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May 2007 The sun is out the sky is blue

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charleymouse Tue 22-Jun-10 12:11:03

theres not a cloud to spoil the view.

charleymouse Tue 22-Jun-10 12:12:23

What lovely weather, I could positively enjoy it if the blardy pollen wasn't playing havoc with my eyes and nose. Here is the missing punctuation. ,,' blush

Hope everyone is well love you all, DD fast alseep on my knee so got quick chance to post. Weaning going well, she ate the whole front cover of a magazine earlier. grin

Hope you got the boiler sorted SOH.

April and Pink hope you are having a lovely time.

Gin not long for the school hols wink.

Elkie when are you up North?

Mrs JB are you here for the meetup?

TMAM how is the running? I am back on the wagon and have been on the machine last week.

Jam how was DH after his 3 peaks?

SKY how is the CM going?

Abby are you coping with hot and bothered littlies, what does your school do re sun cream?

TSM how is F doing looking forward to catching up with you over the summer maybe?

Scoot where are you?

Ugh is anyone watching This morning? fish eating dead skin off peoples feet. Tempted tho blush

Must go as DCs room a tip, my job for the day to sort it out, not started it yet. hmm may make it my job if the week.

Take care.

Waves to everyone I have missed, where are you newbies?

JamInMyWellies Tue 22-Jun-10 14:35:36

Charely am sure you have not upset anyone. We all understand the sentiment. x

Charley don't fret. It's a good idea.

How are YOU?

Tell dh my big run is on Saturday. Think of me. smile Is he still running? Will we see you both again over the summer?

charleymouse Tue 22-Jun-10 21:16:23

Thanks Jam. Have you had THE party yet? Think it is lovely you get to wear the dress again, dreams longingly of ever fitting in wedding dress and coat again.

I have yet to sponsor you TMAM will get on to it. Yes DH is out running now. Not sure about the meetup even tho Gin has offered mud wrestlng. grin DH is being a bit useless re his birthday plans. He categorically does not want a party but fancies a few days away. Did not realise how everywhere price hikes tho due to school holidays. Obviously realised it happens just first time we have had to work round it. I just begrudge it [sigh]. Oh well he will only be 40 once.

How was fathers day for everyone, A baked a cake, G bought (and ate) a chocolate tool set and H did a hand print. Only prob was DH lie in and breakfast in bed was spoilt as G decided to go up to get a light for the candles (obviously need to make cakes more often) and woke him up and then dropped a box of birthday cake decs/candles all down the stairs.

DH took a lovely photo of H at the weekend will have to put it on my profile which I have noticed has disappeared without my knowledge. We are going to get it turned into a canvas for the wall.

It is 30 degrees in our bedroom have got the air con on and trying o cool it own for H. we are now down to 27. Looking foward to leccy bill.

JamInMyWellies Tue 22-Jun-10 22:02:41

No it's this wkend. Will post properly tom and have a moan. grin

Wow Jammy how exciting that it's this weekend! We need to hear all about the politics it.

I'd love to see a picture of H. smile

I can't believe how hot it is for you all. It's bloomin freezing here (well, relatively speaking it is wink)

Gin, how nice is it to have dh at home?

charleymouse Wed 23-Jun-10 14:18:23

TMAM have put Hazzywazzy hmm as G calls her on my profile.

Gin, we know what you're doing wink

Jam oh no are they being awkward. Just enjoy yourselves and remember this is why you did it abroad in the first place to avoid all the blardy politics.

largeginandtonic Wed 23-Jun-10 19:43:55

I am CM i am wink Nice to see you here. I can't believe i wont get to meet that baby! Blardy dh and his Birthday plans [tut] grin

I have a spanner in the works re: the 27th. One of the twins has just got his date for eye surgery through. It is the 27th. Sorry gals. Can we make it 26th instead?

He really needs it before he starts Secondary school in Sept. Teasing a plenty there i would imagine. He has a blocked tear duct so his eye drips tears all the time. He hates it sad

Lovely to have dh home. Nice not to be single parent for a while.

Everyone else ok?

largeginandtonic Wed 23-Jun-10 19:45:48

CM she is so cute! Lovely pic of her smile

JamInMyWellies Wed 23-Jun-10 20:02:23

Charley she is lovely!

Blimey dont kow what happened there. DH home from work, well the pub after watching the footie we put the boys to bed and had some pre dinner sex shock It has been a drought round here recently. Crikey wonder what will happen if they get to the final! wink

The dramas of the wedding party are far too boring. Suffice to say my family are being knobs what a surprise. Big sisters DP not coming as he wants to go away on a lads wkend. Another sister DH wearing jeans. I know I said its fairly relaxed and no need for a tie but at least put a pair of trousers on. Honestly am so glad a few of my good friends are coming so I can atleast sit in a corner and get sloshed. Oh thats after having to come home and put the boys to bed part way through as mum announced today that Dad wants to have a drink so would not be able to drive the boys and babysitter back to mine to put them to bed. The man never drinks. Why does it always have to be so bloody difficult. Aarrgghh family.

AM looks like you and PJ are having a lovely time.

Mrs JB hows things? You are often in my thoughts. x

LG&T I dont see why we cant swap the day. I actually thought it was on the 26th.

Anyway best go water & dead head the plants.

Tis a fookin oven in the house all the windows and doors are open.

She is a beauty Charley, just like her sister!

I think I can move to the 26th....

Jammy, poor you. Bloody family are such hard work at times.

And at other times you miss them like mad. Isn't that so MrsJB? Big hugs to you.

I am COLD.

Absolutely right TMAM... atm it's the later. sad

A rushed back on Tuesday "to say good bye" it is truly horrendous, I am a sobbing wreck most of the time, the smallest thing will set me off. The next minute I'm taking the piss, lauging and joking like the usual MRSJB. It's exhausting. If I feel like this here, I can't imagine how they all feel there.

Charlie you haven't upset anyone, I'm sorry I haven't been here to tell you earlier.

Tmam, good luck with your run.

Jam/Gin... behave! wink

Think we scared the newbies right off! oooops

<<group hug>> I need it. x

Amelia Grace slipped away last night at their seaside "heaven" she had her family around her and is at last out of pain and peaceful..

Thank you all for your continued kindness and support thought this truly shit journey in our lives. You are a lovely bunch of ladies who hold a place deep in my heart.

Now very importantly too, where have you all gone.....? Please come back and chat, I need this thread to continue. As you were please. [kiss]

AprilMeadow Fri 25-Jun-10 10:32:14

Heaven has gained another beautiful Angel and the stars will be shining extra bright tonight. Massive hugs to you all xx

AprilMeadow Fri 25-Jun-10 10:41:56

I had a wonderful time with Pink and her gorgeous children. Within 2 minutes of arriving Ella was in a borrowed swim suit and splashing around in the paddling pool! Lucas is GORGEOUS and is putting Lucy to shame in that he can roll right over where Lucy is only rolling back-front. AND he is soo on the verge of crawling!

Pink is so calm and relaxed with both A&L and is truely amazing.

Had lots of fun at a farm/play area and then at the pub the next day. Lots of pictures which i am sure i will upload to fb (with Pink's permission).

E&L were fab on the car journeys and were pretty good on the whole, although I was doubting the trip when Lucy took 2 hours to go to bed on Monday night and then only slept for 30 minutes during the day on Tuesday! She made up for it that night with a 13.5hour stint!

Dh has gone off to the airport and is waiting to board his flight to Chicago. They have been delayed an hour so will likely miss connecting flight and will have to wait until tomorrow morning to head to Rapid City to find gusts of wind

Charley, H is beautiful!

LG&T, 26th is fine by me

Pebblemum Fri 25-Jun-10 10:43:26

Big Hugs MrsJB nothing we say can ease the pain but we are all here for you. Amelia was such a brave girl always smiling in her photos despite it all, you must all be very proud of her. {{hugs}}

JamInMyWellies Fri 25-Jun-10 13:15:20

Terribly sad news Mrs JB, you are all in my thoughts. Much love. x

Such sad news Mrs JB . In our thoughts here xxx

Hi to everyone else. Just back from a glorious week in Devon. The cottages we stayed in were fantastic. I would thoroughly recommend them if anyone is looking for that sort of thing (indoor pool, farm animals, play areas etc.).

Charley - H is gorgeous. Would love to catch up over the summer at some point. Ferg is good - lovely smiley chubby little chunk smile

AM - glad you and Pink had a good time

Jam - ignore the knobs and get pissed enjoy your party xx

charleymouse Fri 25-Jun-10 18:35:56

Mrs JB so so sorry to hear about Amelia. I hope you/they are getting all the support you/they need. Much love to you and yours. Allow yourself to grieve too, it is paiful for all of you. How have the DCs taken the news?

charleymouse Sun 27-Jun-10 16:21:00

Thanks for all your lovely comments re H [proud mummy emoticon]

How was the party Jam? Hope you had a good time.

Good to meet up TSM look forward to it.

MrsJB hope you are okay. <<<<<<<<hugs>>>>>>>>>>

I posted a message from the bush but it didn't reach cyberspace!

H is adorable. smile Now we need to see the other two.

Jammy I take it last night was a good'un?

The run went not so badly, better than last year but still a bit of a poor effort for me. Must try harder wink. But at least we raised a good deal of money for my little charity.

How are you all MrsJB? Probably pretty raw. I've been thinking about you all lots. xx


Thanks for all your lovely messages and wishes here and on faceache...

We feel ok now, kind of some what relieved that she is now at peace. Our sadness now lies for those left, her Mum & Dad are doing ok atm, I think it will be after the funeral and all the arranging is done that'll hit them the hardest. Alex's mum has taken it all very badly only time will heal her I think.

The funeral is Tuesday next week (we think) we will all be coming back but I haven't decided whether the children will come to the funeral yet. We have been told that apparently the funeral is going to be very children orientated as Amelia obviously had many young friends who want to be able to go to say goodbye. If thats the case then mine will come too. It is also going to be rainbow themed as I'm sure you all remember Amelias Rainbow day event that was held in March. I'm pleased, through all the sadness I hope it will be a beautiful uplifting day to celebrate a truly inspirational gorgeous little girl.

There is a dance we do called "Heart of an Anglel" it is a beautiful Walz.. I haven't been able to dance it for a few weeks now as each time I try it makes me cry. Saturday night we had a very big night on, surounded by lots of friends I had pre decided I had to dance it for Amelia. I love the dance and I think the longer I had left it the harder it would have been to get back to it. Anyway, it was just perfect, all my fellow dancers surrounded me and we all did it together for Amelia, I held it together until the music finished and really only broke because everyone threw their arms around me at the end. I feel very happy to have danced it again and each time from now on I'll think of her and smile

So what else is new on the block? any scandal? wheres our lovely lg&t she's very quiet?

TMAM, well done on your run.

Jam... the party.... please tell us all about it.

MsJB - you just made me blub. That is so lovely about your beautiful waltz. I'm sure the funeral will be befitting for such a special little girl.

Yes Jam - spill the beans on the party

largeginandtonic Mon 28-Jun-10 19:50:51

Well done you for braving the dance. It must have been so hard. I am sure the family must be in bits. So hard to see why these things happen sad She was such a smiley, pretty girl.

Jammy tell about the party.

AM i need to know how far away the train station is from you. Dh will have to train it to the meet as SOH and co. will have to drive down straight to you as it is G'mas B day the day before now.

We don't all fit in our car!

Tills the hol sounds amazing. Good ol F
erg smile Can't wait to meet the boy.

TMAM was telling dh about your charity. He is so impressed. I bet you dod fab at the running. I would have been flat on my face within seconds! Well done you.

Having day from hell. Oven broken so phone MOD to fix it. No answer, call cut off twice so gave up. Had to shop and be back to open toddlers up at 1245.

Raced to bank (farcking bank cancelled old card before new one arrived so have to traipse to bank for any money) raced to Sainsbo's.

Shop. Home to find kitchen flooded. The sink had overflowed from washing machine draining in to it! WTF. It had gone under everything, dishwasher, tumble, fridge, freezer, washing machine. Had to mop A LOT. Took bin out to empty as soaking wet. Rubbish bag broke on drive. Cried.

Was late for toddlers. School run. Raced back to sink still full and washing machine not draining. Tried everything. Kids going mad.

Friend over plunger. It worked! After almost killing myself plunging. Cleaned up again.

I kid you not DH walked in just seconds after i had pushed all appliances back in tp place. Cried again grin

What a farcking nightmare. I know check the sink out of the corner of my eye!

JamInMyWellies Mon 28-Jun-10 20:22:38

MrsJB that is very lovely about the dance. Honestly I would take the DC with you to the funeral. Little ones understand a lot more about death than we give them credit for. There is a group called Winstons Wish who would be able to offer you all some great advice. Much love to you all.

LG&T bloody hell thats one heck of a day.

TMAM amazing on the run well done you.

Party went really well. John and I spent no time with each other all night so it completely reaffirmed our happiness at running away and actually enjoying our wedding day. It was lovely to spend time with friends and family we haven't seen for ages. We also got tremendously trollied. John invited loads of people back to ours for an afterparty hmm I went upstairs to check on the boys and fell asleep. I am such a good host wink Shmoks woke at 5.30 shock I was still pissed went downstairs and found John dribbling on the sofa in his pants! We then spent the entire morning on the sofas practically crying we felt so rough. Then we had some friends over in the afternoon. Hangover finally disappeared after we ate 30 squids worth of chinese food.

JOhn took the day off today and we took the boys to Mersea Island to play on the beach. Lachlan managed to eat half the beach. I am not looking forward to that nappy.

Oh Jammy that sounds like it was good fun as it should have been smile

Gin, I'm afraid I did giggle last night at your day from hell. However I hope it all got sorted in the end.

I'm afraid it's more sad news from me, I've just learnt a good friend of ours was killed when he came off his motorbike on Thursday. sad I like to think that perhaps he is watching over Amelie.

largeginandtonic Tue 29-Jun-10 13:08:04

Oh no TM sad That is terrible news. I hope he is sat with Amelie.

Jammy the party sounds brill! Just what you needed i think.

I am having period from hell. 1st one after MC. Have been ferrying little bro around to hosp this morning (post cancer check) and had to keep diving in to the loo and grinning inanely to hide pain. Surely no one bleeds this much and survives?!

JamInMyWellies Tue 29-Jun-10 21:52:40

Oh TMAM how terribly sad.

I just used I beg of you on a thread. Where is Scoot?

I'm sitting here having a weep about him and about my family.

My dsis has pissed me off big time and I need to rant. I told them months ago when we were coming back and could we see them all. I suggested one weekend to meet up with her and my other sister, now she is saying she can't come cos she has a wedding to go to. She has been to more weddings than I can remember. Obviously they are more important than seeing us. I'm just not going to bother with her anymore. And when she has dc in the future, I am not going to make any effort at all and THEN she might understand.

Can you tell my af is due?

How are feeling today Gin?

THMAM, I'm sorry about your friend. sad

Gin, what a day, hope you have a better one today.

Funeral Wednesday now for Amelia. The church service will be fine I think, the crem service for family after is going to be the tough one. sad We have decided to take H but I have asked a friend to look after the girls during the afternoon, we will pick them up after the crem service to go to the hotel wake... (hate that word) sad

Jam the party sounds like it was fun. The morning after sounds even better.... grin and the chinese after that sounds the best. wink Yummm think I might try to sneak a chinky in next week whilst we are back.

elkiedee Wed 30-Jun-10 14:01:34

Sorry to hear about Amelia and TMAM about your friend.

AprilMeadow Wed 30-Jun-10 15:42:18

LG&T hope today has been a better day for you.

TMAM, so sorry to hear about your friend, how awful. Also grr at your sister!!

MrsJB, Will be thinking of you all on Wednesday. I sent C&K a card on Saturday as I had their address from sorting Disney. The dance you did sounds beautiful and i bet there wasnt a dry eye in the room.

Jam, party sounds like it was great fun although the hangover not so much!

Been blitzing the house today as i want the house to look super nice when dh comes home on Sunday.

18 days until i am on my way to France

largeginandtonic Thu 01-Jul-10 07:00:08

Sure the service will be full of rainbows MrsJB. She sounds like she really was a rainbow in everyones life.

TMAM i feel for you i really do. I have given up on some of my family and am trying forge ahead with others. It is exhausting and i spend too much time being bitter about the whole affair sad I just don't understand people sometimes.

I had to wake dh up yesterday as i had soaked through the bed sad Had been up in the night changing the brick sized tampons and super, super nappies. It just wasn't enough. Couldn't leave the house yesterday. Got a miigraine last night too, first one for a couple of years. Hormones i guess. I got a warning with the crazy vision first so could neck more painkillers. Am on a ton anyway. My liver and kidneys will be groaning soon.

Hoping it abates a bit today as we have to go to Ikea and buy another sofa. Could only fit one in the car last week!

Crikey it is early. Bloody kids.

Hope everyone has a better day today.

AprilMeadow Thu 01-Jul-10 07:37:40

Oh LG&T that sounds awful, poor you

Off to J's first sports day this morning, he is very excited.

All up and dressed by 7.10 today!! It would seem that Daddy is a slow snail and some how when he is here it adds an extra hour to the routine!!

JamInMyWellies Thu 01-Jul-10 08:38:23

Ah TMAM the never ending family problems. As you know mine are a bunch of useless twonks. So no words of wisdom just support. x

LG&T that sounds horrendous, do yo think you should get it checked?

MrsJB god I feel for you lovey. YOu are in my thoughts and I hope that there is some sort of peace for you with the celebration of Amelias life.

Went to see Kings of Leon last night. TBH only knew one song oooh your sex is on fiiiirrrrre. Was a bit mediocre as concerts go, but it was lovely to escape the house of whinging children for a few hours. Was really nice to spend a bit of time with DH you know holding hands not having the boys hanging off us.

Unfortunately L woke at 3 and didnt go back to sleep until 5 then woke again at 6. I do wonder whether it was a mistake to put him in the toddler bed where he can escape from. BUt I cant go back to the cot as I have lent it to a friend. Any words of advice over what to do? He just seems to be unable to settle himself. He spent ages twitching and shuffling just cant seem to be still. I am KNACKERED.

Pebblemum Thu 01-Jul-10 22:38:19

LG&T hope today has been a bit better for you

TMAM sorry to hear about your friend and your family problems sad

MrsJB Ill be thinking of you all Wednesday

I have just had to hunt Ethan's slow worm, the little bugger has escaped twice tonight. I had said no pets but then he found this little fellow in the garden and the neighbours cat was after it so we are 'looking' after it although it seems to be me who has to go hunting in the garden for worms and slugs etc for it to eat. Dh caught me talking to it this morning, think he was ready to phone for the men in white coats lol

Its been a day of bumps and bruises today, poor Alana ran into a lamp post, Deacon headbutted the radiator and Ethan tried playing football barefoot and stubbed his toe on the path ripping the skin right off the tip of his big toe. I was so glad to get them all tucked up safely in bed lol

AprilMeadow Fri 02-Jul-10 12:56:06

Please add yourself to this thread if you are able to make the meet up at mine on the new date.

Need to start planning food etc otherwise it will be here before you know it and i wont have enough stuff

Done smile

How did Jack get on in his sports day?

MrsJB, how are you lovie? You are quiet. Are you travelling this weekend? I meant to say I too had a blub reading about your gorgeous waltz but I got too distracted by my own self-pity. blush I can imagine a church full of colours on Wednesday. I shall have a quiet moment of reflection next week and celebrate both hers and Dave's short but sunny lives.

<squishes down next to Gin on her lovely new sofa>, I hope you are feeling a little better? It does sound horrendous, have you called your GP/hospital to make sure it is par for the course? I don't remember mine being that bad.

Kings of Leon envy Sorry about the early waking though Jamster. I reckon only another year month to go and he will have got the hang of it.

Have you found that snake yet Pebble?

I'm OK TMAM... my sister arrived for a few days on Thursday so haven't had much chance to get on. I will think of your friend too on Wednesday. sad We are travelling back over night on Monday, have a 5.30am ferry booked from Calais so should be down south by lunch time Tuesday.

AM was it a "real" sports day? or a UK everyone wins no ones a loser sprots day. hmm Did Jack have a good time? Can't wait to see you, not long now... whooop!

AprilMeadow Sat 03-Jul-10 10:40:24

Jack did really well at his sports day thank you. Each class is split into teams (red, green, blue & purple) and you do a series of events (hopping, egg&spoon, throw the bean bag etc) and from that you get a winning team per class. Then at the end they have a running race - boys in one and girls in another. This is the only totally competitive event of the morning and they award a sticker to 1,2&3 and everyone else gets a 'well done'.

Hope the journey on Monday is a smooth one for you & will be thinking of you all on Wednesday MrsJB.

Just over 2 weeks and i will be with you

Pebblemum Sun 04-Jul-10 11:00:09

I found Syd but then he escaped again, the little bugger was escaping through the air holes. We are now digging out Ethan's fish tank so we can make a better home as it seems he will be with us a little bit longer.

I wish sports days went back to how they used to be. Ours were always so much fun and it didnt matter if you were last, of course no one wanted to be and so they all put in maximum effort but it didnt matter in the slightest. Each child had a race/sport they were good at and so that was the main event they were entered into so they had a good chance of winning. Also the whole school took part but now its done year by year seperately sad Not the same

I am now off to brave Asda, i must be mad, then i think i will lounge in the hot tub and leave Dh to cook dinner lol

Good luck with the long journey tomorrow MrsJB.

Sports day for B and J and is on Thursday. Luckily for us we are about 20 years behind the UK so it's plain old fashioned run as fast as you can races here. smile

Good Luck for journey MrsJB. Still thinking of you xxx

Tils has her playschool sports day tomorrow. She is very excited. Ferg has slept through three nights in row - whoop whoop !

Hi to everyone else.

AM - I would love to come to the meet up but just need to sort out logistics/whether DH is coming etc. What normally happens ? What time does it start/finish ? Just trying to work out whether it makes more sense to stay over somewhere on the Sunday night or the Monday night. We have some friends in Fordingbridge so we're trying to tie in a visit to them at some point

AprilMeadow Sun 04-Jul-10 19:13:11

Well done to Fergus!!

Last year everyone started arriving from about 12ish and stayed for as long as they wanted, was about 5-6pm i think. It's pretty much an open house all day. The girls are in nursery for the morning so that i can get on and sort things out.

Thanks AM. DH is going to call his friend tomorrow and try and make arrangements. Should be able to confirm for definite in the next couple of days smile Would love to meet everyone

Ooooo Tils, you MUST come, I'm dying to meet you too. I may even wear heels wink

Heels ?? And foundation ?? wink

That might be a step too far for me. grin

JamInMyWellies Mon 05-Jul-10 13:44:33

Tilly come, would be lovely to meet you.

MrsJB, thinking of you all today and sending special rainbow kisses to your little angel Amelia.

JamInMyWellies Wed 07-Jul-10 08:50:50

Mrs JB thinking of you today. xx

AprilMeadow Wed 07-Jul-10 09:09:30

Thinking of you all today MrsJB xxx

charleymouse Wed 07-Jul-10 11:20:39

MrsBiffa thinking of you and yours today. If you don't mind I have lit a candle for Amelia.

TMAM thinking of your friend.

DDs sports day today, we have discussed how important it is to cheer your team on. grin

Hope everyone is well. Take care CM

It has just started raining here and there is actually a rainbow smile

((((((Mrs JB))))))

AprilMeadow Wed 07-Jul-10 19:46:06

MrsJB, i hope Amelia's Rainbow Celebration was a brightly coloured beautiful day. Have been thinking of all of you all day and especially at 2pm x

largeginandtonic Wed 07-Jul-10 19:55:41

MrsJB hope today went as well as it possibly could. Have been thinking of you all.

Heels? Are you mad. Don't all start dressing up fgs. I will be in flip flops. The children may or may not be dressed.

Well done Fergus. Good boy.

Jammy how are the reprebates?

Sports day here x5. It can feck off. My enthusiasm has crashed and burned. Nice to hear you all talk so sweetly of it. I give you a few years wink

Am knackered. Not sleeping well. Back playing up < old > Still dh home every night (mostly) so am 2 parent family again.

He has a big exam next week. Jonah's Birthday in fact. Court the next day < holds breath >

All a bit fecking chaotic for my liking. AND my insurance renewal just came through.

They are charging me TWICE as much as last year as i reversed in to some twat (barely a dimple) and have taken my 8 years no claims and replaced it with *3*. FFS.

I am phoning round. Bastards. No points. 1st claim EVER!

I am ranting aren't i?


Bluebell currently pissing herself at The Simpsons. That's not right is it? For a 17 month old < arf >

JamInMyWellies Wed 07-Jul-10 20:38:56

MrsJB (((hug)))

Reprebates are in bed thank god! I have a horrible graze and bruise on the top of my foot ankle bit from slipping and almost landing in the stream. While trying to take the shmoopoo to the water to try and wash the fox poo off him, oh and while also holding the buggy and A on his scooter. GAH. Does anyone want them job lot will chuck in a DH too?

An off to the brilliant 3 foot festival in Chelmsford tom. It a fab thing for children under 5 massive sand box water play loads of arty stuff, yoga and loads more. Boys should love it.

I am already fatigued with sports days and havent even started them with my own children. Nannying really ruined my enthusiasm for lots of things.

Tilly well done Ferg, can he teach the shmoks a little something about sleeping. I am far to familiar with 5am.

TMAM not long till you head over here. grin

LG&T our car insuranc eis due next month, why is it always so blardy expensive. DH and I are practically geriatrics and it still costs an arm and a leg.

Have just bought myself some gladiator sandals, am I now desending into mutton territory?

AprilMeadow Thu 08-Jul-10 08:39:33

LG&T I have a question regarding positional talipes....

Did the dc's who had it have any issues with putting weight on their feet? I ask because Lucy WILL NOT put any weight on her feet at all! If you hold her up to try and get her to 'stand' she lifts her legs/feet up as if she has trodden on something.. She is happy to be in the jumparoo although i dont think her feet are flat on the floor even when she is in it..

Not sure if i should be worrying or not..

JamInMyWellies Thu 08-Jul-10 08:54:45

AM I wouldnt worry, there is a lady on shmoks thread who has just seen a pead as her daughter 20mths will not do this. They have told her at the moment to continue to encourage. Also my niece wouldnt weight bear atall then at 14mths suddenly just started wallking. So I would say she is maybe a wee bit to young to worry. Obviously I am no expert in these things. If oyu are concerned I would go see your GP.

AprilMeadow Thu 08-Jul-10 09:16:42

I'm not normally one to worry but having seen LOADS of babies younger than Lucy, crawling/cruising/standing i started to worry a little. I know they all do things in their own time and i shouldnt compare her to J&E BUT i do/have and she is quite behind them in a few things... That said, she is very contented and happy to just sit and play and i know that when she does get mobile that i will need eyes in my arse!

Might pop her down to the hv clinic this morning to see if they have any advice (wont hold my breath though!)

largeginandtonic Thu 08-Jul-10 12:46:29

Poor you Jammy. You can't cry like when you were 5 either can you? Blardy dogs and children. Have fun at the festival!

AM i wouldn't worry yet. None of mine that had PT had any issues. DD1 just needed high boots for when she first walked to support her ankles. She was up walking at 1, so were the others. Blue was 10 months!

Sports day survived - notch.
Last day of school for B & J - notch.
Last school assembly D- notch.
Riding lesson - notch
Bags packed - nothch
3 x hire cars booked - notch
2 flights checked in - notch
family day out at legoland booked - notch

Still to do
Speech day (and you though sports day was bad enough)
Pay the staff
Sort out the animals
Deal with the builders

Lordy it's a wonder anyone bothers going on holiday. <knackered>

Jammy sounds like you have really been in the wars you country girl. Enjoy your festival. smile

What anniversary celebrations do you have tonight Gin?

Did you see the HV april?

AprilMeadow Thu 08-Jul-10 20:14:14

Very impressive TMAM!!

Spoke to the hv and she wasnt overly worried but has said to come back in a month and see how she is progressing. She wasnt worried about the PT and said that as she was still achieving other milestones that she wasnt concerned that it was a developmental problem.

Thanks for putting mind at ease.

JamInMyWellies Thu 08-Jul-10 20:23:08

Yeah good news AM

Mrs JB if you are lurking came across this earlier and wondered whether it might be something your 3 might watch and understand. sesame street and elmo on when families grieve

TMAM that sounds exhausting.

LG&T am sure DH is buttering you up for your anniversary with some yummy cocktails.

DOes anyone wonder why they bother sometimes. I hunted high and low even went on netmums shock to get tickets for the 3ft festival today. A was an absolute beast and I spent the entire day hissing at him.

DH has arrived home with scallops for dinner and a secret. Which he told me as he is rubbish at secrets. He phoned my mum today and asked her would her and dad look after the monsters while he took me to NY for our wedding anniversary in Jan. shock grin

AprilMeadow Thu 08-Jul-10 20:37:10

Awwww Jam how very sweet of J

Pebblemum Thu 08-Jul-10 21:49:43

Hope everything went as well as it could on wednesday MrsJb, was thinking of you all xx

I decided to give potty training another go this week. So far every time i have tried it Ive had to stop after a couple of days due to A just not being ready. On Monday I put her in knickers and since then she has only worn a nappy at night (which is still dry in the morning grin) and has only had one accident and that was my fault. She even had a poo on the potty which was something E always seemed too scared to do. She is so pleased with herself she keeps flashing her knickers to everyone and bragging what a big girl she is lol.

I had a phone call from the pre-school today, A has her place starting in September. She will be doing the 9-12 session which will fit in a bit better with taking E, the other session offered was 1-4 but then id have to wait around for 45mins after picking E up and i dont fancy doing that in the middle of winter. She is so excited. I now have to buy her the uniform so she feels like a proper schoolgirl smile
It will feel strange not having her here every day but at the same time im looking forward to it, she is sooo ready to start.

I had E's school report yesterday and was very pleased with him. He is doing really well at everything although they reckon he is quite shy when it comes to speaking up in front of the whole class, he is ok in pairs or small groups though. To me that doesnt sound anything like him, he is one of the loudest in our street lol. It is his sports day next week, oh joy wink J had his Monday and although i was invited i 'forgot' (oops) He didnt mind, in fact i dont think he even noticed! He has an award ceremony coming up so i will definately be going to that though. I figure I have been to every other sports day of his so missing one isnt too bad and then next year he will be too old to have his mummy there watching him.

I watched Eclipse last night, bloody brilliant. I am so glad im not bella id never be able to choose, Edward is soo lovely and Jacob has a body to die for (although is it wrong for a 32yr old to think that about a 17yr old lol) Ive told dh that once the 4th film is released he is to buy the complete set for me grin Hes seen it too but wasnt impressed, i dont think there was enough blood and guts in it for him hmm

hello all

Thank you so much for all your beautiful wishes and messages about Amelia. Wednesay was both the hardest and most beautiful thing we have ever been a part of. They wanted it to be a celebration of her short life and it really was. 600 people came to celebrate and say goodbye with us. Her coffin was the prettiest little thing, with painted faires and flowers all over it, she was already in church (closed coffin) so that everyone including her school friends etc.. could pay their respects if they wanted to as they arrived. Her year group were there, they sang a beautiful song for her and 3 of her friends read out poems. K & C both talked about Amelia, how on earth they got through their speeches I will never know. Truly Amazing. Her brownie pack were there in uniform and the church was decorated with collages and paintings and poems all over the walls. Everyone wore their rainbow colours as requested. It was just the perfect mix of sadness, joy and inspiration.

She will never be forgotten and always in our hearts, for us the most special little girl we will ever know.

So, now we are on our way home, well, we are delayed on Dover docks but the coach sat next door has wi-fi... result

Hope everyone is OK, haven't really read everything going on, Sorry

AM can't wait to see you. We did wave tonight on the past.

Jam thank you for the link, I've had a quick look but at 56minutes, will be a watch for another day. I think the kids will benefit though, thanks.x

Long journey ahead, sleeping tomorrow.

Well done MrsJB on getting through such a tough week. April and girls can give you some welcome distraction soon. smile

I am here, in the same place as you all are. We survived our 10 hour flight. smile

We are having a lovely time at my bros. But where is all this heat you have been talking of? wink

I know, can't wait..... I'm dying for a Lucy squidge, I haven't seen her yet! Sunday, THIS Sunday!! grin

AprilMeadow Mon 12-Jul-10 20:54:58

wooooooooooooooooooooooo hooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

JamInMyWellies Tue 13-Jul-10 09:51:40

How exciting AM.

JamInMyWellies Tue 13-Jul-10 15:38:30

OOOOhhhh exciting exciting my bezzy mate from NY and my DSIS in San Fran are surprisingly arriving for visits in the next few weeks. Am so excited I may pee my pants. Well I may have already peed them. Must do kegals.

AprilMeadow Tue 13-Jul-10 19:01:53

Oh how exciting & lovely to see them again Jammy!!

charleymouse Fri 16-Jul-10 01:52:21


Why are family so crap. angry Will post re blardy family when have stopped seeing red; and breath.

Just looked at the what drew you into MN thread and did a search to see what did draw me in and found posts from 2006 "due in May 2007" and it just reminded me how much support you guys have given me over the last few years. From finding out I was having twins to the realisation I wasn't. sad

So THANK-YOU ladies for helping me along this path and being here when I need you and I apologise for not being here as much as I should. I would hate to see this thread die off so giving it a bump.

TMI alert:
Just in case you were wondering what the blardy hell is CM doing up at this time she is constipated and waiting for a number 2 to edge out without aggravating the piles. blush grin

AprilMeadow Fri 16-Jul-10 10:43:24

Hi Ladies

Happy Friday!!

Am almost packed ready for my trip to MrsJB's! I have checked in online and am currently printing my boarding passes

Been quite bust the last few weeks nothing specific just things plus a few work related bits and bobs.

I cant believe that this time next week my baby will have completed his first year at school!! His report was brilliant <<not biased in anyway>>. To be an 'average' child you had to get 6 out of 9 across 13 areas. He got 2x6's, 3x7's, 4x8's & 4x9's I am so proud of him and just needed to boast share

AprilMeadow Fri 16-Jul-10 20:28:37

for bust read BUSY

charleymouse Mon 19-Jul-10 16:28:12

Well done J, I can't quite believe they have finished a year AM. Have a good trip and give MJB a hug from me.

I'm afraid the meet up is a no go as we have booked a last minute break to CP. Not sure whether to be gutted or excited. Poor DH tho, they cancelled DDs sports day due to rain and have rearranged it for his 40th. [
Grin] We had planned a nice day out with lunch and now we are going to sit in the local park watching sports day.

LGT how was court? DHs exam and Js birthday? And the anniversary celebrations?

Jam it is the law of sod they would rather play in hhe garden than participate in your carefully arranged activities.

TMAM can you tick some of my boxes please? Have loads to do and just to lazy hot.

PM well done on the reports and the potty training.

MJB so glad everything went well, how are the DCs coping? Hope you and AM are having a lovely time.

TSM and PJ, AL fancy a mini meet over the summer?

Oh I beg of you, now we know Scoot is alive and well and hiding in FB shall we coax her back here?

You too SOH. I've seen you posting on other threads.

My Mum has gone away for the summer, (She always does) and she had not seen the DCs for weeks. I rang her to check when she was off and she informed me she was babysitting her friends grandkids that night. She hadn't seen her own for weeks. And would be off in the next few days, could she have the DCs before she went? No ringing to tell me when she was off or asking to see them until I rang her, she won't be back until Sept. I can't arrange Hs christening whilst she is away but she then told me she might come back for her cousins sons wedding party. Not even the blardy wedding as she is not invited but just drinks at her. Cousins house to celebrate the wedding. Priorities hmm.

Also had a massive bust up with SIL who in the middle of a row when I asked her not to swear on my childrens life (she was lying about something) turned on me and said "After all I did for you when your baby died" shock angry sad

Any way hope everyone ok and hope to see you next year at the annual meadows towers feast.
I am still so upset about it, DH is hopping mad.

charleymouse Wed 21-Jul-10 20:00:34

<<sniffs armpits for BO>>

JamInMyWellies Wed 21-Jul-10 20:04:27

It's your cheesy feet Charley. grin

charleymouse Wed 21-Jul-10 20:30:26

right just been in shower and put peppermint foot lotion on. Smell all fresh and lovely. Good enough to eat, even though I do say so myself.

charleymouse Fri 23-Jul-10 20:00:55

<<sniffs cheesy feet>>

Well sat here at CP with a glass of vino watching a tame rabbit (dropped off by kids in villa next to us sad) meet his wild friends, tempted to sing Bright Eyes but it always makes me cry. I'm just concerned his domesticated groomed look is only gonna get him picked out as not from round these parts boy.

Hope everyone is well, any hints & tips on how to survive the sumer hols much appreciated. Blardy sports day was cancelled again yesterday.

Oh DD told me yesterday that (insert name of school friend) mum had a soft smooth bottom like a little girls because she is fit and slim whereas mine is fluffy as I am fat and unfit. To be fair she may be right as the CS overhang does make cutting the grass more tricky grin. I did explain her friends mum just trims hers but she looked a bit doubtful about it.

Charley grin. I tell you, our parents are a spoilt and lost generation. Very selfish wink However tell dh I am very cross I won't be seeing you on Monday. Have fun in CP.

I'm in Dorset, but where did the summer go?

We went to France and had fun, got rained on, watched the REAL Tour de France, it was rather amazing (sorry Tils) I picked up a newspaper for your dh, but now I see you are not coming to the meet sad. I'll have to give it to PC plod. grin

Inspite of strikes we made it back, then today we survived Legoland, even without my dad, April, he only went and fell off his bike at the beginning of the week and broke his arm! We had a super super time, it was really great fun and we all went on loads of things and the dc declared that Miniland was the best bit shock. They are so innocent.

So now I am in a flat, I now have to do the washing up, take the washing out of the machine and do the ironing. I beg of you what kind of a holiday is this?

AprilMeadow Sat 24-Jul-10 07:15:57

Oh no TMAM your poor Dad!! Glad you survived the Land of Lego! Jack LOVES MiniLand - we can spend hours there... sometimes i try to avoid it lol

Charley, have a wonderful time in CP. We are off for a week there in August and last night i booked to go away at the start of the Feb half term for a weekend. Was looking online at the Treehouse Villas at Sherwood...... OMG!!!!! Beautiful BUT ££££££'s! For a week (cant remember when) it was £3599 or a weekend was £2799!!

Had a wonderful time at MrsJB's. Had it extended by 2 days due to the air traffic strike. The children played really nicely. We went to a beautiful lake where the kids could swim and play on the beach area, went to a softplay place that Lucy loved and spent a lot of time in the huge swimming pool! The weather was mostly baking . AND i got to see the famous cupboard - will post pics later

AprilMeadow Mon 26-Jul-10 18:31:18

What a lovely afternoon we had Was great to see you and sorry that there were some that couldnt make it.

Jam, how is dh?

Jam what's going on with dh? Is he ok? Have you got help with the boys? x

JamInMyWellies Thu 29-Jul-10 08:23:21

DH is ok. He has had loads of tests lumbar punctures and CT scans but they think its a migrane or just unexplained. Hopefully he will come home today. The boys have been looked after by the outlaws. Cheers for asking.

Still gutted about MOnday hope you all had a lovely time. x

JamInMyWellies Thu 29-Jul-10 21:31:03

DH still in hossie. They are now back to thinking its a TIA (mini stroke). He is utterly fed up and just wants to come home.

Poor him and you. I hope he is soon home.

AprilMeadow Fri 30-Jul-10 08:23:20

You poor things! I hope they are able to give you the results very soon. Lots of love to you both xx

Jam, I hope DH is on the mend soon and that you get some answers. Lots of love to you all. xx

AprilMeadow Sun 01-Aug-10 14:34:13

Any more news Jam? Is J back at home with you?

We have had the bug in our house this weekend! I spent 4 hours on the big white phone on Friday night which was not pleasant! I havent been sick for about 3 years so i guess it was my time again.. Jack was up at 23.30 having been sick in his bed, thankfully just the one though. Made it through yesterday although felt very tired as hadnt eaten since lunchtime on Friday.

Thankfully we are all back up to full health, dh is the only one to have been spared it.

Lucy is in full on speed demon crawling mode and is really trying to pull herself up onto anyone and anything she can. Very cute!

How is everyone else doing?

JamInMyWellies Mon 02-Aug-10 12:48:09

AM hope you are all feeling better.

DH home, infact back to work today. Contracting sucks if he is ill no pay so we lost alot of money last wk.

He is absoloutely fine. Dr's are struggling to give a proper diagnosis all test have come back clear which is great but he has to go back in for an eeg and a couple of other things but that can be done as an outpatient.

Am now playing catch up after not doing loads of things last wk. Have just spent 2 hours dead heading all my pots and sweeping up the garden, dull.

charleymouse Wed 04-Aug-10 23:22:11

TMAM could you not bring the help with you for a holiday? Sorry to miss you this year.

Jam so sorry to hear about your DH, hope he is feeling better.

April glad you are feeling better. When we went in April we had to stop at the treehouse building site each day for G to admire the digger and the trenches for the pipework for the treehouses. Looks like they are progressing now though. Not due back now until new year. Think DH is CPd out grin.

MJB is your cupboard getting much summer hols use? Think I may have t get one myself.

Whilst at CP I left H for the first time. I went for some grown up time with DH in the spa - until the time out club rang and said she had woken from her nap and had been crying and would not settle. Twas nice whilst it lasted though.

Put DD1 and DS into nursery today and went out for the day with DH suit shopping for a christening we are godparents at. I have yet to get myself kitted out. Any advice from you fashionistas much appreciated. What does a fat lumpy 40 year old who may need to breastfeed wear to a christening, apart from a hat as I love hats and will wear one at the drop of one IYSWIM. May get to wear it twice as have got Hs christening in September as well and different people at each one.

Hope everyone is okay.

JamInMyWellies Sat 07-Aug-10 19:30:41
Pebblemum Sun 08-Aug-10 01:47:33

hello all

Does anyone know anything about fighting banks over unauthorised direct debits??? Back in May 06, Dh was going to set up a direct debit using our joint account with Nationwide, the company it was for sent him a form to sign with all the details on but at the last minute dh changed his mind and used a different account with a different bank and so we shredded the form and were under the impression that that was the end of it until 2months later i got a letter from Nationwide telling me that i was being charged for an unpaid direct debit. I went to see them, told them it should never have been set up and they supposedly cancelled it. The following month i got another letter saying that as i hadnt paid the charges from the previous month that i now owed more and that the direct debit had once again gone unpaid and therefore i had that charge to pay on top too. Cue another trip to the bank where i once again explained the direct debit should never have been set up, i even put it in writing yet still the following month i got another shitty letter. This went on until i wrote a very verbal letter to head office threatening to take legal action if the matter wasnt sorted and the account closed. For the past four years i have heard nothing about it until last week when i got a letter from a debt collection agency asking for £439. I went to speak to the manager at Nationwide, who after trying to look back into it all decided she couldnt do anything and that i would need to phone head office. After 3 attempts and 56mins on the phone i found out the account is still open and the direct debit was still set up, yet i havent had so much as a single letter/statement regarding the account in 4yrs and Nationwide now have to try to trace all records to see what can be done. If anyone has any advice i would be very grateful. I think once this is sorted i will be looking for another bank which is a shame as ive been with them for 21yrs and the kids account are with them too but this has really annoyed us.

On a lighter note Ive been looking at LG&Ts pics of the meet up on fb, its hard to believe that when we all first 'met' none of the little ones were around, hasnt the past few years just flown by? A has her dates for all her visits in regards to starting pre-school and on Tuesday we are going to the open evening so she can meet her 'teachers'. She is so excited, she cant wait. I know she is more than ready but its horrible thinking she is at that stage in life already. I was watching her play with E and D today and she just looked so grown up, a lot older than 3sad They just dont seem to stay babies for long.

Speaking of which D is an absolute nightmare, i swear he is part monkey, the way he just seems to be able to climb absolutely anything. He has just found out he can climb the stairgate although luckily he hasnt been able to get right over but i know it wont be long, he is so determined. I definately know i have him lol.

I hope everyone is well and enjoying the summer hols even though the weather has been pretty crap some days, typical british summer lol

All back home safe and sound. I don't know whether to feel happy or sad.

How is dh Jam? Have you had a fab time with your best friend and dsis?

April are you over your bug?

How were the beardy weirdies SOH? It looked like you all had a fab time. And how did court go LG&T?

Did you get an outfit Charley?

AprilMeadow Mon 09-Aug-10 09:18:29

Glad you made it home safe & sound TMAM.

Yes thank you am now over the bug which is good. Was nasty and didnt help with the other thing either ;-)

Jam, how are things with you?

MrsJB, are you enjoying having all the family over?

LG&T, you look like you are having a great time camping!

Charley are you all sorted? What did you go for in the end?

SOH, we NEED to see pictures of the new do!

We are off to Center Parcs today for the week which is nice, although i have so much to do as we only got back from the touring cars at Snetterton late last night. I'm waiting for clothes to go through the machine an then have to try and work out what food to take. Would be much better if i could feel a little more motivated in the mornings.

Lucy is all over the place at the moment and is babbling away. She can say things that sound like 'garden' 'duck' 'what is it' and 'lucy'. All very cute and she knows it!

How is everyone else and are you surviving the summer holidays?

JamInMyWellies Mon 09-Aug-10 09:33:01

AM is there something you need to tell us??? Unmotivated in the morning, pukey bug???

Shattered here does anyone want shmoks? Back tyo rubbish sleeping. He is really cute during the day and lovely but the nights are a horrible. DH decided that we are going to go on a holiday this summer after all. grin So we are looking all over for places to go, Cuba is looking pretty good.

CAnt help you with any of those bank troubles Pebble. But I would suggest you contact the financial ombudsmen they should be able to help.

How is everyone else??

Hi all. Hope everyone is well.

Jam - how is DH doing ? I've always fancied going to Cuba. Am v envy

AM - hope you're feeling better smile

Charley - how are you doing ? Will fb you about meeting up if you're still up for it ? If you're brave enough to start a thread in S&B, you'll get some fab ideas. Will happily have a look but I'm far from a fashionista

Gin - love the camping pics. You are very crazy brave. We did lots of camping pre-dc's but need a bigger tent

TMAM - glad you enjoyed your trip

I'm off to get Ferg weighed for the first time in months. He eats almost as much as Tils (who is far from shy when it comes to grub) so I'm hoping he's not toooo hefty

Pebblemum Wed 11-Aug-10 11:25:54

Morning, i havent had D weighed since before Christmas, suppose I should really just to update his record book, Im supposed to get A weighed every two months to keep a check on her weight. she is still tiny and i wouldnt be suprised if D weighs more than her already lol.

A went to visit her new pre-school yesterday and she absolutely loved it. Her 'teacher' has been there ever since J went 10yrs ago, the poor woman has had all 3 of mine so far, and she is a butterfly which is the same group her brothers were in smile She came home singing about what fun she had lol. She doesnt start properly until 20th Sept so I think she will be driving me mad by then, she wants to go back today and cant understand why she cant grin

Hope everyone is well.

charleymouse Tue 17-Aug-10 00:04:24

OMFG G shat in the pool today. shock blush

Told the lifeguard and then legged it. She went oh my god thank god its the little pool, and it all got sectioned off.

<<hangs head in shame and embarassment>>

waves hello to everyone, thank goodness we are over halfway through the hols.

Any plans for the birthday Ginny?
No outfit yet TMAM. How is it to be home?
Jen how many teeth? H does't have any yet.
TSM darent post in S & B but am shopping this week with hair cut/coloured on Friday, yes can meet up having a few days away next week in Sunny Newcastle.
Jam how is DH? any news?
April how was CP? do you fancy a treehouse we saw them being built at Sherwood and they look fab.
MJB how are you and is the cupboard worn out yet. I think I may have to invest in one.
Pebble no advice sorry, funny things tho, MIL once wrote a cheque in my DHs cheque book signed it in her name and it came out of DHs account, could not believe it.
Abbey how do you teach? They would drive me mad all day.
SKY are you busy with the childminding?
Any sign of Scoot yet? are you still FBing Scoot, how ae the girls?

Hope you are all well night night.

AprilMeadow Tue 17-Aug-10 15:38:17

ROFL Charley, that is hilarious and mortifying all at the same time!

CP was lovely as usual although very tiring as Lucy was teething badly and i got nearly no sleep at night. I have looked at the TreeHouse Villas but changed my mind when they told me how expensive they were! £2799 for a weekend and £3599 for a week shock

Wading through washing here at Meadow Towers at the mo and wondering if i will ever see the bottom of the baskets...

Away again this weekend at Silverstone for the Touring Cars and hoping for a much better weekend than the last meet as both our cars were wiped out in the second race
LG&T I have tickets for you and your brother for Brands on the 10th October

AprilMeadow Tue 17-Aug-10 22:32:32

So..... for those of you dont know..... I'm pregnant!!!

charleymouse Tue 17-Aug-10 23:49:35

woohoo congratulations AM. grin Could it be twins? grin

AprilMeadow Wed 18-Aug-10 08:16:26

Goodness me i hope not.... 4 will be plenty

JamInMyWellies Wed 18-Aug-10 12:12:54


SKYTVADDICT Wed 18-Aug-10 22:03:51

Aaargh! I just did a long post and blardy computer cut out!

Anyway, hello everyone.

Very many congratulations AM, 4 is fun.

Busy with the childminding, paperwork coming out of ears and so is washing from going on hols.

Enough said for now. I am trying not to sink!

Bye for now x

AprilMeadow Fri 27-Aug-10 21:51:48

Struggling with a 4 letter baby name....

So far like:
Hugo, Luke, Rhys, Finn
Kate, Tess,Thea

Why did we give all the kids a 4 letter name, its so damn hard to find another!


How are you all?

LG&T im sorry that you are having issues with twatty knobhead again! I hope that he doesnt get to change the date.

What's everyone else doing??

JamInMyWellies Sun 29-Aug-10 16:21:33

Why all 4 letters AM? Hows the ms any easier?

Busy busy here. Just got back from good friends in the Midlands they are expecting their first in a few weeks. Think we may have terrified them. Shmoks woke at 5.30 (lie in) and did his usual screamathon for 30 mins. grin

So we booked our hols the other week decided to give Cuba a miss for another yr or so until the boys are bigger. We got a great deal to Florida flights, villa and car hire for the same price as a all inc 3* to Turkey. Have made DH promise that we will only do a couple of the theme parks as the thought of going every day brings me out in hives. Also I reckon in a few yrs the boys will enjoy theme parks better so Disney and Busch Gardens only. Then lots of beach action.

Everyone ready for the back to school? I have weirdly really enjoyed these holidays. Even though we havent been mega busy spent alot of time just hanging out with my boys which has been fab. A really seems to be growing up which is sad but also lovely. Shmoks is still mental and doesnt sleep what more can I say.

Hope you are all well.

AprilMeadow Sun 29-Aug-10 17:15:24

Because the other 3 are all four letters JAM

OOh how exciting!! You will have a great time in Florida. Am looking forward to our trip in May even though i will have a 3wk old baby!

JamInMyWellies Sun 29-Aug-10 20:22:02

I realise that AM grin just wondered if their was any other significance as to why you chose 4 letter names.

We may be in Florida too at some point next year. It would be v spooky if we all ended up there at the same time. grin

AprilMeadow Mon 30-Aug-10 18:38:58

LOL We didnt set out to have 4 letter names but after having J&E we felt we should continue it... Now wishing we hadnt as its so hard!!

How cool would that be TMAM..

JamInMyWellies Wed 01-Sep-10 13:46:42

Oi you lot!

Posh but terrible trendy wedding in a couple of weeks what do you think about this will i look like mutton

largeginandtonic Wed 01-Sep-10 14:18:34

Mutton. hahaha

No i have no idea the link wont open. Do it again.

My birthday was a non birthday as dh sailed tha morning and i was miserable. Fecking Navy.

AM the tickets!!! Wahooo. Will give him a text right now. How are you Mrs sick?

I think Hugo (natch) and Kate or Tess. Twins called Hugo and Kate would be so so cute.

Jam is dh ok now?

JamInMyWellies Wed 01-Sep-10 14:55:43

Oh bog it why wont it work? Go to the ted baker website and put n butterfly playsuit. Its a silky playsuit am scared it will look like pyjamas.

DH is fine no lasting effects. grin

Feckin Navy. sad

Hey all

AM - congratulations grin I agree with LG&T on names - Hugo, Tess and Kate are my favourites from your list. I also love Faye, Anna and Beth and Alex, Seth and Noah. I love baby names. I will definitely not have need for any more though. DH goes into to hospital on the 4th October <<snip snip>> sad confused

Jam- playsuit is gorgeous envy

Ooo playsuit looks lovely. I couldn't wear it as I have nothing in the norkage dept. What will you wear over/with?

largeginandtonic Wed 01-Sep-10 19:11:21

Ooooh the playsuit is blardy lovely! High heels and it will look amazing.

Do it.

AprilMeadow Wed 01-Sep-10 19:53:20

Playsuit is gorgeous JAM!!!

LG&T whats the latest on knobface? Hugo and Kate are my top names at the mo although not as a twin set

Tilly, I like Anna but DB's gf has that name so would be a bit weird esp as they have been together for a long while. Noah is on the list but dh is not so keen. Which procedure is your dh having? C has been looking at the 15 minute non reversible one - even sent me a link to a cartoon video of what they do EWWWWWW. He will be booking in as soon as he can after baby arrives

OMG i feel sick as a pig - cast your minds back to how i felt with L and its now on a par Nauseous ALL my waking hours.. 9wks now though and will hopefully have a scan date for just after Lucy's birthday. J&E havent officially been told, however they are still banging on about having a boy baby and this morning Ella 'kissed' the baby boy in my tummy......

LG&T, will post the tickets nearer the time to save the faff of legging it to the gate to let you in

largeginandtonic Wed 01-Sep-10 20:18:45

Aww i wanted to see you waddle leg it grin

The sickness is so grim. I do feel for you chick. I am thinking girl tbh.

I am back on the fat thread. Dh gone and i am back to 10st 8lb shock


largeginandtonic Wed 01-Sep-10 20:19:59

Tills jump him before the op! You still have time grin

ShowOfHands Wed 01-Sep-10 20:41:10

The playsuit's fabulous. Work well for during the day and then in the evening you could change into this though lord only knows why that woman has a banana down her pants.

I know bugger all about fashion. I would wear the same to a posh wedding as I would to a common as muck wedding. Namely, a straw hat and a grin.

AM, did you know that dh spent most of the meet-up mumbling 'look AM's having a 4th, why can't we have a 2nd'. I hold you entirely responsible.

I like Noah, Saul, Seth, Arlo, Hugo, Finn, Luka and Kate, Tess, Emma, Roxy. I like 3 syllable names best and know if we had a couple more they'd had 3 syllables each and then I'd be tied to it as 'theme' iyswim. I need to have lots of pigs really so that I can have a Josephine, Meredith, Miriam, Josiah, Solomon, Barnaby and Phineas.

Breaking news today, for Christmas dd wants a brother. It's more likely than a Barbie doll, less likely than a book. I've told her not to hold her breath.

<waves at assembled May 07ers>

ShowOfHands Wed 01-Sep-10 20:42:21

they'd have, atrocious grammar.

largeginandtonic Wed 01-Sep-10 20:47:02

How was camping?

Did you wera the dress to the garden party dooda?

Whe are you coming to see me? Is Tilda going to playschool? If not then you need to catch a train at once.

largeginandtonic Wed 01-Sep-10 20:51:20

I just won this for Tilda. It is SO her i couldn't not.

ShowOfHands Wed 01-Sep-10 21:01:04

Oh God that dress! Why isn't it in my size?

Camping was a bit Kiss Me Quick actually. Went to the coast on Sunday, took the tank on some theme parky thing that's been there since 1940 and stood deafened by the thundering music and blinded by the neon candyfloss while she rode an enormous hat wearing snail. Bit like a bad trip.

October for a visit probably? When's half term?

Playschool is a yes but not for a few weeks as we have Stuff To Do iyswim. And she'll only go for a couple of days a week at first as I won't cope with more. Will increase after Christmas.

We've just started looking at schools for her. <tremble>

ShowOfHands Wed 01-Sep-10 21:03:03

Oh yes, garden party. Will post pics on fb anon. The dress was v much admired. People obviously knew it wasn't mine.

largeginandtonic Wed 01-Sep-10 21:06:12

Hahaha. The forms for school have to be in in Nov i think. Wise to look now even though it feels an age away.

Beau still has no confirmed playschool. Must get on that. For me rather than him. I am sick to death of pulling him and Blue off each other. Both play very nicely together ON THEIR OWN < sigh >

Blue sang the entire 'Miss Polly had a dolly' this evening. She is so sweet. When not stealing my shoes and bracelets.

The dog is good though.

Will post the dress when it arrives.

ShowOfHands Wed 01-Sep-10 21:13:34

I'm most annoyed that they don't sing the bill bit at the end of Miss Polly anymore. I like it in a grasping, money-driven kind of way. Of course we're not allowed that in nursery rhymes anymore along with chopping off maiden heads and other archaic references. Yah. Boo. Sucks.

School applications here open on September 15th and as I am not having her go to the local infants (I'd rather let a wild pig teach her tbh), I want to apply asap. There are 3 lovely village primary schools that she can go to and they all feed a lovely village secondary as opposed to the crap primary school where you're fleeced for blades on entry and 7/10 parents have been arrested at the gate for prostitution and/or drugs offences. My bf teaches there and dh arrests there. grin Neither recommends it. And it feeds the local borstal secondary school where the GCSE choices are mugging and swearing. I'm not usually this judgy, but honestly Ofsted have invented a new category of 'just shy of hell' to describe them.

You have a dog now? How does it like that little rat thing you got for your birthday?

largeginandtonic Wed 01-Sep-10 21:20:24

Bugger off.

I am not up to teasing < sniff >

Same here with school. We go from the bloody marvellous to the 'may as well sign my child over to the drug lords now'.

Did you see dh in the DM btw? Hehehe

ShowOfHands Wed 01-Sep-10 21:25:00

Man up fgs.


Shall I write you a story? Would that tip you over the edge?

DM? Linky linky.

ShowOfHands Wed 01-Sep-10 21:30:05

Do you want me to come btw? Can be on a train on Friday...

Just yell you know.

JamInMyWellies Wed 01-Sep-10 21:33:37

Good Lord there is life on the thread. grin

ShowOfHands Wed 01-Sep-10 21:40:23

Don't get too excited Jammy. Might just be the final twitches before it slumps into oblivion.

We used to yabber on all the time though. Tales of shredding, pierced nuns and deep, dark secrets. Happy days.

Maybe we should play truth or dare. That would liven things up.

I'll start by offering you a truth. I have dressed up as both a nun and a French maid. And nobody ran screaming. So I am chalking both up as successes.

JamInMyWellies Wed 01-Sep-10 21:42:01

grin FFS you should have warned me there would be hinging willie syndrome in that photo.

JamInMyWellies Wed 01-Sep-10 21:44:01

hmm why are my smileys not working?

ShowOfHands Wed 01-Sep-10 21:46:51

I really want to know what they're doing in the middle of the day on a patio dressed like that.

What will you be wearing with this playsuit? How do you wee? Do you have to strip? Where do you keep your raisins/crayons/spare toy? I need large pockets, not clinging silk.

JamInMyWellies Wed 01-Sep-10 21:50:11

oh now they are, weird.

largeginandtonic Wed 01-Sep-10 21:53:27

Cant link really. Game away and all that.

Will fb

A chamber maid eh? And a nun. Has dh dressed up as anything other than a PC?

I am not in to anything atm. No period in 9 weeks. I think it is 9 weeks. Not pregnant. Stress from all the court debacle i would think. Or i am dying of some bizzare period stopping tumour.

Must not google, must not google.

JamInMyWellies Wed 01-Sep-10 21:53:36

Christ didnt even think about peeing.

The bride declared it a child free wedding. So no need for a suitcase full of emergency toys and sweeties. John and I are delighted a night in a hotel sans children.

ShowOfHands Wed 01-Sep-10 22:01:53

You do not have a farking tumour. You're stressed. You know this. And you're also recovering from a miscarriage. Your body is allowed to go into shock from it all. Are you genuinely worried lovey? You don't need to. And no, don't google. It's the devil's work. Go to the GP next week if it's still not here.

DH dressed up as Captain Birdseye once. Well sort of. That Richard Gere outfit in that film where he picks up that woman and strides manfully. You know the one.

Ooh a child-free night. My Mum's booked tickets for me to see RSC's adaptation of Matilda (music by Tim Minchin!) in Stratford as well as a hotel for the night. Tis for my 30th so not until the end of the year but am already scared. Silly really.

Maybe it's not a banana in her pants. It's a receptacle into which she can pee at will.

largeginandtonic Thu 02-Sep-10 08:52:12

Not really worried. Just more of a feeling of dread as i know this is probably start of all the dodgy periods malarky. I think this is the longest gap between babies EVER for me. My body is rebelling grin

Is annoying though.

Peeing is an issue in a playsuit. Just wear a nappy. A non rustling one.

Ooh Officer and Gentleman! Mmmmmm.

I hate the children. I only have the two and it is like hell on earth. They are so bored without the others. I can be faffed to cook for 2 that don't bother eating whatever i make! Seems pointless. Picnic food is ok, right? It's only for a week.

I am bored too. Bored, bored, bored.

You need a job. I am knackered. It's tiring walking around on heels all day and pretending to be clever. You have to have normal conversations with people that don't involve the words 'no' 'what did I just say?' and 'please don't SHOUT'.

And you can't call a pig Barnaby. You just can't.

VirginOnTheRidiculous Thu 02-Sep-10 16:41:06

I will only call him Barnaby when he is being a pickle, otherwise I will call him Barns.

JamInMyWellies Thu 02-Sep-10 21:49:40

A job? TMAM what are you doing I thought you were living the ultimate expat lifestyle? grin

largeginandtonic Fri 03-Sep-10 21:08:11

She is. In heels and lipstick now.

She clatters around a big office with important people.

Has real conversations without ridiculous "Why are you doing that?" comments and "Can you wipe my bum".

At least i hope they don't ask her to do that!!

That about right powers suit lady?

TMAM - do you get to go to the loo without an audience and have a hot drink that you actually drink whilst its still hot ?? envy <<wistful>>. I am seriously considering giving up this SAHM lark. I may well change my mind when Tils gets back to pre-school next week wink

Blimey, I am bored......

largeginandtonic Fri 03-Sep-10 22:11:24

Right back atcha with the bored Tills.

I was chatting to my sis last night on MSN and said i was bored, bored, bored. She said "oh i wish i was bored, i am so busy,here have my essay to do". I had to pint out i didn't need anything else to DO i was VERY busy actually just bored with what i was busy doing hmm

< sigh >

I hear you.... I've got shitloads to do. Its just BORING stuff (I sound like a teenager !). I'm pissed off with DH at the moment so can't be arsed to shag talk to him either

Ho hum

largeginandtonic Fri 03-Sep-10 22:24:54

Shag before snip....


Must go to bed. Am reading a good book.'Future Homemakers of America'. Read it.

Only boring people get bored. wink Didn't you hate it when your mum said that?

It's a very important job, not. With excellent salary, not. And fantastic career opportunities, not. But that is how keen I was to get out of the house. grin. It is nice to wear proper clothes that stay clean all day. And talk to real people about subjects that don't involve any competitive mummying. What I like best about it is that I get to have one of those lovely swipe badges that you have to wear around your neck. grin

The only difficulty is finding time to drink coffee and cake to run.

The two older dc are on a sleepover, blimey it's easy with one isn't it? However he never stops talking. Spiderman, DarthVader, clones, light sabers, naughty dogs. I had to put cbeebies on to shut him up. wink

Has anyone read 'One Day'? I couldn't put it down. I suspect you have to be a certain age to appreciate it properly.

God I must be so boring.

I'm really boring too wink

I ordered One Day from Amazon a couple of months ago and put it somewhere "safe" so I can take it on hols next week. Do you think I can bloody find it ??! I'm so fecking annoyed with myself. I swear I'm going insane

envy of your swipe badge btw

How's everyone ? Gin ? Read about the dog having to go back sad

Ferg is on move. Into everything. Still rubbish at sleeping. Tils is back at pre school tomorrow (hoorah !).

Had a rough and knackering few weeks. My lovely aunty has been diagnosed with lung cancer sad. I have been backwards and forwards to hospital (an hour away) after the dc's are in bed. She is coming out tomorrow so I'll be able to see her at home. She's desperate to see the dc's but they haven't been allowed in the isolation ward she's been in

largeginandtonic Thu 09-Sep-10 11:14:42

Thanks for asking Tills. Am hanging in there.

Just ordered Jillian Michaels 30 day shred DVD. It looks painful. Must do something to tone up the wobbling tummy and thighs. Is beyond a joke.

Dh will come back all lean and fit and i will be a jelly.

Beau starts playschool on 20th Sept. Nice ladies came over to see us. We will see... He has to bloody go. He starts school next Sept. I need a break from him, so does poor old Bellablue. He antagonises her and me. Although she is atrting to get her own back quite a bit now. At last.

Am making bread and not a lot else. Sunny though, should be grateful.

largeginandtonic Thu 09-Sep-10 11:15:51

Oh Tills i am so sorry to hear about your Aunty sad You must be shattered going back and forth. Hope she is home soon and you can take the kids along to see her too.

Tills, so sorry to hear about your Aunty, that's tough. sad
I hope she has managed to get home today.

You absolutely must get One Day, I insist. Go out and buy it again. grin

This working and school run admin pick up nightmare is turning my brain to jelly. Why can't all my dc go to the same school and finish at the same bloody time?

They're not letting her out yet sad Been to see her in hospital today. Bloody vile place...

Glad Beau is in at playschool. It'll be lovely for you to spend a bit of time on your own with Blue smile. 30 day shred dvd sounds painful. I've just got a Broadway dance game for the wii fit. It is fab. I think I am Roxie Hart. I may do myself a serious injury.

Will go and buy One Day (again) TMAM.

Did I mention I'm going on holiday on Monday ? wink grin

largeginandtonic Fri 10-Sep-10 13:21:38

Bugger off you and your holiday. I am super envy

Hope your Aunt is out soon. Bless her. Hospital doesn't make you feel any better does it.

TMAM running again in the heat is see. You mad thing.

I have read the box of the DVD so far hmm

My period arrived today, only 10 weeks too late. Is hellish. Am confined to barracks sad

Made a malteser cake for my BF little boys birthday. We are off to stay this weekend. Trying not to think about next week sad

AprilMeadow Fri 10-Sep-10 19:47:38

Tilly, sorry to hear about your Aunt, what a horrid and cruel disease. Where are you off to on your holidays?

LG&T, nice of your af to turn up! Sorry that you are now housebound whilst she is visiting I like Jillian Michaels, I think she is an excellent personal trainer and love how she gets all the fat americans working out in Biggest Loser. Will be thinking of you next week xx

Would anyone like to have some of this nausea for a day or two?? I think it is now worse than with Lucy I have gained about 8lbs so far, which is NOT good and i look much further along than just 10wks! Scan date came through this morning for 24th Sept, so looking forward to seeing beanie then.

Can you believe that next Sunday Lucy will be 1!!!! It has passed so quickly! She is babbling away and can say so many things, 'tis very cute! She is also pulling herself up on everything and is starting to try and take one hand away

Its been lovely having Jack back at school for the last few days.. Looking forward to a full week next week - bliss!

How did you get on today LG&T? Any conclusions? It surely must go your way soon. Is the terrible three year old feeling any better?

How are you feeling April???

I'm sure Tilly is having a lovely holiday in the sun. smile And Pink too, being all active in the woods wink

Not much to report in expat world, but we do have a new (ish) car so that is fun. If only we can work out how to unhook the third back seatbelt and undo the integral booster seats that would help. Anyone have a Subaru Forester by any chance? grin

JamInMyWellies Wed 15-Sep-10 20:33:45

LG&T how did today go?

<<sneaks in>>

<<rubs eyes very very hard>>

largeginandtonic Sun 19-Sep-10 19:32:24

Sorry ladies.

Sooo Judge scared the bejesus out of me the first day of the trial. Lot's of questions while in the witness box. He blatantly LIED throughout. It was horrific. I could not believe it!

Came away thinking we needed a miracle. Resingned myself to the fact i was going to have to enforce some kind of contact on the twins and therefore going to prison as there was no way i was going to do that.

Went back the next day to a Judge who had clearly made some serious notes that day before, She was going to set a new trial date and call all the people that would show him up to be the liar he is. He was also going to have to answer some very difficult questions. The woman had done her research grin

ANyway. He cried and said he wanted to withdraw his application. I was mad as he just walks away while we have had the grief and expense. The upshot is he is GONE.

No way he will darken our doorsteps again as it will mean a trial to discuss the same points!



I am, of course, now having a melt down hmm Headaches and weird skin, so tired. I think i put my stress on hold to get through it and am now being a bit crap. How very annoying.

Took them to the cinema today, well the big 5. Walked round with the babies while they were in. Thank goodness Gun Wharf have a giant sandpit out still.

How are the rest of you?

Just sneaking in from Majorca to see how it went Gin. So happy for you all grin Tired ? Headaches ? Weird skin ? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

I haven't had time recently to say a huge CONGRATS to the famille G&T. What an enormous weight off your mind, finally finally it's all over and I'm just so glad good sense eventually prevailed.

Tills, don't just pop on here from Majorca envy It's not good enough. We need sunshine, swimming and cocktail reports. smile

How is school and preschool going for everyone? J is like a different child, absolutely loving it compared to last year. However he is being a little bit special at home as a result of trying so hard to be good at school.

Gin woman, I need some cake inspiration. Recipe please for nice tray bake.

Bf's ayah had a baby girl on Friday, complications during delivery and she wasn't breathing properly. She died last night sad. She has PCOS and has so desperately wanted a baby.

AprilMeadow Wed 22-Sep-10 19:42:46

Oh that is so very sad

largeginandtonic Wed 22-Sep-10 20:06:03

Oh how very sad sad I just don't know how anybody get's through that. Bless her.

Tills H away so not pregnant! Think he might be a bit pissed off if i was grin

Am so envy of your holiday missy.

AM caught up yet? Glad to hear the sickness is going a bit now. Bet you can't wait to start blooming. Some lovely maternity stuff in Top Shop atm. Almost makes me want to have a nother baby. Only for a few minutes.

AprilMeadow Thu 23-Sep-10 08:41:55

Think i jinxed myself by saying i was feeling better! It's not as bad but still not great.. Look huge and cant wait until i know its baby and not cake!

Got scan tomorrow at 10am which is exciting.

We are (dh & I) off to Corfu on Thursday on a works do for a few days which will be nice, although it is heavily scheduled so hoping i can play the pg card and duck out of a few things.... if i am going away without the kids then i want a TAN! Only issue is that i dont have anything to wear so might have to go shopping

largeginandtonic Thu 23-Sep-10 14:17:32

Away! For a few days! envy envy envy

Poor you on feeling rough. You did say you were knackered and that makes it worse.

I am seriously considering some kind of course atm just to get OUT. It is fairly hectic at home though so not really practical.

Beau has done 4 days in a row at playschool. A full session this morning. He bursts in to tears when i collect him. Cries on and off they say but can be easily distracted with an activity.

It was very nice to have Blue all to myself this morning. We just played and mooched. How VERY odd to have one child.

Oh i have been picked by MN for the Bisto stuff. That should be entertaining.

AprilMeadow Thu 23-Sep-10 20:06:59

I think the tiredness has made the nausea worse, hey ho the joys of pg!

So pleased that Beau is getting on at pre-school.. wont be long before he runs in without a glance back - happy days

I bet it was lovely for you to have all that time with Belle. She too must find it odd not to be fighting for attention.

Got your email Gutted that you cant make it, however, if we do next season Thruxton is at the start of May - we cant go as will be in Florida - and I can get you tickets. Much closer location for you as well

Once back from my trip away (did i mention it was without the children.. ) will get the diary out and arrange a date to meet - will hopefully give me time to grow into my belly!!

AprilMeadow Fri 24-Sep-10 12:15:24

Had scan this morning and saw just the one wriggly baby on screen, kept flipping from front to back and front again! Had my dates moved to the 31st March - NEVER been moved forward before (Ella being early doesnt count wink). Have to say that am mightily relieved that there is just the one as 5 under 6 would probably finish me off!

Just got to wait on the combined test results for the downs test to come in next week, although the fold measurement was 1.2mm so think all will be fine

<<knocks sheepishly>>

how the devil are you all?

I beg of you, life is just too manic, but good atm.

AM congrats on the scan, pleased there is just one minimeadow.

LG&T, so very very pleased for you about knob jockey... must be such a relief, bet the twins are over the moon too. Well done for fighting it for so long, the best result has come from the waiting.

Tils, sorry about your Aunt, sad as you know I know too well the horrors of the C and now my Aunt is fighting breast cancer ontop of hiddieous depression she has had for the last 2 years. Hope you are enjoying and relaxing (?) on your hols.

THMAM.. sad for the baby and her Mum, just so terrible. One of the ladies I dance with lost her grandaughter last week, still born at 40 weeks, was fine 2 days before, and no reasons found as to why she died, a perfect little girl... devastating. Sending them love.

NO real news here, weight loss good, only 7lb until back to target... YES probably something to do with the ridiculous amounts of prancing around a dance floor I'm doing, classes all now in full swing and I'm up to 4 of my own now after some very sucessful classes taken infront of the big boss. I've been offered a saleried posistion from next season and this year some proper training courses with qualifications... whooooop

Kids all happy, school going well, Maddie still "special" Jorja still easy going and Harrison growing up very fast... Dh is manic busy still, had some shit with his van recently and have had to buy a new (second hand) one, doesn't seem to matter how much work comes in there is always something that comes up to stop you putting that bit away for a rainy day.

Did I spy TWG?

SOH.. broody? <<faints clean away>>
School run...

<<Tightens noose tighter>>



AprilMeadow Mon 27-Sep-10 19:37:49

Dont do it!!!!

Lovely to catch up today, sorry i was so full of woes! Hope you get the car sorted out quickly and that you managed to get your paperwork done

JAM, loving the holiday snaps and very envy as it looks sooooo hot and sooo fun!

Come baaaaacckkkkk. Good to see you are still dancing and doing so brilliantly. smile

April you still suffering from MS? Is Jack being a handful? It's not much consolation but my older two are tantrumming away like a pair of two year olds. It's always the same with the first term of school.

Tils, how was Majorca?

Jam is having too much fun. envy

AprilMeadow Mon 27-Sep-10 19:44:53

The MS is awful at the moment, surely it should be easing off by now Will be 14wks on Thursday.. Jack's had gone by now, Lucy's had nearly gone and Ella kept on going until week 17... The stress is making it worse and my f'ing brother isnt helping matters.

What's your brother done?

AprilMeadow Tue 28-Sep-10 09:23:09

He got beaten up quite badly (as i have now found out) and because i didnt text him to see how he was (dh passed a message back to my dad who told him) i have had 3/4 abusive texts saying that i have no excuse not to have texted, everyone he has ever met has called/texted apart from me etc etc. That i have time to post on fb so must be able to text him.. Then i find out that he called my sister to see if i knew... He could have called me! He makes me mad.. We dont have a good relationship, it has gone downhill since we sold our company.. He is rude to dh and expects the family to drop everything when he decides to come back for a visit.. Spent most of yesterday stressing about it and felt thoroughly sick all day.

AprilMeadow Tue 28-Sep-10 19:30:52

Anyway..... after killing the thread with the dullness of my family life.....

How's everyone been today?

AM - that sounds crap about your brother. Don't let the buggers get you down. Really hope the sickness eases up soon.

MrsJB - lovely to "see" you. Sorry about your aunt. Congrats on your job and weight loss. I am now back on the wagon (again !). Have started Zumba classes and back at WW.

TMAM - that is so sad about the baby. Awful sad

One of my old school friends has just passed away from cancer (he was 35). He had it around 5 years ago, went into full remission and he and his wife were trying for a baby. 6 mc's, a few IVF sessions and she was finally pg and then the cancer came back sad. The consultant had agreed to induce her at 36 weeks so that he could get to meet his daughter but he died 2 weeks before sad. Its just such a hideous fucker of a disease angry

Majorca was good. Hard work but fun. Just put pics up on fb

Hope everyone is well xx

Sorry April, was at work yesterday.

Gosh that's terrible that he was beaten up but it's a bit over the top with the calls for sympathy. I guess he's just feeling a bit vulnerable.

But Tils, oh Tils, what utterly tragic news. sad I remember you saying he was ill. Life is so tough sometimes.

Just you and me then TMAM ??

I am going slowly insane here. I've made a fuck up with my car - tax expired yesterday, went to renew and realised MOT ran out 4 weeks ago blush so I am without use of a car until the MOT gets done next Wednesday. It is absolutely lashing down and I can't find the rain cover for the buggy so I'm pretty much house bound. We have a plastic roof on our conservatory and a leaking gutter so the noise in the house is hideous. Its like Chinese water torture. Can't even hear the blardy t.v. The dc's have raised the volume of their bored whinges to compete with said noise.


Chocolate. Get onto Tescos right away or ring a friend for emergency supplies.

Now is not the time to tell you I am sitting at home on my own in a totally empty and quiet house then is it? smile

envy envy Bet its blardy sunny as well, isn't it ?!

One Day didn't arrive in time for my hols so I've got it to read now (no such luck at the moment). I am trying to convince Tils that she needs an afternoon nap (despite not having one for months). Its not working.

Have you read "The Help" ?? Read it on hols and LOVED it.

Do you know, actually it's not as hot and sunny as it should be and I've got a friend coming to visit for half term, I hope she is not disappointed. smile

Yes I read The Help last month. There are certain similarities between then and here now I'm ashamed to say. I had to go and build a whole new toilet especially. wink grin

I was reading it thinking how scary it was that it was all going on as recently as the 1960's and then did wonder whether there were certain "ladies" who treated their Ayahs in a similar way. Just hope they haven't eaten any pie grin wink

grin @ TMAM. Great book. I'm reading The Lacuna at the moment but finding it a bit of a slog after The Help. Also read Hearts and Minds from the Orange list, which I really enjoyed, especially since its set in North London so I know all the places mentioned in it.

I'm going back to work. Gasp. DH made redundant again so he's starting a business from home. I'm going back to work full time and we'll have a part time nanny.

I've interviewed with my old employer and another big investment bank who are both keen to have me on temp to perm basis. Holding out for a permanent, slightly more interesting job at a smaller place so hope to know more about that next week.

O and A still fighting all the time. It will be a nice break away from it tbh.

SOH broody. Now there's a turn up.

Tils so sorry about your friend... shit shit shit!!!sad

AM hope your feeling better, don't stress about your brother, like we said, shame you can't pick your family.

TYG.. good luck in your new venture, I'm sure the break away from the kids will make it all worth it.

Have just spent 3hrs on a football pitch with H or his first tournament. He played goalie and I was very proud, he saved loads of craking shots, tbh he surprised me. blush Shame they didn't have much of an attacking side.

Books...... hmmmmmm no chance, would like to find the time.

Holidays all look fab you lucky lot.

JamInMyWellies Sat 02-Oct-10 17:56:07

Back from hols and shmoks is vommiting like a good un. sigh.

JamInMyWellies Sat 02-Oct-10 18:11:37

Tils that is v sad news about your friend.

LG&T thank god all that bloody palavar is over and done with. Hope the twins feel more settled now.

TYG crikey work!

AM hows your brother now? Hope the pukiness is better.

TMAM that is awful about your BF ayah.

MOi hows the country dancing going. I bought some gorgeous cowboy boots while on hols.

largeginandtonic Sat 02-Oct-10 19:03:28

Am your brother sounds like an interesting character hmm Corfu must be nice tho, grrrr.

Tills that is unbelievably shit about your friend sad It makes you realise just how lucky you are.

Hope the car is ok now. Mine goes in on Tuesday for an MOT. Fingers crossed it goes well, we don't have the money for big repairs. I am relying on it again quite heavily since B started playschool. It is a 15/20 min drive there.

Jam you in your bikini is motivation for me to slim a bit. I am being mostly good. Need to start some exercise to really shift it.

TYG and WORK. You were fab at your job before, no doubt you will slot right back in and be on top of your game again. Good for D to do some childcare too!

MrsJB grin the dancing sounds great! You will be an expert before long. Teaching the world.

Am utterly penned in with them all atm. Ds3 has German Measles. Interesting... he is fine though. Just keeping him away from anyone who might be preg. Such an awful thing to catch when early preg. The Doc said to send him to school!

I too just read 'The Help', Hahahaha at the pie....

Weather crappola too. Grumble, grumble.

JamInMyWellies Sat 02-Oct-10 23:16:05

Crap pants now both boys are vomiting and are wide awake.

Awww Jam sad Sounds like you need a holiday again already ....

Gin - boo hiss for the German Measles. What a pain in the chuff.

I am with you on being penned in. MOT is Wednesday so am stuck in until then. DH being snipped on Tuesday and he has just had some nasty dental work done as well (they were trying to dig a tooth out for 2 hours and eventually had to cut it out and he has 4 stitches). Poor man is having a rough time of it and I am such a shite nurse blush

I am really struggling atm with dsd. I was going to do a thread but I know how much of bashing step mums can get on MN. I'm not a wicked one, honestly. I try my very hardest to never make her feel as I did as a step child but I'm finding the situation a bit "challenging" sad I sort of gatecrashed this thread a bit if anyone has time/inclination to look. Could do with any advice ...

JAm sad Are they feeling a bit better by now or have you had the day from hell?

TYG, how lovely to hear from you. Going back to work sounds exciting. I'm sure you will really enjoy it.

Tils, I'm off to look at your thread now....

We went to see the horse racing today. What great fun even if it is a sort of pared down version of regular horse racing. DD thinks she is now some kind of race pundit. grin

JamInMyWellies Tue 05-Oct-10 10:09:32

All better from the vom shmoks now has got a cold and is back to not sleeping. Clearly we need a swimming pool and a beach close by to knacker him out enough to sleep at night.

Tills I had a quick look the other night at your thread but am not much use on girls as the only 7yr old girl I ever looked after was heinous and horrible to the point she would hit me and tell me she was going to get me fired! But I do think there is a huge emotional change in girls around 7 or 8 hormones start playing a massive part and I think being consistent is prob the only way to go.

Jam - hoorah for lack of vom. Boo for lack of sleep. Ferg has a cold and is not sleeping either.

Thanks TMAM and Jam for looking at the thread. Its just really difficult to explain to Tils why her big sis, who she absolutely adores, doesn't want to play with her or spend any time with her. She just gets really upset by it sad.

DH has been snipped today......

grin at Tils, good luck to your dh.

Hooray for the lack of vom. Phew.

Tils, it really is 'just a phase', they really battle with their emotions at this age, there is a lot of stropping around. Often there are a lot of friendships issues too at school that they are trying to make sense of. We try to make light of it, by joking around and often dd snaps out of it quite quickly. It has definitely got better in the last 6 months so just hold out and I'm sure she will turn into a delightful 8 year old. smile

TMAM - fingers crossed !!

The poor girl is just exhausted all the time. She is at the child minders from 7.30 am, goes to school all day, goes back to the CM until 6 pm, does piano lessons on a Monday night, swimming lessons on a Friday, dance class first thing Saturday and has just started doing fortnightly rehearsals on a Sunday for a dance show that's on in May FFS ! She's not even 7 yet. No wonder she doesn't feel like playing with a annoying lively 3 year old hmm

Pebblemum Wed 06-Oct-10 23:34:15

Hi all, i know i havent been on here for ages, never seem to have much time lately, but im hoping I can bend your ears. I feel stuck at the moment and until I know whats going on im trying to deal with it on my own.

J has decided he wants to get in touch with his sperm donor (sorry but anything else i can think of to describe him isnt as polite). I guess i knew it would crop up one day but I am not ready yet. I know i have to be there for him and will be but when he mentions it i feel all this anger rising up inside. Ive kept it to myself so he has no idea and have promised to do all i can to help but all i can think about is how the donor walked out 11yrs ago and never once tried to make contact despite the fact we were very easy to find. Ive tried to see it from his point of view but i cant, nothing would stop me seeing my kids and it wasnt as if i made things difficult, i bent over backwards to make it as easy as possible for him to visit/keep in touch. J and I sat and talked last night, discussing all the scenarios that could pop up and how they would make him feel, how he would cope etc and its obvious this means a lot to him. He is at an age where he wants to know more about where he came from, wants answers that i cant give. I agreed to ask his step-aunty if she could find out if his donor would be willing to speak/meet J that way we have tested the water without taking it too far. She replied within hours agreeing to get in touch with the donor to find out but that we should know he is now married with a 1yr old son and that he is moving to Australia next year. We already knew about the wife and child from when he was in the paper last year but the move threw me a bit at first. Now though i think it could be a good thing, even if meeting his son is too big a step maybe they could keep in touch via email that way J gets his contact but without the pressure to meet. Js step-aunty spoke to the donors real sister about it and they all agree it was wrong for the donor to cut J out of his life the way he did and that he needs to do the right thing but of course he may not share that view. They also said they would love the chance to get to know J again so i hope that will help J find the answers he wants if his donor isnt willing. At the moment the ball is in the donors court but im not holding out much hope, his wife is the same person who gave the donor the ultimatum of either her or his son all those years ago so i doubt if she will be too enthusiastic although maybe if she imagines it was her son who he walked out on then maybe she would want him to do the right thing.
The thing is im not sure if im hoping the donor will get in touch or not. If he did it would be nice for J but id be worried he gets let down again and on the other hand it wont be nice for J to have to deal with the knowledge if his sperm donor doesnt want to know but hopefully he would be able to move on. I havent mentioned any of this to dh, i know i should but i cant bring myself to, at least not until there is something to tell. Dh has been there for J since he was 3 and thinks of him as his own, its always been there at the back of his mind that one day J may want to find out more about his donor but i know he was hoping that J wouldnt bother. He was talking the other day about adopting J officially as its something we never got round to doing although J had his surname changed to dh's by deed poll years ago. Everytime i think of how dh will feel it breaks my heart. I know he will be there 100% for J but that isnt the point, i think, i KNOW, he will feel he hasnt been enough of a dad if his 'son' needs to look to a total stranger for answers. I just wish I knew what to do for the best. Thinking of the donor has bought all this anger to the surface, if he had been anything of a man we wouldnt be in this situation. We were together for 4yrs so it wasnt as if it was a cheap fling and id trapped him yet he threw his son away like a pile of rubbish, not giving him a backward glance. I hate that im feeling anything towards him, for years he has been nothing to us, now i want to hit him and im not a violent person lol

Sorry about that i just needed to get it off my chest, had hoped writing it down would make it easier to deal with, to know what to do for the best but i guess until we hear what reply the donor gave we are stuck in limbo.

i will now try to catch up on all thats been happening lol

AprilMeadow Thu 07-Oct-10 16:16:45

What a tricky situation Pebble.

I think that J is of an age where if he does get let down then he can process it. He will at least be able to ask questions and understand what is going on and i think the fact that he has asked means that you do need to go down that route no matter how hard it is for you.

Like you say it might be that they just communicate via email and sending pictures etc and that might be enough to satisfy J until he gets a bit older and can then quiz the donor.

A friend of mine has a 5yo dd and her ex did a runner when the baby was 3mths old. She decided to wait until her dd was 5 and then explain about her dad. She has been fortunate that the ex does want to get to know his dd and is willing to take it slowly in terms of meeting her and spending time with her.

I hope that J doesnt get let down BUT at least if he does then he knows that you did everything you could to get him and the donor to be in contact rather than him blaming you for not letting him get to contact him.

Pebblemum Thu 07-Oct-10 22:57:50

Thanks April, i think the fact that J seems to have a very good memory has meant he has never completely forgotten about the donor. He can still remember a toy he bought him for his 2nd christmas fgs although he manages to forget what time hes supposed to be in lol I suppose the fact the donor hasnt replied to his step-sisters text yet could mean he is thinking it through thoroughly rather than dismissing J straight away or jumping into something he wont keep up. Ive decided not to tell j about Australia until the need arises, i think it would just cause him more upset, better to wait until we know where J stands and then deal with it.

The joys of being a parent!!!

Pebblemum Sun 10-Oct-10 21:25:36

Turns out the donor never got the text but when his sister mentioned it last night he had been shocked but happy and said that the least he could do is answer some questions, how big of him. He wants to phone me first for a chat so i will see what he has to say when/if he calls.
J knows about Australia, i decided to let him read the messages that have been sent between me and his Aunty so he doesnt feel left out. He went a bit quiet, obviously finding out that he may only have a year to meet and get to know his donor was a bit of a disappointment but he seems to have dealt with it ok.
Im still having trouble dealing with all this, its very hard as ive been able to shut the donor to the back of my mind for so long and now im thinking about him and how he treated J all the time. Its not that i have any feelings left for him, any love i felt for him was over before he disappeared but im having to deal with all the anger ive kept hidden and i hate it. I find myself thinking of how his life must have been, no responsibilities, all the fun he must have had while not giving his son a second thought. And now i imagine him with his new son, being the dad that J deserved and i get so worked up. Dh has been a good stepdad to him so i know he hasnt missed out but i still get worked up. Im dreading the phone call, i know i have to keep calm and think about J but what if he says something that sets me off, i dont want it to turn into an arguement. Whenever i thought of J finding his dad i imagined it to be easy to deal with but its a lot harder than i anticipated sad I just want it all to be over, one way or another

charleymouse Fri 29-Oct-10 12:47:06

Hope you have got things sorted Pebble.

April well done on the telly. Can't believe how much L has grown. Hope your bro is better and the morning sickness is dying down for you.

TSM have things got any better with the SD/DD issues. Sound like tiredness to me as well, DD is in a foul mood if she is overtired. How is DHs tackle? Sorry to hear about your friend and your Aunt.

TMAM horse racing sounds like good fun. How is the running, DH doing a half marathon on Sunday. I started running again and my achilles have just swollen up and are quite uncomfortable think I will need to go and get it checked out soon.

Jam hope the boys are over the vom/cold/poops etc. Deffo get the pool and the sun over here.

LG&T brill news for the twins, hope DS3 is better, and the car passed its test. I have just had to fork out for new brakes and now the service light is on as well. Cars are a mare.

MJB well done on the dancing and the weight loss. That is brill. How is your DB and C doing? The run up to Christmas must be hard for them, as it will be for you and the DCs.

12YG good luck with the job, and DHs new business, nice to see you back here.

SOH broody what is that that I have missed. How is the driving coming along? We are at CP Elvedon in November if you fancy a day pass. Don't worry you don't have to see us we could just sign you in for the day if you like. Let me know.

SKy how is the childminding going all okay?

Abbey assume you are having a lovely break with it being half term and all, hope you have a good birthday.

PJ how are the kids? is the house sold yet? Do you have an eye on one yet?

Well DH and I had a lovely lunch out yesterday to celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary. Can't believe we have been married for 10 years shock and then he mentioned we had been together for 23 years and that
made me feel really old. Glad to see you can go through some right old shit and still keep it together and still fancy each other after so long.

FIL seems to be recovering from his liver op his bowel cancer had spread so they have taken away 20% of his liver but he seems to be doing okay, has to have more chemo but thems the breaks.

Well half term and my DM has seen the kids all of not at all. Ho hum, least said and all that.

Have got Hs christening booked for the day before her birthday just hoping her GGF gown will still fit her as with my Mum being out of the country and FIL illness we have had to keep moving the date. We are having G blessed at the same time as his was at the hospital so he had no godparents and no church service.

I cannot believe I have just completed Gs school application, how grown up are the May 07ers.

Back to work in three weeks just using AL to string it out until Crimbo then back, hoping to go PT though now. Must dash, DD2 has just bumped and we have blood. Hu hum. Hope you are all well, much love CM xxxxxx

PS are we doing secret santa this year?

charleymouse Tue 09-Nov-10 15:05:54

I will not let this thread die. so there.

I won't let it lie.

rube knees in manner of vic reeves

ShowOfHands Tue 09-Nov-10 15:07:38

Why does Vic Reeves rub his knees? Sounds alarming.

charleymouse Tue 09-Nov-10 15:08:35

rube ffs rubs

charleymouse Tue 09-Nov-10 15:13:27

not sure really he just rubs his knees/thighs in manner of dirty old man.

charleymouse Tue 09-Nov-10 15:19:02

I love Autumn/winter but heaven hekp us was outside yesterday trying to divert the rain from my front door. I built dams on the road to stop the rain coming along the drive. Twas fun with sticks and conker shells and leaves. I got soaked. All this whilst waiting for A to get home on the school bus. Blardy thing arrived she wasn't on it, apparently it was late so headteacher took kids back into school, bus (allegedly) turned up, no kids there so left without them. Cue message from school to go and fetch her. Ho hum.

AbbyLou Tue 09-Nov-10 17:53:51

Hello Charley. Shall I hypocritically (as someone who never has time to post) help you to keep the thread alive? Sounds like you had fun with the rain. This weather is awful isn't it?

charleymouse Tue 09-Nov-10 22:39:09

Waves madly at Abby and SOH.

Hiya, this weather is manic, we are in the roof space with velux windows. Although they are double glazed the rain seems so noisy, especially when you are trying to get back to sleep after an early morning feed.

<<blows at the spark and flickering flame of the May 07 thread.>>

AbbyLou Wed 10-Nov-10 07:45:04

Waves back

I'm still here. Just off to work and pleased to see it looks a little brighter today - can't stand any more wet playtimes, they are hell!

charleymouse Wed 10-Nov-10 10:00:46

Morning all

Tis a lovely crisp day up here.

Last night H went to bed about 7:30 up at 2:00 for 15 mins then I have just had to wake her up to get G to playgroup. shock I am ending my child bearing on a good un bless her.

A however was up til ridiculous o'clock. She always rises at the same time though, so if she is late in bed she is ratty. G who insists on sleeping with a sword and scabbard wasn't to bad though, he will have his 12 hours from whenever he goes down, if he goes down late he gets up late.

Hope the weather is good for you all today.

PS who are you rooting for on X Factor? I like Matt, Aiden and Rebecca

JamInMyWellies Wed 10-Nov-10 10:36:04

Helloooooo waving in an excited schoolgirl manner.

Sorry but did someone mention beautifully sleeping children? I'm orf then. Buggering DS2 is still a fecker for night-times. I went to stay with mum this wk and spent 2hrs up and down the ruddy stairs trying to get him to stay in bed. DS1 however is still a gem at sleeping.

Oh and we decided that no more night nappies for him last wk and apart from the first night he has been dry ever since, hurrah!

AprilMeadow Wed 10-Nov-10 19:25:52

Yay thats really good, well done Archie!!

Had a lovely catch up with LG&T this morning, she had Beau & Bluebelle with her, they are very cute and were very well behaved Had a cuppa, cake and did a very small hmm amount of shopping Was 4 hours in total.....

Can you believe that i am 20 weeks tomorrow!! Next Thursday is scan day and find out the flavour day.. I need to know which name we will be using

We have fairly good sleepers here.. J is now totally knackered and 99% of the time sleeps through. E has pretty much always slept and has been dry at night for about 5mths with just the odd accident. L is mostly a good sleeper but it does depend on of she is teething.

charleymouse Fri 12-Nov-10 10:39:56

That's brill Jam, only one good sleeper here, turns out H is due to her being off it, raging temperature and snot fest here.

envy of your mini meet April. 20 weeks, wow how fast is it going. Which names are you thinking?

Right busy day here, house looks like a bomb site, cleaner here but I need to tidy enough so it can be cleaned and H is being a limpet. Mum and sis coming for tea as it's Mum's birthday although just having a takeaway thank goodness.

AbbyLou Fri 12-Nov-10 21:38:36

AM glad you and LGT had a lovely meet-up, the dhopping sounds great. I can't complain on the sleepers to be honest. Mine have both always been brilliant. They are so shattered at the end of the day they literally zonk out.
So glad it's the weekend at last, I feel really in need of a break this weekend! Had Parent's Evening last night and it is sucha long night. Only had one horrid parent and all the rest were absolutely lovely.

charleymouse Sat 13-Nov-10 10:23:40

Abby any hints on how to get the best out of teachers for DD as we are at parents evening next week.

Have pulled something in my back trying to collapse DHs photographic background, it is killing. sad

Right just H down for a nap going to make the beds and then attempt to make bread with the eldest 2. Any hints gladly recieved.

Have a lovely weekend.

charleymouse Sun 14-Nov-10 00:19:49

Show how you doing house packed up yet

The Master how is the running?

Charleymouse Mon 15-Nov-10 09:09:25

Morning all, hope everyone ha a good weekend.

Can't believe Katie stopped in over Aiden.

Anyone have any bright ideas about DH wedding ring, he was considerably larger when we got married and now he has turned into Paula Radcliff a runner he has lost loads of weight. He no longer wears his wedding ring as it is way too big.

Should I
a) buy a new ring?
b) have the original down sized?
c) have a new one made using metal from first one?
d) any other suggestion?

It is white gold plain wide D band and a bit battered, it was only after we got married we thought we should have had it made from platinum to be a bit more hardwearing. Can I mix metals do you know? Really not sure what to do about it but think it should live on his finger and not in the car ashtray.

AbbyLou Mon 15-Nov-10 19:25:48

Charley I don't know what I would do about the ring, but it seems sad that he doesn't wear it. I think I would go for the downsize option.
Re Parents Evening - don't go with too many questions!! That always feaks me out, when people have a list. Just ask if there's anything more you could do at home and smile and be nice! I hate Parents Evening - I'm sure I'm as nervous as the parents!

Charleymouse Thu 18-Nov-10 09:20:08

Cheers Abby, just hope she is an angel at school 'cos she is a bit of a madam at home grin.

Hope everyone is okay and the weather is not to bad where you are. Well back at work now but on annual leave, counting the days sad

AprilMeadow Thu 18-Nov-10 16:02:52

I would get his original one made smaller. That way its still the same ring you made your vows with

Oh and WOOOOOOOO its a BOY

Charleymouse Fri 19-Nov-10 08:23:07

Congratulations April a blue one wow!

Abby she is doing okay at school, written work does not reflect her ability though so need to improve on that.

Morning all.

AbbyLou Fri 19-Nov-10 20:41:58

Congrats April!
Glad dd is doing ok Charley. What year is she in?

Charleymouse Sat 20-Nov-10 00:28:13

Abby she is only Y1 but she knows everything. grin

She is the fastest runner, the best swimmer, etc etc etc. Trying to get her to listen to someone who may know more than her (teachers excepted) is a nightmare. She is a know it all.

I do struggle to get one to one time with her and she hates having the others around when she is doing her work. Methinks I will have to concentrate on that, I have been recently anyway just us getting "girly time" but will have to make sure she gets enough time for her work as well.

Night night all. Hope everyone is okay and have a lovely weekend.

AbbyLou Sat 20-Nov-10 20:49:40

Charley I teach Year 1 so if there's anything you want to know, I'll try to help. I love having girly time with Ruby. She's so into it and she's only 3!

Charleymouse Wed 24-Nov-10 14:24:27

Cheers Abby, girly time goes down a treat in our house, a bubble bath with candles and wine oj are a big hit.

Well H christening and birthday went without to many hitches. She was very good as was G who had an official blessing in church.

Had a new windscreen fitted yesterday and they have chiopped the bonnet and broken the windscreen wipers, just been back out to replace them tssk.

Just looking forward to the snow to start. Brr brr. Off to Center parcs this weekend so looking forward to some hot tub/sauna/steam room time looking out at the snow. grin

AbbyLou Wed 24-Nov-10 20:00:48

Charley glad the Christening and H's birthday went well. You musy have had a very busy weekend! What a pain re the car. I hate it when so-called professionals do stuff like that.
I'm so jealous of your CP visit. We haven't been for ages, just can't justify the amount it costs in school holidays tbh. Some friends were there in the snow and said it was the best holiday they've ever had there and they have been hundreds of times. They said it made it seem so magical.

Charleymouse Thu 25-Nov-10 09:09:34

Harrumph, no snow. CP here we come, at least we will be able to get there if no snow. Wondering how wise choosing Elveden was now though. grin

Okay girls any chance of a roll call of who would like to keep the thread going? At the minute it looks like


Any more for any more or do we have a farewell party? sad

Charleymouse Thu 25-Nov-10 12:04:28

It's snowing!

************************************************ ************************************************ ************************************************ ************************************************ ************************************************ ************************************************ ************************************************ **

AprilMeadow Thu 25-Nov-10 12:35:47

I will say YAY to the snow but only if it stays up by you!

I am heading to a cottage in the middle of nowhere with 5 girlfriends and 6 kids! We are each taking 1 child.... well I am the only one who has more than 1.. so just taking Jack . Dont fancy being caught in the snow even if the beast might be ok with driving in it...

Enjoy CP, I'm off there for the 1 weekend of the Feb half term.

Charleymouse Sun 28-Nov-10 15:15:26

Hope you are having a nice time April.

We are in Elveden, just drinking gingerbread Lattes whilst the little buggers darlings play in the hot tub.

Off to the fireworks tonight. grin

Abby we are in Sherwood in December/January, will gladly sign you all in for day if you want a wintery visit. I have some free day passes so not cost you/me. Let me know.

A light sprinkling of snow yesterday but nothing else since.

Showaddywaddy Sun 28-Nov-10 15:18:03

God I wish I was in CP. With gingerbread lattes too?


Charleymouse Sun 28-Nov-10 15:48:34

You're not too far are you Show, can get you in tomorrow. How is the packing/decorating/moving going?

The lattes at Starbucks were so good we have bought gingerbread syrup and their Christmas coffee and are making them ourselves back in the villa whilst the kids splash about in the hot tub. They are awesome.

DD1 wants to move here grin

Showaddywaddy Sun 28-Nov-10 15:50:45

We're even nearer now we've moved. How much would it be to come for a day? Having a really awful week. CP would cheer us right up.

Charleymouse Sun 28-Nov-10 16:12:30

We have some free guest passes so cost you nowt. Would need your address and car details for pass, let me know via facebook. Why having bad week?

We are planning on getting off at lunchtime to ensure we get home okay but would gladly sign you guys in. Can deffo ecomend the gingerbread lattes. Worth coming just for that if you ask me. Will log into facebook now.

Where did you all come from?

<looks around, slightly confused>

Showaddywaddy Sun 28-Nov-10 16:23:00

Have sent you a fb message lovely lady.

Charleymouse Sun 28-Nov-10 16:30:10

Probably crossed messages Show.

We were here all time Master, just hibernating wink

It's because you are all cold isn't it? You only MN when it's dark outside wink Apart from Showoff, who is on here all the time.

Sounds like CP is great. envy Are you having lovely quality family time?

Why the bad week Showy? Are you not in your cath kidston town house by now?

Charleymouse Sun 28-Nov-10 16:55:11

Yes Master, fighting with DD to get her clothes on at the moment. I am usually lurking when DD2 feeds but don't type enough.

Charleymouse Sun 28-Nov-10 22:24:02

Show have sent you a fb message. All booked in for tomorrow. FB message will explain all. Have put down 4 adults plus M. Hope you have a good day.

Packing up now and getting DDs birthday pressies out of the car, sad to leave but I do like to get home. Just hoping we can get home okay with snow forecast. Maybe we have to stop grin just why wasn't it here for the weekend?

Hurrah Wagner and Katie gone! Woohoo!

AbbyLou Mon 29-Nov-10 22:12:33

Charley let me know the dates you are at Sherwood, would definitely be interested in a day visit if possible.
Well I keep looking out the window but no more snow so far. It is forecast heavy for tonight and tomorrow. I really hope we don't get any. There are so many decisions to make in the morning - will school be open? If so, I have to make an effort to get there with the kids in tow. Then I have to make a decision about them - do I risk the cm very windy, slippery street to drop them off or do I keep them with me. At the cm they will be warm and cosy with lots to do but if school closes I will then have to collect them again. If they come with me it is not very warm in school in the mornings and they will get bored but at least they are with me if school closes and we can all go home!! Sorry, what a ramble that was! Just praying for no snow. Hot a friends baby shower tomorrow night about half an hour drive away and I really don't want it to be cancelled. She's been througha rough time and really deserves it.

AbbyLou Mon 29-Nov-10 22:13:44

Sorry, meant to say - nice to see you Master and Show. Welcome to the farewell party!

JamInMyWellies Tue 30-Nov-10 09:13:55

Morning everyone!

Snowy here have been out shovelling and gritting the drive.

Charley hope you got home ok.

SHowy (will take me a while to get used to calling you that) hows the new house?

envy at all your snow. Sun everyday is just a little too boring wink.

Did you get home ok Charley?

Jam, dh is off to NYC on Friday envy, when will you next see your bezzie mate?

I've made a christmas cake, it is supposed to be quite heavy and dense and not rise much? The dc all went ooooo and aaahhh so I wonder what they will say when it comes down to the nibbling. grin

Ginwoman, did Phin win?

AbbyLou Thu 02-Dec-10 20:27:53

Had a snow day today - yippee! Another one tomorrow, school still closed.

JamInMyWellies Fri 03-Dec-10 09:43:45

Morning all,

more snow here too. We have had a bout foot and half. A is loving it L not so much.

Meant to be going into town today to see Santa at Selfridges. hope I can get the car off the driveway.

TMAM. NY is a sore subject at the moment. We were meant to be going for our anniversary and mum & dad had agreed to have the boys for a long weekend. But this week she has changed her mind. SO am vvvvv angry with her. Although to be fair I dont why I should be its bloody typical behaviour from her. It is perfectly ok for her to drive 4 hrs and pick up my sisters 3 children and have them for a wkend. But she wont do my boys. So does anyone fancy having my delightful wink monsters for a few days?

Right I have to go drag my sorry ass in the shower I have dreadful manflu well I think i have tonsilitis and ear infections but Docs wont do anything unless its been over aweek. So am guzzling painkillers.

God woe is me.. grin

Christmas soon, and Shmokas 2nd bday! Cannot believe the terror has made it to 2.

Charleymouse Sun 05-Dec-10 00:38:52

Hi got home okay. Worse snow in Suffolk than in Yorkshire. Can not believe I walked past Show, as we were leaving CP Show and family were arriving. sad

Abby we are at CP for New Year, will facebook you exact dates. Will gladly book you in if you like.

Happy Birthday Jam, hope you have a great day today. grin 2 how has tat happened, can't believe where my life is going. Is your Mum being spiteful or just can not do it, either way I would be pissy if I was you.

DD been off school all week, would have been great apart from DH and I have been made up with colds. Lots of DVD in this house this week. blush

TMAM cake sounds yummy. Had to miss my physio apt due to snow, am suffering from achilles tendonitis so no running for me at the moment. How is yours going?

Hope everyone well, night night.

Charleymouse Sun 12-Dec-10 09:52:30

Well tree is up and nearly been down half a dozen times due to H.

We are dead festive here. An abundance of tinsel for the kids and a tasteful top half of tree and kid style bottom half of tree. Oh well it is for the children isn't it. hmm

Just contemplating getting the kids dressed up warm as DH is doing a local Christmas pudding race that passes the end of our road. Think it may be too cold but feel bad if don't go and offer moral support.

Physio says no running and has given me stretches and massage to do and has referred me on as well. Ho hum.

Hope you had a nice Birthday TSM.

Hope L and F have good birthdays as well.

Hope everyone ready for bad weather again next week. Take care love CM

Charleymouse Wed 15-Dec-10 11:46:21

Batten down the hatches, bad weather on its way. grin

Hoping for a white Christmas.

Charleymouse Thu 16-Dec-10 09:38:01

Nobody likes me,
everybody hates me,
I think I'll go and eat worms.

Short ones, skinny ones,
long fat juicy ones,
see how they wriggle and squirm.

Bite their heads off,
suck their juice out,
throw their skins away.

Nobody knows how well
I thrive on worms,
three times a day.

Right I am officially off to eat worms.

G will help me find them he loves a good worm hunt. H will probably giggle at them and A will be running a fever and still in bed. Hopefully my Mum will be here in time for me to go to my Office Christmas lunch.

Hoping H does not have CPox as she had a couple of raised spots yesterday but she also had strawberrys for the first time so praying it is that.

Hope everyone is well and full of festive calpol alcohol mince pies cheer!

JamInMyWellies Thu 16-Dec-10 10:05:19

Charely I fear we are flogging a dead horse.

Hope its not the pox. We are all on AB's for ear/throat and chest infections, tis fun!

Happy Christmas everyone. grin

Charleymouse Thu 16-Dec-10 10:51:04

What joy Jammy. Hope you are feeling better soon.

Showy how is your Mum?

H has just got up and there appears to be no more spots so hoping it is just a couple of spots and some nappy rash.

Shall I bow out gracefully do you think. It is just I am pants with FB and can't use that the same as you guys.
Okay I will maybe have to bite the bullet and get to grips with facebook, or stick to eating worms grin

Hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year.

AbbyLou Thu 16-Dec-10 21:48:31

Hi Charley. I am still here just been crazily busy with end of term stuff and two ill kids. Why does everything all come at once? It's manic at school with all the Christmas activities going on, C and R have both had raging temperatures and been really poorly and to top it all off it's C's birthday at the weekend too! I can't believe my baby will be 6!! He's having a disco and is so excited. H's so worried it will snow loads and no-one will be able to come bless him.
Charley we have two Christmas trees now. The kids have their own and their home made tatt works of art go on that!

Charleymouse Sat 18-Dec-10 14:57:28

Hope C has a good birthday and party. It is frightening how time flies isn't it? Was Friday your last day? Will Fb you CP details.

A has had the last few days off school a temperature of 40 and lethargic. Cold baths and calpol all round. H must have been an allergic reaction or the mildest CPox ever seen 6 spots. grin Me paranoid nah.

Hope everyone is ready for the Big Man visiting next week.

Charleymouse Sun 19-Dec-10 09:10:05

Morning die hards, hope you are all having a mildly festive sprinkling of snow with none of the chaos a truly great

(what is the name for a lot of snow?) <<ponders>> Showy need your advice. DRIFT brings with it.

Snowfall - just snowing (lightly in my mind)
Blizzard - snow with winds
flurry - a bit of hectic snowing that doesn't last long

Okay I am officially having a senior moment. It can't just be heavy snow can it? That is not descriptive enough.

Anyway hope you have a christmas smattering of the lovely fluffy white stuff.

Don't forget, never eat the yellow/green or brown snow. You have been warned.

JamInMyWellies Sun 19-Dec-10 11:21:16

Charley round my neck of the woods we are calling it a dump. Loads of snow. Poor old shmoks not so keen on it While A has been whizzing up and down the fields on his sledge. grin

Have a super Christmas.

Charleymouse Sat 25-Dec-10 00:26:09

Merry Christmas everyone,
much festive love

AprilMeadow Sat 01-Jan-11 00:27:33

Happy New Year lovely ladies xxx

Charleymouse Sun 02-Jan-11 00:57:58

Happy new year xxx

Happy New Year all xxx

JamInMyWellies Wed 12-Jan-11 09:03:01

Happy New Year all. Hope everyone had a fab christmas.

AbbyLou Thu 13-Jan-11 18:17:49

Thanks Jam, we did! It seems ages ago now doesn't it?

Charleymouse Tue 01-Feb-11 10:24:50


Pebblemum Wed 09-Feb-11 19:10:27

where has everyone gone lol, thought id see what ive been missing but everyone has gone AWOL

Charleymouse Sat 02-Apr-11 23:59:15

<<waves to pebble>> I think there is only me left. sad and even I have not checked the thread for ages.
Only checking in now as I was nosying at old threads and can not believe G is 4 tomorrow, where did the last few years go?

Well he had pirate bouncy castle party this morning and then now we are in a Premier Inn at Boston as DH is racing in Friskney tomorrow. Back home via the Pizza Hut for birthday tea then home for family tea and cake.

How mortified am I, today at Gs party I was walking backwards with a bubble machine and a little on was behind me, he fell over and I tripped over him an almost squashed the poor little lamb. I landed in a heap in front of all the other parents. blush I am hoping he is okay.

Congratulations April on your new addition.

Happy mothers day to you all. Love Charleymouse xxx

elkiedee Wed 04-May-11 13:05:17

Hi anyone who might notice, I thought I'd look in on D's 4th birthday and wish happy birthday to all the other May 2007 babies (whenever they were actually born).

Charleymouse Tue 17-May-11 09:03:39

Hi Elkie, hope you are well and had a great day.

I just decided to pop in to wish all our May 2007ers Happy 4th Birthday before I missed them all. Hope you all had/have great days.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAY 07 babys toddlers young ladies and young men.

Hope you all got the schools of your choice, G is going full time in September to the same school as A. Hoorah!

I am full of stinking cold thanks to DH. I also have tickets to see George Michael in Sheffield in December. Woohoo.

Congratulations LG&T ;-)

Miss you ladies. Take care love CM xxxx

Charleymouse Tue 12-Jul-11 00:22:56

Ok just using here to rant, no replies necessary. Why have I only got one child having a school taster tomorrow. Tis not f******g fair.

DH told me today to think of what I have got not what I haven't but it is so so hard. I have put G his uniform out and it just got to me I should have two lots.

I have been a real grumpy cow this week and think this may explain it, have only just clicked though, how dumb am I? Why isn't it getting easier?

If anyone is reading this hope you are all well and how did our littlies get to be going to school?

JamInMyWellies Wed 13-Jul-11 22:22:21

Oh charley. sad much love. xx

Charley sad I can't begin to imagine how you feel. I'm sure there isn't a day that goes by when you don't think of B, but "big events" like going to school are bound to bring it to the fore even more. Tis most certainly not f****king fair. (((((hugs from me too))))))

Charleymouse Sat 16-Jul-11 10:54:06

Thanks Jammy and Tillysmum, you have just made me cry again but in a nice way, you know at least someone gives a shit kind of way.

I just think so many people don't even mention B in case they upset me. Like you know saying his name will make me lose it. Well some days yes it may well do but each day people ignore he was ever here and effectively sweep him under the carpet as it were is worse IYSWIM.

Hope you are both okay, it looked like your holiday was brill Jam. Is it Tour De France all the way in your house TSM? I can not believe that French TV car incident shock

How did our May 07ers get so big though, it is frightening and making me feel old grin

Thank-you again, did not honestly expect anyone to even see this thread as it so far off the radar these days. Much love CM xxx

:-( charley. As you say, I'm sure people are just trying to avoid "upsetting" you but going about it in the wrong way. Feel free to message me any time you need a chat (not that I'll be much help but I'm happy to provide an ear/shoulder any time)

Yy to Tdf. All day every day. Only one week to go though !

Can't believe our babies are off to school. It's Tils last day at play school on Friday. I've heard her practising the songs for the year end concert. I'm definitely going to need tissues !

I was going to suggest meeting up with Jen at some point in the Hols. It'd be great if you could make it as well (and anyone else who fancies a trip oop north ish)

ShowOfHands Sun 17-Jul-11 12:34:03

Do you know I think there isn't a parent alive who doesn't wobble when a child starts school. But for you lovely charley it's about so much more than that. Every thing that G achieves is something that your beautiful little B didn't even get a shot at. Everywhere he goes is somewhere B will never see. And if you need to wobble, grump, wail and scream through the bits that bring that into sharp focus then you do it and you talk about B and feel angry/sad/robbed of all the things he isn't doing. Rubbish people like me who haven't been there and don't live with it on a daily basis, see only the obvious and that's the number of children around you today. You're that unfair thing, a woman who has a child that other people just can't see. But he's always there for you and I promise you I do my best to remember that. With B and other babies born to friends who had to say goodbye a lifetime too soon. Talk about him as much as you want on here. Rant away.

I'm a bit sad that this thread isn't as active as it should be. We shared quite an intense and peculiar time and I think once upon a time we were all here daily, procrastinating and obsessing.

Let's catch up.

Tils, how many times a day does the war cry 'gwan Cav' get intoned in your house? I'm more interested in lovely Geraint tbh. And poor Bradders. DH was in bloody tears.

Here here SOH. I miss our thread sad

DH has a man crush on Geraint. We were gutted for Wiggo. He seemed on great form and with Contador clean not himself and the Schlecks too busy looking out for each other, it was a fantastic opportunity for him to get a podium place. Still, Cav's 19th stage win today and we're hoping he brings the green jersey home smile

JamInMyWellies Sun 17-Jul-11 22:56:09

Well wittering on about the ruddy tour is not going to get us all posting again! grin

What news any babies apart from G&T?

Tils yes yes to meet up seeing as our camping trip fell apart. Am free any time from Aug 23rd.

Am off to Abu Dhabi in a couple of wks then many weekends of weddings coming up.

The monsters are now utterly notorious and have become rather well known in the village blush but to be honest are bloody hilarious. A waggled his willie out of his shorts this morning and told me his willie was hungry and in need of breakfast. hmm This us the sort if thing I know live with.

Happy last week of nursery all

Big hugs charley. Xxx

grin Jam. I have been brainwashed. Its either Tour talk or no talk in our household for the last 2 weeks wink

No babies here. Anyone else ? Any gossip ?

Jam - Abu Dhabi ? Haven't you only just got back from Florida jetsetter. We're off Eurocamping in Brittany next week. Glamorous eh ?

grin at willie waggling

Charleymouse Wed 20-Jul-11 04:13:14

Scuse typing as on phone just wanted to jump up and down and wave at everyone. Thank you so much for all your kind words. G has been back at school today and seems to love it, phew.

Will log on tomorrow and catch up proper like, but lovely to see you all and would love to catch up more on here or in the flesh. Night night, sleep tight.

Aaaagh will not post blardy phone
Post message icon will not register

JamInMyWellies Sun 04-Sep-11 10:55:36

Good Luck to all our big boys and girls as they start their new adventure this week.

Charleymouse Fri 09-Sep-11 06:55:01

Hope everyone is having a good week at school. Is anyone not going until January?
Miss you guys. Mwah, mwah !

Showy much congratulating to you and yours on your new arrival.

Weigh in day today as have been trying to lose weight. Here goes.

Anyone watch BB?

Charleymouse Sun 01-Jan-12 16:31:18

Happy New Year lots of love CM xxx

Happy New Year to you all xx

Charleymouse Sun 01-Jan-12 17:14:12

Hi Tillyscoutsmum, hope you are having a lovely start to 2012!
Did you have a good Christmas?

Hi CM grin

Yes thank you - really lovely Christmas. Just the right mix of crazy busy and loafing around doing nothing. How about you ?

Charleymouse Sun 01-Jan-12 20:54:30

Yes thanks we were at Center Parcs for Christmas and it was lovely. Not sure how we managed to get our stuff home though, I still have stuff at my mums to collect. Father Christmas was a bit naughty and got too much stuff, again. You would hink he would have learned from last year but oh no!

Nice to get home though. I am a bit of a home bird at heart.

Going to have words later as DH has just promised DD1 a hamster tomorrow.<<sigh>> any advice anyone re hamster v gerbil v mouse.

Gawd no ! I'm not good with rodenty type things. Isn't there a topic on here somewhere ??

I'd noticed you were at CP, but didn't realise it was for Christmas itself. Father Christmas bought far too much stuff here as well. I need to have words for next year wink

How's H doing ? Ferg has launched himself spectacularly into the terrible twos. He is an utter nightmare. I've never known tantrums like them !

Charleymouse Mon 02-Jan-12 08:48:25

H doesn't tantrum as such but will not leave my side and is very feisty. So we are joined at the hip and she is very bossy. Loves Peppa pig and Ben and Holly and shouts at me and the telly until it comes on. Ok in hindsight she is well in the throes of the terrible twos!

Well today I am decluttering. Off to the tip and the charity shop tomorrow.

Will check out the rodent thread, cheers.

Charleymouse Fri 13-Jan-12 15:39:28

Just after a bit of advice if anyone is lurking. Thought AF was late on 1 Jan so POAS in a bit of a panic and it was a BFN. Felt relieved but then also disappointed. DH says the same.

Does this mean we want another baby? Help not sure if I/we do or if I just feel sad that there will be no more but need to Manup and get over it. DCs have a couple of friends who have pregnant mums, a colleague is expecting twins (very jealous - can't help it but I have twin envy). Do I secretly just hope I would have twins which I know is practically impossible as I feel I should have them or do I just want another baby.

Do I just want more to fill a gap that can't be filled or do I want more. Gahh. I really don't know how I feel about this. DH says one more in the mix wouldn't be a bad thing but doesn't like the idea of me being pregnant/giving birth.

God I wish I had started this childbearing whilst I was in my prime instead of a doddering old wreck. I have to say the risk factors of being an older mum do concern me but are they that high?

I'm not sure if I should just concentrate on being a good mum to the lovely DCs I do have and not push my luck.

I think actually writing this down has clarified a bit of it for me and I think yes I probably do want another baby, not sure if we should though or if we will. Will keep you posted if any news.

Hey Charley smile

I'm not sure I have any advice really. It definitely sounds as though you do want another grin Does it matter what the reasons are ?? You know you're not going to ever "replace" B, but perhaps you feel that your family needs 4 dc's in it ?

Do keep us posted. Very exciting grin

Charleymouse Fri 13-Jan-12 16:03:14

Hi Tillyscoutsmum
more worrying than exciting I think. I think you are right I think I want another. Help I must be mad! Thinks of LG&T and actually I am quite sane. Well we have got a big enough car, a too small house, not enough eyes/hands/energy (delete as appropriate) but enough love so surely that is all they need. I think if it happens we will have to do it soon as I will be soo old.

Will keep you posted of any updates.

Are there any plans for a Northern meetup this spring or any meetup of any sort ladies anywhere? If anyone wants to come up this way they are more than welcome, I am always available for a cup of tea and a biccy if anyone is passing nearby.

Miss you guys

Charleymouse Mon 02-Apr-12 23:39:19

Happy 5th birthday tomorrow B & G xxx

Happy 5th birthday to all the May 07ers over the next 3 months xxx

God bless.

Pinkjenny Mon 02-Apr-12 23:41:19

Happy Birthday B & G XXXXXXXXC

Charleymouse Tue 03-Apr-12 23:42:27

Cheers PJ, good luck tomorrow, all will be well.

Can't believe my Mum has not even phoned all day.

Charleymouse Fri 11-May-12 14:41:24

Happy Birthdays to all our May April-June 2007 babies

Congratulations April!

elkiedee Wed 05-Sep-12 15:16:24

Hi to anyone who still reads this thread!

Charleymouse Fri 21-Sep-12 17:28:46

Hi Elkiedee
Hope you are well.

Waves helloooooooo!

echo returns



May be back shortly if anyone still lurks at this as may have an issue I need help/advice with not to appear on facebook. Have just resigned myself to no more DC and decided that is the right thing for me, DH and the other kids.

But now AF (hopefully) is just being a bit scatty. Now panicking, have not told DH I think it is late yet as it is just a bit odd, long short, odd days here and there spotting etc. To put it mildly one is pooing oneself. I am 42 FFS!

Please do not comment on this elsewhere as do not want to be outed in RL.

Aaaaaargh. confused

Charleymouse Wed 03-Apr-13 23:13:21

Happy birthday my darling darling boys.
Much loved and much missed xxxx
God bless you
All my love today and always

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