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May 2008 bubbas: Walking, Talking (& climbing!) Little Monkeys

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monkeysmama Thu 15-Oct-09 10:15:12

Thought we deserved a new thread grin

Harimosbroomstick Thu 15-Oct-09 14:36:39


if only there was more talking and less climbing in the Haribo household!!! grin

Am having a stupid pig of a day today. Could happily call it quits here right now. I got about an hours sleep last night, feel like a bag of c**p and am trying to deal with my DSDs school - and stuck between one parent who won't speak to me (their mother - cos she is annoying) and one who can't (their father - cos he's not in the UK) and if one more person says to me today 'but we can't talk to you because you aren't the parent' I am going to frigging KNEECAP them. [and breathe]

Just burst out crying to one woman (which, to be fair, did help!) - I have really just had enough.

trying to deal with a demanding toddler and a newborn on your own is not something I'd recommend today! They are both asleep at the mo, and I'm actually dreading them waking up - how shit is that? But, we have swimming this afternoon and haribo loves that, so I don't think we can miss it.

Sorry, that's a bit of a downer for our new thread. sad

monkeysmama Thu 15-Oct-09 16:36:52

Hey HM

Hope your day has improved. We all have shitty days sometimes. I am in awe of you.

I've had mil, fil & great granny in law here all day. How much tea can people drink?! Just what I neededhmm. Back to dad's now. I am knackered!


Harimosbroomstick Fri 16-Oct-09 07:21:03

It didn't!! hmm You know when everything you do or try to do goes wrong? That's what yesterday was like!!! Just everything from the gardeners turning up unexpectedly and not being able to find the keys to the garden to not being able to sort out school fees even though DH and I are listed as the parents!!!!!!!!!!! And Haribo just playing up about EVERYTHING!! From what clothes to wear, food to eat......... The first word he says at every available oportunity is NO!

And Haribo decided that, for one day only, he would HATE swimming I think the terrible twos have arrived early!!!!!!!!!!

Trouble is, I KNOW that we have to go through this. Haribo is just pushing buttons to see how far he can go / what he can get away with, so (as much as it would make me life easier in the short term) I have to maintain boundaries.... It is paying off though - at 2am, he started crying to come into my bed and I just said 'mummy loves you, night night.' and within 5 minutes he was asleep again (HUGE improvement on last night!!) and it has to help that he KNOWS I'm not going to back down... But it's not doing the bags under my eyes any good at all!!!

Anyway, it's Friday and today will be better!! GOsh, sorry for long rambling post!

Fllick - Hope the babyshow goes well!!

Hope everyone has lovely weekends.

HM xx

Harimosbroomstick Fri 16-Oct-09 07:22:07

And, MM, hope you got some sleep... Here's me rambling on and you are dealing with your DDad... Hope you are all OK.

Mitchell81 Fri 16-Oct-09 10:53:30

Sorry about the stressful day Harimo,
Thanks MM for starting new thread and hope you get a break soon.

Well its the end of the first week of school holidays and its been ok. DS1 and DS2 fight constantly over the same toy (different toys but both always want the same one) it is driving me mad.

Thinking about going away on monday but it seems like one of the kids always look like they are coming down with something. DS1 has a rash all over hos body, but no fever (doc has given be a prescription to get if fever starts today) so far so good. DS2 is just a grumpy little boy(hopefully just teeth) and DD suddenly got a temp out of nowhere, but seems ok today.

Will decide tonight/tomorrow morning if we are going to book. I could do with some sunshine. grin

Shonnamanon Your DD is very cute on FB

baiyu Fri 16-Oct-09 11:15:24

mitchell go for it! Get a break, I think you deserve it!

harimosmummy So sorry you're having a crappy day. Hope it improves very quickly!

I got back last night from Cheltenham having signed the lease on a house smile. It's a lot more...suburban than we're used to but I think it's time to stop pretending we're still students and living in tiny tiny spaces! New house is a semi, decent sized rooms and a GARDEN! grin And a lovely park about 20 metres away! About 4 miles from town centre, I don't think there's much else there apart from DH's workplace! Very convenient for that. Can't wait for the space! Will need to get a bike with a child seat. Moving in on the 26th, DH and DS at the park so really should be packing!

Mitchell81 Fri 16-Oct-09 11:32:29

Baiyu Are you moving in 10 days time? How exciting, when does DH start his new job. That is all great news.

luckypumpkin74 Fri 16-Oct-09 19:18:31

HM so sorry to hear you've been suffering. I am also in complete awe of how you cope, just keep reminding yourself that!

MM thanks for the info on languages. The name of the book would be great if you have it.

mitchell go on holiday!!! We're going away Mon-Fri next week and both my girls have stinking colds and coughs now....hmm.

Baiyu I am VERY envy of you living in Cheltenham!!!

Must dash....!!!

LP xxx

monkeysmama Fri 16-Oct-09 21:52:23

Hello girls

Baiyu that's exciting. Good luck with the packing.

LM I haven't had a chance to look for the book - will do and will let you know.

HM hope things are brighter now. Thanks for thinking of me grin.

We went to a brilliant museum today (dp had the day off) set in a beautiful park with lovely animals (deer, goats, gorgeous bunnies etc) and had a brilliant day grin. Dd loved it and her bunny impressions are second to none.

Planning a big family weekend - well our little 3 person family. Tomorrow we're thinking of driving out to a little village in Kent where there's a stream LOs can "fish" in and an old castle.

Got a massive Ocado on line food delivery today so am going to cook up a storm over the next week that we're home and dsis is with our dad.

Anyway - supposed to be having a nice evening with dp so ciao for now.

MM wink

Boonnomanom Sat 17-Oct-09 14:35:24

Hello ladies! smile

Baiyu congrats on the new house with garden - very envy my garden is the size of a postage stamp!

MM hope you have a nice relaxing week at home

Mitchell you should definately go on holiday, just think, its your last chance before christmas! and thank you

HM hope ur days are getting better

What a week we have had.
DD has been sleeping all night from roughly 8-9 to past 9 in the morning which is sooo not like her. But unfortunatly school hols are over and im back to work on monday and need to take the kids to school at least twice next week which means very early rises for dd and myself. Needless to say iv been enjoying the sleep while it lasts.

Also DP's sister had to airlifted from Inverness to Glasgow on Tuesday night after having a fit. She has SpinaBifida and a shunt so we were all really worried. She's alot better now but is still in hospital as she had to wait 2days to get an MRI scan and now has to wait until Monday to get the results as the doctor who is dealing with her doesnt work weekends (wtf!)

My bff from high school is coming to visit tomorrow grin she moved to ireland a few years ago as her dh is based there(he's in the army) so I havent seen her in ages!! V excited!!

Happy weekend everyone!
Sho x

Mitchell81 Sun 18-Oct-09 19:25:06

Hello, well decided to book a holiday so we are off to Dubai for 8 days tomorrow. Very exicted as have never been and are splashing out grin blush staying at the Atlantis the Palm. See you all next week

monkeysmama Sun 18-Oct-09 19:48:33

Have a lovely time Mitchell. I am very envy it's freezing all of a sudden and I hate the cold! Enjoy.

Harimosbroomstick Sun 18-Oct-09 23:07:12

sooooooooooo envy - it's supposed to be soo fabulous!!
Have a super time!!

HM x

Mitchell81 Mon 19-Oct-09 06:18:22

Thanks for the messages, So excited that I am up all by myself at 6am. should really be sleeping. [sceptical]

Mitchell81 Mon 19-Oct-09 06:19:17

hmm obviously far too early for my brain to work blush blush

monkeysmama Tue 20-Oct-09 13:46:06

Where is everyone?

I have a quick question. Do you think our LOs are old enough for panto? There's a really good one locally & though I hate it, dp loves it & thought it might be a nice surprise present for him.

Dd's all covered in a rash today-all around her face & neck. We are going to the dr at 3 but am sure they'll say it's teething related (again).

She missed her nap today because we went with a friend to another local mum's for a morning of them selling their clothes & cards and the kids playing together. My dd seems so, well nicer, than other kids (even taking my huge bias into consideration). She says hello (or ciao) and her name when she's playing with new kids (& if they don't listen shouts her name very loudly blush) but plays nicely & includes all the kids. Then someone will push her or, as happened earlier, throw the tea cup at her when she offers them pretend tea. I know she has to learn that lots of kids are little sh&ts but it makes me hurt to see her little confused face trying to work out what's happening.

I was half wondering if, now our bubbas are a bit bigger (& some of us have 2!), anyone in/near London fancied a Christmas meet up.

Right, off to make a Tuscan stew for tonight!

MM wink

Harimosbroomstick Tue 20-Oct-09 18:07:01

I'm planning to take Haribo to the panto... I took him to Peppa Pig live a while ago and he loved the whole thing from start to finish.

I think it's always hard when you see your kid lose a toy or get whacked in the face - I know it used to happen a lot to Haribo - but I think they all learn to deal with it (and dish it out!) - Haribo is certainly better at fighting for his rights than he used to be!!!!!

I'm def. up for a meet up.. Days (and with kids) work far better for me, but that's not to say I would rule out a night 'do' as long as there was plenty of notice and I could get a babysitter...

I've just enrolled Haribo in a really nice nursery two afternoons a week... In one way I'm really looking forward to it ,as I think he's ready for the extra interaction and I think it'll be good for him to spend a little time without me, but I know I'll hate it when I first actually have to leave him somewhere (and I don't think I'll go far from him) [wuss emoticon]

I've also reactivated my gym membership - the gym has an Ofsted registered creche attached, which gets an outstanding report - and I'll only be in the next room, so feel OK about that too... Really need to do something about the extra weight before it solidifies where it is.

Right best be off, I'm making Haribos dinner while he plays with his cars and I do believe the potatos and veg are done!!

HM x

monkeysmama Tue 20-Oct-09 19:35:17

Hey HM

I'm thinking the same re nursery and feeling the same. We've found a lovely place ten minutes walk away but (& I never ever expected to be like this) I feel incredibly worried about leaving her. She needs the interaction & I am keen for her to go but now I know everything about her every day. Tbh the nasty stuff in the news has got to me too (I'm not usually so silly) even though I'm well aware it's an isolated incident etc etc. I've got to get over it. My gym has an ofsted registered crèche too & am planning on taking dd for the 3 settling in sessions once our life's a bit calmer. Hoping that'll ease us (or foolish me) Into proper nursery.

Let's see if anyone else fancies meeting & get something organised.

Enough rambling - my tuscan stew's ready!


baiyu Wed 21-Oct-09 23:00:09

All chaos and boxes here so just a quick hello. I'll just be 2 hours from London when we've moved so could probably manage a meet up too. smile

Boonnomanom Thu 22-Oct-09 11:31:21

Morning Everyone!

So the joy of DD sleeping all night long for 11 nights in a row was brilliant whilst it lasted but sadly it is over. sad She was up 4 times during the night and ended up in our bed as well. Ah well, I thought it was too good to last!

Hannah successfully climbed out her cot this morning! She was playing in her cot while I was putting away her laundry, the next thing I know she is giving me a hug! We'r thinking its maybe time to take off the bars, but that would mean rather than just shouting for me in the middle of the night she'l be running through and putting her freezing cold wee hands on my face - eek

Hope everyone is well
Sho x

Niknak21 Thu 22-Oct-09 15:36:54

That's one of the reasons I swear by grobags, not climbing!

Harimosbroomstick Thu 22-Oct-09 21:29:15

smile Niknak - I am trying to get Mimi to settle in a growbag now....

Haribo would scream the house down if I put him a sleeping bag - he won't even keep a blanket on him!!!!

Niknak21 Thu 22-Oct-09 21:47:56

The best grobags are the travel ones, great for transferring from the car when we leave Granny's at bed time, I have quite a collection. Thinking of increasing my 18-36mnth ones though...

Off one a course tomorrow, chance to catch up with some of my friends if nothing else. Maybe do a bit of job searching.

Niknak21 Thu 22-Oct-09 21:49:06

Thinking of Mitchell in that lovely sunshine envy

monkeysmama Fri 23-Oct-09 20:09:26

Evening girls

How is everyone? Anyone heard from LM? Hope Michell's having fun & Baiyu's move has gone/goes? ok.

Dd isn't well at all. She's had bad rashes & now a cold. Dr was unhelpful so I've been keeping her in the warm & giving her lots of cuddles and letting her bf what feels like a hundred times a day! I'm sure she'll be fine.

Sounds like a few of us could meet. Anyone else before we think of whenmihht suit us. It'll be wonderful for the GMBs (gorgeous May babies grin) to meet.

I usually don't like Christnmas but am
so excited this year already. I booked panto tickets for dp to take dd on 23rd. He was pleased.

I can hear dd calling me (already!!??) so better run!

Happy weekend everyone.

MM wink

Niknak21 Fri 23-Oct-09 20:44:57

I think LM is on her hols next week, or was it this week?

MM sorry to hear about your DD, I remember feeding DS2 loads one afternoon when he was under the weather, it makes me miss it a little bit thinking of you.

Did our course this afternoon, bit rubbish, not much learnt. Although my DH's old boss suggested I email him my CV to send out to all the dentists in his address book. We've decided to send DSs to a private school so do need the money!

I think I would be too scared to do a meet up blush.

DS2 not quite right at the moment, no real temp but not himself. We a had a difficult night, DS1 came in at 12am then at 2am (he had a cuddle for me hmm) then DS2 was wailing so much at 3.30 he came in with us, and thought Mummy was best to lean on, so had a very odd night. My heart goes out to all of you who have this as a regular occurrance. DS2 had some calpol before bed so hopefully he'll have a better night.

Got parents down this weekend to babysit for course today. Good timing since DH is off tomorrow to friends and going to watch the American Football game at Wembley on Sunday so I'll have some company. We have a new John Lewis at home shop opened just down the road and parent have bought a flat,so I feel some window shopping coming on.

Have a good one x

Harimosbroomstick Fri 23-Oct-09 21:01:35

LM is away.

Flick is massively with the business (let alone the boys / house. DH etc!) but I'll keep her posted on any meet up as she's in London and I'm sure would like to come along if she could make it.

NIknak - Don't be scared!! If it's about meeting people you don't know... I have met some really good friends on line.... (though if it's about the anonimity thing.. then I appreciate your point of view!!)

Sorry to hear the little ones are not 100%... My two are doing very well. Mimi is just an angel and could teach her big brother a thing or two about sleeping through the night. She's not yet 3 months but is already quite happy to go from now (8:30) through to 5am... That's my girl!! grin Haribo is up every night and last couple of nights he's wooken up crying for a few minutes, a couple of times per night... He has very red cheeks and keeps point to his mouth and trying to say something (I have no clue what he's trying to say! blush) so I think he's getting more teeth!

I'm home alone tonight, as DSDs have gone to their mum for the weekend and DH has gone to some gig... So it's just me and the kids this evening but Doof is coming back tomorrow...

I am SOOO happy that he's finally coming home. It's not really with DH's blessing (actually, it's not at all with Dh's blessing) but he's not here most of the time and I miss Doof terribly. It'll be great to have him back. smile

I am happy - just as a suggestion - to host a meet up. I have more bedrooms here than I know what to do with... I'm about 35 minutes west of London. Just an idea?

Night all. HM x

Niknak21 Fri 23-Oct-09 21:12:19

HM Yes it's the anonmity thing. So what happened to Doof, was he meant to go for good? I would love to have a dog. My DH's family have flat coat retrievers from the same family, ILs have the biggest boy, and his Aunt and Uncle have a girl each. Caspar my ILs is lovely but his Aunt's bitch has had a snap at DS2 so I'm a bit wary of her. She is more a farm dog really so not used to annoying LOs. It must have been really hard for you, isn't he like your 1st born? Hope you have a fun weekend together.

I'll hover on the meet up plans and see what happens!

PS Ibuprofen best for teeth! shock, and we have a proper 'Mummy', but not much else! Although my friend today reminded me DS1 was slow at speaking but when he did it was very clear, and now you can't shut him up (just like his Mummy once she gets going...)

Harimosbroomstick Fri 23-Oct-09 21:20:24

No, Niknak - He bloody well wasn't meant to go for good, but Dh would get rid of him in a heartbeat if he could get away with it.

I almost gave in, but I miss him soo much and I love having him about - for a million different reasons. Haribo loves him, he makes sure we take plent of exercise, he's a great guard dog... the list is endless.

Anyway, he's back grin. I've seen him loads but it'll be great to have him back to live here full time.

We have a few proper words - mummy, daddy, doofus, yes, no (especially bloody no!!!), but there are times that Haribo chats away to me and I have no clue what he's babbling on about - I just make out that I understand.. It's funny if I get it obviously wrong, as he holds out his hands and shakes his head (or waggles his finger - I must stop doing that - at me) to vernt his gfrustration.

My two littlies are asleep now.. I'd like to say I have a fun filled evening planned, but I don't. I will annoy everyone on FB by filling their homepages up with my shenanigans on Farmville!!

HM x

Niknak21 Fri 23-Oct-09 21:53:44

Hmmmm no is a favourite round here too, with lots of head shaking. It makes me laugh when I say 'kiss for Mummy' and I get 'Nugh' with a frown and the head shaking, sometimes I get the kiss!

Off to check out FB now! My net life it FB, netmums, my email, DH's email (he never checks it himself and gets load more spam than me) and MN. One day I will get a RL

Harimosbroomstick Fri 23-Oct-09 21:57:16

Right here with you, Niknak

My night consists of FB, MN, yahoo and several other online communication websites!!!


Hm x

monkeysmama Fri 23-Oct-09 22:08:56

Me three. FB, MN, my email and the news (I have a news addiction). My net surfing is much more fun this evening. Our laptop's not been working properly for ages and when I got home there was a box in the hallway. Dp wouldn't say what it was until we put dd to bed and he got me to undo it - a new Macbook Air. grin He says he already regrets it - I use my iphone for most of my posts and websurfing and now we have this he thinks I may withdraw totally from any RL which doesn't involve dd. Having said that, at 10pm on a Friday night he is snoring on the sofa angry. But I can have a love in with my new laptop so that's fine.

NN I know what you mean about the anonimity (spg??). I was mortified a few months back when I thought I'd bumped into someone I knew in RL on here even though it was about something totally benign. But then I think that we'll still be a bit anon. because we might have faces and RL names instead of being MN nicknames but it isn't like we're involved in each others' lives.

I am rambling and making no sense. I am also having problems with my spelling and grammar this evening so am off to bond with my laptop in private.


Niknak21 Fri 23-Oct-09 22:20:22

MM enjoy your new toy, I'm a real technophobe, no room in my brain for even learning how to down load photos from the camera. Tried to create some photo albums on FB but computer crashes when I have set up name of album, just deleted a load of empty ones of SIL's wedding. DH was playing with friends iphones today, he's not allowed one, he's always losing his mobile he uses it so little. Boys and their toys....

I know no one I know in RL is on here, all my friends look at me like I'm mad when I say about it. I just think on here I don't worry what people think of me, in RL it's one of my confidence things.

I also must go to bed, I'm working tomorrow! Just an emergency clinic, but it pays well and keeps my hand in a bit......

Harimosbroomstick Fri 23-Oct-09 22:28:49

I really do know what you mean, Niknak. But, I've been 'scared' by thinking people in RL know who I am more than once (once really badly, when I delisted completely and changed my name)

ANd now I just think... Whatever.... This is something that works well for me. I've met some really good friends, have some great contacts, have an outlet when I'm at home with the kids...

I'm pretty obvious now...I'm pretty easily identifiable... And I'm OK with that now.

I don't have any state secrets to tell (well, not that I'm going to put on this forum anyway!!!) LOL! and I like the friendship it offers.

Not sure what's happening with your photo albums on FB... they should upload fine... Have you tried the simple uploader?

Niknak21 Sat 24-Oct-09 02:19:12

HMIt's not even at the uploader point it 'crashes'. I put in a title for the album and press create album and the screen disappears and goes back to screen saver hmm. I remember your delist, that was in my lurking phase, it was good to see you back after.

monkeysmama Sat 24-Oct-09 09:24:36

I remember your delisting too HM - very pleased we got you back grin.

I know what you mean Niknak. In RL I just get on with my life and have very few people I talk to about anything. I do have friends I love a lot (and of course my wonderful sister(s) but we don't really talk about somethings. I found it very odd when I first joined MN but I have really enjoyed and benefitted from being able to post questions, thoughts etc and have people who always support me. In RL I wouldn't be able to do that. I just can't be that open with people and am pretty shy (though everyone thinks I am very confident) Anyway - I think I know what you mean.

Can you tell I am happy using my new Mac? Three or four posts in a few hours!

I am very angry with dp this morning. He was supposed to be looking after dd last night in the night. Having been at dad's for a few nights he said he'd let me have a proper sleep and get up with her in the night (she's waking 3 or 4 times again atm) At 1am I woke up to hear her yelling and went into her room to see him asleep on her bed and her crying her eyes out. She came in with me and I woke up with her a further 4 times to bf / change nappy / cuddle / comfort. This morning he got up when we went into him and asked why I wasn't getting up. I know lots of women don't get any support or help but I expect it from him - and am thus often very disappointed! Like this afternoon I am taking dd out for a few hours so he can go the the gym and have some time to chill out. I never get that offer! I will stop moaning - I am going to have another fun day with my beautiful baby girl. That's something to be grin about!

We have a gardener coming over this morning to give us a quote for landscaping our garden. I am not sure winter is the best time to plan it but we need to have loads of other stuff done and seeing as the only way into the garden is through the house it doesn't seem to make sense to have new florring put down and then get a gardener in to drag crap through the house.

Now I am rambling. I'm off to start the day.

Happy weekend everyone.

MM wink

Niknak21 Sat 24-Oct-09 13:47:32

MM enjoy your gardening plans.

I think the men don't have the gene that makes you always listen out for the baby's crying/needs and they can sleep through loads more. I would also be angry.

Had a busy morning at work, lots of swollen faces loads of Abs, and I felt like a dentist, not someone pretending like I did last time I did it. It is very empowering to go back to some thing you did well before LOs and enjoy it grin.

DH off to London now, he's going to see the American Football game with friends tomorrow and they needed a BBQ the night before hmm. I'm looking forward to the bed all to myself! blush.

I can see sunshine here, hope you all see some today too x

luckypumpkin74 Sat 24-Oct-09 18:08:27

marking for later....back from fabby hols.

monkeysmama Tue 27-Oct-09 08:43:17

Welcome back LM. Has everyone disappeared again?

Had mil and fil over all day (and evening!) yesterday and felt like I spent all day in the kitchen. Made soup and fresh bread for lunch and then a nice meal for us in the evening and between the cooking and endless tea making, dishwasher filling/emptying and putting away I felt chained to the kitchen sink.

Dp's been unhelpful in the past few days and am very angry with him tbh. Friday he was supposed to be looking after dd when she woke in the night but (I mentioned this before) when she woke up screaming and I went in he was asleep next to her [unimpressed emotiocon]] On Saturday he complained that I'd not allowed him to cope with the situation so he slept in her room again and low and behold at 2am the screaming starts and in he comes with her saying she won't sleep. Just as he is telling me he's given her 3 bottles in half hour (WTF!!) to try and get her to sleep she vomits all over me. Sunday he got to 245 before he carried her into me and last night I gave up and slept with her and apart from a quick cuddle at 2 she slept all night. The reason I get angry is that he thinks, and says, he is doing everything. I'd love to have someone to share the responsibility with and to know that if I had enough of trying to get her to sleep I could take her to someone else and go back to bed! Right, moan over.

Off to a friend's for lunch so best get dd ready for her morning nap so she's not angry when we get there.

Have a good day everyone.

MM wink

Niknak21 Tue 27-Oct-09 14:05:18

Off for a job interview tonight!

Been posting on other threads, very daring of me.

Have had parents withe me for last 5 days, and I've now had enough of them. Saturday and Sunday was on my own, they did help with the children, but it was good to see DH back yesterday to dilute them down a bit.

Gorgeous sunshine here grin

Niknak21 Wed 28-Oct-09 12:13:56

How is everyone?

Interview went ok last night, exceptionally small surgery, but it is a mostly private practice and those usually have quite static staff. Is at least 30mind drive, but not too bad really. They said they like me etc, but got to wait for any other applications/interviews so will hear next week.

Otherwise been busy here with parents visiting to look after boys, I do get on with them but they also drive me mad. My dad will shout at DS1 very easily, and he's a grumpy old bugger.
My Mum also has different parenting views, but hey ho, they look after the boys for me so can't complain, much!

I always find half term a bit of trial even though my nursery doesn't close, the things we usually do do, so not sure what to do this afternoon, and playgrounds are always busy etc.

Right, nuff moaning, must go and put shopping away and get my little darlings.

luckypumpkin74 Wed 28-Oct-09 14:33:05

currently sitting at MIL's while DD1 and her cousin do fuzzy felts.

I have just broached the subject with MIL that we actually all just have Christmas dinner in our own houses with our own families and then just meet up in the evening for pressies etc. She actually liked the idea.....just got to get SIL's to agree.

LM x

monkeysmama Wed 28-Oct-09 14:38:55

Interview sounds pretty positive NikNak I want to ask your professional advice actually though I feel really, really embarrassed. I am going to put my question at the end of my post so no one else has to read it. What other threads have you been posting on? Well done.

All ok here - off to dad's in half hour. Going up north to my nan's next week with mum for a few days which I always really look forward to. I love my mum.

Saw bf and her two boys (3.5 and 1.5) for lunch yesterday. I am in awe of you mums who cope with 2. I felt very sorry for her and didn't quite know how to help.

Is anyone else interested in meeting up? Let me know and we'll get organised. I would be happy to come to you HM - your house sounds awesome!

MM wink

Right - the following is for NikNak Dentist only!

I have awful teeth. They were "perfect" until I hit my twenties and lived a slightly (ahem) wild life for a few years, and smoked over 40 a day for 15 years as well as other gum eroding activities for a year or two. I still drink a lot of strong coffee and enjoy red wine. Anyway, I went to the dentist when I was pg because a tooth had broken. They said I had to go back when dd was born so they could do x-rays and that I'd need 6 fillings, rot canal in two places and even a hospital referral for hereditary gum disease blush hmm shock but - and I am so ashamed - I've never been back. So my question is this, as a dentist what would you say if I sauntered back in almost 2 years later and expected you to help? I feel like a fool but it is a big thing for me. I spend a lot of time, effort and money on my appearance but as soon as I smile I look like a grenade's gone off in my mouth. Thank you very much NikNak! A very ashamed MM

monkeysmama Wed 28-Oct-09 14:39:59

LM - will you come and broach the subject with my family in law too? wink

Niknak21 Wed 28-Oct-09 14:49:18

LM We did one Xmas on our own when DS1 was 1, I was depressed/anxious and it was great to not have to do the big family meet up. If SILs still want to see MIL isn't that up to them?

Message for MM, in case no one else wants to read:
I would go back if you were happy with them. The most worrying thing is probably the gum disease but you can help yourself to a certain extent by regular thorough cleaning, maybe flossing, but best to get some instruction. And definitely no smoking, the red wine and coffee only stains, no real harm done to your teeth.

Why didn't you go back, was it all too much
treatment to contemplate?

If you'd not been for a long time 6 fillings and 2 RCTs (root canal treatment) isn't too bad, although it is best to crown these teeth after. Be brave phone them up, and if they can't see you get a recommendation from a friend for another.

Good luck x

monkeysmama Wed 28-Oct-09 15:13:06

Oooh NikNak thank you. I feel so, so much better. It is such a big thing for me but I am going to call now and make an appointment while I am on a roll! Thank you. X

Niknak21 Wed 28-Oct-09 15:14:49

I'm hovering to check you do MM wink

harimosmummy Wed 28-Oct-09 17:51:37

I can rent DH out to anyone who needs the IL's dealing with!!! grin

My mum is seriously hard work, but DH can phrase things in such a way, i swear she thinks she thought of it... And if that doesn't work, i can assure you, my DH will leave your IL's in no doubt as to what will be happening!!! grin

MM - my Dsis is a dentist and she wouldn't bat an eyelid about a two year gap.... my dad didn't go to the dentist for nearer 20 years and i reckon most dentists have people like that (sorry for reading - nosey emoticon)


monkeysmama Wed 28-Oct-09 19:00:49

I'm actually quite proud of myself about Christmas. We spent it just us 3 last year & twas fab (though I really missed my sisters) and when MIL mentioned it the other day I was very quick to say it'd be us 3 at home full stop. Have I mentioned the holiday next June - fil have booked 2 appartments, sil & bil & 2 sons going too? I can't wait wink. Funny thing is, place we are going is one of the only places in the world I've been and swore I'd never go back to. English breakfasts & drunk English girls with their boobs out all over the place. Just the kind of place I fancy with dd, dp, mil, fil, sil who thinks she's got a harder life than anyone ever, bil who has no personality whatsoever & chose to spend his 40th completing his sudoku book at home, & newphews who eat nothing & are 4 going on 80. I am being cynical but have been v nice about it to pil. The problem is the sil and her dh not pil. I'll be a good girl anyway & be lovely. Just dreading it already! [ungrateful horrible mm emotiocon]

hm that makes me feel better. I have been so worried. Dp is getting a day off & I'm making an appointment! Pearly whites here I come!

Niknak21 Wed 28-Oct-09 19:03:41

Loads of people don't go full stop, 20yrs is move common than you think.

Just remember it will only be another check up 1st and you may have a few more little bits since you last went, but you'll be fine!

monkeysmama Wed 28-Oct-09 20:39:50

I won't be able to go for a week or so NN but will let you know how I get on. Thank you again.

On the subject of teeth - do all your LOs brish their teeth properly. Dd would spend her entire day with her toothbrush and a Rod Stewart cd grin if I allowed her but she doesn't actually brush and I find it hard to get the brush to move up and down in her mouth. When should they be going to the dentist for the first time?

I think I am going to fill up this thread all on my own. Maybe I shouldve called it Monkeysmama's Moany Monologue blush

Mitchell81 Wed 28-Oct-09 20:46:34

Hello I'm back from a wonderful holiday in the sun,have come home nice and tanned. (unfortunetley no one will see as winter is definetley on its way)

Kids were good on the plane, but thank goodness for two hotels rooms as I think would have left a child in dubai if we had to share with them. blush

We all had a great time in the pool and on the beach. It went so quickly though. DS2 can now swim with just armbands so pleased that he managed so quickly. DS1 still refusing to put face in water, so will have to work on that.

monkeysmama Wed 28-Oct-09 21:32:29

Mitchell welcome back. Since I am attempting to single handedly fill this thread myself blush I have a question. What did you do about a car seat?

We want to go away on NY Day and Dubai is the only hot placed we can find which isn't miles away (& we have lots of friends there) but dp has been there loads of times and says we'd have to get taxis everywhere and what would we do about a car seat?

harimosmummy Wed 28-Oct-09 21:58:10

MM - Just about the teeth brushing. Haribo is already going to the dentist. He wails like a banshee just loves it wink
He brushes his teeth twice a day. Morning, he brushes them himself. He is pretty good at it, but obviously doesn't do it properly.

Evenings (after last snack) I brush them for him. I find laughing hysterically a lot makes him laugh and he lets me brush them, then I let him play with the brush (like he does in the morning - puts the brush under the water / sucks off the water etcetc!)

Mitchell - Your photos are wonderful... Glad you had such a super time!!

Niknak - Good for you about the interview (and about posting on other threads!! MN is quite addictive!!)

LM - Glad you had a good holiday too.

We're having a bit of a rough old time of it here. Poor old Mimi has been in bad shape for the last couple of days - turns out the poor mite has 6 (yes 6) teeth cut through and another 2 just itching to break through. She's in agony. She's only 13 weeks old today sad Poor baby.

I've dosed her up with teething gel and calpol and she's asleep now - first time, properly, in about 48 hours.

And, other news here... Haribo has a big boys bed in his room... He's still in his cot for now, but we'll make the transition sometime soon... He is such a big boy now... He can feed himself without too many mishaps now and it won't be long before we attempt potty training........

My babies are growing up [proud, but just a tweeny bit sentimental mummy emoticon!]

I have uni tomorrow - I've completed my first assignment on time!! It doesn't have to be in till Friday and I think I'll hold off handing it in first thing tomorrow for fear I'll look like a total swot!!!

Night all,

HM x

Niknak21 Thu 29-Oct-09 07:38:21

I got the job, start in 2 wks! shock

Niknak21 Thu 29-Oct-09 08:54:26

Just done the nursery run, and they can't get either children in on a Friday til Sept 2011, that's what happens when you pick a good/popular nursery.My Mum said she would help out, but they live 3 hrs away. Going to look on Netmums childcare section.....

Mitchell81 Thu 29-Oct-09 11:01:29

Niknak congratulations on the new job, Will you be working full time? Hope you find a solution to your child care problem.

MM The taxis don't offer car seats so we managed without shock hmm Before anyone judges we had no choice, caught taxis everywhere and no carseats on offer and even if we took our own for DS2 what would we do with it when we arrived at beach, shopping center, markets, restaurants etc. Already had 2 pushchairs. So we just put him on the seat with a seat belt. Would never do that normally but really had no choice.

Would recommend dubai, great for kids but would be better with older kids for eating out, water parks, using holiday clubs etc. But still a great holiday.

Harimo Thanks

Boonnomanom Thu 29-Oct-09 12:50:19

DD wiggles her toothbrush about in her mouth but it doesnt travel very far.

HM your poor dd gettin all those teeth at the same time and she's soo young too!
Niknak congrats on the job!
Mitchell looks like you had a grat holiday - those fish are HUGE!

I know they have said in the press that swine flu is particularly dangerous to pregnant women, but has anyone heard of any babies being born with any complications as a result of their mumma having swine flu whilst pregnant? Reason I ask is my bf from college spent alll of last week in hospital with the flu and only found yday that it was swine flu and was simply told that the baby appeared fine in the scans so that at worst it only had it mild hmm. needless to say my bf is quite worried, she's 7 months pregnant.

Sho x

Niknak21 Thu 29-Oct-09 12:55:01

No not working full time, 3 days, couldn't do anymore and I'm worried 3 will be too much. But trying not to worry and get exciting about getting out there again.

Had some luck with nursery, one can take them both til May next year, but it's very bug and I'm not sure. There's also another which can take DS1 all day but DS2 Fri pm from Jan. Not sure if I could look into a nanny for the morning for DS2 since it's a better nursery.

All fun anyway.

Mitchell your photos look amazing, I wanted to get out to UAE to visit my friend this month, but thought we didn't have the money. I'm thinking maybe next April before we need a seat on the plane for DS2 now I have a job grin

Mitchell81 Thu 29-Oct-09 13:13:00

Boo I know have never seen such a big fish before. They look prehistoric (sp?)

Niknak You will have a great time with the kids and agree no point in paying for a seat while you can. grin

Niknak21 Thu 29-Oct-09 13:19:13

Boo I'm sure the baby will be fine, I wouldn't have worried about getting a bad cold and effects on baby so I'm sure the flu virus will be the same, even if it is swine flu one.

DS2 loves brushing his teeth and gets most upset if everyone else is doing it and he's not. We do sometimes have a fight over the brush when it's my turn though. You should do it a bit yourself until they're 8. And take them with you for check ups, so MM when you're into the swing of it take DD along, or if DH regularly attends he could take her. Well done for sorting it

Bellared Thu 29-Oct-09 13:30:27

Can I join? DS was born in May 08 but only says Hiya! to everything and everyone. Climbing? on coffee tables, beds, sofas, in cupboards and out the bath then dances on the coffee table. He's a bit of a clumsy walker (been walking for 3 months now). He's our first one so I don't know if this is the norm.

Do any of yours not sit still for one minute unless they are eating??

Well done on the job! I went for an interview yesterday and she should have rang me back then but hasn't. It's a Monday start and I've found a nursery with 2 toddler places. I've just left her a message now so hopefully she'll ring me back and tell me I've got the job.

Niknak21 Thu 29-Oct-09 13:35:44

Afternoon Bellared! Welcome to the FMLs (Freindly May Ladies) grin

Mitchell81 Thu 29-Oct-09 13:42:51

Welcome Bellared good luck on the job. Yes DS2 doesn't stop all day and into everything and saying lots of words and seems to understand more everyday. Can't believe he is 18 months, where has the time gone. Feel sad that my baby is growing up. sad

harimosmummy Thu 29-Oct-09 20:55:40

Hello Bellared!! My DS is on the go constantly! One of his favourite things is just to run from the lounge right through to the kitchen (and into the utility if the dorr is open) and then back through to the lounge... it is funny to watch!!! but I am surprised at his attention span when he plays with his cars... or is allowed watch Peppa Pig hmm

NIknak - Huge congratulations on the job!! I hope you are able to find suitable nursery places. I would recommend a nanny - I am ever so pleased with ours, but they are expensive!!! shock

Mitchell - I don't think it's too outrageous that you didn't use a carseat... I don't when we get taxis in the UK, It's easier with Mimi because she is still in a portable one, but haribo just sits in his own seat or on my lap... And when we get black cabs (which is quite often, as I only like to park in two places in London blush) they both just stay in the buggy.

Boo - My gut feeling is that if swine Flu hasn't affected the mum too badly, then the baby should be OK. The baby has another 2 months which is probably a blessing, but I haven't heard of any babies being born with complications (and, obviously with mimi, it's a subject, I've taken a reasonable amount of notice of!)

Definitely agree with nimnak and mitchell - I am planning on taking haribo and Mimi to NYC before Haribo is 2 to get around the seating charges!!

Well, I've had a busy day at Uni... Felt a bit hmm because I was the only person to have completed the assignment on time - and some of the excuses were, frankly, laughable. I felt like wailing "If I can look after two small children on my own and still find time to research and write this assignment (which was only 1500 words, so hardly the Spanish Inquisition!!!!), then you have no excuse" GRRRR!!!!!!

Got to go back tomorrow... AIBU to think most students are utter lazy wasters!!? grin wink

Night, HM x

monkeysmama Thu 29-Oct-09 22:21:46

Hey girls

NikNak congratulations - really, well done!

Welcome Bellared - what kind of work do you do? Good luck.

Thanks for the car seat info Mitchell. We'd been trying to work out how to get to a beach and what to do with the car seat. We usually take ours on holiday but dd is too big for the really portable one now. I have a bit of a car seat obsession which I won't go into but there are reasons. I got my rear facing current one from Sweden. I'd never harshly judge any of my loved FMLs though!

Hoping to take dd out tomorrow for lunch with dad and my 3 little sisters. I am really, really, really, really looking forward to it! Hope dad feels ok for it.

Thanks for all the tooth brushing and dentist info NN, HM and others. Dd is also tooth brushing obsessed - or tooth brush obsessed but I am not sure the actual cleaning is up to scratch. I reckon I should go once or twice on my own to get over my issues then take dd. I think I am quite good at hiding my fears from dd - she loves birds so I must be! grin

So, shall we organise meeting up before Christmas?

Off to finish watching Eastenders.


Bellared Thu 29-Oct-09 23:34:47

Hi MN, I'm looking for anything Admin/Internal Account Manager/After Sales Care but atm I'm a SAHM.

She never rang back nor returned my calls! My guess is they didn't want to pay what I asked (£15.5k which I don't think is that much) as she said can you start on Monday and I think you're more than capable of doing the job. She even let me take DS to the interview she was that eager to interview. He stayed with the other girls who worked there whilst we went into the office.


DS stole my toothbrush before after I had done his and let him have a go himself with his own.

I often wonder too where my lovely toddler has gone when he starts screaming because he can't undo something.

What is it with kitchens and toddlers?

monkeysmama Fri 30-Oct-09 09:57:05

That's a pity about the job Bellared. Good luck finding something else.

Off to get ready for lunch with my daddy, dd and my sisters. It's the first time he's felt properly up to going out in ages and I am very excited!

Niknak21 Fri 30-Oct-09 12:08:29

MM enjoy your lunch smile

harimosmummy Fri 30-Oct-09 14:14:35

MM - Hope you all have a lovely lunch.

baiyu Fri 30-Oct-09 14:30:48

Hello ladies, getting settled in my new home smile DS seems to love it here, he's even sleeping better! Still in a mostly unfurnished house and with most boxes still in the garage so I really should be unpacking! Just wanted to check in and say we made it! Just got a dongle thing for a bit of internet til our phone line is reconnected (had to wait 10 days, gah!)

Still up for a meet up I think, I would be really nervous! I think I'm the baby of the group so maybe that's normal!

Big hugs and hellos to all.

Bellared Fri 30-Oct-09 20:45:45

Thanks, I had another place ring me today for interview on Wed.

Mmmmm, lunch! I know its late but hey ho!

Baiyu, and I bet DS is loving all the boxes!

All ready for the Treat or Treater's tomorrow?


monkeysmama Fri 30-Oct-09 21:15:17

Hey girls

Well, lunch was really nice but a bit sad. I've said before but I have 3 little sisters (well, actually I have 6 but 3 of them are still little) who're my dad's with his now ex-partner (oh, life gets so complicated!) It was really nice & they felt totally spoilt. They're my "half sisters" (a term we all reject - we're sisters full stop! grin) but their parents are separated and money is too tight to mention so Pizza Express is a bIg treat. Got a bit sad though when the eldest (she's 13) (she also, though it is not a defining feature, has SN) asked whether dad was going to die or not. I tried to deal with it but she said she just wanted us to be honest and to know if we were celebrating life being fine again or not.

I bought a pumpkin for a quid earlier and we had great fun making a face in it. We live in London which lots of people think is scary and horrible but there are at least 8 houses on our road with pumpkins outside and we had a fun (ten or so!) trips up and down growling at the scary pumpkins....

We've got bf and her two dss coming over for apple bobbing tomorrow. I am not a big Halloween fan but any excuse for a party!

Thanks all for your messages earlier. We got stuck on the Jubilee line earlier on our way to lunch and dd was asleep so I checked MN and it made me feel really happy.

MM wink

Mitchell81 Fri 30-Oct-09 22:06:21

MM Lunch sounded lovely, Sorry to hear it was sad, but glad your dad was well enough to go out for lunch (((hugs)))

We have also done pumpkins and the kids were all dressed up for School, nursery and went to a toddler group Halloween party today.
Will take them Trick or treating to the neighbours only thats if the wind and rain stops.

Baiyu Glad to hear that you are getting settled in your new house.

So excited going tomorrow to a new shopping center which has opened in the city which might have my favourite restaurant franchise from South Africa (The Spur), can't wait to see if its the real thing. I feel like its Christmas eve. blush grin

Niknak21 Sat 31-Oct-09 09:17:32

MM hope you enjoyed your lunch despite the sad thoughts.

Mitchell hope the restaurant is up to scratch!

Off to spa at Whatley Manor this afternoon, hope to have a good chill out. Staying with ILs til Tuesday so hopefully DH will chill out too. He's gone to his track day with no car insurance...Going to try and sort it this morning, sill boy to forget.

LOs going to pumpkins with MIL, I forgot their outfits, but she has a box with stuff for them to rummage through.

Have fun all smile

Boonnomanom Sat 31-Oct-09 16:36:26

grin Happy Halloween Ladies! grin

Welcome Bellared, good luck for wednesday when it comes.

HM & Niknak thanks for your swine flu comments, i think my friend is over worried because its her first pregnancy.

For us halloween was yesterday, the village that I am from has always (for some unknown reason) celebrated on the last friday of the month. So we had all the pumpkins out and all the kids were dressed up. My dd was a bit scared of the girl that I look after because she had sprayed her blonde hair black for her vampire costume, even without the face paint it totally transformed her!

I dont know if I have mentioned before hand but since I was 7months pregnant I have suffered from bad heartburn. I have tried various medications but none seem to cure it as promised. After many many visits to the doctor my health board has decided that I can have an endoscopy to try find a cause, apparently my healthboard dont like doing these on females under 27yrs, my doctor seems unable to explain this hmm. Anyways my endoscopy is on tuesday, so I am a bit excited, hopefully we'l get some results.
Sho x

Bellared Sat 31-Oct-09 20:35:18

Ooh lovely, good luck with the Endoscopy, they're not too bad. DH had several last year and it just felt a bit odd. I've suffered from HB since I was a teen but after I gave birth it disappeared almost! Have you tried Omeprazole? That's quite good.

I've had several lots round trick or treating and the last lot were just scallies in Scream masks, they should ban them bloody masks.

Good Luck too!

harimosmummy Sun 01-Nov-09 12:08:31

Hi guys,

Just checking in quickly!!

I went out last night!!!! shock Without DH or the kids or DSDs or even Ddog!!! Actually all on my own!! AND I stayed in a hotel!!! grin Actually, I was a complete wuss - went to bed at 11:30 (I think the party finished at 3am!!) and was home by 8:30 (Baiyu - was in your neck of the woods - out in CHeltenham for a hen do) but it was lovely to catch up with my friend (the hen!)

She's getting married later this month and we are leaving the kids with the nanny, so it was a good trial run (for me, not the kids!!) I miss them like crazy!!

ANyway, now it's November, it must be OK to start talking about Christmas!!! grin I am hoping to get everyone presents for day trips out with the kids, as none of us need any more material gifts...

For my mum, I'm going to get tickets to a panto near their home. SHe will love that (probably more than the kids!)

For my sister, I am hoping to get tickets to see he Peppa pig show in Dublin (so weekend away for us, show for the kids!)

But, can't think what to do for my dad or DH.

I was thinking - maybe - the railway museum with my Dad (it's in York, so not far from their place) and I think Haribo isn't so young for that any more.

But what about DH? I did think NYC just after NYE, and I have some information on some places outside of the city we could take the kids, but not sure it's a bit far for Imogen? Any ideas? When I say my DH has everything he needs (IN fact, he has two of most things!!) I really mean it, I simply cannot buy him anything that he wants / needs which is anywhere near inside my budget, so looking for cool days out / experiences... Lapland / Iceland perhaps?

Well, best get on.. DH has taken Haribo and the DSDs to ToysRus (More for something to do as the weather is shocking here) and they should be back any minute!

HM x

luckypumpkin74 Sun 01-Nov-09 14:22:20

Blimey, can't believe how fast the thread is moving!

A very warm welcome to Bellared.

Got loads to catch up on with you all but don't want to do a long post that is impossible to read!!

Christmas MIL and SILs agreed to it then MIL was over last night and said 'I don't think SIL1 is actually very happy with arrangement' (thought it sounded to good to be true!). She then got really funny about Christmas and looked at me and said "well, when DH was 14 he said to me 'Mum, I don't care who I marry, I will always come home for Christmas'. And then she just glared at me expectantly. I can't believe she just expects us to go to her every year. I have parents too!! I feel very upset by her attitude. They all need to get over themselves and not live in each others pockets so much. It's unhealthy. I just love it when it's me, DH and the girls. We have such a great time the four of us and sometimes I just want us to run away and never have to deal with them again sad. Sorry. Hormonal hmm.

jobs Well done NN on the new job. I have started doing 2 hours a week at the private hospital I mentioned a while ago. It's good, I like it although taking a bit of getting used to after nearly 14 years in the same dept NHS!!! Just got to wait and see what happens with pay. They are currently offering me 25% less for my 21 hours a week. I am thinking of upping to 25 hours a week (3 full days) so I would work more hours for less money but in a nicer/less stressful place. Very hard weighing it up. 8 days less AL a year, 25% less money, more hours...am I mad??!!!

teeth DD2 also loves 'cleaning' her teeth and would do it all day if I let her!!

MM I am thinking about you a lot with your Dad and remembering you all in my prayers. (((hugs))).

HM well done on the assignment. I agree with you, Good Lord if you can get one done the others have NO excuse....you go girl!!

Mitchell your Dubai photos looked amazing!!!

DD1 starts nursery school tomorrow. Bless her. She is 3.5 yrs now and soooo cute and funny. This week she said 2 great things: DH cut hie head at work and when he told her she said "but who gave you a cuddle?".
She then also asked DH last week...."Daddy, what happens when you fall in love?"

My heart just melts!

meet up I would be interested in meeting up at HM's house if possible. I know a lot of you will think I'm a complete wuss but there is no way I would do London on my own with 2 small kids, driving or train. I led a sheltered upbringing in Wiltshire and only went on the tube at the age of 20 for the first time so it still freaks me out a bit. I just couldn't put myself through it. I know you 'Londoners' will think that is silly but I can't help it blush.
It would also depend on when it was as DD1 at school now every afternoon....quite inconvenient!!!

Had a Halloween party yesterday for the cousins. My house looked like a bomb had hit it. Took them trick or treating. DD2 kept legging it off up the road like Anneka Rice on Treasure Hunt!!

Is anyone watching LIFE on BBC1?? I saw it for the first time last week...those elephants so cute...and the whales....amazing! I'm not normally one for documentaries...but I loved it.

Right, I'll be off, sorry to bore you all senseless!!!

LP xx

monkeysmama Sun 01-Nov-09 16:05:16

Hi girls

Thanks for your lovely words LM- I really do appreciate you all being so kind.

Christmas! I usually dislike Christmas, or the build up anyway. All the family wrangling drives me up the wall & makes me want to run away from it all too LM. TBH my family are ok it's DP's that drives me doolally! We're spending it at home alone and are planning a holiday the week after NYE.

Interesting work dilemma LM. If it doesn't have to be a (purely) financial decision I'd choose the job you really want. I've often regretted not taking a job I was offerred eight years ago which was less pay & security though more rewarding in other ways. We had a work discussion last week and a good look at our finances & I'm not going back to work for a few years. As I left work dp's job's gone from strength & for the first time in my life money's not a problem. I'm going to apply to start my pgce in Sept next year & do it over 2 years. I'll probably be the one making essay excuses! Do any of you know Myers Briggs? I'm an INFP & people with my personality work in intense spurts & hate deadlines! How I managed to get a first in my degree I'll never know.

Halloween was a disaster! We went to a party at lunchtime which was ok though dd was a bit off. Then we got out of the cab outside our house & her dad was at the door with 15 or so kids all dressed up. One boy was wearing a skeleton costume & mask and she was literally petrified. It was awful. We got in & she was screaming & shaking. I'd made loads of witch posters for our party & we had to take them all down. When our mates and their dss came over in costume she couldn't calm down she was so scared. We counted 37 seeprate trick or treaters so you can imagine it was a long night. This morning she kept saying "fuori non non" (outside no no) and grabbing us as soon as she saw anything remotely Halloween like. It really was horrible-worst we've had to deal with so far really, our darling girl scared witless in her own home! sad

Dp has taken dd swimming then they're stopping to get me to go out for dinner. Off up north with dd tomorrow for a few days with my mum & nanny grin.

When there was lots of name changing did Macaco change her name or has she gone? Is Fuzzypeach gone too?

Ciao for now

MM grin

Niknak21 Sun 01-Nov-09 17:28:41

I was thinking about macaco today also, and theduchessofnorks who was having number 4

harimosmummy Sun 01-Nov-09 19:17:39

Macaco comes and goes... I think she is very busy and doesn't catch up too often!! (we are thinking of you if you are lurking, Macaco!!) grin

Fuzzy is still very much about, but I think more on Facebook ATM

On the job front, LM, I would take the job which will make you happier. I think that would be the less stressful environment.

For me, I'm taking a big pay cut (not to mention probably lots MORE stress! grin) to be a teacher when you compare that with what I could earn as a NPD Manager, but at the end of the day, I know that I want a job that will fit around my kids. I'm not doing this for any altruistic reasons... Quite selfishly, they pay me to train, the holidays fit with the kids, I know the subject matter backwards and if I get a job in the independent school I want to work in, then I'll get a good discount for the kids (Not to be sniffed at as we'll have 4 kids there in 2012!!) So, my gut feeling is put the actual number of hours aside and the Actual pay and look at the overall package of whether it works for you....... and I don't think you are mad at all not wanting to take the tube with two kids.. rely on black cabs in London.. I only like to park in one of two places - the car park behind the portland hospital for NORTH london and Cadogan Gardens for SOUTH London... Now, THAT's sad grin

DH has had to go back to work early this week, so it's just me and the kids (and dog! grin) tonight. Going to get my feet up and watch Simon Cowell squirm when John and Edward make it through to the next round of X Factor. I just love those two... I don't get the whole thing about 'they can't sing' - neither could the Spice Girls and I'm pretty sure Atomic Kitten mimed their way through several 'hits'. I might even vote for the evil twins one of these weeks!!

HM xx

Ohh.. meet ups: Honestly, more than happy to have you all here... I have 5 spare rooms, all of which can accomodate an adult and a couple of kids... But, more than happy to go to London (Or somewhere else??)... Does anyone have a date in mind? I just need to see when we'll be in Germany and when DSDs are going to be here.

luckypumpkin74 Sun 01-Nov-09 19:22:24

HM PLEASE Don't vote for the twins......shock!!!!

harimosmummy Sun 01-Nov-09 19:30:29

LP - I won't - SImon Cowell is rich enough!! He doesn't need any of my money!!! grin

I do hope they win though. I'd love to see that happen! grin

I think it shows, beyond anything else, that it's not about talent, but about getting the right breaks.

Even their name - it's had zero consideration. They are just two 18YOs who never expected to get through the first round. Fair play to them getting up on stage each week. I couldn't do it (and I can sing about as well as they can!! grin)

Mitchell81 Sun 01-Nov-09 19:43:59

I have just finished by first course assignment due on tuesday so pleased that I have finished it. Shouldn't have left it till the last minute though.
Weather has been horrible here aswell- wind and rain.

LP Hope you can resolve the christmas dilema.

Harimo Noooooo you can't be serious. Even saying that they are entertaining.

MM Poor DD, you never know how they will react to things, hope she is ok now. How will she be with bonfire night? Can be very noisy for there little ears.

Hope you all had a good weekend.
Have also been thinking of people who haven't posted for awhile like Babylove. If anyone is reading not posting please just say hi so we know that you are all ok.

Oh and that restaurant was the real deal, I am so pleased. grin

Bellared Sun 01-Nov-09 20:10:53

WTF was Cheryl wearing last night?

Hi Lucy!

DS is now saying no but it comes out noi. Bless him.

I had 4 lots of trick or treaters round last night and they were all really FAB apart from the scallies in their tracksuits and scream masks. Come on kids make the effort!


harimosmummy Sun 01-Nov-09 20:20:10

Mitchell - Glad you were pleased with the eatery... what is The Spur? What sort of food do they sell?

Bellared - Just looked at your photos! I can see how you got your name!! grin. I spent a lot of time around Warrington and Manchester. I don't think you are too far from there.

Mitchell81 Sun 01-Nov-09 21:00:11

Spur is a steak and burger restaurant like TGI's but 100x better. A kid and family restaurant. There are only 4 in the UK and amazed that the only one in Scotland is in my town.

Bellared Sun 01-Nov-09 22:22:47

Evenin' Hi Harimo, It's a bit on the cinnamon side at the mo as I have to use 2 lots of dye to get it that colour!

Good luck with the job.

Yeah, I'm in Leigh and often can be seen loitering hanging around the parks and High St with DS. He sat in a 4" deep puddle this aft and started splashing in it with his hands. We had to run home and get him out of his wet clothes, it was his nap time by then anyway so thankfully he warmed up quick.

Where were you living up here? I'm from Urmston originally but moved here when I met DH.

Niknak21 Mon 02-Nov-09 07:30:25

We've been having a good time at ILs so far, apart from the 6am wakes. I get to use the internet for ages uninterrupted!

We're currently trying to book a ski holiday with the ILs. FIL likes to drive to France, but I refuse, last time I did it I was 15wks preg with DS1, got 3 hrs sleep in the car.

So it's where to go and with which company. I've put a thread on travel, but no replies yet...

Looks like today is going to be a sunnier one, enjoy smile

Boonnomanom Mon 02-Nov-09 12:27:24

Happy November Ladies!

Bellared Omeprazole was my very first medication, Iv had 3 different since then. None of which are working their magic very well iykwim

lm your ds's comments are too cute!

We think dd has either Impetigo or a really bad case of Cold Sores. Unfortunatly the two look very similar so she's on anti-b's for the next week just in case. Poor wee soul is feeling very sorry for herself.

As for Christmas, Woo Hoo!! Im a big kid when it comes to Christmas. Love it. Last Christmas my dsis and I decided that starting this year we would start having christmas day at home with our wee families and then all desend on mum&dads on boxing day. Mum is happy about this but does tend to forget at times hmm

Right going to try persuade dd that its fun to eat - wish me luck!

Sho x

luckypumpkin74 Mon 02-Nov-09 19:15:49

Bellared Just had a nose at your profile too grin. I noticed you were on a thread about hemangioma's??? I think that's what my DD2 has, is it a stawberry birthmark? She has quite a big one on her head (check out my photos).

macaco Mon 02-Nov-09 19:42:14

Hi Ladies,

I return, albeit briefly. I have been lurking when I can, but Haribo guessed correctly that I have been so so so busy, trying to set up my own business. Hasn't been going great so I've been freelancing for my previous employers and may end up back with them full time next year. Ho Hum, we'll see.
DS is running all over and recently climbed on the dining table and stole a square of chocolate, little monkey!
He doesn't say much, babbles a lot but the only words are No (a lot and in response to ANY question!), baaa for ball and Darden for garden. He can do "ten" (here you are in Spanish) and "tarta" (cake in Spanish) although he understands an AWFUL lot in both languages.
I've been keeping up a bit with the thread but can't manage personalised messages, so will just say a big hello to all the lovely FMLs and new recruits. Will keep lurking and will try to post from time to time


Bellared Mon 02-Nov-09 20:32:33

Hi boonn, that's a big pile of donkey bums with piles! angry You cant be left with heartburn! I hope you get it sorted. I had my gallbladder removed in June and between that and giving birth the HB went. Have you any other symptoms?

Lucky, I can't view your profile sad. The Dr said at first it was a strawberry naevus which the birthmark you mentioned. DS's has a lump underneath it which is warm and squashy and just looks like a big bruised bump. It'll grow out of him in the next few years.

Macaco, DS is just the same, I've had to hide the chairs in the dining room as he just climbs on the table to pinch things.


harimosmummy Mon 02-Nov-09 21:17:33

Hi all!!

Macaco - Hello!! I just knew you would check in sooner or later. Sorry to hear the business is a bit tough. Being self employed is tougher than it looked, isn't it?

Bellared: Culcheth was my old stomping ground. Been a while since I've been there though.

Well, have had a very nice evening smoozing at the Stella McCartney Gap Launch. Haribo had a wonderful time!!! Poor old mimi didn''t really take it all in, but they both got goodie bags grin

luckypumpkin74 Tue 03-Nov-09 13:19:27

HM How on earth do you get involved with these things????!!!!!

Bellared Think I might need to make my profile public again...will do in a minute. DD2's is rather big (size of half a golf ball?) and is very warm/hot and very squishy. I think it's starting to get smaller.

Just dropped DD1 off for her first day at nursery school [emotional mummy]. <<sniff>> She was fine. Bit awkward at the gate as one of Mum's from church has breast cancer and her DD goes to same school. Every night when we say prayers we say 'and please Jesus help (name) get better as she is poorly' and DD1 saw her and was saying to her 'are you still poorly (name)?'. Said person was fine and I explained that we had been praying for her (it's a Catholic school so this is not deemed as weird at all...!).

LP xxx

harimosmummy Tue 03-Nov-09 13:19:33

Hi guys!!

I am SOOO chuffed!! Haribo just spoke to me!!!!!

I was taking the dog for walk and had both the kids wrapped up warm as it's cold / wet here today...

I had only walked about 1/2 mile when Haribo took his hat off, so (mad as I am, I chat away to him!!) I asked him if he was warm enough and he replied 'Yes, I am' [proud mummy emoticon]

Oh, I know lots of the kids are talking now, but Haribo hasn't really said that much, and hollering at the top of his voice is his preferred method of getting what he wants. I know he understands much of what I say to him, but, honestly, I could have cried when he answered me, in his cute little voice!!

Sometimes being a mummy is really great! grin

(Flick - You will be pleased to know that Stella McCartney has followed your lead and there is LOADS of merino and sheepskin stuff in her range!!)

HM x

Shonnomanom Tue 03-Nov-09 17:23:55

Evening all!
bellared I have a bug in my stomach called helicobacter. The hospital doctor told me today that it usual takes 3 or 4 courses of anti-b's to tackle it. My doctor said only 1 course should do it.
Wow endoscopy's are uncomfrotable!

HM congrats on conversation grin DD is still babbling mostly , although today she has touching heaters and cups not always empty or cold and sayin 'hot'

Sho x

Bellared Tue 03-Nov-09 20:25:38

Hi Shonno, I got tested for that about a year ago but it turned out to be gallstones, I've never experienced pain (apart from childbirth)like it. Curry from the Chinese used to set it off. Weird. Hopefully you'll be free of your little fiend as soon as the anti-b's.

Hi HM, that's soo cute! We're still not talking yet just lots of babbling and hiya! I chat to DS too when we're out and about and I get some right strange looks off people. Bovvered?

Hi Lucky, I still can't view it sad. Hopefully DS will be starting Nursery on Monday if 2moro's interview goes well. It's literally across the road so if they'll let me I can go and see him at lunch time. He's my little stalker.

Hi Harimo, Culcheth is a rather lovely place. We somtimes drive through there and over the Warburton Bridge when we go and see my Nana.

Goodie bags are great!

harimosmummy Wed 04-Nov-09 12:50:55

Ok, FMLs - I have a question for you!

Do any of your LOs go through the day and not need a nap? Haribo has, for quite a while now, been pretty flexible about sleeping (He'll happily fall asleep in the car but stay awake if we are out in London or modelling etc)

But, in the last week or so, he's really started fighting sleep when I put him down for his nap (12:30, after lunch)

He has, a few days, just refused to sleep. On those days, I bring his dinner and bath forward, so he's ready for bed at 6:30 (and he's asleep within minutes on these days) (he usually goes to bed at 7:20)

So, not really sure what to do? It would seem He would be happier not sleeping in the day, but going to bed earlier at night, but I really need appreciate a couple of hours off in the middle of the day just to catch up on housework, washing, cooking and coursework (and all the things I can't do when Haribo is helping - even unloading the dishwasher is difficult as he's trying to climb in it!!!)

I've put him up for a nap today, but he's alternating between wailing and singing to himself. But, he is FAR from asleep!!

Would appreciate any comments / advice on this one!!
HM x

Niknak21 Wed 04-Nov-09 16:06:28

DS1 only gave up his afternoon nap recently, but that's quite rare.

My Mum always goes on about how she couldn't let me sleep during the day after 18mnths, or I wouldn't go down at night. I think a bit of chill out time is good even if he doesn't go to sleep.

Shonnomanom Wed 04-Nov-09 21:33:02

I totally agree niknak, dd doesnt always have a nap but will happily just chill out in her chair or on the couch next to me for a while.
dd tries to sit on the dishwasher door when its open, she likes playing with the wee bit where the tablet goes.

monkeysmama Wed 04-Nov-09 22:21:27

Hey girls

Just back from "up north" with mum and staying at her's tonight. Dd loves my mum's house and was so happy to come back here and see all her toys and stuff. It made me so happy. Had a lovely time up north despite the weather.

Regarding the naps. Those of you who've been around since pre May 2008 will recall that I let dd set her own sleep schedule kind of in the beginning and she has always got up around 7am (sometimes 630 sometimes 730) and gone down for a 2-1.5 hour nap about 2 hours after waking up. That nap's started to shorten recently but still lasts around 1.5hrs and if she doesn't get it I know it is going to be a bad day. I always make sure we're home for that nap (or at dad's etc.) - today on journey home we were in car which was fine too if that makes sense. In the afternoon she sleeps for 45 minutes but that can be anytime from 3-430 and whatever time or duration she naps for she's always ready for bed at 630 (although if we're going out etc she will stay up until 9ish and seems to get into the sense of occasion) I am no sleep guru (as we know!) but I would reccommend keeping as many naps as possible for as long as possible. DP sometimes complains that we have to stay in until 11ish at weekends but he's bloody grateful every other weekend when he has a hangover or her teething has woken her up and we get a nap 2 hours after getting up!

My super sis is 30 next month and we're busy planning her pressies. I'm thinking about a trip to Paris with our mum and dd.

Has anyone thought about Christmas pressies for our bubbas? I want to get dd a kitchen as she wants to "cucina" (cook and kitchen in Italian all bloody day) and a bike.

Are we going to organise a meet then? HM you need to be 100% sure you want us all? If you do, I think it'd be perfect and will help organise in anyway I can. Would even be happy to come a day earlier and help out. I never thought I'd meet any of you but now I've thought about it I'd actually really like to. I hope you all know what I mean!

Way to go Haribo! I love the talking. DD started chatting really early which is unusual for bilingual kids they say hmm. She said (in Italian) "mama, fire, hot, don't touch" yesterday in a a pubblush with an open fire. My mum bought her this fantastic wooden Noah's Ark with two of every wooden hand painted animal (my mum's giving her the Christmas presents throughout NOv and Dec so she's not overloaded) and I've realised just how damn clever dd is. She's always been good at animals but has been able to match all the animals and attempt to say their names (some in Eng some in It) and has been counting "uno, due" (1, 2) with them all!!!! I think she's just copying what we say but her daddy (who is a numbers man) will be VERY proud! On that note, do any of you know the "animals went in 2 by 2, hurrah, hurrah song words? - I've been making the end up.

Ooohh - what a long post! So pleased for the talking bubbas and would really like to have a meet for those of us who fancy it. I really need to let my hair down and can't think of any ladies I'd rather do it with!

MM wink

P.S HM so jealous about the SM show. I LOVE clothes and fashion is my only indulgence now I have quitted all my other vices wink!

monkeysmama Wed 04-Nov-09 22:22:19

P.S What is this biscuit mean to mean?

harimosmummy Thu 05-Nov-09 08:27:59

I think the biscuit is in honour of Gordon Brown, who seemed to make a bit of a dick of himself when talking about biscuits on Mumsnet.

I know it made Have I got News for you and a couple of other news programmes. I think David Cameron also had a pop in PM's questions.

I think it was because he couldn't decide which biscuit he liked!!

Absolutely happy to have you all to stay. No problems at all. We just need to agree a date. Personally, I'd prefer not to do that on a public forum. I don't mind talking about things after they've happened, but, I dunno, I'm just a bit paranoid about making plans which are so public.

MM - Are you on FB? I think Baiyu is interested, LM and Flick... Anyone else? Mitchell and Sho - It would be lovely to meet you, but I fear it's a little far for you!!! smile... What about the Mancunians?

HM x

monkeysmama Thu 05-Nov-09 08:59:33

Ah yes, the Prime Minister and the biscuit. Apparently he couldn't decide but then sent MNHQ a pack of his favourites after the interview hmm. I saw it on HIGNFY.

Not using FB at the moment but have email -monkeysmama@rocketmail.com

Shonnomanom Thu 05-Nov-09 12:07:29

*monkeys mama*
The animals went in two by two, hurrah! hurrah!
The animals went in two by two, hurrah! hurrah!
The animals went in two by two, the elephant and the kangaroo
And they all went into the ark, for to get out of the rain.
The animals went in three by three, hurrah! hurrah!
The animals went in three by three, hurrah! hurrah!
The animals went in three by three, the wasp, the ant and the bumble bee
And they all went into the ark, for to get out of the rain.

The animals went in four by four, hurrah! hurrah!
The animals went in four by four, hurrah! hurrah!
The animals went in four by four, the great hippopotamus stuck in the door
And they all went into the ark, for to get out of the rain.

The animals went in five by five, hurrah! hurrah!
The animals went in five by five, hurrah! hurrah!
The animals went in five by five, they warmed each other to keep alive
And they all went into the ark, for to get out of the rain.

The animals went in six by six, hurrah! hurrah!
The animals went in six by six, hurrah! hurrah!
The animals went in six by six, they turned out the monkey because of his tricks
And they all went into the ark, for to get out of the rain.

The animals went in seven by seven, hurrah! hurrah!
The animals went in seven by seven, hurrah! hurrah!
The animals went in seven by seven, the little pig thought he was going to heaven
And they all went into the ark, for to get out of the rain.

monkeysmama Thu 05-Nov-09 13:51:44

Oohh thanks Sho! Much appreciated. Excuse me while I go off for a sing!

baiyu Fri 06-Nov-09 16:13:51

Oh a lovely wee sing song for a friday afternoon! DS is having nap issues too, much wailing when I try to put him down so it keeps taking ages. He crashed out about an hour ago which is later than I'd like but never mind. Had a busy week, just finished a play for the National Festival of youth theatre [smug face] and been applying for a job (which I'd really really love to do but don't think I stand a chance!)

Still no words here, can't believe some of yours have sentences! DS understands so much though, for all his destruction he's actually very good at following instructions!

Oh awake! Back later.

monkeysmama Fri 06-Nov-09 17:56:15

Baiyu well done on the play!

I love them following orders-I don't have to get up half as much anymore I just ask dd to bring me things!

luckymummy74 Fri 06-Nov-09 19:38:46

Bellared Don't know what's happened to my profile but when I looked at the photos I had on there, none of them showed her strawberry very clearly anyway. If you email me at luckymummy at yahoo dot co dot uk I can email you a pic?

HM very impressed with Haribo's words....as far as I know he's quite early/advanced to have put more than one or even two words together!!! DD2 says lots of odd words...will pretty much attempt any word you ask her to.

Naps I am a very pro-sleep mummy (who isn't ? hmm!!) But I strongly believe in the importance of sleep for development (after reading the wonderful Weissbluth book) so I actively encourage good sleep in my house. DD1 (3.5 yrs old) only recently stopped her daytime nap (in Sept). I know that's quite late to still nap in the day but I'm of MM's feeling that you should get away with it while you can!! DD2 has just gone from having 2 naps a day to one, but mainly cos DD1 now at school so it fits in better with our new daily routine. She would still nap twice a day if I let her. She naps for about 2-3 hrs shock!! while DD1 at school, allowing me to mumsnet and facebook clean and tidy the house and do stuff for work.

My parents are here for the weekend (yay!). DH and I have been invited to a BALL tomorrow night! Can't wait to see DH in a tux grin.

MM We bought DD1 a toy kitchen for her 2nd birthday and she loves it and still does, and so does DD1 now so I would say that it's a good idea for a Christmas pressie!
DD2 won't be getting too much as we have all DD1's toys. We've got her some wooden 'flip flop' alphabet blocks and will get her a few bits for a stocking but we don't have the money to go mad on pressies in our family. DD2 was 2.5 yrs last Christmas and was suprsingly overwhelmed by all the pressies and didn't even want to open any after a while hmm.

LM xxx

Bellared Fri 06-Nov-09 22:35:46

Hi Lucky, I'll email you now. X

The thread discoppeard from my list.

Bellared Fri 06-Nov-09 22:37:39

Now I cant email you! stupid computers.

luckymummy74 Sat 07-Nov-09 09:44:24

bellared let me know when you have emailed as it's not an account I use often.

Bellared Sat 07-Nov-09 19:42:29

hi Lucky, it still wont let me. Email mine if you like kthompson1981 at yahoo dot co dot uk.

baiyu Sun 08-Nov-09 21:41:45

LM I had a dream last night that you came to my house and were extremely tall, blonde and glamorous. You gave me a tree for my garden so thank you! Not sure how to analyse that one, too much MN?! blush

Hope you're all thriving.

We're pretty settled in now but still don't know a soul. DH starts work tomorrow and I don't know what we're going to do all day! Still job hunting too but that may take a very long time.

Need to learn to drive as we're quite far out. Getting a car next weekend so at least as a family we'll have a bit more freedom for days out.

No news really. Bit lonesome.

monkeysmama Mon 09-Nov-09 09:18:27

Hi girls

Been very quiet on here over the weekend. I started typing a post on Saturday leaving dd in the capable hands of daddymonkey only to hear a load yelp as he looked up from his newspaper to see her eating her a second handful from the butter dish hmm.

Our painter started this morning which kicks off the work on the house. We're still hoping to get the new flooring and kitchen in before Christmas hmm but I am already feeling a bit claustrophobic with all the things from 2 rooms in the living room.

Glad you think the kitchen idea is a good one LM. I like one from Great Little Trading Company but dp has seen one in John Lewis so we're at a standstill at the moment. I am sure he'll forget though so might just order the set I like. I love buying presents and though we don't necessarily spend lots of money it is a big deal in our family. I mean big deal in a nice way grin. I spent an hour or 2 uploading photos for our calendars last night. Everyone loved them last year and have put in repeat orders.

Hope everyone is well and happy.

harimosmummy Mon 09-Nov-09 11:49:49

We're having a shit time here grin

Well, you have to be look on the bright side!!!

Both kids here have colds and Haribo is projectile puking any time you do actually get any food into him.

Got an appointment with the Paed this PM as I don't trust or like my GP... time to change, isn't it?

DH has been in a totally -- shit-- challenging mood all weekend, which was just a party topper.

His (main) problem (He has several) is that he does not want the dog. He dislikes the dog intently. I have compomised said that I will get rid of the dog (to my parents, who love him) if he admits that the reason we are getting rid of the dog is that HE doesn't like him. ANd there is the sticking point. He wants me to cover for him and say the reason we are getting rid of the dog is that I can't cope, but I can and I do, and I don't see why I should lie. I'm right, aren't I?

But, beyond that... well, I dunno.... He's just not happy with me. Goes ballistic telling me that he earns all the money then pisses all over my (tiny) parade of teacher training, telling me it's shit and I might as well not bother.

Ho hum.

Life just great here. hmm

monkeysmama Mon 09-Nov-09 14:22:30

Oh no HM - that's made me sad. I hope your day's getting better?

I am so familiar with the money & new career conversation. Dp's supportive and all that but sometimes the money stuff raises its horrid head. FWIW I totally admire you for even considering a new career let alone actually getting on with doing it. Furthermore, teaching is one of the most honourable careers there is surely. What can be more important than the education of the next generation? Our jobs were a large part of our previous identity and imo we deserve respect from our dps for making the decision to leave all the hard work we've put in to stay at home. I feel lucky to have the choice but ffs it's not like he's doing you a favour being out there making the money while you twiddle your thumbs! You're doing a far more important job - bringing up his 4 dc! As far as the dog is concerned, I am no fan of dogs but I agree with you. It obviously matters to you so much and has been very important to you while your dh has been away. Love is love, whether it is for a human or an animal. He may pay your mortgage but that doesn't give anyone the right to rule your life - I am sure your beautiful house would be nothing without you all in it.

I think sometimes our partners need reminding that we're more than "just" mums to their kids and aren't people who work for them. My dp spends his working day being Charlie Big Potatoes and sometimes he comes home and thinks his word goes. I remind him that it doesn't and we get along just fine hmmwink.

I don't think I am being very helpful am I? I'll stop rambling but just wanted to say it's him not you! Give your babies a big cuddle and ddog if he is with you and remind yourself that you're fantastic! This time 2 years ago you were a high flying career woman - now you're a sahm with 2 kids and the start of a pgce under your belt.

Keep your chin up.

MM grin

luckymummy74 Mon 09-Nov-09 17:45:25

HM really sorry to hear that. I am very angry at your DH. Maybe if he spent even one day doing what you do on a daily basis (on his own) he would realise your extreme worth. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRR! Don't know how you put up with it. Sorry if I'm speaking out of turn. Don't let him poo-poo your teaching training. I agree with MM, it's brilliant what you are doing and I still can't believe you are doing it with 2 such small children....you ARE superwoman!!!

Baiyu PMSL- I am probably the complete opposite to your dream.....not tall, not v glamorous. I suppose I am blonde but that's about it. grin.

Just had to buy a big warm coat for the school run.....brrrrr!

LM x

harimosmummy Mon 09-Nov-09 21:34:11

Thanks guys.

I have finally got my two to bed (for now) so have a little free time.

Still feeling sad. DH called a couple of times today, but only to ask about Haribo and still refusing to speak to me. sad Somehow I have morphed into simply being the mother of his son (Mimi rarely gets a look in) rather than his wife.

LM - I don't think Dh thinks I have a hard life. In fact, I think he thinks I have the life of riley, which in many respects I do. I am lucky to have the lifestyle I have, and I always remember that. Which is why it hurts a bit when he takes a pop at my teacher training. I do intend to do my bit to pay for the kids - which is a damn site more than his ex does for my DSDs!!!!!

And LM - you are most certainly blonde and glam!!!

Baiyu - how is the bed working out with DS? Haribo much prefers his bed to his cot - so much so I'm thinking of swapping him permanently, or perhaps getting him a cotbed!!

Well, best go, I suppose. Sorry for the depressing rant. sad

HM x

fuzzypeach Mon 09-Nov-09 22:48:54

Im still here - just not been on much!! HM is right, I do tend to stick to FB!! I don't let on to DH that I come on here you see otherwise he would be reading my posts etc, so sometimes its hard to come on as he usually sat next to me watching the tv whilst I am on the laptop.

Just had a quick read back and forgotten everything already smile

So the things I do remember....

MM - Kitchen is a fab idea, I bought one for DD1 for her 2nd birthday she loved it - and DD2 absolutely loves it too, as does my friends little boy who is the same age. One thing I would say is that I bought the plastic £70 one from ELC, and if I could rewind time, I would have bought the wooden one, which I think is in ELC for £150 - very expensive, but Im sure maybe there are cheaper versions around. Only because the plastic one can be pulled down (both mine have done this ontop of themselves) and the wooden one looks much sturdier (and prettier) and I think will last a lot longer.

HM - DD2 often doesnt sleep in the day, and still sleeps all night. angry at your DH, he is definitely out of order... I will message you on fb.

Cant remember who it was (poss MM) who said about calendars.... I do one every year for my Grandparents, ILs and my Mum, they are fab, and as I can never think of present ideas for them, helps!! I actually took such a great photo of my girls yesterday, the first one where they were both smiling and looking at the camera that I have ever managed to capture, (will put it on my profile I think!!) and am a bit gutted that I had already ordered my calendars, but never mind!!

Baiyu - glad you have settled well into your new house, how are you finding london?

Mitchell - how are you? looks likle you had a great time in Dubai!!

I would LOVE to come to a meet up - If I can get a cheap train down to London, is it easy to get to yours from there HM? When are you thinking? Have you got everyones email addreses? Maybe we could get an email going about it so we are not posting info on here?

Not much going on here.... think the most significant things are for me after 11 months of working for a complete tosser who clearly does not want me there with my un-flexible shift patterns I have finally managed to get a transfer to a place nearer to me, although it means being de-moted and quite a bit less money, I dont actually care as working for him was making me sooo unhappy and stressed and really not helping my home life/depression etc etc...
Other news, we pulled DD2 out of the nursery she went to as I was not happy with it, but went to pick her up a few weeks ago and saw some stuff I was NOT happy with so I took her out!! She starts at a new nursery next week - its fab (also the one I applied for the job at but never heard back hmm) and she has had 2 settling in visits and loves it!!

She said her first "sentance" the other day... was walking down the toy aisle in sainsburys and she pointed to a macca pacca on the shelf and said "Vivi (her name for herself!!) been good girl!!" my heart melted, and of course I had to buy the macca pacca!!

Anyway think thats about all for now! (or knowing me, another 3 months!!!)


Shonnomanom Tue 10-Nov-09 13:12:41


A meet up would be fantastic but there is just no way a justify/afford/squeeze in a trip to London this year.
We'r in Manchester this weekend for a family party, the following weekend I have a wk/end long training course to go on for my Brownie pack then the following Im on my annual retreat to the Metro Center in Newcastle for abit of shopping! On top of that im having to fork twice the price of theatre tickets for my folks christmas cos I got flustered and distracted and booked the wrong fricken date and there is no way to rectify it

HM shame on ur DH!
It is hard changing career and being in the house all day.
I was fortunate enough that my DP recovered quite quickly from the shock of my impulsive behaviour and supported me. This was about 4 years ago. I used to work in the travel industry, but was no longer happy with the company I worked for and fancied a change. In the space of about 2 weeks I bought a newish car to replace my banger that never worked when it rained, enrolled in college ft and quit my job! Never looked back, most definately one of the best impulsive things that I have ever done.

Dd is definately back on track after her impetigo. The anit-b's werent going down well and its put her off medicine, she even runs away from the calpol bottle which she just loves. Fortunatly she quite likes the taste of anti-b flavoured yoghurts - live saver!!

Kitchens - mil is getting dd a 'small' kitchen for dd this christmas. She loves playing with the one at playgroup

Oh my baked potato smells about ready, gotta go.....
Sho x

Niknak21 Tue 10-Nov-09 15:20:33


Just a quickly about some copying DS2 has been doing. Before his bath he's been putting up the toilet seat and trying to do a wee! He's seen his big brother doing it. He's not quite mastered holding his willy and of course nothing comes out, but it is very cute. The concentration on his face as he tries.

HM hope things improve with DH x

luckymummy74 Wed 11-Nov-09 07:28:27

So confused as to what to do re-job. Can't sleep my head is spinning so much. It's such a big decision for me as I've worked in the same place since I qualified (I was a mere 22 at the time!!). Nearly 14 years ago.

I am enjoying the private hospital but I am probably going to end up having to work more hours for less money. I will really miss the hydrotherapy (that I run in the NHS hospital). No pool at the other place.

NB: please no comments about this on FB as I have a few work colleagues on my FB!!!

Hmmmmmmm <<LM ponders some more>>

LM xx

Niknak21 Wed 11-Nov-09 09:13:03

LM it's a tricky one, what's your gut feeling? If someone said you couldn't work at one which one would you be more upset about not working at?

I don't envy your decision. I start work on Tuesday, trying not to get myself het up about it. Although I have a big bridge preparation booked in the 2nd week and bridges are not my strong point... Just keep trying to stay calm!

harimosmummy Wed 11-Nov-09 11:21:58

That is a tricky one (and thanks for the warning about FB... I just nearly posted something on there!)... Is there any way you could combine the two jobs? So you work at the private hospital for some of the time, but still continue with parts of the NHS (like the hydrotherapy)... I'm guessing not, as I am sure you would have thought of that.

It's all very quiet here today sad Haribo is getting a bit better but is SOOOOO tired. he's asleep again now (Only got up at 7:30) Poor little mite. On the plus side, he's managing to keep food down him now - hasn't puked for well over 24 hours and he did a poo this morning (sorry, prob. TMI but I was very pleased!!!) but he is just super tired. I think it's just him getting over the infection, but I'll be pleased when my little dynamo is back on form.

And poor little mimi is under the weather too. She has a really bad cough and she choked a bit this morning. It really was nothing to worry about, but it really freaked me out. I just thought for a fraction of a second she was actually choking. I know it sounds a bit melodramatic, but I was literally shaking holding her afterwards.

I'm taking them both to the Paed this afternoon. I just need a little reassurance. I don't know why, but I'm feeling a bit nervous about being on my own at the mo. I think I had sort of thought that we'd be out in Germany for at least some of the time by now and it looks more and more likely now that DH doesn't want us to go at all. Plus, I'm in a fluster about DDog.. On one hand, I desperately don't want to get rid of him, but on the other, I can't put the kids through many more weekends like last weekend sad

I'd better stop waffling. I hate feeling like this. It's not like me at all. sad

Hope everyone else is well. MM - How is your dad?

Baiyu - Hope you are settling in OK an dnot missing bonnie scotland too much.

HM x

baiyu Wed 11-Nov-09 16:18:06

Oh HM I really feel for you with this latest DH problem. I think you are expected to compromise far too much! Your dog brings you pleasure and much needed companionship all through the week and you missed him hugely when he was away, I think it's totally unreasonable to ask you to give him away IMHO. It's the same as the spotless house issue a few months ago isn't it? Sounds as though your DH wants to come home to a perfect, clean, just like a hotel/disney film house/children/wife for a few 'aren't we all so gloriously happy' snapshots and isn't very interested in the nitty-gritty of family life. Sorry that's really harsh, I really don't mean to be rude! I just think he should take a long hard look at his priorities and appreciate all that he has! Would he ever consider changing job and being at home more? Then he might not live in such a bubble. He might not find the same salary so lifestyles and maybe even houses would have to change but money doesn't buy happiness! You clearly have your priorities in order, I think he needs to take a long hard look at himself before criticising the way you live.

Sho I'm inspired by your big life changes, you clearly have a lot of guts and determination! Very glad your DD is on the mend too.

fuzzy Brilliant news about the change of job, I definitely think it's worth a bit less money to have a job that's more enjoyable. I'm not in London, I'm in Cheltenham, much more provincial. Or actually outskirts of Chelt to be accurate. Still haven't met a soul. Went along to a bookstart rhyme time at the library yesterday all keen and ready to be social. Not a single person showed, how depressing.

Same dilemma for you LM! A really hard one, I'm sure once you've made the choice, either way, you'll feel better and won't look back! Good luck.

niknak how clever is your DS!

Oh and HM re cot/bed. We tried it for a few days only but DS just escaped all the time, we decided he wasn't really a good enough sleeper yet (massive understatement!) so have used his travel cot since then as it has much higher sides.

All ok here but DS is teething again so very grumpy and clingy. DH is in day 3 of new job and I think he's really liking it which is a relief after moving all this way! He's totally knackered with all the information overload, think he was in bed by 9 last night! Don't think our TTC efforts will get very far this month! blush

luckymummy74 Wed 11-Nov-09 20:11:55

Thanks girls for your support. Sorry if I am boring you with it all.

The details are (will try and keep as brief as possible!)....

NHS Awful manager, lots of arrogant alpha males who are less qualified than me but see me as some pathetic part timer who has 2 kids....the current physio dept is relocating next year and we don't know where we will all end up, probably a shit-hole to be honest as the NHS has no money. All the things I like about my job won't be there in 6 months (potentially). I love hydro but the woman who is my admin lady is crap and I hate working with her, she's useless. Everyday at work I get more and more stuff put on me, cos I'm one of those 'yeah I'll do that' kind of people...and I do actually get jobs done so I get put on I think. HOWEVER I like the people I work with closely on a daily basis. Because I am managerial, I can block out a lot of time in my diary to do admin so I don't treat patients all day long so it's a good mix.
Better money. More holiday and better pension.

private hospital. MUCH nicer environment. Closer contacts with all the Consultants. Easier parking (that's actually quite a problem in current job).
The thing that worried me last night is that if I do go there, I may have to work more hours to make up the money as they want to pay me less per annum. I don't mind working more hours in principal, but I would be seeing patients back to back all day long, they only get half hour lunch. I would have to do 10 hour days. I think quite simply I would be physically exhausted as it's a very physically demanding job. I wouldn't have the break up of my day with managerial jobs. My shoulder is still not 100% and I only did 2 hours there last night but had 3 'heavy' patients and I couldn't sleep with pain last night.

HOWEVER The manager at the Private place is very keen for me to set up a hydro service there, using a local private gyn pool. If I could do this, it would break up my day with hydro, and it would be less stress on my crap body.

I just need for that to be very feasible. I am working on it!!!

Sorry to bore you all. Hope that makes more sense? HM I don't wanna do half and half cos I think even if I did 4 hours a week NHS they would expect me to do what I did full time!!!!

NIKNAK That's a very good way of looking at it....which would I more more gutted NOT to work at.....hmmmmm <<LM ponders the question>>

Baiyu Did you see 'Curry Corner' in Cheltenham on F word last night?

HM Hope your two are getting better. I had sickness in young kids....much better when they know to do it in a bowl!!!!

Fuzzy well done on the new job....

LM xxx

harimosmummy Wed 11-Nov-09 20:30:45

Well, quick update from me...

Today has been super stressful. Haribo seemed to have turned a corner this morning and I almost cancelled the Paed appt. But, wanting to get Mimi checked too, I thought... well I'll keep it... Around 11, haribo just lost it. SImply couldn't stay awake, just drifting in and out of sleep and not really 'there' when he was awake and his temperature rocketed...

Turns out they both have tonsilitis (on top of colds, coughs etc) and Mimi is on really strong ABs to stop it developing as haribo's has.

They have been soooo good to me today - haribo took his meds tonight, even though he hates taking anything and they are both now asleep... I feel mentally and physically drained!!!

Baiyu - not rude at all... and the super clean house is still an issue (more so with DDog in attendence grin). It really does come down to the fact that DH thinks I don't do much all day apart from mess about with the kids and drink tea.....

LM - Only you really know what's right, but, honestly, my gut feeling would be to go with the private hospital (but with some sort of priviso that you get a few breaks perhaps?). Trouble is, with the NHS, the money / funding issues are likely to increase and increase - more and more people are taking out private medical care... (Haribo and Mimi already have private care sorted and most of my friends kids do too) and it's more likely that the parts of your job you enjoy will become more and more stressed and (for me) working environment is more important that actual wages (but appreciate that my PoV is not yours)

Fuzzy - is tomorrow your first day in the new place? Super good luck if it is!!! and Niknak - good luck with your job too!!!

Sho - How is DD now?

Bellared - Are you still here?

Well, will probably be on here even more than usual-- lots over the next two days, as my two are officially in isolation until the AB's kick in. Oh, the joy. At least I have DDog to walk grin

Hm x

luckymummy74 Thu 12-Nov-09 07:23:26

HM Poor you....I really hope your DCs get better soon. Must be very hard coping with 2 poorly children on your own. I hate it when they're ill.

My gut instinct is private too....

Niknak21 Thu 12-Nov-09 22:15:08

HM I hope you and yours are now on the mend and you have a better weekend with DH.

LM I'm sure you'll make the right decision, do you think it's just the thought of leaving all you've ever known? I know when I made up my mind to leave my last permanent job I felt a whole lot better. At least you'll stay in the same place if you go for the private option?

Bellared Thu 12-Nov-09 22:23:30

HM, yeah smile I lost the thread on the 'I'm on' bit and got a virus and it really fooked the laptop up for a day. So no-one use Nod32/Esnet anti-virus!

All quiet here, I went for an interview last Wed and they said I would find out this week. I rang them earlier as I am impatient and the girl in HR said she would get the interviewer to ring me back. Still waiting.

I'm getting fed up with being out of work and am desperate for a job. I'm not after a silly salary either just £15k as a start. I've seen a few jobs but they involve some Saturday working which is a no-no as DH has Chron's and is sporting his colon outside on his chest, it's prolapsed too (so if you can imagine a large aubergine sized appendage hanging out that's a good guess at the size and shape!) so he can't pick up and run around after DS and Mother wont drive the 9 MILES here as she doesn't like going on the M.Way even though there are 3 other routes that take you on the B roads (I can't drive and DH is currently working 84hrs a week as no-one where he works will do any extra, luckily its a sit down job).

DS has a strange obsession with anything containing water. The dog bowl or toilet bowl! He didn't have his PM sleep today so hopefully he'll sleep tonight. I've noticed that if he doesn't have a sleep in the day he/we have a rubbish night with him. He's still not talking yet either!

Sorry about the essay!

HM, sorry to hear about the LO's, It's bad enough with one so I can't imagine how your feeling too. Have you got a large tin of emergency chocolates hidden anywhere? It's even more annoying as there is someone who can help but seems not to. It just goes to show that all mums have superpowers but the one missing is telekinesis (Is that the mind power that moves stuff? That's what I mean) so we can throw things at people.

LM, Fuzzy & NN - It's good to here all is going well with the jobs grin good news at last! I am terrible on the first day all sweaty hands and babbling on and end up making a muppet of myself! blush

MM, I had a kitchen and it was one of the best presents ever! Wonder if that's why I live in mine now??

I have however managed to eat almost a full large tin of Quality Street since Saturday (DH had about 10 of them). My excuse is that I want the cellophane wrappers to stick onto paper with DS!

And breathe!


Bloody hell! That was a post! shock

fuzzypeach Thu 12-Nov-09 23:11:34


Hows things in the HM household? Hope you are feeling better? How long are you in isolation for? If you like I will send you some chocolate in the post?!!

LM Its a real dilemma about the job, if only you could find a middle road somewhere... such a shame there doesnt seem to be that option. I hope you make the right decision for you, and ultimately one that makes you happy.

bella good luck with the job hunt - I think you said your from around manchester? I am too, and the jobs on offer are practically non existant.

Well DD1 has bloomin worms! So we are all having to take worming stuff.... the bad thing is i have really bad obsession about germs, bordering on ocd... and I keep seeing worms all over th house (in my head of course) its freaking me out!!!!

DD2 full of cold (which she has kindly passed onto me) and I have a sore throat... one thing after another!

My last day in my current workplace tomorrow before i transfer to another place, cant wait!!

Hope everyone is ok xxx

Shonnomanom Fri 13-Nov-09 10:36:04

Oh it sounds like all the kiddies are falling apart just now! Hope they all get better soon!
The primary school in my village has a role call of approx 50kids, and almost half have been off the last few weeks with suspected swineflu. Fortunately it looks like dd has managed to dodge the bullet so far.
Thank goodness for her been at home for 2weeks with the Impetigo. HM she is back to her normal self now thanks, and by eck she has got her appetite back! She still has a lot of marks around her mouth but fingers crossed they will fade.

fuzzy good luck in the new place

Well I have a busy day today. I still need to pack for Manchester, as well as tidy the house, and work and we leave straight from work. Im really looking forward to seeing all the family, we havent been down since October last year and there have been a few babies born since then.

Have a good weekend everyone
Sho x

BaconWheatCrunchies Fri 13-Nov-09 12:42:36

Well I fancied a change of snack.

FP good luck in your new place!

Bellared Fri 13-Nov-09 14:13:34

Hi Fuzzy! I'm from Urmston but live in Leigh (for now) hoping to move to Swinton or Westhoughton next year maybe but we're un-decided!

You sound like me borderline OCD. I'm on bathroom clean up after I've posted then sofa cover wash, kitchen clean then floors before bed.

Can I have your old job? wink You're right about the non-existent jobs though, I've seen a couple in the local paper but then it's finding Nursery places and that.

I must correct myself on the aforementioned 84 hour week blush. Last week it was 84 and the week before that 72 and this week 72. It's DS's Baptism on Sunday so DH has to go and pick his Dad and friends up from Northumberland on Saturday and drop them back off Sunday evening. It's about 3 hours each way! So his only 2 days off are spent driving up and down the country.

HM, do you want us to send you random silly things in the post? We want a smile out of you grin.

luckymummy74 Fri 13-Nov-09 14:21:27

BWC is that you NIKNAK??!!!

BaconWheatCrunchies Fri 13-Nov-09 18:22:51


luckymummy74 Fri 13-Nov-09 19:32:17

bella Haven't forgotten I said I'd email...will do it in a mo with some choice photos of the 'strawberry'. So glad to hear you can 'do' a whole tin or box of quality street on your own in one week....thought I was the only one who did that. I have too many RL friends who are lovely but v skinny and are of the 'no thanks I've had one already' frame of mind. I regularly do whole boxes of biscuits and chocs!! Good luck with the job hunting.

HM how are things today for you?

fuzzy good luck with your 'new' job. Hope it works out better for you.

BWC have you started yet or is it next Tuesday? btw, do you have any tips for how to spot a crap dentist? DH goes to a private one who has very plush surgery with all mod cons but charges IMO phenomenal prices. I go to an NHS one who is nice enough bloke and very good with the kids, but never seems to do much on my teeth....I wonder is he missing stuff or is DH's being typically private (sorry, mass generalisation!) and doing stuff for the sake of it to make money??? IYSWIM. I keep trying to convince DH to go elsewhere but he likes the guy. I personally find him smarmy. Any tips?? In private physio clinics a lot of physios are just out to make as much money as poss and they do rip people off, just wondered if dentistry the same?

Had a rubbish day. Bloody shoulder really playing up again and DD2 is just so heavy now (12KG!!!!!) The number of times I had to lift her in and out of car or out of cupboards/off tables etc today.....hmm.
Someone brought their puppy to school at pick up time and it ran up to DD1 and she completely freaked out, she was petrified poor thing. It was awful. The mother flet bad but I felt that people would be thinking DD1 was a wuss....then in cuddling her and consoling her DD2 ran off....I bloody hate the school run!!!

fuzzy Is it still Pripson??? God I hated that as a child......

Off to view this pool tomorrow with a view to using it for hydro at private hospital. Looks like heaven huh??!!

LM xxx

Bellared Fri 13-Nov-09 21:22:03

LM, send it when (if) you get 5. wink
What've you done to your shoulder?

DS is coming down with something, he was hot before and has started to cough a little bit. He's woken up twice since he went to bed (7.30) but it's been for his dummy but it might be falling out cos he cant breath, I'll see how he gets on.

Mmmmmm, Scampi NikNaks.....

BaconWheatCrunchies Fri 13-Nov-09 21:33:52

LM Wow, do you get to have a go in the pool?

It's Tuesday I start, will be pleased when I've got the 1st day over and done with.

Re the NHS/Private Rip off/missing stuff, it would be very difficult to tell. Unfortunately you can have a crap dentist but who has all the talk and everyone loves them, and a good one who gets tripped up by the not so lovely patients and gets a bad reputation which is not deserved. I think it is best to find someone you like. Most NHS practices can't afford the plush surgeries and maybe you don't need anything doing because you look after your teeth? My husband's practice is not very plush and he doesn't charge a lot (he only has a v small NHS contract), but one down the road who we share out of hours with are into their toys and charging. I don't really like their attitude in general life, and professionallt it's not much different. It's such a personal thing, and you don't always get what you pay for.

Every profession/trade can have it's cowboys, but if you and your DH are happy just stick to what you know. Or ask if you want an opinion!

My brother's coming tomorrow to drop off a tv for my parents new flat. Dad in Malaysia on a boys holiday. Got Mum staying for over 2 weeks, hopefully we'll rub along ok. She stayed this time last year when he did the same, I do get on with her but we have problems with my Dad's parents and sometimes I don't want to talk about them, but she needs to.

Sorry enough rambling.

HM thinking of you this weekend, hope you have a calm one x

BaconWheatCrunchies Fri 13-Nov-09 21:35:14

PS re the chocs, have to buy size 16 trousers for work, only ever done that just postnatal sad

luckymummy74 Sat 14-Nov-09 18:22:17

Thanks BWC re: dentist info.

Yes I would be in the pool treating patients. Went today, it was lovely, all dimly lit and 'moody'. Wheelchair access etc. My only concern is their apparent complainsancy (sp?) re health and safety.....

(me) "so what would you do if someone arrested (heart attack) in the pool?"

(Member of staff) "erm, I'm sure we must have a policy....."


I have unfortunately been spoilt by having a pool in a hospital with several doctors only a crash call away......

Out for dinner with DH tonight...got a new outfit and wanted an excuse to wear it....

bought these gorgeous shoes (in red) and then had to buy a dress to go with the shoes.....grin then needed an excuse to wear them so told DH I would take him out for dinner to say thank-you for being so wonderful smile.

Must go and get tarted up!!!

LM xxx

fuzzypeach Sat 14-Nov-09 18:40:59

Ahem, a week to eat a whole tin of quality street???? my god, I could actually eat it in one day if I let myself blush

LM yep it is pripson, it wasnt tooo bad! I'm not sure its worked tho as DD1 still itching like mad at night hmm
have a good night out with dh, lady in red

BaconWheatCrunchies Sat 14-Nov-09 20:49:36

I love red shoes and have many pairs, hope you're having a good night out wink

luckymummy74 Sun 15-Nov-09 13:04:41

Had a lovely night out ta. Lovely meal (courtesy of Tesco coupons.....what a gippo!!!) and wore my red shoes for the first time...I have one foot a bit bigger than the other so my right foot was numb most of the night....but hey ho!!

Had a breakthrough this morning. I've been taking the girls to mid-week mass as it's shorter and quieter...a lot easier to cope with them on my own (DH doesn't come). I've been feeling that DD2 is getting easier so thought I would brave Sunday mass on my own today....and it was lovely! Both girls were good as gold!! DD1 just sat reading her books, and singing the hymns and saying the prayers (she does them at school now so she's very into it!!!). DD2 sat reading books or just cuddled up to me (awwww!) and it was just really lovely special time. DD1 said that she likes mass cos it's 'special Mummy & girls time'....

Off to my sister's for a couple of hours with DD1 to do some crafty stuff with her. My sis found out that one of er school friends committed suicide yesterday so she is very sad and needs some Sophietime...

Hope you are all having a lovely Sunday!

LM xxx

BaconWheatCrunchies Sun 15-Nov-09 16:32:24

LM Your poor sis, suicide is such an awful thing to deal with sad.

Had a busy Sunday, have busy Monday planned, then work eeeeek!

luckymummy74 Sun 15-Nov-09 19:47:46

Prob won't have time to come on here tomorrow as at work all day so Good Luck BWC!!!

LM xx

monkeysmama Sun 15-Nov-09 23:31:13

Hi girls

Sorry I haven't been around for a few days - so uch to read through!

Will come back and say hi tomorrow. Hoping everyone is okay and happy. Especially you HM and her lovely babies


baiyu Mon 16-Nov-09 10:16:20

Oh dear LM Your poor sister. I lost my best friend at 16 to suicide. It's a hellish thing to deal with so big hugs to her.

That pool looks amazing! I miss swimming so much. Going with DS not the same. haven't found a decent pool here yet, only one that's local authority and is miles away but will go try it.

Good luck BWG with new job and fuzzy hope yours is going well.

Yep another one who can get through chocs and biscuits at breakneck speed, especially at the moment cos I'm so bored! We'd have to order them in by the truckload for a meet-up!

Well I'm a bit of a sad act today. Waiting in for a delivery of monin coffee syrups as I'm really missing having anyone to go for coffee with so making my own ones a bit more special! (please don't despair fuzzy!)

have a great day everyone x

baiyu Mon 16-Nov-09 10:26:16

ooH monkeysmama well done getting thread of the day! I'm having the what to wear at Christmas dillemma too. Apart from 2 in China, Xmas has always been at my mums. This year we're at DP's grandparents country estate (yes, really) with them, PILs and all his aunts, uncles and cousins. Also, they all do presents, gah! What the hell do I buy all these rich people when we're broke?!

monkeysmama Mon 16-Nov-09 14:00:23

Hey girls

Cheers Baiyu - I am a regular on the S&B threads blush. Sounds pretty cool (or scary!) Present wise I'll have a think but I think kids make it far easier to give nice gifts which don't cost much. Wilkos are selling 3 art canvases for a fiver I think. Dd has already painted 6 of them we're giving as presents. Making biscuits is another option. My mate did it last year with her ds and they decorated them together grin and put them in plain bags with festive ribbon.

Had a busy week here. Having our house done up and it is already driving me mad. Went out for lunch on Friday with dp and a few of his colleagues and partners while pil babysat. We had a lot to drink and I felt so bad on Saturday but I've not done that since before I was pg with dd and I think, after recent months, I needed it. She seemed to know not to bf at all on Saturday which was nice of her grin.

Has anyone on FB heard from HM? All okay I hope.

Good luck to BWG for the new job, hope everyone else having job issues / dilemmas is getting sorted.

I am feeling really tired. Off to dad's in half hour to cook, clean and then, hopefully, sleep.


BaconWheatCrunchies Mon 16-Nov-09 14:09:17

Baiyu I would make things for the rich people, they are the same as us really, and everyone appreciates the thought of a homemade pressie. My MIL's siblings are loaded, but they just get what they're given if I remember them all...

MM what S&B? sorry no time to search. Off for photos at nursery then DS1's new swimming lesson, he's had to change from a Friday when I'll be working. Bummer really since I also then meet my friends for coffee sad.

BaconWheatCrunchies Mon 16-Nov-09 14:10:17

Oh and I think maybe re HM no news is good news, hopefully

harimosmummy Mon 16-Nov-09 14:57:28

Hey, guys...

Baiyu - Re. presents: I def. wouldn't try to compete... I'm afraid, dealing with some very rich bankers... they aren't always like the rest of us and can make it bloody obvious when they don't like something (One of Richard's friends once told me to take a christmas present straight to the charity shop and cut out the middle man!!! He meant it as a joke, and he's actually a pretty nice guy, but it did make me feel a bit bad!!!)

But, if I recall correctly, you are a pretty good cook - you were thinking of setting up a business, yes? - well, if that's the case, I'd DEF go for bags of cookies or cupcakes. Cupcakes are VERY fashionable this year.. (Heals do some which have just the most MASSIVE toppings which are SOOO cool!)

Very cool cupcakes, in little gorgeously decorated boxes - perhaps even somehow 'themed' to the recipient's personality or a hobby? I think that would be a wonderful gift and wouldn't cost much at all.

MM - Thread of the day???? Go you, Girl!!! Can you link to the thread please?

Fuzzy - Hope you are enjoying the new job.

BWC - Hope your job goes OK too!

LM - Sorry about your sister's friends. sad Have you made a decision about your work situation?

Poor old Haribo got sent home from nursery for being sick. I raced back when I got the call, but when I got there, I kid you not, it looked like he'd burped a bit. If it had happened before he got there, I'd have cleaned it up and sent him in - and not worried about it.... And I'm a total worry wart!!! Anyway, they are both asleep at the mo... oh, no... mimi awake...

Better go!!

Hm x

harimosmummy Mon 16-Nov-09 16:00:43

or, Baiyu, your DH's photos...

He is SUCH a fantastic photographer... Little framed prints, signed by the artist with a little quote and 1/20 (or however many!)!!!!

How damn cool is that????

Mimi has reached a milestone... She has realised that wailing will mean she gets my attention. Lucky me!!!!! grin wink

HM x

Bellared Mon 16-Nov-09 21:22:39

I want them shoes! £25? That is amazing!

DS got baptised on Sunday and we had the most casual Rev. doing the service. Not only did he burp at the beginning he had his trainers on and at the end said 'right you can all go now'. Err, ok. DS behaved really, really well but at home and since Thursday he has gotten into screaming blue murder again. We went for a walk earlier and he threw a tantrum so I stepped away from him and left him to it for a few mins. He has just turned into a right bad tempered so and so. I put him to bed an hour early tonight and so far I've not heard a peep. LM, I didn't notice the Strawberry til DH pointed it out to me. How cute is she?

Good luck with the jobs chicks! I've just applied for one. grin

Do you think it's worth me putting in a complaint to the place where I had the interview last week? They said the reason I didn't get the job was due to my lack of experience dealing with the General Public. I have worked in pubs, high street stores, over the phone and face to face in my old job and did 3 years in parcel collections dealing with some very angry people with volumes about 30-150 people in the space of 3-5 hours. I feel the real reason was because they knew I had a child as the woman's face changed when I told her I had DS. Any other jobs I apply for I am not going to mention him.

harimosmummy Mon 16-Nov-09 21:35:41

Bellared - Def. NEVER mention your DS until the final moment.

You can probably never prove it, but this 'motherism' exists.

I have 12 GSCEs (above C), 5 A leves (Above C), 2 degrees in polymer chemistry and a degree in management. And, err.... I can't get a decent job. sad It's totally pathetic.

I went for a job recently, and I was a shoe in until I mentioned DS and then a 'more suitable candidate' came along - couldn't mention getting upset at that one and said ' What? A candidate who doesn't have a 6MO son, You arse? ' It Didn't further my career shock but made me feel SOOOOOO much better.

BaconWheatCrunchies Mon 16-Nov-09 21:48:39

I think I once didn't get a job after he asked me if I had a boyfriend, only about 7 years ago! But dentists do what they want and it'll always go to the man who definitely won't need maternity leave.

Saying that I have the fact I have 2 children on my CV....

BaconWheatCrunchies Mon 16-Nov-09 21:54:17

HMshock at the banker, but they are different type of rich to country types I find. My brother is one, but not a typical one and he quite happily swaps the b for a w..

luckymummy74 Tue 17-Nov-09 07:15:28

marking for later....

monkeysmama Tue 17-Nov-09 07:59:52

Children should never come up in an interview! It is breaking the law to ask if you have children, if you're planning to have children etc etc. Did the interviewer tell you about his/her children & marital status? I bloody doubt it (though some sneaky interviewer use this to indirectly ask you). Would you mention your pets in an interview? If you go for a job you're agreeing that you fulfil the criteria, can work the hours etc. It is totally against the law & all best practice to even refer to it. I worked in an industry with less than 1% women & know how things work on the ground. But never offer information they're not allowed to ask you!

baiyu Tue 17-Nov-09 16:09:58

Oh dear, I'll never get a job! How do you explain gaps in work history without mentioning children? It's so hard.

Making things a brill idea, it's actually what I usually do. Just need to bring DH round to that. he's always a bit 'hmm, ok lovely and we'll get them a wee present too' and doesn't really think that homemade things are enough. (Or perhaps he's just remembering the dodgy handmade tie-dye throw I made him for his birthday when we were teenagers!)grin

Oh, found a great playgroup today, things are looking up! DS loved it and has just woken up after a TWO HOUR nap! Brilliant, love exhausting him like that!

BaconWheatCrunchies Tue 17-Nov-09 19:04:49

I'm still alive! Knackered after my 1st day at work, have stinking cold and a headache all afternoon. But it was ok.

BAIYU pleased you've found a playgroup. What about looking up the what's on on Netmums? Our local site is really good for info.

Bellared Tue 17-Nov-09 20:33:40

MM, It's my fault he got mentioned. My dad was looking after him on that day and he turned up to my house late so I was a few mins late for the interview and I explained why, it's a Housing Association too so I thought they weren't meant to discriminate?

I did have a job interview way before DS came along and they did ask me if I was thinking of having any children or had any, I said no as I thought that was a bit of a strange question. Didn't get the job anyway way as the salary was £5k less than what I was on at the time.

I've learned my lesson now. I'm NEVER going to mention DS now til I'm at work. It's absolutely pathetic that this discrimination is alive. angry

Anyway, we're trying a Playgroup tomorrow.

BWC, I've been feeling the same all coughing and headachy. Whooooooooo!!!! First day at work all done!!! grin grin grin

HM, what is your current job? I'd love to call someone who interviewed me an arse if they didn't give me the job. That's cool.

monkeysmama Tue 17-Nov-09 23:17:58

Hey girls

HM here's link. Dress I linked to is going back though-made me look flammable & obese hmm.

LM I hope your sister is ok. That's pretty hard.

BWC glad you got through today. Onwards and upwards!

Bellared being brutally honest I know a lot of people who interviewing someone who turned up late & blamed child care issues would question how they planned to get to work on time everyday if they couldn't manage the interview. It's shit but in this market I reckon it'll only get worse for a while. It's illegal
to ask those questions but it happens loads still. And the public sector can be as bad as the private-well, almost.

I feel so tired at the moment. My periods have been really (as in really, really TMI blush) heavy since dd & though they only last 2-3 days I feel like I've been pummelled.

Went to the forest today with my wonderful mum & dd thought the old fallen trees were crocodiles grin. It was one of my favourite days ever.

I've almost done my Christmas shopping! I usually shop on Christmas Eve but this year I am so excited I could pop. I counted 24 people on my gift list! Got dd a beautiful felt tree advent calendar to put a little pressie in ever day. Pockets are 50p sized - any good pressie ideas? So far got hair clips and stickers (which she adores!)

Right. Sleep for me.

MM wink

monkeysmama Tue 17-Nov-09 23:21:08

link here -pretty shallow & boring!

HM does Haribo have any of Flick's boots? Going to order some for su
Ister's tiny son (I've seen once) & want some bigger ones for dd but don't know which to go for.

harimosmummy Wed 18-Nov-09 04:24:33

MM - Yes, both of my kids wear flick's booties.

Mimi has the regular booties. Haribo has the booties, the hi rise booties and the outdoor boots too.

Personally, I prefer the regular booties - they stay on really well and are very soft on little feet (and are pretty non-slip too which is great as we have wooden floors)

Bellared - I'm (or I was) an industrial chemist. I used to design anti counterfeit features for currency, I looked after the security threads and the holograms, but it's not a job which lends itself to motherhood - I used to commute weekly between Basingstoke and Bolton!!! I'm training to be a teacher now!!!

Well, as I'm sure is obvious, given I'm posting this at 4:15, there isn't much sleep going on in our house. Haribo has taken to getting up from about 2am till about 5am... then he goes back to bed and doesn't surface till well after 8am!!! He's quite happy, playing in his cot now, singing along to his nursery rhymes (that's my concession - I refuse to put DVDs on in the middle of the night) Still.... I suppose it buys me a lie in!!!!

Baiyu - Glad you are settling in well!! That is so sweet that you have been with your DH since you were teenagers!!!

HM x

luckymummy74 Wed 18-Nov-09 17:24:08

Not much to report here. Things moving on in a positive way for the private job, I'm hopefully going to set up the hydro service for them, in which case, I will be happy to go there.

Had a lovely swim with DH and the girls this morning, they are both getting very brave now...

Off to my parents for the weekend....DH & I have a day to ourselves shopping on Saturday while M&D have the girls....which they will all love!

LM x

fuzzypeach Wed 18-Nov-09 22:13:27

Hello just been reading along whilst listing things on ebay to try to fund xmas!

BWC glad the first day went well!

My first day at new shop tomorrow, slightly nervous as Im not great at making friends with new people but at least I know what I'm doing job wise!

Bellared Wed 18-Nov-09 22:16:34

I love the name Mimi, it's lovely smile

We went to toddler group today and were the only non Polish there. I didn't realize how multi-cultural Leigh is getting! I had a chat to the Link Worker though who is leaving and said to apply for her job. So I am. I've done my application for the Childrens Centre Info Asst/Receptionist so that is going in tomorrow.

DH is working over Christmas and on nights too so at least we can have lunch together. Then me and DS can play and bounce all over the place like what we seem to have started doing lately. grin

LM, how is your sis getting on?
MM, are you taking any contraceptives to help with the bleeding? It sounds really bad and you sound right fed up with it now.
HM, check you out with the rather fabulous glamorous sounding job! But not the commute! That's a bloody long way! I salute you doing the teacher training though that's one job I could not do. Money's not bad either.
Baiyu, I've looked at your pics and you're both so cute together. My friend and her DH went to Uni together and are stil acting as if they just met.
LM/BWC, sounds like everything is going rather good for you both smile.

Time for bed as I've now not only got a cough to make Steptoe proud I have a nose as runny as raw egg. How v.sexy.


harimosmummy Wed 18-Nov-09 22:39:08

What'cha selling Fuzzy? I have more things to sell than I can shake a stick at - got a feeling it'll go on Freecycle as I never find the time!!!

Bella - thanks, - teacher training is a SOOOO easy, I'm not finding it tough at all, but most of my experience is in my DSDs school (a very well thought of private school - so not sure I've seen the rough end of the stick yet, IYSWIM!)

Well,,, decision time here... I am NOT moving to Germany. It's been on the cards for some time, as DH is out there pretty much full time, but he's decided he's happier with us here, so we are staying here. Well, it's a decision, so that has to be good, yes?

LM - good news on the job, yes? Hope it works out well.

BWC and fuzzy - Good luck with jobs.

MM - How are you? How is your dad?

Mitchell - Hope DD is OK? I take it, it's not HER that's ill?

Well, night all.

Hm x

harimosmummy Wed 18-Nov-09 22:41:36

Oh, Bella - Haribo and Mimi are just their MN names. That's not what they are really called in RL....

I saw your other thread recently - your DS's behaviour sounds perfectly normal (exactly like haribos!!)

HM x

Mitchell81 Thu 19-Nov-09 07:59:56

Harimo No DD is very well at the moment, its the kids in school who are off with normal flu and swine flu so been advised to keep her off for afew days till it calms down. She is getting vaccine on monday so fingers crossed she gets immunised before she catches it. x

baiyu Thu 19-Nov-09 10:23:32

MM this one is for you this is what I want to wear at Christmas but I haven't got any pennies!

baiyu Thu 19-Nov-09 10:26:49

Or this!

Mitchell Hope your DD escapes the swine!

Went to another good playgroup yesterday, things definitely improving. I will make friends!

Having lunch with MIL next week, what a U turn, she was barely speaking to me a month ago but she's clearly making an effort so I'll not hold a grudge.

Ooh MN on women's hour, aren't we popular!

baiyu Thu 19-Nov-09 10:27:55

Oh and fuzzy good luck for today!

Sorry, one message would have sufficed, just v forgetful!

Mitchell81 Thu 19-Nov-09 10:53:27

Baiyu Glad that you are meeting new people. Hope lunch goes well with MIL

Fuzzy Hope your first day goes well

LM Sounds like starting the new hydro will be good for you

Harimo I agree at least it is a decision, rather than living in limbo. Are you happy to still have DH working away in the week?

Bellared Good luck with the job application, how long have you been looking?

MM flicks booties are lovely

baiyu Thu 19-Nov-09 10:53:37

Whoops, links are the same, second one was meant to be this! biscuit

Bellared Thu 19-Nov-09 20:41:54

Awww, Mimi is still cool though. DS's nickname is Branston or pickle cos he is small and chunky but I've not used it on MN yet! I just call it him when we are out and about. I think it's good that you're staying over here as it's less upheaval for you all and starting again in a different place. DH is at work all the time too and it's like he is working away as I hardly see him. If his other staff would cover shifts he would be home more!

Hi Mitchell, Thanks. I've been looking since December! I handed my reception/info asst application in this afto at the Sure Start Center round the corner from our house (I live in between the 2 they are advertising the position for) and I've just read an email from a place in town where I handed my CV into a few weeks ago asking what hours I was after. I got made redundant last August when I was on Maternity Leave but started looking when that was up.

luckymummy74 Thu 19-Nov-09 23:12:50

I will be wearing this on Christmas Day

Re-nicknames, DD1 is 'Chip Chops' and DD2 is 'curly wurly'. It started as 'Curly C (as in 'kuh') and then became curly wurly, or sometimes, just 'Curly'.

She is such a hooligan.

monkeysmama Fri 20-Nov-09 12:39:43

Nice outfit LM! Baiyu pity you don't live in London - they had lots of beautiful dresses just down from Spitalfields Market at the weekend. There was a whole stall of kimono dresses - not kimonos but with kimono material. Beautiful.

HM I may be reading the wrong messages but your post seemed a bit sad hmm about not going to Germany? Well, not sad but like the decision had been made for you. I'm getting hmm with your dh - these days with your beautiful Haribo and Mimi should be the happiest and cosiest of your life. I send you a hug.

Thanks for asking about my dad. He had his last round of chemo last week and we won't know until next week if he needs more again. We will see. I cope best when I don't think about it and just get on with it. Life is shit sometimes.

We're off to a friend of dp's for the evening with his wife & 3 kids. Think we're going to pop into see dp's nan tomorrow on the way back. Mil and sil seem to have forced his nan into giving up on life over the past few weeks. They all drive me crazy. Going to football on Sunday to take my little sister to her first proper game <<proud MM emotiocon>>

I've almost finished my Christmas shopping. Dd is obsessed with watches and clocks and we're getting her one for Christmas. I am not a big fan of all the branded kids stuff (like Pooh bear and all that) but she adores Hello Kitty (and animals in general such that I wonder how we're related!) and I have found a tiny Hello Kitty watch. She'll love it and I cannot wait to give it to her. Some great Italian story books arrived earlier too and I've let her have one to take to our friend's. I have no will power where my darling girl is concerned.

I have no idea what to get for dp. He is the hardest man in the world to buy for.

I have nothing else of any interest to tell you all!

Fuzzy and BWC hope you've both had a good week.

Mitchell hope dd is ok. I was reading today that all babies are going to be offered the vaccine.

Right, best be off to pack some stuff, feed dd, have a shower etc etc.

Have a good weekend everyone.

MM wink

BaconWheatCrunchies Fri 20-Nov-09 13:41:38

Yay I've finished my 1st week.

All was ok, would normally do til 4 but DS2 has his operation follow up appt. Going on my own with him for the 1st time, so hope it's all ok.

MM re the vaccine, I wish they weren't offering it to under 5s, have to make the decision now whether to give it or not. As an NHS healthcare worker I should get it, but not heard anything. Some friends have and it hurts and makes your arm ache for days, some have had a fever after. LM have you had yours?

I've done no Xmas shopping so far, I'm hoping H&M still have the spiderman suits in that DS1 has his heart set on. I also have no ideas for DH.

HM hope you are ok with Germany decision, at least you seem to have a good social network where you are now.

Have a good weekend all x

Mitchell81 Fri 20-Nov-09 14:02:37

BWC Thank you am looking for a spiderman costume for DS1 aswell, will try H&M tonight. grin Glad that your first week went well.

MM Enjoy your evening.

I have also finished my christmas shopping, did most of it online and using offers I found on MN. grin

Going to take DS1 to watch UP tonight and go for a meal in town with DH, catching the bus in and then have to pick up my cousin and husband at 9pm from the airport.

How does everyone feel about their DC now all been offered the swine flu vaccine???

I was unsure about giving DD, but decided that the risk from her getting swine flu was far greater than the unknown risk of the vaccine. But now having to give it to DS's- I really don't know. hmm sad

Bellared Fri 20-Nov-09 20:40:54

UP! is a fantastic film and it bought a tear to my eye. It's a lovely, cute and rather funny film!


I've not heard anything about the vaccine but will probably go for it. Will we get the yellow immunization letter in the post?

Might have an interview next week at the Local Mobility shop, the girl who runs the shop with her DP is off of Maternity in 2 weeks and is looking for someone, she'll be then running the website when she's back in work. Fingers crossed.

Have a rather lovely (and try and stay cosy) weekend girls! I need to do lots of ironing and general house whiff stuff.


BaconWheatCrunchies Sat 21-Nov-09 07:44:03

Got spiderman outfit in ELC yesterday if you had no luck in H&M.

Mitchell so has DD had hers? Was it ok?

Bella hope the job stuff works out soon

Mitchell81 Sat 21-Nov-09 09:16:40

BWC No she gets it this Monday sad and then another dose 3 weeks later. Hopefully she then can go back to school next week.

Shonnomanom Sat 21-Nov-09 15:25:51

Hi De Hi Ladies

Im not sure about the swine flu jag at all. The boy I look after got his 1st jag 2 weeks and was fine after it. As his carer I qualify for it, and for health reasons his parents also qualify for it. The flu has recently been all round the village where I work and touch wood none of my family has caught it.
Im not sure if I want to have it myself and I am even more unsure about dd having it.
A few of my friends are nurses and all say that the British Winter Flu Bug is actually worse and has a higher mortality rate (this is based on info released to the NHS by the WHO).
And apart from anything else, it takes years to do the sufficent(sp?) testing on new drugs and this one was only created this year. That alone makes me nervous iykwim. Also, and I am not sure if I am correct in saying this or not, but, the vaccine is based on the initial strain of swine flu. And the flu like any other mutates from person to person, this is the exact reason that they cant cure the common cold because it is constantly changing.
Anyway, sorry rant over, as you see this is an issue that is very much on my mind at the moment.

Anyway good news, dp is going back to work!!!! grin He's been off since Sep14th so im really glad that im getting my house back during the day!! grin And to be brutally honest we need the money, especially with santa coming in a few weeks.

Dp and I are going to see New Moon tonight! grin grin I am more excited about this than I have been for any Harry Potter movie!!

Hope everyone is happy and healthy
Sho x

fuzzypeach Sat 21-Nov-09 21:24:23

Mitchell - Was just going to post that you can get spiderman costume at ELC as have bought one for my friends son, but BWC beat me to it smile

Can someone explain all the fuss to me about this new moon film, almost every fb status at the moment is about people getting excited to see it! I suppose I should watch the first film and see for myself!

DD2 really not sleeping well at the moment, so I'm absolutely knackered! She is full of cold and a cough poor little thing.

LM - love your xmas day outfit, might have to get myself one!!

Feeling very down in the dumps with myself at the moment, as I have put on all 3 stone that I lost after having DD2 back on sad I was following Slimming world until July and going to the gym regularly, but then I lost my motivation and (as I am a complete comfort eater) have been eating my way out of feeling rubbish at work and other problems at home etc, so now have piled it all back on. Am going to join Weight watchers on Tuesday, does anyone on this thread do it? Its years since I have done it, but I want a change for new motivation.

Hope everyone else is ok xxxx

BaconWheatCrunchies Sun 22-Nov-09 08:36:30

FP It's pants isn't it? I was slimmer when I was breastfeeding, and now it's piling on. My jeans are really tight, to the point where I was thinking about doing a pregnancy test!

I used to do slimming world years ago, and have a friend who did weight watchers. I'm going to try and take only healthy food to work, cut down on my booze and do some exercise. Watch this space!

Mitchell did you have any luck with the outfit? Went to H&M yesterday and they only had batman left. Lucky I had nipped into ELC for their catalogue and saw the last one as I was leaving.

harimosmummy Sun 22-Nov-09 13:21:06

FP - You have my sympathy re. the weight. I still have a stone to lose. I am SICK of people saying to me: Well, you only had a baby 3 months ago, what can you expect?... Err.... I expect to lose bloody weight!! I'm like you though... eat the wrong foods at the wrong times.

Sho - I'm not planning on having Haribo or Mimi vaccinated, though there has been some talk of Mimi being offered it. This vaccine has been developed VERY quickly and the data has, basically, just been extrapolated from the known flu vaccines... they are just hoping that this strain works the same way as the 'common' flu strain and that the tweaks to the vaccine won't cause any side effects. Fair enough. But, because WHO have labelled the H1N1 strain as a pandemic, the drug companies have FAR more protection from liability than usual if anything does go wrong - so it's a no brainer for them... Push the vaccine for all it's worth, make loads of money and very little risk of being held accountable if anything goes wrong. Obviously, I'll wait and see what happens over the next few weeks, but hopefully the weather will turn colder and drier soon and that will help cut the risk of infection. Obviously, Mitchell, I can see why you would want to have DD vaccinated and I think in cases like yours, the vaccine IS a better alternative than the risk of infection... It's not that I really believe there is a problem with the vaccine, I just think the hype about needing it is being pumped up by the marketing depts. of the drug companies...

Well, we've had a lovely weekend here. Went to a wedding yesterday and left the kids with the nanny. Missed then like crazy (we stayed in the hotel) and phoned home 4 times to check on them (this was in addition to the lovely texts my nanny sent me and the fact that I trust her implicitly - I suppose that goes without saying, doesn't it!) but it was good for DH and I to have some time together and I think getting the nanny to babysit once a month so we can have dinner together is something we should consider doing. Both kids were delighted to see us home again.(Just as delighted as we were to see them!!) Both asleep and Dh gone for a lie down! happy days. smile

Hope everyone is doing well.

BaconWheatCrunchies Sun 22-Nov-09 16:23:24

Any ideas for my Mum for pressie for DS2?? She will want to spend between £20 and £30, short of trawling through the argos catalogue... Or which section could I post this on?

harimosmummy Sun 22-Nov-09 16:56:04

Things I want people to get haribo are:

Cycle helmet
Bike seat
Floatation swim suit

Toys are not really high on my list, because I prefer to get him things (i) when he needs a new toy and (ii) when he sees something he likes. he is quite specific about toys he likes!!!!

I will have a think of more things now!

HM x

BaconWheatCrunchies Sun 22-Nov-09 18:24:01

Problem with all of those is he has them handed down from DS1

monkeysmama Sun 22-Nov-09 20:59:50

I am a toy addict & will post some suggestions tmrw wheni get 2 minutes to link.

baiyu Sun 22-Nov-09 21:58:45

HM So glad you had a night out with your DH, I think it's so important. I need to find a babysitter round here so we can do the same, we haven't had a night out just the two of us for months(and that's including our honeymoon!)

I'm not really doing much Xmas wise for DS, I know everyone else will spoil him and we'll have plenty of other Christmases when he'll bankrupt us I'm sure!id buy this this in the hope that it'll look suitably grown up and he'll want to play with it, think he'd just ignore plastic ones!

mitchell love your wedding pic on FB!

BaconWheatCrunchies Mon 23-Nov-09 07:10:08

Trawled the argos catalogue, it was rubbish!

luckymummy74 Mon 23-Nov-09 07:27:36

Morning ladies- just had a catch up after a lovely weekend at my parents. DH and I had a great day out Christmas shopping, only got 2 or 3 things left to buy now! The girls loved their day with G&G and vice versa!

DH and I have been talking about the swine flu vaccine.....BWC, No I have NOT had it (being an NHS worker) and I don't plan to. I feel that I am healthy and strong enough to not be classed as 'vulnerable'. And as someone else said, there are lots of different strains of flu, so it doesn't guarentee anything!

As far as the DDs are concerned, I am still undecided. DD2 is 19 months (as you all know!!) and she is fairly 'robust' shall we say.....but I don't know...she is still very little to have to fight something like that....but then I also agree with waht HM and a lot of others have said....

Talking of jabs, DD1 had her MMR booster and something else blush on Friday, one in each arm....she was brilliant and didn't even flinch let alone cry.....I was so proud!!

I'd better head off to work now.....

Catch you all later, have a great Monday....

LM xx

P.S. I bought some jeggins on Saturday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Shonnomanom Mon 23-Nov-09 11:17:06


Fuzzy you should read the Twilight books before you watch the films. It makes the films even more enjoyable, and like the rest of the world you'l fall in love with Edward Cullen even more.
Also my mum & I were doing WeightWatchers pre-pregnancy and it was great but I really struggled with it after dd was born and eventually gave up. PND had a lot to do with it and also my health. But my mum is still doing it. Im now currently doin the 'if i cant see it i wont eat it' diet. Its not working very well grin

HM we have been thinking the same about having a 'date night' once a month. Although I dont want to push my luck with my parents as they look after dd when im at work but they are the most convenient iykwim

Sho x

luckymummy74 Mon 23-Nov-09 17:28:36

I think 'date night' is a great idea if you can do it, i.e. if you have enough babysitters or one willing one to ask! DH and I go out a fair bit but on our own with our friends IYSWIM. We had a 'date' last weekend and it was lovely.

fuzzy I probably shouldn't say this but you might aswell right off this year with Christmas coming up and start your diet in January.....you just CANNOT diet at Christmas!!!

Found out today a good friend of mine is pg after TTC for 18 months.....I'm so happy for her! I had to try and explain the whole 'no, you are 9 weeks, not 7 weeks, it's taken from 2 weeks before you actually conceive.....'hmm!!

Just sitting at work waiting to go to my private job for my 2 hour clinic. Someone at work suggested I would probably have time to go home......then she remembered having 2 small children and agreed that staying at work to surf the net for half an hour was much more appealing!!! DH works til 7/8pm normally, so it's nice for him to 'experience' the whole day including bedtime on his own like I do when he is at work grin.

LM xxx

P.S. Need to start thinking of festive nicknames!!!!

fuzzypeach Mon 23-Nov-09 18:50:09


Oh I wish I could leave it til after xmas, but the problem with me is if i'm not "on a diet" i just put weight on, I actually am unable to maintain, and I cant afford the time to lose even more after xmas! (being a bridesmaid in march!)
Day one today anyway and so far so good, although I am hungry and have eaten all my points now hmm but I even went to the gym (shock horror) after ten weeks off!!!! I think I will be aching tomorrow!!

I think date night is a great idea, can't see me and dh ever doing it though, we never seem to go out together,only on birthdays hmm


harimosmummy Tue 24-Nov-09 08:37:26

I'm afraid I'm more with FP than LM on this one...

actively telling yourself there is no need to diet for what is effectively 8 weeks when you are already unhappy with your weight seems a bit pointless.

Start trying to make those changes now - and continue that over the festive period - and you will feel far better than being faced with an even greater unhill struggle in January!! Just my opinion, though.

Have had two really bad nights here. sunday night, haribo got up from 2-5:30 (then Mimi got up at 6am)... Felt grim, but had to go to school on Monday morning (DH had taken the day off to look after kids... Yes... Notice that, even though HE was looking after the kids, I had to get up with them in the night!)

Last night... same thing - haribo up from 3-6am. DH took himself off to the spare room because he has to work today hmm

I know he thinks my teacher training is a waste of time and I'm beginning to wonder whether it's really worth continuing. I have to do 3x 8 week placements as part of my training. I have the schools lined up (did this personally... training provider is crap!!) but childcare is going to be a huge issue. I want my parents to look after the kids, which they are happy to do, but DH doesn't like them, which means they would have to go before he got home on a Friday, but then come back Monday before I needed to go to school and, well, I just can't see it working.

There really isn't a workable alternative. paying for childcare is going to cause problems because my grant won't cover the costs and he can't, obviously, take that sort of time off.... so I'm a bit stuck.

Anyway, Haribo was sick last night, so I brought him into my bed... he was / is being very clingy and wanted to sleep on me... which turned into a bit of a mare when he puke ON my head. so, there I am, middle of the night, trying to get him, the bed and my head clean of puke... lovely, this motherhood lark!!!

MM - hope your dad is OK

Baiyu - Hope you are settling in well

Mitchell - Hope your Dd and Dss are good

Sho - Haven't gotten into the Twilight books... Never got harry Potter... are they similar?

Well, best go... Actually, I have a question for you: Haribo is a very outgoing, sociable little boy so I enrolled him in a nursery 2 sessions a week. yesterday, I dropped him off and, as soon as he realised where he was, he turned on his heels and ran back down the path. I persevered and took him in, but ended up picking him up less than 2 hours later and, in that time, he had not settled at all. He was SOOOO happy to come home... I have never seen him quite so happy and smily when he got home!!! THis happened last time he went there too... they called me to tell me he was ill, but he wasn't and when I got him home he was absolutely fine... How long would you keep going with the nursery, or should I be looking for a different one now?

HM x

luckymummy74 Tue 24-Nov-09 13:48:17

HM Hmmmm, tough one on the nursery. I remember DD1 being very happy at the CM until about a year ago when she then started saying she didn't want to go and crying when I dropped her off etc....remember the saga? Obviously we ended up leaving the CM as there were some things we weren't happy with. I think kids are very perceptive, but on the other hand, if he's not well, he may have just been out of sorts and wanted to be home with you and Mimi. I would be inclined to monitor it closely and see how the next 2 weeks or so go.

Bellared Tue 24-Nov-09 21:14:26

Thanks, I've picked up a job to day at the JC, as a Funeral Arranger. I need to ring it the moro. And Specsavers are looking too.

It's nice to hear you're all doing well and Date Night seems like a great idea. Last time DH and I went out was last December! The GP's are having DS next weekend but DH is on nights so we can't go out or spend proper time together. We've all still got these bloody coughs, it's been a week now but non of us have really been taking anything for it, me and DS had a bit of Covonia earlier on last week. Now we're having the 'I don't want to eat my tea' saga at tea time, I'm not getting too concerned about it. I read on here it's the norm but he's eating his fruit and veg during the day and I'm saying to myself that it's a phase.

HM, I hope your DC's get better soon!
FP, me and DH need to lose a small person in weight between us (he needs an op and they wont do it until he loses about 5stone) so we're starting properly in the NY but cutting down now. We hardly blush drink either so it's just the cake and chocolate we need to cut down on. sad

Right, time for cake!

Night! X

Shonnomanom Tue 24-Nov-09 21:43:37


fuzzy - I agree with hm best to start as you mean to go on, especially if the wedding is march. Remember that working out earns you more ww points!

hm - The 2 books aren't anything alike. As far as writing styles go, HP was written for children, so its easy reading but totally engrossing (if thats even a word) and make believe. Where as Twilight was written for young adults, and rather than being about make believe (yes I know its got vampires and warewolves) its primarily a love story.
What is the nursery saying about ds behaviour? Ask them to track his routine so you can see what he is doing, also find out who his friends are there, maybe he's fell out with one of them. Just a thought.

bellared - my dd always goes off her food when she is not feeling too great, we live by the rule that as long as we'r getting some food into her and she is still drinking plenty then we just need to let her do her thing. When she's poorly she normally survives on yoghurts.

Well we had our first pantomine today. It was a touring theatre group that came to the village hall to perform for the village school so I thought that dd would feel comfortable there giving that she also goes to playgroup there.
But she seemed completely unfased by the whole thing. She just stared at the stage, not even cracking a smile or anything. She did start getting bored just before Cinderella went to the ball but I think that was more related to her tired thatn the show.

Well Id better get to bed, working at 7am
Sho x

monkeysmama Wed 25-Nov-09 10:21:23

Hi girls

How is everyone? Ok here-been at dad's for a few days for some company as dp is in Canada until Friday with work. We're going to Eurodisney on Saturday with the friends we've been on holiday withnthe last 2 summers and their ds 7 and dd almost 2 (our god kids). I sound so ungrateful but I'm dreading it. Everyone on MN has suggested it's freezing, boring for little ones & rains all the time. I am not a fan of Disney or theme parks but it's our mate's 40th so we've got to go. Luckily the Eurostar was cheap because the hotel, for 3 nights was a mahoosive amount shock. Have any of you been? Surely the LOs will love it?

It's my sister's 30th on Wednesday the day after we get back so rushing about trying to get organised for that before we go. I mislaid my note book yesterday and almost went into meltdown. I live by lists atm.

HM sorry to hear about sleep issues. I remember how tough it is with 1 non sleeper. Dd sleeps from 630-2 then wakes up for a quick cuddle and sleeps through until 7 most nights now though she seems to be teething againhmm which disrupts all that.

Dd always has a flurry of talk in the morning over breakfast. This morning she started by pulling at my pj top and saying "mama get changed" because I had paint on it and made me go all goey when she picked up an orange and said something I didn't understand then tried again and said "mama favore pop pop" - she wanted me to "pop" her orange open grin.

It's nice & sunny today. Was planning a day in at mum's painting but think we might head down to the forest in our wellies on an animal hunt.

Have a good day everyone.


harimosmummy Wed 25-Nov-09 10:49:01

oh, MM, I am sure you will have a fab time.

We took Haribo last year... he would have been around 3-4 months... with the DSDs and we had a great time.

There were several rides he got something out of at that age, so I'm sure at 18 months, there will be lots to do.

We stayed at the big pink hotel (no idea of the name) but it was super cool - at that time, we had DSD1 (13), DSD2(10) and DS(under1) at the time..
My advice would be to get (if you haven;t already) the VIP package (or whatever it is you need to jump any queues. Def. worth thte money!)

The train (I'm assuming you are going straight to the park and not to Paris) is very child friendly and they will cater for pretty much everything.

I didn't find it boring at all... Yes, we went in the summer and I think the winter would be harder (But Haribo would love it, wrapped up in his cosy toes!!!) but there is loads for the little ones to do.

The Peter Pan ride and the 'all around the world' ride (that might not be the actual name) were both great for little ones.

The car / stunt performance was too loud for Haribo when we went, but he would love it now (would bring ear defenders for him though!)

Big rides are Space Mountain and Aerosmith's Rock and ROller rollercoaster (The second one is BRILLIANT!!!) but not suitable for kids, obviously.

There are lots of characters about (another reason to get the VIP package) because it's a bloody scrum otherwise!!!

Let me have a think... There were lots of rides that Haribo liked even at 4 months... so I am sure your LO will love it.

I think sometimes we have to suspend our own reality and remember that this is about what kids like... I took Haribo to Peppa Pig (the live show!) recently and I found it quite surreal, but he loved it. To be fair, they had targetted it to the kids and they thought it was brilliant.

Well, anyway, I think you will have a great time and if I could persuade DH to go for NY, I would book it. (Mind you, after my day 'out' yesterday, maybe not!!)

I will have a think about the other rides which were good for little ones... Lots of them were outdoor, so I'd recommend an all in one ski suit... (I like the Patagonia ones personally... both of mine have them and they are brilliant at being warm when you need them to be but easy access so the kids can cool down when you need them to!!)

HM xx

BaconWheatCrunchies Wed 25-Nov-09 12:32:00

FP well done with starting WW.

Bella good luck with the job stuff.

Got things to say, but no time. Hope you're all well.

luckymummy74 Wed 25-Nov-09 18:22:26

blush I just meant it might be a hard time of year to diet.......blush blush.

Well done on starting WW....when DH and I do it we give ourslelves a 'no points day' where we are allowed to eat more than points allowance. I found it helped cos I didn't feel as if I was depriving myself so much.

What also helped me was making a chart/graph for the kitchen units that I charted my weight loss on. It really helped motivate me cos it was so visual. I did a large scale so even half a lb looked impressive!!!!!!

Good Luck wink and sorry for trying to lead you astray grin.

LM xxx

Bellared Wed 25-Nov-09 20:59:56

MM - I'd go to Eurodisney for me not for DS wink.

LM - How is your sis btw? You're not leading us astray just testing our will power grin

Thanks BWC the Funeral one closed weeks ago but, I rang the Tax Credits people today and I would be left with the same amount at the end of the week/month if I went back full or part. hmm

Thanks So, I'm not going to get worried about it, he'll trough when he's ready. smile

DS is still awake, I can hear him kicking the foot board of his cot.

luckymummy74 Thu 26-Nov-09 07:22:56

My Sis is doing OK thanks for asking.

harimosmummy Thu 26-Nov-09 14:26:19

Sleep issues still something of a problem here.. Haribo was up last night at 4am... he knows how to work the remote control now, and turned the TV on... there was drag racing on and he just LOVED it... SUCH a bloody boy!!!!!!!!!!!!!

he seems to have grown up massively in the last few weeks. He likes to walk everywhere now (In fact, the only problem I have is to try and stop him walking when we get to our destination!!) but he seems to be cooking on gas again which is good!!

Is everyone sorted for Christmas? I am usually super organised (a few years ago, I had all my presents bought, wrapped and delivered by 3rd December!!!! blush) but this year, I have done nothing!!!! I'm planning on just getting everyone hampers blush

I've decided not to get Hariboo or Mimi big presents, as they are really too young and I think stocking fillers will be quite enough.

Well, hope everyone is well. Just been out for pizza for lunch so my two are asleep now!!!

Bellared - I really feel for you about the work lark... It sucks that you could work ful time and not be better off! Before I had kids, I really didn't believe that this discrimination existed, but it is almost IMPOSSIBLE to have a reasonable job when you are a mum - unless you have exceptional circumstances... But the average mum is buggered, and even more so if you are trying to get back into work!!

HM x

HM x

Bellared Thu 26-Nov-09 21:22:12

LM, good. smile
Are we heck sorted for Christmas blush DH is on nights then so it's just me and my stalker wee man.

DS wants to walk everywhere too but he is obsessed with sticking his head through railings and knocking on cars and gates and sitting down on the pavement. Do you have plans to tackle the sleep thing or will it be back to normal in a couple of days? I really feel for you with the sleep thing, its bloody awful having broken sleep. I can cope with a few hours in one go but not continuous waking and sleeping you must me truly fooked to put it one way! I hope it gets sorted. Hopefully now he's better he'll fall back into his sleeping pattern. I'm not admitting to having a child now, I thought the PC places like housing offices and councils would be cool with it but obviously not. I'm not bothered what I do as long as I can do it. I got a reply back from Lidl t'other day with a fanks but no ta letter. They pay quite well for a Supermarket. Anyway. Their bloody loss!!!

Mmmmmmmmmm PIZZA!!!!!!!!! I could eat that all day.

Goodnight ladies and hopefully sweet dreams!


monkeysmama Fri 27-Nov-09 08:56:55

Hi girls

What a few days I've had! Long story but it started with a pulled muscle in my shoulder, involved some deep heat and ended with me in A&E in shock (unknown allergy) and with potential scarring on my shoulder. I an a liability. None of that was a hard as dp's trip to Canada though of course so when he got back last night & I thought I might have a rest from the 2am wake up I was wrong.

Just checking in while dd watches CBeebies. We've run out of space to keep the Christmas pressies & seeing as we'll get the tree the day we get back from
Eurodisney I thought I'd do some wrapping last night (I love wrapping up!) She was sat in our glass room while I made her breakfast and after a while I went to see why she was so quiet. Her little face beamed at me as she clutched two handsful of the presents for her advent calendar hmm that dp had put "somewhere safe". I am such a lightweight I gave her a tomliboo thing and put the rest away. I figure she doesn't know of it's December 1st or not an we'll be away the first day anyway. And I love her & she can have anything in the world she wants ever! blush grin

Everyone else gets to buy her stuff all year so I hardly ever buy her pressies and have made up for it now. Her kitchen from John Lewis arrives next week, got her some lovely wooden pans and cooking implements, some traditional toys from my favourite toy shop like a spinning top, lots of stickers (she loves a "stick stick"), some Hello Kitty piggies with a little dolly, loads of books, more musical instruments, bath toys.... I've been collecting things for months but think a lot of it will stay hiddenhmm until after Christmas to be given as random pressies.

Right, I've got to get organised for Eurodisney tomorrow and go to dr at 1030 to have dressing on my back taken off so beat say ciao for now.

Have a good weekend everyone & think of me in ED in the pouring rain having fun!


P.S. I am going to order some boots from Flick - are the little ones the best then? She's had 2 pairs of them already.

Shonnomanom Fri 27-Nov-09 10:37:38

MM sorry hear to about your shoulder, hope your feeling better. Enjoy E.D.

Bella I really feel for you tryin to find work just now. We could really use the better money coming in but if I were to change jobs Id need to start paying childcare which defeats the point iykwim

I think im almost sorted for christmas. I made a list yesterday and Iv only got 4 people still to get for and a few other bits and bobs. Iv also planned out most of christmas dinner. DP is back to work next week and on nightshift so im hoping to get everything wrapped up and cards wrote when dd is in bed then the tree will hopefully be up the week after. I love this time of year! especially if it snows - but not when I need to drive, I really dont like driving as the snow falls.
HM we'r doing the same here for dd's chrsitmas, lots of wee pressies. My sil has told her dd, 4y, that Santa only brings her 1 big pressie and mum&dad give her lots of wee ones. I think thats a good idea as it discourages greed iykwim

Dd ran away from me yday when we were getting in the car to go to work. She regretted it when she slipped and landed in a muddy puddle. She was ok but was not at all amused that her gloves were all muddy

I had a really strange dream last night that I was in labour but didnt know I was pregnant. Gave birth to a boy with a full head of ginger hair and almost a full mouth of teeth. I was starting to get upset because we couldnt think of a name for him except for Charlie, but everytime we called him that he started crying. Strange eh!!

Right better go get organised. We'r having lunch with a friend today before work.

Have a good weekend everyone
Sho x

Bellared Fri 27-Nov-09 21:12:45

Thanks Sho. We've not got anything yet. DH gets paid on Friday so we'll be getting stuff then. Normally I'm all sorted by now but hey ho! I agree with the one big pressie thing, we did that last year and are doing it this year too. Thank goodness for on-line shopping so we don't have to carry everything!

MM, what happened to you is the kind of thing that happens to us so I can sympathize with you! A friend of mine is very accident prone and we just wait for the next one. Whooooo hooooo Eurodisney! grin I love Disney stuff. I can only wrap square things and go overboard with ribbons.

Have a good weekend all!


fuzzypeach Fri 27-Nov-09 22:27:45

HM - first of all, LOVE the old pics of you floating round on facebook
with the nursery, I would still persevere for a couple of weeks (at least 4 sessions) but it does take a long time sometimes for them to settle in, but they should do eventually - i think the older they the longer it takes, amd I would say that especially with him being so close to you having spent most of his time with just you with dh being away all the time, it would definitely be harder for him to settle. They are also not daft and they know that getting upset at you leaving him will pull on your heart strings, and so will play along with it sometimes too...

oh and also, I can sympathise with the sick-on-head situation, DD2 was sick in the night once and I put her back in her cot, then fell asleep on the floor waiting for her to go to sleep, was rudely awoken when she leaned over the cot and puked all over my face

Sho - amazed that your dd sat still throughout a whole pantomine! DD2 wont sit on my knee for more than 2 seconds now, I could never take her anywhere like that, even at a christening the other week she was wanting to get down straight away and screams if she cant, so DH had to take her out! also, very random dream hmm

MM - I dont get excited about anything I get bored so easily, and hate walking round places (I think I can blame my depression for a lot of this as I never used to be so boring!!!!) but I still love disney land, when you see how excited the kids get it kind of gets you excited too, plus your DD will really enjoy loads of things there even though she is young. Have a fab time!!
Sorry to hear about your shoulder, hope its ok and it doesnt bother you whilst you are away.

LM grin dont worry I know you werent trying to lead me astray, and if I didnt have such awful eating habits, or being a bridesmaid in march, I would definitely be waiting til after xmas!! Charts are also a big motivator for me, and also before, during, and after photos blush help me to see where I do not want to go back to!!!

Doing well so far, have managed to stick to it all week, was going to deviate from the plan tonight tho as friends were meant to be coming round for pizza but it fell through, so I have only gone 2 points over grin
Well, so I transferred branches and this was my second week, I was soo pleased I moved, the difference in atmosphere and stress levels were very noticable, but now, the sh*t has hit the fan, because the store I moved to was inside a Borders, which as you may have heard has gone into administration, which means either redundancy (and I would only get 4 weeks and it would be at the rate I dropped down to -last- week which is LOADS less than what I was on sad) or I would get put in another branch, and there are none near me (other than the one I left, which there is NO way I will be going back to!) and another store nearby only closed 2 weeks ago as it was not doing much business, so all their staff had to be put somewhere.... nightmare!!!

Anyway think thats about all from here, DD2 full of a cold still, after 3 weeks, but other than that we are all good!


luckymummy74 Fri 27-Nov-09 22:50:16

Sorry to hear that FP and sorry too MM to hear about your shoulder, I can definitely sympathise with that hmm. Hope it's better now.

I saw a patient today who told me she had put on loads of weight since her ankle operation as she had just sat at home eating....she weighed 11 stone 10 weeks ago, and asked to weigh herself in our gym and she was......15 stone.....!! That's quite an achievement to put on 4 stone in 10 weeks huh? Needless to say I told her to not bother dieting til after Christmas [wink! Only joking, gave her my best WW tips and made some weight loss one of her Physio goals!! (it does affect her ankle!!).

DD1 went to her first tap dancing class today....so lovely, they did a little routine for us at the end and I very nearly cried....(she's my first BABY!!!)

All well here, been wrapping pressies all night.....yawn! Got 32 people to buy for and 10 birthdays in Jan and Dec.

Things looking good for the private job....pay negotiations going well as I have sold myself with the whole hydro thing...Really hoping to hand my notice in soon. PLease still no comments on FB as this is all still unknown at work. Thanks guys...

I really should go to bed.

HM parcel will be posted tomorrow.

LM xxx

harimosmummy Sat 28-Nov-09 19:45:49

MM - Hope you are enjoying ED!! Hope your shoulder is OK... these things can take time to heal and running around after a LO (they are HEAVY NOW!!! Haribo weighs almost 2 stone!!) can be a bind, especially if you having to pick them up / put them down 20 times a minute alot!!

Sho - well done on the panto... I reckon Haribo would enjoy it, I'm hoping to take him somewhere this year.

LM - Well done on the new job!! Hope you got your wrapping sorted. I'm with Bella on that one... I have to put everything in boxes, then only ever use plain brown paper with LOADS of ribbons. But this year, I've pretty much bought everyone's present from Waitrose Direct!! blush

LM - thanks for the parcel!

FP - well done on the diet! How is the new job working out? Are you liking it? I'm a bit blush about the photos... I'd forgotten you guys would be able to see them!! It was a very happy time - almost feels like a different lifetime!! - and it's been lovely to look back on them (though there are LOTS more and MUCH worse ones too... Hopefully no one will dare put the really bad ones up for fear of revenge attacks!! hahaha!!). I was a bugger good catholic girl at Uni!! grin wink blush. Smoked like a ruddy chimney!!! And we had the oddest rules... like, we could never go out before about 11pm any night and we had to go to club nights on specific nights of the week...
Maestros on a Monday
rios on a Wednesday
FND on a Friday (That stood for Friday Night Disco - sooooo original!)
Pickwicks on a Saturday
What we did on Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays bypasses me... But I think we spent most of our time in that flea pit grotty cellar taking stupid photos of each other!! hahaha!!
it seems like yesterday, but it was 20 years ago now!!!

Well, no news here. DH and DSDs out for night, so it's just me, the kids and DDog.

Ho hum,

HM x

WeWishYouALUCKYChristmas Sat 28-Nov-09 22:28:52

Had a very busy but productive day, sorry HM but didn't make the P.O. in time so I will get DH to post it Monday if I can't do it tomorrow.

Our trees are going up tomorrow!!! One in the lounge and one in the Den (playroom). We've always had 2 as DH and I didn't live together before we were married so we had two of most things!!!

Finished most of my wrapping. Got v excited wrapping up the girls stocking bits, really pleased with what I've got them but managed not to go overboard on price.

Right, time to chill out!!!


fuzzypeach Sun 29-Nov-09 19:50:04

LM what did you get for stocking things, im really struggling on this one for DD2.
also shock at lady putting 4 stone on in 10 weeks, although I reckon I could easily do that if I put my mind to it!!!!!
Great news about the job by the way!! Hope it all contines to go well.

HM Ah I thought they were great - looks (and sounds) like you had a great time at uni, some good memories for you to keep! Much happier at new place, although (as wrote in post below) I find out on tuesday if I am being made redundant or not!!!!!

Am feeling sorry for myself tonight as was up all night with DD2 (who has got into a rather annoying habit of night waking hmm) plus have got cough, cold, sore throat, headache, and to top it off, last night DD2 headbutted my mouth, so I have a swollen bruised cut lip, and then this morning she headbutted my eye, so I also have a very sore swollen puffy black eye!!!! I look great!!!

Hope you all had a nice weekend x

harimosmummy Sun 29-Nov-09 21:19:07

FP - I just sent you a message... couple of things that I don't want to write on a public forum!!

Hope you are feeling better soon!

LM - Am IN AWE on the christmas tree front. Ours won't go up for another 3 weeks and will be down before NYE (always have a house party).. Don't you get, well, BORED of them????? A week is more than enough for me to deal with all the deccies!!! Until 20th, we will have an advert calendar and advent candle... that's it!!! blush

WeWishYouALUCKYChristmas Wed 02-Dec-09 14:33:53

Afternoon ladies.

Hmmmm....thought it was all too good to be true. I worked at the private place last night and basically found out that they don't actually have any space for me to work during the day, and they are desperate for people to work evenings. They assumed that I was so keen to leave the NHS that I would do anything....i.e. never get a break from the kids but never see my husband either?! I'm feeling totally pissed off tbh. All is not lost as I might be able to work something out cos I'll be doing the hydro hopefully during the day if they agree to it.

Other than that the girls are full of cold and DD2 in particular is a snot monster.

FP DD2 has a couple or Rod Campbell books, some dressing up shoes (she lives in mine hmm), a little toy Charlie and a toy Lola (from Boots) as she loves C&L. Some paints for drawing. That's it.

LM xxx

BaconWheatCrunchies Wed 02-Dec-09 19:41:44

Evening all, just wanted to share my good news, I won £250 vouchers from a ski famille competition for Great Little Trading Company. I'm well chuffed, not got the boys much yet so here we go!

LM sorry to hear about the job, hope it works out in the end.

FP what was your job outcome?

gingerwench Wed 02-Dec-09 21:14:54

Hello everyone!
It's been a long time since I was in touch with the friendly May ladies (DS was due end May and born 11 June)

I've been back at work for 6 months, 4 days a week. DS settled in fine at nursery and seems very happy there which is a relief but my job has been challenging and its taken a while to get back to my pre-baby confidence level. My contract is up for renewal so I may be back job hunting soon anyway.

DS started walking relatively early 10.5 months but compared to others in my antenatal group he's been slow to talk. I'm not worried- I know they all do things in their own time. But it is quite pleasing that in the last few weeks there have been more and more recognisable words.

gingerwench Wed 02-Dec-09 21:36:22

oops back again - had to go and minister to DS (teething pain I think).

Best of luck to those job-hunting.
Hello baiyu

Has anyone else found their DC loves helping around the house? DS is keen on loading and unloading the dishwasher, trying to hoover and mop and putting rubbish in the bins. I wish he wouldn't purposefully pour his drink on the floor just so he can get to clear it up though! Last week he tried to unpack the food shopping bags and struggled from hall to kitchen carrying a 2.5kg bag of potatoes. Very funny since he is only a little boy and about 10.5kg himself.

I'm really looking forward to Christmas this year and seeing what DS makes of the tree and decorations. At nursery today they were making a christmas tree out of their green footprints - I'm looking forward to seeing it (DH does the collection so I have only his word for it).

Love to all.

monkeysmama Thu 03-Dec-09 11:39:46

HI girls

Gingerwnech nice to have you back. FP what happened with work? LM hope it is all going to work out with your job/new job. BWC I spent a fortune with GLTC last week on Christmas pressies - they have some lovely stuff and it's a really good service.

Well, Disney was an experience. I enjoyed seeing dd enjoying herself.

Really busy atm. Had a lovely day celebrating my sister's birthday yesterday. Going to a wedding on Sunday and have to try and find shoes, tights and a cardigan for dd (I have dress already) and something I can get into a feel half nice in.

Can hear dd has woken up upstairs so best run.....

Hope you're all having a good week.

MM wink

harimosmummy Thu 03-Dec-09 15:04:42

Hello, Gingerwench!!!

Haribo copies EVERYHTING I do hmm... Hoovering / cleaning / filling the dishwasher!!

He surprises me constantly with what he can do... he likes to dance (he likes Queen... I have SUCH a cool son!!) and can get the CD from it's box, put it into our CD player and switch it on!!! He also can turn all the TVs on hmm

MM - Glad you enjoyed Disneyland... I think it is just one of things you have to think 'but the LOs love it'!! smile

LM - thanks for the book. I'm about half way through it already!!! It's brilliant for me, as it has activities for Mimi and Haribo.

Well, best go - we are swimming this afternoon.
HM x

Bellared Thu 03-Dec-09 15:16:36

Hi GW, DS is getting into the cleaning thing too but I have to check the washer before I load it as he puts the Sky remote in there and all sorts of other stuff.

We put the tree up 2 nights ago and DS looked in amusement at in the next morning when he came down the stairs.

Earlier on in the thread it was mentioned about the daytime naps? hmm the pm one has now gone from 1.30 start to 2.30 start after lots of messing about so I'm guessing he'll be dropping it soon.

I need help. I've been laughing watching Jeremy Kyle in the mornings and I need to stop but can't as the people on there make me cringe/laugh. Arggggggggggggggggggggh!

DS is off to my mums this weekend but DH is on nights so me and our stupid dog will be going exploring the many public footpaths and walks there seems to be round here. It's Leigh's best feautre, all the walkways and green!


harimosmummy Thu 03-Dec-09 15:23:13

haha! JK is my guilty pleasure...

I'm continually shocked that these people (i) exist and (ii) want to go on 'NATIONAL TELEVISION' to talk about what they will do 'AT THE END OF THE DAY'


I have to watch it at 1:30 on ITV2 though, because I wouldn't want the kids exposed to it!!!! grin

WeWishYouALUCKYChristmas Thu 03-Dec-09 19:28:36

aren't they all actors on JK.....surely???!!

Had a shit day. Still feeling very tense/down about the job thing and totally took it out on the poor children. Shouted so much today and kept losing my temper with them. I'm almost embarassed to admit it. I feel like such a crap mother today. Poor DD1 was upset cos I shouted so much, and she hadn't even done anything wrong. I was cross with DD2 for being a **wit at meal times.

I apologised to them both at bedtime and we had nice cuddles and stories.

GW Nice to hear from you.

Met up with a friend today who used to work at the private hospital, but in a different department. She said she thinks I would be mad to leave the NHS to work there. The grass it would seem is not always greener!!

LM xxx

monkeysmama Thu 03-Dec-09 20:51:58

Sorry you had a bad day LM. I am interested in your comments about losing your temper. I was so tired yesterday and dd wouldn't sleep and we were trying to get ready to go out to celebrate my sister's birthday and I went blush blush mental and really shouted at her. She started blush shaking and I realised what I was doing. I felt like scrubbing myself clean to get rid of the nasty mummy.

WeWishYouALUCKYChristmas Fri 04-Dec-09 07:01:44

Thanks MM, you've made me feel better.

I hate being like that, I don't agree with it, but at the end of the day we are all human and life with small children is very challenging. I always apologise, especially to DD1 who is older and understands more. I explain to her that I am sorry I shouted but that sometimes she makes me cross and it makes me shout.

The worse thing was watching her afterwards playing with her dolls house and acting out the scene with her toy family....the Mummy yelling at the kids.

You are not a nasty mummy MM, you are human like the rest of us.

Hope everyone has a good day. I have my work's Christmas do tonight at a Prezzo. Can't wait....gonna wear my red shoooooozz!

LM xxx

harimosmummy Fri 04-Dec-09 13:50:46

LM - That is quite worrying about the private hospital. Are you committed to anything with them? I can appreciate that the times they are most keen for you to work are evenings - that is when most people want appts, so it makes sense... but to have not made that very clear AND the less money aspect!!! hmm Well, hope you enjoy your christmas 'dooo'

Sending good vibes to MM and LM and hope you are both feeling a bit less stressed.
MM - It's horrid to see your child shake, isn't it? Haribo did it when I dropped him at nursery this morning, and I just wanted to pick him up and hug him (though, of course, I know I can't, because that would only reinforce that nursery is something scary. He's getting better at settling, but I still haven't actually managed to go to the gym / spa!

Hope everyone has good weekends planned!!

HM x

Bellared Fri 04-Dec-09 18:25:31

I have an admission. My friend and I were in the audience once at JK, we got told off for laughing too much at the actors people on it. blush

LM/MM I have found myself shouting at DS too when I've been in a bad mood. I've felt really bad too and apologized and gave him a bear hug (whether he liked it or not). Big hugs to you both.

DS is at the GP's tonight and DH on nights so its just me and Woo (stupid dog) so it's nail varnish out and a looooooooooooooooooong soak.

I've DH has just bought DS's Thomas the Tank bed so we just need to arrange delivery for that.

Have a god weekend all!!


harimosmummy Fri 04-Dec-09 19:39:39

I think I would actually feel better if they WERE actors. But some of the stories, well... you just couldn't make it up!!! I love the DNA results personally. Actually, I would definitely prefer the stories were made up... Because when I actually think of some of the babies / toddlers caught up in the middle of that - and not knowing who your parents are and not knowing that they love you so much... that makes me quite sad

But, PMSL at you being told off for laughing!!!

I don't often shout at Haribo, but I do have 'a voice' I use if he's going to do something dangerous / stupid. I use the same voice for DDog and DDog reacts so quickly to it, I think haribo has picked up that I mean business!!! grin

I do worry (and I'd be interested to hear from those of you with two kids) that Mimi doesn't get so much time with me. Haribo is really dominating everything at the moment. I think, mostly, Mimi is usually happy as long as she is being held and can watch, but sometimes I do wish I could settle haribo in the nursery and take Mimi out!!

haribo has learnt a little dance routine I do for him when I'm trying to get him to eat his dinner (this may be classed as TMI because the vision of me singing and dancing around my kitchen may be too much!! haha!!) but it goes:

You gotta clap your hands (Clap, clap, clap)
Stamp your feet (stamp, stamp, stamp)
Turn around in time to the beat (Turnaround)

I sign it over and over again to him - it makes him laugh - but today, he got up and did the actions with me. [Proud mummy!!]

Well, I suppose I better go. my two are in bed now... Our (early) evening routine is pretty good now - though one of them is usually awake by midnight!! blush

HM x

harimosmummy Fri 04-Dec-09 19:40:17

BWC - I have been meaning to ask: Did you come up with any useful / novel pressies?

HM x

monkeysmama Sat 05-Dec-09 08:52:42

Just a quick one but BWC there is 10% off on GLTC until Sunday night when you spend over £75.

BaconWheatCrunchies Sat 05-Dec-09 19:11:53

Still not got my GLTC vouchers sorted, they're setting me up an account. Itching to spend the money.

HM no, had no good ideas. I find it really hard when my Mum expects me to come up with ideas when I need them for myself! I think I might sit down with DS1 tomorrow and see if we can do a list. Hopefully with things that are available through GLTC.

Had my DH's work do last night, our babysitter texted me at 6 (when we were expecting her at 7.30) to say she couldn't do it. She's from nursery and we've not used her before, our usual one has had a baby. I was not happy, thankfully DH's best friend (who I always moan about) was staying in with his girlfriend so came to ours instead. I saw the babysitter today at nursery Xmas party and she said nothing to me. She offered in her text to sit for us for free on the 18th when I have her lined up. I'm willing to pay, I just want her to turn up! Sorry pointless rant, but I must text her back (thought I had better not last night or might put something inappropriate in it) so it's in my head.

Welcome back Gingerwench!

baiyu Sat 05-Dec-09 23:02:55

Evening all. Another dull Saturday night! DH coming down with a bit of flu I think and has been asleep for hours. Ho hum. All ok here, still pretty lonely but playgroups are fine so we will get there.

Lovely to see you back gingerwench, send my love to Edinburgh! My DS isn't talking yet either and he's a month older than your DS so I wouldn't worry (even though I am getting impatient!)

BWC how annoying with the babysitter.angry

HM That's a lovely image of you and your DS and your dance routine!

Going to London for lunch tomorrow with my DH's godmother who I love so looking forward to that.

BaconWheatCrunchies Mon 07-Dec-09 07:17:57


Baiyu hope your DH survived the weekend, and your social circle will slowly expand.

MM how's your Dad?

News here is we have the words toast and juice (definitely from nursery since we call it drink, and he's only ever had juice a handful of times). Quite handy for when he's thirsty, and it does sound so cute.

HM how's the nursery experience going? DS2 just done his first full day at his new nursery and apparently kept saying no to DH and then cried. So pleased I can't drop off, although he also cries when I pick him up! Just try and brave it out, the time you spend with Mimi is so lovely for you both.

Right, must go and get dressed, friend dropping off her 2 and 4 YO soon. I have Merry Madagascar lined up, not used to keeping 4 under 5s entertained and that'll do 3 of them for half an hour!

Have a fun mon!

Shonnomanom Tue 08-Dec-09 11:05:54


Time is going soo fast recently, I feel like I havent stopped yet dont actually have an excuse iykwim

Well Newcastle was very productive, and we'r already planning next years trip. We took dp's car as it has a bigger boot lots of shopping, yesterday (his 2nd week back at work) and the car broke down shock. Fortunatly he is a mechanic so can do the work himself otherwise it would cost somewhere in the regions of £300! Bah humbug to that!

DD is coming along fine, she has a few words and last week started to shout after the girl I look after, which made her feel so very important smile

DDs sleep on the other hand is driving round the bend!
She wont go down at night until 2300, her bedtime routine starts at 7/730pm due to my working hours and she is normally in bed for 9, waking again between 2 & 3 then getting up between 7 & 8 in the morn.
But the last few weeks she's not down til 11pm, wakes a few times during the night crying, but I dont go to her and its only a whimper for a few minutes. Then if she got her way she would sleep right through to 1000/1030. And then fall asleep in the car on the way to work at 245pm.
I have started setting my alarm clock to make sure she is up at about 830 but the rest of her rougue routine seems to be unchanging. angry
And oofcourse its having an unwelcome effect on her eating habits.
Rant over.

Hope everyone is good and healthy and getting ready for the impending festivities. My sister and I are taking our girls to meet santa in glasgow next week.

HM thanks for your fb comment

Must think of a new christmas name

Sho x

WeWishYouALUCKYChristmas Tue 08-Dec-09 17:31:20

Hi girls,

Had my night out on Friday which was very good (ahem). Those of you on FB can see the photos of my riverdancing to the Pogues & Kirsty Macoll blush!!

Had a great weekend which was busy but lots of fun. Took DD1 to a small panto and she met Santa which was cool.

Had a family meal Sunday and both girls were just soooooo good. They must have left us for half an hour between courses, which would have been fine if it was juist adults but was a bit annoying when the girls had not eaten a thing eaten their meals before our main course arrived! I was so proud of them for being so good. grin.

Had my 6 monthly appraisal at work today. Ended up in tears in front of my boss at how pissed off I am with the place to the point of looking elsewhere. Think she was quite shocked. I just feel very frustrated and de-moralised with work at the moment. The sad thing is, I love treating the patients but the bullshit politics that goes with it is so infuriating!

HM I am loving the image of you and Haribo dancing around the kitchen!! DD2 now does lots of dancing (she has a big sis to copy!) and tries to sing aswell....she loves doing the 'dingle dangle scarecrow' song and waves her arms about. I could just eat her she is sooooo cute!

Oh well, best be off to my private job.....

LM xxx

BaconWheatCrunchies Tue 08-Dec-09 18:28:23

LM hope your appraisal experience will somehow improve things. I find a good cry sometimes helps.

I've had a manic busy day at work (people think if they have a niggly tooth before Xmas their head will fall of over Xmas), but had some good news in that the boys normal nursery has room for them from January. Emailed the new one, so they have only 2 more Fridays to go there with the Xmas break. I felt it lacked the homely feel their normal one has for DS2.

And he can now say door, he's saying new words everyday. But is also getting a little bit too keen on having his own way and more and more vocal about it. He went to bed without lunch yesterday because he refused to wear his bib. Sounds like mean Mummy, but he was asleep within 10 mins, so I think the stroppiness was due to being a tired boy.

SantaSho Tue 08-Dec-09 22:14:25

Dont you just love it when you speak to soon!
DD was out cold before 840 tonight!! Yeah!! That the 1st night in a week, so fingers crossed that it continues.

Also dp got his car fixed, didnt cost nearly as much as we thought it would. There must have been a christmas elf watching over us!

Speaking of singing, dd picked up a tennis racket today and started to sing in to it. It was soo cute! grin

Mitchell81 Wed 09-Dec-09 11:37:41

Hello everyone. 16 DAYS Till Christmas!!!!!!!!!!! grin

It is DS1 nativity play today so going to watch that this afternoon. He is a Sheep.
DS2 going to creche hasn't been for ages on his own so will see how he gets on, I think he will be fine as went recently with DS1 and didn't even notice that I wasn't there hmm grin

DD goes back to school on Monday after having been off for nearly 4 weeks. Needed 2nd SF jab, which she gets on Monday.So looking forward to one week without 3 children at home most of the day, but then holidays start. Oh well!!!!!!!

Sorry no personal messages, but thinking about everyone. Hope everyone is ready for christmas, I know some of you are all wrapped and ready to go.

Our tree is up and fingers crossed Ds2 leaves it alone most of the time. A few babbles have been cracked but not as bad as I had thought. DS2 is mad about balls- hence babbles been thrown around.

Presents all bought just need to wrap them, but have decided I need to finish essay before I wrap any presents as want it done before kids finish school for christmas holidays. So have till the 18th dec.

Sorry just waffling now!! Bye

Bellared Wed 09-Dec-09 22:08:07

DH and I went to Newcastle last December (It was to go to the Arena on our only night out of the year) and DH took me to see 'The Shop Window' I cant remember the name of the department store but it's been decked out every year for years.

DS has started to drop his naps in the day now and boy are we noticing! Bad mood ahoy!!! Still not really talking just shouting and that, it's funny and he is really making us laugh atm with his silly ways.

I've just ordered some collage mugs, mouse mats and magnets from Snapfish with DS's face on to delight the GP's with so hopefully they'll arrive next week.

Went to the Trafford Centre today to get DS some bits for Xmas, they did'nt have much and we could not move in the Disney store for stuff so we left and will buy it on line instead. Not much there on the toy front either. John Lewis and Debenhams was all for 3yrs plus.

Hope you're all well and not getting toooooooo excited! TTFN XX

BaconWheatCrunchies Thu 10-Dec-09 11:19:37

At work, laptop at home not working this am....real pain.

Power cut here 1st thing, so couldn't do much to my 1st couple of patients and then I had a big gap. Only had 2 patients booked in tomorrow so they've been moved. Bonus day off grin. Had a mad busy day on Tues, so need this to make up for it. Xmas shopping with 2 children yesterday had to be swift before boredom/naughtiness set in.

WeWishYouALUCKYChristmas Thu 10-Dec-09 20:45:59

BWC I think the cry did help a bit tbh....the next day I was talking to a arrogant wanker male colleague about a patient who he asked my opinion on, me being the lower limb specialist. I said I didn't agree with his diagnosis and explained my reasons why I thought it was what I thought it was and he just kept saying, "no, it's definitely plantar fasciitis...blah blah blah...." (he didn't actually say blah blah blah). My boss was within hearing distance and afterwards I just looked at her and said "I rest me case".
10 mins later, said arrogant wanker male colleague came up to me asking for a word, gave me a massive hug and apologised for the way he had spoken to me and said it would never happen again!!! shock.

Had a great day today. The girls were good as gold, we had such a good day of fun and giggles and cuddles. Complete opposite to last Thursday!

mitchell great Christmas photos!!!

bellared your DS is dropping his naps...[shcok]!!! I loive for nap time!! DD1 only stopped napping when she was 3.5 yrs old!! (thank-you God!!!)

Just made a pressie for my sis and new BIL for Christmas. I made up a poem about them, how they met etc (through me). It was a jokey poem, I read it at the wedding and it made my BIL cry <<awwww!>>. I have printed it off and google imaged pictures that relate to the poem, i.e. where they had their first date etc. Stuck the pics around the poem and framed it. Really pleased with it!!!

LM xxx

baiyu Thu 10-Dec-09 21:04:01

Oh that sounds like a lovely present LM, I love the personal touch! My friends sent me a belated wedding gift a few days ago - 2 photobox photo books, one of my hen and the other of the wedding. Really really lovely. All very snappy and silly photos but those are the bits I'll want to remember the most!
We've done personalised mugs for DH and my mum at a paint it yourself pottery, pretty mucky as I just let DS do what he liked...but they do have his handprints on so they'll still be a nice record.

No naps last 2 days here, grrrr. Definitely not letting him drop them yet, I will be militant mummy tomorrow! Had a new friend round for a coffee and a play today, girl from playgroup with a DS the same age. smile

Hope everyone is well. Mitchell that's great your DD is allowed back to school at last! Good luck with the assignment.

BaconWheatCrunchies Thu 10-Dec-09 21:47:50

My 2 are like yours I think LM re the naps, definitely couldn't do without them myself!

monkeysmama Fri 11-Dec-09 13:57:06

Hello girls

I am knackered!

All good here. Dad had some good news that things are looking up (they've told him there are 3 stages of "all clear" and this is the first one) which is a massive massive weight off my mind and heart.

Dd is trying to drop her afternoon nap (she sleeps 2hrs in am and 1 in pm) but I am fighting her. I too live for nap time - half the time to nap the other to be me for an hour!

Dd is talking more and more. It's so cute. I can see her learning new things every day and I love it.

We went to a wedding on Sunday which wasn't great but dd was a little star grin and wowed everyone mainly by refusing to leave the dance floor for almost 2 hours. She had found an empty tic tac box in my bag and thought it was the best thing in the world. She kept running up to the other kids and waving it at the proudly like, "look what I've got'. Why did I buy all the presents under the tree when a few empty boxes would've done?!

My sister is celebrating her birthday tomorrow evening with me and mum and I seem to have wangled my first full "me" day since dd was born! Dp is taking her to one of his mate's daughter's birthdays so I am going to get my hair cut, then shopping for my Christmas pressie with mum and then home for a few hours before going out again in pm. Will be nice but God am I tired!

Then on Sunday dp's parents, nan and sister, her dh & two LOs (4 and 5) are coming to celebrate Christmas with us. I am totally dreading it. I won't be feeling great after Saturday night but I don't like those kind of things with his family at the best of time and I can hardly breathe around his sister and her dh. I'll give you two examples. They started discussing a Christmas meal. I said I'd be happy to host (their cooking is appalling) and could do any day apart from Sunday 13th. His sister decided it was the only day that would suit her family so it was agreed. Without going into detail I suggested a time, she texted to say she'd spoken to her mum (with whom I'd checked time) and the time (1pm) was very difficult for her children (who only eat sausages and chips which I am cooking with a roast for us) so not to bother cooking for her family because they'd eat before they came (they are coming *for lunch*) I changed the time and she got back to me with a very irritating text about how lucky I am to have such an easy dd and so wouldn't understand kids who just don't eat things and need to stick to a routine and prefer traditional English food to "all the garlic you use". She also asked dp whether we have put all our presents under the tree like last year & if so could we put them somewhere else because her LOs believe in Father Christmas and it will confuse them. I hate hate hate hate her. angry

LM glad your tears seem to have worked. Nastiness at work is awful (I remember it well!)

Bayiu those presents sound nice.

I am falling asleep and going to steal half hour's nap while dd is asleep.

Have a good weekend everyone and think of me on Sunday please.


harimosmummy Fri 11-Dec-09 15:27:48

Oh, goodness, MM.. she sounds like a nightmare!!! And, what, exactly, is wrong with presents under the tree and believing in Santa (which I don't agree with, but that's a whole different thread!! wink) I don't know her, of course, but she reminds me of a friend I have - when I go to her house, it's her rules, but when she comes to my house, she's the guest (so she expects her rules to apply!) - I don't see her so often!! grin

LM - Really sorry to hear about the work issues. It must be very stressful. I do think tears work - but only if they are one of those 'surprise' things - people who can cry on demand do nothing for me, but for the others... Well, it means they are serious in what they are saying.

BWC - Hoep you are settling into work OK now... Power cuts are always terrible!!! I hate them!!

Ahh.. sure I've forgotten loads already..

Hi to Sho, Bella, Flick, FP, GW!!

HM x

Your present to your Sis and BIL sounds divine.

Baiyu - Hoep you are feeling more settled... You will have a great few weeks with DH and DS... Hope you enjoy the animals!! grin

Mitchell - Hope DD enjoys the last week!!!

SantaSho Fri 11-Dec-09 19:08:06

we were always brought up to think that all the presents that were under the tree pre-santa's visit were from the family&friends as stated on the tags, then on christmas morning all of santa's presents 'appeared' with tags saying 'love santa'. I think that way we never questioned it. Thats a tradition that dd will be brought up with as well.

Well we'v figured out the cause of dd's sleep pattern and no eating over the last few weeks. Last week the dentist counted 11 teeth, yesterday I counted 14. Thats 3 new teeth in less than a week. She's been a busy girl.

Iv discovered that baby Einstiens Lullaby's helps tp put her to sleep during the day grin she is less resistant of the day time nap now. DD only has 2 naps in the day on days that she comes to work in the morning with me.

The fog here has been terrible the last few days. yesterday it cleared by lunch time but today I can still barely see my neighbours across the way.

Hope everyone has a good weekend, we'r i'm hoping to get the tree up and the wrapping finished

Sho x

monkeysmama Fri 11-Dec-09 20:45:50

The thing that angers me most is that she hasn't once thought of what might suit my dd. TBH it's an irrelevant day for me but it'll be one to of the most important days of her year. She'll have lived on it for a month or two, complaining incessantly to everyone about her family, timings, her nan, her mum, me, the food we might cook etc. I'll just grin and bear it as long as she doesn't over step the mark in which case it'll be Christmas fireworks!

This teething malarky never ends does it Sho. Hope your LO hasn't been in too much pain. I forced dd to open her mouth so I could brush her teeth earlier instead of the silly running about with the toothbrush that her daddy allows angry and she yelped in pain sad blush.

HM - what have you got your dp for Christmas? What about everyone else?

MM wink

Bellared Fri 11-Dec-09 22:17:09

I live for nap time too. Even though most of the time I end up cleaning! He fell asleep on me this aft about 4pm and he has not done this since he was 3mo and I totally melted inside it was so cute and cuddly. I've been taking him on 30-40min walks before lunch and he just sits on the pavement and wont move. Or wants to walk on the road. He's in his bog boy bed now so can run about in his room (gate on door). I should try getting him up earlier in the morning.

What time do your DC's wake?

MM, you should do something horrible to her food. grin whats wrong with garlic? Sounds like her kids are fussy anyway and who does she think she is?

LM, crying always works. I'm glad he apologised. He still sounds like a bit of an arse. And the presents sound great.

DS now says 'o-ohh' when he has fallen over or dropped something. He's got really bad nappy rash from pooping in his sleep last night so it's naked butt morning after breakfast. I was smothering it in Vaseline and Sudocrem before and he trumped on my hand. I've never known something so small trump like he does!

DS is working on Xmas Day well on nights before. during and after so we'll be at home just the 3 of us 4 if you include the daft dog. I've asked Dad to come but he's not sure what he's doing yet.

Have a good weekend all.


BaconWheatCrunchies Sat 12-Dec-09 06:47:27

Tired here, keep being woken up by DS1 an time between 5 and 6. Although crashed out at 9pm last night, so got quite a bit of sleep. He gets sent back to bed, but I can't go back to sleep usually and I didn't go online yesterday, so doing my MN catch up.

Good to see lots of posts, brain no good at responding to everyone!

MM really pleased for you and your Dad. Hope you enjoy today and Sunday is bearable. My DH's family drive me mad, (still haven't got over his older sis setting her wedding date before ours blush). I thought I was going to my MIL's for Xmas lunch, but found out the other day we're going to his brother and wife. No biggie really, because they live in the next town. But we're doing some presents down here with my parents and then leaving them on their own sad then we'll have the 2 hr drive to Somerset. I thought we'd get top to the IL's and stay put, with dog walk pm. So the plan is to go there, and get someone to come and get us (they have a people carrier). The whole idea was to give MIL a break from cooking, but she'll be over there helping hmm.

It's ok really, but I was looking forward to my 1st Xmas at my PIL, not my BIL&SIL... I wasn't asked so that's the ishoo.....I hate chosing to do one thing and someone changing it without discussing it.

The older sis SIL is arriving on the 27th with her hooligans and smarmy DH, so at least we'll get a decent room. It 1st come 1st served! And they're going on the 29th cos they've got to get back for a Beatrix Potter play in Covent Garden at £60 a head shock, her kids are 3 and 5, and don't sit still at the best of times.

We'll be off to the panto on the 27th, Peter Duncan is muddles! Down here we have Su Pollard and Chris Javis, but don't know when we can fit it in. Not taking DS2, he's too much of a fidget pants, FIL on babysitting duty.

Present buying almost done, 27 on my list, LM you must win that one?!? Just got the parents to buy for and then wrap, might get DS1 involved, makes it a bit more fun.

I had to ask my friend what the etiquette was in her house for pressies we give and what comes from Father Christmas. She does presents we give to each other, but from her to kids is from FC. So that's what I'm going by. DS1 found the whole present buying the other day a bit tricky, he wasn't getting the Christmas is for giving message, he just wanted us to buy things for him. Nearly had a meltdown in John Lewis at Home..

Anyway enough rambling, off to check my emails and the local Netmums for nearly new. Got some swim discs the other day for DS2! grin

monkeysmama Sat 12-Dec-09 08:30:23

I must surely win the prize for the longest present list BWC - I have 6 sisters, 3 brothers in law and a nephew, dad, mum, mum's boyfriend and his 2 kids, and 3 parents who aren't my parents but are related to different sisters hmm then sister in law hmm, her dh, her kids, mil and fil, great nan in law, my own dp and dd and the 14 friends kids we buy for. We're known as good present buyers and it is nice when the kids really look forward to opening our pressies and appreciate the effort we put in. We usually do a tour of our mates with kids on Christmas Eve with a big sack and gingerbread etc. Apart from nan in law I have bought and wrapped the lot! Hurray for the internet!

I am even more knackered now. My sister (the one who is just 30) called 8 times between 11:10 and 1230am and I only saw the missed calls at 3 when I woke up with dd (phone was on silent) I tried to get in touch with her (was worried it was about dad) and even got dp up to ask me to drive me over there (I can't drive) but he told me to go back to bed. Lucky we did as she sent me a sheepish message at 7 to say she was fine, had been drunk and wanted to come and see dd! grin I excuse her anything and her antics make me laugh, but I really could've done with some decent sleep.

Have a good day everyone.


WeWishYouALUCKYChristmas Sat 12-Dec-09 09:16:18

Taking a long time to catch up on the thread these days! I would like to congratulate us all for being so active still even tho the LOs are 19 months+. My May 2006 thread (for DD1) gets about 5 posts a year now sad. Hope we all keep it going smile.

Re: Pressies, we have loads under the tree which are a mixture of our pressies ready to give to other people, and ones that people have given the girls. We also then have pressies 'left in the hall' by Santa on Christmas morning, and the girls get a stocking from us. It's what we did when we were kids. One of my friends says that all presents are from santa [confused] which confuses me cos then does that child think that none of their family i.e. Aunties etc have bought them a Christmas pressie??!!

Had a great few days with the girls being good as gold. DD1 is knackered after starting school and has been asking to go to bed early...so we've gone back to 6:30pm bedtime and they're not waking up til nearly 8am <<LM runs for cover....>>. As a result, DD1 has been lovely to be around despite being overall tired, no grumps etc. They are currently sat glued to 'Mamma Mia'....they love it and the weekend is film day. Even DD2 has been going around singing 'Don't go....[wasting your emotions...]' and 'suba-truba'..it's so cute!!

I need some advice re fear of dogs. Poor DD1 (3.5 yrs old) was 'approached' by a dog in the park after school a few weeks ago. It was a very excitable puppy, didn't jump up at her as such but was jumping about all around her. She completely freaked out. It was awful, I nearly cried.
Since then she has become petrified of dogs. We have previously stayed over at friends houses with dogs, so it's just since this incident. We have to walk through the big main park to get from school to where we park the car, and loads of people walk their dogs there. As soon as she sees one she starts shaking a nd screaming and trying to climb up me for me to pick her up.
I have been kneeeling down to her and calmly saying that she doesn't need to be frightened and that dogs won't her and are friendly and just playing etc. Nothing helps. She is petrified.
I know I shouldn't care, but I feel like I am being 'judged' by all the other mums as to how I am dealing with the situation. I asked DH and he said when it's his 'day' he picks her up which I feel is re-inforcing her fear?
The trouble is I am nervous around dogs so I can't go up and start stroking one etc for her to see me cos I don't like them!! Although I do my very best not to transfer this to her.
It breaks my heart to see her so upset. Also, while she is like that, I need to be also keeping an eye on DD2 who is wondering off.
Unfortunately I don't trust dogs myself, ever since my friends 2 year old nearly had her nose bitten off by their family labrador and ended up in hospital for a week sad.

Please has anyone got any ideas or advice?

MM your SIL sounds awful. I can very much relate to having problematic inlaws.

EEEK! Just seen how long my post is...sorry!!

LM xxx

monkeysmama Sat 12-Dec-09 11:47:53

Off to get my haircut but quick reply to HM. I take fear seriously - my parents didn't realise how grave my issues with birds were until I had developed an acute phobia which almost controlled my life for a year or so. I ended up having many years of counselling just to lead a normal life! Not that I am implying this is in anyway close to that blush but what I mean is, I think you're right to take it seriously now.

Dd behaved in a similar way around dogs and to a lesser extent cats. When we went to Cyprus in the spring there were cats everywhere and we thought we were going to have to leave early. I hate animals (apart from bunnies) and dp isn't a major fan but he spent a lot of time with dd moving slowly towards the cats, talking about them, stroking them and laughing at them with her. Cats are now her favourite thing in the world. Less so with dogs (he took a similar approach) but she's happy for them to walk past the pram now. I am a firm believer in letting them be scared of things though. So when dd got really hysterical we didn't force her to touch or even be near an animal but did hug her and just tried again at another point.

I am rambling now anyway but wanted to suggest an internet search. I did a quick one and although am in rush & don't have time to link there were some interesting articles and suggestions from professionals.

Enough nonsense from me.


harimosmummy Sat 12-Dec-09 13:38:58

LM - I agree with MM re. the phobia. I too have a phobia of birds, which takes a lot to keep in check... I'm OK now with larger birds (ducks / geese) but small ones still make me nervous and butterflies have me running for the hills!!

I take Haribo to feed ducks, just to try and ensure I don't pass on my fear and I'm trying to get DH to take him to a butterfly farm as well (I cannot face butterflies)

So, for the dogs... when she's hysterical, then yes, I would pick her up and remove her from the situation. Tell her that there is nothing to be frightened of and that you are picking her up ONLY because you don't like to see her so upset... But, she's not going to be receptive to anything while she's so upset.

Then, you need to enlist some dogs you trust... friends dogs are OK, but (personally) I would go to a dog trainer as the dogs will do as they are told and they are 'strange' dogs (and this is what she is having to deal with in parks etc).. Start off with her just being around them... no interaction etc., and just let her 'be' with them. She needs to feel in control of the situation, and that's best done with a professional. Most professionals will come to you, so you can do it in familiar surroundings... perhaps start at the park (somewhere where DD1 is used to seeing dogs?)

Most dogs (Doof included) are very friendly, but far too OTT to be any use to a nervous child!! Absolutely do not worry about what any other parent says or does. Of course, some will judge, but all kids are different and there is no point in forcing her to deal with a dog when she is upset.

We have the opposite problem here - Doof went up to my parents for the christmas holidays yesterday and Haribo is missing him like crazy!! sad

BaconWheatCrunchies Sun 13-Dec-09 07:18:11

Up far too early, but my fault this time. Woken by need for loo before 5 and couldn't go back to sleep angry. Hooray for a good book and the internet grin.

Good ideas from HM for the phobia, maybe LM you should go along too for some help?

Really sad for Haribo with no Doof, I know DS2 would absolutely love a dog, and DH, but they're so much commitment. He'll be back with you soon.

monkeysmama Sun 13-Dec-09 09:33:52

Oh girls. I need sympathy. Great night with sis - I didn't get home until 3:14AM grin! I broke the key in the door shock! I feel so tired but am already sweating over a hot stove making a rib of beef and Nigella's ham in coke!

Please feel sorry for me wink.

harimosmummy Sun 13-Dec-09 11:41:26

Aww... MM - Big hug and sympathy from me

<<<< Hands MM a virtual glass of wine, wonders if it's too early and thinks 'sod it, it's sunday'>>>>

Mitchell81 Sun 13-Dec-09 14:08:05

MM you have my sympathy. Hope SIL is not a PITA today. {grin] Hope the day goes well

monkeysmama Mon 14-Dec-09 20:09:34

Hey girls

Thanks for the sympathy. Checked our thread from my iphone when I was taking a quiet moment in the kitchen (aka hiding) and you made me smile.

Day went ok actually. I decided to be chilled out and not let anything get to me. SIL irritated me but I can forgive her - she doesn't have a happy life and is a very odd woman. Her dh is such a fool - he can't make eye contact which makes any attempt at conversation very disconcerting. For some reason he initiated a conversation about how irrelevant university and education is and asked why we fill our house with books we've already read (he was made redundant from his finance job two years ago and has since been doing nightshifts on a farm sad). We've (me & dp) both been to uni and are strong believers in education, not necessarily formal education but in learning new things. It all got rather awkward when dp, who usually pretends he isn't there when conversations like that begin, challenged him head on. I was actually rather proud until I realised sil's dh had only started the discussion because he's not happy (and is a horrible person) and then I just felt pity for him.

A minor blip when mil saw the advent calendar she bought dd. Dd doesn't have chocolate (well, now and then but not as a reward/treat iyswim) and mil knows this. I got her an advent calendar to put little toys in and suggested both our families might want to contribute little gifts instead of their own calendars. We had eaten some of the chocs but....

Dd screaming ....more later.

WeWishYouALUCKYChristmas Mon 14-Dec-09 20:41:02

MM Glad your day wasn't too bad. You have my sympathy, I find it hard having the in laws over, so many people and so much food to prepare!

HM I used your photos of your DS and DDog on FB to show DD1 at how DS was all cuddly with the dog, and 'all over him' and he was fine. She announced 'But I'm not scared of dogs anymore Mummy'. Hmmm, we'll see about that next trip to the park! I think the photos helped though smile.

Had a lovely weekend at home just the 4 of us while the rest of his family were away for his sis's b'day weekend [over the top]. I had a great weekend anyway (just chilling at home, nothing special) but it was even nicer considering the alternative!

DD1 has been 'flying' around the house with her Tinkerbell wings on saying 'do not be afraid!' and when I questioned her if that was from Tinkerbell, she said 'No Mmmy, it's what the angel says to Mary...'do not be afraid you will have a baby'! BLESS HER!!! She has her nativity on Friday and yes mitchell we are allowed to take photos! (yay!). I will try and get some good ones and put them on FB.

LM xxx

monkeysmama Mon 14-Dec-09 20:52:22

....where was I....

the advent calendar. We'd opened the doors and eaten/chucked the chocs but mil insisted on asking dd if she'd been eating the chocolates. It was so silly. Dp was on a bit of a roll and said "we told you she doesn't eat chocolate so no. I ate them" She was very angry.

I'd checked with everyone what food they wanted (you may recall me mentioning dp's sister's family don't eat much) I sweated over the oven for 5 f-ing hours. I served the meat only for sil to say "is that what we're having, gammon, beef and salmon? I don't like any of them!" Mil exacerbated matters by saying that they were her least favourites but I'd cooked them well angry. I was sitting there thinking - 'I've this bland meal for you all that I don't like, with a criminal hangover and 4 hours sleep. I served it 3 hours earlier than I wanted to because you insisted, made sausages for your children who eat nothing else and spent half hour half hour cooking and blending veg for your gravy because you'll only eat it that way. Fuck off!'

It only got better when one of sil's two kids, who kept coughing everywhere and were obviously not at all well, said "smy best friend Jack has turned into a swine pig" I thought it was funny until I saw dp's ashen face and realised what the LO was saying. Yes, his best friend, among others, has swine flu. Great fun grin hmm angry.

I am only moaning on here because I can't moan to anyone else! My family don't like dp and thought they pretend to I don't like telling them these things because my mum and sister would be angry with them.

Anyway, it is over now though I had to laugh at the end of the day when sil finally went home and invited us over to her on Christmas Day!! She said she was worried we'd be lonely without all "our family" on Christmas Day. I really did laugh rather hysterically (and frightened dp) which was totally inappropriate but cut short the conversation.

Enough about me - how is everyone else?

Off to the hospital with dad tomorrow to get an update on how he is. Feeling quite positive about it. The off to the forest for a walk with mum. Got a busy week - meeting people every day now until Christmas.

Oh yeah, after everyone left last night I saw a mouse in out living room. I am not happy.

Have a good week everyone.

Apologies for my rambling, moany post!


SantaSho Tue 15-Dec-09 11:11:21

MM dd didnt seem to be in any discomfort with these new teeth so it was a big surprise to find 3 of them. Sounds like your lo is teethen maybe.
So pleased for your dads good news, hope he has a good visit to the hospital today. Must be such a weight of your shoulders.
Glad you survived Sunday, lmao at christmas day at your sil's! Im soo glad I dont have to wirry about such events with dp's family. They dont eat out and never invite anyone to eat at theirs, infact they dont visit except at dd's birthday and at that its just his mum and 3 of his 4 sisters that come. His dad refuses to carrying his 4th sister up the stairs. His sis is in a chair and we live in a upper cottage flat shame on us

Presents for dp - We agreed that as things are tight this year we will only buy each other 1 gift, so Iv got dp Guitar Heroe. He's played it at his friends so I know he'l enjoy it. And dd will enjoy the guitar! grin

lucky the boy I look after was fine with dogs until his neighbours got a new dog which barks everytime it see's anyone. Also the house that is next to the school gate has noisy dogs too so it was becoming an issue when walking his sis to school everyday. He would stop and drop into a ball clutching on his ears.
I started taking him to my mums house once a week, he didnt know my parents back then so was totally unfamiliar with the dog. The dog which at 9years old has only barked once! He clutches his ears every now and again but generally just says 'sshhhhh' to noisy dogs now. I hope your next visit to the park is successful.

We went to see Santa yday with bsis & her dd (11m). Fantastic experience, dd was having fun until she had to go to santa, she did sit on his knee but then when I stepped back for the photo she burst into tears sad The photographer was quick enough to catch her just before the tears so its actually quite a good photo. She's been walking about clutching on to the teddy santa gave her ever since so a good day all round I think.

Hope everyone is healthy and merry
this is the house of cold again, all 3 of us fighting over the hankies. Hope it passes quick, we all have our christmas parties this week.
Sho x

WeWishYouALUCKYChristmas Tue 15-Dec-09 17:37:03

MM Your family (SIL & MIL) sound awful. I can definitely relate to it. When we have the in laws over, I have to do 3 different meals, one for the non-fussy adults, one for the veggies (fair enough) and one for the fussy children. Once I made spagbol thinking that would be easy but I still had to make 3 different types.
Luckily they are not big 'foodies' so I can get away with things like spagbol or a veg curry. I feel sorry for you going to all that effort only to have it all thrown back in your face. I don't like it when 'his lot' come over, but it's bliss when they go home and despite having to spend a good hour cleaning up (that doesn't include washing up cos that's in the dishwasher, that's just the mess the kids make!) I love to sit down with a glass of wine and chill out with DH and revell in the peace and quiet.

Thanks for the dog tips, I will ask DH how she has been this week.

LM xx

BaconWheatCrunchies Wed 16-Dec-09 07:39:19

Well done MM for surviving the day!

harimorrychristmas Wed 16-Dec-09 14:58:02

MM - glad you didn't blow a fuse!!! I'm blessed with lovely In-laws - In fact, at Christmas, it's most likely I'll go and see them with 3 of the kids and DH will stay here with DSD1.

Hope your Ddad is OK.

LM - Hope DD1 is making progress with he dogs.

Sho - hope you are all feeling better! I wanted to get DH guitar hero, but he prefer the real things!! I have got him a cushion with a photo on it for his guitar room - It's one I took in Alcatraz (the rock... geddit!!?!) And I got him the Michael McIntyre DVDs too, as we both think he is very funny... A LEd Zepp book and few other bits... nothing big, though.

In fact, DH's old band (he had to stop playing with them when he started working abroad) just released their first single today... Their album is coming out soon, and they have used DH's solos on the album (he is very good!!)

I have a new name!!! YEAH!!!

best go, have a million things to do before Haribo wakes up!!

(BTW, has anyone taken the LOs on trains? I took my two to a thomas the tank engine show on a local railway line and it was super.. So much so, I decided to take them to another one today on a different railway line and it was shit not quite so good! Was rather pleased to get home and warm!!!

HM x

monkeysmama Thu 17-Dec-09 19:48:42

Hi girls

I am almost too tired to type. Went out on Saturday and had the family thing on Sunday but have been doing all the parenting on my own for weeks as dp's had thing after thing to go to - Vancouver twice, Madrid 3 times, Christmas dos galore.... [yawn] And all this has coincided with dd deciding not to sleep anymore.

As I type she's having bath time with her dad who is going to attempt to put her to bed for the first time in about a year I think. He is then going to get up with her throughout the night grin. I expect I'll be woken up at 2ish by her screaming and will have to bring her into bed but at least we can try and give me a night off.

That's it from me for tonight anyway - I really am too tired to write anything coherent.

Hope everyone is okay.

MM wink

monkeysmama Thu 17-Dec-09 20:51:14

Me again grin. It's snowing properly here and my street is covered in beautiful white snow. It looks so calm and beautiful. Just thought I'd share that....

SantaSho Thu 17-Dec-09 23:23:17

hm i love michael mcintyres hair, thats a show in its own right! grin

mm hope u get a an uninterupted sleep
we have also had some snow today, although it has all frozen now but we have been forecasted snow daily for the whole of next week. Cant wait - need to find my wellies!

Dp & I are in a major disagreement just now. We live in a upper-cottage flat, our downstairs neighbour has applied for planning permission to build a conservatory. Dp doesnt think it matters. But I do. I dont want to look out my kitchen window and all I can is their roof and Im abit concerned that it might effect our property value when we sell.
The website is down just now so I cant see the actual plan, I might change my mind when I see what their planning but at the moment I dont like it.

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

Sho x

Ps, on a sadder note, I know quite a few of you fml's are religious and so can I ask that you all say a pray for the daughter of my friends niece. The baby girl is only 6months old and tomorrow surgeons are going to try to remove a tumour she has on her brain. Her condition atm is that she cannot move her legs due to the pressure on her brain, the tumour has also caused a large amount of fluid to build up around her brain.
It is a worrying situation at anytime never mind this close to christmas. Thank you.

harimorrychristmas Fri 18-Dec-09 09:34:56

Oh, Sho, so sorry to hear about your friend's niece's daughter. My DH had a son who died on 17th Dec many, many years ago. Way before we got together, but it is still a sombre day, especially as Imogen is almost exactly the same age right now. You have my prayers.

Def. look at the plans. One compromise might be that they get an extention but that you get a roof terrace? I don't think I'd like to look out onto someone's conservatory - but then again, I wouldn't want a conservatory that I knew was totally overlooked, IYSWIM...

MM - Hope you got some sleep.

There is SNOW here!! grin... am happy about it because DH actually came home last night so there is no need for us to drive anywhere (we have a 4x4 so could get about, but we live on the top of a big hill!!). DH was supposed to be off for the snip this morning, but we couldn't make it. A bit of a stay of execution, if you will!! grin

Our Christmas tree is (hopefully) being delivered today and DSDs will be here this afternoon - it's actually feeling like Christmas!! grin

Hope you all enjoy the snow!!

Hm x

WeWishYouALUCKYChristmas Sat 19-Dec-09 12:05:37

Loads of fun in the snow Chez Lucky. DD2 managed a fairly long walk in it to the post box and back.

DD1 saw 2 dogs (albeit on the other side of the road) and managed not to freak out at all, which she did in the same situation last week, so I think we may be making progress.

Some news on the job front but I won't bore you with it all now, I will wait until it's all official.

Did I mention that DH's family decided to spend Christmas days within their own smaller families and then we would all meet up later on in the day? Well, we are safe (!!) cos we said all along that was what we wanted to do, but his Mum rang yesterday to say they have actually decided to spend it all together again (FFS hmm!!). They are completely incapable of doing anything on their own, it's so suffocating. Thank God we are out of it. Luckily his Mum appreciated that we wanted to do our own thing and meet up with them later....we were invited if we wanted to but we politely declined (would rather scoop my eyeballs out with spoons).

Quiet day here, DH at work all day then going straight to his sister's to babysit so I am home alone all day with the girls, but they are being lovely and we are having a great day. I'm doing a DVD night with DD1 later once DD2 in bed. Happy Feet and Quality Street.....Yummy!!

DD1 is currently playing 'schools' with her Little People nativity set of characters....and I quote...
"No Mary!! I don't answer children who shout out like that.....Joseph, if you behave like that I will tell your Mummy not to bring you to nursery anymore!"

Oh, and baby Jesus has to go for his injections today apparently!


Have a great day!

LM xxx

P.S. I will remember that little girl in my prayers.....sad.

monkeysmama Sat 19-Dec-09 20:39:11

Hey girls

LM you made me smile with your nativity character story. I love it when they do that kind of thing. Sooooo cute grin.

Kind of got my night's sleep. Let's just say dp tried his best wink.

Been really busy (as always) and running all over the place but had a lovely afternoon today. All our Christmas shopping is done (apart from a few gift boxes and a plastic wheelbarrow I have yet to purchase for dd) and so we got to have a family afternoon enjoying the festive season. DP's been out every night this week and is off to Madrid again tomorrow until Tuesday/Wednesday so it was nice to see him. We met some of my friends for lunch and then went for a wander around Greenwich market which was very Christmassey and nice.

We got a few deliveries today (aside from all my Internet shopping) - a Fortnum and Mason hamper and a case of wine grin.

How are you all planning to give pressies to our LOs? I've been letting dd undo a few now and then. She has probably nigh on 100 presents (I am bad with numbers - but lots!) ranging from little bath toys to stickers to a toy kitchen grin wink [very excited mummy emotiocon] to whatever plastic flashing stuff dp's family have chosen and committed to filling our once minimalist house with th elovely gifts dp's parents have left in 4 large bags for her. I just don't want to overwhelm her or turn her into a little "next present" bubba. She's so pleased when she gets anything atm and I really like that. She says "grazie" and then "ooooohhhhhh" and shakes with excitement. I don't want to ruin that with masses of gifts.

On a far more serious note, Sho I'm really sorry to hear about that little bubba. I'm not religious but will be thinking of her.

Well, I am going to open a bottle of red wine and kick back for fifteen minutes why dp is putting dd to bed.

Hope you're all having a nice weekend.

MM wink

SantaSho Sun 20-Dec-09 10:22:04

Ikwym mm about not wanting a 'next present' baby. I was thinking of starting on christmas eve and spreading the unwrapping throughout until by the looks of -the-- amount of pressies she has maybe ny boxing day.

My bil is a photographer and took family protraits (the kids, the grandkids, the family) and we all presented it to dp's parents yday. Sadly One of his sisters had already told them all about it angry and it was supposed to be a surprise, their fake suprised reactions were award worthy. While we were there his oldest sis produced one of those gift bags that are waist height full to the top for each of the kids. She alone has bought more for dd than we have!

We had our playgroup christmas night out on friday. It was great to get out and relax, dd has been with us on our last few nights out. The hotel we were at was beautiful, if dp ever hmm gets round to proposing then I would consider it as a venue. The mums were all laughing at my drunken 'you know I think I might get married here' outburst.. if only..

Thank you all ladies for your kind thoughts and prayers. Keira, the baby, is stable at present. The biopsy was succesful as was the shunt they fitted. The family are hoping to get results of the Biopsy on Monday, the results of which will determine how/if the tumour is removed. She's teh 1st girl in her family since her mum so its especially heartbreaking for them. Fingers crossed.

Our few centimeters of snow are frozen atm but we're expecting an white afternoon according to reports.
Hope your all feeling festive and enjoying the snow
Sho x

baiyu Sun 20-Dec-09 15:46:23

Oh sho, not religious either but will be thinking of the little girl.

We're having our own family drama. Just had to rush back from a weekend away, DS and I stayed home and DH has had to rush to Oxford as his Dad is in Intensive care. He's 80 and has been really unwell this year (stroke, dementia, cancer) and now he has major bleeding on the brain after a fall and was in surgery all night. It's really hard (though put into a bit of perspective by little Keira - a sick 6 month old and a sick 80 year old are very different).
I think it's pretty tough for DH (who's 24) to have to go through this so young as well.

I guess we just all have to appreciate and love everyone in our lives and make sure they know how special they are to us.

Christmassy joy to you all! xxx

WeWishYouALUCKYChristmas Sun 20-Dec-09 18:47:54

Baiyu sad sorry to hear about your FIL.

Our pressies will be spread over two days just cos having two different families each day IYSWIM....My girls will have roughly 15-20 pressies each (including stockings, main pressie and any from any family).

Last year DD1 was 2.5 yrs old and I was suprised at how quickly she got overwhelmed by it all and actually didn't even want to open anymore after a while (and we don't have loads in our house as it is).

WHHHOOOOOOOOOOOOP!!!! Rage against the machine are Christmas no.1!!!!!!!!!!!

Get in!!!!

LM xxx

SantaSho Mon 21-Dec-09 11:28:27

Thank you Baiyu, So sorry to hear about you fil, I hope he recovers well. It doesnt seem to be a good health time all round. My gran (83) is also in hospital with chest pains. She's been in since last week and their still not sure what the problem is.

Did you hear about the actress Brittany Murphy dying at the weekend from a suspected heart attack? At 32yo she is only a year older than dp. How sad.

Oh Iv got some exciting news!!!!

Santa comes this week!!!!! grin gringrin

Its snowing here again, Im looking forward to making a snow man at work this afternoon!

WeWishYouALUCKYChristmas Mon 21-Dec-09 17:51:21

at only 32 she is younger than a few of us on here.....I feel very sad cos we love Happy Feet in our house and she is the voice of Gloria.....DD1 loves her version of 'somebody to love' from the film and we have it on all the time....very strange to think she has passed away now....sad.

Found out today that when our department moves premises the PCT will definitely NOT fund hydrotherapy at any pool.....so, that's 50% of my job gone! It means I will do no pool work at all and will just see out-patients 'on land' as we say. Feel very sad as I've run the hydro dept since 1998. Everyone at work is up in arms.....for some patients it's the only thing that helps. I treat lots of women with SPD who can't do anything on land.


LM xxx

baiyu Mon 21-Dec-09 20:41:45

Oh dear LM, that's rubbish!

Very sad about Brittany Murphy, zo zo young.

FIL is in a controlled coma at the moment, it's going to be a very strange Christmas whatever happens but we're trying to carry on and just taking each day as it comes.

baiyu Mon 21-Dec-09 20:42:49

*so so!

WeWishYouALUCKYChristmas Mon 21-Dec-09 20:44:24

Sorry, me again. I need some facebook advice. As some of you know, my MIL is one of my 'friends'.....I don't like it but I don't feel I can NOT be her friend IYSWIM.
Yesterday I posted about being pleased that RATM were no.1 on my status update, and funnily enough around the same time, she updated her status as 'it's such a shame that such an awful song with such foul language is no.1, Christmas is meant to be peace and goodwill to all men, including Simon Cowell and Joe'......yes I know, it's not much of an argument.
I just feel that it's her dig at me for being pro-RATM. I can imagine them all sitting around talking about how awful it is that I wanted it as no.1.
I also hate the fact she sees all my status updates and photos of my nights out etc.

What can I do???? I can't remove her, it would be obvious, I would have to remove the whole family (all my bloody neices and nephews and SILs are my friends too....).

Does anyone know if I can choose which friends see my updates etc??

WeWishYouALUCKYChristmas Mon 21-Dec-09 20:45:20

Baiyu....so sorry to hear that...sorry for my trivial FB problem which is clearly nothing to actually worry about sad.

SantaSho Wed 23-Dec-09 21:05:24

lucky go to Privacy Settings then Profile Information. You can control, to an extent, who see's photo albums, comments and posts. Hope this helps.

baiyu I really feel for you and your family just now. I do agree with you that taking each day as it comes is the only way to cope.

we will find out tomorrow if my gran is getting home for christmas. I hope she does.

I havent been able to speak to my friend to fins out about her niece. I have seen her from afar and she seemed cheery so I am taking that as good news. She lives next to my mum so hopefully one of us will see her over the festive period.

A merry christmas to all, and to all a good night (thats only if dd sleeps right through, which i doubt strongly)
Sho x smile

WeWishYouALUCKYChristmas Thu 24-Dec-09 09:09:28

Thanks sho, I've just managed to do that...and it feels GREAT!

Have a great Christmas everyone!

LM x

monkeysmama Thu 24-Dec-09 20:08:34

Friends gone home. Letter to Father Christmas waiting outside with a mincepie & beer. Lit a Chinese lantern and watched with an amazed dd as it rode high into the stars to wish merry Christmas to those we've loved & lost. Christmas pyjamas opened and on. Mulled wine drunk. Listening to some Italian Christmas songs. Dd asleep. About to attempt putting the kitchen together.

Merry Christmas girls. X

Mitchell81 Fri 25-Dec-09 07:39:30

Merry Christmas to everyone!!!!!! Just Me and DS2 are awake, everyone else still sleeping. Waiting for the fun to start. Hope everyone has a wonderful day and thinking about those who are going through difficult times. Hope all your family and friends who are ill have a good new year!!!! And make quick recoveries. x x x

harimorrychristmas Fri 25-Dec-09 11:28:45

Merry Christmas to you all.

Wishing you peace, love, health and happiness for Christmas and 2010.

Hm x

baiyu Sun 27-Dec-09 13:50:08

A belated Merry Christmas one and all! FIL is doing really well, quite lucid now. He didn't know who DH was on Christmas Eve and he was pretty heartbroken but my BIL saw him yesterday and he was much more aware of everybody so that's really positive. It's FIL's birthday on the 30th so us and BILs family are going out for lunch (excited to see my nephew and niece for the first time in a year!) and then spend the afternoon visiting FIL in hospital.

We had a really nice Christmas in the end, being with all of DH's family not nearly as stressful as we expected and actually we didn't really want to leave! DS was so good, made everyone very cheery!smile

Hope you're all doing well and enjoying some lovely family days before work starts again! DH back to work Tues but taking Weds off for FILs bday so only a 2 day week, lovely.

Wishing you all a wonderful 2010!
(I wonder how many of us will have 2010 babies...? Place your bets now! wink)

WeWishYouALUCKYChristmas Sun 27-Dec-09 17:49:10

Def no 2010 babies for Lucky!!! <<wipes sweat from brow>>.

Had a lovely Christmas, just the 4 of us, then to SIL's about 4pm, stayed til 9pm (v late for my girls!), but they were good as gold.

My family arrived yesterday and are still here. Poor Mum has a very poorly cousin in Ireland who collapsed on Christmas Eve with ??heart attack and is now in ITU, not expected to last the week sad. Mum v sad sad. My parents don't ever go abroad so they don't have passports so they are worried about not being able to go to any funeral sad.

Other than that, the girls got some great pressies, and so did I grin.

Apart from the dishwasher breaking down it's been a lovely Christmas!!!

Hope you all had a god one too,

LOL (lots of love!)

LM xxx

harimosmummy Sun 27-Dec-09 19:48:46

haha! No babies here either!!! <<< Joins Lucky in a collective brow wiping exercise!>>> But, good luck to those who are trying - and here's my bet: I'm going for 3 babies.

Baiyu - Goon news about your FIL and I hope you manage to celebrate his birthday.

Lucky - You absolutely don't need a passport to get to Ireland. they should explain the situation when (if) they book the tickets, but they will certainly be able to travel with other forms of ID. Remember, though, funerals will be planned and conducted quickly in Ireland, often within 2-3 days of death so getting tickets at short notice might be difficult at this time of year.

Hm x

SantaSho Sun 27-Dec-09 22:25:26

Haha Im quite the opposite, im hoping that 2010 will be a reproductive year. It took soo long for dd to come, now that I know everything works im desperate for another.

Baiyu thats great news about your fil

We had a good christmas.smile My gran got out of hospital on christmas eve which was good. Hannah got absolutly spoilt with all the pressies she got. A girl only needs so many dolls, she got 3 and she already has maybe 4 I think. And ofcourse she will try to carry all of them at the same time.

Ohh I think iv ate to much ice cream

monkeysmama Tue 29-Dec-09 09:43:52

Hi girls

The whole of MN has been so quiet over the festive season. How is everyone?

Had a nice Christmas. DD loved it. She's come on leaps and bounds in the past week. On Christmas Day she lined up her tea cups and out of the blue counted to 5 in English. A few hours later she counted to 8 in Italian shock. I was so stunned it took me a few seconds to respond and she looked like she'd done something wrong. It always stuns me how they learn things and remember things.

We had lots of lovely food and drink and some wonderful pressies. Dp spoilt me totally. Dp's dreaded sister demonstrated her total disregard for anything I say by buying dd a set including real nail varnish and lipstick and high heel sparkly shoes angry. Am I the only one who thinks 19mo is too young for all that stuff? I love makeup and clothes but have no desire to encourage dd to look like Lolita. Even dp understood that it had been done to irritate me and promptly produced another present and threw the whole set in the bin.

We spotted 3 mice on Christmas Day shock - in the kitchen too. Rentokil were useless the last few times we used them (it's an old house and we live next to the Thames and back onto a park) so I have taken matters into my own hands and laid traps. 3 down already though I cried this morning (I am premenstrual - TMI) when I found a tiny one in there.

Off on holiday in few days. Not got any NYE plans - has anyone else?

Going to the sales later. Got to get a few presents for Italian friends and family. I need something for my tiny best friend who is 6 months pregnant but not sure what. I am going to make her a labour set like I did for ungrateful sis with straws, face wash, lip salve, arnica etc. - little things to take with her to the hospital she might of think of. Any suggestions?

We'd like another baby but want to wait another year I think. Go on HM - name names - which 3 of us you betting on?

Right, off for nap time seeing as we only had a few hours sleep. Hope everyone is happy and enjoying the holidays.

MM wink

SantaSho Tue 29-Dec-09 18:00:03

hahaha thats a good idea mm, fess up hm who do you think will be 'swelling with joy' in 2010?

our plans for hogmanay is to make sure we'r still awake for the bells. Last year we were in bed before 1230!!

monkeysmama Tue 29-Dec-09 19:38:25

We had a lovely time last NYE and went to friend's for dinner and fireworks. This year they're away and everyone else seems busy. I'd like to do something but looks like it it'll be another nice meal and few drinks just us at home.

WeWishYouALUCKYChristmas Tue 29-Dec-09 21:10:16

MM We got DD2 some sparkly little shoes for dressing up in blush simply cos she loves wearing my shoes around the house. I do however, draw the line at make up and nail varnish on a 20 month old!!

My MIL mananged to do her usual 'let's see what the biggest and noisiest and most expensive showy thing I can buy them' and we have all manner of grotesque vtech 'things' in our house. (sorry if offending anyone, just my personal opinion). Funnily enough DD2 loved her little wooden shape sorter fro John Lewis which SIL bought her more than the huge monstrosity that MIL bought her which is currently obscuring my view out of the window hmm it's so friggin big and noisy.
DD1 was chuffed to bits with her Tinkerbell book....we got her other stuff but she was so happy with her book!!!!

I must have a little moan if I may....my SILs on DH's side have always gone mad at Christmas on pressies, spending about £25 per child, which may not seem a lot to some of you but when I have 8 of theirs to buy for it amounts to £200 on ungrateful brats.
I always make a point of suggesting things for my girls that cost between £10-£15, hoping they get the hint but they usually end up buying them more than one thing suggested cos they don't think just one present looks 'enough' hmm.
So this year, I got most of my nephews (at their request) vouchers for GAME. I reckoned the least I could get away with was £15, and got them a seletiong pack each to go with it. So I spent about £130 on their brats and they, for once, just got one thing for my two, which is fine and I am genuinely happy they did that, but it means they spent about £30 on our two girls in total.....I know I shouldn't moan about this, but I do feel a bit miffed to be honest, not that they didn't spend more, cos I think what they did this year was right, but that I felt pressured into spending more than I wanted to on their kids. I'm cross with myself I suppose hmm. AIBU?????

NYE will be me and DH and a Raclette.....we get SKY HD tomorrow so planning to watch our first film in HD and eat lots of cheese! Last year DH was working and I was home alone with my poor bro who was in a bad way at the time. I'm just glad to have DH with me this year.

HM Thanks for passport info. Trouble is, my folks don't even have any photo I.D. as they have old fashioned driving licenses. And you are right, funerals are planned very quickly in Ireland sad. No news from Mum today.

Good luck to all those wanting to conceive in 2010!!!! DH does his sperm test in Feb to make sure the snip has worked....then I am looking forward to my first shag in nearly 2 years without a condom (so sorry if TMI!!!!)!!!

LM xxx