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September 2011 babies are rolling into 2012

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ssmileWithFairylights Sat 17-Dec-11 20:42:59

Hello in new thread come over and chat part two from the September edd babies arriving thread.
Just watched strictly dancing final part one but can't keep eyes open for part two so off to bed now will watch.it tom. Sleep well.....zzzzz

the100yearsofchristmas Sat 17-Dec-11 21:23:45

The old thread

Many thanks ssmile for setting up the new thread, may our Christmasses be full of baby fun and the new year merry with our baby's laughter.

Santageekmum Sat 17-Dec-11 21:31:25

Thanks for new thread - marking my place. I have just got a moby wrap from eBay so will need your tips on how best to use it once it arrives!

summerpixie Sun 18-Dec-11 06:53:55

Had a quick read of some of the posts on other thread. My there are a lot of teachers in this group but to be expected for max maternity leave! I too am a teacher. Secondary science just like geekmum!
Yesterday morning I woke up with an itch on my leg and bra strap area. I thought it was just an insect bite. Last night my whole body was itching! I have hives but can't for the life of me think what has caused it. On top of that I don't have any antihistamines nor do I know which ones are safe to have whilst nursing angry
We want to see my cousin yesterday and his 12month old son is only slightly bigger than my 15 well DD! DD is on 50th so not particularly huge. I think she maybe bullying him when she is older. Lol.
Argh this itch is annoying me. Off to scratch at it and post later.

Santageekmum Sun 18-Dec-11 08:48:10

Ooo sounds nasty, have you got any camomile lotion? Or porridge can help (cold, obviously!)

Yay for the teachers! By my count there are now 6 on this thread. Good for the non teachers to get advice from in the future! I'll be going back to work in June though - took early maternity as I wanted to avoid the moderators on a vocational science course who were due in June/July to scrutinise my work [grim]

I too am losing hair everywhere. After washing I can literally have a handful (albeit small) of hair come out when rinsing. I'm having to clean out the plug hole everyday! Yuck!

Went out yesterday on panic Saturday, was fairly quiet in the big m&s. Going to make pâté, bacon cheese twists and salami sausage rolls today to take to the parents and pils.

Have a good day smile

candrcane Sun 18-Dec-11 10:02:03

Oh Summer I feel for you, when I came out of hosp I had a rash over legs and arms from something I reacted to in hosp. It can get quite all consuming trying not to think of scratching - really hope it clears up.
Sleeping question - My LO sleeps much better on his front and is now 13w, is it safe to let him sleep on front in crib next to me at night?, he does during day downstairs but I keep close eye on him, when on back he keeps jerking awake with that 'looks like he thinks he is falling' thing which I have been told is a reflex to keep them breathing so id front sleeping safe as he is only just learning to roll?

JoJoJoHoHoHo Sun 18-Dec-11 15:10:12

Oh goody I found you all!
Im not a teacher however I am a senior nursery nurse lol work in a private nursery in charge of the two - three year olds!
Lo hates being on his tummy so I just dont do it often, proped him up on some pillows this morning and he kept trying to sit up properly! He also slept from 9.00pm - 3.30 this morning then straight back off to sleep after a bottle until 7!
My best mate is getting married next year and I'm in charge on her hen night god im having nightmares about it already! Any ideas for things to do in london including a hotel stay for less than £100 pp???
At what age can a baby go in to a sling/wrap for??

the100yearsofchristmas Sun 18-Dec-11 15:52:21

Any of you BF mums, could you have a look at this thread and see if you have any advice. Thought I would write a separate thread for it. Thanks if anyone can help. smile

falalalalagirl Sun 18-Dec-11 16:10:08

Hello all.

Ssmile, grr putting a baby to CIO on its own; it makes me so sad to think about it. And cross when people tell you that it's the best way to parent too, just coz it happened to work for them. Well done you for not losing your rag!

I have a Close Carrier which, I realised, is identical to a Moby wrap but I've lost the instructions and always just do the hug hold. DD's probably got good enough head control for me to do the hip hold now though so I'm going to do some experimenting I think. I quite often get half way up the road to nursery and realise that I haven't got the straps right and by the time I get back home I'm in bloody agony though. It is a fiddly bugger! I also have a Babasling which is much easier but she doesn't like it much!

YY to porridge for weird skin probs. DH gets really dry and flaky sometimes and I make him have a porridge bath where you put a load of oats in an old sock, tie up the top and then use it like soap. It makes your skin lovely and soft.

My hair's a right pain. DS is getting well annoyed with finding it in the bath and I keep pulling it out of DD's mouth. It even gummed up the hoover today so it wouldn't work! And my nails have lost their lovely pg strength too and are back to their normal flaky-breaky selves sad

Candr my DS and DD both do the 'jolt' and both have been front sleepers from very early. I've never heard that it's to keep them breathing though, I always thought it was just when they experience the transition between light and deep sleep (I have done no research into this btw, I just assumed smile).

BTW DD not keen on tummy time except if I put a mirror in front of her, then she'll laugh at herself for a good 5 mins or so. Worth a try for all those unenthusiastic tummy-timers?

snowysebs Sun 18-Dec-11 19:07:03

Yay to the new thread!

Ssmile - boo to your brother and you stick to your guns... your instinct with your LO has to be the best thing, and I'm definitely not going to be putting my LO in another room until passed the 6 months stage (and dreading it already!)

Well, survived MIL visit. And, had a lovely night out with friends... ring was spotted pretty quickly and all very excited for me grin Started quizzing me on details of wedding, which I have none at the moment... just hoping to aim for Summer 2012 (would have gone sooner but want 6 months to lose some weight!!!)

BUT, had a nightmare on way home. I reached a local town and it was raining - which doesn't bode well as when it's raining there, it's snowing at home... and yes, got up one big hill, and then the rain turned to snow... and the road covered with fresh snow, and no tracks... managed to get further up, and then on the last hill to my little hamlet, I got stuck half way up, wheels not budging for love nor money... had to run up the hill to get a signal, phoned OH who thankfully rescued me in his Landrover!! Got a tow up the hill into the hamlet, and left the car somewhere safe and came home in the landy ... thank god his parents were in and he could safely leave LO... who was still sleeping soundly in her crib when we got in (it was about 11.30) Bit of an adventure!!! Just glad I was driving in my boots and had a hat in the car!!

So, have had a quiet afternoon after PIL gone, watching Strictly from last night - really enjoyed it, thought Jason's show dance was brilliant, but glad Harry won!!

Santageekmum Mon 19-Dec-11 03:31:42

Summer have your hives gone?

Candrcane I thought the sleeping on the front thing was to avoid SIDS. I wouldn't do it until your LO can roll confidently. But then again my parents' generation used to put us on our fronts from birth...

Jojojo what sort of hen party are you looking for? Can't help you with drunken debauchery. I know there's places you can hire for karaoke, will try to find the one I've been to in the past if you want? Alternatively I know someone that did Buckingham palace followed by a picnic in the park for their hen.

100years, no further advice on oversupply beyond what's already on your thread. Well done you on donating! Wish I could have enough to donate but it takes me about an hour to get 60mls out - the pump is not my friend!

Ssmile ditto what the others have said. Your mil and brother don't sound like they've got a bone of consideration in their bodies, so take everything in your stride then come and rant to us about it! My mil is constantly saying things like "that's what I did with so and so and it worked fine". I take the bits that are useful and then discard the rest!

Snowy sounds like you had a fab night out! I would have panicked so much about getting stuck in the snow, thank goodness your pils were there to look after the lo. We didn't have any snow in the end down my way in Woking.

Falala you must have some amazingly long hair to break the Hoover grin

Think I've covered everybody, sorry if I missed anyone out!

My nursing chair arrived today, much more comfortable! Now just have to work out how to pick up and put down LO in his cot without straining my back...

summerpixie Mon 19-Dec-11 13:10:37

I went to the walk in clinic and waited an hour to see the dr who gave me some piriton. I got sent away by a pharmacist and a nurse before seeing the dr only to be given something they both could've prescribed. I think I was in there for a max of 5 mins with dr. Took one piriton and itch stopped 30 mins later. Woke up with a slight itch so I took another and all is well for now. I really dunno what set it off but I rarely react to anything.
Slings... I have a babasling but I still cannot master the moves I see on kiddicare so DD just stays in one position (I think joey) but that still strains my back. How can little things be so heavy?!!
I put DD into the jumperoo today and she completely ignored everything on it and sucked her hands enthusiastically. I remember DS took to it like a duck to water! I think she's slower than DS in development, which isn't a bad thing considering what a smartarse DS is ATM!
Sorry forgot who posted about being stuck outdoors (falalala maybe?). I would hate that to happen to me. I think I am too much of a townie to live in the country/remote areas anyway. Did you manage to get your car back safely?
Geekmum, I too am going back in June. I don't think I can afford to go onto zero pay and if I go back June 1st i'll get half term pay and can work out my notice if I get a job elsewhere. My cover is a NQT. I don't think they will dispose of her on the last half term so I am hoping for an easy time wink.

ssmileWithFairylights Mon 19-Dec-11 13:36:06

We having fluffy socks day ere (our version of PJ day grin) mostly playing games&puzzles with 4yr old, but we have had walk to park in rain as had something to post. Now its sofa, blankets &pillows and TV as DD1 has vsnotty cold which I'm praying babe&I don't get. I'm fed up as every Xmas for last five yrs someone has been ill sad I had hoped we were escaping this yr but DH woke up with cold too this morn.
Glad the hives have gone summerpixie

candrcane Mon 19-Dec-11 15:44:18

Aaargh, we do have horrible colds, DS and I curled on sofa but he won't sleep for longer than 20 min and not feeding much so will keep close eye. I feel like crap and you forget what a privalige breathing is when you can do it normally.
Great start to day as got us dressed and he threw up all over me and him, horrible having to strip and deal with pukey baby while naked and dripping in sour milk (me not him) - he seemed fine, I got very cold.
Does anyone elses DS keep retching on their own hand? He still tucks thumb into fist and shoves whole fist in?
Summerpixie, glad your on the mend, have had mums asking me to come back to school as they don't like my cover teacher - she is very good but a bit boring and the class are a real handful, 24 are boys out of 36. I do miss them but love being with baby - mind you I look forward to DH coming home in evening.

JoJoJoHoHoHo Mon 19-Dec-11 20:20:49

Summerpixie great news on your hives going
Candrcane My LO sticks his whole fist in and then trys to get both in does gag sometimes but is normally quite good at moving his fist before he is sick. We went through three changes of clothes this morning so know the feeling but luckly for me I was in pjs!
As for going back to work I think that I wont be able to return to the nursery I was at as it takes an hour and half on the bus meaning I would normally leave my house @5.40 and not return until 8pm!
santageekmum I want a nursing chair! even thought LO is formula fed and I have no rrom what so ever in my room! Still so very jelouse of you! lol

Santageekmum Mon 19-Dec-11 21:14:04

Ssmile - let's hope it's just a minor cold and your DH is better for Xmas!
Summer my cover is an nqt as well, but as he's not very good they will probably want me to come back! I've applied to go back two days a week from September although ideally I'd like to be a SAHM, basically because teaching has long hours which isn't easy when you have a LO.

DS tries to stick his fist in his mouth too, but not to the extent that he makes himself sick!

the100yearsofchristmas Mon 19-Dec-11 22:31:06

Hi Ladies. Tired and heading to bed now. Have been reading, but will say hi properly tomorrow (I hope) Hope you have good nights.

MinkyjjMincyPies Tue 20-Dec-11 01:05:26

Hooray - found you (I am so bad at the techie side of my iPhone !)
Snowy, so envious of you - your little snowy hamlet (lovenest) sounds so gorgeous. Being rescued by your oh in a landrover - beats my nights out !
Hope all unwell babes and mums and dads turn the corner into wellness soon.
I have a big grin tonight as I did the major tesco run at 9.30pm and it was deserted. Now just need to do waitrose on Christmas eve for last minute items while I collect my pre-ordered ridiculously overpriced turkey ! Finished and posted cards finally and have done most of the present delivery - breathing big sigh of relief as I don't feel great tonight and dh is out most of the nights this week with friends (oh lucky him !!!). Stuck indoors today with 3 dcs was not the best if fun and by 5pm the novelty had worn off ! Tomorrow I have the dentist with all three and that's about it ( so relaxing day I hope) nite nite all - sleep dust thrown generously into the air.....

summerpixie Tue 20-Dec-11 03:39:14

Morning all. Pumping once again here.
I find he most annoying thing about babies puking everywhere is when you have to get undressed and you have to carefully manoeuvre your top to avoid the bits of curdled milk which are still stuck to it from getting into your hair as you pull it over your head, candr. Thankfully DD is not much of a puker and more of a spitter, where she'll drink store and then spray all in the space of 10 secs!
Well done minky coping with 3 kids, you must be exhausted. DS doesn't break up until tomorrow afternoon so I'm quite fortunate plus DH is still on holiday leave from work. I think I would go slowly insane if I had to look after DD and DS on my own in these winter weeks! DS has the typical 4 year old question time. Except it is all day long when he is at home. Why are you doing that? What is this for? Can I do this? He feels the need to give me running commentaries about everything (something dh does frequently) and still tells me when he needs to go toilet, although he knows he can just go on his own which he does after I give him approval to go!
Geekmum, my cover isn't really a cover for my classes. As I left at the end of term they got a replacement who got her own timetable. I saw some kids and The ones from my btec class want me back. They are a bit dim and I has to explain that I would not be teaching them at all before they leave as I would return after they go on study leave. I think my a level classes were most affected as they lost both their teachers as my partner teacher retired at the same time so they've had to have 2 new teachers. How many visits have all you teachers made to work? I find it difficult to find the energy to face going in to work and then fighting off the kids when I walk through school!(work in a girls school)
Oh well, pumping over for another night/morning. Hope you are all asleep with your LO snuggled up.

Santageekmum Tue 20-Dec-11 04:46:02

Hey Minky sounds like a good supermarket run! But know what you mean about the 'novelty' wearing off by 5 when looking after kids. The last hour and a half/ two hrs before DH gets back is the most exhausting and so slow! And I've only got the one kid to look after...

Summer apparently my DH when a baby himself used to vomit up a handful of milk after each feed - mil would literally cup her hands in front of him to catch it! Although our DS doesn't have the same problem, he possets a bit but not much. AIBU to not change clothes after each incident?!

And I had the same issue with my btec class - "Miss Miss when will you be back? June? Oh good so we'll have you back then... what do you mean, you won't be teaching us at all?" I've been back into school three times so far and manage it by only walking around when students are in class, we don't have a sixth form so rarely have students wandering the corridors between lessons.

Really pleased tonight, DS managed 8:30-4:00, although I'm not holding my breath for it to continue! He used to do 8:30-8:00 for a few weeks before starting to wake three times in the night, went to twice last night and hopefully just the once tonight, been typing whilst waiting for him to wake again and fingers crossed he hasn't yet so might go back to sleep within one hour of waking! Must be that sleep dust Minky threw around...

jimmijam Tue 20-Dec-11 17:10:28

wowy onto another thread!!

re bottle and breast, i currently completely breastfeed as we're on the EAT allergy study so LO cant have any formula, but with our 1st 2 dcs they had a bottle before bed int eh evenings, and when out and about (im more confident this time around and have a bebe au lait for feeding in public) and also when i was out with friends (we have since moved and dont really know anyone here). they were both fine on it.

we didnt get any snow here thank goodness!

just made a christmas cake- mary berry bag thing was down to £3 in tesco. says to wait 24 hours to marzipan then 24 hours to ice- the kids r struggling just to wait 4 it to cool down so it wont last that long!!!!

oooh tears, back in a bit

snowysebs Tue 20-Dec-11 17:58:37

Minky - the hamlet is lovely, but when the snow comes, you do get trapped in a bit... and yes, OH was a bit of a hero that night... was a bit scary being stuck in the dark with no signal on the phone, in my party dress (but thankfully boots and a hat!) (Signal gained at the top of the hill, phew...!!)

And, well done on the shopping front.

Agree with the losing the will by around 5pm... today was the first day in ages where I didn't have to zoom back home for 3pm and being home for the step kids... (they split up from school Friday, and went to their Mum's last night - they're there till Saturday now). Had the home all day yesterday... and it is a bit knackering even though they're 10 and 12... although they can sort of look after themselves, the noise...!!! But DSD is pretty good at calming LO when she's wanting a feed and I'm making it up in the kitchen... so that's good!

So got a quietish week now smile OH finishes work tomorrow... he's kindly volunteered to brave Supermarket on Thursday (as long as he has a list!!) Yay!! Looking forward to a couple of days just the three of us... He's just text too to say should he bring home a takeaway on his way home from work as a treat as it's just the 2 of us for dinner... need he ask the question??? Of course he can bring home a takeaway!! Yummy and no cooking involved! Yay grin

Yes, my LO is a fist/fingers/thumb sucker too... starting to really dribble lots now!

Well, hope everyone's cold goes away... managed so far to avoid... think it's living in such a cold place!! No bugs want to live here!

snowysebs Tue 20-Dec-11 18:00:36

Jimmi - hope the tears were short lived... I decorated my cake yesterday too, well marzipaned and iced it... couldn't be bothered to wait 24 hours in between so went straight ahead to ice it (LO was asleep so took advantage!) Though needs a bit of decoration now!

Santageekmum Tue 20-Dec-11 20:11:15

Just a quick post to ask Jimmi what the EAT allergy study is? And how did you get involved? Assuming it's too late now for us but still intrigued...

ssmileWithFairylights Tue 20-Dec-11 20:40:45

Your all vgd making Xmas cake, I normally bake but couldn't be bothered this year so bought one. DH doesn't eat it so its only me. Just asked him if I should bother with a tin of sweets as its mostly me that eats them and I'd rather not this year as being at home on maternity leave all I seem to do is eat!
Lo has got passed the suck whole fist till I choke stage, but mega finger& hand sucking ongoing. Her chin has dribble rash now, I've had to start putting some barrier cream on to reduce the redness. Praying she doesn't get the cold DD1& DH have.
Finally found some casual knee high boots I like from sketchers and they had my size so have ordered them in advance of getting some money for Xmas grin just hope size 8 fits as my feet have definitely grown wider again with this pregnancy! I've tried about ten pairs boots on recently and all too narrow. I'd loved some from animal but noone had size 8 black in stock, I guess everyone else liked them too.
Right off to bed now hoping Lo sleeps till midnight at least.....zzzzz sleep well Lo's....

falalalalagirl Tue 20-Dec-11 20:59:58

Santageek and Summer, I'm also being covered by an NQT (our bosses are obviously all trying to save moneysmile) although she also got her own timetable and I have no idea what I'll go back to (tons of boring 1:1 probably sad) Are you doing Keep In Touch days? I really need the cash so I was thinking of doing the ten KIT days one day a week starting at some point next term, not because I want to, just for the pay!

I went in to visit when DD was two weeks old and I saw my colleagues when we all did the pensions march on the strike day. I mainly avoided the kids when I went in though as DD was only little and I didn't want them all over her!

And yyy to avoiding getting curdled milk everywhere. I have ended up with it on my lip before <vom>

Snowysebs, that is a real adventure! I have this vision of you as a damsel in distress (with a big glinty engagement ring) being swept up by your dashing DP into the landrover, all romantic-like grin

DD's bottom teeth are edging through with just a really thin layer of skin over them so the soundtrack to the last couple of days has been a constant grizzling. The only way to get calpol down her is to put it into the bottle lid and then to rub it on her tongue with my finger; if I use a syringe - even to squirt a teeny bit at a time - she screams, gags, fights it and pukes it back up all over the place.

We've had friends to stay as well which has been lovely but tiring and disruptive and, what with DD being miserable, not really as enjoyable as it should have been. We went for lunch yesterday and I put her in the sling but she just grizzled and cried all the way through the meal; I know it's difficult for her but I could really do with a break atm!

Santageekmum Wed 21-Dec-11 02:59:23

Managed to cook a curry today, yay! I won't be baking any Christmas cakes because 1) our oven is pants and destroys any cake mixture that goes near it and 2) I don't like Christmas cake and 3) I'm very lucky to be going away to pil and parents this Christmas. I did make some cranberry jelly, pork and mushroom pate, bacon and cheese twists and salami sausage rolls to take with us though!

Ssmile, I got some knee high wide fit boots in size 8 from marks that fit wonderfully. I don't have to struggle at all to do them up or squeeze my heffer feet in them. I tried looking on their website to link to them but couldn't find them anymore, but may be worth looking in their shops if your sketchers don't work out. I hope they are good though!

Falala, I won't be doing any KIT days, unless absolutely necessary - I am deputy subject leader and head of ks3 science so it is possible they might need to call me in, but so far so good. We are in the fortunate position of not having to worry about money so I want to avoid school as much as possible! I was thinking of turning my hand to tutoring instead, but don't know how this will work with a LO.

Hope the dd's grizzlies go soon Falala!

So much for the 4am wake up yesterday, back to the 2am one tonight. He did have his second jabs today but seems to have not affected him.

Night all!

ssmileWithFairylights Wed 21-Dec-11 06:56:34

Thanks for M&S boots tip &santageek* I normally get my boots from Clarks as I can get 7.5 and wide but this yr none fitted me. Has anyone else's feet changed shape with pregnancy?
OMG shock babe has done 7-7 with one feed at 2am! After a week of feeds at 12,2,4,6 I was seriously in need of a gd night. She has also been vgrissley falalalagirl last few days the afternoons feel like one long grissle which is vdraining, but yest I just fed every 45mins for 5mins in the arvo so I think that contributed to the gd sleep last night.

Heres to day 3 with babe &4yr old on my own, actually its been easier than I anticipated the school hols, I'm enjoyin time with 4yr old when she not tired &grissling at end of school day smile we did clay imprint hands n feet Mon, and did feet painting grin only mildly stressful tryin to include babe too but got gd clay imprint so hope it sets ok as air drying clay.

LovesBloominChristmas Wed 21-Dec-11 07:33:13

Sorry I've been AWOL folks.

Just had two nights in a row of ds sleeping till 5:30 now just need him to go to bed before me!

Dd has an ear infection but hopefully will be under control in time for Xmas. Going to look round a school for her this morning (eck) sept is gonna cone round soon I think.

Still not sorted for Xmas got to get my mum something plus finished some sewing gifts!

candrcane Wed 21-Dec-11 11:34:51

Santageekmum, thanks for tip on boots, my feet have got a bit bigger - knew I shouldn't have bought 2 pairs of shoes whilst pregnant as they don't fit.
Ssmilewithfairylights - well done on your own with 2, it's not too bad when you don't have a school run ( I used to be a nanny to aged 3m, 2y, 4y and always looked forward to hols)
I tried hand painting which did not work well just some painty fist marks but got good clay feet prints as he just stood on it. My DH put it in oven but not on a tray so it is all curvy where it bent over the bars on oven shelf.
LovesBloominChristmas - poor you dealing with ear infection - I always got kids in my class that had them to put a warm cloth over their ear as couldn't give meds. Hope it goes for your DD
Am off for family lunch so DS can meet one of his great aunts (she doesn't want to be called that at 50 as his other great aunts are in their 90's) Hope he behaves and shows them how well he is smiling. He got given a catterpiller that you pull and it vibrates - did his first proper giggle and grabbed toy for first time. Was so cute grin

jimmijam Wed 21-Dec-11 14:24:47

santageek (typing with a wiggling screamer on lap) recieved a card about the study from a hospital in london looking at wether early introduction of allergenic foods helps reduce ythe risk of allergies-we're in the normal weaning group though. they look at all sorts eg my diet, family allergies, examine our housedust, lo's skin, blood etc.

whats everyone doing christmas day?

loves ooh to ear infection, hope it clears up fast!

am slightly jealous of the good nights sleep you seem to be getting, here we have many nightfeeds! after a long day last week and no chance to recover im like a walking zombie!

re maternity leave, is there any help you can get with money if u decide to take the extra 3 months unpaid leave? and if you've told your employer you'll go back after 9months can you later change it to take the full year off? i just cant stand the thought of leaving him! esp as dh seems incapable of even putting our older 2 2 bed or sensibly walking down the street with them and lo in puschair without complaining. it scares me that i'll get back from work to find them-and the house in one piece! am hoping to cut down my hours tho to 3 days a week to begin with.

snowysebs Wed 21-Dec-11 15:04:38

Falalala - love the image... not sure it was quite that romantic, but was very sweet to be rescued!!

Can't believe how many are teachers on here. I'm an FE college lecturer. But, very lucky not to be going back for a couple of years. And, will probably do something different when I do go back to work too. RE changing mat. leave length - I think you can do this, as long as you give them plenty of notice. Not sure about help with money though.

Mine is dribbling lots too... and also has a slight rash on her chin too. She also likes to eat her fingers and thumbs.

For Christmas, we've got the kids and my Dad is coming up. So it'll be opening pressies in the morning, cooking dinner for about 2ish, then kids'll go to their mum's, and my Dad will leave about 4ish. Then it'll just be the three of us, and time to put feet up and watch TV! And, Boxing Day is just us three again... so hopefully a walk with the dog is about as energetic as it'll get. Then got my brother and girlfriend and Dad coming up again on Tuesday so we'll do a smaller version of Xmas dinner again. Got the kids back mid week and some more friends coming up... so looking forward to the Christmas Day evening and Boxing Day peace!! Although, OH off from tomorrow and has promised to look after LO Friday morning so I can "have a morning off". He did say all day, but we don't get too much time together, so don't want whole day off and want to spend it with him and LO. But will be so nice to have a lie in!! And, he's promised to look after her for couple of hours so I can watch the last Harry Potter film undisturbed!!!

Right, best go and decorate the cake...!!!

candrcane Wed 21-Dec-11 16:45:43

Well, was proud to get to meal on time with baby fed, changed and ready to sleep to find I had wrong day - Grrrrrr nappy brain

the100yearsofchristmas Wed 21-Dec-11 23:07:07

Sorry ladies. I've not posted yet. I went to before and LO woke needing feeding. I'm having a few (probably minor) problems feeding at the moment and just finding it a bit tough. I know lots of people have it loads worse but it's just getting on top of me at the moment. She does have a tongue tie which I don't know if that's the issue or not given the fact this hasn't been going on since birth, but I'm going to try speak to someone tomorrow and see if I can get something sorted. My other idea of problem is the fast let down/over supply thing I originally posted about. Gah it's all a bit hazy and very confusing right now. I don't know if there is an actual problem or if it's a phase she's going through.

The good news is she's still very happy except for feeding times and it's not every single feeding time just most. And the rolling over is continuing.

I hear father Christmas wrapped her presents today grin

I'll try and catch up with everything before the weekend. I really hope I manage to. Sorry for my absence and me me me post

MinkyjjMincyPies Wed 21-Dec-11 23:09:48

Feeling very envy about sone of your long sleep patterns. Lo is 14 weeks old today and is still on 3-4 hourly night feeds. Has managed 5 hours a few times but very rare.
Had hv on phone yesterday am as she was concerned that I hadn't been to see them since the 8 week check. I did explain that as he is number 3, really content, gaining weight and growing I don't really need to ask anything and that I am actually rather busy. Also explained that as my ds1 has regular appointments with the paediatric team and various health professionals I do get to ask questions from alot of sources - added to which I have friends who are gps and consultants so quite well covered. Don't think she quite got it though!
Dh was out last night and is hungover today and working in his home office tonight and out tomorrow night again. I haven't even managed a haircut in 3 months ! Today I saved my Christmas cake icing disaster and so tomorrow I will be doing meringue snowmen with the kids, bread sauce for Christmas day and last minute bits. Have my friend coming with her hubby and his mobile photographic studio on Friday - he is going to do some pics of all the kids together and sone of lo on his own too. Also going to do better school ones for me !
Well, off to sleepyland - nite all

MinkyjjMincyPies Wed 21-Dec-11 23:18:29

100 - sorry just saw your post. My lo is also being a bit of a fussy feeder last few days. He seems to be pulling in and off nipple and bashing me - almost like impatience - remember this from ds1 - milk supply changes as they get older and the baby leads demand so you can get slight issues - don't know if that's your issue. On the fast letdown - breastfeeding counsellor says to express into cup first few bits if it upsets lo as they then don't get the full on force of the letdown. Hope you get it sorted, you're doing amazingly to have come this far so try not to let it get to you too much (know that's easier said than done). Sometimes what your eating can also affect milk supply taste - fenugreek is meant to help boost supply - I didn't find that but babe liked the maple syrup taste of my milk for a couple of days so I guess it helped boost milk supply for me. grin

Santageekmum Thu 22-Dec-11 01:44:09

Hi all, blimey quite a bit to catch up on!

Need to get back to sleep though so will do this as quickly as I can.

Changing mat leave - you can do this as long as you notify them ASAP I believe, something like 28 days notice is needed but get in there early to avoid animosity. You won't get any help financially though.

100years - sorry to hear of your issues. Tongue ties can get worse if the skin grows - is it getting painful to feed? Do your nipples come out beveled at the end? It's a simple procedure to remedy and could make a difference. As to the oversupply and fast letdown I can't help, I have exactly the opposite problem. Best wishes with it all.

Loves - hope the ear infection clears before Xmas and that you get that gift sorted!

Minky - bloody hvs! Some of them just don't get it do they? I have also now become convinced that I am better at researching answers to my problems than my hv is so she really is fulfilling a pointless job as regards to me - she needs to spend more time with more needy families!

Shoe size - I used to be a 7, am now a wide fit 8 and have been told by some friends and my dm that this might be a permanent change! Eek!

Xmas - this year with my parents (we alternate each year) so it will be bacon sarnies for brekkie, unwrap presents, eat chocolate whilst playing with presents, eat Xmas lunch at about 2, then Xmas walk, then a movie followed by board games. Love it. My brother will be coming over, another year running without his biatch of a wife (who gets an invite every year to join us but doesn't come - despite having no family in this country), tbh I find him a bit boring but will be nice for him to see DS again.

1am wake up this morning, it's getting earlier and earlier! Will have to be up again in 2 hours so will be off to bed now. At least I get a long break from 8:30 to this first wake up.

Night all!

summerpixie Thu 22-Dec-11 02:36:46

I'm up again pumping away whilst everyone sleeps. Well everyone apart from me and 2 cats who were fighting and wanting out.
Yesterday we ventured on the 2 hr journey to Drayton Manor. If anyone is thinking of going this winter, don't. They make you park in this mud pit slipping all over the place. I nearly fell A over T whilst getting the buggy out. Then had to walk 10mins before getting to Thomasland and got charged £2 for car parking in this mud pit. Needless to say I made a complaint to guest services who refunded me the car park fee. Then, 5 minutes after opening, my DS slipped in the toilets on the wet floors! DH took him to complain and they guiltily gave DS a bag of things with his name on from the shop. The baby feeding rooms were dire. One was a toilet cubicle with the toilet replaced with a bistro chair with armrests! I managed to have 10 minutes undisturbed in one of these rooms expressing before I got a kid constantly trying to open the door( which fortunately had a lock on)! On top of the poor dated facilities the ride operators had a right grump on. DS politely wished everyone a merry Xmas and not a single one smiled nor wished him one back! The true spirit of Xmas! Hope they all get a lump of coal in their stockings. grin

Foot size.... Hmm I have been wearing ugh boots for ages now so can't say I notice size change lol. I guess feet could still be bloated from fluid retention so get larger?

Return from maternity leave... I think when you apply for maternity leave you don't actually have to notify your employer when you intend to return. You just tell them 28days in advance as many women change their minds as to when they would like to return. During the 3 months unpaid there are no benefits to claim as such but you could apply for/get extra tax credits during? I think I read something about it but have never got tax credits as we earn too much jointly(not that I know where it all goes!).
Feeding and sleeping... My DD no longer has a sleep and feed pattern. Her feeding is extremely erratic at the moment and she never takes more than 24oz breast milk per day. I was concerned as formula fed babies are on about 36oz now but I read that breastfed babies take less milk as the milk is more nutritious. I dunno. She is gaining weight so I'm not worrying yet. She is sleeping 4:30-2:30 ish so that bit is ok just needs a bit of a shift but when she wakes she will lie there trying to wriggle her hands free to suck and play with them whilst talking and laughing very loudly to herself!
Time to return to bed. Hope you're all having a good sleep.

ssmileWithFairylights Thu 22-Dec-11 08:44:38

minkyj I've only seen HV twice at 2wks &6wks as req. I don't particularly like the team in our town had far too much conflictin advice last time around they caused me more distress than help.

My Lo had 7-10days very fussy feeding but this wk its settled down (wk 16-17). Typical this morn Both girls slept in and I've been awake since 5.30am! Grrrrrrr DD1 had been up in night with monsters again so was vglad she slept in till 8am. She vvvrarely sleeps late. Babe is still asleep on my bed at 8.45am! She was star again only woke at 12.30 &5.45am.....OMG. still I got little cuddle with DH before he went to work this morn which nice and rare too. Bless him he really struggling to stay motivated at work this week wants to be off with me and the girls.

Mat leave yes you can have upto 12mths but there is no financial help for last 3mths but you can transfer unused mat leave to the Father I think but its still unpaid. I've been saving for the last yr so I can take 12mths off as with first she was 7.5mths old when I went back to work and I regretted it. This time the planned Csec means I will get full 12mths smile

MinkyjjMincyPies Thu 22-Dec-11 10:05:24

Well, lo wanted to feed every 3 hours again through the night and was up bright eyed at 8am so I am knackered and aware that dfil arrives in two sleeps so will then have dh next to me in a small double bed, snoring and keeping me awake - what a lovely Christmas gift ! Needless to say, I need to get some sleep to be able to grit my teeth while dfil is here as he winds me up the wrong way at the best of times !
Right - off to start my chores. Really funny as lo has fed and fallen asleep on me while I have been typing this - he still keeps moving his mouth up and down in a sucking motion even although he is off my booby - hilarious !

the100yearsofchristmas Thu 22-Dec-11 11:48:27

Well hello there ladies. I'm here and LO is asleep next to me in her cot so I'm going to make the most of it and hopefully get to the end of posting before she wakes.

Santa - I hope you love the moby as much as I do. Let me know when it arrives. I have a nursing chair, I used it loads when LO was tiny, but only use it infrequently now, although I've started reading a story to her at night while sitting in it, so it's coming back in use. Thanks for looking at the thread anyway and the best wishes.

summer - how is the itch stuff now, is it all gone now after the piriton? I find it amazing how different babies are all very different sizes.

Candr, I've not yet let LO sleep on her front, She rolls over on her play mat, then falls asleep on her tum, I then pick her up and put her either in her cot (as I have done this morning) or in the moses basket if I'm in the front room (OH is on a work call so I've gone through to the bedroom) She stirs a little, but then goes back off. I think she would sleep well on her front, but I'm all scared - probably unjustifiably. Yep, my LO does the hand retching thing too, I'm torn between leaving her to work it out that it makes her do that, and taking her hand out for her, I've took it out most of the time, but missed it a couple of times and she takes it out herself while looking startled that she's gagging, she's not actually been sick with it though.

Jojo, yep my LO keeps trying to pull herself up from almost sitting. RE the sling, once baby is 8lbs they can go in a moby wrap, I think others have different ages on them.

falala I saw someone using a close carrier the other day while I had LO in my moby, they are very similar but I think on the close carrier the back is set up as a cross stitched in, whereas the moby is just a long piece of material and you make the cross at the back by wrapping it around you. I like the porridge sock idea. I can't use soap as it gives me eczema because it dries my skin out, but hand wash etcs are fine.

Hey snowy. Lovely that the ring was spotted quickly. I want to set a date for my wedding too, but we have other things that seem to be higher in the list of priorities, all I've said is I want to be married before LO goes to school. I would love to just elope and get married and surprise everyone, but I don't think OH would like that as he feels like he ought to have all his friends at the wedding as he's been to most of theirs.

ssmile. Mmm fluffy socks day, fab smile I've been working every christmas for the past 4 years, so it's really nice to actually be off this Christmas grin I hope none of yours are ill on the day.

Minky, I did post in the other thread how to find us for you, but I think you might have sorted it yourself judging by your post. I went to Waitrose yesterday, thankfully all the tills were open and it wasn't too bad, just the car park was ridiculous. Thanks for the advice, have read a few people saying they are having problems at this age. Will see BF HV tomorrow, and have spoken to a TT lady who will see me if they think it's necessary after seeing HV tomorrow.

RE puking babies. My LO is being more sick at the moment, and has quite brilliantly puked over daddy's head as he lifts her up in the air above him not very long after she has been fed, cue sicky over daddy! she's also puked down my top and it's gone right between my boobs!

jimmi, how is the cake? I made a cake a while ago, I don't know if anyone remembers me posting about it. Well OH cracked into it last week, I didn't cook it long enough, so it's a bit more like christmas pudding than cake, but hey, he's still scoffing it smile

Loves, hope you get a decent night, and your DD ear infection gets better I know I had problems with them when younger, not nice.

Christmas will be busy for us, I know jimmi asked what people were doing. We are seeing my family christmas eve into Christmas day then OH's family later on christmas day into boxing day, then home either boxing day or the day after, so lots of travelling for us. Why is it us that travels? Actually we've not asked anyone to come to us, which might be worse than the travelling so all in all it's prob the better side of things.

Wow. I got this far before LO woke. smile

Right fed - for now - and in her chair looking at me murmuring!

Have managed to speak to a lactation specialist (who works alongside a TT Clinic) who has recommended going to the BF group tomorrow and speaking with the HV and if they think it's a TT problem then I can ring her back to arrange an appointment. If she doesn't think it's a TT thing then at least I might have an idea of what's happening. I used to LOVE feeding LO, the past few weeks it's been stressful and not enjoyable on the whole. Heck she wants more food....

That was short lived. 2 mins on and then refusing. It's worse some times than others. Anyway, think we'll prob give her a bottle of EBM a day and see if she takes that easily. Just to be sure she's doing OK.

I have just remembered that father christmas hasn't delivered all of my LO's presents to the warehouse so one of the elves will have to wrap the other present up when it arrives in time for the proper delivery on Saturday night/sunday morning.

For all the problems I've been having recently with feeds, I've had a few days of her sleeping for 8 hours at night, so she is obviously getting enough, just struggling with feeding when she is getting it, or it feels like it. Sorry I'll stop moaning about it for now.

Still in my dressing gown, must get showered and go for a walk, it's such a lovely day out there and I want to see if I can get a place on a baby and toddler art thing in the spring - mmm baby and paint smile

the100yearsofchristmas Thu 22-Dec-11 11:49:32

Oh minky, we also have the sleep feeding thing, have a cute video of her in her cot 'feeding' in her sleep!

MinkyjjMincyPies Fri 23-Dec-11 00:25:31

Meant to thank you 100years - your advice helped me get over here. My lo had a slight Tongue tie at birth and we went to the tt clinic to get it snipped - very simple to do. He didn't need it in the end as his tt was only minor and he was doing okay by the time we got there.
Well today I had the three at home all day again. Changed and cleaned three beds, made bread sauce for Sunday, made meringues with the two dcs, took ds1 for haircut, got my haircut, bought a new golf trolley for dh as extra pressie, had visitors, bathed three kids and ended it by getting pee'd all over from top to bottom. I am exhausted and dh has just got home after his snooker and curry night out. Storing big brownie points up here. The next few days I an really going to be chasing my tail to fit everything in - I am actually most looking forward to the 27th when all houseguests should be gone and I can have pyjama day with dh and my three babies :-)

ssmileWithFairylights Fri 23-Dec-11 08:57:04

Gosh minkyj hope you survive to make the 27th grin
I'd had enough by 6pm last night with two kids. Older one been in full on attention seeking mood last two days and I'm hanging I just want soooommmmeeee down time. Everytime baby settles the other one is climbing all over me, and been vnoisy so babe wakes up grrrrrrr and then is grumpy. Well we off to soft play hell today so she can run off some energy I SO hope it helps....also promised we would make Xmas biscuits together later as she loves baking.
Hope u all have gday and Xmas stress soon passes....smile

falalalalagirl Fri 23-Dec-11 10:21:22

100years grin @ daddy-sick-head. I too quite often end up with a big sick reservoir in my cleavage!

Minky shock at your day! Reckon you've got enough points for a day off next week now!

My feet have grown 1.5 sizes since having DS. I have loads of gorgeous size 5 shoes that don't fit any more sad but I just can't bring myself to get rid of them.

DD is still chewing and dribbling away. I can feel the teeth and the texture of the skin over them has changed and gone all rough but they're still not through. I just leave her to retch on her fist <mean> as I reckon she'll figure it out sooner or later!

Sleep has gone completely out of the window sad In the course of a week, we've gone from one waking to two to three to four last night so I am bloody shattered. Typical that she should choose this week for her sleep to go downhill. It's not as though she's in pain from teeth though, just awake and grumbling then won't settle unless I feed her. She then has a very quick feed for less than 5 mins and goes back to sleep so she's obv not even really hungry angry I guess it's back to co-sleeping and DH relegated back to the spare room.

Ssmile, it is rough with no school/ nursery isn't it? I've got so much to do but I just end up doing it all in the evening when the DCs are in bed then being grumpy coz I've had no time to sit and relax.

DH had a whole day off to go out with his mum this week and I am just so envy He's also going on an extra work do next week. He keeps saying to me that I should go out but he has made no effort to get DD taking a bottle from him so I can't see it happening any time soon. angry

Right, DD is going to gnaw my hand off if I don't find her something to chew so happy baking/ wrapping/ shopping/ preparing to everyone!

Santageekmum Fri 23-Dec-11 11:14:34

I am going to make you all a little jealous as DS slept from 8:30 to 4, then 4:30 to 6:30 this morning! Am very smile but not counting it on happening again tonight!

At the pil's house, very very nice to get some me time whilst DH, mil and pil take over the DS entertainment, even sil took him for a bit yesterday. And so pleased that DS was able to sleep in the new surroundings. All in all am not too bad at the moment, but thinking of you all with sleep issues, know it well...

Better go, have to give the sil and bil a lift to pick up a car. Back later...

Ps Falala you need to force the issue with your DH, it sounds like you need a break!

snowysebs Fri 23-Dec-11 11:49:15

100years-hope you sort bf out. I'm so impressed with everyone on here who are still bf.
Minky- wow what a day... Hope you survive till 27th - your pj day sounds lovely!!
Falala- hope you get a break soon. I was hoping for a lie in this morning but LO wasn't too good last night and both tired thus morning so ended up getting up with her. Oh now doing last minute shopping so still not had any time off but hoping for couple hours this afternoon - might watch Harry potter ladt film.
Santageek enjoy your time at in laws - sounds nice

LO is crying more recently and keeps doing sit ups and straining - not sure if exercising or gripy or constipated - but still having poos so not sure. she wouldn't settle for two hours yesterday afternoon but eventually fell asleep in my arms. Hope she settles...she still smiles every time she sees you though.

Best go she's calling out now...

the100yearsofchristmas Fri 23-Dec-11 14:56:41

Minky, you are welcome smile Wow busy few days for you, we are being house guests at other people's but I am (being a good daughter and) taking food for us to have on christmas eve, now I'm all growed up and responsible, I thought I ought to provide some food for us - oh heck it's tomorrow! RE the TT, we saw an NCT counsellor this morning, she will do a referral to the TT clinic in the new year as she could obviously see it and with a few of the feeding things that are happening it is most probably down to that. Even if it seems better I will probably still get it done so as it doesn't cause problems when she is a bit older. It does seem quite prominent at times.

ssmile, enjoy (as much as you can) the soft play. From what I gather a lot of people call it soft play hell, is this something to dread as LO gets older?

falala - Oh poop to you not being able to get out because DH hasn't tried to give a bottle sad maybe you should leave the house 5 mins before she needs feeding with a bottle ready and tell him you are just popping out and if she needs it to feed her, force him into it kind of thing. I don't know my OH will do it when I ask him to.

Santa geek, nights like that are fab aren't they. smile I've had a few nights of her sleeping 8 hrs, waking for a feed then sleeping another 3 or (on one v lucky occasion) 4 hours!

Thanks snowy, plan is for the new year get a referral to the TT clinic and go from there. It's not dire at the moment, possibly related to age as well as a TT thing, just got to keep on going and see it through. Like jimmi I'm doing the EAT study, so I won't be giving up the BF without a massive fight.

Well tomorrow we are buggering off to my family's house and so although I have the phone big messages are hard to do as I can't check back, so expect lots of #### things in my messages!

Feeling a lot better about the feeding thing now I have seen someone and have an idea of what it is and when things can be done. It's not causing me lots of pain (a bit of discomfort) and she is still feeding well a lot of the time, when she isn't and when she is screaming in refusal when hungry is when it's hard, but I'll just do something else with her to 'distract' her and then try again when she's calmer. It might be better with me being a bit more calm about it now I've spoken to someone.

Woke up this morning at 5am to discover her on her tummy! shock Don't know how long she had been like that. Fed her, put her back down and she tried to roll over again (she's in a grobag so (wrongly) thought this might hinder her rolling progress in bed) put her back on her back and she drifted off again on her back. I'll just pick her up if she rolls over now and put her on her back, but if she's doing it in her almost sleep which I don't hear I'm not going to worry about it. I wrote that, while she was waking up from a nap in her moses basket, wrote the last few words after hearing her disturb and looking in on her, stood up and she was on her tummy, I had no idea she had turned over - silent rolling little minx! Had only been like that in moses basket for 5-10 seconds due to the time it took me to write a few words and stand up to get her!

I love seeing the excitement on her face now when we hold a toy in front of her. And she loves smiling at Daddy. Much more than mummy! Can't wait for Sunday's excited smiles smile Not that she understands any of it yet.

ssmileWithFairylights Fri 23-Dec-11 15:29:12

Glad you feeling bit better about feeding 100 hope u have gd Xmas with rellies. If lo rolls onto front prob is all right but its SO hard to tell isn't it. My DD1 was tummy sleeper from young age and much happier baby once she could. This lo shows no interest it just makes her sick.
Softplay is one of those things you wouldnt dream of doing pre-children but on wet day its great way to wear them out unfortunately every other parent has same idea so the noise level is horrendous. My DH takes earplugs if he has to go! DD1 enjoyed it and met couple friends from school which helps. Babe showed no interest in the plastic balls. Also had hr outside in rain waterproofs but she still jumping around front room now. House is tip really want to tidy up but babe hasn't slept prop today so won't let me put her down without winging. Hohum hubbie home soon and has week off smile he has promised to take older one out tom for couple hrs, as I've got couple bits food to make for his families boxing day dinner.going to be long boxing day min 5hr round trip in car IF we don't get held up which we usually do..oooh joy. Be glad when get to 27 in one piece too grin

Santageekmum Fri 23-Dec-11 18:35:46

Forgot to say earlier that I am v impressed with Minky's day yesterday... Sounds chaotic!

100years so glad you're feeling better. Just a word of warning about tt - my DS had his done at 9 weeks (for the second time hmm) but it took him a further 3/4 weeks to learn how to use his 'new' tongue, so don't expect miracles overnight! But it does get better.

Snowy my DS is doing the situp strain as well! I figured he was just exercising... confused

Ssmile, I can't wait to do the whole soft play thing... Maybe I'm being a bit naive!

Last night at the pils, had a shock today when there was a big argument between mil and sil followed by one between mil and pil, meanwhile DH was nowhere in sight and I couldn't escape as I was bfing! confused blush they all made up though for a delicious gammon lunch so all's well. Staying for mil's for her bday party tomorrow then a 2hr trip to my parents' for Christmas.

MinkyjjMincyPies Sat 24-Dec-11 00:11:15

%23%23%23%23%23 very quick post - thanks to all for lovely wishes - was just thinking what a wonderful group you all are and how i feel like I am talking to friends when I post on here.
Lo screamed for about an hour tonight really badly and then seemed to calm and is now sleeping after having a good belch and poo - really hoping he settles and is okay now as i have to be at waitrose at 8am for the turkey and have such a busy day ahead of me. Today was frantic but I had many blessings - dh was there to help luckily and I borrowed my mums cleaner for three hours to clean and iron for me - she works as a chambermaid in a five star hotel so I feel very spoilt tonight as even my toilet rolls have been folded down and I was half expecting to find a chocolate on my pillow tonight !
Well off to sleep - hoping that you are all receiving little blessings too that make Christmas special for you. My nine year old summed it up tonight when she said that this year we have already had the best present we could ever have - a new baby brother....

Santageekmum Sat 24-Dec-11 02:03:03

Minky I need an [aaahh] emoticon to sum up your post! I have also felt like i have found friends here smile And as friends, can you please send the maid round our house next? wink

Well as predicted LO didn't go through the night as much as yesterday, made it to 1:30am. I don't think he'll go down as easily either sad as he's not as relaxed as usual whilst bfing. I really can't fathom him out!

Looking forward to Christmas, I love all the present exchanging so am hopeful DS will enjoy watching it this year! btw what did you buy your Los? We only got him some small books, couldn't think of anything a 15week old needed!

ssmileWithFairylights Sat 24-Dec-11 06:33:11

Can I say thankyou too to this lovely group on here. Merry Christmas. Being able to "chat" has really helped me have a positive first 4mths with Lo after a difficult time with first DD I'm really enjoying being mum to this Lo grin
She did her usual up at 12-1,3,5, unsettled till now which is 6.30, I do miss having her go till 1 or 2am, as 12 is too early and she wouldn't resettle in her crib so 1am gave up put her in bed and fed again.
Oooh minkyj what a lovely "gift" someone to do ironing &cleaning I'd like that too smile was feeling vfrazzled by 6pm again last night as babe had grissled all afternoon, I tried to give her teetha powder as she wouldn't feed properly but wouldn't stop sucking fist either, but she was sickly 10mins later. Eventually I fed her lying on bed at 6pm and she fell asleep for 10mins which was long enough to get DD1 showered &into PJs.
santageek I don't mind softplay out of school hols as the younger ones enjoy it and are a lot quieter but in the school holidays if you still like it feel free to come collect my DD enroute grin
Right time to get up and survive enough day. Happy Christmas Eve all........x

ssmileWithFairylights Sat 24-Dec-11 06:35:51

Presents for lo include a new outfit for visitin rellies, bath toy, push along thing for crawling, and fisher price camera thing, the toys are for 6mths+ but that's Feb so won't be long.......

MinkyjjMincyPies Sat 24-Dec-11 07:15:43

grin happy Christmas eve peops. I am off to do battle at waitrose now - aiming to get there for opening time and do a trolley dash for last minute bits too ! Hope you all have relaxing days x

Santageekmum Sat 24-Dec-11 07:23:45

Hurrah! LO slept from 2:30am till 7! grin

Happy Christmas eve! Have a good day with any last minute prep <imagines Minky doing supermarket-sweep-style shopping clearing the shelves in Waitrose>

brew for you all this morning

snowysebs Sat 24-Dec-11 09:12:49

Happy Christmas eve all! Feel the same as you all and feel I have lovely friends here who have kept me sane, offered wonderful advice and made me smile and laugh no end of tomes. Thank you all grin

The gift of a cleaner... How lovely... But waitrose 8am Xmas eve maybe not so! And shock to arguing relatives whilst your bf!

Well had our first screaming and crying episode last night. LO would not settle and it turned into her screaming for ages with nothing we could to calm her. Was horrible... But as my oh said, some babies do it all the time. Managed to get a tiny dribble of calpol on and she fell asleep on oh whilst pacing the room. Then, bless her, she went 11.30 to 3.30, fed changed then 4.15 to 7.30!! And OH gave me the lie in promised so it's 9 am and I'm just about to get up!! Bliss!!

Hope screams were one off... Thinking overtired??

Santageek - glad you think the sit up strains are just exercises! It's nice to know LO is doing the same things as everyone else's LO - sit ups, finger sucking etc

Presents- we've just got her a cot side projector thing, and couple of little rattle type toys. Shes had quite a few presents off my friends so haven't gone mad. Told my dad and brother to get nice books - looking forward to reading them to her. And yes, best ever present for me is to simply spend Christmas with my lovely daughter... Still surprise myself that I can use that word!!

Right, must get up now and start Xmas eve!!

Have a good day lovely ladies...

CosmicCloud Sat 24-Dec-11 15:54:02

Just checking in quickly to wish you all a lovely Christmas Eve.
Minky am totally with your DD on the LO's being the best present ever! Bless her for saying it. Am very envious of your borrowed cleaner too.
Santageek we have got LO an outfit, sleepsuits, a couple of small rattle type toys and books. His big brother has quite a bit more this year but didn't see the point of buying things just for the sake of it.
Ssmile hope your LO sleeps a bit better tonight.
Snowy hope the screams were a one off and your LO is more settled tonight.
Right off to glaze the ham. Happy Christmas Eve all. smile

summerpixie Sat 24-Dec-11 23:47:15

Just popping in to wish you all a very merry Christmas and hoping all your LO enjoy their first Christmas.

Santageekmum Sat 24-Dec-11 23:52:15

Merry Christmas, may you all get a good night's sleep and a happy day. smile

CosmicCloud Sun 25-Dec-11 05:38:15

Happy first Christmas to all the little ones and merry Christmas to all of you too. smile

Hope everyone has a really lovely time.

Off to try to get another couple of hours sleep before the festivities begin. grin

LovesBloominChristmas Sun 25-Dec-11 06:09:47

Merry Christmas everyone and god bless all the babies!

snowysebs Sun 25-Dec-11 09:24:13

Merry Christmas everyone. And a special first merry Christmas to your LOs grin

Hope you all have a lovely day

the100yearsofchristmas Sun 25-Dec-11 09:28:39

Happy Christmas everyone. For the people who are having their first Christmas as parents enjoy it big time. For the people who have extended their families this year enjoy the experiences the children will have sharing Christmas with their little brother or sister.

Edith is sharing the day with her cousins and they've helped her unwrap pressies from Santa Claus. grin

Santageekmum Sun 25-Dec-11 20:45:09

Had a very bad night with lo, but a lovely day followed so can't complain too much!

And dh got me my very first smartphone so am very grin.

Hope you all had lovely days with your families. smile

LovesBloominChristmas Mon 26-Dec-11 07:54:54

Santa that's it now you'll never be off it now grin

Had a good day, ds still has loads of presents to open as he slept most of tge day and I ended up having a couple of hours kip in tge evening blush but dd slept through last night and has only just got up.

A bigger family day today, including a visit to the inlays for turkey curry!
Happy boxing day everyone!!!!!

Santageekmum Mon 26-Dec-11 23:29:11

This is my c25k thread for anyone that wants to join in with my new years running plan.

Now I've started a thread I'd better actually do the damn running!

MinkyjjMincyPies Mon 26-Dec-11 23:30:52

Hope you have all had a great Christmas. I am breathing a big sigh as it's been lovely and no arguments or problems but I am tired. Dh took lo and me up to bed on Christmas day afternoon and tucked us in for a sleep and then took lo on boxing morning for two hours - bliss. Dh bought me so many thoughtful gifts - a kindle because I love reading and loads of cake decorating things so I can indulge my hobby.y dd1 bought me the most beautiful necklace (with help financially from dh). Had to stay awake until 12.30 to fill stockings on Christmas eve but we had told dcs that they had to wait until 9am to wake us to open stockings and bless them they waited - they actually didn't touch a thing until dh went to get them - they prefer to do the opening all of us together as a family event and we told them that lo needed to sleep. Both dcs say that although they love all their presents the bast thing ever is lo (how amazing is that). Feel so very blessed and can't believe that this time last year I remember thinking that the only thing I wanted was a baby - how lucky was I !
Tomorrow I am not getting dressed and will be parked with my dcs infront of the cinema screen at home with curtains drawn, popcorn and loads of chocolate and cuddles - hoping all my mn friends are having a wonderful day too.

CBear6 Mon 26-Dec-11 23:35:16

I haven't popped in for ages but just wanted to say hello and Merry Christmas to you all, how time flies! Babies being born one minute and it seems like just the next that they're having their first Christmas smile

DD will be 15 weeks on Wednesday but it seems like she's always been here. She's kept us busy in those 15 weeks. Three trips to A&E for pooping bright red blood clots, one for taking a flying iPhone to the head, and back at the beginning of November a week in hospital on oxygen and a stats monitor for bronchiolitis - longest week of my life, not helped at all by shocking doctors ("your daughter has a heart problem ... <five hours later> ... oh did no one tell you the results? We were wrong") and DS finding a high level painkiller someone had dropped on the hospital floor and popping it in his mouth. At least the nurses were lovely.

Fingers crossed everything has been nice and calm since then ....

Christmas was fun, she wasn't at all interested in the toys though and just wanted to wave the tirn up wrapping paper around!

CBear6 Mon 26-Dec-11 23:37:20

What a lovely Christmas Minky smile

I remember last year throwing up my dinner and cursing my luck to have caught a tummy bug at Christmas. I was soon corrected on that thought grin

ssmileWithFairylights Tue 27-Dec-11 06:58:50

Had bit of a flat Xmas. sad Woke up Xmas eve with a cold, went bit downhill from there as babe woke every two hrs Christmas day night, then spent 5hrs in the car as had to do DH family, then babe went down with cold too so lots snuffling& sneezing last night from her. So I feel bit of train wreck exhausted mum now. DH has vowed next yr we are doing what we want for Xmas as we feel like we spent last 2days doing stuff for everyone else when to be honest all of us have a cold and are knackered.
Hohum at least colds are very minor illness not like some which other families are facing. Close family friends lost her hubbi&kids lost their dad this year, so I feel very blessed with my two beautiful girls, but would just like some sleep please.
I shall slink off to be barrhumbug by myself....

Santageekmum Tue 27-Dec-11 11:37:35

So sorry to hear your Christmas was not great Ssmile, I hope you feel better soon. Just think you have plenty of Christmases ahead to enjoy, so just take it easy and get your dp to look after you!

Santageekmum Tue 27-Dec-11 11:38:44

And I think that's a great idea for future Christmases, I have already begun to think next year we might stay put in our house rather than travelling.

MinkyjjMincyPies Tue 27-Dec-11 11:38:45

Welcome back cbear and you really haven't had it easy with lo - I remember alot of hospital panics with other two and I am sure we will have our moments with this lo but it's so hard when it happens. Hope you have got all yours done and dusted now and that's the worst over. My friend who is currently expecting number 4 (unplanned as has 3 boys but has now discovered this lo will be pink !) has been in hospital with her youngest who is a year old for more than 90 days during his first year - she has got very good at knitting !
Although I love Christmas it is a very difficult time for many. My FIL is with us this year and normally I can't wait for it to be over as we tend to wind each other up but I have just asked dh to ask him if he wants to stay for longer as he seems so low this year - my mil died on 4th jan 7 years ago and his eldest brother passed away a week before Christmas so he is quite low and not his usual self, I just can't let him go home if he wants to stay ... May regret this later but hey it's Christmas.
So, off to skink around in my pjs for the day....

snowysebs Tue 27-Dec-11 15:27:22

Welcome back Cbear... god, sounds like you've had a really scary time, but hopefully all in the past now.
Ssmile - hope your cold goes soon, and sorry you didn't have the best Christmas.
Minky - your Christmas did sound lovely, but hope your FIL is ok, and hope he stays with you for comfort if needed.

We had a nice time... DSkids are very good and wait until we've all had showers and breakfast (and LO bathed and dressed) before opening pressies. LO had a lot of help opening her's from DSD and DSS! Unfortuately, my Dad came down with the stinking cold that everyone else has, and was so full of it on Christmas day he couldn't come, so missed out of LO's first Christmas. We did a quick visit on the day, and exchanged gifts, but LO and OH stayed in the car! He's up tomorrow with my brother and his girlfriend (who were due today but girlfriend has also got a cold... everyone's at it..!) and we'll have a second Christmas dinner with them, so he won't completely miss out.

LO had some lovely books, clothes and a few small toys... we've just gone out to get some shelves for her room now to fit them all on! She's really starting to interact well with the rattley things on the play mat, so looking forward to her playing with her new toys too. Though, her fingers and thumbs are her favourite toys smile

snowysebs Tue 27-Dec-11 15:29:58

Ooh, and my friend is also having a girl after having 3 boys... but she's going in tomorrow for a planned C Section (baby breech, but also she's Rhesus D blood so her levels are high and they want the baby out ... she's managed to get to 36 weeks though, so that's good). She's so nervous after having 3 normal births... to have a C section for the fourth. Really looking forward to LO having her first proper playmate!!! Can't wait to meet her...

jimmijam Tue 27-Dec-11 22:10:58

hiya, just a quick note..

we dont have a bath but our lo has outgrown his baby bath but far too young to shower. have seen a flexibath meant for up to 4yr olds but read bad reviews, any other suggestions please?
very greatfuly appreciated

hope you all had a fantastic christmas, bet your lo's got spoilt! (strangely 3 ppl brought our lo choc and sweets!!)

falalalalagirl Tue 27-Dec-11 22:29:16

Phew, thank god that's all over!

Good to see you again Cbear, and wow, it sounds like you've had a very eventful and scary three months!

Ssmile, my Christmas was a bit anti-climactic as well; DD is hellish atm and been v hard work so I am shattered. Sorry your day was hard-going too.

Minky, that's really good of you to help your FIL like that, you're so kind! I feel a bit blush now as I've been moaning like crazy about my two very elderly relatives who came and stayed this year. I also have a kindle and I adore it, DH got it for me as a well-done pressie after having DD and he got me one of the posh covers with a light as part of my Christmas present so I can read in bed without disturbing DD. I actually have no room for any more books in my house so the kindle is a godsend!

Santageek, I think you're right and there's a lot to be said for staying home for Christmas. We capitulated to my mum and spent two nights at her place this year and it was too much for all of us (esp me!) Last year we only stayed for one night and it was much easier. I got v angry with my brother telling DS off for things that don't bother me; he doesn't have kids and clearly doesn't subscribe to my rather lazy laissez faire style of parenting! I have marked a place on your C25K thread but I need to finish all the crap food in the house before I make a start!

Loves, we had to do Christmas in stages for the two DCs as well. DS would open one present and then wander off to play with it for half an hour and have to be persuaded to come back and open any more. The two of them got way more than we have room for and I am going to have to put some of DD's stuff in the loft until she's ready for it I think!

Snowy, my DD's starting to really interact with stuff as well now. She got a new playmat and has spent ages on it today having a whale of a time.

I know I've missed people and I'm sorry but I hope you've all had a lovely time this week. I can't believe we're already over 3months in. Just think, in another 3 months time we'll be dealing with teeth and food and the beginnings of crawling; how exciting! The best bit of my Christmas day was marking the fact that it was exactly one year since I had my BFP which was the best present that I have ever had smile

CBear6 Tue 27-Dec-11 22:29:43

Cheap inflatable paddling pool from the poundshop? I bought DS one over the summer and it was tiny, not really big enough to use for a pool but certainly big enough to bath a baby in.

Would he not like the shower? I sometimes take DD in with me and so long as the spray isn't directed at her face she enjoys it, I think it's the skin-to-skin in the warm water she likes more than anything. DS used to enjoy it too.

falalalalagirl Tue 27-Dec-11 22:34:05

Hi Jimmi hope you've had a lovely time and shock at the sweets for the babe (I bet they've found a good 'home' though wink) I get in the bath with DS and DD every night which I love and means we don't need a baby bath (which always knackered my back). I've also got one of these for when I can't get in with them; both DCs have had a whale of a time in it!

falalalalagirl Tue 27-Dec-11 22:35:49

Never thought of taking them this little into the shower, although I used to at the swimming pool with DS I suppose. Maybe if I'd done it more he wouldn't hate it so much now...

Santageekmum Wed 28-Dec-11 02:34:09


Didn't see cbear's message before - what a start you've had! I hope things have settled down for you now.

My mum always seems to boast about how I was washed in the kitchen sink (and slept in a drawer when visiting rellies) so that's the only thing I can suggest!

Minky you are the true spirit of Christmas, how generous!

Right, desperate for sleep so will catch up more later x

ssmileWithFairylights Wed 28-Dec-11 07:36:05

My SIS lives in OZ off rainwater they only have a shower. Her Lo is washed in sink or sat in bottom of shower can wash with watering can or just put shower on the floor or cuddle them and shower with you. We only had a shower for first 7mths of DD1 life.

Poor Lo is very full of snot, another long night ere will post more later

Obsidian Wed 28-Dec-11 13:05:29

Lovely to hear all your first Christmas stories. Sorry to hear that some of you didn't have the greatest time. Just think, next Christmas the LOs will be over a year old and probably toddling about - can't believe it! At least they'll be a bit more interested in presents and Christmas traditions, although I guess it won't be until the next Christmas that they get really into Father Christmas, reindeers, stockings and the like. So much fun to come!

We had a really nice Christmas, and LO did amazingly well considering we spent three days with relatives, not getting home until 10/11ish at night. On two of those nights she went straight from the car seat into bed without waking up!! I must admit I was shattered by the end of boxing day though - all that socialising and trying to bat away relatives when LO was trying to sleep, as well as far too much food and drink, rather took it's toll. Having a day at home just the three of us today - bliss!

LO finally seems to be getting the idea of going to bed earlier now too - although realise this could all change any moment! She was in bed at 8.30 last night and slept until 1am, as did I, then back to bed by 1.30, so feeling much better today. She did wake up for a quick feed at 5.30 though, but then slept until 8.30 - practically a lie in!! Really hope this is the beginning of a pattern, and not just pot luck!

She's starting to really get into toys now too - which is a good job considering her Christmas hoard. It's so lovely to watch her learning. She's getting pretty good at blowing raspberries too smile I think next Christmas we might have to ask Santa for a new house to keep all LOs stuff in!

Santageekmum Wed 28-Dec-11 17:45:22

Good to hear things are going well in the obsidian household!

Just a quick one to say my moby wrap has arrived! Haven't quite got the hang of putting lo yet though blush

the100yearsofchristmas Wed 28-Dec-11 18:14:01

Right then.

Hi again everyone smile

ssmile. Maybe I'll take ear plugs to soft play if I go, just in case! Sorry to hear about your cold.

Santageek, thanks for the word of warning re TT. I shall bear it in mind. I'm going to have a think about the running. my running has been fitful at best due to a bad heal, but I might start the plan and see how I get on. I can do just over 2K now, but it's slow and getting from there to further is not happening at the moment. When you get the hang of the moby I'm sure you will love it.

We got LO a few bodysuits in size 3-6 months as we need them, nearly about to go into them! A couple of soft toys, a body warmer thing for swimming and a book for me to read at bedtime smile Didn't go mad, didn't see the point, had lots of nice things of everyone else too, nothing too big smile

Cbear, sorry to hear of everything you have been through. Hope things are getting better now.

Jimmi, I've put LO in the shower with me at swimming when I go. The first bit under the water is a bit shock but she is fine with it.

Sorry it's not a catch up for everyone, I've just had a read through and sounds like a few up and down Christmases.

We had a mega busy day on Christmas day, woke up at 6:30 by my Mum as my nieces were already awake and wanted to open their presents. Then it was non stop the whole day. Was lovely, but very busy. Then in the evening we headed up to OH's parents for a more relaxed boxing day. Had a lovely time at both places, but total polar opposites in how busy they were, still that's a good thing.

LO is a bit unsettled at the moment after about 5 or 6am, she used to sleep quite well, but is getting a little less so at the moment and I was awake 3 times this morning between 5 and 8! Ah well.

Waiting on next week for the referral re the TT, have read a few more things and there are quite a lot of things that could (not definite) happen if it's left untreated, and so I would rather not risk having problems with those things in the future when it's harder to deal with then. The feeding isn't getting worse and feels a bit better now, smile but I have a slightly sore nipple, something I never had even when she was weeny tiny and first feeding. But I'm hard as nails me and I'll be OK (until it gets properly painful wink)

CBear6 Thu 29-Dec-11 13:49:57

We got DD a ragdoll (or whatever the name is for a fabric doll) which she enjoys chewing, a teether rattle, a singing bear, and clothes which she needed and I wrapped up as gifts. She's an odd size for clothes I think. She's mostly out of first size now and in 0-3 months but some of her 0-3 are too small, some are too big, and some fit just right. She's in first size and 0-3 for vests but 3-6 for sleep suits and a mix of 0-3/3-6 for daywear. She's really long in the body and different shops seem to have different ideas on what size 0-3 is!

She's teething with a vengeance - one cheek is bright red, drooling, and that awful high-pitched slightly screechy teething cry sad I added to it by getting her second lot of jabs yesterday afternoon, she's three week behind on them so these were the twelve week boosters, one in each leg.

What has everyone got planned for New Year?

snowysebs Thu 29-Dec-11 18:17:05

Hope everyone enjoying their Chrismas week (I enjoy this bit probably more than Christmas day... !)

Sorry, can't reply to everyone, as just quickly catching up... but yes, Cbear - my LO is in alsorts of different sizes, depending on the shop. She's just about getting too big for her 0-3 months sleepsuits and vests, but the 3-6 months we have (presents!!) just look SO big next too... but she does seem to be growing quite a bit recently, so think it won't be long she'll be in them. She does wear the odd 3-6months top and leggings.

Well, my friend had her little girl yesterday, Eva Rose, at 6lb 3 oz - not bad for 36 weeks. But, she had to go to intensive care for a c-pap for her breathing (which she did come off 2am last night) and also have a drip as she wasn't feeding. However, my friend has managed to feed her today. I was quite emotional yesterday, as my friend was texting saying she'd hardly seen her as she was whipped away to SCBU with her husband, and as she'd had a C Section and was sick as her blood pressure had dropped, she didn't get to see her much. I just thought back to when my LO was born, and the thought that I wouldn't have her next to me after the birth would have devastated me... so really felt for my friend. BUt, hopefully now she can be up and about and therefore can be next to her LO. Can't wait to see her, hoping I can go and visit tomorrow. Was fun shopping today for some newborn clothes again!

Ummmm, New Year - well, I think OH, LO and I shall be having a quiet one in!! Whether I can stay up till midnight will be a bit of a test! Might open a bottle of cava though! Kids will be with their mum, so it'll be a quiet one. TBH, haven't been out on NYE for a few years now, as the only option here is the local pub, or one of us has to drive. But, can't take LO to the pub on such a rowdy night, so definitely be indoors!! But, we'll have the woodburner on, so nice and cosy!

Right, LO waking up ... best go!!

candr Thu 29-Dec-11 19:54:52

Hi all, missed loads of posts so just a general hope you all had a good Christmas. Nice to see you back Cbear sorry you had a rough time. Good to see lots of you have babies starting to sleep better. We managed to get better sleeping habits when at my parents so have continued them at home - fingers crossed. DS got more gifts than DH and I from grandparents. We know we are very lucky there although some of the clothes - dear god they are awful!grin He has started to chat more now and is reaching for toys but still prefers to chew fingers and is over a stone in weight. Hope you all have a great year, will be strange saying I had a baby last year!

jimmijam Thu 29-Dec-11 20:13:29

wow cbear sorry to read you've been having a bad ime of it, wouldnt want to be in your shoes, here's to a better 2012 for you!!!!!!

thankyou all on teh suggestions! our shower is crap tho, it was here when we moved in and is really old, you can either have it scorching hot (hurts when you get in but after a minute its ok) or stone cold (the kids have very quick showers in this setting) so dont fancy holding lo in that. i've looked at new showers a few times but dh insists ours is fine- the hot setting is not hot to him. one day I'll call out a plumber myself to get it sorted.

good thinking with the bottle of cava, it's a few years since ive been botherd by nye, prob cuz im usually working, would rather be tucked up in bed! dh is going out with a few ppl from work. i could go, but as i said, would rather b at home.

santa sleeping in a drawer sounds so cute, hope you have photos to show your lo's when theyre older!

dh got me a flip camcorder for christmas (sounds like us mummys were very spoilt), put xmas footage onto dvd but it wont play in the dvd player-any tips please? it only seems to want to play on the computer but i want to send a copy to pil who dont have a computer

snowy thats one of your (well, my anyway) worst fears when giving birth. luckily she's doing ok now- huge relief smile

LovesBloominChristmas Thu 29-Dec-11 21:05:43

Wow lots of different experiences over xmas!

Funny to think this time last year we were/about to get pg shock

jimmijam Fri 30-Dec-11 11:29:21

yes, we found out about this lo with a very faint positive line on a test on boxing day last year smile

anyone else thinking about when to wean yet?
after following a curve just below the 98th centile our lo dropped to 91st centile at last weigh in, now wakes most nights for playtime and watches us eat while shoving his fists into his mouth. i know now is too soon tho (although i started our eldest 2 on baby rice at about 16weeks), everyone says wait til 6months now. will c if weigh in is open next wed to c which curve he's on and speak to a hv.

the100yearsofchristmas Fri 30-Dec-11 12:24:17

CBear, I think we will probably be asleep on NYE when it turns to next year! I can't imagine anything happening for us. But I'm fine with that, I've always preferred spending Christmas with family and that than drinking/doing stuff on NYE.

snowy, 6lb3 for a 36 weeker is fab, my LO was 6lb9 and she was 41wks! Glad she managed to get off the Cpap quickly, that's good.

jimmi, I have asked OH about the DVD thing and there are a lot of different things that it could be, he went through a couple of things and they all sound complicated. One of them is that some computers won't write a DVD that can play on a DVD player, another is that the disc is still 'open' and needs to be finished otherwise it won't be read, like I said complicated and he said he would need to know more about how it was written! Our LO also watches with interest when we are eating and her fists are always in her mouth!

Loves I actually found out I was pregnant on Christmas day last year!

Just had the 16 week jabs. She was fine, cried a little while it was happening, but normalised within a minute. Hopefully as they are just boosters of everything she has had in the past she will be OK.

Hair drama(in a it's really not a drama way), I want blonde hair again properly now. The only trouble is the time it's going to take at the hairdressers sad (and cost) I just don't want to have to keep doing in my hair rede or purple or brown forever which is what is going to happen if I don't go back to a blondish colour.

Got a load of money of the PIL for Christmas (well more than I expected) so I can go shopping grin which will be fab. I also had a bit of money for my birthday earlier in the month, which I spent yesterday on a sewing box, pin cushion, and tape measure from John lewis in this pattern (that's the sewing box I got. smile I want the craft bag next, but they didn't have it in the store and it's out of stock at the moment, but I'll keep an eye on the website and probably order it smile [old woman emoticon]

It's film afternoon with OH this afternoon smile

Santageekmum Fri 30-Dec-11 13:22:19

Quick post to say I have hair drama too! DH keeps asking me when I'm going to get it done, but it takes so long and I have to feed lo every two hours!

Nothing for new years except sleep.

I'll catch up later a bit more...

falalalalagirl Fri 30-Dec-11 15:11:40

Bah humbug to NYE; I haven't bothered since before DS was born coz I just get bored of waiting at a busy bar to get served. We'll prob just get take-away and go to bed at 10.30 like we have the last two years! Last year my mum said that they would babysit for us so we could go out this year but that was before I'd told them that I was pg. I did contemplate reminding her and pretending that we expect her to honour the offer but I thought that was a bit mean grin

I am planning our first proper night out though as our best present by far was £100 worth of vouchers for Fifteen in Newquay (the Jamie Oliver restaurant) from my MiL. I was actually so overwhelmed when I opened her gift that I started to cry!

100years, I did the test on Christmas day too. I had to pretend that I was going out to the car to get DH on his own to show him the stick without any of my family noticing. It was so exciting, having a little secret. We kept going off into corners and giggling smile

Jimmi, I'm not weaning until 6 months. I remember being so excited with DS that we started at about 23 weeks and then I realised that, actually, it's a massive PITA cleaning up after a baby's meal and so I'm leaving it as late as poss this time around. We did BLW last time and I am too lazy to make purees and introduce one foods at a time so I will be doing the same again. I like the whole flinging a couple of lumps of food on a tray for them and letting them figure it out for themselves approach!

I use flipcams at school and have the same problem sometimes. The files tend to be in an odd format and I have to convert them so they'll work on the school's Mac and then burn onto a DVD. I have some piece of software that came with the school's video cameras but it's v time consuming. Sorry, that's not much help really; hope you get it figured out!

Oh god, I really need a haircut. I can't afford my usual dye job so I'll have to do that myself but I am going to have to go for a cut very soon. What to do with the babe though? Maybe DH can just walk up and down the high street with her until I'm done.

snowysebs Fri 30-Dec-11 17:56:33

Yes, I'm not sure about when to do the weaning thing. I think if you ask a HV about it, they'll say wait till 6 months because that's what they have to say now... unless you have one that doesn't buckle to trends. It's still 4 months in Ireland and the US. She doesn't look like she needs anything at the moment, so I'll try and go on gut instinct, although this being my first, I don't really know what I'm looking for!! ALthough a friend got me Baby and Toddler meal planning books for Xmas, so I'll read those with interest!

Re everyone and hair... can you try mobile hairdressers that come to your house?? I'm really lucky in that a friend from work does mine (I worked in an FE College that has a hairdressing dept, and I'm really good friends with the head of hairdressing.... and bless her, she comes to my house to do my roots - otherwise I'd be grey... have been since going more and more grey since the age of 21 blush) But, a mobile hairdresser might be the answer?

Been to an aquarium with the kids today, and the LO loved being in the cafeteria watching the world and it's pram go by (there were more prams in there than mothercare!! Think it's the only place to take kids around here obviously!! The swimming baths are all closed over the Christmas break for carbon reduction work!!! Instead of doing them one place at a time, the council have decided to do all of them at the same time... was hoping to take LO for her first swim!!) But she loved the noise and people, it was fun to watch her take it all in!

Seems like we'll all be in this NYE then... but then, with 3 to 4 month olds, where else would we be!?! No different to most years for us...

I found out I was PG on 3rd Jan... didn't dare test before then and I actually thought I definitely wouldn't be as I had PMS pains and really thought it was a normal month!!! The best shock in the world for me to find the two blue lines! Wow, can't believe it's almost a year ago.

snowysebs Fri 30-Dec-11 17:58:21

Ooh, and Falalala... vouchers for Fifteen is a brilliant present... hope you have a fab night whenever you go!

Santageekmum Fri 30-Dec-11 18:13:34

Amazing gift... When are you going? You will have to report back on the food!

I have now purchased some running shoes, so am hoping to get fit soon... Have never run before but the lady in the running shop said I had a good gait smile

Still having issues with lo waking every. 3 hours at night. Given that it takes an hour to feed and settle, it means I'm only getting two hours of sleep each time. I'm getting very very tired sad

DS managed to go 10 days without pooping. He finally pooed today thank goodness grin but it was quite thick hmm

Santageekmum Fri 30-Dec-11 18:25:37

Snowy any tips on taking younger ones swimming? I've never done it before and haven't been swimming myself for a long time.

ssmileWithFairylights Fri 30-Dec-11 19:22:24

My top tip on taking Lo swimming is take your dressing gown or huge towel as it can take a while to get little wiggly babes dry&dressed meanwhile mums get freezing! We also got a baby wetsuit jacket as unless the pool nice 32c babes get cold blue lips fast, the wetsuit wrap is deadeasy to put on and means we can stay in 20-30mins with out shiving.also you need baby swim nappies. We have wetsuit swim nappy pants but some pools insist on disposable nappies too. Gd luck, enjoy it.
We slowly on mend here. Baby has hacking cough and last two days on multiple doses of calpol using oral syringe and mini drops we have mastered the art of getting 2.5ml in with min spit back. Poor Lo has needed it she was moaning with discomfort and struggling to feed. If cough doesn't improve will be off to Drs as her ears been red waxy too but have lessened today. I've virtually lost my voice though and the two hourly wake ups been taking its toil.
Hope u all have gd new years, ours will be quiet early night! We were very luckly to be in Sydney Suburbs (OZ) 3yrs ago where our then 20mth old DD stayed uptill midnight running around a local park in the dark it was 20c, but the last 3have been at home early to bed.
Won't be weaning till babe ready 6mths+ and would like to do more baby led weaning as gd friend of mine did it with her second with great success.

LovesBloominChristmas Fri 30-Dec-11 20:33:36

Fifteen wow very jel envy

I was given a weaning talk about 3 weeks ago when they came to weight him. Can't even begin to think about giving him anything yet.

I managed to get my hair cut by getting a dry cut instead.

I had a miscarriage before having ds, infect I didn't actually have axperiod inbetween. I had a scan on dec 15th to make sure everything was ok and it seems I was probably already pg again by then but only just which is why they couldn't see it.

the100yearsofchristmas Fri 30-Dec-11 21:48:04

I used to work in a pub and also worked in a hotel over new year, suppose seeing lots of people getting pi55ed takes the fun off it. Also last year I was working till 3am, and already suffering from HG and so had to rush out a few times to puke! NICE!!! hmm

falala, nice to know of another Christmas day tester, was the best present in the world for me last year. smile

snowy, tbh I was thinking of looking for a mobile hairdresser, but it's knowing where to get that recommendation from. Might FB it and ask if anyone locally knows of anyone, would make it so much easier. Shame I do know someone who does hair and beauty, but she lives hours away! Can't wait to do aquariums and museums with LO.

Santa, great on getting the shows smile I take my LO swimming each week - I do pay for 'lessons' but afterwards I wrap her(quite snuggly) up in a towel, get myself dressed then get her dressed, she has usually wriggled herself dry by this point! Makes it a bit easier and the changing rooms are so warm that I don't worry about her getting cold.

Loves sorry to hear about the MC before DS, can't imagine what that was like, I had some bleeding, but thankfully was nothing, awful worry though, can't quite think how it would have been if something had happened.

3 times I've fed LO now in the past 1hr 45! Put her down 3 times now! Not sure how tonight is going to go, never mind, another restful day tomorrow with the third of the Bourne trilogy to watch after watching 2 of them this afternoon with OH. LO slept a lot of the day, must have been the jabs, she slept on me, which I loved, just sitting there and enjoying sleepy cuddles.

candr Fri 30-Dec-11 23:23:18

100yrs, have just come downstairs after long session trying to get LO to self settle to find DH watching 3rd Bourne film - he loves them.
Thanks for swimming tips guys as am planning to start that in new year, can you wear shorts in pool as can't be bothered to get waxed.
Have mobile hairdresser who comes round and does good dry cut for 9 bucks which is great and she loves babies.
Have started putting LO in high chair and iving him tastes of non salty sauces from my finger, quite likes garlic ones but showed no interest in the piece of pasta I gave him. We aso want to do BLW and got a book by Jill Rapley which is really good. We were told 6m unless they were hungry babies but my fried said everyone in her baby group did t at 4m as they al got a bit competative. THink the point of BLW is the baby lets you know when they are ready.
Have a great NYE all what ever you are doing - board games and virgin cockails for me and pg friend while the boys prob get a bit pissed.

MinkyjjMincyPies Sat 31-Dec-11 00:52:22

%23%23%23%23%23 not time to reply individually but wanted to wish everyone a happy new year for 2012. We have friends coming over for dinner and drinks - they live in the same road and next door to their parents (how lucky) so on-hand babysitting ! They are bringing the main !
I weaned dd1 at 12weeks (you did that ten nine years ago!) and ds at 16 weeks (6 years ago !). I wish I could with lo as he now wakes every 1.5 -3 hours to be fed day and night - little nibbler ! It is alot of phaff though. Have got the new high-chair - gave the mothercare manager a look of disgust when he said you couldn't use them before 6months - it's the same design I had ten years ago with other dcs and they used to say to wean at 3 months then. It reclines more than his car seat for goodness sake! Anyway, have a great night ladies - I am wondering howany of you will be pregnant in 2012 with your next Los - this time I know it won't be me but one or more of you will be I bet - could it be you ? (lucky lady whoever it is) sending blessings and much love and good wishes to you all. X

LovesBloominChristmas Sat 31-Dec-11 07:31:04

Pmsl I know it won't be me - mental note to sort out implant just to make sure. Two is enough for me. If we were well off, had a bigger house, I didn't need to work then maybe it would be different.

Dd (3.9) was given baby rice probably 3/4 weeks before 6 months. Hv idea due to various things. Actually took me a couple if days to do it cause I'd got 6 mths in my head and it felt wring iykwim.

The nursery nurse did tge weaning chat with me recently, think it to catch people before they wean at 4 mths, even that felt wrong just talking about it. I don't know if it's cause I won't have another baby or because of what went on while I was pg or just plain psb ( precious second born) but <stamps foot> he's a baby he drinks my milk my eats food!

I've never told a mil story cause I a very lucky, mind isn't barking plus I dint see them that often. but now I have one sad. Just before Xmas they came to deliver gifts and whilst we were all talking I saw her out her finger in her tea and put into ds mouth shock. 15 wks ffs why tge he'll would he want sugary tea off her unwashed finger?!? It took all my strength not to jump over tge table, save my sone blush and drop kick her arse out of my house. My inner lioness is very sensitive at tge moment. I managered a, hopefully, joking tone of 'MIL no, mil's full name not tea!'. So you can assume from that I don't have any current plans to wean early grin

Santageekmum Sat 31-Dec-11 11:44:12

Won't be me either - have very effective birth control in the shape of a four month old!

Thanks for tips re swimming. Want to try it soon - did you do lessons with lo or just go in a free swim session?

Found out I was pg on new years day, when the boiled eggs I'd done for brekkie made me feel ill. Did the test the next day grin cue three months of all day sickness!

100years Sat 31-Dec-11 12:01:00

Candr, I've worn cycling shorts when swimming before, so long as you are decent I don't think it matters a jot what you wear. grin I think I'll be looking for a BLW book at some point, nice to have recommendations.

Minky, yep I think it's daft saying 6months on the high chairs. Some babies obviously wean earlier and can sit up properly whether aided or unaided before then!

Loves angry at ur MIL with tea, that's a great first thing to give them to taste NOT, sugar and caffeine and milk!

Anyway. I'll come slightly clean with you lot, if I was to be one of those lucky ladies that Minky was on about it: a) wouldn't be a surprise, b) would be very very lovely and c) would be pretty much how we have 'planned' things. I'd very much like another one, or I should say we would very much like another one, and ebf isn't 100% effective so we are seeing what happens. Gave the doc a shock when I didn't want any advice off her re contraception at my 8 week check grin I have poas twice already just in case, and have my smear in 2 weeks so will be poas again before that. But I am ebf and so it might not happen for ages(or even at all-you never know with this stuff), but we're happy whatever happens, very very happy with just our gorgeous DD but 2 would be wonderful too. We're just seeing how it goes, not ttc but also not not ttc iykwim. Well I suppose we kind of are ttc, but not in the proper sense of the word! Btw i didn't want to say anything for fear of having been outed, but things might or might not happen so no point in hiding my wishes. grin

Next topic. I've joined sciencegeek/santageek in the running thread and have done my first couch to 5k plan run gringringrin

Santageekmum Sat 31-Dec-11 12:02:17

lovesbloomin - agreed that your mil crossed a line! But it reminded me that my mum used to put milky tea in bottles for me even before I was weaned. Sleeping in drawers, washing in sinks, drinking tea... Explains a lot about me grin Obviously the older generation have v different ideas on weaning.

100years Sat 31-Dec-11 12:03:16

Santa, we have lessons for our LO but then it's more so I know how to get her swimming eventually, at the moment it's a bonding thing, eventually the things we're doing will click into her swimming. Love the idea of her never using arm bands and swimming before school because I love swimming and am a very good swimmer myself grin

Santageekmum Sat 31-Dec-11 12:07:28

Bloody hell 100, you've got back on the wagon fairly sharpish grin good luck!

I didn't get any contraceptive advice at my 8 week appt, just lots of stuff about pnd as I'm on the brink! confused Think I've made it past the danger period though. Perhaps should go back to docs at some point though. Need to do a smear as well sad

LovesBloominChristmas Sat 31-Dec-11 12:26:55

sad I need a smear too

Sorry about the terrible typos in my post blush

Re swimming I used to take dd to baby sessions, means you don't have to worry about being crashed into as much.

100years Sat 31-Dec-11 12:29:47

Hope you continue to stay well and don't get PND, but do keep check on it. Yep, well if I say it was actually since 4 weeks would that shock you even more? grin

'Tis I, geekmum in a new guise!

Good point Loves about the swimming... I'll look into what my local leisure centre offers. Off out for lunch now!

100 shock

100years Sat 31-Dec-11 12:32:39

See I never worry about smears, I must just have a good way to relax during them and I've never had a painful one. Also my sweeps when pg never bothered me. Maybe I'm just a nutter.

100years Sat 31-Dec-11 12:33:40

Yep geekmum shock indeed grin have a good lunch.

snowysebs Sat 31-Dec-11 14:13:37

100years - smears never bothered me either, and after the amount of internal checks I had whilst in labour including the one for a male doctor who had hands the size of footballs shock, I'll never be bothered anyway!!! My first sweep was uncomfy, but the second one I was prepared for so not so bad!

Good for you on the "ttc / well, not not ttc" front!!! grin Having another this year would be a nice close age gap. Good luck... in the sort of quiet way!!

Don't think I'll be joining you on the ttc front though. If we were to have another it would have to be this year (I'm 41 in April... don't want to leave it much later...) but I'm SOOOOO happy with this LO and feel it's enough for me. We have 2 other kids anyway (well, they're OH's kids, but my step kids now) so house is rather full and busy!! If we had a 2nd / 4th there would be no room!! OH keeps saying he wouldn't mind a fourth, but it's me that looks after them all, and I'm pretty happy with 3 in the week, and 1 on the weekend!!!! But.... never say never I guess... just have to think about it.

Quick question on the swimming front - and thank you for all the advice - if you go on your own, where do you put the baby whilst you are getting changed yourself???

Loves - ARGGHHH on the mil front. A friend of mine went mad with her's once, as she gave her 6 month old meat and gravy - and we're talking older generation type gravy, i.e. full of salt! My friend went mad... but the LO is a healthy 11year old now so no harm done!

Minky - we've had a high chair for a few weeks now. Got the Chicco Polly one, and it reclines right back so suitable for newborns, although doesn't say that in the shop (but shows it on the internet!!). TBH, she sits in it in the semi and upright positions now. We've used it so she can sit at the table when we're all eating and "be with us" rather than in her bouncy chair on next to the floor! Also, when I'm cooking she's at my level. But, she won't stay in it too long without distractions so it just about works for a meal length, then she wants out. But at least she's getting used to it, so that when she does need it for feeding hopefully she'll be well used to it. A couple of friends came up this week with their 2 year old and it worked a treat for her too!

Well, just written in all the birthdays in the 2012 calendars... can't believe it's a new year tomorrow! So... a very HAPPY and HEALTHY NEW YEAR everyone, here's too 2012 being full of crawling, weaning, teething, walking and the odd word here and there by the end of it!!!! Hope we can all share in the fun of our LOs turning into one year olds and all the fun this year will bring...! Have a good, quiet, probably uneventful NYE tonight... and here's too no hangovers on NYD!!! grin and wine to you all..!!

snowysebs Sat 31-Dec-11 14:15:11

Oh... and geekmum.. hope you enjoyed your lunch out!!

falalalalagirl Sat 31-Dec-11 16:13:22

IIRC the Jill Rapley BLW book says to wait until 6mo as that's when you can safely give them any sort of food and you don't have to just stick to veg and fruit. Also I think the gag reflex is less strong by then so they're less likely to gag on their food and they'll be sitting up properly so less likely to choke. This said, my mum was putting baby rice in my milk at 6 weeks-ish and I seem to be OK. The main reason I'll wait until 6months is because I'm lazy!

I reckon that DH and I will set ourselves a diet target and have the meal at Fifteen as a reward. Maybe when we've each lost a stone or have got to the end of C25K. Then if one of us is holding the other up then we'll have a real license to nag! Or maybe if one of us reaches the goal and has to wait longer than two weeks for the other then they're allowed to take someone else instead!

shock at your MIL Loves. I'd go ape if anyone did that! DS is 3yo and I don't give him tea ffs (I figure why give an already bonkers 3yo caffeine?)

I haven't got around to taking DD swimming yet, mainly because I hadn't got a swimming costume of my own, but she's also got one of the neoprene baby-wrap things and a matching swim nappy. I had it for DS for our arctic local pool and it's brilliant.

Our local children's centre runs baby swimming classes for £2 a week at the local pool (much cheaper than the £4 it normally costs) so we're starting those again in a couple of week's time. I would love to do the Swim Academy classes that run near me too but they are £££ and I've heard less than stellar feedback.

Our two local pools have got brilliant facilities and have a couple of family rooms that are much bigger than normal cubicles. They have changing tables so I just stash the babe on there. When they're busy I just used to put DS on the floor on a towel or, if the floor was really dirty, on the bench and then stand in front of him whilst getting dressed to sort of wedge him in iyswim.

I would love to have another DC - although not this soon. Like Loves, if I had more money, a bigger house and DH was able to give up work entirely then we'd go for DC3 but I can't see that happening any time soon.

Geekmum, hope you had a nice lunch. I am awaiting counselling for my PND (had it last time round, suffered with depression in the past so it was pretty much a given that it'd happen this time too). I hope you're OK? How's the BFing going BTW?

100years Sat 31-Dec-11 18:22:56

Thanks snowy.smile I remember my sister telling me about the MW having her whole hand up inside me when she was waiting for my next contraction to check how dilated I was at one point! LOL I didn't even realise! I usually leave LO on a travel changing mat on a towel on the floor while I'm getting ready, but I've never been to a dirty swimming pool yet, so I'm fine with that. Until she rolls both ways I'm OK, but even then I'll just make sure she is within the towel boundaries.

falalala I hope you get your counselling soon, you've been waiting ages haven't you?

We've done Bourne 3 this afternoon - I know that's not it's name, but why follow convention and call it the right name.

Changed LO this afternoon, she did a stinky fart and I thought ash poo time soon, put her down on her play mat, she rolled over then pooed! And she also had a bit of sick too, so gave her a bath, I reckon the baby bath is going to be defunct very soon, she was kicking the ends like mad, laughing and squealing though while doing it.

Has any one else's LO started making new noises like a kind of squealing noise? She's found all these new sounds and it practicing them a lot! smile

summerpixie Sat 31-Dec-11 22:19:34

Just checking in to wish you all a happy new year and for those of you who are drinking for the first time in a whole year tonight take it slowly as boy when I had my glass of wine last week I felt the effects straight away! grin
Aunt flo has come to visit me with a vengeance. Bitch! I too need a smear so probably will arrange to have one in 2 weeks now.
Loves I know how you feel about MIL. When DS was 5months MIL tried to shove some cake in his mouth. Luckily he had no clue as to how to chew and swallow so he spat it out. I held my tongue and fumed at DH when they left. Anyway my parents are back from their hold now.
Have a good night everybody!

100years Sun 01-Jan-12 00:07:32

Welcome to 2012.

Happy new year all.

3 mins in and I started feeding!!!!

LovesBloominChristmas Sun 01-Jan-12 01:05:37

Happy New Year all!

Fell asleep in 2011 and woke up in 2012! It's like time travel...

Happy new year to you all!

Can't remember who asked now but the pnd is fine, I was never officially diagnosed with it. Hv and doc seemed reluctant, forming sentences like this all the time: "well I don't think you have depression but..." and "i don't want you to think we're saying you've got pnd..." whilst giving me leaflets, talking to me about counselling and signing me up to infant massage classes for mothers with pnd. I think they were worried that if they labelled it I would fully succumb to it... Falala I hope you get what you need soon. Both my parents have had depression and it can be very cruel. But they are both out the other side and as I'm sure you know, it does get better with time and support.

The bf is going really well, mainly because I haven't had any weighings or appts to stress me out over the Christmas period! Goodness knows if he's putting on weight but he's a very contented baby!

100 my LO is doing lots of squeals, started this week! Going 'aaaaahhhhhhh' and high pitched 'eeeeaaah'! So cute and really like he's trying to talk to us!

Summer bad luck with aunt flo sad

Anyway hope you all had fab evenings one way or another. X

snowysebs Sun 01-Jan-12 10:30:02

Happy new year all!!

Geekmum- glad the feeding going better and if LO is happy and content what more can you ask for?

To all those with pnd or maybe pnd, hope you get support that you need... Sounds like you're coping but it's not fair if they can't get you the support you deserve. I've just had pretty big mood swings that I'm just about learning to cope with and control... Not been fun and phew for a tolerant and understanding OH...

100years - yes my LO is squealing and gabbering away loads now, sometimes I think she's trying to sing... But then I find that I'm (and oh) am constantly singing her... Such ad my running commentary of what I was doing in the shower set to a song yesterday... She was in her bouncy chair in the bathroom with me and I just like her to know I'm still there even if in the shower... All together "and now I'm putting shampoo on my hair to scrub scrub scrub it clean, ho ho ho..."

Off to see my friend and her newborn this afternoon smile she's finally on the ward with her now!

snowysebs Sun 01-Jan-12 10:32:02

Oh and nye spent watching second lord of the rings film, followed by asleep by 10.45 ... !! Third film today...

ssmile Sun 01-Jan-12 10:34:36

Happy New Year may it bring sleep dust to all and leaner fitter mummies.

I was the only one awake at midnight in our hse as Lo woke 11.40pm fed and resettled vfast, but our hse backs onto local park with lots of fireworks going off so I listened to those before resettling for sleep. We all bit brighter today after pretty rough week of bugs. Hopefully turning the corner Lo not coughing so much so hoping she on mend.

We had couple weeks of lots noise from Lo, whining sounds &chatting wants to join in not be left in her bouncy chair but this wk vsubdued as poorly.

Aunt Flo not been since I had whole month of bleeding post coil its settled down and nothing just had few days of feeling vhormonal.

I admire those signin up to the running. I'd love to but boobs n back won't let me so will join u in spirit on my bike instead "on cycle 10miles goal". I used to do that oneway to work preBaby so should be able to do it time &health permitting smile

Sorry if missed anyone personally my brain vfoggy after wk of two hourly wakeups &bugs.

Have gd day! Off out for Seafront walk with grandparents in a mo.

jimmijam Sun 01-Jan-12 13:29:18

argh smear, thanks for reminding me!!!!

jimmijam Sun 01-Jan-12 13:34:58

minky tho we're not weaning yet (started our eldest 2 at 16weeks, 4 and almost 6years ago) lo has started sitting in high chair wen we eat, he looks happy in it tho it doesnt recline

lo got a christmas present of a 9-12month outfit- tho there is some growing room, scarily as he's 16weeks old, it fits!!!!! 1 tall boy!

feralgirl Sun 01-Jan-12 15:09:29

Happy new year everyone.

Yep, DD is full-on chatty now. She's also just discovered how to blow raspberries and is rolling full 360s too which is very cute and awesome and everything but the last few days she's decided to practise her new skills at 6am, grrr. And I'm putting her into her cot feet to foot at her bedtime then when I come to bed she's either worked her way right up to the top of her cot and has jammed her head in a corner or is lying horizontally across it. Daft baby.

DS was about this age when I left him in the living room while I was in the kitchen, came back and he'd disappeared. Cue panic and me generally freaking out, trying to work out how someone could've managed to get in my house and kidnap him hmm only to discover that he'd wriggled himself right underneath the sofa shock

Made it to just past midnight last night then went to bed. The diet re-starts today sad and the running starts tomorrow.

Ssmile good luck with the cycling!

Jimmi my LO is still in 0-3months clothes, he won't be in any bigger for a long while yet!

Feral grin at DS being under the sofa! My LO isn't yet rolling but his body strength is evident - he keeps his whole body straight when we lift him up - pretty impressive!

Really trying to commit to the exercise - I've got my second run tomorrow! Am feeling the aches today.

MinkyjjMincyPies Sun 01-Jan-12 21:59:59

%%%%% Happy new year everyone. Shattered tonight as we had a dinner party at ours last night and I didn't get to bed till 2.30am. Today has been relaxed but I did a big roast and have another one to do tomorrow for family joining us so lunch for seven. Will be glad to get the decs put away after tomorrow and start getting cleaned up a bit when the kids go back to school on Wednesday.
I too bought the chicco highchair - really lovely and padded and reclines well. Lo still cluster feeding alot so am in bed trying to get some extra zzz tonight !
My smear is booked for January - ooh I can't wait ! Had to have an internal ultrasound a few weeks ago to check for an ovarian cyst so compared to that should be okay.
Lo making loads of noises - so vocal and very cute because he smiles at the same time so it feels like proper chatting !
100 - lovely smile - good luck.
On the sweet tea front, that's awful but doesn't surprise me. People just don't think and seem to believe that babies are public property ! My sisters 21 year old boyfriend pit his unwashed thumb in lo mouth several times a few weeks ago and we had to politely explain that it wasn't a good idea seeing lo was getting everything sterilised - I would have gagged at the idea of his dirty finger in my mouth, let alone lo ! He just didn't think or even realise ! My veggie friends were livid when their family gave their kiddy a bacon sandwich !
Well, hope you all enjoy your holiday tomorrow smile

I've been looking into high chairs - any tips? We went to John Lewis and mothercare last week but they hardly had any on display (two in each shop shock) so am still none the wiser. Want to start getting lo used to it!

ssmile Mon 02-Jan-12 20:50:54

Find one that fits easily in your kitchen. We were given one by well meaning great grandparents with first DD, we bloody hated it! Was huge, all singing one nightmare to clean. Couldn't wait to get rid of it. This time around I've got very simple wooden one secondhand fits at normal chair table height&footprint, easy to clean smile
I used the Annabel Karmel cooking book last time found it easy simple recipes which we all ate too. But I'd really like to avoid mush stage more in favour of blw but need to find out more.

ssmile Mon 02-Jan-12 20:53:40

Kiddicare.com stock a range of chairs and got sale at moment.

JoJoJoHoHoHo Mon 02-Jan-12 22:03:59

Hello Ladies
Happy new year!!!
Havent been on for quite a while as been hectic last couple of weeks!
LO is now 13 weeks weighing in at 16lb 7oz! grown out of his moses basket already so a quick dash to Ikea the other day and rearranging my bedroom and he is now fast asleep in his cot for the first time! LO has been sleeping well in the night 9-6 which is great but now i have said it he will prob wake up loads tonight lol
Havent caught up on all the post yet but hope everyone had a great 1st christmas and a lovely new year x

100years Mon 02-Jan-12 22:37:46

Sorry AF has visited you summer, first one? Probably pretty horrible.

Seems like there are a few really trying to talk babies in here smile It's very lovely hearing these little sounds.

feral, wow to the 360 rolls, my LO in't yet really trying to roll back onto her back once she's over, she's too busy turning in circles on the floor and trying to shuffle herself, she's getting good at it. But she can lift her head off the floor so she is practically vertical in her top half now! Very strong. And she's 'standing' loads, pulls herself up when we hold her hands!

Sorry it's not a full catch up. Have read through though.

Getting LO weighed and hopefully referred on Friday, will see how that goes. On the whole the feeding seems to be a lot better though smile Still think it's a good idea to get it sorted though.

She's started waking loads in the night, it's back to her being 6 weeks old again! I'm mega a bit tired from it. She had been going for a lot longer, including a few nights on the bounce where she slept for 8hours +, but now it's back to 3 hrs, 3 1/2 hrs max before the next feed! Ah well, ended up going back to bed this morning once OH was up and about smile

Anyway, I think it's bedtime for me, before she wakes at midnight. (Going on the last 2 nights)

100years Mon 02-Jan-12 22:47:32

Hmm well I posted that message and promptly heard LO grizzling. Still at least I wasn't woken from sleep gringrinand maybe this will last her a couple of hours. [fingers crossed emoticon]

feralgirl Mon 02-Jan-12 23:24:05

Geekmum, we had one of the big padded ones for DS as a freebie from a friend but I found it a massive PITA cleaning all the food out of the creases on it so we've got one of these as it's so easy to clean and it pushes in really neatly under our table. I also really liked the fact that it doesn't have a tray so your DC is eating off the table from the start which suited us for BLWing.

Ssmile the Gill Rapley book on BLWing is pretty good. I have a copy that you can have if you want to have a read; PM me your address if you'd like it as I don't need it again (it's all pretty intuitive really but reading the book gave me the confidence to try it). I might get Rapley's recipe book as well though for a bit of inspiration. Also this was a great site when I weaned DS and I think is the one done by MNer Aitch. I loved BLWing and really enjoyed being able to share my food with DS right from the start.

summerpixie Tue 03-Jan-12 05:27:37

Morning all. Glad everyone is settling into the new year.
DD is still forgetting her time zones and waking up at 5am talking to herself trying to wriggle her swaddled arms out to have a chew on her hands. The past few days have been dribbley and I am certain a tooth will appear in the next month! I gave her a gum rub the other day and she kept doing the old granny mouth sucking gums thing for about 10 mins after! She has yet to roll over properly. She's done a few flips from front to back on the bed but nothing else and she is nowhere as active as DS who was wriggling his feet to move himself from bottom of cot to top at the age of 8 weeks!
I thought AF had come about 3 weeks back but it wasn't anything major so I don't think it was. So I guess officially this is the first and it's quite heavy although not as bad as having lochia!
DD is having giggle time with DS quite a bit now where da laughs and she follows with a very long laugh and giggle and lots of big smiles.
Our high chair is in the shed still (we don't have a loft as we live in G/F maisonette). I think it was a Chicco one. I wanted to get one of those stokke Tripp trapp's last time but couldn't afford it.
I haven't had DD weighed since 9weeks. The hv around here don't even care. Shes probably around 6.5 kg now. I will ask gp to weigh her when she gets her jabs on Thursday.
Hope you're all sleeping well and any cheeky ones are having one off night wakes.

ssmile Tue 03-Jan-12 06:58:30

Many thanks Feral have PM you. Will check out the other information too. Our wooden high chair is similar and will sit at table with out a tray front.

The only logistics I'm thinking about at moment is when to try breakfasts with babe as its bit manic in morn and DD1 eats her cereal watching TV before school, its her incentive for getting dressed on her own grin so I think I will be waiting until we get back from school 9am babe can eat with me when I have my toast. All I remember from before was the constant messy kitchen floor! It had never been SO mopped!

Very pleased babe had more normal feed pattern yest &last night after very poor wk with bugs, she woke 12,3,6 and is now back to sleep but my lie ins are over now as DH back to work I've got to get up with DD1, Hohum it was lovely I had 3lieins last wk smile

Enjoy your day

candr Tue 03-Jan-12 10:23:23

Hi, Geekmum, we have a Cosatto chair, it turns and can go to different heights, is also easy to clean but not cheap (was a gift) but love the fact it is heavy weighted base so LO can't put feet on table and push over backwards.
Feral, the recepie book from Gill Rapley has some lovely, simple ideas in it.
S.smile - we have got a sheet of watrerproof table cloth for under high chair and shake it out on lawn - feed the birds! and saves floor sweep and mop.
My DS is horribly snotty and struggling to eat and sleep properly at the mo so all my good resolutions about sleeping in crib are not working. I find he won't go back after 1am feed and his head and hands feel cold but the rest is warm and I wonder if this stops him going back to sleep on his own but don't know how to make is cosy without pillow or blankets.
Have a nice breezy day all grin

sebs71 Tue 03-Jan-12 11:23:57

Well back to normal... Well almost, kids back with us this evening and school tmw. OH back in work today sad been lovely having him home over the holiday. But in a way nice to get back to a routine (of sorts) and start the diet today. Put so much on over Xmas I'm so annoyed with myself. Have an aim to lose 2 sizes by June (wedding) at least I've got a goal to aim for... Going to be hard though.

Can't really go running at least not until lighter nights. You'd break limbs running at night around here - all hills and no street lights. But it'll be good to lose a bit first before big exercise.

Geekmum - we've got chicco Polly chair, seems good. Light and sturdy and easy to clean. Handy pockets too - mind you only using it for her to sit in whilst we eat for now.

Must look into blw don't know much about it. She's got 3rd jabs next week so will get her weighed then. Think she must be about a stone.

We're finding that she's keeping awake after the middle of night feed due to her hitting her face with her arms flying about. So now spend 15 mins blocking them to her face and she finally settles!! Save picking her up lots.

Hope no one been blown away - got up too gate banging and trampoline upside down! Seems a little calmer but not weather to go out in...

Thanks for the high chair recommendations. I think I'm going to look into the ones in the clearance sale on kiddicare. We were planning on getting a wipe clean table cloth to go underneath.

I'm a bit nervous at starting weaning! I am going to wait until I'm confident LO can hold his head up when in a seated position. He can do for a while at the moment, but then it drops forward. I don't want him choking on anything!

WRT BLW, does it matter about salt in our food? I don't cook or add salt but we do use salted butter and there's salt obviously in sausages, smoked bacon etc. how careful do we have to be?

Candr I hope your DS gets better soon.

I hope all of you with troublesome sleepers get some rest soon! 100 that's exactly what DS was doing over Christmas, seems to have settled a bit more now overnight. Hopefully this will last!

Sebs, I'll be wearing a head torch out and about! But can understand your reluctance. I'm trying to cut back on the food and do exercise... Setting myself up for a fail!

ssmile Tue 03-Jan-12 13:52:57

candr my Lo had week of sleepin propped on towels &pillows as she so conjested. I had her in bed lots but last two nights as she got better she resettled back into crib after every feed. Think u just do what makes them comfy when poorly. I used the saline drops when she couldn't feed. She didn't like them but 5mins later her nose had cleared enough to feed again. It's horrid watchin them suffer. She keeps choking on her flem it got so bad yester I had to hold her head down pat on the back as she was bright red coughing session wasn't clearing it.

Lo is making very loud gurnin noises like a pirate grrrgrrr its funny &vloud!

She had two weeks of fists hitting in her face but now she gets them in her mouth and settles really fast in her crib at night &nap time. It's made huge difference as I can put her down awake and mostly settled in 2-4mins minimal crying.

geek salt in food, I avoid adding and avoid stockcubes, gravy powders etc have lots in. My DD1 does love sausages but once a week not going to hurt too much but she is 4 and didn't really have those until she was 3 along with ham. I remember she loved garlic bread& humous as baby/ toddler which surprised me as nursery gave it too them. She loved finger food (cue/carrot/pepper raw strips) &dips and still does!

Very windy ere just braved downpours and two kids to do some shopping luckly someone was smiling on me as got mum n baby carspace in shoppingcentre so we didn't get too wet smile

100years Tue 03-Jan-12 20:55:20

I feel rough sad not sure if I'm getting a chesty cold. It might be nothing, I hope so, but I just got that pre cold feeling and my chest is weird.

LO just did a full back to front to back again roll over. Poss a tiny bit of momentum from the first bit but she's done it both ways now! Eep grin

MinkyjjMincyPies Wed 04-Jan-12 01:40:27

Hope your cold passes 100. Finally got the tree down and all the decorations packed away for another year. I love the twinkles of Christmas but once new year comes I like a good tidy up. Dcs go back to school tomorrow - glad it wasn't today as it was torrential here. I barely slept a wink last night as it sounded like the roof would come off with the winds - being up in the loft not great during storms. Lo didn't seem bothered though.
Thanks for whoever gave me the kindle case tip - ordered one of the lit ones from amazon and it's amazing.
Well, tomorrow I plan to get the ironing done and hopefully have a bit of a tidy up while the kids are at school, quite looking forward to having the house to myself for a few hours. Thursday lo is due his jabs and Friday is another catchup day. My oh is 40 in less than three weeks, nothing arranged and no ideas so need to put my thinking cap on - any amazing ideas greatly received !wink

LovesBloominChristmas Wed 04-Jan-12 06:04:57

Nooooo I don't want him to turn over, he's a baby and must stay one <stamps foot>. Tge most we have is a gradual turning from a twelve o'clock position to three o'clock when he's on his play mat, but it is a smooth shiny type material.

Lovin tge noises, think he'll be a talker rather than a walker. Dd tge complete opposite.

I'd rather have an internal ultrasound than a smear any day. More to add to tge to do list, why do I keep forgetting the smear an implant Appts?

Bad night, dd must be coming down with something sad

ssmile Wed 04-Jan-12 08:46:20

Ooh minkyj which kindle case have u got? My DH bought me one for Xmas so I can read one handed as I'm normally book worm but its taken me 4mths to finish the time travellers wife as couldn't hold book &Lo! Reading real book, dawn French funny book about family now. I did download a book onto the kindle but I'm not sure, I do need to be able to read in dark too and I miss knowing how thick a book is before I start reading it and where I am in the story, plus the story I've got on it keeps putting only a few words on the screen at a time. How have you got on with it?

100years Wed 04-Jan-12 09:04:17

Ssmile, I have a kindle, there is a button u can press which means you can change the size of the font so you get more words on the page. Also at the bottom of the screen there are dots, the dots kind of show how long the book is and as you go along it says how far into it you are. I've read that book if it's the one called a tiny bit marvellous, found it a bit odd but in able to put it down! Didn't see the ending in it before it happened which is good grin

Well I've lost my voice now sad as I thought I would, tell tale signs were yesterday. Poor LO doesn't recognise my voice and looks confused. sad

On phone, think I missed a post or two sorry. %%23

Loves I think our two have the same idea - lo can roll onto side but shows no interest in going further!

He's also started talking at the boob, he stops sucking but without unlatching, then does a sort of whine. Not sure if he's complaining about the lack of milk, he only really does it on my right boob!

I've only read one book since the birth, a georgette heyer one. As I have an iPad I think a kindle as well would be a bit extravagant! grin Would love to get back into reading.

100 hope you feel better soon sad

And Loves hope your dd has a better night tonight

Minky what does your husband like? Could organise a go karting day or bowling night for him and his friends?

sebs71 Wed 04-Jan-12 10:29:44

100years - hope you feel better soon. Probably cursing it here, but we've managed to dodge colds so far this winter (despite being around people with stonkers) ... think it must be the cold weather up here... we're about 3 degrees colder than "townfolk"...!!

Geekmum and Loves - yep, my LO is with your's... she'll roll from her back on to her side (which she seems to love to do) and tries to go further but hasn't as yet gone onto her front. She doesn't like being on her front, so perhaps that's what's stopping her.

Kids back and back to school this morning - except bus didn't turn up for DSD, so had to bundle LO in car seat mid feed (which was OK as she wasn't taking to it brilliantly so the gap helped!) and take DSD to school quickly. It's not far, but there is no pavement to the school (being very rural here) so a bus picks the kids up from the village, including DSD, but no idea why it didn't turn up this morning.

Need some advice/perspective if you don't mind... got one of those emails yesterday from Bounty "Your 16 week old baby..." and it listed a few forums on the go, including one that read "what's your LO's bedtime routine". I had a quick look, and virtually every entry read something like this "Bottle given about 7.30pm, then I put LO down, and they sleep until 7am"... or something along those lines. Some even said their LO had being doing this since 6 weeks old! Got me thinking... am I doing something wrong? My LO is bottle fed, but still won't sleep through the night. She feeds around 8am, 12pm, 4pm, 9pm and then around 2 - 3am - so she gets her 5 feeds a day in but obviously one of those is the middle of the night. She's fed when she seems to want to feed, although I'm trying to get in there before she starts getting hungry. I remember my HV saying that I should try and get the 5 feeds in during the day and then she'd sleep right through the night... is it that easy??? Should I now try and get 5 feeds in the day? Also was reading weaning books yesterday, and they were all based on bottle / breastfeeds at early morning, breakfast, lunch, tea and then before night. Do you think I should start to aim for 6am, 9am, 1pm, 5pm and 9pm and hope she goes through?? I might start aiming for this... Especially as she doesn't settle quite so easily after the feed in the middle of the night. I also want to try and make the evening a bit more routine - becuase we've got the 10 and 12 year old to deal with LO has her feed between 9 and 10, and then is changed and cradled to sleep. Really want to try and get a routine of bath, bottle, read and bed - with her settling in her crib rather than us holding her to sleep.

I just feel I haven't put enough structure in as both me and OH are quite laid back, and I guess have a laid back style to the LO, but perhaps now she's getting older and it's getting closer to weaning, she needs more structure?

Or, did only the mums whose LO sleep through the night post on that forum and it's not a true picture... as I know here that most LO's don't sleep through the night yet - at least not consistently...

Ooh, LO has just done a poo... best go and deal!!!

Any thoughts most gratefully received!!

Sebs I've had repeated to me many times "go by the baby, not by the book". My LO feeds at approx. 7am, 9, 11, 1pm, 3, 5, 7, 11:30, 2:30am, then 7 again (and sometimes has a sneaky one at 5am). As you can see he has 7 day time feeds, goes to sleep 8:30, but still gets up for 2 nighttime feeds. He has 'weight problems' although seems healthy in every other respect, and I can't make him feed more often than he does!

I think do what works for you. Changing the routine may help but may rock the boat so you'll have to balance out the pros and cons for your family. If you decide to change, do it gradually as I've heard nightmares when parents suddenly change!

feralgirl Wed 04-Jan-12 12:06:20

Geekmum, WRT to salt I didn't add any to anything whilst cooking and used unsalted butter until DS was a year old. I also made my own bread and hummous and put less salt in it. Our local butcher does really good sausages without too much salt in so DS would have those once in a while. You can get reduced salt stock cubes as well (Heinz do one for kids but I like the Boots ones best; I use them all the time now). I used to make things like fish fingers and chicken goujons rather than buying them. It's only for a little while and it was surprising how quickly we got used to it.

Ssmile I have this Kindle cover and it is worth every penny (plus I like the pink!) I love my Kindle but it did take me a while to get used to not having a book iyswim. I have read TONS this mat leave; I think I read a total of about three books last time as it's so hard to juggle BFing and a book. Like 100years says, there's a button (looks like Aa) at the bottom of the keyboard to change the font size.

Minky the best pressie I ever got for DH was tickets to see his fave band. I managed to keep it a total surprise and I had brownie points for a long time afterwards!

Sebs move away from the book! Your laid back approach is the best thing you could possibly do and I am so envy of you for being able to be relaxed with your first baby; I was a loony for trying to force DS into a routine and made myself miserable. I reckon your HV is a bit of an idiot for telling you that 5 day feeds = sleeping through as it is definitely NOT that easy; DD quite often feeds five times a day but she certainly doesn't sleep through! Plus she's had an evening routine for months but has just started being a right PITA about going to bed - I didn't get dinner until 9pm last night - so an organised bedtime isn't yielding very good results here atm!

All those mums whose tiny babies sleep through from 6 weeks hmm will have a hell of a shock when their 6mo starts teething whereas we hardened non-sleepers will just take it in our stride!

100 hope you feel better soon and can start running with us on the other thread smile and Loves I hope you manage to get a bit of a rest today.

sebs71 Wed 04-Jan-12 13:50:25

Thanks Feral and Geekmum. I think in my heart of hearts don't really want to "go with the book". I just got worried thinking that my 16 week old certainly doesn't sleep through the night, and wants a feed mid way through. And, perhaps by now she should be sleeping through - but then, everyone on here doesn't seem to have a good sleeper, so I'm thinking those who posted on the other website must be either very lucky or perhaps not completely telling the truth???? And, I think with weaning, I should just go with adding food to the mid day feed, and taking it from there. As long as she's getting enough formula each day, doesn't really matter when she's getting it.

I might start shortening the feeds in the day - just because she seems to be getting slightly more hungrier quicker, and perhaps that will extend the feeds a little around night time (or maybe not...!!) and yes, Geekmum definitely won't introduce any drastic changes.

And, yes, you're right, teething and night times won't be much of a shock!!

Thanks for the vote of confidence.

Feral - quite looking forward to the weaning bit, and making food up for LO. Thanks for the tip re stock cubes.

God, reading - forgotten what that was all about. Sooooo want to get back into reading... I used to read a lot when going to bed, but now if I get under those covers, I just want to sleep! So, will try and start reading a bit in the day... if time permits!

candr Wed 04-Jan-12 15:57:04

Seems like my LO is like yours Sebs, we feed 9am, 12, 3, 5, 7, 9pm, 1am,3.30am, 7am sometimes. The ones during the day can stretch longer so less feeds but regardles of what time he goes down he wakes at 1 and 3.30 for feeds. Am trying to get him to bed earlier but is taking ages to get him to self sooth so often not alseep before 9-10pm. He tends to stay in bed with me between 1am and 3.30 feed as I think putting him in cold crib wakes him up too much but by 4am is too asleep to notice going back to crib.
I have been able to read a fair bit as do it while doing dream feed as stops LO trying to play with me - am looking forward to spending book tokens DH got me for xmas - any reccomendations?
DS had been rolling over but seems to have adopted the 'been there done that' attitude and is now trying to sit up tensing tummy muscles and making 'old man eurgh! noises' as he does it which is funny, can tend to topple forwads though so am keeping close eye.
Looking forward to weaning him but is still only 4m so may wait a bit for his digestion to mature.

100years Wed 04-Jan-12 18:35:56

Thanks Sciencegeek. My LO sometimes makes noises when on the boob too.

Thanks Sebs. I think people have given great advice re the feeding and sleeping through. I reckon people on that forum were just showing off tbh, I feed (although I'm EBF on demand) on average 11 times a day, that's an average!!! And re bedtime, well it's anything between 8 and 9:30 dependent on when we take her through to the bed time. I am not concerned that it's not rigid, I think it's good for them to have a 'routine' but if it's so set that it's exactly exactly the same time every night then if there is a night where things are different that will throw the lo out too much. I may be wrong in that, but for me it works, I'm kind of bed timing on demand in a way, but it's never later than 9 that we start the bed process.

Thanks feral. Yep that was the button I was on about, but didn't have the kindle to hand to check which one it was, then went all feeble.

candr, what sort of books do you like to read? My lo is also not rolling over as much, I think she's kind of realised she can do it and the novelty has worn off. In her bouncy chair she is sitting herself forward in it, away from the back of the chair. We have ordered a seat thing for her, like a bumbo, but with toys around it and looks more sturdy underneath. I sat her in the washing basket earlier propped up with cushions while I was peeling some spuds, she really seemed to enjoy it. I put her toys in there with her.

Not feeling any better. LO still looking at me funny when I speak, but I did some ooh aah noises at her earlier and she laughed really sweetly.

sebs71 Wed 04-Jan-12 19:53:07

Thanks for all your posts. It's good to know that you all seem to be having similar experiences. HVs can be so prescriptive sometimes, you don't know what to believe!

Well my LO has just been lying on the bed, and managed to turn over from her front to her back a few times. Also, when on her front, she was able to lift her head and shoulders right up... she's been able to lift her head up before now, but not her shoulders too. Mind you, probably slightly easier on the bed than a harder surface, but still, good on her!!

And, 100years - my LO is also doing sit ups when in her bouncy chair. In fact, I put her in the chair yesterday briefly without strapping her in (oops) and literally turned my back, and my Dad called me straight back as she was almost off the chair! Worming her way down the chair!! So, note to self, must always strap her in... (I do normally, honest!) Sounds a good idea using the wash basket... must give that a go!

Thanks again everyone, your thoughts on feeds/routines much appreciated smile

sebs71 Wed 04-Jan-12 19:53:47

And, 100years, hope you feel better soon

ssmile Wed 04-Jan-12 20:17:40

Hope u feel better 100 soon. We've had 3wks of colds in our hse both DH&DD have got it back again. I've just rescheduled Lo jabs from this Fri to next as she still coughing lots.

Re-routine I've been pretty consistent from 6wks and Lo has slowly been gettin earlier to bed. that's her choice this last week she been settled in her cot before 7pm. Which is vhandy as I can then get the older one down for 7pm. We have had 4nights now both in their beds by 7pm its been lovely for DH&I to actually have bit time together. This Lo is opposite of her sister, babe seems to like a lot more sleep with naps in day and will be in bed 7pm-8am, but up to feed 12,2,5/6am on average. In day time she approx feeds 8am,9am,11am,3,4,5,6-6.30pm, so that's 7feeds in day and 3/4 at night! So like 100 we must be 11feeds a day but she is quick 5min breastfed on demand so timings very approx as change weekly. I hadn't realise I was feeding So much until I just thought about itsmile Im hoping Lo will sleep better around 9mth mark once 3meals a day established and I plan to stop breastfeedin then which removes some of the comfort wakeups I think.

Will check out kindle bits mentioned thanks for tips. DD1 back to school tom, ooh I SO looking forward to some time off from the noise &demands a lively four year makes and watching some TV just for me. Ive seen virtually no TV over Xmas, tom will most definitely be a sofa day, me n babe chilling out.

tiddleypompom Wed 04-Jan-12 20:29:00

Hello everyone! Tis me TP from before - when we were all enormous and impatient and sharing cups of raspberry leaf tea!

The last 3 months have been brilliantly hectic - but then you all know that! Lovely to hear how things are going and am trying to catch up properly - and then to join in again if I can be forgiven for going AWOL (special apologies to 100years)?

However my iPhone is almost outta juice and I have to heave myself off the sofa for a shower before one born every minute! So will be back...

My DS by the way is not yet rolling but is utterly scrummy and hilarious!

My very best wishes to you all and a belated happy new year!

100years Wed 04-Jan-12 21:02:37

Thanks ssmile. To be fair, I don't think I got a cold/cough/sore throat in the whole of 2011, being pregnant must have been really good for me. wink But this is how I usually get a cold, sore throat, lose voice and sometimes goes onto my chest. I'm hoping not this time, but I'm going to rest as much as I can, which means I should be going to bed now, but my mum rang while I was putting LO down and I want to call her back, but she's engaged now!

TP, how could we forget you. smile No apologies needed(and no special ones for me), I'm hoping things are OK for you. We must meet up, I want to see your scrummy son. smile Will drop you a text.

Pleased to meet you TP, I joined the thread about a month ago.

I went to my new nct post natal group today, met some lovely new mums grin
We got into talking about routines and everyone's is different so we really don't need to stress! Also out of the eight of us, no one has a dc sleeping through the night yet!

Looking forward to getting to know new people and am still meeting up with the mums I met at antenatal, so what with mn as well I feel like I've got a lot of friends at the moment smile!

feralgirl Wed 04-Jan-12 22:04:44

Yay, hello again TP, it's great to have you back!

Geekmum, that's great that you're out and about so much. I was really good with DS and had a program of events for the whole week that meant I met loads of people but I have been rubbish this time around. I have resolved to shift my arse out of the house when DS is at nursery and just ignore the housework/ cooking/ shopping like I did last time!

Candr the best book I've read recently was Room by Emma Donoghue; it made me cry, laugh and nearly pee myself with fear! I also really loved The Help by Catherine Stockart. Neither of them are very demanding but they're both great reads.

Minkyjj Thu 05-Jan-12 00:10:52

Yay- welcome back TP.
I am back in my pre christmas form once more! Finally got on the laptop rather than iphone to change back ! Going to be quick here though as lo is not a happy chappy atm.
Smile - the kindle case is from amazon and its the actual kindle with light case - very expensive at £50 but lovely smooth leather - light as a feather, perfect fit and the light charges from the kindle - means you have the light built in if you are out and about without carrying extra bits and pieces - at 67% of the price of the kindle its not cheap but it means I can read in the dark, one handed if needs be - otherwise I wouldnt use it as much.
I am currently reading Jill Mansell - very lighthearted and funny romcom style books - love her as an author, very feel good and dont need brain cells! Just read a history of broadmoor mental hospital so needed something lighter! Did enjoy it though, really interesting as I am interested in victorian public health because of what I studied for my degree years ago!
science - thanks for the ideas - would have done the friends suggestion but as we moved in the last few years he doesnt have that many close friends near to us here (most are still in London) so makes it difficult to organise something for him as he is also quite shy. Think I may try kitesurfing lessons or a cayak.
Sebs - ignore people who say they have lo's that sleep through at 6 weeks, some do and some dont (I neer had sleepers!) - someone told me once that a non-sleeper was a sign of high intelligence (not sure I believe that either but hey ho!).
Goodnight all

Ooo Minky what did you study for your degree? I specialised in history of science with a focus on the 19th century, a mental hospital history sounds v interesting to me!

sebs71 Thu 05-Jan-12 10:38:37

Yay... welcome back TP! Doesn't that world of raspberry leaf tea (not that I actually took any in the end), curries etc etc seem an eternity away?!? Sounds like you've had a fun 3 months similar to all of us. Watched half of One Born Every Minute, and you've just reminded me I taped the second half so can watch that today...! Wouldn't watch it before but enjoyed the first half last night.

Ssmile - enjoy your sofa day... think we're doing the same today, had a pretty bad night... couldn't sleep at the start because of the howling wind, and then couldn't the second half of the night because of LO....! Minky - if non sleepers turn out intelligent then I'll be getting my LO Mensa tested then grin !!

Talking of the weather, was going to go out today but it's blowing a gale and throwing it down... think I preferred it when it snowed to this... just hope the wind dies down soon, the dog is acting all scared ...

Oh, got to go, LO not happy... back soon...

ssmile Thu 05-Jan-12 10:51:56

Welcome back TP.

My first DD didn't sleep much for four yrs and is above average intelligence smile but was hellish four yrs at times, and she needs lots of stimulation still.

We only just survived walk to school the wind very scary I had to stop and hold onto buggy more than once as gusts SO strong!

For those on a budget I've just used a packet of Lidls nappies and they have been vgd, very like pampers in fit but gd third cheaper. I kept Lo in pampers over night though as I don't change her nappy for 12hrs unless poohie, but the Lidls prob be just as good.

Spent an hour on sofa so far its lovely.........

feralgirl Thu 05-Jan-12 11:43:35

Ssmile, thanks for that; I also use Pampers overnight atm (as DD is not reliable about not pooing in the night and my cloth night nappies are not designed to deal with poo) but they are so expensive that I've been meaning to ask if anyone had any alternatives.

DS must also be a genius as he's a pretty rubbish sleeper, DD maybe a bit more average hmm grin

Obsidian Thu 05-Jan-12 15:56:20

Wow! A lot to catch up on. Hello to TP grin.. I joined the thread a few weeks ago after lurking for a while. Haven't posted as much as I would have liked as LO has suddenly become a lot more demanding and stopped taking long daytime naps sad. Has this happened to anyone else? She used to reliably nap for 4 to 5 hours a day, and now won't go any longer than 45 minutes before waking up screaming confused. All the books (which I know the babies haven't read, sadly) seem to say LOs should be sleeping between 3 and 5 hours during the day at this point. Today I think she's managed 1.5 hours tops. Not sure whether to worry about this or 'go with the flow'!

Interesting to hear your thoughts and ideas about weaning, and thanks for the top tips Feral. I'm really looking forward to trying out foods with LO, and also quite looking forward to cutting down the bf blush as I've never really enjoyed it that much and recently it's been a bit of a battle, with LO screaming for food, then coming off after about 3 minutes screaming even more! Not sure what the problem is confused. She still has at least one good feed a day, and feeds very well at night but is really fussy for at least two day feeds, and it's hard bloody work.

I must have a little genius on my hands too if non-sleeping is a sign of intelligence! She's gone from sleeping 5/6 hours in a row fairly reliably, to waking between 3 and 5 times sad.. Am SO TIRED! Had to enlist DH to come and settle her last night after I'd been up for almost two hours and was sobbing over her cot. Is this the 'four month sleep regression' I've heard about?? I hope it resolves itself soon as I'm going slowly insane. And Sebs, all those mums who have LOs sleeping through are either lying or very very lucky indeed grin. My LO is 15 weeks today and not showing the slightest sign of sleeping through or even dropping a night feed. Urgh! On a positive note, LO is now going to sleep for the night between 7 and 8, which is great, but just not sleeping any longer than 3 hours at a time now, which is less great. Nothing we do seems to make a difference - she just does as she pleases! You'd think this would stop me reading books and trying out different strategies to help, but it doesn't blush.

Loves and Geekmum - my LO is also rolling from her front or her back to her side, but can't quite get all the way over. It's very funny and cute watching her try, but she gets frustrated! She's much more demanding in terms of entertainment now and I seem to be spending most of my days singing, bouncing, playing, reading etc. Seems impossible to get any house type jobs done anymore, especially as she is on some kind of nap strike! I wonder if the lack of naps is affecting her night time sleep?? Not sure it's worth forcing the issue though.. Yesterday, I spent an hour trying to get her to go to sleep (she had shown some sleepy signs) and we both ended up in tears. Anyone got any foolproof settling tips, for day or night?!

I agree about wanting to get back into reading. It's taken me 3 months to read The White Tiger (can't remember the author - but it won the Booker Prize one year), and I really enjoyed it, but it is hard to find the time. Would definitely recommend it Candr, and I also read Her Fearful Symmetry by Audrey Niffenegger when I was pregnant, which was very good. I thought bf would give me lots of opportunities to read, but now she's fussing so much it's impossible, and at night I'm too tired to focus!

Hope you all have good nights tonight, x

CosmicCloud Thu 05-Jan-12 16:38:32

Welcome back TP! Nice to see you and glad you're enjoying being a mum.
Sorry I'm a bit rubbish at posting but have been lurking lots. I just seem to leave it too long then have loads to catch up on and forget who has said what!
I've been reading another thread about how to get more organised so am trying some tips from that to see if it cuts down on the constantly chasing my tail feeling I've been having recently. Hoping it gives me more time to just play with both DSs especially as DS2 is now really starting to interact that bit more.

Hope everyone with colds feels better soon.

Ssmile and Feralgirl I like Lidl nappies too but think I prefer pampers overall, especially for DS1. I find that Amazon often have good offers that work out about 11p a nappy which is lots cheaper than full price in shops. I either buy there and they deliver free which is a bonus or buy when on offer in the shops combined with coupons when I have them. The Amazon price does vary though so if you have the space it's a good idea to stock up when the price is low.

CosmicCloud Thu 05-Jan-12 16:59:13

Obsidian afraid I don't have any foolproof settling tips. If I did I think I'd be a very rich woman. grin
This LO so far seems to be a much better sleeper than DS1 was. Naps still a bit hit and miss but am going to try to get into more of a routine if possible. I'm going to try putting LO down at roughly the same time each day after a feed. I find he falls asleep on me while feeding and he'd happily stay sleeping on my knee but with DS1 to care for too that isn't practical. Also I did hold DS1 lots for naps and he wouldn't settle in his cot at all during the day (though the baby cuddles were lovely). After a while I got him used to sleeping in a buggy during the day as the movement helped send him to sleep but it was a battle at times. Maybe you'd be best just to go with the flow for a while and if there's no sign of improvement after a few weeks then think about trying something else. Lack of sleep is really tough though so hope you and LO manage a better rest tonight.

sebs71 Thu 05-Jan-12 19:39:58

Obsidian - yes, my LO doesn't nap much in the day either, unless I've been out in the car - she loves car journeys and will sleep for a while if we've been out! But, normally, she'll cat nap for about 15 minutes at a time, maybe half an hour, and only about 2 or 3 times during the day. However, she did actually nap for 2 hours yesterday after her midday feed... was hoping this might start to be a new thing, but sadly no... today she just napped twice for around half hour / 20 minutes. I've never been able to settle her in the crib or cot in the day, so she sleeps in her bouncy chair or swing and will fall asleep with minimum intervention in both of these. If she's grumpy because she's tired, she may need dummy, a few bounces/pushes and then she's off. I figure that it's ok to sleep in either in the day, and hopefully she knows crib is for night time sleeping.. but I doubt at this age she knows the difference!!!

She's been very grumpy today... lots of crying and attention. But she didn't have a poo all day until about 1 hour ago, so wondering if she was uncomfy? Or just having a bad day (after a bad night). She's currently asleep in OH's arms - she likes her Daddy Bed of an evening!!

tiddleypompom Thu 05-Jan-12 20:41:48

Hello again and thank you for my warm welcome back to join you all - lovely to hear from friends old and new - and of course a huge sense of relief and fascination hearing just how similar and how different these babies are!

Ok. I have spent several hours catching up on the news and have reserved the laptop for 10 mins to give a quick(ish) update on all things DS since he was born on 29/09/11 - 6 days late if you recall my mews of impatience from our ante natal thread grin

I think I already gave brief overview of birth story so will bypass that (sighs of relief all round) though suffice to say it was a speedy one and our darling boy was cuddled for a good half hour by his daddy before I stopped shaking and felt able to hold him. This still remains difficult to resolve - a bit of post-delivery guilt/shock/disappointment is hanging on, though thankfully this hasn't tainted or delayed my enduring love for my little boy.

We're 14 weeks in now, and have followed a routine from the early days - basically Gina Ford (I realise this is not a popular route for many!). I was EBF until around 6-8 weeks when introduced a late formula bottle and now combination feeding (aptimal x3 a day, rest b/f). DS is a big boy (around 16lb) but doesn't take more than 4-6oz at each feed and won't go longer than 3 hours during the day without a feed. On an ideal day I feed him at 7, 10, top up b/f before nap at 11.30, 2.30, split feed at 5 and then after bath at 6.15 and then dream feed at 10.15. He sleeps from around 6.30pm to 10.30pm when he has dream feed, then sleeps until between 5 and 7am. This is very variable at the moment - we have had a few lovely long sleeps till 7 but mostly around 5.30 when I b/f and then he goes back to sleep till 7.30 latest.

Daytime he has a morning nap (30-45mins), lunchtime nap (1-2.5 hours) and afternoon nap (20mins in pram). The lunchtime nap is great as it gives me time to get stuff done and have lunch myself, but recently he has woken after 45mins ish and sometimes hard to get back to sleep. If so I go for a pram push and he drops off again.

Writing it down makes it sound so much more settled and sorted - and easier - than it actually is! I do find it hard work and am constantly working out how to tweak the hours when something goes wrong - the downside of the routine I guess. It is also easier to feel that you are failing when it doesn't happen to the book. I would cheerfully throttle Gina Ford any day of the week - but then I'd also do it the same way again, as I am so grateful for a bit of predictability, and DS really is a lovely, happy (dare I say it contented?!) baby.

Tell you what - it's great coming into the thread 3 months in as I have skipped all the horrendous sleep deprived, cracked nipples, piles (yep), unidentified crying etc moments. Please don't read the above and think I am boasting or being smug as it is by no means perfect and frequently all goes tits up and leaves me feeling far worse than I would I imagine if I was just chilling out and going with the flow.

I have NO idea how to tackle the next phase however. Weaning, moving around etc bring me out in a rash. I need some company, good advice, rational thinking and a good kick up the backside (mind the piles) - hence am back to muck in with my favourite muckers grin

I would apologise for the essay but I did warn you, I'm catching up - and besides you lot write essays most of the time anyway wink

Happy evenings all!

feralgirl Thu 05-Jan-12 21:45:41

grin @ essay writing!

Interesting that a lot of our DCs are getting a bit rubbish about daytime naps. DD has also become a bit temperamental and tends to wake after 30 mins or so but if I'm quick then I can boob or shush-pat her back to sleep and she'll stay down for a good couple of hours. She's also being rubbish in the evenings too and we are shush-patting her until she's in deep sleep which is a PITA but DS was exactly the same at this age and he eventually grew out of it at about 7mo. I'm tempted to just start leaving her to settle herself in her cot as she doesn't cry, she just jabbers away.

DS was this age when he completely went for a burton and wouldn't sleep for longer than 45 minutes ever, the little toad. I spent the whole of my first mat leave reading about babies and sleeping and for those of you who like to do the same, I really found that the the NAPS routine and The No-Cry Sleep Solution were my favourites. The NCSS in particular is brilliant and reassuring and very lovely in the way that it's written and there is no a whole series of No-Cry Solution books (including a napping one smile)

feralgirl Thu 05-Jan-12 22:05:54

PS thanks Obsidian, I buy DS's eco pull ups on Amazon but I never thought to get DD's Pamers there too <durr>

feralgirl Thu 05-Jan-12 22:06:12

Pampers <durr> <durr>

tiddleypompom Fri 06-Jan-12 07:52:10

We took delivery of approx 1000000 pampers the other day from amazon that work out at 9p per nappy. DS attempting to fill one now as practise...

LovesBloominChristmas Fri 06-Jan-12 08:36:22

Morning all had a much better last couple if nights.

Have to say though ds will not go to bed until he is ready still. Tried last night to put him down as he had not really had any sleep during tge day. Took him up at 6;30 and brought him back down at 7:45 as needed to put dd down and he wasn't having any of it!

Obsidian Fri 06-Jan-12 09:47:24

Glad to hear it's not just my LO refusing to nap during the day.. Although, having said that, she's asleep now! And after refusing to nap at lunchtime yesterday, she then conked out between 3 and 5 - contrary baby! Then wouldn't go to bed as she wasn't tired enough - sigh.

Loves it's nice to hear you've had a better couple of nights. Last night was a bit better for us too. Fed at 8pm, 1.30am and 5.15am. Would have been quite pleased with that but LO decided it was morning after the 5.15 feed and it took about an hour to get her back to sleep.. Still, feel a bit less broken this morning. She won't go to bed until she's ready either - if you try to put her down too early she screams the house down shock.

Thanks for the book recommendations Feral - will check those out on Amazon. I am completely obsessed with sleep at the moment so may as well have something to read other than MN!

TP I am very jealous of your routine envy. That sounds exactly what I'm trying (but failing!) to encourage my LO towards. She doesn't seem to need feeding as often now, and the last few days it's been 7.30, 11, 2.30, quick feed at 4.30ish, and then bottle at 6.15 after her bath. She's napping at 9 for around 45 minutes, and then for about an hour at lunchtime. Do you mind me asking you a couple of questions?!

Which feeds are bf and which are formula? We're giving one bottle of formula at 6.15 at the moment, but would consider doing this more often if it helps establish a routine and/or improves sleeping..

How does the dreamfeed work? I would like to try this but am hesitant to get her out of her cot in case I wake her up!! How long do you feed for and do you think it helps your LO sleep longer at night? Do you use a bottle or bf?

Thanks thanks in advance!

Sorry - another essay grin

Hope you all have lovely days - Friday at last wine

feralgirl Fri 06-Jan-12 10:56:03

Obsidian, I dream fed DS in a desparate bid to get a few hours extra (he was EBF). He did used to take a good feed and then go straight back to sleep in his cot and it was a lovely snuggly bonding time for us. I think, in theory, it's supposed to be possible to give a bottle without even lifting the babe out of the cot, just a bit of propping, and because they're asleep they don't gulp and don't get so windy.

However the downside was that the 10.30 feed became part of his routine and he eventually started waking for it, earlier when it was growth spurt time, and it meant that if we went out then I had to be back to feed him before he woke (although I suppose that if you gave a bottle then that wouldn't be a prob) but there was a whole series of The Apprentice where I never once saw a firing because he started waking at 9.45 every night angry! Even now he is 3yo, when he's having a phase of rubbish sleep, he still has that wake-up time in his body-clock which is a right PITA as it's our bedtime too!

Since DD seems to be capable of going from bedtime to 1am-ish, I am resisting the temptation to do the DF as I want to be able to go out and not dash home! It is very tempting to see whether she would go without one of her night feeds if I did it but she only wakes twice in the night anyway and I want to see whether I can get through the 4 month regression without changing too much iyswim.

tiddleypompom Fri 06-Jan-12 12:46:14

obsidian we actually do wake DS up for his dream feed, which is a bottle (expressed b/m). My DH gently wakes him at 10.15pm, changes his nappy and then gives him a bottle from which DS drinks around 6oz very sleepily. He then goes back to sleep in his cot. This takes him through till between 5-7am (last night it was 6am then he slept again till 7.30am). The idea is to slowly reduce the amount he drinks at the dream feed once he has started to wean. The calories consumed during the day eventually mean he drops it completely. Obviously feral has the experience of having done it this way before and found it can be restrictive - but I am not b/feeding at this time (as I go to bed at 9pm!) so less so for me. My fingers will be crossed that he doesn't pick up the habit - as yet he does need to be woken and doesn't wake up automatically.

The formula bottles we give are the bigger feeds - 10-11am, 2.30pm and 6.15pm. The rest are b/f (and the expressed b/m dream feed).

By the way I ALWAYS go for a pram push at 3.30pm every day and DS sleeps for around 20mins from 4pm. If he misses this sleep the evening routine (split feed and bath) is cranky and he either falls asleep before taking a full feed or cries until I b/f for comfort.

My routine has definitely made my life more restrictive as I am less inclined to do anything to disrupt it. I reckon if I had other DCs I'd have to compromise and be less by the book - but for now it is working really well and we are all happy. I haven't been out for a night out since he was born but this is cos I haven't wanted to yet! We've been able to have friends over instead as we know we have from 7pm 'free'.

Hope this helps - not for everyone I know.

ssmile Fri 06-Jan-12 13:11:24

I think gina Ford is like Marmite you either love it or hate it and that depends a lot on if your child conforms. My SIL has both her DDs in that routine& loves it, I now hate it. I tried endlessly with DD1 to do it. I feel rather bitter now at how much stress it caused me as with this DD I'm just feeding, napping on demand and its SO much easier and enjoyable experience. As mothers we get so much guilt and children are ALL different I think you should just do what feels right for you, if GF works then do it but if it doesn't don't flog a dead horse (like I did with first babe) just enjoy the baby stage it doesn't last long smile

candr Fri 06-Jan-12 13:15:56

100yrs, like the idea of the washing basket, my DH put him in a huge cooking pot the other day, nearly gave me a heart attack when I took lid of.
Welcome back TP hope things have gone well for you.
Thanks for book reccommendations, look forward to trying something new as read lots of crime books (Lee Child, Karin Slaughter)
Obsidian - is White Tiger about an avalanche as read it 2 days ago thought it was really good.
Watched OBEM and felt more empathy for the women though the stressy dad was a PITA. Makes me so glad that my LO is fine and healthy though.
Had awful night last night. DH away and LO had 3rd jabs. Started screaming at lunchtime and kept having crying fits - his legs were really red and a bit swollen with a temp so had no sleep till 3am when the smoke alarm battery started dying and damn thing kept beeping LOUDLY! He sleeps better during day as is on his front but am getting stricter about him being in crib so slow progress. Look forward to DH coming home and he really misses LO which is lovely.

Obsidian Fri 06-Jan-12 14:00:08

The White Tiger I read was about India, and is here:


Thanks for all the advice about feeding and sleeping - might try the dream feed idea tonight. Wish me luck grin

Poor you Candr sad Hope you have a much better night tonight.

DD has fed and slept reasonably well today, so have got my fingers crossed for tonight. She is quite fussy when she feeds sometimes though - pulling off and shrieking. Has anyone else had this? I spoke to a bf Counsellor today and she suggested it might be either painful gums/early teething or she's getting frustrated because the milk isn't coming out fast enough after the initial let down. I've got some bonjela to try on her gums, but I don't know what I can do about the milk not coming fast enough, other than try formula instead. I'll persevere for a few days, but I'm worried she's not eating enough during the day at the moment confused, which might be why she's waking up a lot at night.. But then she feeds really well at night - ARGH!

feralgirl Fri 06-Jan-12 16:27:36

I'm with Ssmile on GF; I nearly killed myself trying to get DS to conform and it didn't make him sleep any better anyway! However I really think GF has a point when it comes to daytime kipping and trying to avoid letting babies get over tired. I certainly took some good ideas from it and also from The Baby Whisperer but I will never try to follow a book routine again as it's just not for me and it would be impossible with two anyway.

Candr, that sounds miserable sad I really hope DS is OK soon; shock and grin at baby stew!

Obsidian, DD is also fussy feeding atm. I put it down to (a) her teeth and gums beginning to make their presence felt (I prefer teething powders to bonjela btw, and so have both DCs. Boots are good) and (b) being 4 mo and having improved vision and being more interested in her surroundings than in my boob! unless she is starving my DD just snacks if I feed her anywhere where there are any distractions and, like yours, does a good big feed in the dark and quiet. DS was exactly the same, they grow out of it (or not, and then you wean them at 6mo and it doesn't matter anyway).

100years Fri 06-Jan-12 17:41:36

Still have no voice, or rather what I do have is very croaky. Bit sore throat and just general meh, not quite myself. But I'm chilling and doing very little. Although we did go out for lunch today with a friend which was lovely.

Got a referral done for the Tongue Tie, so it's wait for the appointment now, have a lovely NCT lady at the BF group who was the lady who saw me(at home) before Christmas and she got one of the HV to do the referral.

Also got LO weighed (I snuck in before the other mums were there) to be honest I don't think I'm carrying a cold virus, not really snotty or temp etc, just got a bad throat like I get when I am tired if that makes sense. Anyway LO is now 12lb12oz, bless her, following the 25 centile line, although she's a little under it now as opposed to over it.

Sorry for not catching up with everyone.

Just a quick check in to say hi!

My running thread is doing well, and it's surprising how much it has motivated me! I'm determined to keep it going but did find it difficult with DH getting back late from work yesterday.

My lo is not too bad at the moment, had a bit of unexplained crying today though, but he settled after patting and singing to him, bit embarrassing when shopping in debenhams with a friend!

Sorry can't catch up with everyone, I'm on my phone - do I have to do the hash tags?


jimmijam Sat 07-Jan-12 13:59:59

gosh ive missed a lot!! just scanned thru a few posts- highchairs - if still at all relevant. if space is an issue or u like things neat and tidy get 1 that folds flat for storage. look for 1 that will be easy to clean- not with a seat full of nooks and crannies smile if u will be moving it about eg visit other ppl a lot perhaps weight may be an issue? be good to look in the sales.

sebs i think- re sleeping and feeding. some babies sleep thru from birth or just a few weeks old, everyones different just like u and I. neither of our 1st 2 slept thru til they were in their own rooms, both bf on demand with formula when i was out and about and some evenings. this lo is bf on demand and not sleeping thru but at least i know he's feeding well. theres no harm in trying different sleeping methods if u would like to-i imagine different methods work for different people. just as for me I wouldnt have the mental strength so will stick with things as they are. good luck

sounds like a few lo's are rolling over i really need to give our lo more tummy time and less cuddle time!!!

Obsidian Sat 07-Jan-12 18:30:50

Thanks for your reassuring words Feral, although not sure I can cope with the snacking, pulling off and screaming for another couple of months! She's sometimes only feeding for seconds, rather than minutes, so am still worried she's not getting enough. I tried expressing this morning, when she wouldn't feed at 11ish (last feed before that was 7am) and feeding her the EBM with a bottle, which she happily guzzled confused.

Not sure if this means she prefers a bottle (she's only had one a day since 11 weeks) or can look around more when bottle fed. I don't really want to express every day as I find it uncomfortable and don't get that much even with a pump. Not sure whether to try introducing more formula during the day?? I don't really want to yet, but I'd rather she was feeding well, particularly as if she hasn't fed she doesn't sleep as well.

Plus, it's getting rather embarrassing and stressful trying to feed her in public when she constantly screams and pulls off, leaving me rather exposed and with quite a distressed baby!

Any thoughts or advice would be much appreciated!

We had a much better night last night thankfully - only two get ups.. Fingers crossed for tonight.

Hope you are all having lovely Saturdays, xx

tiddleypompom Sat 07-Jan-12 18:56:38

obsidian the behaviour you describe is similar to what we experienced until we started to introduce more bottle feeds. I lost the use of one boob just after the 6 week growth spurt - it was always the lesser producing one but got increasingly more sore with blocked ducts and then thrush (which was v painful). DS was very frustrated feeding on it and kept pulling off, headbutting my boob and crying until I put him on the working one. I couldn't express anything at all from this boob, so this combined with decreasing feeds was a killer for left boob - now defunct completely!

Anyway, I have discussed situation with other NCT friends and the slow let down or lack of milk does seem to frustrate the babies and lead to the snacking approach you describe. It appears your LO likes the efficiency of feeding from a bottle - but I do empathise with your reluctance to introduce more formula. I am sure others (especially those successfully EBF) will have advice as to how you can prolong the b/feeding, but I would just say that we have resolved similar problems here by combination feeding and mealtimes are happy and calm as a result. Try not to feel guilty if you end up going down this route.

Bought a cushi tush (who makes up these cringeworthy names?!) today on Amazon. DS is increasingly enjoying being upright and less happy on his lambskin rug, which was previously favourite place for a kick.

We went for a walk to see the ducks today, both in navy blue padded ensembles and DS in his carrier - a lovely sunny walk with a happy boy. The spring bulbs are coming through and deceiving me into thinking the change of season is on its way. No doubt we'll get some snow in Feb!

Fingers crossed for good nights for all grin)

ssmile Sat 07-Jan-12 19:09:48

Not sure how old your Lo is obsidian but mine had a very disruptive couple wks around 15-17wk mark. Now she 19wks generally feeds better but if its too noisy busy she more interested in what's going on around so I take her somewhere quiet to feed. I've even fed in pub/cafe toilet as she was hungry but too disrupted by the surroundings.

Today been ouch day! Babe keeps clamping my nipples when feeding. She been very hungry and not want to be put down much, endless norring of my fingers &muslins and loud groaning. But flipping heck my poor nips! I've taken her off with a firm No each time but she just seems hungry hmm She has not rolled over yet but really doesn't like play mat or floor time just wants to be held or sitting up watching world go by in her chair. She always has very limited tummy time as always makes her sick. She strong though so I'm not unduly worried. It's nearly full moon so my eldest DD all day been manic LOOK AT ME day, bloody hard work as DH been in garden most of day mending fence that blew down Thursday so been solo parent. Phew be glad to sink into my bed tonight.

Hows it going with three jimmijam must be very hard work! I'm finding two very tough at times, I get short tempered with my 4yr old then feel like bad mother when really she just being very lively and I'm ttttired..

Mine's just started pulling on and off the breast, hope this isn't a sign of things to come...

Thanks for high chair advice! Jimmi you speak such wise words of experience, I'm glad you're on this thread!

Ssmile my LO has drawn blood from my breast with his fingernails! Hope your feeding gets more comfortable soon. Obsedian I hope that your feeding solves itself too, whatever route you take.

LovesBloominChristmas Sat 07-Jan-12 22:20:36

OMG. Ds has just turned over shock. Put him on his front to 'talk' to daddy cause he was showing signs of wanting to go to bed and he rolled over on his left! So of course put him back on his front and he did it again. Not being statisfied I put him back in his front and he rolled to his right <argh> nooooooo he needs to stay my little baby confused

sebs71 Sat 07-Jan-12 22:24:06

On phone before I crash out so sorry for quick replies or if I miss somethings...

Jimmi - thanks for reply. She's naturally changed her feeding times funnily enough - we're in a whole new feeding times today so going to see how it spans out, especially tonight. Mind you she's just kicked off big style trying to get her to sleep but unlike before we've managed to calm her quickly and she's asleep now!! A week ago she did the same and we took ages to calm her so really pleased tonight. Must have learnt something!!

Feral - got the no cries sleep book today - have managed to skim read a few early chapters and looks a really good practical book with lots of ideas to take or discard to suit - looking forward to reading it properly - thanks for tip.

TP - walk to the ducks sounds lovely smile has been a better day but wind picked up again tonight

To those bf with issues - can I just say I'm in awe of you and think you're doing a brill job and well done for getting this far.

Seems to be getting a little harder these days as LOs become more aware and demanding but without capacity to play for long ... But equally an exciting time and LO seems to be learning something new each day and her full on chuckles just make me burst with pride and love for her... Challenging but rewarding times!!!

However, knackered now with capital K so off to sleep wondering when LO will wake for a feed in her new feeding times!!! Night all, sweet dreams mums and babies smile

ssmile Sun 08-Jan-12 06:54:59

OMG my reward for the full on day yest of endless feeding and demanding DD1 was heavenly sleep 7-6 with one fed 2am for which I was only awake 20mins smile the downside woken up feeling full of cold again Noooooo I've not shifted the one I've had last two wks sad
For those with fussy BF issues have a look at the kellymom.com site. I've also read that around 4mths couple things happen. Milk supply changes and babes become a lot more aware so do look around more. But it does pass I do remember getting through this phase before. Sorry its short I'm always on phone need to go stop DD1 waking up DH as he too full of cold again. Have gd Sundays

candr Sun 08-Jan-12 09:55:53

Does any one else have a LO that seems to be having growth spurt at 16w?, have gone from 2 or 3 feeds at night to waking hourly. Don't know how I will manage when he is in own room and cot in a couple of months if this doesn't settle down. Am half looking forward to him being in own room but love having him in bed with me for part of the night. He is teething and can feel a top tooth now which hurts more when I bf as he tries to chew me. Why has someone not invented a chew toy for babies that is the shape and texture of a finger?

Candr my lo did that at 15-16 weeks, settled down now at 17-18 weeks to once a night waking again. I'm reluctant to call it a growth spurt as he still hasn't put on any weight! But hope your lo's waking is only temporary too.

feralgirl Sun 08-Jan-12 17:10:11

Awesome idea candr, you should go on Dragon's Den with that one! I am considering designing a gadget that will gently rock the pushchair so you don't have to stand and jiggle it when you stop wheeling a fussy baby around!

Good effort with the feeding Ssmile and I second the kellymom site; it's brilliant and an absolute mine of info.

Sebs my DD has had quite a few stressy evenings and has also started to do an extra feed or two at night. And yes Candr I think it's common for them to have a regression in their sleeping habits at this age, DS certainly did. If you google 'babies four month sleep regression' there are bloomin' loads of forum discussions about it!

This is my mantra:

It's just a phase
These things will pass
It's just a phase
These things will pass
It's just a phase
These things will pass

<Repeat to fade>

Feral that's an excellent mantra! I will start chanting now...

My fingers have been well and truly chomped as well, DS can grab my finger and shove it straight in his mouth now. But he still doesn't know how to control his dribbling!

Oh and btw, in case anyone wants to join me on the couch to 5k programme, the new thread is here

tiddleypompom Sun 08-Jan-12 19:22:28

Evening all!

Very interested to hear what is to come - DS is 15 weeks this Thurs and not yet hit a further growth spurt since 12 weeks, though feeds have increased in size just over the last few days. He's had a lovely day today outside in his bouncy chair whilst I garden and DH 'plays' with his bike. Grandparents over too so lots of cuddles (and hands free time for me!).

Quick question - DS has very dry cheeks. The skin hasn't cracked but I am worried it will, and then case discomfort to him. We have been putting sudacrem on it to date but can anyone suggest a good baby friendly dry skin cream? Or other advice as to how we can deal with it? He has always been dry skinned (rather flakey when he was born, which the midwife said was because he was late?) and though his cheeks are the main concern, his knees and legs are also a bit dry.

We had an amusing bathtime this eve as DS did a poo in the water - cue frantic scooping by me whilst he sat quite happily in a towel before being swilled off in a fresh bath. Revolting really but it's amazing how chilled out you can be with your own baby's poo etc!

2nd set of injections on Tues. Am dreading it - he beamed such a lovely trusting smile at the nurse last time, just before she got him in the thigh with the needle... I was almost as sad as he was!

Happy eves smile

sebs71 Sun 08-Jan-12 19:28:03

Just a quick one... yes, must start chanting that one!!!

Also - Feral - no need to do any inventing... when I was looking for "things that rock" to soothe babies a few weeks ago, I came across a mat that moves back and forth - you sit the cot, pram (with brakes on obviously!) or whatever on top and it rocks back and forth!!! They're called automatic pram rockers! No idea if they work, never got one!

feralgirl Sun 08-Jan-12 20:59:14

Dammit sebs! I was going to make millions! Although a mat would be a bit of a faff while you're in a cafe or pausing to chat in the street though, I was thinking of a motor that would attach to the chassis of the pram so perhaps there's still a gap in the market...

TP, a HV told me once that the best thing for baby's skin is sunflower or olive oil, pref organic, which is what we always used to use in the baby massage classes. Supposed to be good as it's natural and unscented. Might be worth a try? My GP gave me stuff called DiproBase for DS once when he had a bit of a flaky dry rash thing going on which worked well but it's very thick and smells like hospitals!

DD is still not asleep. She's lying in her cot, jabbering away to herself. She fed and comfort sucked for an hour before I left her as I was busting for the loo. I can't decide whether to go in and try to settle her or just leave her to her own devices.

She worries me coz she's such a wriggler; last night she woke up having turned through 180 degrees and got her arm caught in the bars at the foot of the cot. She was lying with her head in my bed as well so I'm thinking it might be time to put the side back on the cot and stop the nice sidecar arrangement we've got atm. sad

Here's to some good sleeps tonight everyone.

sebs71 Sun 08-Jan-12 21:25:59

Feral - you could still be on to something!!! Millions still there for the making!!

Good luck in what you choose with LO to settle. We're in middle of introducing more structured bed routine and had first tea at 8 pm on our own, with LO asleep upstairs with monitor on. She woke after 45 mins but just managed to get her back to sleep... Fingers crossed for a better night than last one

Night all... Sleep fairy dust to all!

100years Sun 08-Jan-12 21:47:57

Hello again.

Well I'm a full on snot monster today, but I'm getting my voice back. I have a cough, but it's weird, it's almost like the cycle of throat, cough, snot, yukkyness has been accelerated, I've had all this before but I swear each stage of the 'illness' seems to be lasting a lot less than normal, I'm sure I've been voiceless for a week before and it was only 2 days where I really couldn't talk, the cough seems to be getting better almost as soon as it's started. Hopefully I've not just jinxed myself. I hope I feel better again tomorrow. smile

Well it gets busier for me now this week again, after the Christmas break. Tomorrow I have a blood test for the milk bank so they can use my milk. Tuesday swimming restarts smile really looking forward to this and LO is doing so much more now than she was before Christmas I think she will be able to learn the ducking commands better now. Wednesday is smear test day then food shopping delivery. Thursday I think is clear, Friday we have an appointment with a surestart centre lady to see what services they offer and if I want to join. Saturday we are at a baby and toddler art group, which after this week will actually be on a Thursday. I could go to a mum and baby coffee morning tomorrow morning, but I think I have enough on this week. I do have to go into town at some point to pick up the Highchair we've ordered and drop off the milk bank milk too. Phew, I'll be going to bed with LO at this rate smile

Ladies, I know we are all short for time at some times, and often just post little tit bits here and there. Are the # still required? I think we know that if we get chance to post we will, if we don't or if we are on our phones we aren't being rude, we're just being mums with little babies and sometimes other kids too. I'm happy to take it that if someone only posts a short reply to something then they are busy or on their phone, and if someone posts a long reply then they have the chance to do so. I won't think badly of any short replies, or that someone is rude. What do people think, should we just leave the # off the messages now? grin

re books, I've also (whilst pregnant) read Room and The help, both great books, I think it was feral who said she had read them. And I think the little symbol on the bottom of the kindle is different on mine as it's one of those new kindles without the keypad, mine is like a box with line in it then it brings up a list of different commands and change font size is one of them. (this is off the top of my head!) I'm currently reading How to be a woman by Caitlin moran, and I'm really enjoying it.

To those who are having difficulties with LOs sleeping/feeding/napping changes, as you know I have had a few difficulties, not massive ones I grant you, but it was tough before Christmas, she was about 13 weeks when it started and it got easier again at 15 weeks, when I saw the NCT lady the other day about the referral I said about the fact LO isn't sleeping through now after having done so, she said 'that's 4 month olds for you' Looks like it's really to be expected and it's an age thing. Tough as it is, it is a stage and hopefully one that doesn't last too long for us all.

I use the cloth nappies at night, unless we are away from home, I just put an extra booster in there, usually I'll change her bum at the 4 or 5 am feed whichever it is, as she usually drops off on the boob when I feed her then, so I change her and then give her a top up of food and if I'm lucky I then get a bit longer, it doesn't always work though. But I have left one on through the night as she woke early and then didn't wake till almost normal time, it hadn't leaked - thankfully.

Naps wise, my LO has either 4 or 5 naps, all varying in length, sometimes it's only a 20 min 'power nap' and other times it a longer one of about an hour, although it depends on where she is, I had her on me the other day and she slept for 90 mins, which was lovely, just being all cwtched up.

I am like ssmile in a non routine way, I think like she said, if it works for you to do a routine, then that's fantastic, I personally found getting a night time bedtime 'routine' hard work when we first started, although I'm glad we did that, as it got an earlier bedtime for LO and a bit of free time in the evening, plus I think it's better for her to go to bed earlier now, I do the rest of it kind of baby led re feeding and napping, taking cues from her, she has a kind of similar pattern to her naps generally, although this is bound to change soon, but I am used to the whingy noises she makes when she starts to get tired and settle her then if I can. I like it being relaxed and I am glad I have done it this way and not tried to do a set daily routine. But it must be good to know exactly when things will happen sleep wise/feed wise.

TP, Can you use dibrobase or some other type of emollient on a baby's skin, E45 or something? Worth asking a HV or chemist maybe, they would know, which is best. I think my sis got diprobase on prescription for my niece, but I can't remember how old she was when she had it. My LO does also have a dry reddish cheek, it's from her sucking her hands and getting drool all over herself when her thumb comes out and goes back in repeatedly!

100years Sun 08-Jan-12 21:53:51

I was posting a mammoth response and feral beat me to it with the diprobase cream comment!

feral, can you put the side up and down easily enough when she's in it? If so could the side be up while you aren't in the room and down when you go to bed and move it to your bed? I know that might disturb her though. I'm currently quite happy with it still being sidecar arrangement as there is a cushion barrier between the bed and cot and she can't roll up that yet as the cot mattress is a touch lower than the bed mattress, so even if she rolls she won't get onto the bed, it'll be different when she starts to crawl/shuffle though, then I'll have to do something about it sad Then I'll be a bit sad, but I've been fine when we have been away and she is in the travel cot not next to the bed. But I do love the ease of the side car cot.

100 I'm in complete agreement about the hash tags! Let's leave them off.

I still have to follow up on my resolution to sign up to swimming classes for lo, so I'm going to ask a stupid question here: what do little baby boys wear in the pool? I've seen little girlie swimming costumes but nothing for boys. Mind you I've not really looked yet! Have to look for a new cossie for me too!

100 what highchair did you go for?

Am also busy socialising this week: Monday, meeting a friend; Tuesday, my nct antenatal group friends; Wednesday, pnd baby massage course then nct postnatal group; Thursday, coffee morning with nhs postnatal group friends; Friday, meeting with pregnant friend providing she doesn't go into labour! grin As my nct postnatal mentor says, if we were working this would be called 'networking', meeting people to make contacts, find out info and ask for help if needed. Makes me feel less guilty at DH having to work!

Hope you all have good nights x

Omg just did my first night bf where I didn't have to go to the loo before or after! This could be bladder control returning! Woohoo! (sorry if tmi but you ladies are probably the only people I can tell!)

ssmile Mon 09-Jan-12 06:54:39

Gd on the bladder control sciencegeek mine was awful with DD1 but I've been gd at my pelvic floor exercises this time and its been noticeable better!

I use epiderm cream from DR on baby skin its emolliant that DD1 prescribed for her dry sin as baby and still has occasionally. Gd on red creashes around knees,elbows, wrists etc as can be mild exceama (sp? Gosh my brain not spelling this morn)

No repeat of my Fab sat night, babe fed at 12,2.30am, woke 5 am I ignored her and she wiggled slept till6am fed her but now can't go back to sleep as got school run.....that's what I miss about Christmas hols my lovely DH was letting me go back to sleep till 8am+ was heavenly

Ps I'm always posting on my phone smile Last tip I've been using MyfitnessPal free app on phone excellent for calorie counting if like me your on a new years diet smile my DH doing it too and its really helping me as we get competitive (he will win as has willpower of a rock when he wants to! )

tiddleypompom Mon 09-Jan-12 07:31:58

Sciencegeek we have a baby wetsuit for DS - all in one like a regular baby grow without legs (in built nappy). Can stay in water longer as warmer.

Thanks for red cheek/dry skin recommendations - I think I'll ask for prescription from HV on Tues.

Anyone else not had period yet?

Typing onehanded and awkwardly hence brevity!

Get well soon 100years!

TP I've not had a period yet grin but now I've said it I'll probably get it soon...

Will look into getting wetsuit, thanks.

Ssmile think it's 'eczema' spelling! Bad luck on the night, I got more sleep when DH around too. Mine woke at 12:40 and 3:50 last night, then 7:10, so not too bad.

100years Mon 09-Jan-12 09:21:53

I think I go to the loo in the middle of the night out of habit, just in case, although a few times I've been too tired to bother.

Highchair, I got a cosatto noodle in the zoodle pattern, it says it's 'exclusive to John Lewis' will be ready to pick up today but OH took car to work, so I'll do it tomorrow I think. Looking forward to her being in it at tea times. Sitting up with us. grin

I think most pools require a double nappy system, they do for all lessons to prevent accidents. So swim nappy under a neoprene thing that looks like shorts, we have this you can get a range of covers. But we've also just bought a wrap thing to keep her warm. But you still need the nappy cover thing. With the thing Tp was on about you don't need a nappy cover as its built in together. I think it's this kind of thing snug although I've just picked the brand I have. grin I nearly got a snug thing instead of the wrap but I've already got the nappy cover thing, going to see how the wrap works if not I'll buy a snug instead.

No period here, I thought I was going to start at 8 weeks but it was just some spotting. It's not unusual to not have a period if you're breast feeding.

Cough cough cough today sad so much for accelerated healing!

ssmile Mon 09-Jan-12 10:44:22

Hope u feel better soon 100

We use the happy pants wetsuit bottoms and a swim nappy in the pool but DD1 did do a big pooh in the happy pants when not wearing a nappy when at the beach and it held it all in as the legs are tight. The wrap around wetsuit jacket is veasy to put on the other suit looks hard to? as its got tight arms &legs?

Thanks for spelling sciencegeek I have blocks on certain words and eczema is one of them smile I spell phonically in my head prob explains why I'm an analyst by trade much prefer numbers grin

100years Mon 09-Jan-12 11:13:55

Thanks ssmile. I think eczema is one of the really really awkward words to spell to be fair, diarrhoea is another word that's just stupid. We're swimming tomorrow so I'll have a comment on the swimming wrap after that. grin

jimmijam Mon 09-Jan-12 13:42:48

argh builders in-dust everywhere!! glad i thought ahead and covered a lot up with sheets, ds1 fell asleep around 10am on the sofa even with all the noise, still asleep now! will wake him for lunch soon.

no periods here yet,hoping its down to implant rather than bf. just hd some spotting a week or so after getting implant, end november ish

anyone else here still snack lots?
have just made myself a 5a day chart, i get a tally for each of my 5 a day and also a bad tally for all the crappy snacks i eat (yesterday bar of choc, choc cake, jaffa cakes, sandwich....). doubt it will work but am oping if i see written down all the rubbish i eat everyday that i'll cut down at least a bit or swap it for something better

not read all posts but c something about eczema- runs in dh's side of family, only ds1 got it at baby age, got some cream from dr it cleared up and never came back. dd also has creams from dr which she occasionally needs and work a treat

feralgirl Mon 09-Jan-12 14:50:20

Goddamit, DD had her first swim session this morning and I am buggered if I can find the neoprene wrap anywhere. I am so unbelievably irritated about this! I really need to do some full-on de-cluttering and now that I have some extra energy (thanks to the C25K program and Geekmum's excellent motivational thread smile) I am thinking that I am going to do some hard core spring cleaning during DD's next long nap!

DD was a heller last night; she didn't go to sleep until nearly 10pm and then woke four times during the night. I need to do what you do Ssmile and ignore the wiggling. I think I'm too quick to pick her up and feed her back to sleep for an easy life as she quite often has a dead quick slurp and then drops back off again, leaving me wide awake and needing the loo!

100 we haven't got a proper sidecar cot, it's just a normal one with the drop side left off and wedged against the wall to keep it stable so not something that can be easily altered. I might pinch your idea of a cushion barrier though and see how that works, my widgy pillow's nice and firm so that might do the job. I could just have the drop side left down but then I have to actually sit up to get at DD and that's a PITA at 2am.

Anyone else's baby found their feet? DD's toes are her fave new plaything - uber cute - but she hasn't managed to get them as far as her mouth yet. She is getting so good at wriggling around on the floor using her arms and legs to push herself. My mum claimed that DD had managed to get her knees up under herself and her bum in the air as well but I am a bit hmm about that. My mum seems to always be the first to see my DCs do anything new hmm

Sebs I am seriously thinking about the pushchair rocker thing. I reckon a windscreen wiper motor set on slow might do the trick. I have this vision of gizmo where you put the brake on on your pushchair, press a button and it just kind of bounces it a bit, like the motors on vibrating bouncy chairs. I have an old bouncy chair in the loft si I might even try taking the motor off that to see if it's strong enough. Now I just need a good name for my invention...

sebs71 Mon 09-Jan-12 16:53:31

How about a rock-a-doodle... All baby things seem to have silly names!! You go for it... Think you're onto a winner.

Busy day... Left her with grandad for just under hour for first time... Went fine... He took her for pram walk and then to friends! I had eye test. Then supermarket then rushed back just in time for her feed and promptly the dog ran off. Nightmare. Had to put food away, feed her, she pooed on me so bathed her... And dog still not back. In end OH came home from work and found him in the village.

Any tips on how to get a baby who will sleep happily in arms but wakes up as soon as you put her in her crib to not do that???? After her feed at 1 am she took 1 and 3/4 hours to put her back down... Bit tired today!!! But night routine thing went well and she's had good naps today because of car journeys and walks!!

sebs71 Mon 09-Jan-12 16:55:54

Oh and yes periods started but then they came after stopped breast feeding. Now on cerazette and whilst doc said I might get no periods I'm currently on my second in 45 days and heavier than normal ones sad not good...

Oh must go...LO just done another poo ...

candr Mon 09-Jan-12 17:10:26

TP, we grease DS up in olive oil after bath and it is fab for his skin and non greasy. No period here yet but am still ebf.
Feral, he has kind of found feet, he poed one of them and it twitched which made him jump.
100yrs, good tips for swimming, hope you feel better soon.
Sebs, my LO often wakes when I put himdown so hve started waiting till he is drowsy but awake in the hope he will self settle but the 1am is a killer to stay awake during feed then settle him (I often give in then and let him sleep in bed till 3.30am feed) Glad you found your dog.
We went and fed ducks today, he didn't seem fussed but I enjoyed it.
DS is in door bouncer which he loves but find he needs to be grabbed before head butting door frame which is annoying.

100years Mon 09-Jan-12 18:29:25

Snacks, yeah if I can, and if I make stuff, erm it goes really quickly!

feral the cushion we have as a barrier, is one that came with it, I have read of others putting the mattress slightly lower than the bed mattress and using a towel to cover the gap. I don't know how safe it is as there would be a lip of bed mattress that your LO could end up wedged next to and no room to breathe, unless I'm over thinking it?

sebs, I think it's the age to be honest, I have read that the 4 month sleep regression thing can take it's form in the difficulty in getting them to settle. I'm not sure how to help.

thanks candr, and you're welcome. We also have a door bouncer, so far she's not come near the door frame, but having read things about it I am very watchful of it.

Had my blood test today for the milk bank donation, I have to be tested for all the usual HIV, Hep B and another one before they can use my milk, and so although I was tested in pregnancy I still have to be tested now for all of them.

Managed to pick up the high chair this afternoon too, and although it's not set up yet it probably will be by tomorrow tea time smile

I think there was something else I was going to say, but I can't remember. Oh yeah, had a phone call from the HV today who sent in the referral for the TT snip, she put the referral in on Friday, I have the name of the doctor there and although she said it could be a couple of weeks, she said it wouldn't hurt to ring them and say a referral has been put in and ask when it will be and if there are any early spaces. I'm probably going to do that, due to her age and knowing after a certain age it gets harder to do and also because the last 24 hours have been really quite painful feeding and my nipple is coming out a slightly odd angle/shape again. Painful feedings. sad Plus she's done a few clamp downs, which hasn't helped things!

And I've messed up my hair colour! It was brown, had been red, let this be a lesson, colour b4 might take some of the colour out, but not all and so when I put a blonde colour on, I ended up ginger with yellow roots. I've gone over it again with another one this evening, but as yet don't know how it looks as the light is shite in the flat.

Yep, been trying not to snack so much though since Christmas. It's hard, I feel hungry all the time!

Thanks for the tips re swimming, I really appreciate it. I have a mothercare voucher so will see if there's any wetsuits/ wraps there I can get.

Lo had a right old giggle this afternoon when I was tickling his tummy. He's getting more and more interactive, which is great smile. We have also started giving him tasters of what we're eating - little tiny bits of sauce or mash potato on our fingers; don't know if that's the safe thing to do but he seems to enjoy it (and the amount is so tiny I'm sure it's fine). We are still planning on leaving weaning till later but want him to get a bit of taste developing.

On phone so can't remember who said their dog went missing - glad you got him back!grin

100 I found jelonet gauzes cut into squares and put on the nipples between feeds helped a little - I stored them pre-cut in the fridge so they were nice and cool to put on. Please remember what I said about tt - even after snipped it can take a while for lo to learn how to use tongue. I don't want you to be too disappointed as it will work eventually, but perhaps not straight away. Best wishes with it.

ssmile Tue 10-Jan-12 06:44:31

100 sorry BF is still hard but I echo geek that getting TT cut will still take few wks to settle down as they have to relearn how to use their tongue. My Lo keeps clamping her jaw on my nipples and it hurts. sad I keep taking her off with firm No. To start with she just gave me biggest smile now couple times she has cried as her milk was taken away for 20secs. Not sure if it helping or not but her reaction to my NO meant she did understand the tone of my voice I think. I then tried a smiley WellDone when she carried on feeding no clamping smile I'm prob bonkers but it does bloody hurt!

She had green nappy poo yester day which concerned me a bit, but I think its combination of her feeding lots last couple days as she recovering from her cold bug and teething. I'm hoping its not linked to me calorie counting as I'm trying to do 1500 calories a day healthy eating plus hours walk. Does anyone know what you add on for breastfeeding? I've allowed myself extra 250 calories a day.

100years Tue 10-Jan-12 09:16:27

Thanks both. Yes I'm quite happy for it to take a while to settle down, but sooner done sooner it starts grin the tie seems thicker than it was, she can move her tongue around, but the base of the tie looks different, like it's attached wider than I remember.

100years Tue 10-Jan-12 09:17:37

I've not got cracked nips yet, just very tender ones. Will the jelonet help or does it just help cracked?

sebs71 Tue 10-Jan-12 09:39:31

Better night. She us taking to the bed time routine well and it's strange but good having an hour before we head up. She is going asleep about 8 and we go to bed at 9 now the same time as the kids... In fact DSS is probably the last to switch lights off now! She also settled better after 1 am feed and settled herself a few times... Guess it takes repition and practice

Think it's 500 extra calories for bf

Dad has on op on his shoulder today... Hope he's ok. Although only shoulder he'll have full anaesthetic and being 74 next week and having pace maker you do worry ....

Personally 100 I'd use them before they got cracked, straight out the fridge so it's nice and cool. May or may not work for you. Sometimes I added lanolin cream as well. Don't stick them under a hot shower either - eek that hurts!

Ssmile I think I read somewhere that it's 500 extra for bf, best do some research... But was also told that the milk would be made as a priority so you won't have done any damage if I am right!

Sebs hope your df is alright today.

My lo had a worse night, up four times, but this morning he has the sniffles so he might have a cold developing, could that have caused him to wake last night?

candr Tue 10-Jan-12 14:30:49

Sciencegeekmum - we do the same to give DS tasters, he seems to like it but will leave proper weaning till 6m.
Ssmile - we have had green poo but HV said it was all fine, should only worry if it is black or red.
Sebs am envy at your routine as DS can take from 20 min to 2 hours to settle so loose my evening with DH but do catch up on reading (also read to DS now and he really seems to like books)
We had projectile vomit at 3.30am which covered DS, myself and bed. Had to get DH to change bed, he then dumped pukey sheets on it so had to change again then did DS nappy after we had washed down and DS peed over bed so 3rd set of sheets and covers. A lot of laundry today. I had been in tears after 4 hours of trying to get DS to bed but he kept screaming, was almost a relief when he was sick as I now know it wasn't me being emotional that stopped him sleeping. As soon as he was clean and dry he wanted food again though. Really not sure how long to make him wait after vomit before feeding so let him have a bit and he slept for 20 min then a bit more etc. He is almost back on track and has slept for 1.5 hr now. Hope we don't have a repeat tonight.

ssmile Tue 10-Jan-12 14:31:18

I've been trying to find out how many calories to allow myself extra for breast feeding and as per usual lots of conflicting advice on the net! Lots of places say 500 calories used to make milk but your bodies metabolism slows so you don't need to eat that amount extra, the advice appears to be eat min 1800 calories but again depends on your body as we all different. I didn't lose any weight BF DD1 and I'm not losing any now hence my quest to try find out more and nudge it along a bit with out compromising milk supply. I'd be happy losing 1-2lbs a week. I've just done Day1 of the shred dvd was gd and hard work! Hoping that helps too. For those doing C25k How is the running going?

ssmile Tue 10-Jan-12 14:33:25

Oh dear candr hope u have better.night tonight

sebs71 Tue 10-Jan-12 15:52:10

Geekmum hope your LO gets better.

Candr... Yikes bad night... Hope your day has been better.

Just phoned hospital and dad ok... And maybe out tonight. He's going to stay with us for a bit... Be nice to have the company.

Oh LO crying now must go...

candr you poor thing! I hope your ds is better tonight, sounds like a nightmare!

sebs glad your dad's ok, hope he recovers quickly smile

Ssmile the dreaded shred? I've got it but haven't the guts to try it yet, am only up to week2 in the running so may try it when I've finished week 5 of running! Impressed with you!

ssmile Tue 10-Jan-12 16:12:39

sciencegeek I found the shred hard but doable its basic stuff star jumps,skip jumps, pushups etc but I can't run at all! grin I liked the idea of 20min workout but I'm crap at pushups could only do the cheat ones but surprised myself by doing 2sets of 10 I think its carrying around the babe a lot has built up arm muscles.

sebs hope your dad recovers ok and you enjoy the company.

Minkyjj Wed 11-Jan-12 00:30:52

Hello lovelies, been a bit tardy with MU check-ins ! Rediscovered knitting because dd1 wanted to learn and just knitted a teddy bear with scarf and hat for ds1 - he loves it so much he took it to show and tell at school today (it's really not that impressive !)
So tired so won't do a big update but while I remember, science my degree was public administration which consisted of politics, sociology, law, social policy, health studies blah blah blah. I wrote my thesis on a comparison of public health and social policy in the present day and the victorian era - just really loved the subject. If you like the historical side you would love the bill Bryson book called something like the history of the home - amazing and fascinating. Your degree sounds amazing.
Thinking of you all, whatever trials you are facing. grin

Minky your thesis actually sounds like something I'd read! I loved all the history about public health eg Snow and cholera, going back further Semmelweis and hand washing. Will try to findthat bill Bryson book, I love his other ones but haven't seen that one.

I need to get back into my knitting, am finding it a bit hard to find time though with DS being a pfb as I am always either playing with or feeding him! Once he's in bed it's housework or running. I really want to try knitting him another sweater, although my mum is keeping us in stock with those, lovely dusky greens and browns too so not just the standard 'baby colours'.

Ssmile I didn't realise it was 20 mins, thought it was 30! Even better!

Sebs hope you dad is ok smile

Had a terrible night last night sad

Dd is back at nursery so visited a friend yesterday and feel better for getting out and about.

Have submitted dd's school application scary and weird to think that ds is going to be the oldest at school and yet if born a couple of weeks earlier he would be the youngest. have got Appts through for her hearing and allergy testing so all moving the right way in prep for school.

Haven't got round to booking my smear or implant yet, must try and do that this week. Ds has his third jabs next week sad

Dh came home and announced he has next week off grin. I can't wait, lots of rest and family time hopefully.

I use oilatum (sp) on ds, left over from dd, his head is especially bad but also dry most other places.

It's scary that he's growing out of clothes can't believe how fast it goes.

ssmile Wed 11-Jan-12 12:44:03

Gosh babe has been feeding most hours in daytime the last 3 days I really hope this is just growth spurt and will pass soon! It's tiring but she also teething lots dribbling and rash on her cheeks &chin. The clamping has eased which is good so less ouchy now smile

Hope everyone doing ok? Did u see the article on BBC website that breastfed babies cry more. Well I've had two, first one cried loads, this one very chilled out and both breastfed!
I think the sentiment behind the article was that babies do cry prob more than you expect as first time mum but BF babies may be hungrier or need feeding more frequently.

100years Wed 11-Jan-12 12:55:33

Thanks Sciencegeek, I'll get some, I certainly think coolness would be lovely at the moment on them post feed. I think I'm like you re knitting and PFB, although for me it's crochet I want to start again doing. I've done a couple of little bits, but feel odd when I could be doing something with LO, I think she's getting more independent now and so I'm leaving her play with things more, now she can grab things.

sebs, I've had 2 shoulder ops, both under GA, hope your DF recovers well.

ssmile, my LO doesn't cry a lot, my OH pointed that article out to me, she's a very contented little thing and is EBF on demand. I think it also said that FF babies may not cry as they may be overfull.

Well LO has started rolling both ways more, before it was just a couple of times she went the other way and I wasn't sure she knew how or what she was doing, now I think she knows which is lovely. She's also shuffling along the floor, bum in the air, legs brought closer, push, repeat repeat repeat, moves about 1cm each time! 1 step away from crawling! TOO SOON, TOO SOON!!!!!!

Lunch time for me now, catch you later.

feralgirl Wed 11-Jan-12 13:28:04

Sebs hope your Dad's OK and that he has a nice time with you.

Ssmile, that's interesting about BF babies and crying isn't it? Mine are the same, DS was a howler but DD is much more chilled. Dunno if that's down to me or them. Good on you for the shredding; I haven't got the nerve but might chance either that or the new Davina DVD once the running has got my fitness level up a bit.

Wow 100 DD is also doing the snakey-wriggle thing along the floor. DS crawled quite early (but then walked very late) so I'm waiting to see if DD is the same. DD also does the sky-diving thing where she kind of lies on her belly with her arms and legs braced up in the air, v funny.

Had second lot of jabs this morning sad

100years Wed 11-Jan-12 13:31:55

Snake-wriggle thing, yep, that's a good way to describe it. Yep to the sky-diving thing smile Hope LO is OK after the jabs.

ssmile Wed 11-Jan-12 14:16:57

Snake wriggling grin my Lo seems to be more mobile if she has bare feet. She can scoot on her back using her legs to push off tends to do it at bedtime on bathroom floor or bed. But she not turning over yet doesn't seem interested too laid back I think smile she will be 20wks on Fri seems like time is whizzing by........

feralgirl Wed 11-Jan-12 14:48:56

Who was it that just asked about what to do when they sleep on you but wake up when put into the cot? I meant to say that I use the shush-pat method with DD which works quite well but I have to steel myself not to pick her up if she starts grizzling and I do often drop off myself whilst lying next to her! It worked really well with DS and was one step along the long road of him being able to self-settle. Shush pat works really well for us as DD is a front sleeper anyway and we have a sidecar arrangement for our cot so it's easy to get at her.

My mate swore by the pick-up-put-down method which sounds like bloody hard work and you need to have a very strong back. I think it's a Baby Whisperer thing. For those who don't know, you let them fall asleep on you then put them in the cot. As soon as they start crying, you pick them up. Then rock/ feed/ sing them back to sleep and put them straight down again. Then as soon as they wake up, you pick them up again and rock/feed/sing back to sleep... you get the picture... repeat until they eventually stay asleep when put in the cot. Theoretically you have to do this fewer and fewer times each time you put them to bed and they will learn to self-settle but imo much harder work than lying next to them and rubbing their back until they're in deep sleep!

The same friend used to take off the top she'd worn that day and put it over the crib mattress too so that her DD had the comfort of smelling her!

Alternatively just feed them to sleep, cuddle until in deep sleep then place veeeeery gently in the cot (sometimes helps if it's been warmed first with a hairdryer) whilst repeating through gritted teeth, it's just a phase and these things will pass.

feralgirl Wed 11-Jan-12 14:53:01

PS Loves are you actually wearing skinny jeans? Or are you just taunting me with your skinny legs and nice bum wink I have only just started wearing non-maternity trousers!

Even pre-baby I couldn't get away with skinny jeans sad

sebs71 Wed 11-Jan-12 15:19:59

Feral - it was me who asked about the putting baby down ... thanks for the tips. Looks like we're doing a version of the put down, pick up thing anway - and it is actually getting easier. Her sleeping is much better now - it's ours that isn't too good - after her 2 am feed, she fusses/kicks/noises every hour - she herself sleeps through but you have to stop her hitting herself or listen to the fussing... so from 2am I'm sleeping for half hour every hour - so you don't ever get a deep sleep... (the first half of the night she sleeps really well). Interestingly, I read an article on 4 month sleep regression (after 100years mentioned this) and it almost described my LO's sleep to a tee...!! We'll get there... and will keep repeating your mantra again and again!!!!!!!! grin

My LO shuffles about a lot on her playmat and ends up in all different shapes and positions, but never quite in a line so think crawling a way off yet. She still doesn't liek being on her tummy... I actually wonder if she'll go straight to shuffling on her bum and then standing and miss out crawling? I did this as a baby as I was one of those clicky hips babies with double nappies... so had lots of padding round my bum and decided bouncing on my bum was easier than crawling! Maybe my LO has the same idea??

Ssmile - 20 weeks???? Crikey... where has the time gone??? That thread when we were all waiting for our EDD seems like an eternity ago! Mine is 17 weeks on Friday (3rd jabs tomorrow sad)

Thank you for all your comments re my Dad. He came out of hospital yesterday (so in and out in one day) and is staying with us. Currently asleep on the arm chair and LO asleep in her swing! Mind you, DSD will be home from school soon so silence will be broken!! But lovely having the company espeically as OH is going on the oil rig for the day tomorrow which means 5.15am start and home really late, so will be nice to have another adult to help - even if he can't pick her up, he can supervise whilst I can also deal with the DSKids.

And, the comment re BFing babies and crying - can't see that being true. All babies cry, some more than others, and doubt it has anything to do with BF or not. They should spend their time researching better things - like how to get babies to sleep through!!!!!!!!!!!!

sebs71 Wed 11-Jan-12 15:22:28

And yes, Loves agree with feral ... very envy of your skinny jeans if you are in them??? I've been on my diet for a week now... but haven't weighed myself so don't know how I'm doing! I've been good though. (Can't bring myself to weigh as I'll be soooo shocked I'm sure!) I usually go on whether clothes feel better or not, and as yet, not much difference... really need to shed some weight though if we're getting married in June... might have to be September!!!!!!!!!

100years Wed 11-Jan-12 16:07:58

Tongue tie clinic appointment tomorrow. Fingers crossed all goes well and makes a difference. They might not do it then because of age but we'll see what happens.

I used to put LO down in her cot after her last feed for longer periods after a snuggly cuddle. Eventually she settled herself - though thumb sucking helped us, I'd pick her up if she was crying but leave mini whinges unless they got worse. They often did so I'd pick her up. But on the occasions she didn't get worse she'd settle. I found it just took time for her to learn it. It's not easy though and she still has nights where it doesn't work and I cuddle to sleep or almost asleep then put her down.

PS Loves are you actually wearing skinny jeans? Or are you just taunting me with your skinny legs and nice bum I have only just started wearing non-maternity trousers

Yes I am grin and do you know what, I couldn't prebaby either. They are my first ever pair grin

candr Wed 11-Jan-12 18:47:39

Eeek! school applications - do I need to start that now? (as a teacher hangs head in shame at not knowing) No travelling with LO yet though he keeps trying to launch backwards when facing you on lap, agree with the bare feet thing though as is easier to grip surfaces with bare toes. He recovered from sickness and our pick up, put down method is working slowly at night though by 5.30ish is in with me as can squeeze another hours sleep out of him that way smile

feralgirl Wed 11-Jan-12 19:34:52

Loves [envy envy envy

That is all.

ssmile Wed 11-Jan-12 19:56:18

[Envy] at loves skinny jeans too smile

But I've lost 2lbs in 5days on my calorie counting get fit campaign so feeling like heading in right direction but finding it hard as Lo keeps feeding hourly (just praying its growth spurt) so hungry. Had to get up 3am eat cereal bar &glass milk last night as hungry after feed babe. My legs and shoulder blades ached today after one session of the shred didn't do it today but will try again tomorrow. I walked 90mins in total instead.

Also envy at those running, I'd like to but body just can't cope with it. I tried before I got pregnant to do the C25k plan but my back just couldn't put up with it. Hope to have a cycle at wend if DH has girls for half hr smile

Bloody hell Loves! Well done you on reaching skinny jeans status! I am still in maternity jeans but they do keep falling down, I just can't quite fit into my old jeans without a muffin top yet! envy

100 hope all goes well tomorrow with the tt. I chose not to be in the same room, just next door with me booby out so that DS could feed straight away. They tried to help with the latching afterwards just to check he went on ok. Some people do find instant relief and I hope you're one of them!

Had a lovely day today, infant massage class followed by nct postnatal. However at massage they asked us to introduce ourselves and say something about our babes, I said about his weight being an issue which led to further questions about his birth weight, his pneumonia, my hospitalisation for haemorrhaging, retained placenta etc etc and it made me cry again. sad I hate people asking about the early days/ months as for me it's still too raw to discuss and I end up in sobs of tears, despite functioning normally at all other times. My DH said perhaps its because I haven't let myself properly cry it out, I keep trying to get on with life, but personally I know it's just an upsetting bad memory that with time will get less painful. I just get a bit fed up of recounting the story again and again as it always upsets me sad. But on the up side the massage class was great and so was postnatal, some very nice people. Sorry to go on for ages, needed to get that off my chest.

I'm just a cryer, always have been even before pregnancy, so not much has changed!

Ssmile well done with your weight loss!

feralgirl Wed 11-Jan-12 23:12:37

Oh, sciencegeek sad I do understand a little bit coz I had a rubbishy birth that didn't go at all to plan and it's taken me quite a long time to get out of my system. I watched OBEM tonight and it brought it all back and made me cry.

Glad that massage was good though smile I gave DD her first massage the other night and she just looked at me like hmm "err, what are you doing mother?" I used to massage my PFB DS religiously every night and sing to him whilst doing it but poor neglected DD never has before so she was a bit confused!

Has anyone else just watched How to Be a Better Mother on C4? It was sooo worth staying up for; I laughed a lot. If you missed it, I really recommend catching it on 4OD as it was hysterical.

Don't be too envy, it's nothing to do with and sort of diet and mostly due to not being able to eat much when of so list a bit of weight them/went down dress sizes etc. Tge hard task is keeping it off cause bf makes me sooooo hungry.

Don't worry about crying when you talk about after lo birth. It's good to let it out. I know I've not dealt with ds's yet and just not ready too either.

sebs71 Thu 12-Jan-12 10:23:19

I've just about put the birth of my LO behind me... also didn't go to plan at all and was very long and drawn out and ended in emergency C section, and took ages to get my head around it all. Probably still haven't completely. I wrote it all down so I wouldn't forget the details and read it again last week after watching One Born Every Minute... and yes, I can now watch OBEM and find it interesting - I couldn't before I gave birth, but now find it avid watching. Although I have to sky plus it as in bed just after 9 these days!!! I've also sky plussed How to be a Better Mother - so will watch that with interest!!!

So, GeekMum - don't worry about crying at all, it's good to get it out, but yes, must be painful to relive it all. Perhaps just give an abridged version if asked - although sometimes it is good to get it all out again, and cry it out... your DH is right. And, write / rant about it here as much as you like - that's what we're all here for!

I've got our first Baby Massage group next week so will look forward to that.

Right, LO is down for a nap (ok, not quite in the cot, but in her sling!) so off for a shower (it's great having Grandad here to watch her!!)

Jabs this afternoon sad

ssmile Thu 12-Jan-12 13:22:52

geek I too had first birth not at all how planned, 42wks+1d, failed 2day induction, emergency section it took me gd year to get my head around it I felt quite traumatised by it. I hadn't realised how much until my sis in law had her baby 7mths after, and that ended in (almost crash )section and I was in floods of tears as it bought back memories. Time, talk, crying do help to move on. With this Lo I chose a planned section to give me more control in the birth and I have no bad feeling about it all so I no I've finally got over it smile
OMG tried to do shred again after a bad night feeding every two hrs Lo, everything hurt and didn't manage to do all the moves felt knackered. No idea what is going on with Lo she fed every hour yesterday and every two hrs last night...Bloomin hope this is growth spurt as feel like got newborn again! Still have done an hours brisk walk already so now I can chill out

candr Thu 12-Jan-12 14:26:58

ssmile - with you on the feeding front, is every hour too unless I take him out and he sleeps in car a bit. Is making it hard to get stuff done in house which is a tip and have parents ovr this weekend - eeek need to tidy!
Feral - I watched it this morning - very funny and made me see I am doing fine
Sciencegeekmum - my birth was scary and not what I had planned - didn't even have time to show birth plan as actual birth was so rushed and with big blood loss and no pain relief, is still raw in my mind. I know I want another one but am terrified next birth will be worse.
Am in my size 10 jeans again which is great and have realised I can feed wearing baggy jumpers which is great as only have a couple of nursing tops and got so bored of seeing them under cardi's. Have done no exercies plan but walk lots with pram and spend hours rocking / swinging DS to sleep so think that has helped. Not sure if stretch marks will ever go though.

QueenRunningGeekMum Thu 12-Jan-12 15:17:43

thanks for the support, I know it will take some time to fully process and I know I'm not completely there yet, but it is frustrating that I can't seem to tell the whole story without tears, and never get away with just saying we had some problems because people always ask the follow up questions! I have written it all down though, but haven't read it again - need to leave it for a while yet.

The feeding every hour happens around the four to five month mark, or so I'm told, which is why many people think about weaning at this point. But it's all to do with growth spurts and building supplies etc as you all know!

Went for an NCT coffee morning today, met lots of lovely mums so had a lovely morning. Going for a run later grin I've lost nearly 4k since Christmas now, although size 10 was a pipe dream even before pregnancy, I can't wait to get down to size 16 again! envy

QueenRunningGeekMum Thu 12-Jan-12 15:18:16

candr I get my parents to tidy for me! grin

feralgirl Thu 12-Jan-12 15:59:05

Aahhhhh, size 10. I have some in my loft but I don't honestly believe that there can possibly have been a time in the dim and hazy past when I was that skinny!

Geekmum I am going to show my parents your last post grin

Candr Yes, we are all doing fine, unlike the nutjobs on that show! I think it's really dangerous to label yourself as a particular 'type' of parent and then set rules that you have to follow. I could see elements of my parenting style - although I hate that phrase - in all of them.

DD has been asleep since 12.30, my parents have got DS and the house is v quiet. Unfortunately I haven't got it to myself though as DH has pulled a sicky as he has torn the ligaments in his knee. He is being a right grumpy twunt about it as well; I would have more sympathy if he actually took paracetamol and ibuprofen to counter the pain but he just forgets hmm so it can't be that bad!

tiddleypompom Thu 12-Jan-12 20:06:55

Bollocks. I just wrote a response and then mumsnet went offline and I lost it.

Just to say that after a distinctly 'off' day yesterday (after 2nd jabs) DS is almost back to his sunny self, phew. Exhausting week nonetheless for some reason - I am thankful it is Friday tomorrow and DH can muck in!

The Doc confirmed that DS doesn't have eczema and that his cheeks are just a bit dry. E45 cream was recommended but till I get to the shops I put some of his nappy ointment on them, and they seem better already.

Agreed that memories of the birth can be difficult to resolve and get over - even when ostensibly the birth was not traumatic. Mine being very fast was quite shocking, and it took be some time to forgive myself for the shock - i.e. not having a wonderful euphoric rush the moment that DS was born. Talking about it has helped me - in my case with my NCT instructor, who was lovely and reassuring.

Anyway, the fire is lit and Location Location is on the box. DS is asleep and I have a glass of wine. Time to unwind!

Tiddley ditto, very fast birth, ds was in shock and not breathing when he came out sad but my 'problem' begins a bit earlier with being pg. Wondering now if I'm trying to over compensate confused. God help me when I get a job.

sebs71 Thu 12-Jan-12 20:50:37

Also had an awful few hours following jabs but managed to get her down about 8 ish just as oh came home! Having dad here helped as he could try and soothe LO whilst I made DS kids tea but after shoulder op can't pick her up!! Just hope she sleeps ok tonight (fir her sake - she was shattered after souch crying)

Right off to bed, dreaming of size 10 - mind you I've never been that and size 12 makes me very happy ... 2 sizes to go then sad

JoJoJoHoHoHo Thu 12-Jan-12 20:55:21

ok 2nd time lucky!

Helloooo ladies sorry I haven't been on again lately! DP was rushed back into hospital Lo is teething and sleep pattern gone out the window and spent today up the council as being made homeless sad

Have had a quick read through the last few post but haven't got time at the moment to go through them all. LO hates hate hates being on his tummy but has been cheering me up with his constant talking!

Will post a proper message tomorrow

QueenRunningGeekMum Thu 12-Jan-12 21:31:21

Oh no Jojo I hope your dp is alright?

Loves if you need to vent at all about your experience feel free. I found it really cathartic yesterday.

Feral oh dear about your DH! I hope that doesn't mean you're having to run around after him too much...

Sebs two sizes for me too, but for me I want to get to size 14. Size 12 would be amazing, I've been size 14/16 since I was about 13yo!

JoJoJoHoHoHo Thu 12-Jan-12 21:50:20

Queen yeah he is ok had a seizure at home but lucky his friend was there so he got rushed to hospital hes only been having them for two months and this is the 5th one they say its because they are trying to get him on the right does of medication.

I am also on the weigh lost boat back to my original weigh before having LO but would love to lose a few more stone! currently a 16/18 would love to get to a 12/14 cant remember the last time i was a size 12!

ssmile Fri 13-Jan-12 08:02:03

Hope they can get your DP meds better jojo that must be scary, and you get somewhere to live sorted.
feralgirl hope DP doing ok too.
100 hope it went ok at the TT clinic yesterday?

I've lost 4lbs this week (started last Fri) on our scales and 3lb on the Wii machine grin thank goodness its working as lots of achy leg &bum muscles! I'd like to be 14 on bottom and 16 top, as currently 18/20 top and 16 bottom so about 20lbs to lose..... but I do have to weigh myself after babe fed as my milk filled boobs can weigh 2lb+! smile I'm eating around 1800 calories, but exercising 300-400 c a day off mostly walking &breast feeding.

Thanks Queen but it's quite a tangled mess including my dad passing away, a miscarriage, difficulty dealing with being pg and my feelings towards ds, an amnio and the ds not breathing when he popped out confused. Over a years worth of high stress and depression low mood so I know I need rl help really but can't even keep tge house running as I'd like so struggling to find tge energy time.

QueenRunningGeekMum Fri 13-Jan-12 10:25:42

Oh Loves you have had a truly horrendous time, no wonder you're not feeling on top of the world. sad We're here for you if you do want to type, feel free to pm me anytime as well if you think it'll help.

You and everyone else in this thread have really made me feel supported, so thank you. Isn't it weird how although we're all anonymous, I do find it easy to talk to you all and consider you my friends! smile

Is there anyone near you Loves that can give you a hand with practical stuff?

100years Fri 13-Jan-12 15:19:03

Geekmum sometimes you need to cry and let it all out, it does sound like you've had a lot of a tough time. Talking does help, even if it's hard at the time and you don't like the crying, I've had counselling in the past and although at the time while I was sobbing my way through talking about something, it helped and I ended up realising a lot of other stuff too which I managed to work through because of initially talking about something else.

Like Geekmum I too think of everyone here as friends too and would love to meet up with you lot

I'm really sorry to hear so many of you had bad experiences at birth, I count myself lucky that mine was fairly straight forward and although LO heart rate was dropping so I had to have an episiotomy to get her out quickly the rest of it was fine. I hope for those of you who didn't have a good time you manage to find some way to work through the emotions of it.

Yep, loads of feeding here too!!! Lots through the night as well. love the growth spurts/developmental leaps don't you!?

jojo sorry to hear about your DP, hope all sets itself out soon.

Sizewise, we're all different aren't we smile I'm about an 18 now, having been much larger, initially would love to be a 14, think I'd be happy at that.

thanks Geekmum and ssmile for asking about the TT and all the info you have given me.

Well about yesterday's appointment. Had a nightmare getting to the hospital, ended up in tears as I was in the wrong place at the app time and had walked 3/4 mile to the place as there were no parking spots at the hosp and was in the wrong place anyway. Thankfully the lady at the place I had ended up in rang through to the dept and said I was on my way.

So I saw the lovely doc, who asked a few questions, not many, but offered to cut the tie, although he said LO was at the upper end of where he was happy to do it without anaesthetic he did it anyway. He gave her a few drops of some pain relief and was a quick cut, I didn't watch, I was quite interested in seeing it, but it's my baby and thought it might be a bit much. She went onto the breast straight away, and there was no pain for me, considering she was feeding on my more tender nipple, she wiggled her tongue around a bit afterwards, there was a tiny bit of bleeding, but she fed twice without a problem. She has fed really well since, seems to be a bit less gulpy with her feeding and her tongue movement now is quite something, can touch the roof of her mouth now! Yesterday evening she had a really bad evening when it came to bedtime, she sucks her thumb a lot and I think she was in a bit of discomfort and it probably felt weird for her sucking with a big movey tongue, so she was out of sorts for nearly 2 hours, lots of cuddling, rocking, singing, making faces etc etc didn't help bring her round from her sadness. In the end I ended up giving her some calpol which stopped the crying and she then settled down to sleep. I've had one instance of soreness on feeding, but other than that it's been all good. I think so far it's made a difference, time will tell for sure, but it's been done now.

The doc said to me well done for feeding so long, and he also said it was a significant tie, I wish I had looked at doing it sooner for her, her messy eating wasn't because she is a messy eater, but more than likely because of the tie. And could have stopped a few other things like evenings of windy discomfort for her, but we won't know. However if there is a number 2 and they have a tie I will be getting it done early on then, even if things look fine to begin with.

She seems right as reign again today, the discomfort must have gone now thankfully. She's been happily sucking her thumb again smile Although we had a very disturbed night, so she's a bit tired today, so lots of cuddles for us smile

Sorry it'n not a personal catch up for everyone. A bit pooped now.

I've managed to capture a full roll on camera, took 15 seconds for her to go from her back, over and back onto her back. There is no leaving her anywhere now!

Had nappy free time last night for 45 mins, put her on a waterproof sheet, she weed once but that was all. She has a touch of nappy rash so trying to stop it getting worse by giving her airtime.

QueenRunningGeekMum Fri 13-Jan-12 16:40:58

Thanks 100 and I am very glad it went mostly without hiccup yesterday grin I really hope the feeding continues well!

tiddleypompom Fri 13-Jan-12 19:05:30

Nice one 100years - really glad it all went well and things have improved. Another friend's (met at NCT) DS had a TT and it had really impeded b/feeding, so you've done really well.

DH and I are off out shortly for the first time since DS was born. A good friend is babysitting and we're hoping it will be quiet as he rarely wakes between 7-10.30. My fingers are FIRMLY crossed, but if all goes west we are only a short jog away at a nearby restaurant. Will be manage a non-baby related conversation...? grin

Still no rolling, but some very convincing singing to the Beatles, so maybe he is more musical than athletic!!

feralgirl Fri 13-Jan-12 19:56:11

Hurrah 100, that all sounds really encouraging. You must be really relieved that it went OK and kudos to you for carrying on BFing whilst it was so tricky, hopefully this'll make it really nice and easy now in comparison smile

Jojo, how is your DP now? And did I read it right that you're being made homeless? shock What's happening? And are the council able to help you out? They're not going to stick you in B&B or anything are they, not with a little baby? It sounds like you had a dreadful day yesterday sad

Loves sad for you. I really hear you on the difficulty with being pg thing; I spent most of this pregnancy not really wanting a baby and doubting whether it was the right thing to do. I still feel guilty about that now and I know it's contributing to my PND. If you think you need help then please go to the dr (although I am STILL waiting for my counselling sessions to start angry) and you know that we're all here for you.

TP envy on the night out. I hope you're having a lovely time! I am waiting until I've lost a stone before treating myself!

QueenRunningGeekMum Fri 13-Jan-12 20:26:07

Jojo I missed that in the previous post - you're being made homeless? Have you got somewhere to stay?

100years Fri 13-Jan-12 21:25:43

Shit, jojo, I read about you being made homeless, but forgot to mention it when I posted, so sorry. Our Landlady will be putting our apartment up for sale at some point in the next month or two, but she's not kicking us out till it sells, still we have it hanging over our heads.

Thanks Geekmum, so far so good (mostly, 1 exception to the rule, but 1 is better than over half of them)

TP, thanks, I hope you have a good meal out, it's really nice to get out without LO, feels slightly odd, but nice to do it. We did it ages ago when PIL were here and we did manage to talk about other things other than just LO. I'm now thinking of when we can do it again. Might wait till she's properly settled again into going to bed, and when OH can put her down without a problem, then it might be OK for someone else to. She's quite cluster feedy in the hour of me putting her down, which isn't a problem when I'm BF, but getting bottles sorted and knowing how many would be key. I'm going to see if OH will try it soon.

Thanks feral. smile Yeah, it feels a bit serene at the moment, feeding is less 'frantic' but whether that's related or not, I am not sure, I'm hoping it is and it isn't a co-incidence. Bloody hell, your counselling has taken flipping ages. sad

jimmijam Fri 13-Jan-12 21:39:14

sebs my periods have been different after each dc. after our 1st I went about 6months without a period while on cerazette, then had one or 2 light-'normal' ones before concieving ds1. after him i went about 3months without a period they were ok but heavier than usual, had mirena fitted then they were heavy. so far this time i havent had one. yet.
saw on this morning on tv that ppl like holly willoughby try lots of different types of pill before finding one they like, perhaps you could try that?

ssmile its said you lose up to 500 calories a day breastfeeding, but I've not looked into how many extra are needed, tho im sure i have about 4 x as much in snacks daily! my (size 10) jeans that had fitted are now getting too tight and it looks like my baby bellys back, but its actually a junky snack belly!

100 so glad tt is sorted! bet thats a relief for you x

ive been geting broody again, but there's no room at the inn! starting to sort/kit out lo's bedroom, though still a couple of months before its needed. trying to find a home for everything that was hidden away in the spare room is a bit of a mare at the mo.

sebs i think. hoping you've managed to (easily) sort out your housing situation, especially with the whats going on with your dp. sorry to hear your news

birth experiences
our 1st was an emergency c-section as she got stuck coming out and forceps didnt work, had gas and air and pethadine and various positions before spinal in op but I was happy with the experience. this time around was much quicker than our 1st 2 and the midwife listened as was so lovely, again an amazing experience. i had an epidural (which only worked on half of me then fell out), gas and air, aromatherapy oils and diamorphene.
our 2nd (ds1) is another story. It still makes my whole body feel strange thinking about it and isnt something thats gets talked about or shared. other than now, on here, with dh and with our last mw.
in short-arrived at hospital 5cm dilated. mw looked through birth plan "you want an epidural?" she asked in a suprised, why would you want one of those type voice. i knew instantly that i wasnt going to get one...........only got gas and air despite asking several times for more pain relief.......ready to push mw saying in a hurried, angry tone of voice "get on the bed" i couldnt get my legs up onto the bed, she kept insisting but I could not do it, I even asked for a stool to help me she was insisting that much but no. so gave birth stood up (HAHA). she communicated terribly. ds1 had mucous on lungs and wasnt breathing so had to be resusitated (same happened with ds2 but not as bad), they got a bed ready on special care but thank goodness he didnt need it. back on the ward the staff were rude (another mum i know had the same experience there with her 2nd too), i told them id lost a big clot of blood. "oh well tell us if it happens again"- no reassuring words to a terrified me.....notes chucked onto my bed. a few mins later "why are you still here" ? "youve got your notes you have to go now"
having a mw who appeared to have her opinion (natural bitrh flat on back in bed) and wasnt interested in what i wanted from my sons birth. and having just gas and air when id wanted much more, i dont think i'll ever feel good about.
i also blame it on the way i felt about my son for the 1st few months of his life (i dont believe it was pnd though). i can NEVER forgive myself for that and feel guilty just thinking about it.
I love him with all my heart, and perhaps am even too soft on him now to try and make up for it in some way, in my head of course though as he'll never know.

my gosh that was long, sorry

sebs71 Fri 13-Jan-12 22:06:37

Sorry quick post before sleep...

Jojo - god, hope you're ok and home situation gets sorted and DP ok... Thinking of you

100years glad tt sorted

Yikes we've all had some bad birth experiences ... Being here helps

TP - enjoy night out

Jimmi - thanks - think I may ask for some different pill as period still going on day 8 with cerazette. But I'm 40 now so weary of full
Pill. And scary how the midwives we get can play such a huge part in our birthing experiences. I had a bad time of it all but the several midwives I had were great particularly one night shift who actually sat calmly with me explaining plans etc... All you need sometimes is information. But I'd shoot the bloody anaethatist who put epidural in (that failed completely) and gave a second lot that still didn't work but no explanation or apology or anything

What's happened to my happy baby? Thought it was after effects of jabs yesterday ... Happy this morning but grumbly again this afternoon and had over an hour of screams trying to settle her. Managed calpol which after rocking in bouncy chair finally did trick and oh managed to transfer to crib. But wondering if this is still jabs or teething?? Or just grumbly?? See what tonight and tomorrow bring...

Best get some sleep whilst she is sleeping...

Sorry if missed anyone, will post tomorrow better post...

jimmijam Fri 13-Jan-12 22:18:59

sebs its amazing how far a bit of empathy goes isnt it! glad at least myn apologised the next day for epidural not working. another anaethnatist did leave her house and go in especially to sort me out but by the time she got there it was time to push! at least you had good mw's!
id like to train to b a mw, but our nearest uni that does it is 4 or 5 hours drive away-i couldnt do that regularly and couldnt leave or move the family either so thats the end of that!
jabs, we dont have those til next week,. seems late in comparison to others

tiddleypompom Sat 14-Jan-12 08:09:36

V quick - sebs our DS had 2 off days after jabs - hope your lo is back to happy self today!

Night out was terrific - DH told me how proud he was of me and I had to try not to blub smile DS didn't wake so confident we can do another eve out in the future.

Happy weekends all and hoping 2012 brings luck, happiness and maybe a little bit of fortune to us all!

sebs71 Sat 14-Jan-12 09:53:02

TP - grin on your night out... and awwww for your DH and what he said. That would make me blub too.

Jimmi - I've just reread your account again (was a bit tired to take it all in yesterday) and god, it just makes you realise what a position a midwife has. She can make or break the relationship you have with your baby. I must admit, whilst I was there and even now, I've even thought about doing midwifery - just becuase you can see what an important and life changing job it is - done the right way, with empathy as you say. I've only managed to watch the first half of this week's OBEM but the blonde midwife who was helping the woman who had a bad first experience seems brilliant - really understanding what the woman was going through - must admit, I felt for her too, it brought back my birth experience as it went on for days, and you just get soooooo fed up and want the baby out soooo much. Looking back at my whole birth experience though, the one person I think pulled it all round for me was the senior Anaethatist (must learn to spell that correctly) who came the final morning - after I'd had the failed epidural in the night - and did the cold legs check, and then apologised for it not working. When they decided on EMCS I was very scared of it not working again - but he explained I'd have a spinal - and he looked right into my eyes and said "and I will make sure it works, you have my word"... he could see how frightened I was. All through the C section he explained what was going on and was just really positive. I think that helped to pull what was a really negative experience around and not leave me too scarred. But, I'll never forget the 12 hours of stopping the pushing urge (after 2 days of labour) with full on contractions and sciatica in both sides of my back with no pain relief. It does leave you shell shocked, but everything is worth it when you see your baby!!

NOt a brilliant night - she did sleep till 2am and even settled after the feed. But woke a few times with real tears and a few screams again... managed to get her down again but she doesn't normally react like this. She is usually a happy baby. I think the jabs have really affected her this time, and hopefully it's worn off now. I also think she gets to a state where she is over tired, and is fighting sleep and this is where the screams set in. I think if she's missed her afternoon nap or it is too short, I'll feed her earlier than normal and try and get her down earlier (normally it's around 8 to 8.30, but I'll aim for 7.30ish) and see if we can curtail the screams before they start... it's all a learning curve I guess, and I just hope I'm learning!!!!

She seems happy this morning - but then she was yesterday morning!

Is anyone else's LO making like straining noises??? She does this - seems happy enough whilst doing them and no, she isn't having a poo either!! They turn into happy noises too so think there is nothing wrong, just really loud!! Ooh, she's just managed to turn 270 degrees on the mat somehow, when I wasn't looking!!

Very frosty morning - white all around. I've got my brother and his girlfriend up this afternoon (with my Dad). OH has just announced he's done the first task on our "weekend to do list" - fixed a drip!! (We're doing these lists every weekend even though we're neither of us lists people - but finding it helps when there is so much to do!!)

Have good weekends everyone - and yes, 100 it would be lovely to all meet up one day!

sebs71 Sat 14-Jan-12 09:54:45

And, jimmi please please forgive yourself for how you felt. You sound like you have a wonderful relationship with him now, and you can't be responsible for the awful treatment you received from the staff in hospital.

sarahseager Sat 14-Jan-12 12:07:03

Hi everyone,

Just wondering if it's ok to join in with you all! I've always followed this thread and previously the ante natal thread and very occasionally posted, but the past four months since lo arrived have been mad to say the very least! wink

However, things are hopefully starting to settle now (touching everything vaguely wooden) and I would love to be part of the gang now that I might have more time to post! You all seem like such a lovely bunch!

Planning on taking lo for her first swim today so will report back! grin

Hope you're all having great weekends x

tiddleypompom Sat 14-Jan-12 13:09:04

Hello again sarah - I remember you from the bump-months! I', also recently back on board after 3 and a bit months of fun with DS - remind us when you had your LO and whether DS or DD?

Hope you enjoy the swim - it is most definitely on my to do list (especially as a new shimmy shiny pool has recently opened up the road from me) but before we go I need to replace my pre-preg two piece with a more roomy one piece - ha ha! DS is all ready however, with a wet suit and an inflatable seat thing. I will be going with a friend and her DS as she tells me it is useful to have an extra pair of hands getting in and out of the pool!

Just quickly, and on the subject of mws/health profs and their role in happy (or otherwise) births - when we arrived at triage I was told I was not in labour (just 3 cm) and 'wasn't coping with the pain very well' (I had just been sick). I was told to go home, but if I couldn't 'cope' I could stay on the ward and have pethidine. DS was born less than 1.5 hours later - so If I had taken either piece of advice I would have a.) had an unplanned home birth or b.) had a baby affected by pethidine. Given he was born by forceps as his heart rate started to drop towards the end, I dread to think what would have happened.

I was so glad that DH's support had allowed me to believe in my own instinct that the labour was progressing fast. 10 mins later a consultant walked past, took one look at me, and took me to the delivery room. Grr. I am lucky that I do not have any negative emotions towards the birth - but I do doubt that all medical staff are as tactful, perceptive and compassionate as they should be.

sarahseager Sat 14-Jan-12 13:31:59

Oh yes good idea, should have said - I have a DD, born on 19th Sept.

We've had a rough ride due to her having silent reflux which started at about 3 weeks. We have recently discovered that this has been made worse by her being excessively tense due to being so low in my pelvis towards the end of the pregnancy, therefore she has had basically a bad headache since she was born sad

So these things in combo meant for a very unhappy baby, poor little poppet!

However, she has been on medication for the reflux for a while now and just recently we have had four sessions with a cranial osteopath which seem to have done her the world of good and perhaps the key to our progress. Finally her little body is more relaxed and her smiley personality is at last starting to shine through!

It's been a long road especially with this being our first baby, so we've been stuck wondering what's normal / if we're being too anxious / conflicting advice from docs & hv's and off course having a screaming baby does take its toll!

But I hope we are now emerging on the other side, I'm very lucky to have a fantastic DP and hugely supportive family and friends and the biggest thing I have learnt from all of this is to trust my instincts!

Sorry for long post smile but that hopefully covers our story in a sort of nutshell! I must say it has been hugely helpful to see all of your posts even though I haven't been involved, just to know there are others out there going thru similar things


candr Sat 14-Jan-12 14:47:24

Wow, lots of sad stories on here but great that you have somewhere to share them. I don't mean to negate anything that any of you have written but my cousin just lost her baby at 5 days old. I have been in floods of tears for her but also the relief when I look at my DS and he is happy (most of the time) and healthy it makes everything I have been through pale into comparison. My cousin knew her baby was high risk and may not make it so each moment they had was precious and makes me feel like a grumpy cow for sweating the small stuff. I think what I am trying to say is just take a moment to look at your LO and smile to yourself at how perfect they are even when they are screaming bloody murder and no matter what situation you are in you would not turn back the clock. This doesn't mean you can't grumble about the sleepless nights and moan about DH not getting up during the night but count to 10 and breath knowing it will all get better in the next 10 min or next 10 months. Sorry if this is depressing but her loss has made me feel very reflective and grateful.

QueenRunningGeekMum Sat 14-Jan-12 15:02:56

Welcome Sarah

I'm sorry for your cousin's loss Candr, how awful for them and of course the whole family. I couldn't read your post without tears in my eyes.

I am very much enjoying this bit, my lo has been feeding very well on me with no pain, and on the whole seems very content. Add to that my running challenge which is going well and I can say I'm happy smile.

Now just need to convince DH that I don't need to go back to work in June...

tiddleypompom Sat 14-Jan-12 19:55:17

Oh candr, that is just awful. I cannot express how sorry I am to hear of your cousin (and your whole family)'s loss. I have just been upstairs to peek at our beautiful sleeping DS and it made me cry.

I was going to ask you all for your opinion on a silly 'mummy pressure' issue - all of my NCT friends (we meet every week and are now good friends) have booked, or already attend various baby classes. These vary from baby sensory to water baby to tiny talk. They are all regular and you hand to book ahead for multiple classes. I know I am being silly but I feel a bit anxious that I haven't arranged similar for DS. This is due to a combination of money bring unconvinced of benefits over and above a 'normal' baby-hood of family/friend visits, play, walks, toys, singing etc etc that we do at home.

Do you guys do classes with your babies and can you recommend any or should I go with my instinct to leave such things till they are toddlers and a bit more 'capable'?

tiddleypompom Sat 14-Jan-12 19:57:07

Sorry for crap grammar/spelling in above post - bloody phone kept predicting words and I didn't proof read! Hope it makes sense.

sarahseager Sat 14-Jan-12 20:30:44

That's so sad candr, very sorry to hear that, it really does put things in perspective and make you appreciate what you have. Thoughts with your cousin and your family.

Tiddleypompom i have just started a baby class with my lo, it lasts for 6 weeks and is like a mixture of baby yoga, massage and just general songs and play, it's all to do with helping to relax baby and helping me feel more confident so it seemed particularly relevant to us. I've also signed up for the free baby massage classes thru the local children's centre, anything that can help lo stay relaxed is what I'm going for smile

Other than that though I don't want to get too booked up as we try to see as much of family and friends as possible thru the week.

Well lo's first swim went well, it was quite busy and it seemed like she was trying to take it all in but she did really well, at least she didn't cry! smile

feralgirl Sat 14-Jan-12 20:47:32

Candr so so very sorry for your cousin. sad Your words have reminded me just how incredibly lucky I am.

TP I had a four month check for DD yesterday and the HV gave me a guilt twinge when she asked me if I was doing any classes with her and I realised that I have done bugger all yet! Our local children's centres run all sorts of exciting classes for free (I find any 'private' stuff that has the word 'baby' in the title is insanely expensive hmm) and I have resolved to get out and about with DD a bit more now she's more alert and will enjoy it more.

However TBH I am not convinced that taking weeny babies to stuff like that makes very much difference to their development at all; I have friends who did baby signing whose kids don't talk any better than DS and a friend who paid £££s for baby yoga with no apparent benefits! DS is more confident in the water than most toddlers and he's only ever had the cheapo lessons from the children's centre, my SiL paid a fortune for Swim Academy lessons and her DDs still can't swim!

IMO the main beneficiary for baby classes is us as it's nice to meet other mums and, like you said, the most important thing is that we sing and talk to our babies. DD gets dragged along to DS's local play session but I don't think she really cares where she is, so long as my boobs are I'm there!

Queenrunninggeek I'm so glad you're smile. Me too atm. This running lark is bloody brilliant isn't it? I only lost 2lbs last week as I'd been a bit rubbish with the diet but it's all movement in the right direction. I am getting the horrors about going back to work though; I think I'll prob have to go back after the Easter hols. DH and I are doing the split parental leave thing and he's beginning to get impatient for his turn!

QueenRunningGeekMum Sat 14-Jan-12 21:21:13

I'm in agreement with Feral on the classes. Basically if you want to do them because it gives you more confidence interacting with your dc, allows you to meet other mums, baby has specific needs etc then they're a really good idea. If you're fine with singing, talking, playing with lo and get out to see friends then they're probably not for you. I haven't booked any and don't intend too as my days are pretty booked up as it is! I do baby massage but that's a free course and more for me then ds.

CosmicCloud Sat 14-Jan-12 22:29:51

Candr just wanted to post to say how very sorry I am to hear about your cousin's baby. I can't imagine what she must be going through and my thoughts are with her and all of you as a family just now.

CosmicCloud Sat 14-Jan-12 23:19:52

Jojo so sorry to hear you're having such a difficult time at the moment. How is your DP doing now? Have you managed to find somewhere to live? It all sounds terribly stressful so hope you're okay. Just remember we're here if you need to vent.

Hi Sarahseager. Welcome back and nice to see you smile

100years it's all sounding very positive about the TT snip. Hope it continues and well done on BF with the TT for so long. The getting lost at the hospital sounds a bit stressful but glad it all worked out okay.

Sebs hope your LO is a bit happier now. My LO isn't making any straining noises apart from sometimes when having a poo. Could your LO maybe be a bit constipated? Or if she seems happy enough maybe she's just experimenting with some new noises grin

Tiddley I echo what others have said about baby classes. If you want to do them and can afford it they can be a nice way to spend some time and meeting other mums but I absolutely don't think they'll have any impact on your DS's long term development either way. I did waterbabies with DS1 and we both really enjoyed it but it was pretty expensive. Now I have two DC's it would be impossible to do lots of baby classes even if I wanted to but am not worried as I know DS2 will be just fine with the things we can do at home.

Sorry to those of you having trouble coming to terms with your birth experiences. I didn't post my birth story and it was a bit traumatic ending up with forceps with just G&A and a local anaesthetic! The doctor who delivered DS2 had a horrible attitude and when stitching me up after kept telling me I was feeling pressure not pain and was just a bit rough with the whole process. Then discovered I hadn't had the full dose of local! So yes it was pain I was feeling you stupid, stupid man! That feels a bit better getting that off my chest. I think I've put it behind me though and am just so glad DS2 got here safely which is the main thing.

Well my baby is sleeping so I'm heading off to the land of nod before the first night feed.

sebs71 Sun 15-Jan-12 17:32:29

candr That's just about the worst it could get for any parent, my thoughts are with you, your cousin and your family. It certainly does make you think again and realise how lucky we are, and I certainly gave my LO more cuddles after reading your post. Hoping you are ok...

Thanks for comments - LO seems better this weekend, so hoping that my happy baby is back and it was the after affects of the jabs - this time going on for a couple of days (but as it was the 3rd jabs, guessing there's more there to react too). The bed time routine seems to be better too, and she seems to want to go to bed earlier (around 7.30) so that's good. Might give us an hour or so before getting the other kids off up to bed and bed ourselves too! Her naps in the day are regulating (a bit) but she still doesn't seem to want to nap for that long (unless in the car, pram or any motion) - maybe about half hour. YOu get the occasional longer nap... but generally it's getting better and I'm getting better at being a bit more structured smile

Re baby classes - Haven't done any and haven't booked any either - although will be going to the freeby Baby Massage one run by the HVs this Thursday. There's also some "sing and rhyme" sessions in the library in the nearest town to me that are in Welsh and designed to get non-Welsh speaking mums (like me) to learn some Welsh songs! MIght pop along to some of those as would like LO to learn more Welsh than me (which is some, but not fluent). But, don't think I'll book any paying classes - haven't the time and as I'm in the middle of nowhere not the most practical. Also, again, like others who have said here, not sure of the benefit at this age, and think the classes are more about mums getting together. A friend of mine has just had a baby, and has a friend who has a 6 month old, and I've another friend who is due end of this month - so hoping we'll all meet up occasionally for baby chat and "C Section" stories (as we've all had one, and my friend is booked for one too). The local primary school, that DSD goes too, also has a playgroup every Tuesday afternoon, which apparently you can go to from any age... again, might go to this but will probably wait until LO is 6 months old.

There is also some baby signing classes in the next village - but this is aimed at babies 6 month plus and they start now. So if they run again in a few months might go... I'm quite interested in this as friends of my OH did it with their LO and was effective - not to improve speech but to stop the frustration a baby can have when trying to communicate but without the ability... if only to learn a few words...! I saw their LO use it when she was around 12 months and it was effective...

Watched half of that "How to be a Good Mother" - hopefully will watch other half tonight. Does make you think that there are sooooo many different types of parents!! I'm up to the placenta mum!!! COuldn't believe the home-schooler - she looked amazing after 6 kids, but doubt it was down to her stretch mark cream!! (Stretch marks are hereditary, so cream is never really going to help!)

HOpe you all having nice weekends... we had a lovely hour long frosty walk in the forest this morning - LO all wrapped up in the baby carrier taking in the sights before dropping off!

Oh, and sorry... Welcome back Sarah!!!

ssmile Sun 15-Jan-12 20:10:49

candr your poor cousin, I hope they can find a way to process that tragedy. It does make me very grateful for my two beautiful girls. Some friends of ours lost their Lo at 20d old 2yrs ago, they now have a beautiful 8mth old girl &4yr old but their lost Lo will never be forgotten.

Our Lo had 3rd set of jabs Fri and ended up having 3lots of calpol over 24hr period she was really out of sorts and today still having upset tum nappies. I guess this set of jabs had something that our Los have reacted too. She been a lot sunnier today.

In terms of classes I'm not doing anything at the moment. With first DD I did swimming lessons, from 3mths but they were expensive and tbh she learnt far more just going swimming once a week with us doing 1:1 smile now babe is more interactive I may take her swimming now at local pool as it does cheap baby group, plus there are music with mummy classes which are fun for babies 6mth+ and coffee &cake after for mums. I'm hoping to go to a "sling meet" at the end of month as I'd like some help with my moby wrap or try a few others to see if more suitable for me. Also a chance to meet some other mums.

Minkyjj Mon 16-Jan-12 00:26:59

Sorry for not responding to everyone but just wanted to add my thoughts to everyone else's - candr you and your family are in my prayers x hope you get strength from all around you. Hope everyone that's in a dark place at the moment finds a light to guide them out very soon. I was talking to a friend tonight and we were commenting on how many people we know in dire situations - not sure if it's because you notice the sad things happening more in January but whatever the reason it's very sad.
We are doing okay but having little issues I guess. Lo still doesn't sleep for long at night time - 4 months old and still up to feed every 2-3 hours during the night. I am ebf but the hv this week suggested i may want to consider giving a bottle in the evening if I want a bit of a break. Tried it a few times and lo doesn't mind but not sure it makes him sleep any longer! Tonight he is so wingy and upset, I just couldn't calm him and he seemed in pain but he has now dropped off to sleep (not a moment too soon as I was beginning to feel my edges fraying!)
Dh turns 40 next Sunday and has been so unhelpful in helping to suggest what he would like to do or receive - in the end I buckled and gave in to his request that he can go snowboarding for a week with his friends but now I am in a panic as he may be going in 3 weeks and I am wondering how the heck I will cope with 3 kids and all the school runs/ clubs etc on zero sleep - if any of them are ill I think I could just lose the plot ! Anyway, it's a big big gift as there now will be no money for my 40th in the summer or for a family holiday - am a little cheesed that I was pressured into this as it is his 3rd holiday with mates and I haven't been able to do a thing with my girlfriends for several years ! Oh well - wish me luck ! Anyway, enough moaning from me, off to investigate the crying sound from downstairs - let's hope it's the tv and not a child !

candr Mon 16-Jan-12 11:06:20

Thanks everyone, she has lots of family around but Oz seems far away at times like this. My family came round yesterday and spoilt DS more than normal with cuddles.
On the sleep front we are having some success. Decided to get tougher and let him cry in crib a bit before picking him up, he only cried for 7 min then slept from 11.30 to 4.20, did the same last night, he cried a bit more but was mainly temper then slept from 10.40 to 5.20 without even waking for food. I lay next to crib and patted back so could see it was temper and tiredness not anxiety. DH had to remind me that he sometimes screams for longer than that when we try to rock him to sleep so I relaxed more.
As for groups we do playgroup once a week and have made nice friends there, also do rhyme time and will start swimming when weather warms up (he is 4m)

100years Mon 16-Jan-12 11:54:50

Wow, a LOT of posts. Hi again Sarah smile Welcome to the other side smile

Sorry it's not a personal catch up - although I do want to say sorry to hear about your cousin's loss candr I hope you all find a way through it.

Someone mentioned straining noises, yep LO does those, I think it's when she is either trying to move around more, trying to sit up that kind of thing.

And with regards to groups etc, I take LO to a swimming lesson, but that's because I love swimming and I wanted to know what I could do with her in the pool, and how to play in the pool. The lessons we go to, there is actually now only me that is in my 'group' so it's one2one atm, although when she moves up to the 6 month group there will be possibly 3 in the group. She already shows signs of what she is understanding in the water and loves the lessons, so I'll keep it up. I also don't want her to have to wear a rubber ring, and learn to swim when she is older, I kind of want it to be a natural thing, which if I continue with the lessons she will naturally start swimming and be able to swim before she is 4, she'll also have learnt safety awareness in the water as she grows with the lessons. I also go to an art group thing, but that's more for me and getting out and having new toys to play with (paints etc) but I don't think she is going to learn anything specific from it, it'll just be a fun thing to do with me. Other than that I don't do groups etc, I might start going to a bumps and babies NCT thing, in fact I was going to go this morning, but LO slept in, so I wasn't up in time.

Feeding has been mostly really good over the weekend. I don't think she's quite learnt her now tongue yet, but on the whole the feeding is less painful than it was recently and more chilled out.

Are other babies starting to need more interaction, LO seems to get frustrated more now, because she can't get to things she wants as she is aware of that toy being over there and wanting it. She's happy rolling around for a while, then she gets fed up. She practically never fails to grab something now if it's within her reach, and if it's just out of reach she seems to get to it being within her reach. She also grabs things with two hands if I hold her above something and she brings it (and everything else) to her mouth!

We've had a few meals with her sat in the highchair, which has been lovely, nice for her to be at our level and eventually it will lead to us all eating together. smile

Cold is now gone, so it'll be back on with the running plan.

feralgirl Mon 16-Jan-12 12:58:31

Minky DD also wakes every 3 hours; I think that's more 'normal' than babies who sleep right through tbh. DS was much worse and didn't sleep through until he was 9 mo so I'm not going to stress about it at all.

Hurrah for your cold being gone *100, see you over n the running thread grin

Right, DD has just filled her nappy so I'm cutting it short! Will be back later on.

ssmile Mon 16-Jan-12 19:42:35

The quality of my sleep has decreased too. If I'm luckly she will go 7-11/12 but then up every 2hrs to feed and she is hungry its not comfort this is definitely full on 4mth growth spurt. In evening she feeding hourly from 3pm. Her jabs really upset her this time. Last night wasn't that gd and I gave her calpol again in morn as red hot cheeks.

We had three firsts today. Lo went in the door bouncer and loved it. I got highchair out of shed and washed it all down and fitted booster seat. Lo loved sitting at table listening and watching eldest do her phonics homework smile start them early I reckon grin she also watched me intently eating a pear so when I was finished I gave her the core bit to suck on and she loved the juice her little tongue licking away. I hadn't any intention to wean before 6mths but she looked SO interested and she enjoyed gripping the juicy pear piece. She is 20 half weeks. I don't know whether weaning at 6mths is 24wks or calendar months therefore 26wks? Tbh I think I will just follow Lo lead and offer minute bits to lick if she looks interested.
Off to bed now early night as body just aches from doing the Shred dvd and from last nights poor sleep. Hope u all have good sleeps zz_zzzz

QueenRunningGeekMum Mon 16-Jan-12 20:08:25

Ssmile I previewed the shred yesterday and decided it was too much for me! Will wait till I'm fitter grin

My lo has been waking up every 3-4 hrs overnight for a feed as well, but at least at the moment he goes back down quickly.

On phone so can't remember who said it, but lo is also frustrated, grabbing things with both hands and shoving everything into his mouth!

He managed to go 9 days without a poo, so today we had an explosion shock poo everywhere, on his trousers, socks, vest, chair, changing mat... Had to do a top and tail wash followed by a bath, it was that bad! Still when he passed it it didn't cause him any pain, he was quite satisfied with himself!

We have the third injections tomorrow, am hoping they'll be ok confused

Minkyjj Mon 16-Jan-12 20:46:56

Feeling terrible today with painful booby so called hv who told me to go see bf counsellor. Really helpful one to one session which resulted in loads of info and a diagnosis of a blocked milk duct which is on the cusp of mastitis - counsellor told me to stick nipple in very hot water for 10 minutes and unblock the duct with scraping the tiny pinprick dot I have away then feed lo on all fours to let gravity help and the boob be pressure-free - basically all sounds like self punishment and I have to admit I don't feel too hot ! Boob now less solid but feeling very bruised and sore ! What I did discover that may help other bf mums on here is that the 4 month stage of bf is tough because it's a time of massive brain development which means that babies often go off feeding because they are too interested in what is happening around them and get distracted. My lo has been going hours sometimes in the day not being interested in feeding but then wants to feed all evening - that's because the milk gets very calory rich in the later part of the day (also why many people get blocked ducts at this stage because the milk is rich and thick and can block more easily than the thin thirst quencher stuff.) I think because lo has been fussing he didn't drain the breast properly and left behind the curds of the milk which has blocked the duct. I am feeding my way through the pain ! Lo is 17 weeks on wednesday and counsellor told me that I should go with my instinct with early weaning so I am considering starting lo on baby rice.

sebs71 Mon 16-Jan-12 21:03:25

That's interesting about the brain development as although mine is bottle fed she's difficult to feed at the mo as she's looking all around her and if someone else us in the room she follows them with her head.

Still doing the weird throat scraping noises... She's not constipated (goes about 3 or 4 times a day!) and it's not when she's having a pop either!

Minky - hope blocked ducts get sorted, sounds painful.

Geekmum - grin at big poo ... Bet he was very pleased!! My LO has a new trick... You get her out of the bath, tuck her up in towel and go to her room and put her on change mat and just as I pat dry her... She wees !!!! Every time. Washing no end of towels. I end up dipping her back in the bath and going like the clappers to get her nappy on!

Ssmile - hope LO feels better soon. Think these 3rd jabs must really upset them. But grin to bouncer and sucking a pear. My LO seems to be starting to be interested in what I'm eating. Shell be 18 weeks Friday but want to wait to 6 months too but would be ok to start gently after 5 months... But I'm not sure either if 4 week months or calendar months??

Right, bedtime ... Night all ... Off to see my friend and her 3 week-old tomorrow - the one born early who wad on bye lights in special care for a while but home and properly discharged now. Got another friend being booked for c section next week - again early but waters are getting very low. She's tried for five years to get pg and managed thus time on 4th round of IVF so my fingers and toes are crossed fir them.

sebs71 Mon 16-Jan-12 21:05:26

Sorry on phone... Poo not pop and blue lights in special care that meant to say!!

ssmile Tue 17-Jan-12 07:13:59

minkyj hope pain eases its horrid when that happens I had awful time with mastitous first babe but touch wood not this time.
I may go ask HV advice on weaning as my Lo is hungry, I'm exhausted with feeding her my boobs are emptying and she keeps biting me as if to say is there more (i think). It's too flipping hard to be feedin hourly in daytime and two hourly at night with another one to look after. Sorry had bad night and Lo just gone to sleep at 7am and I've got to get up for school run when all I want to do is crawl back under the duvet sad and flipping migraine brewing. Could just sit and cry this morning Hohum best get up...hope u had better nights

sarahseager Tue 17-Jan-12 08:14:59

Morning everyone,

Just wondering about 3rd set of jabs, do they have 3 injections at this one, if so where does the third one go? Sorry if that's silly question blush

Lo is just over 17 weeks now and we're still waiting for the elusive laugh/giggle/chuckle, she does kind of big wide mouthed silent ones but wondering if all her pain has held back her laughter! Hoping it will come soon!

Also I was wondering what your lo's do as hunger cues as that's one thing I've never really had from my lo apart from when she was tiny and had bobby head. I know all babes are different but would be interesting to know if I'm missing something after all this time! smile

sebs71 Tue 17-Jan-12 09:09:45

Sarah- the jabs all go in thighs - 2 in one and the other in the other leg. I find my LO chuckles when I directly look at her chuckling at her, guess she's mimicking. It's hilarious. Also my LO gies from happy to crying really quickly for food... Very few other signs!! She's bottle fed so could take a while to make a bottle up so now I try get in there before she's hungry. She used to go every 4 hours but now it's about 3 and 1/2 in the day.

Ssmile - know how you feel! Had about 10mins sleep after 4am... She just fussed so much but slept herself!!! Woke up after a shower but will crash later I'm sure!

sarahseager Tue 17-Jan-12 09:24:59

Thanks Sebs. Yeah I tend to feed every 3 - 4 hours too depending on if we've been out and about as she can get quite irritable without any hunger signals I guess if it's working I shouldnt worry about it!

Thanks for the jabs info too! smile

ssmile Tue 17-Jan-12 09:34:38

I may curse the school run at times but actually that 30min walk this morn has done me good and really perked me up.

Some advice please from those using bottles. What flow teat are you using? I have very fast flow breast milk and I'm wondering if one reason we struggling to get her to take a bottle is slow flow teat. May try get some faster ones today and some baby rice.

tiddleypompom Tue 17-Jan-12 11:12:37

We use Dr Brown stage 2 (medium flow) teats ssmile - these are from 3 months and we have no problems with them having moved up once LO got frustrated with stage 1. In fact, he would pretty much refuse the bottle in the end - not a happy bunny as you can imagine. Your instincts are probably right there.
sarah our DS does give us a few signals that he is ready for a feed (though similarly to sebs he will go very fast from smiles to crying if we miss them!). He will cough a couple of times, and then start to kick his legs/flail a bit. Since he's been more dribbly he also produces more dribble (which sometimes gives him hiccups). We are feeding every 3 hours; still breast/formula combo.
ssmile I hope you get some respite with a cuppa later today smile

tiddleypompom Tue 17-Jan-12 11:38:21

By the way, thanks for thoughts about clubs/classes etc. I think that, because I am not going back to work (for a couple of years anyway) I feel less of a rush to do things than some of my friends who are going back after 6-9 months. I also just don't feel I can commit to a particular time each week, as DS sleeps every 2 hours (and gets really unhappy if he gets overtired), and his naps times are all a bit awry lately (this started last week - I've noticed he has started to rub his eyes and face, which wakes him up...).

Anyway, I am just looking forward to the weather getting warm enough to play outside. We have an allotment, which has a large grassed area with apple trees and I have been planning to walk up there during the summer and let DS crawl about grin) Also going to grow lots of the veg he will be eating by then - carrots, squash etc. We already have raspberries, strawberries, apples and damsons so it'll be great fun trying new tastes!

Brrr. We went for a walk this morning and I haven't thawed out yet.

feralgirl Tue 17-Jan-12 13:05:12

Ssmile we've been trying DD on mam bottles and number 2 teats but she really ain't having any of it; clearly if it's not boob then it's just no good as far as she's concerned!

The HV suggested that, since she's four months, we could try her with a sippy cup so DH had a go with a little weeny Heinz one with a soft spout the other day which he said went OK and she was kind of coping with getting a mouthful of milk and then swallowing. Guess it'll take practise.

Sorry it's tough for you atm, maybe a growth spurt that'll settle in a week or so? DD was the same last week and I was bloody knackered. It is so difficult keeping up with two isn't it? By the time DS was this age he was in a lovely set routine that meant that I would always have three hours to chill in the afternoon but now I have to exercise a hyperactive toddler so DD gets dragged out instead of getting a decent nap. I hope your migraine isn't too bad sad

DD is doing full-on belly laughs these days at pretty much everything, she started smiling really early though. I am rubbish at telling her sleep cues as she just goes from having a giggle to yawning her little head off in the blink of an eye and she just gets a bit grumpy when hungry, she's not really a cryer like DS was.

jimmijam Tue 17-Jan-12 13:21:56

candr sos orry to hear that. cannot imagine how upsetting it is for anyone, must have broken your hearts. love to you all

100years Tue 17-Jan-12 15:48:34

feral - ah yes, the running thread. Got visit to family this week, so after that I will go and start again. Have been eyeing up the 30 day Shred too, could easily do that at home in the morning while LO plays or sits in her chair watching me!

ssmile, we have a door bouncer baby too smile she also loves it. And it's lovely having LO at the table. Sorry your sleeping has decreased again. Isn't pear supposed to be one of the least allergenic foods there are, so it's a good starter, or have I read that wrong. Like I said to feral I'm thinking of shredding.. I hope your migraine comes to nothing, they are the pits aren't they.

Geekmum, I think I said LO was frustrated, lots of grabbing and not able to reach everything she wants. 9 days, wow that's epic, the longest we have had is 5 I think. Mine was fine after 3rd jabs.

Minky, feeding on all fours, that sounds like some kind of twister position. Hope it all helps you though. Yep, my LO does seem less interested in the boob, but then we've had that off and on for a little while.

sebs, enjoy the new babies, and hope your friend who is having CS is OK.

Sarah, when my LO had her 3rd jabs, she had the two given in one leg first then the third in the other leg. Re hunger cues it's hard to say now with my LO, I can't think off the top of my head.

TP I'm envy at people not going back to work, I think it's great, I wish I didn't have to, although I am going to look at changing my hours so I can do part time and probably work evenings so I don't miss LO in the day, but I'll have a 2 week FT course to do when I first go back, and I'm really not looking forward to that.

So, we've been swimming this morning, it was fab.

LO has properly properly found her feet now, this morning she was more interested in playing with her feet than having a feed first thing, mind you she had had 3/4 hour feed off and on between 5:45 and 7 this morning so I suppose she just wasn't that hungry at 9am when she woke up! She's found them before, but this morning was a proper interest in them.

AF has returned. Gah, she's only 4 months old and I'm EBF!!! I reckon that stopping the expressing (therefore technically giving up a daytime feed) has brought my body back.

And I had a mobile hairdresser come round just now, she's sorted out my hair colour and given me a cut. The cut and colour are good, or at least they look so after she's done it, will see what it's like the first time I do it. smile The only negative is that she is (and said so herself) a little dizzy, but I can overlook that. It was nice to have it done, but why do hairdressers feel they need to fill all the silence gaps, I'm quite happy to sit there at times and just have the hair do done, or is that rude of me?

summerpixie Tue 17-Jan-12 20:01:13

Corr loads of posts to get through so just posting quick reply here whilst watching eastenders.
Mastitis/blocked ducts: I had this early on as I was expressing using hand pump and not emptying boobs well. I found that hot compress and massaging the lump helped a lot. Whilst in a hot shower push on the lump/where it hurts. Be brave and suck up the pain and really push hard on it to clear it.
I gave DD a suck of pear last week too. I left the top of it and ate the skin and let her suck it but not for long though as I read that you shouldn't give babies sweet stuff to start weaning.
I was going to look into shred but I seriously am soooooo lazy!!! The wii fit has gathered dust too and I was thinking of getting Zumba on it. The belly flab needs to go before June when I go back to work!
Distracted baby all round here. DD has also mastered the art of bubbling/spitting. I can only feed her when she is sleeping. So my day consists of a constant battle to get her to sleep to feed her and to stop her from screaming! Come 5pm everything is fine and she'll sleep through until about 4/5am whence the battle begins again because she's wide awake talking v loudly in her Moses basket and refusing to feed or sleep!
Omg everyone seems to be leaving eastenders! Time for Holby. Happy shredding/running everybody.

JoJoJoHoHoHo Tue 17-Jan-12 21:20:36

Hello sorry yet again I haven't been on here lately
Thank you all for your kind words regarding my DP who is on the mend and fingers crossed his medication starts working and stops him from having any more fits! And also regarding my living arrangements went to the council as I really cant afford to rent a place and have to wait till next month!! for an appointment then it may well be at least 6 weeks in a bnb or a hostel.

LO had his 2nd lots of jabs today and is very out of sorts think its also a mixture of teething! He has learnt that he has hand and feet and stares at them for ages, he is also very ticklish and has a real dirty laugh!

Re baby groups I haven't been to any yet but do go and visit my best mate whose LO is one month older than mine.

Re weaning I dont understand why it is now recommended that you wait until they are 6 months when it used to be 3 and why the baby food in the shop say 4 months + ???

Candr im so sorry to hear of your lost in the family words can not describe how your cousin would be feeling right now.

As for dieting Im still using the kinect and walking for what seems like miles everyday so thats good enough for me and my hat goes off to you all that goes jogging I get out of breath thinking about it lol

Sorry if I've missed anything my brain really is not working properly at the moment

summerpixie Wed 18-Jan-12 02:24:37

Oh that's awful jojo. Do you think HV or children's centre may be able to help you? I know the children's centers around here have special sessions for those who need help but have never had to call upon those services. Maybe they know a way you could fast track to be seen?
Weaning was brought to 6months as at 4 months the kidneys are not developed enough and many wheat and dairy allergies start in children weaned early (according to some studies). Well that's what I read but what people choose to believe is up to them wink. I personally believe that you can tell when your baby is ready and to do it then and not when the HV tells you what s/he has been told to tell you!
Anyway hope you get sorted and settled soon Jojo. Good luck with the council.

feralgirl Wed 18-Jan-12 14:36:20

Jojo that is appalling that the council would consider sticking a family with a tiny baby into B&B. I am bloody outraged on your behalf. Any chance the CAB can help you out? Our children's centres also offer a similar service. I really really hope that you can get something sorted soon.

feralgirl Wed 18-Jan-12 14:41:53

Like pixie says, I think the weaning guidelines were changed not that long ago due to new research and the baby food companies never really caught up. Plus I suppose it's in their interests to get us buying it as early as poss isn't it?!

There was a study a few months ago that contradicted all the 6 months advice and advocated early weaning due to the theory that babies can become anaemic on a milk only diet but I think it was fairly widely discredited. I'm sticking with the WHO guidelines that say 6 mo; I'm certainly in no rush to do all the extra cleaning up that weaning entails! I'm praying for a really hot sunny spring so that we can do lots of meals in the garden smile

tiddleypompom Wed 18-Jan-12 17:29:53

Mmm a hot sunny spring...

candr Wed 18-Jan-12 17:41:45

Jojo, hope something turns up for you, must be really stressful.
TP andFeral was wishing for that myself today - look forward to picnics and realised the warm weather should come at good time for baby led weaning with LO playing with food, can do it outdoors lots. Got told by HV 6m so that their systems are mature and less likely to trigger an allergy. Off to get weighed tommorow, was 14.3 2 weeks ago so am putting money on 14.12 grin

ssmile Wed 18-Jan-12 17:42:41

I don't want to wean before 6mths but after two weeks of at times relentless feeding (hourly in daytime, and two hourly for most of night) my Lo "growth spurt" feels like its endless at times, the other growth spurts have lasted 2-3days. My friends Lo is doing the same she was off to HV to ask their advice. I'm seeing her tom so be gd to see what they say. If my DH gets home by 6pm he was going to try with a bottle. I tried last night but she just chewed the teat and dribbled the milk out.
On the fitness front I've done the shred level 1 5times now, its best dvd I've ever done for results in 20mins really makes you work hard if you get technique right phew! But I've nearly lost 7lbs now in 2wks and my jeans are getting looser smile so healthy eating working too and the lack of sugar is helping my energy levels.
Can't wait for my Lo to find her feet she not there, still waiting for her to turn over! I've been putting her on her back more but she really does prefer to sit up and watch the world go by.

jimmijam Wed 18-Jan-12 22:59:35

minky massage any lumps while feeding (or if u find that hard express some into a cup while u massage-or do it in te shower, u dont even need to keep whats expressed), for me it worked and they went away and were ok within a day or 2 xx

fera i also read somewhere about the study and lo's becoming anaemic. research is being done now tho 2 c wether advice needs changing.

jojo weaned our eldest 2 at 16weeks, theres a lot of pressure around now tho (i feel anyway) not to wean until 6 months.

weaning i have finally decided, as our eldest are ok, that i shall ignore all the 6month pressures and try lo on baby rice 2moro lunchtime- he'll b almost 19weeks old. as we're on the EAT study he cant have any of the allergenic foods (eg milk, fish, wheat) until at least 6months old, then just introduced one at a time (didnt know that bit with our eldest 2!)

ssmile well done you!!!!!!! big clap and hug!!! and our lo hardley has any time lay down either, tho im trying tummy time for a few mins everyday now hoping he'll roll over soon but we'll c. he doesnt seem interested in going side to side, more just wanting to go forward (or araound in circles)

Minkyjj Thu 19-Jan-12 00:55:10

Will give all the advice a go. Managed to clear it on Monday but it's cone back again. Just been on Facebook and am now in panic mode as the little boy who was all over lo earlier today has now got the vomiting bug ! That would be awful at any time but it's dhs 40th on Sunday and we are meant to be going out with friends for dinner on Saturday night. I so hate this time of year !

tiddleypompom Thu 19-Jan-12 06:46:28

Morning all. Sorry to hear of mastitis issues minky - I sympathise as had it twice in one boob and what felt like constantly blocked ducts. Massage helps but is like pressing a bruise sad

DS made it past 7kg this week (15lb11oz) at almost 17 weeks. Je is a big boy and I too can imagine weaning pre-6months though will take HV advice and watch this board with interest.

DH was unsuccessful at dream feed last night - lo didn't want to know - and he didn't wake till 5.15am. He settled after a b/feed and woke again for morning at 6.30. Not bad at all - I am considering dropping the dream feed altogether as it appears he is big enough to sleep through.

My Mum over today - planning to do some baking and pop out for a hot choc at local cafe. Will be lovely to see her.

QueenRunningGeekMum Thu 19-Jan-12 09:02:19

Hi all, lots to catch up on!

Jojo hope you get some positive news soon regarding your housing situation.

Minky sorry to hear you're not feeling too good, hope the mastitis clears up soon. Hope your LO doesn't come down with anything.

Well done Ssmile on your weight loss, v impressive!

100 stop being rude and have a chat with your hairdresser! Only kidding. I think my hairdresser is excellent and it's because she senses whether clients want to chat or not. I like a good natter wink

It's really great to hear all your thoughts on weaning. I seem to be hearing different things from different places so am going for the 'whatever I feel is right' approach, which at the moment is giving LO things to play with. Yesterday he was sucking on a king prawn (so much for allergies!). The only nono I have is bananas, both my DH and mil have mild allergies to them and they were a big trigger for my morning sickness, so will steer clear of them! LO is 19 weeks and I think he's getting really frustrated at not being able to do things.

He had his third jabs on Tuesday, cue lots of crying tues and weds. I always feel I have to try and justify his crying to onlookers, by saying what's up with him - really it's none of their business! But I get annoyed at people saying 'ah, bless him, he's hungry' as though mothers are notorious for starving their babies, when he's just tired and overstimulated. Anyone else get this?

sebs71 Thu 19-Jan-12 09:48:45

I echo what RunningGeekMum says - JoJo really hope the housing situation sorts itself out soon - can't believe they're not prioritising you with a new baby???
SSmile - wow, great weight loss, am jealous. No idea how I'm doing as too scared to go on the scales!!! Must be brave so I can start monitoring how I'm doing.
Minky - how mastistis sorts itself out soon.

Am sick of this Cerazette mini pill. Had a period in the first month that lasted about 8 days. THen last week bled for about 9 days. Had 4 days no bleeding, and now have started again???? Just done a quick search on google on "Cerazette and bleeding" and there are loads of this - either you stop completely (which my doctor was quick to tell me) or you get long periods - some almost constantly. What's the point of a contraception if you bleed all the time? So, am going to come off it and go back to the docs to see what my other options are. I'd go on the pill, as long as it's safe to do so (as I'm 40). See what they say.

Well, LO is now going from about 11.30 / 12.00 midnight to 8am with no feeds... it's just a pity she doesn't sleep that whole time! She semi wakes up about 4.30ish, fussing and starting to cry... she needs rocking to go back off, then does this pretty much every 45 mins until 7ish when we get up. No idea why - she's not hungry.

And re weaning - I'm hoping to go the full 6 months before weaning BUT I'm not sure LO will last until 6 months. She's started to really stare when we eat, and used to go 4 hours between feeds - now going around 3.5 hours and really wants her next bottle. Just getting hungrier. She's 18 weeks on Friday so not sure she'll go to 6 months!!! But, I'll keep looking for signs. If she does go beforehand, I'll keep it simple due to risk of allergies.

Did anyone know if it's 6 calendar or 6 lunar months?

Got baby massage class this afternoon!

QueenRunningGeekMum Thu 19-Jan-12 11:35:27

Following on from what Sebs said, what are the contraceptive options post birth whilst bf? I never got this talk from the doc as she was more concerned about pnd. Just starting to consider perhaps letting DH dtd within maybe the next year...! (does the feeling of apprehension go at some point? Will I get over the feeling of violation from the birth and other issues?)

Hope you get a solution Sebs, I don't think I'd want to put up with that much bleeding! sad

ssmile Thu 19-Jan-12 13:29:55

My friend spoke with HVf who said 18-20wk period is tough if BF as its big growth spurt but it should settle down abit. My LO is 21wk Fri and the last two weeks have been really tough endless feeding BUT last night was much better and the last 36hrs have been less intense Feeding so I'm hoping we are coming out the other side as I do want to wait until 24wks before starting solids. The horrid smelly nappies post solid food is gd incentive to wait grin goodbye sweet mustard nappies....

I had mirena coil fitted (am 39) wasn't pleasant having fitted and bled daily for 30days but since then last two months nothing. So think its going ok for me.

QueenRunningGeekMum Fri 20-Jan-12 08:26:02

Ssmile that's somewhat comforting; lo has been feeding a lot more recently and he's 19 almost 20 weeks now. Although last night he went through the night with only one feed at 3, so improvement there!

feralgirl Fri 20-Jan-12 12:18:14

<shuffles in, bleary-eyed and grey-faced, trying not to bump into stuff>

Ohhhh I am so very envy of all these good sleeps. DD is on a big backward slide and is currently waking every 1.5 hours at night. What has happened to my lovely sleepy angel who only woke once a night? Obviously she's got a big ol' spurt going on but it's just ruining me!

Interesting about the 18-20 week thing, DD is (I think) 19 weeks so that would make sense.

100 I am with you on the hairdresser/ conversation thing. One of the reasons that I love my hairdresser so very much is that he would rather die than ask me where I'm going on my holidays. He is a taciturn Glaswegian and a bit of a moody bugger which suits me fine!

Minky how's the mastitis? Must be miserable sad so I'm hoping you're better soon.

Re contraception, tbh I'm not bothering. I didn't get my periods back until DS was 9mo and really properly weaned so I'm going to just chance it. What's the worst that could could happen after all? I might end up with another scrummy baby and a load more maternity leave wink grin

HUGE congrats on the weight loss Ssmile, really really well done smile

Jojo how's the housing sich going?

ssmile Fri 20-Jan-12 19:11:04

Thanks for kind words on my weight, this always happens though I start off and lose 7lbs in two weeks then its like my body goes woooh I'm not doing that and then next few weeks I only lose a 1lb a week, got another 20lbs to lose so in for the long haul. I've found the my fitnessPal app really helpful in tracking calories and exercise. So I think ooh I can have a crunchie bar but need to do a 30min walk to compensate smile

feralgirl I really hope your sleep improves soon that's very hard doing every 1.5hrs. I feel very grateful this babe is far better sleep than DD1 its making big difference to the quality of my life this time around.

I'm not big fan of hair dressers either. I always have dry cut takes 15min max grin and the girl I use is lovely.

My Lo finally rolled over today from back to tum, and we all missed the first time! I'd laid her on bathroom floor on towel whilst getting her ready for bath took her nappy to bin was 20secs came back in and she was on her tummy looking confused smile she had been rolling onto her side all week so I knew she do it this weekend.

Hope you all have gd wends.

Minkyjj Sat 21-Jan-12 00:26:47

Thanks for all your well wishes lovely peops - still not fantastic but hanging on in there. Lo woke for feed every 1.5 hours or more last night and is very fussy. As it's been like this for weeks I buckled and gave a tiny bit of baby rice tonight - I know they say not to but the research showed that from 17 weeks the kidneys can function fully. Spoke to alot of other mums and reminded myself that dd1 and dd2 were weaned alot earlier - also read something talking about how they always put a longer time frame on things as some mums will always bring the timescale forward so if they say 26 weeks, people will usually not wait that long blush. Anyway, lo wasn't too impressed on the baby rice front - alot of gagging and looks of disgust - will see over next days whether it helps. I am so tired that something has to work !
Dh and I are out tomorrow night for the first time without lo. It's dhs 40th on Sunday so out for a meal with friends sat night. I am letting dh go snowboarding for a week with friends in early feb and have planned all his favourite foods for Sunday - Scottish fried breakfast Sunday am (easier said than done finding lorne sausage and decent black pudding in the south! ) then cake mid afternoon and then fillet steak, dauphinois potatoes, spinach and bernais sauce followed by apple tartlets and then a cheese board - washed down with some very fine wine and champagne and probably indigestion and a hangover !
Lo not settling so must dash - hope you all have good weekends

JoJoJoHoHoHo Sat 21-Jan-12 10:04:56

Hi lovely ladies
Thank you all for your kind words of support, wont find out much more about my housing situation until I go back for the meeting on the 15th absolutly worried sick but getting by.

Minky hope you LO starts to sleep better and your DH has a lovely birthday

I hate having my hair done but have a lovely hair dresser who thankfully dont talk that much and I can sit and relax (normally try not to fall asleep!)

Still waiting for my LO to roll over but he is getting better at sitting up on his own and if i remeber correctly he iso ne of the youngest out of our lot so enjoy reading what your LO are doing so I know what is coming up for my LO if that makes any sense!

Feral hope you got more sleep last night

re contraception im currently on the depro injection which is working ok so far was going to have the implant but the doctor advised me that my body didnt agree with the pill which it is like so went for the injection instead. Has one long period of 8 days of bleeding last month but nothing since fingers crossed it stays this way.

feralgirl Sat 21-Jan-12 14:41:31

Hi all, thanks for the sympathy! DD was back to two wakings last night which was a massive relief (although one was for ages and involved two nappy changes, grr).

I did smile a bit about the baby rice Minky, I remember giving it to DS when he was about 5mo out of desperation and it was a nightmare. He refused to eat it and it got absolutely everywhere and dried like cement in his hair and in the long pile rug which I eventually had to throw away as a result! I had to put his bumbo through the dishwasher in order to get the damn stuff off that as well.

Your DH's birthday sounds brilliant, he's a very lucky man; I am v envy and I hope that my DH goes to that much trouble for me when it's my 40th!

tiddleypompom Sat 21-Jan-12 19:00:37

Can I come for dinner too minky?? DS and I will sit quietly in the corner and not disturb your romantic dinner - as long as you share it with us! grin

Propped up DS for tummy time today - using a nursing pillow - which was far more preferable to him than flat on a blanket. He raised his head up really well and even gave me a smile. Got tired quite quickly but I am pleased to get a tummy-time breakthrough as previously it was Not Popular.

Lovely to read all the updates - it sounds like we will all be happy to reach the weaning stage and enjoy a little more sleep. DS has started waking hungry earlier than usual - at 4-5 rather than 6-7 (I realise this is great, but still a regression for us) and he is feeding far more enthusiastically than ever. His head is not yet completely steady all the time and he is just 16 weeks so not ready for weaning yet - but I still managed to enjoy spending some money on Amazon getting some trays and containers for his food (and a bib with a scoop to collect food).

Hope everyone has extra special long sleeps tonight - but feral especially smile

ssmile Sat 21-Jan-12 20:49:42

Ooh minkyj its my 40th next year can you do my birthday tea too sounds lovely. I too said I would love to go snowboarding again as not been since got pregnant with DD1 six years ago sad but said I'd prob have to settle for weekend at snowdome in Birmingham as don't think we can afford a trip for us all or to be honest that practical with two small kids. Even though I love watching the tiny kids whizzing down slopes on skis with their parents.

My DH had babe this morn for two hours whilst took DD1 to a play session, then again this arvo for an hour whilst I took her swimming. She been finding it hard I think adjustin to sharing mummy as she is constantly on LOOK AT ME behaviour and its driving me and my DH mental. She SO exhausting so I had hoped a few hrs alone with mummy would help but she was still a handful this afternoon. Anyone else struggling with sibling rivalry behaviour? She always been lively and bright but its just SO tiring when you're had yet another poor nights sleep. Babe was mostly awake 12-3 last night then unsettled after 6am, so I only slept 9-12 and 3-6. Fingers crossed for better tonight as off to theme park place tom!

Minkyjj Sun 22-Jan-12 13:44:45

Thanks guys grin amazing night out at very special restaurant with friends and family, lots of food, wine and giggles. Back home for karaoke on the ps3 and eventually got to bed at 2.30 - lo stayed up to party too! Feeling a bit fragile today but dh very happy with life so it's been worth all the effort. grin LO was really happy all evening so grandma happy to babysit again soon as he smiled all night at her and was very happy.

summerpixie Sun 22-Jan-12 14:45:41

Happy birthday mr minky. Glad you had a good night minky. Hope your mastitis has cleared up now. We have sing star on pa3 but my friends are always embarrassed about doing it grin my work colleagues love a bit of karaoke though.
I am admiring your weightloss and stamina ssmile and geekmum! I wish I was as motivated as you both.
I thought breast feeding and lack of sleep contributed to losing pregnancy weight! How wrong was I!(although cadburys might have a role in inability to lose some of it wink).
I've worked out that I have passed the half way mark of my maternity leave and the thought of returning to work makes me nauseous. However, I'll most prob enjoy going back and having some sort of routine. Geekmum do you know when the last day is for giving notice to return to work for may half term? I was also thinking back on all those on the antenatal threads and wondering how they're all doing.

On a side note, yesterday I found out what a bunch of b**ches some of the mumsnet posters are. No-one on this thread btw. I think I'll stick to this thread only from now on. You're all lovely (weepy eye emoticon).

Oh, dd has finally started to roll! It's funny watching her lift her legs and swing them over to push herself round. She's also very vocal but still to master how to bounce on the jumperoo!

Hope you're all well and the feeding frenzies have slowed down.

candr Sun 22-Jan-12 17:53:10

TP well done on tummy time, am lucky as DS really likes being on tummy or back so has developed good muscles and is starting to sit up now with a fair bit of toppling forwards.
Ssmile, well done you it is exhausting with just one baby, when I was a nanny I had 3 kids to look after (4y,2y,3m) and found having them nights as well really takes it out of you. Hope you get some sleep tonight.
MinkyJ, glad you had a good night, is handy having a grandparent to babysit though DS had bad colic last time MIL had him and spent most of time screaming. Must make sure she has a nicer time next time.
Summerpixie, what happened on other thread? hope you were not too upset. It is nice feeling that you have a safe thread with friends on to go to. My DS is getting more vocal too but mainly in the evening. I have all my photos as screen saver on lap top and he shouts at it when I am typing as he wants to see the pictures which is cute (if a bit annoying for me)we will be borrowing a jumparoo as he loves door bouncer but I have to sit there the whole time incase he bangs head on door frame.
He is still feeding a lot though but doesn't seem to be sleeping longer though putting him in crib is much easier with no tears most nights now.
Hopw you all had a good weekend and Jojo am keping fingers crossed you get good news.

Minkyjj Sun 22-Jan-12 23:15:38

Summerpixie - hope you are okay, sounds like someone has really upset you - ignore them, you know it's not you but their issues. Sending you a virtual huggrin. Night night everyone - hope you all get sone lovely refreshing zzzzzzzs

summerpixie Mon 23-Jan-12 03:55:24

Thanks minky & candr. Tbh I'm not upset by their comments. Just surprised that some b**ches find the need to post offensive unhelpful comments just because they feel the need to make themselves feel better. I thought mumsnet was about helping each other. It's all a virtual world and I don't know nor ever want to know any of them IRL anyway.
DD is currently refusing to sleep but is constantly rubbing her nose and chewing her finger through teething irritation. I was wondering if anybody used teething powders or calgel for their LO as powders didn't work for DS.
Ssmile how was Sunday with your DD1? Is she more about wanting your undivided attention than jealous of her little sis?

jojo1983 Mon 23-Jan-12 09:03:47

Just a quick post as on phone

Summer I've been using calgel for LO teeth as I worked in a nursery for 12 years before having LO I found that powders never really worked but each to there own.
Don't worry about the b*tches they ain't worth it wink

ssmile Mon 23-Jan-12 10:05:24

Hope your ok summerpixie sometimes it can be pretty brutal on here and not very supportive but I'd like to think that's the minority who have nothing better to do smile

My DD1 yes wants to be centre of attention a lot! But then again she had me to herself for 4.5yrs so partly to be expected. It's just hard when your all tired and she parrots everything I say to baby and more so, when prebaby she would happily play by herself for part of the day doing wonderful games pretending and is very capable of dressing herself etc but If I'm feeding or changing babe suddenly she needs lots of help hmm I'm sure with time it will balance out....I hope!

Fell of diet wagon abit yester so this morn have walked school 30mins, babe fell asleep on way back so got 20mins on bike and 10mins weights n abs done grin vpleased with myself just got to not eat too much and will have cancelled out the cakes from yester! Was at local theme park and it was cold that was my excuse for big chocolate brownie &crunchie bar.

feralgirl Mon 23-Jan-12 12:57:49

Yes Ssmile to sib rivalry. DS is being a little toad atm. He's fine when it's just me or DH 1:1 with him but as soon as DD is around he's a heller, for example this exchange yesterday:

DS: "Mummy, I'm going to hurt DD."
Me: "Oh no you're not!"
DS: "Yes I am," and then he headbutted her shock angry

We are at our wit's end with him tbh. I know he's just being 3 and testing the boundaries but it's very hard dealing with him atm as he's trying quite hard to play DH and I off against each other. It's especially difficult since whenever my mum and dad have him he is angelic!

Re teething, DS really liked the powders but I think that might have just been because they taste nice!

feralgirl Mon 23-Jan-12 14:05:59

Oh, DD has started lifting her hips up as well which is v exciting. She's sleeping with her legs tucked under her and her bum sticking up which is too cute for words and I found her the other day with her head, arms and feet on the floor and her arse wriggling about in the air grin

QueenRunningGeekMum Mon 23-Jan-12 16:46:16

Hi all

DS sleeping so hopefully will get a chance to catch up - but might leave mid post if he wakes!

Summer I read your thread - I think a lot of people misunderstood what you had said and then subsequently ignored any clarification you supplied, and others jumped on the bandwagon without reading everything. Fwiw phoning local police about truancy is great, as a teacher it really helps if truants are reported. Were you aware of any signage at the soft play area about supervision? As some places say you should have parental supervision at all times in order to sidestep responsibility for incidents like you have had.

Some people hide behind the anonymity on this site to be more forthright with their opinions, when in real life they would have asked more probing questions to make sure they understood properly. I'm glad that this thread is full of lovely people!

Also with return to work, I think it's a months notice officially whenever you decide to go back, but obviously for convenience schools would probably want to know by Easter holidays for going back after May half term. When I got my papers about maternity leave it had the date of return on there already, I only have to notify them if I decide to go back sooner.

Glad to not have to deal with the sibling rivalry! Feral I watch supernanny and she always deals with these issues so easily, I do think it's easier for an outsider to come in and 'fix it' as the kids behave differently to other people, just as your DS acts with his grandparents. Must be hard to be dealing with a baby and an older kid.

My LO chose to roll over from back to front today, unfortunately he was on the footstool so rolled off the side! Fortunately I was on that side anyway so he just kinda rolled into my hands smile

Had a nice time today at a local cake shop and then surestart centre, and walked a full hour in total so don't feel too guilty about the two cupcakes I ate!

sebs71 Mon 23-Jan-12 16:59:42

Wow missed lots... and haven't got long as LO is starting to fuss and needs cuddles!!

Haven't tried teething gel or powder but did get some gel on the weekend in preparation ... think she'll need it soon.

Ooh, sibling rivalry... don't envy you there. Lucky here in that LO's brother and sister are 12 and 10 so not really an issue! Although being quiet after LO is in her crib is a new concept to them and one they're not really picking up!! LO is also getting used to the noise though, so hopefully there'll be a happy medium soon!

Minky - glad you had a good Mr Minky birthday weekend, sounds great. My 40th was spent in Cyprus last year - but as I was around 21 weeks PG at the time, it was a "dry" one... so maybe I'll have a few for my 41st instead!!

Pixie - ooh, sorry about the others on the other threads. At least it's lovely and friendly here... so grateful for that.

Well, LO is getting better at napping in the day - but still averaging about half hour for her naps. (Has the occasional one for about an hour). Her sleeping is getting better at night - she's waking up earlier for a feed - about 11.30 now, and going till 8am till her next feed - but doesn't sleep right through. She fusses around 4.30ish, and then regularly after that! But on the whole, is getting better - and after a baby massage class last week she slept really well... so much try it again to see if that was the magic touch, or if she was just having a flukey good night.

She's now in her 3-6 month sleepsuits and vests... the others were just pulled far too tight!! They're a little big on the feet, but after a few washes I think they'll be fine! She's in a mix of 0-3 and 3-6 clothes otherwise.

Got a kind of jumperoo on the weekend - the tips of her toes just touch the floor but she still bounces a bit in it. It is a little big for her at the mo, but she seems to enjoy it ... for the 5 minutes she'll endure and then wants out!! But great start and nice that she has something she can play in an upright position. Wanted to get door bouncers but we have small doorways with no frames to grip them round so no good sad

Right, she really is fussing now, so best go.... hoping to have a quiet day at home tomorrow so can catch up properly

100years Mon 23-Jan-12 21:56:25

OMG, I haven't been here in about a week

Feral, sorry you are having sibling trouble with your LO, can't quite get over the "I'm going to hurt DD" comment!

I'm not weaning till 6 months, LO shows no interest in wanting anything other than my milk and even then she's not always that interested! But then she likes doing her thing now and if she's not fully hungry she won't bother, or she'll start and then fuss and play around and occasionally clamp down on me!

Jojo, I hope things work out OK for you.

Glad I'm not the only one who isn't interested in filling all the small gaps in silence when getting their hair done. I like a good natter most of the time, but I don't always like the 'have to talk' feeling I get sometimes with a hairdresser.

My LO is mad on her feet now, as soon as it's nappy change time she's playing with her feet, she had 4 toes in her mouth yesterday, makes for an interesting position and nappy change I tell you.

Well done to the Shredders and the runners amongst us, I've done very little, and I really ought to.

I hope those who still have the third set of jabs are OK with them.

Summerpixie, I'm glad you find this thread a comfort away from the b***ches on another thread. sad

Nice that we are having a few new rolling babies in the mix smile Shame you missed the first one ssmile.

Well I can't leave LO anywhere now, she's off, she's able to roll over and over and over again, and is off the mat we have, and she's also doing the same as Feral's LO by sticking her bum in the air, I reckon she's one step away from crawling, she's launching herself forward when on her tummy, by bringing her feet up and pushing off with them. She ended up on the laminate earlier on and it was quite funny just watching her move around on it. It's very lovely, but it's also bringing with it a new set of challenges in watching her. We also need to sort out the bottom shelf of the book cases as there are a few items on there that aren't books and so I need to ensure it's baby safe. Think we will do that in the next couple of weeks.

Have managed to get a date for LO's baptism smile Which will be good, got a first birthday party to go to and a christening before LO baptism, but it's nice to have things planned in the in between times.

I'm having odd nights, where sometimes we are getting a lot(it's all relative) of sleep and then other nights she's waking every couple of hours, then settling for a few hours. I'd quite like to go back to having a stint of 5 hours, then another stint of a couple of hours. Not slept for longer than a 3 hour stretch for a long while! And then when we went out for a curry last night the lad that was in charge (I say lad, he isn't very old) was going on about the fact that his 8 week old has a 7oz bottle and then sleeps through, he asked how often LO was waking I ummed and gave the best of recent times (I said 3) and he said "Oh dear, that's bad" or something like that. NICE, thanks!!!! I should really go to bed earlier, like when she goes down initially so I could get a stint of a few hours, I just can't bring myself to go to bed so early, but it might help! I don't feel like I'm doing too badly on it though. Not like the first few weeks of lots of long wakings, at least they are shorter now, or at least easier to settle and can put LO down part asleep, whereas I couldn't in the first few months.

SOOOOOOO I went shopping last week, part of it was my birthday present from my mum, she came with me and watch LO while I was trying clothes on, she also gave me some money, PIL gave me money at Christmas, and GP gave me money on my birthday. I ended up spending £350 on new clothes!!! £350 O M G but got a LOT of stuff, and have now bagged up all my maternity clothes (except I found a pair of trousers that were in a washing pile, so they will have to go in the next bagging up) and a load of clothes from before pregnancy that I wore throughout my pregnancy and were too big for me now. It's nice to have clothes that fit again smile I've kept them in case I get pg again before I lose too much weight as they will do me a pregnancy again. And it's nice to not be wearing 'fat clothes' I'm still big, but at least my clothes aren't all baggy and rubbish on me now smile

Anyway I'm going to go now.

Minkyjj Tue 24-Jan-12 01:08:48

Sorry for poor reply but on phone and not a brain cell left in sight in my head ! Sorry to hear your having such challenging times feral, don't envy you on sibling issues but keep positive and your eldest will give up trying to annoy when he realises it's not working - distraction is the name of the game and rewarding his good behaviour (even if it's only short term to begin with). I had to do alot of similar rewarding with ds1 with his speech problems and I was amazed at how quickly it worked when I really put my mind to it (easier said than done though when you are tired and fed up). Hope it gets better soon.
Thanks for everyone's concern over my mastitis. I have finally fully cleared my blocked milk duct (took 5 days for the milk spot to unplug) pain all gone now and feeding fine again (phew) and managed to do it without antibiotics - just expressing, feeding and massage and hot showers and baths. Thanks for all the support, I felt very lifted by you all grin
Lo very unlike himself for last 36 hours - very upset, unsettled and crying alot. Very little sleep last night. Today he seems to be coughing and I think he has a sore throat at times. Also dribbling and chewing like mad and has alot of wind too so whatever is happening it's causing him pain - hope I get more sleep tonight as I am shattered.
On the teething front, I used calgel with other dcs. I am going to buy a sophie the giraffe getting toy from mothercare - went today but sold out - very pricy but worth it and very popular. It's a bit like a rubber chicken but in giraffe form for those of you that dong know what I an talking about, been out for years in France and very popular.
Right, lo just fallen asleep so going to grab my chance while I can ! Night all.

QueenRunningGeekMum Tue 24-Jan-12 08:26:57

100 and Minky hope you both get better night's sleep tonight. My lo has just done 3 nights on the trot with only one wakeup so I'm hoping that's the end of the sleep regression bit... Guess the teething's next! Will be on the lookout for those giraffes - what's so great about them?

I can feel myself coming down with a cold sad

Going to go through some potential houses now to sort out some viewings! grin

ssmile Tue 24-Jan-12 11:43:32

100 wow gd on you buying some clothes hope it boosted morale. Interesting what you said on sleep. My Lo vsimilar the long stretch I was getting (5hrs at start of night) has regressed a lot. Last night was shit with 5 wake ups (every 2hrs) &feeds in 11hrs sad grrr Bloomin hope weaning helps this! She 22wks on Fri and I'm hoping to hang on till 24wks.....
minkyj glad ur boob feeling better hope Lo not getting a cold.
feralgirl oh dear with sibling rivalry at least my DD1 not hitting just flipping annoying at times but last night she was vgd as DH wasn't home she did all her school work no fuss and got herself out of bath, used toilet, and put her PJs on by herself whilst I put babe to bed. She got a long bedtime story as a reward smile I also made big fuss of her this morn as she "looked" after babe who was rolling all over the lounge floor whilst I brushed my teeth.

My exercising going well I'm really finding the Shred Dvd is making me feel stronger done Level1 7times now and it is getting easier! Plus being fitter is definitely helping with the lack of sleep at the moment. Gotta go Lo is grissling she not been herself today.

summerpixie Tue 24-Jan-12 12:35:14

I was wondering where you'd gone 100. Quite a bit jealous on your clothes shopping trip. I find when I go out I just get fed up with looking especially as shops, even mothercare, do not design their aisles for pushchairs. I think the past year has been a mix of primarni and online shopping.
I had DD weighed this morning and she has only gained 120g in 3 weeks. I was going to ask about weaning but the woman (who I thought was a hv) was a bit mardy when I said I think Dd is teething as she had been sucking/biting hands, nasty poo and rash, red hot rosy cheeks, less sleep more and feeding is sporadic. Her reply was: she's probably not teething and has just discovered her hands hmm. I just checked the red book and she has signed it with CNN next to her name so I'm guessing this is Something nursery nurse? She told me DD weight gain was fine confused I didn't think so myself 120g in 3 weeks and has fallen off the 50th without sickness? I really don't find the baby clinics here v helpful and I think there are only a handful of HV therefore most parents end up being seen by the NN. Totally do not blame the HV, though just lack of resources and suitably qualified HV in our PCT most probably. I noticed the lady next to me had a DD who was developmentally the same sort of age as DD so I asked her how old she was. 21 weeks exactly! Same as my DD,born on the same day at the same hospital except her DD is older than mine by about 3.5hours!
I'm v tempted to give a bit of rice or fruit to DD.

sarahseager Tue 24-Jan-12 13:42:01

Lots of catching up to do but just popping in to say I'm very impressed by all the exercise that seems to be going on! I don't know where you find the time! I'm relying on breastfeeding to keep the pounds off do now but I'm sure I'll have a big shock when I stop and can no longer eat endless biscuits! smile

Lo seems to be finding her voice a bit more now, sounds a bit like a dinosaur but it is lovely hearing her experimenting with new sounds. She's enjoying the door bouncer too, her legs are still too short for the jumperoo but the door bouncer at last gives me a chance to get some stuff done!

Anyway, she's just waking up now and is due for a feed. Hope you're all having lovely days despite the dismal weather!

100years Tue 24-Jan-12 15:10:48

Minky, glad your mastitis etc has cleared up now. Hope LO is OK. I've heard about those giraffe things, I haven't thought of getting one yet, but had a quick search for you, there are some on Amazon and some on Kiddicare, although the amazon ones have a few poor ratings, so not sure it's an original.

Thanks Geekmum, unfortunately last night was a night of frequent wakenings. She went down at 8:30 ish, woke at 11, 12, 1, 3, 5 and 7! I was bog eyed this morning. Never mind. I told OH I would be going to bed at the same time as her tonight, whether I do or not is another matter. Hope your cold comes to nothing and the house viewings are successful.

ssmile, thanks, it was nice. I have clothes ranging in sizes now, from a couple of 14 tops(!) to a size 20 fleecy jacket, the 18 was a big snug for a jacket, but good in a 20. Majority of them are 18s, hoping I can get to a 16 before I get pg again, but that means working at it. In fact I'd like to be a 14 really, but I'd just be happy with dropping a size for now. Interesting what you say about exercising helping with the lack of sleep, I do feel better when I've been doing stuff exercise wise, it's just that initial get up and do it that I struggle with at times.

pixie, yeah, I was just busy, then there were so many posts to catch up on I left it till I could catch up! I too get fed up shopping, I am a bit of an awkward shape, and usually when I have money to spend shopping I don't manage to get stuff, but I was successful last week smile I think CNN is Community Nursery Nurse. Sorry they weren't more helpful.

Sarah, I was only saying this yesterday about eating, at the moment I'm staying around the same weight, within half a stone all the time, which for me isn't really noticeable, as I am carrying a lot more, for someone of 10stone a half stone difference probably would be noticed, anyway I digress, I was saying yesterday, my weight is fairly stable, but when I stop BF I will have to look at what I am eating and drinking (lots of fruit juice) and think about cutting down on stuff as I'm sure when I stop BF I could possibly gain a bit of weight carrying on. I love the noises we get too.

Been swimming again this morning, she's properly reaching for the ducks we have in the pool, she has a proper look of concentration on her face which is very cute.

As I said last night was a big old wakey night. I'm hoping things settle down again soon.

feralgirl Tue 24-Jan-12 15:15:11

Pixie, I honestly wouldn't worry too much about the weight loss; DD has also dropped from 50th down to 25th this month and the HV said it would be because she's getting so much more 'exercise' by wriggling about. I was a bit hmm but we were told it's normal to have a bit of a drop around now which then gets piled back on in a month or two when they start on solids.

On the subject of wriggling, DD had hidden herself in the living room while I was making DS's lunch today. I had a moment of sheer panic before I located her between the chair and sofa, she must have wriggled - backwards - about six or seven feet shock Guess I'm going to have to re-baby-proof the living room!

Ssmile good on your DD for being such a big girl. Perhaps I could borrow her to show DS how it's done?!

100 smile for the new clothes, it's so nice to treat yourself. I am going to have to do the same as I am going into school next week to start doing some KIT days and all my old work clothes are well tatty.

V proud of myself for losing 4lbs this week shock I think I mostly have DD's voracious appetite to thank for it though; I reckon she's getting through way more than her regulation 500 calories!

100years Tue 24-Jan-12 15:23:33

feral, sounds like our LOs are very similar in movement around the place. She's caterpillaring herself around now! Thanks, it was very nice. Hope your KIT days go well. And well done on the weight loss. smile

sebs71 Tue 24-Jan-12 15:45:32

Well done everyone on your weight losses. I weighed myself last Thursday morning so waiting until then to weigh again.

And, very impressed with everyone's LOs with the rolling / wriggling to move around. My LO does love to move from her back to her side and manages to turn her self around a bit that way, but that's about it! She shows no interest in wanting to go from her side on to her front - I suppose I'd better do more "tummy time" with her but she hates it! Think she'll be a bottom shuffler!! (Apparently I was, never crawled just bounced on my bum! But I was a clicky hip girl and had 2 nappies so extra cushioning around the bum!)

100 - also jealous of your shopping spree. I'm deliberately not buying any clothes for myself - on the idea that I want to lose weight and will buy some in smaller sizes!! This may not work, but I really don't want to buy clothes at this size. However, it doesn't do much for self esteem as have bugger all to wear and seem to be in the same clothes all the time!!

And don't worry about what the curry man said - I expect his son will stop sleeping through when he also hits the 4 month stage. It's a fallacy that bottle fed babies sleep right through - mine certainly doesn't!!

But, have a goal to head for... wedding! Have started to make a bit of headroom - we've found the venue (it'll only be a small wedding of around 30 of us - civil ceremony and a meal only). But they are currently in the process of getting a wedding licence (mid Feb hopefully) and we can't book the registrar until then... so do we wait and hope to get the dates we want in June or book a registry office wedding and just hold the drinks and meal at the venue. I think I want to wait as the place is lovely and nicer than the registry office. Registrar did say there was room in June so waiting 3 weeks shouldn't be too bad... fingers crossed!!

OH and I are very laid back about it all... it's my friends pressing for a date!! (They're all far too organised, unlike me!)

Right, best go, LO started to cry for food... !

candr Tue 24-Jan-12 15:45:49

Having nice day so far, playgroup followed by lunch with mums there as we have just got to the point of knowing eachother well enough to swap numbers etc, did a kiddicare shop which turned up today and DS loves his walker, can't quite make it walk but he loves being upright and the toys stuck on it are great as he can't keep dropping them. Also got stair gatees as have lots of friends with toddlers that visit and a fold up booster seat that he sat really well in at lunch (4months old). He is now having good sleep as was really restless all night and wouldn't really settle - don't know why? Well done those loosing weight, really helps making myself go out with pram each day and the hours of pacing with crying baby seems to have helped. Don't think we are far of crawling here either though he seems to have given up on rolling - has not done it for a few weeks now.
Hope the sun comes out soon am bored of rain and pond is in danger of flooding, don't want to have to search the lawn for stray fish grin
Good luck with jabs and hope those of you feeling poorly shake it off quickly - did anyone esle not really get colds whilst pregnant?

sebs71 Tue 24-Jan-12 16:13:09

BTW... did you all see the news this morning? On Vitamin D and how pregnant women, breastfeeding women and children under 5 should all be having Vitamin D supplements. It suggested only 51% of health care professionals know about this and much less parents. I certainly didn't know and never took Vit. D supplements whilst pregnant. It did say that babies on formula feed actually get extra vit D as it's supplemented (the one time it's good to bottle feed?) but babies over 6 months to 5 years should have supplements of 400 units - Rickets is on the up apparently. And, some multi vitamin supplements only have 200 units of Vit D so not enough either.

So, as soon as I start weaning, I'm going to start LO on Vit. D supps...

Apparently the Chief Medical Officer is going to contact all GPs, Nurses and Midwives to educate and make sure this message is passed on...

QueenRunningGeekMum Tue 24-Jan-12 16:46:14

Glad my lo hasn't really worked out how to move around yet - less chance of me losing him!

Saw that thing about vit d. It's worth also knowing that your skin makes it when exposed to sunlight (a human form of photochemosynthesis) and can do so even with sun lotion on. I think rickets is on the rise because of parents (rightly) covering up los in the sunshine!

Just had a nice lunch out for a friend's 30th, I didn't know she was 30 as I thought she was younger than me blush so didn't get her much of a gift blush. To be fair it wasn't like a big party and she only invited us last week, so I didn't think it was a big deal. sad

Hope you all get good nights tonight (esp 100 - what a nightmare)

Off to look at kiddicare now...

tiddleypompom Tue 24-Jan-12 21:40:25

Writing from bed post-bath with camomile tea - I feel old but happy!

Sebs our DS isn't rolling yet either - though like your Dd can go onto side. Also dislikes being on tum - I am expecting a stationary boy till he gets on his feet! At least we can leave them on a rug whilst we pop to the loo! For now...

Vit D I tend to keep hood down on pram whilst doing daily walk - nice for him to look out but also in hope of beneficial daylight. Once again I find myself wishing for spring...

First swim tomorrow - am rather excited! Last time I went was 34 weeks preg and getting out was a shock after the weightlessness of the water!

Happy sleeps all - DS went through till 6.30 yesterday so hoping for more zzzzs tonight - he is a pudding which I guess helps the sleep grin)

100years Wed 25-Jan-12 11:08:18

sebs, I know what you mean about not buying clothes as you want to lose weight, but I figured while I'm at the in between where I am and where I want to be I don't want to be wearing clothes that are too big and therefore look awful on me, and I don't know how long it will take to get to where I want to be, and I was bored with all of the other clothes. Plus I had money to spend on clothes, so figured might as well do it now. In reality I think it will be a while before I drop a size, and I didn't want to be wearing the big clothes all that time. Yeah, I remembered someone else said about the teething phase, I'm just hoping mine settles down before that starts so at least I have some proper sleep, but if not, I'm at the kind of used to it stage now, and not feeling too bad day to day, it just hits some times. Great stuff about the wedding smile Woohoo, so how will you manage to whittle down your close friends and family with all us lot coming wink (I am joking) Around here they give us free vitamins and vitamin drops because it's deemed as a high risk area for poor Vit. D and the risks with it, so I will be given them soon, I've already got my vitamins they give out, usually it's low paid families, but around here the surestart lady said they give them to everyone who wants them.

candr, great about DS liking the walker smile kiddicare is a great place. I didn't get a cold when I was pg, I managed to stay away from them for just over 12 months and got one just before I got pg and then a few weeks ago, not bad going really. But then I was poorly with HG, so maybe my body just said that was enough for me to contend with.

Geekmum, last night was marginally better, 11, 2, 4, 6 (which lasted till 6:45) Don't worry about your friend, it sounds like she didn't want to make a big fuss of it being her 30th, some people don't and if she had have done you would have known it was her 30th birthday you were going out for I reckon.

Hope you have fun swimming today TP smile He's a lovely pudding though smile

Got a day at home today without OH working from home, so I'm not dressed yet smile LO has just gone down for her first nap of the day, they don't last that long, so I'm taking advantage of it. Got a new recipe to try for tea, baked chicken curry, I really need to check through the recipe to see what I need to do in case it's something that will take all afternoon, not something I want to happen, but I think it's not that much to do.

Minkyjj Wed 25-Jan-12 11:35:28

Ooh - so so sp tired. Lo was up every 30 mins to 1 hour last night wanting fed. Not sure if he is unwell, teething or just on growth spurt. dh is working round the clock so has been no help in lady fee evenings - all added to by fact he will be away for his weeks snowboarding in a week and a half. If he dares to suggest going out this week I am liable to start ww3 as I have had hardly any sleep in 4 days. Lo is 19 weeks today - I think some others on here mentioned a big feeding spurt at this stage so here is me hopingwink

100years Wed 25-Jan-12 11:46:31

Oh Minky, much as my LO isn't awake that much I do have an idea of how you are feeling. I hope your DH doesn't suggest it, or soon realises the 'error of his ways' without WW3 starting

ssmile Wed 25-Jan-12 12:33:49

minkyj oh big hugs that's shit sleep. Hope your DH can help out abit even if its take Lo out in buggy for an hour so you can get a nap. My DH had to regulary take DD1 out in the eve he would put her in the baby carrier walk the streets and have a swift pint in local standin in pub garden just so I could get 1-2hrs sleep before the night shift started as she was an equally poor sleeper. This Lo has been having some rough nights the last 3wks but last night was a "good" night up 11pm, 1am, 4-5, up at 7am. I just really hoping once we start weaning it will get better!

QueenRunningGeekMum Wed 25-Jan-12 18:37:02

Minky hope tonight is better, that sounds rubbish last night, it always seems so much worse when you're alone one way or another. Big hugs your way.

Sebs missed the bit about the wedding! How exciting! Do we at least get an invite to the hen party? wink only kidding!

Can I ask your views on tv watching? Good or bad for little ones?

QueenRunningGeekMum Wed 25-Jan-12 18:38:21

100 baked chicken curry? I'm doing chicken curry tomorrow, let me know how it goes...

100years Wed 25-Jan-12 18:50:53

ssmile, sounds like things are similar for us at the moment sleep wise!

Geekmum, TBH I don't put LO in front of the TV, but she likes looking at the TV when we have it on, she seems engrossed in University Challenge at times when we watch it! But I think it's that she likes seeing the shapes moving around and Uni challenge is what we have on! But I've not put her in front of it to amuse her, maybe half an hour/maybe more would be OK, but it's not something I want to get into doing yet. I have a friend and when her LOs were very small all they did to have entertainment was be put in front of the TV. I like chattering away and playing. She often peers up at the TV from the mat while she is playing if I'm watching something and she's rolling around, but for me I don't want to start using it as a form of entertainment - yet - this may change in time.

And the baked chicken curry - very very very very very yummy. Big thumbs up. I love cooking, it took a little while with the prep etc, but wasn't a 'difficult' meal to make.

100years Wed 25-Jan-12 19:21:04

Geekmum a quick Internet search and this is the curry recipe I made. The reviews on the page are saying they are going to add another chilli, but neither me or my OH suggested it for mine, even though it's 'mild' it's got heaps and heaps of favour that you don't need loads of spice in it. And my OH likes his curries v hot.

Minkyjj Wed 25-Jan-12 23:22:38

Thanks guys - you are wonderful x just very quick post to say how wonderful Sophie the giraffe is - lo loves her and chewing her like mad ! Friends all agree their Los loved Sophie too - expensive at £12 but worth it. Started lo on comfort milk tonight alongside bf - much as I love the closeness and easy of feeding him myself I am just spent ! Let's hope for sleep tonight as I am exhausted.
Very excited about our mnet thread wedding - out soon to buy my virtual hat wink. Night night lovelies grin

100years Thu 26-Jan-12 02:03:17

Oh great, I've taken her off because her latch was so poor it was hurting me, she seemed 'awake' with eyes open when trying to wind her. I've changed position and gone to re attach and she's now not interested and gone back to sleep. All in the space of 60seconds. So I'm awake with a sore nipple, she's asleep now with a very short feed. She'll no doubt wake up in an hour wanting more. Gah. Don't get me wrong, I love feeding her, and I know it's a phase but sad [criesalittle]

Fingers crossed I'm wrong and she sleeps till at least 7am

Hi folks I've missed loads will try and catch ip.

Fighting to feed ds he's got a temp sad calpol done but not so bothered about feeding.

Latest lovebeing news? I'm so over the screaming.

Hope you are all well x

Ssmile you night feeding is tge same as mine except the 11pm is around 9:30-10:30 whenever he has decided it's bed time. I just can't get him to go to bed earlier confused

100 - that baked curry looks fab gonna have to try it, wonder if it would work well in my slow cooker....

Oh and am now getting totally fed up of the biting [grr]

Surestart vits - glad they are giving them out, in my area they've not had much take up.

Tv with dd and dh thR around I only get to choose when it's just me and ds so no he doesn't get any choice right now. Although we've just finished the first season of Dexter and I did make sure he wasn't watching it blush

Just got Netflix sorted through tge wii, it's got a months free trial ATM

Also ds is enjoying another of his sisters hand-me-downs, a jumperoo grin

QueenRunningGeekMum Thu 26-Jan-12 08:25:55

100 hope you got some more sleep.

Loves I had to hide lo's eyes from True Blood, I won't watch it now that he's a bit more observant!

Just ordered a Sophie...

QueenRunningGeekMum Thu 26-Jan-12 08:28:46

Oh and 100 just did a quick look through the recipe - looks yummy, might have to adjust it slightly for the ingredients I have and do it in the slow cooker!

tiddleypompom Thu 26-Jan-12 10:31:56

Swimming was a success! Lovely big changing rooms with bassinets helped and kids pool v shallow with steps to sit on. After initial wide eyes he settled into it and the smiles came eventually. We were all shattered afterwards and cake was consumed at local cafe whilst the boys slept it off. Result!

Roofer working today so expecting interrupted naps - have decided to take a long walk to a friends house over lunch, hopefully DS will nap on the way.

Vit d in the news today - deficiency in babies that is. Come on sunshine so we can get those babies outdoors more!

Right, off to play!

ssmile Thu 26-Jan-12 11:34:59

Thanks for chicken curry recipe sounds nice going to buy some ingredients today to try out at wend.
Had tough day yest was hungry all day and tired not great combination for trying to stick to my diet. So went to bed at 8pm and was rewarded by getting 3whole hours of sleep before Lo woke up, but then she up 1,3,4-5.30,7.30 so very glad I banked some early sleep in. Was feeling bit glum this morn then weighed myself and lost 2lb this week and walking to school my new pants size 16 I bought yesterday fell down! grin made me very happy so with new energy did day 8 of Shred Dvd smile have vowed to take Lo swimming next wk to baby classes as she definitely needs more stimulation now and feeling guilty I'm not doing any where near as much as I did with first DD.

Off for walk in sunshine now to get my vitD

100years Thu 26-Jan-12 11:36:37

Loves, is DS better this morning? Let me know if the slow cooker thing works. I have little success with a slow cooker, things never taste seasoned enough in it and it ends up bland.

Geekmum, I did actually get some more sleep, she went from them till nearly 5am, then I woke at 7 to discover her on her tummy, very quietly breathing so I checked she was OK, then I couldn't get off again knowing she was on her tummy, she seemed fine though and slept till almost 9 like that! I wish I had relaxed about it. Again, if you do the slow cooker thing let me know too please.

TP that sounds great about the swimming, shame about the roofer.

Well I'm feeling a bit meh just now, think it was the middle of the night bad latch thing, my nipple really hurt and I ended up having a bit of a cry and wanting to wake OH up for a cuddle, but I didn't think he would have appreciated a snivelling person at 2am! I think that although the TT thing has helped, there are occasions now where if the latch is poor it hurts more than before because she can move her tongue more and therefore my nipple rubs more against the roof of her mouth, before she couldn't get it to do that as her tongue didn't stretch up as much so was more nipple hanging before, whereas now it's not in far enough and being pushed against her hard palate. Suppose I need to work on getting the latch right the whole time, which is hard when you are half asleep at 2am.

I feel like I need a big hug though today.

100years Thu 26-Jan-12 11:37:47

Oooh x post ssmile, enjoy your walk, and well done on the continued weight loss. smile