-12 01:13:46

Oh dear broody! Hope she settles quickly I put my heating on today! DH was grumbling about it being too hot but I was freezing! I'm having fun this week DH on night shift and DD1 decided to get up in the middle of the night last night I let hr get in with me what a mistake! Both DDs ended up awake on and off from midnight to 5! On a very happy note though my sister had a baby girl this morning smile she lives away so hot to wait till next weekend for newborn cuddles

Heating?! We slept with no covers and the window open, clearly we are having different weather!
Congratulations to your sister law! How lovely.

broodylicious Tue 28-Aug-12 13:02:30

Aaah congratulations, aunty law grin is it her first/your first niece/nephew? I love having a nephew, there's something wonderful seeing my sister as a mummy. Hugs for all xx

Lawabidingmama Tue 28-Aug-12 19:21:43

Thanks everyone grin yes it's her first I've got three sisters and she's the first to have a baby all girls in my family! DH had 2 nieces so already an aunty but having my sister become a mummy is so special gush!! Xx

Lawabidingmama Tue 28-Aug-12 19:22:55

Thanks everyone grin yes it's her first I've got three sisters and she's the first to have a baby all girls in my family! DH has 2 nieces so already an aunty but having my sister become a mummy is so special gush!! Xx

madscimum Thu 30-Aug-12 15:13:32

Congrats, law! smile

Both DD and I have ear infections sad I got antibiotics, but doctor said just use Calpol for DD unless she seems to be really bad (they gave antibiotics just in case, as the weekend is coming up). Had a devil of a time getting Calpol in her, though. Used a syringe, but it seemed she spit out more liquid than I put in! I hope she got some. Anyone have any tips there? Taking paracetamol myself, as it really hurts, especially when moving my jaw sad

Also had the "weaning talk" today. Not hugely useful. HV was an older woman, and seemed to be speaking about the pre-6 month guidance, with baby rice only to start for a few weeks. I did mention baby-led weaning and she said that was fine, but every piece of advice she gave (couched as "you must") completely ignored that. She referred mostly to two sheets that came from the dairy council; however, she did also give us an NHS booklet which is consistent with BLW -- basically providing suggestions for either purees or finger foods or a combination. So I think I'll read the booklet and ignore what she said. (And glad she wasn't my HV from the start! I really didn't like the "here's what we have you do" and "you must" phrases.)

Yes mad we have the calpol issue with Fyfe! My tip is put the dose in to an egg cup or similar..I then dip my finger in the calpol and rub it on to his gums. It takes a long time but the dose goes in! grin

broodylicious Thu 30-Aug-12 19:12:20

Poppy loves calpol! Her eyes literally light up when she has it! It's so cute grin I just use the spoon it comes with but would try the tommee tippee first weaning spoons if she had an issue with the calpol one as they're soft and bendy and she can touch it herself that way.

Sleeping update btw - ack, who needs more than three broken hours all day and all night anyway?! sadwinkconfused

BeeWi Fri 31-Aug-12 11:39:02

I always flip the thread and read the last messages first and for some reason read your message, Broody as 'Poppy loves calipo'...thought she was a bit young for ice lollies before I realised it was me being dense!

Scimum- I read a tip in the parenting section a while ago saying that when you give pamol to squirt it into their cheek when using a syringe. It totally revolutionised it for us now, if we need to give it, we find that doing that works. She won't swallow it otherwise.

Yesterday we had our follow up appointment with the dietician, which was really good and made me feel confident with when we'd been doing. I was a bit worried because LO's intolerance to diary hasn't disappeared yet and we're going to raise her as vegetarian until she's old enough to choose. But it put my mind at rest and helped me work through some ideas for weaning, so all good. So far she's had carrot, banana, apple, hummus (which I thought would be way too strong as I'd been a bit heavy handed with the garlic, but she loved and devoured it off he end of carrot sticks), egg yolk on a toast finger. Tonight I baked her some baby biscotti which is meant to be fab for teething and would be good to predip in a legume mash, I think. If anyone wants the recipe, I'm happy to post it up. Nice alternative to rusks and all those kind of things.

Spring has well and truly sprung here. Our magnolia tree outside is in full bloom and LO got to lie on the grass for the first ever time today. It's good to nearly be fully out of the winter...it was okay with a newborn as we just kept the fire stoked and wallowed in the dark, but I'm so excited that the days are getting longer and I have this little sidekick to take and show all the places where we usually hang out in the summer. Happy days smile

P.s. happy half birthday to Fyfe for tomorrow, Trouble

broodylicious Fri 31-Aug-12 19:15:21

gringrinHaha, bee It wouldn't surprise me if she will like calipos because in the first few months of pregnancy I ate loads of them - I found they were fantastic at keeping the sickness under control. Them and any food that was beige! Yikes, I do not miss those early pregnancy days at all - the secrecy and sickness drove me bonkers!!

KikiRC Sat 01-Sep-12 13:23:22

Hello all,
Re: Calpol, we use a syringe too, but find that lying her down makes it easier- and we do it a bit at a time rather than all in one go. Any that dribbles out we wipe with a finger and pop back in!
The second tooth came through overnight- she's been so lively at night- waking up all the time, but only cries if you try to put her back down to sleep- she wants to play! But- we've had much longer daytime sleeps. About an hour & a half in the morning and afternoon now. A friend says her son was exactly the same at this age and his teeth just starting to come through then and as soon as she introduced solids he started sleeping through the night again. Here's hoping!

broodylicious Sat 01-Sep-12 19:44:06

I'm desperate for Poppy's teeth to make their appearance kiki if that's what all this nighttime nonsense is all about! We are lucky to get four hours sleep a night. Been like this for about six weeks now, we're exhausted. She cries til you pick her up, stops when you hold her, falls asleep then wakes as soon as her back touches her mattress. Personally, I think it's four month sleep regression hanging around rather than teeth, even though she is clearly teething. Just driving us bonkers whatever it is. Weaning in just over a week so fingers crossed it is the answer to our prayers!

KikiRC Sun 02-Sep-12 08:16:47

Yes, Broody- I'd really appreciate one of those long night's I used to get a couple of months ago, too! What time do you put Poppy to bed? I've stuck with 7pm because she is always very tired by then, but maybe I should try a bit later. I think I might do a combination of BLW + a little bit of mushed food when we start, because I think it's going to take a while with BLW before she actually starts swallowing & digesting...

madscimum Sun 02-Sep-12 08:29:41

Thanks for all the Calpol advice. We've tried several things -- so far the best is lying flat on back with syringe and shooting it into her cheek, but I'm guessing she still only gets half. It reminds of me the early days when we were trying to supplement and simply couldn't get anything else into her. I'm thinking this is a big indication for BLW - she doesn't seem to want to ingest anything except on her own terms!

Wow. I really hate ear infections sad DD has spent nearly the whole past two days comfort nursing, which is fine, as I'm not up to moving much anyway. And glad we have Sky+, because we had to pause Dr Who several times for shrieking baby...

And, oh dear. DH has been looking at properties for sale, because he thinks its fun, and we'll eventually need a larger house with DD. Mostly he found things way outside our budget. But now he's stumbled upon something in budget and as close to perfect as I could imagine, plus some bonuses - like being literally next door to a livery (as I hope to have horses someday) and excellently placed: only ~4 miles from work, with a separate bike path all the way into town, and past the intersection where most buses turn, so public transport passing about every 10-20 minutes. As DH said, even if I walked into work, it would be a shorter commute than I have now! But, argh, I can't imagine doing all the work necessary to sell our own house and then move. I'm just barely managing work + baby, and I'm not sure it's possible to add clearing out house enough to be saleable and then keeping it looking neat. Yet life would be SO much easier if I spent 20 minutes a day commuting, instead of 2.5 hours. And I can't imagine we'd ever find a place so perfect and so close to work in our budget again. Don't know what to do... Sorry, just sounding off as it's a nice dilemma, but still a dilemma.

KikiRC Sun 02-Sep-12 10:13:15

Ooh, that's tricky, Mad. What work would you actually have to do on your current place? Is DH any good at all that?

qwerty11 Sun 02-Sep-12 10:43:06

BeeWi - I'd love the baby biscotti recipe if you're willing to share.

broodylicious Sun 02-Sep-12 12:04:56

kiki Her bedtime routine starts at 6pm with a bath, story, cuddles and sleep balm. Thats done by 630/40 then we stay upstairs and I feed and cuddle she falls asleep, usually about 715/730. She generally goes down for 2-2 1/2 hours but then stirs and basically that's it for the night.
She's really developed in the last few weeks - v comfortable rolling front to back as well as back to front, spends longer on her tummy, wants to sit up a lot, chattering away a lot (I swear she said mummmummm the other day when she was screaming as DH held her - I didn't say anything but DH said yday "she calls for you doesn't she? Mummmummm"smile) - and she rolls on to her side in the night so it's not hard to guess that maybe all this development is making her overtired so could be affecting her nighttime. Plus she still doesn't sleep much during the day and she will never be put down in her crib or elsewhere if she does nod off; it is only ever on me.
I'm thinking exactly the same as you on weaning. BLW sounds fab but she won't be getting anything from it for a good while yet so we are going to be combination feeding to start with I think. I'm so excited about seeing her with food!! We've narrowed the highchair choices down to the baby bjorn or the cosatto 3sixti so we are a bit closer now. Have you got yours sorted?

I guess you have played around with the routine broody? Putting her down later doesn't make a difference? Your routine does seem very long. Our post natal class said to keep it under 45 mins start to finish, otherwise it is meaningless to them, they can't link it with sleep as it starts so long beforehand. Ours is half an hour start to finish. Fyfe is still waking lots in the night, he'll mostly (not always) go for 4/5 hours initially then wake between every hour and every hour and a half most nights at the moment (yawn) but luckily only wakes for 3-5 mins each time and generally sleeps from 8-7 so although he's far from 'sleeping through' it's not nearly as bad as what you are going through. Maybe your DD will crawl early though then start to settle down through being active. For those of you pinning good sleep hopes on weaning, it hasn't made any difference with any of my friends, even those spoon feeding purees and putting rusks and rice in bottles(!) what we tend to forget is that their milk is really calorific and packed with nutrients, they don't need any food until they are one. I don't mean to be the voice of doom, just don't want you to be disappointed. One day we will get a full night's sleep again....one day! smile
I messaged a friend of mine who did BLW with her now 2 yr old to see how it went, she said she couldn't recommend it more, her DD is far from a fussy eater, they get comments all the time about what a good eater she is and she has always fed herself whereas some of the 2 yr olds at nursery are still spoon fed. Sounds encouraging! Fyfe had spaghetti bolognese tonight. Wow that was messy beyond belief fun! grin
mad you need to book a viewing for the house and see how you feel then, if it is meant to be you'll find a way! smile

blush hope that didn't come across as annoying and bossy broody, wasn't intended that way, just wondering if tweaking the routine would get you more sleep but re read and thought blush!

broodylicious Sun 02-Sep-12 22:05:04

No offence taken, it's what we are all here for isn't it? Peer support/advice! smile

But...No, we haven't played with the routine and wouldn't favour putting her to bed later - http://www.justmommies.com/articles/early-bedtime.shtml
I think that although it's frustrating and exhausting, her weird sleep boils down to her awkward age, teething, overtiredness and maybe a spot of separation anxiety. She was fine before she hit 4 months so hopefully she will fall out of it soon. She had these daytime naps today which is rare for her - just hoping that's going to be a regular thing!! Xxx

madscimum Sun 02-Sep-12 23:31:08

Ugh, broody, wishing nighttime gets better for you soon. With the ear infection we're back to only 2-3 hr sleep at first. And I used to be able to put her back in her crib after feeding, but now she wakes up after 30 min if I do that, and I end up cuddling her on my arm the rest of the night. I'm hoping we'll return to better sleep once our ears get back to normal.

We've been to see the house, but I think we'll go again. It got more real this weekend as DH just got the message from the mortgage advisor that we could actually get a mortgage. We've had our estate agent-solictors by, and so the next step is a surveyor in for our valuation and home report. But that is actually spending money and needs all the work: some minor DIY (grouting, painting, etc.), but mostly it's packing up stuff and putting it somewhere (garage, shed) so that people can move around. We've just got too much stuff for the house - for example, the pram currently rolls back and forth between the front door and the bathroom, depending on what we need to use!

I agree with the early bedtimes broody but could you start the routine later so it is shorter say 6.45 instead of 6? You're probably right though it's just a stage! Fyfe started day time naps around 5 months so fingers crossed for you. I find if he has slept well during the day he sleeps better at night too. smile

That's very exciting mad! Difficult timing yes, but exciting. We are (slowly) managing to get our new place done up, it does mean however that you will end up holding the baby a lot more so your DP can do DIY and clearing up in the evenings and at weekends. Sounds like it'll all be worth it though! grin

madscimum Mon 03-Sep-12 10:46:35

Thanks for the link, broody! Hmm, we may try an earlier bedtime. We've been going to bed around 10 or so. But we don't have a baby monitor, and I'd not like to leave her alone without one. Any advice on products, there?

Oh, also, I remember someone mentioning reusable wipes a while back: what are those, where do you get them? Now that most nappy changes are wee-only (she tends to do one big poo a day), I can imagine using something like that.

Yeah, I think we're going to continue pursuing the house thing. One issue is that DH has CFS/ME, so we have to be careful that he doesn't do so much he gets really ill (he's really bad at that, as he hates to admit he needs to rest and so does too much).

broodylicious Mon 03-Sep-12 11:47:54

mad we have a tommee tippee monitor with sensor mat. The mat, I thought, was a bit ott/neurotic as it sits under her mattress and flashes a green light with every heartbeat; if it doesn't detect movement for 20 seconds, the red light goes on with an alarm.
However, I can honestly say it has been a true life saver on a few occasions - little lady has fallen into such a deep sleep that she had stopped breathing. The science bit of those horrid occasions is that babies between four and six months are developing at such a rate of knots that they need their sleep to digest everything that's happening to them/they've seen/learnt etc. They are more likely to drop off into a dangerously deep sleep between this age as a result. Luckily the mat alerted DH and I to the fact Poppy had stopped breathing so we were able to intervene before it was too late - we gave her a shake (I don't mean child abuse shake by that, I mean a purposeful but still gentle wobble of her body while she was still lying down) and she stirred within about 10 seconds.

KikiRC Mon 03-Sep-12 13:09:07

Has anyone read that book 'French Children Eat Anything'? I've got it on order from the library, it's not arrived yet. There's a bit about it here: http://joannagoddard.blogspot.co.uk/2012/06/french-kids-eat-everything.html

Bit scary about the breathing thing, Broody. We don't have anything like that mat.

KikiRC Mon 03-Sep-12 13:16:07

Also, is there anyone like me who's DP doesn't get in 'til late? I think the 'all eating together at mealtimes' thing is really important, but usually he gets in at around or after Ivy's bedtime, then we eat a bit later. If she goes to bed at about 7, her dinner time can't be any later than 6pm really, I'm going to have to work out if I shift to eating with her during the week..

mad, there are lots of online places to get them. One of the bigger brands is www.cheekywipes.com/ but they're very easy to make of course, you can use cotton or towelling, just cut up and hem if likely to fray. smile
We use a BT monitor. It is great as is so sensitive, we never worry about not hearing him, never had a scary moment like broody though! sad
It works well, we take him up for a bath at 7.30 and he's asleep by 8. This is creeping earlier, used to be 8-8.30 but we're trying to follow his signals of when he starts to get tired. Good luck with it. smile

broodylicious Tue 04-Sep-12 18:45:59

So I kept a note last night of dd's sleeping pattern to show you guys just in case you thought you had it bad. Is this damn regression ever going to end?!?!

Bath - 645-7 (accidentally a bit later)
Dress/feed - 7
Sleep 8
Wake 1030
S 11
W 1145 (fed, slept, woke when put back into crib)
S 1245
W 145 (rocked back to sleep)
S 2
W 240 (fed 20 mins, wouldn't be put back down)
S 330 (downstairs on DH)
W 530

She had a good few naps yesterday too - between 30 minutes and an hour - so a frustrating night.

I went to a weaning talk today and the group leader praised us for sticking it out this long without giving her food. I can't remember if any of you have weaned early so without wanting to cause offence, I shan't pass on her considered thoughts on the subject wink

I would love to have the recipe for baby biscotti pls whoever offered - it was suggested today as a great little snack or pudding. And I am awfully fond of baking so any excuse to get my mixing bowl, whisk and baking parchment out grinbiscuit

I feel (some of) your pain broody frequency of wakings about the same and a 5.30 start here too but wakings only for 5 mins so would maybe seem like a good night to you. I've really had enough of it though, thoroughly fed up with the crap sleep; just want one full night, would be bliss!
We starting weaning one week early (25 weeks) but because BLW he didn't actually eat anything. Still hasn't swallowed anything on purpose at 27 weeks so feel we made it to 6 months. I think it is very rare to do so, almost everyone starts early. I'd quite like to know what she said! smile

madscimum Wed 05-Sep-12 09:42:12

Oh, broody, how horrible! Wishing you some sleep! And not to rub salt in wounds, but Tessa slept 8 hours Mon night -- of course, I kept waking up in anticipation of her wakenings and perhaps slept less than normal since I didn't have nursing hormones to get me back to sleep smile Last night back to a 3.5 hr sleep, with following 1-2 hourly wakenings. But we're only up 30 minutes or so. I hope something changes for you.

Tessa is over her ear infection, but I had to go back to the Dr and get more antibiotics. I hate feeling ill. And it presents an interesting wrinkle about working from home: before, I'd make the decision that I was too ill and stay home, or go in and probably be less productive, but now I sort of think I should be working but aren't doing much and then feeling guilty. Feeling considerably better on second course of antibiotics, though. So hopefully that is over soon.

broodylicious Wed 05-Sep-12 10:34:14

sad thought it couldn't get worse.....

Bath 605
Feed 625
Sleep 720
Wake 935 - feed, rock
Sleep 10
Wake 1030 - rock
Sleep 1040
Wake 1045
Sleep 11
Wake 1130 - feed, fell asleep, won't be put back down
Sleep 1205
Wake 1230 - feed, fell asleep, won't be put back down
Sleep 150
Wake 205
Sleep 210 on me - can't keep battling!
Wake 445 - feed
520 - downstairs with DH
Sleep 550 on DH
Wake 645
Nap 815-930

KikiRC Wed 05-Sep-12 19:37:51

Goodness, sorry to hear about all these sleep problems & ear infections!

broody-can you mostly identify what's woken her? Do you think it is usually teething trouble etc? Unless she's really feeling poorly or especially hungry I'm fairly sure Ivy only wakes before midnight due to a sudden noise outside etc, or because she's woken herself somehow by rolling (we keep a rolled cellular blanket alongside her now, to minimise that) or by her basket creaking (I'm trying to get the paint job on the new cot finished!)... As long as we reach her in time, we can almost always settle her back with a dummy with this kind of thing. Other more sustained waking-i.e. hunger/ tooth pain she has a proper feed/ Bonjela rub etc. If this doesn't help, or if she wakes repeatedly we tend to keep her in the bed with us which minimises the waking-up-when-put-back-down thing & we usually all fall back to sleep quicker that way. It's not perfect, but we're getting by on that at the moment..

broodylicious Wed 05-Sep-12 22:59:24

There is no obvious rhyme or reason for her waking kiki. I did think the first wake - about 10-1030 - could be down to me or DH coming to bed ourselves (she's still in her crib next to our bed) so a few times I've stayed up here when she goes down to minimise the risk of disturbing her. I think her waking this regularly throughout the night though is teething, sleep regression, separation anxiety and just general 5 month old-ness. Whatever it is, it's flippin exhausting!! Xx

Okay broody, you have actually made me feel like I've got it good bring woken for 5 mins every hour ish. That's pretty horrendous, you poor thing.

milkymocha Thu 06-Sep-12 09:10:14

How often are you changing your babies nappy in the night broody? MIL looked after my 5mo niece for the first time last week and mentioned baby waking up three times (twice more than normal). Thought it might be down to teeth or missing her mum.
Turns out she didnt change his bum from 7pm-7am because 'you didnt do it in her day?' angry poor mite!

Seemed really obvious to me but apparently not?

broodylicious Thu 06-Sep-12 10:47:02

Haha trouble! Yeah you know when people say "there's always someone worse off than you" - well, when it comes to nighttime, that's me!! wink

Oh. My. God. milky errr, thats a *%%23€ing good point actually blush we tend to only change her once overnight blush I haven't even considered it could be an uncomfy botty that keeps her stirring. I'm so blush with that! Could you have just saved us?!?! I'll tell you tomorrow morning... biscuit for suggesting that!

milkymocha Thu 06-Sep-12 11:53:48

I dont want you to feel blush!!!! Might do the trick though? I cant tell you the amount of blush moments i've had in the past 2.5 years of motherhood lol!

Like when ds2 was about 8 weeks and he was really gulping his bottles and then coming up for air crying... Repeat over and over again for 3 days. My sister came over and fed him (she has no DC!) and said 'maybe you need to change his teats?'
Needless to say she solved the mystery of squeaky gulpy baby blush poor sod!

I thought about a hundred different reasons why something was happening that i forgot the obvious ones grin
Aw well, a day in the life of a mum!

I don't change Fyfe overnight at all, he is in the same (cloth with bamboo booster) nappy from 8-7 ish, but then I haven't since he was about 2 months old and he slept well until 4 months....? About 80% of the babies I know that are his age (including formula fed, dummy using babies who have been sleeping through the night in their own rooms for months) ate now waking every hour ish so thought it was probably just a phase/age thing?
Anyway, I decided last night just to try a few environmental changes, last night dressed him warmer than usual (no change) tonight we're going to swaddle and tomorrow we'll try nappy changes (good idea) just in case! Otherwise though, I think it's just something we have to get through!smile

milkymocha Thu 06-Sep-12 20:04:31

I mean i'd never wake them to change them (i would like SOME sleep grin) but, they have no control over their bladders until around 18 months so I figure i wouldnt leave him in a wet nappy for 10/11/12 hours during the day so why at night?

Iam also an Anti-Rocker hahahaha! Babymilkys get laid down and patted instead of rocked in arms as i believe babies have an inbuilt system of eyes-wide-open as soon as the lie them down. Little beggars!

Hope you all sleep well tonight!

I know what you mean but during the day he feeds a lot, at night he doesn't, his nappy is not saturated by morning. How often do you change them at night out of interest milky?

milkymocha Thu 06-Sep-12 20:25:00

Iam sorry i havent been following this thread that closely so not sure the personalities of all your babies.

I have a very easy going baby who goes to sleep at 8pm wakes at 2am (nappy change!) and then up for the day at 6-7am.

So only the once but DS1 was a milk monster who needed changing every 3 hours.

broodylicious Thu 06-Sep-12 21:01:41

milky I think you're right - I wouldn't change her just once from 630am to 530pm and the last week or so, she has been eating much more at night than she did before so she could be wetter than we think and is protesting but we haven't heard her properly.
We've received our copy of "the no cry sleep solution" today. Should be interesting reading - the author is anti CIO (as are we) but apparently offers a tear-free alternative to being "a sleep deprived martyr and roughing it out from dusk til dawn"....hmm

Good luck broody, let us know how it goes. I'm interested in your book too.
We are on our swaddling test night! He has been asleep swaddled on his back sine 8. Very odd for me as he has slept in a sleeping bag on his from since he was about 6 weeks old! grin


*since angry fgs!

Lawabidingmama Thu 06-Sep-12 21:27:14

Oh broody feel your exhausted pain ATM sad(((((((( baby law is keeping me up! Would not be put down between 11pm and 3.30am last night I even roused DH to 'help' cue screaming ( baby not him) she is VERY attached to me very rarely allows anyone else to pick her up! So I took back over settled her she woke an hour later so I gave in snuggled her in bed and toddler law came bounding in at quarter to six ready for an action packed day! She's never been a decent sleeper I visited my sister at the beginning of the week and newborn neice is sleeping for longer stretches than we get! I factor a lot of it down to our attachment she needs to be close to me at all times!!!

On a different note she's had green poos for a week now been to the docs today with a sample got to wait a week for the results has anyone experienced this?

milkymocha Thu 06-Sep-12 21:33:02

Iam anti CIO too. I hope your book gives you some insight/advice/help. I know it seems like iam talking hot air but it will pass. Doesnt help you much now but, you will get a full nights sleep again..

.. Just dont do what i did and have another baby as soon as your 1st starts sleeping grin !

milkymocha Thu 06-Sep-12 21:36:05

Law how is your baby fed if you dont mind me asking?

broodylicious Thu 06-Sep-12 21:57:35

Haha milky I said to DH earlier that if this book works and DD is asleep for 7 wtf are we going to do with our time?! And then laughed "not practice for DC2!!!!" gringrin
One of my NCT friends had a pregnancy scare the other week - her DD is only 20 weeks so it really would've been a scare!! I know we'd get by (i used to be a 8-9 hour sleeper before dd and am just about managing to live on the below routine so it can be done!) but holy moly I'd rather not try our luck just yet wink

milkymocha Thu 06-Sep-12 22:04:47

Hahaha ! My eldest slept through the night for the first time the night i was in labour with youngest!

Woke up 6.30 full of beans whilst iam rocking on all fours next to my bed. He says 'mummy what you find under bed?' cue him jumping to look under the bed lol
Off he toddles to get me a plastic tea cup and shouts TEA MUM?
Best pain relief in the world.

Sorry went off topic there grin should send you all to sleep though! Method to my madness!

Lawabidingmama Thu 06-Sep-12 22:41:21

She's ex bf milky the nurse at the docs was banging on about possible hind milk fore milk imbalance but I know it's not that her feeding pattern hasn't changed and my milk supply has been settled since she was a few week old? I bf eldest till she was 9.5 months and never experienced this!!

Second the advice to enjoy a little bit of sleep before DC2! DD1 did sleep through before DD2 but started getting up again after DD2 was born shes just started sleeping through again! <touches wood>

Operation swaddle was a success, he woke just three times, once just for a cuddle so less than a minute and twice for feeds (5 mins) grin I however, woke up at least 7 times to look at him and think 'wow, he hasn't woken up' my body must be so used to it now I suppose. Anyway, will try again tonight and see if it really 'worked' or was just a fluke! smile
law hope all is okay at GP. We have had that before but just put it down to too much fore milk which makes sense to us. I can see why it doesn't for you if the feeding pattern hasn't changed.

BeeWi Fri 07-Sep-12 08:24:52

Trouble - that sounds promising on the swaddle. One word of warning though, it took us 5 weeks to wean LO off swaddling. Mind you, she'd been swaddled from birth, so maybe it's different.

LO has also started waking more frequently since about a fortnight ago. We've gone from a blissful set up of 10pm dreamfeed, one night wake up and feed and getting up between 5.30 and 6am to waking every 2 hours and getting up at 5. Not as bad as you've got it, Broody, but still so hard to cope with. I had to get my husband to take a day off earlier in the week to look after LO so I could sleep. I'd been trying to rock her at 5am and then suddenly started retching and had to run to the loo to be sick. I'd got so run down and exhausted, I'd seemed to get physically sick. Awful.

I read that babies' sleep cycles change around 5 months so that now, rather than having light sleep cycles that last 45 minutes but which they can drift between easily, they now go into more adult sleep cycles where they wake fully at the end of each. If they don't know how to self settle without you, they cry so you come and put them back to sleep. I feel I've really shot myself in the foot by rocking or feeding her to sleep as now she always needs me to go and give her a cuddle and a feed to settle her. I've bought her a Cushkie to try and get her attached to it and have worn it to put my smell on it. She seems to like it, so hopefully she'll eventually be able to cuddle that to resettle. Like many of you, I'm buggered if I'll let her cry it out. Judgey as it is, I think it's barbaric. I can understand how people get so sleep deprived they would try it but it's not for us.

Anyways, enough babble, here's that biscotti recipe (LO loves it with mushed avocado or hummus or nut butter on it)-

Preheat oven at 170*C and line a caking tray.
Mash a medium sized ripe banana with 1TBsp of softened butter or neutral oil (we used oil) and 1 egg. Mash and mix until smooth. (Optional- you can add a pinch of cinammon if you want at this stage.) Sift in about 1 cup of white plain flour - do it a third of a cup at a time, as the amount you'll need depends on the size of the banana. If you're using gluten-free flour and the mixture goes dry, you can add water or milk a drop at a time until the dough holds together.
Put the dough on the baking sheet and (with floured hands) shape it into a long log shape which is about 4cm wide. Bake for 15-20 minutes until firm to the touch but not coloured. Remove and cool slightly on a wire rack.
Turn oven down to 120*C and once you can handle the log, use a bread knife to cut 5mm slices. If you want longer ones, cut on the diagonal. Arrange slices on the baking sheet and return to the oven until golden and crisp. Now, the recipe said to do this for 15-20 minutes but ours took much longer and I ended up turning the oven up, but maybe that's our oven?!

Anyways, I hope it's a hit with your babies too!

Yeah bee, as I said I reckon it's an age thing much more than something we're (almost) all doing or not doing! Although the swaddling seemed to help it may well have been just an okay night, we do still get them very occasionally! We'll all get through it I'm sure! smile
The recipe sounds great, I will give it a go!smile

milkymocha Fri 07-Sep-12 11:55:42

Ds1 loved being swaddled up until he was 4 months (i was led to believe that it was unsafe after this point due to rolling?) but DS2 hated it sadly. Too flappy and wiggly like a little bird.

Perserve ladies, its definitely the age! Happy weekend smile

Doesn't seem to be an issue milky from a quick google. Some suggestions of using rolled up towels to prevent rolling if the child is that way inclined. Fyfe is not much of a roller. He does it sometimes but not constantly like some babies, besides, I'm sure he'd cry if he got stuck. Interesting how some babies love it and others just don't!
It'd be lovely if someone could say when the phase would end wouldn't it? It'd be okay if they said 6 more weeks or whatever. Actually I feel okay about it all now...thanks broody! blushsad
I'm loving this sunny weather though have been indoors most of today, we went to the cinema this morning then gave Fyfe a massage now he's dancing in his door bouncer and I'm going to start cleaning ready for guests this weekend. grin

broodylicious Fri 07-Sep-12 20:50:47

Oh bee how I dream of two hour rests between wakings! That's an absolute walk in the park! envysmile

Re swaddling - we never really got into it because we had been told by three/four months you need to stop so figured itd be a battle. Dd sleeps in a sleep bag as she's not much a fan of blankets. She's just got a sleep suit on tonight though as its so warm.

Fyfe is very flexible, fine with swaddling, blankets, sleeping bags, my duvet, nothing and seems very interchangeable! Good luck tonight everyone!

Pinkpiglet Sat 08-Sep-12 09:07:00

Hi all, I hope I can come and join you

It's very comforting to read that you are all going through the same sleep wows as we are. We've gone from DD sleeping through 8-7 on the odd occasion to her now waking multiple times in the night and being ready to get up at 4am. It's so much harder entertaining a baby when your feeling rotten. I'm sorry some of you have it much harder.
I hope the phase ends soon, just have to ride it out for now!

Thanks for the Biscotti Bee, I'm going to give it a try today.

madscimum Sat 08-Sep-12 10:37:59

Welcome, pink! smile

Interesting about the adult sleep patterns, bee. I've noticed when Tessa wakes in the middle of the night now, it is much more of an "awake" awake, if that makes sense. Humming and making noise and such.

Yeah, and our 8 hours was a fluke. She's now waking regularly. Glad to hear its another phase, with hopes that it will end. And so sorry, broody, as perhaps the 4 month phase faded straight into the 5 month for you?? That's being optimistic that it still a phase that can pass!

broodylicious Sat 08-Sep-12 16:18:14

I'm feeling much better that other mums are rocking/feeding their babies to sleep - I thought many of you had wonderful LOs that went to sleep the minute you put them down! We do want to get out of the habit as its going to get harder as she gets older.

One other interesting point from the weaning talk the other day was to do with teeth. Apparently, there's thousands of 4/5 yr olds having their teeth removed because of the damage done at our LOs age...although many parents understand the importance of teeth cleaning from the day that first nasher appears, they give a bottle/beaker of milk to go to bed with. As milk - formula, cows and breast - has sugar in it, the babies teeth are under attack overnight. Therefore, she said its good practice to get into giving water as the last drink if possible.

I got a few goodies from the talk too, including a doidy cup. Do any of you use this yet?

madscimum Sat 08-Sep-12 18:33:16

Oh, broody, isn't it funny how we assume everyone is doing so much better than us? smile Yes, we're rocking/feeding to sleep. In fact, last night I put Tessa down when I thought she was asleep and then went to the toilet. She wasn't yet, and started making noise, and before I got back was in a full blown cry. It was really only like a minute or two. But, boy, was she upset! I tried to nurse her to calm her, and she kept sucking then popping off to stare at me and give a cry or two. As if to say, "See how upset I am! I cried and you did not come immediately! Don't think some yummy milk fixes this..."

And Tessa has now definitely said "da da". But not for her Dad, just something she babbles. Some "Mmmmm" but no "Ma ma" yet.

We didn't get a doidy cup -- we got one of those Tomee Tipee sippy cups. Does anyone know what is best?

broodylicious Sat 08-Sep-12 18:55:37

Oooh I've tried my TT cup out today!! We start weaning on Tuesday (DH day off so we will both enjoy seeing it for the first time smile) and I wanted to get poppy used to the cup so gave it her to play with. She seemed q interested so I put a little cooled boiled water in - v interested to see it move inside. I sat her on my knee and she took a big glug, let it all dribble out her mouth and then got v excited and pulled it towards her again! I tried a little formula in it tonight and ... success! She had what I'd put in there and cried when it'd gone!

broodylicious Sat 08-Sep-12 19:11:10

Re what is best - the HV who did our talk said the doidy cup is the "in" thing with speech development folk as nothing goes in the baby's mouth (as opposed to a teat or spout) that could affect how it develops. However she also said TT sippy cups are the most popular as they're nice to handle and are a great brand. So really, I think it's baby's personal preference.

milky - nappy changes not solved nighttime wakings but she was happier for the second change at 4am today (first was 12ish) as it was saturated! V rare for her botty to be red but it was a little this morning. Poor mite! Bepanthen calmed it down almost immediately - she even smiled and blabbed "mummmum" in gratitude smilesmile

I took poppy to my old livery yard today as I wanted to catch up with my horsey pals. She was fascinated with my friend's mare - stared and squealed and laughed!! It was a lovely distraction as it was the first time I've been to the yard since my boy passed away in July so I was naturally q emotional sad

BeeWi Sun 09-Sep-12 02:33:48

No worries, Pink. How did it turn out? Did your second bake take longer than the recipe suggests or was it just me? Welcome, by the way.

With regards to the giving water at night, I thought it was ropey to try and do that before 8 or 9 months? Last time I spoke to our nurse she said that whilst it's best practice to brush before sleep, it won't hurt too much if baby needs a night feed. I figure I'm not brushing her after every feed anyways during the day (just a morning and pre-bed brush) and nothing magically different is happening at night?

broodylicious Sun 09-Sep-12 06:30:46

I don't think she was suggesting we give water straight away as the last drink, just eventually that's where we want to be. I agree, there is no way on earth I'm going to get into the habit of brushing after every feed and particularly after a night feed - theres no way dd would ever go to sleep then! wink

We're just brushing twice a day. Fyfe takes little bits of water from a TT cup (can hold it himself now) on hot days, we started at 3 months. He will sometimes take a little expressed milk from it too but never more than a teaspoon of either. I figure seeing as he has never used a bottle we might as well try to skip it completely and just use a cup. I was thinking of getting a doidy, let me know if it's any good.
Had another okay night last night but he got up from 5.20-7 (with DH) before going back to sleep until 10 (!grin) so great for me, not so good for DH!

Pinkpiglet Mon 10-Sep-12 00:20:02

Thanks BeeWi, the biscotti worked out really well and it's been the most successful item of food to enter Isobel's mouth. But I'm pretty sure she's not actually swallowed anything yet!
Yes it did need longer for the second bake, I left it in for ~20 mins then turned the heat off and left it in the oven until it had cooled to allow it to dry out further. Next time I make it I may cut a few bigger bits for myself, it's rather tasty!

Ooh, I must do the biscotti today! Pretty sure Fyfe hasn't eaten anything yet either but he's having fun trying! grin

Biscotti turned out great, very easy with the food processor, thanks! grin

madscimum Tue 11-Sep-12 08:42:06

Those of you who have tommee tippee cups -- what do yours look like? I thought to get a second one, but I can't find any like the ones I got in my 4 mo bag. Mine has got a lid with a free-flow spout having 3 holes, and also comes with another lid that just has a little hole where stuff can come out (next step, I assume). Online all I see are ones with a flip down free-flow spout (that reviews say have 2 holes).

And perhaps I don't need a second one -- I was just worrying about confusion if it sometimes had water and sometimes had milk, so thought to get a different colour. But perhaps that's just a silly worry? I just made it up myself, no one told me that or anything smile

BeeWi Tue 11-Sep-12 10:14:37

Glad the biscotti worked well, Pink & Trouble.

Today I opened up a bank account for LO (been meaning to for months) and put in the money she'd been given by various relatives shortly after birth. Is anybody else doing pocket money for their babies? If so, how much are you doing? We've set up a weekly transfer from our account to hers for $2 (about a quid) as I thought it'll be years before she understands the concept of pocket money, so it can just be accumulating in her account, but it's a sum we'd not miss too much whilst not going too nuts while we're down to one income. Is that a bit stingy though?

No idea about cups, I'm afraid, SciMum. Only just started using one and the water mostly ended up down LO's front grin.

Is anybody's LO biting their nips at the moment? LO only has one tooth but in the last couple of days has had the odd chomp on my boob. It freakin' kills! I let out and involuntary squeal yesterday when she bit me and it made her cry...I felt so horrible but it was such a painful shock! Any tips on not scaring her but getting her to stop? She also bit me at her 5am 'let's get up an play, mam' feed this morning. I nearly took her back to the hospital to ask for a refund! wink

broodylicious Tue 11-Sep-12 10:40:52

Weaning starts today gringringrin v v v excited!!!! Cannot wait. Carrot and broccoli on the menu, possibly a finger of toast too. Yay!!!! We got the BLW cookbook last week - delish looking recipes in there that I can't wait to try.

We have two TT cups mad, one with a stand up spout with three holes and one with a fold down one with two holes. They are the same colour and I just tell him 'milk' or 'water' which I think he'll understand just as quick as he would learn to associate the colours tbh.
bee yes, it really hurts! sad push her in to your boob when she does it, she'll then open her mouth as you'll have restricted her breathing (sounds awful I know but it's just for a second!)
Yay broody! grin

I was wondering, when you pick up your babies from sitting in their highchairs for example, do you feel their bones crack? We do with Fyfe and had assumed it to be normal until I spoke to a friend at the weekend who didn't have it with her little boy...

broodylicious Tue 11-Sep-12 20:05:42

Well I would say our first experience with food was excellent grin She took a few minutes but she picked up a piece of broccoli and squashed it while watching it intently, then she stared at the finger of toast and watched DH eat his before picking it up and shoving it straight in her mouth with not a second thought! She sucked all the butter off it then chewed a bit round her mouth - I'm not sure she will have digested much but some definitely went down. Then she moved on to the carrot, which she sucked the living daylights out of for about 25 minutes! She didn't swallow any of that, I'm pretty sure as it was still the same when she finally opened her mouth and spat it out.

Tomorrow, we try porridge for breakfast. Has anyone else tried their LOs with it yet? I have a feeling it's going to be much messier than today!

Oooh on the sleeping front - last night was much better, waking only five times ("only"!!!!) between 640 when she first fell asleep and 530am. She was much better at going back down quicker. Today she has taken five naps between 630am and 630pm, most for around 30 minutes, except the first and last which were for an hour. We don't normally let her nap that late on but we have been to the races this afternoon as our racehorse was running and wanted to take her because it was at Leicester races and we live a mile away from the course so it'd have been rude not to go see our boy. He didn't win though sad

Sounds good broody.
I make a BLW recipe - porridge fingers, which Fyfe loves.
Mix 2 tbls porridge oats with 2 oz milk, (I use expressed milk, you can use full fat cow's milk) leave to soak for 10 mins. Spoon on to a plate and shape firmly in to a block with the back of a spoon and pat down. Tip off any excess milk. Put in the microwave for 1 min 30 then turn on I a cool plate and cut in to fingers. Once cooled they will be a flapjack consistency. Perfect for little hands and less mess! smile

broodylicious Tue 11-Sep-12 20:45:21

Ah yes I'd seen that in the BLW cookbook and wondered what it'd be like. I think I'll use formula in ours. We'll give her banana too I think - major issue with this though is that banana smell makes me gag confused I know also that anything banana touches goes black if it goes unnoticed and dries! Now is not the time to be thinking of my house being messy but hmm haha!

Lawabidingmama Tue 11-Sep-12 23:51:02

We have also started weaning! So far so good! Carrot and parsnip big success! I'm doing puréed stuff as I'm very mindful of watching out for reactions due to DD1s ceoliac (although this is actually an autoimmune disorder it's made me very wary of intolerances etc) she has had fingers if the puréed stuff at the same time and took it well! She's happy to self feed off a Pre loaded spoon! So cute!

Also this week she's agreed to take a bottle smile so relieved as I have an afternoon tea on Sunday for a friends birthday and was hoping for some child free time it's looking more promising! Though she's still very Velcro like (happy to play with DH untill she realises I'm not in the room :/) the tea party is only a five min drive away so I figure DH can bring her to me if need be?

trouble DD1 used to 'click' sometimes it was quite audible I noticed it at birth and mentioned it to my midwife who dismissed my concerns I brought it up again with my hv when she was a couple of months and we wee referred to a consultant oesteopath turned out to be nothing but I was pleased to have it checked! She only clicked on a few occasions but I found it concerning as it always seemed to be her right shoulder?

madscimum Wed 12-Sep-12 10:34:04

Oo, all the weaning sounds so very exciting! We'll probably start this weekend, when she'll be 24 weeks. I've been cooking meals in a way that DD could have parts -- cutting things into long strips instead of chunks, low sodium, etc., to practice.

I'm not quite sure what to do about dinner time, kiki -- we usually eat at 8 or 9pm, and I don't see that changing. Tessa does start getting fussy at around 7, but the times I've tried to put her down then she just takes a 1-2 hr nap and is then alert for a few hours again. Maybe she'll just have a late evening nap before dinner? The one night she went down for the night at 7pm she was awake for the day at 4am! That's too early for me...

Ugh. Tessa's ear infection has been gone for a week and I'm on my third course of antibiotics -- two at a time this time. I hate being sick sad I hope this time it clears up.

madscimum Wed 12-Sep-12 10:35:21

trouble, we don't have creaking but every once in a while there is a pop like knuckles cracking. But not consistently, and she seems happy. If I were you, I'd mention it to GP or HV and see what they say.

Yes, it's a pop like knuckles cracking, several times a day though...it had never bothered him, he's always very happy. I will book a GP appointment soon though!

Lawabidingmama Wed 12-Sep-12 18:57:27

Consultant oe