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April 2008 - The one with Mother's Day....

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ThePFJ Sat 13-Mar-10 11:28:59

07 March: Ashton, a fourth child for gemprincess, 5lb 13oz @ 34+6
09 March: Ted, a second DS for Daftmoo, 7lb 14oz @ 36+0
21 March: George William, a first baby for KnitterintheNW, 7lb 2.5oz @ 37+3
25 March: Olivia, a second baby for TheMaskedPoster, 7lb 2oz @ 38+4
28 March: Pablo, a third baby and first DS for vacaloca, 7lb 14oz @ 39+4
28 March: Matteo Alexander, a first baby for Gangle @ 38+0 (?)
30 March: A baby girl, a second child for PortAndLemon, 8lb 15oz @ 39+5
02 April: Jak, a baby boy for rainbowdays, 9lb @ 39+1
02 April: A baby boy, a second child for bunyanvillas, 6lb 14oz @ 37+5
02April: Struan, a baby boy for Donnabels, 6lbs 15oz
02 April: A baby boy for mummyofaprincess @39 weeks
03 April: A baby girl for PippiCalzelunghe @38+2weeks
03 April: Aeryn Daisy, a baby girl for Denny185, 9lb 8oz @ 39+3
03 April: Benjamin, a baby boy for Micegg, 8lb 3oz @ 39+4
03 April: Roelof Grové, a first DS for SalLikesCoffee, 7lb 5oz @ 38+5
03 April: A baby boy for siikibam, 6lb 8.5oz @39+1wks
04 April: Matilda, a baby girl for AprilsFoolsBaby 7lb @
05 April: Ellis, a baby girl for MadameOvary, 9lb 12oz @ 40+6
06 April: Henry Peter, a baby boy for Sheds, 7lb 130z @ 40+4
07 April: Sebastian George, a fourth DS for Peachy, 8lb 4oz @ 41+1
07 April: Jack, a first baby for ThePFJ, 7lb 5.5oz @ 41+1
07 April: Lexie Bea, a fourth baby for babywhiting, 8lb 1oz @ 39+4
08 April: Alasdair, a second DS for bunnyrabbit, 8lb 5.5oz @ 40+3
08 April: James Samuel, a third baby for honeybee10, 6lb 7oz @ 37+2
09 April: Zara Mia Martin, a first baby for V1KK1M, 7lb 10oz @ 41+0
09 April: Jasmine, a baby gilr for Niceychops
11 April: Kyran for rdk, 7lb 13oz @ 38+3weeks
11 April: Sebastian James, a second baby for Fleecy, 10lb 2oz @ 40+4
11 April: A baby girl, a first baby for CeylonSapphire, 7lb 12oz @ 41+1
11th April: Florence, a baby girl for LouMoose
12 April: Maya Alice, a first baby for egyptianprincess, 8lb 15.5oz @ 40+3
12 April: Sophia Viviana, a second DD for AussieDivaonaBreak, 6lb 12oz @ 39+3
15 April: Alexander Oliver, a third baby for VictorianSqualor, 10lb 3oz @ 41+0
16 April: Ailish, a first baby for Mollyfloss, 6lb 11oz @ 40+3
16 April: A baby girl, a second baby for elfsmummy, 7lb 13oz @ 41+1
16 April: Zoe, a baby girl, a first baby for ToastAddict, 6lb 10oz @ 39+3
16 April: Jasmin, a baby girl, a first baby for Eggandketchup, 9lb 3oz @ 41+4
17 April: A baby boy for paranoidmumy, 8lb 9oz @ 41+4
17 April: A baby boy, a second son for lorisparkle, 7lb 12.5oz @ 41+6
17 April: Benedict, first baby for LadyBee 9 lb 3oz @ 41 +2
18 April: Millie Grace Jessamy, a baby girl for scorpio1 8lb 9oz @ 41
18 April: Cameron, a second baby for munchkinmum @ 39+5
19 April: Oliver Michael, first baby for bashboid, 7 lb 4 oz at 41 +3
20 April: Samuel, a first baby for Velbels. 8lb15oz at 41+1weeks.
20 April: Angharad Mai, 8lb 4oz, 40+6, first for 7monthsplus
20 April: Emilia, 7lb15oz, a first baby for SuzeM, 40+6
20 April: A baby girl for SushiMama
21 April: Eve, a second baby for OMaLittle, 8lb 4oz @ 39+3
21 April: A second DD for Monmoo
22 April: Sam, a second son for Soph73 @ 40+0
22 April: Molly, a first baby for EllieG, 8lb 8oz? @ 40+5
22 April: Daisy, second baby for AttilaTheHan @ 40 +3
22 April: Zoe Olivia, second daughter for Piccallilli2 7lb 1oz @42+1
22 April: A second DD for blinks.
23 April: Jessica Elizabeth, first baby for BabyBratt @ 40+1 7lb 12oz.
24 April: A baby girl, a second daughter for christmaspixie, 9lb 2oz @ 40+6/41+5
24 April: Miya Jade, baby girl for ShelleySare at 39+4
25 April: Amelie, a first baby for Dondons, 9lb, 41+3 (i think!)
25 April: Aisha, a second baby for Jaq39 7lb 14oz @ 41+4
26 April: Hope Olivia, a second dd for northeastmummy, 7lb 11oz at 41 .
26 April: Gabriel, a third child for Bainmarie @ 41+5
26 April: Eli Michael, a baby boy for LittleMissTurquoise, 7lb 15.5oz @ 40+5
27 April: a baby girl for Ayomi, 6lb 1oz @ 41+0
28 April: Jacob Andrew, a 2nd DS for Kaybeeand2boys, 8lb 4oz @ 41+5
29 April: Thomas Henry, a 2nd DS for TLSM, 7lb 8oz 40+3
30 April: Harry Samuel, a fourth ds for Chipmonkey, 9lb 5oz @ 39+2
30 April: Ellie, a baby girl for Annamama
30 April: A second DD for luckymummy74
01 May: Sophie May, a baby grl for Annieroo, 6lb 5oz @ 41+4
01 May: Euan George, a baby boy for Jenniejennie, 8lb @ 40+4
02 May: Robyn Olivia, a baby girl for soph28, 8lb 1oz @ 42+1
05 May: Nora Martina, a first baby for Eva07, 7lb 8oz @ 41+2
05 May: A baby boy for Beeper, 8lb 10oz @ 41+0
05 May: Gabriella Summer, a first baby for MommyHasAHeadache, 8lb 4oz @ 40+6
06 May: Wilf, 8lb 60z for bigbadmom @ 41+6
07 May: James Andrew, a second ds for Moominsmummy, 8lb 13oz @ 41+5
08 May: Ellie Isabella, a first baby for Carey87, 7 lb 8oz @ 42+1
08 May: Robin David, a 2nd baby for Woollymummy, 8lb 11 oz @ 41+3
09 May: 4 kittens for scorpio's cat!
10 May: Astrid Mary, a second dd for TheShipsCat, 8lb 8oz @ 42+0

I have been hanging about for a few days waiting for the new thread, so I thought I'd get off my ass and make one myself. Happy weekend all, and Happy Mother's Day!


MisSalLaneous Sat 13-Mar-10 13:10:06

That's great, thanks PFJ!

Happy mothers day to you all!

ThePFJ Sat 13-Mar-10 13:43:46

I was told by the hospital today that my pregnancy hormone levels have dropped to just 3. Thats good news, because I can now wait for my cycle to return after the ectopic and ttc again next month....


MisSalLaneous Sat 13-Mar-10 14:59:19

That's good news, I'm glad for you.

ThePFJ Sun 14-Mar-10 10:01:35

I put some extra cure pictures of my little Jack on my profile... poor kid is being slobbered and drooled over by me since the whole ectopic thing. I got some sympathy cards last night and I feel a bit set back.

Also feel that I have sweet friends though...

Happy Mother's Day xx

LadyBee Sun 14-Mar-10 14:40:23

That is sweet, and here, have some more mini-eggs from me <<shoulder squeeze>>

Happy Mothering Sunday to all! We have just got back from a lovely picnic in a park we'd driven by several times but never been to. It's enormous - far larger than we thought and with a lovely historic house, lake, gardens, and large playground. B ran to his heart's content and scrambled up and down slides, he's now asleep and I think will stay like that for a couple of hours gringrin

He had made a lovely card with his childminder which made me cry to see it (I'm a wuss), and DH bought me some very delicious Charbonnel & Walker chocolates. nom nom nom.

Hi everyone!

Jack is VERY cute, PFJ, and so sorry to hear your news. Good to hear you can start TTC next month though, it sounds like that's what you'd like to do.

I've had lots of 'so when is George getting a baby brother or sister' comments lately. and I admit I'm very very broody again. I've got myself referred to the pre-conception clinic, started taking ultra strength folic acid and stopped taking my statins (all diabetes related stuff), and am now trying to convince DH that now is the right time when I get the go-ahead from the docs. I joined weight watchers a couple of weeks ago too, to help to get my blood sugars straight, and I've lost 6.5lbs in 2 weeks. I'm really struggling with not falling into just eating when I'm bored.

DH took the day off work tomorrow, a couple of weeks ago, so that we can go to Chester oo. Now it looks like I'll be spending most of the day hanging round the hospital waiting to see a sugeon, to see if the skin abscess I've developed on my tummy (one of the places I do my insulin jabs) needs draining. I kind of hope so because 2 lots of antibiotics haven't touched it, and it REALLY hurts! At least DH will be around to have George, I'd be a bit stuck otherwise.

I've had a nice lazy mothers day, with several cards (most made with me at various mums & tots groups!) and a bottle of perfume. G is out in the garden with DH now, and the sun is streaming through our bedroom window so I've opened the window and got back into bed to do some MNing. i haven't changed a single nappy all day either, which is a lovely treat!!

And grin grin grin congrats to LadyBee!

Oh, and it's George's 2nd birthday next Sunday, where have the past 2 years gone?????

LadyBee Sun 14-Mar-10 15:55:29

Ooh Knitter, hello! I've been wanting to see you back so I could show off you my very first knitting project (I'm so proud!). I had to do the arms several times firstly because of various yarn mishaps and then it turned out the pattern seemed to missing a few inches in arm-length, but now it's done I'm hooked.

Now....where did I put that photo? Oh darn, it's on DH's phone. Oh well, will put it up on profile tonight sometime.

LadyBee Sun 14-Mar-10 16:04:58

oooh, just read the rest of your post (was a bit too excited to tell you about my project blush - thanks! and that's very cool about you getting ready to ttc (hopefully) too, good luck!
Abscess sounds painful, I hope you can get it sorted tomorrow though, while your DH is looking after G - would he take him to the zoo anyway? Sounds like nice boys day out!

I've been trying to encourage DH to start taking B on days out by himself - partly so I can get some time to myself but also because when I started thinking about ttc no.2 I wanted there to already be a pattern of dad spending one-to-one time with B so that it can continue when no.2 arrives and it won't feel too disruptive. That's my theory anyway.

I think seeing the list of baby dates, our stats and their weights made it all come rushing back for me. Can't believe how fast it all goes. But last year just whizzed by. It does freak me out thinking about that when I start to think what could will happen this year shock

LadyBee Sun 14-Mar-10 16:06:08

god, I sound like upsydaisy. Must stop 'ooohh'-ing. grinblush

It'll be George's first trip to the zoo, so I really want to go too!

Can't wait to see your knitting, well done! I think it's all the more satisfying when you've had a few problems along the way, as it means you've figured new stuff out to get it finished, IYSWIM?

Scorps Sun 14-Mar-10 16:33:33

Ahh bless you all ttc-ing etc my baby shop is SHUT forever and ever and ever. Oh, and ever!

I got cards and presents today too. I'm doing ok, had a wobble yesterday but ok today. I'm aware time is moving on and that he will want sex/a gf soon. I don't know how to deal with that - as you all know I very much enjoyed him in that way and I used to feel he was the most beautiful man I had ever seen. It's not nessecarily the physical act - maybe just that he will like her more than me iyswim? A bloke I kinda know has shown an interest but I'm not ready. I don't know why, but it doesn't feel like that time for me yet. I hope I get over that one day though!

Can I request a summer meet up? I so enjoyed last year's one, and if we organised a date at least, it would give those of us who would need to organise trains etc, plenty of time to get cheap tickets?

Scorps Sun 14-Mar-10 18:41:07

Yes, that be fun, will have to consider travel/place to stay and amount of dc to bring grin

grin yay!

ThePFJ Sun 14-Mar-10 19:06:30

I would love to meet you lot tell me tell me where!!

ThePFJ Sun 14-Mar-10 19:12:04

Oh Knitter... poor you with the abcess I know ALL about how painful they can be. Just a feather brush against them can make you want to scream. You have my complete and UTTER sympathy. Hugs and mini eggs for you!!

I hope they're weight watchers friendly mini-eggs PFJ, cos there's nothing I'd like more right now than to scoff a dustbin full!

ThePFJ Sun 14-Mar-10 20:21:37

Erm... these are -3 calories an egg, so you actually LOSE weight while eating them. Honest. No, really. Really. Would I LIE to you? HONESTLY. No, no, really really....it's TRUE I tell you, TRUE!!!

~Mwarr slobber drool slobber munchmunchmunch~

~Evil grin~



Denny185 Sun 14-Mar-10 22:00:07

Happy mothers day all.

PFJ so sorry to hear your news, make sure you get lots of TLC and fingers crossed for when you decide to start TTC again.

By sounds of it this could become a TTC thread rather than post natal wink

Ouch to that abcess knitter it sounds horrid. Can I request that the next meet up not be the week of the 23rd Aug as Id really like to come this time <<selfish cow emotion>>

Sal DS has toddler dia------- (can never bloody spell it!, much easier in medical notes you just do a dia and then a wavy line smile) He had loads of investigations for allergies and intolerances and thankfully they all came back clear. We were told he would grow out of it eventually, generally it's not a problem we have all got used to him needing the toilet about a third of the way through any meal. I was very glad to potty train him as I was sick to death of changing sloppy nappies.

DD1 and I are going to be bridesmaids grin I wonder if they do floral arrangements for zimmer frames?????

LadyBee Sun 14-Mar-10 22:40:59

I've put my knitting on the profile, along with a photo of DS from our picnic today. The jersey looks a bit deformed, but it actually fits DS really well and the colours are lovely for him.

Another meet-up would be lovely - what a good idea!

LadyBee, that's gorgeous! Sooo.... what's next on the needles?! grin

SuperSoph73 Mon 15-Mar-10 14:48:21

Hey there! I'd love to meet up but unfortunately because this is the first trip back to the UK as a family we'll be rushed off our feet. And we're only around for a couple of weeks ... would have been nice though <<pouts>>

We don't have the diarrohea problem in our house we have projectile vomiting instead Sam has tablets to take to stop the vomiting thankfully but I stupidly forgot to take them out with me yesterday when I took the kids to a friends for lunch so poor littl'un spent all afternoon vomiting over everyone and everything blush

Sounds like you all had nice Mothers Days. It's not mothers day here until May, but Fathers Day is the 19th so better get started with making DH's cards!

BTW I can't see anyone's profile so how do I look at all your new pics?

MisSalLaneous Mon 15-Mar-10 18:07:15

Hey you greedy lot, scoffing mini-eggs as soon as I turn my back?! Sounds like great Mother's Days all around. Here quiet - got breakfast in bed, went to the park with R and dh, and as little as possible else. R made a little heart fridge magnet at nursery and a card, which I thought was very lovely.

Scorps, I'm so sorry, but this made me laugh "as you all know I very much enjoyed him in that way". grin

PFJ, Jack is adorable! Love your pics.

How did hospital go, Knitter? Hope you ended up having a nice day in the end and that you'll feel better soon.

Hmm, meet up? I'd LOVE to! (Even if that Soph ditches us. <<shakes head in disbelief>> wink )

Denny, thanks for your reassurance re toddler dia--- (can never spell it either) - I've wondered whether I should hold off on potty training because of it, but if it didn't actually make your life that much harder, I'd love to be rid of those nappies! Weirdly enough, R's nappies better now. Only things I've changed is more fats, less sugars (fruit), more fibre (that's the advice I found on googling), so not sure if it's just coincidence. Either way, I'm not complaining!

Soph, that's a hard one, poor Sam (and you). Any chance of outgrowing it soon?

Ooh, and Ladybee, I'm really impressed. Good grief, I can't believe that's your first attempt at knitting. I've considered doing something, but was thinking more in the lines of a plain rectangular blanket!

Scorps Mon 15-Mar-10 19:47:12

Sal - grin it's going to grow over, I swear grin. Not ready for that yet anyway.

Had a nice day; went in town and park with my homestart lady. Dad came up and played with the dcs and I got lovely stir fry from the butchers. Weather wa lush today. Tomorrow is toddlers then meeting a friend for lunch

I'm doing ok, slow and steady wins the race.

Scorps Mon 15-Mar-10 19:49:39

Also I have discovered mini egg dessert things - chic yoghurt stuff and about 6 mini eggs in the other compartment!

LadyBee Mon 15-Mar-10 20:06:40

well, I knew how to do the stitches but had never done anything like increasing/decreasing to shape and had to do something called 'picking up' stitches for the neckband. But I knew that I'd lose motivation if I didn't try to make something that I actually wanted B to have.

Next up are mittens but I think I might have left it a bit late - by the time I've finished two it'll probably be too warm to wear them.

I did venture on a knitting website and nearly wet myself when i saw this sheep costume. I am soooo going to make it for B one day (when I'm much much better). Even if he never participates in a nativity.

Sal, did you ever go see the Teddies nursery? I'm starting to think about getting B in for 1 or 2 sessions a week somewhere before he hits three. I only just found the park (with cafe) close to it and had no idea there was a nursery close by. If you did, did you like it? and do you remember how much it was?

LadyBee Mon 15-Mar-10 20:08:35

mini egg dessert things?? I can't decide whether that just sounds too wrong or whether I might want to hunt one down and try it hmm

MisSalLaneous Mon 15-Mar-10 20:36:40

Lol Scorps!

Ladybee, yes, R's actually still going there once a week. It's £277 pm for the one day. Expensive, but he likes it. Send me an e-mail to salenslin@yahoo.com (sorry, I'm not currently subscribed to CAT on here), and I'll give you some more info.

Ugh... what a day...

Ended up spending the morning/early afternoon in hospital, having the abscess drained. Normally they do it under general anaesthetic, but did mine with local. It. Hurt. And still does. The doc said that I had a very high pain threshold though, so something to be proud of... or something?!

The painkillers they gave me to bring home make me feel very spaced out, so I won't be able to take them tomorrow while I'm on my own with G. Have to go to see district nurse tomorrow though to get it re-packed (blee) & re dressed, so will ask for something different.

Woe is me, etc etc etc!

MisSalLaneous Mon 15-Mar-10 20:55:11

Sounds horrid. Poor you. sad Take as much as allowed now so that you at least get a proper night's sleep. x

LadyBee Mon 15-Mar-10 21:55:08

oof Knitter, that does sound rough. Dr must have been impressed, don't they normally say 'this might be a little uncomfortable' for excruciating treatments?

Good luck with it all tomorrow.

Sal, have mailed you.

MisSalLaneous Mon 15-Mar-10 22:41:28

Thanks Ladybee, have just sent you a long, rambling e-mail. Apologies in advance!

SuperSoph73 Tue 16-Mar-10 13:06:19

Thanks Sal - now I feel really bad wink S'cuse me people but how can I see your pics I've got no little profile thingamejig that I used to have and I need to see your new piccies!!

MisSalLaneous Tue 16-Mar-10 13:11:13

And so you should! grin <<works on master plan to guilt trip Soph into joining us>>

Re pics... Hmm, I don't know, I just click on someone's name, then on "pictures" at the bottom of the screen. Mine doesn't currently work as I've changed my profile to not being public. Heaven knows why, as I stick links to my personal photo's on here all the time... Anyway, that's how I saw Ladybee and PFJ's pics.

MisSalLaneous Tue 16-Mar-10 13:39:02

I've just made my profile public again. Mind you, it's just as boring as before and I'm trying to stay out of MN fights at the moment, so don't think anyone would actually care!

SuperSoph73 Tue 16-Mar-10 14:50:41

Thanks *Sal. Unfortunately, no matter how guilty you make me feel I still wouldn't be able to physically fit in a meet-up, so there! <<sticks out tongue in petulant manner & goes off for a sob>>

I'm getting a migraine. I can barely see out of my left eye & I can feel the pain building in my head. And I've got a library full of pain in the arse adobrable Year 12 & 13.

MisSalLaneous Tue 16-Mar-10 15:32:56

Oh okayyyyyy then, if you're going to be all nice about it (ignoring the soppy tongue for a minute there wink ), I'll admit that, were I in your shoes, it wouldn't have been practical for me either. Would it help if I'll admit we'll miss you loads and might use that as an excuse to drink a cocktail on you ?

Any chance you could drink something immediately to stop migraine hitting you full out? Going home immediately? Hope you're ok.

SuperSoph73 Tue 16-Mar-10 16:01:37

Yes Sal that would help hugely! Unfortunately I can't go home as I'd have to come back again to pick up DH & DS1 & I don't think driving in this condition would be advisable LOL. I can see again now though so that's something. It's just the pain is kicking in like a good'un <<ouch, sob, feels sorry for self>>.

SuperSoph73 Tue 16-Mar-10 16:11:14

Have put 3 new photos on my profile. Please have a look if you get a mo

MisSalLaneous Tue 16-Mar-10 16:16:32

Aww Soph, your children are beautiful! I love the one with the two of them at the swing, they look so happy!

SuperSoph73 Tue 16-Mar-10 16:40:20

Thanks Sal .... we think so (in our completely unbiased opinion of course!)

Am going to get ready to go now.

See you tomorrow xxxxx

MisSalLaneous Tue 16-Mar-10 16:53:29

Night! Hope you feel better tomorrow.

Completely agree with Sal, gorgeous boys! And I can see that George has a rival in the 'cheeky face' stakes with Sam!

EllieG Wed 17-Mar-10 10:33:47

Hey ladies! Long time no speak!

Work 'puter wouldn't let me on and home one was broken so no MNing for me boo.

How's tricks?

EllieG Wed 17-Mar-10 10:35:03

OOOOO! It let me post because it was a new thread and the work firewall didn't recognise it!


Molly is fine btw - proper little girl now - can't believe they are all going to be turning two soon!

MisSalLaneous Wed 17-Mar-10 10:44:32

Whoooo hooooo, hello Ellie!!! grin grin grin Ellie vs IT 1 - 0

All good here. No dates yet, but we're thinking of a summer meet up again. I've already started wondering how we'll gather all the lost sheep again to force attendance, but glad to see you came willingly. wink

I'm going to paint the bathroom white again today. My red phase is over (romantic look somewhat spoiled by the frogs and ducks that's taken over since Master's arrival...) Exciting life I lead, I tell 'ya!

Ellie!!!!!! Hello!!! grin

I was going to text you at the weekend, if we hadn't heard from you! Must be psychic or something...

I think we'll be able to 'round up some strays' via FB maybe, I know I'm friends with at least a couple of people that haven't posted for a while, I've been thinking about that too!

I hurt. Ouch.

And did I mention that it's George's bday on Sunday? grin

EllieG Wed 17-Mar-10 11:02:01

Yey for George! I was thinking about him the other day, he's one of the first isn't he?

It's all going so fast....

Why do you hurt knitter - is it your painful sounding draining of abcesses?

Molly did a wee in the potty last night. I was ridiculously proud, and then she wee'd all over the floor, so that served me right. I can't be bothered to do potty training properly now anyway, am just leaving it out sometimes for her to have a go.

Nice bedroom scheme sal - I am doing mine this weekend (maybe - it's been planned for several weekends) in a sort of very pale apple white is called, so just a hint of green. All my clothes are still in cardboard boxes as I need cabinets but have no money after the house purchase to buy them yet! Oops.

I am coming over to London in May with Molly for a few days so if anyone is around then might be nice to meet at the park or something?

MisSalLaneous Wed 17-Mar-10 11:03:03

Knitter, we can gang up on them, no getting out!

Ouch for you. Can you take something less strong to just take the edge off today?

Oh, and what are you doing for George's birthday? Anything exciting?

Right, May it is then!!!! Do you know what days you'll be there, yet?

I've taken co-codamol but it doesn't stop the stinging. I have to go every day to have it re-packed (ugh, it's gross) and it's been more stingy since I had it done yesterday afternoon.

We're having lunch out, just at Ask pizza, with all grandparents & aunties, then back to ours for birthday cake. I couldn't decide what cake to make, so I asked G what he'd like. Have asked him several times now and the answer is always the same - 'Ham cake'. Mmm, yummy. So actually I've just got a load of sprinkles, sweets etc and he can decorate the cake himself on Sunday morning. He'll enjoy that!

MisSalLaneous Wed 17-Mar-10 11:21:32

Ooh yes, would love to catch up when you're here, Ellie. Mondays and Tuesdays best with me, but not too fussed, so I'll fit around you guys. Uhm, girls, I mean.

Knitter, birthday sounds lovely. Hahaha at Ham Cake though. Maybe he just wants a sandwich and Evil Mummy is forcing the poor child to consume refined sugar... wink

I was terribly disappointed when, on R's first birthday, I geared myself up in advance, deciding that I'd give him a bite of chocolate cake as it's his birthday after all (he wasn't allowed sugar before then - hmm, except when he stole a choc chip cookie, but maybe that was after?? mind's gone). Anyway, I offered the cake. No. Way. At. All. He was only happy when he got a piece of apple! grin Those days are sadly long gone now. Bad mummy.

MisSalLaneous Wed 17-Mar-10 11:25:54

Wow, way to go, Mollie!!! I have a little giggle when I hear of all the puddles those first couple of days/weeks. It's like training a puppy! grin

With R's tummy thing of the other day I haven't actually started yet, but have potties scattered all over too. I'm an interior decorator's worst nightmare...

Oh, and Ellie, your bedroom sounds lovely and peaceful. If I was nearer, I'd come and help you paint. I just love painting walls. Really relaxes me. It's probably all those fumes, mind you.

Would a weekend meet up be better? If You're in London over a weekend anyway... Probably more people would be able to make it, lots are at work.

EllieG Wed 17-Mar-10 11:43:09

I am over 20th to 23rd of May, which is thurs to sunday. Not sure what my sis has planned so will have to check with her as I think she has it planned out like a military operation! She may change her mind once she realises the babe won't comply!

M is very definite about what she likes now - if she doesn't like something it will be 'NO Mummy 'way!' (away) which is a little bit rude I think but makes me laugh so I am holding off on instigating better manners until it becomes less cute wink

Loving the 'ham cake' - what about cake in the shape of a pig? Fulfils the criteria and also is valuable lesson about the food chain.

God, must go do some work or will get sacked.

I'll be working on the 20th and 21st, but free over the weekend...

I had been thinking about making ham/pig shaped cake, but to be honest I can't really be bothered so he can decorate his own cake and I'll go all out next year!

SuperSoph73 Wed 17-Mar-10 11:54:23

Morning all! Hey Ellie great to see you My migraine's gone now thank goodness. Have a "headache" of a different sort now though .... was back at the docs again with Sam this morning because of the vomiting. Am now waiting for a hospital appointment so they can check his digestive system to make sure there isn't anything nasty lurking in there! Hey ho, what joy.

Oo, oo, oo, had a brilliant thought last night. When we're in the UK we always have an open house day with BBQ, etc so that anyone who wants to see us & the boys can (also means we don't have to traipse round loads of houses ... lazy arse emoticon!) So I was thinking if any of you are in or around Horsham while we're there you could pop in. There are direct trains from London if anyone's interested <<bats eyelids, proffers choccie>>

And Sal - went to Lidl's last week and it was just as I feared. Tat, tat & more tat. None of the nice things you were talking about - I knew it was too good to be true angry

SuperSoph73 Wed 17-Mar-10 16:40:00

Am really Thought Sam was doing well today as hadn't heard anything from nursery. Got a call about half an hour ago to say he's been vomiting since having his lunch. How on earth is his chest, etc going to clear if he can't keep anything down, which means the antibiotics aren't staying down? I'm at a complete loss now as to what to do. Am going to stay at home with him tomorrow to see if we can persuade his tummy to keep something in. Buggerations

MisSalLaneous Wed 17-Mar-10 19:48:24

sad Soph. Poor little mite. Have nothing but sympathies to add. Hope things improve soon for Sam.

Oh, and what a disgrace re Lidl. Caramel wafers is the only thing that justifies their existence. :D

Ellie, Knitter, I'm good for weekend, so let's wait and see if Ellie's sis will share her with us.

And Soph, get you with your Open House. grin Sounds lovely, I'll try to come over, would love to meet you irl.

LadyBee Wed 17-Mar-10 21:00:47

evening - Sal thanks so much for all the info, sorry no reply yet I'm suffering quite badly from nausea and tiredness in the evenings so am retreating to bed fairly early these days.

Poor Sam...must be very worrying Soph, I hope whatever it is eases soon.

I can do a May meet-up, would be best on a weekend for me if possible but actually would be happy to take time off if I need to. And I promise not to run away early this time grin

Soph I normally do an open house when I go back to NZ, it's the only sensible way! Now are you sure you really want all us rabble to turn up to to it though?

mmmm....ham cake. grin

Hi Ellie! Well done Molly for potty wee smile. B completely refuses to even sit on his potty. I think I'm just going to put it away. I think he might accept sitting on a childseat on the toilet if I got one. Can't be arsed though. Plenty of time.

MisSalLaneous Wed 17-Mar-10 21:11:43

My pleasure, Ladybee. Don't worry, I need half an excuse to start rambling on, so quite enjoy this opportunity. You'd now need to change your e-mail address to get rid of me...

Re meetup - well, if R is as busy this time as last, I might need to run away early this time! All the other children were so well behaved, but my little monster? Oh no no no. That'll be too easy on Mummy, you see.

Scorps Thu 18-Mar-10 12:30:05

I'm so tired. I am finding it hard today. I want someone to share life with, love, just share with. No ones ever gonna like me or settle down with me. I'm stuck in every night. I miss cuddles and kisses and sex; but I only want those in a relationship and no one will want one with me - or they will and will just dump me again because I'm not enough. I'm never gonna be right for someone, 4 of someone elses kids.

MisSalLaneous Thu 18-Mar-10 12:56:25

Nonsense. You are lovely.

Do something nice. Hug your dad, kiss your babies, paint your toes red.

Tomorrow will be better. xxx

I was thinking of you earlier, btw, not sure why.

Scorps Thu 18-Mar-10 13:15:12

My Dad has gone away and my mums busy sorting him out to go iyswim

I do kinda know this is because I'm tired. The baby cuddles aren't helping today. And I have to see him today as it's his day to see them - just when I would welcome the distractions of tea and bathing them - it will be quiet instead.

I feel like crying and sleeping. I feel so shit about myself, ugly, worthless to men, like that was all I'm going to get in my lifetime.

MyMamaToldMe Thu 18-Mar-10 14:13:44

Grr - I just posted a LONG message and it disappeared! Don't have time now to rethink and rewrite everything, but thought I would just say hi to you all - sorry I haven't been on for so long! Will try catch up again sooon!

MisSalLaneous Thu 18-Mar-10 14:28:34

Hello mmtm! Great to have you back!

Scorps, am sorry today sucks so much. Knowing tiredness makes it worse is good in one sense, as it will pass. I could never sleep in the day, but any chance you could have a long bath as soon as kids gone, a cry if you feel like it, then get in bed under duvet for a nap? It might help a tiny bit? I wanted to suggest going to a friend's, but if you're so tired, this might be nicer.

Scorps Thu 18-Mar-10 14:53:35

Lacey is still here later, she won't take a bottle at all so I can have a break.

MisSalLaneous Thu 18-Mar-10 15:07:56

Well, I can't make it better, but know I'm thinking of you. And try not to say to yourself that you're ugly and worthless. First, because it's not true, and secondly, because it won't make you feel better. Instead, say "I'm down, but I know I'm beautiful and kind and intelligent, and I appreciate myself for that". You don't have to believe it, just keep saying it to yourself. Write it on a card and read it if needs be. It'll stick eventually. Don't say the negative things, even if you think it.

LadyBee Fri 19-Mar-10 22:37:31

Hi Scorps, hope you had a better day today.

Poor me, I'm feeling all 'glandy', sore throatish. I'd really like not to get another cold. I'm going to try to spend this weekend being really lazy and not worrying whether Babybee ends up watching lots of tv. If I can't persuade DH to take him out, he'll just get an overdose of Peppa Pig. grin

MisSalLaneous Fri 19-Mar-10 23:05:58

Poor you indeed. Maybe weekend in bed will nip this in the bud. Weather is going to be rubbish anyway, so Babybee might as well veg out for once, one day won't do him any harm. I do same with R when I'm ill, and to be honest, sometimes its good for him too to just do nothing for a bit.

On other news, I've seen a part-time role advertised that would fit in perfectly with R's increased nursery days, so I've applied and I've got an interview on Monday. I'm ridiculously nervous. Will spend the weekend reading up on tax and accounting laws in preparation... It's a 3 day role, so ideal.

chipmonkey Fri 19-Mar-10 23:53:03

Scorps, my darling, if you are ugly and worthless, the rest of us might as well just go out and shoot ourselves right now!
You will meet somebody but you aren't ready yet and you have loads of time. The bottle-refusing is a pain, isn't it. Ds3 wouldn't take a bottle at all and it nearly did my head in. Mind you, when he was left alone with my Mum for the day, he suddenly decided bottles weren't so bad and drank four of them, would your Mum have the patience to try that?

Diarrhoea Is Awful Really Runny Hurry Or Else Accident
should help with the spelling!grin

PFJ ttc next month sounds good! Will there be a new wave of little brothers or sisters in 9 months, looks like it!grin

Soph, hope poor Sam gets better soon. I hate that, when you're trying to get medicine into them and they keep throwing it back up again!

Where's Peachy. Off fighting with daftpunk again?grin

Booked a holiday! We weren't sure about dh's job so held off this year but have decided on Centerparcs in Whinfell Forest. Will be getting the ferry to Liverpool and driving there. Made the mistake of telling ds3 who can't get his head around 105 sleeps before we go on the blue boat!

Denny185 Sun 21-Mar-10 19:41:59

Thanks chipmonkey, will try and remember that next time I need to spell diarrhoea.

Hope your feeling better now scorps.


DD2 was bathed and put to bed at 5.30 tonight, she has been a real miserable shite all afternoon. I have a bruise over my eye where she got herself in a paddy and decided to whack me over the head with a toy broom, thankfully it was me sitting on the floor and not one of the other DC.

Need to check with DH but think I should be able to come down on that Sat in May.

MisSalLaneous Sun 21-Mar-10 20:24:38

Ooh Denny, would be great to meet you eventually! Fingers crossed.

Happy birthday, George!

I'm so nervous about tomorrow's interview. Not helped by the fact that I've eaten too many chocolates and my suits doesn't fit properly. blush

chipmonkey Sun 21-Mar-10 23:04:46

Breathe in Sal, the suit will fit!grin

Denny, you are a mother of small children, you will need to spell diarrhoea many, many times!wink
Ow, your dd2's broom assault sounds sore! You'll be needing a glass of wine to put that right!

SuperSoph73 Mon 22-Mar-10 13:13:50

Hey all. Sal <<whispers - not my house>> Would be great to see you IRL. LadyBee - it would be great to have you rabble running round .... should really check with me mum first though hmm

Well, was at home with Sam on Thurs & Fri & he managed to keep everything down. His skin was on fire though, you could have fried eggs on his face shock, but the weird thing was that he didn't have a temperature. Anyhoo, like I say - 2 days & all his food down. Then on Sat lunch came straight back up again, yesterday everything stayed down!!! However, I think I know what it is. Thurs & Fri there was just the 2 of us in the house & we were just completely chilled out - no excitement, nothing. Saturday, with all of us in the house, which means more noise, more stuff to get excited about he throws up. So I think that the throwing up is actually caused by the simple fact that he's over-stimulated.

Did that make any sense at all? confused

Oh & Happy Belated Birthday to George

MisSalLaneous Mon 22-Mar-10 13:43:23

Well chipmonkey, I got in suit, but only with the help of very very very magic knickers. grin Will hear re interview tomorrow - I hope I get it, as I got on really well with the guy interviewing me. It's rather difficult applying for part-time roles - I keep coming across the "why would you want to do a more junior role" question. I understand the fear (that someone might get bored and leave after a month), but just for once I'd like a job where I don't have to work all hours and have a near nervous breakdown every second week, where I can come home in a cheerful mood and play with R, and where I can have days "off" with him... Hey ho, will see how it goes.

Soph - noooooo, you need to tell everyone that this is your "English house - for summer here, you know". Hide your mom in the broom cupboard if needs be.

Re little Sam - poor thing. It is good that you've identified what makes him feel so ill, and I hope you find a way to help him relax / calm down soon.

Scorps, are you around? How are you feeling?

ThePFJ Mon 22-Mar-10 14:28:13

Hello everyone,

An August meet up sounds great. Would love to come, I'll know nearer the time if I can definately come or not. Depends where it will be more than anything else.

Still very sore from my ectopic, stitches are being horrible again today. I forgot just how long those bloody things take to go away and dissolve!!!

How is everyone? Are we all stocked up on mini-eggs yet?


SuperSoph73 Mon 22-Mar-10 14:39:27

Of course dahlink, that's what I meant ... ones mater is only there to polish the silver wink

Fingers crossed for the job

PFJ - please don't mention mini eggs as I absolutely luuurrrvvve them & guess what ... you can't get them here, aaarrgghhhh!!

MisSalLaneous Mon 22-Mar-10 14:47:16

Thanks Soph.

Oh dear PFJ, hope it gets better soon.

Hmm, mini-eggs... Well, I had some. I don't any more. See previous post of ill-fitting suits. grin

ThePFJ Mon 22-Mar-10 14:49:48


SuperSoph73 Mon 22-Mar-10 15:16:45

Sorry PFJ forgot to say sorry to hear you're feeling a bit sore. Hope it heals up soon.

It's the last week of term - yay Which also means that I get to go home at 3.35pm every day this week (depending on DH). Unfortunately for DH it's Parent's Evening tonight until 7pm. Luckily for me and DS1 a colleague of mine is staying till 3.35pm and she's going to drop us home - yay If she hadn't I would have had to put the pushchair on the school bus, get off at the next town along from our village, get a taxi to the village, pick Sam up from nursery, then walk home ... really didn't fancy that one

Oh & we also can't get creme eggs here either .... am really pouting now

MisSalLaneous Mon 22-Mar-10 15:28:49

Soph, do you really think all that sunshine is worth no eggs??? shock wink Mind you, creme eggs are sickeningly sweet, so perhaps sunshine better after all...

SuperSoph73 Mon 22-Mar-10 15:31:41

Difficult call that one Sal wink However, as the weather is being quite nice at the mo I suppose I could agree with that at the moment.

Anyway, getting ready to go now - yippee. See y'all tomorrow

ThePFJ Mon 22-Mar-10 15:42:36

Creme Eggs are sickly sweet... I normally have to break the top off 'em, slowly dig out the fondant and then later eat the chocolate shell bit by bit. People writhe with agony watching how long it takes me to eat one, especially when they themselves wolfed theirs down in seconds flat!

Could do with some sunshine over here Soph, you should share some out over here and we'll send you mini-eggs!!

chipmonkey Mon 22-Mar-10 15:45:43

Oh dear, Soph, I was completely unaware that you had such a deprived life!wink

Not feeling v. well. Decided I was drinking too much coffee so went off it cold turkey. Cue splitting headache this morning. For which I drank 3 cups of coffee in quick succession which made it better for a while but now it is worse again. I do this every time! Why don't I learn?

Fingers crossed you get the job, Sal!

Poor PFJ. Hope your stitches heal soon, it sounds very sore!sad

MisSalLaneous Mon 22-Mar-10 16:09:57

Hahahaha chipmonkey! Coffee addiction is evil (says she who drinks at least 5 - on a good day!) About once a year I go cold turkey. Try from a Thursday night. You'll feel rubbish by Friday night, ready to kill someone (possibly by falling asleep on them) by Saturday, and starting to feel good by Sunday. You'll be fine and actually feel better from Monday. 3 day rule.

For some stupid, stupid reason, I normally start drinking it in vast quantities after a month though.

Oh yes, and when you go off, you need to replace it with something strong tasting but hot - won't help with the caffeine withdrawal, but does with the habit. I find fresh mint tea with a bit of sugar works the best.

ThePFJ Mon 22-Mar-10 16:20:17

I hate coffee.

I do however have a large store of caffiene pills that keep me going though most days!!!

If I don't have any... I buy cadburys hot chocolate and put squirty whipped cream on the top. Yummy.

chipmonkey Mon 22-Mar-10 17:41:57

Now, you see, Sal fresh mint tea was going to be my coffee replacment but now PFJ has given me that idea for hot chocolate with whipped cream which sounds way more appealing!
Don't think it will fit in with my Weightwatchers plan though. I am bursting out of my clothes but I refuse to go up a size, it is going to be a downward spiral all the way, I am determined!

SuperSoph73 Tue 23-Mar-10 09:21:37


Exactly chipmonkey it's a strain living here, don't ya know. No-one appreciates how much I have to suffer, but I'll struggle through wink How are you feeling today?

PFJ - I'll definately send you some sunshine if you're going to send out eggs, but I'd have to sit far far away from you if you're going to eat them that slow

I'm now going to go & print off my own birthday card for the boys to sign as my DH won't even have thought about it <<sigh>>

EllieG Tue 23-Mar-10 14:22:06

Wotcha people!

Sorry I dissappeared again - just as I had sorted the work 'puter Molly got chicken pox, so am at home. Have rigged up home computer so that if I don't move too much I can use it, so no one breathe....

Otherwise, all a OK - crappy few days as Mol really poorly but she is better today - asked her what she wanted to eat and she said 'Chocolate cake Mummy!' so think she's on the mend! She's clearly a chip off the old block, am so proud grin

soph - how is Sam today?

knitter - HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO GEORGE! Sorry is belated - did he have a nice time?

scorps - you are lovely and not worthless at all. How are you feeling now?

EllieG Tue 23-Mar-10 14:25:26

I had a dodgy dream about Justin Fletcher last night. Not, thankfully while he was dressed up as Mr Tumble, but still is concerning.

SuperSoph73 Tue 23-Mar-10 14:37:50

Oh Ellie, you've just made me burst out laughing .... fortunately there is only 1 student in here this afternoon Poor Molly though, hope she feels better soon.

Sam was OK yesterday, didn't bring anything up at all. He just doesn't seem to be able to shift the phlegm (sp?) off his chest though. Back to the docs tomorrow as she wants to see him again to check how he's doing. Fingers crossed & all that.

EllieG Tue 23-Mar-10 14:46:33

Poor little man, hope it clears soon. Can he take anything to loosen it a bit?

Have just spent 20 mins googling Justin Fletcher to see if he is married. I am SO SAD.

Am off to go do some housework while Mol finishes her nap in effort to make myself feel less pathetic.

SuperSoph73 Tue 23-Mar-10 15:27:47

Unfortunately we have been through everything to try and shift it and nothing seems to be working. I just don't want him to end up in hospital again with pneumonia ..... <<chants: must have positive thoughts over and over again>>

Anyway, hope your housework's going smoothly LOL. Am off to tidy up now & go home.


MisSalLaneous Tue 23-Mar-10 15:47:44

Nooooo Ellie, noooooo! That's just wrong. He's Mr Tumble. shock

Poor Mol and Sam. Hoping for your and their sakes it gets better soon.

Soph, you're prob doing it anyway with the physio, but in case not, would "cupping" ("hitting" him on the back with your hands cupped) help? You don't have to do it hard, and with R it's sometimes the only thing that helps the phlegm shift. Mind you, he then often vomits, but at least improves once everything out, and it stops it from developing into full blown bronchiolitis again.

Ooh, and I just heard I got the job! grin grin grin I start next week! Whoo hoooo. Mondays and Tuesdays at home, and office (but normal hours - 9 to 5 only) Wed to Fri.

ThePFJ Tue 23-Mar-10 16:42:58

Congrats MisSalLaneous!!

Ellie - Mr tumble???!! Nooooooooooooooooo
I dreamt I woke up next to Michael Keaten in bed the other night.... hmm

SuperSoph - Happy Birthday... shame we often end up doing our own bday cards isnt it? But I end up doing stuff like that too....

MisSalLaneous Tue 23-Mar-10 17:34:47

Soph, sorry, is it your birthday today? Happy birthday! Sorry, have been so self-involved these last couple of days. blush

Thanks PFJ. And call me Sal, else I get nervous and wait for the telling off to follow, lol. grin

ThePFJ Tue 23-Mar-10 21:50:36

Ok Sal

ThePFJ Tue 23-Mar-10 21:52:03

I get dead nervous when people call me by my actual name rather than my nickname, it means I am getting a telling off OR something deadly serious has just happened. Makes my bladder tingle everytime!

MisSalLaneous Tue 23-Mar-10 22:01:43

Lol, yes, especially if it's followed by my surname - that's normally time to panic! grin

chipmonkey Tue 23-Mar-10 23:04:08

Happy Birthday Soph!!!

woohoo about the job, Sal!!!grinyou should be able to afford a bigger suit now!<<<<ducks>>>>

MisSalLaneous Wed 24-Mar-10 09:25:40

Hahahaha chipmonkey! Well yes, indeed. <<scoffs another hot cross bun for breakfast>>

SuperSoph73 Wed 24-Mar-10 10:29:52

Morning all. I feel really bad now as you all congratulated me on my birthday. It's actually not until Sunday, but knew I had to get on and do the card yesterday otherwise I wouldn't get one at all blush

Congrats Sal on the job & I'm sorry but I did have to LOL at chipmonkeys being able to afford a bigger suit <<runs & hides>>.

I can't stand it when someone says Sooophie in a really deep, long drawn out sort of way cos then I know I'm usually in trouble. DS1 also knows he's in trouble if we actually call him by his first & last name

MisSalLaneous Wed 24-Mar-10 11:17:58

Ah well Soph, use this as an excuse to have extended birthday celebrations!!! grin

ThePFJ Wed 24-Mar-10 11:34:39

If you like we can wish you Happy Birthday everyday until Sunday and THEN not say anything!! grin grin grin

SuperSoph73 Wed 24-Mar-10 11:57:21

LOL at PFJ. Actually from Friday I won't be around for a couple of weeks so that would be lovely Then again, saying that, DH should get his brand new laptop from school today and I think he's going to be bringing it home so I may be able to sneak on when he's not looking .... don't say anything LOL

ThePFJ Wed 24-Mar-10 13:27:04

Ok then Soph,


We'll miss you if you aren't around you know.....

SuperSoph73 Wed 24-Mar-10 13:36:48

Aaaahhh PFJ how lovely .... starting to well up now <<sniff>>

ThePFJ Wed 24-Mar-10 13:53:43

Aww I know. I am awesome.

Here... have a tissue and some minieggs!

SuperSoph73 Wed 24-Mar-10 14:28:21

Thanks ..... please stop mentioning mini eggs <<pout>>

ThePFJ Wed 24-Mar-10 14:42:53

Ok birthday girl. I think that we should all send you minieggs and anything else you have been craving to you in a parcel for your birthday!!!

My email is thepfj@hotmail.com

Email me your address, and when I can, soon I promise, I'll parcel you up some mini-eggs and/or anything else you can't get hold of as a bday pressie. It would be my absolute pleasure to do this for you.

When we were all preggars back in 2008 Knitter posted me some minieggs she couldn't eat and I'd love to return the favour.

Anyone else who wants to send Soph some minieggs please post up your email here so she can send us her address.

Soph we promise not to fly over there and stalk you. Probably. grin

I visited Gran Canaria once and it was lovely.

SuperSoph73 Wed 24-Mar-10 14:52:44

Now that's REALLY sweet & has actually made me seriously well up .... god I'm getting soft in me old age I'll e-mail you my address ..... yay, a food parcel, haven't had one of those for ages LOL!

Please feel free to fly over any time. You wouldn't have to stalk you know. Denny's met my clan face to face and I don't think she thought we were that scary

SuperSoph73 Wed 24-Mar-10 15:15:26

OK, am going to go tidy up now & see if Sam managed to keep any food down at the nursery today. Poor little tike

See you tomorrow.

MisSalLaneous Wed 24-Mar-10 16:00:19

Soph, please e-mail me your address to: salenslin@yahoo.com Mind you, I'm not planning on sending you anything, I just want to stalk you know where to find you. grin Serious about your address, please.

(But you can't run off for the whole holiday now that we know you can fight dh for access his laptop!)

ThePFJ Wed 24-Mar-10 16:20:09

Read this. You will laugh until you die.


ThePFJ Wed 24-Mar-10 16:20:48

Soph I'll go miniegg hunting for you this week


Soph, what else are you missing? Mini eggs & creme eggs we know, what else? Email your address to me too please: katiewignall (at) hotmail (dot) com.

I'd forgotten about sending you minieggs PFJ!

George's birthday on Sunday was lovely, and the older one of my charges was 3 today. I've eaten more cake than WW allows this week, so I'm going to have to eat nothing but dust for the rest of the week hmm BUT I've lost 7.5 in 3 weeks, so I must be doing something right!

MisSalLaneous Wed 24-Mar-10 19:04:45

Oh wow Knitter, that's impressive!!! Congratulations!

Thanks re job.

PFJ, that thread made me laugh and ewww in equal measures!

ThePFJ Wed 24-Mar-10 23:15:44

WW is fabulous Knitter I lost 2.5 stone in 3 months doing that last year. Well Done.

Missed you!


SuperSoph73 Thu 25-Mar-10 09:43:13

Morning all. Thanks Knitter. At the moment I can't actually think of anything I'm desperate for, but when I do I'll let you know. Fortunately the wife of one of DH's colleagues has just gone back to England and is bringing me back a few things. I will mail you my address though, just to be prepared LOL!

I did WW and it really worked for me too. There's a WW here but it's all done in Spanish AFAIK and is nowhere near where we live. LOL at dust

It's chip day today

MisSalLaneous Thu 25-Mar-10 09:48:58

Morning. Niiiice, chip day. Hmm, might join you!

I wish it was a nice sunshine day, as I want to go to the park with R. As it is, it looks like it might rain any second!

SuperSoph73 Thu 25-Mar-10 10:24:10

Sal - feel free, battered chicken to go with it as well ... scrum I just know the weather's going to change as soon as that bell goes for the end of the day tomorrow. DS1 has a birthday party to go to on Monday at a picnic site in the mountains & it'll be bitter up there. I really really do not like children's parties <<bah humbug emoticon>> And to top it all it's a joint party so 3 of the little blighters darlings are celebrating, which means 3 piggin' presents and we may not have been paid by then!

EllieG Thu 25-Mar-10 19:48:59

Hey all!

Happy birthday for sunday soph! How is Sam?

I'm in for the cadbury sending - my email is eleanorgreen at ymail dot co dot uk

I meant to say before - PFJ - super lovely to see you around here but am so sorry you've been through a tough time. I wasn't here but been catching up on the thread and just wanted to say that. Hope you are healing up OK x

knitter - can you text me? I lost my phone and all my numbers so don't have yours anymore. Was going to text you on G's birthday to say happy birthday but realised was gone.

WELL DONE SAL! Whoop whoop!

Molly is much better now - still very spotty but feeling very much better and bouncing round - all the spots have scabbed now so we went to the park and was lovely. I am signed off for the week and has been really nice spending time with her, especially now she's feeling OK as I do miss her working full time. I think she's been missing me too as i had to work a couple of weekends and she's been a bit clingy, which isn't like her. I'd love to work part time sad

lol Soph, I'll go to the party for you, I love kids parties! You really don't, do you! grin

Have texted you, Ellie. Could you let us know when you've spoken to your sister to see if she'll let us borrow you and Mol for a bit on the Saturday you're here?

I'm really looking forward to tomorrow, I'm meeting the other mums from my NCT group at Giraffe at the trafford centre for dinner in the eveing. We haven't managed to all meet up for maybe a year(someone always can't make it) and we'll actually be able to talk without toddlers demanding stuff! I'm going as soon as DH gets home from work so that I can have a wander round the shops first, too. G needs a new cap/sun hat, he was wearing last year's George Pig cap the other day to keep the sun out of his eyes, and it just wedged on top of his head.

ThePFJ Fri 26-Mar-10 11:38:51

I don't do the WW group thing, I went for 3 sessions, and then used all the magazines and points wheels etc to make a diet of my own at home. Works just as well if you are commited to it.

Soph - I should be posting you a parcel today, I put red X's on it just as you asked

Clarissimo Fri 26-Mar-10 11:45:47

See PFJ I was fine on WW (about 3 stone) until I stopped going to group then I slipped- I think it depends on how you worlk? I am a competitive cow and having peopel to beat to loser of the week always worked blush- probably makes me actual loser of the week I know. I am going to a gym now (just a curves onenowt yummy mummy) and I always try to beat the machine: how can you beat a machine fgs!

Happy birthday to any I misswed (big cuddles for little george Knitter)

ThePFJ Fri 26-Mar-10 11:56:33

LOL I loved it when the ladies at the group would ask me how the hell I managed to lose 4 lbs my first week... I smugly would tell them.. er.. I read the book???! grin

I am fine with being competitive with myself though, and then bragging to my friends about how much I have lost. Works for me

SuperSoph73 Fri 26-Mar-10 12:03:50

Hey all <<cough, splutter>>, guess what <<sneeze>>, I'm sick <<bleurgh>>. Went to bed feeling fine, work up feeling like ten tonnes of poop And yesterday I had to go and pick Sam up from nursery as he hadn't kept any food down at all throughout the day Am sooooo pleased it's the end of term - yay!

Knitter - pleeeeeeeeaaaaase go to the party for me. What gave it away that I absolutely detest chidren's parties

Thanks for birthday wishes Ellie. Pleased to hear that Mollie's better. Have written down your e-mail for when I need it

PFJ - you're an angel

Hey Clarrisimo nice to see you

MisSalLaneous Fri 26-Mar-10 13:59:40

Happy birthday for Sunday Soph!!! I hope you feel better before then!

SuperSoph73 Fri 26-Mar-10 14:36:32

Thanks Sal. DH suggested last night that we get a babysitter for tomorrow evening & go out to dinner. Really don't think I can be arsed now, even if I do feel better tomorrow - hey ho!

Anyhoo, if I don't get back on here this afternoon. I shall say bye-bye to you lovely ladies & see you in a couple of weeks. DH did get his new lap-top but now we're having problems with the internet connection so probably won't be on here during the hols!

Don't have too much fun without me
Love, Soph xxxxxx

MisSalLaneous Fri 26-Mar-10 14:48:16

Oh nooooo Soph, I was bargaining on laptop during holidays! Will miss you. Have a great break!

ThePFJ Fri 26-Mar-10 16:49:41

Whoops missed your message Ellie - it's good to see you too

chipmonkey Fri 26-Mar-10 23:19:30

It's funny the things you miss when abroad. I'm going to visit my brother in Berlin tomorrow and have to bring Barry's tea and Jameson Whisky. Might pop in and get him some Tayto crisps as well. All the Irish stuff you can't get outside of Ireland!

LadyBee Sat 27-Mar-10 21:01:40

Evening ladies,
Been feeling rubbish in the evenings so not been keeping up so much recently, just did a big read though
Hi Ellie - sorry to hear Molly had CP, hope's she's all better now.

Congratulations on getting that job Sal, well done!

Soph I hope you have a good birthday tomorrow and that Sam is ok

Knitter, fab job on the weight loss! I hope you enjoyed your evening out.

I was supposed to do something similar last week but I completely forgot it - probably for the best, I'm not 'out' about the pg in real life and can barely keep eyes open past 9, so not stunning company. Hopefully I'll see a few of them in a couple of weekends though at a birthday party.

Scorps Sun 28-Mar-10 17:34:17

Well I need to put on weight. Now. I'm 5'9, 8st2 and my bmi is 16.35. I try to eat but have alot of nervous energy feelings when I do. Oddly I eat fine with my parents, but that's it.

Dcs all fine here.

MisSalLaneous Sun 28-Mar-10 18:32:01

Happy birthday, Soph!

Ellie, hope you had a lovely time with Mol and that she's up to her old self again.

Ladybee, thanks. How far are you now? I remember feeling worlds better after those first couple of months - hope it'll be the same for you.

Hey scorps. Well, I've got a couple of tons pounds to donate if you want. Seriously - I'd go for starches. Comfort food and sticks. I should know.

Hmm, I wish I had to put on a couple of kilos now. I'd live off cinnamon sugar pancakes.

EllieG Mon 29-Mar-10 13:06:05

See you soon soph! hope your birthdya was good smile

Back to work today boo, though have to admit, not having toddler clinging to leg going 'Ooohhhhh Mummmmmeeeee cudddle!' every five minutes is quite nice.

Fliight Mon 29-Mar-10 13:33:41

Hi guys,

I'm really sorry to interrupt, but just thought I ought to let you know that one of your number, Christmaspixie, passed away on Friday.

I know some of you knew she was ill from my previous thread, but wanted to update you just so you knew.

I'm really sorry.

MisSalLaneous Mon 29-Mar-10 13:52:42

Fliight, that is awful. Her poor, poor family, and friends of course. sad I haven't read your thread, will see if I can find now. Thank you for letting us know.

Fliight Mon 29-Mar-10 13:55:01

MissSal, it was a while ago just asking for thoughts and prayers as she was so poorly. I think Peachy saw it, it was only a smallish thread. xx

Oh goodness, how sad, her poor DDs... sad

MisSalLaneous Mon 29-Mar-10 13:58:10

Oh Fliight, that is so sad. Her poor family. I want to ask if they're all right, and then realise what a stupid question it is. sad

EllieG Mon 29-Mar-10 14:01:07

That's so sad. I'm sorry.

I didn't know she was ill, how terrible for her family.

Fliight, ChristmasPixie hadn't posted here for a long time, so we didn't know what was going on, What happened? I can't stop thinking of her family and how they must be feeling.

Fliight Mon 29-Mar-10 14:11:01

Sorry Knitter. I kind of assumed you had all been together on the AN thread too.

She had cancer - diagnosed last June, it's only taken 9 months, it was very aggressive.

I know her family is a very strong one and her dds will of course be fine - as fine as you can be, in the circumstances - though for a while it is going to be very hard for them.

It has all been very fast and very shocking, nobody can believe it.

It makes me very grateful to be here really.
Life, and death, seem fairly random when something like that happens.

I just wanted to give you the news, because althoughw e were close in real life, we didn't tend to post much on the same threads and she was mainly on the ante natal ones, so you lot were her friends on here smile I think she would want you to know.


EllieG Mon 29-Mar-10 14:23:10

Thank you for telling us. She hadn't been around much since we were an AN thread, I guess now we know why. It's incredibly sad. will be thinking and praying for her family.

ThePFJ Tue 30-Mar-10 10:02:30

I am so sorry for Christmaspixie's family. I am sending them all my thoughts and prayers.

Hugs everyone. xxx

SuperSoph73 Tue 30-Mar-10 12:32:34

Hey all. Just first wanted to say my condolences to Christmaspixie`s family. How terribly sad & tragic for them. Sending thoughts & prayers their way.

SuperSoph73 Tue 30-Mar-10 12:37:40

Well, as you can see, the internet´s up and running at home - yay And to make an even better day PFJ´s red cross food parcel arrived today Unfortunately DS1 got to the postman first & wanted to know what it was - you should have seen his face light up when he saw it was mini-eggs. Was going to try and discreetly hide them, but no chance now. Thanks sooooo much PFJ. Had a nice day on Sunday. Went and had a big fat english breakfast at a place down south, then DS1, DH & a friend of ours went and played crazy golf (one of DS1´s most favourite things to do)

Sam is still the same, but so far today, hasn´t brought anything up. Fingers crossed.

Do you remember when I had to go for an x-ray on my foot? Well, went to docs this morning and they'd x-rayed the wrong thing so now I've got to go and have another x-ray done - gah!

Have good days everyone xxxx

EllieG Tue 30-Mar-10 15:40:20

Hey soph smile

Glad the minieggs went down well and that Sam is OK

EllieG Thu 01-Apr-10 08:36:08

Where is everyone????

Here! not meant to be though... had to try this...

I'd like to eat my chocolate egg right now!

EllieG Thu 01-Apr-10 14:17:25

I did last night blush

LadyBee Thu 01-Apr-10 17:07:59

Will you get another one for the weekend then Ellie?

What is everyone doing? I've got nothing much planned for tomorrow, probably just cleaning etc, then an early scan on Saturday (fingers crossed everything is ok) and then over to a friend's house for Sunday roast lunch nom nom nom. Apparently there is going to be a little easter egg hunt for Babybee and friend's DD (similar age) -- this I want to see...DS has only the vaguest idea of 'looking' for something with much prompting and ultimately picking up the thing and waving it in front of his face. I'm not sure whether chocolate incentive is going to be enough to counter the "male looking" gene which is clearly a dominant force in his make up at the moment.

Oh dear, have just read a bit further down and seen the sad news about Christmaspixie. I don't think I was around for antenatal here, but it's really so sad to hear of the loss to that family. What a hard thing for any family to bear. sad

MisSalLaneous Thu 01-Apr-10 22:18:32

Hellloooooo! Deary deary deary, what horrible weather we've got again?! I'm sitting here with the heating on, under a duvet, and with an ill boy again. I'm getting flashbacks from January!

Hmm, all this talk of eggs... I've eaten all mine. Again. grin

Started work yesterday, and so far (only second day, mind you) I really like it. Very professional office, so the fact that I've out-egged all my suits might be a little bigger problem than anticipated!

Not much else to report really. Except that I've already showered twice today as R's chest is so bad that he's vomited phlegm over my shoulder... Urgh. It helped a bit with his breathing though, poor soul, so that together with his inhalers will hopefully help him get some sleep. So far tonight he's been crying every half an hour at least. Wish me luck!

chipmonkey Thu 01-Apr-10 23:54:28

So sorry to hear about Christmaspixie, Fliightsad I know you must be so upset, as you were such good friends. Thanks for letting us know.

SuperSoph73 Fri 02-Apr-10 13:00:43

Hey all. Sorry to hear that LO is poorly again Sal. Sam seems to be coming out of his now (fingers crossed). He's only brought small amounts of food up over the last couple of days so hopefully he might put a little weight back on. Oh and pleased you're enjoying your job btw grin

DS1 opened the mini eggs yesterday (I was feeling generous grin ) and they went down a treat. We're being real piggies today as we're having casserole and dumplings - yay! And we're out tomorrow for lunch with some friends - scrum.

LadyBee - good luck with the scan tomorrow grin

Well, better get on. We've started a major spring clean. I've only managed to sweep and mop the top two floors but it is looking a lot cleaner and brighter already. Our bedroom's never been so clean. I also stood for nearly an hour this morning doing a huge pile of ironing ... I thought DH was going to pass out through shock LOL. I've now got to convince DS1 that he does want to clean his bedroom tomorrow & then all I've got left is the living room & kitchen to sort out! I really know how to enjoy my holidays hmm ha ha!!

MisSalLaneous Fri 02-Apr-10 13:58:31

Hey Soph! Great news about Sam, hope he's back to his own self pretty soon.

And go you with your hard working on holiday! shock I'm doing... nothing. grin

LadyBee Fri 02-Apr-10 22:58:58

Soph, glad to hear we're not the only ones turnign the house inside out. Even with me managing to nap for three hours this afternoon (shock), we've mopped and scrubbed the bathroom, kitchen, diningroom and done so many loads of washing we're now surrounded by piles as I don't actually think there's enough storage for everything to be clean at once grin

Babybee is clearly uncomfortable tonight, not sure what's going on but it too him an age to go off to sleep and now he's grunting and groaning. Hope he's not suffering the the aches of another cold.

Scan tomorrow, am petrified and excited in equal measure...gah.

MisSalLaneous Fri 02-Apr-10 23:09:40

Good luck with the scan, Ladybee!

Fingers crossed that Babybee will be bug-free.

SuperSoph73 Sat 03-Apr-10 10:55:53

Hey all. Well, I've done absolutely nothing this morning - I think the novelty's worn off. There just seems like there's so much more to do & I so hate housework ... which is why the house normally looks like a skip blush Our kitchen's tiny so I'll probably go clean that as it will take all of 10 minutes grin

DS1 is all set to go out (although we're not going till 1pm) as these friends of ours have a couple of kids a few years older than him and he really loves playing with them & they're really good with him. He's been up and dressed since 7.30am - normally he's still in his PJ's until I force him to get dressed!

Anyway, better get on. Have good days everyone xxxxx

LadyBee Sat 03-Apr-10 19:04:23

crap crap crap. Scan showed an empty sac, absolutely correct size for dates just no sign of a foetus inside it. It appears I have been having a phantom pregnancy or some other crapness. Am hugely disappointed and upset, obviously, but weirdly not totally shocked, maybe because one of my closest friends has had two missed miscarriages so getting bad news in a scan doesn't seem like such a surprising event now. sad
Mostly managed to keep it together in front of babybee so far, he was there at the scan and got quite upset when I cried when the sonographer confirmed what we could all see. He's being put to bed now by DH so can start to let go a bit, I guess. Mostly just feel numb and in limbo. Not sure what will need to happen - obviously my body hasn't quite realised that I'm not really pregnant, presumably it would at some point?

Sigh. sad

MisSalLaneous Sat 03-Apr-10 19:09:24

Argh shit Ladybee, I am SO SO SO sorry. sad Thinking of you.

chipmonkey Sat 03-Apr-10 23:28:47

Aw, Ladybee, so very sorry to hear that!sad

ThePFJ Sun 04-Apr-10 16:01:21

Happy Easter everyone... Chocolate flavoured hugs all round xxxx

Ladybee - I am SO sorry sweetheart. That is really bad There is nothing anyone can say when crap like that happens is there? I feel for you, I think I might know a little bit how you are feeling.. what with my recent ectopic and all... but hang in there, we are here for you. Have all the mini-eggs you need and put your feet up. Huge hugs. xxx

SuperSoph - So happy you got your parcel honey, sorry your little one saw it first. Bad Luck grin

Scorps - Hope you well and ok too honey. Let us know how you are?

I have been shopping and bought some scummy new clothes. I have also nearly killed myself clearing and digging over the front garden!! However, it looks fantastic now and I am very proud of me. So now I am off to see how many mini-eggs I can fit in my mouth and up my nose at the same time..... smile smile smile

Have a lovely weekend all of you lovely ladies.

ThePFJ xxx

SuperSoph73 Mon 05-Apr-10 12:20:12

Hey All!

LadyBee - am so so sorry about your scan. Great big hugs to you and yours & hope everything comes good in the end.

PFJ - just out of interest, how many mini eggs did you manage to stuff up your nose LOL I couldn't cope if we had a garden to sort out as well as the house. Thank god for small patios and tiles

MisSalLaneous Mon 05-Apr-10 12:34:40

Hey Soph! Happy Easter! Hope you've stopped cleaning and is relaxing instead!

How is Sam now?

Scorps Mon 05-Apr-10 14:39:35

Ladybee - I'm so sorry. I think your body will catch up soon and it will (hopefully iyswim) start to go. I don't know I'd you've mc before but it can hurt so get hotvwater bottle etc and lots of sanitary towels. be brave. Xxxx

well I'm a huge knob. And I'm not going to say shy cos Sal will probably drive here and slap me!

MisSalLaneous Mon 05-Apr-10 14:43:58

Hey Scorps! Oh don't be silly, I won't slap you too hard. grin

Don't be silly, come back and chat, even if you're back with him, I miss chatting to you! Have wondered how you were, so don't be so quiet.

Scorps Mon 05-Apr-10 14:52:13

No not back together. I honestly couldn't tell you what is going on as I don't even know. I wish I was stronger and could say fuck off and mean it.

Apart from all that, I'm ok, having a quiet life, counselling starts in 2 weeks. My cpn is concerned I have an eating issue ffs. I don't.

Piglet is getting big and keeps poohing all over her clothes. Mimi is talking more and tried saying chocolate today jamie is staying at mums tonight, he's getting worse I think and I need some help with him, I thought adult 1-2-1 would be good so he's there for 'jamies special time'. Reilly is fine after operation, all ok with him.

LadyBee Mon 05-Apr-10 16:23:50

What was up with Reilly? Am glad he's ok though.

Thanks for all the thoughts ladies. I'm doing ok-ish. I was hoping the local EPU would be open today but no luck, so am just feeling a bit in limbo at the moment. Babybee is getting lots of extra hugs and kisses but he's been a bit poorly anyway so deserves them. He's completely off food at the moment, won't take more than a couple of bites of anything although quite happy to eat chocolate egg hmm so I don't think it's too serious.

I'm amazed at B's language-spurt at the moment. He was just puddling along with the same words and sounds for ages, then suddenly, maybe in the last 3-4 weeks, he's trying to copy everything we say, commenting on what is going on around him, arguing hmm etc. I think my favourite is when he uses 'actually' in the right place - 'Actually, Daddy's car, Mummy' 'no, it's mummy's car, B', 'no, it actually Benny car', very sweet, if infuriating.

MisSalLaneous Mon 05-Apr-10 16:28:04

It's all right, not our place to judge, we're not living your life. So I can happily say what I think someone should do, and I'll stick to that, but it doesn't necessarily mean that that is what works for you. The last thing I'd want is for you to feel you're failing anyone by making your choices.

Hmm, that is my rambling way to say I'll always be here for you, whatever you decide or don't decide. We were friends before all of this happened, obviously we'll be friends long after! Man or no man.

Re eating issues - maybe she's just a bit older? I feel ancient when I look at all these young girls (i.e. you envy ) with their skinny bodies and bikini tans, thinking "have some meat for dinner, you'll fall over!" grin I'm sure it's meant well.

MisSalLaneous Mon 05-Apr-10 16:30:16

Aww Ladybee, how sweet of B! They are so adorable at this age (when not driving me insane, it's about 50/50 ).

Scorps Mon 05-Apr-10 16:42:21

She kept asking me alot of questions about eating, my feelings when I eat, etc. She says she is going to say to my counsellor as she feels my answers need more work. I don't diet or limit food, I am eating three meals, I don't have a need to be thinner though I do want to be slim, though isn't that normal with women?!

Thankyou, I don't know WTF to do. I want to be strong but I'm not. I don't even know what's going on. We are bloody married - why isn't it black and White?!

Scorps Mon 05-Apr-10 16:43:27

Reilly had an operation in his mouth

MisSalLaneous Mon 05-Apr-10 17:02:04

Yes, you're right, most women want to be slim. Haha, I wouldn't even mind if I wanted to be skinny more - most of the time I just like food too much! grin It's all right, she can mention it to the councillor, and then you can discuss it with her and she'll see you're fine. Some people with eating disorders hide it really well, so I guess because she doesn't know you that well yet she might worry that you're just too embarrassed to admit it to her, and she cares too much to just ignore it, even if the chances are slim.

Sucks re marriage, yes. I have no magic words, but is here for you if you fancy moaning / chatting / whatever depending on the day.

chipmonkey Mon 05-Apr-10 22:09:46

Oh, Lord, no! I want to be fat, I tell you, which is why I spent the last 2 days eating chocolate eggs to achieve my goal all the sooner!grin

Clarissimo Mon 05-Apr-10 22:14:06

Ladybee I am sorry. hgs a p[lenty for you

Scorps- good to see you back

MisSalLaneous Mon 05-Apr-10 22:14:57


Clarissimo Mon 05-Apr-10 22:22:33

Just had an email to say a friend is missing, car found on hills two days ago, he wwas depressed. Haven't seen him in a while as he is another friend's ex, but his 3 children must be terrified sad

Fllight so sorry to ehar about Christmaspixie, so awful for her family

MisSalLaneous Mon 05-Apr-10 23:42:22

That is horrible! sad Dammit, 2 days. Hope they find an answer soon - either way. I know this sounds horrid, but I think it would be better than the constant worry and fear and almost knowing deep down.

EllieG Tue 06-Apr-10 08:54:18

That's so sad peachy, hope he's found safe soon.

ladybee - am so sorry hon. How are you doing today?

Hey scorps - how you doing?

I am in full my-body-is-a-temple mode today after a weekend of constant chocolate. I realised had not been normal when I said to Molly this morning 'What do you want for breakfast darling?' and she said 'chocolate cake!'. Nice try though....

SuperSoph73 Tue 06-Apr-10 09:41:52

Morning all. I've sort of lost the will to clean now - it all seemed such a good idea at the time hmm. I sort of wonder round with the brush now randomly sweeping to see if I can get away with that but I can see that DH isn't fooled LOL

Scorps - pleased to see you back and remember that we're all here for you no matter what goes on. Marriage can be incredibly frustrating even when it's going well so I can only imagine how dreadful it must be when it isn't Keep strong though lovey and you'll come out the other end at some point, promise Glad to hear that Reilly is recovering after his op & hope that things with Jamie get better soon. He's probably trying to process everything for himself and hopefully once he gets his head round everything things will start to get better.

Peachy - sorry to hear about your friend and I hope you get some answers soon.

Sam has been much better over the last few days. He's still bringing some food up but nowhere near as much as he was. I just keep trying different strategies to see if I can find one that will work. Am still bloody waiting for the hospital though to ring about the scans. You'd think that when it's a baby losing weight they'd phone you first <<ggrrrr>>.

Poor DH has had to go into work today so am going to take the boys out in a mo. First I've got to make DS1 a dentist's appointment. He's grown his big teeth behind his baby teeth at the botttom so he'll probably have to have them taken out, which he is not going to be impressed with. Hey ho, wish us luck

Clarissimo Tue 06-Apr-10 10:24:58

EWhy's everyuthing gone bold?
No news but ehading tehre today as pre arrnaged so hopefully will know more

MisSalLaneous Tue 06-Apr-10 11:00:38

I don't know, thought it's just my screen going insane (it cracked over the weekend - damn damn damn).

Good luck with the visit, Peachy.

Ellie, Molly's my kind of girl. grin

LadyBee Tue 06-Apr-10 11:10:37

It is all bold, isn't it?!

Peachy, that's really sad, must be so hard for that family just waiting to hear the news they're dreading to hear.

My body is now a temple to chocolate. I didn't eat much over the weekend although did do a brilliant (even if I say so myself) roast chicken dinner on the Sunday - it was sooooo yummy, even B thought so. We got into a pattern of having our dinner early so that B could eat with mummy & daddy and we all have the same, it was so nice we've decided to try to do it at least once each weekend from now.

Having a bit of a arsey time trying to get appointments etc sorted. EPU needs a referral from the GP, can't get an on-the-day appointment from a GP unless you call at 8AM (or apparently, from 2pm the previous day hmm). EPU doesn't open until 9am so didn't get that information in time. At the moment I'm waiting for a phone call appt which is supposed to happen 'this morning'...EPU closes in a hour. Tomorrow I have B at home with me, but I've asked DH to take at least the morning off so if I do manage to get a referral by the end of today I'll be free to go up and not need to worry about what to do with DS. At the moment dealing with all the logistics is almost comforting, sort of gives me something practical to hang on to without thinking too far ahead.

Work have been good - very understanding and sympathetic manager, I felt rubbish writing the email to her, not least because now she Knows about the wanting-to-be-pregnant plans. I can't help feeling it puts me at a disadvantage some how. hmm

EllieG Tue 06-Apr-10 12:43:24

Blimey they don't make it easier do they? Fingers crossed for you that you manage to get an appointment today lady. Is good your manager is supportive, at least it means it's one less thing to worry about. Are you signed off for a bit?

Clarissimo Tue 06-Apr-10 19:32:35

Hi all

Ladybee that is just so unfair, tyher last think you need atm.

Crap system.

Chocolate overload here too- seems to be veverywhere incvluidng smeared over the car where some was grabbed on the m way today

Little news on friend, missing since tuesday, sighting possibly thursday. he'd been convicted of drink sriving and lot licence he needed for job. He has 3 children aged 12, 9 and 6 (IIRC) and they had a baby that died aged a few hours several years ago, he got divorced a few eyars back.

Plenty of people mlooking for him but search and rescue have called off search as not enough evidence he is a risk to himself despite ebing depressed. I guess there is only so much money.

SuperSoph73 Wed 07-Apr-10 14:25:59

Hey all.

Gosh Clarissimo, hope everything turns out OK. It does seem a bit crap that they won't carry on looking for him, but like you said, I guess there's only so much money they can spend.

Chocolate overload in this house too. My adorable DH bought me the 1kg chocolate easter egg that one of the supermarkets had in over here. I didn't know whether to smother him in kisses when he gave it to me or kick him in the shins. I have been very good though and shared it round, the worrying thing is that between three of us we've still only managed to eat the top of the egg. There's a ruddy great chocolate basket at the bottom - how will I cope shock DS1 has already eaten his egg but does have a chocolate chicken left!!!!

DS1 and I are going to the dentist on Friday. I don't mind going but DS1 is bound to need a couple of teeth out so don't know how well that's going to go down - poor sausage.

chipmonkey Wed 07-Apr-10 15:01:50

Hi all! Sorry to hear about that poor guy, Clarissimo.sad Hope he turns up safe and sound, even if things don't look good now.

Well, we have has a nasty accident here.sad Poor Harry pulled a cup of hot tea over himelf last night and scalded his face. We poured cold water over him and tried to get a damp tea-towel onto the skin but he was having none of it! I think he went into shock a bit as well as he was shaking like a leaf, the poor little love.

We brought him to A+E and thankfully they didn't feel it was too bad, just superficial burns. But he looks like he has been through the wars, with blisters on his forehead and cheeks.

I feel so bad and guilty because it was my tea and I didn't leave it out-of-reach enough, just forgot how tall he was getting, I suppose. Just praying he's not left with scars.

Clarissimo Wed 07-Apr-10 18:07:14

Oh poor Harry

Hope he's OK and looking well again soon

MisSalLaneous Wed 07-Apr-10 20:11:46

Oh chipmonkey, it must be so shocking for you! I hope Harry feels better soon. Don't beat yourself up though - it's an accident. It's physically impossible to guard them against everything, you know that. xxx

Not much news here, but good to see what everyone's been up to. Thinking of those having a tough time.

Scorps Thu 08-Apr-10 11:03:03

Oh lots of sad news

Clair I hope they find your friend. Depression is an awful illness.

Chipmonkey - I forget how big mimi is too and that she isn't 'trained' in things like the eldest ones yet. I hope he will be fine

ladybee - hope you get your appointment and am answer

well I'm doing ok. I can't even say what happened the other day but it was the end I needed.

EllieG Thu 08-Apr-10 15:22:14

Hugs to scorps - you sound sad - we are here if you want to chat more x

chipmonkey - poor old Harry, how is he doing today? Don't beat yourself up, it's something that can happen in a moment and he is OK. Sending lots of love and get well soon vibes x

LadyBee Thu 08-Apr-10 19:33:47

Oh Chipmonkey, that must have been so scary - poor Harry, but do remember the drs said superficial and try not to be too hard on yourself. I hope he's ok with blisters and once they start to heal up doesn't find it too uncomfortable.

Peachy, any news?

Well, I'm curled up at home under a rug and watching old Time Team episodes (I don't know why I find these very comforting). Had a long morning at the EPU yesterday, a second scan, confirmed diagnosis and booked in for an ERPC which I had this morning, got home at about 4pm.
I'm a bit sore and tired and glum, but also strangely at peace now that it's done.

It was very strange being back at the hospital where I had B, and even stranger seeing my notes from the pregnancy in the file at the end of the bed. I really wish I'd picked them up and had a good look through to read what was in about my labour, while I had the chance but the nurses were in an out constantly checking on blood pressure etc. I have to say I was really impressed with the care I got from everyone - really sensitive and kind, there was no hint of anyone not knowing what was happening to me.

MisSalLaneous Thu 08-Apr-10 19:47:51

Scorp, you know where I am if you want to talk. Or if you'd rather not and just hang around with us, that's good too. xxx

Well, work... Actually, work going really well, great people, very professional, I suspect I'll work my arse off at times, but really decent people around, so that'll be fine. However...

It was R's first day at new nursery today (he still goes the one day to his old one, and two days at new place), and he didn't even stay an hour - apparently cried his eyes out if dh even tried turning his back. In the end he lead dh to the door by the hand, saying "huis, huis, huis" (home). And then when they got in the car, he said (translated) "get mommy choo-train" - which is his way to say they should go and get me at the train station (dh meets me at station if he's working from home). I feel horrid about it. I've now switched my day so that I'm at home tomorrow, so will go to nursery again for an hour or two tomorrow, and then dh takes leave on Monday, and will do the same. I'm off again on Tuesday, so will go again for a short while, and then hopefully by next Thursday he'll be happy to stay. I really hope so, I don't know what I'll do if he doesn't settle in. Fingers crossed that it's just because it's a bit strange at first. I did think a day settling in is too short, but as he loves his other 1-day-a-week nursery, we all thought he'd be ok. sad

MisSalLaneous Thu 08-Apr-10 19:49:44

Hi Ladybee, sorry, cross posted there. x

EllieG Fri 09-Apr-10 09:21:24

Hey ladybee - am glad you are back home safe and sound, if somewhat sad. We are here for you x

sal - poor old R and you - I find parenting is an endless source of guilt - can he not increase his hours at the nursery he likes?

Mol cried when I left her this morning and said 'Mummy home cuddle' which is what she always asks to do if she's feeling a bit tired or under the weather and wants to go home for a snuggle up. I was a bit sad, but she's always OK in a minute after I've left. Still makes me a bit sad though as I'd like it if she didn't have to go full time.

ThePFJ Fri 09-Apr-10 11:06:51

Good morning everyone,

I have made a pot of tea for you all to enjoy, please help yourselves. I've got some easter eggs and minieggs left over in the kitchen too so dive in...

I might phone the hospital today to find out how long stitches take to dissolve because mine just won't seem to disappear.

Love to you all...


chipmonkey Fri 09-Apr-10 13:37:17

Thanks, PFJ!
<<<Pours tea but pushes it very far back on the table out of toddler reach!>>>>>

Thank you all for being so kind.

Harry is getting better although at the moment he looks a bit like Jocelyn Wildenstein!sad I brought him back to hospital last night as his face and eyelids were very swollen but the doctor said it was part of the healing process. She prescribed an antibiotic just in case as some of the blisters have become open wounds and there's a risk of infection.

He's quite good humoured though and just going around chatting as usual.

Sal, I would try to give R a little more time at that nursery. I know it's hard but sometimes if you just leave them there with the staff, they stop crying and settle in more quickly. Very, very hard to do though!

How are things, Scorps?

ThePFJ Fri 09-Apr-10 13:46:48

Awww... hope Harry feels better soon!!

Jack still isn't talking, lots of sounds and mama and dada... he points to things he wants in his picture books... very clever in other ways... I think I may get concerned if he isn't talking in 6 months or so...???

He did enjoy his 2nd birthday on Weds though. He was a very happy boy wityh all his Night Garden and Thomas the Tank presents!! DH made a delicious lemony sponge cake with yummy icing on top! Help yourselves to the leftovers everyone!


MisSalLaneous Fri 09-Apr-10 13:48:04

Aww Ellie. sad Bet you the little buggers forget about us as soon as we turn our backs!

Well, today was better - he seemed to really like it and didn't actually want to leave the nursery. Actually, I'm a bit annoyed with them, as the guy said we should go home before lunch (so 11:30 - from 9:30), whereas I think it's a bit much to charge us for a full day if we're not allowed to stay! I was more than happy to hang around in the background (R played with his key carer all the time, I stepped back and hanged around in the background about 20 mins after we arrived). The woman in charge of admissions and fees, who I really like, said settling in only one day, and full day from today. Now this guy wants us to do short (but fully charged!) days next week too. I obviously can't do this with my new job, so dh would need to use leave for this again. Fair enough if R wasn't happy (e.g. yesterday - fair enough, and of course we won't leave him somewhere new if still upset), but if he actually wants to stay, it's rubbish to send us away. Urgh. Our other nursery didn't charge for settling in - mind you, it was also just one day (would have been more in unhappy, which he wasn't), so I think there is some disagreement between the admissions person and the nursery staff. Hmm, not an ideal way to start, is it.

Oh, and Ellie, yes, we could try and do more hours at other one, but (except for current settling in thing) this nursery is more relaxed, it has a lot of outdoor space, and older staff, which I like. I also like the fact that his key carer is a man. I know some people don't like that, but R gets on really well with men as he's generally obsessed with cars and balls... Also just around the corner from us (10 mins max walk), whereas other one is a train or car ride away. Or 2 hours walk through the park - a mistake I'm not going to make again! grin If this doesn't work out, I'll consider that though.

PFJ, thanks for the tea! And how many mini eggs DID you buy??!! grin

ThePFJ Fri 09-Apr-10 13:52:07

Sal - hope nursey gets easier!! Sounds like its turning into a real hassle! confused

And yes I bought lots! But lots of my friends and my mummy sent me lots as well because they know I love them, and because they all feel guilty about me losing my last pregnancy!!

Hospital said they want to take out my stitches on Tuesday, because apparently a month and a week is too long for them to still be there. Need to have more stern words with my belly button it seems. (Belly button is where the stubborn stitches are from the camera they shoved in me!)

chipmonkey Fri 09-Apr-10 14:56:19

I wouldn't worry about the talking, just yet PFJ! Ds2 and ds3 didn't talk for ages but they ended up being very chatty altogether! Ds1 was my best and earliest talker but he still had SENs so it's not much of an indicator of anything IMO!

Just rang MIL who is looking after Harry today and the swelling is improving and she thinks his skin is looking more normal. Have to say, MIL and I don't see eye to eye on a lot of things but she has been really helping out a lot lately. She drove up to look after the others when we had to rush Harry to hospital and has been a Godsend.

ThePFJ Fri 09-Apr-10 14:58:47

Hi Chipmonkey! Hope you had a lovely Easter. Glad your MIL is good for something. grin hmm

ThePFJ Fri 09-Apr-10 16:23:12

Well I am being dragged out for a night at a rock club... I haven't been to a night club in erm... 1,2,5...more.. years... confused so this should be fairly amusing!! (I'll try to look as cool as possible... ahahahaha hurhurhur ahem choke)

I won't be back until late tommorrow.

Wish me luck!!! Hugs to you ALL... especially people who haven't posted in ages... this includes you our Scorps


LadyBee Fri 09-Apr-10 16:56:03

a rock club??!! what's that? God I remember the days of knowing about music and clubs and stuff...there will be people there that look like they're 13. You know that, don't you?

I have been eating for comfort. It works. So far I have eaten lots of caramel square things, full-caffeine diet coke, salami sandwiches, and the brie is just coming to room temp. I am spoiling my appetite for dinner but I don't care. Especially as I'm going to refuse to cook dinner. We had chinese takeaway yesterday and I suspect it might have to be an indian one tonight.

Your poor bellybutton ThePFJ, I feel squeamish just at the thought of anything going in there, let alone stitches.

Chipmonkey, it's v good that your MIL is being so helpful and that Harry looks like he's mending well.

How very annoying Sal. But glad R seems to be settling better after the rough start.

MisSalLaneous Fri 09-Apr-10 19:56:41

Thanks PFJ. Ha, just reading about it makes me nervous - I've got a strong suspicion I'd be refused entry if I ever tried entering a rock club... grin Hope you're having fun!

Chipmonkey, great news re Harry. Glad your mil being so nice - it's odd how sometimes people can be complete pains, but when you really need them, they're there for you.

Ladybee. I know not the intention, but you've got me hungry now! Add a slow glass of dessert wine to your comfort menu above, and you sound like me when down! I hope everyone is being really really kind and caring to you.

chipmonkey Sat 10-Apr-10 22:43:13

Did PFJ survive the rock club?confused

MisSalLaneous Sat 10-Apr-10 22:46:40

She's probably still partying sleeping! wink

LadyBee Sun 11-Apr-10 14:41:15

Maybe she's decided to run away and join a rock band instead? One night's vision of a different life was too much?

Damn, I've just remembered I was going to plant some seed while B was sleeping. He was 'helping' me mix up the dirt before and then got a bit anxious about his dirty hands and insisted we go in and wash them (he's not really into 'messy' my boy..sigh).

Be back soon.

LadyBee Sun 11-Apr-10 15:16:34

Oof, hard day yesterday - was the birthday party for one of my RL postnatal group babies and I haven't seen those ladies for a while (far too long!) - walked in to see one of them with a 5-month bump and the other announcing her pregnancy. Obviously I'm thrilled for them but still, was a reminder of what I'd have been doing in a few weeks.
B was a bit overwhelmed with all the noise and people (it was a BIG party) but he soon found his feet and played happily with the wheelybug, shopping trolley etc - all toys we don't have (oh well). We are getting a little gardening set for him which has a wheelbarrow and a watering can plus buckets/spades etc, and my parents are getting him a scuttlebug (at my suggestion), so I hope he enjoys those. I do feel a bit hopeless when it comes to toys and so on.

MisSalLaneous Sun 11-Apr-10 16:57:37

What seeds are you planting? I've just bought some sunflower seed, as my friend is doing this "Sunflower Challenge" where a couple of us compete for the highest sunflower, and I'm convinced my African roots need to count for something! grin

Can imagine it must have been horrible seeing that yesterday. Hopefully it would hurt a bit less next time. Not that I mean it would go away, but I hope you know what I mean.

Those scuttlebugs look really cool. After seeing it on here for the first time the other day, I was telling my friend about it the other day as she is looking for something for her little boy who is 2 months older than R.

We held a belated "birthday party" for R yesterday, which consisted of us, his best buddy and his parents (good friends of ours) all taking the ferry in to London Bridge, and then we went to the Unicorn Theatre where How Cold My Toes is on. I was a little nervous of the 50 minutes running time, but they all (the toddlers, mind you!) loved it. If anyone considers something similar, I'd highly recommend this. And as it's aimed at the 2 - 5 year age group, it meant we didn't have to worry about them being quiet all the time. Ended up the were fascinated by it, so they were quiet and mesmerised throughout. We held a picnic next to Southwark Cathedral afterwards, which was lovely in this weather.

LadyBee Sun 11-Apr-10 20:46:02

Ooh, that sounds lovely Sal! I'd heard of the Unicorn theatre group but forgot about them. What a pity they're sold out for next week, that would have been fun.

We did sweetpeas - it was what I had left over. We'd just been watching a Peppa Pig episode about gardening so he was very excited to poke holes and put the seed in just like Peppa.

I've also just put cucumber and sweet pepper seeds into a tray on the window sill - hoping that the weather stays warm and sunny and they don't curl their toes up.

MisSalLaneous Sun 11-Apr-10 22:24:36

Wow, impressive array of seeds there. I really miss having a garden of our own (we've got a shared garden that's maintained, so no say in what's being done).

Re theatre - it's really a shame. I think you would have liked it. I wonder if they ever have any cancellations. Might be worth calling up and checking?

Scorps Mon 12-Apr-10 14:07:58

I have loads growing in my garden - lettuce, blackberries, potatoes, parsnips, peppers, carrots, strawberries, possibly courgettes, there's so many I've forgotten!

Ladybee, I know how you feel and it hurts but it will be you soon

I missed my new shoes delivery by 5 mins today booooo. Just some nice flats from Faith.

I'm doing ok, in odd situation but strangely ok with it. Seeing a friend this afternoon. I have caught the sun has been so nice down here, I was thinking of younall the other day when I was eating ice cream by the sea!

SuperSoph73 Mon 12-Apr-10 15:02:43

Hey all. Wow Scorps sounds like a fab garden. We have a tiny patio & I always keep thinking about getting some more pots and doing some veggies but never get round to it hmm Both DH & myself are crap at remembering to water things as well so what usually happens is that DH pops to the garden centre & just buys new hanging baskets blush. Sorry to hear about you missing your delivery. You sound upbeat though, which is great

PFJ - I obviously can't beat you on your mini-egg addiction Have you survived your clubbing experience? More power to you that's what I say LOL.

chipmonkey - sorry to hear about your LO. My DH pulled a scalding hot cup of tea over himself when he was about 12 months old. He has a skin graft on one arm as his mum had just poured the boiling water in when he pulled the tablecloth over himself. He did get some on his face but fortunately that didn't scar. Hope your LO is fully healed soon.

Well Sam has got his appointment for his first visit to see a paed about his digestive system ..... in August. FFS he's still vomiting & has lost weight and they've got him down as normal priority angry When I explained all this at the maternity hospital I was told to go back to his paed & get her to write a letter saying that he needs a special appointment .... aarrgghh! And breathe

DS1 has been given 6 months grace with the dentist If his baby teeth haven't fallen out by then, he has to have them taken out ... he was not impressed!

chipmonkey Mon 12-Apr-10 15:32:18

envy at Scorps Garden! I would love to have a garden like that but at the rate I'm going it will have to be when I retire. Which won't be anytime soon.

Soph, that is pants about the appointment taking so long! I have sometimes had to email the ophthalmologist when my patients were given routine appointments for urgent problems.

Harry is doing much better. The swelling has gone down, there are still a lot of scabs and some of the skin is peeling but the new skin underneath so far has looked fine. He looks more like my boy now and is currently irritating ds3 by thumping him while he is trying to play Roblox!grin

EllieG Mon 12-Apr-10 16:16:58

hey all -

Glad Harry is feeling a bit better chipmonkey x

Three sad things today:

I have tonsiltus

The downstairs dog ate all my vegetable plants

I can't even eat chocolate cos it hurts too much

Woe is me sad

Scorps Mon 12-Apr-10 18:44:44

Although to be fair my dad does all the planting and upkeep.... It will be really nice having all that in the yard.

Got m new sandals today YAY they're very gorgeous, gold flat and sparkly! Will see if I can link in a bit.

Yes I'm doing ok, weird but ok. Very tired tonight.

MisSalLaneous Mon 12-Apr-10 18:47:24

Oh wow, Scorps!

Soph, it must be infuriating seeing little Sam suffer when it could be sorted sooner. Any chance writing a letter of complaint might help speed things up?

Chipmonkey, you must be so relieved. These things happen in a split second, so even though it's no-one's fault, I'm relieved to hear the new skin looks fine.

Oh, and then Ellie. shock Not being able to eat chocolate is serious trouble in my books! Not sure if you'll like it, but try buying some of the "set" honey and eat it with a spoon. Suck it off slowly. It helps for a sore throat and it helps you heal faster.

Here nothing exciting. I'm absolutely SHATTERED from work, and hoped R would want to watch In the Night Garden, but instead he insisted going to the park with his bike. I'm officially a Bad Mother.

Scorps Mon 12-Apr-10 18:56:03

I can't link on my phone they're from Faith, lush.

I'm a bad mum today too lol just so tired!

LadyBee Mon 12-Apr-10 22:28:58

SuperSoph73 I really hope that Sam can get an earlier appointment. Sooo annoying that you have to jump through a few hoops though, why these things just can't be slightly easier, I don't know.

Yay Chipmonkey, glad Harry is doing well. I'm sure even if there are marks remaining, he'll be moving to fast for anyone to notice grin

Poor you Ellie, tonsillitis is rubbish. You totally deserves something like chocolate, but - you know - that you can swallow. sad

Here's to bad motherhood everyone <<clink clink>>. We're allowed to be tired and not want to do the things they want to do every so often. I've decided.

MisSalLaneous Mon 12-Apr-10 22:31:11

Ok, I'll join your club if I may.

Scorps Tue 13-Apr-10 07:45:32

Ellie, you could melt it...... grin seriously thpugh, tonsillitis is awful hope you get better soon.

It's another sunny day here, maybe new sandal outing today then lol. It's the small things that excite me now, I tell you.....

EllieG Tue 13-Apr-10 12:04:50

My life is made up of being excited by small things, I think that generally makes you a happier person. So Yey! for your sandals scorps.

I am still dying and defo want to be in the bad motherhood club as my life seems to involve a lot of 'Mummy will do it in a minute darling, I'm just drinking a cup of tea'

Apart from I can't even drink tea at the moment cos it hurts....

The only silver lining is that this must be great for weight loss, so at least that's something smile

And I am very excited cos am going to Devon tomorrow to visit my Mum, just me and Molly hurrah grin

SuperSoph73 Tue 13-Apr-10 12:39:43

Hey all.

You know, the most infuriating thing is that his other appointment to check his respiratory system (which was applied for later) is tomorrow!!! They phoned up yesterday to tell me. One of the cleaners at school has given me the number of a private paed who deals with digestive issues, so may give him a ring and see how much it is - pants is all I can say too

Ellie - I feel for you as I've had tonsillitis twice and it's not nice. Try sipping hot chocolate at least then you'll get some sort of fix wink

I'll join the shattered bad mummy club as well if you don't mind. We are currently housesitting for friends as they unfortunately had to go back to England for a funeral. Thing is they're the ones with 3 dogs & 2 cats ... so, there was me at 6.15 this morning walking the dogs so that I could leave their house by 7 to drop Sam off at nursery so I could get to work by 8.30 - I'm pooped I tell ya <<drowsy emoticon>>

Scorps Tue 13-Apr-10 13:54:16

Sorry Soph I seemed to have missed Sams appointments somewhere.... I hope you get some joy from them! It's the same here though, I'm awaiting an educational psychologist for Reilly STILL.

I wore my sandals today yay.

SuperSoph73 Tue 13-Apr-10 14:46:42

Scorps - don't worry about it lovey Pleased you got to wear your sandals today. I was going to buy myself some new shoes with my birthday money, but got carried away and spent it all on clothes

Hi everyone!

Ugh to tonsilitis Ellie, I had it so much when I was a teenager they whipped my tonsils out when I was 19.

V exciting about new sandals Scorps! It's my bday on Thursday and DH has ordered me a pair of these beauties. I got some brown ones last year and love them so much, I needed to have some silver ones too! It's DH's bday 8 days after mine (he's my toyboy!) and we're having a garden party in our actual own garden on Saturday. Fingers crossed to at least no rain, sunshine might be too much to ask for!

Right ladies, I've booked train tickets for a visit to London on Sat 22nd May. Would be fab to meet up with whoever is free, and if you're all busy then George and I will just have a day trip and do something else fun.

MisSalLaneous Tue 13-Apr-10 23:38:35

Yay Knitter! I'll just check 100% with dh if there's not something I've forgotten, but I think I can do a meetup! Would be lovely to see you again!

Good day here today. We went to Mudchute farm to see the animals and have lunch, then played/hang around on picnic mats in the park with a friend. Eventually came home and continued the picnic-y theme with coffees in the garden whilst the boys tried demolishing the pop-up tent and played with their bikes. I just LOVE summer, it's so much easier!

Scorps Thu 15-Apr-10 13:20:33

counselling session this morning. Apparently with my BMI (16.30) she can admit me to an eating disorder clinic!! I managed to convince I am not in the slightest needing all that. Goodness. I have self esteem homework to do, which is fine

Hope you're all ok, nice sunny day here

SuperSoph73 Thu 15-Apr-10 14:47:31

Hey all!

Knitter - love those sandals. I can't believe they took your tonsils out at 19. They wouldn't take mine out - buggers!

Scorps - at least you managed to convince her that you didn't need it! Just cos you're a skinny minny wink doesn't necessarily mean you have an eating disorder.

Sal - that sounds like fun

The weather here at the moment is really weird and I'm also getting a bit concerned about whether our friends will be able to make it back from England tomorrow. They're flying with Ryanair so it doesn't look too hopeful - bummer!

Scorps Thu 15-Apr-10 15:38:03

Soph it jay said on the news no flights for 24 hours from uk

MisSalLaneous Thu 15-Apr-10 19:11:30

Well, first full day at new nursery for R today, and he was fine. Was apparently a little bit sad when dh dropped him (I had to leave earlier for work), but soon forgot all about us and had a good day. He's cheerful and running around like a little maniac now, so I think he's decided to stop holding a grudge against me!

Scorp, good to hear you could persuade her. Not that I think there would be anything wrong if you had an eating disorder though, loads of people do, but I if you're sure you don't, it's reassuring that she did (eventually) listen to you! Do you like the councelling or not really?

What's up with your weather, Soph? I'm so out of touch with everything, will google in a minute.

Worked myself stupid today, I feel like I've been hit by a train. I was supposed to go to a friend's Autumn/Winter '10 collection viewing thing tonight - got dressed up in funky clothes and everything (well, as far as I could and still go to work), but had such a headache by the time that I walked out of the office that I came straight home. I'm too old for this work/play/breathing/complete-as-applicable malarky. I'm meant to lie on a beach only. With people bringing me Pina Coladas. grin

chipmonkey Thu 15-Apr-10 23:38:12

Dublin airport closed too. Funny thing is, dh had a dream a couple of days ago that there was lava being poured all over the hedgerow of the main road to our village. Thinks he's psychic now!grin

Scorps Thu 15-Apr-10 23:51:18

Sal - she was nice, she's CBT based. I have homework to do linked to self esteem etc. Yes I'm very sure I have no food issues!

ThePFJ Fri 16-Apr-10 10:02:40

Hi everyone, have been away and installing windows 7.

Rock city was excellent, I forgot what it feels like to be around people having so much fun.

Soon be time for me to make preparations for ttc again. I think pregnancy vitamins are in order.

Missed you all. xxx

SuperSoph73 Fri 16-Apr-10 14:30:11

Hey all.

Well our friends definately won't be getting back today, or tomorrow probably so the animals will just have to put up with us for a bit longer

Will catch up later but have work to do. Have good weekends everyone

Soph xxxxx

chipmonkey Sat 17-Apr-10 19:38:58

Goodness Soph, looking at the news today, you may be waiting for quite a while for your friends!shock

LadyBee Sat 17-Apr-10 21:36:15

Hi everyone,
we were supposed to be flying to Spain tomorrow but won't be able to get away - poo.
Nevermind, we have a back up plan, we're off to Southwold instead. It was raining in southern Spain anyway...apparently grin

It was B's birthday today! we had a chaotic day - had planned to take stuff with us and celebrate when we got there, but ended up having an impromptu party - thought about it last night with the prospect of not going and planned a bit - thought we'd take the boat from Woolwich down to the embankment then try to go the aquarium - he's been a couple of times and enjoys it - then to a cafe. The idea was that he'd then nap and we would have friends over for cake and a glass of wine.

It mostly worked, we had a lot of phonecalls and skype from all the grandparents back home so was little late setting off, then we forgot to check boat times and arrived just after one departed and a 30 minute wait for the next - cue picnic by the river while we waited. Then boat took a little longer than we thought so by the time we got into the city it was definitely time for lunch. And a half-hour queue for the cafe blush. Oh well, B coped with it all fine and we just had people over later. He enjoyed himself and me and DH survived the last-minute cake-baking/tidying/texting. All part of being a disorganised flexible parent, right? grin

chipmonkey Sat 17-Apr-10 21:50:33

Aw, Ladybee! Oh well, Spain is overrated anyway!

Sounds like you had a lovely party for BabyBee anyway. The spontaneous ones are the best!

MisSalLaneous Sat 17-Apr-10 22:16:28

Congratulations to B, Ladybee! You know what, even though that sounds like a wonderful day for B. Bet you'll all sleep like babies tonight though! Sorry to hear re your cancelled holiday plans.

Here nice day. Went out to buy R new shoes (his ever growing feet are going to bankrupt me pretty soon!), and found some lovely options at the Clarks outlet store. However, whilst trying on, R found some of those trainers that flash when you step on them, so in the end we left with them! Good bye stylish shoes, hello happy toddler. Good swop in my eyes.

Scorps Sun 18-Apr-10 17:11:42

Mimi is 2 today!!!

chipmonkey Sun 18-Apr-10 22:22:01

Happy Birthday, Mimi!smile

Ah yes, the shoes with lights! We always ended up with the shoes with lights........

LadyBee Sun 18-Apr-10 22:47:06

Happy birthday Mimi!
We're off to Southwold tomorrow -- discovered our car won't start (we are jinxed when it comes to cars...probably because I hardly ever drive them, blah di blah) so have got a rental organised and now just have to pack (hah! at 10:30...this is going to be fun).

We were shoe shopping earlier this week - got two pairs, one blue with little boats (which he calls his "iggy piggy boat shoes") and some red sandals "roary car shoe"..which just goes to show how much influence tv has on him (to my shame..although in my defence, he's never seen roary here at home, I reckon it must be on in the afternoon at his childminders)

Right, got to go see what needs to get in the wash overnight. I have a feeling tomorrow is going to be another chaotic one grin

MisSalLaneous Sun 18-Apr-10 23:00:11

Have a great holiday, Ladybee!

Scorps, did you do anything nice today? Used the excuse to eat lots of cake like I did on R's? grin

Scorps Mon 19-Apr-10 12:31:22

Just did her cake, went to the park, had to drag her away from her peppa pig kitchen!

The boys had to have flasy shoes for years, lol. Mimi is currently sporting flowery canvas lace ups!

SuperSoph73 Mon 19-Apr-10 13:09:39

Hey all. Happy Belated Birthday's Sam's is on Thursday. We don't have anything planned as he still doesn't understand, which is good in one way but a little in another. Have got to try & get out and get him a pressie as (obviously) nothing's arrived from England for him. He's only got a couple of cards waiting for him

Sorry about that depressing start. I promise I'll cheer up now LOL. We had a good weekend, although I think our cat is thoroughly pee'd off by now as I'm only dashing in every other day to feed her and say hello before I'm dashing off again. Our friends were supposed to be coming back today but lord only knows when they'll be back confused The brilliant thing is they have a cleaner who comes in 3 times a week so I only had to iron 1 shirt for DH and 1 polo shirt for DS1 as she'll do the rest today

How are we all? Just had the most disgusting school lunch ever <<bleurgh>>

chipmonkey Mon 19-Apr-10 14:55:44

Soph, if it's any comfort, I don't think Harry understands much about birthdays either but he does understand about cake!grin The parties are more for our benefit than his. dh is also in April so we are doing a joint party. Not with joints, I hasten to add!wink

SuperSoph73 Mon 19-Apr-10 14:59:58

LOL @ chipmonkey. My DH's is in April too, 4 days after Sams. It was his 40th the year Sam was born .... which was the only present he got that year from me I hasten to add as wasn't really feeling up to celebrating

MisSalLaneous Mon 19-Apr-10 15:50:59

What was the horrid lunch, Soph? I know I'm going to regret asking, but as I'm always ever so jealous about your chip days, I have to laugh at the awfulness. wink

Re birthdays - yep, same here, R has no clue about birthdays, which is why we didn't even bother with a children's party. No, I'm lying, the fact that I'm too lazy to bother with surviving entertaining a crowd of toddlers is why I didn't do it. Until he's old enough to understand, I'll continue having picnics disguised as his birthday parties! grin

SuperSoph73 Mon 19-Apr-10 16:21:51

Sal - it was a choice of barely cooked, manky bits of grissle pork in an indescribably horrid barbeque sauce OR stuffed crepes, which actually look & taste like they're filled with wallpaper paste. No, I lie, wallpaper paste would taste better <<barf emoticon>>!

Thank God for chip day

MisSalLaneous Mon 19-Apr-10 16:42:19

Urgh. envy (not envy, the other kind of green feeling!) You deserve chip day now!

MisSalLaneous Mon 19-Apr-10 16:44:54

On the topic of horrid food - I've just made R filled pasta (store bought, not made from flour by me...), overcooked it and he's currently devouring something closely resembling snot. It tastes utterly disgusting, but he seems to love it. Since he pulled up his nose at my homebaked banana bread, I've decided that our taste buds probably differ a bit. Thank heavens for that, btw!

ThePFJ Mon 19-Apr-10 17:02:40

Hi everyone, hope you are all well.

I am in a fowl mood today. I went out with some friends for a birthday night out. So my friend Alison who is quiet is drinking with me and we are having a lovely time. She doesnt get out much and neither do I. So the birthday boy introduces us to his other friend Vicki when she arrives and I try to be as nice to her as possible. In fact I AM nice to her, very nice. She isnt drinking though and neither is the birthday boy (Mark) because they insist on driving. I didnt drink all that much at all, but me and Alison were a little merry. Anyways, she seems like she is having a good time, and is very talkative and chats to me for ages. However upon leaving the restaurant before she drives home she sends a text to Mark (Alisons Husband) saying I am a bad influence on Alison and basically being extremely judgemental. I have been angry all day. Why are people so two-faced? Why did Mark read out the text to me and then not say anything about it himself? Why are people so mean and judgemental?? WHY AM I SO ANGRY ABOUT IT????!!!


I am too nice to people. I thought she was quite nice and intelligent at the time.

Grrr etc. Are my hormones raging???

Sorry.. needed to vent. Thank you. xxxx

chipmonkey Mon 19-Apr-10 20:04:19


A bad influence?confused What is Alison, 12?

The woman sounds barking! And what did Mark think of this? Has it caused trouble between them? I hope he is more sensible than to pay any attention!

MisSalLaneous Mon 19-Apr-10 20:28:40

Ah PFJ, tactless as he is, I wonder if Mark reading this out to you was not a way of him saying "how ridiculous is this?!" ? Either way, try and ignore them. Agree with Chipmonkey - unless A is actually still at school (and ever then, I don't really see you as a hellraiser wink ), surely she can make her own decisions! Deary me, it's not like you got locked up or anything!

Hmm, you didn't, did you?! wink grin

ThePFJ Mon 19-Apr-10 21:37:41

I havent been called a bad influence since I was 15 and a girl I knew came around with a bottle of vodka to my house... her mother found out and blamed it on me!!! grin

chipmonkey Mon 19-Apr-10 22:00:28

hands PFJ a bottle of BLUE vodka!
There! I'm the bad influence now!grin

SuperSoph73 Tue 20-Apr-10 11:21:12

Hey all

PFJ - poor you, she sounds completely immature <<hands over a bottle WKD ... which I think has vodka in it confused >>

Sal - another horrid day for food at school today .. is obviously not going to be a good week. I may have to go to the bar & get something edible, but the problem with that is I only get 30 mins for lunch and by the time I get there and back my break's nearly over. <<Sigh>> I suppose the soup's OK today so will probably have to make do with that. At least we get food provided for us at school for free so I shouldn't really be complaining blush

MisSalLaneous Tue 20-Apr-10 11:30:51

Hey Soph. I got worried there when you said you planned on going to the bar - thought PFJ's bad influence is so strong it's rubbing off across the oceans... wink

I'm hungry but don't really fancy going to a lot of trouble as I'm soooo lazy. So it might be spicy cous-cous with cheese for lunch again, which is my emergency stand-by but R's favourite.

SuperSoph73 Tue 20-Apr-10 13:10:31

Well, when you've just had 28 16-18 year olds to deal with it's enough to drive anyone to drink wink

Apparently one of the teachers has just spoken to our friends stuck in England and their flight is now booked for Friday. However, DH has just told me that they're shutting all the airports again! I feel really sorry for the people that are stranded as it's not even as if they can enjoy an extended holiday as they keep having to turn up at the airport or wherever to rebook. What a nightmare!

EllieG Thu 22-Apr-10 09:44:55

Hey all! I got stuck at my Mum's house in Devon because of volcanos and could not MN boo.


Molly loving the present thing this year, got up and said 'OOOOOOO! PRESENTS!' and went round the house singing happy birthday to herself (well, sort of, it kinda went 'appy birthday mumble mumble ooo')

Sam having a nice day?

SuperSoph73 Thu 22-Apr-10 10:01:36

Hey there Ellie Thanks for the Happy Birthday. I'm going to upload some photos in a mo so you can see him. We haven't opened pressies yet & poor DH has a Governor's meeting until about 9.30pm so he only saw him briefly this morning I think DS1 is more excited because he'll get to help Sam open his presents, put them together and play with them

SuperSoph73 Thu 22-Apr-10 10:09:59

Hey there Ellie Thanks for the Happy Birthday. I'm going to upload some photos in a mo so you can see him. We haven't opened pressies yet & poor DH has a Governor's meeting until about 9.30pm so he only saw him briefly this morning I think DS1 is more excited because he'll get to help Sam open his presents, put them together and play with them

SuperSoph73 Thu 22-Apr-10 13:30:19

Have just realised I forgot to say Happy Birthday to Molly so ... HAPPY BIRTHDAY Sorry about that blush

I've put a few piccies on my profile. It was very early - as you can tell by the bags under Sam's eyes ... poor chicken!

MisSalLaneous Thu 22-Apr-10 22:52:26

Happy birthday Sam and Molly!!!

EllieG Fri 23-Apr-10 15:34:46

Thanks! We went out to pizza express and Mol ate her own weight in pizza and garlic bread and chocolate cake - she takes after her Mummy clearly! Am expecting her to start asking for G&T's soon.

MisSalLaneous Fri 23-Apr-10 19:48:31

Mol's a girl after my own heart! grin

EllieG Mon 26-Apr-10 10:46:34

Wotcha everyone - how's tricks? grin

Scorps Mon 26-Apr-10 12:15:41

Hi ellie I'm ok thanks. Mimi has been referred to a physio, 1 of her feet turns in when she walks and at her 2 yr check they wanted it checked. One day I will have a totally normal child lol

had to go to a work focussed interview at jobcentre. Lady seemed rather shocked I wanted a job one day let alone me having qualifications too LOL [teenage parent emoticon]

piglet is funny now, laughs alot and coos little conversations.

MisSalLaneous Mon 26-Apr-10 12:22:12

Helloooo!!! I thought all have deserted this thread and I've since continued started talking to myself...

Are we supposed to take them for a 2-year checkup?? I'm useless with these things!

Ooh, have just seen the sun has decided to make an appearance! Yipeeee. I got a new hammock a week or so ago, but crazy weekend so haven't had time to try it out yet.

Dh booked us on a chocolate making course for my birthday, and we went last night. It was so cool, and I ate my body weight in chocolate! Have loads around (you bring home what you made), so guess what I had for breakfast today? grin

Scorps Mon 26-Apr-10 12:29:46

They do the check in some areas and not others - you'll get sent an appt if they do it by you

wow to choc course!!

SuperSoph73 Mon 26-Apr-10 14:39:19


Wow Sal what a splendid course to be on. You'd have needed a forklift to get me out of there We have 2 year checks here, Sam's going for his tomorrow. Actually, thinking about it DS1 has had one practically every year apart from last year. Don't know why, they just said they didn't need to see him until he was 8 confused

LOL at you Scorps actually wanting a job and being qualified to have one ... shock, horror at one so young wink Hope Mimi doesn't have to have too much physio - at least it's getting sorted while she's young.

Ellie - yes, my future daugther-in-law is a girl after my own heart wink I adore pizza

Our friends finally got back on Friday. We stayed until yesterday, but I tell you what, it was absolute bliss to get back to my own bed. And this morning was just magical as there was no dashing about and no dogs to walk - yay!

SuperSoph73 Mon 26-Apr-10 14:40:27

Oh and it's DH's birthday today .... not quite sure why I'm telling you this but hay ho

EllieG Mon 26-Apr-10 15:54:22

Happy birthday soph's DH!

I got a letter through about Mol's 2 year check but I told them I didn't want one cos I don't have any worries and I see the GP regularly. But now am not sure - what if one of her feet turns in and I never noticed? Maybe I will call back. Hmm.

SuperSoph73 Mon 26-Apr-10 16:31:04

Thanks Ellie. Personally I'd go to the appointment if you've been offered one. I take up every appointment that's thrown at us and not just because of the Down Syndrome, I did the same with DS1. However, that's just me, I'm quirky like that

MisSalLaneous Mon 26-Apr-10 20:01:06

Happy birthday to your dh, Soph!

I hope we get a 2-year check-up, if only so that I can moan in someone's ears about the fact that I want his lungs to get strong enough to not get so ill every time he has a cold!

Dh in Switzerland today and I miss him. When he's here, he drives me nuts sometimes, but as soon as he's away, I turn into a lovesick teenager... confused Will be home around 10 though, and R asleep, so good excuse for me to do absolutely nothing.

PinkoLiberal Mon 26-Apr-10 20:13:40

We havent has a 2 year check, yyoud think with two asd kids woudln't you?

Bloody useless!

happy birthday everybody! BAs had a nice day, kinda quiet but nice. Seems so long ago now! he is currently worse for wear0 nice scraped nose where he tripped over a hula hoop at the weekend and surfed the patio via the medium of nose, and the remnants of a nasty bout of chickenpox. And now his hair has finally grown it is bumfluff as wellso handsome PMSL

LadyBee Mon 26-Apr-10 22:17:40

well hello ladeez,
happy happy birthdays to the littlies I missed last week.
We had a super-fab holiday, just so nice to be away from everything, lots of walks, cheese, reading, and late night chats. Babybee was a star, even though he came down with a cold towards the end.
We ended up in a rental car - a prius - it was the only down of the whole thing, the car was so nice (and economical!) that I am now besotted with it and want to buy one. There's no way we could afford it. boo hoo. I waaannnnt one.

What are you going to do ThePFJ? I think if it was me I'd just drop it into conversation at the later date 'yeah but, you know, I'm a bad influence' with a significant look in her direction to make sure she knows. But then I'm a bit childish that way too grin

NiallOfTheNineHostages Mon 26-Apr-10 22:45:21

Hi Folks, chipmonkey here on a namechange!grin
We have an 18 month check up in Ireland and then I think the next one isn't till 3. Harry's 18 month check up was quite funny. It consisted of the nurse giving him little tasks to do, me looking doubtful and saying "Oh no, I don't think he'll be able to do that. Oh look at that, he can!"
Poor old Bas, 2 is the age of accidents, isn't it?
Harry has healed very well from the scald, you can barely tell anything happened. We are not sure if he has lost a little hair on his scalp though, but if he has, it isn't much. We have to go back to the plastics clinic on Friday and I hope we'll be discharged.
Ds3 needs grommets and will be having surgery early in May. Getting very weary of hospitals!

Hi again all, stupid RL keeps getting in the way...

Not sure what to say actually, just wanted to say hello!

EllieG Tue 27-Apr-10 08:50:39

Hey all!

Poor old Bas - I think it's just the age isn't it? Molly seems to be constantly coming to show me a bump or bruise of one sort or another. Last night bad mummy wasn't watching while she was jumping on the sofa and she fell off and hit the coffee table blush

Hey chipmonkey/niall - glad all getting better with H, sounds as if he's doing really well.

SuperSoph73 Tue 27-Apr-10 11:36:40

Morning all. Nice name change Niall Pleased to hear that Harry is healing nicely. I know what you mean about hospitals, we're never out of them. Sam's got his hearing test in May, an appointment with a gastro-type person in August & we're still waiting for the appointment to test his respiratory system - hey ho, such is life

Poor Bas, they don't half bash themselves at this age.

Sam's check was fine he's now 22.3lbs, which is very low for a NT child and low for a child with DS, but at least he's gained weight since the last check. He's tall for a child with DS though - 33.1 inches. His quarterly check with the doc at the hospital where he has all his therapies is tomorrow. He's coming along quite nicely though with his mobility. He can nearly go from the crawl to the standing position on his own and he was walking quite well holding on to his therapists hand on Monday. Little by little we're getting there

EllieG Tue 27-Apr-10 16:11:21

Sounds like he's doing really well soph - glad he is tall, my Molly is a giant and I don't want her dwarfing future SIL grin

Soph, I just did a quick inch-cm convert online, and 33.1" is 84.074(!)cm. That's what George is atm!

LadyBee Wed 28-Apr-10 22:16:33

I really must take B back to the clinic one of these weeks, I have absolutely no clue what he weighs or how tall he is, and somebody asked the other day for some reason...can't think why now. Was something vaguely official I think. Hey ho.

Knitter when are you coming down? It was in my diary and fell out somehow.

SuperSoph73 Thu 29-Apr-10 10:14:31

Hey there, how are we all

Knitter - that's nice to know. I printed out a growth & weight chart for boys with DS and he's practically at the top. He's nearly at the bottom of the chart though for weight. He was sick again after his lunch at nursery yesterday so we'll have to see how he goes today. Just when I think he's doing really well it all flares up again!

Ellie - you'll just have to make sure that she always dates tall men wink

SuperSoph73 Thu 29-Apr-10 11:13:27

All exciting stuff here today as we've got rally cars whizzing past our windows every couple of minutes! The school is on a very winding road and the finish line for this leg of the rally is right outside the school doors which are right underneath the library. We're getting some very good views of the Policia Local in their tight-fitting uniforms .... mmmmm

I hope you took some photos for us, Soph! It's been raining here all day on & off and I could do with something nice to look at!

I'm coming on Sat May 22nd, LadyBee. I think I'd like to have lunch at Giraffe again, and then prob head to the playground behind the eye depending on how tired G is after we've eaten.

MisSalLaneous Thu 29-Apr-10 19:03:14

Hello all you lovelies. It's almost almost almost weekend. Whay hay! Thought I was about to die on Tuesday with a horrid stomach bug. Halfway through I wished I would... However, all survived and now I'm just looking forward to the weekend. We're driving to Holland to, wait for it... get my bell tent grin.

Work ok, I'm shattered, but nice people. R still hasnt settled in properly in his new nursery (where he goes Thursdays and Fridays). The plan was to move him out of his old nursery (Wednesday) to the new place too, but I'm now complete confused as to what to do - he's happier at his old place. Technically the new place is probably better though, so I'm not sure if it's just hard for him because I've started working again or if it is because it's all new or what. Urgh. At least it's getting better. Slowly (very!) but surely.

SuperSoph73 Fri 30-Apr-10 15:08:45

Hey there. Sorry Knitter but didn't get round to taking photos, as I wasn't really supposed to be gawping out the window anyway blush

Sal - yuk, that sounded nasty. I'm sure R will be fine eventually and it probably is because he's adjusting to you being back at work. Children thrive on routines and his has changed so he needs time to get himself sorted. Try not to worry too much

LadyBee Sat 01-May-10 15:33:30

You're driving to Holland? shock
To pick up a tent? shockshock

Have I slipped into some parallel linguistic universe, and where you say 'Holland' you actually mean "central London" and when you say 'tent' you actually mean "chocolate/shoes/anything really...a tent?"

This must be something pretty special, Sal gringrin

The temperature's dropping here, I guess that's the rain coming in for the weekend then. Oh, well, we managed to get into the garden this morning and the rest of our weekend plans don't rely on good weather thank goodness.

Oh and YAYAYAYAYAYAYAY!!!! our loud and annoying neighbours (they on the 15 squillion footballs, that all end up in our garden every single day) have put their house on the market. I'm so very pleased about this I did a little dance when I saw the sign. Please send good vibes that their house sells quickly and smoothly, preferably to a lovely young couple with a baby or two. wink

LadyBee Sat 01-May-10 15:35:21

knitter 22nd May back in the diary and am definitely up for a Giraffe lunch and play. That sounds lovely, looking forward to it.

EllieG Sun 02-May-10 14:09:54

You're driving to Holland to get a tent??? I am quite confused - can you not buy tents in London?

I will speak to sis about the 22nd and see if she has plans for us, if she doesn't we'll be there too!

chipmonkey Sun 02-May-10 18:32:28

Nah, it's an excuse! She's not going for a tent, she's going for the waccy-baccy!

terrible really, I think it's PFJ's bad influence!sad

MisSalLaneous Sun 02-May-10 21:10:53

Thanks Soph. I don't know why he (and me!) takes this so hard this time. Still, getting better by the day.

Ooh Ladybee, fabulous news re neighbours from hell (hopefully) moving! Will keep everything crossed for the speediest sale in history!

I'm game for Giraffe meetup too, would be lovely.

Hmm, and now, because I can't hold it in any longer...

My tent We also got the tarp that you can see on those pictures. We drove to Holland to buy it directly from the supplier there, mainly as it was more than a £100 cheaper there (and they won't ship to England as they've got a supplier agreement with Belltents, the website link). The the price difference would cover Eurotunnel and diesel costs. Hotel obv extra, but it was a good enough excuse for us grin Had a fantastic time, we love just driving around.

Ah, but yes, let's blame PFJ as she doesnt talk to us enough - I didn't buy anything dodgy, but did get some wines in Calais if that counts... wink

chipmonkey Mon 03-May-10 22:24:35

Oh, Sal, that tent looks fabulous! Love the photos on that site!

MisSalLaneous Mon 03-May-10 22:30:56

Hey chipmonkey! It's lovely, isn't it? I'm a little bit in love with it...

Dh, bless his soul, is indulging my latest obsession without too much complaint. grin

How was your weekend?

SuperSoph73 Tue 04-May-10 09:36:44

Hey all.

Well, I'm definitely not a tent/camping sort of person but that looks really great Sal .... although I won't be dashing out to get one anytime soon wink

We have finally got all our flights sorted for coming to England in the summer, which I'm very excited about now - yay

How is everyone today?

MisSalLaneous Tue 04-May-10 10:41:32

Yay Soph!!

Ok here. We seem to all have a permanent cold, but more annoying than anything else.

R & I baked chocolate cake this morning, it's in the oven now. Smells yummy! (Baking with him is fun, but it does normally involve washing the kitchen floor when we're done...)

SuperSoph73 Tue 04-May-10 11:11:59

Sal - fancy coming round and doing mine, it's filthy Oh, and bring some cake wink

MisSalLaneous Tue 04-May-10 11:53:59

grin Ah Soph, to see you I might even do that! Mind you, I'm not particularly good at this whole cleaning malarky...

SuperSoph73 Tue 04-May-10 13:04:51

Neither am I Sal, that's why our house always looks like a skip blush

Scorps Tue 04-May-10 18:31:35

Hello everyone

mum and dad are moving to France - gone in September. Their house sold this week. Am but also for them. My sister will be staying in Cornwall still.

I'm doing ok, I'm positive, etc. Tired. Lacey bottle refusing still! Both girls had jabs today (mimi mmr) and piglet is v unsettled.

MisSalLaneous Tue 04-May-10 21:10:59

Hey Scorp. Hmm, sorry to hear re parents moving away. Could you go for long visits? In which case, this is good! wink Glad to hear you're doing well, and hope piglet doesn't have too bad a night.

chipmonkey Wed 05-May-10 00:21:27

There can be advantages to parents living somewhere holiday-ish! Not quite the same thing but my Mum lives in Wexford, which has fantastic beaches, good restaurants, and Nana to babysit!wink She is thinking of moving closer to me which would be lovely of course but we would miss Wexford.

SuperSoph73 Wed 05-May-10 11:44:27

Morning all.

Scorps - definitely good for holidays, but feel a little for you regarding them moving away as I know how close you are. At least it's easy to get there ... volcanic ash hopefully wouldn't disrupt the Eurostar for example Hope your girls are OK today.

Actually I'm getting increasingly panicky about this volcano business as it looks as though it's going to go on for some time and I might just have a breakdown if it interrupts our plans for the summer. We haven't been away as a family since DS1 was 2 and he would be completely gutted if everything goes belly-up. All he talks about at the moment is going to see Nana, Grandad & Granny in the summer. <<goes off to take some deep breaths into a paper bag>>

MisSalLaneous Wed 05-May-10 13:30:45

Oh Soph, I really really hope all will be ok. I think it should though, the latest delays seem to be less severe.

Scorps Wed 05-May-10 13:58:52

I will miss them but I can b there in a day if I had to and they love me wherever they are iyswim. I can talk on the phone, skype etc.

Piglet slept through last night but I'm v tired still!

SuperSoph73 Wed 05-May-10 14:34:44

Exactly Scorps. Pleased piglet slept and hope you get a chance to catch up on some of yours

Sal - yes, it doesn't seem to be as bad as before. Anyway, I refuse to think about it until closer to the time - <<head in sand emoticon>>

LadyBee Wed 05-May-10 20:42:38

Help! Help help help!

Ok, so Babybee has been really good at going off to sleep - our bedtime routine is bath, snuggle up for 2 stories with a warm milk drink, brush teeth, into his room to get into sleeping bag then a quick cuddle and into cot, tucked in and then we sing a slow song. He's awake when I walk out the door (still singing or humming), he would normally chat or sing to himself and go to sleep.

The other day he woke up at about 3 or 4 (don't know exactly, clock in our room as stopped), crying for me. I went in, calmed him and he went back to sleep. This happened again, then the 3rd time he wouldn't settle so I tried bringing him in to bed with me (this never works but I always try it because I get desperate to lie down). He finally asked to go back to his cot, so I settle him back leave him. He's quiet for a bit then starts crying for me. We repeat attempt to sleep in my bed.
At 6:30 he finally drops to sleep after I lose my patience (with DH) and loudly stomp off to the bathroom ignoring his crying.

That was Monday night. Since then he WILL NOT go to sleep without me in the room. I'm trying to follow our routine, but he just gets so upset - sobbing, calling for me, gasping with tears etc - it's difficult not to go back into him.

It's like he's trying to not go to sleep while I'm in the room, but insists on me being there for him to drift off.

What is going on??
And how do I get him to remember that he can go off to sleep?

He's been a bit grumpy and contrary, and melting down more often. Do they go through another clingy phase? Is this is? Oh please tell me how to get him back in his routine?

MisSalLaneous Wed 05-May-10 20:46:36

Oh no, Ladybee! I'm sure someone with experience will be along in a second, but I definitely think they go through a clingy stage. I was convinced R's clinginess was because I started working again, until I had this same chat with a friend, whose ds is a month or so older than R, and she said he was going through the same difficult stage. Hoping things improve quickly!

LadyBee Wed 05-May-10 20:55:42

oooh, yes, maybe R and B are doing the same sort of thing then?
It occurred to me that maybe because we'd had a week's holiday together and then a long weekend he was feeling the separation now that he's back with his CM. <<sigh>>
He has gone to sleep now thank goodness.

MisSalLaneous Wed 05-May-10 21:00:06

They're such monkeys sometimes - as soon as you're all chuffed with yourself for having cracked it, something else happens! Glad to hear tonight good, hope it continues.

EllieG Thu 06-May-10 09:51:40

Hello everyone - how's things?

EllieG Thu 06-May-10 09:57:57

Hust seen your post ladybee - Molly doing very similar at moment - not sure why, but everything is 'oh Mummmmeeee!' said in anguished tone. And night times have been rubbish, screams for me desparately. She has changed her room at nursery plus we went away just her and me so I put it down to routine changes causing a bit of separation anxiety. She seems to be coming through it now and the last two nights has slept through (though did wake this morning at half 5 going 'Mummy! No sleep!' hmmm.....)

SuperSoph73 Thu 06-May-10 13:45:02

Hey there.

At this stage you tend to find that some children will go through another clingy stage and also they can start to experience "nightmares", not as bad as grown-up ones, but enough to wake them up. Also, when they wake up like this they don't tend to have enough vocabulary to tell you why they woke up so, not only do they not understand it, but they can't tell you exactly what the matter is. This is why you tend to find that they want you to stay with them until they drop off again and sometimes why they feel too "scared" to go to sleep on their own. This means that they will create through their getting ready for bed routine.


How's everyone today btw?

LadyBee Thu 06-May-10 14:07:42

Hey, just popping on while I have some lunch. That seems spot on SuperSoph and Ellie, and it's really reassuring to hear that it's a stage, and that we hadn't managed to screw things up royally somehow.
I think I'm going to introduce a change myself, maybe something like reading another story to him once he's gone to bed - at least now it's light enough that I can see the pages hmm, and it's something I can see wanting to carry on with.

It's a beautiful day here - have just gone and voted and then strolled back the 'long way' to pick up some things for dinner enjoying the sun. Oh I hope it's like this for the weekend!

Should make my lunch, am starving!

EllieG Thu 06-May-10 14:13:36

I'm on a(nother)diet so have eaten a very healthy chicken salad for lunch and everyone else is eating some cake. Bah. Am very bad tempered.

SuperSoph73 Thu 06-May-10 14:54:02

Ladybee. I try to convince myself regularly that everything's "just a stage" LOL, especially with DS1. But, tbh, I don't think boys ever stop having them <<looks round to check DH isn't standing behind her>>

Ellie - I'm just about to look into the Dukan Diet but I don't know whether I can only eat proteins for the first week. I'm just so dreadful at dieting, even though I know I'm overweight. And, of course, it would mean giving up the wine during the week, which of course would be a nightmare .... god I sound like a right old soak <<hic>> blush

LadyBee Sun 09-May-10 21:46:03

Just had a gorgeous day with DS, went to ToddlersWorld then took him to outside playground then to a cafe for lunch and he was good fun and did so well - no tantrums just lots of fun. He zonked out on the way home which was good as I ended up with a splitting headache and needed to try to relax/take painkillers/self-medicate with caffeine to try to get rid of it. Nothing's worked, I think I need to take my strong painkiller and just go to bed.

But I'm trying to delay it being monday...


SuperSoph73 Mon 10-May-10 16:40:58

Hey there. How's your head LadyBee? We did absolutely nothing over the weekend apart from have friends over for dinner on Sat night. Didn't even bother getting out of my PJ's on Sunday blush Poor Sam is all snotty again and his nose is bright red and really sore, poor thing.

Started my diet today and so far, so good. I'll be fine as long as we don't stop at the supermarket on the way home because that will tempt me to buy wine and I'm not going to <<stamps foot defiantly>> With this diet though the first 3 days is protein only so it's been a very boring day food-wise!

I'm also a bit panicky at the moment as DH and I did something REALLY REALLY stupid on Friday night (after a bit to drink) ... I'm sure you'll be able to guess what blush

Anyway, will get back to you all tomorrow as have to go and tidy up before home time. See ya

Scorps Mon 10-May-10 18:21:21

Arrgghhh the glamour! Ds2 has headlice. Mimi cut her mouth open today. Piglet just poohed on me. Sigh.

In other news, I appear to be the object of someones affections. He knows about dc, H, everything and apparently it's all ok..... I'm just not sure how I feel. In general I mean - I kinda feel asexual iyswim, I don't think I'd go out with David beckham right now! He is sweet, intelligent, good job, loves kids.... I'm not open for a 1-2-1 yet but a group of us are going out in a month and he will be there too - meanwhile I enjoy chatting, etc. Any input anyone? Truthful please.

Piglet is still bottle refusing!

LadyBee Mon 10-May-10 22:25:38

hmm. Well...I don't know but I think if you're not sure how you feel it wouldn't be fair on the guy to do anything other than group outings until you do feel a bit surer. Slow and no mixed signals smile.

Good lord this mothering lark is lovely, isn't it? I had a wrestling match with babybee this evening...tomorrow I swear I will just let him do the thing he melts-down about. I'm going to give up in

SuperSoph73 Tue 11-May-10 09:03:27

Morning all.

Scorps - I'm with Ladybee on this one, group outings for now and see how it goes. You don't need the added emotion of a 1-2-1 at the moment and you don't want him to get the wrong idea. If he's really that interested in you he'll go with the flow and wait until you're ready (IMO that is). If it's meant to be it will be IYSWIM

Motherhood is glamorous isn't it hmm I'm just permanently covered in snot at the moment .... lovely <<sigh>>

SuperSoph73 Tue 11-May-10 09:04:48

No Ladybee be strong ... once he realises he's getting one over on you then he'll keep doing it. I know you want to give in but try not to - it will get better, promise

MisSalLaneous Tue 11-May-10 16:04:53

Hello! Sorry a bit quiet here, I missed our thread off threads I'm on, which doesn't happen often! grin

Urgh, headlice, I dread the day R comes home with some. Everyone says it's just a matter of time, but I try not to think about it too much!

Hang in there, Ladybee, you're probably on the brink of a good change, it just feels like forever when you're in the midst of it.

Soph and Ellie, not sure whether I should be seriously impressed with you two on you diet regimes or jealous as I'd be surrounded by fabulous looking people soon whilst trying to squeeze into too small jeans... How's it going?

Scorps Tue 11-May-10 17:14:22

I got a BOX yes a BOX of roses from man a frigging BOX

he asked would I maybe, if I'm free and want to, go out for a picnic or a meal if I can leave baby

he sends me roses cos he likes ne. H bought me them when he cheated. Worlds apart!!

This is me

SuperSoph73 Wed 12-May-10 12:02:07

Hey Sal. Just to let you know (although this is bound to sod it up ) but DS1 has never had headlice, even though it's rife in his class at the moment. DH & I never got them at school either.

The diet is going surprisingly well, although it's not easy because the first few days are protein only. I've lost a kilo a day so far so am very I can start adding veggies on Thurs but I may carry on the protein only phase for another couple of days. I can already see the difference & I don't feel anywhere near as bloated as I used to. However, saying that, I absolutely steadfastly refuse to give up the wine on a Friday evening

Blimey Scorps I don't think I've ever seen a box of Roses. I'm really pleased for you but at the same time ... and I don't mean to sound like your mother ... but just tread cautiously to start off with, I'd hate to see you get hurt again. Saying that I am very for you.

Scorps Wed 12-May-10 13:31:15

I know soph we are meeting up at end of month at a friends party, I'm not ready for one to ones and he's very cool with that.

SuperSoph73 Wed 12-May-10 16:06:20

That's alright then Scorps I shall now release you from my apron strings wink

Scorps Wed 12-May-10 20:50:20

Lol soph don't worry I'm not jumping in

I had my hair done today feel fab lol

SuperSoph73 Thu 13-May-10 09:46:32

Morning all.

Scorps - great to hear you're feeling fab I massacred Sam's hair with the clippers at the weekend ... he now looks like a right thug LOL

I'm very depressed at the moment .... because I'm on this diet and can't eat carbs for another 77 days shock I can't indulge in chip day <<starts sobbing uncontrollably>>

The only good thing is that I can now start introducing veggies and salad stuff into my "regime" so I've made myself a bloody awful wonderful salad for lunch, whoopee! Please send virtual restraints to stop me going down to the dining room.

EllieG Thu 13-May-10 10:59:09

Soph - I salute you and your giving up of carbs. Well done lady, just think how fabulous you'll look at the end of 77 days. 77 is an awful long time though isn't it? Sorry, that probably wasn't helpful!

Not much going on here, workign like a demon and trying to fit in poor family sometimes sad

Have got afternoon off for some mummy/Molly time though and we will go to the park as the sun is shining hurray smile

Diet going well, lost 2 pounds last week and so far so good this week, apart from one teeny tiny bit of cake which hardly counted I don't think!

scorps - hurray for you, we all knew you were fabulous! But echo the being careful mother-hen message too xxx

Hang on in there Ladybee...'twill all be OK....

We have given Molly a little duvet and pillow as she likes snuggling down in our bed and although she has slept beautifully once asleep, bedtime has become rather protracted because she thinks they are playthings. Last night she was yelling for me and I went in to find her with the pillow on her head snickering going 'Molly funny!' and I really wanted to laugh cos she was rather. But she didn't go to sleep til 9 pm which was annoying.

SuperSoph73 Thu 13-May-10 11:33:11

Ellie ... you're right it is a long time, especially as I'm still supposed to be doing it during my hols! May have to put it on hold while we're in England. I'm pleased to hear that Mollie is still cheeky

Scorps Thu 13-May-10 14:12:03

Ahh bless molly! I thought the other day mimi might like a pillow... Kids are staying ovenight with K starting this week, feels weird I'll miss them!

Yes I will be very slow and will only do what I want to do, slowly. It's very early and a bit odd still.

MisSalLaneous Thu 13-May-10 19:20:44

Whay hay, congratulations on the diet success so far, you two!

Scorps, I love your hair (saw on FB), you look amazing! And sounds happier than I've heard you in ages. Glad you're taking things slowly, but also glad that you get spoilt a bit! Well, a lot! grin You deserve it.

Burst out laughing when I read your post re Mollie, Ellie. She sounds such a cutie!

Here things same as same as really.

We're going to a Thomas the Tank Engine day with some friends (and their children) this weekend, and a long planned camping trip that evening. The closer we get to the weekend, the more I panic though... We're going to freeze to death, aren't we?!

EllieG Fri 14-May-10 11:01:58

Ooo I love Thomas the Tank Engine I wish I Molly could go on something like that

Diet not going so well this week. There has been cake in the office winking at me.

SuperSoph73 Fri 14-May-10 13:19:04

Hi there! Keep strong Ellie ... although I can hardly talk as I did actually succumb to a biscuit yesterday. It was a diet one though (only 49 calories) but it still made me feel guilty as I'd been soooo good <<sigh>>. Have got to start exercising now though, which is going to be the toughest bit of all tbh. I'm so knackered by the time I get in from work the last thing I feel like doing is exercise <<blows raspberry>>!

Sal - that sounds like fun ... the Thomas the Tank Engine bit that is, not the camping bit <<shudder>>. Just take your thermals and I'm sure you'll be fine

Scorps Fri 14-May-10 13:21:38

I don't think I'm ready for men you know. Has boosted my confidence but I don't think I want anymore than that. I'd know if I did wouldn't I? God will I ever actually want to?! It's nice, flattering but I don't really feel like I want to even see him. If I actually liked him I would want to wouldn't I? My life is actually quite full already and I need time to find me more, my confidence is slowly returning and the last thing I feel I need right now is someone needing/wanting me. Plus I've been hurt so much and I'm still having some days where I miss K so much, not often at all now but still. Also I don't think I fancy him at all.

It has made me realise I'm worth it though, and that I must appeal to men.

I feel weird today, I think it must be a bit of a bad day, I woke up and for a split second wondered where K was. I'm quite enjoying my life, it's busy, I see friends etc, I miss male company but I don't think the new one fits.

SuperSoph73 Fri 14-May-10 14:23:04

Scorps - you'll always be the best judge love so go with what you're telling youself. It's so nice that your confidence has been given a boost but, like you say, it's still early days yet and until you feel 100% sure about who you are, how you feel, what you're looking for, etc then it's unwise to launch youself into something new.

Remember you're always worth it .... sorry, sounds too much like the shampoo ad doesn't it blush, but it was meant sincerely

Scorps Fri 14-May-10 14:59:20

Thanks soph

I have really hurt my back - I can hardly move. What am I gonna do?!

EllieG Mon 17-May-10 08:45:30

How is your back this morning scorps?