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Sept 2008 - no witty title as we're too busy dealing with stroppy 3 yr olds.

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Hello all. Couldn't see a new thread so thought I'd do the honours. Sorry for rubbish title, I'm no good at witty! smile

ninja Fri 17-Feb-12 11:18:45

Bookmarking - thanks MrsA good advice on the last one form you

Meglet Fri 17-Feb-12 13:46:06

marking my place.

The dc's are both flopped on the sofa watching Something Special. Tis very quiet.

ILikeToMoveItMoveIt Fri 17-Feb-12 13:47:47


Will be back later smile

digitalgirl Fri 17-Feb-12 18:39:17

Bookmarking too!

[and have been taking notes from last thread on how to deal with older sibling behaviour]

notcitrus Fri 17-Feb-12 18:44:25

Muppet film remarkably depressing and as A said, not enough Muppets in it in the first half. He asked to go home a dozen times and I was tempted! But with my friend and help of popcorn, smarties and a Kermit cup and lots of cuddles it was a successful day out, bonding with mummy despite that baby being there too.

Hard to eat icecream with baby in carrier tho. And then to feed - think I might have squirted the 5yos across the aisle. blush

digitalgirl Fri 17-Feb-12 19:49:42

NC didn't you only give birth about 3 days ago? Am hugely impressed that you're out and about doing things like going to the cinema with both the dc!

ILikeToMoveItMoveIt Fri 17-Feb-12 20:10:54

ha ha at milk squirting NC! I am also impressed you are out and about.

I've been tempted to take M to see the Muppets, maybe I won't now. He has been laughing like a drain at the fart shoes line in the trailer.


Meglet Sat 18-Feb-12 11:58:25

aarrrggh My bloody children are driving me up the wall today angry.

So far we've had a curtain partially yanked down, a football kicked across my bedroom and tumble of water sent flying and a beaker hurled across the living room spraying water as it went. DS is in a non-cooperative mood (although I've managed to get him outside) and DD is a snotty, stroppy, tantrumming little madam who has just had time out and been sent into the garden with bubbles.

Would it be bad to install a hatch and just feed them through it while I sort out the house?

I think we'll skip the Muppets, DS would probably wriggle and whinge.

DebiTheScot Sat 18-Feb-12 21:45:36


Lol at installing a hatch. I don't know about that, but you certainly can open a bottle of wine very very soon!

notcitrus Sun 19-Feb-12 19:11:11

ILTMIMI - I never thought I'd say it, but I was begging for more fart jokes! Still, A is very chuffed with his toy Kermit.

I'd never have tried going with 2 dc without a friend, but I live 100 yards from a bus stop, then it's 5 min to outside the cinema, so figured it would be little harder than sitting on the sofa and it would make A happy. In fact once I got the baby carrier undone in the dark thanks to the slowest ever ticket seller taking 25 min to serve 3 people so the ads were on by the time we got in, and then friend could stay with ds when I went to the loo, it was all fine. Bus journey was easy as ds loves buses as long as he gets a seat...

Will be a while before I try taking both dcs myself, though. And will have to choose any film very carefully for A, as he is clearly more sensitive to stuff on a big screen and didn't like the explosions or fight scenes at all.

NC sounds like you did really well at the cinema smile

I also went to the cinema this week. I played hookey from nursery on Thurs (well, DD did) as puss in boots was on the 10am kids cinema for £1.25 a seat. DP was away, so I thought bugger it - I'm going. So it went ok. I pre-booked 3 seats so I had somewhere to put DS's car seat. I wouldn't have attempted it alone before now but DS is 10 weeks and still takes ages to feed so I thought we'll have a while where he's got a bottle in his mouth. It did go ok though the family next to us gave me such a dirty look when I arrived (they had older kids). The film was good, I brought lots of choc for DD and after a small bit of crying, DS fed and then fell asleep on my shoulder for a lot of it. In fact it was me who disturbed people by having a massive coughing fit - I thought I would throw up! 20moins from end DD said she needed a wee. A tricky one but I know her well enough to know she can hang on plus she'll use this request when she's bored amd wants to go so we survived with no wet pants! Afterwards I was feeling drunk with success so went to pizza express with them (what was I thinking?!) But again went ok. The kind waiter pre-cut my pizza and DS fell asleep in the sling while DD and I ate dough balls and pizza.

The next day I took them both to the zoo. A bit easier as they have indoor picnic areas so I took a picnic and DS was in the pram, and everytime DD ran off I put her on reins, so we are seeing slow improvement as she realises I mean what I say!

We took them both swimming yesterday and one of the few benefits of bottle feeding is that DP took DS out for a feed whilst I carried on splashing and jumping in with DD (she did the jumping not me smile )

So we're finally out of the newborn woods and I'm loving getting out and about. Meeting some mnetters on wed at the trafford centre from DS's antenatal thread - can't wait.

Oops long post, DS asleep and DD at nana's house!

ILikeToMoveItMoveIt Mon 20-Feb-12 09:20:28

Lol at begging for more fart scenes grin I do wish they would turn the volume down at kids films. Saying that, I wish they would do the same for adult films.

Well done MrsA! It's great when things come together isn't it! It makes me feel like earth mother extrodinaire! grin

How was your weekend after all Meglet? It's hard bloody work when the kids are off on one isn't it? When M gets in a mood like that I find my mood quickly matches it, so I have to step away and become the adult again. Problem is, I don't always want to be the adult!

Baby I is crawling and is in to everything <weep>. Looking on the bright side, it has improved his sleep because he's wearing himself out <hurrah>

And it may only be a phase and not last but something hasd changed in DD recently (DP's 'better behaviour' with her ??) and she has been a delight to be with, really good company. She still has plenty of moments but she has started to hold long, interesting conversations and doing sweet things like offering us some of her food and well just being nice. It is really helping us to cope when she has the screaming abdabs!

Also helps when superstar DS sleeps from 7.30-7.30, DD stays at nana's overnight and DP and I get a bit of an early morning 'cuddle' blush

Kagey Mon 20-Feb-12 16:06:47

Thanks for the new thread!! Talking of delights, dd1 told me today my hair does not look nice hmm I would not mind but I had just dried and straightened it blush.

Debs75 Tue 21-Feb-12 08:46:33

Mrsa I think you have cracked it!
Well done on attempting so many trips out. It does get easier with time and now you know it can be done your confidence soars for the next day out.

Am enjoying half term but Robyn would rather be at nursery, we're trying to keep then busy without spending much, with 4 that is pretty impossible, lots of baking and craft stuff this week I think.

Wow MrsA you've really cracked it, well done you! Very envy at the sleep. When DS stopped sleeping through we started weaning, now he's waking up three times a night again (bang on every three hours, its like he's set an alarm clock) so I think its time to introduce protein! He's 6months a week today. Yesterday he had 4 breast feeds, one bottle and hungrily ate three meals including pudding. And still woke three times between 7 and 7, hungry each time, happily went back to sleep again. I am mrs caffeine today.
debs it was our half term last week and we only left the house twice, lots of baking and craft happened!
I've not taken my DCs to the cinema yet, they scare too easily and I couldn't cope with them all crawling onto my lap in tears! I think the scale of it and the noise would be too overwhelming too. DS1 is into Bee Movie at home, but DD thinks its dull and would rather play on the cbeebies website or watch Mr Maker to get ideas for more craft which I am running out of places to hide love to display.
The house opposite ours was burgled last night, classic in through the patio doors, pick up lap top and mobile phones on their way through, let themselves out the front door shock. Its the second one like that in our area recently.

ILikeToMoveItMoveIt Tue 21-Feb-12 14:53:43

We've had a few break ins like that in our village, so I'm now keeping the front door locked at all times. Such a shame, I like to think of our village as a little haven.

I am also envy of MrsA's sleep. Ds3 still doesn't sleep through reliably <weeps> He's not hungry, he's just shocking at self settling. But I'll let him off as he now says 'mumma' grin

Becaroooo Tue 21-Feb-12 17:55:18

Hello all smile

Just dropping in to say I am not using MN during lent but will pop back after easter.

Glad to read you are all doing so well.


MegIet Tue 21-Feb-12 21:11:31


I did consider not using MN for lent but would go insane without the company. Never given anything up for lent actually hmm. I did think about giving up FB for lent but my sister keeps putting her world travel updates on there so I'd miss seeing them and I like to keep tabs on her, naked swimming in NZ was her lastest update <<rolls eyes>>.

Pacita Tue 21-Feb-12 21:57:29

Ugh ladies, I thought I had lost you and my lurking days were over! What would I do if I could not regularly check up on you all?

As you can see I'm still pretty crap at posting and updating you all. I never seem to find the time! Believe it or not, Inés just turned one and she is about to walk. She is one of those hilarious babies (though I would think that, being slightly biased and that) with funny hair and an incredible character.

I have to set the alarm at 5 tomorrow to be in Manchester at 9 for a meeting. I'll probably throw up in pain. And I bet you Ines will wake up tonight too. MrsA, I am green with envy at your sleeping baby. She still wakes up once or twice a night sad.

Anyway, I am off to bed. I hope I survive tomorrow. Maybe I'll be able to tell more from the train!

Pacita Wed 22-Feb-12 08:01:53

So I made it to the train on time - and Ines slept through. In fact, I picked her up from her cot and fed her before leaving because I do not want my norks to explode on the train back tonight - it would be messy. I left her cuddled up to her daddy, while I tiptoed out in the dark, tripped on my shoes and managed to wake Diego up.

Anyway, have just had some scrambled eggs on toast (I'm in first to make up for the shock and because I obviously don't pay for the ticket) and am finding despite the early hour, it is great to have time TO MYSELF! I don't get much of that these days.

I am very impressed with you all adventurous mothers of newborns out and about with your two in tow. Notcitrus, I don't think I even posted a huge congratulations to you, so here goes.

pacita glad you made your train and well done to Ines for sleeping! I was going to ask if you were working, hence the meeting, but is it a one off thing ( was hoping for tips - working whilst having 2 small ones)! I know what you mean about me time. I'll spend every day with DS till I go back to work in Sept ansd by then it will be nice to have a cuppa at my desk in peace ( I will miss him of course).

I've come to the conclusion that both my babies were not good at being born or breastfeeding but I do grow good sleepers! I wonder if it's a gene thing. I thought it was formula-related with DD as she slept at 5 days after her first big bottle but it's taken DS till 6 weeks to go consistently 7-7 and he had bottles at around 2 weeks so it must just be him. I have never sleep trained or forced - he is still fed an demand and leads us, so it is purely chance/genes. Having said that, I'd have swapped the full nights sleep for successful bf any day. As we didn't manage it, then I'm just glad for a good night's sleep.

Right must dash - off to the Trafford centre for a mumsnet meet! Maybe we should arrange one for our group in the north - anyone fancy it? Do it in school hols if easier.

Pacita Wed 22-Feb-12 16:25:22

Hello, MrsA. I know what you say about successful breast feeding, but trust me on this, having a full night sleep is allowing you to be a better, more dynamic, more giving mum who is not knackered and washed out. There really are positives here, as you'll see if you keep reading!

In answer to your question, yes, this was a business day trip for a meeting. I went back to work 3 days a week. I think 3 days is the best of both worlds, although I know that it is not an easy arrangement to get from an employer. I'm still quite knackered most of the time, as Ines has not slept through once since she was born. Diego was not a great sleeper, but Jeez, this baby girl likes to party. She is adorable, happy bubbly, and most of the time will go back to sleep with a feed and a cuddle... except when she wakes up anytime after 5:30, which means this is it for the day. Still, one day at a time, eh?

Unfortunately, because I'm not great at sleep deprivation I do think that this has affected my concentration at work, and I don't feel as professionally confident as before. I am hoping this is a passing phase, and that it will improve with time. Any thoughts from any of you mums of non sleepy children?

MegIet Thu 23-Feb-12 22:15:14


pacita I have to wing it at work if the dc's (well DD) have a bad patch of sleep. Although I'm fortunate because I don't have to rush my job, just do it accurately, so on bad days I can pootle through it and triple check everything. And drink lots of tea.

DD has a been a pest at night for a while now, she keeps wandering into my room saying her bed is 'uncomfy'. Obviously I've poo-pooed this and sent her back to bed. Today I felt her mattress and it is really uncomfy, she has the cot-bed mattress that DS had 5 years ago and it's knackered blush. I've padded it out with blankets tonight but I might have to buy a new one if it doesn't help. I feel really bad, I thought she was just being a princess and the pea style drama queen.

DebiTheScot Thu 23-Feb-12 22:30:01

MegIet has your name always had an i rather than an l in the middle? I'm baffled!

MegIet Thu 23-Feb-12 22:55:15

debi it was my lame attempt to namechange, but without name-changing, so I didn't automatically appear in advanced searches. Just a whim really. Seeing as I've been on this thread for 4 years I suspect anyone stalking me would soon track me down blush.

I've started an OU course to educate myself before it's too late. So I really shouldn't faff about on here and FB so much, although I won't stop, I might just set myself a 15 min limit a day <<twitches>>. I'm starting with an 'easy' course (Understanding Society) as it's years since I've written an essay and I need to raise my game.

digitalgirl Thu 23-Feb-12 23:11:41

pacita Ds was and still is a terrible sleeper. Got through it by the skin of our teeth. And co-sleeping. Dread to think what state I'll be in if this second one is anything like their big brother. I'm planning to try and work from home as much as possible (as soon as possible after the birth) too - but it still involves being able to think creatively which may pose a challenge if I'm sleep-deprived.

New floor is in, yay! So just last bits of painting to do and waiting for the shelves to go in (hopefully a couple of weeks), then we can start properly organising baby things. 3 weeks today is my last day of commuting into the office! Will work from home on an adhoc basis after that.

digitalgirl Thu 23-Feb-12 23:12:46

Well done on the OU course meglet that's very impressive. Don't know how you juggle it all.

Debs75 Fri 24-Feb-12 10:38:13

Can any of you help me with some London travel.
I need to get from near Paddington to LEicester Square and back again then from Paddington to the London eye and back again. I have tried the tfl website but I can't make head nor tail of it. Mum won't use the tube unless he really has to so it is buses we are going for. Oh and we go Monday so I know I am leaving it late

notcitrus Fri 24-Feb-12 12:24:31

pacita - coffee and a protein-packed lunch and then mid-afternoon snacks were how I kept up with work! If I didn't plan a fairly healthy lunch with veg/fruit and protein then I'd snack on sugary stuff all day and feel worse, but if I made sure there was lunch and fruit on my desk first, it worked out OK. And plenty of work crises (too busy to be tired!) and often going to bed soon after getting home...

Debs - I'd go for the Tube unless mum has really strong reasons not to.Tube - Bakerloo line southbound to Piccadilly Circus, then suggest get out and it's 100 yards to leicester Square (rather than change to Picc line for one stop), takes under 15 minutes.
Bus means getting the 205 to Euston Square and then one southbound down Gower St/Tottenham Court Rd to Leicester Square, will take around an hour once you find the right stops.

Do you really have to go back to Paddington before the London Eye, as you can walk from Leic Sq to the Eye in 15 min past all the sights, or get a bus (the 24 south down Tottenham Court Rd) - or Northern Line southbound to Waterloo?

From Paddington it would be 15 minutes on the Bakerloo line to Waterloo, or about an hour on the 159 bus (which does let you see the sights etc and is direct to the Eye).

NC you're making me all nostalgic about london, can't wait to get back there! DS1 is desperate to go to the 'dinosaur museum' after his cruel mummy made him do the science museum last time grin
DS2 is properly on protein now and we're starting to see some improvement overnight, but he's cut back too hard on his milk, so I'm now limiting his food intake a bit which I know makes him more likely to wake overnight but he needs his milk. He feeds and naps so perfectly during the day and is an utter delight, but not such a delight that I want to see him at 3am hmm
I took DD to the enuresis clinic this morning and they've given us loads of charts and things to fill in to help her weeing ishoos. She needs to drink more, be sent to the loo more often, and stay there longer <weeps inwardly while maintaining cheery and enthusiastic exterior>
Meg I'm properly impressed at you doing an OU course, well done!
MrsA as always you inspire me, well done at all you're doing with your DCs! I'm guessing the 14 day limit for the IM is up now...what next?

I discovered the MN haircut this week, and I have to say I'm impressed. I do need to get my best friend to chop some length off the back for me, but otherwise its great!

Only one week til my birthday, I'm really excited, I'm such a big kid and I've already decided what to spend my birthday money on blush grin

Debs75 Fri 24-Feb-12 14:59:10

NC we are staying near Paddington so it is theatre at leicester sq 1 day and then london eye the next.
Not sure syh mum is so panicky about the tube but when i show he rhte difeerence in travel times she might be more likely to change her mind. She is maddening for having to be 3 hours early for the train so knowing the tube will be a quarter of the bus time might sway her.

Carrie I was thinking of doing the MN haircut but my hair is way too long and straggly atm and I am a bit scared of how short to go. I may need to make my yearly hairdresser trip

notcitrus Fri 24-Feb-12 19:06:08

Debs - does your mum know the tube trains go every couple minutes? Also if she's scared of deep tunnels, stay on the Circle/H+C/District lines which are like mainline trains that happen to go into shallow tunnels some of the time, and it's steps down to them rather than escalators (I know some mothers scared of escalators) - train to Euston Sq for LS, and even from Pad to Embankment would save lots of hassle.

Carrie Haven't taken A to the dinosaurs since he was old enough to notice but will soon as he is obsessed! Have a transport Museum pass that's valid for another couple weeks so want to go there first. And not lose him this time... (partly why haven't been back before).
And totally with you on child being a delight but not at 3am... on a good day A will sleep until 7.30, but then there's the times he comes in every few mins from 5.30 needing the potty/duvet retucking/finding a dinosaur/wanting hot milk/needing CBeebies. Which tend to coincide with the nights R has been mostly awake until 5am.
R is currently asleep in bouncer by my feet so I'm hiding here while auntie and MrNC entertain A, to get a break! We registered R today and then couldn't resist the shopping mall opposite and probably overdid it a bit, before driving home in rush hour and having to stop to feed/change R and generally being a Bit Much. Still, was nice being in Real Shops for the first time in months. smile

ninja Fri 24-Feb-12 21:43:08

MrsA yes to a Northern Meet-up

Feeling very sleep deprived here but nothing to do with kids. The **** cat has been chasing a mouse in my room all night for the last week. I've shut her out for a couple of nights but she just scratched at the door for hours.

Have just caught a live mouse which I've put in the playhouse in the garden, so I'm hoping for a better night's sleep smile

Debs75 Sat 25-Feb-12 09:02:49

NC my dsis thinks out is just mum panicking about something she really wants to do but never thought she would do. Its like she needs permission to go and enjoy herself. When we told her about the London eye she was all excited but has since made loads of excuses. Then she said to book it but then told dsis. ' if it's raining they'll shut it' with a kind of hope.
She is lovely but she could drive a saint to drink

Debs have a lovely time - I'm sure your mum will be fine on the day. I am v envy of a trip to London. Something for me to plan for one day. especially as it's a certain birthday milestone for me next month and our only babysitter, MIL, has told us no to babysitting till DS is older so no night out for me sad
Hey ho, mustn't complain. I'd prefer DS anyday (but it's a bit urgghhh that we'd planned to stay at Le Manoir aux Quatres Saisons for my 40th).

On the upside, DS has been asleep since midday (it's now 2.30pm) and also did this marathon sleep yesterday and still slept till 7.30am today. In fact, it was DD that kept us up - wanting a poo at 1am and then up for the day at 6.27am.

On the IM front - we have finally got her address as she sent me my notes with her home address on . No offer of any money back though, so it's small claims court for us.
DP read my notes (I can't yet) and they go up to the time she handed my care to the NHS. I'm still waiting for my hospital notes so not sure what was said but the IM has put 'complete breakdown of relationship between me and Mr and Mrs A'. Errmmm sorry but bollocks!
The last thing she said to us was that she would support me whatever I decided to do (labour had started and stalled for over 24 hrs but then re-started on the way to hospital for expectant monitoring) and she sent me a text the day of the hospital appt saying she 'understood my fears and would be there for me'. Then, before we had any monitoring or scans, she says our relationship broke down - how? We'd barely spoken to her that day and she got the nhs guys to tell us she was leaving. Her notes also say the hospitaol SOM explained things to us - err no. If the rlationship had broken down surely we'd know but it was complete news to us??!

DP says her notes give us good grounds to reclaim most if not all of our fee as she is admitting she was unable to give me the care we had paid for. Whatever the reasons and risks, the bottom line is legally she did not fulfill her contract as she did not remain as an advocate and supporter once she transferred my care and our contract said she would remain even if I went into hospital.

Just could do without it.

On a brighter note, trafford centre meet went well, even though i was the only botle feeder so felt quite embarrassed as i got bottle out whilst the others whipped out boobies.
I'm going back to the TC on Tuesday for a parent and baby cinema trip - DS can cry all he likes!I'm seeing the new film with all the brit greats in - the one set in an Indian hotel. Looks fab.

And a northern meet - who's up for it, where and when? Happy to do a weekend if we can find somewhere nice for the older kids to play.

Debs75 Sat 25-Feb-12 19:11:50

MRSA my 40th is 5 days before christmas so I am having a 40th and a half party in the sumner and me and dp are having a dirty midweek in a nice hotel somewhere when the kids are at school.
With your IM it sounds like she lost confidence in her ability to treat you and then dumped you on the hospital. Nit very professional at all. I would get your hospital notes asap so you can see where the lies are

MegIet Sun 26-Feb-12 15:53:56

digi carrie I haven't started the actual work yet. I should be speaking to my tutor this week to get started. I've been pondering it for years but decided to just go for it, regardless of my grades I just have to finish the damn thing. It will (hopefully) set a good example to the DC's when their teenagers hmm.

Not sure about the MN haircut, it seems like a good idea but I wonder if my wavy hair would like it.

I'm taking the DC's to London in April or May to see the Damien Hirst show at Tate Modern, I fancied something 'grown up'. I shouldn't have been a parent should I blush. But I think they'll find the shark interesting and we can wander down the South Bank where there's loads to see.

ninja I'd love a cat but the thought of chasing half-dead animals puts me off a bit. My colleagues keep having to put me off getting a dog, they tell me the poo-y stuff <<boak>>.

DebiTheScot Sun 26-Feb-12 20:59:01

I did the MN haircut, it really is quite easy and MegIet wavy hair would work too- and if it wasn't perfect your hair would hide any wonky bits!

I like taking the boys into London, the trains make it so easy and there's so much to do without spending money. S-i-l and I are going in for the day at the start of June, we're going to go to the Hummingbird Bakery, maybe Madame Tousauds, a matinee show somewhere and a nice meal. It'll be our birthday present to each other.

MegIet Mon 27-Feb-12 11:27:50

That's so true debi. Once you're there you can almost have a free day out. We usually walk over the bridge by waterloo and just that short route keeps them amused as there's so many great buildings in the area. TBH DS would probably be happy just riding the tube.

Hummingbird Bakery envy.

Bookmarking. Just saw the thread. I will be back for a chat some time... grin

ninja Tue 28-Feb-12 20:05:13

Hi Fanny smile

Debs75 Tue 28-Feb-12 21:45:59

Had a great 2 days in London, which really surprised me. I don't really 'get' London and it has never been on my list to visit but we had a wonderful time. I loved using the tubes, although the hundreds of steps and the supersteep escalators were a bit scary. I also loved sightseeing and almost wished for another day to look around. I got a bit too excited at the royal horseguard and had to dash across the road to take a picture.
We did get to the LOndon Eye but mum wussed out completely. Luckily dsis came to the rescue and after 15mins of mum uming and ahing she took her to mcdonalds got her a coffee and we went on ourselves. I had gone past feeling guilty as mum just pushed it and would not be decisive, she just dawdled and hoped we would be too late and then we couldn't go on. Then she was a bit false apologetic. If she had been more definite about it I could of understood but she can be sooo frustrating.
Me and dsis loved it and I only got scared right at the very top. I held it together and just sat down on the seat until it got over the top. And we both managed to almost fall into the pod we were so anxious to get on.
Then we had a walk to trafalgar square and took some pics and realised just what else we would like to do so I am planning a visit with dd1 when she is 18.
Chicago was excellent although I was a little unnerved to hear the underground every 10 mins or so rumbling near us

DebiTheScot Tue 28-Feb-12 22:54:38

Glad you had fun in London Debs. Your 'Chicago was excellent' comment threw me for a minute though! grin

Glad you enjoyed London!
I'm just wasting time getting the house ready for my parents to arrive for my week of birthday fun grin
DS2 was six months old yesterday shock

ninja Thu 01-Mar-12 22:17:07

I've taken DD1 to London the last couple of years and will do again this summer. My Aunt and Uncle live in Clapham which helps and both DD1 and I get on really wel with the. My aunt always finds loads of great things to do and 4 days is never enough

Debs75 Fri 02-Mar-12 14:54:12

Ninja a flying 1 night visit was nowhere near enough time to do what we wanted, although more than enough time with dmum. We didn't want to stay 2 nights as Robyn and Lucy are still quite young and ds was in respite and I didn't want to tie up both his February nights. When I go with dd1 we will have 2 nights definitely. Me and dp are planning to go to Edinburgh maybe for the fringe festival, but not for a few years yet.

Hope you had a good birthday Carrie

Meglet Fri 02-Mar-12 18:40:28


Meglet Mon 05-Mar-12 12:53:36

<<sends out search party for everyone>>

DD finally has her MMR booster this week. Hope she doesn't get crabby / poorly.

Becaroooo Mon 05-Mar-12 13:14:15

Hello all

<waves at meg>

Well, I have failed, FAILED totally to stay off MN over Lent blush

I am going to hell arent I? sad Hey ho grin

Needed to wade into the SN topic last week to defend a friend who was being subject to a really nasty and unwarranted personal attack angry

So, Im baaaaaack, how the devil are you all?

No news from casa becaroooo really....had my hair cut and its DISASTEROUS sad Far too short!!

Toby had is pre school booster last week and now has the runs and cold/cough, poor thing. He didnt even flinch when they jabbed him though!

Ds1 had a FANTASTIC report at parents evening...the first one where I have
come away and not feel like the school and I are failing him smile He has gone up 2 NC sub levels across the board and am v v proud of him.

Had a great weekend last weekend, dh was in China and the dc were at my PILs for 2 nights and it was just.....lovely smile Missed the dc but it was so nice to stay up watching films til midnight and sleep til 8am and not HAVE to do anything!...no picking up toys, going around turning off taps and flushing toilets (am I the only one whose dc and dh doesn not flush the loo or turn taps off??? hmm) Really recharged my batteries which is good as last week was a bit crap...Tobys jabs, parents evening (which I always dread), new fridge freezer delivery so had to stay in ALL day on thursday and very little sleep.

Got to put the new sink and worktops in the kitchen at the weekend (oh joy) but at least it'll look better. Am trying to get dh to agree to a new oven but not having much luck atm!!!

Hope you are all ok x

Hi everyone. Had a wonderful birthday - breakfast in bed, day out at the seaside, dinner out, cocktail party with friends on Saturday, and loads of chocolate and wine as gifts, and a new coffee machine! One of the best birthdays ever, no stress or tears grin
I'm one of the people giving talks on our church women's weekend away next weekend so every spare second needs to go into preparing that so I'll be around even less for the next 6 days, but by this time next week it'll all be over and I'll be back! Til then...

Becaroooo Tue 06-Mar-12 08:47:26

Hope it goes well carrie and a belated happy d bay! x

I have been roped into helping at sunday school at church....oh dear. Its been a looonnggg time!!! smile

ILikeToMoveItMoveIt Tue 06-Mar-12 08:51:56

Bookmarking smile

ILikeToMoveItMoveIt Tue 06-Mar-12 18:31:43

What are you going to be talking about Carrie?

How is pre school going for ds Bec? And hurrah for ds1's report.

I have started to run, yes run. I haven't run for probably 20 years and I am overweight and unfit. However I am actually seeing some improvement. Nothing like what Debi does though. Whenever I see your FB messages I am in awe!

ninja Tue 06-Mar-12 20:09:16

Beware ILTMIMI it can be addictive!

This time last year I ran occasionally but didn't really enjoy it and would have denied I was a runner, however I'd put my name down for the Manchester 10k. This year I've put my name down for the Hell Runner and get upset when I can't get out.

I too am in awe of Debi tho'!!

ILikeToMoveItMoveIt Tue 06-Mar-12 21:16:03

I can see already how it can become addictive. I am doing the couch potato to 5k and I am still doing the running/walking/running//walking etc, but I am getting faster and it is getting easier.

I am looking forward to the day when I can say 'I am a runner' grin

notcitrus Tue 06-Mar-12 22:08:40

glad you enjoyed London debs!
Anyone else still living in london/croydon?

R is 4 weeks tomorrow and doing that 4wk feeding frenzy, complete with lots of puking and screaming with indigestion, but otherwise doing very well. though i'm fighting huge anxiety/postnatal hormonal emotions and hoping it doesn't get worse. doesn't help that any mn thread i read for reassurance eg on cosleeping invariably strarts well and then someone posts 'yeah i did that and my baby died' - great. the mental health threads are far too depressing for a depressed person imo...
have finally tracked down some other mums with small babies and baby groups which should help - at least some of the other mums were also taking the piss out of the excruciatingly bad baby signing dvd inflicted onthe group today!

DebiTheScot Tue 06-Mar-12 22:28:25

Haha, pmsl at you being in awe of me ninja and ILTMIMI (and also a bit impressed grin) You're quite good too aren't you ninja? And well done ILTMIMI for getting out- you'll be a runner soon enough grin
It's 19 days till my half marathon, eeek!

Popping on to say NC I found 4 weeks absolute hell (coincided with xmas too) and couldn't see a time when I'd ever cope with 2 and I hated newborns!
Fast forward to 13 weeks and I'd happily keep DS this age forever. I'm loving it and we found a routine that suited us all about 6-8 weeks old. I even got them both to bed by 7.15 when DP was away. All led by DS but as the 2nd he does just have to fit in a bit with DD's routine.

Helps that he's been sleeping 7-7 for 6 weeks now <runs away ducking various shoes and handbags thrown> Yes, we're lucky.

Happy birthday Carrie, you big kid!grin

I wonder if you are able to comment on my church electoral roll thread? Turned into a bit of a bunfight. Stupid me for posting in AIBU.confused

Bec, I hope you are now settled in the new house OK.

I am liking the 40th birthday discussion on the thread. It was <cough!> 3.5 years ago for me, but rather ignored due to something else that happened in Sept 08!!wink I am wondering whether I do something fancy for another birthday instead? It doesn't seem fair to miss out on a big party altogether, does it?

Becaroooo Wed 07-Mar-12 09:22:53

iltmimi toby starts pre school after easter...so 5 weeks! eeek!

fanny thank you...we are having to spend a lot of money on it sadly to get it decent but its growing on me!!! smile We are revamping the kitchen at the weekend...everything the previous owners did was a botch job, basically, so we are having to put right a lot of manky/poor quality jobs sad

Dh off abroad next week with work again sad for a whole week. Its going to be hideous....I am getting very little sleep as it is and with him away it'll be even harder.


mrsa 7-7???!!! how do you do it???? My nearly 9 year old still doesnt sleep through!!! <weeps>

Just popping in! Fanny I had a quick read of your thread, grin at you putting it in AIBU!! I grew up in a CofE church so know a little bit about it but I'm happy to ask my mum if you want more detail as she's the queen of all things parochial; I've been out of the CofE for 15 years now. I know that the church have to submit their electoral roll to the diocese, and on the basis of that (electoral roll should equal bums on seats and money in collection) they work out the parish quota, which is how much each parish must pay to the diocese each year. In this way churches are paying proportionally to their size and demographic, and wealthier churches support poorer ones as all the vicars are paid the same. So every person who puts their name on the electoral roll but doesn't make a meaningful contribution to the church financially is actually doing the church a dis-service. Does that make sense? I believe that's how it works. In terms of school, if you're in the village then you're in catchment and qualify for the village school. So I wouldn't go on the electoral roll if I were you, but then if the church is using it for a mailing list for events then that's a bit different! Maybe find out if they do just have a mailing list...?

ILTMIMI I'm talking about boats! The idea is of going into the harbour regularly for rest and refreshing and repair, but that we weren't designed to stay in the harbour, we were built for life at sea. In spiritual terms its about finding our rest in God, but also challenging people not to stay in the harbour as it were, but to get out there on the open seas and do something. In fact maybe I'll just say that and sack off the rest of the talk and my powerpoint grin

I'm so impressed at all this running everyone is doing. I've missed swimming for the last couple of weeks and feel very naughty, must do better.

Bec I hate it when DH is away too. Later this month he's got his first work trip since DS2 was born. Thankfully my mum can come and help, but its not the same.

Fanny you must celebrate! It was my parents Ruby wedding last year and they're celebrating this summer with a massive party that has spiralled out of control so you should too!

notcitrus Wed 07-Mar-12 15:56:02

thanks mrsA. About 2 nights in 3 A will sleep 8-8ish or only wake very briefly to ask once to get tucked in after using the potty/find his triceratops/get another cuddle, but the other nights will have him getting up repeatedly doing much the same thing - ideally just after dd has gone to sleep... touch wood it's getting better. And that her colic/reflux doesn't get worse. apparently feeding little and often can help so doing that today.

more worried about my mental health - how often do normal people check their offspring are still breathing???

Becaroooo Wed 07-Mar-12 16:49:02

NC With ds1 I did it all the time...when being rushed to hospital with him I kept hold of his little foot - I thought as long as I was touching him he couldnt die sad sad

With Toby I used to check a lot when he was a newborn and a bit when he was ill...but not anything like with ds1. I know for me it was an early symptom of PND but I am sure it isnt for everyone. R is only 4 weeks old...its still such early days...you sound like you are doing an amazing job! smile

Meglet Wed 07-Mar-12 21:51:48


nc I tried not to check too often when they were, I over-worry at the best of times and decided that way madness lies. I do still check them at bedtime though, DD is a very light breather so I always check she's breathing.

bec Glad to hear you're slowly sorting out the house, I see your property thread pop up in active convos every so often.

DD had her MMR booster today. She did really well, she wailed after the jabs but was consoled with a packet of choc buttons and happily wandered down the street afterwards. Bad mummy then spilt the packet of buttons on the floor of the public toilets, cue HUGE meltdown from DD and me trying to pick them up before she ate the last ones off the floor <<vom>>.

Debs75 Thu 08-Mar-12 09:52:14

NC I do it loads. I have stopped going into the elder dc's rooms to check on them, dd1's door makes too much noise and we can see through the glass into ds's room. When I get into bed I listen at Lucy's cot and then as I get into bed I give Robyn a kiss. I have some nights got into bed and then decided I couldn't hear Lucy so have got back out and then leant over her cot and given her a nudge. SHe is a very quiet sleeper.

BEc I will raise you your 9 year old and give you a 13 year old. HE still wakes up several times each night despite having melatonin to settle him. He is learning not to get out of bed though which means we can ignore his shouting or banging.

I've just got a graze box, which was yummy. and I get some free box vouchers. If any of you want to try them pm me and I will send you the codes

NC I still do it, more so now DD doesn't have a monitor as DS has it. She is a heavy sleeper but very quiet, so I check on her before I go to bed every night.
If I have to get up in the night to take DD to the loo, I always check DS is still breathing and he is next to my bed in a basket still!

And I am so sorry to those with non-sleepers. To be honest, i try not to go on about my sleeping children as I know how hard it is when they don't sleep. It's nothing DP and I have done - it's all them. DD slept 11-7 at 5 days old and then 7-7 around 10 weeks after awful colic (we evetually put her on her front to sleep which got rid of the colic). DS woke 1 or 2 times a night till 6 weeks, then simply slept 7-7 one night and hasn't stopped since. I did expect to keep him downstairs with us till at least 12 weeks in the evening but he just falls asleep at 7 and doesn't wake.
nothing to say it will last though - we've yet to hit the 4 month spurt!

Becaroooo Thu 08-Mar-12 12:42:02

debs Oh dont!!! sad Ds1 is now on melatonin too and it is working to an extent but they are both just so unsettled when dh is not here...going to be a looonnnggg week next week! sad

mrsa I am v glad for you that he is sleeping so well esp after all you have been through!

Becs the IM is being issued with the court summons this week for non-refunding of our fee and just after that the formal complaint will hit the desks of the nursing and midwifery council. Just the small matter of reporting the hospital staff to the police for assault next.

Don't cross a women that you abondon at 41+6 weeks pregnant in early labour, that's all I can say.........

and a woman who clearly can no longer spell.

ninja Sun 11-Mar-12 21:12:34

Good luck with all of that MrsA. I hope that you get some resolution.

M has been ill for over a week - nothing obvious just a bit of a temperature, tired, clingy, awkward! Hope she's back to normal (which still includes awkward!)

Been to my BIL's 40th - a all you can eat Thai Buffet yum yum. I thought that I'd full for a week but have just had a toasted Cambozola sandwich. What a pig.

Kids played really nicely with their cousins grin

DD1 is off skking with exh for 10 days on Thursday sad I'm sure she'll have a good time though. He's being a twatbadger again, I though the quiet 2 weeks was too good to be true.

Meglet Sun 11-Mar-12 22:45:17

mrsA I didn't tell my 'mummy friends' when DS slept through from a young age, I thought our NCT group would lynch me. They were very sweet when it eventually came out and still spoke to me grin.

I decided it was payback for an EMCS and breastfeeding nightmare, something had to go right!

I'm baaaack! Awesome weekend away, although I think DS2 is missing having 40 doting babysitters! None of them were there though when he woke at 4:50 on Sunday morning and wouldn't go back to sleep. I've never in nearly 5 years of parenting have I started a day that early, its always been a case of feed and go back to sleep, but not only would he not sleep, he just cried. Normally he'd suck his thumb and play with his teddy then drift off again but he wouldn't, and I was so aware of the women in the rooms around me that I didn't want to leave him for any amount of time to cry. Eventually I put him in the buggy to rock him to sleep (what would gina say?!) but that didn't work, so then I brought him into bed with me and lay him down and fed him and eventually at 6:30 I managed to feed him to sleep next to me. I set my alarm for 8am thinking at least we could redeem 1 1/2 hours sleep. And then he woke up 20mins later <weep>.
Thankfully he slept through from his dream feed as normal at home last night, phew.
However, he was a total delight the whole of the rest of the time, didn't disturb the weekend or cause a distraction, and gave lots of lovely smiles, cuddles and laughs to bless all the ladies, so all in all a success! And my talks were well received and everyone's putting on fb what a great time they had, hooray!
DD and DS1 were claiming to be sad about me going away, but when I came home they ran to the door shouting "Elliooooooooooooooooooot!!!" so I know who it was they really missed grin, I know my place in this family!
ninja so sad the tb is at it again. How does your DD1 feel about going away for 10 days without you?
MrsA lol at "a women that you abondon" grin. Any response from the IM or is it too early?
NC how's the colic? I'd heard that feeding little and often causes colic, which just goes to show that there's a lot of conflicting advice out there confused
And yes, I check on the DCs every night when I go to bed.

Becaroooo Tue 13-Mar-12 16:18:36

ninja So sorry that twatbadger is being...well....a twatbadger sad

Sooo...work have told dh that he now cant have his holiday in July that we have booked. Lost our deposit...£400 down the drain ffs.

Am so fed up. We just cant afford another one what with all the issues with the house...any ideas on cheap hols??? <weeps>

Dh away in Belarus til saturday and sounds like he is staying in a real pit...am worried sad

Kagey Tue 13-Mar-12 17:02:32

Bec that's terrible - will his work reimburse for the inconvenience?

We've been looking for a cheap break but dh can only get the first week in June which unfortunately coincides with half-term so prices are absurd sad. He has been looking at center parcs holland again. We went last august and it was a 1/3 if the price of uk ones. However we are less than an hour from Folkestone which makes it a not too bad drive. I've been looking at menorca too.

Hope you find a good deal!!

Becaroooo Tue 13-Mar-12 17:58:09

I've been looking at menorca too kagey for the same week !!! smile We did have that week ear marked for decorating but it might be our only chance of a hol this year so...

No, he wont get reimbursed...dont even get me started angry Part of me is wondering if its a type of constructive dismissal thing going on??? They have just sent him to the arse end of Russia (he just text me and he is not happy...he says it just like you imagine cold war russia to be) and are generally treating him like shit but he needs longer in the dept to get some experience sad

Luckily ds1 is being a star about it smile I told him this morning that we had to cancel and he just said "oh well mummy we can save up for an even bigger holiday next year!!" smile

Becaroooo Tue 13-Mar-12 17:58:56

Tell me more about CP in Holland kagey !!!

Debs75 Tue 13-Mar-12 18:03:24

Becaroo have you tried tescos? If you have a clubcard they are doing a thing with park resorts for a few nights for only 40 or 60 worth of clubcard vouchers. I wish I had seen it before booking our holiday. does he have his holiday permission/booking slip from work so he can challenge them.

Glad you had a good weekend Carrie. It won't hurt ds2 in the long run to have a bad morning, or a sleep in a buggy. Lucy slept way better in a buggy then her cot so Gina didn't know everything.

Robyn is being a bit of a nightmare, waking early and just being so grumpy and dis interested. Thus makes me grumpy as I need my sleep. My earliest morning was with dd1 the night Diana died. Dd woke at about 2.30 and wouldn't settle so we were downstairs watching alternate cartons and news footage all night and morning

Becaroooo Tue 13-Mar-12 18:11:35

debs Its "gone missing" apparently hmm

Basically, one of the managers/company secretary has screwed up big time and the WHOLE dept are off the same week!!! How can that even happen???!!! dh is the newest in the dept and booked his hol last so....

Dont have tesco vouchers. Dont have anything (might have some nectar points actually but my account is under the old e mail address and I cant access it)

Am hoping we can get away that week - even if only for 4 nights - am a republican so wont be celebrating the jubilee!!! smile

ILikeToMoveItMoveIt Tue 13-Mar-12 20:52:03

Oh Bec, what utter shits. I hope your dh pursues the matter and gets the lost deposit reimbursed.

Glad you enjoyed the weekend Carrie. I think probably my earliest start to the day was about 4.50 with M at 15mo. It was midwinter and didn't get light for fecking hours.

Sounds like you and I are both at the bottom of the heap. M with often say to me 'I love daddy and I love Ike ............. oh, and I love you mummy' After thought or what?! Nevermind me, I just look after you all day hmm grin

M had a fire engine and fireman visit his pre school today, then on Friday he is going to a fire station. He seems very underwhelmed by it all. I think he just wants to go to pre school and play with his friends and dinosaurs, and anything else is an annoying distraction. He has also started to become fussy at dinner time, which is nice hmm

Kagey Tue 13-Mar-12 21:02:12

Bec we went to de kempervennen and it's about 2 hours from Calais. It has the usual center parcs activities and English was widely spoken. Erin loved the late afternoon kids shows (even though most of it was in Dutch). Well worth the journey!

Dd2 sometimes wakes up at 430 but after a quick drink of milk she will settle <thanks her lucky stars>. She is 1 in exactly 2 weeks time and I have yet to organise her little party.

Meglet Tue 13-Mar-12 21:16:11

iltmimi My dc's pick up the odd bit of fussiness from nursery / school. They have a tizz for a few days about something or other then it tends to settle down. DS has started yelling "I AM NOT EATING THAT!!"" every so often, it's quite funny hearing it from a human dustbin with hollow legs grin.

Becaroooo Tue 13-Mar-12 21:22:25

ILTMIMI Toby keeps telling us all he loves us and stating our relationship to him...Yesterday he said "Ds1 is my big brother!" I said "yes and who am I?" "Oh, you're just mummy" Typical! smile

kagey 1???!!! Blimey, where does the time go??!!

Meglet Tue 13-Mar-12 22:34:27

milestone alert I've just ordered DD's big girl car seat. Goodbye 5 buckle car seats that are a flippin' nightmare to transfer, hello big seats that don't require a battle to get into.

She's heavy enough for the next stage and the current strap is on the last bit. It's a PITA to pull it tight now TBH as there's not enough to yank properly and she's usually kicking me at the same time. I tried her in DS's seat last week and it fitted better than I expected so she's moving up. I also think she's wider than her brother, it's quite a squeeze in the little seat hmm.

digitalgirl Tue 13-Mar-12 23:13:01

Bookmarking. smile will try and post tomorrow.

DebiTheScot Wed 14-Mar-12 11:23:08

meg ds2 is very almost out of his carseat too. We've got 2 and 1 of them seems narrower at the top and his shoulders are getting squished. The other one is ok but he's running out of legroom due to me being fussy and liking legroom and seat to be at a particular angle When we go to NZ we'll take a booster for ds1 and highback booster for ds2 so I suspect when we get back he'll end up staying in it. I need to get another one actually as I don't really want ds1 on a normal booster yet (although he prob will in 1 car as it's only used for short journeys and that way I ony need to buy 1 more highbacked one)

bec I hope you get that money back and the numpty who arsed up gets into trouble!

I overheard ds2 tell ds1 yesterday when they were arguing: "I'm not going to be your brother anymore" grin DS1 took great delight in telling him he was stuck with him forever!

I became an auntie for the first time on Sunday. My little brother is a dad! A hefty 9lb 1oz (same as my ds1) boy who is very cute but I don't know when I'll see him. Looks like June half term might be the first chance sad

ILikeToMoveItMoveIt Wed 14-Mar-12 14:33:56

Congratulations on becoming an Aunty smile How about Skype? It's not the same as seeing them in person, but the next best thing maybe?

We put M in a high backed booster just before Christmas. I was a bit nervous about it, but he fits in there a lot better than his old car seat - which baby I is now in.

M's fussiness is mostly at dinnertime, he eats his breakfast and lunch fine. So I am putting it down to tiredness and a bit of trying to exert his authority hmm

Becaroooo Wed 14-Mar-12 16:48:50

Toby is 98th centile for height and weight...do you think he could be in a booster seat now rather than a static carseat??


Am beyond fed up re: hols. Its mine and dh's 40th this year too so really wanted to go somewhere decent sad

Oh bec you poor thing sad and the fact that you have special birthdays makes it even more sad We will brighten your day as best we can with wine and [flowers] and much chocolate!

car seats DS1 isn't heavy enough for a highbacked booster yet but we bought him one in Morrisons of all places when the had a baby event, and have it in the loft! Its the same Brittax one that DD has and was only £25. It doesn't have side wing bits so is nice an slim fitting which made the difference in us not needing a new car when we had DS2. There's an amazing car seat fitting specialist near us and he's very particular about booster seats, won't even stock or sell the ones that don't have a back, he says they do nothing except raise the child a bit, there's no head or neck protection and the belt can slice into them in an accident, and every child should be in a high backed booster until age 11. As you can tell we really had the hard sell from him!

debs thank you for the reminder that a night's sleep in a buggy isn't the end of the world...!

kagey I can't believe its your DD2's birthday!

Does anyone else get the 'musnet recommends' emails...? hopefully was quoted on there this week, I'd been wondering how she was, still lurking?? Fancy a brew??!

Not caught up yet as having too much fun with DS. We went to see John Carter at the trafford centre on Tues. It was a mediocre film with good sci fi effects ands DS slept on my chest through most of it <bliss>

Yesterday I overheard DD mutter 'bollocks' under her breath when she couldn't find a pair of knickers <blush>

On a serious note, the unprofessional cow of an I'm has responded to our small claims court by denying she owes us any money so now we actually HAVE to go to court and I have to sit opposite her and not turn into an emotional gibbering wreck. Damn. Had hoped she had an ounce of moral fibre. Oim sure she's going to say stuff I'm not ready to hear and which is irrelevant - whatver the reasons she took an advance fee to provide a service, and she didn't provide the service so money back please! But how will I face her when it brings so many ishoos with it!? And I'm likely to have to bring DS to court with me cos no one can look after him.

I'm = IM damn autocorrect!

ILikeToMoveItMoveIt Thu 15-Mar-12 08:32:38

I went to the small claims court last year MrsA, and it's not as daunting as you think.

It's probably not a court room like you would expect it to be (ie like on the tv), it's most likely to be a room with a table in. The judge one end, with you and the IM sitting opposite each other. The judges also tend to be lay judges, so no wig or gown etc. The whole setting is a lot less formal than you may expect it to be.

If they offer you mediation, take it. It doesn't cost you anything (although it may be different in Wales) and it shows that you are balanced and willing to take all routes before it goes to court. The mediation here was done over the phone. The mediator knows nothing of the case, they just mediate with a view to a conclusion.

Keep your points factual, brief and strong. More than likely the judge will not understand the ante-natal jargon and terms, and probably won't want to either. So you almost have to simplify your case and put it in a nutshell (cases are given 30 minutes for both sides to put their point across).

We paid you xyz in return for abc
You did not give us abc, therefore we are requesting a refund of £xx

If the discussion does not stay cordial or on topic, don't be scared to butt in (politely) and get the discussion back on track and your point across. It's not a bun fight exactly, but you have such a short amount of time that you have to be quite forthright. Don't be a shrinking violet if the IM is being loud.

Also don't be scared to interject if you think what the judge is saying or if you believe their understanding is incorrect. They are NOT God.

Also take dp in with you. My dh was great and was able to argue without emotion, while I was sitting their fuming and wanting to poke the claimant in the eye.

Also if you find yourself getting emotional, explain that you find it a very emotional issue (the judge is human), but also say that this claim is a claim about money and a lack of service, not about your emotions.

Whilst I understand how you emotions are all tied to this situation (and rightly so), the judge probably 1) doesn't understand or can't empathise, and 2) care. This is about a financial transaction, not an emotional one. Unless of course part of your claim is about the emotional stress.

If I think of anything else, let me know. Feel free to ask any questions :-)

DebiTheScot Thu 15-Mar-12 09:33:35

Thanks ILTMIMI, yes we will Skype once sil is feeling a bit more human. She was torn to shreds and lost 1.5l of blood! Skype is much better than just seeing photos.

Great advice there MrsA, this thread is so useful! All I can offer is a 'good luck with it all and try to stay strong'

Off work today as ds1 was sick yesterday. Ds2 was sick last Monday and last Thurs after being in contact with the bug 4 days before getting it, so hopefully this is the same odd, likes to lurk before pouncing bug and not a different one. Especially as we're going away for the weekend.

notcitrus Thu 15-Mar-12 10:14:58

Congratulations Aunty*Debs*! And good luck with small claims MrsA - experience of me and my parents is most people give in just before the case actually comes to court, assuming they've got any money to give you, which saves the hassle.
(though we didn't bother taking our builder to court as confirmed he has no money, so have to be satisfied with the electrician beating him up...)

Parents have now got a high backed booster so we're visiting tomorrow - I hope between us we can figure out how to get the first seat configured for a newborn again!
I'm managing to be a bit less anxious while the weather is nice, but been referred for CBT - suspect there will be a huge waiting list.

Becaroooo Thu 15-Mar-12 11:48:53

NC Its always easier to feel/be more positive when the sun is shining IME...easier to go out, easier to want to go out, the feel of the sun on your skin, people are happier/more friendly....hope the CBT referral doesnt take too long.

Just got back from the GPs...had a bit of a bad bleed (clots galore) this morning so thought I had better get it chekced out...they think its because of the new hormonal meds I am on but if not its back the gynae...sigh. Feel (and look) like roadkill sad

I must be the only woman who longs for the menopause to begin sad

mrsa I agree she may settle before it gets to court...make sure dh/someone else goes with you for support!

Meglet Thu 15-Mar-12 19:30:50

carrie yes, I saw hopefully in the e-mail smile. She's on twitter every so often, being arty and crafty.

Pacita Thu 15-Mar-12 22:00:47


digitalgirl Thu 15-Mar-12 22:45:03


Had my last day commuting to work today. It was supposed to be my last day of working full stop but I offered to continue working from home as we need the extra money. So I've got a big writing job to get out the door by Tuesday, then maybe I can relax a bit.

Am 35+3 today and huge! Having a repeat gtt & growth scan tomorrow as baby's abdominal circumference is off the scale (all other measurements are average) - they want to rule out gestational diabetes. Have been easing up off the cakes and biccies the last week in the hope that it'll help slow the growth.

Porch is finished, floor is laid, shelving is in - there's still a never-ending list of things to do but dh is running out of hours in the day so I may have to compromise on a few things. Hospital bag is nearly packed and baby clothes and blankets are all washed and folded away. Nearly there!

Ouch, baby kicking me in the cervix will have to return with personals another time.

ILTMIMI that sounds like such good advice, so sorry you had to go through it but great that you're using your experience to help others, this is so much more than an ante-natal group grin

We toyed with small claims for our builder but there's not enough outstanding (he was very canny with what he did and didn't do) but I reckon there's a fair chance either the electrician, plumber or joiner who were subcontracters have been as enterprising as NC's sparky grin

DD came home from school saying she needed to take her book bag upstairs and take something out of it before I could look. Because its a surprise for me. For mother's day...she's like me with secrets, is just so desperate to blurt them out!

Congrats aunty debi, you know we want a birth story wink

DebiTheScot Fri 16-Mar-12 22:04:10

Carrie it wouldn't be fair on digi (and anyone else?) to giv the full birth story. It involves a LOT of tearing, foreceps in theatre and 1.5 L of blood loss! It did start well though.

We're off to Wigan and Manchester for the weekend tomorrow morning. Are we organised to leave sharp. Um no.

Enjoy Manchester Debi it's fab oop north!!!! You'll pass my area on the way up (N Wales) so give us a wave!

Thanks for all the comments - we're only suing for a fee refund so won't/don't want to discuss the emotions and hope i can jump in if she does. DP is coming with me so I should be ok and will take all your comments on board.

DS is 14 weeks old and pulled himself to standing tonight using my hands. He took his full weight and I just held him up to stop him falling over. Is this early? DD didn't do anything physical till very late so this is new to me (she didn't even roll/crawl till 11 months).

Debs75 Fri 16-Mar-12 23:08:23

Carrie Robyn is the same. A box of books came for dd1's birthday today, dp told Robyn we had to hide them before Dd1 saw them. As soon as DD1 came in Robyn told her 'we've got some books for your birthday'. It's a good job she couldn't see what they were called

Meglet Mon 19-Mar-12 12:07:19


Hi there everyone,
well mothers day got off to a slightly more dramatic start than I would have liked with my first ever A&E trip with a child! Sounds more dramatic than it is, DS2 has bronchiolitis and we phoned NHS direct who listened to his breathing down the phone and since he sounded so rattly and was breathing so fast she sent us off to hospital pronto. We actually ended up seeing the out of hours GP at the hospital, and DS2's breathing had calmed down to below the rate at which they admit them (60 breaths per minute) so thankfully we got to come home and his cot is elevated and we have to keep a close eye on him. However the GP took one look at me and told me to get tested for thyroid function and iron levels - a thinly veiled way of telling me I look like a mother of 3 under 5s a little rough around the edges.
MrsA I have photos of DD standing on our kitchen table at 8 weeks old! But the boys weren't that quick, and DS1 hadn't even crawled by his first birthday whereas DD was walking by then.
DG I'm so excited about your baby grin

notcitrus Wed 21-Mar-12 11:19:32

Glad all is OK carrie - and that a GP is keeping an eye on you!

I was really worried I had breast thrush again as was in agony for a day - but it seems to be resolved and must have been just down to a couple feeds with suboptimal latching in uncomfortable places. Now just slightly sore as dd sometimes sneakily slides off.

DD is holding her head up really well, attempting to roll, and sometimes sleeping for decent stretches - 6 weeks today! I know the adorable newborn phase is so short and it is sad when the tiny outfits don't fit any more, but actually I'm quite glad when they get older!

DS made me a Mothers Day card at nursery but then refused to give it to me on the day, screaming to MrNC 'I'ts MINE!' smile But later he told me he loved me very much and made me a piece of 'toast and peanut butter', ie card with lots of holes stabbed in it with a biro. Awww...

Good luck with last bit of work and the baby Digi

Becaroooo Wed 21-Mar-12 18:24:45

Good luck digi

carrie Toby had bronchiolitis twice, its horrid sad Glad he is home.

Not much to report, dh back, ds1 doing well at school and Toby due to have a settling in day at pre school next week....dreading it!!

Since 5pm DS2 has eaten shepherds pie, yoghurty fruit pot, cooked carrot and parsnip sticks, a bf from both sides and 2oz of formula. At 7pm he threw the whole lot up all over me <weeps>. I don't know if he over ate, if he's ill again, or if it was just an ill-timed burp. There is now an orange stain in the middle of our cream carpet, all my clothes are in the washing machine (there was parsnip in my bra <boak>) and I've had a shower and hair wash!
Never a dull moment eh?! But now I have wine grin
bec here's some of my wine to share with you and take your mind off pre school!
NC I love that your DS has invented fat free peanut butter wink

Becaroooo Wed 21-Mar-12 20:14:38

carrie ewww..shepards pie sick is not good sad Toby refused food when he had it so I knew he was ill!!!!

Ds1 once threw up his breakfast whilst I was carrying him from the kitchen to the front room - I had partially digested weetabix in my ear <shudder>

DebiTheScot Thu 22-Mar-12 15:31:09

eeeewwwwwww Carrie. Gross! Hope he's ok today.
How are you nc?
Good luck at pre-school Bec

Becaroooo Thu 22-Mar-12 17:30:06

hope he is feeling better today carrie ?

how are you today nc ? Heard about the CBT yet?

Thanks debi

Debs75 Thu 22-Mar-12 18:52:22

Eww Carrie puke in your bra another badge of motherhood

ninja Thu 22-Mar-12 20:47:57


TB away for 9 days with DD1 which is a relief (as I don't have to deal wit) Sad (as DD1 is away) but also VERY busy as I had a conference last Friday and Saturday and 2 big events this week. Along with the fact that M has we her bed 4 times in a row (Saturday she was sleeping on top of me at the time!!!) so the washing has been non-stop.

Anyway - better go and do some tidying, my life is sooooo exciting

digitalgirl Thu 22-Mar-12 23:11:46

Bookmarking too!

Oh sicky stories! We've been lucky with ds he rarely vomits (maybe twice in his life), no doubt this next one will make up for it.

And ninja ds still wears a nappy at night and is showing no sign of being able to come out of it. He's been dry during the day for 15 months now.

Today was my second day of no work! So I did my receipts for my tax return - glad I've got that out the way.

Does anyone know how to get rid of the smell of cat piss? We've borrowed a carseat for the baby and I think one of the previous owners cats has marked their territory on it. On the verge of buying a new one but want to give it one last go tomorrow.

DG I presume you've taken the cover off and washed it? Sunshine is a great way of bleaching things - make the most of this weather and park the offending item outside in direct sunlight. That's how I've got DS's orange sicky stain out of his finest cream babygrow...! If only I could put the cream carpet out in the sun <weeps>

DS2 seems to be fine thanks, twas just an ill timed burp by an overfed baby.

I'm all wrung out today, feels like its been a long term, never mind a long week. Bath and bed for me now, housework will still be here tomorrow.

digitalgirl Fri 23-Mar-12 20:56:04

carrie haven't been able to totally separate it from the plastic seat as the straps seem to be stitched in, so had it dunked in bucket of diluted dettol then sat out in the sun all day. Will leave it out all weekend if the sunshine continues.

Am knackered from a playdate this afternoon. DS was v obliging and fell asleep before 8, think I'll toodle off myself now. Will be 36+5 tomorrow which is when ds was born, so really need to take it easy this weekend so I can make it to 37 weeks so the MLU will accept me.

Meglet Fri 23-Mar-12 23:46:38

bookmarking. Or TBH, procrastinating about doing just a few mins of (easy) OU work.

I took DD shoe shopping today as I knew it was about time for another pair. Since the end of Oct she'd gone from a 7.5 to an 8.5 blush. Bad mummy. I tend to think kids are like plants and they only grow in the warm / sunny weather <doh>.

Wishing you a boring weekend dg smile.

And no sick for everyone else.

Debs75 Sat 24-Mar-12 19:22:34

Digi if you get to the pet store they do a good stain remover for pet wee. It works really good on kiddie wee as well. Hang in there a few more days baby digi

Had a very good surprising week. Last Sunday Robyn was being her usual boobie obsessed self at bedtime and also very annoying so I told her no boobie tonight. A few tears and lots of creeping,ie, 'I'm sorry mummy, can I have boobie now?' 'I love you mummy, can I have boobie now?' and my personal favourite, 'you are so boootiful mummy, can I have boobie now?' Then a huff and she fell asleep.
She has had no boobie since and she has managed to fall asleep pretty well each night, and she has been poorly for 2 nights. It's taking me aboput 30mins each night but we have a couple of stories then a cuddle whilst she nods off.
It feels a bit sad denying her but I know if I waited till she weaned herself she would still be feeding when she starts school. It does feel good knowing we have options other than 'boobie' to get her to sleep ón a night, and a babysitter waiting to have her overnight

DebiTheScot Sat 24-Mar-12 21:38:02

Well done Debs and Robyn.

Eeeekk half marathon tomorrow. So nervous!

Well done Robyn and debs And hang on in there baby Digi

We did the sport relief mile today. We didn't come last (DP and I are very unfit!) And I carried DS in a close wrap and dP ended up hip carrying DD for some of it, so we are now a bit knackered but pleased with our 4 medals and even more pleased with our sponsorship. Poor DD has been very ill with a stinking cold and raging night fevers (39.8 degrees) I've kept her at home all week. She's over the worst of it ( we even resorted to medised once a night just to help her sleep) but her poor friend Amy got the same and it went onto her chest and she's in hospital! Very scary.

digitalgirl Sun 25-Mar-12 17:38:17

debi hope run went well today

MrsA well done FamilyA on the Sport Relief mile!

debs thanks, think the dettol soaking did the trick. There's still a hint of 'rubber' smell but maybe a couple of more days in the sun will help. Well done on the bedtime weaning. I remember the guilt with ds, but before long was relishing my new found freedom (once my boobs themselves had got the message).

Hospital bag 99% packed - just juice cartons left to get. No more twinges than usual today, but have been true to my word and have been taking it easy. Have just returned from a very leisurely pub lunch with friends, ds having leftovers for dinner in an hour and a light omelette supper for dh & I later.

Debs75 Sun 25-Mar-12 18:20:50

Digi yes my boobs were huge on Tues and Wedsgrin, settled down abit now and getting used to just Lucy feeding. She is temperamental with feeding at the best of times. I think she will be way easier then Robyn to wean

So, those of you who are sling wearers - any suggestions on what to move onto after a Moby/Close stretchy wrap? DS is still OK in them but it starting to be a tad on the heavy side, so after a while he starts to 'sag' a bit, so I need a more supportive one.
A Calin Blue gauze wrap has been suggested - any thoughts?

Secondly, does anyone have views on ribena type drinks? DD now has a variety of drinks but does love her blackcurrant juice. However this seems to be one of the few fruits that needs added sugar to make it palatable. I am torn between full sugar ribena or no added sugar ribena but that has sweetners in it. Any suggestions as to which is worse/better?

Thanks - might save me posting on the full boards.

Meglet Sun 25-Mar-12 22:17:16

mrsA I think sugary things are less worse than all the chemical stuff. However the dc's only have diluted smoothie with breakfast then water for the rest of the day. The dentist said juice with breakfast was nothing to worry about. Although they had their first fruit shoots today as I found a couple on the reduced shelf in the supermarket, they are minging artificial things! Never again!

Funnily enough I was pondering it when we were at the beach and think in future I'd rather let them guzzle a fat coke on a day out than a weirdy chemical drink.

I'm sure I was brought up on ribena and I've not had any fillings (except for a chipped tooth) and am a healthy weight. Mum was strict with teeth brushing though.

Meglet Sun 25-Mar-12 23:06:06

If there's a daft parenting aware going this week then I think I deserve it. I hooked a bogey out of DS's nose earlier and managed to give him a nose bleed blush. I think I had a sharp bit of nail and it just caught a blood vessel. In my defence it was a shortlived nose bleed and he found it funny.

Meglet Sun 25-Mar-12 23:06:19


notcitrus Mon 26-Mar-12 03:33:51

Congrats meglet!

No idea on slings MrsA, as I've just got the hang of the Mint and Sleepywrap. But may need something cooler for summer.
Would go for sugar over sweeteners myself but ideally dilute lots rather than use cartons.

Finally got myself a smartphone. Getting the hang of typing!

Debs75 Mon 26-Mar-12 09:25:47

Mrsa how about a meitai wrap, it is the one thing i wish i had invested in. They are very comfy and don't hinder you as much as some constructed wraps.

digitalgirl Tue 27-Mar-12 16:27:18

MrsA if you're after something a bit more structured I've heard the ergo is the best carrier for baby and wearer's back. I've got one myself after a friend recommended it, but obviously haven't tested it out yet so can't fully vouch for it.

House is tidy, laundry is fully under control, childcare on standby for ds. Can't think what else to do...suppose I could sort out photos. Maybe do a shopping list for the freezer? I'm beyond batch cooking now, hoping my mum will take care of that.

Kagey Tue 27-Mar-12 20:33:28

No wrap tips from me - sorry!

My little Elise was 1 today and she seemed to enjoy herself; scoffing chocolate cake! We have a small party for her on Saturday and I'm sure she'll be more interested in cake than presents (a bit like me wink).

Becaroooo Wed 28-Mar-12 10:41:53


meglet I have done that to Toby at least 3 times blush Luckily ds1 can excavate his own bogeys!

Meglet Wed 28-Mar-12 18:51:05

marking my place.....

Thanks for tips everyone. I have also been told a gauze Calin Bleu is a good one for the summer.

Good luck Digi apart from cooking for the freezer, I'd put my feet up (and if your mum will do it, let her!). IME, the first couple of weeks post DS were for me the most hellish of my life and i couldn't see how we'd ever cope with 2. Very quickly it became great, wouldn't be without him and coping with 2 is no bother. How did I ever find one hard? smile
Having said that I had terrible birth so that could be it and you may find it a breeze from day 1 (like carrie with her fish n chips hrs after the birth!)

My question for today - DD now fully better after last week's high temps and calpol. this week she has wet the bed every single night. No other changes at all except last week's illness. Is it this do you think and any tips to cope. DP thinks she should go back into nappies - I do not!
She's had us up more than DS (with the exception of one hellish night on Sunday when DS woke every single hour and DD wet the bed at 3am - DS didn't want food, just his dummy. Seems like it was a one-off though). Any ideas?

Becaroooo Thu 29-Mar-12 10:44:11

Might be an idea to take her to the GP to check for a UTI??? esp after last weeks temps etc?

MrsA my DD has way more accidents with a UTI, take a wee sample to the docs! Well done on the sport relief mile, I love that your DS got a medal!
DG glad life is still dull for you grin
Fwiw I wish I'd gone all out and got an ergo sling. Almost worth having a 4th baby to give me an excuse to get one [watching too much OBEM making me broody]
debs well done on the weaning!

I think DS2 will have given up bf within the week sad Why can't my body cope with only two feeds a day? My milk supply has plummeted and he's fussy and waking overnight. We're going on holiday with the ILs over easter and DS2 will be in our room and we're all in a small cottage so he'll disturb 9 people if he wakes overnight, the very thought is giving me cold sweats.

wrt juice we have a rule of 'sunday juice' and they only drink water/milk the rest of the time. I'm putting ice cubes in their drinks and let them use straws which makes tap water exciting, but it means that when they ask for juice I'm not saying 'no' outright but the know the answer will be 'yes' on a Sunday. I got the idea from my friend who does 'sweetie friday' to stop her DCs pestering her for sweets all through the week!

DH has been in london at a geekery conference all week and my mum's been here to help so I've done all sorts of dull things like B&Q-- useful things and even been shopping. I'm a stone lighter than before i got pg last time and for the first time in years I'm a size 12 grin [beam] [twirl] And its not just one shop's random sizing, I got size 12 in Fat Face, Dotty Ps, Republic and GAP yesterday! (spent all my birthday vouchers in one morning blush)

Becaroooo Thu 29-Mar-12 16:10:34

Been to a funeral today. The mother of an old friend. And going to a memorial on Saturday for a young guy I knew at school.

Sad week sad

Meglet Thu 29-Mar-12 21:33:03

oh bec sad. What a crap week.

I had a CT scan today to see if there are any lumps in my stomach that might be the real cause of my IBS. Had to drink a pint of iodine laced orange squash (vom) then they had to inject iodine in my veins so they would also show on the scan, iodine gives you a hot flush and makes you feel like you've wet yourself. I should be seeing the consultant with the results in a few weeks. Despite modern technology they don't print out CT scan pics like polaroid cameras.

Good shopping carrie.

MrsA I second the possible UTI diagnosis. DS had one after chicken pox and I'm sure DD did after a nasty cold a while back. I always keep longlife cranberry juice in the little cartons in the house so I can start to flush them out if there seems to be a problem.

Becaroooo Thu 29-Mar-12 21:41:30

meg Ewwwww...you poor love! Sounds gross. Hope everythings ok x

Yes, its not been a great week so far...ended up at docs again yesterday re: hormone meds. GP has taken me off them as I was getting night sweats (sorry tmi) and feel like roadkill sad She said they had triggered a "mini menopause"!!! shock So....off to have shedloads of bloods taken this morning...sigh.

The Vicar at church has asked me to be on the church council!!! hahahahahahahaha...if only he knew what he was letting himself in for! grin

Not really looking forward to easter hols tbh...have zero energy and the poor dc will be climbing the walls sad

StarlightDicKenzie Thu 29-Mar-12 21:43:43

Hi all! grin

Becaroooo Thu 29-Mar-12 21:44:53


StarlightDicKenzie Thu 29-Mar-12 21:47:29

Last night in a premier inn after 2weeks

Becaroooo Thu 29-Mar-12 21:48:58

Whoo hoo!!!!! good news!

Meglet Thu 29-Mar-12 22:04:39

Does that mean you have a house this weekend?

Have you had continental breakfasts everyday?

ninja Thu 29-Mar-12 23:32:15

Bookmarking -

Hi Starlight, why the name change?

MrsA I heard the Calin Bleu was good too - the other summer one is the connecta - someone borrowed mine, ...? They have buckles etc so are a bit easier here's the solarweave one, but the patterns on the others are fab!

Vrey proud - both the kids had their Easter things on Wednesday - DD1 won her topical Egg scene (the Whit Fried Egg band contest - probably won't mean much if you don't live around here - think brassed off!) and M got second prize in her Easter Bonnet contest (and she did most of it )

Meg that sounds horrible - I hope you get a diagnosis out of it

StarlightDicKenzie Fri 30-Mar-12 10:15:15

I have to change every now and then as the LA read my posts sometimes hmm. if you didn't 'know' me that woukd sound insane but I got some of posts on their file from a FOI request.

Starlight before DS's birth I would have said 'no way!!! WTF!!!' but after my experience, i would say it's a surprise but not a shock. Cruel bastards.

I am 40 tomorrow. I am grieving my lost youth. I am fat, forty and full of a cold and I'm not at Le Manior Aux Quatres Saisons tonight.
I also do not have a lie tomorrow as DD has football lessons at 9.45am.

BUT........I had 2 gorgeous children in my 30s. DS is still sleeping through and DD has stopped wetting the bed (but am keeping an eye on her). DS's '4 month growth spurt' seemed to last 2 days only. We have food on the table and a camping holiday to France booked for June. Our children generally don't die from preventable diseases in the UK and we don't get our water from a river contaminated with faeces (a nod to the fabulous work done by the people at Sport Relief).
So - life could be better but it could alot lot worse.

And tomorrow I'm having chips and cake for lunch grin...with a Cosmopolitan.


<scrabbles round for banners, bunting, balloons and candles for the cake. Anyone any good at baking?!>

<warms up the party blowers>

Happy birthday to you,
happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday beautiful MrsA,
Happy birthday to YOU!

<toooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooot on the party blower>

Top up of wine anyone?

ninja Sat 31-Mar-12 08:20:25

I can bake - is a victoria sponge with home made jam and lots of icing decorated by an 8 and 3 year old OK? Coming up ......

Bit early for wine!!

Becaroooo Sat 31-Mar-12 08:40:55

Happy B Day mrsa x

Meglet Sat 31-Mar-12 10:00:12

Happy Birthday MrsA!

Debs75 Sat 31-Mar-12 13:39:21

Have a happy birthday Mrsa

Pacita Sun 01-Apr-12 09:43:02

Happy birthday, mrsa! I'm 40 already, good to have one of you youngsters join the club!

Awwww you guys!! smile

I had a lovely day yesterday. DD got moved up to the big guys football (3.5-5yr olds) and then we went for lunch at a lovely gastropub. Afterwards, we had a birthday tea with cake much to DD's delight! Then after we got the kids to bed... DP proposed to me and I said yes! I was gobsmacked - thought he'd never do it as it was never important to him but it was to me. We've not gone public yet as we want to get a ring made (luckily he bought a diamond from Amsterdam years ago and we never got it made into anything so it's just sitting there). Probably getting married when DS is a bit older so we can go abroad and do it. For me, being a divorcee, I don't care where - local reg office is fine.

So things are good and DS is coming on a treat. 4 months on Tuesday and he has the best laughs and really loves to stand - hates being on his tummy or sitting. He's doing well with his milk - 5 bottles a day and still satisfied by them so hoping we can hang on till 6 months for weaning.

Becaroooo Mon 02-Apr-12 07:30:13

mrsa Oh, how lovely!!! Many, many congrats to you. I wish you all joy and happiness! <sniff, sob>

ninja Mon 02-Apr-12 09:17:14


StarlightDicKenzie Mon 02-Apr-12 09:53:54

Wow Mrs A! grin

Fantastic news.

Pacita Mon 02-Apr-12 12:16:13

Congratulations Mrsa! This reminds me, my DP really had to get his act together on that one...

Meglet Tue 03-Apr-12 20:29:10

aaaw, that's lovely news MrsA smile. Congrats!

Kagey Tue 03-Apr-12 21:58:06

Congrats MrsA and a belated happy birthday!

ILikeToMoveItMoveIt Thu 05-Apr-12 17:52:54

Many many congratulations MrsA, on the big 40 and the proposal smile

Just about surviving the holidays here. I am enjoying the more relaxed pace, but not M's tantrums hmm

Debs75 Thu 05-Apr-12 19:36:12

Congratulations on the proposal MRSAgrin

Survived the first week of the holidays, the rain didn't help though. Went to playgroup today and we made easter nests and Robyn painted 3 eggs and herself. Had a great time though and they are both looking very tired so am hoping for an early night. I'm still not feeding Robyn to sleep, just cuddles and a story but she is gettiong a bit resistent so I am still spending up to an hour settling her. SHe sometimes asks for DP but always wants me for that last cuddle to drop off with. A long way to go still before she can stay at my dsis's

Meglet Thu 05-Apr-12 22:02:20

Easter Break!!! 12 days off work!!

We're off to Heathrow to pick up my globe trotting sister this weekend. She went to Tiffanys in NY today envy, I went to Morrisons hmm.

ILikeToMoveItMoveIt Fri 06-Apr-12 07:42:20

Lol at Tiffanys vs Morrisons. I have conversations like that a lot with one of my friends. She popped to Madrid for the weekend, whilst the only place I popped into was Sainsbo's! grin I bet it will be lovely to see your sister again. I love seeing people reunited in airports, it gets me all teary blush

You'll get there with R Debs. Slowly, slowly catchy monkey and all that grin

Today is a quick visit to Granny's this morning and then making jam tarts this arvo (M's new obsession at the moment). Not strictly jam, but I thought I might try a couple with peanut butter and a piece of chocolate in.

Happy Easter everyone smile

Meglet Fri 06-Apr-12 15:09:06

iltmimi I'm very tempted to take my passport, book a flight a couple of hours after she lands. Greet her, hurl the kids at her then before she knows what's happened scarper to the arrivals lounge and fly off somewhere grin.

Peanut butter and choc tarts sounds good!

The children have been awful today, they keep waking up before 6am. I was trying not to cry on the way back from town after a stressful visit earlier. I simply can't control them, when they're like this. They were hitting me, hitting each other, ignoring everything I asked them and just being terrors sad. Feel utterly worn down by them these days.

Meglet Fri 06-Apr-12 15:09:35

I mean departure lounge.

Becaroooo Sat 07-Apr-12 19:34:15


digitalgirl Sun 08-Apr-12 21:02:45

Happy Easter ladies!

Huge congrats to MrsA on your engagement - and belated birthday wishes!

meglet hope kids are behaving themselves today.

Surviving the holiday - i booked ds onto a crash course in swimming lessons so that kept him occupied till Thursday. We've been hitting the parks since then. DS got one full-size Easter Egg today - from a friend of the family (I've been too stingy to get him one) - which we all shared. He's been munching his way through the spoils of various Easter egg hunts he's been on before the holidays though.

I am still, amazingly, pregnant. DS was two weeks old by this point. So for me I feel immensely overdue. I'm also massive (officially). My feet have swollen so much they don't go down overnight. My due date is next Monday and the docs want to discuss an induction then as the baby is measuring off the scale.

Becaroooo Mon 09-Apr-12 14:19:32

meg I feel your pain sad My dc have been vile with each other over the past few days...not sure whether its late(r) nights, too much choc, nnot much routine....hmm

Weather is so rubbish that the plans we made for the next couple of days are now not looking too good (picnics, walks etc)

Went to Ikea this morning (I know!!! I am crazy) It was as hideous as you would expect. Then to sainsbos to get the dc some new clothes whilst they are still 25% off.

Please. some sunshine over the next 2 days sad

Meglet Mon 09-Apr-12 22:35:10

bec isn't it shit when they just won't behave for love nor money. We seem to have to go through hours of fighting before they can get to the point of playing nicely. I think it's DS's bossiness clashing with DD's rebellious / stubborn streak that causes a problem sad. DS tells me and DD what to do, whereas DD ignores (and does the opposite) of what I want her to do.

I forgot about the Sainsburys offer <<doh>>. I did get a 30% Gap voucher today so I'll have to go and have a rummage this week.

Weather forecast is crap this week. But I'm off work so oddly enough I'm not bothered as we're not rushing anywhere. If the sun could return next week when work + school run starts again I'll be relieved.

dg Easter Egg hunts really bump up the egg stash don't they! Luckily the dc's didn't get many big eggs this year and I've started eating their buttons eggs to reduce their stash.

Becaroooo Tue 10-Apr-12 09:47:21

meg I ate so much choc yesterday I now have a migraine <no willpower emoticon>

Sigh....am getting pretty fed up of the fighting tbh but then again they have been indoors for DAYS so perhaps not so surprising.

Weather here actually decent today so ds1's friend is coming round and we are off out - have no idea where mind smile

Spent £40 at sainsbos and got; 2 pairs of gruffalo pjs for toby and a T shirt and 2 pairs of croc type shoes for ds1 and a t shirt, joggers and a hoodie!!!

Hello all and thanks for the congrats - still not announced it publicly but hopefully going to find out about getting the stone set in a ring soon. It's DP's first engagement (at 44 bless him) so he wants to do things properly smile

Hope you get to go into labour naturally Digi and soon you are meeting your newborn!

We've had a very naughty DD all weekend and have fallen back into the old trap of shouting at her, she gets worse etc etc. Sigh. But in general she is OK with me so I can blame DP <cackle>
DS came down with his first ever proper cold over easter (pretty lucky at 4 months old) and he was full of coughs and sniffles. we had one night where he kept spitting his dummy out cos he couldn't breathe then crying cos he didn't have his dummy in! But then bless him, the next night he slept 7pm till 9am the next day. Not one waking (and he's still in Moses basket, so getting a bit cramped on space). DD wakes more and is still afraid of scary monsters in her room, despite giving her a torch and lots of other security stuff. No idea what to do as it can take half an hour to convince her there's nothing there. She has stopped wetting the bed though.

In other news, I am still loving the Moby wrap and am now looking at a Babyhawk Meitai as i reckon I could also get DD into it on my back as she's petite. So great for hols and we don't have to take a buggyboard.

Keep your fingers crossed for me today - deadline for the IM to file her defence against my small claims court thing. If nothing by the end of today, judgement automatically goes against her and she has to pay me without going to court...........
I got my notes from her and am hugely disappointed to see she has written up my booking in visit notes after she dropped me in labour - they are clearly to cover her back.
We had a long conversation at the booking time about gest diabetes and both DP and I made it clear we believed I did not have GD (for various reasons too long to go into but I wasn't just putting my fingers in my ears and saying lalalala i can't hear you!) and she said fine, we'll just test for sugar every time, which we did and it was clear. her notes do not refer to this and suspiciously talk about how we talked about her right to transfer me if i haven't told her everything (which we didn't). Then surprise surprise, her final note says that the SOM told her I have gest diabetes and she didn;t know so transferred me back.
Bollocks (sorry). We had an indepth discussion about GD and she has made these notes up to cover herself. More to include in the complaint then.
Luckily, doesn't affect money claim as this is black and white - whatever the reason, she needs to refund the money as she didn;t provide service. Bluntly, if she had had a car crash on the way to my labour she would have had to refund my money, as tragic as that would have been.

Rant over. Off to update my complaint to the NMC.

Hi everyone, but most especially MrsA with your engagement and DG who has revealed on fb that she's had her baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We were on holiday last week which was lovely. DH has been so overworked and it was wonderful to have over a week of time together with no other pressures. It was DD's 5th birthday while we were there which was lots of fun, and she had a party tea at home today which was exhausting, but she had fun and that's what matters. 5 year old girls are so squealy and I always find it hard with other kids i don't know when they're naughty, or something happens like one spilled a drink all down herself and one fell over and was crying. DH made a cracking cake in the shape of a fairy and we managed to hide it from DD til the party so she was really surprised. She has been given her first Barbie doll. I feel like a small part of me has died.

Now the dishwasher and washing machine are both on, and we've got a lot of left over pizza to eat up!

Meglet Tue 10-Apr-12 22:42:07

LOL at 'squealy 5yo girls'.

Becaroooo Wed 11-Apr-12 09:16:05

"She has been given her first Barbie doll. I feel like a small part of me has died." Oh carrie sorry but that made me laugh smile (and I would feel the same!) Your dh made a cake? <becaroooo is secretly in love with mrcarrie>

dg has had her baby???? Ooooohhhhh!!! smile <living vicariously through my MN friends>

Took ds1, his friend and toby out yesterday to a park and let them have a McDs for lunch (I only let them have one about 3 times a year - mean evil mummy!) and then I went out to the theatre last night with my aunt...saw Grease...was really good smile

Ds1 is off to a friends house to play today too so will try and get some jobs done...have done no cleaning at all over the easter hols blush

Dh back at work tomorrrow sad Its been lovely having him here sad

Yes - I saw DG had a lovely baby boy on Monday afternoon. Looking forward to birth story!

Becaroo DD has only ever had one McD in her life and that was cos we were at a service station on the way back from holiday at about 9pm. When she can ask for one, she can have one grin

ninja Wed 11-Apr-12 09:31:58

Went to London to stay with family, back a day early! It was a bit of a disaster. M was at her most boisterous and annoying. The house and my relatives aren't really family friendly so it was really noticeable. I was really tired and so didn't react to it particularly well.

Dd1 was tired and whingy and wet the unprotected bed that I was in! They didn't eat any of the extremely adventurous food they were given ..........

Never mind you live and learn. We did go to a lovely play at the southbank, to the cinema and the wetlands centre which was fun and my aunt did an Easter egg hunt for them.

I love my aunt and uncle but just felt awful all the time.

Glad to be home smile exh is having them tonight and for the next couple of days which is good but I feel bad that they're time with me wasn't the best sad

Have you seen the Facebook picture of DG's baby, sooooo sweet smile

ninja Wed 11-Apr-12 09:34:25

Carrie, I can understand the Barbie thing. Dd1 ended up with olds, but she's sold them smile I've bought her playmobil now in the hope that M will get more into that but I think the lure is too great.

Debs75 Wed 11-Apr-12 14:35:39

So glad easter is over, we are chocolated out.
And it is hailstoning and thundering here.
Back to nursery/school on tuesday so some normality will reign. Luckily my lot all get along reasonably well but dd1 is a bossy worryier and gets stressed when Robyn plays up and ds is so darn loud it drives you mad!

digitalgirl Wed 11-Apr-12 17:23:43

Just officially announcing on here - although most of you have prob seen on FB - that ds has a little brother, born on Easter Monday weighing 8lbs 12. Not quite the easy second birth I was hoping for gory details here. But we're home after two not unpleasant nights in hospital and I'm looking forward to my mums food and my own bed. Got there in the end!

Meglet Wed 11-Apr-12 18:43:19

Congrats digi smile.

Just the words 'code red' sent a shiver down my spine! Really pleased you are both ok. Lots of red meat and your mums yummy food for you I assume?

How is DS1 finding the transition to big brother?

ninja Wed 11-Apr-12 19:04:50

Conratuliopns Digi the photos on facebook are gorgeous! It sounds a little scary at the end.

Woop woop congrats digi!! Cheers! wine

Becaroooo Wed 11-Apr-12 20:34:58

Well done digi

So glad you are both ok x

Kagey Wed 11-Apr-12 22:04:25

Congrats digi!!

Pacita Thu 12-Apr-12 11:44:26

Hurrahhh for digi and baby!!! He's utterly adorable and looks a lot like A. Enjoy the newborn cuddles and the sniffing of small, soft fuzzy heads. Sigh, just thinking about it makes my hormones go funny. Luckily it only takes a quick look at my two and the chaos they generate to acknowledge that my reproductive days are over!

digitalgirl Thu 12-Apr-12 13:12:10

Thanks for all your congrats! Ds2 doing really well - running me ragged already. Cluster fed all night, except for a couple of hours where I left him on my chest to sleep. But can't do that all the time as it gives me terrible back ache. Ds1 slept through all the crying though - we'll see if he repeats that tonight!

So, nipples are so painful now! Have lansinoh, anything else I could do? Just hoping that once supply is fully established that latching on won't be so traumatic.

Think ds1 is coping well. My dbros have been here all week keeping him company so he's been one of many for a few days. The weekend will probably be where we're left alone as a family of four so we shall see how he gets on then. Then he's back to pre-school next week.

Get teary everytime I think about what we've been through to get here, but then someone cries or demands my attention and there's no time to dwell. I'm also grateful that DH's patience with me is unlimited, I've been rather grumpy since getting home (baby blues combined with frustration at still being immobile).

Debs75 Thu 12-Apr-12 14:00:21

Digi glad you are back home now. Any nipple pain you are getting is probably due to latch so keep checking it every time you feed and relatch if it looks/feels wrong. Try not to let it get worse, I know easier said then done, as poor latch can lead you on till all sorts of problems with poor supply and engorgement. Keep trying and enjoy your gorgeous new son

Many many congrats digi and just let dh look after you for the next few weeks - it's a blimmin rollercoaster with 2 in the first few weeks. I remember in the very early days when I was still bf, trying to get DD ready for bed whilst DS was clamped to my nipple. It all got a bit chaotic! But it is great and enjoy yirlur newborn snuggles on the couch when ds1 in preschool. I am so glad I've kept DD in nursery 3 days a week (despite feeling guilty about it).

Last night was awful. DD woke about 1.30 wanting to come in with us as she was afraid of scary monsters. After lots of persuasion (she never ever sleeps if she gets in with us) DP ended up sleeping on the futon in her room at 3am. Then as I was just dropping off, DS woke coughing and didn't resettle till 5am and my alarm went off at 6.30. I am soooooo tired but did get a 20min nap when DS slept. I just feel too tired to do anything and the sun is shining. Tbh, I've had a cold or catarrh on and off since Jan and am just fed up feeling ill. Sorry, mememe over.

MrsA I always used to suffer with colds that lingered and turned into cattarh and eventually sinusitis, but when i was pg I was prescribed beconase nasal spray and now at the first hint of a cold I use it morning and night and it holds the whole thing at bay, highly recommended!

Pacita I know what you mean about broodiness! I have to keep reminding myself that I don't have to act on it. Recently had AF back for first time since 2010, so hormones all over the place!

DS2 has got diarrhoea sad He's had runny/creamy poo for a couple of days, but yesterday afternoon I lifted him out of his car seat and the poo poured out of his trouser leg and actually splashed on the floor <boak>
He's happy in himself and still eating and drinking, I'm giving him extra water and dry plain food, thankfully he's old enough to eat toast and rice cakes. I'll skip his afternoon bottle since he doesn't take much anyway, and milk feeds the bacteria, and give him cooled boiled water and a snack instead. Got family visiting for the weekend so for many reasons I want him better, but mostly for his sake of course!

Meglet Fri 13-Apr-12 22:33:33


notcitrus Fri 13-Apr-12 23:16:57

Congratulations on your baby digi!

And on your engagement MrsA.

dd is 9 weeks and has hugely improved in the last couple weeks, some decent sleep, less vomit, but mainly just starting to be interesting! My brain is also working better and breasts not leaking so much. Hope it all continues. A is being mostly great, and says he really likes his baby sister. They had a bath together tonight which was very sweet.

Debs75 Sat 14-Apr-12 15:54:24

Poor DS Carrie have you stopped breastfeeding him now? Lucy is the same atm, she kept us up most of the night last night, and I have just been upping the breastfeeds and cutting out as much food as I can, Robyn and ds tend to feed her if she asks.

Argggh. Bad bad nights here courtesy of DD not DS! DS is being woken by DD as she has nightmares.

I've posted separately and would appreciate any thoughts you guys have. We are all struggling.


ninja Sun 15-Apr-12 22:33:41

MrsA - that sounds tough. DD1 was badly affected by M being born and it did go with time.I don't have good advice about the night wakings though if she won't settle in bed with you. Sorry

Becaroooo Mon 16-Apr-12 10:54:49

mrsa So sorry about Cs night terrors sad I dont have any advice, but sending lots of sympathy. Have you had a word with your HV/GP? Could be a reaction to Ds being born. Has she moved rooms at nursery recently/changed key worker? Does she need to be at home with you more?...could be so many things.....


Toby first day at pre school <wibble> I took him at 9am. Only told him he was going yesterday afternoon. He wasnt best pleased grin Seemed a bit overwhelmed at first - about 18 kids in all. They were happy for me to stay (after last years debacle at another pre school) and I left after an hour. He was playing outside when I left. Its a "free flow play" pre school...is that a new thing? <dense> The door is open all the time and the kid can come and go, which Toby will love.

Oh I hate this <feels sick>

DebiTheScot Mon 16-Apr-12 12:10:38

bookmarking. Back from holiday and have a million jobs to do but can't be bothered to do any of them!

bec how are you doing? Have a brew or do you need something a little stronger?! I'm sure Toby will be fine.

MrsA DD used to cry and cry in the night for no reason when she was aged 2-3. She was settled by one of us sleeping on her bedroom floor - we kept a futon mattress in there for a couple of months. Sorry can't offer any more help than that.

DS2 is better, I've never been so glad to see solid poo!

debs I'm still bf morning and night but my supply is at rock bottom, I expect he'll reject it soon but hey ho, he's nearly 8 months.

Can anyone remember what age their DCs sat up? DS2 can sit for a bit but not well enough that I would leave him sitting on the floor, he topples pretty quickly. DD sat up at 6 1/2m and I can't remember when DS1 did blush but I'm sure it was by now. Its so much easier when you can plonk them down rather than lying them in the middle of the floor or having to find a docking station <secretly just want to get rid of the playnest>

DebiTheScot Mon 16-Apr-12 14:03:22

Huge congratulations to Digi on your gorgeous new baby and MrsA on your engagement smile

Bec I hope T has had a good morning at pre-school.

It's reassuring to read that some of you are having a few issues with your darling 3 yr olds! DS2 has been going through a long phase of bursting into tears and screaming at ridiculous things- bascially anything he doesn't want to hear ranging from being told no he can't do/have something to being corrected when he says something that's wrong. DS1 doesn't help as although he is generally lovely he tends to try to do things for ds2 or tell him he won't be able to do that. And they are both so bossy and headstrong when they are playing so it usually results in ds2 crying within about 10 mins.
It was really noticable on holiday as the friends we were staying with don't have children so I was more aware of their behaviour.

We had an amazing holiday. The flight out was fine but long and boring. The boys loved the thousands of programmes, films and games on the tvs and slept reasonably well. We managed to keep them awake until normal bedtime so other than feeling like we'd had a couple of late nights we weren't really jetlagged at all. We took our friend's campervan away for a few days which apart from being very rainy were good. Did a boat trip where we saw dolphins and a penguin which was very exciting!
Then headed back to Auckland via an amazing beach- DS1 had been asking ever since we arrived if he could go swimming and his face as he ran into the sea was amazing! DS2 loved the water too which was great as in Cornwall last year he hadn't liked the sea at all.
Spent Easter weekend in Auckland, DH jumped off the sky tower!
Then went away again with the campervan and our friends to a gorgeous area with beautiful beaches including one with hot springs that come up through the sand. You dig a hole and then just sit in it, it was like a bath that never got cold! Then went down to Rotorua which has geysers and bubbling mud everywhere- very surreal! Did the luge there too which was great fun.
Then back to Auckland for a rugby match before coming home. The flight back was horrible. DS1 had been sick the night before we left (ds2 had been sick a couple of days before but we thought it was maybe sunstroke at the time) and although I felt bad about gettting on a plane knowing we were contagious we decided it was best to get back. He was sick twice more on the plane (once all over me, gross) and then I had the runs and was sick too! So it was a pretty miserable 30 hours!

Carrie as usual you have been more help than you can know. I really do think you are supermum and I actually trust you more than some people i know in rl!
It helps hugely to hear that there is nothing wrong it is just a phase and will pass and we too have a futon in DD's room. DP is sleeping on it whilst I stay with DS and we just hope it won't last too long.
You always seem to know just what to do or say with yours and your patience and kindness is amazing. I wish I could do what you do without having to ask others if we're doing it right. thank you.

debi your holiday sounds incredible and the pics on fb are fab. Poor you on the flight back from hell though.

thanks everyone for words of sympathy about DD too

Better go and do pasta for tea.

Oh and becs I hope Toby had a great time. bet he did smile

Becaroooo Mon 16-Apr-12 17:25:26

mrsa Good advice from carrie as usual! We did that with ds1 for a while at about Cs age now I think about it!!!!

Pre school went ok. He seemed to really like one member of staff and was outside a lot which he loves. I went to pick him up at 11.30 and NO TEARS!!! He was glad to see me - went straight to get his coat and bag grin but no tears and they have told him on weds they are getting the trains and playdoh out for him!

Have decided to try him 3 x morning per week....it will take a while I think. He has only ever been with me/dh/PILS so its a massive change for him.

Come Jan I would ideally like him to do 5 x mornings per week in prep for school next sept...sigh.....does anyone else feel like they are wishing their LOs life away??? sad I feel so sad as I just cant wait til he starts school sad <bad mummy> With the gap between my 2 I have been a sahm now (with only a 6 month break) for 9 years...I am tired and fed up sad

Oh, I feel terrible saying that. I couldnt say that to anyone in rl. I have so much to be thankful for. What an ungrateful wench I am sad

Meglet Mon 16-Apr-12 17:36:54

bec I'm counting the months until DD starts school, 17 to go. Once she starts I will have one day to myself a week. And once she's done her first winter I'm planning to change my hours back to 3 long days a week, put the DC's in school club on those 3 days and have ........ <<drum roll>> TWO days to myself a week. (that will be housework, gym, reading at school and hopefully OU work time).

So, you could say I'm wishing the time away a bit wink.

Becaroooo Mon 16-Apr-12 19:19:05

meg <relief> thank goodness its not only me!!! smile 17 to go for Toby too!

ninja Mon 16-Apr-12 21:22:16

Bec I'm so glad pre-school went well smile It's OK to look forward to a different phase of childhood, especially if you're a SAHM. I'm sure my job keeps me sane!

ILikeToMoveItMoveIt Mon 16-Apr-12 21:41:49

So glad T had a fab time Bec smile

I know what you mean about wishing the time away. I constantly have to remind myself to enjoy the here and now. Baby I will start pre school when M starts school (see, I've already thought about I going to pre school and hell only be one at the end of the month blush ) But like you I have been a SAHM for quite a few years and I'm looking forward to getting back into the job market <ignores the fact I need to re-train before I actually start working again>

MrsA - I think it has already been said, but M has the odd nightmare. One of us goes in and re-settles him, and luckily he does re-settle quite easily. However we have noticed that they happen in clusters.

I think my boys have all been sitting independantly by 6mo Carrie. If you have a good HV, maybe speak to them? Maybe your ds needs some help to build up his muscle tone, or maybe it's just normal?

Glad you had an amazing time Debi. hearing you describe ds2 behaviour sounds just like M at the moment. He is often quick to cry over something, and often it's over something not even worth crying about (well, IMO. but obviously not in his!) He will cry over something really very trivial, however this afternoon he really bashed his nose (it has really swollen on the bridge and looks like he has been boxing) and he only cried for a short time confused

Becaroooo Tue 17-Apr-12 07:38:47

carrie Ds1 didnt sit unaided til nearly 10 months, Toby was 4 months!! They are all so different. Perhaps get one of those "nest" things he can sit against to build up his muscles/confidence?

DD didn't sit unaided till about 7months if I recall. But she was late with everything - didn't crawl till 11 months and walked unaided at 15months. They all do their own thing. DD I think will be more suited to girl scouts than brownies tbh as she is now very physical. Her cousin who is massively bigger than her (not fat) hates physical stuff and wants to do Rainbows yet developed physically very early. Go figure. DS on the other hand hates sitting with a passion at 4.5 months yet loves to stand and at 3.5 months stood by himself for 10secs holding onto the sofa. He loves to stand. I digress but it's fine if they take their time.

notcitrus Tue 17-Apr-12 12:09:23

Glad Toby enjoyed preschool bec. A is having lots of days when he says he doesn't want to go to nursery but is usually fine once out the door. And very happy at pickup time. I'm now using the pram rather than sling though simply so I can chase A and get him dressed. He hates trousers!
He is on a clingy phase waking in the night and wanting a cuddle or something random, like rearranging furniture... some nights he's fine, others it's constant wailing for a couple hours when he goes to bed. Of course that coincides with when R is likely to have her long stretch of sleep!

Becaroooo Tue 17-Apr-12 16:53:34

NC Spoke to soon!!! Told me last night "I dont want to go back to pre school"

Oh dear.

Both my kids have been like this...it must be something I am doing sad

Debs75 Tue 17-Apr-12 19:09:00

I can hand on heart tell you all that it is wonderful when the dc's go to school and you have some time to yourself, whether that is to work without huge childcare fees or to just finally get the house sorted or slob in front of the TV. I do sometimes reminiscis about them school days before Robyn and Lucy, nothing to do all day but enjoy myself until 3pm when they came out of school. But I do really prefer it how it is now, I think because I know how good it is when they go to school. This time though I will be studying and hopefully finally working so it will be very different.

Glad you had a good time Debi bad luck with the sickness coming home.

Bec you have been a great mum to them and they just miss you when you aren't there, nothing wrong with that

blush MrsA you're making my head swell blush I had been having a bad couple of days so you have no idea how much you've encouraged me!

debi your holiday sounds amazing, what a wonderful experience for you all smile

I have really mixed feelings about the DCs starting school, the school run really compromises how much I can do with the DSs as it takes up such a huge part of the day, and I love the holidays when DD is around and not in a foul mood as tired as she is in term time. But then she adores school and I really like the days when DS1 is at playgroup and I can just pootle round the shops with DS2 in the buggy and have a little bit of 'me' time...or do some cleaning hmm

Thank you for all your feedback on sitting - I've decided DS2 needs sitting-up-boot-camp. He spends a lot of time in the activity centre or lying/rolling on the floor, being #3 he gets a lot less of me sitting with him doing things than the others did and I guess he's not had the time to practice. He can sit quite nicely for a short while but topples easily. Must resist comparing him to the other two...!

I've just realised my 3yo has fallen asleep on the sofa, and my baby has rolled himself onto the oak floor, found a mop, and is hitting a table leg with it. Needless to say he's never been happier. Quality parenting 101. Might make myself a brew grin

Becaroooo Wed 18-Apr-12 12:19:35

carrie hope you are feeling better now x

Well, Toby cried his eyes out this morning at pre school. I stayed 40 mins (sitting at the back on my own) and left him. When I pciked him up they said he had only asked for me once shock He has also asked to go back tomorrow shock

I am rubbish at the whole leave them to cry thing...I just cant do it.

Meglet Wed 18-Apr-12 12:47:43


bec i've done parent duty at DS1's playgroup a couple of times and there's one child who howls when she's left and for the first 10mins, then is absolutely fine for the next three hours, and bursts into tears when she sees her mum again. I'm sure Toby is getting on just fine, but it is awful leaving them in tears isn't it? I've done it once for DD at school and I cried on the way home sad

DS1 has been asleep on the sofa for nearly 4 hours now. Its raining cats and dogs, but one of the lovely students from church has said she'll come round for an hour so I can go and pick DD up from school without having to take poorly DS1 out in the rain. Must now find some suitable bribery snacks for her!!!

Debs75 Wed 18-Apr-12 15:47:21

It is lovely and quiet here. Dp and Lucy are sleeping after a lovely mornings swimming, I have just baked DD1's first birthday cake and now waiting for it to cool and Robyn is happily playing Stupid Zombies and Angry Birds on DP's phone. We still have 30mins before DS comes home so I am catching up on internet as I hardly ever get the chance

ILikeToMoveItMoveIt Wed 18-Apr-12 21:24:01

Don't be so hard on yourself Bec. Who knows why some children behave the way they do? I know that if I had that answer I would not be constantly berating and nagging M!

You're not rubbish for not being able to leave them crying. I am crap at it too. It's a survival thing, it is meant to get to you.

We have booked a holiday to Cyprus in June, I am so excited, we all need a break........ok, a change of scene.

ILikeToMoveItMoveIt Wed 18-Apr-12 21:24:52

How did the cake go Debs? I need to bake a cake for ds3 next week. I am still deciding what to do ........

"Mummy I don't like it when my wee comes out of my bottom"
So we'll be housebound for another day or two then... <weeps>

Becaroooo Thu 19-Apr-12 17:18:02

carrie oh no! You poor things! sad

Been to GP for blood results. Turns out I am very anaemic - in fact my iron level is lower now than it was when I collapsed after having ds2! sad - so am looking into iron meds/supplements which I can tolerate. So thats why I am in bed at 8pm every night!!! <doh!>

Also referred me back to gynae (3 bleeds a month is, frankly, taking the P***s) and the osteo chap for my back.

Basically I am knackered <whispers> I think having Toby broke me!!!! <wails>

Debs75 Thu 19-Apr-12 19:41:07

ILTMIMI It turned out very well, despite my oven door not shutting, nor being able to maintain a high temp or the fact it slopes so my cakes are higher one side then the otherhmm. Robyn helped me decorate it(pic on fb) and it was nice. Just got to bake a multicoloured one for Saturday nowshock.

Bec I felt like that when I was first pregnant with Robyn. Nodding off at 8pm for 12 hours and feeling so rough. Once I got past 10 weeks I felt fine

becs I am anaemic (sp?) At the moment. Been like that since DS arrived so I'm now on tablets. I am/was tired but also got v breathless and my anger levels were high/patience low. Poor DD bore the brunt sad Feeling a bit better now and more patience. Hope u r ok.

DD is sleeping better now. It seems that her bed wetting was distressing her far more that we (or even she) realised and I've gently encouraged her to go back into night nappies, just for a short time, to help her sleep. Frankly I don't care if she stays in overight nappies till she's in school, if it helps her sleep. I was a bed wetter and it's definitely reassured her to be back in nappies. We agreed it would be our family secret, no one outside the 4 of us need know.

digi saw photo on fb - looks like you're doing great as a family of 4.

For anyone who remembers, I don't have to face my independent mw in court now. She filed that she would defend my claim against her but by the deadline she hadn't filed anything so the judgement automatically goes against her. She now has a court order to repay me all the money by mid-May. Something at least, though I'll never regain my trust of medical staff I suspect.

ninja Thu 19-Apr-12 23:23:09

Mrs A - that's good news about the MW. I'm glad you don't have to go to court although it must be frustrating not saying your bit.

It's really quite normal C being in night nappies - when M was born we had to put DD1 back in them for a while. She'll get there! In fact, the fact that she can do it is ahead of the game smile

Bec hope you feel better now that you know why you're so tired. You're not having much luck with your health.

Just had to share this conversation

M to me ' I love you very much'
Me to M 'I love you more than all the stars'
M - 'I love you more than .... pre-school'

M (thinking about it) 'actually I love you AND preschool

(thinking some more) - 'actually mummy, I love preschool more than you'


The next day I got: 'Mummy, Alligators have big teeth don't they?' 'Yes' 'then I love you more than alligators'!!!

my news <<I might have a date>>

Becaroooo Fri 20-Apr-12 07:07:06

meg Tell us more!!!! Now!!!! <not living vicariously through others, oh no> smile

Got an appt with the gynae on weds and appt with the osteo consultant on weds...busy week next week!!!

mrsa Totally normal development wise for C to be in pull ups at night at her age! Ds1 was til he started school (in fact it might have been til he was 5) I had beavers in my pack (age 6-8) who were still in pull ups at night. They all get there in the end x

StarshitTerrorise Fri 20-Apr-12 16:55:58

Starlight needs your help!

You lot seem to know about this iirc.

Baby is measuring big for dates. 35cm at 33 weeks. My BMI is 31.
Birthing unit want a GLucose test plus a scan.

What do I need to watch out for in all this? Don't want scan. Could do without GT.

Many Tia.

ninja Fri 20-Apr-12 17:23:28

MrsA will be along soon I'm sure - she did a lot of research into this.

Hope you're OK - you could do without this sad

StarshitTerrorise Fri 20-Apr-12 17:41:43

I've just started a thread about it. It's under this name but unfortunately reading it back to myself I look like an emotional vampire troll.

Becaroooo Fri 20-Apr-12 17:44:17

why dont you want a scan star?

StarshitTerrorise Fri 20-Apr-12 17:47:34

There's some research that links it to autism. Not good enough research to prevent me from having it at all, so did the 12 and 20 week one, but for something that isn't very accurate anyway I'd rather avoid.

Becaroooo Fri 20-Apr-12 18:10:31

OK. But I think that testing for GA is really important if its suspected. (sorry)

StarshitTerrorise Fri 20-Apr-12 18:12:25

No need to sorry. I'll try and find a way of testing glucose etc. Then hopefully won't need scan.

Becaroooo Fri 20-Apr-12 18:14:57

can you get a test from boots or the like? <dense>

StarshitTerrorise Fri 20-Apr-12 18:30:42

No idea Bec. No harm in investigating.

Just told DH. He's extremely stressed now.

ILikeToMoveItMoveIt Fri 20-Apr-12 19:38:39

Your name made me lol Star grin

Sorry to hear of your woes. You could get a home testing kit and then find out what is going on with your glucose. Each PCT seems to have their own rules about testing. Some test 1 hour after food, some 2. Also their acceptable levels are different too. So not sure how you find out what the blood results should be. NICE guidelines maybe?

If you do have GD it is important that it is correctly diagnosed and controlled. Some people can control it under diet alone and others need insulin.

I personally would refuse scans, wrt estimating size they're not worth the paper they're written on- IMO.

What do you have against the GTT? Are you scared of getting in the system and the avalanche of shit that then comes your way? If you don't want to do the GTT, how about testing your blood sugar for say a week and then going from there? I personally think a weeks worth of results means more than a one off test, but I'm not a HCP so I may be completely wrong.

I should imagine that if you do have GD and/or a high BMI (is 31 high? Sorry I am clueless ), they would want you under consultant care and all the crp that that can bring. You would also have pressure put on you if you wanted a birth a HB, MLU or birthing unit.

ILikeToMoveItMoveIt Fri 20-Apr-12 19:40:25

debs - it sounds like we have the same oven grin

ninja - you NEED to spill the beans .....!

StarshitTerrorise Fri 20-Apr-12 19:45:46

Sorry everyone. It was a bit rude of me to just turn up here and launch into a plea for help.

Hope you're all doing okay. I try hard to keep up with you news but always feel guilty as there is always a 'problem' that should be receiving my attention that is temporary but then escalates hmm and you lot seem like luxury in comparison.

ninja Fri 20-Apr-12 21:03:10

Starlight - not rude to come at all. MrsA had very similar in her pregnancy and I'm sure she'll be here soon.

Well ILTMIMI - I joined an online dating agency before Easter, I was starting to get lonely and thought I had to jump in somewhere. Anyway I was giving up hope with the messages that came in and thought I should be more proactive. I started messaging someone last Sunday - quite a lot, the a long message Monsday, Tuesday, none on Wednesday so I thought maybe I'd blown it. Howvere, yesterday he asked if I wanted to meet up grin . He sounds lovely - divorced but kids 6 and 7. Like the outdoors, sense of humour but also sensible.

I never thought it possible but we've just clicked with our messages. I feel like a giddy school girl smile

Not got a time or place yet but watch this space.

I've just come back from a film night (with a sicky kid sad ) but I've had a few drinks so if you ask me now I might post his profile for you to judge look at!

mamamuffin Fri 20-Apr-12 21:28:09

Just popping through to say hello to some old special friends. (( I'm a bit nosy too!!))). A couple of new additions I see smile)) xxx

ninja Fri 20-Apr-12 21:32:34

Hi! Long time no see x

StarshitTerrorise Fri 20-Apr-12 21:36:37

Profile, profile, profile.......

ninja do you mind if I link a thread here from someone that seems to be going through a bit of what you did? She might appreciate some support if you're able.

ninja Fri 20-Apr-12 21:54:03

No bother ...

StarshitTerrorise Fri 20-Apr-12 21:57:38

Starlight well, firstly this is your body and your baby and so you must do what is right for you and you may not agree with my views and opinions, which is fine, but I did shedloads of research on GTT, GD and BMI etc so hear are my views:

Firstly, growth scans are notoriously inaccurate and apart from telling you whether baby is head down or not, serve little purpose apart from scaring pg woman half to death. They are generally used as a scare tactic to persuade 'difficult' women to go into the CLU (oh, your baby is likely to split you in two/get stuck as it's soooooo huge). Woman has pregnancy hormones and so gets scared. They told me DD would be over 10lbs (she was 7lbs 15oz and DS would be at least 10, probably more, he was 9lbs 3oz after a section so birth weight inflated by drug fluids).
there is good research that says late scans do little to improve outcomes and can contribute to medical intervention.
With a high BMI and mine is much higher than yours - you are only marginally over their cut off BMI - it is even harder to get a good estimate of weight from a scan. i believe no one grows babies they cannot birth due to size alone.

Secondly (my views are a bit off the wall) I do not believe that GD really exists. i have done plenty of research (google Michel Odent) and there is evidence to support the chicken and egg theory. If baby will naturally be big, needs more fuel to grow and sugar spills out, whereas most HCPs believe GD spills sugar and makes baby grow bigger than it should.
The theory by Michel Odent if that excess sugar is a natural by-product of pregnancy and at your stage, probably does not indicate GD. The tolerance limits for GD vary worldwide, so you would be considered diabetic in one country and not in another.
True diabetics in pg tend to be near the edge of diabetes pre-pregnancy and getting pg tips them over. These women show ketones early in pregnancy and spill sugar by around 15 weeks - far earlier than GD tests.

This is YOUR choice and YOUR baby/body. If you want to have the GTT then do but be aware if you show raised sugar levels they will not let you into the MLU (or say they will and find a reason to t/f during labour). If this were me, i would refuse the scan and GTT and if they pressed me say thanks for your advice, DH and I will consider it on a weekly basis. If you start showing urine in your sugar, then I would have the GTT.

If they start really hassling you, smile and politely use broken record. Thank you but we are aware of the risks and they are acceptable ones for us. Providing no sugar is detected in urine, we do not wish to have scan/tests.
If you do not have a GTT they cannot say for certain that you have GD.

Plenty of women who were told they had GD have birthed at home, so the MLU should be fine (have you considered a HB btw, it is your right - no one can force you into MLU or hospital) as medical care is nearby. You could always switch to a diabetic diet anyway - it can prevent pre eclampsia apparently (oats, no refined sugars, low GI etc)

If they continue to hassle state you consider it harassment.

These are my views and some will disagree but you need no further tests unless you want them.


And whoo hoo ninja please provide details as and when!

Hello mamamuffin how are you?

StarshitTerrorise Fri 20-Apr-12 22:12:24

Ooooh hello mamamuffin too!

And thanks for laughing at my name ILTMIMI

StarshitTerrorise Fri 20-Apr-12 22:18:26

Thank you MrsA. That is really helpful.

I have no sugar in my urine. Normal random glucose bloods. My BMI is the same as my last two pregnancies. I do not have pcos. My blood pressure is the low end of normal. I have no swelling.

The only 'risks' are the BMI (which wasn't a risk last time), my age (which wasn't a risk last time although I appreciate it has gone up 3 years) and 2cm extra with a tape measure.

Meglet Sat 21-Apr-12 15:05:19


<waves> to starlight and mamamuffin good to 'see' you!

ninja OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO we need more details! So excited for you! Hope the date goes brilliantly!

MrsA good that you don't have to go to court, sorry for all you've had to go through though sad

star (lol at the name change) sounds like good advice you've been given about potential GD, I have nothing further to add other than good luck!

So my fraudulent baby has started sitting up grin My MN research showed that heavier babies can be later to sit, and he's pretty huge. Of course as soon as I stopped fretting he did it! He's grown out of the baby carseat as the straps are way down past his shoulders and he can slip them off. I'm not happy about putting him forward facing at 7m, but there's no possibility of putting a rear facing bigger seat in our car, its only a very specific combination of 3 seats that will fit across the back of our not-quite-big-enough vehicle confused

Meg hooray for the DCs playing nicely! Did it last long?

Gonna do some sewing and have a glass of wine Rock and roll saturday...

digitalgirl Sat 21-Apr-12 21:18:35

starlight I was measuring similar - 36cm at 34 weeks, but this also coincided with a trace of glucose in my urine sample (silly me had a lemonade before appt). So I was offered a growth scan. I took it, simply because of the steroid treatment I'd had in my first trimester. The growth scan showed the baby's abdominal circumference was measuring off the scale. This led them to requesting a gtt - which came back clear. So even though I was clear of gd they were still concerned about the giant baby. However the mw assessing me for the mlu didn't think it was a problem so I still got to go to the mlu anyway.
Turns out Franco is big - but at 8lb 12oz I think he's still around the 90th centile. Only prob was I also had a big placenta and my body has a habit of hanging onto them and not contracting in the third stage so I had a pph and lost 2 litres. However I was told that even in the mlu the emergency team would have come down to sort me out.
Don't know if that helps - just thought I'd offer my own story. smile

In other news F is doing very well. Occasionally going 3.5 hours between night feeds which is the best I can hope for. Unfortunately with all the damage to my nipples I managed to get mastitis and am now on ABs, but I think I'm slowly on the mend.
Trying to grab as many naps as possible so I feel like I'm missing out on time with ds1, but hopefully I'll be able to make it up to him in a few weeks time when I'm not so anaemic.

ninja v exciting about your hot date!!! I know quite a few people who ordered their OHs off the internet.

Meglet Sun 22-Apr-12 18:10:18

carrie they did actually. Lego tidying on friday evening, lovely playing on saturday and it all went tits up late yesterday afternoon. And they both just had time out for trashing DD's room. But all in all not too bad.

Sorry to hear about the mastitis dg. Good to hear the night times aren't too bad, at least you get some rest.

LOL at people ordering their OH's off the internet.

I have to do bath time shortly <<sigh>>.

Meglet Mon 23-Apr-12 16:59:26


<Sips tea, humming the National Anthem......looking at the rain>

StarshitTerrorise Mon 23-Apr-12 18:05:54

Thank you DG. Hope the ABs have kicked in.

Diabetic midwife has let me off the hook if I take my own readings for a week and see her in three weeks time for fundal measurement. The scan thing is still 'undecided' but she is clear I will refuse.

Happy to take own measurements because have been doing so since Sat and they are all normal readings.

I'm not certain what they will do if they decide fundal measurement is too high. Too high for what exactly? For a VB birth? Coz the only thing I'm going into a hospital for is a CS.

StarshitTerrorise Mon 23-Apr-12 18:07:50

What the frig is that? Meglet?

ILikeToMoveItMoveIt Mon 23-Apr-12 18:30:08

Dragon for St George's day grin

Am very excited for you Ninja, let us know how it goes.

Ouch at mastitis, tis a nasty thing. Is the latch ok now Digi?

Read up on fundal measurements Star. Neither of my IM's used a tape measure, they just used to make sure that it was where it should roughly be. I mean, what the he'll did they do before cm's were invented?!

I know you can't go on anecdotal stories, but ds3 was 11lb, born at home in water and I didn't tear. If I was under the care of the NHS and they were getting the tape measure out, they would have had a shit fit grin, especially as I was a VBAC'er.

How is the weaning going Debs? I meant to ask you before, and I thought of it last nig while feeding ds!

And how are you Bec? mainlining the spatone I hope grin

Star my DS2 was measuring spot on for dates but was 9lb 5oz so go figure...they also didn't notice/didn't worry that I only put on 12lb in the whole pregnancy - i.e. I was losing weight! Sensible mw could see that he and I were perfectly fine, had straightforward water birth, no tearing, no ishoos. Its an inexact science!

Just going to do some online shopping for DD's new rainbows uniform grin

Had spent £35 in Range by 10am this morning, having not even bought the thing I went in for...I fear this will be an expensive week! Especially as we're getting our lawn relaid due to its current rice-growing suitability. And we're having kitchen blinds fitted. Well DH has been working overtime and we've saved so now its time to spend it all in one go!

Hope the mastitis improves DG

online shopping for uniform turned into finding jeans on ebay...its for the best that I don't have my own account and DH aka "the voice of reason" has to do my bidding for me!
Amusing quote in our house when I was bemoaning the amount of visible dirt on the carpets and lack of time to vacuum.
DH "ask yourself 'is it moving?' and 'is it poo?' and if the answer to both is 'no' then there's no urgency to clean"
Oh how standards have slipped...!

ninja Mon 23-Apr-12 20:48:10

Seems like it may be a while before we can actually meet due to kids, work and other committments. Not sure if I can keep messaging every day for the next 3 weeks and still sound interesting! I quite like the fact though, that I probably get to choose some criteria as I can see the parts that clashed last time.

I have bought a new dres in anticipation of the date though smile

any news starlight?

ninja Mon 23-Apr-12 22:00:31

The twatbadger is back again. Demanding that he has DD1 this Saturday (he wants to take her to the cinema) when it's my turn and I've arranged to see my family. We do sometimes split them on a Saturday but last time we did he has DD1, he's also taken her away for 10 days. It sometimes feels like he's trying to woo her away from me sad

He's chosen to take redundancy without another job (he was offered the same job just a few miles away) and is now trying to save money and questioning the money he gives me towards childcare, school dinners etc. He's annoyed bcause I won't cave in.

Sometimes it's 2 sreps forward and 1 step back, sometimes one step forward and 2 steps back. Now he won't agree my plans for the summer (even though I think he's already booked next years' holiday without any consultation I think from something he said today).

It's nothing major yet very wearing.

Carrie rainbows - how grown up, she'll love it smile and I love your DH's comments about dirt

ninja Mon 23-Apr-12 22:03:15

Oh and Star he's asking me about your role again as my advisor. Just an excuse to be awkward

StarshitTerrorise Mon 23-Apr-12 23:11:31

Say you haven't been using the adviser recently as you feel things have been improving. It might help him measure his interaction. Especially if advisers name pops up again cced in a response to something stupid he's said/done.

Sorry it's still bad though. How is your DD1 dealing with it?

Debs75 Tue 24-Apr-12 15:19:36

Hi Star it sounds like they are just basically looking at you and deciding you could have GD. GD doesn't always produce huge babies, Robyn was 7,15 and Lucy was 6,6 and the GD with her was much worse. On the flip side large babies doesn't always mean GD. You could be just carrying different to the others. I did have gallons of water with Robyn which is why I was the size of a house
If I was you I wouldn't have the GTT, apparently it is less accurate after 34 weeks as that is when baby generally puts on fat so sugar is often higher. If your MW is happy to let you do your own testing then you should be able to keep them off your back for a couple of weeks.
They told me the reason they like to induce early is high birth weight risk, risk of stillborn, but that is thought to be just diabetic mums not GD mums, and the obvious one, to control what happens. If they do induce you early get them to take it slower, I had no chance to kick start labour after they broke my waters, it was straight onto the drip and then hours laid down on my back.
They will also want to test baby after it is born for 24 hours. Make sure it is on your birth plan as they won't let you home unless it is in normal range for 24 hours.

Robyn is fully weaned now*ILTMIMI*. Bedtime is still a hassle as it is taking 3 stories, 2 songs and a long cuddle to get her to sleep. DP takes her up some nights but he always comes down for me. He doesn't like it when she gets upset so he palms her off on me. He needs to be firmer with her.

StarshitTerrorise Tue 24-Apr-12 17:34:38

Debs, this whole pregnancy has been different to the previous. If my first two were both the same sex I'd be convinced I was having the other.

When I asked Dh what sex he would like this time he replied 'I'd just like at least one child to look like me!' as the two we have are spits of me and my family. We're all little (I'm 3ft 2.5) but his family are much bigger and he is 6ft 3.

If I could give this thing any explanation it is that DH may be getting what he wants.

I don't believe I have GD. However your mentioning of induction has scared me somewhat.

Third pregnancies and births are traditionally different to the first two, just have a look and see what the good ladies of MN have to say on the topic!!

Debs75 Tue 24-Apr-12 19:50:08

Sorry Star i should of held out with Robyn but after 3 days waiting to be induced i just wanted to have her and get home. Lucy was a long labour as she was so early and not ready to come out. If I had been braver i would of demanded more time to let the waters breaking work and tried to be more mobile.
Are you really only 3ft? That is one very tiny ladyhmm

StarshitTerrorise Tue 24-Apr-12 20:00:09

lol 5ft 2.5!

ninja Tue 24-Apr-12 21:14:44

I actually went onto your Facebook page as I thought you didn't look that small - didn't want to comment though!

My online hopefully soon to be date has sent me 11 questions to answer tonight, just need to get the kids in bed . I love and hate these things. smile

Star, sounds a good compromise for the moment. Hope the results are still negative iyswim

Becaroooo Thu 26-Apr-12 11:10:29

Hey everyone <waves>

star hope you are ok and feeling more positive and have sorted a GP out?

ninja So the TB is back to his TB tricks is he? Shame we cant organise a cull grin Fingers crossed for your online date!!! How exciting!! smile

So. Have had quite a few hospital appts over the last week...and got 2 more next week! Having an MRI on my back tomorrow and then possibly having a steriod injection. Saw the gynae yesterday and had 2 scans and seeing him again next week re; options. Think its going to be a hysterectomy sad

Still feel terrible - have started ferrous fumerate tabs so hopefully will feel the benefit soon - hope so anyway as I had a bit of an "episode" in the co-op earlier...felt so dizzy and strange sad

Its Toby's 2nd week at pre school. He is doing 3 x mornings per week atm and yesterday was the first morning he didnt cry smile Although I had to pick him up early to get to my appt which isnt ideal. This morning he kept telling me how much he would miss me but they say he is fine when he is there.

Am really hoping he can go 5 x mornings pre week come Sept...

Havent read all the posts...hope you are all ok x

Becaroooo Thu 26-Apr-12 11:14:41

Oh, and star I was MASSIVE with Toby...he was 8lbs 4oz and I am only 5ft 4"...I was all tummy and boobs blush I must have measured 70 weeks by tape!!!

Meglet Sat 28-Apr-12 20:17:28

bec sad If it comes to a hysterectomy feel free to ask me, mine was 3yrs ago now.

I don't have any enthusiasm this week, the rain is driving me mad.

Becaroooo Sat 28-Apr-12 20:52:05

Thanks meg Trying the coil first, but am not hopeful.

meg three years ago <faints on floor at all too rapid passing of time>

How are you going with the questions ninja?

And how are you generally star?

Hope pre-school goes well this week bec. For toby not you I mean ;)

We're off to the hospital again tomorrow as the enuresis nurse has referred DD back to the consultant with the recommendation that she be put on on long term anti-biotics for her recurrent utis. Must remember to tell DD we're going...although she associates it with getting a cbeebies magazine and juice while I indulge in costa coffee, so its an entirely positive experience for her grin

Becaroooo Sun 29-Apr-12 21:28:38

carrie good luck for the hospital tomorrow.

Thanks for the good wishes re: pre school. Am hoping by the end of term he will be fully settled <sends up prayers>

I have been elected to the church council!!...This has caused much hilarity amongst my family...my dad has predicted I will be hounded out by a vote of no confidence within a month grin

My friend's baby was stillborn yesterday sad I was with her on Saturday, she was looking enormous and blooming. She went into labour yesterday morning at 39weeks, and at one point they did a heartbeat check and there was no heartbeat to be found. She was having a homebirth and transferred to hospital where she delivered the baby several hours later and they had some time with her sad sad So so sad. And another friend had a perfectly healthy baby yesterday. Life is so cruel and random.

Meglet Mon 30-Apr-12 16:20:32

oh your poor friend carrie sad. What a contrast between them, it is cruel and random isn't it.

Becaroooo Mon 30-Apr-12 17:16:17

carrie I am so sorry for your friend and her family. Life can be very, very cruel sad

ninja Mon 30-Apr-12 23:10:31

Oh Carrie - how awful for them sad

and I was just about to come on here and agonise over if my date went well or not, puts things in perspective

StarshitTerrorise Mon 30-Apr-12 23:29:32

3 years ago Meglet shock

Carrie, I'n fine, thanks for asking. The past few months have been mad like you woukd not believe and we are still having some logistics trouble but generally things have calmed down. We're broke though sad

I'm so sorry to hear about your friend.

ILikeToMoveItMoveIt Tue 01-May-12 08:18:18

Oh Carrie, your poor friend. It's just so bloody unfair sad

Thank you everyone for your kind words. Our church is being amazing as always and rallying round with food rotas and baking and other practical and emotional support. No word yet on when the funeral will be but she wants us all to go. Tomorrow I'm having a friend's kids so she can go and be with the family - she is closer friends with the mum than I am, so the best way I can help is to remove her children from the equation! I'm on the food rota tomorrow, gonna make my new sultana loaf recipe for them, if nothing else so they've got food to offer to visitors. I did such a stupid thing, I was signing the sympathy card and automatically did my 'cards' signature which includes a smiley face. Sort of turned it into an '&' and added DH's name but it looked such a mess. Muppet that I am.

ninja we need want to hear every detail of the date, don't hold back! grin

star sorry about the broke-ness sad Do you need any baby stuff that we might be able to provide?

Is MrsA ok? She's not posted for over a week slacker or is there a holiday I've forgotten about?

ninja Tue 01-May-12 14:49:41

Checked on fb and she seems fine, probably celebrating City'swin today!!

Didn't they go to stay in a travel lodge in Preston??

It went well I think - plenty to talk about, lots in common. I've e-mailed to ask if he wants to meet again (does that make me sound sad and desperate?)

There wasn't an obvious spark, but should there be? It's been so long since I did this!!

I'll let you know if he replies!

ILikeToMoveItMoveIt Tue 01-May-12 16:57:21

Right Ninja. We need details grin.

There wasn't a spark with dh and I, but I knew straight away that I liked him. I don't think I am a spark kind of gal, but also I had been left emotionally bruised and battered from my previous marriage so I was extremely wary and probably very cynical as well.

So, no I don't think that a spark is always needed, and no you don't sound desperate. When dh and I first started dating I made it clear that I don't play games. No treat em mean, keep em keen. He was the same thankfully.

How have all of your appointments been going Bec? and how was the appt with your dd yesterday Carrie?

StarshitTerrorise Tue 01-May-12 17:06:19

There was no 'spark' with DH either, which if I'm honest at that particular stage of my life was a bloody relief. It was more like meeting a pair of comfy slippers and bottle of favourite wine. I really looked forward to seeing him and saw spending time with him as a self-indulgent treat, but it was nice not to be on an emotional rollacoaster etc. I decided I had reached maturity or summat, but it has worked!

ninja Tue 01-May-12 20:07:45

Oh well, he doesn't mind meeting again but not for a relationship (more fool him!). He let me down gently, saying there's too much disruption in his life at the moment.

Shame, he was nice. Never mind anyone have any eligible friends?

StarshitTerrorise Tue 01-May-12 20:23:43

Ah, he sounds like a decent guy to have got some practice in on.

Just have some fun dressing up and presenting your best self for a while. Don't be in a rush.

ILikeToMoveItMoveIt Tue 01-May-12 20:24:32

<gives Ninja a manly pat>

He doesn't know what he is missing. Fact.

When I was single I used to think that dates that didn't lead to anything were a bit like job interviews for jobs you didn't get. They are all good practice grin

You have got past the first date since your split with TB, that is another hurdle jumped. Well done you.

ILikeToMoveItMoveIt Tue 01-May-12 20:25:25

And what StarShit said grin

StarshitTerrorise Tue 01-May-12 20:27:16

Btw, don't let this guy go completely. If you ever have a group thing/party to attend invite him along as a friend. He may well himself, have friends!.

StarshitTerrorise Tue 01-May-12 20:32:05

And what ILTMIMI said grin

I love it when you call me Starshit btw!

Carrie, I've got loads of clothes and a couple of slings. Nothing else at all. Just convincing myself that I'm going to be some kind of earth mother this time and don't need Moses basket, cots, baby swings/bouncers, buggies, etc.

I suppose I should consider nappies at some point......

StarshitTerrorise Tue 01-May-12 20:33:39

Oh, and Ninja, be ruthless. When you're next on a date, it doesn't mean you can't talk to any other men who happen to be there too!?

ninja Tue 01-May-12 20:46:26

Yes - I'm glad I've got over the first date and he was a decent guy to have it with. I like your advice Starshit smile

Right am I back on the website or do I try and find a hobby ..... (that I can do on a Sunday which is the only time I have free hmm

StarshitTerrorise Tue 01-May-12 21:04:33

Oh no, even train spotting is rubbish on a Sunday!

StarshitTerrorise Tue 01-May-12 21:07:18

Dancing is good but there's always competition for me. However you can get round them quite quickly.

I always fancied speed dating. It seemed quite funny!

StarshitTerrorise Tue 01-May-12 21:08:04

Competition for MEN, not ME. Honestly, I'm not THAT arrogant!

ILikeToMoveItMoveIt Tue 01-May-12 21:41:21

I like that you like me calling you Starshit grin

Ninja - do both, stay on the website and start a hobby <gavel>

I would say that the only thing you need off of that list is a cot, and if you plan to co sleep then you won't even need that. How about Freecycle?

StarshitTerrorise Tue 01-May-12 21:44:58

For sure. This is no.3. I have no time or inclination to be crossing hallways/bedroom floors. Baby will be right next to me!

StarshitTerrorise Tue 01-May-12 21:45:53

Free cycle is a good idea. Have to sign up locally and look out for stuff.

ninja Tue 01-May-12 22:17:40

Yes, freecycle is a great idea.

Dancing ?? I was thinking more about abseiling, canoeing, parachuting - what do you think ;)

StarshitTerrorise Tue 01-May-12 22:23:31

Yes. They're great. I suppose I thought of dancing because you HAVE to do it with a member of the opposite sex, which keeps changing. It seems somehow more efficient hmm, but i think you'd probably best stick to what you like. More chance of finding like-minded people.

And remember, girl friends are worth making too as they have brothers, male friends etc.

ninja Wed 02-May-12 07:43:27

It'd just be nice to have some single friends I guess, to be honest I'm fine though. I have good friends, great kids and a decent job so I can't complain.

My friend started salsa when she was divorced, but as you say starlight not many men there! I did look up speed dating, I might do again sometime.

Thank you for asking after me Carrie, I have been away plus been having a tough week.

But first, I am so very sorry to hear about your friend's baby. What a tragedy and yes, life is often very cruel. It's good that your church is rallying around to support her and her family.
I sometimes envy you your faith - i wish I had some. I was brought up a catholic and became totally disillusioned by all the wealth and hypocrisy within the catholic church.

Ninja great to hear you had a date. When i first split with exh, I confess I had a bit of a wild time and behaved quite naughtily wink - I think the term no strings was used on more than one occasion! Enjoy yourself.
I also love star's description of meeting DH. I could say the same when I met DF (ooh, how cool i get to say that now - still no ring though and no official announcement yet!) - we chatted like we had known each other for ages.

We went away to preston for 2 nights at the weekend. It went really well. DD and DS slept brilliantly as we were all in the same room (so no night wakings from DD with scary monsters like last night!) and we pootled around southport and had fish n chips. DD has started to eat well recently and behaved amazingly well. On the way back home we stopped at the Glamorous chinese restaurant in Manchester. we love it there - it is always packed with chinese people and they love kids. DD tried squid and sui mai (sp?) and loved them both.

But on the downside, last week I had a meeting with my boss and he said that whilst he and his boss were ok with my request to work flexibly (I've asked to work 4 days a week from 1 Oct to 31 Aug next yr, then return to full time once DD starts school), the director of our dept 'doesn't like people working part time and he will find a reason to say no'. FFS! It's 11 flamin months. I have asked for a meeting with HR but am not hopeful. I really didn't want DS to go to nursery full-time from Sept but may have no choice as MIL cannot have him ;like she did with DD sad

And another depressing thing too. We arrived back to find a letter from the courts telling us that actually the IM did file a defence in time but they forgot to update our claim, so we asked for a judgement thinking we were sorted and now find that is overturned and we have to go to court in Telford (2 hrs from us) with DS. I have seen some of her defence (the muppets didn't photocopy all pages so I've not seen it all) and it talks about all the reasons why she transferred me to the NHS, including giving lots of my personal medical details which I am not happy about as it is not relevant - this is a civil claim for breach of contract not a medical tribunal.

Why she transferred me is a separate matter - she broke our contract and so should repay. It's the same if a builder was paid in advance and he left 1/3 of the way through saying it was too difficult - I'd expect a refund.
She has also lied as she states she later found out I have true hypertension. shock Erm, no I don't. I've never had a 24 hr test to determine, it doesn't say that on my GP records, my bp is fine at home and the consultants didn't even ask me to take bp tablets during the pg. I didn't t/f private till 32 weeks so no, i don't have hypertension lying witch. The GD comment I could accept as my modified GTT did come back high but this also happened with DD pg and i went on to have a full GTT which was fine. this time round they wouldn't give me a full GTT so i disputed I had GD. As DS was not massive and had no blood sugar issues at all and I never showed sugar in my urine, I'm guessing I didn't!

<sigh> anyway, that is irrelevant as the case is civil not medical. I wonder if she can disclose lots of my medical history without my permission as I'm just asking for a refund and am not suing her for negligence etc.

So pretty crap week. (But not as crap as Carrie's friend, so I'm grateful) for that).

Meglet Wed 02-May-12 11:29:04

sad MrsA Bloody director and independant midwife.

I think there's a fuss happening at work about a admin colleague who wants to change her hours after DC2, possibly down to 2.5 days or so and as far as I can tell they aren't going to let her. Pisses me right off that long term staff are blocked from returning or have to pay more for childcare than they would like just because the bosses won't be more flexible. I don't know, I've never been a manager, but I'd rather have a long-term dedicated team even if I had to shuffle hours and be flexible than hire new staff. <<rant over>>.

I'm off sick today, I'm hoping a day on the sofa will nip it in the bud. brew

Becaroooo Wed 02-May-12 15:15:20

starshit if we can find some way of getting it to you can have my Silver cross pramette I had for toby..its immaculate still. Its jet black and I loved it smile Its for newborns to 3. Starts as a pram and turns into a pushchair. You can even buy a silvercross carseat to turn it into a travel system.

Also have some stairgates somewhere I think....

ninja more fool him indeed - you are one foxy lady and he will be crying into his pillow when he realises what he has missed out on!

ILTMIMI I have had my scans and MRI. Wrt to my back...its as expected..i.e. my L3 disc is fucked and I will eventually need surgery (but hopefully a long time away as its pretty major stuff...fusing vertabrae together etc) so I have got to go and have another proceedure where they stick a big needle through my side to get to the L3 disc and inject it with steroid. Sounds like fun hmm

Wrt to my lady parts (as ds1 would say) I am having an endometrial biopsy and coil fitted next weds. Also sounds like fun. Gynae wanted me to have a GA but I have 2 young kids, I cant be having GA's at the drop of a hat! So I am having it done under local. hmm

Will just be glad when its all over tbh sad

Badvoc Wed 02-May-12 19:28:42


Like my new MN NN????

<whispers> Its me...Bec!


ninja Wed 02-May-12 20:12:34

Wow! Badvoc what a change!! Why??

Thanks for your support smile Wow that really doesn't sound like fun sad

Meg hope you're feeling better.

MrsA - that is unbelieveable, how could they not have told you that there was a defence? How awful to have to go through all that again. It should be clear cut whatever her defence though, shouldn't it.

Oh MrsA I'm so sorry that this court thing is dragging on so long sad

ninja it is totally his loss, but well done for getting a first date under your belt so to speak! You know you want to find someone with like-minded interests, but are there any extreme sports you've not tried yet?!

star sadly both our cots are still in use (one as a cot bed) otherwise I'd gladly give you one. Lol at 'there's always competition for me' grin

meglet are you feeling any better? Hope the medicinal brew is working.

ILTMIMI the appointment went fine thanks, DD has been put on long term prophylactic antibiotics to hopefully stave off any further UTIs. She's being referred for a radioactive isotope kidney x-ray to check for scarring. Apparently if you've got it its the sort of thing you need to know you've got, particularly if you ever have blood pressure ishoos (like when she gets pregnant shock she's 5 fgs!) as alarm bells and intervention would be needed for her sooner than it would for a person without scarring iykwim.

Badvoc Thu 03-May-12 07:07:56

carrie Ds1 was on long term profilactic (sp?) ABs til feb this year. Worked well for him.

ninja hmmm...dont know...just fancied a change! smile

mrsa Sorry to hear the news re: court. However, as someone else said, its a pretty clear cut breach of contract so hopefully it will all get sorted quickly x

Am away this weekend so will catch up next week x

Meglet Fri 04-May-12 22:31:09

Much better now thanks. I was just really yucky on Weds morning, felt like every part of me was going to get ill but I rested and whatever it was didn't kick in.

carrie Hope the anti-b's can knock the UTI's on the head. Isn't modern medicine wonderful that they know about clever things like that and can keep an eye on your DD's kidneys as she grows up smile.

ILikeToMoveItMoveIt Sat 05-May-12 16:05:14

Blimey Bec, it really sounds like you are going through the medical wringer at the moment {{hugs}}

Hugs to you too MrsA.

I have read about scarring Carrie, I think I read an article about a z-list celeb who got it via a UTI (she was hospitalised for the UTI so it was a bad attack).

Glad you got a chance to rest Meglet.

I am still running and last night I ran for 20 minutes non stop. Now I know this doesn't seem much, but a couple of months ago I struggled to run for 1 minute. I was very chuffed with myself, especially as before that point the longest I had ran was for 8 minutes. I'm surprised how competitive I am with myself.

I'm keeping the boys occupied today while dh starts to fit the new bathroom. The house looks like a shit tip, however I don't have the energy to care. Ds3 is the worst, he's like a mess making whirlwind hmm

Badvoc Sun 06-May-12 17:19:23

ILTMIMI Yeah...its a bit pants. Will be glad when its all over.

So. My weekend away was a bit of a washout...was late for my train...--waddling--running down the platform after a rapidly accelerating train was not a good idea smile

Then got to center parcs friday night - all well till yesterday morning when the water supply to the whole parkl failed. Had to evacuate. Seriously. You couldnt make it up, could you? smile

Glad to be back really, as Toby is getting his back molars and its making him poorly/miserable/evil all at once...oh, and dh and fil are putting up the trampoline in the garden and toby has already split his lip with a mallet...sigh.

20 mins running would actually kill me ILTMIMI so very well done! smile

digitalgirl Sun 06-May-12 20:58:04

Just checking in!

carrie your poor poor friend sad, I think it's amazing how your community rallies round in such times.

MrsA sorry to hear the dispute with the imw is dragging on - must be very stressful.

So Franco is 4 weeks tomorrow. It's gone so quickly. Breastfeeding is getting easier. And the last two nights F has only woken once - I know we could be back to two hourly slots again tonight but the co-sleeping helps settle him.

One thing I am struggling with now is ds1's behaviour. He's desperate for attention and yet manages to wind me up so much. I have to admit that I've shouted at him a lot today. He's unwell atm and bored - I'm not quite 100% yet with my pelvis so I can't always wear him out at the park everyday. I know it'll get better but I just feel so guilty that he's having to adjust so much to this change. People talk of leaving their babies to cry while they deal with dc1 - but how do you deal with bad behaviour while you're breastfeeding? He is totally uninterested in being read to during the day. Will happily play games on cbeebies website for hours - but I feel guilty for sticking him in front of the laptop all the time.

ninja Sun 06-May-12 22:33:14

Digi, don't feel guilty about using a website. It's not forever and if he sees that as his treat while Franco is feeding then at least he's occupied. It's hard isn't it? The sleep is amazing tho, long may it last!

Badvoc, bec. That sounds a shame, is there any compensation for that? I'm sure Toby will love the trampoline. Maebh does, it's just unfortunate that it's under a tree where a lot of birds nest. Oops.

It was dd1s birthday yesterday and she had a sleepover at her dads house and laser quest today. Lots of fun, but she was too over excited and a bit emotional.

I managed a 10 mile run including a BIG hill followed by 3 hours sitting at the computer doing a revision session, so I'm enjoying a well deserved bath now smile

Badvoc Mon 07-May-12 08:09:32

ninja 10 miles??? <faints>

digi It does get easier, honestly. Ds1 was older when I had toby but I remember 1 awful awful day when toby was about 6 weeks old and I was on my knees with anaemia and tiredness and he just wouldnt SHUT UP and I really yelled sad He was so upset and told me he "wanted to go away from here" sad

Cbeebies website is educational and that makes it ok smile

digi I'm glad that things are getting better with ds2 feesding/sleeping. Just wanted to post that what you're experiencing with ds1 is 100% normal. I found 4-8 weeks absolute hell. It was after the novelty of ds arriving had worn off and dd realised he was here to stay. I too ended up shouting at her as you simply can't discipline the way you want with a newborn around (ds was feeding at least every 2 hrs, often every 90mins). I had good advice on here, specially from starshit smile in that this time is one of survival. Ignore as much as you can and give ds1 huge amounts of attention and love when ds2 is asleep. Tv/website on lots won't hurt him short term. If you're tired, when ds2 is asleep lie on the bed with ds2 for a cuddle and make up stories to get a rest. But rest assured it will get better. Ds was 5 months yesterday and life is good (ignoring all the other shit going on in my life and just thinking about the kids). Ds is chilled and I have been able to get discipline and consequences back on track and ds is able to join in things (eg sit in his bumbo and watch while we do craft or paint). I also found the Moiby and Close stretchy wraps a godsend so I had hands free and now he's much bigger, I've got a babyhawk mei tai and I LOVE it. It cost £65 from slumberoo and it is so comfy and ds loves it too. We've also been able to carry dd on our backs in it, so won't have to take the buggy board on holiday, just a buggy. Sorry, I digress but don't be too hard on yourself - it is hard on everyone at this stage.

That should read - rest on the bed with ds1 whilst ds2 sleeps. I also found that being anaemic made me incredibly angry and impatient so iron tablets helped.

ILikeToMoveItMoveIt Mon 07-May-12 19:54:23

<thud> Another one fainting at 10 miles. I can't imagine ever being able to run for that long. What do you think about? Apart from what you would like to do/say to TW grin

4 weeks already Digi?! Like MrsA said, about 4 weeks in I think most people start to feel like they are running on empty, so it gets tough. Also like MrsA I used a sling a lot, it was a bloody godsend. I would do everything with M that I had done before, just with I in the sling as well. When I fed I, M would watch tv, but I would engage with M at the same time (asking questions about what was happening on the programme etc) so he still felt like he was getting my attention.

Try not to worry, it's not like this for long. I remember feeling terrible guilt and upset. I mourned the time I used to have with just M. I also felt guilty that I was trying to lavish attention on M so he didn't feel left out, and the flip side of that was I was just feeding and doing the basics for I. Then I started to smile and I felt like there was some reciprocation and it all started to come together.

Badvoc Tue 08-May-12 15:46:43

Hi all.

Can I ask you all a question? <cos you are all so clever obv!!>

My dc go to a faith school and I attend the local church.

Anyway, there is a p/t job going (for 1 year) as a youth worker to try and reach out to families with kids, provide more services for them and try and give kids a safe place to be.

Pre-schoolers and ks1 kids are pretty well catered for but there nothing for pre schoolers and older kids sad

Any ideas?

As parents is there anything that you would really like/dislike a church to provide?

Cheers, ladies x

ninja Tue 08-May-12 21:06:10

A couple of things that our local church are doing (I'm not involved but could find out more) are:

Family film nights (acoustics are great in a church)

Hosting beavers/brownies/...

They also do early and messy chuch services specifically for families

My sister is a youth worker and runs a youth club, cupcake club! lots of festival related stuff (crafts for christmas, easter, ...)

In holidays she also organises trips to iceskating/museums/panto/...

Is that the kind of thing?

Can't believe this fell off threads I'm on <slaps self on wrist>

badvoc I take it you are interested in the job? Is there a faith requirement - does 'reach out to families' include 'reach out with the love of Jesus' or is it just a social action type job? I guess that affects what you'd put on your application in terms of ideas.
For pre-schoolers the obvious thing would be a toddler group I guess - a place for mums to meet, kids to play safely, and the usual ingredients of craft, singing/story time and snack. There are also other things you can work in conjunction with, for example in our city there's a charity that provides parenting courses, so the church got them in one time to lead a session for the parents while the toddler leaders looked after the kids.
For older kids I guess some kind of after-school drop in/hang out/table tennis/computer games type place - safe and inviting with responsible adults around in case any of them needed to talk about anything? And ditto parenting teenagers courses for the parents. Also a popular thing round here is 'who let the dads out' to provide something for dads to take their kids to on a saturday, giving mums a break but also providing a context for tv addicted dads to play with their kids - making things out of wood seems to be very popular.

DH has just left for his very long week four days in America sad <wail> And DS2 has chosen today to start with diarrhoea again, which if it continues into tomorrow means I'll have to cancel all the sanity-saving playdates I had planned! One of the mums who walks past our house on the way to school has offered to take DD for the next two days, so I only have to get one of the children up, dressed and breakfasted. Although DD tends to get herself up and make everyone's breakfast anyway. I wish she was old enough to boil the kettle and make me a brew but sadly at age 5 she can't even reach the tap!!

Going to eat a bar of chocolate and watch tonight's installment of britain's got talent, then I guess I'd better go to bed...

Meglet Tue 08-May-12 23:01:27


Badvoc Wed 09-May-12 08:16:22

I am interested..in fact its pretty much my dream job as I would like to work with children and I would like to further to cause of the church in my community at the same time.

Thanks for the tips...some great ideas!

They tried messy church and it wasnt that successful so now they do cafe church (evening) once a month and a breakfast and family service once a month which are also very successful.

I would really love to reach out to the older kids...so many seem to just "hang around" on corners and its sad sad

Idea of parenting courses is fab smile

At playgroup this morning one of the other mums said her DH has gone away and taken the car, she misses the car more than him! I laughed. And then my car broke down on the way home <weep>. Lovely mechanic is fixing it tomorrow, needs a new alternator. Disclaimer: I miss DH more, but lack of car is more inconvenient!

Kagey Fri 11-May-12 07:01:50

badvoc I was at elveden too last weekend. If you saw a mostly harassed bedraggled mess wandering around with dd's, that was me grin. Despite the water issues, we did have a lovely weekend. Erin loves the swimming pool and even went on the slides with me. As dh was on a charity bike ride, I dragged my parents with me. I'm a center parcs addict now, and our summer holiday is us going back to one of the Dutch ones again.

Badvoc Fri 11-May-12 07:34:25

oh! did it stay open in the end???

The friend I went with had a really bad cold/flu and so we were happy to go home, really.

We have got a refund. Glad you had a good time. (we were in the hotel)

Have a good weekend everyone!

DebiTheScot Fri 11-May-12 11:16:28

bookmarking, not been here for a while.

DebiTheScot Fri 11-May-12 11:34:57

Oh your poor friend Carrie so sad. Things like that make me so happy (don't think happy is the right word, but hopefully you know what I mean) to be of a good church community. It's reassuring to know that if something awful happens there would be support there.

Well done on the running ILTMIMI and ninja. We all start from nowhere ILTMIMI, doesn't take long for it to build up. You still ran 20 mins more than a lot of people could. I haven't run more than 5 miles at a time since my half marathon in March (because I was training for a triathlon where I only had to run nearly 3.5 miles).
I came 11th in my age group in the tri out of 35 which I was v chuffed with. Last year I was 30th out of 40. Next event the London Duathlon.

When do you have to go to court MrsA? I'm sure the IM can't be allowed to share medical info with people, especially when it's not relevant.

Kagey Fri 11-May-12 13:12:04

Yes it stayed open - at about 11ish there was a temp supply and so the pool was open & shops and all water back on by 4.

I used to run pre dd1 and I joined a local running club after dd1 until I returned to work. I've done a few half-hearted runs over the past month, but I have to do it more regularly now as I've signed up for the blackheath race for life in July.

Carrie sad but nice to know people still rally around.

Kagey Sun 13-May-12 22:24:13

Oh dear - I seemed to have killed the thread sad. Dh is sulking about the football still (man utd fan) so I thought I'd use the time productively on mn!

I hope you all had good weekends smile.

DebiTheScot Mon 14-May-12 08:14:08

Oh dear. I just remembered why this is pretty much the only thread I post in in mn. Got involved in a thread about something a teacher did & wish I'd never opened my mouth as one person seems to be trying to twist what I'm saying. Why does everything have to be over dramatic?

Badvoc Mon 14-May-12 09:20:27

debi Dont go "out there" Its scary grin

Minor back op on thurs. Sigh. Hope it works.

Left toby at pre school and he was telling me he would miss me sad

Cue me unable to settle at all this morning....

notcitrus Mon 14-May-12 13:44:10

Debi - I know what you mean. I've been avoiding this thread a bit as you're all lovely but my ability to cope with anything emotional atm is approx nil, so trying to stay on general factual threads (and occasionally failing and looking at AIBU... always a mistake!)
Got referred for CBT over a month ago and apparently should have been emailed within a week - 2xGPs and 2xHVs are now chasing. I'm doing OK a lot of the time but the odd panic attack when dd decides to sleep for long periods and be unrousable.

If the rain stops I'll go for a brisk walk - can't wait until 6 months when I'm allowed to run again (not that I'll be able to do more than 30 secs at a time for ages!)

digi - it gets better soon. I think 5-6 weeks is a low point where all the hormones have worn off and you're at your most tired, and then it improves. hugs

Hey there NC good to hear from you. My non-emotional achievement of the day is getting the washing out at 8am so it was dry by the time the rain started at 1pm. Believe it or not that's enough to make me feel like I've 'done' something today! I've also been shopping with my mum and found her a lovely outfit for the massive family party we're having in June. Its in a marquee at my brother's farm, so we're going down the linen trousers with nice top line of clothing rather than pretty dresses. Debenhams did us proud!
Starbucks are launching a new mocha cookie crumble frappuccino. I might have to give myself a new 'summer' MN name!
A very close friend (was one of my bridesmaids) is currently being induced with her second baby...eeeek!

Badvoc Mon 14-May-12 17:04:44

nc Hope the cbt appt comes through soon xx

carrie I know what you mean re: washing...its odd isnt it? smile A line full of clean dry washing is truly what happiness means <at least it is when you have 2 flith wizards young ds's!> grin

digitalgirl Mon 14-May-12 21:18:39

Thanks for the words of encouragement. I still feel like I'm being shouty mummy too much - but ds1 is actually a lot better behaved when I'm on my own. Too many adults and I think he feels he has to do even more to remain centre of attention.

carrie feel the same about hanging the washing out! Or just folding laundry that's dried - wonderful sense of achievement.

nc I'm also wondering when my pelvis might have recovered enough that I could start running again. Ds1 keeps asking me to 'race' him and even that 'bouncy walk' that is my poor excuse for a childs paced jog is very difficult to do.

Ds1 asleep after a relatively easy bedtime. Have just fed ds2 and thinking about grabbing an hour before the next feed. Sometimes I feel so angry about being woken up by a crying baby that's only fed an hour ago - but mostly I know this phase doesn't last that long - already the weeks feel like they've whizzed by. Ds2 is 5 weeks today. Before too long he'll be 10 weeks etc. And he's such a little cutie, feel guilty for cooing over him so much. Right must go sleep now.

Don't ever feel guilty for cooing over your little one! Such precious times. DS2 is now an eating, rolling, clapping, chewing machine who has his first tooth. Where did the last 8.5 months go? Seriously DG just enjoy and coo away!

Glad I'm not the only laundry obsessive blush. Even the DCs comment on the laundry drying potential of the weather rather then whether or not its good for playing out blush and secretly [proud] grin

I couldn't imagine doing any amount of running! I have been swimming lots lately though, that's my 'thing'. We started going back in November and have been almost weekly, we now do 10 lengths of breaststroke then 30 of crawl, and I even (willingly) did an extra 4 lengths of fast crawl last week. My friend asked 'what's become of the carrie we know and love?!' (my reputation as a lazy arse precedes me grin)

badvoc how did Toby do this morning? Hope you both survived the experience smile

digi don't feel bad at cooing like Carrie says.

Also, don't feel bad at getting peed off at DS2 for waking lots. I have discovered that I actually take a few weeks to bond properly with my children (thought it was DD's traumatic arrival that affected my bond but no - took 6 weeks to really love DS, or maybe it was his traumatic arrival too!)
DS is 23 weeks tomorrow and I've asked DF to get the Babydan out of the loft at the weekend as I think we'll start blw next week. He still sleeps well - was 7-7 but now 7-5.30/6ish. Don't think weaning early will make any difference to this, it's just development. I've always believed that carrots won't fill his tummy more than milk. We started blw with DD at 24 weeks, so it's about the same for DS and I am surprised we've managed to get to 24 weeks - he is now staring at food (which DD never did).

Proud mummy moment (bit of boasting really, can't do that on fb) - today I went to rhyme time at the library and walked in with DS in the MeiTai and DD was wearing her baby in her tiny kid's Moby. Oh the stares we got - twas a real Boden moment! smile

Badvoc Tue 15-May-12 09:29:55

mrsa <weeps with laughter> I wish I could have seen that! You are so middle class!!! grin

carrie He was fine. He always says he has fun but we have the whole "I will miss you mummy, when are you coming back" ad nauseum every morning sad

Its our 13th wedding anniversary today! smile

Happy anniversary badvoc! [flowers] and wine for you and your DH!

Sounds like playgroup is going really well, well done you smile

MrsA I wish I could have seen that, good work! We need photos grin

I'm not into blw as you know ('twas baby limited weaning with my DCs) but I've found with DS2 I could put bits of food into his mouth - banana, chicken, bread etc, and he happily ate it even though at that time he didn't have the physical capability to pick things up and put them in himself (he can now, but he was hungry and his manual dexterity was miles behind his need for food!). Also I shovelled in pureed food too grin. He's still having a dream feed which he absolutely drains, but it sees him through til morning which is an improvement!

ILikeToMoveItMoveIt Tue 15-May-12 16:27:12

Happy anniversary Badvoc smile

M sometimes says 'I missed you so much' when I pick him up from pre school. I'm not saying he hasn't missed me, but I also know that he has had a lovely time at pre school. I wonder if they are getting better at articulating their feelings, and that sometimes the language they use is exaggerated?

I am a laundry fiend too blush

Digi - M is often better behaved when he is alone with either me or dh. I think he feels he doesn't have to compete. Lack of sleep turns me into a right shouty harpy. It is evil. Don't feel guilty. It will pass.

I hope you get your referral soon NC, it's pretty shocking that it has taken this long. In the meantime, here's a {{hug}}

ninja Tue 15-May-12 21:35:15

Bookmarking. Feeling a bit down with the constant dealings with the tb, it's driving me to tears most days sad the kids cheer me up though smile

He's taken voluntary redundancy as so has nothing better to do than wind me up. Today I heard that he's changed maebhs preschool days for next year without any consultation with me or the childminder - he just can't do that. Id written him an email saying we needed to discuss this amongst other things, he doesn't want to negotiate (for example I have both kids on a Friday and one on a Saturday and I've asked forvthevodd weekend night off).

This is just the most recent thing of many.

Sorry, all minor things really.

Met up with the online man again for a non-date , nothing happening but it was fun to go out to the cinema (and I got to oggle Ewan mcgreggor!)

Meglet Tue 15-May-12 23:10:30


Badvoc Wed 16-May-12 07:29:25

ninja sad [anger] I hope I never meet TB on a dark night. The fucker.

Thanks for anniversary wishes.

13 years....blimey.

NC look away now and think of bunnies and butterflies...

Tomorrow is my friend's baby's funeral and burial. I'm adopting 'if in doubt bake' and about to make some flapjack. I have a feeling I'm going to see DH cry for the third time in 12 years. Everyone's quite used to seeing me cry though!

Oh carrie I have no words. Thinking of you all, most especially your poor friend and her family.

Meglet Wed 16-May-12 22:38:08

Take care tomorrow carrie, what a heartbreaking day. There's nothing I can say sad.

Badvoc Thu 17-May-12 09:19:59

carrie sad sad sad

Well, its done. It was a beautiful service, really intimate, the vicar did an amazing job and it was very precious. There was a song about when you grieve its an opportunity to have the experience of being held. The bible readings were really helpful to remind us that God doesn't promise to make everything smooth and happy, but he promises to be our rock when things are hard, and that really has been their experience.
The burial was in such a beautiful spot, its the victorian area of the cemetry and a bit overgrown and just much more natural and beautiful, it was sunny and lovely. It was heartbreaking walking behind our friend carrying the coffin of his baby girl - no parent should ever have to bury their own child. Their 4 year old was amazing and threw tulip petals down into the grave.
DH and I sobbed and sobbed, and talked on the way to the lunch about our own loss when our first pregnancy ended in miscarriage, 6 years ago this saturday.
Our friends did brilliantly and it was a real time of togetherness, a shared experience that will stick with everyone for a long time.
We're going away for the weekend tomorrow and it couldn't come at a better time, we're wrung out, and we're running out of tissues!
See you all next week, thanks for being there <hugs>

Bless you and yours Carrie.

ninja Thu 17-May-12 23:21:02

Carrie sad how sad.

I'm a proud mum this week as dd1 has been recommended as a potential competitive swimmer for extra lessons smile she's not particularly sporty or fit so it'll do her confidence and stamina the world of good.

ninja Thu 17-May-12 23:25:47

Carrie, I didn't see your post about the funeral. It sounds so moving. I'm sure they have appreciated having friends like you around. I'm not religious at all but I think any community is incredibly valuable and I know a lot of friends who gain strength through their faith and the community that comes with it.

Badvoc Fri 18-May-12 07:33:51

Am thinking of you and your friends carrie

God bless you x

digitalgirl Fri 18-May-12 07:58:06

How very sad carrie - so good of you all to be there for the grieving parents. sad

F waking twice a night for the last few nights. We introduced a bedtime routine three nights ago. Bath the boys together, then I give F his feed in our quiet bedroom rather than downstairs in front of the tv while DH does stories with ds1. So far so good. Hoping it means F will learn to go to sleep easier than his big brother did. Put him to sleep on his tummy last night at 9:30, he stirred at 12:30 so I flipped him onto his back and he slept another hour.

Meglet Mon 21-May-12 12:29:32


Hi everyone!
Had a lovely weekend away with friends, sooo tired now though but worth it!
ninja that's great news about your DD, well done!
DG your hard work will pay off I'm sure, you're doing really well!
Better go hang the washing then time for a quick brew before school pick up. Then this afternoon's job is to create a costume for DD to wear to their 'ugly bug ball' tomorrow, to round off their topic on minibeasts grin

ninja Mon 21-May-12 21:12:33

Thanks Carrie

Anyone else had lovely weather today? I was working but it made me cheery just to see the sun outside smile We managed a picnic tea outside with our next door neighbours too which was fun

Meglet Mon 21-May-12 21:46:20

Can I have a moan about how awful my kids are at the moment sad. I can't control them anymore and have no idea what to do. They're ok at school and nursery but for me, and recently for my family too, they run riot. I know all the 'rules' of parenting but they just don't care, if I talk at their level they spit at me, yesterday DS was trying to headbutt and bite me all the way round the supermarket, I give them advance warning of what we're doing so they have time to finish playing etc but they still kick off, reward charts work for a few days then they say they don't care anymore sad. I despair of them.

I had the parent support lady from school round to my house and said the reward charts (that she suggested) didn't really help DS and all she could say was 'oh, he's obviously not a child who cares about rewards then'... you don't say hmm.

I'm taking the little tykes to London this weekend in the desperate hope that taking them out of their comfort zone will help. Sorry for being so negative but I think I've run out of energy, ideas and hope at the moment. I've started smacking but as I (obviously) don't smack hard they just laugh, and it means they hit me back.

In my defence as a parent they do happily eat their greens and are bright little things. I haven't ballsed everything up yet.

Oh meglet you poor thing. DD's teacher pointed out to us that reward charts don't work for her, I felt like such a muppet that we'd been using stickers and 'incentives' for so long and getting frustrated that they didn't work and I hadn't noticed why...doh!
You are doing a brilliant job, being consistent is absolutely the best thing, lots of praise for 'good' and clear warnings and consistent punishment for 'not so good' and it will get better. Kids go through phases of testing all the boundaries just to check the boundaries are still there...which they are!

Meglet Tue 22-May-12 21:38:11

Thanks carrie smile.

DD bit someone at nursery today and had to go to The Office. <<headdesk>>. Nursery were very nice about it though. DD knew she was in deep trouble when we got home as she sat next to me on the sofa very quietly with a serious look on her face. We read a book about Being Friends at bedtime, DS scratched DD on her leg and she kicked him.

We've had a busy month really, mum has been away a lot so I've not had much help and everything is getting on top of me. I'm off next week so I only have to hang on until the weekend then I'll have 12 days off to catch up.

Fingers crossed for the next few days!

digitalgirl Wed 23-May-12 07:57:04

meglet sounds really really tough. Hope it's just a phase and the time off with them helps. Wish I had some words of advice but A is going through similar at the moment. I'm hoping we've passed the worst of it now that I'm more mobile and able to run off some of his exces energy. But being overly tired brings out the worst in him too.

In contrast I'm having a mini-celebration this morning. F slept 9.45 till 4.45 had a 20min feed then back to sleep till 7.15. Our little bedtime routine seems to be helping him gradually extend that first chunk of sleep. And he's in his cot all night too after we co-slept on and off the first 4 weeks. If any if you remember the sleep hell we had with ds1 (who's still waking and turning up in our bed) you'll know how lucky I feel!

DG that's great news!
meglet hang on in there, your break is coming soon! You do such an incredible job on your own, and without your usual help too.
If it helps DS2 is currently howling in bed having woken up far too early, and on our weekend away DD carved our names in the dining table of the holiday cottage using her spoon handle shock
I've just made flapjack, might just eat it all myself!

Meglet Wed 23-May-12 16:27:41

digi I remember your sleep hell, lets hope DS2 doesn't try and repeat it!

carrie At least my 2 have only damaged this house wink. They've discovered they can scratch ball point pens into the (cheap) dining room table. Hope the flapjack was good!

Only 2 working days to go this week!

Somebody spare me from the box of flapjack...I have a glass of wine and my evening plans have been cancelled so I'm on my own and unsupervised. Self control where have you gone?! Nom nom nom...
<passes round the last few crumbs large box of fresh, gooey flapjack>

ninja Wed 23-May-12 22:42:29

Can I have some flapjack??

Meglet that sounds tough, but also normal. I can't imagine how hard it is coping without any help, you must be exhausted. Good luck in London, that's very brave!

Also they eat their greens, that's a miracle! M gets all her vitamins from baby sweetcorn! Expensive and I hate to think of the air miles. It's a trial getting her to eat any main course at all. DD1 is constantly grumpy and shouting at me, she's always tired but I struggle to get her to bed or to sleep. She can be loving but is as or more often telling me how she hates me sad

Flapjack all gone blush
ninja so sad for you having DD1 tell you that sad Is she expressing her anger at what has gone on recently and not sure how to channel it? I hope you are able to get some time to talk to her and talk it through.

Today i've heard of several kids in DD's year (reception) who can swim 50-100m and are doing front crawl and backstroke. DD did several years of baby swimming, and has been going to proper lessons since January, but is still very much dependent on arm bands. I have no idea whats realistic at her age, I guess the amount of time they've spent swimming makes a big difference and she's not had a great deal of practice lately. DS1 is starting lessons in September but he's so tiny I'm not sure he'll have the strength to move very fast, and he doesn't have the technique that DD picked up at baby swimming. Sorry its an inconsequential thing, but it just got me worried that DD is behind her peers in this respect!

Debs75 Sat 26-May-12 00:10:19


ninja Sat 26-May-12 09:41:03

50-100m is amazing in reception (and probably more normal for 8-9 year olds). I think DD1 could do 15m in her lessons, but she never did it for me - she's now been picked out as a potential competitive swimmer (and there were plenty of years that she didn't have lessons). I guess what I'm saying is she sounds fine.

DD1 is getting better, she's calmed down a lot since christmas and I have fewer outbursts, but they are upsetting.

My friend has invited me to dinner at hers along with a single bloke tonight smile

THank you for making me feel better ninja. I know that swimming is like all things - teething/talking/walking/reaching puberty....they all get there but at wildly different times. I had a chat to her teacher on saturday which made me feel better about how they do the lessons, and DD said the lady in the water said something really nice to her about how well she was doing, so that's really boosted her.

Meglet Mon 28-May-12 00:04:30

carrie DS (also reception year) has been at swimming lessons for 18 months and only in the last bloody month (can you tell how annoying it has been!) has he stopped hopping along the floor, spitting water everywhere and started making an attempt to actually swim. Now he can push and glide and do some flailing front crawl style strokes for maybe 4/5 metres, then he splutters up for air. He hasn't perfected the breathing while swimming thing yet. But he can swim underwater through a hoop.

What made it 'click' with him seemed to be learning to push and glide away form the side. They only practised it for a couple of weeks and he got it and realised that he could make his body stay afloat.

It's going to be a long time before he can do a width of proper swimming but we should get there in time.

There are younger kids than him who swim in the big pool and bear in mind there are a lot of children who won't learn to swim until much later than 5yrs old. It's definately in the same list as crawling / walking and talking, they get there in the end.

And I have just realised I'm taking DD swimming tomorrow and my bikini line needs doing. Bugger.

Badvoc Mon 28-May-12 14:00:50

carrie ds1 is 8 and got his 20m badge last month. I think 50-100m at reception is pretty exceptional tbh.

meglet I have no advice, but am sending you lots of sympathy {hugs} My 2 dont repsond to reward charts either and never have. I am pretty
brutal strict when it comes to discipline smile If you are really fed up how about cancelling the london trip? I know it seems harsh and of course you will miss out too but sometimes kids need a shock to realise how bad their behaviour is. Whatever you decide to do wrt punishment - and bad behaviour needs to be punished IMHO - then stick to it and dont back down.

Do you have a good relationship with school? If your dd responded to being "in trouble" at school perhaps the school would have a word with her wrt her behaviour at home? Just a thought.

Toby is really ill sad He had been ill since may day really (turned out to be hand, foot and mouth) and then got a cold and on friday night he had a 40 degree temp. Took him to the walk in centre on sat am and he has got a chest infection and an ear infection sad He is on ABs (which give him the runs) and this morning ds1 has woken up full of snot and coughing...sigh.

So. Looks like France is off sad

On the plus side the Rev at my church has asked me to be a foundation governor at ds1's school smile And there is NOTHING the HT can do about it!!!! Mwahahahahaha...

Great advice there badvoc. I did the thing of making a threat I couldn't/wouldn't carry out last week, felt so silly coz DS1's bad behaviour continued and he knew my words were meaningless. Sticking to it and not backing down is good advice and something I need to remember too!
And hooray for being a governor, I have so much respect for people who give their time to make our schools the places that they are, the likes of me are very very thankful!
Last night I went to asda and got lots of jubilee tat merchandise for the DCs as they have jubilee parties at school/playgroup this week, and we're going to the river pageant in London on Sunday <squeals with excitement and jumps up and down with girly flapping arms>

Meglet Tue 29-May-12 14:10:14

badvoc well done! I bet you will bring loads of good ideas to the table smile.

carrie I have so far resisted Jubilee tat, but I might crack tomorrow and get a couple of the naice biscuit tins in M&S. Ooooo, you're off to London! You will see the Queen!!!!!!

re: my small people, The thing is they don't care what they do, so any threats to not have a day out fall on deaf ears, they don't want to go anywhere (they never ask) / the park / swimming etc. When I've taken away their toys they just play with the cushions in the living room or twigs in the garden. Mind you, this is a strong case for selling all their junk and making the house tider.

A cell- plain white room might bore them into submission, but they would only start making up songs about poo and would be quite happy hmm. I suppose they might win the odd battle but I should win the war eventually.

Anyway, I'm off this week being a SAHM! I went to the gym earlier and managed to read some of my OU book.

Lol at "making up songs about poo" grin

Badvoc Tue 29-May-12 16:44:34

meglet Sorry, but I had to laugh at your last post grin Thing is you are an amazing parent so I am certain you are doing everything "right". What age are they both? I really do think that at certain ages kids go through some sort of "brain explosion" and they go a bit mad grin I think ages 2/3, 5/6, 9/10 are about the ages this happens. Then of course its......teenagerdom!!!! shock I have already told Tobys GM that he is moving in with her as soon as he hits 13 grin AND SHE WAS OK WITH IT! RESULT!! <punches air>

carrie My 1st BofG meeting tonight!!!! shock I have got so many things I want to address...not least sen provision. Oh, how the HT will grow to hate me! grin

Am going to be making cakes and flapjacks for the jubilee picnic on thurs and crowns for the crown making competition at school. And I am a republican. The irony is not lost on me hmm

I have come up with the idea of a pleat of cotton wool and marker pen to make the ermine! <I know...I am a genius smile>

How did the meeting go...? Bet you kicked ass ;)

should be packing right now...biscuits help packing though so I'll head to the kitchen first grin

Badvoc Thu 31-May-12 06:31:20

carrie ahem smile I have to wait to "kick ass" as I have not been voted in my the PCC yet.

But after I have been.....grin

<kicks air like a governor ninja>

Sorry to be a stranger. Spending more and more of my time on fb. DS's MN post-natal thread has moved onto fb as a private group and so we can add weaning recipes etc.

Things are going okish here. DS is 6 months this coming Tuesday and for the past week or so I've been passing him a bit of fruit and veg. He's not very interested and is gagging a lot, so I'll keep persevering. Come this weekend I'll give him some porridge, toast etc. He's still on 5 feeds a day and sleeps from 7ish to 5.30am and often re-settles with his dummy till 7, so i can't complain.

He needs to go into his own room soon as DP and I need our room back. DD is adamant he is coming into her room. We had a trial night the other night and it went fine. DD is such a good sleeper that it might just work (DS's room is still a complete dump room/tip).

Time is flying - I'm back to work in Sept though they are still dragging their heels about whether I can go 4 days until DD goes to school next yr. V embarrassing as nursery need to know!

A quick qn - that's bothering me. I may have to post elsewhere. Working mums with school age children - what do you do about after school clubs? My sister's kids go to a swanky private one so their clubs are ballet, french club, hockey etc.
Some local schools do homework club and a bit of football but that's about it and the school we want DD to go to doesn't even have an after school club.
Dance lessons, language lessons etc are held locally (eg at soft play centres) but they are all around 4 and 5pm. If you don't finish work till 5pm say, what do you do? Cram the weekends or just risk not giving them access to extra stuff they may love? I am feeling worried that DD and DS will miss out.

ninja Thu 31-May-12 20:01:12

Just a quyick one mrsA - no need for activities until they're a bit older and then you'll know loads of other mums and be able to sort things between you smile

MrsA I'm not a working mum, but DD only did ballet after school this year and that was enough. They are shattered after school and towards the end of each term DD has had mouth ulcers, impetigo etc as she's so run down, so I really wouldn't sign up to anything else.
Friends who work see Saturday as their 'clubs and shopping' day and do family outings on Sundays.
Just procrastinating from packing and cleaning...we go to my parents tomorrow to 'do' the jubilee and catch up with everyone we've not seen since we last went there a year ago blush We've got people staying in our house the whole time we're away, which has focussed the mind somewhat wrt cleaning!

Meglet Thu 31-May-12 21:30:23


Badvoc Fri 01-Jun-12 06:42:56

mrsa I agree with ninja and carrie

DebiTheScot Fri 01-Jun-12 22:33:27

bookmarking. Hello everyone, havent been here for a while. Must catch up.

DebiTheScot Fri 01-Jun-12 22:55:01

meglet hope things pick up soon and that with consistency the behaviour will improve. I can't think of anything useful to say but I'm only 20 mins away if you ever want to meet up.

Carrie I find it very hard to believe any child can swim 100m. Even 50m. That's a very long way and a lot of strokes for a 5 year old. DS1 has had lessons for about a year now and has gone up 1 class in that time but can't properly swim yet at all really. They don't use arm bands, just the noodle things.

MrsA I know what you mean about after school clubs. Swimming once a week is all ds1 does. Part of me thinks he 'should' do more but part of me dreads the hassle. And I don't think he needs to do anything else. I certainly wouldn't worry in year R. I do want to look into Beavers though.

Badvoc I hope your poorly children are better.

I took ds1 to a dentist appoint earlier- he's been referred to the special clinic as he needs fillings and extractions. I felt terrible at the first appointment but this one was to discuss his diet, toothbrushing skills etc and it seems that I'm doing everything right (haha, as if! Just in the teeth department) and he must have just inherited my rubbish teeth. I still feel guilty though!

And ds2 has an ear infection- took him to doc this afternoon (it was a busy day, we did hairdresser too!) and he said it's a nasty one but is almost certainly viral as he's had a horrrid cold which is lingering and so hasn't given antibiotics.

Carrie my s-i-l and I are going into London on Sunday too! We might see you.

Debs75 Sat 02-Jun-12 09:21:47

Hi all, am enjoying the half term here. 4 grumpy kids, a mountain of washing, a house to decorate and dd1 still has exams to do. On the plus side it is nice weather again so they may get to play in the garden and not bother me so much.

Carrie Dd1 did swimming lessons from 5up and she couldn't do 100m until about 8 years old.

Mrsa they have their whole life to enjoy these extra activities, they won't miss out going whilst they are still little. Plus school is so demanding on them in the first few years they wouldn't have all the energy for after school clubs. With DD1 we kept it to swimming and dance class for a few years then added in horse riding( it was an incentive, and a chance for me to have another go) Now she only does the horse riding.

ILikeToMoveItMoveIt Sat 02-Jun-12 10:03:19

Sorry, I have been a bit AWOL, I have had loads of NCT stuff to do. I became our branch coordinator earlier this year (can't remember if I mentioned it, or not), so it's keeping me busy. Good busy though.

I would agree with what others have said about activities MrsA. I fully intend that the only after school stuff the boys do is scouting stuff. If they really want to do other things I will think about it at the time, but I really don't want to spend our weekends and early evenings ferrying kids here there and everywhere. I know it will happen eventually, but I will resist for as long as possible.

Enjoy the flotilla Carrie, I quite fancied seeing that.

The village WI are doing strawberry teas on the green today, I think we will go along and stuff our faces with WI cake grin

I have just ordered some gorgeous copies of The Enchanted Wood and The Faraway Tree to read with M. I am so excited, more so than him blush

Enjoy the long weekend everyone smile

Thanks for all the helpful replies. My neice and nephew do most activities within school time (eg niece is in reception and they finish at 2pm on wed and thurs so they can choose to free play or pay for french club and ballet club on respective days). Nephew is 9 now and does 3hrs of tennis on Sat am. It's cos they go to a private school. I confess I've never been to a state school, primary or secondary, and I feel so guilty that we dont earn enough to send kids private and am a bit scared of 'normal' school as I panic it won't be enough for them to do well (yes I know I need a slap). DD does football club on Saturday mornings and loves it. She's the youngest one there (most are 4.5 to 5) and one of 2 girls and she has blossomed. Her football skills are getting better ands her self-confidence is amazing. I want her to learn to swim (she can do a 10wk course whilst I'm still on maternity leave) and she says she wants to do rugby (?!) and dance class too. Oh ands she learns welsh at nursery! I think I've been panicking a bit and I think we'll stick with football till she tires of it and do swim class and then scouts/brownies (think she's a beaver not a rainbow). Your comments helped me to see straight.

The one thing that I'm struggling with is DS's weaning. He's 6m in 3 days and we've started blw and he's not keen on food - turns his nose up at most stuff, gags, brings his milk up and just wants his bottle. Remind me he will get it before I go mad!!

Badvoc Sat 02-Jun-12 21:21:07

mrsa <slap> grin I confess I have never been to a private school so I cant comment other than to say that afaik they do not have to follow the NC like state schools so therefore have far more flexibility and time (and resources) for extra curricular stuff....

I think perhaps ask yourself why you think your dd should be doing these activites? Is it for her benefit or because you (and perhaps extended family) think she should????

I think thats really understandable tbh...i.e. worrying about what others are thinking/doing IYSWIM? My sis and bil have LOADS of money and their dc do things that my 2 will never be able to do as we cant afford it <shrugs> I does bother me sometimes but then I see how well ds1 is doing now and ds2 is settling at pre school and feel ok again smile

I am sure your dd will thrive if the school is right for her x

Debs75 Sun 03-Jun-12 16:37:08

mrsa it took Lucy till at least 8lb months to really understand food. She just want interested, but look at her now she is a little piggy. With blw it doesn't matter if they refuse to eat it is all about pkaying with the food and tasting it without pressure. Dont worry he will get it in the end

Meglet Tue 05-Jun-12 19:55:19


My line for today seems to have been "We only bite food and we only kick footballs" angry.

Off to cook risotto now!

Meglet Tue 05-Jun-12 22:24:37

Meant to say I have managed to get some control over the household. Poundland are selling bells for Fathers Day (says 'Ring for beer' on them hmm) so I have bought one and now I ring it at mealtimes grin.

The DC's think it's great fun and know it's their cue to pick a few toys off the floor, wash their hands and come to the table. TBH it save's my voice too, at weekends there can be a lot of shouting.

mrsA I wouldn't worry about your DS not eating much at this stage. It takes a while to learn how to eat, BLW and finger food will be a good learning curve for him. I'm sure both of mine took a couple of weeks to figure out what they were meant to be doing with food.

digitalgirl Thu 07-Jun-12 16:40:43

meglet a bell sounds like great idea!!!
Talking of 'only biting food' ds1 bit a chunk out of the bannister last night. He tries to bite our stone worktop, but obviously that's slightly more hard wearing. What is it with 3 year old boys going feral?

notcitrus Thu 07-Jun-12 16:57:39

A keeps trying to eat his duvet and clothes. He says 'I'm being a moth' - from Chocolate mousse for Greedy Goose... He's also started on the random insults phase and the why... one.

R had a lovely phase of sleeping through but is now on one of three-hourly poosplosions. I'm trying to avoid MN apart from this thread as the snippy comments and nastiness and people who never leave their child in a different room are just too much. But by the doth feed of a day i usually get bored and can't resist a look on my phone. Must try writing a novel instead, one sentence per feed...

bookmarking. tired. hate this stage of weaning (not DS's fault) - as hard as newborn imo. can't remember the last time DP and I had a conversation (nowt wrong, just both busy and knackered). plus side - DD has turned into angel child in the last week. dd and ds now share a room on dd's request and DS's room will become a playroom. yawn. night night.

Meglet Fri 08-Jun-12 10:58:50

See, when I mentioned biting and kicking I meant each other and me. This parenting lark is going really well hmm.

nc We have that book. I'm currently trying to perfect the animal voices. I used to get really wound up by MN, these days I know who is stroppy and who to ignore.

Meglet Fri 08-Jun-12 18:30:29

I hadn't done one of these yet!


Meglet Fri 08-Jun-12 18:31:16

oh, does it not work anymore. Did I do it too late, it's still on the list.

try again.... [crown]

Meglet Fri 08-Jun-12 18:31:31


I can't believe I missed the [crown] emoticon!
Just bookmarking really so I'll be brief...pageant fab, sorry to miss debi. Had a lovely week, big family party tomorrow then home on Sunday. Kids been great, so nice to have a break from the norm.
MrsA I feel your pain, I dislike 'transition' stages, but once he gets eating you'll be sorted again...til the next thing! DS2 is now crawling <weeps>

Meglet Sun 10-Jun-12 12:22:05


I'm so fed up with this weather, the kids are cooped up inside and when they do go out and play all the cold, damp air ends up in the house as the back door keeps being opened.

digitalgirl Sun 10-Jun-12 22:19:44

This weather sucks meglet

DS1 back to pre-school tomorrow for the last half of the last term sad. Can't believe how quickly this year has gone. Haven't heard from his primary school yet about what we need to do for September. Hope they send something soon, am itching to get organised for it.

Any ideas about what I can do with a boisterous 3 year old boy over summer? We've got a week in Devon, but other than that I don't really know how I'm going to keep him occupied/entertained other than the usual merry go round of parks and playgrounds (and iPhone apps). Would quite like to do some day-trips that are easy with F in tow. London zoo and aquarium are too bloody expensive. But I suppose once over the summer wouldn't break the bank.

Debs75 Mon 11-Jun-12 10:31:46

Elder kids back at school so some relative calm in the house for once.
Had to put up the stair gate as Lucy is so inquisitive and sneaks up there all the time now. Robyn isn't best pleased but she will have to get used to it, hopefully it won't be long.
I've finally started the decorating, glossed several doors over the weekend so it stinks. We will have one smelly house for a while as I have several more to do and they all need 2nd coats. Then when we move we will have the joy of doing it again.

Meglet Mon 11-Jun-12 13:52:57

Bugger and shit. My roof is leaking angry. Have now got a housefull of clutter from the loft and am on the verge of renting a storage space.

Bum, bum and bum again.

And the kids are stuck in the living room for a while as all the boxes are upstairs. They keep trying to kill each other as I'm upstairs all the time. I think I need to get a DVD out and hope for the best.

digi can you do all the touristy things? The DC's will tolerate a quick wander through the national gallery, the skaters on the southbank kept them transfxed for ages and they enjoy horseguards parade. What else is free in London?.... must be loads of things confused. Your library might have some posters for with free / dirt cheap activities.

Have to finish this mug of tea and get back to the loft sad.

Oh no meglet sad

digi we just do a tour of the parks in summer, and find deals in the local paper for entrance to things, or if there's any council run stuff in any of the parks. There are free museums, and if in London then taking a picnic to southbank near the Eye will provide a whole lot of people-watching entertainment. Lots of playdates, and hope for a summer spent out in the garden! Also things like coke/dr pepper often have 2-for-1 deals for places like Legoland. I gather groupon have some great deals too.

I can't believe some of the babies in this group are starting school....! My older DD is still only in a reception and a 'new starter' to me! <total denial about children growing up>

<doing the threadkiller dance>
<wondering whether or not star has had her baby>

Meglet Wed 13-Jun-12 16:50:27

She hasn't. I've done a bit of stalking grin.

I am happy as it hasn't rained today so the loft should dry out and I can put the tubs back down on dry spots for any new rain.

carrie I know, DD is only 16 months away from school. I'll be applying for her place come November! We know a few other reception 2013 children , lots of detemined, younger sibling girls hmm. Heaven help the school.

ILikeToMoveItMoveIt Wed 13-Jun-12 18:01:07

Well done on the stalking Meglet grin

Can't believe ds will be going to school in Sept Digi, how do you feel about it? I know M wouldn't be ready, but then again I don't think that I will be ready next year! grin

How is the roof looking Meglet? Is a quick patch up job needed, or <gulp> a whole new roof!

I suppose I really should start planning activities for the summer hols.....

We are off to Cyprus at the weekend, I can't wait. We all need a break and some sun.

Meglet Wed 13-Jun-12 18:19:54

It's not a whole new roof, as far as I can see it's just one corner with a few leaks and tatty membranes (I hope). A roofing company is coming round on saturday. Apparently insurance will cover it if the wind was over a certain amount of mph in the week before, but I don't yet know what the precise speed was. A loss adjuster is coming round next week to take a look, but I might be able to do it without having to use insurance, I shall see what the roofer thinks.

Have a lovely holiday ITLMIMI.

Debs75 Wed 13-Jun-12 18:44:06

Starting school sounds very scary, thank god we have another year of nursery. Have everything crossed that we are moved before the school year so Robyn can have some time at the school nursery to make friends.

I have managed to get on the college course I want in September, I just have to do my maths and English GCSE again as 20 years is too long for Uni's to accept. At least I don't have to pay the £1,500 course fees which is a huge relief and means I can now look forward to September.

Great news debs, well done you!

Thanks for the stalking on our behalf meglet grin
Sounds like sort of good news about the roof...? Hope it doesn't cost lots of ££

Just made another massive batch of food for DS2, I think this may be the last as his finger feeding is starting to outstrip his intake from a spoon. Still shovelling it in on a spoon as best we can though just to fill the child up.

Can't remember if I said but I got him weighed the day he turned 9m, and he weighed what DS1 did when he turned 2 shock.

Meglet Wed 13-Jun-12 21:59:17

Well done Debs! What course is it? You will need a new pencil case grin.

carrie. He's a little chubstix <<squidge>>! It will all burn off when he's on his feet though. DS was always a big baby and pudgy toddler but as soon as he hit 4yo he turned into a baby giraffe and has stayed that way.

DebiTheScot Wed 13-Jun-12 23:05:07

I bet he doesn't weigh as much as my new nephew who weighs 20lb at 12 weeks! very almost 1lb a week he's put on. He's enormous!
This weekend was the first time I met him so I was a bit sad that I didn't get to see him in the first week when he was 'tiny'.

digitalgirl Wed 13-Jun-12 23:31:44

We heard from the school today. DS1 starts 10th September! shock
Half day for a week, then stay for lunch for a week, then full time by the third week. He's very excited by it, but I do worry about how young he is to be spending over 6 hours a day there not having barely any one to one attention. He really needs it sometimes. Desperately craves it at home - his happiest moments are when F is asleep and it's just me and him playing together.

Am currently reading 'Raising Boys' for some tips. Apparently they get a testosterone surge around 4 and behave quite boisterously till it drops down at 5. Brilliant, a whole school year of him not being able to concentrate on anything.

Hope the roof isnt too bad meglet

Thanks for summer day trip tips too. Think I'll aim for one non-park related day trip a week. There's only 6 or 7 weeks of the holidays right?

Meglet Thu 14-Jun-12 23:57:38

Can I ask all of you with DC's who have SN, did you think you were being a crap parent all the time (for what of a better phrase) until it became clear your DC needed more support than you could give them? I do sometimes despair over DS and DD and can't decide if it's just high-spirits, me being crap and a tired LP or they do have additional needs that I need to establish. DS has been hard work from about 3 months old (I've seen HV's and nursery said he was just quite bright) and I can't seem to 'win'.

digi the school will be used to settling in children of different ages. All DS's class seemed to do for the first term was playing, loads of free play inside and out. Only now, in the last weeks of reception year are they gradually getting the children used to doing little bits of set work at tables as preparation for year 1. DS has spent a lot of the year building things outside with his little friends, it's pretty relaxed IME. I wouldn't have thought they would expected any reception children to be that great at concentrating when they first start, DS's class didn't even go to assemblies until after October half-term, they weren't thrown in at the deep end.

Debs75 Fri 15-Jun-12 13:28:58

I'm doing the access to higher learning course. I'm hoping to do midwifery after it, if I get in 1st time then I should be qualified by time I turn 40.

meglet I remember despairing for months over ds, he was so different to dd1. Nothing got through to him and it was a relief when we realised he had autism, the relief didn't last long though. We had a very difficult few years to get through.

Badvoc Fri 15-Jun-12 17:22:05

meg I knew ds1 had sn/sen quite early on but he was a very poorly baby/had a bad start and had lots of problems from that time...if you are really worred wrt your ds then I would recommend going to your GP and asking for a referral to a child developement paed/community paed.

HVs and GPs are - IME - pretty useless wrt sn/sen and more often than not will just say things like (in my case)
"Ds1 not sleeping means he is clever" - GP hmm
"Ds1 will catch up - he is a summer baby! - Senco hmm

Go with your gut intinct...I wish I had sooner sad The referral will either;
Put your mind at rest OR get the process started to assess your ds if needed.

Ds1 was 9 on weds!!! smile He is happy at school, doing well and is now -ta da!! - reading at the appropriate (age related) level!!!! 2 terms ago he was 2.5 years behind!! I v v proud of him smile

ninja Sat 16-Jun-12 11:26:39

Star has had the baby! Born yesterday, nearly 9 pounds!

Just been for a run so must shower, but will be back later

Kagey Sat 16-Jun-12 11:59:32

That's good news - congrats star!

Also congrats on your college course Debs.

Have a good holiday ILTMIMI. we went to holland and Belgium last week, and although the weather was totally rubbish, we had a lovely time.

Erin's pre-school place has been confirmed for September at our first choice so hopefully that will bode well for next years admissions.

Not much else to report here but hope you all have a lovely weekend grin.

ninja Sat 16-Jun-12 21:56:36

Badvoc that's amazing progress, I do think kids do it in their own time. DD1 certainly did.

Debs well done on the course, can't see why you have to take the GCSE's again though.

Digi and Kagey school shock quite a few of Maebh's friends are going this summer and she's be fine, but she's still my baby (thank goodness)

I've finally blush got round to putting picture etc into her baby record book. I might have to trawl through mn for landmark dates as I don't have them recorded elsewhere!

digi I think there are/will be quite a few threads on here about how to amuse the kids in the summer. Libraries are a good idea, paddling pools, cheap craft, as many play dates as possible (for your sanity as well) - it'll fly by hmm

Meglet Sat 16-Jun-12 22:22:12

thanks badvoc and debs. My gut instinct has always been that there's something not quite right but I can't put my finger on it. But he's very social and chatty which crosses a lot of things off the list. Mum has said she will probably pay to get him assessed to see if it sheds any light on why he's such hard work.

ninja LOL at you scouring MN for your DD's milestone dates grin. I think I've neglected the DC's baby books for a couple of years too. I still weigh and measure them every other month as I like watching them creep up the lines in their little red books.

I saw that Star had her baby too. From the sound of it it was a fairly uneventful birth. Boring is good smile.

I was just trying to start my end of module OU essay. I have to write 1000 words and have managed to bash out 300 just about ok but still need improvement words. Have month until the end of the couse but this essay needs to be in by the end of the month. I find it so hard as I swear my brain has long since leaked out of my ears. The crap weather doesn't help, I blitzed quite a lot of in during the warm weather in May. Sitting here tonight on a grey, chilly, blustery evening doesn't help the old grey matter to get going.

My loft clear continues. The DC's have some of my old books and toys. We played magnetic fishing earlier. And DD is now the proud owner of my 30 year old vintage Muppet t-shirt grin.

Since DS2 has got me up at ridiculous o'clock I thought I'd be the first to wish ninja the happiest of happy birthdays! [flowers] wine

Debs75 Sun 17-Jun-12 08:59:07

ninja the uni I will hopefully go to won't accept gcse results more than 3 years old unless you have been in full time education since you took themshock.
I did the assessment and came out at a. B,C grade so should do ok.

Glad star has had her baby, I hope it wasn't too traumatic

Badvoc Sun 17-Jun-12 09:22:54

Huge congrats to star x

Happy birthday to ninja x

I am very hmm about doing more OU courses...I would LOVE to but would need a student loan for each one which would mean £7500 for each "year" of study and a degree is 3 years. sigh. I know you dont have to pay it back til you earn over £21k (at the moment anyway) but its such a lot of money and, at the end of the day, a debt. sigh.

Off to church today...I am starting my sunday school teacher role next week <eek!> Hope I dont produce a generation of atheists!!! smile Also going on a day long course on families on 25th which I am looking forward to...

Dh in China til weds sad He left on ds1's b day sad and is missing fathers day sad I forgot to put his f day cards in his bag!

Hope the weather improves.....

Meglet Sun 17-Jun-12 12:02:35

Where is your DH going in China badvoc? LOL at 'generation of atheists'!

The dc's are building a shack of bamboo canes and twigs in the garden, it's all tied together with skipping ropes. I'm still looking at the contents of my loft which has taken over my living room <<sigh>>. I have found some things to e-bay though, tour programmes, stamps and the old knackered scalextric.

Badvoc Sun 17-Jun-12 20:30:28

Shanghai meg. He rang me this morning and he was sat in a cafe in e bund district having coffee in 29degree heat!!
Sorry for rubbish typing am trying to get used to ds1s iPad!

ninja Sun 17-Jun-12 23:09:37

Thanks for the birthday wishes smile had a lovely day including (not necessarily in lovelyness order) being woken at 6 by both kids, burnt cold toast in bed at 6.30, happy birthday on the cornet soon after, lunch at pizza hot with 3 kids and me, afternoon at the park and a meal and drinks with friends this evening grin

There was one message on Star's page whch suggested that she'd got the birth she wanted, I hope so.

Meglet Tue 19-Jun-12 20:49:33

<<random comment moment>> Does anyone else remember the 1980's ITV show, Childs Play? It came to me in a flash today so me and DD were playing a game where I said words and she had to describe and talk about then to me. For 'motorway' she said "it has big bridges over it........... lots of fast cars" and 'elephant' was "very grumpy........has a trunk" grin. You probably had to be there but watching her little face thinking about it was so sweet.

I think it might work on car journeys.

Can you tell I'm meant to be doing my OU essay blush.

DebiTheScot Tue 19-Jun-12 21:45:44

Meg I don't remember the show but my 2 will spend hours playing 'what am I?' They'll usually be a character, a person, food or an object. Same sort of thing as you were doing. They give clues and the other one has to guess. It keeps them occupied in the car for ages.
DS2 can almost play I spy too- he gets the letter right sometimes but other times he doesn't or he picks something like elephant or he changes his mind part way through about what he can see!

Meglet Tue 19-Jun-12 22:30:37

<<snort>> at elephant i-spy!

DD 'I spy with my little eye something beginning with red/green/blue'. LOL. We have to guess based on the colour.

Sorry been awol. Lots to do - off to France Friday. DD excited about ferry that takes cars too.

<waves hello and au revoir>

I like the sound of that game, we're always looking for long journey entertainment! We taught ours word association, my favourite one was when DS1, age only 2 at the time, said "pig" after DD had said "funny". When asked why he said its coz pigs make him laugh when they oink. The perfect association!
I-spy with pre-schoolers is hilarious, we often say "I-spy in my mind's eye..." coz its rarely to do with anything they can actually see!
Have a fab holiday MrsA

Debs75 Wed 20-Jun-12 15:26:03

Robyn plays 'who am I?' and 'dress-up'. The who am I is easy but the dress up one she goes through clothes which the person, usually Woody or Jessie from Toy Story is wearing, she often changes her mind half way though as well.

Meglet Wed 20-Jun-12 16:07:00

mrsaA the colour idea is good. DD isn't that great at the letters yet.

Meglet Wed 20-Jun-12 22:40:24

DD's attempt to describe 'oven' earlier today "burns....... hot.........um..... you mustn't put your legs in it". Safety first grin.

Where are you going in France MrsA?

Meglet Sat 23-Jun-12 11:12:36


digitalgirl Sat 23-Jun-12 11:27:13

Hello all! Ds2 having an extended morning nap so am sat on sofa wondering whether to Hoover or have a break. Have so (with ds2 in the moby) far stacked dishwasher, tidied kitchen and lounge, folded and put the laundry away, put another load on, changed his cot sheet, tidied ds1's bedroom...
Actually writing it all down makes me think I should stay put. Dh can Hoover when he gets back from work this morning.

Amazingly this week ds2 has slept really well - 9-4:30/5/6. 6am being the record in our house. Had a 3:30 wake up last night after going down at 8:30 but really not so bad. Ds1 on the otherhand has not changed. Dh still sleeping in with him from about 2am after he wakes up crying. Don't know what to do. Some weeks he seems to be making progress, but there's never a pattern and no amount of explaining or rewards promised seems to make any lasting difference. I was partially holding out hope for when ds2 goes into his room and also when full-time school starts but am also wondering if he'll just wake ds2 (the incredible sleeping baby) up more with his skull rattling cries.

In other news, we're off to Devon again in August - so will be taking notes on all these car journey games smile

Meglet Sat 23-Jun-12 12:13:22

digi how is your DH's business getting on? I remember you said they were having a hard time at the start of the year.

I am having a minor (very big actually) meltdown today sad. Bit of an WWYD for you all.

Disclaimer; this is what DS has told me so it may not be 100% true and it may all be ok. But he's generally pretty truthful -and I've grilled him on it all morning.

A couple of week ago DS was given the job of maths expert in his class as he is very good with numbers, about 5 other children have different 'expert jobs' (reading, writing, role play, water IIRC) but I was so proud of him to get it and was chatting to the teacher about it on Thursday who said he was really helpful with other children when they were all doing numbers so the most able were assigned roles as helpers smile. They had a little poster up on the wall with their photos on it too.

But this morning he told me that yesterday the TA had sellotaped another childs picture over his place as maths expert and the new child was now maths expert as DS had been naughty and splashed water everywhere. Now, I can believe DS did splash water about but to take his little job off of him for it and replace him seems excessive sad. He hasn't had any class certificates this year, despite being in the most able group for everything and generally getting on ok, and now he has apparently lost his little job for something unrelated. The teacher didn't even mention it to me yesterday and we were chatting after school too.

TBH this is the first time I have really cried in years sad. I so hope DS has got it wrong and his photo is still up there, if he was naughty then he should of had a time out, not be made to feel stupid and no longer good at maths. If he was really naughty then I would have expected them to tell me too!

I will look at the wall poster on Monday and if he really isn't there I will try not to cry in class arrange to speak with his teacher. I almost hope I am working myself up into a state over nothing as it seems wrong to penalise him in this way, I'm trying to boost his confidence and this hasn't helped if it's true sad.

<<awaits 'FGS get a grip Meglet, stop being so PFB and wait until Monday morning' responses>> blush

digitalgirl Sat 23-Jun-12 16:24:57

meglet I think you've every right to feel concerned. Definitely worth speaking to the teacher about. It could all be a misunderstanding ie they rotate 'expert' status amongst the kids and this happened at the same time as ds being a bit cheeky so he put two and two together a got five. But if he is right then it warrants a discussion.

Dh's business is picking up thanks for asking. They did the Grand Designs live exhibition and got plenty of interest so it's all looking a bit more promising.

Badvoc Sat 23-Jun-12 18:38:22

Def speak to his teacher.
It's bothering you ergo it matters.
Prepping for Sunday school tomorrow (the idea of me teaching Sunday school still makes me chuckle slightly tbh)
Made flapjacks and caramel shortbread today but didn't wash the bed linen which I have just realised was my task for this weekend..

meg I agree go into it with an open mind, but if he has had the job taken away for that reason, then that seems totally unfair so cry away! Punishments should fit crimes, and those two things are entirely unconnected.

digi my DD cried in the night for years, and DH would often sleep on her floor, but she hasn't done it in the year since she and DS1 have been sharing, I honestly think the company calms her, so potentially putting yours in together will cure it or he'll wake the baby but lets hope not

It was DS2's dedication service today, it was really special, everyone there from neighbours to school mums to the accountant from DH's work! It was a lovely service, yummy cakes afterwards, and a great meal at the pub for lunch. But I'm sad sad sad that no one took any photos. I had my camera in my bag and didn't think to hand it to anyone muppet coz I'd texted a friend who often has her camera on her to take photos but she didn't get the text til it was too late sad I've got photos of the lunch and the cake, but not of us, as a family at the front of church making the promises and being prayed for. And now I can't satisfy my scrapbooking OCD of putting in similar pictures of all three children, and I have no record of the event. Silly I know.

Phew someone took photos, disaster averted!

badvoc what did you teach at sunday school? Did it go well?

Meglet Mon 25-Jun-12 11:56:31

Thanks all.

Well I saw the 'expert' board this morning and DS was right his picture has been taped over (none of the others have changed) and it was because he was naughty. I had a quick chat to the teacher and she said he was mucking about in assembly and pulling faces when he had been told to stop so not only did she take him off the expert board she has put him on naughty report for the week sad.

What really bugs me is that she didn't tell me when I picked him up on Friday and we were chatting for a while as we were sheltering from the rain in the classroom. He has been jealous of his friend who has been on naughty report for a while as he gets a treat at the end of the week if he can be good hmm. As soon as he knew his friend was on it DS said to me "I am going to be naughty so I can get extra playing time" so I've been telling him he has to behave nicely and ignore his friend when he is silly. It obviously didn't work sad. Fair enough put him on naughty report if he's been naughty but to take the maths thing off him too doesn't seem like-for-like confused. And now he'll get what he wanted and extra playing time when he gets stickers on his naughty chart but also thinks he's not very good at maths. I'm going to see the teacher after school. He's going to end the year on a shit, demoralised note and I really don't want that to happen. This new teacher is covering the old ones maternity leave and the naughty charts have only appeared since she's been there.


Badvoc Mon 25-Jun-12 16:22:18

Carrie the bible text was Jesus calming the storm n the sea of gallilee - I got the children to make storms in a jar which went really well til Toby dropped his and it shattered all over the steps at the front of the church....cue lots of muttering from some of the congregation sad must try harder sad
Felt really demoralised about it yesterday actually. It was my first time so was nervous anyway.
Hey ho
Meg that sounds really counter intuitive to me. I am not a big fan of the whole naughty chart thing for the very reasons you have described. I think it can be really devisive tbh.
Off to help at youth club tonight so hopefully no disasters there!!

Meglet Mon 25-Jun-12 21:43:24

Hope youth club went well badvoc. Positive thoughts! The storm in a jar sounds like a lovely idea. I'm trying to think what the vicar does at our kids church services, if I remember I will let you know. She uses Playmobil people when she recreates scenes from the Bible. What's the one where they lower the man down into the house so Jesus can heal him, she did that really well with Playmobile and a wooden block house.

I saw DS's teacher after school today. So I have established that yes DS was being naughty and did deserve some kind of punishment but I'm still not convinced removing his maths 'expert' job is the best punishment. The teacher said she'll put him back when he behaves again as it's a privilege (sp?), fair point but I'm not entirely convinced she thought it through when she took him off.

As for the naughty sticker sheet she was stunned when I told her DS has said he was going to be naughty to get a reward for being good (IYSWIM). She said "oh my goodness I didn't think kids were that clever!! shock". I can only assume from that response it is her first teaching role. I have told DS that he is to behave and get that sticker sheet full up so it can be taken down and never needed again, and I have told him that he must not choose a friend to play with as a reward (which is what the teacher has been doing FFS). I'm going to be nutjob parent tomorrow but I'm going to grovel to the teacher to make sure he gets no reward when it's full up. I have spoken to him about it and I think he understands why it's not a good thing to get a reward for it. We shall see how this week goes.

meglet well if there's one good thing to come out of this, its that you've educated a teacher grin and of that you can be very proud! Fancy not realising the kids would play the system to get a treat!

badvoc that sounds great, don't worry about what happened afterwards!

I quoted MN so many times this weekend my 66 year old dad said he was considering joining! He kept asking 'what's the MN take on the olympics' and 'what does MN have to say about welfare reform' He'd spend all his time in pedants corner though grin. He then bought the DCs their first second fruit shoot and today we had lunch from greggs shock so we can safely say he gets it!!! But DS1 did me proud and chose a sandwich grin. And I've taught him about judgey-pants so I can just do the action for twanging the elastic on your judgey pants and it diffuses tense conversations, genius!

justhayley Mon 25-Jun-12 23:28:39

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Badvoc Tue 26-Jun-12 18:19:29

Thanks guys. Felt a real arse smile
Soooo...am thinking of starting up my degree course again in October...and then doing a PGCE....thoughts??
It would mean I would be 45 by the time I could get a teaching job (assuming I passed!)
I really want something for me and I need to retrain to do it. I love working with children and have done in a voluntary capacity for years BUT does that mean I am teacher material???....

Meglet Wed 27-Jun-12 23:52:10

badoc go for it! Personally I think that as you have your own kids and still love working with other children then you're on the right path smile.

I'm not entirely sure what is going on with DS and school as of today. The teacher did take down his 'naughty reward chart' yesterday though, AFAIK it was because he was very good on Monday and she realised he was aiming for extra playing time as the reward. And according to DS he was back up as maths expert today, so I will see tomorrow. We have had some serious chats at home about behaviour and making a good impression on next years teacher (they find out who it is next week), I hope it's sinking in a bit <<sigh>>.

Badvoc Thu 28-Jun-12 08:58:41

Thanks meg

Dont feel very confident atm and am hoping starting my course again will help.

Meglet Thu 28-Jun-12 12:36:22

So, this morning DS's photo was back up on the Maths expert board and the other boy has been taken off (no other roles has been changed since it has been up). <<head desk>>. Assuming the other boy hasn't been naughty then what will he and his parents think confused. Unless all little boys who are good at maths are also little pests which I can well believe TBH.

I'm off today and trying to blitz the last bits of my OU work, have made some headway.

Badvoc Fri 29-Jun-12 13:01:52

Toby is in hospital with breathing problems ... Please pray/send good thoughts.
Thank you

Debs75 Fri 29-Jun-12 17:14:00

Am thinking of you all Badvoc, hope he isbetter soon