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January 2008: I'm four and 'they're all mine!'

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latrucha Thu 01-Mar-12 20:19:27

Sorry Simposn. Just couldn't resist. grin

latrucha Thu 01-Mar-12 20:28:44

That was very funny simpson. I love the four year old's ability to resist adult logic. Sabela, indeed, refuses to be four. She is either three or five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten. But not four.

How was the shoe shopping JKS? Loved the picture too.

Filly- only you could describe a weekend in a new house with three children, in-laws over for dinner and friends dropping by as chilled. You're a star.

Same old same old here. Kids lovely. I think I have decided to ring my bereavement counsellor and ask if she'll see me one more time to discuss DH. Most other people have such a preconditioned 'take' on what DH's problem is (yes and they're my female friends) that I don't find it useful. I need an outlet and she knows the situation better than anyone. My payday treat!

Any tips on getting Daniel to stop throwing things? He has an awful temper and as soon as he starts kicking off he just throws whatever is in his hands, usually a small, hard wooden train. This is often triggered by things like another small boy coming up to investigate is small, hard wooden train so you can see why I'm worried. He's not hit anyone yet, but it's a matter of time. He's given me and DD a black eye each this week by launching himself backwards headfirst, which he does both when he's stropping and for fun hmm

JKSLtd Thu 01-Mar-12 21:32:50

Well done LaT smile

No advice particularly, just keep going with the No & removing him from fun, taking fave toy away type stuff.
It's a phase...it too will pass grin

Was I shoe shopping? Or was it taking my wedding shoes to be redyed? ONly nearly 8 years later!

madmouse Thu 01-Mar-12 22:16:46

Hello smile

simpson Fri 02-Mar-12 14:06:17

yay, new shiny thread.

LOL at title grin grin

LaT - I would keep doing what JKS says tbh.

M went through a terrible phase of biting blush and I had to watch her like a hawk if any other child came near her. But after a while the firm "no" and removing her from situation (when she got really bad with poor J, I borrowed a travel cot and had it in the front room for a few weeks and plonked her in there everytime she bit him)

madmouse Fri 02-Mar-12 22:00:51

We're moving house. ASAP. I hope I can get it all sorted in 3 weeks. If the Diocese does not delay us further!!

16 miles down the road in the same town where dh ministers so that he can do his job properly. Bit more commuting for me and Nathan but worth it.

simpson Sat 03-Mar-12 13:39:37

Ooh, what is the new house like???

Good luck with the move smile

madmouse Sat 03-Mar-12 13:54:44

Don't know Simps - not seen it yet other than a quick glance of the outside grin

JKSLtd Sat 03-Mar-12 18:07:35

Yey for the move MM smile

Hopefully the house is ok inside.

Been to soft play with both boys this afternoon, left M with DH (which may have pushed her a bit long without a feed but she was fine until I walked in!).
H was really good there, a solid 2 hours playtime. But..I just baby wiped his shoes and didn't try to take them or his coat off.
He was rather warm by the end grin

But no screaming at all, or sitting next to me scared so the trips are paying off.
Really not my fave soft play (is there one?!) but it is close to home.

Fillybuster Mon 05-Mar-12 12:34:36

Hurrah for the shiny new thread - well done LaT smile smile

MM - fingers crossed for the move. Any chance you'll get to take a look inside before you actually move there?

LaT - no advice, but repeat after me "this too shall pass"!

JKS - hurrah for soft play, sounds like H is doing really well (even though I detest all soft plays too!)

Not much to report - I should be working but am clearly not blush....looks like my company is about to enter the long dark tunnel of being taken over (sigh....its only 4 years since I last went through this), so it's a bit of a challenging environment at the moment. I'm half-heartedly looking for something else, as I know I will have to go full time if I change, and I really enjoy my Wednesdays at home at the moment....(even if I do end up working quite often, at least its on my own terms, and I can take back the time at other points....like MNing now!)

Had a lovely weekend in the house - slowly starting to get control over it all....we're now down to only having boxes left in the study and garage, although having builders in our bedroom every day means that its pretty dusty in there. Oh, and there's one box of random kitchen stuff I haven't had the patience to deal with of course!

DH just found the camera lead, so pics of T's birthday cake will be up on my profile shortly....on a month late grin

latrucha Mon 05-Mar-12 19:56:53

Good work with the house Filly. Looking forward to the pictures.

I had a bit of a shock when I went to pick up S today. A letter from her school was waiting for me clearly expecting her to be starting school full time after Easter. We had been told September but it seems someone has dropped out and S moved into her place but the school didn't tell us.

I'm a bit hmm about it as her two best friends from playgroup are going in in the September intake and two people she really finds difficult. The teacher will let me do whatever I want but thinks starting in September does leave her at a disadvantage in that she won't have much settling in time before school proper starts.

I'm thinking of having her go two full days and stay three mornings at pre school. She is quite keen on this plan. What do you think?

latrucha Mon 05-Mar-12 19:57:39

p.s. I am totally unready for her to go full time after Easter grin

JKSLtd Mon 05-Mar-12 20:14:01

Argh halfway through a post and it disappeared, grr.

LaT - sounds like a good plan smile

Think M is getting a molar shock only got 4 out of the 8 front lot (incisors?) so far.

Filly - keep up the good work smile

madmouse Mon 05-Mar-12 21:36:16

LaT Nathan does a split placement of 2 days nursery and 3 mornings special school and he loves it - works really well for him.

latrucha Mon 05-Mar-12 21:44:48

Good to know Madmouse. I think it will work for her. I just don't want to throw her off because she has always loved nursery and preschool and I want it to be a happy transition.

Dh thinks she should just go but will do what I want. I'l sleep on it a bit.

Fillybuster Tue 06-Mar-12 16:38:40

Um, if it helps (which it probably doesn't grin ) Tamara does 4 days full-time and 1 day mornings at the moment....but she was doing 2-3 full days last academic year already so is fairly used to it.

If I was at home I would probably have her going for 3 full days a week, as she really enjoys the afternoon sessions (and they do different stuff to the mornings) but I would definitely have her home 2 days a week, just to chill out and also to allow some time for post-nursery activities.

At the moment, she's having swimming lessons at 4pm on Wednesdays, after 9-3.30 nursery, and its really a bit too much for her - she's so tired on Weds evenings she can barely eat her dinner....on the other hand, she's not scared of the swimming pool any more, so overall I think we're winning smile

simpson Wed 07-Mar-12 22:32:02

LaT - I am confused (it does not take much!!! blush)

Is she starting full time school in April or been offered f/t in nursery until she moves to school???

All good here. I have braved it (on the advice of others) and made an appt to see the Head teacher tomorrow morning to make sure that ExH cannot pick kids up from school without my permission. It is unlikely to happen as (a) he is in ireland (b) he does not have the £££ for a flight over and (c) he would not have the brain power to think of doing it.

But tbh it will help me sleep better if I know the school are on the ball iyswim.

I have told both kids that they will not be seeing daddy for the foreseeable future as he is not very well etc (and have blamed ExH for this by saying he does not take his medicine properly - as M said "well he can just go to the doctor to get better" (lol at logic of a 4yr old)).

Do you guys think it is worth asking for councilling for J to make sure he is coping properly??

JKSLtd Thu 08-Mar-12 04:39:18

Simps - my disappeared post said similar to LaT I am confused too grin
Well done re telling school should help your peace of mind. I would say yes def see what help J could have he seems to be fine for ages then have a funny few days, from what you've said, and it won't do any harm for him to have an outside safe person to talk to.
M reminds me of my T, a logical answer to everything, can talk themselves out of any argument grin

H is in danger of being rehomed...4.20 this morning why the eff does he wake then??? He's sat next to me clutching aeroplanes and chatting hmm

latrucha Thu 08-Mar-12 08:08:13

She has been offered a full time place after Easter. She can do all, some or none of it as I want. Same goes for nursery. I can choose essentially.

I think she can only do full days at school though. I'm not ready for her to go full time so am thinking of three days at school and two mornings at nursery (as she will hate me if I keep her at home)

JKSLtd Thu 08-Mar-12 11:26:08

LaT - i think i'm still confused grin

She's been offered a place in school, actual school?
Or a pre-sch within a school? That would be ok I think.

If it's school, is it in a Reception class that started back in Sept? That wouldn't be good I don't think.

If she stayed at the pre-sch she's at now, 5 mornings a week, then went to sch in Sept with the usual crowd I think that be easier to settle. Just my opinion, don't really understand the set up.

Actually relieved that H is all sorted for school for now!

simpson Thu 08-Mar-12 12:31:14

I am glad I am not the only one still confused blush

If its a reception class then she would start with some children, get to know them and then have to get to know a whole load of new kids in september (which seems a bit pointless really).

Just had a chat with the HT and she has basically said that if ExH turned up to pick the kids the school would not let them go with him anyway even though he has got PR because he has never picked them up and the teachers won't recognise him if that makes sense. They would make him sit in the school office (kids would be got but would sit in a different part of the office) and then they would call me to check.

madmouse Thu 08-Mar-12 13:08:54

Simpson fab solution from HT even if a bit tongue in cheek as J old enough to tell them he's his Dad. But fair enough procedure not to raise eyebrows.

simpson Thu 08-Mar-12 13:33:56

I don't think she meant it tongue in cheek really.

It was mainly in the context of if he turns up early ie 2pm and says he is taking J to dentist or something. Then obviously the office staff will not know him and J won't know he is coming either if that makes sense.

He would not turn up at pick up time as I would be there iyswim.

latrucha Thu 08-Mar-12 14:13:58

There are three intakes a year at her school so the first class is always a bit of a mix. There's no preschool year at her school. We're quite relaxed here in Wales compared to England which might be where the confusion lies.

madmouse Thu 08-Mar-12 18:47:46

Sorry didn't express myself well. Just meant that saying they don't know him may not strictly be enough.

simpson Thu 08-Mar-12 21:11:59

I kind of got what you meant but I think if he did turn up unexpectedly saying to the school that J has dentist appt then they can ask J and he can say "no" equally he can say "no" to knowing whether his dad was due to pick him up iyswim.

Which J would do tbh despite having not seen him for a bit. M would not be so trustworthy if that makes sense, if she knew her dad was in the same building she would want to see him.

Told M (stupidly) I was on the phone to the HT when she asked me who I was talking to (had gone upstairs so she could not over hear). Regretted saying that immediately as I was waiting for the "why" etc but instead she told me that the HT came into the nursery to listen to her read today (as we are having a dispute with the school about whether she is ready for school reading books, I think she is and HT thinks she is too little). So we will see what happens....

simpson Thu 08-Mar-12 21:12:58

Forgot to say she did ask about a court order and said to get one if I think there is a major problem...

simpson Thu 08-Mar-12 21:14:24

Actually scrap that last post, her advice was to try and get one...(court order I mean).

simpson Fri 09-Mar-12 13:38:27

Bit of a mixed day so far.....

ExH has decided to start ringing and badgering me into letting him speak to the kids cue lots of angry texts etc <<sigh>>

He is blaming everything/one else for why he drinks ie he is bored as he does not have a job, if he had a job he would not drink hmm <<yawn>>

DD came out of nursery school with her first ever proper school reading book, complete with reading diary to be filled in etc, she is soooo proud grin

I desperately need to get a placement in a school from sept for 8hrs a week in order to do the next TA course I want to do and I have been having sleepless nights about finding one. HT at J's school said they don't like parents to go in and listen to kids read hmm

Anyway, on the newsletter today, they have changed their tune and are now asking for parent volunteers to go into the school to listen to kids read in the afternoon so that is good news. My mum said she can have M one afternoon a week. I am going to get the CRB check moving when I pick up J from school today smile

Going to have a wine tonight to celebrate!!! grin grin

latrucha Sun 11-Mar-12 22:13:24

Great news Simpson. I am totally shocked at M's reading book. That's amazing. smile

Sabela's current achievement is thinking it's really funny to scream really loudly and to say 'mucky poo' hmm Quite pleased in an odd sort of way. I was such a 'good' little girl, and that's not always a good thing.

She is very excited about starting big school I bought her some alphabet flash cards last week and she loves them. smile

Has exH let up?

Things slighly better with DH, but only slightly. A long haul.

JKSLtd Mon 12-Mar-12 11:50:24

LaT - got to start somewhere smile

Simps - M is a star, hope she flies ahead with her reading now.

H not at school today, a teacher's day, makes you realise how wonderful school is grin
Already had tears of temper from him leading to tears of sadness from M.
Walk round the block helped and now M is napping so H is pottering happily smile

latrucha Mon 12-Mar-12 13:33:39

Ugh. We have that too today. I had good plans, but as Daniel was up teething for three hours in the night, and S up too for some reason everyone is ratty. We're taking it in turns to have tantrums grin

latrucha Mon 12-Mar-12 14:35:00

She does know most of the alphabet BTW, but I haven't bought aything ike that for her as I could read and add when I went to school, and it had a negative effect on the way I saw it. She's nearly there now, so though so what the hell wink

Fillybuster Mon 12-Mar-12 17:57:55

wow....am amazed at M's reading! T isn't at all interested...she knows most of the letters in her name, but that's about it. I suspect (in a slightly guilty way) that I spent a lot longer practising with flashcards and stuff with A...I've not done that at all with T!

madmouse Mon 12-Mar-12 18:47:47

Nathan is very hot on letters and reading and spelling too. Reading his first words like dog, cat, fox. Spelling everything in sight. Funny moments like he was spelling the words on the altar cloth in church: G.O.D. - very good Nathan now what does that say? 'G.O.D...daddy!!!' grin

latrucha Mon 12-Mar-12 20:05:29

Wow. Nathan too! Don;t worry Filly. We have lots of friends a little older than our four year olds and once they hit school they seem to pick it up very, very quickly.

simpson Mon 12-Mar-12 20:48:32

J could not read at all (apart from his name) when he started school.

M seems totally fixated by anything to do with reading/writing.

She can write CAT, DOG, PEN and pretty much any 3 letter word with simple phonics unaided because she can read them iyswim.

She is starting to read tougher books now with SAID, THE, and CH, SH, and TH sounds. I have not taught her any of it, it has all been taught at nursery but I will help practice them.

When I spoke to the HT on the phone last week she said "J is in yr2 and M is???" So I told her M was in the nursery and the HT was in the nursery for the next 2 days after that (co-incidence).

Anyway, M told me that she had to tell the HT off when she was in th3ere because she thought a carrot was a fruit.

Ht apparently said to the kids sitting down having their snack & milk "Enjoy your fruit kids" (she was just about to leave)

And Molly said "Don't be silly we are having carrots and they are a vegetable. You are a teacher and you should know this." blush blush blush

If HT did not know M before, she certainly does now!!! grin

madmouse Thu 15-Mar-12 10:02:56

Lily you're famous. You're in the MN Mother's day email and it's hilarious grin

latrucha Sun 18-Mar-12 20:23:13

Happy Mother's Day all.

Hope you had a lovely day.

How is everyone?

latrucha Sun 18-Mar-12 20:31:25

Any ideas on how much school unifrm to buy for S? We've got the school meeting next week but I'm getting excited and trying to budget it. smile

JKSLtd Sun 18-Mar-12 20:44:10

Happy Mothering Sunday everyone smile

LaT - it depends on how organised you are I find.
I like to build in redundancy to any system at home, so although DS1 could easily wear a jumper several times, I like him to have 5 so I don't have to wash one during the week if he had a very messy week.
When he started he needed to keep spares at school too.
Often stuff is sold in a 2-pack.
So I got 6 shirts (2-packs), 5 jumpers & 5 trousers, plenty of socks (they'll always get lost as no way was I naming them!). (He also needed a tie & a blazer.) Plus shoes.
I did get some stuff through the PTA 2nd hand sale to save pennies.
No idea what the girls have at his school though.

DS2 is messier grin he's got 6ish tops, 3 jumpers (not enough atm though, but he grew out of some very quickly as they shrunk, rubbish quality) and 5ish trousers (he gets DS1's handmedowns so I'm not sure how many exactly).

That's probably not much help is it? hmm grin

latrucha Sun 18-Mar-12 21:07:18

It does in the sense that lots seems a good idea.

Part of my problem is that there's such choice for girls: skirts, trousers, polos, blouses, pinafores, summer dresses, tights or socks. With day-to-day clothes I know what works for us and what doesn't. I suppose there wil be some unnecessary things bought until we work it out.

JKSLtd Sun 18-Mar-12 21:20:36

Also, how fast does she grow? T grew out of some of the sch uniform very quickly which frustrated me a bit!
So maybe get some bits to 'grow into'?
I think I'd prefer to go with polo shirts and skirts, seems easier than other stuff. Though the pinafores are cute grin

simpson Sun 18-Mar-12 21:44:08

Does the school have polo shirts or proper shirts iyswim???

I am planning to get M 6 shirts (one for each day as I am sure she will get messy eating lunch, painting etc and one left over for school photos/best)

She already has 2 pinafore grey dresses (given to me) which will still fit (as she never grows grin and one grey skirt (tescos £3).

Summer uniform wise I will get 2 summer dresses.

She already has 3 cardigans (which will still fit which I got 2nd hand from school), I logo-ed jumper (hand me down from J)and 2 plain jumpers in the school colours (also hand me downs from J)

What you will need is lots of is tights.

Also do you need a PE kit and book bag??

And a lunch box if not having school dinners.

M will be given a school tie when she "graduates" from the nursery grin

simpson Sun 18-Mar-12 21:45:49

Oh and I will probably get one pair of grey school trousers too.

Fillybuster Mon 19-Mar-12 10:42:43

T has to wear 'official' school t-shirts and sweatshirts, which are expensive. So she has:

3 short-sleeve tshirts
2 long-sleeve tshirts
2 sweatshirts plus a slightly-too-large hand-me-down from Ari.

The rest is 'normal' and I tend to buy from Tesco.

She has to wear navy skirts/tracksuit bottoms....I bought her 3 pairs tracksuit legs from tesco but she refuses to wear them.

So she has

4 x navy skirts (2 from George @ Asda who do the best range of styles, 2 hand-me-downs from friends)

2 x 3-pack of navy tights from Tesco

This seems to be plenty. Tshirts tend to stay clean underneath sweaters, and 3 sweaters is enough to know that there is always 1 clean one somewhere smile

I haven't got as far as thinking about summer dresses yet, but will see if any of my friends have any pass-ons....its just for one term (by Sept she will be back in 'normal' uniform and its still too cold at the moment) so it doesn't seem worth investing in more than 1 or 2 dresses at the most as she will have outgrown them by next year.

My best tip: don't 'waste' school uniform for the spares bag at school...just stick in an old plain tshirt/pair of trousers that you won't miss for the very occasional 'emergency'

latrucha Mon 19-Mar-12 10:53:13

Great. Thanks everyone.

Thanks Filly. Does she manage her own tights on PE days? (Sabela would tie herself in knots blush)

Fillybuster Mon 19-Mar-12 11:22:05

A & Ts school have them coming in wearing their gym kit all day on PE days until yr 3 - at the moment A wears gym kit on Mon/Tues and Thurs (lunchtime football) but T doesn't have PE as such, so wears a skirt every day.

simpson Mon 19-Mar-12 13:15:39

J is not allowed to wear his PE kit to school so goodness knows how M will cope with PE grin

She is fine with tights (she wears a uniform at her nursery now) but totally hopeless with buttons. She manages the buttons on her polo shirt fine but think a proper shirt might be a bit beyond her tbh but the teachers will expect this and help them. She has PE on a monday but I just send her in her white polo shirt, school cardigan or jumper and an old pair of leggings.

Lots of the girls wear trousers on PE days in DS's class.

latrucha Mon 19-Mar-12 21:03:12

I took S to Matalan today as I wanted an idea of what she liked uniform-wise and I'm so glad I did. Needless to say, it wasn't what I had thought. She totally rejected the summer dresses, pinafores and cardigans. Skirts and tops it is. And maybe trousers. I'm shocked. She normally entirely refuses trousers (she adores leggings).

S is hopeless with buttons too. She can undo most types but cannot do them up.

I have sent DH an email I regret (yes. the marital strife continues...). It's not awful but I am waiting for him to come in so I can ask him to open his account and delete it. Oh joy.

simpson Tue 20-Mar-12 12:36:22

LAT - do you know a jojo maman bebe discount code???

Fillybuster Tue 20-Mar-12 14:02:44

LaT - is there any risk of him reading it before he comes home? If there is, could you send him a text that says "I love you very much but was feeling frustrated earlier and let it all out in a stupid email....please don't read it, and I'll see you later" or something?

Tesco and Asda are great for school uniform...Tesco tights are ace smile

latrucha Tue 20-Mar-12 16:47:32

Filly - There was a risk but he didn't. He did say he would delete and then tried to read it though which I thought was a bit off. Never mind. I didn't make anything of it. It didn't say anything awful, I just thought afterwards that with things as they are anything that needs to be said can be said to his face.

Simpson - MM21 is 10%. I don't think I got one with the new catalogue. Will go and have a quick hunt.

latrucha Tue 20-Mar-12 16:51:48

HZ92 gives 15% off a £55 spend. You can get 5% back through Quidco if you do that. HTH. Another scooter grin

latrucha Tue 20-Mar-12 16:51:56


simpson Tue 20-Mar-12 17:46:25

Its for my friend but yes for a scooter for her DS2 grin

I gave her the 10% off earlier but hoped for a 20% off one (greedy) but 15% will do grin

It you sort things out with DH??

latrucha Tue 20-Mar-12 18:16:07

As far as the email goes, yes. For the rest of it I am currently totally fed up. I just dont know when life is going to stop throwing crap at me. I know I have health and the kids and the house, but one major trauma after another is just getting to me. Sorry for wallow but today it is how I feel.

I an actually contemplate living without him right now i never thought I'd say that, in million years. It has been brought on by him telling me that marriage is just a convention the other day. Seeing as i made bloody sure before we got married that htat WASN'T what he thought I am mightily displeased.

If it wasn't for the kids, today I don't know if I'd bother.

Just venting. I'm sure I'll be more constructive tomorrow. It's really not at the last ditch yet.

latrucha Tue 20-Mar-12 18:36:40

I'm being constructive with him. I haven't done any damage - yet!

Might get an early bed tonight so I can keep it that way.

simpson Wed 21-Mar-12 14:50:18

LaT - hope you got an early night and are feeling more positive today <<hopeful>>

M is determined to wear her summer school dress to nursery school tomorrow (luckily I have managed to find it!!)

She is having massive tantrums atm (even for her) so the current punishment for screaming/lying down refusing to get dressed in the mornings is not being able to ride her scooter to nursery school. Cue me at school gates feeling very frazzled with a wailing M clutching onto my leg wailing "I want my scooter!!"

<<and breathe>>

I cannot wait until the kids break up for Easter next week smile

latrucha Wed 21-Mar-12 18:06:51

Those last sentences don't necessarily go together.

I did get a good night's sleep - neither child woke at all! I woke up in an even stinkier mood though. Fortunately, DH was in a good mood (or picked up my murderous vibes) and I caught it.

JKSLtd Wed 21-Mar-12 20:45:50

LaT - hope today has been better.

Simps - sounds exhausting.

Remembered this evening it's a cake sale at sch tomorrow - impressed with myself for rustling up some rice crispie cakes with mini eggs on top <proud> - just have to remember to a) take them in tomorrow & b) give T some money to buy his own or there'll be trouble grin
(have made sure yo make a few extra that I'll keep at home in case he feels he's missed out).

Fillybuster Thu 22-Mar-12 12:03:53

Mmmmm....rice crispy cakes with eggs on.....I'll swap ya for the remaining 2 stale hamentaschen at the bottom of the cake tin JKS?! grin

LaT - I find that getting a single night of 'proper' sleep is the worst thing ever...your body suddenly realises how totally exhausted it really is, and how much is needs even more sleep and you feel worse than when you started....hope you're feeling better today?

Where's MadMouse? Isn't she moving house this week? Hope its going ok...

And MixedMama has disappeared too.

Where's everyone got to?

JKSLtd Thu 22-Mar-12 12:41:31

Haha Filly - DS1 has his eyes firmly on the 'spare' ones I made.

Though when we took them in this morning, he was adamant that he was NOT going to buy one of our own cakes back and bought 2 cupcakes from someone else. I guess that's logical as he knows he has some at home but still I was offended! grin

madmouse Thu 22-Mar-12 16:45:10

I'm moving house next week Filly - and slightly overwhelmed practically and emotionally x

latrucha Thu 22-Mar-12 20:14:04

Good luck Madmouse smile. One way or another, you'll get it done.

simpson Thu 22-Mar-12 21:01:01

Can I have a little proud moment that I forgot to mention to you guys....

J had a poem printed in the school newsletter last week, he seemed quite embarrassed about it, bless him. But I am sooo proud of him. They only print one piece of work from a child per week and its usually from the junior school (yr3-6) and he is only in yr2 grin

M is doing really well at nursery and at her parents eve last wk they said she has already met all the expected levels for the end of reception (including reading) and her comprehension is early yr1 shock So she gets 15mins one to one with her teacher each week <proud>

The teacher joked that she has never seen me lost for words before!! grin

In her nursery this week they have been reading "The Tiger that came to tea" and decided to cook "tiger bread" ie marmite layered with cheese to make stripes on toast (cue major problem as M cannot have normal bread or cheese)

In the end she had her special bread with banana instead of cheese and apparently it came out of oven looking a bit blotchy so her teacher said it was "leopard bread" and she was very proud as she was the only one to have it.

M was unwell at the end of last wk after coming into contact with chicken pox (which she has already had) a few spots, rash, high temp, red face etc etc and its only now her best friend has come down with the same thing and gone to the doctor I found out she had slapped cheek which is related to CP, but at least she seems back to trouble normal now grin

madmouse Thu 22-Mar-12 21:18:13

Simps I did say Slapped cheek didn't I! Glad it's over now.

Well done to J - bright lad smile

latrucha Thu 22-Mar-12 21:27:17

That's lovely Simpson. Congratulations. You must be doing a great job.

simpson Thu 22-Mar-12 22:19:20

Yes madmouse you did grin grin

Her best friend has it now and so does her little friend who lives next door.

LaT - how are things going now?

Madmouse - you started packing yet?

Fillybuster Thu 22-Mar-12 22:47:34

Simpson - that's amazing!!!! You are so definitely allowed to have a full-on proud moment...in fact, I was having one for you when I was reading all that smile smile smile I love it that you have not one but two super-bright dcs, and they are both doing so brilliantly at school grin In addition to a <proud> emoticon, I think we all need to raise a wine and drink a toast to you....they are doing well entirely as a result of your brilliant parenting and how well you've held it together for them over the past 2 years. So I'm going to send out a Jan Babes 2008 cheer for you and suggest a very un-MN Group Hug smile smile smile smile


Madmouse - thinking of you....its tough, but you'll get through it, and it will be great once you get there smile

OK, I'm beat...off to bed....

madmouse Fri 23-Mar-12 07:39:16

Thankfully I don't have to pack - the removers do that. I only have to unclutter, tidy and clean the house, inform everyone of our move, arrange the carpets in the new house to be cleaned, clean the new house, go to work, look after Nathan, deal with his Statement of Special Educational needs application, which is very competently driven by school but which means reports from his professionals outlining in cold hard terms what ds cannot do himself.

And dealing with dh who doesn't have and won't get his head round the move. Whose sole contribution bar sending some emails has been arranging broadband for the new house and some halfhearted attempt at helping me 'clean' the new house. His study is a tip. He hasn't touched it yet. The removers are coming on Wednesday.

As I said am slightly overwhelmed. End of rant.

simpson Fri 23-Mar-12 12:16:23

Oh poo. I have just had a letter from M's nursery to say she needs to dress up as a wild animal next thursday. Any cheap ideas???

Fillybuster Fri 23-Mar-12 12:37:54

Madmouse - actually, you don't have to tidy and clean. Seriously, if the removal men end up packing your dhs' study complete with whatever clutter is in there, he (ok, more likely you) can sort it out at some point at the other end. Point it, you really don't have to declutter now...in some ways its easier to pull stuff out of a box at the other end and stick it straight in the bin/onto freecycle, than to decide whether you need it now.

Can you get an agency in to clean the carpets? Or at least find a cleaner to help you on a one-off basis for a few hours to clean the new house?

Try to stay focussed on the important stuff (like N's statement) and let the rest go. And breathe....

Simpson - tiger? lion? Facepaint, orange/yellow clothes, some ears on a hairband and a tail?

madmouse Fri 23-Mar-12 18:55:36

Thanks for the wise advice Filly smile

Carpet cleaner is coming on Monday morning - we get a resettlement grant for that kind of thing.

We move every 3-5 years or so and I do like to declutter beforehand and just get on with it in the new house. Especially this time as we move just before Holy Week which is a bit of a special week and very busy for dh so I want the house straight and boxes out, not sorting through stuff x

latrucha Fri 23-Mar-12 19:52:14

I've got a lion suit if you want to borrow it. It's age 2-4 so if M is very big (?) it might not do.

simpson Fri 23-Mar-12 20:36:51

Oooh LaT could I????

Will pay postage of course grin grin I need it by next thursday.

M is tiny although solid round the middle but is in age 3 clothes.

Madmouse - what is the new house like??

latrucha Fri 23-Mar-12 20:54:32

Of course. Can you message me your address again?

simpson Fri 23-Mar-12 20:58:55

Have PMed you smile

latrucha Fri 23-Mar-12 21:10:43

Got it. Replied while talking on the phone so hope it makes sense!

madmouse Sat 24-Mar-12 10:17:28

The new house is bigger than this one, but not as well maintained. DIY paint jobs not great. But it's only for a year and there's lots of space. DH will finally have a study by the front door (as is church rules) so he will no longer always be upstairs. Big kitchen and utility. There's a tiled conservatory which we will use as dining room and a large lounge - and 3 big and a small bedroom. 2 friggin ensuites. Wonder how long it will take us to start using 4 toilets????

A garden with grass rather than the current stones, slaps and decking desert. So somewhere that nathan can actually access to play.

Wish it was done and dusted. So tired today.

latrucha Sun 25-Mar-12 13:34:44

Hope you're hanging in there Madmouse.

Simpson - I was thinking of sending it First class tomorrow as the guaranteed next day requires a signature which might be a pain in the end. Would you prefer the guaranteed next day? I don't mind

simpson Sun 25-Mar-12 16:51:37

Only thing is I am out in the morning (till midday) on tuesday as I have an exam but if it goes to the local post office, I can always go and get it.

latrucha Sun 25-Mar-12 17:03:46

First Class just as good then?

simpson Sun 25-Mar-12 17:07:14

Yes think it will be fine smile

I will tell my neighbours to look out for it as they are pretty good at taking parcels for me if I am out.

Thanks!! grin

latrucha Mon 26-Mar-12 21:40:51

Sent smile. I hope it fits!

simpson Mon 26-Mar-12 21:52:27

Oh thanks!!! grin grin

simpson Tue 27-Mar-12 11:57:52

Its arrived!!! it looks perfect, thanks grin

Fillybuster Tue 27-Mar-12 17:20:16

Hurrah for MN smile Can you post a picture of M in the lion suit please Simpson?

How's the packing going Madmouse?

Where's JKS got to?

Honestly, this place....<notices echo>

latrucha Tue 27-Mar-12 18:15:32

Excellent news. smile

S has taken to telling me off, so if I ask her not to do something I get told not to do it a lot. Or if I ask her not to do something, she says, 'Mummy, you naughty. You're shouting at me. You're doing something naughty to me,' again and again.

I'm so glad she hasn't got any better ideas of what I might be doing to her than 'something naughty' as yet. I guess it's just a matter of time grin

madmouse Tue 27-Mar-12 20:03:55

The packing is happening tomorrow!

DH has started on his study finally, then was in floods of tears when he found all sorts of stuff from when his mum died a few years ago. He's working tonight on his day off angry

I'm doing several of the hundred last few jobs. I think. If I can get off this sofa that is.

simpson Tue 27-Mar-12 22:03:44

Good luck on the move Madmouse.

Does anyones DC still have tantrums???

I would have thought M would have out grown it by now <<sigh>>

The naughty step does not work as she pretends she loves it and will sit there grinning without a care in the world saying "I love the naughty step mummy" obviously she doesn't love it but is trying to outfox me <<sigh>>

She seems to have tantrums over shoes hmm Every day its a battle to get her to put them on, or she wants to wear a totally unsuitable pair ie open toed sandals to nursery which is not allowed and I have told her till I am blue in the face (and why she is not allowed to wear them). Then we go through the battle of her wanting to wear wellies instead <<sigh>>

madmouse Tue 27-Mar-12 22:45:14

Sure, Nathan has never been one for long/deep tantrums but he can still cry, use his tone to make himself as stiff as a plank and stamp his feet if he needs to do something he doesn't want like put a toy down to be washed.

latrucha Wed 28-Mar-12 07:07:55

Oi Simpson! Over 'ere

Good luck with the move, Madmouse. You will be serene (eventually wink)

simpson Wed 28-Mar-12 14:20:06

Loving that thread LaT grin

Madmouse - good luck today smile

Well, M has an ear infection. She woke up with it all gunky this morning so we are off to the doctors later today.

She was not happy about this hmm but the bribe of a McDonalds for tea seems to have done the trick hmm grin

JKSLtd Wed 28-Mar-12 18:14:35

Madmouse - good luck, hope today is going/has gone ok.

Simps/LaT - H definitely still tantrums, but it's hard to know if its him being a tantrummy 'sort' or his lack of understanding/development holding him back.
He just had a mega strop as he tried to put his own shoes on (which he can't do anyway) but the wrong way round. When offered help, he blew grin

T on holidays already, we've been having some good times, nothing much planned for tomorrow but will have to think of something as we've only got 2 more days before H is off too.

Fillybuster Fri 30-Mar-12 17:24:15

Massive tantrums here, too, Simpson....which has been quite surprising as T has always been my super-easy angel (relatively!) baby, unlike M who is just a born diva. In fact we got through the terrible twos fairly easy but the last couple of months have been extemely difficult challenging.

T drives me up the wall - she'll be deep in full-on-tantrum mode, crying her eyes out and rolling around on the floor, and eventually, at the end of my tether, I'll say something like "if you haven't done x by the time I count to 3, there'll be no <insert random punishment here>".

And the little so-and-so will bounce off the floor with a massive grin and take it as a personal challenge to complete the task before I get to 3. <sigh>

Oh the one hand, it works (mostly). On the other hand, it drives me mad that she can switch the massive tantrum behaviour on and off like that.

<and breathe...>

I have to share our stupendously great news.....we just got selected for the Xbox 360 trial!!! shockshockshock I never thought we stood a chance. DH and I have been holding out against getting a games console for pretty much forever, and I am quite worried that the children are going to want to spend a lot more time in front of the tv (we don't really put it on for them or us during the week at all these days) but at the same time I know that they would have a huge amount of fun with it (and so would dh and I....) and that its something that A, especially, is very aware of 'not having' compared to most of his friends.

So, hurrah smile smile

Fillybuster Mon 02-Apr-12 16:09:02



Finally put T's birthday cake pics up on my profile but it looks like everyone has buggered off....

Now, where's the light switch?

latrucha Mon 02-Apr-12 17:21:18

I'm here!

JKSLtd Mon 02-Apr-12 21:28:57

Here too busy busy & on phone so can't see photos yet.
Will look tomorrow smile

latrucha Mon 02-Apr-12 21:54:18

Excellent job, Filly smile

simpson Mon 02-Apr-12 21:59:26

lovely cakes filly grin

LaT - the outfit was a massive hit at nursery!!! grin grin it fit her perfectly, I have got a few pics so will put them up soon.

Have not had a chance to post outfit back to you yet as M been poorly with an ear infection sad But will do so in the next few days...

madmouse Tue 03-Apr-12 10:04:18

Hello smile

madmouse Tue 03-Apr-12 10:05:17

wow Filly amazing cake

JKSLtd Tue 03-Apr-12 20:33:35

Filly - I love it!

School holidays, fun so far, but missing my quiet time (during M's naps obv).
Off to Sn playgroup tomorrow, we had a lovely short session there today, just me & H as they had Singing Hands there (the 2 ladies in red tshirts), they were fab & H loved it & even joined in smile

madmouse Tue 03-Apr-12 21:18:59

Ooh you saw Singing Hands envy

simpson Tue 03-Apr-12 21:27:31

What are singing hands?? <ignorant>

M had her OT appt today which has highlighted lots of problems sadly sad

She is very bad in her co-ordination, postural control, dexterity, handwriting, bilateral co-ordination & balance. sad

She will need OT every week and her OT are going to go into her nursery school to train them on things that will help M. She has also been referred for group therapy too.

But OT said M is exceptionally bright grin She asked her to do a 16 piece puzzle of an animal and told her she thought it was of a cow. She said most 4yr olds would say "No I think its a pig" etc but M looked in the bag at the peices and said "Its a sheep" smile

Also her pencil grip is v v v poor but OT said M has twigged what does not work properly (in her hands) and has adopted this grip as it uses her arms muscles instead grin Although its going to be hard to undo iyswim sad

J did a dodgeball tournament today and has a footie one tomorrow, so he is being kept busy!!!

simpson Tue 03-Apr-12 21:34:15

Also I forgot to say M went totally silent throughout the whole assessment and would not say a word (apart from the sheep comment) soooo unlike her confused

latrucha Tue 03-Apr-12 21:39:27

What a day for you Simpson. I hope you feel you and M will get the support you need. Any fool could tell she's exceptionally bright though smile

I like Singing hands too! They used to be on Something Special. They do songs with Makaton signing.

I have a stomach bug and in bed. I'm very down about DH and me. I am currently leaving well alone as my attempts to improve things backfired. Sometimes it looks a bit more hopeful, others not. Often on the same day. He's beig great with the chidren though, and that makes it worth being About the only thing that does.

simpson Tue 03-Apr-12 21:59:02

Sorry to hear things are not great with DH sad

Is he still working so hard?? Is there any way you could get away for a bit as a family?

Hope you feel better soon smile

JKSLtd Wed 04-Apr-12 07:06:00

LaT - sad have no great ideas sadly.

Simps - sorry to hear about M's assessment.

Was going to type more but T wants me to play DeBlob - new Wii game we both love, back later smile

latrucha Wed 04-Apr-12 12:36:59

grin JKS you're hooked!

Working like a maniac. Refuses to take the children anywhere, even to either of our families. He says going away is really for the parents, it only upsets little children and they don't remember it.

As you can see, he's thinking very positively just now. hmm

latrucha Wed 04-Apr-12 13:13:49

Has anyone got one of those Vtech toddler cameras? There's one on sale in Argos that only takes pictures not videos. It's very cheap. Do you think I'll regret not buying a fancier one?

For Sabela's half birthday on Daniel's birthday (They are born precisely 6 months apart so they have a half birthday partly to prevent Daniel's insane jealousy ruining everything). I'm using the Easter sales to stock up!

simpson Wed 04-Apr-12 13:17:24

Which one is it???

I bought a very cheap one last Xmas and ended up taking it back for a refund as it was pants sad

latrucha Wed 04-Apr-12 13:19:52
simpson Wed 04-Apr-12 13:29:57

Looks good grin

Its not the one I bought. The one I got did not even have a screen at the back so they could not see what pics they had taken (ie pointless)

latrucha Wed 04-Apr-12 13:33:33

Bargain, eh? I think it's because they all have videos now.

Bu then I'm often cheap and then regret it.

simpson Wed 04-Apr-12 13:38:39

Also its probably due to Ipads and leap pads having cameras in them too.

When will you give it to her??

latrucha Wed 04-Apr-12 13:41:46

July 1st

How did you / M get on with your pad thingy?

simpson Wed 04-Apr-12 13:43:56

I did not get one in the end. it was J I wanted to get one for but I ended up getting him a 2nd hand DS.

M got a tag reader which she loves grin

latrucha Wed 04-Apr-12 13:46:31

Oh yes. I remember.

Do you reckon the camera is worth it? She's borrowing mine as like an idiot I let her once. She took [one] really great photo! And then went round the house taking pictures of all 'her' things, 'This is where I sit, this is my TV..' grin Cute.

simpson Wed 04-Apr-12 13:53:55

Yes I would get it if you think she will use it!!!

latrucha Wed 04-Apr-12 13:58:23

Oh Lord! I realised I'm already getting in present buying mode for D's birthday.

Am also looking at Playmobil and Car carriers!

And planes

I get obsessed!

latrucha Wed 04-Apr-12 13:59:06

BTW Simpson. How do you manage with the kids when you're ill. Not that I'm thinking ahead or anything .... sad

simpson Wed 04-Apr-12 14:30:33

That is the one thing that is hard tbh sad

I was soooo cross with a friend of mine a few wks ago as we were in the middle of being at messy play/church and she said "Oh I have been up with my DS all night, he has been throwing up" Her DS was kissing M at the time angry

Of course both kids got it and then I got it. TBH I just had to lock the front door and go upstairs and lie down and leave them to it sad

Luckily I am rarely ill <don't want to tempt fate!!> but my parents and brother will help out too.

latrucha Wed 04-Apr-12 14:32:42

sad and bloody annoying. It's been about a year since I've been stay-in-bed ill but it does make me think how I'd manage.

simpson Wed 04-Apr-12 14:41:09

What is driving me up the wall today is.....light bulbs blush

I swear they all get together and decide to go one after the other hmm

I went to the shop today and bought loads and I am now 1 short as 2 others upstairs decided to die too (after I got back from the shop) confused

And one bloody one will work fine without the shade on but as soon as she shade is back on it goes!! angry

latrucha Wed 04-Apr-12 14:44:21

lol Simps.

Any ideas here

shhh don't tell anyone

madmouse Wed 04-Apr-12 15:26:53
madmouse Wed 04-Apr-12 15:32:20

Oh LaT there were a few pages not showing at first - things getting worse and worse with your marriage?

Do you think you should try Relate?

Hope it somehow works out sad

latrucha Wed 04-Apr-12 15:36:11

ATM I am trying to keep my distance. At times it looks hopeful. At others it seems like he hates me. It's all very irrational. He treats me like a husband might treat a wife who has cheated on him but is trying to make a go of it.

I really don't know what's going to happen. I'm trying to use my time in bed to look at the practical side.

simpson Wed 04-Apr-12 20:44:23

Does not sound like much fun sad

I hope things improve for you soon.

Do you think he is waiting for you to make a decision?

Relate could be good smile

madmouse Thu 05-Apr-12 13:16:10

<takes deep breath and hopes it's not the wrong thing to say>

LaT is there any chance that he is having an affair? xx

latrucha Thu 05-Apr-12 13:19:24

The whole sorry story is over here, if anyone has the patience.

The truth is Madmouse, that I don't think so. I've thought about it, I'm prepared for it but don't think so.

simpson Fri 06-Apr-12 22:04:34

LaT - how are you now??

Have had a bit of a bad day today sad Did not feel like doing anything, feel a bit low atm sad None of us even bothered getting dressed <bad mummy>

So feel like a pants mum as I have left the kids to their own devices a bit today sad

But the good news is they did not kill each other grin

latrucha Sat 07-Apr-12 08:55:57

You left the kids to their own devices and they got on with it? Sounds absolutely fine! Pyjama days are good. I wish I could persuade my children to do it more often. Take care of yourself. Lots of nasty bugs around with this changeable weather.

Insatnt good response from Jose. Cuddles and affection. Even an inadvertent, 'My love' dropped into a sentence - which he has studiously avoided doing butused to all the time. Trying not to get too excited but clearly I'm going in the right direction now. Certainly don't hink this would happen if there was OW.

madmouse Sat 07-Apr-12 09:03:59

Simpson you should have come to talk to me sad - don't sit there feeling low by yourself. I'm always here xxx

madmouse Sat 07-Apr-12 09:04:53

LaT as long as you stay true to yourself - don't play a role x

simpson Sat 07-Apr-12 09:47:00

Long may it last LaT grin

Having another lazy day this morning blush but we have to go out to do some shopping later.

Kids excited as they get to have a bath in the middle of the day (oh to be 6 or 4 again!!)

I am going out tonight (I could not need a night out more right now!!) as a friend of mine is 40 and is having a party. i have a babysitter booked for DC smile

latrucha Mon 09-Apr-12 20:08:18

Well, things defiitely seem to have eased. No 'talk' bu tI think at the moment that's a good thing. Madmouse - constitionally incapable of it. It feels much more natural now.

How was your night out Simpson?

How is the new house Madmouse?

S is off to school in a week. It feels like the end of an era.

JKSLtd Mon 09-Apr-12 20:35:15

LaT - good to hear smile

Simps - fancy a challenge? Cheapest Maxi scooter out there?
Can get for 80.75 (+ 5% on quidco) from JoJo.
Any better offer out there?

H has adopted T's scooter and calls it his, we are so pleased that he's scooting (albeit veerrryyy slowly, lol) that we aren't trying to correct him but want to get T another one. Better to get him a Maxi I think than buy another Mini.
Although...I do have the Littlewoods 2-wheeler in the loft but not sure T is ready for that one yet (think it said 7+ and he's only going to be 6 next month).
Or maybe we should be bold and give him the 2 wheeler for his birthday instead of paying out? What do you think?

We were considering paying out approx £600 for an SN trike for H so in comparison approx 80quid seems cheap, lol. And I like those scooters.

Going round in circles as you can see!

simpson Mon 09-Apr-12 22:02:29

J loved the littlewoods 2 wheeler, he used it for 18mths before it packed up (my advice would be not to fold it hmm) that was when we got him the maxi scooter. He used the littlewoods one frrom 5yrs I think (did not realise it was from 7 blush]).

Discount code HZ92 might work off jojomaman bebe.

The micro scooters are fab and worth their weight in gold as we use them every day for school run. M still has a mini and I am hoping it will last her till she is 6....

Fillybuster Mon 09-Apr-12 23:34:48


Drowning in matza (crunchy unleavened bread-type stuff....tasty, not!) and general Passover madness here, so limited time to post.....plus I've namechanged for the xbox test thread (we have to submit video stuff and I really don't want to be outed to the real world with this username as I've become quite fond of it!), and I'm pants at remembering to swap backwards and forwards...

So, very quickly:

Madmouse - congrats on the move, but sorry N has been keeping you so busy. Be kind to yourself.

Simpson - you're bloody marvellous....we all have duvet/pj days from time to time, I'm just amazed your dcs behaved so well when you were ill! Be kind to yourself.

LaT - glad to hear things are (a little bit) looking up. I read your other thread, and thought you got some good advice on there (not about the OW idea grin, just in general)....remember we're here for you. Be kind to yourself.

JKS - can't help with where to buy scooters, as I used up vouchers and bought ours in John Lewis, but the Maxi is amazing...A loves his soooo much and I can see it lasting a long time, even now that he has mastered his new bike and loves that even more. And (you know where I'm going with this now...) : Be kind to yourself smile

Quick update (not sure who is linked to her on fb) : MrsMc had her 3rd baby about 2 weeks ago, another little boy. He's very cute smile smile

We seem to have lost Gingeme on here, but you're all linked to her on FB, aren't you?

DH and I both took this week off work to spend with the dcs....shame the weather is so shit. We had a lovely day at the V&A today, but I would love to do something more outside-y tomorrow sad Thinking about the Tower of London....

madmouse Tue 10-Apr-12 15:56:26

Ooh I like matze - particularly with cheese wink

simpson Tue 10-Apr-12 16:39:21

LaT - a lion costume is winging its way back to you tomorrow smile

Fillybuster Tue 10-Apr-12 19:50:29

Matza (or any other crackers) with cheese for a light snack - yum.

Matza, in place of bread or anything remotely tasty and leavened, for 8 days....dull dull dull. And fattening. And not really filling enough, so you eat even more of it plus whatever you're putting on top (generally, cheese!), so even more fattening. And it's got no fibre content, nor can you eat any of the other fibre-based foods, so you end up fat and constipated.

And its shedloads of work as everything, absolutely bloody everything, has to be prepared from scratch, as there's very limited availability of pre-prepared anything for Passover (although this is getting better, slowly), so every meal takes hours to prepare.

Hardly feels like liberation from slavery from where I'm sitting....hmmgrin

Had a lovely day out with the dcs in Whipsnade today, though....was really fun taking Mia now that she's old enough to properly enjoy it. She got very excited about all the animals smile smile

Quiet day at home tomorrow, with a few playdates here and in the local park, then off to the Tower of London on Thursday. DH is very excited grin

Hope you're all surviving the hols?

Right, I'm off back into the kitchen to start on dinner....

JKSLtd Tue 10-Apr-12 19:58:13

Filly - I will have to have a quick read about Passover as I confess to knowing very little about it blush though I know you have to change saucepans, is that right?
Anyway, sounds not incredibly appetising or healthy & a lot of hard work for you, not ideal.

I think I'll give T the Littlewoods scooter and see how he goes, if it's too wobbly I know he won't like it then I'll get the Maxi one.
So, do I wait until 16th May for an extra birthday present - or give it to him now; he has plenty already (!), it was only cheap (thanks to Simps, lol!) & he could get started on it straight away (as in tomorrow).

T's swimming teacher collapsed & had some kind of fit at the side of the pool just before the lesson was due to start. I know nothing about her but she seems very nice and T loves her. Really hope she's ok.

simpson Tue 10-Apr-12 21:23:59

Filly - we are going to whipsnade on thursday. Any tips???

JKS - I would giver it to him now if you have enough to give him on the actual day smile

Fillybuster Tue 10-Apr-12 23:59:32

JKS - I'd give it to him now, as its really to replace his one that H has claimed, rather than a 'real' present, iyswim, if you have enough to give him on his actual b-day smile We're fairly orthodox (hey, these things are all relative....!) so yes, we change over all our pots and pans and plates and cooking stuff, and of course we do it twice over, as I have separate sets for meat and dairy....and we scrub down the kitchen in-between, and change over all the food as well, and <sigh> well, to be honest, its all fine, but a lot of work for only 8 days. Just as soon as I get the freezer full of nicely cooked food, for future meals etc, then its all over. I would mind less if it went on for a month or so...!!! smile Sorry to hear about T's swimming teacher though, that sounds scary sad

Simpson - Whipsnade is fab smile smile The free bus takes you all over the site, so you can jump on/off, which makes it easy, so you don't really need a car when you're actually there. Take the scooters though, if you can be bothered, as that way you can get around everything brilliantly. The sealion show was amazing....and there's a very baby elephant in the elephant enclosure....but everything was pretty fab. The area in the middle(ish) with the wild [something] cafe has a brilliant playground area, and is also where the splashzone and bird shows are. And the train was great - really worth the 4.50 for an adult (kids free) fare - stopping right by humping camels (the girl doing the tour got the giggles, and the kids didn't have a clue....!) was worth the fare alone smile smile Have a lovely day smile Oh, take snacks, or even a whole packed lunch - the food is amazingly expensive!

simpson Thu 12-Apr-12 20:50:21

Filly - cheers for the tip on the scooters, they really came in handy as it is a lot of walking!!! We took a picnic too.....

The kids loved it, although we did not go on the steam train, they loved feeding the brown bears, the sea lion show and seeing the giraffes, wolves (DS still has a wolf fixation hmm), zebras, lions, tigers and especially the elephants. The tiny baby one was soooo cute grin

Joshua is going to London Zoo in June for his school trip so when we did not have time for the penguins, I told him he would see them then grin

JKSLtd Thu 12-Apr-12 20:52:47

Simps - sounds great! I always think of him when I see a wolf grin

Have given T his new scooter smile He is nervous as it wobbles compared to the other one but he likes being more grown up - of course H loves it too and wanders around the house with it saying it's T's hmm grin

simpson Thu 12-Apr-12 20:59:30

JKS - lol grin

Not sure if you have read the Roald Dahl version of Little Red Riding Hood?? (when she whips a pistol out of her knickers and shoots the wolf dead - its a firm fav with J & M and keeps the wolf obsession alive grin).

Can T ride a bike with no stabilisers??

If he can then that will help with the scooter and if he can't then learning on a 2wheeled scooter will help learn to ride a bike iyswim.

JKSLtd Mon 16-Apr-12 20:33:41

I don't remember that story Simps - will keep an eye out smile

T can't and won't ride a bike. He wouldn't go on the balance bike after the 1st time when 'it wobbled'. Then DH set the stabilisers wonky (as they are meant to be I know) which meant the bike wobbled and that was that hmm
I would have put them as extra wheels IYKWIM so there was no wobble for a while.

So H doesn't see his brother ride a bike, no surprise that he wants to scoot like his hero smile
T not convinced about the new scooter yet, as....<all together now> 'it wobbles' <sigh>

madmouse Tue 17-Apr-12 12:01:13

JKS now how did you get such opinionated little boys wink

I think you should take them on a mission to find lots of things that wobble and are fun. Badly laid slabs, things in playgrounds (there's one near us with wooden boards that make music when they wobble)

Nathan is fearless on his trike. We were on rough terrain with him on Sunday and dh had the parent pole. He decided to dump himself down a steep bank, dh let him, I shouted no too steep and over he fell shock. He was fine, just dangling sideways, but dh beat himself up for a while.

simpson Tue 17-Apr-12 21:12:34

My friend that asked for the jojo maman bebe discount code turned up to the school at pick up time with 2 scooters identical to J's (ie the maxi scooter) so am guessing she used the code, otherwise thats nearly £200 shock shock

We find out about M's school place tomorrow....

My parents have got me an Ipad3 for my birthday <<excited>>

latrucha Wed 18-Apr-12 18:12:43

Simpson - you must think me very rude, but your parcel has been in the post office for ages Thankyou so much for the presents. It really wasn't necessary, but very nice of you.


Got visitors, so out of action....

S is another one who doesn't like to wobble.

JKSLtd Wed 18-Apr-12 19:34:40

Well T is a bit of a wuss if we're honest - he hates things like the fireman's pole at the playground.
But then if he hurts himself he's very tough - as demonstrated when he broke his leg and didn't really cry - they said he has a very high pain threshold.
But he's not a risk-taker I suppose I'm saying.

Hellish night with H last night - he was up from 3.30 pretty much.
I'll be off to bed early tonight!

madmouse Mon 23-Apr-12 12:04:30

Happy Birthday Simpson x

We're meant to be in Holland right now but Nathan is poorly. Just back from the docs and he's got ABs for his chest. So we're having some days at home. Which it seems we all needed.

latrucha Mon 23-Apr-12 20:19:51

Happy Birthday Simpson!

Sabela is poorly too. Suspected urinary tract infection. Tears and awfulness after having a pee this morning. Sobbing not to go to school, which she loves. Somehow this afternoon, peeing with no pain. ???

Daniel has learnt to repeatedly and incessantly say, 'Mummy? Mummy? Mummy?' in exactly the same tone of voice as Sabela. Couple this with Daniel repeatedly holding his ears, saying, 'Noise? Noise? Nee Naw?' When there was no noise (there are some sounds I simply can't hear, so it's possible, but S couldn't hear anything) and Sabela wanting me to call her baby, so that everything I said to her she said, 'Can you say, X, Y, Z and then baby? I thought I was actually going mad this afternoon. Managed to finish strongly though, with bubbles, cuddles and stories about road traffic accidents - Sabela's current favourite from the road safety books that keep being sent us grin

Psst Filly - are there any good cake decorating websites? I'm getting the decorating bug and D's birthday is coming up smile

JKSLtd Mon 23-Apr-12 20:33:24

Happy Birthday Simps smile

MM - so sorry you had to cancel your trip, but sounds like it was the right decision so well done you.

LaT - argh sounds like a nightmare afternoon!!! When all 3 are talking at once I tend to go and make myself a cup of tea hide in the kitchen grin

H was grumpy at school today, v unlike him, fell asleep on the bus ride home, was mega grumpy this evening. Sent him to bed early and he was out like a light. Think the early mornings are catching up with him.

latrucha Mon 23-Apr-12 20:47:12

I made the play upstairs together while I did the washing up after having been interrupted a gazillion times. Then a friend came round for me to sign something and they stood at the top of the stairs and wailed at me. I braved it out. She's a good friend blush

The form was for a cake decorating course she's taking me to though. Yipeee!

Fillybuster Tue 24-Apr-12 15:16:49

ooh cake decorating course? can I come too, please, LaT? I'll be your bestest friend...!!

I like this site best for ideas http://www.coolest-birthday-cakes.com/ as there are literally 100s of cakes, organised by theme, and in some cases people have even explained how they made them.

And I love love love the Betty Crocker website, which I only discovered recently, which has got the most amazing 'hot to' films, taking you through creating specific things (including the princess/fairy cake I made for T this year)...just google it.

Very amused by your description of your afternoon....that sounds very familiar smile

MM - is N feeling better today?

Belated Happy Birthday, Simpson smile smile Did you have a good day?

Took the dcs to watch the London Marathon on Sunday, and had a really amazing day out smile smile Always great when a plan comes together - we even got to actually see (and get sweaty hugs from!) my old college friend who was running in it!!

<sigh> Back to work...

simpson Tue 24-Apr-12 20:13:57

Thanks for all the birthday wishes smile

Have had a bit of an odd day today tbh. M has been very angry all day for no reason. So angry she was shouting/shaking and yelling "I feel so angry"

I suspect its linked to all the OT/physio she is getting (her OT was in the nursery today with the teacher talking about ways to help her etc) and I don't know what she over heard but I think she is now realising her legs are not the same as the other kids (she cannot do PE at all - although gives it a good go!!).

On a bragging note grin DS was doing his spelling practice today and M always has to join in but its usually scribbles with the odd letter.

Well, today the words were SAID & ALPHABET (amongst others) and she wrote SAID perfectly (well her handwriting is not v good, but you could read it) and ALFABET shock

You could have knocked me down with a feather!!!

madmouse Tue 24-Apr-12 20:52:29

Simpson as you know Nathan is now very aware that he is 'different' and cannot do what others can. It may be very confrontational for her if she's been thinking (with her clever little brain) that she would be fine if she just practised a bit more.

simpson Tue 24-Apr-12 20:59:17

Madmouse - that is exactly what she thinks tbh. With the skipping thing she was the only child in her dance class (most of them her age and her friends from nursery school) and with sheer determination she taught herself to skip (it took months) but she would skip (or try to) up and down the kitchen for ages at one point holding onto a wall to help her and was not put off by how many times she fell over etc.

The first time she did it properly at dance class I nearly cried blush as I know how hard she worked at something other kids find quite easy.

latrucha Tue 24-Apr-12 22:09:22

Wow, Simson. That is quite some perseverence in a four year old.

Thanks for that Filly. I'm having a look. I must say thoug, I did see this and thought it rather special blush at my naive enthusiasm.

This is doable?

How are things chez Madmouse now?

latrucha Tue 24-Apr-12 22:12:20

I'm just putting this here so I remember it. Sorry, it's another cake.

JKSLtd Wed 25-Apr-12 06:38:15

Wow LaT - I love all of those, especially the 1st one. But definitely sure I couldn't manage any of them, hats off to you if you can!

M had a marble loaf cake with ordinary white icing with smarties stuck on top & a 1 candle.
But hey, it tasted yummy grin blush

T is getting a pirate boat but only cos I have the Lakeland mould for it (& have only used it once and feel guilty about the expense so have pushed the whole idea of a pirate party to him so I can use it once more, lol!).

latrucha Wed 25-Apr-12 08:29:29

I couldn't get it as good but I can do the background plain icing and the I reckon it's mostly cut out sugar paste shapes. So, train track round the bottom, cars on the side (maybe a traffic light), cut out clouds on top and a lane. ATM seems doable! But maybe I'm dreaming.

I do have ideas of doing real toys to go on it.

That's exactly the sort of thing I'd do withthe pirate ship. And then M can have a pink princess ship smile. Do those cake moulds work well?

This is officiallt my first morning with my children ooked after by professional child carers. Time for the amateur to have a coffe and a bath! grin

latrucha Wed 25-Apr-12 08:30:53

Sorry for all the typos - worse than usual!

simpson Wed 25-Apr-12 21:46:11

Well, Molly had another angry day today (and flipped out at nursery - her teachers were shock as they have never seen this side of her before). I think its because her best friend was getting changed out of her wellies into school shoes by standing on one foot whilst her mother helped her and Molly could not do it (stand on one leg) so had to sit down....cue tears/shouting/general crossness.....

J is also baffling me atm.

He went hysterical last night because he put his finger into raw sausages and then put them into his mouth and this eve came down from bed hysterical saying "What if I get cancer?" "How do you get it?" (A kid at his school has just lost his grandfather to cancer).

Do I speak to TA tomorrow???

madmouse Wed 25-Apr-12 23:28:50

Keep it low key for now Simpson - don't fuel the anxiety by making a big deal out of it, just play it down.

Nah, you need ot be careful with meat but that won't kill you

latrucha Thu 26-Apr-12 07:27:24

It sounds horrible Simpson, but it does sound to me like a normal reaction. If Sabela can't do something she thinks she shoould be able to do, like falling while running she is incredibly cross, rather than sad or hurt. It really surprised me. I'm not trying to trivialise Molly's difficulties just put her reation in context.

I would do as MM says with J and if it doesn't wash just answer with simple facts. It's quite common for kids to get interested in death around Js ages. Or obssessive, so I've heard.

Fillybuster Thu 26-Apr-12 11:50:18

Simpson - I think MM is right, it sounds as though M, with her very clever little brain (wow, am so so so impressed by her spelling and writing...) has figured out that is isn't as 'simple' as just practicing more in order to be able to do things. I know you do it already, but can you find a way to focus on the things she is good at, like the reading/writing, so she knows that she is really special and amazing too?

Also (just a thought, can't remember if we've discussed it before) are you able to take M swimming? I've found it really helped A & T with muscle development, and it requires a different sort of strength and ability.

Finally, I'm also really interested in M's writing as A & T (esp T at the moment) have really struggled with the whole pen/pencil holding thing due to their hypermobility issues. T seems to have mostly grown out of the 'leg' part of the problems (although mastering skipping, hopping, balancing is still harder for her) but really struggles with the fine motor skills for writing.

LaT - great cakes. They look quite easy, in theory, although I'm better at baking complicated shapes and using buttercream icing, than doing fancy stuff with sugarcraft...but it shouldn't be too hard to replicate. In my experience, its actually easier to do everything using sugar rather than trying to use plastic toys on a cake, as its hard to get the 'scale' right, and remarkably easy to make the right shapes with the icing smile I still like making the right 'shape' cakes, partly because the molds are so bloody expensive (lol @ another pirate party JKS!) and partly cos I don't think they're big enough.

JKS - if you change your mind, I can send you the cardboard templates I use to build my pirate ships? Its just 2 flat tray-bakes that I freeze to make them easy to cut, and then cut into the right shapes and put together with icing, like lego.

LaT - if you work out the basic shapes you need, you can 'build' almost anything, so you don't need lots of fancy molds, if you get really into the whole cake-making thing smile I have only used my 2 big rectangular baking pans (and a pyrex bowl for the fairy's dress) for the last 6 years, to make everything Filly in total denial of the stress involved in creating Thomas' funnel in a baked bean can

simpson Thu 26-Apr-12 12:21:18

Filly - she has major problems holding a pencil and her writing is very poor but the ideas behind her writing are fab iyswim.

Her OT was in the nursery on tuesday to talk to her teacher and she is back again next friday. We are seeing a physio tomorrow as there seem to be problems with her ankles sad

Don't go swimming (I know I should blush) but the thought of taking the 2 of them by myself fills me with horror!!!

The exercises we have to do everyday to strengthen her fingers (to help pencil grip) are playdough (we have some therapy putty from OT) clothes pegs/opening shutting, drawing on play dough using cocktail sticks, pincer grip stuff (I am mean and make M put her cheerios into her breakfast bowl one at a time!!) and really squeezing her bath sponge/flannel etc.

We now also have physical exercises too ie wheelbarrow walking M to strengthen her arms, her posture is very bad so OT said to bluetack paper to the wall and get her writing/drawing on it at a kneeling position (but upright kneeling iyswim). There is more, I can't remember it all blush

Fillybuster Thu 26-Apr-12 12:33:00

A friend bought us some special chopsticks (they're joined at the top) and A used to sit and transfer grains of rice from one bowl to another. Bloody hard work.

I've got T doing playdough/silly putty, clothespegs and all that too. Love the cheerios idea smile

With A, the teacher and OT got him lying on his tummy to do writing and drawing, flat on the floor, as apparently thats easier for HM - he enjoyed doing it and said it made his arms hurt less....(although I think he just liked the attention and doing something different to the rest of the class...)

latrucha Thu 26-Apr-12 12:34:41

What about Connect 4 for pincer grip. My two love slotting the discs in.

Making pizza dough for squeezing.

Swimming with two is not as bad as I thought, Simpson. Maybe give it a whirl in the summer? Also, at our local wimming pool you can book 5 1-1 sessions which help children of M's andS's age make the transition to independent swimming. Our have a lot of experience with swimmers with various difficulties. Maybe something similar near you.

OR, I'll just shut up because I know if I had that list of things, I'd be bored stiff and guilty about it.

It is incredible M is writing at all Simpson!

You see Filly, it's the sugarcraft I find easy. Making shapes scares me! Sounds fab though. I think I might try the doll cake for S's next birthday, so I may come for help!

latrucha Thu 26-Apr-12 12:36:12

Oh and if anyone sees a Duplo Stone Quarry on offer in the next couple of months, can you let me know? I want to play with it. grin

simpson Thu 26-Apr-12 12:36:53

I do worry about how M is going to cope with school sad I have been told she will need an IEP and my main worry is lunch times tbh as she will have school dinners and will need to carry her food on a tray. If she cannot see her feet she tends to turn them in and then fall over....

Oh, the other exercise we do is turning coins over. I put a load of pennies on the table all heads up and M has to turn them one by one....

latrucha Thu 26-Apr-12 17:13:31

If it is the same as secondary school, you shuld have some say in what goes into her IEP and help for that sounds a reasonable request.

madmouse Thu 26-Apr-12 21:08:53

IEP is fine, it's just a matter of building support and exercises into her school day. You will be involved in it.

simpson Thu 26-Apr-12 21:35:51

I have no problem with her having an Iep if that is what she needs, she also cannot use the water fountain as she does not have the finger strength to press the button to release the water.

Just wondering when I should ask the school about it? Probably best to leave it till nearer the time, maybe June....

Good news was that she was given 2 reading books this week (from nursery school) so that should keep her happy for a bit!!

She has her physio session tomorrow at midday (dreading it) so I guess we will know more after that...

Had a bit of a bad evening with the kids today, I was on a short fuse anyway and I had j sobbing because he did not understand his maths homework and m screaming on the landing floor upstairs and I have to confess it did lose it. I made j cry because I shouted at him (not proud)

Oh well, tomorrow is another day!!!

simpson Thu 26-Apr-12 21:36:58

Can I just say that was my first post on MN with my new iPad!!! But I cannot work out how to do sad/smilie faces etc etc!!!

madmouse Thu 26-Apr-12 21:37:10

I would ask the school about it sooner rather than later.

Poor you, having a bit of a rough time with it sad

Be kind to yourself, tomorrow will be better. And if you need to offload you know where I am x

latrucha Sat 28-Apr-12 09:42:11

Hi guys - How do you defriend on Facebook? I haven't had any contact from my crazy brother since Dad died. He has now starte posting abusive messages to me on FB.

madmouse Sat 28-Apr-12 09:54:46

Good for you LaT don't let him angry

go to his profile, click on friend button (top right) and select 'unfriend'

JKSLtd Sat 28-Apr-12 15:35:42

LaT - definitely delete him quick! angry for you.

Simps - hats off to you for every day, all of us have blips when everything seems to go wrong at once, but a 'change of parenting' normally helps, you have't got that option so it's all on you & you are doing tremendously, as evidenced by your fab kids smile
I really hope that IEP/sch/OT/PT can help M, so sad for her realising that things aren't going to be as simple as practice = perfect. GOod on her for all her efforts though.

DH & T out at sailing training today - not on the water as the weather is too awful. Meant to be having a first race tomorrow but that's off too, they are sad
They are at the sailing club anyway learning knots or something. M is napping & H is sat on the sofa next to me playing shape-matching on my phone smile
I have a crappy disaster movie on grin

latrucha Sat 28-Apr-12 17:34:34

Sounds good JKS - I hope it lasted.

Thanks Madmouse. I've done it. Were you able to see what he wrote? I've had his messages blocked for ages but as he doesn't usuay post on my wall, I haven't had any notifications. I don't know if that means others could see.

madmouse Sat 28-Apr-12 18:34:45

LaT yes I can see a really nasty message. Why don't you delete it? Hover over his post, click on the little pencil and select delete. You can also report it if you feel like that. What a nasty piece of work. Sorry hun sad

latrucha Sat 28-Apr-12 19:30:37

Thanks Madmouse. I didn't know you could do that. He's sent one to my other brother and my stepmother.

madmouse Sat 28-Apr-12 20:04:02

You can completely block him so he cannot find you if he searches for you:

How do I block someone?
To block someone:
Click the account menu at the top right of any Facebook page and choose Privacy Settings.
Scroll to the Blocked People and Apps section and click Manage Blocking.
Enter the name or email address of the person you want to block and click Block. People will not be notified when you block them.
If you can’t find someone using this method, try going to the person’s profile (timeline) and selecting Report/Block This Person from the dropdown.

As if you don't have enough to deal with x

simpson Sat 28-Apr-12 23:38:09

LaT hope you are ok, have you managed to block/delete all messages???

Have just looked at my phone and seen that I received a text from someone at 7pm ish this eve, don't know who it's from. It says " it's H's birthday tomorrow could you do the decent thing and let his children phone him to wish him happy birthday??"

((and breathe))

latrucha Sun 29-Apr-12 10:29:52

Fuming for you Simpson. You've been so amazingly good to him!

Thanks Madmouse. I've blocked email and will do that on FB. I'm contemplating the phone but it costs about £40 a year and I don't know if he still has my phone number.

madmouse Tue 01-May-12 15:22:37

We're getting all the reports in now for Nathan's statement of special eductional needs. It's a mix of laughter and tears.

his Ed. Psych says his learning is constricted by the overall delay in his development and that he needs specialist teachers sad
But also that he is making good progress and that he is a very determined little boy who persists even when activities are challening smile <sob>

His Speech and Language lady says she has no concerns about his hearing, listening or understanding. 'Nathan shows good understanding for his age. There are no concerns in this area' grin grin
But Nathan's speech is 'extremely unintelligible' and 'this will make it difficult for Nathan to demonstrate his learning and engage fully in the school environment'. He has big difficulties using his tongue and mouth to make the right speech shapes. sad sad sad

She even mentions the possibility of a voice output communication aid in the future sad

Fillybuster Wed 02-May-12 18:48:59

MM - just hold onto that comment about N's determination. I'm pretty certain that with you to back him up, he'll achieve everything he wants to in life, even if it isn't always via the most straightforward route. I felt equally smile and sad reading your post, but as much as a speech communication aid might feel a bit sad right now, imagine how much better (in some ways) life will be for him if it turns out ('if') that not only that he does need some help to communicate more clearly, but that there might be something available to provide that help? Lots and lots of 'mights' and 'maybes' and 'ifs'.....so stick to what we know for now: he's determined, persistant and has no problems hearing, listening and understanding smile smile smile [hugs]

Simpson and LaT - sending lots of love to both of you, too...

Nothing to add from the Filly-household....oh, apart from our washing machine giving up the ghost last Friday. JL are delivering a new one on Friday (I hope...although my recent experience with ovens from them wasn't great) but in the meantime, I am just amazed at how much dirty laundry a 6 person household generates....thank goodness my dm is only 1.5 miles down the road and is being reasonably understanding (despite some snarky comments about the cost of washing powder/water/electricity/the single squirt of Vanish I used on dh's shirt....!!!)

grin Mothers, eh? wink Will this be us in 30 years???!!!

JKSLtd Wed 02-May-12 19:48:00

Hugs all round smile

Filly - hope JL don't let you down.

Knackered here, lots of walking for DH today. Getting a takeaway then early night.
Though both boys playing noisily upstairs so i could be asleep before them at this rate!

latrucha Wed 02-May-12 20:15:23

Madmouse - It must be very bittersweet reading them. There is so much to be proud of. It is wonderful that he is so determined. It is such an important quality. Having Sabela in school has made me realise how odd it is to have others judging your child. Perhaps you are well used to it by now but it is not a comfortable situation. I hope you're bearing up.

Nightmare about the washing machine. I am constantly amazed at how much washing I do and I'm not excessive. There are lots of peope on here who wash towels every day. God knows how much they must use their machines.

Sabela has decided to wake us all up at the crack of dawn every morning. As soon as she sees the light, she's up. She has tons of energy since starting school but the wear is beginning to show, on me aswell as her.

I'm going to be a wonderful mother to my grown up children, Filly. What are you talking about? I might phone them, oooo .. let's say, around 5am every morning, but that's my limit... grin

JKSLtd Wed 02-May-12 20:18:33

LaT - i have plans.....

Going into their rooms at 5am, opening curtains, singing 'rise & shine', hoovering early o'clock, etc. grin wicked!

But not too often obviously as I don't want to get up that early, lol!

latrucha Wed 02-May-12 20:47:13

I WILL enjoy it. I'm thinking of stamping and slamming the door and being irrationally cross about something about which they have no clue at 5am. That'll be to pay Sabela back for yesterday morning.

Or waking them by a full force headbutt into their noses, giving them a black eye and giggling, just to say, 'hello'. That'll be Danny.

I might also go into their rooms at night and spend FOUR HOURS putting my fingers on their noses and doing comedy sneezes. That'll be payback for both of them at times hmm

Fillybuster Thu 03-May-12 14:52:08

You won't need to wait that long....another 7-8 years and I am sooooo going to enjoy harrassing my teens out of bed in the mornings...

I finally understand why my dm took such apparent pleasure in forcing me to get up at 7.30am every day during the school hols when I was 14/15/16/17.....<rubs hands in expectation>

latrucha Thu 03-May-12 20:33:25

So, do you lot reckon the same as everyone else over here

simpson Fri 04-May-12 11:02:06

Madmouse - it must have been tough reading, I had a little <sob> about the "determined little boy who persists even when obstacles are challenging" hold onto this, that is fab!!! grin grin It will really help him to help himself iyswim.

Hope the school situation is resolved soon.

LaT - go for it!!! My DC stay at my mums all the time and J is staying there for 2 nights this weekend as my youngest brother is around and J adores him. Unfortunately M is staying with me!!! The kids also went to Ireland for 5 days with my parents when M was 2 and J was nearly 5 and they had a great time (although my parents didn't for obvious reasons).

Filly/JKS - my mum loved getting revenge on me as an older kid when I would not get up for school and used to drip water on my face to wake me up smile

I have been really ill over the last few days and J has held the fort sad blush he has put M to bed the last 2 days and read her bedtime story/done her homework with her and done his own homework without me asking as I have been too ill to do it.

I think you are right madmouse and it was food poisoning but what it was that caused it i will never know as all I ate the day before I was ill was a homemade sarnie and pasta that eve.

Oh well, at least the kids did not get it!!! <<phew>>

Have to steel myself (again) and have words with J's teacher about the lack of reading books he is getting today after school, I hate doing this type of thing blush

Re the text from Ireland, I still don't know who sent it but suspect its one of H's sisters and I texted backing basically saying that H knows what he needs to do to resume contact and contact will not start again until these measures have been met, what a suprise I got no reply!!! hmm

latrucha Wed 09-May-12 20:53:36

HI all

I hope you're feeling better now Simpson?

How's it going Madmouse?

Washing machine up and running Filly?

JKS - we're still on very early mornings here. It's not always the same child but if it's not one, it's the other.

Sabela is now extremely tired. We have a long walk home after school during which she vents at me and is often very grumpy at home (and also very nice and funny). Today she had the most incredible meltdown because she was very rude in a 'do it!' / refusing to ask nicely or listen sort of way and I put her in her room after two warnings (she gets a one, two and usually backs down: if she gets to three she goes to her room).

What do you do when they storm and you know it's because they're really tired? I sort of think a cuddle is the best thing. Time outs certainly aren't helping. But then again I can't allow her to order me about and shout if we're trying to get something done that needs to be done. hmmmm remind me again... what do I do?

If it were up to her I would juts cuddle her all afternoon. Clearly not practical or fair on Danny.

latrucha Thu 10-May-12 20:15:57

Ach ignore me. Just a bad afternoon yesterday. smile

Fillybuster Fri 11-May-12 10:31:53

Washing machine arrived on time last Friday and has been on overtime ever since dh got it plumbed in on Friday evening!! We are slowly getting on top of the backlog, but omg, the ironing.....!! Was quite amused by dh, who is a very hands-on sort of guy when he's at home (proactively sorts laundry etc) being utterly gobsmacked at the laundry mountain that had built up despite my using my mum's machine for emergency underwear control!!

The builders have been in sorting out our boiler since early last week....our boiler was about 30 yrs old and the first gas bill was £400 for 3 weeks, so clearly not sustainable shock. All was going well until Weds evening, when they were ghhalf way through the swap-over to the new one. I didn't want them to leave me with all 3 dcs to put to bed at 7pm and only one working tap (in the kitchen) in the whole house - no toilets or anything. So they stayed unitl 9, got the cold water running everywhere and left. 30 mins later I walked into the family room as I heard a funny noise, realised there was a bloody great big leak from the ceiling, grabbed a bucket, called dh at work and then watched as a large chunk of ceiling fell down. Sigh. So no water all night after all.

Luckily they turned the water back on again yesterday (mostly), except the room with the leaking pipes which they are doing today...and our ceiling should be easy to sort as its those 'charming' cardboard-based ceiling tiles that were so popular in the 70s Apparently the builders found a huge pile of them in our attic...

No heating, so I'm very grateful its a bit wamer at the moment!

Nothing else to report....my job still sucks but we've decided to send T to the same school as A, which basically means we'll end up with 3 dcs in private education, so I'm going to have to keep working for a long time....

JKSLtd Fri 11-May-12 11:34:48

Filly - what drama! We face 2 in private so far, making the most of H's free education for now <silver lining and all that!> smile

LaT - sorry missed your bad day sad I do think a cuddle is a good cure for the tired grumps. Or food. T used to get grumpy when he first started at school, think I was advised to feed him as soon as I picked him up, low blood sugar can cause the grumps (in me for definite!).

Got parents here this weekend, just been shopping with Mum & M for M's first shoes, awww. They only a choice of 2 yukky pink styles so I chose the less yuk ones, sure DH will not be impressed when he sees them later, but M is chuffed grin

simpson Fri 11-May-12 21:05:48

An afternoon with Molly:

((in tescos))

Me: Molly which flavour fruit pots would you like? They have plum, strawberry or apple?

Molly: strawberry

Me: are you sure?

Molly: I want strawberry

((buys strawberry fruit pots))

((on way home))

Me: Molly you can have a snack when we get home, what would you like either an orange or a fruit pot?

Molly: I know what I want, let me give you a clue....it's round and juicy

Me: ok you want an orange

Molly: well, I will have an orange if it's big and round and juicy with no pips in

Me: I might not be able to tell if it has no pips in

Molly: I don't like pips and it must be very big and round and juicy
((goes on in this vein all the way home))

((get home and none of the oranges pass the Molly test))

Molly: I think I will have a fruit pot. I want a plum one.

Me: Molly we bought strawberry ones today, remember you chose them.

Molly: mummy I want plum ((wailing louder))

Me: we only have strawberry ones

Molly: mummy you are so mean, you should have got plum ones!!!
((sinks to the floor screaming))

I leave the room....

simpson Fri 11-May-12 21:16:56

Forgot to add a 10min bit in the middle where after offered a choice of snack M wants both hmm

We have a 10 min explanation that she cannot have both, she must choose one or the other.....

Is anyone elses DC this exhausting???

<<necks wine>>

latrucha Fri 11-May-12 22:24:28

Oh. Sounds very familiar.

S went for it in the awkward stakes in every way possible after school. I remained admirably calm but felt that Time Out was not the way to go after the other day. I decided just to roll with it. She worked herself gradually up to screaming again and I just carried on pottering round, taking D upstairs if I felt I was getting angry. Eventually she screamed a bit less and I went and gave her a cuddle and she sobbed out, 'It's just I'm trying to make you cross and I can't do it.' Which I followed with, 'Ok. So what shall we do now. Do you want to eat your dinner?' (which she had point blank refused to touch) She said yes and went to sit at the table and said, 'I think I definitely need help though.' Which I gave her. Then we cuddled. I quite liked it as a strategy. NO less screaming but less engagement with it made it much easier.

latrucha Mon 14-May-12 21:31:51

IT does seem she simply needs a cry after school. If I just let her do it, it's all a lot easier.

Anyone else encountered this?

simpson Mon 14-May-12 21:50:06

I remember Joshua just coming home and screaming and screaming, it went on for ages in fact all of the first term and a half iirc.

In the end I had to tell him to go to his room and he could come downstairs when he was ready to stop (otherwise he would be lying on the floor in the middle of the kitchen or something).

I guess it is tiredness as they have to concentrate all day at school and need some outlet in a way if that makes sense.

It is a big adjustment starting school all day and whilst Molly is more than ready academically I do think she will struggle with tiredness in a major way as she is totally knackered just doing 8.50 till 11.20 every day at nursery school.

latrucha Tue 15-May-12 20:50:50

I remember that.

She started needling straight away today. I just told her that I understood she needed to cry after school and it was fine with me, I wasn't going to stop her. It was a lot better Still pretty tired and niggly.

How are you Simpson?

How's everyone else?

latrucha Sun 20-May-12 16:37:36

Ugh Simpson. You have my symapthies for the next time you are ill. DH is away and I've come down with the kids' tummy bug. Today is a grind though the kids are being great. How on earth will I do the school run tomorrow?

simpson Sun 20-May-12 20:08:57

Don't worry about tomorrow until tomorrow iyswim you might feel better after a good nights sleep, fingers x.

Hope you feel better soon though as its horrid being sick when you have the kids by yourself.

Nothing major to report here, Joshua did his yr2 sats last week and said they were ok.

Molly got the WOW award at nursery (work of the week) so she gets a certificate and her name printed in the school newsletter, she was most proud!!!

simpson Sun 20-May-12 20:10:44

Forgot to say exH is on the scene again ((sigh)) he rang me out of the blue last week and wants to ring me every wk to hear how the kids are. I have said yes as long as he is sober and does not ask to speak to the kids.

Also he confirmed his sisters mobile number to me and it was her that texted me on his birthday....

madmouse Sun 20-May-12 22:11:03

Well done sticking to your guns Simps. See how long he lasts with the simple plan of ringing you every week. TBH I think he gets pushed by the females in his family to show an interest and that he is not really that bothered himself.

LaTrucha how are you?

latrucha Mon 21-May-12 11:03:37

Well done Simpson. What a chore for you though. I suppose you'll see how interested he is, week on week.

I'm ok. Feeling a bit better today. Taking it easy while D at nursery. Getting him at one. A friend is picking up S.

Fillybuster Mon 21-May-12 16:12:27

Hi all smile

How's the house MM? Is N enjoying the new place?

Sounds like you're doing all the right things, Simpson - although I don't know how you manage it smile smile

LaT - hope you feel better soon. I was just about to ask if someone could help with the school run today. Tamara went through a phase of being utterly impossible after all day at nursery. I wrote you a long replay last week but my laptio keeps crashing, and I lost it....but basically, I totally agree with you that they need a lot of love to get them through it, along with some space to have a bit of a strop and get it out of their systems if needed. Its not fun, but it does pass.....(hmm....ever heard that before??!!!! grin)

Ari and Tamara had a whole Olympic themed sports day at the local stadium today....I was so [grr] that the school did it a week before a religious festival (next Monday, here comes the cheesecake...!) so I couldn't go as I really can't be off work 2 Mondays in a row.....sad They really seem to think that all the mums just hang around all day having their nails done, and can be there at the drop of a hat for anything.....(actually, most of them can....) Bless my dad for going along this morning for 2 hours on his way into the office and cheering them on - then phoning me with a full report smile smile Tamara came second in the running race shockshock!!

And (to finish the proud mum part of this report) A just got a Merit in his LAMDA exam smile

Our plumber and builders haven't been in since the beginning of last week - so we now have hot water and heating, but loads left to do....and I can't get the house straight cos they're still working in 4 rooms....the mess is driving me mad!

madmouse Tue 22-May-12 08:47:54

Nathan's done a wee on the potty this morning smile - clever boy. I could see he did it consciously, on request, so he may be able to slowly lose the nappies (not all kids with cp can become dry, it depends on which muscles are affected).

latrucha Tue 22-May-12 11:40:41

That's great Madmouse smile. I bet he'd love that too.

simpson Wed 23-May-12 22:21:36

Any ideas, I have just started a thread under primary education entitled "DS is worried his heart is going to stop"

Can't link sorry blush

JKSLtd Fri 25-May-12 12:30:17

MM - yey for N!! That's such an achievement. Sometimes I feel we might be close to toilet success with H, as far as weeing goes anyway. But I cannot see how we will ever get him to sit on a toilet (or mini toilet thing we've already got just in case). I guess it will come, one day.
His big news at the moment is that he's able to drink out of an open cup, at last grin I couldn't imagine that happening anytime soon either.

Simps - will have a look in a mo.

Filly - yey for A in his exam & for T in her running race smile
Glad the builders are out for a while at least.

LaT - hope you feel better by now?

Got a visit to H's school later for a messy play session, have been to one before but M wasn't crawling then....yes she is finally crawling, the slowcoach. Life is a little bit hectic at the mo as she cruises but can't sit down (on purpose anyway!), crawls but can't get into a crawling position from her tummy & still can't do anything if she's lying on her back. So lots of shouting. From her I hasten to add!
Plus lots of use of the No word too.

Off to a picnic tea in the park after school which should be lovely as it means we won't have to hurry home for teatime, and if it's like yesterday evening it will be so nice to just stay outside smile

madmouse Fri 25-May-12 22:13:47

No more potty success since the first...

madmouse Sat 26-May-12 09:26:01

Anyone got Tesco clubcard points lying around? They're offering £25 for every £5 deals on a lot of major attractions. Just ordered Legoland tickets for £7.50 in points each.

simpson Sun 27-May-12 21:45:10

How is everyone???

All good here except J's anxieties are still bad and he asked to go and talk to the doctor tonight so guess I have to make an appt over half term....

M being the usual handful and got into trouble last week at nursery for shouting in her teachers face. They seemed quite shocked by her behaviour when they told me about it but I had to explain that this is what she is like at home unfortunately!!! She had to spend some time in the thinking chair, she was NOT impressed!!!

She did got the WOW award on Friday (work of the week) at nursery so that perked her up (for her reading).

The kids have a 4 day week this week as its teacher training on Friday although M has an OT appt on the Friday. Then it's half term but Molly is off for 2 weeks as they are doing building work in her nursery classroom, am panicking slightly about what to do with her for that extra week.

Also 2 of her best friends will not be starting reception in sept with her (I have not told her yet as its too far off and not sure if the kids themselves know they are moving and M would be likely to tell them!!) but she is going to be gutted....

latrucha Mon 28-May-12 20:24:34

Sorry I'm flaking out on here. Was going to go on Fb and tell you all why but it feels a bit overly dramatic.I'm around.

Simpson - I had a similar thing with S and her two best friends not moving up when she did. It's been fine. I think it's so exciting and different that she might miss them but won't think bout it most of the time.

JKS - can't believe how big your little one is!

Filly - v glamorous FB pic. Wooo hooo

latrucha Mon 28-May-12 20:25:38

Madmouse - I know hte issue is completely different, but S was physically able to do it a year before she actually could do it, IYSWIM. May be a slow burner?

JKSLtd Mon 28-May-12 21:36:57

LaT - what's up?? It's funny you say that about M. She was so big as a baby but as I don't see any other babies the same age as her I've lost track a bit. Guess she's still a biggie - know she tends to wear above her age for clothes anyway. I do occasionally weigh her at home and she has dropped from the 98th% to between the 75th-91st.
As she's getting more active I'm thinking it will drop further but then she eats like a horse! grin

Madmouse - any further success? 1 step forward, 3 back with potty training I've read somewhere!

Simps - you have so much going on, and yet your kids are doing so well, so give yourself a pat on the back right now and a glass of wine smile

madmouse Tue 29-May-12 08:35:39

No more wees...I've bought Nathan a Cars toilet seat to go on our toilet and he's much more comfy on that than on the little potty chair so . He's also obsessed with flushing the toilet (which he can do by kneeling up) so I try to use that as a bribe (you wee you flush) but he will say he has weed just so he gets to flush...

latrucha Tue 29-May-12 13:14:40

DH has been reading on here and elsewhere.

simpson Tue 29-May-12 13:27:37

Oh no, what does that mean? Is everything ok?

latrucha Tue 29-May-12 14:00:36

Everything is pretty much as it was, thanks.

madmouse Tue 29-May-12 17:09:52

Well if it helps him see things from your POV...

But maybe PM us on FB if it's private - you can send a group message.

simpson Tue 29-May-12 18:06:18

Did he go behind your back and read it??

PMing on here or FB is a good idea smile

JKSLtd Thu 31-May-12 07:01:30

LaT - hope you're ok.

MM - H hates the flush! We've been working on him flushing it together and he can just about do it now on his own, but he'd rather not thanks very much!
Sitting on that actual scary toilet thing is going to be a long way off!

Wanted to let you know about the scooter situation. Gave T the 2 wheeler one I had in the loft, cue massive palaver every time i wanted him to use it.
Not knowing there was the option of a bigger 3-wheeler he even said why don't they just make a bigger one of those? As H has totally adopted the micro now and won't let anyone else near it.
So I got a maxi from ebay, collected it on Tues, Tues evening T was zooming round the block smile
Very cute to see them both on their scooters for our evening walk.

H did try the line that it was "for H" but we quickly put a stop to that!!

T has got some really huge bug bites from school, ow. Need to remember some spray before he goes this morning. Looks like he has my genes when it comes to bugs loving him - DH hardly ever gets bitten - not fair!

simpson Thu 31-May-12 20:31:35

I found out today that when M starts school in sept she is going to be in a class of 90!!!!

There will be 3 teachers and 3 TAs but surely it's going to be very noisy!!!

Not sure how I feel about it tbh.....

latrucha Thu 31-May-12 20:36:36

I've never heard of anything like that before Simpson. Why is it?

simpson Thu 31-May-12 20:41:17

Not sure really. I just got chatting to the current reception teacher today at the jubilee party.

She seems to think that there are loads of 4 and 5 yr old needing school places in the area.

Cannot help but think its a bad thing sadly. Surely it would be easy for a child to get lost amongst 89 other kids.

latrucha Thu 31-May-12 20:59:24

I think it would depend very much on the child. I can think of children who would be fine with it, but I know Danny, for instance, wouldn't take the noise. I just had to take him out of nursery because he was so unhappy. Having been there with him a couple of times recently, I would say it was the noise that he didn't like.

What will happen as they move up the school?

simpson Thu 31-May-12 21:26:17

They will have 3 classes for that particular year (from yr1) although I cannot think where they would put them confused

J would not take it either as he hates noise and complains that his classroom is too noisy as it is...with only 25 kids in it!!

madmouse Fri 01-Jun-12 20:35:30

90!! That would force me to take Nathan out again! No way he could maintain himself in that environment. His speech would suffer and he would not be able to crawl safely. I think it's atrocious. You can't compensate for class sizes with extra teachers...

simpson Fri 01-Jun-12 20:57:50

Exactly!!! I am worried about it tbh and M has no problems with speech but may have problems negotiating her way round the classroom.

A friend whose DD is in J's class has a DS in the after noon nursery (so will be in reception with M although she does not know him as she is in the morning session) found out last week that her son is autistic. I bumped into her today at the CDC when M had OT.

She is really worried about it.

I cannot take M out as there is nowhere else local and also J is really happy there and it is only for a year (then it will be three separate classes as apposed to the usual two from yr1) but I hate the fact that M's reception year is an "experiment" iyswim.

madmouse Sat 02-Jun-12 12:46:40

Lol at M not having problems with speech grin grin grin

simpson Sat 02-Jun-12 14:17:31

Maybe at being quiet when she is supposed to!!!!

JKSLtd Sat 02-Jun-12 14:42:03

Is it more that there will be 3 classes of 30, but they are following the EYFS guidelines about being able to access anything at anytime, so there are 3 rooms but all kids are allowed to mingle?
Anyway I think that's crap but I'm more of an old-fashioned kind of teacher.
In the new eyfs guidelines I believe there aren't even meant to be enough seats for everyone as everyone will never be sat down at the same time.
All equipment is accessible at all times.
= chaos IMO.

There have got be H&S issues with what you're describing anyway.

H is not quite himself, v whingey, urgh.
He's acquired a piece of paper with his school logo on - an old letter we don't need anymore. He wants to go to the postbox and post it.
I have 3 letters with stamps ready to go but he will not give up the school letter.
He's already tried to post some prescriptions this morning.

Wonder how the RM will feel about a random piece of paper? grin hmm

Bit fed up with the weather - and DH is out and about at lots of things all weekend which makes me feel stuck at home, not his fault but still.

Still, at least he's taken T this afternoon so I have the tv remote grin - French tennis for now smile

simpson Sun 03-Jun-12 00:35:10

Jks - not sure how it will work I guess I will find out more at the induction meeting on 4th July.

All good here except ex H causing me trouble again ((sigh)) I really have had enough tbh.

J heard me arguing with him on the phone and got v upset afterwards as he twigged I was talking to his dad ((sigh))

I just wish the man would bugger off, he kept talking about how it breaks his heart not to talk to the kids and remembering a conversation he had with M ( she must have been 18mths) and she was saying to him " I really like you daddy" and he is worried that they will forget him.

But in the same sentence he is asking me what he needs to do to change things (oh yes and he was drunk when he called).

simpson Mon 04-Jun-12 21:43:02

Had a fab day today, we had nothing planned and a friend texted me to say they were going to a jubilee party and did I want to go???

She has a DS who gets on ok ish with DS and her DD is best friends with M.

So the kids had a great time charging around, eating burgers etc....

latrucha Mon 04-Jun-12 21:59:00

Hey Simpson - we had a good day, although the most fun to be had at the 'family fun day' we went to was a lollipop on the way out, as S decided not to shotu all day.

She also got a prize for eating three fruits and vegetables every day smile. She hates them but has done it. I don't know if anyone remembers but she is a fussy mare. I've adopted a very hands off strategy for a year or so which has been good for us all. She's been painfuly consitpated twice recently, though, so I decided I had to do something. Remarkably, it's been ok. She has to eat three big chunks of vegetably thing a day. Extra stars for more than three or trying something new. Tried a peach this week smile. Didn't chew it but did swallow some hmm. Three extra stars and she gets the new barbie laptop thing she wants (already bought from ebay wink). I don't count sauces or veg in things and she has only challenged me on pizza sauce so far (it doesn't count).

I'm very reluctant to do star charts and things as she plays it so easily and tuns it into a bind, but this one has worked this week.

She says she doesn't need another one though hmm ...

simpson Sat 09-Jun-12 22:42:50

DS is getting pretty bad at trying new foods and eating his 5 a day although he was pleased today as he managed 6!!!

M will eat pretty much anything and I have trouble getting her to stop eating tbh.

J is at my mother's house tonight although my mother is not there but my youngest brother is. He is all consumingly obsessed with the football atm and has decided he is a chelsea supporter (much to my dad's disgust!!) although my dad has offered to take him next weekend to look at the chelsea ground and go into the shop and have a look etc. J's face was grin grin grin

M been a handful (nothing new!!) constantly fighting with her brother, shouting, dragging the poor cats round the house and bossing us all around. It is sooo much easier when she is in nursery tbh as this tires her out but her nursery is closed next week (building work).

How is Sabela getting on at school?? Does she go all day??

latrucha Mon 11-Jun-12 12:10:57

Yes. She's all day and she loves it. She gets very tired and we have a long walk home which is usually hellish. I'm even considering trying a buggy board again. She hated the last one and I sold it but the walk is so impossible I am tempted.

On the plus side, she and D have started to play together. I got some ironing doe this morning. Sabela is going through a phase of trying to do naughty things. So far it's fairly minor, like throwing all the books in Danny's bed or stealing the end of a bottle of washing up liquid to play bubbles in the bathroom sink.

As for shouting and bossing, I have been very heavy handed this week and it has got better. It'll get worse again once she's tired. I'm mafraid I've resorted to blackmail today: I told her if she shouts on the way homeI'll tell her teacher on her. She didn't like that idea very much at all. grin It probably won't work though.

What's the plan to contain M next week? Exercise her like a labrador would be mine.

Cute about J.

simpson Mon 11-Jun-12 13:00:18

Lol at the telling teacher.

I use that one quite a bit and threaten to tell my mother that she is being naughty (which she hates!!) I have even pretended to ring her teacher in the evening and say she is misbehaving!!!

Dreading the tiredness thing and school, is still remember it with j.

Got a couple of things planned, am meeting a few friends tomorrow at a play area (they have kids M's age), meeting my brother for lunch and on Friday our local library is having a fancy dress party.

latrucha Mon 11-Jun-12 13:22:40

I do dread the walk home. i've been given lots of ideas on here of ways to make it fun. The problem is she is simply too tired to do it and wants to scream so will find a way to.

Plans sound nice. smile I am making carrot cake for my friend's birthday.

simpson Mon 11-Jun-12 14:38:49

I am lucky in that both kids love to ride their scooters and the school is only 5 minutes away.

Hoping that with M the screaming will at least be held off until she gets home.

Do any of her classmates walk the same way? Maybe go with them as a distraction??

latrucha Mon 11-Jun-12 19:55:05

Phew! today was actually fine. It won't last.

Good idea about the friends but the ones who live close go by bike. Danny provided the distraction today but he has also decided that he does not need to hold my hand or wear the ladybird (yes, it has graduated to him. It totally did the trick with S BTW. She now holds the pushchair just fine and doens't nag for my hand)

madmouse Mon 11-Jun-12 21:33:08

Nathan is very naughty too LaT - not listening, saying no when I tell him to do something etc. Not helped by the arrival of the wonderful Andy who being a young adult dog is mentally also about 4. They are remarkably similar in too many ways grin. They can drive me up da wall and I end up shouting at them both and calling one by the other's name grin

latrucha Tue 12-Jun-12 05:51:28

They were both up at 4.15 start this morning. I have just ordered S back to bed for the third time and she has gone finally.

I just hope Danny sleeps a home not in the pushchair so I can lie down too.


LOL at Nathan'n'Andy. Nandy?

JKSLtd Tue 12-Jun-12 14:46:28

Ouch, painful LaT!! I only ever had one up at that kind of time, so sympathies for 2.

<whispers> H seems to have settled into a 6am routine, thank goodness. It's almost civilised!

latrucha Tue 12-Jun-12 21:20:25

D's last molars are coming through and he cried and woke S. The day was ok in the end. I got a little sleep when Danny did and I spoiled them rotten all afternoon. The blackmail for the walk home with S is holding so far! Two days and no screaming.

Fillybuster Thu 14-Jun-12 15:53:09


Hope you all had lovely Jubliee bank hols? We ran away for 10 days to Italy (first family holiday away in nearly 2 years...wanted to take advantage of free flights for Mia before she turns 2 next week!) and it was fab smile Shame about having to come back to work though....

Simpson - at the really amazing school down the road, they have a 3 form entry every year (90 kids) and its massively oversubscribed....the children are split into 3 classes (loosely) but they get to move around between the classrooms and do different things (and mix with each other). If its like that, then M should be fine. Our local school re-sets the class groups at the beginning of yr2, once the kids have had a chance to make friends and they can work out a good balance across the classes. I guess the main issue is whether the school have enough space and facilities for a 3 form intake? I don't think there's much difference between 25 and 30 kids in a class - some recent research said that the benefit from small classes was limited to when there are less than 12 children in the class, and that after that it didn't matter.

LaT -sounds like you're doing brilliantly with S on the food front smile smile Its not so long ago you coudln't get her to eat anything at all!!! I reckon a bit of bribery is entirely reasonable grin

I've been trying to get T to stop sucking her thumbs for bloody ages. She sucks them so hard she gets large red lumps on the joint, and her teeth are getting quite buck-y. It also means she's caught worms a few times now.....(yuk, yuk, yuk!!!!!). DH found some thumb-guard things on the internet to wear at night (she's been great at stopping in the daytime) which worked for a while, but then she's gone back to sucking. Now I'm working a combination of star chart and My Little Pony (actually, the Tesco cheap ones!) and she's doing better.....

Mia turns 2 next week. Where does the time go???

simpson Fri 15-Jun-12 22:53:56

Well, we had some good news today, the school have reported to the LEA that they will not be ready to take 90 kids grin So M will be in a class of just 60 with 2 teachers and 2 TAs (which is what I was expecting tbh).

However the kids the year below won't be so lucky and will be in a class of 90.

I took Molly to a party at the local library today which was good fun but highlights the fact I won't be able to do this stuff with her much longer sad

She is sooo ready for school and I pretty much have all her uniform ready (thanks to a friend coming round last night and dropping her DD's cast offs).

But i will miss having her around in the after noon tbh.

LaTrucha Mon 18-Jun-12 20:40:33

Aw Simpson. You'll still have all the holidays. I'm glad you're feeling relieved.

Hi Filly - glad you had a good break. I've no advice about the thumb sucking I'm afraid but start charts are still working pretty well here. S has tried new things each week and has even found one she likes - strawberries. So, result there.

I have had a hideous cold for ages. Home things still suck too. boo.

S's reception teacher has asked us to get a paediatric referral fromthe GP to look at Sabela's knees and hips. She doesn't straighten her knees when she runs. I had never read anything mre into it than she wasn't going to win Wimbledon but the teacher thinks there may be more to it. I'm kicking myself for not considering it necessary to go to the doctor before. Perhaps that's why she was so long to walk (although she was just inside the limit of 'normal'). Perhaps treatment would have been easier before sad

Danny's birthday is looming too. He's such a funny boy. He has started raoring. He has an happy roar and an angry roar. I've seen him practising them in the mirror.

simpson Wed 20-Jun-12 19:34:49

LaT - what do they think might be the problem with her legs???

Had an awful few days with M. It started on Monday night when she took over 2 hours to go to bed, she was running around the house screaming and kept coming downstairs etc. then of course she was tired at nursery on Tuesday and her teacher said she shouted in their faces and made 2 o.ther kids cry blush and had to be put on the thinking chair.

She did not go to the park after nursery yesterday because she had been so naughty cue massive 1 hour tantrum on the way home and at home. Think running off down the street, hitting me etc, that was Molly!!!

Last night was no better really, lots of screaming etc etc. so my new tactic is to put one of her favourite toys in the shed every night she is bad (she has lost her toy pram and scooter so far) and every good night she gets one of them back.

There has been no screaming/coming out of her room tonight so far so maybe the message is sinking in. I told her before bed what toy she would lose if she was naughty tonight but also said I would let her choose what toy she wants back if she is good iyswim.

I don't know why she has suddenly started doing this?? The only thing I can think is that her reading has taken a massive jump forward in the last week and maybe her little brain is over stimulated iyswim???

LaTrucha Wed 20-Jun-12 21:44:42

It could well be that Simpson,or it could just be four. I have found thisage to bemuch more like that than any other.

The GP rubbished the teacher andsaid there was nothing wrong with her, perhaps it was a habit but referred her to the paediatrician in case she would benefit from physio so I was quite happy until sports day today when I saw just how different she is to her peers and started [[http://www.mumsnet.com/Talk/childrens_health/a1499748-My-daughter-runs-with-straight-legs#32476897 this] thread. She is way behind, really noticeably so. I feel pretty sad about it.

JKSLtd Thu 21-Jun-12 13:16:31

Simps - the news from school is good, and a relief I bet.
Does M like drawing? Can you get her sat down drawing stuff and get her talking about what the people in the pictures are doing? and see if she lets out what's bothering her that way? If there is something I mean. Could easily be her mind whizzing away faster than she can express herself so she's getting frustrated.
I like your toy rule though smile

LaT - haven't read that thread yet but I am all too familiar with the guilt of not noticing things being not what they should be and wishing i'd done something sooner. Not much advice except to hope that things get to where they should be eventually.
Sorry about home stuff too sad

Filly - holiday sounds lovely. we are really looking forward to our week in jersey in August. Kind of wish we'd booked 2 weeks but we couldn't fit it in with other holiday stuff/or afford it probably. Have no idea how the flying bit will go but at least it's only 1hour each way smile
Will do some visits to the airport beforehand with H i think, though he loved his train journey to London on Tues so maybe i'm worrying over nothing.

It's the thought of him kicking off as the plane door is shut/he's strapped in/told to sit in one place/the noise/etc. meaning he screams blue murder for the full hour....gulp.

T's sports day was supposed to be today, they called it off by 9am and it's since stopped raining...oh just looked out the window, it's started again. actually wanting the weather to live up to the terrible forecast so the cancellation is justified confused

M napping, DH meant to be home earlyish today, i've achieved next-to-nothing this morning, oops.

simpson Thu 21-Jun-12 23:22:27

The toy rule seems to be working smile she earnt her scooter back last night and will get her toy buggy back tomorrow morning!!!

LaTrucha Fri 22-Jun-12 22:04:18

Good good. I think soeties they just get into a habit of behaviour and can't seem to quit with the usual tactics.

I have been lent a buggy board and now they both love it hmm after I sold the other one. It is uch better to be fair. Far less screaming after school (although not tonight).

Can anyone help me see around this behaviour? S is obsessed with talking about the boy and the girl she finds most problematic at school. She is, when she talks with e, incredibly competetiv with them, particularly the girl. So, if we are playing tea parties with dollies, it will suddenly be, 'Boy A can't come.' If I give them a treat, it's, 'Boy a can't have any he can have spiders.' Or IF we're colourig, 'I can have the pink one. Girl A can't. She will have the black.' It happens an awful lot. I tried talkig to her about it but no enlightenent as to why. Now I've tried disapproval as in, 'I don't like it when you say mean things about your classmates.' Problem is, I just don't understand what it's all about or even wht they are like at school together. Does it make any sense to you? The boy is a very naughty boy and they girl can have quite a cross face sometimes but seems fairly friendly to S if not her friend.

Has Madmouse really left MN?

simpson Fri 22-Jun-12 22:12:46

I believe she has left but said she will pop into here from time to time sad

Not sad that she will pop in here obv. But that she felt she had to leave...

Molly is exactly the same re other kids. She comes home sobbing that she is not allowed into one girls "gang" but then will happily exclude others herself"I don't want to be XXX best friend anymore I like YYY"

Molly's teacher said there is a group of them that get together and discuss who is coming to their birthday parties etc and at the slightest little thing one is excluded sad

They also compete of daft things like who has the longest arms etc!!!

I have had a chat with Molly about feelings and not hurting other peoples feelings, but not sure if it is working hmm

TBH it sounds like S is working through having to share and take turns at school, Molly is pretty good at sharing with J most of the time but it was still a shock when she had to realise she had to share with 35 others in her class and that she could not have her own way iyswim.

Fillybuster Wed 27-Jun-12 17:44:52

Haven't caught up at all, and in a tearing hurry, but just needed to say:

LaT - A (nearly 7) saw the GP this morning to get a referral for his legs. Given all the issues we had with T, you'd have thought we'd have noticed sooner that both of his feet, but especially the right one, flap out sideways when he runs, from the knee down, so he is half the speed of everyone else.

Feeling very sad and guilty right now.....it took a combo of sports day, me suddenly noticing his legs looking twisty in his summer pjs, and someone commenting on his odd running for me to do something about it.

Getting T referred back to the same specialist that diagnosed her at the same time, as its been 2.5 years and I want to get her fine motor skills assessed before she starts proper school in September.

Honestly, this parenting guilt thing....

Where has MM gone? And why????

LaTrucha Wed 27-Jun-12 18:11:50

here Filly back later

simpson Wed 27-Jun-12 21:49:56

Typical Molly ism from today...

To set the scene we are in the middle of a massive queue in tescos which is moving so slowly....

Molly says "mummy do you remember the time that you went to live in Italy and I had to go and live with granny and I didn't want to live with granny and I missed you so much and I felt sad and you went to Italy to have a rest from looking after me and Joshua..." <<she went on this vein for a lot longer>>

<<lots of disapproving tuts from behind me in tescos>>

I had to point out to Molly that I went to Italy on holiday for 5 days!!!

<<lots of suppressed sniggers from behind me in the queue>>

blush blush

Fillybuster Wed 27-Jun-12 23:35:11

LaT - oh sad and shock I read those threads and got quite upset about them....I can understand MM's feelings but how sad to lose such a great addition to MN sad sad

Simpson - grin Seriously, you need to stick M on a stage somewhere, and sell tickets - you'll be minted smile smile

LaTrucha Sun 08-Jul-12 21:31:05

Missing you guys! How are you?

Here: children are delightful; marriage intractable. Holding in there for now.

simpson Mon 09-Jul-12 21:42:54

All good here.

Got both kids school reports today which was all good although no surprises re Molly's struggles with PE sad

We have a prize giving tomorrow eve, will be interesting to see how Molly copes with having to sit quietly for an hour (30 mins for hers followed by 30 mins for Joshua's).

LaTrucha Mon 09-Jul-12 21:48:40

Hey Simpson

I hope it goes well. Are you still thinking of being a classroom assistant? I'm thinking of going back to work and am dreaming of such a job coming up at S's school. Either that or self-employed but that all looks very bitty. Looks like I wll be on my own pretty soon and am having to think very hard about practicalities.

simpson Mon 09-Jul-12 22:11:29

Yes but am panicking as I need a placement desperately to continue with the TA course I want to do.

I have done and passed the basic one but in ord to do the next course to qualify I need classroom experience. I have sent my CV out to 20 schools today asking for a placement.

I have not contacted DC school as ideally I want to keep things separate iyswim although have put myself down to do reading with the kids there.

Can you volunteer in anything? I have volunteered in Joshua's youth club because it looks good on the CV!!!

Sorry things between you and H are pants sad

Have you spoken to him about it???

LaTrucha Tue 10-Jul-12 07:24:03

Yes. I dont want to say anything about it really as he has come on here before and read and is very cross that I might discuss it with another person.

I volunteer as a breastfeeding peer supporter. I'm applying for a job with the network though it is very part time and it used to be the job of one o the most senior directors so I don't think I'll get it. Its sort of an exam officer but I haven't passed the exam I would be assessing (I'm in the middle of the course). I do have the experience so I suppose it depends on who else applies.

I'm also secretary of a local playgroup whichI find annoying but doesn't take too much time as yet.

simpson Wed 11-Jul-12 22:52:49

Sounds like you are pretty busy which is good.

Molly got the reading award at her prize giving last night and Joshua got the outstanding achievement award too which I was soooo proud of as he has worked really hard at school this year.

Just had a phone all from exH this eve (first one is 6 weeks) and he called NOT to find out how his kids are but why my youngest brother had not replied to a text he sent yesterday, it MIGHT be because he is pissed off that you have not rung to find out how your kids are for 6 weeks but can text something to do with the tour de France FFS!!!

And breathe!!!

AngeChica Fri 13-Jul-12 12:48:43

Thread crash! Hope you are all OK and wishing you a good summer with your DCs. I am changing to work 5 short days a week when A starts reception in Sept. He will be fine ... he has been going to the same school for a year already, 5 afternoons a week. He's already in love with his new reception teacher I think. Our childcare bill will go right down which will be very welcome! My Dad died last month, I was back and forth to Suffolk for the last 3 months and able to spend some precious time with him. It was a terrible way to go. He was very brave and remained compus mentis to the end, still enjoying company and conversation with the family, although the tumour took away his mobility and sight. I am fairly heartbroken as I am lucky in that he was a wonderful dad and grandad. Work have been very nice though and I am seeing a bereavement counsellor. DS is typical 4 and a half year old, some odd-bod ways from being an only child I think but generally bright and fun. I'm still running 3 or 4 times a week even though the marathon training is over. It's a big motivation to try and keep in shape once I got there! I defected from MN to FB with the MN running group who have been very supportive! Im so, so sorry Lat you know I have had the odd rocky time in the last 4 years but it was only mended by both of us working on it...

Fillybuster Tue 17-Jul-12 13:43:42


sends love to all....sorry everyone is having such a tough time at the moment

<hugs ange>

<special love to LaT>


Fillybuster Tue 17-Jul-12 13:46:57

PS Hurrah for Molly!!

Tamara's nursery graduation was yesterday. I cried.

simpson Tue 17-Jul-12 20:40:34

Filly - Molly's is tomorrow I will cry!!!

She had her sports day the day before yesterday which was soooo cute!!

Good to see you Ange, so sorry to hear about your dad sad

LaTrucha Tue 17-Jul-12 22:05:26

Sounds very cute. We have absolute ructions at S's old nursery (I'm on the board. It's a charity and I want to help it stay open for Danny). It's more that I let mysef in for but I have, shall we say, defined my role quite narrowly. I have enough on my plate right now.

Enjoy tomorrow Simpson! Almost anything my DCs do makes me well up. Sports day did (although that was because of all the knee business).

simpson Wed 18-Jul-12 17:48:15

Well her graduation was soooo cute. And I was fine did not even think of crying until the teacher read out a poem at the end about one door closing and another opening andcsendingvthem off on the journey of learning (or something like that!!) and me and most of my friends just bawled!!!

She is very pleased with her certificate and all the kids going into reception were presented with a school tie!!!

They have their class party tomorrow as its their last day (sob).

LaTrucha Wed 18-Jul-12 22:16:14


S's end of term work came home with her. She is pleased as anything with a 'headmaster's gold award' sticker she's been given for her first goes at writing. He called her to his office to present it to her. Awww.

simpson Sun 22-Jul-12 23:16:40

Well done S!!!

My mother took both kids out to a fair today with my brother and she was back after 20 mins as M kicked off screaming on the bouncy castle.

My mother has never seen M like this before and I think she thought I was exaggerating when I have told her about it before. My mum was so wound up she was shaking. And we still don't know why M started screaming!!!

madmouse Tue 24-Jul-12 09:14:16

Oh Simps sad - in a way it's good that your mum has now seen it too, but tough that even with a child as verbally clever as M it is so hard to get to the bottom of what is causing this behaviour...

Fillybuster Tue 24-Jul-12 10:29:33

Oh S, I'm sorry, and your poor mum! sad Was M able to explain afterwards what it was that upset her suddenly?

Welcome back Madmouse!!! grin

simpson Thu 26-Jul-12 00:54:00

Well M said she was cross because she could not climb up the ladder in the bouncy castle. But tbh she should not be screaming about it!!!

Had a fab day yesterday, took the kids to see the Olympic torch relay, we were right at the front and they had a fab time.

Had an OT appt forcM today which was a bit tough, they are saying she will need extra help in reception from sept ie special scissors, maybe special cutlery for lunch time (they gave me a pair for her to practice with) a footrest to stabilise her when she is sitting at the table in class.

She has a much needed physio session next week so hopefullybtheycwill help even more. HT of j and M's school approached me in the play ground just before the holidays and said she will schedule in a meeting to discuss what M needs before she starts which is good.

My mum is going to brave it again and take M outvforvthe day tomorrow and as J is at a football tournament I have most of the day to myself <<yay>>

madmouse Thu 26-Jul-12 09:02:38

Oh Simpson but disability relation frustration is incredibly hard on our kids, especially the bright/aware ones who know damned well that other kids can do all that without difficulty. Not saying she should be allowed to scream, just that I can see where she is coming from. Does she accept help? I spent all my time at kids parties and playgrounds helping Nathan access the activities. Get sick and jealous sometimes of other mums sitting around chatting while their kids play. Nathan cried when I collected him from nursery yesterday morning. He spent all morning on a bouncy castle which costs him all his energy and effort to crawl around on. He loves it but it is so tough for him.

simpson Thu 26-Jul-12 15:41:16

She does not like people helping her at all.

We went to a birthday party the other day which had 2 bouncy castles one for the bigger kids (which all her friends were on) and one for the tiny kids which she had to go on. She was most cross about not being able to go on the bigger one but she did try it and could not stay upright at all so went in the smaller one in the end.

J bless him stayed with her so she had someone to play with.

madmouse Thu 26-Jul-12 21:45:02

TBH Simpson there is no way Nathan would have gone on the baby one if all his mates were on the big one. He would have tired himself out until he cried instead.

LaTrucha Thu 26-Jul-12 21:53:55

Sabela probably would have chosen the little one grin

Enjoy your day Simpson.

simpson Thu 26-Jul-12 22:27:53

She was crying bless her and she did give the big bouncy castle a go but got too hot and bothered (and cross) so was happy to move to the smaller one if J came with her.

M had a fab time at a petting farm with my mum today and did not even kick off when she was not allowed on the big slide because she had no socks on. She dragged my mum to the gift shop to see if they had any and my mum said to her this is a shop in a farm they will not sell socks, but they did!!!

Starting to think about what to get for J's birthday on 31st August.

Filly - what are you getting A???

Thinking of an android tablet and just some cheap stuff from pound shop so he has more than one pressie to open. Got a cheap wooden cricket set today and a tennis racquet for him. I bought him an England football top a few weeks ago and my brother is getting him a Chelsea top ( which is what he has asked for).

Fillybuster Fri 27-Jul-12 12:30:37

Not got a clue what to get for A. His only electronic toys are his vtech camera and lappad, both of which are several years old, so maybe that's not a bad idea. On the other hand, he hardly ever plays with our xbox, so maybe I should get him some games for that?

Apart from that, I'm stuck. Last year was easy (bicycle), but I really don't like buying stuff for the sake of it. I have agreed with him that one of his presents will be delayed: he spent the whole of last school year wanting to collect moshi monster cards and didn't start until Easter, when he had some money of his own to buy them....now that craze has pretty much finished, so we agreed that he can see what the new one is in September (he said something about Bin Weevils....anyone know about those????) and I will get him the collecting album and some cards as a late present. He's one of those kids who takes collecting a set of something very seriously, and its a good breaktime activity which means he doesn't get left out if he doesnt want to play football every day (which he doesnt). Simpson, let me know what you come up with for J!!!

The kids are all moving rooms in a few weeks time, as Mia is still in a room alone and A & T are sharing. I think the girls are ready to share now, and A is definitely ready for his own space, especially since he wants to be able to read in bed in the evenings. First we have to sort out beds, as I want to get all 3 of them settled into their new beds before we change the rooms around. So Mia is going from her cot to T's child-size bed. T is going to move across the room into A's top-bunk-style (there is no bottom bunk, just shelves and toys) bed, and A is going to move onto the fold-up full-size single bed that I intend to put into Mia's room for him. Its going to be interesting sorting all that out this weekend!! And I'm convinced T is going to fall down the bed steps several times before she gets the hang of it - A was so much taller than her when he moved into that bed!

OK, had better do some work....see you all later, have lovely weekends xx

madmouse Sat 28-Jul-12 13:51:06

<proud mummy>

Nathan got a literacy award and a certificate from physio for standing independently for short periods of time at prize giving smile

LaTrucha Sat 28-Jul-12 13:52:38

Yay Nathan. That's lovely Madmouse.

simpson Sat 28-Jul-12 22:33:27

Well done Nathan, that's fab!!!

simpson Fri 03-Aug-12 23:05:18

How is everyone getting on??

Had a bit of a tough physio session with Molly this week and the physio said she will have significant problems at school sad

Other than that, all is good!!!

Joshua went to Cardiff to see GB play footie the other day and had a fab time he has not stopped talking about it!!!

I have a day away from the kids tomorrow which is good but am going to see my grand mother which will be tough as last time I saw her she did not know who I was sad.

LaTrucha Sun 05-Aug-12 23:21:17

That can't have been easy Simpson, either your grandmother or Molly. How are you? I am away right now. Without the kids! They are with Dh at home. Seems to be going fine for him. Long story. Guess where I was last night?


LaTrucha Sun 05-Aug-12 23:23:02

p.s. I agree re: Filly. She is a star. smile It must be good fun in her house.

simpson Mon 06-Aug-12 20:53:13

Am intrigued LaT, where were you last night???

LaT - I need to know more....where were you????!

We moved the kids into their new beds....so far, so good, but I think we're going to hold off on the bedroom changes for a bit longer than originally planned. So far Mia has dropped Humphrey (her toy dog - the love of her life) out of bed at least once a night, every night, since the move. I knew this was coming (A & T both went through the same thing) but I can't move her until she stops yelling at 2am every night, as she'll wake T.

T is being a nightmare massively challenging at the moment, and I must admit I'm at my wits end. I know she's always been super easy (and I have counted my blessings!) but now I just don't have a clue how to handle her. She started the day yesterday at 7.10am by having a massive temper tantrum (because she wanted to get up and our alarm hadn't gone off yet) which woke the whole family, finished the day with a mammoth temper tantrum at 8.30pm (no idea why...but it only ended when dh put her 'to bed' on the bathroom floor and explained that was where she could sleep if she wanted to yell all night, and that he didn't mind....).....and then was sweetness and light again this morning. Sigh. She's at a dance/activity camp this week and had an amazing day yesterday, with several of her friends, so I know it isn't that....but I cancelled this afternoon's playdate for after camp (I'm putting some of it down to being tired), and we'll see how it goes. Any suggestions?

Simpson - we bought A a 2nd hand DS Lite on ebay this week, which came with a load of games. It arrived at the weekend and is in v good condition - I think he's going to absolutely love it. I bought him a skateboard but dh has said no to that - what do you think? Apart from that, just a few small bits of lego from the girls, and a chess set as he's just started learning to play. The ds was quite expensive, so I don't feel like we need to get him much more. Pleased with it tho, as it was way under half price compared to the new ones smile

Madmouse - I saw your FB status update when N got the award and nearly cried my eyes out at work! So so so proud of him smile smile

simpson Tue 07-Aug-12 21:05:33

Filly - Molly being a challenge too ATM, not us why!!

J got a 2nd hand DS lite for Xmas last yr and he loves it plays with it all the time. He has also got a chess game for it so he does not need to nag me to play with him!!

Changed my mind on a tablet for him as finances will not permit so have not spent much on him but have got him a tennis racquet (eBay), cricket bat (eBay) a pre owned mario kart game for his DS and some books. Oh and a Chelsea rucksack for school!!

Going to try and get him a used iPod or a tablet for Xmas as M will be getting a leap pad (2nd hand).

Ange - don't know of you still check this thread but J is very excited as he is going to see the tractor boys train on Friday and get a guided tour of the ground and gets to meet the players etc and get their autograph. He is counting the days!!!

It's so hard to think of decent presents that aren't too expensive, isn't it?! I'm chuffed to bits with the ds lite, mainly cos I know he's going to be delighted with it....he still plays with the leappad we got for his 4th birthday, but he has completely outgrown it now, and I think T is going to love it. Although dh has ruled out putting it away for 4 months, then 'giving' it to T for her 5th birthday.....he's probably right, but it would have been a good solution!! grin

Thanks for reminding me that A has asked for new fb kit...he's completely outgrown his Arsenal kit and is going to start playing fb again on sundays, so does need something to wear. I'll get some books, too, and I think that finishes the b-day presents from all of us. What is J reading at the moment?

simpson Tue 07-Aug-12 23:57:29

I got J a few secret 7 books which he loves and the other ones were non fiction ones about football (mainly Chelsea as that's his team ATM). Oh and Harry Potter as he has been desperate to read it for ages.

I forgot, I also got him an England footie top reduced to £6 which I know he will love.

Luckily my brother has agreed to get J the new Chelsea top he wants.

We have got tickets to the Paralympics (100 metres wheelchair sprint) so have told J that is his present from my other brother (M not going).

Things not helped by us going to a birthday party of one of his friends who proudly showed off her brand new iPod <<sigh>>

M has inherited J's old vtech smile which she loves. She calls it her pretend DS!!! And I DID hide it, box it (kept original box) and give it to M for Xmas!!

LaTrucha Thu 09-Aug-12 20:36:57

I was at the Athletics on Ennis / Farah / Rutherford night grin

Four year olds can be awful, can't they? When it comes to one of those moods when they either can't get themsleves out of a bad or naughty mood, or if they are being deliberately naughty to provoke, I tell her I'm going to count her. That means she gets a 1 and a two as a warning and on three she goes to her room. It's an idea I got from a book. The author thinks you should 'count' any bad behaviour but I don't like that. I just save it for those times when it drags on. Often, just being given a 'one' makes her stop. Worth a try.

I'm home now. It looks like D has completely forgotten about feeding. Im going with it but it means I have decided not to go to breastfeeding group tomorrow. It turns out no one else can (well, I think they can bt they're not) in my stead so it won't open tomorrow. They had put a notice up that it would be closed before I realised so there was nothing I could do but I do feel guilty.

Fillybuster Fri 10-Aug-12 11:01:16

Wow, LaT!!! I am deeply envy in a really nice way....delighted for you, but wish I could've been there smile We were totally glued to the tv all night!! smile

Don't feel guilty about the bf group - you can't feed D just for the sake of other people, and I do think it's the sort of thing you 'grow out' of as your own dcs get bigger, because they need you to focus your time and energy on activities that are relevant to them right now. But its definitely something you can go back to, when your own dcs are a bit older (without them in tow!) and you will be able to give enormous amounts of support and emotional guidance to other women in the future. But your own family need to take priority for now.

I do the counting with T (although don't send her to her room as I don't like to use that for punishment - its more like 'if I count to 3 and you're not yet doing x then you're not having y'). When she's in that mood, she just refuses to budge. She's like the worlds best poker player. Even if I raise the stakes, she is just utterly mulish about it,and will not move. So, for example, she's at dance camp this week and they finish with a performance for parents this afternoon. All week she's been asking if I'll come, and I've been explaining that I have to work but that I'll do my best. Last night she came back from camp/post-camp playdate in a great mood (and I collected her), then suddenly went into a negative spiral when we got home. Wouldn't go and get undressed for the bath. Wouldn't do anything I asked her. I explained she had to help me (by behaving) if she wanted me to come to show. Mia and Ari already in bath and T sitting on sofa shouting "but I want to stay up late and I want you to come to my show". <sigh> I explained that she had to earn both of those by behaving well (several times, calmly and clearly) and she just kept on. Was just one of those evenings....Was a battle all the way to bed.

I'm trying not to give her tons of attention when she behaves like this as I can see that its an effective way to get me to ignore the other 2 and focus on her....DH experienced it properly for the first time at the weekend and was quite shocked. He was great tho - she went into absolutely screaming heebie-jeebie meltdown at bedtime, so eventually he took her pillow into the bathroom, put a towel on the floor with the pillow and told her that was the bed we use for anyone who wants to temper tantrum all night, and that he didn't mind how long she screamed for in there, as we couldn't hear it grin. 10 minutes later she was in bed silent....so last night i only had to offer the 'bathroom bed' as a choice for her to get straight into bed and stay there quietly!

Its partly down to tiredness (she bounced out of bed full of beans this morning) but not entirely - a lot of it does seem to be about pushing boundaries to see what she can get away with. All she wanted to know this morning was if I was coming to her show....what do I do?!

LaTrucha Sat 11-Aug-12 11:23:11

On the issue of the show, I would put that to one side and go if you can and not if you can't. It's very hard but I always try and bear in mind that they have to behave like this. They're compelled to! It helps me, if not the situation. I aso think it helps if the consquence for getting a 'three' is always the same as it takes the thinking for the child, and for you, out of it. I think if they're in a paddy and can't think straight, then they can't take on any more information so the expected consquence is good.

Basically, I think we have to endure it!

Last Saturday was incredible. When Farah was running absolutely everyone was jumping up and down screaming! But we were alltotally convinced he was going to get it: everyone else had!

Fillybuster Mon 13-Aug-12 10:26:02

Thanks LaT smile I did go to the show in the end, but only stayed for her bit (the opening song & dance) - she saw me the whole way through (I was at the front filming!) and then I waved and blew kisses goodbye and went straight back to work. She and I had a chat afer about how she got me to come even though she'd not been well behaved and why I had come in the end....smile She's the best poker player, and will really up the stakes, so I have to be careful not to threaten something that I don't want to follow through on, when she's driving me up the wall hmm

Good weekend though - with all 3 dcs behaving reasonably (and Mia being a total star at the moment). Long may it last grin

madmouse Tue 14-Aug-12 10:30:14

N's SALT came for a review yesterday. She said that after working on his oromotor skills for quite a while he has made some progress but he is still very hard to understand at school and his vocab is still a lot more limited than his intellect requires. She is concerned that he will get frustrated and would start getting behavioural difficulties if he is not given the tools to speak more. She said that would be such a shame as he is such a darling and a ray of sunshine in school (her words). So we are starting with a communication book with symbols. She demonstrated the early work she has done with Nathan on it and he is picking it up quickly (she says most kids using this are not as cognitively or physically able as he is). If we get funding for the iPad we can have the same symbols on the pad. I felt quite upset yesterday (hence only posting now). I felt she was giving up on his speech but of course that's not true, she rightly pointed out that there is evidence it will help him speak. She's also right to say that he NEEDS to be given the tools to communicate, he's entitled to it. Just wish it wasn't so hard for my sunbeam to speak sad

LaTrucha Wed 15-Aug-12 07:10:51

Thanks for posting Madmouse. It sounds very tough. How are you doing today? I'm sending you lots of love.

simpson Wed 15-Aug-12 23:32:28

Madhouse - it must be hard to hear sad

But it will be a good thing and give him the tools to communicate.

It may well help with his speech too in the long run (fingers x).

How long till you hear about the iPad??

Molly had her 2nd physio session today and her main concern is that Molly cannot stand on one leg ( or hop) so this is what we have to work on.

I know it is nothing like the every day difficulties that Nathan faces but it was quite upsetting seeing how wobbly she is when asked to do simple physical tasks sad

LaTrucha Thu 16-Aug-12 17:59:19

By coinsidence I got a letter for Sabela's assessment today.

She can't hop either. If you have any tips let me know!

simpson Thu 16-Aug-12 20:08:12

Molly has to practice hopping in between 2 chairs so she can hold on to them both iyswim.

LaTrucha Thu 16-Aug-12 20:32:04

Ok. Thanks. I had her holding one and it just hasn't been working. I'll try that.

Fillybuster Fri 17-Aug-12 11:21:47

Madmouse - sending you hugs, but also smiling at N being described as a ray of sunsine - what a lovely thing to hear smile I understand why its upsetting, but you need to focus on the positives - the challenge is that because he is so bright, we need to find ways to help him communicate in the meantime (whilst you and he and everyone else keep on working on the speech) so that he doesn't get frustrated....that's a good thing, despite being so hard. Fingers crossed for the ipad!

Simpson and LaT - it must be the week for it. Both A and T got their appts for assessments yesterday, too! T can hop on one leg but not at all on the other. I'm not worried about that, but her fine motor skills are very poor and she really struggles with holding pencils and crayons, and says it hurts. A's legs are very twisted from the knees down, and when he runs both his legs kick out sideways from his body (instead of going forwards) - I've been aware of it for a while, but dh kept telling me he was fine....now he finally agrees that its definitely not normal, and its really affecting his ability to join in at school, as everyone else (even Tamara!) can run a lot faster than he can. He's getting very frustrated by it (and by people laughing at his running) so hopefully this is something that physio or shoes insoles or something will help to address.

It's A's birthday today!! I can't believe my first baby is 7!! shock shock grin

I made him another birthday cake for breakfast time (he had a fab dinosaur cake for his party at the end of the school term) and sent him to camp with a third cake (a football one from Tesco!) to share with his friends smile Doing presents and cards and stuff with him when he comes home at 5pm....and then me and dh are off work all of next week smile smile Planning lots of lovely days out with the dcs....I'm off work until they go back to school - hurrah!!!!

Except....<sigh> Seriously, there's always something to worry about! T is being quite out of control at the moment - huge huge huge temper tantrums from no-where, and it feels like she starts them just to see what will happen, and then loses control because she's so worked up. We are going with a zero tolerance policy for a bit - so she gets a warning (if you carry on, the punishment will be x, I'll count to 3 and if you haven't stopped by then,you will have/not have the punishment) - and then we actually follow through. So this morning (A's birthday) she suddenly kicked off after breakfast, as they were all getting ready for day camp. Warning 1: no choc buttons in lunchbox. I took them out and she went mental. Warning 2: no Disney Princess drink. Took it out. Warning 3: No flapjack. Took it out. Eventually we got to Warning 6: No camp. Guess what? Yup, I'm wfh and she's downstairs playing quietly.

We've had a long chat and I've explained that if I give her a warning, and tell her what the punishment will be, and she ignores me, then she will get the punishment. I think a lot of the problem is that many of her school friends are very spoilt brats a bit over-indulged, and she sees them getting away with bad behaviour/ignoring warnings at their houses, and still getting treats and stuff. She's even told me about it. I've explained that in our family we don't work like that...!

Any ideas? Anyone?

simpson Fri 17-Aug-12 23:52:09

Filly - Molly is totally out of control sometimes, we went to the park yesterday with loads of friends and their DC and she kicked off about something cue lying on floor screaming etc and I just left her there and walked off to join my friends and said I would talk to her when she stopped screaming (I could see her at all times). She hates being ignored and this seems to work best.

I do think it is because she is soooo ready for school etc but my god she is ha work, I rang my mother last week and begged her to take Molly for a night as I needed a break blush.

Me and my mother seem to have fallen out over something that I have no idea what it is which is stressing me ATM, we are going on holiday tomorrow morning for 2 weeks so hoping things sort themselves out, fingers x.

LaTrucha Sat 18-Aug-12 14:49:22

Simpson, if you want to have advice from someone with very dysfunctional relationship with her mother, I'd apologise in a general sort of way and say you're really looking forward to spending time with her. It was sometimes the only way to break the ice! If a bit hard to swallow.

Filly - I don't have too much more advice, except two things occurred to me. Firstly, I find systems of discipline wear out pretty quickly (reward charts, the 1,2,3 etc). S just gets bored with them, understands them and starts to subvert them so I have to try something else. Secondly, in that particular instance, did she want to stay at home with you? I find S sometimes seems to be shooting herself int he foot by being punished but in fact she's getting what she wants. This is true especially if it is something she finds impossible to admit she wants. She would never say she was tired and wanted to stay at home but might be tired and play up so I cancelled whatever activity we were going to do IYSWIM.

Fillybuster Sun 19-Aug-12 20:03:18

Great advice from both of you, thanks guys. Simpson - LaT is right, if you can find a way to work in a general sort-of apology, its always best, even if bloody annoying.

LaT - I think you're right about end-results some of the time. But I can also see that T is incredibly stubborn (ahem) and will box herself into a corner rather than admit she has made a mistake....

Too hot for MN! Too hot for anything....but trying to retain a few working brain cells ahead of my job interview/presentation on Wednesday afternoon. I'm trying to conviince myself that I won't get the job, but I want it so much....aaarrgh....

LaTrucha Sun 19-Aug-12 21:08:42

What's the job Filly? What did I miss?

JKSLtd Mon 20-Aug-12 14:20:30

Hello everyone - totally been off MN for ages, RL been too busy.

House guests (various family) have gone.
DH & T are busy sailing all week.
M can hopefully get back into normal routine so is napping now & H seems happy chilling after a busy few weeks.

We're off to Jersey for a week on Sat with various other family which I'm half looking forward to & half wishing away as I'm longing to get back into normal school routine, stuff seems to be piling up everywhere & assorted jobs just aren't getting done.

MM - sorry to hear the SALT wasn't especially positive, hearing negatives about our DC is always hard (that goes for Molly, T, A & S too).
Are you having to wait long re the iPad? Are you thinking of getting the MyChoicePad software? DH was involved in getting H's school to test it on their iPads - all the parents & teachers rave about it. (H loved it but tbh doesn't use it much anymore.) The more help you can give him to communicate the better, speech will always be preferable & I believe will 'win out' in the end if possible as it's the most commonly modelled behaviour seen. IYKWIM?

Ange - sorry to hear about your Dad, was following a bit on FB. Well done to you on all your running, i'm v impressed!

Filly - job news? good luck with interview.

Simps - grr at the exH again. Hope you have a great time away.

Um, what else, H is doing fabulously, chatting away, etc. Was pretend ironing with me this morning & we started practising adding; 2 shirts hanging up +1 = ? and he could do it a lot of the time!
T is great though has these waves of negativity that wind me up something rotten, trying to work on keeping a PA (positive attitude) to reap rewards of sailing week & iPad time with my brother in Jersey.

M is gorgeous <not biased at all!> walking really well and starting to talk, trying to say everything. She watches everything going on and seems to be such a bright spark, she just gets stuff instantly - obv compared to H it's genius-like though I'm sure she's just a normal kid really.

DH & I are good, it's nice having him home a lot over the school holiday, though some couple time would be nice too, hoping we'll get the odd time out in Jersey as my parents also coming so various babysitters <hopeful> depends on H a lot really, if he's in a good mood then he's easy, if not....

Mostly fingers tightly crossed for take-off, can see H could go nutso as the engines rev up & the plane starts to move. Worst case could be aborted takeoff!! But assuming i'm over-worrying, it's only a short flight so shouldn't be toooo awful....

madmouse Tue 21-Aug-12 16:59:52

Hi all thanks for support.

No JKS the program is called The Grid - which you use with something called Gridplayer. Will cost us £3-400 apart from the iPad cost. Not yet heard from charity. It's a VOCA, not a wider communication tool as N has no communication difficulties just speech difficulties if that makes sense.

LaTrucha Fri 24-Aug-12 21:23:24

Hi all, I am reading but also hosue painting, so evenings used up!.

Are you all chatting to each other somewhere else?

madmouse Fri 24-Aug-12 21:27:50

Simpson is on hols, JKS is going tomorrow, I'm on fb as usual. Filly?

Enjoying the house painting LaT?

Fillybuster Sat 25-Aug-12 20:08:00

Hey LaT, we've been having a family week at home, instead of a holiday - we hadn't booked anything for our normal trip to Devon earlier in the year, and as the 'summer' continued to look like a total wash-out we just couldn't see the point of spending £100s on a holiday cottage somewhere, just so we could watch the rain from there. So in the end we're having a lovely 10 days at home in London, doing day trips all over the place with the dcs - its been luvverly smile And we've put the money we've saved towards going to visit family in Israel (DSIL etc) at the end of September, so we're guaranteed some sunshine then instead gringrin

We've also been trying to toilet-train Mia, but have completely and utterly failed. She's just not interested. Which is frustrating, because 2 months ago, when we didn't have the time, she was really keen and was getting v upset about wees/poos in her nappies. Now, she couldn't care less, and has been happily doing everything in her knickers, mostly about 2 mins after we take her off the toilet sad sad sad Might have to try again in a few weeks....<sigh>

Taking A & T to the 'bendy doctor' next Weds - will report back smile

Oh, and I found out late yesterday afternoon that I got the job!!!!!!!!! Woohoo!!!!! I have to celebrate on here as I definitely cannot tell the FB world yet - I don't have the formal offer, and I will need to wait for the contract and get that all signed (prob another 10 days) before I can hand in my notice, so can't risk anyone in RL finding out yet! But I'm just so relieved and pleased as its been extemely shite for the past year and didn't show any sign of getting better....

Hows the house painting coming on LaT?

madmouse Sat 25-Aug-12 21:15:56

Well done Filly. Are you able to say what the job is??

LaTrucha Sun 26-Aug-12 22:04:06

Sounds lovely Filly. And congratulations on the job! smile

simpson Tue 28-Aug-12 23:07:31

Filly - huge congrats on the job!!!

All ok here, am still on holiday but have managed to get Internet connection on my mums iPad!!!

Kids having a fab time, Molly is no longer looking quite so chubby due to running around on beach etc and is even too busy to eat shock which is a first for her!!!

Weather fab so far, we come back at the weekend.

On the physio from that I know a few kids are going through ( or being assessed) Molly is going to have to miss the first 6 wednesdays when she starts school ( not sure how well that will go down) as she has intensive physio every week right bang in the middle of the day. But I guess it cannot be helped.

LaTrucha Sat 01-Sep-12 22:04:40

Are you back Simpson? Hope you had a lovely time. smile

simpson Sat 01-Sep-12 22:51:38

Got back today we all had a lovely time smile

How is everyone doing??

We stayed in a secluded cove which had hundreds of steps we had to do every day to buy wine necessities which has really helped Molly's legs and she has improved no end in climbing steps!!!

She has also lost weight from running around so much which is a good thing as she is prone to being slightly chubby I think....

J is counting down the days until he is back at school!!!

We have tickets for the 100 metre wheelchair sprint at the Paralympics on Monday too which he is excited about, Molly is not impressed as she is not coming!!!

LaTrucha Sun 02-Sep-12 21:07:39

We're ok. Summer has been a total washout, as for mst people. I can see the sea from my back window, but have only been to the beach with the kids twice this summer. smile Unusually, Sabela has been ill several times with a recurrent stomach bug. She is knackered at the moment and has had a stye for three weeks. I have some wash for it from the pharrmacist - who said it was what a doctor wold give - but it's not shifting.

Any ideas?

Fillybuster Mon 03-Sep-12 20:53:16

Welcome back Simpson....glad you had a great holiday, and even better to hear how well M was coping with the steps. Maybe you need to get the physio to prescribe more hols with wine sea, sand and steps??! grin We went to the Paralympic Athletics yesterday morning and it was totally brilliant - even saw Alun Davies win his discus gold. Hurrah smile

I'm counting down till the kids go back to school now - buying school uniforms and shoes this week has nearly killed me. I'm shattered, and convinced there's stuff I've forgotten. Every year I promise myself I'll be ready to go, bags packed and pencils sharpened (and labelled) a week before school starts. Every year I fail completely! Tomorrow is going to be busy...they're back on Wednesday!! T isn't very excited about starting reception, but I guess that's not surprising as its in the same building as her nursery, with the same class, and they've changed the reception uniform so its the same as the nursery (a tracksuit) instead of the smart school one that she wants to wear...Annoyingly they're still doing 2 weeks of short days for Reception, even though all the kids know the building, the teachers and each other, and have been there for 2 years <sigh>

I can't tell you about the new job yet as I'm still waiting to receive and sign the contract and then hand in my notice in RL. So please, no comments on FB for a few weeks!!! smile

LaT - sorry, not got a clue, but maybe take her to the GP to check there's nothing else going on? Not sure if this helps, but the paediatric rheumatologist who saw A & T this week for their hypermobility issues said that it is closely linked to the anxiety gene, and as a result most kids with HM have some level of IBS, too. Guess that's no surprise to Molly, Simpson - but don't know if you knew they were related??? I was quite surprised, but it explains the 'sore tummies' my dcs all get whenever they're worn out or very busy. He suggested we just ignore it....

Been off work this week, spending time with our new au pair. We were so sad to say goodbye to the old one, who turned out to be brilliant after a ropey first few weeks, but the new one seems very high maintenance. I'm shattered....should be making dinner but hiding on my laptop after 1.5 hours of her talking at me non-stop!!! shock

Oh dear blush - I seem to be repeating that on here......blush

<exits sharply>

simpson Tue 04-Sep-12 11:46:19

Wow filly I never knew Molly's issues could be related!!! My brother suffers from very bad IBS so I guess it is all linked.

LaT - I would take her back to the GP tbh or speak to the pharmacist at a chemist and see what they suggest....

We had a fab eve at the Paralympics too and got to see a gold medal for GB in the 100 metre wheelchair sprint which was fab!!!

Not got Molly's shoes yet for school but she does not start till the 14th so still have some time. She needs to go to a specialist shoe shop to get shoes/ankle boots which will give her enough support.

simpson Tue 04-Sep-12 11:48:42

Forgot to say that one issue Molly does have is going to the toilet and not being able to go long between wees. When she needs to go she has to go straight away and seems to go a lot.

Her physio said that because her pelvis is very unstable it could all be linked. I posted on the hypermobility support thread and people there have said the same thing too.

She wet herself in my dads car yesterday coming back from the shops despite going to the loo just before they left to come home.

madmouse Thu 06-Sep-12 08:30:27

Oh poor M wetting herself sad that must have been horrid for her (and for you)

I had no idea that kind of thing could be related to HM. So frustrating when you find you have yet another thing to deal with. Nathan is asking for the toilet every evening and morning by and large and will sometimes produce something. I think he really wants to do it and that he is getting frustrated with nappies. Just hope he can do it physically.

LaT she sounds run down, like her immune system is having a bit of a struggle. Has she been growing fast? Learning fast? How are you?

Filly getting used to a new au pair must be hard, they play such a large role in your home! Not surprised T is disappointed about the uniform, Nathan is proud as punch of his and loves to wear it.

Nathan is loving going to school full time. Day 3 today and he was shouting There's bus there's bus!!!! Despite going to bed after 9 and getting up at 7 (I had agreed to co-lead a church service and play all the music too then found out dh had a meeting on 'my' wednesday evening so Nathan had to come with me and pootle round the church chattering non stop while I played).

simpson Fri 07-Sep-12 13:10:46

Glad Nathan is loving school, Molly is desperate to start but has another week...

Some of her friends started yesterday and today (they are doing staggered intake with the ones unlikely to settle quickly in first) and they look so sweet in their uniform!!!

J was very happy to be back (he went back yesterday) and he told me he loves his teacher and she has the most beautiful hair (I did not want to shatter his illusions and tell him it came from a bottle!!)

Fillybuster Fri 07-Sep-12 15:46:20

Wow, that's a long day Madmouse...! So glad he is enjoying it....I saw your fb update and was really happy. How is he coping with the long journeys? Are they getting better?

Simpson - poor M sad Glad J had a good first few days back at school - it makes such a difference having a positive start to the year smile

A & T went back on Wednesday. A was happy to go and came home happy and excited about year 3, so all good there for now. T (oddly) burst into tears at the school building when she was lining up with her class, and was clinging to my leg - even though she knows all the kids in her class and its the same building she has been in for 2 years already - its a split site, so she doesn't go to A's building until next year.

Was all a bit sad really, esp as dh and I had both gone with her for her 'first' day, but that might have been the trigger. Anyway, her very very very lovely teacher rang me 10 minutes later just to tell me that she was happy and settled and fine smile She was in a great mood at the end of the day and had the only real 'new' girl back to us for a playdate straight after, and has been super-happy for the rest of the week. Fingers crossed it will stay that way....

Aupair is settling in pretty well....I'm a bit impatient sometimes, as I just want her to be able to get on with things, but she's 19, and I can (just about) remember being 19 and a bit flakey/self-centred/insecure sometimes grin

Have a lovely weekend - we're due for some sunshine. Hurrah!

madmouse Sat 08-Sep-12 16:56:17

He fell asleep in the bus yesterday on the way back, but that's after he had been talking from 4am to 6am (he does that when his brain runs over and he needs to process). He had plenty of energy to race his bike around after dinner...

simpson Thu 13-Sep-12 17:00:03

Molly's first day at school tomorrow!! She is very excited as most of her friends have started already....

The battle over uniform has started already as J does not need to wear his tomorrow as a reward for a handwriting prize so she is ATM refusing to wear hers too!! <<sigh>>

JKSLtd Thu 13-Sep-12 19:58:36

Sigh over battles indeed.

Had a stand off with H earlier. All planning to