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November 07 - Now they are FOUR they want so much more!!

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RGPargy Thu 22-Dec-11 00:26:40

New thread ladies to celebrate our DCs turning 4!! (!!!) grin

RGPargy Thu 22-Dec-11 00:30:59

Forgot to say - i have loads of family coming round on Xmas eve! grin It's been about a year since i last saw my brother and sister and about 18 months since i've ever heard from my dad so it'll be nice to see them again! There'll be about 18 of us in my house altogether!! Eeek!! Looking forward to chucking some sausage rolls and pizzas in the oven for them tho! My sister and I were talking the other day about how crap Xmas was these days and that years ago they would have been filled with family get togethers etc so i thought why not get everyone together! grin

Let's hope it all goes well!! grin

Loopymumsy Thu 22-Dec-11 07:21:38

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Greedygirl Thu 22-Dec-11 16:23:04

Oooo it's like treading in new snow being on the new thread! Thanks RG. Sounds like you are going to have a houseful of fun! Eek!

Loopy - grin re the drugs! Hope you didn't feel I was belittling you, I don't think it is all circumstantial but that certainly won't have helped! The compulsory fun was rubbish and I have made up my mind not to be forced into going again next year - lots of people weren't there and they certainly weren't working so think I may quietly slip away for some last minute xmas shopping or just go home and put my feet up next year. I moan too much, that is my trouble - I just draw attention to myself!

Might not get the chance to come on much over the next week or so, so if I don't then Happy Christmas lovely mums and speak to you in the New Year! May all your DCs get everything they want and may you all get to chill out at some point hmm. Cheers everyone wine. xxx

Loopymumsy Thu 22-Dec-11 18:13:26

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

jetgirl Sat 24-Dec-11 14:11:08

Lost you all for a bit there, have caught up on the old thread now.

Loopy - sorry to hear you've been feeling so low. This time of year doesn't help and you work so hard with your 4 girls. Hopefully the pills, and getting over Christmas will help you feel more yourself soon. Sending lots of love and hugs. Xx.

RG - Sounds like DD is well and truly getting into the Christmas spirit! I saw your cakes on fb - they look yummy. Your Christmas plans sound lovely. It may well mean DD is worn out and ready for bed tonight instead of wide awake and refusing to sleep which I foresee here grin

Greedy - I don't do enforced fun very well. The impromptu nights out (which rarely happen when you have kids grin ) are always better.

I have been busy this week. I baked and decorated 165 cupcakes for my friends' wedding which was yesterday. The kids went to stay with the gps for a few days and it's been very quiet here. Lovely having them back now! The wedding was gorgeous and I felt so privileged to have played a small part in it. There was also a lot of free champagne and wine....

Loopymumsy Sat 24-Dec-11 14:24:17

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Loopymumsy Tue 27-Dec-11 09:28:43

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

RGPargy Tue 27-Dec-11 09:39:33

Stuffed and bloated but very pleasant!!

How about you? grin

Loopymumsy Tue 27-Dec-11 10:18:06

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

jetgirl Tue 27-Dec-11 20:44:02

Loopy - you made it and you will get through this - we are all holding hands. You got an ipad, I got......... a slanket. DH knows me so well! I am wearing it right now, looking like a giant marshmallow. TBH what's better than a blanket which means you can still drink wine an eat chocolate grin

Very relaxing here. Kids were up at 8am, chilled out stockings session, breakfast then present explosion followed by a ridiculous amount of food for 4 of us. Popped round to friends for drinks in the afternoon - my friend who suffered a miscarriage in January and is due to give birth on Thursday (though as her DD was 9 days late we are not counting on this one arriving on time!)
Went to my parents' house yesterday. dad was okay, though clearly getting tired and grumpy when he left at 5pm, which is not like him at all sad. He loved the jumper I gave him, so much so that he was up at 5 this morninng wearing it!

What were your most random pressies? DH's aunt gave me book containing fairy chants hmm I think she forgets I am a 33 year old woman. DD likes it though!

Loopymumsy Tue 27-Dec-11 21:45:27

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

jetgirl Tue 27-Dec-11 22:21:04

Watch out, or I'll send it to you Loopy! Glad you've had a better day smile

It was more the grumpy side of Dad that got to me, as he used to be (and still often is) relentlessly cheerful. William had a pump ball gun which my Mum had bought him for Christmas and was taking great delight in taking pot shots at me. Normally Dad would have helped him aim better grin, but instead grumbled about 'that's what you get if you give someone a toy gun'. It was very weird to see him like that.

Just watched Great Expectations - I love the book and read it at school so was looking forward to it. I enjoyed it, thought it very atmospheric, but Joe Gargery wasn't as I envisaged him, and Mrs Joe should be skinny and shrewish, imo, but the grown-up Pip was very beautiful and I am looking forward to the rest of the series.

Loopymumsy Wed 28-Dec-11 07:28:10

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Greedygirl Wed 28-Dec-11 07:46:05

Hi guys

had a lovely time here but DH has announced he wants to do something "different" next year! My mum and dad always come for xmas now and it is hard because I think he feels he is missing out on his family - we still see them but not on xmas day. I am a bit hmm because we are going to spend a week with all his family over New Year and most of his family live really near so we can see them any time, unlike my mum and dad, but I kind of see where he is coming from and my mum and dad are quite high maintenance in some respects. Opinionated. Of course I am completely different grin. DS was thoroughly spoilt and we ate far too much food.

Loopy - hope you enjoy your ipad date. We have Great Expectations on skyplus, my mum has announced that she doesn't want to watch it so I guess we will have to wait until she is gone then!

Jetgirl - Was your Dad just having a bad day? It is hard when parents are grumpy with the kids, i always feel torn between defending my DC and pleasing the "grown ups". Doubly hard when they are not usually like that. I think Adam would like the pop gun and no doubt cause my dad to say something similar!

DH is looking after Adam later on today so I can go for a girly lunch with my mum. Otherwise the usual post-xmas lull. I have so much work to do and a 3000 word essay but I am in denial!

Loopymumsy Wed 28-Dec-11 08:10:14

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

RGPargy Thu 29-Dec-11 08:47:21

Loopy your ideal Xmas sounds fab! I would love that too but for the past 3 years we have gone to the in-laws for a quiet Xmas and have stayed the night too coz they have a spare room and we dont, so they couldn't stay here. What's worse (wink) is that DP and both his parents are veggies so I've always had to wait til boxing day to get my turkey lol.

I had the family over in Xmas eve this year for drinks and a buffet so maybe I should suggest to DP that we have a big family Xmas day instead! Mowahahaha! Don't know where we'd eat tho - my table only seats 4!

No random presents this year but have ended up with THREE tins of heroes!! Also ended up with 3 bottles of wine but i'd never complain about that! grin

Loopymumsy Thu 29-Dec-11 09:29:14

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

jetgirl Sat 31-Dec-11 23:48:53

Happy new year all!

Quiet one here, DH and I are watching 'big bang theory' and drinking port!

Here's hoping for a happy and healthy 2012 xxx

Loopymumsy Sun 01-Jan-12 08:17:47

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

RGPargy Sun 01-Jan-12 13:18:15

Happy new year all! grin

Quite surreal isn't it Loopy!! shock Seems like only last week that i was posting about DD cluster feeding and DP having chicken pox, all within the first 3 weeks! hmm

jetgirl Mon 02-Jan-12 21:40:36

I still can't believe William will be off to school in a few months, he doesn't seem big enough to me! Now nervously waiting to hear if he's got into the school we want him to go to.

We had a walk in the New Forest today with some friends which was a nice way to finish off the holiday. Can't quite get my head around the fact I have to go back to work tomorrow. The 6am alarm is going to hurt!

jetgirl Mon 02-Jan-12 22:37:15

So excited! One of my closest friends has gone into labour this evening. Happy birth vibes her way please! grin

Loopymumsy Tue 03-Jan-12 09:17:19

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

jetgirl Tue 03-Jan-12 16:59:43

It did, baby born at 00:38 this morning! 4 hour labour, v envy grin

Loopymumsy Tue 03-Jan-12 18:55:37

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

RGPargy Tue 03-Jan-12 20:52:24

Woohoo!! two babywearers on The Fat Fighters!!! grin

RGPargy Tue 03-Jan-12 20:52:52

Congrats to your friend Jet!! grin

Loopymumsy Tue 03-Jan-12 20:59:48

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

jetgirl Tue 03-Jan-12 21:52:56

More exciting news! My friend asked me to be Godmother! I've had a quick cuddle already - he's gorgeous, 9lbs 8oz! Am so broody now, have to stop myself flushing my pills away wink
William wanted to know if the baby would be at nursery today, bless!

In other news, SIL is pregnant again, after losing her baby in June at 15 weeks. All is going well, at 15 weeks now, has had 2 scans and no probs identified thus far. smile

Strart of new term wasn't so bad after all.

RGPargy Tue 03-Jan-12 23:24:13

Loopy - quite possibly! HERE is the link to the series - not sure if it's on 4oD yet tho, but i'm sure it will be in a few hours. Not sure what carriers they were using but they were either SSCs or MTs for deffo!! grin

Jet - fingers crossed for SIL! Hope everything goes ok this time.

Getting broody myself here but keep reminding myself that i do actually like sleep filled nights these days and i am getting on a bit so best not to reproduce anymore. I'll be 44 in about 2 weeks!! shock

jetgirl Thu 05-Jan-12 18:36:23

I know what you mean about the sleep. My friend said her son was waking hourly last night! I'm not sure how I would cope with that with 2 other kids to deal with in the day too.

William actually drew a person yesterday. It was a stickman drawing and recognisably a person, whereas before they were cicles with about 11 limbs grin So proud!

Loopymumsy Fri 06-Jan-12 06:30:34

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Loopymumsy Sun 08-Jan-12 20:38:32

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

RGPargy Mon 09-Jan-12 12:19:25

Hello loopy how are you doing today?

Loopymumsy Mon 09-Jan-12 12:35:36

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

jetgirl Mon 09-Jan-12 17:07:05

Loopy sad, is there anything we can help with?

Loopymumsy Mon 09-Jan-12 18:49:07

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

jetgirl Mon 09-Jan-12 21:33:27

Well on Friday my demon was my 4 year old! He locked my phone to the extent that I could not get into it at all. After extensive research I discovered that the only way I could get it working again was to upgrade the system meaning I lost anything saved onto the phone, but the memory card was ok. I was not impressed, though it's like having a new phone now as everything is updated. I've lost some numbers which I must have saved onto the phone, but have others, all the apps are gone, which has its plus side as William is no longer interested in going near the phone!

I was in a foul mood when I finally got home after waiting to see the doctor for over an hour, as the chemists couldn't fill my prescription as there are manufacturing problems and had to wait until today for a new one. I took it all out on William and made him cry by threatening to throw away his favourite game before bursting into tears myself after DH told me off! Not my finest hour, I'll admit.

RGPargy Mon 09-Jan-12 22:48:00

Loopy, we are always here for you. Standard.

Jet - Ah poor you, i have days like that too and get so worked up!! I'm convinced the entire world is out to get me!! hmm

Loopymumsy Tue 10-Jan-12 16:48:35

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

RGPargy Thu 12-Jan-12 22:19:10

How are we all today? smile

Loopymumsy Fri 13-Jan-12 06:08:43

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Loopymumsy Mon 16-Jan-12 06:24:27

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

RGPargy Mon 16-Jan-12 21:05:19

Hi Loopy

Not bad thanx. Not very eventful but pleasant all the same. How are you?

Loopymumsy Mon 16-Jan-12 21:12:21

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Loopymumsy Tue 17-Jan-12 16:56:32

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

littleoldme Tue 17-Jan-12 21:45:22

Loopy - Everyone needs a helping hand sometimes. I have some understanding how crushingly frightening this is. Sounds like you are accessing support and doing everything you can. Loads of love x

Loopymumsy Wed 18-Jan-12 05:36:32

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Greedygirl Thu 19-Jan-12 16:16:48

Hi guys. Hope you are all well. January is always a bloody horrible month, I wish I could hibernate (on a warm beach!) and wake up in Spring. Having said that, had a lovely walk today and that perked me up a bit and hopefully knackered the LO out.

Loopy - glad you have a nice HV and GP and thank god you feel able to talk to people and let them know what is going on for you, even if they do not always get it completely. How are you today? Are friends coming round?

Jet - I have had a few days like that myself recently, shrieking like a banshee over a chocolate milkshake incident earlier! Tiredness is the thing with me, after a good night's sleep I feel like I can sort the world out but for some bizarre reason I keep going to bed later and later!

Not much to report here, handed in my first MEd essay this week and passed my exam so I am relieved that the first module is out of the way. Just realised that I don't think I have been on here since xmas. Had a lovely xmas but new year was shock - big family (inlaws) argument on new year's eve!! Made me very glad to get back to our little quiet house in our boring suburb! Looking at skiing hols for next new year - of we win the lottery.

jetgirl Thu 19-Jan-12 22:37:11

Hi all.

So busy here, work mainly, have another lesson obs next week as only got satisfactory despite having over half of the elements graded as outstanding, so really fed up with work at the moment. Would rather be at home, with William, doing the school run every day. I feel DD and I hardly see each other on my work days and I have to get her to do homework every evening, which is not until after 6pm on a work day by which time she is tired and grumpy and throws a strop if she makes a mistake. I really value our Friday afternoon tea and cake sessions which are just for us.

Loopy - sorry you're feeling so low. Can your HV or GP speak with DH to help him understand? I think men like to think of people a bit like cars - there must be something to fix, a clear-cut solution to every problem and it frustrates them when they can't work it out. We're here as long as you need us xx

Greedy - congrats on the exam pass!

LOM - sounds a bit like an Eastenders New Year. Hope it wasn't too awful.

RG - how were the muffins? They looked fab on facebook.

Greedygirl Fri 20-Jan-12 13:17:48

Unless i have missed something it was me and my out-laws scrapping Jetgirl - LOM is far too sophisticated for all that jazz! It was horrible but all done now. Clash of parenting styles! Apparently me and my SIL are "hands-on" parents and shouldn't judge my BIL who is "hands-off". I do judge him because hands off translates as do nowt and me and SIL were pissed off at being left to do everything! Uh-oh, I am having a flashback!

Sorry that your lesson ob was ridiculously graded, very disheartening. I really don't know if I want to be a teacher anymore, workload massive at the moment and I don't get paid very well, being an FE teacher.

Greedygirl Fri 20-Jan-12 13:18:40

P.S. Loopy? How are you? Same?

Loopymumsy Fri 20-Jan-12 16:38:04

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

jetgirl Sat 21-Jan-12 08:54:23

Greedy - am clearly losing the plot! I know what you mean about being a teacher. AT the moment I love teaching, but I don't like being a teacher with all the stuff it entails. SPent an hour analysing data last week, which told me what I already knew about the students. Got 7 classes of data to analyse next week and I know it will take me several hours. Off to work in a bit. This is so sad! I would have been on your side in that clash!

jetgirl Sat 21-Jan-12 22:09:16

And the award for worst parent of the day goes to me.

DD has had a wobbly front tooth for a couple of months which has refused to come out. This morning she was throwing a strop about going to gymnastics and wouldn't put her clothes on. As I got up to leave her room, she threw herself at me, her head caught me knee and out came the tooth!
That's right, I kneed my own daughter in the face, knocking out her tooth! shock Fortunately hmm, as it was so wobbly, there wasn't much blood.
She has forgiven me now, but we did have tears for a bit. Apparently the tooth fairy pays more if the tooth has come out in a violent way.

The rest of the day was better for all concerned, fortunately!

Loopymumsy Sun 22-Jan-12 07:24:06

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Greedygirl Sun 22-Jan-12 13:10:10

Think that was totally an accident Jetgirl but I can understand the guilt trip! Poor you and poor DD. Glad that the day got better. The whole getting dressed thing drives me a bit bonkers. I am very strict about Adam getting dressed before anything else happens if we need to be out but it is amazing how many different things a 4 yo can find to do rather than put on a pair of pants. Grrrrr.

Loopy - not sure I would like to be a TA either! Not so much stress in some respects but crapola wages. I would love to have a decent TA in my class though and I guess another teacher would make a great one.

HAd a lovely and unexpected treat of seeing an old friend from uni yesterday over a long and lazy brunch in Leeds. Back to park etc. today!

Loopymumsy Tue 24-Jan-12 20:15:14

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

RGPargy Tue 24-Jan-12 23:19:03

Hi everyone smile Have been very slack in posting lately - apologies.

Loopy - so glad you have got a good HV and GP. Thinking of you and hope that you can gradually get back to a brighter place. smile Surround yourself with good friends and good company smile

When DD and i have cuddles she keeps saying "I love you so much mummy i dont ever want you to die" sad I tell her that i'm not going anywhere and she says "but when you're really old you'll go up into the sky" and then gets all upset! sad I haven't told her anything about death - as far as she knew, our cat went to the live with the vet because she was poorly living at home (she was put to sleep). I think MIL has been talking about going up to the sky etc when you die in a casual way when DD asks where (old & dead) members of the family are. Erk! I know it's a natural progression of growing up but it's not very nice to hear her talking about death at 4 years old!! confused

jetgirl Wed 25-Jan-12 11:08:53

Loopy - we have the same sort of rules. If I let DD eat in her pjs she thinks it's a nice relaxed leisurely mealtime so I have timechecks to keep her on track. Dressed by 7:45, Eating breakfast by 8. Do hair while eating breakfast, brush teeth, out the door at 8:30. Funnily enought, this morning was not one of those mornings. DD was still in her underwear at 7:50 which stressed me out somewhat, but somehow we managed to get out of the house on time!

RG - I think it's natural for them to be talking about death, and strangely, they do it better than some adults! Both DD and William have attended funerals of great-grandparents and seem to understand what's going on. Not that they like the idea of death very much, but I was always raised with it not being a taboo subject, which helps I think. It's sad when they realise some day you're not going to be there though.

One of my tutor group suffered a bereavment last week - a younger cousin died, so it's hit her pretty hard. She was back in yesterday and one the year 11 boys was brilliant - went and spoke to her, checked she was ok, offered support. Such compassion from one so young was quite moving, and I was so proud of him.

I'm feeling really down about work at the moment. I had a lesson obs yesterday, my line manager gave me feedback saying how outstanding the planning was, how she and the member of SLT kept saying progress was good, I used outstanding techniques and I was all ready for her to grade it as good with outstanding features when she said it was satisfactory as I didn't get to the plenary. But what she and SLT had failed to note, was that they were seeing the first part of a double lesson and I gave them the plan for the full double - as she had told me to! So they hadn't realised that they had misread the lesson plan. I was so upset I was near tears. I told her to go back and look at it again in light of what I had pointed out to her, but I'm not holding out any hope. I ended up with a stinking migraine last night too sad

So, is it awful, that I'm frantically checking William for chickenpox as his best friend has developed it in the last couple of days, and they spend a lot of time together? I just don't want to go to work for a few days, I feel so deflated.

The other option is the baby option (though that's less immediate, obviously!) - DH saw my friend's baby yesterday and said 'I want one, can we have one?' So if we buy a bigger house in the next few months, it might be a reality!

Off to have fun with William now, and remind myself what makes me happy smile

Greedygirl Wed 25-Jan-12 14:54:28

Oh Jetgirl that is rubbish! Glad you told them to look at it again and fingers crossed for you. It is horrible when you are looking for valid reasons not to be in work. Adam was a bit hot and bothered the other day - only a cold but a real stinker - and I was thinking I might get a day off out it! But he was full of beans in the morning and a good thing too I suppose because they never buy in cover staff at our college so all the teachers are just expected to cover for each other and everyone is so stressed at the moment.

Hi RG. My DS has been asking when he is going to die sad! I just say when he is really, really, really old but he would prefer me to be more specific! Must be an age/stage thing.

Any light at the end of the tunnel Loopy?

Loopymumsy Wed 25-Jan-12 18:56:44

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Greedygirl Wed 25-Jan-12 19:41:26

Oh no Loopy! You are not wrecking lives! Would your DH really want a soft, fluffy bunny?! What use would they be with four feisty girls? None of us are perfect mums and I am sure it is extra shitty with your depression but you got better before and you will again and the girls are probably more resilient than you think (due to your fab parenting!). Are the eldest old enough to understand bits of what is going on? Is your HV being useful?

jetgirl Wed 25-Jan-12 22:51:52

Loopy - I agree with Greedy, there is no way you are wrecking lives. There are lots of people supporting you and with you as you go through this. Hopefully you still have my number - in the great destruction of my phone by William I'm afraid I lost yours, but please text me when you need to. DH has been asking after you too. An awful lot of people care very deeply for you.

I have to say I don't know much about depression, so I'll probably sound very naive here, but is there any way you can think of one good thing that has happened each day to help you through? It doesn't have to be anything you've done, or your girls or your DH has done, just something that makes you smile. I don't know, I'm probably talking out of my backside, tbh!

Loopymumsy Thu 26-Jan-12 05:51:21

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Greedygirl Thu 26-Jan-12 08:30:46

Nah I didn't think you were fishing for compliments - quite the opposite. It just gave me a fright to hear you talking like that but I know it is the depression and you should be able to say how you are feeling on here without prettifying it.

Loopymumsy Thu 26-Jan-12 10:11:07

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

jetgirl Thu 26-Jan-12 22:02:16

I think we need a cake emoticon, so we can share some cake here.
We would much rather hear from you about how you are feeling, than not hear from you at all and worry that you are feeling alone. And never apologise for any of it! It is not your fault.

Loopymumsy Fri 27-Jan-12 06:33:11

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Loopymumsy Sun 29-Jan-12 20:59:01

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

jetgirl Sun 29-Jan-12 22:48:11

OMG that cake sounds fabulous!

Hope you find a GP you can talk to, I'd recommend mine, but it's a bit of a trek! Sounds like a looooong night last night.

We have an estate agent coming tomorrow to give us an appraisal which is very exciting. We have also found out that DH's employers will lend us an amount which will enable us to buy the kind of house we want in the area we want, which is great, though I think the expense will knock the idea of number 3 on the head. The money we save on nursery fees when William starts school will go towards bigger mortgage payments!

Busy week ahead here - 2 parents' evenings, a lecture and a mock Ofsted inspection. Oh goody, more lesson observations hmm

littleoldme Mon 30-Jan-12 06:07:16

Hi all. Just a quick hello, I've been doing lots of lurking lately. Seems lots of us are going through it ATM in one way or another.

I had my operation on Fri, it was a bigger deal than originally advertised but I'm recovering and being well looked after.

Loads of love and CAKE !

Loopymumsy Mon 30-Jan-12 06:25:36

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Greedygirl Mon 30-Jan-12 15:33:31

hi all

LOM glad you are getting lots of support and cake. How are your LOs? My friend has just had some surgery and she is finding it hard not being able to do stuff with her LOs. But needs must. Wishing you a speedy recovery.

Loopy fingers crossed for you today. You sound a tiny-weeny little bit more upbeat. But bloody hell that sounded like a hellish night!

Jetgirl I always think I will look back on my 30s as a time when I just ran from place to place like a headless chicken and wonder how I managed to fit it all in! And I only have one DC! I can't wait for Ofsted to come and for it all to be over for you. It isn't as if teaching is an easy job at the best of times.

Well today I got to work nice and early (birthday weekend meant very little prep done!) only to be called by the nursery who suspected that Adam had chickenpox. He has molluscum (horrible warty things) on the back of his leg and a couple on his torso which they know about so I thought it must be something different. Not so. So i sorted out my lessons, went to pick him up, took him to doctors for second opinion - yep molluscum - back home, zilch achieved apart from extra time with Adam who is full of beans and clearly not unwell. Grrrrrrr! I know people get jumpy about the pox but if he did have it, he would have been infectious for weeks! On the up side I had a bloody lovely weekend, thoroughly spoilt and a night away with DH in a fancy swanky hotel with a bathroom as big as our living room.

Loopymumsy Mon 30-Jan-12 19:02:07

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

RGPargy Mon 30-Jan-12 21:46:24

Loopy - so glad you are getting the help that you need. You are always very welcome to come on here and rant away, or just babble away if you feel the need to talk about anything.

Jet - sorry to hear about the assessment. Must be so frustrating for you!!

LOM - Hello! Good to hear from you smile Glad you are recovering well and being looked after.

Greedy - Glad that William doesn't have the pox but what an utter pain for you!

I'm pleased that DD isn't the only kid talking about death and dying. Thankfully it's eased off a bit at the moment, which is a good thing as i'm going through a panicky stage about dying at the mo, although obviously DD knows nothing of it as i only feel panicky when i'm lying in bed and i'm over-tired. hmm Hopefully me being back on a healthy eating plan will sort out my head. It's amazing what a long term overdose of crap food can do to your state of mind and mood! hmm

jetgirl Mon 30-Jan-12 21:48:11

LOM - I was trying to figure out your fb status but didn't want to ask in such a public place - it all makes sense now. You know we're all here for cake and hand-holding when required.

Greedy - when DD got a rash we had to take her home from nursery and it turned out to be non-contagious, but chickenpox was doing the rounds at nursery at the time, and she did appear to be getting it, but it never developed as the erythema rash took over. According to the docs at the hospital it was her body's way of fighting the pox. I wonder if my children are destined never to get it. It is so annoying having to take them out of nursery though - having said that our nursery tend to wait, and are happy to take kids in with illnesses that some nurseries round here won't let you send them in with. Your weekend sounds lovely fun though!

Loopy - it sounds as though things might be going in the right direction for you, I hope this team are able to sort things out appropriately for you.
It's not the teaching that stressful - I still love that bit, nothing comes close to being in the classroom with great kids who achieve their potential or better, it's just all the other stuff that makes it so difficult.

Loopymumsy Tue 31-Jan-12 14:58:40

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

littleoldme Tue 31-Jan-12 16:12:09

Loopy - the waiting must be hard but I'm glad they are taking you seriously and getting the right teams involved.

Jet - I never thanked you for your kind offer of clothes for P. I dug around and found a few things which will bridge the gap so think we'll manage. But thanks so much anyway. I think we completely missed 18 -24 with T.

RG- T asking lots of death questions too including: "How will I get kisses and cuddles when I'm deaded."sad

Recovering well from the op. I even managed to walk T round to his friend's house today. Think my days lazing in bed with I player and my kindle are seriously numbered.

My Sis is about to have her last chemo and my other Sis is having the same op as me in a few weeks so hopefully that will be it for us !

Greedygirl Tue 31-Jan-12 21:14:55

Hi Loopy - who/what are they referring you on to? Who is supporting you in the meantime? It is horrible that you have to wait so long but I am so glad that you have got the right people involved.

LOM - glad you are on the mend, must be nice to be up and about. Fingers crossed for your sisters' treatment too.

Loopymumsy Tue 31-Jan-12 21:36:22

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Greedygirl Tue 31-Jan-12 21:56:17

I do think that, if they have identified you as having acute depression, they should be trying to see you sooner! But hold on in there Loopy, hoping they chuck a ladder down soon.

RGPargy Tue 31-Jan-12 22:43:45

Hi LOM. Glad you are recovering well. smile

Loopy - I'm sending you a virtual ladder to grab hold of whenever you are ready. Big hugs. x

Loopymumsy Wed 01-Feb-12 06:21:29

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Loopymumsy Wed 01-Feb-12 14:44:33

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Greedygirl Wed 01-Feb-12 20:23:25

Great news Loopy. Fingers crossed they will be able to help.

Well my DH is in bad books tonight having decided to "fix" the sluggish drainage in the bath and flooding the living room via the light fitting in the process. Honestly. I have been tutting lots!

Been to soft play with a really good friend and her cutie pie DS today but, as much as it pains me to say it, I don't think my DS and her DS are getting on v.well anymore. Kids are not good at hiding their feelings either! Awkward.

Loopymumsy Wed 01-Feb-12 21:35:40

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Greedygirl Thu 02-Feb-12 21:19:08

But how annoying that he cannot just be friends with my friend's kids! He ought to be more considerate grin. The great flood has abated and DH has been forgiven but only because he immediately said sorry and didn't try to blame it on me (his usual tactic).

Loopymumsy Fri 03-Feb-12 16:13:51

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Greedygirl Fri 03-Feb-12 19:44:40

Oh Loopy - what a tough decision to make sad! But perhaps some space to have some uninterrupted sleep will give you a fighting chance?

Loopymumsy Sat 04-Feb-12 07:49:53

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Greedygirl Sat 04-Feb-12 08:00:39

Loopy - from the outside looking in, perhaps he is just very worried and doesn't know what to do. It must be incredibly hurtful to think that he has betrayed a confidence but people panic in these situations and do things they wouldn't usually. But obviously I don't know the ins and outs of everything. We are always here if you need to vent. xx

Loopymumsy Sat 04-Feb-12 12:28:48

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

littleoldme Sat 04-Feb-12 15:33:01

Loopy - What a difficult time for you all, it must be so tough. No advice , other than to second Greedy's comments. Love and hugs from me x keep us posted, we are all thinking of you.

Loopymumsy Sat 04-Feb-12 15:46:45

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

RGPargy Sat 04-Feb-12 22:27:26

Thinking of you Loopy. We are all here for you. Big hugs to you xxxxx

Loopymumsy Sun 05-Feb-12 07:49:42

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Loopymumsy Sun 05-Feb-12 07:51:48

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

littleoldme Sun 05-Feb-12 16:25:21

Certainly don't worry about me. I'm fine and plan to remain so - hence the op ! I've had a lovely week in bed being fussed over and cooked for. We're all here to hold your hand as you would be ( and have been ! ) if was one of us. Let yourself be looked after lady !

On a slightly different note, trying to work out how our household has got through 10 litres of milk this week. that is rather a lot nest pas ?

Loopymumsy Sun 05-Feb-12 18:58:50

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

littleoldme Sun 05-Feb-12 19:47:14

I think it is mostly because P is cutting 2 teeth and not eating much but quaffing lots of milk. We've also been having lots of porridge and have had macaroni cheese twice. If it carries on though will have to give serious consideration to buying our own cow.

jetgirl Sun 05-Feb-12 22:58:13

Loopy - I haven't been on for a couple of days and set you that utterly inane text yesterday evening, sorry, it must have seemed insensitive. You need somewhere to vent, and people to vent to, and that's what we're all here for. Do not feel bad about that.

LOM- we get through 8 to 10 litres most weeks. Both the kids drink milk or water, they don't like squash, and both DH and I are prone to the odd glass of milk. Add to that William's cereal addition - usually 2 bowls for breakfast, hot chocolates in the cold weather and macaroni cheese or lasagne and it adds up very easily.

Loopymumsy Mon 06-Feb-12 05:27:49

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Greedygirl Mon 06-Feb-12 07:52:00

Glad you had a little bit of a better night Loopy. I have heard that sleeping tablets can make you feel groggy and generally out of sorts. Did you not bother with them last night then?

I have got the most awful tummy bug so off work today. Poor DS, me and DH were not much fun for him yesterday but I did manage to haul myself around the garden and make a snowman at least. Glad he is at nursery today.

That is a lot of milk LOM but we are a low-litre house. Adam will never drink milk unless it is on his cereal (although he will drink it at nursery with a biscuit hmm). Glad you are on the mend and feeling positive. How did your sister's op go or is it this week? Losing track.

Loopymumsy Mon 06-Feb-12 20:18:30

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Loopymumsy Tue 07-Feb-12 13:30:17

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

RGPargy Tue 07-Feb-12 21:06:43

Loopy - how frustrating re crisis team. Surely their name should indicate to THEM that people will call them when they are in crisis, not just for a quick chat with a cup of tea?!! angry

Nothing to report here really. DD loving the snow, I am not lol. Bloody stuff messes up all my plans!! hmm

Loopymumsy Tue 07-Feb-12 21:57:30

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Greedygirl Wed 08-Feb-12 15:28:44

Snowy here but not ridiculous. Enought for a snowball fight and a bit of snowman making. Melting slowly.

How goes today Loopy? Crisis team indeed hmm. I really think that some healthcare professionals become desensitized to people's suffering!

jetgirl Wed 08-Feb-12 16:53:26

Seems like crisis team is a bit of a misnomer there. How frustrating for you Loopy.

No snow here. no sign of any either. But we do have chickenpox! William has over 50 spots at last count, and we're meant to be flying up to Manchester on Saturday to visit relatives for a couple of days, so ironically perhaps, that trip is all up in the air now!

We have also taken the massive step of puting the house on the market, which is a bit scary, but also exciting. We have viewed a couple too so we can get an idea of what we are getting for our money.

littleoldme Wed 08-Feb-12 23:02:19

Loopy - Sounds like they should should change their name to the 'If you wouldn't mind awfully could you possibly give us a hand when you've got a sec ' Team how upsetting for you.

Jet - selling up hey, exciting times. Check out Property Bee if you haven't already. It works with Rightmove and is genius.

One of the parents at nursery made multi coloured heart shaped crayons for every child for valentines day. A lovely thought and a fabulous idea.

Loopymumsy Thu 09-Feb-12 06:08:56

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

jetgirl Thu 09-Feb-12 13:05:14

Loopy, how's it going today?

Well, GP said fly, but I just couldn't bear to think of him passing chickenpox to someone immuno-suppressed or pregnant, so he's not. DH is going to stay here with the kids, (DD might have had chickenpox, but we're erring on the side of caution) and I'm going alone.

Last night was looooooong. William just couldn't get comfy because of the spots, there's lots on his back and sides. He also has a lot around his mouth which is uncomfortable for him. I'm off work today and DH working from home tomorrow. He's quite cheery in himself, good appetite, no temperature, so it's not too awful, thank goodness.

As I type the for sale board has gone up outside the house!

jetgirl Thu 09-Feb-12 13:05:42

Thanks for the tip LOM, will check it out!

Loopymumsy Sun 12-Feb-12 08:23:34

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

RGPargy Sun 12-Feb-12 21:48:46

Sounds very positive Loopy!! I'm really pleased that things are hopefully starting to feel a little brighter for you. grin

Greedygirl Sun 12-Feb-12 22:22:12

grin xx

Loopymumsy Mon 13-Feb-12 19:17:40

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Greedygirl Mon 13-Feb-12 22:04:29

That's good news Loopy, so pleased for you!

littleoldme Mon 13-Feb-12 23:33:52

So pleased for you Loopy. Great to hear positive news. X

Loopymumsy Tue 14-Feb-12 06:34:13

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Greedygirl Tue 14-Feb-12 17:35:57

Our half term is next week weirdly. And I haven't got anything planned, really need to as I go a bit spare now if just stuck in.

Am a bit hmm with Adam's nursery a the moment as the staff keep feeding back that he is not listening. I am annoyed with him but I also feel defensive as he is so easy to distract and redirect so part of me just thinks (a) show me a 4 yo little boy who listens all the time and (b) be a bit more interesting then and he might listen! Which is such a PFB mum thing to say I know! He maybe just needs a break.

littleoldme Tue 14-Feb-12 21:38:29

Greedy - You are not being PFB at all. They should be 'working in partnership' with you as clearly stated in the Early Years Stat requirements. Are they giving you specific examples and discussing strategies with you ? That's what they should be doing if they think it's an issue that keeps recurring. Whoops Dh home with beer. I'm off.

littleoldme Wed 15-Feb-12 07:47:28

Watched One Born Every Min last night. I usually avoid but one of my friends was working in the delivery room for the shoulder dystocia case and thought it would be interesting to see her. Felt wrung out afterwards. That poor family.

Greedy - sorry for not being very eloquent last night. What I mean is that they should either sit down and have a proper chat with you about it or keep quiet. Them just moaning that he's not listening isn't going to help.

Hope you get some stuff sorted for next week. I'm working 4 days otherwise I'd call over.

Loopy Glad things are moving forward for you. One day all of this will be something that happened a long time ago x

Greedygirl Wed 15-Feb-12 12:40:35

Oh my friend told me about that episode of One Born, she said it was the worst thing she had ever seen happen on the programme. Sounded traumatic. I don't watch it because it just makes me jealous! I have been watching Protecting Our Children though which has made me feel wrung out and v.glad not to be a social worker (but glad that some people are!)

Re the nursery, well I guess they are trying to work in partnership by telling me what is going on but I kind of feel that, unless he has been seriously misbehaved (which they don't give the impression is the case, just unusual for him), then they can deal with it at the time and move on. I feel that some kind of response is then required from me but if he has already been "punished" (not sure how effective time out is for not listening which is what they seem to be doing hmm) then should I then be going over it all again and coming up with another consequence? I know he needs to listen and I know that they are preparing him for school etc. but is it really such a big deal?! If it happens after half-term I am going to quiz them a bit more about the strategies they are using. Thanks for listening!

Seen a full-time job starting this Sep in a local school this week and was sorely tempted because of finances but really want to be able to do the school run so have decided to stay put for the time being.

Greedygirl Wed 15-Feb-12 12:43:54

P.s. don't worry re half-term meet up, when I realised we had different half terms i assumed you would be busy. Are you feeling fully recovered then?

jetgirl Wed 15-Feb-12 15:32:18

Loopy - I am so pleased things are starting to feel more positive for you. And great that the crisis team have discharged you. Hope you're having a restful week.

Greedy - it doesn't sound to me as you're being PFB. Do your nursery know anything about 'Every child a talker'. it's something ours have been running for over a year now. I learnt some really interesting stuff on one of the information evenings including the fact that it takes 7 seconds for a child to process information they are hearing. Certainly made me reassess how I speak to both of mine, and I still bear it in mind with the older ones I teach too! He's a 4 year old boy - so different from a 4 year old girl, and I bet they're comparing him to girls too. Ask to see his file with all their planned and unplanned observations in, always interesting to see what they've picked up in those.

I am having a nice half term. I went to Liverpool without DH and the kids. Wonderful to see all the family up there, be spoilt rotten by my aunt and uncle, and do a bit of shopping. Came back to a largely spot free William, though he has now developed a horrible cough, particularly at night which had him in tears last night sad. Had a meeting with a mortgage broker today which went well. Hopefully we'll find a house we actually want to buy at some point. Our house is properly on the market now. We've repainted a few rooms to freshen it up and are now beginning the masssive task of decluttering and keeping it tidy for viewings.

Can you believe it is exactly a year since my dad went into hospital? He's home this weekend for a visit and we're having him and my mum round for a family Sunday lunch which will be lovely.

Greedygirl Wed 15-Feb-12 18:34:38

Ah, thanks Jetgirl, I will look at that, all good info to have in his Lordship's defence! I just feel they need to be a bit more creative and fun with how they engage him, he has not been particularly challenging at home, but maybe I would be (blush) (shock) if I were a fly on the wall! If the emoticons don't work out it is because I am playing on DH's iPad and not sure how to work it properly.

How does your mum cope Jetgirl? Can't believe it has been a year. Your weekend away sounds lovely. How did William start with the pox? Adam a temp and a dry cough today and there has been chickenpox at nursery so just wondering if he has planned to be sick over half term!

Loopymumsy Thu 16-Feb-12 21:23:31

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

RGPargy Thu 16-Feb-12 22:50:30

Loopy - a trade deffo doesn't count!! grin

PS - still got that Bamberoo waiting for you...... wink

jetgirl Thu 16-Feb-12 23:03:41

William's pox started with a streaming nose but that was it. He has now developed a horrible cough at night though, which I think is the tailend of the pox. We got off very lightly - no grumpiness, temperature or itching. When I phoned work to take the day off to stay home with him I had to send him out of the room as he was running around screaming and giggling with DD not sounding ill at all! They have a nack of timing these things to hit holiday plans. Still waiting to see if DD develops it, but absolutely no signs at all.

How does my mum cope? I honestly don't know! She is amazing. Having my sister at home helps, as does her job weirdly - she is a sister level nurse in radiology which is high stress and she has to be so focussed there that it enables her not to think about all the other stuff. We all have our ups and downs, and as long as one of us is up when the others are down we get through and support one another.

I like the sound of the retail therapy stage, Loopy grin

Greedygirl Fri 17-Feb-12 13:09:22

No sign of the pox and Adam is back to usual noisy boy self! Keep checking him for spots. Am annoyed with MIL this morning who cooed that "hasn't he lost weight?" when in fact he was perfect as he was and has just grown 2 cm since xmas so probably looks slimmer but I didn't realise we were monitoring his weight hmm.

Jetgirl - ikwym about your mum's job, sometimes a job that doesn't give you much time to think can be useful to keep you occupied although she still must be a strong character as some people would find the stress of the job on top of personal stuff too much.

Loopy - I am all for retail therapy but 6 wraps grin!!!

Loopymumsy Sat 18-Feb-12 06:22:43

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Greedygirl Sat 18-Feb-12 07:47:32

That made me laugh Loopy cos after our horrendous New Year I was determined that we were going skiiing too! I spent hours looking at all the lovely websights and sussing it out. But blimey isn't it expensive?! But having said that, I also looked into renting a cottage for a week in the UK and you weren't getting much change out of a grand at that time of year so you may as well go the whole hog and spend a few extra grand!! Great idea to have the full child care option and get some proper R & R. Something to look forward to and it will be here before we all know it. Can't afford skiing this year but bloody determined not to have a repeat of last year's family hell so may have to look at the cottage option again. Somewhere far enough to put off the inlaws from travelling to see us! Which resort have you decided on? I am storing away skiing related info for another time (next year hopefully).

Loopymumsy Sat 18-Feb-12 15:49:23

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

RGPargy Sat 18-Feb-12 21:52:50

Loopy - that skiing holiday looks gorgeous! Skiing is something that doesn't really appeal to me but i have always wanted to try it - it might change my opinion! grin It's great that you can get some R&R. A holiday is meant to be a holiday for everyone and not just a holiday for everyone else except you!

Loopymumsy Sat 18-Feb-12 22:18:56

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

RGPargy Sat 18-Feb-12 22:39:20

Oooo Loopy, that is GORGEOUS!!! I dont blame you for wanting to trade!! Hope you get it! grin

Loopymumsy Sun 19-Feb-12 09:06:19

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

jetgirl Mon 20-Feb-12 11:46:16


Nursery is closed - collapsed ceiling.
Ofsted are coming on Weds and Thurs - only one of my working days, but still - nursery might still be closed!

Will catch up when I've calmed down!

Greedygirl Mon 20-Feb-12 16:04:34

Oh no Jetgirl! Hope you have some childcare options? Lovely friends?!

Greedygirl Mon 20-Feb-12 16:05:37

P.S. Loopy - of course I wanted a nosey! It looks really lovely.

jetgirl Mon 20-Feb-12 19:45:17

Nursery will be open, though they will be a room down but lovely nursery manager says she will take William due to Ofsted. I really do have the best nursery ever - though maybe not in the best building!

Must go and plan. I'll return when it's over by which time I will have nosied your holiday destination Loopy, and hopefully got a buyer for our house - 2 viewings this week - hooray!

House ishere if you want a nosey.

Really going to plan now. At least DH is left with the last minute cleaning grin

Loopymumsy Mon 20-Feb-12 20:40:19

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

RGPargy Tue 21-Feb-12 22:48:53

Loopy - gorgeous stash want list! grin

Jet - your house looks lovely! I love the kitchen and the bathroom is huuuuuuge!! envy wink Good luck with the sale!

Loopymumsy Wed 22-Feb-12 06:38:16

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Greedygirl Wed 22-Feb-12 09:37:37

Lovely house Jetgirl, fingers crossed for you that you sell soon. It is all happening chez Jetgirl! Ofsted will be over by this time next week and then you can relax (relatively speaking) for the rest of the year! We have just had a quality review day from Edexcel and that was all fine, just have a sample to prepare and send to EV now!

We are having a lovely half term. This morning I am just letting Adam chill out and play at home because we are going to the theatre this afternoon. We had a lovely day near the seaside yesterday with friends but we have been packing loads of stuff in and all the usual shopping etc. and I felt a bit sorry for him being dragged about all over the place when he is such a homebody! He has finally learnt (with some bribery encouragement) to take himself to the loo at night and tuck himself back in and we don't get a wake up call until around 6.30 so I am chuffed with him but no doubt this will end with the light mornings start peeking through the curtains. Going to teach him to tell the time next!

How are you doing Loopy? What comes after the retail therapy stage? Or shock are you still buying more wraps?!

jetgirl Wed 22-Feb-12 09:40:20

Oh shit. DD has chickenpox now sad she is covered, itchy, sad - we had tears when she realised she wouldn't get 100% attendance! We spent Sunday with Dad and I'm worried as he is immuno suppressed.

Thanks RG - we love the bathroom and wish we could take it with us! The kitchen is actually 10 years old, but lovely units and hasn't dated too much. We've got a viewing tomorrow, should have had one last night, but they cancelled as one of them is ill but they want to rearrange. Mortgage in principle has been agreed so we know what we can go for too.

Loopy - hope your Ofsted goes well. Ours starts today and I'm thinking of my colleagues, and obviously I'll get the pleasure of being at work tomorrow with the 4 inspectors around any corner! Then it's year 10 parents evening for 3 hours. Deep joy!

At least my house is tidier than it's ever been!

Loopymumsy Wed 22-Feb-12 21:45:10

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

RGPargy Wed 22-Feb-12 23:10:51

Loopy - a just got list??!!! shock shock envy I sooooo wish i was still babywearing. I think my cat had better watch out. He does love a cuddle so maybe...... hmm

Loopymumsy Thu 23-Feb-12 06:20:36

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Greedygirl Thu 23-Feb-12 19:44:17

Jetgirl - hope everything went well today! Thought of you.

Loopymumsy Fri 24-Feb-12 19:15:33

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

jetgirl Mon 27-Feb-12 15:38:54

Well, officially we can't say until the full report is published, so for now I'll say it was what we expected. I wasn't seen, which was annoying, but a relief too, though I spent most of the day on tenterhooks. Following up with year 10 parents' evening made it especially exhausting, but it was a very good parents' evening.

DD was really poorly last week, but has turned a corner now. She's been much worse than William was. Spots everywhere, inlcuding her eyes and just utter exhaustion. I went to work for half the day on Friday because my yr 9s hadn't had a lesson with me for 5 weeks, but I came home because it was so awful leaving her.

We've got some viweings here this week and are going to look at a couple ourselves. I'm hoping this will be a straightforward process, but I don't expect it to be!

Loopymumsy Mon 27-Feb-12 16:17:57

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Loopymumsy Mon 27-Feb-12 19:14:28

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

jetgirl Mon 27-Feb-12 21:55:24

William threw exactly the same strop here tonight, Loopy - full on screaming, yelling, kicking the covers. All the while DH was entertaining MIL and FIL, he did come up to help after a bit, but William was stropping because he wanted DH to put him to bed and wasn't getting his own way. So I still put him to bed in the end. I'm not being beaten by a 4 year old grin

How great that you've got a good support network in your church smile

MIL and FIL have helped out with childcare - they were coming this weekend anyway but are staying an extra night to look after DD tomorrow as she's still not fully scabbed yet. MIL said she would take her to the playground tomorrow and I put y foot down and said no. If she's not allowed to go to school, she can't go to the playground in my book. They were quite put out by my response but I'm not having it! They did far too much with her at home today and by bedtime she was wiped out, and she had a strop too. I've told DD she is to watch DVDs and nap tomorrow while I'm at work! No jewellery making, board games, computer games, puzzles, etc. They've offered to cook tomorrow evning which is fine, but I've said it must be healthy as I was awful last week relying on too many oven-ready type things to save time so I could prep lessons. Back on the high veg, no sugary treats diet here! Am I being harsh? I am very grateful for the help, and it's meant I could go to work, yay hmm but I am still the parent. I don't know, maybe I'm still trying to get rid of last week's stress.

Loopymumsy Tue 28-Feb-12 05:43:32

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

RGPargy Wed 29-Feb-12 20:50:36

I think you are right, Jet. DD should be resting and if she is exhausted from being ill, she should deffo be snoozing and watching DVDs. I personally wouldn't stop her from doing a few puzzles tho, but that's just what i would do with MY DD. I dont think a jigsaw is over stimulating really and can kill a little time.....hmm grin

Loopy - so pleased you have found help within your church. They really do sound like a very helpful bunch! smile

jetgirl Thu 01-Mar-12 20:14:18

RG - oh no, the in laws had her doing sudokus, not jigsaw puzzles!

Loopy - they are good at getting what they want from grandparents aren't they? William told them he always has strawberry nesquik at bedtime when we went out on Sunday. They believed him! DD was obviously too ill to contemplate such naughtiness!

Anyway, I survived! Despite FIL's 'helpful' shopping trip in which he bought 4 doughnuts, 4 yum yums, a packet of tunnocks tea cakes, wagon wheels and low fat ham! DD went back to school on Wednesday and seems to be coping, though is exhausted by bedtime. Of course, she was back in time for world book day which meant my evening yesterday ws spent creating Rabbit Girl's cape as they were going as a superhero and could invent their own if they wanted. She did look cool!

We viewed a house today which I really like but DH is not so sure about. It had big rooms, lovely kitchen and didn't need much doing to it, and well within budget and right catchment area. But the garden wasn't big enough for DH (I liked it) and there was no off road parking (but loads of space on-road) this one The kids liked it too.

Loopymumsy Fri 02-Mar-12 00:11:50

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

jetgirl Fri 02-Mar-12 21:55:19

Oh how horrible Loopy. There's a nasty bug going around Southampton at the moment. We had a number of staff and students off today and it was a real struggle finding supply too apparently.

We viewed in the evening when most people were back from work, so it's promising. DH is coming round to the idea, I just hope he does so quickly! I want to put an offer in!

Loopymumsy Sat 03-Mar-12 07:39:58

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Greedygirl Sun 04-Mar-12 21:09:27

Hi everyone.

Jetgirl - lovely house! Hope you manage to convince DH. I think it is a no-brainer. Garden not massive but less work and is there a nice local park? Our garden is half the size of that! You made me laugh re your FIL, my MILs idea of a healthy lunch is a sausage roll, bag of crisps, fruit shoot and some biscuits and let's not forget the sweets for an afternoon snack. And she knows my views! Thank god he is only there one afternoon a week.

Loopy - baby steps are good, crapola about the sickness bug, not what you need when you are starting to make some progress. Hope you are over the worst of it. There have been some really nasty viruses going around.

Had a lovely day at uni yesterday, so enjoying my Masters (geek alert!) and did pretty well in the first assignment (81% grin) so feel like I am righting some wrongs from my youth when I spent too much time watching neighbours and drinking cider and black.

On a less positive note Adam is being a little sod at the moment, stamping feet, defiant and generally kicking off. Not listening again at nursery. But inbetween super cute and angelic. Thought mood-swings were for teenagers! Loopy et al - I take my hat off to you!

jetgirl Mon 05-Mar-12 22:24:10

Loopy - I hope your DH can see the bigger picture. Just by your posts on here we can see how far you've come, and while you have a way to go, the baby steps do and have made a difference.

Greedy - so pleased you are enjoying your masters. Congratulations on the 81%! I like to think I would do something in the future, when both kids are settled at school.

We are doing a second viewing on the house on Thursday grin It is close to the park (with a fab coffee shop), and garden has potential to be nicely done. I think he has come around to my way of thinking - catchment area wins over the 4 properties we viewed on Saturday!

Loopymumsy Tue 06-Mar-12 06:00:34

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Loopymumsy Tue 06-Mar-12 06:02:36

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Greedygirl Wed 07-Mar-12 07:20:05

Oh thanks! Got the next one to do now, yikes.

Loopy - that's really good re DH being able to access support through work, I hope he finds it helpful, I think my DH would also struggle to talk to someone - a lot of our arguments are around his stereotypical inability to discuss his feelings! I should also maybe have done English at uni - everyone put me off by saying it wouldn't lead to a job (apart from teaching which i was dead against at the time!) so I ended up doing Social Policy which was neither use nor ornament! Or I should have done sociology/psychology. But I probably would still have watched too much neighbours!

Jetgirl - v.exciting! The all important catchment area! There is a village that we would like to move to (and DS may end up being offered a primary school there) but we are aware that the catchment area for the secondary schools are likely to change in the future so I find myself in the ridiculous situation of considering which secondary school I would like DS to go to when he is just 4! How are you feeling after Ofsted? I was so knackered after ours last year that I kind of lost my mojo for the rest of the year! Silly really. Is your DD fully recovered? No doubt Adam is waiting until we have some flights booked to Australia before he gets the pox!

Loopymumsy Fri 09-Mar-12 18:59:53

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

RGPargy Fri 09-Mar-12 21:06:34

Absolutely sensible!! We I am worried about secondary schools now. Am hoping DD will be bright enough to go to the local grammar. She seems very bright for her age (but i'm bound to say that - i'm biased!). I would hate for her to go to the local normal secondary school as they are either a) full of riff raff coz of the area (sorry for being judgy blush) or b) a bus ride away, which is not what i want at all for DD when the local grammar school is walkable! hmm

Greedygirl Sat 10-Mar-12 07:04:30

Oh not just me then grin!

Loopymumsy Sat 10-Mar-12 07:48:36

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Loopymumsy Sun 11-Mar-12 07:57:39

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Greedygirl Sun 11-Mar-12 20:57:36

Ha ha Loopy - how did it all go?! My friend has just been through her first dancing show and was shock at how much it all cost, said it was gorgeous and worth it all seeing her DD beaming with pride on the first night but the second night her DD was bored of it all and scratching her bum!

Lovely weather in these parts this weekend. So glad that winter is over (touch wood).

Loopymumsy Mon 12-Mar-12 06:06:25

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Greedygirl Tue 13-Mar-12 20:35:15

oh wow Loopy, my friend will be so envy - her DD's show ended up costing her the best part of £100! Sorry to hear you are having a wobbly week, we are always here for tea and sympathy which feels a bit inadequate but nontheless...What is the support like in your area in terms telephone support etc. for wobbly moments? xx

Loopymumsy Tue 13-Mar-12 22:09:45

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

jetgirl Wed 14-Mar-12 21:51:16

Just checking in. Tired, overworked, annoyed by house-selling stuff and William has decided it's time to go nappyless at nights.

Will catch up properly soon x

Hugs Loopy x

littleoldme Thu 15-Mar-12 14:37:56

Just a quick hello. I haven't been on for ages but done lots of lurking and keeping up. We're dead busy at the mo and I'm tired out as I'm up at night being very hot and sweaty - stop your sniggering , not in that way. That said, the menopause has a lot going for it. Not having PMT is amazing.

Lots of love and cake to all ( extra big slice for you Loopy) x

RGPargy Thu 15-Mar-12 22:48:25

Just checking in.

Big slabs of cake to you Loopy and nice moderate slabs to the rest of you (and a stick of celery for anyone on a diet). grin

Loopymumsy Fri 16-Mar-12 06:21:03

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Loopymumsy Sun 18-Mar-12 07:48:17

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

RGPargy Sun 18-Mar-12 22:45:08

Loopy - As far as i remember (and it's been a very long time!) i think you just email the lady at Ocah and ask her for a slot. She then gives you a timeslot. Something like that anyway. As i said, it's been a while (about 2 years!). If that's not right, just ask someone on the NM board and they will deffo know for sure!

Greedygirl Tue 20-Mar-12 20:44:19

Hey Loopy how is it going today? Thinking of you.

Nothing much to report here. Usual life/work crap! Roll on Easter hols.

RGPargy Wed 28-Mar-12 19:54:39

Bookmarking smile

jetgirl Wed 28-Mar-12 22:19:22

Hi all, didn't realise I'd not been here for a fortnight! learly I've been busier than I realised.

Still waiting to sell our house, but the house we've put an offer in on hasn't has any other offers yet. It will be our forever house until the kids leave home maybe! We certainly want to be there for some time. Still, we are getting viewings on our place, so it's nice living in a relatively tidy house!

Loopy - glad you're hanging on in there. Will drop you a pm over the weekend x
Cannot wait for the holidays, this has easliy been the most miserable term of my teaching career and I can't wait not to be there for a couple of weeks. We're having a few days in brighton next week which will be fab. Keep your fingers crossed or more sunny weather!

Loopymumsy Thu 29-Mar-12 06:00:03

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Loopymumsy Tue 03-Apr-12 19:37:56

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

littleoldme Wed 04-Apr-12 19:33:05

Loopy- sounds grim for you all. Wish I could say something to make it better , as I can't I will instead send you lots of love x

Things have calmed down here. After feeling grim for a while I'm now on HRT and do much better. The boys are doing well and we are planning a chilled out Easter at home . Dh has a week off which is ace as all has been very busy.

CMIng is going well. It's looking like I've filled all my spaces for Sept which I'm very pleased about.

We had a lovely day with Greedy and Adam. Tom is now begging for a table football after playing it there.

Hope all ok with you lot x

Loopymumsy Wed 04-Apr-12 20:58:08

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

jetgirl Thu 05-Apr-12 12:59:00

Oh Loopy, you're really going through it aren't you? Lots of love coming your way. I'm most impressed with your purchase of nine pairs of shoes in one trip.

LOM - brilliant that the CM is going so well for you. Good to hear that the HRT is helping too.

We've just had a lovely couple of days in Brighton and helped boost the Danish economy by spending lots of money in the Lego store - we ended up going twice. We took my mum so she had a bit of a getaway too. DH has the week off and it's nice to just 'be' right now. Had a viewing yesterday - the estate agent gave us 10 minutes notice - it's a good job the place was tidy!

Loopymumsy Thu 05-Apr-12 19:27:09

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Loopymumsy Mon 09-Apr-12 12:43:20

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Loopyloveschocolate Mon 09-Apr-12 12:44:36

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Loopyloveschocolate Thu 12-Apr-12 11:07:17

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Greedygirl Fri 13-Apr-12 21:02:48

Hi everyone, hope your have all had a good Easter? We have had a lovely, pottering type of holiday with a visit from LOM and the boys and various trips out and about.

LOM - went to Harewood House on student Wed this week with a friend, the adventure playground is awesome! Also did Tropical World and Roundhay, the boys all loved it?

Loopy - think if you are serious about avoiding detection then a more dramatic name change is in order! But I like it. I am resigned to the fact that people who know me would be able to work out who I am from this thread but they would have to be a bit stalkerish to do that so whatever! But I don't think I am such a prolific poster as you? Do you go on a lot? I go through phases.

Jetgirl I can't wait for Adam to properly get into Lego, he likes Lego star wars at the moment so maybe the time is coming!

Off to drink wine and watch modern family - hols over boo hoo!

RGPargy Sat 14-Apr-12 00:30:00

Oh Loopy i am so envy about you still being able to babywear! I wore DD in the Bamberoo for the last time a couple of months ago. Although she's only 4, she's quite dense in weight and seems to weigh a lot more than other kids her age, so it was no mean feat carrying her around for a good hour!! Although i could have carried her for longer, the only thing that made me want to put her down was the fact that i was out of breath and sweaty!! blush

I was so desperate for another DC at one point but then figured out that having another DC purely for the purpose of being able to babywear is probably not a good enough reason to procreate again! grin

Loopy you are of course very welcome to have the Bamberoo on a payment plan. It's still here waiting for if/when you want it. Would like first refusal on buying it back when you have finished with it in a few years please. smile Email me on ravegirl at blueyonder dot co dot uk and we can chat smile

Had a lovely easter, thanx Greedy. I went into work on Good Friday tho. It's a great earner tho. I get paid double time all day, plus get paid for an hour's travel each way, plus i get a day off in lieu, plus i get to claim back my travel expenses to and from the office as i normally only work 2 days which doesn't warrant a season ticket. I also get to claim a £10 lunch allowance! I'm quids in, so it seems!! Hooray!!

Sorry i haven't been around on here much lately. Seems like my laptop drains my life away and i have been reluctant to come on as i know i would just while away a few hours doing nothing on here and consequently ignoring DP on the other end of the sofa!

DD has started saying to DP that she doesn't like being at home with me at the moment because i keep telling her off. hmm We made a deal that if she stopped being naughty, i would stop telling her off!! All i can say is thank goodness for school on Monday!! Am totally dreading summer holidays - 6 weeks of her getting boredom naughtiness, despite me trying to do things with her! She seems to be one of these kids that absolutely thrives on routine and discipline - hence why she LOVES pre-school. I only hope she loves infants when she starts in September! hmm

LOM - Good luck with the childminding in September! We have had to find another childminder as our current one is starting a breakfast club and after school club at DD's infant school in september so wont be minding from home any more. Typical - it's always the good ones that you lose!! We have found another minder who was recommended by the current one but she has two little (friendly!) dogs. DD is very nervous around dogs so i just hope that it works out and she gets used to them otherwise we will be back to square one again. Nightmare!

Ah crap, i've waffled on waaaay too much as usual lol. Sorry!! Will go now so as not to send you all asleep! grin

Loopyloveschocolate Sat 14-Apr-12 06:21:08

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Loopyloveschocolate Sun 15-Apr-12 21:17:22

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

jetgirl Wed 18-Apr-12 16:33:12

Loving the new name, though I know I will still end up calling you Loopy! Every now and then I think about a name change, but I've had this one since I joined and can't imagine being anything else! How are you doing?

Greedy - despite its expense, I think lego is well worth it. The kids still play with our old stuff when we go up to mum and dad's (and I play with it too!)

RG - I know what you mean about not being on here so often. I tend to facebook on my phone quite a bit (and enviously notice you burning lots of calories and generally being very healthy while I sit around eating chocolates!) but don't go on here. I'm sure DD will love the routine of infants school. William is very much a go with the flow type, and I think he will struggle to begin with, but he's used to a routine of sorts at nursery so with any luck the transition will be quite straightforward!

LOM - how's things?

It's been a bit eventful the last few days. Dad's been poorly (not just the brain injury) and on Sunday needed a blood transfusion so the staff from his secure hopsital took him to the local hospital in Portsmouth for that. they did a full handover, explained he is a vulnerable adult, that he is not be left, is easily confused, etc and.....when no-one was looking, before he was hooked up to the IV, he left the hospital, hailed a taxi and went to Winchester shock My mum was very surprised to open the door to find my dad there asking for £42 for a taxi! The hospital hadn't even noticed he had gone missing until Mum pphoned the ward to tell them! he must have been gone at least an hour. Needless to say, we are all angry about this, as are the staff from Dad's secure hospital and mum has written to the chief exec to complain. He has to have blood transfusions quite regularly, and we just can't trust the hospital will care for him properly.

In addition to this drama, DH abseiled down the Spinnaker Tower in Portsmouth to raise money for charity. Between him and 2 friends they raised over £2,000 for the Hampshire Autistic Society. It was very cool watching him and I'm quite tempted to have a go myself - there's an opportunity in August so I am considering it!

There was a rumour flying around the school gates today that we find out tomorrow which schools we've got next year. We were told it was the 4th May, so it's a bit of a surprise. I'm going to check the website and see if it's true.

I hope this weather clears up soon, the school run was not fun today and it's DH's birthday this weekend so it would be nice to get out!

Loopyloveschocolate Wed 18-Apr-12 18:46:33

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

jetgirl Sun 22-Apr-12 16:01:34

Got the schools we wanted, though William is not happy that his best friend is going to a different one - we had tears sad However, I know he will settle quickly at the infant school as DD did so easily.

Hope everyone is having a nice weekend if a little damp perhaps!

Loopyloveschocolate Mon 23-Apr-12 06:21:29

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Greedygirl Mon 23-Apr-12 21:24:57

hi guys, just popping as in the middle of 4000 word essay at mo! We got a local school so really chuffed! Adam is a bit upset he won't be at the same school as some of his little pals but I am sure that will pass and he will make more friends when he starts. Hope you all well.

littleoldme Tue 24-Apr-12 13:09:42

We got our first choice too. So pleased , especially as all of my business in Sept is predicated on 3 trips a day to that school. Great news for all of us then.

RGPargy Fri 27-Apr-12 10:04:42

Hi girls grin just bookmarking - lost you all!! blush

jetgirl Fri 27-Apr-12 18:25:19

Seems like it's good news on the schools front then smile

Was my birthday yesterday and even though I had work, it was still a nice day. DH got me a lovely baking tray - I did want one, it's not as bad as it sounds!, Hotel Chocolat chocolates and an Amazon voucher as he felt a baking tray and nearly out-of-date chocs were not a great present (he realised when he got home that's why the chocs were cheap, still, I've got 3 days to eat them! William wrote his name in the card he chose me - the first time he's done that grin it was DH's birthday last Saturday and all William would write was a W, so that's brilliant progress in a week!

jetgirl Mon 30-Apr-12 16:06:31

How is everyone today? It's actually stopped raining!

littleoldme Thu 03-May-12 18:31:33

Ofsted today. I got good with outstanding features. Yay. Feel completely battered now though. Hope all well with everyone.

Jet - it only stopped raining because I bought a new raincover for the buggy.

Greedygirl Fri 04-May-12 07:21:40

Well done LOM! That's awesome. Very pressured I imagine.

Jetgirl - the rain! I got caught in it one day biking with Adam to pre-school and had to pull into a bus stop because I couldn't see where I was going! Wednesday was lovely here, more to come hopefully. William is very clever - Adam loses interest by the second "a" so he would never be able to do William!

Popped to Adam's school to drop off a reply slip for a parents info evening and it is really cute! Very small but lots of nice play facilities. Never really took much notice of it before because he was a baby and school was years and years away grin.

Essay is still driving me bonkers. This one has been painful. Got to be finished by this weekend as mum and dad coming. Running out of charge!

Loopyloveschocolate Mon 07-May-12 08:43:02

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

RGPargy Tue 08-May-12 14:06:39

Lost you! blush just bookmarking. Well done LOM! grin

jetgirl Wed 09-May-12 15:54:54

Congratulations LOM! grin

Loopy - sounds very stressful and exhausting for you. Can you see things improving with your mum any time soon?

Loopyloveschocolate Wed 09-May-12 18:59:57

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

jetgirl Wed 09-May-12 21:42:24

Oh Loopy, that's just so sad, reading that makes me feel weepy on your behalf sad Things always become more difficult when you've got other relationships to consider rather than just your own, and with the girls being so young it's not as if you can share your feelings with them. It's important that your mum realises how much she has hurt you and if her relationship with the girls suffers maybe she will see that. Of course, from the other side, the girls can't see that she's hurt you, and being the loving mother that you are you don't want them to miss out on that relationship. It can't be rushed and I hope you get the resolution that you want. Big hugs x

RGPargy Thu 17-May-12 22:56:00

Hi everyone. Is everyone ok? Very quiet on here lately......

Loopyloveschocolate Sun 20-May-12 19:11:52

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

jetgirl Mon 21-May-12 17:05:05

A bit of sunshine at last. I think I've manged to wear the boy out by taking him out on his new scooter today, and we have a new coffee shop which unfortunately does lovely cakes and delicious coffee so I'll be spending lots of time there I think. I'll join you in eating my bodyweight in yummy but naughty stuff, Loopy! Glad you're functioning well. How's the counselling going? DH often asks after you too xx

Greedygirl Mon 28-May-12 21:24:30

Hi everyone, hope you are enjoying the lovely sunshine. Poor DS was so hot and sweaty in his bedroom tonight that I have both the windows open and just a sheet on the bed and the fan going - reminds me of growing up in Germany with the hot summers there!

On a bit of a treadmill here workwise but lovely moments with DS and DH inbetween. Lots of pressure towards the end of the year with students' assignments. Hope you are all well? Adam has been for the first taster day at his school and it was lovely, the staff seemed really lovely, they had to deal with a very poorly little boy and I felt that they handled it very well indeed. Just trying to get my head around my new timetable and how it will all work out next year. Been offered some work from uni but in two minds whether to accept - it is a foot in the door but not even sure I want a foot in that door anymore! I just want a lovely job with no homework and no stress - is that too much to ask for wink?! Oh and a bit more money would be nice.

What are everyone's holidays plans this year?

Greedygirl Mon 28-May-12 21:25:08

P.S. Jetgirl - new cafe sounds lovely! Fatal.

Loopyloveschocolate Tue 29-May-12 05:28:26

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Greedygirl Tue 29-May-12 12:10:35

Hi Loopy, who/what are JLP? I shall google them. We have a week booked in Shetland (DH not impressed but it was either go in summer or go at xmas!), and then we are hoping to spend some time meandering around Northumberland on our return. No France sad, but I am trying to persuade DH to start saving for a mega France holiday next year. Not that he needs persuading really but he is just stuck on this year and wishing we were going which is pointless as we just cannot afford it. Camping in Cornwall sounds lovely, wish that was on the way back from Shetland! And I think your DH is very sensible to crack on and pay for the deposit rather than spend hours trawling which is exactly what I have been doing recently and it is such a waste of time and depressing to boot.

Loopyloveschocolate Tue 29-May-12 12:21:32

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

jetgirl Tue 29-May-12 22:50:23

Hi All!
No holiday plans as yet but for good reason - we are hoping to move and things definitely seem to be happening now - we've had an offer accepted on a house and found a buyer so now we're sorting mortgages etc. Fortunately my sister is a mortgage broker and has found us a great deal which helps. So depending on when things happen we should be able to move in the summer holidays. It would be nice to head off camping somewhere though so we might try and fit that in. We have my godson's Christening in July in North Wales so that will be a mini get away.

In further good news, Dad is moving into a new care home next week in Winchester which is a real weight off our minds.

Greedy - uni work sounds exciting - and nice that they are offering you work too, even if you decide not to take it.

Isn't it strange to think of our little ones off to school? William has his settling in sessions after half term. I'm going to miss him!

Any jubilee plans this weekend?

Greedygirl Thu 31-May-12 07:17:46

Loopy - JLP sounds great, no homework and a staff discount! How are the girls? You will have three at school in September! Sorry to point out the blooming obvious! I just can't believe how quickly the past four years have gone.

Jetgirl - uni work is exciting and I really enjoyed the module that I taught before but, having done it once, I know how much work is involved and it has made me a little bit wary, just in terms of the amount of time I need. I have come up with a solution anyway! I am going to ask if I can teach one of the modules and put my colleague's name forward for the other and then I think I can just about juggle it. HE pay and admin support is way better than FE. Fingers crossed they will accept. And I have noticed from emails with them that there seem to be some swapping around of job titles which may mean some jobs coming up! I really hope so! So pleased that your move is going ahead as planned and that is great news about your Dad. Does that mean you can see him more often or is it just a nicer care setting? I am really excited about DS going to school but I will really miss our days off together! I wish school was 3 days a week and then we could still do pottering.

We have some loose plans for the Jubilee weekend, there are loads of different events going on around here in the local villages so we will be going to some of them, going to have some friends over for a meal (was going to be a BBQ but not so sure now hmm), and going to the NHS family and friends day on Saturday. What about you guys?

RGPargy Fri 01-Jun-12 06:00:18

Hi ladies! Just bookmarking! grin

jetgirl Fri 01-Jun-12 19:21:13

Greedy - that sounds like a good compromise re the uni work. Hope they agree with you! Dad's new place is a much nicer setting and closer to home which means we can see him more often, so it's better all round. He moves in on Wednesday.

I am having a little jubilicious tea party on Monday catered by me and DD. It's basically an excuse to eat lots of cake and for the grown-ups to drink pimms!

Back to the sort out - I am trying to do half an hour each day of something and today I am tackling a carrier bag which is stuffed with random things like bank statements, instruction manuals, photos and kids' drawings. I'm having lots of fun shredding stuff!

RGPargy Fri 01-Jun-12 22:45:19

Hi everyone!

Finally I have got the chance to sit down for a bit and bash out a quick post lol.

Jubilee weekend - I am off on a fitness day tomorrow and DP is doing a Cyclosportive on Monday so nothing going on then, but on Tuesday our local community centre is having a "street party" which i am going to take DD along to. It's got a bouncy castle, stalls, a bring and share picnic and lots of other bits and bobs.

No plans for a holiday this year at all. DP is self employed and things are v. tight at the mo so it doesn't look likely that we'll be able to afford to go away anywhere. Oh well, maybe we could manage a couple of day trips or a night away or something.

Slightly exciting news - I made some choc chip cookies for my friend at work the other day and after they were tasted by a few people, it was recommended that i maybe make them and sell them to our firm (they have biscuits in meeting rooms and also monthly cakes). Anyway, i emailed the bloke in question and he said that they want samples and costings. So I will put together some sort of plan before i go back to work on 14th June. I know there's nothing in stone or anything but the fact that they didn't just completely write me off and actually want a sample is a positive thing - right?

Loopy - good move re the camp site. wink How are you doing lately?

Jet - good luck with the move! I hope it all goes smoothly for you. And dont go shredding any kids pictures!! wink

Right, well i suppose I'd best go to bed - got a long day ahead tomorrow. 6 hours (i think) of bag boxing and everything combat related lol. Erk!!

Greedygirl Mon 04-Jun-12 08:26:12

RG we will helpfully sample any cookies smile! That sounds great! Fingers crossed.

Adam was a PITA yesterday, sun is shining today though so lots of exercise and fresh air and jubilee fun will hopefully sort him out! Enjoy everyone.

RGPargy Wed 06-Jun-12 20:54:55

Hi ladies smile

Hope you've all enjoyed the jubilee weekend celebrations. Our local community centre a little party there on Tuesday, with a bring and share lunch outside, some dance demos, face painting etc. By the time we managed to get there, there was only about an hour left (blush) but DD seemed to enjoy the brief time we spent there! Shame really as i wish we'd have done more to celebrate the jubilee but it just didn't happen really. Having said that, i remember when it was the Queen's silver jubilee. I was probably around 7 or 8 but all i remember was sitting down at a huge long table and eating party food. I dont remember anything else really so i'm not toooooo bothered that we didn't do too much else!! I know another lady who was about 9 years old at the silver jubilee and she also didn't remember anything other then the long lunch table! I feel much better about that!!

What did you all get up to?

RGPargy Wed 06-Jun-12 20:55:41

PS Greedy - would love it if I could get the cookies to you without them being broken and/or pinched by the postman first!!

jetgirl Sat 09-Jun-12 13:51:46

bookmarking smile

RGPargy Mon 11-Jun-12 16:32:45

Hi everyone smile

I have come here for a rant! I'm really really pissed off with my GP. I used to have the hormone contraception injections and had my last one in November last year. I told my GP that i wasn't keen on them and that i 'd like to change. She said about having the mirena coil fitted (i've previously had the copper coil but had heavy periods so got them to take it out) which i agreed to. She told me to come back in February. I went back for a consultation and made another appointment to have the coil fitted. She had to cancel the appointment as she had to go away and i couldn't get in for another few weeks. So anyway, i finally go to make yet another appointment for today and went along all prepared to have it fitted. So then she asks about my LMP and i told her i haven't had one for months due to the jab etc (it can take up to a year to get back into the swing of things, menstrually). She looked a bit hmm and asked if i'd done a pg test. I told her that i deffo wasn't pg. She said "How do you know?". I just said that i would know (meaning i know my body) and she just waved away that idea! Even the fact that I told her we were using condoms didn't sway her into believing me when i said i wasn't pg! She said that apparently they have a 20% failure rate!! Anyway, I know she is only trying to be better safe than sorry but FFS, couldn't someone have TOLD me to do a pg test the day before my coil fitting to save this complete and utter waste of MY time?!!

GGRRR, rant over!!! grin

Greedygirl Mon 11-Jun-12 22:06:08

That's bang out of order RG! A bit of info beforehand would have helped! I am still fuming because I have been recalled for a smear - not because of any probs but because the nurse who did my last one has bodged loads and they have had to recall all of us. I am mad because it was really painful and took ages and she was being supervised by another nurse so they must have had concerns about her already. Rah! Don't they know we are mums and don't have time for all this s**t?!

RGPargy Mon 11-Jun-12 22:18:15

Oh I hear ya Greedy!!! It's so infuriating isn't it!! The thing that is really infuriating is that DD has to be picked up from pre-school at 11.50am so my window of availability is pretty small as i can only do mon, tues and weds too. Having had a discussion with the nurse about when i could and couldn't make another appointment, the receptionist then comes out from having chatted with the GP and the nurse and tells me that my next appointment is at 11.50 on the following week!! The nurse obviously hadn't listened to a word i'd said!! When i told the receptionist about my convo with the nurse, she looked at me and was like "so you cant make that one then, no?". Sheesh!!!! angry

Greedygirl Wed 13-Jun-12 08:17:52

ha ha! I love a good rant! Must book that flaming appointment today. Smears are so tricky because I don't feel it something that I can take Adam along to (nice memory for him!!). Remember the days when we just swanned around, unfettered by small people who watch and question your every move?!

Well Adam has demanded to have his beautiful curls cut off and DH resisted but I think it is fair enough, it is his hair and all that, so he has had a shorter cut and he looks v.handsome but soooooooo grown up sad[happy] - mixed emotions! He has now started the campaign not to go to school. His main concern seems to be being left by himself. I am sure he will be absolutely fine after the first time on his own but bribes may need to be purchased to soften the blow!

RGPargy Tue 19-Jun-12 06:42:54

Bookmarking grin

Loopyloveschocolate Sun 24-Jun-12 05:35:11

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

RGPargy Sun 24-Jun-12 23:06:00

Wondered where you had got to Loopy. Hope you are doing ok ? x

jetgirl Mon 25-Jun-12 22:09:22

Loopy - how are you? I haven't texted because I'm rubbish, but do feel free to text anytime x

Wrote loads last week, hit post and was logged out, so I switched off the computer in a huff!

Anyway, to summarise:

RG - grrr about the pg test malarky. Been loving your baking pics on FB - can I join your group? I am seriously thinking about setting up a cake business and have been looking at all the health and safety requirements and legal stuff for baking from home to help me plan my new kitchen in the house when we move. A friend has asked me to bake some cakes for her sister's hen-do (lemonade and strawberry cheesecake) which is cool.

Greedy - I know what you mean about losing the curls, William looks so grown up now, but still as cute as ever! He had his second school session today, but wasn't as keen as he was last week. I think he'll be ok once term properly starts in September, but today he just wanted to stay at the park with his best friend. TBH, I get where he's coming from!

I'm an auntie! SIL had her baby last Thursday, a little girl. Can't wait to get to London to meet her, hopefully this weekend.

bedtime for me I think. I've just tried to fill the kettle with the lid closed and was wondering why water was spraying everywhere...

RGPargy Tue 26-Jun-12 05:55:58

Jet - congrats on becoming an auntie!! grin. Anyone is welcome to join the FB group and for those who want to, just look up the Suburban Cookie Collective. Jet if you have any H&S requirement info and anything else that is pass-onable, I'd appreciate it..... wink. My next door but one neighbours have a little annex on their house when looks like it had any been used in years. In my head I have already leased it from them and turned it into my work kitchen lol. Going to experiment today and try and produce a cherry bakewell cookie!

RGPargy Tue 26-Jun-12 05:56:59

*which looks like it hasn't been used in years..... Blardy autocorrect!

jetgirl Tue 26-Jun-12 22:06:21

RG - this website is a good place to start. www.cakebaker.co.uk/health-hygiene-for-cake-baking-business.html Things like separate hand-washing facilities, food safety certificates, ingredients storage. I'm pleased I am getting to design my new kitchen from scratch anyway, so I can take all this into account from the start. A lot of it seems to be common sense, but important nonetheless. As I type, DH is on the Ikea website designing a kitchen! It would be brilliant for you if you could lease your neighbour's space. I love the sound of cherry bakewell cookie, yummy!

Greedygirl Thu 28-Jun-12 08:45:13

Hi everyone, thought I better come and catch up with you all!

loopy I posted a while ago to see how you were but then it went offline and I'd never got around to popping back. Hope you are ok and that you can come on for a chat soon.

jetgirl that made me laugh about the kettle. Adam is having his second session at school today, this time by himself, fingers crossed he enjoys it. I am a bit rah about the school's September settling in plan as, for the first two weeks, they are doing a flexible start time between 8.45 and 9.15 - well how am I meant to explain to Adam that other mummies and daddies might be staying but I have to dash to work? Also, even if I could stay, it would only prolong the agony I think. Anyway, he has a male teacher which I really chuffed about as there are so few working in primaries and he really enjoys it when the male nursery nurse is on duty.

rg pargy have your work commissioned your baking then? Sounds exciting!

RGPargy Thu 28-Jun-12 13:01:48

Jet - thanks for the link - useful info on there. Think i will need to at least do the basic food hygiene test. As for separate hand washing facilities, is the bathroom ok? It's separate from the kitchen at least!! grin

Greedy - Not quite, but they are (hopefully) on the verge of doing so. I am baking 4 different varieties for the managers' meeting on Tuesday so once they have tasted them, hopefully they will give me the green light and I will be asked to bake them for specific meetings, or maybe even once a week or something??! My friend (bless her) has asked me to bake her some cheese straws for a mini work do at her office on Tuesday too so i'm going to be up to my eyes in it on Monday! It's all good tho!

The bakewell cookies were FABULOUS!! grin I wasn't sure whether or not i could pull off adding some jam to them as the cakes have a thin layer of jam in but tbh, it was a lot of faffing around for hardly any noticeable difference to those that did not have jam in. I have decided to not bother trying to add jam but will maybe add some jam to final decorating at the end..... hmm

Greedygirl Thu 28-Jun-12 20:13:52

Will you stop! I am trying to be good and you are making my mouth water grin. Good luck for the meeting then, I wish someone would bake yummy cakes and biscuits for our meetings, we are still stuck with packets of custard creams.

Pleased to report that Adam went to school with a cheerful wave and came out looking pleased with himself for being "brave" going by himself. Got the usual one word answers as to what had done for 2 hours but he wanted to put his school jumper on straight away and wear it home so overall I am pleased. I am bit emotionally dense and was surprised when I found myself all choked up when left him! I do hope I can maintain my dignity at the school gates in September !

RGPargy Thu 28-Jun-12 22:54:21

LOL sorry Greedy! If your office is in London, i would quite happily make some for you........ grin

So glad that Adam went to school OK. I think I am right in saying that we will not be the only mums blubbering at the school gates come September! Ellie is sooo looking forward to it, bless her. She is uber ready for school tho so i am also looking forward to her not being bored! grin I feel quite guilty when we get home from preschool and she is just rattling around the house quite bored in the afternoon...... blush I have made a vow with DP tho that this summer in particular we should both make more of an effort to do things with her in the afternoon so she isn't pulling her hair out with boredom.. hmm

jetgirl Sat 30-Jun-12 12:51:35

Greedy - went shopping with William on Wednesday and got some uniform bits, which he then insisted on wearing in the evening and to nursery on Thursday and Friday! We find out who his teacher is on Monday and he has transition morning on Wednesday. I wouldn't worry about the rushing off to work - William is going to be going to breakfast club 3 mornings a week and so won't have anyone settling him into class on those days, and I know there will be other children in the same position. You will find it makes drop off easier for you in the long run too!

RG - I think the handwashing facilities have to be in the kitchen or next door. I think you can ask environmental health to come and inspect your kitchen and give you information about what modifications you would need to make to bring it up to business standard. I think it's a free service but check with your local council. Really exciting that you've got lots to do this week! I'm doing the hen-do cakes this week, and some for Saturday and taking some to SIL when we visit next Sunday.

Proud mummy alert - we went to the Nuffield theatre at the university this week for the southampton schools' proms as DD's choir were in it. They had had to audition to get in. They were amazing and I was so proud of DD, who I thought would freak out at the size of the audience. They were the smallest and youngest choir, only 20 of them and they are all year 2, and sang with huge smiles on their faces. I looked tlike this when I was watching grin !

RGPargy Thu 05-Jul-12 16:33:28

Hi everyone, just bookmarking!

Greedygirl Thu 05-Jul-12 22:47:45

jetgirl ah that is so nice! I can't wait to see Adam in plays, school assemblies etc., I feel a bit tearful now if I just take him to something and he is watching and enjoying it ffs what am i going to be like when he is the one on the stage?!

Well Adam is such a sweetie at the moment! His manners are lovely and the more we praise him the more creepy he gets "you are welcome lovely lady" grin hmm! He is really enjoying role play and starting to be a bit more independent in his play too and it is so lovely listening to him waffling away to himself. If you make eye contact though, you've had it, you are in the game! He does have a cold though which is slowing him down somewhat and probably contributing to his angelic aura!

Are you out there loopy and lom? How did the cakes go down rg?

RGPargy Fri 06-Jul-12 11:05:55

Ahh it's lovely when they are polite and well mannered isn't it. If i say thank you to Ellie she always says "you're welcone" (note the "n" instead of the "m" in welcome lol). Her current saying is "I dont like you. I LOVE you!!".

Ellie is taking part in a little show on Sunday with her weekly dance group. I think she (and all the others in her group) have to perform two dances. I am really nervous for her but obviously am not showing it and just keep saying how exciting it will be etc. Obviously she doesn't realise how busy it will be backstage with all the hustle and bustle going on and i think she'll get quite bored as she has to be there at 10am (with me) but the show doesn't start til 2.30pm!! What a long old day it'll be for both of us! I just hope that she wont get stage fright and will go out onto the stage with confidence. The class's teacher will be leading them onto the stage so i can imagine she'll keep them under control...... ? lol I will let you know how it goes!

RGPargy Fri 06-Jul-12 11:06:49

Oh and the cookies have had "mixed reviews" apparently but i am yet to find out what they were or whether or not they want me to make more for them. Hoping to find out today.

RGPargy Fri 06-Jul-12 23:26:28

They dont want the cookies at work because they dont have a use for them in their catering department atm. Wish they'd told me before i baked 4 dozen of the buggers!!! Oh well, everything happens for a reason so i'm not too disheartened. smile

Greedygirl Tue 10-Jul-12 19:43:13

Ah that's rubbish RG! They obviously just wanted some yummy cookies without having to pay for them the cheeky sods!

Bookmarking x

RGPargy Fri 13-Jul-12 22:35:03

Yeah it's rubbish but hey ho..... smile Bookmarking too. Very quiet in here of late!

RGPargy Wed 18-Jul-12 20:25:34

Bookmarking smile

RGPargy Sun 22-Jul-12 09:33:46

Anyone here any more?! hmm

littleoldme Sun 22-Jul-12 09:46:32

Helloooooo. . . I'm here RG. Been lurking lots as have had zero time to post properly. Back now it's the hols though!

We're all good here. I'm not working over the hols and already loving not doing the school run three times a day!

RGPargy Mon 23-Jul-12 19:32:09

Oh phew! Glad there is at least one other person here lol. Glad you are enjoying the break so far. Not quite sure what I'm going to be doing with DD for the next 6 weeks tho........ hmm

Greedygirl Mon 23-Jul-12 22:01:26

Oh hi guys, sorry for ignoring you RGPARGY! Just been mega busy but with nothing startling to post. I am not sure what we are going to do over the summer either but I have really enjoyed the first day! Sure it will whizz past so I am determined to enjoy last summer before Adam starts school.

RGPargy Sat 28-Jul-12 23:21:29


Greedygirl Sun 29-Jul-12 20:44:51

Hi hope you are all enjoying the summer hols, we are totally relaxed, keep thinking I should be doing something more productive but then just faffing about doing nowt! Bliss.

RGPargy Thu 02-Aug-12 23:17:23

Bookmarking before i lose you all! Enjoying the freedom of not particularly having to watch the clock in the mornings (except on my gym days!).

Off on a road trip next week from Kent to Snowdon and back again. Only for a few days but it's nice to get away for a while. smile

Enjoy the summer everyone!

greentreespurpleflowers Sat 04-Aug-12 06:25:32

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

jetgirl Mon 06-Aug-12 20:55:48


I am here but been busy or watching far too much Olympics!

Good to hear from you again greentrees. I realised today it's a year since we were in Devon and met up with you. Wish I could come and give you a huge hug, and I wish there was more I could do. I do think of you often xx

RG - how's the baking going? I love the look of your stuff on facebook, those mini-loaves looked delicious.

LOM - are you enjoying the Yorkshire Olympics?! I read somewhere that apparently if Yorkshire were a country it would be 11th in the medals table or something. My mum is a very proud Yorkshirewoman at the moment.

Greedy - faffing about and doing nothing is lovely though, we have to enjoy that when we can!

So... we still haven't moved. We thought it would happen in early August but that is looking less and less likely now, if it happens before term starts I'll be thrilled but there seems to be hurdle after hurdle holding us up. William finished nursery last week and I sobbed when I signed him out for the last time. One of our favourite staff had to comfort me blush but it's been such a brilliant nursery and part of my life for over 6 years, so it was always going to be a wrench leaving.

Going to hit post now because the last time I tried to post I got logged out and couldn't be bothered to try again, but will catch up with you all soon x

greentreespurpleflowers Fri 10-Aug-12 18:49:05

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

RGPargy Mon 13-Aug-12 21:25:57

Bookmarking!! smile

jetgirl Sun 19-Aug-12 20:30:28


RGPargy Mon 20-Aug-12 22:33:45

Bookmarking again!

jetgirl Wed 22-Aug-12 11:16:39

Oh my goodness Greentrees. I can't even imagine how you feel about DH's actions right now. I think if it were me I would feel incredibly betrayed. I suspect his motives are out of concern, but the fact that he didn't feel he could discuss it with you and went behind your back is understandably hard to take. I hope your holiday hasn't been too awful and maybe even given you both the time to talk - though with 4 children I can't imagine that would be easy. Do feel free to pm instead of posting xx

RGPargy Wed 22-Aug-12 23:51:53

Poor you greentrees. Can only echo what jet has already said. I would be very angry and also a bit sad that DP couldn't talk to me and had to spy instead!! Big hugs. Xx

jetgirl Wed 29-Aug-12 12:53:18

Bookmarking and baking - inspired by Great British Bake off!

Still haven't moved - our buyers are being very cheeky and asking us to pay for the damp treatment which doesn't need doing for another 10 years. Considering we eventually accepted their offer ewhich was £10,000 lower than the asking price, they can stuff it!

RGPargy Wed 29-Aug-12 22:12:39

Bloody hell Jet, they are being extremely cheeky!!! How rude to even think about asking you!!! Hope you get to move soon tho! smile What have you been baking?

greentreespurpleflowers Fri 31-Aug-12 07:07:09

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

RGPargy Fri 31-Aug-12 14:08:17

Thinking of you greentrees. <<hugs>>

jetgirl Sat 01-Sep-12 09:20:24

thanks for you greentrees.

After a lot of faffing it appears we may be completing on Friday! Keep everything crossed for us, we hope to exchange on Monday. We came to a deal with our buyers and as a goodwill gesture are offering to pay part of the cost for the damp treatment. of course, we go back to school on Tuesday, and William starts a week on Monday, but hey ho!

Greedygirl Tue 04-Sep-12 20:09:44

Hi everyone just wanted to say good luck to all our babies starting school this week! How did that happen?! Adam did a half day today, went in and came out ok and no information forthcoming so who knows what happened in-between! Thinking of you all this week.

Greentrees, hope you are feeling better?

Jetgirl did you complete or was that this week? X

RGPargy Mon 10-Sep-12 19:10:31


jetgirl Sun 16-Sep-12 18:55:14

We finally completed this Tuesday (after way to much stress for my liking and being sent home from work as I was in no state to be there after breaking down in the corridor).
The house is a mess, we still haven't found the wine glasses, but we're in! On Monday night we had nothing at all in the house as we were meant to complete then and the removals men had taken everything away, so we spent the night in various places: DH and William at my mum's, DD at a friend's house and me on my friend's sofa! I am now busy redesigning my dream kitchen smile

Will seemed to enjoy his half days at school this week, and is in full time from tomorrow. There are some really nice children in his class so I am sure he will make lots of new friends very quickly. DD started junior school and is loving it. My babies are growing up so quickly!

Hope you're all doing well and coping with the little ones being at school.

Greedygirl Sun 16-Sep-12 20:03:40

Glad you finally completed but sounds horrid Jetgirl! Hope your dream kitchen comes together a little bit easier. Hope William enjoys full days. Adam is two weeks in now! He seems to be enjoying it. Not so keen on breakfast club on Mondays and Tuesdays as I guess it just makes the day that bit too long for him but otherwise he says he likes it and seems to be making lots of friends.

Hope all the other LOs are doing well.

RGPargy Sun 16-Sep-12 21:14:36

Sounds very stressful jet but at least you are in now!!! Phew!!

DD is loving loving loving school (hooray!!) and even likes the breakfast and after school clubs on Thursday and friday because her old childminder is running them! Hurrah!!! gringringrin

jetgirl Mon 24-Sep-12 10:53:57

Hellooo out there!

RGPargy Mon 24-Sep-12 16:56:00

Hellooooo! I'm still here! Lol grin

Callum is 5 today!!!! grin

RGPargy Tue 25-Sep-12 07:52:34

Happy birthday Callum!! grin

jetgirl Sat 29-Sep-12 14:58:01

Wow! Hello Sparkly and Happy Birthday Callum!

A beautiful weekend here. I have washing on the line which always makes me happy - though not the ironing afterwards! And I am contemplating houseowrk, but just happy sitting in my sunny dining room at the moment.

Some of you will know that I had dd3 in may. Was induced at 34 weeks as my waters broke at 32 weeks. She weighed 5lb 4. grin

jetgirl Wed 03-Oct-12 21:36:00

Congratulations on DD3 Sparkly! 5lb 4oz is a nice weight for such a young one - my DD was 5lb 8oz at 11 days overdue! Hope you're all doing well smile

William is loving school. We had his first parents evening tonight which was good. I was a little surprised to hear that he is very quiet, though confident which I was less surprised by!

Greedygirl Tue 09-Oct-12 07:16:41

Hello everyone!

Congratulations Sparkly and happy birthday to Callum. You must be the first on our thread to hit the big 5! I must go back one time and read the threads from that time, probably lots of moaning from me about fat fingers and sleepless nights!

So pleased all your LOs enjoying school. Adam much prefers it to nursery, think it is just busier and more stimulating. Told his dad that he kissed a girl yesterday confused! Bit young for all that! I am looking forward to parents evening at the end of the month.

Freezing here this morning, having to face the fact that autumn is here!

RGPargy Tue 09-Oct-12 10:52:25

Hello all! Just bookmarking! grin

jetgirl Wed 10-Oct-12 14:01:51

Greedy - Well Adam is clearly enjoying school if he kissed a girl! William informed me that he has a girlfriend when we were walking home on Monday. She was just in front of us and he called her name to say hello. When I asked him if she knew that she was his girlfriend he said No! No kssing though grin

I must confess I am enjoying my days off when the kids are at school. My house is cleaner than it ever was before. I have marked a set of books today, organised carpet fitting and got dinner in the slow-cooker. I also have more time with both the kids after school now as I am not rushing around trying to do other things. I just feel more on top of things. I haven't felt like that in a long time!

Greedygirl Wed 10-Oct-12 14:29:35

Hi Jetgirl - where does all this talk of girlfriends come from?! Adam has been ditched by said girl already - tsk! I said she clearly didn't have any taste and he would have lots of friends and not just one. He said she is the best hmm - obviously a popular little miss!

Ikwym re having more time, I have taken on some extra hours and I do seem to spend a lot of time marking and preparing but I hope some hard work now will pay off in the long run and I'll be able to squeeze the odd coffee morning in! I love spending time playing with Adam when he gets home too. Just need to think about getting something booked for his birthday party!

greentreespurpleflowers Sat 13-Oct-12 14:47:47

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Greedygirl Sun 14-Oct-12 19:15:56

Hi greentrees, very sorry to hear that and hoping that you are getting the love and care and treatment you deserve in hospital. Keep us posted if you get a chance and feel up to it. I was wondering about you only the other day. DD4 is indeed very clever. Hope DD3 is settling into school ok x x x

RGPargy Mon 15-Oct-12 12:51:20

Hi greentrees. Hope you are on the mend. Big hugs to you. Take care of yourself. Xxxxxx

jetgirl Wed 17-Oct-12 20:08:51

greentrees - we think of you often here, sending you lots of love xxxx

Greedygirl Thu 25-Oct-12 17:16:00

Hi everyone - happy half term! X x

RGPargy Mon 29-Oct-12 22:17:15

Wow! Lost you all!!

Same to you too greedy! :-)

jetgirl Wed 31-Oct-12 10:29:40

Hi all. Hope you're enjoying half-term. We're having a really nice time. Chilled out, full of cold and no morning alarms! I'm taking the kids to the cinema to see Hotel Transylvania this afternoon, keeping with the Halloween theme! The kids have decided to dress up too. DH is taking them trick or trating tonight. They've never done it before and are very excited. Apparently round here everyone really gets into the swing of it so I've stocked up on sweets. In our old house we had maybe 3 in one night if we were lucky as we were on a main road. Much more suburban here! After such a long 8 weeks of school I am really enjoying having the kids around and spending time with them. I've got over 60 books to mark before next week and really don't want to.

Lots of love, as ever, to you greentrees xx

RGPargy Thu 01-Nov-12 06:56:03

How was your evening jet? Sounds like you had great fun! We hardly get any trick or treaters here and it's very suburban! We had two knocks tonight and I missed them both! One disappeared before I got to the door and one knocked while we were at the pub with the kids Halloween party!

RGPargy Fri 09-Nov-12 10:02:25


jetgirl Tue 13-Nov-12 22:59:49

Hi all!
So birthdays are upon us I guess! William is not dealing well with the idea he has to go to school on his birthday! Not helped by DD pointing out she never goes to school on her birthday. I am going to a friend's house to bake his cake as we are still waiting to have the kitchen done. Added to the planned expense of the kitchen we have also got to replace the boiler which is going to happen in the next couple of weeks. I offered it to the kids as an early Christmas present but strangely they weren't that fussed!

RGPargy Mon 19-Nov-12 22:57:21


jetgirl Sat 24-Nov-12 11:43:47


Taking William to the ballet this afternoon...

RGPargy Mon 03-Dec-12 06:12:02

Bookmarking again!

jetgirl Mon 03-Dec-12 13:34:31

I am procrastinating.
I should be marking year 9 books, but I am not! Work starts on our new kitchen later this week which is rather exciting but it means packing it all up again now. I have just been to order the shiny new fridge-freezer.
William had an amazing day at school last Friday, he was star of the day, got his raindrop (which lists their good qualities and is put on the wall in the school hall) and was in the gold book, which means that any member of staff who has noticed a child behaving particularly well, or being polite, etc records it in the gold book. It does mean that he is using up all his good behaviour at school and at home can be rather obnoxious at times! I think we might need to employ the elf on the shelf tactic for the next few weeks.

Hope the birthday celebrations have gone/are going well!

jetgirl Mon 10-Dec-12 19:59:21


RGPargy Wed 12-Dec-12 07:26:19

Glad William had a great day jet! What on earth is the elf on the shelf?? Lol!! How was the cake? Ellie was also fab on her birthday at school and I swear she didnt stop grinning for the whole day! She has been rather excitable ever since mind you and even now I have to tell her to calm down! I am dreading Xmas eve!! How's the kitchen coming along. Am v jealous! Have always wanted a new kitchen as mine is completely crap and the layout is rubbish lol. Can't wait to see finished pics on FB! smile

greentreespurpleflowers Tue 18-Dec-12 22:11:30

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

RGPargy Thu 20-Dec-12 16:24:46

Great to see you greentrees!! Xx

jetgirl Mon 21-Jan-13 11:55:03

aaah a whole month since anyone has been here!
Only logged in to see if you had been around greentrees. So pleased you've been discharged. I think of you often xxx

RGPargy Wed 23-Jan-13 16:56:50

It's very quiet isn't it! sad

littleoldme Fri 22-Feb-13 15:29:36

Just calling in to say hello. It's all been rather busy of late. Hope you are doing ok Greentrees.

All good here. Tom seems to blossoming at school and Patrick is a real sweetheart. we had a bit of scare with him in Jan though when he was admitted to hospital for a night with a raging fever that wouldn't come down. He soon came through it though.

My childminding business is flourishing and I'm almost booked up for Sept which is good as all my current mindees are starting school so I was getting a touch nervous.

Not an awful lot else to report really - just plodding along with no major dramas - suits me fine !

RGPargy Fri 05-Apr-13 15:11:06

Hello LOM smile Glad you are doing well and your business is thriving! Glad the kids are OK too.

It's quite sad to see this that this thread has just sort of died off. To think we've all been chatting on here since 2007! Quite an achievement really!

Greentrees, hope you are well.

Hope everyone else is fab too!

jetgirl Tue 25-Jun-13 20:46:49

Every now and then I look on here just to see how greentrees is doing. Hope you're well. Still think of you often.

LOM and RG - see you on Facebook grin

febes Wed 26-Jun-13 08:10:55

I also still check in. Would love to keep in touch on FB as I'm crap on here now days. Fiona Bester search me if you are keen xx

littleoldme Thu 05-Sep-13 21:44:32

Just checking in too. Love to you Greentrees. See everyone else on face book x

jetgirl Wed 09-Oct-13 22:30:30

I heard from greentrees a couple of weeks back - she's doing well. Hoping to see her in November when I'm in Devon for my brother's wedding.
Will look you up febes!

RGPargy Tue 31-Dec-13 22:26:47

How was Greentrees, Jet?

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