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Jan 2010: Weaning, sleeping crawling too...at least we've moved on from discussing poo

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CantThinkofFunnyName Fri 11-Jun-10 09:48:39

Roll up roll up - let's get chatting...

flyingma Fri 11-Jun-10 10:05:04

If we fill this thread up can we then revert to talking about p00? grin

alibobins Fri 11-Jun-10 11:15:17


sockmonkey Fri 11-Jun-10 17:47:33

POO!!!! Hahahahahahaha
<runs away>

alibobins Fri 11-Jun-10 20:27:18

<thinks about hiring a doorman> grin

yangymac Sat 12-Jun-10 23:24:57

hello - havent been on for ages! How is everyone. DD2 is delish - 19 weeks now and such a monkey! Have had our ups and downs, she had bad relfux and I suspect allergy to dairy (I am completley dairy free now as still BFing exclusively) but she is such a delight now although still very high maintenance and super super active...

Newbeginning1 Sun 13-Jun-10 22:57:00

Just to be clear ali can we still talk about other bodily fluids such as sick etc on here as thats featuring highly with Jack at the moment grin

alibobins Mon 14-Jun-10 07:35:20

new poor Jack and lol lol

alibobins Mon 14-Jun-10 07:35:48

that was meant to be a

Partyofsevensoontobeeight Mon 14-Jun-10 12:43:10

Hello, hello, hello, just marking place so you don't all run off and leave me

superwoman25 Mon 14-Jun-10 16:05:46

Hello re scenting my place with new name smile

Party x

sockmonkey Mon 14-Jun-10 16:13:33

like the new name... it fits you well.
<considers changing name to coveredinsnotanddribbleanddrinkingahotchocolate>

superwoman25 Mon 14-Jun-10 16:28:36

Like it sock I was also considering






Mama2b5 Mon 14-Jun-10 21:25:10

you can type but you cant hide, im here!!!!!!
Lol to superwomen!
NewB- hope jack get well real soon x
Hi - has anyone got anything fun planned for Fathers day?? (only for the ones who deserve a gift or being made a fuss off i guess)
DD15- has now only 1 more exam on friday and thats it!my gosh i remember when i had her wow time has flown by and thats what i dreading with lil man i want to enjoy every second of him! and already i can see his personality coming through he can be so cheeky and just flatout ignore you when he wants no matter how much you call his name, and when he can finally be bothered he looks at you as to say "yeh wot!!! grin

superwoman25 Mon 14-Jun-10 22:16:19

grin mama, erin personality is showing through as well, a grumpy little demanding madam, that wants attention, I love it.

sockmonkey Tue 15-Jun-10 07:50:51

Noop's Default setting seems to be "unimpressed".
She also doesn't seem to like DH very much. Everytime I handed her over yesterday she started to cry. To be fair, he goes to work before she wakes up and she is up for maybe an hour after he gets home. She probably wonders who this strange man is that I keep passing her to.

DH is getting a Daredevil book for fathers day. Yes, it's what he wanted. Yes, I married a geek.

CantThinkofFunnyName Tue 15-Jun-10 08:50:07

Er hello??!!! Why are we chatting on here while other thread still going?!

<CTFN ticks off fellow posters and slinks back to other thread to see if anyone is around>

superwoman25 Tue 15-Jun-10 10:28:36

Party/super hangs her head in shame and apologies for sneaking behind cants back, will go back to other thread until told we are allowed on this onegrin

Mama2b5 Tue 15-Jun-10 22:14:24

lol - i also hang head in total shame - c u on the other page i guess!

mistletoekisses Fri 18-Jun-10 19:24:21

marking my place grin

the other one is nearly full!

ooh am I the first on here legit like?

WMDO could your DH be telling porkies cos he didn;t want to worry you? Not saying that's the case, just wondering.

Tobin's eating away now, 2 meals aday of purees, he still hasn't figured out that if he doesn't like something he can keep his mouth shut...so it's all very easy atm. Desperate not to give up on the breastfeeding, no teeth yet, but I'm hoping to keep going til at least a year old, if only a couple of feeds a day and a bit of shameless mummy dummying. But I love it...I know I sound like a broken record.

Ok my minds now gone blank. I have a serious case of baby brain.

whensmydayoff Fri 18-Jun-10 20:21:46

> WMDO peeks round the door at you all

AH HA found you! You can't escape my extra long posts.

I think somewhat that might be the case but I still find that un nerving.

I wish I enjoyed BF as much as that. I find it much easier now that the reflux has calmed a bit
(waves to fellow sufferer Yangymac)
I hope I can carry on though because she is very attached to my boobs. Glad someone appreciates the new look saggy boobs!
I also love the fact she downs a 7oz bottle of formula every tea time and sleeps all night even more grin.

Oh there's DH with our Thai takeaway
om nom nom........

alibobins Fri 18-Jun-10 20:34:32

Phew that's better it was taking my computer ages to load the other thread.
It's a little sad too moving on from our old threads it means our babies are growing up

Jacob's reflux is getting better slowly but now he's weaning we have multi coloured sick grin just glad he's not moving or he'd be leaving a trail lol.

Dh is out watching football Dd is sleeping at my Sil's and Jacob is fast asleep so me and Ds1 are having mummy snuggles on the sofa oh and pizza nom nom nom

ali it doesn't mean ourLO's are growing up it means us lot are a bunch of gossips who talk/type too much. Well that's my excuse, my LO is never growing up, he's going to live at home til he's 40 and never have a girlfriend...only kidding, he can have a girlfriend when he's 30!

maygirl Fri 18-Jun-10 21:06:15

Hi everyone! Not caught up yet, hope everyone is fine.

Been visiting mum in law, she had op to remove the lump early this week and found out today is benign grin Going to take a while to get her mobility back, but we're all so relieved. Thanks for everyone's support last week!

DH away for 3 nights so coping with DCs alone. Hats off to single mums out there, I'm knackered! DS has made him a photo frame with pic of the two of them in at nursery for fathers day. Realised DD should get him something!! Think DS and I will make brownies tomorrow for when he gets back Sunday, help him recover from stag weekend he's on !!

Seen a few newborns last couple of days and made me realise how time is flying and how big DD is getting, 18 weeks now, enjoying every minute too, after tough start she's a joy now

alibobins Fri 18-Jun-10 21:13:56

maygirl so pleased for you and mil
somewhat I'm dreading when Dd shows and interest in boys shock at the moment she's still at the eeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwww boys stage.

Ds1 always tells me he's going to live with me forever smile he's such a soppy child I love it

Jacob has just started giving me cuddles if you say aaaaaaaawwwwww he puts his head on my shoulder

whensmydayoff Fri 18-Jun-10 22:37:08

That is so cute ali I have to teach Olivia that trick!

Thats brilliant maygirl.

Well, I said to DH today if there was any other stuff he hasnt told me he should tell me tonight - and he fecking did shock.

He told me that he TOOK £20,000 from the sale of our house without telling/discussing it with me as the townhouse was going over budget.

Right, so what the hell do I say to that. Feel like I really don't trust him anymore. 17 years we've been together.

What pisses me off the most is the fact he couldn't tell me. Me, the most un money orientated person ever.
I really couldn't give a shit if we had a big house or a fancy car, thats all stuff he cares about.
Ive always said if it all went wrong tomorrow I wouldnt care, as long as we were healthy and together. He knows how I am and couldn't explain why he choses to lie?

Off to bed in a huff
(im not very good at huff's, ive never pulled one off as im always too eager to speak)!! Will try hardest to eek this one out though as I want to punch him.

Fraochsmum Sat 19-Jun-10 09:07:04

Hello everyone!

Another stunning day here - almost forget what rain looks like grin Mind you, could do with a break from watering the plants!

maygirl that's brilliant news you must be so relieved.

wmdo that is really crap, I assume that is why he didn't tell you about the other thing?You must feel really betrayed and it's just awful that he couldn't talk to you about it after all this time together.
Oh yeah, I've still not responded to the 'drunk' yibe! I actually know someone who drinks Buckie, and this is very much a Rangers town, otherwise - spot on grin I lived in Edinburgh for 4 years while studying and will be visiting a friend there soon if you wanted to meet up?

Right, best get my breakfast now cause I'm getting my hair cut at 10am woohoo!

Good weekend to all xxx

whensmydayoff Sat 19-Jun-10 09:17:15

Morning. My huff lasted until about 5 mins ago.
He looked like a kicked puppy so I ended up giving him a kiss goodbye as he went to work.
Still Pd off at him but I hate seeing folk upset.

Oh and last night I meant 'non' money orientated blush.

I had one of those moments when that word totally left my head, un money orenitated indeed!!

Olivia up at 6am this morning. Earliest since we put her in her own room. Think she didnt feed that well yesterday, too grumpy with her teething, yawn.

Saturdays I spend the day with my mum who expects to be entertained as much as the kids grin.

Tomorrow mum has Olivia for first the time, never left her for any length of time with anyone.
Will leave a few bottles of formula while we take DS to the zoo for the day.
My boobs will be basketballs by the end of the day!
No point taking her. She is a dream baby in the house but whenever we are out she just screams just like my DS used to, neither wanted/wants to just fall asleep in the buggy confused.
Meant to be that babies with reflux are light sleepers therefore bad sleepers out and about.
Does anyone else's (as in ali, ctfn, yangymac) find this?

whensmydayoff Sat 19-Jun-10 09:18:42

Sorry fraoch crossed posted there. Yes would be good. I will bring miss screamy with me grin!

alibobins Sat 19-Jun-10 11:17:40

wmdo Jacob is really unsettled when we are out and about not only does he not sleep he won't drink either angry we had to come back early from my sisters wedding as he only had 4oz of milk all day and screamed alot too.
We are off out to a 40th party tonight taking Dd and Ds1 but leaving Jacob with a babysitter.

We now have 2 teeth grin not next to each

mistletoekisses Sat 19-Jun-10 12:53:24

Hello all!!

Am envy at all of you with bubs sleeping through. Nico simply isnt. He is waking on average 3 times between 7pm and 4am. Resettles quite quickly each time, but the 4am waking is a killer. Am giving him 3fl. oz of milk but am back and forth to him. He eventually drops off, leaving me wide awake! Grrrr! Am hoping that the CC and lack of milk will eventually stop him waking...but I have visions of him doing this for the next 18 years!

The weaning is going well, totally onto bottles now and feel ok about it. Is quite nice to be back in lovely underwired bras and my old tops.

Ali - how is your DD?

Crumpette - are you ok? I guess from your posts, you didnt go to the funeral.

WMDO - I dont think there was anything malicious in your DH's intentions. I guess that men sometimes do things like this to simply protect you from stress. Don't let one incident like this undermine what seems to be a very happy marriage otherwise.

Fraoch - how goes the babymaking?

May - such great news about your MIL! Yay!

Brain is like a sieve so have forgotten what was posted on the other thread already! Have great weekends all! Mine is filled with cooking and baking as I continue to stockpile the freezer...

Oh, and is anyone else addicted to BB this year? Cannot believe it is the last one!!

superwoman25 Sat 19-Jun-10 22:03:09

hi yummy mummies

how are you all

I am feeling very strange for some unknown reason, I do something, like lift the pram over my head in the car park cos theres no room to push it between cars, and then I think omg I'm pg I shouldn't be doing that, but I keep doing with lots of things and have to remind my self, when I get in bed I really think about it. I'm wondering if its because I'm trying to hide it from everyone (I am a tad embarrassed to be doing it again so soon, at my age, with 5 already and all that).

When me and dh are together and I relax I have a proper football belly.

Better go ds is out, baby dd is in bed, dh and bil are havin beers in kitchen, and dd is 8 today so her, dd6, dd12, and dd8s two friends are all in sleeping bags on living room floor eating sweets and pringles, watching flushed away (bring on the coloured vomit later), I'm desperate to go to bed, Erin had me up at 6 am WTH!!!!! not used to that [tired emotion] and then up tomorrow to all be at cinema for 10.30 AM!!!!!

Just had a thought! if we carry on having more children they could all sleep downstairs in sleeping bags, save the exspense of buying bedsgrin

hope you all have nice evenings will reply to posts and catch up tomorrow

nite x

Fraochsmum Sat 19-Jun-10 22:12:41

Hello mistletoe!
I guess it can only begin now seeing as I got my first (minimal) period yesterday since having LO, although it has been fun trying smile
That's a shame that Nico is waking so much, how old is he now? When Cara was 21 weeks she started waking 4 times overnight for feeding, had greater hand-eye coordination, fixated by us eating etc. so I started her on solids. She loves the food and still takes lots of my milk, but she only wakes once at night now.
Hope you had a nice time at the zoo wmdo
Sorry you had to come back early from the wedding ali but hope you had a lovely time while you were there x

Fraochsmum Sat 19-Jun-10 22:20:58

Aw that sounds like a lovely evening super!
I'm quite worried about my other wee girl (Sonas) now sad she came back from her evening walk with DH amd is totally out of sorts. She is very lame and has a large puncture wound on her leg, but her tail is hanging too and she does not seem right at all. Will have to keep a close eye on her, not nice to see her so sombre...

Newbeginning1 Sat 19-Jun-10 22:22:33

maygirl - that's such good news, you must be so relieved. Fingers crossed for a fast recovery x

superwoman - Happy birthday for your DD. When are you going to start telling people that youre pg again? Maybe you should wait and not tell people until they get to the point where they're not sure if you're pg or whether you're just eating too many pies because i'm guessing they wouldn't ask grin

wmdo - did your DH explain why he didnt tell you? Well done for holding out with the huff for so long. I do hate though that men can turn on the lost puppy face when they have done something wrong so you cant stay mad with them.I hope you enjoyed the zoo

crumpette - whats happening with your P? Did you manage to organise flowers? If ever i meet your P i really would like to spike his drink with laxatives or something nasty like that grin <<mwu ha ha ha evil laugh emoticon>>

ali - so cute about Jacob, i am envy Jack just pulls my hair or has now learnt to slap me which is great hmm I think i should set up a beaten parents helpline

mk - has Nico started waking since you moved onto bottles exclusively? Maybe he is missing the comfort of boob and is waking to compensate for it? Or, could it be a growth spurt?

My niece is here again this weekend and we have had a day of crafts today making a spider and ladybird from egg boxes, flowers and a vase and snakes and fishes. I will be Mrs Maker soon, not that i would want to have rumpy pumpy with Mr Maker. I can imagine him saying we need to get something from his doodle drawers with that stupid look of excitement on his face and he'd whip his privates out of his "drawers" I bet he keeps his waistcoat on too and knowing my luck it would be a minute make!! grin

Sorry, i dont know why i'm chatting about Mr Maker. Anyway, i've posted on the other boards but i need some advice about Jack. Since i started weaning him he's started throwing my breast milk up but he keeps the solids down. Has anyone else's LO's started doing that?

alibobins Sat 19-Jun-10 23:36:23

Had a lovely night out grin feeling a bit tipsy but was fun.
See you all in the morning

sockmonkey Sun 20-Jun-10 08:07:24

New - LOL about Mr Maker... you have obviously been over thinking that one. Chris from Doodle-Do however...well he could doodle do me anytimeblushgrin

Noop also likes to grab hair. ye-ouch. She comes away with hands full of it. (anyone else still loosing hair?)

mistletoekisses Sun 20-Jun-10 08:50:37

Morning all!

Ali - glad you had a super night!

Super - when are you going to tell people in RL? How far along are you now? Have you had your 12 week scan yet?

New - havent a scooby what it is, I think it is more likely habit more than anything else. He is pretty much waking at 1am, 4am without fail. Am going to persevere with CC - going to give it another week. If he is still waking, then wake to sleep will be used. Where I go into him at midnight and wake him. Disrputs their body clock or something along those lines. LOL at mister maker jokes! Re. the throwing up of bmilk, not happened here, sorry, cannot be much help.

Sock - my hair loss has slowed down massively, but is still coming out a little.

Fraoch - how is yout dog this morning? Nico is just over 23 weeks now. I finished bfeeding a week ago, so reckon AF will be here eventually.

WMDO - hope your DS enjoyed the zoo.

Well I was at a birthday party yesterday afternoon. 2 newborns (1 6 week old, 1 3 day old) and am relieved to report zero broodiness. grin. DH most relieved.

DH most happy with his fathers day pressie from the boys. Catch up later all!

CantThinkofFunnyName Sun 20-Jun-10 11:07:42

Morning all. Wow, I've missed a couple of days on here and feel there is so much to catch up on.

So last night I went to a 25 year reunion of my old secondary school. I moved away at 17 and literally haven't clapped eyes on anyone since. Was quite nervous and stayed at my niece's last night, so also leaving Olivia for the first time (only with DH though). Anyway, had an absolute blast. Got to bed at 2.30am!!!!!! Wow, v impressed with myself. Got a little tipsy earlier, but went to bed feeling v sober so that made for a good night overall and not too bad a morning. Had to drive 40 miles back home early though as DH now gone off to Silverstone on some corporate function.

OK - more coffee calling me.


Newbeginning1 Sun 20-Jun-10 17:29:40

ali - im grin that you got a bit tipsy and let your hair down

sockmonkey - he doesnt doodle do it for me so you're welcome to him wink

mk - how long have you been doing CC for?

ctofn - your DH has a tough life having to go to Silverstone hmm

I gave Jack some pureed asparagus todayy and funky doesnt even come close to the smell he is giving off. I'm sure his wee is radioactive grin Its safe to say it will be a while before he has asparagus again.

Quick question about weaning, can Jack have pureed peach and pureed blackberries or are they a no no?

whensmydayoff Sun 20-Jun-10 22:07:48

new definitely yes to peach.
What age is he again?
If he is over 6 months and been weaned for a while im sure blackberries would be fine. Otherwise some folk say to wait a bit for citrus. - I wouldn't worry about giving him it TBH.

Yes DH said I was PG at the time and he didn't want to stress me.
He didn't want to tell me the other guy had decided not to buy it. He knew there was even more money riding on it now. -
Twat - but not the end of the world, life's too short and ive forgotten about it already. I already knew we were screwed financially so not much has changed really grin!

super why, what age are you? You don't have to tell me but if you do I wont tell anyone wink!

Day at the zoo was brilliant.
It was fab being able to relax and enjoy DS on his own.
We have taken him to the zoo every year since he was born but this was the first time he 'got it'. He was soooo excited and asking questions about the animals.
He was totally amazed by the chimps which was great because we got to watch them for ages.

Olivia had fun at her grandparents and was on her best behaviour and very funny so im led to believe grin.

I was a little nervous about leaving her all day but great ive now taken that first step and it went well.
Will need to do that every now and then. DS can have a full day of attention from us.

ctfn your night sounded great. Id never have remembered who folk were after all that time.
Was there any real surprises, like the class geek being fit and rich?!

Im going to try and stay away from MN for at least 3 days (gulp). I never get enough time to do everything and I sit on here insteadblush! Waves bye for now

mistletoekisses Mon 21-Jun-10 07:48:42


The CC seems to have worked!! Nico slept 7pm to 5am without a murmur!! Then drank 3 fl. oz, cried a little when I put him back in his cot, then fell asleep until 6.30am!!

I cannot believe he has finally done it! I now know he can do, so fingers crossed, he just keeps on sleeping!

So i got a great nights sleep last night. DH was on duty all night Sat night...have had 2 nights uninterrupted sleep in the first time since...ohhh...early pregnancy?

Feeling nearly human and very happy! Yay!

flyingma Mon 21-Jun-10 10:14:46

Been off for a while so lots of catching up and therefore snatching the long post crown back from WMDO.

WD to Nico and congrats to MK may you get a repeat performance for the rest of the nights to come.

new - LOL @ the interesting smelling Jack. Noted re asparagus but I went off it when I was pregnant and don't feel much urge for it now either so we might skip it altogether. From what I've been reading you only need to be cautious with common allergic foods like strawberries, kiwi. Yeah and no citrus before 6 months.

Re AF - apparently it is normal for that to return when you drop the middle of the night feeds, say the 2am one. A friend was relying on BF to hold off her AF but found herself pregant within the year - this being a normal person, not our very own superwoman!

misschatterbox Welcome to the thread just feel free to jump into any ongoing conversations - we're a really friendly bunch and it's nice to have people to come to when something seems to be going wrong with LO, esp if you are a noobie like me.

CTOFN Thanks for your post re Olivia driving you mad with screaming coz Aidan too has taken to doing that quite a bit recently. It drives me spare and then I can't see the wood from the trees. Like he will fight off sleep at every nap time and swiggle and squirm for ages before he drops off. So last night I expected the same again so calmly spent half an hour putting his dummy back in before I realised that perhaps he was thirsty but obviously then did not have any bottles sterilized! I put one in but by which time he has worked himself up into hysterics. So cue guilty mummy upset that she can't read her own baby. But yeah I will join you in the corner of ppl without any real problems but just needed to vent a bit.

Also he's found his screaming voice... not sure if anyone else is getting that. Like he will scream (not crying, just trying to talk) until it makes him cough! He was being a pain on Sat evening so I took him for a quick run to Asda where we bumped into one of our mummy-friends. She leaned in to say hi to Aidan who responded with a HELLO scream! hmm Thankfully her LO seems to be going through the same thing. Here's hoping that it is a phase that will pass soon as I like being able to take him out to restaurants and to the shops.

Finally, is anyone still solely BF/FF still? We turned 5 months middle of last week and have a tried a bit of BLW but am going to try to do it by the book and wait to get as close to 6 months before doing it religiously every day.

flyingma Mon 21-Jun-10 10:16:03

Oh most importantly a big hug to ali I hope you get some good news with DD and am keeping my fingers crossed for you in the meantime. xx

sockmonkey Mon 21-Jun-10 10:33:48

flying I'm still solely BF, but Noop is one of the youngest on the thread...almost 21 weeks now.
I'm waiting till 6 months, I am scared of going against "the book" wink. She seems happy enough with just the boob anyway. It's so funny how she can go from screaming to calm in the time it takes to insert boob.

We seem to be getting a bit hit & miss with sleeping through. She managed it last night, but night before was up 3 times. I think she must discuss it with DS2 cos whenever she sleeps through, he doesn't.angry
MK so glad Nico has let you get some sleep at last!

alibobins Mon 21-Jun-10 11:05:47

Jacob was up over 10 times last night shock<thats a yawn> think his teeth are bothering him he now has 3 he was just so unsettled.

He is doing so well with blw yesterday we went to a bbq and Jacob munched on rice cakes, salad, chicken and corn on the cob. He is also sitting up for about 5 mins grin

Thanks for your well wishes for Dd she is getting nervous about the appointment tomorrow but the pain seems to have calmed down.

Well done Nico grin

Fraochsmum Mon 21-Jun-10 22:16:19

flyingma I was exclusively bf till 21 1/2 weeks, when she started waking 4 times for a feed. I had wanted to go on for the 6 months, but there were other tell tale signs which showed she was ready for it. She now gets breakfast and evening meal (porridge or rusk, then about 3 cubes of puree for tea), but also takes almost as much breast milk as she did. Incidentally, it was only after a week when af appeared, albeit slight.
mistletoe great news about Nico! Sonas is much better now thanks - I was so worried about her, but she has made a remarkable recovery.
ali hope all goes well tomorrow xxx

CantThinkofFunnyName Tue 22-Jun-10 11:06:33

Just had Olivia weighed this morning. She's 6 months next week and today tipped the scales at 13lb 6oz. Is she one of the lighter ones on this thread?

Also went to a baby rhyme and story time. My first one. She smiled and laughed at everyone. Makes my heart melt smile.

Newbeginning1 Tue 22-Jun-10 11:23:49

ali - good luck with your appointment today, i've got my fingers crossed for your DD.

fraochsmum - does your DD have 1 rusk for breakfast and dinner and 3 cubes? DS has loads more than that and im worrying that maybe im overfeeding him. I'm glad Sonas is better.

mk - how did Nico get on last night?

crumpette - you've not posted for a few days, is everything ok?

ctofn - Jack will be 6 months on Saturday and he weighed 19lb 14oz on Friday blush He is a chunky monkey but hes not had reflux to contend with either.

Thank you all for the advice re the fruit. I've just made puree with 2kg of carrots so ive gone slightly overboard but it will keep him going.

I'm really struggling with the whole sleeping thing with Jack. I attempted doing PU/PD with him but he got so upset and it would take ages for him to calm down once i picked him up. I'm not being consistent with him and trying to get him to sleep so its stressing us both out. How long did it take those of you that did PU/PD for it to work? Also, did you have a set routine with nap times etc already before you did it as we dont have anything like that hmm

CantThinkofFunnyName Tue 22-Jun-10 12:04:11

Ali - good luck for today's appointment. Let us know how you get on.

New - I don't have a set routine on times as such, but we've always pretty much gone down the route of Eat, Awake time, then nap/sleep. They say if a baby has been awake for 2 hours they definitely need a nap then. In fact, on timings, I can pretty much tell when Olivia needs her naps because she gets ratty and frustrated and the times are always spot on. If I feed her between 7 and 8, she'll nap around 9ish. Particularly if we're out and about, she will sleep for quite a while until next feed around 11.30/12. Then she'll nap again around 2ish. Feed around 4-4.30, nap around 5.30 and bath, feed and bed at 6.30-7:00. If you set the Eat, Awake and Sleep routine, the times then follow on.


mistletoekisses Tue 22-Jun-10 13:11:17

Hi all

Ali - hope your appt is ok today.

New - Nico was fine again. Woke earlier (3.30) and fought being resettled, but then slept until 6.30. So we are getting there.
The key to anything you try with the bubs is consistency I am afraid. The older they are, the longer it can take to settle them into new techniques/ routines. And a lot also depends on their personality. DS1 always adapated to things a lot easier. With Nico, I have to almost steel myself when trying something new.
When I started PU/ PD, I could be doing it for 20 mins, picking him up and putting him down almost constantly. It improved over the following 10 days.
Re routine, am very similar to CTFN. Nico always needs a nap 2 hours after he last woke. He wakes between 6/6.30 - naps at about 8.30/9. I try to keep this nap short (1 hr ish) as I like his next nap to be longer and also to coincide with DS1's main lunchtime nap. That way I get at least an hour (2 when I am lucky) of both of them sleeping. Up by 2ish, short power nap around 4.30ish, bathtime at 6, plays for a little while while I do DS1 bathtime then both boys into bed by 7/ 7.15
I think routine definitely helps the PU/ PD. If you have a set routine and set signs, then they start to learn what is coming and not fight it so much. Nico (touchwood) is put down for his naptimes and majority of the time, he goes straight to sleep. But a routine needs to work with your lifestyle. I am quite a homebird who enjoys pottering at home most the time, so it is no nuisance to me spend the time at home setting the routine.
If you have any specific questions about PU/ PD, let me know and I will try my best to help.

What a mammoth post. grin

Anyone else watching the budget?

whensmydayoff Tue 22-Jun-10 17:57:56

Quicky - I promise. Just checked in to see how ali got on today???

Oh, and ctfn, my Olivia was weighed yesterday and is 17lbs blush!!!

crumpette Tue 22-Jun-10 18:23:44


I LOST THE THREAD haha for some reason it was beyond my capabilities to actually find it myself

just checking in, I'll be back (terminatior voice) when P buggers orf and lets me have undivided MN timewasting.

naps- J never ever naps, is he a freak? Literally not one nap from wake up time til bedtime confused

<mwah>- flings buttery crumpets to all in fairydust fashion-

alibobins Tue 22-Jun-10 20:58:11

Well appointment went as well as it could Dd's eyes are still the same with slightly less inflamation. The consultant was happy to carry on with medication and to see us again in 2 weeks the only down side is that the drops are increasing the pressure in her eyes and can cause glaucoma if there is no change then he ant to try an injection behind her eye.

The rumatologist is ringing me in the morning to see if they want to change the dose of her injection or to try the iv steroids.

Jacob was showing off at hospital grinning at anyone who would look at him a proper little charmer.

Mama2b5 Tue 22-Jun-10 21:14:50

Ali - Big Hug to you and your DD - lets just pray that the pressure doesnt increase and glaucoma is no-no!hopefully things will get better for her real soon xx
Hi all-

So here we all are again!
Superwomen- hows everything with you?
Sockmonkey - hows the feeding/weaning going?
CTOFN- liking the routine thats really good!
and also MK- well done!
WMDO - well done for the 17 yers and your relaxed attitude about whats been done has been done, cant change it!
Flyima- im still BF although am trying him with foods its not everyday, and its just taster, his face is so funny when he doe not like it!
well we must be doing something right for our LO r gaining weight right!
lil man makes me laugh he does this thing with his legs they r in the air its like he is trying to land a plane, also getting much better doin the worm ( crawling head first) and also sitting up unaided ( not a complete straight back) and reaching for his toys!
P.S- good news for Maygirl's MIL - hopefully she will have a quick recovery!
Im off to bath lil man - for his feed then bed time - 10pm so he will sleep till 8am - yehhhhhhhh!

whensmydayoff Tue 22-Jun-10 22:46:56

ali glad there was no change and no bad news IYSWIM.
Fingers crossed. x

crumpette Wed 23-Jun-10 17:02:44

ali glad no change for the worse, it sounds like they are going to tackle this in a cautious but aggressive manner which is the best that they can do. I hope you have some good news soon x

CantThinkofFunnyName Thu 24-Jun-10 09:22:07

Morning ladies. I do believe our chatting is subsiding a little in this summer season! Are we finding that babies and RL are taking over more of our time? I know I am. It's been a really busy week and I know I have more to come in the next few weeks. Olivia's christening is happening on Sat 3 July and it looks set to be a fabulous day. Lots of school stuff going on as we are nearing the end of term and I'm trying to do more things with Olivia too. Baby rhyme time on Tuesday of this week, swimming on Wednesday. I have to go out shopping in a moment for some birthday presents for my great-niece. Oh the glamour never ends grin

sockmonkey Thu 24-Jun-10 10:01:01


Posting quick before DH gets up... he's taken the day off for DS1's birthday.
My little boy is seven!!
How did that happen?

DD now tips the scales at 13lb 11.5. It's all in the thighs! Poor girl, don't think she has inherited her dad's shapely legs, more my sausages which end in feet. She can roll onto her side, but not all the way over. i'm sure some of you have said your babies are rolling now.... still a baby which cant roll makes for easier nappy changes grin

flyingma Thu 24-Jun-10 11:52:29

So after my last post, I finally sucummed to weaning too. My bubs was kidnapped and replaced but some really unsettled child who would not be left alone and fight at every nap time and moan/ squirm/ cry for nearly an hour before bedtime in the evening whether or not he was well-rested during the day. He was not just possetting but bring up a fair bit after the evening cluster feed and last bottle. His tummy would be really full but he'd be crying coz it was not enough, having necked 7.5 oz in 5 minutes or less!

Mum swore blind that it was because he was not quite satisfied with milk and needed something more substantial. I know babies only need milk till 6 months but short of grounding ourselves in the afternoons and not go out in order to feed, I thought may as well give some weaning a go.

I was supposed to do purist BLW but had some baby rice and cereals in the house from before I decided to go down the BLW route. So tried spoon feeding him the baby rice but not impressed and not really moving the food to the back of his mouth. So I sat him up in his high chair and gave him some loaded spoons and some BLW-cut bananas. He loved playing with the spoons and in the process must have gotten some into him.

Day 2, he's much better at handling a loaded spoon although he still cannot work out which end is which so I help him by turning the spoons the right way. Also we have a hit with steamed sweet potato and baby corn (not chewed, just sucked). I am waiting anxiously for the output to see if any actually went into him or just got smeared all over the tray! After that he went to sleep more or less immediately after he was put down at 7pm (reverting to normal) and after the dreamfeed at 11, had to be worken up this morning at 8.30 for class!

crumpette Thu 24-Jun-10 13:52:59

CTFN! Absolutely not grin get back here from your Real Life, damn you!! grin

Well just the usual rubbish here, DP jobless, suing employer, am stressed, erm, told DP I was leaving him (after ridiculous behaviour) last night and he said that he would get baby J taken away from me if I dared to leave him. I said 'but you said I am the best mother you've ever known..' and he said 'but they won't know that, I can say whatever I want to say about you and they will believe ME.. don't cross swords with me.. revenge.. 'blabla sad I am scared he would do this if I left him.

on the weaning front (well done flyingma!!!)
J has scoffed broccoli very happily, and other than the odd bit of pear is quite happy with pureed stuff and porridge/rice. I am only giving him solids twice a day and sometimes it's not very succesful but will up it to 3 times a day in a couple weeks time

do you think he is too young for a cup with handles?

he's very whiney at the moment, I think it is his teeth combined with the hot sticky weather, he's getting more difficult at night [argh]

best go he's jumping out of his chair (have ordered highchair but tis taking aaaaaaages to arrive)

crumpette Thu 24-Jun-10 13:54:42

happy birthday sockDS!!

Newbeginning1 Thu 24-Jun-10 15:03:53

ctofn - i know things do seem to be a bit quiet. Maybe its because of the poo talk ban hmm Well i'm happy to break it and talk about Jacks cute poo face which is very funny but so are his carrot poos grin I'm sure everyone will flood back not ctofn, you watch wink

ali - sorry that your DD didnt get better news, how is she doing now? Jack is the same as Jack with the grinning at the hospital, he loves the attention.

flyingma - it sounds like your DS is loving his food and that weaning is going well

mk - how is Nico doing?

sock - happy birthday to DS1. What have you got planned for it?

crumpette - your P really annoys me. I know that he is saying it to frighten you and it's working but i doubt people would believe him especially considering if you were such a bad mother that he would leave you with J all the time. It's just not believable. Also, depending what he said, if you're such a bad mother and he makes serious allegations then he wont be able to keep J either because he's "known" how you're meant to have been with J and let it happened. Ooh, i'm doing angry typing just thinking about it!!!!! Have you got a phone with a recorder on it? If so record him saying this stuff so that you have proof but dont let him know you're recording it. I'm not sure how you would stand if you just took J one day and left. I think it's when the father does it that it's classed as kidnap. The offer to stay here is always open xx

Right lovely ladies i seem to have become craft tastic. I keep making random stuff which is of no point. I am also eating rubbish and i'm back to 13 stone 9lb sadI need to give myself a good talking too!!

Whats happening with the meet up with lottie or have i been ousted from it? hmm grin

flyingma Thu 24-Jun-10 15:14:14

crumpette I'm training Aidan to use a Doidy cup which is having mixed results but he is learning quite fast. I want him to be able to drink from an open lidded cup asap before giving him the free-flow lidded beakers for when we are on the move.

He now understands the concept of a cup being taken to the lips and tilted up to drink. He tried to drink the fake glass of milk from the story bag at the library the other day which elicited a whole of lot "awwws" from the other mums. But he's a bit wobbly managing it on his own and often tips the little water I give him all down his front. But baby steps and we'll get there, mum was amazed that he even managed it coz he is unable to hold his own bottle still (too heavy). If I can just get him to understand that water is to quench thirst and is not a game... then I'd be laughing!

CantThinkofFunnyName Thu 24-Jun-10 19:05:21

New - second everything you said about Crumpette's P. Really Crumpette - don't be worried. He does not have a leg to stand on. Grrrrrr.

Also - no news on the Lottie meet up as yet. We just have a blanket coverage of dates when she's here. She will let me know once her plans are more firm I'm sure.

hey guys, I just can't seem to get on here like I used to. Tobin's still waking 3 times a night for food (and takes loads of it!) and now he's decided to drop his nice 1-2hr long daytime naps to be replaced with a max 10 mins twice a day The boy just doesn't sleep!

Got teeth, well tooth coming through now, he's been great about the whole thing until we noticed yesterday that it's actually cut through adn I was saying how proud I was of him for not being a grizzly monster about it...cue today and the monster emerged. Bless it must really hurt though.

Weaning's going ok, still 2 meals a day. We do need to be more adventurous with what we give him, but I'm loathed to get too much stuff in that we don't esp the expensive stuff. Although found that frozen blueberries are much cheaper than fresh ones!
Thinking about it most of what he gets/likes is fruit, or veg mixed with fruit...oh dear, the family sweet tooth is continuing.

crumpette your P is an ass, and I'm very suprised you believe a word he says...do you honestly think that a court will award him custody over you? Mums are way more likely to get it, you're young and you had a good job, why on earth would you think that a judge would listen to him? You want ot leave, leave!

whensmydayoff Fri 25-Jun-10 17:40:28

crumpette my brother tried all of that bollocks with his ex.
She told the doctor about her stresses,
he put her onto a support type thingy (ask your doc) and they gave her the REAL facts.

This is the most common thing they hear.
Idiots like your P trying to scare/control their partners into staying.

It never washes and the fact she has kept them in the loop is proof enough for them.
They know all the typical signs.

FFS, they couldn't move fast enough to get baby P from that pair of evil bastards so they certainly aren't going to side with a liar/dad of 20 uncared for kids - on his word alone and whip J from you!
He is mind f*cking with you.

Oh, Olivia crying. Hope everyone ok x

mistletoekisses Fri 25-Jun-10 17:41:40

Hi All

ali - great news about your DD

CTFN - hope all your activities have been fun! I have been a little home bunny today/ yesterday. Am not a massive sun worshiper and am enjoying the coolness of the house!

sock - hope you had a lovely day with your DS

Flyingma - glad the weaning is going well. I saw such a difference in nico once I started.

crumpette - grrr at your DP! How dare he! You need to record him making these threats!
Re. the cup with handles, they are never too young. I have started giving Nico milk with breakfast in a doidy cup. He has his water from a little soft spouted tommee tippee cup with handles. He lifts it and puts it in his mouth. And that is only after a week.

new - nico is doing great - thank you for asking. still going 7pm to about 4/5am. Give him 3 fl oz of milk and he settles til 6am. Once he is on proteins for lunch, then will reduce that milk feed also. But we are onto 3 solid meals a day - and he is loving his food.Have finally gotten him taking mix of veg at lunch without it mixed with baby rice. So tomorrow plan to make some chicken stock and simple lentil/ veg soup to start adding small amounts of proteins to his food.
How is the PU/ PD going with j? And how are you doing otherwise?

SWH - poor little Tobin. Hope he feels ok soon. Re the sweet tooth, I find that using sweet potato as a base helps the transition to veg only meals. Parsnips are also a winner. Babies are such funny creatures - Nico was hard work with fruit!

Well hope everyone else is doing well. We have an uber lazy weekend planned with family round on sunday to watch the game. Have great weekends all!

sockmonkey Sat 26-Jun-10 08:45:14

SWH given the choice would you go for sweet or savoury grinBabies aren't daft are they. MK yeah, I remember the DSs liking things with parsnip or sweet potato in. Good point!

Crumpette I'm sure no other father ever bad mouthed the mother when they left hmm Don't let him threaten you!

Ali Hope the treatment they are using for DD is helping.

DS1 had a great birthday thanks. We took him to a soft play place with his best mate, then back for cake and a massive water fight with his new water-pistols. I hid behind the baby and stayed indoors smile

Noop managed to work her way from the middle of the room to the corner under the radiator where the wires for DH's surround sound are in the time it took me to go in other room check FB and help DS spend his birthday voucher. She was very happy pulling all the wires out shock for a baby that can't even roll over she can manage to move about... but how?!!

whensmydayoff Sat 26-Jun-10 10:00:32

Mad wriggling and bum bouncing no doubt sock. Olivia is the same.

I was 'out out' on Thursday night. 4 girls I used to work with. Great laugh, wine and home at.....1am shock, I know, mental eh!

I was in all these trendy bars in Edinburgh West End thinking - how far removed am I from you lot!
Never mind, 2 or 3 glasses of wine in I was cackling like a witch and unaware of my mummy status!

DH has stolen most of our furniture, mirrors and other bits and pieces to dress the townhouse for sale with a different seller.
I feel like Ive been robbed!
Hopefully we can get it shifted soon as we don't have any funds to crack on with the house build.
The land we bought was repossessed from someone else, Im starting to worry it's cursed and it will happen to us. Fingers crossed it will move soon.

Out with mum and kids today, don't know where but it will probably involve lunch and cake.
Taking kids to a swimming pool with chutes, waves etc tomorrow so should be fun.
Hope you all have a good weekend. x

alibobins Sat 26-Jun-10 12:21:27

Jacob is on a milk strike only drank 11oz yesterday he has got another chest infection and has been really poorly

Dd seems to be alot happier in herself since we went to hospital

Can't believe how fast it is all going I'm back at work in 10 weeks shock I have really enjoyed being at home and keep trying to find a way to cut back so I could stay off but it just isn't possible oh well 2 days off a week is better thatn none.

crumpette really don't listen to your p I won't put dp cos he isn't angry he is trying to play mind games with you you are a fantastic Mum

How's weaning going? Jacob is plodding he does prefer blw to puree.

Enjoy the sunshine

Newbeginning1 Sat 26-Jun-10 15:11:46

ali - poor Jacob, he's having a rough time with the rest of you isnt he? Fingers crossed he's better soon.

crumpette - how are things with you and J?

wmdo - very envy at your night out but it sounds like you had a fab time smile

sockmonkey - DS is exactly the same with the shuffling around the room. I'm sure they know what they're not meant to have and head straight for it hmm

mk - are you doing purees or blw? I need to start giving DS protein but im nervous, i dont want to poison him blush I've stopped the PU/PD with Jack as we have been out and about and not getting home some nights until about 9.30pm <<bad mummy i know>>. We had an early night though last night and he was squirming when i tried to get him to sleep so i put him in his cot and he went pretty much straight off.

ctofn - i completely forgot to say thank you for your advice re sorting Jack with his sleeping

flyingma - i've got Jack a doidy too and he managed yesterday to drink some water like a big boy and was very impressed with himself but then other times seems shocked when he gets water from it

party/super - how are you getting on? Have you told more people now?

My boy is all grown up and 6 months today. I had planned on making this a 2nd birthday for him as he's a boxing day baby which is a rubbish birthday and it will be messy organisng both me and his dad having time with him at xmas and his birthday. I got him loads of presents and my sister was meant to come with my niece but she's poorly so our day out to Plantasia has been postponed and Jack and i have spent the day alone and im feeling very sorry for myself that my boys day hasnt gone to plan but he knows no different im sure.

alibobins Sat 26-Jun-10 15:50:22

new I was going to do the half birthday too grin he had a new play ring which he hates.
I really think he will be a bum shuffler as he will still not lie on his front and when he's sitting up he rocks like a loon he also does it in his entertainer and makes it move the other dc find it really amusing x x

Sleep is the one thing that is easy for us Jacob is really good at self settling he hates being held to sleep.

mama2moo Sun 27-Jun-10 11:00:00

Hi all, I have finally made it over here!

I hope everyone is ok and enjoying the weather. We are forecast rain for Thursday and I am so looking forward to it being a little cooler!!

Babymoo has 2 teeth now and I am down to one breast feed a day. I think tomorrow will be my last feed as she has started biting! She is wolfing bay 8oz bottles 4 times a day at the mo!!

party How are you finding being pg with a young baby?

ali I hope Jacob is doing ok

MK you are totally right about the parsnip, he does pull 'the face' a bit but he had it with carrot today and ate almost all of it. I tried the sweet potatoe, but I think I need to bake it rather then boil/steam it to make it a bit sweeter, he still eats it...I am dreading the day he realises he can refuse food.

Gonna go, strip off naked and sit in a cold bath or something...I hate this weather, let it snow!

Newbeginning1 Sun 27-Jun-10 22:33:15

ali - how is Jacob doing and how is your DD? I long for the day that Jack doesnt want to be held to sleep.

mama2moo - biting sounds lovely hmm How are you feeling about tomorrow potentially being your last feed?

swh - i'm loving that you're loving the warm weather so much grin

Where is everyone else? Do you all have actual lives and things to do????????? hmm

Well, i need a rant. DS is doing my head in with his sleep at the moment and i cant cope with the fact he fights sleep and me so much now. He's started slapping and pinching me and i'm sure he doesnt know he's doing it but it's really getting me down. I just want 1 thing to be simple with him so that I can leave him with someone and have some time to myself.

Anyway, ignore my rant as it's nothing compared to a lot of the things everyone else has going on in this thread.

crumpette Mon 28-Jun-10 06:16:47

I'm sorry I haven't read thread since I was here last. I hope you're all OK..have been up all night sad very sad about DD and also have concrete evidence that P has been having an affair since at least 2008. I wish I hadn't found it. I feel really sick! confused

Sorry to rant, nowhere else.. he was having sex with someone else while DD was well but also then while she was dying in the hospital! And even after she had diedshock

will go have coffee and try not to let on that I know hmm hugs to all xxx

ali this is nothing though compared to any health problems so I hope your DD and Jacob are OK at the moment.

crumpette Mon 28-Jun-10 07:01:59

<shuffling about on MN drinking black coffee downstairs, dreading P waking up!>

Well, at least I'll be ''allowed'' to make your meet-up when you have it, look on the bright side eh grin

CantThinkofFunnyName Mon 28-Jun-10 08:09:14

Firstly Crumpette - sad. So sorry to hear this about P. Despite everything else you feel about him, something like that totally rocks your core. And on top of that, your reminiscing about DD. Please come on here and share with us. Do you go to the bereavement section at all? Have you found it any use if you have?

Now a question. Why are you not going to let on that you know? Surely you want to give it to him with all guns blazing, show him how hurt and angry you are and tell him to get the hell out of your life. At the same time, be speaking to a solicitor about financial commitments from him for James and perhaps even an injunction? Come on my lovely, it's really time to stand up for yourself now. And you must speak to someone about it in RL. If someone in your circle - or even a neutral lawyer who can help you on legal aid knows the ins and outs, if he does threaten silly stuff about taking J away from you - they will know everything and be able to fight tooth and nail for you. Are you even able to prepare yourself and J with all your belongings and do a "midnight flit" - or certainly a time when he's not around so you can just get out without having to deal with it all. Just leave a note saying you know everything you do? You have plenty of offers on here and I'm sure some of your RL friends would help you out, even if you haven't seen them for years. They are probably just waiting for you to come to your senses!!

Everyone else - will come back and post later, just really wanted to address this for Crumpette for now.


mistletoekisses Mon 28-Jun-10 09:47:18

Oh Crumpette - I dont really know what to say. <<Hugs>> to you. I think I remember you mentioning a good while back that you had your suspicions. I am so sorry that you are thinking about your DD, I guess finding out about the affair and the timing of it has bought a lot of emotions back.
I think irrespective of what has gone on between the two of you, something like this comes as a complete shock.

I hope you know that you deserve better than this. Feeling sad for you today.

mistletoekisses Mon 28-Jun-10 10:03:38

Morning to everyone else also.

New - you won't poison J, I promise! I made some chicken stock on the weekend and am adding that to the veg so that Nico gets used to the taste. I saw that Heinz have bought some stock cubes out specifically marketed for giving to babies;no salt or rubbish in. Or just boil some red lentils for about 20 mins(they are one of the easier lentils to digest), whizz them up and add a little of those to the veg.
I am doing purees. BLW sounds great but DS1 was great with purees, and Nico is the same. I have also read an interesting article where a small study has shown that BLW is only advised if bfeeding/ ff on demand. It said that with BLW, a baby doesnt actually digest many nutrients, which is fine, because milk supplies all they need right now. But Nico is now on a routine, and am not feeding on demand. So even if I was thinking about it, that ruled it out for me.
Re Jack fighting sleep, he is over tired by the sounds of things and hasn't a clue what he is doing (wait until they are toddlers for that! grin). In your shoes would now start a combo of PU/ PD and controlled crying. He may also be a little happier on a daytime routine; it will help you to know what he needs and he will also learn to pick up cues on what is coming next. I know that on the days I am out and about with Nico - he is a lot more unsettled. But as I said before a lot of it depends on what works with your lifestyle.

SWH - glad the parsnip helped. With the sweet pototo, I found that mixing it with baby rice in the beginning helped to get him used to the texture - it is very thick.

ali - how is jacob after his milk strike? how is your DD?

Lottie - hope all is well with you, you havent been on in a while.

Well we are fab. Was way too hot for even my liking yesterday. I thought I was in for a very unsettled night last night with the heat. But think the introduction of proteins is helping, I got a 7pm - 5.30am night! So am finally (touchwood) getting there.

Crumpette - do come back and vent please! I'll be lurking on and off today.

CantThinkofFunnyName Mon 28-Jun-10 11:10:37

Morning everyone. Well I've had a busy busy week and weekend, hence limited posted on here! I have to confess to being with SWH though. Whilst it is nice to have a summer holiday and cook for a couple of weeks, I much prefer the cooler seasons when at home. Our house is usually cool in the summer but not so much this year. I've resorted to fans in every room now!

Babies. I just LOVE this stage. Strangers keep telling me just how beautiful and happy Olivia is and I burst with pride. She smiles all the time and at anyone. A real little charmer. She is a real wriggle bum now too and is trying desperately to get to a sitting position from lying down and to get up on her knees. Changing her bum is quite comical.

We had our first night away on Saturday to attend a gay civil partnership. Actually I should say full on wedding as it was the most traditional wedding I have EVER been to grin. Quite bizarre. 4 tiered cake, bridesmaids, ushers, tails, first dance (ballroom styly), favours, balloons, the "happy couple" leaving the venue in a limo and passing under a sea of hands, jazz band during the reception, band and disco in the evening, ceremony in a CHAPEL! Thought it was going to be a great day, but actually because it was sooooo formal, everyone was very reserved, not very drunk and therefore not much action on the dance floor in the evening, despite the numerous professional gay dancers in the room! MIL looked after Olivia and she slept from 7pm to dream feed at midnight (because MIL was watching something on TV and forgot to do earlier), then she woke Olivia at 7.30am. I asked if she wanted to stay every night because she hasn't done that for us!! grin

Started on more lumpy purees now and trying a wider variety of foods after DH did a mammoth cook up on Saturday. Olivia is 6 months old tomorrow. I must say though, I think banana or mango is not going well with the digestive system. Each time she has had either she's been really really sick afterwards. So they are both off the menu for the foreseeable future.

Next week is again going to be manic. We have my stepchildren coming over from Ireland on Friday night and Olivia's christening on Saturday with 70 family and friends coming along. The following week we have various meetings for DS's new secondary school and his school production which he has a leading role in. Think I'm going to be out every night and busy helping the school in the daytimes! Stepchildren broke up from school at beginning of June and think they are going to be quite bored here that week, although trying to figure out what jobs I can give them at the school production to help out!

Right - Percy is at grooming this morning, having a major shave/haircut to help him out in this hot weather. Olivia has just gone to sleep. I have to empty dishwasher, tidy house, go to pub to sort final christening details with the caterers, at some point, try to manage some ironing confused, collect Percy from groomers, collect kids from school, be back here for 4.15 when the lady comes every Monday to observe Olivia (psychotherapy degree) - she posted on here around December and I agreed to be the guinea pig, then take DS to cricket training, collect him hour and half later and take Percy to his final dog training session. Manage to get back at 9.30pm and drop into bed. Every bloody Monday it's like this. Wednesdays are now very similar.

Still, will be better in a couple of weeks time I think.

hope everyone else ok.


alibobins Mon 28-Jun-10 11:27:37

crumpette I really don't know what to say to you sad I really think you need to break away he is really bringing you down you can tell from your posts that you have had enough sad
You can come and share Ds1's bedroom

Jacob is still really wheezing he has got a follow up with the consultant on wednesday so he might change his medication.

Dd had a pain above her eye again last night but think it's the sun as her eyes are sensitive she's got an appointment on 7th.

New <<<<<<<<<hugs>>>>>>>>> we will have to try to meet somewhere before I go back to work we can sit and moan ;)

Mk Jacob still isn't interested in his milk he had 4 bottles yesterday so a bit more but only had 16oz and wasn't eating either. Glad weaning is going okay

CantThinkofFunnyName Mon 28-Jun-10 16:45:24

Crumpette - if by any chance you are still around internet, please please let me know what's happening. I have left you a voicemail saying I was calling from baby massage group so you get my mobile number. I will travel to help you. I'm very very worried xxxxx

CantThinkofFunnyName Mon 28-Jun-10 17:27:41

Just in case anyone tries to look at my pics or profile - I've just hidden it so it is not public. I have offered to help Crumpette and if she takes me up my offer, I want her to know that I'm "untraceable".

sockmonkey Mon 28-Jun-10 17:33:00

You are a good 'un CTOFN.

Crumpette - That really is beyond crappy. I'm wishing you lots of strength and hope you are getting lots of support from those around you.

alibobins Mon 28-Jun-10 18:12:41

ctofn Thanks I knew you could help.
crumpette sending lots of hugs x x

Newbeginning1 Mon 28-Jun-10 22:01:37

<<<hugs for crumpette>>>

How are you doing? Please get in touch with someone so that we know you're ok. I'm so sorry that your P is an absolute t**t and has done that to you. I second what others have said around the fact you deserve much better but i need to add that not only do you deserve better but so does J and so does your DD and her memory. I'm sure some part of you still loves him and hopes that one day the man you fell in love with will return but I hate to say it but i dont think he will and i'm not sure what else he can do before you give in to that iyswim? Please dont shoulder any blame with your P about his affair or behaviour. You haven't driven him to it, you haven't provoked him, you were dealing with the loss of your DD and although i'm sure he was dealing with his grief too but it's the time to strengthen a relationship and not go off with another woman.

Sorry, i know you dont need anyone else telling you this and the only reason I and everyone else do it is to help you because we all care and want the best for you and J. If you want to take ctofn up on her offer but need some more moral support then Jack and I are always up for a road trip and would be happy to come down. In fact, i'm meant to be going to Cambridge later this week and it's not that far so if I can help let me know. My spare room is always available and im sure Jack would love having J here.

Have a look at this as they offer a lot of support but there are also refuges around London but i'm not sure if you would want to stay. I read on one of the sites that even though she was in an abusive relationship she didnt want to leave but had an outreach worker who she could talk to that helped her make sense of stuff and also was her "witness" if that makes sense.

Anyway, i really hope you're ok. My number is 07506 746009 so if you need a chat or anything let me know. (I don't expect my number being put up in any phone boxes everyone else wink) Don't forget as well to cover your tracks when you're searching for help on the internet in case he checks up on you if you get what i mean.


CantThinkofFunnyName Mon 28-Jun-10 23:35:49

Not sure that Crumpette will be posting on here for a few days at least. She has a lot more going on than she has described on this thread, but she knows we are all here for her.

verycherry Tue 29-Jun-10 07:27:06

ctofn I can come into London anytime today, be with you within 40 mins if I can do anything at all to help crumpette. Am v v v worried for her, have been following her thread and not slept much, I don't think she is quite ready to fully make the break and I also think she is not completely aware of how very very dangerous this man is, I worry that she may confront him again.

Can we not just go and hustle her out of where she is now in big bodyguard styley???

Am scared for her.

CantThinkofFunnyName Tue 29-Jun-10 07:41:03

Verycherry - thank you. Given the way my days are going, I may take you up on that. The trouble is, because this is an internet forum, none of us give too much away, particularly Crumpette, and with good reason. So I have her first name in RL and a mobile number and I know she is in SE London - but that's it. The rest has to come from her - but if she asks me, I will go to her (and probably call you too!!).

For those wondering - check out the most active conversation in "Relationships".

Blimey - my stomach is in knots, lord knows how she is feeling this morning. I will call her later.

CantThinkofFunnyName Tue 29-Jun-10 08:12:57

OK I'm going to take a risk here on internet forum and publish my mobile number in case anyone wants to offer their services. I'm going to be offline for this morning as have to take car for service (bloody timing)! So text me, VeryCherry and anyone else who's able or willing to travel and help if needed.

07740676773 eeek, what have I done?? grin

superwoman25 Tue 29-Jun-10 08:57:32

Hi all

Sorry its been a while, have just caught up with this thread and saw crumps other thread, I hope she is ok this morning.

Obviously Manchester is a bit far for me to do anything hands on but please count me in the loop if you need me.

<<waves to everyone else>>

wmdo I'm 37

I haven't told anyone yet (work know and BIL) I'm off to booking appointment at hospital this am, so will check back later x

alibobins Tue 29-Jun-10 09:29:56

Unfortunatly I am too far away to be of any help sad
I can offer baby things and if she really needs to get far away I can offer a bedroom.

I am really worried and sad for crumpette and hope she has the strength to do this we are all giving you our strength.

cant you are one amazing woman x x

superwoman25 Tue 29-Jun-10 12:51:14

cant I will txt you my number

party X

CantThinkofFunnyName Tue 29-Jun-10 13:13:06

SuperParty grin. Got your text thanks. Re your post on other thread, pretty much what I put but I said the F word a few times telling the poster to F off, she was Fing clueless, that she was damaging the advice and she made me really Fing angry. My post got reported by someone and deleted grin.

superwoman25 Tue 29-Jun-10 13:42:12

lol cant she really is clueless, but if you have no understanding of the situation why post, they don't half get me mad, some just feel its their duty to psycho-analyse people, she's mental and shes still posting.

have you heard anything else from crumpette

xx to crumpette

CantThinkofFunnyName Tue 29-Jun-10 13:45:39

Yes earlier today. thanks me for being so kind, she was at the dentist and had a lunch with her mother, which she had forgot about and was going to have to pretend everything was ok. I have asked where she is staying, what her plans are for tonight, that I will get her and sort out stuff for her, helplines, refuge, ongoing assistance etc... but she's probably still having a stressful lunch!

mistletoekisses Tue 29-Jun-10 16:13:24

Jeez - CTFN, what a thread. I had no idea tbh that things were so bad. You have my RL details too - let me know if you need help.

alibobins Tue 29-Jun-10 16:19:13

superparty how did your booking in appointment go whats beans due date?

cant hope you have found time to do everything today.

crumpette still thinking of you and please remember that we are hear for you no matter what happens <<<<<<<<<hugs>>>>>>>>>>>

sockmonkey Tue 29-Jun-10 16:40:25

crumpette just seen that other thread & it made my blood run cold. I had no idea things were so bad for you. You always come across so bright and cheery. Sending you lots of love and strength. Little J will be so proud of his Mum for breaking free. Keep safe x x

CTOFN just dont iron, it's so warm creases will drop out pretty fast while clothes are being worn. Hope you are ok. I know you only think you are doing what anyone would in that situation, but just know you are doing us all proud.

CantThinkofFunnyName Tue 29-Jun-10 17:49:40

Nope - nothing has got done today at all apart from sitting at Tescos for 2 hours this morning while a car problem was sorted at nearby garage, then MN, feeding Olivia, trying to get her to sleep, school run, Brent Cross to get a shirt for DS for Olivia's christening this Saturday - oh and more MN!

Bloody hell. Must go and feed her again - where has my day gone? Oh yes, MN.

sockmonkey Tue 29-Jun-10 18:11:24

But very important MNing!

Something which might make you chuckle

Last night DD farted so loud it woke me up. <must lay off the mexican food>

CantThinkofFunnyName Tue 29-Jun-10 18:13:57

sock grin ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. God I need some light relief. I am mentally exhausted!

Have been back home for about 30 minutes, currently waiting for DH so I can go with a friend to a new diet meeting. A crash diet basically - LighterLife Lite! Drastic measure. I must I must I must look better on the beach!!

CantThinkofFunnyName Tue 29-Jun-10 18:38:57

Good news! Have contact again. Check other thread as running out now and don't have time to post again!!! x

Fraochsmum Tue 29-Jun-10 20:14:27

OMG Crumpette, that is so awful. I really can't begin to describe how horrendous I feel for you. I can only empathise with what you are going through, I only know how gutted I felt after the end of my first marriage. I have looked through the relationships thread and can't find your one there. Just to reiterate what everyone else has said, I hope things are going better for you, vent on here anytime, if you need an escape I am at the ar$e end of nowhere, and am also on mat leave (baby has passport) and can travel...

mama2moo Tue 29-Jun-10 20:28:10

crumpette Im so sorry read that. I hope you are ok x

Well, babymoo had her last breast feed yesterday morning. So far I am ok about it and my boobs arent too bad. I am expecting it to hit me soon though that I probably wont breast feed ever again sad

She had her paed appointment yesterday for her flat head. He took one look at her and said 'Im pretty sure its Rickets'!! She has vitamin drops and I have to give her 30 mins exposure to the sun everyday - Without lotion!! Um, no.

I think I will go back for a 2nd opinion. Has anyone else heard of it recently??

CFOFN I know loads of people who have done the Lighterlife diet. They have lost masses of weight. I am on low carbs and have lost a stone in 3 weeks! I am not even hungry anymore!!

party/superwoman I hope all is going ok smile

whensmydayoff Tue 29-Jun-10 20:28:20

damn me for being 'good'and staying off MN>

crumpette I hope you will take some help. You've been through so so much. Im always wondering how you keep it together and sound so sane after DD and shit P.
You need to do something for you for a change. Get out and start the process of a new life, moving on from that evil evil man.

What other threads are you all talking about?

super bloody hell woman, when you said you were blush at your age being PG, I thought you were 45+ or something. Your 37 and on your 6th PG. That's not old. Alot of people are just starting at your age.
Have you told anyone yet?

ctfn your lovely wink (im not flirting, I just mean kind)!

....and, yes this is the bestest baby age and I get so sad at the time moving fast.
Im so in love with Olivia. Very smiley bordering mad at times smile. I feel broody but it must be her age, I will get over it - right?

Ive just been doing my usual stuff. Having too many other mums for lunch and turning my kitchen into a cafe and living room into a creche.
Im actually exhausted making other folks lunch and entertaining all day but they always say, oh you've got the biggest garden angry. Need to get brave and change this little habbit.

Having another mini meltdown of hypocondria. One of my few and normal looking moles has started to change - PANIC.
Ive had melignant melenoma before but was caught early.
Had a sunbed in my room from 15 years to 21 and fell asleep under it EVERY night. Can you imagine? Makes me shudder.
Anyway, I always think, hmmmm, when will the next one appear, now im convinced this is it.
Doctors tomorrow but takes ages to get appointment at actual dermotologist.
I wish Id stop panicing about things lately confused.

mistletoekisses Tue 29-Jun-10 20:31:58

CTFN - totally second what sock has said. You are a truely wonderful person who obviously has a very big heart. Let me know if you need anything.

sock - that is hilarious! Very ladylike behaviour!!

Crumpette - if you are lurking and reading. Know that you have a lot of people here rooting for you. Stay strong. xx

Right, I am heading off to bed. Havent stopped all day. Am shattered.

<<whispers>> so have the weigh ins been abolished? I am stuck at the same weight for the last fortnight. this hot weather is completely putting me off starting running again. am sooo lazy....as soon as it cools down, I will start again. grin

mistletoekisses Tue 29-Jun-10 20:35:04



Is not pretty reading. Poor Crump.

whensmydayoff Tue 29-Jun-10 20:58:17

Oh my god sad.

I can't believe just how awful this is.

What is she going to do cant do you know yet?

I honestly think he has made her think he is much more powerful and important than he is.
Bloody hell, I worked for the police for 12 years, they're decent people mainly and you find the bent ones are usually high up or shifted elsewhere and put in a shity area job.
Some PC sent along to a domestic has about the same power as the cleaner in the station nowadays!

He has no job - no funds - no power over anybody let alone the police and he knows it - but he has you!

Go to womans aid, they can help.

Away for bath before head explodes.

I didn't get a chance to read all 22 pages obviously but it sounds like you found one of MN's usual nutters who must be ignored.

mama2moo Tue 29-Jun-10 21:01:03

Oh my God. I have just read the other thread. I so hope she is safe now and happy to be away.

Thinking of you Crumpette xx

whensmydayoff Tue 29-Jun-10 21:05:03

Oh and crump, you are 24, you may think you are old but my life has barley begun.

Your young believe me. You have loads of time on your hands to start a new life.

I am 33, when I think back to 24 it seems an eternity away, so much has changed and i still think of myself as young with loads of good times ahead. You will see that later when your out of this mess.

My friend became a single mum to her DS at 34 and thought her world had ended. Of course it hadn't, she met someone else and is now 38 (39 soon, ssshhh) and is the happiest she has ever been.

This will be the horrible past, not the end.

CantThinkofFunnyName Tue 29-Jun-10 21:20:02

For those wondering about other thread it's here

Am very blush though about everyone saying I'm wonderful. Really - it's our little world here isn't it. I know that in real life this is just an internet chat room - but then serious stuff like this comes up and you feel you just have to help if you can.

Right, I really am going to have one more Magners and go to bed!

jardins Tue 29-Jun-10 21:20:44

Crumpette you are one brave lady. I am at a loss for words but I just wish I could give you a hug and have a glass of wine with you. CTFN you have been amazing.

superwoman25 Tue 29-Jun-10 22:51:42

Hi all

I'm exhausted sat here worrying about her all day, glad shes ok and told her mum.

that god damn marantha is really getting on my nerves and have just posted to tell her soangry

I'm good, actually although i don't feel pg if that makes sense, I went to booking appointment, no bother but had booking bloods and then she said do you want blood test for ds, i just go cold as I don't really know what I would do with the information if it was positive, spoke to dh, he is so squeamish about everything to do with illness/conditions that he clams up. he just seems to say its up to me. when i was having erin, i went throught the same, but once i made the decision that if baby had ds i wouldn't terminate, it sort of lifted a weight as in what will be will be, so i never had any tests at all and started to enjoy my pg and of course she was fine, but i didn't have a 12 month old baby then either.

sorry to go on, i'll try to speak to dh again tomorrow, did any of you have the tests/amnio

superwoman25 Tue 29-Jun-10 23:00:32

I just posted this on other site and when crump comes back wanted her and all of you to know you are really nice people (no i have not been drinking) just wanted people to see that we're not all troll hunting lunatics with an axe to grind.

I wasn't going to respond to marantha again as I didn't feel nice telling you to F*&k off before, but the more you post the more you are becoming very irritating.

As for sisterhood, me, cant, OP, and I noticed a few more of us, mistle, jardins, sock (sorry if i missed anyone else), have been talking on here and emaling for about a year now, when we first found out we were all having babies.

In that time, some of us lost our baby, some of our babys were born with problems and some of our babies have ongoing illnesses. Some of us had two babies adding more stress/worry, some of us added to already large families, and some were first time worriers. So while we may be anonymous names on a website, I know if I needed them they would help in anyway they could, and that has nothing to do with 'unity' or 'sisterhood' its being a god damn decent human being who would help a person in need, a trait which is sadly lacking in a lot of people these days.

Your posts are neither helpful or wanted so go and stick your 'sisterhood' or lack of it where the sun don't shine, and leave us decent people to really help those who need it.

dismantlethesun Wed 30-Jun-10 02:50:46

please don't worry about me, I'll be back to my usual ID in a couple days. can't be arsed to change my name, I have outed myself anyway [how embarrassing]
I am so grateful for yoru overwhelming support, CTFN has been phoning/texting me despite her busy supermum life. P has made me nervous of being on the phone so I didnt answer- how mad is that. Anyway I am astounded by the words and offers of support, I was so alone for so long I accepted it all but it can't go on any longer and I have to deal with that. I'm totally safe where I am, he is trying to make me return but I will contact womens aid again and of course I am so grateful for everyone's help and kindness. I'm just sort of processing it all, I'm really shocked.

On a brighter note, DS did some impressive baby led weaning at lunch!!! x

verycherry Wed 30-Jun-10 06:35:34

Great post party. Re tests etc I had bloods with all of mine and nuchal scan with ds3+4, it's such a personal decision and I wasn't sure what I'd do with the info but I wanted to know. I do believe your family dynamics/situation have a bearing on decision making though. However my ds3 has cerebral palsy and this made no difference on our deciding to have another (tho he wasn't dx then but we 'knew') so ummm have completely contradicted myself there! I think what I want to say is the reality of having a child with a disability is easier than the anticipation of it, well it is for me but of course is different for everyone but now I'll shut up aaaarrgghhh!

crumpette oh my lovely I am sooooooooooo happy for you to be out, I couldn't eat or relax yesterday til I heard you were ok. You are NOT alone. I can meet you anytime for coffee/cake/chat or you can easily come to me, please please do if you want to x

can't you are fab!!!!

verycherry Wed 30-Jun-10 06:44:42

Ummm meant super not party

Am feeling euphoric as put ds4 in with ds3 last night and he slept 7-5.30 then had a feed and back to sleep til 6.30 the best night ever! I, of course woke at 2.30 and 4.30 thinking something awful had happened then ds3 woke at 6, but progress at last!

Right better get up as ds3 is now terrorising ds1+2 demanding they get up and have breakfast, which, being 16+14 they don't want to do at this time! Frankly neither do I.....

CantThinkofFunnyName Wed 30-Jun-10 07:58:57

Hey Crumpette/Dis! If you come here for light relief instead of the other thread, don't worry about not picking up the phone to me, I totally understand that. Just keeping in touch by text lets me know that you are still ok.

Please do get expert help though, WA National Domestic Violence Helping (0808 2000 247). You probably think we are all completely over-reacting and moralising and that your situation is different and really, he's not that bad - right??? If I've just hit the nail on the head, what does that tell you. Please listen to me and others who have been in similar shoes. He will never change and we are not over-reacting. x

superwoman25 Wed 30-Jun-10 08:54:16

Morning all

Thanks verycherry, I have said that to dh, what if there was 'something wrong' at a later date, an illness/condition that didn't show till they were a bit older, we wouldn't send them away would we, no we'd deal with it the best we could so, I was thinking in bed that I'll just get on with it and put it out of my mind and maybe like last time i'll start to enjoy being pg and stop worrying. I am so busy anyway that I keep completely forgetting that i'm pg anyway.

Due date is 23rd jan 2011, 3 days before Erins 1st b'day, and I have a scan on 15th July.

alibobins Wed 30-Jun-10 09:08:35

super what a lovely post and so true I don't think of you lot as a chat room I think of you as mummy friends.
I come on here and post feelings that I would never tell anyone face to face and it has helped me through.

crumpette well done on taking the first step this one will be the hardest sad to break away from a life so fimiliar but you will look back and know it was the best decision.

whensmydayoff Wed 30-Jun-10 09:22:51

Glad to hear crumpette and J are away from that animal.
I was very stressed last night as I thought you were still there.
I think it was only a matter of time before that loose cannon did something to one of you.

I bet once you get the ball rolling to get help you won't look back.
My brothers ex was very relieved and impressed with the service the provided.

Keep in touch xx

Newbeginning1 Wed 30-Jun-10 09:34:10

mama2moo - sorry i dont know anything about Rickets but can't they do tests to diagnose it? Time in the sun with no protection doesnt sound like a great idea

super - sorry i cant offer any advice about the DS test as i wasn't a "high risk" group. Like you have said though, if you had the test and it was positive(?) would it affect your decision in continuing with the pg?

ali - how is Jacob?

mk - thanks for the advice re Jack. I managed to get him to have a nap yesterday in his cot even though it was brief so baby steps and all that.....

ctofn - how are you doing today? Like everyone else has said you really are fab and i want to be the first 1 to buy you a drink when we meet up grin

crumpette - i've posted on the other thread but just to give you some light relief and cheer you up i took one for the team last night. I'm pleased to say that i'm not broken down below after having Jack, hoorah!!!!! grin Jacks dad came round so im not being a complete hussy. I was so worried that my stitches would break or sex had changed or something like that but it turns out its like riding a bike. I however am not a bike if that makes sense? blush

I do feel i'm rambling today so i'll stop and pop back later. Sorry to anyone i've missed.

CantThinkofFunnyName Wed 30-Jun-10 09:42:07

New - took one for the team!!! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha PMSL! Good for you! However, your ex sounds like a complete sh*t too - so just make sure it's only sex OK!!!!

SuperParty - yes, I know it's the wrong name but that's how I refer to you in my head! I was in high risk group being over 40 and had all the soul searching that you do about the tests. In my case, I decided I would terminate if gross abnormalities were found. It was very much an unplanned pg and I decided I wouldn't want to burden my other DCs with LOs care, should anything happen to me or DH later in life.

So I had the early scan and the blood tests that go with it and my results came back fantastic. With that, my mind was completely at ease and I worried no more about "what if".

The tests are really fine - but I think you have done absolutely the right thing in firstly analysing what you would do if diagnosis was not good. The only thing I would say about early diagnosis is that it gives you time to get your head around it rather than perhaps having an anti-climax immediately after birth. However, it's completely a personal choice and as you say for Erin you didn't and went through the soul searching then. Why bother now - it's not that long after is is? grin

OK for me today(and apologies I haven't addressed other posts) I'm off to take Olivia to her last swimming lesson of the term and get a photo of her swimming underwater smile. Then make supper for kids to put in microwave later, get ironing (or at least some of it) done before school run and take 3 girls to horse riding. Get home at 6pm. We call it "Mad Wednesday".

Oh - and I'm going to attempt to call Crumpette in a mo too.


superwoman25 Wed 30-Jun-10 11:46:50

Ha Ha new I'm so glad your not broken, just be careful, look what happened to meblush

cant I also worry about how it would affect the others, I never did with 1-4 its weird isn't it, but I do also think If it was 1 in 2500 or 1 in 10 I could still be that 1 its just the odds are shorter, they estimate it will be about 1 in 125, which is less that 1% chance and the chance of miscarriage with amnio is 1-2% so the risk is higher that I'd lose the baby having the test. Ohhhh why did I even mention it, it drives me insane, sorry rambling I know!!!

Enjoy your busy day

tell crump we're all thinking of her x

mama2moo Wed 30-Jun-10 12:20:37

Morning all. I hope you are feeling better today crumpette and looking forward to your new life with your ds smile

So, I moved babymoo onto hungried baby milk and stopped all breast feeds yesterday - Last night she slept from 7pm (just after last bottle) and I had to wake her at 7.30am this morning!!! I feel like shite though! I am not used to un broken sleep!!

Super How pg are you now? Are you showing at all yet? When I was pg with babymoo I was in maternity stuff at 8 weeks!

I so want another but it means everything would change so I think I have convinced myself not to sad

Everyone else ok?

whensmydayoff Wed 30-Jun-10 18:08:22

I had a quick look at the other post (although there is 20+ pages) and am horrified at some of the stuff and don't understand them.

Why is someone going on about child porn shock ????????

Why is someone questioning what Crumps DD died of - it was a liver thing - right?

If any of the above are true, just give me crumps number and im going to drive from Edinburgh right now to get her??????

CantThinkofFunnyName Wed 30-Jun-10 19:25:41

WMDO email me at CantThinkofFunnyName at googlemail dot com

jardins Wed 30-Jun-10 19:52:35

Dear SuperParty your questions re: antenatal tests triggered strong memories dating back to July last year. DD2 is my third DC and when she was born this January I was 41 (and in fab health of course grin). Having just arrived in a new region at 11 weeks pregnant last summer we were given the name of an excellent specialist who performed the 12 week scan and who told me the nuchal skin fold was excellent and in his opinion I shouldn't go for the triple blood tests as my age inegrated in the results would give me a high risk result. Here in France they take it all VERY seriously and so my DH and I trotted off to see a genetics specialist at the university hospital who bombarded us with figures and stats. I opted for the blood tests which, lo and behold, came back high risk (1/189) and it being a Bank Holiday in France I had 24 hours to decide whether I would have an amnio or not. It was a really hard decision to make Super as my DH and I didn't feel strong enough to bring up a special needs child and we like you wanted to preserve our other DCs. But I had suffered a miscarriage just before this pregnancy and I knew that I wouldn't be strong enough to terminate this pregnancy. My head said to do the amnio but my heart said no. Thankfully my DH put into words what my heart was saying: 'no to the amnio'; our wonderful ultrasound specialist booked us in for a detailed 18 scan and reassured us that the baby looked great: no 100% guarantees of course but he was nonetheless reassuring.

sorry this is a long post: as I said earlier your post touched a senstive spot in me. My humble advise would be to follow your heart on this one. It's not easy, ey? But once you make the decision you will indeed be able to enjoy your pregnancy. Have faith in yourself. smile Hope this makes sense.

Newbeginning1 Wed 30-Jun-10 20:09:58

ctofn - i'm glad i can make you and super laugh. It's definitely only sex and it was nice to have cuddles but DS woke up and he didn't even attempt to settle him so i had a glimpse into how things would be if we were together. It's always nice to have a bit of male attention though isn't it and he could answer the whole 'is it different now i've had DS' question. It really is a scary question to ask but i was happy with the answer grin TMI?!I hope when you get home after mad wednesday you have a big glass of wine

super - i agree with what ctofn has said around the impact it would have on everyone else if the test showed DS as in how much attention would Erin get if the new baby had DS etc but as you say it wouldn't alter how much you loved any of your DCs. I hope that makes sense x

mama2moo - how are you feeling about doing your last bf? I've been cutting down with DS but still want to keep going hopefully until a year but i got sad at even trying to drop down our 7/8 feeds a day to a reasonable amout. Yes, DS is a *chunky monkey* grin

mk - how are you and Nico getting on?

ali - how is Jacob and your DD?

I hope everyone else is ok. It's been one of those days today and i'll be glad when i get into bed and can start tomorrow afresh. wink

CantThinkofFunnyName Wed 30-Jun-10 20:21:37

New - when I had DS 11-1/2 years ago, I was in a very similar position to you! I had "casual sex" with DS's biological father a few times after DS was born - basically because I was worried about what everything was like. "Hole like a bucket" springs to mind grin. Anyway, like you, I was told it was all just fine grin.

That prompted me to be quite happy about meeting DH 9 months later and not at all squeamish about all the fab sex that later took place with the new partner!!! Time for some of that now though would be nice blush.

Newbeginning1 Wed 30-Jun-10 20:29:05

ctofn - Hippos mouth was a phrase he had heard his mate use so hence my worries!!! Maybe you need to rediscover the joy of a quickie hmm To be fair though you are always on the go so you probably dont even have time for that grin

superparty Wed 30-Jun-10 21:29:40

hey all. hope you are well. I have changed my name for the last and final time, promise (well until christmas/easter/birthdays/saturdays/sundays)

Thank you jardins your post was really nice to hear IYKWIM, that we all have the same worries. I'm 37 at mo will be 38 in december so hopefully bubba don't come early. Maybe I'm naive but 1/189 sounds good to me thats like 1/2% isn't it, I wish they were as keen over here, it just seems like they couldn't care if you have the bloods don't or not, just lots of shrugging shoulders and basically its up to you, they won't even advise me. I think I will ring Janet, the mw who knows me and see what she thinks or if there are any other tests i can have earlier, I won't tell dh though[naughty emotion], might just tell my mum and then she will have sympathy for me instead of probably ringing my neckgrin

WMDO Crump said she saw him looking at porn on his laptop but he shut it really quickly and denied it, she also heard a ladies voice left on his phone and he went crazy and hit her, and DD did die from a liver problem but he had been rough with her and he was the cause of the infection through an affair/something he caught that he passed onto DD (I really hope I've got all that right and am not speaking out of turn crump)

shockshock at new and cant for having casual sex, you naughty minxes, superparty can catagorically state that she has never done anything like that evergrinblush OMG @ hippos mouth, don't know if to laugh or cry, with all thetraffic thats been through mine

<<superparty hunts for little mirror to check for abnormalities of the flange>>

verycherry Wed 30-Jun-10 22:10:08

Am on tenterhooks obsessing over whether ds will sleep through (ish) tonight bet I don't bloody sleep again!!!

new glad all undercarriage in order, how's jack sleeping going?

Now I can never keep up with this thread as can currently only mn from my phone as teens have taken over my pc, has a meet up been arranged for July?? Would love to come if arranged/I'm allowed?

CantThinkofFunnyName Wed 30-Jun-10 22:13:49

Well LondonLottie is in London from Tue-Fri next week. I can only make Tuesday blush so have suggested that day to Lottie and others who emailed me saying they were up for it.

Just need to think about where to lunch now!! Tbh am up to my eyes next few days as we have Olivia's christening at the weekend, plus stepkids arriving from Ireland, cricket match for DS, shed load of ironing that STILL hasn't been done.. blah blah.

Anyone fancy googling some baby friendly inexpensive place to meet up that has easy access to train station servicing the north?!

verycherry Wed 30-Jun-10 22:26:13

Can do tues, I'll google no prob which station/s will people becoming into?

verycherry Wed 30-Jun-10 22:28:38

Well I'll google when I've wrestled ds1 off MY computer

CantThinkofFunnyName Thu 01-Jul-10 07:02:21

Thanks VC. Well I'll be doing tube or taxi so no worries for me. New and Ali will be coming from Nottinghamshire so I presume Euston or Kings Cross St Pancras - but they of course can correct me....

MK is coming from south of the M25, presume Waterloo or Victoria...

mistletoekisses Thu 01-Jul-10 07:56:07

Morning guys!

Just popping on quickly. I wont be able to make the meet up. Have emailed CTFN. DH has next week off, we are doing a staycation -but off seeing friends in Kent on Tues/ Weds. Boo! sad But am sure you lovely ladies will have a great time. grin

Right off to do nursery run/ shopping

Hope Crump is ok.

mama2moo Thu 01-Jul-10 07:57:56

new shock at hippos mouth wink At the mo Im feeling ok about stopping feeding. I think the fact that she is sleeping 12 hours straight at night now is helping smile But, I was loosing a lot of weight - 1/2lbs a day doing my low carbs diet. Since stopping I have lost nothing - Gutted! Babymoo is loving formula though and isnt looking for more after a feed. I feel proud that I fed her for 5 months.

CantThinkofFunnyName Thu 01-Jul-10 07:59:53

MK - Boo indeed! I was looking forward to meeting my text buddy wink. Another time perhaps.

News on Crumpette. She has been blocked from MN and can't log on! She is hoping to make the meet-up though! x

verycherry Thu 01-Jul-10 08:28:09

What about meeting up in one of the parks? would that be easier for people to find? If the weather is still good? Will email you further thoughts as you have everyones contact deets don't you? I can then email if you pass them on.

What does everyone else think? Picnic in the park kind of thing or cafe or ????

CantThinkofFunnyName Thu 01-Jul-10 09:09:51

Noooo - cafe or coffee shop or nice lunch place we can have space for buggies. If we do picnic in the park it means we have to take picnic stuff as well as our paraphernalia of baby stuff and can you imagine us all going up to different groups of people trying to figure out if their MNetters or not? Parks are v big places - oooh the shame of it. grin. Or am I just trying to save on my own potential embarrassment here?

verycherry Thu 01-Jul-10 09:35:07

ok, did think of potential embarrassment but was thinking of having some secret squirrel code words grin

Thats fine will endeavour to do my best! smile

mistletoekisses Thu 01-Jul-10 10:11:22

CTFN - we can defo meet up another time. I am within the m25, so we can easily meet up in the middle somewhere.

Now - re meeting places. Depends how far you want to meet from the train station and whether you are happy to do tubes etc.

Hampstead high street (my old stomping ground) is lush. easily accessible from euston and kings cross. tons of places to eat and lots of lovely little shops to mooch around. Marylebone High street is also lovely - busier but even nicer shops. Both have Giraffe cafes which are so baby friendly, lovely food and reasonable prices. So you can have a natter and a little shop. Regents park also has a cafe, the hub but is in the middle of the park so a bit of a walk.

HTH ladies. If anyone actually wants to make a day of it in London and brave Oxford Street, then the mamas and papas cafe above the store is amazing. The only place where you can actually spend hours nattering while the little ones play on the playmats they have.

Newbeginning1 Thu 01-Jul-10 10:48:49

ctofn - are we all going to be wearing pink carnations carrying a copy of the Guardian with a yellow balloon attached to our pushchairs so we can find each other hmm grin

vc - ali and I will be coming into St Pancras from Nottingham but my sister has said I could stay at hers in Cambridge the night before so we dont have as far to go smile Let me know if you need a hand finding a venue. Jacks sleeping is just not good. He woke up at 10pm and screamed and screamed even if someone else held him because he just wanted me and i finally got him back off at 11.58pm sad

mama2moo - you should be very proud that you breastfed for 5 months. It's hard work but i also think it takes courage to stop because its marks the beginning of a new part of your relationship with your LO rather than the end if that makes sense?

superparty - blush at casual sex. To be fair though it has been about 11 months so it's very casual hmm You remind me of the Mum in Cheaper by the Dozen who says that after the 6th child or whatever number it was that they just walked out grin

Has anyone heard from Crumpette today?

I started reading the fussy baby book last night by Sears and its made me sad Its basically saying that i need to be with Jack a lot because if i dont address his needs now it can affect him when hes older but then on the other hand it says if you begin to resent your LO for how much youre giving to them then you need to change things but im yet to get to the chapter that tells me how so wish me luck with that hmm

CantThinkofFunnyName Thu 01-Jul-10 11:15:12

Am loving the sound of Hampstead High Street or Marylebone High Street or of Mamas & Papas on Oxford Street. However, thought of dragging bubs around in buggy on tube is urrggh.

However, taxis will be aplenty!

So - I guess it's LondonLottie, VeryCherry, Newbeginning, Crumpette and me... anyone else?

sockmonkey Thu 01-Jul-10 11:30:00

Morning Ladies.

A trip to london does sound appealing, but hard to fit around the school run. Hope you have fun.

Had a bit of bad news, my mum has just been diagnosed with breast cancer. They have caught it early, it's treatable, and she should have had the op within the next 3 weeks. She knows quite a few ladies who have had it, so she's very possitive. It's just a bit of a shock for us all. My poor Dad is going to have to learn to cook! He said they can eat out or get take-aways. I've had my Dad's cooking, and I can see wisdom in his plan smile.

CantThinkofFunnyName Thu 01-Jul-10 11:37:53

Oh sock I am so so so so sorry to hear this news sad. Atm I just don't know what else to say. A little emotionally rung I'm afraid but please do know that you and your family will be in my thoughts.

alibobins Thu 01-Jul-10 11:41:47

I can't make the meetup sadsadsad
I have got to go with Ds1 to his school trip sad really would love to meet you guys maybe next time.

sock hope everything goes okay with your Mum.

Jacob was at the hospital yesterday to see the consultant he wants him admitting for a few days for some tests he wants to do a 24 hours ph study some scans, chest x-rays and bloods just got to wait for the letter to come through.
The consultant wants to see how bad the reflux is and whether he needs an operation on his stomach a fundoplication or something.

CantThinkofFunnyName Thu 01-Jul-10 11:48:27

Ali - this thread is not of good news atm. <hugs for you and Jacob> sad

alibobins Thu 01-Jul-10 11:55:01

cant I'm okay about it all it would be nice to get some answers.

Should we start another thread lol a good news one

sockmonkey Thu 01-Jul-10 13:46:54

Sorry, maybe I shouldn't have said anything. It is quite gloomy.
Parents are doing really well, and are already planning a nice holiday once treatment is over.

DS2 was a spider in assembly today. He's a little star.

Ali - hope that observations and tests will prove fruitful and you can get some answers. Give your little man a big hug from me.

verycherry Thu 01-Jul-10 16:19:32

new if you go to your sisters will you still come into st pancras or kings x or somewhere else?? I am not too far from Cambridge but on a different train line. We need to discuss our naughty boy's (lack of) sleep. Mine did not repeat his sterling effort of monday night, he did his normal 2 ish and 4.30 ish wake aaaarrggghhh am hoping he'll be better again tonight but bet he won't be!

Ali glad things seem to be moving forward for you and that you are feeling positive about it.

sock Sorry to hear about your mum, but glad to hear its been picked up early.

Am liking mk's suggestions, which one would suit everyone else? Had discussed with a friend this morn and she also suggested a Giraffe cafe, think that would be good option as usually roomy enough to accommodate buggies and babies.

Right, am off to cook tea and then to ds1's art exhibition - he wants ds3+4 to come too which will actually be a nightmare but he does love showing them off.

Newbeginning1 Thu 01-Jul-10 18:31:14

sock - i'm so sorry about your Mum but it sounds great that you are all being positive about it. Haven't studies shown that those with positive people around them recover quicker? Please don't worry about coming on here and bringing the thread down, we all want to help.

ali - which Dr is it that you see at QMC? We are under Dr Bertenshaw but we have seen Dr Farquar and they both seem ok. I know it's not good news that he may have to have an operation but fingers crossed the observation gives you guys an answer so that he can get better. My friends sister had the same kind of operation when she was a baby and she was fine after. Shame you can't make the meet up. sad We will have to rendezvous in Nottingham sometime.

ctofn - have you heard from Crumpette today? How are you doing? I can't imagine how much you have going on at the moment but fingers crossed you will be able to relax at least for 5 minutes when we meet up smile

verycherry - i think the trains bring me into Kings cross or some other station but i'm happy to travel as long as i pre plan my route if that makes sense? I'm very anal and panic when i dont know where i'm going purely because i'm rubbish with directions and maps blush I know this is going to be a stupid question, but can you take pushcairs on the tube? Last time i came I couldn't see lifts at all of the stations so would i have to bump the pushchair up and down the stairs? If so it's not an issue, i'll just make sure I wear a top where my boobs won't fall out!!!

How is everyone else doing?

verycherry Thu 01-Jul-10 19:00:08

new not all stations have lifts but yes you can take pushchairs on the tube. I will be going into kings x too so we could meet there?

CantThinkofFunnyName Thu 01-Jul-10 19:52:28

Argh - LondonLottie is free the entire w/c 12th July too. Shall we move the meet-up to the following week so more people can make it?

Tbh I have 3 stepkids with me next week (which I'd forgotten about) so it would be better for me week after....?

alibobins Thu 01-Jul-10 20:38:46

cant my children break up from school that week on the Wednesday so I still wouldn't be able to come

new we see Dr Thomas mainly can't remember the nurologist. He is really friendly and straight to the point. How is everything with Jack.
Lol lol grin at boobs falling out I have that problem too wink Jacob just loves to pull my top down when I'm carrying him he did it school the other day and I didn't notice until one of the Mums told me blush

jardins Thu 01-Jul-10 20:46:06

Oh Alibobins and Sockmonkey I'm sorry to hear about your news although OBVIOUSLY good outcomes are a high possibility, right? wink

How I wish I could jump on the Eurostar (and spend a night in the tunnel grin) like in the pre-DC3 days and see you guys in London. I hope you all have a fab time. Take some photos, ok?

CTFN, why has Crumpette been blocked by MN?

Newbeginning1 Thu 01-Jul-10 20:53:43

cant - i'm fine with either time as we have no life plans

vc - we an meet at the station. I will be the one with the screaming baby looking bedraggled (sp?) hmm

ali - Jack seems to be fine on the fit front but we have a review appointment soon so we will see what they say. Lol at you're top being down at school, i had the same thing happen recently in the coop where i live. Classy, moi? Most definitely grin

Just thinking out loud, would it be worthwhile some of us still arranging to meet crumpette for some moral support on Tuesday and then if we do rearrange for wc 12th at least she's met some of us and we can make sure she's ok.

verycherry Thu 01-Jul-10 21:21:40

new all you need to look for is a crazy looking woman with mad staring eyes, I may or may not have a baby with me depending on whether I remember I have him.

can't the next wk better for me also as dp home and can look after ds3.

whensmydayoff Thu 01-Jul-10 22:07:39

super it's just unthinkable isn't it.

sock that must be very stressful for you and your parents of course.
Catching it early is the key to getting over it quick but nobody wants to go through it. We are here if you need to get anything off your chest. x

Im so amazed at how you all live in the same (ish) area. What are the chances of that?

I only found MN because I was.....wait for it.......googling symptoms grin!

I should name change to symtomchecker or googleit

I was 5 weeks PG with Olivia and suddenly got major runs and sickness like the exorcist. I was trying to find out if it was normal to feel that bad.
Turnned out to be a bug - phew, would never have coped with months of that.

I was asking Cant if it was vino in the evening or with babes but i see now it's with babes which will be really nice.
Putting names and babies to faces.

Im looking forward to the chat after it.

Better go, DH on way home from Building house and ive been sitting on my bum most of night. Will run about with washing etc and look busy, lol.

superparty Thu 01-Jul-10 22:24:23

Hey all, my thoughts go out to sock, ali and crump, hope you all get some good news soon.

I too would be unable to get to london, so if you decide to one a bit further up north sometime soon, count me in.

Well I am still alive!!!!!!

I was talking to ds about how good he is with bubs and when I have the next one, I'll need his help, so he said well have one next year while your still off, so I said how about the 23rd jan, he just laughed and said i'm crazy.

Any fast forward an hour and my mum and dad turn up, and before bums were on seats ds says shes having another baby. dad started smiling and said the more the merrier, and got a filty look from mum, so he said what you know what shes like it was bound to happen, she kept telling you she was gonna. so mum says well shes crazy, i hope you'll get sterilised after this one, then i said I'd seen someone she knows (at antenatal at hosp) so I think she was a bit peeved I'd been to hosp and didn't ask her to come or have bubs (cos I went on my own), so drama over.

Told dh he now needs to tell his mum, as I don't want her to hear it from anyone else.

I have decided that what ever my body is making for me, a little girl/boy, a 'normal/different' bubba (and I don't want to offend anyone, I use those terms very loosely) I will do my upmost to love it, care for it and nuture it to the best of my abilities, just like I do with my others, So NO TESTING, yayyyyy I feel relieved that I can relax and enjoy it.

maygirl Thu 01-Jul-10 23:10:33

Good luck crumpette, thinking of you xxx

Sorry to hear your news sock, my mum went through the same around 2 years ago, scary time but all went well. Wishing your mum a speedy recovery.

No time to post more, can hear DD sounding a bit peckish

Back soon

flyingma Fri 02-Jul-10 05:40:59

Gaaa was trying to drop the dreamfeed so was up at 2am to give DS a little BF top up and been reading crumpette's thread since then. DS is going to get a very grumpy mummy when he awakes later!

I too hadn't realised quite how bad the situation is. crump if you are reading this, we're all so glad that you have taken these steps!

My advice from before still stands when you are in a more settled. But you should
think about the support group I suggested or even CODA. I think they will be able to offer you the help you need to stop obessing about the affair/ what he is doing. I know where you have been and it is perfectly normal for the situation but I am sure at the bottom of your heart you know that it is not something that is helping your situation. For now just think of it this way: you have enough to sort out the practicalities of your new life (yay!) so don't whittle away that time thinking about what P has or is doing/ thinking. In time to come you will see that none of that matters even if it seems all-consuming at the moment.

Isn't it wonderful how generous ppl are - not to mention most of us here who would open their doors to you (myself included but I suspect we're too close to Liverpool for your comfort), but total strangers as well. Not anything to feel sad, emotional or guilty about... just how human beings react to another being in crisis. Just don't feel too embarassed to ask for help. It is the next bravest thing you can do (after having taken the first step).

sock and ali Don't be silly we're here for each other in good times and bad. NP posting bad news if that's your news!

sock My aunt had this last year and they were ever so speedy dealing with it once found and she's as good as ever now. Hope they are speedy with dealing with yr mum or else raise hell!

ali LOL re the top incident... DH keeps saying that since I started BFing I seem happy to whip them out regardless of who is in the room. Not the time to be a prude when your LO is screaming in hunger! Hope the Doc's goes ok.

Shame I can't make the meet up... it's that bit too far to travel in the middle of term when we have so many classes etc committed to. I wonder if maybe we can do another one over the summer hols even though that means I don't get to meet the twins! sad

CantThinkofFunnyName Fri 02-Jul-10 08:18:08

Aargh busy busy busy. Olivia's christening tomorrow (whooppee), cake being delivered today by very clever niece-in-law which means a "visit break" amongst the business, more washing to do, more ironing to do after almost clearing it yesterday, changing of every single bed in the house (lots of them and once all the bedding has been washed, dried and ironed), tidying of every bedroom in the hou...se (tip) all in readiness for stepkids arriving tonight. Let the bedlam commence....

That's it from me. No more til after weekend grin

whensmydayoff Fri 02-Jul-10 09:28:24

cant good luck for tomorrow. x

super glad you have got it over and done with, didn't sound too bad after all!!

ali Im glad they are having a good look into his reflux and checking to see if anything can be done. At least they are listening which can be the biggest hurdle.

Im so bored today (already). I hate having nothing planned.

DS is glued to Cbeebies which always ends in tears.
TV kind of puts him in a trance all morning then he goes a bit crazy by 11am. Just too much stimulation without the actual excercise IYSWIM.

I still find it hard to take both of them out somewhere on my own as I always find one of them isn't happy or DS runs away/acts up and I don't know where to turn first.
DD hates sitting in the buggy too long so it's a pain.

On a cheerier note, I managed to get a morning place for him at a different nursery grin.
The one here was afternoons which would have been crap timing with DD and I couldn't have taken her to any baby stuff.
It's in a rougher area but im sure 3 yr olds won't be into drugs quite yet, lol.
It's only for a year with us moving next year. Very chuffed about that.

Roll on September 14th so he can burn off steam in the mornings.

In the meantime, id better get dressed and enthusiastic about our non day!

Have a good weekend everyone. x

yangymac Fri 02-Jul-10 10:48:01

Hi all. One of my spradic posts.

Lots going on lately. Have organised nanny share for returning to work in September.

Thinking about weaning little I (DD2 now 22 weeks). Have any of you reflux mums who are already weaning found an improvement after starting on solids? I am wondering when to start. Little I is still EBF as I think she might be intolerant/allergic to cows milk - she is getting tested next week.

Little I still super mobile. She has been able to do a commandos style crawl since she was 4 months but she often forgets she can do it so she only uses it when she is desperate to reach a toy. I guess thats the difference between an 8 month old crawling and a teeny weeny crawling - younger ones aren't clever enough to use it wisely which is actually a good thing possibly. . I think she is going to be super active though.

ITs a great age, really enjoying her. Off on holiday in a month, can't wait!!

alibobins Fri 02-Jul-10 11:30:34

yangy we are dairy free and weaning is going okay. Banana seems to make Jacob sick and tomato brings him out in a rash. Some days we still have lots of vomiting and others not so much.
I think with reflux babies they advise to avoid citrus but I'm not sure what else.

Jacob is waking again in the night we have a week or so of sleeping through then he is back to waking several times angry I even resorted to feeding him last night.

I have just sent off my application to Open University to make my degree an honors degree it's to start in Jan so at least I'll have chance to settle back into work.

cant have a lovely day tomorrow

yangymac Fri 02-Jul-10 11:41:09

thanks ali thats helpful. when did you start him?

little I also wakes in night and i feed her (she is next to me anyway). i dont mind so much about night waking/feeding - i am too lazy to bother!!!

CantThinkofFunnyName Fri 02-Jul-10 11:52:46

Ali - a quick post as it's feeding time and a break between the housework! Interesting what you say about banana as whilst Olivia loves it - it comes up again very quickly! Also, I gave her a pureed fruit salad a couple of times and boy was she sick on that too. Probably some citrus in there!

There has definitely been an improvement in Olivia since weaning, but I must confess that with the amount of movement she is now undertaking, loads of orange gunk always but always comes back. I swear I'm keeping Vanish in business!

My niece-in-law arrived with the cake which is so gorgeous I was completely overwhelmed and got teary. Then a flower delivery came for Olivia from her "proxy" godmother who is in Zambia and can't attend the christening. More tears. Bloody hell. What will I be like tomorrow! x

yangymac Fri 02-Jul-10 11:54:33

thanks cant!

i suspect little I will be the same. as she is so active we already have vomit all over the place but at least its just milk!

sockmonkey Fri 02-Jul-10 12:01:36

cant have a great day tomorrow. I bet it will be fun but hectic.

Noop is loving her feet at the moment... who needs toys! (although she is starting to get on with sophie giraffe). Im sure she would eat her toes if she could get them in.

Have any of you BFers ever got a spot on your nipple? I have what looks like a tiny white spot, and it's really painful. Have tried Kamilosan on it and leaving my boob out to air, but it's not clearing. Any thoughts?

yangymac Fri 02-Jul-10 12:03:57

could it be thrush? I had it recently and had sore nipples but not a white spot. Little I had white in her mouth.

alibobins Fri 02-Jul-10 12:34:06

yangy I started weaning Jacob when he was 6 months as we have a strong history of allergies. We do a mixture of blw and mush for breakfast he has fruit and babyrice then some toast and marmite usually I give him some of what the other dc's are having then a bit of mush after.
He enjoys it but only eats 3 or 4 mouthfulls then he's done.

cant I'm going to have a go at making Dd's birthday cake as I got quite addicted to cake boss. It's not untill next months but i'll post pictures of my attempt

yangymac Fri 02-Jul-10 14:45:54

Thanks Ali. I will be going for mush initially rather than BLW. I might try some babyrice in the next week (she is 22.5 weeks now). We also have allergies in family (thats why little I is getting tested next week) but I find it pretty easy to avoid known allergens as I had to do it with DD1 (she is still allergic to dairy but we avoided pretty much every known allergen when she was a baby). So we will start with pretty basic fruit veges, adding pulses and meat as she gets bigger. That worked well with DD1.

I could wait another week or so but she seems so ready especially given her physicality I don't think I will wait much longer. If her reflux gets worse then I will rethink.

whensmydayoff Fri 02-Jul-10 17:34:20

yancymac My olivia has reflux too and I have noticed a vast improvement.

Same happened with DS who also had it although it has taken a good few more weeks for her to improve

yangymac Fri 02-Jul-10 18:16:08

Thanks thats encouraging!

jardins Fri 02-Jul-10 19:28:09

Sockmonkey It sounds like a blocked milk duct to me. I had one right at the start and I got rid of it easily. I think you have to have a warm bath and either get the baby to suck on that breast or, some say, you need to use a sterilised needle to get it out. Be careful Sock; if you leave it it just gets worse. I think our DC share the same birthday, don't they? 27th Jan? I'm still bf and will start weaning at 6 months.

londonlottie Fri 02-Jul-10 20:21:32

Just a quickie - I am having such HUGE withdrawal symptoms from the interwebs at the moment and can't bear it - barely get the chance to log on for 5 minutes a day! Have been staying at mum's but typically although everyone seems to think this is a break we're utterly shattered. We're expected (of course) to stay up and socialise with everyone in the evenings, but unfortunately the girls' sleep has been v disturbed; worse for being on the road of course. So we're both like the walking dead and I can't wait to get back home so we can at least slope off to bed in the early evenings to try and catch up.

But aaaaanyway - enough moaning!

CTOFN is right - am back in London tomorrow and hoping to meet up with everyone. CT - will mail you back - but wanted to say that a park cafe might make a good location, speaking from recent experience. If the girls (one or both) are playing up, it can feel a bit claustrophobic being inside, especially if I'm going to be alone with them. We were outside for lunch today and it really helped being able to just whiz them around the grounds to help get them to sleep.

I must must have a read-back through the thread to catch up with news but might not be able to do that after the weekend... we drive back to London tomorrow and I'm having a birthday party on Sunday at home which is slightly freaking me out. We're camping in the house so I have no glasses, no nuffink. Am having approx 20 adults and 10 children during the day and need to get my thinking cap on as to how it's going to work!

Mama2b5 Sat 03-Jul-10 00:42:50

Hi all - aint been on here for a bit and skimmed over the thread and all i can say is OMG - Crumpette - You are in my thoughts and prayers - your a very special person and lo needs his mum to keep being strong and continue to stick at being out of that situation!Im in SE London - if u want any help pls let me know! Pls,pls,pls,pls let me know!
CTOFN- all i can say is well done you have always been so supportive and from day1 on this thread!( seems like a really long time us all talking through the internet)
also I pray all will be well for Olivia and her special day! hopefully still good weather!

Im free to meet up - jut let me know where and when i believe i saw Tuesday and Park cafe???
Im in SELondon so should be cool getting there!

CantThinkofFunnyName Sat 03-Jul-10 07:03:20

Hi Mama. We're actually looking to move it to w/c 12 July now as Lottie is still around then and gives us a little more time to pull something together and a week when some of us are less busy.

Will post on here brief details - but I haveng, so if Ok with you, I will text you offline too when we know the info.

Right - DS on a sleepover so I have the dog walking to do. DH is on Olivia watch (well listen as she's still sleeping soundly) and then the day will get going.

Thanks everyone for their good wishes for Olivia's day. I'm soooooo excited... but <whispers> ever so slightly nervous about orange coloured sick making its daily appearance and ruining the fabulous robe. Selection of change of outfits need to be factored in!

sockmonkey Sat 03-Jul-10 08:01:22

Have a great day today Cant. Orange sick will just add to the glamour of the occasion grin Better than boring old orange poo.

Jardins THANK YOU!! Gave it a soak and a poke with a sterile pin, and pain is pretty much gone. Yes our babies were born on same day. You'd think I'd know all about this BF lark now, but blocked duct was a new one to me.

Lottie Hope you and the girls manage to catch up on some sleep.

CantThinkofFunnyName Sat 03-Jul-10 09:31:46

New - I believe it's your birthday today - keeping it quiet??!!! Have a totally fabulous day you yummy mummy you!! xx

whensmydayoff Sat 03-Jul-10 21:00:15

Hope cant had a great day. Weather was nice here so hopefully same there.

Harumph, im so fed up just now. Nothing serious, no reason just - bored!

Let me induldge in a little moan since it's saturday night, pleeeease!!!!

My life has taken a bit of a shlump in the social/doing things sense.

I stopped working when I became a mum (except going back for 4 months and hating it). So 3 years have passed and im slowly loosing touch with work friends and only seeing mum friends who, well, are nice enough but nothing much doing on the laughing front IYSWIM, or socialising outwith baby/toddler time.

DH works 6 days a week.

Honestly this is how bad it is.....noticed yesterday neighbours in their 70's had a banner up saying 50th Anniversary so today I handed in a card and flowering shrub for their garden as they are like the beechgrove garden over there.

Anyways, he say's "tried to catch you earlier, I was going to ask you and DH over for a drink tonight"


I then went over and asked my mum who was still here and she (who has a life) couldn't babysit so over I went, tail behind my legs to break the news I couldn't get a babysitter!!

I was sitting earlier watching neighbours going over with bottles of wine and I was fecking jealous...jealous, I ask you, one of them had a zimmer - no joke!

I am now going to return my arse to the sofa even though they have cancelled Casualty for the sodding football, and drown my sorrows - with a kitkat chunky biscuit.

yangymac Sat 03-Jul-10 21:47:07

Oh my lord - just caught up on crumpette's news. Bloody eck thats awful!

I know my visits here are sporadic since having DD2 but I am available for a London meetup - can be reached on CAT (I think I can anyway).

mama2moo Sat 03-Jul-10 22:09:49

Hi all, I have more catching up to do! Will you all stop writing so much! wink

What is the latest with Crumpette? Last I heard her mum was picking her up.

Has anyone stopped breast feeding? How long did it take for your milk to dry up? I stopped on Monday and am still getting some.

I hope everyone is having a good weekend. Im going to watch Twilight now - I havent seen any of them and want to see what the fuss is about!

yangymac Sat 03-Jul-10 22:37:25

Just read the test of the thread. That is bloody awful really horrific hope she and baby are safe and well.

I think I have Lottie's email somewhere (from my anniemac days). Might try sending her a message with my mobile number re any meer up. Might not be able to do it but its worth a try - I rarely meet anyone these days it would do me good to get out.

CantThinkofFunnyName Sun 04-Jul-10 06:45:35

Yangy we're meeting up w/c 12 July. If you want to come along you can email me on CantThinkofFunnyName at googlemail dot com and I will send you details once they're fixed.

Crumpette is OK. Keeping strong. She's at home and P isn't. She keeps re-reading the thread to keep her mental state where it needs to be right now and is getting more and more horrified by the day that she put up with so much for so long - which is a great thing. The power of MN!

I had the most fabulous day yesterday. Our whole family did. And our friends are more like family too so all in all it was truly a gathering to be proud of. A big love fest at the end of the night with far too much a

CantThinkofFunnyName Sun 04-Jul-10 06:46:52

Oops posted too soon! Far too much alcohol consumed by the majority (not me as designated driver doing 3 runs both ways in a 7 seater car)... and rest of family currently snoring peacefully throughout the house!!

Olivia on the other hand decided to wake VERY early today smile.

verycherry Sun 04-Jul-10 11:10:50

wmdo you have made me really chuckle, am feeling poorly, tired and generally sorry for myself but you've really cheered me up! My social life (just me not children) is sadly lacking, went out with friends fri night, had wine and v interesting convo's then my brother called to say ds4 up, lil bugger not been up in the eve since last time I went out 2 weeks ago which was only to pick dp up from airport!! He only wakes up when I am doing something aarrghhh, got home at 11.30 and he was wide awake (but was bit poorly) but I know this will pass, this will pass, this will pass....

I can totally relate to excitement of possible evening release, I would be excited to get out to anything at all!

new Happy Birthday for yesterday, hope you had a fab day.

cant Am so pleased you all had a lovely day and gorgeous weather too!

Dp has not come home this weekend, am feeling a bit fed up as feeling crap/tired and my parents are away too so am getting absolutely no respite. Dp home for 3 weeks from next fri and this time in two weeks we'll be on hols so lots to look forward to.

Am just thinking might bake some biscuits with ds3 but am doing slimming world at mo, will I be able to avoid temptation? God, just how exciting is my weekend to be having dilemmas like this???

maygirl Sun 04-Jul-10 15:54:30

Sounds like a lovely day cant!

DD has 'mummy out' radar too, hardly ever wakes in the evenings except if i've popped out- usually not anywhere exciting, just for a run or to my slimming world group- doing it too verycherry. Usually take her to group though as too rushed to get through her bedtime routine before going. She's funny, sits there laughing inappropriately when slimmers talk about going off the rails and boozing, she has comic timing! Some ladies are quite put out when I leave her at home, one even gave her a cuddly toy last week, sweety grin.

Would love a night out too, its these hot summer evenings that do it!! I NEED to be outside a bar, slim, in new dribble free clothes, with a cold glass of something!!

verycherry Sun 04-Jul-10 17:24:42

Oh maygirl I am feeling that need too!!! Am literally salivating at the thought of a chilled glass of Sauvignon blanc whilst wearing my skinnies sans muffin top courtesy of slimming world, however that chilled glass would be 9 syns and I am currently living in a permanent guilt fest everytime I even think about syns!!

My meeting is on a mon morn, full of older ladies who dote on ds4, ds3 is dreadfully naughty and makes off all around the hall hence we leave after weigh in now. How long have you been going and how are you getting on?

whensmydayoff Sun 04-Jul-10 20:30:00

I never thought of going with DC's. I suppose I could

(im talking about slimming classes) I just realised I started mid thought.

Im still so bored people. I had the most boring weekend too very

Today topped it with a BBQ at In-laws, yawn.
As per usual, MiL had a BBQ and it pissed down but she went ahead. It's becoming a theme every year.

And as per usual the front room looked like Gods Waiting Room or perhaps just a bowling club meeting if I were to be a bit nicer wink.
The kitchen had men watching sport on a tiny TV.

In amongst this fun atmosphere are the 3 muskateerssister-in-laws (eye roll). I could really go on but my posts are long enough.

MiL puts sharp plastic sticks out for DS coming so he can run around with them in his hands. Well, it's not like he needs both eyes is it.
Then he is fed copious amounts of absolute bollocks, (Kerry Katona would refuse a plate at these doo's) at one point he starts choking and needed first aid.

DD passed around 40 people who don't think maybe she wants a bloody break when she starts screaming - lets all laugh at the screaming baby then look at strange mother who takes her out the room like she has taken the football out of the world cuphmm.

Alright, yes im a bit of a miserable moo today. It's just Mil has these
'must come to this event or I will go all huffy' doo's every year and they are always shit shit shit.

Away to drink heavily (might finish one galss tonight - whoo hoo)
and watch corrie as the god's have allowed us to not watch football tonight.

maygirl Sun 04-Jul-10 21:43:49

I've been going since mid April verycherry and have lost 11 pounds. How about you? DD was 9 weeks when I started so actually getting out for the evening back then, even to a SW class felt like a night out!!! I've been tricking myself with a glass of very cold Lambrini Light in a posh wine glass, not Sauvignon blanc but at only 2.5 syns for 142mls can have the illusion of a nice drink guilt free! What are your diet lifesavers?!

Fairly quiet weekend here too, though did get out for lunch yesterday with DH for 5th wedding anniversary, but with 2DCs in tow, not romantic candlelit affair! Next weekend should be busier, meeting with uni friends and all our DCs for them to meet DD, we do it every year since we all began having DCs, so far always some new additions to be introduced, two babies this time Also will be visiting mum in law as she lives same town as my friend, she's in rehab since her op but is getting day release home for the weekend.. sounds like she's been in prison or something lol!

yangymac Sun 04-Jul-10 23:11:15

I never go out without the DDs but I am ok with it because I know I am going back to work in September and will be without them so much. ALso when I am BFing (like I am now) I just don't want to leave little I - I think its hormones!

We have a summer holiday planned thats what I am looking forward to.

I had a great weekend with the DDs. Has a school picnic on Satursday (for DD (5)) with lots of nice parents to chat too then a party at DD's old childminders. TOday went to a funfair/festival with DDs then to my brothers house for a few hours. Really enjoyed it even tho misery guts DH was working all weekend I had fun and so did the DDs - maybe I am sad!

whensmydayoff Mon 05-Jul-10 10:34:35

cant the christning sounded fab. Glad you enjoyed it.

yangymac sounds a great weekend, not sad at all.

Id have been glad of such going's on.

Glad my weekend is over.
Looking forward to this weekend coming, got The Singing Kettle at Edinburgh Playhouse on Sunday.
Hopefully mum will see me Saturday as she is going to Canada for 2 weeks sad for my Uncles silver wedding.

Me and my mum were both at their wedding in Canada with my gran and Uncle George (who died recently) 25 years ago. I was 8!!
Would have loved to have gone but 7 hour flight didn't appeal with young DC's.

Im going to make an effort to get out this week and buck myself up. Starting to feel very lonely and loosing confidence rapidly. Didn't feel like this when DS was a baby but didn't find it hard to get out and about. Need to get brave!

verycherry Mon 05-Jul-10 12:12:48

maygirl had weigh in this morn, have lost 1.5lbs which means in total have lost 8lbs in 3 weeks!!! I lost 5lbs the first week, don't know if bfeeding has helped it go, Ds was 5.5m when I started going and afaik the research around weightloss and bfeeding measured weightloss at around 6 months. So could just be lucky combo of both that have helped it be superspeedy loss. Now only have 1.5lbs to goal, hoping that'll be gone next wk and will be normal weight for hols.

I have, however, a very saggy unattractive tummy/muffin top which have never had before, think 4 pregnancies may have been one too many for my poor body, my legs are stuffed to arse too with hideous spider veins.

wmdo I know how you feel, I am feeling really crap again today still feel sick and shattered but really demotivated too, don't know if its because I feel rough or something else. I get out everyday, but walking with Ds3 is always hmmmm interesting! He can't walk unaided due to his cp but can walk using a special frame so getting out everyday is part of his physio but it is hard and he always wants to go in the opposite direction to me (and the pushchair), some days he can only manage say 20 metres others he can walk quite a bit further but he never wants to get in the pushchair, even if he is on his knees so its always a battle...... plus the walk from home to the shops is 5 mins, with him walking it takes 45 mins.... If I were close to you we could get out and sort our sorrows together, but am unfortunately at the other end of the country smile

I cracked up at your post last night re: cocktail sticks and god's waiting room, really did make me feel a bit better, you are v funny.

yangymac Your weekend sounded lovely, I have only been out in the eve a handful of times and know exactly what you mean about missing out when back at work. I am lucky in that when I go back to work I will do mostly nights so am still around for the Ds's nearly all the time they are awake. Although it does'nt always feel that lucky!!

CantThinkofFunnyName Mon 05-Jul-10 12:55:29

Have uploaded 3 more photos - take a peek grin!

alibobins Mon 05-Jul-10 13:50:08

Beautiful photos x x

alibobins Mon 05-Jul-10 14:35:44

Added some more of Jacob too

sockmonkey Mon 05-Jul-10 17:03:50

Awwwww sweet little babies!

whensmydayoff Mon 05-Jul-10 17:07:01

very cute grin

whensmydayoff Mon 05-Jul-10 17:13:55

yancy That sounds like hard work. How is he getting on with his CP physio? He is quite young isn't he?

I have a cousin with CP and I remember her physio as a child. I remember her lying on the floor with sand bag type things on her legs and lifting them. She looked in alot of pain. It must be hard for you too.

My cousin is ok, walking is getting harder now as she has put on alot of weight recently but she did improve dramatically from a child to adulthood. She is now 38 with a son of her own. He is 15 and 6'2 to her 5ft!

maygirl Mon 05-Jul-10 21:21:07

Well done verycherry! I've still got about stone and half to go. Interesting about the 6 mths breastfeeding and weightloss, mine was really slow to start with but has picked up last 2 weeks, I can really feel am losing it now, DD almost 5 mths. I bought a new muffin top blasting DVD today! DS (3.11) joined in, hilarious!
Weekend sounds lovely yangy. I take DD pretty much everywhere too, making the most of it, such a flexible age. Think I will not be returning to work, it's really hitting me now as was around this age with DS that I started stressing about going back. Feel relieved and lucky, but also a bit daunting leaving my career, but it's the right thing to do for us as a family.

superparty Mon 05-Jul-10 23:33:28

yay, baby pictures, they are both gorgeous,

ali you wouldn't think looking at him, how poorly he's been, how is he doing at the mo?

cant the 3 blond ones are yours and the three dark haired are you dsc, is that right?? Olivia look beautiful on her christening day.

verycherry you sound like your doing a fantastic job with ds, it must be hard to be so patient all the time, but I'm sure your hard work will pay offsmile

wmdo you'd better cheer up, I look forward to your posts making me laugh, I don't really leave the house much either, but I have so much to do that I find after my morning nap with erin blush i then spend the afternoon cleaning etc. so Its times like now that I'm bored but I really should just go to bed.

well done to those of you sticking with the diets, it will pay off in the end and you'll all look fab on the beach, I on the other hand will be harpooned and sold to some country for soup??? I've put 10lbs ON and am back to 11st. We've told everyone now as we couldn't really hide it any longer my belly is huge, I will get dd to take pic to show you allblush

Have put some pics on of erin X

superparty Mon 05-Jul-10 23:55:47

Hello, I know i am computer illiterate, but I put aload of pics on but have namechanged that many times I can't find them, any one any idea what i should do??

CantThinkofFunnyName Tue 06-Jul-10 07:21:30

Party - 2 blond ones and baby mine and the three older ones (2 dark and one copper) are DScs.

Go to your profile, click on "photos" and "upload more"...


verycherry Tue 06-Jul-10 09:10:42

grin superparty at being harpooned, I may be more or less back to my normal size but some serious toning is required, actually just totally can not be arsed with it! No exercise dvd's here maygirl big respect to you!

Erin is utterly gorgeous, do all your lot look like each other? my Ds 1,3 and 4 look alike ish but Ds2 is quite different (very dark to their blonde/blue eyes)

Thanks for your kind words re:Ds3 and you wmdo think you meant me not yangy! Not sure I am either fantastic or patient but am trying!

He is particularly hard work atm being 2 and all that, he is also extremely active despite not walking and climbs everything, he is into everything too and likes hiding and posting things like keys... oh and he does'nt stop talking, will repeat himself over and over and over until I acknowledge him aaargggh.

He does really well with all interventions, he loves his physiotherapist and is very compliant with all things like splints, using sticks, various examinations etc etc.

He is incredibly determined which bodes really well for his walking (but not so good for my mental health smile)and he happily does his physio. What age was your cousin when she walked? What form of CP does she have? If you don't mind me asking?

He took 5 steps a few weeks ago then got new splints that have set him back, he won't be walking for quite a long time despite his very best efforts bless him.

cant Olivia looked beautiful, in fact all your dc's and sdc's did, you must be v proud.

whensmydayoff Tue 06-Jul-10 09:33:32

Sorry verycherry, Blame the tyroid - I do all the time now grin!

The details are sketchy but what for what I remember>
My cousin was born at 26 weeks gestation and was very touch and go for months.

They then thought she was fine until she still wasn't walking at over 2 (don't know exact details). They then realised something was wrong with her legs but didn't know what exactly.

She had physio throughout her childhood and I remember them braking her legs in hospital and putting them in plaster to straighten them more (very childlike description blush). I just remember the excitement of having 2 plasters to scribble on!

She walks unaided (sometimes in heels but shouldn't)! You can see her legs are both twisted out from the knee down but apart from that, she lives a full life.

The next bit will amaze you.

At a recent appointment the doctor said

"with your Cerebal Paulsy" (sorry if spelt wrong)

That was the first time they told anyone!!

Nobody had told her parents or her what she had, they thought she was just born with 'bad legs'- she is 38!!
Apparently it was just like that in those days - hard to believe eh.

So as for what type, I wouldn't know.

Your son is at a hard age anyway so both combined will be tough.

My DS is driving me nuts with the repeating and talking constantly.
I sometimes hear the words 'shut up' screaming inside my head and on the odd occasion - it has slipped out [bad mummy]

whensmydayoff Tue 06-Jul-10 09:33:59

Lovely pics super, she is so cute.

whensmydayoff Tue 06-Jul-10 09:34:41

'what for i remember' It's the thyroid, honest.

whensmydayoff Tue 06-Jul-10 09:36:47

and 'tyroid', you must have all been thinking 'who he'?

whensmydayoff Tue 06-Jul-10 09:37:27

who's he

blush, where is that coffee I made earlier

verycherry Tue 06-Jul-10 10:05:20

Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee wmdo you never fail to cheer me up! shock for your cousin! Bad legs!! Is probably actually easier to think of it like that.

Not sure the medical profession has moved on that far since your cousin, a friends DD has CP also but is profoundly affected, the first time they heard her condition being referred to as cerebral palsy was when she was about 3 - scandalous.

It sounds as if your cousin and DS have the same form (spastic diplegia) he is just affected in terms of his gross motor. I asked his paed a year ago if she thought it was CP, she utterly dismissed it, gave me a simplistic explanation that CP can ONLY affect one side of the body hmm utter rot of course. And as for his first physio, well words fail me re: her attitude towards me.

I knew something was not right from birth and thought it was CP when he was about a year. He was formally diagnosed 3 months after the paed told he could'nt possibly have it!

I hope DS will do as well as your cousin - but would rather he did'nt wear heels!

Now, have you found your coffee???

verycherry Tue 06-Jul-10 10:06:22

oh and shut up has also slipped out her too (bad bad mummy)

verycherry Tue 06-Jul-10 10:06:48


verycherry Tue 06-Jul-10 10:07:11

Think I need coffee too

verycherry Tue 06-Jul-10 10:09:50

Oh an interesting that your cousin was born at 26 wks as makes it likely she had something called PVL which is a clear cause of SDCP. It appears DS had PVL too following a big bleed at 26 wks but he was full term.

verycherry Tue 06-Jul-10 10:10:45

Oh an also ouch at her legs being broken, DS may need major hip surgery am only just beginning to get my head around that one.

yangymac Tue 06-Jul-10 12:57:07

Verycherry my DSS (20) has quadriplegic CP and lives a very full life. He started walking unaided at about 13 - he often chooses to use a wheelchair instead now because he is much faster that way.

Dh and his ex did a much more radical form of treatment when he was wee as his prognosis then wasn't so good if he had continued with the "normal" NHS physio being offered. Your DS sounds great and very determined, don't think the CP will get in his way!

whensmydayoff Tue 06-Jul-10 15:54:47

Ha ha very, yes if he ends up in heels that really will be a blow.

Dragged my sorry ass out today. First to the chemist to get DD lactulose as she has been passing very painful stools for days.
They shut for lunch - bastards.

Walked for 40 mins with DS on buggy board, well more on off on off on off on off.

Then I went to visit my gran who just irritated the hell out of me with her adversion to breast feeding.

Again i got
"oh are you still giving her that" (contorted face of disgust).

"yes gran, of course I am"

"OH" (which usually I ignore but today I thought, fuck it, im up for a row with an 87 yr old woman, bring it on)

"so gran, when you bottle fed your 5 did you just stop giving them milk at 6 months"

>Some mad mumbling and managed to make out<

"in my day it was just laziness"

"what was laziness gran"?

"that" >points to dd feeding


"these lazy woman who used to just do that instead of giving them proper food"

"but she does get proper food, I make her food and she eats it everyday"

"so why are you doing that"

"it's milk gran, babies need it for things like, bones and teeth and lil things like that".

"hmmm" stares out of window from weird grandaughter and her hippy ways.

Thing is, im not a pro breast feeder, I bottle fed DS from 5 months and I hate those pains in the ass who ramn BF in peoples faces but that was just embarassing to sit through.

Im just going to stay in and be grumpy, it works for me!!

verycherry Tue 06-Jul-10 18:06:17

yangy your DSS sounds amazing, what treatment did they use? We are open to anything that can help him.

wmdo I have a granny JUST like that, she is 92 next week and was totally bamboozled by me feeding ds3 til he was one, she also kept saying 'so you're still doing that then?' this time round she has'nt said a thing apart from to ask if he is sleeping through.

Last time she asked I gave her such a murderous look she has'nt asked again (that or she can't even remember she asked....)

whensmydayoff Tue 06-Jul-10 20:39:13

Im glad im not alone very! Weird eh.
They are the generation where most woman breastfed so I don't know why she acts like ive arrived naked and done a rain dance.

Newbeginning1 Tue 06-Jul-10 21:31:47

<<waves to everyone>>

wmdo - you do make me laugh with your rants and the fact you took on your gran. It reminds me of happy slapping but happy arguments. I'll watch this space for a link to it on YouTube grin

Ctofn - I'm glad that Olivias christening went well and that everyone enjoyed it. It was indeed my birthday but everyone on here has so much else going on that it seemed very insignificant in comparison. How is crumpette doing? I'm at my sisters at the moment so if she needs anything tomorrow let me know and I will hop on a train to London

ali how is Jacob doing?

super- it is definitely only the one that you're having right? ! I just wonder with you saying you're getting big Already.
very - your ds sounds like an inspiration being so motivated and likewise with you yangy. It's easy to complain about things that go on in daily life but I'm truly grateful that my ds is happy and healthy

Sorry if I have missed anyone out, my brain is on a go slow. I hope everyone is well though

superparty Tue 06-Jul-10 22:00:51

Hey all

new I certainly bloody hope so, but it is a lot bigger than when i had erin, its not just me, my dh thinks so too, I wanted to wait until 12wk scan but it is just too obvious although dd 2&3 don't know yet, I will take some pics and post them with when I was having erin and you can decidesmile

very I have posted some more pics, but unfortunately they are all separate, I hardly have any of us all together because its very rare that we are. everyone says ds, dd1 and dd3 are like me, and dd2 and erin are like dh, but they all have very similar mannerisms and ds is pulling faces that are so like his dad its scary.

Thx for the kind words about erin, she is super cute but I'm biased i knowwink

Hope everyone is well

superparty Tue 06-Jul-10 22:01:36

OMG, that should read 'I certainly bloody hope NOT'

yangymac Tue 06-Jul-10 22:15:50

verycherry if you message me at annimee at hotmail dot com I will fill you in on what I know about it and also let you know a bit more about him... inspiring young man!

yangymac Tue 06-Jul-10 22:36:45

Little I's crawling getting pretty effective now. I would guess a week or 2 at most before she is all over the house. she keeps commando crawling off the mat I put down for her in the kitchen - my house is just not ready for mobile 5 month old yet! We are even getting floors replaced as they are old and full of splinters etc, eek may need to buy a play pen

Hi guys, not been able to get on here for a while, not sure why, I'd love to say I had better more interesting things to do but no. T's currently chattering to himself in his cot instead of having an afternoon nap. Not good, he's still in his Hammock at night but he's rapidly outgrowing it, if I can't get him to sleep in the cot at some point I'll be back on here asking how to co sleep.

Not got proper crawling yet, more kind of circles that veer off the rug he plays on...put the washing out to come back in to find his head sticking out from under the sofa! So I though I'll get a stairgate and start the baby proofing, won stairgate of ebay, sent DH to go collect only to be told by the seller that someone had turned up 2 hrs earlier to pick it up... somwhat peed off by obvious lies and not sure what to do about it.

OOh crying LO now, best run
Hope alls well with the rest of you.

CantThinkofFunnyName Wed 07-Jul-10 14:44:33

Somewhat - you need to report the ebay seller for fraud. Buy winning the bid, you had officially entered into a contract with them. I'd be mightly peed off too!

On the active topics, Olivia is also all over the place. Cannot leave her in the room now on her own. Have on several occasions walked into kitchen to make bottle or some such and come back to find her at the other end of the room, happily playing. It's a very large distance to move which she manages to do by a series of roles and shuffles rather than crawling - but still!!!

OK - I'm off again as more mummy and stepmum duties to attend to. I need a holiday!!

yangymac Wed 07-Jul-10 15:53:06

Yes the rolling to get places is quite effective too isn't it!

whensmydayoff Wed 07-Jul-10 21:11:58

All these movers and shakers.
Olivia is just a bit of a roll and a bum bounce then 'ah forget it, your not worth it remote control, I have feet to play with'.

My hair has just came out in a clump in my hand shock. I know hair thins after a baby but ive never had clumps coming away.

Im secretly hoping my thyroid has swung to over active now and in the next few weeks I will get really thin. My hairs shit anyway!

DH as been off all day with an eye injury. He hit himself in eye with the toggle on his jacket (stop laughing you lot) months ago and it keeps flaring up.
This time it's infected and he needs to take 3 different antibiotic drops in his eye alternativley every hour. Looks painful.

I lost sympathy about an hour ago. He is so hands on with the kids, im lucky but it means when he can't help Im in a muddle!

Trying to get hyper DS and DD fed, bathed, tea made, washings done, toys, kitchen cleared etc on my own was a wee sock!!
I want to poke the other eye now.

Im joking of course. A bit worried about his eye TBH.

On the subject of hyper DS - Grrrrrangry.
He is doing my head in.
All mums who have/had boys of 3 please be honest, is the following normal or is he sounding a bit more, um, colourful....

He runs arond ALL DAY doing impressions (loud ones) of racing cars, trains, diggers, fire engines and roaring tigers.

He does it in peoples faces constantly even when they are trying to talk to him and runs around like a total loon.

I even see other kids looking like they need a Gin & Tonic after 30 mins of DS in their faces.

From about 4pm until bed time he runs from the lounge, through the hall and kitchen and back again stopping only once or twice to jump from the footstool all whilst squealing, screatching, tooting, roaring.

Then there's the constant talking, repeating of course. Especially if other adults are talking, god forbid, he raises his voice 20 decibells.

Tonight I snapped. I used 'shut up', 'all this crap' and >drum roll......


Luckily he seemed to only pick up crap, oh and bugger but that was earlier when I jammed my finger in the buggy board clip.

He doesn't get sweets or juice at all. He gets the odd bit of chocolate or cake if we are out but not daily. He sleeps 7-7 so WTF??

He was a brilliant toddler. This new beast in him is a shock. Im worried he goes to nursery and nobody likes him sad.
He can be lovely and very cute too but increasingly a pain in the ass.

Any thoughts?

alibobins Wed 07-Jul-10 21:32:22

Stupid stupid stupid hospital angryangrysad I am so so so pissed off angry went to dd's appointment expecting to see her rhumatologist only to be told she is on holiday and she's just having a blood test angry I told them I wasn't happy and I was told they were upping her medication but the nurses can't do it without the say so of rhumatologist so now got to wait until next week angry

Jacob is (touch wood) doing okay still very wheezy and sick whenever he eats but we getting used to it.
Think he is the lazy baby as he doesn't move he is able to sit up but not enough for me to move. He doesn't roll just enjoys playing with his toes.

wmdo Ds2 is now 5 but I can remeber when he changed from this lovely cuddly boy to a monster grin at about the same age he has calmed down again but I used to tear my hair out.
Also worked with 3-5 and the change in children at this age is unbelievable e will love nursery and will have loads of little friends

new nothing is ever more important than a birthday grin hope you had a lovely day.

Oooooooooooohh wonder if we going to have Jan 11 twinnies wink

ctofn do you ever stop

Mama2b5 Wed 07-Jul-10 21:41:53

Hi all- just wrote and it was lost due to lo pressing a button!!!!
oh well - so the linkup has been delayed that fine,im preparing for DD15 - sweet 16 on friday!!!!!!!! with so much going on leave alot of the prep late and she doesnt allow me to go out without her so hard to get her anything!its lovely having her around went to nail shop got nails done while she looked after her lil bro! now he is a real mover and does the "worm move" and is getting quicker with it which proves that leaving him on any chair without a watchful eye will just be foolish! so in buggy or on floor which is safe!he is also enjoying food more and had so lovely strawberries!
Hi Crumpette- Big Hug xxx
CTOFN- glad the christening was a lovely family affair!
Super- hope you are well and wow you r big already, do you think it may be down to the fact you may not of lost the previous babyweight?? that what happened to my friend got pregnant very soon after having her lo and has now had another lo on sunday!!!!
LL- hows the twins whilst your travelling?
Oh and im still BF for lo aint taking the bottle but im trying to wean him with bottle and hope to express real soon! watch this spacegrin

whensmydayoff Wed 07-Jul-10 21:51:07

Useless feckers ali, thats shocking.
I hope this doesn't effect her healing process or knock things back a stage.

Obviously DH's eye probelm not same but he has had awful service too.

They have given him all the wrong antibiotics, missed the fact the wound was infected and cells were attacking the eye and the wrong treatment has left him in a real mess.

I hope you DD is ok.

Oh god, so will he be like this for 2 years then?

alibobins Wed 07-Jul-10 22:06:52

wmdo lol lol hope not for your sake he will calm down loads when he starts nursery <ali crosses everything>

I was so angry I never get cross but I'm sick of waiting its horrible Dd was scratching her legs really hard earlier and said it makes her feel better and less worried I want to wrap her up and keep her safe forever

superparty Thu 08-Jul-10 09:09:49

Why make a god damn appointment for someone and then not be available, I swear the nhs is run by morons, I really hope dd isn't too upset, but its hard not to be.[hugs emotion]

wmdo I was NOT sniggering, honestly I wasn't, re; toogle in the eye, although now I feel bad that its got worse, hope its doesn't do any permanent damage.
Your story about ds, really makes me wantthis one to be another girl, boys are just naughty, even at 17, it never changes its just different naughty. At least my ds isn't running all over the house making car noises lol.

mama hi hope your ok, I think my stomach muscle and packed up and gone on extended leave, never to be seen again, I'm probably just fat because the baby is only the size of a coffe bean so its definately not the babygrin

<<waves to everyone else, hope you and babys are ok>>

whensmydayoff Thu 08-Jul-10 09:23:46

Noooooooo super stop it. Im going with ali, he will go to nursery and calm down.

>nervous twitch

verycherry Thu 08-Jul-10 15:27:29

wmdo you are not alone, ds3 is hideous at the moment. They do calm down, then I remember 4 being particularly crap too.

Hmmmm you are lucky i've got 4 of the feckers!

super my teen boys are utterly doing my head in at the mo, especially ds1 who is soon to be 17, went off camping last night with no tent, no sleeping bag and the clothes on his back.... was back at 22.55 and in bed! Argh.

sockmonkey Thu 08-Jul-10 17:00:31

Ah yes, three to four. Too big to be a toddler, not old enough to be at school. It was a trying time, but does pass. Nursery did sort them both out, they got nice and tired and would veg out infront of cbeebies for a bit.

Hello everyone!

superparty Thu 08-Jul-10 21:32:32

very mine hsa lost 6 keys in as many months and so doesn't have key at the mo, but that doesn't stop him not coming home until 11.30 - midnight everynight saying he missed bus etc. and of course I'm up because I have to let him in so he doesn't wake everybody and lock up behind him. He isn't as bad as some If I'm honest, but I just think he doesn't think about anyone else. He's great with the baby though helps me alot during the day, as he dropped out of college (another issue) but he's going to start at new college in september so I think he'll come good.

How old are your others, and I'll see your 4 boys and raise you four girls, I'll be very haggered and grey before long, but at least I'll have someone to look after me in my old agesmile

wmdo didn't mean to scare you, he will calm down (unless he gets in with the bad crowd of 3 yr olds)gringrin I'M ONLY JOKING!!!!!

Hi sock how you doing, I'm all for vegging in frontof cebeebies, trying to get erin into peppa pig, not working thoughsmile

whensmydayoff Thu 08-Jul-10 22:11:54

DH being kept in hospital for 4 days as his eye is now damaged sad.

They fucked about all week and didn't look properly, gave him wrong antibiotics and now he will at least be left with impaired vision in one eye if not loose most of it sadangry.

He actually broke down on the phone which was awful.

Been up seeing him tonight and he cheered up a bit with my 'wall eye' jokes and 'oh sorry are you looking at me' gags grin.
(it's ok, he's used to me)
Just feel so sorry for him and angry at just how bad the hospital have been.

super olivia loves squigglet, try that. She squeals and laughs whenever there's a close up of him!

superparty Thu 08-Jul-10 22:22:32

OMG when thats awful, like your sense of humour though, thats what will get you through, hope he is ok and not too much damage done.

What is squigglet and where do I find it [bad mummys emotion] sitting our children in front of the tellygrin sometimes its my only sanity.

whensmydayoff Thu 08-Jul-10 22:42:08

Well I flick so much between Milkshake on 5 and Cbeebies I can't be sure grin!!

Im pretty sure he is on Cbeebies. Big red and orange teddy thing that draws pictures and I think he's on around 10ish/11ish.

DS never saw TV until just before he turned 2! I was always up and out with him every day. Then as PG got further on and I got lazy, we discovered the wonders of TV.

Now I regulary get the box in the corner to babysit one or both of them.

How did people in the 1940's get anything done I ask you?!

superparty Thu 08-Jul-10 22:49:41

Where are us modern age mothers going wrong eh?

I have tv on downstairs and sit her in bouncy chair in front of it while i mumsnet get on with stuff. then if i go upstairs i put on tv and lie her on bed, while i sleep tidy etc.

When i look back i feel terrible, i have loads of scrap books I did with ds, pictures, cards, practice writing, stuff from playgroup etc, then with dd it was A scrap book, and the last three don't even know what a scrapbook is sad. I think after i leave work in december i will get loads of time to play with erin, but when baby turns up it will all go t88s up!!

whensmydayoff Thu 08-Jul-10 23:06:56

I know what you mean.
We poured loads of time into DS and by the time he was Olivia's age I felt like Id already done loads with him and lots had happened.
Sometimes I look at Olivia sitting in her bouncy seat or baby einstein and she is staring at the TV and I get a pang of guilt.
Where has that time gone.

Anyway, need to get to bed.

Usually while im in the shower in the morning my lovely DH has got DS up, washed teeth brushed and sat eating breakie and DD has had her nappy changed in her bouncy seat having had her reflux meds ready for me to take over. Oh and there's a coffee waiting for me - I know, spoilt.

Im going to be in a state tomorrow morning. Have set alarm for 6am - wish me luck. night. x

sockmonkey Fri 09-Jul-10 10:10:24

WMDO That's rubbish about your poor DH's eye. Is there some sort of action you can take against the hospital? Hope they manage to sort it out.
You joke about bad 3YOs, but there were kids at DSs nursery who would swear at teachers shock

Ah yes the neglected subsiquent children. My favourite MN quote was "they remove the placenta and insert the guilt". I guess the more babies you have, the more guilt gets inserted. Although more hands off parenting can have it's advantages. eg.
DS1, cuddled and carried constantly = didn't walk till 18months
DS2, abandoned left on floor to play = walking at 11 months.
At this rate DD will be walking in a couple of weeks wink

Newbeginning1 Fri 09-Jul-10 10:27:58

wmdo - how did this morning go? Sorry to hear about your DH. The hilarity of how he got his injury is nowhere near as funny now. Do they know how long it will be before they know how his vision has been affected? Your tales of your DS aren't making me happy as jack is already full of energy so I don't think I can take much more grin

ali - I don't blame you for being angry that is really bad and they should have contacted you before you went. Maybe we should do a sit in at the hospital about the rubbish service hmm

mama2b5 - I hope the sweet 16 party goes well today. Should I expect to see it on one of the freeview channels where the teenagers try to out do each other by arriving in helicopters etc. I mean really, WTF is that
about?! With the credit crunch and price of petrol they should be grateful to arrive in a car grin

somewhat - I agree with Ctofn about reporting the seller. Why advertise it on eBay if you're going to sell it to someone else, I mean honestly.

I hope everyone else is well. I've not had a lot of sleep hence me not really having any sympathy for the eBay selling fool or the hospitals, apologies!

Do we have a date yet for the meet up next week? Has anyone heard from crumpette?

Enjoy your weekend everyone. I'm still at my sisters so I'm bracing myself for it to be hot hot hot so fingers crossed I'll get a tan but I'll have a grumpy baby. Well, you can't have everything can you?!

CantThinkofFunnyName Fri 09-Jul-10 11:41:18

Morning everyone. Another quick post from me.

WMDO shock [anger] sad! WTF. Agree that whilst chuckling heartily about how the injury was sustained, am now feeling v guilty. Not so funny anymore. Keep cracking those jokes though. Trust this morning was OK for you?

Ali - same emoticons for you too!!

I'm on for a rant. DS's production at school. First night last night and another tonight and tomorrow. Every bloody year I've been to these productions and generally they are really good - with a quite a bit of ropey singing and dancing grin. This year, the Headteacher decided with some other staff to write the production herself (rather than doing Grease, Little Shop of Horrors, Hairspray, blah blah that they've done before. Based on Mamma Mia and called Sophie's Dream. Content is really good I have to say. BUT BUT BUT the f*ing sound last night was sooooo appalling I just can't tell you. Most of the mics stopped working during the night, some had head mics, some didn't, and when they stopped working obviously it completely threw the kids. Teachers were rushing about on stage, giving them contradictory instructions. A real mess. The headteacher has been changing scenes every day, telling them "oh no, actually, stand there, actually can you do that, oh CTFN DS, can you skip that scene altogether, oh CTFN DS can you now help so and so sing that song. The DAY OF THE SHOW!! They rehearse all day every day, plus weekends and have been cramming for the past 3 weeks since they learned about the production. So much went wrong. Why oh why can't the teachers give adequate time for rehearsals, have a schedule that they must follow, no more changes after x date and TEST THE F*ING SOUND EQUIPMENT!

It is the climax of their final year at primary and I just feel so angry and sorry for the kids that they were put through that. The parents of course, cheer and clap loudly and fully support the kids but I am sooo angry with the school.

They have a band made up of some A level music students and the sound engineer is an A level student studying sound. Great to give them an opportunity to support, but please have some people who know what they are doing actually calling/running the show.

What makes it worse is that I have for 3 weeks been offering my help (in any capacity) because they are always searching for volunteers and one of my forte's is "production of an event" ie getting the f*ing sound right! 3 times a week I have chased "do you need me", "do you need anything" and they didn't have the courtesy to reply. I found out yesterday they didn't need me, I wasn't on any schedules blah blah so bought tickets at the last minute as thought I would be there anyway. Am I feeling a bit precious do you think? Oh well, don't care what you think grin, am still angry. How dare they mess up my PFB's production grin [grin sad.

Hope it's better tonight. It's just something that I do and do very well <brag emoticon> so a bit put out that they didn't take my help and it was a mess. Sorry, rant over blush.

whensmydayoff Fri 09-Jul-10 14:35:06

Bloody hell cant, hope your not trying to steal my long poster title!

Poor kids will have been mortified id imagine.

Can I ask, Is it a private school or do all schools hold productions? I cant remember my school having anything like that.
Im just amazed at them having sound at all. (which clearly they didn't have much)!

Maybe I was just crap and they didn't tell me about it!

Well, im going to steal your 'busy' title then.

This morning, up at 6am, showered, meds made up, breakfast, coffee (of course), kids up, medicine administered, BF, breakfast for kids, All washed and dressed, kitchen spotless, washing hung up, washing in machine, hoovered, batch of baby food made, nice sandwiches for DH made up and took kids up to hospital by 11am to see a very happy DH!

I know I know, you can stop clapping now grin.

Actually, Im well aware you'll all be saying - so fecking what, just a normal day but this is ME we are talking about!

DH was very impressed and said, 'well, you can get up early every morning then and then you'll always be organised' wink - that wasn't a wink, thats just what he looks like just now, ha ha haaaaa!!!

Im not so sure I will always pull this off, im knackered.

Still have to pull rest of day off though and DS is starting his shit already. Just woke Olivia as we speak by shouting outside her room door, on purpose of course.

Give me strength...

sockmonkey Fri 09-Jul-10 16:48:43

<gives WMDO strength>

Well we have pretty possitive news about my Mum. She has had her biopsy results back, and cancer is a very common kind, making it easier for them to treat, and it is not in her lymph nodes, meaning they can do the simpler opperation. The Nurses keep ringing up to check on her, and have been round for a visit too. She is very impressed with the level of care she's had.

Car is back from MOT... he quoted us worst case senario of £300... generally for us it is the worst case, but this time it wasn't. Hurrah. Came out at about half that. I was worrying we would be living on beans on toast and Noop would have to be bare bottomed... she does have a very cute (if a little windy) bottom, but I am relieved.

Off to see Twilight tonight, my friend is treating me. First time I've left Noop for any length of time. I am hoping she will stay asleep and not get hungry for the couple of hours I'll be gone... but what are the chances of that?

whensmydayoff Fri 09-Jul-10 16:58:12

new meant to say earlier. You won't have anything to worry about on the 'boy' front for at least another 2.5 years. Babies are pretty unisex until then.

My DS was calmer than DD.
He was pretty chilled and she has a wrotten temper and screams very very loudly.

His friends (who are mostly boys) are so different from each other too.

Some of them look at my DS like he's a mental case

H is a bit grumpy and doesn't seem to run around, just clings to his mums leg.

F is wilder and harder work than DS but can be hilarious

other F is just soooo sweat, calm, cute adorable, Id like to keep him!

R is pretty much like DS but with really OTT parents who are too strict, as in he can never do a thing right so he tends to burst into tears/hysterics alot.

H is the only girl and very clingy and demanding at times but like all of them, can be so cute too.

Hope that makes you feel better. x

whensmydayoff Fri 09-Jul-10 17:00:53

brilliant sock, big sigh of relief for your mum and family. x

whensmydayoff Fri 09-Jul-10 17:01:57

sweet not sweat blush

CantThinkofFunnyName Fri 09-Jul-10 17:39:44

Tee hee. Have just had a meeting with the headteacher and made myself "Director of Sound" tonight. It had better bloody work better now otherwise will have egg on my face grin

verycherry Fri 09-Jul-10 21:33:36

sock v pleased to hear good news re: your mum, hope its been some relief.

wmdo your poor DH, how bloody awful. (do like your humour though)

party my big boys are 16 & 14. The 16 yro went off to work without his key today, the 14 yro has lost his key god knows how many times. Rang the 14 yro to arrange letting his big bro in but he was out scouting unsuitable, and possibly illegal, places to camp for tomorrow night. argh. Ummm No. Not happening.

Had wondered if all my boys will desert me in my old age but DS2 informs me he is not moving out til he is 36...

Director of Sound formerly known as ctofn, hope it all went well tonight.

New I am feeling the sleep deprivation thing with you big time, I now actually can't sleep as am so stressed about when he will next wake... and he is up super early, 5.15 this morning. I actually want to eat my own head.

whensmydayoff Fri 09-Jul-10 21:59:26

very My gran had 4 boys....then a girl (my mum) - She is much closer to the boys and they do more for her TBH.
I also think she gets on with 2 of her DiL better than my mum. I think you've just cracked it in numbers.
2 isn't enough of a fall back is it. There's every chance one will turn out a handful and the other will emigrate and I will have nobody to wipe the drool from my face in the old folks home!

I keep thinking 1 more would be better, a decent sized family but oh god, I find 2 hard.

Today started off brilliant and slowly went down the pan.
DS just wasn't getting enough attention with me running about so he was a total horror and DD was really screamy and moany too.

By bed time I was on my knees just dying to get DS in particular confined to his cot.

Then my mum came round so I could nip up to see DH. His eye seems to be responding well to the antibiotics and he can see a bit from it now. Fingers crossed it isn't too bad.
Doctor said with the injury to the eye he will always be prone to infection. He is a joiner and works in some dirty dusty places so it will be hard.

super just out of interest, what exactly is a scrap book. What sort of things did you put in it. I need more ideas to amuse DS.

CantThinkofFunnyName Fri 09-Jul-10 23:32:39

Nah nah na nah na. Got it all sorted grin

alibobins Sat 10-Jul-10 07:20:05

wmdo poor Dh and stupid hospitals gggggrrrrrr I'm glad he seems to be responding to antibiotics and getting some sight back.

cant well done grin glad you sorted it.

sock very pleased about your mum

Off to enjoy the sunshine x x

sockmonkey Sat 10-Jul-10 07:46:33

CTFN - Well done chief sound engineer!
WMDO - Glad your DHs eye is improving. Hope he makes a full recovery.

Gross fact of the day: I have just pulled a hair (one of mine) out of DDs bum. She had mananged to poo half of it out [grim wishshewouldstoppullingmyhairout emoticon]

whensmydayoff Sat 10-Jul-10 10:05:17

Sunshine? You greedy bastards.

It's like an November morning here, all drizzly and horrible. I think I just expect hot weather now because it's been a good summer.
Planned to go to Dobbies for lunch as they have a few outside parks and --big cakes--things for kids to do. Have to still go as once you tell a child as you all know, thats it in blood.

Well done cant, I can see the smug glow from here!!

sock That's an impressive party trick. You must tell her friends when she's a teenager grin.

I have came to the conclusion I cannot have any more children due to my crap temprament with 2.

DS got up nippy this morning. He usually waits until 11am at least.
DD is just Mooodeeeey. Not happy here, not happy there, not happy with that breakfast, that sock, not being able to suffocate herself with a nappy sack, not happy period.

So there I am trying to get ready (I know, selfish bitch). Screaming DD on bed and DS trying to jump on her and I did it again blush, I swore. Will someone remove the swearing tirret syndrome from my head please.

DS is a parrot just now and im going to be mortified if he starts swearing and yet, I can't stop the odd obscenity from escaping my foul mouth.

Yip, no more children for me, im rubbish.

whensmydayoff Sat 10-Jul-10 10:07:26

Mainly with spelling. I have higher English too. Need to work again.

sockmonkey Sat 10-Jul-10 10:35:17

Ah WMDO, sorry you are having a rubbish morning, but you are allowed a few off days you know.
I'm sure once you have gone to the park and eaten cake kids have stuff to do, your day will improve.

Newbeginning1 Sat 10-Jul-10 16:47:10

sock - great news about your Mum. Have they said when they will be able to do the operation and how long recovery etc is?

ctofn - is there an end to your many talents?! grin I'm sure you will be taking over the world soon single handedly.

wmdo - you're not rubbish at all. You are dealing with your DH and your LOs who sound like a handful joy!!! I'm exactly the same and swing between getting really frustrated with DS for getting upset and not letting me do anything or get ready etc but then i feel guily after because he doesn't know any different and that his world hasnt come to an end because he's not being cuddled by me. So, my conclusion is that you are......wait for it.......a normal mum grin

very - the anticipation of waiting for the LOs to wake up and the feeling of having to do it all over again just makes me want to be able to freeze time so i can get some uninterrupted sleep. Ah well, only another 12 years and we wont be able to get them out of bed hmm

DS seems to have adopted a new habit of screaming like he's straining which i can only liken to him straining for a poo or having a baby. Its beyond annoying now and so are the crocodile tears when i take the choking hazards "toys" off him like a plastic bag, the laptop cable etc.

Sorry to be a pain and ask again but is there a date for the meet up next week it's just i need to book train tickets and i need to organise a trip into work etc.

superparty Sat 10-Jul-10 19:28:16

evening allsmile

sock great news about your mum.

cant your just showing off bloody marvalous, and putting all us who are only mums to shame smile

wmdo well in my more youthful. stress free days, I would make cards, like a sheep out of cotton wool or a hedgehog, by making loads of ds' handprints cutting them out and curling them a bit with scissors, stenciling pics, drawings etc and you stick them all in a book, along with stuff he did at playgroup.
wink thats for you dh x
don't put yourself downm your doing great, I've taken to muttering for chuffs sake all the time and dd7 said before I know your swearing,[naughty mummy again]

very don't joke my bil is still at home, drives my inlaws mad and hes 34, he's got no get up and go and will be a miserable old bachelor i'm sure.

waves to *new8 hope your enjoying the sunshine at your sisters.

better go erin wants feeding again x


CantThinkofFunnyName Sat 10-Jul-10 22:31:04

Evening all. Now back from the final night of production and am rather pleased to say that everything was absolutely perfect! What a great show and they had an after show party for Y6 pupils, parents and school staff. Good stuff.

On a baby note (and apologies I'm not addressing any other posts here, far too tired grin), Olivia has hardly fed at all yesterday and today. Basically keeps turning away, not interested. Anyone else having problems? We're thinking it's the heat....? She's happy and active enough...

whensmydayoff Sat 10-Jul-10 22:35:31

Thanks for the tips super, I won't be doing that!!
I was hoping for something a bit less challenging!

Well, tonight confirmed that Mil has infact got no gray matter upstairs.

Had her babysit tonight to visit DH in hospital. I tried very hard to have them both down in bed but unfortunatley, DD was still up when she arrived as she has to sit for a bit after her feed to digest before I lie her down due to her reflux.
Had to leave Mil to put her down.

Cot is tilted head end 30 degrees so her stomach contents can stay down.

Yes, you know what's coming don't you.

After visiting DH in hospital I came home and was surprised to hear DD had cried for 45 mins when put down and Mil kept trying to sshhh her to sleep to no avail hmm.
DD takes all of a minute to go to sleep without a peep.

After Mil left I went in to see her lying head down shock. Poor DD must have been in pain with the reflux and all her blood must have been in her head. FFS

How is DH and his 3 sisters still alive?

whensmydayoff Sat 10-Jul-10 22:37:54

Hi cant X post there. Glad it went well. night. x

Newbeginning1 Sat 10-Jul-10 22:48:13

wmdo - your Mil sounds like a charm!!!! Why would you put a baby to sleep head down? Thank god you got back to rescue her grin

I've been trying to get Jack to sleep for over an hour and hes having none of it. I just dont know what to do sad

alibobins Sun 11-Jul-10 08:25:35

New hope you finally managed to get Jack to sleep it was hot last night Jacob woke for a few hours in the night and wouldn't go back down even tried him in my bed (naughty mummy)

cant Jacob has cut right down on bottles and only has 3 or 4 a day taking aroung 15-20oz I've been making sure he has some water too.

wmdo shockshockshock at your mil I can just imagine what poor Olivia was feeling sad
How is Dh x x

whensmydayoff Sun 11-Jul-10 10:02:39

How are you all having hot weather? It's pretty cool here for first time in ages. Im actually enjoying feeling comfortable at night but I will get angry if the sunshine doesn't come back soon.

new only sleeping tip I have is making sure they haven't gone over 2 hours awake. mAybe he was over tired/stimulated as thats when it becomes a loosing battle.
Otherwise, it's better to just keep popping in and out and deep breathing when it's stressing you out. Hugs. x

DH is fine. They will reduce the antibiotics tonight and make sure it doesn't flare up again. Hopefully he will be out tomorrow night. If it did flare up he'd be kept in for another 4 days - shock.

All excited here, taking DS to see The Singing Kettle at Edinburgh Playhouse. DS all excited even though he doesn't know what the hell im talking about grin! His first panto/show.

DD going to mums so better pack 20 bags!

CantThinkofFunnyName Sun 11-Jul-10 18:47:31

WMDO - my favourite seasons are spring and autumn so I'm a "cool chick" and I'm not boding well in the heat. It's been 30 degrees most days for the past 2 weeks and when you're not on holiday with air conditioning and a pool to jump into, it's mighty uncomfortable!

Am a little unsure how I feel though as now have a tan worthy of 2 weeks abroad - and that is all I go on holiday for!! Not bothered about wining and dining on hols as with kids in tow, you don't get much of a rest anyway. So in a few weeks time we'll be off to Tenerife where it will be really hot again hmm - I say roll on the autumn...

On Olivia news grin - today she was getting very frustrated up on her knees and arms at full stretch - rocking backwards and forwards and not able to work out how to move. So she stretched her legs out and tried to stand up!!! FFS. I am NOT ready for an early walker I can tell you!!

Am hoping she does not follow in my and her brother's footsteps and be walking at 8 months, completely bypassing the crawling stage shock.

whensmydayoff Sun 11-Jul-10 19:31:00

Oh no *cant', that would be too much too soon.

Im hoping DD follows in mine and DS's footsteps and doesn't walk until 17 months!

DS JUST started sitting at 8 months, crawling at 13.5 months then 17 months before place was wrecked! Olivia seems to be doing same as DS at 7 months, thinking about sitting.

Knackered today, lots of running about.
Got venue wrong (so me), it was Festival Theatre not Playhouse so I parked in expensive multistorey (£8.20 for 2 hours) then had to jump a taxi there and back to car so getting to the show I had got 4 tickets for and only needed 2, cost an extra £20 in travelling somewhere 10 mins from housegrin. What a muppet I am.

Every cloud though, when I asked DS what was the best bit of today, he said, 'oooh going in the taxi'!

Show was great. DS had a brilliant day which was nice.

We went to see DH late afternoon and his eye looked worse and more infected. Im totally dreading if he has to stay until Thursday now. Miss him and getting kids tea/bath/bed is proving tricky when your used to 2 doing it.

Hope everyone ok, x

superparty Sun 11-Jul-10 22:00:33

wmdo hope your coping and not too knackered. thats my everyday duties, doing 4 kids whilst dh does nowt smile

lol at ds and his taxi ride, glad you had a good day.

cant erin isn't on her knees yet, but she sort of walks her legs up and then falls over to one side, so i'm thinking i could have an early walker to, she cant wait to get going, its lovely watching them though

waves to everyone, hope your ok

well, glad spain won, its off to bed for me, AN EARLY NIGHT, i hear you cry, everyone is in bed already and ds hasn't gone out so bed itis

ttfn x

flyingma Mon 12-Jul-10 00:22:27

Ok let's hope I don't lose this post as it has happened twice in the last few weeks and each time I have gone sod that and gone off in a huff!

I'm actually thinking that I don't mind if Aidan skips the crawling and goes straight to walking. The thought of a speedy baby racing across my living room scares me - home entertainment system with 5 speakers around the room, 6 coaxial cables running in from the walls, all the cables to power the TV/ amp/ blu-ray/ XBox/ Wii/ DVD and 16 plug sockets to boot. They are slower when they are learning to walk than when crawling presumably. His nursery is not much better since DH decided to keep the spare speaker, DAB radio and TV for wiring up DS' own system in his NURSERY. Sigh... is it cruel to confine him to only the playpen. TBH he's not touched my floor yet as I am convinced that no matter how I clean it, the carpet is too filthy.

wmdo Sorry to hear about DH's eye. Here's to a speedy recovery and pls give hell to the stupid incompetent hospital! Your DS sounds like my younger brother - we lived with my aunt for a while and he #5 youngest of the 6 kids in that house and he used to annoy us all! Mum found that the best way to cope was to keep him out back on his own with a toy trolley for him to push up and down the garden. Used to occupy him for hours till he had run himself down and was too tired to be a PITA to the other kids. Unfortunately he was a bit like that at home and in school for ages but I think now that was coz he was too smart for his class (therefore bored and looking for mischief). Years on, he's now an air force pilot with all the discipline and structure that comes with the job so see, it can come to some good. smile

CTFN Glad the christening then the school play went well. Any more news from crumpette?

sock This motherhood job is so glam sometimes. DH babysat on Sat while I was as a spa day. DS did a green poo when I was there and I've never had green poo on my watch. I had to use every ounce of self-restraint to stop myself from digging up the nappy for have a look at what made it green. How my life has changed...

You guys talk about the guilt - Aidan's been yelled at a lot recently. His latest obession is flipping onto his tummy whether he is in the cot, hammock, changing table, play nest, bed... it is making my tendonitis worse and I am actually seriously considering taking that pain reflief jab for it!

Before I had DS I swore I would never become one of those mums to plonk their only child in front of a telly. It lasted all of maybe 12 weeks! I rely on Sky+ to record ITNG for me which buys me 25 mins of food prep time or toilet time or, on a bad day, getting ready to go out time. At 23 weeks I think DS is all set in couch-potato-dom. He was eating a cucumber the other day and decided to turn to see what was on telly behind him and stuck the cucumber into his ear instead! hmm My child eats by rote!

CantThinkofFunnyName Mon 12-Jul-10 07:16:06

Hi everyone - I had suggested to Lottie last week that we meet on Wednesday of this week. I haven't heard back from her yet though. Her internet access is sporadic.

Those that were looking to make it - can you make Wednesday - or Thursday?

whensmydayoff Mon 12-Jul-10 08:45:23

That' funnyy flyinga.Right as you can see my keyboard is sticking and I aint correcting every mistake now - huff!

DS has been good again since I spent a bit of time with him sat & sunday. Saturday I had my mum with me so more hands on deck.

I think he is jealous of DD TBH and the running shouting and generally being a PITA is so he can actually get a row (attention of any kind) sad.

This morning he has been an angel and very cute and funny. Soon as I sat down on here he is running about being annoying - Im on to him wink.

Meant to say cant, im with you on spring and Autum being better. They are my favs too. I used to enjoy the sun when I could get a tan but can't now obviously. I get grumpy with heat and babies in tow!

Autum is beautiful, I always make a point of going for walks/runs around Arthur Seat (beautiful extinct volcano/conservation area in middle of Edinburgh) at that time.

super I honestly can't imagine getting 4 ready for bed at the same time. That's why your name is so apt and why I think I can't handle any more than 2! Some people are cut out for big family's, I wish I was but i get really stressed out easily. Too much of a worrier aswell.

Dreading phoning DH incase he is staying in, fingers and toes crossed....

HI all, sorry only had a chance to skim read and now T's waking up.

CTFN and NEw the annoying ebayer is now reported, after having 3 days of dodgy internet connections and waiting for the 'ebay team' to get back to me.

Can't make any meet up in Lomndon, money's too tight for a jaunt down there I'm afraid and tbh I'm not sure I could cope with public transport and a baby. But waiting for all the gossip.

Hope all mums, Hubbys and ill LO's are getting better or just holding in there. I am currently wondering where this beautiful rain they promised is...is tooo Hot! T's being really good about it, proud mummy emoticon

alibobins Mon 12-Jul-10 12:23:05

We've got the rain but its not much cooler its so close and muggy.

superparty Mon 12-Jul-10 12:39:01

hi all

its the same here, hot and sweaty but it is also raining, so i am refusing to dress my very stcky sweaty baby and have just covered her with a thin blanket for her afternoon nap.

i'm another sat waiting for the gossip from the meet, but am really hoping that the next time theres a meet up i can make (i'm not faised by travelling/train/tram/baby + stuff, but just be reminded not to make it too long as i wont be able to fit on train seat soon) or if you wait til feb you all get to snuggle a newborn as well smile

well, scan on thursday 4pm, am both excited and nervous in equal amounts (i'm convinced their going to say, what baby?? smile)

alibobins Mon 12-Jul-10 12:45:33

Or 2 babies grin

yangymac Mon 12-Jul-10 16:02:16

weds/thurs should be ok for me

sockmonkey Mon 12-Jul-10 17:22:58

WMDO any news yet of your winkDH's eye? You know my DF says three is as difficult as it gets, after that you might as well keep going. (Although he did work long hours and was away a lot, so not that sure he's to be trusted.)

Noop has a nice dint in her head from wedging herself against the TV stand while i washed up, hope its back to normal by time DH is back.
Been thinking about Crumpette today. Hope she is ok.

londonlottie Mon 12-Jul-10 17:31:08

Gaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh confused

I have been seriously deprived of MN in recent weeks!!!

Only now able to get online as I'm at my mum's briefly. This trip has so far been the most hectic, non-relaxing holiday I've ever had. Barely a moment to myself EVER! And no internet access - how do people cope? Or shop? I had to buy things from a HIGH STREET earlier - I mean!!

Am still on for Wednesday meet-up. Might be able to do Thurs but have a 1pm appt at the moment and may not be able to shift it. As I said to CTOFN - a park cafe would be good for me but I guess Dulwich park isn't that convenient for everyone grin - Giraffe was suggested but am worried about getting a double buggy in. In fact am worried in general about bringing the girls and everyone having their hands full and both of them kicking off and and and .... gaahh twin mum paranoias!!

I've missed loads I'm sure and am on mum's laptop so it would be rude to MN for too long. Really hope some of us can get together

CantThinkofFunnyName Mon 12-Jul-10 18:23:53

Anyone know if Regents Park has a cafe?

CantThinkofFunnyName Mon 12-Jul-10 19:37:03

Ignore my earlier post, I googled it grin!

So at Regent's Park there is The Garden Cafe which is in the Inner Circle. Looks lovely, but I think may be a touch too formal for mums with buggies and babies in tow.

Then there is the Boathouse Cafe which markets itself as a family cafe with large waterside terrace area serving more realistically priced foods, coffees, ice creams etc. The Boathouse Cafe is next to the Regents Park boating lake. Being a "northern" park, I am guessing it would be the easiest for the majority to get to. Particularly those coming into a mainline train station, taxis are probably the easiest mode of transport with buggies.

Yey or ney?!

londonlottie Mon 12-Jul-10 20:11:35


Taxis are a no-go for me with a double buggy. And yes, I do insist on going on and on about my double buggy. grin

I'm off to see whether there's any way on earth I'd be able to park around R.P. Driving is the only way I think I'd be able to get there... haven't yet braved central London or the transport system with 16kg of baby and what seems like all but t'kitchen sink along with them.

superparty Mon 12-Jul-10 21:27:30

shock ali if they say that I won't be able to mumsnet ever again as I will refuse to get off the bed, stating a second opionon/sleeping for the next 6 months/fainting grin would be hilarious though, just my good luck, although hearing lottie saying about getting 16kg of babies around with all their stuff plus erin in tow I think it would be nigh on impossible.

How is your dd??

sock my sentiments exactly (this from a woman who has to move to a shoe) once your over 3 it really isn't that much of a strain adding more, I think I am totally disorganised but i must do something right as they all get to school on time, matching socks clean underwear etc, and I've not strangled any of them YET!!!!smile

Hope all goes well for the meet [twin snuggling jealous emotion]

Hope your doing ok crump not heard from you for a while x

CantThinkofFunnyName Mon 12-Jul-10 21:31:12

Crumpette is OK btw. Is fairly regularly in in touch with me and I think she is sneakily reading all of our posts even though she isn't officially back on MN yet! Am pleased to report Crumpette will make Wednesday's meet-up!

Lottie - I too will drive I think. There will certainly be parking places near enough to Regents Park but bear in mind congestion charge and change for meters. Although a lot of Westminster Parking places now have a number you can text and have your debit card charged which is rather handy.

whensmydayoff Mon 12-Jul-10 22:27:10

>WMDO waves to Crumpette

DH back - yeah.

Took until 5pm tonight (and a fecking parking ticket for me) for a Doc to finally come round, look quickly in his eye and say 'you can go home now' Grrrrrrangry.

Luckily the day room had a TV so Cbeebies was promptly shown to all the happy residents grin.

Drops in eye every hour though so I do have 3 children to look after now!

Had a lovely morning with DS, I take it all back, he is sooooo good.
He was going up to strangers all day telling them all our business, very funny.

Man in Marks & Spencer was standing nodding while DS bombarded him with his chat when I was paying.
Man then informed me I was going on a picnic and that daddy had a sore eye and we had a new car blush.

Then everyone in the lift got to hear similar then DS pointed to the first man he had spoken to whilst waiting on same lift and announced "I already told this man" grin. Lift erupted in laughter.

Then in the day room a man called Michael who had been punched in the eye at a Stag doo was told all our business then he was told "your not Michael, your George" confused.

He then kept saying stuff like "George, Ive got your seat", "George, speak to me".

He is mad, don't know where he gets it!

I'll be back moaning about him tomorrow.

Im not going to bore you any longer. I will just pop in on Friday to hear all the gossip from your meet up and wish you all luck incase one of you is a weirdo stalker type - ha, hadn't thought of that had you (im just jealous

Newbeginning1 Mon 12-Jul-10 23:52:53

Hi all, just a quick post before I go to bed. I reckon I can do Wednesday for the meet up, what kind of time?

wmdo - I'm glad your DH is back home

super - my money is on twins wink

I'll post more in the morning. Night everyone x

CantThinkofFunnyName Tue 13-Jul-10 07:19:55

I will have to leave the meet-up at 2pm so am happy to meet anytime in the morning from 10 onwards. I can go straight after the school run. It depends on journey times for everyone else really...

verycherry Tue 13-Jul-10 08:30:52

Hi all

Am rushing off so v quick post, will post more later. Am not able to make meet up tomorrow, will hopefully make next one but hope you all have a fab time.

alibobins Tue 13-Jul-10 14:04:39

Very jelous of meetup maybe next time.

Dd is doing okay still having eyedrops 6 times a day but no black spot or headaches.

Ds1 going in to have minor surgery next friday so having a few wobbles but he has had the procedure 5 times now so we know what to expect but can't help but worry about a general anesthetic.

However Jacob is doing rubbish he is weezing like a smoker and his reflux is really agravating him sad
Also I noticed that he has got one leg longer than the other and his knee seems to turn out and he can't put his foot to the floor he has been referred to see an othopedic doctor the GP thinks it is a hip problem. On the referal she has put obvious deformity of left leg aaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrgggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhh <<<<<<<<<ali bangs head against brick wall>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

I could bloody write a book and no one would believe it was all true angrysad

party My brother was 16 months old when my Mum had me and my sister

lottie sending a big virtual twinny hug squuuuuuuuuueeeeeeeeeeeeezzzzzzzzzzzegrin

CantThinkofFunnyName Tue 13-Jul-10 16:12:13

Bloody hell Ali - seriously you get it all don't you?!!!

Big hugs and squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeezes your way wink

Newbeginning1 Tue 13-Jul-10 16:33:39

ali - are you secretly filming your own version of Childrens Hospital in your bid to become famous hmm What is your DS1 having surgery for if you dont mind me asking? Your drs description sounds lovely of Jacobs leg and just what you need to see. There was a family on This Morning (i know its a reliable source and classy wink) and their son had one leg longer than the other and he had 1 extra roll of fat on one leg and it turns out his hip was displaced. He had an operation and is "normal" now. Of course, i hope that it isn't that because an operation wouldn't be good. I'm sure wmdo will be along later with a diagnosis courtesy of google grin

Sorry to be a let down but i dont think i can make tomorrow which i'm sad about. Train tickets are ridiculously expensive if they're not bought in advance sad So lovely ladies have fun and i want the gossip and to see pics. Say hi to crumpette for me and give her a hug from me x

alibobins Tue 13-Jul-10 20:01:28

Ds1 has got an abnormal vascular birthmark on the right side of his face it is under the skin and only visable when he is hot he then grows blood filled lumps when blood vessels break through the skin the one he has at the minute is slightly larger than a raisen and have to be if they burst they don't stop bleeding.
He also has laser treatment on the rest of the mark to try and stop it happening but so far they keep growing.

I always wanted to be a nurse but fell pregnant with dd think it would have been a good career grin

I've been naughty and googled for myself and got plenty of horror stories of traction surgery and casts

verycherry Tue 13-Jul-10 20:25:40

new shame you can't make it too.

We could do a mini meet up next time you are at your sisters if you fancy it? Am only 30 mins from cambridge and can drive in and hop on park and ride dead easily.

wmdo never did take ds2 remarks re staying at home lightly, in fact fully expect him to never leave grin my brother, whilst living in own flat, still eats with my parents every night and is lost when they are on hols!

ali my ds3's left leg is shorter than his right as a result of internal rotation due to his cp - it is also a hip prob. Have been reading up on it and read about what an externally rotated knee also means wrt to hip, but have instantly forgotten....... and I am a nurse - should know but now have no brain due to excessive childbirth grin

verycherry Tue 13-Jul-10 20:26:12

That should be excessive childbearing.....

CantThinkofFunnyName Tue 13-Jul-10 20:54:18

Oh no - me, Lottie & Crumpette only?! Methinks I had best contact them pronto to see if they want to hold off as both of them have journeys to make...

yangymac Tue 13-Jul-10 22:51:42

I would go cantthink but regents park not as appealing as some other parks for me as it can be a nightmare ob public transport. Sent you an email - my mobile is not working.

Mama2b5 Wed 14-Jul-10 01:30:19

hi all- sorry last post was on 7th -had lots of things to do and being on here is such a distraction for me! well
DD is now 16 - and ermmmm NewB - ermmm hell know no sweet 16 MTV style up in here we just spend a girlie day of shopping and pampering and then she went off to thorpe park with her uncle and her cousins - she had so much fun and the weather was great!
Super - hope all goes well for you at your scan ohhh how exciting!
WMDO- dh and his eye i pray all gets better for him real soon.
Sock- good news about your mum.
loving the news about "early walkers" its amazing and only seems like seconds ago we were all on our birrth countdowns!
well my lo has found his hands and feet and is crawling really fast to go after things he shouldnt!
Crumpette- biggggggggggggg hugggggggggggggggg
only came on late so missed the whole meet up thing would love to make it! will check on tomo am! or will text CTOFN - nite all x

Mama2b5 Wed 14-Jul-10 09:12:36

well was checking about the link up today! but no updates, i may not be able to make it for have a appt that i was suppose to cancel by 9am and so i guess i cant without knowing about if the link up is on or not! Njoy your day xxx Lo - slept all the way through the nite and woke up at 6.30 for his feed then back to nod land and is still there, my milk is super!wink

CantThinkofFunnyName Wed 14-Jul-10 09:35:54

Hi Mama. I don't think it's going to happen as only a couple of us can make it.

alibobins Wed 14-Jul-10 18:15:06

Jacob has got the bloody CHICKEN POX that is it I give up what is wrong with my kids sad

whensmydayoff Wed 14-Jul-10 18:30:35

ali I need to lie down to take all of this in......

new Im offended at your accusation that im some sort of virtual hypoconriac.....

anyways, I googled it ali and grin I think it's hip displacia (or something, haven't really googled).
It may correct it's self with a little physio or he may need a cast around his 1st birthday. My 2 sister-in-laws had it and Mil described similar when first one wasn't diagnosed at birth, that's similar to what they noticed earlier. I hope that is what it is and it sure sounds like it. They are both fine.

Easily treated but yet another stress added to your ever growing list. I feel angry for you. Not at anyone in particular just at how unlucky. How is Jacob?

Well from sick kids to sick adults. DH got out and then my back went sad.

Im in sheer agony, id rather give birth.
Oesteopath called it Miners back then gave me the technical name - forgot. It's from feeding Olivia and trying to keep her upright with her reflux.

I sit her on sofa on say, my left then twist right boob over to her then I lift her over and twist the other way. Been doing it for months.


Couldn't breath yesterday as it effected all my rib cage area and spine.

Cant walk, sit, move or feed Olivia without all the muscles going into spasm. Will take weeks to ease off and I can't lift anything hmm. Luyckily DH is off with the eye eh!!

alibobins Wed 14-Jul-10 18:50:49

I'm angry too having a really crap week and now to top it off got to stay home all week so can just sit and sulk.

Your back sounds painfull

CantThinkofFunnyName Wed 14-Jul-10 19:54:15

I'll join the grumpy lot. Have period and MAHOOSIVE PMT without the "pre" IYKWIM.

That's it. No major dramas just pissed off for the sake of it. Harumph.

alibobins Wed 14-Jul-10 20:59:47

I have period too which just makes things seem 200 times worse.

I will try and upload a spotty photo tomorrow.

superparty Wed 14-Jul-10 21:38:50

sorry for all your woes, poorly babies, grumpy mums, and whens dh.

I am postively crapping my pants, for my scan in 18hrs and 51mins precisely.

I also have a busy time ahead

3 girls finished school friday
ds goes to greece weds 21st for a week
decorate ds's room
ds back weds 28th
sun 1st aug, me, ds and 4 girls go camping with my parents for 12 days near to my brothers in plymouth
5th aug dds 7th birthday
sun 8th aug dh joins us in plymouth
sun 8th sis, her dh and two boys come down to brothers to stay
thurs 12 th everyone back home
sat 14th dh's 40th birthday party at inlaws
friday 27th bank holiday wkend in wales for me dh and girls, ds at leeds festival
weds 1st sept everyone at school
14th sept me back at work omg!!!!!

meanwhile all the washing ironing, packing and unpacking, uniforms bdays decorating and my ever expanding belly

Oh and as an aside, I go back to work on the 14th sept for 12 wks, BY WHICH TIME I'LL BE 33WKS PG AND IT WILL BE 4 WKS TILL XMAS AAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!shock

not that i'm moaning honestly x

whensmydayoff Wed 14-Jul-10 22:06:04

>THUMP - WMDO hits the floor

CantThinkofFunnyName Wed 14-Jul-10 22:10:08

sad. On his walk with Percy this evening, DS witnessed our pup pick up a rubber bike handle grip and eat it. Percy was off the lead in the park. Why do knobheads leave such items lying around???

Anyway, he's now in the Royal Veterinary Hospital undergoing xrays, cameras and probably an op.

Very upset CTFN. sad.

yangymac Wed 14-Jul-10 22:58:18

im not too grumpy but very run down... infected rotten tooth (broken already, my cap fell out ages ago and I was lazy my own fault). Its coming out once the infaction is gone. Infacted rash on chest and ulcers from lack of sleep. I am also thinking alot about going back to work - its not long now.

Lots of people to pick up after around here (and cook, clean, wash for etc). God knows what I will do when back at work FT!

Little I is gorgeous, leaving her to work going to be hard. Solids are doing well but still breastfed, yet another thing on my "to do" list - weaning to formila during day...

superparty Thu 15-Jul-10 09:16:37

hey all

wmdo I hope your off the floor, and my xmas post didn't upset you to much.

cant sad for percy, hope hes ok

yangy sad for sore tooth, I hate teeth as much as spiders so i don't envy you at all

well only 7hrs and 1min to go

Newbeginning1 Thu 15-Jul-10 09:21:08

super - good luck with the scan today, let us know how you get on. You will have to ask can't to borrow her magic super mum powers and cape for your coming weeks grin

can't I'm assuming that you have a cape right, because all super heros have capes or at least all of the good ones do wink How is Percy doing? Absolute knob jockeys leaving stuff like that hanging around but at least you spotted Percy eating it. I think the only medicine for your PMT is a big bar of chocolate.

ali- I can't believe Jacob now has chicken pox. Am I right in thinking that if babies contract it before they're one then their immune system isn't matures enough or something so they will catch it again? Fingers crossed that when your DCs are teenagers they have no illnesses because they will have had them now. Every cloud and a silver lining and all that, it's just this silver lining is pretty small. sad Hugs for you.

wmdo - I read your post whilst half asleep and I'm amazed at your way of feeding Olivia. Do you have extendable nipples or just ma mahoosive* bangers?! Mine wouldn't even reach Jack if I did it that way. How is your DH doing? You two could be one of those couples t

very - a rendezvous sounds good to me. I'm planning on going back to my sisters next month if not sooner so I will let you know and see if you're free.

crumpett - on the off chance you're reading this, are we still going to find some sun and maybe a nice foreign gentleman to entertain us?!

Sorry if I have missed anyone out. Jack is refusing sleep like an absolute trooper and has done since we got back. He's kicking and pinching and generally dong whatever he can to stop himself goin to sleep. Joy.

superparty Thu 15-Jul-10 09:30:21

Oh and the freezer AND shower packed up on the same day, I swear my house is falling apart. <<wheres that shoe>>

tahnks new I will report back asap.

<<whispers, I already have a cape, just don't tell cant, mines red with a gold star and SP on it>>

waves to everyone

hugs to crump, please come back soon and let us know how your doing XX

sockmonkey Thu 15-Jul-10 09:33:22

Morning all.
Boy the crap times are doing the rounds aren't they?
I'm off to docs today. My boob is still really painful and the spot has not gone. Have decided to brave it instead of living off paracetamol. MIL has said she will drive me which is kind of her. Not said why I am going yet though. (Not sure if she approves of BF)

DH has said I should be weaning Noop by now, NO!!! I've got a couple of weeks left yet. Even then giving solids doesn't mean giving up the boob. He did decide, while I was out of the room, to let DD have a taste of his crunchie icecream. Yeah, great move there you numpty. I went mad at him. I know it won't kill her, but it's not exactly on the list of "first foods" is it? hmm

superparty Thu 15-Jul-10 09:38:30

Hi sock, hope you get boob prob sorted.

No it won't do her any harm, and i bet she loved it smile, I give erin a taste of alsorts, ice cream, chips, toast with philly/jam/salmon paste, pizza, just like a tiny lick iykyim, but i figure she won't refuse much if shes used to different tastes. <<cant afford to be fussy in supers house>>

alibobins Thu 15-Jul-10 09:44:17

super good luck for your scan your list made me need a lie down grin

cant hope Percy is okay

Well Jacob is covered and very grumpy he's not eating doesn't want to drink I ended up using a syringe to give him some milk

Someone made a comment saying I shouldn't of had another baby as I make poorly children sadangrysad just what I needed to hear when I feel so shit.

whensmydayoff Thu 15-Jul-10 09:53:55

Who the feck said that ali? what an absolute horror of a human being.

Your children haven't all got some genetic life threatening disease. Id maybe have said, yeah maybe think twice about an more.

We have your DS with a birth mark, DD with her eye problem and DS who had a rough start because of random infection. A possible hip displasia which agai,is common not life threateniing. How dare they.