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December 2010 - 'I read the manual, she shouldn't be doing this just yet!'

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DuelingFanjo Mon 22-Aug-11 11:10:17

Tah-Dah! New thread, hope this is ok.

old thread here

So our babies are becoming more independent, saying more, eating more and bumping into stuff... Seems to have gone so quickly!

How are you all doing? How is it being back in work (some of you)? I have a month left before I go back and leaving Bob with my mum is getting harder rather than easier sad I want to spend more time with him not less, though I do understand that I have to let him go and get used to being with her. Not looking forward to the settling in at the nursery but hope by October it will all seem normal for both of us.

itypefast Mon 22-Aug-11 16:03:36

Hello girls, I've changed my name from stenogirl.

DF - it will be hard to go back to work at first but it's so lovely that Bob will be with his grandmother - a lovely and special bond.

My Hannah is so big now and really long! She's so curious and is always waving hello. Still only crawling backwards but she pulls herself up all the time. Lots of bumps on her head smile
We've had a shite few weeks with regards to sleeping. She used to sleep 7-7. Now, there's no rhyme nor reason to her routine. She's so overtired most days, I'm finding it quite difficult. No sign of any teeth yet. She's BF'ing less and less during the day but drinking loads at night. Topsy turvy!
Tried Ashton & Parsons teething powders last night and she only woke once - feel almost human today!

Hope you're all well and enjoying the sunshine.
We're off to Portugal tomorrow. Looking forward to no cooking/cleaning!

CJMommy Mon 22-Aug-11 22:33:56

Hello Ladies!!

I haven't posted for months but have lurked shamelessly!

Well, DD is 8 months this week; no teeth, commando crawling around the floor, desperately trying to stand and eats like a horse!

We are still bf but only just - down to one feed a day (morning) as back at work now and had no urge to be pumping at work. She has formula during the day from a bottle, although thinking of getting her to take this from a cup as she takes water from a cup with no problems.

Night time sleep improved significantly when we stopped co-sleeping and she went into her own room (about a month ago). Although she does wake some nights, I send DH in to settle her. Recently, I think her waking has been more linked to development more than anything else?

Napping in the day is a nightmare - 20 mins twice a day if we're lucky and she will only go to sleep if rocked........not sure how to tackle that one hmm

I've been back at work a few weeks, PT at the moment but will be FT by November - god knows how I'm going to manage that, life seems so hectic at the moment!?

Anyway, great new thread title! Promise I'll try to post more and sorry if I haven't referred to anyone specifically but I have been keeping up with you all! Unfortunately, by the time I've read the thread, I've forgotten who's done or said what!!

WhatWillSantaBring Tue 23-Aug-11 07:55:33

Another shameless lurker here. Like MrsS I tend to use my iphone to lurk and I takes ages to write anything, usually by the time I get halfway through, DD is wanting help again! This morning she is distracted by a Tupperware box so we're getting some extra time in bed.

Unlike a lot of the others she is pretty small still. Even though she's 8 months we're still in 3-6 month clothes (just) which is handy as I'm hanging out for the next NCT sales next month. She's just figuring out crawling (but hasn't got it yet) but all she ever wants to do is stand! Can be a real problem when I try to put her down as she tenses everything so I can't put her on her bum.

She's eating quite well but won't eat anything I make - ella's kitchen, plum and organix ready meals go down a storm though. I keep them for emergencies but as she refuses to eat most of the things I make, we resort to them most days. It's costing me a fortune!

We stopped BF a month ago and I'm ashamed to say that life is sooo much easier now, as I can give her a bottle anywhere rather than having to find somewhere to sit, whip my boob out and feed. Sadly (for me) there's been no sign of me losing weight now I stopped. The two stone I put on while breastfeeding are proving impossible to shift, and I'm getting really depressed about it.

Still, DD is wonderful- I can't get over just how much I love her. Some days I do feel overwhelmed by the drudgery of motherhood but then she smiles and it's all worth it again!

Waves to everyone. Sorry about your cat, Max.

CJMommy Tue 23-Aug-11 08:37:37

WWSanta I'm having trouble with weight too, in that it won't bloody shift! I lost most of what I had put on during pregnancy in the few weeks following DD's birth.......then went and gained a stone! I'm doing SW and have lost 8lbs so far but need to loose another stone to get to pre pregnancy weight. It's taken me over 2 months tp loose that and I've been sticking to the plan well sad. It is getting me down.

We're on 6-9 month clothes but everyone says how small she is confused. Although, still in plenty of 3-6 month stuff too - depends on the make I suppose?

kellestar Tue 23-Aug-11 19:35:13

DF thanks for the witty new thread!! Nice that your mum can look after Bob for you, discussed with DH and I won't be returning to work. But he hopes that I can start to take over some of his admin for him [runs a family business] would mean a small income but I can do the admin in the evenings/nap time.

itypefast Hope you have a lovely time in Portugal.

CJMommy Nap times were a pain, Bea was taking 5 20 minute naps a day. Now she has started to take a longer late morning nap, just before lunch of an hour or more. But then she will have a 30 minute nap at about 4ish, then bedtime at 7 and up at 7. She had a really niggly night last week and we think teeth may be coming soon.

WWSB I just put away all Bea's 0-3 and got 3-6 out a week or two ago. She's still so small, slim and tall, but full of energy.

We have proper hands and knees crawling and she can go very fast!! She's also started to cruise this week, we have a corner sofa and a fire guard around the fire place, so she can cruise in a U, back and forth. DH and I have to tuck our legs up onto the sofa or she'll whinge at us.

Weaning seems fine at the moment, we mix both jar and home cooked depending on what I have the time for. She had a lamb roast dinner on Saturday, eating off our plates. It was nice as Mil/Fil joined us and they were mostly amazed.

kellestar Wed 24-Aug-11 09:50:27

I forgot to say that I am finally getting some new hair growth, it's covering up the major bald patch, it's all curly and is adding loads of volume at the roots. Trying to find a hair dresser who understands and can advise how it should be cut. Still getting handfuls of hair from the lengthy stuff. I have a stone and a half to loose to be back to pre baby weight, could do with loosing more as was overweight in the first place, doing a hell of a lot more active stuff but doesn't seem to be shifting.

Chooster Thu 25-Aug-11 10:31:30

hi, another lurker here!! I also use my phone to keep up and then dont post, but am at PC while Jude sleeps.

Sorry you are feeling a little low about leaving Bob when you go back to work. What is your childcare setup? I can't remember is it full time? It will be so much easier once you are actually in the swing of it. When I went back (full time) after my first I was heartbroken before but after about a month we were all used to it and it wasn't so bad. I've had confirmation from work that I can go back 3 days!!! Wooo hoooo!!!! And my return date is now 9th January so not too bad. I'm really pleased as life with 3 is such a handful that working any more would have been so hard and stressful.

Good to see a new thread - well done DF!

Good to hear that the babies are all getting on well - sounds like we have some diddy little ones on here too! Jude is maybe slightly bigger than average I guess, not a whopper though. We've just cracked open the 9-12 month clothes - I can't believe how grown up he is getting! Crawling like mad and cruising and giving the most delicious smiles grin. But sleep in a NIGHTMARE!!!! Have posted on the sleep section and I finally last night tried to be a bit tougher and it was the best night in ages - he only woke twice and settled well both times. We've also almost finished bf, Jude just wasn't feeding during the day anymore and only at night, but I was becoming a human dummy and he was getting too much milk at night so I've cut that out. As a result we're down to one half hearted feed in the mornings.

We've got a busy busy time ahead as knocking wall down in our house and moving our kitchen -so lots of furniture moving, cleaning, painting and upheaval coming up... It'll all be worth it but messy few weeks smile.

maxpower Sat 27-Aug-11 21:08:40

thanks for starting the new thread DF. It's a stressful time leaving your LO to return to work and I'm sure all of us who've done it will understand your anxieties and reluctance. But IME, the reality goes much better then you think it will, so try not to worry too much.

itypefast enjoy Portugal

CJ hope the transition back to work is going well, it's nice you can build up back to FT. Oh and baby clothes sizes definitely vary by brand.

WWSB thanks for the sympathies. DD ws having a bit of trouble understanding what had happened to the cat and the chicken. She told my DM that the chicken was behind the tree (where she'd seen DH burying it) but the cat was in heaven - clearly we didn't do a great job covering that topic!

Re weight, I put on weight when pg and just can't seem to shift any of it. I feel so bloody tired (even though Matty's slept through for months) I just don't have the energy to exercise and when I'm tired, I eat more (I guess it's my body's way of compensating for the lack of sleep - it's got to get energy from somewhere). I'm hoping I'll feel more inspired and find a bit of time once DD is back at school.

great news about the hair kellestar

chooster glad you've got your new working hours sorted out. I'm planning on going back to the same as I was working before, but I've got a bit of a problem my end, as the main route between nursery & DD's school is supposed to be being closed for 18 months from October! This is going to cause me serious issues dropping off/picking up the children, and that's not even taking into account that I then have to get a train to and from work on top of that bit. I think I'm going to have to leave work early on the days I'm doing the school/nursery runs and then make up the hours another day. Not ideal.

Matty still loves his food. I got a fab cookbook when DD was small (I don't think it's available any more) and she loved the meals in it. I used it with her until she was about 3. Thankfully Matty seems to be the same. He's got 3 teeth through and a 4th on the way. He kto get on his hands and knees to rck backwards and forwards, but he loves standing up. He's just started walking around if you hold his hands. He uses his playpen for support, but he has started to let go and stand unsupported for a few seconds if he distracts himself with something in his hands.

We've been to stay with the ILs and had a lovely couple of days. It made a big change as DSIL and her brood weren't there, so it was just DH, DD, DS, me and the GPs.

Just before I go, DD had us in stitches this evening. She was on her way to bed and overheard someone on the telly referring to popcorn as 'cornpop' but in her excitement to tell us what she had heard, she told us that the person had said 'cornpop' instead of 'cockporn'. grin DH and I didn't do a good job of disguising our childish giggling wink

Chooster Sun 28-Aug-11 19:50:47

Ha!!!! Thats brilliant maxpower grin. Bless her!! Sounds like matty is going to head straight for walking and no messing about with this crawling nonsense smile.

maxpower Sun 28-Aug-11 22:39:17

I think so too chooster - taking after his big sis smile

MrsSnaplegs Wed 31-Aug-11 06:15:41

Morning all, thanks for the new thread DF. just a quick update from me as have to get ready for work in a minute sad

Hugh is still huge grin although his weight gain has slowed now he is mobile. He is in 12-18 month clothes mainly, tried to squeeze him into a 9-12 month vest last night and he looked like Jimmy Somerville in those tight white tee shirts he used to wear in the 80's

He has been fully mobile now for about 3-4 weeks, went from reverse crawling to full on crawling to cruising and now pushing his baby walker round. Has also managed to climb the first 5 steps of the stairs shock I think being bigger helps as he has so much muscle and strength to get around.

Eating well, moving away from puree onto a more normal diet just chopped small alongside what he can feed himself. He eats anything so quite happy there. 2 teeth at the front bottom with signs more on the way.

Sleeping is awful at present, used to go down really well with little fuss now has about 40 minutes of crying to settle and then is up twice in the night and taking a good 1/2-hour to go back down. That is the hardest with work and probably the best tip for those going back. Sort out night time sleeping otherwise you will be really tired. Part of the reason I am up now, he woke at 0430, got him back to sleep then realised I have cystitis so have been up since as can't sleep. Need to go and have a shower and get ready for work.

Have to go and see GP today as seem to have 2nd bout of mastitis even though I finished BF 5 months ago. Horrible oozing nipple (sorry TMI) - thought first time was just a blocked duct from stopping BF but now not sure so going to ask for an urgent referral to breast clinic - need to be sure it isn't something nasty.

DuelingFanjo Wed 31-Aug-11 23:38:27

hi all. I spent 3 fruitless hours trying to put up the stair-gate today but need wall plugs and a drill so going to wait until Bob isn't here and get DH to be all manly and do it for me.

Bob is now cruising and taking a great interest in the stairs. he's also crawling off out into the hall and into DH's 'office' (just the room DH has taken over with computer stuff and other crap) which is nice as it gives me a break and kind of makes it obvious to him (DH) how much attention he now needs.

He's bumping into things and faceplanting onto the floor a lot (Bob, not DH) so every day we have wailing and then comforting and then immediately after crawling off to discover more stuff. I am in the middle of a massive de-clutter so we have odd bits of furniture in unusual places and crates of stuff for the car-boot which is very interesting for Bob but proving to be a bit of a hazzard. Can't wait to get it all out.

Bob is now eating loads more, he like it best when I load up a spoon and hand it to him or when he can just pick up chunks of food and stuff his mouth. Not that it's helping with his sleep, he's a right boob monster at the moment. He's cut is first tooth and I think there's another one on the way so the sucking must be helping with the pain.

All visits to my mum have gone well and I have loved the break it gives me. I have recently been looking forward to going back to work as I feel like it will in some ways be a break for me! Not looking forward to the settling in period at the nursery but hoping it will pass quickly and we'll both be happy. It's only 19 days until I go back - I just can't believe it's so near.

MrsSnaplegs I have no idea how I will sort Bob's sleep out before I go back to work, he is still waking several times between 2am and 8. I definitely will have to start going to bed earlier so I can get some quality sleep in whe he has his first long sleep. Sorry to hear about the mastitis, it's not something I have been unlucky enough to have but I did have a really painful blocked duct the other day.

Chooster I will be going back full time but am lucky enough to have a place at the creche right on the work doorstep - I can even go over to breastfeed which I may well do. I hope to go down to 4 days a week but my DH has just got a new job and we want to see how that goes before I make any changes. Bob will be in creche for 4 days and with my mum for 1 though she has said she might take him for 2 if it goes ok.

Anyway - mammoth post all about me, sorry. Hope everyone is ok and all the babies are doing well. My sister had her 20 week scan this week, her baby is doing fine and I am so pleased for her as it's a much wanted bab y after 3 previous miscarriages. I hope now she will be able to enjoy being pregnant as it will all go so quickly now.

MrsSnaplegs Thu 01-Sep-11 06:35:05

Have an urgent appt at breast clinic on tuesdaysad

93pjb Thu 01-Sep-11 08:39:43

Much lurking here too!

MrsSL good to get it checked so soon but that must be very worrying. Fingers crossed it is nothing too serious.

I'm not back at work until nov and although I am mostly loving ml, I'm another one who will be secretly glad of the rest! Some days I get so fed up of having someone climbing up my leg all day...

Not getting much sleep here either. Why is it that when I mention it in RL it always feels like I am the only one with a baby waking at least 3-4 times night? It makes me feel a complete (overtired and overemotional) failure at times. Reading this thread makes me feel a lot more normal - thank you ladies!

chooster any chance of a link to your sleep thread as that sounds like what we are experiencing too?

Currently on "holiday" in Vienna which is gorgeous, beautiful weather and great for kids while dh is at a conference here. He keeps pointing out that he is "not on holiday" as though i'm having a very easy time of it looking after 2 kids on my own especially since he is home after we are all in bed! hmm. Anyway, conference is over today so he is holding the baby while I catch up on v important mumsnetting...

MrsSnaplegs Thu 01-Sep-11 16:15:07

93pjb - not sure to be impressed with speed of NHS for the referral or worried that they are seeing me so quickly!

another 0420 wake up call here - that's 4 days in a row at exactly the same time hmm who gave my son an alarm clock in his head and how do I reset it!

Renamed him Benny (Hill)last night as he has started to stick his tongue out of the side of his mouth (as if concentrating hard) but has also developed a weird jiggy hip thrusting dance that looks quite rude shock but is very funny!

KittyBump Fri 02-Sep-11 22:27:50

Hi everyone - great to catch up on all your news, I can't believe how quick the time goes!
Isabel is doing well, crawling like a demon and pulling herself up on anything that stays still. She has one tooth and is still not overly interested in food which is stressing me out a bit as I'm not sure what we'll do about milk when I return to work as she has always refused a bottle and doesn't really like a cup either.
CJ how did you go about stopping co sleeping? I think the time has come where I need to get izzy in her cot, and your mentioning that it improved your DDs sleep really pricked up my ears!
DF are you still co sleeping too?
MrsSL hope your appt goes well
Big wave to everyone else, very envy to those of you who have been brave enough to go abroad! We were planning to go away in sept but got burgled a fortnight ago so I don't feel like leaving the house now sad

DuelingFanjo Fri 02-Sep-11 22:58:00

Kitty, yes I am still co-sleeping, even though I have put the cot up. We have vague plans to sort out the spare room and move him into there but this all depends on DH and his snoring, we actually all get more sleep with the current set up. Miind you, I do wonder if I disturb Bob.

BIL gave DS some Dr Pepper today! I was livid, struck dumb infact. I thought his mouth was bleeding so asked what it was and BIL said 'I gave him a taste of Dr pepper". DH told him off and I went upstairs and cried. Maybe a bit PFB but I really don't like the idea of him having fizzy sugary drinks and definitely not at 8 months ffs!

CJMommy Fri 02-Sep-11 23:10:27

Kitty Well, to start with, I used to put DD in cot after early evening feed, around 7pm. When she woke around 10.30pm, she would then come into bed with us. Then, I started putting her down after 10.30pm feed and bringing her into bed when she woke around 2am.......that was the easy bit grin.

The hard bit was to then force myself to sit upright and feed her at 2am ish and then put her back down, when all I actually wanted to do was lie down in bed with her sad. It was a bit hit and miss really but eventually she got used to her cot more and more.

The final thing we did was move her into her own room at around 7 months. If she woke in the night, we agreed that DH would go into her and try to settle which has worked a treat...........she actually settles alot better for DH than for me now!

We only BF on a morning now as I'm back at work and she seems to be weaning herself off and seems less interested sad but am chuffed we've managed to carry on for so long.

CJMommy Fri 02-Sep-11 23:13:32

Forgot to add that the whole processe took around two months from co-sleeping to cot sleeping. We probably could've done it much faster but I didn't want to......it was only because my return to work was looming and couldn't have continued the way we were and functioned at work too!

KittyBump Mon 05-Sep-11 14:40:15

Thanks for the info DH is off work in a couple of weeks so I think imay try and move her then, fingers crossed! Xxxx

93pjb Tue 06-Sep-11 10:10:34

Good luck today MrsSL

MrsSnaplegs Tue 06-Sep-11 16:05:50

All clear at the clinic grin supposedly your ducts don't go back to normal until 12 months after stopping bfing and hence risk of continuing bouts of mastitis until next spring shock
Thanks for thinking of me, didn't tell anyone in rl except DH wink

maxpower Tue 06-Sep-11 19:54:40

hi all,

93pjb & DF I was really ready to go back to work after having DD and it all worked out fine - she loved nursery, I enjoyed being back in the company of adults and being at work was definitely less work than being at home wink

DF I'm [shocked] at your BIL giving Bob Dr Pepper - DD's never had a fizzy drink and she's 5!

that's good news MrsS hope that's a weight off your mind x

Matty crawled today - well he uses his right foot to propel himself but it's definitely more of a crawl than anything else! We visited his future nursery as well, and got loads of requests to visit agin with DD as they all remember her fondly.

Chooster Thu 08-Sep-11 21:27:25

Hi all! Been awol a few days a got a mad busy time at home. We're getting some building work done so most of our downstairs is a dust bowl and out of action so we only have a kitchen to do everything in. Oh well - it will be over soon!!

As for sleep, Jude is SO SO SO much better. For those of you on the verge of moving LO's into their own rooms, it was the best thing we did. I think I was disturbing Jude or maybe he could smell the milk, not sure, perhaps he just associated my bedroom / bed as a place to breast feed. So over the last couple of weeks we've been dropping breast feeding and I've introdcued a bottle once in the night. So now he'll go down at about 7.30 ish then have a bottle somewhere between 1 and 3 and then tends to wake at 6am. I've recently got DH to go in at 6 and he can normally get DS back off to sleep for about an hour. I did it this morning and he was not up for sleep at all!!! So back to DH tomorrow morning! But all in all a good move in the right direction. I'll try to cut the night bottle out at some point but at the moment things are just fine! Aside from that he's just an absolute joy! Loving crawling and cruising and finally a tiny tooth has poked through.

Mrs S - Great news from your appointment - very pleased its all nothing to worry about.

DF - Is Bob generally sleeping well for you? If so then I guess there is no rush to change things. Is DH in the spare room? My DH was in the spare room (now Jude's room) but now back in with me and to be honest he disturbs me as much as Jude ever did!

Wholelottalove Thu 08-Sep-11 22:09:50

Hi everyone, haven't been on for ages but DF's new thread prompted me to post.

Glad to hear everyone is getting on ok. We're fine - similar to everyone else with crawling and pulling up etc. William has developed a comedy crawl where he goes on hands and knees, flops forwards onto his belly and repeats. He looks like a little caterpillar, but it gets him around! He is doing great with food - has pretty much anything and everything other than nuts and honey now. He was chowing down a chilli wrap (I took his out before putting the chilli powder in!) tonight. He has three meals a day but still BF on demand a fair amount as well. He's pretty big - into 9-12 months but not as big as MrsS Hugh by the sounds of it!

He's got four teeth and two more nearly through which is a bit of an issue as he is biting a lot. He's bitten my boob a few times but seems to be learning not to do it as I say no firmly and take him off. He's now experimenting with biting generally - he bit my foot this evenig, just crawled over and took and chunk out of it and I had to leap across the room at a baby group to grab him the other day as he nearly bit another baby's bum. Anyone elses' LO's doing this?

As for sleeping, we're still co-sleeping but starting to try and get him in his cot a bit more. He sleeps ok in the evening but wants to feed a lot through the early hours. He's so similar to his sister at the same age. As soon as he is in his cot a bit more we'll think about moving him to another room and then I am expecting his sleep to get better! He is still a bottle refuser but drinks from a cup well so not too worried about going back to work next month.

Will try and post a bit more regularly and keep up with everyone smile

Esian Mon 12-Sep-11 23:44:38

Hi there, thought I'd better get my oar in on the new thread wink. Well done DF.

Francesca is still in our room at 8 and a half months - I can't see the point of moving her while she still wakes 2-3 times in the night. I'm also still bf, but starting to become a bit shyer at doing it around people (I know, I know grin)

She can sit up, bite (4 teeth shock) and cough on demand. I'm amazed at all the stories of crawling and pulling up, although my DD was slow to master these milestones so I'm not worried yet

Good luck to those going back to work! I'm off to read the sleep nightmares thread again grin

kellestar Tue 13-Sep-11 21:50:34

Hey all! Nice to see so many of you popping your heads back in the door! smile still all rolling along I see...

Bea did her first 'oh, my, i'm not holding onto anything... so, this is standing up, eh?' and then promptly sitting on her bum. smile made me smile so much, but hasn't done it since.

DH was home last week, on a staycation, but ended up still doing so much just from home. What's the point of paying a foreman fcuk loads of money if he can't manage a week on his own. So in dribs and drabs we finished a lot of DIY and I managed to find the veg I'd planted earlier this year smile

I had the haircut from hell last week and avoided t'internet in case I get on the AIBU when I know I'm not I just don't know how to complain. I went in to have my bob, bobbed and a fringe cut in as don't normally have them. Came out with short back and sides, my hair was shorter than DH's. To put the cherry on the proverbial cake. Bea did not recognise me, DH had to dash so was left with a baby that thought I was a stranger as she's used to all my hair. Both stood crying in car park/coffee shop/car home/home etc etc. A full 24 hours until she excepted it was me. Wouldn't even take boob! Was distraught to say the least. Have to get used to it now, cold neck and ears all the time.

Bea has reverted on the weaning thing. We were moving into the chunkier stuff, but won't open her chops for anything except the smoothest of purees or yog's. I'm thinking teething, but no sign of the blighters.

I have to meet with my manager to hand in my notice, but it's the busiest time of year with all the new students registering as we speak so he can't see me until November, but have to have notice in by 1st October after enforced early start to mat leave with SPD. Typical. And he'll be pissed if I just hand it in without speaking to him. Has anyone else given in their notice. DH already has me doing a ton of his admin work, can't wait until that's all official and I have some money coming in again.

Bea was weighed last wednesday and was 13lb 8oz, into 6-9 month sleepsuits as she's tall. I have no idea where she is getting this slim and tall gene from as DH is tall and chubby and I'm short and round.

Esian Tue 13-Sep-11 23:45:19

Kellestar your haircut sounds really traumatic, at least short hair is in at the moment, 2 friends of mine have gone for very short styles recently, and think of the time you'll save washing and drying it smile

I don't know what to suggest with your manager other than emailing him and saying you need to meet with him in the next couple of weeks. He can't refuse a direct request can he?

I haven't had Francesca weighed since she was 4 months blush, but I can see that she's a bit chunky healthy and is eating/drinking everything I put in front of her.

We're off to Longleat Safari tomorrow so I'm very excited, although there's a chance we'll never make it out of the Postman Pat Land part. I can see tantrums ahead and that's just me grin

kellestar Wed 14-Sep-11 14:09:38

Longleat is so fun, i like pets corner very much. It's about 30 minutes away from where I am. Used to take the neice and nephew quite a bit.

It's certainly low maintenance in terms of washing and drying!

Have a nice time!!

Wholelottalove Wed 14-Sep-11 23:07:13

kelle sorry about the dodgy haircut. I had a horrendous one before going back to work with DD a couple of years ago - was totally gutted! Luckily I managed to get it rescued at a different hairdressers. I didn't complain to the original ones either.

WRT weight, William was 20lb about 4 weeks ago when I last got him weighed. He also still likes to carried a lot - I've got the shoulders and arms of a shot-putter. Shame the rest of me is still flabby.

I'm back to work in less than a month and need to lose about a stone!

maxpower Thu 15-Sep-11 17:02:23

kellestar I sympathise re your hair - I had a hideous one done 3 weeks before my sister's wedding, so the whole thing was made worse by the fact that I knew it'd be captured in the photos for posterity! I'm getting mine cut tomorrow - fingers crossed it'll be ok. I can't believe Bea is only 13lb - she must be dinky smile Matty was 23lb+ a month ago shock . Weirdly both my DC's have always been big for their ages (DD turned 5 in July and is already in age 6/7 clothes shock ) but neither DH or I are tall.

Re your manager, I'd call/email him and tell him that you don't want to hand in your notice without talking to him first but if he can't find any time before 1st Oct that's what you'll have to do.

esian have a good break.

DF are you back at work yet or is it next week? good luck either way.

Matty's crawling all over the place so we're going through a baby proofing phase around the house. The hardest bit is trying to remind/persuade DD not to leave small things lying around where he can reach them. She's pretty good though and she's quite quick to alert us if he's going near something dangerous. Matty's had a cold this week (courtesy of DD's return to school) - he's been grinning away through a face full of snot bless him. He's so good tempered it's almost unbelievable.

DH and I are off to visit Buckingham Palace next week. Must buy a new hat grin

DuelingFanjo Thu 15-Sep-11 19:59:03

I had a dodgy haircut just before Bob was born but thankfully my 'back to work' cut has been ok and Bob still recognises me. It's really hard to complain to a hairdresser isn't it? I have only done it once and then had to endure a frosty half hour haircut while the haidresser attempted to rescue what she'd done.

I am back in work on Monday sad Bob had 2 hours settling in this morning and seems to have coped ok although he did look really upset when I left and tehn cried when I came to pick him up. He was doing a really sad panting thing for ages. He's back there for an hour and then starts next week properly though I am doing half days to ease myself in. I am trying to cope by telling myself that this was wat I always intended and it will all be ok once we've got used to it but all the threads and news stories about sahms vs childcare don't help, infact I feel like I am doing something really horrible. Eventually I do want to drop a day or two but my DH has just got a new job and he needs to see how that goes before I make any big decisions.

Esian, bob is still in with me too - in my bed! although I did put the cot up hoping to move him into it before he started at nursery but it's just not happened. He still wakes me almost hourly after 2am and so I just cope with it the best I can. Not sure how this will pan out when I am back in work. He is not a self-settler but both my mum and the nursery have managed to get him to go to sleep by himself so here's hoping they can keep that up.

wholelottalove DH and I have been working hard to get the spare room sorted with vague ideas of it being Bob's room. We put up a wardrobe today which DH then sat Bob in who promptly fell out shock sad he seems ok, it wasn't far but just showed DH how easy it is for there to be an accident!

Thanks for all the sympathy about the DR Pepper, BIL is back from his holidays now so we will probably see him around. One of my NCT buddies assumed I must have been talking about a teenager but he's 33 so should know better!

I have decluttered my wardrobe in preparation for work - managed to get rid of 8 bags of clothes already which just shows how much crap I was holding onto. However I have just spent £50 of my first return to work pay packet on new things for work so am sure it won't take long to build up the collection again wink - I am impressed though that I can now fit all my clothes into one wardrobe and one drawer!

wave to everyone - I find it hard to post these days but may get more chance once I am back in work wink

MrsSnaplegs Thu 15-Sep-11 22:15:41

DF don't worry about the Childcare DD was in FT nursery from 11 weeks and she really did love it, she was loved and looked after and became a well socialized little girl who was 6 yesterdaygrin
Also remember 10 months is when separation anxiety tends to hit so it may make the transition slightly more challenging but Bob will get used to it quite quicklysmile children are resilient and he is a loved and wanted child who has a loving supportive family. He WILL be alright honestly. The only reason DH is now SAHP is cost of Childcare for 2 otherwise he would be working as well. Have confidence in yourself, enjoy your time with him and save being tired for when he is in bedwink
The smiles and love I get from Hugh when I get in from work make it all worthwhilegrin

maxpower Fri 16-Sep-11 19:59:09

DF ditto to what MrsS said really. DD cried at the start of all her settling sessions and for the first 2 days she went but after that she loved it - she used to run off and play when I arrived to pick her up! I can honestly say I don't think it did her a moment of harm and in fact, it probably offered her far more creative opportunities than she'd have had if she'd been at home with me (due to the drag of having to tidy up!). Hope Bob's ok after his fall.

MrsS happy belated birthday to your DD.

Survived my haircut & I'm really pleased with it. Had a different hairdresser as mine is on mat leave - turned out we went to the same primary school so we had a good reminisce (sp?).

CJMommy Fri 16-Sep-11 21:59:06

DF - just more reassurance on offer here. DS (3) started nursery at 8 months and DD started at the beginning of this month (8 months). DS has always loved it and DD has settled in beautifully (thank god emoticon!). There are days when she will cry and it always makes me sad but overall she does really seem to enjoy it. Like max, they get more opportunities than if they were home with me (I am not the most creative bod in the world) and as MrsS says, the smiles when you pick them up are priceless; it doesn't mean that they have had a crap day, just that you are still the centre of their world and love you more than anything (that's how I think of it anyway grin grin )

CJMommy Fri 16-Sep-11 22:00:11

oh, and I am off for a haircut with new hairdresser tomorrow - it could all go soooooo wrong! wink

DuelingFanjo Sun 18-Sep-11 21:42:13

Thank you all for the reassurance. Seems Bob's start in the nursery may be slightly delayed, as will my return to work. When I picked him up from his settling in on Friday he was really not himself and had a runny nose. I had woken up that day with a really sore throat so I think he has what i have. He's been really distressed, feeding loads and so on all weekend so I have contacted my boss and arranged to start on Tuesday if he is better. I feel awful too as I have the runny nose etc and had hardly any sleep last night plus I am quite disappointed that I won't make it into work tomorrow and really hope my boss doesn't think I am just pulling a sickie. It's all extra stress I could do without.

The worst thing was I thought at first that he must hate nursery so much and that was why he was being so clingy. I'm quite relieved that he is just ill and that going into nursery probably wasn't the reason he changed so much over the weekend.

kellestar Mon 19-Sep-11 21:20:52

Poor you DF hope you and bob get through it soon. I came down with a sore throat Friday but it seemed to be just a day thing, a little sniffly on Saturday but it passed. Bea seemed to escape without a worry.

A friend went back to work last week, her daughters in the campus nursery, which is lovely, she was really upset that DD was enjoying herself so much and wasn't fussed about being left. She was really tearful when I saw her on the weekend.

I had a bit of a wibble today when MiL said Bea doesn't seem to be growing and should I go and see a specialist. Worried me as she's normally been so supportive of the fact she's bottom line for weight. Her hair is growing like mad and it makes her look even smaller with all the curls around her face. I know she's alright and all good, but when someone you trust says something you can't help but question yourself.

Still adjusting to my hair, glad your hair cut was good Max and hope your's goes well CJ

DuelingFanjo Mon 19-Sep-11 22:03:43

Sorry, me again. I am using this thread for all my woes at the moment but it's the only place I can really. Bob woke up for a feed at 2am this morning, I put him back down and not long after he choked and projectile vomited. As he's never been a sicky baby it really freaked me out. He was then sick on both my shoulders. After waking DH, checking he was ok, cleaning it all up and changing the bedding he went back to sleep and was fine for the rest of the night. All today he's been really active but still had a runny nose. I fed him tonight after his bath and he projectile vomited all over me again...

I called NHS direct and they think it is just his cold and the runny nose causing him to vomit if he lies on his back too long or straight after a feed. I feel really bad though as one of the questions they asked was has he had a fall or hit his head. I told them just the usual bumps from crawling then about him falling from the wardrobe last week. At the time he really was ok, upset but ok, no big bumps and not sick or distressed which is why we didn't take him to A&E but now I am worrying that the NHS direct people think we have caused some injury because 'he fell out of a wardrobe' sounds so awful sad

I know the vomiting is linked to the cold we've both had and he's so chirpy and active otherwise that I really don't think the fall (or any of the other bumps he's had) have caused it. I just feel awful though, like they think I have been neglectful.

I can't stop worrying about it.

My boss has been lovely and told me not to worry about not coming back. She has 3 sons so knows how going into the Creche can cause sickness. I feel so under-prepared though, I just didn't imagine it being like this. I thought I would just go back when I said I would and everything would work itself out.


Kellestar, hope you feel better about MIL's comment soon. Some babies are just small aren't they.

Esian Wed 21-Sep-11 00:20:30

Df - just to reassure you- Francesca has a cough and cold at the moment and has been sick quite a bit. I took her to the dr who said that babies this age can't get rid of the mucus and phlegm and so it 'pools' inside until they're sick or cough it up. sad
We have raised the head of her cot on books, and put olbas oil drops nearby and this does seem to help.

I hope you and lo feel better soon! Try not to get stressed, you're definitely doing the right thing postponing work.

MrsSnaplegs Wed 21-Sep-11 11:28:47

Sounds like we are all in the same boat -Hugh has been full of cold this week, awake all of Sun night and ended up in with me and DH to try and settle him, mon night I was up 6 times with him after midnight and last night it was a bit better and only up twice after midnight. We put a small dot of Olbas oil on his cot matrress (normally down the bottom near his feet) this means he has it in "the air" but not on him. Seems to help clear his nose but is not too harsh.

Kellestar I wouldn't worry about your MIL comments - just ignore them - I spent 3 years with "D"M suggesting DD had Cystic Fibrosis because she would cough every now and then - drove me batty but had to learn to ignore it.

Good news at work, finally I have been given a permanent medical grading with my CFS so no risk of being medically retired which was a big concern for me.

DH and I disagreeing a little on "discipline" with Hugh - obviously DH is SAHP so he does everything during the day and is objecting to me "swanning in" and changing the ground rules when I get home from work - mainly because I am a lot more relaxed about getting Hugh to eat, don't mind a bit of faffing and find it quite funny when he blows his food back out as if blowing a raspberry blush but then I don't have to do it all day so I can understand what he means - must support him more! I can just imagine if I posted that on AIBU with no indication of my sex everyone would assume I was a bloke criticising his wife grin

Right I am supposed to be working but really can't be bothered better go grin

93pjb Wed 21-Sep-11 13:28:57

Hello, we are having a quiet day at home after an awful few days. I will catch up with everyone's news another day but felt I should warn you about what we've been going through...

M is cruising and on Sunday pulled a very hot cup of coffee over himself that had been stupidly left on a table he could reach. It was an accident but it could have easily been avoided. He has partial thickness burns to his chin and most of his chest. We were visiting family at the time so ended up in the burns unit at Salisbury hospital for a couple of nights and got out last night. Happily he should be fine and as long as he has had some painkillers he is is usual happy self but it has been horrendous.

So glad I did a first aid course when dd was little so we were able to do the right thing - straight under the cold tap. We were able to take his clothes off then wrapped him in cling film and rushed to a&e with a cold compress on him.

kellestar Wed 21-Sep-11 14:52:58

pjb oh my gosh!!! What a worry. Hope M is recovering alright, poor little chap. Hope your nerves aren't too frayed.

It's my biggest worry with Bea, the family are big tea/coffee drinkers, but I am not. I do nag them about hot drinks about now she crawls/pulls up/cruises.

MrsSnaplegs Wed 21-Sep-11 15:28:05

93pjb oh my goodness that is awful for you - hope M is ok, aloe vera gel is very good at reducing scarring on burns when the skin has started to heal - either buy some from the health food shop or get an actual plant to keep in the house, split the leaf and squeeze the gel out from inside, sticky but fab.

DuelingFanjo Wed 21-Sep-11 17:02:27

Oh pjp so sorry to hear this and hope M makes a full recovery.

maxpower Wed 21-Sep-11 19:50:16

93pjb sorry to hear about M's accident. It can happen so easily. The other night Matty pulled a full glass of wine off a side table - thankfully it was only wine so no harm done, but it was a timely reminder of the need to keep hot drinks well out of reach from now on. Hopefully M'll make a speedy recovery and well done on the first aid.

DF sorry your return to work hasn't gone to plan and hopefully Bob is on the mend. Ditto to the suggestions of olbas oil and propping up the head end of his cot. You can get the GP to prescribe him some nasal drops which can help breakdown mucus. I remember having them with DD a few times when she was a baby.

talking of returning to work, I've just worked out that my first day back is the last day of the spring half term - I'm wondering how a request to take that day off as a/l might go down wink

mrsS good news on the medical grading.

DH & I went to visit Buckingham Palace today. It was beautiful. They had Catherine's dress, shoes, tiara and earrings on display as well as replicas of her bouquet and wedding cake. Will be going back next year with DD as they'll have some new displays to commemorate the diamond jubilee.

I'm going out with my colleagues from work on Friday night. It'll be nice to catch up with them especially outside of work, but I'm a bit worried that they'll be shop talk about cuts and redundancies etc etc. I know that might be the reality, but I don't really want to get all stressed about work before I go back iyswim.

93pjb Sat 24-Sep-11 07:50:33

Thank you for your kind thoughts. He should be fine eventually but it will take a while. He has lost all of the skin on his chest and has a wound under his chin. It's his chin that is bothering him as it can't be dressed. Blood-stained babygros are never good look...

Wholelottalove Sat 24-Sep-11 22:28:46

93pjb that sounds awful, how horrible for you all. Like Max said, it is so easily done. I hope he recovers soon.

DF sorry your start back to work hasn't gone to plan. Hope Bob is on the mend and you can both get settled in. I'm back to work in another week and am feeling a bit anxious, even though I've done it before once!

kelle sorry your MIL's comments have upset you. I used to get the opposite - endless 'are you sure you're not overfeeding him' comments as he's high up the charts. I ended up ignoring as I knew he was fine.

MrsS I laugh when William blows his food everywhere. Although I am generally the one scraping it all back off. He chucked his spoon on the floor the other day and as I bent down to get it slimed me with some mashed potato in my hair.

Max hope you had a good night out.

William has had a couple of falls this week. He hit his head hard against the wall a couple of days ago - it was awful, really horrible bang. He also has a new party trick of waving which is really sweet and he seems very pleased with himself. His little grins are almost making up for the fact his sleep is shocking at the moment, although to be fair he has a cough/cold and has also cut two more teeth in the last 10 days - he's got six now and he is STILL biting. We've been telling him no firmly, but he seems to think that is amusing, so now I am trying to move him away and ignore in the hope no reaction will make it all seem less fun.

I'm having a wobble about going back to work. I didn't think I'd feel like this but I really just don't want to leave him. Feel really sad. I can't believe the time has gone so fast. sad

maxpower Wed 28-Sep-11 09:08:04

WLL I think Matty is trying to set a record for how many times he can fall over and bang his head on the floor. All our floors downstairs are concrete so there's no give in them either. It seems he always does it just out of my reach so I get to witness it but can't stop it happening.

When I was on ML with DD, I pretty much couldn't wait to get back to work. This time round, I feel quite different and I think I'll have a bit of a struggle, even though I'm extremely lucky as I don't have to go back until next Feb. I'm reassuring myself with the fact that it all worked out well with DD so I'm sure it'll be ok once I get back into the swing of working.

I had a good time on Friday night and there was no negative work comments. It was nice to see everyone.

Having avoided the back to school cold that DD, Matty and DH had a week ago, I've caught some other germ. Typical. We have nice weather and I'm going to see Lee Evans tomorrow night so I get ill angry. Still, at least DH is home today and tomorrow so he can do all the running around and I can just laze in bed.

Matty is really desperate to walk. He's taken to crawling but using his right foot to propel himself forward, so essentially he's walking on his right foot but crawling with all the other limbs. It is funny to watch! He's also got 2 more teeth coming through at the front, but thankfully, he doesn't seem too bothered by them.

Hope you're all enjoying the weather.

93pjb Thu 29-Sep-11 14:21:30

Hi all, hope you are enjoying the sunshine!

Things are getting better here, M has had 2 pain-free nights which is a huge relief. He's still waking a lot for milk which he probably needs for healing (but I bet he decides to keep up the habit after he's well again). Bandages came off today which means he can have a bath tonight which he will love. He's now just got plasters on the deepest bits which haven't healed yet. There is a scar management team at the hospital who we'll see soon but thanks for the Aloe Vera tip mrssl.

Hope the weather holds until the weekend for those at work!

Wholelottalove Sat 01-Oct-11 21:44:14

Max hope you had fun at Lee Evans!

Glad M is healing well 93pjb and he is enjoying having the bandages off and getting in the bath.

Quick question to everyone - can you tell me what solids your little ones are eating and roughly how much and how much milk they are having (etierh quantity of FF or number roughly of BF). Am panicking about return to work Monday as we still can't get any milk into William other than via the boob and although his solids are ok, his cup drinking seems to be going downhill. Am getting a bit worried he's going to starve!

MrsSnaplegs Sat 01-Oct-11 21:53:39

Hugh has
A weetabix made with warm water and a splash of milk for breakfast
4oz before morning nap
Lunch either a bowl of pureed veg or some pasta and sauce or stew followed by yoghurt and either a banana or a couple of those organic biscotti biscuits
4oz milk mid afternoon
Dinner either 2 rusks mashed with warm water or whatever his sister is having for tea - tonight scrambled eggs, toast and smoked salmon, tomorrow will be roast beef dinner
Bed time 8oz milk
Over night varies sometimes no extra milk sometimes up to 8 oz
He also has water and milk to hand during the day
Has a beaker but prefers a bottle still
Looking at it like that he does eat loadsblush however hasn't gained more than a couple of ounces past 2 months as he is now mobile ( not quite walking independently) and climbing stairs
He only has one nap in the am and is on the go the rest of the time
Up at 0630 bed by 1830
Hope that helpsgrin

DuelingFanjo Sat 01-Oct-11 22:53:54

Bob has mostly breastmilk. We are lucky if we get 3 or 4 spoonfulls of food into him at each meal, though he does shove a lot of fruit, veg, ricecakes etc in.

I give him porridge and yoghurt at breakfast, something from a jar with lots of fruit/veg at lunchtime and the same at dinner.

In nursery he has a bit of toast, some veg etc but only small quantities. I feed him on demand and at nursery I send over 3 oz of expressed milk then breastfeed him at about 2pm when I go over.

maxpower Mon 03-Oct-11 21:06:34

93pjb glad M's improving

WLL it took a ridiculous amount of time to get there - we only live 25mins drive from the 02 but because of inexplicable traffic, it took almost 1.5hrs! However, Lee Evans was fab (as he always is) and he said he'd had a special request to do his Bohemian Rhapsody mime so he treated us to that at the end of the show.

Matty's average food day is:
210ml of milk
1 weetabix with whole milk and sometimes a slice of buttered toast
homemade baby food - either just veg, meat and veg, fish and veg or pasta (I store them in 100ml pots and he normally cleans the bowl) or occasionally finger sandwiches follwed by yoghurt or pureed fruit
some raisins or such like mid-afternoon
210ml of milk
homemade baby food - same as before followed by rice pudding or pureed fruit or a rusk with warm milk
210ml of milk before bed

DF how's work going?

Unfortunately my work have realised they overpaid me a few months back and told me today they will be claiming it back in 2 hits Jan and Feb.

I'm very impressed with myself as I've started my xmas shopping - extremely unlike me to be this organised.

kellestar Mon 03-Oct-11 21:35:09

Bea has been a little bit off her food this week and wanting everything cold and preferably things she can gum. It's been exhausting with the heat and she's had a bit of nappy rash. This all led me (slightly excitedly) to the conclusion she must be getting her first tooth... but still no sign and she's back to normalish with her food.

She has boob in bed, then toast/croissant with nutella or butter and yoghurt and some fresh fruit (whatever is in the fridge - bananas, strawberries and blueberries were still on offer this week) I give it to her as whole as possible.

She then has a mid morning snack of a rice cake and boob.

Lunch and Tea are similar, often veg/meat/pasta/rice combo. We've moved to slightly chunkier things, but still cooked 'til soft. Mainly eating our leftovers from dinner and a few pouches or jars for variety. My cooking isn't the best and she's getting more adventurous with taste. She's had a mild thai green curry and morrocan lamb and couscous. Dessert is either biscotti/rusk/yoghurt/custard and fruit.

Afternoon snack of fruit/rice cake/biscotti and boob.

8oz bottle at 10pm which she guzzles back quite happily, pushed it to 9oz and she'd leave that last ounce, so 8's her limit.

She has cooled boiled water, going through 6-8oz a day in the warmth, but normally about 4oz. Offered with her meals.

We have been referred to a consultant as she's still following the bottom line and I'm fed up of the HV going on and on at me to keep force feeding her, feeding her butter as a snack and changing to a special formula to help weight gain. I hope that they are going to say that she's just small and that's that and the HV can jog on.

DuelingFanjo Tue 04-Oct-11 20:55:16

Hey all,

so glad to hear M is getting better 93pjb, I have taken heed of your warning and try to be really careful about hot drinks now.

Work is OK. I like being back but it's very slow and that makes coping with being away from Bob harder. I work in an environment where technology changes has meant my role has changed and people use our services less so on Friday me and my work mate were fighting over enquiries. I will need more to do if I am going to feel happy to be back and have Bob in childcare so much.

He is slowly settling into the nursery but it has been hard. After the few hours settling in he got ill so I was off for an extra week then he had to start all over again. I am sure he is happy while he is there but I go to pick him up with my heart in my mouth as most times as soon as he sees me he gets really upset, cries and holds his arms out for me. I then feel like the worst mum in the world and worry that he hates me and has had a terrible day. On Monday he cried so much once he was in his car seat that I had to stop twice on the way home sad he's also started feeding like crazy, particularly in the evening and first thing in the morning. I do go over to feed him at lunchtime if he is in the nursery for a whole day but even that is upsetting as he is so pleased to see me but then gets upset when I go.

I know it will get better, everyone says so, but it's so hard sad plus DH doesn't get any of the guilt or the upset because I am the only one dropping him off and picking him up.

Chooster Wed 05-Oct-11 12:01:23

Oh gosh, poor M 93pjb... That can so easily happen but is a good lesson in extra care for us all. Hope he's doing better and is enjoying having the bandages off.

DF - how is nursery this week? I can totally sympathise with the drop off anxiety and the tears on pick up. My Ds1 was like that even though I knew he was happy when there because I had watched him once when he didn't know and he was happy as anything. I'm afraid to say it went on for ages but he really was OK. And at 7, there are no bad knock on effects - he's a confident happy boy. I think when he sees you he feels such a surge of emotion that it just comes out in tears because he cant deal with it all yet. Hope work gets better - I can't remember what you do? Was it something in a library?

Food wise jude has -

Brekkie - 8oz bottle plus cereal / toast

Lunch - Food pouch and some fruit / breadsticks / raisins etc

8oz milk for snack

Dinner - the same dinner as the rest of us if possible

8oz milk before bed

8oz millk in the night

He seems happy enough but doesn't tend to eat much breaskfast which I think its because of the night time milk - but he likes the milk and i dont mind getting up so wont rush to change.

Jude also has his first tooth!!!! not bad for 10 months grin he still has very little hair. My pals girl who was born at the same time has loads of hair and loads of teeth but is not crawling or rolling over yet. So I think Jude is just concentrating on the movement things rather than the cosmetic stuff wink.

Had a wonderful weekend last weekend as I took my 2 big DS's on a overnight trip to visit my friend and we did legoland and a farm and it was just wonderful. Jude stayed at home with my DH and they had a good time too. First time I was away from Jude and I missed him like mad but it was a brilliant baby free weekend with my 2 big babies grin. I'm definately going to do it again as they got so much out of having a bit more attention.

Hope all going well - our building work and new kitchen almost done !!!!! Phew - its been tricky with all the dirt and dust but almost there smile - well worth it...

DuelingFanjo Wed 05-Oct-11 12:31:55

Hey Chooster, I work in a library for a well known broadcaster so we provide stuff to programme makers.

Bob went to nursery on Monday but was really really upset, I had tuesday off and now he should be at my mum's house but I have a sore throat and he's off-colour too so I called in sick which I hate doing. I really don't want him to be missing days in nursery (or at my mums) as I don't think it helps his settling in.

My DH can't wait to go to lego land grin glad you had a fab time.

LaVitaBellissima Mon 10-Oct-11 13:26:39

Hi everyone, saw the new thread and thought I'd pop in, i'll try and keep up again!

93pjb so sorry to hear about M but glad he's getting better.

Struggling here with early wakings anytime from 4.30am and they are up for the day sad mostly it's 5.30am though I try not to feed them though (still BF) until closer to 6am though in the hope that it will encourage them to sleep longer. DP thinks we should put them to bed later, but by 7pm I'm so ready for them to be in bed and from what I've read a later bedtime won't make any difference. Any advice anyone?

WLL I do BF 6am ish
Breakfast 8am, I rotate between 1.5 weetabix with a whole mashed banana & cows milk (between the 2 of them, 1 bowl, 1 spoon), readybrek with either grated apple or fruit puree in it, & sometimes Toast with philadelphia, strips of omelette and pieces of avocado and they feed themselves.
9.30am/10am depending in how early they woke up I do another BF before they nap (30 mins to 1.5 hours depending on the day)
12pm lunch mostly home cooked favourite is small pasta with cauliflower cheese puree, both ok with fairly lumpy food now. Then some fruit or a yogurt
nap in afternoon (30 mins to 1.5 hours depending on the day)
3pm I've now dropped the BF as I want to stop at some point and thought I'd do it a feed at a time, but they will take literally 50ml of formula, so i've been giving them a banana. They have water from a doidy cup and I use that but it's difficult with 2 for milk so I bought Nuk learner beakers that after 2 weeks they are just getting the hang of, so stick with it.
5pm dinner meat, veg etc both good eaters and often a jar of rice pudding etc.
then bath, story, and BF bed at 7pm.
Often hear a cry at 2.30am but they go back to sleep within 5-10 mins, so I don't go in.
I just need to fix the early waking and drop a feed every few weeks as I started to feel like I've had enough of BF.

maxpower Tue 11-Oct-11 12:35:52

Hi All,

DF if it's any consolation, Bob might be very teary becasue he's tired by the end of the day. He doesn't hate you for leaving him in nursery - you mean the world to him and you said yourself, he's thrilled to see you. If you're worried, speak to the nursery staff who I am sure will be able to reassure you about how he is when you aren't there. I remember having what felt like nothing to do when I first went back to work after having DD - they'd employed an extra person so we had the same amount of work but spread amongst 3 of us instead of 2. It did take time to adjust but things settled down.

Lavita I sympathise on the sleep front. DD slept really well as a baby but has got worse as she gets older. Last Thursday, she was awake at 4.15am - I had to go in and tell her to do whatever it was she was doing quietly as it was still the middle of the night! IME making bedtime later doesn't have the desired effect - they still wake up at the same time, but are just grumpy and tired. You could try limiting the length of their naps during the day to see if that wears them out.

So what do your LO's like to play with - Matty's favourite toy at the mo is a wooden spoon.

93pjb Wed 12-Oct-11 20:11:18

df sounds a lot like a response to separation anxiety to me. Both of mine have been like that - fine when I'm not there but distraught at the sight of me. I think it was just them realising they'd been without me and getting upset at the idea more than anything else. I'd say go easy on yourself but I bet you'll soon find something else to feel guilty about, I know I do!

M is completely healed now but not a pretty sight. It should be his swimming lesson tomorrow but I can't quite face exposing him to public view yet, maybe next week... He doesn't look that bad but the rest of him is completely perfect so it really jars iyswim.

Saw the dietician today at last about his dairy allergy and now have a formula prescription so hopefully I can swap 2 daytime feeds to ff and avoid expressing once I'm back at work next month.

Sleep is a lot better. I think he was just not feeding enough in the day because he was too distracted and feeding all night to make up. I have started to timetable feeds and plan a quiet location etc. At home dd stays downstairs with the tv and I feed upstairs with the blinds shut. It really seems to be working, we've gone from 3-4 wakings on the best nights to a dream feed at 10pm and 1 waking at 4.30am. Really hope it lasts so I can avoid leaving him to cry as I am just not able to do it!

Toywise anything that moves or makes a noise. Opening doors on a play kitchen can keep him occupied for a looooong time! Spoons are popular here too especially with a pot to bang.

Eek, sorry for v long post.

smellsofsick Wed 12-Oct-11 22:57:16

Hello I found you! Just marking my spot really. Night!

MrsSnaplegs Thu 13-Oct-11 06:43:39

Morning all just popping on quick before o get ready for worksad
DF Hugh is the same with separation and he is home with DH all day - still reacts when I come and go as if he is heartbroken. 10 months is when separation anxiety hits so I wouldn't worry too much.

Just wanted to come and say

Hugh took his first steps on his own yesterdaygrin way too soon but he's been really mobile and mastered the stairs a few weeks ago. Sorry but I was really excited as he did it when I was homegringrin

Better go as he is shouting in his cotwink

93pjb Fri 14-Oct-11 21:25:44

Congratulations and well done Hugh. You are definitely entitled to a proud mummy moment MrsSL!

maxpower Sun 16-Oct-11 22:31:54

Well done Hugh, what a clever boy! Matty has started standing on his own and has climbed up the bottom stair, so I'm hoping his first steps aren't too far away.

We had a child-free night last night grin . My DSis had my DD and our nephew overnight and my DM&D offered to take Matty so that we could have a real night off. I have to say, the highlight was not being woken up at silly o'clock. DH and I went to the cinema and got a takeaway from a local Turkish restaurant that was absolutely delicious.

93pjb glad to hear M is healed up. I'm not sure if I've said on our threads before but I have a very obvious birthmark that gets a lot of unwanted attention. But as someone who's lived with something so visually different, I'd say do your best to get on with things as normally as you can. My DM&D have always behaved as if my birthmark wasn't there and as a result, I grew up being pretty much oblivious to it. I became more aware of it when I got older, but the fact that nothing was made of it when I was small meant I've never felt disadvantaged by it. In M's case, I'm sure he'll have more treatment carried out to minimise the scarring so imho it would be a shame to hold him back from stuff in the meantime. Hope I'm not overstepping the mark here and I certainly don't mean to suggest I know how you feel, because I don't. But I do have an idea of what it feels like from M's perspective iyswim.

Matty and I visited friends on Weds. His friend is only 10 days older than him and it was lovely watching them 'playing' together while my friend and I caught up. She's already back at work and filled me in on some of the goss. Turns out the person we appointed to cover my mat leave has gone and got another job within the trust so my team are going to be left short until I go back. At elast I'll be extra appreciated when I return grin

Have a good week.

kellestar Mon 17-Oct-11 19:38:44

MrsSL that's really exciting!! Bea did three steps a week or two ago and it's spooked her, she's more content cruising around the room, hanging onto the fireguard. She's started to stand on her own and can gracefully [more so than me] return to a sitting position.

93pjb glas to hear M is getting better, you won't notice it soon. DSis had an awful dog bite as a baby and has scars all over her face, we just don't see it now and it doesn't hold her back from her very active social life [whoever he may be!] There are some really good products on the market to help with scar healing and flexibility.

max I love watching Bea interact with other babies.

I handed in my notice finally, my boss was almost in tears and admitted that they've really missed me and value me more than they ever thought possible, glowed a little bit. Have added my name to the 'bank' list of help as a temp here and there. He was very pleased when I said that as I know they have hell with temps. MiL is quite happy to mind Bea, but not too regularly. smile I'm being really tight with money, only a few presents from me and Rob this year, but she won't notice as everyone else will spoil her rotten and she has so much stuff already.

Her favourite toy is my old mobile phone with the battery removed or the metal measuring spoons. Stuff the expensive toys DM&D buy her!

93pjb Tue 18-Oct-11 21:00:45

M took his first steps this afternoon. This should enable him to pursue his new toilet diving hobby with even more vigour.... I am very proud really but also quite scared!

kelle that's really great feedback from work - what a nice note to end on

df thank you for sharing that, it's a really useful perspective to add. It's mainly my guilt at having failed to protect him that makes me feel wary about putting us in a situation where I have to explain to people who know he didn't always look like that what has happened. But you are absolutely right, I shouldn't stop him doing stuff he loves. Hopefully, he won't have any longterm scarring but I need to be careful about messages I am giving him and his sister in the meantime.

Is anyone noticing much speech from their little ones? I think m says hiya (mostly to strangers on the bus), dada (daddy) and lala (big sister, Charlotte). Sadly no attempt at mama as far as I can see hmm

LaVitaBellissima Thu 20-Oct-11 21:09:41

Quick question for those of you still bf'd or finished recently, when and how do you plan on stopping?

I've dropped the afternoon feed and offer formula and a banana as they don't drink much. Still doing a wake up BF feed approx 5.30am aarrgh <wishes it was 7am> one at 9.30am before their nap and bedtime 7pm. I use a Nuk teated beaker but they seem to bite it more than suckle, do you think I should buy normal bottles? I get confused because I've read you should stop bottle at 1 year but no one seems to do this confused

DuelingFanjo Thu 20-Oct-11 22:22:20

I am going to think about stopping at a year and see how I go. Considering the fact that I intended putting DS into his own room at 6 months yet he is still in bed with me I imagine I might keep going with the breastfeeding for longer though I think him now being in Nursery could mean that I give up day feeding soon.

I would keep going with a beaker/sippy cup. Bob hasn't had a bottle since he was a newborn and will happily take feeds in teh day from a cup.

I also have a quick question. Carpet burns... anyone have babies with them? I picked Bob up from nursery earlier in the week and he had a red mark on his nose which got worse over the next day. Looks like a carpet burn but as we don't have carpets in the house it could only have happened in nursery. I just wonder how easy it would be for a baby to burn their nose on the carpet by just falling? No one in nursery mentioned a fall.

I'm so late arriving on this thread.

LaVitaBellissima - am still bf'ing, to be honest DS has been gradually cutting down over the last few months, so was going to see if the trend continues. I'm not planning on trying to wean him off just yet. He has morning and bedtime feeds, usually two inbetween, and sometimes one in the night, i.e. 4-5 over 24 hours. I am persevering with a cup, but know what you mean about the biting. I think of using a bottle as a kind of 'regression' and I don't want him to get used to one at this stage.

DuelingFanjo - my DS has had carpet burn on his knees from crawling, however it has faded within a few hours. He would have had to fall and... skid on the carpet to get it on his nose. Sounds more like a bruise-type mark if it got worse the next day, possibly from falling and hitting on something else? Sorry if this sounds ignorant but what kind of info do the nursery give you? My DS falls over quite a bit at home - do they have to note it all down?

DuelingFanjo Sat 22-Oct-11 22:13:22

I have had ine accident form, when bob slipped and it is head on a toy which was fixed to the wall. They just wrote it down and put a cross on the part of the body he hit. Maybe because it was his head it needed to be reported so I could keep an eye on him. Bob did fall off a step into the kitchen this week so maybe that's wat it was, though a scab formed and then fell off today so who knows.

Bob just won't eat a thing at the moment, he is all over my boobs but won't let me feed him solids and just squishes everything I let him hold. I wonder if it's a phase.

OnlyWantsOne Thu 27-Oct-11 15:03:19

Ruby just took 3 steps on her own.

Oh god!!!

Hope the rest of you and your babies are all well smile

MrsSnaplegs Thu 27-Oct-11 16:25:57

OWO fantastic grin it's great to see them moving about isn't it!
Had to get new shoes for huge this week he'd gone up a whole size in 4 weeks!
Third tooth about to make an appearance herewink

maxpower Fri 28-Oct-11 19:02:11

93pjb glad I could offer some light from a different pov. WRT explaining yourself, I can honestly say that most parents wouldn't think you'd been lax in 'letting' it happen. Accidents are just that and most people will just be thankful it hadn't happened to their LOs. Oh and well done M on your first steps!

OWO well done Ruby!

df IME you get an accident report for pretty much everything, it's not purely because it involved his head. Hope he's ok now.

lavita your girls must be coming up for 1 now aren't they?

Matty's really steady on his feet but won't even attempt a step. I think we'll be cruising here for a good while longer.

Chooster Mon 31-Oct-11 11:02:45

Hi ladies and babies!!

Maxpower - Jude is the same, he can stand on his own, cruise around but doesnt seem to want to walk alone just yet. I hope soon as he get quite cross when he's been in his buggy too long which makes day trips with the bigger boys a little trying, or he ends up filthy from crawling around on muddy grass!

Well done to all the walkers!! I love it once they are on their feet and a bit more mobile. We had a taste of it yesterday out in our garden (sunny yeah!!!!!) with the big ones playing away and Jude cruising around with his baby walker. We still only have 2 teeth tho!!!!

Lavita - You could always give the more traditional bottles a try... I personally wouldn't worry about introducing them now. I understand what cocopops says about it seeming like a regression, but if it works for now then why not. If you want to stop bf you need to do whatever works to get enough milk in them. I've always been quite slow to stop things that are working so my boys didnt stop having a bottle of milk at night until they were 2 or maybe even 3. It was good for them and they liked it and it wasnt doing any harm so why worry about it? Regardless of when babies grow out of things everyone is at the same point by the time they are 4 or so.

DF - Is Bob better at nursery now? Shame about his nose - Yes, I think he could have done that on a carpet, particularly if it was quite a rough carpet which they tend to be at nursery. Jude has had a similar one on his chin hmm.

DuelingFanjo Mon 31-Oct-11 11:08:39

Hey all, great to hear about babies on the move.

Bob is standing confidently on his own and cruising but still no steps. When do I need to get him shoes?

He has 4 teeth and another two on the way, is very snotty all the time!

Chooster, he's completely settled now, goes in without a wimper most days and although he's happy to see me at 5.30 he doesn't cry now. He's stopped eating though! The nursery used to be able to give him stuff on a spoon and I would do a bit of that and a bit of BLW but now he refuses everything and just nibbles a bit of finger food. Hopefully it's just a stage he's going through. I am still breastfeedng so I leave milk with the nursery and go over at lunchtime to do a feed. He's ok with that but I would like him to take food a bit more seriously!

maxpower Mon 31-Oct-11 16:43:58

lavita I agree with chooster re bottles. I let DD carry on with a bottle at night time 'til she was at least 2. (I told the HV I'd stopped at 1yo though wink )

DF glad Bob's settled at nursery. I expect the food think is just a phase. If he's snotty through teething he might be finding it difficult to eat and breathe or he might have lost his appetite. FWIW I didn't bother getting shoes for DD until she was really walking and would be walking outside the home.

I'm thinking about applying for a new job. I'm not sure if it'd mean I'd have to go back to work a bit earlier than I intended (hopefully not!) if I got the job. I was angry with DH as when I mentioned it to him, he said it was a bit of a step backwards. It's more a sideways move but he's basing his comments entirely on money as, although it's the same pay band, I'd actully earn a bit less as I wouldn't be entitled to the London weighting which I get now. The big bonus for me if I got this job would be that I could drive to work and make all the childcare drop offs and pick ups so much less stressful for me. I pointed out to DH that money isn't everything as he bloody well knows and that this would make my life easier. But apparantly it's more important to him that I don't drop any income. What frustrates me is that I supported him when he made a drastic career change that meant his money was virtually cut in half.

He probably only said it because he's just been told that the final part of his training that he was supposed to start in Feb has been postponed by a rumoured 5 months and they've not confirmed new start dates for the training yet, even though they've confirmed that all their contracts are being extended to allow for the training to be completed. But still, for once I'd like to see him react to me the way I would to him. I'm always supportive of him and even when I think his plans or ideas are rubbish, I respond sensitively. He did take a massive step backwards in terms of his career when he changed jobs but I knew we had enough income to manage and I just wanted him to be happy. Seems the same rules don't apply for me. Grrrrr

Chooster Mon 31-Oct-11 21:25:42

Grrrrr!!!! Double standards are really annoying maxpower! I can totally appreciate why you're pissed off. It sounds like its a great move and anything that makes life less stressful is definately worth it. After all, if you get too stressed and find the child care arrangements too hard then you may end up feeling like doing something more drastic... Good luck with it!

Speaking of work I got a call today that my department is back on at risk of redundancy. For the second time in my mat leave I need to apply for the remaining jobs again. The only thing I can add since I last did it in november is a picture of Jude! wink.

DuelingFanjo Sat 05-Nov-11 12:00:51

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

DuelingFanjo Tue 08-Nov-11 10:50:11

Hey there all,

Sorry to hear your DH is being negative about the job max, hopefully he will be more supportive when he thinks about it a bit more.

chooster sorry to hear about the redundancy threat. We are having to make cuts where I work but no idea if my job is threatened. If anything it will be technology that gets me as I could easily be replaced by some wizzy new computer system.

I'm having a hell of a week and just trying to get through it by working and playing with Bob when I can. He's really settled now, I dropped him off in the Creche and he smiled this morning. I have 2 half days and a whole day off this week so plan to do lots of stuff with him, though I prefer to stay away from the house because DH is off work so he can play call of duty, which is a yearly thing and I do prefer it this way as he can get it all out of his sytem in one go ...but... now we have a baby it is a bit stressful being left to deal with him all on my own.

It will pass though.

I do feel a bit like I want to just get into my car and drive for miles and get away for a while but with a baby it's just impossible isn't it. This is my life now grin

kellestar Wed 16-Nov-11 20:22:54

max did you decide to go for the job in the end. A few times DH has wibbled about jobs I have applied for and it's so annoying when it makes sense in the long run, yes a little bit less in the pay packet, but it's all those little things that cost money as well, fuel, train costs and also the fact that you will be on hand much quicker than you used to be. Sometimes they blurt out their thoughts before processing it.

DF Glad to hear Bob is settling in now, I saw your biscuit thread and thoroughly agree that it's the point that they should ask if he's allowed them first. Bea will go for anyone with a biscuit at the moment. I thank my DH for that bad habit. When you are used to the daily support having it not there is a PITA, also annoying if it's his time out rather than yours. Like I say to DH it's not the fact that I want to go out on my own, but rather it would be nice to be offered a few hours quiet time at home to mooch about in my jammies, read my book and drink a hot cup of coffee.

Are you all busy planning their first birthday parties? We've gone with the low key family option of tea and cake in the afternoon.

We have her appointment in a weeks time at the Paediatrician about her weight. She's been a bugger the last two weeks and is refusing any form of solids [except the odd bit of banana] and mainly back on the boob or bottle. And she likes to nibble and look about and possibly have a play and then get back on task. It's too cold to have my norks out on tap and she really cries when I put them away. Hopefully her teeth will be through soon, only one at the moment, but they all seem to be pushing away now.

kellestar Thu 17-Nov-11 13:49:52

Thinking of renaming Bea to Manuel, she has now added Que? to her words. She has been Que?ing everyone at messy play and it was making me laugh grin

maxpower Mon 21-Nov-11 19:58:56

kellestar I went for the job - wish me luck as I have an interview on Thursday! lol at Manuel grin DH has just had a new set of rotas sent round which look much better than the one's he's done for the last 18mo or so and will mean I'll be able to be a bit more flexible with my working arrangements should I be lucky enough to get the job. I'm a bit worried that having been away from the office for so long I'll have forgotten how to sound like I know what I'm doing!

DF we visited my DSis yesterday and she started feeding Matty salt and vinegar crisps. Had to intervene and point out that they are covered in salt (obviously you wouldn't guess that from the name of the flavour angry hmm )

drum roll please....Matty took his first steps yesterday! I really thought he'd have been walking months ago, but he saved it 'til now.

Matty is so strong and dexterous. He keeps opening the stair gate unless you lock it (it's designed to 'catch' even without locking it but he's worked out how to open it if it's only on the latch so to speak) so we keep finding him halfway up the stairs. He pulls the guards we have up around the TV & fire & other odd pieces of furniture out of the way. He opens and empties every cupboard in the kitchen. He opens every drawer he can reach in every bedroom and empties the contents. He climbs up on his brick trolley so he can reach higher to pull things off of the table (like DD's lunch the other day....). It makes tidying up an even more thankless task than normal! Last night I went up to check on him and discovered he'd got out of his grobag and was sleeping on top of it.

DD got a Millie doll from ELC a few years ago and it sits in a highchair in her bedroom. This evening, she turned it on (it coos and gurgles and giggles) Matty stood next to it absolutely enthralled. He was shouting 'Ba' at it (presumably baby) and putting his finger in its mouth (which he does with me a lot at the mo). It was funny to watch.

My SIL had her baby on Thursday smile . A little girl to go with her twin boys. We're off to visit them all tomorrow after school. She's my first niece (I have 4 nephews) and I'm really looking forward to meeting her.

kellestar Wed 23-Nov-11 20:25:13

good luck for tomorrow max and congratulations on your new shiny neice.

Paediatricians went well today, such a relief, it's been keeping me up at night worrying about her. She does have an umbilical hernia which the HV was telling us was rubbish, but they can't do anything about it, but we should keep an eye on it in case it ruptures, it should improve now that she is taking independant steps. Her weight is fine, weighed in at 6.8kg which is 15lbs which is spot on for her centile. Advised not to stop BF'ing, not to add extra butter into her food and she's completely fine. Just so relieved. DH came with us and so glad he was as he asked alot of questions I forgot about.

She's been buzzing all afternoon and so confident about taking her first steps, she just kamikaze dashes at you from whatever she was holding onto, you have to catch her before she crashes into something or plants her face in the floor. I just cannot believe how quickly she's learning.

DH has tomorrow of as well, he's planned on going to messy play with her to allow me some time alone. Problem is I'm planning all these tidying/cleaning things that I can't get done with her underfoot. Crocheting or Knitting is my only relaxation and I'd feel lazy wasting two hours doing that, I can easily pick up projects once she's asleep.

maxpower Thu 24-Nov-11 18:28:28

thanks kellestar - glad things went well at the paediatricians

I had the interview this afternoon and they rang this evening to offer me the job! Looks like there'll need to be a bit of negotiation around start date and working pattern, but they sounded very accommodating so fingers crossed it'll all get sorted out. Only downside is that I'll have tog o back to working 5 days a week, but I guess I'll just have to put up with that.

kellestar Thu 24-Nov-11 21:05:37

max well done thanks wine are appropriate. It'll be worth it to do the pick up/drop off's and be home at a reasonable hour. The money will work out in the end as well. Great that they contacted you so quickly too.

maxpower Mon 28-Nov-11 13:55:57

Thanks kellestar . I was suprised to hear from them so quickly! DH was really pleased and is determined to do his bit to make it all work. He will be doing a Mon-Fri course for 12 weeks starting in October so I'm hoping I'll have wowed them enough by then that they'll let me drop one day a week so that we can cover childcare wink

kellestar Mon 28-Nov-11 21:17:14

Glad to hear he has come around max

DH put his back out on Saturday, doing nothing at all! I've really missed his help, I didn't notice all the little things he does, but it does feel like I'm looking after two baby's.

Bea has started to screech over everything and is really testingmy patience. Ir's a really grating shriek too. I am sure she threw an actual tantrum this afternoon, do not know what about but proper on floir lying down and crying, going gloopy in my arms, kickibg legs about. Let her be for a minute or two and she was back to her normal chirpy self.

So who is one first? lavita would that be your lovely girls?? Going to go and look at the stats thread!!

maxpower Sat 17-Dec-11 12:35:49

kellestar hope your DH's back is better

I can't believe how quiet this thread has been when all our LO's are having birthdays now!

Really annoyed with myself as I drove into another mum's car in the car park when dropping DD off at school this week. I 'fessed up to her and today she told me it's going to cost £150 to respray her bumper. Grr. I've never driven into another car before and I'm just so angry with myself. My car's scrtached and dented as well. angry

Have been out doing some panic buying for Christmas today as I discovered that Matty had a 1/3 of the number of presents that DD had. I'm also holding out on some stuff being delivered before Christmas which I hate.

We're having a little birthday tea on Monday for Matty. Can't believe it's a year already. Happy Birthday to all the other LO's on this thread!

kellestar Tue 20-Dec-11 19:36:52

max I'd recommend getting a second quote on that damage, had this once, I am sure they were mates with the garage and were charging unrealistically, but DH paid up before I raised it. My scratch wiped off with a baby wipe, there's would have too, I am sure of it.

I've done most of my christmas shopping now, though I was in a charity shop today and bought Bea a huge box of wooden cars, 50 in fact with some trees and houses etc for a tenner. She has lots of odds and ends I've bought, mostly second hand bits but in vgc. eBay and charity shops are my friend.

We had a birthday tea and cake for Bea on sunday, we invited our families and they all came, we couldn't fit them all in our tiny house, or find them somewhere to park along the lane. But it was lovely to see everyone and Bea coped very well with opening presents with everyone. She gave everyone big wet kisses on the lips and admits to adding a bit of tongue here and there. She is so lovely and I really can't believe where the time has gone.

I watched some video we had taken on the camera over the last year and it's really been lovely. Wish we had taken more, so I've been using some pinterest inspiration and now have a reminder on my fridge [and ipod] to take more video and some themes over the next 12 months, things like first words, favourite toys, first steps etc. I like the idea of a challenge like that, might inspire me to get on with it.

She took her first steps about without needing to be encouraged or caught. She walked about two metre's and paused after a few steps and then continued. We consider them to be her first official steps. So chuffed, she's been walking with encouragement for about a month but not without being tempted with biscuits or toys.

We have Christmas Day with my parents and Boxing Day with his parents, it should be quite chilled out really. My SiL is getting a bit pissy about it all, but it's because MiL told BiL [son] and he is unreliable as a man can get and didn't tell SiL until the weekend just gone, and she's planned to have Boxing Day with her family and Christmas Day at home. But she lives in a wing of their house, so they will come around anyhow as they usually do. MiL is really getting abuse from it all, when it's not exactly her fault.

frankenonsense Fri 23-Dec-11 03:54:22

Well I know it's been a while so shame on me. But I can't believe no one has been on here boasting about their LOs achievements now most of them are 1! Happy birthday all December 10 ( and early Jan 11) babies!

N despite being a big lump at birth has dropped quite far down the chart and seems to be aiming for a short but " sturdy" frame. She has big candid blue eyes with which she gets her own way. She closely resembles my MIL so it's just as well we get on! I must update her photos but I am rubbish about sorting out electrical things.

I thought she was going to be quite shy, and she still does bite her lower lip and wring her hands, but she is pretty resilient and copes with being bumped around with the others well. We did have a horrible accident where she fell onto some concrete and had to have stitches but she is ok now though she will have a little scar.it hasn't held her back, she is desperate to get out and about and climbs stairs recklessly and is starting to get more confident and cheeky with everyone she meets. We have had back arching, screechy tantrums, too.

Her development as been normal but she is in no hurry about it and has only recently cut teeth and tried standing on her own. Think it will be several weeks before she tries walking. Sheis quite chatty though and has a few distinct words.she loves her trolley and runs up and down the house with it and spends ages putting things in and out of it. She is getting an Ikea kitchen for Xmas and everyone else is getting her accessories to go with it- it will hopefully be something she can play with for many years.May be wasting our money though as she has already discovered the joys of sitting in a cardboard box as well as wanting all our grown up "toys" that she is not allowed.

I would love to hear how everyone s doing as you cn probably tell from the time f this I am still not getting a lot of sleep. Also realised this post has turned into a Round Robin much despised by Mumsnet so soz about that but Merry Christmas all the same , have a glass of bubbly and celebrate surviving the first year!

kellestar Sun 01-Jan-12 20:21:19

Hi franken glad to hear N is doing well. We aren't getting much sleep at the moment as Bea has still got a stinking cold and cough. She keeps waking herself up and is unable to settle down again. So out of character for her. She's especially cuddly and kissy.

I can't believe how busy she is. I've looked back at the calendar and all the notes I've made of firsts and silly things she's done. Getting all broody again smile

I've stupidly broken my toe [again] and it's a mess of purple and red and so very sore and swollen, but nothing they can do anything about. I managed to kick the back edge of an internal wooden door. It really flipping hurt, doesn't help that Bea keeps standing on it or I keep stubbing it rushing about.

We had a lovely Christmas, she was enthusiastically helping everyone open their presents, she kept everyone on their toes running around and skyhooking with people, best toy was a tea pot that sings songs and says please and thank you, but the songs are a little too chirpy, but at least it's not that Justin. She has so many toys we can't move in our little house, so I've been sending a few back to the grandparents so she has something to play with when visiting.

She's really chatty and shouty and can almost say chickens, sounds a bit more like chess but I know what she's on about. She's a strong minded miss, it's her way or her way smile

Jabs this month, hope she'll be as unfazed as she was with the last lot. We've also got the dietitian's to go through ideas on making sure Bea is getting the most from her food.

frankenonsense Mon 02-Jan-12 18:12:44

Great to hear from you kelle Glad Christmas was not too stressful! Sounds like you need all the energy you can get for your busy little Miss, mums are not allowed to be sick or have broken toes ya know! Hope you both get better soon. Makes it all worthwhile when they plant a wet smoochy kiss though.

I remember with my first I was a bit shell shocked and didn't really feel like a proper mum until he was about 8 m and hanging off my leg saying " mum" . I was so proud. There is nothing like all the firsts with your first baby. After swearing I was never doing it again I got really broody when he was 1 but it took us a few years before we could support another child. If you are TTC wishing you speedy success!

N goes to sleep in her own cot but wakes up around midnight she just comes in to our bed. She is still breastfed so wakes up for snacks quite often then I need a drink/bathroom and can't get to sleep. Fortunately DH get up and does the school run so I can have a bit of a lie in.

My older daughter is very petite, she was BF and enjoyed food, she just didn't eat much and I remember all the stress and worry it caused. She is still much smaller than her classmates but very feisty- she hasn't allowed anyone to baby her since she was about 6. It is hard to get clothes which are age appropriate that's about all. Hope the dietician can set your mind at ease, as speaking from experience it is not worth bringing any battles to the dinner table.

My sweetie has proved me wrong and took her first steps on her birthday while we were watching Sherlock Holmes! I now have a proper toddler who climbs everything and empties out and investigates everything, help!

YuleingFanjo Tue 03-Jan-12 23:46:24

sorry to hear about the broken toe kellestar! Nice to hear what your babies are up to. B is walking confidently now and now has a pair of shoes. I have been a bit worried about his eating but it is getting better and he's putting on weight so all the breastfeeding I do must be doing something. I am still co-sleeping and still feeding at night but I stopped going over to feed him in nursery in December. He's turning into a confident and cheery little chap.

sorry I have not been about, will probably be chaging my name and hope to come back to post a bit more soon.

maxpower Fri 06-Jan-12 21:51:09

Happy New Year everyone!

sorry to hear about your toe kellestar that sounds painful. I've seen the damage to the other car myself so I know it needs respraying, but thanks for the warning.

M is walking very confidently now and just loves to climb. His favourite game at the moment involves him climbing up onto a toddler sized wooden chair, standing up and clapping singing and dancing. He's got his first introduction session at nursery next week. I can't believe I'll be back at work in 5 weeks time (not that I'm complaining, as I know I've had a wonderfully long time off work).

We took some great video of DD feeding him yesterday - he was squealing with laughter at her. It's just one of those things that you can't help but smile at.

Hope everyone's well and looking forward to hearing from you all.

MrsSnaplegs Thu 12-Jan-12 13:45:11

Hello everyone sorry I haven't been here for a while, work got really busy again late last year and I've got into the habit of only using my phone to MN and this thread fell off the threads I'm on so I had to hunt around for it!

Glad everyone seems ok although agree it does seem to have been quiet here.

Hugh is as mobile as ever, there's no stopping him at the moment. We have stair gates everywhere to try and keep him safe at the moment. he can now climb onto the furniture in the lounge but can't really get down so we are having to keep a really close eye. He is constant;y covered in bruises from toppling over and bumping into doors and walls - he clearly has my clumsy gene.

He has slowed down on his weight gain mainly because he is so tall now and so mobile, he's also got a bit fussy with food wanting to feed himself and at times refusing food if he can't do it. unfortunately he is still not really coordinated enough to get enough in to fill him up!

Waiting to find out next month if I have been promoted, I am due to change jobs again in the summer so depending on whether I have been promoted depends on where we will move to - there are 3 options on the table currently, one would mean we wouldn't have to move location just my job, one would be a move in the Uk and the other would be o/seas for a couple of years - guesss which one i'm hoping for wink

right promise I will try and stay on this thread now

Mrs S

notso Fri 13-Jan-12 16:25:40

Hello everyone, remember little old me from ante-natal?

Was just having a nose through topics and came across this, hope you don't mind me dropping in it's lovely to read about your LO's. I can't beleive they are one already!

Finn is lovely, so lovely in fact DC4 is due in April.

Hope to hear from you all soon.

YuleingFanjo Fri 13-Jan-12 16:52:45

congratulations notso grin that's lovely news.

Strix Sat 14-Jan-12 20:13:36

Hello everyone!

I haven't been here in ages, hope you remember me.... Can't remember where I left off so not sure where to begin with the update. I can't believe DS is 13 months now. Where did that year go?

I started a new job in September, and it is very demanding and has consumed my every last drop of energy. I was made redundant from the lady job and was was bored to death so the new job which keep me very very busy is a bit of a culture shock - but a welcome one. I am much happier doing something I enjoy 10 hours a day than being paid to be bored 7 1/2 hours a day. My commute stinks. I get up up at 5:00 so I can leave the house by 6:00. But, i think the solution is probably moving so we'll conquer that task in the summer, I think.

Gosh breast feeding... Are people still doing that. Wow. My hat goes off to you. That ended in this house many months ago. And with two of them. You must have some serious knockers. :-)

I hope everyone is well. I have only read a few posts. Congrats, notso (but you are crazy)

Strix Sat 14-Jan-12 20:15:26

Do you know I bloody hate apple spell checker? The lady job? God only knows what you all think I do. That was supposed to say the LAST job.

Strix Sat 14-Jan-12 20:30:19

Oh oh... I have just been having a snoop and discovered cheeseandgherkins is pregnant and due in march. What happy news!

notso Sun 15-Jan-12 12:27:59

Thanks Yueling and Strix, grin at me being crazy but what can I say, I like even numbers. I did wonder about the lady job strix smile.

Great news about cheeseandgherkins, lots of love to her and her family.

We have finally had to put the stair gate up, we did when F started crawling but then took it down as DS1 couldn't open it despite numerous demonstrations and F honestly wasn't interested in the stairs. However DD left the sitting room door open and I found F half way up so the gate is back, DS1 is just having to holler for help when he gets trapped!
F is not showing any signs of walking yet, on one hand I am thankful as he manages to cause enough mayhem from hands and knees, on the other hand I am finding it harder and harder to pick him up unless I get him to stand first due to my expanding bump (26 weeks on Tues).

kellestar Sun 15-Jan-12 19:24:01

wow notso that is very exciting news and DC4! Hope all goes well in April!!

Great news about C&G too.

Strix YF and MrsSL lovely to see you both again!

Bea is walking with enthusiasm and trying to run but hasn't learnt to pick her feet up yet. Went into Clarks last week for her feet to be measured and came out with a pair of shoes in the sale.

We all toddled off to Victoria Park today, they've installed some lovely new equipment, but there are still things there from when I was little and Ma n' Pa took me. She was shrieking in delight being let loose, tried to eat the sand, slides and swings are the most fun. DH made a fool of himself on the big slide, his coat made his flight swift and long and he landed with a bump smile

Toe is ridiculous, I still keep banging it and Bea still keeps managing to whack it. It's already wonky from when I last broke it slamming it in the door, as my dressing gown was caught on the handle and came open, flashing the poor postie. smile

I am still BF'ing Bea though she's not particular about it during the day, sometimes if she's not feeling too great or just wants a love she'll seek me out. I am amazed that I've got this far, I can see it tailing off in the near future, though as she's slowly loosing interest.

notso Mon 16-Jan-12 12:20:35

Thanks kellestar smile

Well done with the BFing, I was hoping to feed Finn for longer but I went away for a long weekend for my friends hen party when he was 7 months and despite me persevering for two months or so he just didn't get back into BFing after a weekend of bottles. I also wonder now if my supply was affected by the pregnancy.
Poor you with the toe, I dropped a wooden chopping board on mine this time last year. I think DS1 has stood on it everyday since I did it! My nail is still not fully grown back.

Strix Tue 17-Jan-12 20:55:32

Can I ask if people still have the same pram they bought a year ago? We have a bugaboo bee, but to be honest I'm not sure DS2 is going to fit in it for much longer, which says more about the pram than it does DS2.

My older two had mclarens ay this age but I'm not sure I really want to invest in a new pram.

I suppose everyone else has walking toddlers now. My fat lazy boy crawls around mopping up the floor with his knees.

kellestar Tue 17-Jan-12 21:19:07

strix I had a Graco travel system, it quickly got put in the shed, picked up a Maclaren Techno XT off eBay for £30 in great used condition, it's light and takes all sorts of abuse. For me it was just that I struggled to lug the graco in and out the boot and was fed up of putting the shopping on the floor in the back rather than the boot. I am always keeping my eye out in case a better one comes available, they cost a fair bit new, but the cheaper options don't come well reviewed on MN.

notso Wed 18-Jan-12 09:42:32

strix I am still using my Bugaboo Cameleon, I love it, it suits my needs perfectly. I am gutted I have to part with it to buy a big-ass double.

I also still have a crawler, he has only recently stopped commando-ing and moved to hands and knees. When he used to wear his fleece all in one he was like a human duster on the wooden floor!

maxpower Fri 20-Jan-12 17:40:19

congratulations on the pg notso good to hear Finn is doing well

congratulations on the new job strix I don't envy you your commute though! I was wondering about lady job grin I changed from my big bulky travel system in July to a cosatto buggy

fingers crossed for your promotion MrsS

I knew C&G didn't have too much longer to go, but March - how exciting for her and her DH.

good to see so many old hands back on the thread

M's started his induction sessions at nursery and seems to be taking to it like a dream. He somehow managed to pull his bedside unit over onto himself last week, biting through his lip in the process so that ended up in a trip to A&E, but they decided to leave it to heal on its own. He's very fast on his feet, is obsessed with the bins in the kitchen and climbing on anything and everything. I have warned the nursery staff but I fully expect to be given at least one accident form every day he's there!

Can't believe that I'm finally on the countdown to going back to work. It's been great to be off so long and I'll miss being at home, but I think once I'm into the swing of it, I'll be glad to be using my brain again!

MrsSnaplegs Tue 24-Jan-12 16:13:40

Well I've been signed off sick with the chest infection I seem to have had since november - booked for an X-ray and on 2nd lot of antibioticssad
So sat at home watching DS dance around front room with his musical wand thing - dancing consists of walking round In circles until he falls over dizzy!
I measured him this morning and he is as tall as DD was when she was 6 weeks older - it was when I noticed his head reached my hips - bit of a tall boy but less chunky nowgrin

maxpower Wed 25-Jan-12 14:15:01

hope you get better soon MrsS

we all have colds at chez Max

I had a bit of luck this morning, the mum whose car I hit before xmas gave me £50 back as the repairs to her car hadn't cost as much as she was told at first.

notso Wed 25-Jan-12 15:10:34

Hi all, just wondering if any of your LO's developed diarrohea after the MMR and other 13 month injections?
F has had it for nearly a week now, I was up three times last night bathing him and stripping his cot as he was caked in it sad

notso Wed 25-Jan-12 15:11:45

Good news on the £50 max and glad to hear transition to nursery is going smoothly.

93pjb Wed 25-Jan-12 22:38:08

Hello all and congratulations notso! That sounds worrying about the MMR, I don't remember anything like that with dd but I have booked M's jab for dd's birthday on Monday as I have the day off work - eek hope it doesn't spoil the party. Hope F is better soon.

Glad the new job is going well strix. I'm back 4 days a week until the end of next month when it'll be 5 days but I've shortened my hours so now finish at 4 which is working really well. The kids love the childminder and dd is doing well at pre-school which is great so I really don't think about them much while I'm at work.

I'm still breastfeeding before bed and in the morning, M still wakes in the night but settles fairly quickly so it is all doable but it would be nice o get more sleep. Glad to hear that I m not the only one still bfing!

My sister had a beautiful little girl yesterday! Very exciting, can't really remember M ever being that small...

notso Thu 26-Jan-12 12:15:13

Thanks 93pjb Hope M is okay on Monday, my older two just had longer naps on the day of the jab then a bit of a temp, runny nose and 'the grizzles' three or four days later.
Congratulations on your new niece. It's funny how quickly the memories of newborndom disappear isn't it. I am finding it hard to imagine DC4 as a baby when F seems very much a baby still, I bet he will seem humungous when DC4 arrives.

F is really not himself, he slept for 17 hours yesterday, he woke up briefly for a drink mid afternoon and then a bath and a piece of toast and a drink in the evening.
I woke him at midnight as he had been sick and filled his nappy, but he went straight back to sleep.
He has been sleeping again now since 9:30, am going to take him to clinic when he wakes up as I couldn't get into the Doctors until tomorrow.

Dropping back in after ever so long (when I think I only posted a couple of times!) - where does the time go?

Glad to hear that cheeseandgherkins is expecting again. Very good news.

notso - Congratulations! Am jealous of your small age gap. I wanted to have DC2 quite quickly but breastfeeding seems to, in my case, act as the contraceptive that everyone says it does. I hope that your little boy is ok, and that the trip to the clinic went well.

Tom is into absolutely everything now - he can run and we have to watch him all the time. He keeps us busy, but it's great fun too.

Had his MMR a few days ago. I always feel horribly guilty as he really hates injections, even though it's the right thing to do.

Glad we are all mostly well - speedy recovery to those who are not!

maxpower Tue 31-Jan-12 13:12:33

notso hope F is better soon. we've had a D&V bug going round DD's school but although she had it, luckily it missed Matty.

good to hear from you coco

Had to take Matty to A&E a while back as he fell over and bit through his lip. The HV rang last week to follow it up and realised she hasn't done his 8-12 month check. I pointed out that I'd chased it up with the HV at the baby clinic 3 times and quite frankly, I'd lost the will. She was apologetic and said she'd never been told but it [grr] 's me because basically, if we'd not taken him to the A&E, I strongly suspect he'd never have popped up on any of their radar. As it is, he's not had his MMR yet (by choice we're leaving it a couple of months) but for all they know, I might not be aware that he's due the jab. Then, despite me explaining that I could only go to one particular baby clinic because all the other ones clash with school picking up time, she asked me if I could go to see her in clinic at 3pm!!!! Er, no, I've just said I have to do the school run! [exasperated sigh] Anyway she's going to come to my house to do it instead.

M had another session at nursery this morning, and he's going again on Thurs.

It's snowing here!

YuleingFanjo Tue 31-Jan-12 13:35:06

Max - Is there a reason for you delaying the MMR? Bob still hasn't had his as I have cancelled twice, once for inconvenience and once because he had a temperature of over 39. I expect he will get it in the next couple of weeks when he's almost 15 months.

Hi all, great to hear all your news. As I said B has had a really high temperature but is lots better now. He's back in nursery after a long break over christmas and it was like settling in all over again, then he got ill so really he's not been there consistantly. Managed a full week last week and he seems very settled.

We have been doing BLW and B still eats very little. I try not to worry particularly as the nursery tick 'all' on his food form. Though a couple of times they have mentioned he doesn't eat much so I am a little confused but trying not to make a big deal of it. I sit him in his chair 3 times a day and try all sorts of food and some of it goes in. Hopefully it will just click one day like it's supposed to. He will feed himself with a spoon or fork but only a few mouthfulls before he starts chucking stuff around.

He woke me up 8 times last night and so I have decided to try to stop feeding him back to sleep because I need him to learn how to sleep through. We are still co-sleeping so I plan to use that shush and put down method, definitely not cut out for controlled crying.

He is confidently walking, loves wearing shoes and is very jolly and good fun.

My sister also had a baby a week or so ago which is really exciting grin

kellestar Wed 01-Feb-12 21:27:31

Hello hello!

YF Bea still has her 10pm BF and goes to sleep on the boob, but not at other times of the day. When she's drowsy it just pushes her over the edge. We still co-sleep before DH comes to bed and once he goes to work. She likes to curl up next to him with her head snuggled into his neck and he gets stiff and achey as he won't move her off him.

Max sounds like we have the same HV :] she really presses my buttons for some reason, always wants appointments when we have a paid group to go to that I've told her doesn't suit us [it's the reason I can't go to her drop in sessions] still not had a 12 month check up.either, not that it's a problem.

Bea had her MMR, two weeks yesterday and she was really cuddly yesterday, as in climbing onto my lap and whinging if I wanted to move for a pee or a glass of water. So had a lovely cuddly day with her.

She got two bumps to her head at baby group [had forms to fill in too] and it looks like she has devil horns coming up through her forehead.

We've been overwhelmed with groups in our area, but it all costs so much money. I go swimming on Tuesday mornings £3.50, NCT Bumps, Babes and Toddlers £1 and Messy Play £1 but wanted another Music type group as she loves it, but it's £5 for the cheapest group that wasn't that recommended and £7.50 for the recommended groups. A lot more than I want to pay, but if it's fun it might be worth it. I just really hate it when they're all a bit too perky and annoying.

notso Fri 03-Feb-12 11:36:47

CocoPopsAddict- Thankyou smile you are the first person who has said they would like to have a small age gap to me! The BFing did not work as contraception for me at all.

maxpower The health visitor I had for DD and DS1 was rubbish, thankfully we have a new one who is fantastic, visited me at home every week when I was feeling low and called to see how I was feeling about this pregnancy too.

YuleingFanjo Shush/pat worked really well for F, he was going down in his cot in our room but then coming in to our bed and not settling at all.
I had one long night thinking he was never going to sleep but after that he has been really good, we just say shush,sleeping time now if he wakes and he usually goes back to sleep.
Next step for us is getting him into his own room before DC4 arrives.
Congatulations for your Niece/Nephew smile

Kellestar You are very lucky, there are hardly any baby groups close to me. One really rough toddler group that makes me want to bathe F and I in Milton when we come out, everything else is either in the 'posh' outskirts of town or in the really rough estate- either way it means a 40 minute walk each way or forking out for the bus on top of the price of the groups.
We do go swimming but thats going to be a bit difficult once Dc4 arrives.

F finally got over the diarrohea, his measles rash has come out now but doesn't seem to be bothering him. However I saw his Godmother yesterday and her daughter has just come out with chicken pox so I am expecting that next as they were sharing cups and dummies last time they saw each other!
Despite DH's best efforts he is not bothered about walking.
He is however a chatterbox, he is is asking "wha's 'dis" about everything, can say most family members names in some form and asks to fee' fissshhh(feed fish), bus teef (brush teeth) and have mo' puds (more pudding!)

maxpower Fri 03-Feb-12 14:50:06

YF no real reason as such. DH was a bit worried about the specualtions over MMR & autism when DD was small, so it took him a little while to get his head round it all. I was happy to wait to get DD immunised until DH was happy to go ahead with it. So basically, we're just going to give Matty his when he's about the same age as DD was (iyswim).

notso glad F is better

Matty manages to say 'daddy' and 'hello' but that's about it. But bless him, he has trouble getting a word in edgeways amongst the rest of us wink

Notso - no problem, and best wishes.

We have lots of playgroups round here - quite a good one in a local Church which runs four mornings a week (£2 a session) - we don't go that regularly though. Mostly we see people at the park.

Kellestar I know what you mean about the cost, and often classes want you to sign up for a whole term as well, is that the case with yours? I mean the music classes and stuff. I have to claim a record though. Was going to take Tom to a trial session at the Little Gym in Westfield (West London). Then realised the cost of the classes was... well, over the term, which you had to sign up for, it worked out at almost £20 for each 45-minute session!!

kellestar Tue 07-Feb-12 21:21:03

cocopops it's ridiculous isn't it. They are advance pay as well, per term. If you miss a session you luck out unless you have a doctors note to prove it was avoidable. I don't think I want to commit that much to a group, and what if she hates it and I've paid for a term in advance. That's what put me off so far. I like the groups that you can just turn up to without feeling like it's a big commitment.

We are lucky to have such great groups around us, but the ones within walking distance are hellish, either a chaotic group where there is no organisation and toys are abused [kinda like that class on toy story 3] and don't want Bea to be like it. Or they are churchy with the hymns and prayers and preaching, which I grew up with but don't want to put it on Bea [or myself] so we travel out of our village to the surrounding areas.

Chooster Thu 09-Feb-12 13:09:40

Hello!!! After a long absence I've popped back to see how everyone is doing. Good to hear that life is mooching long well for most of us. Here life is pretty good but busy. I went back to work a month ago and so far so good. I wasnt looking forward to it, but the reality is actually quite nice! The work is good and my commute is better (they moved office in my mat leave) and the threat of redundancy is gone again now for another year. Also I'm LOVING my 3 day working week. Its such a difference to the 4 days I was doing before. It just feels the balance is good now and I dont miss the kids that much. We've been juggling the childcare of Jude for a while between my MIL and DH but he starts his settling in sessions with a childminder next week. I did have him down for the same nursery my other DC went to, but I think I'd rather he try something different and get the chance to go to playgroups etc. We'll see how it works - I guess the nursery is always there in case this doesnt work well.

Strix, yoiur commute / job sounds pretty intense! Hope you are getting on OK though.

DF (YF!) - Jude was waking like that and he was waking multiple times a night. I was feeding him to sleep and he was using me as a comforter so I had to knock it on the head. My solution was phasing out breastfeeding (he wasnt feeding well anymore anyway) and moving him into his own room. Got to say he didnt really need any controlled crying. I just stayed with him putting a hand on his tummy until he slept then slowly he got used to it all and now can go to bed awake and I havent had to get up to him in the night for months. Makes me feel so so much better and more human smile. Especially with work now.

Fingers crossed for C&G - must look out for her news soon...

Hi to everyone else - hvae forgotten all the updates now... Heading home a bit early soon to a poorly DS1 with a tummy bug... My MIL has had him and DS3 today so she'll be welcoming the break smile

kellestar Mon 20-Feb-12 17:37:34

chooster good to hear all is better with your work and getting back into it.

Bea now has her fifth tooth coming through and she seems more disgruntled with it. Anyone tried one of those amber necklaces/bracelets/anklets? quite a few at the groups I go to have them on, but Bea is such a bugger for removing things, she hates anything in her hair like ties or clips. it's long enough to braid now, but it all comes loose when she yanks at it, so think she'd do the same to those amber things.

MiL is stressing me out about car seats at the moment, we have a 0+ britax first class plus, my parents wanted to buy one too to be able to take her out and about, in laws didn't want to buy one as they have the group 1-2-3 seat which has been used by the neice and nephew, which is fair enough, we got the seats on offer in Boots at £75 [normally £159] each. Now MiL wants to put her in the 1-2-3 seat but she's not yet 9kg [just about 6.3kg] and won't be the right weight until at least next spring if she follows the line. She just doesn't get about why it's not safe. She's small sized and rear facing for as long as possible makes sense. She even picked up a car seat off freecycle that was tatty as hell, had no fabric cover and was just solid black plastic. I said no, she's really huffy with me, she called me this afternoon she'd been down the used kids stuff shop and they had the same car seat in, used for £25 and wanted to know if she could buy it. I've said no, I don't think 2nd hand from someone I don't know is safe. She's now demanding my parents share their seat with the IL's, I've said no as they bought it, it's their property, they can use the one out of our car. I've left DH to enforce the rules, he is on my side and has had enough of them going on and on about me being OTT.

Got to dash dinner smells done!

maxpower Mon 20-Feb-12 20:37:34

Hi all,

I went back to work today. Was ok, and the commute to my new job is much shorter and doesn't involve trains so that's a bonus. I'm not sure how I'll feel about being at work M-F though. I guess time will tell. Today was a bit draining as it was just induction so I was being talked at all day. Plus I have a cold. I was ill on and off for 6 monhts after I went back to work after having DD so I'm hoping I'm not in for a replay of that.

Matty's settled really well into nursery. He was giving his key person kisses by day 2! He was with my DM&D today. They looked after DD for us one day a week before she started school and it's left them with a wonderful bond, so I'm hoping Matty will get the same out of it.

maxpower Mon 20-Feb-12 20:55:25

oh, and I've just discovered that cheeseandgherkins had a baby girl, Ella, on 4th Feb. She was early due to GD I think but has gone home from hospital now and afaik is doing well. smile

Delighted for c&g. Thanks for the update chooster & hope your cold doesn't stick around.
kstar DD has worn an amber necklace since she was a couple of months...it's hard to tell how much it helps but it doesn't stop the pain altogether as she still touches her jaw, lolls her tongue around etc. I sometimes give her chamomile tea plus bongella if she's getting irritated. Hope your inlaws see sense.

Sorry, I meant maxpower!

maxpower Tue 21-Feb-12 20:47:34

smile baking

kellestar Mon 27-Feb-12 16:13:29

congrats for c&g great news on their little girl.

Bea has seemed to cope just fine, but didn't know if they actually do much. nelsons teething powders have been doing a fine job. She's started getting her first molars in at the same time as getting the two next to the main top teeth and main bottom teeth, so six teeth cutting at the moment and she is whingey. Bless her.

Went for our final appointment at the hospital about her weight, for some reason the nurse weighed her fully dressed, still had her boots, coat, hat etc on, so weighed almost a kilo more than 3 weeks ago. They no longer want to see her about the weight thing so I'm not that worried, it just looks such a jump in her red book.

Hope you are all surviving with your now walking/running toddlers. Bea loves being on her feet as much as possible.

maxpower Tue 28-Feb-12 09:38:33

Matty's been having teeth grief too. All his molars seemed to be coming through last week in one go. Thankfully they seem to have settled down again for the mo.

Having been at my new job for precisely one week, I'm off sick sad . I've got sinusitis which I've had before. After what happened when I went back to work after ML last time, I promised myself I wouldn't push myself and I'd stay off if I was ill. But I don't want to give the staff the impression I'm someone who's off sick all the time, because I'm really not. What's worse is that every single person (except my manager) has been off sick since I started there, so the place is in chaos and we were just beginning to get a grip on things yesterday.

93pjb Wed 29-Feb-12 21:58:24

What wonderful news for C&G!

I really feel for you max - definitely take it easy, three weeks ago I tried to keep going when I wasn't well,mainly because it was the third or fourth old since the start of the year and I ended up making a big and stupid mistake at work that i'd not have made had I been on form. It really wasn't worth getting out of bed that day!

Kelle, m was weighed at the dietician last week (still a wee chunk despite his dairy allergy) he had everything on except his shoes and coat - I think once they are a year it's standard practice but it is odd and does mean a big jump on the graph. (the more so for a petite little thing like bea - m is 11.5kg now so not such a big impact!)

YuleingFanjo Mon 05-Mar-12 17:11:10

hey all.

B has stopped at 7 teeth, not had a new one for over 3 months. I wonder if he will get a load in one go.

He had a small op last week to search for his missing testicle, turns out it wasn't undescended but just barely there so they removed what they can find and he now has just the one. Horrible experience but he's coped with it really well and is back in Nursery after a week off.

hope all are well.

kellestar Tue 06-Mar-12 19:09:17

Bea caught her first chicken. Henrietta was just too slow and Bea too fast. It was quite funny, both of them surprised, Bea dropped her and Henrietta ran away. Very chuckle worthy. Wish I had my camera.

kellestar Fri 23-Mar-12 19:29:27

DF or are you still going by YF?? Hope B is doing better now.

We have loved the last few days of sunshine, I've been out in the garden poking about and Bea has been helping me.

She's really a monkey in disguise. We have to turn the electric cooker off at the big switch on the wall as she keeps fiddling with the knobs, which are stupidly low and easy to reach, she melted a plastic tub with a lovely fresh cake in it. It is a ceramic hob so was panicking that I wouldn't be able to scoop up the gloopy plasticy hotness. Had a bit of a meltdown and did shout a bit. She was crying before I'd noticed what she had done, she knew she'd been naughty. She also keeps resetting the dishwasher so a load never has a complete cycle.

My friends are all having their stork deliveries and I'm getting broody again. Still BF'ing in the morning and evening and my periods still haven't really returned in any form of regularity so have no idea when ov'ing so just trying to find time for BD, when I'm knackered enough already.

Hope you are all doing well and making the most of the sunshine.

DuelingFanjo Fri 23-Mar-12 22:24:53

Hey there, I am back to DF smile
nice to see this thread pop up in my active convos again smile

B is great, very active and happy. He has a brand new cousin (now 8 weeks but not sure if I mentioned her before) as my sister had a baby girl in January. It's nice to have a cousin from my side of the family so geographically close as my brother's kids are miles away.

I am hoping B will start saying stuff soon. He sometimes says a word and then doesn't say it again. I am starting to feel very knackered out by working and being a mum and am eating like a horse because I am still breastfeeding. I am broody too but it's not likely i will hae another.

kellestar Tue 27-Mar-12 20:24:09

It's lush seeing them interact with others. B loves to stroke the little ones and is starting to play at the same activity with those of the same age or older. She loves her cousins who are 3 and 6 next month.

However much I grumble I love having my family close. Though at the moment I'd like to send my mother to somewhere far away right now. DSis is finally getting on with the plans for her wedding and it's all getting stressful with my mum's demands [ridiculous ones, like no-one else is allowed to wear peach, so it needs to be on the invitations] I ignored her weird requests and she still holds it against me. She lives in lala land most of the time.

All B wants to do at the moment is run around the garden, we are having a friend of the family lay a patio for us. We bought the slabs and bits 7 years ago, but started on other projects and it got left by the side. We have a crappy gravel path that is mainly grassed. Now it'd be nice for her to have some where to safely have a trike or something.

She has some good chatter it's just random chaff, though the odd chicken or Oh dear sneaks in. She points at the titifers on ITNG and shouts tits and points at them. Always makes DH giggle. She did point at a baby crawling about and I thought she said Baby Jake. Maybe I'm giving her too much time with Cbeebies blush only five minutes of peace now and then, but obviously rubbing off on her.

Your mum sounds very eccentric! Can imagine infuriating...

DD is good company, just a bit clingy sometimes if I'm trying to work. She's finally walking unaided though mostly holds hands outside as it's bumpy ground around us. She's been coming out with mostly b words lately, pronouncing very sweetly - bear, ball, baaa, boo & makes appropriate animal noises when she sees them or hears the word. No mummy or daddy but mumma & dadduh!

Loving the sunshine too!

notso Tue 03-Apr-12 17:16:36

Hi all. Just popped in to see if there was news of cheeseandgherkins and I am pleased to see there was.

I am 37 weeks today, and despite trying to savour the nice aspects of pregnancy for the last time, it's not easy!

F is knackering me, he isn't walking yet. I think he sees walking as a trick he does for applause rather than a mode of transport. He has realised that I am not quick at the moment and uses this to his advantage by causing havock then crawling away at top speed!
He has finally started sleeping in his own bedroom this week and has slept from 7.30-8 until 7 nearly every night, so clearly DH and were keeping him awake! I can't believe it, he even woke up last night, put his own lullabies on and went back to sleep!
He had chickenpox last week which was pretty horrendous, they were in his eyes, mouth, ears, everywhere, he pretty much screamed or slept for five days. I can recommend pox-clin if/when any of you come across the Chicken pox, that and a bath were the only things to soothe him.

kellestar I have heard of bridezilla but not mother-of-the-bridezilla!

kellestar Sat 21-Apr-12 21:42:56

notso F sounds so like another at baby group, he is so disinterested in walking, crawling is good enough for him. He's incredibly fast and causes just as much mischief as Bea does.

Bea's bedtime routine has fallen apart. Over easter she had a three day fever, which seems to be going around the groups at the moment, no cold or anything, poor mite just couldn't settle well, so she spent the whole night in between me and DH. Really screwed her up now as she doesn't want to go to bed at all until we do, then she want's to sleep in with us. I'm getting a stiff neck from resting my head on the bloody side table. DH is too soft and I put her back in the cot and as soon as she cries [two minutes later] he goes and gets her. This continues until I give up and let her sleep in with me. Grr.

I've been out for a meal with my parents tonight for Dad's birthday and Mum was going on about my Dsis' wedding plans. I'm just trying to keep my head down. Mother-of-the-bridezilla is too true. She was a nightmare when planning mine.

We have now stopped BF'ing, sad sad day for me. She was a little grumpy, but another milk blister brought about with her chomping, it made me finally decide it's time.

Trying to think of a present for DH he's 30 this week and I have no idea what to get him.

maxpower Thu 26-Apr-12 20:17:33

Hi All,

Sorry I've been MIA for a while. Matty's completely settled at nursery now although he's had some sort of a cold for a while - loads of snot, he had gunky eyes for about a week and he has this awful sounding cough that he only gets at night. Today he's come up in loads of weird spots on his face. I think he might have hand foot and mouth but DH (who knows about this stuff) says the spots don't look right.

I'm well into being back at work now. M-F is ok, I do have the occasional bout of missing the DCs (especillay Matty as DD is at school during the day anyway) but I just take the view that this must have been what it was like for DH last time round. I've got Monday off and plan to spend it playing with Matty all day smile

Matty does lots of babbling but he's still not saying much, although he makes himself understood very well. I can't wait for him to start talking properly.

I guess notso must be due any day now so good luck!

maxpower Sun 06-May-12 20:40:48

Matty did have hand foot and mouth but he's all better now. We got some new chickens last weekend and Matty is absolutley obsessed with them - we have to take him out to see them (in the rain!) about 6 times a day. He then stands next to them waving a repeating 'hello, hello' over and over again. I wonder if he'll be a farmer when he's older? wink

kellestar Sun 13-May-12 21:50:03

max Bea is obsessed with our chickens, she likes to chase them about and they are so dopey, she's caught them a few times as they keep crouching [they miss Trigger something rotten], shrieking with delight, she just loves chasing them around the garden and it's a great way to burn off some energy. She's really exploring now, she can climb and get into all sorts of things, she can open the really stiff zip on the change bag, as she emptied all of it out in the hallway along with my makeup, eyeliner drawings on the quarry tiles [damn good stuff from Avon, it's a bugger to get off the tiles] and she can unscrew bottle lids, like off the small bottle that was half filled with lucozade, she necked it back and was buzzing all of Tuesday. I was recovering from D&V so was really weak and feeble and ended up curling up on the sofa while she caused mayhem.

She sure knows what annoys me anyway, she's so good really, she's just really naughty when she is.

Any news onNotso

maxpower Wed 18-Jul-12 21:48:33

Just checking in to see how everyone's doing. Not impressed with the 'summer' so far. Hope everyone's well.

kellestar Thu 26-Jul-12 21:31:43

max how are you getting on with this sunshine now? smile

it's just too hot here in somerset, no breeze to speak of and no shade in our garden, so we have been mostly doing indoor type things in the cool.

I have been hanging from a stinking cold for a week and I still feel manky. B is bouncing as usual and by mid afternoon I'm ready for a nap. But she doesn't do daytime naps anymore. Where she gets her energy from I have no idea, as she barely eats some days.

Ah well, hope all is well with all of you.

kellestar Thu 23-Aug-12 20:44:20

So if you haven't already noticed OnlyWantsOne is on another live birth thread with DC3. It sounds like it may actually happen tonight squee

OwO's thread

Bea is still up and driving me bonkers. My batteries have ran out, and yesterday I found out why I'm feeling so crabby, crappy and exhausted. Due in early April smile big grin as even though AF was late all PG tests were neg, they were duds, was worrying that I was in poor health and had to wait a long time for a GP appointment.

Bea has also decided that potty training maybe a good idea. She now tells me that she's doing a poo/wee and hates being in her nappy. Just so not ready for this, have to go get some potty training stuff. Ack! any advice? anyone else starting?

maxpower Tue 20-Nov-12 22:57:09

Hi all,

It's been quiet on here! Can't believe our LO's are all approaching their second birthdays already! Hope all mums & LOs are well and looking forward to Christmas.

Congratulations kellestar

Matty's still denying he's done a poo even when he's stinking the place out, so I think we're quite a way still from potty training.

kellestar Thu 29-Nov-12 16:17:24

Hi max Bea has changed her mind and now prefers to do a poo in her nappy and make a big heave-ho of it. Then denies all knowledge of it. I've lost my sense of smell and taste with this pregnancy, so can't smell it, so if I've not noticed her doing one it's a real shock to any visitors smile Wees in the potty though, she loves her stickers and feels excited when she gets a new one for each wee she produces. I've also bought poo stickers [bigger and sparklier] but they just aren't appealing to her [may have to branch into other forms of poo bribery].

Just back from my 20 week scan... it really is so weird doing this second time around...smile Cannot believe that I don't see a midwife now until baby arrives, unless of course I ask for one. I have to go back for another scan at 32 weeks as I have a slightly low lying placenta, which I am hoping will move out the way.

I've sent the invitations out to Bea's birthday party... we only had family last year, this year she's having her little friends around for lunch and a bit of a play. I just can't believe how time has passed...

Hope all of you are well, keep seeing y'all posting about MN and thinking how you are doing now.

Strix Fri 25-Jan-13 09:47:04

I was just thinking I haven't caught up with you guys in ages. But this thread seems quite old. Is there a newer one?

kellestar Sun 08-Sep-13 17:03:52

helloooooo... [holds hand to ear to hear the echo]

anybody here....

would be lovely to hear how you are all doing with your almost 3 year olds...

kiwi5 Mon 16-Sep-13 20:24:47

hello hello ello ello lo lo lo......

how is your 2 3/4 yr old? my dd is pretty cool. tons of toddler tantys but also some amazing moments.

she is being a great big sis to her new bro - 3 months old and v scrummy (interestingly he read the sleep manual as opposed to his sister who didnt sleep thru til she was 18 months)!!

i was never very good at posting on this thread, dd will be three at the end of dec.

anybody else there?

kellestar Tue 17-Sep-13 13:23:32

Hey kiwi! B now has a 4 month old brother who only sleeps if attached to my nipple >.<

She is 3 the week before Christmas and she is such a determined little miss. We started her at preschool for a few weeks over the summer and she loved it, she now goes 2 mornings a week, it's nice to get a bit of peace and some time alone with W.

She decided to start potty training a few days after I bought W home, she is mostly dry during days, but not at night.

We still haven't moved her into a bed yet as she still fits in the cot and has never shown any interest in escaping. W has outgrown the crib and needs to move into the cot. Any tips for a fidget who won't keep a blanket on and wriggles all over the bed.

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