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Jan 2012 - Higgs Boson Gang pt1

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Oeisha Tue 10-Jan-12 22:09:22

Link to antenatal thread for convenience

Not a very good title, but it will suffice 'til we fill this one in record time!

Congratulations to all that have popped so far! thanks bear

ParsleyLion1 Wed 11-Jan-12 06:25:53

Just marking my place grin

Wormshuffler Wed 11-Jan-12 07:38:22

Nice one oeisha I will pull up this comfy sofa in the corner where I have a good view [nosy emocion]

shonnomanom Wed 11-Jan-12 21:01:47

Thanks oiesha
Just checking out the new premises before moving my chair over next week grin

<peers through window> yep looks comfy enough here grin

SlightlyScrambled Fri 13-Jan-12 18:57:19

I like the title :-)

<tentatively sits on cushion> ouch.

Pgp still trying to rule my life post natally but baby snuggles win!

MissRee Sat 14-Jan-12 00:03:58

Laaadies... I need first post-natal poop advice blush No stitches but still feeling like my innards might escape on the loo. OUCH!!!

Badly need to go but can't relax enough to go blush any top tips???

Sorry for TMI and still PG ladies look away wink

Mum2be79 Sat 14-Jan-12 09:40:17

Moving my chair in place. x

SlightlyScrambled Sat 14-Jan-12 09:49:06

Oh Missree, I feel your pain. I've no top tips other than stay away from bananas and drink lots of water to soften everything.

Hopefully someone else might have a secret recipe to share.


2 tips: fold a bundle of toilet roll into a pad shape and hold quite tightly against you while you poo, keeps your muscles together and guarantees your innards won't fall down the toilet!

Secondly, if you're sore or stingy put some warm water in a squeezy bottle and squirt it while you 'go'. Stops the stinging and the warm water may encourage movement.

Mum2be79 Sat 14-Jan-12 11:18:41

I have flippin' developed a pile!?! I was fine in hospital so don't know where this has come from! When i go, I am sure the pile is stopping it all from coming out! blush

Seeing midwife on Monday again so will mention it.

I have breast feeding issues. William likes to feed/graze/snack for up to 4/6 hours at a time! He latches on much better suckles away but then falls asleep or pulls himself off and when he 'seems' asleep and I put him down, he wakes up rooting for more (waving his little arm - quite funny really!). My wrist has dies as I feed him in an awkward position as he has trouble the 'conventional ways'. Bought a pump from tescos (baby event sale on) and pick it up Monday as we're switching to bottle but giving breast and formula milk. Sleeps great at night (wakes once in the middle of the night) but he can feed for 2 hours at a time during the day and up to 4 or 6 hours on an evening - til between 11:15pm and 2:00am!! I have no life and I am permanently attached to the chair. I'm also missing out on proper meals because he won't stop feeding. I don't mind if it was every 2 hours or so, but he actually feeds for half the day - 12 hours!! I'm bloody wrecked!

This morning has been different. He went to sleep at 11:15pm (4 hour feed and 2 nappy changes!). I woke him at 4:30am because I was concerned he would go too long without a feed (low blood sugar in hospital and jaundice - so drilled into me must feed often and no longer than 5 hours between feeds!). He fed for half an hour. I had to wake him again at 8:30am and he had a nappy change and a 10 minute feed til 9am. He's STILL asleep and it's 11:23am!

Going to the shop with the pram - might wake him!!!

knittiekitty Sat 14-Jan-12 13:43:29

Hya, finally found the afters page - brain still slowed by broen sleep and the popping thread so busy to wade through! I'm glad everyone is doing well though, many blessings so far.
Sympathy with poo problems - drinking lots is my method and it's worked so far. I just wish my bladder sensation would come back. I'm trying to stay calm about it as GP was very reassuring & I'm glad not to have leaking issues but where has it gone? The great disappered bladder mystery sad.
Anyone have tips for waking sleeping baby up in daytime? She was awake between 3 and 5am again after a much better few days - doesn't bode well for tonight again as she's been asleep for most of today so far too. <Yawning emoticon>

Mum2be79 Sat 14-Jan-12 15:32:19

I feel your pain! William is mostly asleep today which doesn't bode well for us tonight either. With William, all I have to do is strip off his nappy and he goes mad! That wakes him up. We're bathing him for the first time tonight (God help us!)

My bladder sensation has disappeared too. no leaks but can never tell when I need to go. Funniest thing 36 hours after my emergency c section was when they helped me to stand up and I splashed all over the floor with wee! No control or anything. My catheter had only been removed twenty minutes before!

I'm having a poo problem and found today that lots of water does help!

MissRee Sat 14-Jan-12 23:25:00

How is it possible for my undercarriage to HURT so much blush I swear even labour was more manageable than this!!! Oweeeeeeee I think j need to drop some co-codamol before beddybyes tonight grin

shonnomanom Sat 14-Jan-12 23:31:33

Hi ladies!

How do you wake a baby that does not want to be woken? I havent been able to get him to stay awake long enough since we got home to get him to latch on. Im strongly considering trying him on some formula to see if that can entice him.
Any thoughts greatly welcomed.
Iv never known a baby to sleep soo much.

Wow things are quiet on here today compared to usual, has everyone's fingers dropped off??!

Sweep yesterday did nothing, no action at all today apart from baby pressing on my bladder. Resigned myself to induction on Tuesday, just hope it works first day. My friend has got her c-section booked for Tuesday as well so we may have our babies on the same day! At least we'll be able to entertain each other I suppose!!

Sorry to hear about the pile and poo problems, the joys of pregnancy eh! grin
I guess I'll have the same problems this time next week!

Congratulations Sho thanks !

MissRee Sat 14-Jan-12 23:49:56

sho have you tried stripping him down to nappy/changing bum before feed/tickling hands, feet etc? Freya is a very sleepy baby too and I find myself doing all of the above to keep her attention!!

shonnomanom Sun 15-Jan-12 00:04:56

ree if we're lucky he will open his eyes to see what we're doing but goes right back to sleep.
I hasn't done the toilet since just after he was born. Is that normal for bf baby? I just just tried him with formula. He didn't have clue what to do and spat the milk back out

SlightlyScrambled Sun 15-Jan-12 09:36:57

sho I believe this is normal in a bf baby as breastmilk is so easily digestible. This link has more info on bf babies poos. poop

and I came across this when wondering about the poo: waking-a-sleepy-baby
Is he wetting his nappies regularly and putting on weight? Tickling behind the neck is another way of waking them.

SlightlyScrambled Sun 15-Jan-12 09:51:24

Sho I just saw your post on the ante board, is he only 1 day old? Congrats too thanks lovely name for him.

It took my girl another day to do a poo after being born and now that my milk has come in she poops more but the first meconium wasn't very regular.
I dont think formula would be better than your colostrum and it's not as easily digestible. depends on how you want to feed though.

Dd is a week old now and still just waking for nappy changes and feeds. Not really too interested in the world yet. Birth can be exhausting for them too.

Moobee Sun 15-Jan-12 17:07:10

I'm eligible to post here now! Baby girl Moobee arrived at 7.45 thisnm Mind you, as I'm in hospital trying to eat my breakfast one-handed at 5pm, not sure I'm going to have lots of free time to post...

Moobee Sun 15-Jan-12 17:08:52

'This morning' that was meant to read...

SlightlyScrambled Sun 15-Jan-12 18:37:33

Congrats Moobee and hope you and baby moobee are doing well.
Lots of one finger typing here whilst baby feeds.

hey ladies-thought i'd pop in. Soon be joining you.

Sorry to hear of the poo and poorly undercarriages. Hypericum tincture and sea baths-eat shit loads (pardon the pun) of fruit and drink water. I was totally bunged up for 5 days after dd and it was utterly utterly horrid.

shonno don't panic about your baby being sleepy, he's obviously a content little soul. If youre determined to BF don't keep topping up-he wont starve and as he's a big boy he'll be fine. DD was exactly the same. I used to wipe her face or hands with a cold flannel harsh-but it woke her. He will thrive and in a few days he'll start waking up a bit more and feeding more.

mum2 all sounds perfectly normal-no point fighting it-thats getting bf starting a midwife said to me that the early days of breastfeeding were bit like being a cow in a field. They move slow much a bit, move slow and much a bit more. You'll get there xx

aquestion for you postnatal ladies re indigestion-has it gone now babies are here? i'm just about to run out of gaviscon and dont know if it's worth getting more. I cant remember if it lingers a while.

shonnomanom Sun 15-Jan-12 23:21:55

Hi ladies.
Congrats moobee, hope your both well x

About an hour after I posted last night and a few times since, he has pooped. Yet to pee in his happy, he prefers to wait until his naopt us off for that one, much to his big sisters amusement.

We spent most if this afternoon back at the hospital with him. The mw wasn't happy that he wasn't feeding from either the breast or the bottle. That and she was concerned about slight jaundice and he has came out in a rash all over his body. Apparently the rash is common in new borns but iv never heard out of before. It's supposed to be painless but it looks nasty.
Anyway as he has only lost 4% of birth weight and his colouring was only slight so they aren't to worried. And iv been told to Express in order to get him to feed. While waiting on my milk coming through iv only to give him formula if he has went more than 6hours without latching.
Fx it all goes smoothly from here.

Hope everyone is well x

shonnomanom Sun 15-Jan-12 23:23:01

Xpost fish. It's better to have some on hand just incase x

Glad the mw has seen him shonno-it's such a worry. If it's any comfort to you DD lost 11% of her body weight while still in hospital before we got old sleepy head to feed properly. Shes a very healthy robust little girl now and I bf'd for 11 months. I hope it gets resolved soon for you xxx

miamama09 Mon 16-Jan-12 17:59:28

have posted on the FB page too, just back online at home for the first time since birth, checking MN.

We have smae issues with BF - will go for hours, its exhausting, literally. Plus with the pain from c-section, it just got too much for me last night and I bottle fed. Felt AWFUl. still do.

tried expressing today, didn't work. one side did, the other nothing but blood which ruined what I had got from the other side. then I couldn't get anything more out. even though they are both HUGE and so full.

everyone on the FB group made me feel better. Got to look after myself and do whats right for me, us. will top up if I feel I need to. but keep trying with the expressing tomorrow again.

being weighed for 1st time tomorrow so will see how much he's lost, hope not too much.

he's also a cuddler, which is lovely, except for night times where he won't settle in his crib. I don't want to leave him, so am constantly picking him up to settle him, then putting him back down again, up and down like a yo-yo - doesn't do much for my wound and soreness...

he's so squishy though, who can resist!

Wormshuffler Mon 16-Jan-12 19:32:00

Don't feel bad mia you will get there, your hormones won't be helping and what with getting no rest in hospital it all adds up to the way you are feeling.

My elcs wound has become infected. I am now on my second lot of anti biotics. It is sore and pongy. I agonised over whether to take them but relented in the end.

We seem to be coming out the other side of our breastfeeding woes. (famous last words) I left one just for expressing that was cracked and sore . I had to dump it but it has helped the soreness. Are you guys using lanisoh? It's magic stuff. Cheapest on amazon.

Welcome to our new babies x

mia & worm make sure you are really really hydrated and well fed. It makes so much difference. Get calories down you-chocolate chocolate chocolate. I feel for you girls I really do, I have very clear memories of the post c section feeding trials. It's not easy. I am here to chat if you need to (at least until tomorrow night anyway) and then i'll be joining you and saying "god i had forgotten how hard it is"......sending much love xxx

worm bathe in sea salt at least once a day-a good strong 2 handfuls in each bath-it's 2nd to none to aid healing. Get dh to go to a good chemist Tidmans is about £2.50 for a box and do not skimp on it. You will be amazed at how quickly it will help. You can also put tea tree oil in your bath.

shonnomanom Mon 16-Jan-12 22:14:02

Lanisoh is amazing!!
Ds has been feeding better today which is good. But wont stay on the breast for any longer than 10mins and when on the bottle he has take 20mls at the most. But he is taken it and has started looking for it. So we are happy.

Downside. Postnatal Heartburn has kicked in. Im really hoping its temporary due to stress of labour/birth, ds's feeding worries and Dd's massive moodswings. FX. Never had heartburn much during the pregnancy. But with dd I did and it took 3 years to control and I was only 'cured' by this pregnancy. Hopefully gaviscon will be enough and I dont need to see the doctor. FX

Hope everyone and the babies are well. And fish good luck when your time comes x

MissRee Mon 16-Jan-12 22:54:14

Have any of you lovely ladies braved looking at your bits with a mirror yet? blush I seem to be obsessing over it but too scared to look... the fact that it's constantly aching and stinging down there doesn't help!

It's times like this I wish I had a bath as well as a shower sad

shonnomanom Tue 17-Jan-12 05:03:34

Oh I braved it last time round missr but I doubt im brave enough this time. I can remember it and just presume its about the same. No need to re check. [stepping away from the mirror]

Ha missree when I said to the midwife about my stitches stinging and she asked if I'd had a look shock ermmmm....... No you're alright thanks smile

Some things I just don't want to know!

SlightlyScrambled Tue 17-Jan-12 10:11:50

I did actually Missree and couldn't tell any difference. I did get stitches and couldn't see them. So gave up quickly.

I'm getting pain if I pee with a full bladder. It's fine if I remember to go more frequently. I'm hoping it is not an UTI as I really don't want to go on antibiotics. Could it be that my body needs to get used to such large amounts again?

Lasinoh is my saviour. Even though my boobs only had 5 months off since they last nursed, this baby has an iron grip. They are much better this week.

Missree, have you tried an ice pack for down there? You can use a sanitary towel as a pack, just pour some water on a fresh one and pop it in the freezer. I think the old thick pads it works best with. After the initial shock, the numbing is lovely.

Mum2be79 Tue 17-Jan-12 10:40:56

We are expressing now! So much better!

William still takes the breast during his middle of night/early morning feed and his 'mid-morning' feed (as well as other feeds when at home) but when we are out and about and when DH home, he takes breast milk from a bottle. At least I am monitoring his feeds.

Last night he took 5oz from the bottle and slept from 7:20pm until 3:30am when I put him on the breast for half an hour. He woke at 7:30am for another feed. He was grazing again and kept falling asleep/waking up so i gave him the bottle and he took 3oz and is now sleeping. I am convinced that he is having to work too hard on the breast and is getting exhausted but being hungry at the same time. Now I can express I can see exactly how much he needs.

Yesterday during mid afternoon (before my breast pump arrived) we were sent to the GP by a daft midwife who was 'concerned' that he was jaundiced. She didn't listen when we said that he has already had photo therapy, his levels already coming down and last week's midwife could clearly see as we did that it was much better. Even the GP was not convinced but sent us packing to York hospital for tests. William was then screaming to be fed. I am not comfortable in public and literally cannot feed him without my army of pillows so we gave him an emergency supply of aptimil which did the trick. (I also got a month's supply of dicolfenac!). When we arrived at the hospital the registrar said there was only two of them on and they had poorly children who needed urgent attention and that it could be a while. She said we were expected earlier. DH hit the roof and explained why we couldn't be there earlier and that GP was told this. We explained why we thought we didn't need to be here so she looked at William, frowned and questioned who had sent us and then said he WASN'T JAUNDICED! We said WE KNOW! She did a quick SBR check and guess what???? It showed there wasn't a problem! So we were finally home at 9pm last night - I hadn't ate in 9 hours, William was poked and proded. DH wants to make a complaint.

shonnomanom Wed 18-Jan-12 08:55:46

Definitely make a complaint m2b what a pointless waste of everyone's time. And what unnecessary stress to cause to a family trying to settle in to life together.
Great news on the expressing!

Yay just had first health visitor visit and ds is back to his birth weight at exactly 2 weeks old and sitting just above the 50th centile smile

shonnomanom Wed 18-Jan-12 14:38:57

Well done baby giraffe

Mum2be79 Thu 19-Jan-12 22:11:48

Well done to those who have joined us on the postnatal thread.

I was beginning to wonder if I would have time to ever read/post messages and I'm afraid it is flying visits at the moment.

Expressing is going well. Although we have discovered that William likes a snack mid-afternoon and mid-evening so I'm having to work hard at the expressing. Some times are better than others and if I feel like my supply is dwindling, I am supplementing with Aptamil Comfort (for colic and constipation). it says 'for medical purposes' but you can buy it readily over the counter?!? It doesn't have the casein protein - only whey which is easier to digest and has less lactose in it which many babies are believed to be temporarily intolerant to. So far, William seems fine on it although he has only had 2 bottles of it (late evening and very early morning feeds).

I have a feeling that I will be unable to keep up the BF via bottle as he is feeding a lot. I can't imagine my life if he was attached to the breast. Last Sunday was the height of depression for me. I was on the verge of cracking up. I couldn't quite imagine my life for 6 months constantly feeding my little boy who seems to be very hungry. The milk I express (5oz+) keeps him satisfied for up to 4 hours at a time (except mid-afternoon and mid-evening in which he wants another 2-3oz two hours after his 'big' feed) whereas on the breast he was feeding every 1 1/2 hours to 2 hours which would suggest that he was working very hard, tiring very easily and not getting enough.

So much for 'breast feeding support' - felt like 'breast feeding lectures!' I was sick of being told it was normal and that 'it's best for baby'. I kept thinking that it is the MILK that I produce that is important and whether he gets it straight from the breast or from the bottle shouldn't matter. I found myself feeling very guilty for thinking about switching to formula because of what and HOW midwives and health officials were saying but if I'm cracking up, crying all the time because I can't even get up to have a shower, go to the local shop or for a walk, how would THAT be good for William? A mother who was running down the path towards PND???

I was phoned by a breast feeding support worker today. I sort of lied and said I was still BF - in a way it isn't a lie because I am feeding him breast milk for 6 out of 7 feeds (some days for all of them!). One midwife said it was too early to express - why I wonder? William is a very happy, content little boy who is putting on weight, growing well and switches between bottle and breast easily AND hospitals actually ENCOURAGE expressing for some mothers (they certainly did for me AND they allowed me to keep a breast pump in my room during my 6 day stay in hospital).

William is 3 weeks old tomorrow and in that time I've learnt a lot - listen to advice but what works for some, does not work for others.

shonnomanom Thu 19-Jan-12 23:24:38

Thank you m2b for you post. You couldn't have wrote it at a more relative time.
I'm having a hard time just now with feeding Charlie. I'm expressing but cant keep up with the demand. He's not very interested in the breast, I also don't see why it matters how the Lo gets the breast milk. In order to make sure he doesn't starve he's been having formula as well. It's probably about half breast half formula if I'm honest.

I had pnd last time and I'm really concerned that I'm slipping that way again. It doesn't help just now that my gran went into hospital yesterday for a colonoscopy and was admitted. So my mum has went to Manchester to be with her and doesn't need me blubbering down the phone to her. Can't really go to my sister as she's struggling with newborn twins right now.

ghosteditor Fri 20-Jan-12 08:36:43

Hi ladies, just a quick post to join the thread. I've read some of your updates and it sounds like you're all doing so well! Will look forward to the benefit of your collective wisdom smile.

Baby Juliet was born at 00.50 on weds 18th after a fast labour - when I got to the MW unit at 9.30pm, I was 8.5cm dilated! I was a bit peeved because they didn't quite believe I was having 2-3 min gaps when I called, and when I got there I'd missed out on the pool by 20 mins. As it turns out, this was fortunate, because I was at 10cm by about 11pm and my BP went through the roof, and I was whisked off to the hospital.

They gave me some BP meds, strapped on a monitor, and asked me not to push for an hour. Fat chance! I tried to control the pushing so the pushing phase was a little slower, but I just tore a little right at the end, as the baby's hand was up by her face (she does that all the time now!)

We're still in hospital due to my BP, which is variable and high but no longer critical. Juliet can be discharged so it's just up to me to recover now! I can't wait to go home and am convinced my BP would drop if I could go home where it's not so hot and I could sleep more!

I haven't opened my bowels either yet, eek! It's been about 55 hours since she was born - still ok then I assume? Hospital food is not helping...

SlightlyScrambled Fri 20-Jan-12 11:19:10

Great that you're doing so well with the expressing. I hated expressing myself so am in awe of how many feeds you're doing by bottle.

I think it's very unfair of people lecturing about any aspect of parenting. Every family is different and what works for one, may not for the next. On DD1, I tried opening up to a few relatives and they had my head wrecked with all kinds of "do's and don'ts". I started lying then too and said I was doing grand to get them off my case. It helped as then I just trusted my instincts privately which worked better for DD1.

DD2 is getting on great. I love the breastfing and am happy to feed every 2 hours or more often. I don't time anything and that suits me well. My family would be horrified too that I'm cosleeping again.

SlightlyScrambled Fri 20-Jan-12 11:24:50

Oh didn't see your post Ghost Congrats to you and baby Juliet. Gorgeous name :-)

Hope you are recovering well.

It took me a while too for the first bowel movt. Eekk is right!

Mum2be79 Fri 20-Jan-12 21:28:23

Congratulations Ghoston then birth of baby Juliet.

Hang in there shonnomanom. Do what you think is best for Charlie and yourself. Remember that an unhappy mum tends to lead to an unhappy baby.

Millions of babies are formula fed and do not turn out to be asthmatic, poorly children with diabetes and obese - (which is what they suggest will happen if you don't BF!)

Before William, i was pro-BF. Now when reality set in, I realised that I had to find what worked for my family.

I too am now increasing the formulas. I am expressing milk to be given during the night and early morning feeds - which is about 3 or 4 - and formula during the day. I find it rather contradictory that you can store breast milk for 5 days in the fridge but your can't do the same with formula after it's been made with 'bacteria killing boiling water' - not even for 24 hours (unlike ready to drink cartons!?!) Also I bought a Tommee Tippee bottle warmer from Argos today and it gives instructions about warming a bottle from room temperature yet according to instructions on formulas, you shouldn't batch make (only fresh in which case why reheat from room temp) or leave a bottle form more than 2 hours in which case a bottle warmer would be redundant!?!

Are 'health professionals' seriously making life hard for parents in order to justify their jobs???? That's what it seems to me!!

Fed up with contradictory statements from everyone!

MissRee Fri 20-Jan-12 22:22:20

I wonder whether they make it more complicated to try and convince more Mums to breast feed? How can something be ok for years, only for them to decide that actually their advice was totally wrong and you can't do it that way any more?!?! Hmmm...

shonnomanom Sat 21-Jan-12 09:16:57

The contradictions are rediculous aren't they. We had a mw in the other day who said that she fed her daughter from both breast and bottle then told me not to do it as confusion is not good for the baby! hmm

Our current plan of feeding is:
- breast first, which he refuses unless its during the night
- then expressed milk, but I can only manage about 50mls from expressing from both for an hour
- topped up by formula

It's a faff and time consuming but it works for him. He has regained nearly all of the 4% he lost.
I do need to have a long hard think about it though as this feeding plan is not practical when I go back to work in April.

Congratulations ghost

supadupapupascupa Sat 21-Jan-12 14:39:22

hi ladies, i haven't had my baby yet but i wanted to pop in and offer my feeding support and tell you my experience of feeding my DS.

As it happens i had a small 6lb 2oz baby boy who was born during a heatwave and was slightly jauniced. as a result he was quite weak and although showed all the right signs he never managed to latch. this was not helped by the fact i have humongous boobs and flat nipples.

to begin with i expressed and cup fed colostrum just to get the milk into him, and then once my milk came in properly i used nipple shields. this was enough to get baby to take direct from the breast but you do need to express afterwards to empty the breast properly to keep up supply and avoid mastitus and top up feed. i remember how tiring all of this was because essentially you are breast feeding, then expressing, then feeding again then having to sterilise etc......once we got into the swing of things it would take an hour per feed.

all going well until i got mastitus. please ladies if you have a hot lumpy breast and feel slightly fluey with a temperature in the evening go IMMEDIATELY to out of hours and insist on antibiotics. Do not delay!! One lot of flucloxicillin antibiotics and it all cleared up.
about 5 weeks in i got mastitus again but went to a wedding so didn't have time for the docs. big mistake! ended up at a&E that night due to very high temp. they gave me amoxicillin. it didn't work after 7 days so went to my gp who gave me more amoxicillin. that didn't work either and i ended up back at A&E in a really bad way painwise and emotionally. i was very sick. the next day i was sent for a scan and i had an abcess sad the bastards had given me the wrong antibiotics YOU NEED FLUCLOXICILLIN and a lot of medics dont bloody know this!!!!!! cue 5 months of aspiration/burst abcess etc i won't go into it but it was awful. I stopped feeding from the breast after 13 weeks and am still not over it emotionally.

So what am i trying to say? not sure really...... i think the experts dont like expressing and shields due to nipple confusion and mastitus risk, which tbh i would agree with, but i will be doing it again as it is the only way to get my breast milk into my kids having bloody flat nipples. but if you are doing this, please be educated about mastitus and get the correct treatment without delay.

oh, and DS thrived on his formula after that 13 weeks and he has grown into a very healthy toddler who is rarely ill. it's not the end of the world even though it still feels like it to me deep down. and it was a hell of a lot easier to formula feed.

however you manage it ladies, do what combination is best for you. good luck!

ghosteditor Sat 21-Jan-12 16:29:37

Thanks Supa - all information is good information but I'm so sorry you had to go through all that. Hope you have an easier time this time around.

I think I may be about to get seen by the doctor, hopefully! It's taken all day to get seen so I really really hope they will discharge me today! I don't think I can take another day on the ward - as lovely as the staff are, it's so hot and noisy and exhausting!

Mum2be79 Sat 21-Jan-12 18:01:02

Finding it easier to formula feed although just expressed 8oz in 1 hour (2 feeds for William!). MW say formula is stressful and time consuming but for me it is a hell of a lot easier - especially as my mum (staying for 2 weeks) and DH can make up bottles and feed too.

What is 'current' advice on switching to formula exclusively in terms of preparing the breasts to give up the 'cow job'?? Friends have said to go cold turkey and it takes a couple of days (how many they think a 'couple' is I do not know!) and some have said to bandage up the breasts.

shonnomanom Sat 21-Jan-12 18:05:30

Thanks supa, its a shame someone has to suffer like you did for people to find out about these things. Hope this time round is better for you x
I'm taking the weekend to think things over properly re feeding. Dp wants to put Charlie on formula exclusively. Dd was ff from day 1 as she refuses to latch on and she's had good health.

Hopefully you and your princess will get home today ghost

shonnomanom Sat 21-Jan-12 18:10:26

Xpost m2b
Today I haven't been.able to express any more than 3oz. Ds takes a full 4oz every feed. If he was exclusive on the breadth like mw wants then he would be starving today.

Iv been wondering the same re coming off the cow...

ghosteditor Sat 21-Jan-12 19:48:42

Thanks sho. Am not going home. In their wisdom, docs have decided to take me off the meds col turkey to see how my BP responds before deciding when I can go home. BP went from a safe 100/60 to 144/80 in a few hours so think it's safe to say I won't be getting low readings overnight. sad if I don't get discharged tomorrow I will be spending my birthday in hospital instead of at home with my wonderful girl sad

shonnomanom Sat 21-Jan-12 22:23:34

Sorry ghost, you must be itching to get her home. Hope your bp calms soon fx

SlightlyScrambled Sun 22-Jan-12 08:46:50

m2b going cold turkey from breastfeeding gives a risk of developing mastitis. The best way to wind down breastfeeding is to give up one feed every 3 days.

Happy birthday Ghost [flowers]. Hope the doctors let you go home soon.

shonnomanom Sun 22-Jan-12 23:46:18

m2b have you started to wean baby off the breast yet?

FrillyMilly Mon 23-Jan-12 17:35:56

Hello just checking in. Had my baby boy at 4.31am on Saturday after a 5 and a half hour labour. Had my waters broken late Friday evening due to suspected hind water leak. I have a small tear and the stitches are quite sore. Been having lots of baths with salt in.

MissRee Mon 23-Jan-12 17:57:11

Congratulations Frilly

hello Higg bosun girls, i'm sort of here. bit wibbly still, birthing a 13lb boy will do that to ya-told you all I was HUGE!!! smile

lost a lot of blood and had to have a transfusion and extra day in hospital. and I seem to have picked up some sort of sicky virus thing on top-not sure if it's that or jusr generally very depleted. have sickness and runs. i have not had much chance to stay upright for very long-blood count is still low but were getting there by degrees so will red back over the threads over the next few days. congrats to all the new mummies xxxx

ghosteditor Mon 23-Jan-12 18:15:48

Congrats frilly and good to hear from you fish!

WE ARE ON THE WAY HOME NOW!!! gringringringrin

So happy...

MissRee Mon 23-Jan-12 18:24:19

Feel better soon fish!

Yaaaay ghost!!! go home and have a lovely cuppa grin

Wormshuffler Mon 23-Jan-12 18:53:50

13lb ! Oh my! Congrats to all the new babies

i think my boy is the biggest? not a single member of staff i talked to said they had ever seen bigger. were quite the celeb

anyone heard from peanuts?

SlightlyScrambled Mon 23-Jan-12 19:03:53

Congrats Frilly and Fish. Great news. Hope you both recover speedily.

My stitches are painless now, 2 weeks later. Pgp seems to be going away but get stiff in evenings. Sometimes I can hear the bones rubbing off each other when I try to get out of bed but it's discomfort rather than pain.
How are other pgp sufferers faring?

mummyzoe2012 Mon 23-Jan-12 20:28:04

hi all finally posting on here!

just a quick question, how long does the stump take to sort its self out and is it normal for it to be a little pussy when its falling off?

shonnomanom Mon 23-Jan-12 21:23:58

Oh mz I miss read your post! It normally takes about 10days on average. Dd was on day 10 and Ds was day 5. Get your mw to check it if your concerned.

Congrats frilly

Fantastic news ghost , so happy for you!

Take care of yourself fish and Congrats! I told my gran about your 13pounder to be told of a very distant cousin who naturally gave birth to a 14lbs 10oz girl a few years ago. Bet she's never walked right since!

pgp I'm still quite stiff and can't lift my left leg higher than the height of 1step. It was actually easier to roll about in the bed when I was pregnant.

dirty nappies how many should baby be producing in a day? Ds hasn't had a dirty today, loads of wet but no dirty

ayearoverdue Tue 24-Jan-12 11:24:06

Hi can I join? My baby was born 5th January, 16 days overdue. We're home and doing ok ish... I'm express bf for him and feel like I haven't slept for the last week. smile

ParsleyLion1 Tue 24-Jan-12 15:26:35

Welcome ayearoverdue grin just had my first midwife home appt. all ok so far I think my milk has just come in this afternoon , so I expect to start blubbing later.

It's quite amazing when you have a relatively small baby. People are quite scared to touch her. She's very strong though.

I thought I had ruined our chances of successful bf last night. I tried to de-latch her sucking colostrum by just pulling her off. I had to pull her off in the end as there was nothing left and she wouldn't stop. Never experienced nipple pain like it. I had to use the emergency formula for the next feed. Luckily I also discovered how well the lanisoh cream works for the following feed, unluckily I did it to both nipples before getting the right way to do it from the MW today.

shonnomanom Tue 24-Jan-12 16:15:01

Lanisoh is brilliant!
We were at the doctors this morning and an old lady was cooing at the babies. She asked what aged Charlie was, expecting me to say 3months like the similar sized baby next to us. Her face was a picture when I said he was only 1 and a half weeks old! I couldn't help but laugh at her when she asked if I was sure grin

Welcome and Congrats ayearoverdue

We have started to reduce the breast feeds now. There is just no way I can compete with a baby that wants 4oz every 2hours.

Hope everyone is well x

MissRee Tue 24-Jan-12 16:15:55

Ouch Parsley, did you literally pull her off? Finger in the mouth to break suction first was what I was told. My eyes are watering just thinking about it, you poor thing sad

ghosteditor Tue 24-Jan-12 17:11:27

Ouch parsley!! Be careful of those nipples grin

I love my lanisoh but the MW reckons the 99p tins of Vaseline are just as good! Might try that next. My MW is due to visit any minute and I could really do with a nap sometime soon...

FrillyMilly Tue 24-Jan-12 18:24:39

My milk has come in and my boobs are huge!! They are really warm and tender. Cameron likes to feed every 4 hours so I have way too much milk in. I hand expressed some out to relieve it before. Please tell me this will settle in next few days?

emmyjj Tue 24-Jan-12 18:30:21

Hi all, just popping in to say hello and hoping I'll have time to post regularly! Our beautiful baby boy Rafe was born last Monday 16th Jan at 01.11 after a very swift induced labour (15 days overdue!), weighing in at 8lb 10oz. Went from 2cm - 10cm and needing to push in about an hour so no time to even consider any pain relief as it went so fast (had been planning a home birth so was hoping not to need any anyway) and he was born after 2 hours of pushing. His cord was wrapped around his neck twice and very thick, midwife told us that a cord around the neck is often the case for overdue babies as it acts as a sort of "bungee" holding the up and stopping their head from decending and applying pressure to the cervix. Hadn't heard of that before so thought I'd share!

He is 8 days old now and we still can't take our eyes of our beautiful boy, we seem to lose hours just looking at him and snuggling him! I'm breasts feeding and it's going ok so far, though I'm having all the usual worried thoughts about frequency/length of feeds and if he is getting enough. At day 5 check he had only lost 2oz of his birth weight so that was a good sign, next weigh in is on thursday so fingers crossed he'll have regained his birthweight and maybe a little more.

Feeding patterns are ever changing it seems, he sleeps a lot during the day with a short-ish feed every 2-4 hours, then really goes for it between about 8pm and 1am, feeding almost constantly. He then settles to sleep in his crib and wakes every 2-3 hours for a feed until about 9am, though last night he went to sleep at 1.30 and DP and I both woke in a panic at 5.30 as he hadn't woken! We changed his bum which woke him up a little and he took a quick feed before going back to sleep until 8am.

I'm trying really hard to trust my instincts and take the approach that if he is feeding on demand, coming off the breast of his own accord and producing lots of wet nappies and pooing well then he must be getting enough grub. Hopefully this will be born out at his next weigh in. It is so hard to know!

Congrats to everyone that has had their babies, I've loved reading your birth stories and look forward to sharing the post natal journey with you all! I'm a first timer so it's all new to me and your advice and experiences are so valuable to share.

Right Rafey is sleeping so might take the opportunity to get some supper on the go before he wakes up! X

emmyjj Tue 24-Jan-12 18:35:55

Frilly mine were like rocks when my milk came in! They settled after about 48hours, one tip someone gave me was to hand express off a little before each feed so the nipple was soft enough to get a good latch. When they are really full I found it difficult to get anything other than the nipple in Rafey's mouth, rather than a good mouthful of areola, and that is a recipe for nipple disaster! A minute or two expressing of the first bit of milk did soften them up enough to get a good latch. I did have a slightly knackered left nipple from an over enthusiastic sucking when first engorged but as soon as I tried the method above it was fine and its all healed up now. Hope that helps!

MissRee Tue 24-Jan-12 18:37:10

Congrats emmy grin

ghosteditor Tue 24-Jan-12 18:55:29

Emmy my DD has almost exactly the same feeding pattern as your boy and she lost 20g at her first weigh in. And she has a lot of wet and dirty nappies!

SlightlyScrambled Tue 24-Jan-12 18:56:20

ghost i think the lasinoh could be better as it's lanolin and not petroleum jelly. Lanolin comes from sheeps wool rather than oil. I would be worried about the baby ingesting. But then, I'm a bit of overly cautious anyway.

sho had a wee giggle here about the lady asking you if you were sure, not the kind of thing one forgets!

shonnomanom Tue 24-Jan-12 18:58:06

Congrats emmy

SlightlyScrambled Tue 24-Jan-12 19:01:34

Congrats Emmy. Sounded like a great birth. Scary about the cord though.

ParsleyLion1 Tue 24-Jan-12 22:00:04

Yes missree I pulled her off. I thought she would loosen her grip. blush

I know the finger hook technique now!

Is there such a thing as milk bliss? Now the milk has come in she's just blissed out all daysmile

MissRee Tue 24-Jan-12 22:04:36

I always think Freya looks drunk after a feed grin

emmyjj Wed 25-Jan-12 01:04:46

Rafey does that too! He sort of lies back looking all zonked out and every now and then he has a little windy face that could pass as a smile (if i didnt know better!) after he finishes feeding!

ghost good to know Juliet has a similar pattern - I keep getting worried during the day that he hadn't had enough and then he'll guzzle all evening to make up for it! His ten day weigh-in is on Thursday so I'm hoping he is back up to his birth weight.

Newborn poo - is it always runny? Rafey's is mustard yellow, pretty liquid but with grainy/curd like bits in. I think it's normal but not sure if it is too loose?

Moobee Wed 25-Jan-12 02:18:30

Congratulations Emmy and welcome Ayearoverdue!

parsley another one wincing slightly.

My baby has a wide mouth but then narrows once she actually is on the nipple the crafty thing. Still, she gained 7oz in 4 days so she's obviously getting milk.

Sho grin at the old lady

Uterus - does anyone else have slight sensitivity where their uterus is if they press? I had really bad stomach cramps yesterday in that region. I'm fairly sure that was only constipation blush but doc and midwife suggested uterus. I was told I could wait 24hrs to see if pain went. Intense cramps have passed but the uterus is still achy if the area is pressed. I don't know if that's normal...

FrillyMilly Wed 25-Jan-12 08:20:20

Moobee is it your first baby? After pains are normal as your uterus needs to contract back to normal. Can be worse when you are feeding. I had some cramping after DD but this time it's a lot stronger. Midwife told me after your second everything goes back a bit quicker. I've just been taking paracetamol to ease it.

Moobee Wed 25-Jan-12 08:58:43

Thanks Frilly, it is my first and I thought there might be some sensitivity. Doc and midwife thought cramping might be an infection though and want me on more antibiotics. I'm trying to resist as I've only just cone off the last lot!

Hi you guys, good to join you on the other side.
I announced our DD3's birth on the FB group but haven't been back on MN since so a quick update:
Ruta Franciszka (Ruth Frances/Francesca if you "translate"it) was born at 4.20 am on Thurs 19th, weighing 3.54kg (Ithink that's about 7lb 12 ish), 56 cm long. Lots of lovely dark hair like her sisters when they were born.
LAbour was fast - first cx at 11.30 pm, immediately every 6min, so we sent the very excited girls off wrapped in dressing gowns and coats and went in, shortly afterwards they upped to every 2 mins, and I really only had about half an hour of difficult cx before a 20-min 2nd stage.
NOt particularly happy about how the birth was managed but at least it was over quickly and I just have a few stitches. We are both well, came home Sat and are in baby bliss land...
DH isn't working atm so we are all cocooned in a little domestic oasis. The girls are over the moon, and completely devoted slaves, fetching, carrying, choosing outfits, helping to bath, and even change nappies. WHen we carry her from one place to another, one of them marches in front announcing that Princess Rucia is coming!
BF is going well, she is a non-nonsense but enthusiastic feeder and in between times just looks about for a while before dropping off for another 3 hrs.
Emmy if your LO is exclusively BF that sound like perfect poo grin and the more of it the better.
COngratulations to all those who have given birth in the meantime and managed to get back on the comp quicker than me - I have lost all interest in it and am having to force myself to send people emails and photos - I'd far rather be crib gazing!

how are the post c sectioners feeling? i am still a bloody train wreck tbh. My mental health is very wibbly, I have wound infection and I keep dry wretching like i'm going to be sick. I am aware i need food to keep up the old breast milk but I have no appetite. I am also struggling to sleep and then I start to panic about how i'll feel. but babes did 6 hours then 2 hours straight last night-trouble is didn't sleep til gone 1 what with getting up and being ill. i am feeling so guilty about my 4 yr old, who is turning into a cling on.

I am terrified this is going to be a carbon copy of last time mentally-it appears to be so far. But there is one crucial differenence in that i'm aware of it this time.

SlightlyScrambled Wed 25-Jan-12 11:10:49

congrats Butterfly. She sounds like she is very tall/long. Lovely that your other girls are doting on her.
My DD fell in love at first sight too. I was worried about jealousy needlessly. She's only 2 though so can't help with the nappy changing, poor me!

Emmy that's textbook breastfed baby poo and will stay that way until other food is introduced. That's why they say it's very rare for a bf baby to get constipated.

ayearoverdue Wed 25-Jan-12 13:42:12

fishandlilacs when was your CS? Sorry I've not read the whole thread. I had an EMCS under a GA after 2 days of induction and forceps. It was 3 weeks tomorrow since DS was born and physically I feel fine. I had a long stay in hospital though and was treated for infection whilst in there so I was pretty well when I was let out. Mentally I feel a bit crappy about the whole thing, if I think about the birth I just want to cry, I felt ok about it at the time. I always feel worse on days where I've had nearly no sleep though. Have you spoken to your MW or HV about how you feel?

ParsleyLion1 Wed 25-Jan-12 13:59:08

Hey fish I ended up with an EMCS in the end but to be honest it was well managed and somewhat inevitable with hindsight. I've not hit the baby blues yet. I seem to be healing ok but am worried about infection and ripping my stitches as I'm quite sore.

I'm a bit worried how I'll cope when OH goes back to work but hopefully I'll be a bit more mobile by then. I keep feeling faint but they think it's not eating properly rather than an infection or anaemia. I keep forgetting.

It must be very difficult with infections and also with your DD. I'm restricted but at least it's just me. If I felt worse or had other people to look after I'd find it ain't overwhelming tbh xx

ParsleyLion1 Wed 25-Jan-12 14:00:57

Ain't? That was supposed to read a bit overwhelming blush damn you autocorrect.

emmyjj Wed 25-Jan-12 16:03:29

Thanks butterfly and scrambled, there is just so much of it I wasn't sure if it was normal! We are exclusively breast feeding.

I'm in awe of you girls doing all this post c-section, it's a major operation and it must be so tough with a wound to care for and be restricted by along with looking after a new born. fish knowledge is power with all things mental health, if you can recognise the signs that is half the battle, as it puts you in control. One of my closest friends is a doctor with a history of depression that also runs in her family and she always says that it is because she is able to spot the signs and grapple with the beast early on that means she is able to stay well.

Hmmm had boob out ready to feed and spent a few mins cooing and talking to Rafey before popping him on to feed, and top an cushion completely soaked with milk! I guess that's the famous let down reflex! X

Spagbolagain Wed 25-Jan-12 18:08:53

Hi everyone. DS2 is 2weeks tomorrow, cant believe how the time has flown. He has days and nit very much the wrong way at the moment, so doesn't settle till 5in the morning. As DS1 gets up shortly after 6, I am getting pretty much no sleep. Feeding was awful at first due to tongue tie, painful scabby nipples were agony. We had it clipped last week which has made a huge difference. He is feeding about every 90 mins, but put on a pound in 7days so I guess it means all is ok, if only I could get some sleep!!!!

Yes, copious runny yellow poo is ideal for bf babies. Especially the kind that shoots up the back of the nappy and makes it all the way to their neck grin

Mum2be79 Wed 25-Jan-12 20:38:14

Brilliant to see lots of people joining us at last!

William has 4 feeds a day and 3 feeds between 7pm and 7am. Going relatively well. We are combination feeding but managing to express only about 3/4 times a day - each time between 4oz and 8oz. I've dropped the night time express and so far my body is managing but when I miss my afternoon express, God my boobs tell me! I've read the advice and decided mastitis is NOT for me and therefore will drop an express every so many days so that by 8 weeks (thereabouts) I will be totally on formula.

William is on SMA Gold. He didn't have a poop in 30 hours but then today he did 3 explosions in 2 hours and another straight after his bath - typical male! I think he was getting used to combination feeding as we've only totally started it on Saturday.

Hiccups - William gets them ALL the time. Even a couple of hours after a feed and certainly when he is on his back. We have a special 'anti-reflux' mattress which is raised at the head end and this does nothing. The only thing we find that works is lying on his front, upright on my chest or lying on his side. Knowing the SIDS risk, we have resorted to lying him on his side during the DAY but somehow we manage to lie him on his back at night?!?

His 'tiny baby' clothes and 'new baby' PJs from NEXT no longer fit him. The gannet eats/drinks so much that he's growing at an alarming speed. We think he's now 7lb 5oz - a big step from 6lbs 6oz at birth to 5lbs 13oz 5 days after birth then back up to 6lbs 4oz 11 days after birth, 6lbs 2 oz 3 days after that and then 6lbs 10oz 2 weeks and 3 days after birth.

My mum leaves on Monday. How the hell will I cope? We're having an extension built at the moment and in grand 'man fashion' DH has taken more of an interest in that than his son. angryHe gives the 7pm feed at the moment and THAT IS IT! (He will steer the pram when we go out to the shop - all 2 times since birth!) I must be Domestic Goddess, mother and career woman all at the same time! Mum is doing the housework and gave me a night off on Sunday (bliss!) but after she is gone, I won't have time to do everything!

SlightlyScrambled Thu 26-Jan-12 08:12:29

M2b, In this country they reccomend sleeping on the side. It differs in every country, i guess. It is because if the baby vomits during sleep, they wouldn't choke on it. Or at least that's the reasoning I was given.

Sounds like William is doing great.
Have you talked to your husband about taking over all the duties your mum has been doing?

Scrambled I also put Ruta to sleep on her side for the same reason, just can't be happy about laying her on her back until she can turn by herself...

Fish how much help are you getting with things, esp. with DD? When I had DD2 DH had to step up to the plate with DD1, who was onlz 20 mths, and it proved a superb bonding time for them, so I found I didn't have to feel guilty about not giving her much attention. The Complan or similar sounds a great idea for getting calories inside you. You've had a hell of a birth, be easy on yourself. These are for you thanks

Can any of you natural types help me? We have really hard water and LO's skin gets really dry after a bath. I massage her with olive oil after a bath, but is there anything I can put in the water to soften it a bit? Is it porridge oats? If so, how, practically speaking? Tie them up in gauze? And how much?

MissRee Thu 26-Jan-12 09:45:34

Just added a couple of pics of Freya to my profile grin

mrsrvc Thu 26-Jan-12 11:45:00

Can I join please? Dd born on the 20th Jan by ELCS. All good so far other than a touch of jaundice.
Disappointingly I'm going to have to start waking to feed at night as she's doing 6hrs between breast feeds... Feeding 2hrly during the day though.

mrsrvc Thu 26-Jan-12 11:57:43

Just read that post and realised it was a bit of a crappy introduction! I'm on phone if that's any excuse! So here is another go!!
Dd is called Thea and was born by ELCS at 38 due to a complicated history. She still weighed in at 8lb 3 though. She's had a good if sleepy first week and I'm doing pretty well after the ELCS, it's my second section so I was worried I'd feel worse. O have got cellulitis in the skin though so on some pretty hardcore antibiotics...
Her big brother who is 20months seems to be adapting well and asks for cuddles with baby all the time , so far so good!!
Looking forward to getting to know you all!

Wormshuffler Thu 26-Jan-12 13:10:33

Welcome mrsvc love the name thea!
Has thea dropped too much weight? As if not she is still getting 8 feeds in a day which is what's recommended. I certainly wouldn't be waking my meg up if she was going 6 hours!

I've been back to the docs with my cs wound infection, it was particularly stinky this morning, I cleaned it up with tea tree oil again then went to appointment at half 11 and the doc said it looks clean but took a swab. I'm praying swab comes back clear as I really don't want a third lot of anti biotics. I have developed thrush in my mouth (deep joy) so was given a script for that.

ParsleyLion1 Thu 26-Jan-12 16:32:39

Hi mrsrvc welcome grin

After much deliberation we have also decided on the name Thea for our baby girl. Just this afternoon in fact.

How does one go about reversing an infants body clock-our boy sleeps all day dewspite our best efforts to rouse him as often as possible, then he wakes between 1-5 am?

I should not complain-dd was never like this-we had the opposite problem getting her to sleep at all.

Wormshuffler Thu 26-Jan-12 17:19:57

Ah fish, hope he sorts himself quick smart, must be hard with another little one, at least my 2 are at school so I am free to be a zombie all day!

So, 3 week weigh in today and we have on a whole pound in 7 days! [Show off emocion] well in fact I have lost 2 pounds meg has put on 1. smile

ghosteditor Thu 26-Jan-12 17:25:32

Hey fish - I don't think you can change it unfortunately! DD has a similar pattern, just a couple of hours earlier. Babies are programmed to feed at night as that's when our milk hormones are strongest. I think it's an atavistic thing - with primates it makes sense to feed at night when the group is resting not moving or hunting, iyswim. Hopefully the babies will sort themselves out soon!

ParsleyLion1 Thu 26-Jan-12 17:43:54

I think for the next few weeks we are stuck with it. I have a similar issue.

MW came today for 5 day check. Bubs has only lost 90g so am very pleased. After last night's shenanigans I thought she must be getting no milk. MW thinks she's not finishing the breast off properly before detaching so never getting to the sleep inducing bit. I'm now trying re offering the same breast which has worked this afternoon. We'll see if it works tonight.

Wormshuffler Thu 26-Jan-12 18:40:39

I always try to drain one boob per feed apparently the milk comes through like a drink at first then a main course with the filling fattening stuff last like a pudding. I find dd gets "drunk face" when she comes off after having the back stuff.

Mum2be79 Thu 26-Jan-12 19:15:36

I'm hoping to drain my boobs permanently now! Find the breast pump is nipping a bit and I'm beginning to get fed up.

Welcome mrsrvc

William has resorted to a midnight feed and a 4am feed. Not too bad but he was up again at 6:30am. I actually lay him on his side at 4:30am and then couldn't sleep for fear of him rolling onto his front. At 5:30am, I checked in on him and he was fine. I managed 1 hour sleep when the little monster woke me. He had some how managed to turn onto his back!!!! Worried me slightly but glad it wasn't his front. He lay on his side for a whole 4 1/2 hours this afternoon. DEFINITELY better.

Love the name Thea. If I was having a girl, I would give this name some consideration.

Fish How old is your little boy? I read in a book today that babies are naturally nocturnal (because our activity lulls them to sleep during the day whilst they are in the womb and at night they wake because of lack of and room to stretch). This usually passes in a week or two. Found this with William during the first 10 days. Now he wakes twice for night feeds (between 7pm and 7am).

mrsrvc Thu 26-Jan-12 19:35:44

Thea's suddely not looking so good for an unusual name then grinwink!!!
We have a bit of a feeding problem in that she is needing feeding to get through the jaundice but can manage a maximum of 5 mins before falling off punch drunk. I have a fast let down and an over supply so trying to lay back during feeds, but there is no way she finishes a breast, ever...
Will see how it goes. DS was similar and he never struggled to gain weight even with terrible reflux (gained 9oz in the first 10days) but she has lost 4oz by day 5.
Sorry to hear that some of you have nocturnal babies. I hope they work it out soon. Have you tried cranial osteopathy?

Hello everyone <waves>
Sorry I've been so absent!! I'm finding it a struggle to get anywhere near my laptop these days and my phone is crappy at doing messages on here - they always get eaten up in the ether.

Sorry to read of the problems a lot of you are having with cs wounds and bf etc - i think if any of you are struggling you need to keep asking for help from as many people as poss. don;t be afraid to do that. Look after yourselves as a top priority so you don;t get too sad. dangerous times. i had a few moments last week where i was so tired i started hallucinating and thinking i couldn't do this, but luckily i have great support around me and got through it. If you don;t have this support it must be terribly hard. I feel for those of you feeling the strain and send out big hugs and healing vibes xx

so an update from us - We are now doing great here after the hallucinations and some initial nipple problems, everything seems fine. We haven't had another weigh-in because our midwives didn't think it necessary, so we've got one tomorrow (11 days old), will see how he's doing then. Jim's exclusively BF which has been fine so far (apart from the cracked nips) but in the last 24 hrs i think the milks gone a lot more runny and he's had some weird times where he hasn't bf for hours and hours, and then this afternoon he sicked up his entire stomach onto my leg sad

Hopefully the midwife will check him out tomorrow and tell me this is normal!!

Sleep seems different every night - we had two great nights of 8 hours sleep with 1 or 2 feeds in the middle, then last night he was awake every hour again. c'est la vie, i guess. i think at this stage everything changes daily doesn't it so we;re trying not to second guess anything and just ride it out with naps in the daytime.

bit scared of when my OH goes back to work though, Jim doesn;t really settle on his own in a basket or anything, so making tea/food/having a wee on my own might be a bit problematic to start with!! i guess he'll just cry and I'll have to deal with it! not very strong in that area yet... with co-sleeping he doesn;t really ever get the chance to cry, he's on my boob before he gets to that stage.

Is there a separate birth story thread or are we all doing it here? I don't want to bore everyone to death if it's not appropriate.

anyway sorry for long post, and well done to all the new mothers and babies, I'm loving keeping up to date with everyone and reading all the stories, it feels like we've all been on a journey together and now it's the next stage. love it.

DH has downloaded a "Womb sounds" app for the iPad, it plays for 10 mins then is on standby to switch itself on if baby makes significant noise!!

It's my turn for the Graveyard Shift tonight so I will let you know how it goes!!

<prays for miracle>

shonnomanom Thu 26-Jan-12 21:41:46

I'm kind of dreading dp going back to work on Sunday night, but, on the other hand it can't happen soon enough. We've been trying really hard not to mess with dd's routine and dp going back to work will help with that. Hopefully she will then start to calm down with the emotional outbursts she's been having.

Here's hoping we all have a better night tonight x

addictediam Thu 26-Jan-12 23:38:49

Hi, I'm just going to creap in and hope all the baby talk will persuade this stubborn monster out of me! Plus with not many left the antinatal thread has gone quite quiet sad

Hope your all doing well post birth

FrillyMilly Fri 27-Jan-12 06:14:36

Cameron is 6 days old now. Breast feeding seems to be going well but I'm dreading going out for too long. We are off to the in laws today and I'm nervous about feeding him. How do you do it discreetly or is that something that comes in time? I find I have my whole boob out, he sometimes fusses on and off the nipple and quite often needs a wind during a feed (during which i usually just leave my boob out at home). Help!!

Moobee Fri 27-Jan-12 07:33:12

Welcome Mrsvc. Sorry if I've missed any other new people, the more the merrier!

Redhead - I got so tired I was hallucinating too, glad it wasn't just me. My baby also has giant sicks and last night ended up making choking sounds with wheezy breathing - so worrying!

I think here would be a good place for birth stories but I've been avoiding details of mine as although it was amazing as our daughter was born and my primary emotional memory is exhilaration and happiness, it went a bit awry and so I don't want to scare those still antenatal. smile

Talking of which, hello addicted! sending squeezy vibes and hope it kicks off for you soon.

saladcream I might check out that app, do you find it works?

Frilly I can't yet be discreet either. I've tended to turn slightly away and use a shawl to cover myself and babies head, but I also thought, well, baby needs food, I'm just going to brazen it out so I sat at the table with my inlaws while feeding. You could ask to go to another room though or just find a quiet corner where you could turn slightly away. It is hard though! I'm hoping it'll get easier so I can manage better while out. Good luck!

Also feel for those whose DP / DH are going back to work. Mine goes back Monday, I wish he could stay here. sad I think he's a bit worried about me - I may still have an infection So I'm on more antibs and I find a 5min walk out completely exhausting. I hope with time and sleep that will pass.

hi all - welcome mrsrvc andlovely nameto you and parsley! great minds think alikegrin
Miss ree Freya is beautiful!

After a great night the night before last when Ruta slept 12-4.30, last night was a complete nightmare. Didn't get any sleep till 3.30 - she was hungry and fussing but I had no milk left. Kept swapping her from breast to breast, from one hold to another, but nada.

In the end I stripped us both off andlaid her on me and she eventually latched onto the empty breast and dropped off out of sheer exhaustion. So today I'm taking things a lot easier because I think I'm just overtired - I'm eating and drinking loads so that can't be the problem.
I agree that the thought of DH's going back to work is daunting, esp. when you've got a toddler in the mix. Mine is home for now as he has no work to go back to, but in Feb he's got to start travelling a bit to drum up contacts to kickstart his consulting business. Red have you got a sling - I find Ruta is calmed immediately when I put her in it...

Right, off for a doze

ParsleyLion1 Fri 27-Jan-12 10:36:23

frilly I've been given one of those breast feeding tent / apron things. I haven't used it yet but I don't think I can feed discretely. I need the whole boob free and Thea likes to rub her whole face over it before latching. She also likes to break off half way through and stick my nipple in her ear so I can't do that discretely.

butterfly we had a night like that yesterday. I don't think my boobs were actually dry though. They were just sore and unproductive. We had a similar beginning to last night but it seems to have been caused by trapped wind.

SlightlyScrambled Fri 27-Jan-12 11:08:00

Butterfly I also had a night of that kind of feeding too. I think she's cluster feeding and it wasn't as late at night as your dd so I was able to plonk myself infront of the telly and just keep popping her onto each breast. I heard that the breasts still produce milk even as they are sucking so she probably was getting something. It was the first time she's done this, I thought I might be getting away without the cluster feeds but looks like that was wishful thinking.

Missree Freya is gorgeous!

Redhead I'd love to hear your birth story.

Frilly the discretion definitely comes with practice. On DD1, I hid away for the first 2/3 months as I was so self conscious. The baby's head blocks a lot out of sight too so use that to your advantage. And if somebody does happen to look at the exact minute that your nipple is showing, I'd just say something like "oops, you got an eyeful there" and carry on.
I also would feed with DH sitting across and ask if he saw anything. Helped my confidence.

ugh-beginning to feel like were cursed in this house. MW been out today with my blood results and they are still low which explains why i'm still feeling so crap. Jago was awake til 1 screaming the place down wih a bad tummy and my eldest has been sent home from school early full of a stinking cold and earache and she looks rough.

Can i get a break some time soon please?

fish that sounds such hard work sad. DO you drink chamomile tea? I've heard it's great for colicky babies... Might not work for colds and earache tho... Mine get dosed with garlic syrup 3 times a day when they've got colds and it seems to work wonders.

Thanks parsley and scrambled - it's good to know it happens. THe problem I find is that after a while she just gets so impatient that she can't latch on even if there were anything in there. But we will persevere. But it's at times like these that MN is a treasure trove. I've learnt so much already this last few days.

i'm not fond of chamomile tea at all but hey-i'm willing to weather it if it gets him soothed. It's because of the antibiotics i'm on i'm sure.

butterfly? do you buuy garlic syrup or make it yourself? I may invest, she has had far too many colds this winter for my liking so far.

FrillyMilly Fri 27-Jan-12 20:19:28

Well I did my first out the house breast feed. I was so nervous!! It was at the in laws with MIL, SIL and niece there. BIL arrive when I was feeding and sort of hovered in the other room. I managed it by leaning in to arm of couch, putting a best on under my top and having a muslin to hand. I feel better now it's done. DH assures me you couldn't see anything much and it's not anything to worry about. Coincidentally I got a message saying my nursing bras where ready to collect whilst I was there. Picked them up and I think they will make feeding easier.

ghosteditor Fri 27-Jan-12 21:14:10

Hi ladies! Hope you're all well. Had a fab day taking DD out in her pram but I'm so tired now! I'm really suffering with carpal tunnel syndrome at the moment - the pain is awful if I lift things wrong, especially the baby sad.

I'm not at all bothered by public breastfeeding - maybe I'm just shameless wink! But you have a legal right not to be discriminated against in public places for breastfeeding (anyone know the article number?) and if anyone has an issue tell them that they are the only disgusting thing going on!

Nursing bras with clips help, as do vests under tops, feeding tops etc. but to be honest, if anyone thinks that I'm going to deny my daughter what she needs for their sensitivity or prurience then they can fuck right off they should think again. Get stroppy ladies - bf is your legal right in public places!

kelli10 Fri 27-Jan-12 22:13:15

Ghost I'm wapping them out all the time too. Although we haven't had to feed anywhere that was public as such. Just the in laws and such like.

Been the most amazing week. Oscar is totally edible. BF is going well, long nights with lots of feeding and not wanting to sleep in his crib but otherwie not too bad. And to make the best week ever even better... My OH proposed yesterday!!! I now have the most beautiful baby in the world AND the family jewels on my ring finger. I couldn't be any happier right nowgrin

Really hope ever ones aches/pains/BF issues start to settle. Is anyone else suffering with farmers? I was told I didn't have any but following my return to pooing (now managed to go 3 times since birth last friday) I think I can feel something that shouldn't be there... Ouch ouch ouch! TMI I know. What's the best way to get rid? I want them gone!!!!!!!!!!!!

MissRee Fri 27-Jan-12 22:24:19

Congrats on your engagement kelli grin

I am suffering with the farmers too sad have been back to docs for two different lots of creams (proctosedyl first to no avail but now got sheroproct which is doing tge trick) and thankfully seem to be on tge mend! If you've tried anusol and it did nothing, defo go to docs. Mine got so painful I couldnt sleep or sit down!!!!

shonnomanom Fri 27-Jan-12 23:14:24

Congratulations kelli x

Congrats Kelli! Hope he did it properly and got down in one knee!

Pleased to say the iPad Womb Sounds app seems to be helping in settling our lil Jimbo, he's not grizzling as soon as we put him down in his Moses basket, he'll just lay and listen for a while and starts to nod smile . Gives us chance to have our meals together in peace for ten minutes!! Only problem is DH is iPadless whilst its in use (I may start an "AIBU to get my one week old baby his own iPad?" thread) grin

Wormshuffler Sat 28-Jan-12 07:32:56

I also have piles now to add to my list of woes...............I had a CS why the hell have I got them?? Thrush, piles infected scar and carpel tunnel!!!! I just want to be normal again!!!!!
On the nice side though Meg was much more settled during the night waking at 1am and 4am for feeds then going back down nicely smile

Congratulations on your engagement kelli thanks

buzzgirly Sat 28-Jan-12 08:18:59

Hi everyone

I have finally had a chance to come over to this thread! Hope everyone is well, and congratulations on all our lovely new babies!

Our lovely little boy Joe arrived on the 17th, he was 8days late and after a 12 hour labour where I dilated to 9 cms - I had my 2nd emcs. After a bit of a tricky start with the breast feeding, it was agony, it has settled down - although he seems to prefer one boob to the other! I got some great help from the breast/bottle feed board on here

I also have 3 yo dd who is great with him! I'm really surprised though she'd be really jealous as she's a bit on the spoiled side [embarrassed], but he's been lots of cuddles and kisses! But we are having a hard time when leaving her at nursery in the morning, hopefully will settle down.

I managed to get out of the house for a walk yesterday - first time I'd left the house since coming home from hospital!

Congrats Kelli xxx

MissRee Sat 28-Jan-12 10:59:24

Congrats buzz

Oeisha Sat 28-Jan-12 12:23:37

Abigail Susan May born 0649 Tuesday 24th January. 7lb3oz. Finally got home last night! :D

I got form waters breaking to 5min contractions VERY quiclky (40mins). Back pain was god awful so went in with the whole "you'll be hours yet". Quick check at 6cm, then 20mins later, 8cm and leaving me only with pethidine and entonox. Got her to the head crowing phase after about an hour and then NOTHING for 3h despite birthing stool, (couldn't stand), hanging on to back of bed, on side, whatever. Ended up with forceps and it was utter bliss to have her wee head pop out. She was very alert immediatly. Ended up wiht a retained placenta so got my spinal eventually!

As for now, she's not BF yet. Tying to. But not yet. She's got all the componenets bt just won't string them together. I'm expressing about 100-130ml every 3h, so she's got plenty to eat when she does want to feed.

Oh, I keep faling asleep with her in my arms at night... confused. She had a brilliant 3rd night, but lastnight was back to yelling and wanting to suckle on the bottle, but not feed. Gonna have to suffer it out aren't I and just be harsh and not let her suckle...sad

Midwife's just been and we're good.

We're off in to town later...I broke the toilet seat lastnight...

Just to sicken you all, I'm in my pre-pg jeans today...

Welcome to any newcomers, congratualtions to any other birthers and apologies if I've missed anything exciting!

MissRee Sat 28-Jan-12 12:29:19

Congrats Oeisha we've been eagerly awaiting your update grin

mrsrvc Sat 28-Jan-12 12:58:08

Congrats Oiesha, Buzz and Kelli.

Nice to "meet" you all!

Everything going ok here. Thea is still very sleepy and jaundiced, so I'm having to wake her to get enough feeds in. I wish the Jaundice would clear up, as it's such a worry. I am making the most of the sleep though as I know it won't last!!

I'm feeling sore, my cellulitis (skin infection) is clearing, but leaving very bruised skin, which is worse than when it was infected as then it was numb. That combined with the clexane injections (did anyone else have to have these post section, or just my hospital?) means that my tummy looks and feels horrendous.

Otherwise ok. Ds is being a little "challenging.." but at least is sleeping through again which in the last month of my pregnancy was pretty rare. DH is realising how much hard work it is looking after DS which is no bad thing!!! I don't think I will be getting many of the "have you not managed to empty the wading machine/dishwasher etc" comments for a while!

Anyway, I hope you all don't mind me joining the thread? I sort of lost track of the ante natal one (was due in feb..) .

shonnomanom Sat 28-Jan-12 13:54:47

Ahh MN ate my post!


Congrats buzz
Congrats oiesha, Ds was also a fussy/lazy eater at the beginning. He got the hang of it after a few days and then tried to feed off of everything ie Breast, Bottle, Dora the Explorer etc. We however have had to close down the breast shop as it couldnt keep up with the demand of the hungry horace.

Ds is 2 weeks old today, where has the time gone?!

Another night of solid sleep from midnight to 5am, I could get used to this. The rotten cold I woke up with however is free for the taken if anyone wants it....

Also back in my pre-pregnancy jeans too, big surprise as it took a few months after dd was born.

Evening all,

well were doing ok-i'm still wibbly-my blood count is still low despite transfusion and iron supplements coming out of my ears. had some pretty good nights from the boy but his poor tummy does get very windy and it makes me sad to see his poor little uncomfortable face. BF is going great guns-i am just about to try expressing using a medela electic jobbie that someone has lent me. The boy was taking top ups of formula but he has decided that he likes booby best now so formula gets spat out with a scream of rage.

Dreading dh going back to work-makes me want to cry. 3 more days sad It's taken me so long to even spend a whole day upright that I feel I have missed any bonding time we could have had. He's been an utter super star and I am so in love with all my family right now...whee happy hormones smile which makes a huge difference to how I was last time.

wow oiesha smile

i'm so chuffed almost everyone is here and safe and well. Everyone is doing so well xx

I'm worried that peanuts has been totally off radar though. If youre lurking lovely, I'm thinking of you. xxx

ParsleyLion1 Sun 29-Jan-12 12:19:53

Is there a breast feeding section on MN? I can't find one - which seems odd.

ayearoverdue Sun 29-Jan-12 12:24:11

Yep, if you go to All Topics it's under Feed The World and then Breast and Bottle Feeding X

ParsleyLion1 Sun 29-Jan-12 13:14:32

Excellent - thanksgrin

Congratulations oeisha buzz and Kelli, all fantastic news!! And whoever called their baby phoenix love, I am so impressed, what a gorgeous exotic name. My OH vetoed everything along those lines!

Hello all. Sorry for my temporary absence. I was very emotionally wobbly after the c sec and how far the birth had been from my hopes and expectations and didn't feel able to join in the conversation in a positive way.

Look forward to moving on from the birth and focusing on all our lovely babies now smile

ps - anyone else got a scabby, spotty baby atm?

ParsleyLion1 Sun 29-Jan-12 18:11:21

No but Thea has a red mark on her eyelid that doesn't sleeps to be fading. Also milk spots on her chin.

FrillyMilly Sun 29-Jan-12 18:22:30

Cameron had spots on his nose and cheeks. DD had them too and they cleared up after a couple of weeks. Apparently dabbing a bit of breast milk on can help them clear up quicker.

Parsley could it be a stork bite birthmark? DD had one on the corner of her Eyelid. They fade off after a few weeks.

shonnomanom Sun 29-Jan-12 18:33:45

Parsley try putting vaseline on her chin before feeding. My niece was really bad with milk spots and doing this cleared her chin up.

Welcome back Cakes x

So managed to go 42weeks of pregnancy with constipation issues. The mw put me on iron tablets and they are strongly disagreeing with me. Not amused.

Had to buy Ds a snow suit size 3-6months today!

ParsleyLion1 Sun 29-Jan-12 18:44:07

Took me 5 days to go after the c-section sho. Resorted to my friend Lactulose in the end (which I can now have again as the GD has gone)

shonnomanom Sun 29-Jan-12 19:34:19

I was doing alright in the loo department before these tablets, which iv since stopped. Have drank loads of cranberry juice tonight so hopefully will feel better soon. If not Il be looking for an introduction to your friend parsley

peanuts777 Sun 29-Jan-12 21:10:45

Hello ladies,
So, I gave birth to William Wilbur Treat aka Wilbur at 08h19 on 18th January, by c section, weighing 7lbs 13oz and all was wonderful. He was a very healthy, calm content little babe.

On Tuesday night and the early hours of Wednesday morning, he started to be sick. Very badly. So, as not to scare anyone after a very long and traumatic day, he underwent life saving surgery at 21h00 that evening. After a terrifying and bumpy few days in NICU he has now been moved to the baby ward and is doing really well and gaining strength every hour.

His bowel was malrotated and upside down and moving the wrong way, so his body had filled up with bile Anderson ad septicaemia too. His appendix was under his heart.......
Poor chicken.

Anyway, I am completely freaked out but so incredibly relieved he is improving and am feeling much, much more positive. Until today I hadn't seen my other two little darlings since Wednesday and we didn't have sleep, clean clothes or wash bags until Friday night so you can imagine how it's been. He was so, so very sick it was terrifying. It was touch and go at the end of Wednesday and we were frozen and helpless. We couldn't do anything. If I had got him to the hospital an hour later.......Lord knows.

Anyway, I couldn't let you know until I felt that he was ok and recovering and we are today feeling very positive and have every confidence he will make a full recovery. He "Wilbur" fine, he "Wilbur" absolutely ok......hence the name.....Wilbur.
He is gorgeous and we are blessed and lucky and eternally grateful to all the staff and to our family - especially my Mum who actually moved in to our house and has been looking after both our babies who are baffled and at home poor darlings.

I hope that everybody is well and their lovely little lamb chops are too and im sorry if this post freaks any of you out.

By the way, I am looking for a night nanny BIG TIME if anybody knows one! Even if when we get home he sleeps from 19h00 to 07h00 without stirring, I would still be checking on him every 30 mins so I'm going to need a lot of help and a lot of reassurance!

Oh and he hasn't had anything to eat (nil by mouth) since Wednesday 04h00........Dummies are my friend!?! never thought I'd say it.....my milk dried up within the first 48 hours and I'm expressing round the clock to try and get it back...........

What's happening Mummies? Tell me all x

MissRee Sun 29-Jan-12 21:29:30

Oh peanuts you and Wilbur have had such a horrendous time. I'm so glad he's on the road to recovery now though and I very much hope every day sees him getting stronger and stronger. I can't even begin to imagine how scary the last couple of weeks have been for you!

Big hugs x

ParsleyLion1 Sun 29-Jan-12 22:41:43

Oh peanut what a terrible time of it you andWilbur have had

Poor little mite sad sounds like you are all on the road to recovery now. I am wishing for you that he continues to recover and get stronger day by day and that you and your family can get back to normality some time soon. Xx

shonnomanom Sun 29-Jan-12 22:59:54

Oh peanut hugs to you and your family. What a horribly stressful time for you all. So glad that silver is on the road to recovery.
A positive story for you.
When my cousins baby boy was born his insides were all higgledepigglede. He was very ill and on life support for a time. As well as other complications one of his lungs was non functioning and the other was under his heart. Long story short, he is now 17yo and apart from not being able to play a full 90mins of football he is perfectly healthy if not a little cheeky!

shonnomanom Sun 29-Jan-12 23:01:09

Typo on my mobile. So sorry for changing wilburs name to silver blush

ghosteditor Sun 29-Jan-12 23:39:16

Oh peanuts, my heart goes out to you - hugs... Sounds like Wilbur is on the mend, but it must have been awful for you.

I was just coming in here to sigh that DD has been feeding almost continually for four hours and is crying like you wouldn't believe. DH is taking her out in the pram in the hope it will settle her. The poor mite sad. But you've reminded me that there are much worse things we could be worrying about so I'll shut up now.

Good luck to Wilbur!

Moobee Mon 30-Jan-12 02:13:22

Oh peanuts, I'm so sorry you all had to go through that. thank goodness Wilbur is on the road to recovery - he sounds like a fighter and has such a good name! Thinking of you all xx

BigHotMama Mon 30-Jan-12 08:07:56

Oh peanuts sounds like a you have been through a living nightmare. So relieved little wilbur is on the mend as it's just not right seeing little ones suffering in any way, you must still be in shock? Hope you and your family can start getting back to some normality and sending
((( big hugs ))) for you all xx

Peanuts my love, i'm so sorry to hear of the trial you have been through. I had a funny feeling in my gut that something wasn't quite right. I have been so worried for you. I'm glad to hear that you and wilbur are making a full recovery. I can't imagine what it must have been like to recover yourself and have to go through everything as well.

Arms around you and yours right now xxxxxx

mrsrvc Mon 30-Jan-12 10:52:27

I'm so sorry to hear that your little boy has been so poorly, and glad to know that he is on the mend. I had a week in NICU with my first (sadly without a happy ending, but very different circumstances) so know some of what you are going through. He sounds a little fighter and am sure he will be home with you very soon.

buzzgirly Mon 30-Jan-12 11:12:21

Congratulations oeisha hope the feeding is going better, ds was getting expressed milk for first few days but has been managing to latch on the last week.

Congratulations peanuts on your ds! I hope you are coping and getting plenty rest. My dd had life saving surgery when she was 2days old, she had bowel and oesophagus problems - she is now a very cheeky 3 yo. It was such a shock, we ende up in hospital for a few weeks. If there is anything I can do, let me know x

Things are going ok here, ds has been sleeping for 3-4 hours - don't want to get too used to thar in case all changes!! He has got really gunky eyes, it's like snot - he couldn't open them the other day. Health visitor coming tomorrow so hoping she'll have some advice.

How is everyone else doing?

buzz have you tried breast milk on his eyes? just swipe with cotton wool moistened with breast milk and water. Use a seperate bit of cotton for each eyes and go outwards from the nose to avoid spreading infection.

buzz - my mw said to drop breastmilk in then wipe away with clean cotton wool. Alternatively cooled boiled water will do, too

peanut - sorry to hear what you've been through. I hope everything keeps improving xx

SlightlyScrambled Mon 30-Jan-12 12:06:23

Congrats Peanuts and I hope that Wilbur will be home with you soon. What a lovely name.

Good advice on the breastmilk into the eyes. Dd1 used to have that and I didn't think to put it on a cotton pad and used to spend ages trying to direct a spray of milk into her eye. Would end up with milk all over her face. (Yes, I'm that much of an eejit) But it does work really well when it gets there.

I can't believe that my girl is 3 weeks old now. She's grown so much too and fitting into 3-6 months clothes, or 60cm as they use cm here.

My PGP seems to be getting better now and heamrroids are gone too. Haven't even thought of trying my pre preg jeans as I'd have to face reality then and I'm not ready for that just yet. Congrats to you though who are.

Mum2be79 Mon 30-Jan-12 13:22:18

So glad that everyone is doing ok - even after the few shaky moments with CS and life-saving surgery on a newborn - scary stuff.

William is now officially one month old today. And today was the first day that I had to 'cope on my own' as DH at work (has been for 2 weeks) and my DM left yesterday after 2 weeks of moral support. I realise that with a one week in hospital, one week with DH and 2 weeks with DM, I have been extremely lucky.

The little monster had projectile vomit all over the settee at 9:40am. It scared me because he had had only 2oz and it seemed like 5oz came out!?! He was unsettled until 11:45am when he had another 4oz and took it happily. (My neighbour happened to pop round, offered to feed and wind him and hey presto - settled!) Does me me feel like a stupid mother who after a month can't feed and wind her child properly!

Oeisha Mon 30-Jan-12 13:38:01

Oh peanuts what a difficult time! Glad things are looking up and congratulations! What you've been trhough makes my next rant seem very petty.

Re: feeding. Abi's doing very well, but is now taking about 75ml every 3-4h...
Part of me really wants to keep going with BF, but she's still not reallly getting the hang of latching and fully sucking and at the moment, the EBF is going so well, I don't want to muck it up by latching her and allowing her to suckle for ages, but not getting anywhere. She is actually sleeping well and is feeding quite well. I really don't know if I could cope with having to feed on tap. Though I guess if she stays in this 3-4h routine, then this might help with the BF...if she can stay in that routine if we try and switch.
On the other hand, expressing is not easy. I'm getting out about 150-200ml each time, which everyone keeps telling me is great, and "you can just freeze it", but at this rate I'll have no freezer space left for anything other than milk. Shoudn't complain, I know, but at least with formula I wouldn't be stuck to a 3-4h routine of needing to be stuck to a pump for 30mins, adn we can guarantee she's eating enough (my paranoia with BF now is that we just won't be able to tell).
I guess I could try BF throughout the day and EBF at night...but then I don't want to express off during the day too much/too little...for so many reasons.
ARGH! I'm def. overthinking this, but my head might explode with the options.
On the lighter side, in the bath this morning my boobs were leaking, looked like a weird smoke-machine effect..!

As for sleep, she did really well and only co-slept when I was trying to get her to the 4h mark so she could chomble back a whole load. Still worrying the shit out of me mind you.

Oop, she's awake! Better go try and BF I guess.

ParsleyLion1 Tue 31-Jan-12 08:12:24

oeisha how about a combination of EBF or BF and FF? For some reason the MWs are particularly anti this approach but they encouraged me to do it in hospital when we were trying to get Thea's blood sugars right. I think their issue is the confusion between breast and bottle but you already have this issue anyway.

buzzgirly Tue 31-Jan-12 10:04:27

peanuts how is Wilbur doing? Hope everything is going well x

Thanks everyone for the advice on gunky eyes, have been using breast milk and they do seem clearer already. That's ds now 2 weeks old today, although it feels like he has always been here! DS's cord is still on, not sure if that is ok or not?

ghosteditor Tue 31-Jan-12 10:13:32

Hey buzz, I think the guidelines for cords are 7-14 days before it falls off - DD's came off at 8 or 9 days I think. If it's all clean and not looking infected etc then I'm sure it's fine. Just keep cleaning the area with cooled boiled water and am sure it'll come off soon!

When do you guys get the time to write so much???

FIrst off, Peanuts, what a scary time you've had of it. SO glad to hear that Wilbur grin is on the mend and doing well. WIshing you all the strength in the world, and be kind to yourself - I'm sure the shock and worry will come out gradually, so don't be afraid to talk and cry to whoever seems best.

Cakes and FIsh - you both sound so much more upbeat - very glad to hear it...

Oeisha I can see your dilemma. Have you got access to a BF counsellor who could give you some more advice?

Fish, you asked about the garlic medicine: I make a jamjar full whenever I need it, and store it in the fridge. I think you can keep it a few weeks. CHop or crush one bulb of garlic, add juice of one lemon, and about 5 dessert spoonfuls of honey. DIlute to about one jarful with lukewarm boiled water and leave to "fester" overnight, then strain off into a jar. It's strong stuff, so don't give on an empty stomach, and you may need a bribe (chocolate works for us) until she gets used to it, but I find it really effective.

By the way, I asked about softening water for a baby's bath, but no-one answered me [sulk emoticon], so I went ahead nd tried out the porridge oats in gauze method and it works well. Roo's skin is lovely now, so I can recommend that approach.

I am also facing my first day alone on Friday as DH is off to Warsaw for a job interview, leaving at 5 am shock. There is a slight hitch in that temperatures here atm are around -20, set to fall to -30 on THursday. THere's no way I'm taking Roo out to do the school run in that! So will have to call in a favour...

Hope things continue to go onwards and upwards for us all!

ParsleyLion1 Tue 31-Jan-12 10:40:37

I've had 6 hours of sleep in 3 stints - I feel almost human! Who would have thought I'd have been saying that a few weeks ago! grin

ghosteditor Tue 31-Jan-12 11:51:34

Butterfly, I have MN on my phone so tend to just catch up/post while I have a minute - haven't been on the laptop for weeks though smile
Thanks for the recommendation re oat baths - DD was a bit overdue and so seems to be shedding a layer of skin and is a bit scaly, poor mite, so we will try the oat thing too. Sounds like the gauze is the best plan.

DD has put on 11oz and is 13 days today - little chubster! grin my DH is back at work tomorrow because we wasted a week of his paternity leave with me stuck in hospital and has to stay on base for 48 hours! My mum is coming to stay but I remain unconvinced that this will be more restful for me despite her best intentions.hmm...

miamama09 Tue 31-Jan-12 12:21:00

I've been out of the loop for so long, can't believe all the gossip and goings on here in my absence! hope everyone is doing ok and getting rest and as much sleep as possible.

Jacob is 18 days old today. Health Visitor been round to weigh him, he's doing fine.

Quick question - is everyone leaving their baby to get to sleep themselves in crib/basket etc? Health visitor said today I am not to let him fall asleep on me, but he screams and screams otherwise. Which is impossible at night time - as he'll wake DD up! if it's not one, it's the other!!

He loves to co-sleep, which I am trying to avoid, but in the middle of the night it seems the only way to get peace...
Trying to leave him during the day... he's much better at sleeping during the day.

Also, he's not pooed in a long time, so health visitor said to give him water... so fingers crossed he'll get some relief soon!

Moobee Tue 31-Jan-12 15:20:49

Butterfly - good tip about the oat bath, we have really hard water here so that might come in useful.

Ghost - my DD has skin shedding from her feet and hands. I asked a midwife and she recommended massaging olive oil in two or three times a day. Ive done this once so far and it seems to have helped already.

Miamamma - as someone typing one handed on their phone with a sleeping baby over their shoulder, my answer is a definite no, we can't get her to self settle! I don't seem to have many baby friendly songs on my iPhone. I'm currently singing along to Imogen Heap and Red Hot Chilli Pepper songs to her to get her to sleep.

Congratulations to Oiesha, Buzz and Kelli - I missed that in my last post.

Buzz, DD still has her umbilical cord attached at day 16, I'm hoping it'll come off soon.

I'm absolutely knackered today - was at hospital till 1am and then it took till 2.30am to settle DD. got up at 8am with DH as he went to work. I'm not good at sleeping in the day but think I'll have to improve.

Ds only just list his cord today at 19 days. Stump looks a bit manly, but he's had a bath so hopefully it's nice and clean and will improve.

I hope none ofyou get mastitis. I feel like i'm having the worst flu ever.can't even pick LL (ds) up as so achey and wobbly.

As I said on fb, bf mums make sure you vary the positions you f eed in so baby draws the milk from diff parts of the breast. My boobs feel so much better now we've had a few feeds in rugby ball hold.

Lost, not list

Manky not manly.

Bloody phone

miamama09 Tue 31-Jan-12 17:05:56

I think it was 10days when DS lost his cord... stump stayed a bit manky for a day, two at the most. keep cleaning and it'll look normal by tmorrow hopefully!

mastitis is so painful, I know! are you keeping your breasts cool?

Oeisha Tue 31-Jan-12 17:20:02

Still no luck with latching today, and the nappies are remorseless today.
I can hear her tummy being very grumbly, and it seems to take an age for anything to come out. Poor lamb. Made for an awkward night, along with having to express and a fairly grumpy day for missy.

Beginning to feel low, tearful a lot for no reason (though thinking about the birth is pretty harsh) so must keep an eye on that. Will talk to MW on Thurs. I just think the feeding thing is really stressing me and I just need to make the decision to FF and get over it...just seems such a waste of my milk and I just don't know if making the decision to switch will actually make me feel any happier at all. sad

Oh gods, time to express again.

Hiya all,

My boy didn't sleep his usual fabulous self last night so a bit tired today,I can't complain because we have had more good nights than bad. His usual rhythym is 8-8 with 2 feeds at around 12-1 and again at about 4 ish.

I'm a bit low too as DH gos back to work tomorrow. I'm gonna miss him sad He took me out shopping today to buy some new jeans and a couple of tops so I feel spoilt. I am having to hold back tears everytime i think about him going back to work though.

oiesha sounds like youre having a tough time with the BF-don't beat yourself up whatever decision you make. I have been expressing milk but I have decided to chuck it all away because it occured to me that i am currenly on antibiotics and i freeze this milk I don't want to re introduce it in a week or two if I decide to use it.

Jago is also shedding skin like a lizard. I bought some cocoa butter baby butter and I have been using that plus olive oil.

I was dicharged by midwife yesterday and HV been today, J passed his hearing test and he plots on the 91st centile for height and the top centile for weight.

shonnomanom Tue 31-Jan-12 18:40:57

I have an OliveOil baby. Feet are the worst for shedding.

oiesha ((hugs)) I was in your position just over a week ago, its a very hard decision to make but you must be sure your happy with what ever decision you make. If the stress of bf is making you down is it really worth it? Dont worry about the milk, Abi has been getting goodness from the milk that you have already given her. Remember a happy mummy makes for a happy baby.
I got to the satge where I dreaded having to try to feed ds as it was such a struggle. We are both happier now that he is exclusively ff now. And I actually want to go out and see people now which is also a bonus. Good luck with whatever you decide to do. x

I had the physio today. And she hurt me bad sad I was bent into positions that I havent been in for such a long time. And was ordered not to carry anything heavier than DS and not to carry him in his carseat.

Am using hot shower and massage to try and get the milk through, using baby to drain my breast as best he can and I have some cabbage leaves in the fridge!

I use waitrose bottom butter on body, sweet almonds oil or coconut oil on hands and face because they're edible.

ghosteditor Tue 31-Jan-12 19:23:27

Glad to hear I'm not the only one with a lizard baby! We've been using olive oil already which is helping lots, but oats help my eczema loads so I'm a big fan.
fish 8-8 with a couple of feeds? Uou're so lucky! With DD we've probably had 8-10 feeds in that time for the last few nights, but she's put on 6oz in 3 days so it's a definite growth spurt. I'm begging for a quieter night tonight! She's sleeping peacefully now but 9pm-1am is her crazy time usually.

Oeisha, not sure I can help except to echo that a happy mummy equals a happy baby, so I hope you can work out something that you're ok with. Sounds like you're doing great with your dd. smile

Can i ask a question about everyones blood loss down below? Mine is still really heavy and a dark kidney bean sort of colour-i'm really fed up with it. It had stopped totally by day 6 then it started again and doesn't seem to be improving at all-just staying the same day after day.

ParsleyLion1 Tue 31-Jan-12 20:03:33

Mine is still going fish it hasn't changed much tbh. It's quite pink in colour though.

I wish it would stop soon I find the smell horrible - i don't think it's infected. The smell of a normal period turns my stomach.

ghosteditor Tue 31-Jan-12 20:09:55

DD is 13 days today fish and mine has almost stopped - but I do have light periods normally. I think bleeding usually lasts 2-4 weeks and occasionally longer, but do check with your MW.

I'm still bleeding a little, James is two weeks tomorrow!!

He had his first pot on yesterday (he's got club foot on his right foot we found out at 20 week scan), he's been a bit whingy whilst he's getting used to it but he's not been too bad today. Makes changing the nappy a bit challenging though as is thigh to toe cast. Quite distressing to see the doc pull his foot about sad

My milk is virtually dried up, was expressing but just not doing it enough so will be exclusively ff-ing by the end of the week! I'm back at work Monday (booo) so this was the plan anyway, so trying not to feel too guilty...

It's lovely to hear everyone's experiences and thoughts and that everyone seems to be doing really well!! grin

ParsleyLion1 Tue 31-Jan-12 21:02:35

The MW told me the bleeding could go up to 8 weeks but only to worry if the smell changed.

MissRee Tue 31-Jan-12 21:05:59

Hey ladies grin

Re: lochia, I'm 19 days in and it's practically stopped. Just pinkish/red spotting really now. It does stink tho sad I can only liken the smell to rotten cabbage blush I'm cleaning down there so much cos the smell is disgusting! Contemplating a visit to the docs to rule out infection but I have no other symptoms like raised temp or anything.

Has anyone else thought about contraception yet? I'm considering the implant as it lasts for 3 years and once removed the hormones are out of your system within 30-60 days.

Oeisha Tue 31-Jan-12 21:18:01

My bleeding's coming and going too. Some days, just pink, others a fair bit more than a heavy period. My main worry is despite kegels, I'm still not feeling much bladder control. I guess it is slowly getting better, but I'm still caught unawares occasionally.

I think we've made the decision. I'm going to try the nipple shields the BF MW suggested (arriving in the post soon) and if she doesn't get the hang of those fairly quickly, then, well, FF it is. She's had all the colostrum (mine was exceedingly yellow) and it's now more runny and white...so, well, that's something. I'll express and change her over a couple of weeks, and freeze and extra, but this is madness!

There simply is no point in feeling this shit about something so simple to change. I am partly paranoid that it's PND talking and not rantional at all, but if it is PND then there's another very good reason to make it all as simple as possible.

Oh - for those that had a less than ideal birth, are you all getting the "oh, you'll have another one" shit off people? I think a large part of how I'm feeling stems from how fucking horendous birthing was. Maybe with an induction&epi or a section...but not natural. She was LOA until about 20mins of contractions then she went back-to-back and then spent the entire labour turning...not fun.

Right, time for another expressing (1h late...oops).

MissRee Tue 31-Jan-12 21:54:40

Hugs for you Oeisha, you're having a tough time after a difficult birth and now your struggle with BF, no wonder you're feeling down. Don't be too hard on yourself and just take one day at a time. Don't forget your hormones are still all over the place too.

Moobee Wed 01-Feb-12 05:04:02

Fish: I was worried about my lochia as it was heavy, dark red and quite thick at day 15. I googled and the web indicated that whilst lochia can last 6 weeks, the bright red phase should end relatively quickly. I was right to be concerned as yesterday I passed a 10-15cm long, 1-2cm diameter piece of placenta with a gush of blood. I had to show my maternity pads to the doc and the new one I had worn (not the one with the placenta) was bright red still. I said 'that's normal' and the doc replied 'you mean for you? Because that's not normal.' I would get checked if yours is still bright red! Mine is currently still red too. Really hoping this passes. sad

Oeisha: my labour was not at all straightforward (ended with rotational forceps after 24 hrs) and the recovery is the part I'm finding hardest - the after effects of a third degree tear and even just trying to go to the loo are disheartening. I've had the comment, 'oh, your first, so she's going to be a big sister!' I've replied, with a smile, 'we'll see...' but I'm definitely thinking 'not bloody likely!'

moobee I'm feeling a bit wigged out now....Mine is no longer bright red but still quite heavy. Not quite as heavy as a period heavy day (and i have very heavy periods) and i'm on day 14 now. I am also flooding when i first get up in the morning.

It's just that it dioesn;t seem to be lesseneing at all-just going on the same amount day after day. (dying to resume "relations" with DH after LOOONG pregnancy drought)

One of the things i've found/am finding hardest to come to terms with is that ds being c sec had affected my future births too. It's unlikely and unsafe for me to consider home birth or mw unit now and may be that elcs is the safest option. It's breaking my heart.

cakes big hugs for you-home vbacs are possible and have been done. You may not want to take the risk of that option and in time you will let go of the grief you feel about the lack of home birth. I so know where youre coming from. Don't be afraid to cry over it, let it out and let it go. It will take time and hormonally you are raw right now. It took me about 2 years and a lot of support to come to terms with the fact i will never have a beautiful home birth. give yourself time and perhaps just box that thought up for now until things are a little bit calmer and less new xxx

ghosteditor Wed 01-Feb-12 09:23:50

Cakes, I know it's not the same thing, but I feel the same way. Due to the scary blood pressure, I'm likely to be consultant led from now on, which means I'll never get that MW led water birth I wanted, or a home birth. It's a bit glum-making really.

Does anyone else still have carpal tunnel syndrome? My hands are way worse than before the birth - picking up DD and changing her is really painful. My feet aren't swollen at all now but my fingers are still too big for my rings, and the swelling is squishing my nerves. The GP says it should go soon, but no signs yet.

And to round it all off, DH is back at work now sad.

Moobee Wed 01-Feb-12 09:35:33

Sorry Fish, I didn't mean to scare you but it might be worth checking if it doesn't lessen soon. (so impressed you're considering resuming action with your DH already!)

Hugs to all of those in post labor blues. xx

Moobee Wed 01-Feb-12 09:36:35

P.S. If your flow isn't dark red then you're probably ok. It can last upto six weeks.

Haven't really grieved for that bit yet. Keep having too much other stuff to deal with.

SlightlyScrambled Wed 01-Feb-12 10:42:54

Re: lochia, I'm at 3+ weeks and still bleeding. Some days are lighter than others.
I'm dreading starting up "relations" with DH again. Told him that too and that I'm waiting for my 6 week checkup to get the all clear.

Oeisha go easy on yourself. You're doing an amazing job. Hormones are all over the shop for the first few weeks and that doesn't help matters either.

I had a meltdown today and I've no rational reason for it. And I'm not feeling much better now so there may be more today.

Things are going well though. Dd2's skin has gotten much better now. I wonder was it because they washed her straight after birth? (she'd pooped everywhere on us). DD1 had great skin but wasn't washed until day 2 or 3 after birth.

it is dark red though sad burgundy coloured and there were some clots today in the shower. ho hum.

ghosteditor Wed 01-Feb-12 10:47:43

angryangryangry DH has just gone into work for his 48 hour on call and they've completely changed his duties without telling him. So instead of weds-fri, he now has to work overnight tonight, then a full day Thurs, then go overseas from Fri-Sun. I'm fuming - my mum is already on her way down to help me out over the next two days so we can't change her plans, it's too late angryangryangry

DH promised he'd start saying no to this kind of crap when DD was born, but it's the same old 'there's no one else to do it' story. I'm sad and angry at the same time - actually weeping with anger.

Moobee Wed 01-Feb-12 11:55:23

Oh Ghost, that's so rubbish. It's a really vulnerable time for us all and I know how much I rely on my DH at the moment. So sorry to hear that. sad Do you have friends locally?

Fish, it might be worth going to the doctors just as a precaution (although I'm hypersensitive to this at the moment).

Oh ghost, i'm so sorry, I wish there was something useful I could do :-(
In the absence of that it'll have to be a virtual hug and an offer for you to come over and see me if you want to be miserable together? X

ghosteditor Wed 01-Feb-12 12:34:23

Thanks ladies. I do have plans to see people over the weekend but everyone is at work the rest of the time, and I'm still struggling with managing the house, DD, food, medical check ups, and the ever elusive naps! DH has been so brilliant while he's been at home and now he's effectively going away for 5 days straight off the bat. And I feel so sorry that he's going to miss this time with DD while she's so tiny. Am so thankful she's quite a placid baby!

Argh. Stupid work. Stupid need to pay the enormous mortgage. Argh.

is anyone elses baby a total fuss arse? My boy simply doesn't settle unless he's got a boob in his mouth. I have tried slinging him, tried his chair, tried the bed, tried cuddling, he's not interested in boob now he's had a full go on both. I have winded him and he's full nappy.

Sounds like a heavy day for most of you today sad. We need to be easy on ourselves - we're all still less than a month on from one of the most life-changing events we'll ever experience and everything is still very raw (literally in some respects grin).
My bleeding at day 14 is still rather profuse but is getting lighter in colour. I did pass a rather large clot yesterday, though, about the size of a smallish satsuma confused.
YY to BFing in different positions - I find the rugby hold is great for drawing off the milk from the duts on the outsides of the breasts.

Oh such bloody clever HVs telling you to make them self-settle at this age... Anyway, where's the fun in not cuddling your LO to sleep? - this is the only time we'll ever get to do it. They go off so quickly and easily all snuggled up - I reckon we need to make life easier for ourselves at this stage, not harder smile]
Ghost that's really not on about your DH's work...
Oh, must go, girls home

FrillyMilly Wed 01-Feb-12 14:03:02

This is starting to move as quick as the antenatal one did now!

peanuts congratulations on birth of Wilbur. Sorry you had to go through such a tough time. Glad he is on the men's and I hope you are ok too.

I'm on day 11 and loss is like a period now. I think last time I bled for about 3 weeks. Had a few days off then period showed up. I'm breast feeding this time though so not sure if period will show up.

Can't believe someone's health visitor told them to teach baby to self settle. They are far too young to do that!! They have been carried about all warm and snug for 9 months where they where rocked to sleep all the time. How on earth could they self settle. In a few weeks or months maybe but I certainly couldn't do it now. With DD she didn't self settle until 1 which was when she was ready.

FrillyMilly Wed 01-Feb-12 14:03:53

That should say mend not men's

FrillyMilly Wed 01-Feb-12 14:06:18

Oh yes and contraception wise we are thinking the coil. Don't have to worry about it for 5 years. We are 99.9% sure we don't want another baby and we did discuss permanent methods but we've decided to go with a long term method then we can see how we feel when that comes out.

Fryn Wed 01-Feb-12 15:52:17

<runs in slamming the door behind her> I'm heeeere!

Just squeaked into Jan, and Alice Grace was born at home yesterday weighing 8lbs 9oz. All things considered I had a doddle of a birth - waters went 6pm on Monday, took them a couple of hours to track down the midwives as no one knew who was on call confused, so they came around 9, and absolutely nothing happening, no dilation, no contractions, nowt. They left, started having a few tightenings around 11, proper contractions around 2, but around 10 mins apart, around 4 got a lot more regular and sitting down was painful so spent a couple of hours pacing the living room, called MW at 6 just to say they were every 5 or so minutes apart but I was fine so she said she'd pop by at 9, put phone down and about 20 mins later they were every 2 mins, DH called MW back, and she arrived to me bellowing "I need to push" and DH begging me not to! Alice born 10 mins later, but unfortunately due to nasty 2nd degree tear I had to go to hospital anyway for suturing. Anyway, compared to some of you, I really did have it easy so mustn't grumble.

B*gger me though, I'd forgotten how sodding painful BFing is! I know she's not latching quite right, as she's making a clicking sound - anyone else found that? The latch looks fine, but it just isn't. Good tips about changing position - I'm sorry you've had to go through mastitis to share it with us though cakes. Hope that's all cleared quickly.

oeisha hope the nipple shields work - it's all such a worry, and shouldn't be. The important thing is that Abi's fed, and she really won't give a monkeys in years to come whether it was breastmilk or formula (I was formula fed and it's had absolutely no ill effects on me or my relationship with my mum).

ghost so sorry about DH's work. That sucks, but you'll get through it. And really don't worry about managing the house - just look after yourself and Jools and have a lovely snuggly girly time.

peanuts I'm sorry you've had such a time with Wilbur. I hope the little guy's doing better and you're ok as well.

Sorry girls, my tired brain can't remember anything else apart from those bits, but hope you're all ok and see you on here later!

miamama09 Wed 01-Feb-12 16:58:38

congrats to fryn and welcome baby Alice. Hope the BFing settles down soon, it is so sore, they always tell you it isn't, but it so is!

oeisha I second what everyone else has said, any amount of BFing is great! you've given her the best start possible, some babies just don't get the hang of it... and u know what, it's important to get yourself well and better and recovered too.

it was my HV who told me to leave baby to self settle. I must admit, I haven't been able to do it. he's still so tiny! how can you NOT cuddle them to sleep. DD was cuddled to sleep until nearly 1 too, it was hard to get her to change that habit... but at just a few weeks old, I'm not sure they can really learn to self settle that much... can they?

Blood loss - mine comes and goes every few days too. I was going to ask about it on here, so glad it's been discussed already!

miamama09 Wed 01-Feb-12 17:00:35

ugh, also, DS has a cold already! he's snuffly and can't breathe properly, it's horrible having to listen to him struggle and fish tiny baby bogeys out of his nose already! and there's nothing I can do to help him.
Been wrapped up warm all day, and in sling all snuggled for a good part, so hope it passes soon. he's in his basket now, coughing and snuffling away in his sleep...

shonnomanom Wed 01-Feb-12 17:22:27

Boob question

I have an ache in the outside of my right boob. Just started this morning. No lumps or anything was found. Boob feels normal but its sore to touch and so makes holding ds akward.
After mix ff and bf feeding ds is now ff exclusive. I was careful cutting down on the feeds and only had one feed left to cut when he decided he wasnt going anywhere near them. Proper fighting them he was. The last time he fed from me was Friday night.
Any ideas ladies? Surely if there were to be boob issues from stopping the bf it would have happened before now?

Shon - that's exactly how my mastitis started - like yourboob has been kicked by a horse and is all bruised? Keep an eye on things, try hot compresses and gentle massage over the sore bit from under the arm, esp when feeding, but any sign of flu- like symptoms and get to the gp immediately for anti-biotics

shonnomanom Wed 01-Feb-12 18:54:18

Ah feck cakes I just said to dp how I think I'm coming down with something. Feeling really light headed and congested. Could fall asleep right now given half a chance. We're ff exclusively now but Il try hot and cold compress. Thank you x

shonnomanom Wed 01-Feb-12 19:28:36

Busy thread today , have now caught up.

ghost ((hugs)) very crap of dh and his work

bleeding - slowing down and is on and off. Relieved as bleed constant after dd for 9 weeks.

mia ds has had the sniffles since about day 2. I feel so sorry for him. Scotland is freezing just now!

Congrats fryn on baby Alice

Hope everyone else is ok. Im off the the freezer to find the ice pack for this boob x

Oeisha Wed 01-Feb-12 19:37:45

Well, now I'm all kinds of confused. Guess who just latched and fed for 20mins...or I assume she fed. Can't really tell if she swallowed, but it seems like it. My boobs are perpetually leaking (my leg gets very obviously damp if I try and leave one out to air post-expressing) and her face was damp, and there wasn't a massive flood of milk when she de-latched...so I can only assume she fed properly. Had just got used to the idea of FF and the convenience this brings too...though I'm not chicken-counting at the moment. Now have no idea what to feel about it all. I want to BF, but if it's anything like as draining af expressing and EBF then I really don't know if I'll cope.

Stupid question, but will she self-regulate eating from boob? She def de-latched optionally and then didn't want it back post-burping, but is now snuffling about again, though isn't crying and isn't doing the usual routine for food. Had only just cleaned up a poo-nappy (though I do realise this is no guarantee it hasn't happened again)...so I don't think that's it.

sho <<hugs>> I've had a cold (thankfully fairly mild) since a couple of days before Snufflix was born, so you have my sympathies. It seems to be easing today. Just in time for DH to do his back in picking up Abi.

Contraception wise, I think I'll stick with cerazette. Whilst there's no way in hell I want another baby right now, I want my options open. My OBGYN Auntie recommended against the coil (though she prefers the Merina coil FYI) if you might want more - figuring, if it does fail, or goes wrong, then coils can go wrong dramatically IYSWIM, whereas drug therapy isx mostly reversible. I am sort of tempted by the implant, but on depo I had fairly bad hairloss, and just wasn't 100% happy with it. Will have to talk to my GP.

Oeisha - when you feel a fluttering kind of suck from DD then you know she's reached the hind hind milk at the end of the feed (the very fatty high calorie stuff she needs to grow) and if she de-latches after that then she should be OK.

As far as I can tell the only way to know if a BF baby is getting enough food is if they're doing lots of wet and dirty nappies and putting on weight.

And yes, she should self regulate eatong from boob. DS had a feeding frenzy a few nights ago and when we weighed him we found out he'd put on 5 oz in 3 days! He's been much more laid back since then, so he's obviously happy with the amount of milk he 'ordered'.

Contraception-I am going to be sterilised, dh is having the snip, i'm going on the pill and were using condoms forever more! smile

Seriously-he has said he will think about the snip-I also will consider sterilisation but as I have had a laparoscopy and 2 c sections I am not keen for more surgical procedures in that department. I think DH feels the same he has had to have several surgical procedures in his area in the past ad isn't keen to go there again but I do understand it's a hell of a lot more straight forward for fellas. I aso know a woman who at the grand age of 60 has a 17 yr old son at home because her sterilisation failed 11 years after having it done. She has 4 boys 3 in thier 30's 4 grand kids and one son at home doing A levels.

My lochia seems to have eased off a bit today after moaning about it not changing.

oiesha thats really good she may well get the hang of it after all xx

ooooh and congrats fryn xxxxx

Wormshuffler Wed 01-Feb-12 20:02:18

Abstinence is my method of contraception! No seriously though I think dh is ha ing the snip. I definitely wont have anymore as they said my uterus was in a horrific state when they did this third cs. There were so many eddisions that it took 40 minutes to deal with them before they could get meg out. It was scary swing them panic that my spinal would run out before they finished!
Dh says he wants the snip and no more kids but it is entirely his decision, I don't want to push him into it.

Anyone got a nighttime routine yet? We are bathing just after 8 and settling, however it 10 by the tune she settles.

Mum2be79 Wed 01-Feb-12 20:07:48

feeding Mainly a description of my experience this last month to give those who are struggling with BF an idea as to how I coped with it.

When William was born (scary c section due to placenta abruption and him in distress and needing help) he struggled to latch on. We persevered but 30 hours later he had low blood sugar (and showing signs of GBS) and was given formula (aptamil) via a cup from a midwife. His blood sugar still wasn't rising so off he popped to SCBU for two days (mainly because of GBS thing - which was negative!) to have formula and BF from me when I was on my feet - 48 hours later.

William continued to struggle to latch on and WWIII nearly broke out between MWs on postnatal ward and nurses caring for the SCBs on SCBU because the latter suggested nipple shields. For 6 days, William was breast-fed and everything was going okay. He was putting on weight.

By the time we got home a week later, William wanted to be on the breast from 5pm until midnight, sometimes later (at one point 3:45am). He would fall asleep and 10 minutes after being taken off (despite attempts to rouse him) he would scream to be back on. I calculated that he was being fed up to 14/15 hours a day some days! I was beside myself with physical and emotional tiredness. In desperation, we even tried to give him formula (at 3am!) but we were all distressed (including Dad) that it didn't happen.

2 weeks after his birth my mum came down for 2 weeks. She was an absolute God-send. The day she arrived, I was crying every hour. I was so, so tired and BF was obviously not working. He was gaining weight but in doing so, he was sending me down the path of PND! Mum suggested combination feeding. So I did. I got a breast pump (used one in hospital and encouraged!) and decided to express and give via bottle since mixing with formula.

Since then, I have never looked back. So much so that William is now exclusively bottle fed. We tried SMA but he seemed windy on that and have gone back to aptamil as he had it in hospital and he is so much better. I gave up the expressing. I was getting 50z in 30-40 mins but it meant that I couldn't leave the house for any length of time if I wanted to cos I needed to express.

Now I express only morning and night as advised to miss out a 'feed' to give up the milk to avoid mastitis. So far it is working as was doing it 4/5 times a day!

One MW told me that it was too early to express (at 2 weeks of age) despite it being encouraged in hospital, William liking it and at the time mixing bottle feeding (formula and breast milk) with actual breast feeding!

William was weighed yesterday. He was born 6lbs 6oz and at one month of age weighed 8lbs 9oz - exactly on the 9th percentile as he was at birth! So William is definitely not worse the wear for it!

Breast feeding is hard. If you want to do it then do it and get as much support as you want and need. If you don't want to do it, don't. it isn't for everyone. Remember - lots of children are formula fed and they turn out just fine.

Oeisha Wed 01-Feb-12 20:10:51

The snuffling lead to a catastrpohic booting allover the moses basket. sad 3rd time today she's vommited badly...hasn't done so like this since she was hacking up all the in-utero gunk. She doesn't seem too bothered now, but will mention it to MW.

Mum2be79 Wed 01-Feb-12 20:12:09


Just started mine today. I wanted to follow this feed schedule (some flexibility) as got a free book with a pregnancy magazine and liked the advice.
bath then 7pm
night feeds at 1am and 4am

However it turned out to be this:
6am (5oz)
10am 95oz)
2pm (4oz)
4:30pm (2oz)
bath then 6:30pm (5oz)
bed at 7pm and still there!!!

Usually he wakes between 10:30pm and midnight and again between 2am and 4am for feeds. Not too bothered yet about night time feeds being on schedule but wanting to get into the habit of a routine during the day and bath between 6pm and 7pm.

buzzgirly Wed 01-Feb-12 22:41:26

Congratulations fryn

We had health visitor yesterday and ds is up to 8 pounds 9, which is reassuring that bf is working, was getting so anxious. As I was taking off his nappy, and telling her that the cord was still attached - it pinged off!

I also did not have the ideal birth, ended up with my 2nd emcs - seems neither of my children cope well with labour and their heart rate dropped dramatically both times. I was really keen on vbac with ds, but it wasn't to be. Had been feeling really crap about this, and then met a woman my DH works with who said "so you didn't manage it again, are you too posh to push hahah?" I just walked off, have barely spoken to her before - was so annoyed, why do people feel the need to pass comment on everything!

DS seems to only want to sleep in people's arms at the moment! Very tiring. Once he's asleep he's fine, but it's getting hin to settle that is the problem.

oeisha that sounds promising that she went on, hope it gets easier.

My dd has a sickness bug, she has been vomiting for the last 3 hours! No sleep tonight for me!

ParsleyLion1 Wed 01-Feb-12 23:03:28

What a ridiculous thing for someone to say buzz.

Moobee Thu 02-Feb-12 07:15:49

Congratulations Fryn! thanks I'm goad your hone birth went well for you. smile

Buzz, I think I would have told that woman to fuck off, how rude.

Moobee Thu 02-Feb-12 07:16:25

Goad = glad, silly iPhone

Wormshuffler Thu 02-Feb-12 08:06:49

She would have got an eff off from me too buzz ....................silly cow.

Last night was our best night so far
8.30pm bath
9.00 feed then attempted bed
10.00 top up feed then bed
2.30!!!! feed
5.30 feed
7.00 get up

We have no daytime feeding schedule yet as feeding on demand.

Prior to last night we were feeding every 2 and a half hours. I woke up at hour as I had had my usual amount of sleep and could have easily got up and got on!

We had a good day out and about yesterday and I had my first public breastfeed at the toddler soft play. We then went to the sure start centre to the breastfeeding group and I signed up for baby massage and art groups waiting lists.
I can't beleive it is all free! I am lapping it up before the tories knock it on the head!

Congrats to all our new members x

ParsleyLion1 Thu 02-Feb-12 08:58:21

I had a routine going of sorts- currently in my world 2 days in a row seems to be routine.

7pm feed
8pm we all go to bed
11-1.30 am feeding and fussing with wind
1.30 - 4 sleep
4-5 feeding
8.30 am feed

Last night it all went wrong and we ended up with the fussing windy feed from 9pm-1am!

Thea seems to be having poo issues. The last few days she seems to have wet nappies all day but then when we get to the fussy mega feed at night she gets wind and needs a poo. We then have unsettled fussing until the poo arrives. The next couple of nappies will also have poo but then we dry up for the day again. Before this pattern we were having poo nearly every nappy. Is anybody else having these issues? I can't see me getting these night feeds to a reasonable timing if I can't find a way to help her with the wind/ poo issues. I've got my discharge appt tomorrow so can always ask the MWs then.

ParsleyLion1 Thu 02-Feb-12 09:01:03

Ps - she also has 4-5 boobs during the fussy feed.

Omg Buzz, I had an emcs and am v upset about it. If someone had said that to me I would have been in pieces and my dh would probably have been on the warpath on my behalf. What an insensitive bitch. Are you ok?

I'm not trying to get into any kind of routine with ds really, though to be fair with this fever i'm struggling just to keep my head above water, so as long as neither of us is crying I feel like we're doing ok really atm.

I find the kiss of death to any semblance of routine is to tell someone how well it's going! At present R is feeding a lot during the day but (shhh!) feeds about 10pm, then about 2am then about 5 am, and I can cope with that. Cue crap night...
Oops, can hear crying and boobs are tingling - must go!

miamama09 Thu 02-Feb-12 13:00:19

we are trying to stick to the routine of:


It's the same routine DD got into naturally as a baby, and works well for getting up for the day after the 7am feed and going to bed with the 11pm feed. Although, at the mo his best sleep is just after his 7am feed - where he goes down in his basket whilst still awake and falls straight asleep - why can't he do that during the night??!! so I am staying in bed to get an extra hour or 2 in the mornings...
Won't be able to much longer though, as once I'm driving I'll need to take DD to nursery, then her hours are reducing so she'll be at home with us, so will need to get up at 7am for the day with her.

Hope DS gets into a better settling routine at night time.

Here - is everyone giving their baby a bath every night?? I wasn't, but after reading above am thinking maybe I should be? Does it help with getting them settled for night time?

ParsleyLion1 Thu 02-Feb-12 14:17:01

I haven't bathed her yet. Been top and tailing in the morning but I'd like to get into a bath and bed routine.

buzz I cannot belive that woman said that-what a shit. I would have had to restrain myself from issuing slaps.

parsley I have bathing J every other night

Routine is something were yet to achieve but he's in a natural pattern roughly at the mo. She said...until today where he just cant get to sleep this afternoon for the want of a gripe in the tummy.

Moobee Thu 02-Feb-12 16:03:14

Poor baby is very fractious today. Managed to calm her with skin to skin and a blanket over us. Not sure what's wrong. sad

ParsleyLion1 Thu 02-Feb-12 16:06:51

The hospital said not to bath her for a couple of weeks. something about natural flora protecting the skin. I was going to check with the MW tomorrow before starting the routine.

mooobee J is exactly the same he's really really fussy and tired. He's been trying to have his afternoon nap since about 1pm but he keeps cat napping but waking within 20 mins crying.

SlightlyScrambled Thu 02-Feb-12 18:24:43

Mia we are just bathing once a week. The changing mat is beside the sink so we wash her bum under the tap for any poos.

When you say top and tail, what do you mean by "top"?

buzz what an ignorant cow that woman is. Explains why you don't talk to her usually.

Moobee I find growth spurt can cause extra fussiness. And there are tons of them in the first 3 months.

Baby is pooping like it's going out of fashion today. Had 4 dirty nappies in 1 hour today. And a few others to keep me occupied.

I'm not timing anything so it is a natural routine for us. She fusses, I change her nappy and then offer a boob. She feeds about every 2 hours during the night but I have her in a cosleeper cot so we fall back asleep whilst feeding. Working very well for us.

Are you all changing nappies during the night? I'm finding the no. 2s leak so am waking her up to change it once. But then she's awake for a while after.

MissRee Thu 02-Feb-12 19:50:09

Does anyone else sit and just laugh at the ridiculous faces their LO pulls??? Me and DP have been in hysterics at her poo face tonight grin

ParsleyLion1 Thu 02-Feb-12 19:57:24

Thea has an "any chance of a boob"? face - which makes me laugh.

"Top" just involves wet cotton wool and face, ears, hands, neck and armpits.

i'm sat here expressing-theres an image for you girls smile hehe.

Oeisha Thu 02-Feb-12 21:18:14

Abi had a brilliant night and morning. We took her in to DH's work, and then I braved town and the bus journey home alone.

All was going really well until her first FF and it's taken 5h to calm her down. Shes just had more formula and is ok. Think she just took too much before and gave herself indigestion.

My milk production already seems to be drying up. Down to about 100ml per express and am already on 4-5h expresses not 3h, mainly because I'm either asleep and won't wake myself/Abi up just for the sake of it, or she's yelling and frankly, if I'm going over to formula then there's no hurry IYSWIM.

All I can say is 26... Edinburgh PND Scale test. Crap. Will re-take tomorrow and see if it changes. If not, will def make an appointment with GP.

For those that are feeling traumatised by their births in any way, my MW told me they'd happily have a consultant or senior MW go through my full hospital notes for me, as I feel very PTSD about it all. Irrationally, but it still makes me want to cry just thinking about it and am having to really bite it back when people ask how it was.

It's also very comforting to know that for any subsequent pregnancies/births I'll be considered high-risk, because of the retained placetna...no idea why that's comforting, but it is.

OK, now she's yelling again. Please god don't let this be an allergy to formula...

Oeisha Thu 02-Feb-12 21:34:09

Oh sho I forgot to ask. How did your LO take to formula? Any tips? Today she seems to have fed too much, puked and raged and then puked a bit more. Not as much as is going down in the first place. Same with breastmilk ever since that first formula feed. Am using the medela slow-flow teats and Aptamil.

shonnomanom Fri 03-Feb-12 00:37:01

oiesha he took to ff very well. He is a messy eater but u think that's partially down to greed and a slight tongue tie. We're using Sma and avent bottles. Give her a day or two to get used to the change. If your still having concerns maybe change the formula. Abi might not like aptamil.
As for the Edinburgh test. Has your hv done this with you yet? try writing down your concerns/feelings. I find that helps a lot. X

Mum2be79 Fri 03-Feb-12 08:35:52

I put the kiss of death on our routine - well the night time one. Not too bad though.

The last 2 nights William has decided that it's 'wake' time after the 12:30am feed (last night) and the 3:30am feed (the night before). He would feed, get changed then 'fuss' for two hours. What I do is no different (lights low, no eye contact, no contact - just business and hopefully bed!). Daytimes are OK although he can be slightly fussy during the day. He's waking up not cos of hunger just because he's finished with his nap. Tried baby bouncer, playmat, his 'tiny' elephant toy, sitting up on me etc, etc.

The one good thing that is going well is the bathtime routine. Bath, feed and then bed. Perfect (so far). We did put him down at 7:15pm on Weds but due to his 2 hour 'wake' at 3:30am, we shifted it to 8:15pm but then he shifted his 'wake' to 12:30am for 2 hours. I left him to cry for ten minutes but his sobbing broke my heart so I went in and gave him his last 2oz of milk before exhaustion broke him. His 6am feed went really well though despite the explosion out of both legs of the nappy.

Do I need to give water alongside formula? I know BF babies don't but not sure about FF babies. He produces a wet nappy after every feed though.

Oiesha i just did that test-I got 7, I can't belive how robust i feel in comparison to last time when i was scoring very high. I have sent you a PM lovely-I have been where you are. Sounds like you are aware of everything you need to do to get yourself ahead of it xxx

Ok i'm worried about my boy a bit-I had to wake him at 2.00am for a feed and he hardly took any boob-just a fluttery nibble after having a full feed at 9pm and i woke him at 7am and he did the same and he's still sleeping now. He's farting loads and he produced a LOT of dirty nappies yesterday afternoon. I know how lucky i am to have a sleepy one in terms of me, but it doesn't feel right that he's preferring sleep to food. Mind you yesterday afternoon he was so fussy he was off an on the boob all afternoon. I am engorged to hell this morning-just expressed again for my own comfort. I'm wondering about called the HV, but he seems fine in terms of temperature and everything else-he's just a sleepyhead.

Hi all, haven't ventured into the thread for ages, congratulations to everyone with their new babies. Are there any ladies still lingering into February?

BabyGiraffe is 4 weeks and 2 days now, growing very quickly, his feet don't fit into 0-3 month sleepsuits shock he weighed 10lb last Friday so between 50 & 75th centile but he's just so long!

Our daytimes are fairly calm and he's feeding well (and very often smile) but night times are a whole other story ......... Zzzz

MissRee Fri 03-Feb-12 10:52:59

m2b I think water is recommended if they're constipated or if you think they're dehydrated. My MW recommended water rather than upping her feed in case she was thirsty rather than hungry. Didn't work tho!!!

5ish, maybe he was cluster feeding to up the supply and that's why he's calmed down now? It would explain his indigestion of yesterday too.

I am posting from my phone whilst baby cakes dozes on my boob. Everybody needs a bosom for a pillow! As for faces I love h his ' that was a nice feed' face, he has this blissful look with raised eyebrows and a milky grin. Melts my heart every time! I also love his feeding frenzy face complete with grunting - no wonder I call him truffle pig!

Anyone else seen ads for pregnant in heels? Think i'm going to have a good laugh at it and have it in my sky plus instead of obem which I can't watch any more.

Mine has a "lean, mean milking machine" face when she latches on, she has a little furrow at the top of her nose that deepens, and her eyes go all glary-stary, and it makes her look like an eagle attacking. Also know the "truffle pig" and "poo" faces grin. She definitely has a WTF face for when I'm talking to her as well hmm...

SlightlyScrambled Fri 03-Feb-12 18:30:37

I'm doing a lot of face gazing myself. I love when I spot a smile. And there have been a few times she laughs in her sleep.

The suspicious faces are hilarious. She's still a little cross-eyed looking.

She's really putting on the weight too. I don't know the weight but she's gotten a double chin now and big 'i ate all the cake' cheeks. She was very scrawny when she came out first.

ParsleyLion1 Fri 03-Feb-12 18:55:16

We had our discharge appt today. She has put on about 10 oz which I'm really pleased with. She's up to 6lb 13 so should nearly fit her clothes soon!

Happy with my scar healing too but said the earliest they will sign anybody off to drive is 4 weeks sad OH is back to work on Monday so I hope it warms up a bit so we can get out and about in the pram.

Oeisha Fri 03-Feb-12 19:47:26

Re: faces. I swear Abi smiles. Full on eye smiles, and the occasional rye-grin.

parsley good news ont he discharge. I'm finding the pram amazing awkward round shops. Too many of them put stupid bloody cardboard things in the way...

If you can't fit a pram, on the whole you can't fit a wheelchair...not good.

Anyway, if anyone else has any experience with PND then, I've posted on the AND/PND pages. I'm pretty much sure that it's PND I've got. This isn't normal and I'm petrified that I'm not going to be taken seriously. Have a drs appt tomorrow. Hopefully they'll help me put a plan of action in place.

Any ideas if there's meds they can give me that will dry up my milk? If Abi gets the hang of formula there's no way in hell I can keep expressing...it's so upsetting it's unreal.

Parsley - I got signed off to drive at 2.5 weeks... the mw did it...

I'm thinking about talking to someone about the birth. I just feel like I need to keep talking atm, esp to someone neutral. Guess I shouldn't have waited til the mw discharged me to come to that conclusion, huh?

ParsleyLion1 Fri 03-Feb-12 20:33:05

cakes my MW said that only the GP could do it. Must be different for different areas. I was pushing for it a bit as I knew you were signed off early and OH goes back to work on Monday so I thought it was worth a punt.

oeisha I'm sure they will take you seriously. MW, GPs and HVs all seem very sensitive to PND from my experience. I've been questioned repeatedly every time I've seen anybody and they have questions they need to answer on it in your discharge book.

I've noticed the same pram issues in shops too We went on a test drive to M&S when i went to get my nursing bra fitted and there were only some displays I could get through. It was a bit like a maze to find the only way through to the fitting room !

ParsleyLion1 Fri 03-Feb-12 20:35:18

cakes you should still be able to get access to the MW counsellor at the hospital I think. They offer to go through the birth if you need it.

Oeisha Fri 03-Feb-12 20:58:58

cakes If it's any help, the MW I saw on Thurs said I could make an appointment with either a senior MW or a consultant to talk through the birth - it kind depends on the birth mind you, in that if I find I'm having trauma associated with the spinal and the weird reaction, then it might well be best to have a consultant and possibly an anesthatist appointment...but they will kinda make that decision.
Also, you can have the review at any point in time. A friend of mine had hers after about 18mths, when they were considering having a 2nd child, but she was petrified of tearing again (3rd degree, very grey baby thanks to snapped cord).

oiesha aromatherapy can help dry up milk. Make a massage oil using peppermint, sage, lemon balm or oregano essential oils and massage your boobs with that.

drinking sage or mint tea too.

The old fashioned way was to take epsom salts.

i also think going on the pill can help.

Did you ring your insurance company? They're the ones who need the assurance and ours said gp or mw. Maybe gives yours a call?

So... The plunge has been taken, ' relations' have been resumed. Was a bit nerve wracking, more because of body confidence issues than anything else, but then I didn't get anywhere near a vaginal delivery... Dh was wonderful though, kept reassuring me I was sexy and he loved me etc. was a but disconcerting when the needy cat joined us in bed though and snuggled up to me mid-deed!

ParsleyLion1 Sat 04-Feb-12 09:29:24

The insurance company want a doctor's sign off - though I'm sure a MW would do. It's no big deal as long as the weather perks up. I'm only a mile from the town centre but at the top of a hill. As long as it's not icy I can walk to the town/ shops/ doctors in 15-20 mins and it's good exercise.

Mind you OH is fairly insistent we can't go out in minus temps anyway - LO has no chance of getting cold in the bundles I have to wrap her in... smile

Oeisha Sat 04-Feb-12 11:37:00

Crikey cakes! My DH isn't going near me for quite some time...simply because we're not in the same room most of the time, and I'm guessing my sexy episiotomy isn't all that healed yet.

As for the cat, bless! I feel so bad about 'abandoning' mine...

fish Thanks for those tips. Snufflix has taken to the formula ok the last 2 feeds, so hopefully she'll be fine.

Went to GP this morning. She wants me to just keep going. I'm sleeping ok and generally getting through the day ok (albeit with crying and feeling fucking terrible mentally), so we're going to see how it goes. Got an appointment in 2 weeks. Hopefully I will feel more stable by then, but I can feel a bastard migraine coming on now and this was exactly how I was with my previous bout of serious depression. Ah well, too much to do to be in bed with a migraine. Will see how it goes.

Wormshuffler Sat 04-Feb-12 14:03:33

Sorry you are feeling low oeisha, I have no advice I'm afraid. Just treat yourself to something nice every day. Could this be why I'm 12 and a half stone.........

Re the driving after cs...... I've been driving a week already. I thought the insurance thing was a myth? I'm 4 weeks post cs now and have no intention of stopping. I can do it fine.

shonnomanom Sat 04-Feb-12 14:56:00

Sex [confused[ what's that? Well done Mr & Mrs cakes! I really don't remember the last time we dtd. Definitely pre October when the pgp got worse.

Hugs to oiesha, just take each day one at a time x

oiesha Sounds like it could be a long 2 weeks for you. Please don't leave it if you're not improving but it may be that with awareness that you are depressed it may start to feel betteron your own. Don't underestimate sleep depravation for making you feel utterly rubbish too. Eat lots of feel good foods fish, fruit and veg and olive oil-adopt a mediterrean diet that helped me loads when I was down.

Well done cakes, i want to have sex too but doubt very much it's going to happen with the still flowing lochia. It's shit, I'm so fed up of it.

ParsleyLion1 Sat 04-Feb-12 15:16:58

The MW told me that the lochia will flow each time you feed as the uterus contracting will cause a bit more to come out. confused

parsley if only-it hasn't stopped sad

Well things weren't quite as finished lochia wise as I thought, but oh well! Was more concerned about the crepe belly

Mum2be79 Sat 04-Feb-12 16:22:13

Bedroom relations began for us too - 5 weeks post c section as I too got nowhere near a vaginal delivery. I suppose it's the one good thing about a c section - no alterations down below!

Thanks MissRee regarding the water advice. I know he isn't dehydrated going by the wet nappies but he strains a lot (goes beetroot in face and moans) so maybe he is slightly constipated. He does 1 poo a day (has been known to do 2) but they are mustard-yellow and loose. In fact, they leak out of his legs quite often.

On a matter not baby related, we have snow!!! (Just south of York!)

MissRee Sat 04-Feb-12 16:54:46

Freya strains and goes red but I just assume that because she isn't screaming as well, she's not constipated provided her poops are pretty wet!

Oeisha Sat 04-Feb-12 17:04:58

Abi does the "expelling evil" red face...curls up and everything. They're all very wet though. If she looks like she's really struggling, or I can feel the gurgles in her tummy (usually left side) she likes a tummy-rub (little clockwise rubs all over).

I remember the last DTD...about 30mins before my waters broke...shock. Not gonna forget that one...

Sex??! Not likely... Wouldn't want to go ruining all that nice stitching down there... Mind you, I am still only 16 days post-birth.

Quick question to BF people: do any of you use a dummy? Roo tends to get quite restless and sucky of an evening, but when I feed her more than about 3 times in succession she seems to get distressed,cry, thrash about and throw lotsof it back up undigested. So have bought a dummy and used it this evening but don't know whether to continue. Probably overthinking this - DD1 never had one and we were stuck with the thumb for 7 years, dD2 had one and we were shot of it by about 6 mths. But am interested in other people's opinions/experiences.

Oh, and does anyone else's back ache like crazy from carrying LO around?

ParsleyLion1 Sat 04-Feb-12 19:58:13

butterfly we have about one feed a day similar to that - the time of day varies, seems to be wind/poo related and usually involves a bout of hiccoughs half way through. I'm wondering about a dummy - in fact the new guidelines for SIDS seem to recommend a dummy after about a month and wean them off it later as they think it may help reduce the likelihood of cot death - not sure why though. I'll see if I can find the link to what I was reading.

Mum2be79 Sat 04-Feb-12 20:06:29

YES!!! Bloody back killing me! Never knew an 8lber would be so heavy (he was 6lbs 6oz at birth 5 weeks ago!)

And regarding dummy - I was told when BFing that a dummy not suitable before 4 weeks as they could get nipple confusion. I think William got 'dummy confusion' as he never took to it when BFing but when we switched to bottles, sometimes likes it - not when he wants to sleep though. He isn't a sucker (he was when BFing though - a reason to come off it cos he was on breast up to 8 hours in one go. Wouldn't settle when too him off!!!)

abeautifulbutterfly don't blame you regarding the sex thing. If I had had a normal delivery, I think DH would be out of bounds for a year!!!

Glad everyone else seems to have strainy babies with beetroot red faces but loose poos. Glad William is 'normal'.

Mum2be79 Sat 04-Feb-12 20:06:53

PS: Dh doing the feed and put to bed tonight whilst I have a bath! Yeah!!!

Baby cakes gets bad wind and only fucking a finger would soothe him, do against my principles we occasionally resort to a dummy because it eases his pain and how could I deny him that just because I hate the look of the things? He's never had nipple confusion, even with ff bottle feeding in hospital, guess he likes his grub too much, however it comes!

Argh! Sucking a finger, sucking!

Awful phone

MissRee Sat 04-Feb-12 20:53:02

I'm sorry cakes but that autocorrect made me laugh out loud!!!! Totally inappropriate I know...

ParsleyLion1 Sat 04-Feb-12 20:58:29
Oeisha Sat 04-Feb-12 21:28:20

LOL! Excellent autocorrect.

Interesting re: dumimes. Have been thinking about it as we're not 100% sure when missy just wants a suck and isn't hungry. Making up a bottle/using expressed is a ballache when she just spits it all out/chokes on it...DH finds this particularly frustrating. If we could whack in a dummy and give her a few minutes to continue to rage for food (whilst we panick, boil the kettle and pray she can last the 30mins cooling), or settle, then that might help. She's gone back to being an erratic eater today and is eating a lot!

Can anyone recommend a good brand?

Re: backache, yes. Lots of backache. Going to bed with a HWB and still have diclofenac from the hospital, so that's doing down nicely.

As I thought earlier, I have a slow burning (hopefully not fully refractory) migraine. Making eating rather awkward as I just want to throw everything up again.

Just to make you all even more sick, I'm down a stone on my pre-pg weight. Still have absolutely no appetite at all, so hopefully I'll manage to keep a bit of it off...(as I was 'overweight' pre-pg). At some point though I'm going to have to go and buy some bloody clothes. Bloody hate bloody clothes bloody shopping.

I was even braver than standing on the scales and had a look at my stitches too. Not bad, though still not great. Still wondering if I'll ever be back fully in command of my nether reigons again. I am beginning to feel the kegles though, so that must be a good sign. Just needing to wee a lot today! confused

shonnomanom Sat 04-Feb-12 21:56:08

FANTASTIC! I couldn't read your post outloud to dp for laughing cakes

oiesha we use avent dummies but the mam are good as well

I'm a strong believer that dummy us better than thumb. A friend has bad buck teeth as a result of thumb sucking.

Back ache here too x

Oh my god i am feckin exhausted-my boy has not been off the breast today. Talk about cluster feeding/growth spurt. He's certainly dialling up more milk, i do hope it comes in quickly. He had a 4oz bottle of expressed milk as well though and he took the bottle wihout too much issue-he's only ever had a boob or a cup feed before so i'm pleased.

In the end this evening I had to use the old harvey Karp technique to get him to settle on the end-but it worked at step 3. Swaddle shush sway

It brought back so many memories of dd at the same age! if youre not familiar I can highly recommend Baby bliss by Dr Harvey Karp he advocates the following:

Swaddling: Tight swaddling recreates the confinement of the womb.
Side/Stomach position: Holding the baby on the right side slightly face down.
Shushing: Karp uses a loud "ssh" sound similar to the loud white noise that is present in the womb.
Swinging (and jiggling): Gentle but constant jiggling (especially of the head) is intended to remind babies of the constant motion they experienced in the womb.
Sucking: Karp also recommends the use of pacifiers.

Pray for some decent rest and good milk production tonight!

I really want to have sex sad <cries>

MissRee Sat 04-Feb-12 23:10:58

We DTD last week, 2weeks after giving birth. Thankfully no pain but is defo kicked me up the bum to get birth control sorted!

Re:dummies, we have a couple of avent ones for Freya. We figured that you can take a dummy away but can't take thumbs away!!!

Good grief fish and missree DTD is the last thing on my mind atm, much to DHs disgust!! It must be nearly six months for us so I'm thinking a few more weeks won't make much difference! confused

We have Avent and MAM dummies, James prefers the MAM and is starting to resemble Maggie from the Simpsons... hmm

Wormshuffler Sun 05-Feb-12 08:49:30

I have tried 3 different shapes of dummy . Dd won't take any of them.
I sucked my thumb until I was 12 .......

Worm so did I but I have a clicky jaw now and I don't know if it's not related, sometimes it's a bloody PITA. DD1 sucked thumb till age 7 and managed to jack it in in 3 days after a lecture from the orthodontist, but with DD2, being strict about when we used it (i.e. only for those sucky times to help w sleep) we were rid very quickly.
Having said all that, Roo took it once last night, but then later when I was almost falling asleep with exhaustion and she was still fussing, she wasn't having any of it, so it might all be theory anyway...
Cakes superb autocorrect...
Oeisha you're getting every delight going, aren't you? Hope your migraine passes quickly.
Fish FX for more milk!

Nanny01 Sun 05-Feb-12 11:35:53

LOL only just found the thread where have I been for the last month think I lost my brain.

On another note does any one want a packet of huggies 1 size and a 12 pampers one size as my baby out grew these before we used them up.
COLIEF is another thing to try for a colicky baby- as sometime colic is related to lactose intolerance.

NUK dummies worked for ds one and our baby has the occasional feed from Nuk bottles as they have the orthodontic shape.

addictediam Sun 05-Feb-12 13:19:21

Has anyone heard from deb recently? I was reading a thread in relationships and she poped into my head. Really hope she's ok.

Oeisha Sun 05-Feb-12 14:03:36

Afternoon all!

Not feeling to grim today, and have even managed to not weep like a loon so far.

I'm beginning to think Snufflix has colic. She's having patches of being very upset and doing "expelling evil" face, curling up and looking super-distressed and then eventually a massive fart, though not with every bout. It comes in spells. She will be upset and I can feel it all gurgle for a bit, and then fine for a couple of minutes, then it starts again. Nappies are as usual, so I don't think it's consiptation. There is a hisroty of lactose intollerance in the family, so, well maybe I'll give colief a go.

As for thumb-sucking, I sucked my ring and middle finger as a baby (oddly, as does my niece, who looks so much like me as a baby) and child, think I stopped when I was about 8. I ended up with braces as a teen (full on neck-brace at night, with tracks, whole kit), partly due to this, but partly due to a natural overbite too. Perhaps another good reason to get the dummy in there early...it's probably easier to wean off something you can take away.

I was wondering about Deb too. If anyone is in touch, please send my love...

Thats really good oeisha

My little boy is wearing me down a bit today sad and yesterday. I have just given in and given him some formula-he took 1.5 oz straight off.

He basically has been crying constantly unless he's asleep or boob feeding. I reckon he's just on a big growth spurt and as yet i haven't kept up, my wound is sore and infected again and i am feeling a bit low-I will pump later to make up for this formula feed.

buzzgirly Sun 05-Feb-12 17:56:43

Hi everyone

I'm knackered! How is everyone else? After a few really settled nights, ds decided to turn night into day and was up for 2-3 hours per night! I have resorted to giving him a dummy to settle him down. My dd had a dummy from birth as she was in scbu and she managed to breast feed fine, so hoping ds will be the same.

Thanks for everyone for agreeing with me that the woman with her too posh to push comments was out of order - DH thinks Im being over sensitive.

I am still really weepy at times, I feel so anxious aboute everything. I heard a local shop was closing and I started bawling. is this normal? Ds is almost 3 weeks so not sure if I should be over this by now?

fish hope you are ok and can get some rest x did you have a cs?

Wormshuffler Sun 05-Feb-12 19:00:11

I am still very sensitive too, think its the tiredness as much as anything.
We had a worse night last night. Meg settled too quickly for the night as she was worn out. I always find she sleeps better if its taken longer to settle. Weird hey.

Welcome nanny.

I'm finding it so much harder to meanuver her onto the boob as she grows. Have dug out the v pillow again.

Oeisha Sun 05-Feb-12 20:01:33

<<hugs>> to fish

<<mega hugs and get well vibes>> to mz and Ame. FX.

Re: anxiety and PND def. mention how your feeling to HVs/GPs. Mainly because if you're like me, half of you think "it's not that bad" and you tend to ignore it/brush it off as 'normal' and then when you do have a 'crisis moment' you can't remember what the hell's happening. If you're wanting some reassurance, try the Edinburgh PND scale online test, and remember it's taken over how you've felt for a few days.

Oh gods, another bad screaming fit. She's fast out again now. Seeing HV tomorrow, will ask her. It's not nappy, not food (she's had 120ml in last hour) and she doesn't seem to be trying to squeeze anything out. Just yelling, red face and arched back. Tummy rubbing sort of helps, but difficult to tell. Then it just STOPS and she's fine. confused Could be aptamil...must keep a timing on it...

Oeisha Sun 05-Feb-12 20:03:20

god dammit... <<hugs>> to fish and others feeling low...

oeisha when she gets like that have u tried reducing stimulus-very low lighting and taking her somwhere quiet. Colic can be related to over stimulation as much as tummy pain in some cases. Lavender oil can help too-a couple of drops one each shoulder of her sleepsuit.

worth looking at the 5s technique I mentioned up thread too-it has helped Jago several times now.

Mum2be79 Sun 05-Feb-12 21:03:03

Johnsons Baby Bedtime Bath lotion has Lavender in it. So good William fell asleep before I got his bottle to him (he was screaming blue murder whilst I was warming it up. Picked him up and he fell fast asleep!)

May give lavender drops a go when the bathtime lotion is not available ...

Oeisha Sun 05-Feb-12 21:44:35

Thanks fish.

I've been popping tea tree and lavendar oil in the non-bio washes for her clothes...but might try some on the shoulders too.

Off to register Snufflix tomorrow so will get a variety of pacifiers then and see if they help.

Also, she's monstering back a shed load. Easily 200ml every 3h...if not more... confused. I hope she sleeps well...

ghosteditor Mon 06-Feb-12 08:10:47

Hi ladies, just keeping my place on the thread! With DH away - and delayed due to bad weather - I'm alone with the baby and don't have much spare capacity for MN sad. She's being great but I could do with a bit more help in the night; hope DH will get back today.

I've been doing ok emotionally but I cried some very angry tears when DH called to say his bastard work were sending him overseas when DD was only two weeks old...

Nanny01 Mon 06-Feb-12 08:22:47

Has any one heard how mummyzoe is doing with her little one as I heard baby was admitted to hospital?
Ghost- I had angry tears when dh told me he wasn't having the second week off and then preceded to launch back in to full work load and now have to pick up 5 children house cat with no help while dealing with dd1 and her being bullied and full hormonal tantrums and first periods arr now there will be 2 hormonal women in our house.

ON a good note pickle decided to sleep 6 hours which is a world record was wondering if it was the bottle of formula that dh gave him. Picle glugged 5 0z which he has never done before.

Baby cakes is coldy I think. We both had a shit night, but dh was a star when he got up at 5 am, put me back to bed and kept baby quiet till he left for work. So at least i've had some sleep.

Sigh. This whole thing would be hard as it is, but with all these illnesses adding ti the burden i'm starting to feel a bit picked on by the universe...

ParsleyLion1 Mon 06-Feb-12 09:31:42

<Hugs> cakes brew hopefully you'll have a better day.

Mz has posted on her fb that they are still in hospital and that Ame is being tube fed and not herself. They are waiting to see what the doctors say today

Morning ladies,

Ugh, first morning having to do the school run with a baby and it was a disaster. DH went off to work with my keys so i couldn't lock the house, Jago screamed all the way through the whole thing and I got stressed and angry and ended up screaming into a pillow just to let the stress out.

I'm so fed up as to why my boy cries all the time. I'm sure dd was never like this-right now i have him in the sling, he has a clean bottom, a full tummy (big bF and some formula) and hes still crying. I'm finding myself getting pretty stressed and angry. DD never sepy much but i don't remember her just crying-she used to sit in her chair or have a quiet cuddle. I'm sure it not an allergy or something because he would be sicky or not sleeping at night as well surely-at least the nights are ok at mo-he was awake 4 times last night but he resettles well and i'm sleeping ok in between feeds. I get good stretches of 3 or 4 hours at least once a night.

Oeisha Mon 06-Feb-12 11:00:21

Ah!fish <<hugs>> I feel your pain. Contrary little bastards.
Whilst Abi hasn't properly screamed all night and has slept well, too well, I have had to do 3 full changes (and 2 of me) thanks to copious sudden vommiting. Serves me right for waking her at 2am as she hadn't fed for 7h...
She's only had about 120ml so far since last evening...well, shes HAD about 300ml, but booted most of it allover me/her. She's still weeing, her fontanelle and eyes aren't sunken, but she hasn't pooed for nearly 24h.
Me, well, I'm having the oposite problem...and my head friggin kills.
Thought about sticking her in the bin for collection this morning. Sounds amusing until you realise I then have images flashing randomly of her yelling, staring at me, being crushed stuck in my mind sad

ParsleyLion1 Mon 06-Feb-12 12:15:44

oeisha I spoke to the MW on Friday about the pooing. I'd got myself a bit paranoid as Thea had gone from poo in nearly every nappy to only about once a day and that poo seemingly involving wind and discomfort. The MW said not to worry about the frequency - just the colour and consistency. Apparently some baies only go once every 3-4 days whereas others several times a day. She said only pooing once every 24hrs is perfectly normal.

Mum2be79 Mon 06-Feb-12 12:38:46

William had a number 2 just about every nappy change and then to just once a day. It concerned me although it concerned my mum even more. She seemed to think that pooping should be done at every nappy change til I read the birth to five book which said that some babies can suddenly go from being a several times a day to an every day to a every few day pooper!

His poop was mustard yellow on breast milk then went a bit odd on SMA to green! I promptly changed him onto Aptamil and now poop is back to looking like breast milk poop.

William slept from 8:15pm until 2:30am last night and then from 3am until 6am. There was projectile vomit and a huge explosion down below at 2:30am!!! I did wake at 11:15pm which is when he normally has his first 'night feed' but he didn't wake. Paranoid, I went to check on him and he was fine but I couldn't sleep until he woke for fear of something being wrong. I wonder if it will repeat tonight? Sort of pleasing if it does because that means he's going longer between feeds and giving mummy some shut eye!

Hope MummyZoe's baby is doing okay. I had no idea baby was in hospital.

I am right in thinking there is a FB page that everyone has signed up to? If so, how do I find it?

ParsleyLion1 Mon 06-Feb-12 12:52:24

Hi M2b - if you send a PM to cakes or fish they should be able to add you smile

miamama09 Mon 06-Feb-12 12:52:52

I am feeling the crying pains and sleepless nights along with some of you.

Bottle Feeders - any idea what this could be... he's been feeding fine form the bottle since we changed over to faster flow teats. Now - he will have 5oz in a feed. Downs 3oz straight away, then spits it out so we burp, change nappy etc. Then he's really looking for the rest of his feed - but when it's in his mouth he is spitting it out, thrashing around, crying, pushing with his legs to get away... but then when you take the bottle away from him he screams even more and starts looking for it!!

I am getting 2 hours sleep a night. literally every night. I feed him at 10.30pm, he doesn't settle til 12.30, then it takes me awhile to get to sleep, then he's awake again at 2/2.30amfor next feed. Then same thing until 4am ish, then awake again at 6ish. doing my head in. I don't know how I am going to look after him and DD once her nursery hours are slashed next week.

plus, I have tonsilitis, again, so off to doctor for anti biotics this afternoon, as it's making me even more knackered and cranky - which is not good for anyone!!

mum2 Pm me your FB name or email address and I should be able to to find you-I will then send you a freind request and then you can be added once you accept me xx

Baby cakes is even more hungry today. An seriously considering a formula top up a3 bedtime, or at the 1am fed just so I can get a stretch of sleep at some point...

Think i'll ring the bf advisor in my area and quiz her. I wouldn't want to make the mastitis worse...

Wormshuffler Mon 06-Feb-12 18:11:48

miamamma sounds like he wants to suck but not drink. Does he have a dummy? That could help.

I see we are on the topic of poo....... Megs has been slimey and different smelling for the last couple of days. I havnt eaten anything different . Would it be super neurotic if I took a filled nappy to the health visitor ? How often are you planning on getting your babies weighed? We had the 2 week and 3 week weigh ins at home then am supposed to go to the clinic. Hoe often though?

Oeisha Mon 06-Feb-12 18:24:46

cakes Looks like I might be joining you on anti-biotics. I feel fucking terrible... (fb group has details)

worm as often as you need to...sounds panickey, but honestly, as often as you need to.

mia HV said to us she's probably not hungry anymore (my LO was monstering back 120-200ml and then getting all upset and gutty), just thinks she is and is linking the sucking. Try a finger/pacifier. If she's still hungry she'll cry...

Worm - hv told me we don't ever have to go get weighed if we don't want to, it's optional and you can go as little or as often as you wish.

As for nappies, I know over or underfed babies can produce green stools, I don't know about along smelly ones...are you on anti biotics? I have heard of those affecting the baby through breast milk...

Wormshuffler Mon 06-Feb-12 20:18:19

I was on anti biotics but finished taking them a week ago.
She certainly feels heavier ! It is becoming harder to maneuver her onto the boob ! Can't imagine getting a 6 monther on there but I suppose they must help themselves a bit ?

Try a position where her weight is supported on your lap rather than your arm? I started ot taking baby cakes' entire weight on my arm, but my breast feeding counsellor helped me find a new one

Mum2be79 Mon 06-Feb-12 21:56:59


I'm not that strong and it was for that simple reasons why I couldn't BF anymore. I love my sleep, I NEED my sleep and going only 2 hours between feeds was literally sending me insane! When my mum arrived on 14th January, I was sobbing every hour and wanted to smack my FIL after his comment of "Well you volunteered for it"?!?! He seems to forget that his PRECIOUS son, my DH ALSO 'volunteered' for it too!!!

I'm no t having that problem with bottle feeding though. William usually takes 4 or 5 oz at each feed (5 feeds between 6am and 7pm and then 2 or 3 feeds between 7pm and 6am) but today he has only taken 3oz at each feed or less. We're using Tommee Tippee bottles slow flow teats. William also has the behaviour you described between hours of 4pm and 8pm. If nothing works we give him gripe water (only for 1 month olds +) and that works a treat. Having said that, by then he's exhausted.

buzzgirly Tue 07-Feb-12 13:49:36

Hi all

How's everyone? We are ok, tired and still a bit weepy. My DH works shifts and is back to work on Thursday, totally dreading it. Because the way his shifts work he has been off for ages. So now going to need to get family to pick dd up to take her to nursery in the mornings as I can't drive because of csection. Feel a bit useless.

Also ds only wants to feed from one breast - still expressing from other breast to keep up supply. Will I end up with lop sided boobs?

oeisha hope you're feeling better soon

worm I'm having that problem with, he's getting heavy to manoeuvre. I really want to try feeding lying down - have you tried this?

fish if I pm ou could you please add me to Facebook account?

Willsmum79 Tue 07-Feb-12 13:58:31

Thanks for adding me to the FB group.

I've also a new name now - kept a bit of the original one so I can be recognised though!

Is it normal for a baby to have an explosive poop everyday to the extent that it leaks from the legs of the nappy? I check his nappy every time a new one goes on to make sure there are no gaps. His poop is mustard yellow (on apatamil) and seems to have little yellow grains in it (sorry TMI!!) He poops once a day now (was 6pm, now 2:30am!!) But yesterday he pooped twice in the morning.

William seems unsettled for past 48 hours. Urine output fine, temp fine, sleep is screwed up - not sleeping at 'normal times' and often just cat-naps, feeds were 5oz now down to 2 or 3 oz each feed, has had two episodes of projectile vomit in 1 week, other times spits up, sometimes more than normal, hiccups after every other feed, even his breathing is slightly grunty/wheezy although doesn't seemed distressed by it.

I hate being a new mum cos I still can't work him out. Got to go, the monster is stirring from his short afternoon slumber. Normally he sleeps for 2 1/2 hours but only had an hour so far.

Oeisha Tue 07-Feb-12 14:21:43

Yes, explosive pooing is Abi's treat too, sometimes out the legs. And the mustard yellow and grains...also with aptamil...we were told that was all very normal.
Fluctuating feeds are fine too...worried us too. To the point we were overfeeding her and she was vommiting up what she didn't want (either dramatically out the mouth/nose or jsut slowly dribbling it out). We've foudn feeding her the 'guideline' amount, then sticking the dummy in for a couple of minutes helps. Sometimes she's just a bit over enthusiastic and wants to keep going, despite being full. The dummy seems to allow her the time to realise she's full, or, if she gets cross, then she really is hungry and wants more.

Still feel pretty terrible. Started up with vommiting too...we're hoping it was just a 'one off' but I still feel slightly queasy now. Hardly spent any time with Abi today so far. DH insists I should sleep, which will mean I can do the overnight bit at least, but I'm slowly going crazy. It's a sod, because I really wanted to start getting the hang of being with her all day as DH is back at work Fri. Ah well.

Wormshuffler Tue 07-Feb-12 15:09:25

willsmum meg also grunts. When she awakes from a nap and when struggling with poo. Also when feeding she sounds wheezy, in fact she sounds like a donkey !

Willsmum79 Tue 07-Feb-12 15:37:05

So William is 'normal' then? He does go through some VERY obvious light/deep sleep stages. Apparently light sleep is when they dream (?) and it is then that he is noisy - so noisy you would think he's awake. In fact he's just screamed (probably wind related) but experience has told me he does this in his sleep a lot. Will check on him though as he's in his nursery babysat by TOMY!

Wormshuffler Tue 07-Feb-12 16:08:51

Well as normal as meg! I just looked on you tube there are loads of videos of babies making the same noises. I'm going to film the noises she makes when feeding and take to show at the breastfeeding group to see if its any problem.

ghosteditor Tue 07-Feb-12 16:23:27

Wow ladies, you just answered the questions I was about to ask about DD! I was a bit confused about her breathing as she can be very noisy sometimes, and has spells of almost gasping breaths as well as abdominal breathing. She occasionally sounds a bit rattly in her lungs too. I'm asthmatic and have had bad spells of bronchitis too so I worry about lungs! Her temp, skin, eyes etc always all normal so it sounds like they're just learning how to breathe properly (which I think I've been told before, but worried anyway!)

DozyNosy Tue 07-Feb-12 20:11:34

Hello Mummies, I'm finally joining you from the other side, but posted on FB a few days ago.

Mini dozy (aka Alina) is 6 days old now. She's happy, healthy and wonderful (OK maybe less wonderful from 3:00 - 5:30 am). I'm still sore and achy with a touch of baby blues, spent most of day 3 crying and thinking I was a crap mum, but otherwise happy.

We had a great & short labour birth, it went much better than I had expected and planed for. I was expecting an induction, heavily medicated intervention at best and EMCS at worst. I laboured for just over 12 hours with 6 hours of established labour. Ali was born at 12:06pm on 02/02/12 weighing 6lb10. My consultant was trying to bully me in to having an epidural, for fear of me having a seizure (I have epilepsy, that is medically controlled and I know when I'm likely to have a seizure) but once I was finally in labour I was confident I could do it without an epidural. I managed to do it on G&A, with a little pethidine to help with the push. I'm so proud of myself for this, I honestly did't think I was capable, before I went in to labour. How ever I did need a episiotomy (still a very sore) and Ventouse assistance (thankfully Ali's cone head has gone now).

We then stayed on the hellish postnatal ward, until Friday night, we both found it really tough. I really don't feel up to telling you about the "care" we both revived on the ward, but I'm seriously considering making an official complaint. Looking back, there were so many issues not just with me but with other women on the ward, and the vast majority were down to under-staffing, and very poor organisation. Ali had been seen by a Paediatric Dr and was perfectly healthy, however I had not slept since Tuesday I was stressed and tiered. I was more at risk of having a seizure if I stayed there and knew I could recover better at home. I spent 36 hours being told a Dr would come and assess me, when he finally came at 11:30pm on Friday, I told him that if he wasn't going to discharge me now I would discharge my self. He eventually agreed that because of my epilepsy triggers I would be better off at home. I have told my community MW about the PN ward and she is extremely angry about the "care" I received but not at all surprised given the state of our local NHS trust. She has said that I would be absolutely right to raise a complaint.

Anyway on a lighter note, my MW has been for the 5 day check today. I explained that despite having a good latch I was concerned I was doing something wrong with Ali's feeding as she had been very sickie. She watched me feed and said that it was text book weighed Ali and she had lost just 5g, she then said that we both deserved a gold star grin. She reassured me that I was doing a good job, was not at all a crap mum and that the baby blues and will soon pass. So I'm sat here now watching my beautiful Mini Dozy napping in her bouncy chair with a full tum of mummy milk wishing she would sleep like this at the crack of dawn thinking how very lucky I am.

Sorry for the long essay I had a lot to cover and was having MN withdrawal. Also sorry for any spelling mistakes my brain is still a little addled.

supadupapupascupa Tue 07-Feb-12 20:16:04

yoohoo grin

i am crap when tired hence i've been away for a while..........

induction went well and was a much better experience than with DS (was emergency, this time was all calm and lovely).

having exactly the same feeding issues as last time - flat nipples = no latch. but expressing a super dairy and cup feeding until my extra large nipple shields arrive in the post. charlotte seems to have a good suck on her so hopeful that the shields will work. forgot how much hard work expressing was sad

lovely to catch up with you all grin


Oeisha Tue 07-Feb-12 21:02:07

dozy welcome to the dark side. Sorry your after care was so poor.

supa expressing and EBF/cup feeding really does suck - worst of both wrolds combined. Hopefully the shields will work for you.

Odd noises: Abi often sound like a hyena/chittering insect...odd...

Oeisha Tue 07-Feb-12 21:04:58

Oooh, can anyone tell me why it's fine for a baby to sleep in a moses basket, but not in a cot with bumpers?!

Willsmum79 Tue 07-Feb-12 21:18:16

Oeisha I've been wondering that! However I'm a very naughty girl because not only have I stopped BFing and kicked William out of our room because he is a very noisy sleeper but I've just started putting him in his own cot - complete with bumpers! Having said that, he is on a mattress that tilts and has bumper bars to prevent him rolling over accidentally and he is so very little that I cannot imagine him ever being big enough to go up to the top end with the bumpers. Even so, by then the little scamp will probably be well and truly over a year old!
Seriously, these stupid new rules are designed to scare parents, keep people in a job and to 'reinvent the wheel'. When i told people about how we're not allowed to prepare bottles and refrigerate, my friends (some of whom only had children in past 5 years!) choked on their cuppas! Needless to say, that's another rule I've broken because at night I prepare all three feeds and bung them in the fridge and when I am feeding William, I prepare the next bottle.
I've got my 6-week check next Tuesday (Valentines day!) and am gearing myself up for giving the answer FORMULA in response to the question "How are you feeding your baby?". I may just tell them other things I'm doing just to see them choke - including how William sometimes sleeps on his side!

MissRee Tue 07-Feb-12 21:26:38

Wills I asked my HV why every feed has to be made fresh when you're indoors but it's ok to pre-prepare bottles when you go out... needless to say, she couldn't answer and I felt it justified me pre-preparing all of Freya's bottles grin

Oeisha the coy bumpers thing confused me too! We have a fancypants Moses basket that has bumpers all round as its solid wicker rather than the usual flexible stuff (thanks to overly generous first-time grandparents grin) so would be the same as cot with bumpers! I shall be ignoring the anti-cot-bumper brigade I think.

I phoned the local contraception clinic today to try and get an appointment to get the implant but they can't see me until 5 march angry phoned GP to see if they do it at the surgery but I apparently need to have a counselling session first

MissRee Tue 07-Feb-12 21:28:02

Oops pressed send too soon...!

Yeah so I need to have counselling to get the implant confused I thought the NHS were trying to encourage people NIT to have more kids!!!! hmm

Oeisha Tue 07-Feb-12 21:53:17

Thinking of getting a thermos flask to help with the FF. That way all we're doing is cooling the bottle, not boiling, waiting for 1/2h and then cooling...good idea or madness?
Bro made up bottles of water (6-8 each day) and then added the formula as they went, rather than doing fresh ones every time. HV seemed horrified that this might be an idea... confused
We're also using the cartons as "emergency" feeds...which are more often than we'd like thanks to a lack of planning.
missree counselling for the IUD...mental. Though the more I think about it the less tempted I am by it, despite depo making my hair fall out, it might be the better option. Odd, as right now I don't really want the baby I have (terrible to say, but how I feel) let another one.
I really felt like I was making progress mentally until the mastitis, so hoping these feelings fade as I get better!

Oeisha Tue 07-Feb-12 21:57:00

Err, not IUD...implant...<<smacks head against keyboard>>

MissRee Tue 07-Feb-12 22:15:15

I wouldn't make bottles up with cooled boiled water - I always make them up to the 70degrees rule and then pop them straight in the fridge.

Implant defo seems the right option for me - I'm crap at remembering to take pills, hate hate hate condoms, can't be bothered with going to docs every 3 months for depo and coil not an option (imo) due to endometriosis, PCOS, severe adhesions and history of huge (4 inch diameter being the biggest) cysts! To be fair, for 10 years I was told I'd never fall pregnant naturally and it took 2.5 years to actually fall pregnant so maybe I don't need contraception at all... dangerous game to play tho wink

Oeisha Tue 07-Feb-12 22:19:07

How long are you storing the formula in the fridge?

MissRee Tue 07-Feb-12 22:20:08

No more than 12 hours. The "birth to five" book says 24 hours is safe tho.

Oeisha Tue 07-Feb-12 22:22:18

Ah, must have missed that! Thanks grin

ParsleyLion1 Wed 08-Feb-12 06:29:27

I fed my little girl from 6pm to midnight last night. She kept falling asleep and then waking up 10 mins later demanding more foodsad she then slept til 4 and has only just gone back to sleep at 6. She's not crying or distressed, just unsettled confused

We went out for a couple of walks in the pram yesterday. She slept maybe a wee bit more than usual (perhaps 30 mins) but otherwise had a normal routine.

Do you think this was cluster feeding or just a reaction to a minor change in routine?

dozy congrats and welcome over here. Birth sounded great, it's a shame the post natal ward is always the let down.

parsley sounds like a classic groeth spurt to me-she is dialling up more milk.

damn-J has started squeaking sorry no time to update more xxx

Wormshuffler Wed 08-Feb-12 08:28:45

Morning Girls
How is your DD today fish ?
parsley yes that does sound like clustering to me. A 4 hour sleeping spell sounds like heaven! I dont think ive had a 4 hour spell of sleep together in 6 months! Sorry you had to have her stuck to you for the entire night in order to acheive it though.
Thanks for the birth story dozy I love a good birth story! Your post natal care sounds as bad as mine...... I have been sitting on the feed back form for 4 weeks thinking that tiredness was clouding my fair judgement, but I still feel so pissed off about how short staffed the ward was. I didn't see adoctor at all and I had a CS! I will fill it out this weekend.

On the making up bottles talk, I FF both my older DC's and would make up the bottles in the morning and at tea time and store them in the fridge. I would always make them with hot water. My DC's never suffered any ill effects and are thriving 12 and 10 year olds. It makes me woner if they just say it in order to make FF look more of a hassle and encourage BF.

I wish this ice covered snow would eff off. I am desperate to get out doing some long walks. I am losing weight from everywhere except my legs and failed to get them into size 18 trousers the other day. I am usually a 14. How long after a CS can you start jogging again?

ParsleyLion1 Wed 08-Feb-12 09:04:06

Thanks worm & fish I was lucky on the 4 hour stint last night!

I think you are supposed to wait until after your 6 week GP check before starting any major exercise. I've actually started exercising already but it's very light stuff and mostly postural. My parents came and got me yesterday and we went for a walk for about an hour which was fine. I'