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March 2010 - Our Terrific Terrible Twos will be big siblings

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I hope nobody minds, but I went and started a new thread blush.

Sorry, headgirls!


FlipFantasia Fri 10-Feb-12 23:36:31

Hurray Pacific - well done for starting a new thread. It was like reading thread chicken over there - who would start the new thread first...grin

Sorry to hear of your oven adventures. Though at least no one was hurt/no permanent damage done. Hope the sleepover goes well!

<swigs the gin from the bottle, offers it to Arcadie who is pretending she's not here>

A self cleaning oven? Heavens, that is fancy. Hope it is still as fancy now!

siamese can I assume from The Gin that you're onto another cycle? <hugs>

I'm confused. The title of this thread looks like our usual sort of thing, but the person starting it isn't RKD! Whatever is the world coming to?!

NorthernNumpty Sat 11-Feb-12 12:54:32

Aaarrgghh just lost a post on bloody iPhone!

Just marking my place.

No danger of my terrific toddler being a big sibling any time soon, although happy to partake in Gingernuts nonetheless!

shock at oven incident pacific < makes mental note to check oven manual>

Sending spinning baby vibes to all who need them

evitas Sat 11-Feb-12 18:25:31

Marking my place, as well.

Flisspaps Sat 11-Feb-12 19:00:59

<looks round> Love what you've done with the place!

MissPenteuth Sun 12-Feb-12 10:05:55

Ooh, a shiney new thread, thanks Pacific. And shock at your oven, how scary! But glad there was no major damage.

I'm still feeling rough, but better once I force myself to eat. Hope everyone else is well. And enjoy your meal out tonight Manda smile

Ok, I seriously need to get out more!

Why? Because I'm still grinning from last night!

So, as I said, I expected a glass of champagne on arrival by way of apology for having to reschedule us... and indeed, we did get that. THe manager came over and was very apologetic and thanked us profusely for coming.

THe menu arrives quickly along with a parmesan biscuit and a choice of three bread (poppy seed, walnut or foccacia) all made on the premises. I choose foie gras and toasted brioche, DF the pork terrine to start and l lamb breast for main, he cote du boeuf. The boeuf is technically only for two, with a £5 pp supplement, but they agreed instantly to let us 'mix and match'. THe food is simply beyond scrumptious. And our waitress was discreetly attentive, if a little demure. But when I joked that I 'wanted to lick the plate' when she took away our main plates she suddenly came alive, telling me of a time she actually DID! At Gordon Ramsey, no less. Her boyfriend is a patissier and thinks it's funny to tell them, where ever they go, that it's her birthday. Cue a little something complimentary, sweet, with a candle... and often singing! Getting fed up of it she warned him on the way to GR that 'you know them all here; if you say it's my birthday I WILL lick the plate' he was of the opinion she wouldn't dare. 'It was only boeuf bourguignon, but delicious and you know I've never seen a birthday candle since!'

After her confession, she became much chattier and then, when she came to get our dessert order I said 'Oh, I can't decide between three...' she asked which three and then took DF's order (which was blood orange sorbet, the simpliest, most 'boring' if you will, on the menu! She joked it was a wussy choice and I explained he wasn't a dessert fan at all... She says to him 'If I surprise the lady, do you mind?' and he said of course not).

Well. She bought me ALL THREE!! And DF got just a single scoop of his sorbet rather than the full amount... but even so, it was a lovely, lovely gesture as the menu is set at one choice per course. And what were they? Of course a hot chocolate pudding with praline parfait, a creme brulee which was to die for, so creamy and rich, and 'Poached Yorkshire rhubarb with champagne granita, orange flower water and pistachios' which translated as champagne 'mr frosty' flavoured ice, sitting in an edible sweet cup atop the poached rhubarb in the orange flower water/scattered pistachios.

I valiantly battled my way though at least half of each but 'mr doesn't like dessert' DF polished off the rest, making 'mmmm' noises as he went!

You know when you feel so full that you're ever so slightly sick? Yeah, that was me. Waitress asked if we wanted coffee (commenting she'd never seen anyone smile so much eating their food!) I said 'my head wants it but I just haven't got room!' (was kinda kicking myself as I knew there would be petit four too... I think it was them my head wanted but stomach couldn't accommodate!). She then appears with two little gift bags of truffle and shortcake saying 'I thought you'd say that - these usually come with the coffee'.

So, the bill! THe menu is set, as I mentioned, at £45 per head BUT I'd gotten a deal through toptable for £29.50 per head. DF was driving so only had one beer (not a wine man. £3.75) and we had two bottles of still mineral water (£4 each). Then there was the supplement for the beef. The 'extra' 1 1/2 desserts. The petit four.

We were only charged the £29.50 pp plus DF's beer. There's something about fabulous food with lots of little freebies thrown in at a bargainous price that clearly makes me giddy because as I said, still grinning now!

But you know what? Even paying £45 each and without the extras, it is still good value. It's michelin food but generous portions, maybe twice as much as you'd expect. And although we had no need of the sommelier a quick look at the wine list showed it included some reasonably priced wine (along with some more, <cough> eye watering ones... grin )

Absolutely recommend CHez Bruce to you all! I found it to be 'posh', y'know, special, but crucially not stuffy. And the ambiance was quietly buzzing.

The top table deal is still available, for sundays and mondays... the next lot I can see on the website are for 20th Feb. Just sayin' wink

grin grin grin

RubyLovesMayMay Mon 13-Feb-12 13:01:27

<waves to everyone>

Hi Guys!

Manda I feel hungry now, reading about your posh nosh smile The Tomato soup Im having for my lunch doesn't sound so appealing!

Hope all is well with all, had a fab childfree weekend with DH, new wardrobe arrived, went to a lovely chinese restaurant in the Mailbox and went to the cinemas twice. Went a bit loopy in Mothercare over the weekend, buying stuff for the baby that I know we dont need
DD had a ball at her Nan's, she bought her a kitchen so she was in her element. All goes so quick though and here we are at Monday again <sigh>.

Feel like I've pulled some kind of muscle, like at the very bottom of my back but the top of my bum/hip area. Only on my left side though. Im fine when Im sat still but hurts like buggery when I have to get up and walk sad

Hope everyone had a good weekend. x x

Flisspaps Mon 13-Feb-12 20:20:15

manda that sounds wonderful! Yum
Yum smile

rubylovesmaymay sad at the pulled muscle - just what you don't need. As if being 7 1/2 months pregnant isn't cumbersome and uncomfortable enough!

So...scan today estimated DC2s current weight as 6lb 5, and predicted birth weight as around 10lb. Turns out that my family do have big babies though - and all bar DD (a rather dinky 8lb 2 in comparison to most in my family) were born vaginally with no assistance, so it might well just be average for me! Scan weights are notoriously inaccurate though. Having GTT on Thursday so I can rule out GD. That'll go down well with my plans for homebirth if it's positive, but having looked at various things including NICE guidance, even if I do have GD I think I will still plan as normal and see how I feel on the day.

Bugger bugger bugger though. Didn't have any of this with DD, textbook pregnancy until 42 weeks there sad

FlipFantasia Mon 13-Feb-12 20:53:02

fliss as a fellow preggo with a predicted big baby, I really hope the GTT is clear. Mine was, even though my consultant was convinced I had it due to baby's predicted size (the babies in my family are also big) but the whole experience was stressful. I also think this pregnancy seems to have been a series of hurdles, when last time was a breeze (current stress being that baby is breech though s/he seems to have shifted in the last couple of days [hopeful]).

If you're interested, my consultant had a home birth at 43 with gestational diabetes - she's written a book called the heart of the matter which my yoga teacher (pregnant for the first time at 45) loves.

FlipFantasia Mon 13-Feb-12 20:53:48

Manda that sounds amazing! V envy

Ruby ouch on the back - hope it feels better soon. Your weekend sounds great!

Flisspaps Mon 13-Feb-12 22:09:42

Flip Had I known/remembered that so many of the women in my family gave birth to big babies then I'd have declined the GTT, but I'd forgotten about DN being big (8lb 13oz, SVD at 38w) as well as my maternal aunt's children all being larger than average (and she's only 5ft 3ish) when they offered it.

DH was there when I accepted and it's really not worth the grief to just not go now, if he'd not been there I would probably have phoned to cancel. I suppose if I do it then it's more likely to rule GD out than in anyway, so I shall go and get it done with and then at least it will be noted that I've not refused every piece of advice they've given me!

I now feel the thread title should have been 'Some of our toddlers become older siblings' - in my excitement at starting a thread I suffered from Premature Posting Finger. A terrible condition, often accompanied by Failure to Preview blush...

Anyhoo, big babies, pah! Ladies, never trust a scan guesstimate; 30% out is not uncommon.
Provided there is no GD (and I hope there won't be, fliss), big babies are a sign of good/v good placental function (which gets worse the older you get which is why I feel vaguely bad about Joe's dinky 6lbs 10oz birthweight). And don't fret the weight, it's the size of the head you want to worry about... <<not helpful>>

Ruby, could it be your sacro-iliac joint causing trouble? I had this with DS3 and the maternity physios where absolute miracle workers - ask to see a specialist maternity physio; they are great!

Off to bed to join DH who is in a huff as his fancy-pants Home Entertainment System amplifyier (are you bored yet?) seems to have died... grin.

FlipFantasia Mon 13-Feb-12 22:46:33

Hey PD this baby is predicted on the 98th centile for head size...and I'm still hoping for a vbac grin. Everything else is on 98th centile too...

RubyLovesMayMay Mon 13-Feb-12 22:56:57

Pacific I dunno what the hell it is but it hurts like hell.

Trying to avoid pain killers but not sure how long to leave it til I go to the doctors. Need to get a repeat prescription soon anyway, so will go very soon if this persists. <hates going to the doctors>

Anyway, enough self pity from me. Has anyone got any romantic plans for tomorrow? or do we not give a shite? I'm gonna make DH a cake grin

Happy valentine's day ladies xxxx have some thanks
our My plans from this evening are ironing and bed early alone. DH is off to a home game. What thoughtful bods over in football world to schedual a match tonight angry
When I was mentioning this ( after being questioned on my plans) to one of my residents- a particularly aromatic lady in her 70's, she said 'he'll be wanting a boy next time then' when I pointed out these things couldn't really be chosen, she proceeded to tell me in detail how she had ensured she had conceived a boy. [boak] I genuinely put my hands over my ears and said lalalalala. !!!

On which note, manda ( baker of boys yourself), I was just being free with gin in here but in RL I'm 11Dpo and itching to pee on something.. But holding off till Friday to ensure a pair of solid lines (please?) I don't feel dizzy which was my first sign with DD. anyway, I'm mentalling quietly.

Loving that we have such big healthy bumps around smile good luck for gdd fliss

Oh bum, I've seen this episode of Peppa ( 1000 times)

pacific I misread your post as ' off to bed to join DH who is in the buff' (grin]

Oh and manda that food sounded Amaazing.

siamese I'm dreadful for holding off on the peeing - I tell myself I will wait, at least, until 10dpo as then is when I've had my earliest squinter of a bfp... lo, it comes to pass I'm peeing on things by 7dpo. Knowing it's too early but unable to restrain myself. As I was always stocked up on IC's there wasn't even the 'but you're as good as peeing on a £5 note' restraint as they worked out about 50p each, I think grin Got my fingers crossed for you, despite lack of symptoms... my last two pregnancies I had nada in the way of knowing before I saw the lines (and that's despite me absolutely knowing I was pregnant with DS1 by 7dpo... was torture waiting for the test to turn positive not least because he was a condom breaking mishap )

AH. Big babies! Yes, I'm freaking out scared cooking another biggun, I reckon given each time I'm measured it's between 4 and 5 weeks ahead (and head measured on 97th centile at 20 weeks). And despite James shooting out at a rate of knots even though he was nudging 10lb I'm irrationally worried. Irrationally? I guess. I am more scared for me, than the baby, I think - I'm still very much stuck with what happened after I lost DS3 (losing so much blood and rushed off to theatre after bp dropped to 50/24) and I know that was because I was induced at 17 weeks and therefore the placenta was never gonna come on it's own and nor would the injection normally given at a term delivery work as the recptors for it juat aren't there at 17 weeks... so, I should be fine, right? I'll be term, it'll be a breeze (HA!) like my other births and I Won't Die. Gah! Why am I so worried about it? I even find myself secretly wishing to be in your shoes, flip with a breech baby come the end and it all being taken out of my hands by a cs offered. I'ved NEVER wanted a cs!

I'll tell you what didn't help my anxiety levels...OBEM this week just gone. That poor family with the shoulder dystocia baby! Cried my bloody eyes out.

ruby you and me both with the gp avoidance (except for lovely PD). I always feel like I'm wasting their time even when I feel like death and but always adopt a 'wait and see' holding pattern for a few days before going if I absolutely must. I tend to do the same with the kids, especially since when I had DD I was, it seems, always told 'give calpol and come back in a week if not improved or before if gets much morse'. It was this waiting and seeing that made DS1 quite poorly with pneumonia at 8 months... confused Damned if you do...

Wonder how missP 's sickness is...

Hey, I know we had the 'how much our march 2010ers are talking' thing (James, not so much, although seems to be picking up quite a lot very recently) but he's suddenly started naming colours of his own accord (red, yellow, blue and purple only so far). I haven't taught him these! At least, not overtly. He also counts but only doo, dee, door, dee, doo (2,3,4,3,2). I 'blame' Team Umizoomi (Nick Jr) which he seems to love at the moment. It is kinda maths based.

Well, Happy Hallmark Cards Valentines Day! We don't have a special day, here. We give cards and do usually gift, too but refused to be drawn into the whole charging double for decent flowers thing but don't fling ourselves into it when it seems so commercial and engineered by the companies that stand to make most money from it And, sick buckets ready? We tell each other we love, and show it, every day so don't need no stinkin' valentines day for it!

Flisspaps Tue 14-Feb-12 09:46:41

manda team bloody umizoomi have taught DD numbers and shapes too. Can't stand them but she's become slightly obsessed angry

And bloody Bubble Guppies hmm

simplysarahandco Tue 14-Feb-12 13:48:41

Hello one and all,

cannot believe i have been away from the thread for so so long.

i cannot believe my thrird and final baby is going to be 2 on sunday~! i am just not ready! sad the terrible twos are in full swing and omg does he have a temper- to the point of being asked to leave the doctors waiting room on wed as he had a screaming fit because i dared to offer him a biscuit! blush how humiliating!

Nothing new here really all pretty good, birthday season for us ends with Elliott on sunday- DH had a fab 30th birthday, i turned 28 and harry was 7 in jan, Rosie was four on feb 7th! my bank balance is not in a good state!

very jealous of all the baby/ pregnancy talk- love to read how you guys are all doing!

enough from me x waves to u all x

RubyLovesMayMay Tue 14-Feb-12 16:49:38

Hi all,

Sod this! Im going to the doctors in the morning, this isn't easing up at all sad

Im going to struggle to even get to the doctors too, and DH cant drop me in the car as he's covering sick leave at his work and everyone in my office is on training except me and one other person and I'd need to get straight back to work asap.

Pacific Ive just been looking on the good ol' Baby Centre Website and the symptoms do resemble sacro-iliac joint pain or Pelvic Girdle Pain as they call it.

Just cheered myself up by booking tickets for me and DH to see Maverick Sabre on 6th March, balcony seats of course!

Hope you all have lovely evenings

Flisspaps Wed 15-Feb-12 18:42:48

How did you get on today RubylovesMayMay?

RubyLovesMayMay Wed 15-Feb-12 23:23:03

Well, he gave me some paracetamol and said that's as much as he can do as its normal in pregnancy.

Changed my iron tablets, got some more thyroid meds as I was running out and that was it.

Luckily for me, DH works in the hospital alongside physios, so I have some exercises to be getting on with and a support band for my belly.

So erm, yeah fun really. I'm in a bit of pain but I'm really not going to let it get me down <martyr to the cause NOT > no one likes a moaner, do they? grin

Arcadie Thu 16-Feb-12 00:04:41

<sneaks in>

<sides up to Siamese>

<takes a cheeky swig of the gin bottle>

<tips a knowing nod to all>

<sidles back out again>

FlipFantasia Fri 17-Feb-12 17:06:16

Afternoon ladies

Ruby hope the pain isn't too bad. Good thing your DH can get you some exercises to do, though wish you could just get proper help from your own doc!

Manda totally normal for you to still be processing the aftermath of T's birth sad. Would it be worth speaking to a midwife about it? I bet there's some sort of birth debrief team you could speak to. And please do post here about it if you want - I often find articulating things helps me process them.

Siamese hoping for a gin-free weekend for you!

Fliss any progress on the GTT?

Pacific thanks for the reminder that growing a big baby is A Good Thing if diabetes is ruled out - one of the consultants I see seems to be petrified about the potential size of this baby and the other one is quite relaxed (as she rightly points out, I am tall and have, ahem, a generous pelvis).

So ladies...drum roll please...scan today confirmed babyFlip is head down! Hurray! I can't tell you how delighted and relieved I am...

Though it's been a funny few days, as last Sat night I woke during the night with the discomfort of the baby moving and bump felt (and looked) different the next morning. So I was hopeful the baby had moved but still felt a suspicious round bump up high so didn't want to get my hopes up. The midwife yesterday confirmed the baby was still breech (she's v experienced, been a midwife for 30+ years, so I was also convinced...and more than a little upset that all my plans for a vbac seemed to be slipping through my fingers). Last night I actually spent time with an ice pack on the top of my bump and a heat pack on the bottom while watching telly (this was after the upstairs neighbour spotted me through the front window yesterday afternoon crawling around on all fours singing turn baby turn - did I tell you I was desperate to get this baby to turn grin).

Then at the hospital this morning the senior registrar confirmed again it was breech - yes, that bump is the head - and I even let a medical student feel for himself. As my hospital doesn't routinely offer ECVs to women who've had a previous section, I insisted I wanted one so he had to speak to the consultant. Who then insisted I have a scan to check cord/placenta and discuss the ECV and lo and behold, first thing she said was baby's fooled us all and is head down!

So I'm now back to looking forward to spontaneous labour and a vbac (though Fliss they're already giving me pressure about going overdue and I'm only 35 weeks [sigh] - consultant has recommended a sweep at 38 weeks and I'm supposed to be back at the clinic at 39 weeks...which is DS's birthday so am going to cancel that appointment on Monday and rebook for 41 weeks instead! It's a fortnightly clinic).

Sorry for the ramble! Happy weekend to one and all smile

Flisspaps Fri 17-Feb-12 17:45:49

Flip GTT was normal smile so just a big baby, although I am expecting an average sized one to appear based on the stories I've read on MN (v.scientific research method!)

Anyone giving you grief about going overdue should be TTFO if you're not bothered by a few days/weeks longer than 'average' - tell them you're passing the message on from me if you like. Are there any higher risks with going 'overdue' with VBAC plans? Unless they want to induce then surely not, but if you went down the expectant management route and a problem showed up on a scan then surely the safest option then would be EMCS ASAP for any woman regardless of vbac status rather than subjecting a baby with a failing placenta or similar to two or three days of induction and the stresses of being born vaginally anyway?

Hooray for non breach babies and neg GDDs smile

Boo for AF and another cycle. It took a year to conceive DD, by which time I was so stressed about it, and so obsessed with temping, charting, peeing on things.. I don't want that to happen again. I also started to resent people announcing their pregnancies, which really made me feel horrid. I think that's kind of returning too, when my best mum friend recently announced she was expecting dc2 my first thought wasn't 'yey' but 'why not meeeee?' swiftly followed by a mental slap in the face and 'congratulations'. She was quite nice when I talked about how I felt though ( she supported me through my rough patch last year- which, on reflection, probably all started when we couldn't conceive dd). Anyone recognise this? Being jealous really makes me feel awful.

Anyway, went to see woman in black today (dd in nursery, DH and I had day off) which was v scary but a bit daft in places. And bought DD some birthday duplo. Going to see Elmo Rocks at the theatre with dd tomorrow smile

Hope you all have a nice weekend. < cheers> wine

Happy birthday sarah ds2 tomorrow.

GTT durr

Flisspaps Fri 17-Feb-12 20:14:20

Siamese sad Boo for your AF. You can't help the way you feel either and nor should you feel bad about it.

Elmo Rocks sounds fabulous smile

FlipFantasia Fri 17-Feb-12 20:40:46

Siamese sorry to hear AF got you sad though Elmo Rocks sounds cool (and you and DH at the cinema together - am envy!). I remember feelings like that very clearly when trying (and in our case failing) to get pregnant naturally when trying for DS. I'm glad you've been able to talk to your friend about it, as there's nothing at all "wrong" with feelings like these. Perfectly normal imho but better to be acknowledged than to be kept hidden. Still, on wards and upwards, towards another cycle and at least you can enjoy some wine

Sarah happy birthday to DS2 for tomorrow! I can't believe the run of birthdays you've had recently - lots of fun but expensive I imagine!

Fliss I think the issue with a vbac is that it becomes less likely to be successful the longer overdue you go. But induction with pessary/drip isn't an option (it increases the risk of scar rupture though some doctors are happy to try it...though in my case since I effectively had an allergic reaction to the pessary it's not something I could even try again without having had a section!). But I'm going with expectant management all the way, since if there is any problem that needs immediate action I'd go straight to section anyway. I think I've got a great chance of a vaginal delivery if I can just be allowed to go into labour naturally.

FlipFantasia Sat 18-Feb-12 14:12:21

Fliss somehow missed your good news re GTT last night - glad to hear no worries on that front smile

simplysarahandco Sun 19-Feb-12 09:20:53

Happy 2nd birthday to Elliott and squigglys lo today! cannot belive they are 2 already x

Elliott has had a mickey mouse play house(crap plastic toy that is not worth the price) and its a hit! he loves it! hahahahaahhhaahahha

Hope everyone is ok x bumps babies and all x

simplysarahandco Sun 19-Feb-12 09:22:01

copied this from previous thread!

Here's a list, for birthday references. I've removed DCs' names and tried to account for any namechanges, so apologies for any mistakes:

1. evitas – DS – 6th February 7lb 4
2. Pureeandpearls – DD#2 – 17th February
3. EmLouT – DS – 18th February
4. Mumbot – DS – 18th February
5. squiggleywriggler – DD#1 – 19th February
6. snowflakesarahandco – DS#3 19th February 7lb 11
7. BulletProofMum – DD#3 – 24th February 7lb 4
8. Summer2008 – DS – 24th February 7lb 6
9. Potpourri – DC – 24th February
10. Twofalls – DD#2 – 26th February 7lb 2
11. TakingLovingChances – DS – 27th February 8lb 6
12. Scooby26 – DS – 28th February 7lb 8oz
13. Tigresswoods – DS – 28th February
14. Underactivethyroidmum – DS – 1st March 6lb 10
15. Mawbroon – DS#2 – 1st March - 5lb 15
16. Skidd – DS – 2nd March
17. Cyphercat – DD – 2nd March 6lb
18. Smac – DD#2 – 2nd March 11lb 1
19. Mumof8plus4
20. Lisbapalea – DD – 2nd March
21. LaTristesse – DS – 6th March
22. Itwascertainlyasurprise – DS – 7th March
23. HeartOfCrystal – DS – 7th March
24. MissPenteuth – DD – 7th March 7lb
25. AbsB – DD – 7th March
26. Grizzer – DD – 7th March 5lb 12
27. BlueyDragon – DS – 8th March
28. Westlondongirl – DS – 8th March 8lb 7
29. Sariska – DD – 9th March 6lb 14
30. LEMONADE GIRL – DD – 9th March
31. PacificDogwood – DS#4 – 10th March 6lb 9
32. SiameseIfYouPlease – DD – 11th March 7lb 10
33. MandaHugNKiss – DS#3 – 11th March 9lb 12
34. FourLittleDucks – DD – 11th March
35. NorthernNumpty – DS – 12th March 8lb 5
36. Iwonka – DD – March 12th
37. Ilovegreenbeans – DD - 13th March 10lb 14
38. Flisspaps – DD – 13th March
39. JasHook – DS – 13th March
40. Mad4MaineCoons – DD#2 – 13th March 8lb 14
41. CoffeeMummyy – DD#2 – 15th March 7lb 8
42. FlipFantasia – DS – 16th March 9lb 1
43. Mumof2point5 – DD#3 – 16th March
44. BellasYummyMummy – DD#2 – 17th March
45. PixieOnaLeaf – DDs#4&5 – 18th March 6lb 3 and 6lb 1
46. Annamama – DD#2 – 18th March 7lb
47. Donttrythisathome – DD – 18th March
48. MummyElk – DD#2 – 19th March 9lb 2
49. Designerbaby – DD#2 – 20th March 9lb
50. Dalrymps - DS#2 - 20th March 6lb 14.5 oz
51. Scootergrrrl – DS – 21st March 8lb 5
52. DizziDoll – DS – 23rd March 9lb 3
53. LouBudd – DD – 23rd March
54. Kay1980 – DD – 25th March 9lb 10
55. Rindercella – DD#2 – 26th March 9lb 3
56. Swingsofglory – DD – 27th March
57. Opalfruity – DD – 28th March
58. Henrietta – DS – 30th March 8lb 4
59. Shroomer – DS – 30th March 8lb 9
60. AfriBaby – DD – 31st March
61. Arcadie – DS#3 – 1st April 7lb 12

MissPenteuth Sun 19-Feb-12 09:31:48

You beat me to it sarah, I literally just copied that from the previous thread and was going to post it! Happy birthday to E. and to squiggley's S. as well. Mickey's Clubhouse (the TV show; we haven't bought any of the toys yet!) is a new favourite with Izzy too; if we lose anything or break anything in the house Izzy tells me "Oh Toodles help" grin

Busy with MIL visiting atm. It's nice to have an extra pair of hands when I'm feeling a bit rough.

Yay for Flip's no-longer-breech baby and Fliss' negative GTT. Sorry about AF Siamese sad

Just spot marking - got GTT tomorrow, too...

BlueyDragon Thu 23-Feb-12 18:11:22

I can't believe the birthday season is here again (and your family's birthday season sounds like mine, sarah, we're all January and March).

It's great to hear about the next generation, as it were, even if it's not all plain sailing. Don't desert us for other post natal threads though will you?

But sorry to hear your news Siamese, watching other people get/be pregnant must be hard. No 1 came along though, so your body knows what to do.

Pacific, given Alex's enormous size I think he qualifies as a Big Sibling even though There Shall Be No More Baby Dragons. Which is what you meant, right?

Manda, I've wanted to go to Chez Bruce for years, everyone I know who's been has raved about it. Your post made me envy and [hungry].

Nearly home. My home which had no Walls or roof in the cold spell. Still, Alex lloves the builders and we love stopping him playing with the power tools.

bluey Won't mention I'm going again on Sunday...

THe toptable offer is too good to resist! And as I can't drink, nor DF as will be driving, it's probably less money than if we go to, say, Strada and do drink. Be silly not to, right? That's what I think and I do so want the cote du beouf because the scrap I managed to get off DF's plate was scrumptious

ANd which cold spell are you speaking of? Been positively spring like today! although rain forecast for the rest of the week

BlueyDragon Fri 24-Feb-12 18:23:33

<flounces off thread to sulk at Manda's restaurant exploits but secretly hopes for full details so can eat by proxy>

Just had a tres amusing conversation with James:

J: Daddy? Daddy? <imploring look>
Me: Daddy gone out
J: Uh oh!

Wow, such an observant little chap already; you couldn't make this stuff up!

Flisspaps Sun 26-Feb-12 08:44:27

Manda how did the GTT go?

It was a weird old day/experience, fliss I slept horribly the night before, literally only a few broken hours. Got to the hospital and they finally took my blood at 9.30am/gave me a lucozade! I thought it very low tech! Was expecting a concoction to drink, not the 'poorly drink' from my childhood grin

I tried to read my book. James was at home with DF so the opportunity to read uninterupted for two hours seemed too good to be true... and it was. Couldn't concentrate. Was literally struggling to keep my eyes open!

Now sport a bruise on each arm (her digging around for my vein at the 11.30am blood was fun!) and black sticky bits that seem to not want to go anywhere (she used a MILE of micropore for each cottonwool ball - what's that all about?! Was PAINFUL to take off!). I can call in 'a couple of days' for the result if I want or they'll contact me if there is an issue. As I have the consultant on Wednesday anyway I guess they'll be able to pull up the result on the screen if I ask then.

Was very blah/tired/irritable the whole day even though I ate a massive tuna salad granary bap straight after getting out of the hospital. What this means wrt the results, I have no clue as Dr Google seems to suggest some women have no reaction and all is well, or all is not well and others have lots of symptoms and all is well, or all is not well! No rhyme or reason.

Will make the most of dessert tonight by pinching half of DF's too; he's already said he's having creme brulee! The man who doesn't like dessert! just in case grin

Flisspaps Sun 26-Feb-12 15:04:42

I was wired after having the drink (no lucozade for me, some rank drink used to treat malnutrition!) and then exhausted that afternoon. Fingers crossed yours comes back normal too smile

Arcadie Mon 27-Feb-12 20:31:40

MAnda Sorry to hear about the GTT horridness. Sounds like no fun at all.

Hope those of you with birthdays coming up are looking forward. We're still over a month away til Simmy's 2 so I'm giving it no attention atm. What plans for presents for all of yours? I know I've already had a 2 yr old boy but it was a long time ago and in fairness I was very postnatal and don't remember much about it. I think we'll get Sim some schleich toy animals and probably a toy tractor from an aunty or uncle. What I want to ask for is clarks shoe vouchers and for someone to pay for some swimming lessons..... (it'll never happen. No one gets a 2 yr old "just money" even if it's for a good cause).

And MissPenteuth I've FINALLY graduated onto level 3 of the Shred. Every muscle hurts and I was mostly following the low impact bird. There is not a cat in hell's chance of me EVER doing a full sit up. I don't think that woman's even real. I think she may be a robot.

It's rkd with a real post, and all! Yay! <squishes her into my bosom> (yes, there is little bosom to squish into, and actually this 28 week measuring 32-33 bump in th eway would also be a hinderance but, y'know, the wsentiment is there, right?!)

Well, firstly well bloody done for reaching level 3 of t'shred. One and half attempts at level one actually killed me. No actually. I'm technically living dead now. Apart from the mental satisfaction of moving through the levels, what results have you noticed? Or, indeed, what have other people noticed? grin

As for pressies, with just under two weeks to go until James turns two I have given it No Thought. Infact, I feel quite sure that I/we won't actually buy him anything as he'll get plenty from other people and it seems... wasteful? It's not like it means anything to him at this age.

fliss Did you find waiting for the results messed with your mind? I mean, I keep eating more sweet stuff than I usually would on the off chance that I am about to be 'banned'!

missP been mia for a while... I guess sickness must be kicking her butt. Either that or the MiL visit went horribly wrong and she's currently languishing in Holloway <overly dramatic>

So, Chez Bruce was very good again - Foie gras, Cote du beouf and Blood Orange sorbet for me (too much 'richness' left me just wanting a clean palette again at the end). We also took Df's Dm and Step Dad who also came away impressed. It's deffo my new restaurant of choice although I ought to try the sister restaurant that is 2 minutes up the road from me rather than a 25 minute drive. <checks to see if The Glasshouse is on Top Table>

Arcadie Mon 27-Feb-12 21:02:55

Awwww thanks Manda I miss you guys. And your bosoms.
I kind of agree on the wasteful thing with a two year old. Esp as we have A HOUSEFUL of toys...
And thanks for the congrats. I'm currently at about 3 stone 3 weight lost (but that's not just exercise related, have dieted too) but I do feel more toned. Apart from the saggy saggy belly. sad

<waves> to all other MMMs

MissPenteuth Mon 27-Feb-12 22:55:06

<waves from Holloway> KIDDING grin My MIL is lovely actually, but we've also had my Dad visiting last week (Operation Mould Removal in Izzy's room; turns out bookcases against cold external walls are a Bad Idea), FIL visiting next weekend and my Mum the week after that for Izzy's birthday so I'm sure visitor fatigue will set in at some point. On the other hand, an extra person to play with Izzy is good at the moment as I'm nauseous half the time and tired the other half.

Arcadie that is impressive weight loss, well done you! You must feel great. And well done on Shred L3. I'm really not up to exercising at the moment, but maybe I'll get back to it if I feel more normal in a few weeks' time.

Manda Chez Bruce sounds amazing, I love a nice meal out but these days it's more likely to be Giraffe or Pizza Express than Nobu for us. And I hope your GTT result comes back normal.

Just over two weeks till Izzy's birthday; I think we're getting her a toy till and a doctor's set. She's really into pretend play, especially tea parties and making "soup" (Lego bricks/Lego people/various other small toys in a big bowl). I'd love to get her a toy kitchen but we don't really have room.

Not much else to report, except that Izzy's back molars are coming through, so she's been really grumpy. Oh, and tantrums, bless her, she just gets so upset sometimes, which could be the teething or just her age. She's mostly very sweet though; DH has been struck down with terrible tooth pain after having a filling done last week, and Izzy told him today "Tooth better Daddy. I promise" smile

Happy birthday to scooby's DS for tomorrow!

Flisspaps Mon 27-Feb-12 23:02:41

Arcadie Lovely to see you properly! We're not getting DD much for her birthday to be honest. We've got her a new dress (that will do her all summer), a couple of books and bits and bobs and then we're putting money into her bank account. We'd be buying presents for the sake of it which seems daft and she got SO much for Christmas that hasn't been bothered with that it's just wasteful to buy even more tat toys. Much like Manda says really.

3 stone 3? You go woman! I think that's probably what I've gained, but I've not bothered getting on the scales since September(ish) so I don't actually know. Will weigh myself once DC2 arrives and then see how much work Jillian has ahead of her!

Manda I got the result for mine the following morning, so there was no waiting around really - just one day of misery and knackeredness and then I phoned for the results the following day.

MissP Hope you're not feeling too sick (remember, TTSP!) and that the teething is also over quickly. With you on the tantrums and getting upset too, sometimes DD can be a real drama queen (just like her father) grin If you're not too fussed by pinkness then the Peppa Pig kitchen is very small - we have one that DD had for Christmas (not that she uses it for anything other than taking apart and throwing on the floor). It's not as naice as the Ikea one I'd like to get though sad

FlipFantasia Tue 28-Feb-12 20:40:04

Evening ladies

RKD hello! Great to hear from you grin. And well done on the weight loss and shredding - I bet you look fabulous smile.

Manda hope your GTT comes back clear. I had mine on a Friday and called up for the results on the monday afternoon (or Tue morning). I also ate loads of bad things - felt like i had to cram them in in case they were banned! Was actually glad to get back to "normal" food like oatcakes and hummous...

MissP glad to hear you're not in Holloway grin. Though sounds like you have a run of visitors. Hope they're helping out and that the MS is passing.

Presents-wise, we're getting DS a micro mini scooter (so that he hopefully stops stealing scooters off other kids in the park and joyriding on them blush). Also hoping the scooter will help when the baby's in the buggy over the summer. We got him a wooden kitchen at Christmas time (a small one, as also limited space) and he loves it. Makes breakfast and soup and stores all his treasures in the oven (he actually helps out a fair bit in the real kitchen too - he's a top egg cracker!). We also got him schleik (sp?) animals at Christmas so will add a couple of more for his birthday since we're going to spend the day at the zoo and can buy them there. I love them - so realistic but so reasonable too.

I'm in my last week at work...and in official meltdown mode - so much still to do! I've been a terrible procrastinator and it's catching up with me now!! Why did I waste the last few months obsessing about pregnancy and not working properly!!! And to be honest, still so much to do around the flat that next week will be spent finally getting baby stuff sorted and hospital bag packed etc. 37 weeks on Friday. And on Thurs I'm helping my doula out by being a model at a spinning babies course she's doing...tis the least I can do in return for this baby conveniently being head down at my 35 week appointment grin.

Sariska Thu 01-Mar-12 11:33:16

How was the GTT, manda? Hope it cam back clear. And what about your surfeit of visitors, MissP? At least it should mean help with DD, which can only be a good thing where MS is involved.

Nearly there, hey, Flip! Very exciting! Are you taking bets on whether DC 2 is a boy or a girl?

Happy birthday to all the "babies" who have already celebrated their second birthdays. My DD's is next week. She is cat obsessed right now so her presents from us consist of the Happy Land vet set (includes a cat), a cat jumper and hat and, if I can bring myself to buy it, this. No doubt she'd like a real cat but, well, we'll see.

As those of on FB may have seen, we had an eventful night last week when DD went to hospital (blue lights and everything sad) after a regular upper RTI got a bit carried away. Her temperature was sky high, and we couldn't bring it down, her breathing was really funny (fast and shallow) and she was half-conscious (not sleep because we couldn't rouse her properly). It was pretty worrying but the hospital sorted her out quite quickly. She was admitted to the children's ward - and, relatively quickly, was singing and dancing her way around the (thankfully) empty bay.

Hope everyone is well. Are we going to try to have a MMM sometime this year?

Sariska Thu 01-Mar-12 11:37:44

Oh, link didn't work. It did in preview confused. Well, anyway, it was to a slightly bizarre cuddly cat called, for some reason, "Laying cat".

sariska the link works fine! I see a slightly creepy (kinda taxidermy creepy) looking beige cat... I don't know why you'd do that to DD!

flip Your post made me realise that I have not bought or done a single thing for this baby. I really don't need much, if any 'stuff' but at the very least I will have to dig out James 0-3 vests/babygros/clothes so they can be rewashed (obviously washed before put away so why do I feel they need washing again? I don't know but I DO!). I think I have realised that I don't actually see a baby at the end of this pregnancy yet. Isn't that odd? Especially how anxious I was that he should 'make it' and had extra scans and the like - is that just not wanting to lose again rather than really feeling bonded to him? Hmm. Kinda thinking out loud (or typing out loud!) here - these thoughts are kinda just forming now. Maybe a 3d scan might help with my denial feelings?

I missed my consultant appt yesterday as I feel like I'm dying with yet another cold/flu thing, but did call for my GTT results and after the woman covered the mouthpiece with her hand and I heard muffled whispers she says 'yes, it's 'normal'' Had I been myself I'd have asked for numbers but as I was feeling so ill I just weakly said 'thank you' and put the phone down. So, woe is me! I was kinda hoping it'd be positive so that I had a 'reason' for growing whoppers and that if I just altered my diet (which isn't even bad!) I could look forward to something less than ten pound this time. Not hoping for a tiddler or anything just... not something toddler sized grin

In other (AWFUL) news... going to Butlins tomorrow. THe teens like it and I suspect James is gonna love it - the pool, the kiddie rides, the way he jumps around every time the advert comes on tv... Me, I frickkin hate the place. Ah, well, it's for the kids.

DD's birthday next wednesday (she'll be SEVENTEEN!) and James the sunday after.

Sariska Thu 01-Mar-12 12:56:10

Taxidermy, Hee Hee, yes, you're right, manda. That is why I'm a little reluctant to buy it. Thing is, the tasteless child DD will love it: one of her cousins has something similar and DD abducts it whenever she can. But, no, I think I'll stand firm and try to inculcate some good taste into her wink.

Good news about your GTT although sorry you are feeling poorly. And Butlins, well, umm, umm <flounders, looking for something positive to say>, I know! the kids will enjoy it so much you won't need to entertain them at all and can sit and read or sleep.

DizziDoll Sun 04-Mar-12 07:21:17

I think it has been almost a year since i have been on here. RL has been quite hectic and intense. With second birthdays looming I though about all of you and wondered how you all were.
I can't believe they are 2! I still think of Yasper as 'the baby'.. Maybe it's time to think about a third.
Congratulations to all the ladies expecting. Are you addicted to obem again?
As i still need to catch up on the event from the last years, i am marking my place and wil be back soon.

FlipFantasia Tue 06-Mar-12 09:43:17

Morning ladies

Well...I am officially on maternity leave [sigh of relief]. Well, technically I'm on holidays as using up annual leave until ML starts on 19 March. We're keeping DS at the childminders for a few days a week so Mon-Wed should (hopefully) be reasonably relaxing until baby arrives (now that I've made a start on packing hospital bag/decluttering - amazing what I can achieve in one day at home with neither DH nor DS!). Last week was comedy hectic, but I managed to leave things in a reasonably OK state. The same woman is doing my cover as last time, though she's just been offered a permanent contract with our company so I imagine they'll be recruiting someone new. The good news is...I don't care! I've now properly switched off from work.

Dizzi hello! Hope all good with you and DD and DS smile. No OBEM watching here - for some reason being pregnant makes me totally not want to watch it! Though in fairness, I didn't watch it last year when I wasn't pregnant either [am practically the only person I know in RL who's not addicted to it btw - I was addicted to Call the Midwife instead - top show!]

Manda Great news on the GTT front and hope you're having fun at Butlins! And don't worry about getting things done for this baby - you have heaps of time still. I'm with you on the washing, though ours have been stored in the cellar so perhaps more of a mould risk (my mould paranoia is a definite nesting sign!).

MissP hope the MS is easing and that you're enjoying all your visitors.

Fliss hope things good with you - you must be getting closer to full term too methinks? My memory is rubbish, but I think you're only a couple of weeks behind me? I'd forgotten about this stage of pregnancy - am 37+4, so realistically, have weeks to go, but can't stop wondering "oh, was that a twinge?". Have planned lots over the next few weeks to try and keep myself distracted (didn't really do that first time around).

Sariska gosh, that sounds stressful with DD sad. Glad she recovered quickly, but must have been horrible. I'd be up for a London/south east meet up if anyone fancies volunteering to organise!

And happy birthday to all the littlies whose birthdays are around now!

simplysarahandco Tue 06-Mar-12 11:29:26

yay to ml- flip! very exciting x enjoy the rest when u can x

Happy birthday to all our two year olds! temper tantrums galore here! OMG! especially at 2 am! not fun at all

AfriBaby Tue 06-Mar-12 16:41:15

Greetings from Berlin! Afribaby has moved continents. BerlinBaby from now perhaps. Looking forward to posting more regularly - as I will be part-time work from home mom and main carer for DD - for the first time since she was born. Am nervous!

squiggleywiggler Wed 07-Mar-12 20:52:24

Would it be wrong to run on here after so long, dance round and round and shout 'there's a big picture of me on the MN homepage'?!

FlipFantasia Wed 07-Mar-12 20:53:15

Afri how exciting about your move! I've only been to Berlin once but loved it - such a great city! Must be a big change though.

Sarah the tantrums are here too - diva-tastic carryon at times!

Arcadie Wed 07-Mar-12 22:41:45

Well done Squiggly! You look very foxy indeed in the photo and the article is thought provoking too,

Sariska Wed 07-Mar-12 22:49:56

Bloody hell. The arms trade and babies confused. Well I never. Great article though.

FlipFantasia Wed 07-Mar-12 23:08:25

squiggly totally missed your post earlier - great article. Well done grin

AfriBaby Thu 08-Mar-12 09:48:08

Well done Squiggly! Interesting article - the baby and bullets combo is quite terrifying.

Flisspaps Thu 08-Mar-12 09:59:05

Go squig grin

Waves to Afribaby good to 'see you' smile

Flip yay for maternity leave! I'm 36+1 now, still 3.5cm ahead and seemed to leave the MW confused yesterday when she recommended I have another growth scan and I asked her what new thing it would tell us. She said it would help them to inform me better, but didn't seem clear as to what about - baby is predicted to be big, she said scans are inaccurate at this late stage and I've already had discussions with the supervisor about the risk of shoulder dystocia. GTT was normal - there's nothing new a scan would tell us. She seemed a bit hmm and told me to chat with my man about it angry hmm and then see the other MW at 38w.

DHs only comment was 'well, what would it tell us that we don't already know' confused when I told him about the conversation, and (unusually for DH) he seemed to fully agree with me declining the scan, rather than thinking I was being obtuse for the sake of it.

Chat to my man, seemingly being heavily pregnant had rendered me incapable of making an informed decision by myself...

FlipFantasia Thu 08-Mar-12 14:11:14

Fliss talk to your man shock. Erm, because you're incapable of making a decision? Crikey, that would have wound me right up! Well done on refusing the scan - won't tell you anything you don't already know! I had a midwife app today and it wasn't my usual midwife, which was actually quite nice (she was more relaxed reading through my notes that my usual midwife). She managed to change my hospital app next week to one with my nice consultant on my due date the week after (the nice consultant isn't obsessed with the baby's size the way the other consultant is - the other consultant is equally nice, bar her obsession with the size of the baby!). I'd actually like no more hospital appointments, but I can't get another midwife appointment until I'd be 43 weeks + and actually do want my BP and urine checked before then. The midwife booking system seems mad to me (was tempted to say couldn't they rearrange some of the 16/28 week appointments to fit me in in the next couple of weeks but wasn't brave enough!). Baby is still head down (relief), head free but appears to be OP. I think baby is more to the left, but will do a bit more positioning stuff.

Right, off to have a quick snooze while DS naps!

squiggleywiggler Fri 09-Mar-12 07:58:07

Thanks all! I now realise how often I go on MN due to the shock of seeing my beady eyes staring out.

Trying to catch up a bit. Afri Berline sounds amazing. I always wanted to go there and we're thinking of a weekend later in the year.

Tantrums: check. Though went on an amazing course (www.babiesknow.com) which has totally changed how I deal with them and really, really helped. I'd have never paid for it but they wanted me to write about it. We're now going back on their longer course (and paying for DH to come) as it was soooo worthwhile.

Fliss is it wrong that you MW wanting you to have a scan but not even knowing herself why kind of makes me giggle? Must be so frustrating though when you are totally informed and comfortable with your decision. And AS IF you need to chat with your man. FFS!

Flip yay for mat leave. Are you enjoying it? Can we meet up perhaps with Missp. How are you feeling MissP?

Sariska that sounds scary - glad DD is ok now.

In DD world life is all about her 'big girl's bed' and carrying her teddy round in the doll-sized ergo (sweeeeeet). She's got a nasty cough that's really been set in for weeks now and I think may have progressed to chest infection so off to the docs we go. Her chest keeps getting so tight she speaks strangely, her breathing sounded laboured last night and this morning she has a raging temperature sad

All well with me though mad mad mad busy. We may also be moving to the kent coast shock though we are keeping our London flat and renting it out in case we need to come back and also for financial security purposes feels grown up, sees she's covered in marmite and realises she might not be . We put a very low offer in on a house and are waiting to hear back...

Right off to harass the GP on the phone. DD make squeaking noises as she breathes out...

When I first checked the homepage, I thought: Blimey, squiggley is actually Goldie Hawn!!! shock Hehe, no, I didn't, but her picture was a little way under yours and was a fun thought for a moment. grin

To my mind, I think the organisers of the fair aren't really the 'bad' guys, per se. I mean, as the organisers, they just want to sell as many booths as possible/negotiate the cheapest venue/advertising costs - they're making money. Even organising a baby fair alone regardless of their other interests doesn't automatically make them some kind of virtuous company unless they ONLY sell their spots/booths to natural/organic/breastfeeding/reusuable nappy/little bit wooo companies, y'know? A lot of coporate baby big business is pretty ugly - as you say looking to sell us crap we really don't need by laying on The Guilt or holding back on recalls or using ingredients that aren't 'the best' for our little ones but are cheaper and, hey, we won't notice anyway if their advertising is worded just so, and The Want is created.

In that sense, as a fair organising company then isn't the baby business just the lesser of two evils? The corporate baby stuff isn't funding the arms stuff and vice versa. I find it hard to be offended that the fair organisers deal with both because ultimately they don't give a fig about my baby or my life with them whether they deal with the arms trade or not...

Gawd, I sound cynical.

I would like that the arms fairs didn't exist at all, obviously, but they do, and are perfectly legal, and as I say the perps of what is wrong with them aren't the orgnaisers of the fairs but the attendees.

I suppose it's that I find the bloody baby fairs abhorrent in and of themselves that the 'added bonus' of the organisers having an (even less savory) different branch doesn't either a) surprise me or b) seem unusual.

Am I even making sense? I haven't even finished my first coffee and could be waffling a load of crap here!

ALso, shock face for fliss! I am hoping she meant talk to your partner in the sense that it's his baby too and you make joint decisions regarding care rather than the patronising, run along silly woman and consult the person with the brain in your relationship... difficult to know though!

MissPenteuth Fri 09-Mar-12 17:32:17

Hi all, popping in to say that I had a scan today. I was quite anxious about it, without any good reason, but it was all very positive and reassuring. Saw the teeny heartbeat smile I'm 9+6 (which ties in with my own estimation, even though by LMP I should be 11w), so I've got another scan booked in 3 weeks.

Busy baking/decorating a cake tonight for Izzy's birthday lunch tomorrow. Did presents and (M&S) cake on Wednesday but we've got more relatives coming tomorrow so we'll do another small celebration.

Very impressed by your article squiggley, I had no idea of the Baby Show/arms trade link. Would love to meet up sometime btw, my run of visitors end after this weekend so let me know.

And a big <eyeroll> to your MW Fliss, "chat with your man" indeed. Those pesky uteruses (uterii?) of ours do interfere with our decision-making at the best of times, so imagine how incapable of logical thought a pregnant woman with an enlarged uterus must be.

Off to do Izzy's tea.. hope everyone else is well smile

Flisspaps Fri 09-Mar-12 19:07:21

Hooray for your scan MissP smile

Having 'chatted with my man' this evening he has said that he is happy for me to stay at home if I go past 38 weeks. This is despite our Trust dishing out the HB packs at - and the classification of full term as being - 37 weeks. If they're happy that it's safe to give birth in the MLU or at home at that point, then I'm not going to go 'ooh, I don't know', especially after all the i-dotting and t-crossing that's been done up to this point.

I'd like to see him getting me to agree to getting in the car at anything past Wednesday hmm.

This is exactly why it is not advisable to chat to your man.

Lovely news on the scan, missP - is the ms easing now or still struggling? It'd be a crying shame to miss out on so much celebration cake for Izzy's birthday!

MissPenteuth Sun 11-Mar-12 07:52:26

The ms is better now than it was Manda, although that could be because I've been eating more while we've had visitors (meals out, coffee and biscuits, and cake, of course). Happy birthday to J today, and to Siamese's DD and also Pacific's DS yesterday smile

squiggley how is DD doing? Did you get anywhere with the GP?

simplysarahandco Tue 13-Mar-12 10:38:08

hope all the birthday boys and girls are having a fab time x

Flisspaps Wed 14-Mar-12 10:12:12

<dances in>

37 weeks today grin

Pick up home birth pack tomorrow

<dances out>

<waddles back in>

DD had a lovely day yesterday, thanks for all the birthday wishes. She was most put out this morning. She came into our room and requested presents and was appalled when we told her there weren't any today grin

2 year olds...how have we managed this? Well done us smile

simplysarahandco Wed 14-Mar-12 13:54:05

fliss 37 weeks already! wow- very jelous of the homebirth pack! sad

all the best x cant wait to hear of all the new arrivals x

RubyLovesMayMay Wed 14-Mar-12 16:40:09

37 weeks? Fliss now you're just showing off <34 weeks and fed up> grin

Hi everyone, hope you're all well and that all your little ones have/have had a brilliant birthday!

DD had a lovely day last week, me and DH took her swimming, then went out for lunch and then relatives came in the evening for birthday cake and to give her presents. She also had a little party at her playgroup so got to do the cake and candles twice, the lucky girl. Her Childminder said she blew the candles out by herself (didnt at home though hmm )

She was most impressed with all the clothes she got and demanded to wear them straight away. She also got a Pepper Pig Bike that she refuses to get off everytime she's home.

She still picks up her birthday cards and says "happy birthday card" over and over, I should pack them away now really, its been a week. The amount of sentences she's starting to put together in the past few weeks has been amazing, she mumbles/talks quitely most of the time but the words are there. My favourite being "baby kicking" whilst rubbing my belly.

So home life is great at the moment, waiting very impatiently for my boy to arrive, DH gave me a pedi last night and all the hard, dry skin is gone my very neglected feet feel fantastic again, he got me some Ugg boots as well which I will now live in. Comfort over style people, everytime!

Work however is shit not so great and tbh its really getting me down sad My manager is very supportive but its more the general crap with my colleuges acting like teenagers making my job harder than it needs to be.

The person that is covering me hasn't started yet and Im going to need a while to do handover, also another office is closing so the staff are moving to our site at the same time so all the added stress of that too.

I genuinely wish that I wasn't here and I'll almost certainly be looking for some else, prefably part-time while Im on maternity leave.

Sorry to bring the thread down, Im only here for another 20 minutes before I go home anyway.

((Hugs)) to everyone

x x x x

Good news on the MS easing up missP - I really don't think I could face it again even if I hadn't already decided this baby is DEFINITELY my last! never say never

seriously, never

So I went for the 3/4D scan yesterday and have come away still feeling pretty blank about everything. His weight was estimated at 4lb 9oz so looks like we're on track for another big boy (as much as we know these estimates can be off...). Added one of the few pictures we managed to get because he would NOT take his hands or feet out of his face!

Glad to hear of all the happy birthdays - blink, and before we know it, it'll be RKD bringing up the rear and we'll be all done for another year. Jeez, it's only just typing that I realised we're into/going into our THIRD year! <mind boggles>

Smac Sat 17-Mar-12 15:52:00

<smac slinks stealthily into the shiny new thread and says a very belated Happy New Year! and Happy Birthday to all the big 2 year olds!>
I had a few personal issues and rather than disappear in the dramatic fashion that pixie did I asked MNHQ to change the name of my posts. They weren't that keen to delete as it alters the flow of posts however they will if necessary. Blah blah.
Anyway a few things kicked off with my ex business partner and she was striking some very low blows and I felt a little exposed on MN.
I just wanted to drop by and say hello and I'm going to name change (again) and I'm sure you will all be able to recognize me.
Huge congratulations to the increasing number of bumps <grin>

MissPenteuth Tue 20-Mar-12 14:08:53

Nice to see you Smac, and I did wonder what was going on with your nn. Sorry you've been having a rough time of things, hope it's all been resolved now.

Manda I've just looked at your scan pic, how sweet! Those 3D scans are amazing, you can really see what the baby looks like.

Happy birthday to Dalrymps' DS, and MummyElk's DD yesterday (where is Melk?). Looking at the birthday list I can't believe how quickly the month is going by!

A friend of mine just had a baby at the weekend. I'm hoping to visit in the next few weeks, he looks very teeny and adorable from the photos I've seen smile

simplysarahandco Thu 22-Mar-12 20:43:05

hey one and all, x x nice to 'see' u smac x

Flisspaps Sun 25-Mar-12 08:00:18

Hello Sarah smile

Hello all

No baby yet for me, 38+4 here. There are suspicions one is on its way for someone else though (as posted on another thread, so not exactly top secret)...grin

OOOoooh, you must mean flip! <waits for update>

Flisspaps Sun 25-Mar-12 16:49:01

There's also rubylovesmaymay due don't forget!

MissP and Siamese are a bit far off yet I suppose grin

Ooo I've seen the news! I'm so excited for x. Wow. I'd like to hear about her doula too.

extremely far off for me fliss smile still no bfp over here. I'm sure you guys will be the first to know. So I'll drink this wine on your behalf and send labour vibes at you smile

Gorgeous day for having a baby anyway.

<deflects labour vibes from siamese> Waddiathinkyadoin'woman?! I'm only 32+4!

Actually, I'm tempted to stand right in the way of them... I think I'm developing spd! First time ever (fifth pregnancy, three in the space of two years and I'm 38... I suppose I was pushing it, really) and I'm NOT IMPRESSED. COnstant ache in pubic bone/running down inner thighs that suddenly intensifies to pain when I walk or move or...anything other than sit. It's only really started today so I'm gonna have a hot bath and hope that cures it. <in denial>

It could just be a minor something and nothing that'll go away, right? Right?!

In other news, James seems to suddenly have become a genius. I mean, he really didn't say anything much until very recently and his speech is still not fantastic but now he can count to 20, recite the alphabet, name lots of shapes, colours... I haven't taught him this stuff I'm far too busy being hugely pregnant and mumsnetting so where is he getting it from?!

Flisspaps Sun 25-Mar-12 20:43:21

Apologies Siamese blush I thought you'd already got on the 2012 sick boat sad
Have as much wine as you like for me, I have certainly missed a lovely bottle or two glass of rose in the garden today, having already had my limit for the week.

Manda It'll go away. It has to. You just need to sit down a lot and get people to run around after you. I know what you mean about the sudden amount of stuff that seems to have been learned by DD - perhaps they're taking evening classes when we think they're all snuggled up in bed?!

That's ok fliss, I'll just never wear this top again.. ;)

Flisspaps Sun 25-Mar-12 21:07:46

<tries desperately to extract foot from mouth>

fliss if you can get your foot in your mouth at almost 39 weeks then kudos to you, lady, kudos!

Oh. Wait.


siamese It WILL be you soon! Are you... taking steps? I mean, other than having lots of sex! Any high dose b vits, charting, opks?

Yes, Opks- but last two cycles 31 and 37 days. hmm but did O, had Ewcm etc. but my luteal phase is 12 days- always has been. That bothers me. Not charting this time round ( yet) as it stressed me out last time- I felt I was always thinking about how I was not yet pg.. Tell me about B vits and agnus castus manda ( while there's a sale on at H&B..). I'm not getting worked up about it, I've got a wedding in August I'd like to be drunk at to wear a nice dress to.

fliss is that the pregnancy yoga? smile

BlueyDragon Mon 26-Mar-12 20:00:17

Quick pop in to mark my place and have a little celebratory dance for Flip. To all other babes on the way, you are instructed to stay put until permitted to leave. Which you will then do quickly, without fuss and in the least painful way for your mothers. Got it?

Isn't this weather glorious?

FlipFantasia Mon 26-Mar-12 22:39:13

Evening ladies

As so many saw on Facebook, am delighted to announce dd Maeve Líadan born at 10.37am yesterday, 8lbs 4.5oz of utter perfection grin

Got my vbac, even though I had to transfer from the birth centre to the labour ward after only an hour due to mec in waters so no waterbirth. But totally delighted and on cloud nine after it all grin. More details on this thread for anyone interested. My little lady is waking for a feed so can't type it all again!

Quick one for siamese - I've also got a 12 day luteal phase. With the 2 natural conceptions over last year or so we were swi every 2 days (though unknown to dh I was keeping track of ewcm). You'll be preggers soon - I can feel it in my achey bones!

simplysarahandco Tue 27-Mar-12 09:45:49

huge congrats to u flip, so so pleased you got your much wanted vbac,

awww u've made me all broody,l want one too! x

Huge grin here for flip Many congratulations and welcome to the world, Miss Maeve (my nan used to read Maeve Binchy books and I'd look at the name, as a child, trying myself up in knots on how to pronounce it! - once I had the werewithal to find out it felt a lot less panicky to see one of her novels laying about smile As an adult I have an Aodhan as a friend and have a penchant for the slightly unusal so hurrah for Maeve!) So pleased you got your vbac; enjoy these precious, gone-so-quickly days.

siamese Well, y'know, a 12 day LP isn't too shabby <nods at flip> but understand you wanting it 'text book perfect' at 14 days (I was the same when I started charting before James) and of course your O is a late one too... (I used to rarely O before about cd20).

I took both AC and high dose B vits, but started with just the b vits originally as I did a bit more research into the ac, mindful of the fact that just because it's not prescribed doesn't mean it's not potent!

The B vits (B100) are taken the whole cycle, but do the lions share of their work in the follicular stage - in IVF patients, those who have taken high dose b vits at that time have produced better quality eggs so that in and of itself seems like a good idea to take them, to me. Improved skin, hair, nails and mood are also noted... what's not to like?! Neon yellow pee, maybe. But it's harmless - yer kidneys aren't failing it's just your body processing what it doesn't need/want (b vits being water soluable).

For me, immediately the first cycle, they lengthened LP by a day/two (with no spotting that I would also get for a couple of days when due on) and bought forward O by a couple of days too.

The following month I added the ac (two of the 400mg capsules from H&B in the morning - apparently a better time to take them for absorbtion and they are ever so slightly stimulant). I responded to them pretty quickly too with O jumping forward to CD13! There are two schools of thought when taking them in the 2ww - some say only take until O, others say take whole cycle. I went with the whole cycle and weaned off them when I got my bfp.

Ime, they were both positive steps to take and I heartily recommend the B vits to everyone ttc (they can't hurt, at least). THe ac is a bit more hit and miss from the anecdotal stuff I've read - but usually it's women taking it who don't really need it that have problems... but if you're a late o'er/short LPer they have a great balancing effect on your cycle so could well be good for you. From my experience with it, I shall be happy to take it even when not ttc - my shorter cycles meant less pain/bleeding, my skin improved no end, PMT too.

<nudges toward H&B> Get the vits, at least. G'wan!

MissPenteuth Tue 27-Mar-12 13:51:43

Congratulations Flip, and what an amazing birth story. Beautiful pictures on FB too.

Busy week here: DH is away for work on Wed-Fri so Izzy and I are going to visit DSis and BIL in Birmingham. My Mum and Dad will be there too so it'll be nice to have the family together. Tomorrow I need to venture into central London to buy a bike part for my Dad hmm. I'll probably try to do something nice in town with Izzy too (possibly Princess Diana playground, always goes down well) while I'm there, to make the tedious and complicated tube journey worthwhile.

12w scan on Saturday morning. Excited but nervous, as usual.

Hope everyone else is enjoying the lovely sunsine smile

RubyLovesMayMay Tue 27-Mar-12 17:05:45

Just a quick one before I log off at work:

Congrats Flip what a beautiful week for a baby to be born.

36 weeks here and fed up.

Last week at work this week <does a little dance> Sod's Law it'll probably rain all next week.

Got some of my family coming down to see us for this weekend, and having a little get together at ours as a kind of "early birthday/get-to-see-everyone-before-the-baby-comes/not-a-baby-shower" type thing. My Mum let me down at the last minute, but Im still determined to have a good weekend.

DH's cousin had her 12 week scan today so Im well excited that my Boy will have a cousin to play with (as well as DD of course).

Hope all bumps/squidgy newborns/genius 2 year-olds and their Mums are okay.

x x x

Hope the weather holds out for you, ruby!

Hey, what is with me and being pregnant and getting picked for advertising campaigns?

Tomorrow, I am doing a video shoot thing (not sure on details) for the new New Look maternity range! I 'won' it through a link in the MN newsletter email last week.

James was Dove (as you might remember) and this one is New Look... I daren't get pregnant again, I wonder what would be next?! grin

Arcadie Sat 31-Mar-12 23:01:32

Congratulations Flip- she looks absolutely gorgeous. Well done you!

Lovely scan photo from MissPenteuth - how nice to see!

Many happy belated birthdays to... well everyone by now. Apart from Simmy - whose big day is tomorrow. But Manda I know he shares his birthday with your little boy too and my thoughts are will you as well. Hope the NewLook shoot was fun. Any links possible?

Tractor cake prepared. Birthday present is Daddy's old duplo brought down from the loft awaiting him.

MissPenteuth Sun 01-Apr-12 14:20:44

Happy Birthday to Simeon today RKD, the last of our March babies smile Hope he's enjoying the vintage Duplo.

And Happy Birthday to Manda's Teddy. Thinking of you today. The New Look shoot sounds like fun, I remember you looked very glam in the Dove one. Do let us know when we can see/watch it.

Ruby, you must be glad to have finished work at last! Looking forward to hearing a birth announcement in the next few weeks.

As a lot of you probably saw on FB, our 12w scan yesterday went well. DH and I both thought it looked like a boy (not in a "I spotted a willy!" kind of way, just a general feeling), but we'll have to wait another 8w to (hopefully) find out.

Thank you, rkd and missP - it is/been a funny old day... My mind firmly fixed on the time, and thinking 'this time last year' a lot. Eh.

Hope you've all made the most of the sunshine - apparently it's all but over by tomorrow? Not forever, of course, and I think we've kinda forgotten it IS only March (ok, April today - Happy Birthday Sim! OUr last 'baby' to move out of babyhood - for they really are no longer babies, are they?) and become spoiled.

Flisspaps Sun 01-Apr-12 19:53:31

Happy birthday to both lovely boys, Simeon and Teddy - despite the warnings of rubbish weather the sun has been shining for them both today grin

Where does the time go?

No news to report here, 39+4. 3 more weeks of 'was that something' and 'is this it?' to go yet!

scooby26 Wed 04-Apr-12 23:18:57

Greetings all- long time no see!

Manda- love and hugs with u. Hope you're ok.

Siamese- wondering how you're getting on with new challenge- ie no2. We r thinking of joining you but like you it took a while last time. Hope you get what you wish for soon.

No news here- DS 2yr 1 mth and stil barely a word. All he says is mam, ball, bounce, wow, pot, there an in there. Man of few words but masters meaning of millions!

I don't mind his lack of speech as he understands so much but lat two weeks he seems to be getting frustrated. He will not even TRY to repeat anything I say so who knows how I'm supposed to teach him! Waiting for my telling off by HV next week. I was thinking of potty training him but no speech seems an impediment so I'm waiting a few more weeks at least for nice weather to be outside for any accidents!

Hope you're all well!


CruciFlisspaps Thu 05-Apr-12 06:17:04

scooby26 if he can say ball and in there, then that's most sporting events covered anyway. Sometimes I think they're pretty much the only words DH can say when the footballs on wink

40+1 here. No news. Only awake as the shower curtain rail collapsed at 5am and disturbed my unusually good sleep hmm

scooby26 Sat 07-Apr-12 00:08:47

Fliss---- hahahahaha! So true ! ;-)

Good luck! X

simplysarahandco Sun 08-Apr-12 19:01:21

oohhhhhh fliss i always had an unusually good sleep just before having my brood smile labour vibes coming ur way x

RubyLovesMayMay Mon 09-Apr-12 12:42:49

<runs in and nabs some of the labour vibes meant for fliss >

I feel sick sad and sorry for myself. Want all this pregnancy nonsense to end now and go into labour. 37 + 6 today and I feel wrecked!

Haven't left the house all bank hol, except to go to Tesco on Saturday. Was supposed to be taking Amaya out today but I got sick as we were getting ready so DH has taken her on his own.

I've also had two good nights sleep in a row and not been to the toilet in the night been going every 15 mins in the day though can't believe it. It may or may not have something to do with me making DH swap sides of the bed hmm

Got another scan tomorrow too, that'll give me something to do

Waves to everyone,

Hope you've had a fab bank holiday x x

Just... marking my spot. I fear I'll have a rambling long moan if I post properly!

MissPenteuth Wed 11-Apr-12 09:42:38

Everything ok Manda? Feel free to let it all out here if it helps smile

Hope your feeling better Ruby. How was the scan? I've never had a scan later than 20w, it must be really cool to see the baby at such a developed stage.

scooby, I have a friend whose DD wasn't speaking much by 2yo, and the speech therapist suggested they try speaking to her in single words again rather than sentences, to give her the opportunity to respond in single words and build her vocabulary. It seems to be helping, so might be worth a try if he's getting frustrated with it. Potty training seems a long way away here - no signs whatsoever that she's ready - but it would be nice to get it sorted by October when DC2 arrives. So we've got a while yet.

Flisspaps Wed 11-Apr-12 10:23:15

Nothing to report. 41w today. May accept a sweep today (declined one last week). Fed up and huge. Still, can't be long now and we're saving on nappies!

Manda ranting and moaning is what we're here for. If you need to vent, we don't mind.

RubyLovesMayMay Wed 11-Apr-12 15:43:42

I'm feeling better today thanks MissP

I only had 2 scans with Amaya, I've had 8 with my boy (just counted in my notes) yesterday's was only a growth scan compared to detailed ones I've been having previous.

All was well, estimated weight 6lb 10oz but more likely to be bigger as his head is so low down they couldn't take an accurate measurement so they put it down as smaller than what it probably is.

The bigger they get obviously the more squashed they are, but I got to see a proper close up of his face, it was lovely, he was blinking and everything but could only see the top half of his face because my placenta was in the way grin typical!

Trying to think of something to do, it's my 27th birthday on Tuesday and DH hasn't booked the day off work, like we usually do sad so I'm going to be 39 weeks and on my Todd. Everyone is going to be at work, I'm trying not to be stupid for feeling upset let it get to me but it is a bit. Might just take myself to a restaurant so I'm not stuck in the house. Unless DH has got a surprise planned <clutches at straws>

Fliss 41 weeks, hope it's soon for you. I'm fed up at 38 wks. How many texts/calls have you had saying "any signs yet?" Really gets on my nerves, that does.

Ooh and classic line from DH the other day when we were going to bed:

"I'm starting to feel uncomfortable when I go to sleep these days"

I looked at him like this: shock

Then, this: hmm

Poor DH!!! he's lucky I never kicked him in the shins

BlueyDragon Fri 13-Apr-12 17:56:46

Quick consultation with you wise ladies: Alex is stuttering. I've started another thread about it (can't do the linking thing on my phone, sorry) and the consensus is don't worry, which I'm not really but any more advice/ experience would be fab. Big nudges to those of you with big broods especially Pacific.

Labour vibes for all you pregnant ladies. I reckon the last bit of pregnancy is so rubbish just to make you want to go through labour!

Manda, are you ok?

Flisspaps Sat 14-Apr-12 07:59:38

Just to say good morning, I honestly haven't been up since 3.30am with what feels suspiciously like labour but can't possibly be labour as I've not been induced or gone to 40+14 confused grin

Flisspaps Sat 14-Apr-12 08:00:00

But don't say anything on FB. You ain't seen me, right?

Ooo. < gets hot water and towels>
( cos I'm having a bath obvs)

Flisspaps Sat 14-Apr-12 09:53:27

Stand down, all stopped when I got in the bath and DD got up! angry

Currently lying on my bed listening to some music with the blinds closed, hoping my primal brain takes over and starts things up again. Then DH can pack DD off to Nanny's and I can go downstairs, close the curtains and turn bloody Nick Jr off!

Grr fliss maybe DD could go anyway? Perhaps your subconscious is unable to let go enough while she's around/ awake.

Fingers crossed- this time tomorrow.. Etc. smile

Had a bizarre/ worrying/ ridiculous night, all on the end of the phone! Two of my close friends went out for a girly meal and one got taken ill very suddenly as the main course arrived. Massive cramping pains in tummy, white as anything, threw up.. Got a taxi to the hospital ( left meal unpaid for), the taxi driver was terrified for her, she was moaning and writhing so much. He didn't take any money- nice guy smile then she bypassed the queue in A&E, got seen instantly, they gave her a drip- no one has any idea what it is, goes for an ultrasound to rule out appendix and gall stones.. The sonographer presses down on her tummy and she lets rip the longest noisiest trump EVER. And feels much better. I nearly wet myself at 2am when I text for an update and was told this. grin apparently her DP isn't talking to her now because he abandoned a night out to come to her aid.

Hope that cheers you up fliss ( I had a rotten night with DD- her sleeps gone tits up since the pox)

Flisspaps Sat 14-Apr-12 11:23:41

That's made me chuckle! How mortified must your friend be?!

DD has gone, had huge ctx by the time she was off the drive. Only 1 more since though hmm ah well. Things seem to be happening so it's just a case of how long!

Hope your DDs sleep is sorted soon sad

FlipFantasia Sat 14-Apr-12 13:56:05

Ooh fliss exciting! Am glad to hear things are starting and sending you speedy labour vibes!

siamese that is too funny about yr friend ! She must be mortified!

<paces thread waiting for newborn snuggles news>

Last night much better sleep wise- slept 7 till 5 and then another hour.

DH would like me to ask if anyone else's DH is repeatly rejected. ' no daddy' is Charlottes favourite phrase ( well, next to 'tigger! Bounce!'). She won't let him do anything- not get juice even if she's asking for it, or even sing along to whatever she's singing. Unless I'm not around then she's ok. I think DH is worried that it's because he spent a large proportion of her life living elsewhere, but I think it's a phase.

scooby looks like on fb you've been having a nice time smile fingers crossed for you too if you decide to take the plunge. On mandas counsel I'm full bit B and have just stopped taking AC for the 2ww. But it seems I had a three day LH surge? Either way, I'm a good 7 days earlier in my cycle so the drugs do work.. smile

< back to pacing>

FlipFantasia Sun 15-Apr-12 15:06:36

Ok...don't want to steal Fliss's thunder...but she has posted news of her baby and I'm going to link as I imagine she's too busy to do multiple postings - see here. Fliss well done again and looking forward to seeing pics on FB!

simplysarahandco Sun 15-Apr-12 19:11:38

Huge congrats to fliss- brilliant news x

RubyLovesMayMay Sun 15-Apr-12 20:11:39

Well Done Fliss (((hugs)))

shock How big??

Hoping this creates some momentum and my boy comes next <clutches at straws>

RubyLovesMayMay Sun 15-Apr-12 20:12:19

Well Done Fliss (((hugs)))

shock How big??

Hoping this creates some momentum and my boy comes next <clutches at straws>

BulletProofMum Sun 15-Apr-12 20:22:36

Well hello ladies. I'm so impressed you're all still going! I often wonder how everyone

It seems like yesterday that I chatted to you all here. Two eventful years for me.

Congratulations to those of you on your next one. I'm very jealous but know in my heart of hearts I'm done.

evitas Sun 15-Apr-12 23:27:19

Congratulations Fliss and shock well done!

Good luck Ruby !

How are you coping with two Flip?

Siamese V doesn't say 'No daddy' but he only wants 'mama' and DH finds it very frustrating.

MissP, Manda how have you been?

News over here: started my new job two weeks ago. It is full time confused I am not sure if this was the best choice... I am feeling terribly guilty for leaving V 5 days with another person and spend only 3 hours per day with him sad

I hope everyone is doing well?
I will post more later.

scooby26 Sun 15-Apr-12 23:27:36

Flipin Eck woman where did u hide that not so little man!!! Well done you!!

SIaMeSE- good luck.just tested positive lh surge here- shall I wake husband ??!! May not get opportunity iykwim with shifts otherwise! Thought I'd test first couple o months to see all working ok in theory them leave it to chance and try not to stress- day 15 so about right I guess.

DS turns his nose up in our house to whoever has just rejected him that day ie been out at work! He stays in a right huff at times that I wonder why I bother coming home! ;-) x

scooby26 Sun 15-Apr-12 23:43:41

Flipin Eck woman where did u hide that not so little man!!! Well done you!!

SIaMeSE- good luck.just tested positive lh surge here- shall I wake husband ??!! May not get opportunity iykwim with shifts otherwise! Thought I'd test first couple o months to see all working ok in theory them leave it to chance and try not to stress- day 15 so about right I guess.

DS turns his nose up in our house to whoever has just rejected him that day ie been out at work! He stays in a right huff at times that I wonder why I bother coming home! ;-) x

Flisspaps Mon 16-Apr-12 17:31:18

Hello grin

Thank you Flip smile I thought I'd posted here already sad as I did promise, but then I was posting from the recovery room so wasn't really with it, so don't worry about thunder stealing!

Despite transferring and needing assistance and a PN ward stay hmm I feel that so many of the 'issues' I had after DD's delivery have been resolved smile and that planning to be home was the right thing to do.

There's a pic on FB if anyone wants a nose at the chunky monkey!

Holy frickin' moly fliss! Many congrats on your scrumptious boy - so sorry to read about such a big blood loss - did they tranfuse or are you just recovering slowly 'naturally'. Is DD in love yet, or murderous? grin

I'm kinda scared about how big this baby will be after James being 9lb 12ozs and it's a) 2nd baby with this partner (subsequent babies supposedly get bigger) and b) another boy... but then I can't rest anywhere near as much as I did when pregnant with James and don't eat nearly as much (appetite often MIA) so... maybe, just maybe a smaller boy this time? Plus I am having lots and LOTS of wicked-strong braxton hicks which I have never really had before (I've had BH, but not OOOF! ones, or ones that come regularly over periods of hours...) and DF keeps teasing there's no way I am going to term...

And I still haven't started to prepare for this baby! Not bought anything, not washed anything, not properly considered sleeping arrangements. It'll sort itself out, cos it HAS to, but for now I just can't do it!

Finally spoke to the bereavement midwife last week - I think she was calling to make an appointment but I was on the phone for half an hour which culminated in her making an appointment for the consultant (this week supposedly but I haven't heard from the anc manager) and herself face to face at beginning of May. It made me feel peculiar for a couple of days, just voicing some of the stuff that I push down... all 'irrational' worries, but still so real to me.

I am ok, really, mostly. So don't worry about me!

BlueyDragon Mon 16-Apr-12 20:31:51

Congratulations Fliss! and that's so good that despite not being precisely according to plan you feel like a few things are sorted. 11lb 7 tho - my eyes are watering in sympathy. I'll go and have a look at the photo later.

Flisspaps Mon 16-Apr-12 20:35:20

Manda Don't worry about a big baby...surely it won't be more than my little bundle of fun? wink

I've been sent home with 2 packs of iron and no transfusion - I had 9 packs of iron for half the blood loss with DD! Not sure how that works!

Glad you've spoken to the bereavement MW - I hope the appt helps x

BulletProofMum Mon 16-Apr-12 21:31:47

Whispers hello this time and shrinks away embarrassed.

Come back, BPM! What's shaking in Bullet Proof world?

MissPenteuth Mon 16-Apr-12 22:02:03

Congrats Fliss grin Saw the FB photo, he's lovely.

Hi BPM, nice to hear from you smile

evitas I'm good thanks, got 16w midwife appt tomorrow. Congrats on the new job, I can understand how working f/t must feel strange though. I've just booked a trip to Edinburgh at the end of May actually, maybe we can arrange to get together, maybe with Pacific as well?

Manda glad to hear you're mostly ok. I hope you find the appt with the bereavement mw helpful.

DH, DD and I are off to NYC for a few days in a couple of weeks. DH will be working some of the time but we've been before so I'm sure I'll manage on my own with DD. Then a few days after we get back we're going to visit ILs in Montenegro and spending 5 days in Croatia as well. Between that and Edinburgh we'll hardly be at home in May! Anyone else got any travel plans?

BulletProofMum Mon 16-Apr-12 22:10:29

Ithank you!!!

My bullet proofing wasn't working too well then.

The last two years in a nutshell....

I went back to work full time when dd was 6 months and moved house two days later.
Spent the next 6 months struggling to keep head above water with working, travelling, new house and three kids.
When ddwas 17 moths we had we had a serious accident at home when she was caught in a petrol explosion. She nearly died and spent 2 months in intensive care. Since then we've been back and forward to hospital and desperately tried to come to turns with it all.

Life gradually returns to normal but dealing with a tantruming toddler who needs to be massaged, silicon dressings and pressure garments (a superhero outfit worn head to toe including balaclava) is hard bloody work!

I'm coping though - how are you all getting on?

Sariska Mon 16-Apr-12 22:34:11

Oh good lord, BulletProofMum. How utterly dreadful for you all. I can only wish your DD all the very best for what I imagine is a very long term continuing recovery.

Fliss - glad some of the demons of DD's birth have been quelled - but 11lbs what? Come on, that's just showing off, isn't it? wink Seriously, rest up, eat well, replenish those red blood cells and enjoy those newborn snuggles. I reckon those early days go even faster second time round.

FlipFantasia Tue 17-Apr-12 09:51:00

BPM shock that is terrible - your poor DD sad. And poor you, and your DH and your older DC (I think you have two older boys?). What a terrible thing to happen, though I hope the recovery is going well. Please do post here whenever you want to (vent, rant, share successes, anything!).

MissP what a lot of lovely travel - v envy of NYC - it's much easier to get around than London with a buggy imo, as the subway is more accessible generally (plus I find people v helpful in terms of helping lug it about).

Manda I hope you find the app useful. Have you tried any sort of hypnobirthing/natal hypnotherapy? It may help you alongside what the consultant says.

Ruby you'll be next with the baby news!

Fliss so glad that you've laid some demons to rest. And hope you're not too sleep deprived!

Waves to everyone else. I'm waiting in for the HV today...which is no bad thing since the weather's grim!

Pulled something in my back yesterday - or maybe sciatica? - and had to call DH in tears as couldn't move to go and pick DS up from the childminder blush. Had to use my labour breathing and tell myself it was only pain and wouldn't kill me in order to move!

BulletProofMum Tue 17-Apr-12 10:37:48

Thanks - it has been the hardest year of my life without questions. My boys are doing fine - thanks for asking. As you can imagine it's had a huge impact on them. My eldest saw the immediate aftermath of the accident (Daddy carrying DD and se was surrounded in light). You can find the full story on a couple of dedicated threads.

She's a happy toddler most of the time, but needs a lot of care which she hates. She has more surgery planned in June which I'm dreading.

Many congratulations to those of you onto the next baby - I'm jealous!

Flisspaps Tue 17-Apr-12 10:41:04

BPM what a terrible thing to happen - children are amazing though and their resilience is astounding. Hope the rest of the road to recovery is easier to travel for your DD smile

MissPenteuth Tue 17-Apr-12 11:06:43

Oh BPM, what a horrific thing for you to have been through. Your poor DD. I imagine she's reaching the age where she'll start to understand why she needs the care she does, which might make it easier?

Fliss I realised last night that your DS is over twice the weight I was when I was born (I was 5lbs 10oz). You certainly deserved your glasses of wine last night grin

BulletProofMum Tue 17-Apr-12 11:13:18

IT's actually been getting much harder as she hits the 2s. I really struggle to get her mask and gloves on (these help with her scarring and she'll wear them for about 2 years).she's starting to fight back which is horribly distressing. Hopefully she's get used to it and I look forward to he being able to understand why. However that will also be the age that she begins to realise that she looks different. Hard for any little girl. She has a childhood of operations ahead of her

Sariska Tue 17-Apr-12 11:54:12

Oh, the poor little love, BPM. I can imagine you do struggle to get her to accept everything she needs to wear. They are so damned contrary at this age, aren't they? And whilst it's fine for most of us occasionally to say, sod it, go out without wearing your coat/cardy/gloves/whatever, you obviously do not have that luxury. Hopefully, though, with time and age will come a measure of understanding and acceptance on her part - even though I'm sure that will grieve you too. FWIW my 6 yo niece was very ill a few months ago and spent a lot of time in hospital. I found it remarkable how - once she was well enough to have an understanding of what was going on - phlegmatic she was about her situation and also how knowledgeable about about the various medical procedures she became.

FlipFantasia Wed 18-Apr-12 16:10:52

BPM I read one of your threads, god what a terrible terrible thing sad. My DH was treated at that burns unit - he spilled burning coffee in his lap and it was horrible, despite being very very minor in comparison to what your DD and DH have been through. The contrary-ness is very tiring so I imagine it makes the routine care even harder.

evitas hope the new job is going well. Sorry to hear you're feeling guilty - I hope it passes. Life with 2 is great! I have the luxury of Mon-Wed with just DD, as we're keeping DS at the childminder (which he really enjoys!) so time to catch up on sleep, enjoy sitting on the couch while feeding/DD sleeps on me...

siamesse I agree with you that your DD is going through a phase in terms of your DH. I've read threads about this in the behaviour/development section and the main thing seems to be to remember that she's not 'rejecting' him in the way adults do, as in she's not bearing any sort of grudge that he worked away or anything!

siamese good news, The Verve got it all wrong and the drugs do work grin With the AC, particularly (which I took the whole cycle and stopped at bfp, btw, although I know there are two schools of thought with that one) they will have a cumulative effect with each month (some women don't respond immediately but gradually over time so hooray for you!). Lots of luck. At least you know you're swinging the odds into your favour and, hey, shorter, more 'average' cycles makes for less waiting around before the egg even pops!

evitas I don't think The Guilt is something that every goes away, be you a working mum or sahm - I have plenty of guilt and I'm with James virtually 24 hours a day! I think you can balance your feelings with how V appears to be doing. If after a period of settling in you have an unhappy bunny then maybe it's time for a rethink, but if seems ok then really, if you need to work, it'll all work out fine.

BPM My goodness, I'm so sorry for the trials you've endured with DD (and will continue to). I should imagine that it's consumed all of your time and thoughts - no wonder we haven't seen you! But we'd like to. THe good, the bad, we're here if you ever just wanna sound off.

James is full of cold again. Oh good!

BulletProofMum Wed 18-Apr-12 20:13:26

Thanks everyone. Evitas - never feel guilty about working. Enjoy the time without the pressure of little ones hanging off you leg or nipple! It gets easier.

Just had my primary school notification for ds1 and pleased that we got our first choice. One less thing to worry about!

Came across a great website last night made by US teenage burns survivors. Whilst a couple had been bullied at school, most felt their scars were part of them and wouldn't get rid of them even if they could :-)

FlipFantasia Thu 19-Apr-12 22:30:02

BPM good news on DS1's school smile and on reading the girls' experiences. Have you thought about blogging? I know there are issues around your DD (and family's privacy) so it might not be for you, but it can be very enjoyable (I'm currently taking a little break from my own blog while DD is so young but do enjoy blogging!).

BulletProofMum Fri 20-Apr-12 08:34:36

FF - I have thought about it but haven't for the exact reason you mention - privacy. I thought maybe it's unfair on DH and DD. I keep a journal (have done for the last 8 years). I guess MN is a compromise - there is some anonominity here, although my story is rather recognisable in RL! I still feel a little uncomfortable at times and I considered asking for my original post to be removed but have kept it there. We also have a diary started in the hospital that is 'to' DD. The nurses in ITU wrote in it, visitors, but mainly me. The aim is for her to read it when she's older to help her understand what she's been through. I had intended to keep up with it but it has fallen by the wayside somewhat. I have given it to nursery at the moment and asked them to put a fe entries in.

How's your husband now? I have become so aware of scald injuries having spent so long int he burns unit. Most of the injuries to children are scalds - hot drinks, kettles and even baths and showers can produce life threatening injuries. I hate seeing hot drinks in places with children (soft play, school fayres etc) and point iout the danger to the management where I can.

FlipFantasia Sat 21-Apr-12 17:59:21

The diary sounds great - I blog anonymously as I worry about the dc's privacy too so any pictures only show them from behind, no names etc but you can get such great info and support from fellow bloggers (the MN bloggers network is great).

I'm also paranoid about hot drinks - not just because of DH but I had my appendix out as a child and a girl on the ward had been terribly burned by a teapot of hot tea and I've always remembered it. I particularly hate when people come into my home and are blasé about hot drinks - one nct friend used to do my head in as she would move her drink back to wherever I asked her to move it from and generally act like I was being paranoid (she's left London now so I don't have to deal with her!). DH recovered really well, but within a couple of weeks of the accident he found a lump in a testicle that went on to be cancerous, so tests/surgery/chemo followed and it was stressful (though he's thankfully in remission from that too).

NorthernNumpty Sat 21-Apr-12 18:57:53

Been lurking again...

BPM I am so sorry for what you have been through, I can't even begin to imagine. Have just found your threads on your DD's accidentsad. I live near the hospital where your DD is treated so if you fancy a cuppa next time you have to visit PM me

Congratulations on the new arrivals FF and FP loving the pics on FB

Just joined twitter, another Internet place to fritter my time away on....

Dealing with terrible twos here, good lord the defiance!

MissPenteuth Sat 21-Apr-12 20:14:53

Defiance. YES. I think I've shot myself in the foot by raising my voice to Izzy when she ignores me because now she shouts at me when she doesn't get her way hmm I'm never sure what to do about 'bad' behaviour; I don't want to just ignore it but 2yo still seems very young for punishment. What tactics are you all using (especially those with older DCs who have come out the other side wink)?

Does anyone fancy a proper meet-up sometime soon? I had a msg from Rinders on FB recently and she was asking. It would be lovely to see all the DCs now they're growing up, and maybe even meet some of the 2nd generation grin Any ideas/prefences for where and when? May is pretty much out for me.

scooby26 Sat 21-Apr-12 21:32:01

Defo up for a meet up- anywhere on east coast rail line or within 90m drive of Newcastle.

We use 'the naughty step' and definitely works when we do. It's a stair in our house and he's never on long - 2n max an I always ask if he's sorry and he nods yes and we hug and move on x

BlueyDragon Sat 21-Apr-12 22:58:10

How horrible for all of you, BPM. what a thing to have to endure. I hope it gets better and that you can see it gettin better. Like Sariska says, stubborn 2 year olds are one thing but in your situation it must be a whole different issue.

Evitas, the guilt is part of the package unfortunately. It gets worse in some ways as they get older because their verbal expression is so much more subtle. The best thing coping wise for me is doing my best when I'm there and reminding myself I'd be a terrible stay at home mum. Also that I can have a hot coffee and adult conversation on a daily basis! It sucks, the guilt thing.

simplysarahandco Sun 22-Apr-12 21:31:07

would love a meet x smile lovely to see u back bpm- so so sorry for what your famiy have been through and are still dealing with x

miss p- the naughty step here- works a treat- follow super nannys techique - sometime three children in a row on the stairs grin

Elliott having 7 yo harry and 4 yo rosie to copy- spends a lot of time yelling at the whole house! my neigbours must hate us~! hahahah

how are all the new babies and growing babies doing?

I would deffo try and make any central London meet up... or, y'know, right on my doorstep in swlondon/surrey grin

But I'm 37 (ARGH!) weeks now and unless it happens very soon or in quite some time I may be a little, um, distracted. grin

Ah, and I posted a thread yesterday with the link to that New Look video thingy I did if any of you (who didn't see it on FB) wanna have a nosey:

It's over here!

RubyLovesMayMay Wed 25-Apr-12 23:19:55

Ooh Manda I tried on that stripy dress you wore and it looked like absolute shite on me you look really good in it. I love NL maternity stuff and got addicted to buying their stuff at first but as I really dont want to be pregnant again famous last words I know I thought I'd better reign it in a bit. My cousin is pregnant so Im just going to donate my stuff to her.

<Waves to everyone>

Think I'd have to bow out of a meet up for the forseeable, seeing as my beloved son still isnt born yet (my due date was only yesterday to be fair to him) shame too as Im really missing adult company at the moment...but thats another story I wont bore you with tonight

BPM I think I remember your thread re: accident with DD. Im a newbie on this thread so didnt realise you had a March baby here too. Hope you and your family continue to find strength.

MissP in regards to my stubborn little madam, she doesn't like to be told off at all and all of a sudden gets quite upset when I tell her "no smacking" which is what she does when she's frustrated. I dont raise my voice as such, I just give her a look and point my finger when I say it. If she carries on then I'll just pick her up and sit her down on the chair next to me (kind of like a "naughty" seat) she doesn't properly cry she just likes to make noise and try and squeeze tears out then when she's calmed down we're all cuddles again.

Fliss how is DD adjusting to having a brand new sibling? And how are you and DS? Its preying on my mind how Amaya is going to react, hope she doesn't get too jealous.

She's very cuddly at the moment, I actually get enough of it right now. Quite funny too in her little mannerisms, and boy can she talk? Not all of it understandable but has quite a vocabulary, bless her. Her singing and dancing also never fails to make me smile.

I still look at her in disbelief and wonder where the hell she came from, in a proud Mum sense, you understand grin

I have caught up with several pages here now - took me from this morning as I get interrupted by little people every 5 seconds minutes, but here I am.

Marking my place and will be back later (when they are in bed grin).

Weclome back, BPM. The horrific accident that befell your DD went totally past me - what a terrible event, for her and for all of you. You sound like a pillar of strength and, I suppose, you have to be, don't you? Much love and strength to you, your DD and all your family.

<<runs away to referee between combatants hmm. Again>>

RubyLovesMayMay Sun 29-Apr-12 22:56:34

<rant alert>

I'm 40+5 today and feeling stabby angry

If one more person texts me asking if I've had any signs, I'll give them a bloody sign alright!

Why when I tell peole that I'll let them know when I've had the baby, do they text me every other day for news?

What part of that is hard to understand?

(sorry guys, I know this isn't really something proper to complain about but I'm so over this pregnancy. Everybody Everything is just pissing me off. Went for a membrane sweep at the MWs on Friday, she couldn't reach my cervix, too high or something sad I just want my baby)

<rant over>

As you were

Summer2008 Mon 30-Apr-12 01:10:00

Hi all (waves) remember me smile

As some I you may know I am expecting DC no2. I am 16 weeks and have a gender scan next week eeeek!

Ethan is such a lovely little boy, he is in to everything and learning so much! He is car mad and such a joy with his sleep.

Can you all remind me who you are? There have been some name changes so it's hard to keep track. I am friends with most of you on Facebook but not been on here in about a yeah!

Congrats to the new arrivals smile xxx

simplysarahandco Mon 30-Apr-12 10:04:00

ruby- all will be over soon enough- and your little baby will be in your arms x exciting times, but yep other people drive u mostly insane-

Welcome back summer2008- congrats on your news x

PD_ good to see u back here too- home very busy i guess?

hope everyone else is doin ok

Oh no, I had posted an epic ginormous post the other night and then MN went 'offline for a few minutes' and the whole thing disappeared in cyberspace! I was so shock that I have been unable to face this thread since. How v dare they! Do they not know that I am a Vair Important Personage!! <<spits in disgust>>

Anyway, my days have been busy with yearning after a dog - NOT a puppy, this is not broodiness, but IMVHO a family is not a family without a dog, but we can't really have one, certainly not at the moment. So, naturally, I have spent many hours pouring over Scottish rescue sites and have learnt a lot about greyhounds/lurchers and am now even more desperate to get a dog. But we cannot just know, it would be foolhardy and not fair on the hound etc etc. And damn that pointy thread on here <<shakes fist>>; makes me really, REALLY want one!

Anyhoo, Ruby, huge sympathies, 'tis horrible being asked every 5 min whether you've had the baby yet. I was 15 and 12 days over with 2 of mine and after a while my favorite reply was "Oh my, yes, I have had the baby, but hadn't really noticed, thank for reminding me to check". I also found switching mobile off and letting DH answer the phone or screening for phone nrs (if you phone does that) helped. And of course, chocolate grin!
I really hope you are doing well.

Blueydragon, I would not worry about stuttering or stamming at @ 2 - I think it is v common: they've got lots to say, but cannot get it out quick enough. Don't finish words/sentences for him, repeat what he just said back to him ("Look, Mummy, c-c-c-c-car" "Yes, darling, that's a car") and if it is no better in 6 months you can always ask your GP for a referral to SALT.
We did with DS3 who 'chatted' loads, but had next to no understandable words at @ 3 - one assessment visit to SALT who declared him 'normal' seemed to cure him confused. All his language seemed to come in a oner and now he won't shut up grin!

RL is very, very busy and I just find I don't have enough brainspace to keep track of everything I am ment to be doing and remembering and to be able to do. I am sure the same is true for all of us - I have much increased respect for my mother tbh.

I hope all the other expecting mums on here are also doing well - 'tis so exciting smile. Even if you are on other post-natal threads relating to your new due dates, you do realise you have to inform us first of any developments, don't you?? <<hard stare>>

I have no idea what else I was on about on my previous post, can't have been that important.

Fare thee well, DS3 is chattering away at me, I better give him some attention...

scooby26 Thu 03-May-12 22:34:21

Welcome back PD and SUMMER.

So- work strikes again. I heard yesterday from a vv reliable source that my job has been offered to someone else. They have declined it- don't wish to work for the bully. Problem is - I haven't asked to leave, knew nothing about it and only started my reduced hours 6 weeks ago. Can't do or say anything same as I'm not supposed to know but it's tearing me up- again. I'm thinking of writing a book- how not to treat staff!! Oh what to do...... Whats coming my way...... Apparently If person had agreed i was to be moved to a building 30 miles away and to shifts with no days off with husband.....Hmmmmm ..again.....

Hope you're all doing ok and toddlers behaving!

BlueyDragon Thu 03-May-12 22:34:46

Thanks Pacific. nice to see you and I sort of know what you mean on the pet front, although it would be cats for me as I'm not a very dog sort of person. How's your nanny working out?

Nice to see you too, Summer and congratulations on no. 2.

Ruby, they're easier in than out, right? Fliss found a website haveyouhadthatbabyyet.com or something, which she seemed to use a lot!

FlipFantasia Fri 04-May-12 21:56:42

hello lovely ladies

Hope everyone's doing well smile

Ruby hope you're cuddling your little boy by now!

Manda how's things? Meant to say I loved the New Look ad - I had some bits and bobs from there and think they have a great maternity line.

Pacific I am so with you on wanting a dog - I joke with my DH that the two DC are only so that we can get a family dog some day! But it's not practical at the moment (will hopefully be practical if we do manage to move to the States this summer - just waiting for DH's company to sign it off...).

I have my PIL visiting from the US this week - it's been great, tootling about London together. DS has been loving it - all the attention from them has been great! His speech is also improving a little - he's finally combining words into simple phrases/words! And DD is just gorgeous - she's 6 weeks on Sun (where is the time going?!?!) and is lovely.

Happy bank holiday to all!

RubyLovesMayMay Sat 05-May-12 13:58:48

Flip he's still not out! Think he's going to be like his Dad, so laid back he's snoozing! grin

Had another attempt at a membrane sweep yesterday, MW could at least reach this time but apparently the opening of my cervix is wonky (her words) it's over to one side confused so still not successful.

His heart was beating away nicely though, it's like he's laughing at me from the inside! Going in for induction on Tuesday. Wish me luck.

Bluey definitely better out than in! I think everyone has twigged now not to bother me until I get on touch with them <evil pregnant woman grin>

Hope everyone has a good bank holiday all my days are merging into one, so it means nothing to me

DH has got the snooker on (zzzzzzzz!!) So I'm off to go and make some soup while DD sleeps.

Hopefully I'll have an announcement for you all soon

x x x x

Just hopping on to see if ruby has had that baby yet! <ducks> I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm only joking! <bad form>

simplysarahandco Mon 07-May-12 20:25:05

hahahah - MANDA" grin

FlipFantasia Mon 07-May-12 22:59:34

ruby thinking of you tomorrow - hope it all goes brilliantly and you're cuddling your baby boy soon smile

RubyLovesMayMay Wed 09-May-12 05:55:57

<blows raspberry at Manda>

Well actually, he's here. In all his beautiful squidgyness.

After an intense 2 hour labour shock

Ezra Levi was born at 12:09am on 9th May. Weighing 7lb 4oz

Birth went well, was given the pessary at 10am, DH and I spent the day wandering the hospital grounds periodically as the weather was quite nice. Visiting ended at 9pm so DH had to go home. Contractions started at 10pm, was 3cm at this point. Mw said I should call DH back in as things were progressing quite well. DH arrived (11:30pm) Ezra born 12:09am. Just G & A but I won't pretend I wasn't begging for drugs

I'm still shell shocked tbh, but absolutely buzzing. Can't wait for Amaya to meet him, Ive missed her loads.

Have a fab Wednesday ladies grin

FlipFantasia Wed 09-May-12 08:27:50

ruby congratulations! Delighted to hear Ezra's here (great names!). And shock at speed of labour - he may have kept you waiting but he came fast once he decided he was ready grin

We had our six week check yesterday - DD is long, has shot up to 91st centile for length and still on 50th for weight. Her 0-3 month baby grows are short in the leg but I'm in denial and want to keep her in them as long as possible! She's also all smiles smile

Sariska Wed 09-May-12 10:45:38

Many congratulations ruby! Enjoy those newborn cuddles smile. Hope your DD gets to meet her new brother soon. Take lots of photos. I love looking at the pictures of my DS meeting his baby sister for the first time.

Flip, can you cut the toes off the babygrows so she can wear them a bit longer? Unless you are thinking you might reuse them again in the future that is.......

simplysarahandco Wed 09-May-12 15:13:04

~Huge Congratulations to you and your family ruby x fab news x

flip - 6 weeks already! OMG

Lovely news of your sons safe arrival, ruby - but, as someone who also 'suffers' from intense, fast, labours, don't try and kid yourself that you should be 'grateful' you didn't have a prolonged time that ended in injury or intervention. I mean, obviously, it's great to avoid all that. But a quick labour is a SHOCK, and does take some time to process mentally and, yeah, the no time for pain relief thing is sucky when you are having contractions one on top of the other with no respite I found myself having flashbacks and then admonishing myself for being so 'silly'. I think I've learnt I need to be kinder to myself and if that's how it made me feel then that's valid and ok! That goes for you, too, lady!

I have a consultant appointment tomorrow to set my induction date... which will probably be next week. (I'm 38+6 today). Can't believe I'll have a baby next week.

MissPenteuth Wed 09-May-12 17:49:11

Huge congratulations Ruby, and I'm not surprised you're shell-shocked after such a fast labour shock I hope Amaya enjoys meeting her new brother.

Manda I was just thinking today that you must only have about a week to go. Best of luck with it all.

New York was FAB. The days on my own with Izzy were fine and I even managed the subway on my own once (took cabs a few times too, a loads of walking). We're off to Montenegro/Croatia on Sunday. In baby news, I'm almost 18w now and have been feeling quite a bit of squirming in the past week or so. I feel enormous; I'm sure I wasn't this size until about 6m with Izzy.

Hope everyone else is well smile

Hooray for ruby - well done.
Any news manda? Anyone seen dalrymps? She must be due ish.. Hope you are feeling good missP? summer pink or blue?
How are the newborns treating you fliss and flip?
Hows europe treating afribaby?
Hi again BPM
Hello and waves to everyone else. Nothing much new here at all, still TTC, still getting up at 5/ 5.30am with DD.. But shes going through such a cute phase so I don’t mind - she can remember bits of her favourite books and reads them to me at the crack of dawn.!
I wouldn’t mind meeting up either - shall we try and sort something? I'll lay the midlands down on the table, in August - counter offers please!

simplysarahandco Tue 15-May-12 21:27:32

midlands in aug good for me x

waves to all x smile

Copy/pasted from another thread to save precious time!:

So, Baby arrived at 1.45am yesterday, only 9lb 1oz. He's very sleepy and congested thanks to a rapid labour again (once it finally started - I had indeed SROM'd on the morning of the 17th (yes, his due date)). Waters going but no contractions was a blessing, it meant I got two lots of antibiotics onboard (i'm gbs+) although after six hours and a sweep of nothing doing they started talking about synto drip which I said I was very keen to avoid (worried about hyperstimulation given once I start its usually quick). It wasn't until after two vigorous (read: ouch) sweeps further and around half an hour before they were gonna call time on waiting that my body finally agreed to play ball...

That was at 11.30pm when I was a 'firm, 4cm. Not a good labouring 4cms'. DF had to leave at 11.15 as we were out of childcare/time for DS2 - he's never spent a night away from both of us and as much as DF wanted to be with me I was worried about DS2 and in my mind his needs were more pressing than mine. Pain came on hard and fast and midwife offered me pethidine. I've had two good experiences with it but thought there might not be enough time between getting it and baby arriving for it to clear his system so asked for a half dose. Midwife sais 'based on what i've just seen from your last exam (at 11) I'd be happy for you to have a full one'. I went with my gut and the lower dose. And, sure enough, he arrived an hour and 45mins later.

I don't recognise him! I think, I was really expecting him to look like DS2 (even though I hadn't given it much conscious thought) and he really doesn't! He's very dark/red skinned, lots of black hair. And sleepy. Because obviously the pethidine is in his system. You'd think I'd take the opportunity to rest/sleep but I'm fretting he's sleeping too much, not eating enough (he keeps throwing up as full of mucous from the quick birth)... and I can't switch off until I literally pass out. So I'm running on 6 hours sleep in the last 58 hours give or take. Actually don't feel too bad (post delivery rush of hormones and andrenaline, I thank you!) but know the crash will come (fully expect to be weepy tomorrow).

And I may not recognise him, but I do adore him...

Yey and congratulations manda on your beautiful stranger smile well done for trusting yourself too. Are you in hospital? I hope you get some rest x

BlueyDragon Sat 19-May-12 22:58:05

Congratulations Ruby and Manda! How lovely that your little ones are now with you. I hope you're getting to enjoy the tiny stage despite everything.

MissPenteuth Sun 20-May-12 07:25:53

Well done and congratulations Manda, I hope you've managed to get some sleep and are enjoying your new little boy. Lots of new baby boys on the thread! I have my 20w scan on Thursday so hopefully I'll find out if Izzy will be getting a brother or a sister.

I'm posting from sunny Croatia smile although after today there are rain and thunderstorms forecast for the next few days, and my poor SIL and her boyfriend are arriving tonight.

siamese that's very cute about the book-reciting, Izzy quotes some books too, but is mainly obsessed with Tree Fu Tom at the moment. And she quotes lines and songs from the film Tangled.

Oh well, must get showered and head to the beach. It's a hard life wink

simplysarahandco Sun 20-May-12 19:58:25

CONGRATULATIONS manda- fab news hope u have had some well deserved sleep and new baby boy is settling well into famoly life x

Were off on our jollies early ties morning, so wont be around for acouple of weeks, sunny majorca just the 5 of us cannot wait smile

take care everyone x

FlipFantasia Mon 21-May-12 11:26:41

manda great news! Well done! Hope you're enjoying newborn snuggles with your new DS and that DS2 is enjoying having a new baby brother smile.

Ruby also hope things are going brilliantly with you as a family of 4!

Sarah enjoy your holiday! Am well jel as the weather in London is still overcast and cold!

MissP hope you're enjoying Croatia. And looking forward to hearing how the scan on Thurs goes.

Things great here. Got back last night from a weekend in Ireland - DD's first trip back there! - for my nephew's First Communion. Was lovely, though knackering. And we're now flooded with baby girl clothes! And DD had her 8 week jabs today. She cried a bit but seems fine now.

I love all the talk of a meet-up...it's just that we're planning to move to the US in Aug (or possibly Sept, still waiting for a final move date). Not sure if I've mentioned it to any of you before. My DH is American and we've decided that London, great as it is, is not where we want to raise our family. We're sick of getting on planes to see family - it'll just get harder/more expensive as the kids get older. We've talked vaguely for years about moving to the States but his company will now relocate us so the opportunity is too good to pass up (moving costs and visa for me and all that would be quite a lot of hassle to do ourselves). We're looking to move to the train commuter belt of Northern New Jersey (his parents are in South Jersey, just by Philly, so easy to get to them too).

Anyway, the summer is very busy with trips to various places to see various people before we move. Along with the Olympics of course (have quite a lot of family visiting for it) and a wedding in Cyprus in August. So I'll watch any meet up plans with interest and try and make it if I can smile

PS I've not told work yet so would appreciate if no one mentioned it on FB!

flip I'd totally be up for a meet in the States at the end of the year... grin Sounds like a great opportunity, if all I had was two littlies to relocate then I'd be jumping at it, I'm sure.

Really tired. Mostly because overnight James and new baby (still not finalised name!) seems to be double teaming me as to when they wake up. But on the whole, new baby is a dream compared to James (who did little but scream for... well, a long time).

scooby26 Tue 22-May-12 23:38:34

Manda- Sooo many congrats!!! Well done!
Hope yr ok x

Up for midlands meet- can u put forward 8th or 18th aug?!

Somewhere on train line?!


MissPenteuth Wed 23-May-12 16:32:15

I'd be up for a meetup, and oddly enough I'll be in/around Birmingham on the 18th of August.

We're just back from Croatia and pretty shattered, even though the flight was only 2.5 hours and Izzy slept through most of it. Travelling is just really tiring though. It's nice to be home anyway (until next week, when I'm taking Izzy up to Edinburgh).

Glad to hear the move to the US is going ahead Flip, how exciting.

Hope all the new, newish and not-so-new babies (and Mums!) are doing well. Scan tomorrow; I'll pop in after and update smile

MissPentaceratops Thu 24-May-12 14:34:19

Quick post from me; I'm soaking up some sun while Izzy splashes in her paddling pool. Scan went well, everything as it should be and it looks like Izzy will be getting a sister smile

Fab news, MissP! And I'm sure I called female from your 12 week scan picture... went by the 'nub theory'.

Aw. Sisters. Have you begun to show yet and does Izzy have any idea at all that another baby is joining the clan? James would hug my belly and say 'baaaaaaaby' when asked where it was, but I didn't think he really understood. Maybe he did though as in the days following the birth when I still looked pregnant he didn't do it to my belly anymore but to the baby.

In other news, James and DS1 also have measles now. Grim times here!

FlipFantasia Thu 24-May-12 19:53:11

Great news MissP grin. Delighted for you!

Arcadie Fri 25-May-12 21:48:32

Flying visit. BIG congrats to Manda (name???? NAAAAMMMME???? ahem sorry)

Lovely news to you too MissPenteuth

And to you too Ruby Gorgeous names. <looks pointedly at Manda>

Arcadie Mon 28-May-12 20:25:33

Ooops Manda - missed the measles thing. So sorry - what an awful thing to be happening to you.

MissPentaceratops Tue 05-Jun-12 12:17:15

Hi everyone, I'm finally finished with all our travelling for the next year or so little while. It's been lovely to see everyone but even a short journey with a toddler is exhausting. So it's nice to be home smile

How is everyone? Manda I hope everyone's gotten over the measles and you're all enjoying the newest addition to the family. And you did indeed correctly predict that DC2 was a DD2. I had thought the same re: nub theory, but wasn't 100% sure that what I was seeing in the photo actually was the nub iykwim.

sarah lovely holiday pics on FB, looks like the kids had a great time.

Dalrymps how are you? Can't be too long now!

The MN March 2010 FB group had dissolved (FB did something weird to their groups I think), I've added as many as I could remember that hadn't already been re-added, but if I've missed anyone let me know. Positive response to the Midlands MMMM so far, potential date is August 18th, possibly at Birmnigham Botanic Gardens, if anyone else is interested. It's funny to think how tiny the DCs were when we met in York back in Nov 2010.

simplysarahandco Wed 06-Jun-12 09:05:38

Hey all-

back from a fab holiday - all had a brilliant time,

Miss p- another daughter how very lovely x

flip- goodluck with the big plans to move to the states- hope all goes smoothly x

Manda- boo to the measles- hope there not suffering too much

hi to everyone else

MissPenteuth Wed 13-Jun-12 14:00:50

Afternoon all, hope everyone's well smile Dalrymps I've seen your laments on FB and the overdue thread in Pregnancy, so sending you lots of labour vibes. Hope you're snuggling your new little boy soon.

I have a question for everyone: potty training grin (ok, that's not a question, but anyway). I'm thinking about starting potty training in a few weeks (we've got some visitors next week so I want to wait until after that so we can stay in the house for the first few days). I've ordered a book for Izzy to read, with a sticker reward chart, I bought The No-Cry Potty Training Solution as well but tbh the guide on here seems just as useful (and more succinct!). I'm going to let her choose some nice pants and we'll just see how it goes. And I'll stock up on cleaning products as well (good times). Anyone else done it yet, or thinking about it? Or tips and experiences from older DCs?

missP I think the most important thing when it comes to potty training is that they seem ready for it. Is Izzy aware of when she needs changing, or do you notice her noticing that she's 'going'? If she shows absolutely no awareness thusfar, then it is worth giving it a go anyway (especially as girls tens to potty train earlier and easier than boys) but you'll know within a day or so whether you're wasting your time and to wait a bit longer for her to be ready.

It's been a lot of years since I PT'd Dd and DS1, but I do remember that initially, yes we stayed in. The potty was in the living room so that it was very immediately available. And I had them naked from the waist down. As soon as they begun to wee, I scooped them up 'you need a wee wee (or whatever phrase of choice you're going to use)' and put them on the potty. They make the connection pretty quickly (when ready) that when their bodies feel the way it does before the wee wee that they should get to the potty. Once that realisation is made, then the pants can go on.

James isn't showing any signs of giving a hoot about the fact he needs changing and I'm not worried about it just now - especially as I can't just jump up to transfer him to the potty with a newborn in my arms most of the time (who I spent the night with in hospital last night! I'm not having much luck with the health of my brood lately!). I'm thinking of starting him off at the end of summer if he's not showing signs before as my arms should hopefully be slightly free-er!

Good luck!

simplysarahandco Sun 17-Jun-12 10:40:51

hello miss p- were also thinking potty training is on the cards- Elliott has taken to ripping his toursers and nappy off if its wet or dirty-! the mess is horrific- the middle of a shopping centre is not fun eithersmile

so we bought him a new potty yesterday (he refueses the two we have already got) he will wear pants but tends to wet them= so like manda- naked from the waist down- keep sitting him on/ asking do u need a wee Elliott! we will get there soon enough -

if i am honest tho- i would rather put it off its the last time im ever going to do this and my baby will be gone and a big boy he will be sad

Its one of the worst times imho- but has to be done- once they get it its pretty plain sailing the key is tho- they are ready

goodluck i will look out for the updates x

EarnestDullard Sun 17-Jun-12 12:51:04

She does tell me when she's got a dirty nappy - the best one was on the flight to Montenegro, she stod up just as we were taking off and shouted "I done a poo you change my boppum now!". Not so much with wees but I'm hoping, as Manda mentioned, that once she's weeing in a potty (or in her pants, or on the floor) she'll learn to associate that with the feeling of needing to go. At the moment we've been asking her if she wants to use her potty before her bath, but she says "no, I just use nappies". I'm hoping this book I've got her might get her enthused. We'll see how it goes anyway. I'll keep you posted with ranting about cleaning floors, probably smile

EarnestDullard Sun 17-Jun-12 12:51:33

Oops, forgot I'd changed my name. It's MissP here, in case that wasn't obvious from my post grin

simplysarahandco Mon 18-Jun-12 22:03:49

day two of potty training here- were probably- 50/50- he wont tell me he needs to go but will tell me when he has been! i keep asking him to come sit and try and he will everytime we will get there eventually x x x

i am impressed as a week ago he would not even sit on the potty- i got a new one from the shops on sat and he loves it x

Flisspaps Wed 20-Jun-12 18:32:22

Think we'll attempt PT in the summer holiday when DH is about, so one of us can see to DD and one can hold DS. He's still refusing to be put down. We've got potties and pants, just need time!

We started PT today, just because we bought some knickers with cats on this morning and she wanted them on. So we skipped our library trip and stayed in the garden this afternoon, drank loads and she just took herself off to use the potty without saying anything. She's been watching the others at nursery so she knew what to do, and really we should've started earlier but I want to get last weeks holiday over with first. So so far so good.. No poos yet, this is what I'm a bit concerned about because she's a bit ahem 'loose' at the mo due to the french water. Should be an experience anyway! She's still not the most verbal toddler so I'm not surprised really she didn't tell me she wanted to go but just did it herself. Having a dress on helped I think.

Fingers crossed for tomorrow for everyone training x

simplysarahandco Wed 20-Jun-12 20:43:08

fab well done charlotte x

BlueyDragon Sat 23-Jun-12 23:56:29

No PT here. Alex will tell you if you ask (<sniffs air> "Alex, have you done a poo?" <smug grin> "Yes". Then stubbornly refuses to co-operate with changing.) we're going for "the summer" too.

Everyone well?

Flisspaps Sun 24-Jun-12 09:58:09

Has everyone seen
Dairymips (Dalrymps) recent FB news? grin

Oh, yes, fliss I surely did - what a cutie!

Ah, at least Alex is honest, bluey. With James, the senario starts in a similar fashion: James, have you done a poo?

If he hasn't he will simply ignore you and not reply. If he has he wails, noooooo, NOOOOOO!

And then, much like Alex, will not cooperate with changing. This usually takes the form of running off whilst still wailing No!

<looks at weather> It seems that 'the summer' may be some time off, too. well, y'know, if it wasn't all dark out there because it's almost midnight it would

EarnestDullard Wed 27-Jun-12 13:51:54

MissP again, excuse the namechange.

Yes, big congrats to Dalrymps/Dairynips, he is gorgeous. And Fliss, your DS is growing up so fast! All these new babies, where does the time go? Manda have you settled on a name for your little one yet?

Potty training is in full, erm, flow here. First few pees went on the floor, but then the next ones went in the potty. This morning she went to the potty herself when she needed to go, but she does need help getting her pants off. Not sure whether to just leave them off or practise getting them on and off a bit. And the first poo of the day was technically done on the potty, but unfortunately the pants were still on. I was pleased that she at least knew that she needed to go, and went to sit on the potty. We've had a few pees on the floor since, but that was my fault for not asking her frequently enough if she needed to go. Will go back to trying every half hour after her nap (for which I've put a nappy on her; is that what everyon else would do?). Anyway, it's a start. Lots of praise, stickers, and chocolate buttons for me. And the teeny pants are cute! Siamese (and sarah, did you mention potty training too?), how are things going with you?

Everything else is fine; 25w appt with mw yesterday, all good, and baby is kicking away. I'm enormous though, I probably look like I'm 7 or 8m, and people keep asking if I'm having twins hmm

Ooh, and my Dad sold his house! My Mum and Dad are moving down nearer us. He had it on the market last year when I was thinking of going back to work, but didn't get any sensible offers. So it's quite exciting now, I'm looking forward to having them closer by when DC2 arrives.

Hope everyone else is well smile

That's good going * missp*, clever lass smile we're doing ok here too, 90% wees hit a target, she still doesn't ask but goes herself/ we take her every half hour. Poos not so good, until five mins ago when she off and did one on the potty herself, she had missed EVERY one since last wed, inc at nursery.
Bollocks spoke too soon- back later!

simplysarahandco Thu 28-Jun-12 12:58:45

hey all- wow izzy seems to have got the hang of potty training- Elliott is still very hit and miss- generally when we are at home he runs round in just a tshirt- he will sit on the potty and sometimes will wee-but generally its about me encouraging him to go and getting the timing right- he has poo'd on the floor countless times and thinks its very funny- such a boy!

i am going to moan- ELLIOTT is driving me mad! i feel like nothing is good enough for him, we can be busy doing/ playing/ chatting/singing and he will just become naughty, screaming ahouting etc for very little reason, he is horrid to Rosie and Harry from time to time- (eg dragged rosie along the floor by her hair this morn as she dared to ask for him to play) i know its his age but he is frustrating me!

he refuses to hold my hand any more, if he has reigns on he just flops to the floor- hates the pushchair- please tell me its not just him doing this!

sorry dfor the moany post- love him and his cute little face but .......arghhhhhh

moan over~!

EarnestDullard Sun 01-Jul-12 16:31:08

Maybe I sounded more positive in my last post than I should have, or maybe we had some beginner's luck, but we're about 50/50 as far as potty training goes here. More wees in the potty than not, but that's really only when we remind her. And we've had two poos in the potty, but again that's down to good timing on our part. All the others have been in pants (and then leaked onto floor on the occasions she hasn't even noticed she's done it). It's a bit grim, but sounds like sarah and Siamese are experiencing similar, so do I just persevere? Is it all part of the learning experience for her? Or does it mean she's not quite ready?

sarah Izzy has been extra specially grumpy recently, I guess the acting up is just an age thing. There was a while when she would hit me when she was angry but she seems to have stopped, although she does shout, and then gets upset. And she can suddenly become incosolable over the strangest, tiniest things.

Is there anyone else who'd like to come along to the meet-up in August who isn't in the FB group? It's July now, August will be here before we know it..

First, we went to a wedding yesterday... Didn't turn out well. But James looked super-cool and I've put a picture of him on my profile because I wanted to show him off to you all! grin

He has the most spectacular tantrums. And such stamina when he has them - the usual 'ignore' won't work, shouting doesn't work, distraction very often doesn't work. He's just horrible - such a temper. Don't know where he gets it <shifty eyes>

And yet, like the 'little girl with the little curl' when he's good he's beyond adorable. And so bright.

So part of me wonders if it's that his verbal skills aren't up to expressing himself properly means major frustration coupled with the regular developmental lack of it's all about thow they feel in the moment/lack of empathy. Still, it's hard. Especially as I have a velcro baby (who thus far hates the moby I bought to try and free up my hands) and simply can't get up and give him the attention I always have done up until the baby's arrival.

RubyLovesMayMay Mon 02-Jul-12 10:15:13

Earnest/MissP if the details of the meet up are the same as up-thread I'll definitely be there. Ive just recently come back to Facebook, whats the name of the group so I can find it?

Ive been lurking on here a lot but never really have the time to update properly.

DS is 8 weeks on Wednesday, time is flying. He is all good. DD adores him, she wont leave him alone, always trying to kiss him or wipe his dribble from his chin. It is very sweet to see.

We haven't started potty training yet, Im biding my time for a little bit longer but in the meantime trying to get her to verbalise with me when shes done something in her nappy. Which is fun not

Her vocab seems to have gone through the roof, she catches me by surprise with some of her sentences and she can remember peoples names quite well. Her Nursery said that she doesnt so much chat to the other kids, but she can be heard chatting away to herself and while playing with toys on her own. Very much her Mother's Child, there.

Having problems with her eating though, in that she will hardly eat anything. She'll eat Weetabix, Yoghurt, Pizza, Chips, Toast and Evening meals sometimes but Im really struggling to get her to eat vegetables. Its hit and miss at Nursery, it purley depends on whats on the menu on the day. But Im hoping its just a phase because she was never this picky before and used to eat anything we gave her.

And dont even get me started on trying to do her hair <dispairs>

Hope all of you are well

ruby it'll be lovely to see you again! And DS.
Hair- DDs straight blonde hair I cut myself, she sits nicely still if in front of a mirror. But she won't have it put up unless she wants it, she protests and runs off. Your DDs hair is probably less easy to do I'd imagine!

Dd was accident free yesterday, and even asked to go to the potty when wearing her night time nappy ( so mil says- I was at the Stone Roses smile ) MissP I'd persevere- 50% or more sounds about right for one week, we've just completed two and our biggest issue is poos really. Stickers worked I think but now she gets so many I need another bribe.. And I'm going to avoid our local library for a while as dd has left her mark on both visits!!

manda James looks adorable! Did velcrobaby dress up too?

Sarah hope you had a lovely anniversary x

EarnestDullard Mon 02-Jul-12 14:02:41

Ruby the group is called MN March 2010 but it's a closed group so I don't know if it comes up in a search. If you like you could PM me your surname (I remember your first name!) and I can find you on FB and add you as a friend, then add you to the group? And 8 weeks already, how did that happen? It really doesn't seem that long ago.

Manda James looked so cute, I love the trainers.

Siamese excellent news on the potty-training front, this morning I was contemplating giving up for now after another poo went unnoticed (she doesn't even tell me after the fact now, which she used to do when she was in nappies) but I guess we'll stick with it a bit longer. I think I need to reinforce the idea that pooing in pants is bad, but without making her feel bad for having accidents. I did tell her this morning that pants don't like having poo on them, it makes them cry blush I've now stocked up on some Moshi Monsters (a current obsession) to give as rewards for poos in the potty.

Arcadie Mon 02-Jul-12 20:44:51

Earnest - I've made you an FB Admin for the MN group. Ruby - welcome onto it....

EarnestDullard Thu 05-Jul-12 14:30:19

I'd like to share with you all the song that Izzy sang to me this morning after using her potty:

"Poo is great
Poo is great
yeah yeah yeah
In my potty
You're cleaning my bottom
You got some poo on your socks*

Mummy, I singing a pooey song!"

*This part is, sadly, true. I stood on an, erm, escaped bit on the bathroom floor and had to change my socks. Eurgh.

Aren't toddlers wonderful grin

THat's genius, bmi <stubbornly refuses to accept another namechange and, infact, rejects them all, reverting back to the original and the best >

I sense a future in songwriting. Watch out Bernie Taupin and/or Tim Rice!

simplysarahandco Sun 08-Jul-12 10:44:02

cute pic manda his adorable x smile

still persevering her with potty training, so far about 50/50- not putting too much oressure on tho- he will do it when ready x

Siamese- we had a fab anniversary the nest yet smile

gotta go hooked on Mr Christian Grey- this book is ace x smile

simplysarahandco Mon 09-Jul-12 20:54:39

OMG we left the house for the school run this afternoon in pants- got home still clean and dry! RESULT- Elliott has been taking himself to the potty all day and only had two little wee's on the floor! smile i think he gets it! smile

BlueyDragon Tue 10-Jul-12 20:35:14

Still nO potty training here, Alex is just not ready and the weather is not ready for the washing. I may have said this before but we had one abandoned attempt with DD, left it until she was readier and had very quick success. She was interested second time around; first time was more about us and many of her friends being potty trained so we thought we ought to try.

Sympathies on the weeping and wailing. The world crumbles sometimes if he doesn't get his own way. Bring on the day when he works out the weeping and wailing don't work. But I'm with Manda, they are super cute the rest of the time which is probably why the human race isn't already extinct.

Anyone else's MM2010 baby dropped all sleep in the day? Alex seems to be ready to drop his last nap but surely not yet <pleads>?

So exciting to hear about all the new babies!

DairyNips Sun 15-Jul-12 20:02:32

Hey all, long time no post from me!

Sorry I lost touch, just found it hard to keep up on here although I enjoy seeing updates from some of you on fbsmile

Sat here with 4 week old ds3. Having a bit of a silent reflux nightmare but gaviscon seems to be helping a bit today.. (had some left from Miles so tried it in desperation as he's not even registered with the dr yet)

Miles is a fantastically mischievous terrible two now, rascally and adorable in equal measuresgrin

How are you all?

DairyNips Sun 15-Jul-12 20:03:25

Sorry Earnest I just read your poo song and laughed out loud at the poo on socks bitgrin

simplysarahandco Mon 16-Jul-12 21:01:07

hey daryl, good to hear from u, hope ds is ok and the gaviscon does the trick- love seeing ur updates and pics on fb too

DairyNips Tue 17-Jul-12 08:01:32

Hey simplysarah Gaviscon helping a but although such a faff to give! The ranitidine Miles used to take was easier and less had to be given so might push for that..

How are you?

simplysarahandco Wed 18-Jul-12 12:25:59

hope u get what the little guy needs, all good here,

Took elliott for his first nursery session this morning, he starts in september and is very excited x smile ( not as excited as me tho! hahaha)

i dont think he will have any problem making himself at home- smile

DairyNips Wed 18-Jul-12 12:38:23

Aww bet he'll love it! Miles will go when he gets his free place after next March. Seems ages away but sure it'll be here before I know it!

Yeah, I recently checked when the free allowence becomes available to our 2010'ers... apparently, 1st April counts down the moments

I bought a phil and teds vibe to try and get out a bit more (spending a lot of time in - James is so, um, forceful in his protestations to pretty much everything lately and Ted hates the moby...) but so far only managed to use it twice. It's HEAVY (I'm on the first floor - leaving it downstairs not allowed/nor advisable if you want it to actually remain your property...) and it's still such a faff to get anywhere when James doesn't want to much of the time so tantrums, I can't leave him and Ted alone to get ready because James will end up killing him with kindness (LOVES him, truly, but shows it by climbing on him and smothering him). Not to mention the weather. When I see yet more grey skies and drizzle, I'm not motivated to go through the exhausting rigmarole to get out.

But this too will pass.

DF had his appointment for his snip at the hospital today. We thought it was actually going to be D Day, or more accurately, V Day, but he's text to say he doesn't think they are doing it, it seems to be a lot of pre-assessment and stuff. Anyone know the usual procedure?

RubyLovesMayMay Thu 19-Jul-12 15:47:26

Manda I'm just looking into getting a double. I like the look of the Vibe but the Phil and Teds are a bit or a lot out of my price range. I'd prefer a tandem for bus use and have seen a couple on gumtree second hand I'm interested in. I tried to start a thread in pushchairs but it didn't really take off I reckon they're all going to be quite heavy esp the Graco Quattro Duo that I've seen, it looks HUGE but has everything I think I'll need. I also live on the first floor so thats something to consider.

I reckon I'll have to go to shops and try them out but I've prepared myself for the fact that I'll be carting a lorry around with the two of them in, but anything is better than being confined to the house on the 3 days Amaya isn't at nursery.

Amaya is also the same with Ezra, shes constantly sat in front of him, shoving his dummy in his mouth at every opportunity or trying to wipe his face. Whenever he dribbles or is sick she says "Mummy, he's spilling it!" It's very cute but I'm forever trying to get her to back off just a little.

Ezra is talking to me now grin he is ever so chatty and wriggly and cute. He had a nuclear kidney test on Monday and they put a canula in his hand, then his foot before finally putting it in other his hand to successfully find his tiny little vein, and he was so brave, bless him.

Anyway, I'm off to go and get my lunch (I know, at 3:45pm!) while Ezra is chillin.

Hugs to everyone

<watches tumbleweed blow past>

This here thread is a ghost town!

Whatcha all doin'? Let me live vicariously considering how often I am sat indoors! Well, except for this weekend when I have to trek to N.Ireland for a wedding (luckily without James... although I'm having TERRIBLE wobbles about it all, I've only spent two single nights away from him when in hospital and those times he was with his Dad... this time it'll be two nights in a row, and not with either of us sad PLus I keep having anxious thoughts about leaving him an orphan if the plane crashes! Madness confused )

EarnestDullard Sat 11-Aug-12 09:53:43

Hope you have a lovely weekend Manda smile

I'm mainly popping in to remind everyone about the Birmingham meetup one week today! Planned venue is Birmingham Botanical Gardens; more details on FB, or PM me.

Hope everyone's doing well. I noticed there's now a Due in March 2013 antenatal thread; can't believe it's been 3 years since we were in that position.

Which position? The one at the start or the one at the end ;)

FlipFantasia Tue 14-Aug-12 21:06:09

Hi ladies

Real life has been so hectic that I've had practically no time for MN!

Hope everyone is well - am so jealous of those meeting up in Birmingham this weekend. So wish I could join you, but have friends visiting from Scotland (and rather guiltily I'm actually wishing we could just spend the weekend doing moving stuff - just back from a wedding in Cyprus and off to another wedding in Colorado next week and then Sept is crammed so this weekend is our last free weekend until we move and we've got loads to do!!). I'll keep an eye on FB for photos.

Interesting to read the double buggy discussions. Due to our tiny flat and tiny car, we've just stuck with the sling and our trusty maclaren quest. For the sling, we use the ergo - used it with the newborn insert until about a month ago. We had the maclaren serviced - new wheels and raincover and bits and bobs - so it feels all new again at a fraction of the cost. This week we've started using the lascal buggy board as well. DS quite likes the buggy board but is a pretty good walker, even with all the hills around us in north London!

The move stuff is starting to get quite stressful. We're actually moving and in just over a month will be gone from London. Which makes me sad and shock but also [excited] - I'll miss my friends and the loveliness of our life here but at the same time we're ready for this move and it'll be great to have family close at hand (and have NYC on our doorstep).

Right, need to help DH move stuff out of the cellar - time to ramp up the decluttering!

simplysarahandco Mon 20-Aug-12 19:34:59

FLip= life sounds so so busy! slow down a bit x u will end up doign yourself in!

Meet up on sat was brill so good to get together with the ladies and running toddlers! how grown up they all are now! scary x

MummyElk Tue 04-Sep-12 08:10:46

Hello everyone - i KNOW i'm a bad person and apologies for that. I can tell you all the usual boring stuff (relentless year, etc etc) but I think everyone's year has been busy so please just accept my apologies and I HAVE lurked, so am more or less up to date, i thiiink.... hmm
Glad everyone is good and potty training is going well. DD2 is there with it too, she more or less did it herself in the end (think i was holding out for a bit longer, tbh, couldn't quite face it midst house move/unpacking etc). I think she might even be ready to do the nights too but i REALLY cannot be arsed with that so, again, holding out [bad parent alert]
we are expecting dc3 in december, rocky start earlier this year meant our initial september baby wasn't meant to be, but am excited about december and the new addition to our family. DD1 convinced it's a boy. I am too, tbh. no actual EVIDENCE, mind.
most of you will know this from my copious facebook postings but anyway, thought i should drop in.
Was so sorry to miss the meet up - hopefully make the next one when life is calmer.
Good luck those moving(*flip*)/watching relatives move (*missp*) it's stressful either way but worth it in the end
And I should publicly thank rkd for her lovely fbk message which has totally put my mind at rest about home births. I still think of that brilliant labour thread of hers, not sure my DH is up to MrRKD's excellent updates, but still. Happy memories - doesn't march 2010 seem a long time ago now... <wistful>....

BlueyDragon Sun 09-Sep-12 03:55:47

[posting from the MM2010 naughty step, where I have been sent for Not Posting, Not Attending Meets and Failure To Keep Up. I am enjoying my 37 21 minutes on here]

Actually, not got masses to say. Alex is nowhere near potty trained although he did allow himself to be taken to the potty the other night when he announced he was doing a poo (he wasn't, it was a wee - he was doing that little boy shiver thing that I never knew about - am I the only one who didn't know this?) and got a few dribbles in. Tis a start... We've moved a bit from major meltdowns to quite aggressive behaviour - hitting DD and talking in this really determined voice. He does have quite a lot to stand up to as DD is bossy articulate and directive, but I can only describe him as being testosterone fuelled at the mo. and growing like a weed - his new PJs are size 3-4 (Next) because he is out of 2-3 year old stuff! And he's no more chunky than your average 2 year old, but he's tall and solid. Bless him.

Life seems to be moving on apace for everyone here - how are all the new babies and/or house moves?

Ah, bluey it's funny you should mention house moves as we should be exchanging this week (fingers crossed - it's already taken an age to get this far due to a massive backlog at the council for The Searches). Got to almost gut the place and start from scratch and I think I must be in denial about what we are about to embark on (although won't be living in it at the same time so that's a bonus!) as I'm not feeling the least bit phased. definitely denial then. I'm so good at it!

All I bumped into PD in chat and she says to say hello to the thread... so, er, hello from her!

simplysarahandco Mon 10-Sep-12 20:45:35

Lovely to read ur news ELk- great to see u guys posting in here, March 2012 was an age ago wasnt it! Life just takes over and the months pass by in a flash,

Hope everyone is coping with life and managing all that we hve to manage, x

All good here, Rosie started school and is loving it, Elliott got his first day at nursery tomorrow- (he is not potty trained tho- had a very good start, but he went back so reverted back to nappies, he just wont tell me he needs to go- only after he had done it! grrrrr!) he will do it when he is ready! he will do it when he is ready!

Nothing much else to add,

miss the chats we used to have x

BlueyDragon Thu 13-Sep-12 22:26:41

Manda, did you exchange yet?

<channels inner Northerner> Did we 'ell as like.

Now there is some hold up with Enquiries. Our solicitor claims she Made Enquiries weeks ago and as yet has only had some of the answers, faxed, no hard copy. Their solicitor, according to the estate agent, says they have faxed all the answers but there was something or other missing from the info from our solicitor... which she denies. During this whole long drawn out process, the vendors had to go back to court for a stay of execution - the house was due to be repossessed. I believe the second date they were given to complete by is the 23rd Sept. Ten days. And solicitors are farting around blaming each other for things not being resolved yet. Argh! Any advice about arses up rockets ways to encourage resolution?

And... if you ever do blog, remember to link me woman!

scooby26 Sun 16-Sep-12 22:09:09

Greetings all... Long time no post- apologies. I may have a vvvv faint line.....

Wonderful news scoob - congratulations! How will this affect work?! grin

Arcadie Mon 17-Sep-12 14:38:10

Woooohooooooo Scoobs! Well done you. Big congrats and enjoy the nervous buzz of excitement that comes with remembering your news. not that I miss that part at all

scooby26 Mon 17-Sep-12 16:34:17

Thanksmanda and arcadie it's extremely early days but work is yet again rearing it's head- my current role is unworkable from jan due to change of shift pattern so id applied for something else which is 'out n about' interview is this week. Area is rough so of I got it I'd have to tell them at some point to stay desk bound- cant imagine they will happy..... Oh wot to do.... Can't really pull out without reason either....

simplysarahandco Thu 20-Sep-12 14:13:17

WOW- congrats scooby, hope work prob sorts x smile

hey to one and all lurking out their x

FlipFantasia Fri 21-Sep-12 22:47:41

Well ladies, tonight's our last night in the UK...we're moving to the US tomorrow! I can't believe it's finally rolled around - was so strange watching all of our possessions being driven away in the shipping container yesterday. At this stage we don't know where we'll be living when we'll be reunited with them. But we have a month in Manhattan to find a place to live...

Scoobie congratulations! Hope it all goes well for you.

Manda hope the house purchase is going well.

Big waves to everyone else. Sorry for the flying visit but have to repack our suitcases - the temporary flat we're in is a tip and I really don't want to spend tomorrow morning packing when we could be at the park!

Flip! Nooooo, donnnn't goooooooooooooooo <clings to leg> Look, ok, you can go; just so long as I have an open invitation to come visit as I've been to NYC 3 times and all 3 times I had children with me. I want to do a grown up, no children visit... even if it's literally a weekend. A month to sort out where to live, eh? just as soon as you've settled and have worked out the really good stuff we could do, give me a shout and I'll hop over It's my birthday in just under two months... just sayin' grin

What an adventure! May it not be too fraught with angst and full of fun and laughter. At least we won't miss you here, as it were, given that t'internet knows no phyisical barriers.

(as for the house we FINALLY exchanged today. Have been given next Fri (28th) as our completion date)

BlueyDragon Sat 22-Sep-12 19:21:09

Can we have a MMMM in NYC? Flip, you have got space for all of us as long as we don't bring DCs? I've never been to NYC... Good luck with the move and I have heard that they even have the Interweb in America so you still know where to find us smile.

Congrats, scooby, and I hope the work thing comes good for you.

Manda, yay for exchange but I bet you're foot to the floor for completion on Friday. I hope you've got lots of help. Is it still in London or are you headed for the burbs?

EarnestDullard Sun 23-Sep-12 16:40:03

Huge congrats scooby, hope you're feeling well and that the work situation gets sorted.

Flip all the very best for the move and the future, do pop back when you can and keep us updated on life across the pond smile

Good luck with your move too Manda, hope it all goes smoothly.

38w here and just waiting, waiting, waiting. Had a good few BHs and some low-level cramping over the past week, but this LO seems comfortable for the time being. I'd be quite happy for things to kick off ASAP, I think I'll panic a bit when it actually does happen though!

Hope everyone else is well x

simplysarahandco Mon 24-Sep-12 09:44:57

good luck with the move - yeah im up for a mmm in nyc x x xsmile how nice would that be.............

..........................ok back from my daydream of child free days and coffee shops and shopping, oh and great company too..........................

Good luck for completion date next week- hooray glad your finally getting there.

Earnest- wow any time now, good luck and hope lo doesnt keep u waiting too much longer,

bluey Well, although I have a SW postcode, technically in London, I'm literally on the border with Richmond (a five minute walk and you're in TW9) so I'm sorta, kinda already in the 'Burbs. Definitely more 'Burbs than Big Smoke here.

I want to stay here - indeed, whilst my older two were growing up I chose location over space and they have shared a room all their life (hardly ideal but where the space is, I don't want to go!). They're happy to finally be getting their own rooms (we're going from a two bedroom flat to a four bedroom house) but as DD is 18 in March it's all come a little late for them!

However, I've had to relent. We simply need more room, much more room! We're going only not quite 15 mins in a car but I don't like the area (my Dad lived there most of my life until recently and DF is from there (in fact, the house is down the same road as his Mum! That's a whole other thread in itself - she's lovely and all, and I'm hoping it will mean more babysitting a closer relationship with DS2&3 but, yeah, MiL a few steps down the road wouldn't work for everyone!) so I do know it well) but the plan is to come back this way in a few years when the older two will have left/be on their way to leaving so we'll need less room again. I know; best laid plans and all that, but that is the plan.

BMI No freaking way!! 38 weeks?! Are you sure because it only seems like five minutes ago you got your bfp and it definitely seems like about three minutes ago that you discovered it's DD2 on the way... 38 weeks. 38?! Lots of positive labour vibes your way I've been pondering becoming a doula. Not right now, but near future but probably not needed as second babies tend to be so much easier!

sarah It's a beautiful daydream, eh? grin No pressure, flip but get somewhere massive that will accommodate us all, hmmkay?

RubyLovesMayMay Wed 26-Sep-12 18:34:45

Hi Guys,

Im going to update properly, later, hopefully if I get a chance.

Looks like its house moving season on the thread smile we're moving up north at the end of next month. Dead excited!

Anyway, DD is fighting me for the laptop hmm so Im off

Hope everyone is well though

x x

simplysarahandco Wed 26-Sep-12 20:34:29

wow another house mover x hmmm wonder if mike would like a move...... hahah

Got the keys finally at 5pm...

God, there's a LOT of work to do - even more than I remember and I remembered a lot!!

simplysarahandco Fri 28-Sep-12 22:12:21

good luck manda x

Arcadie Mon 08-Oct-12 23:34:41

As I am a sad sad biscuit and DH is working late again I amused myself for a few minutes by re-reading a few old threads. You ladies are astonishingly awesome.

Congrats to those who've moved.

Congrats to those who've birthed.

Just to make sure it still looks like a MN PNthread....

Simeon can: climb anything. Count to 13. Charm his way out of any situation.

Simeon cannot: tell you what colour ANYTHING is. Wear pants anytime soon.

Pacific, Melk, Rinders are you guys still here???

EarnestDullard Tue 09-Oct-12 05:37:08

Well, if anyone fancies a trip back in time (sort of), I'm currently having exactly the same problems with beastfeeding as I did with Izzy. I didn't realise exactly what the problem was until after a few days - by which point I was already bruised, cracked, bleeding and in bloody agony - but she's not sticking her tongue out when she latches, and as a result my poor nipples are basically being chewed by two hard gums at each feed. I don't think she has a tongue tie; she can stick her tongue out, and a mw at the hospital checked her as well. She just doesn't keep her tongue out long enough for me to get her on the boob. One of my nipples is so wrecked that she puked up a mouthful of milk the other day that was full of my blood (I phoned the mw in a semi-panic to make sure it was my blood). So I've been trying to feed from the other side, but now that's getting more scabbed and sore too.

So I'm currently sitting here in tears, waiting for the sterliser to steam so I can express. I dont want to bottle feed, I want to breasfeed sad

Sorry for the self-indulgent post, I know there are others with real problems.

simplysarahandco Tue 09-Oct-12 14:02:37

oh earnest x ur post made me sad sad how u doing now? cant offer any wise words as i was a bottle feeder with my three, just didnt want ur post going unanswered xx

MummyElk Tue 09-Oct-12 18:27:36

Right then earnest let's have a look at you. BIG HUGS. you are doing amazingly.
Did you try doing the laidback nursing at all? It's basically you reclining at an easy angle - in bed or in a comfy chair at a sort of chilled out angle (the sort you AREN'T supposed to do when pregnant) and let the baby find the nipple and latch on. kellymom has lots on it
This might help you with the latch.
I know you say she's not got a tt but I would still get it checked. It could be a posterior one which is a bugger to your nipples and would explain why tongue isn't sticking out. Afraid I don't trust the hospital mw initial diagnoses, they aren't always spot on (otherwise I wouldn't see so many tt).
Have you got lansinoh or gold cream? both can help healing but not as much as getting air to your nipples - and try squeezing a few drops of breastmilk onto your nipple after each feed and leaving it to airdry. it's magical stuff and i'm sure it helps the skin heal. Basically girl, keep your baps out, they need lots of air to heal. smile
I think you need to see someone breastfeeding-ey - not necessarily a mw as they don't have complete training in it. Is there a La Leche or ABM lot near you? Try their helpline 0845 120 2918, they are manned by bf counsellors who can help you initially.
I don't mind if you want to call either, tbh - number hasn't changed, or you can fbk me.
You CAN do this, please don't give up - it feels like hell at the moment because her latch isn't right and your poor boobies feel like they might drop off. But I bet you any money the two of you can sort this, you just need a bit of support and someone to look at her latch to see what's going on.
Have got to go as bathtime sounds like it's all kicking off - will have a look shortly to see how you getting on and will do some more reading to see what I can find out.
There's a possibility that your nipples might benefit from nipple shields but sometimes they don't help at all so I'd speak to someone on the helpline first and see what they say.
Chin up my lovely - you are doing a great job xx

FlipFantasia Fri 12-Oct-12 13:22:16

Earnest just seen your post sad. It's a nightmare when BFing is hard [flashbacks to the first 2 months with DS] but I'd recommend seeking actual BFing support rather than relying on what the midwife said. Check out this site for info about the free BFing support groups on every day in Haringey (I know you're not in Haringey but you could still go along). I went to lots of BFing support groups - the Stonecroft one is particularly excellent for technical advice (it's pre-booked, so numbers are limited, which guarantees one-to-one support). Also the helplines are great. Second Melk's advice about air exposure/rubbing milk in. Also look into jelonet (your local chemist may have some) as I found that moist wound stuff pretty great. You're doing so well and your DD2 is just gorgeous - I really hope all this BFing stuff is sorted soon.

Big waves to everyone else!

Sitting here in Manhattan with DD playing on the floor (she wants her breakfast but I'm MNing!). DS is still asleep and DH is off to work. We've only got just over a week left in Manhattan before we move to the house we've rented in northern NJ (so much space! I can't wait, even if our stuff won't have arrived yet...). And we're buying a car tonight! Manhattan is great, but I can't wait to move on from here. It's fun, but we're staying right in midtown and the subway is not particularly accessible with a baby in the sling and a toddler in a buggy! Manhattan is much more fun without small kids in tow! Though it is pretty cool to be living on the 34th floor in a swanky apartment, like a mad holiday smile.

Arcadie Fri 12-Oct-12 16:24:05

Flip - my cousin just moved to NJ too - she's loving family life over there and fills my FB page with pictures of site-seeing in Manhattan with visitors!

BlueyDragon Sat 13-Oct-12 14:33:47

Big hug for Earnest.

wine for everyone.

Pacific and Rinders have been spotted on other threads. Was it something we said? grin

BlueyDragon Sat 13-Oct-12 14:37:00

In actual toddler news, A is both in pants and in a Big Boy Bed. Not sure the potty training attempt will last as whilst he will now wee in the potty he still hasn't really got a clue when he needs to go. But it's progress!

EarnestDullard Mon 22-Oct-12 18:03:08

Hi all, thought I'd do a quick post while both girls are (miraculously!) asleep.

How are you doing Bluey? Hope you're feeling well. And good luck with the potty training! Izzy is still having an accident (just pee) every few days, usually about two minutes after she's been asked if she's sure she doesn't need the potty hmm It's frustrating because she's so good most of the time, but I suppose we need to cut her some slack at the moment with the new baby and everything.

Adjusting to life with a toddler and a newborn here; taking it one day at a time. I've not been getting out much when DH is at work, although I did take them both to Izzy's Monkey Music class this morning, and mercifully Eleanor slept soundly in her carseat. It was nice to show her off too grin

BFing is better (and thank you all for the helpful and supportive posts, especially the lovely Melk who actually anticipated my problems before I even posted about them!), although I'm still alternating BFing and expressing. Nipples all healed though, and seem to be toughening up a bit. I'd like to go back to BFing all the time (although it's been great to be able to leave DH with the girls, and a bottle for Eleanor if needed; I even got my hair cut last weekend!). I should really just try a day of BFing and not expressing, and cross my fingers that it won't get painful again.

Arcadie I had a re-read of some old threads recently too, mainly the one where the babies were born. Strange to see it with Pixie and iwcas' posts all deleted though. And it doesn't seem like almost 3 years ago shock

Manda how's the new house?

Flip have you moved to NJ yet? I'm a bit envy, NY is a great place, and brilliant for kids. I was shocked on our last visit by the entry costs of museums though, I guess we're a bit spoiled in London with lots of free museums.

Hope everyone else is doing well smile

EarnestDullard Mon 22-Oct-12 18:06:08

Ooh, does anyone want to read my birth story? Or would it be really boring to people who haven't given birth recently/aren't due to give birth soon (speaking of which, how are you doing scooby?) I spent ages typing it out and posted it on the Oct 2012 thread, will happily cut and paste here if anyone fancies a nosey! Actually I got DH to write up his own version yesterday as well, as there's a gap of about 2.5 hours in my memory of it I was high as a kite on G&A at that point. It was funny to read his take on it.

Arcadie Mon 22-Oct-12 20:41:34

Yes yes!!! I LOVE birth stories! Post it immediately!

simplysarahandco Mon 22-Oct-12 21:02:38

i agree withn RKD_ love to read birth stories x x x x

EarnestDullard Mon 22-Oct-12 23:07:28

Oh alright then smile My birth story, or what I remember of it anyway. It's very long, sorry.

I'd had contractions from about midnight until 6am on Monday 1st, but they stopped when I got up and had breakfast. My Mum was visiting and really hoped the baby would arrive before she left on the Thursday. On Tuesday night I was having some tightenings but tried not to get my hopes up. At 1amish on Weds I woke with some crampy pains and more uncomfortable tightenings which built up to about 12 min apart. They didn't get any more frequent so I tried to get back to sleep. I woke again at about 4.30 and they finally started to get more intense and frequent; I went to get washed and ready to go to hospital just in case, and at one point they were coming every 3.5 mins. I woke DH up and he practically flew out of bed to get dressed, bless him. I told him not to panic but to call the Birth Centre to say we'd be coming in. Nobody answered. Tried again, nobody answered. We phoned SIL to give us a lift, kept trying the Birth Centre from the car, and eventually phoned the hospital. They said to come to labour ward and someone would contact the Birth Centre. The contractions slowed a bit in the car but were still every 5-10 mins.

We arrived at the hospital at about 7.30am, not knowing if the Birth Centre would have room for us, but the receptionist called them and eventually told us we could go down. They took us to a lovely room with double bed, en suite shower room, and birthing pool. A midwife examined me and did a bit of a sweep. I was only 2-3cm but very stretchy. She sent us off for a walk round the hospital to get the contractions going. When I was moving the contractions were coming about every minute. I breathed through them and tried to tell myself "it doesn't hurt, it's just a strong feeling of pressure" (bit wanky, but it did seem to help!) and DH rubbed my back. We had a coffee in the hospital cafe probably freaking out the other customers then headed back. When we got back there was a new MW on shift, who had actually looked after us when I was in labour with DD1. She also had a medical student who wanted to watch, and bless him, he was lovely, but having a young guy making idle chit chat was not conducive to keeping my contractions going! We went for another walk, up and down 5 flights of stairs a couple of times, and again I was contracting very frequently. We headed back and the midwife examined me again; I was now about 4cm (had been hoping I was at least 6!). The contractions started getting much more intense though, and the next time the MW came in I asked to try gas and air. And this is where it all gets a bit hazy grin I don't think I was using the g&a correctly with DD1, but this time I clung to it like my life depended on it and it definitely helped. It also made me feel quite strange, and messed up my perception of time completely. At one point it seemed like hours had gone by, but when I checked the clock it had only been about 40 mins. The MW would pop in occasionally but DH had to answer any questions because I was off my head not quite aware. I remember her saying things like "That was a long one" and "there's not much time between contractions now, is there?". At one point someone brought lunch and DH fed me a few mouthfuls in between contractions.

And then there's a period of about 2.5 hours that I can't really remember at all. I don't know if that's down to the g&a or just me going into the "zone", but the next thing I remember is being on the bed, moaning loudly (with the g&a mouthpiece still clamped between my teeth, obviously!) and wanting to push. I was bloody noisy though blush I howled with every push; it just felt right, so I went with it. DH says I pushed for about an hour. I remember saying that I couldn't do it, and that it hurt, and at one point the MW told me to pant. Then she told me to push as hard as I could and I just thought "fuck it, I want this to be over" so I gave it everything I could (still screaming; luckily there was nobody else in labour in the Birth Centre, I probably would have terrified them!). The MW told me the head was out, and after a couple more pushes I felt the rest of DD2 come whooshing out. And suddenly I felt like I'd snapped back to reality, like someone had clicked their fingers and brought me back. It was very strange, and the relief that it was over was immense. I was still a bit in shock though; the MW put DD2 straight onto my chest but I don't think I noticed! I was shivering, not from cold but from the adrenaline. Then they took her to clean her up, and said we'd need to stay overnight as there had been meconium in my waters. She had been born back to back, completely facing up instead of towards my spine. I was quite pleased to have pushed her out by myself, as I'd neeed ventouse for DD1 who was in the same position. The MW helped deliver the placenta, which was a bit painful and took a while, and she put in a catheter in case my full bladder was preventing the placenta coming out.

I was taken up to a delivery suite as I'd torn during delivery and they had to check if it was 2nd or 3rd degree; luckily it was 2nd, as if it had been 3rd I'd have needed a spinal while they repaired it. The poking around was horrible. They gave me a local anaesthetic injection and stitched me up there and then (still unpleasant, but again the g&a was my best friend). Then they took us back to the Birth Centre, to a smaller room, to spend the night. They brought tea and toast, and post-childbirth tea and toast is the best you'll ever eat grin It was about 5.30pm by this point, and DH went home to see DD1, then came back once she was in bed and stayed with me and DD2. She fed lots overnight - I wish I'd paid more attention to latching her on properly, I'd have avoided a lot of damage and pain later on - and the midwife had to come in every 2 hours to do observations on DD2, but we did manage to get some sleep as well.

The next morning we had to wait for a midwife to check DD2 and also for a hearing test, then we were finally discharged at lunchtime. I have to say, I felt amazing; despite the pain and the hard work and thinking both during and afterwards that I did not ever want to do that again, overall I felt really positive. Not needing intervention and being able to stay in the BC overnight (as opposed to ventouse and staying on the postnatal ward by myself last time) made the whole thing much nicer. My stitches didn't seem to be as bad as last time either. And I'd just had a baby, all by myself!

simplysarahandco Mon 22-Oct-12 23:30:51

AWwwwww, that bought a tear to my eye x so lovely to read your story x x x x x x

BlueyDragon Tue 23-Oct-12 22:32:46

Earnest, thanks for your story. Have to admit, it makes me glad I'm not doing that again though grin.

Hmm, potty training is very hit and miss. He will go if we take him, but doesn't know when he needs to go and whilst he's been dry all day a couple of times we have yet to successfully poo anywhere other than in pants. He'll get it eventually.

Otherwise I'm ok. Very tired, but thankfully lots of help on hand.

EarnestDullard Wed 24-Oct-12 14:41:52

Yeah, I didn't spare any of the gory details. I think being on MN has probably made me a bit too candid about these things blush

Glad you've got lots of help and support Bluey x

FlipFantasia Wed 24-Oct-12 19:52:53

Earnest wow, what a story! It made me quite emotional, as I also was at the birth centre for DD (but was only there for an hour before being whisked up to the labour ward because of meconium in my waters - still managed to go from 1-2cm to 9cm in that hour so the relaxing space did work!). Hope things are going well with the 4 of you. I bet DD1 loves her new little sis smile

Bluey sounds like potty training is going well (compared to us - I've not even started it yet - am being lazy and waiting til we settle in!). Glad you're doing OK bar the tiredness and glad that you've got lots of help.

Big waves to everyone else.

We moved from Manhattan on Sat (and our neighbours brought us welcome cookies and muffins smile) and are loving our new house and the town. The house is spacious and lovely, even if currently quite a bit of a state (our shipping container arrived on Friday, so we've been reunited with our furniture and boxes). We need a bit more furniture (mainly book cases!) in order to unpack properly and also need to get our pictures on the walls. It's a beautiful town - we're five mins walk from the train station (DH can commute via train and direct trains to Penn Station), a park, a library with an amazing kids' room, the bustling main street with lots of independent shops/restaurants, our local big supermarket is a Trader Joe's (for anyone who knows that chain that is!) and all of this with a house with a front porch smile. I've even discovered some local NJ MNetters via the Living Overseas section and will hopefully meet up with some soon. We're hoping to buy next year and I can imagine putting down happy roots here. So all in all, it's going well.

Though I miss my friends in London. Not the place really, but the people. An old school friend just had a baby in South London and it was a traumatic birth and feeding is not going well. Wish I could just be there for her, rather than relying on email/texts. But we're so much closer to family here and I've really enjoyed seeing so much of my in-laws. I know I'll make friends here soon (we've only lived in the town 5 days!).

scooby26 Thu 01-Nov-12 22:45:49


Not been around much lately been a bit exhausted ;-)

FLIP- glad ur enjoying USA and that you're erring settled. I love it I've there- always feels very homely.

EARNEST- glad all working out for you- I am somewhat nervous of the transmission of one to two! Aomg time to go yet- just 10w3 at mo- scan on 12th. Sounds like your birth went ok though- pleased for you. Sorry to hear you've feeding problems tho- it's not nice but ever so common- keep your chin up.

Can I asks straw poll of how many potty trained toders we have? I'd quite like DS to be rid of nappies but he is strong willed and does NOT want to be rid!


Rindercella Fri 02-Nov-12 10:56:35

Hello everyone grin

Sorrrrreeeee for never coming on to the the wonderful MMM threads. I just think that as time went by it got harder and harder to keep up with you all and I didn't want to come on here and just talk about mememe!

You're all bloody wonderful and I am so pleased I caught sight of this thread. Can anyone give me a quick(??) synopsis of how everyone is. I know from FB that there have been some beautiful new arrivals in the last few months. Many congratulations to you all.

I hope all the gorgeous March 2010 babies (soon to be 3 year olds! How did that happen?!) are all well and giving you as much joy as little Jasmine gives me.

simplysarahandco Sun 04-Nov-12 09:25:54

hey Rinders and Scooby, good to 'see' u both,

Congrats scooby, be sure to come let us know how ur scan goes, Elliott is still training to come out of nappies, he is not the slightest but interested- but we are getting the occasional wee in the potty or toilet but its a working progress! we will get there at some point- they all do x x

Rinders how are you and your beautiful girls, ????

simplysarahandco Sun 04-Nov-12 19:45:04

Elliott has had a day of pants- only 2 accidents, and he is now going on the potty by choice- result !!!!!lets hope we continue in the right direction!

MummyElk Thu 08-Nov-12 23:36:54

Hello everyone again - hope all well
well done sarah and elliot, of course, on the potty training, excellent work!
rinders good to see you - i'd do an update for you but have only a faint grasp on everyone's whereabouts anyway - needless to say there have been some house/country moves, some babies born and some nappies thrown away....

slightly selfish one from me but am in that weird limbo bit of being in hospital and no-one knowing about it so i thought i'd tell you all whilst it's quiet here and see a) what wisdom you can impart and b) offload it so i feel a bit better...
it loooooooks like i might have pre eclampsia...no-one is sure but my bp is unusually high for me (but its all over the place) and i have a large amount of protein in my urine.... so am staying in overnight whilst they work out what to do. what i can't work out is whether this means a definite early arrival for DC3 (i'm 35+5) or whether it means a quiet month ahead of me, or what.

anyway i'm not feeling too stressed about it - these things happen, but the not knowing is a bit disconcerting... add that to the fact i have sent DH home to the superking bed on his OWN whilst i get to squeak around a hospital mattress for the night and you can imagine my mood..... smile

anyway.. if anyone sees this let me know what you think. i have little knowledge of pre-eclampsia, tbh.

hope everyone else is well and enjoying their toddlers. dd2 is hilarious and BOY does she know her own mind. she runs rings round her older sister. ridiculous.

better dash the mw will be back soon (and i can't type v well with a bp cuff around my arm).
think i might be on some meds though, latest bp was a bit high.


MummyElk Thu 08-Nov-12 23:38:35

p.s. small panic but i haven't said a word on facebook yet so don't ask me too publicly how i am....
i will do tomorrow but it's all too vague.
i know we don't check this board so much any more but you know me and my paranoia/control freakery smile

scooby26 Fri 09-Nov-12 10:09:47

Ooh exiting!

I don't think for a second they will leave you there a month- you are in advanced pregnancy and there should be no problem delivering a baby at 36 weeks- they may keep you there til 37 weeks If not concerned about you but any concern at all and you will be Induced! Won't be long - yay! X

Rindercella Fri 09-Nov-12 11:06:45

Hi Sarah, MumyElf wink and Scooby, thanks for the welcome back.

Mummyelf, good luck. I am sure you will be fine. You're not stressed and you're in the best place. I bet DH is grateful for the king size bed! When I was pregnant with DD1 I was sent to hospital as my bp was through the roof and protein in my urine was high, etc. I was monitored and it returned to normal. I now put it down to the fact I had a huge latte the day before and it gave me a massive migraine <non-medical person here, so actually am clueless whether or not that's the case>. I haven't been able to drink coffee since sad But good luck and your two gorgeous little girls will be so excited to meet their little sibling! Mum's the word on FB, I promise wink

DD2 is an absolute amazing, incredible, fantastic and beautiful little girl. She's funny, smart and so easy. Very few temper tantrums and just absolutely charming. Everyone who meets her falls in love. One of DD1's friends had a bugs & snakes <yuk> party a couple of weeks ago. DD1 and her friends all sat away, scared of the bugs. DD2 was there, hand out wanting to cuddle everything from stick insects, to lizards, to tarantulas. At one point she was 'cuddling' a tarantula and turned round to me saying, look Mummy! I nearly ran a mile!!

We really are doing okay. Mostly. Of course, it's different. And can feel ever so relentless sometimes. But I have some fab family and friends and the girls seem to be really happy.

It's good to be back posting on here smile

BlueyDragon Fri 09-Nov-12 22:38:08

That's not good news, MummyElk, but at least you are in the right place and scooby is right, it might mean you are holding an elklet before too long because I can't believe they'd leave you lying around making the place look untidy for a whole month. I hope you got some sleep.

sarah, Elliott is such a star! A needs to be told to go, he hasn't quite made the connection between needing to go and actually taking himself off yet, but the boy has a bladder like a camel's and he can go for hours without a wee. His nappies are dry overnight, even. So we're getting there. Scooby, there are loads of potty training threads on here and there's a list of signs that they are ready - can't remember them all but I found it really useful with DD to know when she was ready.

I want a girl again though. Boy terrible twos are worse than girls', I've decided. Admittedly now is not a great time to be battling with anyone for me though, and he's soooo cute sometimes too, that may be we'll keep him a bit longer.

Big hugs, Rinders, it's so nice to see you! Erm, I can't help much on the catch up side except that it's quiet round here mostly. There are a couple of new babies around/imminent and a couple of house moves. It's good to hear you've got help and support around - we're here if you ever need to let off steam too.

Marking spot. Various house shennanigans to update on including roof has three leaks, melted transformers in the wiring and other disasters adventures, but just don't have the time to type it all out!

I have posted in diy and property to ask about mother of pearl tiles. Anyone here have experience? I'm lusting but unsure how wise it'll be confused

Arcadie Sat 10-Nov-12 23:55:10

hey there - figured I'd come say hello on here as well as FB.... Melk - legs crossed eh, there's a dear, I'd rather 12th Nov was international Arcadie day and not shared with your DC!!!! wink

MummyElk Mon 12-Nov-12 21:59:29

Girls.... that's rkd's gentle reminder to say (even if you've done it on fbk - unlike me, soz).....HAPPY BIRTHDAY RKD!!!!!!! grin Glad you had a nice day and a decent sandwich - always a good thing....
No Elklet diluting the Rkdianness of the 12th, I promise. I am home for the moment and hoping to get to SAturday at the very least before anything interesting happens. As you all say though, it does mean I'll be cuddling a baby very soon, so that's nice. Can't complain, really.
Glad the various March toddlers are keeping us on our toes, and happy. I do like the 2s - i know they can be a pita but they are generally very funny and entertaining.... and the language is evolving every day. Even if DD2's response to "be a good girl at grandma's today" was "I WON'T say bugger off, or pantsy-pants, or bum-bum"
Me: "no, dear. None of that" hmm

Arcadie Tue 13-Nov-12 19:00:12

Why thank you MELK and thanks to all the FB using ladies who wished me well there. Lots of clothes shopping for me to celebrate the (still wobbly but firmly a) size 14 bod.

And happy birthday to smac if you're still out there.

EarnestDullard Wed 14-Nov-12 15:20:07

Happy belated birthday to Arcadie and Smac, hope you were both spoiled rotten.

Hope you're hanging in there MummyElk and taking it as easy as you can. Looking forward to an announcement of the new Elklet's arrival in the next few weeks. And baby Smac too, not long now!

Rinders lovely to see you smile

We're muddling along here, things are going fine but I'm keeping expectations low, i.e. if we all manage to get dressed and fed all day that's enough for me. My parents have been helping a lot now that they're living nearer, which is great. Eleanor is 6 weeks old today and has been giving us big gummy grins for the past few days, often at 3am nice that one of us is happy at that time of day at least. Feeding is going ok; mixing BFing with expressing seems to be working so I'm sticking with it for the moment. And I breastfed in public for the first time ever yesterday!

Izzy is by turns hilarious and infuriating. Mostly hilarious but she does. Not. Listen! Or do as she's told until the third repetition, by which point my sleep-deprived patience has run out and I often can't help shouting blush She's 90% delightful though, and has an amazing imagination; I'm relieved to see that the recent too-much-CBeebies watching in early/late/ who am I kidding, middle as well pregnancy and new baby haze hasn't broken her brain grin

Arcadie Thu 15-Nov-12 13:58:33

Ditto to everything about Izzy but for Sim.

And grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin for you Mummyelk

Advice please here

simplysarahandco Tue 27-Nov-12 10:46:00

WOW OMG! smile

NorthernNumpty Tue 27-Nov-12 10:54:38


FlipFantasia Tue 27-Nov-12 14:49:02

Siamese A line is a line! Yay! Congratulations gringrin

Melk so glad to see on FB that your gorgeous little man has regained his birth weight smile

Smac not long for you now!

Big waves to everyone else smile




evitas Tue 27-Nov-12 20:45:15

Fantastic news Siamese!! grin

FlipFantasia Tue 27-Nov-12 21:08:17

Siamese gringrin a MASSIVE congratulations! Just in time for a nice sober Christmas gringrin

BlueyDragon Wed 28-Nov-12 06:57:41

Brilliant news, siamese!

How many sticks have you peed on now? grin

scooby26 Wed 28-Nov-12 10:50:15

Yay siamese! Another kitten! Well done your patience has paid off. See u at the 2013 delivery room ;-)


Sariska Wed 28-Nov-12 22:23:31

Siamese - woo hoo! Congratulations to you! (So glad I popped onto the thread this evening.....)

Arcadie Fri 30-Nov-12 23:40:58

Wooop wooop Siamese!!! Well done yoU!

EarnestDullard Sun 16-Dec-12 21:40:01

Hello, how's everyone doing? The thread's gone all quiet again after Siamese's fab news grin

Busy trying to get organised for Christmas here. Tree is up, shopping mostly done, and we're going to my parents' for Christmas dinner so that's one less thing to worry about.

Flip, Christmas in New York (well, near NY), I'm very jealous. DH and I went there for Christmas 5 years ago and it was lovely. The big tree and ice rink at Rockefeller Centre, all the window displays in the department stores.

Uh-oh, littlest is grizzling, gotta go. Hope everyone's well x

BlueyDragon Mon 17-Dec-12 03:27:31

We're finding Terrible Twos a bit tough here, but that might be coloured by waiting 13 hours for the out of hours doctor overnight Saturday/Sunday (DD has a chest infection but also a sore neck so I wasn't taking any chances) plus Alex Will Not Nap so is shattered by 5.30 and then, rather than slowing down, seems to get wilder and wilder. Aaaggghhh, it's all different shades of tired clashing. As some wise women said on here once, TTSP, right?

I'm looking forward to Christmas though, they both sort of get it which is lovely. The chocolate advent calendar may have something to do with it blush.

How is everyone else?

Ah, Christmas in NY - you may recall me getting snowed in Christmas 2010!

Well, things are still not finished at the house. The hope plan was that we would move in at the weekend buuuuut apparently that's looking unlikely. Must take a couple of pictures of the bathroom which is very nearly done, though, as I started a kinda photo reportage of turning it from the hideousness it was into something I can bear to go in to...

Even when we move in, still lots to do; things I don't feel comfortable making a decision about until I'm actually living in it.

So Christmas feels in limbo - I mean, I can't put the tree up as it takes me hours and hours to put up (likewise to take down). Those individual branches to give a 'realistic' effect seemed liked such a good idea O_o And many of my baubles are glass so need to be unwrapped/wrapped... all bought pre DS2/3 of course. No tree means it doesnt remotely feel christmassy. Even though if I ask James who is coming soon he'll tell me 'Bubba Christmas' (and upon further enquiry as to what he'll bring him, I get told a burger. Wondering if Mcdonalds is open on chrismas morning... seriously, though, he eats for England. And now that he fairly regularly poops in the pot, I can see he does scarily adult sized poo!)

siamese YAAAAY for your good news!

What kind of a bitch is insomnia for being with me at the moment when I am BEYOND exhausted? Gah.

FlipFantasia Sun 23-Dec-12 15:27:46

Just popping on to wish everyone a very merry Christmas and a wonderful new year grin. Or happy holidays as they say out here in Americaland gringrin

Things are feeling quite jolly with us. We're spending Christmas eve/morning just the 4 of us and then off to the inlaws on Christmas for the rest of the week. Having spent nearly every Christmas dividing our time between Ireland and the US I'm unbelievably happy to not be schlepping about with planes etc this year. Makes for a more relaxed time. I've been making mince pies for the festivities and even managed to buy a tin of Cadbury fingers in the local supermarket!

We're debating whether to bother heading into NYC for Christmas. We were there a couple of years ago and I think the Rockefeller centre is a gateway to hell - so many crowds & tourists! It's officially A Bloody Nightmare with a buggy. But I love Bryant Park, which also has skaters apparently, and I think DS would enjoy seeing window displays so maybe we'll hop on the train between Christmas & New Year and see some seasonal stuff.

Hope all the new babies are well - lots of first Christmases to celebrate. And the pregnant ladies are well too!

Smac if you're lurking, your brand new DD is just divine - you make gorgeous babies! Bet the older girls are delighted with her smile

Melk your DS is also just delicious! The pics on FB are beyond cute smile

Can't believe our Mar 10 babies are turning 3 in 2013! OMG (as the youth say) where is the time going?!?

scooby26 Mon 31-Dec-12 23:22:00

Happy new year all! The year our 'babies' turn 3!!


Life a bit busy as mo- back working full time to save up for maternity leave for no2- due 24 may so nearly 20 weeks gone already- anomaly scan next week- eek hope all ok.

Hoping our house move goes to plan-have a buyer and a new house- if all goes to plan ( daren't hope as house moves always fraught with upset ;-) ) then should be moving in next 2-6 weeks!

Hope u all have a fab 2013- and a bit quieter than mine looks like being!!

simplysarahandco Tue 01-Jan-13 18:52:51

happy new year to all you mmm x x x
how are these littlies turning three already! scary isnt itx

Hope u have all had great christmas's and new years x

Our christmas has been lovely very relaxing even with a house full x nye was some what of a disapointment, we had friends coming over who cancelled last minute do eneded up just me and dh and a box of choccies! smile

Take care everyone x much love to you all x

RubyLovesMayMay Mon 07-Jan-13 23:02:27

Hi Everyone,

Happy New Year to one and all.

I've been lurking but been a bit rubbish at staying in touch...

Will try and summarise the last few months so as not to bore you all to death:

We moved back to Leeds at the end of October, DH hasn't found a new job here yet so stays at his Mums in the week and just comes up at weekends sad, not long after we moved I broke my thumb, ridiculous car related incident, don't ask! Got a new car after said ridiculous incident but couldn't drive it for a while. So having to deal with the two kids on my own in the week with only one fully functioning hand (my writing hand at that) and no car was a bit tough but all seems well now, my thumb bends again now and the kids didn't re-break it!

My Mum got diagnosed with breast cancer just before Christmas, had an op on New Years Eve so waiting for news if the op was successful, one of her best friends who also had cancer died on Christmas Day so its been quite an emotional Christmas this year. We still all had a good Christmas though, 17 of us on Christmas Day and Boxing Day. We're all trying to keep as positive as possible and just get on with it really...

My Maternity leave is officially over (nooooooo!), the job hunting has begun. Though I've not actually got much Child Care for the kids sorted yet hmm, Amaya goes to the nursery my sister works at one day a week and loves it.

MMM news:
Amaya is such a little madam, in a good way mostly but my God she is stubborn just like me at the moment she wont do anything (eg: shower, get dressed) unless "Daddy does it" which just suits me fine grin

I must admit Amaya has relapsed with the potty training blush <bad mum emoticon> with everything that's been going on recently its become a bit a lot erratic. Her eating hasn't improved either and still only eats about 5 things. Its a bit groundhog-dayish trying her to get her to eat new things but one day it might stick (possibly...maybe...)

She is however, a DREAM when it comes to bed time (which is handy because her brother is a nightmare) she tells me she's tired and sometimes just takes herself off to bed and I don't hear a peep out of her till morning. Ezra on the other hand, grrrr!!!

Anyways, I'm rambling (I was supposed to be summarising!). Hope everyone is well.


simplysarahandco Tue 08-Jan-13 13:34:08

Oh Ruby.

so sorry to hear your sad news, i hope your mums op was a sucess and the docs rid her of the cancer x must be hard for her,after loosing her frind too x sad

Hope your ok too .

Stubbourn sums up all three of mine brood! arggggghhh battle of wills many times here!

All good though, busy busy,

Hope ur dh get a job and moves back home soon .

Take care all

PS_ im back on the shred! ahahahha

evitas Fri 11-Jan-13 21:12:07

Oh Ruby so sorry to hear about your mum. My mum has also been diagnosed (2nd time in 3 years sad) with breast cancer. she had anther surgery and she is now doing chemo, which has been a bit tough. Christmas was very emotional for us as well.
Stay positive and remember that the cure of breast cancer is very high!
Good luck for the job hunting!


RubyLovesMayMay Fri 01-Feb-13 17:35:52

Pinch, punch 1st of the month, everybody! grin

Hope everyone is well, didn't mean to be so doom and gloom in my previous post, things are looking better Chez RubyLovesMayMay. Mums op well, she starts chemo on Wednesday but by all account they removed what they needed to, so fingers are still crossed but she's doing just fine, thanks for the well wishes Sarah and Evitas

Also I GOT A JOB!!! grin grin grin
Working 3 days a week at the Contraception and Sexual Health Clinic doing Clerical/Reception. Really chuffed, just need to sort out some child care....

Speaking of child care, Amaya has been with her Dad all week at MIL's, I've really missed her but they're on their way back as we speak. According to her Brummie family, she's got quite a Yorkshire accent thats my girl

potty training has been going okay too, takes herself off to the potty without me and hardly any accidents, still got a way to go though.

Ezra has started to sleep through now, except on a weekend when DH is home doing the night shifts thats my boy grin

Starting to think about Amaya 3rd birthday party already, can't believe how quick it has cone around, I want to be organised.

Hows everyone else, and their little ones/bumps?

simplysarahandco Mon 04-Feb-13 20:14:34

Ruby, so glad to hear your mums doing well x hope she makes a full and speedy recovery. x

Well done on the job, x fab news, hope you sort some childcare too, x

All good here, birthday madness in full swing, mike, me and harry have had ours, Rosie turns 5 on thurs and then Elliott 3 on the 19! what happend to the babies we had?????

Anyone got anything nice planned for the little ones???

Quiet again in here, hope your all well and those who are lurking come say hi x x x x

evitas Wed 06-Feb-13 10:39:55

Hi all,

I hope everyone is doing well.
I had to come and say hi today - Vincent is 3 today!

We started the day with a big tantrum confused but he was happier when i left him at nursery.


FlipFantasia Wed 06-Feb-13 21:46:52

Evitas happy birthday to Vincent! Our first MMM baby is 3 shock. Hope you've had a lovely day (tantrum notwithstanding!). So sorry to hear your mother is facing breast cancer for the 2nd time sad. I hope she responds really well to treatment hugs

Ruby also sorry to hear your mum has breast cancer too. Hope the treatment continues to go well and hugs to you too.

Big waves to everyone else. DD is 10 months old and crawling everywhere! Currently eating her brother's playdough...DS is thriving - shot up like a bean stalk recently and suddenly seems much more grown up...maybe cause the potty training is now cracked? Though any tips on how to transition from the potty to the actual toilet would be very welcome!

simplysarahandco Wed 06-Feb-13 21:50:42

happy 3rd birthday Vincent x x x

Bulletproofmum Mon 11-Feb-13 17:17:41

Hello all and happy brithday to the first fo the babies to turn three.

My life hasn't been the easiest - think I popped in and told you about my DDs horrid accident (50% burns - full story available on separate posts). She's doing very well.

DH moved out last week - but more my decision so whilst fearful fo the future feeling pretty good! Three kids, full time job and no husband - bring it on!!

simplysarahandco Mon 11-Feb-13 19:19:39

Sorry to hear you and your DH have seperated, however you sound so up beat, and ready for the challenge x
Hope your okx x x x

Glad to hear your dd is doing well x x x x

Bulletproofmum Tue 12-Feb-13 10:43:54

Yep thanks - she certainly isn't like most nearly three year olds. apparently at nursery last week she was bandaging her friends. More administering her tender care she was offering them some morphine!

carcassonne Wed 13-Feb-13 15:45:24

(squiggleywiggler on a name change)

BPM sounds like you are feeling positive about the future despite having has such a tumultuous time. So glad DD is doing well.

Happy belated birthday Vincent. Sof is 3 next week - how are birthday preps going Sarah? We share a 3rd b'day don't we?

DD is a riot at the mo. Finally sleeping a bit better - not through the night every night, but generally better and so funny. She never stops talking and some of the things she says. I found her explaining to her little friend that 'some ladies have babies in their tummies. My mummy helps them and the mans give them a relaxing bath and a cuddle so it isn't too hurty and then they get in the birth ooool [pool] and the baby comes out of their bottoms and everyone laughs.'!! Joys of being a doula's daughter.

I'm now 6 weeks pregnant and feeling excited about no 2 if only someone would tell me how on earth to do it. Not many know in RL so mum's [not] the word on FB etc.

Ruby glad to hear things are going well with your mum.

evitas Fri 15-Feb-13 10:07:31

Hello from sunny Portugal

Thanks everyone.

BPM my parents divorced when I was 3. I think it was the best thing that happened to my mum. Have you got any family firends nearby to help you? Stay strong. Glad your DD is doing well.

ruby hurray for the job!

carcassone congratulations! Fantastic news :-)

I hope everyone is doing well.

simplysarahandco Fri 15-Feb-13 20:24:37

carcc- we most certainly do share a birthday, 19th feb, mickey mouse cake to be made, presents bought (mickey mouse and fireman sam) all good, how bout your plans> ? Congrats on the pregnancy- fab news x x x smile smile

You dd sounds very amusing x x x xsmile

Hi evitas x x how r u ?

evitas Wed 20-Feb-13 23:43:41

Happy Birthday to ssararhandco and carcassonne's little ones. I hope they had a great day.

I am well, thanks ssararhandco. Just very busy and trying to balance full time job and family.


Arcadie Thu 07-Mar-13 13:42:16

Happy birthday in absentia to IWCAS - we miss you, but it's lovely to "see" your little beauty on FB and to Earnest's little girl too - (I think that's your current name change) Anyhooooo I don't come on here much but this time of year obviously makes me remember back to 3 years ago with a little lump in my throat at the daily/hourly check to see who'd had the next baby. And now they're turning THREE!!!! Beeee-limey.

simplysarahandco Sun 10-Mar-13 11:17:33

Her RKD!!!!! fab to 'see' you on here, can not belive three years have passed so fast!

Happy mothers day ladies x x x xhope you are all haveing a relaxing day x x x x

EarnestDullard Tue 12-Mar-13 14:11:29

Gah, I've been rubbish at keeping up with the birthdays this year. Having a 2nd DC makes me wonder what I did with all my time when I only had one silly question, I was on MN most of the time grin And as for those of you with three or more, you must be positively superhuman.

I can't quite believe it's been 3+ years since we all started this journey with our little ones. They'll be at school before we know it. Where does the time go?

Huge congrats carcassonne, wonderful news, hope you're feeling well.

Sorry to hear about your Mum Ruby, I hope she's still improving.

BPM Gosh, life is certainly throwing it all at you. I hope you've got lots of support, sounds like you're coping fabulously though.

Gotta go, baby is waking up. We've just started solids. Lots of fun (and mess!). Love to all x

MummyPig24 Sun 31-Mar-13 02:08:11

Hi everyone. Can I join in? Fairly new to mn, didn't know these boards existed. I have a daughter, born 16.03.2010, can't believe she has hit the big 3! I also have a son who is 5.